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File 150647530353.png - (37.39KB , 900x220 , First Fragment of the Frontier by strngy.png )
116125 No. 116125 ID: d36af7

And the underground stuff, too. Drawing laughably inaccurate yet strategically indispensable maps is a big part of the old-school dungeon-crawling experience.

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Please_do_not_Take_these_Organs
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4587981
home team: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/829557.html
away team: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/807859.html
discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116125
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No. 116134 ID: 3abd97

I might agree he's too dangerous to keep around, except for a few points.

First, this is probably our last stop before Overmire, at which point we can declare success in escorting Esmeraude and minion out of dodge and part ways (since sticking with us means sailing back towards where they're wanted). The risk won't endure much longer.

Second, even if we kill him, between communication magic and magic bindings, it's likely Esmeraude will know when he dies, and she should still have most her spells for the day. If she decides to strafe our merchant ship with acid, fire, or an Aqueous Orb for payback, I don't see us being able to prevent that before she gets her shot off.

So yeah, we have lots in terms of rep and money we stand to lose, and while the diplomacy may be annoying now, I feel like the road to success if we kill him is narrower.

Plus, Daviste's got a more professional view on this. We're technically being paid to transport him. Choosing to fail at that job because he makes the job more difficult isn't attractive to her.

Working on getting some dialog up, Viste's voice is harder. >>116127 is not entirely a joke.
No. 116138 ID: af6e04

>Choosing to fail at that job because he makes the job more difficult isn't attractive to her.
Running into obstacles isn't the same thing as our clients literally working against us. Remember, she is in the process of trying to backstab us right now. I'd say all deals are off at this point.
No. 116139 ID: af6e04

Also, is she even actually paying us? I thought she was just offering her skills as a sorcerer in exchange for passage.
No. 116147 ID: 094652

I... I just... I can't believe he'd... he... be... be that...


I don't get it. Should Hore tell the others or stay silent to prevent Captain from doing anything?
No. 116148 ID: d36af7

How do you mean?
No. 116152 ID: 3abd97

Personally, I'd categorize her as the client, and him as the dependent / prisoner she's paying to have transported with her. He never agreed to any of this- so him resisting isn't the client breaching contract.

It's also pretty hard to tell if she's actively backstabbing us right now, or just problem solving with lies, manipulation and inciting some violence (while blithely overlooking how bad this looks). (Or she's attempting both, and will go with whichever one works). And our evidence of betrayal is the word of the bugs... who are prone to misunderstanding things outside their specialty.

>Also, is she even actually paying us? I thought she was just offering her skills as a sorcerer in exchange for passage.
Bullet D. Information, on the construction of a... fairly specific magic item.

One of the downsides of making someone self-interested your negotiator is she will look after her interests. (I was a little surprised, at the time, no one objected to my accepting a payment that so blatantly favored myself. Esmeraude knows how to tailor an offer).

>I don't get it. Should Hore tell the others or stay silent to prevent Captain from doing anything?
I don't think what Cap knows is the issue. He already knows- else he wouldn't have been heading towards the protestors in order to talk them into rioting.

The question is whether we cooperate with Esmeraude's and Cap's plans to make allies with the catfolk by inciting a riot, or not. It would arguably solve the underlying issue, could have longer term uses, and would probably work as the distraction we needed to get the ship loaded (so long as the people we need to do the loading aren't in the riot at the time).

Hore staying silent means she's making the call for the group. (And effectively turning down Esmeraude's offer, I think). Which, to be fair, you could do.

...it might do to remind Esmeraude that "helpful surprises" that on the surface look like "selling you out to other interests" might not be the best idea.
No. 116154 ID: 094652

Royalty looking down at the common worker and underpaying them because he can make their other options (like the guild) into bitter enemies with a few misplaced troops and a healthy dose of nepotism.

Why isn't the prince solidifying the loyalty of the Nyancompany? All it takes is two conversations to realize both the union and the Nyancompany have a beef with the Prince! Now the Fire Hawks can band them together or something!
No. 116165 ID: a771ff

Just to make it clear, Maru was expressing that she was unhappy, but willing to do what Viste said- sort of a "okay, I'm behind you, but this better have a good explanation when we're through." Her statement was meant to indicate that she doesn't consider getting paid a good explanation, and would likely be unhappy if that was the sole reasoning for their plan of action. That's not really why she's upset though- she just wants to kill "cap" because she has developed a vehenoment hatred of him suddenly, for reasons that are probably understandable. She wasn't complaining much about the risk he posed before he embarrassed her and talked about being chummy with her dad. In the same way the Davina has a more personal stake in the reward, Maru, known for her fiery temper and perchant for vengeance, has a personal reason to want him maimed and regretful, and is choosing to paint her interests in the best light to others. I think if someone implicated with the rise of discontent with the noble familys in Davinas home providence, or a powerful cleric of tsogtha, the enemy of Tittyvalla, was our dangerous cargo instead of the demon swordsman, there might be different reactions from certain crew members.
No. 116166 ID: af6e04

This Warzone Clause thing has come up a few times, but I'm not exactly sure what it entails.

Inciting a riot seems like it's straying out of 'enlightened self-interest' territory into 'might be a villain' territory.
No. 116167 ID: 3d2d5f

>she just wants to kill "cap" because she has developed a vehenoment hatred of him suddenly, for reasons that are probably understandable
Hey, he didn't show you up in your field of mastery, down a lung, and one arm held behind his back. :v

>good explanation
Maru had three complaints, two of which were addressed as "that's right, we won't be doing that" and "that will be addressed" respectively, because they were fair concerns.

The third was "stop insulting me as if I'm an idiot". Because, well, it's insulting. (And you didn't roll great on a touchy issue that's been handed badly before).

If Maru, whose whole role is supposed to be about provoking (and understanding) aggression, thinks a direct challenge and dredging up an old argument is supportive? And won't get a reaction? I don't know what she's smoking.

If Maru didn't want her concerns addressed, she shouldn't have raised them. If she wanted an explanation later, she should have said that, and/or waited (Not expected she should be able to mouth off and have the response politely delayed for her benefit).

I framed the current problem as at worst inconveniencing or harming a group of people Maru has in the past shown apathy to contempt for deliberately, by the way. And the pointing out that she was insulting what her teammates stand for was supposed to get through to Maru's strong team / family attachment, past her inconveint, persistent (and annoyingly selective) risk aversion.

I think I have to admit I have no ability to predict which part of her personality Maru will latch onto when she reacts to things. (Which isn't really something I'm objecting to, or angry about, but is sorta frustrating to work around. She's a powder keg who will irregularly find reasons to not cooperate and I can't see them coming).

>tell us what to do
Um, she kinda did? Right before Maru complained. Granted, it depends on Hore responding to Esmeraude.

Aaaaaa this is basically everything that frustrates me writing argument for Viste.

She's barely capable of lecturing. She responded to your points as you raised them. The last part wasn't even dialog, it was narration for OOC benefit.
No. 116183 ID: 3abd97

Geeze. This is entirely too long to say "what character tried to say sure isn't how it came across."

Okay, the IC arguing is frustrating, not going very quickly, and frankly puts us at a disadvantage in front of 'Cap'. Can we try and sort out what we want OOC, then worry about how we get there IC? We have a few options:

1) The Riot. I don't think any of us actually want this? "Messy" and "workable" are probably overly generous, and if we're talking expected risk versus reward, it doesn't seem worth it. It makes the immediate security situation worse for uncertain gains. And too much of the party wouldn't be down for it morally.

2) Bribe the Dock Workers. Probably the simplest solution, and Hore's already done the groundwork. Biggest complicating factor is dealing with an Esmeraude who has been caught in the act of betrayal / disappointing we didn't trust her and overruled her plan, without making the situation worse.

3) Kome's compromise. Surprisingly, if the prince is ripping off the dock workers and nyanco, striking some sort of agreement between them against the local prince becomes a lot more workable. Tricky bit is it still requires some diplomatic legwork. Need to smooth over the situation with Esmeraude, and get her to repurpose what she's already set up with the cats, and use Hore's connection to the dock workers to get them to talk to, then hash the arrangement out. I'd be willing to give this a try.

4) Hard Break. Ditch and/or kill our troublesome client pair. Frankly, I wouldn't favor this. I see it causing us fairly immediate problems for the questionable gain of being spared the risk they present for the next few days, and likely denies payment on a job.

I think I'd favoring attempting 3, resorting to 2 if we can't strike a deal. ...or doing 2 at the same time the negations are ongoing for 3.
No. 116190 ID: fc3fc0

>didn't show Maru up very badly compared to Viste.

True. Doesnt make her feel a whole lot better- she specifically feels like she failed To uphold the shared responsibility of ensuring their cargo is secure. She talked to him, she escalated, she's at fault. Doesn't like feeling that way, and so she's redirecting shame into anger at cap.

>three complaints
>don't need more boat room
Acknowledged. That's why she's deferring- davina and viste are obviously much better at sorting those things out.

>we're going to adjust behaviors appropriately
Maru is skeptical, given that keeping the sorceress happy seems to be pretty high up on the list of priorities. Not fair to Daviste, but emotions rarely are.

>someone is being insulted?
Not sure who this is addressed to? It wasn't something Maru was complaining about, but I'm also not sure what she did to insult anyone but cap? So that point is unclear

>thought Maru would want to incite a riot
She would. Her objection has nothing to do with the riot, and everything to do with cap. She's more than happy to carry out the riot portion of the plan.

>Maru is unpredictable
I think that comes from A) us having different playstyles and ways of seeing things and B) my flaws in roleplaying. You're much better at remembering things and logicing your way around a system. I just miss stuff you see, and so it makes sense that we're sometimes surprising to eachother in our gameplay choices. Ultimately Maru is an extension of me, and I'm somewhat inconsistent- I don't have a rules sheet, and I forget a lot of stuff. I just play off what I think is right, which is think is in line with Maru's spontaneous and flighty personality. I'm also very forgetful, so if I forget anything I'm just saying it's cannon that she also forgot, mainly because she's disinterested or absentminded. So, chalk any inconsistencies to me being forgetful and in the moment.

Her yelling at Viste is intentionally disproportionate to viste's calm, levelheaded responses. Maru is just being angry and unreasonable. She's being verbally defiant, but she's still looking to Viste for directions; if she was planning on actually challenging vistes authority she would have gone ahead and done something more drastic than shout- yelling abrasive things at people is kinda what she does. She's just upset with how things are going, and deciding to be a brat about it.
No. 116191 ID: ecca3c

Obviously Maru is in favor of option 4; she'll listen when Viste says heel though. If Daviste backs 2/3 Maru will be unhappy, but helpful.
No. 116193 ID: 3abd97

>Not sure who [is being insulted]?

Specifically, with the way Maru derisively dismisses taking risks for "dosh". (Again).

In one go that's Maru saying she has no faith in Viste's judgement or ability to assess risk, and you're belittling her choice to work. That Maru refuses to accept that her companions might have a use for the money they're working for is insulting. That she seems to think they're greedy idiots, pursuing needless money in unreasonably dangerous ways for its own sake, is insulting.

More simply, for Davina, Maru's flat out telling someone who chose to work as a mercenary commander that being a mercenary is wrong. More than that, that it's laughably wrongheaded.

It sorta feels like... patronizing anti-capitalist rhetoric? How dare you try to profit to as a means to an end!

...and it's a little frustrating if Maru missed that entirely, because that was by far the most important thing Viste had to say.
No. 116196 ID: d22dc0
File 150655653547.jpg - (196.06KB , 1536x1457 , o-ASHAMEDANIMALS-facebook.jpg )

Hm. If I'm honest, I don't really understand how that's the take away, so I'm not sure how to bridge the gap. Maru doesn't really have a problem working for money- she'd rather be doing something like tomb raiding or dungeon crawling, but obviously she was scared after they hit the labyrinth the first time- doing somewhat unsavory work of being some asshole merchant's watchdogs is acceptable if it means she can get tooled up and better equipped. She doesn't really like doing other people's dirty work when it doesn't benefit her- a somewhat skewed perception, given that getting paid does benefit her, but she doesn't see money the same way. For example, Vos suggests they raid and loot an opposing temple, and deal harshly with people who get in their way: Sounds, great, glad to help a friend, let's go burn a church down. Philistra puts out an ad for mercenaries to terrorize an opposing operation, located in a nearby church? Disgruntled acceptance if Davina brought it to the table. It's not what the work is, more so the motivations.

I didn't feel like she was being derisively dismissive- from my perspective, she was saying "hey, I'll do what you say, but I'm upset, and if we do this, you know it's going to upset me more."

>Belittling Viste's skill
Her saying "hey, if it were me, I wouldn't make this call, but I think you're better suited for the job than I am, so I'm going to defer to you because you have better judgement." feels like the opposite to me? I really tried to emphasize that she was expressing anger, but not going to peel off from the group.

>Belittling her choice to work
Again, that wasn't the intention, nor how I see the comments? I guess the place Maru is coming from is that she doesn't think people will die when they go on missions. She's more confident in everyone than they assume; she doesn't advocate for things she thinks will result in death without luck on their side. She's pretty black and white on that issue- either they can do it and will be successful and gain rewards, or they won't and they risk death. In this circumstance, to her, transporting cap doesn't fall into either category- she thinks he's dangerous enough to kill them sure, but really he implied an association with her father, attacked her, etc etc, and she just wants to kill him. Conversely, the ship job? She figured they wouldn't get the extra pay, but they'd be fine. No major risk to life. The village assault? A bad idea. Little to gain, large risk of massive casualties. Jumping down the trap hole? Suicidal. They didn't even consider other options. She's still mad about that, even if they could buy back Ji's life. So many things could have gone wrong, and it feels as though there was nothing in place in case misfortune struck. If she weren't externally motivated, she'd rate this circumstance as a category 2. Bad idea, a lot of risk, a small reward. She's not saying mercenary work is bad, or that people are stupid for pursuing it, she's saying that in this circumstance she feels that it's a dumb risk to take and the reward isn't worth it. I'm not exactly sure why people feel like her saying "this is a dumb idea, don't do it" is the same as "I think mercenary work is stupid, and you all are stupid for doing it, but not me, even though I'm also doing it." For me there's a pretty big disconnect for Viste to jump from "I think this is too risky" to "I think you're stupid and incapable"

Maru doesn't really care for society. She's not specifically against money, or like, any economic idea, but she's pretty anti-establishment; capitalism is a part of the establishment usually. She's not a huge fan to be honest. She won't claim to have better ideas or a way to implement or dismantle the system in any way, she'll just mostly say that bankers are pigs, the rich deserve to be beaten and robbed, and religions people are assholes who are getting led around by other assholes with fancy hats. The legal system is a joke, bosses steal from their employees and only care about themselves, and the world fucked you over the moment you step foot in it, so it's not worth your time to give a shit about other people who don't give a shit about you. Fuck everyone else, protect what's yours, and look out for #1.

I'm sorry though, I did miss that point entirely. Like I said, this is coming out of left field for me, even though we had a big in character fight about it last time. It's just so alien from my intentions and stuff that like, I still really had no idea or expectation that it could be taken that way. I don't mean to make a big fuss over nothing yet again, I know it's not really fun and it bogs everything down. I'm havin trouble like, seeing where everyone else is coming from but I promise I'm not like, trying to be intentionally confrontational or aggravating; when Maru made her statement about "You know how I feel about that" I thought it would boil down to Viste tersely saying "Acknowledged" and then moving on, I didn't realize it would lead to us hashing stuff out IC and OOC. Maru thought she could let everyone know how she was feeling, and they could move on so they wouldn't be surprised later, but it seems to have backfired. *ashamed dog face*
No. 116197 ID: d36af7

Anyone rich enough to have their own team of accountants is going to put at least a little bit of thought into how to get more for less. If the prince was telling the truth to the unions about this being a one-time deal, that means no future dealings with the Nyaraku Nyanco, so parting on good terms with them loses it's main cold-blooded argument in favor. If the prince simply can't afford to pay standard union rates for the new palace until extramuros tax revenue starts pouring in, which would require that the palace already be up and running and some other things besides, that's a deadlock situation, resolution of which requires either taking some shortcuts, or outside help, or basically robbing somebody. http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/stellarcolony.php#id--Growing_a_Colony--Infrastructure "Greedy, backstabbing politician" became a stereotype because realistic limited-resource politics is chock full of ugly compromises. Every penny squeezed out of the catgirls is a penny for some other project which the prince would otherwise need to be borrowing at literally draconian interest rates, leading to bigger problems down the road. The drakocracy is very willing to open opportunities for the heroic ambitions of youth, but markedly less willing to forgive lack of foresight on the part of established professionals. Can't clean up your own administrative-infrastructure mess? Looks like this prince is defective, time to install a new one, thus spake Aguinbreke.
No. 116200 ID: 3abd97

>I don't really understand how that's the take away
Okay, I've officially driven myself crazy trying to, but I can't think of a simpler way to break down my existing explanation, sorry.

All I can really say is whatever you intended to convey, I heard "we shouldn't take risks for money". If you consider that in light of what Dav's been doing, and what her high ambition is, the way she took offense at that claim, and why, should follow.

>Still thinks Ji taking a risk with his ability was unacceptable
I've been wondering. Why doesn't Maru react the same why every time I portal into danger, or a precarious situation?

>last paragraph
And yeah, I feel pretty much the same way. It's pretty disheartening to be so completely misreading each other's intentions. (Communication can be hard, and sometimes trying to make dialog that's concise, and works IC, comes at the expense of clarity).
No. 116220 ID: d22dc0
File 150661045163.jpg - (1.16MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_3577.jpg )

Yeah, I get what you're trying to convey, and it makes sense how "we shouldn't take risks for money" is insulting; my confusion was in how that was the message I sent. If I know where the disconnect is, maybe I can work harder to prevent chasms of understanding in the future.

That being said, communication goes two ways, and clearly, no matter my intentions, I haven't been adequately expressing them, so I'd like to apologize for my part in this small mess. I've been insulting and inflammatory, and whether I meant to be or not doesn't change what actually happened. Attached in a picture of my cat to mend the gap. I hope it helps (^・ェ・^)

>Why are her reactions inconsistent?
Again, it seems to be a difference of motivations pair with what she expected the outcome to be. Let's take a few different examples

1) portaling up the tall shaft in the bloodmist labrynth
So in this circumstance, you were portaling somewhere unknown, which could be dangerous. However, Maru expected everyone would be able to follow you soon enough, so there was relatively little risk. Just up, and to the side. In turn, it was motivated by progressing the interests of the group; fleeing an encroaching monster and progressing closer to the surface. Motivation: Group. Perceived Danger: Low. Reaction: Good.

2) Portaling into the village to fight the swordsman
In this circumstance, you were portaling into direct danger, against a foe that COULD be overwhelmingly strong, with half the crew following you. Likelyhood of extreme casualties? Very high. Maru thought there was a very real possibility most of them wouldn't come back. On the flip side though, the motivations were different; Vos was going to charge in anyway, which was a pretty suicidal idea, no matter what we did. So Maru thought our decision was motivated by saving a friend. They had a better chance of no one dying by going together than they did by going alone. Motivation: Group. Perceived Danger: High. Reaction: Disgruntled but accepting.

3) Portaling to the Waterwheel
In This circumstance, you were going to the waterwheel after it caught fire, to assess if there were threats to the city. They could have been dangerous individuals, but truth be told I knew they weren't, and that influenced Maru. She was unconcerned, and didn't think the danger was high. Alternately, the motivation was not really for the group at all, it was more for profit or the city or what have you. Motivation: Outside benefits. Perceived Danger: Low Reaction: Disinterest. Viste can go do what she wants to build up her reputation. It doesn't really concern Maru.

I'm having trouble thinking of many other examples where Maru saw viste portal into danger, but I think I've illustrated my general point which is that Maru doesn't object solely based on motivations or how dangerous something is, but on a reactive scale. I don't really like have a list of rules for her, I just go off what I think makes sense in that situation. In the circumstance with Ji, Maru felt like A) the danger was suicidal. There was no way Ji would survive short of a miracle. I personally doubted JamesLeng would kill the good doctor off with on roll, but I figured there was the potential for things to go south pretty easily. Maru was in a state of heightened emotion, and thought that tunnel was certain death for Ji. Viste could portal pat the danger- she assumed that would bypass any triggering mechanisms, but she was betting that there would be traps in there that would get you even if you floated gently by. Combined with the motivation, which was wholey based on profit, Maru was obviously unhappy. She doesn't see acquiring capital as beneficial to the group, so to have Viste suggest Ji jump to his death so they had a chance of getting a magic item? Especially when it might get broken, or stuck, or otherwise lost in the process? When that was the first suggestion, without much exploration of other ideas? It was a betrayal of everything she stood for. When might it be her turn to be thrown into a meat grinder for the sake of other people getting money? Obviously her other friends wouldn't stand up for her, or care at all- thats apparently just what you do. You throw away your life at a chance for money. To her, these situations feel similar. Really she's extrinsically motivated, but if that weren't the case, she still thinks cap could hold a grudge, and represents a deadly threat, and that the plan is basically to hope he walks back to the ship calmly without trying anything. To me personally, it seems like a lot could go wrong, and we're better off if he's dead. I don't personally see the risks as proportional to the reward. I can understand why Davina really wants that info though, so even though it's not how I feel, that makes sense to me and I can see where it's coming from. Hopefully this all makes sense and helps clear up why Maru does the things that she does.
No. 116250 ID: d36af7

It's today. Just thought you should know. Got some good news about a strategic thing, too, though I'd rather not get into the details on a public forum.
No. 116266 ID: af6e04

>Attached in a picture of my cat to mend the gap
Davina's mom??

Happy birthday! We probably don't say it enough, but we all appreciate our DM

>strategic thing
>rather not get into the details on a public forum.
I have no idea what this implies haha

Oh also. Hopefully I've talked Valeno's player into making another post soon (they're all caught up on the thread but haven't replied cause they're scared of dying)
No. 116267 ID: 094652

Happy birfday!
No. 116272 ID: 3d2d5f

Happy birthday, and congrats on your unspecified good fortune. I'll put the gobo on making a cake.

Pfff. Catmom was the best silly background tidbit I included, by far.

That brings a question I had to mind. What does the reincarnation spell do to bloodline succession? If an heir is revived, even as the same species, they're still essentially random rolling new genetics, aren't they?

>haven't replied cause they're scared of dying
Hey, we've all been there, I think.

I haven't replied cause I'm kinda torn on if Rhea should take the language lessons (on the one hand, useful, team inclusion, and she's already a bit of a polyglot. On the other hand, it would mess up the limited language barrier with the party quirk, and I'm not sure if she could reasonably focus on anything for every waking hour with the sun out).
No. 116273 ID: d22dc0

Congrats on making it thus far! I know that my world is certainly made more enjoyable for having you in it. Hopefully you can enjoy this day, and celebrate it in some way if that is your custom.

If you're really not sure, you could always roll for it. It's a pretty beefy commitment, and somewhat unreasonable, but Kent is a lifelong student, so it makes sense for me. Isaiah might learn a new language with time, but certainly wouldn't devote that kind of effort; he'd prefer to learn something through natural cultural osmosis than forced studying. Maybe Rhea is an incredibly studious and hard worker? Or maybe she's simply devoted to the advancement of group goals? They need every learned hand they can get, although this crash course certainly isn't the only way to learn; maybe the rest of the educated crew can come together and teach everyone else at a slower pace. Personally though, I imagined she would rather spend some time per day doing other stuff, like cooking, or going blind from looking at the sun, or finding someone's eye for Mode to eat, etc. than spend almost every waking moment devoted to learning to read ancient drill manuals.
No. 116297 ID: d36af7

I'd like to thank Santova for becoming my first patron at the $50 level.
No. 116301 ID: d22dc0

Unfortunately I can't sustain that level after this month, but I wanted to have a way to say happy birthday. I do not intend to use any of the offered incentives, as this is meant to be a birthday gift, not a purchase of perks. Here's to many more rotations around the sun 🍻🎉
No. 116309 ID: d22dc0

Oof. That wasn't a very good repair roll. Isaiah seems to have good recovery rolls and bad repair rolls.
No. 116384 ID: 3abd97

Brainstorming stuff, trying to figure out what Rhea's spell list should be.


Certainly seems like there's enough spells / abilities to avoid much overlap, if Isaiah goes cleric too (channel energy and healing probably).
No. 116385 ID: af6e04

>spell list
Not sure what class Nistamatsin's gonna end up being, but as far as spells...

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/w/wave-shield but perhaps with blood instead of water

all seem good
No. 116399 ID: d22dc0

On the topic of spells, I'm still not certain what I'd like for Isaiah. Cleric isn't really feeling right to me. I'm most familiar with pathfinder, so building off those class archetypes, Warpriest, Oracle, and Shaman are all clicking with me most, although I'm always open to a more free-flow class creation. Haven't looked at the inquisitor class really, but that might be worth checking out as well. The cleric spells and domains just aren't really sticking out to me, so maybe instead of choosing a whole new class I just need to see about tailoring some of those parts more thematically? Anyway, here's my take on the classes previously mentioned:

For Warpriest, I'd be looking at the Travel and Liberation Blessings.

Oracle would probably be waves mystery and deep one curse. Curse could easily be explained as deviations from the original armor's designs during the repairs.

Shaman I'm almost entirely new to, and too tired currently to do a proper job reading up on the mechanics. It seems a bit odd to suddenly get a spirit animal, but I like the spell list and features from what I've seen. It would probably be the waves spirit, maybe something Raven-esque in design to fit with the Death aspect of Hanspur.

Overall though, all those classes have access to 3, 0th circle spells, which would be Bleed, Create Water, and Mending.

The three things I'd like sort of associated with Isaiah are water, trade/travel and fear. In combat, I'd like Isaiah to be particularly geared towards scaring enemies and moving water around, but outside of combat I'd like to develop the ability to sort of facilitate long distance travel and trade and commerce and stuff, which water also obviously plays into. To no one's surprise, magic seems like the best way to do this, but none of the classes immediately jump out at me as "the right one". So I'm just throwing concepts out there to see what sort of stands out as the important archetypal points to me.

One thing I was thinking of was the ability to channel a traveling ritual for a group of people, where the ritual actually takes just as long as it would take to travel there regularly, but after the ritual is complete it wrinkle in time style allows them to basically step from one location to another, provided they're connected up with good roads. This wouldn't be good for cutting travel time's really, but it helps to avoid the dangers and hardships of road travel, potentially circumventing a lot bad of bad stuff, like red bears, and weather, and gug blockades. Nothing seems to fit in anywhere close in the spells and features of various classes, so I was thinking maybe down the line it could be some sort of line of tweaked teleport spells, with increased transport capacity to make up for the extremely long casting time involved. The inability to take a whole lot with you always bugged me with teleport spells, but there's not really a good substitution for them other than getting higher level and getting better spells. Not married to this exact idea, but it's something I was mulling over while I was killing time today.

I also like to picture Isaiah water bending, appearing as a grim specter of death to those he wants to scare, and putting favorable winds in the sails of trading ships, but you can't do everything at level 1.
No. 116402 ID: d36af7

>waves mystery and deep one curse
How about the aboleth curse, instead? Gives you some handy powers right off the bat, intimidation rather than diplomacy fits the fear angle, and in-setting it represents the tesseract squid design elements trying to repair themselves.
No. 116411 ID: d22dc0

Sure, sounds good.

I think for spells then I'll go with inflict spells, and I'll take the following:

Create water
Detect Magic

Ant Haul

For my level 1 revelation, I'll go with fluid travel; Magey if you want me to post a description of anything or do formatting stuff to make it easier on you, just tell me how you'd like it done.

Also, I know we don't normally talk feats until we need some sort of pre-requisite, but if Isaiah has one free I would absolutely like the extra revelation feat. If I can, I'll take water sight as my extra revelation.
No. 116422 ID: 3abd97

Thanks for the consideration, but it's pretty easy to document, so long as it's all standard stuff I can link to. I really only need added descriptions if it's houseruled or customized, or if the names are ambiguous. (Speaking of, Create Water becomes Condense Water in this game).

You can double check me, but I should have Isaiah in the doc right, now.

I'll update Nin after class and such is actually sorted, and Rhea after I've gotten feedback.

>appearing as a grim specter of death to those he wants to scare
...Rhea might have already classified him as "adorable monster-boy" which might cause some difficulty in maintaining his desired image.
No. 116423 ID: d22dc0

Lucky for him, she's not someone he wants to scare! And yeah, that looks good for Isaiah, thanks for going in and pulling out the extra tidbits I forgot to specifically outline.
No. 116449 ID: 094652

So, do I still get to control Azure and Pog while she's taking classes and he's chopping wood?
No. 116469 ID: d36af7

Yes. Pog can uproot and mutilate a tree in just two hours that it would take a normal lumberjack all day to chop down, so he can take time off whenever, but Azure's stuck with a much stricter schedule if she wants to get full benefit from the training.
No. 116470 ID: d36af7

Recapping a bit and throwing in some OOC knowledge, the Fire Hawks have at least four reasonable options for wrapping up their resupply problem, which are not mutually exclusive, though using too many at once may be foolish and redundant.

The first, and almost certainly simplest, is to give the union some cold hard cash (and figure out how to provide either concealment or a distraction) to get the supplies loaded without any further meddling in local affairs.

There's the riot => contract default => catgirl allies plan which Esmeraude came up with and her "cap" is advocating for.

Option three, Yisheng Ji could wave around supposedly-extinct life-extension herbs to get a quick audience with the Prince, then have Tchalcedo eat the Prince's brain and assume his identity. At that point she could simply sort out the political situation by fiat, as payment to Yisheng Ji for services rendered.

Option four is the only one which doesn't involve any risky deception, senseless violence, or out-of-pocket expenses. It hinges on a somewhat subtle inconsistency between different accounts of what the Nyaraku Nyanco ultimately want or need. I'll let you figure the rest out for yourselves.
No. 116474 ID: fc3fc0

Unrelated to the boat problem, but I'm reading back over the language learning contract with a bit more care since I've been less than attentive for the past month or two after the hurricane But Kent totally has a language book. In the back of my mind I was thinking about it, because, well, Kent has a langue book in their starting inventory, this is clearly a priority for this character, language crash course sounds great. 4 hours of sleep a night is kind of a shit deal, but if it's only for a week it's doable. Wasn't at all thinking about trying to squeeze any useful bonuses out of that thing, but it seems like with kents book on automation and factory machinery, their book on linguistics, their experience with engineering and their notes which should be easy enough to share and help other people, at least as easy as borrowing a book from the sage, figuring out how this machine works plays to pretty much all of Kents strengths and I haven't really been capitalizing on that. I'm excited to get the language lessons unpacked and have a crack at operating it, should prove both fun and exciting.

Also not sure if Elves need to sleep less than humans, is that a feature in this setting?
No. 116479 ID: d36af7

Full elves do not need to sleep - or, by some accounts, are always asleep, walking and talking and loving and fighting in a dream that precisely resembles the waking world. Green and White elves both traditionally spend several hours per day in quiet solitary contemplation, but this need not occur on a regular schedule, and can be postponed for months or years when necessary. Elven brains simply do not become fatigued by prolonged alertness, any more than their bodies shrivel in old age. As a result, they are immune to magically induced sleep, and also the toxins of the weakest variety of ghoul, which hijack the mechanism of sleep paralysis.
No. 116505 ID: 542e93

That should make things markedly easier for Kent then. And I'm amazed at Nistamatsin, the terrifiying crit rolling face demon who is pretty much single handedly behind the progress and success of magic sword. That, and our very helpful DM.
No. 116511 ID: af6e04

How many crits can one demon roll? I am flying too close to the sun.
No. 116517 ID: 3abd97

>2 fours in a row.
Dang, Nin is on a roll.

I've been justifying it so far with the logic that Dav's background makes her a lot more sympathetic to cat-people with adorable bugs than common laborers. And staging a riot-in-name-only as an excuse to put the legal screws on someone else and maneuver? That's just politics.

Huh, three did not occur to me. Would be internally messy to pull off, since Ji would be obligated to conceal what he was doing, and some of us are pretending we don't know about Tchalcedo and cause Tunic hasn't posted in a bit, I hope he's still around.

>Option four is the only one which doesn't involve any risky deception, senseless violence, or out-of-pocket expenses. It hinges on a somewhat subtle inconsistency between different accounts of what the Nyaraku Nyanco ultimately want or need. I'll let you figure the rest out for yourselves.
Hmmmm. That implies there's something we can do or say, that doesn't burn consumables. Something we know, or are capable of, would be valuable to the cats.

>a family of seven catfolk (possibly some obscure tribe of elvenoid, certainly from very far away
>I don't want to take away jobs, or hurt anybozdy. I just want to do my own job.
>It can produce almost ten pounds of resin in an hour, and claims to be able to maintain that rate of production more than 20 hours per day. The whole hive, two dozen beetles at full strength, only eats as much as three humans. Where's all that extra mass coming from?
>Long story short, the "Nyaraku Nyanco" aren't interested in most of the benefits guild members get (already have skills and aren't planning to stick around and raise kids here so they don't need apprenticeships
>She might be able to pay us with Immovable Rods, which is really cool
>Cat architects shortchanged by prince. Riot will trigger warzone clause, they become our friends

Well, once thing is they aren't from anywhere near here- the cats aren't a race anyone local recognizes, and they bring a building technique / tool no one else has, either. Couple that with their non-desire to stick around and the raising of funds, and they're trying to travel somewhere. Might be trying to get home (lost or exiled?) or trying to get somewhere specific.

Another possibility is there's some hidden cost or complication for the extra mass the bugs produce.

Interest in being paid in immovable rods could be a red herring (I mean, it is a useful building supply, and valuable) or it could tie into their wants or needs (they want a home in the sky / different plane?).

Assuming Esmeraude actually discussed / bargained her idea with the cats (and isn't hoping to surprise them too), they have an interest in triggering this "warzone clause". Which, as strngy pointed out, we really don't know that much about. Their real goal might tie into whatever secondary effects that triggers, more than just making money off of it.
No. 116520 ID: d36af7

Of those two contradictory points which option 4 hinges on, you included one but just barely missed the other.
No. 116523 ID: 3abd97

If anyone else wants to take a crack at it, here's those quotes expanded and highlighted.


Biggest possible condition I'm seeing right now: Assuming Esmeraude discussed her plan with the cats, they're apparently willing to betray a client for money, when they should want more than just money for that.
No. 116528 ID: 36105e

Nothing jumps out at me really- I'm not 100% sure on the money to betray a client thing either, because it sounds like their client already breached their trust, which is enough in my books to count as more than "just money" for the motivating factor, although professionally that might not be a smart move.

The giant one seems a weird detail- most elvenoids don't vary so widely in shape and build. Could be someone outside the normal curve, or something else is not as it seems. My take? The cat folk are some kind of demon or something similar. Doesn't really shed any light on the 5 Ws of the situation but I just think there's more to them than what we see on the surface

This also doesn't seem super relevant but I'm not sure why the stevedore are striking in solidarity with the masons- dock work and masonry seem pretty far removed from eachother. I wonder what the deal is with that situation.
No. 116529 ID: d36af7

The beetle mentioned Esmeraude dangling the carrot of Immovable Rods, which were established way back at the start of this tungsten-run mission as being unusually valuable to ambitious architects. Presumably her family secret recipes, spellcasting, and the considerable martial prowess of her bodyguard would also be on the table, since the Fire Hawks never expressly demanded exclusivity.

As far as client betrayal and other violations of professional ethics, there's a lot more slack for 'exact words' shenanigans when the client turns out to be acting in bad faith, or asking you to do something that turns out to be illegal or unethical in some other way. http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2009-02-22
No. 116534 ID: d36af7

>dock work and masonry seem pretty far removed from eachother
Both involve a certain amount of shuffling around items heavy enough to benefit from cranes and other mechanical advantage, so they'd be suffering a lot of the same kinds of industrial accidents. Some degree of alliance would tend to improve their collective-bargaining leverage with doctors and insurance agents and whoever else might be affected by such risks. Making the most of that sort of advantage is one of the main reasons for having a trade union in the first place.

As for other common interests, well, this city is on a broad grassy plain. Do you think stone and timber for construction came from nearby? Alluvial terrain doesn't tend to produce the best structural rocks, nor grassland the best load-bearing logs. Or did they perhaps import most of the material? Presumably through the docks, rather than dragging it agonizingly overland one oxcart-load of bricks at a time. If builder bugs need no raw material to work with, well, that'd be a bit of a potential threat to the shipping industry too, now, wouldn't it? At least in the short-to-medium term, until new industries pop up... but also in the short-to-medium term, those potentially unemployed longshoremen have families to feed. Maybe they decided to seize an excuse to 'go on strike' now, disrupting the commercial traffic while they're still in demand, in order to pay out union accounts into personal savings and shake down shipping magnates for bribes, so they'll have full larders when the anticipated crisis properly arrives. Maybe.

I think about economics kind of a lot.

>The cat folk are some kind of demon or something similar.
Good guess! Not going to confirm or deny the exact details at this point (unless somebody spends a weekly question on it), apart from mentioning that in this context the word "Nyaraku" is actually derived from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naraka_(Buddhism) modified by a stereotypical cat voice, rather than, say, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyaruko:_Crawling_with_Love
No. 116536 ID: d36af7

If we're going to be talking about Rook's Vineyard, I might as well drop some reference links:
>Consider who built the wall of poison near there, and why.
>This is similar enough that we may yet have much to discuss.
No. 116537 ID: 3abd97

>unless somebody spends a weekly question on it
Sudo explain option four.
No. 116538 ID: af6e04

As soon as I read 'We don't go there anymore.' I thought of Ravenholm, but now with the second link too I'm thinking we're going to find some sort of dark drakocracy secret down there.

Either way, a subterrene should be almost as good as a submarine for finding a structure on the bottom of a lake. Not sure how we'd justify the field trip to Lt.Cmdr. Jalkaren Blessed-Is-The-Light though.
No. 116559 ID: d36af7

The catgirls thought they wouldn't need an expert in local law because they were working direct for the Prince, who assured them the project's timely completion was more than valuable enough to justify the revision of building codes or neighborhood noise ordinances or whatnot for their convenience. Where they're from, amoral dictatorship is the default, so they're not properly accustomed to the dynamics of a drakocratic multipolar environment where people actually take rule-of-law seriously.

The Prince knows local contract law better than they do, and used it against them. This took them by surprise, because a ruler with absolute power behaving in such a way would be bizarrely self-defeating. They figured if he didn't want to pay them as much, he'd just alter the deal, and possibly instruct them to "pray it not be altered any further," under threat of violence. In fact, the numbers given in their initial estimate had more to do with how much damage they figured they could plausibly inflict (while retreating from the prince's guards during such a contingency) and corresponding Schelling points for extortion during a Mexican standoff at the cusp of such unpleasantness, than with the complexity of construction itself. Hardly any material costs, beetles do almost all the work and don't need pay, so it's mainly a matter of drawing up blueprints, a bit of calculus to figure the structure's total mass, and trivial dimensional analysis to translate that into build time. Grab some food, secure the perimeter, sit back and take a nap. Then one day you wake up to find that while the Prince could've changed the relevant ordinances... instead, some penalty clause was invoked. http://www.atomic-robo.com/atomicrobo/v12ch2-page-10 Repeatedly. http://www.atomic-robo.com/atomicrobo/v12ch1-page-17

The masons and bricklayers union retains lawyers whose entire job description is pushing back when the prince (or any other client) tries that kind of fine-print dickery. Option four is this: tell the Nyaraku Nyanco to go to the union, swallow their pride, and cough up whatever the best legal advice costs, 'cause it's likely to be cheaper than the alternative.

No more non-union big-ticket construction, even if the negotiations for tidying it up retroactively have just started? No more reason for a strike. Cargo gets loaded at standard rates, no sneaky stuff, and even if negotiations break down again the very next day, that's not your problem anymore.
No. 116560 ID: 3abd97

>A way the union and cats both benefit by working together or at least with one paying the others off
Kome was right all along!
No. 116607 ID: d36af7

>spell-proofed doors
>What kind of warding does this imply, and could I replicate it?
It's a tavern rumor, not a case study from an engineering textbook. First circle abjurations could add the equivalent of a sturdy deadbolt to a door, or watch an area with the equivalent of a short-range motion sensor (linked to either a noisemaker or a telepathic 'ping' sufficient to wake the caster up from normal sleep), both on a scale of hours, or polarize someone's aura to deflect immaterial stuff and strongly opposed creatures (spirits, half-spirits, and priests, mostly, though it's particularly effective against temporary summoned creatures) on a scale of minutes.

Broad-spectrum countermagic starts at 3rd circle, but perfect reliability against all but the most extreme counter-countermeasures has to wait until 7th or 8th, depending on what you're willing to put up with in terms of side effects.

Might also refer to a door built from the wood of some naturally magic-resistant tree, lined with lead, sealed up airtight (presumably in concert with some magical or alchemical method to keep the air inside breathable), festooned with certain amulets, glyphs, herbs, or otherwise incorporating relatively mundane precautions against supernatural intrusion. http://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/sword-interval/ep-5-bachelor-pad/viewer?title_no=486&episode_no=5
No. 116610 ID: 094652

Is there a way to convince one of the beetles to smuggle onto the ship for adventure? Lack of a hive mind might be too dangerous to consider this, but... Catbug. I mean, come on, you dangled a pathfinder version of Catbug in front of us, who else wants one of them as the mascot?
No. 116611 ID: 3d2d5f

>rolled 17
Daaaaang, Dav struck out. No catgirls for her. Too bad Comfort for the Lonely kicks in *after*.

I don't really think there's a good way to take a bug with us. Maybe we could hire the company to build something in the future though. (Strategically placed transparent walls in a structure could be used to give a line of sight teleporter an unfair advantage).

Hey, JamesLeng, could I ask what I supposed to be picking to finish Rhea's level up? I'm not entirely sure how many spells she's supposed to get (do these tables distinguish between per day casting capability and number of different spells you can memorize?), or how these clerical domains are supposed to work. I'd also be interested to hear if you had any cool ideas for a prestidigitation variant.

What circle would "create q-ration" be anyways? (Probably higher up there, as it creates a persistent trade commodity).
No. 116621 ID: af6e04

>Might also refer to a door built from the wood of some naturally magic-resistant tree, lined with lead, sealed up airtight (presumably in concert with some magical or alchemical method to keep the air inside breathable), festooned with certain amulets, glyphs, herbs, or otherwise incorporating relatively mundane precautions against supernatural intrusion.
I suppose that knowledge wouldn't fall under the abjuration specialty then?
No. 116629 ID: d36af7

Cleric's chart shows spells-per-day. In Pathfinder (and Exalted), priests don't usually have a hard cap for how many different effects they can know how to pray for, only how much total power they can throw around before recharging with some sort of divine quid-pro-quo: prayers, sacrifices, that sort of thing. More is better, obviously, but most gods also tend to appreciate a steady diet of small daily devotions over feast-or-famine faith that plays havoc with their budgets. So, successful clerics tend to pray at consistent times, letting their patron know which specific miracles they're expecting to need before the next check-in. Preparation allows divine energies to be gathered and set in motion at a harmonious, leisurely pace. If you asked for something complicated and unusual but end up not needing it, the power can be crumpled up and swapped at the last minute for a domain spell of equal or lower circle, representing the miraculous effects a given god 'always has in stock.' If you need something that you didn't ask for in advance, or which is beyond what you could normally ask for at all, well, that's risky. You're annoying the divine patron, interrupting whatever they were in the middle of, asking for a favor which involves them doing more work, and relatively messy, strenuous work at that. The vast majority of gods, like other powerful privileged people, tend to respond to petty inconveniences with disproportionate resentment and hostility even when you're otherwise on good terms and have a truly excellent justification. To improve the odds of a useful result, pray at a shrine, ideally one which you just finished either building with your own hands or capturing and reconsecrating from an opposed power. Valuable offerings, more voices joining in the prayer, and various other factors can also help.

>What circle would "create q-ration" be anyways? 3rd. Many tribes of White Elves know a ritual that anyone can learn and use, though, with as little as one trained celebrant supervising a hundred unskilled workers to produce a meal per worker per hour. That's what keeps the price down to $5 per meal.

Somebody who mostly worked magical wards would probably recognize mundane protective materials at a glance, particularly with the context clues of them being in active use, and could assess strengths and weaknesses or discuss technical details with someone who specialized in that kind of thing, but wouldn't necessarily be able to exactly replicate the effects. Sorta like how a good computer programmer needs to understand something about the hardware those programs run on, but isn't necessarily someone you'd trust with a soldering iron. Has Nistamatsin studied or practiced carpentry, metallurgy, herb-lore, any sort of craft and trade skills like that?
No. 116633 ID: 3d2d5f

Ah. That's... confusing. By which I mean, I can see the logic behind that arrangement now that you've pointed it out, but that's going to make conceptualizing the resources / options I have more difficult.

My options are then anything on the cleric list within level, minus anything anathetical, plus domain spells / powers?

How do we want to handle actually implementing that? Should I be announcing a list of what I prepared every in-game day? (Cause I've been enjoying... not having to do that). Should I prepare a default list and just announce deviations when they crop up? Handwave it and assume anything thematically appropriate (fire, food, diplomacy, standard healing stuff) can be called upon, but outside that make sure to pray for it in-game in advance?

If domain spells are supposed to be the only ones I can always be sure are available, I'm also less certain what to choose there. I was thinking fire and community thematically, but mechanically, it looks to me like some of the stuff from domain fire is redundant with her existing mutation / power combo. (She already has fire resistance, and it sure seems like she should already be able to duplicate fire bolt or produce flame, though I don't know how the damage compares).
No. 116637 ID: 049931

>Has Nistamatsin studied or practiced carpentry, metallurgy, herb-lore, any sort of craft and trade skills like that?
Well, I figured the abjuration specialty made sense partly because as a demon wardings are something that often would affect him in particular.

>Should I prepare a default list and just announce deviations when they crop up?
That's what I do whenever I play cleric in D&D. Though pathfinder has a much bigger spell list so I can see how it would be easier to get lost in the possibilities.

I'm actually kinda looking forward to doing the wizard bookkeeping. They made things a lot simpler in 5e but IIRC in pathfinder you need to assign a spell slot to a certain spell. So if you think you might need Magic Mouth you gotta dedicate one of your second level spell slots to magic mouth and if no opportunity for hilarious party member pranking comes up (what else would you use magic mouth for?) then that slot is wasted. Which is interesting.
No. 116640 ID: fc3fc0

The upside is that, while it takes more to manage, it also makes you much more flexible than other spell casters. You can prepare a diplomacy spell list, baking spell list, combat spell list, etc, and given enough prep time you can then just use whatever spells you need. The cool thing is that you can just take a day to pray and prepare, and the next day you have custom spells tailored to whatever challenges you're going to face given enough intel before hand. If we assume level 1 with a +3 ability modifier in your relevant casting stat, you should be able to cast a 2 spells + one domain spell per day. If the fire domain is too redundant, the Sun Domain might be appropriate; I don't know how relevant the bonuses to smiting undead are, but thematically it seems to fit. Another route could be a reskinned or modified version of the good domain, letting you invoke mom's power to smite her foes and such. You'll already get healing at your fingertips just by being a cleric, as well as having the community domain, so there's very little reason to slot slot one of those spells up regularly. Something that might make sense is a summon monster spell, with something like a beetle or eagle being your go to animal, and just re-skinning them or modifying them to be sun based. Mom grants you a small portion of her power, animated and ready to do your biding, that sort of thing. Read Weather and comprehend languages would be useful everyday spells, and then spells like know thy enemy, touch of blindness, or ray of sickness could be good for combat utility if you don't really want a lot of spells that deal fire damage. Touch of blindness could be reskinned as a blinding light rather than magical darkness, and ray of sickness could be call something like food poisoning, or Delilahs Rotten Meal or something else food themed to fit Rhea's character better.
No. 116647 ID: d36af7

Well, that's a typical arrangement rather than an absolute metaphysical necessity, and Rhea has an unusually good position from which to negotiate. What are you looking for?
No. 116654 ID: 3abd97

>you need to assign a spell slot to a certain spell
Yeah, I was doing that with Marijke in the first session, but I noticed I was the only person doing it and was kinda getting frustrated with it, and I didn't resume when Davina got Moon-Tiara-Magic-ed.

So is Nin going wizard for class then?

>something like food poisoning

I was thinking something similar to the classical hospitality traditions would apply in this faith, which would make deliberately serving a guest poisoned or bad food a hard no.

Hmm. I'll get back to you on that. I'm gonna think on the advice offered and look over the lists on d20pfsrd some more. I might try fudging / customizing a domain.
No. 116655 ID: d10e29

I would say there's a difference between purposefully poisoning a guest you've extended hospitality to, and sickening an assailant or creature which is actively trying to do one bodily harm. Once someone tries to stick you with the pointy end of a blade, most responsibilities as a host are no longer binding.

Still though a custom domain would be cool. Wishing you luck!
No. 116663 ID: d36af7

I was just looking over the wiki, noticed a couple of little things. First one's the sort of typo a spellchecker would miss. Dragons have 'pronounced,' or alternatively 'extreme,' sexual dimorphism, not 'pounced.' Second, Vishkanya are probably troll-kin, like most other sapient mortals with non-draconic ophidian characteristics.

Third was only up for about eleven hours back in the middle of last month, but I completely missed it at the time, and it bears repeating:
>Kome, for future reference, that document is meant to be a reference for known capabilities and inventories.
>Good rule of thumb is if you can't copy paste it from a thread, it probably doesn't belong there.
I check the game and discussion threads frequently, often several times a day even if I haven't posted (usually 'cause I'm stalled on some unexpected and computationally intensive development, either something in-game I didn't specifically plan for, or various IRL problems that don't seem significant enough to require an explanation here or apology for delay). I don't check the wiki or google docs nearly as often. Ask your questions here, I will see them and respond.

Actual questions, preferably, rather than lumbering walls of febrile exposition for me to pick through and incrementally realign with my own understanding of the setting. The easiest questions, in general, are points where I've clearly worked out lots of the surrounding details but not yet gotten around to explaining the specific item, since it hasn't been directly relevant, even though you'd probably know in-character. Examples would be the names and tactical roles of the other missing-presumed-dead original-recipe Fire Hawks, and Pickled Locust's official responsibilities in Passholdt's government.

I'd also like people to ask lots of general-knowledge questions about Overmire, before the New Fire Hawks arrive there and start taking in-character action during three days of shore leave. It's a bigger city than Passholdt, further from real-world precedents in both layout and economic basis (which are deeply entwined), and not as thoroughly mapped out or playtested, so if the worldbuilding has soft spots I'd rather they be poked at now, while I've got slack to do damage control without breaking flow, instead of later when the details have immediate tactical relevance.
No. 116665 ID: 3d2d5f

>lots of general-knowledge questions about Overmire
Some of this may veer into things that would require a roll to look up, so don't feel like you have to answer all of these now. I'm just gonna poke at things I feel would probably come up.

What's available for money sinks? (New equipment, opportunities to upgrade or enchant existing gear, magic items, spellcasting or other specialed skilled services, luxuries, etc). Especially ones that are a better deal locally than they might be elsewhere, or flat out aren't unavailable elsewhere.

If we get paid in a bonus immovable rod, how much can we liquidate it for here (where they're made) versus if we held onto it until we got back?

What kind of protections does the merchant company and/or their business partners have in-city, in case someone tries something while we're on furlough?

What's the local population like? For instance, what's the majority race(s) making up the population, and is it different than where we've been? What religions or gods hold significant sway locally?

Are there any social or cultural norms significantly different than what we're used to seeing so far? Racism, sexism, or other -isms against specific groups, people, religions or behaviors for instance. Weird social rituals that could get strangers in trouble for not knowing. Groups with significantly different rights than elsewhere ("all X are property, not people" or "you can't move that sacred cow out of the street!"). Those kinds of things.

What's the local government structured like, below the level of "answers to a dragon at top"? Is the normal behavior or gear of any of our characters illegal here but not elsewhere? Is there extradition or a shared jurisdiction with anywhere any of us are wanted?

Do we have npcs for various social stuff? (Sex, proselytizing, various pursuits of ambitions, sticking body snatching worms into, etc).

Do the prior Fire Hawks have existing contacts, relationships, or business partners we can interact with locally? (Do any of our characters have their own personal connections, or people from their past who have made their way here)?

The city is "built on the immovable rod industry". Over land? Over sea? How high up? How are the logistics of travel / trade with the surface below accomplished? How 'together' is the place (solid floating island? Venice of the sky, with aerial canals between structures)?

More may follow later, I'm hitting post before my phone decides to drop all this text.
No. 116666 ID: d36af7

This isn't comprehensive, I'm just hitting the easy parts first.
>money sinks
>npcs for various social stuff
It's a huge diverse city. Lots of people, lots of things to buy.

>What kind of protections does the merchant company and/or their business partners have in-city, in case someone tries something while we're on furlough?
Different guards, local law enforcement, and various interlocking layers of insurance. Fairly standard set of precautions for a docked vessel and adjacent warehouse holding material of moderate strategic significance. Anything goes wrong during those three days, it's not your problem unless you directly started it.

>Are there any social or cultural norms significantly different than what we're used to seeing so far?
>Over land? Over sea? How high up? How are the logistics of travel / trade with the surface below accomplished? How 'together' is the place (solid floating island? Venice of the sky, with aerial canals between structures)?
If you were hoping to have some solid ground under your feet instead of an ever-shifting deck, you might be out of luck. Overmire is, as the name suggests, a city built above a swamp. Not, it must be noted, ON the swamp.

When the city was established, in the early days of the Drakocracy, a certain faction of Green elves found themselves in a position to dictate the terms of certain civic ordinances, and took the opportunity to impose strict ecological and aesthetic standards on all permanent construction within city limits, essentially outlawing any effective commercial development in and around one of the best natural harbors in the known world. Then, as their influence waned, some clever artificer figured out an assembly-line process for producing Immovable Rods, making it possible to establish large load-bearing structures which were nonetheless inarguably temporary, since they could be torn down at the press of a button.

The result was a city as airy, fragile, and amorphous as a puffball fungus. There are no load-bearing walls in Overmire, no shingled roofs. Floors are made of taut canvas, or metal gridwork in the fancier parts of town. Privacy consists of blankets and paper screens, some of them enchanted to radiate silence or darkness.

There are no streets and barely any stairwells, just balance beams, ladders, bucket-chains, and elevators, some more than 200 feet high. Locals scamper around like rats or monkeys through the rigging of a ship. Anything heavy that has to be moved any significant horizontal distance is lowered by block-and-tackle to a raft or barge, poled or towed or rowed to the destination, then hoisted again. Some counterweights are fixed slugs of metal, but more often they're great mud-encrusted amphorae full of potable water going up, or empties and garbage going down.

Docks and industry are closest to the muck, of course, out of practical necessity, but residential areas aren't stratified the way you might think. Beggars, thieves, and common laborers nest in the tangled mid-strata, with tradesmen and bureaucrats above them getting progressively more living space and sight-lines, but in this place where altitude is cheap, the truly rich and powerful demonstrate clout by clearing out vast hemispheres of potential cityscape just so they can have clear air and sunlight in their penthouses near ground level.

>If we get paid in a bonus immovable rod, how much can we liquidate it for here (where they're made) versus if we held onto it until we got back?
Trying to resell a new car right after you drove it off the dealer's lot, eh? Maybe four thousand gold, if you can find a buyer at all in three days. Even if you do, the bosun'll yell at you for bringing along excess weight (unless you somehow spend it on things that weighs less than the rod did, or which obviously make you better at your job) and for being bad at mercantilism.

Anywhere at least a week away from Overmire by conventional travel, with time to collect competing offers and play them off against each other? Probably closer to five thousand. Maybe more, if there's a specific need and you're the only available supplier (meaning at the very least someplace that's not a direct trade partner, like Passholdt is).
No. 116668 ID: 3d2d5f

I am glad to have feather fall and I feel bad for Vos trying to get around already. Sounds like a playground for Ji.

More stuff to consider:

Where's the city's food coming from, and how are they getting it up in the air? What about their fresh water? Those same building codes sound like they might restrict agricultural options.

Any significant imports and exports outside of the raw materials in, immovable rods (and other tools) out we're already familiar with?

How has the city been impacted by that recent civil war, with all the demonology and such?

Any big public entertainment? Organized sports of some kind, colosseum fights, grecian theatre, festivals, executions, debates, etc. What about smaller scale popular entertainment?

What's the climate like? (What season is it)?

Is there a dungeon entrance nearby?

What's the local military like? (The city's layout impacts how it could be defended, and how the forces tasked with that would be built, organized, armed, etc).

Is the criminal underworld into anything outside what we might normally expect?
No. 116669 ID: d36af7

Like almost any major city at a natural confluence of trade routes, food consumption wildly outstrips local supply, so it has to be imported from all over.
Actually I already mentioned this, albeit indirectly. The titular mire is a big swampy tidal estuary. and salinity is low enough most of the time that it's possible to dunk great big pots into the mud, let water percolate in through semi-permeable unglazed ceramic, then lift them back up hours or days later full of potable water. Has to be made from the right kind of clay, though, or the pots just melt.

>how are they getting it up in the air?
Certain amount of magic, certain amount of animal labor or wind power, but that's for big urgent stuff. Much of the routine small-batch lifting takes advantage of pulleys with suitable mechanical advantage and the social convention that ladders are one-way, up only. Anybody climbing down a ladder for any reason much less urgent than fleeing a burning building is being super rude and wasteful. Instead, people descend by grabbing ropes or bucket-chains or piling into elevators, acting as living counterweights to hoist supplies.
No. 116670 ID: af6e04

>I feel bad for Vos trying to get around already.
He'll make a good counterweight at least

I guess it's relevant to ask then. Is Vos strong enough to pull himself up a ladder or rope with all that extra weight and only the use of his arms?
No. 116672 ID: d36af7

His flipper-spikes and tail can also aid in climbing.
No. 116673 ID: d5ff27

Are there railings to keep people safe?

Did cap get a mutation that turned his hand into a fleshy club?

Do the buttons in question have protection so that terrorism is less convenient?

How would climbing a ladder be faster than sliding down a pole or using a rope? Are there protection for younger kids or the handicapped who would have more difficulties?

Is there just like a solid floor of immovable rods? It sounds like there's flotation devices used. Is gas involved?

Are most buildings made of wood? Does that make protections against fires or war adding difficult because they can't utilize a lot of denser materials that are the typical industry standard?

Also if there's no streets, is it like mostly a vertical structure like an apartment complex? How do you move laterally?

How does the city prepare for storms?

Why doesn't anyone overturn the old ordinances and just make the ground available?

More to come as I think of more
No. 116677 ID: d36af7

>Do the buttons in question have protection so that terrorism is less convenient?
Structurally significant rods get enclosed in load-bearing material to the point that opening it up for deactivation would be no easier than tearing the structure apart conventionally.
>Is there just like a solid floor of immovable rods?
Not unless somebody incredibly rich needs a floor that can support hundreds of pounds per square inch.
>It sounds like there's flotation devices used. Is gas involved?
No. The 'floatation devices' are immovable rods. They float in the sense that, when active, they fail to fall, even under significant loads. Buildings hang from them. Picture a hot-air balloon with an iron girder in place of the actual balloon, or a tent with very short poles that don't need to touch the ground.

>How would climbing a ladder be faster than sliding down a pole or using a rope?
Climbing down a ladder or sliding down a fireman's pole would be equally antisocial because in either case you're letting the gravitational potential energy of your body and immediate possessions go to waste, instead of putting it to use lifting something else. Doing so efficiently often involves waiting around in elevators until enough other people (or outgoing mail, garbage, etc.) accumulates to counterbalance the next major thing-to-be-lifted.
No. 116679 ID: d36af7

>How does the city prepare for storms?
"One of the best natural harbors in the known world" includes the fact that they don't get a lot of spontaneous inclement weather. Immovable-rod-based construction is naturally resistant to damage from high winds, immune to all but the most extreme flooding, and need not present any conductive path for lightning. Most of all, magical weather control to negate such problems before they begin.

>Why doesn't anyone overturn the old ordinances and just make the ground available?
Several reasons. It's a swamp, so the ground isn't exactly ideal for conventional construction anyway. Permanent buildings aren't outright prohibited, just heavily restricted, so somebody who really needs a solid stone foundation inside city limits (for whatever reason) occasionally manages to jump through all the hoops of licensing-and-permit hell to make it happen; anyone who gives up partway through presumably found an easier alternative. Reactionary Green elves don't have as much political pull anymore, but blocking change is a lot easier than initiating it. A lot of them are also druids of high enough level to do proper miles-wide weather control spells, so if they decided peaceful engagement with government policy wasn't going to get them what they wanted, things might get fairly ugly even if it was just a matter of withdrawing protection (see above). And, in a classic baptists-and-bootleggers alliance, the current construction paradigm creates steady demand for immovable rods, a situation which the rod manufacturing syndicate is in no hurry to disrupt.
No. 116683 ID: 756753

I want to rephrase one of my question; I know you talked about lateral movement, but that seems awful inconvenient for large volumes of traffic, which a city certainly has. Unless the city is mostly vertical, meaning the large traffic routes are up and down rather than side to side, it seems implausible that there are all these flimsy sounding rigging could hold up under major foot traffic. Any time there's a big event, like a siege or a festival that would surely overload those kinds of paths, right? Or am I missing some details here?

I also didn't realize that structures were usually hung from rods rather than place onto them. If that's the case, how do they prevent structures from collapsing under their own weight, buckling in the middle or just pulling loose at the stress points, etc. In the same way you can't hold a cup by the lid or it'll buckle and fall, that must represent serious architectural problems.

It also sounds awful inconvenient for tradepeople and merchants. Any dense tools or large shipments of goods must be a pain to store.

Also, it sounds like people lived there before elves put up laws. If a mire sucks to build on, what were/are the factors make it a good harbor? You mentioned weather, I also assume shape of the land. Anything else?
No. 116688 ID: 3abd97

>Well, that's a typical arrangement rather than an absolute metaphysical necessity, and Rhea has an unusually good position from which to negotiate. What are you looking for?
>Though pathfinder has a much bigger spell list so I can see how it would be easier to get lost in the possibilities.
I think I can work around the problem of scope by paring that list down into a smaller and more manageable list-of-things-I-might-actually-use. (If I felt a spell was non-thematic, or something that messed with numbers in the background instead of actually doing something, it went in the trash pile).

The other thing I'd like to do is not stick rigidly to what the sourcebook domains give you. Fire and Community make sense thematically, but there's a few things I might want to swap out. (Which mechanically I suppose is equivalent to using custom subdomains?).

-Calming Touch and Bless look good.
-I don't understand what Unity would even do in our game, but that can probably be addressed or swapped out much later.

-Rhea already has fire resistance. Swap that out for some kind of diplomatic power, maybe? Perhaps expand the scope of the protections offered by marking something as official diplomatic correspondence.
-I'm having a hard time comparing Fire Bolt to what Rhea can already do by applying her ability to her mutation. Is this an improvement?
-Burning Hands is unambiguously AOE, while wisps aren't, so I think I'm good with that.

The other thing I'm a little disappointed at are the options I'm seeing for mundane utility. The origami spell is great fun for finding different ways to apply it, and I'm wishing for something similar.
No. 116692 ID: d36af7

>what Unity would even do in our game
Sounds clear enough to me. Instead of being just a roving ambassador, at that point she becomes a mobile embassy, capable of routinely (though perhaps less reliably) extending protection to others. Need to get formal recognition from appropriate elemental courts before protection applies to much other than fire, though.
Same basic effect as Yisheng Ji's "plums ripen into peaches" spell, but for Rhea it works on starchy stuff and baked goods instead of fruit. Bread or cake that's been sitting out for months might still be salable as 'day-old,' on top of enhanced nutrition and deliciousness. Her ambition as a pastry chef is to make stuff at least that good without magic.
>Air Bubble counters super drowning skills
To an extent, yes, but having those flame-wisps submerged in water is also bad. On top of the short duration, it's got the same limitation as Condense Water: can't create pure elemental substances out of nothing before 3rd circle. Deoxygenated water yields a bubble of equally unbreathable air, and hard vacuum won't even give you that much. Works fine in the 'death zone' at the tops of the tallest mountains, though, and if you're in a sealed room that some jerk is pumping all the air out of, you could use it to stall (but not reverse) that process.

>Rhea already has fire resistance. Swap that out for some kind of diplomatic power, maybe?
She had it back at first level, AS a diplomatic power. It's a direct reflection of her mom's authority and influence over elemental fire. In GURPS, fire resistance 5 is the same level of functional immunity that fire-breathing dragons and inferno-dwelling imps get, because in that system, being engulfed head-to-toe in ordinary fire deals 1d6-1 damage per second, so reducing that by five means it can be safely ignored. More than five fire damage in one hit can happen from the initial splash of a molotov cocktail or flamethrower, but even then reducing the damage by five would be a noticeable improvement. Damage spillover could be considered equivalent to someone overstepping the bounds of legitimate behavior in a moment of excessive zeal, mistaken identity, or blatantly misbehaving diplomats being temporarily held until their credentials can be verified. Beyond that, you're talking about things like getting dunked in molten rock or metal, or hit with ultra-tech energy weapons, or serious battle magic, all of which seem like the kinds of things Rhea's diplomatic immunity might not be a perfect solution to, at least not until she's gained a few more levels.

>Clarion Call
Yes, this is good. http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/comic/ch04/ch04_63.html

>Blessed Fist
>Magic Stone
I think you might be undervaluing these. It's not just a broad, vague, hard-to-explain +1; they both take an otherwise suboptimal but technically valid weapon and upgrade it to a credible threat, including the ability to bypass some DR which low-level or poorly-equipped characters might otherwise have trouble with. Pick up a piece of pea gravel, make it glow, flick it at somebody so it hits as hard as a swung baseball bat... that's not "nothing."
>mundane utility
Grease? Detect Secret Ingredients (including live plants or fungi with potential culinary applications, and any poison with a distinctive taste)? Transmute Wood to Charcoal? What sorts of effects are you looking for, or what sorts of problems are you looking to solve?
No. 116698 ID: 3abd97

>fire resistance
I'm not sure if you're making the case that I don't need more protection because it's only corner or extreme cases that get past it now and what I have will grow, or that more rF is good because it will be Rhea's own power and will eventually outstrip what mom's authority offers her. If you mean the latter, I can roll with that.

I also sort of assumed those would require being good at throwing a punch, or hitting things with a thrown object, to really take advantage of. I'll consider them, though.

>comparing Fire Bolt to what Rhea can already do by applying her ability to her mutation
Any input there? I'm happy to throw fire around, if it's an improvement on her capabilities.

>What sorts of effects are you looking for, or what sorts of problems are you looking to solve?
Actually I think the second bit is sort of it- every cantrip I currently have that seems worth using is specialized to solve a specific problem, or a narrow band of problems. None of them are really things you can turn to multiple applications with a little creativity.

Grease is probably a good example of the kind of thing I'm looking for, in that it's versatile enough to solve a lot of different problems. I'm less sure it's what I would want for this character, though.

Basically, I'm wondering if you have any other not-Prestidigitation effects to play with. (I'm somewhat of the opinion that boundary conditions foster creativity to an extent? Give me the origami spell, I look for ways to make it useful. Give me straight-up Prestidigitation, and I'd likely ignore it not knowing what to do with something that broad). I mean, if you have a class of spell you can use at any time, you might as well have one you can invoke in multiple situations.
No. 116699 ID: 3abd97

This does bring to mind one problem that occurred to me. Industry that depends on working metal, and cooking. Forges and fireplaces are heavy, and with lots of canvas and paper construction, the place strikes me as pretty flammable. People preparing hot meals for themselves on a regular basis might need to be addressed.

Not that there aren't magical and/or engineering workarounds for those problems.
No. 116717 ID: d36af7

Iron gridwork floors can support reasonably heavy loads, and won't burn.

It'd be simple enough to design a stove or oven or kiln that dangles from an immovable rod like a campfire cook-pot on a tripod. Set it up with an air gap all around, over an empty elevator shaft. When a fire gets out of control, just reach over with a pole to push the button and it plummets into the swamp. Whole building catches? Same response but more so.

Or you could go with the more elegant solution, enchanted cook-pots which need no fuel and only get hot on the inside.

An anvil could be essentially some odd-shaped extra bits grafted on to an immovable rod, with the button underneath.

Those who seek to discourage gunpowder development might well consider overall urban flammability a feature rather than a bug.
No. 116740 ID: 094652

Just to clarify, is the first week of studying over, or do we still have an extra day to finish up?
No. 116747 ID: fc3fc0

apparent Kent is not the best person for financial advise
No. 116748 ID: 3d2d5f

I'm just glad that roll wasn't for tinkering with the sunterrene.
No. 116749 ID: fc3fc0

Not that time! I'm certain Kent and I are both going to enjoy making a number of poor rolls as they try to figure out the ins and outs of everything.
No. 116757 ID: 3abd97
File 150827957828.jpg - (529.40KB , 886x896 , Team Magic Sword 02.jpg )

>you could even get standardized insignia and decorations
I doodled up an icon for Team Magic Sword (probably more formally something like The Order of the Holy Sword and Medical Reclamation, in-universe).

A drama / comedy mask bisected by the eponymous magic sword, wrapped in a serpent. I'd think the sword / serpent should be wreathed in a corona of fire, but shapes that look like flames are beyond my lineart skills.

The mask invokes our faceless leader and his divided nature, as well as the union of opposing celestial forces backing the mission. The central serpent-wrapped sword invokes the driving forces of the mission- the sword both divine threat and reward, the serpent an allusion to the staff of Asclepius and our mission to reclaim a hospital, or perhaps the serpent and dangerous knowledge (invokes Mode and Kent), or just the devil intertwined with the divine. Flame also invokes Rhea / Firemom, and Azure.

Hmm. Occurs to me a little late, maybe I could have put an open road directly below the mask to invoke Hanspur too. (Or had the snake tail widen and transition into a road beneath the mask, instead of tapering away to a point). Although I suppose a empty mask invokes our animate suit or armor as well as our face-stealing demon.
No. 116778 ID: fc3fc0

Looks pretty radical! I like the way you use symbolism to incorporate the different archetypes and themes of the group!

I think the week is over, but I'm also still under the impression there's no such thing as a take 10 mechanic in this setting- you keep saying you're "taking ten" but I'm pretty sure Jamesleng has emphasized that anything you think is non-trivial needs a roll, and I believe appraisals and checking motives are traditionally non-trivial actions. Honestly I think you're just gimping yourself by not rolling because it means you have little to no chance of being successful, even in areas where you have relevant skills and experience that could offset a bad roll. I'd suggest that you stop trying to take ten and follow the outlined rules, unless you can establish a different president beforehand.

Speaking of, JamesLeng, can you approve/deny Isaiah taking the extra revelations feat and getting the water sight revelation?
No. 116780 ID: af6e04

>Has Nistamatsin studied or practiced carpentry, metallurgy, herb-lore, any sort of craft and trade skills like that?
I realize now that I didn't actually answer this question. I think herb-lore would make sense, with a special focus on mundane warding methods.

This is great! Nin approved

>It's actually more like taking six, in D&D terms, or fourteen where low rolls are better.
JamesLeng said that in the last dis thread, so there is a 'default' mechanic. Not ideal, but I guess it's there if you really hate crit failures.

So we're on the same page, you guys should know that every character I make is going to be big on party cohesion. A cohesive group is just more fun to play with. Nin's old bindings placed a focus on family loyalty, which has persisted and could definitely reshape itself to encompass his fellow PCs.
No. 116781 ID: fc3fc0

Whoops! Sorry Kome, thats my bad.

>character cohesion
Thats a good philosophy to go off of! I'm struck by so many character ideas I've had to make a notes sheet

I've publicly talked about Tellus Matrem, the Honeyed Courier before, and Bulgruf Many-Woman, lightning caller, but I also have on my list:

Karrod, a Minotaur with a devotion to war, and a passion for the tools of the trade

Salt, Alphious's demonic sister turned ranger, on the hunt for thrills and challenges in the human world

Pip the white elf who's convinced he's a lizard, a cavalier mercenary with an enthusiasm for reptiles

Cathos, Green elf who feels a compulsion to preen, and uses his silver tongue to collect magical artifacts and oddities from around the world

and finally for now Little Jenny, also known as "The Red Hood", a telepathic athlete who was a prodigal merfolk Smash player a blood-sport I came up with for her character, turned adventurer after she had to undergo some extensive surgery.

After Riv, I made an effort to ensure all my characters A) would have a motivation to go adventuring, and B) be a little better suited to team gameplay. Karrod would be interested in dungeon gameplay, and have crafting capabilities, so thats useful. Similar to Tunic's character in the first thread, although with more of a lawful evil vibe. Cathos would also probably follow a similar moral path, but he, Salt, and Little Jenny would also enjoy dungeon crawling. Telepathy would have been damn useful at many points in our campaign thus far, no doubt it'd be helpful in the future as well. Pip would probably go down the cavalier tree, which is sort of a support warrior class, providing bonuses to allies who can see them and stuff; think bard/paladin, but without magic or healing. Cavalier here would represent both personality and class focus, so he would hopeful bring some lightheartedness and support his allies, much like Vos. Do you guys have any character ideas in the bag? I've no doubt Kome has some in depth stories and mechanics rattling around somewhere, but I don't know if you and Magey have anything waiting for a good opportunity to be revealed
No. 116783 ID: 3abd97

>I've publicly talked about Tellus Matrem, the Honeyed Courier before
By the way, did you happen to notice when...

>A mound-builder (olive-brown skin except for bright pink tattoos coiled around the forearms, distinctive red porcelain mask and yellow-and-green leather satchel, both proprietary marks of the Courier's Guild, travel-stained clothes, smells vaguely of honey) steps out of the woodshed and shouts:

>a prodigal merfolk Smash player
I'm willfully assuming either alternate-universe Blitzball or Smash Brothers. Either would be hilarious.

>Do you guys have any character ideas in the bag?
Fewer in any state of completion. My process for this game has largely been starting with an idea or few for the initial "seed" and then lots of experimental (and oft revised) attempts to flesh out from there. Big stuff like personality or character can evolve fairly late in the process.

Dav was partially inspired by a quest idea Idiom didn't end up using (something something lesbian fencer versus all of hell) and a ridiculous DCSS character I once had (who, among other things, had a lucky randart combination that allowed at-will semi-controlled blinking on a heavy armor dex fighter https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4144 ). The initial seed was an attempt to make someone more combat oriented than Marijke, not a mage, and not the diplomat. (Which of course is all rather amusing now). Also to use a parasite, since no one else had picked one.

Rhea's seed was someone who originated below ground, would have an easier time talking to things other than her own party, and to try to use some of the less-popular items on the starting list (which didn't survive the ambitions flip and second draft).

For unused ideas, I considered a white elf probably soldier formerly (or less formally) from one of those 4-man special ops teams that are supposed to be wandering out. Never made it far past initial concept, though there were several drafts of different traits on top of that.

Possibly overlapping with that idea, I'd also considered some kind of espionage specialist.

For one somewhat close to competition I have a huldra lawyer. https://pastebin.com/dWCHsmcc Although she'd probably go back down the pit of revision and rewrites before getting finished. The initial seed for was the spider-power and townie/books/drugs. She ends up overlapping other roles too much, and the power doesn't quite fit the rest of her anymore.

Really though, I haven't put a lot of thought into this subject recently. The character creation process for this game is fun, but I don't want more people than I already have going for now.
No. 116785 ID: d36af7

>huldra lawyer
Alright, for the innate power you get two forms: tiny little infiltration spider, and monstrous spider-hybrid form, which is very intimidating to look at but not actually any more effective in a fight, since regular huldra form has more raw strength. Both spidery forms can spin webs, but not at combat speeds, and doing so requires a proportionate amount of protein. Can't inject any sort of poison or digestive acid, at least not yet, which is a problem because
>vulnerability deliberately left blank
She's an obligate carnivore. Specifically, can only eat meat which has been cooked down to mush or otherwise thoroughly processed. It's possible to get by for a while on things like pemmican, eggs, and/or certain types of cheese, but health consequences could be usefully compared to a coffee and ramen noodle diet.

As a further complication, she is supernaturally unable to steal, or even scrounge. Before she can carry or use any item, it has to be formally transferred to her possession via either sale (with a written contract or at least a receipt), or as a free and un-coerced gift. If some acquisition would violate this rule, her hands can't grip it, or it bounces away, or some other blatantly supernatural phenomenon thwarts the attempt. Various convoluted loans, leases, or holding-in-trust arrangements are also possible, with their exact terms subject to the same supernatural enforcement, at least with regard to her loss of the item in question. Trivial workarounds, like having someone steal something on her behalf, fail the same way. Whoever she's buying from has to first clearly establish their ownership of the thing being sold.

Fortunately, becoming entangled with a snare she set can count as 'gifting' her your flesh, even if you're a nonsapient animal who stumbled in by mistake. Without that loophole, survival in the wilderness would be nigh impossible. Even with it, questions of how to obtain basic things like fuel for a campfire, or water, are non-trivial.

>no take ten
Some actions are trivial, and Azure's background does suggest knowing a fair amount about mercantile stuff, so she can do some ballpark-estimate math without needing to roll for it.
>gimping yourself by not rolling
This part is accurate.
>Isaiah taking the extra revelations feat and getting the water sight revelation
That's fine, yes. Seems very appropriate.
>if you really hate crit failures
Walking into a bad situation all spaced out like you're half-asleep does not provide immunity to horrible mishaps. When you're trying to, say, dodge something heavy and sharp, ordinary failure is bad enough.

In GURPS, an average person, aware of the threat and mobile but not completely focused on defense (perhaps because they're also trying to proactively participate in an ongoing fight), needs to roll an 8 or less on 3d6 to dodge. Further bonuses are available, but you'd have to stack up a lot of those in order to succeed on a roll of 14. Various penalties can also apply for things like encumbrance, less than ideal visibility (flickering torchlight is -3 unless you've got some sort of vision advantage to offset it), bad footing, deceptive attack techniques from a skilled opponent...
No. 116789 ID: d22dc0


>A reference to Tellus
No, I actually completely missed that! I was skimming over a lot of the stuff I missed when I was out for a bit and I guess I just read right over it without realizing! That's awesome though- thank you for pointing it out to me, and thank you JamesLeng for putting some of my ideas into the campaign!

>either alternate-universe Blitzball or Smash Brothers
Both actually. The character is obviously somewhat inspired by FFX - star player in a violent underwater sport, forced to leave home to go on an adventure in a new world, etc. The game evolved from thinking about how to implement that idea, and make a character who was a professional player for some sort of water based sport. The game itself is probably more similar to quidditch than blitzball, but the name is an excuse to say my character is a pro-smash player, because that idea made me laugh much more than is probably reasonable. The in-world excuse for the name comes from a snitch-esque mechanic where one can smash the "ball" to immediately end the game. Haven't fully fleshed out the details, but I don't have much real life experience with sports so mostly bs anyways. Then again, it's an underwater blood-sport meant to entertain a community of telepathic merfolk, so I'm not THAT concerned with how feasible it is in relation to normal sports.
No. 116792 ID: d22dc0

>needs to roll an 8 or less on 3d6 to dodge

Wow. Thats actually pretty tough, I might have think about making Maru more defensive. Never quite enough feats to go around, huh? At least it makes me feel like her fears relating to the dungeon and traps and such are more justified and less of her/me being paranoid about dying around every corner.
No. 116796 ID: d36af7

Well, keep in mind that's an average human. Attributes at 10, no advantages. Combat Reflexes gives +1 to all active defenses (among other things) and someone with, say, Dex 12, Health 12 would get another +1 to base dodge from that (in addition to better initiative and movement speeds and higher defaults on physical skills). Retreating a step gives +3, acrobatic hijinx can give +2 (or -2 if you screw it up), focusing completely on defense instead of attacking can give +4, and all that stacks.
Or, if you've got a ready weapon you know how to use, you can parry. Weapon skill doesn't improve parry active defenses as fast as it improves attacks, but if you've got, say, Two-Handed Axe/Mace at skill 12 (a good reference point for "average competent professional"), you can parry on a 9 or less - 10 or less with the Combat Reflexes advantage. Retreat bonus is only +1, but on the other hand, encumbrance and footwork don't matter. You can parry just fine wearing sixty pounds of armor, or sunk up to your knees in concrete. Only tricky part there is, swinging an axe to attack somebody means it's out of guard position, so you can't really use it to parry until you bring it back up.

Critical success on the attack means the defender doesn't get any active defenses, though, and usually in GURPS one good hit effectively puts somebody out of the fight even if they're still at positive HP, thanks to the stun and knockdown associated with major wounds. Rather than thinking in terms of maximizing active defenses to prolong a toe-to-toe fight, it might be more useful to figure out how to get that decisive hit in before the other guy does, or how to identify and avoid fights you can't win, or don't need to be involved with.
No. 116797 ID: af6e04

>usually in GURPS one good hit effectively puts somebody out of the fight
Since we're on the subject, I think you've said before that you use the higher of the two hitpoint values between GURPS and Pathfinder. Would that mean that a single hit stops being much of a concern past a certain level? In GURPS, hitpoints seem to directly represent physical damage to the character, whereas in Pathfinder it seems to be some sort of abstraction based on the character's combat sense and ability to mitigate damage. How do you fit that together? How would the rogue's sneak attack ability be handled in GURPS?

Main reason I'm asking is cause I've always been kind of annoyed with how you can't really pull any meaning from D&D's hitpoints system. If somebody's taken 50 damage it's hard to describe what that represents in actual terms.
No. 116799 ID: d36af7

Bit of inspiration from the World Tree RPG on that point, actually. Physical damage is constant, but high-HP characters with what would realistically be low-HP bodies are making up the difference spiritually. Some 20th level demigod might have a barbed arrow through the heart and a caved-in skull but fight on like it's nothing (though they would be a bit loopy from the brain damage) because their soul clings to their body with such ferocious intensity. When the spirit is willing enough, it doesn't matter as much that the flesh is weak.

>sneak attack
Physiology knowledge to identify vitals and other significant hit locations on various creatures, weapon skill and specialized techniques to put the blade in just the right spot. Element of surprise or flanking doesn't provide a direct bonus to hit, but you can spend a few seconds aiming for +3, make a telegraphic attack for +4 (giving the target +2 to active defenses, but they don't even get to roll against an attack they can't see coming), and neglect your own defenses for another +4. That offsets the called shot penalty. Different targets can have a variety of effects, stuff like 3x damage for chest vitals or slipping through the gaps between plates of rigid armor.
No. 116801 ID: c5c6dc

Yeah, it definitely makes sense, I was just thinking about the dungeon setting where it's low lighting, cramped or dangerous surroundings, who knows what underfoot, etc, and trying to navigate that resulting in a lot of penalties. Then again, the dungeon isn't meant to be a welcoming place.

>what do hitpoints mean?

For me, instead of having a constant across everyone, where six points of damage is enough to do exactly X, I usually do percentages. This works for me because I have a lot less of a focus on enconomy and simulating physics, because while I'd like to emulate real world situations, I simply don't have the knowledge, and it often slows things down when playing in person. So it's easy for me to have taking 2 damage and 20 damage both result in the same kind of injury for two different characters, based on experience, with the rational being that most of my players receive supernatural boons or become more than ordinary in some way, and these extraordinary people are able to midigate etraordinary amounts of damage. A trained warrior can take 20 damage because they know how to deflect blows and handle combat, so that 20 isn't anywhere near lethal for them. A sorcerer has magic running through their veins, and has a supernatural ability to take punishment compared to your average joe, etc.

I also sometimes implement a real hit points vs extra hitpoints, where certain attacks like sneak attacks can bypass some of those fake hitpoints and actually penantly damage your body, resulting in a loss of abilities and stats, with massive damage or prolonged fights that burn down your extra hit points and damage your real ones.

Basically, for me, with enough training, experience, and specialness, 20 damage doesn't hurt a higher level character the same way it would hurt a low level character, simply because they're better, stronger, faster, etc.
No. 116810 ID: 3abd97

Pffffff. That's a hideously entertainingly vulnerability. And it does manage to tie into both the ability and the book.

A larger-but-non-warform form was not a variant I had considered. Changes role to transportation, intimidation, trap manufacture (assuming sufficient protein).

>health consequences could be usefully compared to a coffee and ramen noodle diet
Well, law student, so apt.

And a casual diet of sucking eggs or a meat smoothie washed down with coffee to the disgust and disquiet of others is just the right degree of off-putting.

>supernaturally unable to steal, or even scrounge
I almost think she might be better off in a(n officially designated) dungeon than an ordinary wilderness- you'd think some kind of salvage law would apply to goods recovered in such locations, especially if you're employed by a company explicitly there for that purpose.

I think I might prefer it being a crippling obsessive compulsion to supernatural geas.

In any event, still unlikely to do anything with her soon.
No. 116812 ID: fc3fc0

On the note of character ideas, are there any monstrously large frogs in this setting? Got an idea for a wizard who's a frog that was given sentience via the animal awakening spell
No. 116814 ID: af6e04

>When the spirit is willing enough, it doesn't matter as much that the flesh is weak.
That's a good take on it, I think.

>taking 2 damage and 20 damage both result in the same kind of injury for two different characters
That seems to be the most common consensus. The only problem is that a cure light wounds spell can restore a nearly dead commoner to full health but on a powerful adventurer it hardly provides any significant healing at all. If 2 damage and 20 damage can represent the same injury then shouldn't the spell heal both the same?

>character concepts
I still have Euler the clockwork enforcer, think I posted a full character sheet for it back in the last dis thread. I've also been tossing around ideas for another character without the innate power. Sort of a 'gentleman thief' archetype. Haven't gotten much further than that though, mainly because...

>The character creation process for this game is fun, but I don't want more people than I already have going for now.
No. 116815 ID: d36af7

>better off in an officially designated dungeon
Yep! Just tuck a formal Letter of Marque in there among the notes, designating the Church of Orcus as hostis humani generis and empowering the bearer to seize their worldly goods on the behalf of some distant patron.
>I think I might prefer it being a crippling obsessive compulsion to supernatural geas.
The geas version makes it easier for me to snag with plot hooks, and explores the consequences of 'rightful ownership' being a property of things which can be tested objectively.
>are there any monstrously large frogs in this setting?
Yes, particularly associated with Tsathoggua. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/aberrations/froghemoth/
No. 116819 ID: d22dc0

I also agree that 3 characters is plenty enough- I just really enjoy making them personally.

>why doesn’t healing work the same if damage is equivalent?

Think of it like pro boxing. A beginner is going to go down a lot faster, and their recovery time is going to be much quicker, because they only have to recover from one injury despite it nocking them out of the fight. An experienced professional can maximize the beating they take and keep fighting, but even though they’re not knocked out of the fight, they’ve got a lot more their body needs to catch up. They’ve trained themselves to maximize their body’s stamina and fortitude, which is how I think about it. 6 points of damage is enough to mock me on my ass, but not someone like Rocky Balboa- we both still need to recover from 6 points of damage though.

So this medical examiner seems like a bad idea- maybe we can get the ship quarantined and then have the goods be examined and played as they’re unloaded? Ji’s hitch-hiking friend could be an issue though, especially if they go “hey what’s this” break client patient confidentiality, make the assumption that it’s an Exton parasite, etc.
No. 116820 ID: d36af7

Problem is, that's not how it works for natural healing in Pathfinder or in GURPS. (I'm not factoring in Exalted because health levels aren't subject to the same level of inflation: Bob the Peasant has seven, someone like the Scarlet Empress has less than twenty when she's easily top ten for most powerful humans ever to have lived, and even Qaf, one of the titans who forged the world, a literal mountain with no base and no summit, only has a hundred health levels.) A first level fighter might have 10 hp and recover 1 hp from a good night's sleep. A tenth level fighter might have 100 hp and recover 10 hp from a good night's sleep. Hit both of them with a maximized magic missile, exactly 5 damage. First is going to need multiple days and maybe some attention from a doctor to get back to 100%; tenth sleeps it off no problem. But if you use spells, it's going to take the same amount of magical energy to undo the wound for both. A 1d8+1 Least True Healing is worth between two and nine days of natural healing for the first, but less than one day for the tenth.
No. 116821 ID: 3d2d5f

>maybe we can get the ship quarantined and then have the goods be examined and played as they’re unloaded?
Quarantine is a pretty hard non-starter. There's no way the merchants reach their deadline if they accept it, and if our crew ditches them that's a time consuming breach of contract. Submitting is giving up and means we've wasted a bunch of time and effort not to get paid and ruin our reputation.

Fighting out is also not viable. We pretty much need a diplomatic solution, or possibly to subvert the inspection in some way. (Which is why my first idea was to give them our doctor's testimony and show off our countermeasures to try and demonstrate we're clean).

>bodyguard's various contraband possessions, Decaro Vos's babies, Yisheng Ji's "patient," or Davina and Viste's inability to stand next to each other
I'm most surprised that carrying giant be larva would be a problem. Sure, it's not the typical container, but they're a domesticated animals (well, maybe not the babies in particular, but in general).

>appropriating a crit fail to hold a petulant and hypocritical grudge against someone we're being paid to protect
>one of the people who would have no problem passing an exam immediately and strongly opposed
*Sigh* I swear, Maru is rapidly approaching Riv levels of "would you stop undermining me at every turn before I strangle you".

Although I'm kinda surprised I didn't get slapped or something for a failed pass at a catgirl. Did that not require a roll or something?
No. 116826 ID: fc3fc0

I mean I hope it makes sense in character why she'd be upset- I tried to make it clear this was tied to her past, and we've all agreed that character authenticity is important. I feel like people get frustrated with me for the way I play her but I don't know what I should do differently, yanno? She's not actively trying to obstruct anyone or anything. The 4 big incidents have been

1) Trying to punch Ji. Came from a place to good will, but Ji still holds a grudge against her even now despite her attempts to make up with him

2) Feeling like her "family" she had built was spitting on everything important to her and sending one of their closest friends to his death because it might bring them profit. Talked about how the money outweighs the risks, which she sort of gets now, and the amended that bridge, despite her still being uneasy

3) Wanting to kill cap, after he attacked, stole from, insulted, and belittled her. Her father being a particularly taboo and sore subject, combined with all the other motivating factors, is a good reason for her to be upset. This is still unresolved, and I don't know how anyone can fault her here. The main motivators for carrying cap are protection from the sorceress, who we've at multiple points been afraid would attack us, so nothing valuable there, especially when we weren't struggling to protect the ship anyway, and then a magic strap on for Davina. As a character, Maru thinks it's fucking bullshit that once again, people and feelings are being place as the second horse to material gain- especially now that it's intensely personal and specific for Davina only. As a player, I don't understand why everything Maru does is taken as a personal offence; it seems like she's better at offending people when she tries to show concern, as opposed to any of her other characteristics.

4) Maru opposing to being medically examined. While it's hardly a fair comparison since tunic isn't here controlling him right now, Ji harboring a parasite is a direct problem here, and that's motivated personally, so I don't see why Davina would be upset only at Maru. No one was mad when Vos basically said "I'm going into Ecton, you can come with if you want."

I don't know what I can do differently, but it feels like everything I do with Maru, intentions aside, are taken as subverting orders or being obstinate for the sake of being obstinate, and I don't know how to make her motivations anymore clear. If this is really making it less fun for everyone though I can go with my original plan from after Ecton, and have her turn in her badge and leave the force. Obviously I wouldn't stop playing as a whole, but it seems like Maru's value system clashes with everyone and I'd rather retire her than just like erase what's important to her as a character; it seems like she's just causing problems for everyone, and my workarounds aren't working around, yanno?
No. 116828 ID: d36af7

>turn in her badge
Have you considered the possibility of doing the exact opposite of that? Thanks to that Lengese ruby, and her equal contribution to turning in somebody else's badge, Maru arguably owns more shares in the Fire Hawks Company than anyone else alive (with the possible exception of Helen Nabot, who's in no position to object at the moment). http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2001-02-17

You've also got the out-of-character option of calling in the favors associated with that recent patronage for a new cataclysm, or maybe even something of equivalent power but tidier.

>Quarantine is a pretty hard non-starter. There's no way the merchants reach their deadline if they accept it,
The deadline isn't quite as much of a problem as it might be. If the manufacturing syndicate complains about their tungsten being late, the shipping company can deflect blame onto Overmire's own public health authorities and navy for not allowing obviously non-infectious and strategically vital metal ingots through the quarantine early. Shipping company's main objection might be that they'd still be paying you greedy mercenaries by the day during that time.
No. 116833 ID: d22dc0

>Maru owns more shares

If character authenticity is the major factor here, which I’d like to believe it is, Maru wouldn’t try to subvert everyone like that. She’s obviously feeling hurt and upset, but she wouldn't try to leverage a gift given in good faith. Vengeful, not petty kind of deal. She’s also not interested in administrative work, and if she’s upset with people I don’t think it would make sense for her to try to go from coworker to boss. She doesn’t feel anyone in the company has wronged her like, say, cap has, she just feels as though Davina has been callous and unconcerned with what happens to her, compared to Maru’s normal state of high emotions and volatile more-bark-than-bite reactions. It’s not even that she’s not being listened to or engaged or anything like that, it’s just that her goals and ambitions currently run contrary to what davina wants, and since she can’t get her way she’s thinking about leaving to go pursue her vengeance without roping anyone else into it. Basically “what’s important to me isn’t important to you, and what I want isn’t what you want, so I’m gonna I leave and prepare myself somehow to kill Cap and the rest of you can go jump down as many trap filled pits as you want for all I care.”
No. 116837 ID: 3abd97

I think you fundamentally misunderstand my frustration.

I'm not saying Maru doesn't have reasons for what she does, I'm saying I'm frustrated that the opportunities she seems to take to express her deeply held personal beliefs are frequently in opposition to another PC trying to do something. A strong "don't do that" or "I won't let you do that" or "I don't care if I mess up what you're trying to do" position is kind of hard to work with!

This is especially frustrating as I don't feel I have an in-character means of conflict resolution with Maru. If I need to reach a compromise with Vos, I can talk it out in terms of friendship and what's right. With Ji, professionalism and utility. With Hore... well it's hard to put in words, but there's a certain kind of emotional appeal that seems to work. With Dav, I expect people to appeal to what she's trying to achieve, or established relationships, or her pride / personal exceptionalism (Tunic did this last one rather masterfully right before the Ekton fight- he put her right in a spot where it would be damn hard to say no). You will note, I don't 'win' in all these compromises. The important thing is there's a way to resolve the problem.

In comparison, I got nothing on Maru. I've tried appeals to her dreams of glory, her vaunted family loyalty, reminding her of the mission, hoping she would back down if she saw she was insulting to a friend to her face, etc. Every time, she digs in her heels, and any disagreement with her position is met with escalation. I've yet to find a lever or approach that allows compromise or even a useful dialog.

This is me coming to you OOC and saying, "come on, how am I supposed to work with you here." Give me a bone!

How do you expect or want me to deal IC when Maru expresses sudden vehement opposition to something? Cause I don't get it.

>bulleted list of conflicts
I don't feel 1 needs to be addressed any further.

2. You left out the fact that Maru didn't trust her allies to judge a threat, or to know their own capabilities (to point Ji says "I can do this" and Maru goes "fuck no this is suicide!"). That's a pretty serious lack of trust / faith, and insulting to anyone who takes pride in their abilities. That's where the most the conflict lies for the other side. (That, and questioning the very premise of mercenary work).

2.5 You completely ignored the last big fight we had. Where Maru choose to express support by saying "you know how I feel about this"- referring to the fact she didn't believe in what Viste was doing. In the middle of a hostile confrontation.

This also ties into my current frustration in 3. You took great pains at the time to explain that Maru was (1) expressing support and would follow my lead and (2) that she wanted to talk about this later. So when you know, I took a lead and tried to solve the problem by changing the circumstances around our prisoner, Maru decides what I proposed is unacceptable and swears a blood oath that runs directly counter to what you know is one of my goals. She doesn't, you know, confront me for that explanation. Or trust me to work something out.

Nevermind the fact that what I suggested never happened because Vos intervened with a better plan. And that one could reasonably assume Maru never heard Dav suggest that. Or that you appropriated a roll aimed at something else to justify it.

So yeah, OOC, I'm frustrated with how you chose to handle that.

IC I have no idea how I will handle this. Right now I assume Dav isn't aware of Maru's plan. I can't imagine Dav will be happy to learn Maru wants to backstab her professionally and personally because of a headbutt and an insult. (From someone who barfights and insults people recreationally)!

4. Dav isn't insulted by this, nor am I. It's more that we have a complicated problem to think through, and announcing "I am vehemently and completely opposed to one option! (And by extension, any compromise that would partially include this option in some form)" is the opposite of helping.

>out-of-character option of calling in the favors associated with that recent patronage for a new cataclysm
Yeah, invoking an entertaining deus-ex-machina to remove the problem is an option if Santova wants to go that way.

>make Maru a sergeant
If that's a gesture of trust and respect Maru would be inclined to reciprocate, I'd certainly be willing to go for it. Would placing greater trust and responsibility in Maru make her more inclined to trust other people's plans?

>Shipping company's main objection might be that they'd still be paying you greedy mercenaries by the day during that time.
Could conceivably be negotiated around, if the military is reasonably the ones providing security while we're in quarantine, and would be responsible for keeping us all fed as long as we're detained.
No. 116840 ID: 333104

I’m a tad bit distracted, so I may forget some parts, but I’ll say I was feeling a tad bit hurt because it felt like I could do no right BUT I’m feelin like I reacted a little strongly now that I look back on my response.

I didn’t realize that your frustrations were coming mainly from timing and an inability to appeal to her. The problem is I’m not sure what is a good motivator for her, because what normally motivates her is doing stuff for the people around her. Like, for example, when she thought Ji was jumping to his death, what would have appeased her would have been exploring more options and trying something else other than sending him to what she thought was certain doom. I don’t know how to reconcile the insult there, because she still thinks its appropriate to say “hey, I think you’re going to die, I’m not gonna at you do that”. It’s not insulting to Vos to say “I think you’re gonna die if you charge into the bandit army don’t do that.”

As for the idea of her saying “I’ll listen” and not listening, that may be a difference in perceptions. Her thing was “I’m going to do what you say, but if you say this, I won’t like it.” She backed you up and never directly went against your orders. She was verbally aggressive, but she never attacked cap, complied with everything you wanted, despite disagreeing.

I’ll think more on what you’ve said and try to tailor her to have more approachable desires and hooks. If I’m the tunnel Vos had said “Noted” and left it at that, she wouldn’t have blown up. I can’t have expected you or anyone to know that’s how I thought it would go, but I don’t try to make her obstinate, she just gets upset easily. To address the timing point, I don’t think I can do anything BUT react to things. If she doesn’t want Ji to do something, when should she say “hey don’t kill yourself?” If she doesn’t want to get examined, when should she say that? Especially in this online setting, JamesLeng says what’s happening in the environment, and we say how we react. We were told people wanted to search us, Maru says “I won’t do that.” I don’t know how to time it better, but I’m open to suggestion. Like I said, I wouldn’t quit, but if Maru isn’t working out we have in character reasons to have her split from the party. I’d just run her over to Zelkors fairy probably, join the other party so there’s fewer problems; that or I would retire her and add a different character to the Home team thread.

Like I said though I’ll read back over this later on and maybe give a better response then. I really am sorry my characters keep clashing with yours!! I’ll try to make someone more driven and manageable next time, pinky promise
No. 116846 ID: 3abd97

>I was feeling a tad bit hurt because it felt like I could do no right
Yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to dump on you.

I'm only bringing this up now because wanting to kill 'Cap' while Dav is obligated to protect him puts our characters on a direct collision course. And I would prefer to work something out OOC now instead of the disaster where we misunderstand each other IC like last time.

And I would really like to work with you instead of fighting.

>We were told people wanted to search us, Maru says “I won’t do that.” I don’t know how to time it better, but I’m open to suggestion
The complaint for me here was less the timing and more the absolute. Leaving yourself unopen to compromise from the onset is setting yourself up as part of the problem to be worked around, not a teammate helping to find a solution to the problem.

>leave party
Genuinely not what I want. If we've lost Tunic (I hope we haven't) the party's already gotten smaller, and it does work well when we're not at each other's throats.

>better response
It's fine, I don't need a point by point reply to everything. Smaller posts are where we actually discuss shit is probably better than essays where we talk at or around each other. *Glares at my own huge post.* (For that matter if you want to try and talk live, I am on irc most the time).
No. 116847 ID: fc3fc0

>Nevermind the fact that what I suggested never happened

Not sure what this references to- Maru is upset because she's not allowed to kill him, and she doesn't think the reasons she's not allowed to kill him aren't reasonable. Her thing was "I don't like what you're doing, but I'll help you do it. It's going to piss me off though if thats what you choose." Since Vistevina chose not to kill him, she's pissed off. Didn't have anything to do with your roll really- I thought since you had used that as a reason for IC rebuttals before, it would help back up my reasoning if I referenced it, but basically it seems natural for her to be upset.

>I assume Dav isn't aware of Maru's plan
Perhaps it's coming off OOC that she's going to murder him in his sleep or something, but no, she was serious about backing you up even if she didn't like the decision you made. She's not going to do anything until Daviste changes her mind, or their loose contract with the sorceress is up. Until they fufill their end of the bargain or make other arrangements, Maru isn't going to try to off cap. That's why it's an ambition, not an imediate action. It reflects long term character goals as opposed to immediate actions she's taking. I guess Davina might see it as betraying potential clients or relationships or something of that nature? But if she's of the mind that AFTER their responsibilities are fulfilled that it would still be backstabbing her, I don't know what to say to that, because I really don't get it.

>opposite of helping
Sorry, I felt like since Maru was being all pissy it would make sense for her to shout angrily about stuff she doesn't like, and I could come in here and chat about what we think is a good plan- quarantine or Sending Ji forward still looks good to me, but I don't know how they could trust Ji with a parasite on board, so i didn't suggest that because it didn't seem like we had a viable way to cloak his ally we all don't know about. We can't actively plan to help hide it, and we can't send him out with it wiggling around on his spine, so it seems like an impasse. With Vos, Ji, Cap/sorceress, Maru and Davina all representing problems for the sweep, it seems like getting searched is a no go.

>Invoke a disaster or miracle
While I could,
A) I'm not going to. I gave JamesLeng extra money as a birthday present, and I fully intended it as a gift, not a purchase of rewards; patreon just happened to be a convenient method to send that money. Even if this is a problem for us, for me as a real person, using that gift for in game perks would feel distasteful to me and go against the spirit of the gesture.
B) i don't know how I could invoke such a miracle or disaster that would resolve the IC/OOC conflict here anyways, so even if I was willing, I still might not have been capable.

>Give Maru more trust and responsibility in hopes or receiving the same
This is an interesting idea, and while I'd love to say "that's a great level, use that and this whole thing'll be resolved!" it doesn't feel like it matches to me? She grew up in a setting where there wasn't really ranks, just jobs, and you did what you were good at to help everyone survive. The symbolic gesture of "here, I trust you, will you trust me" would make sense, but being a Sargent or given more control of the company doesn't really equate to that to her.

I think a major snag is I feel like she already trusts and listens to Vistevina, Vos and the others. Just because she's afraid everyone is biting off more than they can chew doesn't mean she doesn't trust them; for instance, I still feel she trusted, followed, and basically took orders/did what viste said in the tunnel, and afterwards. She's noisy, but her bark is worse than her bite. She's going to yell, a lot, about the myriad of things she is unhappy about, but ultimately she's going to listen and do what is asked of her. Her subordination is in name only from where I'm sitting, and if that's not the case, I'd like to play her closer to that idea, so if I'm forgetting areas where t's not like that I'll try to keep those in mind and do better in the future. She'll about about how she hates you for what you're asking her to do, but she'll do it, and wait for you to tell her the next step too.

In the immediate area, knocking her out is a seriously viable, no major consequence solution. She's already shown she thinks that's an appropriate measure when someone is being unreasonable or endangering others; if someone knocks her out, give her ice for the bruise when she wakes up, and explain that she was being over dramatic and everything turned out fine, she'd be grumpy, but not even as upset as she was with everyone when they were coming out of Ecton. I know that seems weird- violence will upset her less than talking her down, but her opposition to the search isn't so much rational as it is "I don't want to relive my childhood trauma".

>For someone who starts bar fights intentionally, she's awful upset about being headbutted
I don't know if you're intentionally downplaying her causes for anger, or if I haven't done a good job explaining them, but it boils down to Relating her to her father, and being chummy with him, + the physical violence and insults against herself. If he had just attacked her wordlessly, she'd actually be fine with keeping him alive. If he'd just insulted her, she'd be more upset than an attack, but less upset than now; as it stands, the combination, + her perceiving a lack of immediate and brutal punishment against him is upsetting for her. I don't know if I've made this clear, but the whole thing about commenting on her Father is a major part of her disproportionate reaction. She doesn't like being reminded that they're in any way connected to each other, and doesn't like to find out that other people were chummy with him either. Cap insinuated both, attacked her, and then to her eyes got a slap on the wrist. So she's going to exact revenge- not to make him feel bad, because she knows he won't, but to give herself the satisfaction of hurting someone else she hates so much in such a graphic manor. It's not about justice so much as it is that she feels good about inflicting pain on those people she carries a grudge against.

Let me know if there's any salient points I missed, and I'll keep thinking on a more general carrot that can be dangled to help make her approachable, other than how something makes life easier for the people close to her.
No. 116848 ID: fc3fc0


Might be a good idea- I really like playing with you, and everyone else, and instant chat is an easier way to sort things out. Being on a forum makes these posts kind of unfeeling and argumentative, when really I'm tryin my best to be like "How can we get back to having more fun!"

And for the record, it would be a change of player character, not me leaving the home thread; it's just that if Maru is constantly unfun for everyone and a problem to manage, I'd rather do something that fits better with the composition of the party and more fun for us! Not like "Man, I guess I'll leave if I'm not wanted..." and more of a "Hm, this isn't fun for everyone, let me change what I'm doing to try to solve that!"
No. 116849 ID: fc3fc0

Meant to say IRC is a good idea, but I can't get on right now; work in the morning, social gathering in the evening, long drive saturday to reach an all day event I'm attending, before I take a long drive back out. I feel like we've both gotten a chance to say our piece though and now that I know what I need to make it work out, it shouldn't be too big a leap for us to get this thing rollin again. Pinky promise I'll do my best to make this less of a "work around San's weird character's issues" and more a game of "let's combine our resources to overcome these obstacles.

On that point, should probably look into selling those rings since I don't think they pinged as magical to anyone.
No. 116850 ID: d36af7

>i don't know how I could invoke such a miracle or disaster that would resolve the conflict here
Simplest answer would probably be the classic "these aren't the droids you're looking for." Warp the minds of all concerned such that they believe the inspection has already been concluded without finding anything of interest.

Cheaper, more cataclysmic options would be "rocks fall" or "release the kraken" or anything else that sinks, otherwise neutralizes, or at least thoroughly distracts the interdiction force long enough for you to slip past.
No. 116852 ID: 3abd97

>She's not going to do anything until Daviste changes her mind, or their loose contract with the sorceress is up
Well that's a completely different matter then! If you're not sabotaging the job trying to kill a client, Dav won't care. (Well, I mean, she'll probably regret it when Maru runs away to commit suicide by 'Cap', but that's different). Go ahead and pick fights on your own time.

(Although it might be a lot healthier if Maru just joined in on the wrestling / sparring sessions Vos has arranged to take the aggression out on 'Cap').

Seriously if I wasn't under the impression you had just announced your intent to actively oppose my competing the mission I wouldn't have raised a fuss at all.

I don't understand what definition you're using but not having faith in others' abilities or judgement seems a pretty clear cut lack of trust to me! You talk about what's emotionally important to Maru a lot, but the kind of validation of having some believe in what you're capable of is pretty basic. Everyone wants that. So long as Maru continues undervaluing her teammates out of fear, she can probably expect to keep offending them. (Not saying you have to change that, just that this seems a very basic human response you seem surprised by).

>i don't know how I could invoke such a miracle or disaster that would resolve the IC/OOC conflict
It can't resolve OOC problems but it could cause the army inspectors in-game to stop being a problem. Again, you certainly don't have to use it.

>I don't know if you're intentionally downplaying her causes for anger
I am intentionally downplaying it because Maru's response is hypocritical, petty, and patently ridiculous to me. She is the least wronged party here. We stabbed 'Cap' in the back, broke his army, ruined weeks or months of planning and preparation, maimed his hand, and took him prisoner, among other indignities. Maru personally slandered him to his face, with her falsified song.

Maru, whose whole shtick is brawling and pushing people's buttons to start fights, has the temerity to swear an oath of bloody vengeance on someone daring to do the same to her when she wears her bright red buttons on her sleeve.

I'm sorry, that gets zero sympathy from me OOC. Sure, she's a flawed character in this respect, but that doesn't buy her a pass in my mind.
No. 116854 ID: d36af7

With the schlock mercenary link, I didn't actually mean that that specific solution was the perfect one in this case, just that Maru was, like Schlock, a low-class brawler who stumbled into a position of wealth and power which nominally entitled her to make arbitrary demands of the small mercenary company she was working for. Accordingly, the solution might be as simple as asking her to clearly enumerate what she wants.
No. 116855 ID: af6e04

Looks like Nin's luck finally ran out as soon as he entered the dungeon, haha.

I've been thinking about this again lately. Trumpet archon. The trumpet turns into a +4 greatsword.
>plus that greatsword (fourth-tier named weapon) as a prize

Oh my god I'm going to get enlisted into an angelic marching band
No. 116856 ID: af6e04

Sorry, >>115709
No. 116860 ID: 3d2d5f

I'm sorry but I don't think Kome's proposal works.

Among other things, it depends on the assumption we will be let back out of quarantine when it is convenient for us. That is not how bureaucracies, governments, or quarantines work.

Even if it works, it results in most the party (including people who want to go there) being unable to enter the town we just spent a week sketching out. Which is not only uninteresting OOC, but denies us the chance to do shopping that improves our characters / capabilities.

And for the record, not getting Esmeraude into the city is not a small ding in payment, it's denying her access to the resources she needs to complete her payment. (Although I am growing frustratingly accustomed to being almost the only one who gives a damn about either fulfilling professional obligations or getting paid).

Plus the city is a great opportunity to ditch the tsochari, who I would really like to be rid off. I want my doctor back.

>what do
Possible plans I'm considering (needs fleshing out):

-Everyone accepts quarantine (including merchants), we use sendings to get the company to exert pressure, negotiate a lesser fee while the military is handling security / providing meals. Slow, but we all get to town eventually, and the government mostly eats the blame.
-Diplomatic coup: somehow convince them we're clean without a detailed inspection. Establish sufficient trust in our existing countermeasures. (The trick of course, is how we establish that trust while we're being held at arm's length and studied with justifiable paranoia).
-subversion: Stick a tsochar in someone important here, get the whole thing wrapped up for us. (Problem is the people in charge won't be interacting with us, they have security, they might have class levels, and a competent enough crew might relieve a compromised commander from duty even if we pull it off).
--alternatively, we might more easily be able to find leverage to use against the people in charge to force concessions. (Especially if someone uses an OOC question to cheat. Probably needs to narrow down to a more specific inquiry first though).
-stealth: submit to inspection, somehow hide all our dirty laundry (Just kidding, no way everyone rolls that well. Plus we have to circumvent Maru in this case).

I'm particular to the first two, but still thinking. Thoughts?
No. 116864 ID: d36af7

>uses an OOC question to cheat. Probably needs to narrow down to a more specific inquiry first
'Shot in the dark' questions are fine. Something like "what's the weakest link in that sharpshooter's chain of command, for bribe-or-blackmail purposes" might get you code words and price-points with almost no personal or institutional context, but it'd still be enough of a lead to act on. If I were to jerk somebody around with literal-genie pixelbitching when they used one of those questions, that would somewhat undermine the point of them paying for premium content, would it not?

>The trumpet turns into a +4 greatsword.
Getting closer. When does it do so?
>Oh my god I'm going to get enlisted into an angelic marching band
Technically Nistamatsin already has been enlisted, insofar as he's reporting to a lieutenant commander, but no, that's not the pact's big 'gotcha' catch.
No. 116865 ID: d22dc0

>when Maru runs away to commit suicide by 'Cap'
>not having faith in others' abilities or judgement

Hey seems like the same thing she was saying. She just happened to think one particular trap was more deadly than it was. In my opinion, if your friends blindly tell you they think you can do anything, you've got shitty friends. Going around telling someone they're strong enough and capable enough to do whatever they say they're going to do, while surely a nice ego boost, doesn't really work well for the safety and well being of those people you care about in the long run. The important thing is to apologize when you should have had more faith, and re-adjust how you think about things, which I think Maru kind of did when she tried to make up with Ji.

>Maru IS being petty
Well, I suppose I can't say "No, that's wrong!" It's not how I saw things, but if it doesn't seem like she has good reasons for being upset, I suppose I can't make anyone think her reasons are good. And yes, cap does have very good reasons to be upset, but I wasn't under the impression it was a matter of revenge Olympics to see who had the best excuses to be angry. Maru didn't enjoy her childhood, blames her dad, and so being told by one of his work buddies that she's one of his shitty kids right before said person assaults her seems like good enough reasoning to me. If it doesn't to others, well, I guess that's just how it is.

Everyone accepts quarantine seems like the best option to me- except that we can't go into town unless we get cleared to go, and if we don't want to get searched, it's hard to ensure we get that clearance. If we use our parasite friend to open the doors for us once we're in town though, that seems like it might work.

I'm not sure what leadership/authority we have to throw around; the only thing I can imagine is Ji and Sage Frisk vouching for us, but that would take stronger magic and good rolls, and I'm not sure how we'd pull it off.

If we want to stealth our way past the checks, like I said, knocking Maru unconscious for the duration of the search is possible and wouldn't result in long term issues; the rest of that still poses a problem though.

I think the easiest way to circumvent things would be the OOC question line and find a way to manipulate the circumstance to our behavior. Magey, Strngy, and I have question privileged, right?

Also, as for Nin's luck, honestly I'm amazed that you've managed to roll 4 crits in a row on either end- he truly lives up to his nature as a symmetrical, split down the middle demon.
No. 116866 ID: af6e04

>Although I am growing frustratingly accustomed to being almost the only one who gives a damn about either fulfilling professional obligations or getting paid
Vos of course wants to fulfill professional obligations and get paid. He just doesn't want his eelbee babies taken away. Who would?

I agree that the first two plans seem best. We don't really have a clear idea of how we'd go about any of these plans except the first though.

Another idea is to let cap free so he can kill them all. A pretty terrible plan, but I thought it'd be amusing to bring it up.

>Getting closer. When does it do so?
'On command as a free action' is the only answer I can really put together to that question. The SRD doesn't say much else about the sword/trumpet. It's a useless hunk of metal in anybody else's hands, I guess, which would be a pretty hilarious gotcha for an angel to pull (have fun with the sword you can't use idiot) but seems unlikely.
No. 116872 ID: 094652

Since Pog is now in the dungeon, and, well...
>rolled 5, 5, 6 = 16
>Seems safe.
rolled 5, 4, 6 = 15
>Door opens smoothly and quietly as if the hinges were well-oiled.
I'm going to finalize Pog's class as Armored Hulk and his level 2 rage power as Guarded Life.
Pog might have an amazing Constitution, but previous combat encounters have shown that he doesn't really handle defense well. In the event that he can't get to a healer in time or suffers a massive crit to the head, he could die quickly and stupidly. Getting this rage power means if he's raging, there's a sort of last-chance barrier that knocks him unconscious instead of getting him instantly killed, which is more than enough time for the multiple healers in Team Magic Sword to get to him.
Question: If Pog uses rage right before a potentially trapped room, then gets hit by trap city, what are some conditions where Guarded Life won't be enough? Banishment to a place where he can't get healed, for sure, but is there a damage limit when guarded life doesn't work, like total disintegration?
Also, I understand that Pog won't realize the danger because of the detect trap fail on Nistamatsin's part, but if something pops up, then Pog will go into a rage. Depending on the circumstances, he might be able to rescue Nistamatsin while Geoffrey quivers at the entrance room.
No. 116882 ID: fc3fc0
File 150856165897.png - (229.49KB , 1536x654 , HeroForgeScreenshot_Maru.png )

One of the things I've long wished I could afford was a custom Hero Forge miniature. I was playing around with the program and looking wistfully upon my creations, and I thought it might be fun to share my somewhat inaccurate Maru figurine I designed.
No. 116883 ID: d36af7

> Sage Frisk vouching for us
Sage Deros Frist (that's Frist with a T) is a couple thousand miles away, and very busy with other work, and last time you saw him in person he was getting ready to scream at you for the unscheduled partial demolition of his house. Even though he's apparently had some time to cool off and rethink that position, he's almost certainly neither able nor willing to stick his neck out for you on this particular issue... and he's not a medical doctor in any case, so his opinion would be of limited value. Yisheng Ji IS a medical doctor, but having a personal stake in the issue at hand potentially compromises his objectivity.

>-stealth: submit to inspection, somehow hide all our dirty laundry (Just kidding, no way everyone rolls that well.
Do you have any options for moving people off the ship before the inspection proper begins, without being noticed?

The thing about combat-rated triremes is, they've got prows optimized for ramming. Great big pole just below water level, reinforced (particularly on the pointed tip) with some corrosion-resistant metal. Behind that, the above-water part of the hull starts with a couple of big sloped plates, like the moldboard of a plow or the 'cow-catcher' on a steam locomotive. Those have to be fairly heavily reinforced too, because ramming means you're going to be getting the front end of your ship very close to the dangerous bits of an enemy ship. Accordingly, there's a little bit of a blind spot, maybe just enough room for somebody to stand on top of the ram without being noticed by anyone aboard, particularly if the trireme's crew were mostly focusing their attention on something off to the side rather than in front.
No. 116884 ID: d36af7

>What's available for money sinks?
>Especially ones that are a better deal locally than they might be elsewhere, or flat out aren't unavailable elsewhere.
Overmire's a good place to shop for specialty tools, particularly if you're willing to settle for "slightly irregular" stuff that's mostly serviceable but didn't quite measure up to the Immovable Rod Syndicate's production standards.

You can also get bottom-of-the-line armor enchantments done same-day by down-on-their-luck journeyman runesmiths. Two or three silver per piece for +1 to DR, and it even works on clothing that wouldn't normally qualify as armor at all. Potential downsides: ordinary clothing becomes more difficult to repair (since it'll resist a tailor's needle or scissors just as much as an assassin's blade), lots of weak overlapping magical auras makes detection and analysis trickier in the field, and it's shoddy work done in a rush for beer money so all sorts of exciting things might happen if the enchanter botches.

>What's the local population like? For instance, what's the majority race(s) making up the population, and is it different than where we've been?
Humans and Green elves are about 40% of the population each, remainder is primarily lizardfolk, swamp ogres, and other warm-climate amphibious types. Relatively few half-elves.
>Are there any social or cultural norms significantly different than what we're used to seeing so far? Racism, sexism,
Non-mammals (including reptiles, eelfolk, and insects) can legally be sold in bulk as slaves or food, as usual for the drakocracy. There's no particular social stigma associated with this, it's mainly regarded as a bureaucratic technicality. For the most part anyone sapient has equal rights under the law.

As for informal bigotry, there might be 'bad neighborhoods' of other groups, but the main thing to watch out for is the biases of those reactionary Green elves. They're staunchly meritocratic: if you can do a given job correctly, with elegance and grace, that's as much proof as anyone should need that you have a right to be doing it. So, no sex discrimination for careers. Moderate stigma against heterosexual romance, but they can't afford to flip the figurative table every time there's a tiny hint of that among shorter-lived races, so keep the public makeouts to a minimum and you'll be fine on that front. Don't be an orc or White elf in public, or at least try not to look like one.

>Is there extradition or a shared jurisdiction with anywhere any of us are wanted?
Esmeraude is reasonably confident that's a "no."

>What's the climate like?
Subtropical and wet. Lots of mangrove trees.

>What season is it?
Autumn. Stormy weather down south this time of year, which the tungsten run is timed to avoid, while Overmire's heat and humidity are low enough to get useful work done.

>Is there a dungeon entrance nearby?
Not that you know of, but that's the kind of question some scruffy randos in a tavern would probably know more about than a shipping company rep who doesn't even live there.
No. 116890 ID: 3abd97

I mean, yeah, sorry but "disproportionate retribution" against someone who has grounds for legitimate grievances hits "petty" pretty hard for me.

Also I don't know if you missed it / factored it in, but 'Cap' was lying to your face. He didn't know Maru's father.

>Hey seems like the same thing she was saying.
Mild hyperbole for the sake of the pun (And OOC besides).

>ego and other stuff
You seemed confused how Maru was managing to offend her teammates, so I was trying to explain. If you're not, I can drop it. Where Maru's head was at in that encounter has been adequately explained already, I think.

>knocking Maru unconscious
One problem there is a dearth of teammates both IC-willing and able to make unprovoked non-lethal attacks against their own. The other problem is making attack rolls against your own team is asking for trouble. Failure either means too much injury, or not enough followed by an even worse social situation.

>everyone accepts quarantine seems like the best option to me- except that we can't go into town unless we get cleared to go
The idea behind that plan is if we're held long enough without showing symptoms, we would all get cleared to go without further action. The biggest cost in this plan is time. And possibly managing fraying npc patience while we wait.

Okay, if/when JL gives that a stamp of approval, I'll add those upgrades to the ref doc.

We might want to finalize Nin's and Geoffrey's upgrades too, since they're in the dungeon already?

Horns aren't removed, so I guess that makes this more of an idealized self-image.

(It's occurred to me that if we'd taken or eventually take that side quest Ji found for physically entering the realm of dreams, stuff that might be relevant. Like Maru might have her horns, Davina and Viste might both be 'physically' present as distinct personas, and other weirdness).

Out of curiosity, what would be the cost for reliably regrowing horns? Or fingers, I think Hore's still missing one of those. (I assume those are minor goals for these characters, and we are close to a payday). There's always Vos' power, but that doesn't exactly restore original condition.

>Do you have any options for moving people off the ship before the inspection proper begins, without being noticed?
We have portals, but I was under the impression we were being scryed on right now, which makes not being noticed difficult. Plus, if the inspectors learn from questioning or inspecting records that there are missing people, wouldn't that get the ship held up regardless? It's the same problem as Viste not appearing in a line up, only bigger.
No. 116891 ID: 3abd97

>angel gotcha
Okay, so if non-angels can't hold the sword without it turning into useless metal, that's one way of screwing you over.

Here's one interpretation that might horrify Nin more: if the angel promised to give him the sword on success, that could also mean ensuring you can hold it.
No. 116894 ID: 3abd97

>Moderate stigma against heterosexual romance
Is that a green elves in general thing, or is that a regional or sect-based thing?
No. 116903 ID: af6e04

>that could also mean ensuring you can hold it.
Haha yeah, that's what I was getting at with the 'enlisted into the angelic marching band' thing.

>draw a map
I'm working on it!
No. 116904 ID: af6e04

Also, kinda funny that two of my characters have stigmata now
No. 116907 ID: 3abd97

>But as long as they're willing to help pilot the subterrene he's not too upset.
As getting this thing up and working is a long term prospect, I think Rhea's probably gonna wait a few levels so she could say, blow a whole day's spell allotment on Comprehend Languages and get a useful duration for studying.

Share Language would also be pretty handy, if anyone actually studying Derro picks it up. (Might make thematic sense for Helen?).

Or you know someone could just write down a translation.

Oh geeze, I forgot about Helen. We still need to do her level up, don't we. And Kent. And Nin and Geoffery (and Wendy if we're acknowledging her).
No. 116909 ID: af6e04

>Share Language
I wonder how any knowledge sharing spells like that would interact with her curse.
No. 116915 ID: d36af7

>Pog's class as Armored Hulk and his level 2 rage power as Guarded Life.
I might not be using those exact mechanics, due to the different ways GURPS handles armor and nonlethal damage, but for Pathfinder purposes that's entirely consistent with my understanding of his "tank" specialization.
>unlikely to do anything with her soon
That's too bad, she'd make an interesting team with Valeno.
>I'm most surprised that carrying giant be larva would be a problem. Sure, it's not the typical container, but they're a domesticated animals (well, maybe not the babies in particular, but in general).
In general? Sure, it'd be just another weird biology experiment and/or religious affectation. In the context of trying to quarantine a phenomenon they don't completely understand, but one symptom of which is people being turned into weird plant-bugs from the inside? Belly pouch full of weird bug hybrids might get a bad snap-judgement reaction from somebody with a weapon.
>teammates both IC-willing and able to make unprovoked non-lethal attacks against their own
Sounds like a job for Yisheng Ji's pressure point techniques.

>what would be the cost for reliably regrowing horns? Or fingers
As an arm's-length transaction, no questions asked? Probably around nine hundred gold when it's available at all. Major cities usually have somebody like that for hire, or a group that can do the equivalent with some cooperative rituals and infrastructure, but selection is limited at the best of times. Doesn't actually cost the caster much of anything beyond a 7th circle spell slot, so some places have a first-come-first-served charity operation, or a waiting list for amputees who served honorably (with varying definitions of "honorably"), or you could trade some favor to the caster that they'd otherwise need to use a high-circle spell slot for, or better yet something they wouldn't be able to do at all.

Horns, hair, fur, and fingernails might be a bit of an exception. There's a type of enchanted hat - a standardized mass-production item like immovable rods and portable holes, but not made anymore, not since resultant disruption to the wool industry led to the Rhestmere Incursion - which accelerates the wearer's keratin production by a factor of roughly one million, which is to say two years worth of growth per minute, without corresponding drain on the metabolism. If you could obtain one of those, it might restore damaged horns good as new.
>I was under the impression we were being scryed on right now, which makes not being noticed difficult.
Lots of potential countermeasures for scrying. Details of those, relevant and otherwise, are available at standard OOC knowledge rates, or possibly through some in-character channel (but in that case you'd certainly need to roll for it). Given the previously discussed typical dragon's regard for the typical elvenoid's concept of privacy, and the apparent priority of the issue based on visible resources being allocated to this mission, if Overmire's public health authorities had some way to reliably scan the entire ship from a distance, they'd probably just go right ahead and do that instead of asking for permission.
>Plus, if the inspectors learn from questioning or inspecting records that there are missing people, wouldn't that get the ship held up regardless? It's the same problem as Viste not appearing in a line up, only bigger.
When it comes to lies, "bigger" isn't quite the same as "worse" or "less likely to work." You could talk to the bosun, maybe offer him some more bribes, and have him fudge the logs to show that all the mercs and passengers who had contact with anything out of the ordinary in Eckton - that is, everybody except the Agate siblings and the ship's actual crew - just so happened to magically disembark very shortly before the triremes showed up, presumably to pursue yet another side job or distraction on shore. A review of older logs, and follow-up investigation all along the coast, could confirm that such behavior is entirely typical of the New Fire Hawks.

After that, you'd just need to reach Overmire on the overland route and show up at the docks by the time the return trip is ready to depart. Without Davina's ability, crossing 120 miles of swampland in four days or less might be a challenge, but not an absurd impossibility, particularly not when you're leading a small group, with two aerial scouts, no heavy equipment, and a good road network already in place. With at-will portals, that's barely more than a casual afternoon stroll.

Core philosophical point it's based on (that you shouldn't perform rituals frivolously, or in a deliberately flawed and ineffectual way, and that procreative sex is a ritual, from which one of the intended consequences is the creation of a child) is common to all Green elves.

However, only the most hardcore zealots reject the 'Modularity of Transient Affection Thesis' and claim that the entire relationship, from eye contact at a party through flirting, formal courtship, marriage, sex, birth, guiding the child to adulthood, all together is an indivisible ritual action. From that perspective, flirting with someone of the opposite sex who you don't intend to marry is almost as blatantly stupid and dangerous as carving a pentagram on the floor, chanting the first half of some summoning incantation, then getting bored and wandering off.

More moderate Green elves say the various degrees of intimacy can be worthy goals in themselves, but still disapprove of potentially procreative intercourse being made 'incorrect' by deliberate contraception. When you just need an itch scratched without a deep and decades-long commitment, says Green elven philosophy, the Right Action is finding somebody with the same bits, who knows how to use 'em. Which isn't to say that they don't believe in long-term same-sex relationships; if anything, those are the most common. Two people enjoying compatible styles of gay or lesbian sex is regarded as just another convenient and auspicious factor in the degree of sympathetic similarity between them, like their taste in clothing or food or music.

Recreational hetero intercourse, or anything involving condoms, is also regarded as potentially corruptive and depraved at least partly due to association with White elves.
No. 116917 ID: 7667b9

Well I guess the obvious solution, for Vos at least, would be to just tell the examiners about the eelbee larvae and how they came about in advance. Could even turn it into a proselytization opportunity.
No. 116947 ID: 3abd97

>That's too bad, she'd make an interesting team with Valeno.
Because Valeno's a thief? Because they could both cheat through small spaces, the poison is neutralized by coffee... or are we assuming she trips their vulnerability?

At the very least her inventory needs reconsideration, plus reevaluating personality / character in light of that debilitating geas. (An idealized appreciation for law as concept doesn't work as well when you've been dramatically shackled by objective laws).

Okay, so I guess then we've got more than one feasible plan.

The first plan is the slow route. We get the whole ship quarantined and wait it out. We'd also need to negotiate a reduced pay right while the military is responsible for protection and providing food.

The big cost here is time. Which doesn't impact us outside the game much at all, but could have other consequences (like, if we're delayed enough, we might not might not make it back in time to pay our bills in Passholdt). Other costs might be NPC (or PCs) acting up as patience frays.

Second plan blackmail or bribe, where we use an OOC question to find us a social weak point to apply leverage to. Biggest drawback there I think is such activities require communication, and we're in a position that might complicate bringing that leverage to the fore. And we're banking on a cold call through a possibly indirect medium going according to plan.

Third plan is to duck out: interrupt / block scrying, convince the bosun and crew to fudge the truth, and then portal away and meet up in town overland. Big risks there are probably if we botch covering our tracks or making the getaway. (Getting lost following the coast, when we have flies to rely on, seems low).

First plan is probably the most straightforward, but I sort of don't like just giving up and I feel like there's probably more drawbacks I'm overlooking. Plan 2 or 3 have the disadvantage of getting messy if caught. Plan 2 is the hardest to think out in advance, as whatever we do will be informed by information we don't have yet.

I think I'm leaning towards 3, now? It's the most proactive, and relies on a relationship we've already developed (the bosun by this point sees value in us, and has at least some trust we know what we're doing), and our magical abilities.
No. 116975 ID: af6e04

>I sort of don't like just giving up
>relies on a relationship we've already developed (the bosun by this point sees value in us, and has at least some trust we know what we're doing), and our magical abilities.

Yes, I'm leaning toward plan 3 just because it seems a lot more fun. But how exactly do we go about it?
No. 116977 ID: af6e04

>(An idealized appreciation for law as concept doesn't work as well when you've been dramatically shackled by objective laws).
It's possible she might have willingly taken the geas upon herself as part of the process of passing the bar. Also, it seems as though geasa and other spiritual bindings cause an actual change in personality and motivation rather than reluctant compulsion

>Original binding may be gone, but the effect on Nistamatsin's nature doesn't just vanish.
>His loyalty to Esmeraude was initially established by magical bindings, but has become habituated and might persist even if he were unbound, much like Nistamatsin's selective pacifism.
No. 117039 ID: d22dc0


Knew he was far away, and previously mad, but we saw him after the events in Ecton, appearing fine, and Ji was on good terms with him I thought. I was assuming the army could magically contact him, and his reputation would be worthwhile rather than his medical expertise. Basically “you trust me, and I trust them, so don’t waste their time.” Kinda deal.

>doesn’t know Dad
I had considered that, but didn’t decide whether I OOC thought that was the case or not, because Maru IC hasn’t considered it, and won’t agree. She’s marked him for Calistras Sting, she’s not gonna back down now.

>Maru’s appearance
The lack of scaring, pretty face, and corn rows compared to Afro are also not super faithful to her description, but it’s a good approximation. The main idea was to see if anyone thought the website was cool enough to design their own mini as well. Might be hard though, it’s a somewhat limited program.

>knocking Maru out
Tryna work with the “throw you a bone” plea earlier. She could also be talked into standing down by basically harping on how if she’s the only one opposed, she’s fucking everyone over, and wouldn’t that be hypocrital of ms “I care about everyone and no one else does.” Combined with attacking her pride, a sort of “quit being a fucking baby and stop fucking this up for everyone” could also work depending on how you phrased it. I pointed out non-lethal takedown as a option first because she’d have a better reaction to it after the fact and it’s more sure fire than trying to verbally convince her. Kind of an, “ignore her, she’s doing this for attention” approach would be mildly successful in most cases, but I’ll make sure to outline motivators in chat here. I also don’t know is JamesLeng allows for this sort of thing, but I’m fine with not having to roll to knock her out- as a player, I see that it’s benificial, so I don’t mind sacrificing some realism to not contrast things and get the show moving. Obviously this isn’t a super necessary topic since we’re trying not to get searched, but I thought I’d bring it up anyways since that’s how the long character discussion started. Basically, use her pride against her and give her the “do it for us, please?” Line and she’ll begrudingly, bitterly, comply. Knock her out, explain that she was being a baby and you didn’t have time for her foolishness, and she’ll probably just be a bit sheepish.

I agree plan 3 sounds like more fun; it also carries significantly higher risk. I wouldn’t vote for it, but Maru would, mostly because there’s the potential for her tonight her way through government agents if it goes wrong. I don’t remember the 4 traits JamesLeng talked about in terms of an alternate alignment type system, but I’ve been trying to play a sort of chaotic neutral with her, where Isaiah and Kent are more along the lines of chaotic good.

Honestly, it seems like most of my characters run in the vein of “anti-government” for one reason or another.

>no hetero
Interesting take on the natural extrapolation and evolution of some of those historic ideas. As always, I’m impressed with the way you think about things. Do they have established positions on masturbation, individuals who don’t fit into a binary sex model, or who want to carry out a heterosexual relationship without sex? Magical birth control I assume is also no good, and what about relationships involving multiple partners, either romantically or sexually? Are orgies frowned upon?

Also, I agree with strngy, about the law character ideas. Just because you change the mechanism doesn’t mean you HAVE to change the character. Obviously still can though- you’re basically due for your third character anyways.

Still wonder where the sword went. That’s like if we lost the mace after our fight with Styx. Should have followed up honestly. And I still was wondering because I’m too lazy to try to find it on mobile, is one of his hands a fleshy club? Did that happen and he fixed it? What’s that situation?
No. 117055 ID: d36af7

> Do they have established positions on masturbation,
A valid meditative exercise, though precautions must be taken to minimize the mess.
>individuals who don’t fit into a binary sex model,
Green elven formal etiquette recognizes at least a dozen genders, as well as various liminal conditions, and is (at least in principle) open to the discovery of others, just as botany is open to the discovery of new plant species. For practical purposes anything unexpected outside the three or four most prevalent will be met with some stiffness and quiet resentment, but this is seldom anything more than the awkward feeling of inadequacy which comes from being obligated to recall and carry out procedures one hasn't studied in a long time. Some Green elves nurture in their hearts a deep and abiding hatred for all people of a given gender, or hair color, or any other arbitrary trait; this is regarded as an acceptable practice, when pursued with elegance and grace, but also essentially isolating. Any two Green elven bigots or serial killers would be more likely to fight a duel over incomprehensibly petty distinctions between their personal ideologies, rather than find common cause for alliance. Of course, such a philosophical pursuit being morally acceptable doesn't make the acts it might motivate any less criminal; the Right Action in such cases is understood to involve taunting the authorities, but submitting gracefully if cornered and making a full confession, unless the arresting officer happens to belong to one's target demographic.
>or who want to carry out a heterosexual relationship without sex?
Progressive types who embrace the Thesis say that's fine; reactionary types who reject it say there's little meaningful difference between that and pulling out right before climax.
>Magical birth control I assume is also no good
Yes. More generally, throwing a bunch of flashy magic at any problem which could be solved by mundane effort is not elegant at all.
>what about relationships involving multiple partners, either romantically or sexually? Are orgies frowned upon?
You'd get a somewhat negative reaction, but more out of skepticism than moral disapproval. If you can successfully manage all that multitasking, with elegance and grace, you'll earn as much respect as would a martial artist who can fight alone against a crowd and emerge unscathed.
No. 117076 ID: 3abd97

>But how exactly do we go about it?
My best guess for anti-scrying protocols would be a Maria-Esmeraude team-up. Maria's talent lends itself to setting up wards, and Esmeraude has a communications theme (and scrying is conveying information at a distance). I'd be willing to burn an OOC question on information to help with that, if we're going with this plan.

Then someone (or more than one someone) rolls for diplomacy with the Bosun. Now, we've got two factors in our favor there. There first is a measure of respect we've built up, the second is he doesn't want to be held up because his security team got arrested and needs replacing. I'm thinking that means he'll agree to fudge the truth for us, but how much of a concession / bribe that will cost us is up in the air.

Then running away is probably a navigation roll (possibly more than one character contributing). Between following the coast and having more than one character of getting an areal view, getting lost seems unlikely. Initial slip-away is the biggest chance.

Additional rolls to troubleshoot other problems as they arise.

Hmm. Worth considering.

>see if anyone thought the website was cool enough to design their own mini as well
I was amused that they actually had a pillbox hat, but yeah, there's not nearly enough options to accurately recreate what's in my head, and what's there is frustrating to navigate.

>I agree plan 3 sounds like more fun; it also carries significantly higher risk. I wouldn’t vote for it, but Maru would
Is that a vote of support? This situation is complicated and makes unilateral productive action difficult, which is why I've been trying to iron out a plan in dis before executing.

>Just because you change the mechanism doesn’t mean you HAVE to change the character.
Not necessarily, no, but character and/or personality is informed by many factors, and when you introduce a life altering trait it behooves oneself to think through the impact that could have and/or what in the character could have lead them to that trait. (My approach here is more bottom-up than top-down).
No. 117082 ID: af6e04
File 150889687731.png - (518.99KB , 1920x915 , HeroForgeScreenshot.png )

Behold my final form!
No. 117157 ID: d36af7

Two obvious potential complications, which may interlock to some extent, during any quarantine-dodging portal hijinx: what are you going to do with the Efficient Quiver, and the tsochar called Prisoner?
No. 117166 ID: e66869

>diplomacy with the Bosun.
Probably should be Davina or Maru. I think Vos is not high on the bosun's list of favorite people after the shenanigans he pulled in Eckton.

Vos CAN swim away with our assets that can't be portaled. Hard to say if he can do so stealthily enough to avoid being spotted though.
No. 117168 ID: 094652
File 150902346382.png - (13.90KB , 1601x1000 , mouthofdoom3.png )

Work in progress.
No. 117178 ID: d22dc0

You know, I never pictured Nin with a beard, but the snack staves and motorcycles truly are rock and roll

Nice work!

>What to do about prisoner and quiver

Can't we leave the quiver on the boat, take the prisoner with us, and come back for our goods once the ship is past inspection?
No. 117179 ID: 3abd97

Hmm. I was hoping the tungsten he was hiding in to be sufficient, since they shouldn't be able to unload the hold. It'll be a problem if they have a specialized means to search there, though.

I don't remember Vos doing anything to annoy the bosun specifically?

Vos might be able to hide underwater, if he mutates himself some gills? Problem there is swimming the distance without portals will be a lot harder and slower. Might be able to hang out under the ship until the army leaves? (Although that might be a known smuggling tactic, and they might check under the hull). Also, bringing an open container of holding underwater might be a bad idea.

Might be able to swim to shore and just cache the quiver and travel with the others to the city via portals, but that's also a risk.

...how long do we expect to be detained if we just let them quarantine us? We could use Esmeraude to coordinate getting the shipping company to pressure the government.

>Can't we leave the quiver on the boat, take the prisoner with us, and come back for our goods once the ship is past inspection?
Taking 'Prisoner' with us is problematic, as Ji is still host to Tchalcedo. 'Prisoner' defected or deserted after I interrogated it, rather than face punishment for sharing classified information. It probably doesn't want to be where it can be easily detected by its former roommate. Right now the tungeston is blocking easy detection.

Ideally we should be able to leave the quiver, unless the inspectors have some kind of divination that will tell them it was inside the Green Tide, and came directly in contact with someone killed by the illness they're trying to contain. Then they might confiscate it. And I think we can all agree letting a government take our valuables is not a good thing.
No. 117180 ID: d22dc0

Ah, I forgot about that interaction. Can't leave prisoner on the ship, but it can't be near Ji, but we can't leave Ji on the ship. If only we had tried to foist Ji's friend off onto the prince, this whole scenario would have gone much differently. In the same vein, such a play is possible to attempt, but against highly alert, well protected, parasite killing agents it seems a poor decision. Depending on how legalistic Viste is, the prisoner could be executed and burned; seems a bit hardcore, but it is an option. Otherwise everyone but the prisoner and Vos could portal away, Vos could swim away with the prisoner and quiver, and once Ji goes off on his own we could meet back up. Ji does seem to prefer the company of others, so i doubt it'd be hard to find something to get the bird man invested in.

Third option, we DO leave the prisoner on the ship, and hope it's not discovered. If it is discovered, basically play it off as a parasite from Ecton; it could talk, but who will the germ police believe, a wiggly brain eater or the bosun of a trusted merchant ship? The ship gets quarantined, we play the pressure game, and get everyone still on the ship un-jammed from out position in town. Assumedly all thats needed is some magical checks and precautions to show that everything still on the ship is find to go into town, unless, unbeknownst to us, it's not.

Side note, JamesLeng, how would you feel about a Salamander player character? http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/salamander

Thinking about having one that was born uniquely affected by whatever the wood essence in Ecton is, instead of being fire based.
No. 117186 ID: d36af7

>Taking 'Prisoner' with us is problematic, as Ji is still host to Tchalcedo. 'Prisoner' defected or deserted after I interrogated it, rather than face punishment for sharing classified information. It probably doesn't want to be where it can be easily detected by its former roommate. Right now the tungsten is blocking easy detection.
>Ideally we should be able to leave the quiver, unless the inspectors have some kind of divination that will tell them it was inside the Green Tide, and came directly in contact with someone killed by the illness they're trying to contain. Then they might confiscate it. And I think we can all agree letting a government take our valuables is not a good thing.
The interesting way these problems interlock is, things inside an exodimensional space are almost always difficult to detect, and Prisoner has just the right body type to be able to hide inside the quiver, if you empty it out first.

>Salamander player character?
Half-spirits tend to work better. How are you proposing to fit it into the character creation framework?
No. 117190 ID: fc3fc0

So we can take the quiver, maybe give the stuff inside to Davina's party, put the prisoner inside, have Vos swim off separately with the quiver + prisoner, then re-unite and sell the quiver after Ji goes back to the ship? Ji seems to be pretty amenable to Davina, so if she asks him to watch the boat after he finishes his shore leave, finalizes the quiver sales, then head on back?

>How would you build her
I was mostly in the information gathering stage, but the goal is to make a classic black brimmed hat witch who happens to look like a leopard gecko and does earth magic

Name: ________
Race: Half Spirit salamander?
Class: Hedge Witch (Or maybe rich bastard)
Specialization: Geomancy
Higher Ambition: __________
Lower Ambition: __________
Phobia: Imbibing "healthy" foods
Mutation: Kind of winging this one but something along the lines of "Her birth was twisted by cursed geomancy, causing her to be uniquely aligned with with the wood element as opposed to the fire element." I don't know what that really entails, but basically I was thinking of taking all the fire based stuff for salamanders and change it to acid based- so acid resistance, extra acid damage, legs instead of tail, and then she'd be affected by anything that targets spirits or half spirits or outsiders or the like.
Supernatural Vulnerability: Vulnerable to fire (Instead of cold)
Innate Power: She can animate hay and straw and such to form creatures that defend her (also not yet hammered down)
No. 117191 ID: d36af7

What's the logic behind an aversion to healthy food? In most preindustrial settings there's not really going to be mass-produced synthetic "junk food," just a gradient from bland stuff that peasants eat (coarse bread, weak beer, turnips, and beans, with just enough other vegetables and cheap meat to fill in essential nutrients) up to elaborately-prepared stuff loaded with fat, protein, and spices that high nobles eat. Genuinely unhealthy food, stuff that's spoiled or contaminated or just unbearably disgusting, gets fed to beggars, or dogs, or pigs, or composted as fertilizer, or in the worst cases burned, and even then the heat is useful.

For the leopard gecko thing, a tail that can store excess food or be detached as a decoy is a valid mutation.

As for the elemental substitution, how about a residual phobia of cold, vulnerability to salt (including ocean water and over-salted food), and the innate ability to set things on grass?

Works by touch, or conducted through a metal-hafted weapon or chain, or maybe even as an area-effect breath weapon, though that costs some fatigue. Being set on grass deals just as much damage as being set on fire, but actual fire extinguishes it and fresh water or loamy dirt makes it worse. When something made of meat gets grassified to death, 1d4 minutes later you gain a yellow-musk-creeper-style zombie minion.
No. 117208 ID: 3abd97

>So we can take the quiver, maybe give the stuff inside to Davina's party, put the prisoner inside, have Vos swim off separately with the quiver + prisoner, then re-unite and sell the quiver after Ji goes back to the ship? Ji seems to be pretty amenable to Davina, so if she asks him to watch the boat after he finishes his shore leave, finalizes the quiver sales, then head on back?
The black market buyer for the Quiver is back in Passholdt. So we take it off the ship, it has to go back on. So maybe Vos caches it for pick up on the return trip in a few days (not sure if 'Prisoner' is a good candidate for guard duty? But you're right that Viste could double back to pick up 'Prisoner' and/or Vos without Ji) or maybe he just swims back to ship when the army leaves (assuming they leave anytime soon) while we all portal on to Overmire (or Prisoner flies back to ship with the quiver after us and the army are gone?). Either way, it needs to get back to the ship.

Similarly, Ji can't go back to the ship until the army's gone, since he is host to a tentacle monster and all. Getting the anything back on the boat after we get to town shouldn't be hard- I've been assuming Tchalcedo wants to disembark in Overmire (staying with us just means doubling back to where she was before, or where Yikk Tasst is already operating). I'm not sure if 'Prisoner' would want to stay in Overmire? Similar problem where staying with us brings us back towards what it ran from, but it probably wants to avoid Tchalcedo too, and I don't know if the city is big enough for its tastes.

>Lots of potential countermeasures for scrying. Details of those, relevant and otherwise, are available at standard OOC knowledge rates
Okay, since we seem to be committed to this idea and are just fleshing it out, I'm going to get things moving by spending a question on relevant countermeasures.

>set things on grass
The phrasing here makes me giggle.
No. 117214 ID: d36af7

>spending a question
The only scrying capabilities Overmire's navy is willing and able to apply at this point either depend on very tight sympathetic links, the sort which usually need to be carefully prearranged, or are simply a matter of supernaturally acute elven eyesight. They can't see any part of the ship unless it's got line of sight to some marine scout's eyeballs back on one of those triremes, or the document nailed to the mast.
>relevant countermeasures
Obstruct that line of sight by e.g. hiding in Dav/iste's private cabin, the same one with the conveniently shore-facing peephole.
No. 117217 ID: 3abd97

>shore mounted porthole
So evac procedure would be something like open portal to water for Vos, not-Dav drops Quiver with 'Prisoner' out the porthole (but not a portal) for Vos to catch, everyone else portals to shore, Vos swims away or dives down.

...although, if we assuming Tsochar need to breathe, or that the quiver will fill with a lot of seawater, we might want to cover it in some way first.

Hmm. Might be hard for the Bosun to lie that we'd left earlier if they already saw some of us on deck reading that note, though.
No. 117222 ID: d22dc0

>already saw us

So I can think of 3 major solutions which are

And taunting

Bribing is obvious- pay them to look the other way, along with some reassuring side talk of “hey, they just didn’t wanna waste time, everyone’s safe, so just let it slide okay?”

Deception is basically us going “yeah these crew members ARE the ones you saw on deck. One of them had a tail? You must be mistaken- jimmy was dragging a sack of rations at the time though” trick them into thinking no one left and the people they saw are still there

Taunting boils down to a gamble based on their jobs- yeah, these people did leave the ship as soon as your note landed, I tried to stop them, etc. basically, have the bosun rat us out, play it up like he’s on their side- ship gets inspected, gets the all clear and passes on quickly because they’re suddenly short staffed after having to devote extra resources to tracking us down. The downside is obviously we’re wanted criminals now, and they may not want to let the ship in, even if it passes with flying colors.

Any other solutions you guys see? More difficult solutions involve ambushing the search party once you corner someone in a room alone, then infiltrating with prisoner, or combat with crew once their on our ship, hostage situation rather than ship to ship combat. We could always let them search us without any tricks, and then try to diplomacy/bribe them into believing us when we say all our various parasites and mutations aren’t related to Ecton.

Also, I thought the quiver had a cap which could keep water out, does it not?

>character creation
That seems to fall in line with the spirit of the character; I’ll add it to my idea list and work on makin a full character out of her to add to my list.the only major change I would probably make is related to the mutation, since it’s a little bland, even though it’s useful, fits the character, and makes sense realistically. Might do that and just make her abnormally small, and add the leopard-esque skin pattern as part of it because I really like that color scheme and pattern, part of why I was drawn to leopard gecko as my specific inspiration; that and he big tail, which is already spoken for.
No. 117240 ID: d22dc0

So it completely flew over my head that the dungeon is the hospital, otherwise I would probably have sent my characters along, given that they agreed to help. During the next expedition I’ll go in properly.
No. 117243 ID: af6e04

Well, it's only a couple hours south of town and we've been mostly messing around in the first few rooms. You could probably catch up to us.

In fact, you could probably jump the distance in a fraction of the walking time. Bring food and water.
No. 117249 ID: fc3fc0

Since Kent and Isaiah are going into the dungeon, it's probably relevant to double check if the extra revelation feat Isaiah took is legal, and to get a better handle on what exactly Kent's level up did. Any new abilities I need to sort out or know about?
No. 117252 ID: 3abd97

I'm not really sure bribery is an option without hitting just the right person- it's hard to bribe someone while they're being watched.

"Taunting" might be a bad way of saying it, but yes, one fallback option for the bosun is to blame everything on us, we made him lie, etc, if he gets caught in a lie.

Honestly I would have had Rhea go along too, but I kind of missed the boat an figured my time would be better spent roleplaying talking the reticent party members into coming next time instead of retroactively jumping in.

It's only a quick scouting mission, anyways (unless something goes wrong).

>probably relevant to double check if the extra revelation feat Isaiah took is legal
That was okayed back here:

>That's fine, yes. Seems very appropriate.
No. 117254 ID: d36af7

On the subject of that water sight power, it occurred to me Rhea's mom is connected with geysers, so Obscuring Mist and suchlike would make sense as clouds of steam. Just make a note that the ambient temperature rises by about 30 degrees inside the cloud. Usually a harmless 'flavor' side effect, but it might save lives on a frigid mountaintop when the thin dry air sets people to coughing, or be used as an insidious weapon in an already warm environment when those caught inside lose the ability to effectively cool themselves by sweating and thus rapidly succumb to heatstroke. Could be used to subdue, or as a nice tidy "natural causes."
No. 117255 ID: 3abd97

>Also, I thought the quiver had a cap which could keep water out, does it not?
Hmm. I'm not seeing a cap mentioned in the original description, unless it's mentioned offhand somewhere else. Quivers are usually open ended, aren't they?

>Any other solutions you guys see?
The ones I've elaborated on in detail are the only ones that look viable.

Combat seems ill advised, as it would make us unwelcome in the town we're headed for, and even if we were victorious I don't see how we can protect the merchants and their ship sufficiently during any action.

Compromising the person in charge with a tsochar seems unlikely to work. We're not likely to find or get them alone, they likely have class levels, and the bridge may well be warded against teleportation (or just have alarm wards). And they're on guard against preciously the kind of infiltration tsochari represent, with the plant-disease.

Talking our way through an inspection was my first idea, but it's been since raised just how many things we have they might object to, and that nervous military types might be inclined to stab first, ask questions later.

Oh, neat. I approve.
No. 117267 ID: 29d032

I did not notice it had been approved, thanks! As for plans, I also have a question I can ask if you can think of a good/useful one, but I think we’re best off with the window escape plan; I thought the quiver had compartments that opened and closed, hence me imagining a cap, but I don’t currently have the ability to search easily.

The reason I called the plan “taunting” is because in my mind, it was like we were saying “yeah, we’re breaking the rules, what are you going to do about it?”

I didn’t really consider Geoffrey’s coin purse available, but since it is, I might pack some more mundane or useful items with Isaiah (Kent likes to travel light). I won’t be able to post a revised inventory list until later tonight or tomorrow probably, but if anyone wants to help me brainstorm it’d be appreciated. Medical supplies are the biggest thing that spring to mind, and I have this inventory I made up for Riv in an old pathfinder game from which I might draw inspiration; also going to check what she bought when she got into town before and grab some of those things if any don’t overlap.
No. 117322 ID: 094652

Forgot to ask, how much silver does Azure have?

Opening the jar with her head in it is a last resort. See, usually her head would catch on fire when she dies. She hasn't exactly tried to preserve parts of her body by dunking her head underwater to death like a suicidal ostrich, but this head was preserved in freaking alcohol - not exactly flame retardant here. Finding out how this thing was preserved is something of a priority, because if it can be burned and act as charred remains for Azure to respawn from, that increases her survival rate even further. Keep in mind; this is Azure's train of thought. Whether or not it works is up to JamesLeng, and either way it needs experimentation first.

And also, she's afraid the head will explode the moment it comes into contact with air. So there's that.

I had this entire side story about one of her serial killers who had this ridiculous name to go with his cold-themed torture, which somehow caused the preservation, but it needed editing and I forgot about it.

>What are you going to buy already
Order of priorities: Medkit, basic adventurer's bag, marbles.
No. 117334 ID: 3abd97

Isn't it Azure's blood that auto-ignites in contact with air? I would guess the head has already been drained of blood, and/or that being suspended in liquid (even flammable liquid) is sufficient to keep it from making contact with air.

Guessing aside, though, the head already works as an insurance policy. Let's say Azure goes off and gets killed and her ability is somehow blocked from saving her. So what do we do? Th party hands your head over to the Deva and asks her to res you. The head represents mortal remains that are pre-recovered.
No. 117339 ID: f3e670

Azure is welcome to half the marbles, and a personalized medkit might be more expensive, but useful given her particular needs. Kent and Isaiah just rolled very well to spend nearly 3 gold from Geoffrey's purse while he's out of town, and got most of the stuff I thought was useful, but extra supplies usually don't hurt- containers might be of particular use, and JamesLeng I believe listed some types and prices in thread 3.

Are we about ready to proceed with plan "Don't rock the boat?" I can still burn an OOC question, or finalize the details about how we're going to seal the quiver, but I think we've got the details down for right now.
No. 117351 ID: 3abd97

Isn't giving Azure a bunch of marbles basically turning her into a Claymore the next time she explodes?
No. 117354 ID: fc3fc0

I thought it was merely combustion and subsequent burning to death, not really an explosion with enough to launch projectiles any distance. JamesLeng?

I’ll also go do the group inventory in the character sheet after I get confirmation on purchases
No. 117371 ID: 094652

>the head already works as an insurance policy
>The head represents mortal remains that are pre-recovered.
I don't think that's how it works.

While having small pieces of yourself chopped off so your teammates can resurrect you later is a valid tactic -
http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0783.html - resurrecting from pieces that were torn off BEFORE you died, or AFTER your latest resurrection, would be all too exploitable. If things worked this way, a retired adventurer could have his body parts chopped into tiny pieces once a month, resurrect from one, and prance about in dungeons knowing their cleric servant will just cast resurrection on the other body parts every day if something goes wrong! Pathfinder rules state "the portion receiving the spell must have been part of the creature’s body at the time of death". As in, the latest death.

The thing is, Azure's power is all about flipping the bird to the regular rules of resurrection. Her auto-revive condition is specifically when her charred remains (ashes and stuff) spontaneously burst into flames 24 hours after her death, and she appears intact. Whether or not the above "no resurrecting from body parts that were cut off before the latest resurrection" rule applies to her is kind of nebulous at this point, but I expect the answer is yes.
No. 117374 ID: d22dc0

This isn't a traditional pathfinder game, and I believed we actually discussed this point in the prior disc thread, but her head should work to resurrect her, and if so, the combustion of her ashes wouldn't yield anything because she was already alive I believe. May have to fact check that though, but just know that we're not using strictly pathfinder rules and spells
No. 117381 ID: d36af7

Basic first aid kit is $50, 2 lb. More elaborate medkit for use with a particular style of Esoteric Medicine is $200, 10 lb, and gives a +1 bonus to First Aid. Basic field surgery kit is $300, 15 lb. Spare bandages are $10, 1 lb for five or six applications.

Yes, if Azure is on fire when she dies, she does explode. This deals 4d6+1 damage (calculated based on her body mass, assuming Strength 7 for someone with bird bones and a personal history of avoiding manual labor), modified by range: 3x damage to someone who swallowed her whole, 2x (or just assume all the dice came up 6) if she's being grappled, base damage for someone right up in her face but not touching, divide damage by three for someone one yard away, six at two yards, nine at three yards, and beyond that nobody's going to be taking more than a point or two or damage from the concussion. She also scatters burning fragments out to five yards, similar to a white phosphorous grenade. Beyond eight yards you're probably completely safe. If she was wearing a backpack crammed full of marbles or caltrops or something, that might cause 2d6 cutting damage per fragment out to a ten yard radius.

As for the debate of whether the head in a jar will work as a backup... that's a question for in-character knowledge skills. Occultism, Theology (any religion which has any sort of official opinion on phoenixes and/or the afterlife, or Comparative at -5), Thanatology, or some types of Esoteric Medicine would be enough for educated guesswork, and can be attempted even without training at the "saw this on TV once" level, but Hidden Lore (Elemental Fire) would be the best for a definitive answer. If that skill isn't available within the party, and you want to be sure, you could consult with NPC sages, or shop around for reference books. Knowledge skills generally operate at a penalty for highly specific and unusual questions, but there's also a +4 bonus when you already figured out the right answer (from some other skill or a lucky/obvious guess) and just need confirmation.

Alternatively someone could spend one of their weekly patron-benefit questions, or simply test it and see what happens.
No. 117382 ID: d36af7

If you're worried about broken or otherwise crippled limbs and have at least six gold to spare, you could also buy some elven-made orthopedic braces. Specialized by body part (right or left, hand or foot or arm or leg or ribcage or pelvis or neck, etc.), strap it on right after the injury occurs and get +3 on the roll to see whether you can recover without surgery (or heavy-duty magic), and, if so, how long it takes.
No. 117431 ID: fc3fc0

Question: is Kent’s whole body sticky? Or just hands and feet? Is it restricted to skin without pores, or something else that applies to that general region? Do Elves even have the same basic kind of skin structures that humans do, like pores that secrete sebum, and poreless palms/soles?
No. 117442 ID: d36af7

No part of Kent's body is sticky. Impact velocity combined with temporary liquefaction of stone creates a tight seal and strong but temporary connection, the exact mechanics of which are unclear. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gauge_block#Wringing

Elves which have not consumed significant quantities of quintessential food are physiologically similar to humans, enough so that a real-world biologist looking at autopsy data could reasonably figure they have a common ancestor no further back than Homo Habilis. A doctor or surgeon trained exclusively with humans could practice on such elves at only -2 to skill. Eyes and ears may be larger and more sensitive, a few metabolic oddities (varying by environment), but all the major organs are in the same places, doing the same things. For one with relatively mild mutations like Kent, that would be -3 to skill. For Kent's great-aunt who looks kinda like https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/29755+50.html#36312 it'd be -5.
No. 117443 ID: 094652

So does Azure tag along, or should she stay behind to manage the remaining party members at the town? She's falling behind on exp, but she was assigned second in command by Nistamatsin.
No. 117444 ID: e9490d

Sticky was a word of convince- I’m aware that they aren’t really “sticky” I just wasn’t sure if their whole body would cling to stone, or just certain areas.
Aunt Destiny Adler is perhaps part of the reason Kent regards arachnids so fondly

The more the merrier! It’s no fun to role play in town by yourself while everyone is in the dungeon.
No. 117455 ID: d36af7

As an architect, do you want to be sitting around staring at the same half-dozen wooden buildings of the truck stop/motel/quik-e-mart complex? Or exploring the ruins, where somebody urgently needs an expert opinion on whether any given wall is load-bearing, or okay to smash?
No. 117460 ID: 3abd97

Oh, hey, that's a fun angle I hadn't thought about. Azure's background certainly gives her connections that will be useful when we get to the repairs and rebuilding phase.
No. 117463 ID: af6e04

I'm guessing the reason Nistamatsin doesn't smell any fresh mangoes is that he's pinging as an angel for the sake of Valeno's curse. Hmmm
No. 117464 ID: 094652

Forgot about spell prep, I don't usually play spellcasters. What's sad is all the days those spells aren't cast.

Azure has prepared two charges of Cure Light Wounds and one charge of Remove Fear.

I'm starting to regret getting Fool's Gold. when would be a good time to use 6 gold pieces to dupe someone? There are many different situations where giving a gold piece, even as a transaction, is suspicious.
No. 117467 ID: d22dc0

So do we passively gain "skill points" as we level up? I know there's no real nitty gritty detailed list for us, just sort of going off generally accepted rules, character backgrounds and precedent, but I was looking at all the proficiency Isaiah gets for accepting the waves mystery, trying to imagine him doing cartwheels and such, and I was curious.

On a similar note, there's a pathfinder mechanic where you get either a bonus skill point, hit point, or bonus based on race every level, and I was mostly looking at the list of bonuses going "Man, sure would be nice to learn more spells." I know we don't really do racially based bonuses and such, but if we have any options to get more tools in our belt I'll gladly take them.
No. 117468 ID: 3abd97

>Forgot about spell prep, I don't usually play spellcasters
I'm pretty sure you can get away with handwaving it for non-cleric casters in this game. I haven't been preparing specific spells in advance for Davistina, just keeping track of charges spent/remaining (like Final Fantasy 1 or 3). I haven't seen Ji or Maru prep spells either.

Rhea sorta needs it though, since if I don't specify what she prayed for, her spell list is all the spells.
No. 117481 ID: d36af7

Valeno's demon-attracting scent hasn't had time to propagate that far. Dungeon air circulation tends to be poor in general, this dungeon in particular has been noted as having dangerously bad air in some spots, and there are closed doors in the way.
No. 117482 ID: d36af7

I'm mostly using GURPS rather than Pathfinder skill rules, and not keeping a particularly strict accounting of points. Any time there's a level-up or training montage, just specify what you want to be getting better at. Backflips? That's the acrobatics skill. Unless you mean underwater backflips (aquabatics) or wacky stunts while flying (aerobatics). GURPS has literally hundreds of skills, even without considering specialties - and for many of those skills, specialization isn't optional, like with theology for different religions.

The good news is, excelling at one skill improves related skills incidentally. Acro-, Aero, and Aqua-batics all default to each other at -4, so if you've got skill 16 in one of them, that provides skill 12 in the other two at no extra cost.
No. 117483 ID: d22dc0

I don’t think I’ll have Isaiah preforming underwater backflips anytime soon, or at least not training to do then in any case.

Speaking of skills, and what people are good at, any chance we could flesh out Kent’s advancements? Getting better at their specialty, engineering/articicing with a focus in older technologies, would be the main goal, but other than mentioning a few different classes I don’t think we worked out any specifics. I generally like to know what exactly my options and capabilities are before jumping into dangerous territory. I liked the roguish gadgeteer vibe, having bonuses to all the stuff you need to preform heists on rich folks libraries, while also having advancements that represent Kent’s tinkering and quizzical side. Being able to reliably aim and land longer distance jumps would also be nice, although it’s second or third on the list. Not really interested in the backstabby stealth attack nature of rogue, and while uncanny dodge and evasion are both super nice, they’re not really what I imagined Kent being skilled at.
On the other side, I like everything in the artificer class, but there’s nothing relevant or applicable to Kent’s background as a sneak. The rogue talents and bonuses have a lot of focus on diplomacy and bluff, and I think it’d be very ammusing to have the drow who refuses to talk in front of a crowd be the flirtatious diplomat.

Advice from anyone regarding class progression for Kent is welcome at this point, although if my goal really is to get clarity I think JamesLeng is the only one who can give a final say on anything
No. 117498 ID: af6e04

Ah, that makes sense. Still puzzling over that gotcha clause, think I might use my OOC question to ask what it is.

I just can't do Geoffrey's dialogue/rants nearly as well as Riotmode did. Sigh
No. 117501 ID: d36af7

Just to clarify, thread 6 is waiting on someone taking some sort of action for which they roll dice.
No. 117502 ID: f0eaf4

I've been waiting for the go-ahead from magey, but I guess we've mostly decided on a course of action. I can roll that diplomacy check with the bosun
No. 117512 ID: f3e670

As was I. Things are more fun when you rush in and have a little chaos and uncertainty though. Let’s hope the Bosun is amenable to a 9 because this whole plan hinges on him.
No. 117513 ID: 3abd97

Whups, sorry guys. Been a busy week, and I got distracted. You have my retroactive green light.
No. 117517 ID: d22dc0

Don’t worry, I figured something like that was going on- it’s not really fair to you if we force you to do all the planning and work either; you just seem to be the best at it out of all of us so I think often times we default to your leadership- at least I do. Take your time, there’s no rush
No. 117546 ID: 094652

Note that I'm retroactively claiming Pog's neck bracer goes around his neck so that he doesn't strangle himself to death with the chains from his tools. Youngmasons found that most of their dumber orc slaves have enough instincts to keep dense or sharp things AWAY from their eyeballs, but not ropes from their necks. This one has a partial coverage design, it gives just enough space to move but prevents pressure around the front of the neck where most choking takes place. Hurts like a &!+(#, but Pog's worn this his whole life, to prevent him from choking himself whenever he's playing around with his weapons. I'm mostly posting this so there's no "Azure accidentally strangled Pog to death by flying around with Attention Deficit Disorder", and Pog's strong enough to stand in place if Azure darts at full speed.
No. 117548 ID: d36af7

I already considered Pog's armor to be effectively incorporating an anti-garotte collar. It's possible to choke him by yanking on the chains, but his windpipe can't be crushed that way, and wrapping a noose around the outside of the collar isn't very effective.
No. 117550 ID: d36af7

So, Santova, you willing to have Tellus Matrem jump in and maybe rescue Valeno from the leeches? Wouldn't have to join the party long-term. Couldn't join immediately, in fact, due to time paradox: have to set off marching up north pretty soon to deliver that letter on schedule.
No. 117552 ID: fc3fc0

I’d be happy to- you also have my express and explicit permission to use any of my character ideas as references or NPCs because by the time I’ve typed something out here I’m probably already working on the next idea; I just really enjoy making characters, in general and in this system, so I’d be happy to churn out some ideas. Let me know the five W’s for Tellus to try and save the day
No. 117590 ID: 094652

Question: Did you just copy a stock dungeon map for the Mouth Of Doom? Please tell me you used software to generate that map...
No. 117591 ID: 3abd97

Well, I mean, he used software to crop, censor and/or alter it.

But yeah, many of the 'official' maps are clearly source-book derived. Taking the good bits from other things and using them to suit our needs is kinda how this game works.
No. 117593 ID: d36af7

>Please tell me
I'm, ah... *adjusts glasses* ...not actually seeing you anywhere on my list of patrons, Kome. For OOC info like that, you'd need to be contributing monthly at the $5 level or higher.
No. 117594 ID: e9490d

Makes it easier on everyone if the maps are pre-made. Less work for JamesLeng, we know it’s not arbitrary and that we could theoretically find a matching map if we were that way inclined, seems like an overall win to me
No. 117603 ID: d36af7

I'm thinking about properly explaining and applying the GURPS Mass Combat rules for resolving Vos's retreat from the sharkmarines, since it's such a weird situation at this point - sorta like an amphibious assault in reverse, or some bizarre mirror-universe miniature Dunkirk Evacuation.
No. 117604 ID: 3abd97

I'm just trying to stop laughing over Vos' flock of loving octowasps.

I figure 'Prisoner' would factor in if he sticks out of the quiver- if it's telepathic, it should be able to sense the sharkmen within a certain distance, right? Although given they can smell Vos at range, that doesn't solve anything by itself.
No. 117605 ID: d36af7

Let's see, if the nearer trireme is diverted, that's a war galley, two units of medium infantry, and... honestly the arcane archers probably count as basic battle mages rather than mundane bowmen. B-rank competence all around, corresponding to "Long-service professional soldiers, or troops from warrior backgrounds that emphasis early and realistic combat training," 'cause they're active-military elves but the really elite types don't get stuck on customs duty. A-rank gear for the ship itself and the infantry, but C-rank gear for the 'mages' since their actual spell selection is bare-bones. And the marine modifier, of course.

Relevant sharkmen are... let's say five units of amphbious warriors (the book specifically mentions weresharks as an example), C-rank competence for "enthusiastic and skilled part-time militia," B-rank gear representing the ice spears and disease precautions, and the Impetuous and All-Weather modifiers.

Decaro Vos and the octowasps I'm going to treat more or less as a unit of light cavalry with the hovercraft modifier, C-rank gear and D-rank competence for "enthusiastic but very inexperienced."

Esmeraude counts as an entire unit of flying mages by herself (the 'hero' modifier), with A-rank competence for "raised from childhood as full-time soldiers" but D-rank equipment since she's short on contextually-applicable heavy artillery equivalents and her best C3I spells are outgoing only. Her bodyguard is equivalent to a similarly elite (and possibly better-equipped) unit of heavy infantry, with swamp affinity that might be extremely useful... if you're willing to let him off the leash. That would be something of an all-or-nothing decision, since Maria's not available to fine-tune the bindings.

Less certain how to represent the remainder of the group already on shore. Individualistic adventurers who prefer a stand-up fight over skirmishing normally count as medium infantry, but between Viste and Yisheng Ji's powers, flying infantry almost seems like a better fit.
No. 117606 ID: 3abd97

This does sort of assume (a) we're willing to commit to fighting the local military and not allowing Vos to surrender or be captured and (b) that the others locate Vos in time to assist instead of bugging out of the search radius.

I mean, consequence-wise, I sort of feel we're better off not fighting the local military. Even if we don't lose any of our own, we're likely going to be made to regret any losses we inflict.
No. 117608 ID: d36af7

GURPS Mass Combat encompasses options such as winning the initial recon and then deciding not to engage, or, after the battle has begun, orderly retreat without any attempt to inflict damage. That "full retreat" strategy actually gives you +8 on the opposed roll, AND reduces friendly casualties for the round by 10%, so on a tie or better your side takes no damage unless the enemy was so desperate to hurt you that they'd disregard their own safety. Even if they do, your side might still get away clean if you win by 7 points or more. On a failure, most of your force still gets away, minus some casualties - and in the context of a police action, 'casualties' mostly means captured rather than killed.

The Misfortunes of War table is a nice impartial mechanism for determining which of the PCs get in trouble and by how much. Main meaningful decision for individual characters is the 'risk modifier.' Taking more risks makes your side as a whole more likely to succeed, but also means you're more likely to be personally paying the price if they don't, or even if that success is any less than perfect.
No. 117610 ID: 3abd97

>if you're willing to let him off the leash. That would be something of an all-or-nothing decision, since Maria's not available to fine-tune the bindings.
Wait how would we even do that without Maria? The bondage expert who tried and failed to force it, and who got burned and magically impregnated for her trouble, was arguably more qualified to break the bindings than the rest of us. Unless the Fire Hawks are keyed into the bindings as authorized users?
No. 117616 ID: fc3fc0


Sounds like our main options are engage the local militia or let Vos try to sort things out on their own. We’re up against 7-8 units of military, which is 42-128 soldiers by my count- a force which given our previous experience in Ecton, we might actually be able to beat. In Ecton there were more attackers, with better equipment, but there were more defenders and we have surprise. We also didn’t engage the whole army at once. Still, I think depending on how the dice roll, we do have a chance to win if we end up engaging. Vos alone probably doesn’t stand a good chance of success- at least, not with the mass combat rules; I don’t know all the details, but I’m pretty sure the modifiers for being outnumbered 10-1 affect your success pretty drastically, and it only gets worse the close we get to 20-1. Even in a full retreat, it’s probably gonna be a serious gamble. Then, there’s the question of what you do in the event of a success- getting back together with the group, who can’t tell what’s happening, might be an issue. All around it seems like Vos resisting has heavy consequences, although we don’t really know what the consequences for submitting are. Worst case, Vos is probably purged of “parasites” and at risk for execution. On the lighter end, it turns out this was all a big misunderstanding and they don’t hurt Vos at all, some gold and a bit of paper work is all that we need to arrange for.

If we think we need to, or if this isn’t a particularly fun roadblock, I can burn a weekly question to address the odds of success and what options are more likely to yield favorable results, but if Viste and Vos and all aren’t too bothered by it then we can just roll the dice and see what happens, no gaming the system required.

I’ll join in with Tellus soon, I’m trying to get an idea of the personality and how they might converse or approach things down in my head before I do anything.
No. 117621 ID: d36af7

The guild expert misunderstood the situation, and tried to speed things up with a knife. When someone hires her to remove bondage, it's almost always amateur hour gone wrong, so customer satisfaction correlates much more closely with speed and discretion than with listening to whatever ridiculous face-saving story they made up on the walk over.

Maria significantly reconfigured the bindings based on feedback from that incident, and instructed Davina and Decaro Vos (who may have ill intentions for her little brother but at least doesn't seem inept or malevolent enough to needlessly get a whole lot of innocent people killed), and possibly others (but definitely not Esmeraude), in how to untie it all without divine backlash, in case some 'godzilla threshold' type event should occur while Maria herself was incapacitated or unavailable.
No. 117624 ID: 3d2d5f

>In Ecton there were more attackers, with better equipment
I don't recall the rank and file of the bandit army in Ekton having enchanted equipment like these marines do. (And a bandit army having a better standard of rank and file issued equipment than a standing military with proper funding and close to home sure would go against my expectations).

>Even in a full retreat, it’s probably gonna be a serious gamble
Not really? JL just said we had a plus 8 for running away, and if we start the portal hopping before they close, we can move a hell of a lot faster than they can. Seems much less of a gamble than engaging, especially if Vos is effectively acting as a distraction.

Retreating with Vos is more risky, I suppose, since we have to get to him and lose some of those advantages trying to back away after.

>All around it seems like Vos resisting has heavy consequences, although we don’t really know what the consequences for submitting are.
Worst case for capture: we lose the quiver before we can sell it, Vos is detained in a way we can't free him or killed, 'Prisoner's' existence is made public and Ji's parasite eats his brain or otherwise lashes out realizing it has been made.

Worst case for engaging: we're put down by the military, or we get away with expensive losses, or we do enough damage getting away / winning that we rile up the resources of the city against us.

Both cases could also include causing significant delays or problems for our merchant clients, or being denied access to the city.

Surrender worst case might be mitigated if 'Prisoner' split with the quiver before Vos is caught (although we might still never see it again) and if Vos gets a good diplomacy roll?

There's risks both ways, but I can imagine scenarios we talk or bribe Vos out of dodge after. Kicking the army's butt might be good for our long term rep (to an extent), but I don't see how we spin it to work with any of our current objectives.
No. 117626 ID: af6e04

>light cavalry with the hovercraft modifier
My hovercraft is full of bees

This seems pretty stacked against us on first impressions, but I really don't know much about GURPS mass combat rules
No. 117627 ID: fc3fc0

I know we get a plus 8, but they have better equipment, and outnumber Vos somewhere between 10-1 and 20-1, which I'm guessing gives them some pretty serious bonuses to their rolls too.
No. 117637 ID: d36af7

Let's say it's just Decaro Vos and the octowasps versus the sharkmen. By headcount, he's outnumbered 5:1, but differences in equipment quality make the effective odds factor 10:1, which would give a strategy skill bonus of +12 to the sharkmen. However, they don't have any fast cavalry equivalent, so Vos's team gets +3 for superiority within that special class, effectively canceling out the sharkmen's similar bonus for naval superiority. With the +8 for a full retreat, he's only at a 4-point disadvantage, which would be surmountable with other modifiers or simple luck. Even on a failure, Vos personally probably gets away. To actually be captured, first his force would need to take at least 5% casualties. Then he'd need to get a critical "success" on the Misfortunes of War roll, and even then he gets a choice between surrender and taking 6d6 injury (which bypasses armor, since rather than a single specific attack it represents the enemy having found some credible way to threaten you).

Let's say Esmeraude gets involved. Despite the penalty for being unable to breathe water during a mainly underwater fight, her effective troop strength brings the odds factor down to about 2.5:1, so that +12 is cut back to a +4, and she adds four more types of uncontested special class superiority (air, artillery, C3I, and direct-fire), giving your team an eight-point advantage, or sixteen with the bonus from a full retreat. Adding in the war galley would swing that somewhat back the other way, of course, including enemy mages contesting those special class superiority bonuses, but they still wouldn't have any airborne force.
No. 117639 ID: 3abd97

This is sooooorta getting deeper into the mechanical weeds than I really like, but what I'm reading is "if you want Vos to have good odds of escaping, you guys should help him to stack bonuses".

>if this isn’t a particularly fun roadblock
I mean, personally I'm a lot more excited at the prospect of getting to muck around in town than dealing with these marines, but Vos is consistently on point for getting wonderfully entertaining outcomes, whether stuff is going right or wrong for him.
No. 117642 ID: af6e04

>Vos is consistently on point for getting wonderfully entertaining outcomes, whether stuff is going right or wrong for him.
I know right? Haha it's like a gift
No. 117643 ID: fc3fc0

Ah, then I misunderstood the headcount; I was going off a gurps rule page for mass combat that stated a squad was 6-16 troops; if vos is a squad, and there's a bunch of other squads, then odds place you at anywhere between 2.7:1 up to a 22:1 troop disparity, and that would be numbers alone. If we take the averages, Vos is still outnumbered 7:1, so i figured it was better to high ball it a little and give us some wiggle room when counting our odds.

Personally I like knowing the nitty gritty rules and all the odds- never liked gambling, so it helps offset my natural proclivity to underestimate us and overestimate the bad guys.

JamesLeng has been gracious enough to grant us some OOC info on the odds already, and given that they're not stacked too heavily against us, I think it's fine to roll the dice and hope for the best.
No. 117649 ID: af6e04

I got caught up in the character creation hype. This time, I wanted to try something new and make a character who wasn't a monster boy. Let's see how well I did.

Matthew Lathuft
Rich Bastard

Specialization: Breaking and entering
Ambitions: Stealing valuable things from powerful individuals / Gambling
Phobia: Dragons

Left hip - Rope + grappling hook
Right hip - Candles
Left shoulder - Big Hammer
Right shoulder - More Rope
Chest/neck - Tools for lockpicking, quick but subtle forced entry (big pliers, hand saw, etc.), and disabling magical traps (chisel wrapped in miseltoe, etc.)
Top of head - Leather armor (more of a wide-brimmed hat, really)
Somewhere uncomfortable - The 'Slaad Eye' gem. Huge, famous, beautiful, completely unfenceable.

Growing up poor, at a young age he realized he had a knack for sneaking, climbing, and blending in with the socially elite. It didn't take long for him to start putting those skills to use. Soon he was stealing more for the thrill than for any sort of financial need, but he's in a bit of a legal bind after his latest heist. Never carries a weapon.
No. 117668 ID: fc3fc0

Helen isn’t a monster boy! She just has a horrify, Cthulhu esque abomination on her back.

That being said, I like the look of your mission impossible style heist boy. I too was thinking of doing a no power character, although I’m not sure I want to commit to that kind of restriction- the powers can be incredibly helpful, and define a character more so they fit an image or an idea; having a phobia, mutation and weakness all lend themselves to more fun an interesting character, for me at least. It’s hard to say no to all that and give up half the character customization options
No. 117671 ID: 3abd97

Hmmm. I wonder if the target moving through a portal would interrupt a true-strike arrow's pathing, especially if it closed.

Game theory wise, I feel like it probably would have been the best move if we all picked +3, but it felt too in-character to hold back from going all out.

Does the gem do anything? Seems kind of a shame if the very expensive item is just a MacGuffin.

I sorta regretted not defining anything specific about Dav's sword compared to the magic items some other characters got (although I do enjoy the running 'magic sword' lie to imply a weakness or limitation that isn't there. Misrepresenting your powers and weaknesses is good).

Or is she a horrifying monster that wears an absentminded scholar on her front.

You commentary on no-power was sorta how I ended up feeling about Marijke. I had fun with her, but ended up regretting the low level of weirdness compared to the rest of the group. Not having those options to play off of is less fun imo.
No. 117672 ID: d36af7

Some pretty weird stuff is possible without innate powers. For example, I've kinda been wanting somebody else to try something like Yeven Surgis's active-scan-only vision.
No. 117673 ID: af6e04

>Helen isn’t a monster boy!
>Or is she a horrifying monster that wears an absentminded scholar on her front.

>Does the gem do anything? Seems kind of a shame if the very expensive item is just a MacGuffin.
Oh hopefully. I'd rather not know what it does though, least at first. I like the idea that he just stole it thinking it was sort of super valuable gem without knowing about its eldritch magical powers. In 5e at least, a slaad eye can be used to control the chaotic outsider frog monsters.

>I do enjoy the running 'magic sword' lie to imply a weakness or limitation that isn't there
The lie can be double-edged though! (haha) If people know it's an innate power, you'll probably attract less sword thieves.

>It’s hard to say no to all that and give up half the character customization options
>low level of weirdness compared to the rest of the group
Yeah but at the same time there's something strangely satisfying playing the relatively normal character to play against all the wackiness. Also being the only one who's not dropping dead because of their allergy to crucifixes or going mad because of their fear of interpretive dance or whatever.

And I think it fits the archetype very well. The simple thief who defeats their supernatural foe with wits rather than special powers.
No. 117674 ID: 094652

>If Azure is confident in her ability to charm these men while she has a giant orc breathing down their necks, she must be an incredible seductress.
Well, yes. Also, it's a tactic; suppose you're looking at a nubile harpy girl with cute puppy eyes and bouncing tits. Something in your subconscious tells you this is too good to be true, you need a break, so you look away. You can't turn your back on the bodyguard, and if anything the bodyguard is the one who stands the most to get a sneak attack in while you're distracted, so you look at him. Him and his butt-ugly, grease spattered, fatass pork face. You feel sick and disoriented. The harpy girl regains your attention while you're debilitated with a high note, and goes back to her smooth bouncing motions. Now you just want to focus on her.

Basically, it's a sexy cop, ugly cop scenario; you pay attention to the sexy, then get paranoid, then look away, then see the ugly, then get sick, now you just want to look at the sexy to get that ugly out of your head.

And Azure doesn't seem like a noble to others without a giant dumbass bodyguard following her around; more like an escaped beastwoman sex slave. She's kidnapped less frequently when Pog's around.
No. 117675 ID: fc3fc0

I would hate to act like i know the rules and feed everyone misinformation again, but from what i understand, the +3 verses -3 makes it more dangerous for us- -3 shows us being conservative, and not taking risks, and therefore reduces the likelihood
of casualties and bad stuff happening- those catastrophe rolls jamesLeng mentioned, that can result in 6d6 damage, or getting capture? The +3 makes those bad results more likely from what I understand. As a player, I think it'd be in our favor for everyone to take lower numbers, something in the negatives, although I don't quite understand the trade off there; I felt like fore Maru the +3 made sense though. Go all out, and risk your own hide, for the sake of glory and protecting those that are important to you. Makes in character sense I think. I think it makes sense for Vos to go for glory and risk his hide for his octo-squad too, although doing so places his children at risk, so that's a rock and a hard place kinda deal. Given that I don't quite understand the +/- trade off, I cant be sure what makes sense for Viste, but I was assuming she'd be less for glory, and more for conservation; sacrifice the pawns to save the special pieces kind of deal, as opposed to rushing in herself so others can make it away more safely.

And when i read back over the old threads, all the way until, and after I joined in, I very much liked Marjike, and thought she & the sun paladin who's name I don't wanna mispell were great examples of how you can define a character and make them fun without writing wacky mechanics on paper. The part where she gets high on opium in the goblin caves, her reactions to Riv scrambling around and gathering up her blood, her general disposition and stuff I thought were really fun. I think she and Davina are really similar, character wise, despite their very different backgrounds, builds, and circumstances. You're really good at playing the managerial leader, trying to manager her crew of dissatisfied employees who aren't willing to do what they signed up for.

I also, really enjoyed playing Riv, even if she was a pushy thorn in the side. It was a little bit of a darker take on her than I had done before, just through the setting and world building, but the prodigal alchemist who hates everyone was a fun character to play as.

I agree that you can still do some pretty out there stuff; doesn't negate the fact that you do loose some dimensions of definition when you take out those hard and fast, immutable traits. I can say Maru doesn't like, for instance, people in priest garb, but I still have agency over how she acts. When you have a strict phobia that you have to roll against, it really impacts your character, and forces you to get creative with how you play. The same goes for all those special features; unless it's written under one of the 4 headers, role-playing and everything else is a little more flexible. I know that sounds like it shouldn't be a complaint, but it's kinda the situation where too much freedom gets boring- if my characters can do anything I say, then it's not really as much of a game anymore. Challenges and obstacles and roadblocks and such are what make a game fun and interesting and engaging, and those character headers impose new rules that add a few extra pieces to every puzzle.

As for radar sight, I wasn't planning on doing exactly that, but I was thinking about a character having a fungal parasite; lost their eyes, but they gained blind sight kind of deal.

On the subject of weird sight, I was also thinking of someone who's mutation was a were-animal type situation, but the were-animal was a separate individual with their own personality, who would have a full phobia, mutation (were person) and supernatural weakness to counter balance their fortune telling power. I thought it would be fun to have boring, average joe who turns into a mystical other-worldly being by accident sometimes.

I think that description in particular really makes the character click for me, it's a fun concept! Your powers and characters are usually pretty interesting no mater what you do- mutations, history eating, face stealing, all your powers and stuff are pretty much universally useful and fun.

Although nothing has been quite as handy as portaling everywhere. I also thought Ji had a really cool power, and was kind of jealous that I wouldn't be able to make a character who could do the same thing without, well, stealing that idea and having my characters do the same thing. There's already plenty of ideas on my list though, so I think I can survive without weightless floating.
No. 117679 ID: d36af7

>sexy cop, ugly cop
That might work on squeamish townies, but bandits who've already been having a run of bad luck aren't going to regard Pog as any less of an immediate threat just because he's ugly, and might be temperamentally incapable of turning up their noses at 'too good to be true.' If they were calm, cautious, and disciplined, they wouldn't have become bandits - or they'd at least be successful bandits.

If you don't want Azure going in alone, what about Rhea? She's fireproof.

Risk modifier affects two rolls: Misfortunes of War, where higher risk makes you more likely to be hurt, captured, or killed, and Significant Actions, where higher risk makes you more likely to do something that affects the whole course of the battle in some way which benefits your side - mechanically, giving +1 to that round's strategy roll on a success, +2 on a crit, or -1 on a botch.
No. 117680 ID: 3abd97

Good cop / bad cop is a routine you generally play when you're in a position of control, though. The point of this scenario was largely giving the bandits the illusion of control over Azure, and seeing how they acted. (And having an unseen axe looming over there head, in the form of a explosion in an enclosed space if they chose to abuse that control).

Putting Pog in the room sort of undercuts that dynamic? (And exposes him to the explosion too).

Well sure, but you have more slots for weirdness when you take an innate power than not.

>rules and risk
As I understand it, it's something like the prisoner's dilemma tradeoff. The group is better off if you choose to be nice / brave, but you're more personally at risk if something does go wrong / if someone chooses to be selfish at your expense.

>I think she and Davina are really similar, character wise
If that's really the impression I can't help but think I've gone pretty wrong somewhere.

Marijke... was sort of a hot mess who stumbled into a position of authority as the (comparatively) straight women to a band of misfits. Who for some reason trusted her, insisted she should be in charge, and that she should take the lion's share of the money. And she remained honestly quite confused as to how that happened. And uncertain and conflicted between her own greed, her self worth, and trying to be a good person when she didn't really know for sure what that meant. (Especially with her specialization and greed). Uncertainty, conflict and muddling through defined Marijke for me.

Never came up, but sexuality would have probably come down to "quite confused and befuddled by this whole sex thing" and "really relieved Dimitry never approached her over his mind control fetish".

Davina's a hell of a lot more confident, knows exactly what she wants, and is proactively working towards it. Questions of right and wrong matter a lot less when you're driven by a mandate you have absolute confidence in. She's probably more ruthless and more compassionate than Marijke was. Actually a lot of compatibility with green elf ideals from what we've learned. Strong respect for professionalism, merit, and mastery (which with her duty and obligations sort of merge into an expectation / demand / need for her own excellence). Davina's got her contradictions (casual sex / legacy, discipline / hedonism, direct and to the point / stealthy, ruthless / compassionate), but they're more a source of strength, or defining character, than confusion.

>You're really good at playing the managerial leader, trying to manager her crew of dissatisfied employees
The managerial style is mostly me bleeding through, although my philosophical approach to running both pirate crew and mercenary company is strongly influenced by Schlock Mercenary and/or The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries (I own a hard copy of the later).

Marijke's mercantile background started out as a tiny spec in her background that pretty quickly grew to be more important than anything written in her stats. In character, she suddenly found herself in a situation where she could take something she knew, and use it, and do well, and she rode it for all it was worth. She may not have known how to be an adventurer, or a captain, but she knew that.

As a character, Dav was really never intended to be the managerial leader, she just grew to fill that role when no else stepped up to do so, and when the dual nature of the magical child class made it convenient. In character, pre-Viste Davina modeled herself pretty strongly after her father. Then, she shunted / surrendered several important parts of what had been her identity to Viste, forcing some readjustment. Post-Viste Davina is her modelling herself much more after her mother.
No. 117719 ID: d36af7

Tellus and Valeno are currently up against half a dozen giant leeches, a swarm of rats, and a minor demon with a moderately cunning plan. I'd like to resolve (or at least significantly progress) that situation before the raid on the bandit lair, both for in-setting timing reasons and to more effectively manage my own mental swap space.
No. 117720 ID: 0e104f

Sorry about the delay everyone, busy weekend. I’ll post a character sheet and action soon hopefully, given some luck and free time. I’m still active and checking up, just not together enough to gather all my details quite yet.
No. 117737 ID: 3abd97

Awkward question: is Yisheng Ji's and Tchalcedo's situation going to be resolved while we're in town? I sort of assume Overmire is Tchalcedo's last stop on this trip, since we're only going to retrace our steps after this, bringing her closer to her old cell and where Yikk Tasst is already operating. And you know, lots of things for a new spy cell to look into in a big city.

Awkward since Tunic hasn't posted in over a month and it would be preferable for him to resolve it, but I'd really like to not have to consider what I'm letting a spy see for the entire return trip. (In character, Dav would probably pressure Vos to pressure Ji if it looked like nothing was happening).

Least toe stepping way might be to gloss over the details so Tunic could retroactively play through things later if and when he returns.
No. 117743 ID: 20ea96

Hi. Sorry for being absent. I've been dealing with a number of issues in my own life recently, and participating in this quest has been really emotionally exhausting for me. Taking on the parasite by choice only to learn almost immediately afterward that I really just took on an excuse to kill off my character anytime a particular npc (aka the DM) decides to "bore him hollow" like Sage Frist, was really not a great feeling. I didn't really want to say anything about it because I felt like my character's now being held hostage against me as a player pissing off the DM, and complaining about it would do exactly that. I still didn't really want to post this, because I feel like JamesLeng will take offense to something I'm saying and I'll have to spend many, many more posts (and hours of composition) trying to justify why I feel uncomfortable, but I guess I can't really avoid that at this point.

Trust me, I want to get rid of the parasite more than anyone, and if I knew how to do it, I absolutely would. I know I could just Diligent Vermifuge it away, but my character would have to break their code of honor to do so, and if I've learned anything from Sgt. Nick, it's that there is a zero percent chance JamesLeng wouldn't hold such a decision against me until the end of time, bringing it up at any opportunity and finding unique and colorful ways to punish me for it (as I felt was done with "Sir" Garaile). Since I'm not willing to invest real money in a deus ex machina, I honestly don't know how to handle the situation. I don't even know what I need to do to offload the creature on someone else.

Taking on this huge dilemma was a huge mistake on my part, and to add insult to injury, the creature's group initially refused to even pay or reward me in any way (again with the implicit threat of murder if my character proved too difficult for them to work with), which was another huge sucker-punch for my character who literally has being paid for his services as a lower ambition. I managed to at the very least beg for a few herbs as reimbursement, and the very next scene was "The blockade cuts off your ability to get supplies, including water, so all your herbs will probably die, haha.", which, coupled with some real-life issues I've been having, was when I decided I needed to take a break.

I haven't really been reading or interacting with the quest since then, so I apologize for not being up to speed on everything. I just checked in today because I'm coming out of the tail end of the worst of my current real-life problems.

If there's something (non-monetary) I can do to help resolve this, I'm all ears. If there's nothing I can do, this is the last straw, and you're kicking me out, well, you've already got a convenient in-universe excuse for getting rid of me.

Sorry in advance if my words come off as grating or abrasive. I'm just trying to explain my point of view honestly.
No. 117745 ID: ca4ff8

I wouldn’t want to kick you out but it seems like
A) you feel as though the DM has a grudge against you, and is attempting to be vindictive, based on your past experiences
B) you aren’t having fun

JamesLeng has said many times he’s not targeting you, and isn’t trying to be vindictive. It seems as though this is not something that you believe; the major way to resolve this situation would, I believe, find a way that you can trust jamesLeng, and come to a place where you don’t feel you’re being personally targeted.

As for the second part, if you’re not having fun, don’t play. That’s a simple fix.

I’m sorry you feel the way that you do, as I missed your presence in the game. Good luck with your personal life, hopefully you can find an amiable path forward to the next chapter in your book
No. 117746 ID: 3abd97

I'll begin this by saying I'm glad to hear you're still around! I was beginning to fear you'd just dropped out and we'd never hear from you again, which I would have regretted. I enjoy having you in the game.

>bunch of real life problems, take a break
Those absolutely take priority over a game, and I can only hope those are going better for you.

>not being up to speed on everything
You only missed two encounters during the escort mission after we left Sage Frist's tower. There was a strike blocking resupply in one town, and later we had to run away from getting probed by a military patrol, which was nervous about people being infected by plant-monsters from the Green Tide. (I can write up a more detailed summary if you'd like).

We're currently sneaking into town to reconvene with the merchants, get paid, and then do shopping and such.

>If there's something (non-monetary) I can do to help resolve this, I'm all ears.
If you're interested in still playing, it seems to me you have a great opportunity to ditch the parasite honorably while we're in Overmire. There must be a suitable host somewhere in this city, and you could have an adventure getting ahold of one. Ji could probably even get some of the party to help him (although to satisfy the parasite's desire to stay hidden you'd probably need a cover story).

That was mostly why I posted- I want our doctor back, and didn't want to miss the chance to get him back.

>bore him hollow
It was my understanding she'd only try to kill you if she decided you'd betrayed her, or if she thought she was corned, and we just had to avoid that. And even in that worst case, it wouldn't be instantaneous and we would have a chance to try stuff, like Daviste trying to go intangible with Ji.

But yeah, I can understand why you would have felt trapped by that.

>not getting paid by the spies
Those thought to be extinct medical herbs might be more valuable than you think?

>real money in a deus ex machina
For future reference, if we're ever in a situation where we're gonna lose a teammate, I'm totally willing to spend an OOC question on their sake. I don't even use most of em.
No. 117747 ID: d36af7

>what I need to do to offload the creature on someone else
One possibility for this was already presented.
>Option three, Yisheng Ji could wave around supposedly-extinct life-extension herbs to get a quick audience with the Prince, then have Tchalcedo eat the Prince's brain and assume his identity. At that point she could simply sort out the political situation by fiat, as payment to Yisheng Ji for services rendered.

That specific situation is no longer relevant, but might be useful as an illustration of the possibilities. As for the current scene, well, customs inspector at Overmire's perimeter might not be quite as nice a position as ruler of a city-state, but it certainly has no shortage of potential hooks for espionage.

>you're kicking me out
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not kicking you out. It's frustrating as hell how those emotional scars from some previous horrifically abusive GM seem to be steering you to find the worst possible interpretations of some things and forget others (like how I explained in detail which courses of action would definitely be safe, and eventually ripped the teeth out of "Sir" Garaile's paladin code, retroactively, just to make you comfortable, rather than "holding it against you until the end of time," much less setting up any actual no-win or 'gotcha' situations for him), but I'd still be sad to see you go if you did decide to leave. I'll do what I can to persuade you to stay, and make the game more fun and engaging for you, within the limits of my responsibilities to the other players and other such commitments.

Yisheng Ji is a cool character, ascent to immortality and general vast mystical power is a cool story arc, and wanting to pursue that by being a divinely excellent doctor and getting paid at or above fair market rates for that service is a perfectly reasonable motivation. I'd like to see you doing more of that kind of thing, proactively, or at least setting up defenses against real in-setting threats, rather than worrying about how I could abuse my position to hurt your character for OOC reasons.

Yes, Tchalcedo could theoretically attack at any moment, but Yisheng Ji is unusually well-equipped to fight back (vermifuge, anti-healing, martial arts body-control techniques, maybe other things), and Tchalcedo would need an extraordinary reason to resort to such measures. If Yisheng Ji started working against her interests, she'd try to work out the problem and negotiate something mutually agreeable by telepathy, or figuratively twist his arm by literally constricting his innards, or, if he came up with a good counter to that, sink into a depressive sulk until the situation either improved or became utterly intolerable. She's a spy, first and foremost, an infiltrator. "Going loud" or "burning" a major contact is regarded as a last resort. Apart from reputation and professional ethics, Yisheng Ji is simply worth more alive. Tchalcedo would not be able to effectively imitate his divine or martial-arts powers, since the spiritual underpinnings would be missing, so his value as a cover identity would be short-lived. That makes finding a new host harder, and even if it could be accomplished there'd be a corpse to dispose of, which the other Fire Hawks would be honor-bound to track down and resurrect, and then he'd probably spill the beans since the Hippocratic Oath doesn't prohibit testimony on the subject of your own murder... it'd be a real ugly mess, from Tchalcedo's perspective, not a situation she'd dive into voluntarily while any plausibly better option remained.

On the subject of voluntarily getting into bad situations, this "tsochar host" gig is something Yisheng Ji knowingly and at least somewhat willingly signed up for. I'm not pursuing a railroad plot, but I am laying out a world which contains various obstacles and hazards, and playing various NPCs, some of whom are intelligent, many of whom do not have your best interests at heart, and absolutely all of whom have their own perspectives, interests, and agendas. Sometimes they're going to attempt to pursue those agendas with deception and/or intimidation rather than straight violence, because benefiting from someone's partial cooperation has obvious advantages over facing their direct opposition. You are allowed to not cooperate with NPCs, even outside fight scenes. You have my permission, same as everyone else here, and always did. Think about what you actually want to achieve in the game, instead of dowsing for http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ButThouMust in anything I say.

Do you need me to go back and compile a 'clip show' of unlikely plans that succeeded thanks to a timely crit, or powerful and well-informed NPCs (which some other GMs might have used as infalliable author avatars) who were nonetheless outwitted and/or violently subdued by the PCs? For that matter, cases where such characters were meaningfully confused by a rapidly developing situation, as evidence of my respect for partitioning IC and OOC knowledge?
No. 117763 ID: 20ea96

That does make me feel a little better, thanks.

>voluntarily getting into bad situations
Well yes, that's part of the adventurer job description. It'd be absurd to try to avoid danger in a game about overcoming danger. Taking on the parasite was also a character decision based on Yisheng Ji not being a xenophobe who immediately attempts to murder any nonhumanoid creature he encounters, especially if he's just been asked to help them. Mainly my concerns came from feeling trapped options-wise, with a Sword of Damocles dangling long-term (possibly multiple threads) over my head, with apparently nothing I could do about it other than wait for a merciful opportunity allowing me to escape. Knowing Tchalcedo is, at the very least, not the impulsive type is a little comforting. That said, if I were playing Tchalcedo and I took on a host relatively well-equipped to deal with me who I later felt to be too dangerous to keep, I'd simply wait for a moment when my host would not be able to effectively defend themselves. Throttle them in their sleep, attack when they're already injured after a battle, incapacitate them while they're attempting to do something risky and difficult, etc. As a general rule, I don't feel comfortable around any potential enemy if I can step into their shoes and immediately come up with one or more near-guaranteed (short of a fumble or a crit) ways to defeat me.

>"burning" a major contact is regarded as a last resort
Such as if one found out a sworn hunter of one's kin has become aware of one's presence, and one's host is reluctant to leave said hunter's company?

>worst possible interpretations of some things
I'm just being cautious. Expecting and preparing for a worst case scenario that doesn't happen is better than taking things at face value and having unexpected things sprung on you. This sort of mindset is how I survived on a single character a rather long Pathfinder campaign that had a pretty significant body count. One of my particularly unlucky co-players, for example, lost five characters in that campaign. Refusing to put out Sgt. Nick with my only potable water in thread 1 is an action that stemmed from the very real fear of, say, running into some kind of desiccation trap or enemy in the next room and dying of thirst. I have been trying to tone down my paranoia since then, but old habits die hard. Though it's a little frustrating to be unable to micromanage my own inventory (or indeed even know what I'm carrying or how much money I have), it does help limit this sort of behavior.

All in all, my complaints mostly have to do with lacking sufficient knowledge or understanding of a situation to make an informed decision, when I feel like I really should have at least some measure of that information in-character, not with the situation itself. The fractured-dimension death blade spiral hallway, for example, was a situation I felt entirely comfortable and at home with, as I felt my (the player)'s understanding was caught up to speed with Yisheng Ji's understanding of the issue at hand.

I hope all that makes it a little easier to understand where I'm coming from.
No. 117772 ID: d36af7

>Such as if one found out a sworn hunter of one's kin has become aware of one's presence,
While the hunter is not attacking, possibly because of a hostage in the way, eliminating that hostage preemptively would be deeply unwise if there's any chance the hunter might notice.
>and one's host is reluctant to leave said hunter's company?
If the host is being otherwise cooperative, or at least making a good case for why such behavior is necessary to maintain cover, no, that's not a last-resort situation at all. Tense and risky, sure, but in deep-cover espionage the baseline for that kind of thing is pretty high.
No. 117774 ID: 63dcb5

I feel like I was a little curt in my original response; want to emphasize that it was due to business, not hostility. I meant it when I sent well wishes.

I also want to say that we are, for the most part, working as a team. As players we generally try to work together so our characters can work together, but aside from Stone, I can’t think of a time any one of us intended to do some player killing. So, with the idea of being on the same team, and working together in mind, I just want to say that any perks I get through donating aren’t giving me an advantage over other players; they’re really giving extra options and choices to everyone in the group. I would hazard a guess that matey feels similarly. I just don’t want anyone to feel like they’re getting shortchanged because of my decision to help support the people who make content I enjoy. The paid advantage should be beneficial to the whole group, not just me paying to get a leg up on anyone else.
No. 117775 ID: af6e04

Hey, Tunic's back! I was worried we wouldn't be seeing you again. Party hug!
No. 117776 ID: 3abd97
File 151061593275.png - (1.69MB , 1280x2053 , samus_aran__mystic_knight_by_coronaditempesta-d7ep.png )

>[NPCS] going to attempt to pursue those agendas with deception and/or intimidation
Sounds like the IC intimidation attempt here was too effective, resulting in OOC success.

>Ji a hostage to keep "The Hunter" at bay
Suddenly imagining myself as Samus-with-a-rapier. Defending a chozo sage from evil aliens.

It's worth pointing out that if the situation deteriorates this hostage situation is essentially double edged. Tchalcedo has an obvious sword to hold over Ji (comply or pain / death) but Ji can threaten her right back (Vos knows and can see our double aura- kill me and he'll expose you to the Hunter). Although so long as both spy and doctor act professionally towards one another, you can have peaceful cooperation without resorting to threats of mutually assured destruction.

Although I must admit some curiosity as to the nature of threat Daviste poses to tsochari. Especially since Tchalcedo displayed immediate wariness / recognition but 'Prisoner' seemingly hasn't (suggesting perhaps ignorance from a lower security clearance, or a well-guarded reaction?). I'd normally think a creature made of "iron-hard cables" would be proof against a rapier, but maybe her specific flavor of phasing is particularly harmful to them? (I could have crushed 'Prisoner', but that was only thanks to a lucky crit, and isn't reliably reproducible).

I mean, I'm more offering a small bit of support for JL than expecting any in-game reward. I haven't bothered to cache in the OOC benefit very often. Good works deserve support.
No. 117783 ID: 2d0d28

That is also my motivation- I would be donating without reward tiers or anything like that. But since their are rewards, and we do use them, I want to stress that the point is not to gain an advantage over other players. We’re all in this together 👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻
No. 117784 ID: d9acdc

Got sidetracked from my original reasonfor checking in, which was to say that I should be back into the swing of things tomorrow afternoon. Sorry again for the delay everyone.
No. 117788 ID: 8a9fee

I am miles long, yet smaller than a troll, I have many roads, but nary a building, and though I have water, it never holds fish; what am I?

A map / a person
No. 117790 ID: d36af7

Second answer's flawed. Candiru.
No. 117792 ID: d10e29

I would argue that, given your specific example is known in folklore for entering through the genitals, either into the vaginal cavity or the urethral tract, that it's not a violation of the answer. The riddle specifies that their water never holds fish, and as far as I know water isn't stored in the vagina. In the case of entering a urethra instead, urine is not the same as water- at least it's dissimilar enough that if I asked my host for a glass of water and they handed me one filled with urine I would be able to tell the difference and protest. If condense water pulled urine out of the air, then that spell would have markedly different uses. Therefore, even if the candiru does enter the body through those areas, that doesn't violate the principle of the riddle.

On a somewhat related note, there is no certain evidence a candiru is capable of actually entering the human body- at least no accurately documented cases of entering through genitals https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candiru

This is not to say that there couldn't be other reasons the riddle doesn't work. I wouldn't think that specific example invalidates it though.
No. 117793 ID: 3d2d5f

I don't think that level of nitpicking is valid- to say the body has roads sets a certain degree of abstraction in the metaphor. You can't have that but simultaneously claim "but this can't be water".

"Never holds fish" could also break if fish were depicted on a map (a not uncommon artistic touch), or if you swallowed a fish whole.
No. 117794 ID: 8a9fee

The roads metaphor was used by JamesLeng on more than one account to describe the effects of healing magic and later on some of Isaiah’s powers. Normally I’d agree that level of abstraction is too subjective to be certain; I just thought that since it followed in setting logic it would be permissible.

People do draw fish on maps though, can’t argue that. I would say that you can swallow a fish without it being suspended in water, but you can certainly swallow a small fish in water. I’ll think on another one though. Maybe something about reflections?
No. 117796 ID: 2aae91

I am always inside you you, but we'll never touch. I can cause you to freeze, or give you direction. In writing I bring clarity, but excess makes it hard to talk. What am I?
No. 117799 ID: 3abd97

You interpreted that the opposite of how I meant it. I'm not saying the roads metaphor is invalid, I'm saying that equating the body's fluids to water is as valid. You can't insist on being literal in one case and not the other.

I think the concept of the riddle is sound, the exact wording just needs to be tweaked to try and close loopholes. Maybe...

"I am miles long, yet I fit indoors; I have many roads, but you will not walk upon them; I contain water, but it is not sailed. What am I?"

(Rewording to avoid possible problems caused by small trolls or large people, maps with buildings, and fish / parasites in bodies).

I'm not sure "person" is the best word for the answer, though. We want to rule out self aware spirits and such. Sorta mean "organic bodies" since most animals would meet the criteria as well. "Body" is too broad though.

Kinda hard to vet the condition of exactly two valid answers if you're keeping them to yourself. Fear?

So your 'riddle' has two invalid answers. The whole point of a puzzle is it's supposed to be something that could be solved.
No. 117807 ID: d36af7

>difference between water and urine
"Making water" as a euphemism for peeing goes pretty far back. I could probably dig up some Shakespeare citations, or at least a comic in early Dragon Magazine cracking puerile jokes about standard low-level spells. It's well within the range of poetic license that could accept "on three legs" for "with a cane" and "the evening" for "old age."
>candiru swimming up your peehole is a myth
In a fantasy setting, with horror elements, particularly body horror, and even more specifically both Tittivila and an approved-but-not-yet-deployed character concept involving variant http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/fey/alpluachra/ how sure are you that this particular myth remains false? Or, more relevantly, that there isn't any other sort of elvenoid-compatible endoparasite that could usefully be described as a fish, and which a professional smuggler (with access to rumors from all over the civilized world and beyond) operating in the riskier, off-the-beaten-path parts of a swamp might know of?

If you're going to beat somebody at the riddle game, everyday stuff obfuscated by tricky phrasing only goes so far. You've got to think of what subjects you're deeply familiar with that your opponent might be ignorant of, or reluctant to even consider. Putting the classic riddle from Oedipus Rex in context, the sphinx is a dispassionate and timeless outside observer of humanity, while prideful men shy away from the thought of their own oncoming decline.

Green and White elves are both, in their own ways, outraged and disgusted by the other faction's "perversion" of the riddle game, which they both agree is a sacred tradition older than elves as a species. The conflicting ideals, one correct answer or two, strike at a deep philosophical nerve: Green elves try to refine and ultimately perfect the single correct way things should work, while White elves try to explore and ultimately understand alternate ways things could work. Both of them see riddles as educational, and the wrong kind of riddle obviously teaches the wrong lesson.

Contextually, this riddle-game discount is a shibboleth. It's not really about winning (though that's fun, and the stakes are real), but whether you throw a tantrum at "would also have accepted" or otherwise botch the game badly enough to out yourself as Briarbird. http://www.prequeladventure.com/dodger-break-the-law/

>problems caused by small trolls or large people
Rhea likely considers the trolls who bravely defend her home city to be people, but I didn't bring that up since I was less sure a typical White elf would be as inclusive.
No. 117809 ID: 8a9fee

I also thought I could perhaps lay the ground work and someone clever could make it work properly; I have been shown that is correct!

And sorry I forgot the answers, that was unintentional. I was intending for the two responses to be thoughts / space. There are thoughts inside us, as there is empty space, but as thoughts are intangible and “space” is the the absence of something else, you can’t touch them. A common phrase or idea, especially in war time, is that stopping to think will kill you; you freeze up, littlerally frozen in thought. It can cause indecisiveness, causing you to come to a halt physically or metaphorically. The vacuum of space would just straight up freeze you. It can give direction by looking at the stars to navigate, and thoughts obviously give us direction in life- help us make choices and all that jazz. A “space” is needed in writing. Ifidontuseanyspaces,mywritingishardertoread. It lacks clarity. Thoughts, when in your head, or explained outloud, can be jumbled and unclear. When written, you have time to sort them out and make them coherent, and the process is also often helpful to sort out thoughts and feelings- for me at least. Too much physical space between makes communication hard, or harder at least. Too many thoughts can again be overwhelming and make it hard to talk.

I think your edit to the map riddle makes it a solid choice. Maybe say living elvenoid? Since that sort of means “person” and the riddler could be a white elf, given that they’re using white elven traditions. I’m going to guess where or not they get our riddle will be based on a roll, with modifiers for how good JamesLeng thinks it is. That means we may need round 2.

My friend did point that the firsts riddle could be interpreted as a person named miles long, who collects miniature railroads. I think that still falls under living elvenoid though so it doesn’t violate the 2 answers only rule.
No. 117821 ID: d36af7

For some reason I'm really irritated with Maru's garbled, repetitive manner of speaking, so I'm going to take a little break from thread 6 and run a different quest ( https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/845246.html ) while I try to think up another riddle.

Still waiting on Tellus and/or Valeno's reaction to the rat swarm in thread 7.
No. 117824 ID: e9490d

Sorry to hear that; had I realized it was something that was grating for you, I'd have worked to amend it. Is it the typing quirk, where I replace "th" with either "d" or "f", and replace "h" with an apostrophe? Or is it just generally how I have her phrase things? I can certain denote "She talks with an accent" and "Maru says x" rather than speaking in character, or at least do those things more often than I already do.

Responded to the Tellus situation this morning, sorry for the delay. I'll jump into that new quest later today probably.

Any other characters you'd like me to modify their speaking pattern, or dial back on any quirks?
No. 117831 ID: d36af7

>Is it the typing quirk, where I replace "th" with either "d" or "f", and replace "h" with an apostrophe? Or is it just generally how I have her phrase things?
Combination of factors. Typing quirk makes it more work to read, and she used a lot of words to convey very little new information, so it left a bad taste like the decoder ring scene in A Christmas Story, too much work on unpacking a noisy channel for too little payoff.

Not normally a significant problem. Noticing myself being more upset with that was just the cue that I needed to get more variety, come back to thread 6 with more enthusiasm and a fresh stock of ideas. Maru just has the most talent at provoking anger in those around her, in or out of character.
No. 117832 ID: 3abd97

>throw a tantrum at "would also have accepted"
If anything, I'm impressed by this variant of the riddle game. Coming up a riddle with two simultaneous differentiated answers is a lot more challenging that one with a single answer. (And one I haven't succeeded at yet. My ideas so far keep going to places that are too technical or don't work in-universe).

Also I'm a lot more amicably inclined towards a shopkeeper trying to feel his customers out with a friendly game, ulterior motive notwithstanding.

>Rhea likely considers the trolls who bravely defend her home city to be people, but I didn't bring that up since I was less sure a typical White elf would be as inclusive.
I mean, yes, by the same measure that the syphix's answer is "man" the answer here could be "elf". Racism is a handy shorthand. The more general answer here isn't even elvenoids, it's whatever category next up the taxonomic tree encompasses the various -oids.

>model railroad
A scale model of a place could probably still conceptually be considered a map.

Maru really needs an off switch for that draw aggro specialty if it's working OOC. :V
No. 117833 ID: d22dc0

>used a lot of words to convey very little new information

Like player like character!

>I needed to get more variety
As always, I hope you take whatever time you need to ensure you've got your own batteries charged up; hopefully you enjoy running your new quest. If you just need some time off overall, don't be afraid to dial it back or take a hiatus.

>Enjoying the riddle game

As am I. Like Maru was saying, I'm not great at them, but I think they're fun, and good ways to get you to think outside the box.

>Maru really needs an off switch

She's becoming too powerful! Someone, quick, pull the simulation! We can't let her into the real world!
No. 117835 ID: 3abd97

Pretty sure that checking out the bandits means Nin's group, fire diplomat included, is currently headed in the opposite direction from you.
No. 117836 ID: d22dc0

It's also being resolved at a separate time; I just thought it was a funny coincident that Isaiah was like "hey lets go to the fire snake room instead of ambushing people" and before he could convince everyone to go Tellus and Valeno needed the fiery blessings provided by Rhea, just a few rooms away, but unable to come to their aid. Sort of a "close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades" kinda deal.
No. 117840 ID: af6e04

I do kinda regret not going straight for Valeno
No. 117843 ID: 094652

Will this work?

Question: The following sentence is true. The previous sentence is false. What am I?

Answer 1: A Gnoll / I.
Answer 2: Stay silent, because a paradox does not have a valid answer
No. 117844 ID: 094652

Also, this works. I figured Rhea was immune to fire but not explosions, shrapnel, force damage, etc, but if she can take it then she's probably a better bodyguard for this situation; few bandits can resist a priestess and a dancer for the raping.
No. 117846 ID: 3abd97

Hmm. We are at something of a disadvantage here, being aliens with a limited understanding of this world's metaphysics. It's not really apparent to me that the boundary between two of the elder gods is equivalent to the concept of space, especially as that concept should exist anywhere people can physically be present (which includes at least several of the elder gods, possibly all). Just commenting on the nature of the challenge we face, not calling foul or anything.

A paradox exists at the very least as a named concept and is therefore a permissible answer- you wouldn't have to remain silent. (And it seems likely one of the gods would in some way embody paradox and be a possible answer).

"A gnoll" is invalid because it if we accept that, every other riddle so far would had three or more answers- anything that describes the speaker. (For example, "an elf", "a white elf" "a smuggler" etc would have all been valid answers to our opponent's riddle).

There's another answer to that riddle- "a liar". If you assume the speaker is lying in one or more sentences, the paradox resolves.

>I figured Rhea was immune to fire but not explosions, shrapnel, force damage, etc
Well yes, that's true. Rhea doesn't have supernatural protection from shrapnel or concussive force (unless the spirits involved decided it's conceptually part of the fireball she should be protected from or something).

Could be mitigated by where Rhea is standing in relation to Azure if/when she goes up. Deflect missiles could work on shrapnel, if Geoffrey's isn't self only.
No. 117847 ID: fc3fc0

Now I’m confused, because I thought he said the first answer was “thoughts”. Then I said I would also have accepted “space” and he said that’s the answer he gave. Did he win?
No. 117849 ID: d36af7

He guessed both intended answers as aspects of one thing, and opted to continue rather than win on a sour note.

>supernatural protection from shrapnel or concussive force
By the GURPS mechanics, all the direct damage AND innate fragmentation damage from Azure's self-destruct is fire-based burning, so Rhea's diplomatic immunity would apply. Fire resistance 5 is enough to shrug it all off, or absolute worst case be very lightly singed for 1-2 points of damage, provided you're at least arm's length away. Rhea would only really need to worry about incidental fragmentation from Azure's clothing and equipment, pre-existing debris on the floor between them, a chair Azure was sitting in, things like that.
No. 117850 ID: 3abd97

Oh nifty! Then the biggest immediate risk to Rhea would be if the bandits decided to stab her first.

We'll probably want to leave some equipment behind with the others. For instance, I see no reason Rhea should risk damaging Mode's relic set.
No. 117851 ID: fc3fc0

I just want to say that i don't think your patreon links are working when you put them under a spoiler; I've tried clicking on it in a couple different quests but it looks like it includes the spoiler as part of the url and takes you to a page that doesn't exist. The link works fine in on this page though.
No. 117852 ID: 3abd97

If there's no whitespace between the hpyerlink and the formatting tag, the second tag can get treated as part of the hyperlink, yeah.
No. 117853 ID: 08510e

Answers: The wind and You, if you don't watch your tongue.
No. 117854 ID: fc3fc0

Shit, thats a good riddle and a good roll
No. 117855 ID: 3abd97

Okay, here's my attempt at one.

I am but a small thing, fallen from my creator.
Sometime I travel in the wind, though I will never grow a feather.
Other times, I find myself encircled, protected by a hard container.
When conditions are right, I grow into something greater, of vibrant color.
What am I?

A seed.
A spark.
No. 117856 ID: 3f99eb

Seed was obvious, but I completely overlooked the second answer. Good job.
No. 117857 ID: 3abd97

The hope is it would be less obvious to a white elf, as they don't do a lot of agriculture.
No. 117860 ID: f44af8

Could be worth a shot! I was really thinking that crit would win us the riddle contest though, i didn't expect us to need another round. We could probably use the map question, but it seems as though that'd be easy to guess compared to how good this elf is at some of the other more abstract and difficult riddles. Maybe something relating to Green elves? Maybe even a riddle that conflates the two together, try to get him riled up? It seems like a bad move to try to anger the guy with his finger on the price of entry, but JamesLeng suggest that the point of the game was to see who made a social fopaux first
No. 117862 ID: 3abd97

Well the roll might still impact how well the second answer being meta, or a threat, is received.

>the point of the game was to see who made a social fopaux first
That's not the win condition so much a shorthand for the smuggler to feel us out. If we're poor sports, that doesn't bode well for his ability to do business with us. If we react like green elves to the white riddle game, that potentially reveals us as moles or agents of local law and order.

>It seems like a bad move to try to anger the guy with his finger on the price of entry
Winning the game fair and square shouldn't anger him? Playing to his intellectual biases, or things he's less familiar with, is fair game.
No. 117863 ID: 20ea96

>seems like a bad move to try to anger the guy with his finger on the price of entry
I was gunning for respect through fear (aka the barbarian's discount), but unfortunately it seems he's either too dense or too arrogant (possibly both) to recognize a blatant threat.

Whether or not anyone will be compelled to carry it out has yet to be seen.

>the roll
It's just as likely the roll affected nothing at all, since I didn't append an action to it, and he doesn't seem to be taking any action in response to it. No point in crying over every wasted crit.
No. 117864 ID: d10e29

The statement about angering the dealer was specifically in relation to the idea I had proposed about conflating green elves with white elves as a way to catch him off guard or in a philosophical blind spot so to speak; I didn't think Ji would upset him with his question or anything like that.

>wouldn't get upset over winning fair an square
I mean, that's not something we can rule out off hand. Poor sportsmanship isn't a new concept. Just because he proposed the contest doesn't mean he wouldn't be upset if we somehow beat him. In fact, since he's good at riddling, he may have just assumed victory was assured, and could be very unhappy in the case of a fair/square victory. Not saying it's LIKELY he's a poor sport, just that it's an option to consider. And, like I was saying, intentionally upsetting him may also have adverse affects on our ability to avoid the worst of his price gouging. Not much we can do really, although i still have a question we can burn if we want to get a run down on topics that'll blind side him or something like that.
No. 117865 ID: d36af7

>blatant threat
>ambiguous riddles
I think you and I may have different definitions of the word "blatant." I did figure out the 'wind' half without looking, at least, and that the other half referred to a bad end in some trade with negative value-added... though I feel obligated to point out that smuggling and theft are completely different business models.

Out of respect for that critical success, I think I'll translate my OOC lack of further riddle ideas into the smuggler being IC intimidated, cooperative and respectful. However, proper scene-setting in the big city will have to wait until after that break I mentioned before. Feel free to debate fantasy Aztec dinosaur ultratech doomsday-prep skillsets and equipment loadouts over on the Dragon King Quest thread while I'm recharging.
No. 117869 ID: 20ea96

>Ambiguous riddles
I think threatening to cut out someone's tongue, break all their teeth, and steal all their belongings is just about as blatant as it gets. The rest was just being as aggressive and rude as possible without being technically inaccurate. And I was careful to use "take" instead of "steal" regarding the possessions. Taking things and moving them elsewhere is very nearly the definition of smuggling after all.

Even if it didn't result in any benefit though, I felt I had to do it for IC reasons. Yisheng Ji is a prideful rooster and greatly dislikes being publicly mocked and humiliated, especially regarding his intelligence being belittled.

That said, I'll accept the pity victory, even if it's only for ooc reasons. Beggars can't be choosers, and anything that helps the party is a good thing.
No. 117873 ID: d36af7

Alright, no more Pdn[T}tO updates at least until DKQ character creation is done. Species, transport, and primary weapon are settled, but exact power armor type, other equipment, and most importantly the Paths of Elemental Mastery are still up for discussion and/or votes.

>just about as blatant as it gets
Think about stuff Hore and Maru have done.
No. 118025 ID: d22dc0

Dragon quest is really cool, especially since it’s basically all character creation which is my favorite type of activity; it’s boiled down to me going back and forth with people at this point but I hope we get to progress and do more with our dragon once they’re back up and running! On a different note I wanna send wellwishes out to everyone. I know many of us have our own various struggles, and holidays can often amplify those stressors. Whatever you celebrate, whatever you’re doin, hope it’s nice and goin well for you guys. 👌🏻👍🏻✌🏻
No. 118035 ID: fc3fc0

Accidentally double posted- don't wanna delete either one though because of the roll discrepancy. Would it be okay to keep that six for another activity listed on my weekly plan? or should just I delete that post?
No. 118036 ID: 3abd97

I regret I didn't really have the bandwidth this week to get involved in the nitty gritty of weighing the plethora of chargen options.

>stay in touch for further exchanges of information and espionage-related favors?
Tunic, I just wanna say OOC, I have no problem if you choose to do this. Daviste's inherited conflict with these things notwithstanding. You don't have to pass on the plot hook on my sake.

I tried to avoid stepping on your toes in the tower, limiting Viste's role mostly to assessing the severity of the threat once she was made aware of it.

If Ji does go for a long term arrangement, and Dav finds out about it, she's much more likely to play a counter-intelligence game, or use it as an opportunity to try and learn more about the tsochari and their organization than do anything rash (though obviously circumstances would matter).
No. 118046 ID: d36af7

>basically all character creation which is my favorite type of activity
>I regret I didn't really have the bandwidth this week to get involved in the nitty gritty of weighing the plethora of chargen options.
I'd still be very interested in your take on it, when you've got the spoons, Magey.

Given some of the themes of Dragon King reincarnation, and in-setting astrology, particularly the grand observatory at Rathess, if the main character dies I'll probably start the whole thing over again at step one.
No. 118070 ID: 3abd97

The Agate siblings have been pretty much demoted to npc support units, but does anyone have any good ideas for stuff they could spend their pay on while we're here? Might as well make them useful.

I was thinking if Daniel dumped everything into XP (hey Vos can you talk him into a gay brothel or something) he might level up and get more spells, so he could function as a buff-dispenser.
No. 118076 ID: 0e104f

Money to XP sounds like a good way to handle things - Daniel getting his fill of titilating new experiences, Maria with some sort of bondage based religious ceramony perhaps. It might be worth considering their eventual departure; obviously they’re an asset to us, but personally I prefer to retire old PCs who aren’t being controlled by their player anymore. Maybe have Maria take Daniel on a sabbatical away from the corrupting influences of his monster boy suitors, to potentially return at a later date?
No. 118084 ID: 3abd97

We could retire them from the group, but I figure it doesn't make sense for them to leave before the escort mission is over.

There's also the fact having npcs along on the escort mission means the other PCs can go haring off after random encounters and there will always be someone left covering the ship, which is convenient.

Even outside the context of the escort mission, I'd be a little reluctant to see them go, even if their role is much reduced now. They cover some bases no one else on the team does, and well, we start to feel a bit small for a mercenary company without em.
No. 118089 ID: 094652

I figure Maria and Daniel became support NPCs - we generalize their powers so they're less confusing for other players to utilize, and they generate passive bonuses depending on where they are - they'll add in an extra attack or buff us on the field, perform skill checks involving religion, and if we leave them at the base they'll generate passive income and gain experience slowly but safely.

Story-wise, we'll say something has happened to them but nobody really knows. Which is 100% true. By definition. Because chemical processes in their bodies have occurred that nobody has detected including themselves. But this can range from agitation of the boat trip to a slight change in personality to Saint Agate himself flipping off the twins in their worst nightmares. Whatever the case, they're showing less independence and generally staying quiet, but they still have their souls. Maybe. It's kind of like what happened to Pog when he got the brain damage, I just stopped playing him so enthusiastically and directed him around like a pawn for a while.
No. 118103 ID: 8043dc

>Even outside the context of the escort mission, I'd be a little reluctant to see them go, even if their role is much reduced now. They cover some bases no one else on the team does, and well, we start to feel a bit small for a mercenary company without em.

Like I said, they’re an asset. We’re absolutely worse off without them- if they leave, there’s no upside for us in game.

I’m still in favor of retiring PCs who aren’t being played anymore. I think it’s a good idea to leave a dangling hook in case they ever wanna rejoin the crew, but ultimately I feel like when it makes sense within the world, it’s best to have anyone not being played anymore to retreat until further notice.

That being said, anyone got any good shopping ideas for Maru? Haven’t thought much about it these past couple days, but my main goal is to have her get better at things she’s already doing- inciting violence, brawling, etc. having actual weapons to fight with is a good first step, but other stuff might be useful too. The idea of a more deceptive and ornate covering for her horns keeps crossing my mind, but I don’t know if I feel like that’s in character for her to care enough. Maybe more basic supplies. I feel like shopping is close to the bottom of her priority list compared to the other things I listed at this point, but it’s the only thing I can build off of and get nutty gritty with right now. Maybe some flashy outerwear that lights up when she uses magic to intimidate her foes and stuff. Also thinking she’s gonna blow her leftover money on penthouse suit style living after they get back since she’s never gotten to live it up before.
No. 118104 ID: 3abd97

>That being said, anyone got any good shopping ideas for Maru?

A blade concealed in something innocuous, similar to Davina's jewellery. So you have a way to cut yourself and summon your axe, even locked up or with most your possessions missing.

Some piece of enchanted equipment that wards against cold, or helps keep her warm, to counteract Maru's weakness?

Drugs- some combination of recreational enjoyment, and useful bonuses of some kind seem like they'd be right up Maru's alley. Take the edge off, have fun, and kick ass all at once.

Other magic instruments? The catgut legion (while probably out of our current price range) builds buildings. You might be able to pick up something else that effectively adds a completely new option to your repertoire, but relies on preexisting musical skill.

>Maybe some flashy outerwear that lights up when she uses magic to intimidate her foes and stuff
As described in >>/quest/847126 there seems to be a lot of customization in the observable effects given off by enchanted armor. A sparkly jacket variant that reacts with your casting (and/or that reacts to your axe's 'song') seem well within the bounds of what's possible, and would be showy in an interesting way. Plus increased defenses are always useful.

>more deceptive and ornate covering for her horns keeps crossing my mind, but I don’t know if I feel like that’s in character for her to care enough
Some kind of armor, or concealed armor under more innocuous wrapping, that protects her head (after 'Cap' cheap shot her) and/or makes you better at headbutting people feels like it would be in character to me.

So I'm pretty sure I got played a bit by Esmeraude (she offered payment that can't be quickly delivered, so it's in Dav's interests to keep her around until it can be) but on the whole I'll take it. She might be benefiting from this arrangement, but on the flip side, the team gets useful assets we aren't paying full price for.

If she's using us as her medium-term power base, and her possible line on setting up a longer-term one, betrayal seems a lot less likely. Which I figure puts the risk of her causing a problematic disruption more near the risk of the other PCs doing so.
No. 118105 ID: d36af7

>pretty sure I got played a bit by Esmeraude
She's a Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple with roughly the same backstory as http://gate-thus-the-jsdf-fought-there.wikia.com/wiki/Sherry_Tyueli so of course she drives a hard bargain...
>but on the whole I'll take it
...and makes you love her anyway.
No. 118106 ID: af6e04

>hey Vos can you talk him into a gay brothel or something
Maybe, I don't know if Vos can even get into the city with all his octowasps though.

>retire old PCs
Vos will probably be sad to see Daniel go.
No. 118113 ID: 3abd97

You might be able to talk the octowasps into staying behind for short jaunts into town? (Maybe they can be distracted with a treat or toy or something, I wonder what octowasps like)? Or pile them on a party member to 'babysit'. Worst case, if you're stuck on the outskirts with them you can ask allies to do your shopping for you.
No. 118114 ID: d9acdc

Yeah, the sparkly jacket is what got me thinking.

So far I'm thinking

-Metal coverings for her horns, so she can headbutt harder, and a decorative cover- maybe something similar to the attached image.
-Pocket Sand, or the equivalent. Maybe a stingchuck?
-Perhaps a more expensive version of those gloves that bypass some DR or do something else useful in addition to protecting me and hitting harder; maybe even decorated with symbols of Calistria?
-Drugs are already on the list
-Probably not going to get too much armor- Maru prefers to be as loosely dressed as possible, and doesn't really wanna get bogged down with too much armor for every day use. Might go for something like a light shawl or some other form of baggy clothing that's been reinforced to be just as light, but otherwise extra protective.

Things that are too expensive to buy now are probably

-more magic instruments (Doss Lute is cool)
-wands, maybe enlarge person or attribute enhancing spells
-shirt that provides fire resistance and allows Maru to self immolate
-In a similar vein, something that lets her do an effect similar to the hellish rebuke from 5e would be cool
-Crown of swords is also pretty cool
-Having something similar to this


that chains with everyone who can hear her song, would be an eventual goal later on down the line.
No. 118115 ID: d9acdc
File 151155686155.jpg - (26.20KB , 213x320 , ebe7302ce89602d7b8ceb4c85a003919.jpg )

No. 118118 ID: 3abd97

>baggy armor
Looking at the prices quoted, the "sparkly jacket" (which presumably could come in different cuts) is 24 gold for 2DR and not much different from ordinary clothing to wear.

>Things that are too expensive to buy now
Worth thinking about for the future though, we'll have a much bigger pay day when we finish the second leg of the journey and can sell the immovable rod(s) and the quiver of holding.

>decorative cover
I like! Mundane clothing changes are probably mostly negligible on the order of gold though, I would think. (I was considering getting Dav a travel dress or something, since that persona has become more businesswoman and diplomat than action girl. ...not that a dress would be very practical while we're still in Overmire).

I think the assumption is he would be a cat (or similar) temporarily, until we could afford to kill the pet and rez him as an elf, or apply polymorphs / Tittivila for radical reconstructive surgery.

So the question would become if it's more of an inconvenience to have the wrong body for a while, or to be out of the loop and unable to influence the world for another month plus.
No. 118119 ID: d9acdc
File 151156902722.jpg - (90.15KB , 600x800 , 8349265f64d4b30a747bdda464377914.jpg )

If I’m honest I was picturing Davina in more of a pantsuit type garb. Perhaps a Gilderoy Lockheart style uniform, fit for fencing and fashion?

The question of resurrect once or twice is difficult though. The ease of travel certainly makes up for the cost, so I’m not considering that as much of an important factor. I think the major risks are if he decides to go awol, how long prosthetics will take to make, and if he’ll be okay dying again. Seems like that sort of thing wouldn’t be something you want to plan to happen. Ultimately he may be powerful enough to transform into an elvenoid form, or at least trade favors with someone who can.

One major limiting factor is time to make prosthetics. If they’re just hangin around, available on demand it’s no problem, but I’d imagine custom clockwork prosthetics take some time.

JamesLeng, once I’m ready to take actions in town and shop, what’s the best way for me to format my plan and conduct rolls so that is easy for you to work with?
No. 118120 ID: d36af7

>Looking at the prices quoted, the "sparkly jacket" (which presumably could come in different cuts) is 24 gold for 2DR and not much different from ordinary clothing to wear.
2 DR from spider silk + 2 DR from magic, for a total of 4 - or 12 vs. starmetal. It's flexible, though, so strong hits (particularly bludgeons) can cause damage by blunt trauma without actually penetrating.

>Mundane clothing changes are probably mostly negligible on the order of gold though, I would think.
One gold coin is $400. Replacing your whole wardrobe at common adventurer/soldier levels (status 0) is $600; an individual outfit is $120 for normal clothes, $180 for heavy winter clothes, $240 for formalwear. Fancier stuff for respected professionals (moderately successful merchants, licensed couriers, doctors, priests, a knight's heir and assistant - all status 1) costs twice that much. Landless knights, lower-court judges, village elders, district-manager level merchants, and the rest of the more approachable lower fringes of the ruling class (status 2) spend about five times as much. Guildmasters, landed knights, and ostentatiously successful mercenary captains or bandit lords, twenty times as much. Beyond that, the ratios start to break down, since visible clothing quality hits diminishing returns so individual outfits can't get much fancier. Full wardrobes keep getting more expensive thanks to variety http://ctenophorae.com/post/144257320778 and accompanying jewelry or other acessories. Similar multipliers apply to cost of living in town, if you want to be maintaining those clothes rather than letting them get dirty and decrepit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql9-82oV2JE (most relevant bit starts 2 minutes in)
No. 118140 ID: 3abd97

Spiffy ref. Yes, Dav's been wearing an outfit similar to that since the start (although more of a proper traveler's cloak than an asymmetrical cape, and different colors). And Viste's wearing the magical girl version of the same (so a skirt, sillier and more action-y, with palette swaps).

I think you've reaffirmed my confidence in that for now.

Oh that's actually better than I thought. I misread you before, and thought 2 of the DR were from the plate.

I would presume recruiting you as an asset is something Tchalcedo directly benefits from. (I mean, even if they never ask you to do a specific job for them again, just knowing where our group is in the future so they can avoid having us stumble into one of their plans has value).

>Is there any equipment within budget that could possibly be useful to someone like Yisheng Ji
Artifacts or other items you attune to your chi are a thing with cultivators, aren't they?

There's enchanted spidersilk clothes, which can get you 4 DR from non-metallic armor. Probably various magic tools that might be useful (wands?). Anything that might augment or enhance your casting or cultivation? Alchemical or other supplies so you can put more of those hours Ji isn't sleeping towards productive crafting or research? Medical tools that make you a more effective doctor?

In terms of weapons, certain martial arts tools might make sense, and something like a staff can be the symbol of a healer or a warrior. Also some medical instruments can be pretty nasty.

I think you're asking fundamentally the wrong question here. Instead of demanding what could possibly be useful to you, ask yourself, what do you want? What does Ji want, or what do you want for him? What's on the wishlist? Once you know that, worry about finding lesser compromises that fit the current budget.
No. 118151 ID: 20ea96
File 151163972957.jpg - (65.32KB , 580x870 , fang-wei.jpg )

Yisheng Ji dresses in something like this image, given the option.

>artifacts or other items you attune to your chi are a thing with cultivators
Treasured weapons / armor / talismans / medicinal pills and so on are as common as clouds in the sky in xianxia stories, but the "cultivation" part of cultivators is literally cultivation of the self and one's inner power. Yisheng Ji only desires to walk ever further on the path to self-perfection. Material goods are just a means to that end. His low ambition of being paid stems from a combination of pride, self-worth, and realistic pragmatism, not greed. However, progression of inner power is represented by level here, and there's no fast-track to leveling up.

I can think of uncountably many useful magic treasures that would be a delight to have, but I can't imagine being able to afford any of them for a long time. A +1 armor enchantment in pathfinder is 1000 gp. I have, what, 70-ish gp at the moment, minus whatever Tchalcedo takes? It sounds like I might be able to afford the mundane spidersilk garment, but I have to know my other mandatory expenditures first.

Yisheng Ji only knows how to use weapons in a scholarly way. He can identify weapons, even recognise famous weapon techniques, but still not practice with one himself. A weapon is too easy to lose or break. (Especially in this campaign). Yisheng Ji believes too much reliance on external power just sets one up for failure, because there will always come a day when you don't have that power beside you. It's almost certain he would have brought this up to Viste at least once.

>productive crafting or research
I tried this in the last town before we set out on the escort mission. Yisheng Ji spent the entire two week break doing this, and pretty much accomplished nothing, receiving no money or experience payout for it. It's pointless to waste another entire break trying to do it again, especially with Tchalcedo's disapproval on top of it.

>Alchemical or other supplies
I'd love to replenish Yisheng Ji's brass balm if it weren't locked away behind a level 10+ plot barrier.
No. 118152 ID: af6e04

>short jaunts into town?
Problem is I was planning on blowing most/all of the money on XP indulgence. Vos isn't a very materialistic eelman. Though I guess the money could be saved up for another shrine to Tittivila in Passholdt.
No. 118153 ID: 3abd97

>A +1 armor enchantment in pathfinder is 1000 gp. I have, what, 70-ish gp at the moment, minus whatever Tchalcedo takes?
Your pricing expectations from pathfinder don't seem to sync up with the prices JL has been quoting us.

Here's a quick summary of how much money we have to work with, and (I think) all the prices that have been quoted to us since we hit town and started asking questions:


The above doesn't include any gold characters might have been carrying before the shipping company paid us.

In addition, Ji is holding 10 gold and 30 silver in the "Tsochar field operations budget" which Tchalcedo is presumably going to spend on setting up those communication devices and/or taking with her.

>I'd love to replenish Yisheng Ji's brass balm if it weren't locked away behind a level 10+ plot barrier.
Might not be the case more than a month's travel away. Or there might be a local alternative.

But yeah if in the end you don't see anything worth having, blowing gold on indulgences to earn XP is an option.
No. 118154 ID: e8af6f

I think it’s a combo of both. First tier magic armor is a costly enchantment that’s usually pretty broad but shallow in terms of effects; harder to destroy, better protection, etc etc. The other affects available to us do exist at much more affordable prices, but are more limited in scope.
No. 118157 ID: 20ea96

Alright. Since Yisheng Ji doesn't use a weapon and needs his hands to be uncovered to use his techniques, the only thing I can both afford and wear is the spidersilk shirt, so I suppose I'll be getting that, unless something else crops up unexpectedly. I'm still going to wait to hear my budget before I post in the main thread again though.

>blowing gold on indulgences to earn XP is an option
For other people, yes, but not for me. Yisheng Ji is prevented from doing so by Tchalcedo, who is antsy to leave and explicitly warned him against wasting time on frivolous activities.
No. 118158 ID: 3abd97

I will point out that list is in no way everything that's available, and is currently biased towards things Dav and Maru have already asked about. It's very possible there's more stuff Ji can wear or use for sale.

>wait to hear my budget
Unless someone makes a strong argument to keep much less gold in reserve, it'll be 50-60 gold. It'll be settled as soon as we've finalized if we're rezzing Azarthraine now. Party seems kinda split on it, and I wanted to see if JL responded to any of the concerns that were raised on that subject.

>Yisheng Ji is prevented from doing so by Tchalcedo, who is antsy to leave and explicitly warned him against wasting time on frivolous activities.
I mean, we're in town for three days. That seems like plenty of time to me to set Tchalcedo up and then sink your own gold somewhere. Especially when Ji can be up for 23 hours a day.
No. 118160 ID: d36af7

As unattended objects, or when targeted directly, most metal melee weapons have DR 6, and HP proportional to the cube root of their weight, as normal for Homogenous items (that is, those with no significant moving parts or other internal structure, but which are too solid and rigid to be considered Diffuse). However, when parrying, those stats don't matter so much. This is partly a reflection of the different forces involved, since deflection is less violent than a direct impact and calculated to dissipate rather than maximize stress on the weapon's structure, and partly a simplification to minimize bookkeeping during combat time. Instead of HP, weapon weight is considered directly. Quoting from GURPS Basic Set p.376:

You cannot use a flimsy rapier to parry a titan’s tree-sized club, the slam of a charging linebacker, or the sword of a giant robot! Heavy weapons are liable to knock your weapon away – or even break it. The same is true for unarmed attacks from high-ST creatures. For the purpose of these rules, treat a punch, kick, bite, etc. as a weapon with an effective weight of 1/10 the attacker’s ST. Use his full ST if he made a slam, flying tackle, pounce, or shield rush! Your weapon may break if it parries anything three or more times its own weight. (This does not apply to barehanded parries; for damage to limbs when parrying unarmed, see Parrying Unarmed.) A weapon parrying three times its own weight has a 2 in 6 chance of breaking: it breaks on a roll of 1 or 2 on 1d. Add +1 to these odds per whole-numbered multiple past 3 (a 3 in 6 chance at 4 times weapon weight, a 4 in 6 chance at 5 times, and so on). Weapon quality modifies these odds: +2 if the parrying weapon is cheap, -1 if fine, or -2 if very fine. If your weapon breaks, the parry still counts unless the odds of breakage exceeded 6 in 6. If so, your weapon offered so little resistance that the parry does not count! Regardless of the weight of your weapon, if you are parrying unarmed or using a one-handed weapon, you cannot parry a weapon heavier than your Basic Lift – or twice BL, if using a two-handed weapon. Attempts to parry anything heavier fail automatically; whether or not your weapon breaks, the attack sweeps it aside and damages you normally. If your weapon does not break, you drop it; if you are unarmed, you are knocked back one yard (make a DX roll to avoid falling over).

Weapons made of starmetal, orichalcum, and other abnormally durable materials will not break on a parry (though they might be knocked aside due to insufficient strength or other user error), and further, increase the odds of the other weapon breaking by 2 - but only when that would already be a risk.

Named weapons (standard designs, anyway) improve the effective weight ratio by two per tier, even to the point of reversing it. For example, consider a one-pound knife which is a Named weapon of the second tier, up against a very fine two-pound fencing saber. The knife would be safe, but the saber would have a 1-in-6 chance of breaking when used to parry - three for being effectively outmassed four-to-one, minus two for quality. Even a four-pound quarterstaff or steel buckler might be at risk. You'd need a larger shield, or something like a bastard sword, to block it safely - or a Named weapon of your own.

King Kazleth's signature weapon only counts as first-tier for this purpose (most of it's power having been tied up in the whole neck-severing, destiny-thwarting aspect), but it's also a huge two-handed axe weighing eight pounds. When he marches to war, shields shall be splintered.
No. 118163 ID: 3abd97

Okay, we got a bunch of options, so I'm going to summarize them neatly so it's easy for the group to vote on them.

On the table: Oldaric, a 6th level fighter, and Azarthraine an <some big number> level wizard.

Common Costs
25-30 gold; confirm remains are Azarthraine's. (May be waved if we commit to the rez in advance)

Option 1: Wait till Passholdt
2000 gold; Both of them back in elf-sized bodies (later)
???; Cost to equip them. May be mitigated if they have anything in storage, or funds in bank accounts

Option 2: Pet Sized Archmage
100 gold; Azarthraine in a random cat sized body (now)
100 gold; Prosthetics if he gets a body that can't make the necessary gestures for his spellcasting.

Option 3: Druid Barter
1 immovable rod (approx 5000 gold street value away from Overmire, maybe 4000 in Overmire);
Both of them back in elf-sized bodies (now), bearer bonds valued at 2000 gold, letter of introduction to other druids.
???; Cost to equip them

(This is sort of only a good deal for us if we've valuing the letter of introduction at 1000 gold or more).

>what do
We considered options 2 already (Vos a yes, Hore a tentative yes, Maru and Ji against). Anyone's feelings change with option 3 in the mix?

The obvious trade off is more revived high level allies should make dealing with threats on the way home easier, but that safety comes at the cost of less money to work with now, and the possible risk of leadership conflict / having to listen to what said high level allies want.

I think I'd be willing to consider option 2 (though I'm on the fence). Option 3 doesn't look like a good deal to me.
No. 118164 ID: 20ea96

To be perfectly honest, that druidic letter of introduction alone is extremely tempting, though it's negatively offset by having to resurrect two npcs with legal authority to order us to do anything, and enough raw power to coerce any of us who might be unwilling to obey.

If I were the one calling the shots, I'd rather trade the rod for the letter of introduction and 4000 in bonds, then spend 2000 of that to resurrect the two later.

The ability to safely parley with druids in distant lands and seek hospitality with those who would not otherwise accept visitors, in a form that is worthless to would-be forgers, thieves, or translators? That is far, far more valuable than anything else a mere 1000 gold can obtain. I guarantee you, when we're all strung up in spiderweb in the deepest darkness of Mirkwood, 1000 gold is not going to purchase the local druid circle's assistance.
No. 118167 ID: 3abd97

>ignore my repeated requests to know how much I have to spend
That's because how much you have to spend personally depends on what decisions we, the players make as a group.

We have 650 gold paid to us by the merchant company (plus whatever coin we were already carrying and the net worth of our possessions).

>137.5 is significantly more than the 50 estimated by magey.
That estimate comes from paying out 50 gold to each of the seven party members, spending 100-200 on a reincarnation, and holding the remaining 100-200 reserve.

If we don't revive anyone now, we can go for a bigger individual payout. 60 each, 230 reserve, for example.

You have a few options if you want to buy something that costs more than your "fair share" of the payout. You could convince one or more of your teammates to go in on the purchase with you, or to loan you the cash (or to give it to you, possibly). You could try to convince the rest of us the purchase benefits the group, and is worth paying for out of company reserve cash. You might be able to cut a deal with someone else to make up the difference (like those spies). You might try haggling with the shop keeper and roll really well. We could take option 3 above >>118163 , and then liquidate and split the cash from the bonds.

Yeah, I agree the letter could be pretty useful. It's just the application is conditional and it's hard to predict or put a cash value on.

Don't know if the druids have more bonds to trade, or if they'd still be willing to make the deal at all without any reincarnations.
No. 118172 ID: d36af7

>Don't know if the druids have more bonds to trade, or if they'd still be willing to make the deal at all without any reincarnations.

They've got plenty of stuff potentially available to trade, but most of it is biomass (defining that somewhat broadly, wine and cheese for example) rather than high-value-density metals or manufactured goods. The main material component for artificial reincarnation is peaty soil. Less than a cubic yard for a human-sized body, but it has to be sanctified and otherwise pre-processed one spoonful at a time, which is where most of the cost adds up, then stored under somewhat controlled conditions. Paying for the rod with that stuff means they can save more of their relatively liquid assets (the bonds) for other outside business or emergencies, and buying from you instead of direct from the syndicate means they don't have to deal with a waiting list. They'd be at least as happy if you wanted to buy $400,000 worth of fresh mangoes and bamboo (hundreds of tons) instead of one of the reincarnations.
No. 118174 ID: af6e04

Option 3 sounds good to me, just because it solves multiple problems at once. We can have our dead NPCs back and we don't have to wait to liquidate the immovable rod. The letter is icing on the cake.

Sure we could probably get a little better deal if we waited. But time has value too, especially when we could potentially be making money with the help of an eighth circle dynastic sorcerer. (Though I honestly question what, exactly, Azarthraine will even need us for with how powerful he is)
No. 118177 ID: 24aec8

With that, I count two yes from me and strngy, one maybe from a tunic, a no from Magey, and nothing about the fruit option from kome yet, is that right?

My personal take on the whole “resurrecting the people in charge of us” thing is that I honestly doubt they’ll bother us. Our fair leader is probably at least 16th level, so we’re comparatively small fry. Like I said before, if I had a group of level 3-5 subordinates who were willing to resurrect me, no orders needed, I’d be happy to let them handle the petty stuff while I plan my next excursion to the well. Leave the company business to the business woman who seems interested in it, after all, that’s what we hire people for, right?
No. 118178 ID: 3abd97

I read Kome's response as "this sounds good, it's not a trick, is it?" >>/quest/848053 So tentative yes, dependent on how he reacts to >>/quest/848070 , maybe?

The biggest unknown is the letter here. We don't really know how well regarded this druid sect is regarded in the world, and how far and with how many people that letter will gain us purchase. (Although there's the questionable meta-logic that it makes a handy plot hook, so it's rather unlikely to be a total scam).

And if Tunic's biggest reservation is Azarthraine will try to fuck us over, there are immediate barriers to that:
1) The mercenary company is currently under contract (and we wouldn't follow orders that break that contract without good reason, even from the founder or a large shareholder).
2) Enlightened self interest. Dav and the other PCs certainly have no reason to let themselves be fucked over if he's not acting in our self interests. ("Lawful" does not mean "roll over for your boss no matter what"). Worst case, we make a play for control, or we all leave and call ourselves something other than "Fire Hawks".
3) He honestly needs us more than we need him. He fucked up hard, he died, all his allies died or are missing, and his business is in tatters. A new set of competent allies who have already started fixing his problems and keeping his rep intact? Even a powerful wizard can't do everything by himself, and he needs us more than we need a powerful patron.

I think we have closer to a majority on option 3 than anything else, and I'd be willing to support it. It is a little bit of a gamble on the finances, but it does give us interesting gameplay hooks.

Gonna have to insist we have someone check if the bones are actually Azarthraine first, though. For all we know it was some other elf with his robes, since Helen didn't find any other identifying possessions. (Oldaric left a much more convincing 'crime' scene where he died).

Hey, JL, while we're on the subject of reincarnation, what are the options for someone who would really like their own body back, eventually? (Like, if the situation were reversed, Dav would likely be less than happy to be some other race, or even human-but-the-wrong-one, long term. The whole bloodline thing and wanting things done "right"). O and A are obviously gonna have to cope for now if they're unhappy, since we won't be able to afford any more expensive fixes.
No. 118181 ID: d36af7

Power doesn't matter if it's misapplied. The world's best rifle can't be used to change a lightbulb, Esmeraude couldn't capture a town without sound tactics and infantry support, and 8th circle spells (or whatever he had left at that point) couldn't get Azarthraine's hand out of a pickle jar - possibly because he couldn't form proper arcane gestures while restrained.

Why would he have willingly put his hand in there, knowing what he surely must have known about the limits of his own capabilities? Whatever he was thinking in that moment, that's the real reason he needs a your help. Being higher level, without a political career, just means he's gone to wilder parties and/or been in mortal danger more often than you. He might have more and better spells, and even high Intelligence, but that still doesn't necessarily mean he's smart when it really counts.
No. 118184 ID: 20ea96

>resurrection options
It's my policy to never trust an NPC who I couldn't take in a straight fight, and it's never steered me wrong so far.

Of the three options though, I vote for the third. The druidic letter of introduction is too good to pass up. You may say the application is conditional, but the condition here is "being in a place where druids are", which is any sufficiently large natural biome. As long as we remain a mercenary company and not a labyrinth-delving team, we're very likely to be spending the majority of our time in places where druids are.

>reincarnation bloodline things
This is an interesting thing to consider. If Yisheng Ji is killed and reincarnated, would he retain his divinity? What about with a normal resurrection? Being reincarnated into a mortal body with the same mind but no abilities to speak of would be a fate worse than death, as it would put an immediate and definite end to his lifelong ambitions. Depending on DM's response, I may need to have Yisheng Ji compose a will to prevent people from bringing him back as a powerless husk.
No. 118185 ID: d36af7

>Hey, JL, while we're on the subject of reincarnation, what are the options for someone who would really like their own body back, eventually?
If you're already dead, but with enough left for an open-casket funeral, 5th circle healing magic and a few thousand gold worth of ritual prep (potentially involving a citywide funeral/parade/festival in your honor) gets you alive again in the same body. If they can't find your whole spinal column, 5th circle still works - potentially down to very small tissue samples, if reasonably well preserved and uncontaminated - but the results will be increasingly unpleasant for everyone involved, so 7th circle resurrection/regeneration is necessary for the good-as-new rebuild. The 5th circle 'breath of life' effect always does something, but... remember that bandit you got the magic quiver from? He died of an accelerated infection, then ambient geomantic overflow hit his corpse with the equivalent of a Breath of Life. When the vital organs have decayed or been corrupted beyond a certain ambiguous threshold, that sort of 'healing' chucks out the original blueprint and improvises with whatever is left. In such a case, it's effectively a whole new organism. Higher-circle effects could still bring the intended person back, but the repurposed remains are no longer useful for doing so. If you'd kept one of that guy's fingerbones and handed it to some druids to reincarnate, you'd be putting the bark spider's mind that new body, not his.

If you've already been reincarnated, and want to roll the clock back to some previous incarnation's form, conventional healing magic won't work because the 'template' has been overwritten. Approximations would be possible with some combination of personal memory, shapeshifting, and divinations, but, ah... you might be headed for a Panacea/Glory Girl bad end there. Conceivably there's some specialized 7th or 8th circle spell to do it right, but the usual advice is to just go straight for a Wish.

There's something within a day's foot travel of Zelkor's Ferry which is capable of granting Wishes, and will answer when called by name. Probably safer to look elsewhere.

Smartest option is to have a clone body ready in advance. Get splattered, wake up in the vat ready to go again. Usually same-day, but sometimes there's a month or more of lag, particularly for exotic causes of death, cross-planar travel, or when the clone is located somewhere you don't have a good mental map of. (I've got some "lost soul wandering the planes" mechanics worked out, originally for one of the cards from that custom Deck of Many Things. A bad situation to be in, certainly, but not entirely without benefit.) I'm leaning toward GURPS Bio-Tech rules rather than strict interpretation of http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/c/clone so it's actually surprisingly cheap, if you've somehow got an 8th circle wizard willing to work for free. Main challenge is building and maintaining storage vats and, in Dav/iste's case specifically, obtaining an adequate supply of chirality-reversed nutrient slurry - quintessential food will NOT work here. Could get into metaphysics of exactly why not, but the short answer is it's food, not blood substitute.

The good news on that is, cloning would also present an interesting opportunity to fix the whole chirality problem, since experiments only needs to be done on about a cubic inch of bone marrow or something in a specimen jar instead of risking her whole body at once. The weirder and even worse news is, well... think about it. She's spent her entire adult life on a very narrow (albeit well-balanced) diet, in an effectively sterile environment. How do you think her immune system is holding up? Little bit rusty, maybe, from lack of practice?
No. 118188 ID: 3abd97

>It's my policy to never trust an NPC who I couldn't take in a straight fight
Not that I disprove of healthy skepticism and wariness, but it's kind of hard to arrange that we'll always be the bigger fish. From Aaphia to the government of Passholdt to 'Cap' to Deros Frist, we'd had to deal with powerful npcs before.

It does help that we are not limited to fair fights.

>the condition here is "being in a place where druids are"
With the important secondary caveat "and who will listen to these other druids". The letter's worth is directly proportional to how much weight this group of druids' word and reputation carries with their peers.

>prevent people from bringing him back as a powerless husk
I would guess your divinity is more closely associated with your spirit or soul than your fleshy meats, and it would require a spiritual violence to separate you from it?

Interesting. Where would "I rolled the wrong race and I just want to fix that" fit on that scale?

>fix the whole chirality problem
Honestly, as a player, I have no real interest in fixing that. It's the source of too many interesting complications. (Poor Dav would have to learn to write and read backwards. ...again).
No. 118189 ID: d36af7

>If Yisheng Ji is killed and reincarnated, would he retain his divinity?
Yes. Might take some time to relearn how to do some of the chi manipulation stuff efficiently with a different body plan, but we're talking days, a month at most unless it's something completely bizarre - which would only come up if he got reincarnated on the tsochar homeworld or some equivalently alien environment. Even in such an extreme case, engaging the fundamental processes of life from a different perspective, with fresh eyes (literally and figuratively), seems to me like the kind of thing that could be very beneficial to cultivation in the slightly longer term.
>What about with a normal resurrection?
Also yes. If core spiritual and mental traits weren't retained, it wouldn't be you coming back from the dead, really, would it?
>fate worse than death
This being a horror setting, there are certainly some of those out in the realm of possibility. Bodies and minds can be destroyed, or (arguably worse, in that it can be harder to fix) messed up to the point that they're unrecognizable. However, one thing that Yisheng Ji has that he cannot lose, short of some cataclysm which would be memorable across cosmological timescales (a bigger deal than the Titanomachy, on the same order as the Serpent swallowing the Sun, along with the subsequent pacification and extinction of all mortal life, etc.) is that eternal youth boon from the chessboard puzzle.

See, the Church of Orcus takes death, and fates worse than death, and that whole "you can't take it with you" concept very seriously. When they were setting up the chessboard puzzle, they wanted to make sure it could pose a threat to mid- or maybe even high-level adventurers. One thing they considered was the possibility that someone would use various divinations to check whether the puzzle's description was accurate and truthful. Misleading hints clad in ambiguous metaphor can slip past that kind of test, since they're obviously meant to be incomplete and not literally true, but what about the prize? If the cake was a lie, somebody would find out, word would get around, and that'd be that, no more puzzle fun. For the "prize one can keep" to register as an unambiguous truthful statement, it would have to be something that a high-ranking priest of Orcus sincerely thinks you can take with you. something not even Orcus Himself could rip away, whether by force or trickery.

That's how deeply dedicated they are to petty cruelty: they'll build (or at least track down and retrieve) something of true enduring value, a plenipotentiary source of imperishable sublime beneficence, as bait for a rigged game show.
No. 118190 ID: d36af7

>Where would "I rolled the wrong race and I just want to fix that" fit on that scale?
Dysphoria? There are various alchemical and surgical body-mod options, but if you want a drastic change with basically perfect accuracy and no weird body-horror side effects, the best option is a custom magic item, usually in the form of a hat or belt, providing a permanent http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/a/alter-self Costs vary between jurisdictions, since some places subsidize it (particularly to disabled veterans) as a one-size-fits-all quick fix for cosmetic scarring, impaired senses, and crippled limbs including up to two amputations, while others tightly restrict it as an obvious potential vector for espionage.

>never steered me wrong
How would you know for sure? Conceivably a powerful individual could take note of who trusts them and who doesn't, then behave in ways which benefit the former group more than the latter. Minimum loss and maximum gain are very different strategies.
No. 118196 ID: 3abd97

Dang the dice haven't like me much my last few rolls.

I think I'd like to invoke my privileges as an extra-worldly horror making material offerings to this world's highest deity to have the remains authenticated anyways.

If the answer is "yes, that's them", you can go ahead without further confirmation.
No. 118198 ID: 094652

>horror setting
I thought the setting was science fantasy punk. Maybe even fantasy grimdark. You're saying over 66% of pathfinder is horror? I figured it was 60% suspense, 20% eldritch horror, and 20% players @#$%ing around with sex and humor.

Is there anything the party can do while waiting for the resurrection? Also, how long until the ship needs to leave?
No. 118201 ID: 0e104f

Just to clarify, the questions I’m looking for insight into are
1) what’s the best way for me to phrase and roll for my shopping/other actions in town? I had named a number of things I wanted to do, and didn’t know what the best way to deliver the plans would be so that there’s minimal frustration for you
2) Can I buy “pocket sand”? I was thinking something between mace and dirt- easy enough to handle that you could store it loose leaf style on your person and throw it at your enemies no problem, but distracting or painful/damaging enough that it’s somewhat better than kicking dirt in their eyes or throwing away all your ink to try and blind an enemy
No. 118206 ID: 3abd97

>Is there anything the party can do while waiting for the resurrection? Also, how long until the ship needs to leave?
We're in a big city, so... almost anything you can think of to do you could probably do. And we're here for a total of 3 days.

Depends? I figure stay with 50 gold each / 300 gold reserve until we see how the rez goes. Then we're going to have to spend some cash from the reserve fund to buy basic equipment for the people we're reincarnating, and we might get an influx of extra cash to divvy up if opt to we sell those bonds immediately (unless there's reason to wait until they mature). I figure at the end of the day we probably want 100-200 in the reserve fund for emergencies and expenses?

Asking "hey can I get X" or "how much does X cost" or "what kind of things are available like X" in-thread seems to have worked reasonably well for me, on the shopping front.
No. 118207 ID: d36af7

Yes it's fine.
Not saying it's exclusively or even majority horror, but Pathfinder has way too much Lovecraft stuff in it to not be at least partly.
>best way to deliver the plans [...] so that there’s minimal frustration for you
Ironically this is a very tricky question which I will need to consider with care. As for off-the-cuff reply: in-character dialogue often seems to end up with relatively low value-density. Too easy for it to accumulate padding. Should be spices, rather than the main course.
Yeah, let's go with that food metaphor. I'm kinda hungry at the moment and it's making sense.
Post is a sandwich. You want it to be easy and fun for me to eat.
Specific physical actions with unambiguous mechanical consequences (go to the place, buy the thing, punch the elf) are the bread. Kinda bland by itself, but easy and clean for me to get a grip on. Without at least a little bit of bread, it's not much of a sandwich at all.
In-character emotional motivation is the cheese, and dialogue is the ketchup or mustard or whatever. Rounds out the flavor, but if somebody just squirts a buncha mustard on my hand and calls it a sandwich, I got no idea how to deal with that.
Strategic motivation and scheming is the meat. What are you hoping to achieve or prevent, what interests are you advancing or defending, by punching that elf, in this place, in that particular way, while saying those things? How do you think the way things are differs from the way things ought to be? Who are you and what do you want? What's the big plan?
Bread's what I need to keep things moving, but meat's why I'm here. Good post ought to have both.
Maybe some pickles, too. No, I don't know what pickles represent, and yes that's part of the metaphor.
>pocket sand
Sounds like you want 8-scream devil powder. Ten gold per one-ounce dose. Stored in little wax-paper envelopes. Throw it at somebody, it scatters and swirls through the air, then comes together like a whole flock of tiny homing pidgeons, guided by your own malicious intent. It'll chase 'em around a corner, or lurk on the outside of a sealed suit to pounce when they take it off. Incredibly painful once it touches bare skin. Compared unfavorably with heroin withdrawl, or the sensations of being burned to death, in surveys of those who'd experienced all three. Water alone won't wash it off, you need heavy scrubbing or acid. Mild acid like vinegar or lemon juice will work. You ever gotten lemon juice on a paper cut, or a patch of skin that'd been scrubbed raw? Imagine how bad things would have to be for that feeling to be a relief, by comparison. Completely nonlethal in that it causes no physical injury whatsoever. Distraction around other hazards might be trouble, though, or somebody could turn out to have a weak heart when the stress is too much.
No. 118208 ID: d36af7

>we're here for a total of 3 days
Four, actually. The ship's going to be in Overmire for three days, but you ran ahead while it was held up by the coast guard for inspection.
No. 118215 ID: d36af7

I'd like to note that I wrote up Azarthraine of Hollowfall's "what year is this" monologue long before I'd even begun planning Dragon King Quest, and the timing is purely coincidental.
No. 118234 ID: fc3fc0

You said that was an off the cuff response, but from my perspective it’s pretty much exactly what I need, in a flavorful and easy to digest metaphor. I appreciate the time and effort you put into not only the quest, but in making it accessible and putting thought and such into questions like that.

Can’t make any promises, but since I have a better idea of what you’re looking for, I can at least make an effort to give you more meat and cheese to go with the bread and mustard.

On that note, 8 scream devil powder does sound like what I need, if a bit pricy. Ive got a few questions, but I’m probably getting it, whatever the answers. Just curious about how I can use it honestly. Gonna wait for our two friends to get revived before I make my plans in town, since our budget depends on their resuppy needs, and anything they may decide to do.

Can it hurt the weilder, intentionally or unintentionally?

Does it have a max range/lifespan? Major use here would be tracking cap down by designating him the target and following the powders path until it reaches him, and then still have it hurt him afterwards.

Does it do anything more serious if applied internally, or to sensitive openings that lack skin, like wounds and eyes. Does it hurt any more/less?

Does one have to concentrate particularly hard to make it work? Would it prevent casting spells or even using another dose on another target? If you get distracted does it stop working?
No. 118235 ID: 3abd97

I'm sort of amused that right after you say this, we get a scenario where the reasonable response would seem to be giving you a pile of mustard covered cheese as we roleplay introductions.

I'm assuming you rolled for race, and that his coming back as a saurian was also coincidental.

>tracking 'Cap' down
*cough* I dunno if you skimmed over Dav and Esmeraude's conversation, but for the near future, locating Cap really wouldn't be your problem.
No. 118243 ID: fc3fc0

For that very reason, it is probably best to hold off on her revenge plan until we part ways. Don’t want to muck things up for everyone else by killing Cap now while the boat is still and easy target, before Dav gets her strap on. Best to carry out such revenge plans separate from your group of people so as not to get them involved.
No. 118246 ID: 83b277

>a powerful individual could take note of who trusts them and who doesn't, then behave in ways which benefit the former group more than the latter
An interesting hypothetical, but I think it's far more likely for an individual with the supernatural ability to detect trust to behave in ways which benefit themselves at the expense of the former group. After all, if you know someone trusts you, you can get away with a lot more than with someone you know does not trust you. This doesn't even necessarily need to be actively malicious. It can be as simple as "Hey, can I borrow a hundred bucks? I'll pay you back eventually, when I have the cash and I remember to."

>Doctor Yisheng Ji
This is humorous in ways that don't make sense unless you have a rudimentary grasp of Chinese. Also, there sure seem to be a lot of people who recognize Yisheng Ji. I guess he gets around.
It does make it a little awkward to respond if you don't tell me what Yisheng Ji knows about them, though. I would have been less resistant in-character if I'd know Azarthraine and Yisheng Ji were already familiar with each other.

He's a lizard wizard. :v
No. 118248 ID: fc3fc0

>Already know each other

Ah see, I took that completely differently. I assumed Ji had cultivated such a noticeable spiritual presence that it was noticeable from beyond the veil so to speak. Your identity was projected to the point that the lizard wizard was able to spot you and get a grasp on who you were before even returning to the mortal coil. Sort of a stretch given he knew you by name and title, but didn’t recognize you as a firehawk, but I was just kinda figuring those were the parts of his identity that were held most closely, and therefore translated most strongly into your spiritual projection of self
No. 118250 ID: f3e670

>Doctor Yisheng

A cursory google search indicates this is somewhat of a Sahara Desert situation

Planning on getting gloves, scream powder, a hat and helm, and try to save a gold piece to splurge on food and drink for the next few days on shore
No. 118260 ID: 3abd97

Think of it as a kind of game theory. There's utility in encouraging behaviors and attitudes that benefit you. If you reward trust, it's more likely you'll have trust to draw on when you need it.

>He's a lizard wizard. :v
Now he just needs to cast blizzard!

Well if you're willing to be the patient vengeful type, works for me.

That was how I interpreted it, that Ji's divinity made him more 'visible' from further off when returning to the mortal coil.
No. 118261 ID: d10e29

Think about the description of Maru’s first act of vengeance. She split from her group so as not to endanger them as she knocking commited heinous acts that would likely put her at odds with the law. Similar situation here. She knows she’s not ready to take him yet, and if her life’s at risk, she likely wouldn’t enjoy herself as much. She’ll need more skills and experience at the very least, and she plans on having more supplies too. Probably something suitable for flaying skin, and some magical healing potions or scrolls so she can extend and repeat the process. She can’t really return the insults given tit for tat, like she did with her biological contributor, filling him with “hot loads” in the form of burning coals inserted into various orifices, so I’m trying to think of something else suitably metaphorical and damaging. Current plan is something akin to cutting off his limbs above the joints, pinning him to a wall using red hot iron rods, removing his tongue and lower jaw, and then flaying him, but after that there should probably be something symbolic of what she feels his crimes are. I thought about killing him nine different ways, or perhaps shoving a hot rod into a new organ every time she revived him, but it doesn’t have any real relation to how he insulted and degraded her so I’m not sure really what she’s planning on doing, at least not 100% yet. 8 scream devil powder sounds like a good start though
No. 118265 ID: d36af7

>pretty good for an off-the-cuff response
Thanks. I do some of my best work when frantically improvising! Also some of my worst, so I try not to lean on that too much.

>8-Scream Devil Powder questions
It's expensive because it's the product of extremely complex and delicate alchemy, with obvious applications both civilian and military.

It can't hurt the wielder unless they've got some unresolved self-loathing AND roll a botch. The figurative vitriol of hatred is literally what activates and guides it. Can't be used as the payload of a straightforward mechanical trap, though a magical trap enchanted to be intelligent might work, if it had sufficiently strong opinions.

Actually setting that up might have some long-term downsides, because the range limit has nothing to do with the strength of your throwing arm, it's a matter of emotional focus and willpower. Powder moves through the air at six yards per second, most people can't keep it going for more than 10-15 seconds, even less if they're trying to do other things - like, say, dodge return fire. In GURPS terms, you're concentrating on steering a guided weapon, so you can walk (slowly), and speak (carelessly) or do other free actions. Supernatural powers of fury, hatred, and revenge might synergize well, perhaps even reducing the need to concentrate.

The level of pain doesn't vary based on where it hits, but directing the stuff onto specific body parts might affect how easy it is to remove. Vigorous scrubbing and acid aren't good for the eyes, or possible at all inside the lungs. In such cases, specialized counter-agents or generic "universal antidote" effects would be necessary, or the poor bastard could wait about a week for it to be metabolized.

>noticeable from beyond the veil
That's what he meant by "on the way back in," yes. If Azarthraine of Hollowfall knew Yisheng Ji by conventional reputation, rather than something more like a mix of aura sight and miamaska.com/index.php?pn=194 he would've gotten the name/title distinction right.

>An interesting hypothetical, but
There IS such a thing as having power without abusing it. Perhaps it would be useful to read https://content.psychopathcode.com/ and see who the patterns documented therein remind you of?
No. 118268 ID: 75a537

In case it isn’t clear, Maru definitely struggles with these feelings, and at many times wishes she was never born; she is not actively suicidal, but those feelings of self loathing are amplified in some degree during such acts of vengeance, primarily because the targets of her wroth have done something to intensify said feelings or remind her about aspects of herself she hates.

Gonna put the info below under a cut just because it might be somewhat upsetting for others, but it’s a description of how Maru sees herself and why she did the things she did. Nothing overtly graphic.

Her torturing people is less about making other people feel bad, and more about making herself feel good through symbolic acts of self destruction. Essentially, she’s self harming in a metaphorical sense. At a base level, she tortured her biological progenitor to death because she wanted to hurt him as recompense for the hurt he forced on her and others around her; he was the reason for her painful existence, therefor it’s only fair his existence becomes painful. On a more theoretical level, her act of vengeance was a way of punishing herself. She cut ties with the only people she loved and cared about, and the only people who loved and cared about her, in order to commit an act that would likely see her jailed and possibly killed. The torture was her recreating the acts that led to her creation, with her in the role of the person she hated most, and her progenitor in the role of her mother, the pain he was experiencing representing the way she hurt her mother, simply through existing, by the hand of someone else. She considered her creation, and thereby herself, an act akin to torture for her mom, at the very least on a subconscious level, and to some degree consciously.
No. 118271 ID: 20ea96

>who the patterns documented therein remind you of
Are you calling me a psychopath, or just my character? Because if it's the latter, it's not intentional, and if it's the former, that's a pretty immature response to someone disagreeing with a few of your DM decisions, even if I am abrasive sometimes. I'm sorry for not being altruistic enough for your liking. If you really feel that negatively about me interacting with you and your quest, then just kill off my character, ban me from participating, and be done with it. I know you said you wouldn't do that the last time this came up, but I won't hold it against you for changing your mind if it's affecting your life to the degree that you would compare it to an abusive relationship and link a 205-page ebook as a reference document.

The reason why I've chosen not to bring in any more than the one character is so that if the camel's back does break, you only need to kill off one character, and it will minimally affect the other players. (It won't affect the Thread 7 Party at all.) I actually have another character written up in a document from before I made this decision, that I could have used in thread 7, but didn't, for this reason.
No. 118272 ID: d36af7

I was mainly thinking of whatever previous GMs made you so hypersensitive to railroading and 'gotcha' situations.
No. 118283 ID: d36af7

Yep, pretty straightforward Malfeas thematics, right down to music and dance being a temporary escape.
No. 118289 ID: 094652

Hore has her own self-issues, but they're interpreted differently. As I said, her tribe interprets the Gnoll-Philosophy of laziness as a virtue due to a problem they see as inherent in the universe: the gods gave mortals so much - so how much can they take back? Everything and interest, apparently; power, fame, souls, all of these can be stolen by those on a higher point in the chain of being. Kingdoms can be conquered, legends can be reinterpreted or outright re-written, souls can be claimed by any god and brainwashed to obey, so how do you prosper when your profits can be confiscated - as taxes, as recompense, as fate itself - by those in charge, let alone defend what little you have? The Gnoll answer: Take from others first, and create a stopgap; the just and the good cannot steal what you have already stolen, for a breaker of chains cannot reclaim the physical effort that was 'given' by a master's slaves (or something to that effect, I dunno). Obviously, there is a logical gap in the fact that what is stolen can be repeatedly stolen or claimed as spoils of conquest or some other self-justifying excuse for a lawful good to steal from the poor, but the Gnolls don't realize that. Hore recognizes the fallibility of the answer, but she cannot ignore the question. She's an abomination in the eyes of all greater powers in the world, so how does she stop the rest of the world from eventually killing her (and worse) for who she is and what she has done, when they have enough power to take everything from her and need little excuse to squish her on a whim?

Her answer is to @#$% off to another universe where the people in charge don't want her dead. She's waiting patiently for a path to show itself. In the meantime, there's a profit to be made.
No. 118292 ID: af6e04

>I actually have another character written up in a document from before I made this decision, that I could have used in thread 7, but didn't, for this reason.
I'm sorry to hear this is the reason you haven't been participating in thread 7. I imagine you'd be a needed voice of reason in the beautiful slurry of insanity that is the thread 7 party.

I don't actually have a clear idea in my head of what Nistamatsin looks like(that Hero Forge thing I posted earlier was just a goof). I kinda think it's better that way, but at the same time I do kinda want to draw him. What do you guys picture as far as specific features?

He's pretty nauseating to look at, but his ugliness is more Bosch painting or old testament style. I imagine a large predatory maw because of his tendency to devour organs and his super drinking powers, but filled with incisors and molars as he doesn't actually use it as a weapon.
No. 118316 ID: 3abd97

Well, I'd be glad to have one of your characters on Team Magic Sword if you ever change your mind.

>I imagine you'd be a needed voice of reason in the beautiful slurry of insanity that is the thread 7 party.
Yeeeeah. Rhea's not a great conduit for strategy. I am glad Nin stepped into the role of party leader with such enthusiasm, though.

>What do you guys picture as far as specific features?
I imagined his frame as spindly and knobby and twisted up on itself (sort of cross "spy old man" with "hunchback, only everywhere"), and the void where his face is supposed to be (when he's not wearing one) as something like a Salvador Dali painting- the ones where faces are constructed from other objects. Like your mind (or the world) is trying desperately to assemble a face in its absence- a conceptual vacuum trying to be filled. And of course its slowly moving and changing all the time.

Also when I found Face of the Devourer on the cleric spell list my first thought was if it would break in an entertaining way on Nin.
No. 118325 ID: 094652

Well that was funny. Can we vote on what elven race our warrior friend has found themselves in?
No. 118329 ID: 3d2d5f

Considering white and green elves are biologically the same race before diet unlocks neotenous traits, I'm not sure there would be a difference at this point.
No. 118335 ID: d36af7

The differences between various flavors of elves (apart from the aquatic type, which are born with gills and have their own range of variants) is entirely a function of diet and environment during childhood and puberty. A Reincarnation spell sets those variables as if the individual grew up on the spot where the spell was cast. So, no, voting will not be necessary.
No. 118343 ID: d22dc0
File 151208805083.jpg - (42.20KB , 327x244 , viperfish-02.jpg )

Hadn’t thought about it much if I’m honest! I was imagining him with somewhat gray, rubbery skin, kind of a unsettling tall/thin vibe that seems to be so popular in horror right now, but I never put down any details. The unnerving smile always made me think of deep see fish, like the image attached, but with a full mouth kinda deal. That said, if I saw a bunch of teeth that shouldn’t go together and aren’t where they’re meant to be, it would probably be equally upsetting. Every entertain the idea of a TV head? Not really thematically appropriate for this setting, but I always enjoyed that as a character design feature.

After searching for the photo attached, I also happened to run across several pictures of “fish with human teeth” which weren’t too pretty to look at either, so maybe that can give you inspiration. I certainly didn’t find them pretty.
No. 118350 ID: d22dc0

I already posted my response, but I'm feeling some remorse because I'm not sure I accurately understand the positioning of everything involved, and am now risking a cask of amontillado situation.
No. 118351 ID: d36af7

Think I should make a separate disthread for Dragon King Quest, possibly also covering Neomah Quest and any other strictly-Exalted quests I run?
No. 118352 ID: fc3fc0

If you'd like to; I know I'm certainly confused as to how everyone but I seems to know the setting like the back of their hand. I'd say this is a fine place to do it, but I'd fear scaring away people with how in depth and often we talk about Pdn[T]tO. After the hurricane I lost track of Race for the edge; I'll have to look through the threads and find it. Sorry I was never able to provide the art you were looking for, the bad weather ultimately had bad timing for both of us in that regard.
No. 118356 ID: d36af7

If you're worried you might be misunderstanding the layout, draw a map of the relevant area as you understand it, possibly with arrows to indicate intended movements, and include it with your post. I realize that goes against the usual norm of suggesters not including images, but this is a fairly nonstandard quest anyway.
No. 118360 ID: fc3fc0
File 151210576980.png - (5.05KB , 641x622 , confusion.png )

I think this is correct. Color coding is because... well, I guess in my head I thought it would make disparate features easier to identify, but now that I'm submitting it I'm having second thoughts on that front.

Important thing to note is that Tellus and Valeno, in orange, are inside the corridor, while demon, red X, is outside, with a shiny bit of floor, gold star, between them. Green rectangle is the door, red rectangles are other doors, purple rectangle is the corridor we're in, grey bubbles are the collapsed portion, dark blue is stairs, light blue is the room proper, and if memory serves me that's all the important features.

When I wrote up my action I was thinking the demon was in the room with us, but in order for it to behind us, with a shiny square between us, which is close to the door, I think it has to be laid out the way I drew it. In which case we may be in tough spot.
No. 118363 ID: d36af7

It's alright, don't worry about it. I was having some completely unrelated problems with my enthusiasm and focus for Neomah Quest: Race to the West Pole, anyway.

If you're interested in trying again, the image for the next Dragon King Quest update is going to be a Street Fighter screencap, more or less: side-on view of two chunky, simplified humanoids pointing weapons at each other in a dark tunnel.
No. 118364 ID: fc3fc0

rolled 4, 6, 4 = 14


Completely unrelated, I thought the mechanical underpinnings for how this old fashioned calculator stored memory was interesting. The parts I find most interesting go from roughly the minute mark to six and a half minutes in, where he explains how the acoustic memory functions. It takes a peice of coiled piano string, and uses a combination of binary and speakers to create unique vibrations along the wire, which then get transmitted to other speakers that repeat them, creating an acoustic memory. Not sure of the exact mechanics yet since they don't go into detail but I wanted to share if anyone else was interested.
No. 118365 ID: fc3fc0

Cant get it done tonight, but given time I could try to have it in tomorrow. Shoot me an email if there's any important details I should attempt to convey.
No. 118376 ID: 3abd97

If you're ever lost, asking for help is also an option. I'm more than willing to throw maps together.

>if memory serves me that's all the important features
There's also some suspicious statues in the SW part of the room.

I might question which side of the door the shiny part of the floor is on.

I think I'm going to wait and see how (or if) other characters react to Oldaric's plight? Davina would be inclined to be sympathetic, but I don't want to unilaterally decide how much and what kind of resources we're throwing at it. That, and most of the in-the-moment things I can think of that could be done feel more in the other PC's wheelhouses.
No. 118381 ID: af6e04
File 151216666384.jpg - (3.18MB , 2000x2671 , Bosch,_Hieronymus_-_The_Garden_of_Earthly_Delights.jpg )

I like the mental image both of these descriptions provide. I've always pictured him kinda spindly and slender (you can see that in the thread 7 title card). The angler fish mouth is cool and fits the concept well. Kinda reminds me of the guy in the picture. I'm starting to feel like Vos and Nistamatsin are like dark mirrored reflections of each other.

>Salvador Dali painting
Hmm, that's a good idea I hadn't considered. Not sure how I'd draw that eating somebody though.

>Every entertain the idea of a TV head?
Some sort of flesh and plastic hybrid creature with a TV head is giving me cool ideas, but I don't think it quite fits the character in this case.

>I think I'm going to wait and see how (or if) other characters react to Oldaric's plight?
Vos would absolutely offer to help with holy mutations, but I think he's still stuck outside town
No. 118383 ID: 3abd97

I think the druids are a little out of town (or at least at the outskirts) since they needed ground to work on, and most the city is in the air.

Also it might make sense that druid magic might be easier removed somewhat from the disruptive spiritual influences of a city. Hmm. Overmire might actually be a uniquely good site for druids, come to think of it. All the nature you want is relatively undisturbed at ground level, and you have the conveniences of a nearby city with less of the usual complications.
No. 118384 ID: d36af7

First things I'd think of for lack-of-face are https://killsixbilliondemons.com/comic/wielder-of-names-3-59/ and http://www.mangapanda.com/uzumaki/3/26 I figure, the former being an angel and the latter being a minor manifestation of what GURPS calls a "Thing Which Must Not Be," Nistamatsin's naked maw would be somewhere between the two. Maybe like a lamprey's mouth, but with the individual teeth not fixed in position relative to each other, and broken perspective so you can't quite tell whether it's a flat disk or a miles-deep pit. No actual eyes, at least not where you'd think. Instead, incoming light is chewed up (hence the broken perspective) and digested to similar result, with broad peripheral vision. Wearing a borrowed face is like having to eat, drink, and see the world all through the same little plastic straw.
No. 118394 ID: 094652

It's been a while since the last Team Magic Sword post, mostly because thread 7 has been focusing on Valeno recently. I'm waiting for Azure's debut on the bandits' stage, but should we post according to our initiative or wait for you to draw up the encounter?
No. 118395 ID: 0e104f

I think the plan is to resolve the situation with Telly’s and Valeno, then do bandits. Which is a shame since this imp has us dead to rights currently
No. 118396 ID: 0e104f

Count Maru as amused and unphased. Sort of a, wow, haha, sucks to be that guy huh? Not really taking the problem seriously as per usual.
No. 118397 ID: af6e04

Light chewing lamprey face sounds wonderfully horrifying and I love it. Not sure how you'd actually get a smile out of that though, or any sort of emotional expression.
No. 118399 ID: d36af7

Waiting on one more post from Shadowkaisen, to either bust out of the trap and get moving in some other direction, or fail and be stuck there for long enough to catch up with Team Magic Sword's timeline.
No. 118404 ID: af6e04

Now that I've actually tried to draw this, I realize I have no idea exactly what you mean by
>but with the individual teeth not fixed in position relative to each other
Some sort of 'mouths within mouths' setup?
No. 118406 ID: d36af7

With an actual lamprey, teeth are arranged in rings which only move when the underlying flesh flexes. For Nistamatsin's maw, I was thinking individual teeth could migrate across the larger space as freely as birds within a flock.
Such movement could convey emotional content with anything from crude emoji-shaped clumps to 'magic eye' optical illusions subtly suggesting complex 3D contours, possibly multiple layers of such information at once, yet retain the sense that you might be staring too hard at TV static, seeing patterns which aren't really there.
No. 118456 ID: af6e04

Sounds perfectly fitting, though I'll probably have to dispense with my usual messy scribbly style to actually draw that.
No. 118476 ID: 094652

Yay! Or did I just waste a critical success?

I don't think my luck will be as good over multiple rolls. I think there's a system called Let It Ride, like when Hore got in good with the Union. When do I need to roll to persuade harder?
No. 118481 ID: 3abd97

Yes, "let it ride" was first discussed back here (with a link to a longer explanation in-post). >>99618

Your roll could plausibly be applied to a broader series of interactions (say, the pre-planned attempt at winning the bandits over / establishing a positive impression) rather than the narrow act of stripping once.

Of course how much a single roll or action ends up actually covering is at the GM's discretion. (Like it might get you through the whole plan, or only get you halfway through the plan, or get you past the rank and file bandits but have to roll again to impress the boss, who knows).

>When do I need to roll to persuade harder?
When you want to do something different. To go back to the union example, making friends and talking to them was all one action. If you wanted to talk the union into doing something for you (riot, stop rioting, work with the catgirls, smuggle some stuff for you, etc) that would have probably been a new roll.

I mean, you sorta have to see how far that roll gets you and what the situation is.
No. 118514 ID: af6e04

Stealing Tall Jack Rat's face might offer some advantages, but there's also the risk of them all just immediately figuring it out and trying to kill us. Might not be worth the risk for a group that seems like it'll be pretty loyal anyway. What do you guys think?
No. 118517 ID: 3abd97

>already spent most of his 50 gp on supplies and equipment
Sure, but we're abstracting the shopping trip enough that I'm assuming there would be no real difficulty in anyone changing their mind before we move on.

They're already willing to work for us. If you steal their leaders identity, that just means we lose their cooperation when he gets it back. And if he doesn't get it back, that means any time you go to town or separate from the bandits, they're deprived of leadership, which will either get them killed or lead to a shuffling up of power and someone else in the gang ending up in charge (who might like us less). We also lose him as a source of knowledge we can ask questions of / trade information with, if he's faceless.

Tl;dr, I don't see a lot of value in replacing someone who's already willing to be a minion. (If you take Jack's role, it's not like you can get the bandits be happy working for free or anything).
No. 118519 ID: af6e04

Right, I guess I just wanted to eat some bandits and their unexpected cooperativeness kind of put a damper on that. I imagine Nin is getting increasingly frustrated at how reasonable everyone he runs into is acting.
No. 118520 ID: 3abd97

>I imagine Nin is getting increasingly frustrated at how reasonable everyone he runs into is acting.
On the flipside, Rhea's rather enjoying her track record of diplomatic successes, and meeting so many people friendly to her home!

Maybe Nin can console himself with the megalomania of having so many minions to play to? He seems to enjoy being a ham.

I know where you're coming from. Viste had the same problem waiting for a chance to actually kill something and pull her Zoro routine with arcane mark.
No. 118521 ID: d36af7

>Shame [therapeutic gardening] doesn't have any attached experience benefit
In GURPS terms, it's either self-directed study or on-the-job practice for the Gardening skill. Possibly also Meditation skill, and/or buying off chronic stress related disadvantages.

In "costly sensual indulgence" terms, using superb agricultural land to grow flowers of purely aesthetic value (and lounging around staring at them), or recreational drugs for personal consumption, definitely counts even if there's no money changing hands. Incentivizing the shortsighted pursuit of genre-appropriate-yet-otherwise-strategically-suboptimal personal pleasure is the whole reason I made that rule.

I mean, look at Conan the Barbarian. After he steals the gem from that temple, what's he do with the money? Upgrade his armor, or get some amulets and potions to patch whatever weak points he noticed during the raid? Nope. Buy a herd of sheep or oxen, or a mill, or make some other capital investment to start earning longer term revenue? He's got to be aware of the concept, since he worked in a mill for years and studied abroad with nomadic raiders as part of his gladiator training, but no, he doesn't do that either. What does he do? He throws a party. Eats the finest meats, chugs the finest wines, dresses up in fancy clothes and then destroys them in a drunken stupor. I wanted to make sure that even a hardcore munchkin with no interest in RPing said drunken stupor for it's own sake (and particularly the risk, of which any disciple of Jon Chung would be acutely aware, that one might be ambushed before recovering from such a state) would at least seriously consider such a course of action, and XP is the obvious carrot to wave. Consuming fine food and drink is meant to be, literally, a pleasant and desirable experience. For the sake of versimilitude, getting a better or worse deal on such things should still be possible: if stealing a gem and selling it to buy some booze gets you XP, stealing the same booze directly has much the same in-character result and should provide a similar benefit. That logic applies equally to brewing the booze yourself, or anything else people do primarily for fun.

The assumption that various indulgences are for the most part consistently priced according to their XP value is necessary for game balance, but in a world where things actually work that way, where finding a better than average ratio of cost to objective deliciousness in some luxury item can give your city-state a key strategic advantage in training up elite troops quickly and cheaply, market forces would tend to maintain the balance as a stable equilibrium.
No. 118522 ID: d36af7

>the level of detail being provided is ringing warning bells in my mind against not taking it.

You think I'm going to punish you if you don't.


You're still thinking this a fucking railroad plot. A poorly-documented railroad where everything is either an indispensable necessity or vague, blurry, non-interactive background scenery, and God help you if you can't guess which is which before you trigger the next scene and an impassable door slams down to stop you from backtracking. That's what you meant there, right? Any NPC with a name and a backstory will hunt you down like a dog if you don't accept their quest, any item with more than one sentence of description will be the key to an otherwise impassable puzzle in the next dungeon?

How many times do I, and your fellow players, need to explain and/or actively demonstrate how that isn't how things work? Not in this game, not in any game I run.

I happen to personally like the basic idea of extradimensional sanctums, and they show up in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, and GURPS Ultra-Tech, and Exalted, and even Pathfinder, all in slightly different yet reconcilable forms, so I've put a lot of thought into the subject. The products of that thought tend spill out into whatever relevant info I provide, and it's a big-ticket item with a lot of potentially counterintuitive features, so there's no obvious-to-me IC or OOC reason to hold back on giving you enough information to make a meaningful decision.

In this specific case, Yisheng Ji was asking for more information related to medicine and finance, areas which he really should be something of an expert on. There's no time pressure or other apparent penalties, you're discussing the subject with friendly NPCs who also have relevant skills, and you rolled a six, which is a critical success when effective skill is 16 or higher, which it very well might be in this case.

If giving you an infodump, when you roll a crit success on a lore check, is suspicious behavior on my part... what the hell am I supposed to do to not make you feel threatened?
No. 118526 ID: 3d2d5f

Yeah, that infodump is still relevant even if we pass on this offer. There's a good chance we'll encounter exodimentional spaces in other contexts. And even if it happens later, or on a different scale, or grown in a more ordinary garden, Ji's likely going to do something with the Cyrenian laserwort at some point, so it's a useful to know your prospects.

>limited-time-offer druidic discount
I mean that's a nice sweetener, but 1200 down from 1300 is only 7.7% off. That's not a deal of a lifetime missed if we pass on it. With good social rolls (or Renown, or Comfort for the Lonely) I see no reason we couldn't get a similar deal on a later large ticket purchase if we saved the cash.

I'll say it again. It's a plot hook your character could act out, but don't support it if it doean't sound fun or interesting to you. From a role-playing running the company perspective, savings and investment are both pretty easy approaches for me to justify. (If anyone wants Dav to blow company funds on a big Conan style party to generate xp, that would probably be a harder sell).

>fellow players demonstrated
I mean I've passed on a bunch of hooks. Skipped the chess puzzle immediately, argued to sail past Ekton as "not our problem", a bunch of stuff Rhea never followed up on, a whole character JL expressed interest in I didn't want to move forward with yet.

Heck, consulting in-game experts about quintessence was a hook that took me threads to follow up on. (Although, our rolls don't bode well for getting accurate information out of this checkup. :p ).
No. 118528 ID: 4a7a65

>You think I'm going to punish you if you don't
>thinking this is a railroad plot
No, not at all. I didn't say anything of the sort.

>I happen to personally like the basic idea of extradimensional sanctums
>I've put a lot of thought into the subject
>it's a big-ticket item with a lot of potentially counterintuitive features
This is a powerful enough reason for any player to find such an item desirable. I am genuinely interested in obtaining the item, not because I feel threatened or feel I will be punished if I don't, but because I think it will, in fact, become an indispensible item.

Let me explain more clearly what I meant by ringing warning bells based on level of detail. A high level of detail in explanation is directly indicative of a high level of interest in the subject, (which you've confirmed right here and now). A high level of detail in any particular aspect of the world directly equates to that particular aspect of the world taking a more central role than other, less-interesting aspects of the world. This is common sense stuff so far.

However, all aspects of the world exist as a sliding scale of helpfulness vs danger to the PCs. Where there is helpful magic, there is also dangerous magic, and so on. In many cases, one side of the scale is invaluable to combatting the other side. An easy example being the Shield spell versus the Magic Missile spell. Understanding extradimensional space as a major element of the world (due to particular DM interest) means one must be prepared for both sides of that scale. There will be danger involving or requiring extradimensional space, not based on the presence or absence of any such items in the PC's party, but simply due to DM interest. A DM who likes goblins will naturally include goblins in their campaign. You are accusing me of fearing a railroad plot, but I'm concerned here with the exact opposite. I believe this sort of danger would exist regardless of what the player decisions may be, and thus it is always better to be pre-emptively prepared for it. And all of that is before thinking about mundane application, which I'm told is staggering.

>1200 down from 1300 is only 7.7% off
Being able to turn it around for the full 1300 if we change our minds makes it a 7.7% profit opportunity. And 100 gp is twice the wage any particular person received this time.

>don't support it if it doean't sound fun or interesting to you
You misunderstand. It does sound very interesting to me. From the get-go, it sounded very interesting to me. I would have dismissed it offhand and not requested any details at all if it weren't interesting to me. However, I am a practically-minded person, so I still need tangible justification to purchase it, regardless of how interesting it may be. I requested it, rolled for it, and received it. Thus, I can now satisfactorily make the call, both IC and OOC, that it's a good decision to purchase this asset.
No. 118529 ID: 3d2d5f

Well that makes this an amusing comedy of misunderstanding, then. Let's buy us a magic garden.
No. 118534 ID: 094652

I've kept Azure speechless because I'm also as shocked at how well that went.

So here's my plan: Azure offers a challenge to Tall Jack Rat's gang (BTW what should we call them from now on?). If they can teach Pog a new fighting style or two, she'll sleep with them. Time spent is proportional to Pog's increase in combat effectiveness, and if they can explain a style she likes with enough detail for Azure to transcribe into writing, she'll give them a whole night. Honestly, it's cheaper than the 5-gold an HOUR deal she usually offers from high-value clients (she'll keep the price high because her charisma and critical success have convinced the bandits to overestimate her already-high abilities).

IC, Azure believes Pog will be too stupid (and something happened to his brain, which she thinks will hinder his learning ability) to learn anything for a week, but this will keep the bandits busy and not demanding paychecks for a while. She won't be too sadistic; a few blowjobs for trying to teach a sack of bricks. However, Pog has changed and should be able to learn slightly more than he could when all the mental conditioning in his brain wasn't chopped in half by an axe. Literally.

OOC, this is a good way to get exp for Azure (sensual indulgence) and Pog (combat training), since I'm not having them take constant risks these days.

Any suggestions?
No. 118535 ID: d36af7

I apologize for reading too much into that comment.
>Understanding extradimensional space as a major element of the world (due to particular DM interest) means one must be prepared for both sides of that scale. There will be danger involving or requiring extradimensional space, not based on the presence or absence of any such items in the PC's party, but simply due to DM interest.
Most of this is true, but "or requiring" does not necessarily follow from the premises when I'm designing simulationist scenarios, rather than narrativist plotlines or gamist balanced encounters. I'm not going to be going out of my way to include situations where an extradimensional space is the perfect tool for the job, probably not even subconsciously, because I'm fundamentally working the design process from the opposite end: coming up with environments and problems first, possible solutions later, if at all.

Pretty much, yeah.

On the subject of 'solutions later,' moving in or out of a standard exodimensional sanctum could be less dangerous to Daviste than trying to use a typical crystal ball to extend her portal range, provided she takes it slow, carefully crawling through the center of the door while staying as far as possible from the frame. Force-field bracers like the ones Azarthraine bought would qualify as the "something much more exotic than heavy gloves" to provide DR against such problems, but would also possibly cause other complications.
No. 118538 ID: 3abd97

>So here's my plan
That sounds like an effective way to have Pog learn not a lot, for Azure to not sleep with any bandits, and to generally cause a lot of hurt feelings over being led on.

Honestly, from my standpoint, Azure's role in interacting with the bandits comes down to maintaining morale / offering luxuries and entertainment to keep them happy (which may include sex or other things). Charging them for it (at way less than 5 gold a night) would at least keep who gets a turn when orderly. Getting with people without charging them might be good for more goodwill, or offset things if we can't make payroll.

>this is a good way to get exp for Azure (sensual indulgence)
But it's not a costly indulgence for you, so I wouldn't expect a high return on that.

>since I'm not having them take constant risks these days
That seems pretty counter intuitive considering Pog is a super durable meat tank and Azure has limited functional immortally and any healthcare you need beyond that is currently being subsidized by a deva.

Frankly your characters are the people in the party best suited to take certain classes of risks with the least consequences (as the tank and a respawning CHA rogue).

Interesting, although certainly not going to chance that without very good reason anytime soon.
No. 118574 ID: 094652

Anyone got a pastebin for our purchases in Overmire?

I haven't had Hore spend anything beyond exp from purchasing a few grams of rare metals. Gotta get a flail or some better armor or something.
No. 118594 ID: 094652

Don't forget about Maria and Daniel! And even if the ship captain's budget is mutually exclusive from ours, we should get an official report of their intended supplies for records and future decisions. Knowing what cargo to prioritize in the event of a disaster and how to save it is vital to our security work.

Should we also add "minor" living expenses from Esmeraude? Because... noble.
No. 118598 ID: 3abd97

>Don't forget about Maria and Daniel!
Good point, added. Discussion before seemed to mostly be "have them invest in xp", although I feel they should probably grab some kind of armor upgrade so if we need to use Daniel for his aura, or Maria for undead burning, they're less squishy.

>And even if the ship captain's budget is mutually exclusive from ours, we should get an official report of their intended supplies for records and future decisions.
Well, most the cargo hold is going to be the immovable rods we're being paid to protect. Next most valuable commodity would probably be the q-rations for Dav / Viste. After that, food, water, and basic supplies.

>Should we also add "minor" living expenses from Esmeraude? Because... noble.
Room and board for the entire group over a week is on the order of low single digit gold. Even if she lives it up, and orders a bunch of room service and ruins the sheets, the end result isn't really significant on the scale of the total budget.

Also, she's a fallen noble in a nebulous grey area between client, sub contractor, indentured servant, and camp follower currently. Speaking as the fallen noble running the company, I say she doesn't get extraordinary living accommodations unless she earns them or wants to pay for them herself. :v
No. 118604 ID: d36af7

Thought of a new 0-level effect for Rhea, a downgraded Unseen Servant: instead of 'any reasonably simple task,' it can only apply a short repetitive back-and-forth movement, though the exact details are adjustable. That could be kneading dough, stirring a pot, providing a clumsy massage, scraping crud off a wall (if provided with a suitable tool), pumping bellows, waving a signal lamp, or any number of other things. It's got no ability to adapt to changing circumstances on it's own, so when a hacksaw breaks, or cuts all the way through, it'll keep waving back and forth as if attached to a freewheeling piston mechanism.
No. 118623 ID: 3abd97

I am reminded of Snow White using woodland animals to help her with cooking and cleaning, which seems wholly appropriate. Disney princess chore spell go! (Although magician's apprentice might be more apt in terms of the potential for simple actions to run awry).

I like it, thank you.

I think Shadowkaisen's only used gender neutral terms for Valeno so far.
No. 118629 ID: d36af7

Dangit I'm usually pretty good about that kind of thing.

Sorry, Shadowkaisen.
No. 118698 ID: 3abd97

Hmm I'm not sure what Team Magic Sword is carrying at the minute that would actually count as group funds. Most of their material acquisitions occurred before the current group came together. Oh well, I need to update character sheets for all the shopping anyways.

What's the exchange rate for silver to gold again?
No. 118707 ID: af6e04

Yeah, I'm really not sure what she means by on-hand funds. I thought we were broke.
No. 118711 ID: 094652

>Vos wants JATO hammer
Wait a minute. Maria and Daniel haven't spent more than a few silvers so far (downgraded to ally NPCs for now). So if Hore, Vos, Maria, and Daniel pooled their gold shares together they'd have enough to buy the rocket.

They can agree to a time-share situation; Hore is a technologist so she can work on fixing its hidden functions (and gain exp or some other benefit), Maria can use it in low-power mode as a fire hammer, Daniel can use it as intended so enemies underestimate him until it's too late, and Vos can use it when he mutates the appropriate muscle structure and reflexes.

But I need permission from the other players to use Maria and Daniel's gold reserves for this one superweapon.
No. 118715 ID: 3abd97

>But I need permission from the other players to use Maria and Daniel's gold reserves for this one superweapon.
I say treat them like any other npc. If you want them to help you buy that weapon, you gotta try and talk them into it in-game. And probably roll for it.

(An even 4-way split would be 37.5 gold each, with 12.5 left over for personal purchases).

I'm just hoping she's not counting the bandits we recruited as currency. :v
No. 118717 ID: d36af7

How silly would it be to throw a sword in combat?
Not as much as you might think, particularly one with some sort of magical auto-return feature.
No. 118718 ID: d36af7

>exchange rate
One copper coins = $1 = enough maggoty bread to keep a beggar alive for another 8-12 hours
Twenty copper = one silver coin = $20 = good day's pay for a peasant supporting a small family
Twenty silver = one gold coin = $400 = enough wine, women, and song to safely earn 1 XP

Fifty coins weigh one pound. One pound of adequately pure metal in the form of ingots or plates or whatnot is theoretically worth the same as fifty coins of the same metal, but without a (usually draconic) banker's imprint the purity might be disputed, meaning you might have to get an assayer involved, and if so, they're going to take a cut.
>hoping she's not counting the bandits we recruited as currency
"Be not afraid" protocols and the injunction against non-mission-critical reallocation of material wealth both, independently, mean she can't just collect the bounties on them herself.

Even if she were allowed to, the nicer and more rewarding way is too slow, while the quick, messy way isn't that much quicker, not when you think it through, take into account how much severed human or orcish heads usually weigh, so teleporting ten or more of them around with a fifty-pound payload limit would mean at least three trips, waiting in line and paying tax at some city's gate three times, filling out all that paperwork at the bounty office, and an incident report for the 77th Celestial Signal Corps HQ, and washing the blood out of her robes afterward... just not worth it, or so she says.

Not without clear provocation, anyway, certainly not while they seem to have more or less surrendered in good faith and continue to cooperate with the larger mission.

No, the cash reserve in question is something which I mentioned already in thread 7 - twice, actually, in quite plain terms - but nobody asked any follow-up questions about. Maybe it's another issue like "the possessed man."
No. 118724 ID: af6e04

But does GURPS have rules for unscrewing the pommel and throwing it at your opponent?
No. 118725 ID: af6e04

>something which I mentioned already in thread 7 - twice, actually, in quite plain terms
All I could find skimming the thread was mention of selling the excess ale barrels. Is that what it's from?
No. 118754 ID: 3abd97

>particularly one with some sort of magical auto-return feature
As the sword-swinger in the group with a magic auto-return option, I still feel like I've got other options I would turn to first on the priority tree (closing distance with a portal, obsidian butterflies, throwing daggers).

Oh! Possibly. I had thought before we'd traded the entire pile to the inn and they were selling off excess, but that would also make sense.
No. 118775 ID: 20ea96

>row after row of overlapping itchy fungus-infected fingernails going all the way up to your elbow
Every single time Tittivila comes up, I feel deeply gratified in my decision to be my own primary source of healing.

>Miraculous regeneration of all missing or mangled limbs and organs at once is a 7th circle spell
>If you only want to replace those two fingers, leaving the rest of the biological hand in place, that means fewer parts AND simpler surgery
Out of curiosity, what circle spell would it be to regrow a small local area like that? I'm very interested in when Yisheng Ji will be able to do this sort of thing. (That'll also be the day I can stop living in fear that he'll randomly get his limbs lopped off and be unable to use any of his abilites.)
No. 118777 ID: d36af7

Sure does! Probably at least two or three Ready actions to unscrew the pommel, and then the formula for how far improvised weapons can be thrown and how much damage they do on impact is based on the item's weight and the thrower's strength.

Assuming ST 10, anything under 2.5 pounds is only going to deal 1d6-4 crushing damage, easily absorbed by any armor worthy of the name. Max range would be 20 yards between two and three pounds, 25 yards between one and two, or 35 yards for projectiles less than one pound, assuming they're dense enough to avoid being caught by the wind. Strength 12 increases damage by a point, range limits by 20%, and weight limits by 45%. A ST 10 peasant could throw a 3.75 lb rock fifteen yards to deal 1d6-3, and thereby inflict a 1 hp bruise through leather armor one time in six; a thus-bruised ST 12 guard could pick the same rock up and throw it twenty yards (perhaps to cover the difference if the rioter had turned and spent one second running away) for 1d6-2, enough to plausibly cripple a hand or foot or do unpleasant things to a bare head, but probably not enough to break a major bone or kill outright, except of course on the worst crits, or against someone already in bad shape.

Accuracy is based on Throwing skill, which defaults to DX-3, or Dropping skill if you're directly above the target and letting gravity do most of the work, or various specialized Thrown Weapon skills (Stick mostly meaning boomerangs, Spear, Shuriken, Knife, Harpoon which is for tethered spears, Dart, and Axe/Mace), and finally a cinematic martial arts skill, Throwing Art, which makes all those others redundant since it applies to anything you can lift and deals more damage besides, but requires either chi powers, or supernal mastery of a throwable weapon, to learn or use.

A ST 12 sword-sage with the Throwing Art skill at 20 might lob that detached pommel to hit a head-sized target at forty yards 50% of the time, given a few seconds to aim, dealing 1d6+2 damage. That's enough to reliably put normal people out of the fight (and into a hospital) even on a torso hit, plausibly kill outright with a headshot, leave bruises through plate armor. If the pommel misses, they could try again with a 1.4 pound paperback book, which wouldn't work at all for someone using ordinary Throwing skill, or fling playing cards for 1d6-1 cutting, which is enough to sever a rope (a 3/4" thick rope might take two or three hits), or with max damage, similarly sever an unarmored hand.
No. 118784 ID: d36af7

>Out of curiosity, what circle spell would it be to regrow a small local area like that?
The same, 7th. Rebuilding absent or utterly ruined tissue from the germline template while seamlessly linking it with existing healthy tissue is always tricky, regardless of scale.

Reattaching a cleanly severed part could be done with Least True Healing if you lined it up just right and cast before the blood had time to clot. If the cut was messier, or the alignment was off, or the severed bit had to be kept on ice for a few hours before magic became available, there will usually be lingering complications from nerves and tendons not linking up right. Worst-case is some mix of infection, paralysis, and chronic pain, but it might be mostly functional with slightly reduced strength, or limited range of motion, or patches of skin which are persistently numb, or an ugly scar. Such problems can be sorted out with mundane reconstructive surgery, or at most 4th circle magic (supported by herbal tinctures and geomancy), so long as the bits you're trying to heal are alive and in roughly the right places.

Healing magic at the 4th circle can't fix an amputated limb because it's not really looking at the whole body at once, just searching for a dysfunctional organ or subsystem and bringing it into harmony with the surroundings. Rather than expelling any parasites or toxic heavy metals that may have accumulated, it might retool metabolic processes to tolerate, work around, or even benefit from them. A healed-over stump doesn't have enough residual function to register as a problem from that perspective: the skin is intact, blood circulates properly, bone and muscle are sufficient to the structural needs, and so on. Similarly, 5th circle magic can rebuild vital organs, but only by looking for what's necessary to have a complete living system and then sketching in missing sections without regard for what came before. Torn-out heart might grow back with a different number of chambers, or, if other injuries were extensive, even be replaced by a dozen smaller pumps spread throughout the body. Punctured lungs and a slashed throat? The Breath of Life could rework that whole respiratory system for more efficient continuous flow-through of air, like a bird, but remove the patient's ability to breathe through their mouth and thus leave them functionally mute, though also immune to choking on food. Drowning compounded by stolen kidneys could yield amphibious gills.

Heavy use of such spells might permanently change someone's height, weight, hormone levels, or other bodily proportions and homeostatic set-points, though usually only in ways beneficial to their overall health. http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2001-11-07 Same principle as artificial reincarnation picking a random race appropriate to the environment.
>I'm very interested in when Yisheng Ji will be able to do this sort of thing. (That'll also be the day I can stop living in fear that he'll randomly get his limbs lopped off
Ah, if it's your own welfare you're concerned with, that's much simpler. Physiology to heal perfectly, without scarring, including regrowth of amputated bits (like an axolotl or a troll), could have been taken as one of those 21-mote boons on the chessboard puzzle, or Ji could get it right now as that new chi-based ability, instead of the translation link.

Basic version only lets him regenerate minor bits - fingers, toes, ears, cosmetic scarring - over the course of a few weeks, but it'll also slowly reverse non-hereditary mutations, spinal cord damage, or other miscellaneous body horror, and magical healing (plus surgical excision of objectionable bits, as appropriate) can speed it up. With further study and development he could regrow a whole limb in 2d6+2 months, consciously tweak and optimize various metabolic processes, then eventually accelerate the regrowth process from weeks to hours - or instantaneous, with a boost from low-circle healing.
>and be unable to use any of his abilites.)
For the record, the world of Pdn[T]tO isn't Shadowrun or The Sword Interval or some other cosmology where tech and spirit are inherently opposed and allergic to each other. Spells and chi powers can be channeled through a prosthetic limb, provided it's built primarily out of formerly-living material (such as wood, bone, starmetal, or ghosts) and installed competently enough to be otherwise functional. There's not even any penalty for doing so, beyond surgical recovery time and the awkward period of adjustment after any such serious injury or major body mod. If the prosthetic limb is otherwise mundane, a little bit of magic is necessary to get all the subtle energy channels linked up and smoothed out, but any remotely competent journeyman enchanter could do the job in an hour, and even Geoffrey Vargas could manage it with help from a sufficiently well-written reference book. Costs 20 FP to cast or one or two silver to hire someone to do it for you. Usually that'd be two enchanters working together, or one with some appropriate sort of industrial power supply. Working solo without support probably means falling unconscious right after you're done and then spending the next week bedridden - or collapsing during the job, with appropriately disastrous results.
No. 118789 ID: 39fba9

>chi powers can be channeled through a prosthetic limb
Oh! That's good to hear. I was concerned about that.

>could get regeneration right now instead of the translation link
Very tempting, but it would be selfish to take an ability that only benefits me over an ability that benefits the entire party. When's the next level Yisheng Ji receives a new chi power? 6? 8? If I get a limb severed before taking regeneration, would regeneration regrow that part? Or would I be screwing myself over, regenerating to a state without that limb? If it's the latter, then taking regeneration might be a now-or-never thing.

How effective at disrupting slashing weapons are these enchanted spidersilk wrappings? I'm not experienced enough with GURPS to comprehend "DR4 sparkly jacket". Can you put that in system-agnostic terms? I'm not sure exactly where on the attack/defense arms race that falls.

For example, in normal circumstances, if someone brought their sword down hard on someone else's arm, they're probably gonna get that arm taken off. Against an armored knight's heavy gauntlet though, chances are pretty good the knight's not going to lose that hand. But then if the sword is adamantium, the odds of losing that hand suddenly become phenomenally high again. A mage wearing a gauntlet of pure force, however, is pretty much assured of not losing that limb even to adamantium. But then a magic (or magic-disruptive) sword might cleave right through that with no problem. And so on, so forth.

What, exactly, should I be afraid of, here? Is pure force enough to cut through it? How about special materials? Magic? Fire or acid? Can Yisheng Ji actively block a blade strike with his forearm? Or is this all information that I'm going to need to ask the seller IC, and roll to not be lied to?
No. 118791 ID: 3d2d5f

>it would be selfish to take an ability that only benefits me over an ability that benefits the entire party
In fairness, a regenerating doctor is still useful to the rest of the party. Both in the sense it allows you to take some risks more safely, and in the sense it reduces the risk that the medic might be disabled when someone badly needs his attention.

By all means, make the choice you think is most useful, or most interesting, or best suits the character. But don't think you have to go a certain way on our account.
No. 118804 ID: 3abd97
File 151321532076.jpg - (26.26KB , 733x440 , How-to-do-Sphinx-Pose.jpg )

Nin you are a goddamn treasure.

>Azure has that sphinx pose again.
Really? That seems pretty ill suited for dungeons in general, or hasty diplomatic interventions in particular.

>Take 10 (let me know if I need to roll)
Also seems ill suited for hasty diplomatic interventions, tbh.
No. 118805 ID: d36af7

>If I get a limb severed before taking regeneration, would regeneration regrow that part?
As an innate ability, yes. There are magic items that provide the same basic benefit but only apply to injuries taken after you put them on.

>How effective at disrupting slashing weapons are these enchanted spidersilk wrappings? I'm not experienced enough with GURPS to comprehend "DR4 sparkly jacket". Can you put that in system-agnostic terms? I'm not sure exactly where on the attack/defense arms race that falls.

Key distinction is between 'damage,' mostly meaning how much energy is behind that incoming attack and what form it's in, and 'injury,' meaning how many HP you lose. Crushing damage (I also use 'blunt' and 'bludgeoning' interchangeably) gets reduced by DR and then converts 1:1 to injury. Cutting damage that penetrates DR is multiplied by 1.5, or 2 if it targets the neck or a major blood vessel, but armor is particularly good at preventing it from fully penetrating. Impaling damage is multiplied by 2 on most living targets, but that depends quite a bit on what's deeper inside the target.

Let's say Yisheng Ji has 12 hp and is wearing enchanted silk robes with DR 4. A ninja appears as if from nowhere, throws a flurry of shuriken at him. None roll more than four cutting damage, or strike unprotected parts of his body, so they either get caught in the cloth or bounce off ineffectually.

Frustrated, the ninja draws a sword, closes to melee range, and chops at the doctor's hand (covered by a long flowing sleeve) for 8 cutting damage; this is reduced by DR to 4, and fails to fully penetrate the armor. The doctor is not exposed to any poison on the blade, and takes 4 hp of injury to the hand, which is exactly equal to 1/3 his HP; to cripple an extremity would require one more than that. So, his hand is badly bruised but remains functional. He'd be taking a -4 penalty to any non-reflexive action on his next turn from the pain, but that goes away after one second, and doesn't affect active defenses. Basically a flinch.

If the damage roll was a 9 instead, then the 5 penetrating damage would cause 7 injury to the hand, and cripple it (at least for the duration of the fight, duration of crippling injuries is a separate roll), but actual loss of HP would be limited to 5, the same as the crippling threshold. There would also be poison, infection, and other such matters to worry about at that point, since the blade's actual cutting edge touched flesh and blood rather than being blunted by silk. Crippling threshold for a limb is based on HP/2, so 7 with 12 max HP. Any crippling effect, as well as any hit over HP/2 even to the torso, or any noticeable damage to the head or vitals (heart, lungs, kidneys) can cause stunning: no deliberate actions at all for multiple seconds, reflexive stuff like active defenses at -4. That's the level of damage which usually puts somebody 'out of the fight,' even if they're still conscious and mobile. Good time to offer the opportunity to surrender.

Automatic permanent crippling due to amputation or destruction of a limb or extremity requires twice as much injury as would be required to cripple it. If magical healing is applied before the 'duration of crippling injury' roll would have been made, meaning either during the fight or in the immediate aftermath, it can undo this damage before it fully sinks in.

The wounding multiplier for impaling damage depends heavily on what part of the body it's targeting. On a limb, it's only x1, same as crushing - but it does break the skin if it penetrates armor DR at all, causing blood loss, delivering poison, etc. On the torso it's x2, and it can even target the vitals inside for x3. Lots of swords can be swung for cutting or thrust for impaling, and a swing does more base damage at the same ST, but against armor the thrust is often more effective because it can target weak points and then multiply whatever damage does slip through. A cut across the chest for 7 damage would leave no more than a painful bruise through DR 4 enchanted silk, chainmail, or scales, while a stab to the heart for only 5 damage against that same armor causes the same amount of immediate lost HP, plus stunning, and bleeding which for most practical purposes would require rapid magical healing to survive. First Aid would be useless, and treatment with Surgery would be at -4, as would HT rolls for natural clotting.

Skull hits have an x4 wounding multiplier for all damage (except toxic), since the brain is about as fragile and mission-critical as organs can be. Good news is, it also gets DR 2 for free, thanks to the bones involved. That's fully cumulative with armor, and fitting armor onto the head is fairly straightforward since there are so few moving parts. Eyes get that same x4 wounding multiplier, and no natural DR, but they're much harder to target. Unfortunately they're also extremely difficult to armor effectively with low-tech materials, so mainly the solution there is expensive magical force fields. As a cultivator, though, you could put some points in the Blind-Fighting skill and then wear a helmet without eyeholes, like Daredevil or Toph Bei-Fong. If you're opposed to protective headgear on an aesthetic basis, you could buy something like this http://www.threepanelsoul.com/comic/props which functions just like the force field bracers, apart from providing mundane DR 6 to the skull rather than the forearms.

Muscle-powered personal weapons hit diminishing returns somewhere around 10 damage. Reliably doing more than that usually means a big buff guy swinging a heavy two-handed weapon with everything he's got, wide open to counterattacks, and even then it wouldn't be too much more without superhuman strength or heavy-duty magic. Somebody with DR 10+ is a tank, functionally immune to almost anything but crits and specialized anti-armor weapons (meteoric iron for magical forcefields, starmetal for mundane plates, siege engines for anything that can't dodge, etc.) DR 4 or 5 on at least the torso and skull is a sensible minimum for counter-assassination and protection from random battlefield hazards. At that level, you'd still want to avoid getting hit, but any random arrow or knife is likely to be more of a painful inconvenience than mortal danger.

Azarthraine of Hollowfall's highest-circle direct damage spell, Supreme Disintegration, deals 30d6 corrosion damage, or 5d6 to those who pass a fort save or are generally resistant to magic (such as golems, Minoan ox-men, or items made from cold iron), or obliterates a thousand cubic feet of relatively homogenous inanimate material, and in any case ignores most DR. That's enough to reduce most mortal creatures to a wisp of ash and regrets, though meteoric iron or other dead magic areas thwart it outright. Six castings (the most he can manage in a typical working day, with no other high-end spells) could slay a 300-ton kaiju. A magical force field can absorb it and thereby protect whatever's on the other side, but is disrupted by doing so. Rather than waste that kind of power on cracking 1st circle Mage Armors off a squad of mooks, he might use it to cut the floor out from under them.

Inerrant bolts of force (magic missiles) ignore most protection apart from specialized countermeasures, but they only do 1d4+1 damage each and can't target specific hit locations.

Lightning is usually five or six d6, half on a successful dodge. Metal armor's no good, but silk would protect with it's full DR.

Being on fire, due to a direct hit with a molotov cocktail for example, deals 1d6-1 damage per second for about 30 seconds. This damage is spread across most of the body, so armor DR doesn't help much unless it's a full sealed suit. After ten seconds, your clothes will probably also be on fire, so the damage might continue even after the initial fuel is exhausted. After (3xDR) seconds, you start rapidly losing FP due to heatstroke. Incendiaries can be a very efficient way to deal with heavy armor, by simply turning the whole tin can into an oven rather than trying to find a weak spot, but in melee combat time it's also perilously slow. A lot of stuff could happen while you're waiting for that killing heat to percolate inward through layers of protection.

Meteoric iron weapons would treat enchanted spidersilk robes as mundane silk, effectively reducing DR to 2, but that's still better than nothing. Starmetal weapons rip through mundane protection easily, but magical DR is worth five times as much, so against those the silk robes would have DR 10.
No. 118808 ID: d36af7


Well, that's reassuring. Everybody's had some "seemed like a good idea at the time" moments, the important part is whether that instinctive reaction afterward is to repair, or conceal.
No. 118815 ID: d36af7

The thing about Jalkaren is that card's effect, more or less "a powerful outsider of opposed alignment makes you a tempting offer, the finer points of which you will likely come to regret," was meant as a 'deal with the devil' setup. But how was I supposed to resolve that when the one who drew it kinda already IS a devil? So, sorry 'bout basically having a big cutscene with NPCs talking to each other instead of responding more fully to declared actions.

Strngy, if you want a knock-down drag-out Nin vs. Jalkaren fight scene, we could do that, but the statue and extra lives probably aren't enough to make up for the power disparity. By far the most likely outcome would be releasing an olympic-sized swimming pool worth of blood (no I haven't actually checked the math on that, yet) into the room, then having to roll up a new character, and also no more angelic support for everybody else.
No. 118820 ID: 094652

I want to solve this situation non-violently, but in-character? Azure is a slutty diva first and a dwarven businesswoman second. Of all the things that can utterly stab her pride in the heart, getting accidentally conned into a horrible deal by someone without a lick of deceit is somewhere in the top five. She's going to need some kind of compensation, spiritual goods only if necessary, before she can bring herself to get off her ANGRY roost.
No. 118821 ID: af6e04

>Nin you are a goddamn treasure.

>Nin vs. Jalkaren fight scene
Nin is capable of biding his time. Though I wonder if we could take her, all together.
No. 118822 ID: 3abd97

>Maybe it's another issue like "the possessed man."
While this was highly amusing, and a very nice play on the lieutenant-commander's part, in this case, it's that I never would have considered the minions' treasury at our disposal. (I read the second quote as "you can sell them things" not "you're free to use their money"). People whose continued support you pay for in cash don't typically let you raid their bank account (unless you con or strong-arm them into it).

Jalkaren appearing personally and having a much stronger negotiating position was not an outcome I considered.

Personally, I find the whole devil-shanghaied-into-repairing-a-hospital thing to be a highly entertaining premise, and pretty much any time Nin and Jalkaren interact is gold.

If you want to resolve any time critical, stressful situation, you should probably roll for it. Take 10 is taking time to to a mediocre job.

And I mean Nin is laughably irresponsible and Rhea is a niave optimist who trusts the angel. They had in-character justifications for not stopping to ask what the price actually was before accepting. If Azure is annoyed, she has only herself to blame for not speaking up sooner to as the obvious question.
No. 118824 ID: 3d2d5f

>business communication protocols, in particular the part where you're supposed to explain the exact cost and methods of any business transaction
Okay, considering how often you've described the Youngmason family's business practices as straight up cheating people, Azure's indignation at not being quoted an accurate and detailed price up front is adorable.

>I want to solve this situation non-violently
In my estimation, mouthing off to the angel who specializes in communication about unfair business practices when you live in a glass house is most likely going to earn you a lecture, not a violent response, so mission accomplished?

>but in-character? Azure is a slutty diva first and a dwarven businesswoman second.
Seems to me not provoking a fight you can't win and getting killed is just good business sense. You can't be profitable if you're dead! (Usually. Baring elaborate gambits, insurance scams, or other things that take a lot of prep work). Dead divas also have a much smaller market to peddle sluttishness in.

>Though I wonder if we could take her, all together.
Nin's biggest problem might be convincing the rest of his team to cooperate in such an attempt.
No. 118835 ID: d36af7

>While this was highly amusing, and a very nice play on the lieutenant-commander's part, in this case, it's that I never would have considered the minions' treasury at our disposal.
As an angel accustomed to operating in a military command structure, Lt.Cmdr. Jalkaren could argue that she was considering the bandits new recruits for the quest, and thus part of "your group," the set of people who are under your command and for whom you are responsible.
>(I read the second quote as "you can sell them things" not "you're free to use their money").
If on the other hand they're to be treated as mercenary subcontractors (with no written contract? the depth of hypocrisy in Azure's complaints about sloppy business practices here is almost surreal) keeping their own entirely separate accounts, well then, you're selling them shovels and a wheelbarrow for immediate individual use. How is that any different from charging for other materiel? Their quartermaster was present in negotiations, actively consulted, and was even presented with an alternative solution - one which was arguably more consistent with relevant laws and ordinances both local and throughout the Drakocracy.

Insofar as Jalkaren Blessed-Is-The-Light is acting as a GM avatar (which I really am trying to keep to a minimum), OOC I'm trying to encourage focus on logistics, and follow-up questions about details that may be important later, through the expedient of beating you over the head with a problem which could have been easily prevented by paying more attention to that sort of thing. http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/134 On a more IC note, isn't it traditional for angels to prefer harrowing ordeals, dreadful sacrifices, and awe-inspiring miracles over penny-pinching and banal marginal drudgery, even when the latter might be easier, kinder, AND more effective for the immediate issue? I mean, in It's A Wonderful Life, the main angel we see throws himself in the river and then sets up an elaborate vision-quest, rather than snatching that newspaper full of money back from Mr. Potter right when Uncle Billy dropped it. Someone you can count on in your darkest hour, when all hope seems lost, has a very different business model from someone you can count on to provide quality farm tools at unbeatable prices, and they'd likely both prefer not to be casually mistaken for the other.

> Isn't there some kind of magic shovel or drill she could have suggested instead, something lightweight but fairly expensive?
User-friendly earth-moving magic items aren't generally priced so low on the open market as to radically undercut slave labor for routine uses, so anything significantly more effective than well-made shovels would cost more than you can readily pay. There's another bandit group out in the woods with a Catgut Legion (a harp which can, for a few hours per week, produce results similar to a labor pool of five thousand men), maybe you could "negotiate" with them somehow.

Her combat-relevant capabilities are a by-the-book Trumpet Archon statblock. She's also got Greater Scrying at will, but it can only target Nistamatsin personally, and it requires contact with either the silver statue or the Deck of Many Things to initiate, though not to maintain.
No. 118837 ID: af6e04

>They had in-character justifications for not stopping to ask what the price actually was before accepting
Oh no, let's not justify what the angel just did! She openly admitted to tricking us and then threatened to kill the bandits if they didn't hand over their money. Threatening to kill people seems to be her go-to solution.
>If he's upset about being tricked out of the seventh part of that money, she asks, would it be more to his preference to lose it all, by violence

>could have been easily prevented by paying more attention to that sort of thing.
But this was a scouting mission, not a 'let's start remodeling and worry about the skeletons and centipedes later' mission. We really didn't NEED the shovels but Nin went ahead and approved their delivery cause the party convinced him. I'm taking this as more of a lesson of 'don't do something just because the angel told you to.'

>Nin's biggest problem might be convincing the rest of his team to cooperate in such an attempt.
For now...
No. 118838 ID: 094652

Like I said, Azure's charisma is far beyond my own. I might forget stuff that she wouldn't.

Honestly? Azure wanted to have faith. She's heard a bunch of strange stories from her father and even some of his friends about gods of good who cheat and swindle and indoctrinate and still manage to convince others they are the definition of good. Years in the open have told a different story, of angels flying down from the skies to save the innocent and help the just in their times of need, and expecting nothing but devotion to the cause in return. Azure figured the latter was more reasonable (given the world she's in and the powers she has), and so she focused more on the mining right there and then (as in, actually helping others instead of arguing) instead of helping Nistamatsin with arguing at an angel, since that is what devils do and mortals complaining at angels for no good reason isn't rational. She figured Nistamatsin wouldn't be stupid enough to take the deal without asking the exact price first (being a devil and all), and Jalkaren wouldn't be shrewd enough to overcharge them for simple tools.

She wanted to try and have faith in Jalkaren. She won't make that mistake again.

>No written contracts
She's got them partially enthralled by her beauty and grace, so the contract part is for Nistamatsin, an actual devil, to devise and co-sign.

>Bandit's treasure part of our assets
From the description of their current status, you made it sound like they had a fair amount of gold (~10GP) but were wearing down due to not having anywhere to spend it fairly with bounties on their heads. 175 gold, on the other hand, seems like far more than enough to bribe someone in town into buying them the necessities, at a 400% markup.
No. 118841 ID: 3abd97

I'm not criticizing Jalkaren's decision making- the goals make sense, it serves more than one at once, and fits her established modus operandi. Just pointing out my own thought process and why it lead me to miss what you were thinking of.

I was pretty much modelling them as mercenaries. Hmmm. I guess 'converts to the cause' would be more accurate. Or house troops- we're paying for their upkeep more than loyalty.

>OOC I'm trying to encourage focus on logistics, and follow-up questions about details that may be important later, through the expedient of beating you over the head with a problem which could have been easily prevented by paying more attention to that sort of thing
Gotta admit I took a small amount of umbrage when I realize the puzzle of the moment was "hey magey your asset tracking missed something you want to go over everything again." (Which is why I was more than happy to leave it to Nin's 'diplomacy').

>follow-up questions about details that may be important later
Abstractly, there is a little disincentive to ask too many follow up questions about every potentially interesting detail (starmetal is a formerly living material?) in the sense that your spoons are limited. Sometimes a detail doesn't feel important enough.

I was actually justifying my own not asking the obvious question in-character (even when I thought of it), not Jalkaren's actions. Rhea was perfectly willing to trust the angel at her word without looking for the catch or asking for the specific price. And it worked out quite well, from her perspective. >>/quest/851712

But I can pretty easily justify Jalkaren's actions too. It accomplished several positive objectives, and pretty effectively established authority over the bandits. A flaming stick to Azure's hot carrot. As a group, I'd say that leaves us better off than before. And all it cost us were assets we didn't even realize we had.
No. 118843 ID: d36af7

>save the innocent and help the just
Azure considers herself just and/or innocent?
No. 118845 ID: 094652

No, but she thought angels were NICE.

Polite? Definitely. Nice?
>Conned a devil and a merchant princess out of 24 gold and then chided them for their 'foolishness', AKA trust in her sincerity.
>Implied death threats and general lack of respect towards lives of bandits compared to a few hours of bureaucratic work
Not so much.
No. 118846 ID: 3abd97

>No, but she thought angels were NICE.

I'm not sure why you and/or Azure think being nice is a necessary requirement in being an eternal soldier in the unending battle against the forces of darkness.

As for the rest, yes, not asking what the price was in advance was foolish, no air quotes required, especially if you're trying to lean on 'merchant princess' chops. The death threat was was overt, and she showed nothing but respect towards the people it was directed at.

I'm kind of surprised at the level of hostility in the face of someone leveraging superior force to do good (or to accomplish a goal). Broadly speaking, that's what adventuring is. I'm also somewhat confused by the leap from "we didn't think the bandits gold was ours" to "the angel cheated us!"
No. 118848 ID: d36af7

>Gotta admit I took a small amount of umbrage when I realize the puzzle of the moment was "hey magey your asset tracking missed something you want to go over everything again." (Which is why I was more than happy to leave it to Nin's 'diplomacy').
Not something you failed to keep track of. I got lazy about describing the results of Azure's crit success seduction, and nobody bothered pressing the bandits to describe their material assets in comprehensive detail. Also, if all the asset tracking is feeling like too much work, maybe other players should be doing more of it?

Speaking of bell-curve-breaking seduction attempts, back with the catgirl architects, I figured Davina ended up very briefly looking sorta like Itami Youji did about two days after the Battle of Italica, then she had one or more of the team's various healers sort that out almost immediately, because barefaced secret identities do not mix well with highly visible scarring. http://ctenophorae.com/post/157171857348/ouchies (NSFW)
>Abstractly, there is a little disincentive to ask too many follow up questions about every potentially interesting detail in the sense that your spoons are limited.
Pouring out more info in response to direct, specific questions is one of the easiest parts of this for me, though.
>(starmetal is a formerly living material?)
Yep. Sounds like it ought to be metal from fallen stars, right? Only it's almost the exact opposite of dull meteoric iron, hypersensitive to magic rather than immune. Some say starmetal is smelted from the lint of rejected potential destinies which the Norns comb out of their hair after a long day working the Loom of Fate, or perhaps the shavings and chips left behind when a solemn oath or geas or curse is carved into the flesh of the Unbroken Word. Some say nuggets of it are found inside the empty shells left behind by those who successfully transcend mortality. Or. more cynically, it could be there's some simple alchemy trick to transmute it from ordinary dragon bones or something, and the producers make up stories as a smokescreen for corporate counterespionage. Regardless, it's widely known to be a valid material for wands.

For some reason I thought you'd be more curious about ghosts being a valid raw material.
No. 118849 ID: 094652

There's a lot Azure doesn't know about the world yet, these tropes included. A few years of hedonism and the occasional encounters with serial killers do not make up for her sheltered upbringing. But she IS learning.

>"we didn't think the bandits gold was ours" to "the angel cheated us!"
Well, Azure's too spoiled to care about a few dozen gold spent here and there for a good cause. The real issue is, Azure trusted the angel to do her best to resolve situations with minimal bloodshed and maximized happiness for all parties on her side, and maximized bloodshed and justice for enemies opposing the ideology she has sworn to uphold (and at the moment, this does NOT count Nistamatsin because he has undergone serious paradigm shifts to his alignment and is utilizing his free will and imagination as any other mortal would). And then the angel found a way to make someone on her side, and on Azure's watch, pay a ludicrous sum for a paltry and inefficient asset. If their lives were in danger and/or their limbs were in chains, she'd understand the price jack; praise it, even. But as it stands, they had options, and the angel convinced them, inadvertently, to choose the worst possible one.

And the worst part? Azure has a sinking suspicion that Lieutenant Commander Jalkaren Blessed-Is-The-Light is not in fact consciously attempting to con, betray, or otherwise oppose us in any way, but is in fact working to the best of her ability according to protocol and orders for a greater legal system or higher power which IS trying to screw thousands of independent contractors off at the same time for profits in gold and faith. It's like watching a little boy accidentally dig up a pirate's entire fortune, or figure out where that fortune is or whatever, and then willingly give that fortune directly to the king (who may or may not be a decadent incompetent sadistic etc.) for no reason than "principle", never stopping to consider what such a huge profit could do as a long-term investment or a stable dedication to better services or a contribution to public-dedicated technology, instead of just giving it to a higher power as a lump sum for some imagined hope of it doing good.

Since someone "on the side of someone good" took a large sum from someone "on the side of bad", Azure wants to SEE that money directly benefit those orphans Jalkaren is talking about, and not just be sent to that big vault in the sky so it might one day be used to help a small-time prince take care of his starved-peasant uprising for being 'disobedient'. If Jalkaren started boasting about suckering them, Azure would feel respect for someone better than her at economics instead.
No. 118857 ID: 094652

Okay I should probably stop ranting, it's stressing me out. Personally, I feel guilty for not fulfilling the role of quartermaster. I mean, I want Azure to keep the role, but I personally can't keep up with the level of charisma and micromanagement that Azure would have. Suggestions?

Right. Final decision, Azure will vote to just pay the angel, be paranoid about any further help she gives, and get to doing the actual rescue work for good karma. And both IC and OOC, from her constant character descriptions and self-restraints I honestly felt that Jalkaren seemed like a truly virtuous soldier, if a bit stern. Not anymore.

And before I forget
>Sphinx pose
Not what I meant. Picture a bipedal sphinx trying to arch its back like a scared cat. Heh.
No. 118859 ID: 20ea96
File 151333021065.jpg - (8.94KB , 364x375 , Palpatine_grin.jpg )

>thought angels were NICE
>the angel cheated us!
>She openly admitted to tricking us
>I'm taking this as more of a lesson of 'don't do something just because the angel told you to.'
>be paranoid about any further help she gives
Yesss, I welcome all of you to the dark rational and pragmatic side with open arms.

>It accomplished several positive objectives
>all it cost us were assets we didn't even realize we had
You also learned a valuable lesson about trust, and I hope you'll hold it as close to your hearts as I do. Frankly, I think you all got off very lightly. (Please don't misunderstand this as schadenfreude.) Jokes aside, I sincerely and genuinely consider you fortunate to have only lost as much as you did. Everybody gets cheated once in a while, no matter how careful you are. To minimize losses and learn from the experience, that's the key in my opinon. Everyone survived, and there are thousands more gold pieces on the horizon. Eric Idle wrote a song about this sort of thing.

As an incidental aside regarding alignment, I'd just like to say that in other campaigns, I've personally met far more abuse at the hands of lawful and/or good humanoids than any bestial monster. It's that moral high ground you have to watch out for. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/352737
No. 118860 ID: 3abd97

>Also, if all the asset tracking is feeling like too much work, maybe other players should be doing more of it?
In general, it's not, although I wouldn't complain about help. (Speaking of, if Vos, Hore and Maru could unambiguously state their final purchases at some point, that would be handy for bookkeeping. Granted, Hore already did once, but there were a lot of questions asked following that).

>Speaking of bell-curve-breaking seduction attempts, back with the catgirl architects, I figured Davina ended up very briefly looking sorta like Itami Youji did about two days after the Battle of Italica, then she had one or more of the team's various healers sort that out almost immediately, because barefaced secret identities do not mix well with highly visible scarring.
Pfffff. Well she probably took it in stride. Don't play the game if you're afraid to lose!

>Pouring out more info in response to direct, specific questions is one of the easiest parts of this for me, though.

>For some reason I thought you'd be more curious about ghosts being a valid raw material.
Well they're obviously formerly living! I would expect something along the lines of literal phantoms limbs, or gooey ectoplasm slime constructs, or exalted style soulsteel.

Azure's worldview is a stupefying combination of sheltered absurd idealism and cynically jaded selfish elitism.

>I feel guilty for not fulfilling the role of quartermaster. I mean, I want Azure to keep the role, but I personally can't keep up with the level of charisma and micromanagement that Azure would have. Suggestions?
The primary skill of a quartermaster isn't charisma, it's keeping track of stuff. That should be possible OOC, even if you can't match your character's charm.

>Everybody gets cheated once in a while, no matter how careful you are
I'm sorry, was anyone under the impression little miss walked-off-a-cliff-on-faith was being careful in her dealings with an avatar of good?

Also I'm kind of amused for all you're all being paranoid about the manipulative and death threatening angel who shanghaied us into this quest (why is anyone surprised she used the same MO again), my character isn't the one who agreed to owe her vaguely defined 'favors'.
No. 118861 ID: 094652

>Azure's worldview is a stupefying combination of sheltered absurd idealism and cynically jaded selfish elitism.
Oh man, that's pinpoint accurate. Nobles, right? She'll grow out of it eventually.
No. 118862 ID: 3d2d5f

>Nobles, right?
New money, jumped-up merchants, right?

No. 118864 ID: af6e04

Wow this blew up! Nin really only cares about using this as ammunition to rally everybody against the angel and isn't paying any real concern for the bandits' 25 gold.

>asset tracking
I'd be happy to help. If you need my gmail account for the sake of granting edit access, JamesLeng should be able to send it to you. (rather not share it on an open forum if that can be helped)

>Personally, I feel guilty for not fulfilling the role of quartermaster. I mean, I want Azure to keep the role, but I personally can't keep up with the level of charisma and micromanagement that Azure would have. Suggestions?
If I remember correctly I assigned Azure the role of second in command and Rhea the role of quartermaster. If both of you think those positions should be reversed then that's fine, it makes sense either way. Azure is a merchant so should be competent at keeping track of things, and Rhea has a moral compass more aligned to the task at hand, which Nin would probably consult a lot.

As far as being able to fill the role OOC, don't worry about it. I'm a terrible leader, but this is a game in which we can try things we wouldn't normally do in real life.

>Yesss, I welcome all of you to the dark rational and pragmatic side with open arms.
Heehee Tunic is right. As far as learning lessons about blind trust in NPCs this was about as soft as you could get.

>if Vos, Hore and Maru could unambiguously state their final purchases at some point
That spear is it, unless we end up buying the JATO hammer. Vos is saving the rest of his money for a benevolence fund for the Church of Tittivila.
No. 118866 ID: 3d2d5f

I think edit access is open. Although if you don't want your primary email all over it you might want to use a secondary.

>If I remember correctly I assigned Azure the role of second in command and Rhea the role of quartermaster. If both of you think those positions should be reversed then that's fine
I'd forgotten about that! I have no problem leaving Rhea as quartermaster, although she's probably better at making sure everyone has something to eat and somewhere to sleep then managing finances.

Roles necessarily sort of overlap as we think of things to contribute anyways.

>unless we end up buying the JATO hammer
Gonna require some in game action if Hore and Vos agree to pursue that. Need to raise more money than the two of you have. Talk Maria and Daniel (or someone else) into helping, find some way to get a discount or earn some additional money in town, etc.
No. 118896 ID: d36af7

I'd like to thank kome for pledging $1.
No. 118897 ID: 094652

>Azure is second-in-command
>Rhea is the quartermaster
Oh right, my mistake. Should keep the second-in-command role for Azure instead of switching, OOC I'm too disorganized to keep track of every single little thing at the same time, even with a ledger. I've tried.

>Vos is saving the rest of his money for a benevolence fund for the Church of Tittivila.
To be clear, I was hoping strngy would make the roll to convince the twins, because their current characterization includes "Maria will use flamethrowers on Hore if she and her lewd gestures get within five feet of Daniel". So basically, it's strngy's decision whether or not they should co-op purchase the JATO, and if not then I'll just compute a heavier shopping list instead.

yer welcome!
No. 118960 ID: 094652

Still thinking up a shopping list. Might need some help.

* Since there's still a small chance that other team members might change their minds and accept a small dip in their assets or permission to loan the mutual fund to buy the JATO hammer, I want to invest most of Hore's 50GP. For instance, if she opts to fund the purchase of expensive plants, can she earn a bonus from the company? Or some other bonds that have stable returns.

* Hore's a war mercenary at heart. She doesn't really care about survival tools or communication magics, just attack, defense, and rations. Everything else is on-site procurement or funded by her clients. Which might explain why she did so badly on her first dungeon crawl. OOC, my focus is on video-game RPGs and not tabletops, and the former don't care as much for logistics as tactics. Might need some help figuring that out.

* For attack, a steel flail with multiple heads means Hore can specialize her future battleaxe purchases in the two-hand category. I've been looking into swiss army weapons though - stuff that turns from one weapon into another as a swift action. Or is that just plain expensive?

*As for armor, what happens if I ask for a +1 DR enhancement on the leather and chainmail simultaneously? How much would it cost to get either retrofitted for extra dexterity and stuff?

* In particular, since they're doing work in the middle of the ocean, how much would a water purifier cost?

* And last, is there any sort of battle focus for the kineticist class? I mean, maybe the arm is the limit, but what about new focal lenses for extra damage?
No. 118967 ID: 3abd97

>Might need some help figuring that out
In abstract, your options for self improvement are simple. (1) You can try to do what you already do better, (2) you can try to acquire new options / capabilities, (3) or you can try to cover existing weaknesses and deficiencies.

>stuff that turns from one weapon into another as a swift action.
>Or is that just plain expensive?
It has to cost as much as a good weapon, then stack on the cost of the mechanical and/or magical bits that allow it to transform, then it needs to be optimized to be fast (you ever notice how many steps the good transformers took as a kid?), and it needs to do all that without compromising its efficacy or durability. That's a lot of extra craft and design work.

>what happens if I ask for a +1 DR enhancement on the leather and chainmail simultaneously?
Then you pay around 2.5 silver for each enchantment, as was already quoted.

>how much would a water purifier cost
As much as it costs to keep Daniel alive.
No. 118983 ID: 20ea96

>how much would a water purifier cost
>As much as it costs to keep Daniel alive
As it happens, the answer to that is "nothing", because both Yisheng Ji and Daniel can condense fresh water out of salt water at will, as much as they like.
No. 118996 ID: d36af7

>water purifier
Apart from in-house magical options already discussed, you could buy one of those clay jars to filter swamp water (one gold, 52lb empty, twenty gallons per three weeks), or an alembic to boil seawater along with some tubing to condense the steam (small version is included in a field alchemy lab for 2.5 gold, 10 pounds; big version intended for alcohol production is 6 gold, two tons, and can only fit through the exodimensional sanctum's door by being partially disassembled; intermediate sizes, or buying some essential fittings and doing assembly yourself, may also be possible but require a roll). Distillation by alembic requires a steady heat source, normally meaning either charcoal, direct sunlight, or a bound elemental. Hore's plasma cannon could substitute but is far from ideal. Efficient distillation also benefits greatly from a source of cold. If you don't want to be leaning on a caster's constant attention, best option there might be a chunk of unmelting ice, more than forty gold for any useful quantity.
No. 119012 ID: 094652
File 151384369508.png - (57.11KB , 800x800 , Meeting Room Proposal.png )

Here's my proposal for the room. It needs work, but if it can be good with potential, Hore will officially submit it.

The point is, make a hexagonal or circular room, then place a gazebo in the center, and put rooms around two areas of the gazebo to simulate a connecting path between two long hallways, which are actually just four rooms. We also need a secret room for Esmeraude and Cap to hide behind.
No. 119013 ID: d36af7

If I'm reading the scale right, those little triangular rooms are about fifteen square feet, smaller than a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatami which is a handy approximation for one person's minimal sleeping space. Closer to a phonebooth than a bedroom. Two people couldn't share one overnight unless they were sleeping in shifts or laying on top of each other, and I'm not actually seeing anything about bunkbeds in your proposal.

The toolshed/airlock is twenty square feet, probably meaning four feet by five, and it comes between the greenhouse and the outside in order to minimize drafts and other contamination.

You seem to be using almost all the space as living area, which would definitely impact agricultural productivity. Five hundred square feet isn't much, only about one hundredth of an acre, so to grow enough crops there to feed even one person (or an equivalent amount of other plants) requires absolutely ideal conditions and a lot of cleverness besides, without much room to spare. http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/images/lifesupport/lifesupport3.jpg
No. 119014 ID: 094652

Dang. Wasn't thinking straight.

Okay, take out the living quarters, but keep the hexagonal shape and gazebo. We can pack a layer of soil on the floor by using those wicker privacy screens as floorguards, grow crops on the gazebo-without-a-roof for the time being, and then use it later as a meeting room or bunk bed area.
No. 119020 ID: 3abd97

>Vulnerability: Bags of Holding, portals, and other technological exceptions to Euclidean geometry are treated as if wrapped in razorwire
Not to rain on anyone's parade but Davina's not even going to try to enter this thing for anything less than a significant emergency. Which makes its current value as a meeting room limited.

That, said, the concept of a mobile sanctum / base with space for everyone, gardening, and other stuff is pretty neat, and might be feasible as a long term goal. It just needs to be bigger than the current magic garden, and work around Dav's vulnerability if you want her in there (which is possible- it would just take expensive research into more 'natural' exodimensional space design. Which between Azarthraine's research and Dav's own powerset, we're sort of in a good starting position for).

...or you could just wait till Dav's high enough level to rip her own sanctum open in space, if you don't mind bunking with tentacles.
No. 119027 ID: 3f5235

>Draw up a map of the sanctum, list every item brought inside by name and weight. Specify where things are being stored.
I'm working on a design now, but it will take some time, since you're limiting me to player knowledge instead of letting me use character knowledge. I have to now do a lot of research on gardening which Yisheng Ji should already be very familiar with, and even precisely come up with calculations on the weight of dirt and whatnot.

Since you're asking for an exact tally of items I'm bringing in and only noting that complicated traps cost extra, I'm assuming "reasonable mundane furnishings" will include all the gardening supplies (such as pots, water containers, and basic tools) necessary to maintain the garden that I'll have to specify in my final plan. If I write up the research paper on garden layout you're requesting, I don't want to afterwards hear that half the things have to be thrown out because they're not in the budget.

>meeting room / bunk bed area
>which would definitely impact agricultural productivity
As magey noted, Davina cannot use the space, which makes it useless as a meeting room. Also, I don't understand why you're so fixated on making it the primary sleeping area for everyone else when you can easily sleep anywhere outside the extremely expensive extradimensional space. The main purpose of the space is for agricultural cultivation and goods storage, both of which have been noted to being potentially highly profitable, so any alternative uses for the space must be something that does not negatively interfere with those functions. Using it as a living area is right out, unless it is for someone who both cannot safely rest outside the area and is more valuable than the opportunity cost of housing them safely inside.

>a secret room for Esmeraude and Cap to hide behind
Which brings me to the next point: neither Esmeraude nor Cap can be trusted. In fact, Cap is very explicitly untrustworthy. Keeping them hidden in the same space as our valuable and irreplaceable plants and goods is a profoundly bad idea.

>Vos is in charge of water duties
Why? Yisheng Ji has actively volunteered to take care of the garden to the best of his ability, and can also condense fresh water with his mind. If anyone else would be assisting him with water duties, it'd be Daniel who also has this ability. Plus, Vos already has child-rearing duties to attend to. And all of that is before considering the fact that Vos has a tendency to wildly alter the biological structure of living things in his vicinity with alarming regularity.
No. 119030 ID: 3abd97

>since you're limiting me to player knowledge instead of letting me use character knowledge. I have to now do a lot of research on gardening which Yisheng Ji should already be very familiar with, and even precisely come up with calculations on the weight of dirt and whatnot.
I think you can just describe the general layout you'd like, and the kind of tools you'd like, and let character knowledge fill in the gaps? Put in as much resolution as you're comfortable with.

>I don't want to afterwards hear that half the things have to be thrown out because they're not in the budget.
I'm pretty sure most mundane equipment and supplies are going to be on the order of silver, price-wise, which the budget can eat pretty easily. It's not even a significant delta in the reserve funds unless you find extra costs on the order of tens of gold.
No. 119033 ID: d36af7

>calculations on the weight of dirt
Please don't worry about the weight of dirt. Some thought should be put into the sanctum's other 'standard accessories,' but they don't need to be described in such painstaking detail. My own research on the subject was partly GURPS, partly http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/lifesupport.php and partly handwaving because in this case it's literally magic. There's plenty of room for back-and-forth negotiation of the details, and I'll gladly do the math and IC-knowledge research, or at least point out and suggest corrections for major problems - as I just demonstrated with Kome. I'm mostly asking about Yisheng Ji's clothing, personal equipment, ammunition, medical supplies and so on.

Alchemist's fire, for example, is a pound per "dose" (including the fragile clay or glass bottle) and would cost at least five silver normally, but Ji knows the secrets of selecting or synthesizing oil with the right combination of volatility and viscosity, distilling small amounts of white phosphorous as an ignition source, mixing the two and decanting it all into convenient-sized containers without setting it all off by premature contact with air, so he can save a lot of money by doing the work himself.

Lamp oil is only one silver per ten pints, and not volatile enough to be an effective incendiary weapon by itself, but throwing some on a fire already in progress (or, equivalently, applying at least 3 points of fire damage to something soaked in oil) can keep the fire going longer, which might be helpful if you face more monsters large and durable enough that one flask of alchemist's fire won't reliably finish them off.

Consumable supplies for long-term medical treatment - the esoteric equivalent of sterile-packed bandages, single-use syringe needles, antifever drugs, and so on - would normally cost 1.25 gold and weigh 5 pounds per 20 patient-days, but, again, do-it-yourself alchemy can provide discounts. Anything that might have interesting 'off-label' uses? I am inviting you to be creative, express your character's themes, and thereby add something to the setting, not demanding an arduous homework assignment.

Ji had the opportunity to shop around and stockpile such supplies back in Passholdt, on the Fire Hawks Company's budget, and hasn't had too much need of them in the intervening time, since other forms of direct damage and magical healing have been in adequate supply. So, how much of all those things do you have on hand?
No. 119037 ID: 094652

>why you're so fixated on making it the primary sleeping area for everyone else when you can easily sleep anywhere
^&*( happens. Having a dimensional door to hide in while your teleporter and minions just grab the door and run is a viable survival strategy. Having a portable, comfortable, anti-sniper home to sleep in is always a plus.

So if Hore bought her own door, could she sleep in it and keep an eye on the cargo inside? Or is staying inside a dimensional door for prolonged periods actually bad for your health?
No. 119038 ID: d36af7

>So if Hore bought her own door, could she sleep in it and keep an eye on the cargo inside?
Yes, absolutely.
>Or is staying inside a dimensional door for prolonged periods actually bad for your health?
A minimal-size version, with a lot of other stuff crammed into it, probably wouldn't have ideal ergonomics for sleeping. Maybe get some padded leg restraints on a secure mount and hang upside down? Good for your spine, supposedly, not so much for blood pressure in your head.
No. 119050 ID: 3abd97

>Having a dimensional door to hide in while your teleporter and minions just grab the door and run is a viable survival strategy.
It's really not, actually, when your teleporter can't touch the door without losing a hand, and any d-door carried through her portals have a nasty tendency to explode and/or spew invisible razor-wire.

Mixing Dav's portals and bigger-on-the-inside spaces is a bad idea unless you don't mind losing limbs or being flayed alive.
No. 119079 ID: 094652

Oh crap I didn't finalize any purchases

Can I say Hore bought a personal dimensional door after she confirmed a shipment of extra cargo with the trading company? If not, then I'll just wait until we get back to Passholdt to buy something expensive.

One (1) 1H steel 3-ball-flail
+1 DR enchantments to her leather armor and chainmail tunic
A crate of nut rations (for exp, shared with friends)
And some rare metals to upgrade her bionics in the near-future (for exp)
No. 119080 ID: 3abd97

>Oh crap I didn't finalize any purchases
>Can I say...
I think the rule of thumb we've been playing by is you can define stuff retroactively up until it becomes relevant. (And in special cases, even after if we're willing to retcon things).

For example, it mostly doesn't matter what you bought until you want to use it, which hasn't happened yet. So it should be fine to retroactively list your purchases after we left.

Which is handy for play by post, especially when players aren't always around to offer input over every detial.
No. 119108 ID: d36af7

Yeah, I'm probably not going to go further into resolving that encounter until boxing day, apart from rolls for perception, background knowledge, and so on. Just want to maintain momentum rather than getting stalled indefinitely by whoever has the most RL obligations or decision paralysis.

Speaking of which, still waiting on a description for those caves Nistamatsin tarot'ed into existence, and an illustration for the next Dragon King Quest update.

>confirmed a shipment of extra cargo
You'd need to roll for the negotiations. They might not need the extra space right now, and even if they do, might not want to rent from you personally - at least not at full price.
>crate of nut rations
How big of a crate? A 54lb crate of hardtack would go for two silver, and each crate is sixteen man-days of food, or $0.50 and 1 lb per meal (plus $15 and 6 lb for the box, which is relatively flimsy but water-resistant material somewhere between wicker with a tight weave and waxed cardboard), but it sounds like you're going for something less like plain hardtack, more like an extra-fancy type of trail rations. Basic trail rations are $2 and half a pound per meal, raw almonds are $3 per pound near places where they're grown (naturally prices rise due to shipping costs), so let's say $4 per meal, or seven silver for a 54 lb box which occupies most of a cubic foot and can feed a man for just over a month.

If you spend the full 50 gold budget on an extradimensional closet and food, you could get what superficially looks like a 4' x 2'6" closet with an 8' high ceiling, but actually has a concealed hatch in the floor, with a 7' deep secret compartment crammed full of enough fried almond cakes to feed six people for a year.

A well-made flail would require lightening that load by one crate (roughly one cubic foot, and one man-month of food) but also leave you enough change to enchant a piece of armor for +1 DR, and enough space under the trapdoor to hide a few other things.
No. 119129 ID: 3abd97

>You'd need to roll for the negotiations.
Want a hand with that? Assuming you go for that option, that is.

I'm kind of curious why turning the shipping company hasn't already one up this ship like a TARDIS. Is buying off the shelf doors for extra space just not cost effective versus buying and staffing a second shipping vessel? Does it just not work out long term to put so many eggs (in the form of both investments in the extra space and additional cargo) in a basket already subject to being lost at sea, being attacked by pirates, or a myriad of other dangers? (And proportional increases in maintenance and security costs). Diminishing returns on additional cargo?
No. 119137 ID: 93a5e9

Hore intends to buy the closet as a means of storing any equipment she scavenged from corpses, and eventually repurposing it into a secret laboratory. But for now, her inventory is sparse and the closet is going to have a receipt, so she'll use it as extra cargo space, and accept Maru's aid in convincing the company to take a risk and store some stable goods for purchase in Passholdt. If she can't get a deal, she'll wait until they get back to Passholdt and look for a bettter means of spending her gold.
No. 119154 ID: d36af7

>Why not a TARDIS?
>Diminishing returns on additional cargo?
Mostly this. Only so much tungsten dug up and refined in a given year, only so many rods manufactured, only so much other stuff that's worth the trouble. One of the limiting factors is how many smelters Philista's Burning aspect can bless at once - perhaps negotiations for that sanctum-construction job will reveal something of interest on that point.

In general, even if there were enough traffic, incremental refitting with lots of small extradimensional pockets sounds like an attractive strategy, but it's unreasonably dangerous in practice. Resonance effects start accumulating combinatorially, you get headaches and insomnia among the crew, hallucinations and/or weird vermin (which can be hard to distinguish from each other), Things show up to hunt the vermin, and if somehow all that doesn't discourage you, some clockwork bastard with too many arms http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/inevitable/inevitable-lhaksharut/ eventually has a little chat with your insurance underwriters, and then you're really in trouble, hoo boy. Simpler to just take bigger ships, instead. Magic can cause a living tree to grow into the ideal hull shape as a single piece, and triple the wood's structural strength besides, so it's possible to construct vessels almost as big as WWII battleships and heavy transports.

There are several safe ways to use higher-dimensional space for commercial freight on a large scale, but they all involve massive infrastructural investment, fiddly negotiations with spirit courts, and a staggering regulatory burden - some of it over legitimate safety concerns (one of the least esoteric issues is that trivial-sounding differences in barometric pressure across a portal would cause winds in and around it, potentially of such devastating intensity as to make a hurricane look mild), others which are exaggerated as part of the larger Drakocratic policy of keeping the world economy compartmentalized for existential-risk reasons. Tungsten run doesn't have remotely enough trade volume to cover the costs involved.
No. 119164 ID: 094652

Aaand I got the first critical failure in the Home Team. Whoopee.

How bad is it? I mean, I just had Azure stare at some gravel being shoveled into a bunch of wheelbarrows. Does one of them fall on her? She can heal from that.
No. 119166 ID: 094652


* Replace("home team", "Thread 7");
No. 119170 ID: af6e04

Terrible rolls abound.

>still waiting on a description for those caves Nistamatsin tarot'ed into existence
I haven't forgotten! I just...yeah I don't have a good excuse. I'll figure that out soon.
No. 119177 ID: 3abd97
File 151451039395.png - (622.83KB , 753x997 , Active map.png )

Okay... so trying to match those directions to the map, is this correct?

Did Isaiah follow the same path as Nin, or did he reach the trap pit from the south?

I'm pretty okay with Nin failing to bluff Jack into causing a metaphysical deck disaster. :v
No. 119184 ID: d36af7

Abandoned barracks are actually in the area where you put the words "Nin's projected path." Previous non-secret door along that path (leading to the area you labeled "abandoned barracks") is sealed shut from the other side, and Tall Jack Rat doesn't know what's in there.

The area you labeled "mining group" is actually the third face of the cave-in, which Nistamatsin discovered while scouting with the archery squad. Mining is happening directly opposite the trapped group, rather than perpendicular. Isaiah and the wheelbarrow have been running back and forth along the first segment of that purple line, between the pit and the first door it passes - the same door which Nin's spear blew off it's hinges, and which leads to the room where the angelic drayage-costs dispute happened.

Technically the giant vermin infestations are striges rather than dire mosquitoes, and leeches rather than slugs, but Rhea wouldn't have any way to know that so don't worry about it too much. Otherwise looks accurate.
No. 119186 ID: af6e04

>I'm pretty okay with Nin failing to bluff Jack into causing a metaphysical deck disaster. :v
Hehe but think of how hilarious it would be. Besides, we have to teach those guys a lesson for stealing from us!

I've been very sick with food poisoning lately and at times like this I really wish I had Vos' aura of health or Ji's healing magic.

Have a good new year everyone. Also hoping Santova returns to join us again soon.
No. 119194 ID: 3abd97
File 151459198097.png - (622.36KB , 753x997 , Active map.png )

Map updated based on corrections. The dimensions of the angelic drayage-costs dispute room and the rock collapse are probably inaccurate, but at least we know they're there.

Hope you feel better. And yeah, I was gonna wait to try and give Santova / Maru a chance to respond to the wassail, since it's kind of right up our murder-bard's alley.
No. 119196 ID: 20ea96
File 151460127798.png - (109.34KB , 1000x1222 , DimensionalGreenhouse.png )

Alright, here's my submission for the greenhouse design. I tried to map out the space as well as I could while still maintaining a general ability to easily move about inside in any direction.

As for the plants, I went for guised hydroponics over a traditional garden, since we have the technology magic, and it makes it easier to make the space multi-purpose.

I also made the whole space a hexagon, because kome wanted it to be a hexagon.

Please tell me what you think of it.

Main sources:
No. 119197 ID: d36af7

>The dimensions of the angelic drayage-costs dispute room and the rock collapse are probably inaccurate,
Close enough for casual reference purposes, particularly if you extend the "rocks" segment around in an L shape into the textless right half of the "mining group" box, so it's more clearly a barrier between them and the area Nin scouted.

Mostly looks good, but there needs to be more of a tangible structure supporting the Z axis, and fewer infinite sight-lines.

How about keeping the overall hexagon shape, but change it to solid walls on three of the sides, and add foot-thick pillars between them, with 6' wide archways linked up in some odd sequence so that attempting to circle any of the pillars will lead through all the open sides? And just enough persistent fog to obstruct vision by -1 per two yards, as an extra safety feature.
No. 119198 ID: 3abd97
File 151461261970.png - (45.42KB , 855x499 , Alternate tessellation.png )

Neat! I like it.

Since you have border paths running along the 'edges' / touching the wraparounds, they're effectively twice as wide as the interior diagonal paths. If you halve the width of those outer paths / extend the gardens further out, you get more square feet devoted to growing things while keeping all your paths of equal effective width. (The dotted green lines in my edit show the proposed extension).

A cool thing I noticed: the garden is a hexagon if you center your reference frame on the intersection of the diagonals. It's a diamond if you center your reference frame on the statue / airlock.
No. 119199 ID: 20ea96

>effectively twice as wide as the interior diagonal paths
I realized this right at the end, which is why I put in the comment that "All paths are the same width", hoping my oversight would be forgiven in light of it all being drawn with the line tools in Paint.net.

>enough persistent fog to obstruct vision by -1 per two yards
Sounds good.

>add foot-thick pillars, with 6' wide archways
Easy enough, and would add a nice bit of extra scenery over the pathways

>change it to solid walls on three of the sides
Here's where you lost me. I'm clearly misunderstanding something here, because I can't see how this could possibly be implemented. I don't understand how to replace half of the sides of the hexagon with solid walls while retaining any sort of looping ability. If you make one side solid, the opposite side would necessarily be solid too, since it'd be two sides of the same wall. And wouldn't it be enough to just have the pillars and archways? They can be flat-top archways if necessary, supporting a large segment of the ceiling between them.

>linked up in some odd sequence so that attempting to circle any of the pillars will lead through all the open sides
This sentence doesn't make sense to me semantically. What does it mean to circle a pillar and be lead through all the open sides?

Could you clarify, please?
No. 119210 ID: 3abd97

>which is why I put in the comment that "All paths are the same width", hoping my oversight would be forgiven
Oh, it's fine! I initially missed that comment, then wasn't sure what you considered a single path in a boundary wrapping scenario is all.

I think JL's suggesting open arches along (half) the perimeter (facing so they allow travel perpendicular to the perimeter of the hexagon), such that when you walk into arch A, you exit arch B, but when you walk into arch B you exit arch C and so on and so forth. (And arches A, B, C aren't necessarily lined up in a row either).

So if you put your hand on a pillar and started walking around it, it would take rather more than 360 degrees of travel to return to your initial position (walking around a single pillar is the same as walking around every pillar).

Sort of a variant on http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ScoobyDoobyDoors

I'm not sure if JL's proposed design includes pillars along the interior paths (with arches along and over the paths), but that would be another way to add supports and break up sight lines.
No. 119214 ID: d36af7
File 151468833688.png - (7.51KB , 320x400 , hexsymmetry.png )

>So if you put your hand on a pillar and started walking around it, it would take rather more than 360 degrees of travel to return to your initial position (walking around a single pillar is the same as walking around every pillar).
>when you walk into arch A, you exit arch B, but when you walk into arch B you exit arch C
This wouldn't work, though. Any given portal has to link the same places in both directions, or you run into problems whenever something goes halfway through. That means there have to be an even number of portals, paired up symmetrically.

In the diagram here, if you keep one hand on the pillar you'll make a complete circuit every 720 degrees, whereas if you keep a hand on the wall it'll seem like you're walking around a massive hexagonal pillar with the same dimensions as the room (and the same door on two opposite sides).

That 720-degree cylindrical pillar between the archways is very load-bearing. Just try to picture what would happen if it were broken. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_string#Negative_mass_cosmic_string

For that matter, try to picture the trouble some architects and stonemasons had to go through to cut it from a single solid piece of marble and then haul it into position. Magically creating exodimensional spaces is actually relatively simple, possible in a few very limited ways even with mere 2nd circle magic, http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/r/rope-trick it's the long-term structural reinforcement that gets expensive.
No. 119216 ID: d36af7

Sorry, my mistake, that should be 540 degrees.
No. 119240 ID: 20ea96
File 151476173921.png - (24.29KB , 709x651 , DimensionalGreenhouse_v2.png )

Alright. I understand now. Here is an alternate, non-tesselatable design. Is this more satisfactory?

Please forgive minor sizing and alignment mistakes. (You should be able to easily walk around the pillars, for example.)
No. 119242 ID: 094652

I came up with a new idea for a character, but she might be too OP. Let me know if she's legit or not and what changes I need to make.

Hedge Witch
Greater Ambition: Become a Master Time Thief
Lesser Ambition: Learn new spells
Innate Power: Copy Spells - Sahara can "steal" spells from her opponent using one of three methods: steal their spellbook, analyze
a spell being used, or even conjure a counterspell through sheer intuition and outright steal the spell charge from the caster, allowing her to immediately re-cast it without materials! However, she cannot use a spell she has stolen unless she has witnessed it being used, and she can only use that spell a limited number of times until she needs to witness it again.
Weakness: Silver
Mutation: Not Finalized
Phobia: Rivers of Blood (phobia only triggers when multiple targets, living or nonliving, are spurting blood. Single entities spurting blood cause her to look away and focus on something else.)

STR: Below Average
DEX: Above Average
CON: Average
INT: Above Average
WIS: Above Average
CHA: Above Average

Backstory: Sahara is an unfortunate little girl, and her childhood friends hit spider eyes. After accidentally stumbling their way into a blood sacrifice of cultists (or something, may change this part), Sahara was the sole survivor as her friends exploded into blood and gore around her (not changing this part) - as well as the cultists. She gained supernatural powers, but was shunned by her village and became a wandering thief. As she grew older, she became obsessed with the power of Time Thieves and studied to become one - but she quickly learned something was wrong. While her supernatural power allowed her to learn any spell in mere seconds, her spells only worked a limited number of times before the calculations simply stopped working. Sahara's power causes her to perceive spellcraft differently, making it easy for her to construct a limited-use spell copy, yet near-impossible for her to understand a spell in a way that allows her to cast it indefinitely (for now).
Sahara is impulsive when it comes to stealing spells. If she sees a spell she likes, it becomes a priority for her to learn that spell. She's been known to break into houses and steal only the spellbooks and components, leaving gold and magical artifacts untouched.

Last Name, Race, Mutation, and Starting Equipment are not finalized.

Sahara's meant to be a backup character for Hore, and not Azure / Pog. The thing is, Ivori (and her fellow students) are the ninjas who gave Hore her crippling phobia of ninja assassins. Sahara was one of Azure's hired sorceresses, until an unfortunate coincidence when Azure was drugged with angry powder (don't ask) and Sahara ran out of high-level spells to keep her employer happy. Azure realized that Sahara was a fraud (pretending to be a few levels higher than she actually was) and angrily chased her out of the party. Azure regretted it in the morning and told Hore to explain her forgiveness if they ever crossed paths. So Ivori will freak out Hore if they meet and Sahara still thinks Azure hates her guts.
No. 119245 ID: 3abd97

If you still wanted a pagoda statue, you could put it in the center of the garden. Or you could put statues or reliefs where the door isn't on the two other walls.

For aesthetics, you could specify if the pillars and walls appear to be made of a specific material or of a specific color. Or if the pillars are of a specific style, or carved with a specific decoration, or shaped to look like something.

I don't know why you bothered to call out physical stats since those are generally abstracted as makes sense from the rest of the character. (And for instance, proficiency with the as of yet undefined equipment carried could inform a lot of those).

Big questions would be the mechanics of the spell theft / copying works (and largely up to JL anyways). What conditions need to be met for it to happen? Is there a range limit, does it require contact or line of sight? Is it limited to structured spells? Does it only work on arcane casting (like a tsochar) or is divine casting valid? Do stolen spells deteriorate over time if they're not spent? How many stolen spells can be held at once? Can a target tell when a spell is being stolen? Can a target attempt to resist? How is a target affected, if at all, by having a spell stolen?

Personally I'd think it would be more interesting if she had a more dynamic or esoteric vulnerability that somehow interacts with her power. If her power is all about drawing in foreign power and making it her own, maybe that open conduit leaves her exposed to other things as well. (Could be anything from malign energies up to an Androsynth and Orz situation).

Mutation could perhaps tie into the power too, as the means by which spells are captured. Say, unusual eyes to trap spells she sees, a deformity that that acts as a magical antenna, strange claws to pluck pieces from the web of magic, frilled ears attuned to the otherworldly music of the ether, etc. (There's a lot of room for thematic flair depending on how the ability is styled).

Lastly, I'd point out you aren't required to have all your characters share a common backstory. Nor are you required to set things up so you eventually have to roleplay conflict with yourself. You can if you want to, though.
No. 119249 ID: d36af7

Motivation should be Higher Ambition/Aspiration contrasted with Lower Ambition/Fetish. Superego and id, virtue and vice. Neither is "greater" or "lesser," much as some moralizers or cynics might wish things to be so clear-cut.

Also, the two listed ambitions are about as redundant as, say:
Soldier, specialized in stabbing Higher: get better at stabbing Lower: stab the baddies
Diversify a bit, flesh out the personality.

What you're describing, the whole 'spell thief' concept, should be a class specialty rather than an innate power. You can't think of a mutation because it's NOT a coherent thematic racial template like "elf" or "vampire" or "corrupted princess" or "cutebold," just an esoteric skill-set which almost anyone could pick up with enough training. Drop the silver vulnerability, and expect Nistamatsin to trigger that blood-geyser phobia frequently.

None of those are required fields.