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File 136951670426.jpg - (99.56KB , 471x600 , sadhobo.jpg )
70853 No. 70853 ID: 59fc47

The tgchan Caravan, Maze of the Heart, Astara, pretty much all of Fractal's quests, Hoviet Sero, Magic West, Red Sands, and fucking Oblitus. guess what they all have in common.

this is the thread to bitch about it.
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No. 70854 ID: c31f72

So whats the story behind that bearded guy in that picture?
No. 70856 ID: 59fc47

also EDF, Starit's quests, Som's quests, Ed's quests, that first ever quest with the 3D models, and any others I haven't mentioned which you like a lot.


there was once a hobo. he was sad. the end.
No. 70859 ID: 19b3c3

They're dead! (Or on hiatus). Along with approximately a thousand other quests.

Currently, I'm mourning Breaking Reality. I know the majority of text quest hating philistines won't care, but I'm still hoping that one had some BP left before it died.
No. 70860 ID: 91cf9d

God damn, I miss Oblitus. I'm just happy Brom is back.
No. 70861 ID: c31f72

Man, that story sucks! How can you be sure he's a hobo? Do you for sure he's sad? What if he's just contemplative?
What reason would he have for being sad anyways? Such a marvelous beard should make all his worries meaningless!
No. 70862 ID: cf49fc

No one mourns for SCOM...
No. 70863 ID: 19b3c3

Considering the mortality rate of xcom operatives, it would be incredibly silly to do so.

Also, quest authors aren't allowed to mourn their dead quests, especially since they're free to revive them at any time. (Quest authors could bemoan their own failings, instead, I guess. Sort of a sisyphean penance?).
No. 70864 ID: 2baea8

I miss Black Company.
No. 70865 ID: a42983

brom <3

he needs to update eivr though
No. 70868 ID: cf49fc
File 136953742712.png - (14.61KB , 1287x456 , MARKET RESEARCH.png )

Heheheh, wondered when someone would notice. However, that quest died due to lack of participation. If I thought anyone were interested, I'd revive it immediately. However, market research has not shown any such thing. Just look at these numbers!
No. 70874 ID: 19b3c3

You were measuring your quest's popularity against frungy? No wonder it didn't seem popular. I mean, breathing would hardly make a blip compared to the sport of kings.
No. 70875 ID: cf49fc

I've got to go with the Zoq on this one. It's a ridiculous game. I hate it so very much.
No. 70876 ID: bf54a8

also the problem is we kinda had no fucking idea what we were supposed to do. things kept getting weirder as everyone did their best to kill themselves.
No. 70877 ID: cf49fc

Aye. To be honest, I was kinda winging it. Spur of the moment thing, yasee.
No. 70878 ID: bf54a8

solution is cool down. you have something silly happen then have something NOT silly happen. it prevents exponential escalation as you try to top the last thing. the normal makes even low lvl silly stand out.
No. 70879 ID: cf49fc

Mmmm. I was trying for "over the top". I didn't think anyone could take "Aliens invade, they bad, shoot shoot killy pow pow!" seriously anymore.
No. 70880 ID: 65449b

Me too. :( But it was a nightmare to run and participation was dwindling, so I shelved it.
No. 70881 ID: 9ddf68

Does anyone think any of these quest might make a comeback now that summers practically here or do you think it would be better not to get your hopes up?

I honestly have no idea how old anyone is here (I'm not asking either) but it sounds like most are still in school (in either high school or college) So I figured once people got some more free time on there hands some of these quest might get a second breath of life
No. 70882 ID: 65449b

I might bring Black Company back if there's enough participation for a decent army. Maybe I should do some sort of pre-signups.
No. 70883 ID: 2baea8

Since /tg/chan has less people circulating than /tg/, it may also help to give the officers each some low-level NPC soldiers to control, like they normally do when people go missing. That may make officer more appealing, since complaints were that more than one wasn't needed, and allow them to fill empty space in the army.
No. 70884 ID: 65449b

Balance discussion should probably go in the actual thread. I'd rather not derail this one talking about it.
No. 70885 ID: 8b363b

I'm still here, and fully intend to run Soviet Hero again soon. But real life comes first, you know? Once I stop being so busy, Sero will be back.

TGChan Caravan will be back at some point, there is just some author difficulty happening with RML I think. I'm going to talk to her about it. Don't sweat it!
No. 70908 ID: 34cbef

well some of the authors just lose interest after a while and also have other priorities to take care of... but .. ya know... no one mentioned any of my quests, so don't take my advice on anything.
No. 70910 ID: 19b3c3

For what it's worth, I enjoy quite a few of your quests and would be more than happy to see them come back. Be great to see kingsman continue. Or [+]! Or the hunter reboot keep going.
No. 70912 ID: f2c20c

We have more dead quests than any other type of quest right now. It's a distressing trend.

I miss ACQUIRED. Also it looks like Pixel Adventure 2 died.
No. 70915 ID: 185228

>We have more dead quests than any other type of quest right now.

Isn't this technically going to always be true? I mean, just look at dead projects on the internet as a whole.
No. 70934 ID: 0eef61

Eivr is updating more right after Oren is over.


Well, DEAD quests are quests that haven't even gotten through one thread. Hiatus quests are ones that stuck around for a second chapter then went to the graveyard, and those are the ones that really bum me out.
No. 70939 ID: e1dc85


well that's because your quests die before anybody can even come across them a second time.
No. 70941 ID: 40daee

yeah, also oblitus is probably going to restart in summer
No. 70943 ID: 8e4728

I'm sadly guilty of letting a quest thread go. What can I say, Skyrim came out.
I'm hoping to make sure my new one keeps going, though!
No. 70945 ID: 91c1b3

>[+] or kingsmen
(hunter new is ok so far)
No. 70946 ID: dc4a44

I miss coracle's stuff.
No. 70947 ID: 8e5580

I miss Ysabel and Magic West. Someone go jab Ficus with a cattle prod and get him to update.
No. 70948 ID: cf49fc

And threaten to damage his perfect hands? NEVER.
No. 70953 ID: 9ddf68

I'm hoping he'll come back soon, last I check he said school stuff was slowing him down so now that summer is pretty much here it should be making a comeback. SHOULD being the key word
No. 70962 ID: 17cb5e

Yeah I miss Breaking Reality as well and hope it gets a revival one day.
No. 70967 ID: 9ddf68

A quest I would like to see come back would be bluewine's story time. at least it ended at a chapter's end instead of halfway throw a chapter.
No. 70972 ID: 2baea8

I am in agreement on that.
No. 70973 ID: ccf689

Loss of Dragon Dance is inesxcusable. No more ||<
No. 70977 ID: 9ddf68

what I love most about this thread is that it is leading me to some great quest, some of which I can't even find on the wiki page. Sucks that all of them are dead though.
No. 70978 ID: 19b3c3

Pretty sure everything mentioned here should be in the wiki. If there's something you can't find, I'd be more than happy to drop a link.

The most likely offender that jumps to mind is [+], which is actually wiki-ed as "Plus", since the wiki don't take kindly to brackets or plus signs.
No. 70986 ID: 9ddf68

well what I meant was that yeah the quest are in the wiki It's just that some of them don't show in the Category:Quests page take Dragon Dance for example, if you type it in the search box on the wiki it takes you straight to the quest page but if you look in the Category:Quests page it isn't there, at least not under D but I don't have a clue where else you would find it

some other quest I couldn't find on the Category:Quests where Maze of the Heart, Astara, Last flight of the sparrow,and SCOM.

Might be more but those are the only ones I have found that aren't on the Category:Quests page. Again if you type them in on the search bar you'll find them in no time but if you're just checking the Category:Quests page for some quest to read for whatever reason you would have never found them.
No. 70988 ID: 19b3c3

The reason you can't find everything under [[Category:Quests]] is because when a quest dies it is added to [[Category:Dead Quests]] and removed from [[Category:Quests]] (in an attempt to keep the main list uncluttered with all the things that died prematurely). Only running quests, completed quests, and quests on hiatus show up on the main list.

Maze of Heart, Astara, and XCOM are all dead, and not on the main list. Sparrow is completed and most definitely shows up under quests (and major completed quests). It's under T though, since the first word in the title is "the".
No. 70990 ID: cf49fc

We've really got to fix that at some point. Don't half of the quests on this board start with "the"?
No. 70991 ID: 19b3c3

Nah, not really. Besides, it's not a problem at all if you're using the wiki's search function, or if you're using ctrl f instead of skimming by eye.

If you're going to complain about improper alphabetization, more egregious than the "the"s is the fact that capitals letters get extra priority. (So quest AB would be listed before quest Aa).
No. 71052 ID: 090339

oh man, Last Flight was an awesome quest. I'm gonna go read it again. thanks for reminding me.
No. 73489 ID: ca1c58

Maze of the Heart was a collaborative project and it ended up being super impossible for the people running it to properly collaborate. Don't expect a return ; n ;
No. 73516 ID: 6e8fbb

Kinda would like Ant Quest to continue. Wanna see what happens to Scars, KiLLER QUEEEN and of course the thing in the cellar
No. 73561 ID: 2baea8

I remember there was this one quest where a party of player suggested characters delved into a dungeon, platformer style. Whenever someone died to the many, many traps a new suggested character would enter the game.
No. 73598 ID: 55c4cf

I'll be returning to my quests soon.
No. 73872 ID: 1a2c98

Battlequest should come back.
I'm just saying.
No. 73938 ID: a01b62

RIP Rape Quest.
No. 73939 ID: a01b62

Wait, shit, you're talking about Puzzle Dungeon, aren't you? I ran that quest too!

It was sort of the precursor to Black Company.
No. 73958 ID: 2baea8

So it was. I kept thinking it was just called Dungeon Quest for some reason, but couldn't find it on the wiki because that was something else entirely.
No. 73959 ID: a01b62

Welp, now it's back up and running. Enjoy!
No. 73961 ID: 2baea8

No. 73984 ID: ba8629


No. 74432 ID: a01b62

I miss Nova Pori Double Tango.
No. 76247 ID: e0c719

Also, Dungeon Deeper.
No. 76250 ID: 1f8505


Yes please. Somebody page Citizen and have him bring back the best animated quest.
No. 78668 ID: 9ddf68

with the holidays just around the corner if they're not here already I thought it would be fun to just voice some X-mas wishes of quest you'd like to see come back or if the quest is already out hope it doesn't die. Cause hey, it's the holidays and miracles are know to happen around this time.

My wish list is
story time by bluewine
Life out of place by Rand
Magic West by ficus
any of what's quests
maybe something by testPattern
cutegal by BG
and for Clockwork seal to continue Unraveled or really any of his quest to come back/continue.
also hoping Astara by N sticks around even after the holiday special

How about you folks what would your holiday wish list be?
No. 129127 ID: 688dd6

I'm bringing it back babey just try and stop me

Conspiracy of Wasps
Static on the Wire
Titans We Are
Sabhaxlia's Terrible Life
The End
Gobbo Quest
Ouroboros Parable
Will of the Undermind
Gnoll's Bane
The Island of Onigashima
Corporation Wars
After Quest

Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my bookmarks... And my fanart... even my suggestions... The quests we've lost... the authors we've lost... won't stop hurting! It's like they're all still there!!

You feel it too... don't you?
No. 129128 ID: b1b4f3

If you had looked you would have found a more recent thread for this:
No. 129129 ID: ba56e6

Black Company
How To Be An Overlord
No. 129131 ID: 688dd6

I like this one, the sad hobo is far more reflective of how I feel about hiatus'd quests
No. 129137 ID: 317977

it is the year of our lord 2019 and people remember Defective

what a rush
No. 129139 ID: 465a14

Didn't you notice people nominating Kata22i a few times?
No. 129140 ID: ba56e6

I enjoy all your quests, but Defective was the first quest I followed here so it holds a special place in my heart.
No. 129144 ID: ad51b8

I'm still waiting for you to pick it back up
No. 129145 ID: 8275cf

I would like to continue Gnoll's Bane one day
No. 129146 ID: 688dd6

I would like you to continue it too!! Bangles is great
No. 129163 ID: 20b7eb

i miss brom, apollo and sketchy.

so many dead good quests.
No. 129164 ID: 5a935b

I miss Orion.
No. 129166 ID: 688dd6

>GlacierClear and Fluxom used to do quests
holy shit, I thought Plague of Gripes was a surprise

Also I'm sure Brom will be back... maybe when his kid goes off to college or something
No. 129176 ID: 20b7eb

huh, i wasn't aware of that name. yeah, apollo made some amazing ones. rollback is still one of my favorites, years later. also it started the whole ENHANCE KNOCKERS thing.
i hope they're doing well.
No. 129178 ID: 9876c4

I miss people posting in that superior thread.
No. 129179 ID: e4f213

>steal someone else's thread idea
>complain when people use the original
I miss when people had shame
No. 129182 ID: 594a45

>Someone misses Red Sands!
>Awww, that's heartwarming.

I'm really sorry it died, but it lost so much direction and I couldn't get it back. I tried again on anonkun but I lost internet for one session and then everyone stopped reading. It is not meant to be, one of those cursed concepts, sort of things.
Also I'm a terrible attention whore and I just get bored if I don't get enough feedback (for one) and there's so much good art questing these days I feel bad not having art myself. And I really don't have the time, either. Just too many factors.

I guess thanks for the mention and the feels.
No. 129200 ID: dfdefc

oh! can't forget jukashi.
No. 129204 ID: a9af05

I really miss SpookQuest. I wonder why it stopped?
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