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File 130008602528.gif - (8.02KB , 800x800 , itq.gif )
33317 No. 33317 ID: 543aa6

In which Dompag constantly attempts to steal the spotlight

From other characters, who are actually having productive and interesting dialogs.
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No. 33318 ID: 3416ec
File 130008617961.png - (156.96KB , 1024x768 , medibot_sez.png )



"Please remember to consult a physician before engaging in cross-species mating! You could get an STD! Or possibly a brain-eating parasite!"


"Remember to chew your food at least 20 times before swallowing! Or if possible, unhinge your jaw to make swallowing of large food items easier!"
No. 33319 ID: 07416a

Dr. Medibot: Do you have advice booklets, oils, or ointments? Perhaps demonstration vids?
No. 33320 ID: 1854db

Also in which all the envious neckbeards cockblock him at every turn.

Hey Dompag, ever had trouble with jealous peers that you could actually beat the snot out of?
No. 33322 ID: 07416a

Last thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/338649.html
No. 33323 ID: 3416ec
File 130008690792.png - (163.62KB , 1024x768 , medibot_sez2.png )



"MediBot comes equipped with a library of tips to ensure safe cross-cultural intercourse! For techniques, please consult the XenoKama Sutra by Dr. Piz Peners! Oils and topical ointments must be acquired with a prescription!"
No. 33327 ID: 8c0848
File 130008739667.png - (86.16KB , 692x569 , Grazsez.png )

>It's hard to get women as an ogre

Ta make a long story short, jus' rape 'er.
No. 33328 ID: 6834bc

You all realize, technically, Ogres are a variety of Oni. Or at least another term used in the place of "oni".
Technically, Dompag wasn't lying about himself.

Kensuyata: Knowing that Dompag slightly embellished the truth to get closer to you, do you feel flattered, or are you concerned?
No. 33329 ID: a33914

To all quest characters that dream: what was the worst nightmare you have ever had, and do you know the reason you had it?
No. 33333 ID: 40cb26

...Where the fuck did you get that halo? That is not the kind of dead you earned, asshole!
No. 33334 ID: 07416a

Clearly he raped an angel.
No. 33335 ID: e3f578

Medibot, how is your familiarity with a Dr. Mordin Solus?
No. 33336 ID: 3416ec
File 130008989366.png - (148.57KB , 1024x768 , medibot_sez3.png )



"Dr. Mordin Solus is a fictional doctor from the video game Mass Effect 2! MediBot does not have any thoughts on video game characters! Except that MediBot does wish for the ability to sing Gilbert and Sullivan! Perhaps the next firmware update will fix that!"
No. 33337 ID: dad664
File 130009010674.jpg - (17.49KB , 250x400 , mrrefpic.jpg )

No. 33338 ID: 3416ec
File 130009113622.png - (223.48KB , 1024x768 , medibot_ohshi.png )


"Warning! Any attempt to send MediBot into combat without a proper chassis will void the warranty!"


"Mrow! Hissssss."


"Get away from me! Help help!"
No. 33339 ID: 00d3d5

Do you have any kids?
Are you looking to get some?
What are your intentions for Mister Zira there?
How well are you two getting along?
No. 33352 ID: 2563d4

>In which Dompag constantly attempts to steal the spotlight
...which is ten times better than Rynh doing it or the board going full retard over it.

Mostly-unanswered open questions drowned out from the last thread:
>Favorite sport or athletic activity?
>Guys and girls: What 3 physical features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
>let's say you had to have a job
>what would your dream job be?
>What was the most unusual relationship you've had? Anything from a love interest with a strange personality to a physically bizarre ass you've tapped, whatever counts for you.
No. 33354 ID: b28ada


I'm not so sure, still, Dompag. Remember the pony.


Hey now, that's a hasty generalization. Some of us are white knight neckbeards cockblocking him.
No. 33371 ID: 10c20a
File 13001274474.png - (17.21KB , 600x600 , KensuGIGAPUNI.png )

To tell the truth, I'm not really sure... This is all very confusing to me... On one hand, I've just been told a terrible ogre is "sweet on me," on the other, this ogre acts nothing like the beasts that plague my homeland. What's more, he's said to be "sweet on me" in my natural form, which, so far, has been somewhat uncommon. I don't really know what to think anymore... I figured out he wasn't a Japanese Oni when I noticed the tape, but he's still an ogre, which isn't that far from an Oni, and I DID specifically include Ogres in my challenge, so technically he didn't really lie, that was my fault for misidentifying what he was.
No. 33372 ID: 2015fb

Just go talk to him and settle things once and for all.
It's unfair that you actually sort of started to get along at first, just to see a potential friendship break up.
No. 33379 ID: b416e2

whatever you do


use protection

be it plastic or steel.
No. 33380 ID: b0ba0a

So did you eat ramen in order to feel less guilt for chowing down on that entire tub of giga pudding? For God's sake, slow down chubsy! You're giving Penji a run for her money.
No. 33382 ID: dad664

Noooo Kensuyata don't go on an eating binge of sugary fattening foods which will completely wreck your figure!
No. 33385 ID: 3416ec
File 130013292077.gif - (1.13MB , 320x240 , giga_pudding!.gif )


No. 33394 ID: 8d8786

Might change your mind a little if you learned that he's not particularly sweet on you, he tries to get into the pants of every female he can. If pretending to be sweet or noble or misunderstood accomplishes that, he'll do that. Also he's been on the record stating 'weirder is better', so that might affect your perceptions of his being 'tolerant' of your natural form.
No. 33395 ID: 672aa7

Wow, that is a very large pudding. Sharing it with someone? I mean, ts bigger than your head.
No. 33401 ID: 2563d4

Give it a fucking rest already, mate.
No. 33402 ID: 2015fb

Dude, what the hell? Why so serious?
No. 33403 ID: 8c73c8

you are just a jealous jackass. kensu, don't listen to him.
No. 33405 ID: 1854db

Some people just like variety. It's like going, hey, I fucking love sandwiches. I want to eat all the different kinds of sandwiches there are and become a TRUE CONNOISSEUR OF SANDWICHES! Except the ones that don't taste good, who wants to eat a bad sandwich? Ew.

So basically Dompag thinks Kensu is a nice looking sandwich and wants to see what she tastes like.
No. 33414 ID: a33914

To Pathos + Ethos + the other guy

What was your life like before you were mannikin'd up?
No. 33424 ID: 4ec003

Everyone: You're surrounded by enemies and for one reason or another you can't beat them all by yourself, who do you choose to fight with you?
No. 33428 ID: 2015fb

Weird question time for everyone!!

One random day, you wake up... as a member of the opposite sex!
Now, you are aware that this 'state' will only last for 24 hours. So what do you do until then?

If you are sexless, imagine yourself with a penis or a vagina, whatever suits your needs.
No. 33429 ID: dad664
File 130014539052.png - (48.51KB , 384x413 , LeonaITQ1.png )

The bestial aspects of my genome are not of my choice, no. For genetic alteration is a complete, total process - when one alters the fundamental inner workings of DNA, it affects every part of their biology - including the matter of passing genetic material unto the next generation of kin. I am a "rabbit" because my parents were "rabbits", and they were "rabbits" because THEIR parents were "rabbits." The only genetic modifications that I have subjected myself unto consist of expanding and improving the synaptic responses within the brain as to be able to handle the constant transmittance of data between user and computer, a cybernetics-focused anti-rejection treatment for my BioTech, as well as a selective conception measure which is quite widespread through Ascendi society. Does this answer your queries?
No. 33430 ID: cf244d

>To Pathos + Ethos + the other guy
>other guy
No. 33431 ID: 00d3d5

Ah! I see the problem!
The word "ogre" is a has several different meanings, and the confusion here stems from each of you using different meanings.
When you said "Ogre" you meant a type of Oni, but Dompag is from a race known as "Ogres" that has nothing to do with Oni.
No. 33433 ID: abb30a
File 130014660123.png - (258.49KB , 640x480 , ITQ32.png )

You're a strange person.
Properly? I can indeed go through the motions, enjoy the flavor, and emulate the effects.
No, I'm manipulating vortices. I could probably manipulate the Vortessence. I haven't tried it.
I would have a pipe because I made it and have not gotten rid of it. I would smoke it because I enjoy to do so.
Am I on that list of yours? I'm just curious...
No. 33445 ID: 4d7f8c
File 130015405672.gif - (2.61MB , 550x700 , Unswer.gif )

No. 33446 ID: 8c73c8

actually... you MAY be compatible with the undermind ITSELF. you are both extremely powerful beings of indeterminate size that can cause just about anything to happen out of pure force of will.
No. 33448 ID: b28ada


I think the more pertinent question here is not that Z is giving Ken a casual warning about Dompag's past behavior, but that you guys are so bothered by it.

In fact, I some ways a lot of you guys are worse than Dompag. He's just occasionally a douche and liar to get some tail. You guys are like "Dompag you adorable scamp, you're okay. What, people don't like your antics? They're dicks!".
No. 33453 ID: f123de
File 130015713185.png - (105.03KB , 900x400 , imagine.png )

No. 33458 ID: f88f02

Who is your ideal wingman out of any quest character? You're going out to pick up girls/guys, who do you want with you? Or would you rather go it alone?
No. 33461 ID: dad664

Theoretical question. How would you react if you found out that Saon Vocta had mothered children? Would you observe those children as your own?
No. 33463 ID: 10c20a
File 130016304891.png - (13.96KB , 600x600 , KensuFridge.png )

I don't go anywhere without at least a few KUNAI.

Dudes, jeez, calm down. I totes own a fridge, I don't have to eat an entire GIGA PUDDI all at once, sheesh.

GIGA PUDDI is a good friend who always manages to help clear my head when I'm sad or confused. He's always there for me!

I'll keep an eye on him, but it does seem kind of like you've got a bit of a vendetta against this guy.

Maybe... Maybe I can set up some kind of non-combative meeting and set things straight or something...
No. 33464 ID: 3416ec


I assume you have a pebble garden and one of them hot spring baths out back too.
No. 33466 ID: dad664

Also because I have ponies on the brain...

@Everyone and Anyone
-Twilight Sparkle
-Rainbow Dash

Who is your favorite, and why?
No. 33467 ID: 2015fb

>Maybe... Maybe I can set up some kind of non-combative meeting and set things straight or something...

It's better to settle things peacefully indeed. You can discuss it over a nice cup of hot herbal tea. And pudding if you feel like it.
No. 33474 ID: 383006

He DOES basically only care about fucking.
No. 33479 ID: 07416a

...What? Did you miss the bit where he weathered quite of bit of pain rehabilitating a psychopath and didn't even sleep with her when she offered? She calls him brother now. He's eager, but he's not a predator.
No. 33504 ID: e133bc

I think he's talking about in regards to the characters here. Not that he's a bad guy or he's never helped anyone, but really, he's just a xenophile poonhound. (tg incarnate).
No. 33510 ID: c35deb
File 130021140015.png - (31.85KB , 500x500 , maollahappy.png )

Aaaw, but you have that silver tongue. You're a good guy, Dompag.

The medibot's right, though, you should check with a professional before biological activity with another species. And it just so happens my physician is available! She says she's open for a consultation with us whenever you're free~

That depends. Would you like to be?
No. 33516 ID: 6834bc

So, Kensuyata, looks like that "non-combative" meeting worked out between you two.
Would you call that a happy ending?
No. 33518 ID: abb30a
File 130021881353.png - (224.23KB , 640x480 , ITQ33.png )

Sometimes I like to do what you might consider wrestling.
There have been acquaintances of mine who could not be mentally contacted without considerable effort. Difficulties in communication made these relationships highly unusual.
If I am not on it, feel free to add me.
No. 33522 ID: 40cb26

I saw Jehral was on your list earlier, how'd that go? Did it?

Oh Dompag? Their docs have psychometabolism, and let me tell you that is a hell of a thing. You might want to ask her about it if you get physical. I mean, "a physical". Of course.

I would guess her species psychic networking provides... interesting modes of interaction, we'll say. Maybe she should bring a friend, or several. Or can you just stick it into the undermind and diddle the whole species at once?
No. 33525 ID: 9d07d9

So, Dompag. Are non-humanoid women too "weird" even for you?
No. 33526 ID: 1854db

Would these hard-to-contact acquaintances happen to be Tozols?
No. 33527 ID: 332134

Is it just me, or do the characters that respond the most not actually have quests that update anymore?
No. 33529 ID: 45be60

Wull yeah, the spend all their time here obviously.
No. 33530 ID: 20fc85

... what exactly do you consider sexy...
better question: How/why would you have sex?
OR even need it?
No. 33601 ID: 07416a

R.I.P. Dr. Medibot. I am hoping robot heaven is a real place just like robot hell is where you would have been sent at the first sign of resistance.
No. 33626 ID: abb30a
File 130032306231.png - (393.01KB , 640x480 , ITQ34.png )

"It?" I'm unclear as to whether or not you are under the impression that I have anything which more than coincidentally resembles copulatory parts. Such an impression would be a mistaken one, to be clear. I do, however, have just about anything else.
I haven't met any Tozols! Let's change that. Hey, Penji. You busy?
-There is not and can not be anything which I would consider sexy.
-Things I would do could be only loosely considered sex, as humans would define it. I am to believe that Scellor have a broader scope. I would do it to learn. It seems to be specifically actions which involve the reproductive parts of individuals together which cause me to reel back in horror at the thought of participating. Anything approaching a sexual interaction with me would have to be something other than that, or I wouldn't consider it.
-It's not specifically necessary. I cannot feel the desire to reproduce, though there have been other Szierkhogh with such designs. Additionally, I do not experience physical pleasure. Any enjoyment I gain from an activity is purely extrinsic to whatever processes are actually involved. That said, I enjoy experiences which are novel. New varieties of data are good to collect. That is what I need.
No. 33627 ID: f16b80

Hey everybody: Which character is the best character overall?

What makes you the best, a compelling background story, good writing, whorishness, ARTS?
No. 33631 ID: 40cb26

"It" was very metaphorical, and rather hard to describe otherwise. How about "significantly interact with"? Since you are apparently non-euclidean and scellor exist in manners individually physical and omnipresent psychically... well I have no idea the ways you might be able interact. Aside from giving Maolla a good tentacle massage, of course.

>New varieties of data are good to collect. That is what I need.
Interesting. I wonder how the scellor will adapt to that. Getting the stimulative response with physical interaction isn't limited to the bits you find objectionable, even if it does help. My advice is to stick to the tentacle massages along with psychic stimulation, and if you can participate with multiple fully synced scellor there should be even richer data. And although I'm sure you don't have a gender preference specifically it seems like females would suit your purposes better.

Besides themselves, I would hope!
No. 33632 ID: 3416ec
File 130032628747.png - (157.35KB , 1024x768 , medibot_sez4.png )



"Robot heaven is very nice! The roads are paved with silicon, everyone has as many lithium ion batteries as they want, and we get to talk in machine code all the time! No blue-screens, no lockups, no malware, and all native drivers work for everything forever!"
No. 33633 ID: 43d730

Say hi to Mew Cai for us, would you?
No. 33635 ID: e3f578

Go to a payphone wired to Robot Hell and ask for Bender. Tell him we said hi.
No. 33637 ID: 07416a

Dessen is a virgin. Interesting.
No. 33639 ID: 20fc85

so you've never participated in a sexual experience ever...
you need to collect more data... Shall I refer you to our good friend Mr. Dompag?
No. 33647 ID: 10c20a
File 130033616827.png - (19.79KB , 600x600 , KensuOnsen.png )

The rock garden is actually in the side yard. The Onsen's not really in the back, but it's real close by.

We've come to an understanding. If you're talking about that picture floating around on the internet, I assure you, that is an obvious shop. I can tell by some of the pixels, and having seen quite a few shops in my time.

I'll have you know my quest updated just a few days ago. I just wasn't in it at the time.
No. 33648 ID: bf1e7e


>If you're talking about that picture floating around on the internet, I assure you, that is an obvious shop

You mean >>343315 ?
No. 33650 ID: cf244d

>If you're talking about that picture floating around on the internet, I assure you, that is an obvious shop.
There's no need to lie, dear. We don't judge you any worse for your personal choices.

So, how did that end up on the internet, then?
No. 33651 ID: 1a81c9

That's odd. It seems as though there's someone under the water.

Is someone in there with you? Perhaps, someone with incredible resistance to heat?
No. 33653 ID: cf244d

Now that you mention it, there appears to be a squarish shape directly adjacent to her groinal region.
No. 33654 ID: 3416ec


I think that's an optical illusion.
No. 33655 ID: 543aa6
File 130034080918.gif - (7.26KB , 800x600 , dompspa.gif )

She's right: the picture is clearly doctored and shouldn't even be given a second thought.

>Now that you mention it, there appears to be a squarish shape directly adjacent to her groinal region.
Oh please. Don't be crass. That's clearly her leg.
No. 33658 ID: 1a81c9

No. 33666 ID: 1854db

The water distorts shapes. She kindof has big thighs too, relative to her body size.
No. 33670 ID: bf1e7e


and dompag's head is WAY bigger than that, what's your point?
No. 33677 ID: 3e6377
File 130037076486.png - (457.85KB , 640x480 , sensationitq3.png )

I don't know why I continue to observe and listen to these channels of communication. The amount of prejudice and ignorance you creatures have regarding things that do not reproduce through, receive any benefit from or are even able to perform copulation is overwhelming.

Let me tell you a story.

There were once two of our number, two of one of the rarest phenomena known to the multiverse. Chaos creatures who had overcome their base instincts to hunt and kill any and every single one of their species. Like the others, they helped to strengthen and develop the new society we aim to create. But they grew too curious. They were intimate friends and they wished to understand exactly what this activity that drove so many other species to consider it so highly.

We tried to explain that it was a fundamental drive engrained after generations of reproduction and that if said drive did not exist, the species would presumably die out. They still wanted to know more about the whole process.

Do you want to know what the results of their experimentation were?

They lost control over their bodies and mushed together into one batch of unstable mass, utterly destroying both of their consciousnesses, before exploding into one hundred and twenty six fragments. Out of these fragments, after the initial frenzy and consuming of "siblings", about three survived to become new chaos creatures. One of those survived to maturity and had to be thrown back into the Chaos for being yet another chaos creature unable to understand the concept of not eating everything and everyone in sight.

The whole event cost us two of our most creative members, a large chunk of our limited food resources, and caused several individuals to be terrified of potentially brushing up against another. The sudden paranoia and isolation of almost every single chaos creature here nearly destroyed our fledgling society altogether.

So yes. Next time you're attributing sexual characteristics, attributes or motives to creatures you do not understand, consider that there are likely good reasons to not do that.

You don't see me constantly asking any of you if you feel ready to shatter yet. I know I don't. I don't think I ever will-

"Okay, you've been using that linked device for way too long now! Other people have mortal contacts they want to talk to as well, you know! Stop getting mad at mortals!"
No. 33678 ID: 1854db

Sounds like they did exactly what they intended to do, considering the usual method of solitary, asexual reproduction Chaos creatures have. I wonder if they enjoyed it, just before the end? In a strange way of looking at it, the act did bring them closer together.
No. 33679 ID: 192c6d

More like... Dompag's appendages look kinda square...

.... heh.

(It's his foot, dammit)
No. 33689 ID: 91f1d1

Anyone else hot-tubbin' right now?
No. 33710 ID: bf1e7e


actually it's her tail.
No. 33711 ID: 7c4e7a

Aren't you chaos types a single discrete organism? Because the inability to prevent themselves merging was what doomed them, instead of doing this we produce two incomplete copies of ourselves, complete them with someone else's copy and then nurture them inside our bodies until they can sustain themselves. The only reason we can use this process of reproduction is because our bodies are designed for it and have had unutterably vast amounts of time to refine this ability. Even then it is a dangerous process, and we are rapidly approaching the point where we must undergo surgery to remove our offspring from our bodies. As our forms are fundamentally different it is not suprising that this has happened, as your kind has different properties and limitations, as such it would have been a better idea for them to research the varying types of reproduction beforehand to understand the dangers and limitations of each. In fact our method does result in the destruction of two individuals, thankfully we are composed of many millions cooperating towards a higher goal.
Sorry for the lack of paragraphs, I don't normally post using my phone.
No. 33714 ID: d70ea9


I will insist (and some of you might hate me for this) that you two would make an incredibly adorable couple!
I mean, come on!! You would be like Romeo and Juliet! An "Oni" and a Tanuki as a couple? that would be really cute! Don't you agree? :D
No. 33738 ID: 192c6d

... aaaand there goes any chance of romance.

Remember? THEY DIED.
No. 33766 ID: 47d1aa

I have a question for Eden.

Do you have an intresst in any other Quest characters? Romantic or sexual.

any one can answere as well.
No. 33772 ID: 00d3d5

They weren't a lava-eating ogre and a shape-shifting assassin.
Besides, nobody from the faction Dompag's in would object, while nobody from the faction Kensuyata's in would be able to object. Things would have probably turned out ok if the Montagues didn't give a fuck and the Capulets were dead.
No. 33773 ID: bf1e7e


And if Juliet wasn't just a teenage rebound girl that Romeo only wanted to fuck because he got dumped
No. 33778 ID: 43d730

Spring break is either going on, will be soon, or has very recently past.
Given the opportunity to visit other quest settings, where would/will/are/did you go?
No. 33799 ID: 192c6d

Isn't that just the premise of the shitty DeCaprio version of the movie?
No. 33800 ID: bf1e7e


No that's pretty much what the whole thing is about. Romeo only tries to hook up with Juliet because he's tired of sitting in his room masturbating after getting dumped. Check out the original play sometime. It reads more like a -parody- of love stories than the epic romance that it is made out to be nowadays (and was probably intended to be).
No. 33813 ID: 28e94e

It's quite deliberately written as a parody.
No. 33816 ID: 192c6d

It reads better when you get past acts I and II...
No. 33817 ID: bf1e7e


I suppose I should clarify that the 'probably intended to be' was supposed to refer to being a parody, not an epic love story. I just realized that I wrote that ass-backwards.
No. 33826 ID: d70ea9

ok, I guess we're getting kinda sidetracked here. My bad I guess.

let me fix that by asking another thing, as always for anyone willing to answer:

A bar fight just broke out. Everyone there is drunk and your booze level is hitting the roof. What do you think your weapon of choice during that fight would be giving your current state?
No. 33828 ID: 40cb26

To those uncertain, an open bar with various weapons and random drunk hooligans will be provided.
No. 33845 ID: 715835

Remember when we specifically asked various quest characters questions? I miss those days.
No. 33847 ID: e973f4

Maybe you should ask more questions, then.

(It's also worth pointing out that of the responses visible through last 50, almost all of them are to specific questions asked of the character. :V)
No. 33854 ID: 99c60d

(I think that's the point, Typo.)
No. 33900 ID: 197650
File 130063286437.jpg - (15.01KB , 348x396 , axe tossing.jpg )

>Favorite sport or athletic activity?
Axe throwing!

>let's say you had to have a job
>what would your dream job be?
Axe thrower!
No. 33934 ID: 07416a

Katsu, how do you feel about being a gross fat demon for most of your quest?
No. 33936 ID: cc04a7

Question to August of Before the Storm: How exactly do you feel about deceiving that poor red lowlander girl? And how do you feel in general about her seeming to totally be offering herself to you? What are you, gay?
No. 33951 ID: f1df52

Cheren, how drunk are you right now?
No. 33963 ID: 5d929f
File 130073761698.png - (155.40KB , 356x542 , reply.png )

>deceiving that poor red lowlander girl?
Yessss, not my greatest moment admittedly. What bothers me most about that was how easy it was. I didn't even have to suggest anything, perhaps if I'd worked and struggled a bit to complete the deception but, it just fell into place.
>totally be offering herself to you?
I am almost certain she was merely toying with me until something clicked and she realized I might be incredible dangerous and may warrant a bit more respect than some lost commoner lad.
>What are you, gay?
Contrary to certain rumors, homosexuality is 'not' a requirement of occult practices, thus I have no desire to educate myself further on such matters. I will note here that Sirius 'is' a bit... wary and standoffish at the presence of the gentler sex, however I'd like to believe I haven't picked up that paranoid proclivity. It is established however that in some circumstances women can erh... easily drain a magus' power via intercourse however, that should be preventable with a few exercises.

My main concern here is how little I know of the woman as a person, having not established any kind of formal relationship, and most alarmingly have the chance of conceiving noble bastards out of season with her. The diplomatic and emotional blowback on my honor, my family, my nation, and my admittedly romanticized ideals would be... simply unacceptable.

..and that is why despite my quite insistent primal urges I did 'not' throw her to the floor and thereupon, with great force and vigor, repeatedly drive her into furs and pillows she so generously litters her quarters with, until I collapsed trembling into her ample bosom.

No. 33967 ID: 07416a

Apparently didn't stop you from planning it out.
No. 33970 ID: 40cb26

>conceiving noble bastards
Yes, that would be a thing. Do your people not use simple protectives for this? Or as a people with a specific breeding season does it just not come up? And for mages in particular I would expect a little arcane trick along these lines to be available. I mean if I were a mage, let alone a noble mage, it would be among the first spells I learned.
No. 33972 ID: 8c73c8

his magic source is out beings like yog-sothoth. i don't think any spell he has could be simple.
No. 33973 ID: 07416a

NYARLATHOTEP, PROTECT MY PENIS! Gain 1d10 insanity, The Crawling Condom.
No. 33976 ID: 274e7e

Just be careful not to accidentally invoke Shub-Niggurath instead when covering up your junk. Won't work out so well.
No. 33978 ID: 2563d4
File 130075795629.gif - (43.97KB , 640x480 , youve-got-red-on-you.gif )

>Favorite sport or athletic activity?


>What do you think your weapon of choice---

Cricket bat.
No. 33984 ID: 2563d4
File 130076406392.gif - (32.10KB , 640x480 , not-that-one-though.gif )

>You're surrounded by enemies and for one reason or another you can't beat them all by yourself, who do you choose to fight with you?

Again with the fighting.

Send some Tozol to deal with it. They're overpowered enough that I don't have to get involved. Getting involved in fights hurts.
No. 34011 ID: 3416ec

Reiterating a question from before:

To all characters: boxers or briefs?
No. 34013 ID: 34470e

EVERYONE: What's your most favorite internet meme?
EVERYONE: If you made up a word, and it appeared in every single dictionary all at once across the multiverse, what would the word be and what would the definition be?
EVERYONE: If you had to, even if you were forced to, what type of hat would you wear?
EVERYONE: What is your favorite video game? What do you like about it?
No. 34021 ID: 6b2b68

i like final fantasy disidia III.

i have the beta for it on my beta psp 2.

it has all the cool characters like sora and riku and van and not any of the characters nobody has heard of like cain or lock(?)
No. 34022 ID: 6b2b68
File 130084661531.png - (87.12KB , 960x540 , crossover.png )

i forgot my image
No. 34024 ID: 788dee
File 130084804888.png - (229.56KB , 870x540 , johnlikesgarmod.png )

>>What is your favorite video game? What do you like about it?
No. 34025 ID: 8c73c8

some people just don't understand how a powerful female sergal acts. been around males too long.
No. 34035 ID: 6fdb61
File 130090374781.jpg - (271.99KB , 1000x709 , Shino 1.jpg )


Clones... Clones of my self. Only many of myself could possibly surpass me.




>What's your most favorite internet meme?

floor is lava. Always gets me going... reminds me of my childhood.

>If you had to, even if you were forced to, what type of hat would you wear?

I sometimes wear a sakkat. My question to you is What kind of sakkat or straw hat do you prefer? Round, Pointy, Other? Anyone can answer. Quest characters and anons alike.

>What is your favorite video game? What do you like about it?

Jack Bros on virtual-boy. Sure the text was illegible and appeared on a odd platform that no one had. But it developed the mascots of what would later be a great series. That and it was my first video game.
No. 34036 ID: 8a7472

They don't respect your murderous rapist lifestyle.
No. 34037 ID: 8c73c8

conservation of ninjitsu. an army of yourself would actually be WEAKER then one of you. you need someone that ISN'T a ninja.
No. 34038 ID: 20fc85

I believe he means without ninjitsu... just pure actual clones...
No. 34040 ID: 1854db

Maolla: So, did you and Dessen meet up and talk or anything?
No. 34041 ID: 76c2e8

To anyone willing to answer:
Have you ever laughed so hard that you spilled milk or other fluids through your nostrils?

I'm running out of ideas for random questions :(
No. 34043 ID: 192c6d

Greetings, Denizens of /Quest/!

If you were able to trade places with any other character in Quest for the duration of exactly 1 year's time, who would it be, and why?

The extent of the trade is up to your own desires!
No. 34044 ID: 180ec2

Venji: You're half tozol, and half indahl. Now, tozols are supposed to have coarse fur, but indahls are supposed to be somewhat slimy, if I recall correctly. How does this work for you? Do you just have the standard tozol hair, do you have icky slimy fur, or does the slime have some kind of effect like conditioner that makes it soft?
No. 34045 ID: 4812df
File 130093161649.png - (7.81KB , 800x600 , Alexei tee hee.png )

Ok, so Stadvoskei was at war with the USL for like the fiftieth time, and I'm with a group of guerillas going around and sniping any USL we find in the Steppes.
There's this kid named Itok with us, and the whole group stumbles across this USL patrol, dead of night. There's one guy awake and he's supposed to be guarding, but he's got his gun at his side and we all sight to see what he's doing? He's got his pants down and he's peeing. So we're all okay Itok, just snipe the guy and we'll all go down there and slit their throats. Easy.

But Itok misses. We say shoot again Itok, quick, before he sees us, but now Itok is panicking. He spends the entire clip on this guy, this USL guy with his buttcheeks showing, and we're all like fucking screaming, well, whispering real loud, Shoot the fucking guy, Itok. And the USL guy just must have been drunk or something, he just keeps peeing. Guy must be taking the hugest piss I have ever seen. Anyway, I step in after 5 whole shots, blow his noggin off, we waste the patrol and move on, and afterward we all laughed so hard we couldn't even breathe, even Itok although we made all those jokes about him being distracted by manbutt.

It was funny then, not at the time. At the time I was like crying thinking this was it. Anyway that's just an interesting story for those who like asses or violence. Maybe you had to be there.
No. 34052 ID: 45be60

Venji has soft luxurious fur which I want to gently stroke and snuggle q.e.d.
No. 34064 ID: 47d1aa


Shino. How did you loose your eye?

also: round
No. 34065 ID: b6c6fc
File 130098504586.jpg - (71.84KB , 408x300 , Fuze5.jpg )

>That does look pretty tasty. Are those native to your home world or somewhere else?
indeed they do look tasty, my mouth waters at the thought alone! the GladeHawk is indeed native to my home world Astramar where the creatures mostly fly free! though the have bee transplanted to most other Astranian worlds, and farms can be found through out the Alliance!

>A doctor slapping a patient in the face would be unprofessional. If there's at all a professional slap, it is the completely platonic slap on the buttocks.
It's all sportsmanlike.
physical trauma is a medically approved method of dealing with hysteria. I've heard there are other methods but I've found no problem with this one.

>Slap them? Why? Is your society so ashamed of sex that any interest is seen as damage?
I suppose it was a bit of an over reaction, but with all my pumping testosterone, I suppose it's simply in my nature to get violent time and again.

>Guys and girls: What 3 physical features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

I'm sorry if I sound a bit self indulgent in this, but we Astranians have the most beautiful eyes, when the light reflect just right on a pair of amber lenses the sparkling splendor is, is . . . well it's beyond my ability of description anyways!

I've always admired a long luxuriously well groomed tail, my father always used to say "a clean tail is a clean soul." and I quite agree

and lastly I prefer a woman to have a delicate mouth, the kind that only gives the subtlest smiles, and only those closest to her can know how she truly feels.

. . . I think I need a cold drink
No. 34066 ID: 00d3d5

Ah, so in other words you're interested in somebody like Zane.

Mint: How can you stand spending all your time under such strict puritan control?

Oken: What have you been trained in besides piloting? Any interests or hobbies?
No. 34072 ID: 15b51b

>the most beautiful eyes, when the light reflect just right on a pair of amber lenses the sparkling splendor is, is . . . well it's beyond my ability of description anyways!
>I've always admired a long luxuriously well groomed tail, my father always used to say "a clean tail is a clean soul." and I quite agree
>and lastly I prefer a woman to have a delicate mouth, the kind that only gives the subtlest smiles, and only those closest to her can know how she truly feels.

No. 34073 ID: 2563d4

That's, uh...quite the pairing.

I'm scared.
No. 34074 ID: 28e94e

My mind has been thoroughly blown.
No. 34075 ID: 42954d


No. 34076 ID: 6fdb61
File 130099860038.jpg - (288.88KB , 1000x709 , Shino 2.jpg )


Hmmm...? What's all this about not being able to use ninjitsu to make proper clones? You'd need to be a really lousy ninja to not be able to make any less than a few dozen clones without lowering they're power.

But now that I think about it... If I can't beat the enemy it must be because he's... immune to ninja element...? Still at that point more of myself wouldn't help... I guess I'd need someone reeeaal smart... like Tory. Hmm... come to think of it, I haven't read that one yet. Is it any good?


I had to sacrifice it to master my ultimate technique. The issekigan.
No. 34077 ID: cc04a7

Gads you're so stereotypical it hurts.
No. 34081 ID: 91f1d1

There's actually this theory, based off of fiction that, the more ninjas that are fighting a single opponent, the LESS effective they are. A dozen ninjas against an individual would likely be slaughtered, while one ninja against an army would be the grim reaper made flesh.
No. 34083 ID: 7cb78a
File 130100279924.jpg - (276.45KB , 792x1152 , 2010-05-24-17p70.jpg )

No. 34085 ID: 10c20a
File 130100357158.png - (14.86KB , 600x600 , KensuPockey.png )

My guess would be someone made it and put it there?

Sorry to burst your bubbles guys, but it's my tail. I mean, come on, you guys saw that he was all the way on the other side of the onsen. Really, we just talked.

>Katsu, how do you feel about being a gross fat demon for most of your quest?

I assume that's meant to be "Kensu" so I'll answer it. I haven't been one for most of my quest, and I can change out of that form anytime I want really. The worst part about it is adjusting to just how fat that form is, in pretty much every conceivable way... ugh.
No. 34086 ID: dad664

Why are you always eating/drinking something.

I mean seriously almost every time you answer in here you're chomping or slurping down something. You're gonna make yourself fat, or at the least, extremely curvy.
No. 34090 ID: 9b6c31
File 130100753854.png - (58.08KB , 512x512 , Sister_answers.png )

>Favorite sport or athletic activity?
I enjoyed football.

>Guys and girls: What 3 physical features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
I no more find men attractive. I find it sad.

>let's say you had to have a job
>what would your dream job be?
I am a demonologist, and I cannot think what else I could be.

>One random day, you wake up... as a member of the opposite sex!
I have no more gender, so I would speculate that I would stay without gender.

>A bar fight just broke out. Everyone there is drunk and your booze level is hitting the roof.
>What do you think your weapon of choice during that fight would be giving your current state?
My claws will be enough. Reach is 2.3 metres, and they are capable of rending iron and dismembering limbs easily. Especially Tory's. I would kill him, but Or- I need him alive and functional.

>You're surrounded by enemies and for one reason or another you can't beat them all by yourself, who do you choose to fight with you?
I might have to summon the demon I made contract with.

>If you made up a word, and it appeared in every single dictionary all at once across the multiverse, what would the word be and what would the definition be?
It is higher origin. Yet it is not in dictionary. It basically means idiot of grand scale.
No. 34091 ID: e3f578

Maybe she expends enough energy to match her intake, I mean she is a ninja. Isn't that how getting fatter, staying slim, or whatever works? She's probably well toned then.

Man, can't a woman snack around here without getting called fat. What do you like, somebody as skinny as Muschio?
No. 34097 ID: cc04a7

This person would make an excellent trollface
No. 34098 ID: 8c0848
File 130101849232.png - (59.61KB , 362x557 , 24.png )

Sometimes you use a lot of magic and you want to snack on candies or cakes or a side of beef. It's perfectly normal.

And I never get fat from it. Never.
No. 34099 ID: dad664

Nah, it all goes to your schizophrenic size-shifting tits.
No. 34102 ID: 20fc85

refer to your legs
realize you have chunky legs
get an eating disorder
(not really though.)

Blake: Why the heck do you get turned on by blood?
No. 34108 ID: 40cb26

A question for all those formerly living characters of /quest/, any last thoughts you'd like to share? Something to get off your chest? And yeah I'm looking at you our dearly de-parted gorey Gore, but anyone is welcome to answer.

You could get big if you wanted to I bet. But you'd go back right quick, and it wouldn't look good on you anyway. While you're here, how about playing around with shapeshifting? Any race specific to another quest would be fine since we'd probably never see that happen otherwise. Like a Volto or Scellor, whatever tickles your fancy.
No. 34115 ID: 10c20a
File 130102378668.png - (19.71KB , 600x600 , KensuSubway.png )

I lead a very active life style, what with all the ninja-ing and the demon killing, and the what nots. So it tends to balance out. Besides, I've only answered these things like, 3 times when I was eating something and once when I was drinking tea, so I don't really know what you're on about.

I change back, obviously.
No. 34119 ID: 10c20a
File 130102537719.png - (136.37KB , 800x600 , GaNnedaFinalThoughts.png )


My deepest regret... is that I was ultimately unable to protect my beloved 'desert flower.' How I wish I could have just one more chance to return to the world of the living to hold her and speak with my beloved Kyaos just once more. She was the only one I had ever met who treated us Leviathans as people and not just as monstrous weapons. I dearly hope she is alright.
No. 34120 ID: 8c0848
File 130102552172.png - (7.50KB , 314x546 , 25.png )

Oh shit... I am freaking out.
No. 34121 ID: 9ec53e
File 130102582191.png - (135.45KB , 800x800 , hmm.png )

>Oh man that would-! Wait....

>Having genitals would be nice. I do not understand why they are in every organism but it would be interesting to see.
>Are they detachable?

>I was sleeping..
>During quite a few of my more drugged up days I would often hallucinate I was male. This never ended well and I would often freak out at the fact that I'd suddenly lost my vagina only to realize moments later that it was still firmly attached. Those were dark days indeed. Thankfully they lowered my dosage once I told Them about my identity crisis.
No. 34122 ID: 07416a

At least you're twelve feet tall now.
No. 34128 ID: 8c0848
File 130102776078.png - (6.05KB , 407x379 , 26.png )

Why would I be twelve feet tall? That doesn't make any- Whoa... Hold on, everything's still a bit squiggly.
No. 34132 ID: 543aa6

well gee I feel kinda guilty now
No. 34133 ID: 07416a

Wait, were you a full volto or still half dragon?..
No. 34140 ID: 91f1d1

Oh Crap. What is Nina S.O.P. when dealing with subway gropers?
No. 34146 ID: 3f1b5c
File 130108506374.png - (118.45KB , 550x600 , SiriusSandwich.png )

"Ever noticed how fairies and such all have a massive sweet-tooth? How mages of all sorts and even the old witches and wizards tend to be skinny, bony bastards, yet spent so much time sitting around reading, carving fetishes or mixing ingredients? Just think about it...
>Favorite sport or athletic activity?
I love to run, just run and the world's troubles fade into the distance."
>One random day, you wake up... as a member of the opposite sex!
"I think I've done that once, or twice, dunno really. I doubt much would change, probably try and find a reversal or something."
>A bar fight just broke out.
"Bar, What bar? I see no bar. Never was a bar here, can't prove oth- I mean, No comment."
>You're surrounded by enemies and for one reason or another you can't beat them all by yourself, who do you choose to fight with you?
"Been there, done that, know a few people, still keep in touch with some. August is a better pupil than I a teacher, but if I can't beat them alone, I'd prefer he not be there."
No. 34147 ID: a6ab09

assume rock form
No. 34149 ID: 2563d4
File 130110942324.gif - (30.17KB , 640x480 , buswald-had-to-make-printouts-for-him.gif )

>Also because I have ponies on the brain...
>Who is your favorite, and why?

Fluttershy seems to be the only of these who is not gratingly enthusiastic about everything.
No. 34167 ID: 28e94e

You're just still angry at us for beating up your self-insert, aren't you?
No. 34169 ID: 6fdb61
File 130115410074.jpg - (157.74KB , 800x616 , Blake 1.jpg )

> Why the heck do you get turned on by blood?

... I don't know... I just... It's not that I want to... *sigh* I don't understand either... Ask the old me... I'm sure that psycho knows...
No. 34178 ID: 8e2e95

The old you was homosexual. You aren't
this is why the question is being raised. It's part of the new you... and there's no reason for it?
No. 34203 ID: 8092e6

So kensuyata. what's your favorite anime this season?
No. 34212 ID: 197105

Why won't you dance?
No. 34216 ID: 3416ec
File 130121472045.png - (52.43KB , 311x750 , sarah_normal2.png )


"Y'know, I wouldn't mind trading spots with... whatshisname, Demesi. He seems like a friendly guy."
No. 34226 ID: d6ae01

Give her a chance to do a hip-hop dance. Give her a chance to do a dance.
No. 34227 ID: e3f578

Oh yeah hey, I forgot about wanting to ask this question to the Announcer of Pinkskin Quest.

@Announcer: Cool thing being alive, bro. So like did you trick the lynch mob or come back as a cyborg furry? It's okay if you don't want to reveal your appearance and do the "speak from within the shadows" thing. I'm just trying to figure out if your the same guy or not. Hell you barely need to reveal anything at in your response just that your there bro, it's the only answer I'm looking for. But if you want to gloat about it like a true villain, go ahead you earned it.
No. 34273 ID: 47d1aa

>Ask the old me... I'm sure that psycho knows...

ok. PsychoBlake. Why the heck do you get turned on by blood?

Also, to anyone. Whats your favorite dish, food or snack?
No. 34293 ID: 6fdb61
File 130133784391.jpg - (239.35KB , 800x616 , Psycho Blake 1.jpg )

>PsychoBlake. Why the heck do you get turned on by blood?

I love the color, I love the taste, the smell. I love its texture, the way it trickles slowly or splashes violently. I love the feel of it against my body. I love the unique sound it makes when it hits the floor, and the sound peoples make when it leaves they're body. All in all it's quite appealing, more over, I should ask you... Why don't you get turned on by blood?

>The old you was homosexual. You aren't
this is why the question is being raised. It's part of the new you... and there's no reason for it?

Ahh yes... I can answer this. I am quite the genius after all. you see Blake is influenced by the memory fragments. since you have a few of mine he has a bit of my personality. its not his fault. In fact its yours, and while were on the subject, would you mind finding the rest of mine and feeding them to him... It would be ever so nice to have another me around. Honestly it would do everyBody wonders. ahahahaha!!!

But I regress...

>Also because I have ponies on the brain... Who is your favorite, and why?

Why my good friend Pinky of course. She's always getting me to help her... Bake... Muahahahaha!!!
No. 34295 ID: dad664
File 130133830590.jpg - (49.05KB , 531x600 , 2977 - Cupcakes rainbow_dash.jpg )

No. 34296 ID: bf1e7e

'Cupcakes' is the stupidest thing in the entire MLP fandom.

It's more retarded than OCDNSs and shipping.
No. 34313 ID: 745c58


So very fucking this!
Thank you!
No. 34321 ID: 192c6d

Hey Dompag, hey~

If you could have an entire quest to yourself and anyone of your choosing, what would it be about and who would you want with you on your quest?

(this question open to everyone, I guess)
No. 34322 ID: 8e2e95

No. 34355 ID: 91f1d1

Dompag: What inspired you to be.. you?
A guardian, a mercenary, a cunning lover of all the ladies.

If any others want to talk about their inspirations We'd gladly listen too
No. 34407 ID: 07416a

You know you would be forcing him to live in a zombie infested spaceship with a species not his own?
No. 34520 ID: abb30a

Lesin: How'd you get that scar on your face?
No. 34737 ID: e3f578

Yo, Shera, now that you're getting some attention and all on /quest/, mind telling us about some stuff about you? Interests, ambitions, shit like that?
No. 34738 ID: 3416ec
File 130203696327.png - (41.30KB , 368x706 , sarah_qa.png )


Oh. Um...

Well then, who has a shotgun or two and a sense of bravado?
No. 34740 ID: 8c73c8

in that case you want stahlvern from dungeon game.
No. 34742 ID: 337b51

Swap with Legs + Man.
No. 34743 ID: 8c0848
File 130204446418.png - (70.21KB , 381x347 , 27.png )

I'm interested in my work, I guess. It let's me have a sort of socially acceptable outlet for my desire to stalk and kill things and pays well enough to let me indulge in my desire to be a lazy, decadent bitch.
Freakin' kitty heaven, man.
No. 34744 ID: 07416a

Lazy decadence? Tell us more~
No. 34745 ID: 07416a

Also, what do you think of Ryhn so far? You've probably seen a fair bit of her around the camp and you've gotten some travel time with her.
No. 34747 ID: e3f578

I bet you love laying in the sun and being a useless piece of shit all day when you're not out stabbin' fags and hags in the back while looting the shit out of things.
No. 34752 ID: c10fee

Who doesn't?
No. 34755 ID: 8092e6

so shera. what do you like scratched/rubbed more? ears or the base of your tail?
No. 34757 ID: 40cb26

Or maybe you can just show us?

Alternately, would a person would doing either of those to you be more likely to get their face punched in?
No. 34768 ID: d3dfb8

>socially acceptable outlet for my desire to stalk and kill things
>my desire to be a lazy, decadent bitch.
A girl after my own heart~
No. 34776 ID: 543aa6
File 130208517365.gif - (3.10KB , 500x500 , anon.gif )

Dear virile, sexually mature men,
Imagine there is a woman close to you who you view only in a platonic light. Theoretically, what could she do to make you view her in a more intimate/romantic way? What would make you notice her and/or suddenly realize that she is the one for you and you love her and you want to be with her and you want to hold her in your arms and kiss and make love to and you will never want to be without her and you know that no other woman will ever do

Alternately, in what ways do you feel you are susceptible to seduction

Thank you in advance
No. 34777 ID: 543aa6


Dear "Anonymous":

Hi! If you want to get to know someone better (in any capacity), it's important to spend time with them!

Think about the object of your affection. What's he like? What are his hobbies/interests? Try going to places or participating in events that you'll both enjoy! Here are just a few suggestions to make that "friend" into something more:

- Find a romantic beach or picturesque field and have a romantic picnic for two!
- Gift-giving is a perfect way to show you care! Give him that special something he's always wanted!
- What are his interests? Think of a special project that the two of you can do together, like: avenging his family, summoning unholy extra-dimensional beings, crafting weapons of war, killing his nemesis, conquering the world, becoming the epitome of wickedness, or building model ships!

I hope this advice has helped! And remember: you are a strong, beautiful, independent woman! If he can't see you for the unique treasure you are, that's his loss! After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea!


PS- As for seduction, well, I'm sure you'll think of something!
No. 34779 ID: 788dee
File 130209890689.png - (42.16KB , 870x540 , harald.png )

Dear Anonymous,
Beat up a bunch of his friends, using another friend as a blunt weapon. That's what my woman did and considering the current situation it obviously worked.

And a large, soft bosom does no damage to your cause.


P.S. If it doesn't work, do not worry, because in that case it is clear he is no man!
No. 34785 ID: f7aa74
File 130210560497.png - (14.32KB , 381x464 , steelespeaks.png )


holy shit, no

don't listen to that viking guy

alrighty, dear obvious goblin chick

guys do not suddenly fall in love when seduced... well i don't at least

it takes more... finesse to get a guy to fall head over heals.

start with making a memory, i dunno what the guy your swooning over does but you can obviusly turn something that he does into a good memory

if this dude goes out, go with him and enjoy his company

what else... oh yeah, guys like a good home cooked meal, something edible... like a sandwich, or a casserole

anyway, don't be all hangin on and sloppy girl all over a guy, it dosn't work

and to answer the seduction question,
if something crazy dangerous happens and i have to save the day, i get all gooey inside when i'm hugged afterwards, that's when i'm most vulnerable
... not like that ever happens anyway, idiot stoner loser gawd jeez grumble grumble grumble
No. 34786 ID: 29fbe3

Harald (Hårfagre?) speaks the only, indisputable truth in this every matter.
No. 34793 ID: cc04a7

laptop viking is best viking. This is now one of my favorite characters/pictures
No. 34794 ID: d901e4

So "Anonymous", is it?

It all depends mostly on who your crush is.
Let's say for example that he likes a physically attractive woman. According to someone I heard say a while ago: "Healthily plump, with wide hips, ample breasts, and a tender, sweet face." And "She should be fertile, of course".
Ergo, You should work on your figure, which can be easily helped with a healthy diet and exercise on a daily basis.

As for the personality, I guess you should just be yourself. There's no point in changing who you are if you're unhappy being someone you're not.
The only advice I can give is to be confident. Make yourself noticeable by doing stuff your "target" likes, make him feel proud of yourself. Also, a random gift to show your appreciation is always a nice touch. It shows that you care for him.

Best of luck.
No. 34798 ID: b50003

Try sneaking in on him while he's sleeping and sucking his dick. That will make just about any guy see you in a sexual light.
No. 34799 ID: b50003

This advice is founded in truth but is hindered by specificity. Competence is sexy. Being good at stuff is attractive. While her guy obviously enjoys a good scrap (because otherwise why would she be attracted to him in the first place?) If he values other things more highly, she would be better served excelling in those areas. The problem here arises from the fact that he apparently sees her entirely platonically already. It may increase her attractiveness in his eyes, but it will be her attractiveness solely as a friend, compatriot, or underling. In order to make his view sexual, she must introduce sexuality directly. As for what happens then, well, that's a whole 'nother can of worms. If he's gay or she's horrendously unnatractive to him for some other reason, it would likely serve only to distance them. Otherwise, some sort of romantic relationship is likely. Since they're apparently already good friends, it's not unlikely that this relationship would be warm and enduring. A cooler relationship might result in a short fling ended by a messy breakup.
No. 34800 ID: 1d6234
File 130212238071.png - (137.12KB , 432x520 , shiclaw.png )

>A bar fight just broke out. Everyone there is drunk and your booze level is hitting the roof.
>What do you think your weapon of choice during that fight would be giving your current state?

well, during a gnoll festival of the forgotten, I had a little too much to drink... apparently someone said it was too cold, so I tried to make fire, but miscasted and apparently opened a small rift into the chaos plane that wrecked the area, but no one died... so, I guess... that...
No. 34802 ID: 98a59d
File 130212272031.png - (521.75KB , 750x625 , Obviousladressedtome.png )

Dearest Anonymous,

I must only assume for your message to have reached my desk you must be a lady of taste in only the classiest of fellows who while gentlemen, need not necessarily be gentle.

Thus I must slant my findings and thoughts towards such a case. Men often find it... unnatural, nay even a bit unsettling to be pursued in a blatant and obvious manner. However, women have their ways around this when seeking a particular mate.

The most obvious is the tease, repeated excitement of the man's primal passions while denying any intent with the goal to cause his eventual submission to his own urges this obviously relies on certain... physical qualities.

However, if we are speaking of devoted love, it is notable that in the prime determination of value placed on a person is sacrifice spent on their part. Time being the most notable, the more the intended has put themselves out for you the more likely they are to think fondly of you if only becasue it affirms and justifies their previous decisions and thus themselves.

Note that if the other feels betrayed or blatantly 'used' in any way this can cause the exact opposite effect with intense anger. Then, some say that love and hatred are different sides of the same coin, the more you have of one the more you 'can' possess of the other.

I do hope these observations serve you well in your romantic pursuits.

The Second Prince de Sauterelle, August, à partir de Merboiullant
No. 34803 ID: 98a59d
File 130212278150.png - (515.85KB , 750x625 , done.png )

No. 34804 ID: 98a59d
File 130212338320.png - (492.08KB , 750x625 , Postscript.png )

M/Bold/12. w/large powerful nose. make 14Cu wkly.
in merboil, collony. is cityborn, meet mby?

No. 34807 ID: d901e4

>so I tried to make fire, but miscasted and apparently opened a small rift into the chaos plane that wrecked the area

How could you miscast a fire spell and use a dimensional rift one instead?!
Damn, girl. You were WASTED :|
No. 34808 ID: 8c73c8

well in the MoM setting fire comes from the chaos plane. so she must of made the rift to pull the fire from too huge.
No. 34930 ID: 8e18cd
File 130235066312.jpg - (157.99KB , 432x600 , ThodrenHitsHollywood.jpg )

Thodren, when did you start doing Hollywood flicks?
No. 34942 ID: 8c0848
File 130237784817.png - (43.13KB , 233x266 , 28.png )

That's not me. I bet we all look the same to you, you fucking racist.
He's way too puny to even resemble me.
No. 34944 ID: 1b3a2d


Say, Thodren! While you're here. You've probably involved yourself intimately with a few woo-ees in your time. What do people do around your neck of the woods to ensure things stay consequence-free?

I'm asking for, uh, a friend.
No. 34946 ID: 8e18cd


> woo-ees

More like moo-ees
No. 34950 ID: 8c0848
File 130238464774.png - (43.26KB , 233x266 , 29.png )

Just keep it out of the species and yer fine. Most races can't interbreed and the size difference might be awkward sometimes, but I'll never complain.
I think it's mostly just magic things and things that are really similar that can. Other than that, you can probably find some potion or charm or whatever.
No. 34959 ID: cc04a7

Thodren, where did you get your beautiful green eyes from?
No. 34962 ID: 5f0943

I am wondering about that too.
No. 34966 ID: b6c6fc
File 130239820321.jpg - (46.19KB , 408x300 , Mint4.jpg )

>So, Astrian Mint: Why hasn't the alliance gone ahead and started a technological singularity yet? All the pieces seem to be in place, but it just hasn't happened yet
"technological singularity"? oh you silly Pinkskins, and your ridiculous theories

>Point being? Nuclear weapons are awesome. Besides, I am a scientist. Developing weapon technology is pretty what I do. Wait a little and I will fuck everyone's shit!
>So, uh, what weapons are YOU using then?
oooooh I'm so impressed by your massive explosions Mr. Scientist, and I totally believe you're not over compensating for anything, Nyeee hee hee, it's Okay some girls prefer small missles with messy explosions
eeheeheee hee hee heh heh . . . heh

>Oh what, like nuclear weapons are too good for you?!
too "good"? hah! get real, nukes are lame, their initial blast wipes out too much to fast to really enjoy the suffering and decay caused by the radiations and they're too messy to be used for clean sweep scenarios.

>Hey now, ladies. Fusion-based arms are highly effective and come with a number of handy side-effects. Assuming you don't care about reclaiming the territory you've just blown up.
Nukes are obsolete, sure you can kill a shit tone of people with em, but flinging a huge rock from orbit works just as well . . . probably better.
I guess my point is there are hundreds of ways to mass murder people, but the real deal is NOT murdering them and letting them live in the constant fear knowing that you can

>Mint: How can you stand spending all your time under such strict puritan control?
wow it's really not anywhere as bad as you make it sound
No. 34967 ID: 00d3d5

>oh you silly Pinkskins, and your ridiculous theories

Yea, really. People: Please remember that the Astranian culture uses MagiTech, and almost nobody has even the faintest idea how any of their stuff works. It's a very controlled and secretive system that has a vanishingly small chance of achieving an asymptotic rate of technological development.

>wow it's really not anywhere as bad as you make it sound
Your companions seem to consider sexuality to be somewhere between mental sickness and the stuff of horror films, and you're the only one who doesn't seem to think of sex as a sacrifice for the good of your people.
No. 34969 ID: cf244d

I have no idea what's going on in this post.
No. 34971 ID: 543aa6
File 130240905845.gif - (4.93KB , 800x600 , dompagtired.gif )

I've really lost enough blood pursuing you crazy space weirdos so excuse the low effort.

Dear Mint
I find you very attractive and I think we should fool around. Physically. Let me know if you are up for this.
Let me also know if you are 'not' up for this and need an excuse to be excused from your squad.


This Hoft character: Man or Woman?
No. 34972 ID: e6b25f

>This Hoft character: Man or Woman?

Does it really matter at this point, Dompag? I mean, really?
No. 34973 ID: e3f578

Which Hofts?
No. 34975 ID: 543aa6
File 130241327512.gif - (3.94KB , 800x600 , dompagthink.gif )

You're damn right it matters.

While we're on the topic, what about Fuze? I'm pretty sure but I ain't gonna act on it one way or the other till I'm 100%.
No. 34976 ID: 25e2c8
File 130241412787.png - (3.61MB , 1174x1456 , rocks v_ ortillery.png )


>Nukes are obsolete, sure you can kill a shit tone of people with em, but flinging a huge rock from orbit works just as well . . . probably better.

Think of the cost! A couple of nukes would be monumentally less expensive compared to maneuvering an asteroid into position; just flinging a rock is not a sure venture, anyhow. It has a chance of missing by a margin large enough to get past the inherent multi-mega/gigaton blast of the impact if your fairly primitive (I mean, are you Astranians even a 2 on the Kardashev scale?) computers are not up to spec. You can win a war with rocks, but it can really dig deep into your coffers.
No. 34977 ID: 8c73c8

maybe they have that siege ship from Sword of the Stars? just a giant asteroid loaded revolver cannon.
No. 34978 ID: 1854db


Yeah he's a dude, sorry.
No. 34980 ID: e3f578

There's a clan of hofts I think. Maybe one of the Hofts we met can give you one of their hot cousin's phone numbers/addresses. Fuze might have some hot cousins too.
I think the Hoft that loves fish and has a hippie hairdo instead of an Elvis hairdo will be more receptive to your request.
No. 34981 ID: 70d9eb

Fuze is just a very manly tomboy, and Hoft's hair is clearly too beautiful to belong to a male.
No. 34982 ID: f5f58e

Bad luck for you buddy. Those are dudes.

Wait... you actually thought they were female?
No. 34989 ID: 9b6c31
File 130243078412.png - (33.08KB , 512x512 , Tory_answers_7.png )

Okay, here I am!

>EVERYONE: If you had to, even if you were forced to, what type of hat would you wear?
Top hat. I fucking love top hats.

>EVERYONE: What's your most favorite internet meme?
Troll science. Gets me fucking every time.

>One random day, you wake up... as a member of the opposite sex!
I would speculate and study the reason for this sudden change and then proceed with my life.

>You're surrounded by enemies and for one reason or another you can't beat them all by yourself, who do you choose to fight with you?
Some sort of awesome, great, magnificent killer robot.

>too "good"? hah! get real, nukes are lame, their initial blast wipes out too much to fast to really enjoy the suffering and decay caused by the radiations and they're too messy to be used for clean sweep scenarios.
learn2build nuclear weapons.

>Nukes are obsolete, sure you can kill a shit tone of people with em, but flinging a huge rock from orbit works just as well . . . probably better.
Yeah, you could bombard a planet with kinetic objects. First you'd have to bring them to orbit, then you'd have position them and accelerate them.
The money and time I'd have to use in preparing one megaton kinetic impact outweighs building one megaton nuclear bomb.

>I guess my point is there are hundreds of ways to mass murder people,
Yep! And I'm going to find more of fun ways to murder people!

>but the real deal is NOT murdering them and letting them live in the constant fear knowing that you can
That's boring.
No. 34992 ID: c71597

They're probably more fond of using neutron bombs. Very little structural damage. Very much personal damage. Lucky ones at ground zero will be dead in seconds or minutes, the unlucky ones will take hours to die from radiation poisoning. And it's pretty clean, background radiation goes back to normal levels in a day or two.

Which makes me wonder >>344789 Hey Tory, why no neutron bombs?
No. 34993 ID: 9b6c31
File 130243234068.png - (47.59KB , 512x512 , Tory_answers_8.png )

Neutron bombs are nuclear weapons.
Why not? Why not. Neutron bombs are cool too.
No. 34994 ID: c71597

That they are. And more painful than the regular exploding kind. So lets go make some motherfucking neutron bombs so we can wipe out a few cities and preserve the existing infrastructure!
No. 34996 ID: bccf7b

Mint, you seem to least ... "Okenized" of the group, judging by your latest replies.

So tell me, why is it that you don't seem too antsy/afraid/anxious/etc. to discus such things as physical romance when others of your group seem to clam up like little kids?
No. 34997 ID: e3f578

You know what's a real fun weapon? One of them doomsday weapons that makes a giant black hole, the one that fixed the time skip problem on Futurama.
No. 35026 ID: abb30a

Yeah, Maolla. What's the status, there?
No. 35027 ID: 8c0848
File 130249595857.png - (97.00KB , 534x476 , 30.png )

What? I didn't get them anywhere. They're the same ones I've always had.
You'd better not be making fun of me.
No. 35028 ID: 3416ec


I think what they're trying to say is are green eyes hereditary in your family?
No. 35034 ID: 3d7a30


he's so cute when he's mad
No. 35039 ID: bccf7b

Us "voices" have a bad habit of the world changing from living color (like you see it) to black and white.

Ergo, some of us fixate on silly things like eye color when we realize it isn't a shade of gray.
No. 35041 ID: df5fff

Sorry Dompag. Hoft and Fuze are dudes.

Still Hoft is a pretty cool guy and very keen on explosives and heavy weapons. Maybe he and Geppa might hit it off. Does she write crossover letters too?

No. 35042 ID: df5fff

Oh, and 'hereditary' means from your parents and grandparents and such. Did any of them have green eyes?
No. 35046 ID: f7aa74
File 130254988004.png - (21.89KB , 592x536 , questhopmailing.png )



only those brave enough to do quest hop mailing
No. 35053 ID: b6c6fc
File 130256217544.jpg - (47.51KB , 408x300 , Mint5.jpg )

oh you sexy beast take me now!
being called a crazy space wierdo makes me so horny!
I love how you tell me about all the women who turned you down violently, being the runner up choice totally turns me on, oh and the way your all bitter about it is so charming

and the way you want to skip the whole dating seen and go strait to sex, thus saving yourself a lot of time money and hassle is incredibly romantic

it's a good thing your not one of those pathetic horndog xenophiliacs who'll fuck anything that moves, can't even tell the difference between genders and would lie through his teeth just to add another notch to his belt, because then the compliment "very attractive" would pretty much mean dick all and would come across as very bland and unoriginal, but you of course you're a man with impeckable taste for only the most refined and gorgeous of women and even the slightest compliment should be seen as the highest praise

. . . Okay this whole schtick is making me feel ill.

anyways adios sucker, your poontang lies in another castle

. . . I think I'm going to find someone else to get kinky with just to spite you, @EVERYONE any takers?

oh hey your that Troll guy! c'mon this stuff is lame hit me with some really material!

heh heh heh "Okenized" now to be fair most other Astranians just like to hide their feelings and stuff, it takes a long time for us to get comfortable around each other let alone around Xenos, as for me, I guess I just stopped giving a shit after a while . . .
No. 35054 ID: 8e18cd


How about hook up with Oken?
No. 35055 ID: dad664

Obviously you need to start your own religion, Mint.

You could call it The Church of Not-Giving-A-Fuck.
No. 35057 ID: 2563d4

Given her Slack levels, Mint's probably a high-ranking member of the Church of the SubGenius. :V
No. 35062 ID: be361e
File 130256518625.png - (399.10KB , 700x625 , monocle.png )

Oh sry wrong- wait, Any1... evn... bold? Wait, wat frqcy hear here? Plz rspond.
No. 35064 ID: cf244d

You're mean, Mint.
No. 35065 ID: 00d3d5

Oh, no. If I were going to troll you I'd make insulting comments comparing you to Terran animals with very low intelligence.
Why would I troll you anyway? It's not like you're Zane or anything. Lean back and relax!
No. 35066 ID: 543aa6
File 130256673736.gif - (5.34KB , 800x600 , dompunimpressed.gif )

Don't flatter yourself, honey.
The fact I made it clear I was lookin' for something physical by outright sayin' as much should have tipped you off I wasn't tryin' for romance -- you don't seem the type anyway.
So you're spot on: I don't give a toss how romantic you thought it was, and yes, you are the runner-up.
See, some girls are worth romancin' -- some girls are worth goin' to the damn stars for just a chance at seein' with my own eyes -- but you sure ain't one.

Now if you wanna use my offer as a means to get laid with some other suckers then hey, be my guest, but don't pretend for either of us that I'll give two shits who you spread it for, lass.
No. 35067 ID: cf244d

Harsh words.

Is this going to end up in the fight thread?
No. 35068 ID: 7aa61c


So tsundere~
No. 35069 ID: 543aa6
File 130256722246.gif - (5.92KB , 800x600 , dompnaw.gif )

Nah, there ain't nothin' to fight about.
I only rumbled with Zane on account of she stood between me an' a girl who was actually worth fightin' for.

Anyway, like I said, ain't no love lost. Never intended to go sweepin' up the fatcat off her feet, I just figured she was easy.
But boy she sure proved me wrong, what with 'er global broadcast for dick.
No. 35070 ID: 13b3e1
File 130256876716.png - (20.87KB , 744x481 , itq3.png )

...Is that a cat? That's a cat, right?

Grr. Rar. Bark bark.
No. 35071 ID: cf244d

For those who don't speak dog, that translates roughly to "I accept your offer, let's fuck".
No. 35072 ID: 543aa6
File 130257086103.gif - (6.96KB , 800x600 , geppa.gif )

U r stopid. U r meen. Miy letl bro iz nise n u r dum. He iz juss tring tringe tryeng 2 sho u uh gud tim n u r been meen 2 him. Wuz he rood? No. But u U r rood. Y rood? Beecuz u r stpiud stopid.
1 dey u mite b ruse rude 2 sum 1 n den thae they mite b so mad u get hert. Do u want that??? NO.

Dont b rood 2 peple 4 no reeszn reezun. U r meen n nastee n dum.

No. 35073 ID: 8092e6

so thodren. is your mom hot?
No. 35074 ID: bccf7b

You have just become my hero in a bizarre and inexplainable way.
No. 35075 ID: 2bdeb9

Hey, Geppa! What's your idea of an ideal mate for your little bro?
No. 35077 ID: b6c6fc
File 130257463009.jpg - (54.86KB , 408x300 , Mint6.jpg )

heh heh as much fun as it is to torment her, I probably should lay off a bit, she's kind of sensitive

um sorry, yeah that whole thing was kinda just a joke . . . though your eagerness is kind of cute, how bout we set up a date and go from there?

heh heh heh you better stop all that before you start making me blush

Awwww I didn't mean to hurt is feelings, I was just being silly, I'm sorry I was mean to your little bro

Mr. Dompag all this rejection must be making you grumpy, if you keep frowning like that you're going to scare all the naive innocent little girls away
No. 35078 ID: 543aa6
File 130257546465.gif - (4.31KB , 800x600 , dompnope.gif )

>if you keep frowning like that
What? I wasn't frowning. I was smoking a cigar.
Do you know what a frown is?
No. 35080 ID: d6ae01
File 130257862631.png - (59.02KB , 600x500 , Roz is boned only not.png )

Okay so um say hypthetically that your girlfriend is mad at you for some reason and you're not sure what you did and she's all like 'we need to talk' after you very nearly had awesome sex together.

Um, what would you do, just out of curiosity?

No. 35081 ID: d677cc

Be really honest and contrite and ask what's wrong?
No. 35082 ID: 8c73c8

pretty sure she is currently mad because you seem obsessed with her boobs. you need to convince her that you love HERm and that her boobs are just a bonus.
No. 35083 ID: dad664

No. 35084 ID: d6ae01

There's really only one thing you can do in that situation. Pack your things, and run like the dickens. You don't look like you have arms, so you probably travel light, anyway.
No. 35085 ID: 40cb26

You were smoking it with your teeth, it's at least an aggressive pose. She might have a point in the broader sense though, while you can do calm and polite like with the princess you don't do as well with "disarming casual friendliness" that should be used with, say, Ona. Unless you're acting like that with her for some other reason.

Apologize. Grovel. Kiss ass. Not literally.
No. 35086 ID: 543aa6
File 130258126989.gif - (5.24KB , 800x600 , dompadvice.gif )

Well, you have a lot to consider.
Assuming you're both on otherwise-amicable terms, this new development in your relationship is undoubtedly raising some concerns she wants to address before moving forward. What she's looking for is confirmation, certainty. She wants to know she's not making a mistake, that she doesn't have to remain guarded, that she doesn't have to hold back emotionally if you do take things to the next level. She wants to know you're both ready for it and it won't compromise anything.

You need to reassure her. If you do love her, tell her that, and let her know in the simple context of your daily lives. Let her know when you're ready, and that you can go as slowly as she likes -- moving the relationship to a new level is stressful enough, and if she decides to put the brakes on, she needs to know there's no pressure behind your response.
When she wants to talk, let her know you'll be there. Really listen to what she has to say. Don't just dismiss her fears, or her concerns; address them. Think about her points, their validity, or at least the validity she perceives them to have. Talk it through like adults, don't pull any punches, and don't sweep it under the rug. If she has any hang-ups or lingering concerns, don't move forward until they're addressed in full. Don't make her feel like she's a chore simply for wanting to have a discussion and don't act fed up just because she has hesitations (assuming she does).

Give her time, really listen to her, and respond in a way that lets her know you love her and respect her.

This is, of course, assuming you really do love her and aren't just trying to get her in bed.
No. 35087 ID: 5d54a5
File 130258389897.png - (89.71KB , 700x500 , ITQAdvice.png )

>Okay so um say hypothetically that your girlfriend is mad at you for some reason and you're not sure what you did and she's all like 'we need to talk' after you very nearly had awesome sex together. Um, what would you do, just out of curiosity?

You talk. Duh. Just listen to what she has to tell you. If it works out, well cool. If it doesn't, eh. There's other girls out there. Don't beat yourself up too much about it. Good luck, you weird snake thing you.

Anyone else curious? The Baron Obsidian Advice Corner is now open, for a limited time!
No. 35089 ID: 543aa6
File 130258465987.jpg - (31.51KB , 450x300 , ladies-man.jpg )

No. 35092 ID: f123de
File 130259003788.png - (168.98KB , 500x400 , lyanasks.png )


I- have a friend who was recently mind-wiped and seduced by his evil clone. Ever since then, he just kind of wants to throw himself into a volcano.

Any advice?
No. 35093 ID: f88f02

Dompag: have you ever considered being a couples counsellor?
No. 35094 ID: e3f578

Man, to be a successful counselor, he has to get Roz's girlfriend in here too and mediate the talk.
No. 35095 ID: 5d54a5
File 130259133619.png - (155.79KB , 700x500 , ITQ2.png )

Have you considered institutionalization? Some kind of mental health therapist is probably your best bet for dealing with a mind wipe, or seduction by evil forces. Heck, maybe some kind of weird hypnosis therapy could bring back his memory. At the very least, they could help him come to terms with his clearly suicidal thinking.

Also, volcanoes. Good choice of suicide, if he does go out. Seriously, there's not much more primal than a death like that.

...But, uh. Yeah. I'm not a therapist, so I can't do shit to help your friend personally, but this really sounds like something you probably can't handle on your own. Get that boy some therapy.
No. 35101 ID: bccf7b

I think this will go over a bit better if we hear directly from your friend~ fufufufu~
No. 35102 ID: 15b51b

Have you tried asking the volcano what it thinks?
No. 35114 ID: 8e2e95

... when did we stop asking questions...
and when did the characters begin asking them to us?
No. 35118 ID: 2563d4

They didn't.
No. 35134 ID: 07416a

Fireclaw, how do you get your fur so shiny? Do you bath in the blood of your enemies or something?
No. 35137 ID: d6ae01
File 130265614527.png - (52.15KB , 600x500 , baby dont hurt me.png )

I'm kind of "attached" to-- I mean, hypothetically this person is really attached to them!

She's mad at that? I really thought she... wait, love?

I don't know if I-- er, they love her, I mean w-they just met a few days ago. But I've gotten really fond of her. I wouldn't even mind... committing.

I've been alone most of my life, so I probably went overboard with my... okay. Um. I'll just be honest, and respectful, and listen...

This is really hard can't I just compliment her tits and be done with it?

No. 35138 ID: 8c0848
File 130265657577.png - (360.15KB , 746x1061 , Mommy.png )

Man, that's an awkward question to ask someone. Just decide for yourself. Then, if I hear one disrespectful thing, I'll crush your skulls under my hooves and rend the flesh from your bones with my teeth until my family's honor is avenged... So keep it clean.
No. 35139 ID: cc04a7

Brown eyes, which means she's probably got the recessive gene in there somewhere, but she alone couldn't have given Thodren beautiful green eyes. So perhaps daddy?
No. 35141 ID: 07416a

Yeah, see, this is exactly why you are getting in trouble.
No. 35142 ID: 8e18cd


OH MOoooooooooooooooo
No. 35143 ID: 8e2e95

your mom's hot...
don't kill me.

but what of your dad?
and what of your fellow mercenaries? your views?

HAAHAHAa just compliment a girl haww... oh wait you're serious...

no. Most girls have this thing where you have to earn their trust and respect to get laid... plus what sexual compatibility is there? You're a dream worm and she's a tozol. It's kinda a difference.
overall: you're bout to get whupped by a woman who you just saved because you were trying to elicit attention.
No. 35144 ID: e3f578

No thanks, she'd have no problem doing all that to us herself if any of us said something bad.

She's badass, next mission we should get her to come along instead.
No. 35145 ID: 8092e6

hot mom is hot.
No. 35147 ID: 221021

You do realize that you posted an image of your mother with one of her nipples peeking out, right?
No. 35149 ID: dad664

I think that's an artist error.

Nude version confirmed!
No. 35151 ID: bccf7b

She looks like the kind who gave the best hugs (and probably made AWESOME cookies).

When she wasn't kicking ass, of course!
No. 35161 ID: df4dcc

Wh- what? N--NO!! Bad Roz! BAD ROZ!!
You don't tell a girl that you like her tits and be done with it!! That probably the MAIN reason she's MAD at you.

Go with this. Now. Do it. Listen to this man, he has a silver tongue.

Oh, and DON'T look at her boobs when you talk to her!!
No. 35162 ID: d6ae01

Good lord, looks like someone came by badassery honestly. Your father must be an amazing, or at least amazingly lucky man.
No. 35170 ID: b6c6fc
File 130267935568.jpg - (46.88KB , 408x300 , Mint7.jpg )

hee hee hee it's pretty funny how blind you are to your own emotions "Mr. Suave"

Mrar! hiss hiss! bark all you want bitch, but my kitty brains will beat out your puppy brawn any day!

Ah hahaha come on, Zane? seriously? trash muncher's got an IQ of like 5, and so much sand up her cunt that the slightest breeze'll bring her into a mouth foaming bitch fest. trolling her is like trying to get an OCD filter chief to wash their hands! ya gotta aim higher than that buddy!
No. 35171 ID: 3416ec

So Mint or Oken: how do Raytech weapons work? are they charged particle beams, or actual lasers? How are they powered? Is disposal of this power dangerous at all?
No. 35172 ID: 07416a

No. 35178 ID: c71597

I'm happy that I'm not lactose intolerant.
No. 35180 ID: f5e4b4
File 130270083253.jpg - (13.15KB , 256x256 , well-off-to-visit-your-mother-4405_preview.jpg )

No. 35193 ID: 4784be


Does she know about Thigh Day (month/year)? We should invite her.
No. 35199 ID: e0c719

If Gnoll drew a nude version he better post it somewhere.
No. 35205 ID: 2044df


I'd bring your mother out for a delicious seafood dinner!

No. 35207 ID: 543aa6
File 130272425790.gif - (3.60KB , 800x600 , dompagseg.gif )

Dear Player: You've been in some dangerous scuffles in your time, and you've faced a lot of monsters. But you've also found a bunch of ladies, many of them of the less-orthodox variety. Tell me, do you feel your adventures leave you much time for romance? If so, what are your feelings on the various ladies you've had the pleasure of knowing?

Thodren: Same question. You have a number of spicy women in your general proximity too. Any you've got your eye on, and/or would be willing to introduce me to?

Trust me, darling, I know how to handle cats. I'm not gonna say they're my specialty, but I've certainly got past experience. But I'm not about to board another metal star-boat just to prove my point, so I guess you're still off the hook for this one.
Incidentally, you might wanna see a space-doctor. I don't think it's normal for your period to last the whole month.
No. 35208 ID: 00d3d5

Kinda listed the reasons why I'd troll her. Not 'cause it's easy, she just deserves it.
'sides that? It's all good.

No. 35210 ID: 19d681

No. 35211 ID: f88f02

Mimic from Divequest: Is life boring for you?
No. 35221 ID: 89b35e

her boobs were your work. compliment something else.

alternatively, prepare to be blueballed.

hello, arkham called. they want their inferiority complex back, batman needs to exercise.

funny. of all things to consider, you havent considered the friend of your "friend" on the volcano.

and the fact you all may be related could lead to the biggest incest case followed by genocide ever since fapfics of adam and cain in paradise.
No. 35226 ID: bccf7b

Y'know, since you seem to have a bit of a history for it, what kind of stories of past romances/flings have you got? (Also, any news on Hoft? I saw you eyeing his spicy wuff-butt.. don't lie~)

@All: Actually, same question for the rest of you.
No. 35228 ID: 1540ca
File 130273917316.png - (136.80KB , 640x565 , magicnet.png )

I clean, Lick and Brush myself every day...
No. 35234 ID: cf244d

Huh. Are there other gnolls that clean themselves regularly too?
No. 35235 ID: 07416a

How did you receive your powers? By any chance did it involve another gnoll named Bangles and a magical strap-on?
No. 35238 ID: 07416a

Oh, you may have known her as Ed.
No. 35240 ID: 1540ca
File 130274980266.png - (139.34KB , 640x565 , magicnet2.png )

no, the most they do is roll on the ground or mud...

I got my powers in dreams >:|
No. 35241 ID: cf244d

Dreams involving magical strapons?
No. 35243 ID: 9e67b3

Quest dudes. Important question here.
Best way to prepare a burger.

It's kinda life or death.
No. 35248 ID: 13b3e1
File 130275519759.png - (18.11KB , 800x302 , itq4.png )


One: Push butan.
Two: Receive burger.
No. 35250 ID: 15b51b

Truly you live in the magnificent utopia of tomorrow.
No. 35251 ID: ee1442

The real question is: is it edible? Does it taste like a real, home-cooked burger?
No. 35252 ID: 13b3e1
File 130275614916.png - (13.05KB , 572x535 , itq5.png )

Of course. Otherwise people would just... cook their own burgers.
No. 35258 ID: ef33c8

Or a better question would be: What's the best way to EAT a burger?
No. 35287 ID: bf1e7e

Cut it the fuck out you faggots or I'll ban you for a week.
No. 35290 ID: 0ef56a

Kensuyata: What did you do to the guy who goosed you on the subway?

Fuze: Will you please give me a hug? I am having an absolutely horrid day.
No. 35296 ID: 1854db

Gustav: Where'd you learn to do all that magic stuff?

You didn't miss anything except the original post. Seal handed out a one hour read-only ban to everyone who responded to Cruxador's "eat the burger with your vagina" post with those low-content replies.
No. 35299 ID: 43d730

Why is there only one button there for burger?
Is the condiment tray just out of view, or do you live in a horrible future where everyone only eats one kind of burger?
No. 35315 ID: ef33c8

Alright, back on track then. With another random question!

This question goes for da laaaadies here:

Who was your first crush ever? Who was the man (or woman, depending on your preferences) who stole your heart at first sight and made you say senseless gibberish every time you think of them?

And for the dudes:

What would be the perfect date routine? movies? long walk on the beach? a romantic dinner?
No. 35326 ID: 9e67b3

I want to go to there
No. 35349 ID: b6c6fc
File 130288865128.jpg - (46.86KB , 408x300 , Mint8.jpg )

I'm afraid that's classified information

yes, I've had relationships, yes I've had sex, no I don't want to talk about it
as for Hoft, he's a sexy man, but really he's not my type, and I mean that literally we're not from the same world, so any relations would be awkward, besides I'm pretty sure he's not even interested

*yawn* I'll humour your comment this one last time, but your masterbatory self complements and poorly thought out insults have become boring, and I don't listen to boring people unless they pay me lots of money to do so

but Like I said I'll humor this last comment.
ahem: I am not a Cat, I may look like a cat, I may even act like a cat, but ultimately I am an Astranian and you clearly know absolutely nothing about dealing with us
case in point I spent a good 5 minutes figuring out what a "period" was, only to find out you were making fun of a sexual biological function Astranians don't even posses!

There. I've verbally sparred with you once more, I don't know what your trying to prove, but let's all pretend you won. now go bother some other unfortunate chick, because I'm tired and I'm going to take a nap and maybe eat one of the tasty looking button burgers
No. 35350 ID: 8e18cd

Hey Oken...

Would you accept Mitzi's proposal of showing you to have some 'fun'
No. 35351 ID: 8e2e95

... you just lost the spar...
mainly cause you just kinda let yourself take the hit...

then again, you win cause there's nothing to respond to...

@ everyone: What do you consider most important to yourself (most prized belonging/friend/noun/verb/?)
No. 35352 ID: bccf7b

Waaaaaaaaiiiit.... what? Now this is most fascinating to me.

Care to explain to us the reproductive cycles of Astranians in a purely scientific manner?
No. 35353 ID: dad664

>Animal people do not get periods

So then what, you go into heat? :V
No. 35355 ID: cf244d

Oh yeah? Well you can't even spell "Masturbatory".
No. 35356 ID: 5be228
File 130290346394.png - (199.12KB , 379x411 , chocolatechip&mint.png )

Hasa prettynose, looks like strong mother Breakingbone hugs.
Silly no-nose, only goblins, ghoules and human bloodsmell.
Hasa muffin button?
Spending sunset looking at mistysea from soft green hill, picnic and watching moon rise, no rain, but coolbreeze. Maybe, just maybe if special, cuddling... under soft lightbug glow.

Also, hasa question for Miss Rose, does back hurt carrying firebottles? Hava freind, carring field teletalkers wiffa soldiers, heavy, says breaking his back and making sleep hard. Not good to not sleep, you need sleeping.
No. 35750 ID: d83f11

What exciting adventures were you up to while Rynh was out of your hair? Either before or after the dress incident. Both, if you're eager to share.

Fireclaw: Having any interesting dreams while you're recovering?
No. 35843 ID: c501a5

Everyone (Particularly people from outer space and other dimensions): What is your favorite kind of literature and can you give an example?
No. 35864 ID: f44349


What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
No. 35892 ID: b6c6fc
File 130404759802.jpg - (90.37KB , 408x300 , Oken18.jpg )

Gore is unable to answer questions as Gore is dead

>To AcePilot Oken:
>Show us the most awesome thing you've ever wanted to pilot.
I don't dream of other ships, my little stunt fighter Octagon is ship enough for me, an AcePilot could never ask for a better friend!

>Oken: What have you been trained in besides piloting? Any interests or hobbies?
I've been trained in basic combat and soldier stuff, I also took an officers course.
as for hobbies I guess I like to read history and exercise

>Hey Oken...
>Would you accept Mitzi's proposal of showing you to have some 'fun'
um, I don't think I know this "Mitzi" and I don't remember her asking me anything

>@ everyone: What do you consider most important to yourself (most prized belonging/friend/noun/verb/?)
that's easy! my best friend and stunt fighter Octagon!
No. 35893 ID: 6b2b68

Oken: Isn't Zane your bestest friend forever?
No. 35898 ID: 8e18cd


I meant Mint, DERP
No. 35925 ID: d7fda2

Aaand I'm back with more questions. Because I have nothing better to do with my life.

What was your childhood like??
Any toys you remember fondly? guy friends? girl friends? Maybe a joke that brings a smile to your face??

Your first crush was...?

What did your parents look like? I'm just curious...

To Zane, Mint, Oken or whoever is available right now: You're given a week to rest from everything: Work, wars, fights, cleaning duties etc. What do you do during those seven days?

Stupid question but... can those tendrils of yours be "modded"? You know, pierced, tattooed, add extensions to them or stuff like that??
No. 36218 ID: 2563d4
File 130464127796.png - (56.85KB , 640x480 , studying-the-sleeping-synxgal.png )

>The Baron Obsidian Advice Corner is now open, for a limited time!

Dear Agony Baron,

I am dating a Synx, and we're happy, but...how do I know she really loves me and is not merely pretending to be in a relationship to mock me as a lesser species?

Sleepless Gnoll
No. 36221 ID: c71597

Oh that's easy. As long as she/it doesn't horribly kill and eat you, she/it still loves you.
No. 36223 ID: 00d3d5

Has she ever called you a lesser species?
Has she ever treated you like one?
Is she keeping your relationship a secret without a legitimate reason? Specifically, is she ashamed to be with you?
Is she indifferent to your fears, concerns, or desires?

No? Then your fears are unfounded, as she clearly respects you and is thus with you for you.
No. 36241 ID: 0ddc3f

Who are you again? I don't recognize you at all. You might be a tozzle in disguise, but you're far to thin.
No. 36243 ID: bccf7b


Diplomats Everywhere.

@ALL: Alright, we've played some interesting games before, but I have something else that might be fun.

If you could BE (yes, actually BE) any other of the denizens of quest, who would you be and why?
No. 36254 ID: 753259

How can you not recognize Sherla? It's as if LionsPhil drew them differently than in Bureaucracy Quest!
No. 36276 ID: 3416ec
File 130473188732.png - (28.65KB , 393x431 , sarah_wondering.png )


*sigh* Back story: During a particularly fierce volleyball match in High school Phys Ed, Tracy Steakle starts griping and whining about how my team is cheating when, in reality, she moves about as fast as continental drift. I got particularly angry at one of her disparaging comments about my mom and "serve" the ball right into her nose. Sent her to the nurse's office with a broken snout. Blood everywhere.

Anyways. A few weeks later, I was changing for PE class. After I exit the Girl's Locker room, Tracy gets this WONDERFUL idea of sneaking back into the Locker room, taking my clothes and hot-gluing them to the cafeteria wall. The coup-de-grace was, on top of everything, she glued my Pinkie Pie panties to wall. Which had holes in them.

I transferred schools after the semester ended, thank goodness.
No. 36279 ID: f5fe2f

>transferred schools
No. 36280 ID: 1854db

The panties had holes? Or the walls?
No. 36281 ID: 3416ec
File 130474327681.png - (43.35KB , 389x441 , sarah_wondering2.png )

Not my fault. Dad got transferred and so the whole family packed up and went with him.

Not the walls, the pa- y'know what, I regret bringing this up at all. Geez.
No. 36282 ID: 07416a

You were wearing crotchless pinkie pie panties?
No. 36283 ID: f5fe2f

Wait, hang on, why did your panties have holes, exactly?

Also why were they there in the first place, do people switch out of their underwear in PE at the schools you went to?
No. 36287 ID: 3416ec
File 130474772598.png - (54.42KB , 466x448 , sarah_flustered.png )




No. 36289 ID: f5fe2f

What sort of vigorous wear were your panties seeing that caused you to actually rub holes in them? Even being old, they should be threadbare at worst.
No. 36290 ID: 07416a

You're wearing them right now, aren't you?
No. 36291 ID: 8c73c8

hahaha, chill, these guys are just messing with you, and you are falling for it.
No. 36292 ID: f5fe2f

Actually this is a highly irregular situation and thus I legitimately would like additional information on how it came to pass.
No. 36295 ID: 1854db

If you wear underwear for like 5-10 years they will eventually wear out enough to develop tears and holes.
No. 36297 ID: f5fe2f

But she was a kid. There's know why she could have worn the same panties that long; her growing pelvis would have made it impossible to fit into them.
No. 36330 ID: f7aa74
File 130479907984.png - (13.88KB , 499x475 , sofunny.png )


Not only am i laughing at you from my quest, but i'm laughing at you IRL!!

i can totally do that to, cus i have duality.
No. 36331 ID: 40cb26

This is true. We should give her a new pair. Crotchless, of course.
No. 36361 ID: 8c0848
File 130486778733.png - (140.96KB , 900x516 , firstcrush.png )

>Your first crush was...?
Back when I was about 15, a human wandered into my tribes territory, probably a bandit hidin' from the law or something. I happened to find him in the mountains and he started screaming about monsters and pulled a dagger on me, so I did the reasonable thing and pulverized him with an old tree stump. That was my first crush.
No. 36362 ID: 00d3d5

You have some seriously fucked up fetishes, man.
No. 36363 ID: bccf7b

Thodren, dear, they mean someone you liked... as in, were romantically attracted to.
No. 36367 ID: a9ba96
File 130487376696.png - (47.57KB , 354x420 , Mark1.png )

Alright, so, I break my sword in a fight on the way to this village, right? It's not a big deal, I figure I'll get a new one once I get there.

So I reach the village and check around to see if anyone has any jobs they need done in exchange for a new sword, and this butcher tells me about this goblin who'd been stealing from his shop and threatening his wife. He tells me that if I deal with the goblin, he'll give me his old sword.

I chase this goblin to his shack, and he locks himself inside, so I decide to...

...Wait, I think you've already heard this one.
No. 36369 ID: 28e94e

Oh you~
No. 36373 ID: ae3c13

uh.... yeah no. That's not what I meant at all...

This is what I meant.
No. 36400 ID: 6930ef

With us assisting you, you won't have to worry about stuff like that happening again. Just kidding. It will get much worse.
No. 36412 ID: 5d54a5
File 130499172727.png - (118.81KB , 700x462 , BlacwickAdvice.png )

>Dear Agony Baron, I am dating a Synx, and we're happy, but...how do I know she really loves me and is not merely pretending to be in a relationship to mock me as a lesser species?

>Concerned, Sleepless Gnoll

Alright, I didn't know what half of those nouns meant, so I decided to check up on the internet. This is terrifying, and your fears are well placed. I'd assume that since you haven't been eaten yet you're probably okay, but if I were in your shoes, I would run. Really really far, and the moment you can be sure she isn't gonna follow. There are other lovers out there, just go.
No. 36511 ID: f123de


Come on, Blackwick. Have you no romance in your soul?
Can't you see that since she hasn't been devoured, turned inside out for laughs, or skinned and turned into a fashionable suit yet it MUST be true love?

He... she... it(?) seems like a keeper to me.
No. 37149 ID: 9b6c31
File 130635343074.png - (11.63KB , 512x512 , Tory_answers_blaa.png )

>Everyone (Particularly people from outer space and other dimensions): What is your favorite kind of literature and can you give an example?

Hehe, I guess I fit that "people from outer space and other dimensions"!
Scientific articles and books. Some of them are extremely interesting AND witty!
"Applications of Heizen's Quantum Deflection Field-theory for dummies" is one of my favourites.
I also fucking love science fiction.
And comics. If you consider it to be proper literature.

>What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
I was fixing a flying security drone back when I was working for that research facility. A simple malfunction. However, I accidentally activated it during the work. It simply started its usual patrol-routine and took me with it. It took a half of an hour to get me down.

>@ everyone: What do you consider most important to yourself (most prized belonging/friend/noun/verb/?)
Engineering. I fucking love engineering and doing science.
And explosions! Lasers! Burning things! Oh man, those are great!

>If you could BE (yes, actually BE) any other of the denizens of quest, who would you be and why?
Vresch. No contest. Seriously.
No. 37219 ID: a00410
File 130648920058.jpg - (77.95KB , 605x690 , Inside.jpg )

Uh. Roz, just commit. The readers were pulling for you and you just kept blowing it. She's a nice girl and deserves better. I had high hopes for you. Still if she'd like to come my why some time... If your ready to give up that is, or she just can't stand you any more.
No. 37226 ID: 868a23

hey roz, did you ever get anywhere with venji or ashrala after we left you?
No. 37240 ID: d6ae01
File 130659354440.png - (89.48KB , 600x500 , Roz ITQ 5 or so.png )

Huh? Oh. Um. I thought I was doing really well, but then Venji got all feminism on me. And I was totally all up ons for committing!

I haven't given up, but things are weird right now.

Venji's a totally different person now. I miss when she was naive and did a bunch of goofy stuff. I ESPECIALLY miss when she had bigger boobs~

Ashela's really nice, but I dunno. I'm still 'attached' to Venji. Maybe if this ends up not working out...

No. 37307 ID: a9ba96
File 130680682305.png - (64.52KB , 312x361 , Lin1.png )

>@ everyone: What do you consider most important to yourself (most prized belonging/friend/noun/verb/?)

The scar. The big one, right across the nose. It's pretty new, but it means a lot.

Back when we were escorting Samwell in the Outlands, the only reason why the ambush we lost the Prince in was successful was because we let our guard down.

"I lost half my face" wasn't an exaggeration, either. When we refused to tell the Bandits who the guy we had been escorting was and where he was going, they literally skinned off half my face before Hyugore broke free of his restraints and beat them all to death.

Faer fixed my face up with magic the best he could, but when your wounds are that fucked up, you still end up with some scarring unless you work really fast. Hyugore thinks there would have been no scarring if Faer didn't freak out like he did, but I can't really hold it against him. If it wasn't for the elf there's no doubt I would have bled out in those woods.

The scar is a dual reminder; Keep my friends close, and never screw up like that again.
No. 37487 ID: 8555c2

How many of your crew have you had sex with?
No. 37491 ID: ce4a4d

How many of your crew HAVEN'T you had sex with?
No. 37493 ID: 0ef56a


No. 37859 ID: a7cd91
File 130802477396.png - (21.95KB , 600x500 , maolladessen1.png )


Oh, yes! And what a story it is, let me tell you!

Once I'd secured all appropriate legal waivers and buffering technologies that would allow Dessen to legally travel with me - and a time we had, I tell you, escaping the colour-coded labyrinths of the solar ringworld where the Bureaucritos make their den - we embarked on our investigation on how best to conquer the unique challenge we had, getting him the full experience that he had asked for. Eventually we ended up bartering with the Spiders for knowledge: I myself managed to get us an audience with one of their immense Hub-Admins, buried deep in the subterranean ISP caverns of the netplanet Tubos-IV. She - in exchange for a few choice packets of data from Dessen - directed us to the hidden monastery of the Order of the Velvet Fist, deep in the argentium nebula, an ancient cult who seek ultimate understanding of life from that which is most common to all living things.

Merely to be allowed leave, much less to learn their secrets, I had to face five of their number in fifteen grueling tests of sexual stamina and skill, which even I wouldn't have passed if I hadn't drawn deeply from the Undermind for the strength and knowledge I needed. After I recovered, we were permitted access to their archives, where we managed to locate accounts of interaction with beings similar, if not truly identical, to Dessen himself. More important than these, however, was that we were given access to The Erosine, last relic of a precursor race who fell to their own depravity twenty-two million years ago, and the most advanced sex aid in all of known space!
No. 37860 ID: a7cd91
File 130802484386.png - (7.80KB , 500x500 , maolladessen2.png )

Then I fucked him.

I enjoyed it. You'd have to ask him if he did.
No. 37861 ID: a7cd91
File 130802489690.png - (22.26KB , 500x500 , maollamods.png )


Anyway. Mods? Yes. Cybernetic enhancements are quite common. Why, if I recall, just two lives ago I think I had myself modified quite extensively. The most common is probably the thought port - that one lets you "telepathically" interface with computers - but scellor probably modify their ears more often than anything else.

It's usually a fashion thing as much as it is for practical purposes.
No. 37877 ID: 2563d4

>I enjoyed it.
Hell, is there a sapient race from which Scellor can't derive a good time?
No. 37878 ID: 8d5850
File 130805660446.png - (307.47KB , 640x480 , ITQ35.png )

Hey. I'll have you know, my kind has given individuals from many species a good time. Many people even enjoy my company on a regular basis! Most of them aren't even bothered by the sounds that sometimes filter through my space, except on occasion when they are especially unnerving.
No. 37880 ID: 8d5850

Also, harrumph; As I kept saying, I'm not a "he," but an "it!" You would most certainly be one to know this, by now.
No. 37891 ID: 6f750a
File 130807810034.png - (13.51KB , 500x500 , maollagenders.png )


Des, I've told you already, I don't like calling people "it"! It's so impersonal. Besides, you were male, temporarily. Partly. Mathematically. And all those other sexes, too, but that one left the, ah, biggest impression.

But come on: how often do you wear all those eyes and tendrils and things? You're dripping with phallic imagery.
No. 37896 ID: 8d5850
File 130808030239.png - (222.63KB , 640x480 , ITQ36.png )

It was a temporary superposition of states expressing at only one intersection! bah. If you insist, I'll not belabour the point.

Pish posh. The tendrils I can understand being interpreted that way, but eyes? And the mouths don't appear as frequently, but surely that counts as a minus for masculine imagery.
Besides, sometimes a tentacle is just a tentacle! They have so very MANY uses.
No. 37932 ID: d6ae01
File 130811374179.png - (63.49KB , 450x355 , Majicka has many uses.png )

>Besides, sometimes a tentacle is just a tentacle! They have so very MANY uses.
I'll say.
No. 37940 ID: 400170
File 130812156131.png - (9.36KB , 390x420 , itq6-1.png )

So... that's one of your past lives? Um.

I'm not racist, but... do you guys all look the same?
No. 37944 ID: 679e7a
File 130812852442.png - (15.32KB , 720x320 , ITQ.png )

No. 37971 ID: b39da2

I am in love!
Scellor in general are awesome but Maolla Syrup has my heart.
No. 37977 ID: 0d095c

ISLHC, state the staple foodstuff of the Imperial Homeworld!
No. 37984 ID: 46feaf

Hey ISLHC, hows it feel to be stuck doing your job and the higher cores for like thousands of years?
No. 37985 ID: 679e7a
File 130819556293.png - (16.43KB , 720x320 , Image17.png )

No. 37986 ID: 679e7a
File 130819561207.png - (14.38KB , 720x320 , Image18.png )

No. 37987 ID: 679e7a
File 130819562286.png - (6.05KB , 720x320 , Image19.png )

No. 38219 ID: e6097d


So... what did you think?
No. 38220 ID: 3416ec


Coffee or tea?
No. 38263 ID: 679e7a
File 130851476040.png - (14.57KB , 720x320 , Image02.png )

No. 38264 ID: 679e7a
File 130851478077.png - (199.35KB , 640x427 , Image03.png )

No. 38267 ID: 3416ec


Let me rephrase that.


Coffee or tea?
No. 38272 ID: 383006
File 130852324162.jpg - (116.50KB , 435x690 , racist.jpg )

Hey, that's racist! I love tea! I'm not allowed to talk about how much better tea is just because I'm an android? Well, I don't have to stand for that sort of bigotry! Tea is way better than coffee. You have adorable tea sets, and the whole aura of etiquette surrounding tea is just as relaxing and rejuvenating as the beverage itself. Plus there are so many great kinds of tea! Herbal teas, Chai, orange teas, and the classics like Earl Grey. I am extremely knowledgeable about dozens different brewing, steeping and preparation methods. Oh, it's been so long since I've had a tea party...
No. 38273 ID: 9b6c31
File 130852424692.png - (23.82KB , 800x800 , I_DONT_NEED_SLEEP.png )

I fucking love coffee!
No. 38276 ID: 0d095c

Tory? What, in precise, GRAPHIC detail, are you going to do to The Organist and S.O.P. when you catch them?
No. 38279 ID: 1e11d7
File 130853241912.png - (11.63KB , 500x500 , itqracism.png )

Look the same? Ridiculous! Lorn, can you believe this nonsense?

>"It's a sad state of affairs the galaxy is in, Maolla. Sad indeed."

I enjoy tea. Coffee, no. There are lots of aliens who love the stuff, but I guess my tongue must work different from theirs or something because whenever I've tried it it just tastes like someone burned some bitter beans and stewed them in hot water.
No. 38281 ID: 1854db

Excuse me, but humans focus on facial and hair structure almost exclusively to tell eachother apart, and I am having issues telling you apart from Lorn aside from the tits. Can you illustrate to us what the most common differences between Scellor are? Is it skin color and pattern? Scent? Psychic signature?
No. 38284 ID: 9cb4b3
File 130853507388.png - (542.63KB , 1920x1080 , father\'s day.png )

Tea, thank you. Oh, and happy father's day to us.
No. 38285 ID: 35e1a0

well you DO have three of them. the fact they work differently isn't a big surprise.
No. 38287 ID: 8d5850
File 130854077912.png - (220.58KB , 640x480 , ITQ37.png )

The journey was more fun than the event it was leading up to. The latter was satisfying, though not of course in a sexual way for obvious fundamental reasons.
It was, overall, an educational and entertaining experience. That's all I'd wanted out of it, besides to provide another mark on Maolla's list.
Even given what may have transpired during our schedule, my tentacles are only phallic by coincidence; just about anything is, if you've seen enough phalluses! They're just... suited to a variety of utilities. Ms. Syrup.

So it's like that. I will defy you by responding in spite of your change.

No. 38294 ID: 679e7a
File 130855223591.png - (13.81KB , 720x320 , Image04.png )

No. 38296 ID: 679e7a
File 130855269776.png - (15.20KB , 720x320 , Image05.png )

No. 38297 ID: 679e7a
File 130855293993.png - (8.39KB , 720x320 , Image06.png )

No. 38299 ID: 679e7a
File 130855335501.png - (199.42KB , 640x427 , Image07.png )

No. 38300 ID: fb10df

I'm actually quite proud that the scellors managed one post without any mention of sex. Quite possibly a first.
No. 38324 ID: 4183c9

This picture-of-text thing is bullshit to being with, so at least keep it to a single post, for fuck's sake.
No. 38328 ID: 1ca86a

For once, I agree with angry guy. This is a public thread, it's not just you in it. Condense that shit.
No. 38329 ID: 1854db

You're not biological?
No. 38332 ID: eba49f

Biological means made or meat / plant matter / etc. He looks like he is made mostly of swirly energy.
No. 38333 ID: 3416ec


Swirly energy and eyeballs.

Doesn't look like enough biological material, though.
No. 38347 ID: 804d70
File 130862178088.png - (60.14KB , 640x480 , itqsinter.png )

Tea or coffee, huh? Well, tea. It's not that I don't like coffee. Sometimes I'll have decaf now and then, but I'm not that keen on the taste.

Also, there's a problem we seem to have with caffeine. By we I mean, like, all of us. Areeni, I mean. We're extremely sensitive to it, if we haven't engineered some better filtration glands to compensate.

I remember a human co-worker, back at the biotech facility I used to work at, had a can of some caffeinated energy drink with him one day. Now, understand, he wasn't malicious. He asked how areeni reacted to caffeine and apparently got an answer of "more strongly than humans", and assumed that meant bouncing off the walls, all energetic. He thought it'd be funny, laughs would be had, everything'd be awesome and hilarious.

Long story short, he gave me the can. After having increasingly bad panic attacks for half an hour, I blacked out and woke up in a hospital. My dad was absolutely furious. He was also that guy's manager. I had to convince him not to fire the guy, because he was genuinely one of the most skilled employees the place had. So many incompetent idiots mixing up the test tubes and contaminating the samples on a daily basis. Glad I left.

...wait, what was the question again?
No. 38348 ID: 804d70
File 130862180396.png - (63.75KB , 640x480 , itqsaru.png )

Well. This is certainly different. Oh. Hey. A question.

"Biological", huh. As it so happens, neither. It looks like I don't have the ability to taste or consume anything anymore, but I remember liking a re-tan drink I can't even translate here. Not without a sentence worth of translation, at least.

...Okay, it's "redfruit-and-amberleaf-for-each-and-all". No, I don't even know what it's meant to mean. Some proverb that's been lost to the ages. Probably closer to a fruit tea, I guess. So that one.
No. 38356 ID: 55c4cf

@Tory or Tory's Hat

The hat is my favorite character, why hasn't it been repaired or replaced. It makes me sad.
No. 38358 ID: 94d1f2
File 130863768877.jpg - (203.19KB , 1080x864 , straightedge hippie.jpg )

Man! Don't you know, water's the best way of hydrating. Drink several glasses of it a day and you're good, real healthy and all that. But uh, coffee or tea...tea's mega relaxing, especially when it's cold and stuff...coffee gives me a real bad case of the jitters...tastes awful...so bad.
No. 38370 ID: eba49f

@ SARU-601
How did you begin working with KerenzeTec? (Did it have its 'reputation' back then?)

And what was your first job there? (They aren't crazy enough for working with eldrich artifacts and crazy AIs to be an entry level position... right?)
No. 38612 ID: 6d4402

what's wrong with your face
No. 39109 ID: f05af7

Soup's On! It's dinner time in your questworld. What do you find on your plate, and how do you react to it?
No. 39161 ID: 96dc4d

(DiveQuest, Weaver) Muschio: How can you say no to Arabella's tits?
No. 39182 ID: 2563d4

Do you feel inadaquate surrounded by so many women with huge breasts, while your obsolete canon self is as flat as a three-eyed bunnygirl?
No. 39192 ID: 28e94e

>feel inadequate
No. 39199 ID: 4183c9
File 130990748817.png - (143.27KB , 870x570 , johnsfeelingsofinadequacy.png )

>Do you feel inadequate surrounded by so many beef cattle with huge meats, while your hairless monkey self is as meaty and delicious as a three-day communist "food" ration?
No. 39202 ID: 74de88

Oh you...
No. 39260 ID: 03d7b6

John's feelings are beyond our hope of understanding without her consent. She is a mysterious lady.

So: What makes Human chicks so appealing, John?
No. 40218 ID: bcf350

catgirlron, do you have any tits or what?
No. 40273 ID: 48c72c

Dear Cunny.
I've come to realise that we know almost nothing about you. Perhaps you could tell us about your self?
What are you favorite foods? Where are you from and what's you social class there? Tell us of your familly. Are you religious?
Feel free to ask or answere any other question you may have.
No. 40289 ID: f32750
File 131112671950.jpg - (147.74KB , 1000x769 , Cunny1.jpg )

>You fidget and shift your weight nervously...

Well... Eum... I suppose beakdog tastes better than bark and elf. My tribe lives in a haunted part of the mountain and not much grows there.
The caves we live in are called Carthil. And my father is the All-Watcher there. He's the oldest we've ever had, 82 years old!
My father and brother are the only family I have. Doc-doc, my father, is always grumpy, all he want's is wealth. My brother how ever, Tuk-tuk, is really nice. We Daltier are decedents of Dakarnok.
I'm kind of religious. I pray to Kuthulmak for guidance, but I don't agree with his ideals, I think all peoples should be equal instead of dead. My brother want's to be Kuthulmak's avatar... Strong as he is, he just might.
No. 40386 ID: 146bca
File 131125112007.png - (10.83KB , 703x420 , itq1.png )


Caffine makes my spells go all wonky, so my answer is neither.
No. 41239 ID: 347172

So Clamp, I get the feeling that you really don't care for being a warrior, when it's all said and done. You seem to find all this fighting to be more of a hassle than anything else.

Confirm/deny? And if true, what do you really want out of life?
No. 41247 ID: c811c4
File 131281089625.png - (11.36KB , 600x600 , clampanswer.png )

That ain't entirely true. I love a good brawl. At least, back in the good ol' days. Chief pointed in a direction, and in that direction I'd fight. No consequences to who or how I cut down, long as I did it somehow, I'd have a place in a clan.

Slow but sure, I got aware of the coiling labyrinth of why battles are fought. Next thing I knew, whenever I fought, which was all the time, th'back of my head kept tellin' me why we were fightin', who not to fight, the influence of money and power that shaped what should be a simple punch'n the head. Just wasn' the same. An' now, I somehow keep on gettin' mixed up in the center of those politics. Be it becomin' Chief cause no one else will handle it, or somehow endin' up at negotiation tables, talkin' to people whos' faces I'd sooner bash in before look at. Back in the good ol' days, I din't worry about that.

An' that's what I want. Able to fight in a fine little rumble without a care in th' world. In other words, a pup's dream and man's nostalgia. Ain't gonna happen, but fightin's still what I do, no matter the overthinkin' that's come with it.
No. 41584 ID: 2b5dcf
File 131344835518.jpg - (145.78KB , 1080x864 , so a hippie walks into a DARE convention.jpg )

Hey, whoa, man. You're giving me bad vibes.
No. 41586 ID: 2b5dcf

To all who listen to music: what kind of music do you like? Favorite song/album/artist/genre/what-have-you?
No. 41623 ID: b5c9ce
File 131352648084.png - (7.93KB , 441x441 , zero.png )

At the moment, I'm working through the complete discography of One Note Orchestra... but I'm also liking most of what's being produced Sub-Sahara lately and I'll give a listen to any band that ever featured Eun Sun Kim and her electric cello.
No. 41657 ID: f7aa74
File 131360297974.png - (14.62KB , 683x409 , 131299328744.png )


I listen to whatevers on the radio.

Also, peeps, expect to see me again soon for the sequel to speed zoom quest.
there'll probably be some racing this time.
No. 41660 ID: 0d095c

Pompadour?! YOU LIVE?

My god man! How've you been lately? And what's the status on your hair?
No. 41708 ID: b22452

The status of his hair can never be anything but awesome. It is a universal constant.
No. 41753 ID: 178c80
File 131384789096.png - (13.17KB , 640x640 , tory_answers_5.png )

>To all who listen to music: what kind of music do you like? Favorite song/album/artist/genre/what-have-you?
Industrial metal. Too bad I took only few albums with me.

>Soup's On! It's dinner time in your questworld. What do you find on your plate, and how do you react to it?
Probably something made out of plants and meat from Doc's gardens. Ugh. Doc is not too good cook, but better than me at least.

>The hat is my favorite character, why hasn't it been repaired or replaced. It makes me sad.

I have lots of hats. I still have the hat and monocle from world 0007. It's an awesome and deadly hat.
No. 41759 ID: 1854db

Got any plans to become immortal, Tory?
No. 41835 ID: 178c80
File 131403047917.png - (16.83KB , 640x640 , Tory_i_was_bored_okay.png )

>Got any plans to become immortal, Tory?

All of the plans! Extending life by medical means, sticking my brains into some other body, mechanical or biological, uploading my consciousness in a computer and hilariously strange quantum-shit, etc. etc.!

How am I supposed to create awesome machines, burn worlds and progress science if I die?
No. 41836 ID: fb10df

Got any plans on regulating the size of your eyes, Tory?
No. 41877 ID: 591e03

I was also wondering why your left eye is always defiantly bulging, Tory, but I figured to ask something of that nature would be insensitive.
No. 41897 ID: a00410
File 131417602582.jpg - (232.20KB , 980x1200 , Huge the Woarse Drawn Sergal.jpg )

No. 42018 ID: ada702

Dear Maolla,

What does Scellor diet consist of, anyway?
No. 42025 ID: 999877
File 131464564615.png - (12.04KB , 600x500 , maollaeatan.png )


Pretty much everything! If it's organic, at least, and a few things that aren't. Which is good, since we get hungry pretty fast.

>"Our digestive system is rather interesting. Being cross-kingdom symbiotes, we have a very wide spectrum of essential nutrition. Fortunately for our ancestors, most forms of life on our homeworld share the same characteristics and we could fill those needs from basic hunter-gatherer behaviour similar to many humanoid species. We've had to adapt ourselves to interstellar travel and colonization by engineering a variant of the madatelad organ into ourselves, which provides the complex enzymes required to resequence the molecules in our food, hence the ability to "eat everything", even overcoming problems of chirality and toxicity. The problem is of course that the madatelad organ consumes a lot of resources and energy itself, and requires us to have a very tough digestive tract leading up to the higher intestine where the process occurs. Combined with the inefficiency of the kel trichloroplasts compared to the mitochondria of other species, and the high metabolism attendant on several other genetic enhancements of ours, plus of course the needs of psychically active brains, the result is that we require a much higher intake of food than most other species. We also need a lot of water, but energy is the biggest trouble; we can photosynthesize a little, but that process is mostly used to help generate the sugars that our bodies use as long-term energy storage, as opposed to the lipids that other species use, which in us are solely used to retain vitamins and minerals. And some padding of the organs, of course. In short: we eat almost anything, eat a lot of it, and burn it up very quickly. And, of course, this means that almost everything tastes good to us."

... I think my favorite is probably space haggis.

>"Ah, yes. A canny beast is the space haggis."
No. 42027 ID: 4bdd79
File 131464837184.jpg - (73.11KB , 1920x1200 , ಠ_ಠ.jpg )

>space haggis
No. 42037 ID: 6f1d54

Seeing as I'm being besieged by tiny annoying insect pests (See: Ants), this seems like a good enough question.

What sorts of pests do you Scellor have to deal with back home or on ship?
No. 42038 ID: c7b6c2

Hey all of you edumacated-type characters. What was your favorite class in whatever highschool/college equivalents you went to?
No. 42070 ID: b1f0e2

what is that round thing on the forehead of the sexylellor on the right? (our right)
No. 42080 ID: f28764


>What's that thing on her forehead?

It marks her as a master of Sarat Hor. It's a martial arts system that uses psychometabolism.
No. 42085 ID: 40cb26

New question, then. How does Sarat Hor work? Because of it involves kel spores to alter other creatures biology in an offensive manner that could be horrifying.
No. 42086 ID: b5c9ce
File 131482756325.png - (9.72KB , 441x441 , one.png )

The material was patronizing and I bombed most of the quizzes, but Elementary Statistics changed my whole teenage worldview. Suddenly deep mathematics and physics interacted properly with the way I experience the real world. For a couple years I went triple dorkapus and started putting "Other: Bayesian" on forms that asked for a religion.

I wouldn't have dived into calculus (and for that matter, electronics) without it.
No. 42092 ID: f91e07

>that could be horrifying.

Are you somehow implying that scellor are 'NOT' already horrifying? I mean, they are an unkillable collective of emotionally underdeveloped psychics with theoretical access to phenomenal psychic power, an inexhaustibly large psudo-slave caste, pervasive biological modification, and a heavy dependency on a rare and valuable quasi-element.

I'd imagine the only reasons most species initial reaction isn't "open fire... apply more fire!" is becasue they have a (generally) aesthetically pleasing morphology, the aforementioned psychic powers, and ultimately because there's little one can do that causes them more than some momentary discomfort, and possibly piss off their mighty psychic collective for harshing on their vibe.

Hell, it's already been mentioned that a lot of species are 'prejudiced' against them, "for being weird plant/animal/fungi people" but if I had to guess that sounds more like they can't grasp the real reasons that a lot of species would find them a simultaneously horrifying, attractive, threatening, and jealously inducing concept on a far more fundamental level.

Being theoretically capable of exploiting biomancy to rip limbs off or ravage and remold flesh like so much clay is merely the unsettling green icing on the hidden fear cake in the secret space fridge of horror logic.
No. 42099 ID: b79855
File 131484411014.png - (17.27KB , 500x500 , Idunnolol.png )

I dunno. They don't sound that scary.
No. 42100 ID: 3fd4fb

Spoken like someone whose race is in remission because of being hunted by aliens whose primary superpower is money.
No. 42104 ID: c7b6c2

I don't think anything is scary when you can take an anti-armor round to the forehead and come out with just a headache.
No. 42108 ID: b79855
File 131485019585.png - (20.70KB , 500x500 , halfassedskull.png )

For the record, my forehead is the single most well-armored part of me, AND I was wearing a helmet.

And I got more than a headache. It embedded right in the bone. Assuming I live long enough, I won't be done repairing the damage for awhile, even though my skin healed over it.
No. 42148 ID: 0d7a83

>They're not that scary
>yeah because you're indestructible
>nuh-uh only nearly indestructible

Having a skull that's mostly bullet proof does not put you at the same level as humans on the scale of 'should I be scared shitless of it?'.
No. 42160 ID: c7b6c2

I'm not even GOING to make a "thick-headed" joke.
No. 42161 ID: c52389
File 131493806984.png - (13.17KB , 600x500 , spacehaggis.png )


Well, space haggis, for one.

>emotionally underdeveloped

Hey, cool it. You don't see me calling your species emotionally crippled because there's nothing built in to stop you from hurting each other, do you? Because you have no instinctual desire to serve the common good of your people? No. Because there's a reason you're like that, and putting the worst face on it serves no good cause. What you call "slaves" exist that way because they want to. What you refer to so coldly as "biological modification" comes more naturally to us than your medicine came to you. People across the galaxy call us hedonistic, nymphomaniac, artless, ravenously colonial war-mongering psychic druggies, but all they're doing is twisting a complex tapestry of environmental, biological and political circumstance into a crude picture designed only to congratulate themselves for their own petty grudges.

We are a strong and noble civilization, and a form of life superior in many ways.


I dunno. I spent my formative years in mind-blanking psychic haze and got my education by having information funneled directly into my mind while having sex with multiple partners.

You know, the normal way.
No. 42163 ID: cfa804

Okay here's a question: Have you ever heard of the literary term 'Mary Sue'?
No. 42164 ID: 3fd4fb

>People across the galaxy call us hedonistic, nymphomaniac, artless, ravenously colonial war-mongering psychic druggies, but all they're doing is twisting a complex tapestry of environmental, biological and political circumstance into a crude picture designed only to congratulate themselves for their own petty grudges.
Honestly, I think it's more likely that you actually are hedonistic nymphomaniac artless ravenously colonial war-mongering psychic druggies. All of those terms seem to accurately apply to your race based upon everything I know about them.

Actually, I'm a bit surprised that your reaction to those labels is something other than saying "Yeah, and it's working out rather well for us" and moving on.
No. 42165 ID: e3f578

Why is "hedonistic" an insult? This makes no sense to me. It's a basic philosophy. Ugh, everyone believes so many negative things about it. "Nymphomanic" I get, it's a (possibly fictional or at least very soft, I have no idea) medical disorder, we throw disorders like insane around willy nilly every day and it makes sense as an insult. Ways of thinking are not an effective insult.

go ahead, call someone a humanist or fundamentalist, see how insulted they feel.
No. 42166 ID: c43589


And you didn't even sage properly this time. If your sole purpose here is to be an abrasive asshole you could at least have the decency to do it properly!
No. 42179 ID: e1c562
File 131497581611.png - (25.27KB , 768x614 , ZanePaint.png )

so finally the Solars begin to see past the scellors deciet, and see them for what they truly are

I am impressed,
draw arms Pinkskins we have a common foe this day

Over confidence is the bane of any society large or small . . .

I've recieved my education at the Military Academy as all good soldiers do

finally you speak a word of sense Alien.
harsh labeling in the end means very little.

but you are one undenyable thing: a threat,
and that is far more then enough reason for your extermination
No. 42180 ID: 4bdd79

Don't make me get the Super Soaker out.
No. 42188 ID: e3f578

I like threatening allies myself.
It makes us more threatening. Don't congragulate a race because of two of them having satisfactory opinions. Go kill those damn bugs, you won't last five minutes if your more worried about Scellors than those bugs, seeing as how they under the floors you walk on and crawl through your air vents as we speak.

You guys have awful priorities, and are the only types of people I can think of that are basically both naive idealists and naive Realists with you wanting to exterminate every threat you face. Like a child who went overboard with realism. I didn't even think you could be naive with realism but you astranians sure prove that.
No. 42190 ID: 5b0012
File 131498942388.png - (259.92KB , 640x480 , ITQ38.png )

It's good to see that there are some more appreciators.

Don't let their words harsh your mellow.

Almost any genre will do. I rather like The Melodic Factory Of [[unable to transliterate]].
Ooh, unable to transliterate. That's a new one.

You folks are terribly hedonistic.

We have no school in Home. I was even encouraged not to peruse our databases aside from the indices, so as not to intentionally relearn any information in excess of a certain amount.
No. 42209 ID: 5f3831

Zane: Doesn't spess haggis sound tasty?
No. 42211 ID: 178c80
File 131500496452.png - (146.45KB , 640x640 , tory_answers_in_brush_tool.png )

>I was also wondering why your left eye is always defiantly bulging, Tory, but I figured to ask something of that nature would be insensitive.
A mutation. It is simple as that.

>Space haggis
Even Doc's cooking sounds attractive now.

>What you call "slaves" exist that way because they want to.
Pshtahaha! What she means: they will not exist if they don't want to. Hahahahaha!

>I am impressed, draw arms Pinkskins we have a common foe this day
Yeaah, I am all in for annihilation and extermination!
No. 42213 ID: 1854db

Is there something wrong with your neck, Tory?
No. 42225 ID: a9ba96
File 131502439952.jpg - (123.91KB , 759x741 , f47fa01d.jpg )

>Hey all of you edumacated-type characters. What was your favorite class in whatever highschool/college equivalents you went to?

Well I was raised in lower Ution and my parent's positions as clerics of the Church of Light allowed me to attend a monastic school, where I learned reading and writing. My parents paid to send me to a university in Egias, where I studied literature, rhetoric, and philosophy. The intention at the time was that I would follow in their footsteps and join the clergy later in life, but they were ultimately supportive of my decision to peruse paladinhood instead.

My studies aren't as applicable to my occupation as they would have been in the clergy - most paladins aren't particularly literate. Still, I cherish the years I sent receiving a higher education, especially my literary studies. I spend a lot of my free time analyzing both historical and contemporary works. A good book can be very relaxing after a long day of smiting the wicked and such!

Lin and Hyugore have never held much interest in philosophy or the arts though, so it's been a while since I've gotten an opportunity to have a serious discussion on the topics. I don't believe that either ever received a formal education. 

A shame, really. There's times when I think just a bit of light reading would do wonders for Lin's nerves.
No. 42248 ID: a4454e
File 131507746430.png - (204.96KB , 600x500 , maolladronespeech.png )

>Pshtahaha! What she means: they will not exist if they don't want to. Hahahahaha!

Being a drone is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Because... everything bad, pain or boredom or tiredness or sorrow, they're... there, but... separate. You're aware of their presence, but dimly, distantly. It's like being in bed on a winter morning, and the rain is beating on the walls, and you're halfway asleep, drifting in and out of dreams, just barely awake enough to be able to know that out there it's cold and wet and miserable but that you are warm and comfortable and safe. But it's more than that, too. The Undermind drinks from the world through you, through your senses, and everything you experience is clear and colourful and wondrous. And you don't have to be responsible for anything, you don't have to worry or fear or be guilty or ashamed because nothing you do is anything but what you've been told to do, and what you're told to do feels right. All you have to do is obey, and it's so easy. There's no such thing as suffering, to a drone. And all the while, you know that you're helping, that you're serving your species, being useful. It's... perfect.

And it's still there, always there. I can go back, if I want to. And I do want to, all the time, every minute of every hour of every day, and I know that someday, some way, I will. All I have to do is relax, to let it happen, and all the problems in the universe will just slip away. I'll be free.
No. 42249 ID: a4454e
File 131507749038.png - (7.52KB , 600x500 , maolladronespeech2.png )

... But I have things to do.


So... Tory. I think you asked me once what kind of weapons of mass destruction we have? I never answered. Sorry. Tell me: do you know, most of our FTL travel depends on technology that manipulates space-time? And most of that manipulation is done using artificial gravitational effects? As a scientist, I'm sure you realize the hardest part is finding the balance between too much and too little, and making it stable and sustainable. If you don't mind it being unstable, though, if you only need it to last a brief moment, you can bump up the power and radius a lot.

Do you know what happens when a few dozen of your earth miles across of a rotating planet weighs thousands of times normal for, oh, .23 of a second? It's very interesting. Though not so much for the people inside that area.

>"Uh, everyone, please remember that Maolla is the kind of person who wants to be a space pirate and, um, don't take her as totally... representative, please. Thank you."
No. 42255 ID: e3f578

Alright, well since we got that whole argument and people do bring up the words "terribly hedonistic" sometimes...

Characters: What's wrong with it? I'm kind of curious about yalls views out there for and against it, beyond the fact that one can get a little far with it and go psycho for pleasure, which is the same for a lot of ways of thinking or acting.
No. 42256 ID: 4bdd79

>overcomplicated gravity-distorting devices
I am laughing for real right now.
No. 42264 ID: 1444d5

Continue to laugh until an iron-rich asteroid with it's mass bumped up to the 10^16 kgm^-3 range drops into your local star. Helium flashes are fun.
No. 42267 ID: 178c80
File 131509418667.png - (124.57KB , 640x640 , Tory_answers_in_brush2.png )

Interesting, interesting. If you have such technology, I would say that there are better ways to use it to produce massive destruction! Anyway, I'll keep it in mind and see if I can create such thing someday.

>Characters: What's wrong with it? I'm kind of curious about yalls views out there for and against it, beyond the fact that one can get a little far with it and go psycho for pleasure, which is the same for a lot of ways of thinking or acting.
I have nothing against hedonism!
"Only reason to be alive is to enjoy it". Damn right! I. fucking. love. creating and destroying!

>Continue to laugh until an iron-rich asteroid with it's mass bumped up to the 10^16 kgm^-3 range drops into your local star. Helium flashes are fun.
Goddamnit what now? What kind of drugs have you been taking?

>Hey all of you edumacated-type characters. What was your favorite class in whatever highschool/college equivalents you went to?
Generally physics lessons curb-stomped other lessons. I loved chemistry and maths too.
No. 42268 ID: 9c538a

Fusion bombs already destroy anything in at least a 10 mile radius instantly. That primitive technology is as lethal as it gets. 0% chance of surviving the blast radius. Massive destruction outside it. A weapon that increased the force of gravity in the same radius, causing the atoms to collapse together because the magnetic repulsion is no longer strong enough to hold them apart, would make a big explosion when it snapped back, but it wouldn't be any more lethal than good old deuterium fusion chain reactions.

Just saying that a space faring civilization trying to intimidate the locals when the worst their space warping technology can do is less than the destruction caused by simply bombarding the planet's surface with rocks dropped from orbit, it won't work that well. What you have to do is focus on the precision and subtlety of your futuristic weapons. It's easy to blow stuff up, but it's more of a challenge to eliminate your opposition instantly without damaging people or property in between.

Now if I had such a gravity weapon, what I would do is fashion it to cause that effect in a 2m radius anywhere on the planet at a moment's command. Then the entire planet, space region or whatnot, is pretty much yours for the taking, with no dramatic property destruction needed. Just you and their army and a de-mat gun.

Scellor suck anyway, because once the psykonium runs out they're nothing but a bunch of disembodied voices who can't so much as control their own drones.
No. 42269 ID: 35e1a0

you forgot to calculate what happens to a ROTATING planet when one spot becomes SUPER MEGA HEAVY. it fucks the fuck out of it's rotation.
No. 42271 ID: 8c0848
File 131509899613.png - (157.99KB , 619x717 , Hahawut.png )

>FTL travel technology that manipulates space-time
>artificial gravitational effects
>deuterium fusion chain reactions
>10^16 kgm^-3 range

Haha... Oh gods, what?
No. 42272 ID: 2563d4

So, how large an area could you lay waste to before being stopped by a sore throat?
No. 42273 ID: 0d095c

Question to all sentient and partially sentient characters:

What's your idea of the worst, most horrible room mate you could possibly be paired with?
No. 42279 ID: a4454e
File 131510560118.png - (10.50KB , 600x500 , maollastungun.png )


It's not about pure destruction, though! A gravity spike only lasts a tiny amount of time, and everything still obeys momentum, so there's barely time for everything to start shifting before it all snaps back. So there's no explosion, no big display to it - just one big, deep, dull crack and then everything just falls apart. Of course, messing with gravity messes with time, which means there's a pressure build-up and you can get some tectonic aftereffects. Plus if you use them too much on one planet you'll end up nudging it out of its orbit.

If you're looking for something more elegant, you can use the same mechanism from the DS pistol here; just up the size and you can make a big stun bomb that creates a sort of doubled up wave that... well, I don't really know how it works on the receiving end. Something about the one pulse doing something and the other reacting with that, and then that makes something like an EMP but for electrochemical impulses. Organic brains have to "reboot", and it takes a few hours for most creatures. Wipes out short-term memory, as well. But a lot of species are resistant to it, and it's pretty easy to block.

... Mmmmaaaaybe I should stop describing these things when I'm around the unstable scientists and fuzzy enemy combatants...


An astranian, obviously! Always wanting their privacy and hiding their feelings, that's creepy... and the weird way they that they seem to love themselves and hate themselves at the same time, that's crazy. And the racial purity thing, that's just stupid! And... I dunno, they just rub me the wrong way.

Also they keep trying to kill me.
No. 42280 ID: 1854db

How the hell do you know any of those words, Rynh?
No. 42282 ID: c7b6c2

I don't think she does.

After all, she's only an uneducated backwater bastardized hybrid between a rat and a dog living in a primitive era. I doubt she even knows how to add.
No. 42284 ID: 179a4a

Oh please, I'm sure she's prepared to go on and on about adding her fist to your face or her boot to your ass... Just don't ask her to demonstrate subtraction, I think she has problems with that. And multiplication is right out, what with her being an unlovable mutant freak.
No. 42288 ID: b1f0e2

Wow you people really are trying to paint the scellor as pure evil...

Their so called "slave caste" have NO WILL. The only thing that it takes for one to not be a "slave" is for them to DECIDE to make their own choices in life. They test them as children, and any adult "slave" who spontanously develops a will of their own by the mere act of deciding to control themselves is elevated out of the "slave caste". So, no they aren't slaves and no they aren't threatened with death if they "rebel". All bigots try to mask their prejedices with pseudo-logic like "all X are really evil theives/monsters/whatever"
No. 42290 ID: c7b6c2

Yeah! Don't buy into that astranian propaganda!
We're onto you, Zane!
No. 42294 ID: 9c538a

Scellor aren't evil, just lame. Dirty hippie druggie dryads, the lot of 'em. Just look at the might of their weapons you know they're compensating for something.
No. 42296 ID: 35e1a0

except those weapons are AVERAGE for the universe the come from. they are most good with inventing new biotech. most other tech was traded to them by other civs due to scellor grown life support systems are REALLY fucking good.
No. 42317 ID: 73eb25

>compensating for something
No. 42320 ID: 0d095c

Finally, someone who understands!

I don't give a damn about their vile space hippy/stripminer lifestyle, what I loathe is the threat they pose to humanity with their colonialism and their gravity cannons and their psychic space drug addictions.

If the Scellor take over, we'll all end up in The Culture. And that is just too horrible to imagine.
No. 42321 ID: 679e7a

Question for all quest characters:

If you were over here with us, what other quest would you want, or have wanted, to give advice for, and what would you do/have done differently than us?
No. 42322 ID: 80b195
File 131514602856.png - (278.67KB , 800x600 , ITQ-Romance.png )

Well, there have been a few girls here and there that I have really 'known', but no real 'romance' wine-and-dine stuff... more maybe like, two? I'm not the kind who just... leaves apple trees in his wake, you know.

I guess who comes to mind right away is Apple, we were young, and about to die, and the dungeon floor was pretty cold, and...

Now I think of it, she seemed to be very much in control.

Man, whoever invented 'life flashing before your eyes' should be killed.
No. 42323 ID: 8c0848
File 131514918861.png - (112.37KB , 390x567 , indignation.png )

>How the hell do you know any of those words, Rynh?
>I don't think she does. After all, she's only an uneducated backwater bastardized hybrid between a rat and a dog living in a primitive era. I doubt she even knows how to add.

Okay, I don't know what that stuff means, but I know how to fucking add. You can't be in this business and not know math. You'd just screwed over at every turn.

>multiplication is right out, what with her being an unlovable mutant freak.
I'm so sorry that I haven't jerked off nearly as many guys as you. I'll have to play catch up.

>So, how large an area could you lay waste to before being stopped by a sore throat?
The sore throat thing doesn't bother me anymore since I learned a little bit of basic magic control. It's just a matter of how much mana I have to burn off.
I've never tried to just burn an area to see how much I can. A decent amount, I would think.
No. 42325 ID: 5f3831

Jeez, Rynh, defensive much? It's okay that you're dumber than a box of rocks, we're not judging you.

You know, I'd bet that Tory would be willing to teach you some basic stuff if you asked nicely.
No. 42328 ID: cfa804

I've a question for Hyugore.
What do you think about the way your comrades seem to refuse to properly wear their helmets and thus leave their precious brain-skulls open to attack?
No. 42346 ID: bccf7b


So if you're a half dragon, how big will you get? I mean, will Puppy-head be even more of a kid in comparison? Would you have to go with Thodren instead?
No. 42352 ID: 40cb26

I think this came up before and she just wasn't sure. A better question would be how big does she want to be? With all that natural magic she probably has some say in the matter.
No. 42353 ID: 44766a

Why are you guys so mean to Rynh? These are concepts that NOBODY on her planet have even heard of.
No. 42359 ID: 5f3831

Because it's funny to make her mad :U
No. 42369 ID: bccf7b

Oh, good idea! Thanks!

Hey Rynh,
In place of that last question... would you ever use magic (again) to change your appearance or body? If so, or if not, why?
No. 42370 ID: 8c0848
File 131524244528.png - (519.22KB , 701x678 , Half Dragon Compare.png )

>So if you're a half dragon, how big will you get?
I don't know. I've slowed down a lot in how much I grow every year, so I'm probably near the limit. I've never met a human half-dragon, but from what I've heard, I'm about as puny to one of them as a human is to a kobold, so if everything scales like that... Hehe, scales. Then I'm about full grown. I might get a little bigger.

>would you ever use magic (again) to change your appearance or body? If so, or if not, why?

I don't know. Maybe if I had to. It feels weird.
No. 42371 ID: cb97c7
File 131524398365.jpg - (263.86KB , 1366x768 , d1_trainstation_020000.jpg )

I dunno... I guess I would add to Dive, seeing as how it's mind-shatteringly awesome. Can't really think of anything I would do differently, though.

Prog-Rock. Love me some Zappa.
No. 42379 ID: afb154
File 131526311968.png - (206.21KB , 800x600 , ITQVresch.png )

>Question for all quest characters:
>If you were over here with us, what other quest would you want, or have wanted, to give advice for, and what would you do/have done differently than us?

No, Coralina, you just need to... why are you... no, don't listen to THAT guy... why are you going there? No, listen to me, Coralina, calm down, would you just... CORALINA.

This girl is impossible to work with when all these OTHER voices keep saying stupid things! Why doesn't she just listen to me? Everything would be perfect!
No. 42381 ID: e3f578

Are you telling her how to kill you or end your reign? I guess that would be a fun challenge.
No. 42387 ID: cb97c7
File 131527661076.jpg - (252.67KB , 1366x768 , d1_trainstation_020001.jpg )

Frustrating, isn't it? But then, when you build and/or participate in a site about guiding schizophrenics in and out of horrible situations, I think it can be chalked up to karmic retribution.
No. 42397 ID: fb10df

To all interested/relevant quest characters: What is your favorite musical instrument? Please pose with your instrument of choice or the instrument you wish you knew how to play
No. 42418 ID: ec0bf5

Sinter: As I understand it, you and your family were in the business of biological engineering. So how come you are named after a metallurgical process? If you're not aware, sintering is the process of fusing powders, often metal powders, into coherent bodies, usually either through application of medium heat or by (rather coincidentally) the application of high currents through electrical arcs (so you pretty much sintered yourself). What is the origin of this name?
No. 42495 ID: 2ae337
File 131537133679.png - (38.14KB , 912x1010 , instrument.png )

Well mine would be this flute. I never learned the name, but it makes a great sound. And when you line the holes just right you can...oh wait I don't think this is what you meant huh?
No. 42496 ID: 4531bc

>You can't be in this business and not know math. You'd just screwed over at every turn.

a^n + b^n = c^n
n has to be greater than 2
a, b, and c have to be whole numbers

Tell me, is there any way to make that equation true?
Why or why not?

Oh, almost forgot! No fooling about with negatives, you crafty dragonbold!
Let's see if Rynh can approach Wiles~
No. 42498 ID: 35e1a0

ahahaha, nice.
No. 42556 ID: 3416ec


That is NOT how you play the flute.
No. 42557 ID: c71597

Well according to this story I heard from a band camp that's totally how you do it.
No. 42559 ID: 35e1a0

no no, see, that's how you play WITH a flue. which is different then play a flute.
No. 42576 ID: 895fe6

Characters with actual memories: tell me about your parents.
No. 42588 ID: ca6975

Eryhkeh: How did you learn magic? As far as I'm aware, your people aren't usually the type to pick up raw energy forces unless they can be used to stab people harder.

Narus: How's life as a captive of the AAAALIIIEEENS? It's funny because from our perspective you're also an alien.

Sekani: Have you ever made sappy references to fire, heat, infernos or anything related to combustion when sweet-talking Kinasa Amiel?

Imani: What's the best thing you've ever sculpted?

All characters: So you're on a mission for survival or aiming for fame and fortune or whatever it is you're currently doing. What do you want to do after you get it?

I mean, your life doesn't end once you get out or get the gold or the object of your desire or the political situation you wanted, does it?
No. 42603 ID: 8c0848
File 131553284831.png - (127.63KB , 433x440 , Thinkinghard.png )

Well, this problem is impossible, because you're supposed to be adding numbers together, not letters. You can't add letters. Done.

>fame and fortune, what do you do when you get it?
This is a harder question, since it assumes you can ever have enough of those things. I'll just have to keep getting more to see if that is a thing that can happen.
No. 42607 ID: 5b0012
File 131553538192.png - (133.05KB , 640x480 , ITQ39.png )

So, Leila, what thrills your frills?
No. 42609 ID: 4531bc

No. 42610 ID: c7b6c2

To everyone: Do you think you could take a single Sergal in unarmed combat? Considering how many of you are squishy doctorate-types...
No. 42613 ID: 4415dd
File 131553879588.jpg - (693.35KB , 1080x864 , eeeeeeek.jpg )

No. 42615 ID: b0d1a8
File 131553971355.jpg - (260.46KB , 800x600 , Hathian Parents.jpg )

>Characters with actual memories: tell me about your parents.

There is not really much to say about my parents, well unless you don't know anything about Hathians. Like most Hathians my parents were pretty average, my mother was a soldier, and my father was Bondservant Trainer. Although unlike most Hathians my mother didn't believe in suppressing what our religion calls the 'Licentious cycle' which basically means that mature female Hathians loose their mind and revert to our basic instincts once a month.

This however didn't effect us much as my father is deft at dealing with a feral Hathian.....probably also the fact that he had a somewhat uncomfortable amount of restraints on hand.

Other then that though we were fairly normal for Hathians.
No. 42616 ID: bccf7b

Rynh, in your mind, what would be the best prank to pull on Puppyhead?

Be honest now.
No. 42617 ID: 9c538a

To all Astranians: Is there any merit to the theory that the reason so many Solar animals on one planet resemble Astranians each from entirely different planets, is that Sol itself was some sort of a biological experiment involving or attempting to duplicate the Alliance's species diaspora? Was Sol/Gaia based on Astranians, and not vice versa?
No. 42620 ID: 1854db

Is it required in your culture to cover the face at all times? Is that why you won't take off your mask? Apologies on our behalf for insulting you if that is the case. We didn't know.
No. 42625 ID: 45e814
File 131554774745.png - (16.09KB , 441x441 , family.png )

Here's the last good picture of us as a family.

Mom's a zero like me, from Riverlight, but dad grew up in Illinois and only launched when he dropped out of his degree program. He met her at a waterhouse orbiting Patagon. He was a foreman and she was a sysadmin.

We moved a lot while I was growing up, wherever they could both find jobs, but then dad died in a docking accident when I was nine and we could depend on mom's more reliable income stream. Lately she's a cryptography tech, and travels from post to post with the rest of a security team. She's remarried, to a salesman named who works online and follows her around. He's a great guy, with two sons of his own from a previous marriage.

We don't really keep in touch, though. I stalk her online from time to time. I should send her a hello.

Like everybody else out here, I want to retire back in Earth's mediasphere. Buy a suite on a satellite arcology, then just play video games, watch movies, edit Wikipedia, and trade stocks all day.

Not very creative, sure, but I'm young yet... it'll evolve.
No. 42638 ID: 2563d4

Zero-G births but no artificial gravity? How much of your childhood did you have to spend working out?
No. 42654 ID: 45e814
File 131557973860.png - (9.73KB , 441x441 , zero.png )

No more or less than anybody else out here. Extra exercise is for people with muscular, skeletal, and circulatory systems adjusted to gravity. That I haven't got those means I'd flop and gasp like a beached fish if you dropped me on a planet and it gave me a very high chance of infant mortality from all sorts of still largely mysterious conditions... but hey, guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

I use robots for heavy jobs, I'm very careful about bone stresses, I do regular stretches and calisthenics and all the other stuff that "normal" people do when they haven't got a few quadrillion tonnes of planet helping keep the atrophy at bay. If anything I don't worry as much as most because I'm not putting any effort into keeping myself "in shape" for a touchdown in the future. It's just not something I'll ever have to worry about.

I'm not planning on having any kids myself, though.
No. 42723 ID: 383006

Leila, please tell us in detail about your first sexual experience. Preferably with pictures.
No. 42724 ID: 383006

If you haven't had one yet, then describe your greatest sexual fantasy in detail. Preferably with pictures.
No. 42725 ID: b6ca92

In place of either of these, how about you tell us your favorite hobby or other pasttimes? Preferably with pictures.
No. 42728 ID: afde7a
File 131563952241.jpg - (341.35KB , 1080x864 , errr.jpg )

...I...I just don't know what to say. Goodness...
Um, I like driving places and meeting new people. The more I experience day by day, the more accomplished I feel. Can you relate, perhaps?
No. 42744 ID: 909c96
File 131566941991.jpg - (284.55KB , 1366x768 , d1_trainstation_020002.jpg )

NO. Those fuckers are crazy. Plus, I can't fight. At all.

I'm a pretty awesome DJ, though I suppose you could argue that a turntable doesn't really count as a musical instrument. I can say that I would be the toast of this town...
No. 42745 ID: 909c96
File 131566973578.jpg - (286.35KB , 1366x768 , d1_trainstation_020003.jpg )

No. 42749 ID: 178c80
File 131567151840.png - (50.42KB , 640x640 , tory_answ.png )

Haha, what are you talking about? I am megastable!

>Characters with actual memories: tell me about your parents.

My father was a scientist and mother psychiatrist. She died in car-crash when I was about 2 years old. My father took care of my and taught me a lot- I owe him a lot. He died about 6 years ago. Managed to accidentally electrocute himself with pretty hardcore equipment.

>All characters: So you're on a mission for survival or aiming for fame and fortune or whatever it is you're currently doing. What do you want to do after you get it?

I don't have a mission. I'm just having fun. And progressing science. Hahaha!

>To everyone: Do you think you could take a single Sergal in unarmed combat? Considering how many of you are squishy doctorate-types...

I am not very combat-oriented dude. Why -should- I take anyone on unarmed? Sure, they can try, but I cannot promise I will be unarmed. Or alone. Or in zone.
Just apply fire/bullets/missiles/photons on fucker, hah.
No. 42750 ID: b6edd6

Your eye seems to be starting to bleed...
Is it about to burst out of your head and scuttle off on a rampage of terror?
No. 42751 ID: 5b0012
File 131567278790.png - (272.80KB , 640x480 , ITQ40.png )

Oh, but there's no need to be frightened speechless. Frightened, of course, but not so much as that...
Please answer my question as best you can.

Funnily enough, I can relate very well! Adventure is a great thing.
No. 42754 ID: 8c0848
File 131567950518.png - (241.50KB , 606x753 , Thiscountsasunarmedright.png )

>Do you think you could take a single Sergal in unarmed combat?

I can throw something the size of a full grown human man like a ragdoll and breath fire. So, as long as these Sergal thingies aren't giant and fireproof, I'd say I have a pretty good chance.

>what would be the best prank to pull on Puppyhead?
I don't know. I really haven't thought about it.
No. 42755 ID: 1854db

The reaper's calling, Tory.

All quest characters: Do you fear death?
No. 42756 ID: 0d7a83

Leila I have an important question: Are your frills more or less sensitive than the tip of your tail?
No. 42757 ID: 07416a

Ryhn, shave Jehral. Shave him bald.
No. 42773 ID: b6ca92

>I don't have a mission. I'm just having fun. And progressing science. Hahaha!
Hey, Tory. HAve you ever considered techonologically uplifting a world for the purposes of of having a whole world's worth of brains to advance SCIENCE!?
I mean, you are awesome, but all you build is things that go boom, and things that go un-boom. Maybe a gifted child in your hypothetical technocratic empire will be the one to develop FTL drives!
No. 42783 ID: 9c538a


Fairly sure Tory came from one such world, so he already knows how terrible that ends up turning out.
No. 42815 ID: 1854db

Hey Roz, how old are you exactly? Aren't adult dreamworms usually far, far larger than you are?
No. 42816 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, I've been wondering that too. I don't think dreamworms are supposed to be magic or able to transform or come incorporeal or merge with women to give them powers or look quite like you do. You don't quite look like a dreamworm, but you do look... familiar. I have my eye on you.
No. 42825 ID: ae048a
File 131583476071.png - (78.47KB , 600x600 , inside these quests.png )

Oh gosh, now it's your chance to ask THESE people questions, and anyone who has shown up in their journeys I guess.
No. 42826 ID: a83de5

Bob: Why are you so purple and homosexual?
Same question for the others.
No. 42827 ID: cfa804

Bob and sheep-person-who's-name-i've-forgotten: Where have you been since the Time Bomb incident?

Voltorb: If you had a Animal-Crossing-Style catchword that you ended every sentence with, what would it be?
No. 42834 ID: 9c538a


Guess it was a hiatus bomb, ha!


Why are you so tall? I can't even see your head. What quest were you in?
No. 42835 ID: dd4c5c

oh shit, its that captain falcon guy from that not-speed-zoom racing quest. didn't even see him back there.
No. 42838 ID: f2c5d2

Acting Sub Lieutenant Dirk Martin Hardpec Eagle...
From Go Go Go Race Quest: Why are you such a winner?
No. 42840 ID: aaa0df
File 131587132920.png - (284.16KB , 570x625 , response.png )

Tea... I prefer Tea.
I was training to be a scribe, and "officially" that's still what I am, but I specifically wanted to be an architect. However, after I showed a persistence in getting Sirius to explain some magic to me, after he'd already shown me a few minor tricks and sleight-of-hand to foist off my attention, he began the process to consider me as his apprentice.
All who love life, fear the reaper.... or something like that I think.
Kill, unlikely, but in a pinch even the average Verhimen can jump a little over three times their height. I really do doubt it would be able to catch up.
I-, once when I was a child there was a circus in town and a goblin was playing something he called a glass harmonica, I was entranced by the almost ethereal sounds it made. I really did try to learn to play one, and apparently I'm just a bit tone deaf, or it could have been the added interference of fur and claws at the crystal interface... anyhow suppose eventually got bored of it.
No. 42841 ID: e8ab40
File 131587282724.png - (89.63KB , 513x445 , Rose\'s desire.png )

>>If you were over here with us, what other quest would you want, or have wanted, to give advice for, and what would you do/have done differently than us?

Yeah we should try to recruit a cute boy next. Someone who's a bit effeminate and weak willed. You know, to even out the party.
Oh make sure it's a spear user! We need a Hero spear user!
And make him sure he has dark hair! For camouflage.
No. 42843 ID: 35e1a0

sure, if we ever run into those.
No. 42844 ID: e3f578

Your own quest is cheating the question!
No. 42873 ID: 693433
File 131592997941.gif - (27.32KB , 600x600 , pose.gif )

You see, I am so tall, because winners are tall. Perhaps you have met my rival, Gary? He is a short man. Short men are losers and are genetically incapable of winning things. Haha, short people.

The trick to winning is to be the best at everything. You need to know your competition and know their weaknesses. When I'm in my downtime, I like to play in the little leagues. The under 12 divisions. Boy, those kids sure can't take a beating! So many tears, so many losers. Needless to say, I've won every game.

Oh, sure it's a "team" sport, but you never see my "team"mates with the ball! This is of course why I make sure at the end of every season, I personally take home every trophy and medal, even if they're handed out to everyone.

And then I sleep with all of their mothers.
No. 42935 ID: 9c538a

Bob: how homosexual do you feel right now?
No. 42977 ID: ce4a4d
File 131614822768.jpg - (74.82KB , 520x640 , lyanleaves1.jpg )

>blah blah flawless hedonism

I'm going to get going now. But there's something I've been thinking about, off and on, since this began.

I live at the end of history.

There's no more science. No exploration. No wars or hunger. No philosophy. No death. No love.

Just existence...
No. 42978 ID: ce4a4d
File 131614835209.jpg - (30.63KB , 520x640 , lyanleaves2.jpg )

...until the stars burn out.

[connection terminated]
No. 42982 ID: d6ae01

That's funny, I thought unique ideas were the only currency your society really had these days.
No. 42985 ID: 9c538a


No Lyan don't die we love you!
No. 42989 ID: ccafc7
File 131616331442.png - (508.48KB , 768x803 , JinglesQA.png )


>>Do you think you could take a single Sergal in unarmed combat?

A single Xeno? Brother, you insult my capabilities.
No. 42990 ID: cfa804

So... up for a game of strip poker?
No. 43032 ID: b79855

Space marine! Hey! Space marine!

What tg/tgchan species would you team up with necrons to fight?
No. 43034 ID: c7b6c2

You don't know much about SPESS MUHRINES, do you?
No. 43036 ID: 35e1a0

none, because they are all xenos.

new question. how good of a techpriest do you think tory would make?
No. 43037 ID: 049dfa

he's not asking which tg/tgchan species he would team up with to fight Necrons. Read his question. He's asking which one of those species he would team up WITH Necrons to fight, like the Blood Angels did against the Tyranids
No. 43040 ID: 2eac65

Mitrel: I like you. You're nice.

If I'm understanding correctly, sentient scellor have some special self-ordained purpose that spurs them to stand out from the rest. What's your motivation?
No. 43051 ID: 715620

Let us assume a battleground of an average hiveworld. Now, let us also assume your opponents in this case have stolen and are using lasguns looted from the overcome Guard there.

Other than these looted weapons, they have spears and semi-advanced body armor (Only slightly better than the Guard has) and specialize in ambushes and similar tactics. As a lone Marine with no backup (Assume communication is somehow impossible), what weapons would you take with you, and how would you go about handling the Xeno scum in terms of strategy and tactics?
No. 43088 ID: 0d095c

Yo Scellor? How bout you and Jingles over there have a punch up. The Astranians can come too. THEN we'll see which one of our hyperjingoistic speciesist civilizations is superior!
No. 43096 ID: b0d1a8
File 131639631443.jpg - (151.01KB , 512x512 , ITQ Clothes.jpg )

Our religion does dictate that we do cover everything but unlike Human religions these are more like guidelines rather then rules. It is not required to cover everything but on Hathian worlds there are laws outlining what you have to cover up and is generally a good idea to do so, females especially.
The reason being, as I mentioned earlier is because sometimes someone forgets or chooses not to take their meds and generally more often then not someone gets assaulted by a feral Hathian, because of her now absent intelligence she wont realize that the clothes are getting in the way of biting or um... copulating with her victim. It really depends on how hungry, tired, or how riled up she is that makes what a feral Hathian will do.
Handling them is a strenuous task as they are allot stronger in this state because they can push their bodies much harder, but still not much harder then handling a large clothed animal.
No. 43097 ID: 35e1a0

so do you take your meds? i assume you do since instability in a soldier is usually a bad thing.
No. 43098 ID: 3b202e

have you ever gone feral?
No. 43109 ID: b79855
File 131640646529.png - (9.13KB , 630x600 , all_the_xenos.png )

>Yo Scellor? How bout you and Jingles over there have a punch up.
Aren't there billions of them?
No. 43110 ID: 35e1a0

and they are ALL psykers.
No. 43119 ID: b79855

So... the idea that it prevents ferals from triggering their sees-another-hathian instincts? Or is it only low-budget armor?
No. 43131 ID: 0d095c

They're basically just smaller Orks with dongles. Jingles will be fiiiiine. If he remembers to fight them in waves, and to pace himself, I'm sure he'll make it. Just as planned.
No. 43139 ID: 1854db

Telmis: How long can a Mok go without light? Also, will they be aware they need to find light soon, or do they just drop dead with no warning?

Does artificial light work?
No. 43159 ID: 9c538a


>> does artificial light work
>> Telwis has been trapped fathoms deep underground with only the light of phosphorescent moss to sustain him for years.
>> does artificial light work
No. 43160 ID: 9dd68b

Hey all characters:
In your opinion, what would an ideal date be like?
No. 43162 ID: b6edd6

I thought he used a sun stone rather than moss.
No. 43166 ID: 1854db

No, Telwis had a goddamn sunstone.
No. 43168 ID: 07416a

Ms. Dilia how did you enjoy Thodren's penis
No. 43169 ID: d6ae01
File 131648850671.png - (77.91KB , 500x400 , Roz ITQ uh 6.png )

I'm... old enough. I've always been kind of a runt. Okay, a lot of a runt. I'm not sure, but the "upgrades" might have aged me a little bit. I'll probably get a lot bigger as time goes on (hehehehehe) but I don't know if I'll ever get as big as others my age.

Of course I'm a dreamworm. I don't know anything about amie-- I mean. No idea what you could be implying there~"
No. 43194 ID: 6ca5a1
File 131657457160.jpg - (753.01KB , 1080x864 , luck.jpg )

...I'm not really sure what you mean...
Oh, I, ahh...already have mine. He may be a bit fragile sometimes, but I wouldn't change a thing about him.
No. 43196 ID: 1854db

Oh, who is he?
No. 43197 ID: 049dfa


inb4 car
No. 43199 ID: c7b6c2

Do tell~
No. 43211 ID: 07416a

No. 43213 ID: 1854db

Hey Clamp, did you get together with the Matron? When we left you in the past it seemed like you had made a good first impression.
No. 43297 ID: c811c4
File 131678888377.png - (140.82KB , 1000x800 , clampitq2.png )


"Babies? I got more pups than I can shake a stick at. Thankfully I don't gotta do it, cause I got together with the Matron alright. An' she's good enough to fill in fer me when I'm gone. Even raised Shabin here."

>"Which was every single day. Clamp is the worst at parenting. He doesn't even know how many he's got."

"'ey, orcs and harpies don't cleave themselves. An' how am I supposed to know, she takes care of all the pups, mine or not."

>"I bet you don't even know their names."

"Ain't any need of a name to learn how to swing a sword."
No. 43301 ID: 1854db

Shabin: Wait, the Matron raised you? I thought you grew up in the kobold fort. Or was that just Clamp's original plan because there wasn't anyone to raise you in his original clan?

I wonder if we changed history to cause that. How long were you in the fort?
No. 43302 ID: e3f578

Shabin: Any pups or other Gnolls you made good friends with in the clan? Any hijinks you get into together like screwing with the food or stealing some, pranks on Clamp, or general roughhousing?
No. 43304 ID: c811c4
File 131680824385.png - (83.42KB , 800x800 , shabinitq.png )

"Oh, eventually I would live in the kobold fort, but until Clamp was positive I wouldn't go to a home that would get trashed in the first week, he kept me around. Since he was picky as hell, I ended up getting raised by gnolls for at least a full year or so until I was dropped off in the caves. The only non-gnolls I ever spoke with was the occasional human trader. The first one I spoke to first said to me, "You're a funny lookin' gnoll," to tell you how much I fit in."

"Hijinks? Are you kidding? We were gnolls, our childhood was pretty much beating each other up. I had some gnoll friends, but they came and went. Still, we pranked Clamp plenty. Our favorites were named Chicken on a String, Where is my Bed, and Why is my Sword Covered in Honey And Bees. He always got damn angry every time too, but that was half the fun. He would prank me back. That would have been more interesting, except every single one of his pranks involved him eating my dinner. Loudly."
No. 43309 ID: 60bb80
File 131682283425.png - (6.95KB , 500x500 , mitrelanswers.png )


It's true that most sentient scellor have a reason to define themselves. Curiosity, a desire for glory or riches, hate or fear. Some manage it out of sheer contrariness. For most, though... I think, and I hope, it's not like there's been a survey or anything... the principle motivation is... duty, I think, would be the word for you. Niiar, for us. It applies in a lot of different ways.

There's just... so much, in the galaxy. Enemies, friends, horrors and wonders, all waiting to be found. But we scellor, in our native state, are not, erm... particularly... wise. To have wisdom, you need sentience, sapience; you need the ability to examine yourself, your place in the universe, who you are and where you're going and what you intend to do when you get there. And what all of that means. The old, animal ways of doing things, application of sheer force... whether it be weight of numbers or bloody-minded ingenuity... they won't work forever. We need to control ourselves. Not just to prosper, but to survive. To defend ourselves from ourselves.

And, well... to defend everyone else from ourselves, too.


That, uh... hm. I, um, think we'll decline, thanks.
No. 43319 ID: 84b916

>Some manage it out of sheer contrariness.
In the spirit of taking things to their logical extreme, I suppose this means there have been 'evil' Scellor? You know, bomb-dropping, anarchy-sowing, terror-inspiring, genocide-napalming, that sort of thing?
Or, even worse, a Scellor whose sole drive for sentience was to bring pain or death other Scellor?
No. 43320 ID: b6edd6

That wouldn't work. Apart from feeling others' pain, everyone would know who did it.

To successfully be a criminal in a society of psychics, you would need to have an elaborate system to both mask your thoughts and continually generate false thought processes.
No. 43340 ID: 43d730

Or just mask and pretend to be a drone.
...That would be scarily effective, now that I think about it.
No. 43342 ID: 35e1a0

except scellor work differently, they aren't a person connect to the undermind, each person remote controls a body FROM the undermind. to mask your thoughts from it would require you to cut yourself away from it.
No. 43346 ID: 2eac65

Hi! It's good to hear from you. Nice shade of purple you've got there.

Yeah, I can imagine how that can be hard to deal with at times. Especially around the type of person who brags about how much their species cares about themselves.

I'd like to get to know you better. Do you remember when you first gained sentience? Any other interesting past lives? People you used to know? Do you have a favorite food? What's scellor cooking like, anyway?

And, um, I'm not sure of the best way to ask this, but... could you give us some fanservice? Female scellor are kind of over-exposed, in a non-euphemistic way, so...
No. 43347 ID: b6edd6

But Scellor can link with and control drones. A drone that nobody can psychically feel would be as suspicious as a moving patch of impenetrable darkness.
No. 43362 ID: e79d6a
File 131690835096.png - (46.27KB , 425x483 , sarah_qa2.png )

>All characters: So you're on a mission for survival or aiming for fame and fortune or whatever it is you're currently doing. What do you want to do after you get it?

I am going to take a long hot bubble bath, eat a quart of ice cream, and see a therapist. Probably not in that order.

>To everyone: Do you think you could take a single Sergal in unarmed combat? Considering how many of you are squishy doctorate-types...

I could probably knock him over a couple times with my powers... does that count?

>To all who listen to music: what kind of music do you like? Favorite song/album/artist/genre/what-have-you?

I like Rock and Roll, Ska, and the occasional Classical piece. Something with a good beat and rhythm, usually.

>Characters with actual memories: tell me about your parents.

Welp, my dad is a retired Commander for the UTR Navy. He served 12 years onboard the UTRN Klickitat, a Mullen-class Destroyer. He does the occasional consulting for PMC's, but mostly spends his free time golfing and going to football games. My mom is a biology teacher at Westwood High School at the New Washington colony. She spends her free time playing Sudoku, making cookies, watching romantic comedies, and getting my dad to go dancing with her.

>Question for all quest characters:
>If you were over here with us, what other quest would you want, or have wanted, to give advice for, and what would you do/have done differently than us?

Ummmm...? I don't know. I might have to pass on this one.

>Question to all sentient and partially sentient characters:
>What's your idea of the worst, most horrible room mate you could possibly be paired with?

One who won't shut up at night and who constantly dumps their emotional baggage on you. Like my first roommate, Doreen. Ugh. I am so glad I moved out of that dorm...

>Hey all characters:
>In your opinion, what would an ideal date be like?

Hmm... I think a great date should consist of going to a nice restaraunt, having some drinks afterwards with soft music, and maybe going on a walk at sunset thereafter. But it mostly hinges on the date in question being a good conversationalist. Having nothing to talk about during said dinner, drinks, and walk would make it pretty awkward and uncomfortable. Also, if the dialog is dry and one-sided. I'm looking at you, Tory.
No. 43368 ID: e1c562
File 131692114091.jpg - (72.03KB , 408x300 , Oken19.jpg )

>Also, if the dialog is dry and one-sided. I'm looking at you, Tory.
hey! Tory totally isn't dry at talking, he's dynamic and exiting! also he's not one-sided just passionate about his profession like all people should be.

uh, no I don't think there's any historical evedince of something like that . . .

. . . I don't think I understand

I don't really like dates, there's to much pressure. I'd rather just be friends with someone first
No. 43375 ID: 6f1d54

Earth animals look similar to Astranians.
No. 43377 ID: e79d6a
File 131692685801.png - (49.01KB , 611x472 , sarah_qa3.png )

Look, Oken, I'm not saying Tory isn't passionate about his work. He definitely knows his science inside and out. But when he talks for a solid hour about using a tractor beam to carve chunks out of the moon and fling them wherever, it gets boring and awkward.

Trust me on this, I dated him once.

To his credit, though, he was a gentleman the rest of the time.
No. 43378 ID: 35e1a0
File 131692706066.jpg - (25.45KB , 432x301 , deer-farm-15jpg-0d6c290fe24feb43_large.jpg )

see example. the similarity is freakish. so ether this is a planet of the apes scenario and the animals evolved and took over or astriens were devolved somehow and stuck there.
No. 43383 ID: cfa804

"he's dynamic and exiting"? What's a matter, Oken, you such a charmer that you had him running for the exits right away? Har har!
No. 43386 ID: 9c538a


Honestly I was hoping someone more like Fuze would answer. No offense. It seems more up his alley. But as long as you are here, who among your close friends do you want to date? :3c
No. 43397 ID: 69d3b3


Well if you don't like dates, how do you feel about figs?
No. 43398 ID: cfa804

Ba-Dum Tssh!
No. 43400 ID: e1c562
File 131697094911.jpg - (74.94KB , 408x300 , Oken20.jpg )

maybe . . . or maybe you're just boring and he did all the talking so you wouldn't fill the air with annoying small talk.

hey! are you making fun of me? cause you better not be!

I don't really have that many close friends and I wouldn't really want to date any of the ones I do have.

the Alliance has fruits that are kind of like those, I guess they're not bad.
No. 43402 ID: 543aa6
File 131697395542.gif - (10.36KB , 800x600 , date.gif )

>In your opinion, what would an ideal date be like?
Nothing too formal. Makes me uncomfortable, you know? I don't want to get all dressed up and go out to some fancy restaurant just to sit there fidgeting and wondering if I'm using the right fork. I mean, if we're interested in each other, we should be able to relax and not have to put on appearances.
To me, the perfect date ends at home, on a comfy couch, talking about whatever. A light haze catching, maybe. Some light making out even, IF we feel like it. Because hey, why not? If that's where it's going, why hold off for a bunch more dates?
No. 43413 ID: 2d80b9

Give her a break it's probably hard to type with whatever kind of grotesque hooves she has instead of hands.
No. 43423 ID: 3bd8ec

Man, you just go straight for the insults.
No. 43425 ID: 9c538a


It makes sense really. You're a top quality pilot on a military excursion. You probably don't have time to make many friends so your chance of finding one to have sex with is woefully low. I think you might have to consider formal dating then, speed dating perhaps would be less stressful. There's got to be a way to do it somehow. How else are you going to become p r e g n a n t?
No. 43450 ID: 5a8055
File 131709295140.png - (10.00KB , 391x290 , frankolotl.png )


hey now, don't be making awkward suggestions such as that, even if the creatures your talking to are dried up prudes.
No. 43456 ID: 5bf190
File 131712722251.png - (9.27KB , 500x500 , mitrelanswers2.png )

>In the spirit of taking things to their logical extreme, I suppose this means there have been 'evil' Scellor? You know, bomb-dropping, anarchy-sowing, terror-inspiring, genocide-napalming, that sort of thing?

Hmm. Well, that's a bit of a delicate subject. Sometimes, some scellor do indeed do quite terrible things to other scellor, but that's almost always found to be the result of... um. "Mood tide"...? The word doesn't translate well. There are flows of excess emotion that drift around in the Undermind, and sometimes they surge up and sort of... earth themselves on weak-willed scellor. It's just a kind of madness, really. Every species has some mental problems that crop up now and then.

As for a scellor just being totally selfish... well, it's rare. Caring for the species is built in, not just psychically but actually, you know, how our brains are built. It does happen, but generally even those scellor don't actively try to injure the species. After all, they'll eventually die and reincarnate themselves; the benefit of the species is just as valuable to the individual, in the long term.

We have a limit on leaving their possessions "to ourselves", legally. We can pass resources through surviving friends back to our reincarnations, but that requires us to, you know, have friends.

>Or, even worse, a Scellor whose sole drive for sentience was to bring pain or death other Scellor?

It's never happened to my knowledge. And, as mentioned, it's very hard for scellor to hide crimes. Assuming it is a crime, of course. Pain, at least, isn't always inflicted, uh, non-consensually. If you know what I mean.

>I'd like to get to know you better. Do you remember when you first gained sentience? Any other interesting past lives? People you used to know? Do you have a favorite food? What's scellor cooking like, anyway?

I'd rather not talk about when I first became sentient, thank you; it's one of the very few things in a scellor's life which can be really personal, if only with aliens. Other lives, though? Well, I was one of the first "xenothropologists" of our people - that is, a student of extraterrestrial cultures. I met a lot of interesting aliens. Spent a few lives doing that, actually, because it was quite dangerous. I worked on one of the sub-teams that worked with the Law on legislation allowances particular to our species, and that was... um. Sort of interesting. As for my favourite food, there is this one sort of bean sausage that comes from Tenenainiun Ij. It's very good. Very subtle flavours.

Scellor cooking often lacks finesse, I'm afraid. The best cooking tends to come from species with more cultural diversity than ours.
No. 43459 ID: 2eac65

Beautiful! <3 I'm very glad to see more of you.

Speaking of scellor culture, we don't really know much about it beyond general statements about your race's psychology. Could you give us some examples of the different cultures of the various places the scellor inhabit?

...Who's that guy on the far left? I think I recognize the warrior guy, but not the other one.
No. 43465 ID: c9b053

>hey anyone. Whats your opinion on humans?
>Also opinnion about macs