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File 128244612954.png - (173.96KB , 700x500 , 013.png )
22095 No. 22095 ID: a6008c

For discussing Baron Obsidian's motives and plans.
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No. 62221 ID: ecfcdc

I'm digging Green, and Blue is basically unchanged, but I think the others need some work. Pink's bucket helmet looks too silly in my opinion, and her cape, even if it's short (ie, a halfcape) should still be visible behind her. I think white should have a full helmet of some kind, or at least one that covers the top of her head.
No. 62224 ID: 72b600

Blue is unchanged because he designed the original outfits, actually. He is intentionally unchanged. Also, he's our main rival and his cape style matches ours.

Pink does not have a cape at all, sorry if that is unclear from the coloring. She's just put pink on her shoulders so it's not so much ORANGE.

I could try a couple other designs for White and Pink's headgear. I'll brainstorm on it and post ideas when I have them.
No. 62226 ID: ad93b4

Green's glorious hair must remain free to spread its awe. and that is all I have to say on this matter.
No. 62228 ID: 72b600
File 135051706226.png - (166.65KB , 800x600 , EDF White Ranger Helmets.png )

First up, White headgear designs! Do not worry about practicality with White. She certainly doesn't.

Also feel free to offer suggestions outside of these ones. I'll pick whichever of these is popular or the coolest thing someone else posts.
No. 62229 ID: 68538d

1 looks the coolest so clearly it is the best.
No. 62232 ID: 8682da
File 135051931660.png - (71.47KB , 500x593 , tryagain.png )

cowls > bandages
No. 62235 ID: 26a7c1

why did you even bother with 2 and 3
No. 62237 ID: 72b600
File 135052525614.png - (343.49KB , 1320x900 , EDF Redesign.png )

Alright, that White Ranger cowl design wins. And also, the same artist drew an awesome Pink Ranger: http://www.gnome7.tumblr.com/post/33809408095/

Thank you Clove you are fantastic, here let me completely fail to do this design justice by forcing it to fit the thematics of the rest of the group.
No. 62255 ID: ecfcdc

I think the black glass stuff needs to start lower down on Pink's forehead than it does in that picture. Maybe increase that yellow headband from a line with consistent width to a wedge-shaped band, wider at the top than by the ears? Maybe even go further and re-introduce helmet elements, positioned so that the edge between pink and and black is 45 degrees from flat in the front (where it wraps around her forehead) and parallel to the ground in back.
No. 62282 ID: 72b600
File 135058029184.png - (146.58KB , 800x600 , EDF Pink Ranger Helmet.png )

Something like this, perhaps?
No. 62288 ID: f2c20c

Try not to give her a "pink helmet" if you know what I mean.
No. 62304 ID: 72b600
File 135061376376.png - (148.55KB , 800x600 , EDF Pink Ranger Helmet.png )

I will hurt you Yes that would be awkward
No. 62345 ID: ecfcdc

I can dig it.
No. 62350 ID: f3a191

No. 62354 ID: dd287a

so I'm thinking, if we can get obsidian form, we could save FX by restricting our teleporting and flight while in it (lets face it, an obsidian form would be for when we're doing bruiser type stuff) and then maybe get super strength form specifically with what we save?

I'm personally against a fire form, too bright, too flashy, and frankly it's probably been done already by a host of heroes and villains, besides, That Obsidian mask look is nothing short of awesome
No. 62356 ID: f3a191

I'm all for this.

also adding the 'in case of unconciousness' ability to reignition.
It would not do for us to be knocked out and lose for it.
No. 62357 ID: fe64b3
File 135071536648.png - (11.05KB , 100x145 , BuildM.png )

>>/quest/464649 >>/quest/464670
> So, hey, we should totally ask Wrench Monkey if he'll build stuff for us and work on our moonbase!

I don't think you really understand how the hero/villain dynamic works. No matter how nice we are in comparison to other villains, or how on good terms we are with the heroes, there is literally no good reason for a hero to help a villain with things he's going to use for villainy.
That doesn't mean we can't be nice to each other outside of work, but helping each other prepare for work skirts dangerously close to work.

Here's an alternate idea:
We are now in the Nationals. We can literally teleport anywhere in the world at will. Why don't we just look up some databases and try to find a villain with roughly those powers, and just hire them?
We might even find multiple people.
Wrench Monkey's great, but he's kindof a doofus. There is no chance he's the only guy who's ever thought of that skillset.
No. 62358 ID: f2c20c

>Distance Shaping

MAN, we totally forgot to try using this in that last fight. Putting caltrops everywhere is the kind of terrible thing we should do to ground-based heroes every time we fight them.
No. 62359 ID: 629257

They wouldn't be too effective yet, though. Not sharp enough without Intricacy, unless it was at the bottom of a spiked pit or something.
No. 62362 ID: a5d914

It's not so much as asking nicely, but calling in that BIG FAVOUR he owes us. A bit like blackmail really. You have to remember, he came up and BEGGED Blacwick if he would let him win a fight. There's a reason we agreed to do this in the first place.

Blacwick could hire some other people afterwards as well. There's probably specialists that do traps, security, evil furnishings and sinister home decoration somewhere.
No. 62363 ID: 5d98c3

Hold on a second... That box Wrench Box tased Blackwick with... That was an electrical surge right?

How the heck did electricity pass through obsidian, which is basically GLASS?
No. 62364 ID: 4224e5

Okay, so, new form: cool thing. Downside? Expensive and not that practical right now. We need to focus on what we have. We barely used our obsidian shaping in the last fight! We could have spiked the floor, boobytrapped the ladder, so many things!

Also, we're squishy as HELL.

My proposal: Three points in obsidian shaping speed. It's a hella flexible skill and we need to use it more.

Three points in fire aura invincibility. It boosts our initial points there into something actually useful and we NEED it. Badly.

Two points into the ability to spread our fire aura to someone else. Also, it's what our breaths-in-space will be based off, so we need this to bring other people up there.

Imagine Glenda, boosted to near invulnerability and her drills sheathed in flame. Cool, eh?

Now imagine the Pumpkin Queen on fire. Regenerating badass melee made tougher and on FIRE. TERRIFYING. I want it.

I'd also support boosting fire aura damage, but I don't like that as much as obsidian shaping speed.
No. 62366 ID: 34d817

I understand what you're saying here, but have you considered that, once good relations with a hero are achieved, trying to persuade them to help with villainy is a natural and villainous thing to do? It's practical to start by asking for low-level and apparently harmless things, it's evil, he'd probably work for less than an equivalent villain, and it gives us blackmail material on him for later. And the logic "Oh, there are villains who can do exactly this" is a great persuasion tactic to use to get him to help- we could have gotten a villain to do it, but we came to him, because he's our friend who we can trust (guilt!) and because we thought he would appreciate the chance to get some cash (bribes!) and would rather the money not go to a villain when it could go to a hero who would use it well (twisted tempter logic!).

The point here is, just because something isn't heroic is no reason that we can't or shouldn't persuade a hero to do it.

First, hero physics. Secondly, our armor cracked and the box did have protrusions on the front- perhaps they punched through the obsidian?
No. 62374 ID: 0c2247

I am completely against tying our ability to survive hostile environments to an aura that fails if we get smacked too hard or with water.
Losing the aura in space would have BO unconscious within ten seconds and dead in thirty.

It has to be intrinsic, not tied to something disruptable.

The argument of "But what if we want to save somebody?" is a non-starter; BO's ability to get somebody out of a harmful environment quickly is a much more important thing to protect.
No. 62389 ID: ecfcdc

1. It costs double if bought as a separate power
2. There's not much water on the moon, or in space in general
And most importantly:
3. Breathes in Space, on its own, isn't really related to our theme so we probably wouldn't be able to buy it under our new National Villain contract. But buying it as an upgrade bypasses that clause.
No. 62393 ID: 4a328b

What about looking into some more minions? 5 for a six-pack, and we'd still have three FX to spend if needed during the jail-break

We could get bats, or some units that are a bit faster than the knights but still in the same sort of theme, like fencers
No. 62399 ID: fe64b3
File 135079358058.jpg - (3.62KB , 118x150 , dra008.jpg )

No. 62400 ID: 34cbef

if there was gonna be a purchase for more minions why not get warhounds? like... obsidian fire breathing warhounds
No. 62402 ID: c31f72

We're a villain! Why do we not have a villain cat yet?
No. 62408 ID: 974793

No... Samurai Maids amongst the ninja butler! Just image how cool the moon base will be then! A row of silent and deadly servants, with the suddenly appearing butler to order them about.

If too japanesey, how about some obsidian versions of the EDF? They seem to be our main antagonists, so their doppelgangers will throw them off somewhat. Cool dark alternate color scheme enemies?

There are probably better things so do that get more minions, but there are just my 2 cents.
No. 62416 ID: 4a328b

Obsidian troopers? I can dig it.
No. 62417 ID: 4a328b

Obsidian troopers? Not bad.

What about some obsidian bowmen, though? Or crossbowmen? They'd fit well with the knights we have, I think.
No. 62425 ID: 537597


doppelgangers in a superhero quest? count me in.
No. 62432 ID: ecfcdc

Obsidian versions of the EDF in their current generic costuming? That would be fine, but I don't see a huge point to having more than one kind of basic minion if they just amount to dudes in combat. If we made them in their upcoming specific costuming, we'd want them to be more powerful than minions. Minibosses, say. But that would be real expensive.
No. 62434 ID: 4a328b

What if we got an actual villain subordinate to be the black ranger

Because the black ranger always starts off as a villainous opponent before defecting to the heroes side, this is just how these things work.
No. 62438 ID: f2c20c

Expensive, but extremely awesome. How about we plan for it when we're well established? Alternatively if we get really really good at Obsidian Distance Shaping/Control, we could just make dopplegangers or monstrous troops at will and reshape them when they get damaged.

I'm thinking maybe like those black glass troops from Snow White and the Huntsman.
No. 62535 ID: 30c61f

Think we should go see our boss after this to talk about the villians in the prison. He ought to know more about midas and baldy mctimelord, and hopefully Inevitable.
No. 62539 ID: ecfcdc

I'm not sure if that spider is actually something more closely related to a tick (still an arachnid but not a spider) or if that's just how Gnome draws spiders.

I'm not sure if that's something that should seem odd to us in-character. But it could just be a penalty for failing.

Even if they can detect our bombs as fake, they're a good distraction - assuming we or our minions can place them faster than Inevitable can get to them and disable them. If they're actual bombs, so much the better. That means that if we need to we can drop the thing, and Inevitable (along with any heroes who end up present) have more pressing matters than dealing with us. That should be a last resort though, and only when we can be absolutely certain the thing won't take us with it, because there's always a possibility that the heroes will fail.

That's a bit risky since it could hit something we want to save, but then again there's nothing we want to save besides villains and they can probably take it. Of course, so can Inevitable, and he can probably block it somehow. Still, could be worth a try, and if we successfully rupture a big hole in the superstructure, that could easily be our way out.
No. 62557 ID: dd287a

maybe don dice can get us some transport, hopefully with enough space for both us and him to take along all our minions, minions would be good fodder for slowing down this warden if he becomes a problem, and also for speeding up the search, Plan B is... we should make one end of our obsidian gates before we go, so if shit hits the fan, we can try and sabotage the no-teleporty field and then make it's cousin and just walk through it with whoever we pick up if the chopper/blimp/whatevs is unavailable, infact we should ask ross about that field, we could do with more details on it.
No. 62563 ID: ecfcdc

On the subject of transport, Ross thinks we can't use a plane unless we crash it, but we could if Walter's the pilot and we just jump out.

Why bother with fake bombs? Real ones are just as useful a decoy.

>There could be a tracking device in [the grenade] or something.
Why would Ross bother to do that? What motive could he possibly have? And what are we going to do that we would care if he tracks?
No. 62565 ID: a5d914

Fake bombs mostly so the gravity ring won't be wrecked accidentally, plunging the prison into a city. I guess alternatively most of them could be poison gas bombs or some other type that would just knock out or take out anyone who tries to disarm them...

As for the possibility of a tracker. Maybe he wants to keep tabs on the operation? Perhaps he wants to find out where Blacwick lives? We don't really know his motives for anything at the moment.
No. 63135 ID: 897ffb

Let's buy a supersonic battle blimp.
No. 63151 ID: 34d817

I wonder if we could get some engines, strap 'em onto the floating prison and then just jack the whole thing. Fly it away, possibly sell it.
No. 63153 ID: ecfcdc

That requires a way more decisive victory than just freeing people - we'd have to totally incapacitate the warden and any and all reinforcements or assorted other belligerents who might not appreciate us stealing the prison. I don't think it's really feasible.
No. 63160 ID: 34d817

Yeah, I know. It's not a serious suggestion, just an enjoyable thought.
No. 63271 ID: a416be
File 135235950154.png - (76.65KB , 500x800 , Delirium Streetwalking.png )

Just an update: I did not stop drawing or anything. I still intend to update this at a quicker pace than I have in the past - I'm just taking a momentary break to draw other things, because I feel like it. I'll get back to this sooner or later - there are cool things in the near future of the quest, so probably sooner. While you wait, why not enjoy some nice Delirium art (because I draw her a lot).

For those who care to keep up with the things I do, I've been running an ask blog over in this direction: http://askadventurousia.tumblr.com/ Feel free to take a peek, send some asks, do whatever.
No. 64837 ID: 72b600
File 135494381955.png - (325.75KB , 1280x720 , Blue Ranger Wallpaper.png )

Instead of an update, I made you a wallpaper of your least favorite character.
No. 64840 ID: fb9917

I think I would have liked an update more.

I guess this is okay.
No. 64905 ID: 6a13b9

A Blue Ranger is fine too.
No. 66516 ID: 8247d0

...You should have made green instead.
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