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File 158999485776.gif - (3.06MB , 1600x1200 , Quest.gif )
967250 No. 967250 ID: 443c89

These are dark days for the races known as "Lyluks", all across the world both leaders and common folk turn against them. They send any Lyluks they find to extermination camps.

Let us follow this one particular pilluk for a while, see if she can free her people. (Probably not...)
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No. 967251 ID: 443c89
File 158999545895.jpg - (218.65KB , 1600x1201 , Quest2cell.jpg )

:provicon: "Okay, this is your cell, no we don't clean them. If you have any complaints, shove it your ass. If you're good we'll have you in the oven within the hour. Don't cause any trouble."

:pillukicon: "O-or what!? You'll kill me twice?!"

:provicon: "I wish, instead we'll just make YOU wish you were dead twice over. Now don't make too much noise pest, I have war crimes to cover up."
No. 967252 ID: 443c89
File 158999611745.jpg - (208.71KB , 1600x1201 , Quest3.jpg )

The guard slams the door, leaving the poor pilluk alone, sobbing in her cell.

(Now is the time you should make your presence known to her)
No. 967257 ID: 210eed

Don't give up, Lyluk!
No. 967258 ID: 8768f8

Hide under the bed and yell "I found a way to escape!" then CQC the guard when he comes to check it out.
No. 967259 ID: 7a5c82

get on your back and spread 'em
No. 967260 ID: b91cff

Look under the piss-stained mattress! Anything could be under there.
No. 967261 ID: ed763f

Explain strange creature, what is a lyluk? Do you have arms? Maybe even opposable thumbs?
No. 967262 ID: f81110

sobbing on the floor isn't going to help you escape. Look under the matress, maybe one of the previous Lyluks left something there?
No. 967263 ID: f81110

Take a closer look at that poster on the wall
No. 967264 ID: 7a5c82

Haha you got caught! Shame you don't have awesome ninja skills like me~ *zoop*
No. 967265 ID: 32349a

sob not, young lyluk
think about nice things, like fluffy bunnies
No. 967266 ID: 3ffe16

Pull yourself together, doing nothing will won’t save you. Check under the mattress, also see if there’s anything behind the poster.
No. 967269 ID: 443c89
File 159000420032.jpg - (251.26KB , 1600x1201 , Quest2.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Gasp! Is really you? The ancestral LYLUK SPIRITS that I prayed for during the ride in the mobile gas chamber?"

"Oh no! You're not my ancestors come to guide me at all! You're..."

"... PERVERT SPIRITS getting off on my predicament! I'm DOOMED!"
No. 967270 ID: 443c89
File 159000422207.jpg - (195.62KB , 1600x1201 , Quest4.jpg )

:pillukicon:"Well, beggars can't choosers and some of you at least seem to get off on helping people so I'll take it where I can get it."
"Wow! You helpful spirits were right! Theres a book under the bed!"
No. 967271 ID: 443c89
File 159000423678.jpg - (204.46KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_5.jpg )

No. 967272 ID: 443c89
File 159000424509.jpg - (181.95KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_7.jpg )

:pillukicon:"Nothing in pillow or mattress"
No. 967273 ID: 443c89
File 159000427760.jpg - (212.93KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_8.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Whats CQC?"
"Please don't use letters, I don't know them."
No. 967274 ID: 443c89
File 159000429265.jpg - (238.32KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_9.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Wow, thats amazing! They just forced me to do that photo shoot and they already got posters of me edited and put up everywhere! Pilluk will be famous!"
"Lazy bastards just copypasted me there 4 times tho."
No. 967275 ID: 8768f8

Open the book at the bookmark and read some of it for useful info, if you know how to read.
No. 967276 ID: 443c89

:pillukwowicon: "Amazing! A real ninjaluk! Are you in here right now? I can't see you at all."

:pillukwowicon:"Fluffy sounds nice but I dunno what a bunny is. You're probably trying to trick me and they're huge fluffy monsters."
No. 967277 ID: 7a5c82

How could you? My ninja skills are too good!
Maybe i'm in the ceiling? Maybe i'm under the bed? Maybe i'm hiding with my eye closed in that dark spot by the door? You would never know...

PSYCHE!! I'm just outside your window. Haha!
Or am i?~ *dissapears into the shadows*
No. 967278 ID: 443c89
File 159000592293.jpg - (231.03KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_11.jpg )

:pillukicon: "I don't know how to read. I don't what a bookmark is since I've never read one in my life but is this it? Can you helpful spirits read it for me?"
No. 967279 ID: 443c89

:pillukwowicon: "Incredible! Your stealth skills are so sublime that you have phased out of reality and died instantly and permanently!"
"I would assume, not that I actually know where ninjaluks go when they disappear"
No. 967280 ID: 8768f8

Turn the pages until you find the same arrangements of symbols on the left page "1. be a lyluk", starting from the top line.
Then, stare at it for the educated spirits to see and understand more about Lyluks, and start looking for the symbol chains on the second line "2. slide through the door", right under the first line of symbols you looked for.
No. 967281 ID: b1b4f3

It says:
1, be a lyluk
2, slide through the door
3, whine
No. 967282 ID: 443c89
File 159000887058.jpg - (208.06KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_10_2.jpg )

:pillukwowicon: "There is something behind the poster!"
"Gasp! It couldn't be..."
No. 967283 ID: 443c89
File 159000890130.gif - (507.04KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_10_2.gif )

No. 967284 ID: 443c89
File 159000900096.jpg - (177.26KB , 1600x1201 , quest_10_3.jpg )

:pillukwowicon: "In amongst this other trash there a bottle of rare and valuable LYLUK PILLS!"
"Legend has it that if you eat enough of these then you'll go straight to heaven."
No. 967285 ID: 8768f8

Offer the guard a trunkful of those pills next time you interact with him
No. 967288 ID: 443c89
File 159000997141.jpg - (208.09KB , 1600x1201 , lyluk_and_pills.jpg )

:pillukicon: "If only it were that easy"

:pillukicon: "Instructions unclear, please give again in a way my tiny lyluk brain will understand."
No. 967289 ID: 7a5c82

Wait! what's that behind the lyluk pills?
No. 967290 ID: 443c89
File 159001039757.jpg - (150.54KB , 1600x1201 , zoom1.jpg )

:pillukicon: "No"
No. 967292 ID: 443c89
File 159001048386.jpg - (185.02KB , 1600x1201 , zoom2.jpg )

:pillukicon: "They're mine"
No. 967293 ID: 5b0071

You aren't in a position to overlook anything as 'trash' what else is there?
No. 967294 ID: a48785

not when lyluks are trash
No. 967295 ID: b1b4f3

Someone messed with the label. Peel off the part that says "lyluk pills"
No. 967296 ID: 443c89
File 159001492913.gif - (322.35KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_anim.gif )

No. 967297 ID: 443c89
File 159001557865.jpg - (365.41KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_trip.jpg )

:highluk: "Sowee, it ahhh, walluk eye"

:highluk: "Fuk u"

:highluk: "Nooooooooo, it say wywuk piwl wight?"
"I wah towd it say wywuk piwl"
No. 967298 ID: 443c89

(Done for this session folks, we were underprepared and need time to make more assets, hope you enjoyed)
No. 967382 ID: 7a5c82

Well, since it's not over yet...

Don't float to the ceiling, Pilluk!
No. 967478 ID: b91cff

Try climbing up the prianha plant, if you get there you can jump into the lightbulb!
No. 967485 ID: 443c89
File 159015951199.gif - (493.49KB , 1600x1201 , float.gif )

:highluk: "oops"
No. 967486 ID: 443c89
File 159015963429.png - (6.11KB , 435x433 , transition.png )

:highluk: "oki wook in wight"
No. 967487 ID: 443c89
File 159015968413.jpg - (134.76KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_lyluk_big.jpg )

:highluk: "I went throwgh"
No. 967491 ID: b91cff

oh no, try to see if you can escape from there...
No. 967492 ID: 82211c

Now talk to your elder. It will guide you through your vision quest.
No. 967493 ID: 7a5c82

.sitatinivid earev muut munger iuqesnoc murefitrom erarepusxe di ,mudarg mumitlu da metua cnuN .reup ,mugnol reti tnurenev tE
No. 967497 ID: 443c89

:highluk: "oki, I ask bigwuk"

:highluk: "Hi"
:eyebig: "Hello! How are you?"
:highluk: "How i weave?"
:eyebig: "Oh you don't have to worry about leaving, I'll handle that when you're ready. Do you understand >>967493?"
:highluk: "no..."
:eyebig: "Well then, what can I help you with?"
No. 967498 ID: b91cff

Pst, pilluk. That Galaxy Lyluk is saying "You've come a long way, youngling. To escape death you must achieve divinity" I believe. Ask them what's the deal with that.
No. 967501 ID: e67444

Take advantage of the lyluk pill high, and do some squats on top of bigluk's head to develop... STRONG LEG MUSCLES
They're sure to come in handy later
No. 967502 ID: 443c89
File 159016419435.gif - (242.85KB , 1600x1201 , exercises.gif )

:highluk: "Sowee, my knwes awe gone"

:eyebig: "HEY! NO! No cheating spirits allowed!"
:highluk: "What deaw wit dat?"
:eyebig: "God dammit, this was supposed to be journey of self improvement through struggle but you guys are ruining my plans!"
No. 967503 ID: 7a5c82

Not exactly a good plan when a lyluks life is already nothing but struggle.
It's a bit like filling a sun with light.
Or an avocado with green.
No. 967504 ID: 7a5c82

Do a somersault!
But be careful you don't get stuck in an eternal loop of spin!
No. 967506 ID: ed763f

Yeah well he's currently in a death camp, he may not have time for all that.
No. 967509 ID: 443c89
File 159017389564.gif - (289.48KB , 1600x1201 , spinluk.gif )

:highluk: "oopsy weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

:eyebig: "Thats exactly the point! What happens when you enough light to a sun or green to an avocado? A singularity! Thats the key!"

:eyebig: "Shush little spirit, boyluks are a myth"
No. 967510 ID: 7a5c82

BOY! I sure hope the guard doesn't come back while you're tripping out on lyluk pills!
No. 967513 ID: b91cff

Get under her, maybe there's something around her intimate parts?
No. 967522 ID: ed763f

Oh great, god who's pedantic. Honestly I'd take flowery prophesy that's so vague it's useless over this. You can't make an avocado singularity that's stupid, and now this thing has to suffer for it.
No. 967525 ID: 443c89

:eyebig: "Haha! You talk as if you are wise and cynical but you have never even tasted guacamole made from avocado singularities! What a pretentious and stupid spirit you are."

:eyebig: "Oh yes, as you happen to mention it..."

:eyebig: "All the more reason to send you back! NOW GO PILLUK!"
No. 967526 ID: 443c89
File 159018193119.gif - (328.61KB , 1600x1201 , Quest2.gif )

:provicon: "Hey wake up, it's time to go to the ovens. C'mon don't be dead, I'll have to do a bunch of paperwork."
No. 967527 ID: 443c89
File 159018193940.jpg - (199.02KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_lyluk_dead.jpg )

:provicon: "God dammit, why do we even bother with camps if all you have to do is leave them unsupervised and they kill themselves."
No. 967529 ID: 7a5c82

Hey, you. You're finally awake.

...you should probably check out the goods (they're called "goods" because they're good, obviously) that hole in the wall before the guard comes back.
No. 967531 ID: 443c89
File 159018308841.jpg - (197.76KB , 1600x1201 , lyluk_awake.jpg )

No. 967532 ID: ed763f

Girl, your subconscious hallucinations have fragile egos. Now take the label off, you might want to know what was in those pills.
No. 967536 ID: 443c89
File 159018379873.jpg - (159.11KB , 1600x1201 , shiv_found.jpg )

:pillukicon: "So first thing we have here is uh.... a magic wand."
No. 967537 ID: 443c89
File 159018380357.jpg - (159.49KB , 1600x1201 , lighter_found.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Next is oh, one of these fire things, hmm I guess it wasn't a lyluk in this cell before me since it is a fact that these are impossible for lyluks to use."
No. 967538 ID: 443c89
File 159018381880.jpg - (169.62KB , 1600x1201 , dice_found.jpg )

:pillukicon: "and last is... picture squares.

Looks like a pile of trash to me."
No. 967540 ID: e67444

Put ALL of those in your INVENTORY
A wise man once said, one's man TRASH is another man's TREASURE. You may need these later on.
No. 967541 ID: b1b4f3

Alright everything's collected, time to exit the room.
No. 967542 ID: b91cff

Take all that stuff, and go sneak through that door. Make as little sound as possible!
No. 967544 ID: 443c89
File 159018491959.jpg - (169.07KB , 1600x1201 , no_label.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Yes, doing this has made it very clear what goes into the creation of LYLUK PILLS. Thank you."
No. 967545 ID: 7a5c82

>Make as little sound as possible!
This is a lyluk, you might as well have said "Nothing can go wrong!"

That said, follow the voices's advice: Bring the items with you and get out of the room, but watch out for the guard while you do so.
Don't wanna get caught AGAIN now, do you?
No. 967546 ID: e67444

Sneaking tip: shuffle your legs in very smol steps, this will produce the least amount of sound because small steppy is quiet
No. 967547 ID: ed763f

not the- oh forget it. Just peek outside your cell before you run off and get caught.
No. 967548 ID: 443c89
File 159018644931.jpg - (207.34KB , 1600x1201 , lyluk_triumphant.jpg )

:pillukwowicon: "ʸᵉˢ ᴵ ᵈᶦᵈ ᶦᵗᵎ ᴵ ᵉˢᶜᵃᵖᵉᵈ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵐʸ ᶜᵉˡˡ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵃᵐ ⁿᵒʷ ᵃ ᶠʳᵉᵉ ˡʸˡᵘᵏᵎ"
No. 967549 ID: 443c89

(Gonna end this session here, will continue in a day or 2)
No. 967597 ID: 8b270f

(your doing great!)
No. 967610 ID: 8768f8

Extend your lyluk neck and peek in nearby cells
No. 967671 ID: 443c89
File 159033289229.jpg - (138.22KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_cell_peep.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Okay, lets look into this cell next to me."
No. 967672 ID: 0e003c

Admire ART, then look out the window.
No. 967674 ID: 9d9c96

Try to unlock the cell? The more lyluks in our party, the merrier.
No. 967675 ID: 443c89
File 159033334671.jpg - (182.98KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_cell_pilluk_head.jpg )

:pillukicon: "I don' know what window you mean but I will certainly admire that beautiful LYLUK ART that this precious bitluk has made"
No. 967676 ID: 443c89
File 159033355089.gif - (275.59KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_cell_pilluk_cry.gif )

:pillukicon: "It's really uplifting to see this poor bitluk making cheerful art in the face of certain DOOM. Even in a dark place like this, even if she has no leg joints, even if she's a little retarded. S-shes just so STRONG! SHES GOT THE HEART OF A CHAMPION!"
No. 967678 ID: 443c89

:pillukicon: "The cell is locked but why don't you guys just, yknow, help her for a little while?"

(Do you want to play as bitluk?)
No. 967679 ID: cf6efa

(I would like to finish pilluk's escape first)

The bitluk will inspire you to keep going! Go through that corridor, maybe you can find a way out before the guard arrives.
No. 967680 ID: dcaebe

Sure, why not.

=o>~ Be Bitluk.
No. 967681 ID: 443c89

:pillukicon: "NO! Absolutely not! We're not leaving this precious bitluk alone in this dirty cell!"
:pillukicon: "Yes, this one has the right idea, Now go!"

(Tie breaking vote to the authors cause we didn't anticipate anyone not wanting to be a bitluk and thus didn't prepare for it at all)
No. 967683 ID: 443c89
File 159033506432.jpg - (171.64KB , 1600x1201 , Quest_bitluk.jpg )

(You are now bitluk. You have a box of crayons and an empty head. What do you do?)

:pillukicon: "On second thought maybe sending a bunch of pervert spirits to haunt a bitluk was a bad idea?"
No. 967684 ID: 9d9c96

Use BOX OF CRAYONS to draw a handle on the door, and use it to open it.
In the process shake Pilluk's trunk(?) as a greeting.
No. 967685 ID: cf6efa

Hello little bitluk, can you tell that big pilluk to give you a magic wand?
No. 967686 ID: dcaebe

Ask the nice-looking guest if she won't let you out.
Maybe if you ask VERY-SUPER-DUPER-NICELY she won't leave you alone like the guard did.
No. 967687 ID: dcaebe

>Recall your extensive bestiary on the different breeds of lyluks
No. 967689 ID: 094652

Bunt the door until it opens
No. 967690 ID: 443c89
File 159033677975.gif - (163.75KB , 1200x901 , lyluk_shake.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk wisely shakes trunks with her savior first as thats the POLITE thing to do)
No. 967691 ID: 443c89
File 159033678774.jpg - (172.78KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_doorknob.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws a doorknob, though she can FIRMLY GRASP it, the door remains locked)
No. 967692 ID: 443c89
File 159033689788.jpg - (177.22KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_shiv_given.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Why of course little bitluk! Here is that magic wand, don't fireball yourself now."
No. 967693 ID: 443c89
File 159033752278.gif - (138.72KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_door.gif )

:pillukicon: "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere until you're safe!"
:bitlukicon: (What part of empty head do you not understand?)
:bitlukicon: (It is a well known fact that all SHITTY LYLUKS have 0 strength)
No. 967694 ID: 9d9c96

Go an extra mile - draw a MAGIC KEY on top of the MAGIC WAND, draw a KEYHOLE on the door, and use the MAGIC KEY on KEYHOLE
No. 967697 ID: 443c89
File 159033976336.gif - (182.53KB , 1600x1201 , magic_key.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws a key on the magic wand, but since the magic wand doesn't take on the shape of the key it doesn't fit in the doorknob. YOU CANNOT DRAW ON THIN AIR.)
No. 967698 ID: 8768f8

Ask nicely to the lyluk drawn on the wall to unlock the door by fiddling with the drawn keyhole with her tiny trunk
No. 967699 ID: 443c89
File 159034084684.jpg - (176.77KB , 1600x1201 , tiny_bitluk.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Unfortunately you do not have the power to create 2D LIFE and the lyluk drawing does not respond to bitluks request)
No. 967700 ID: 7dceaa

Is it a hole in the floor right there? Take a closer look
No. 967701 ID: 9d9c96

If there's no hole, draw a hole and make it lead out of the cell.
No. 967702 ID: 443c89
File 159034264140.jpg - (174.09KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_grate.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (It is a stinky SEWER GRATE. This would surely lead out of your cell if only you have some sort of THIN POINTED OBJECT to unscrew the screws holding it down...)
No. 967703 ID: 9d9c96

UNSCREW the SCREWS with magic wand
Hold breath and jump into STINKY HOLE
No. 967705 ID: 443c89
File 159034317408.jpg - (164.91KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_grate_open.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Genius! The grate is open and now we can go down)
No. 967706 ID: 443c89
File 159034323141.jpg - (103.42KB , 1600x1201 , hole.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Although there is a hole there, bitluk went and drew a hole anyway. Strangely the hole is solid, maybe she accidentally drew a SOLID BLACK DISK instead?)
No. 967707 ID: 443c89
File 159034333399.jpg - (162.51KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_tunnel_meanluk.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk hops down into the stinky SEWER. Theres someone else down here with her)
No. 967708 ID: 9d9c96

Politely greet the strange-looking lyluk and offer a trunkshake
Try not to look at her weird deformed trunk but look anyway
No. 967709 ID: 443c89
File 159034402054.gif - (394.26KB , 1200x901 , meanluk_run.gif )

:bitlukicon: (The strange lyluk is running away! Chase after her and POLITELY GREET her!)
No. 967710 ID: 443c89
File 159034408731.gif - (628.57KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_scare.gif )

No. 967711 ID: dcaebe

This whole place is INFESTED with shitty lyluks!!
I guess that's what happens when you gather any of them into one place. Kinda obvious in hindsight.
No. 967712 ID: 210eed

whenever you are scare or frigten

always rember happy day
No. 967713 ID: 9d9c96

No. 967714 ID: dcaebe

Whatever you do, don't start crying, DON'T START CRYING!!
No. 967715 ID: 443c89

(Thats it for today folks, see you next time)
No. 967716 ID: f9e403

Try to scare it back, bitluk!
No. 967800 ID: 132328

Shitty Lyluk Dis-thread when?
No. 967814 ID: c2edf6

No. 967815 ID: 8768f8

Draw a smile on her face so she gets happy instead of agressive
No. 967820 ID: 443c89

(Here you go) >>>/questdis/132952
No. 968036 ID: 443c89
File 159050957036.gif - (467.96KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_cry_run.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Abloobloobloo)
(It's too late for that. Bitluk is already running away)
No. 968037 ID: 443c89
File 159050973506.gif - (471.31KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_cry_ran_away.gif )

(What are you going to say to get bitluk back up on her feet?)
(err... stumps)
No. 968038 ID: cf6efa

Don't be scared, draw sometihng happy to feel better.
No. 968039 ID: 8768f8

She was just trying to say hello, go back and shake her trunk or she'll be sad
No. 968040 ID: f8b8bb

Hey, is that a light over there?
Maybe there's real sunshine over there!
No. 968041 ID: 443c89
File 159051197628.jpg - (155.23KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_sad_clown.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk attempts to draw a HAPPY CLOWN but in her current state everything she draws is infected with BOTTOMLESS SADNESS)
(Bitluk is also now afraid of the clown she drew)
:bitlukicon: (That is not true. Bitluk as with all lyluks understands the SECRET INAUDIBLE LANGUAGE OF LYLUK and can assure you that the meanluk was insulting and threatening bitluk)
(Such as calling her stinky)
(and to go and stink up some other place)
No. 968042 ID: cf6efa

Can you use your tears for self-defence? Maybe throw tears at the meanluk to blind her, and run past her.
No. 968043 ID: a8f282

It's best to look at shiny things when you feel sad
Head down the hallway, looks like there's shiny light down there!
No. 968044 ID: 443c89
File 159051328046.jpg - (133.58KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_tunnel_light.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk has 0 strength and is unable to shoot PRESSURIZED TEARS)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk treks very slowly to the light)
No. 968047 ID: a8f282

try to whistle a cheery tune to lift up your mood, bitluk!
No. 968048 ID: 443c89
File 159051519087.jpg - (167.63KB , 1600x1201 , sewers_end.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluks BOTTOMLESS SADNESS infects her cheery tune! She begins to whistle komm susser tod)
(She makes it to the end of the hallway and finds the light is coming from a ladder shaft)
No. 968049 ID: 80a932

Can shitty lyluks even climb ladders? how will she hoist herself up more than one rung with her trunk?
No. 968050 ID: a8f282

Look into the barred DARK HOLE first, hopefully nothing scary in there!
No. 968051 ID: 8768f8

Use trunk power to climb ladder like snake
No. 968052 ID: 443c89
File 159051631606.jpg - (209.69KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_ladder.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (The hole is neither barred nor dark)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk hasn't climbed anything before, not even a gently sloping hill. Without leg joints it will be hard to climb)
(Theres a noise coming from down the hall, sounds like...)
No. 968053 ID: 8768f8

roman boots?
No. 968054 ID: a8f282

that's the wrong hole!
No. 968055 ID: 80a932

Jump through the bars and into the dark hole
No. 968056 ID: cf6efa

draw wings on yourself and fly away
No. 968057 ID: 443c89
File 159051737324.gif - (662.54KB , 1200x901 , meanluk_tide.gif )

:bitlukicon: (It's the only hole!)
No. 968058 ID: a8f282
File 159051764011.jpg - (26.28KB , 469x421 , 159051519087.jpg )

This THING, quick climb into it! Whatever it is
No. 968060 ID: 443c89
File 159051848689.gif - (1.15MB , 1200x901 , bitluk_jump.gif )

:bitlukicon: (geronimoooooooo)
No. 968067 ID: 443c89
File 159052089329.gif - (337.30KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_splash.gif )

No. 968068 ID: a8f282

Can bitluk swi-, no, float at least?
No. 968070 ID: 443c89
File 159052207033.gif - (271.26KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_float.gif )

:bitlukicon: (It is a well known fact that ALL LYLUKS FLOAT)
No. 968071 ID: 8768f8

Engage trunk rotation and motorboat into that canal
No. 968075 ID: 443c89
File 159052437833.gif - (310.25KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_float_cry.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Lyluks have 0 strength and cannot spin their trunks anywhere near fast enough to become a motorboat)
(Oh no! Bitluk just realized she is floating on POO WATER and has begun to cry again!)
No. 968076 ID: cf6efa

try swimming into the sidewalk of the sewer. Walk to the light side of the tunnel
No. 968077 ID: 210eed

don't cry bitluk it's only mud

mud water is pure and exfoliating
No. 968078 ID: 8768f8

eat crayons. Their color will bring joy and courage to this lyluk
No. 968082 ID: 443c89
File 159052624420.gif - (365.49KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_swim.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk swims over to the sidewalk)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk cares not how exfoliating the mud is when is came from someones butt!)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk refuses to eat her precious CRAYONS)
No. 968083 ID: cf6efa

do you see an exit? anywhere you can go now?
No. 968085 ID: 443c89
File 159053067212.jpg - (170.10KB , 1200x900 , bitluk_whatjpg.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "You're not going to get out that way. Once you're in this deep the only way back out is through the basement."

:bitlukicon: (Who is talking right now?)
No. 968086 ID: 443c89

(Another session done today, see you next time!)
No. 968164 ID: 12b116

It looks like there's a tunnel to the left and right. Why can't you go either of those ways?
No. 968167 ID: f8b8bb

That voice?? So beautiful!
In such a wretched place this voice could only belong to one creature...

A Begraluk!!!
No. 968485 ID: 443c89
File 159085922013.gif - (445.57KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_fishluk_lair.gif )

(Theres also a way towards the spirit camera from which we look upon the world and which is the direction the voice is coming from)
:bitlukicon: (A Begraluk?! Yes! Thats the only one it could belong to! A wise and beautif....)
(EW EEEEEWWWWWWWWW, What is that thing? That isn't a lyluk is it? I'm not related to that right?)
:fishlukcry: ...
No. 968486 ID: 8768f8

Greet that cutie and ask her why she's blushing. She definetly finds you nice!
No. 968487 ID: 44d902

My goodness, a fishluk!
maybe she can help you on your quest.
No. 968488 ID: 9537de

Go past it, I don't think those can speak or look, we better keep moving through.
No. 968491 ID: 443c89

:bitlukicon: (A fishluk? What is she doing on land?)
:fishluk: "I got stuck up here when the water level changed..."
:fishluk: "I can so speak! And tho I'm blind I can still help you! I know the way out of here, we need each other."
:fishluk: "I'm not b-blushing! This is just how my face is! And I don't think you're nice, the first thing you said to me was ew!"
No. 968495 ID: 8741d4

This is your fault for being mean to precious fishluk. Follow the fishluk to the basement and think about what you did.
No. 968496 ID: d237cc

Let's not forget our manners - try a trunkshake
Carefully, fishluk looks like it's about to die any moment
No. 968497 ID: 443c89
File 159086235941.gif - (228.43KB , 1200x901 , fishluk_trunkshake.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Yes! Surely a vigorous and POLITE TRUNKSHAKE will mend bitluks insults!)
:fishluk: "Ow"
No. 968499 ID: 44d902

No. 968508 ID: 443c89

:bitlukicon: (No! This is not lewd! When pilluk said you were pervert spirits I didn't think this is what she meant!)
:fishluk: "P-pervert spirits? Is that who we've been talking to?"
No. 968509 ID: 44d902

Focus! the fishluk said something about a way out. Ask how do you get through this "basement"?
No. 968510 ID: 443c89

:fishluk: "Yes, the pervert spirit is right. We should focus on getting out of here and I know the way! So all you have to do is pick me up and continue down the hallway until you see a whirlpool and then take a right. The uh, yeah it's somewhere to the right of the whirlpool."
"Please don't forget about me."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk picks up fishluk and puts her in the LYLUK INVENTORY DIMENSION)
No. 968511 ID: 443c89
File 159086907040.jpg - (190.67KB , 1600x1201 , sewers_pathway_to_the_ovens.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (It is just as fishluk said but theres only 1 way to go)
No. 968514 ID: d237cc

Oh no, did the FISHLUK disappear from the INVENTORY?
No. 968515 ID: 443c89
File 159087016673.jpg - (223.53KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_elevator.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Success! At the end of this tunnel there is one of those... upsy platform thingies)

(What ever do you mean kind suggester? Surely you can point to the post you think fishluk should be in but isnt right?)
No. 968516 ID: 443c89
File 159087067041.gif - (232.25KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_elevator_mad.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk keeps pressing the button but nothing happens)
(The more she presses the MADDER she gets)
No. 968517 ID: d237cc

No. 968519 ID: 443c89
File 159087104793.gif - (207.31KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_elevator_madder.gif )

No. 968520 ID: 7dceaa

You're pressing the wrong button little bitluk. Try the other one
No. 968521 ID: 9537de

Wait, before you go, do you see anything of use on those minecarts? The box things with wheels, I mean.
No. 968524 ID: 443c89
File 159087257483.jpg - (236.65KB , 1600x1201 , sewer_mine_carts.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Oh... Thanks pervert spirits)
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk is TOO SHORT to look into the minecarts but just as she's about to walk away she hears a voice)
:mysterynigga: "Is....someone there?"
No. 968526 ID: 443c89
File 159087439364.gif - (1.08MB , 1600x1201 , lyluk_ghosts.gif )

:lylukghosts: "Is that a little bitluk we see?"
No. 968527 ID: 9537de

My fucking christ, they're ghost lyluks. What do they know about this place?
No. 968528 ID: 44d902

No. 968529 ID: 443c89

:lylukghosts: "No we are not zombies or ghoasts. Do not throw stones in glass houses spirits."
:lylukghosts: "We know only that this place is where our ashes where dumped, with no one to mourn our passing. The fate of all lyluks. Your fate... if you do not escape this place."
No. 968530 ID: 9537de

Well you heard them bitluk, better make haste before that stinking roman comes here.
No. 968532 ID: 443c89

:bitlukicon: (Okay, lets get out of here!)
:lylukghosts: (Wait! We have so much more to-)
No. 968533 ID: 443c89
File 159087674370.gif - (602.10KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_elevator.gif )

:bitlukicon: (The elevator music drowns out the lyluk ghosts and even improves bitluks mood a little!)
No. 968535 ID: 443c89
File 159087745054.gif - (1.36MB , 800x600 , oven_prv_full.gif )

(As soon as she leaves the elevator bitluk is confronted with a horrible sight)
No. 968536 ID: 9537de

Bitluk, what's that lever behind you?
No. 968540 ID: b1b4f3

Push him into the oven!
No. 968542 ID: 443c89

(I think we're done for this session folks, Thanks for playing)
No. 968556 ID: 44e6ed

bitluk, if you join forces with pilluk, can you two join your shitty auras to kill the guard?
No. 968563 ID: 15a025

Use your crayons to draw a hole where the guard stands.
No. 968670 ID: dce46f

Hit him with fishluk and push him into the flames!
No. 968673 ID: 094652

Oh and insult his outdated fashion sense for good measure. Does he think poking his finger in other peoples' butts is going to get him chocolate?
No. 969047 ID: 443c89
File 159145430004.gif - (2.38MB , 1000x751 , oven_burst.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Lets pull it and find o... well that was shockingly easy)
(and very hot)
:bitlukicon: (Thank you spirits for all these undoubtedly good but unfortunately unnecessary suggestions)
(Bitluk insults the tacky guard in the INAUDIBLE LANGUAGE OF LYLUKS)
No. 969049 ID: 6b3871

Well, guess it's time to talk to that pilluk over there, see if she's fine!
No. 969050 ID: 190925

Quick, Grab that sword, it might come in handy later (could butluk even lift that with her trunk?).
No. 969051 ID: 8768f8

Pick that strange thing that aren't legs that fell down. You never know, you could use it as a toothpick. Lyluks have teeth, right?
No. 969052 ID: 094652

This is a horrible place even for the humans. You must not stay here.

Grab the shoes, you might be able to use them for something.
No. 969053 ID: 443c89
File 159145642223.jpg - (301.21KB , 1600x1201 , pilluk_bitluk.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (SWORD grabbed!)
:pillukicon: "Bitluk! Where were you!? How did you get here!? What did you do to him?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk explains her jaunt through the sewers, how the meanluks insulted her and how she met fishluk who told her the way here)
:pillukicon: "Well hope you had fun on your adventure cause I got captured while I was waiting for you to come back!"
"Although I guess you did come back and save me."
"So uh... thanks bitluk"
(Lyluks have PUNY FLAT TEETH)
No. 969054 ID: 443c89
File 159145782089.jpg - (307.14KB , 1600x1201 , smelly.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk grabs the sandals off the severed feet. Unfortunately since LYLUKS only have TRUNKS bitluk is forced to smell STINKY BURNT ROMAN FEET!)
(Also lyluks don't have feet so she can't wear them)
No. 969055 ID: 395403

Bitluk this is no place for bare feet

Use those roman sandals to protect your leg nubs
No. 969056 ID: 443c89
File 159146391193.jpg - (300.21KB , 1600x1201 , bitluk_sandals.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk puts on the SANDALS)
(Although she can still smell them and the straps dig into her NUBBINS the bottoms of her nubs have never been more comfortable)
No. 969057 ID: b3eb48

Onwards!! To ADVENTURE!!
No. 969059 ID: e65159

Give MAGIC WAND back to Pilluk, as this is the polite thing to do with borrowed items.
No. 969060 ID: 443c89
File 159146707465.jpg - (438.21KB , 1600x1201 , prison_corridor_2.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Yes! We will leave this place and see what the world has in store for us!)
:pillukicon: "This is just the hall where our cells are"
No. 969061 ID: b3eb48

Check all the cells, find out who else is imprisoned in here.
We must free ALL the lyluks!!
No. 969062 ID: 443c89
File 159147015372.jpg - (228.75KB , 1600x1201 , lyluk_party_inventory_update.jpg )

(No need! Now that they are together they can freely access each others LYLUK INVENTORY DIMENSION thus functionally combine their inventories!)
:pillukicon: "The voices are right bitluk! Not one lyluk will be left behind!"
"Hello? Anyone in there?"
:mysterynigga: "Mlem?"
No. 969063 ID: b1b4f3

Peek through the bars.

...the dead guard didn't have any keys? Or did they melt?
No. 969065 ID: 443c89
File 159147178979.jpg - (224.39KB , 1600x1201 , mlemluk.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (The only thing he dropped was the sword)
:pillukicon: "OH MY GOODNESS! Is that a... Beaconluk????"
:beaconluk: "mlem"
No. 969067 ID: b1b4f3

Mlem back at her.
No. 969068 ID: 443c89
File 159147364086.gif - (194.30KB , 1200x901 , beconluk_mlem.gif )

:pillukicon: "Mlem"
:pillukicon: "Oh god what the fuck thats not a trunk"
No. 969069 ID: b3eb48

No. 969070 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her she should pick the lock of the door with that tongue.
No. 969071 ID: 443c89
File 159147685409.gif - (193.41KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_lockpick.gif )

:beaconluk: (Beaconluk mlems the lock. It tastes of metal and grease. She has no idea what she's doing and fails to affect the lock)
No. 969072 ID: b1b4f3

I guess searching the cell is our next step.
No. 969074 ID: e65159

Give beaconluk the dice and have her roll a nat20 to open the doors
No. 969076 ID: 443c89
File 159147894129.jpg - (222.89KB , 1600x1201 , beaconluk_dice_given.jpg )

:beaconluk: (The only thing in the cell is the chair)
:beaconluk: (The dice are only 6 sided and have no numbers on them thus rolling a nat20 is impossible)
No. 969077 ID: 6b3871

Send fishluk to the other side and see if she can find a way out from inside.
No. 969078 ID: b1b4f3

Can we put beaconluk into inventory?
No. 969079 ID: 977456

Push the door open. From both sides, as you do not know if it is push or pull. Do not try to push and pull at the same time, butluk pushes until confident that the door will or will not open, then Beaconluck does so afterwards.
No. 969083 ID: 443c89
File 159148249734.gif - (204.97KB , 1200x901 , pilluk_stuck.gif )

:pillukicon: "Nope, you need to take them out of the inventory to put them in someone elses and both are too big to fit through the bars."
:pillukicon: "Okay you heard what they said bitluk, push and AAAAAAAAAAA"
"Okay it was unlocked all this time."
"Can someone help me out?"
No. 969084 ID: 443c89
File 159148257855.gif - (298.17KB , 1200x901 , pilluk_stuck_mlemming.gif )

No. 969085 ID: e65159

This is extremely inappropriate
Maybe beaconluk should've stayed in the cell
No. 969086 ID: 82211c

Take Beaconluk to court for sexual harassment.
No. 969087 ID: 6b3871

poke beaconluk with your gladiator sword, that should make her move away from her.
No. 969088 ID: 443c89

(Okay I think thats it for this session, Hope you guys had fun, see you next time)
No. 969089 ID: b3eb48

Beaconluk, you must show this lyluk your appreciation and gratitude for freeing you the only way you know how:
A FULL tongue bath. Leave no spot un-mlemed.

Saliva: help the lyluk get free
No. 969466 ID: 443c89
File 159188803773.gif - (190.74KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_sword.gif )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk brandishes her SWORD to defend the PURITY of pilluk)
:beaconluk: (Beaconluk is unable to MLEM all of pilluk because she is being defended by bitluk!)
No. 969467 ID: 95a665

Bitluk, can you tell beaconluk to lick pilluk's neck? That should make it easier for her to slip out of the jail door.
If she starts mleming her lewdly again, warn her with your sword.
No. 969470 ID: 14702f

mlem the sword
No. 969471 ID: 443c89
File 159188972155.gif - (188.92KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_necklick.gif )

(Beaconluk licks the neck of pilluk while bitluk watches veeerrry carefully)
No. 969472 ID: 443c89
File 159188973417.gif - (195.41KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_help.gif )

:pillukicon: "Uh, I still can't get out, someone please pull me"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk begins pulling pilluk out the door)
No. 969473 ID: 443c89
File 159188974155.jpg - (168.57KB , 1200x901 , pilluk_unstuck.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Hurray! Pilluk is free!)
:beaconluk: (Beaconluk refuses to MLEM anything that isn't SOFT TENDER FLESH)
No. 969474 ID: 95a665

Oh no, is pilluk ok? Did her neck break?
No. 969476 ID: 14702f

Beaconluk: Mlem her alive
No. 969477 ID: 443c89
File 159189141988.jpg - (167.73KB , 1200x901 , pilluk_something.jpg )

:beaconluk: "Mlem? Mlem mlem mle-"
:pillukicon: "Oh WOW! Not only am I FINE but I am feeling better than ever! No need to lick me ever again beaconluk."
No. 969478 ID: 14702f

The party expands, onwards to adventure!
No. 969481 ID: 7e0b7a

beaconluk and bitluk: mount pilluk and ride onwards valiantly
No. 969482 ID: 443c89
File 159189234845.gif - (540.00KB , 1200x901 , guard_booth.gif )

:pillukicon: "Yes! The spirits are right, we must go on and save ALL the lyluks trapped here"
"Lets go girls"
"Dammit, theres a guard manning that booth blocking our way, how will we get by him?"
No. 969483 ID: 14702f

Sneak below the window, make sure you don't get in their view
although distracted, you probably shouldn't take any chances.
No. 969484 ID: 443c89
File 159189297375.gif - (556.02KB , 1200x901 , guard_booth_crawling.gif )

:bitlukicon: (The guard is too distracted by watching TANK CHATS in order to notice us sneaking by him)
No. 969485 ID: e11102

I love how bitluk doesn't even need to kneel
Not that she could
No. 969486 ID: 14702f

Guard: be absolutely STONED out of your mind, i mean just LOOK at those SWEET tracks. God, and that JUICY suspension... UNF. Are they even allowed to show this kind of stuff on television?
No. 969487 ID: 443c89
File 159189477854.gif - (362.62KB , 1200x901 , pilluk.gif )

:pillukicon: (Although lyluks are very LIGHT and AIRY they also have 0 STRENGTH and pilluk cannot carry bitluk and beaconluk)
"This was a dumb idea, why did you guys suggest it?"
No. 969491 ID: 14702f

If it was such a dumb idea then why did you do it, huh?
anyways, lets get going. time to free the shitty lyluks, peek into the cells.
No. 969493 ID: 443c89
File 159189788042.jpg - (197.36KB , 1600x1201 , cells.jpg )

:pillukicon: "I did it because you told me! Why did you tell me to do it?"
"Ugh, whatever, lets save more lyluks."
"Hmmm, the doors to these cells look very sturdy. Is this the high security section?"
No. 969494 ID: e11102

Is it possible to peek into the HEAVY DOORS? If not, try knocking on one in SECRET LYLUKSE CODE
No. 969495 ID: 14702f

Heavy doors? what kinda lyluks would they need heavy doors to contain?
also, you shouldn't do everything strange spirits tell you to do. You wouldn't flash them with your puffy pussy if they told you to now would you?
No. 969499 ID: 443c89
File 159190435225.gif - (187.35KB , 1200x901 , yungluk_cell_peek.gif )

:pillukicon: "Certainly not to pervert spirits like you!"
"Now lets see whats in cell #1..."
No. 969500 ID: 14702f

Oh so you're saying you'd do so if it was a NON-pervert spirit, huh? ¬‿¬
No. 969503 ID: e11102

That... yungluk seems extremely threatening
Do we really want to let her out? Let's try a conversation first
And don't shake trunks, I don't like the way it is throbbing
No. 969505 ID: a307f1

Hey, did the guards throw that lyluk a pizza party in there? Looks like she has a paper plate, a pizza box, and some paper towels.

Ask for her pizza crusts for SUSTENANCE.
No. 969506 ID: 82211c

Get that toilet paper. You need something to burn.
No. 969507 ID: 443c89
File 159190750966.gif - (202.53KB , 1200x901 , yungluk_peek_2.gif )

:pillukicon: "Shut up"
(You are now TEMPORARILY yungluk)
:mysterynigga: "Toot?" (Ah, have my kin come to rescue me?)
"Toot" (and they bring little animatuli to my aid, unfortunately we will find little succor in this place for they have made sure I would not be able to escape from within)
"Toot" (That my incorporeal friends is not a pizza but a tray and, I am quite embarrassed to say, plate I broke in a fit of rage at my predicament)
No. 969508 ID: 82211c

Get plate shard.
No. 969514 ID: b1b4f3

Well first find out if the door's unlocked. Not falling for that one again.
Do you have any ability to pick locks? Search the room for useful items first.
No. 969517 ID: 443c89
File 159191179709.gif - (201.55KB , 1200x901 , yungluk_inventory_update.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (I would not "fall" for anything, the door is definitely locked, here take everything in this cell and use to save those who find themselves trapped here. Go now and leave me to my fate)
No. 969519 ID: 82211c

Thank the yungluk
No. 969520 ID: e11102

Don't give up, Yungluk!
Pilluk, pass Yungluk the MAGIC WAND.
Yungluk, use your NONZERO STRENGTH(your powerful-looking arms should be at least that strong, right?) to destroy the lock with MAGIC WAND
No. 969531 ID: 95a665

Do you have anything below the pillow or the bed yungluk?
No. 969537 ID: 443c89

(Thats a wrap, see you next time)
No. 969686 ID: 15a025

Kick door in another fit of rage.
No. 969841 ID: 689dc6
File 159232313814.gif - (278.41KB , 1200x901 , yungluk_magic_wand.gif )

:pillukicon: "Thank you yungluk, here have this magic wand, maybe it'll be more useful to you than it was to us."
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (My goodness, I have never been shown such kindness before, especially by such a beautiful young lady...)
"T-toot" (I will cherish this gift for as long as I live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart)
No. 969842 ID: 689dc6
File 159232314390.gif - (203.30KB , 1200x901 , yungluk_pillow_lifting.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (No)
:mysterynigga: "Toot" (What is this 'kick' you speak of?)
No. 969846 ID: 094652

>What is 'kick'
You moving your leg-arm like that, only faster.
Preferably at someone's face.

>What do
Well take the pillow and add it to our inventory.
Also, collect all the other junk in this room. Look for a thin metal stick, if you can.
No. 969848 ID: 689dc6
File 159233082251.gif - (210.93KB , 1200x901 , yungluk_inventory_update2.gif )

:mysterynigga: "Toot" (Sir it sounds like you are describing a punch, are you confused or simply gone mad from eons of being a disembodied voice?)
"Toot" (I will give you my only soft place to lay my head since you did give me that wand but I will not give anymore, I have very little and would like some things to my name before I die)
No. 969849 ID: b1b4f3

I'd suggest punching the door but you could hurt your hand... how about if you cushioned your hand with the pillow? The idea is to just exert a large amount of force to the area near the lock, so as to break the mechanism or the frame. Put your weight behind it.

Warn Pilluk to get away from the door before you try to break it down.
No. 969850 ID: 689dc6
File 159233311411.jpg - (210.03KB , 1600x1201 , yungluk_2.jpg )

:mysterynigga: "toot" (Oh please stop, I know you are trying to help but this door was made to contain humans, not even have the strength of man, no matter how hard I try I could never break down this door)
"Toooooooot" (Now go and save yourselves!)
No. 969852 ID: b1b4f3

Your arms look bigger and more muscled than a human's. You should at least try.
No. 969853 ID: 689dc6

:mysterynigga: "toot" (Do you not think that I already tried? I can't do it, now leave)
No. 969854 ID: b1b4f3

Fine. If we find the keys we'll come back for you, hang in there.
No. 969858 ID: 689dc6
File 159233791220.gif - (300.96KB , 1200x901 , lyluk_party.gif )

:pillukicon: "Okay, so we need the key to the cells in order to save the lyluks trapped here. Should we go and try to find it or check up on the other prisoners firsts?"
"Beaconluk please stop licking that door."
No. 969859 ID: e5e456

Hey beaconluk, how does the door taste?
Also I think we should at least check up on all the prisoners. Imagine how lonely they feel. Knowing that someone is out there, working on escape is bound to lift their spirits!
No. 969860 ID: 689dc6
File 159233949678.gif - (332.62KB , 1200x901 , migeluk.gif )

:beaconluk: "Mlem" (Tastes like oily rust and milk)
:pillukicon: "Okay, lets check the next one down and... Oh my goodness! Is that a..."
No. 969861 ID: 14702f

A Mige-Lyluk!! What a find.
Quickly, we must free our serpentine friend!
No. 969862 ID: e5e456

She looks wild! Ask her a question, politely.
If she responds eloquently enough, give her the ROMAN SWORD. She then can cut the BINDING ROPE, and wiggle outside through the window in the door!
No. 969863 ID: 82211c

Attempt to communicate. If this strange serpentine Lyluk is amicable, poke the sword through the door slot so it can free itself and slither through the slot.
No. 969865 ID: b1b4f3

...if we have a lyluk that can slither through the slots in the doors, does that mean we can use the inventory to ferry everyone out?
No. 969866 ID: 689dc6
File 159234408625.gif - (547.51KB , 1200x901 , migeluk_free.gif )

:pillukicon: "Hello there, are you a real migeluk?"
:migeluk: "What? How did you escape? Please help me! I gotta get out of here!"
:pillukicon: "Wow, our icons are very similar, how can the spirits tell the difference?"
:migeluk: "No problem! I plucked my eyelashes so it'll be easy to tell us apart! Now do you have anything that can cut this rope? I think I can squeeze through the slot if I wasn't tied down."
:pillukicon: "Yeah sure, here have this sword we pilfered off a guard we brutally killed with fire."
:migeluk: "Thanks" *Zoop*
"Haha! Finally I am free!"
No. 969867 ID: 8768f8

Suggest that migeluk could be our Stealthy News And Knowledge Enabler, using her slithery and silent movement to recon and infiltrate enemy locations.
No. 969868 ID: b1b4f3

Nice! Anything useful in this room? Doesn't really look like it tbh but it doesn't hurt to look around.
Can you fit through the slot in the door?
No. 969874 ID: 689dc6
File 159234723233.jpg - (335.60KB , 1200x901 , migeluk_sword.jpg )

:migeluk: "Sounds good to me! Lets show these killers what happens when you mess with lyluks!"
No. 969875 ID: 689dc6
File 159234728762.gif - (298.89KB , 1200x901 , migeluk_cant_fit.gif )

:migeluk: "Dammit! I was worried about this. I can't fit."
"Also theres nothing in here"
No. 969876 ID: e5e456

Pilluk, carefully and intimately rub pizza over migeluk's face and head until she becomes nice and greasy
The additional lubrication will allow her to slip into the narrow hole.
No. 969877 ID: b7cb50

Maybe you can pick the door open with your sword from the inside?
No. 969879 ID: 82211c

Maybe if the outside lyluks pull hard enough they can squeeze migeluk out
No. 969880 ID: 689dc6

(Thats it for tonight, see you next time folks)
No. 969891 ID: b1b4f3

It's looking like we won't be able to get anyone out of the high security area. We might want to forge on ahead to find those keys.
No. 969924 ID: 14702f

Look around, are there any vents or other openings you could crawl out through?
No. 970122 ID: 689dc6
File 159267183523.jpg - (246.93KB , 1600x1201 , lyluk_party_2.jpg )

:pillukicon: "I don't have any pizza, why do you think I have pizza? You guys have been here the entire time and you have never seen me pick up or even find any pizza."
:migeluk: "Nope, sword is way too big."
:migeluk: "Hell no! You'll gouge my eye out or rip my trunk off before I slip through."
:migeluk: "Yes! Theres a vent I can crawl up to. I'll try to get out that way."
:pillukicon: "Okay, we'll try and find the key to these cells, try and meet up with us if you can."

(You have a choice pervert spirits, do you follow and protect migeluk or pilluks party?)
No. 970123 ID: 094652

Stick with the party
No. 970124 ID: e65159

Migeluk looks competent, surely she can handle a few thousand pests down the vent
Stick with the obviously dysfunctional party, they need our help.
No. 970125 ID: 61a883

we need to see migeluk's own adventures
No. 970126 ID: 8a9ac0

Warn migeluk about the meanluks infesting the sewers so she knows what she's getting into.
No. 970132 ID: b1b4f3

I wish to follow migeluk. A solo lyluk is in more danger.
No. 970133 ID: 689dc6
File 159267867388.jpg - (258.21KB , 1600x1201 , back_to_the_guards_booth.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Okay girls, we gotta find the key to this place to save all the lyluks trapped here! Lets go sneak past the guard again."
"By the way migeluk, watch out for the meanluks in the sewer!"
:migeluk: "In the sewer? But I'm going in the vents, what use is that warning to me?"
No. 970134 ID: 689dc6
File 159267867790.jpg - (256.60KB , 1600x1201 , guards_booth_no_guard.jpg )

(As the lyluks approach the booth they him yell at the top of his lungs)
(He then proceeds to stomp down another hallway)
:pillukicon: "Gross'
:bitlukicon: (Yuck!)
:beaconluk: (Awww yea can't wait to lick all that up)
No. 970135 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you can follow him to the showers and steal the keys from his pants?
No. 970137 ID: 689dc6
File 159268465992.gif - (494.57KB , 1200x901 , showers_prv.gif )

(The lyluks follow the guard to the showers where they unsurprisingly find him taking a shower)
(What should they do?)
No. 970139 ID: 8a9ac0

oh, poor migeluk. she doesn't realize... If there's meanluks in the sewer, then who knows what's in the vents. They had to get down there somehow after all.

Steal his armor, wear it for yourselves (a safe distance away from the guard being able to hear)
try to find a key, in the armor, and in the booth. be quick before the guard finishes showering.
No. 970140 ID: 58ab3a

steal his armor. He won't be able to leave the showers because that would be indecent.
No. 970141 ID: 8a9ac0

If the guard catches you you should let beaconluk to molest him.
all naked like that... the taste of his skin... He is powerless against beaconluk. He has no defenses against any kind of mleming right now.
No. 970148 ID: 689dc6
File 159269094074.gif - (0.96MB , 1200x901 , lyluks_shower_armor_steal.gif )

:pillukicon: "Okay girls, you heard the spirits, search his armor for the key"
:beaconluk: "mleeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmm~"
:pillukicon: Now whatever we do we cannot mak- OH NO! This is LORICA SEGMENTA! No matter what we do it will create noise when the plates clang against each other! YOU PERVERT SPIRITS SCREWED US!"
(The guard has been alerted by your careless choice of pick pocketing, what will you do now?)
No. 970152 ID: 8a9ac0

Quickly! wear the armor and gain ultimate defense!
Beaconluyk! Full Mleming Assault. Bust into that shower and use your tongue like you've never used it before. Leave no spot, crannie, or crevice unmlemed. Traumatize the poor bastard.
No. 970153 ID: e65159

Oh no!
Pilluk, kick away the armor so the ROMAN GUARD cannot equip it and gain its EFFECTS.
Beaconluk, stand ready to MLEM the ROMAN GUARD when he steps out.
Bitluk please stand back and look away.
No. 970154 ID: 8a9ac0

>conveniently appear
No. 970155 ID: 689dc6
File 159269348175.jpg - (331.23KB , 1600x1201 , lyluk_party_ready.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Okay, so we're all ready, he's about to open the door, you ready for mleming beaconluk?"
:beaconluk: "Mlem!"
:provicon: "God damn why won't these suds get out of my hair? What kind of shampoo is this? Whoever was messing with my armor is probably already gone by now..."
No. 970156 ID: 8a9ac0

No. 970158 ID: 8768f8

You have two options.
Run away with the armor and leave the roman to live forever with the shame of being naked
Throw fishluk in the shower so she can be in her element, then carry on the mlemming assault
No. 970159 ID: 689dc6

(Thats it for today folks, see you next time)
No. 970643 ID: 689dc6
File 159310062243.gif - (556.93KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_mlem_attack.gif )

:beaconluk: (She's fast! No sooner does prov crack the door open then beaconluks tongue darts through the tiny opening to sexually assault him!)
No. 970644 ID: 82211c

No. 970645 ID: ee20ea

Pilluck: Cover bitluks pure, innocent eye. She doesn't need to see this.

beaconluk: You know what you need to do. Go. Deeper.
No. 970648 ID: 689dc6
File 159310779253.gif - (0.98MB , 1200x901 , showers_prv_run.gif )

:beaconluk: (Mmmmmm, tasty)
No. 970649 ID: ee20ea

Good job, Beaconluk!

Now we just gotta get out of here before the guard might, maybe, probably, alert his fellow guards.

No. 970650 ID: 689dc6
File 159311003213.gif - (466.62KB , 1200x901 , fishluk_out.gif )

:pillukicon: "Fishluk! It's time to return to your natural habitat!"
:fishluk: "Ahhh! What happened? Are we free? Whats this about natural habitat?"
:pillukicon: "Well no we're not free yet, I just thought you'd appreciate being in a wet place."
:fishluk: "What? You mean this shower? Did someone just use it? It smells gross! You kept me in the inventory for so long where I couldn't talk to anyone and you finally take me out for this? You guys are the worst!"
:pillukicon: "Hey, blame bitluk, up until now I thought you were a toy or something"
No. 970652 ID: 689dc6
File 159311026030.gif - (435.47KB , 1200x901 , fishluk_mlem.gif )

:fishluk: "Eww, who is this? Don't lick up my tears"
:pillukicon: "Thats beaconluk, be careful around her."
No. 970653 ID: 19da02

just let it happen. It's not sexual
No. 970655 ID: b1b4f3

So was there a key in the armor?
No. 970657 ID: 689dc6
File 159311387644.gif - (436.08KB , 1200x901 , bitluk_key.gif )

:fishluk: "I don't like this"
:bitlukicon: (Yes! There was a key hidden in his helmet!)
No. 970659 ID: b1b4f3

Alright enough licking, it's time to see if that key opens some doors.
No. 970660 ID: 689dc6
File 159311576557.gif - (4.73MB , 1200x901 , showers_alarm.gif )

:pillukicon: "Yeah! Lets go free the other ly-"
"Uh oh..."
No. 970661 ID: ee20ea

Oh no, RUN!!!!
No. 970663 ID: 73e85d

Would it be possible to fit all the lyluks into the vents?
We could both hide and look for Migeluk
No. 970666 ID: 8768f8

Quickly, hide in the nearest locker or vent!
No. 970668 ID: 689dc6
File 159311980206.jpg - (314.56KB , 1600x1201 , lyluks_choose.jpg )

(The party hears guards outside the showers! Theres nowhere else to go but to the corner. Luckily there is both an open manhole and a vent!)
:pillukicon: "Me and beaconluk can't fit in the vent..."
(Will you split up the party and send the little lyluks into the vent while the big ones head into the sewer? If so which will you stay with?)
No. 970669 ID: 73e85d

Yes, we need to lay low for now, let's meet here again once everything calms down a little.
I think we should stay with the little lyluks. Beaconluk is armed with DEADLY MLEMMING and I am certain she and Pilluk will be fine.
No. 970670 ID: 8768f8

Splitting the party is never a good idea. Safety in numbers.
Also tell Fishluk she's cute.
No. 971046 ID: 689dc6
File 159353424284.gif - (506.77KB , 1200x901 , enter_the_sewers.gif )

:pillukicon: "Geronimooooooooooooo"
:fishluk: "Dammit, I just got out of here."
:bitlukicon: (This place seems familiar)
No. 971047 ID: 689dc6
File 159353440076.jpg - (335.72KB , 1200x901 , party_sewers.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Come on girls! We got gotta lose them through the tunnels."
:bitlukicon: (Should I tell them about the other way?)
No. 971052 ID: 5c3bc0

Tell them bitluk, but I don't think the bigger lyluks can fit in there
Do we even need to go anywhere? We are just hiding after all
No. 971054 ID: 689dc6

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk tells the party about the way down to the seep sewers)
:pillukicon: "Yeah, I don't think I can fit down that pipe, also I don't even want to go, that place is filled with POO WATER!"
"I think we should try to lose them in the maze of the sewers, it's not gonna be hard to figure out where we went."
No. 971055 ID: 6f6ca9

We should go where you got ambushed by the meanluk, maybe if the luks stack together we could each the ladder on the other side.
No. 971058 ID: 689dc6
File 159353838023.jpg - (204.58KB , 1200x901 , party_meanluk_area.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Yeah, we can take on those mean old meanluks together! Now, it was towards the clown way right?)
No. 971059 ID: 6f6ca9

Yes, let's prepare for any other attacks, maybe we can mlem and sword our way out.
No. 971065 ID: 689dc6
File 159354005990.jpg - (250.25KB , 1200x901 , meanluk_hole.jpg )

:pillukicon: "We gave the sword to migeluk remember?"
:fishluk: "WHAT!? You gave away a SWORD?"
:pillukicon: "Migeluk was on her own, she needed it more than we did."
"Now, this is where you said the meanluk hurt you bitluk?"
:bitlukicon: (Yes)
:pillukicon: "Well theres nothing here now. I'm not convinced these 'meanluks' exist."
No. 971075 ID: 6f6ca9

Well, let's get to it before the roman guards realize what's happening
No. 971077 ID: 8768f8

>I'm not convinced these 'meanluks' exist
Put your head in the hole to make sure of it if you're so brave.
No. 971078 ID: 689dc6

:pillukicon: "Get going where? We can go either in the pipe, try the ladder or continue ahead."
No. 971079 ID: 689dc6
File 159354438229.jpg - (247.01KB , 1200x901 , pilluk_peeks.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Okay, it's really hard to squeeze in there with this armor."
"There, see? No scary meanluks! A meanluk... As if lyluks could be mean..."
"The only thing mean is the stench."
No. 971081 ID: b1b4f3

We saw them! There were... a lot of them. Also isn't beaconluk kindof mean?

Let's go up the ladder.
No. 971082 ID: 5c3bc0

I want to commend beaconluk on her self-control, she's mere inches away
Try to peek upstairs next, we need to keep an eye out on the surface in case migeluk is around. But otherwise I think we should proceed normally through the tunnels
No. 971083 ID: 6f6ca9

Enough, let's go up the stairs before pilluck gets proven wrong.
beaconluk should check behind us since she can defend herself with licking.
No. 971084 ID: 8768f8

Go up the ladder but DON'T MAKE ANY NOISE, that could wake up the Meanluk
No. 971089 ID: 689dc6
File 159354997754.gif - (386.70KB , 1200x901 , kitchen_chief.gif )

(The party creeps up the ladder and exits through a closet)
:pillukicon: "Uh oh, looks like we're not getting out this way."
No. 971091 ID: 8768f8

Say hello and ask what's cookin'.
No. 971092 ID: b1b4f3

Go back down! Don't alert the cook. He will probably try to cook you.
Try going through the tunnel. Remove armor if you have to.
No. 971093 ID: 82211c

He looks ugly. Insult his heritage and run away.
No. 971094 ID: 689dc6
File 159355300789.jpg - (247.99KB , 1200x901 , pilluk_chief_talk.jpg )

:pillukicon: (God I hope you guys have a good reason for this) "Hello kind and generous chef!"
:lhomar: "Huh? What? Where did you come from? I guess you're the reason the alarm went off right?"
:pillukicon: "No, the guard pulling the alarm is the reason."
:lhomar: "Right... About that armor you're wearing, you didn't kill him to get it right?"
:pillukicon: "Nope, I assure you he is very much alive and naked."
:lhomar: "Alright then." (He goes back to stirring the soup)
:pillukicon: (Dammit! Why didn't you say that first! Well at least he didn't cook me...)
:pillukicon: "Uh... You humans are always trying to genocide us lyluks! Stop it!"
(The chef drops his ladle to the ground and tears well in his eyes)
:lhomar: "No one has ever called me human before..."
No. 971095 ID: 6f6ca9

Keep going, we don't need more people trying to kill you all shitty lyluks.
No. 971098 ID: 82211c

No. 971099 ID: ee20ea

Oh no...
I'm sensing unresolved issues and possibly emotional trauma.
This poor soul, despite being completely human, must also not had a great super-duper fun life.

Just like you...

Ask him if he's alright. Listen, and comfort him if need be.
Maybe this human can be an ally, not foe.
No. 971100 ID: 689dc6
File 159355539574.jpg - (237.93KB , 1200x901 , chief_cry.jpg )

:pillukicon: "So... uh... You're not gonna cook us up and eat us?"
:lhomar: "What? No, do people do that?"
:pillukicon: "Probably, I mean YES! You humans do eat us!"
:lhomar: "Thats terrible, how could they eat such nice people..."
(The chefs tears flow harder)
:lhomar: "Don't worry little lyluk, I won't let them eat you. I-I'll cover for you, I'll pretend we never met and you go find a way out of here."
(SUCCESS! The chef is now on the LYLUK SIDE!)
No. 971102 ID: 87c7af

The human... doesn't want to hurt you...

>Pilluk: Hold back tears of gratitude
>Pilluk: thank the kind human
No. 971355 ID: 689dc6
File 159378659564.jpg - (271.72KB , 1200x901 , chief_tearful_embrace.jpg )

:pillukicon: "I-i've never met a human a nice human before! Thank you!"
:lhomar: "Aw, come here you little monster."
(What should the other lyluks so now that the chef accepts them?)
No. 971356 ID: 4544cc

Be brave Bitluk, and thank the chef for his help

Beaconluk, try licking some of his delicious soup
No. 971358 ID: 22ff38

The rest of the lyluks should come out and greet the nice chef. But don't do it too fast, or you may startle him.
And ask for permission before mlemming the soup
No. 971359 ID: 689dc6
File 159379160376.gif - (343.77KB , 1200x901 , kitchen_party_reveal.gif )

:lhomar: "Here, you must be starving, have some blackberry-"
"Goodness theres more of you? Where did all these come from?"
"Hey hey! Don't stick your uh, whatever that'll show you to wait until it's done."
:bitlukicon: (Thank you for being kind)
(Bitluk says it in the INAUDIBLE LANGUAGE OF LYLUKS so he can't hear it.)
:pillukicon: "Thank you for harboring me and my friends while we wait for this whole prison escape thing to blow over."
:fishluk: "Yeah, your the first person we've met all that isn't trying to kill us."
:lhomar: "Well, your the first people I've ever met to recognize me as people. Of course I'm gonna help you out. Now eat your blackberry pie while I make sure the guards don't get suspicious."
No. 971360 ID: 87c7af

I can't believe the guards aren't just lyluk haters
They're also RACISTS!! For shame..
No. 971363 ID: 689dc6
File 159379371488.jpg - (273.04KB , 1200x901 , party_satisfied_except_beaconluk.jpg )

:fishluk: "Yeah those dumb racists genociding us, thats so 20th century."
:lhomar: "Who are you talking to?"
:pillukicon: "Nevermind her, thanks for the pie mr.chef."
:lhomar: "No problem, no one else here likes blackberry anyways..."
No. 971364 ID: f1a246

Ask the chef if he knows any way out of here, preferrably with the least amount of guards.
No. 971366 ID: 689dc6

:pillukicon: "Do you know how to get out of here?"
:lhomar: "The only the way I know out is through the front door, which I doubt you can use, sorry but I can't be much help in actually getting you out."
No. 971368 ID: 22ff38

Bid farewell to the kind human chef and have a look in the next rooms
Have bitluk keep her large eye on the vents, we still need to find migeluk
No. 971370 ID: 689dc6
File 159379989472.jpg - (272.05KB , 1200x901 , party_warned.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Thanks for the hospitality mr.chef , we gotta go and get-"
:lhomar: "Woah woah woah now, you can't go that way, thats the mess hall where everyone eats, you'll definitely get caught there, if you want to leave you gotta go back the way you came."
No. 971371 ID: f1a246

Who puts a sewer entrance next to a kitchen, I wonder. No matter, time to search through those sewers once more.
No. 971372 ID: 8768f8

The Lyluks should give the man a token of Lyluk appreciation.
Give him the dices so he can remember the day he helped Lyluks out with delicious blackberry pies and play games with overly complex rules.
No. 971374 ID: 689dc6
File 159380139089.jpg - (278.49KB , 1200x901 , Chief_dice_given.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Well okay, we'll go back into the smelly sewers but first a token of our appreciation."
:lhomar: "Dice? Uh, thanks?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk can't bear the thought of leaving the only friend the lyluks have ever had.)
:fishluk: "Don't cry bitluk, he'll be fine."
No. 971375 ID: 689dc6
File 159380206033.jpg - (228.03KB , 1200x901 , lyluks_party_back_to_sewers.jpg )

(Where do you go now that you're in the sewers?)
No. 971376 ID: 22ff38

bitluk should draw a chef face on the wall next to ladder, using her COLORFUL CRAYONS
Then it's onward through the tunnels!
No. 971378 ID: 689dc6
File 159380443857.jpg - (249.73KB , 1200x896 , Bitluk_chief_portrait.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (Bitluk draws a very flattering depiction of her nice chef friend)
No. 971380 ID: 689dc6
File 159380628001.jpg - (215.64KB , 1200x901 , sewers_strange_tunnel.jpg )

(The party continues down the tunnels, on the next turn they come upon something strange)
:pillukicon: "Uh, you know what this is fishluk?"
:fishluk: "Why would I know what it is?"
:pillukicon: "Well you lived down here didn't you?"
:fishluk: "I did not live here! I just found my down, thats all..."

:beaconluk: "mlem" (Beacon is all better!)
No. 971385 ID: 22ff38

Let's explore! It looks cool
No. 971386 ID: 689dc6
File 159380836620.jpg - (192.77KB , 1200x901 , slimy_tunnels.jpg )

:pillukicon: "You pervert spirits have a weird definition of cool. What is all of this? Everything is slimy and smells weird, what is this doing in the sewers?"
No. 971387 ID: b1b4f3

What's that in the fog?
No. 971390 ID: 689dc6
File 159381253044.jpg - (194.73KB , 1200x901 , mysterious_egg.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Thats just the draw distance, we lyluks have poor depth perception."
(The party continues on until...)
:fishluk: "Eww, it smells even worse here."
:pillukicon: "Is that a guard stuck to the wall in brown goop with an egg at his feet?"
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk really wants to leave)
No. 971391 ID: f1a246

Do we have another way to go? We should check before going in, I don't like the feeling that tunnel gives me.
No. 971392 ID: f1a246

Snatch that egg quickly! Whatever got that guard killed would definetly beat a whole party of shitty lyluks. We better turn tail before it catches us, and sees us near its egg.
No. 971395 ID: 689dc6
File 159381509451.gif - (254.77KB , 1200x901 , slimy_tunnels_meanluk_ambush.gif )

(The party puts the MYSTERIOUS EGG in the LYLUK INVENTORY DOMENSION, but bitluk hears familiar hissing from the way they came)
:bitlukicon: (Girls! The meanluks are coming!)
:pillukicon: "Really? I wanna see whats been scaring you so much bitluk."
"Really? These little nasty lyluks are it?"
"Sure theres, a lot of them and they are quite saucy but we can take them!"
:fishluk: "Why are there so many of them but only one of each of us?"
(Do you fight the meanluks?)
No. 971399 ID: b1b4f3

Give back their egg. These things... are reproducing.
No. 971419 ID: 87c7af

Bitluk... remember the big one that scared you earlier?
No. 971429 ID: b1b4f3

I dunno if running is really needed. There's a sword right there and these things are small. If they don't calm down after returning the egg, we could fight!
I'd rather unleash them against the upper levels somehow to distract the guards...
No. 971452 ID: 4544cc

Leave the egg, grab the sword! These are the shittiest of all lyluks, and will go down easy if you're prepared
No. 971454 ID: a67d10

Assume a formation and retreat!
Pilluk in the front with a sword
Beaconluk protecting the rear with mlemming
Bitluk using her extreme depth perception to keep a lookout for more meanluks
Fishluk can coordinate everyone's movements and show the best path through the hordes
No. 971455 ID: 87c7af

You fool! Meanluks may be weak when few, but in numbers they can become terribly dangerous to encounter, and they are notoriously rapid breeders!
We are in or near their inner sanctum; their "nest", and they're gonna get reinforcements any moment. If we don't run, we're dead!
No. 971469 ID: f1a246

Run and don't look back, you will NOT survive a meanluk horde through fighting.
No. 971658 ID: 689dc6
File 159413875348.gif - (209.10KB , 1200x901 , meanluk_ambush.gif )

:bitlukicon: (They aren't reacting to the egg at all either!)
:fishluk: "I knew we should've ran at the first sight of trouble! This is bad!"
No. 971659 ID: 689dc6
File 159413900132.gif - (884.83KB , 1200x901 , meanluk_tide_end.gif )

:bitlukicon: "We were so close"
:beaconluk: "mlem"
(The party is overtaken by the MEANLUK TIDE. You have failed to help them escape the LYLUK EXTERMINATION CAMP. Shitty lyluk quest is over. Hope you had fun!)
No. 971662 ID: 0c6f7e

No. 971663 ID: 87c7af

You fuckers, I TOLD YOU TO RUN!!!

...ummm, >be migeluk?
No. 971772 ID: 87c7af

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