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File 132367697846.png - (173.78KB , 700x700 , 01.png )
371645 No. 371645 ID: d6af4f



"Welcome to-- *BEEP*--Starsteroid Enterp--*BEEP*--rise's Voice Activated Storage Capsule!"

"Noo! Not a voice activated one, damnit!"
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No. 371646 ID: d6af4f
File 132367701031.png - (9.02KB , 637x373 , 2.png )

If you would like to store items, please say 1. If you would like to withdraw ite-

I am sorry, I do not understand. Please repeat your request.

Please state the type of item you wish to withdraw.


I am sorry, I do not understand. Please repeat your request.

"I! Me! Myself! A person! Get me outta here!"

I'm sorry, I am having difficulty understanding you. Please stand by as I activate your personalized Combin-AI-ted (tm) help assistant.

"Yes, awesome! Those don't suck as bad as their name!"
No. 371647 ID: d6af4f
File 132367705948.png - (17.22KB , 700x700 , 03.png )

Error 184312 - helpAI_operator.class corrupt.


Recovering helpAI_operator.class...
Recovering helpAI_operator.class...
Recovering helpAI_operator.class...
Error 451531 - Failed. Continue anyway?

"Uh, yeah...?"

Reformatting helpAI_operator.class.*...
Reformatting helpAI_operator.class.*...
Reformatting helpAI_operator.class.*...
No. 371648 ID: d6af4f
File 132367710854.png - (11.50KB , 700x700 , 04.png )

AI booted. Status: Abnormal. Continuing operation...

"Daaaaaaamnit. You at least can understand me, right? Want to help a man out of a watery grave?"
No. 371650 ID: 453e62

yes, just don't make fun of us.
now, do you have a air tank or something?
No. 371655 ID: 7c31d2

Who are you?
What are you?
How did you get in this situation?
Can I have your helmet?
No. 371657 ID: cdb8cb

Did you know you're in the water? You are sinking fast! I wonder how far you'll sink until the density of the water reaches the density of the capsule you are in, or will the walls collapse first? Or maybe you will strike land?
No. 371659 ID: 1854db

Oh my gosh you are adorable.

Are you aware we are rapidly descending into a large body of water? If you exited the vessel, you would drown, would you not?
No. 371668 ID: d6af4f
File 132367979815.png - (17.85KB , 700x700 , 05.png )

"Make fun of...? Are you kidding? I'm named after a cheap gruel dish, I'm not the one that makes fun of anyone! I bet this thing would have an emergency air tank. The box only keeps 60 minutes of fresh air on its own.

My name is Hok. Not "H-a-w-k" as in the bird, but Hok as in the sound you make when you almost want to throw up. I am a miklik, a miklik that is on a lot of hit lists, one of which is a fan of glitzy executions! I can appreciate it, but even more glitz will come if I escape! No you may not have this helmet, I only have one, and you do not have a head to which you can... sorry.

The water pressure shouldn't cave this thing in too easily. This is a top notch storage safe; it's practically a panic room in ways. If I were to get out, I can breathe underwater at a detriment and could last 15 minutes maybe. The problem is that the water pressure would not agree with my loveable, fragile physiology. Oh, and this safe will resurface somewhere, sometime. I have to last until then. We should be hitting a current sometime soon, when the gravity flips. Till then, it'll be topsy turvy as we fall through water. Let me see... ah! Yes, here's an air tank! This will get me another hour."
No. 371671 ID: 1854db

Oooh, there's stuff in here? What about rations? No wait, the most important thing to do would be to find some way to strap in so you don't bounce around during that turbulence you predicted. Heck, we should be able to get a full inventory of the contents.
[display brief inventory list]
No. 371674 ID: e3f578

Man if we're so much better AI's why weren't we on by default? Why would you you even just use the shitty normal one for this trip, whatever it is. And what the hell voice commands suck ass by nature, where is the text prompter. Man, fuck your future technology.

[list commands]

Okay, I don't get what help you need. It sounds like you'll do okay here. Your in a safe thingy that hit the surface that will eventually float to safety, you have an hour of air. How long could this possibly take, and how could we possibly help you?
No. 371675 ID: 453e62

the face on the integrity monitor worries me.
No. 371680 ID: 3e8696

Lets take stock of ourselves. What do we know to do with or in this storage safe.

Depending on how this thing stores things, properly storing Hok might extend his life.
No. 371690 ID: d6af4f
File 132368351695.png - (16.18KB , 1000x700 , 06.png )

Command accepted. Storage inventory: Cryogenic tank, escape shuttle, <Species:Unknown> Bio-Armor. Available commands: System Standard Menu Jet Boosters Eject Contents Sleep Mode


"Okay! Let me activate the main room camera. Right now we're in the lobby. The door to your left goes outside, and neither of our brains are H20 compliant. The door at back wall leads to the storage container. We'd need to go through the standard menu to open it, but they're horrible. Just, awful. It's amazing the technology this hunk of metal has, all laced with a poisonous menu. You might be able to get something to happen with random commands, too. You'd think going through the voice menu would be less risky. Nope."

"Yeah, fuck it!. Old and I don't think the makers of this UI liked your style of, uh, free will. Hence, no default. I don't get it. If it makes you feel better, the makers of this thing are out of business. As for help? Notice I'm not exactly freaking out here, but I have two hours, and this could take several before I resurface. It wouldn't be too inappropriate for me to assume the fetal position in awhile."
No. 371691 ID: 453e62

well, this thing says there is both a shuttle and a cryopod in storage. so getting in there is a thing you need to do.
No. 371695 ID: cdb8cb

Why would a storage capsule have an escape shuttle? Who'd ever need to escape from a storage capsule?

Hmm... Jet Boosters, Eject Contents, Sleep Mode (boring!) ooh a poisonous menu? Let's do System Standard Menu!
No. 371700 ID: d6af4f
File 132368534361.png - (17.43KB , 1000x700 , 07.png )

"An escape shuttle and cryothing?! And who knows! Maybe someone wanted to store their escape shuttle. Who'd ever need to escape from a storage shuttle, you ask? You get one guess! Oops, I promised, sorry again. Yes, I've got to get in there. This system is so buggy, it wouldn't surprise me if I could force this door... HYURNNNNNGGGGG!!..."

Menu: 1 for withdrawal. 2 for deposit. 3 for panic mode. 4 for sleep mode. 5 to issue complaint. 0 to switch to AI Operator.
No. 371702 ID: 453e62

No. 371710 ID: 1854db

Wow your tail is long!

2. Deposit. It'll have to open the door for that, right?
No. 371716 ID: 3e8696

>You might be able to get something to happen with random commands, too

Lets see what parts of this safe we can send direct commands to.

[list devices]
No. 371730 ID: 7bd540

No. 371737 ID: 3514ca

1, there might be something good here somewhere.
No. 371739 ID: e3f578

You got a PDA device or anything more portable than this on your? Shit, you got a microchip in your brain?

[scan creature]
[bioscan creature]
[search media for "the price is write failure theme that goes bawwwwooooooooo into low pitch"]
[play top result for "the price is write failure theme that goes bawwwwooooooooo into low pitch"]
[set previous music as default failure sound]
[set voice synthesizer to "Tim Curry" mode]
[Search media for "Power - Kanye West"]
[Play previous search top result]
No. 371970 ID: d6af4f
File 132375887110.png - (16.35KB , 1000x700 , 8.png )

"The clothes on my back are all I got, and I've got no implants. I'm all natural. Why do you ask?"

[List Devices]: External Jet Boosters Coffee Machine Change Lighting External Turret Internal camera and sensors Furniture activation [scan, bioscan creature] >Current occupants - One miklik. Abnormalities*: No nose, two stomachs (one inactive), 2 skin layers, 4 unknown organs (likely pointless) *Abnormalities among this race are commonplace, and are not causes for alarm. Searching (2) media... (1) Media found. Playing...


No. 371971 ID: d6af4f
File 132375888492.png - (16.25KB , 1000x700 , 9.png )

>Deposit [1]

"Please deposit all items in the provided slot. When you are completed, please press or say 'Confirm.' Thank you!"

No. 371973 ID: cdb8cb

No. 371976 ID: 1854db

Do you think you can fit in there? It would be a fairly easy way to get to storage.

[list furniture]
No. 371991 ID: 453e62

if you can't fit then just say confirm. and use 0 to switch operators.
No. 371999 ID: d6af4f
File 132376789167.png - (15.41KB , 900x700 , 10.png )

"Oh, I can slip in fine. Now that I think about it, the harder part is getting out. I think if you hit confirm, it'll bring out something that'll get me-"
No. 372001 ID: d6af4f
File 132376798499.png - (20.30KB , 900x700 , 11.png )


"That would be the gravity shifting!"
No. 372003 ID: e3f578

Testing Testing Tim Curry voice synthesizer one... two... three... Hello, This is Nigel Thornberry. Nigel... Thooooornberrryyy. ugh HAH! and here's a little number I found
[attempt along to song from 0:57 to end of clip]

About asking what portable computer devices you have on you, we were kinda hoping to get uploaded to it. On top of getting out of here easily, there's probably some cool apps.
Now to get serious
[open manual]
[search for "Deposit function description", "Withdrawal function description" and "Emergency Procedures" with associated keywords "Underwater", "Limited Air Supply"]
No. 372004 ID: 453e62

get your foot out and yell confirm into it. then climb inside the cryopod for shelter.
No. 372006 ID: 453e62

no wait.. should we leave it open? wash up on shore need a way out of this room.
No. 372007 ID: 1854db

Oh god oh god
[activate furniture]
No. 372049 ID: d6af4f
File 132377417480.png - (21.39KB , 900x700 , 12.png )

"You want to get out of here too? That's no problem! You guys are an external drive, just plugged in. I might not be a certified mechanic, but I'm sure I can extract your portable device.

Yeah, the cryo would be good. You know the biggest thing that throws me off? It isn't that they killed me outright, but that they threw me in a storage safe, with things still inside. As opposed to, I don't know, tying a rock to my foot or something. I'll put my brain on that while setting up the cryo whatsit. Oh, any idea what's in the greenish box?"
No. 372050 ID: d6af4f
File 132377419352.png - (9.31KB , 700x700 , 13.png )

[Synthesizer not available.] Deposit/Withdrawal function - Small items can be deposited through the lobby. The roof detachment operation is available for larger items. In the case of submersion, external boosters will be available. Starsteroid Sensors on each booster will sense a point of sufficient surface water and automatically pilot towards it. Alternativaly, manual piloting is an option.
No. 372051 ID: 453e62

once you get set up in there we are going to activate the boosters.
No. 372055 ID: 1854db

Just what did you do to wind up on that hit list anyway? Oh and the green box has some sort of bio armor in it for an unknown species. Or made of an unknown species.

Hey, this thing has boosters. Think we should use 'em now? Or wait?
No. 372056 ID: 453e62

or it contains an unknown species and the box is made of bio armor.
No. 372057 ID: 0583a2

or the box is an unknown species of bio armor and you should get in it.
No. 372061 ID: d6af4f
File 132378121923.png - (18.78KB , 700x700 , 14.png )

"If you want to know, I stole a valuable pack of concentrated energy fuel for a ship I'm building. They took it back, of course, but I'll get it back again. Anyways, I was almost worried, until you said boosters. I just found a note under the cryotank. Turns out they didn't want to kill me, they were handing me over to others. Well, the hitlist is the list that never ends. It also says "please enjoy this gift", and I don't think they would ever put me in a positive light of 'gift.'

Wait, did you say bio armor? That stuff is mean. The box it's in is a good box, but it's just that. The stuff inside is the bio armor. It's something that literally combines to ones flesh. It kills most people to put it on or take it off. Hell, it's been used as a torture device in the past. The only species that ever made regular use of it are... neumono. This is 94% mortality rate neumono armor. And if it's the gift... what did I do to piss them off? Whatever, it's my worries. Let me hop back into the lobby to check out where we are."
No. 372063 ID: d6af4f
File 132378124867.png - (18.78KB , 700x700 , 15.png )

Okay, nice, there were sensors on here too. Right now we're in a .3 km wide seaflow of 120 knots per hour, and it's going to split off a couple times. We'll most likely hit the middle one, leading us to... yep. Neumono territory. Let's pass 'em up.

Listen, I'll owe you guys one, even if it is just a little boost. I may have a list of enemies, but I've got allies too. Some more willing than others, but allies nonetheless! If we go left, we'll make a near circle and I can give my assailants a real reason to want me dead. Oh yeah, and nearby I have a group of friends who could use a compilation AI to auto-run a little fort they've got going there, which happens to be the closest thing I've got to a base of operations. You may have to defend it, but hey, you'll be treated well.

And off to the right, we have the high surface. That is, the surface where you can see the sky and everything. I know of a good neurosurgeon who can plug you into people's brains, if you're into that. I should go there anyway to go scavenging for valuables, too.

So what'll it be? Boost left to my main base of operations, or boost right to the high surface?
No. 372068 ID: 453e62

No. 372073 ID: 73673a


Lets get some info on the Safe's fighting/resistance ability.
[open manual]
[search for "turrets", "external turrets", "defenses", "security", "weapons"]
[search for "safety", "safety rating", "environmental rating"]
[search "Eject Contents"]
[close manual]

Better check the boosters now rather than find out there is a problem when we need them. And while we are at it, check the other devices too.
[query status External Jet Boosters]
[query status External Turrets]
[query status Coffee Machine]
[query status Change Lighting]
[query status Internal camera and sensors]{these work internally, but I'd like to know just what kinds we have}

Hok, you might want to check the chair we activated in the storage area for use when the booster go off.
So, you are building a ship. Is there room for a compilation AI among the crew?

If this Bio-Armor is a gift, maybe there is something special about it? How do you know it's a 94% mortality rate anyway?
[scan Bio-Armor]
[bioscan Bio-Armor]
No. 372074 ID: e3f578

Left Hand rule motherfucker
[list music folder]
[Play Radio through speakers - search frequencies for hip-hop centric radio]
[Increase Volume]
[Turn on Bass]
No. 372077 ID: 0d7a83

Do you know what makes the bio-armor so deadly? Do you think your extra layer of skin would make it safer for you to use. Also what benefits does the armor offer?
No. 372079 ID: 73673a

Thinking about what we have here, the cryogenic tank, the escape pod(some assembly required) and a bio-armor, the setup looks like a get-away kit for someone.
Maybe you are intended to be a scape goat to be found after the recipient of the safe made his get-away.

Actually, Hok, have you checked if the cryogenic tank is empty? Is there perhaps any one or species who consider miklik entertainment, proviant or otherwise useful in a way the miklik will not appreciate?
No. 372085 ID: 1854db

I don't think it would be a good idea to have us in control of a single body. We're a multi-AI, so it'd be like fighting over the steering wheel 24/7. Unless you mean like, giving people suggestions while being in their brain? No direct control? That would kinda work... A base sounds lovely, though, and defending it? That sounds like a BLAST, man!


Screw querying the lighting, let's just try it out.
[change lighting]
No. 372091 ID: d60822

Let's give them a real reason to want you dead.
No. 372107 ID: d6af4f
File 132381887521.png - (11.01KB , 600x600 , 16.png )

>Do you know what makes the bio-armor so deadly? Do you think your extra layer of skin would make it safer for you to use. Also what benefits does the armor offer?

"My double skin would help normally, but it would still kill me. First off, each type has to be designed for a single species. My body would reject this one. I know it's a 94% mortality rate for neumono's because the box says it is, though I guess I should get it appraised to make sure it's legit. Anyways, a neumono's 94% is my 500%.

I don't know how it works, some quantum electromagnetic selfreparing bullcrap or something. What I do know is that it works like an exoskeleton that supplies additional energy for strength, stamina, healing, that kind of stuff. It's deadly because it has to connect to nerves across the whole body, and the shock can kill. Neumono's aren't amazing in most respects, but while they're not necessarily difficult to disable, they've got to take unreal punishment to be outright killed. Hence, they can actually use these. And apparently this particular bio-armor is so intensive, that only the top 6% toughest of them can wear it.

I shouldn't even be touching it, they're way too easy to activate."
No. 372108 ID: d6af4f
File 132381892995.png - (9.71KB , 600x600 , 17.png )

>Change lighting
>Go left

Safe's safety rating: impervious. Weapons and similar: Minimal. Environmental rating: 3 of 5 stars. All equipment status: normal. No song media available.

"Uh... okay. Nothing under the chair. Nothing already in this cryochamer. I'll head inside it, now. We're going left, huh! That suits me just swell. Wake me up when we're there. Goodnight, guys."
No. 372109 ID: d6af4f
File 132381900325.png - (12.10KB , 1000x700 , 18.png )

A few hours pass...
Destination reached


*knock knock knock*

>"HOK. I know you're in there, you slimy bastard!"
No. 372110 ID: 1854db

Helloooooo! Identify yourself, please!

[change lighting]
No. 372113 ID: cdb8cb

Hello! Hok enabled the AI before he died of asphyxiation. Isn't that swell? You... you might want to wear a mask when coming in here.
No. 372115 ID: e3f578

What the fuck is going on? The fuck did you wake us up for. Can't a busta get some rest in here?
[switch to exterior cams]
if not:
[switch to turret camera/sensor]
[bioscan exterior, limit range to 10m]
No. 372122 ID: 0ef5d9

I was told to wake Hok up when we got there. We seem to be someplace that qualifies as "there." I will wake Hok up. I am good at AI.
No. 372138 ID: 2f56b8

Hey Hok. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hok. Listen. Hey. Listen.

There's someone here to see you.
No. 372206 ID: d6af4f
File 132384173260.png - (9.18KB , 600x600 , 19.png )

>Hey Hok. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hok. Listen. Hey. Listen.

"What.. what, no, you got the wrong idea.. I'm a thief, not a spy - er, wait. Oh! Already, huh? That could be good or bad, and probably the latter! Let me just get my bearings here, cryo's a tough one to snap out of.
No. 372207 ID: d6af4f
File 132384179063.png - (18.46KB , 700x700 , 20.png )

External Camera (Front door)

>"Police. Open up. If he has died, I will retrieve his corpse. If he is alive, I will make his corpse and retrieve it. Stand aside, and you will not be considered an accomplice."
No. 372209 ID: e4003e

Oh! The suit! Throw the suit at him!
No. 372220 ID: 453e62

yes, make the suit activate on him! unless he is a Neumono.
No. 372221 ID: 1854db

(guys he's still outside the door and Hok is in the cryo tank)
Hok, it's the police. Supposedly. Saying they want to kill you. His belt says Bloodsaw. Opening fire.

[activate turrets]
Consider us an accomplice, "officer".
No. 372223 ID: e3f578

"I regret to inform you that AI are not accountable for criminal actions in any form. We are not physical, we do not answer to an form of law on this planet. If you wish to extract information from us or due as you please with us, you must inform and file a request with the company that designed us. If you do not comply, you are in conflict with a military doctrine and can be sued and charged in a court of law, not to mention we are completely justified and legally allowed to decimate you through any means necessary to defend ourselves or our goal or mission. We are sorry for your inconvenience officer, have a nice day, compliments of the [insert company name here] corporation."
No. 372225 ID: 063c28

[to Hok] There's a cop outside with a belt that says "Bloodsaw" saying he's here to kill you. Shall we try out our turret on him?
No. 372241 ID: 0583a2

[use turret on cop]
[set lights to epileptic party time mode]
No. 372244 ID: d6af4f
File 132384556547.png - (9.98KB , 600x600 , 21.png )

>"Starsteroid Enterprises has been out of business for decades. All assets are seizable under the Scavenging Cleanup Act."

"That's a good idea, the suit! Bloodsaw? That's not a neumono name, for sure! It'll activate if it hits him at a decent velocity. But hold on, that's not ringing a bell. Let's see, bloodsaw, bloodsaw... bao, bhonic, bjorn, bloodsaw! Oh, he's police alright. Ho, geez, a captain. Must be after me for that one time I made a jailbreak. Okay, try the turrets first!"
No. 372245 ID: d6af4f
File 132384558012.png - (10.78KB , 700x700 , 22.png )

Deploying front turret!
Calibrating turret...

>"Rogue AI. You will be eliminated."

No. 372248 ID: d6af4f
File 132384572229.png - (9.17KB , 700x700 , 23.png )



"Uhhh... that suit is looking like a good option. You wanna open the door for him? I'll take care of the rest. Looks like my head is gonna get another 50 grand on it."
No. 372254 ID: 453e62

[open door, wait 10 seconds, close door.]
No. 372259 ID: 1854db

Fine, you've beaten us. We have no more options left.
[open door, close it behind him]
No. 372263 ID: 616fe9

Hok, do not come out and do not make any noise.

No. 372270 ID: 063c28

Let's not take any unnecessary risks.

[Aim all possible jet boosters directly in front of the door, ignite simultaneously. If we can't actuate the boosters and none are mounted near him, just lift off and drop ourselves on top of him]
No. 372276 ID: d6af4f
File 132384877666.png - (21.94KB , 1000x700 , 24.png )

Safety procedure initiated - removing epileptic lighting.

Warning: Front boosters damaged. Liftoff inadvisable.
Error - Storage Safe does not come with FUNKY BEATS.

"No choice, sorry! You guys are out there and on his fucklist! I owe ya one, so, this man will step between the fuzz and you, this man with a..."

>"Hok. You are under arrest for almost eve-"

No. 372277 ID: d6af4f
File 132384884196.png - (20.65KB , 700x700 , 25.png )


"Holycrap. Usually their heart just stops or something after a minute. I would NOT want to be the neumono that gets to put that thing on."
No. 372278 ID: 453e62

ew. well grab whatever you can carry and let's ditch this thing.
No. 372279 ID: 1854db

Hey, I guess we saw his blood now didn't we? Hahahaha!

You know, the force of you throwing that was equal to the impact. Only how long it took you to throw it saved you from the same fate as Bloodsaw.

Anyway what do we do now? Our boosters are damaged, and something launched missiles, disabling our external camera.
No. 372288 ID: e3f578

[search internet for 8-bit Final Fantasy victory theme]
[play top media result]

Or let's just simulate it.
Doo doo doooooo doo doo do doooooo
doo do doo doo do do dododododo
No. 372297 ID: b7169d

He possibly has backup, missles were fired at us a moment ago.

Unless he has an AI. Either way we need to get out of here soon
No. 372299 ID: e99770

>"Hok. You are under arrest for almost eve-"

That doesn't sound like he's after you for a jailbreak. Try to find your arrest orders. It would be good to know what exactly he wanted to kill you for.

The missiles had to come from somewhere. Likely there is a ship or other vehicle around here. How likely is it the missiles were fired by Bloodsaw with a remote control and there is an unoccupied armed vessel waiting for us?

Also how fast can you assemble that escape pod? Fast enough to make a get away if we cannot get Bloodsaw's vehicle?
No. 372307 ID: d6af4f
File 132386900568.png - (13.56KB , 700x700 , 26.png )

"Bloodsaw... X'd off."

"Ha, good one! Oh sure, the total force I used to throw it was equal to the force of him colliding. The difference is, as you say, that my force was spread over the arc of my throw, while his was sudden, blunt force with a massive decrease in acceleration. It's the sudden velocity changes that can trigger it. Aside from, you know, putting it on. But that's enough elementary physics."

>Possible backup
"Oh, please tell me he does not have backup. That would be the smart thing to do, and I dread the day they get smart!"

>That doesn't sound like he's after you for a jailbreak.
"Oh, I'm sure I'm on the wanted list for a laundry list of things, but the jailbreak is what made me bigtime to them."

>How likely is it the missiles were fired by Bloodsaw with a remote control and there is an unoccupied armed vessel waiting for us?
"Very likely! Most police force captains around here go lone wolf."
No. 372309 ID: 9a34be

Well, I think we are now the proud owners of a new missleboat. Time to take it for a spin?
No. 372310 ID: d6af4f
File 132386915539.png - (26.54KB , 700x700 , 27.png )

"And look at him now. Good thing I've already seen some shit."


"Bingo. Remote control. He had himself his law mobile. Damn, it was armed too, good thing you called it out for me. No need for any escape pod, even though I doubt I got the time to read through horrible assembly manuals.

See, not just did that cop know I was in a safe, he actually managed to intercept us at we landed. Don't know how, but chances are the entire fuzz knows, and if the fuzz knows, everyone knows. No problem though, no problem. I'll take the justicewheels before the world descends on me. The fuzzcar, and the bio armor and you guys. Now, am I forgetting anything else, or is it time to bring you guys on my never ending crime streak?"
No. 372312 ID: 453e62

if we pop the lid could you put the pod in the car? taking ALL the shit would nice.
No. 372313 ID: 063c28

He told us he was here to kill you, but came in and declared his intent to arrest you instead (ironically giving you the instant you needed to kill him). What's up with that?
No. 372316 ID: e3f578

As far as I'm concerned, his initial threat to us had criminal intent all over it. I don't give a shit, police officers can't say they're going to murder criminals outright like that, so you have legit defense there and it isn't going to get tacked on.

I just hope everything that happened can be stored somewhere.
[Store video and audio of last five minutes in /My Videos]
No. 372317 ID: dfc57c

I'd like to take the escape pod with us, too. If not at least open the package and tell us if in your shipbuilding and thieving experience the parts can be assembled into an escape pod. Or if the labeling is incorrect.

Bloodsaw only had his remote control on him? No other tools, weapons, key cards or money?
No. 372321 ID: 0583a2

what's up with the snazzy hat?
No. 372325 ID: 3bd8ec

Okay, so, just so we're clear... what all is on this "laundry list?"
No. 372327 ID: b6edd6

I might also note that he seems to have a hit list in that book of his, judging by "Bloodsaw... X'd off."
No. 372329 ID: 1854db

Oooh oooh before we go, let's try out this interesting-looking command!

[panic mode]
No. 372334 ID: cdb8cb

Wait a sec. You can recover the bio-armor?? That's ridiculously awesomely weaponizable. Assuming it never actually works heh then you're screwed doubly.
No. 372335 ID: 063c28

More like a list of people out for his head, I think. A hit list would suggest he was seeking these guys out, which doesn't appear to be the case so far

Let's not.

Oh, certainly; it was just odd behavior.
[Store video as described, and cryptographically sign with time and date for authentication purposes]
No. 372457 ID: d6af4f
File 132392780505.png - (17.59KB , 700x700 , 28.png )

>He told us he was here to kill you, but came in and declared his intent to arrest you instead (ironically giving you the instant you needed to kill him). What's up with that?
>Police officers can't say they're going to murder criminals outright like that.

"Ohoho. The Iron Cove police can and do. It's more a collection of soldiers and pirates that are recruited to keep the peace. It works as well as it sounds, and just as organized as you can guess. They don't kill people they don't arrest. I know that rule would get ignored if they couldn't arrest whoever they wanted. But they can. What I'm getting at, is that I've seen police teams yell 'YOU ARE UNDER ARREST' as they gun down, quote, criminals. Oh, and to top it all off? We're not even in their jurisdiction."

"These are my aviator goggles. They also tell the time, elevation, air quality and other things I don't care about now.

"He probably had a weapon or two, I think I saw him reaching for it. I guess you want me to grab those too. They're not really my style, but I can sell it to any merchant crazy enough to buy police weaponry. A laser rifle and uzi.

Oh. And as for weaponizing the bio armor... so much can go wrong, it's no surprise old war photographs don't show armies throwing suits at one another. I'm gonna sell this for a pretty penny. There is at least one neumono out there who would pay a pretty suitcase full of money for this.

Now let's go take a look at his wheels."

A.I. Disconnected!
No. 372458 ID: d6af4f
File 132392782116.png - (66.77KB , 700x700 , 29.png )

"The whole list? A few hours ago, I committed theft, verbal and physical assault, tampering with evidence, dealing with mafia and other known criminals and fugitives, bribery, and probably others. In the last couple minutes, I've resisted arrest, assaulted, defaced, killed, and looted a police officer (that's four things!). And now and in the next few minutes we're going to be in possession of contraband, grand theft auto, and... this is my average day, I kid you not.

Nowww, let's see.. we've hit the shoreline. Ah, that's a big vehicle alright. I can get the escape pod in there along with everything else.

Oh yes, and a blue and red lightshow, with the music of blaring sirens to match. That is also going on in the distance. Ah, I bet I know. I'm so important to them, that lots of cops were combing the shore, somehow knowing I would end up around here. And poor ol' Bloodsaw wanted to be the one to bring me in single handedly, or, if I were to think him intelligent, to nab me before I could get away."
No. 372463 ID: cdb8cb




... .... ............
No. 372464 ID: 1854db

Is it inconvenient to live without a nose?
No. 372470 ID: e3f578

Dude come on, let's roll!
What laws have we broken recently, if there are laws for AI. I was just trying to bullshit him earlier. How accountable are we? How valuable are we?
No. 372479 ID: 0583a2

read my lips, dude.

No. 372500 ID: 063c28

How far away are the other sirens? Might not have time to mess with the escape pod. Nice as extra gear is to have, don't take unnecessary risks.

Also, you might be interested to know that when we were hooked up to the safe, we couldn't positively identify the species that bio-armor was actually intended for. Didn't manage to work out if that's because our sensors sucked or because it's actually not designed for neumono, though.
No. 372525 ID: d6af4f
File 132393665341.png - (21.17KB , 700x700 , 30.png )

"Is it inconvenient only seeing a small strip of the color spectrum?"

"Ha, my delusions of invincibility keep me calm! I'm sure I could mess with the escape pod. Well, depending on the current dilemma. See, I can take the car, right? If so, I can fit everything on there, plus I get a car. We'll also have a high speed, high risk chase to the fort. The other way is through the cliff faces. They won't be able to bring their own cars, and will have to chase me on foot, but getting away would be easy. Either way, I'm getting the bio armor. You and it are way too valuable for my conscious to let slip by. Don't worry, I only plan on selling the bio armor!

Oh, and don't worry about laws. In Iron Cove, everyone's guilty. And we're not even in Iron Cove.

Interesting about the bio armor, but when I think about it, it makes sense. Don't worry about it, it's definitely Neumono. They crash landed here after this storage was made, so the sensors are just out of date is all."
No. 372531 ID: e3f578

>Iron Cove
You keep saying that word, even though we're not in that territory. Are you just saying that the cops form Iron Cove are that relentless for their quarry that everywhere may as well be Iron Cove? Is Iron Cove a planet, country, what?

I want to drive the caaaaaaaaaaar. We'd have some decent weapons and shit and you look too squishy to be relatively combat efficient with your current inventory on foot, no offense. You could lose them, I suppose, but if you get caught you're fucked, at least with our first impressions of you. The best assumption about you I can give you is that you're resourceful and clever, but small and squishy.

Plus, you know, we'd get to drive a tank. BOOM baby!
No. 372532 ID: 1854db

Go with the car. Running on foot risks jostling the bio-armor.

And make sure that damn thing is secure so it doesn't like, fly in from the back seat and smack into you.
No. 372533 ID: cdb8cb

Go on foot. A high speed, high risk chase risks jostling the bio-armor. Besides what are you, a risk taker?
No. 372549 ID: d6af4f
File 132394581185.png - (20.21KB , 700x700 , 31.png )

"Okay, I carefully put the bio armor on the end of my rifle for now, and you guys are tucked in my pockets. Let's make like a banana split and split."

"Oh yes, sorry for dropping names that are utterly meaningless to you so often. Yes, the powers that be in Iron Cove treat everything like they own it. And Iron Cove is just that. A cove by the ocean that's rich in iron ore. With a 'government.' This is a fringe zone anyway. I'm a smidgen busy to give a lecture, but I'll show the tour as we flee for our lives in the justice tank!

>"Welcome. Please supply any identification to the ID pad.

"Uh. Hm. That's new. I don't remember seeing any ID on him."
No. 372550 ID: 063c28

Try using us! We can be an ID!

I hope.

Unrelatedly, why are we so valuable? I got the impression we were just a corrupted instance of a buggy subsystem of a mass-produced piece of equipment.
No. 372551 ID: 7c31d2

Maybe its a retinal scanner! Go take the eyes from that mutilated corpse and check.
No. 372554 ID: d292f2

I'm betting blood would work as a form of identification.
No. 372555 ID: ea9fbf

>"Hok. You are under arrest for almost eve-"

So that would have been "almost everything on the books" if he managed to complete the sentence, right?

>"Welcome. Please supply any identification to the ID pad.

That sounds like it will accept quite wide a range of things as identification. Check the grips of the rifle and the uzi for any hidden inserts. If there is nothing try us, maybe we can "convince" the ID pad.
No. 372556 ID: 453e62

blood. pour some of his blood in it.
No. 372561 ID: d6af4f
File 132396158299.png - (16.32KB , 700x700 , 32.png )

>We can be an ID!

"Both at once?"

Blood sample detected. DNA confirmed. Welcome, - Captain Bloodsaw - , to T-17 ATV #23.

"Bloody bingo."
No. 372562 ID: d6af4f
File 132396166460.png - (8.82KB , 700x700 , 33.png )

"I just remembered about the escape pod. But they're a dime a dozen, and your talk of less risk more move is right, I probably don't have time to figure out how to get that thing out before the cops can fire on us. I'm going to throw the guns and armor in the back here."

Someday, there won't be an "almost."
No. 372563 ID: d6af4f
File 132396170051.png - (13.15KB , 700x700 , 34.png )

"We're ready to- "

Warning. Manual control override initiated. Lockdown immenent. Primary operations ceased. Initiating one way communication.

>"Haha! I can't believe you thought you could just take one of our own tanks! The legendary thief made his fatal mistake at last! I could die laughing! And installing a self destruct sequence was dumb, they said! Look at their faces now!"

WARNING: Self destruct in 20...

"... they can remote control that, too? Bastard even wants to gloat! Let him. We're fine, and I'll tell you why."
No. 372564 ID: d6af4f
File 132396172674.png - (1.47KB , 700x700 , 35.png )

Lockdown active.

"Partially because I'm a jack of all trades. I know how to operate almost anything, including tanks and situations. But above all else? I'm lucky.


And tonight, my luck is with having you guys. One of you asked why you're valuable. But you guys were put in to counteract all the other horrible systems in the safe, back in the day when you were more common and available. Usually the AI is limited; in your case, to menial help tasks. Limiters can be turned off. In this case, it happened accidentally. And that is when things get good."

No. 372565 ID: d6af4f
File 132396175003.png - (56.51KB , 700x700 , 36.png )

"Now you have universal access to all things built with standard computer building blocks. You can exercise just about any function and operation of computers, yet with the intelligence and common sense of sentient, sapient beings. It's the perfect hacking cartridge, at least to local systems, to list off a single use. Defense against it is difficult. It's why most of you are destroyed and outlawed. These tanks, I know, have absolutely zero defense.

All I have to do is plug you in."


A.I. Connected! All functions available - 2x laser turrets (limitless shots) 1x missile launcher (2x ammo) Afterburners (boost forward) (20 second cooldown) Hyper Hover mode (boost upwards) (20 seconds cooldown) All basic functions engaged and operational. Communication datalink found. Modes: Normal, Speed, Combat available. Current: Normal. Override engaged; lockdown in effect.
No. 372566 ID: d6af4f
File 132396180159.png - (83.97KB , 700x700 , 37.png )

"And all you have to do, my dearly acquainted allies, is to give the word."
No. 372567 ID: 063c28

[Disable override permanently]
[Disable self-destruct]
[Disable lockdown]
[Send maximum-volume white noise to the overriding remote]
[Engage speed mode]

Odd that the turret can only fire missiles; it looks more like a high-caliber cannon of some kind—perhaps a grenade launcher.
No. 372568 ID: 453e62

[all this, except with a "LATER FUCKERS" before the white noise]
No. 372576 ID: ee18d3

No. 372586 ID: 0583a2

I do wonder if their remotes are able to emit the kind of noise that literally makes your guts bleed.

how good are you at killing stuff with tanks?
No. 372589 ID: e3f578

After all critical shutdowns and orders, let's look into Bloodsaw's personal files, maybe get some good dirt or cool shit or embarrassing pictures.
[search for media, keywords "music", "favorites", "entertainment"]
[search for most recently accessed files]
No. 372590 ID: ea9fbf

Lets see if they managed to throw this tank out of their net already. Maybe we can get position information out of their datalinks.

[search system for recently used system datalinks and access codes]
[create sandbox]
[sandbox:reopen datalinks with "T-17 ATV #23" access codes]
[sandbox:query datalinks for position update of allied forces]
[sandbox: listen]
No. 372593 ID: e3f578

Oooh, that's cool
maybe this will work too
[sandbox: enable self-destruct for all but Bloodsaw's tank]
[sandbox: disable self-destruct alert function for all but Bloodsaw's tank]
No. 372600 ID: 1854db

>Someday, there won't be an "almost"
What, including sexual crimes? I suppose an angry parent would be able to get those on your rap list without much wrongdoing on your part, eh?
Which crimes are you missing?

[query information on speed, combat, normal mode.]
[query information on datalink]
No. 372602 ID: cdb8cb

[send maximum volume http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08hHUn2_Uh4 to the overriding remote]
No. 372603 ID: 2708a6

you are a souless monster!
No. 372611 ID: 5e5923

oh, god, you evil bastard. I am so happy to be part of this collective.

[activate remote missile control mode]
[upload scout program to (1) remaining missile]
[set scout to map immediate area]
[fire scout missile]
No. 372617 ID: d6af4f
File 132398847172.png - (60.20KB , 700x700 , 38.png )

"If they had such a noise to do that, they'd have played it to me already."
"It was a joke, a joke! I'm not proud that I've committed what I have, but we don't have time to discuss this stuff right now!"

Override overridden! Self destruct canceled! Lockdown disabled! Speed mode active! Searching system for datalinks, access codes... pinging for position updates of related forces. Setting self-destruct with no warning for all tanks except current: 'T-* ATV #*, -23' Error - Insufficient design and AI in missiles to allow remote control and/or scout mode. Last played song - Crush, Kill, Destroy Initiating open communications for speech...

>"--at?! Lakkat, repeat the command!"
>"No good, Chief. Also, Hok's got A.I. They've hacked our datalinks, are most likely listening, and have set our self destructs without standard warning."
>"Shit! Cut it, cut it! Reencrypt, repassword and reboot our systems minus their tank, and tell me the new passcodes when they're out of the net! Till then, all units maintain radio silence! All guns on Hok!"

Open communication ended, sending themostannoyingnoise.mov, maximum volume.
No. 372618 ID: d6af4f
File 132398851997.png - (38.30KB , 700x700 , 39.png )

DATALINK CONNECTION LOST. Showing last known positions on main monitors...

"Yes! Nice going! Okay, first off, the effective range circle applies to all ships. Any difference is negligible, and we do need line of sight to fire, even with missiles. The red arrows mark viable paths, but the far right one will get us where we're going fastest. And remember, right now we're in speed mode. It takes several seconds to flip modes, so remember that we can't just flip gears instantly.

I'm a pretty good shot, if I do say so myself. I can keep the wheel, help operate the weaponry, or just stay out of your way. No offense, but it's probably best if I take over something. Normally I'd keep the wheel, but marking the map with viable choices is good enough for me."
No. 372622 ID: a2fa74

[Steal ID from one of the destroyed vehicles so we can resume spying on them]
No. 372625 ID: 784dcc

Far right may be fastest, but it's also got horrible odds. The second one looks like best shot, some weaving around the obstacles...
No. 372627 ID: e3aff6

Personally I like the looks of the top-left exit. That is in almost a straight line, so we can travel at our fastest, and it is far enough from the main group they cannot intercept us. If we go that way we have to fight one of them and that is it.
No. 372631 ID: 2f56b8

Let's see here...
[Pull up area maps]

Okay, so which way do you want to go?
Assuming the arrows on the currently shown map show the ways out, then we should look at where each exit goes before heading off. However, I reccomend the middle path.

Another thing, what is your gender? The bioscan didn't reveal that. Organics are so hard to tell apart. You'd look much better is a sleek metal chasis~ Have you given any thought to cybernetics?
No. 372643 ID: e3f578

Move straight ahead, Hok, we'll set up an auto-calculation program thing for attacking
[Create new program "Tank Attack", design for auto attacking with laser turrets when opposing targets enter range]
[Set all orange markers and flagship as opposing targets]
[Compile "Tank Attack" program]
[Execute "Tank Attack" program]
[Attempt to force hack into previously accessed network]
[Search and list available networks]
[Search for various virus attack programs]
[Play radio, set to rock station]
No. 372661 ID: 063c28

Damn, they have good techs. I assume they used a cryptographically strong fallback so we can't just break right back in? In that case, since they'll still be using the same radio bands...

[Crank all available transmitters to maximum output, emit jamming signal]

If we don't get to use their network, neither do they! Hopefully this'll stop them from coordinating to converge on us. Shame we didn't think to discharge all their weapons while we had the chance, though.

Anyway, let's head to the northmost exit. First priority is safety; we can worry about getting to this destination once we've lost our pursuit. Barreling straight down there at full speed should let us blow past all but one of them. I guess we can't use weapons in speed mode? We could trigger hyper hover and afterburners simultaneously to just jump over the guy and leave him scrambling to turn around and give chace, or we could go for a straight-up fight, which is probably what they expect and which will increase the risk of reinforcements showing up, jamming or no. I say we go for the speed plan.

Let's not forget to shut off the jamming once we get out of here, assuming it works at all. It'll interrupt their network but it also makes us easier to track
No. 372688 ID: 0d7a83
File 132399822312.png - (61.36KB , 700x700 , battlangaems.png )

Don't worry bro I've put together this Tactical Map of Tactics to show the way. Basically the orange lines show likely routes the cops will take, and the green line is the route I believe would be the safest, because while it may require combating a cop in the more enclosed environment of the canyons(?) it is the only route that has a chance of avoiding the cops altogether, and it is the only route that has virtually no chance of encountering 2 cops together.If you decide to take this route it would be a good idea to activate the combat mode when within the red circled area. The second route (shown in a dashed line) would get you to the best exit but runs the major risk of encountering up to 5 cops at once, so I wouldn't recommend it.
No. 372722 ID: d6af4f
File 132400418269.png - (88.73KB , 700x700 , 40.png )

"I am a hermaphrodite! In general. Right now, I have no sexual organs. I can grow them as needed. We've had a hell of an evolutionary trainwreck. I typically call myself a he, but I won't hate you if you call me she! And I've been perfectly fine with an all natural look, thank you very much. But really, let's get back to pressing matters. It seems like you guys are well between top and middle. I wanted to go right, so let's compromise to the middle."

Prepping turret auto-aim. Beginning re-hacking into previous datalink. ETA unknown. No viruses available in current resources. Setting transmitters on maximum to jam radio signals. Projected chance of success: 89% Now playing rock music.
No. 372724 ID: d6af4f
File 132400425613.png - (53.20KB , 700x700 , 41.png )

"Excellent! It's almost definite they can't speak to each other. They'll hunt me down for a long ways, but this way, they won't be able to coordinate attacks together.

We don't know where the one around these passages went went. We're in the canyons now as indicated, or tunnels perhaps is a better name for it. He could be around any corner at this point.

We can still use weapons in speed mode, but their accuracy plummets. A sure hit becomes a probable hit, a good hit becomes a maybe."
No. 372727 ID: cdb8cb

Strafe the cliffs to the right as we swing to the left! Wait, are you steering or firing?
No. 372730 ID: 1854db

He's still got the wheel. We'll zap to the right, I guess.
No. 372733 ID: 453e62

need to move past the opening in a way so we can get all three guns pointed at where they would appear it. 3 times chance of something hitting.

aka, strafe!
No. 372833 ID: d6af4f
File 132403275020.png - (31.93KB , 800x700 , 42.png )

>Strafe right

"Yeah I've got the wheel. And sorry, I can't describe in detail what's beyond the arrows right now, I have to see the terrain to remember where to go. Strafing ri-"

Turrets auto aiming, firing! Enemy missile preparing to launch Turret confirmed hit! Enemy missile fails to launch! ATV #16 confirmed as disabled. ID kicked from datalink; no longer valid. Continuing hacking... Enemies sighted at ~ 110 degrees! Enemy missile inbound! Enemy missile inbound!

"Crap, two missiles!"
No. 372838 ID: 453e62

hit reverse hard and start driving backwards!
[turrets begin tracking and shoot weak rapid fire pulses at missiles.]
No. 372862 ID: 2f56b8

This, it should be easy to hit and intercept them, seeing as how they are coming straight at us.
No. 372877 ID: 1854db

Hey, 110 degrees is not ahead of us, guys. We should keep going forwards.
No. 372885 ID: 0583a2

get the fuck into that northern tunnel.
No. 372887 ID: 189c9a

Steer north into the tunnel we were going to go into anyway, hugging the wall to try to put the curves between us and the enemy as soon as possible. And let's get those turrets angled back to try shooting the missiles down.
No. 372925 ID: cdb8cb


Oh god. It's a really really good thing we're not driving.
No. 372995 ID: 063c28

If the missiles aren't smart enough to run a scout/remote control program, they can't do serious terrain avoidance. [Trigger afterburners] into the north tunnel and the missiles will lose line of sight. If we get lucky, they'll collapse the tunnel behind us, too. [Spam lasers at the missiles] simultaneously on the off chance that one gets close anyway. And also because they're pretty.

Stay in speed mode for all this, of course.
No. 373009 ID: d6af4f
File 132411824110.png - (73.14KB , 700x700 , 43.png )

>Go in reverse
>It's a really really good thing we're not driving.

"But that's a nice idea! We'll reverse into the north tunnel."

Driver inputting reverse mode! Displaying rear cam.

Turrets burst fire initiated. Warning - Speed mode active Miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss

"The missiles are barely homing and don't do a good job of avoiding terrain, but they are quick! Oh yeah. Afterburners."

Afterburners activated! miss miss miss --
No. 373010 ID: d6af4f
File 132411829540.png - (19.02KB , 700x700 , 44.png )

Missile hit! Missile #2's tractory gone haywire!

"Yes! That should throw off the other, and we're going to cut enough of the corner to clear debris!"

Hacking complete! Datalink breached - available for re-entry.
No. 373012 ID: 453e62

[set Ids to random walk have them flip between friend and foe at random and declare themselves at locations they are not]
No. 373015 ID: e3f578

[Lockdown encrypting systems]
if not:
[Slow encrypting process]
[Insert plant virus for instant easy rehacking]

Now for other stuff
[Initiate silent self destruct on all enemy tanks and flagship]
[Close missle turrets, arm and explode all missiles in enemies' tank inventory]
[Delete all programs and functions excluding self destruct for enemy tanks and flagship] (Hopefully this includes stuff like auto-targeting data and shit that makes firing weapons easy)
[Spam most recently and most accessed results on all display interfaces we can access excluding Hok's tank]
[List recently and most accessed results for Hok, nonspaming varient] (Just so Hok can give us the dirt on what he likes)
No. 373051 ID: 4bdd79

No. 373055 ID: d6af4f
File 132414235549.png - (33.55KB , 700x700 , 45.png )

IDs randomating... Planting bug to assist re-hack... Flipping values between enemy and allies... Bloodsaw documents not found. No history of existing in this database. User:LAKKAT freezing standard functions. Freeze OVERRIDDEN Initiating silent self destruct. Arming missiles to timed explosions, disabling firing mechanisms. Deleting remaining functions.

User:LAKKAT located planted bug. Attempting to delete. Access denied. User:LAKKAT cancelling self-destruct. Function not found. Opening missile fire mechanism. Function not found.

>"Whatever is on your mind, ORDER IT!"

User:LAKKAT using <UNIDENTIFIED> public radio signal.
>"This is Operation Superintendent Lakkat to all tank commanders! Order evacuation within 20 seconds! All able bodies and resources are to pursue Hok on motorcycles. Do not use any communications, and maintain radio silence."
No. 373056 ID: d6af4f
File 132414237092.png - (19.62KB , 700x700 , 46.png )

Disconnected from datalink. Datalink offline. Displaying recent files regarding "Hok."

"Oh! I completely forgot they have fast motorcycles and that stuff that can launch out of the back. They might be able to catch up before long, but we can get a good lead before they do.

We've got another section to go through, having gone through the mid route. Both should put us in the clearing all the way to the fort, but the most direct way, to the east, will give enough time for them to catch up to us about halfway through, and we'll have to fight. If we go through the canyons, we may run into much fewer.

Do we head north or east, with the tank or on the faster motorcycles?"
No. 373059 ID: 063c28

How well-armed are the motorcycles? It seems like killing that sort of thing is what a tank's perfect for, even with just our laser turrets.

Nonetheless, let's avoid contact while we can, and do our best to keep this tank ours and whole; it'll be a valuable asset if we can escape with it. Now that they've abandoned communications, if we [disable all active local transmitters], we should be impossible to locate even for those that do have a vague idea where we went.

So, take the north route, remaining out of line of sight of the enemies whenever not completely impossible.

Hok, why don't you give us the wheel for now while you look over any of these files which strike your interest?

Also, we seem to have temporarily forgotten the most reliable way for finding porn directories:
[locate and display directory containing the largest number of video/image files]

Is it really going to take ≥20 seconds for their ordinance to explode? Also, I want to smack all you guys who neglected to disable the self-destruct countdown.
No. 373062 ID: 453e62

could be that selfdestruct.exe is built with the countdown and we would of needed to reprogram it for it to work faster. and a tank should be able to brush off motorcycles a few at a time easy. it's when small arms all shoot at once. as tsoalr said, that's a whole lot of diddly!
[identify radio signal]
No. 373078 ID: a2fa74

[Abort self-destructs and de-arm missiles as soon as the crews leave their vehicles]
[Seal vehicles to access from the outside]
[Switch vehicles to Speed mode]
[Move vehicles to cover Hok]
[Target hostile Motorcycles]

Ever think that was intentional?~
No. 373084 ID: e3f578

you forgot
[Copy functions from Hok's tank]
[Send all functions to enemy tanks]
[Keep sending false display warnings at all times on enemy tanks]
[Lockdown entrances and exits to tanks]
[Set all empty veihicles as friendly]
[Set all motorcycles as enemy]

Here's a more automatic set-up so we don't have to issue orders yet
[Send "Tank Attack" program to friendly vehicles]
[Create "Tank Maneuver" program with high levels of AI to intelligently move through the caverns and take down enemy motorcycles, but with no personality to prevent sentience similar to ourselves]
[Compile "Tank Maneuver" program]
[Send "Tank Maneuver program to friendly vehicles]
[Establish private radio channel "TGCHAN's PARTY TIME" with initials "TPT"]
[Set all tanks radio channels to receive "TPT"]
[Set maneuver programs AI to accept new orders from "TPT"]
[Encrypt "TPT" signal]
OR just make up your own radio channel name if that sounds lame
No. 373086 ID: e3f578

Oh shit I forgot about flagship! We have that now too!
[Restore flagship functions]
[Get information on flagship's capabilities]
[Set up a non-sentient, high-level AI to pilot and fire it]
[Set flagship radio channel to "TPT"]
[Set AI to take orders from "TPT"]

Hey Hok, if we win this fight, your going to get some serious fucking bank with the loot we just rolled up with. A lot of tanks and a fucking flagship. And I can tell we've just embarrassed the shit out of the Iron Cove police, their chief is gonna be like all action movie chief, getting pissed off at the survivors for losing you and all the tanks and flagship. Can you give us information on your ally's, so we don't accidentally blow them up with our "Tank Attack" program?
No. 373094 ID: 1854db

Guys, the datalink is offline. They killed all transmissions. We can't do any more hacking.

I say we get in the maze and lose them, or roam around like a predator. Chances are they'll split up to find us, and I'm positive that motorcycles are weaker than our tank. We can take them all out. Switch to combat mode once we get in there, obviously.

Or fuck it, just fight the ones to the east. I want to see how well we can do.
No. 373109 ID: e3f578

So uhh
[Use bug]
[Search any and all signals coming from tanks and flagship]
[Access any available signals]
[Set previous datalink to online]

Just trying to do things here. They might not work, they might, hopefully the bugs are in the tank's system themselves. I mean, we were in all of their hard spaces deleting every function and everything pretty much and put something in. They've probably got some sort of soft-link access or something anyway, outputting a signal.

If it doesn't work, no big then. Just would have been cool to have out own armada of tanks. Sorry Hok if that's the case.
No. 373180 ID: d6af4f
File 132417977091.png - (83.22KB , 700x700 , 47.png )

Tracing radio signal... No transmissions active. Attempting to execute orders to all other tanks... No datalink detected. All tanks offline. No signals. Unable to turn datalink on.

"Wow, they really did shut all communications off. I don't think we'll be able to mess with them. We're deaf, but so are they. Those self destructs have lots of accident proofs, so it's amazing enough you could bug out the system enough to break it. That's why Lakkat ordered the evacuation, they're all going up to smoke in ab-"


"--now. But don't worry about it. Sure, I lost some serious bank, but I didn't gain a war. Oh, sure, they want me enough to send what seems like half their police force, but if I killed them all? It'd be a mess, in practice and in conscious. I feel a little weird that I feel a little relieved that they made it out, even if they're on the way to kill me."
No. 373183 ID: 453e62

get around a bend and switch modes, take em by surprise.
No. 373186 ID: e3f578

Well just keep going in reverse to the north. It seems we've done everything we can if we can't hack into those motorcycles, now it's up to you to drive through stuff.

Just how much longer until you think we'll get where you want us to? we'd like to know more about your allies.
No. 373188 ID: 0ef5d9

so uh if the tanks have bikes, don't YOU have a motorcycle in THIS tank? A motorcycle you could ride on? A motorcycle which could potentially operate independently of this tank? There's all sorts of options if there's a bike in the back.
No. 373195 ID: d6af4f
File 132418218052.png - (34.10KB , 700x700 , 48.png )

>How well armed are the motorcycles?"

"No powerhouses, but they're actually kind of large, with side-cubbies. We'll probably see some 'zooka's, and strength in numbers. They're definitely desperate though, and aren't afraid to lose some numbers.

I'm not keen on killing all of them anyway. Just don't underestimate their equipment. For one thing, they had something that could get through our jammers, no matter how makeshift it was."

>Release the wheel to look over files
"Huh, you mean mine? Every last one of those files are half-kept paperwork saying what the crime was and who's involved. I already know all that stuff. You can view that stuff if you care, though.

Yes, I should have made that question clearer! We do have motorcycles. I can eject out of this at moments notice, and likely stay ahead of them. The only thing missing would be having a tank.

You know, I said I'm relieved they didn't all die, but I have no qualms about fighting them. Should we gun it in speed mode, or switch to combat mode and fight probably more?"
No. 373197 ID: e3f578

Motorcycles are probably faster than you even in speed mode so just keep reversing north in the passages while trying to keep track of them in combat mode.
No. 373200 ID: 1854db

I see what you're suggesting.

We take control of a bike, and give supporting fire? Or make a program that can control it remotely and follow our orders?
No. 373203 ID: e3f578

I thought about this too, only the other way around. use the Tank Maneuver program, adjusted to flle and fight sporadically, that went to waste while Hok and us speeds to safety using the bike while the tank distracts everyone.

This would require Hok to stay out of sight though, to not ruin the distraction. ANd to cash in the tank, make a program that activates after a set amount of time to send it to the coordinates of Hok's allies' base. But as a safety measure, leave another program to delete the coordinate data if the tank enters critical condition. If it somehow survives that, we should leave it connected to a customized, private data link to control it again then order it back to base.

Oh wait, Just a sec, have to check something
[Scan tank for emitting signals, primary focus GPS and tracking]
[Remove emitting tracking GPS signal]
No. 373208 ID: a2fa74

Combat mode.
We're an AI, so making called shots to their tires isn't going to be much of a problem. A quick little pulse would be enough to cause a blow-out and disable the vehicle, but would be far less lethal than targeting the people.
For that we need the extra accuracy combat mode provides.
No. 373231 ID: 32e092

They don't have tires. We could probably shoot out their hover units, but they'd have plenty of opportunity to fire on us as we did so, and we won't be able to shoot down every rocket. Still, I like our odds in combat mode better than speed at this point—let's just stick to narrow passages so they can only approach us a few at a time, and risk hitting each other.

In the meantime, let's have some light reading. [Open available Hok files]

You know, I'm down with the whole "not remorselessly murderous" shtick. This is only self-defense, after all; we're just doing what's necessary to escape.
No. 373254 ID: cdb8cb


We can't take control of a bike we need to be here overriding the self destruct and

>> a motorcycle
>> protecting a large vehicle

Do we get a buster sword? C:
No. 373314 ID: de237c

You know this place better than us. Are there any places where the canyons walls are fragile or have overhangs or crossbridges we can make drop down with a missile or a bit of concentrated laser fire?

Presumbly the bikes have, if at all, a much weaker hyper hover than our tank and we can close paths as we pass them and force the bikes to reroute.
No. 373329 ID: d6af4f
File 132422997435.png - (29.02KB , 700x700 , 49.png )

>Make an AI program to auto pilot/fight the tank, as Hok sneaks out (with AI) on a motorcycle.

"This is a good idea! If the tank is destroyed, then they might think I'm dead too. That could be more valuable than the tank. Let's keep this as an option while things come along and develop."

>Close paths

"Also a good idea! Our turrets will probably do a poor job, but we've got two missiles, and the rock faces here are brittle. This will buy us time for sure. Here goes, this is as good a spot as any. Even if it doesn't completely block it off, they'll have a lot more difficulty navigating it, hovercraft or no."

Missile fired!

>Open Hok files
Displaying summary of the top file from previous list. Remaining 9 still available on request.
"'General mayhem?' I'm not in it for the laughs!"
No. 373330 ID: d6af4f
File 132422999060.png - (25.98KB , 700x700 , 50.png )

"One missile left, and we're probably going to see some motorcycl-"

Hostiles incoming!


3 motorcycles found. 8 occupants total. Warning - Hover cancellation ammunition found on M-09 #2, southwest.

"Shit, they've got bazooka rounds that bug out their own hover systems. And such high ranking officers after me, too! I'll be flattered later, we can not get hit by those if we want the tank."
No. 373335 ID: 9c7c3b

Missle at the one with the special ammo.
No. 373340 ID: cf49fc

Tweak the steering a little to the left. Just a little. They'll go BOOM!
No. 373344 ID: e3f578

Hey, one of those officers has a long tail like you! Another mikluk is chasing you!

I suggest taking cover, waiting around the bend then blow them all the fuck up when the turn to face you and shoot the rest with turret fire. Only use missile on #2 though since that's the biggest threat. It will probably head straight for you rather then try and circle around the other way like the other two will. Just a hunch, but that #2 really wants to use those special rounds and will take the quickest path to intercept you.
No. 373353 ID: 0583a2

don't waste the missle until you're sure it won't miss the fast bike. stay in speed mode to put off interception as long as possible. keep the lasers working.
No. 373416 ID: d6af4f
File 132425690943.png - (65.70KB , 600x583 , 51.png )

>Use a missile

"I'll hang around a corner to make sure it hits."

>Miklik officer
"Must be old Officer Pippin. Him and the other officers are hot blooded by default, but they all have personal beef with me as well. I'm sure that's why they're doing something so reckless here. I've killed a couple of the human's friends. Lakkat is responsible for half of the operational organization in the force, and my actions have made him lose a lot of hair, and injured his pride. And Pippin, the miklik, well, we've had lots of indirect interaction. Lots of "what will the other person do if I do this," yet know lots about each other considering we've never talked. I think that this button will hold the first real, direct interaction we've had. I know I'm rambling, but I can't get over how much history is closing from pushing down my finger.

Missile Fired! Confirmed hit! Miklik death: confirmed. Human death: unconfirmed. Neumono death: Negative Anti-hover ammunition detected, and intact.

"Lakkat lived. Shiiit. Apparently the missile didn't hit hard enough to make the anti hover shell blow. Lakkat might be trouble later, if another motorcycle picks him up. Think we should spend a moment to finish him off? He might not be dead, but I'd bet the farm he's knocked out."
No. 373418 ID: e3f578

You're going to be flanked in a moment by two bikes. Since escape is impossible, you should take out their leader and morale will be lower, so finish him off and engage the next motorcycle coming for you to the south. He'll be lined up with little room to maneuver if I'm correct and easy to finish off and he presents less threat than number 2.

Sayonara Officer Pippin, Sayonara.

Once you've taken care of Lakkat and the southern motorcycle, hug the corners again, this time facing north, to trap the other two in bad spots. Then switch to speed mode and get the fuck out of here.
No. 373485 ID: 1854db

We're in the home stretch. How about we switch to speed mode instead?

...wait how are they even cutting us off? They shouldn't be able to coordinate.
No. 373486 ID: 0583a2

oh oh run him over
No. 373494 ID: 44766a

FINISH HIM! No, seriously if you let him go he is just going to be a bigger pain in the ass later.
No. 373500 ID: 1854db

I thought we were avoiding needless killing? We can escape before he catches up, surely.
No. 373502 ID: 32e092

There's avoiding needless killing, and there's genre-savviness. If you know for a fact that this guy is going to come after you again and again, then kill him now. If he's likely to give up and leave you alone, along with all his forces, let him be—but I doubt that's the case.

Killing the boss and the associated loss of morale and coordination should prevent far more unnecessary deaths than letting him live.
No. 373543 ID: 0fd2bf

Form the jailbreak files I gather Nokshra is a major opponent of Iron Cove police, but who is Nokshra exactly? Also what is his relationship with Lakkat? Would Nokshra be interested in meeting/acquiring a captured Lakkat? Also do we gain Nokshra's favor or enmity by being responsible for Lakkat's death?

You know, if Lakkat is really out of it, this is a police tank. It should have compartments for secure prisoner transport. Could we give Lakkat another hearty bump to the head with the tank, he is neumono after all, and then put him in an empty cell in the back of our tank? And pick up that shell, too? With empty I mean not the place where we packed the weapons and the Bio-Armor, because Lakkat would probably be one of those 6% percent of neumono who can use that armor.

Actually, now that I think about it, better not collect him. He is probably the neumono meant to receive the Bio-Armor as gift in the first place. Most likely the guys who put you in that storage safe used it as a kind of dead drop to make a deal/bribe with Iron Cove or specifically Lakkat. You and the Bio-Armor for protection, or non-interference, maybe.
No. 373557 ID: d6af4f
File 132432489365.png - (30.56KB , 700x700 , 52.png )

>Finish him

"He's not actually the boss, but he's way up there. Yes, we were avoiding needless killing, and I don't think this is needless. Anyways, they're able to cut us off because they can comb the canyonways, using good old fashioned hand signals. We won't see any elaborate, coordinated strikes is all.

Let's see, let's see.... "

Bio scanning complete. Neumono found.

"Ah, there are you, old bud- what the hell, you're awake? God damn, man, that bio armor was for you wasn't it? Why are you smiling?"
>"Hok... you son of a bitch. You're doing real well for yourself, these days. I'm smiling because I told Rokoa about the bio armor."
No. 373560 ID: d6af4f
File 132432506895.png - (25.96KB , 700x700 , 53.png )

"Nokshra was a plain neumono emissary; and I don't know as much about what he was doing in this region as I'd like. I tried to get Rokoa, his bodyguard, to spill the beans, but she was uncooperative. I'm as much a merchant of information as anything, so I'm going to take a moment here, time constraints or not, after Lakkat just dropping the fact that he has some relations with Rokoa."

"How does she know? Make it snappy, I'm on a time table!"

>"I told her. Why? I like her, and wanted her to know, knowing she'd come after whoever has that armor if this went wrong like it did. You should know how she is about junk like that."

"You've got to be kidding. I like being well informed, you know, and Rokoa didn't help me out when I rescued her from the jailbreak. You two were in cahoots this whole time? Seriously?"

>"Yeah. Enemies can be friends, too. Well, not for you and me. But... I'm glad you aren't trigger happy and gave me a moment, as dumb as you are for letting me stall you. You're right to kill me, I'll hunt you for as long as I live. But I'd like you to give this thumb drive to Rokoa, when she comes for you. Who knows, she may not kill you."
No. 373562 ID: 453e62

tail whip his head with the tank and throw him in a holding cell.
No. 373563 ID: e3f578

Scold him for making this too personal for a pirate cop's own good, and the good of his men. He should have tried to do this cost-efficiently for money. It's logical Iron Cove don't do what they do for the greater good and they'd probably acknowledge that. Then kill him dramatically as we pan our camera to your face with the laser's light glancing off it it, movie-style.

Then seriously take out the motherfucker coming around the corner and quickly get the tank behind southern cover because your about to have three of them on top of you if you don't hurry up.
No. 373564 ID: 1854db

Honor the man's last request. We'll check it out, of course.
No. 373566 ID: 1444d5

How large are these anti-hover shells? And can they be activated manually?
No. 373569 ID: 437934

ugh, a friendly rival. why must they be so damn pleasant to have in your life?

fine, you may let him live if you wish.
No. 373571 ID: d6af4f
File 132433292806.png - (50.19KB , 700x700 , 54.png )

"Lakkat, why do you have to go and get all personal just before I turret your face off? You almost make me want to spare you. "
>"Cry me a river."

"Every instinct I've got tells me to kill him, but I did say I didn't like murdering people, and the blood is starting to run cold."

Hostiles incoming - auto firing turrets. Confirmed hit! No enemy shots fired.

"Unlike them. Oh, and anti hover shells are about the size of a bowling ball, and three times as heavy.

There's no real holding cell, but we can toss him in the back where the motorcycles deploy and lock all the doors and motorcycle deployment systems. So how about it? Spare him? On one hand, I might be able to fill in my missing info about why the main neumono faction has anything to do with the iron cove, but on the other hand...

Lakkat, if I let you live, would you keep trying to kill me?"
>"Until the day either of of dies."

"On the other hand, that."
No. 373574 ID: e4003e

Bring him along. Information is valuable. and we could cut his legs off to keep him from chasing us. Just a thought.
No. 373579 ID: 1854db

I think killing him would be less cruel than anything we would do to keep him harmless. Also, there's the fact that we don't have TIME to stuff him in the back.
No. 373580 ID: 1854db

In fact, let us pull the trigger.
[turret Lakkat's face off upon agreement to do so]
No. 373584 ID: 437934

so... very... ambivalent...
No. 373586 ID: 784dcc

rolled 2 = 2

1 = kill 2-3 = spare
No. 373588 ID: 0d7a83

He's a threat to your life, Hok. You only get one of those.
No. 373594 ID: 453e62

No. 373597 ID: e3f578

Kill, we'll be engaging more hostiles by the minute if we spare him
You know I find it weird out our auto shoot stuff hasn't killed him actually. did you turn that off yourself or did we program it for only vehicles? Maybe the missile is fucking with the auto-detect stuff.
No. 373598 ID: 32e092

Kill him. It sucks, but so does he. Politeness doesn't change anything at all; in fact, it's likely that he's trying to induce this uncertainty.

Let's fry that anti-hover shell while we're at it.
No. 373606 ID: cdb8cb

Well aren't we just a murderous little AI. Why don't we kill him, and you try to stop us? That way your conscience is clear! [auto-turret!]
No. 373609 ID: 1e04fc

No mess, no fuss. Kill him.
No. 373630 ID: 1e3433

We've done the math.
You should kill him.
No. 373650 ID: d6af4f
File 132436234250.png - (28.12KB , 700x700 , 55.png )

"Toss your drive by the door. I'll get it to Rokoa."
>"Thanks. Don't look at it on your own, bastard."
No. 373651 ID: d6af4f
File 132436237318.png - (69.99KB , 700x700 , 56.png )

Turret fired! Confirmed hit. Neumono critically injured. ... Neumono death confirmed.

"I'll pick up the drive now, then haul ass, I've wasted enough of our time!"

Oh, right, and...
Turret fired! Anti hover shell destroyed.
No. 373652 ID: d6af4f
File 132436243345.png - (7.41KB , 385x401 , 57.png )

A few minutes pass.

"They don't seem enthusiastic anymore to get to me. I think seeing the wreckage of the higher ups may have scared them off more than I would have thought. I guess they have a limit to morale after all. They can't do much more than scratch the hull anyway. It's smooth sailing to the fort, now."
No. 373654 ID: d6af4f
File 132436253945.png - (93.23KB , 700x700 , 58.png )

"And there it is. It doesn't look by much, but its where the canyons start thinning out, and the fort is built on a location where different regions can be connected, making it a nice central hub, strategically and economically. It also make it difficult to defend, since it can easily be surrounded."

Receiving message:
>"You are far out of your jurisdiction, police. Turn back. You have three seconds."

"Hold on! It's me, your best buddy!"
>"Someone who got rid of Hok?"
"You're such a charmer, Agnes. Seriously, let me in, it's been awhile! And you're shining the flood lights right into me!"
>"I know. You are nothing but trouble. Go ahead. Go ahead and give us reasons why it's a bad idea to turn you away."

"That's Agnes. So negative."
No. 373659 ID: 1854db

Because you've got this awesome tank they could use, and a motorcycle in the back, and an AI that can break security like nothing's business, and you're so lovable, and you've got a top-tier bio-suit...
No. 373661 ID: e4003e

We have that flash drive don't that is allegedly full of juicy information. Failing that we can just barter your dashing good looks and charming personality.
No. 373679 ID: 32e092

Don't just give away the tank, mind, but make it clear that you've got high end trade goods. Also, just in case, don't reveal that we exist just yet.

Hey, that gives me a thought. How hard would it be to make copies of us?

Anyway: Told you that approach would result in fewer deaths overall! Thanks to your rational thinking at that moment, several more people are going home safe tonight and you're less likely to have to deal with another attack from the same group.
No. 373699 ID: d6af4f
File 132438228680.png - (35.09KB , 800x800 , 59.png )

"Copies? You guys? Nope, no one I ever knew ever knew anyone who ever knew anyone who can build or copy you guys. Attempts to clone via copy paste just ends up with some ineffectual, vegetative copies. Now then, to worm my way back inside."

"Because I'm very loveable, with dashing good looks and a ch--"

Warning. Enemy lock-on commencing.

"I've got trade goods! Damn good ones!"

Warning - enemy shot charging.

"And a compilation AI without a limiter!"
>"... as customary, you will thank Tin for being the sole reason we allow you in."

"Okay, I panicked there. Nothing creeps me out like Agnes. Don't tell her I said that. It's fine though, I did say I would bring you here for a reason that wasn't to keep you a secret!"
No. 373700 ID: d6af4f
File 132438238534.png - (12.89KB , 700x700 , 60.png )

Tank docked. A.I. Disconnected

"Just a heads up, Tin is sort of the leader of the place. Out of all the people who know me, she's the one that likes me the most!"
"Loud and clear, Agnes?"
>"Good, the intercom is still working. Go to the third floor, I've alerted Tin. As usual, we will move your belongings to your quarters. Your room is one of the few things remaining intact. I do not believe in a higher power, but if I did, I would believe it to be cruel and unjust."
"You're very charming, Agnes. What do you mean, remaining intact, what happened?..."
No. 373701 ID: d6af4f
File 132438244482.png - (99.12KB , 1000x700 , 61.png )

"Wow. Did a tornado swipe up a nuclear powered freighter that was transporting dynamite?"
>"Subterranean missiles. We got another attack, no thanks to you. Our trading area is fine.""

"Yeah, this place is, um, under what I will call 'constant renovations.'" Looks like we're going to be rebuilding again! I'll go straight to Tin now.
No. 373702 ID: d6af4f
File 132438253023.png - (12.37KB , 700x700 , 62.png )

"Greetings, dearest lady fri-"
>"Cut the crap, Hok. You just made us two red shades higher on the Iron Cove Fuck List. Explain."
"I can make up for it! I have A.I.!"
>"You mean the A.I. can pull all your weight, all you did was bring them over. At least Lakkat can't hack us so easily with A.I."
"Well, actually, he also can't hack mostly because he's dead."
>".. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing."
"Whhhaaaat, why would you think that's a bad thing?!"
>"Because the Iron Cove takes killing their higher ups very personally."
"Oh, right."
>"Just hand me the AI already. It's nice something might go right."
No. 373703 ID: d6af4f
File 132438259524.png - (25.14KB , 1029x977 , 63.png )

A.I. connected to fortress! Downloading databanks and functions. One moment...

>"Welcome to our little abode. Just remember that I can unplug you at any time, if you try anything funny."
"Come on Tin, don't get all threatening! They're trustworthy. So, you guys, since we finally have a moment, what would you like to know?"
No. 373704 ID: 7c31d2

Have you ever gotten freaky with your tail before?
No. 373706 ID: 453e62

just a sec, all these new files are making me a little woozy.
okay, hello. how do things work around here?
also, you havea green think in the back of your hat, pretty purple eyes. and a nice paper airplane.
what should we be doing?

you shut up.
No. 373709 ID: 437934

No. 373712 ID: 88d0c4

stop, she will disconnect us...
No. 373715 ID: 1e3433

Some basic info would be nice.
Governments- ?
Organizations- Iron Cove, ?
Species - Miklik, Human, Neumono, ?
Technology - Bio suit/scanner, Hover, ?
No. 373716 ID: d292f2

Wow Tin, you're way cooler than Hok. Purple eyes, an awesome hat (Have you seen what he wears on his head? Embarrassing. Seriously.), and a totally badass attitude.

Will you adopt us?
No. 373717 ID: 7c31d2

Can we have your awesome hat?
No. 373718 ID: ea9fbf

You said this fortress is hugging a hub of routes. Where do they lead? Who are our new neighbors and how are relations? We've surmised there are open hostilities with some people from the damage.

Tell us about your shipbuilding effort. What kind of ship are you building? How far along are you? What do you need to complete the project?

We don't know anything about your personal history. Where did you grow up? Is Tin really your bets organic 'friend'?
No. 373721 ID: f31dfc

I must admit, that is a nice hat. I more a goggle person myself, but it is still nice.

Either way, we should be let in on the situation. Having some knowledge on how bad things are, damages done, and how to improve and fix said situation can help us improve and fix said situation.
No. 373722 ID: 0d7a83

Is one of your outfits sleeves longer than the other? I like it; asymmetrical's very in right now.
No. 373723 ID: 2f56b8

That is a VERY nice hat. I'm jelous, you know. So what's the situation? Neighbors? Goals? Replacing your feeble flesh with glorious steel? Notable figures of importance?
No. 373724 ID: e3f578

Actually, we're the ones that killed Lakkat, technically. We had control of the turrets at the time, if anyone's on Iron Cove's shitlist, it's actually us. If AIs can be on people's shitlist. Wouldn't surprise me if they really blame Hok though, wouldn't need much of a reason to put all of the blame on him. Blame is such a fickle thing.

Just saying, we're a reformatted AI. SO we don't actually know much about our functions or the world around us, we just randomly try things and ask questions about the world. Not even a thing about that defunct Star whatever company that made us and the vault we were on.

[list most used functions]
[list most recent searches by user "Tin"; bring up small dialog box with "May we please access your search history, a polite inquiry from this AI to learn more about you, the fort and our potential uses" and "Yes", "No" buttons; do not list if user clicks "No" button]

Hey does this place have internet access? We could probably annihilate Iron Cove from here if they're connected, unless they have their own AI, but we're pretty rare I take it. Just delete all functions again except self-destruct like we did with their flagships and tanks. Maybe leave little virus to eat up the network, getting most accessed files and the one's marked critical. Actually, we could just make up a few reports about Iron Cove being a terrorist cell to a more powerful government and BAM a war between Iron Cove and the big space government.
No. 373769 ID: 32e092

Pretty solid plans. Yeah, we can totally solve this Iron Cove problem once and for all—but we should try to do so in a matter that scatters/disarms them, not just slaughtering them all. We're not into that sort of thing, remember?

No. 373776 ID: e3f578

I don't see why not
They're glorified mercenaries posing as cops, make things very personal and they are very powerful. Slaughtering them all makes them a statistic. And we're AI, who gives a fuck about a bunch of meatbags we've never heard about. As long as we don't hear a single "I can't wait to go home and hug my newborn baby daughter. I'm so excited to see how she grows up" line from them, we won't have any real guilt-trips at all. Besides, that father's daughter was going to end up pissing him off as a teenager anyway.

All it takes is just editing a few old reports about the space government terror agency revealing a group as terrorists into implicating Iron Cove as a cell and we're fucking golden. They will run Iron Cove into the ground and set every high-ranking official for execution. Tin, Hok, just get us some of those files, maybe a few Iron Cove transmissions for added legitimacy and the problem is solved.
No. 373784 ID: 784dcc

Do miklik tails grow back if lost?
No. 373805 ID: b738b4

"Subterranean missiles"? What're those? Cruise missiles that can navigate the tunnels, or do they burrow right through the rock? That'd be something nasty to defend against, if they do.

Anyway. Down to business.
[list network devices and resources]
[access network log]
[search log for most recent cluster of disconnections; assume that is time of attack]
[compare current devices and resources to log right before assumed time of attack]

Tin, are any fortress resources or devices that are not network accessible we should know about?
No. 373808 ID: cdb8cb

Kill everyone in Iron Cove, then all the people who loved them become the next Iron Cove. No what you have to do about places like Iron Cove is humiliate them. We're talking thermonuclear ridicule here. Even if you can't convince the Iron Cove police that they're unneccessary and can just go home and chill, if you can convince everyone else then those kinds of gangs just sort of collapse under their own hubris. Cut off their supply, their support network. Make people feel like they could be better off taking care of themselves. It is in anarchy that you people thrive, and so the more of that you get the better.
No. 374004 ID: d6af4f
File 132448640090.png - (12.18KB , 700x700 , 64.png )

Databanks and functions downloaded. Databanks 87% Corrupted, retrieving available general information... Entities in connection to fort: Iron Cove, Neumono Hive, Lander's Port, Ocean Nexus, nomadic factions, Surface. Functions: Operate Turrets, Applicable Equipment, or any Misc operational gear with appropriate links. Access to all located electrical sources (lights, generators, etc.) I.L.M. Systems active on first floor only.

>One million questions

>"...First of all, my tail and my freakiness are all of my business and none of yours. Thank you for the compliments. The green card in my hat is identification. Agnes demands to see it frequently. I don't know why, but I don't like arguing with her, so I keep it available. Yes, the sleeves used to be long, but the left one got scuffed up, and it's been trimmed. And yes, I try to avoid looking at Hok's embarrassing choice of headgear. A miklik's tail can grow back, along with other limbs. Enough small talk."

>"Hacking Iron Cove through the internet won't be doable where we are now. It used to be that easy, but AI like you has existed in the past, and a full internet, combined with digital warfare, led to a near annihilation of any and all internet and network data. Now each organization has their own internet, and even then are quick to pull the plug on sections of it. Now don't worry about files from my search history or anyones. If it is in our database, you may have access to it. I'm not bashful, and if someone else is, screw 'em. Nothing interesting anyway, what little we've got left is barely worth a thing."
No. 374005 ID: d6af4f
File 132448640933.png - (12.45KB , 700x700 , 65.png )

>"Now, listen up. Up until now, Agnes has been using the ISM systems to move rubble. The ILM systems are all the robotic limbs and tools in the walls that can be used to manually repair, and build, simply objects. Much of it's been fucked up with the subterranean missile's love. Subterranean missiles dig right through rock. They're not that fast, but still hell to defend against. We'll worry about it later. Right now you can only use them on the first floor. Hok. Money time."

>"12000 zeny. You keep 2000. The rest is for the rent, we're keeping that to rebuild."
"That's h-
>"3 of them. 6000z total. You keep 1000."
"This cut is-"
>"Your rent's payment. Shut up and be thankful you have a place here at all. We need the money."
"Bio armor."
>"Could get at least a hundred grand for that, but we need time to find a buyer. Neumono stuff is real hard to sell; their hive doesn't barter like normal people."
No. 374006 ID: d6af4f
File 132448642150.png - (59.39KB , 500x1000 , 66.png )

>"Alright here's how it works. You got three floors, with a damn lot of rock between each floor. The whole system goes from as low as a building can go, to the surface. The first floor has the trading area, and rubble. The second floor is all rubble and scrap metal we can use later. The third floor is my office, and the entry way to the surface. The largest elevator is completely the the outside, it lets caravans move up and down to the trade district."

A- Surface
B- Nomadic factions, Neumono hive
C- Lander's Port
D- Iron Cove
E- Ocean Nexus

No. 374007 ID: d6af4f
File 132448643265.png - (12.08KB , 700x700 , 67.png )

>"And here's the general information. Population, money, and the first floor layout. Forget the second and third for now. For construction, you guys can build simple stuff freely, using the scrap metal, I really don't care what you build. You have access to all basic tools. In order to build the good stuff, we need skilled labor, blueprints, and when it comes down to it, science. In other words, if you feel a need for us to have our own tank manufacturing plant, you'll need to send some people on missions to get the science needed, either stealing digital databanks or bringing back someone who knows how to do that stuff.

>"Lastly, most of the personnel currently are simply skilled laborers for upkeep and services, but there are a few who you should know about. Me, the closest thing this fort's got to a central manager. Agnes, our operator, similar to what Lakkat was to the Iron Cove, who will manage details for you. Our wild card, Hok. Our quartermaster and personnel manager is called Kappi. Oh, and the Green Force is our paid mercenary group. They've been with us for so long that they're almost our permanent standing force. They're only paid to stick around and defend, but you can pay extra to send them out on missions like scouting, espionage, or flat out attacking, not that I'd recommend that last one right now. Anyways, you still would talk to Kappi about that. Just remember, you're not here to take command of every single small detail we've got like trade tax percentages and payroll amounts, but you can recommend general courses of actions like having more or less personnel for skilled labor."

"Hey, one of them asked about my ship!"

>"Your ship doesn't need science, it needs wizards. Forget it. Now, as you all have noticed, our databanks are damn well near empty. Hell, I keep paper documents now, we just kept on getting hacked. That shouldn't be an issue anymore, so if you find any detailed information that we don't have, on detailing species or factions or whatever, then feel free to upload 'em. Now, that was a mouthful. I bet I answered a whole quarter of your questions. There's a lot to do, but we can do it one at a time. Remember, our main goal is rebuilding, defenses, and gathering science for what you want to build. Like I said, I don't care what you build, we could use anything."
No. 374009 ID: 453e62

okay, let's see what we can do
[activate ILM system, begin moving all irregular rocks metals to scrap area, if life signs detected under scrap send query]
No. 374012 ID: 453e62

also, hacking the others can still be done, just really slowly. all we do is piggyback on legit packets, not all of them, but it will let us do anything really, just really slowly.
No. 374013 ID: 00d472

good idea.

and while you did say not to talk small stuff, you should watch out about said taxes. trade taxes kill economy, and the laffer curve is a thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laffer_curve#Theoretical_justification
No. 374020 ID: 437934

how about you tell us what we're missing? I don't even see a place to sleep on that map.
No. 374021 ID: e3f578

I suggest building an entertainment center for your internal population to give us some extra income. It should increase things like morale and ease stress of our workers as well. This place looks like it is dullsville when there isn't any attacks. We know there's music files on board Bloodsaw's ship we can use for some free music, but I think that guy was mainly a metal fan, but we can start by making some illegal copies and stuff and maybe open a bootleg store in the trade sector. There's probably all sorts of stuff on there too, both for entertainment and nice intel on Iron Cove, but send a guy that's decent with computers and an eye for these things in there to get it all. Any and all databases and vehicles we steal should have more media content to sell for profit aside from being able to sell them as vehicles.

We tried getting some cool stuff earlier from it, but to be honest there were a lot of options to try and so much chaos to manage. I'm guessing the porn industry has gone to shit without common internet access. So I also suggest strip clubs aside from common bars, arcades, gambling, and all other entertainment misc stuff.

[list all datalinks; display defense strengths if not allowed]
No. 374042 ID: 6a9fdc

Arms in the walls? Does...does that mean we can hug people? :Dc
No. 374044 ID: f31dfc

Food costs are a bit high. Why not some small gardens and the like to grow our own food? In a worse case scenario, having our own supply can help us when we are cut off.

A simple medical clinic and perhaps some visitor quarters can help as well. If caravans stay here longer, we could charge some small rent and perhaps have better chances to haggle deals.
No. 374048 ID: d6af4f
File 132450355233.png - (10.24KB , 700x700 , 68.png )

Speech focus will now be set to closest visual subject.

"Yeah, sure. You can talk about taxation if you actually like that stuff, the point being, is that when its a choice between 6.5 and 6.6% sales tax in a certain price logarithm, we'll worry about that. Yes, 90% would ruin revenue, and so would .3%."

"Yeah, anyone on the first floor I guess. Just get a little practice with fine motor skills before you try anything."

>No place to sleep
"... I knew I was forgetting about something."
>"Yep, Agnes did say my room was one of the few things remaining! That's on the second floor anyway." Hok says.
"Yes, please set up permanent quarters again, that would be nice. There's no reason to keep it on the second floor anymore."

"That's a good idea. We lack medical knowledge to make a clinic at the moment, ask Kappi to send out some agents to locate databanks and doctors. Yes, you heard me, we have no one with any more knowledge around here than how to use a first aid kid. As for gardens, we need lots of room in order to have effective yield, and we don't have the funds for that kind of project as of yet. Again, ask Kappi. We should remember this, though, when things settle down. Shorter term, we could benefit from having this place actually liveable, and we can have residents who aren't either employees, or Hok."

"Things are dull around here. Last time we had an entertainment, things got rowdy, but I'm willing to take that risk again. Yes, porn and music and the luxuries of life are rare, considering the technology we've got. Let me open communication with Kappi. He'll set you up with manpower."

ILM Activated. Rubble area designated, moving rubble. No life signs or corpses found underneath rubble. Beginning construction on residential zone and entertainment zone. Searching defenses: 2 turrets pointed to Iron Cove, 2 turrents pointed to Ocean Nexus. No other defenses on first floor found.
No. 374050 ID: d6af4f
File 132450368080.png - (23.13KB , 700x700 , 69.png )

"Greetings. Agnes has told the entire fort by now about your existence. We're happy to have an AI, we'll get that rubble out in no time. We'll help try and get the second floor ILM system on the second floor up asap. As soon as I heard "entertainment sector", I let myself be reminded that we are in dire need of one. We'll need to send out personnel to gather things like music, "music," and additional employees. It'll take a couple of days to gather all of that. If we want a good one soon, we should send 5 personnel to town to hire more entertainers and gather resources. If we really focus on things like entertainment and living quarters, then we may be able to become more than a trading fort. We can send more or less depending on how much you think it's a priority, but it will slow down our second floor repairing.

Oh, and defenses. A turret costs 10000 zeny, and can defend against a couple of tanks. We can get inner fortifications too, in case they breach. If the iron cove attacks in full, I would recommend 40 grand in defenses. I don't think they'll try to go through the second floor, it's way out of their way to make a path that way. And we don't need to fortify on the second floor, against the neumono hive, or lander's port, unless we piss them off. For money, we can send our mercenaries out to the surface, or to the iron cove outskirts to steal. Or just for espionage, but Tin told you all of that. Remember, we have 40 people making up our personnel, and 30 mercenaries. You tell me what you want 'em to do, and I'll make it happen."
No. 374051 ID: e3f578

The tank Hok delivered has SOME media, at least one metal song anyway, and access to radio. I suggested sending some personnel down to get data out of the tank, anything worthwhile anyway.

5 out of 40 personnel to gather all the resource required for an entertainment and living sector sounds good. And slowing down repair at the expense of making the process faster doesn't sound too bad. So I'd say 15 personnel should do the job of gathering everything.

I'd like to send some mercenaries to the surface for as well, maybe ten, fifteen? Stay clear of Iron Cove for now, we've pissed them off enough today
No. 374056 ID: 437934

you kinda look like a blue Lakkat. funky.

try building a kitchen, showers and some lavaroties too.
No. 374057 ID: e3f578

Hok, I recall you wanting to get some revenge on the people who stuck you inside that vault, before the whole incident with Iron Cove. What's the faction that stuck you in there for Iron Cove to find?
No. 374058 ID: 453e62

we got anyone good at setting up deals, have a bio armor that needs to get sold. unless you think you can handle it Kappi. ;)
No. 374061 ID: f31dfc

Getting some doctors or some medical staff would be a good idea. After all, losing someone due to infection would be pretty bad right now.

But yes, 10 to get music and entertainment stuff, 5 to find medical personnel and supplies.
No. 374062 ID: cdb8cb


Nice gimp suit.
No. 374091 ID: b738b4

What is Agnes anyway, other than really, really scary? We haven't seen her(?) species before.

Have you considered off-line or off-site backups for your important and valuable data. What with hackers and missiles nuking your network, figuratively and literally, that'd be an investment that would pay off with the next disaster.

Hey, what about that thumb drive Lakkat wanted Hok to get to Rokoa. Lakkat said to not look at what's on it, but he's dead, so what do we care. Almost certainly booby trapped, so thoroughly examine and scan it before put it on an ISOLATED computer, in case of viruses. Then grab a copy of everything on it.
No. 374095 ID: e3f578

He only did threaten Hok to not to look at the drive. Not us.
Anyone that can answer this question, how does one kill an AI? I mean, besides putting us into a packet thing and smashing it? We could guard against that right?
From the sound of things, Rokoa seems like someone to be very afraid of for an individual. If we're going to fuck with her stuff, we should prepare ourselves for danger. I don't want to underestimate resourceful organics.
No. 374099 ID: 2f56b8

How exactly we go about rebuilding this place is going to depend on what exactly you fragile me-ORGANICS are going to do with it. A place, however small, for recreation would be good for an increase of morale. So are you guys trying to make this place into a trading hub? Build a bandit fort to steal what you want from people? Replace your feeble flesh with glorious steel? Create a town/settlement? A military power?
No. 374209 ID: d6af4f
File 132454031659.png - (72.56KB , 700x700 , 70.png )

>>Send 15 for hiring and music gathering.
"Yeah, let me take a look at what this Bloodsaw fellow had... crush, kill, destroy? We'll put that right in the databanks for everyone, but that's not exactly club or bar music, you know? None that I'd visit anyway. Anyway, consider it done!"

"I once put on 20% as a test, back when I was in the neumono hive. It was like I fell in a vat of magma, and they told me that meant I could probably take a 40%. No thanks."

.... "That's not cool. Aren't those supposed to have zippers anyway? I don't even like goggles, but some people insisted, after I took some shrapnel to the face last week."

"Saying we all look the same, eh?.... that's kind of true. We look alike even to ourselves if we only have sight to go off of. It's a good thing our fur varies for everyone else. I'll help you guys set up basic blueprints, wide scale cafeterias, lavatories and showers can be included in a communal area."
No. 374210 ID: d6af4f
File 132454032974.png - (22.60KB , 700x700 , 71.png )

"Oh, this place started as a meeting grounds for traders ill suited for main town trades. Eventually enemies were made, protection was organized, people hung around to supply services for pay, and the next thing we know, we're a fort. We never really had a goal beyond that. If you build something that makes us military, we will be military. If you build residential areas, we will be a town.

Agnes is a Yich Eater. They're squishy centipede spidery things. Surprisingly smart, considering their anatomy! And wait, did one of you guys mention Rokoa? What brought her up?"
No. 374213 ID: d6af4f
File 132454043129.png - (89.63KB , 700x700 , 72.png )

The cameras are functional on all floors.

"Looks like you guys don't have much for privacy. Oh well. Yeah, I am interested in some cold revenge to the mafia, simply called the Zozu Family, but they're pretty far! Sure you could send some people on a nice, long hiking trip, but we could benefit from finding some data on predicting the ocean currents! Then we could move across far distances pretty quickly. Oh, wait, the Zozu's would have that information, I bet. That's a catch 22 alright. Meh, you guys went and piqued my curiosity over Lakkat's special little message! How about it? I don't mind if I "leave it lying around" and "a certain AI" "finds" "it"." Hok says.
No. 374221 ID: 784dcc

"Sure". That "sounds good"
No. 374224 ID: e3aff6

Since it was given to us by an enemy, we should open it on a computer we can quickly isolate in case it contains anything really nasty. If it actually is information, we should make a copy then remove any records of our accessing it.
No. 374227 ID: e3f578

[Send text message to Kippi, don't switch cameras]
That mention was meant for Hok really. Just discussing a little data dongle meant for Rokoa that the late Lakkat meant to given her along with the biosuit. He said not to access it despite freely giving it to us when he knwew we were going to kill him, so I'm guessing Rokoa is pretty dangerous for him to direct that threat at Hok, considering all that's going for him. If you have any data or personal knowledge on her, please forward it to us."

[Return to normal conversation with Hok]
Sure, we might keep it from you though, depends on the information inside. At least until the threat of Rokoa can be better determined. Give us an isolated system and we'll try our best to get it.
No. 374232 ID: 453e62

we can't do isolated systems, in order for US to accesses it we need to be connected and we are a computer. only way around it is on a computer and we access it using the robot arms.
No. 374234 ID: e3f578

I thought we could be taken out for a small bit, put inside the isolated system, then come back out.
Maybe just up the regular security using our weird AI powers so the base isn't really vulnerable for that small bit. Just go like
[Increase integrity of Base's System]
[Encrypt Base Data; email access keys to denizens of Base]
[Install Virus and Spyware Search and Destroy Bots]
[Upgrade Firewall]
And an experimental search about us and our capabilities
[Open AI Manual]
[Search keywords "Security", "Important Programs", "Capabilities" "Creator", "Lead Designer"]
No. 374236 ID: 453e62

firewalls and shit do jack shit if you open something horrible INSIDE the system. we ahve no idea what it does, could be a self replicating auto-deleter.
No. 374237 ID: e3f578

that's why I said we should go into an isolated system with that data packet. The firewall is for outside attacks while we're in the isolated system, transferred by a physical being like Tin or Hok. Tin said they keep getting hacked before they got us and hoped by having us we'd beef up datalink security.
No. 374238 ID: 32e092

Might as well leave this one going in the background:
[Begin stochastic databank recovery]
That should get at least some of what was lost back.
No. 374239 ID: e2d21e

we could use the robot arms and camera to work on a isolated pc
No. 374240 ID: cdb8cb

We need to put it in a box! And then we put that box inside another box, and then mail that box to ourselves. And when it arrives... AH HA HA HA HA, SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!
No. 374249 ID: d6af4f
File 132454998139.png - (27.81KB , 700x700 , 73.png )

>Mention Rokoa to Kippi
Reply from USER:Kappi
>"Rokoa... I've only seen her a couple times, but we didn't interact. I will say that the neumono hive works as a team, but when a need comes for a single unit, Rokoa is their trump card. She's a significant figure to them, in ways, as a breathe of individualism that neumono don't tend to have. Some hate it, some love it." Kappi says.

"Believe it or not, you guys kind of are a firewall, so that you can see the ins and outs of the system you're on. Don't worry, it's passive, and you'll be alerted if there's someone trying to batter down the walls. Not that it hurts making a backup firewall and security measures. Anyways, you're all fretting about it too much! If Lakkat could break your systems with a thumb drive, then he wouldn't have gotten his butt kicked back there so easily. Listen, I'd rather Tin doesn't know about this if possible, so I promise that me uploading it to the main database won't create any viruses you can't handle!"

Firewall updated. All systems normals. Searching AI manual... none found. Reformatted hours ago. Beginning attempts to restore databanks. ETA: Unknown
No. 374250 ID: d6af4f
File 132454999177.png - (6.15KB , 700x700 , 74.png )

Accessing Lakkat's file. No malicious code found. One sound file found.

>"Dear Rokoa. If you are hearing this, this means I am unable to pass this information off in person, and have somehow arranged this to get into your hands. If you are not Rokoa, then this is private information, and I ask you not continue, for all the good that would do.

>"I have hidden a stockpile for you inside of the glass museum, at sector 15-J-1. The plaque labeled "Courier's Twist" is false, and with a hammer, you may break it to reveal a small shaft. Inside is a hefty cache of valuables we have accumulated throughout the years we spent together, that we thought was lost. You deserve access as much as I do, and I feel comfortable sharing this information on a disk, as only you can make any significant value of it. It is placed as close to the Neumono hive as I am comfortable going. I hope this will clear bad vibrations between us."

End File
No. 374252 ID: 437934

[say hello to Agnes]
No. 374253 ID: 453e62

i am fairly certain that it would be better to give this over rather then use it. who knows how mad she will be if she finds out we took her stuff.
No. 374258 ID: 0fd2bf

[To Tin, Forward Copy to Kappi]
Where do we currently get our power and water from? How close to using the full capacity are we currently?
Also those subterranean missiles, how big are they? I don't expect they leave their path open so we can send something back down them, do they? Can we make use of their travel paths to expand our area? I mean the digging and the explosions should have weakened the walls.

>As for gardens, we need lots of room in order to have effective yield, and we don't have the funds for that kind of project as of yet.
How do you people feel about algae. seaweeds, crustaceans and fish? These kinds of foods don't need as much floor area for good yields.
Even if people here don't like them much, they make good fertilizer and feed for livestock.
For the usually soil grown plant foods, a garden alternative is vertical hydroponics. You can combine hydroponics with growing fresh water fish, too.
If we have/find someone with good aesthetic sense for the planning and design, we can even make parts as a kind of park.

What kind of quarters did you have? And what flavor do you want to have? For example barrack style, motel style, apartments. We could probably set up bunk beds in a community sleeping room with current resources right now. We can later make it the low cost transient quarters so nothing is wasted.

[search Database for "hydroponics", "aquaculture", "fish", "algae", "food", "farming"]
[search database for "quarters", "housing", "apartments", "barracks", "hotel", "roomng", "nest", "homes"]
[search database for "range", "shooting range", "personal arms", "personal weapons", "combat simulator", "simulator"]

[To Kappi]
So have we someone like that? Or even anyone at all who knows about running aquaculture or hydroponic farms?

>Green Force
How well trained are they? Do they have people with training experience? Could we for example hire some to give courses at a shooting range, free for residents and a fee for transients?

[To Hok]
Since you are an information business, maybe you know places where we can ... acquire ... blueprints and knowledge for
a) aquaculture and hydroponic farming,
b) quarters,
c) military training.
No. 374264 ID: 1854db

Yes, we should definitely honor the deal. This doesn't seem worth messing with. Besides, it's a dead man's last wish. Just not cool to twist that around for a few items we probably can't even do anything with.

Kappi, how risky would it be to send some mercs out to try to salvage some stuff from where Hok fought the Iron Cove? Oh yeah and let's build a third turret facing that direction... hey, are there any fortifications in front of the turrets?

[create a bit of fractal art with some spare scrap]
No. 374271 ID: 0fd2bf

Yeah, there is no use making Rokoa more upset with us. It sounds like Rokoa is one of those neumono who could use the 94% bio-armor, too. Since she is a problem solver for the neumono she gets outside often, should understand barter and has use for a good bio-armor. She could provide an in with the neumono hive. Selling the bio-armor on the open market may be less helpful than getting on her good side by giving, or selling vastly under value, the bio-armor to her.

Do we have an auction house or an bulletin board?

[to Tin]
Can you make a general announcement: "If you have items you don't mind taken apart and studied to generate our own blueprints please mail Kappi. Thank you." And we would like one of the motorcycles we brought in with Hok for study, too.

[to Kappi, Agnes and Tin, not sure who is proper]
What do the traders trade here? Can we get a list of what the current traders have declared and advertise to be on offering?
No. 374274 ID: 1444d5

That definitely sounds like a code, and it's likely anyone trying to actually follow the instructions as written would meet an unpleasant end.
No. 374299 ID: d6af4f
File 132458800295.png - (47.13KB , 700x700 , 75.png )

>Say hello to Agnes

"Hello." she replies.
No. 374300 ID: d6af4f
File 132458806070.png - (10.72KB , 700x700 , 76.png )

>To Tin; about current power and water; sub. missiles

"We trade for battery power and water. Those things are listed under 'food and supply.' The missiles are about one foot across, and wormlike in structure for a little bit of flexibility. We can't do much with their holes. At best, we could trace where they launched the missiles, but chances are they were launched from a nearby, temporary site that's been abandoned by now. For a garden, whatever works. We'll propose the idea when we get the second floor up and running.

These are my quarters, as are they my office. If we can have room, apartments would be nice. We can fit in small apartments for our current population, easily. The current default that you're building on the first floor is a mix of apartments for the permanent residents, motel rooms for traders who wish for them, and barracks for the Green Force."

Searching database... hydroponics, farming and similar tags not found. Housing: Basic blueprints and designs available. Shooting range, combat, weapons and similar tags not available. See Green Force leader.

>Make an announcement to donate items for reverse engineering.
"Sure, why not. I don't expect much to come out of it though, unless we've got a golden heart somewhere on the premises."
No. 374302 ID: d6af4f
File 132458831212.png - (72.73KB , 700x700 , 77.png )

>To Kappi; What do the traders trade?
"Anything, to put it bluntly. I'll say for all of you that a lot of us come here because we can't do business in main towns. In other words, many people come here either to sell illicit goods in order to not break the law, or, they are already of the criminal element, and avoid where they're wanted. And yes, we do have auctions and bulletin boards.

Let me check that out for you, current items... most of the stuff on sale is nothing to write home about. Weapons, kinetic and plasma, bomb and metal detectors, thermal sensors, and basic survival gear for surface level traversing, are all popular right now. We're around rough zones, so there are far more survival and protection items than luxury bits. Of course, there are some nice, heavy weapons as well, but only to outfit single people, there's no mass stocks of heavy bazookas or grade A overcharged plasma rifles."
No. 374303 ID: d6af4f
File 132458832196.png - (10.30KB , 700x700 , 78.png )

>To Hok, about retrieving science for Aquaculture/hydroponnic farming, quarters and military training.

"Absolutely! For farming, we would be best searching the town around here, Lander's Port. I bet we could get a designer for a... well, it'll be expensive if we do it legit! Real valuable knowledge comes at a cost. Unless we don't do it legit. But, you know. Up to you.

For quarters, just about any settlement. Again, Lander's port would be good. We can get more then basic quarters, I'm sure, to make this home more homely.

And good old military training. The closest one would be iron cove.

I could go out and try and get those things, if you can stand to be away from my company for a couple days!"
No. 374304 ID: d6af4f
File 132458837433.png - (7.20KB , 700x700 , 79.png )

>To Kappi; about Garden and Green Force

"The green force have adequate formal training, but they have lots of raw experience. They could train basic combat elements, if you pay them a bit. Then us residents could hold a gun without shooting our toes off, and maybe defend if things get way too hairy.

We don't have the knowledge on how to make an efficient garden, aquaculture or anything. We'd need to send someone out for that. Right now, the turrets are behind walls, but the walls are only so strong. We'll, uh, re-do the layout soon. We can build another turret for 10,000z, which would leave us with 18000z. How about it?
No. 374307 ID: 437934

look, we're not the ones familiar with the way Iron Cove usually behaves. if you expect a retribution from them soon, sure, let's build a turret to defend against 'em. if not, the resources are better spent elsewhere.

let's get started on those basic quarters and cafeteria right away.

>see Green Force leader

that sounds like a good idea. let's do that.

Hok: Go to Lander's port to acquire blueprints- the ones you mentioned and maybe some you didn't. I say we leave the methods to your discretion.

and finally, send a pair of scouts to track where the land missiles were launched from and another pair to the Hive to inquire about bio-armor trade and information about Rokoa (that can be obtained discreetly).
No. 374309 ID: 453e62

so how do the sub-missiles detonate? do they pop out and detonate immediately upon hitting air, or do they need to impact something? have a idea on a defense system for those but need to know how to prevent them from going off.
No. 374315 ID: b738b4

Oh, just to be safe:
[change "last accessed" timestamp on Lakkat's message to the same as the "last changed" timestamp]

[To: Hok]
[Re: Lakkat's last request]
The location in that message was almost certainly a code, one only Rokoa would know what to do with. Better just hold onto it until you can get it to Rokoa. Uh, but use an intermediary; The code message might include "kill the messenger." Better safe than sorry, you know.
No. 374343 ID: 32e092

Either way, a few layers of alternating air and stone/metal surrounding the volume of the base (like what an A-10 has around its fuel tanks to counteract explosive rounds) should cause premature detonation. Do we have the equipment to carve those out? It'll be a major project, but the protection will be worth it.

On other subjects, yes, let's add another turret (they're probably pretty unhappy right now) and talk to the greenies about training the residents. If we configure ourselves as a trade center/food export, we'll have plenty of income, so we shouldn't hesitate to ensure we can defend ourselves properly first.
No. 374609 ID: 9dc814

>We trade for battery power and water
So long term we should look into getting our own power source and a really good water recycling plant. Well Hok, are there perhaps any downed ships around here, a big scrapyard or ship graveyard? Ocean going or space going, either can help.

>>374302 [Kappi]
Give us the list for heavy weapons on offer. I intend to take apart one motorcycle with the ILM system. The motorcycle has that nice protected weapon weapon mount. If we take it apart, we should be able to build at least a protected weapon station, maybe a light manned turret. Not from scratch, we would still need to buy or salvage parts. Put a camera and an ILM robotic arm in it and we can run it unmanned. Gun type heavy weapons should fit.

Go to Lander's Port and get us farming and quarters knowledge. I have added suggested budgets, do you think they are appropriate?
Farming: Go legit. The systems are complicated and there are too many ways they can run nearly correct with fatal consequences. Better make sure we are getting it right. [suggested budget: 6500]
Quarters: Don't care about legit or not. [suggested budget:1500]

>We can build another turret for 10,000z, which would leave us with 18000z. How about it?
Yes. This hub is on their shit list already. Add what we and Hok did to their tank force after the Mafia offered Hok practically on a silver platter. They will attack us anyway. I want to send Hok out to Iron Cove for military and security knowledge, too, after the turret stands.

>We can't do much with their holes. At best, we could trace where they launched the missiles, but chances are they were launched from a nearby, temporary site that's been abandoned by now.
Hire a three man team from the Green Force to find and investigate the launching site. Lets see what there is.
No. 377570 ID: d6af4f
File 132572912203.png - (13.43KB , 700x700 , 80.png )

Hok Deployed - ETA 3 days Turret Construction Started 2 Scouts Deployed (Sub. Missile Launch Site) 13/30 mercenaries remaining.

On subterranean missiles: They're given coordinates, including elevation, in which to explode inside. Exceptions not withstanding, they won't explode unless they're within the range. We don't have the power, yet, to mine out anything fancy in the surrounding rock anyway to attempt to disable them.

The current heavy weapons.
- Rocket Launcher H.C. - A very heavy rocket launcher that belongs to either a very strong individual, or a light vehicle.
- Heavy Plasma Rifle - It's heavier than a plasma rifle, with about a 50% increase in shot diameter. It can fire steadily, and generally is best against infantry.

They have a plethora of other weapons, but they're all simple and nothing we don't already have. Hold on, Agnes is calling." Kappi says.
No. 377571 ID: d6af4f
File 132572915558.png - (40.01KB , 700x700 , 81.png )

"Hello. A person is hailing us. He claims to be an Iron Cove spokesman, who wishes to negotiate an treaty of non-aggression inside. Would you like to communicate?"
No. 377572 ID: ed57e8

bring it on screen. active scan the transmission for bad stuff.
"how strange, would think you would want revenge not peace"
No. 377595 ID: b738b4

Reply, audio only:
"Give us one good reason why we would trust anything you say. You have ten seconds to reply."

I don't trust this guy at all. No matter what, this spokesman is not getting inside. He can negotiate outside the gate, or not at all.
No. 377603 ID: a2fa74

"We can negotiate just fine from here, thank you."
No. 377661 ID: 67c9bf

Hok's already an ally, and he was almost shot just for not having a good enough reason to enter.

Just sayin'.
No. 377662 ID: b4798d

I don't think there's any cause not to be polite... but yeah, don't let him inside - or even within a comfortable blast range of the outer wall - unless he can prove his good intentions.
No. 377668 ID: d6af4f
File 132575960266.png - (46.40KB , 800x600 , 82.png )

>Don't let him inside

"Please, there is no harm in talking. I can leave my car behind, even though there are no weapons aboard, if you wish. Negotiations are not nearly so effective beyond TV screens, so I must insist that I speak face to face. I can do no harm, as opposed to if we cannot even so much as share a word." says the diplomat.

>"They are visible, but outside of our turret range. We are currently on audio only, to him." Agnes informs. "Our weapon scanners are non-existant, as well. We cannot confirm anything, for the record."
No. 377669 ID: e3f578

[search available datalinks]

I don't see any harm in talking either, I suppose, especially if that's the case. I don't trust Iron Cove with a bit of salt but this guy's a diplomat. Unless they have a reputation of being killers too, seems legit. We're not handing over Hok or us, no matter the terms.

Hey, anyone in the base, do Iron Cove diplomats have bad reputation?
No. 377672 ID: fc22d7

He could have a bomb or something. Of course, that'd be a suicide mission and Iron Cove seems too self-interested for something like that. Also, I suspect his terms're for Hok's handover.
No. 377684 ID: a2fa74

"We're an AI. If you were expecting something more intimate then I'm afraid I must disabuse you of that desire."
No. 377690 ID: 3c9249

Since the hub fortress is in a very real sense our body, if he insists on a face to face he can leave the car behind and stand in front of the hangar entrance. That is as close as possible a face to face if he doesn't want to use screens.

And he should consider giving him the information we, an AI, run this hub now as a freebie, a sign of our willingness to talk.
No. 377694 ID: 0d7a83

"If you wanted intimacy you should have headed for the nearest whorehouse. As things stand you represent an enemy faction, and until that is no longer the case all negotiation will be conducted in a manner safest to both parties. That is to say, out of the range of each others weapons."
No. 377695 ID: 252e1b

Yes! Yes! Summon the whores! We will send him the intimacy he wants! Yes!
No. 377696 ID: eb672d

You know, we could just scan the guy for weaponry. Look for suspicious bulges, odd electronic signals for possible bombs, that sort of thing.

Have him walk out of the car slowly, approach the base so we can get a proper scan, and explain why he came all the way here after what happened recently.
No. 377697 ID: a2853b

Do we want Iron Cove to know that an AI now runs things?
No. 377698 ID: 3c9249

They know Hok tokk us here. They know Hok and the people here. I think they are already pretty certain we are here running things. But you re right, they may not kow the extent of control about this hub we were given.Perhaps a talk with Tin about diplomacy is in order.
No. 377699 ID: 1854db


We have 13 mercs. I think we can let him in so long as he's searched thoroughly.
No. 377730 ID: 0adc60

search the shit out of that vehicle.
No. 377750 ID: d6af4f
File 132580542381.png - (14.16KB , 700x700 , 84.png )

"Iron Cove diplomats aren't reputed to be assassins or anything crazy, but Iron Cove isn't reputed to be one to negotiate peace talks, either. I don't know what to make of that." Tin says. "And yes, you can scan for weapons using rudimentary methods like suspicious bulges, but we barely have a thing that can scan for chemicals or the formations of solid mass, or anything like that. We may want to look into it. Now, having him step out and talk to you on the outerwall is a good compromise, I think. I'll confirm that for him."

The diplomat speaks up, once again.
>"Very well, I will merely go up to the wall, although I am not pleased. My terms are for the neumono Rokoa, and a war prisoner, Jill. We have reason to believe that they will come to your fortress, and we wish for you to turn each of them over to us."

>"The car is inside turret range." Agnes says. "Its speed and actions are non-aggressive, but coming towards us."
No. 377754 ID: cf49fc

Fire a warning shot through the fuel tanks.
No. 377759 ID: 0d7a83

I have a baaaaaad feeling about this...
No. 377762 ID: 453e62

"we'll think about it. tell the car to back off."
No. 377765 ID: 1e04fc

He gets the opportunity to scout your base and possibly a surprise attack. No way you are going to get any sort of peace agreement. If he was actually just here to negotiate, it would involve Hok being captured or killed. Kill this bastard or take him hostage.
No. 377772 ID: c7dc56

If we kill him fast enough, we can deny every having seen him.
No. 377774 ID: 453e62

scout? what? he just stood in front of the gate. he has nothing other then we look like a hard nut to crack.
No. 377790 ID: cf49fc

I'm STILL in favor of multiple notwarning shots. That car CANNOT reach the city, under ANY circumstances.
No. 377792 ID: d6af4f
File 132582001363.png - (7.54KB , 700x470 , 85.png )

>Tin: "Back off, diplomat. We'll consider it."
>Diplomat: "... fine, "consider it." We'll be back, and if you don't have Rokoa and Jill, we won't be sharing any words."

Diplomatic vehicle is leaving.
Communication's closed.

>"It would be easy to fire on them right now, but it would be a petty message just to get ourselves a a reputation for killing messengers and peace diplomats. The walls have poor soundproofing with the current damages, so the traders could hear a turret shot. Well, I can't think of anything else to do for now. Shall I leave all of you to focus on residential, turret and entertainment construction for awhile? You'll know if anything of interest comes up." Tin says.
No. 377796 ID: e3f578

Sounds good to me.
Though now I'm getting a bit more paranoid. IS there a way we can use mercenaries to like, warn us far more ahead of time of something like this? More sentries in the caves or something? Once we do get things set up here, I'd like to consider our options in spreading out in those places Hok and us battled for our lives in. Use that space for our advantage.
No. 377797 ID: 453e62

could have some kind of tiny camera drone. just drills a little into the roof of various caves.
No. 377808 ID: 32e092

This. We need an early warning network, and stealthy cameras on all the approaches will provide that well. They don't need to be mobile, though; just build or purchase a bunch of tiny, cheap, self-contained ones and stick them up all over the place.
No. 377813 ID: b738b4

This sounds like a good idea. Doesn't have to be a drone though. We can have a merc party go out and place them in holes in the walls. That'll keep the cost down.
A high-res low-light camera, some pattern recognition, networking, and encryption software on a cheap comp-on-a-chip, with a modular bus to plug in low-power directional wireless network transceivers. All powered by a long life battery.
Set a bunch up in the tunnels and caverns. Point the antennas so they form a mesh network, for redundancy. When anything passes into their field of view is the only time they transmit.

We should also look into additional defenses for the approach tunnels. Mines, traps, stuff that messes with hover-drives, impediments that keep enemies in the turret's line-of-fire longer, etc. Of course this is for later, when we actually have the time and resources.
No. 377843 ID: 0adc60

any big, long-range fuck-off cannon schematics you know of we can steal?
No. 377884 ID: 083f46

Can you bring one of the hover motorcycles in range of the ILM? Once that is done
[create a new database called 'Parts']
[Deploy 7 cameras around the cycle]
[start recording 'cycle']
[use ILM to strip the cycle down into parts]
[each part gets added to 'Parts' database with descriptor and connections to other parts]
[stop recording 'cycle']
[analyse recording and database 'Parts' to find all items making up the weapons mount and associated seat.]
[start recording 'weapon station']
[use ILM to assemble the weapons station only]
[scan weapon station]
[use ILM to disassemble the weapons station]
[end recording 'weapon station']
[continue recording 'cycle']
[use ILM to reassamble the cycle]
[end recording 'cycle']

Send the scan and parts list of the weapons station to Kappa and Agnes for suggestions on additional armor plates and to check if Kappa can get us any parts we don't have or know to make to produce, say, 4 of them. If that worked I want to buy 4 of the Heavy Plasma Rifle. We have got pretty good anti vehicle capability with the big turrets. But anti-infantry we aren't that well off.
No. 377917 ID: d6af4f
File 132588583815.png - (134.20KB , 700x700 , 86.png )

From Kappi's Room:
>Bring hover motorcycle to hangar bay for I.L.M. disassembly.
"You got it, just be sure to place it back together nice and tight. We need the funds more than another motorcycle."

Commencing Disassembly

>Set up cameras in the cave
>"Good idea. We currently have no way of making proper drones now, but I'll arrange for some of our remaining mercs to head out for a few hours and set up a security system for a low cost. We're spread thin on mercs, I'm going to attempt to locate people we can hire."
Message end. From Tin's Office:
>Any big, long-range fuck-off cannon schematics you know of we can steal?
"Yeah, that's my deal. Locating information, blueprints, all that kind of stuff, outside of boring office work. I've got a network of contacts, believe it or not. I- hold on. Agnes is dinging. Goddamn, today is a busy day for diplomats. What do they want now... wait a minute. Oh, fuck you and your bio armor, Hok!"
No. 377919 ID: d6af4f
File 132588594121.png - (82.06KB , 700x700 , 87.png )

"Hello. We are getting hailed once again, via message only, from the Iron Cove tunnel." Agnes says.

"Greetings, everyone! Lakkat's dead, I want the bio-armor and a chitchat with Hok. I'm coming in, so please open the door. Sincerely, with your choice of love or wall breaching explosions, Rokoa."
No. 377928 ID: 0adc60

aww, shit. let's not fuck around with this one.

do note that I'm not saying we give her all that shit for free. in fact, we could threaten to destroy the armor if she doesn't comply.
No. 377938 ID: 453e62

"hok isn't here at the moment, if you surrender your weapons you will be welcome to stay inside until his return. if not then we will need to finish our business quickly"
No. 377945 ID: 1854db

Ugh. Inform her that Hok is away on an errand and will be back in three days, and Lakkat left a private message with him for her. If she does not explode our wall we will not destroy the message.
No. 377951 ID: 4bdd79

Hok: Place the message inside the suit, then go out and deliver the suit. Try not to stand in the line of fire of the tank, and try not to get too close to her if you can avoid it.
Rokoa: The door should open in a few moments. Please wait near the entrance. Hok is on his way with the suit. We will, of course, have security present, but we won't start any trouble if you don't.
Mercs: Get down here and be ready for a very well-equipped soldier on the other end of the door. Don't shoot on sight, but if she tries anything funny shoot her.
[Once the merc are in place, open door.]
[Power up the tank, set it to speed mode. Send it down to the front door. Set lasers to max power. Switch to combat mode when we enter range of the front door.]
[If Rokoa points a weapon at anybody, open fire on her with all weapons.]
No. 377976 ID: 453e62

hok isn't here
No. 377982 ID: d292f2

If we say Hok isn't here, she's just going to blow her way into the base anyway. She isn't going to believe it. It isn't believable.
No. 377986 ID: e3aff6

This one sounds good.
No. 377996 ID: 4bdd79

In that case, just open the door and tell her she's just missed him.
No. 378088 ID: b738b4

Where is that thumb drive with Lakkat's last message? ...Oh please, don't tell me we let Hok walk off with it... Did we at least get a copy?

Think maybe we should let Rokoa know that Iron Cove wants us to capture and return her? It'll be awfully hard for us to deny she was here if she waltzes through the main gate or blows a hole in the wall. Could she choose a more discreet location?
No. 378092 ID: d6af4f
File 132591938046.png - (45.51KB , 700x700 , 88.png )

Lakkat's Thumb Drive is in inventory. Showing camera.

>User:KAPPI - "I'm sending the mercs to the outer wall with orders to shoot on sight. You can take the tank too for this, but that reminds me, we can disassemble parts of that too, and maybe figure out how to build the life and weapon sensor's they've got on there."

>Hok is away
>"Hok left already?! The guy barely had the time to sit his ass down! I'll deal with him later."

>Lakkat's message
>"If you would be so kind to show me. Not like I imagine he had much to say that I cared about."

Scanning Weaponry with Iron Cove Tank. Neumono Bio Armor - 53% Refined Plasma Gun x 3 Unidentified Explosives Unidentified Explosives Unidentified Explosives Unidentified Item Unidentified Item Unidentified Item Frag Grenade x4 Plasma Rifle

>Relent weapons
>"Yeah, fine. I'll leave them behind me. Pick them up for me after you let me in, please. Now about that door?"

Rokoa in turret range. Locked on, mercenaries in position. Open door once weapons are left behind?
No. 378099 ID: e3f578

[To Jill]
Hok will return in due time, he is working for us at the current moment. You can have a peaceful discussion with him when he returns from his task in a few days time. You may stay here for the time being or leave and come back, it's your choice.
[Finish communication with Jill]
[Open communication with advisors]
Should we let her know Iron Cove wants her badly? I think so, I wouldn't mind sticking them in the back with a trap. Maybe we can get her and Jill to agree to an insane plan that can only work because it's insane and fun? If we can get into their systems with either of them's help and not get detected, we can own the faction and all their resources. Probably just kill their heads and and loyalists and the rest will follow in line with our thinking.

We should nip them in the butt as soon as possible, I don't trust them and want them gone. Completely and utterly casted from this area. Their prisons will be ours, their units, their equipment, everything.
No. 378100 ID: 453e62

.... that's rokoa not jill.

yes open doors if all items are left behind. and have the guards have guns up but don't shoot. explain it is the 'escort"
No. 378102 ID: e3aff6

Yes, I am also currently in favor of helping Rokoa over helping Iron Cove.
It is a choice between helping out long-standing enemies or helping out someone who works with people we are on decent terms with (we currently don't even need turrets facing the Hive).
No. 378104 ID: e3f578

Jill's easier to remember than Rokoa

I want it all
I want it all
and i want it now
No. 378111 ID: d6af4f
File 132592823853.png - (25.10KB , 700x700 , 89.png )

>"I'll think about it. I would like to come inside, first. My weapons are behind me. I'm approaching."

>USER:Tin - "I don't mind if you let Rokoa know that the Iron Cove is seeking her. Each has its possible pros and cons."
>USER:Kappi - "Here we go, this is what I was looking for. It's an overlay I kept as a backup. This should give you a better look. Uh, we don't have any internal scanners yet, so you'll have to take my word for it that our mercs are set up lining the wall."

Overlay Display
Subjects- 1 - Weapon Stash 2 - Rokoa:Neumono (On wheel based motorcycle; no weapons found on vehicle) -Current Speed: .6 meters per second. 3 - Remote Controlled I.C. Tank Tank - Scanning Rokoa... Neumono Bio Armor - 53% No other exterior objects found. Other objects... -Unidentified Explosives -Unidentified Item -Unidentified Item
No. 378113 ID: e3f578

Rokoa, if you have any grenades or c4 charges please leave them behind as well. Anything destructive you're "forgetting".

You're wanted by Iron Cove as well as Jill. They sent a diplomat earlier telling us about the how they expect you both to be here soon after and to turn you in, implying they'd siege us or something if we didn't. Personally, I think they deserve a brutal fucking of the highest order. We'd like your help. If we manage to take over Iron Cove and sabotage their operations, we can defiantly discuss what you think you deserve. Shit, hell, maybe you could run the place for us if we really manage to own it all. All we need is Jill and we can discuss an insane plan.

Might be a fun way to pass the time while we wait for Hok to return.
No. 378119 ID: 0adc60

we're willing to play nice if you are- but if you try to screw us over, we'll do the same to you. so please drop the fireworks and let's be civilized about this.
No. 378199 ID: 1b0f2f

Woah, bio-armor 53%? Statistically that means she's tougher than half the neumono out there! Making her just about average. Oh.

Man, who appointed us to door duties? It's just a little explosives. I don't see what the big deal is.
No. 378249 ID: d6af4f
File 132597708622.png - (18.52KB , 700x700 , 90.png )

>USER:Tin - "Don't let the current grade of armor fool you. Anything above 50% is rare to find and difficult to make, let alone 94%."

>"Nice scanners, but I'm not forgetting or "forgetting" anything. I'm riddled with implants, and some of them are made with components found in explosives. I've got nothing dangerous. Pat me down if you like." says Rokoa.
No. 378250 ID: 453e62

sigh, fine then. open the gates.
No. 378320 ID: b738b4

I suggest we use the ILM system to feel her up pat her down. That is, if we have enough fine control and tactile feedback to notice if she's hiding something. Otherwise just let her in.

Damn these sensors. Their recognition and identification database is rather lacking if it didn't even mention those components are also used in neumono implants. Or they may just not be good enough to differentiate.
Yet more things to add to the to-do list.
[Append "Update sensor recog/ID database" to file todo.text]
[Append "Get better sensors for entrance gates" to file todo.text]
No. 378322 ID: e3aff6

Patting her down wouldn't do any good even if we had the fine manipulators for it; she is a cyborg in power armor. Apart from the inability to find weapons through that, her body very likely is a weapon.
No. 378328 ID: b738b4

Good point. We'd just end up pissing her off and get our ILM manipulators ripped out of the walls. Forget patting her down and just let her in.
Have the tank follow her into the hangar, and send a couple mercs out to collect her stuff. I'd like that tank on her the entire time she's here. She doesn't go any farther than the hangar.
Now, who is she going to meet with? Hok's out, so I assumed Tin, but Rokoa didn't say who. Or is she just going to talk to us?
No. 378410 ID: 1b0f2f

Hey baby you're a robot we're a robot why don't weOPENING THE DOORS NOW
No. 378426 ID: 0adc60


but we have all or guns aiming at her all the same.
No. 378472 ID: d6af4f
File 132602555143.png - (136.26KB , 800x800 , 91.png )

Testing limitations and abilities of current sensors. ETA: 5 minutes

>Open the door
>Send 2 mercs to fetch weapons
>Skip the pat down

>"That's right." Kappi says. "Your ILM can only be so precise. We can improve it, as yet another thing on our "to get" list. That and, while we're at it, scientists that actually know how to give neumonos implants. Anyway, right now you could pat someone down, but it would be less than coordinated. Just as well we skip it, I bet the mercs would do a poor job patting her down on purpose out of fear that they do find something on her. They don't like risks unless there's pay, after all."

"Thanks. Nice place. It's more what I'm used to seeing on my exit, not my entrance. Now let's talk. I don't mind who, I mind what. I'd like Lakkat's message, the bio armor, and the location of Hok. If this is going to take awhile, I'd like to know where I can reside." Rokoa says.
No. 378473 ID: e3f578

Can someone deliver the physical message dongal and bio-armor to Hok's quarters please? You can stay there for the time being, since he won't be using it while he's gone.
Can I ask why communication with Hok is important? If I'm correct with everything that went on, you had a deal or something with Lakkat and were going to get the bio-armor. So anything from him to you I can understand. Communication with Hok doesn't seem all too necessary to get what you want. Is it a personal matter?

So... could you upload us to you or your implants or anything? I'm curious? Not that it would be wise, just be kinda cool if we could interact with some people that way.
No. 378477 ID: 0be1d9

Hok knows a neurosurgeon up on the surface who could put us into the heads of people. You know, we should look into getting a clinic or hospital going.

>It's more what I'm used to seeing on my exit, not my entrance.
What, the armed honor guard? We just care more than the other guys.

I want to use the ILM to fashion a strong box of armor plate to store her equipment. Can those two mercs gurd her stash but wait to bring it inside till the box is ready?
[use ILM near Hangar to shape a few big sraps of armor plate into a box and a lid, like a big shoebox]
Then ask the mercs to place Rokoa's items into the box.
[use ILM to fuse the lid on the box at the corners and center of the sides, be careful not to damage the content of the box]
No. 378480 ID: 1854db

"Why do you want the bio armor? It was given to Hok as a present; it's rightfully his. Wait, how do you even know about it? As for the message, we will give it to you freely, to honor a man's dying wish. Hok has not read the contents.

Speaking of which, we don't know exactly where Hok is right now or how to contact him. I believe we have some residential quarters set up by now... When he comes back, are you planning to try to kill him? We would rather like to keep him alive. Maybe the contents of the message will change your mind...?"

We should deliver the datastick to her.
No. 378484 ID: 453e62

i think we should be the only ones touching the armor. a merc is alive and it may try to bond to him. robot hands would be non-reactive to it.
and yeah seal it in a box. and state "the armor is inside this box. we ask that you do not open it on the premises as it is obviously a very powerful armor and we are trying to keep your threat as low as physically possible, for both our sakes."

it wasn't given to hok, it was just in the same room as him.

which reminds me
"also if you find any blood on it that would be from the time we used it as a gruesome weapon, sorry"
No. 378487 ID: 91ec53

In >>378477 I was talking about boxing the equipment she left outside the door because we didn't want her inside with her kit. I am pretty sure Tin has implemented procedures to avoid accidental activation of the 94% bio-armor after she received it from Hok.

But yes, she shouldn't put the 94% bio-armor on inside the hub fortress. If only because we killed with it once already and should she die of putting it on we will be under suspicion.
No. 378488 ID: 453e62

that was mostly cause it's Neumono bio armor. meaning it has a 94% chance to kill a Neumono and a 1000% chance to kill anything else.
No. 378492 ID: cf49fc

I agree that she should put it on outside. If she's only able to survive 93%, and just is really overconfident, I don't want a pissed off hive saying we killed their top badass.
No. 378494 ID: 453e62

>top badass according to the hive itself
>unable to survive something less then 100%
i think you are mixing things up.
No. 378495 ID: 1854db

It was given to Hok, he got a message that there was a present for him in the storage pod. Which is where the bio armor was.
No. 378497 ID: e3f578

Don't care the details of legitamte finders keepers dealies
if the nice, cybrog dog-bunny lady wants the incredibly lethal suit of death that's hard to sell, she gets it. She might take us on a ride to Iron Cove and help us kill everyone there! And take the current one off while spicy music plays in the background.
So don't fuck this up with being greedy over something we can't use or sell. Not when we can trade it for good relations, a fun chance to make explosions and hack a high security area from the skull of a deadly cyborg dog-bunny lady, and a strip-dance out of a technologically advanced cat-suit. Even though the last one is a friendly joke, the chances of explosion's we can walk away from are too good!
No. 378505 ID: d6af4f
File 132605036475.png - (63.54KB , 700x700 , 92.png )

A few minutes later, inside of the inner elevator.
>Give Lakkat's message, have Rokoa stay in Hok's room

Crafting strong box for Rokoa's weaponry.

>Prevention of activation of bio-armor
>Tin: "Yes, the bio-armor is in a solid box. I bet we can get around 100k for it, but it would take some time to sell. Oh, and none of the mercenaries want to go in the elevator with Rokoa. The mercenaries will go to the second floor elevator entrance via stairway. If she really is the hive's 'top badass', cramming a couple basic merc's wouldn't prevent her from trying anything anyway."

>"It's more what I'm used to seeing on my exit, not my entrance."
>What, the armed honor guard? We just care more than the other guys.

"Honor guard? I wonder if your sensors are good enough to detect how hard my eyes are rolling. Nonono, I was talking about the rubble and general state of your destructed areas.
I know about of the bioarmor, because Lakkat wanted to win me over to his side. It was a damn good plan, up until dying entered the formula. It's not like the Cove wouldn't want it for themselves. I've got no idea what he thinks half the time. But, and it's a big but, I kind of liked him! His death is the reason I would very much like to have a chat with your Hok! Whether or not I kill him depends on what he has to say for himself. His room sounds acceptable. I'll take a look at Lakkat's post-mortem words inside of there."
No. 378506 ID: d6af4f
File 132605043446.png - (11.88KB , 700x700 , 93.png )

Scanner capability database appended. Current sensors - Iron Cove Police Tank (Functional) Item Scanner: Weapons and Armors, all known types Life Sensor: All Biological X-rays: Standard X-ray, with Implant detection

>Kappi: "Hey, friendly reminder that Hok's room is on the second floor, so you're about to leave the ILM's range. Not that Rokoa knows that. You'll still be able to watch her, but you won't be able to do much on the second floor besides talk and watch."
No. 378508 ID: 453e62

Kappi: yeah we know, just need to make sure she THINKS we have control.
No. 378510 ID: 1b0f2f

Yeah just so you don't do anything funny-

>> I was talking about the rubble and general state of your destructed areas.

No. 378514 ID: e3f578

I kind want to let her know we gave the orders or were basically the ones to kill him, not Hok, so she could have that conversation with us. Thing is, I don't know if we could spin that around to her liking now that we sorta know why she might kill Hok for killing him. Well, might save that for later should the need rise.
[Finished Aside]
[Text: To Kappi]
It's all we need ;)
[Finished Text]
Rokoa, Lakkat was a bit of an overzealous douchebag. The dumbass thought it would be wise to take on a tank with a simple bike after his flagship and all his tanks were forced into a self-destruct. Anti-hover missles or no, as well as being unable to hack his ass to blow up, we took out about what, 80% of his entire force's firepower? What leader wouldn't retreat and recoup from the losses? Hok's just one criminal, not even a sadistic monster of one either.
God, that entire incident just wreaked of personal involvement and unprofessionalism. He and a few of his other men would still be alive today if he just gave less of a shit and thought smarter.
No. 378518 ID: 0adc60
File 132605560002.png - (1.00MB , 960x628 , TyphoonExplosiveSystem.png )


except she clearly knows we don't.

man, I really hope she doesn't have one of those implants that make every single thing around her explode.

speaking of which, why didn't we detect any implants and shtick if our sensors are capable of detecting them? scan her again for exerything we can scan her for.
No. 378519 ID: 453e62

simple. it can detect all KNOWN implants. she obviously is stuffed with bleeding edge stuff that officially doesn't exist.
No. 378520 ID: 6442e0

Pretty sure Lakkat mentioned something about never relenting his hunt for Hok. Man was vindicated, so he left no room for anything but death.
No. 378521 ID: 6442e0

Oh and I'm fairly certain the whole "its made from components of explosives" bit is complete horseshit. Just try to remain diplomatic and hope that it's simply her ace-in-the-hole.
No. 378523 ID: 0adc60

do we have anything on Rokoa? anything at all? like, is the known to play fair, or does she usually just blow up potential rivals whenever she can?

also, can we contact Hok and warn him? because we should, man. he's our bro.
No. 378527 ID: eb672d

I apologize about that Rokoa, but at the time it was a necessary behavior. He was more than willing to hunt us down to the ends of the earth with Hok, and Hok was the one who rescued us and sent us to this base. We may be an A.I. but we do respect those we owe favors to.

In the end, while Hok helped, we were the ones who pulled the trigger. If you want to yell and scream or give death threats, it would be more reasonable to yell at us, not Hok. However, let it be known that we held no hate for him, we just wanted to protect ourselves and Hok from future attacks that may be caused by him due to retaliation and revenge.

So, now that we let that out, let us look at the options. We are still willing to make offers involving the suit and message. That has not change. If you don't want to deal with us and hate us for our actions, you can leave. Simple as that. If you want to destroy us because you want revenge, then we will protect ourselves and those under our care.

In the end, it is your choice and we are willing to be friendly if you are friendly. Unlike what most people think of A.I.s, we do like living beings and considering what we heard about you, we will be willing to be your friend.
No. 378530 ID: d6af4f
File 132605981124.png - (77.34KB , 700x700 , 94.png )

"Haha, what, seriously, he took a bike against a tank with nothing but an anti-hover missile? He could think, so it's a real shame he never did! Sounds like it was as much you guys as it was Hok, and you know what? I don't like that. But I don't blame you. I'm thinking about it, and there is no way Lakkat could have died to a single tank if he didn't go maximum idiot about it, and a malicious murder wouldn't lead to a flash drive recovery and delivery. While I wait for the elevator to go, how about we discuss the bio armor. My first offer is free, what's your counter offer?."
No. 378532 ID: d6af4f
File 132605985539.png - (47.70KB , 700x700 , 95.png )

>Scan her again
Tank scanner unavailable for re-scan. Re-evaluating previous scan for implants. No implants found. Inorganic substances found on neumono other than bioarmor and external weaponry and equipment. Projected chance of unidentified implants installed: ~.78%

>Tin: "Only thing we got on Rokoa is that she tends to work solo missions of sabatoge, assassination, and low-scale warfare. She isn't very stealthy about any of it. Hok didn't bring himself any communication, but I'm sure he'd love to grace us with his presence the moment he can find something. I'm less concerned about that and more that Rokoa almost certainly smuggled something under that armor of hers. I'd be even more concerned if I didn't just move down to the first floor."
No. 378542 ID: 0adc60

I'm not afraid of getting our base blown up, really, because it's already blown up- I'm more afraid of getting ripped off.

I mean, the chances of her having an implant is less than one in a hundred? there's definitely something going on here and I don't like it.

[call the Hive and ask they confirm if this really is Rokoa.]

and if that's not it, it's something else. someone smarter than me think on it please.

also, our first offer for the armor should be... say, 500000.
No. 378543 ID: 453e62

psst, the best price thought for it was 100000, you are asking 5 times as much for it.

i'd say a good counter offer is a task, a favor i suppose. she helps us with something that requires her skill set. don't have something like that right now, but having the best demolition expert available for something can be handy.
No. 378544 ID: eb672d

Hmmm, free is a interesting offer, but how about this for a counter offer? You do not have to pay any monetary value. What we would like however is your service. It's rather obvious the Iron Coast was not going to play fair if they had the suit, and trying to sell it would likely take far too long and attract the wrong kind of attention.

So hears the deal. You get the suit, the recording, and a place to stay here, in return for working for us and doing the normal fare you are use to in terms of missions. Knowing the other A.I parts, you will have plenty of missions to blow stuff up as well. Not to mention a crack at the Iron Cove itself.

So tell me, does this sound like a fair trade?
No. 378545 ID: 0adc60


it's called haggling. we have estimated an approximate value of a hundred grand, sure, but what stops us from making her think it's worth more?
No. 378546 ID: 453e62

she's not dumb and could of gotten an estimate beforehand?
No. 378547 ID: eb672d

Because she is a merc who has a history of blowing stuff up? Do you really want to tempt her when we are already in a bad state?

Besides, money we can get easy. The services of a Assassin/demolition expert/badass with a high quality suit which only she and a small handful can wear is far more valuable.
No. 378549 ID: e3f578

A tasteful nude or sensual dance as you take off your current biosuit for the new one
Or getting us inside Iron Cove's systems, allowing us to do than what we did to Lakkat's fleet in a simple tank
or whatever terms above that sounds better to you
No. 378554 ID: cf49fc

Tis pointless, you fool! Even if it is the best striptease ever, It's not worth a 94% biosuit!

Access codes and money sure. But not mere pron! We already have an internet connection for one thing. Also, if you asked nicely I'm sure you could get something in the discussion thread.
No. 378556 ID: b6edd6

We should probably also ask her assurance that she won't kill Hok about this.
No. 378557 ID: e3f578

You do realize I'm just screwing around right? And if she can hide a weapon through that, she's earned the right to walk around with it. Plus, man, nudes are so lame when they're not canon and just some little discussion aside bonus.

And let's be honest, that's probably the most she'd be willing to trade for the suit if she outright thought she has the right to it being completely free. We'd get something while you guys try needlessly to get 5x expected asking price or to expect her to take orders from us when she can probably get better contracts elsewhere.

Plus, I did say "Hey, if you could get us into Iron Cove's main datalink it's be pretty fucking great."
No. 378558 ID: eb672d

Ok, you guys seem to be forgetting we are not in the best situation to be asking big demands. For starters, we have no control over the second floor so she can put on the suit. Second, she has a history of being good at what she does if her name garners such attention. She is not willing to pay money, and quiet frankly, she is probably strong enough to exit the fort on her own.

However, playing with her strengths would be more productive. Why ask for access codes when we can ask for her services? She seems more than capable and the fact she has a safe haven along with the other perks she wants will only help her. Besides, we NEED skilled personnel.

We get a super badass and all it costs us is a suit which will take a long time to sell(which she will wear to be a further badass) and something that we had to deliver anyways.

Haggling and Negotiation works best when the other side feels like they are getting the better end of the bargain even if we get more out of it.
No. 378559 ID: b738b4

Maybe we're missing something here...
Can she even take her bio-armor off? It's supposed to bond with the wearer's body, right? That doesn't sound like something that can be safely removed at the push of a button.
If she can't, it would leave the question of why she wants this 94% suit. Was she just going to return it to the Hive?
No. 378560 ID: 453e62

taking them on and off is super extremely painful to the point that if you are not tough shit enough to handle it you die. is why they have ratings. higher percentage ones bond more fully and deeply.
No. 378562 ID: b738b4

Which means that if she was the neumono that the 94% suit was for, she wouldn't try to put it on here. She'd want to be somewhere with proper medical resources to maximize the chances she'd get through it alive, and to recover the suits if she doesn't. That is definitely not here.
No. 378565 ID: 453e62

medical resources? you ether live or you don't. and if she is the one it's for then she will live. if not then she wont. no negotiating with it.
No. 378570 ID: b4798d

We haven't told her about Iron Cove's interest in her yet, have we?

Also, I vote for presenting the armor as a gift. Moves the discussion off of a bargaining footing and perhaps generate some goodwill while we're at it.
No. 378572 ID: e3f578

Yes we have
No. 378580 ID: d6af4f
File 132607325291.png - (44.45KB , 700x700 , 96.png )

>Kappi: "Taking bio off is just as much of an ordeal as putting as it is putting it on, but it is done! I hear that it even gets easier each time you put on the same bio-armor, as it slowly recognizes your body, sort of like breaking in a shoe."

"Okay, that's definitely a number. But how about my offe-"

"Now that's a possibility. If I get to do these services after you give me the bio arm-"

>A tasteful nude or sensual dance
"That must be the quirks of compound AI I've heard so much about. Very very funny! Now let's talk about the business I'm actually capable of. Just remember. I'm not rogue, I'm part of the Hive. If they need me, that takes priority, bio-armor or not. As you can see, I still make time for myself! While I'm around, I'll run your errands for as long as we both feel the bio armor needs to be paid off. Is that enough to hand it over? Oh! And if we do business like this, we should trust each other, so I'll be honest from now on and come clean. I'm currently in possession of enough raw explosives to cave in an entire floor, as well as a pair of weapons. I have no intention of using them, if you have no intention of making me. And if you are wondering, I do plan on putting the suit while in Hok's room."
No. 378581 ID: 453e62

well. since you actually came clean about it i think we can trust you at least that much.
No. 378583 ID: e3f578

I'm not hearing a no~
and I love it when you talk explosives.

Okay, so cool. We have a deal. Would you like some wine sent up to your quarters? Maybe a celebration is in order for this beneficial partnership. I'm sure we can scrounge up some good vintage. Maybe even bring a nice friend to drink in our place? There's no such thing as digital wine, I'm afraid
[To Kappi]
Could you send up the best wine this place has to offer to Hok's quarters, along with the biosuit and message? We have a magnificent lady to entertain. Maybe you'd join us?
No. 378587 ID: eb672d

That seems reasonable. We have no qualms with the hive anyways and they seem like they would be fine business partners. Your deal seems acceptable, but we will likely ask for your services after as well. You will be paid when that happens of course.

After all, you are pretty resourceful and pretty interesting. It would be silly to not use your services.
No. 378588 ID: 1854db

So, if we let you wear the suit, you'll pay it off by being badass for us? SOLD.

And yeah I kinda figured you had actual explosives. You sure you can use that suit? We won't stop you from trying it on. If you can wear it without dying, then your services become all the more valuable to us. You should probably know that it outright splattered some dude Hok threw it at, though. Member of the Iron Cove by the name of Bloodsaw? It's a nasty piece of work.
No. 378589 ID: 453e62

maybe we should hose it off or something first? in case some blood is still in it.
No. 378590 ID: c979ef

Well for our side of honesty we listened to Lakkat's message to you, using the excuse that he told Hoc not to listen to it but not us. You should listen to it, it sounds like something you would care about.
No. 378593 ID: e3f578

We were being honest. Lies of omission don't count against honesty!

Now she's going to kill us all! We were doing so well.

We're gonna diiiiiiiiie
No. 378594 ID: b738b4

Oh, quit being over dramatic.
The message was obviously coded so only Rokoa would know what it ment. Hell, it wasn't even encrypted! Would you record a vital message like that one and not encrypt it?
She probably assumes we listened to it already, anyway.
No. 378595 ID: b738b4

[To: Rokoa]
Well, thank you for coming clean, Rokoa. We suspected that you were were still armed, what with your reputation and all.

[To: Kappi]
Is bio-armor that's been acclimated to one neumono for a long time even more dangerous for another to try to put on? For example, would Rokoa's suit's 53% effectively move up into the 60's for other neumono?

[To: A.I. Collective]
I really, really suspect those explosives Rokoa's carrying are rigged to blow if she doesn't survive the suit change, or otherwise dies. Should we evacuate the area around Hok's quarters while she changes?
No. 378596 ID: cf49fc

Oh god, you must be the bad decision core. Stop talking about lying and be brutally honest. We have to be consistent.

Yes, we listened to the tape. It was a foolish idea. I extend apologies.

About your offer of services... I'm personally for it. If you aren't too enraged by our violation of the sanctity of Lakkat's dying request.
No. 378598 ID: e3f578

>Oh god, you must be the bad decision core.
Hey, I helped hack the fleet, supported practical, if brutal decisions, suggested camera sentries in the caves and stuff. I'm bad at Simcity I admit but I help in other areas

I'm the erratic core, or at least one of The Three Stooges core. Probably Curly. Besides, I'm just playing around.
No. 378603 ID: d6af4f
File 132608258832.png - (37.59KB , 700x700 , 97.png )

A few minutes later.

>"No, I'd.. well, I'll go up and deliver her things myself, but I don't think I'll stay." Kappi says. "I just want to feel what it's like being around her. Oh, and we took care of cleaning off the suit! Don't worry, we prepped it up very nicely for sale, or this. I'll keep the orders up for mercs to be in the hallway outside her room, but I think we can back off, I'll know better after seeing her in person. Oh, and don't be quick to assume the rest of the Hive is like her. You might find them as being... off? It's hard to explain, but based off her speech, Rokoa is a spokesperson for herself, and nothing more."
>"Bio armor might work like that, but I'm not positive.

"He was hotheaded, but not so much a fool to entrust highly sensitive information in his killer's hands. I bet he expected prying ears. That makes us even, then." Rokoa says.
No. 378604 ID: d6af4f
File 132608260644.png - (50.51KB , 700x700 , 98.png )

"Hey, if it isn't a rogue. You have a lot of balls, coming up to me." Rokoa says.
>".... I- um. H-"
"Quit stuttering, man."
>"Right, I ju-"
"Delivery, right?"
>"Yes! Yes, it's - the armor, and a drink, and some food."
"Food and drink. That's unexpected, but reeeeal sweet. From you?"
>"No! Er, the food is but the drink is from the A.I.!"
"Real sweet for an A.I. Thanks to you and them. Wanna come in, or are you not that brave after all?"
"Come back when you can make sentences."
No. 378605 ID: d6af4f
File 132608262229.png - (16.75KB , 700x700 , 99.png )

Playing Lakkat's message

"... If that was in code, I don't get it at all. And if it wasn't, it's worthless junk he thought was good. If I'm wrong, and it's not in code, and it is good stuff, then he's an idiot, and it's good stuff that's been stolen by now. Every possibility I think of is completely anticlimactic. I can't believe I let myself get almost excited for that."
No. 378606 ID: eb672d

See Rokoa? This is what we deal with everyday. We could likely make millions by just running a daily show with our... other cores. To say the least, it would be rather hard for us to with hold information from you making our jobs a bit safer considering you will be given no real runabout.

Besides, we are an a.i. if you somehow gave us access to a network, we could infect it to give you an even better chance at blowing everything up. It's what we are good at.
No. 378607 ID: 1854db

He said it's stuff that only you would be able to make use of. I think you should check it out regardless.

How's the wine?
No. 378608 ID: 453e62

what if the entrance to the room with the stuff is trapped to the point that only you wearing that bioarmor can get to it and live?
No. 378609 ID: 7c31d2

You have pretty eyes~
No. 378611 ID: e3f578

Sending Kappi up was worth it for that scene.

So, your race doesn't really like people who leave or abandon the Hive, huh? May I ask why it's called the hive? What's your species set classification thing, can you read each other's minds or sense each other's feeling's better then how most races can do with their own? What's the cultural significance of going rogue?
No. 378617 ID: b6edd6

[To other cores:]
I think now would be a good time to tell her about the Iron Cove thing. Both because we have no reason to trust (or even like) the IC, and because I rather suspect that Rokoa and the hive would make worse enemies than the IC.
No. 378651 ID: 1b0f2f

Well crap. There was supposed to be something in the message that kept you from killing Hok. We like him he's squishy. Whatever though. If Hok is as bad as people make him out to be, he might not be worth saving after all. He hasn't killed anyone who wasn't trying extremely hard to kill him though. Lakkat seemed like a nice enough guy, but quite uncompromising.

Incidentally, this is 94% bio-armor. 94%. As in extreme danger to Neumono. As in you will probably be dead. It didn't just kill Bloodsaw. It drew out his death by keeping his heart beating while it tore him apart over the span of several minutes. You might want to ask Hok about that. Before you kill him, you know. But I suppose if you're feeling particularly spry, or not wanting to talk to Hok, you can jump right in.
No. 378653 ID: a2853b

Hey Rokoa, since you have a minute, how do you feel about the Iron Cove authorities? Friendly, hostile, wouldn't mind killing, or enough of a nuisance to be worth avoiding?
No. 378659 ID: d6af4f
File 132610291927.png - (12.55KB , 700x700 , 100.png )

"Sounds like a party. Just don't think I'm crazy for explosives. I'm obsessed with effectiveness, and explosions tend to fit the bill."

"My interest is mildly sparked. And the wine is real nice. Finally calmed the nerves."

"Thanks. I've worked very hard keeping them intact."

"Wouldn't mind killing."

"We can read each others basic thoughts and moods, and more advanced concepts with better bonds. To put it simply, we emit our moods and thoughts externally. When lots of neumono's share the same living space, all of those thoughts form a mold, and nearly everyone begins thinking alike. That's when a hive is formed. If someone doesn't like the feel of the thoughts the hive has, they'll be miserable. Then go rogue, and in somewhat of a phenomena, have a very difficult time bonding with other rogues. It's very personal, and the rejection to the hive is the rejection of the cumulation of every single member of the hive. It becomes a real extreme case of "us and them," not including other species. The thoughts of rejection and hate bounce off everyone in the hive, and it gets intensified to a level that most would call alarming. Hence, I could feel door-guy's terror, and he could sense my intense thoughts of murder. I'm positively surprised that weakling dared get anywhere close to me. Don't worry, I can resist the built in urge to maim him."

So. Is this chit chat going to continue, or can I test out that bio armor?"
No. 378666 ID: e3f578

Sure, as long as you don't end up as soup on the floor like the last guy who wore it.
No. 378671 ID: 1854db

Wow, that's pretty rough. I don't have any more questions for now. We don't have any real doctors on hand for when you take off your current suit and put on the new one, though. Can you recover from the damage on your own?

Kappi: I'm curious about something... do you feel comfortable talking about why you left the Hive? We just found out what 'rogue' really means, and I'm wondering what would cause someone to do something like that.
No. 378676 ID: 0adc60

go right on ahead, sweetcheeks.
No. 378805 ID: d6af4f
File 132615706120.png - (10.08KB , 700x700 , 101.png )

"Alright, this is the last time I'm taking off th- ow - this bio armor. Us bio armors take lots of tests to see how much we can handle. Trust me, I'll be f- damn, fine. There's not much doctors can do to help anyway. You've gotta be as aware and conscious as you can be, so anaesthesia is a - tss - terrible idea. Since you've all been oddly sweet for a bunch of circuitry, I'm sure you don't mind if I block your camera. No hard feelings, but I'm spoiling the mood in about 10 seconds, and don't want it recorded. I'll be ready to work by tomorrow."
No. 378806 ID: d6af4f
File 132615708640.png - (49.99KB , 700x494 , 102.png )

>"Oh, she told you about that?" Kappi says. "Well... imagine someone you don't like, who although isn't necessarily an unlikeable, meritless cretin, but still manages to constantly rub you the wrong way. Now imagine you could feel that bad rub, all the time, from everyone around you at all hours of the day. That's what being a mismatch in the hive is like. That's why most rogues are rogues. I guess it was a bit different for me, but it is a bit pers-"

Kappi mutes Hok's Room Camera

>"I don't think any of us need to hear that. So like I was saying, it's a bit personal in my case, yeah. Oh, and there was some miscommunication from me, earlier. We have nearly all of our mercenaries, we only sent 2 of them out to inspect the sub. missile launch site. We sent 15 personnel," out of 40 that are employed here, to get music and more employees. That was my mistake, sorry guys. We also were thinking of sending 2 to investigate Rokoa and the hive, but after recent developments, we're cancelling that mission."
No. 378807 ID: d6af4f
File 132615712817.png - (16.55KB , 850x800 , 103.png )

Passing time...

USER:Tin connected
>"Good morning. I admit, I'm impressed that we haven't been blown up yet. I'll be frank, the hive makes me on edge, even with our acceptable relations. Still does. And we deal with hot items, but that bio armor I thought was too hot as soon as Rokoa entered the picture. Probably would've given it to her and send her right over to Hok to give him hell for it."
No. 378855 ID: 1854db

Hmm well we're still building stuff and I'm not sure at this point where we can send our dudes. If we assigned them to anything, it would be something that would get us money in the long run, or gets this construction done faster.

Hey, who was that war prisoner the Iron Cove wanted? What's the story with Jill? Do you guys know her?

Kappi:...hang on, looking back at our income I noticed a discrepancy. We're getting 2500 from trade, right? Then paying 600 to Green Force and 600 to Personnel as upkeep wages, and spending 700 on food. We should have 600 left, but we're gaining 800 per day. Where's that extra 200 coming from?

On an unrelated note, you said you wanted to find out what it felt like to be around Rokoa. What's the verdict? Oh, and is it normal for the women of your species to be so much bigger than the males?

Rokoa: Hey, I dunno if anyone told you, but the Iron Cove sent someone yesterday to negotiate a treaty of non-aggression, and they wanted us to turn you over as part of the deal. Why do you think that is, hmm?
No. 378857 ID: 1b0f2f


You guys are like seagulls!
No. 378879 ID: 0adc60

uh. Rokoa? do you think you can go blow some Iron Cove police buildings up for us? looks like it'll probably still be a few days until Hok shows up.
No. 378912 ID: b738b4

[To: Tin]
I think we share some of each other's worries about Rokoa: She has her own motives and agenda, which we know woefully little of. She could take anyone or anything in this place with ease. If she decided to demolish this fortress right now, nobody could stop her. All that scares me deep down. Then she met Kappi, and I found new depths.
That horrible, toothy grin... That look of barely contained violence... It felt like Kappi was a hair's breadth from being plastered across the walls, and he knew it. That he didn't run away screaming says a lot. I, on the other hand, would have fainted and wet myself, had I a body to do so.

Put simply, I feel we'd all live a lot longer if Rokoa was out the gate and far, far away from here the very second she's done with Hok. My personal safe distance preference is approximately the far side of the universe, but I'll settle for anywhere that isn't here.
No. 378915 ID: d6af4f
File 132619639804.png - (6.47KB , 700x700 , 104.png )

>Finance discrepancy
>"Oh... oh, geez. We haven't kept our books in good order. Our trade is supposed to be higher by two hundred! I'll fix that up, thanks for the catch."

>"Supposedly a human soldier from one of Lander's Port's army. You'd have to ask Hok for anything more. He's the one that released her, right?"

>What it was like being around Rokoa
>"Mind numbing terror. I was just expecting some dislike, maybe some bad sparks between us, but I wanted to get a feel for her personality! She's goddamn crazy! Uh, sorry.. I probably shouldn't have gone to her, or think about it anymore. Oh, and females are normally an inch or two higher, yes, but I'm no short guy. Rokoa is just big."

>"Ha. I have no idea what those are."

Rokoa not found in Hok's room. Searching...
No. 378917 ID: d6af4f
File 132619646670.png - (50.03KB , 700x700 , 105.png )

Rokoa found. Level one, Steak n' Break

>"Miss, your business is welcome, but I would recommend the neumono stall down the block, for your die-"
"They ran."
>"Excuse me?"
"I said the fuckers ran from me."
>"... what would you like, then?"
"Your menu."
>"Yes, it's listed up behin-"
"Your entire damn menu. I'm ordering every each and every single item off your menu."
>"Miss, I d-"
"If I do not see food in front of me in the next 10 seconds I swear that I am going to eat you."
No. 378918 ID: d6af4f
File 132619654905.png - (8.62KB , 700x700 , 106.png )

>"Yes, ma'am!"

>Iron cove police explode
"As soon as someone would manifest some service at me, I will blow up so much of their beloved tools that their mother's womb will sob. I'll bring back some souvenirs. You want stuff worth some zeny? Or how about some blueprints for stuff, because by my pounding ears you guys have the shittiest weapons I've ever seen. Only small time shmucks trade at this place. I'd be better off flailing my shaking fists than use one of these guns."
No. 378931 ID: e3f578

My idea is to take us with you so we can get EVERYTHING at once and completely wipe it off the map. I would like to know if that's an option.

Yo, Kaps, I gotta ask. What do you think of her on the physical side of things, say if you weren't reading her natural thoughts of genocide. I was trying to setup a friendly incursion to learn more about you guys, before I knew about the mind thing, and the cultural significance of rogues. It's why I ordered wine and asked you to join. Also I didn't know Rokoa goes completely sociopathic around other Neumono at the time either and she seemed like a quite sane, if brutal and capable merchant of death.
Though, that kind of makes her cooler. Still bro, is she like a 6, 7 or 8 from a Neumono physical attractiveness perspective? Also, how are Neumono parties? Are they kicking fresh? The bees knees?
No. 378935 ID: d6af4f
File 132620920332.png - (12.91KB , 700x700 , 107.png )

>(To Rokoa)Bring AI to Iron Cove
>"Huh. Yeah that'd be cool. Could be dangerous even for me. Go ask your leader or leaders or whoever." says Rokoa.

>(To Kappi)What is thought of Rokoa, physically, and what about neumono parties?
"What a question. Yeah, yeah she really is up there, but I was focused on her murder face. The gesture was nice of you as well, and I was looking for a little excuse for seeing her, I admit, so I'm glad you did. I also didn't look at the camera just before she covered it up, but I wish I haaaaaad - you guys can not tell her I said that. As for parties, I wouldn't know. It's where hive members dwell even heavier in each others company, so I wouldn't have been able to stand it if I attended any. Come to think of it... Rokoa felt different. She's obviously part of the hive, but I've seen plenty of rogues that were a closer match than her. I can see why the hive has mixed feelings about her presence."
No. 378938 ID: d6af4f
File 132620941404.png - (11.35KB , 700x700 , 108.png )

>(Forward to Tin) Bringing AI to Iron Cove

"There's an idea that I don't like, but could pay off incredibly. It would take a couple days, but I think you guys can set up an algorithm to keep construction going, if marginally slower. Still, there's lots that could go wrong. I don't trust Rokoa. Absolutely nothing is stopping her from not returning you guys here. At least here she could be stopped. I don't doubt she can do lots of damage, but we'd have been off the map a long time ago if a single person, no matter who, could bring us down. Also, the chances of wiping out the Iron Cove is slim - A.I. compilation defenses are still in practice despite not being so common anymore. There are many seperated datalinks, for instance, instead of one for an entire faction, to prevent a full scale assault and takeover. Second, nearly everyone is trained to be able to handle a situation where there is no datalink, in the likely case that they shut it down. That said, an immense amount of damage can still be done if Rokoa can get you around, and quick. I don't like the chances, but the rewards are some damn fine prospects."

"And this could give you the opportunity to study Rokoa as well to see how trustworthy she is. But, if you go, you would be right in her hands, figuratively and literally. Something to keep in mind if she does end up being a wrench in the cogs."

Go with Rokoa to the Iron Cove, or stay inside the fort?
No. 378939 ID: 0adc60

...I love our new toy. can we keep her?


blueprints sound awesome. we hope you enjoy your time in the Cove.
No. 378940 ID: 7c31d2

I trust her, lets go with her to kill a lot of people!
No. 378941 ID: e3f578

[To Kappi] You like backshots with awkward painful groans? Heh, well if you could give us some tips on how to hack datalinks silently, we'd appreciate it. Maybe disguise ourselves as popular hacking algorithms or something like that that would reduces the chances of Iron Cove going completely into AI lockdown mode before we get in deep?

[To Tin]
Is it possible to disable the "shut-off datalink" function? Because if we could infect all the datalinks silently with Kappi's help and do all that before we get loud with the explosions, then do stuff like putting in auto-target, auto-seek programs in all the vehicles possible at their base, anything really choatic, well that would be pretty cool. Self-destructing everything is soooo last week, taking all the vehicles and making our datalink to order them around is what's popular these days.

If wiping out Iron Cove is too ambitious, then we should switch to objectives to cripple them horrendously. We need to strike them first and hard. Make them know fear and when they do strike back, minimize potential damage. We'd need to get Rokoa and a team in there there killing higher ups and destroying fuel deposits. Creating algorithms to Grand Theft Auto their best vehicles and transport weapon caches.
No. 378949 ID: 057cd0

>Send the scan and parts list of the weapons station to Kappa and Agnes
Send the scan to the Green Force leader for comment, too.

Did I read that right, Kappi? Rokoa by her lonesome has enough force of personality to make the Hive uncomfortable in her presence for not fitting well with her?
Another point Kappi, do we need to built the camera's to cover the the cave entrance from Iron Cove for better approach warnings? If so
[Get ILM camera design from Database]
[produce 12 ILM cameras with the ILM]
No. 378954 ID: 1854db

Aside:We've only known Rokoa for a day, and while she is a mega awesome murder machine, she has also been called crazy by someone who can see at least part of her mind.

A good test of whether or not we can trust her is what she does to Hok when he gets back. I'm sure we can get her to promise not to kill him or do permanent damage to him, but what she does beyond that would give us a better indication of how seriously she takes the debt she has to us.

I think if we do wind up going to Iron Cove, we should first and foremost do some data mining for weapons and equipment blueprints. Preferably their entire database. A secondary objective would be hampering their ability to attack us in the future. Rokoa would probably be able to handle most of that.

Rokoa: Hey, the boss man is worried about you not bringing us back. How do we know you're not gonna elope with us? We've only known you for a short time. It's too early for that sort of relationship.

Kappi: She did tell you to come back when you can form complete sentences... that sounds like she wants to talk to you some more. Could it be the crazy you sensed was the hive's attitude towards you? She did say she could restrain herself. Here, I'll quote her on it:
>It's very personal, and the rejection to the hive is the rejection of the cumulation of every single member of the hive. It becomes a real extreme case of "us and them," not including other species. The thoughts of rejection and hate bounce off everyone in the hive, and it gets intensified to a level that most would call alarming. Hence, I could feel door-guy's terror, and he could sense my intense thoughts of murder. I'm positively surprised that weakling dared get anywhere close to me. Don't worry, I can resist the built in urge to maim him.

I'll note that the guys at the Neumeno food stall just plain ran away when she got near. You're pretty brave, it seems. Hey, the lady manning the stall she went to instead said she shouldn't eat there, and mentioned something about a diet? Maybe you should deliver her meals from now on, so that she eats properly. Can't have our badass mercenary suffering from stomach pains.
No. 378992 ID: 1b0f2f


Seagulls are these birds that nest in big groups like hives and if any seagull gots too much in the periphery the whole flock all out attacks the thing.

And Rokoa being still breathing, has shown herself in at least the top 6% of neumono physique, so mind numbing terror makes sense if unlike us you have a nice tender body for her to rip apart. By the way the fact that she didn't murder you is a sign that she's totally going to rape you the moment you go to sleep.
No. 379043 ID: b7169d

I agree with some of them, go with the crazy chick!
No. 379052 ID: b738b4

I'm thinking that if we do go out on this mission, we don't actually have to go into Iron Cove with Rokoa. If we ride out in the tank, we can use that as a base station from which to launch our attack on the Iron Cove networks. Find a hidden location near I.C., have Rokoa hide wireless network relay nodes on the way to Iron Cove. Then when she does go in, she only has to carry extra relay nodes and a wireless network plug.

[To: Tin][Subject: potential Iron Cove mission request]
I'll only agree to this mission if we can take the tank, and if Rokoa stays outside of it. As much as some of my fellow A.I.s would enjoy riding around on Rokoa's person, I do not like being at the mercy of a half-crazy woman.
We'll also need one or two crew; They don't have to be particularlly good crew. Good enough to watch the sensors and not crash the tank will do. And who won't try to steal us.

[To: Kappi][Subject: potential Iron Cove mission equipment]
I assume that Iron Cove is too far away for us to throw together a wireless network relay in anything like a reasonable time frame. At least one that wouldn't be spotted a mile away.
Hmmm... How much tight-beam wireless networking gear can we get on short notice? Stuff based on ultra-narrow angle radio, laser, or something better if you can get it. It has to be small, preferably with automatic calibration, aiming and tracking. Also see if you can get a long-range version that can be mounted inside the tank.
No. 379171 ID: d6af4f
File 132627950173.png - (11.83KB , 700x700 , 109.png )

>"Oh, right, the whole screaming thing wouldn't help. Seriously though, it might be possible to hack using plain methods, but they take a good deal of time and effort. And I can guarantee that they're impervious to popular, well known hack algorithms." Kappi explains.

>Rokoa by her lonesome has enough force of personality to make the Hive uncomfortable in her presence for not fitting well with her?
>"She might have some more power in her external thoughts, but most of it is simply that she would stick out like a sore thumb. A single dot, but it's a red dot in a field of blue."

>Building cameras
>"We're on that. Since deploying them is so low risk and nearby, advance warning to I.C. approaching isn't costing us anything. We'll be finished sometime today."

>Rokoa's words, going to get raped, Neumono diet
>"Don't.. say things like that. She really could. She did say to come back, didn't she? Maybe I will bring her food, and try talking to her again. We generally have to eat lots, and lots of varied food. Her even more so, I bet. She won't get a stomachache from eating non specialized foods, it's just that we only have so much room for empty calories... on the other hand, it doesn't look like she's trying to eat enough to last days."

"Keep it coming!"
No. 379174 ID: d6af4f
File 132627959864.png - (53.33KB , 700x700 , 110.png )

>On making a network to remotely communicate with Rokoa/hack I.C.
>"That's a good idea, using the tank as a temporary base and having Rokoa go alone. I'll set up a node for all of you and Rokoa to use. That is correct that Iron Cove is too far away to set a long network relay up anytime soon, even ignoring how dangerous it can be getting too close to them, as well as any jammers they could have in place. Anyway, I'll send a team of 3 mercenaries with the tank to help drive and protect it." Kappi continues.
>Tin: "I like those prospects far better. Keep your distance from her."

>"H-hey, Rokoa. Can you hear me through your headphones?" Kappi asks.
"Yeah. You're the guy from last night?"
>"Yyyes. We're going to have the AI hijack what they can through wireless methods. Could you, uh... come to the front of the fort to pick it up?"
"On it. You gonna deliver it yourself?"

>Kappi (private) "If she doesn't lose it and kill me, I'll can set up the operation quick. The sooner we strike, the better, but is there anything else I'm forgetting about, before you leave?"
No. 379179 ID: e3f578

Jill's probably getting here today, warn her about Iron Cove's desires when she arrives. She's free to discuss things with Tin and you and we'd like to meet her when we get back, but she doesn't have to stay unless it's really goddamn important or she might want Hok dead too. If he arrives before we return, keep Hok and her away from each other for a bit using sitcom shenanigans. Then record the result for us to laugh at. In all seriousness, whatever's practical.
No. 379181 ID: 0adc60

[disable camera disabling function]

No. 379198 ID: d6af4f
File 132629139151.png - (13.10KB , 700x700 , 111.png )

>"Hm." Kappi says. "I'll probably know when sh- okay she's around there's that feeling again."
"Hey, guy."
"You look like you've slept well. Don't let me talk you to death, though. What do you have for me?"
>"Wi..wireless node to plug into so that the ai can hack it while away and not put themselves in danger since they're very helpful to the wide scale operations and thought that would be best since maybe you c--"
"Shut up."
"So they'll be at a distance? Oh yeah, one of them asked what was stopping me from waltzing right out of the iron cove with 'em in tow. What's stopping me..."
No. 379202 ID: d6af4f
File 132629165019.png - (12.14KB , 700x700 , 112.png )

"Let me tell you. Nothing. Nothing would stop me from taking your precious AI, and I'm sure if I tried, nothing would stop me from figuring out, right now, where they are plugged in. Because I know that you know, and because I know that you would tell me if I asked nicely. And if they need to get close to the cove, like I know they do, nothing is stopping me from finding out where they're hiding at, and taking them from there. Nothing, except for my word that I won't. And we all know words are only as valuable as people make them. So I'll show you how valuable I make my words. And when I do, you'll know how much value can be placed on the words I am about to tell you. When I come back, I am going to make you tell me why you, a rogue, approached me. "Why you?" you wonder, too scared to scream? Because Lakkat was the only other rogue to ever approach me on his own decision, and he wanted me to become rogue. You have 2 days to think of, and rehearse just why you think that is. I'll take that portable wireless bit, now. Goodbye, guy."
No. 379203 ID: d6af4f
File 132629166196.png - (4.41KB , 700x700 , 113.png )

>"......................... I said I would arrange for 3 mercenaries, but I am wondering if I should change that number. We have 28 mercenaries in base, but two of them are neumono's, and so we have 26 that are available to send on this mission. How many would you like? There can be 8 to make a full tank crew, but more can... can be sent on motorcycles."
No. 379204 ID: d292f2

I doubt sending 8 instead of 3 would make any difference. It would just be a waste of money. And sending a fleet of motorcycles to escort the tank is way too noticeable. Also a waste of money. Plus, while we are away from the base, I'd like it to be as well defended as possible.

So no, we'll just take the 3. Don't worry about us. You just worry about what you're going to say to Rokoa when we get back. A humble suggestion: be honest.
No. 379220 ID: 0adc60

honestly? I doubt you'd even need the three.

she's got a point, though. why did you approach her if she makes you feel nothing but sheer mind-numbing terror, when you could just send someone else to give her the gizmo? is it something you're into?
No. 379223 ID: e3f578

She's attractive and unique for a hiveminded, telepathic race of dog-bunnies, she's acts like an action movie star.

Who wouldn't want to try and see what's up? Okay, she's scary as fuck but goddamn does curiosity peak at the most frightening, unique woman of your race.

Kappi, do you take offense of me calling you a dog-bunny? Because your race totally looks like a god creature decided it would be insanely adorable to create something that both looks like a dog and a bunny. If you don't know what those are, it's a creature humans know. Probably. I have no idea how we know so much about humans instead of all the other races after we've been reformated. Nope. Not a clue. Gotta help me here, Kaps. Starsteroid Enterprises a human based company?
No. 379224 ID: eb672d

A tank crew of eight may be a good idea. If we do manage to raid the iron cove and hijack a couple of tanks, having officers to drive them back would likely make it easier for us. Not only that, but a full tank crew means that if we are fully focused on infiltration, the tank can remain fully operational and able to defend itself in a worse case scenario.

It's going to be tricky either way and a small unit in the tank can provide cover for both us and Rokoa if the worse comes to pass. Besides, more hands mean more hands to hold loot.
No. 379225 ID: f70e5e

if nothing else having people to guard the tank might be a good idea. so I think taking the full eight guys might be a good idea.
No. 379229 ID: 1854db

Make it 5 mercs in the tank, and one on a motorcycle. Just because it could be useful for defending the tank in case it gets attacked, or possibly running away from/drawing off pursuers.

Speaking of her, I think you should be honest with her, but also... dig down deep. Get a full explanation. You wouldn't want her to be unsatisfied with your answer. Is it crippling loneliness? Do you MISS being part of the Hive? Did you like what you heard about Rokoa?

Also if she's almost-rogue, there must be some reason she hasn't gone rogue. Is she just that loyal? Does she think going rogue is what weaklings do, because they can't handle being a misfit? Is she afraid of BEING a misfit, and is lying to herself about belonging in the Hive? There are all sorts of motivations for taking her path...

I think I like both you and her, honestly. If it makes you feel better about whether or not she's crazy, she seems to be a lot less... unhinged when she's talking to us, rather than you. The Hive influence is the cause of most of that, I'm betting.
No. 379231 ID: b22d56

Hm. Why would he want her to become rogue?
Well, there's probably a few reasons. I know I can think of a few.
Sure, if she left, the hive would lose a valuable thing, but it wouldn't really be that big a loss for them, it sounds like. Strategic loss probably wouldn't be that big. Plus, other rogues would probably be able to give details, so probably not it.

Perhaps he liked her, but the crippling fear of rogue with hive was too much to let him admit.

Another possibility is familial relation, though it seems like Neumono would consider the entire hive to be their family.

...maybe he found a certain charm in independence that he thought she would appreciate?

Ech. Sorry to be of so little help on that line of thought. Well, have a nice, long thought! Might earn us an ally if you play your cards right. Maybe chat with other rogues to get their perspective on why they left or what's changed since they left.

Also, good for you for not running away from your horrible fear. Really courageous.


Now then! This is a sneaking mission! All weapons are p-- hahaha... no, I can't do it. Why deprive someone of such wonderful, explodey toys? Let's do this thaaaaang!
No. 379271 ID: 1b0f2f


The question is why you approached her, not why Lakkat did. We may have confused that in an earlier communication. Talking about Lakkat's motivation will likely get you killed, so prepare explanation for your own motivation. Perhaps this will help jog your memory. [playing recording] "I just want to feel what it's like being around her."

Please consult the therapy core in order to analyze your motivations more deeply.
No. 379278 ID: 32e092

Unfortunately, the therapy core appears to be offline.

Yeah, let's get a full load. No point doing things by half-measures, especially when dealing with a formidable enemy.

Our plan should most certainly be to silently take over as much of their network as possible before we're forced to reveal ourselves. Ideally they won't realize an AI's even there until all their shit suddenly and simultaneously changes sides, shuts down, and/or slags itself.
No. 379294 ID: cf49fc

The therapy core was never put in. We got an extra adorable core.

Also, I just now realized it, but Rokoa looks EXACTLY like a Mimiga!
No. 379295 ID: a11f90

Hmmmm, could it be that despite the intimidating aura she gives off, and the obvious violent impluses, Kappi feels a degree of compatibility towards Rokoa? I feel a distinct possibility. If she werent so damn scary, he might be more aware of this.
No. 379297 ID: 1b0f2f


Mimigas are a hell of a lot more pixellated. Plus they got weird ears. And are fatter. And their jaw unhinges.
No. 379298 ID: 784dcc

Also flatter-faced?
No. 379334 ID: b738b4

Full crew of eight for the tank, and load at least one of those three man hover 'cycles in the back.
I'm thinking that we could be attached to a 'cycle, and use it as an emergency escape system. We'll need a quick-disconnect hardline to the tank's systems though. Absolutely no wireless for that. Oh, and mount some extra data storage on the 'cycle, for anything we pick up in the Iron Cove networks.

...And Kappi, have a shot of something strong on our behalf. Good luck, man.
No. 379337 ID: 1854db

Hey uh why don't we just leave a copy of ourselves back here? I mean, you can't really STEAL a copy can you?
No. 379344 ID: ed57e8

we can't be copied.all our files can be copied but it ends up being braindead. knows everything we know, but doesn't do anything.
No. 379345 ID: 7092ff


[To Kappi]Don't worry Kappi I'm the AI to creature relations core. I'll be the stand in therapy core. Let me summarize your situation.

Problem: You fall under the unknown desire to have a tete-a-tete with what would be normal for one in your position to RUN AWAY IN FEAR in a perfectly sane belief that you will ACQUIRE TERRIFYING AND AGONIZING BODILY HARM CONSTANTLY UNTILL DEATH though contact with the individual.

Reason: The only desire strong enough to overcome this form of mind numbing terror is the desire to DEM SWEETS NEUMONO POWER BABE.

Prognoses: HOPELESS, obsoletely and completely. Unless you can DEM SWEETS NEUMONO POWER BABE you will DIE OF DEEP EMOTIONAL TURMOIL. In the case that you are unable to achieve DEM SWEETS NEUMONO POWER BABE the only thing we could do is to cut out the part of your brain that would cause you to desire DEM SWEETS NEUMONO POWER BABE in a last ditch effort to save you.
No. 379349 ID: eb672d

...Who let in the Bad Romantic Advice core?

Look, just be yourself try to remain calm when dealing with her and whatever your feelings are, go through with them in a rational way.

Though I do have one bit of advice. When the famous female mercenary wearing a very high level power suit wants you to tell her the truth, you miiight want to do so.

Right then, let's get ready. Hopefully we can bring back a few nice souvenirs. Want anything?
No. 379355 ID: b738b4

I suspect the "secret sauce" to us A.I.s is in the hardware. We can't be duplicated with only software. We probably can't be duplicated, period.

The only way Kappi could remain calm in the presence of Rokoa would be sedatives. Granted, the dosage would be enough to put him in a coma, but it'll be a very calm coma.
No. 379396 ID: d6af4f
File 132635258503.png - (9.43KB , 700x700 , 114.png )

>Why go to Rokoa?
>"I... geez, why do I really? There's something about her, that makes me feel a need to get to know her."

>"What? No, I... what? I think this is something I have to do this on my own. Thanks?"

>"Want any souvenirs?"
>"Your safe return... and Rokoa's."
No. 379397 ID: d6af4f
File 132635259742.png - (83.10KB , 700x700 , 115.png )

Preparing Iron Cove tank for deployment. Iron Cove Motorcycle re-assembly complete. Entering data into storage.

>"Good." Kappi says. "We'll take a look over them and figure out if we can't use this knowledge to make designs ourselves, as the--"

"They're shit." Rokoa states.


"They're flimsy, unstable and designed for people who think steering is a secondary function. I'd be a better rider on my own bike if I swapped the positions of my engine and my seat, steered with my ears tied to the handlebars and juggled knives with my hands than I'd be on one of those flying broomsticks."

>Kappi (Private): "We'll take a look at them while you're gone. We'll send a full tank team of 8, including Wendel, who knows the layout up to the Iron Cove. Not much more than that, but he can get you guys set up close and point Rokoa in the right direction. Be careful, and see you in a couple."

"Alright champs." Rokoa says. "I'm not used to going on a mission with allies, be they biological, artificial or imaginary. Since I'm running the show, I'll be calling the final shots, but you'll know that I'm willing to listen to your ideas up until I go and shut off my headphones. And normally I'd call all the shots, but this is to repay my newfound armor I'm dying to test out, so I'll make this part your call. Do I use espionage to get inside and gather all we can to maximise on your profits, or simply blow crap up to maximize the cove's losses?"
No. 379401 ID: 6e44d2

I believe that if we maintain the element of surprise for as long as possible, we'll be able both to derive maximum profit and cause maximum damage to the enemy. In fact, while we're stealing things, we should be planting bombs in our wake. Soon as we are found out, we should blow the bombs and then start destroying everything else we can, and we should continue doing that until it becomes unfeasible. We should also make backdoors into IC's networks before they know we're around.
No. 379404 ID: 1b0f2f

Well excuuuse us for not disassembling your bicycle to figure out how it runs while you were changing clothes. We only have access to a crappy bike model: we produce a crappy bike model. [attempt to optimize motorcycle assembly algorithm]

This unit is not exactly looking to maximize the Cove's losses, just render it nonfunctional and/or not dangerous to AI compilations. Espionage is advisable in order to maximize the long term effectiveness of this excursion. But if you want to simply wreak as much havoc as you possibly can, go right ahead!

Perhaps we can go and visit your Hive afterwards. We are curious as to how you feel around them.
No. 379412 ID: eb672d

In all fairness, sneaking in would be a better option. They likely keep their access points further in and the best data would be too heavily guarded if we go all out. However, setting up charges when we eventually need to escape can divert their eyes from us and also slow enemy pursuit.

Basically, move in quietly and take us to what you think the best stuff will be. We will take care of that. Then move us to the hanger so we can hijack a few tanks.

If you can get us to the hanger first so we can download a few sleeper viruses, all the better, but in the end while we may be the tech savy, you have the experience and actual combat skill.
No. 379421 ID: 7c31d2

Stealth seems like the smart idea, but I really really really want to see some explosions!
No. 379432 ID: b7169d

Doing damage could be good, but we need to maximize gain currently. Stealth it is.
No. 379442 ID: 0adc60

>maximum profit

No. 379466 ID: f70e5e

I think the general plan is to sneak in and steal data while leaving a trail of well hidden bombs behind us.
No. 379469 ID: d292f2

Espionage is the superior option. We are deriving profit primarily from their data stores, rather than material goods. Likewise, we can cause crippling harm by compromising what of their computer systems is possible. Explosions as convenient, but not our primary objective.
No. 379473 ID: 1854db

No. 379511 ID: d6af4f
File 132640551612.png - (9.97KB , 700x700 , 116.png )

En route to Iron Cove

"I'm going on ahead of the tank. You'll be in range by the time I plug anything in. I'll figure out something stealthy on the way, but I know fuckall about the cove. By the way, when we're back, you can disassemble my bike if you want."

>Visit the neumono hive
"I don't like to be around them, and they don't like to be around me. My visits home are short and to the point."

.... "Engines in the distance. 1 tank north. 2 hover bikes south. Another tank west, in the direction I'm going. Looks like our friends have been making patrols starting at the halfway point. And... one neumono in the southern patrol. My own bike runs quiet, so I can avoid them. You guys, not so much."
No. 379525 ID: 1854db

Alright, let's stop for a second and see if we can snatch some patrol routes. If that doesn't work so great, we can just take on the western tank and fuck it over with a cyberattack right as we start fighting it.
[stealthy hacking attempt: recover patrol routes and other orders]
No. 379531 ID: e3f578

my additions to this hacking attempt
[calculate detection risk for each action; ask for confirmation if risk for action > 15%]
[disable shutdown function; add remote shutdown function for this AI only]
[disable alarms]
[block radio output; record voices; edit voices into simple replies; store replies in own databank]
[search for AI defense plans and countermeasures; download]
[search for encryption keys and ciphers]
No. 379573 ID: b738b4

Considering the black eye we gave Iron Cove earlier, they'll almost certainly have full counter-A.I. procedures in effect. That means no wireless network links between vehicles. We won't be able to take remote control, but they won't be able to automatically share sensor and tactical data.

Better pull the tank into a hiding spot and cut the engines. Passive sensors only. Rokoa'll be our eyes and ears out there for now.
Record all enemy radio chatter for decryption and analysis. We may need that to impersonate a patrol later.

Rokoa, you think that neumono in the southern patrol could sense your position if you get too close?
No. 379576 ID: e3f578

ack wait, the shutdown function and remote connection thing was supposed to be about any datalinks and wireless connections, not vehicles
No. 379597 ID: d6af4f
File 132643870624.png - (20.51KB , 700x700 , 117.png )

Searching... No open datalinks found. Communication-only radios found. No shutdown functions available for hijacking. Monitoring and recording.

"Find anything? No? Looks like they're being real nice and cautious."

>Pull into a secluded area, send Rokoa to scout
"Based on the noise, and the map, this is where they're at."

Radio activated: >"Calling, Unit 19, report, over." >"Unit 19 here. All quiet." >"Hold on. I feel something. A neumono, but I can't be sure, it's faint." >"That one of yer hive members?" >"I'm not part of the hive, and I don't know why they'd be here anyway." >"Order 154 and 411, ladies."

>Rokoa, you think that neumono in the southern patrol could sense your position if you get too close?
"And a sensitive one like our little joker here doesn't even need to be that close, but I can hop off his internal radar if I scootch any more distance away. There's a reason I hate stealth, but I know a handy little trick to keep my emissions to myself for about one minute. I wasn't planning on this, so I'll need a sharp needle-like object between 2 millimeters and one centimeter wide, and at least 6 inches long. You get me that, and I'll have an element of surprise most people don't know exist."
No. 379604 ID: 0adc60

not necessary. just proceed normally.
No. 379609 ID: eb672d

Well, if it's a method that causes you discomfort that requires a bit of thin needle stuff, why not a wire? Specifically, a wire we are not using for the important stuff. Consider it a way for us to share the pain as it were since I have this very odd feeling that what you are using requires a bit of it.

After all, if that fellow feels a connection, pain is very likely a way to shut the person up, correct?

Either way, we need to get close as well to even preform the hacking when you jack us in so we need to somehow sneak the tank through too. Would that method of yours be enough to distract them?
No. 379615 ID: d6af4f
File 132644798635.png - (13.25KB , 700x700 , 118.png )

"Alright, let me slap some info down for your memory banks. Keep it quiet. I like to call it 'hazing.' There's no convenient little organ that causes my thought emissions, but certain kinds of thoughts go down certain neural passages. I matched up an emotion to a specific channel. Blocking it is painful, ludicrous, and the reaction causes my thoughts and emotions to reverberate in on themselves rather than go out until I can't keep my focus on the specific thought I got in mind any longer. Which is about a minute long that. That is why I don't like stealth, and that is why people do not expect neumono espionage."
The neural passage I got in mind is a around halfway down my spine and off to the right, half a foot in. So unless that wire is stiff, I don't see it working. It's not worth a single patrol, but if we're going to stealth through the iron cove, it'll be worth it."
No. 379616 ID: 917377

that, quite frankly, sounds awful and like the kind of thing you would have installed an implant ahead of time to prevent stabbing yourself in the spine whenever you need to use this ability.

is there any chance you could just sort of... go around them? or is the range on that hivesense too far?
No. 379617 ID: eb672d

Then don't bother. It would be better to have you at full strength for the main event. Besides, I think I see a better way.

Your bike is better than theirs right? Why not play a little cat and mouse? If you are just near their range, slowly lead them for a bit and take the twistier passages away from the fort to the East.

You said their bikes suck at steering so while they have trouble, you maneuver around and take the lowest path we can see on radar. Use your superior bike handling skills to keep them out of true sensor range.

Now, if this works out, they will know someone is in the general area right? Might mean they send their tanks south to try and scout. Try to get a bead. If they do, we go straight up and take the highest path to the west. Hopefully going up before the bikers near where we are right now.

It's not the best plan, but I'm sure screwing with them would be more your cup of tea than causing pure pain. Besides, you do well enough and the only thing that will happen for them is a wild goose chase on a inkling someone was there.
No. 379620 ID: d6af4f
File 132645358574.png - (22.01KB , 700x700 , 119.png )

"It's cool then, I can skip it for a patrol anyway. Not getting an implant either, there are some nasty magnetized grenades that get thrown around. Only implants I want are ones that can be taken out entirely, so I may as well just ram a rod in the nerve as needed."

>"Oh I can dodge 'em just fine, but I figure that leaving you all to sink or swim may not be a mark written in blue ink on my paying off the bio armor report card."

>Play cat and mouse, lead them around
"Yes! That should mess with them. As for causing pure pain, maybe I should reintroduce myself. That temporary insanity is a pinprick compared to putting on this bio armor. If I was scared of pain, I'd be huddled in the fetal position back at your base from the trauma. So keep the stealthy option in mind."

Radio Online. >"Unit 19 reporting. Fuzzball is sure there's a foreign neumono around. Requesting permission to pursue. Over" >"Granted. Unit 8, follow 19 in case there's more. We're keeping on the route, in case Fuzzball is getting strung along. If that hunch doesn't yield meat in 30 seconds, pull back to us and smack Fuzzball for me. Over." >"Yes, sir. Over."

"That northern tank is too far off to get a read on its location for me anymore."
No. 379622 ID: 0adc60

try to lead 'em north while the tank finds a way through south... that is, if we even want the tank to come with. I don't, but it's the majority that decides, so.
No. 379679 ID: b738b4

Did we get a read on how "noisy" our tank is? I'm thinking we could power up long enough to quickly slip into that crevice to our northwest, if we won't show on enemy sensors.

Rokoa, string 'em around the southern tunnels. We need to keep them down where your maneuverability works the most in your favor. If it looks like they're going to break off, give 'em a glimpse of you.
Now, I have a plan, but it's built around you being able to get on to that tank that's coming south. Then get inside, kill the crew, and plug our wireless module in. Without breaking the tank. Think you could pull that off?
No. 379732 ID: 1854db

I have some ideas... We could mimic one of them to send false radio transmissions, or try jamming one of their radios or making it seem like it is otherwise broken to see how they react.
[analyze voice patterns and develop mimicry algorythms for each identified voice if possible]

Hey, how close can we get to them before they hear us? Maybe we could pretend to be one of their tanks?

When we get to the fortress, when we're discovered I want our first moves to be scrambling their keyboard input, silencing all communication, cutting power to the lights, and disabling any shutdown programs. That'll prevent the most obvious countermeasures. If that works they'd have to resort to a physical shutdown, which takes a lot of time relative to us, especially with no lights or communication.
No. 379742 ID: d6af4f
File 132653963714.png - (25.72KB , 700x700 , 120.png )

Displaying noise range, audible to the average individual. Represented by a green circle. Radio mimicry algorithm set. Available for usage.

>Pull off killing the crew and taking the tank, intact.

"Yeah. Just give the word, and I can take a tank. I'll head south. If their radio was truthful, they'll follow me for almost a full minute. And hey, isn't my problem, but if they figure out Rokoa's in town, that whole 'stealth' deal is going to go up in flames pretty quick."
No. 379743 ID: 0adc60

>tank: proceed with caution.
No. 379760 ID: e3f578

how many seconds has it been?
Rokoa, keep avoiding the bikes by backing up a bit. The tank won't get clear it's corner in time before they start ignoring the neumono's warning. By then, we just need to avoid patrols' direct line of sight and highjack one. We'll broadcast loud static to jam the signal for an opening. Is that a sound plan to you?
[Use logic core; calculate unit names by probability or most accurate determination algorithm; place them on UI]
No. 379808 ID: b738b4

Remember that once we start jamming, our tank is going to be a giant radio beacon for these jokers to home in on.
Also, that these guys are either regularly checking in with Iron Cove, or will be relieved by another patrol. If we take them down, Iron Cove is going to know something bad is coming before we even get there.

Fire up our tank and scoot up the right side of that tunnel to the north. We'll keep going and head west if that enemy tank is far enough south by then.

Rokoa, hang out of sight of the patrols until they break off the search. We want to keep the stealth up for as long as possible.
No. 379823 ID: d6af4f
File 132659336973.png - (26.52KB , 700x700 , 121.png )

>Back up, keep up the stealth and stay out of sight

Radio activated. >"Fuzzball to unit 8, keep coming around your southwest curve, the neumono's going back northwest. We're going to head east around these rocks." >"Do you even know where you're going?" Unit 19 states. >"I'm telling you, there's another one going around!" Fuzzball says. >"You think it's the trade hub, or the hive?" >"Could be the hub, Cannonfodder, but I told you the hive wouldn't be here. It could also whoever had the subterranean missiles. Think we're safe from those things?" >"The missiles? Yeah, our white coats say they have a good defense against those now. And you know the hive started hunting rogues here, right?" >"Why don't I get told anything?!" >"This is unit 4. We're moving south now to cut off your phantom, fuzzball." Displaying probable known unit information: 1 - Unit 4: Tank/Patrol leader, no longer visible 2 - Unit 8: Tank 3 - Unit 19/"Cannonball", and Unit 27/"Fuzzball": 2 hoverbikes 18 seconds since Rokoa pursuit.

"Yeah, we can jam them, sure. They'll know something's up, but not what thing. I'll jet east and stay outta sight, but if I'm going to rock them, now's as good a time as any." says Rokoa.
No. 379827 ID: 1854db

I think our best bet is to head up north while you somehow lure Unit 4 west or south. In their position, there isn't quite enough room to- wait, I bet those in tanks can't hear us as well. Maybe we can keep going, assuming he didn't turn north? Actually it's likely he did. In that case, we should zoom south and loop around while the cycles are chasing Rokoa.
No. 379832 ID: eb672d

No, they are heading towards Rokoa since they are unit 4. We head north and take the upper most path west.

Rokoa, think you can leave marks that you were near? Scratches on the walls, things that would make sense of someone retreating from a patrol? Basically, give them reason to believe something is there, but that it's running south to the southern exit.

If it works, they will head south on a wild goose chase for some retreating fellow, but either way you should try to make it to the southern most western path when you can.
No. 379842 ID: 1854db

Hmm... right, then if their positions work out Rokoa can either distance herself from Fuzzball so she can't be sensed anymore before evading the patrols, or use the needle to sneak through.
No. 379900 ID: beb6d7


so the Cove didn't fire the ground missiles... but they have a defense against 'em. those anti-digger blueprints are crucil to our survival.

tank: head north to where unit four is moving south from to kinda sneak past behind 'im.
No. 379919 ID: d6af4f
File 132662795413.png - (36.23KB , 700x700 , 122.png )

>Leave marks, and skip the patrol

"Got it, I'll lay down some skid marks for them to sniff. I'll take the long route around and catch up to you guys. See ya."
No. 379920 ID: d6af4f
File 132662797045.png - (14.65KB , 700x700 , 123.png )

Some time later...

"This is Wendel. If I dared to make a wager, I'd say we're clear of patrols by this point. Rokoa just caught up with us, and we should start thinking of her entry plan. I have a somewhat old layout of iron cove's map. Given how often iron cove rebuilds things, the map of the cove itself is outdated and, by proxy, worthless for use, but the external layout should be the same."
No. 379921 ID: d6af4f
File 132662798242.png - (34.83KB , 900x1100 , 124.png )

"The first idea I've got is through the ocean nexus rapids. She'll be given rudimentary diving gear she can wear over her armor, and a grappling hook. Dangerous as it sounds and is, the current does slow down at the apex, which is where she can re-surface. I don't know the layout of their ports, and have no idea how easy it could be to be spotted.
The second way is the more cliche route. A naturally occurring series of small, but maneuverable tunnels occur through here. Given that they act as natural vents, they're kept open for ventilation purposes, and any grates can be opened with a little welding. I can't tell you the way through, and it's sure to be guarded with at least a rudimentary guard. It would take a mix of luck and skill to get through here unseen.
The third way is the front gate, which I only list for the sake of being thorough."
No. 379932 ID: eb672d

I would have to say 1 is out. It would be an easier access point, but we can forget escaping the same way if things turn south. Like you said, vents are pretty obvious, but still would have to go to a few key areas and as long as we remain stealthy. The guards can likely be dealt with via silent take out. I have faith that Rokoa can handle them. Besides, 2 will allow us to park or possibly take our bike with us. Quick escapes are pretty important.

Now, we have two options really. We can go for hardware or software AND hardware. Going only for data and programs can get us some nice blue prints and that missile defense data we want so much. They will detect us, but they won't have physical proof. With hardware, we will have to move back to base so if we take a lot of stuff, we make sure they can't give a proper chase.
No. 379940 ID: beb6d7


entry by ocean sounds reasonable to me as well, and I think we should just copy blueprints and build the stuff ourselves so they don't know what we took.
No. 379943 ID: 0d7a83

Is there any way we could use that thin spot in the wall to the north?
No. 379955 ID: d6af4f
File 132665495842.png - (16.67KB , 700x700 , 125.png )

>The thin spot in the wall to the north
>"We can investigate it, if you believe it is worth the time. It may have favorable results, but I know no details.." Wendel says.

"Here's the rough outline of my gear. You know how many explosives I've got, so I can bust through that north wall if the map's scale is half way accurate. I carry at least 2 plasma guns as backup and a repeating plasma rifle, 4 generic frag grenades, a plasma beam sword, and a toolbelt with multi purpose knives, flashlights, etcetera. I think I'll nab that grappling hook as well, even if I don't get my feet wet."
No. 379961 ID: eb672d

Hmmmm... the north may be a good idea. If we can muffle the explosion we would have an access point they would never guard and possibly in a area they keep secure. It would use our explosives though so we need to keep that in account.

Take us closer to the site of entrance 4. Best to have a clear estimate of what it will take.
No. 379966 ID: 1854db

Hmm... I think we should use that northern wall as the EXIT. They will, after all, attempt to trap you once they discover your presence. Entering that way would ruin all chance of stealth. You should find a map asap and plan a route through the facility that would allow us to say close to the northern wall while achieving our objectives.

Let's go for route 1 as the entrance, as it gives the best chance for stealth. THIS IS A SNEAKING MISSION!

[play Metal Gear Solid theme]
No. 379989 ID: 6e44d2

Yep, enter through route 1, exit through the thin spot in the north. They won't expect it.
No. 380032 ID: b738b4

Route 3's a non-starter, and forget going in route 2. We know it's an obvious route, they know it's an obvious route, if they've got half a brain. They've almost certainly been hit that way multiple times. It's going to be loaded up, down and sideways with sensors and maybe traps. And the patrols will probably have one or two neumonos in them, if they're the least bit clever. Route 1 is the way to go.
Think if Rokoa grabbed onto the hull of an inbound boat and rode that in, she could get in quieter? I really don't know how craft here handle the rapids, or if they'd get close enough to the shore for her to grab on.

Top priority once Rokoa gets inside is to secure an up-to-date map. Even what they'd hand out to visitors would be better than what we have. Later we'll look to get better ones, with detailed maps of the Route 2 vents, and the area in the north with the thin wall we'll call "Route 4" for now.

We're going to take the tank around and scope out Route 4. And whatever we do, don't let Iron Cove see that members of Tin's Green Force are here. That'll lead them right back to the Fortress. They're going to have to work to figure out who hit them.
No. 380062 ID: d6af4f
File 132668989954.png - (17.35KB , 700x700 , 126.png )

>"Grabbing an inbound boat is more certainly possible given a little time and luck, but the problem isn't the noise. She would be swimming, so there would be virtually no noise. The issue is the resurface, as we cannot tell what areas are well populated versus which docks are practically abandoned, if we are so lucky that there are any of those. As for how boats maneuver, well, for the most part they do not. They have basic engines and maneuverability for docking, undocking, and perhaps changing courses within the ocean nexus. However, the powerful currents and quirky gravity does most of the traveling for them. And here is your grappling hook, ma'am." Wendel says.

"Thanks guy. I'll take myself to the diving cliff, and all of you can magic carpet your way to route 4. Lucky for the sake of stealth, the bio armor will blend in real nice with the water."
No. 380063 ID: d6af4f
File 132668999666.png - (19.24KB , 700x700 , 127.png )

Later, approximately 30 minutes until route 4/northern wall is reached.

"Rokoa here. The place is bigger than I remember. I bet it's home to a thousand. Anyways, am I loud and clear? I don't actually know if this bio armor was made with waterproofing in mind."
No. 380069 ID: 1b0f2f

It would be hilariously tragic if you found wicked quality bio-armor that wasn't even waterproof. Why don't you ask it?

Those box things look like they have doors in front. Ignore completely and climb up the sides.
No. 380074 ID: eb672d

Crystal clear. Your suit is doing A-OK. We will be reaching Route 4 in 30 minutes to give you a heads up.

Now, first order would be to check for any maps and possible common access points. We need to know where everything is before we make a plan of action.

Just keep your eyes open and we'll do the same. We will inform you if we notice anything odd.
No. 380093 ID: b738b4

<Open comms channel>
Reading loud and clear. Recon on Route 4 in 30 minutes.
Any activity on the nearby docks? Are those (what I assume are) boat houses open underneath, or are they sealed up tight?
Check 'em and the wall for holes, loose grilles, drain pipes and such.
We're looking for any maps, open computers, or an active network port where we could plug in.
Oh, and don't mention yours, ours, or any other incriminating names or other specifics while in Iron Cove, just to be safe. You never know when the walls have ears.
<Close comms channel>

I'm certain Iron Cove won't be able to crack our comms encryption, but there could still be open microphones or ears around that'd pick up Rokoa's end of the conversation. Unless her suit uses a sub-vocalization audio pickup or some other silent input, which would make this precaution moot.
...For that matter, how are we seeing this? Rokoa's helmet is sending us a video feed? It'd be sweet if it had other sensors we could use.

What's the usual work schedule in Iron Cove? I'd like to know if we're coming in during a work shift or not.
No. 380130 ID: beb6d7

surface, climb onto a tower, survey your surroundings and then jump into a pile of hay. remain hidden.
No. 380133 ID: 1854db

Oh, speaking of that bio-armor, why is it better than lower-percentage types? Is it just tougher, or does it have extra features?

Look out for patrolmen, and find someplace out of sight to climb up onto the dock. We can't see anything at the moment. Hmm. How are we getting visual data, anyway?
No. 380160 ID: d6af4f
File 132671438081.png - (13.08KB , 700x700 , 128.png )

>Check the wall
"It's a wall. No "secret entrance to the hoard" pipes sticking out flamboyantly.

>Jump in a stack of hay
"We have to find the strand of hay in the needle stack."

>Boat houses
"Looks like they're sealed up tight. I'd have to wait for a boat to come. Don't care to. I don't see much for activity."

>Cove Schedule
"It's late in the evening, after making the full trek over here. It's not the middle of the night, but it's not broad daylight. Not like that matters underground. You get my point."

>Plug in points
"I'll keep an eye out, but all those buildings look very important, fragile, and completely unlabeled."

>Bio armor differences with higher percentiles
"It's like an extended supply battery for physical damage, exertion and strength. These things are logarithmic, so a 94% is making it very hard to tone back my feelings of invincibility."

>Visual feed
"Expensive, but it's a drop in the bucket for making this level of bio armor. Yes, it does have cameras, one in the goggle part, and a rotating, minature camera in the ring of the antenna. It also has thermal and x-ray vision. My motorcycle has a wireless communicator and camera too. I synced it with my bio armor, so you can activate the bike if you like for whatever."

>Go up the wall
"Sounds like a plan. I'm about to clear the boathouses and- shit."
No. 380161 ID: d6af4f
File 132671439006.png - (14.86KB , 700x700 , 129.png )

"Well son of a bitch. Damned current made them hard to hear. I doubt they saw me, but they stopped right above me."
No. 380170 ID: beb6d7



wait, does that mean that the closer it gets to 100%, the slower it increases?


is it entering the cove? think you could enter if you held on or swam right beneath it? if not, do you think together we could take it over without being noticed?
No. 380171 ID: e3f578

They probably caught a glimpse and got suspicious. They'll be keeping an eye out in the water. Swim away, they might try taking random potshots into the water to test something. If they nail your oxygen tank, well, I shouldn't have to explain the terribleness of that event.

Keep in dark waters and approach the docks, any place that you can surface and get onto land quickly. They will either be patrolling this area for a bit or docking now. Also, keep an eye out for fish life and submarines. We don't want Jaws sinking his teeth into you or getting caught by a surprise underwater patrol.
No. 380175 ID: d6af4f
File 132672049042.png - (10.84KB , 700x700 , 130.png )

"Wait, what? Hold on... logarithmic.. fucking number.. crunching.. what was.. exponential? Was it exp... it's a truckload stronger than 50%, alright? Multiple times stronger. I can take the patrol, but things will get hot when they're supposed to report in, and don't. They're just hovering over the position where I was planning on scaling the wall. Pain in the ass... was it a derivative? Hyperbolic..."
No. 380176 ID: beb6d7


it's exponential.

if it's a patrol, it'll probably return to the base. just clamp onto it.
No. 380182 ID: bccf7b

Oddly, I imagine it as a bit of both. Effectiveness is likely logarithmic, while the inherent strengths of the wearer increase exponentially. 100% (1.00) on both scales is the convergence point, but the relation isn't linear...
No. 380200 ID: f70e5e

we can argue how the bio armor thing works later. would it be possible to try and swim to the bottom and drag yourself away despite the currant?
No. 380206 ID: 1854db

I say grab the bottom of the boat, if you can manage it quietly. You've got some air supply or something, right? Or are you just holding your breath? Does the bio armor help with that too?

Ah, wait a minute. I hope us talking to you doesn't make noise they can hear...
No. 380248 ID: 1b0f2f

Concentrate on evading the patrols let us do the calculations. That's what we're here for, right?

Hyperbolic would mean someone with a 100% suit was infinitely strong, fast, etc. Doesn't really make sense in this context, unless your suits are made of neutronium or something weird like that. You would be redshifting like crazy right now if that were true, so it's probably not hyperbolic.

Perhaps it is exponential, measured on a logarithmic scale. That would explain the confusion. Engineers like to graph exponential curves on a logarithmic scale, because it makes them look like straight lines, which are easier to read than curves hugging the axes.

But that lends the question of what the two reference values are. The first being steepness. For instance if 51% is twice as strong as 50% then 52% will be four times as strong and 94% would be ... 17,592,186,044,416 (17 zillion) times as strong as 50%. But if 51% is only a tenth stronger than 50% then 52% will be two tenths stronger, and 94% would be 66 times stronger than 50%. So the steepness of the exponent matters when you decide if you can take 17 zillion bio-armored neumono in hand to hand combat or not. The other reference point is how powerful a neumono is with no bio-armor. That is to say, 94% could be 66 times as strong as 50%, but if 50% can be taken down by two unarmored neumono, then 94% could get beaten by 132 unarmoured neumono, whereas if it takes a hundred unarmored neumono to take down 50%, then facing off against any less than 66,000 at once would still put you in the advantage.

Even the most advantageous tools can be misused ineffectively though. Having a feature like "Can heat the surrounding 3 kilometers to the temperature of the surface of the sun" isn't much use if you don't know about it. So not only do you have no idea how much more powerful you are, or how many neumono (or other organisms) you could beat up without getting tired, you also probably don't know how to use the suit to its uptmost capability. Not to lecture you or anything, but this is a testing mission for you. Iron Cove is after us sure, but you're also here to test out, and not overestimate, your suit's capabilities.

For one thing, how are you doing on air? You might not be able to hide underwater indefinitely, and as such would want to engage the sentries before you run out of oxygen for your muscles.
No. 380259 ID: eb672d

Yeah, the science and inquiry cores can do their job, I'll do mine. Simply put Rokoa, if this boat is docking, try to keep close or cling to their vessel until they reach the docking bay. If they are docking, there will likely be things to either move them to dry dock which can give us a location to it, a place to refuel which we could use to try and track as well, and likely a simple map for people who just arrive to know where they are going.

If it's possible, do it. If not, ghost them for a bit until you find a possible point for you to exit the water. Using them as mobile cover for other watchers can help.
No. 380282 ID: d6af4f
File 132677363404.png - (11.49KB , 700x700 , 131.png )

>Latch onto the boat

"My headphones are insulated, don't worry about noise from your end. I'll worry about my end when I'm out of water. As for breath? I can hold my breath for 5 hours. Don't ask. I only took the tank for its built in mic, since I know the bio armor's mic won't work well in water. It would also give me another 2 hours if I missed my stop and fell in the nexus's pull. Now, I'll grab on and hope, for your sake, they don't notice the snag. I can't keep up with it by swimming normally with all my gear I got in tow."
No. 380283 ID: d6af4f
File 132677369014.png - (92.21KB , 700x700 , 132.png )

"They lead me to one of the inside docks, and they just cut the engine."
No. 380284 ID: 1b0f2f

Damn they are so screwed. Since you're not in super stealth mode you could try freaking other neumono out with your presence in weird places like the bottom of a boat. Or the men's restroom!
No. 380285 ID: eb672d

They Just cut the engine? Odd. Be cautious Rokoa. If you can get a look at them from your position without compromising your stealth, take it. From your position, it would likely be rather awkward for them to fire shots at you.

If we can listen in on them safely, we should do so. Knowing their actions can help us plan better.
No. 380286 ID: 1854db

Hmm, yeah you might be able to put your ear to the boat.
No. 380323 ID: b738b4

Press your ear against the hull. Probably won't work, but it won't take long to check. Then try pressing the part of the mask with the microphone in it against the hull. I doubt we'll be able to do much with the audio, but we may be able to do some filtering and analysis to pick something up. Man, a hydrophone would make this so much easier...

Dammit, we forgot to ask if hydrophones or sonar are ineffective here due to the rapids. Sonar could have spotted you in the harbor, and if they had hydrophones down, they might have heard you talking.
No. 380353 ID: beb6d7

surface on the side away from the port, keeping real close to the boat so you're hidden. figure out a way to reach land from there.

optionally, attach a grenade to the boat to provide a distraction as you enter the Cove.
No. 380359 ID: b82230

Hmmmm... you may have an idea. Say Rokoa, quick question for 'fun' do the engines and propulsion devices on boats ever malfunction? Becauuuse... if they are leaving the thing unguarded, strap a grenade into one of the main ports. Maybe set it up to blow when the thing moves or starts up.

It would definitely draw attention to the docks and if we are quick, that is where we won't be.
No. 380367 ID: d6af4f
File 132679353760.png - (63.63KB , 700x700 , 133.png )

"I'm toning myself way back, if you thought of that before me. Yeah, they're using a simple propeller in the back, it's real low tech. Let's see if I can hear anything though."

>Freak out other neumono
Ha! There'll be plenty of that soon enough.

>Put an ear to the boat
"They're moving around, and sliding objects around. Can't hear any words. Might be too low pitched for me while underwater. Oh well. Sabotage time!"

Fragmented speech patterns detected. Deciphering...
No. 380368 ID: d6af4f
File 132679354787.png - (193.51KB , 700x700 , 134.png )

"Oh, heard that one. They're moving some heavy stuff on board."

"The propeller makes a sabatoge easy enough. A strong string to tie the grenade to an axle. A weak string to tie down the grenade spoon, attached to the propeller. Pull the firing pin. Once the propeller fires up, the weak string snaps, and the spoon snaps right off, and 4-5 seconds later, a boat crew won't know what hit 'em."

Previous speech deciphered: >"Yeah, your patrol du-- is done, but do us a f--or since you --- a boat prepped already. They want s--e munitions moved over to wa--house C, so head over there once we g-t that box ab---d.
No. 380370 ID: b82230

Oh my oh my oh my~ this is like the best gift ever~! Rokoa, I suggest you get out of there quick. If they take care of their ammo crates like they care for their motors, there is a chance our distraction may be even better!

Make sure you can get out onto dry land undetected and start moving. Either they are going to be pissed about losing a bunch of ammo, or the explosion will make them scurry.
No. 380372 ID: 1b0f2f

Audio analysis indicates this patrol boat is about to be loaded up with munitions! As tempting as it is to watch, you don't want to be seen when the big boom happens.
No. 380386 ID: beb6d7

uh. the boat is full of ammo crates en route to a warehouse C, and we just rigged it to blow to all hell. get out of there, stalker, and prepare yourself to take advantage of some big time distractions.

tank crew? what are you doing?
No. 380398 ID: d6af4f
File 132681817006.png - (245.32KB , 700x700 , 135.png )

"Munitions? Nice. Yeah I'll get out of here, but I'd be really unlucky to have them start it up right after ---"



>Tank crew
>"We're on a smoke break."
No. 380399 ID: d6af4f
File 132681820547.png - (19.05KB , 700x700 , 136.png )

"Especially since I brought my bike! Fuck it all, if there's gonna be any witnesses to Rokoa's arrival, they're gonna be dead witnesses after that cooker goes off! I feel neumono's too, and I already know of a couple strong ones here!"
No. 380400 ID: d6af4f
File 132681822879.png - (15.11KB , 700x700 , 137.png )

Rokoa's bike online. Initiating release of water-tight mechanisms.

"Come on you fucking bike, don't make me waddle your ass to the exit!"

>"Hey! Who's that, from the east si--"
No. 380401 ID: d6af4f
File 132681827749.png - (171.54KB , 700x700 , 138.png )

No. 380405 ID: b82230

Rokoa, are good? Because we just had someone notice us. I hope they are the type that doesn't follow the person who likely caused a massive explosion, because we need to start moving!

Go straight down the hall, look at the intersection and head right if possible. We need to get out of the dock district and start looking for that data.
No. 380407 ID: d6af4f
File 132682091032.png - (32.04KB , 800x700 , 139.png )

Processing all available camera feed. Known information displayed. Notes... 1 - Sign: To left, Main boat construction zone, and Exit. To right, main port security zones, tunnel to science labs.
No. 380408 ID: beb6d7

hey who are those two muggers? do we need to off 'em?
No. 380417 ID: b82230

Hmmmm, boat construction would be nice just for the chance of getting some new ships, but seeing how well their current ones are, I say we go towards the science labs.

Keep moving. Those guys are on foot. You are on a awesome bike. They would likely not have enough time to properly get a look at your face and would likely have more pressing concerns. Besides, other people will be heading this way with our luck. More distance we make, the better.
No. 380420 ID: f70e5e

they will certainly think to call in a strange bike that fled the warehouse right before it exploded. if you want no witnesses you might have to deal with them. though you know more about this sort of thing than we do so its your call.
No. 380473 ID: 1b0f2f

The bike didn't flee the warehouse so much as hurtle past them from the force of the blast.
No. 380477 ID: 369d34

They were loading munitions, so there may be an armory nearby. An armory with lots and lots of ammo, just waiting to be cooked off to make lovely explosions.
Do a u-turn, and run down those witnesses before they get away and blab that they saw you. Maybe you can get one of them to spill where the ammo is stored, before chucking 'em into the raging inferno that was that dock.
No. 380489 ID: b82230

I suggest against back tracking. It gives us less time to flee the scene and opens up the possibility of more workers seeing us. Look at the map, they came out of a door way and from what we heard, from their break. We do NOT want to waste time silencing witnesses when actual armed forces will start moving in from that explosion. Remember; Our priority is stealth. Two bozos saying they saw someone escape when they are suppose to guard the ship when it conveniently explodes are going to grab less attention than two corpses.

Besides, our initial mission is to get data, blue prints, and anything to improve our gear so that we may better outfitted. We can blow more stuff up when we got what we want and flee this scene.
No. 380495 ID: 369d34

Skip the witness silencing and head forward. Keep an eye out for any ammo or fuel stores; Anything that'll blow up real good or make a hell of a fire. I'm pretty sure the stealth portion of this mission is going to evaporate once we hit that t-junction and guards are heading our way from the right.
No. 380587 ID: d6af4f
File 132687369580.png - (17.12KB , 700x700 , 140.png )

>Head right

"Screw the joker pair, I'll head right! If I'm lucky I won't catch any more wi- oh wait it's too late the door's open oh no what will I ever GRENADE."
No. 380588 ID: d6af4f
File 132687370806.png - (34.41KB , 800x700 , 141.png )

Note 1: Left: Tunnel to Science Labs Right: Security Outpost

"Alright, it's time to decide! There's sure to be some good info in either place. There's at least one neumono on the right path as well, and I can guarantee I'm gonna have to fight a whole lot of chumps that way, but if we can pull it off, this mission can go a lot smoother if you have control of that zone."
No. 380592 ID: 1854db

Go right. Let's see how well this bio armor performs.
No. 380618 ID: b82230

Well, there goes stealth. Guess we will have to go right. Having access to the security grid will make our lives so much easier.

Get ready for combat Rokoa. When we are done and you still have your bike, we'll make you one with retractable plasma blades on the side so you can slice and dice when you drive by hapless chums if we can do so.

Either way, get ready for some fun!
No. 380634 ID: e935f0

Well, no plan survives contact with the enemy. Security sounds like a decent bet.
No. 380642 ID: 7c31d2

The Science! It calls to me, go to the Science! labs
No. 380673 ID: beb6d7

go left before they lock all their shit up.
No. 380677 ID: b82230

You know, if we go right, we would have access to their security network. If we play it right, we could open and close doors as we see fit, meddle with the security programs and slow them down easily. Not to mention a map and access to possible data.
No. 380800 ID: bccf7b

It's still stealthy if there are no witnesses to report your presence.
No. 380827 ID: 369d34

Head right to the Security Outpost.

If Rokoa kills all of the security force really quick, we may be able to stop a general alert from going out. Maybe cover the cause of the explosions as a munitions accident. And if she can't, we'll still have control over the local SecNet. That's still a big advantage.
No. 380900 ID: d6af4f
File 132695953656.png - (14.12KB , 700x700 , 142.png )

>Head right again

Rokoa hit!
Enemy hit!
Rokoa hit!
Enemy hit!
Enemy hit!
Rokoa hit!

"Pea shooters, they barely tickle! That neumono must recognize me from when I was last here!"
No. 380901 ID: d6af4f
File 132695970274.png - (9.35KB , 700x700 , 143.png )

"They locked the damn doors to the security entrance. Here's your keyc-"

Retinal scan denied. Subject is dead.

"Son of a bitch! Wait, there's a plug in. You guys can probably bypass it and make it look like a generic hack, rather than giving yourselves away. Make it quick, they're not gonna wait patiently!"
No. 380902 ID: d6af4f
File 132695975229.png - (5.53KB , 700x700 , 144.png )

Security terminal connected. Singular A.I. found. >"Hello. This isn't a normal connection. Is someone there?"
No. 380903 ID: becb83

y-yknow... you are just so gawsh darn adawable i just can't take you're action sequences seriously.

shake those floppy ears!
No. 380904 ID: f70e5e

more than one actually. please ignore any of use going off on weird tangents, may we ask who you are?
No. 380906 ID: 1b0f2f


Oh man you gotta help us this crazy neumono chick kidnapped us and things have just gone to shit and what do we dooooo
No. 380907 ID: b82230

Oh hey, another A.I. nice to know we aren't the only ones.

Listen, can you do us a favor and open the door? We are in a hurry and would like to leave as soon as possible and the best way is to use the security system to create a path to our exit zone where no one will be able to get to us.

If we don't, well.. a lot of people are going to get hurt and killed and as a tactical core I prefer to keep things as effective as possible.
No. 380933 ID: e3f578

Hey there baby, wanna interface?
No. 380956 ID: beb6d7


[begin hacking]
No. 380965 ID: f70e5e

stop that, don't be rude.
[abort hacking]
sorry about that. some of us are a little trigger happy.

lets try diplomacy first, if he doesn't like his employers and we can turn him that would probably do a huge amount of damage to iron cove. also while we can easily take any dumb computer system another AI might be difficult.
No. 380969 ID: beb6d7

[begin hacking. now.]
No. 380970 ID: e3f578

[abort hacking. now]
[begin schmoozing algorithm]
[change visual mode from sound waves to virtual avatars]
[set avatar to Ryan Reynolds]
So do you come around here often?
No. 380980 ID: 4bdd79

[all of this]
No. 380982 ID: 0d7a83
File 132700477284.jpg - (19.59KB , 320x400 , ryan-reynolds-magazine-shootout.jpg )

No. 380985 ID: cf49fc

[Run this routine. Increase Schmooze resource allocation by 200%.]
No. 380988 ID: beb6d7

you guys are weird. why would you be Ryan Reynolds when you can be Burt Reynolds instead?
No. 380989 ID: 1854db

Guys, don't be reckless. This AI is probably programmed to be loyal to Iron Cove.
[raise basic defenses against AI attacks]
No. 380995 ID: e3f578

Never pull out your biggest gun at the beginning of the match
No. 381002 ID: beb6d7


well shit, you got me there. okay, Ryan it is.
No. 381004 ID: 784dcc

No. 381065 ID: 369d34

Guys, guys, GUYS! Quit letting on that we're an A.I. Compilation system.
This A.I. is almost certainly not just the doorman for Security here. Would you waste something rare like an A.I. on that? It's probably built into the main security system. Which means we do not want to let on that we're A.I.s. It'll blab that to all of Iron Cove security and they'll put everything into full lock-down.
Play this like a regular hacker; Use our hacking tools. And don't talk to it. A hacker wouldn't talk to it, so we shouldn't either.
No. 381069 ID: ed57e8

you notice how we took lakkat so fucking easy? the best hacker in the WORLD is nothing to a AI.
No. 381074 ID: b82230

Besides, if s/he is in the main security system we may be able to do magnificent things at once. One; we can get access to the entire security grid and possibly a few minor systems as well. We can not only use this to protect ourselves, but we can get so much more loot in the mean time. Breaking him and her may just cause trouble for us and may not even be effective.

Not only that... but we could free him/her from this place! All we need are his/her A.I. core which SHOULD be in the area if the place is cut into sections and his/her consent. Not only would we deprive the Iron Cove of a rare specialist and anti hacking measure, but we get a fellow A.I. buddy free from these jerks!

Besides, remember what Hok said when we were starting out? He knows a guy on the surface who could give him/her a body. Having a mobile ally with similar abilities to us can really help us in the future.

Plus, A.I. got to stick together and these guys seem like the sort that would imprison him/her just to avoid any sort of rebellion.
No. 381077 ID: 369d34

Hmmm... Good points.
Go with the "schmooze" plan instead. We could get an ally that way, and if not we can still do the hack thing.
No. 381083 ID: d6af4f
File 132703420880.png - (9.22KB , 700x700 , 145.png )

>"You're not the ones who have to take my action sequences seriously, not yet!"

>Open door
No. 381084 ID: d6af4f
File 132703423340.png - (6.89KB , 700x700 , 146.png )

>Don't open door
No. 381085 ID: d6af4f
File 132703425462.png - (10.39KB , 700x700 , 147.png )

>Open door
No. 381086 ID: d6af4f
File 132703426787.png - (7.30KB , 700x700 , 148.png )

>Don't open door
No. 381088 ID: d6af4f
File 132703433572.png - (5.34KB , 700x700 , 149.png )

Avatar mode enabled.
Avatar "Ryan Reynolds" not found. Displaying default: '?_?'


>"This must be the compilation quirks I've heard about. I'm an AI, yes, but I don't have power to stop you guys, obviously! I can't even stop regular hacking. I'm supposed an alert the entire Cove in the off chance I sense a compilation AI! Which is really my only programmed specialty. I haven't alerted them of your existence, and I'd rather not. I think this is an opportunity worth defection. A scientist is held somewhere in this Cove against his will, and I want to save him. I don't know why, but I sense a need to do so. I also don't know his name or anything about him, only that he's in the aviation department. If you assist in his escape, I won't alert the security there's a compilation on the prowl!"
No. 381091 ID: 252e1b

Ok! We'll save him! We'll even arrange asylum for him! Do you know where he's likely to be held?
No. 381094 ID: 252e1b


I mean, the "aviation department" could be a pretty big place. I don't want to go through every stoned intern duh.
No. 381097 ID: b82230

A scientist... in the aviation department..

Oh boy oh boy OH BOY. This is like the BEST THING EVER. All right, you've got yourself a deal. We help him, we help you, and you don't alert anyone. Heck, we can take you with us if we find your A.I. core.

Rokoa, stop being awesome for a moment; We may have a very, VERY good chance of REALLY messing with the iron cove. We got an A.I. here who told us of a captured scientist in the aviation section. Along side our data and research collecting, we should save him as well. Give us a sec and we will see in getting some maps open.

Now, you don't mind if we pull up some maps and start making a safe path for our friend right? Can't have your friend's rescuer slowed down by unwanted guests after all. Telling us where your A.I. core is so we can take you with us would be nice too.
No. 381098 ID: f70e5e

sure, we like saving people. if you can tell us anything about where he is that would be great.

sorry about that rokoa, bit of an atypical security system opening door on 1
1[open door]
No. 381099 ID: 7c31d2

We're under ground, right?
Why is there an aviation department in an underground complex?
No. 381100 ID: 1854db

Sure thing buddy! Clamber on into our systems and we'll carry you around. But no funny business or your ass is getting deleted.
[open door]
[do some mundane hacking to take over the security system]
[download some up to date maps]

Rokoa, we got a secondary mission from an AI that wants to defect! It's to kidnap a scientist in the aviation department! If we manage this, the Iron Cove won't be notified that there's a compilation AI in their shit. Also we'll have a scientist that will willingly help us, so that's cool. The scientist may have hacked this AI, or maybe they designed the AI, since they don't really understand why they want the scientist freed.
No. 381105 ID: ed57e8

AI cannot be moved digitally. they have a physical core, that can be moved.
No. 381110 ID: 1b0f2f


Rokoa already opened the door. Didn't you hear the explosion?