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File 155465804168.png - (58.71KB , 498x366 , ending spoiler.png )
128997 No. 128997 ID: 623354

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your concern about the quest during my hiatus. The quest is not dead. Continuing and indeed concluding it have been on my mind every single day since the last update!

I recently finished school and started a full time job in my field, which means I will have financial security and very well-defined free time to continue these things. I am happy to announce that I will be continuing Coxwette iminently! I am currently in the phase of creating flowcharts and concept maps to ensure that loose ends are tied at the ending. The quest will have a full epilogue, too.

I am making a new discussion thread because the last one is a mess, and I want a clean place for people to leave questions or remarks for me as well as discuss the ongoing quest.

Anyway, thanks for reading and making this such a fulfilling experience. πŸ‘
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No. 128998 ID: 080aaf

No. 129000 ID: ab1fe9

No. 129001 ID: 74c466

No. 129002 ID: 317977

No. 129005 ID: b5fb67

No. 129006 ID: 90f3c0

No. 129007 ID: 864e49
File 155467028567.png - (109.38KB , 500x283 , f209a237c7b619db21636e1bca3ae604.png )

No. 129008 ID: 9876c4

Really the best possible news.

Thank you for doing right by your fans.
No. 129013 ID: 15a025

Congrats on finishing school RML!
No. 129016 ID: e8f63b

You done it.
No. 129017 ID: 623354
File 155469082154.png - (87.80KB , 500x500 , tumbling.png )

Does anyone have any lingering questions about the story that they desperately want answered? I have gone through my pile of notes since the beginning, but I want to make sure I have not missed anything.
No. 129018 ID: 8275cf

I want to know about Sam and the other children
and their relation to the town
No. 129019 ID: 9876c4

Not desperate, but.

I could use the cliff notes version of Susannah's exposition.
What she is, what Nelson Plath did (cast a spell? enchanted a snow globe?)
And what specifically went wrong. (Nelson was supposed to rule, and somehow the reverends got pulled in, tied in with the former's death)
of the cast, only a few are original inhabitants, and the rest are transplants, presumably?
Were the catacombs part of the original diorama, or they came later?

I don't need anything encyclopedic, but I want to be sure I have Chuck-level facts about the whole situation.
No. 129020 ID: 688dd6

- What's in the catacombs?
- What does the Plath family tree look like? Did it actually go from Nelson directly to Ramona? Ramona thought Nelson (who was the one who burned to death on the couch) was "an uncle," right? And (Sus)Ana Stark was one of her ancestors?
- What is Susanna's "kind," really?
- What really happened to Lorraine Plath?
- How did Coxwette receive its modern technology?
- If Carnal Speech is so sacred to Susanna, why did she get into the habit of using it to read people's minds and lie to them?
- Are Davey and his daughter under the same spell as Coxwette's residents? They surely must be to be alive for so long.
- Ellen's trauma happened when she was a child. Do people normally age in Coxwette? Is there a point where they just stop aging?
- What's the extent of the connection between Chuck and Lorraine's husband?
- What do the camps and whatever in the woods outside Coxwette look like?
- Harold has sort of been explained but some more information on what he is and what his purpose is would be nice.
- What really created the Reverends? Did they just reanimate out of spite/thirst for revenge when Susanna killed them?

I'll also just go ahead and put out there that when Chuck inevitably goes to the catacombs, he should bring:
1. Susanna. She needs to see for herself what's down there and come to terms with what she's done.
2. Layla. She has a gun, and hasn't had enough screen time.
3. Sally. Plath blood, and also she gets along with Susanne better than Ramona.

I assume we'll have time to bang everyone in the epilogue that we didn't get to in the quest.... right?
No. 129021 ID: 688dd6

For reference, here's the whole Susanna backstory Carnal Speech part of the quest:

No. 129022 ID: 080aaf

Can Chuck actually fuck the ghost.
No. 129023 ID: b1b4f3

Is Marcie good in bed?
No. 129024 ID: daa216

Woo boy. Welcome back and good luck with everything here.
No. 129025 ID: 0c57db

I must admit, I'm really very happy to hear that this quest will receive the closure it deserves. I actually just finished reading it up to the most recent post a week or two ago, so it's a little ironic that it starts back up just as I find it.

Lingering questions? Just one: how gay does it make me if I find Geoff really hot?
No. 129027 ID: 688dd6

About a 5
No. 129028 ID: 307512

Congratulations on graduating and job, and... good to see you!
No. 129122 ID: 4d8a4b

Will you make another quest after this one finishes, or will you restart one of your dead quests, will you continue making these in the first place after you conclude this one?
No. 129132 ID: 623354

I am not actually answering these plot questions in this thread, just taking inventory of things as I do the remainder of the quest writing.

As it stands, I am considering taking a slightly more authoritarian approach to choosing suggestions in the future of the quest. I know this goes against the spirit of questing, but it has been three years. My hope is to at least make it entertaining.

This may actually be up to all of you. Is there anything you want to see continued? There are some I would consider continuing, while others I would rather leave as "learning experiences". Aside from that, I have no shortage of ideas for stories and future quests.
No. 129133 ID: e3e99e

Who the fuck is that turtle?
Is the harem ending still on the table?
No. 129134 ID: 38b878

Finish or reboot Titans We Are
No. 129135 ID: 4854ef

Oh man that one, I'd agree to this.
No. 129136 ID: 891b91

Congratulations on the new job!

>As it stands, I am considering taking a slightly more authoritarian approach to choosing suggestions in the future of the quest. I know this goes against the spirit of questing, but it has been three years. My hope is to at least make it entertaining.
Does it really go against the spirit of questing, though? I mean, sure, in general maybe it does, but I think it's a bit different when a quest is nearing completion. So much of the current scenario in Coxwette is either already resolved, such as the feud between the mayor and the Plaths, or is basically out of Chuck's (and therefore suggesters') immediate control, such as the reverends being on a murderous rampage. It seems to me that a less-than-democratic approach is appropriate at this late stage, so long as it's done correctly.
No. 129138 ID: 10c408

A less-than-democratic approach is entirely neccessary given just how RABID a sizable portion of the voters have become in regards to shipping, pursuing lewd options and generally mucking around for funsies.
No. 129142 ID: bb78f2

Confirmation on what may have happened to Sally's father might be nice, even if he is just a zombie in the outskirts of Coxwette.

Penny's sibling/Marcie's parent could naturally be a question with an answer. I don't think we asked once in the quest. Honestly, the same could be said for a lot of the parents of Coxwette's denizen's that are actually from here. Naz knows and understand's computers, so how the fuck did THAT happen? I don't actually care how computer's got INTO Coxwette over time, I care about how Naz became the town's computer nerd over time, assuming she was probably just some teen in the 1800's or whatever.
No. 129143 ID: 688dd6

I mean, the answer to that question seems fairly obvious. I'm not certain what time period Naz is from, but either she came in when computers already existed and simply became the expert on them because she was nerdy (you know, like millions of people actually did in the early '00s), or they came in and she just figured out how they worked and taught people how to use them.

The people of Coxwette may not age but they obviously change with the times. None of them are living like it's the 1800s. You might as well ask how Marcy learned how to use modern ovens. And not all of them were there when the town was founded; Sophia and Layla stand out as fairly recent additions. It probably wasn't like they were using quill and parchment when the train suddenly dumped a load of monitors, desktops, keyboards, and mice on them. They learned how to use a computer the same way the rest of society did.
No. 129154 ID: ea5947

RML, make a questing Patreon.
No. 129155 ID: 688dd6

Having multiple patreons seems weird. Why not just slide some bucks into the Trash Knight patreon if you wanna support her?
No. 129156 ID: ea5947

TK patreon is for TK. Supporting her there does not affect her work on her quests.
No. 129157 ID: 95a61d

The money goes to RML either way.
No. 129161 ID: bb78f2

I thought Naz was born in Coxwette. I'm more into her personal narrative or development. Whether or not she was different than before the Plath spell occured, and how different. It's been supposedly a while since Chuck came to Coxwette outside, we don't know how long, but will Naz soon, out of the blue, know and understand how to operate smart phones if Chuck had not like, infuriate the priests to attack and corner the town?

I thought Sophie, the cop, and the teacher (and maybe another or two) were the only ones from out of town before Chuck came.

She matches the modern personality of a nerd born in the 90's, but she wasn't BORN in the 90's, she couldn't have been if she's from Coxwette. So what WAS she like pre-spell? Or Marcy? The culture of baking has surely changed over the years Coxwette has been over the spell just as technology has.

One big question would be how the hell Plath's can have an ancestry dating back to Nelson Plath, but Plath's spell seems to create a deathless limbo, or did I read that wrong? What did Plath's spell do beside create a prison of which there's no escape if he did not rob death and sense of time from the people? A deathless limbo surely can't mean new people can be born, that leads to overpopulation. What is the TRUE extent of the spell? And if I did not read or remember wrongly, and Nelson made everyone immortal, what is the TRUE consequence of Ramona contracting cancer? Has she ALWAYS had cancer, since back when Nelson cast the spell?
No. 129162 ID: 688dd6

Bear in mind, the Plaths also have an INCORRECT history. They think Susanna was called Ana Stark, that the person who burned to death on the couch was one of Ramona's uncles (actually that part might be true, it would make the most sense), etc. etc. Their family tree is a vague mess. Just like no one in Coxwette can remember what year it is. So their ancestry might not be as deep as they think.
No. 129273 ID: f56951

I've been binge reading Coxwette all over again recently.
Discovered you via Trash Knight but Coxwette is what made me a fan.
Might seem brown nosing but I mean it.
Hope you solve your current problems and resume.
Don't listen to the bitchings, what you're doing is awesome.
No. 129750 ID: f2136e

>The money goes to RML either way.
It's not a question of whether she gets money or not. It's a matter of what kind of message she receives.
If I support her on TK Patreon, then the message she'd be receiving would be "Please do more work on TK". This is not a message that I'd like to send. Altho I like TK, I like Coxwette more, and I would prefer to have her invest more time in Coxwette. Since RML's time is limited, telling her to work on TK would have the exact opposite effect of what I want - it would be telling her to work less on Coxwette and more on TK.

Hmm, how to elaborate on this.

First of all, RML says she wants to continue Coxwette. Even if this is true, from a financial perspective she cannot justify producing a lot of free content. That's why Coxwette has stalled and this is completely understandable. I'm trying to be realistic here. I believe that, as things stand, the prospect of her ever concluding Coxwette is unlikely due to how much time it would take.

Anyway, let's say that someone would like to financially support her questing work. Currently, there's no way for RML to know how many people would like her to work on quests. Nor can her existing supporters express what they'd prefer for her to focus on. I think this is a problem because, as illustrated above, even if someone wanted to support her questing endeavors, there's no way for them to effectively do so.

Actually, it's a bit more complicated due to the NSFW nature of the quests. Since TK is supposed to be SFW, she can't simply tell her patrons "Hey I got this NSFW thing here, come join!". Unless she got sick of TK heh. But yeah, I think that it would have to be a bit more... furtive than that. For instance, by holding a poll with two non-exclusive options, "I like comics" and "I like quests", or by adding an "I prefer quests" support tier. Well, since TK started on 4chan's /trash/ board, which is clearly a NSFW place, she has liberty.

I'm not sure why she hasn't created a questing Patreon already. Perhaps because she thinks it would somehow stain Coxwette by removing the no-strings-attached nature of it? Or because she thinks she'd be forced to work on it then? To that I say two things. Firstly, there's no free lunch. And secondly, I'd support that even if it came with no guarantee that she produces anything. A simple cookie jar.
No. 129756 ID: e8eb6a

I updated yesterday.
No. 129760 ID: f2136e

I know, thank you for updating. I'm not ignoring this fact and the point of what I wrote isn't the lack of updates. It's just something I wanted to write for a while now.
No. 130187 ID: 9876c4
File 156352370513.jpg - (242.99KB , 850x1325 , Primativebeargod.jpg )

An open art request for anyone that wants it. Redraw this DGoS quest pic, but as Lisa and covered in beavers.

Doesn't have to be great, and I can't pay you so it maybe shouldn't be anyway.
No. 131237 ID: 8968e5

I certainly have not been as active as I had hoped in updating, haha! But I have not given up. Not a day goes by when I do not think about finishing this story.

I am wondering:

Is this site still active enough to warrant continuing it here?
Should I entertain the idea of making a final chapter in comic form?
Is anyone still interested? πŸ€”
No. 131238 ID: 787490

I think the answer's a big yes. Got to see how it all ends!
No. 131239 ID: 15a025

>Is this site still active enough to warrant continuing it here?
I feel like it is.
>Is anyone still interested?
I'm still interested in the quest.
>Should I entertain the idea of making a final chapter in comic form?
I think the final chapter being a comic would be alright, but I feel like the quest would lose a little fun of trying to figure out the mystery.

Might be a little biased though as I'm too used to reading things in the quest format now compared to webcomics.
No. 131240 ID: 0fae41

Yes, no, and yes.
No. 131243 ID: aff971

I don't post nearly as often as I perhaps should, but I certainly feel like it's active enough here and I would definitely like to see this Quest to its conclusion!
No. 131245 ID: 9876c4

If the creator think it needs a comic epilogue to tie it all up, than that's probably what it needs.
No. 131247 ID: fe8ee5

I'm definitely interested in seeing this story to the end, interactive or not.
No. 131464 ID: b1b4f3

Ok I think it's fairly obvious at this point that you're not going to continue the quest here.
If you finish it offsite via some non-interactive format at least then we can all move on.
No. 131490 ID: 10c408

No, yes, yes.

I'm all for seeing an epilogue, but I want YOU to write it. No more bickering about sex scenes or forming up voter blocs to try and get other things done.
No. 131501 ID: 093b35


I didn't know this post existed until now, wish you could have posted about it on twitter.

>Is this site still active enough to warrant continuing it here?
Dunno about activity, but I feel you can draw more attention from other places with more public.

>Should I entertain the idea of making a final chapter in comic form?
Up to you. If you find you can achieve more with a comic, leaving all the details, twists and shenanigans to you, by all means go on. You have made it this far mostly by yourself anyway.
You also have the option of keeping it original and going for something lighter, having more text with a few pics showing the scenes in your very own format. Just an idea, of course.

>Is anyone still interested?
YES. That's a big yes with a period.
No. 131502 ID: cdabe3

okay, i don't get why a bunch of people are saying this site isn't active anymore when it very much is (as is the discord channel :/), but whatever; this is definitely a perfectly fine place to finish coxwette if you're still willing!

i am definitely still interested to see how everything turns out, so count my vote as yes on that front

i'd prefer a quest format, but if you feel you need to make it a comic instead, i understand. i think it'll lose a little bit of what makes coxwette special though
No. 131504 ID: 093b35


To be honest, it felt like it had some missed opportunities.

We never got to see what was behind that safe in the room, for example. Or read that story about the muffin man, as scary as Selma would have made it. Or learn even a small amount of french to see if we could convince Rachel to help us with the entrance to the catacombs since we spoke with Sally about doing that 2 or 3 times, maybe we could have meet Julia earlier on the way and things could have gotten interesting considering she was the one who raided the medical cabinets. We also never got to know what was that brownish compound about, thought it was probably just some kind of drug made by her. Probably.

All that flirting and the strange outcomes that came with them were pretty great, but I think we could have done that while making progress.
No. 131513 ID: 49e4d4

Super late, but:

>>Is this site still active enough to warrant continuing it here?

I think so, but barely. I'm not on here nearly as much, and I honestly think that the lack of individuals is just because there's fewer marquee quests updating consistently. They'll trickle in, but even though we have good quests, they take so long to update that even as notoriously patient tgchan is, people lose interest.

>>Should I entertain the idea of making a final chapter in comic form?
Hmmm...I always got the feeling that you were more into comic-making than quest-making, to be honest. While it wouldn't be my suggestion, you might find yourself happier with having full creative control, so to speak.

>>Is anyone still interested? πŸ€”
I am, yes.
No. 131908 ID: 61bde7

I really hope this isn’t dead. Trash Knight too, for that matter.
No. 131941 ID: fa1d48

I hadn't read this since I'd graduated highschool, thought it would've ended by now.

I'm not sure that I'm glad it's continuing, sad that I didn't get to read much and have to wait, or scared that this might just get dumped (or that Charlemagne will be miserable continuing this)

Regardless, Coxwette has always been a bit special to me. Chuck sure is one horny motherfucker.
No. 132507 ID: e083f0

Back from the brink lmao
No. 132587 ID: c84ff4

Please finish it in some form or another. It (seems) so close to done. I desire a conclusion (even rocks fall everyone dies, as painful as that would be) please!
No. 132610 ID: e96198

Some closure would be appreciated, I was pointed to this quest some time ago. Read from beginning to the last update. I’m late to the party but I want to see this given an ending it deserves.
No. 132826 ID: b3a354

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