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File 165259568280.jpg - (85.40KB , 500x500 , disc thread.jpg )
137440 No. 137440 ID: 4ef090

For questions, comments, discussion, and general jibber jabber about the Slime Quest story, world, characters, etc etc.

Setting this up to make it easier to read through suggestions on the main board.

Also, there are some things I may not be able to answer in the format of the story. Ask about that stuff here! I can't reveal everything, but there's still some stuff I'd love to elaborate on/clarify.

Keep it friendly, please!

READ SLIME QUEST: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002454.html
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No. 137508 ID: 4ef090

Yes!! We are going to get new powers and abilities with each piece!

And we didn't get a lot from Humphrey partly because they didn't have a lot of powers on their own, and partly because both the Queen and Humphrey sacrificed half their flesh, making them both less capable. Joined together they broke even.

We can glow now, I did forget to mention that, and that probably becomes brighter with another piece connected.

This is actually a great time to ask, what would you LIKE to be able to do? I'm writing up the patch notes for QH's new abilities and want to include more than "Stronger" and "Taller" and "Shapeshift Better". What would be a neat/fun/useful power/quality to have in the story?
No. 137509 ID: 4ef090


Thank you!!! I'm so happy people seem to be enjoying the story and art. Thank you all so much for reading Slime Quest! I couldn't tell this story without y'all. <3
No. 137510 ID: b01382

Hold more stuff in our slime. I'm kinda worried about people jumping in our goop and stabbing our core. Maybe we should hold sharp things inside the slime like flechette? Maybe wear armor?
No. 137511 ID: 273c18

Splitting on purpose. Camouflage. Regeneration. Armor plating. Extendo-limbs. "Connection" sensitivity, like psychic powers. Fruit flavored slime. Sticky slime, oily slime, combustible slime.
No. 137512 ID: 2aa5f0

>What would be a neat/fun/useful power/quality to have in the story?
The ability to be able to split into multiple slimes based off how many cores we've merged. (so as of now we'd be able to split into three different slimes, Humphrey, the queen, and angry for example) while still being linked to each other so they know what the the other slimes know even if they're not in the same place. Useful for multitasking and giving the slime core personalities more screen time for shenanigans.

Other thoughts would be since our new core piece could make mushrooms maybe some kind of summoning power.
No. 137513 ID: 4ef090

Do you want mushroom powers? <w< there's room for it in the narrative, but I'm also fine with not having them around. I did write down some buffs and debuffs preemptively, just in case, but if people don't want a big mushroom hat, then I won't include it.
No. 137514 ID: 2aa5f0

>go back to bug people to tell them we've dealt with the mushroom problem
>when they ask for prof we infect them with new mushroom powers
>don't get why they all start screaming and running away while the bugs we cast mushroom on go around infecting the rest of the bugs
>shrug and just assume it's some weird bug custom and let them have their fun.

For real though wouldn't mind we we could summon a mushroom to do a thing. Could be fun.
No. 137515 ID: b01382

Are you telling me we could have a MUSHROOM HAT and not get MIND CONTROLLED? Hell yeah give us that hat.
No. 137516 ID: 273c18

Mushrooms is the strongest magic. Given the chance, I'll take it.
No. 137518 ID: 9a2966

Will there potentially be cool transformations associated with some of these powers as they're invoked? Think Humphrey-tail slime power = a more Humphrey shape, a dragon-slime power = a dragon shape and a heart-stabbed slime power = the 'regular' adventurer/knight shape.

As for powers themselves... eh. Got nothing immediately great, but I'll spitball some ideas. Seems more like generalizations of potential strengths, though.

'Void heart' slime - This slime-piece feels like the 'adventurous' one, poking at stuff, questioning things, getting into and outta trouble. Void powers are an obvious 'un to explore, but feels like they'd best come by way of interaction with void beings or stuff.

'Humphrey' slime - is bounce-most and glowy. Something jumping or movement related? Double jump, mighty jump? DOUBLE BOUNCE, BIG BOUNCE, etc. He's also the 'pretty' one, and with the glowing something charisma-relevant would fit. Like, HYPNOTIC TAIL WAG or PERSUASIVE POSE-STERIOR, hee.

'Dragon' slime - Could potential pull out some mushroom powers due to her association with the titan (and maybe with the aid of Godrender who now has all the titan's memories), so that's definitely on the table. Millenia of sadfeels and the titan connection can also have made her powers something darker or at least significantly different than the other two's.

On top of this, powers stemming from 'combos' of parts has some potential, I think! Was always a big fan of the Chrono Trigger combo attacks, and combo powers being developed and explored during the course of the quest sounds like it could be fun. What would a Void-Titan-Slime power look like, I wonder?
No. 137566 ID: b01382

Has the queen kissed anyone cute before? Any adorable crushes when she was younger?
No. 137569 ID: 4ef090

>Has the queen kissed anyone cute before? Any adorable crushes when she was younger?

I’m sure she kissed a lot of cuties in her time, but any crushes would probably be long long gone at this point. Probably.
No. 137572 ID: b01382

Bot unless theyre independant Void lads or other grand slimes i bet.
No. 137573 ID: b01382

You lnow how octopuses can fit into almost all spaces, with the limitations being their beaks? Can the same be said with Queen Humphrey? Can she fit through tiny cracks with the limitations being if her core can fit through said cracks?

Can slimes wear armor?

Can a slime eat another slime, or is that taboo?
No. 137627 ID: 4ef090


As long as they can get their core to fit, Queen can get their body through just about any opening.

Slimes can wear armor! Though they generally prefer to keep it easy breezey with lighter garments that let them move naturally and fluidly.

Cannibalism is generally frowned upon in slime culture. Not that it's especially harmful, it's just rude.
No. 137641 ID: b01382

How much food do we need to eat to grow mass?
Can we use our slime to heal?
No. 137642 ID: 762223

Is this a good thread to discuss Thread too?
No. 137643 ID: 2aa5f0

if a slime were to step on a grate would they be solid enough to be able to walk on it or would they slip through the gaps?
No. 137649 ID: 4ef090

>How much food do we need to eat to grow mass? Can we use our slime to heal?

I could have explained it better, but for brevity's sake I omitted the details. There are a number of factors that play into growth and regeneration.
Slime Hives are safe places that naturally energize slime healing. There's plenty of food, and the space is safe and comfy. Slimes heal and grow well in a hive, sometimes taking no more than a day to be restored.

Healing in the wild is much much harder. Cuts can heal over within a couple hours. Losing mass is much more dangerous. Slime cores on their own produce a much less potent natural energy than what radiates through hives, so it takes a lot more work. It can take multiple days to return to full size. And if something damages the core, that process can turn into weeks, months, decades, millenia, etc.

Also, there's an upper limit to how big a slime can get. The energy of a core keeps a slime together through a fairly tough surface tension. But the more slime there is to hold together, the weaker that tension becomes. Anything extra will just wash off until they return to a manageable size.

Which leads nicely into:
>if a slime were to step on a grate would they be solid enough to be able to walk on it or would they slip through the gaps?

It depends on what the slime wants to do, and how large the gap is or thin the bars. For the most part, slime tension allows them to stand firm on stuff like metal grates. If they wanted to phase through a mesh, as long as they can fit the core through, they can do it. They can also reach through meshes without necessarily traveling through them.

>Is this a good thread to discuss Thread too?
i dont see why not!
No. 137650 ID: 4ef090

... unless it's better to make it's own thread? But im fine with discussing Thread Quest here
No. 137651 ID: 2aa5f0

>There are a number of factors that play into growth and regeneration.
Slime Hives are safe places that naturally energize slime healing. There's plenty of food, and the space is safe and comfy. Slimes heal and grow well in a hive, sometimes taking no more than a day to be restored.

So does this mean if we go back to the hive the queen would get bigger since both she and Humphrey both lost a lot of slime to help out the bug girl? Or would she stay her current size?
No. 137652 ID: 4ef090

She'd probably get a little bigger, but not too much. Their tail would certainly get thicker for sure.
No. 137695 ID: 4ef090

i draw a lot of SQ stuff outside of running the quest, some of it is spoilerific, some is just silly. Would people like it if I shared some of the more innocuous stuff in this thread?
No. 137696 ID: 7ec758

I would like to see it!
No. 137697 ID: 15c72a

Yes please!
No. 137700 ID: cb1783

No. 137701 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 137702 ID: 4ef090
File 165829491325.jpg - (77.11KB , 1200x1200 , SQ early.jpg )

these are some doodles I did just before starting Slime Quest again. I think at the time I was just kinda doodling them for fun, but I was encouraged to pick it back up, and a few days later I actually started!
No. 137703 ID: 4ef090
File 165829492083.jpg - (224.69KB , 800x600 , map.jpg )

I don't know what got me to change the one antenna to two, but I think this was the last time I drew it that way. I like the new style much better.
No. 137704 ID: 4ef090
File 165829492711.jpg - (373.03KB , 1200x900 , fine dining.jpg )

concept doodle for Mirrow. Fun fact, i always referred to her as "Goop" before we picked a name for her.
No. 137705 ID: 4ef090
File 165829493516.jpg - (647.71KB , 977x1265 , geared up.jpg )

drew this while we were still in the mines, trying to anticipate what Queen's design would be after finding Mirrow
No. 137706 ID: 4ef090
File 165829494294.png - (18.83KB , 845x677 , retail.png )

No. 137707 ID: 4ef090
File 165829494825.png - (34.12KB , 1200x900 , rivals.png )

different ideas for a particular NPC, and also Some Clown
No. 137708 ID: 4ef090
File 165829495438.png - (196.30KB , 1200x900 , godrender 2.png )

This is more or less the final design I settled on for Queen post Mirrow
No. 137709 ID: 4ef090
File 165829496187.png - (168.57KB , 1200x900 , friends.png )

it's important to remember to laugh
No. 137710 ID: 4ef090
File 165829528960.jpg - (155.06KB , 952x602 , slimeselfcare.jpg )

noncanon saucy void interaction
No. 137711 ID: 4ef090
File 165829529483.png - (35.05KB , 410x513 , time to cry.png )

They've been through a lot
No. 137712 ID: b01382

Oooooh. A proper sword handle is a good idea. Increases the swinging range, and the handle within the blade could be used to leverage attacks or better brace against them. We should find a smith in quest later.

Unless is Godrender capable of self modifying his sword body? Is there any way we can upgrade him? Slimes can grow in mass by eating things, but I'm unsure if the same stands for Slime Titans or their sentient weapons.
No. 137713 ID: b01382

Just an idea, as the core is just about the most important part of a slime. If most slimes don't like wearing armor, what if we simply covered our cores in a layer of armor?
No. 137714 ID: e6cc4c

That's some goods arts! Poor Mirrow...
That complex Queen design DOES look good, though perhaps not the most pleasant to draw
No. 137715 ID: e6cc4c

Also, not gonna add to Slime Quest today?
No. 137719 ID: 4ef090

Godrender is modifiable! We'll run into something or someone that can do the job shortly.

I suppose that could be possible yes! Having a sort of mesh armor allows the slime and core to stay connected, while also providing extra defense. So yes! Some slimes probably do have Armored Cores. :3c

I spent half the day writing the update, and the other half drawing it. I should be able to finish it tomorrow tho!
No. 137722 ID: e6cc4c

wow that was a BIG update, I see why it took you extra time!
No. 137723 ID: e6cc4c

No. 137744 ID: 60ab46

Did we just get that much bigger, or is the titan a bit smaller now?
No. 137746 ID: 4ef090

We're a good bit bigger now. Queen woke up hella small, but they've bulked up a bit thanks to Humphrey and Mirrow.
No. 137749 ID: 2aa5f0

does that mean we'd finally be able to wear the guard's hat properly now?
No. 137764 ID: 4ef090

If we ever meet the guard again I'm sure we'll have an opportunity to find out!
No. 137771 ID: b01382

who has the highest silly dance score? we must know so we can beat them, unless it's us.
No. 137884 ID: cecb11

how's it goin?
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