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File 163798712941.png - (611.64KB , 800x700 , 0_open.png )
136526 No. 136526 ID: 11f77a

Hello little ones, come on in! I almost didn’t recognize you! How much you’ve all changed, and I’m proud of each and every one of you! Has it been a year already? Well one thing’s for certain is that I’m excited to host Secret Santa again!

Here are the previous years of gift-giving!
(2016) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106091.html
(2017) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/118595.html
(2018) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126663.html
(2019) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/131539.html
(2020) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134434.html

What do you do? You can participate in many ways:

For Quest Authors/Signing-Up
For authors, all you need to do is declare which of your quest characters will partake in this exchange. Include their name and a link to the quest or wiki page. A picture is helpful as well. If posting multiple characters, you must state whether they’re a GROUP or INDIVIDUALS. Once we reach an appointed date, everyone will be randomly assigned their partner.

Okay, this part is an important one, so read carefully! Once a match is made it is your job to write and illustrate what your character would give to their special someone! Perhaps something from their world. Or something personal! A coupon! A signed autograph of their own photo!
You’re not obligated to have the character respond to a gift received. But the process of your character finding/deciding their partner’s gift is expected. It can be done in one picture, five, ten, animated; doesn’t matter as long as you don’t tire yourselves out! Posting early or late is no problem either!

Pairings will be made on December 5th. Latecomers will have until the 10th. Names will be posted with spoiler tags to keep things a secret! Have a look through past Secret Santas to get an idea on how it all works.

For Suggestors
Suggestors may also participate and gift any quest character! Post your idea for a present and who will receive it! Or perhaps draw one yourself if you're skipping the exchange this year! Disclamer: it will be up to the author to illustrate their characters accepting the gift. It’s a busy holiday, so they may not have time to respond.

Holiday Party
Even if it’s not related to gift-giving or you’re not participating in the secret santa, anyone can post a festive image and have characters hang out! My bathhouse is open to relax and mingle.

Any character unfortunate to not receive their gift will be compensated by Christmas in July! Sometimes artists need extra time after Christmas and New Years.
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No. 136758 ID: f017ae
File 164031025464.jpg - (946.17KB , 916x671 , BB 762.jpg )

Maya Din: Of course I want it, just look at it how adorable it is. It is like we have a profound connection and that this creature is speaking profound wisdom to me.

No. 136759 ID: f017ae
File 164031039859.jpg - (624.91KB , 882x510 , BB 763.jpg )

Maya Din: It is so soft and squishy on the inside, I am afraid that something might happen to it...

No. 136760 ID: f017ae
File 164031051453.jpg - (97.89KB , 351x239 , BB 764.jpg )

Maya Din: What if this magnificent creature gets ripped and the stuffing on its inside starts pouring out like blood? It won't survive such a devastating affliction!

Count Murdusa: I think you are being a little bit unreasonable with this one doll.

Maya Din: One doll! This is not just one doll, this is a present that a lovely couple has given to me and I will treat it with the respect it deserves. I need to protect it.

No. 136761 ID: f017ae
File 164031065527.jpg - (390.04KB , 767x770 , BB 765.jpg )

Maya Din: And with a little bit of ingenuity and blacksmithing I managed to equip the doll with its own metal suit of armor. In order to protect it from any harm.

Count Murdusa: Was that really necessary?

No. 136762 ID: f017ae
File 164031086622.jpg - (2.30MB , 2051x938 , BB 766.jpg )

Maya Din: Of course, I even installed a flamethrower inside of the mouth of the armor, you never know when you will need to burn somebody who would dare and try to defile this doll.

Count Murdusa: You did what?!

No. 136763 ID: f017ae
File 164031099238.jpg - (4.30MB , 1678x1396 , BB 767.jpg )

Maya Din: Now you are ready to exist in this cold and cruel world, nothing can harm you when you have a shield over your soul.

No. 136764 ID: f017ae
File 164031108658.jpg - (893.26KB , 657x757 , BB 768.jpg )

Count Murdusa: I never saw you act this way, but if this is what makes you happy, then who am I to say that it is wrong.

No. 136767 ID: 8483cf
File 164031985425.png - (15.05KB , 510x576 , SecretSanta21E3.png )

“I don’t understand why the Abbot always sends me out for the goodwill building and charity collection duties,” Elaine says, “Especially since I’m the newest monk in the monastery. But if it means I get to relax like this more often, I could get used to it!”

Elaine takes a seat at the edge of the bath and wonders if she’s supposed to be building goodwill with the other guests, or if the secret santa was all she was supposed to do. I’m not exactly presentable, she thinks. If I’d known I was supposed to do more than exchange gifts, I’d have done my hair a bit… and trimmed my tuft. Aaaah! I really should trim it to fit in that nice new corset…

Elaine’s worrying is interrupted by the arrival of a Chupian in a towel carrying a tray of cookies and a letter with pen and paper.

“One gift for the Double W’s!”

“Yeep!” Elaine jolts, fumbles to take the tray without her towel coming undone. “Yes! That’s us! I mean me! Thank you!”

She carefully unseals the letter and soaks her hooves as she reads:

Dear Elaine,

These chocolate chip cookies should not break your Vow of Poverty in any way. Eat as many as you'd like, and share the rest with others to get them to like you more. Not that the affection of Others is necessary, I've long since learned that it's quite simple to get by alone. If you agree, eat All these cookies yourself and make those around you envious that they received no gifts from a big shot investigator like me.

I have numerous questions about your species too, and would like it if you would submit to a few scientific tests in the future. Despite my age, I am already well-experienced in performing tests on Alien Lifeforms. If you aren’t an alien, then do you live in Wisconsin? Your description card didn't have a clear location, but I estimate that if cow people are real, then they’re almost definitely from Wisconsin. That's why they're known for their Cheese, because they have high quality milk on demand!

Please write back with any books you know that can answer some of the questions I have about you. I will check them out at the library as soon as I can. If you reply, I will gladly tell you all about the other aliens among us in return. Or at least the one I can confirm.

You're welcome,
Jhonen Horvitz

“Well!” Elaine says, her cheeks going beet-red through her fur. “Ahem. This isn’t what I expected, but I’m not surprised. I’m a lot of things right now, but somehow I’m not surprised. At least this Jhonen is up-front with his assumptions about my milk! People like him are exactly why I wrap my chest... And what’s this about performing tests? Is it even a good idea for me to write back?”

She sighs.

“No, I shouldn’t think poorly of him. He’s just being honest and forthright. Maybe this is why the Abbot picked me for this duty? This is the perfect chance to build goodwill and understanding. Yes, that’s it!”
No. 136768 ID: 8483cf
File 164031986967.png - (86.17KB , 1147x1200 , SecretSanta21E4.png )

Dear Jhonen,

Thank you for the cookies. They were very thoughtful and rational, just like you appear to be. I’ll do my best to answer your questions so we can better understand each other to spread goodwill and cheer.

I’ll be sharing your cookies to make friends with Others. You already know I don’t have much, but when I’m with friends, that’s all I need.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where Wisconsin is. It sounds like a lovely place. My monastery is about a hundred and fifty kilometers northwest of
lo Stivale, if that helps.

I don’t know of any books on my own biology, but I know I’m half-Bovidae, half-Antilopinae. I would like to gently caution you against making assumptions about milk on demand, or for that matter, assumptions about entire species in general.

You seem very interested in learning more about aliens. Please do not think of anyone as an alien, or foreign. We are all travelers, and our homes are wherever we wish them to be. I suspect that your interest in aliens may be part of your search for the Truth.

While the
Vedas are a place to start, I highly recommend any book you can find on Rta, Dharma and the overarching quest for cosmic harmony.

May you always find your way,

“There! I hope I answered a few of his questions.” Elaine seals the letter and places it far from the bath waters. She picks up a cookie and licks her chops. “Now to enjoy the fruits of friendship!”

The cookie bursts with homemade heavenly sweetness- far too sweet for one person. Elaine savors her cookie for a moment, then offers the tray to the first person she sees (not a difficult task).

“Pardon me,” Elaine calls out to the gigantic Trayzeri. “Would you like to try some of these little cookies? I know it’s not much, but they might be a new experience for you!”

"Certainly." Trayzeri carefully picks out one cookie and tosses it in her mouth. A drop in the bucket. "It is delicious, thank you." A very robotic, automatic response.

Elaine basks in the glow of a job well done.
No. 136770 ID: 629f2e
File 164034233822.png - (442.82KB , 1000x1000 , SecretSanta21-16.png )

Even when I listen closely, there are limits to what I can hear. Though the voices of souls speak to me, objects without life remain silent. Since I cannot hear them, I must trust that the movement is taking place.

I have opened the gateway once more as requested, so that gifts may move between worlds. The four I place in the circle disappear as I blink, moving to the sauna from which they would be sent out to their rightful recipients. It would not be long now before the empty air was replaced by new gifts.

I simply had to be patient...

No. 136771 ID: 629f2e
File 164034241331.gif - (535.00KB , 1000x1000 , SecretSanta21-17.gif )

Yamelle: “Oh! It looks like more gifts have arrived.”
Yamelle: “Those should be the ones going to that little one and her friends, the children of Cattenom.”
Yamelle: “They should be transported to her gate in just a few... Ah! There it is.”
Yamelle: “I do hope those arrived smoothly."
No. 136772 ID: 629f2e
File 164034256076.gif - (647.14KB , 1000x1000 , SecretSanta21-18.gif )


Dad: “Temmie, what are you doing up there?”
Temmie: “...N-Nothing dad. Sorry, just fell out of bed.”

Ow. You really would have appreciated some Warning that the gifts would arrive like that.

You pull yourself from the pile and take stock. You'd have to wrap up this Blanket for Jhonen, these Two Boxes were for Lillian and Phillip, and- oh look! The two biggest ones are for you. One is a massive Envelope, the other is just a nice Long Box.

You decide to start with the envelope, generally finding cards less exciting than physical toys. Also, the card was bigger than you, so you really wanted to see just how much was written on it.

Inside are two massive pieces of paper. The first is a letter, which you read carefully. It looks like these came from someone named Trayzeri Kromi, who is some kind of police person. In an act of Christmas blasphemy, she spoiled the contents of your yet-opened gift in this one’s letter. You’d be more disappointed if you weren’t salivating over the knowledge that it was a Two-To-Three Foot Gummy Worm. You were absolutely going to spoil tonight’s supper with that.

The second item she’d given was in the envelope as well. It was almost as big as the letter, longer than your entire body! You have to back up to really take it in. A Coupon for a shop that you couldn’t visit, and which used a currency that you have never heard of.

It’s unfortunate, because there’s clearly thought put into this gift, and yet it’s totally unusable for you. At least, in its intended purpose…

A few long strips of tape later, and the coupon becomes a stunning new Poster on your bedroom’s wall. You appreciate it from bed as you suck on the tail of your gummy worm. Joining this was an amazing idea. You’ll definitely be doing this again next time!

Thanks to Trayzeri for the sweet gift! And thanks a lot for the predictable stomach ache she had later that night (don’t worry, she knew the consequences of her actions, that was all on her).
No. 136773 ID: 629f2e
File 164034272692.png - (834.98KB , 1000x1000 , SecretSanta21-19.png )

Temmie stopped by a few days before Christmas to give you a large gift box. Your present had arrived, so you slid it under the tree and counted the days until Christmas came.

Finally, after all of that waiting it was here! The day had come, and you could finally tear open your present to reveal-!

Jhonen: "A Blanket?"
Jhonen: "That seems pretty underwhelming… Maybe it's like a Magic Carpet or something cool like that!"

A note falls out of the box as you pull it out. You pluck it from the ground and quickly start to read.


We both know life isn’t fair. Sometimes bad things happen, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Sometimes we’re all alone, and sometimes nobody cares. Sometimes we’re the only ones who can keep our fire going.

So no matter what, don’t let your fire burn out. Fight hard to keep it bright. Don’t let anything dim your light. Someone has to light up the darkest parts of your life- and sometimes it has to be you.

Jhonen: "...I hope this helps. Dotti..."

You look up at the blanket in front of you again, reevaluating it. Whoever this Dotti was intended for you to continue towards your goals, and keep your head up high. It was nice to know whoever you were paired with understood the Importance of your work, it was a rare treat you didn't often enjoy.

...It was sweet, but how did that translate to a lousy blanket?

Well okay, it wasn't lousy. The stitching looked like it was done by hand, and it was definitely done well. Each square of this quilt seemed to have been purposefully arranged into an appealingly colorful pattern. As you run your hands across it, another realization hits you.

Jhonen: "It's Warm."

You grab the fabric and wrap it around yourself. An almost unnatural warmth envelops you, as if the quilt was actively giving off a pleasant heat.

Jhonen: "Hmm... This must be the work of some Magical property embedded into the fabric! That means this gift came from a supernatural or extraterrestrial being, or one acquainted with the dark arts!"

It wasn’t just the heat that made this impressive. As you swaddle it around yourself more fully, it was almost like it was drawing warm memories to the surface of your mind. A mix of comfortable and joyous moments go through your head. Discovering an alien right in your hometown, the time you got sick and mom took the whole day off work to take care of you, making smores over the grill with all the other kids at Daniel’s birthday party…

…You also had a strong urge to look through the trash for food. That one was weird, you weren’t sure where that was coming from.

Originally you had been planning a full day of investigation and experimentation, but you’ve changed your mind. You’ve done quite enough, it wouldn’t hurt to take a day off and Relax. It was the holidays after all, what better time to take a break than now?

With your decision made, you scoot yourself over onto the couch and put on a Christmas movie. It was pretty tropey and generic, but it didn’t really matter. You have an amazing time vegging out and turning your brain off for a few hours.

Thanks to Dotti for the comforting gift! Even if it wasn’t what Jhonen thought he wanted, it definitely brought the holiday joy he needed.
No. 136774 ID: 629f2e
File 164034314598.png - (767.06KB , 1000x1000 , SecretSanta21-20.png )

When Temmie gave you and your bro two gifts, you both shared a grin. You wouldn’t have complained if whoever got you had only given one gift, but you wouldn’t deny being happy about each of you receiving your own. Phillip’s was bigger, but the Christmas Sweaters you received last year taught you that bigger boxes don’t always have the cooler gifts.

You tossed ‘em both under the tree, and counted down the days ‘til the holiday more eagerly. You could have just opened them right when you got them, but Phillip insisted on waiting.

But eventually the day finally comes, and you get to tear open all your gifts one by one! You do most of them with your mom and dad around, but for the Secret Santa gifts you decide to open them when they’re both out of the room, exchanging some private gifts of their own. No idea what that means, but their bedroom door is locked so you’ve got some privacy.

There are two things in the box you open. A Bracelet and a Note. You are immediately underwhelmed, so you take the note hoping it’ll change your opinion.

Dearest Lillian,

Hey so before you go thinking “woah my brother got a cool figurine custom generator and all I got was a dinky bracelet, so maybe I should beat him up” I would like you to consider the following:

This bracelet is cool and lucky and also is exactly a form that you find pleasing, isn’t that weird? Well maybe you should try practicing something you want to get good at while you wear it and something good will happen!

Just think of it as a LUCKY BRACELET that will help you be good at where your natural talents could use some polishing. You’ll soon excel I’m sure!

Oh and please don’t sell off the stuff you get, or do if you need the money, I’m not privy to your financial situation, either way, it’s mine and my dearest Nipha’s best wishes that you receive this well and enjoy it fully.

With all the affection he can muster,
Rudeus Blackwood III

...A LUCKY BRACELET (in all caps for some reason)? This letter used a lot of words to basically say “It’s good, trust me.”

So, giving it a chance, you decide to take a closer look at it. You realize quickly that it’s actually one of those cool Braided bracelets that you can unravel in a pinch to have a pretty long rope. And it was black too, that is pretty cool you guess.

You’re not sure if you really believe that it’ll make you good at “where your natural talents could use some polishing”, but who knows? Maybe it’d make you do better on tests. You could absolutely use some luck guessing the answers on those.

Phillip: “WHOA!”
Lillian: “Hm? What was in yours?”
Phillip: “Look at this!”

He shows you a book titled “AWAKENED ~RPG System~”. It’s got a pretty rad cover, bright red with cool designs and everything.

Phillip: “This thing is full of rules and systems for Tabletop Games! It has new races, new powers, new classes, the works!”
Phillip: “And it has this neat AWAKENING mechanic where every character gets an individualized special ability, with a bunch listed out that you can use and instructions on how to come up with your own.”
Phillip: “This sounds like so much fun- do you think Roger and Albert would want to-”
Lillian: “Dude, they would love this! I already want to play it right now!”
Lillian: “Does it have different rules for when you make rolls and stuff? No offense, but that’s the lamest part of our game rn.”
Phillip: “Yeah, my mechanics need more work, they’re too luck based. Let’s see...”
Phillip: “Oh! Yeah, it looks like they have a lot of rules for when you make rolls, and what you add or subtract from them. There are saves, checks, damage dice, hit di-”
Lillian: “Yeah cool stop listing them. Those words don’t mean anything to me yet.”
Phillip: “I-I’ll read through it more later today so that I understand it all better myself. Gotta prep myself so that I can explain it to everyone next Game Night.
Lillian: “Sounds great.”
Phillip: “Oh, there are also these.”

He reaches back into the box and pulls out two small boxes, along with a few small Figures.

Lillian: “What are those for?”
Phillip: “I’m not really sure, but I think these rules expect us to have figures for our characters. I may need to make a physical map for some things too, again I haven’t really looked into it much yet.”
Phillip: “I got a note that explains it better. Here-”

He picks a piece of paper off the floor and shows it to you.

Sup nerd,

So like I wanted to give you a gift because picking a gift for someone with RAW ATHLETICISM is too easy for me, im way too cool and skilled for that. So I took it upon myself to challenge myself, but what’s this, I don’t know much about NERD SH-STUFF. So I thought, okay what’s the nerdiest thing I know, that’s right it’s role-playing. Well, I do it too, BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT. I know real nerds love FIGURINES, so I got you these cool toys that you can slap on top of a description written in most languages, pop in an old figurine, and pop out one of your own designs. There’s enough here for you to do some cool stuff so have fun!

Oh and I also included a rule system if you don’t have those, I could explain what an RPG is if you don’t have those but just think of it as like a big game or something with little rules that let you pretend you have crazy cool superpowers, but I’m sure you know that already!

Anyway, my gift is vastly better then his to your sister, so you should rub it in her face, definitely, I guarantee you she won’t noogie you and be super jealous of your awesome gift from a rad catgirl.

Nipha Rondalphus

P.S. I don’t like bragging about this at home, but you’ll never see me so you can brag you got a gift from a princess, so it makes it 20x cooler. Also the figures that were already custom changed were me, rudy, and some friends. We TOTALLY look like that, definitely not an exaggeration or anything.

P.S.S. Oh right I should tell you not to show off the cool powers on these things but you’re kids so you probably will, just stay outta trouble, you only get one really cool gift like this in a lifetime!

Lillian: “Nipha? Oh, I get it. We were matched up with a pair since we’re a pair.”
Phillip: “Huh? Who gave your gift then?”
Lillian: “Some dweeb named Rudeus. Maybe they’re siblings like us.”

You both take a closer look at the figures already included. One was a Human Man in a robe, whereas the other was some kind of Animal Woman with a sword.

Lillian: “Okay probably not.”
Lillian: “Oh yeah, different last names, that seals it.”
Phillip: “...Why does she randomly capitalize words in this?”
Lillian: “I dunno, Rudy did it too though.”
Phillip: “Huh. Strange writing quirk.”
Lillian: “Absolutely.

He looks at the item you’d been holding this whole time.

Phillip: “That’s a cool looking bracelet, was that your gift?”
Lillian: “Yeah, turns out Rudy’s super lame compared to Princess Nipha. It’s supposed to be a good luck charm or something though.”
Phillip: “Maybe it really is. I mean, if these boxes can really redesign figurines just by putting them on paper like she said, then nothing is impossible, right?”
Lillian: “Pfft, yeah, like that would work. That’s stupid, there’s nothing inside them.”
Phillip: “Yeah... Wanna try it anyways.”
Lillian: “I mean, obviously. We’d be idiots not to.”

You later decide to keep the bracelet, after creating a figure that looks exactly like Phillip out of one of the more boring looking figs packed in and a quickly written character sheet. You tuck the bracelet around your ankle, right under your sock, as that is the one place you feel confident you will never lose it (you’d already parted with a number of bracelets that slid off your arms while throwing balls around).

Both of you agreed not to redesign the figures of Nipha and Rudy. Nipha looked cool, and since they were a pair like you and Phillip it’d be weird not to keep them both. Thankfully, that still left you with 6 figs, more than enough for your entire Game Night group. (Though you almost lost one of the boxes to Albert’s curiosity. He was eventually sated with the explanation “Shut up, accept that it just works or I’m gonna hit you”.)

Overall, while you definitely got the lamer gift of the set, you still think you came out ahead since it gave you and your friends a whole new game system to play. Your new Orc Barbarian Brutus was way more fun to play than the magic-user you had last system. Hopefully you could decide on a power for him to AWAKEN soon...

Thanks to Nipha and Rudeus for the wonderful gifts! Lillian and Phillip definitely appreciate them.
No. 136776 ID: 73aaab
File 164039498452.png - (596.10KB , 1000x1000 , 2021ssFinale1color.png )

The sun dawns over the horizon, the sea of stars opening up to a crimson dawn.

Somewhere, in a continent floating in the sky, the whirring of fate continues unbeknown to the common people of its reality. Outside of a small, unassuming home- the sound of wingkin could be heard, muffled by its sturdy walls.

For one girl in particular, the end of the year did not often bring much tidings.
"Stay inconspicuous. People do not treat those who have consorted with monsters well."
That was what she had been told most her life - and she often wondered who, or what the monsters were in that saying.
The people in this plated landmass mostly did not care for such a distinction, or the stumps that adorned her head. And yet, when she walked the streets, she felt as if she should pull the hood of her cloak tighter around her face.

Living mostly alone, the deafening quiet of her household gave her no escape from her own thoughts. Only the occasional creak from the wooden supports ever intruded in her solace - and it offered no consolation for her.
But... there was something serene about today. Something felt surprisingly right.
Somewhere out there, her parents - mother, father, knew that their daughter was still alive. She had survived another year.
It is a most momentous day - today was the day she had been brought into this world, after all!

And yet, as she reached for the doorknob, ready to go out into the streets without her usual cloak - she hesitated.
Something felt missing. Was she still afraid to show her face out in the open, even in this season of giving?

She bites her lip, her serene mood passing. Perhaps it's best to stay indoors like she should.
The morning passes uneventfully for the girl -
Until she finds a note, a scroll sealed with golden ribbon atop her table.
A most fortuitous present in such a season.
Did the landlord happen to leave her this while she was asleep? No, she would have heard anyone coming in.
But then how did the letter get there? Perhaps it didn't matter. It seemed to beckon to her.
No. 136777 ID: 73aaab
File 164039505798.gif - (634.43KB , 1200x1200 , 2021ssFinale2.gif )

There was a crinkling of paper as she undid the ribbon, initially thinking little of the parchment she held.

"Dearest AMILIA,
I know not of your situation or station..."

The letter goes on. A gift from a prince? What had she done to deserve such a thing?
Her family had been exiled - in part due to their actions and the enemies that they had made - whether with their own people, or the humans who encroached on the lands of Canus.
Stripped of their title and marked as pariahs, there were few choices they had - few shelters to arrive at. And yet, the insignia on the ribbon - it was genuine.

A small writ of land - insignificant by itself, but...
The title. The status. The POTENTIAL.

Amilia read the letter over again. And again.
Her eyes weren’t lying to her.
She was... she was nobility - no, royalty again!
What had once been an impossibility for Amilia was now a reality.

She remembered the days of her youth, before the exile - before the sadness of having to strip herself of her horns.
The pendant around her neck clung to her chest, as if it was going to sink into her scales.
A brief tremble rocked her body.
She didn't have to live like this any more, did she?
Simply following a trade... drifting through life aimlessly, with no greater ambition or purpose...
Amilia thought that reality itself had sucked out any aspirations or hopes she had once had.
No. 136778 ID: 73aaab
File 164039511668.png - (273.94KB , 1000x1000 , 2021ssFinale3.png )

But what reason could Ignis De Mare Rondalphus have for giving her such a thing? There was no logic to it.
This girl, this 'Amilia', as far as the world saw it, was simply a strange girl who lived alone, sustained by parents she could rarely see.
Could he have chosen her for some ulterior motive? But how did he know her address? Had her landlord given away her secret?
Her mind raced with possibilities of betrayals and beginnings.
If someone out there were planning something insidious for her and her lineage - she would not yield. But if someone wished the best for her - and this was a genuine act of good…
She would pay her debts, in any way she could.
There were no answers, no conclusions to be found here, however.

No, this wouldn't do. She couldn't trap herself indoors on such a day. There were things to be done. A change in status.

Someone to see and question.
Once again, she reached for the door, stopping. This... this was different. As much as she wanted to try to walk the streets, her face bare for all to see - she was now dealing with royalty.

Her fingers struggle with her cloak's clasp, the familiar presence of her father's guiding hand absent from the action.
The familiarshade of the smooth brown cloth comforted her, like the warm embrace of a mother brought with her wherever she went.

Finally, she pushed open the door, moving out onto the streets. People hustled and bustled, unaware of the life changing event that had just transpired for Amilia.
Things were going to be interesting from now on.
Her walk, her posture were filled with a new sense of PURPOSE, one she hadn’t felt in over half a decade.

She had to have a conversation with the man who had changed her life - whether the gift was given in ill or in good grace - and see if she could live up to the new responsibility thrust upon her.
No. 136780 ID: ca2950
File 164046017196.png - (468.72KB , 1024x828 , Alexbath.png )

Alex: "Girls, we're supposed to be relaxing, not fighting. Although, I don't actually mind getting to see it. You know what, continue."

Keimi: "Alex! What are you doing here!?"

Alex: "Bathing, obviously."

Keimi: "I mean why are you here?"

Alex: "Everybody is allowed to come here, Kei.
Besides, I want to see the naked aliens. It is a man's dream."

Nene giggles. "Be careful. You're going to make Keimi jealous."

Keimi: "I'm not jealous! He... ah, we... S-Shut up!"

Rikke pats Keimi on the head. "Don't worry, Kei. Admiring tits from a distance is a universal pastime. I'm not sure what I'm looking at with some of these, though.

Is that a walking spork?"
No. 136782 ID: e51896
File 164048818069.png - (67.04KB , 1280x720 , 014.png )

Somewhere in CRUST CITY, a cool dude name Jerry is taking his MANDATORY UPDATES OFF for the holiday chilling and enjoying the peace and quiet in the comfort of his apartment (which is really actually just his uncle Ricardo's apartment). It's nice to finally be away from all the ASSHOLES and PROBLEMS that are out and about in the city for once.

Jerry was finishing up his spaghetti dinner when his uncle enters the dining room.

RICARDO: Letterforyou,

Ricardo passes the envelope which came from the INTERDIMENSIONAL MAILBOX to Jerry. He wonders who could be bothering him from another dimension when Jerry remembers the SECRET SANTA GIFT EXCHANGE and starts wondering if it is his gift.

Jerry and his coworker Gerbera the flower both got flyers weeks ago for a gift exchange as well as an free invitation to a bath house at another dimension from a mysterious customer that looked kinda like a... CHUPACABRA or something? The customer offered it as a tip instead of ₵A$H for the pizza. Ricardo had advised his two employees not to participate as it sounds like some kind of SCAM, like those PYRAMID SCHEMES he's heard about, but Jerry isn't too concerned about it, he's dealt with so many dangerous PROBLEMS in CRUST CITY each day that something like a little SECRET SANTA SCAM wouldn't make him lose his cool.

Jerry also would have gone to the bath house, but he'd rather not be in the same location as Gerbera if he could help it as he knows that Gerbera will just make him look bad and uncool. So he told Gerbera that he couldn't go to the bath house as he doesn't want anybody other than his gift recipient to see their gift as an excuse to not be seen with Gerbera.

Jerry opens the envelope and finds a short message on the letter as well with a picture of a woman in a warm sweater at the beach, and a ticket to BEACH DAY. Jerry takes the time to read the letter...


Oh rad! is he being asked out on a date?
oh RAD! did he just get invited to a club full of COOL PEOPLE?

Jerry is so there! He could totally use his PAID UPDATES OFF to take a nice long deserved vacation at the beach, hang out with his kind of people, join the cool people club, and maybe even see if Sarah would be interested in dating him or something, she looks pretty hot in the picture after all... and not just because she is wearing warm clothing at a hot beach (actually, maybe that is just a backdrop she is using?)

He asks Ricardo if he can take a bunch of PAID UPDATES OFF to go to the beach, to which Ricardo sighs in response.

RICARDO: You'vealreadyusedupallyourPAIDUPDATESOFFontheUPDATESyouwerelateforwork.
RICARDO: I'msorry,butyouhavetolearntobemoreresponsiblewithhowyouuseyourUPDATES,Geraldo...

AW SHIT! is he freakin' kidding Jerry? What does his uncle mean by Jerry having used up all his PAID UPDATES OFF on the UPDATES he was LATE for work??? He could not have been late THAT many times... could he?

Jerry asks when his PAID UPDATES OFF will be refilled for a decent vacation.

RICARDO: Fromthelooksofthings,itseemslikethatwouldbebyLATESUMMERofnextyear...

Well crude. It looks like Jerry will not be able to take a vacation to the beach until around LATE SUMMER. Jerry decides he will put the INVITATION, and TICKET to BEACH DAY inside the :pizzid: POCKET INTERDIMENSIONAL CLOSET the next time he is at the :pizzid: pizzeria for safe keeping.

Jerry is really happy with Sarah's invitation and ticket to BEACH DAY... however, he cannot redeem the ticket until the BEACH DAY 2022 EVENT as he has used up all his PAID UPDATES OFF. However, he hopes Sarah will be patient enough to wait until then to meet him.

The BEACH DAY TICKET can now be used as a potential item selection in 30 UPDATES OR LESS, however, if Jerry gives to to somebody as a bribe or a distraction, he will not be able to go to BEACH DAY, and the person he gives it to will be going there instead.

Thanks so much for the gift, Anon44! Thanks for making the artwork, Donut!

No. 136784 ID: e51896
File 164048826638.png - (60.17KB , 1280x720 , 015.png )

Wait an UPDATE... hmm... LATE... SECRET SANTA... GIFT...


AW BOGUS! Jerry forgot about getting his recipient SENNA LILIPHRASTER a gift! Jerry doesn't want to be seen as an ASSHOLE, there's too many of those in CRUST CITY, so he runs to the closet and grabs his coat.

RICARDO: AndwhereareyougoingthistimeGeraldo?

Jerry explains to his curious uncle that he needs to go to the :pizzid: Pizzeria before THIS HOLIDAY UPDATE ends to make a pizza for somebody, and pays him for the pizza ahead of time as he grabs the keys to the pizzeria.

RICARDO: Idon'tgetyou...
RICARDO: Onyourworkupdates,youdon'twanttowork...
RICARDO: Whileonyourupdatesoff,youwanttodeliverpizza.
RICARDO: Youknowwe'resupposedtobeclosedright?

Jerry tells Ricardo to stop being so uptight, and let him open the pizzeria real quick to make the pizza to send to someone important... it's the holidays after all, the season of GIVING!

Ricardo pauses to ponder for a bit before he finally responds

RICARDO: Well...okay.
RICARDO: Consideringitistheholidaysandyou'reshowingmotivationandresponsibility...
RICARDO: I'llletyouusethePizzeria.
RICARDO: ButI'mcomingwithyou.Itlookslikeyoucouldusesomehelp.I'llevencookitforfree.
RICARDO: AndIexpectthislevelofresponsibilityfromthispointonatwork,gotit?

It's a miracle, Ricardo is letting Jerry use the restaurant to prepare the gift for his recipient, and is even offering to cook the pizza for free. Jerry takes advantage of the opportunity and the two take the truck to the :pizzid: pizzeria.


When they arrive at the pizzeria, Jerry explains that the customers are some kind of bug named SENNA LILIPHRASTER who he thinks is a PRAYING MANTIS or something, and a robot companion name K3613GD or KATY. Ricardo nods and starts getting some materials to prepare and cook the pizza. He advises that while he cooks, Jerry should look inside the :pizzid: POCKET INTER-DIMENSIONAL CLOSET for something more to give the customers, like some gifts that they usually hand out to people on their BIRTHDAYS.

Jerry after putting his BEACH DAY TICKET inside the closet has pulled out the following gifts:

It's a plush toy of
:pizzid:'s popular mascot, THE ZA. It's huggable, durable, and covered with melted mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and pizza sauce inside as stuffing.

:pizzid: BRAND T-SHIRT
It's a t-shirt with the :pizzid: logo on it. Let everyone know you love :pizzid: pizza wearing this shirt! Jerry thinks this gift will look good on SENNA.

Join team :pizzid:'s nonexistent baseball team wearing this! Jerry thinks this hat will suit KATY more since the hat might be troublesome for SENNA to wear as it might cover her giant eyes.

After spending time choosing and taking items out of the closet, Jerry enters the kitchen and finds that RICARDO has already finished making the pizza, the MAIN GIFT:

Since Ricardo was told Senna was a mantis, and mantises eat crickets as part of their diet, Ricardo has made one half of the pizza a CRICKET PIZZA.
The other half of the pizza is a carefully constructed CHARGER that Katy can use to recharge her power. the CHARGER is also programmed to give anything that is charged by it a taste of PIZZA

After their work is done, they take the gifts back home to their apartment to wrap up the gifts and send into their INTERDIMENSIONAL MAILBOX. Ricardo had also sneaked one more gift into the mailbox...

Self explanatory. Ricardo hopes they'll use the ticket as an incentive for them to become a regular customer if they ever find a way into their dimension. It even provides coordinates to their dimension.

It's a holiday miracle! Jerry has somehow managed to not be late with his gift delivery! He hopes SENNA and KATY thinks the gifts isn't square.

Hope you enjoyed, BITEQUEST

No. 136785 ID: 3292e2
File 164053420355.jpg - (253.38KB , 922x642 , BB 770.jpg )

Madam Algich: ..........

No. 136786 ID: 3292e2
File 164053428844.jpg - (248.86KB , 922x642 , BB 771.jpg )

Alyosha Karamazov: I see that you are already in the water.

Madam Algich: !?!

No. 136787 ID: 3292e2
File 164053435957.jpg - (114.92KB , 434x751 , BB 772.jpg )

Alyosha Karamazov: I came just to check on you, is everything alright?

No. 136788 ID: 3292e2
File 164053447837.jpg - (195.61KB , 701x693 , BB 773.jpg )

Madam Algich: Oh yeah everything is fine, why don't you come and join in. I know you can't feel anything but I am sure that your body will really appreciate it!

No. 136789 ID: 3292e2
File 164053466184.jpg - (333.58KB , 1039x769 , BB 774.jpg )

Alyosha Karamazov: I will take your word for it.

Madam Algich: I have an idea. Why don't you put your hand over my shoulders?

No. 136790 ID: 3292e2
File 164053479808.jpg - (334.29KB , 1039x769 , BB 775.jpg )

Alyosha Karamazov: What you want me to do it here, now?

Madam Algich: Yeah it will be fun.

Alyosha Karamazov: I don't know...

Madam Algich: Oh come on.

Alyosha Karamazov: I am still not sure.

No. 136791 ID: 3292e2
File 164053496440.jpg - (330.58KB , 1039x769 , BB 776.jpg )

Madam Algich: Please, do it for me.

Alyosha Karamazov: Fine, I will do it.

No. 136792 ID: 3292e2
File 164053511269.jpg - (278.58KB , 954x607 , BB 777.jpg )

Madam Algich: You are such a sweetheart.

Alyosha Karamazov: Thanks, honey.


No. 136794 ID: ca2950
File 164060689209.png - (176.00KB , 603x633 , bathin.png )

Keimi: "Yeah? Well, I'm going to sit right here to make sure nobody does anything ridiculous in public."

Rikke: "Oh ho ho! That's why you're sitting there, huh? Who am I supposed to be more jealous of here? You win this round, Al."

Alex: "Nah. The best I can do is poke her in the back. She's being no fun."

Keimi: "Can it. We're here to relax. Think of something we can give the weird aliens."

Rikke: "Hehe... Give it to the aliens."

Alex: "Heh."

Keimi: "I'm gonna find something to bonk you all with."

Nene: "I didn't do anything!"
No. 136797 ID: 6c9da0
File 164071397160.png - (1.07MB , 800x800 , Present.png )

Hello Trayzeri! It took me a while to think of what would be interesting to someone like you, but I finally thought that maybe you'd like, like... a pet? So I caught a cavsto, the biggest one I could find. Took a few days longer than I'd have liked, sorry. Anyway I think all you need to do is polish it's legs occasionally and put some ore in it's diet. They're pretty low maintenance overall. Anyway Happy Holiday and everything!
No. 136805 ID: 3328c7
File 164081574248.png - (12.34KB , 768x480 , Casa1.png )

In the outskirts of Doodle Dale, a foray into festivity friendship is taking place in a quaint little house.
No. 136806 ID: 3328c7
File 164081591701.png - (33.02KB , 768x462 , Casa2.png )

It has been a long couple days.
Mr. Hatterson has consumed 6 whole watermelons to amass the necessary energy to craft his intended gifts.
No. 136807 ID: 3328c7
File 164081637042.png - (17.73KB , 768x462 , Casa4.png )

For Asher and her friends, a half dozen hard-hat helmets, with a soft thread padding and a hardened leather visor on top to avoid overheating and sunburn, in the rare instances where they get to work under direct sunlight.

Of course, the leather and padding can be disassembled if it turns out too cumbersome underground.

May they bring some meassure of comfort and joy, you terrific toiler!
No. 136808 ID: 3328c7
File 164081650519.png - (28.98KB , 768x462 , Casa3.png )

And for Xerin Brass, a tophat that can summon servile artisans, both of the beefy and busty varieties!

Merry Nine-Eyes related festivities and Happy New Year!
No. 136809 ID: 3328c7

Mr. Hatterson then proceeds to breach the gap between dimensions via whatever means Victor's mom devised in order to make it possible and dives into the spa's pool with his snorkel and neoprene hat.

Happy Holidays, Whistler, Graphie and all the fellas at Questden!
No. 136810 ID: 3328c7
File 164081684488.png - (13.79KB , 768x462 , Casa5.png )

No. 136812 ID: 8483cf
File 164083909164.png - (658.48KB , 979x827 , SecretSanta21D3.png )

I’m curled up by the cozy fire with a good book about an evil jerk.

He’s a selfish old miser who keeps all his food and coal to himself, but he’s haunted by spirits one after another until he wakes up and shares lots of food with everyone. More humans should read it so they know being haunted by spirits like me is a GOOD thing! Everyone should be grateful I’m here to teach them how to behave.

“Dotti! Your gift’s here!”

Forget the fire! Forget the book! It’s time for presents!

I leap up and bound over to Serah’s spot at the mess hall. She’s hiding something behind her back. She thinks she’s being clever but I can already smell it and it is EXPLODING with sweet sweet goodness. I need it! I need it right now!

I move to go around the table, but Serah puts her hand out to stop me. “Wait! This gift comes with instructions!”

Instructions? For food? What kind of idiot needs to be taught how to eat? Well, not everyone’s as smart as me, so I graciously allow Serah to talk and wait patiently for her to explain the details of how not to die.

“This is a one-of-a-kind gift,” Serah says. She brings the plate around and shows me the greatest, most delicious gooey fruitcake ever! It’s even better-smelling than the ones I see in that evil baker’s window. That’ll show him!

“It’s made especially for you. And do you know what the best part is?”

“How good it’ll taste!” I say.

“Actually, something even better,” Serah says. “Can you guess?”

“Oh! I know!” The most annoying fairy in the world flaps up beside me and even she can’t ruin my day right now so I let her talk. “Is it a rum fruitcake?”

“No,” Serah says. “I think Dotti can answer this one. What’s even better than a delicious fruitcake?”

“Two delicious fruitcakes!” I respond without hesitation, using my illusion magic to fake my favorite voice.

“Correct!” Serah smiles. “And what’s even better than two delicious fruitcakes?”

“Ten delicious fruitcakes!” I clap my hands.

“Yes! Now imagine, if you will, ten thousand delicious fruitcakes!”

I bob my head and only drool a little bit.

“Good,” Serah says. “Well! This gift is even better than ten thousand delicious fruitcakes, because if you’re patient enough, it’s actually unlimited fruitcakes.”

Is that my gift?!?!?! Unlimited fruitcakes?!?!

“Um… Dotti?”

“I think you broke her little fox brain.”

“Shush, Landi. She’s not broken. I think. …Dotti, are you okay?”

Unlimited fruitcakes… I’ll never be hungry again. Never ever. This is the best gift anyone could have possibly given!

“I’m okay!” I say, and look at the fruitcake with wide eyes. “Please tell me how this is unlimited fruitcakes. Please, please, please!”

“It’s very simple,” Serah says. “This fruitcake can regenerate! If you leave a big enough piece of it, it will grow back into a full fruitcake! But be careful- it can’t grow back from crumbs. You have to take care of it, store it properly, and NOT eat the whole thing.”


Is Serah stupid?! It’s not even one fruitcake if I can’t eat it all at once, much less unlimited fruitcakes! And if I have to wait for it to grow back, I might starve in the meantime! And what if someone steals it while it’s growing back?

This gift isn’t unlimited at all! It’s much better to just eat the whole thing at once. That way I’m guaranteed to get all the food and energy and enjoy all the deliciousness at once.

Why ruin it by waiting? Too little fruitcake over too long a time is just like spreading a little bit of butter over the biggest slice of bread in the world. It might as well not exist at all!
No. 136813 ID: 8483cf
File 164083912701.png - (281.95KB , 906x1307 , SecretSanta21D4.png )

Well, fine. It’s still a delicious fruitcake, even if it’s made of lies. I can enjoy it all right now!

I reach for the fruitcake. Serah hesitates, but she hands me the plate.

Hooray! I pick it up and run off to the fireplace. I’ll eat it while reading more books.

The most annoying fairy in the world follows me. I try to ignore her because I know that drives her crazy, but it’s really hard to do.

“You’re really gonna eat it without a fork or anything?” Landi says. “Wow. You still have the table manners of an animal, don’t you?”

I yap at her. I am NOT an animal! I’m a cute and powerful fox spirit! It’s just more efficient to eat it without a fork, and has nothing to do with how I keep dropping the utensils.

“I can enjoy my gift however I want. So there!” I say to Landi. That’ll show her!

I can feel her judging me. I’m NOT an animal, and I can fit in with humans if I want. I just don’t want to eat with a fork and knife and do human things right now, that’s all. Even if it is the best human holiday of the year.

Oh great! Landi made me lose my page. Well, that’s fine because I remember exactly where I was. It was the part where Scrooge learns how to share his food with people he normally wouldn’t because it’s the best holiday of the year and everyone should be kind to each other.


I look down at my delicious fruitcake. I really want to take the first bite, but I know people don’t like eating stuff I’ve already bitten. They’re dumb, but that’s how it is.

Time to do the hardest thing ever.

“Would you like a slice of fruitcake, Landi?” I say as sweetly as I possibly can.

Landi’s wings go straight out in shock and she fumbles for words. I made her speechless!

“Yes, please,” she finally says, and I grab a fork and knife and cut her a slice.

HA! I am now officially a better human than Landi!

I offer Serah a slice too, but she declines, saying it’s my gift. She really is nice!
No. 136814 ID: 8483cf
File 164083915082.png - (184.86KB , 700x700 , SecretSanta21D5.png )

I attack and enjoy my gift to the fullest! There are no survivors.

I fall asleep warm, happy and full.

Best. Holiday. Ever.
No. 136815 ID: 8483cf
File 164083918685.png - (108.79KB , 564x693 , SecretSanta21D6.png )

I wake up in bed the next morning. Serah’s carried me upstairs and taken my boots off. That was nice of her!

I yawn and hop out for a full day of holiday celebrations! I wonder what presents I’ll get?

Oh yeah! I already got a gift from my secret santa. What was it? Unlimited fruitcakes?

OH YEAH! I got unlimited fruitcakes! I can enjoy one whenever I want! I rush downstairs and-

Oh yeah. I already ate it.

I didn’t starve yesterday. That much is true. But I might starve tomorrow. And I’ll never have another chance to eat a fruitcake as delicious as this one again.

But… but… just because I made the right decision yesterday, suddenly it’s the wrong decision today?!

This isn’t fair! Life is cruel! I’m doomed to be fruitcake-less FOREVER and it’s ALL YESTERDAY DOTTI’S FAULT.

I hate that Dotti. She’s stupid and ate too much! Couldn’t she have left just a little bit?! Didn’t she know how it would affect the most important Dotti?!
No. 136817 ID: 8483cf
File 164083934308.png - (115.26KB , 563x808 , SecretSanta21D7.png )

“Oh, lookie here!” a tiny voice calls out. “If it isn’t the consequences of your actions!”

Is… is that what I think it is?!

“Took a lot of magic to get this thing to grow back from that lil’ slice you gave me,” Landi says, “But ta-da!”

Landi’s… being nice to me? And it’s because I was nice to her?

This really IS the best holiday ever!

We share the fruitcake, and this time, I make sure to leave some for tomorrow. Take that, Yesterday Dotti!

Thank you to Amica and Judicium for the best gift ever! Dotti will treasure the everlasting fruitcake and make sure to properly store it… by her standards.
No. 136903 ID: 11f77a
File 164297196112.png - (436.89KB , 800x700 , sibbs_1.png )

Cybil: Well I aint going to waste time standing around a bathhouse and not be able to swim in water so I’m spending the holiday at home with Jer.

Cybil: And it’s time for another spin of the wheel to see which discarded invention in my closet will be sent as a gift! I have a potato peeler named Asher as a recipient, so I guess any nifty piece of tech would amaze her.

Cybil: Plasma tank, naw. Electric angler claw, nope. Self-returning Frisbee, maybe next year. Grappling hook--oh wait that was a gift to me. A helmet on a stick? What was that supposed to be? Orbital belt, if you wanna be a planet for a day I guess.

Cybil: And the winner is...
No. 136904 ID: 11f77a
File 164297198999.png - (531.05KB , 800x700 , sibbs_2.png )

Cybil: Half a Pair of Hardlight Graspers! I must’ve only made one prototype glove before ditching the project entirely. I couldn’t get the size of the hand to come out right so you’ll just have this giant fist.

Cybil: I hope the extra thumb doesn’t throw you off. I’ll modify it a bit for ya. Looks like you need more hand anyway. Enjoy the gift!
No. 137012 ID: 0d2343
File 164522045263.png - (431.95KB , 800x600 , SS1.png )

"Evening, young... lady?"
"Huh? N-no, you got the wrong idea! I'm a guy. I have long hair is all."
"I see. Anyway, here we are. Granted, it took a while. You know how the postal system goes around the holidays. Things get busy and they get slow. I hope you can understand."
"Uh, hey."
No. 137013 ID: 0d2343
File 164522048134.png - (272.40KB , 800x600 , SS2.png )

"What are you tiny bird people up to? Did you guys come to dig through my trash or something?"
>"That depends! Is there anything cool in your trash?"
"We came by to give you your Secret Santa gift. thing. Surprise."
"Wait, secret Santa? That was last year! It's the middle of February."
"If you want somebody to blame, blame Pascoe. Pascoe, apologize."
No. 137014 ID: 0d2343
File 164522051518.png - (514.39KB , 800x600 , SS3.png )

"H-hey, wait! I - uh... Heyyyyyy! I uh... the whole thing kinda didn't get picked up on my radar is all. To tell you the truth, I don't know my months in order, and I thought December came a little later, y'know?"
>"Hey Ecoa, can you light my pipe?"
"Are you really going to smoke that in front of a kid."
>"Don't worry, it's medicinal!"
"And, well, February is basically December, right? It's still snowing and all! And you know, maybe it's better we were a little late! Because it was a bigger surprise or something... maybe? Look... I'm sorry..."
"You should go open the chest and show him what we got him."
"O-oh, right, good idea!"
No. 137015 ID: 0d2343
File 164522054785.png - (478.60KB , 800x600 , SS4.png )

>"I have a few words for the kid. kid; Smoking is bad! You'll never get the smell out of your feathers! It isn't cool, either! It'll make you look like a dweeb! Refraining from vices is the hard-boiled thing to do!"
"Hey Pascoe ya dork! Show this guy what we got and put on something stylish!"
"Got it!"
>"Ooh! I'll put on something too!"
No. 137016 ID: 0d2343
File 164522057651.png - (481.96KB , 800x600 , SS5.png )

"Here's what we got you for Secret Santa: Uniforms! Outfits! Clothes and accessories!" Winter coats, pith helmets, and a... gas mask? Why do we have these?"
"It's necessary, trust me."
>"We also got wind-breakers, scarves, goggles, ear warming hats! It's all yours! With all this stuff, you'll be the slickest kid on the block! Is this a block? It's a bit too snowy to tell."
"There are no penalties for impersonating an officer of the mail, right?"
No. 137017 ID: 0d2343
File 164522060537.png - (407.35KB , 800x600 , SS6.png )

"That’s... Neat. I'm not being offered a job, am I?"
>"Not exactly! By which I mean no! Maybe when you’re older! But hey, you can play dress up, or whatever kids do."
"Why are you giving me all this?"
"We thought you might like it!"
"We had to get rid of it."

"Look. I'll be honest with you. We didn't have much of a uniform last year besides hats, some belts and a mail bag and rain coats. Since a... particular event, there was a retcon and now we all wear clothing. I'm not kidding. We have new uniforms for this year and the future. So, you can have all the stuff we had last year, plus some new stuff that got thrown in."
"What happened?"
"Trust me kid, you do not want to know. All I can say is that I had to personally burn some of those hats."

"Hey Pilot, what'd those dog guys get you for Secret Santa?"
>"Double spyglasses! Now I can look at two things at once! How about you?"
"Walkie-talkies! Now I can walk and talk at the same time, what a novel concept!"
>"Cooool! I'll trade you one of my spyglasses for one of those"
"Deal! Hey Ecoa, what'd you get?"
"Hm? I got a wool hat. It's nice. I also got a coupon. Have you ever been interrogated before, Pascoe?"
"Huh? No?"
"Would you like to?"
No. 137729 ID: 11f77a
File 165871501405.png - (3.13MB , 2019x1805 , yamelle_dama_towel.png )

Well hello my little yakbeets! I hope you’re enjoying your summers! I had so much fun here at my husband’s bathhouse with each and every one of you soaking up some good vibes. I can't believe half the year is gone already!

It’s Christmas in July somewhere and you know what that means--!

Well, well~ Looks like you’ve all given and received your gifts without missing a beat! I’m so proud of you! ♥ I look forward to hosting next year’s Secret Santa to see all of you again!

I officially declare this year's Secret Santa complete!

Hmm, I seem to be missing my favorite holiday CDs. I guess I’ll grab the extra copies from the attic.


Art décor illustrated by Himitsu
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