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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 953403 ID: fd2dfa
File 157898847070.png - (130.87KB , 1400x1050 , 1.png )

Running. You've been running for a long time. Days? Months? You never stopped. The rising and falling of the dawn ball blend together. But you don't stop running. After what you saw, you are afraid to stop.
No. 953404 ID: fd2dfa
File 157898849616.png - (146.88KB , 1400x1050 , 2.png )

Then you stop. There is pain. Noise. Words possibly. Flashes of green. Red. The others scream as you-
No. 953405 ID: fd2dfa
File 157898857630.png - (192.41KB , 1400x1050 , 3.png )

It is day. You remember. You are gol-Guk. You still have your child name as your tongue was split as a cub. You could not speak and thus could not speak your Bloom name. Others call you Guk the Quiet One, Guk the Silent, or simply Guk Splittongue. You are the largest, the quietest, and for some reason that made you leader of the Odd Ones. You and the other Odd Ones fled when the Metal Man destroyed your clan.
No. 953406 ID: fd2dfa
File 157898862040.png - (270.21KB , 1400x1050 , 4.png )

A clan renowned among Gormoamhi, of hundreds of women and scores of men and countless females, reduced to this…

"The dawn ball is in the sky" moans the horned one. A name floats into your head. Oklak.

"No, see where it hangs in the sky? It is midday" the fat one groans. Tokrazar.

"Has the land above always been so cold?" One of the twins. Is that gol-Seqrar or gol-Saqrar?

"I do not think so Seq" his brother replies. That question is answered. “We must have traveled farther than we thought. Should we keep going?”

“No we cannot” the woman speaks. Her name. What was her name? Sizzala. That’s it. “The rain comes soon. Do you not feel it?”

“What of rain?” Oklak grunts. “We are Gormoamhi. We are strong.”

“Strong yes, but rain does not kill. It makes you cold. Cold makes you sick. And sick kills you as easy as Dah-een blade.”

Their bickering continues. It makes your head hurt.
>Respond now.
No. 953420 ID: 094652

Assert your authority with a large panda sneeze.

Yes, you can't stay in the rain too long. But suck it up! Neither will the pansy slavers. You need to run to shelter, something hard to find.
No. 953424 ID: c8eb7b

Tell them to shut up or sign them, whatever. Then figure out your options. Sizzala says we need shelter during rain but what if there is none? What then?
No. 953430 ID: 6e6f32

Get up. Gather wood.
No. 953455 ID: c8eb7b

Actually yeah, changing my vote to this. Find out what all the members are good at, and assign them jobs based on what their strengths are.

Those jobs being "get wood" and "build shit"
No. 953460 ID: fd2dfa
File 157904921675.png - (241.20KB , 1400x1050 , 5.png )

Sneeze coming

"See? Guk is taller! He gets colder faster than the rest of you" Sizzala points. "We must find shelter and wait out the rain season.
:Sizzala: gol-a-Sizzala, she is Tokrazar's daughter and the only woman to survive the massacre. She's odd because as a pup she declared she would be her father's mate and no other. That wasn't strange. What was strange was she took her claim seriously once she blossomed into womanhood and refused to spread her legs for anyone but her father. When others tried to force her, blood was spilled, oaths made, and violence was committed without Sizzala touching her assailants. That was when it was clear Sizzala inherited her father's touch of magic. She's strong in it. It might also be why she occasionally says odd things.

"With what? There is no shelter here"Oklak retorts
:oklak:goso-Oklak, the only east born Gormoamhi in the clan. He had come over when his clan-home was destroyed by a combined force of hoo-man, and things he called 'Sang-Naj'. You don't know what those were, but then the rest of his clan was hunted by the 'Jass-nid' when they fled here. He is odd because he has a horn. That is Odd. Gormoamhi grow horns but they fallout at manhood and womanhood. Oklak say all his people keep their horns all their life. If a horn falls off, another grows back. It's odd. He is the fastest hunter, and best tracker. It is why the clan tolerated him. Also he is a man. And having more men in a clan is great status for the clan matriarchs no matter how odd they are.

:Sizzala:"Of course not stupid! We go to the forest" Sizzala replies impatiently "Seq can build us shelter in there."
:Seqrar:gol-Seqrar and his brother were born on the same day. They are not like other men. They are timid. They also like to make things. Seqrar watched the Forge-mistress and Craft-mistress as they trained new Sisters on building things. They tolerated him as he did not interrupt the lessons and only worked on the discarded scraps. He also stole many of their tools but they never caught him. He can build many things with wood and stone and metal. Other men scoff at his skills in woman-work. But they're dead and he's not.

:Seqrar:"I-I can?"

:Sizzala:"You see anyone else carry hammer and saw with us? You see your brother carry hammer or pick?"

:Saqrar:gol-Saqrar just wanted more meat. The other pups would take the best cuts and leave him with gristle. So he would sneak into the Cook-Mistress's chamber and learned to cut off the best choices of meat for himself and Seqrar. To hide his involvement, he had also learned to skin a carcass in the process, fashioning the hide and becoming quite skilled at leather work. He can butcher and animal quickly, and supply the camp with meat, bone, skin, and blood.

:Saqrar:"...I brought knives."

...he is also good with a knife

"Sizzala" Tok finally calms his daughter down. "Yelling solves nothing. You are right we should find shelter, but Oklak is also right in that we best hide ourselves. The open grassland is no place for Gormoamhi. If hoo-mans do not find us, then dah-een, or possibly even more ghost-skins."

:tokrazar:gol-gola-gom-Tokrazar is an old Man. His strength is starting to fade. But he is still strong enough to beat Oklak or the brothers senseless. His power is not his muscles though. He is skilled in magic. But a different magic than his daughter. He calls it 'Man-Magic' and Sizzala's skill as 'Woman-Magic'. You don't know what that means. But he is very good at it. He is Odd because he is old. The other men do not like old, and the women favored younger men. Also his daughter threatened death on any woman that tries to seduce her father. That might be a problem.

Sizz sniffs. :Sizzala:"Build shelter, don't, I don't care anymore. Stupid men can die for all I care."

You groan in annoyance.

>This is getting nowhere. Command them
No. 953465 ID: c8eb7b

"Nag nag nag. Everyone shut up. You made me leader so I will lead you now. Seq, taie tiur brother to start hathering building materials. Wood, rocks? Whatever you need. Oklak, look for a good place in the forest big enough to hide all of us and for the brothers to build. Sizz, seriously stop whining. Tok you're fine where you are. Do whatever you do to kake magic happen."
No. 953466 ID: c8eb7b

Damn you auto correct you failed me for the last time.

*take your
No. 953488 ID: fd2dfa
File 157907177837.png - (250.10KB , 1400x1050 , 6.png )

:guk:"Nrrrrgh! Everyone shut up!"


:tokrazar:"You speak?"

:guk:"I...speak" you are just as confused as them. You had always been Splittongue. You could never speak. Yet now you talk.

:sizzala:"How do you speak?"

:guk:"Rrrgh, does learning how help us find shelter? Does learning how make use escape? No. You made me leader so I will lead you now. Seq, take your brother to start gathering materials for your building. Wood, rocks? All that you need. Come back when finished.Oklak, look for a good place in the forest big enough to hide all of us and for the brothers to build then come back. We shall all carry the materials to the new camp.

:saqrar:"Does that mean?"


:saqrar::seqrar"Yes Guk!"

The brothers scurry off into the woods, Oklak following soon after.

:Sizzala:"Guk this is strange. You should not be able to talk, not with your tongue. Magic is at work here."


:tokrazar:"No, woman magic is powerful, but it doesn't do this. It's not man-magic either. Maybe it has something to do with why we cannot remember the night before."

:guk:"You can't either?"

:sizzala:"I remember pain. And noise."

:tokrazar:"I remember a voice. Maybe it was an animal. It was not a sound of the forest, and I did not understand it. Nothing else..."
No. 953489 ID: fd2dfa
File 157907182568.png - (232.05KB , 1400x1050 , 7.png )

Time passes. The Dawn Ball begins to set when Oklak returns. He found a cave. It is small, but better than nothing. Just in time for Seq and Saq to return with stones and branches. You and everyone share in the burden of carrying the brothers' collected haul to the shelter. It's very small.

:seqrar:"It is indeed small. We will have to all sleep on top of each other tonight to escape the rain. Tomorrow though I can start building a roof and maybe even walls to extend our shelter and give us space."

:guk:"And how much time do you need?"

:seqrar:"Most of my time will be gathering more materials. I will need...at least 10 armfuls of stone, and 20 armfuls of wood for it. Maybe 5 armfuls of branches and leaves to cover the top and keep rain from leaking in."


:seqrar:"I never learned the Craft Mistresses measurements."
No. 953490 ID: fd2dfa
File 157907190999.png - (195.13KB , 1400x1050 , 8.png )

In the end, you only gather ten 'armfuls' of stone and wood for Seqrar before the clouds come and rain makes it too cold to work.

Huddled around the fire, stomachs growling, the Odd Ones are silent for long a time. Then they begin to speak.

:seqrar:"My skin feels too tight."

:saqrar:"My chest feels too small, and my blood is too hot but too cold, it makes my stomach hurt."

:oklak:"Grrrg. My horn itches, and my fur stands but I am not in a fight" he runs a claw through his hair. "I cannot stand this."

:Tokrazar:"You have to. That is the curse of Gormoamhi. Man-magic runs through you though you cannot use it. It builds in you, and you must release it."

:oklak:"I don't know what you're saying old man. I just wish the clan was still whole. It has been a long time since I passed for so long without laying with another. All that's left is Sizz and she would kill me if I tried."

:sizzala:"I would" Sizz smirks. "One scratch is all I need and I could kill you faster than a Dah-een with a heavy sword."

:tokrazar:"Sizzala" Tok chides her. She strokes his hair and he just grumbles.

:oklak:"It may not be the Womens' Heat Season, but if the clan was whole, I would still be deep inside a female right now. I wouldn't even care if it was a dah-een or hoo-man."

:seqrar:"...I liked the blue haired pointy ear hoo-man."

:sizzala:"Those are called el-fu."

:seqrar:"The blue haired el-fu was nice" his brother nods quietly.

:oklak:"She was broken. It is amazing any Man wanted her outside us. Guk, didn't you use to lay with the El-fu? You liked her too. Who took her the night of the metal man?"

:guk:"gol-Horclok. He was burned in half by a ghost-skin they say."

:saqrar:"I still cannot understand how he speaks."

:oklak:"Ugh the ghost-skins" Oklak spits. "Bad luck the day we took them. We captured some the day the Metal Man attacked yeah? You know. I would still like to have been inside a ghost-skin. Just once to know how it feels like."

The band is getting wistful about home. They need distraction.

>Talk to Oklak about tracking tomorrow
>Talk to Seqrar about building
>Talk to Tokrazar and Sizzala about magic.
No. 953496 ID: 094652

Ask about foraging.
No. 953497 ID: 094652

Ask about foraging.
No. 953503 ID: 6e6f32

Talk about Magic
No. 953505 ID: 3f1b68

Talk about magic. I feel like we're gonna see that a lot.
No. 953509 ID: a9af05

Talk to Tokrazar and Sizzala about magic.
No. 953522 ID: fd2dfa
File 157913472841.png - (235.21KB , 1400x1050 , 9.png )

:guk:"Tok, you spoke of magic earlier, what is it?"

:tokrazar:"You cannot use magic, why do you wish to learn?"

:guk:"I am curious."

Tok sighs. :tokrazar:"At least someone is. What do you wish to learn?”

:guk:“How do you make it work? How does it work? I have many questions.”

:tokrazar:“Then I will teach you as my master taught me. Sit” he commands. Taking a deep breath, he launches into a lecture, memorized from repeating himself for years and years.

:tokrazar:“Gormoamhi magic is power of Creation and Destruction. Man-Magic, and Woman-Magic. Woman-Magic is destruction. It burns, freezes, breaks. It takes blood and death and empowers a woman to bring greater death and destruction. It is direct, fast, and burns out quickly. A woman needs to crush hearts, smash brains, break bones, and spill blood to make their Woman-Magic work. Man-Magic however draws on Creation. It is indirect, it's power lingers, and Men like myself can harness it and capture it into vessels. Mostly we make talismans that can empower those who wear them. Thus a woman wears man-magic to make her woman-magic stronger. Her power empties bones of the chewy marrow, the blood that powers her magic, and leaves it a hollow vessel to be filled with Man-Magic" he holds up a cracked bone.

:oklak:"That doesn't explain why you said we are filled with Man Magic."

:tokrazar:"You are. You hold it in your body. A woman holds it in hers. Gormoamhi build it in their bodies all their lives. Men faster than women."

:oklak:"I still don't understand."

:tokrazar:"Then shut up and let me finish. Creation, the act of creation, making new life. That is what makes Man-Magic. When you release yourself, you release that power you gathered in your body so you can collect more."


:seqrar:"...I think he means when you plant seed, in woman or female, that is what releases man magic."

:oklak:"So what, every time I plow a female I make Man-Magic? That's stupid."

:tokrazar:"No idiot" Tok reaches over and slaps the back of Oklak's head. "You are releasing power of creation. I harness it and make Man-Magic. Talismans hold that magic, often with a liquid that holds magic like blood, or seed."

:oklak:"That is also stupid."

:tokrazar:"I do not make these rules Oklak, I merely follow them. You wanted to know how Man-Magic works, I tell you. That is why you are feeling so anxious. You are swollen with power, with no release."

:saqrar:"Um...what about you Tok?"
No. 953523 ID: fd2dfa
File 157913475022.png - (260.89KB , 1400x1050 , 10.png )

:sizzala:“I pleasure him every morning” Sizzala purrs coming in from the rain. "And I use his magic to split mountains."

:tokrazar:"Sizzala stop lying."

:sizzala:"Alright. I don't split the mountains."

Tok sighs in disgust.

The others ask Tok more questions, but they are all variations of the same, and none of them are answers that help you. The fire dies to embers, and everyone sleeps. All but you. You plan for the day tomorrow. Leadership burdens you. Much to do. But what shall be done?

>Assign roles for work tomorrow
No. 953530 ID: 3f1b68

Looks like Tok and Sizz are a white and black mage respectively. We're up shit creek right now without food so Oklak should really focus on hunting tomorrow and so should you.

Saq can butcher what you bring back and we can use the hides as a tent cover to extend the reach of the cave shelter while Tok and Sizz can help Seq gather more wood and stone so everyone can chip in to building the moment they return.
No. 953541 ID: fd2dfa
File 157915130897.png - (231.61KB , 1400x1050 , 11.png )

Day comes surprisingly quick on an empty stomach. Fighting past hunger, you order your Odd Ones on their various tasks. Oklak disappears into the forest to hunt while the rest of you gather materials for Seqrar to begin his work. Occasionally you spot an insect or small reptile you manage to catch and stuff in your mouth, but little else to sate your needs.

By midday, many had returned to Shelter for rest. A total of 20 armfuls of wood and stone were collected, with enough leaves and branches for covering. Seqrar took his pilfered tools and began shaping logs and branches.

Suddenly a large carcass of a food-beast is tossed into the clearing.
No. 953542 ID: fd2dfa
File 157915136332.png - (586.26KB , 1400x1050 , 12.png )

:Oklak:"I found that. But I didn't kill it. This did"

He holds up a struggling form. It squirms and jerks in his grip, yelling obscenities in a language you barely understand but are quite familiar with.

:guk:"A Dah-een?"

:Oklak:"Yes. A Dah-een trapper. And a female no less. I can smell it on her. But this is a problem."

:seqrar:"Where there's one Dah-een...":saqrar:"There's more close by."
No. 953544 ID: 094652

Bind and gag, but do not kill her. You can force her to make traps until you learn how to make them yourselves. Keep moving and take the light resources with you.
No. 953545 ID: fd2dfa
File 157915218049.png - (444.12KB , 1400x1050 , 13.png )

:oklak:"Yes. And I can find them. I have her scent. I'll follow it back to her shelter."

:sizzala:"While we starve on a single foodbeast. You could be gone for weeks while this carcass will last us two, maybe three days at most" Sizz snaps.

Oklak growls :oklak:"Well do you have a suggestion? Woman-witch?"

Tok saunters up:tokrazar:"I do. I can make a Talisman of Return."

:oklak:"A what?"

:tokrazar:"A talisman, I take the essence of the Dah-een, and I harness power collected to make a Talisman that will be drawn to whatever place she thinks is home. Then anyone can find her shelter and Oklak can continue to hunt. It will take a lot of power to make though. Someone will have to claim the Dah-een and let me harvest their power afterwards."

Oklak seems much more 'interested' now. :oklak:"I can do it! I can claim the Dah-een!"

:sizzala:"Pfeh! And then you are too tired to hunt. Guk is leader! Guk should claim the Dah-een!"

While you don't say anything, the prospect of you getting claim rights as leader, 'interests' you as well.

:Oklak:"I FOUND DAH-EEN! MY CLAIM" he snarls at Sizz.

Tok steps between them, :tokrazar:"If you don't shut up, I will make Saqrar claim Dah-een just to snub you both."


:sizzala:"Another possibility. Saqrar can butcher the carcass. Harvest the blood. Give me the heart, and brain, and organs. I can burn it all and get enough Woman-Magic to rip memories from Dah-Een. I can tell you where her shelter is. Daddy can use magic when Guk plows Dah-een to make a different talisman. Anything. Oklak can find Dah-een shelter then."

:oklak:"But Guk claims the Dah-een."

:sizzala:"He would claim the Dah-een if you went and scouted for her shelter."

:oklak:"Rrryou grmjsmrblblmm..."

The dah-een female has grown silent. You suspect it knows you are debating her fate.

>Go with Oklak's plan (Guk will claim her tonight)
>Go with Tokrazar's plan (Can decide if Oklak or Guk will claim her)
>Go with Sizzala's plan(Guk will claim her)
No. 953546 ID: 094652

No. 953547 ID: 3f1b68

Tok's plan would let Guk search for the other dah-een while oklak keeps hunting. And if Oklak is going to be a baby about it, then give baby his bottle.
No. 953551 ID: 3f1b68

Actually nevermind. Sizzala's plan would do that too. Changing to Sizzala, screw Oklak
No. 953553 ID: 8f49e9

Tokrazar's plan, Oklak.
No. 953554 ID: 9876c4

I second screw Oklak.
No. 953556 ID: ae8ec4

>Go with Sizzala's plan(Guk will claim her)
Tell Oklak that the state of the clan needs emergency actions. He will have opportunities to claim in the future.
No. 953572 ID: 1a6f80

>Go with Sizzala's plan
No. 953593 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920493390.png - (131.99KB , 1400x1050 , 14.png )

Second night. Second rain. But downpour was not the only sound that evening. With the shelter extended, the other men took refuge under the fur roof, letting the wet 'pitter patter' of the downpour drown out the sound of rhythmic wet 'pap' 'pap' of your thighs slapping against the Dah-een.

:oklak:"Pfeh. Guk is leader. Guk gets first female. Guk gets first everything..."
No. 953594 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920497571.png - (306.38KB , 1400x1050 , 15.png )

"Hrn...mna...ha" she gasps as your length plunges deep inside her. Hot. Tight. Blissful. It's been so long since you enjoyed a fresh female. Even in the clan it was rare new captures could be enjoyed by the Odd Ones. It is so good you don't even care Sizz and Tok are watching you as you plow her fields.
No. 953595 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920499448.png - (219.64KB , 1400x1050 , 16.png )

:Sizzala:"Tok" Sizz smiles. "She bleeds."

:tokrazar:"Then her fields have never been tilled until now" Tok replies not looking up from his focus "be sure to collect the blood and Guk's seed."

:guk: "Why. Does. That. Matter" you grunt with each thrust.

:tokrazar:"Virgin blood and the seed of the man that broke it will empower the talisman even greater if collected into the vessel."

:Sizzala:"Man magic is so strange."

Her struggles are weak and unfocused. She switches between trying to resist you, and embracing you. Tok says his brew works that way. They are disoriented but should remember. This is how females are trained.
No. 953597 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920503301.png - (150.24KB , 1400x1050 , 17.png )

You feel pressure building. Her walls begin to squeeze harder. "So...close" you grunt.

:tokrazar:"Be sure to plant your seed within her. The magic dissipates if you release outside!"

With a final thrust, you push until you hit resistance, and then you flood warmth into her. Her mouth is open in a voiceless scream as her senses are overwhelmed. Your plowing, Tok's brew, her climax, Tok's ritual extracting power, and Sizz's ritual drawing her memories. Her body goes rigid, and then goes limp in the dirt.
No. 953598 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920518710.png - (246.13KB , 1400x1050 , 18.png )

Your groan as you reluctantly withdraw from her warmth, noting with annoyance as Sizz cleans your 'tool's of blood and seed, pooling it into a hollowed bone. She hands the filled vessel to Tok who plugs it with a stopper and begins to weave the collected power into the vessel.

:sizzala:"I have it" she smiles triumphantly. "I can lead you, or Oklak there tommorrow."

:tokrazar: and we have a powerful talisman waiting to be shaped. It was yours Guk, you shall decide what it shall be.

:guk:"What can it be?"

:tokrazar:"Many things. Speed. Strength, stealth, just one though. Talismans cannot hold more than one shape."

:guk:"And the Dah-Een?"

Tok’s fingers fly over the talisman, doing you only wish you knew what with it.

:tokrazar: "Well, you are the leader. You claimed her. She is your Claim-mate. Your decision"

>She is mine and I will use her. (She will be Guk's claim-mate. She will accompany you everywhere, helping with all your work, and spreading her legs only for you. It will build her loyalty faster)
> She shall work to help the clan survive(She will be a Clan female. She will work most of the day and spread for any man that needs relief. Balance between loyalty and fertility)
>The clan needs to regrow. Even if only females are available(She will be a breeder. She will be bred day and night by all men. Repeated mating will increase her fertility)

>>What shall the talisman be?
>Talisman of Strength - Increase in strength. Can carry more and hit harder.
>Talisman of Speed - While you don't become a blir, you are harder to see when you start moving.
>Talisman of Toughness - Your hard hide becomes even harder.
>Talisman of Endurance - You have more energy to perform more(and plow more females before tiring)
>>Other talisman enchantments require better material.
No. 953600 ID: 9876c4

My prize, and Speed
No. 953604 ID: 3f1b68

She is mine and I will use her, and Speed. We're already a walking tank. Time to shift into maximum overdrive
No. 953605 ID: 6ee1b4

Not sure about the first question, and Speed.
No. 953613 ID: 1a6f80

>She is mine and I will use her.
>Talisman of Speed
No. 953620 ID: 6e6f32

My Prize + Speed Bandwagon GO
No. 953622 ID: fd2dfa
File 157922478438.png - (105.19KB , 1400x1050 , 19.png )

>She is your Claim-mate
>Talisman of Speed chosen

The dawn brings the smell of wet soil to your nostrils, and the sensation of movement across your chest. The Dah-een is trying to sneak over and around you.
No. 953623 ID: fd2dfa
File 157922480909.png - (118.15KB , 1400x1050 , 20.png )

Unlucky for her, your new talisman makes you as fast as a serpent.
No. 953624 ID: fd2dfa
File 157922496907.png - (230.42KB , 1400x1050 , 21.png )

:guk: “And where are you going?”

“Ye-ye speak as I?”
:guk: “I can. I find I can do many things that I haven’t been able to. Now you answer my question. Where were you going? Nothing to say?”

You place a hand on her shoulder.

:guk: “You are my claim-mate now. You belong to me. Where you go, I go, and where I go, you go. Understood?”


:guk: “Stupid Dah-een. Let me show you.”

>Punish her, and deal with your morning ‘problem’. Today will be an education in discipline.
>Punish her by restraining her limbs and carrying her like a rucksack. Discipline comes later, today you follow Sizz and Oklak.
>Creativity springs from spontaneity. Today you shall...Fill in what shall be done today
No. 953627 ID: 9876c4

1 sounds fun, but 2 sounds the most instructive.
No. 953630 ID: 094652

3 - Speak words of madness until she begs you to speak sense. Alternate between military discipline and cloudcuckooland until she gets it.
No. 953633 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah do this.
No. 953638 ID: 91ee5f

Punish her, and deal with your morning ‘problem’. Today will be an education in discipline.
No. 953643 ID: ae8ec4

>Punish her by restraining her limbs and carrying her like a rucksack. Discipline comes later, today you follow Sizz and Oklak.
No. 953649 ID: 3b6b08

Why not both?
No. 953652 ID: 1a6f80

i like this i vote for it
No. 953660 ID: fb03a3

Carrying her? I disapprove of a "punishment" that means she won't have to walk.
No. 953663 ID: 91ee5f

I agree. It’s not really a punishment if she gets a free ride.
No. 953668 ID: fd2dfa
File 157924860328.png - (202.09KB , 1400x1050 , 22.png )

With a sharp tug, you pull free your trappings and free your hard 'problem'. The Dah-een notices your length pressing against her back and she has a moment to register what is about to happen before you grasp her legs and hoist her onto your twitching tip.

"Wait!", she shouts. Too late.

You pull down as you thrust up. Her cries wake the camp as you begin your first lesson. You don’t care. Once inside her, the world outside stops being a concern. Let Sizz and Oklak find their own way. Today is all about teaching your claim-mate her place.
No. 953669 ID: fd2dfa
File 157924863553.png - (240.04KB , 1400x1050 , 23.png )

The day passes too quickly. The problem that comes from enjoying yourself. You’ve plowed your Dah-een again and again, losing count of the times you planted your seed in her. You instruct her to clean you when Oklak returns.

:Oklak: “Guk, Sizz was right. There is a shelter!”

:Sizzala: “It’d be perfect for us.”

:Guk:“What do you mean?”

:oklak:“It’s old. Very old, but strong. If it is old and still stands, it must be built to be strong. Gormoamhi strong.”

:sizzala:“It’s also full of dah-een.”
No. 953670 ID: fd2dfa
File 157924866678.png - (200.89KB , 1400x1050 , 24.png )

:oklak:“Yes but that was obvious when I found that one” he points to the female lapping at your tool.

:sizzala:“Not the point. Dah-een are in there. They don’t’ hide in old buildings. They hide in their villages and walled cities. If they hide in old building, something has happened and they went to a place they thought was safe. A place hard to find, and easy to defend.”

:oklak: “If we have it, we can make it our shelter. No, Seq can fix it. Make it stronger. It can be a new home for our clan!”

That catches your attention. No more running. No more hiding in caves and under brush. A home again. A home to sleep and eat and plow your claim-mate. That would be good.

:sizzala:“You say that because it has dah-een.”

:oklak:“That’s just one reason” he sniffs. “That is a problem. We know their shelter. We know where it is. We don’t know how many Dah-een there are. Saw one with a sword. Dangerous but we can beat her together. Problem comes if there are more like her. We need to learn how many are in there.”

>How will you do it?
No. 953673 ID: 9876c4

Pick out an ambush spot in advance. gather whatever rocks and cover you need to make it a good one.

Someone gets too close to the village and riles them up. Steals food, kills one, whatever. Posse forms and chases your runner into the ambush spot.

Simple. If it works.
No. 953674 ID: 66cdb8

We have a source of info already. See if Sizz can do her memory extract thing on the dah-een again(get her name too we can't keep calling her the dah-een if there is more than one) Failing that Guk can interrogate her. With a better picture of the inside, we can plan properly.
No. 953720 ID: 1a6f80

i vote for this plan
No. 953827 ID: 094652

Let's reframe this problem: We're a small group of giant magic berserkers and our opponents are a potential horde of super-strength bun-buns. What do we do to claim the shelter?

Play the monster.

Hunt them down and capture them alive, one by one, but make it look like there's only one of you doing all this. With luck, they'll realize they're in a campfire horror story and leave, or try to hunt down a single dumb monster, which leaves them prone to an ambush.
No. 953840 ID: fd2dfa
File 157941361747.png - (261.19KB , 1400x1050 , 25.png )

You order Sizz to repeat her magic from last night. Oklak(grudgingly) goes hunting for a foodbeast to procure enough offal for the ritual.

Come dusk, the organs are harvested from a deer, burned in a bonfire, and the marrow in its bones rots to fuel her power. Sizzala reaches for your claim-mate, whom you have restrained.

Sizz chants three words that mean nothing to you, but make your teeth itch with the power they contain. And you see-
No. 953841 ID: fd2dfa
File 157941372551.png - (498.60KB , 1400x1050 , 26.png )

Finally, your family finds sturdy shelter. This old structure was once a manor, or maybe a villa? You don't know, but it's been abandoned for ages. That doesn't matter, you're safe. Your father and the other warriors stayed behind to face the rival clans, but it was clear they were going to die. Far too many of your enemies choosing to ally with each other to destroy you. It was unheard of. The unnatural quiet, and the green glow of their camps during the night. The sheer wrongness convinced you to keep running and not look back.

Your elder sister Comlee kept the family sword. Though she isn't as experienced as father, her skill is enough that you feel safe. She has collapsed in exhaustion, staying awake for days. Your elder brother, Baeohar comforts your mother. He is convinced that just because you found this place, the family still must be wary. He regularly puts a hand on his sword to remind himself of its presence.

Your younger brother, Anslieu, is agitated, eyes darting to every shadow and jumping at every sound. He has the soul of a poet, and the voice of a bard. This life of fleeing and squatting in the bones of some civilization long dead has done little for his nerves.

Analey, your mother, is still distraught over losing your father. Her children are all she has left. "Ionilee, are you certain you need to leave?"

"We may have found shelter mother, but we still need food. Our supplies won't last forever. Don't worry, I'll find us enough to last us for months."

"But surely you can wait a bit longer! We only just found this place."

"I've been on me own before ma. I'll be fine" you assure her. And it's true. You'd be gone for days and come back without a scratch. If you do so again, it might help relieve mother of her worries.

:guk:"So. There are four others of you hiding in that place" you blink away the visions. "Ionilee"

Your claim-mate looks up at you with horror. "Ye-ye saw?"

:guk:"I saw and heard it all."

"P-please" she stammers "Don't hurt me family. They suffered enough-ah" you place a hand over her mouth. :guk:"Not as many as we feared, but enough to be a problem."

:sizzala:"Two have weapons."

:oklak:"One I can handle, but two? We may need a less direct approach."

:guk:"The brother has a smaller sword Oklak, he shouldn't be as threatening"

Oklak smiles :oklak:"A brother eh? Training the dah-een boys to be proper clan females is extra work and I do like a project..."

:sizzala:"Focus you horned twit, how will we take the shelter?"

:guk:"Whittle them down. From what we saw Sizz, the armed ones protect the shelter. We should find out when and where they go. Take one at a time. Then the others will be open."

:saqrar:"What...what if we take the ones that do not fight? Get the armed ones angry and stupid and have them fall into a trap?"

:guk:"That could work too, but that would require us to be very careful not to let them know there is more than one of us. So long as they think there is only one Gormoamhi, they will be confident they can win."

:oklak:"Too much thinking, think think think! We see at night! They have harder time. We strike at night, take both armed ones, steal their weapons. Then claim shelter and others. We will have the shelter in a day and can spend all night claiming the females!"

:seqrar:"...I like my brother's plan. It seems we won't expose ourselves that way."

:oklak:"You would think that."

>Go with Oklak's plan for a Night Raid
>Go with Saqrar's plan for Abduct and Ambush
>Go with your plan for Divide and Conquer
>Go with a different plan...
No. 953842 ID: 9876c4

Divide and conquer seems like the best returns. It also gets us a sword before the fighting starts.
No. 953848 ID: 5cce25

Saqrar actually seems kinda smart. We can take one (preferably the brother) and use him as bait tonlire the other one into a trap where everyone can overwhelm her. After that taking the manor should be easy.
No. 953849 ID: 5cce25

To be clear I'm advocating a mix of plans. Divide and conquer as the strategy, but with Abduct and ambush as the method
No. 953851 ID: 6ee1b4

Capture one outside at dusk, when they're going home from their hunt/foraging. That way the ambush can be at night.
No. 953861 ID: 094652

Night Insanity - Drive them mad
Tonight, flank the mansion and make howling noises in the bushes, followed by noisy plowing of Ionilee. They'll be angry, exhausted, and overconfident. Winning combination.
No. 953894 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949678070.png - (53.18KB , 640x480 , 27.png )

Night falls. The sister is on watch. You grasp your claim mate firmly and whisper in her ear :guk:”Scream for me” as you insert a finger. Then two. She screams on the third.

Her cries alert the sentry. Oklak runs across the open plain, blood of a foodbeast on his hands. The sentry is agitated and gives chase. Straight into the brothers’ trap.
No. 953895 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949679684.png - (74.54KB , 640x480 , 28.png )

Oklak takes her fallen sword and hands it to you.

:oklak: “Heh, just large enough for Gormoamhi.”

The dah-een struggles in the trap, her thrashing becoming more intense when she sees the naked form of Ionilee held by Sizz.

:oklak: “Oh don’t worry little one, you’ll join her soon.”
No. 953896 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949681310.png - (83.39KB , 640x480 , 29.png )

The brother has run out, searching for his sister, calling her name. “Comlee! Comlee where ya run off ta?”

The speed talisman helps you close the distance faster than his bleary eyes can react. “Gorm-“ he has no opportunity to complete the word as you strike.
No. 953897 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949682664.png - (83.83KB , 640x480 , 30.png )

He parries, and his strike opens a cut in your side. It’s not deep, but it hurts.
“Where’s Comlee?! Where’s me sisters?!” the element of surprise is gone.

No. 953899 ID: 9876c4

You're both hurt, you've got reach, but he's got stamina. Honestly, you should keep him busy until someone comes behind him and clonks him in the head.
No. 953900 ID: 3b7091

We have to assume he's got the upper hand in single combat. Fight defensively and try to draw him towards the clan, so you can gang up on him.
Taunt him when Oklak is in position so he focuses on you.
No. 953913 ID: 094652

You have minions, utilize them! Dog pile this sucker, so you can knock him out.
No. 953914 ID: 6e6f32

Could just bum rush him with the sword between you and then slap him aside using the flat end. The magical speed will mean you recover your stance before he will.
No. 953925 ID: 015bf2

Flat end of blade + reach + speed + wide swipes, not slashes, is the combination to success here.

But don’t get overconfident against the remaining ones - the could still have smaller daggers and blades on them.

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