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File 165259568280.jpg - (85.40KB , 500x500 , disc thread.jpg )
137440 No. 137440 ID: 4ef090

For questions, comments, discussion, and general jibber jabber about the Slime Quest story, world, characters, etc etc.

Setting this up to make it easier to read through suggestions on the main board.

Also, there are some things I may not be able to answer in the format of the story. Ask about that stuff here! I can't reveal everything, but there's still some stuff I'd love to elaborate on/clarify.

Keep it friendly, please!

READ SLIME QUEST: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002454.html
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No. 138508 ID: 15c72a

How is babby slime formed?
No. 138510 ID: 4e2df1

How do interspecies relationships work. I mean it looks like slimes don’t really have genders and apparently don’t have offspring the way most other species do and if I had to guess voidkin are in a similar boat. So do romances work between species normally or do they just go up to really good friends and stay there?
No. 138511 ID: 4ef090
File 166867736512.png - (17.82KB , 250x250 , lesson.png )


I've had a lot of different ideas about slime reproduction and such, and I've never really seemed to settle on one clear answer.

A few thoughts have remained consistent, and are as follows:

•The earth is full of primordial slime

•some of this earth slime crystalizes in chunks on the surface

•crystals resonate a natural power that draws more slime out of the earth and creates a simple slime

•simple slimes have no thoughts or souls, and wander about like jellyfish, mindlessly eating whatever tiny critters they roll over

•sometimes a bit of crystal breaks off in a simple slime and forms a tiny core. This coalesces over time, becoming larger and stronger, until eventually the slime gains sentience

•from here the slime continues to grow and become stronger, eventually growing strong enough to form limbs. These are called "upright slimes" until I can think of a better title

•upright slimes typically stop getting stronger at this point, but some can continue to become bigger and stronger, and eventually they become "Awakened"

•Awakened slimes begin to grow new features such as horns or teeth or hair, and usually some variation of genitals. Their bodies gradually grow larger and stronger until they discover a powerful truth about themselves, literally shaking them to the core, and causing them to become "Ascended Slimes"

•Ascended slimes begin to take on more and more features unlike those associated with slime, so much so that they can become entirely unrecognizable as slime. Things like bones and organs and such. From there they just keep getting stronger and stronger until their core can no longer support them, and they return to the earth

Grand and Elder slimes are not on the evolutionary path, nor are man-made slimekin or Titans, as they are all beings of creation rather than evolution.

The span of time between evolutionary steps can vary anywhere from decades to centuries.

TL;DR, slimes manifest from the earth asexually, grow up big and strong, and then return to the earth.


All the funny peoples can date each other if they want to and are old enough, I'm not sure what else to say about it lol. Not all of them can reproduce with each other, but that doesn't mean they can't love one another. It's not like slime and void explode when they touch.
No. 138512 ID: 4e2df1

So does that mean slimes and voidkin are basically the same with the only difference being slimes come from the earth and voidkin come from beyond it?
No. 138514 ID: 2aa5f0

>All the funny peoples can date each other if they want to and are old enough, I'm not sure what else to say about it lol. Not all of them can reproduce with each other, but that doesn't mean they can't love one another. It's not like slime and void explode when they touch.

sweet, no taboos about who we can and can’t date. All I needed to know.
No. 138515 ID: 823a1a

I would assume Humphery would know what Elder Slimes are? could you tell us?
No. 138517 ID: 2aa5f0

Radom and hopefully simple question. Slime color, can slimes chose what color they are or is it more like just being born with a certain color hair as in you're just born that way and have no real control over it? And speaking of hair, could a slime dye themselves if they wanted to?
No. 138521 ID: 15c72a

Can Grand (and Elder) Slimes become Awakened and/or Ascended?
No. 138600 ID: b01382

Would it be possible for our protagonist to include new slimes into the slime mass?
No. 138628 ID: 885f1a

Nice effect you put on the swords eye, just wanted to put that out there
No. 138630 ID: 02cfda

>Does Humphrey know about Elder Slimes?
Only one person in the story has heard anything about Elder Slimes, and it's not Humphrey.

>can slimes change their color?
Absolutely! Color is often determined by the minerals nearby, but slimes can change it if they so desire. It's probably not instantaneous, but they do have some control over it.

>Can Grand/Elder slimes awaken/ascend?
that's something we'll have to discover together

>can our MC fuse with other slimes?
kiiiiiiiinnnnd of. I don't want to spoil it, but it's definitely different from fusing with her own pieces.

>"Nice effect you put on the swords eye, just wanted to put that out there"
It's very subtle, but I'm glad someone noticed it hahaha
No. 138634 ID: 2aa5f0

>Absolutely! Color is often determined by the minerals nearby, but slimes can change it if they so desire. It's probably not instantaneous, but they do have some control over it.

Sweet, now if we ever need to do something sneaky we can just turn our color, wear a wig, and slap on a fake mustache. We'd be a master at disguise.
No. 138635 ID: 02cfda
File 167009966017.png - (567.27KB , 1113x662 , wonderful winterslime.png )

in the meadow we can build a snowslime
No. 138636 ID: ee342e

No. 138648 ID: 885f1a

Slimes covering their tail is a wonderful detail I never see, so few people remember to cover the tails of creatures with tail!
No. 138680 ID: 224608

How smoochable is Tricky?
No. 138681 ID: b01382

How smoochable is Tricky?
No. 138702 ID: b01382

Is Nemo/Humphrrey melting because of its hot outside, or because we picked to activate the mushroom powers?
No. 138732 ID: 02cfda

Tricky is small and adorable, so their smoochability is pretty high up there.

We're melting because "boy it's hot, are you hot or is it just me? I just feel really hot all the time, like I can't get cool or comfortable, I just want to be like in a dark cave where it's cold and wet and dark, that would be great."
No. 138755 ID: b01382

What would happen if our protagonist gave Tricky a big, fat, wet, smoochie on his cheek? Would slime magic happen, or would he get all embarrassed?
No. 138763 ID: 02cfda
File 167107305030.png - (25.96KB , 500x500 , kissies.png )

They're not really close enough for that kind of intimacy yet, so it would be pretty embarrassing.
No. 138765 ID: c5f793

Probably be even more awkward since Nemo is kind of melting right now so she’d probably just absorb his head by mistake
No. 138837 ID: 6bc5d5

If slime runes be cast as void runes, can void runes be cast as slime runes?
No. 138838 ID: 02cfda

>If slime runes be cast as void runes, can void runes be cast as slime runes?

Absolutely! Sometimes the effect is entirely different, sometimes it's only slightly different, but all runes can be mixed.
No. 138839 ID: 02cfda
File 167187114377.png - (106.00KB , 750x616 , AE395F6E-D827-4C1D-B42A-EE38C95ADFF3.png )

I drew this for thanksgiving as a goof but it applies to Christmas too

Nemo and voidking have to sit at the kids table and it’s awkward cuz they did kill Nemo, but they’re acting pretty chill about the whole thing.
Holidays with the family am I right???
No. 138840 ID: 3184a6

the kids table is slime quest's gulag.
No. 138870 ID: b01382

Would it be possible to seduce the void king?
No. 138882 ID: 0ba437

sure! im open to the possibility. Prolly won't be easy, but if it fits the narrative it could happen.
No. 138938 ID: b01382

What about....dare I say h-hand holding with the void king, or talking about our feelings?
No. 138945 ID: 0ba437
File 167330231934.png - (49.00KB , 611x460 , date night.png )

No. 139004 ID: 823a1a

wait that spellphone, it has a slow connection to slime and void networks, can we just straight up call the Void King!?
No. 139005 ID: 0ba437

oh, yeah I guess so! Tho the Voidking isn't technically registered as a contact, but if we can get that info we could call them!
No. 139031 ID: b01382

If we mess around with our sword core and necklace, could we prank call the voidking?
No. 139064 ID: b01382

damn, he kinda cute tho
No. 139081 ID: 7ba27a

Would it be possible to convert the void king into a domestic house husband?
No. 139085 ID: 0ba437
File 167583692198.png - (56.22KB , 345x638 , voidwife.png )

"oh... I can be husband instead, I guess.."
No. 139086 ID: b01382

Hmmm yea life is good
No. 139093 ID: b01382

Why did you make the Void wizard so sexy?
No. 139094 ID: 0ba437
File 167593374848.png - (213.25KB , 900x900 , TRICKSTER.png )

I just think fucked up mages with one eye and cheshire cat smiles are neat and fun to draw uwu
He's kind of an amalgamation of everything I love about video game clowns antagonists. Reckless desire for chaos, cool hat and robe, big hands for casting evil spells, bonus points if they are made of or are in control of a mysterious "Evil Fluid"
I hope that people love him as much as I do, the fucked up little freaky evil dude he is
No. 139095 ID: 0ba437

I've been waiting so long to reveal this character, you have NO idea. You also have no idea how much of this quest has been planned years in advance, and how much of it I've made up on the spot. It's been a wild ride. I hope it continues to be an exciting and enjoyable one.

Actually, on that note, I'd love to get some feedback! This is the longest I've ever worked on something, and I wanna make sure I'm doing it right. How do you feel about how things are going? Am I listening to suggestions and interacting with the audience well? How do you feel about the art style shifting so much? What sort of stuff would you like me to keep in consideration moving forward?

I'm having an absolute blast running this story, and I'm so happy that other people are enjoying it too. I've cried over Slime Quest several times in the process of writing and drawing it. Maybe that's a silly thing to do, but It's very special to me, and I want to tell it as well as I possibly can. I want other people to love my goofy characters and world.

Thank you for continuing to read Slime Quest. From the bottom of my heart to the top, Thank You. <3
No. 139096 ID: 15c72a

What if we had waited for the Guild? Would they have recommended going into the lake?
No. 139103 ID: 0ba437

Nope, we probably would have just gone to Snowloaf. The guild was mentioned by the crystal smith to fill out the world a little bit more and give us more things to do outside of the main objective of recovering our pieces, but it was not the ""intended route"". It feels reductive to say "we didn't go where I meant for us to go" because this is an interactive medium. You tell me where you want to go and what you want to do, and in return I tell you a story. I think that's neat.

I'm like a GM furiously laying down tracks before the players as we chug along and im having a lot of fun building the world this way.
No. 139110 ID: 15c72a

Hmm, how would we have met the void wizard then...?
No. 139111 ID: 0ba437

spoiler-free answer:
Don't Worry About It.

magic-spoiling answer:
Everything is laid out very loosely, until it's explicitly set in stone. Locations, items, people, all that stuff shifts around behind the scenes until it slots into place for the story. I have a general idea about the broader strokes of the story, such as key locations, what things are in them, pieces of history etc etc, but the details are fluid. Through exploring and talking to people we're solidifying all that information.
So the statue could have been anywhere, or if not the statue, information about the person in the statue. Some of this stuff is planned, some of it Just Feels Right come update day.
I started the story with a handful of key ideas, like a map with locations, but no roads drawn between them. We're forging those paths and discovering new places along the way.
I dunno. Maybe I'm revealing too much by saying this. Don't worry about it, the story is going to happen one way or another.

No. 139112 ID: 30b9f6

It's a legit fun cutesy-to-cutesely-serious story, you're doing fine, you're definitely not the only author who gets emotionally involved in they silly chars and That's Okay, as far as I can tell you're on the good end of listening to suggestions while still letting Plot Happen, the art style shifting Is Good And Fine And Even Kinda Expected, I have no particular considerations I'd want you to keep to, so... just carry on and have fun!
No. 139113 ID: 30b9f6

Ah, and the Rad Bad archetype is also a fav. Love to hate, etc.

No. 139122 ID: 0ba437
File 167623187402.png - (10.87KB , 243x274 , Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 11_56_38 AM.png )

can you tell what game I've been playing recently
No. 139142 ID: 40647d

that (oops) seems like a story all on its own
All for this reboot being as good as SlimeQuest's!
No. 139143 ID: 1d5bb3

I'm guessing either Cuphead or Pizza Tower.
No. 139145 ID: 8850b5

>can you tell what game I've been playing recently

No. 139157 ID: b01382

Damn, i wanna suck soul out of his cock. I assume he has one.
No. 139172 ID: 0ba437
File 167710666874.png - (60.32KB , 463x318 , Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 2_57_10 PM.png )

love wins
No. 139178 ID: b01382

Voidking husband is pretty good, but im a sucker for cute bad boys. Wait, is he a guy? They? She? Smooth kendoll?
No. 139186 ID: 0ba437

i haven't drawn a lot of nudity of either voidking or the prisoner, so I'm not sure just yet what the official bits status is. And since it's not a NSFW quest we probably won't find out in canon.
but if I ever draw it I'll be sure to let you know
No. 139189 ID: b01382

who needs lewds when you can have love?
No. 139192 ID: 0ba437
File 167735722792.png - (11.07KB , 277x210 , Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 12_32_56 PM.png )

so true uwu
No. 139193 ID: 2aa5f0

picture taken moment before he preforms a mortal kombat finisher move on her and rips out her core with a since punch.
No. 139214 ID: b01382

This is the only otp I need. Good by Void King!
No. 139215 ID: a758c7

what if i want both
No. 139314 ID: 6b2bf7

I was not expecting Voidkin to be able to have Mouths, if I knew there were able to be any other factors I wouldn't have even bothered making a plan!
No. 139316 ID: 0ba437

Nemo and the guild didn't expect it either. There's a lot they don't know about the wild void, tho we'll hopefully start to get some answers soonishly
No. 139343 ID: 800527

This quest continues to be excellent, also WOW WE FUCKING DIED HUH.
Very rare to actually see that happen in a quest, though its always a possibility. How much did you plan for us dying, with this current section?
No. 139462 ID: b01382

Oh damn, i cant beleive the husbando is like, super evil. I guess theres no chance of a romanve route ;n;
No. 139524 ID: 042212

The art and expressions >.> there are some FACES in this update
No. 139528 ID: b01382

Big sexy cat goddess lady of death makes me feel nice.
No. 139613 ID: 0ba437
File 168297580129.png - (381.53KB , 1200x900 , thread questers.png )

i promise i'll update it soon
No. 139615 ID: 2aa5f0

since when did Chester have a knife!?
No. 139620 ID: 6e7268

Millie's poncho is too short. His chicken dinner is out in the open!
No. 139624 ID: b01382

No. 139632 ID: 6e7268
File 168323666452.png - (1.66KB , 105x155 , tizona is derived from the latin word for firebran.png )

I think if Tizona is ever is restored, their hilt should maintain a bow-like shape and sprout a hilt and blade from it.
No. 139677 ID: b01382

In the husbando/waifu category, who do you think has the best chance?

-cat death goddess lady
-void king
-that (devishly handsome) jerk clown jester
No. 139694 ID: 273c18

Void King. Death cat is unavailable, The Trickster is evil, and Tricky is too young.

Bit of an unfortunate coincidence that Tricky and The Trickster have such similar names.
No. 139842 ID: 2c1245

Why is the sexy clown so evil? If we manage to collect all the slime parts, would we be strong enough to fight that sexy, sexy jester?
No. 139850 ID: 0ba437

the sexy clown is evil because all clowns are evil in their own special ways. <3 and I have a soft spot for the iconic bad guy clowns in video games (Dimentio, Joka, Javis, Jevil, Spamton, etc)

Getting our pieces back might make us strong enough to fight the Trickster! Or it might not. Who can say until it happens!
No. 139852 ID: 2c1245

Is dating the evil clown man possible, or will he ultimately stab us in the back? Can love prevail?
No. 139858 ID: 0ba437

far be it for me to stop you from romancing the clown. If you can somehow become close enough friends to justify it, I will absolutely let you date them.

I'll admit it's not where I see the story going, but I also didn't expect to die this early, so who really knows what can or will happen?
No. 139859 ID: 0ba437

oh, im sofia btw, Im on a different computer whoops
No. 139887 ID: 8f9bc4

Should we be getting into the complex agendas of the Trickster, the Void King, death kitty and such, or do you just want a simple battle of good versus evil? Because people are saying they know stuff that they don't, and it would be absolutely delicious crow to eat if they turn out to be dead wrong, if that's the sort of story you like to tell. But they want it a certain way, and if you just want Nemo to battle the Trickster that's okay too.

I guess either way I shouldn't try to poke holes in their assumptions. If they're right then I'm just being annoying and overthinking it. If they're wrong then there's no reason to warn them about it.
No. 139901 ID: 0ba437

It's not as complicated as I think some people think that it is, it just seems that way because I haven't revealed all the info yet. We don't know what relationship/history the void king and trickster have with each other, so it's not clear who's to blame for what. I promise it'll start to clear up sooner than later.

But yeah, I do also kinda just want Nemo to fight the Trickster because I think that would look really cool and feel really good and be really fun to draw, I'll admit it lol.
No. 139912 ID: 8f9bc4


Oh no no no I super want Nemo to battle the Trickster. Only question in my mind is how hard are we gonna be crying during their titanic final battle.
No. 139913 ID: 3e4c55

>Nemo fight Trickster
But would it be Nemo as they are now or Nemo when they've regained all their pieces and is whole again?
No. 139914 ID: 8f9bc4


Ahem, the titanic final battle, not the pathetic, squished like a bug battle. Nemo already fought that one.
No. 139917 ID: f5ab7d

Yeah, Nemo got squished like a bug twice. Once against the Void King, resulting in them becoming split apart, and the other time was against the powered up void thingy at the lake.
No. 139923 ID: 4235e0

If we manage to find all our parts and unit, could we merge with another grand slime and some slime titans to form some kind of slime megazord or a proto-slime god? Slime demigod?
No. 139999 ID: 8f9bc4


What do you think the Goddess was?
No. 140180 ID: a39c57

If the void is so evil why are voidlings cute?
No. 140181 ID: a39c57

Once we collect all pieces of the queen, can you do a gif of each piece holding hands and spinning like that monkey gif?
No. 140193 ID: 0ba437

Once we find them all I will absolutely animate them holding hands and spinning around like the monkey gif, and that's a promise
No. 140194 ID: a39c57

based. I kneel
No. 140282 ID: a39c57

Can you say 1 (one) out of context tidbit about a piece we haven't come across yet?
No. 140287 ID: 0ba437

the hat? It has to be, it HAS to be big.
No. 140289 ID: a39c57
File 169195407002.gif - (1.69MB , 220x255 , 182618.gif )

No. 140486 ID: bec65a

As we know that what happens when the slime's core shattered. But what would happen if the core disintegrated? (like disappeared completely) (dumb question, sorry)
No. 140549 ID: 2c1245

what would a half slime void baby look like, if at all possible to occur?
No. 140790 ID: a39c57

I know you said the extra eyed cats see without and within and that is very cool and poetic but what do they do, practically? Like can they see auras or like shoot lazers or just look in different directions?
No. 140791 ID: 0ba437

i started writing a short answer/long answer, but it started getting poetic, so here's the Short Answer:
Normal elsekin just use them as extra eyes. Nothin' too special. They're generally more perceptive because of it but that's all.
Those that practice Goddess worship do have access to some sort of power they call "The Goddess' Will" that they channel through their extra eyes. The limits of this power are unknown, but recorded effects tend to range from small miracles such as healing, to greater ones like divination. Since they spend so much time with those eyes closed, they're extra sensitive to light. Often you can tell someone uses Will Magic because their upper eyes are covered.
No. 140908 ID: 2c1245

I want to tongue punch the evil wizard guy's asshole.
No. 140979 ID: 0ba437

you cant tell if he thinks its hilarious or if hes so angry hes about to explode
No. 140980 ID: 0ba437
File 169774560189.png - (88.27KB , 500x500 , IMG_0341.png )

there was supposed to be a picture, heres the picture
No. 141016 ID: 2c1245

Fuck! Every time I see his stupid smile I just wanna blow his cock like how an industrial blow drier dries your car in a car wash, or maybe maybe attempt to suck the cum out his cock so hard he gets a testicular torsion. Maybe finger his asshole while I'm at it.
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