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File 158218765205.png - (229.94KB , 550x500 , CDQ000.png )
956815 No. 956815 ID: 11f77a

You think this is the place, it’s a good thing you won the raffle and the spaceplane tickets are already paid for or this would’ve been a huge waste of money! DAMA’S Spa & Bathhouse, huh? Maybe she lives in an apartment upstairs.

Yamelle Cecil-Naast... interesting name.

I hope to make this a quick one-shot, enjoy! Maybe it’ll be definitely NSFW? I dunno what’s gonna happen! Handholding? Also, non-canon! Pretty much non-canon.
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No. 972572 ID: 11f77a
File 159502467454.png - (320.88KB , 550x500 , cdq_062.png )

You ease off and let her have a go at it. She’s stroking you with such delicate hands; some girls really want to pound you out but this Chupian is treating it kindly by giving your penis a vacation. She crowns your fleshstick against her palm while her spare hand resumes cupping your sack. With a relaxed sigh you reply to what she mentioned earlier. “Ooah~ well I won’t stop you. Nothing weird about some ‘professional’ curiosity. Not. At. All~”

You throb, you tense, and she squeezes back and churns your mutton dagger. You ask a teasing question next—it’s almost rhetorical but you want to see her reaction. See if she blushes. “Nngh, fuck. erff You’re very good at this, you know. Please... don’t stop. Have you done this kind of treatment before?” You’re feeling something quite distant—that climax tickling in the far background. It’s taking its time to approach.

She does start to look pink in the face—well, whatever’s not already pink. “Oh~! It’s… not really... something I do for clients if that’s what you mean! Not with strangers at least. I mean not with anyone that comes and goes! I mean--you’re not a stranger, Thadeus!”

Is she starting to sweat? You’re impressed she hasn’t been exhausted with the heat in the room yet. But then again, she’s probably used to it so much in her many years as a masseuse.
No. 972573 ID: 4f51b2

If you are going to come better warn her, say you appreciate not to be considered a strange.
No. 972574 ID: 0fae41

Well, that's the nicest thing you've heard all day. Sincerely!
No. 972575 ID: dba14f

Tell her you understand what she means and thank her.
No. 972576 ID: 3994a2

>I mean not with anyone that comes and goes!
Yeah, tell her that coming and returning the favor is more your style. If she catches your drift.
No. 972577 ID: f133dc

Hah. she was messing with you since you revealed your horn dog nature, having some fun, and getting you all aroused, but now she's aroused too and the pretense of professionalism is making her embarrassed.
No. 972665 ID: f9512f

Thank her and don't push things too far, not being considered a stranger for her is a win in itself.
No. 972689 ID: e78a3b

So she only does it for regulars huh? In that case, you should tell her that this place feels familiar, like a place from your dreams, which you already visited a hundred times, and you wouldn't mind visiting a hundred times more~

Keep letting her know that you're enjoying yourself immensely. Also this >>972576
No. 972758 ID: 11f77a
File 159518798464.png - (345.46KB , 550x500 , cdq_063.png )

She gives more attention to all those unfrayed nerves sparking at the tip of your knob. Your preseed squelches between her fingers as you feel cold sweats down your inner thighs.

grunt, I understand what you mean,” you interrupt with a sly grin. “That’s about the nicest thing I’ve heard from you! You know, I thought I found this place familiar in my dreams~ huff So you only do this for regulars then? Lucky guys~”

Yamelle stammers. “Oh! Well--I. You see. Not just any regular--oh shoot!” Something in her explanation gives up and she trips over words. “It’s just—well—certain residents just need help to get through the day is all!”

“By giving them all handjobs?”

“Well... no just... one... resident,” she hesitates to admit, “Someone I know on the council. It’s mutual but nothing more than that! His wife divorced him and he’s in a bit of a slough. I guess I ended up helping him this way.”

You’re half-listening because as she tugs your sheepskin you’re close to blowing your load. It gradually creeps up and you’re cringing more—stifling to hold it back. But not much longer.
No. 972760 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you're close. She should know what to do.
No. 972761 ID: cdabe3

No. 972762 ID: 7dd242

Wrestle with the temptation to make a joke about how you're going to give her some extra paint to work with.
No. 972763 ID: 4f51b2

Warn her that you are going to cum.
No. 972766 ID: 10c07d

Just let go and blow your load
No. 972778 ID: e78a3b

Tell her how it's normal for your species to finish in the mouth 😏 (but use more subtle words).
No. 973179 ID: 15a025

Give her a heads up then.
No. 973527 ID: 11f77a
File 159612566444.png - (334.21KB , 550x500 , cdq_064.png )

You rear your head back and bleat an amorous groan. You don’t pay any attention to her words as you’re fixed on a more important goal. “Hnnngh, fuuuck~ You’re gonna get some extra paint to work with in a second…” you mutter with a wince. Your voice gradually increases to warn the Chupian masseuse-mom. “Goddamn! Yamelle I—I’m gonna cum! Hooah! Don’t stop! Don’t… hrrff stop!”

Your hips buck and hump into her squeezing hands before your fleshstick throbs out strands of preseed—making way to release its first dose of fertile cum. She’s prepared to let jizz decorate any part of her body, having it lob in whichever direction her hands happen to aim. Hot splotches paint her tits and sternum. And she’s not pausing her handjob either. She smiles warmly as you flex your love muscle—it’s hypersensitive as nerves spark on your tip. Good God, the euphoric senses go haywire. Something much more sensational thanks to whatever magic she bestowed on your cock and balls. In return you drone out a defeated groan as the strings count up. Five. Six. Seven… Eight..! It’s a hefty batch that starts to ebb by the ninth and drool over her fingers.

Even when done delivering your generous load she idly rubs out any stragglers--then stops completely with your dick in her hand. It flexes perpendicular to you after an overwhelming orgasm and you can finally catch your breath.

Your head feels hot and your eyes are heavier.
No. 973528 ID: f56a2b

"P-poggers." and then pass out.
No. 973529 ID: 4f51b2

Time to sleep.
No. 973531 ID: f6ea0d

This (then when we wake up we get discovered by Victor)
No. 973536 ID: 7dd242

Don't pass out until you can at least express a little gratitude. Give her a thanks and a compliment, at least.
No. 973538 ID: b1b4f3

Don't pass out immediately, be considerate and let her finish cleaning up first at least. Definitely tell her how amazing that was.
No. 973539 ID: 0ce575

Tell her thank you and pass out
If Victor knows we are here, pretend we did it with Yamelle to see his reaction.
No. 973562 ID: f0e7f8

Say "Thanks, I really appreciate it" and then fall asleep.
This, we don't get to bang her but smugly insinuate to Victor than you did.
No. 973577 ID: 864e49

Oh so we're just gonna pass out like a little bitch, not even gonna return the favor huh?
Come on guys whats with this defeatist attitude, WE ARE THE ONE WHO FUCKS!
No. 973643 ID: 6e6f32

Indeed. There be some perfectly good Chupian pussy to eat.
No. 973721 ID: 554530

One of our stature would indeed return the favor. Be the one. Who. Fucks.
No. 973722 ID: 8ca8f0

Since we just came, it would be a bit difficult to maintain erection. Therefore, passing out for a short while is the right choice.
No. 974051 ID: 11f77a
File 159677812029.png - (282.61KB , 550x500 , cdq_065.png )

Your phallus almost feels pleasurably numb except for a distant sore from its deserved beating. Having been pent up, you feel the after-effects of blue balls once granted that sweet release. “My-my, Thadeus Plymoth-Saft,” Yamelle says while looking at your contribution on her chest, “That was—a lot! You’ve done well~ Uhm, through this session!” She makes sure to turn off the sauna machine so the air finally starts clearing. “So, uh, d-did you like it?”

Fuck yes you did, but your brain is trying to place those words together. You want to return the favor but every ounce of strength escapes you the longer you force yourself awake. “O-Of course. That really was… an experience like no other.” You exhale to relax all the muscles in your body. “I th-think I’m ready to pass out though. Don’t know if I’ll… stay awake any longer. All my energy is spent~” You back your claim with a yawn.
No. 974052 ID: 11f77a
File 159677817648.png - (209.89KB , 550x500 , cdq_066.png )

She replies. “I can, uhm, help clean you up then! You won’t need to do anything!” Your eyelids are giving up; the last you see is your naked date. She’s still blushing; the Chupian starts folding her apron away and shelve her paint pots. “It won’t be a problem to find you a room to sleep overnight! I know it must be late at this hour. I’ve forgotten the time!”

She leans closer. “I...”

“I should let you know before you doze off…”

“…that I’m glad we both could have a nice time together~”

You whisper and peter out. “Thanks, Yamelle. I w-won’t be forgetting this~ A-And I really appreciate the surprise.” You close your eyes and the world swimmingly fades to darkness as the candles are smothered with nothing but the scent of burnt wicks.
No. 974053 ID: 11f77a
File 159677823942.png - (38.79KB , 550x500 , cdq_067.png )

No. 974054 ID: b1b4f3

What a lovely sight. Snooze peacefully and hopefully don't have a rude awakening from Viktor.
No. 974062 ID: 4f51b2

It was a lovely date, time to be caught either by Dama or Victor (hope we can run pretty fast).
No. 974073 ID: 4286b4

I can't believe Thadeus is dead!
No. 974086 ID: eac2c2

peperony and chease
No. 974114 ID: 11f77a
File 159685182521.png - (174.91KB , 550x500 , cdq_069.png )

No. 974115 ID: 11f77a
File 159685185083.png - (211.62KB , 550x500 , cdq_070.png )

No. 974116 ID: bcda15

"Nothing quite like a mother's touch, eh champ?"
No. 974117 ID: 0fae41

"Come here often?"
No. 974118 ID: b1b4f3

Don't pointlessly antagonize him, you'll lose points with Yamelle.
Just say good morning. Maybe say something about how his mother gives really good massages.
No. 974120 ID: cdabe3

Tempting as it is to say something clever, we should probably just do this.
No. 974121 ID: 4f51b2

Good morning champ, did you sleep well? The few hours I asleep were fantastic.
No. 974122 ID: 3994a2

This, but also compliment his nipples.
No. 974145 ID: c8edab

Ask him if he also had a wild night. If he asks what happened, tell him it was nothing special. For you at least.
No. 974152 ID: 094652

Say nothing but take whatever you want from the kitchen.
No. 974158 ID: dbd72b

*finger guns*
No. 974173 ID: 5b0071

Just say "Body Paint" and give no details.
No. 974237 ID: 11f77a
File 159699762012.png - (220.97KB , 550x500 , cdq_071.png )

“Morning champ! Did you sleep well?”

“I must say, your mother gives the best massages! Grade A-plus-plus work!”

“You can even consider me a returning customer.”

You finish up your coffee and look at the time.

“Well I must be off. I got a meeting to attend on Jakkova. I wish I could meet the rest of your family~”

“Actually… with me as a valued customer... I CAN. You got an older sister right? Right~”
No. 974238 ID: 11f77a
File 159699777262.png - (256.26KB , 550x500 , cdq_072.png )

“I’ll say goodbye to your mother on my way out.”

“Oh and uh… nice nips. You look more like your mother every day.”

“Uh… yeah.”


That's it! It's done! That's all for this date!
Thanks for Questing!
No. 974239 ID: c8edab

Well played. Hope we got a lot of accomplishments!
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