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File 150647530353.png - (37.39KB , 900x220 , First Fragment of the Frontier by strngy.png )
116125 No. 116125 ID: d36af7

And the underground stuff, too. Drawing laughably inaccurate yet strategically indispensable maps is a big part of the old-school dungeon-crawling experience.

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Please_do_not_Take_these_Organs
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4587981
home team: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/829557.html
away team: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/807859.html
discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116125
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No. 124000 ID: d22dc0

Whoops, I actually read that wrong, thought it occurred when I got up not when I sat down.
No. 124005 ID: 54e0e2

I am planning on joining the game. Seemed interesting. However, question:
Can I make up a race or do I have to use a pre-existing one?
No. 124007 ID: 50975b

Racial bonuses don’t really affect the game, so if you’re making a custom race, use the fear/mutation/vulnerability/power to describe it; otherwise, as long as JamesLeng gives the thumbs up afterwards, you can make something custom. Key word is that is has to be concealable, so we don’t have too much trouble in town if we make it out. If you have more questions, you should check out the discord, the link to join is posted further up.
No. 124008 ID: d9acdc

I love the encyclopedia of rocks, that's fantastic.
No. 124014 ID: add037

New PCs are pouring in! We're really glad to have you
No. 124088 ID: 094652

Name: Robert Cornelius
Race: Human
Class: Soldier
Specialization: Grey Paladin (Neutral Good)
Greater Ambition: Break The CyberCurse
Lower Ambition: Drug Addict
Mutation: Cybernetic Infection (patches of plastic across the entire body, ugly looking and miscolored, but acts as minor armor)
Phobia: Molysmophobia (Fear of infection, will attempt to sterilize any wound out of combat and will panic if unable to do so for an extended period of time)
Weakness: Water causes skin bleeding, especially around the plastic patches.
Innate Power: Various Cybernetic Implants (less than Hore), plus CereberOS, a Cybernetic AI warped by learning the path of righteousness from a Paladin, as opposed to its regular protocol of learning from a customer and convincing them to buy more products. This AI currently has little use, but will gain more skill as it learns from Robert and other party members.
Left Shoulder: Spear
Right Shoulder: Zweihander
Left Hip: Jug of Fortified Wine
Right Hip: Soap
Chest: Chain Armor
Head: Plate Armor
Somewhere Uncomfortable: Iron Statuette (Saint Agatia)

Robert used to be a bland, insufferable stereotype of Paladins: lastborn son of a higher noble, got a job as a squire, survived to see knighthood in the local church of Saint Agatia, rose up the ranks, and finally reached Paladinhood with a faint sense of pride and a greater duty to bring order and prosperity to the world around him.

Then one day, he literally stomped on a metal spike during combat. He didn't think much about it beyond "ow ow ow NO pain is immaterial worry about the miserable orc bandit about to murder that merchant ow", but weeks after he got it pulled out and healed, a strange substance began to grow on his foot. When it got near his ankles, he decided to amputate the whole thing, get it regrown, and forget about it. About a month later, the strange substance reappeared and spread throughout his body. To his horror, he learned he was possessed by a demon that called itself CereberOS, and his vision was interlaced with strange charts and colored bars. Robert quickly ran for help to get his body exorcised of the demon, only for its powers to accidentally reveal high corruption in the high priest he begged for salvation. The priest declared him anathema and ordered the execution of Robert, who fled. Robert spent the better part of a season trying to keep to the Paladin code, but the demon in his head kept showing him the plight of the downtrodden in ways that the church refused to address. Realizing he could never be a true paladin again after knowing the suffering that order refuses to address, but also afraid that the demon may one day overtake his mind and turn him into a plastic monstrosity, Robert has vowed to rid himself of the demon and become a true hero of justice and righteousness, without begging the church or demons for constant aid.

Unfortunately, the faulty nanite cyberware has also injected him with multiple combat stims, and he is now a drug addict. Kind of mellowed him out.

(The nanotech comes from the same catastrophe that brought Ms. Wutashi into the Blood Mire, though Robert has never met Hore in his life.)

Dunno if I really want to implement this character instead of Sahara first, but I'm posting him for editing.
No. 124091 ID: 4f1cbc

Here's some details on the effect Eira's power would produce with her starting owl-hug statuette, reposted from a chat, and split up to prevent my initial character creation post from getting huge.

>How about it makes clouds of floating, glowing feathers, which stick to anyone who passes through and provide a mixed bag of status conditions?

>Weak levitation, entanglement, heightened hearing and vision to the point of overstimulation being a risk, don't make as much noise but it's hard to hide the glow.
>Something like that. Could be a benefit to allies, hindrance to enemies, or field-control depending on context.

>On consideration I think I'll go with a little of both light and darkness. Feathers glow white when they're loose, but radiate candle-level dark once they've adhered to someone's aura. Visual effect for someone inside is like a combination of welding goggles, good modern binoculars, and a decent microscope: impaired night vision, flash protection, and extreme magnification at short or long distances.
>Tactile effect is somewhere between swimming and wrestling against tentacles. It's like the air's viscosity has increased, so you can move upward but any movement at all is a struggle.

>So we've symbolically got light and dark, enhanced and reduced perception, vulnerability, a kind of embrace or restraint. Ties back into the owl-hug image, and the mirror stuff.

>I figure, loose feathers settle out in a few minutes normally, faster in high winds, but if you stack up enough of them as a barricade it could last for hours or days.

>Feathers ON somebody last almost indefinitely if they're cowering in dark crevices, can get 'burned off' by blunt impacts, energy weapons, or the wearer screaming and/or deliberately trying to scrape it off, but not by stabbing.
No. 124094 ID: 2007b6

Mutation should be a specific cybernetic system. Given that the slippery slope started with stepping on a rusty nail, how about digitigrade legs made from plainly unnatural materials, like the Ivory Stalker here? https://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/sword-interval/ep-124-witchmoot/viewer?title_no=486&episode_no=133 Could be concealed under a floor-length skirt, allows marginally superhuman running or jumping, bloodless, sturdy as plate armor, but totally incompatible with standard shoes and trousers. Bit of inspiration from District 9, too.

Vulnerability would be to electricity. Half again as much damage, and even weak hits often cause temporary paralysis, seizures, or partial amnesia, so counting on his photographic memory for mapping purposes is risky.

Innate power would be laser eye removal. A broad array of powers, effectively, though individually somewhat weak. He can read books and perfectly memorize the text as fast as pages can be turned, though true comprehension takes the normal amount of time. He can do the work of a full team of master surveyors, mathematicians, astronomers, or accountants, without any tools, 60x as fast and sometimes even in his sleep - though he doesn't know the professional jargon of those fields, and thus would have a hard time explaining the reasoning behind his results, or finding gainful employment on such a basis anywhere within the influence of relevant trade guilds. He's got uncanny accuracy with ranged weapons, given a target that's not magically concealed, enough time to aim, maybe an initial shot to figure out the wind. He can temporarily blind anyone with visible eyes, or fill their field of vision with pictures or text as fast as he can think of it, from hundreds of yards away - given line of sight. He can give himself arbitrary tattoos, again just by visualizing the desired result, and any removed skin retains the design. That's the only way to 'print out' a permanent copy of a memorized map with perfect fidelity, though infection risks associated with being flayed would constitute a phobic trigger at a -3 penalty even under ideal conditions, -6 or worse outside a well-run hospital or shrine.

At higher levels, he'll grow more eyeballs on various non-face parts of his body, then learn how to extrude them as semi-autonomous scout drones, or even single-use assassins.

For a traditional sort of paladin, high ambition should be something along the lines of "protect the innocent by bringing the wicked to justice." Self-centered desire for purity and escape from the 'curse' fits better as a low ambition. Addiction to something that can be supplied internally doesn't make much sense.

Equipment is fine apart from one detail: swap the greatsword for a wooden shield. Blade of honor was lost while fleeing the death sentence, have to make do with a lance (but no horse).
No. 124095 ID: 094652

>Jade Amulet
It's a jade coin/band. She found it after she survived the bloodied ritual that killed her friends, and it signifies her will to keep living.

>Scimitar too expensive
Her build is meant for knives anyway

>Backpack Inventory
>Prehensile Tail Mutation
>Vulnerability to sonic-based attacks / abilities / noise
>Fear of Bloody Ritual involving Bathing
Looks good. Still want that tail dong though, good place to put the jade coin/band.

>Innate power: Chainsaw Claws
That just screams mundane. And obsolete in the long run.

I really want to keep the phase power. It's cumbersome, but the main focus is utility and tactics over added DPS. It weakens and slows her when she uses it, so in a straight fight it would outright kill her. This is not a game about straight fights, it is a game about (1) surviving, (2) completing mission objectives, and (3) mentally surviving. As Sahara develops her blade dance, she'll invent new and creative ways of using her double, which she passes through completely - of which include the ability to take a step back and stab through yourself for one hell of a legitimate FRONTAL sneak attack, or slice a blade through her other self's arm harmlessly to hit a target her other self was blocking. How it works is that a partially-transparent copy of herself does something different from what she's currently doing, so she might spontaneously grow a blurry arm or a whole ghost of herself might step out of a standing position, while the original stands still. Neither of them can interact with the other, and any damage the blurrier self takes is inflicted back on the original.

In the current situation with a rampaging Lizzy, it's really effective: her duplicate can move a step to the left, insult the Minotaur Queen, and phase out of existence by moving her tail out of the way of her original before the blow connects.

This innate power is also interconnected with her Time Thief specialization: She is instinctively shedding time frames and phase-shifting them a split-microsecond forward. Schrodinger's Cat, eat your heart out.

If I can't use this innate power, something other than supernaturally sharp claws would be nice.
No. 124096 ID: 094652

More like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBdFXXV9hwY

Other than that, awesome.
No. 124099 ID: 2007b6

>I really want to keep the phase power. It's cumbersome,
I'm having a hard time picturing how that power would actually work, which is the level of 'cumbersome' where it potentially crashes the physics engine and ruins everyone's fun.
>one hell of a legitimate FRONTAL sneak attack,
The 'claws' power was in no small part balanced against Maru Red's axe. Summonable melee weapon, doubles as a mundane tool. Difference being, where the axe is all about rage and blood and bringing the noise, this one is SO concealable that it can even be concealed while in active use. The claw-blades are potentially as big as swords, but invisible and unnaturally silent.
>obsolete in the long run.
At higher levels, imagine waving your hand in someone's general direction, not even close enough to actually touch, and then they fall to the floor as a heap of meat-cubes.
>Time Thief specialization
I don't remember approving that. Time control is not a particularly plausible skill set among academics, street-level criminals, or any normal sort of trade guild.
*checks the quest thread*
Yeah, no, you didn't include a specialty at all.
No. 124100 ID: 556258

>At higher levels, imagine waving your hand in someone's general direction, not even close enough to actually touch, and then they fall to the floor as a heap of meat-cubes.
This is anime levels of bull!
No. 124104 ID: 094652

>Time control is not a particularly plausible skill set among academics, street-level criminals, or any normal sort of trade guild.
She got her powers from one of the underworld blood rituals I talked about. Barely survived, used her new innate power to kill the cultist while he was lording over her, and is recently discovering her new class.

Okay, if Time Thief is out, I think Swashbuckler will work. Fighter (Dancing Blade) as a second choice.

>Claws are actually OP
Okay, but I'm selecting Weapon Finesse / Deadly Agility to max this out. Sahara is dexterity-based.
No. 124127 ID: 2007b6

Post an updated version with the changes, so I can approve it and the game can proceed.
No. 124132 ID: 094652

Sorry about that, I just wanted to get some roleplay in for an unfinished character before the turn was over. Didn't mean to break any rules.

Alright, I guess Sahara is ready:

Name: Sahara
Race: Catfolk
Class: Townie
Specialization: Blade Dancer
Higher Ambition: Treasure Huntress
Lower Ambition: Bibliophile
Mutation: semi-prehensile tail improves balance (though not to the point of supernatural perfection) and allows touch-range communication of complex concepts using Gesture skill http://www.prequeladventure.com/2011/06/463/ but can get caught in things or grabbed by enemies much like a trailing cloak
Vulnerability: heightened senses including high-frequency hearing with excellent directional discrimination and near-IR vision, but easily overstimulated or hypnotized, particularly by fire. Lizzy's magical lights are safe.
Phobia: rituals involving blood and/or bathing, even in a purely symbolic capacity. Dark sacrifices, life-saving surgeries, butcher shops, baptisms, necromancy, communion wine, whatever. Deliberately bathing IN actual blood (ala Countess Bathory) would be the absolute worst, but incidental exposure to battlefield gore or traversing a body of water for some purely secular purpose is usually fine. Combing/scraping, licking, ecstatic dancing while naked in the rain, or meditating in direct sunlight (preferably with quiet, improvisational music in the background), are the only tolerable ways to become clean.
Innate Power: Claws. Looks like normal elvenoid fingers, grips cliffsides like best mundane climbing gear, rends wood and flesh like a chainsaw, but quietly.
Shoulders/Hips: Portable Library; backpack containing a few books (Combat Manual, Medical Manual, a novel, and a stolen wizard's book)
Head: Hammock (bedroll)
Neck: Coin Purse tucked between tits
Somewhere Uncomfortable: Jade Amulet (Coin shaped with a hole in the middle)
No. 124153 ID: 2007b6

High-level characters are supposed to be basically godlike. Getting there takes a while, and in the meantime, watch out for any NPCs who might have a head start.
This is fine.
No. 124157 ID: d22dc0

The art style in that example of gesture looks familiar, but I don’t recognize that source material. Does the author/artist run a quest on here?
No. 124162 ID: 556258

Maybe because the style is verily similar to Homestuck.
No. 124164 ID: 4f1cbc

Prequel has been around a while, but to my knowledge Kazerad hasn't done anything here.

(One could have a lively debate if Prequel counts as a quest by tgchan's standards, weighing audience participation and railroading. It's not guilty of false advertising though- that subtitle on the page header is an accurate mission statement).

>This is anime levels of bull!
We have a PC who is a literal magical girl with transformation sequence. And that's hardly the only example, the anime boat sailed a while ago. :v
No. 124200 ID: d22dc0

I know why I recognize it. There's a thread in the general dis with some of the art as it's thumbnail, so I recognized it but didn't remember why
No. 124580 ID: 23b7bd

I think it’s funny that the new fire hawks couldn’t wait to get out of the dungeon but the current crew is completely focused on science and art and treasure and such, seemingly no interest in leaving.
No. 124582 ID: 4f1cbc

Eira's sure been pretty lucky at walking right into things that make her high ambition happy, so far.
No. 124869 ID: 2007b6

Might not know this in-character, but then again maybe you could. If Greznek's overall military readiness is a major obstacle to your plans, King Kazleth might be exactly the man you need to talk to. Whoever makes Greznek's strategic decisions is clearly terrified of him, based on their willingness to devote unique resources to a highly specialized defense-in-depth along his most likely line of approach. Signs of Kazleth mobilizing to attack may seize their attention, delaying effective response to simultaneous but seemingly unrelated problems - particularly something subtle, like a quiet outpost along a different approach missing a scheduled check-in.

Minoan ox-men are more generally famous for their spatial reasoning skills. Temperament and size make them ill-suited as wilderness guides in most cases, but when sufficiently motivated (or mind-controlled in ways that don't impair their judgement) they excel at navigating mazes.
No. 124879 ID: 6785a6

>ox men are renowned for their spacial reasoning
>I am playing an Ox Man

This feels like it'll be a recreation of me being in charge of mapping as Riv again.
No. 124894 ID: 4f1cbc

Although if whoever makes Greznek's strategic decisions is justifiably terrified of King Kazleth, that really makes me wonder if talking to him or trying to manipulate his actions is a great idea. (And I think we've got several party members who would object if a plan to bluff or distract a city with a real threat accidentally stopped being a bluff).

Ideal outcome to engineer would be the output reporting everything's still normal.
No. 124898 ID: 6785a6

It's almost like we're little fish in a big big pond, plotting on how to take down a... I don't know maybe a shark or a bird or something, while trying to keep the lion seal from noticing.

Still think that if we can reason with the lion seal we stand to gain an upper hand, or at least remove a potential obstacle. Of course the downside is that we might just get eaten ourselves, or give our quarry forewarning.
No. 124972 ID: 2007b6

For Decaro Vos's eelbee babies, once they grow up I'm considering adapting pixie stats from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level, but instead of fairy magic they're automatically shrine maidens devoted to Tittivila, and need to spend six hours per week (in one solid block, not an hour every day) within appropriately holy locations to avoid having their unnatural hybrid metabolisms start to collapse.

Accordingly, any sort of extended adventure they go on would more or less require bringing along an appropriate portable shrine: eight pounds, one gold, takes a minute or two and a Religious Ritual roll to set up. Could stretch out the ceremony to as much as half an hour for a bonus on the roll, or speed it up by taking a penalty, but the sanctified area's radius is limited according to the officiating priest's level - one yard per spell circle they're capable of, with the basic model. A non-empowered priest can sanctify a permanent temple just fine, but counting on them for a portable setup means only someone actually touching the shrine benefits from the improved sanctity. Better quality portable shrines can multiply radius of effect, but are also more expensive, and often heavier, more fragile, and bulky, such that efficient transport involves a pair of long poles and a small team of appropriately devout porters.

Note that increasing local sanctity for one god means reducing it for any opposed powers, which would impair the divinely-granted capabilities of priests or champions devoted to those powers accordingly. Furthermore, divine casters often rely on context clues rather than having an innate, reflexive sense for sanctity the way mages do for ambient mana.
No. 125007 ID: 6785a6

If having a shrine to one god makes followers of other gods weaker, does that mean the eel babies would be risking deterioration at a faster rate if they... walk? Swim? Fly? into, say, a shrine to Tiamat or something like that?
No. 125009 ID: add037

Sounds good to me. We don't have any other religious types among the Fire Hawks IIRC, though this might cause conflict with Team Magic Sword.
No. 125011 ID: 4f1cbc

There's the Agates, thought they're npcs at this point.

Might depend on where you draw the line for opposing powers. Do they have to be antagonistic, or just different? Tsathoggua is for sure opposed to Tittivila. But Firemom and Tittivila and Agatia would all agree, for example, that undead aren't good.
No. 125013 ID: 2007b6

Probably wouldn't accelerate deterioration, but they likely won't be eager to stick around long enough to find out. Definitely would impair Tittivila-granted healing spells that might otherwise be used to patch up the damage.
> if they... walk? Swim? Fly?
All of the above.
>Might depend on where you draw the line for opposing powers. Do they have to be antagonistic, or just different?
Ambient energy levels in GURPS, whether that's free mana or divine power, are measured on a six-point scale.
Very high: anyone can cast spells one or more circles above their usual limit. Using spells you'd be capable of normally gives a full refund of the FP cost. Excess power is unstable, so all failures are treated as critical failures.
High: the uninitiated can sometimes cast low-circle spells. For sanctity, prayers are more likely to be heard.
Normal: default rules.
Low: Spells are cast at -5 to skill, but critical failures are treated as ordinary failures. Not enough juice for a backfire.
Very low: Spells are cast at -10 to skill. Difficult to distinguish from 'none' for most practical purposes.
None: Relevant type of magic cannot function.

Inherently magical creatures often require constant exposure to at least low mana to survive. In an environment of very low or no mana, they take a point of injury per minute. Eelbee shrine maidens require high sanctity for long-term survival, but they're fine for a week and then take damage only every six hours.

Very high sanctity is rare, generally limited to the god's immediate presence or unique holy sites. High sanctity is shrines, temples, sites where the god made a relatively minor but well-remembered personal appearance, that sort of thing. Could include temples of very closely allied gods. Normal sanctity is most of the world - or 'the parts of the world that matter,' for gods with a narrow geographic focus such as patronage of a single city. (Such mural-crowned tutelaries are notable in the default Dungeon Fantasy setting insofar as their holy warriors, the Invincible Town Guards, are more than capable of dealing with rowdy adventurers at home, but cannot upstage our heroes or short-circuit the plot by projecting any significant military force into the surrounding wilderness.) Low sanctity represents areas the relevant god finds unpleasant, or where their influence is being actively contested. Very low/none means areas the god has deliberately forsaken, or been successfully expelled from.

Loosely allied divinities - those with mutual interests, or forced together by common enemies, but who also have significant disagreement or mistrust between them, such as Tittivila and Agatia - might have normal sanctity at each others' shrines, low in major temples and high holy places. Opposed powers, such as Tittivila and Tsathogua, have low sanctity at each others' shrines or in regions where the majority of the population goes to weekly services, none in hostile permanent temples and high holy places.

An open assault on the temple of an opposed power, involving at minimum a) kicking in the door or otherwise destructively disrespecting the temple's perimeter, b) unambiguous display of challenge, such as a battle cry or banner with the intruding patron's symbol and c) some sort of desecration applied directly to the central altar, potentially as little as a thrown piece of rotten fruit, raises the sanctity level for the intruding power from "none" to "very low" within the violated temple until attackers are driven off and the mess is cleaned up.

Ritual exorcism to shut a hostile temple down completely, so it'd need to be re-consecrated from scratch, takes four hours per attempt. Even a lay priest, or certain non-cleric specialists, could do this; it's a skill check, not a spell. In fact, any conventional spellcasting, regardless of source, within line of sight of the ritual in progress automatically ruins the attempt. There are various ways to make the process faster and/or more reliable, mostly by throwing raw power at it. https://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/c/consecrate https://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/r/remove-curse https://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/h/hallow
No. 125015 ID: 4f1cbc

At least Vos will have something to spend his money on in the future besides charity: buying stuff for his kids!
No. 125147 ID: 2007b6

Problem I just thought of for 3oS - how exactly do you go about setting a card as normal/inverted when you're *throwing* it at somebody?
No. 125153 ID: 6e171f

Same way a skilled knife thrower hits with the pointy side instead of the blunt one, only it’s probably more of a metaphysical distinction than an actual physical orientation. Perhaps a little of both? Big thing though is that I think there both intention and mundane skill involved, and that fouling either would probably result in unintended consequences
No. 125378 ID: 2007b6

Alright, Orange, since Green Redford was (at least temporarily) incapacitated, if you'd like you can generate a new character to start off back in the throne room, and play both of them at once.
No. 125493 ID: ee5804

Here's my new char.

Name: Gale Fuentes
Class: Hedge Witch
Higher Ambition: Knowing his past, purpose, and place in the universe
Lower Ambition: Fashion.
Specialization: Botanomancy, magicks related to plants.
Mutation: Gale stands at a few inches less than the average man. He has a pelt of short fine bluish grey fur. He has a head in the shape of a dragon's but much rounder, friendlier-looking, and furrier. He has some white teeth and claws of steel. His eyes are pretty much circular holes on his head covered by thick black glass. He has no ability to close them, but he can cover them.
Gale is yet to realize, but under his hide of skin and fur, he's mostly mechanical. His skeleton is made of rods of bronze, and his innards are of brass gears constantly spin to keep him moving. He still has to breathe in oxygen and eat food to keep his gears a-turning, his greasy blood flowing, and his lubricating fluids fluid. His black blood circulates through his body to distribute heat.
Phobia: Theophobia - Deathly afraid of gods
Vulnerability: High voltage electricity can literally shut him down.
Innate Power: Metalloception - Gale is perceptive to any metal in his surroundings.

Left Hip: Dried bread
Right Hip: Throw-and-Grow Beans
Left Shoulder: Spear
Right Shoulder: Kindling
Neck: Clean cloth, hooked needles, & thread
Head: Iron Spikes
Somewhere uncomfortable: Bronze Statuette of a lizard holding a pole with a lantern.
No. 125502 ID: 2007b6

No. 125570 ID: 2007b6

The Fire Hawks, Team Magic Sword, and any other group which has reached the surface or otherwise made commercial contact with civilization sufficient to plausibly hire new retainers, can add more playable characters without existing PCs needing to be incapacitated - but only if such new characters do NOT take the "all three and an innate power" option.
No. 125585 ID: 2007b6

It's coffee cake. Because Polo, mashed up with "Casper the Friendly Ghost."
No. 125592 ID: 094652

Name: Joseph Strudelbaker
Class: Soldier
Race: Tiefling
Higher Ambition: Achieve a great destiny
Lower Ambition: Gourmand
Mutation: Head is covered in spikes protruding from his skull, which are mostly covered by his hair
Heater Shield
Chainmail Tunic (borrowed from the Fire Hawks)
Leather Armor
Basic Pistol
Bullets and Gunpowder
Pouch of Salt and Pepper

Battle-hardened yet suicidally overconfident, Joseph is an ex-military mercenary seeking his destiny. After hearing of Hore's exploits in the Passholdt arena, he waited for months just to reconnect with his old war buddy and follow her on the path to greatness.

Hore thinks he'll get himself killed if he's left alone to charge into a horde (again), and so she has recommended him as a new inductee into the Fire Hawks.

Joseph has a weak spot in wisdom, but his other five stats are equally balanced and high. He salvaged the gun from an enemy during his war days, but didn't turn it in; Hore's plasma beams inspired him to believe that having a gun is part of being a successful hero. How true that is usually depends on the state of the gun, as he has been disguising it as a smoking pipe.
No. 125601 ID: afdebc

Pfffff-hahaha. Well, the orc brotherhood has successfully wooed me, at least.
No. 125615 ID: 2007b6

>Basic Pistol
>Bullets and Gunpowder
No. We've been over this.
No. 125624 ID: afdebc

Swap those out for crossbow and bolts, or bow and arrows, and you got a character who looks pretty similar.

I don't think the Fire Hawks are lacking in melee dudes, although suicidal overconfidence does give Vos a bud to charge immediately into danger with (Joe will probably end up picking up some mutant healing before too long). Mundane ranged attacks is an area less well covered (we have Hore's blaster, thrown weapons, and spells), and Esmeraude does have some spells that buff or synergize with that kind of thing.
No. 125647 ID: 094652

I thought that "the ability to mass-produce superweapons" was the actual ban, and finding advanced technology you have no hope of understanding was still legal, hence the airplane jet as a makeshift hammer. Oh well.

How about a hand crossbow that curses bolts it fires to make really loud screaming noises until they hit something?
No. 125649 ID: afdebc

Pretty sure if you wanted a one-off piece of forgotten tech (like the rocket hammer, or Mizer's cutting torch) in your starting equipment, you'd have to be a Rich Bastard and take that as your very expensive thing, not a soldier.

>How about a hand crossbow that curses bolts it fires to make really loud screaming noises until they hit something?
That would be a magic item of some kind, so again, Rich Bastard. Or maybe a Hedge Witch with screaming arrows as their consumable. (Or somebody with an active power that created the effect, but the whole point here is making some characters with less than maximum weirdness).
No. 125651 ID: add037

So, would something like this be allowed?

Agatha Spires
Class: Townie
Ambitions: Giving things back to their rightful owners / candied apples
Phobia: Thunderstorms
left hip: lantern
right hip: coin purse
left shoulder: Azarthraine's spellbook. How fortuitous!
right shoulder: dried fruit
chest/neck: chain armor
top of head: helmet
somewhere uncomfortable: jade amulet
No. 125652 ID: 2007b6

Yeah, that's fine.
No. 125662 ID: 094652

From Azure's mentors:

"The core aspect of modern dancing is the consistent fact that it is a physical art recorded by the concept of vision. As you move, you concentrate the focus of the vision of your audience in the corresponding direction of your force. Do not, under any circumstances, discard this force. If you must be the center of attraction, balance every outward motion with an accompanying inward one. If your show and its producers demand a sacrifice of attention towards the scenery (read: other dancers), be sure to move the force towards the ones that have been demanded in turn to return it back to you once their meager display is complete. And finally, understand the limits and tendencies of your audience. Though we are unable to truly comprehend the scope and range of vision itself, we can say with certainty that those who live in the Blood Mire have a certain tendency: when they crane their heads upward, they get a crick in their necks and feel the compulsion to re-align them back. What goes up must come down, so to speak. Thus, usually you can perform an upward show of hands as your flourish and expect the focus to come back down relatively quickly. Just be sure to catch it."
No. 126081 ID: 2007b6

Now that Azarthraine has his spellbook back, I can't keep playing him as an NPC. Who's going to take over being the lizard wizard?
No. 126083 ID: afdebc

I'm juggling less characters than Santova, Kome and Strgy, and I'm already ostensibly in-charge of the Fire Hawks through Dav, so my taking over the other leadership character might make sense.

I'm really not at all confident about being able to manage the resources an nth level caster provides, though (good gods the spell per day preparation), and it feels pretty weird having a PC 10+ levels higher than everyone else.

Any reason why he doesn't work as an npc? I get not wanting one very powerful npc to overshadow player agency, but I sort of thought his position was going to be advice, artillery, logistical support, getting us jobs, crafting spirit sanctums and stuff in exchange for divine or magical favors / resources, etc.

Also I sort of liked having a character in a position to refine plans and rein us in when we come up with plans that don't make sense in-setting, or badly use resources we don't understand well.
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