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File 156125389360.jpg - (1.55MB , 2880x2160 , civq.jpg )
129715 No. 129715 ID: 482fee

Alright so it's been voted back in https://www.strawpoll.me/18101240
that the next sidequest will be a civquest. First one I'm actually running, and the system I got isn't totally done, so I'm gonna shoot some questions about it here. If you wanna answer or chip in your own feedback, feel free.

Also I'm posting whatever I sketch since I'm sick atm, and more of my time is spent doodling on whatever scrap of paper I got and less on the tablet. So here goes.
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No. 135708 ID: 7a1a17
File 162323121261.jpg - (150.05KB , 889x977 , 20200917_183817.jpg )

Damn my hands are all shaky now. I can't draw the Family History update like this.
No. 135864 ID: 7a1a17
File 162650737193.jpg - (492.22KB , 1548x1541 , 20210713_135501.jpg )

Did this while waiting for carsickness to go away. I think I'd like to expand on the differences between Oklak and Guk's people. A nice diversion from the constant fuckery. Now how to do it without shoehorning walls of text?
No. 135875 ID: dfbac0

I still can't get over how hilarious it is that our family took the wind runner oath.
I didn't actually think my suggestion would be used for the ideal.
No. 135892 ID: dfbac0

Since Family History is happening before Family Business (At least, I think it is.) I wonder what you have planned for tie-ins. I know that is mostly dependent on what we do, but I do think it would be great to see the Taruvik name mentioned in the main story line. That does probably mean we not only have to survive but we would also have thrive to ensure our family would live on. However, I am interested to see how the mannerisms we display while handling the family during this war will be represented in Family Business, maybe if we take notice of other warriors like Deego the Taruvik family could have a tradition of noticing competent warriors and giving them opportunities to rise in the ranks. (Which would probably have the effect of increased troop morale as if the troops think that if they do good on the field of battle they'll be recognized and promoted to a more glorious standing.) Perhaps our family could provide a role by following it's ideal and end up placing a person or group under it's protection.
I guess what I'm trying to do is ask if you plan on including the Taruvik family into the main story.
No. 135893 ID: f4981a

Expanding on that, Family History is like a gold mine of smaller quest ideas.

Do you ever see yourself turning any of the scenarios contained within into standalone threads or quests?
No. 135895 ID: fd2dfa
File 162695144557.jpg - (728.48KB , 1613x2377 , 20190609_155452.jpg )

>I guess what I'm trying to do is ask if you plan on including the Taruvik family into the main story.
Yes that is the plan, Taruvik may have an influence in the story as what they do in the past can affect Makag in the future in a small, or major way depending on the ultimate fate of the family.

>Do you ever see yourself turning any of the scenarios contained within into standalone threads or quests?
It's a possibility. I had a few ideas floating around, nothing concrete enough for me to work with yet; but it's getting there. Now will it have an effect on other thread? Eh, maybe, maybe not.

I do have a planned ending to it all, but the journey from here to there is not concrete so a lot of stuff can be fit into that.
No. 135905 ID: 7a1a17

Just so you guys know, I got an update ready and sketched out, but it will take two more days as I have an interview tomorrow that I need to drive a couple hours for, so my tablet and everything else will be stowed away until I return home.
No. 135906 ID: df76b1

Life comes first, as it should be.
No. 136314 ID: 7a1a17
File 163368280032.jpg - (246.38KB , 1000x900 , gulpa raid.jpg )

So some of you may have noticed I'm updating more frequently again. Honestly I'm not sure where this is coming from myself as I'm busier than before. Maybe it's because it's now contract work that keeps me 'motivated' to do things when I'm normally burnt out? I dunno. I hope to keep this schedule going. Guk Quest has been going on for longer than any of the main quest chapters and I'd say it's probably 50% done?

Anyway this is something I did like 3-4 ish years ago to test a tablet.
No. 136315 ID: 7a1a17
File 163368282701.png - (1.93MB , 1965x1613 , Gulpa raid.png )

...and this was yesterday's attempt to redo it now with my current tablet.
No. 136316 ID: a52b96

Oh no, they're cute!
No. 136321 ID: fd2dfa
File 163392508549.png - (510.47KB , 821x653 , Tool Thing.png )

So yeah some of you may notice the updates a bit uggo. And it's for Family History instead. Yeah I got called away on an urgent job and it wound up taking me an extra day out of town than I expected. So no tablet. Doing this on a laptop with a mouse.

I should be back to it by tomorrow. So uh...here's Tool. I was going to do something with him in one of the updates but never had a chance
No. 136322 ID: df76b1

No probs. They're not our army, we don't care if they're ugly.
No. 136327 ID: fd2dfa
File 163428584515.png - (441.90KB , 501x725 , frosty the gobbo.png )

Alright, so upkeep. It's going to hurt. As you've seen. Here's how it works
Upkeep has a base value of 100 kushel, + tier level + status + experience + logistics(number of existing armies just add extra cost)

Tier level is the level of quality of the unit. An example of what unit is in each tier.
Tier 0: + 10
Kobolds (so upkeep for fresh kobold is 110)

Tier 1: + 100
Sagura (200)

Tier 2: + 500
Tovaru (fresh is 600)

Tier 3: +1000

Tier 4: +5000

Tier 5: +50,000
True Kovatu

is where they are, and the cost of getting supplies to them. Stationed in a city is no cost. A resource node, 100 per unit. Marching in the field or laying siege? 200.

Experience level is...well how many battles they have survived. Basically their current level time 5 is how many battles they need to level up again, and when it does, they get an extra hundred as a pay raise. Level 1s are fresh recruits and don't get any special treatment.

Logistics is what it says on the tin. More active armies, the more you pay.

Upkeep can be mitigated with reforms, buildings unlocked through reforms, and officers. Officer level works on the same strategy as unit experience. Current lvl * No. of Battles. Each level gets a perk, and active perks apply to the army they lead or city they are garrisoned in.

I don't have any knew sketches so uh...have some old doodle of a goblin I was fiddling with. I'll probably do something with her later, not sure what.

For the sake of not fucking you over in a single turn, I'm just counting tiers; and I'll treat everyone as though they are level 1, officers and armies(though in meta I'll treat veterans as veterans still). Give you guys a chance to refocus those economics.

Also I realize I tabulated the current upkeep wrong but I'm keeping it at that level now to cut you a break.
No. 136332 ID: 031458

Back in turn 30, we passed a rapid development edict that had like 1000 kushel upkeep. I think we interacted with it once, the festival of chains happened, the siege ended and then... nothing?

Are we still paying for it? Has it done anything since?
I can't really suggest a decision in regards to the current situation until we this is squared away.
No. 136335 ID: 18ca2c

Does this already reflect the reduced upkeep perk we get for being under Rokof?
No. 136350 ID: 7a1a17

I'll need to dig up my spreadsheet in the storage drive. Computer BSOD'd after the security update this week so my current one is gonzo.
Yes, I applied that already
No. 136369 ID: 031458

Well copy that. I went and suggested a few days ago anyway, though it's probably still rather important for us to know about.

Why is Windows though? Just. Why?.
No. 136448 ID: 7a1a17
File 163602117068.png - (1.97MB , 1301x1365 , blrrr.png )

I honestly don't know what happened this last week. I was still making updates, I was sitting on them, but for whatever reason I just didn't make the post. I can think of a number of times I could have done it, but I just didn't.

Got no excuse for this one, just sorry. I don't know what came over me; and I hope this doesn't happen again.
No. 136451 ID: df76b1

Sometimes shit just happens, man.
No. 136452 ID: 031458

Sound's familiar to my life.
No. 136496 ID: 7a1a17
File 163705421918.png - (136.24KB , 819x1061 , gormoine.png )

The latest turn in FH will be an opportunity to roleplay, either capture an officer, or recruit one from the defenders. I did promise to include some more in, and I don't think I've been doing that much.

Also when we finally get back to Family Business, here's Gwendolyn's half-sister redone. None of the jankiness of the mouse, and all the curves that came from hours of mindless doodling.
No. 136500 ID: 7a1a17
File 163766046716.png - (1.20MB , 4078x1200 , Daoine subraces.png )

So I dunno if it will come up in the civ game, but on a whim I did some of the sub-races of Daoine. Eastaland has the Utaqi(oo-tan-shi) and Daoine, while Westerland has the Avaqkut and Kholutan(the same region Oklak's people live).

Maybe I should upload this elsewhere. What do you guys think is better? Newgrounds or Deviantart?
No. 136501 ID: cda6c9

Between those two, Newgrounds. Deviantart is just getting worse.
No. 136502 ID: df76b1

NG is going to be a whole lot easier to access if you want to upload adultish material later down the line.
No. 136506 ID: 7a1a17
File 163773467947.png - (403.55KB , 1664x1549 , vidi and sergei practice.png )

Worse how?
Well I already got an NG account for non-quest stuff I occasionally do. I'm just wondering if there's anywhere better. It's as much a place to put pics as it would be to dump lore so I don't forget important things.

I've also been struck with temporary insanity and have been planning FT5, to run concurrently with what I have going now. Cause Guk Quest is taking too damn long!
No. 136508 ID: 09c686

Lore dump and a gallery?

Theres always the wiki
No. 136511 ID: 7a1a17
File 163783137716.jpg - (868.38KB , 2071x2433 , a friggin post it.jpg )

Some of it is just general world building that may or may not get included, but I want in on hand as a reference. Would that be fine for the wiki, or just clutter up the page?
No. 136513 ID: 09c686


The wiki page is pretty sparse, I don't see why you couldn't use it for fleshing out background details, especially considering it's the page for your quest.

Alternatively make a page for the setting as a whole? Some older quests have separate pages for races etc.
No. 136518 ID: c0a638

You can put whatever you want on your own wiki page, really. Secondary pages might help organize it if there's a lot of stuff that hasn't appeared in the quest, but until the page starts getting really huge (which it could if anyone just chronicled the story and cast so far, really) you can just put it under the Setting header in the main article.
No. 136711 ID: 7a1a17
File 163965735413.jpg - (44.30KB , 396x361 , sergggg.jpg )

That was a big update. I'm almost ready to start putting stuff in the wiki. I want to get all the profile pics done before I start though.

Also why the hell do my doodles turn out better than the finished pic I'll never know.
No. 136833 ID: 7a1a17
File 164112019581.png - (953.07KB , 1167x1333 , Sergei.png )

Alright, I guess it's only fair to say it here to, I've updated the wiki page. If you want to get a rundown on the main characters, and see what I've been doodling for the past few days
No. 136843 ID: 7a1a17
File 164129103363.jpg - (499.42KB , 1637x1745 , gwendy.jpg )

FT5 is up and running. I'm gonna puke.

Gwendolyn's profile pic is next for the wiki. Vivian's profile pic is still a WIP. Debating whether I should use her persona as a rookie cop or the collected secret police in a bodyglove.
No. 136844 ID: 094652

Get her general behavior when she's murdering someone
No. 136845 ID: c92a02

Bodyglove time for a portrait.
No. 136868 ID: 7a1a17
File 164160928484.jpg - (184.64KB , 1015x1023 , 20220105_013643.jpg )

She never murders people. A murderer does that. She eliminates targets.
Meh not sure about the pose. Might try again.
No. 136869 ID: 7a1a17

Oh and FT5 updated again. It's gonna slow down after this week as I get close to the pivot moment in Guk quest. It will determine if Guk Quest ends soon, or if Guk Quest 1 ends soon...
No. 136876 ID: 7a1a17
File 164181345011.jpg - (642.75KB , 2135x1949 , 20220104_024010.jpg )

Okay Guk Quest finally got an update. This is the big Choice, determine if the quest will end now-ish, or if it will be split into two threads and run the entire story I laid out complete with all the violence and graphic nudity it entails.

Also a bit from a chart I'm designing to explain the rezan generations, including the re-re-redesign of the gorod.

And yes, that is a Rezan-Gormoamhi-Tsang Naji mix on the left.
No. 136877 ID: df76b1

considering that Gukquest is a spinoff from the main chronology, I'm not sure it needs a spinoff of it's own, and I have voted with that in mind.
No. 136878 ID: 7a1a17

One more update for FT5 before I start travelling tomorrow. My dad just got out of surgery and I'll have to take care of him for the next couple of months so updates are gonna slow again.
No. 136880 ID: bc15b4

Damn, hope we choose the option that leads to two more threads. Hope your Dad os ok and good luck!
No. 136881 ID: 7a1a17
File 164198509833.png - (1.42MB , 4368x2750 , Rezan chart.png )

Welp before I turn in, I'll add some stuff for the wiki. Upping the chart here for reference
No. 136896 ID: fd2dfa
File 164266401898.png - (223.31KB , 1087x783 , nom.png )

Vidian hand practice gone too far. Dunno if this counts as nsfw
No. 136931 ID: fd2dfa
File 164361348559.png - (529.47KB , 712x626 , fuc my life.png )

This week has been weird. I had to drive back down to see my dad cause he was getting sick. Apparently he was trying too early to get out of bed after getting the staples out or something. And now I got to take him back home because my mother got sick and she doesn't want my dad catching it in case it's Covid.

Aaaand I left my updates on the other machine, so I spun the latest Family Tradition update from some scratch paper I had in the car. Once I get back I'll update FH as well.
No. 136947 ID: 7a1a17

Alright, I had sometime today to post the updates. But I'm gonna have to leave again next week cause of other problems with my uncle. Like, "might get violent" problems.
No. 136960 ID: df76b1

Allow me to express my utmost OOF.

Hang in there.
No. 137137 ID: 7a1a17
File 164621643073.jpg - (7.84MB , 4298x4466 , Altogether.jpg )

Finally back. That was a crazy-how many weeks was it? Anyway, couple of things:
1)I'm closing FH1, it's getting to bulky and unlike Guk Quest, it won't be a oneshot. FH2 will start once I get the raid mechanics ironed out.

2)I did this in the interim for that AdRidiculous contest, but this wasn't what tied me up for so long. Not exactly sure what happened, it's all a blur.

3)I'll update the wiki shortly after I get Guk's update hammered out.
No. 137195 ID: 24f618
File 164672648602.png - (729.21KB , 1846x1720 , mo sala.png )

Nothing bad happening to me right now. Just got distracted by that new raid in Destiny. After everything that's happened, I just wanted to shut my brain off for a while.

Anyway. Guk Quest is updated, and the wiki has a few small changes.
No. 137211 ID: 7a1a17
File 164688848945.jpg - (2.82MB , 2880x2160 , There is Anders.jpg )

Alright so with FT5's latest update, I'm introducing the Chimera. So the Chimera, or "Manbuilt" are a catch all term for races and being created by humans. Yes only humans do that. That's how they survive in this crazy world. Some are planned out, some are random chance. But every now and then, a human just has a switch that flips and they suddenly start designing a machine that defies most conventional ideas of science and logic. When finished, out pops their new Manbuilt creations. Sometimes it's an individual, sometimes it's an entire city's worth of people. Given how the humans that do this are driven off the deep end, these creations are then turned towards conquest and war. But a few are either sane enough(or to valuable to kill) and are reintegrated into society. Their Chimera are designated as Manbuilt until they can prove to be a successful civilization without intervention by another nation or race.

I got a couple of designs for them, and funny enough they all come from the weird stone patterns in my shower stall. See if you can find them!
No. 137327 ID: fd2dfa
File 164863289620.jpg - (299.11KB , 2106x839 , 20220324_221029.jpg )

Update to FT5. I think I got a system for raiding done, and I'm gonna make a little quest that will serve as a test run for the system. It's barebones, but because it's supposed to be a mini-system for the larger quest I didn't want it to be too complicated.

The test quest will entail guiding a bunch of Daoine mercenaries(and your self-insert whoever they will be) into dangerous situations for more booze money. If it's well received I might even make them a regular thing.
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