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File 158218765205.png - (229.94KB , 550x500 , CDQ000.png )
956815 No. 956815 ID: 11f77a

You think this is the place, it’s a good thing you won the raffle and the spaceplane tickets are already paid for or this would’ve been a huge waste of money! DAMA’S Spa & Bathhouse, huh? Maybe she lives in an apartment upstairs.

Yamelle Cecil-Naast... interesting name.

I hope to make this a quick one-shot, enjoy! Maybe it’ll be definitely NSFW? I dunno what’s gonna happen! Handholding? Also, non-canon! Pretty much non-canon.
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No. 956816 ID: 11f77a
File 158218768825.png - (157.66KB , 550x500 , CDQ001.png )

First choose your sign. And a name. A male-sounding name.

Then what are you gonna do next?
No. 956817 ID: c8b64e

Thadeus The One Who Fucks

Thad for short
No. 956821 ID: cdabe3

ooh i like thadeus

but i'd rather pick fertility
No. 956823 ID: 891b91

Yes, Thadeus is good. Thadeus Plymouth Saft, Esq.

And, of course, Thadeus is the one who fucks.
No. 956824 ID: 1eb907

Walk into the building like you own the place and say you have an appointment with Ms. Yanelle.
No. 956825 ID: 891b91

If Cameron wins then I still insist on tacking "Plymouth Saft, Esq." onto the end of it. We are going to be a fancy bonvivant playboy, if I have anything to say about it!
No. 956826 ID: b07f1c

If Chad wins, we may as well just hang ourselves.

Max, The One Who Fucks
No. 956836 ID: 2aa5f0


No. 956848 ID: 91ee5f


No. 956852 ID: e7c7d3

A Beauty mark.

Name? Hmm, gotta be a bit alien. Lennethad?
No. 956866 ID: 11f77a
File 158222898966.png - (167.54KB , 550x500 , CDQ002.png )

You’re absolutely sure your name is Saft, Thadeus Plymouth Saft.

Esq. still pending.

And bestowed upon your face is the calligraphy of the one who fucks. This sign was inscribed as a rite-of-passage just like your father, and his father before him.
No. 956867 ID: 11f77a
File 158222911326.png - (217.99KB , 550x500 , CDQ003.png )

You bust in this building like you bought the entire village. There’s a clammy-looking dog creature behind the register who greets you. Must be one of those southern hairless mutts from this planet.

Victor: Welcome to—hey! HEY! Watch it! That door aint yours, treat it with respect!

Victor: Eigos thinking they rule the place.

Victor: State your business. Can I help you?

Thadeus: Yes, I’m here to see Mizz Yamelle. Is she here?

Victor: You got an appointment, huh? Name please, and which session are you here for today. I'll let you know when you're up.
No. 956869 ID: b07f1c

"Oh, I'm already up, if you know what I mean."
No. 956871 ID: 00f670

Do this while doing the eyebrows thing, or winking
No. 956872 ID: bef60d

T-pose to assert dominance over the lesser being
No. 956875 ID: e7c7d3

The full body treatment. Emphasis on the full body.
No. 956876 ID: b1b4f3

Session? You won a raffle.
No. 956882 ID: 2202fb

indeed we did. We got no clue what is happening beyond that.
No. 956886 ID: 891b91

Doesn't matter, pal. Once she lays eyes on this she'll clear her schedule for some one-on-one with yours truly. Thad Jr.'s goin' spelunking tonight!

Oh and I won this raffle and I honestly have no clue how it fits into your system here or whatever so please figure it out for me thank you.
No. 956896 ID: 11f77a
File 158226753378.png - (192.94KB , 550x500 , CDQ004.png )

Thadeus: Session?

Thadues: No, no, no. Buddy, I won a raffle—and I’m here for Ms. Yamelle Cecil-Naast. Once she lays eyes on this she’ll clear her schedule for some one-on-one with yours truly. I’ll be getting’ the whoooole full-body treatment tonight.

You do the eyebrows thing, and point and wink. His mood hardly differs. Even though you have no clue how the raffle works and what you’ll really get out of this. Gotta expect the best! Act like you know your shit.

Victor: Oooh. I get it… Sorry buddy, I don’t know how it is with you guys with your own goat customs on your planet but she’s already, uh, spoken for.
No. 956897 ID: 11f77a
File 158226761568.png - (217.49KB , 550x500 , CDQ005.png )

A pleasant voice hums from the top of a set of stairs—and there she is: all dressed so plainly, yet gracious for a special night out. She assures the clammy one.

Yamelle: Oh? Someone at the door? Well, hello there~ I’m glad you’ve made it!

Yamelle: Vikta, no need to get upset—it’s just my date tonight! And you must be Thadeus Saft. It’s Saft, right? Now say hello and don’t be rude.

Victor: D-Date? You’re going on a date?

Victor: But how? Why? You have Dad!

Yamelle: How couldn’t you remember what I’ve told you? I was part of a charity bachelorette auction with my girlfriends a week ago!

Victor: You’re not a bachelorette, you have Dad!

Yamelle: They thought I was part of it and then they paired us! I felt bad if I had to leave this poor man without anybody! It’ll be fine~

Yamelle: Your father knows and he’s out and about with some friends. So I need you, your brothers, and sisters to watch the shop for me. Let Sashi stand in for my clients today!
No. 956900 ID: 891b91

Well, this complicates things a bit. Not a problem, though -- we'll see soon enough how monogamous these Chupians really are! And if that turns to be "very monogamous", then no matter. She looks stunning (for an alien) and seems like she'll make very pleasant company to boot, so I'm sure we'll have a great time, even if we don't get to show her the true meaning of our facial calligraphy. And of course, we'll make sure she'll have a night to remember as well, regardless of what comes of it, because being "the one who fucks" demands that we are a virtuoso in all aspects of pleasing a lady, not simply carnal pleasure! We certainly don't want her to regret her generosity, after all.

Kneel down on one leg before her, taking her hand in yours, and then say, "Thaddeus Plymouth Saft at your service, Madamoiselle -- delighted and deeply honored to meet you. And if I may be so bold as to say so, no camera could properly capture your beauty -- you are even more radiant in person than in your photo!" Then, if she seems receptive to it, plant a kiss on the back of her hand before you release it and stand back up.

Now, Victor seems like a lot of fun to mess with -- and he demeaned our hallowed traditions as mere goat customs -- so let's break out the double entendres. Turn to him, giving a little bow, and say, "I give you my word as a gentleman, Victor, that your mother will be in good hands tonight; the best of hands, in fact! I will do my utmost to see that her generosity is richly rewarded -- this is a night she will never forget, I assure you!
No. 956901 ID: b1b4f3

>your father knows
Huh. Well alright!
Tell the lady you'll be sure to show her a good time, you don't mind that she's married if her husband's into it.

Give Victor a thumbs up and a wink, just so he hates you a little more.
No. 956906 ID: 4286b4

Do this, but also when looking past the lady, in a way that she can't see your face, give Victor an evil grin.
No. 956909 ID: cdabe3

these are both terrible, evil things to do and i love them; do them
No. 956970 ID: 11f77a
File 158233329132.png - (223.71KB , 550x500 , CDQ006.png )

You kneel down on one leg and softly take her hand to reintroduce yourself proper. All in front of her son who abhors such a thing. The lady is quite tickled by the strange gesture—must be an Eigo tradition, she may think.

Thadeus: Thadeus Plymouth Saft at your service, Madamoiselle. Delighted and deeply honored to meet you~

Yamelle: Oh my~ Nice to meet you Mr. Plymouth-Saft!

Thadeus: And if I may be so bold as to say so, no camera could properly capture your beauty. You are more radiant in person than in your photo!

You gently kiss the back of her hand as she positively takes the reception. Standing, she has a charmed smile to witness such a unique introduction. You can already tell she’s the type to be delighted by experiencing new and foreign things.

Yamelle: Not a bold thing at all, Mr. Plymouth-Saft. I’m pleased to meet your acquaintance.

Victor: Twelve Gods, just go already!
No. 956971 ID: 11f77a
File 158233332489.png - (288.23KB , 550x500 , CDQ007.png )

That clammy dog-thing insulted your customs, and thus you will defend your honor by ensuring that you’ll bang his mom. At least, implant the idea that you’ll court her in all the wrong places.

Thadeus: I give you my word, Vik-ta, that your mother is in good hands tonight; the best of hands, in fact! And I’ll do my utmost to see that her generosity is richly rewarded.

You start scooting her towards the exit with a bastard look at her son—which infuriates him. Yamelle doesn’t seem to notice the tension and waves her son goodbye. Maybe giving some final directions on looking over the house before the door shuts fully.
No. 956972 ID: 11f77a
File 158233335993.png - (224.07KB , 550x500 , CDQ008.png )

Well now you’ve got this stunningly cute lady arm-to-arm as you exit the bathhouse to your shuttle. In your mind you know we can delve in all aspects of pleasing her—even if we miss the opportunity to demonstrate our facial calligraphy.

We’ll see how monogamous these Chupians really are. Perhaps in conversation you can figure out the best way for a happy ending.

Yamelle: I’ve looked into the pamphlet and by-laws to make sure we’re doing this right. It reads that the bidder has up to a full twenty-four hours and decides where and what constitutes as a date!

Yamelle: They don’t really say what kind of hours… maybe its Imperial Galactic.
No. 956974 ID: 11f77a
File 158233351217.png - (230.74KB , 550x500 , CDQ009.png )

Date starts now! And right now it’s about an early lunch time. You can fast-travel pretty well with the provided shuttle from the bachelorette auction. So there are lots of opportunities and views while getting to know your… vertical partner.

A) Seafood on the black shores of Tar Zoa
B) Fine Dining on the high society cliffs of Cor’Till
C) Family Style platters on the bayous of Mossyrdron
D) Fancy Cafes within Space Station Bernal Sphere 13 orbiting Jakkova
No. 956975 ID: 00f670

B for bastard Mr. Fancy Pants.
No. 956976 ID: 2aa5f0


sounds nice. Then again I like water so I might be bias.
No. 956979 ID: e7c7d3

Little known science fact: if someone makes that face for more than 73.3 seconds, (Imperial Galactic,) then the laws of physics will suddenly bend to produce a fist to punch it. This phenomena is still being studied.

A) seems like a good choice. While B might be better for wooing, that's just a mine field of social faux pas' to happen. The sea is nice and romantic, but still leaves room to breath in.
No. 956989 ID: 891b91

While we are a gentleman and as such would be no stranger to high-class establishments like those on Cor'Till or the cafes orbiting Jakkova, immediately taking her to such an establishment is ironically gauche. It would suggest a certain desperation on our part to prove how haughty and fancy we are -- and that is not how we roll. We exude class, such that our presence alone makes even the most drab of venues special and interesting.

It would be tempting, then, to take her to the bayous of Mossyrdron -- what better place to demonstrate our prowess than in a swamp, after all? But this, too, pales in comparison to the azure waters of Tar Zoa; those placid shores are the ideal place to enjoy some quiet time with Yamelle as we get to know each other.

In other words, A.
No. 957000 ID: b07f1c

We really don't know much about her preferences other than that she might enjoy new things. So as far as these options go, I think C would be too banal for her. B and C would be nice but would be too expensive. You just wouldn't be comfortable courting a chick while doing something as unusual for you as dishing out more than the minimum amount of buck necessary. At least until you know if she's a freak in be-, I mean, if she's worth it.

Thus A would be the most fitting choice.
No. 957021 ID: 4f51b2

From what quest is Yamelle?
No. 957022 ID: 11f77a

She is Victor's mom. Victor is from the quest Team Port Echo and you'd often see her during tgchan/questden specials like Secret Santa and, currently, Romance Festival.

Some links to her brief appearances:

No. 957025 ID: 4f51b2

No. 957029 ID: 11f77a
File 158240562022.png - (168.81KB , 550x500 , CDQ010.png )

Of course! A lunch on the beaches of Tar Zoa, Cnidari Vaalbara. You don’t need to be fancy at with Eigo space stations or the most royal Xingast civilizations. Something calm and content like these azure waters is perfect—and just about anything outside her village seems to amaze her.

Yamelle: Ooh my… I rarely ever leave my home—let alone my planet!

Yamelle: This place…

Yamelle: Oh my, this place! I’ve never seen a beach so… blue!

Yamelle: And the sky sooo… pretty! I could see so far into it.

Yamelle: You said we’re actually on a moon?
No. 957030 ID: 11f77a
File 158240567247.png - (233.14KB , 550x500 , CDQ011.png )

Yamelle: Wow, Mr. Plymouth-Saft! I’m absolutely taken away.

Yamelle: I hope you’re right about this dish; I do love seafood on occasion. I can’t really read the language here but--I trust you enough!

She hums a little laugh while picking at her food.

Yamelle: So Mr. Plymouth-Saft, what do you do? You seemed to have bid a lot of money during that auction. I don’t know much about Eigo physiology or prosperity but you look pretty young for a rich fellow!

Yamelle: Oh don’t mind how I… ‘worded’ that. I don’t know much outside my village. But I see many visitors all around the galaxy come to my bathhouse—yet I rarely have time to really know what they’re like!

Now is the time to start getting to know this cute mom. Anything goes from here on out. Answer her question however you’d like—ask a question or two back. That’s what dating is, right?
No. 957032 ID: e7c7d3

First off, please call us Thadeus. No need to be so formal!

Our job is nothing particularly fancy or romantic. Merely an accountant that works with the galactic stock market and the brokers. However, wealthy clients tend to offer wealthy wages.

As for her, what made her want to open up her own spa?
No. 957037 ID: b07f1c

Tell her that you run a successful business of recruiting and interviewing girls for pornographic shootings. Well, you might want to reword or leave that last part out. The job does leave you out of breath from time to time, so to speak, and you occasionally like to take some time off and enjoy a charming company such as hers.

Make up some bs story about the immature behavior of your last gf and how you swore to not look at younger girls anymore after that. Tell her how being here with her heals your poor soul and the more you get to do with her on this date, the more effective the "treatment" would be.

Ask her if she's had any similar experiences. No? What kind of personality does she find valuable in males then?
Other than that, you can also ask her about what kind of topics she likes to read about. And does she have any hobbies?
No. 957108 ID: 891b91

>First off, please call us Thadeus. No need to be so formal!

Assure her that you take no offense at what she said, and that instead you're quite flattered by it. It's understandable anyway, as you were unusually lucky in your business dealings in early adulthood; you'd prefer not to go into too much detail, though, as you dislike bragging (which is true -- you find it uncouth and a sign of insecurity.) To satisfy her curiosity, though, you're deeply involved in the galactic freight industry -- in all likelihood her bathhouse has used supplies that arrived on ships you commissioned. (Maybe add a joke that you suppose this makes you and her "informal business associates".)

Ask her about the bathhouse -- does she/her family own it? What's it like, serving so many people from so many places? She's certainly cut out for the job -- you'd bet that her charming, welcoming demeanor by itself probably gets them a lot of return customers.

Compliment the pink stripe running across her face -- it matches so nicely with her ruby-like eyes. Is it part of her natural coloration or is it a cosmetic addition? Note: I'm assuming here that the pink is coloration on her fur, rather than exposed skin. Your facial markings are part of an Eigo tradition, and you're curious if Chupians have something similar.
No. 957109 ID: 11f77a
File 158243850851.png - (187.49KB , 550x500 , CDQ012.png )

Thadeus: Please, call me Thadeus~ No need to be so formal! You flatter me~

Thadeus: It’s nothing fancy or romantic so I’ll skip some details—I’m just an accountant in the galactic stockmarket and traders guild. I actually visit Port Echo quite frequently to conduct business. It’s one of very, very few places in the galaxy with a space elevator.

Yamelle: Ooo~

Thadeus: As a hobby, I recruit and interview women for, uh, figure-art photography. It’s where I met my girlfriend—uh… ex-girlfriend now.

Yamelle: Awe, I’m sorry.

Thadeus: Do not worry—she was difficult to be with, and many girls I’ve dated have been too immature for me. I suppose I… find the accompaniment of older women much more gratifying! Your charming company heals my poor soul the more I learn about you~

Yamelle: My. I don’t know what to say Mister—oh—Thadeus, sir! Just a thank you for taking me out for a wonderful midday so far! You’re unlike anyone I’ve been with.
No. 957110 ID: 11f77a
File 158243853894.png - (228.74KB , 550x500 , CDQ013.png )

She smiles with a piece of fish in her mouth. Listening politely. You don’t want to drag on too long about your business. Women like to talk about themselves, right? You ponder up some topics.

Thadeus: But—hmm, any talk about stocks gets pretty tiring. I’m here to get away from that. I want to relax here with you~!

Thadeus: So, a bathhouse! Tell me, what made you want to open your own spa?

Yamelle: Oh!

Yamelle: It’s not my—well it is sort of--but it’s Dama’s bathhouse. Vikta’s father. And Dama’s father opened it long ago and… he never really left the family business. Our village is cozy and there’s no need to travel the stars. We Chupians are easy to settle in one spot all our lives!

Yamelle: But, like you, Dama travels and we’re pretty much open to any tourist. So I had to really learn which species can be treated accordingly when they visit.

Yamelle: I think I know Eigo bodies quite well. But I’ve noticed you’re all quite boney--like starving creatures! I can’t help but wish to bake you some food during your treatments. But that’s just how you guys are ‘made’ I guess.

Yamelle: Poor skinny tails and gaunt eyes.

Since you don’t want to cram every question and topic at once and make your dinner cold, you acknowledge questions for the future to smoothly segue them once the opportunity arises. Perhaps she’ll answer before you have a chance to bring it up! But if you believe it’s important to discuss something immediate—of course you’ll be sure to do so.

Saved topics:
The pink stripe bestowed on her lovely face.
Does she have any hobbies/interests?
What personality does she find valuable in men?

No. 957138 ID: e7c7d3

>Poor skinny tails and gaunt eyes.
We get that a lot. never understood what the problem was. Though be careful who you say that to. Some Eigo take offense to it.

How about a fun question. If you had a billion moneys, what would you do with it?
No. 957143 ID: b07f1c

>Poor skinny tails and gaunt eyes.
Despite this cutting deep into your ego, just laugh it out and dismiss it as clichè. Tell her that not having a large tail technically allows you to be faster and move maneuverable, altho you wish that you had a larger one just to look more pleasing to her. Thank her for her interest in your species and make a joke offer of letting her have a more... hands-on experience with at any points of interest she may have about your body. But in return, that she promises to let you try her home cooking some day. Ask her how's the food.

Another topic to bring up or save would be about her children. After all, that's the best way into a mom's bedroom is by being nice to her kids. How many children she's had, what does her son do, how he's been growing up, etc. Compliment him on being a good boy on being able to run the bathhouse without her there.
No. 957147 ID: 891b91

No. 957221 ID: 11f77a
File 158252375554.png - (218.06KB , 550x500 , CDQ014.png )

You’re sure she never meant to insult your natural physique. After all, she expresses motherly concern. You laugh it off as it’s a common discussion amongst new friends.

Thadeus: Don’t worry a thing, Yamelle. It’s not so bad with a tail like mine; I can be faster and a lot more maneuverable! Although, I may as well wish to have a larger one if it would be pleasing to you.

She quickly tries to explain herself.

Yamelle: O-Oh, I never meant that! You’re just fine, dear. Really! I understand it’s a normal thing now. I’m slowly learning more about your people. I’ll get it in time; I just need a few more clients. You know!

Thadeus: Well if you ever want a more… hands-on experience—I wouldn’t mind if you studied me during a private treatment. Plus, I’d do anything to try some of your home cooking~

She’s bashful.

Yamelle: A p-private treatment?

She thinks it over in her mind as if distracted—but finds an immediate conclusion to latch on with.

Yamelle: Hmm, yes. Perhaps I could arrange something!

Thadeus: How’s the food so far? I haven’t eaten here yet.

Yamelle: It’s perfect! Really!

She stuffs a forkful in her mouth.
No. 957222 ID: 11f77a
File 158252377261.png - (117.28KB , 550x500 , CDQ015.png )

Thadeus: You seem quite content with your children watching the store. You must be very proud of them.

Yamelle: Absolutely! Each one of them is a hard worker—but they get that from Dama.

Yamelle: There’s Sashi, the oldest, then Deemus, Vikta, Numax, and Charu. Sashi is mature enough to watch the rascals and I can go out more—like these dates!

Thadeus: And Vikta, what’s he like? I’ve noticed he’s kind of…

Thadeus: Well he doesn’t seem to…

Thadeus: Have any fur…

Yamelle: Oh, yes. He’s somewhat of a strange case. His father is actually 1/16th equatorial—they don’t have as much fur. I guess that gene sort of got through.

Thadeus: Well he’s a good boy to run the bathhouse alone. You’ve taught them pretty well.

Yamelle: It comes naturally to them!
No. 957223 ID: 11f77a
File 158252383841.png - (193.67KB , 550x500 , CDQ016.png )

Thadeus: And, mind my manners for pointing this out, but that pink stripe on your lovely mug. It matches so nicely to your ruby-like eyes~ Is it a natural color?

Your date pats her temples. She takes the compliment to her eyes quite well. It’s like they sparkled once you’ve described them.

Yamelle: Oh this? It’s make-up. Sort of.

Yamelle: Stained from years of applying it. I see pink as a tranquil color. You may find Chupians wearing blindfolds—but it’s a traditional thing. They can see through the fabric and their world has a lovely shade of color to keep their minds at ease.

Yamelle: Pink is very calming to me. You can find us with different patterns. So I applied this since I’ve met Dama.

Thadeus: You know… facial markings are part of an Eigo tradition as well. There’s a special kind of ink and tar burnt into our fur. It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise you.

Yamelle: I’ve noticed! I never asked about it with my clients. But I wondered!

Thadeus: It’s a rite-of-passage of sorts. Toddler into childhood. Four or five years old. Each symbol is unique and can mean a variety of things. Beauty, hard work, ocean, fertility, first son, warrior, etc. There ought to be a huge book with all the patterns you can find!

Thadeus: You could probably experiment with a few, see what fits you.

Yamelle: How fascinating! And what does yours mean?

Uh oh. You kind of saw this coming though.

Saved topics:
Does she have any hobbies/interests?
What personality does she find valuable in men?

No. 957225 ID: bef60d

Tell her it means you're good at getting close to people.
No. 957226 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her the literal translation is a bit vulgar. It's related to assertiveness and skill in the bedroom.
No. 957227 ID: e7c7d3

Be blunt about it. It's your heritage after all.
"The one who fucks"
You've always been proud of it, but it was a really weird experience when you finally found out what the word "fuck" meant.
No. 957229 ID: 0fae41

You are the one who... knocks! Yep, you sure love a good set of knockers.
No. 957232 ID: 891b91

Play it off like you're playfully embarrassed by it. "Well... it's a bit personal. Promise you won't laugh?" Be sure to smile as you say it, or else it might come off as too serious and ruin the mood. Most likely she'll say she promises not to laugh, but if she doesn't, just say something like "I guess I'll just have to risk it then!" (In a playful tone, of course.)

"So... it says I'm an excellent lover. Yes, in that way." Then put your hands up in faux defensiveness. "I swear it's the truth!"

If she laughs, laugh with her, because you aren't afraid to have a chuckle at your own expense. (And because, while planting the seed in her mind, it also helps her see it as a good thing.)

Now, at this point she might get a bit more personal and ask how it's affected your life, especially your love life. If she doesn't, don't push the subject further; but if she does, tell her that, ironically, it's kind of led you to be more selective and hesitant when it comes to whether you'll make love to someone. Having this sign makes you feel pressured to, ah, perform, you know? And if there's truth to it, then you think you should be choosy about who you bed, because what you've got shouldn't be given away to just anybody. You prefer to save it for someone... special. (Make eye contact with her when you say that, so that she starts wondering if she's on that roster of special people you'd take to bed with you. Which, of course, she is.)

And then change the subject by asking about her hobbies and interests, so that she doesn't have a chance to ask you directly if you were referring to her. That seed needs to be left to germinate -- ideally we should want to leave her thinking about it all day.
No. 957233 ID: cdabe3

No. 957234 ID: b07f1c

Yes, but, hmm. If she does pursue this topic, saying it like that might make her think that you've slept with a lot of people in the past (and she wouldn't be wrong huehue). So in a way you should reassure her that this isn't the case. Perhaps by saying that, sadly, you've only got to have a fuck of your life- I mean, experience the act of lovemaking, a few times, and thus the sign hasn't helped you in that aspect at all, which is why you're single right now.
No. 957257 ID: 864e49

"It means "The one who pleasures" or "The one who pleases", pretty much someone that brings enjoyment and I do hope I'm living up to that?"
No. 957258 ID: 6c227a

Well. The marking is sort of hereditary. You inherited this marking from your father, and his father before that. As a child, remember. So. Ahem. The meaning would be 'giver of sexual gratification.'

I dunno, it seems like you are going for adorable awkward, and it seems a bit out of character for the dude who kicked in a door and knelt to kiss her hand
No. 957318 ID: 11f77a
File 158265439170.png - (190.56KB , 550x500 , CDQ017.png )

You have always been proud by the title—at least once you’ve grown to understand what ‘fuck’ meant. But being blunt with its meaning might not do; you’ve got to act this one out. Playfully, you pretend to hesitate and explain.

Thadeus: “Well… it’s a bit personal, you see--the literal translation--I mean, it’s right on my face so… it’s impacted my life a lot when my kind first takes me at face value.”

Thadeus: “Just promise me that you won’t laugh~?”

She nods, waiting patiently. You play it off well.

Thadeus: “In other words, it says I’m an excellent lover.”

She snorts.

Yamelle: “I don’t see anything wrong with such a romantic sigil, Thadeus! You’ve been very sweet to me so far!”

Thadeus: “No, it’s a bit deeper than that. I’m real good at getting close to people.”

Yamelle: “Hmm…?”

Thadeus: “I meant—related to an assertiveness and skill in the…”

Thadeus: “…bedroom?

Yamelle: “Oh! That way…!”

Thadeus: “Yes, in that way~ The mask was hereditary and passed down from father to son. I swear it’s the truth! Not my decision to wear.”

Yamelle does gently laugh, stifling to be polite. You mirror her actions with a chortle of your own—showing you’re one to laugh at your own expense.

Yamelle: “Oh, poor Thadeus. You’re either fortunate or very unfortunate with a title like that!”
No. 957319 ID: 11f77a
File 158265462846.png - (140.59KB , 550x500 , CDQ018.png )

Thadeus: “And now you see what I have to live up to.”

Thadeus: “Wait, no! I meant—I don’t pursue just about anyone!”

Thadeus: “Growing up--it’s made me more selective when it comes to sharing affection. It’s how my past relationships slowly withered away, because I’ve become hesitant from the pressure.”

The more you talk, the more your hands maneuver to the center of the table. She listens intently as you act it out, even leaning closer as you lower your voice.

Thadeus: “And I would rather save it for someone I deeply consider…”

Thadeus: “…special.”

You’ve caught her with your sincere stare. You make sure the word sticks out and dance in her mind—even for a split second. But you cut the tension and remove your gaze.

Thadeus: “Oh I’ve droned on too long. Now I sound like a creep, don’t I?”

Yamelle: “No! N-Not at all! I understand. I really do! That’s on me. I never meant to make this awkward. We can talk about something else if you’d like!”

Yamelle: "Oh, Thadeus. I'm a good listener! It comes with being a masseur to listen to your clients as you soothe their tension away."

Thadeus: “Thank you, Yamelle. I think that would be pleasant. I’d hate to ruin this date with my woes.”
No. 957320 ID: 11f77a
File 158265473595.png - (232.92KB , 550x500 , CDQ019.png )

Thadeus: “So tell me, what do you like to do outside of work?”

Yamelle: “Hmm.”

Yamelle: “Most of what I do is still work-related. I like to make stuff for the shop. Like soap! And uh… maybe I’ll knit a new sweater for Vikta.”

Yamelle: “Huh.”

Yamelle: “O-Oh! Sometimes the village holds a meeting! We amend laws some times. Last meeting we had to declare it’s illegal to trip or wrestle a yak after 7:00pm.”

Yamelle: “Not much happens home as you see—I have appointments with most of the council anyway so I’m quick to know what’s happening in town!

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
No. 957323 ID: 891b91

"Oh? I bet you have some interesting stories from being so well-connected!"

Also, does that mean that daytime yak tripping and wrestling is condoned in her village? Is it a tradition there?
No. 957325 ID: e7c7d3

Perhaps ask if there's any sort of activities she'd be interested in after dinner.
No. 957327 ID: bef60d

Ask her about victor. Moms love talking about thier kids, and you might learn something to embarrass victor with later.
No. 957335 ID: b07f1c

Interesting. This council wouldn't happen to consist of only older females, would it?

Anyway, tell her that you also have plenty of connections (*cough* female contacts *cough*), so you've had a fair share of wild things to heard about. As such you're definitely interested in, if she's willing to share, the intriguing things that may be happening (or have happened) in her town. You could also make a joke question if this means that she knows about what goes on in her town at night.

On the topic of meetings, you could tell her that such council meetings sound awfully boring don't sound very exciting and that you can totally understand why she wasn't turned off from having a little fun here and there and participating in the auction. Of course, you understand the importance of keeping order and security in a community and the fact that she's responsible in this way is one personality trait that you like in girls. Not the only one, but an important one.

Topic to save: Would she like to dance? (altho not sure if this location allows it)
No. 957342 ID: cdabe3

okay okay, we gotta know

tripping yaks?
No. 957363 ID: 11f77a
File 158274089799.png - (229.16KB , 550x500 , CDQ020.png )

Thadeus: “Tripping… yaks?”

Yamelle: “It’s strange. But in a village, people do tend to find entertainment somehow. Especially wrestling them. And farmers can’t afford to have their yaks disrupted at certain points of the day.”

Thadeus: “Well I bet you have many interesting stories for being so well-connected! I certainly have my fair cut of wild things from my… associates… that I’d be willing to share.”

Yamelle: “Yes, your figure artists! Right?”

Thadeus: “Er—yes! But tell me, would this mean you know what’s going on in your town at night?”

She looks around at the other tables.

Yamelle: “Huh… Uh, not really! I’m always busy… uh… closing the shop up. I have to wake early--so I sleep a little early! Not a lot during quiet hours.”

Thadeus: “In any case, you’re an important part of keeping order in the village! I find responsibility to be an alluring trait in a woman.”

She smiles softly, drinking the last of her wine.

>Do you like to dance?
>Perhaps ask if there’s any sort of activities she’d be interested in after dinner lunch.
The day is young and there’s plenty of time left. You’re conjuring in your mind some places to go. Perhaps it’s time to wrap up this meal and move on to the next activity?

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957364 ID: e7c7d3

If we want to continue asking questions, perhaps a quick walk on the beach?

Still ask for the bill and move on.
No. 957366 ID: 891b91

Seconded. We'd be remiss to visit a place like this and not enjoy the beach a bit.
No. 957370 ID: bef60d

This. A walk on the beach sounds lovely.
No. 957372 ID: b07f1c

Haha, either she totally misunderstood that, or she's not telling us something. I mean, she doesn't need to be awake at night to be able to know what other people do. They could simply tell her during the day?

But let's ignore that for now. Yeah, I was thinking about going for a walk as well (something tells me she wouldn't be into racing with ATV's on the beach atm). Go pay the bill. (I thought about asking the waiter to get some violin music going, or even fireworks, but that would probably not be a good idea either).
No. 957504 ID: cdabe3

this, and also if she's ever tripped a yak :D
No. 957510 ID: 11f77a
File 158286816735.png - (182.54KB , 550x500 , CDQ021.png )

Hmm. Maybe she’s not telling something. But you may try to probe that line of questioning later.

You feel you’re just about done eating. You signal the waiter to pay the bill as your date finishes up. You’ve been thinking of multiple places to go—such as a carnival or nightclub--but you’re always rounding back to walking on the beach.

Thadeus: “Now, my dear~ I don’t suppose you’d fancy a stroll on the boardwalk?”

Yamelle: “Oh, I’d love to!”

Yamelle: “I don’t think I’m done looking out into the horizon~”

With a clean swipe of your card you’re free to leave.
No. 957511 ID: 11f77a
File 158286831733.png - (190.72KB , 550x500 , CDQ022.png )

Yamelle: “Wow, the shores are gorgeous. I can see very far!”

Yamelle: “Normally it’s all mountains in the way, where I live.”

Yamelle: "Have you ever seen anything so large?"

Yamelle: "Hmm~"

You’re walking beside her, making sure she doesn’t misstep anywhere as she’s distracted by the view.

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957520 ID: e7c7d3

Wanna go for a swim?
Be well aware that neither of you brought swimwear, so there's only one option if you don't want to get your clothes wet.
No. 957524 ID: 891b91

Seconding this -- being involved in the bathhouse industry, she's probably more likely not to mind the lack of swimwear.

But maybe make sure it's somewhere secluded first.
No. 957525 ID: 4286b4

I thought it was evening, but it seems it's getting brighter now?

You could talk a little about the various kinds of exotic views you've seen on other planets and how they compare to this one, to keep her mesmerized.

Once it looks like she's about to step into something (or not; just being close to something that you'd be able to use an excuse for your action), grab her and pull her deep into your embrace, and tell her to watch out. Explain that she was about to step onto something dangerous. Then slowly realize that you're accidentally holding her tightly against you, and let her go. Apologize for startling her and for acting without her consent, and that you didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable.
No. 957564 ID: bef60d

Do this
No. 957701 ID: 11f77a
File 158309392463.png - (235.67KB , 550x500 , CDQ023.png )

Thadeus: “There are many amazing sights I could show you, Yamelle.”

Thadeus: “Bernal Spheres housing rings of cities. Concrete jungles of the Gards where prehistoric trees grow on top of skyscrapers. The might of a Harvester Cruiser leeching a Jupiter.”

Thadeus: “I’m sorry—I don’t mean to brag. I suppose I can be a little jealous and wish I could see everything for the first time again.”

Yamelle: “A lot to take in one day!”
Thadeus: “Say, how would you feel about going for a swim?”

Yamelle: “A swim? I don’t even think I can in this dress. And you wouldn’t want your suit ruined.”

Thadeus: “Well I guess that only leaves one option~”

She blushes and looks around for voyeurs, tickled by the thought.

Yamelle: “Thadeus Plymouth-Saft! That’s very… naughty~ I-I don’t know. Is this even the best place to do that?”

You know where there’s a nude beach—somehow. You figure she’s used to seeing lots of naked bodies with a job like hers. But you can also figure out a hiding spot where there are tide pools for just the two of you.

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957702 ID: 0fae41

Look for a tide pool! It's kind of like a sauna in that it's warm and cozy. Then again, I guess a nude beach is like a sauna in that everyone's naked...
No. 957703 ID: bef60d

Tide pool! It's time to make our move!
No. 957704 ID: cdabe3

Yeah, let’s go for a tide pool~
No. 957705 ID: 891b91

To the tide pools! This is about you and her, not you and her and everyone else on the beach, so let's keep it private.
No. 957711 ID: e7c7d3

I'm not against tide pools. Might even see a weird crab or two
No. 957781 ID: ab5af5

A bit strange that she would so easily agree to go swimming naked so soon. You should reassure her that the waters around here are excellent and that it would really be a waste not to try them, even if she already gets plenty of such opportunities at home. Also, the scenery is even more enjoyable when you become a part of it like this.

Tide pools are clearly the superior choice for the upcoming shenanigans hehe.
No. 957824 ID: 11f77a
File 158321108350.png - (217.03KB , 550x500 , CDQ024.png )

You wonder that too—how easily she responded to swim naked. But maybe her response was a way to laugh the suggestion off. Too late! She didn’t say no! You’re already heading in a particular direction~

“Oh the waters here are excellent. They’re absolutely excellent to take a dip in, trust me!”

A private setting is best—it’s all about you and her! You travel in zigzags through the beachgrasses to find a secluded spot where tourists often miss. Perhaps not as sandy but the pools are deep enough like hot tubs—and the water is warm anyway. Be wary of crabs and squids. It’s about time we push this little date further~

Thadeus: “This should be a good spot to rest!”

You can really hear the waves crash here. A tranquil wash over the senses.

Thadeus: “Well, no time like the present!”

Of course you’re going to undress first. It would be rude to expect your date to go before you. So… just describe how you’re gonna strip down and maybe suggest some other things on your mind.

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957825 ID: bef60d

Pants off first, and then help her out of her clothes.
No. 957826 ID: e7c7d3

Be sure neatly fold your clothing and place them in stop that won't get hit by waves. Also be sure to test the tide pool first before she gets in.
No. 957834 ID: 4286b4

Tear off your shirt while screaming the mating chant. Just like it is customary for your species. Then proceed to jump head-first into the pool, with only your pants returning to the surface.

Alternatively, undress slowly, in a way that she can get a good look at your body from all directions, but don't look at her so that she can observe you without you knowing it.
As you undress, of course starting with your pants, keep turning left and right to give some bounciness to your body and its parts. You should also flex your muscles (including that one), a few times during the process.

And then you can wait for her to undress herself. It would probably be a good idea to enter the pool with her at the same time.
No. 957840 ID: 33056f

Bust open your shirt Superman style, take the rest more casually. You should probably be planning how you’re going to get all this sand off later, lest it cause friction at inopportune times.
No. 957852 ID: 891b91

She said she knows Eigo bodies well -- but clearly she doesn't know them that well, if she thinks your kind is all skin and bones. However you choose to strip off, make sure she gets an eyeful of your... meatiest parts. (No, not that part -- if she wants more than a passing glance at that, she's going to have to earn it.)
No. 957914 ID: 11f77a
File 158335072569.png - (207.82KB , 550x500 , CDQ025.png )

Superman-style, you nonchalantly unbutton your collar and expose that natural tuft of chest hair cushioning your sternum. There are several rocks where you may avoid dirtying your garments as you remove each article of clothing.

“I may as well test the waters for you, my dear.” Thadeus playfully goads as the Chupian mom watches him undress with bashful eyes. “But I wouldn’t want to be kept waiting~” He continues.

She thinks she knows the body of an Eigo so well. Well, wait til she gets a good look at your more… erogenous muscles.

You gradually spin as part of your low-key strip tease. You have a satisfactory build for an Eigo and you’re known to make those caprine ladies swoon. Your felt fur exposes just enough detail around the ridges on your ribs that it ups an odd sexiness factor (even if your species are naturally gaunt).
No. 957915 ID: 11f77a
File 158335079645.png - (228.33KB , 550x500 , CDQ026.png )

Your thumbs hook the waistline of your pants and boxers--and with alternating scoots from each hip you’re stripped and completely exposed to the elements. Your prick was already pumping blood (thanks to your frequent daydreaming to score with this hot Chupian mom) and is left with a half-hardened presentation as it rests on your precious jewels.

But she’ll have to earn it~ You thus mosey on towards to the pool as you bask in bareness.

Yamelle: “Oh my~!”

Achievement Unlocked! You’re Naked!
No. 957916 ID: 11f77a
File 158335091898.png - (229.74KB , 550x500 , CDQ027.png )

Yamelle: “Well—I-I suppose it’s my turn!”

She chuckles with beet cheeks. Maybe she likes the silly thrill. She’s no stranger to undress in front of casual friends at the bathhouse during a little R&R. The Chupian unzips the back of her dress and her top-half blossoms open. Her pink sleeves crumple down her upper arms along with her bodice. Her chest brightens snow white with an ample pair of breasts unprotected to the natural sea air.

“I normally don’t do this outside a steam room~” Yamelle simpers, “I guess if it’s for one date... it shouldn’t be so bad!”

Achievement Unlocked! You Got A Peek! (So Far)

Saved topics:
What personality does she find valuable in men?
Let’s talk about Victor!

No. 957918 ID: cdabe3

Take a moment to appreciate the view (but not too long~), then try the water.
No. 957919 ID: e7c7d3

Time to get into one of the pools. Hold out a hand to help her in. Just that slight, subtle pressure to encourage her to continue undressing and get in to the pool as well.
No. 957920 ID: bef60d

This. make sure to compliment her body while doing so.
No. 957948 ID: b07f1c

Try to act natural and cool, but fail and still blush while glancing at her. That way you'll make it obvious to her that you appreciate her feminine features. Of course, acting natural also means not hiding what's between your legs heh.

Compliment her looks while stuttering a few times.
No. 959646 ID: 11f77a
File 158510027173.png - (233.56KB , 550x500 , cdq_028.png )

You certainly take a gander to appreciate her feminine features—acting as natural as you can be without overdoing it (or growing a full-on boner). Your pecker makes the slightest twitch as you attempt to suppress it through sheer will. Not… yet, you stifle in your mind.

Yamelle lets her dress drape down and pile at her ankles before she tiptoes right out. It still leaves her fur flattened along her natural curves—a white silhouette stands coy before you. Carefully, she plucks her garments from the ground to lay them atop a flat rock.

“You look stunning, dear~” you compliment with a foot in the water. She couldn’t possibly get redder in the face after all this. You lend a hand to help your date step down into the pool—which she obliges.

Her hand feels a bit hot and damp, oh how she sweats a bit in her palm as you guide her down step by step.

Achievement Unlocked! She’s Naked!
No. 959647 ID: 11f77a
File 158510051883.png - (283.38KB , 550x500 , cdq_029.png )

She croons once the surface of the pool reaches her stomach. “Oooah~ this water is warmer than I thought! Even in the Summer the lakes in the mountains back home are still crisp!”

Both of you find appropriate seats opposite of each other. Hopefully you’re free to let the thug between your legs grow to its fullest while hidden in the murky blue.

Waves clash with the breeze for a perfect ambiance. She seems to feel settled, although her seat doesn't quite let the water conceal her breasts.

Achievement Unlocked! You’re Both Naked! Together!
No. 959649 ID: e2f5cc

She's checkin' you out under the water, and she likes what she sees if her expression is anything to go by!

It's time to start putting the moves out on her methinks, and while I lack the locomotion required to truly assist with the moves, I am still willing to provide an approach in asking about the differences between Eigo and Chupain men. Tell her that it had always been a idle curiosity of your to see biological differences between aliens, and since she's now seen both species in the nude you just couldn't help but ask. Although, she never did get a good look at your groin, so if she needs a refresher on that or any other part of your physique you're happy to give her another look.
No. 959666 ID: b07f1c

You can tell her that the beach is a popular lovemaking location, so no one would bat an eye at anyone doing anything inappropriate around here, which is why she can relax and not worry about anything. Tell her that this is why you used to come to this place alone to relax in the past, but that you never imagined you'd get to share it with someone like her. She better keep this spot a secret! Altho, being by yourself, the atmosphere was never this great, this intimate, so thank her for being here with you~

As far as making moves goes, I think it would be best to wait for her to make the first move. Assuming she makes one. If she keeps staring at you, you could remind her that your previous offer stands and that she can always feel you with more than just her eyes.
No. 959825 ID: 322af8

Ask what seems to have caught her attention.
No. 959826 ID: 891b91

Now that the water is there to partially conceal your lower half, relax and allow your manhood to grow to its full turgidity. There’s no need to mention it to her, though — it should speak for itself, shouldn’t it? Instead, just make conversation with her while feigning ignorance about your raging member, and allow her to choose how to proceed. If she calls it to attention (heh), make an attempt to cover it with one hand and apologize, explaining that you got carried away by her beauty; or perhaps she’ll be content for now to ogle it beneath the water, in which case you should feel free to take in the sights yourself here and there — especially since some of her assets are conveniently exposed to the open air. If she seems enticed, try flexing your pelvic muscles occasionally to make it twitch, and see how she reacts.
No. 959981 ID: 11f77a
File 158545310758.png - (231.00KB , 550x500 , cdq_030.png )

At ease with your nether-half in the water, you blatantly manspread and allow your length to flicker to its fullest. A little close to the surface, in fact. You’ve caught her peeking--and you wouldn’t want to disappoint. “cough--so Yamelle,” you begin as you feign ignorance of the proud thug between your thighs, “I hope you’re comfortable going through this. I would come to this place to relax in the past and it’s something of a relief to share it with somebody--I'd hate for the opposite to happen to you.”

“D-Don’t worry Thadeus!” assures the llamish mother as her attention quickly shifts to your sincere-yet-devious mug. “It’s still a very, very wonderful date. And I’m happy if you’re happy!” The pool stirs and distorts any clear image of either nether-region.

“And there’s nothing bothering you at all~?” you mention, hinting her distraction even as you nonchalantly lay back and flex those pelvic muscles to cause your prick to bob.

“Nothing!” She positively affirms with a smile. And with rosy cheeks she politely looks astray, “Although, I--I see you’re a lot happier than you realize!”
No. 959982 ID: 11f77a
File 158545319407.png - (296.33KB , 550x500 , cdq_031.png )

GASP! What. A. Shock. That was mighty quick for her to break the ice~ The tip of your length has breached like a wandering eye. You immediately press it down with a palm to hide it again, prenting to react bashfully. “My apologies Miss Cecil-Naast! There’s so much to take in this moment! Captivated by your sweetness and beauty, the breeze and the view. Ugh--no excuse can make up for this interruption…”

She’s looking at you in the eyes. “Oh, don’t worry Thadeus! I’m quite used to it, believe me! My male clients can’t help it sometimes, especially once I start kneading and massaging in the most erogenous places~ Not just Chupians, either! And they’re all embarrassed and we get it over with! It’s natural! Really! Some of my long-term customers from the town hall get like that too. It’s no biggie…”

She places a gentle hand upon your shoulder. “It’ll go away, just think of something else for a distraction! Like, hmmm… Uh. Maybe boring stocks and business..?”

Hard to do so anyway when you’re looking at her generous pair of soft breasts. Or when you were banging the secretary the other day. Or was it thinking about banging your secretary the other day?
No. 959986 ID: e2f5cc

"How could I think of something else when you occupy my every thought?"
No. 959989 ID: cdabe3

I mean, you're proud of your body and have nothing to hide, and she's clearly used to seeing males' erections, right?

No reason to hide it, after all~
No. 959996 ID: b1b4f3

Just look at the horizon. Try to relax, listen to the surf and think about fish.

Ask her if anyone's ever asked for an erotic massage.
No. 960009 ID: b07f1c

Stocks and business... think about how her stocks are going up in value and how great it would be doing business with them.

Anyway, I didn't know she offered that kind of service. Should ask her for an advance course hehe. You know, just like it's natural for those people to get erections, it would be natural for you to get an erection from a massage here; it wouldn't be awkward then because your erection would be justified. Also, the massage might help you relax and lose it afterwards.

Another option that I see (I think I like this one a bit more) is for you to agree with her and chat and think about other stuff to get your erection down. But with a twist. While talking about other stuff, you'd actually still be thinking about xxx and secretly trying your best to stay hard. After a while, she'd notice that your hard-on isn't letting off, in which case you'd have to apologize for the unfortunate circumstance and ask her for permission to take care of yourself. Or even for her help with your "problem". After all, you can't put on clothes while it's there.
No. 960020 ID: 322af8

Stop covering yourself. If shes alright with it, then no reason to be as bashful. Just need to keep pretending to be slightly not at ease about the whole thing.
No. 960024 ID: 11f77a
File 158551463965.png - (233.32KB , 550x500 , cdq_032.png )

You ease off the façade as you release your privates; your unapologetic dong is free again to tap the surface of the shallow end of the pool. “My, I never knew you… offer that kind of service~! Even for your villagers!” you tease, “I don’t suppose you could figure out a way to settle this problem.” You’re 'attempting' to look elsewhere but she never escapes your mind—and you’re making sure that erection isn’t letting off anytime soon.

She gasps and tries to defend herself, “Oh, Thadeus! I mean—well—some species I don’t realize have very sensitive areas before it’s too late! L-Like… uh… the underside of a Sajjan’s tail or… uhm… the flank of a Gullusk..! All of them accidental!”

With a chuckle you assure with a hand wave, “No need to worry. I was only pulling your leg. Even if you had a secret I would never let it leave this place~ No doubt with so many people stopping by your spa they’ve asked for something a bit more… amorous?”

“Well, y-yes. A few wanted those… ‘private treatments’ time to time. Hmmhmm. I mean—I would turn them down, of course! I wouldn’t do that to just anyone!

You flex a bit~
No. 960028 ID: e2f5cc

"You wound me! First you lead me on with a wonderful date and even had the kindness to humor me by coming along to this little hideaway... Yet now, now you call me "Just anyone"! Now I see what I am to you, just another man led astray by your effortless beauty!"

I don't think I need to say this, but play up the theatrics for this one. I'm willing bet that she'll love the over the top act.
No. 960029 ID: 891b91

"Oh, of course! Your affection is clearly worth too much to be given away on request. I would think a would-be paramour should have to earn such an exquisite prize -- he should prove himself worthy!"

"But... what if he were to offer to treat you, instead? Not necessarily a 'private treatment', of course, but simply a friendly offer to help soothe those aches and pains you so often cure others of -- to give you relief wherever you need it. After all, I would expect that a cruel irony of your profession is that you only rarely get to enjoy the sort of treatment your clients receive, and I can only imagine that your work leaves your body in need of some tender care of its own."

If she seems intrigued by the idea:

"Why not enjoy being on the receiving end for once, and allow me to help you release your tensions? I fancy myself a rather good masseur, for an amateur -- but I would love the opportunity to learn from a master, if you'd be willing to... evaluate my skill."

This might raise the question of where to get lubrication for a massage, so do you happen to have anything in your pockets that might work? I don't know a lot about your species, but it seems plausible to me that an Eigo who cares about his looks might carry a small bottle of oil to maintain his horns' clean, polished appearance.
No. 960041 ID: 11f77a
File 158553461822.png - (219.31KB , 550x500 , cdq_033.png )

You go with the theatrics (naturally) with the rhythmic mopes of romance. “Now I see what I am to you, ‘just anyone’. Another man led astray by your effortless beauty. Of course, your affection is clearly worth too much to be given away on request.”

“Oooooh stop thaaat~” Yamelle chuckles and playfully swipes a palm to splash your chest. “You’re not just a client, sweetie. Seeing how we’re both already naked, I’d like to think we’re a little past that point!”

An idea peaks in your head, “What if I can treat you instead? Surely the wonderful masseuse needs someone to soothe her aches and pains—places she can’t reach. Someone who seeks relief wherever she needs it. And I’m not shoddy either!”


“Why not be on the receiving end and allow me to help release your tensions? I’ve had my fair share of dates ending with a bit of… touch therapy—so I’m at least a little more than an amateur! And, if you’d be willing, you can evaluate my skill.”

The atmosphere is just right for her not to decline. You bring up the topic of oils. (You don’t think your horn polish would suffice.) But you can always count on Yamelle to have something handy. “Check my purse!" she pipes up, pointing towards your disposed garments, "I usually bring along some oil samples from home. Little things for the hands or face for a day out! Could be enough packets.”

Jackpot. Her purse is only a few steps away. While you retrieve them, you have some power to direct her. How would she present or seat herself before you make your first move? Where to begin?
No. 960042 ID: 0fae41

Lie back and enter maximum relaxation mode. Start from the top down - The head is the most exposed to sunlight!
No. 960044 ID: cdabe3

We’ve gotta do a proper massage; have her lay on her tummy and start at the shoulders, slowly working your way down~
No. 960049 ID: 891b91

She works with her hands, so the parts that are probably in most need of some relief (aside from the more erogenous ones, of course) would be her neck, shoulders, and back. Have her sit in the water, with you sitting on the ledge behind her while you get rubbing.

While I'm not against having her lie down, sitting behind her allows for the possibility that she gets an inadvertent nudge or two from a certain appendage. Completely by accident, of course!
No. 960064 ID: b07f1c

Indeed, the girls that you've brought to the edge with your massages alone number in the dozens, so Yamelle's in for quite a surprise once your hands start working. The sand wouldn't work well with the oil (actually, I'm not sure if the fur would either haha), so it's better to do it the water. She could simply sit or kneel in there, but she could also just stretch out and float on the water. That way you could work both on her back and her front at the same time~

Anyway, her purse, huh? What other emergency situation things could she have put in there?
No. 961181 ID: 11f77a
File 158638689625.png - (233.21KB , 550x500 , cdq_034.png )

With a short leap up and out of the water, you stand straight and make sure to stretch a bit—your wang hasn’t receded and it erects perpendicular to you. No shame at all, huh? You leisurely walk over to the clothespile and your prick follows through, bobbing against your thighs with soft taps. You smirk, knowing what her expression could be as you’re too cool to look back.

You dig around her purse, curious of what a lovely Chupian lass may possibly hide. There are some packets: tiny tubes of lotion which not only soothes the skin but enriches the fur to feel just like silk. A small brush: matted with snow white fur along with tiny clippers. Pink make-up: for that beautiful crescent pattern adorning her face. Hmm, what’s this? A little notebook? It’s written in Chupian—but you’re savvy enough to decipher some words. It’s mostly names and appointments for the next week—along with reminders on recurring clients. In the short time you have this is the only excerpt you translate...
Kadath: Stress, asks for lavender in aromatherapy.
Jag Kroller: Chitin puts too much weight on his back. Reminder: chisel.
Client 223: Stiff neck.
Client 226: Hot stones. Sauna.
Nia: Prenatal. Best of luck for her ♥
Client 231: Hot stones.
Kadath: Stress--Requesting touch again. I’ll keep a room available after hours.
“Finding everything alright?” She’s peering over to you.

You answer in the affirmative, “Oh yes! Just making sure I have enough.”
No. 961182 ID: 11f77a
File 158638698539.png - (283.05KB , 550x500 , cdq_035.png )

“Should I lay down or--?”

“You’re fine sitting right there, dear~ I’ll take care of the parts that even a masseuse cannot reach. I’ll work on your back and neck first and work down~” You roll up a tube to grease your palms with the cool burn of oil. This is some strong, pleasant stuff already as the first waft makes your nostrils flare. It’s like you’ve went noseblind of the ocean’s salty mist. She patiently faces forward, beaming as she tries to move her ears out of the way. And you kneel down.

Your fingers rake through and sprawl in the patches of her fur. It already feels nice and lush with years of proper care.
No. 961183 ID: cdabe3

Better get to massaging! Be careful with your dick, if you’re not cautious, you might poke her with it~
No. 961184 ID: b1b4f3

Compliment her soft fur! She must spend time on it.
No. 961496 ID: b07f1c

Be interchangeably gentle and rough with her. But ultimately have your fingers reach all the places without discrimination. It's time for her to taste some of her own medicine! I mean, it is her oil after all.

Be careful with your dick. Careful as in, make sure you absolutely poke her with it a few times haha.
No. 961558 ID: 11f77a
File 158664882678.png - (293.56KB , 550x500 , cdq_036.png )

She speaks cheerily once you begin, “I don’t think anyone’s offered to give me a massage like this before, I would have to ask one of my kids to help when I start to feel uncomfortable in my lower back—or I just need to crack it.”

Your hands work in symmetry to smooth out her fur, burrowing those digits to reach the skin and thin out the oil. Thumbs press and trace up her shoulder blades as a start. She rolls her shoulders a little. The way she feels—how little resistance there is to comb what seems like thick fur!

“Your fur feels very plush, Yamelle. It must’ve cost a fortune to keep it so soft and silky~”

“I’ve been in the business for many years, hun! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to hear it,” she replies.

Your generously-sized prick even dares to prod into a tuft of fur—tickling the most sensitive bundle of nerves on the head as it drags up. A tickle surges through—causing you to strain—unable to stop the throbbing jump that follows. You try and cover up the accidental nudge by delving your hands under to massage; hopefully that’ll fool the Chupian into thinking it was just your cloven fingers. The lower back often needs a bit of a firm press according to your experience with dates. She reacts positively with her own back arching just a little.

Hnnff~ Wow. It does feel a bit stiff there. I suppose I rarely treat myself after working with patients. At least it feels like you have some experience!” she compliments—reseating her tush with a look back, “I will have to repay you for this—best we return to my shop where I’m not so ill-prepared.”
No. 961583 ID: 4f51b2

Let's go.
No. 961588 ID: e7c7d3

Is she just feigning innocence? Cause some of those comments are a bit too... aware of your situation. If so, definitely head back with her and let her take charge
No. 961804 ID: b07f1c

Uhh, yeah, haha. Tell her that she looks pretty well-prepared to you. Definitely feels prepared as well...; it's hard to imagine what well-prepared would mean to her then. Anyway, should ask her if there's any other spots on her rear that feel stiff, and once you're done with her behind, you'll have to offer to do her front as well~
No. 961806 ID: 322af8

Thank her for the offer but remind her that she isn't even half done with her own massage. Then give her another "innocent" poke with your dick.
No. 962257 ID: cdabe3

No. 962341 ID: 11f77a
File 158717682441.png - (314.40KB , 550x501 , cdq_037.png )

You’re pressing your groin and saluting your dick to the heavens above. Your hands focus primarily on her back loins when you snap to reality and conjure a speedy response. “That--would sound like a fair trade, but allow me to finish your end first~” Gradually, you work up her spine hoping she doesn’t address your schlong resting on a tuft of Chupian fur.

Those comments of hers seem a bit too aware. And you’d love to have her take charge and show you a good ol’ time with experienced hands. Mmm~ But you keep the conversation going. “Ill-prepared? You seem… quite prepared as-is! I couldn’t imagine what prepared means to you if some oil and adept hands doesn’t cut it!”

“Oh, it’s just that I would be in my Zen if I had my tools within reach.” She insists, “You know~ My lotions and oils. A proper message table and maybe some steam going. Even some new age music—although nothing beats ocean waves clashing.”

You’re finishing her back; you believe you check-marked all the right boxes. A complimentary rub of the shoulders signals a turnover for her. “I think it’s time I work on your front, then~ It’s a bit awkward where you’re sitting and I may need you to lie on your back instead.”

The constant friction against her refined fur excites you to the point of dripping trace amounts of precum, already smeared a little on her lower back. You pause a little as you just noticed it happening.

Let me just hop out of the water then!
No. 962344 ID: e7c7d3

Welp, there's no way you're hiding that. Perhaps some innuendo is in order. Ask her, the expert, what sort of position you should take... to best massage her of course.
No. 962350 ID: cdabe3

yes, it is time >:3
No. 962357 ID: 0e24f3

Lie prone and start doing push-ups in a desperate attempt to hide your raging boner
No. 962374 ID: 0fae41

You are the one who fucks. Go on and do her front then, if you can hold it that long.
No. 962393 ID: b07f1c

Out of the water? "B-but the sand...". She's not lying wet on the sand, is she? Unless we have some towels, which I don't think we do. Or is there some large flat rock that she could lie on?

Yeah, you won't be able to hide your boner anymore. Which means that you should act natural, like it's no big deal. So it's leaking a bit, so what haha. If she asks, tell her not to worry about it and that you have no problems holding yourself back for her sake.

Hmm, I wonder if cum makes for a good replacement for the oils... not that that would ever happen, but, a passing thought.
No. 962426 ID: 322af8

Do not be ashamed about your boner. Just let her get into position and then keep on working as if nothing is wrong. After all this is all according to plan.
No. 962458 ID: b1b4f3

No. 962538 ID: 11f77a
File 158727857950.png - (324.51KB , 550x500 , cdq_038.png )

You are the one who fucks, dammit! Nothing’s wrong with a little of your own glistening essence to mark her with. It was purely accidental and you can pretend you haven’t noticed. She won’t be lying wet on the sand—but there are wide-enough rocks to lie flat on. The plateaus of these ocean-carved boulders have baked under the sun for a while and could make a toasty bench. She graciously steps out of the pool with her midriff drenched—her fur doesn’t even clump as she has proven her tremendous care throughout the backrub. “I see you’re not quite settled with your problem there~,” she quietly points to your groin—she doesn’t seem to be as red in the face anymore and back to a normal, caring smile. Does she notice the thin layer of preseed shining the tip of your length?

“That’s okay!” she pipes up, “it doesn’t really bother me as much as you might think. I can ignore it.”

You’re not embarrassed at all, and you act naturally following her to the rock. You can get a good look of her booty too. She displays herself on a large enough boulder and scoots in position. “Oh, wow this is very warm! Sure helps get in the sleepy mood. You know, not a lot of people ask for a frontal massage. But I trust you know what you’re doing!”

Oh you’d totally go for a ‘frontal massage’ alright. You step up and she’s lying just about thigh height. Your wang sticks out perpendicular again almost hovering over her leg. God she’s gonna give you some blue balls if this doesn’t pay off in the end. But where to begin on her first?
No. 962542 ID: 0fae41

Rub that fluff. Rub it!
No. 962548 ID: cdabe3

Start with feet and legs, and work your way up (slowly, of course~). Give extra attention to her inner thighs, and then... move up to her hands, arms, and then shoulders. Then, start massaging her breasts, while keeping an eye on her expression to make sure it’s okay.
No. 962557 ID: b1b4f3

I'll agree with this.
No. 962597 ID: b07f1c

Apologize in advance for any unfortunate contact that might occur during this massage and tell her that she can indeed ignore it. If she wants to.

You should work on her from the side so that your dong's always in reach of her hand. In fact, you should brush your dong against it from time to time, all completely by accident. And when leaning lower, it would definitely be impossible to avoid pressing your whole length against her, if you know what I mean. As far as the path to take, I'd start in the middle and then work downwards, and then back up. And then repeat the same from the other side. It will also take quite a bit of pressure to get through those fun bags on her chest to the muscles underneath, so you'll need to take special care there heh.
No. 962967 ID: 11f77a
File 158753654041.png - (280.01KB , 550x500 , cdq_039.png )

You approach, “I apologize if there’s any… unfortunate contact with my stiff predicament~”

Bottom to top it is! You’re confident to demonstrate your magic fingers starting with the feet and legs. Looking for any spare packets, you manage to squeeze the last amounts of oil in your hands. Eyes down and before her; you lightly fasten those cloven digits around her right foot and knead your thumbs into her sole. Her toes curl and release into submission. She watches politely for a while—followed by a gradual sink of her chest to lie flat and soak under the sun.

You’re both silent. The environment around you sounds louder as the wind rustles and dries your fur off.

Your cock freely pulses more beads of preseed now that she’s tanning with her eyes shut. You’re trying very hard not to—you dunno—start humping her feet or something? The urge is strong yet you still aim for the long con as you attempt to ignore it.

You move on her right to cast your palms up one leg—trying to cover much of its surface as possible. Flow up the thigh and lightly press. You kind of massage in a way you imagine how you, yourself, would like it done. One hand rides up the erogenous zone of her inner thigh and she stirs slightly.

Your cock is hovering over her hand a bit—tapping into her thigh when you need to reach farther up.
No. 962968 ID: 891b91

The way she stirred when you touched her inner thigh suggests she's paying close attention to what you're doing, so let's see how she reacts if you accidentally bump her hand with your dong once or twice. Very lightly, of course, and only a couple times. Leave it to her to decide whether she wants to take matters into her own hands.

While you're doing that, continue to focus on her inner thigh and pretend you aren't aware of what your dick's up to.
No. 962976 ID: 0fae41

Ask her how she usually handles these 'sensitive' areas - and maybe try to extrapolate from that how to handle them when you are trying to escalate. Such as now!
No. 963041 ID: 322af8

Keep rubbing those sensitive areas. Linger on them. Let your pre leak onto her fur as you make your erection more known to her by rubbing your dick against her hip as well.
No. 963162 ID: b1b4f3

See if you can last long enough to start massaging her breasts. At some point though you're going to have to admit that your boner is driving you insane, and you want to get her somewhere more private for some... internal massage.
No. 963193 ID: 0fb3be

Slowly keep rising the massage up.
No. 963223 ID: fb820f

Based on the pinkish color of her nether region, I'd say she's very much in the mood. Perhaps this would be a good time to start massaging those parts. But first, you should brush over it a few times, that is, while switching between the right and the left thigh a few times. Then place your palm on her pubic region and tell her that you haven't worked this area of hers yet and that it looks quite rigid. Ask if miss Yamelle if it wouldn't be troublesome for her if she let you... assuage this place of hers as well.
No. 963591 ID: 11f77a
File 158784060150.png - (307.32KB , 550x500 , cdq_040.png )

Your hands linger close to her nethers while you, in-your-mind, conjure a plan of taking things a step further. You feign obliviousness, but you also want to act modest about your raging erection and guide her thoughts into ‘fixing’ the problem. First, you position yourself further up with a hand still placed upon her thigh—and a prick leaving hint blotches.

You dare to venture into her crevasse, keeping your palms close to her skin. The knuckles and tips of those fingers do indeed brush along her vulva. You notice how rosy her delicates are and can only guesstimate that she’s in the mood, even for a tiny bit. --And you’d like to think you know women pretty well! After all, you’ve bedded every intelligent species conceivable. You’d be surprised how a Cnidarian happens to slip in during an Imortan orgy while loaded on Ansel Grey. Any other Grey won’t do.

You slowly press inwards and retreat—again and again. The other hand casts over her lower stomach and finally kneads over her tummy. Maybe a low-key way of exciting the pubic region. She giggles a bit, “Hoof~ That kind of tickles, sorry~”

You’re at a crossroads; you’ve hyped yourself up and strained for too long.
a) You want to address your boner in the room and request if she could fix it. You can’t take it anymore!
b) Man through and finish the massage good an’ proper!
c) Time to be blatant and start groping where it counts. I mean, not like a primitive beast but still!
No. 963593 ID: e2f5cc

You've made it this far damn it! Commit to the Bit!
No. 963596 ID: bef60d

A. I think she's ready.
No. 963601 ID: 891b91

B with a hint of C. Let’s play the long game here, but let’s also up the stakes by being a bit more daring about where our hands stray. Our goal here should be to build up the tension to the point that it becomes unbearable for her; that is the path towards passionately fucking each other senseless
No. 963602 ID: 567477

B, and try cool yourself down just a bit while you're at it. You want to impress her enough to keep things open for the future too, don't you? Maybe go up the one side of her body and then back down around to here the other side.
No. 963608 ID: 365ffb

B and C. Make it clear you're <i>super into this.</i>
No. 963630 ID: 4854ef

B into C, work those zones!
No. 963632 ID: f56a2b

C. She's just "that" gorgeous, you can't help but admire how she takes care of herself.
No. 963636 ID: 4f51b2

No. 963638 ID: fb820f

She is quite resilient, isn't she? Any other girl would've been all over you by now. Hmm, could she be... playing the same game as you? Seeing how much you can take? Fine, two can play this game. Go with B and C, that is, finish the massage, but have no restrictions on which places you touch, short of sliding your fingers into her.
No. 963640 ID: ce2e2f

C) is now or never.
No. 963661 ID: 322af8

A) If we start groping, she will not respond well. We need to be gentlemanly and ask for her to take care of the issue.
No. 963676 ID: 3cc68c

I choose c). Maybe is way too sudden, but that would be interesting to see too.
No. 963696 ID: cdabe3

No. 963704 ID: 0fae41

A. Suggest you try something other than a massage when you get back to the sauna.
No. 964034 ID: 11f77a
File 158804840918.png - (309.23KB , 550x500 , cdq_041.png )

Dammit! You’re committing to it!

Saaaay, you do bring up a good point that she’s taking longer to be all over you. Could it be different with age? You’ve had many-a-romp with younger women who were eager to drape their arms over you. The majority of them single with no kids. You’re beginning to believe that shecould be playing you this whole time but there’s no concrete proof.

Your doubt has encouraged you to be feistier. Manhandling her cooter may be a bit of a shock so you would rather segue to her breasts. You can work on her other leg later—you slide to her abdominals with your palms flat, kneading like dough. She utters a small, uncomfortable grunt.

“Mmph—dear, you’re a bit… Hmm, here. Allow me~”

She’s pleasant, her hands fix to the top of yours to demonstrate rubbing a belly. She slows your rhythm down; the oil has thinned out too much and you’ll be working dry from here on out. “Right in the center of the abdomen♥” she instructs, “One palm next to the other. There we go! Gooood~ Like sun and moon over and under the horizon. Clockwise—following the intestines. Er, unless your insides are… different! But like this!”

Even though she has a nice tum, your mitts sink further than you expect. A fine surface of refined fur like dipping in… fuzzy milk? It doesn’t sound sexy on paper--But the feeling! Imagine your entire body lying on top of her. Your dick throbs in response.

“Oh, I could do this all day,” you muse, praising her beauty as well—and you wonder about her breasts as a few minutes pass. She looks a lot more relaxed now than when you started.
No. 964036 ID: 11f77a
File 158804901654.png - (302.22KB , 550x500 , cdq_042.png )

You don’t know anything about massaging breasts! I mean, you can grope those fun-bags however you want with the other girls--but to fool a masseuse?! Maybe she’ll give you pointers. You opt for a delicate approach first. Your digits inch closer--slipping underneath and you lift along the chest wall. Nice and gentle now—and you’re finally coping a feel as your fingers curl. Eeeeeasy. Easy does it!

“Thadeus!” She gasps with a mix of surprise and simper. You pause like a deer caught in the headlights. Uh-oh, you’ve ruined it. You’ve blown your chance. Why did you touch her titties, Thadeus? Why? The One Who Fucks Up. That’s what you are.

Instead she eases with a rosy face. “I’m a little surprised is all… So they teach you to massage like that on your homeworld, hmm?” There’s no tinge of anger in her voice as far as you could tell, and yet you remain still with your hands lain on her sweater-puppies.

Achievement Unlocked! You Touch the Titty!
No. 964039 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her it's more something you've learned through personal experience. Besides, there's no more muscle groups to massage, are there...? Not unless she's interested in a more erotic, internal massage, right out here on the rocks.
Go on, grope away, but be slow about it. Sensual. Maybe you can give her a kiss at this point.
No. 964040 ID: 0fae41

Not at all, really, you're winging this part. Ask for feedback!
No. 964050 ID: 0fb3be

Have a surprised look on your face
No. 964083 ID: 5877dc

Mission accomplished. Time to pull out... nah.

Apologize and tell her that, yes, they teach you that, traditionally, for this specific body part one has to focus more on the larger surface area and firm grip, rather than trying to reach the muscles. Ask her if she'd like it that you continue in your own way, even if it's not the most pleasing to her, or would she prefer to show you herself on how to properly work this and other body parts of hers.
No. 964087 ID: 567477

It's all about stimulating blood flow, you know? Those so often stay cooped up, not getting much mobility, pinned down. The tissues need a bit of a stretch and squeeze now and then to get the fluids moving and freshened up. Detoxify. The lymphatic system is highly concentrated in the chest and underarm area, you know. Very important. I'm being serious, by the way, breast massage has health benefits, it's a real thing.

For that, keeping in mind I'm not an expert, start with your fingertips in near the armpit and your thumbs up higher on the chest, and start gently rubbing and squeezing in a sort of, uh... "pumping" isn't exactly the right word, but sort of. Imagine you're working the blood towards the under arm area. Gradually move that down over the whole area, add in your palms moving with your thumbs if you gotta. Keep in mind her comfort and the natural directions her body does and doesn't want to go. If you're feeling daring add in some fingertip circles. Take your time.

There is also the universal chest massage, once you're done with the tits. Smooth out the pectoral muscles. Much the same thing, but focusing on those. Give some pressure up and down the breastbone, then from the lower breastbone curving out towards the underarm. Sort of a ribs thing. Mind the spot where the ribs meet, obviously. You'll have to sorta hook up under/around the boob. Again, careful with the pressure. After that - you'll probably want to change position - you want to go up and work from the upper chest outward toward the armpit. The muscles are still under there. You might use one hand to move her arm/shoulder and help relax the muscles while you work with the other.

Since you'll be transitioning to the shoulders, arms and neck anyway, that move upwards might as well have you go up above her head and face down her body. This might have your dick out beside/above her face, but I think maybe neither of you will mind too much. Just don't like, slap her or anything.
No. 964166 ID: 322af8

Explain that you're doing this area to the best of your ability, but that direction is greatly encouraged.
No. 964507 ID: 73300b

Maintain your composure, and maintain that you're massaging. You're looking to make her feel good, and you can stop anytime she wants. You don't see why people tend to leave out things that feel enjoyable, and it doesn't need to be more than that unless she wants it to be. You're not providing a happy ending, you're just being thorough.
No. 964952 ID: 11f77a
File 158862346319.png - (296.79KB , 550x500 , cdq_043.png )

You’re a quick thinker. Not to look stupid (actually you may as well play stupid) you’re shifting your hands around her bosom closer to the ribs. “Uh-Apologies, Yamelle! I suppose I’m only winging it from here. Obviously, as a man, I wouldn’t know how to properly massage the breasts. I guess I didn’t want to avoid your chest altogether! Say the word and I can stop now!”

She leans again without any indication of removing your hands, “Well there’s no muscle there, just mostly fat and ducts. But it’s not something to exclude—just a different approach is all! I guess it wouldn’t hurt to show ya. Especially if you want to impress any future dates~” jesting again.

So now it’s more like a lesson for you while still having the pleasure to touch her hooters. It’s a win-win, kinda! She’s guiding your hands again; one supports below a mound and the other rubs close to the upper-pectorals. You also notice she’s no longer blushing—instead enjoying teaching you like a student. And you’re half-focused between listening and keeping your eyes on the prize. In fact, you realize that even your boner has retreated to a half-hardened salute.

With her huge tracts of land accounted for you finally end up on the homestretch—it’s a lot easier to resume on your own and smooth out the pectorals and sternum. Even with your dick out it’s not distracting to either parties involved.

Well Thadeus I must say you’ve done a good job for a handsome young man~” she compliments as you knead the muscle beside her clavicle. The Chupian rolls her shoulders a bit, “And who knows? If you lose your work you may have a chance to be a masseur or chiropractor somewhere!”
No. 964998 ID: 322af8

We might have missed our chance. Give her breasts a nice smattering of kisses and see how she reacts. As we need to find a way to get that fire going again.
No. 965008 ID: b1b4f3

I mean it's not the end of the date or anything. We can get up to something more erotic to top things off. Talk about where you're going next.

While heading there, you can ask her, does she usually like her breasts massaged in a more sexual context? Or other areas, like her butt?
No. 965012 ID: 9c09d9

Time to make her blush again, kiss her.
No. 965015 ID: 891b91

>We might have missed our chance.
I think there's a decent possibility that we never did and never will have a chance. (Still worth trying, though!)

That being said, if things don't work out for us with Yamelle, then clearly we must try to bed Vikta next!

Anyway, seconding >>965008.
No. 965030 ID: 4f51b2

Yeah, I feel the same way. We can still have a nice date though. Have some fun in an amusement park.
No. 965061 ID: 5b0071

we've strayed too far into 'work' territory. Her intentions there are far too pure to circumvent or exploit. You must show her your pure intent and interest, or you'll be stuck practicing those massage techniques on yourself.
No. 965125 ID: 5877dc

Her poker face is that of a master and she won this game. Admitting your defeat, you should laugh and thank her for the compliment, then tell her that you're gonna get dressed up if she doesn't mind.
No. 965195 ID: f6ea0d

I don't thinks she is even aware of this "game" which is worse. I concure we should cut our losses and admit we won't get laid tonight. Yamelle is a project than would take way more than one night to bed (if there is even a chance).
We should go for Victor instead.
No. 965208 ID: b1b4f3

If you're concerned about her being unaware of Thadeus's intentions then he should make them plain.
No. 966078 ID: 73300b

We have two options at this point.

First, we can calmly wrap things up, continue the date, and see where things develop after warming up like this.

Or second, we can tell her that we appreciated her explanations, and rather than continuing down a road which will keep her thinking of work, we'd like to please her in a far less chaste manner, one that we have considerably more expertise in.
No. 966087 ID: cdabe3

you know, we could just ask if she's interested in sex at this point, while making it clear that we find her very attractive
No. 966121 ID: 0fae41

Say it was fun getting to know her body. Ask if she's ready for round 2 with some candles and a softer bed.
No. 966369 ID: 11f77a
File 158931604802.png - (303.67KB , 550x500 , cdq_044.png )

Suddenly there’s a wall of doubt that blindsides you. Have we missed our chance to score? Maybe Victor is a more likely candidate once you return to the bathhouse. Or one of his other siblings. Did Yamelle mention a daughter?

The day isn’t over yet! There’s plenty of time to keep wooing her. Just because you were distracted by her lesson on how to rub a boob proper doesn’t mean it’s a game failure. She seems a lot more open since the beginning of the date. At the same time you wonder whether to give your intentions to her straight.

“Well I must say,” you begin to flatter, “it was fun getting to… know your body~ I’m grateful to have done more than just admire it from across the table. But I must be frank with you—and if what I say next is too brash then please stop me!

“My desire for you becomes greater moment to moment. And I would love to please you in a far less chaste manner, something I can truly show my expertise in. In a softer bed, lit warmly by some candles; a night to vent passion! Nevermind about work! I would be kicking myself if I at least didn’t ask if we could take things…

“…one step further.”
No. 966370 ID: 11f77a
File 158931648479.png - (247.50KB , 550x500 , cdq_045.png )

She’s back to a soft blush and her hands slowly take yours. She sits upright and shifts her weight to hang her legs over the edge of her seat.

“Oh, Thadeus. I’ve had such a pleasant and wonderful time today! I know you’ve been treating me the best you can with a woman--especially one my age~ It’s a fleeting and wonderful feeling when you only have a full day with someone new and unique—if I was younger I would’ve wanted to rush everything at once before a dream come true is over. Who knows if we’ll see each other again, although... you can always count on visiting for an appointment~

“I’m tickled by your honesty, Thadeus. Yet there’s not enough time in one date to segue into… uh… coupling, at least for me. I hope you understand.”

There’s a slight pause as the wind and waves seem to clash louder in the background on this sunny afternoon.

“However--” she smiles with a coy hunch, “I-I believe I can still offer something that will be to your liking! We can continue to enjoy the boardwalk and the view if you want—but we can also return to my bathhouse so I may reward your kindness.”
No. 966377 ID: 4f51b2

Say you understand (even if it pains you) and enjoy the view.
No. 966378 ID: 0fae41

It's been a wonderful date already. Let's go with her plan.
No. 966382 ID: 322af8

I suppose the bathhouse would be a good idea. At least we get some person to person contact out of that one.
No. 966405 ID: cdabe3

excellent ideas, let's do these
No. 966493 ID: 5877dc

Go all modest on her, asking her if she's sure and that you wouldn't dare to impose on her household etc.. Unless she insisted on it.
No. 967998 ID: 73300b

Be quick to reassure her in response to the "especially one my age" comment. Invite her on a second date, without the pretense of an auction.

And then take her up on her suggestion. See if you can get her to forget all about the time.
No. 968577 ID: 15a025

Head back to Yamelle's bathhouse. Maybe after letting her give you a massage you can relax with sauna or something?
No. 968816 ID: 11f77a
File 159114793496.png - (322.82KB , 550x500 , cdq_046.png )

Alas, the delicate decline pains you. But you understand. The way she tells you about returning to her bathhouse sounds confident, without worry of imposing on her household. You think she’s likely to give you a deserving massage or relax in a sauna—and the way you imagine it, it won’t be your run-of-the-mill parlor.

You gently flaunt your hand, “I understand, Yamelle. There’s no harm done hearing your answer. In fact, a final stop to your bathhouse sounds quite lovely as long as you insist.”

“O-oh I do!” she ensures.

“Well then, shall we?”

You gather your clothes. You’ve been in the sun long enough to have dried off. You make just a final look at her gleaming white sculpture before her dress folds up to shelter her bust. She wipes off any sediment and sand stuck to the fabric. And together you leave side by side.
No. 968817 ID: 11f77a
File 159114804605.png - (124.27KB , 550x500 , cdq_047.png )

The shuttle-ride to Alp Daga was as easy as the journey to Tar Zoa. There are plenty more topics to discuss during the trip, more about Yamelle’s children and Dama’s business than you’d want to share about yourself. By the time you return to Salaih Village it’s already late evening and the villagers have retreated into their homes. A rush of cold shakes you to the bone as your date hasn’t a clue of the frigidity the air gives thanks to her natural coat. You hug closer to her and utter curses upon your thin-skinned hide.

The place still looks as cozy as a log cabin. Looks like it's peaceful hours here as many, many footprints of different shapes and sizes have walked in and out of this building.

The door swings open and there’s Victor sleeping behind the counter as if he hasn’t moved since your departure.
No. 968819 ID: 0fae41

Motion to quietly sneak past him, then pinch her butt as you pass by.
No. 968822 ID: cdabe3

Teehee, do this >:3
No. 968827 ID: b1b4f3

No, don't wake the guard dog!
No. 968828 ID: e2f5cc

Let the boy sleep
No. 968829 ID: 4f51b2

Wake him up with a smug smile, like if you had done the deed.
No. 968842 ID: e76d5c

You don't wake a boy BEFORE you become his new dad, that's just rude, leave him be.
No. 968870 ID: 5877dc

It's better to leave him asleep. If you woke him up, there's a chance he could spoil your endeavors. So just continue to where she leads you.
No. 968894 ID: 0ce575

I don't thing we are gonna get anything anyway.

Do this >>968829
No. 968895 ID: 4854ef

Just pass him quietly, let them sleep.
No. 969897 ID: 11f77a
File 159236201516.png - (230.30KB , 550x500 , cdq_048.png )

You jab a thumb in her son’s direction and keep things quiet. She nods and leaves him to sleep; you wouldn’t want the rascal to spoil your endeavors. You certainly love playing with chance as you pinch her tush to make her giggle and hurry you past the foyer.
You’ve had a short tour behind the scenes. Many open, unoccupied pools and baths litter the main room. There’s leftover condensation making the air thick with steam. A walk later and your date escorts you to a private room.

A decorative room with swirling reds and pinks set the mood as candles are lit and incense burns. In the middle is your classic massage table.

“I’ll be right back. You just make yourself comfortable while I prepare my things.” She hums so sweetly before going around back.

You wonder what's in store for you. But now you have to decide how to... present yourself? Towel, no towel? On your stomach first? Or perhaps topics of conversation you didn't get to discuss.
No. 969898 ID: 0fae41

Towel on, sitting down - unless she says no peeking!
No. 969901 ID: b1b4f3

Towel on, better to prepare for the possibility that it's a normal massage. Though you can certainly ask if you need to keep it on.
Topics of conversation... entertainment? hobbies? philosophy?
No. 969908 ID: 5b0071

No towels nearby. Oh well~
No. 969913 ID: 4f51b2

Towell, as far as we know, this is a normal massage.
No. 969914 ID: f6ea0d

Towell, ask her about her husband.
No. 969915 ID: cdabe3

tee hee
No. 969935 ID: bfe1de

Ask if she happens to have a sister.
No. 969936 ID: 322af8

She has already seen everything. No towel. Prepare to talk about how she enjoys work.
No. 969955 ID: ccb733

With a towel, she already said she is not interested, at least we can end this in good terms.
No. 970064 ID: 5877dc

You wouldn't want you to treat her like any normal customer, so it's best to go without a towel. Actually it would be awkward to use a towel now considering she already saw everything.

Hmm. Maybe she only gets worked up when she's in control. Don't be surprised if she returns in a latex outfit! But if not, well, maybe there's some other chupian females you could hit on after this.
No. 970066 ID: 10c07d

No towel you’ve nothing to hide
No. 970067 ID: 4f51b2

Eh, I agree We could be a little playful but a little more than that and we could make her mad, she love her husband after all.
No. 970077 ID: 9fad0d

No towel, if only because I feel she won't be hiding anything either.
No. 970084 ID: ccb733

Put on a towell and wait if she says something, she already made us understand that coupling is not a possibility so we don't wanna raise some red flags.
No. 970121 ID: dbd72b

She already saw everything, nothing to hide. No towel, stomach first
No. 970553 ID: 73300b

No towel, but face down at first.
No. 970620 ID: 0ce575

Wear the towell.
No. 970794 ID: 11f77a
File 159323954351.png - (252.57KB , 550x500 , cdq_049.png )

You’re conflicted with the choice of using a towel or going bare. You’ve got nothing to hide, but she already expressed her disinterest for, in her own words, ‘coupling’. Would being naked add a bit of insult? She’s already seen everything. And being naked in a bathhouse has got to be a common element she sees with every appointment. At least there are other Chupian females in the village to pursue after this treat.

Perhaps there’s one compromise in all this.

You’ve decided to forgo the towel. You undress completely naked once more! But instead of presenting yourself so blatantly you opt to lie on your stomach. You can hear Yamelle continue to hum a tune around the corner.

“So, where is your husband again?” you ask, trying to fill in the silence as you wait.

She’s chipper, “Oh he’s out of town. Dama is with a couple friends in J’wari. But he’ll be back by the end of the week! It's why I had a bit of time to visit my friends at the Bachelors Auction.” You don’t know where J'wari is. Maybe a country or town somewhere on this planet.

“Any relatives?” you ask with some hope of an immediate sister.

“No, I’m an only child.” Damn. “I wish I had siblings growing up but I was thankful to have plenty of friends.” Oooh, friends are good. She could probably recommend some bachelorettes.

You can hear her step away from her station.
No. 970795 ID: 11f77a
File 159323967574.png - (212.62KB , 550x500 , cdq_050.png )

She reveals herself wearing almost nothing but an apron. It looks a bit short for her but you aint gonna complain. You smell something potently sweet radiating off her snow-white fur that drowns every other scent. “I see you’d like some work on your back first, then?” she observes, “Well we can start off with a regular Damish massage or maybe some chiropractic medicine.”

“Either would be best to help you loosen up at least.”
No. 970798 ID: 0fae41

Opt for the massage. It's like a very long, complicated pat on the back for a job well done!
No. 970799 ID: 4f51b2

Go for the massage.
No. 970811 ID: e7c7d3

Go with the chiropractic adjustment. The spine popping and cracking is fun! I swear!
No. 970819 ID: 322af8

The massage sounds nice.
No. 970829 ID: 6e6f32

You can do chiropractics?
That sounds sweet, but you gotta promise to Break Me.
No. 970852 ID: 15a025

Chiro-crack this back.
No. 970887 ID: 7d9195

Chiropractics just to see how mad she was about the date. Altho I'm not sure how well-versed she is in the eigo anatomy.

In the meantime, you can ask her to tell you more about her friends in the village.
No. 970900 ID: 4f51b2

I change my answer to >>970887.
No. 970987 ID: 11f77a
File 159347607380.png - (231.17KB , 550x500 , cdq_051.png )

You give a look of genuine interest (and amusement) about taking the spine-popping and cracking routine. “You can do chiropractics? Well now I’m intrigued. Are you that well-versed in our anatomy?”

She saunters over, pulling a tube of lotion from her apron pocket. “Of course! Chupian anatomy is a given, but Eigoes are the 4th most common species that come around here! Right after Gullusks and Huntoons. So I know a thing or two about your musculoskeletal system. It’s nearly similar to a Chupian's, at least!” The fragrance of the lotion is of a pleasant fruit which you cannot identify. A straight line smears across her palm and promptly smooths out.
No. 970988 ID: 11f77a
File 159347622518.png - (298.24KB , 550x500 , cdq_052.png )

You lay a little flatter with your arms as your pillow. She’s sculpting over your back first. The oil gets into your short fur and you gradually feel a burning coolness to relax the muscles. “Ooah so tell me! What else do your friends do in the village?”

She’s working down your spine with small presses. “Well letsee, when we’re not in a meeting Cassan owns a library and other ancient texts. Anshin is a hairdresser. Uhm… Oh! Jinja has a bakery—she makes the best bricklebrot in town. I always order a few loaves every week.”

Things start steaming up, literally. There’s a clash of the lotion she used to cool your muscles as a sauna-like humidity makes your forehead sweat. “Huh, starting to feel a bit hot in here...” You don’t know if it’s just you.

“I turned on a portable sauna™! Now breathe in—and out slowly. And don’t cringe up and hold your breath!”

No. 970989 ID: b1b4f3

Try to follow her instructions.
No. 970990 ID: f56a2b

Lay your head back down, and relax. Keep breathing.
No. 970991 ID: a0dfd2


Hopefully you're meant to do that. Maybe. I think.
No. 970992 ID: e7c7d3

What other relaxation techniques does she know? Might need some more in a few
No. 970993 ID: b1b4f3

Also, do not fall asleep.
No. 970994 ID: 4f51b2

Do as she told you.
No. 971003 ID: 0fae41

Let out an undignified squeak.
No. 971009 ID: 36784c

And now you have a boner!
No. 971045 ID: 5b0071

Do as she says
She may be fixing things you never knew were ailing you.
No. 971057 ID: dbd72b

It's all fine, my dude. She's a professional. Let things happen, and focus on staying loose and breathing. When she's done, you'll feel like a new man.
No. 971107 ID: 7d9195

Tell her that's goOOD! to knOW, she's stronger than she looks, and that yOU may visit Jinja later if you can still walk. Hmm, I wasn't AWAre that I had bones there...

Proceed to compliment her on her skills.
No. 971235 ID: 11f77a
File 159365424549.png - (278.59KB , 550x500 , cdq_053.png )

There’s that first sting in your spine immediately followed by—nothing. Not the bad kind of nothing, but the nothing that makes you forget what that split second pain was like. Completely erased from memory. You noticed you held your breath just for a moment but exhale the rest quickly. You’re imagining all your ailments being fixed. Becoming a new man. A new Thadeus.

Crik-pop! Oof.

“Hnngk~ You’re a bit strONGer wheeze than you look.,” you compliment. “Say, you wouldn’t happen to -grunt- know any other relaxation techniques would you?”

You’re sweating like a gorm in a blazing Daatuteph sun. You remember having to run from crazy fanatic Ichynth fangirls. You’re drowsy and feel stuck to the massage table while more steam builds up around you. Every time you exhale through your teeth you feel a glimpse of unperturbedness--but you’re still hot in the face. Meanwhile she steeples her hands and presses against your protruding spine. Normal physique for an Eigo. Why they look so gaunt is perhaps due to the ribcage being so big and you see the ridges just under the skin.

Now she requests your arm to pull back and--Clik-pop-pop!

“How are you feeling so far ♥?”

How is she not exhausted from the heat in here?! It aint torture, but shall you continue the small, back breaking session? Or maybe just move on.
No. 971237 ID: 0fae41

"I'm not sure I can feel anymore..."
No. 971240 ID: f56a2b

Keep getting worked over by Yamelle.
No. 971242 ID: cdabe3

heh heh, both of these :P
No. 971245 ID: b1b4f3

Answer her honestly. Perhaps she is not getting the intended effect out of you, or maybe she is. Hard to say right now (also chiropractic medicine is kindof... dubious in general so you really shouldn't have gone for it)
Maybe general knowledge isn't enough to handle your anatomy. Or maybe it doesn't work if you don't have stiff joints.

At any rate your curiosity is satisfied. You should move along to massage.
No. 971257 ID: 36784c

>“How are you feeling so far ♥?”
"Pardon my language, but right now the only thing I can feel is an erection being pressed into the table right now!"

>Keep going or move on?
Keep going, don't quit now!
No. 971258 ID: 4f51b2

Maybe it has to be like this? Let’s see what this leads to, let her continued.
No. 971268 ID: 864e49

Guys his problem isn't the spine realignment its the heat.

Tell her you're not sure the sauna is good for you as you're feeling a little woozy.
No. 971283 ID: dbd72b

keep crackin the back, but ask her to turn down the heat a touch
No. 971420 ID: 11f77a
File 159383310360.png - (215.49KB , 550x500 , cdq_054b.png )

You think chiropractic medicine is a bit dubious, but that’s not what bothers you. It’s the damn heat. You’re losing pounds from sweating. The more you perspire the more you feel like you’re entering a fugue state. It’s making you relaxed because you’re too exhausted. Are the patterns on the wall moving? Oh no, are you gonna die of heat stroke?

CRICK crack plip!

“Not sure I can feel anymore. Hnnngh Is there any way to turn down the heat? Jusssssst a touch?”

You’ve ended up face down through the headrest. She plays along, “Oh~ it can’t be that bad!” You think she’s using a remote to lessen the steam coming in the room. The tiny ‘whirr’ of the portable sauna™ sounds like it’s slowing down, but the steam is puffing from around the corner.
No. 971421 ID: 11f77a
File 159383314871.png - (233.94KB , 550x500 , cdq_055.png )

She’s worked up and down your spine while you’re paperweight at this point. At least the lotion she’s applying gives off a nice wave of cool-ness. In fact she’s applying a lot. Must be something to really soften the fur and heal the skin.
No. 971422 ID: 11f77a
File 159383326681.png - (227.95KB , 550x500 , cdq_056.png )

No. 971424 ID: e7c7d3

That's not lotion applying noises
No. 971425 ID: 2aa5f0

...uh, look over your shoulder real quick and see how she's doing. Not sure what that last thing she said was but I think she asked you something.
No. 971426 ID: b1b4f3

You may want to look around. Is the chiropractic part done with? Massage is nice too.
No. 971427 ID: 094652

Make sure that isn't blood.
No. 971428 ID: cdabe3

well, don't look too quick, your neck is so relaxed right now!
No. 971431 ID: 9f00f4

Double check yourself for injuries and being drugged. First check if you can feel your toes and move them for example. You may be the victim of a violent crime.
No. 971432 ID: 4f51b2

I wonder if she’s taking revenge for trying to seduce her or something, you should escape.
No. 971434 ID: 9fad0d

I'm sure you can stay focused enough for at least a quick look behind you, you might be pleasantly surprised.
No. 971435 ID: dbd72b

is the lotion... supposed to be red?
No. 971472 ID: 7d9195

Check yourself for any uncontrollable erections.
No. 971514 ID: 5b0071

... doesn't victor have horrible, gas-based things he can do to people?
No. 971594 ID: 0fae41

Relax your head. Put it down again, maybe look through the slot at her legs. Just to check they're still there...
No. 971602 ID: 11f77a
File 159407517959.png - (372.53KB , 550x500 , cdq_057.png )

You tap your forehead and wipe off what appears to be--wait. Is it supposed to be red? Is this... blood? Something about its viscosity between your fingers makes it hard to discern. You’re thinking of all the worse things now. Is it the steam? Is her son trying to have his revenge on you through some mild hallucinogenic? What would Yamelle want to kill you for? Were you drugged and your organs are being harvested right now?

You wiggle your toes to make sure you’re not paralyzed or anything. What she’s rubbing against you is no longer smooth but greasy. You have enough focus to look back! The horror that awaits you...

“Oh hey! I didn’t know if you’d like yellow or blue. So I stuck with blue! I see you're wanting to turn over then?”
No. 971604 ID: e7c7d3


Looks like she gave Thad's butt a few pats
No. 971605 ID: cdabe3

ooh, this is interesting! ask about the body paint, does it mean something?

also don't think about the erection you probably have right now or how sexy she looks wearing an apron and nothing else or that you still haven't gotten off yet
No. 971606 ID: b1b4f3

Oh huh, body paint...? Uh, sure. Why though?
No. 971609 ID: 4f51b2

Ask her what is that.
No. 971610 ID: 0fae41

...Sure, why not! We can finish up the back later.
No. 971611 ID: dce46f

Bodypaint? I wasn't expecting that, huh. By all means continue Yamelle. I'm thoroughly enjoying it; you're a master of your craft.
No. 971612 ID: f56a2b

"By all means, continue your work on this side of the canvas, please."
No. 971614 ID: 9ea12c

I can't let you lose the opportunity to say "color me impressed". So there. Your welcome.
No. 971615 ID: 2aa5f0

>“Oh hey! I didn’t know if you’d like yellow or blue. So I stuck with blue! I see you're wanting to turn over then?”

oh, uh, yeah sure I guess. I thought you were talking to me and I just wasn't hearing you... Also what is this stuff? Can't really say I've heard too much about a chiropractic technique that dyes one's fur.
No. 971626 ID: 11f77a
File 159409406655.png - (311.09KB , 550x500 , cdq_058.png )

While relieved, you feel a little weirded out by this segue into painting. Your fur is caked in the stuff. “So, what exactly is happening here? Some kind of body paint tradition?”

She’s holding a clay jar full of indigo-blue pigments. Her hand dabs in to mix everything around. “It’s just a form of touch therapy! Some people get a kink if it was messy or colorful or even very, very light presses. Something from tribalistic roots in all species when paint is thrown into the mix!”

“Touch therapy?” You lay right back, trying to contain your boner all over again when at half-mast. You wonder why she’s only wearing an apron. Still, that Chupian mom looks pretty sexy with such minimal attire. You remind yourself to buy an apron for another Chupian date to cosplay with. Yamelle could’ve kept a robe on but—maybe she was planning to splash paint everywhere all along. “Like… sensing energy fields and whatnot? -huff-

“Energy fields? Oh please, nothing so ridiculous! People like to be touched—” har har~ “as it releases oxytocin to help mitigate stress! And there are some flairs you can add for each session. Sometimes there are groups of naked strangers painting each other. Some cuddle sessions perhaps? Lounging. Private matters. And the like.”

“Well color me impressed~” you make sure to say through exhausted breathing, “by all means, please continue your work on this side of the canvas.” You lay back and she’s content to proceed. You wave a hand to cool off your face—but the way Yamelle pours more paint on your chest helps chill your body.
No. 971627 ID: e7c7d3

Scoop up some of the paint and take her up on the offer of "naked strangers painting each other"
No. 971628 ID: 0fae41

It's not so different from the markings you put on your face, right?
No. 971629 ID: 4f51b2

Well, just enjoy the touch therapy then.
No. 971630 ID: b1b4f3

Ask how she got the patterns on the walls to move like that.
No. 971647 ID: 4286b4

Hmm, surely this steam or the dye wouldn't contain an aphrodisiac, would it? Ask her if the dye contains any substances other than the dye.

But yeah, thank her again for doing this for you, even though she's not getting much out of it.
No. 971690 ID: 11f77a
File 159417773630.png - (297.09KB , 550x500 , cdq_059.png )

Getting painted is quite a bit different than the markings on every Eigo. At five or six years old a marking is bestowed upon our faces, usually in a private ceremony. It’s practically a tattoo you wear for the rest of your life. It’s difficult to change it—but doable for, say, witness protection or wanting to drop a troubled past life. You’d probably thank your father for helping you get in the pants of every sexy alien girl all across the galaxy’s 3rd arm.

Plus the painting is going wherever her hands will take her. Yamelle smears it to feel the ridges and curves of your ribs and abdominals. Even as she touches your flank you can’t help but feel ticklish. But she’s including more colors as you finally lay your head back down. Staring at the ceiling. Staring at the walls. The heat is a little more tolerable but you’re fatigued. Can’t breathe hot air so easily but you’re not struggling.
No. 971692 ID: 11f77a
File 159417783492.png - (355.31KB , 550x500 , cdq_060.png )

“Oh Mr. Plymoth-Saft, you’re doing great!” She praises like you were a rickety old person struggling to get in a tub. Her hands are trailing down to the inner and middle thighs while your boner is clearly visible. Yes, yes, she’s seen it all before and hasn’t made any comment on it yet.

You have the slightest shudder down your spine when she probes around that erogenous zone. But you try to muster the strength to speak. “Huh, are the walls moving? I swear I can see them moving... -huff huff- There’s got to be some aphrodisiac in the pigments.”

She hums her response while decorating your white body. “You may see some weird formations or patterns when you become exhausted. But I promise you’ll be okay. I have some water you can drink.”

And you feel it. She just casually cups your groin and smears that paint over your family jewels. She nudges your prick to swipe a hand across your lower abdominal but eventually gives it a firm grip and a tug. “Some cave paintings depict such patterns and colors beside herds of animals and ancestors. Most historians believe they are based on the visions our ancestors had when dancing endlessly near a flicker of campfire before they collapse from exhaustion.”

She’s addressing this so casually while stroking your dong. Are you making this up in your head too?
No. 971693 ID: f56a2b

Made up in your head or not, it's time to go with the flow.
No. 971701 ID: 3994a2

Hey, she's gotta get the white paint from somewhere.
No. 971703 ID: cdabe3

Yeah, I think it’s best to relax now; try to appreciate the finer points of a body-paint massage.
No. 971706 ID: b1b4f3

Relax, enjoy it, make conversation as if everything is normal. Until you get close. Then maybe you should give her a warning. Though I expect that is not going to happen anytime soon, if your prowess is anything to brag about.
I wonder if she'll move within reach so you can return the favor?
No. 971708 ID: 4f51b2

Relax and cum, take what you can get.
No. 971722 ID: 4286b4

If you're gonna hallucinate, then you should at least imagine hallucinating something sexy hehe.

Tell her that you can almost see her doing lewd things with you, and laugh it off as a joke.
No. 971725 ID: 10c07d

This, just let loose and let it happen
No. 971746 ID: dbd72b

Looks like everything going on is the opposite of a problem
No. 971976 ID: 15a025

Sounds like she's quite the history buff there.
No. 972029 ID: 9f00f4

She hasn't been rubbing you enough to cum. Imagine what it would be like, but you couldn't get worked up enough to quite reach completion with only a small amount of rubbing.
No. 972056 ID: 11f77a
File 159461438889.png - (321.36KB , 550x500 , cdq_061.png )

You’re totally not making this up in your head. She gradually squeezes and keeps tugging your length until it grows to its stiffest. She hasn’t added any more paint—and you don’t know if it’s okay for all that stuff to get around your junk. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll take what you can get and decide to relax. Let this happen.

And she’s not even moving down to your legs or feet. She’s still giving your genitals a nice massage with a stray finger adding some pressure against your taint. Didn’t occur to you that a masseuse might know a thing or two about perfect handjobs. Dama's gotta be lucky to have someone like her. You’d like to return the favor if she was closer but you’re in the mentality of ‘fuck, I don’t feel like moving’.

She did say that she wasn’t into sex but--guess if things are kept ‘professional’ it doesn’t count. “So uh, uhm, nnff that’s interesting. Sounds like you’re quite the history buff." You respond to... whatever she said earlier, maybe, "B-But aside from that, I didn’t think a full massage would also include the… hnnnhn privates~”

It’s hard to see her face through a haze and daze you’re in. And you’re imagining her something much sexier. Like totally naked again. Yeah! She answers like she’s downplaying it. “Oh! Well… you know~ It’s nothing to treat as a taboo practice anyhow. --Since you had some trouble with it earlier at least! You know these things when you're curious...”
No. 972057 ID: b1b4f3

Of course. Totally natural, she can satisfy her curiosity as much as she likes.
No. 972059 ID: 4f51b2

"Yeah, I don't think is weird". Ask her if she has done this before.
No. 972060 ID: 3994a2

Seconded, let's not put her too on the spot; she'll drop the pretenses when she's good and ready. Until then, if she wants to pretend this is purely out of professional curiosity... well, it's still an amazing handjob regardless, right?

As you admire the view, think to yourself about how far this might go... will she choose to partake with more than just her hands? Regardless, the thought alone should help your member stay at its most... impressive, which would probably be a nice reward for her in itself.
No. 972062 ID: 3994a2

Also, let's just let her know that she's, uh, very good at this.
No. 972073 ID: cdabe3

No. 972086 ID: 0fae41

You appreciate the help, it's hard to think right now but all the thoughts are pleasant.
Idly wonder if the paint's safe to eat.
No. 972420 ID: e78a3b

>You’re totally not making this up in your head
Of course, but if you told her that you were, she might've taken a few more liberties hehe.

Anyway, you should encourage her, tell her how good it feels, to not stop, and moan in a way that says the same.
No. 972572 ID: 11f77a
File 159502467454.png - (320.88KB , 550x500 , cdq_062.png )

You ease off and let her have a go at it. She’s stroking you with such delicate hands; some girls really want to pound you out but this Chupian is treating it kindly by giving your penis a vacation. She crowns your fleshstick against her palm while her spare hand resumes cupping your sack. With a relaxed sigh you reply to what she mentioned earlier. “Ooah~ well I won’t stop you. Nothing weird about some ‘professional’ curiosity. Not. At. All~”

You throb, you tense, and she squeezes back and churns your mutton dagger. You ask a teasing question next—it’s almost rhetorical but you want to see her reaction. See if she blushes. “Nngh, fuck. erff You’re very good at this, you know. Please... don’t stop. Have you done this kind of treatment before?” You’re feeling something quite distant—that climax tickling in the far background. It’s taking its time to approach.

She does start to look pink in the face—well, whatever’s not already pink. “Oh~! It’s… not really... something I do for clients if that’s what you mean! Not with strangers at least. I mean not with anyone that comes and goes! I mean--you’re not a stranger, Thadeus!”

Is she starting to sweat? You’re impressed she hasn’t been exhausted with the heat in the room yet. But then again, she’s probably used to it so much in her many years as a masseuse.
No. 972573 ID: 4f51b2

If you are going to come better warn her, say you appreciate not to be considered a strange.
No. 972574 ID: 0fae41

Well, that's the nicest thing you've heard all day. Sincerely!
No. 972575 ID: dba14f

Tell her you understand what she means and thank her.
No. 972576 ID: 3994a2

>I mean not with anyone that comes and goes!
Yeah, tell her that coming and returning the favor is more your style. If she catches your drift.
No. 972577 ID: f133dc

Hah. she was messing with you since you revealed your horn dog nature, having some fun, and getting you all aroused, but now she's aroused too and the pretense of professionalism is making her embarrassed.
No. 972665 ID: f9512f

Thank her and don't push things too far, not being considered a stranger for her is a win in itself.
No. 972689 ID: e78a3b

So she only does it for regulars huh? In that case, you should tell her that this place feels familiar, like a place from your dreams, which you already visited a hundred times, and you wouldn't mind visiting a hundred times more~

Keep letting her know that you're enjoying yourself immensely. Also this >>972576
No. 972758 ID: 11f77a
File 159518798464.png - (345.46KB , 550x500 , cdq_063.png )

She gives more attention to all those unfrayed nerves sparking at the tip of your knob. Your preseed squelches between her fingers as you feel cold sweats down your inner thighs.

grunt, I understand what you mean,” you interrupt with a sly grin. “That’s about the nicest thing I’ve heard from you! You know, I thought I found this place familiar in my dreams~ huff So you only do this for regulars then? Lucky guys~”

Yamelle stammers. “Oh! Well--I. You see. Not just any regular--oh shoot!” Something in her explanation gives up and she trips over words. “It’s just—well—certain residents just need help to get through the day is all!”

“By giving them all handjobs?”

“Well... no just... one... resident,” she hesitates to admit, “Someone I know on the council. It’s mutual but nothing more than that! His wife divorced him and he’s in a bit of a slough. I guess I ended up helping him this way.”

You’re half-listening because as she tugs your sheepskin you’re close to blowing your load. It gradually creeps up and you’re cringing more—stifling to hold it back. But not much longer.
No. 972760 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you're close. She should know what to do.
No. 972761 ID: cdabe3

No. 972762 ID: 7dd242

Wrestle with the temptation to make a joke about how you're going to give her some extra paint to work with.
No. 972763 ID: 4f51b2

Warn her that you are going to cum.
No. 972766 ID: 10c07d

Just let go and blow your load
No. 972778 ID: e78a3b

Tell her how it's normal for your species to finish in the mouth 😏 (but use more subtle words).
No. 973179 ID: 15a025

Give her a heads up then.
No. 973527 ID: 11f77a
File 159612566444.png - (334.21KB , 550x500 , cdq_064.png )

You rear your head back and bleat an amorous groan. You don’t pay any attention to her words as you’re fixed on a more important goal. “Hnnngh, fuuuck~ You’re gonna get some extra paint to work with in a second…” you mutter with a wince. Your voice gradually increases to warn the Chupian masseuse-mom. “Goddamn! Yamelle I—I’m gonna cum! Hooah! Don’t stop! Don’t… hrrff stop!”

Your hips buck and hump into her squeezing hands before your fleshstick throbs out strands of preseed—making way to release its first dose of fertile cum. She’s prepared to let jizz decorate any part of her body, having it lob in whichever direction her hands happen to aim. Hot splotches paint her tits and sternum. And she’s not pausing her handjob either. She smiles warmly as you flex your love muscle—it’s hypersensitive as nerves spark on your tip. Good God, the euphoric senses go haywire. Something much more sensational thanks to whatever magic she bestowed on your cock and balls. In return you drone out a defeated groan as the strings count up. Five. Six. Seven… Eight..! It’s a hefty batch that starts to ebb by the ninth and drool over her fingers.

Even when done delivering your generous load she idly rubs out any stragglers--then stops completely with your dick in her hand. It flexes perpendicular to you after an overwhelming orgasm and you can finally catch your breath.

Your head feels hot and your eyes are heavier.
No. 973528 ID: f56a2b

"P-poggers." and then pass out.
No. 973529 ID: 4f51b2

Time to sleep.
No. 973531 ID: f6ea0d

This (then when we wake up we get discovered by Victor)
No. 973536 ID: 7dd242

Don't pass out until you can at least express a little gratitude. Give her a thanks and a compliment, at least.
No. 973538 ID: b1b4f3

Don't pass out immediately, be considerate and let her finish cleaning up first at least. Definitely tell her how amazing that was.
No. 973539 ID: 0ce575

Tell her thank you and pass out
If Victor knows we are here, pretend we did it with Yamelle to see his reaction.
No. 973562 ID: f0e7f8

Say "Thanks, I really appreciate it" and then fall asleep.
This, we don't get to bang her but smugly insinuate to Victor than you did.
No. 973577 ID: 864e49

Oh so we're just gonna pass out like a little bitch, not even gonna return the favor huh?
Come on guys whats with this defeatist attitude, WE ARE THE ONE WHO FUCKS!
No. 973643 ID: 6e6f32

Indeed. There be some perfectly good Chupian pussy to eat.
No. 973721 ID: 554530

One of our stature would indeed return the favor. Be the one. Who. Fucks.
No. 973722 ID: 8ca8f0

Since we just came, it would be a bit difficult to maintain erection. Therefore, passing out for a short while is the right choice.
No. 974051 ID: 11f77a
File 159677812029.png - (282.61KB , 550x500 , cdq_065.png )

Your phallus almost feels pleasurably numb except for a distant sore from its deserved beating. Having been pent up, you feel the after-effects of blue balls once granted that sweet release. “My-my, Thadeus Plymoth-Saft,” Yamelle says while looking at your contribution on her chest, “That was—a lot! You’ve done well~ Uhm, through this session!” She makes sure to turn off the sauna machine so the air finally starts clearing. “So, uh, d-did you like it?”

Fuck yes you did, but your brain is trying to place those words together. You want to return the favor but every ounce of strength escapes you the longer you force yourself awake. “O-Of course. That really was… an experience like no other.” You exhale to relax all the muscles in your body. “I th-think I’m ready to pass out though. Don’t know if I’ll… stay awake any longer. All my energy is spent~” You back your claim with a yawn.
No. 974052 ID: 11f77a
File 159677817648.png - (209.89KB , 550x500 , cdq_066.png )

She replies. “I can, uhm, help clean you up then! You won’t need to do anything!” Your eyelids are giving up; the last you see is your naked date. She’s still blushing; the Chupian starts folding her apron away and shelve her paint pots. “It won’t be a problem to find you a room to sleep overnight! I know it must be late at this hour. I’ve forgotten the time!”

She leans closer. “I...”

“I should let you know before you doze off…”

“…that I’m glad we both could have a nice time together~”

You whisper and peter out. “Thanks, Yamelle. I w-won’t be forgetting this~ A-And I really appreciate the surprise.” You close your eyes and the world swimmingly fades to darkness as the candles are smothered with nothing but the scent of burnt wicks.
No. 974053 ID: 11f77a
File 159677823942.png - (38.79KB , 550x500 , cdq_067.png )

No. 974054 ID: b1b4f3

What a lovely sight. Snooze peacefully and hopefully don't have a rude awakening from Viktor.
No. 974062 ID: 4f51b2

It was a lovely date, time to be caught either by Dama or Victor (hope we can run pretty fast).
No. 974073 ID: 4286b4

I can't believe Thadeus is dead!
No. 974086 ID: eac2c2

peperony and chease
No. 974114 ID: 11f77a
File 159685182521.png - (174.91KB , 550x500 , cdq_069.png )

No. 974115 ID: 11f77a
File 159685185083.png - (211.62KB , 550x500 , cdq_070.png )

No. 974116 ID: bcda15

"Nothing quite like a mother's touch, eh champ?"
No. 974117 ID: 0fae41

"Come here often?"
No. 974118 ID: b1b4f3

Don't pointlessly antagonize him, you'll lose points with Yamelle.
Just say good morning. Maybe say something about how his mother gives really good massages.
No. 974120 ID: cdabe3

Tempting as it is to say something clever, we should probably just do this.
No. 974121 ID: 4f51b2

Good morning champ, did you sleep well? The few hours I asleep were fantastic.
No. 974122 ID: 3994a2

This, but also compliment his nipples.
No. 974145 ID: c8edab

Ask him if he also had a wild night. If he asks what happened, tell him it was nothing special. For you at least.
No. 974152 ID: 094652

Say nothing but take whatever you want from the kitchen.
No. 974158 ID: dbd72b

*finger guns*
No. 974173 ID: 5b0071

Just say "Body Paint" and give no details.
No. 974237 ID: 11f77a
File 159699762012.png - (220.97KB , 550x500 , cdq_071.png )

“Morning champ! Did you sleep well?”

“I must say, your mother gives the best massages! Grade A-plus-plus work!”

“You can even consider me a returning customer.”

You finish up your coffee and look at the time.

“Well I must be off. I got a meeting to attend on Jakkova. I wish I could meet the rest of your family~”

“Actually… with me as a valued customer... I CAN. You got an older sister right? Right~”
No. 974238 ID: 11f77a
File 159699777262.png - (256.26KB , 550x500 , cdq_072.png )

“I’ll say goodbye to your mother on my way out.”

“Oh and uh… nice nips. You look more like your mother every day.”

“Uh… yeah.”


That's it! It's done! That's all for this date!
Thanks for Questing!
No. 974239 ID: c8edab

Well played. Hope we got a lot of accomplishments!
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