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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 953403 ID: fd2dfa
File 157898847070.png - (130.87KB , 1400x1050 , 1.png )

Running. You've been running for a long time. Days? Months? You never stopped. The rising and falling of the dawn ball blend together. But you don't stop running. After what you saw, you are afraid to stop.
No. 953404 ID: fd2dfa
File 157898849616.png - (146.88KB , 1400x1050 , 2.png )

Then you stop. There is pain. Noise. Words possibly. Flashes of green. Red. The others scream as you-
No. 953405 ID: fd2dfa
File 157898857630.png - (192.41KB , 1400x1050 , 3.png )

It is day. You remember. You are gol-Guk. You still have your child name as your tongue was split as a cub. You could not speak and thus could not speak your Bloom name. Others call you Guk the Quiet One, Guk the Silent, or simply Guk Splittongue. You are the largest, the quietest, and for some reason that made you leader of the Odd Ones. You and the other Odd Ones fled when the Metal Man destroyed your clan.
No. 953406 ID: fd2dfa
File 157898862040.png - (270.21KB , 1400x1050 , 4.png )

A clan renowned among Gormoamhi, of hundreds of women and scores of men and countless females, reduced to this…

"The dawn ball is in the sky" moans the horned one. A name floats into your head. Oklak.

"No, see where it hangs in the sky? It is midday" the fat one groans. Tokrazar.

"Has the land above always been so cold?" One of the twins. Is that gol-Seqrar or gol-Saqrar?

"I do not think so Seq" his brother replies. That question is answered. “We must have traveled farther than we thought. Should we keep going?”

“No we cannot” the woman speaks. Her name. What was her name? Sizzala. That’s it. “The rain comes soon. Do you not feel it?”

“What of rain?” Oklak grunts. “We are Gormoamhi. We are strong.”

“Strong yes, but rain does not kill. It makes you cold. Cold makes you sick. And sick kills you as easy as Dah-een blade.”

Their bickering continues. It makes your head hurt.
>Respond now.
No. 953420 ID: 094652

Assert your authority with a large panda sneeze.

Yes, you can't stay in the rain too long. But suck it up! Neither will the pansy slavers. You need to run to shelter, something hard to find.
No. 953424 ID: c8eb7b

Tell them to shut up or sign them, whatever. Then figure out your options. Sizzala says we need shelter during rain but what if there is none? What then?
No. 953430 ID: 6e6f32

Get up. Gather wood.
No. 953455 ID: c8eb7b

Actually yeah, changing my vote to this. Find out what all the members are good at, and assign them jobs based on what their strengths are.

Those jobs being "get wood" and "build shit"
No. 953460 ID: fd2dfa
File 157904921675.png - (241.20KB , 1400x1050 , 5.png )

Sneeze coming

"See? Guk is taller! He gets colder faster than the rest of you" Sizzala points. "We must find shelter and wait out the rain season.
:Sizzala: gol-a-Sizzala, she is Tokrazar's daughter and the only woman to survive the massacre. She's odd because as a pup she declared she would be her father's mate and no other. That wasn't strange. What was strange was she took her claim seriously once she blossomed into womanhood and refused to spread her legs for anyone but her father. When others tried to force her, blood was spilled, oaths made, and violence was committed without Sizzala touching her assailants. That was when it was clear Sizzala inherited her father's touch of magic. She's strong in it. It might also be why she occasionally says odd things.

"With what? There is no shelter here"Oklak retorts
:oklak:goso-Oklak, the only east born Gormoamhi in the clan. He had come over when his clan-home was destroyed by a combined force of hoo-man, and things he called 'Sang-Naj'. You don't know what those were, but then the rest of his clan was hunted by the 'Jass-nid' when they fled here. He is odd because he has a horn. That is Odd. Gormoamhi grow horns but they fallout at manhood and womanhood. Oklak say all his people keep their horns all their life. If a horn falls off, another grows back. It's odd. He is the fastest hunter, and best tracker. It is why the clan tolerated him. Also he is a man. And having more men in a clan is great status for the clan matriarchs no matter how odd they are.

:Sizzala:"Of course not stupid! We go to the forest" Sizzala replies impatiently "Seq can build us shelter in there."
:Seqrar:gol-Seqrar and his brother were born on the same day. They are not like other men. They are timid. They also like to make things. Seqrar watched the Forge-mistress and Craft-mistress as they trained new Sisters on building things. They tolerated him as he did not interrupt the lessons and only worked on the discarded scraps. He also stole many of their tools but they never caught him. He can build many things with wood and stone and metal. Other men scoff at his skills in woman-work. But they're dead and he's not.

:Seqrar:"I-I can?"

:Sizzala:"You see anyone else carry hammer and saw with us? You see your brother carry hammer or pick?"

:Saqrar:gol-Saqrar just wanted more meat. The other pups would take the best cuts and leave him with gristle. So he would sneak into the Cook-Mistress's chamber and learned to cut off the best choices of meat for himself and Seqrar. To hide his involvement, he had also learned to skin a carcass in the process, fashioning the hide and becoming quite skilled at leather work. He can butcher and animal quickly, and supply the camp with meat, bone, skin, and blood.

:Saqrar:"...I brought knives."

...he is also good with a knife

"Sizzala" Tok finally calms his daughter down. "Yelling solves nothing. You are right we should find shelter, but Oklak is also right in that we best hide ourselves. The open grassland is no place for Gormoamhi. If hoo-mans do not find us, then dah-een, or possibly even more ghost-skins."

:tokrazar:gol-gola-gom-Tokrazar is an old Man. His strength is starting to fade. But he is still strong enough to beat Oklak or the brothers senseless. His power is not his muscles though. He is skilled in magic. But a different magic than his daughter. He calls it 'Man-Magic' and Sizzala's skill as 'Woman-Magic'. You don't know what that means. But he is very good at it. He is Odd because he is old. The other men do not like old, and the women favored younger men. Also his daughter threatened death on any woman that tries to seduce her father. That might be a problem.

Sizz sniffs. :Sizzala:"Build shelter, don't, I don't care anymore. Stupid men can die for all I care."

You groan in annoyance.

>This is getting nowhere. Command them
No. 953465 ID: c8eb7b

"Nag nag nag. Everyone shut up. You made me leader so I will lead you now. Seq, taie tiur brother to start hathering building materials. Wood, rocks? Whatever you need. Oklak, look for a good place in the forest big enough to hide all of us and for the brothers to build. Sizz, seriously stop whining. Tok you're fine where you are. Do whatever you do to kake magic happen."
No. 953466 ID: c8eb7b

Damn you auto correct you failed me for the last time.

*take your
No. 953488 ID: fd2dfa
File 157907177837.png - (250.10KB , 1400x1050 , 6.png )

:guk:"Nrrrrgh! Everyone shut up!"


:tokrazar:"You speak?"

:guk:"I...speak" you are just as confused as them. You had always been Splittongue. You could never speak. Yet now you talk.

:sizzala:"How do you speak?"

:guk:"Rrrgh, does learning how help us find shelter? Does learning how make use escape? No. You made me leader so I will lead you now. Seq, take your brother to start gathering materials for your building. Wood, rocks? All that you need. Come back when finished.Oklak, look for a good place in the forest big enough to hide all of us and for the brothers to build then come back. We shall all carry the materials to the new camp.

:saqrar:"Does that mean?"


:saqrar::seqrar"Yes Guk!"

The brothers scurry off into the woods, Oklak following soon after.

:Sizzala:"Guk this is strange. You should not be able to talk, not with your tongue. Magic is at work here."


:tokrazar:"No, woman magic is powerful, but it doesn't do this. It's not man-magic either. Maybe it has something to do with why we cannot remember the night before."

:guk:"You can't either?"

:sizzala:"I remember pain. And noise."

:tokrazar:"I remember a voice. Maybe it was an animal. It was not a sound of the forest, and I did not understand it. Nothing else..."
No. 953489 ID: fd2dfa
File 157907182568.png - (232.05KB , 1400x1050 , 7.png )

Time passes. The Dawn Ball begins to set when Oklak returns. He found a cave. It is small, but better than nothing. Just in time for Seq and Saq to return with stones and branches. You and everyone share in the burden of carrying the brothers' collected haul to the shelter. It's very small.

:seqrar:"It is indeed small. We will have to all sleep on top of each other tonight to escape the rain. Tomorrow though I can start building a roof and maybe even walls to extend our shelter and give us space."

:guk:"And how much time do you need?"

:seqrar:"Most of my time will be gathering more materials. I will need...at least 10 armfuls of stone, and 20 armfuls of wood for it. Maybe 5 armfuls of branches and leaves to cover the top and keep rain from leaking in."


:seqrar:"I never learned the Craft Mistresses measurements."
No. 953490 ID: fd2dfa
File 157907190999.png - (195.13KB , 1400x1050 , 8.png )

In the end, you only gather ten 'armfuls' of stone and wood for Seqrar before the clouds come and rain makes it too cold to work.

Huddled around the fire, stomachs growling, the Odd Ones are silent for long a time. Then they begin to speak.

:seqrar:"My skin feels too tight."

:saqrar:"My chest feels too small, and my blood is too hot but too cold, it makes my stomach hurt."

:oklak:"Grrrg. My horn itches, and my fur stands but I am not in a fight" he runs a claw through his hair. "I cannot stand this."

:Tokrazar:"You have to. That is the curse of Gormoamhi. Man-magic runs through you though you cannot use it. It builds in you, and you must release it."

:oklak:"I don't know what you're saying old man. I just wish the clan was still whole. It has been a long time since I passed for so long without laying with another. All that's left is Sizz and she would kill me if I tried."

:sizzala:"I would" Sizz smirks. "One scratch is all I need and I could kill you faster than a Dah-een with a heavy sword."

:tokrazar:"Sizzala" Tok chides her. She strokes his hair and he just grumbles.

:oklak:"It may not be the Womens' Heat Season, but if the clan was whole, I would still be deep inside a female right now. I wouldn't even care if it was a dah-een or hoo-man."

:seqrar:"...I liked the blue haired pointy ear hoo-man."

:sizzala:"Those are called el-fu."

:seqrar:"The blue haired el-fu was nice" his brother nods quietly.

:oklak:"She was broken. It is amazing any Man wanted her outside us. Guk, didn't you use to lay with the El-fu? You liked her too. Who took her the night of the metal man?"

:guk:"gol-Horclok. He was burned in half by a ghost-skin they say."

:saqrar:"I still cannot understand how he speaks."

:oklak:"Ugh the ghost-skins" Oklak spits. "Bad luck the day we took them. We captured some the day the Metal Man attacked yeah? You know. I would still like to have been inside a ghost-skin. Just once to know how it feels like."

The band is getting wistful about home. They need distraction.

>Talk to Oklak about tracking tomorrow
>Talk to Seqrar about building
>Talk to Tokrazar and Sizzala about magic.
No. 953496 ID: 094652

Ask about foraging.
No. 953497 ID: 094652

Ask about foraging.
No. 953503 ID: 6e6f32

Talk about Magic
No. 953505 ID: 3f1b68

Talk about magic. I feel like we're gonna see that a lot.
No. 953509 ID: a9af05

Talk to Tokrazar and Sizzala about magic.
No. 953522 ID: fd2dfa
File 157913472841.png - (235.21KB , 1400x1050 , 9.png )

:guk:"Tok, you spoke of magic earlier, what is it?"

:tokrazar:"You cannot use magic, why do you wish to learn?"

:guk:"I am curious."

Tok sighs. :tokrazar:"At least someone is. What do you wish to learn?”

:guk:“How do you make it work? How does it work? I have many questions.”

:tokrazar:“Then I will teach you as my master taught me. Sit” he commands. Taking a deep breath, he launches into a lecture, memorized from repeating himself for years and years.

:tokrazar:“Gormoamhi magic is power of Creation and Destruction. Man-Magic, and Woman-Magic. Woman-Magic is destruction. It burns, freezes, breaks. It takes blood and death and empowers a woman to bring greater death and destruction. It is direct, fast, and burns out quickly. A woman needs to crush hearts, smash brains, break bones, and spill blood to make their Woman-Magic work. Man-Magic however draws on Creation. It is indirect, it's power lingers, and Men like myself can harness it and capture it into vessels. Mostly we make talismans that can empower those who wear them. Thus a woman wears man-magic to make her woman-magic stronger. Her power empties bones of the chewy marrow, the blood that powers her magic, and leaves it a hollow vessel to be filled with Man-Magic" he holds up a cracked bone.

:oklak:"That doesn't explain why you said we are filled with Man Magic."

:tokrazar:"You are. You hold it in your body. A woman holds it in hers. Gormoamhi build it in their bodies all their lives. Men faster than women."

:oklak:"I still don't understand."

:tokrazar:"Then shut up and let me finish. Creation, the act of creation, making new life. That is what makes Man-Magic. When you release yourself, you release that power you gathered in your body so you can collect more."


:seqrar:"...I think he means when you plant seed, in woman or female, that is what releases man magic."

:oklak:"So what, every time I plow a female I make Man-Magic? That's stupid."

:tokrazar:"No idiot" Tok reaches over and slaps the back of Oklak's head. "You are releasing power of creation. I harness it and make Man-Magic. Talismans hold that magic, often with a liquid that holds magic like blood, or seed."

:oklak:"That is also stupid."

:tokrazar:"I do not make these rules Oklak, I merely follow them. You wanted to know how Man-Magic works, I tell you. That is why you are feeling so anxious. You are swollen with power, with no release."

:saqrar:"Um...what about you Tok?"
No. 953523 ID: fd2dfa
File 157913475022.png - (260.89KB , 1400x1050 , 10.png )

:sizzala:“I pleasure him every morning” Sizzala purrs coming in from the rain. "And I use his magic to split mountains."

:tokrazar:"Sizzala stop lying."

:sizzala:"Alright. I don't split the mountains."

Tok sighs in disgust.

The others ask Tok more questions, but they are all variations of the same, and none of them are answers that help you. The fire dies to embers, and everyone sleeps. All but you. You plan for the day tomorrow. Leadership burdens you. Much to do. But what shall be done?

>Assign roles for work tomorrow
No. 953530 ID: 3f1b68

Looks like Tok and Sizz are a white and black mage respectively. We're up shit creek right now without food so Oklak should really focus on hunting tomorrow and so should you.

Saq can butcher what you bring back and we can use the hides as a tent cover to extend the reach of the cave shelter while Tok and Sizz can help Seq gather more wood and stone so everyone can chip in to building the moment they return.
No. 953541 ID: fd2dfa
File 157915130897.png - (231.61KB , 1400x1050 , 11.png )

Day comes surprisingly quick on an empty stomach. Fighting past hunger, you order your Odd Ones on their various tasks. Oklak disappears into the forest to hunt while the rest of you gather materials for Seqrar to begin his work. Occasionally you spot an insect or small reptile you manage to catch and stuff in your mouth, but little else to sate your needs.

By midday, many had returned to Shelter for rest. A total of 20 armfuls of wood and stone were collected, with enough leaves and branches for covering. Seqrar took his pilfered tools and began shaping logs and branches.

Suddenly a large carcass of a food-beast is tossed into the clearing.
No. 953542 ID: fd2dfa
File 157915136332.png - (586.26KB , 1400x1050 , 12.png )

:Oklak:"I found that. But I didn't kill it. This did"

He holds up a struggling form. It squirms and jerks in his grip, yelling obscenities in a language you barely understand but are quite familiar with.

:guk:"A Dah-een?"

:Oklak:"Yes. A Dah-een trapper. And a female no less. I can smell it on her. But this is a problem."

:seqrar:"Where there's one Dah-een...":saqrar:"There's more close by."
No. 953544 ID: 094652

Bind and gag, but do not kill her. You can force her to make traps until you learn how to make them yourselves. Keep moving and take the light resources with you.
No. 953545 ID: fd2dfa
File 157915218049.png - (444.12KB , 1400x1050 , 13.png )

:oklak:"Yes. And I can find them. I have her scent. I'll follow it back to her shelter."

:sizzala:"While we starve on a single foodbeast. You could be gone for weeks while this carcass will last us two, maybe three days at most" Sizz snaps.

Oklak growls :oklak:"Well do you have a suggestion? Woman-witch?"

Tok saunters up:tokrazar:"I do. I can make a Talisman of Return."

:oklak:"A what?"

:tokrazar:"A talisman, I take the essence of the Dah-een, and I harness power collected to make a Talisman that will be drawn to whatever place she thinks is home. Then anyone can find her shelter and Oklak can continue to hunt. It will take a lot of power to make though. Someone will have to claim the Dah-een and let me harvest their power afterwards."

Oklak seems much more 'interested' now. :oklak:"I can do it! I can claim the Dah-een!"

:sizzala:"Pfeh! And then you are too tired to hunt. Guk is leader! Guk should claim the Dah-een!"

While you don't say anything, the prospect of you getting claim rights as leader, 'interests' you as well.

:Oklak:"I FOUND DAH-EEN! MY CLAIM" he snarls at Sizz.

Tok steps between them, :tokrazar:"If you don't shut up, I will make Saqrar claim Dah-een just to snub you both."


:sizzala:"Another possibility. Saqrar can butcher the carcass. Harvest the blood. Give me the heart, and brain, and organs. I can burn it all and get enough Woman-Magic to rip memories from Dah-Een. I can tell you where her shelter is. Daddy can use magic when Guk plows Dah-een to make a different talisman. Anything. Oklak can find Dah-een shelter then."

:oklak:"But Guk claims the Dah-een."

:sizzala:"He would claim the Dah-een if you went and scouted for her shelter."

:oklak:"Rrryou grmjsmrblblmm..."

The dah-een female has grown silent. You suspect it knows you are debating her fate.

>Go with Oklak's plan (Guk will claim her tonight)
>Go with Tokrazar's plan (Can decide if Oklak or Guk will claim her)
>Go with Sizzala's plan(Guk will claim her)
No. 953546 ID: 094652

No. 953547 ID: 3f1b68

Tok's plan would let Guk search for the other dah-een while oklak keeps hunting. And if Oklak is going to be a baby about it, then give baby his bottle.
No. 953551 ID: 3f1b68

Actually nevermind. Sizzala's plan would do that too. Changing to Sizzala, screw Oklak
No. 953553 ID: 8f49e9

Tokrazar's plan, Oklak.
No. 953554 ID: 9876c4

I second screw Oklak.
No. 953556 ID: ae8ec4

>Go with Sizzala's plan(Guk will claim her)
Tell Oklak that the state of the clan needs emergency actions. He will have opportunities to claim in the future.
No. 953572 ID: 1a6f80

>Go with Sizzala's plan
No. 953593 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920493390.png - (131.99KB , 1400x1050 , 14.png )

Second night. Second rain. But downpour was not the only sound that evening. With the shelter extended, the other men took refuge under the fur roof, letting the wet 'pitter patter' of the downpour drown out the sound of rhythmic wet 'pap' 'pap' of your thighs slapping against the Dah-een.

:oklak:"Pfeh. Guk is leader. Guk gets first female. Guk gets first everything..."
No. 953594 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920497571.png - (306.38KB , 1400x1050 , 15.png )

"Hrn...mna...ha" she gasps as your length plunges deep inside her. Hot. Tight. Blissful. It's been so long since you enjoyed a fresh female. Even in the clan it was rare new captures could be enjoyed by the Odd Ones. It is so good you don't even care Sizz and Tok are watching you as you plow her fields.
No. 953595 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920499448.png - (219.64KB , 1400x1050 , 16.png )

:Sizzala:"Tok" Sizz smiles. "She bleeds."

:tokrazar:"Then her fields have never been tilled until now" Tok replies not looking up from his focus "be sure to collect the blood and Guk's seed."

:guk: "Why. Does. That. Matter" you grunt with each thrust.

:tokrazar:"Virgin blood and the seed of the man that broke it will empower the talisman even greater if collected into the vessel."

:Sizzala:"Man magic is so strange."

Her struggles are weak and unfocused. She switches between trying to resist you, and embracing you. Tok says his brew works that way. They are disoriented but should remember. This is how females are trained.
No. 953597 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920503301.png - (150.24KB , 1400x1050 , 17.png )

You feel pressure building. Her walls begin to squeeze harder. "So...close" you grunt.

:tokrazar:"Be sure to plant your seed within her. The magic dissipates if you release outside!"

With a final thrust, you push until you hit resistance, and then you flood warmth into her. Her mouth is open in a voiceless scream as her senses are overwhelmed. Your plowing, Tok's brew, her climax, Tok's ritual extracting power, and Sizz's ritual drawing her memories. Her body goes rigid, and then goes limp in the dirt.
No. 953598 ID: fd2dfa
File 157920518710.png - (246.13KB , 1400x1050 , 18.png )

Your groan as you reluctantly withdraw from her warmth, noting with annoyance as Sizz cleans your 'tool's of blood and seed, pooling it into a hollowed bone. She hands the filled vessel to Tok who plugs it with a stopper and begins to weave the collected power into the vessel.

:sizzala:"I have it" she smiles triumphantly. "I can lead you, or Oklak there tommorrow."

:tokrazar: and we have a powerful talisman waiting to be shaped. It was yours Guk, you shall decide what it shall be.

:guk:"What can it be?"

:tokrazar:"Many things. Speed. Strength, stealth, just one though. Talismans cannot hold more than one shape."

:guk:"And the Dah-Een?"

Tok’s fingers fly over the talisman, doing you only wish you knew what with it.

:tokrazar: "Well, you are the leader. You claimed her. She is your Claim-mate. Your decision"

>She is mine and I will use her. (She will be Guk's claim-mate. She will accompany you everywhere, helping with all your work, and spreading her legs only for you. It will build her loyalty faster)
> She shall work to help the clan survive(She will be a Clan female. She will work most of the day and spread for any man that needs relief. Balance between loyalty and fertility)
>The clan needs to regrow. Even if only females are available(She will be a breeder. She will be bred day and night by all men. Repeated mating will increase her fertility)

>>What shall the talisman be?
>Talisman of Strength - Increase in strength. Can carry more and hit harder.
>Talisman of Speed - While you don't become a blir, you are harder to see when you start moving.
>Talisman of Toughness - Your hard hide becomes even harder.
>Talisman of Endurance - You have more energy to perform more(and plow more females before tiring)
>>Other talisman enchantments require better material.
No. 953600 ID: 9876c4

My prize, and Speed
No. 953604 ID: 3f1b68

She is mine and I will use her, and Speed. We're already a walking tank. Time to shift into maximum overdrive
No. 953605 ID: 6ee1b4

Not sure about the first question, and Speed.
No. 953613 ID: 1a6f80

>She is mine and I will use her.
>Talisman of Speed
No. 953620 ID: 6e6f32

My Prize + Speed Bandwagon GO
No. 953622 ID: fd2dfa
File 157922478438.png - (105.19KB , 1400x1050 , 19.png )

>She is your Claim-mate
>Talisman of Speed chosen

The dawn brings the smell of wet soil to your nostrils, and the sensation of movement across your chest. The Dah-een is trying to sneak over and around you.
No. 953623 ID: fd2dfa
File 157922480909.png - (118.15KB , 1400x1050 , 20.png )

Unlucky for her, your new talisman makes you as fast as a serpent.
No. 953624 ID: fd2dfa
File 157922496907.png - (230.42KB , 1400x1050 , 21.png )

:guk: “And where are you going?”

“Ye-ye speak as I?”
:guk: “I can. I find I can do many things that I haven’t been able to. Now you answer my question. Where were you going? Nothing to say?”

You place a hand on her shoulder.

:guk: “You are my claim-mate now. You belong to me. Where you go, I go, and where I go, you go. Understood?”


:guk: “Stupid Dah-een. Let me show you.”

>Punish her, and deal with your morning ‘problem’. Today will be an education in discipline.
>Punish her by restraining her limbs and carrying her like a rucksack. Discipline comes later, today you follow Sizz and Oklak.
>Creativity springs from spontaneity. Today you shall...Fill in what shall be done today
No. 953627 ID: 9876c4

1 sounds fun, but 2 sounds the most instructive.
No. 953630 ID: 094652

3 - Speak words of madness until she begs you to speak sense. Alternate between military discipline and cloudcuckooland until she gets it.
No. 953633 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah do this.
No. 953638 ID: 91ee5f

Punish her, and deal with your morning ‘problem’. Today will be an education in discipline.
No. 953643 ID: ae8ec4

>Punish her by restraining her limbs and carrying her like a rucksack. Discipline comes later, today you follow Sizz and Oklak.
No. 953649 ID: 3b6b08

Why not both?
No. 953652 ID: 1a6f80

i like this i vote for it
No. 953660 ID: fb03a3

Carrying her? I disapprove of a "punishment" that means she won't have to walk.
No. 953663 ID: 91ee5f

I agree. It’s not really a punishment if she gets a free ride.
No. 953668 ID: fd2dfa
File 157924860328.png - (202.09KB , 1400x1050 , 22.png )

With a sharp tug, you pull free your trappings and free your hard 'problem'. The Dah-een notices your length pressing against her back and she has a moment to register what is about to happen before you grasp her legs and hoist her onto your twitching tip.

"Wait!", she shouts. Too late.

You pull down as you thrust up. Her cries wake the camp as you begin your first lesson. You don’t care. Once inside her, the world outside stops being a concern. Let Sizz and Oklak find their own way. Today is all about teaching your claim-mate her place.
No. 953669 ID: fd2dfa
File 157924863553.png - (240.04KB , 1400x1050 , 23.png )

The day passes too quickly. The problem that comes from enjoying yourself. You’ve plowed your Dah-een again and again, losing count of the times you planted your seed in her. You instruct her to clean you when Oklak returns.

:Oklak: “Guk, Sizz was right. There is a shelter!”

:Sizzala: “It’d be perfect for us.”

:Guk:“What do you mean?”

:oklak:“It’s old. Very old, but strong. If it is old and still stands, it must be built to be strong. Gormoamhi strong.”

:sizzala:“It’s also full of dah-een.”
No. 953670 ID: fd2dfa
File 157924866678.png - (200.89KB , 1400x1050 , 24.png )

:oklak:“Yes but that was obvious when I found that one” he points to the female lapping at your tool.

:sizzala:“Not the point. Dah-een are in there. They don’t’ hide in old buildings. They hide in their villages and walled cities. If they hide in old building, something has happened and they went to a place they thought was safe. A place hard to find, and easy to defend.”

:oklak: “If we have it, we can make it our shelter. No, Seq can fix it. Make it stronger. It can be a new home for our clan!”

That catches your attention. No more running. No more hiding in caves and under brush. A home again. A home to sleep and eat and plow your claim-mate. That would be good.

:sizzala:“You say that because it has dah-een.”

:oklak:“That’s just one reason” he sniffs. “That is a problem. We know their shelter. We know where it is. We don’t know how many Dah-een there are. Saw one with a sword. Dangerous but we can beat her together. Problem comes if there are more like her. We need to learn how many are in there.”

>How will you do it?
No. 953673 ID: 9876c4

Pick out an ambush spot in advance. gather whatever rocks and cover you need to make it a good one.

Someone gets too close to the village and riles them up. Steals food, kills one, whatever. Posse forms and chases your runner into the ambush spot.

Simple. If it works.
No. 953674 ID: 66cdb8

We have a source of info already. See if Sizz can do her memory extract thing on the dah-een again(get her name too we can't keep calling her the dah-een if there is more than one) Failing that Guk can interrogate her. With a better picture of the inside, we can plan properly.
No. 953720 ID: 1a6f80

i vote for this plan
No. 953827 ID: 094652

Let's reframe this problem: We're a small group of giant magic berserkers and our opponents are a potential horde of super-strength bun-buns. What do we do to claim the shelter?

Play the monster.

Hunt them down and capture them alive, one by one, but make it look like there's only one of you doing all this. With luck, they'll realize they're in a campfire horror story and leave, or try to hunt down a single dumb monster, which leaves them prone to an ambush.
No. 953840 ID: fd2dfa
File 157941361747.png - (261.19KB , 1400x1050 , 25.png )

You order Sizz to repeat her magic from last night. Oklak(grudgingly) goes hunting for a foodbeast to procure enough offal for the ritual.

Come dusk, the organs are harvested from a deer, burned in a bonfire, and the marrow in its bones rots to fuel her power. Sizzala reaches for your claim-mate, whom you have restrained.

Sizz chants three words that mean nothing to you, but make your teeth itch with the power they contain. And you see-
No. 953841 ID: fd2dfa
File 157941372551.png - (498.60KB , 1400x1050 , 26.png )

Finally, your family finds sturdy shelter. This old structure was once a manor, or maybe a villa? You don't know, but it's been abandoned for ages. That doesn't matter, you're safe. Your father and the other warriors stayed behind to face the rival clans, but it was clear they were going to die. Far too many of your enemies choosing to ally with each other to destroy you. It was unheard of. The unnatural quiet, and the green glow of their camps during the night. The sheer wrongness convinced you to keep running and not look back.

Your elder sister Comlee kept the family sword. Though she isn't as experienced as father, her skill is enough that you feel safe. She has collapsed in exhaustion, staying awake for days. Your elder brother, Baeohar comforts your mother. He is convinced that just because you found this place, the family still must be wary. He regularly puts a hand on his sword to remind himself of its presence.

Your younger brother, Anslieu, is agitated, eyes darting to every shadow and jumping at every sound. He has the soul of a poet, and the voice of a bard. This life of fleeing and squatting in the bones of some civilization long dead has done little for his nerves.

Analey, your mother, is still distraught over losing your father. Her children are all she has left. "Ionilee, are you certain you need to leave?"

"We may have found shelter mother, but we still need food. Our supplies won't last forever. Don't worry, I'll find us enough to last us for months."

"But surely you can wait a bit longer! We only just found this place."

"I've been on me own before ma. I'll be fine" you assure her. And it's true. You'd be gone for days and come back without a scratch. If you do so again, it might help relieve mother of her worries.

:guk:"So. There are four others of you hiding in that place" you blink away the visions. "Ionilee"

Your claim-mate looks up at you with horror. "Ye-ye saw?"

:guk:"I saw and heard it all."

"P-please" she stammers "Don't hurt me family. They suffered enough-ah" you place a hand over her mouth. :guk:"Not as many as we feared, but enough to be a problem."

:sizzala:"Two have weapons."

:oklak:"One I can handle, but two? We may need a less direct approach."

:guk:"The brother has a smaller sword Oklak, he shouldn't be as threatening"

Oklak smiles :oklak:"A brother eh? Training the dah-een boys to be proper clan females is extra work and I do like a project..."

:sizzala:"Focus you horned twit, how will we take the shelter?"

:guk:"Whittle them down. From what we saw Sizz, the armed ones protect the shelter. We should find out when and where they go. Take one at a time. Then the others will be open."

:saqrar:"What...what if we take the ones that do not fight? Get the armed ones angry and stupid and have them fall into a trap?"

:guk:"That could work too, but that would require us to be very careful not to let them know there is more than one of us. So long as they think there is only one Gormoamhi, they will be confident they can win."

:oklak:"Too much thinking, think think think! We see at night! They have harder time. We strike at night, take both armed ones, steal their weapons. Then claim shelter and others. We will have the shelter in a day and can spend all night claiming the females!"

:seqrar:"...I like my brother's plan. It seems we won't expose ourselves that way."

:oklak:"You would think that."

>Go with Oklak's plan for a Night Raid
>Go with Saqrar's plan for Abduct and Ambush
>Go with your plan for Divide and Conquer
>Go with a different plan...
No. 953842 ID: 9876c4

Divide and conquer seems like the best returns. It also gets us a sword before the fighting starts.
No. 953848 ID: 5cce25

Saqrar actually seems kinda smart. We can take one (preferably the brother) and use him as bait tonlire the other one into a trap where everyone can overwhelm her. After that taking the manor should be easy.
No. 953849 ID: 5cce25

To be clear I'm advocating a mix of plans. Divide and conquer as the strategy, but with Abduct and ambush as the method
No. 953851 ID: 6ee1b4

Capture one outside at dusk, when they're going home from their hunt/foraging. That way the ambush can be at night.
No. 953861 ID: 094652

Night Insanity - Drive them mad
Tonight, flank the mansion and make howling noises in the bushes, followed by noisy plowing of Ionilee. They'll be angry, exhausted, and overconfident. Winning combination.
No. 953894 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949678070.png - (53.18KB , 640x480 , 27.png )

Night falls. The sister is on watch. You grasp your claim mate firmly and whisper in her ear :guk:”Scream for me” as you insert a finger. Then two. She screams on the third.

Her cries alert the sentry. Oklak runs across the open plain, blood of a foodbeast on his hands. The sentry is agitated and gives chase. Straight into the brothers’ trap.
No. 953895 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949679684.png - (74.54KB , 640x480 , 28.png )

Oklak takes her fallen sword and hands it to you.

:oklak: “Heh, just large enough for Gormoamhi.”

The dah-een struggles in the trap, her thrashing becoming more intense when she sees the naked form of Ionilee held by Sizz.

:oklak: “Oh don’t worry little one, you’ll join her soon.”
No. 953896 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949681310.png - (83.39KB , 640x480 , 29.png )

The brother has run out, searching for his sister, calling her name. “Comlee! Comlee where ya run off ta?”

The speed talisman helps you close the distance faster than his bleary eyes can react. “Gorm-“ he has no opportunity to complete the word as you strike.
No. 953897 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949682664.png - (83.83KB , 640x480 , 30.png )

He parries, and his strike opens a cut in your side. It’s not deep, but it hurts.
“Where’s Comlee?! Where’s me sisters?!” the element of surprise is gone.

No. 953899 ID: 9876c4

You're both hurt, you've got reach, but he's got stamina. Honestly, you should keep him busy until someone comes behind him and clonks him in the head.
No. 953900 ID: 3b7091

We have to assume he's got the upper hand in single combat. Fight defensively and try to draw him towards the clan, so you can gang up on him.
Taunt him when Oklak is in position so he focuses on you.
No. 953913 ID: 094652

You have minions, utilize them! Dog pile this sucker, so you can knock him out.
No. 953914 ID: 6e6f32

Could just bum rush him with the sword between you and then slap him aside using the flat end. The magical speed will mean you recover your stance before he will.
No. 953925 ID: 015bf2

Flat end of blade + reach + speed + wide swipes, not slashes, is the combination to success here.

But don’t get overconfident against the remaining ones - the could still have smaller daggers and blades on them.
No. 953966 ID: fd2dfa
File 157957909386.png - (183.17KB , 1400x1050 , 31.png )

You go on the defensive, using your larger reach to keep him away. Rage prevents Baeohar from seeing you slowly move back to the treeline. The poor fool believes he has you trapped, he doesn’t notice Oklak getting behind him.


The dah-een’s blade is stuck in Oklak’s arm, leaving him with his fists. While they hurt, they are infinitely less deadly than the blade. Oklak removes the sword cursing up a storm.

:oklak:“Just for that I call that dah-een for claiming! I’m going to start early on his training!”

:guk: “Don’t count food before it’s caught Oklak, there’s still a shelter to claim.”

That’s more a formality than anything however. You storm into the manor, Oklak following behind. The mother and brother don’t even have time to put up a fight before you catch them and bring them to the foyer where the rest of the clan has moved your sparse supplies and captured Dah-een. Aside from Oklak’s injury, the attack was a success.

>>The Manor is captured!
No. 953967 ID: fd2dfa
File 157957912437.png - (223.88KB , 1400x1050 , 32.png )

The Pile is a centerpiece for any clan. It is the collected scraps stripped from females to symbolize their old lives being cast away as they become part of the clan. With this new home, a new Pile has been made, the remains of the dah-een family making a nice foundation.
No. 953968 ID: fd2dfa
File 157957918342.png - (442.49KB , 1400x1050 , 33.png )

Around the bonfire, the clan celebrates. A victory, a new home, and new females. The dah-een family provided the music, their moans as the men claim them making a song of conquest.

Baeohar cries out as Oklak makes good his promise, thrusting hard into him, marking him as his own and starting the dah-een’s new life as a clan female.

Comlee is claimed simultaneously by the brothers, a reward for their trapping of her. When one climaxes, they swap, one enjoying the fruits of the dah-een while the other prepares himself again with her mouth. She has moments to spit a curse before she is made busy again.

Tok has taken Anslieu. Of all the dah-een he resists the least as the elder plows him hard and fast. The dah-een’s leg’s tremble as he is filled with Tok’s essence again and again. Sizz smiles and mocks the youngest brother, saying he is already a clan female the way he acts.

The mother of the clan, Analey, is your prize. She rides your length, huffing and moaning like a Gormoamhi woman in her heat period. There is something about her, the fact all these Dah-een came from inside her, and you will now plant your own seed within her excites you. Her daughter, and your first claim-mate, Ionilee watches in a mix of arousal, shame, and sorrow as you add her mother to your harem.

As celebrations wind on to their second hour, the males begin to discuss with each other the fate of the new females.

>>Comlee shall be...
>Claim-mate of Seqrar and Saqrar
> Worker or

>>Baeohar shall be...
>Claim-mate of Oklak,
>Worker or
>Clan toy

>>Anslieu shall be...
>Claim-mate of Tokrazar
>Worker or
>Clan toy

>>Analey shall be...
>Claim-mate of Guk
>Worker or
No. 953971 ID: 9876c4

I don't see any problem in letting everyone have their own
Dah-een. Giving Comlee to the brothers seems like a good security policy too.

Baoehar has spirit. Be a shame to lose that entirely. He'd make a better worker. No such argument can be made for Anslieu.

Does Sizzla want either male? she did much to bring you here.
No. 953975 ID: 304624

Oklak deserves his reward and has already been denied once. Let Baeohar be his claim-mate.
On the other hand Analey would make a good breeder, she's experienced at it.
No. 953979 ID: 8451a1

Anslieu and Baeohar should be put to work, but Oklak can retain exclusive rights to Baeohar.

The rest can be claim-mates of the ones who claimed them.
No. 953991 ID: 5669ef

What are those red glowy things visible in the doorway?
No. 954034 ID: 8451a1

Those look like fruits or maybe flowers
No. 954123 ID: fd2dfa
File 157974157253.png - (204.80KB , 1400x1050 , 34.png )

It's agreed every man shall keep their claim mate, but that Baeohar will be put to work serving the entire clan. There is some debate whether Analey should be a breeder but no conclusion is made. When you ask if Sizz wants one for herself she sneers and replies

:sizzala:"Father is all the man I need."

Much to Tok's embarrasment.

Your dreams are haunted. You feel panic. Pain. You see a ghost skin. Standing over you
Mae kelj rokslovakane illsa? Mae gulpa tova? Nek, ne-rokstanni masdana, krom tzemawa slovakr.

Noise. What is he saying? You try to run. You try to rip his arms off. You try to move, ANYTHING! But your limbs deny you. Your body defies your commands.

Tze igoltani, sag rokfali zun tago, krem ne ipalpem. Gromaka was.
No. 954124 ID: fd2dfa
File 157974158935.png - (189.34KB , 1400x1050 , 35.png )

It is day. The dream fades. You are safe. You are Guk. This is the old manor. It is the shelter-no. It is the new home of the Odd Ones. Or it shall be. There is still much work to do. The clan will look to you for guidance. Who shall do what today?

>Hunt for beasts - The females are extra mouths to feed. More meat is needed to keep everyone fed.
>Gather materials - Find more wood and stone for the brothers and plants for Tok's brew
>Build tools - Build tools for training/holding females, and weapons for war.
>Fortify the manor- It is adequately sturdy for a shelter, but for a more permanent home, adequate is not enough.
>Explore the manor - Much of the manor is unexplored. This shall be rectified.
>Train the females - Until the females are sufficiently trained to watch themselves someone will need to watch them.

No. 954125 ID: 9876c4

Oklak goes hunting, Brothers gather what they can, Sizz and Tok watch the bunnies. Guk stays here, and explores.

You can take a Dah-een with you, if you want.
No. 954182 ID: fd2dfa
File 157976921743.png - (185.67KB , 1400x1050 , 36.png )

Oklak runs off to hunt in the forest as Seqrar and Saqrar forage for building materials. Tok and Sizz oversee the dah-een in the garden as you take your claim-mates under each arm.

:Guk:"Tell me. What do you know of this place?"

Ionilee speaks first. "N-nae much. Just found it a day ago."

:guk:"What have you found?"

Analey speaks. "Just this room. And the back."

Ionilee chimes in "And the side room. Where we placed all our-"


"Ma, they're Gormoamhi. They dun care fer Daoine trappins. Hidin' them just means we get punished later."

:guk:"That's true. You're learning." you pat Ionilee on the head.
No. 954183 ID: fd2dfa
File 157976927754.png - (355.98KB , 1400x1050 , 37.png )

Taking a charred stick from the cold firepit you draw out a map on the floor. According to your claim-mates the central chamber, open to the sky, is being used as a garden. Apparently many of the plants growing their are edible for dah-een. You should ask Tok if he can use it for growing his plants. The chamber to the left is where the dah-een keep all their personal belongings. Irrelevant things for Gormoamhi, though maybe Seqrar or Tok could find something useful in their junk. And to the right is an empty chamber, though based on the placement of a stove and racks, you estimate it may have once been a kitchen. Oklak shall hang meat there. The rest of the manor is unexplored. The place is so large you will likely need more than one day to explore it all. Perhaps only two chambers for now, then return to see the progress of the clan.

>Which chambers shall be explored?
No. 954184 ID: 9876c4

No sense overthinking things. 2 nearest rooms on this level. As long as there's food, we'll work our way through.
No. 954226 ID: 0599d4

Start with the two rooms in the top-right.
No. 954238 ID: 015bf2

No. 954283 ID: fd2dfa
File 157985567793.png - (583.25KB , 1400x1050 , 38.png )

The first chamber is...well this. Old walls filled with old script. Wait. You can understand it. Why can you understand this? This stinks of magic! Irrelevant. What's important is what it says.

This manor it claims to have once been part of a palace to a what is this...a priest...king? Something something...age of the priest-kings...gods...sacrifice...blood blood blood war...wait. The bottom. It makes reference to a 'Door to many places.' A door that leads to so many places...is it speaking of a portal?

:guk:"TOK! Get over here!"

:tokrazar:"What? Why are you yelling for-oh."

:guk:"Tok, I can read this. Why can I read this?"

:tokrazar:"I...I don't understand this. I can read it as well. I don't understand the scratchings, but the words make sense?"

:guk:"So it isn't just me?!"
No. 954284 ID: fd2dfa
File 157985573786.png - (187.25KB , 1400x1050 , 39.png )

The other room is unsettling. Orbs. Many orbs. Some are missing. The slots for the orbs extend all the way into the dark ceiling.

:tokrazar:"So many vessels! All empty and waiting to be filled!"

:guk:"Vessels? So these hold magic?"

:tokrazar:"Not yet, but they can. I can feel it on them, magic was in them once, and they can be filled again. Though they are too big for talismans...maybe something else?"

>Return to the Foyer
>Investigate the wall script some more.
No. 954299 ID: 465a14

>Investigate the wall script some more.
Is this still the standard fuck magic or do they need a different kind of magic?
No. 954335 ID: 015bf2

Perk yon eyes at strange readables.
No. 954342 ID: 9876c4

Let's go back. Experimentation isn't advisable. Let's let Tok poke at it later.
No. 954365 ID: c37dad

If you can read it, at least read the entire thing. No speed reading.
No. 954389 ID: 094652

Explore the rest of the mansion.
No. 954396 ID: fd2dfa
File 157993301774.png - (559.35KB , 1400x1050 , 40.png )

'Hail mighty Priest-King. The Age of War draws near, and our faith shall be rewarded. Blood sacrifices have been made upon this ground thus it is consecrated to the great god, all praise to the one above all, and the foundation had been washed with the blood of heathens for glorification of the great god, all praise to the true god and his divine corpse. Resao may turn against us, but by the blood of the heretics and the magic running in our veins, we have all the world at our fingers.

As instructed by our masters, your palace has been constructed to reflect the Ways Strange. Eight Layers Below so the Door to Many Places may connect to the ley lines of the earth, and Eight Layers into the sky to connect the power to the Space Between Spaces. Each Layer has been keyed to reflect the Eight Upon Eight Layered realms upon which the Divine Carcass is strewn, and through the rituals we have learned, shall we empower the Door to Many Places'

:guk:"Tok what sort of magic is this?"

:tokrazar:"Old magic. We cannot replicate it, but we can substitute the power with Man-Magic and Woman-magic. This will require more study. Preferably with this thing the wall calls the Door to Many Places in front of me."
No. 954397 ID: fd2dfa
File 157993303165.png - (179.17KB , 1400x1050 , 41.png )

You spend the rest of the day debating with Tok about the wall with no progress until the rest of the clan return. Oklak brings back two wolves that attempted to ambush him. They did not know enough about Gormoamhi to know he was the hunter. Their meat will be tough but will fill the larders. With no other real standard, you use Seqrar's measurements for them. Oklak returned with 7 armfuls of meat. Tonight the clan will consume 4 armfuls of that meat. There needs to be a more efficient means of gathering food. Oklak suggests making the dah-een collect fish from the water near the home. That would require the females to be obedient. Oklak smiles and suggests spending the rest of the day training them, eyeing Baeohar the entire time he talks.

The brothers return, bearing 5 armfuls of stone, and 7 armfuls of wood between them. Saqrar says he can start making leather from the hides if he has time to stay instead of gathering material, as he needs his brother's guidance to know what is good for building and what is a waste of carrying space. His skills are being squandered.
The brothers come to you, eager with ideas. Saqrar says he can make the leather now and butcher the corpses for meat later. When you ask why, Seqrar says he saw how Tok and Sizz were spending all day bored watching the dah-een, so he thought he could fashion some collars and leashes from the leather for the females, just like the old clan did. Everyone could lead their claim-mates around without worry of them misbehaving. If not, he has other projects he wants to start, such as building an irrigation system to the garden so plants can be watered without manual labor, building suitable resting places for the clan, a mixing chamber for Tok to brew his potions and prepare his vessels for making more complicated talismans, a foundry and forge for working with metal, cages to deal with animals and possible prisoners, and a few other projects but you stop listening. Once he gets started, the poor bastard starts talking about things he can never do. He just lacks the tools and the attention span.

Tok and Sizz discuss your discovery, though they make about as much progress as you did. The 'Resaoan' tablet may be translated, but the words might as well remain as scratchings for all the sense they make.

Absent of anything else to do, you gather around with your claim mates, and start an inventory of everything.

Food = 12 armfuls(will be 8 by tomorrow)
Stone = 15 (Not all could be taken from the old shelter. Troubling)
Wood = 17 (Will have to use 2 armfuls for the evening bonfire)
Hides = 4 (Saqrar says he can make 8 armfuls of rolled leather from it)
Leather = Nothing
Bones, blood, and ritual organs = Enough for a small Woman-Spell or twenty Man-Talismans.
Dah-een Junk = lots
Carcases = 2 wolves

As the sun starts to wane, the clan retires to the manor for indoor work. What shall be done?

>Assign every clan member a task

>Prepare materials
>More exploring
No. 954403 ID: 9876c4

Let's fast track those collars. Everyone else, as you were.
Tok could integrate some slave training, but has to be careful none try to escape.
No. 954405 ID: c37dad

If Tok really needs that door, we should keep looking for it. Take Ionilee with us since she seems to be the most compliant one.

Oklak can train Baeohar while Seq makes those collars. Saq should start butchering and tanning leather in case his brother needs more, and Tok and Sizz can continue watching/training the remaining bunnies.
No. 954489 ID: 839c86

Oklak: Training
Saqrar: Butcher corpses and make leather
Seqrar: Craft Leather collars,
Tok: Sift through Da'een junk for anything useful
Sizz:Make man-talismans
Guk: Training
No. 954935 ID: fd2dfa
File 158036304525.png - (475.73KB , 1400x1050 , 42.png )

You leave just as Oklak grabs hold of Baeohar. You have a good idea what training for the dah-een will be. Instead you take a branch from the fire, and hand it to Ionilee, telling her you shall explore more of the manor while the others get back to their own tasks. Analey drags her feet. You help drag them faster.
No. 954936 ID: fd2dfa
File 158036308221.png - (206.37KB , 1400x1050 , 43.png )

You explore the chamber that leads to the tower. At least you suspect it's the tower. Stairs lead up and down in the next room. The stench of rotting wood and dust hangs in the air.

"What was this used for?"

:guk:"I don't know. But we will find new use for it. There. In the corner. Is that wood."

"I...I think tis. Maybe twas once a table?"

:guk:"Doesn't matter. It will be kindling for another fire."


:guk:"Do you hear that?", you gesture back to the hall to the foyer. The grunting pleas of Baeohar, the ripping of meat and hide as the brothers perform their work, and Sizzala's laughing chants.


:guk: "It's too crowded there. For once I'd like to enjoy myself without someone from the clan staring at me."

"Ye mean?"

:guk:"Analey, you told Ionilee to not tell me of your things. That cannot be tolerated. It's time for more training."
No. 954937 ID: fd2dfa
File 158036311634.png - (245.21KB , 1400x1050 , 44.png )

The fire burns away the smell of age, replacing it with a more refreshing scent of ash. Ionilee is reluctant, but obeys your commands, spreading her legs for you. Her training is brief but enjoyable.

Analey resists, but she will learn discipline as her daughter has, you will make sure of it.

>>A shift in the skeins. Guk is busy.
>Be Oklak for a while and oversee his training.
>Be grumpy old Tok for a while sifting through dah-een garbage
>Be Sizz for a while as she magic and enjoys Oklak's show.

So yeah, got confirmation. It's the flu. I'm gonna be stuck like this for a while so expect more slowdowns.

No. 954945 ID: 9876c4

Take your time as needed, try not to eat any bats. I hear that rarely helps.
Great panel layout.
To my mind, Tok has the most interesting job.
No. 955197 ID: fd2dfa
File 158054996891.png - (187.80KB , 1400x1050 , 45.png )

You are Tok. You rummage through the dah-een junk in hopes of finding useful things among the possessions of the non-people. Unlikely. The non-people carry many frivolous things Gormoamhi do not need. At least most times. So far you discovered a store of water, several scraps of metal you are sure the brothers could use in one of their many building projects, and an empty vessel that fits in your hand. Anslieu, your claim and the dah-een that accompanied you, says it was a canteen used by a neighbor once for holding his drink, made from the hollowed tusk of a sea creature whose name you cannot pronounce.

Anslieu followed you without your command, sat by you, and watched you as you went through his family's things. It's unnerving. He isn't like the others the clan claimed. Not like Guk's mates who are both rebellious, obeying him only because of his thorough disciplining, or Oklak's charge that fights with him every hour. Not even the brothers' claim-mate is so...quiet as yours. Why is he here? Why does he stare? Why does he do nothing but stare?!

>What do you do?
No. 955200 ID: 9876c4

Explain what you're doing, and the why of it.

You're the wisest one here, and he's observant enough to notice it.
No. 955206 ID: 015bf2

He’s trying to understand you, or what you do.
No. 955211 ID: 6e6f32

Could just ask 'im.
It is unusual for one to enjoy your fate.
Why do you?
No. 955271 ID: fd2dfa
File 158063089510.png - (217.84KB , 1400x1050 , 46.png )

:tokrazar:"You...why are you staring?"

You speak in the dah-een language. Ever since Guk pointed it out, the entire clan could speak the dah-een words. It's unnatural. If you listen to yourself closely, you can hear your own voice speaking dah-een but not understand the actual words spoken. And yet you still understand what is being said. It makes no sense to you.

"Master Tok. Why me?"


"When I was a babe, me da was taken by Gormoamhi. No one said wot happens when ye take em. Lots a folk assume ya eat em,"

:tokrazar:"Pfeh. Stupid dah-een. Waste to eat you. Your father was made a female like you are now."

"You met him?"

:tokrazar:"No, but it is what I would do. Any clan smart enough to live wouldn't waste effort on catching dah-een for food."

"I know that now. But it don't make sense ta me."

:tokrazar:"What's not to make sense? You're dah-een. I claimed you when I plowed you. You're mine."

"Aye, but ye could have me mother, or me sister. But ye chose me master Tok. Ye planted seed in me. Why me? Wot do I have that ye wanted?"

:tokrazar:"Are many dah-een as strange as you?"

Anslieu rests on your knee like some wide eyed pup waiting for a story. "What do ye want with the flask?"

He doesn't answer your question. He's like your daughter this one. Strange for a non-person. :tokrazar:"It's old. It has power in it already. Filled with man-magic should help make it a potent talisman."

"Can I help?"

:tokrazar:"You're not Gormoamhi. You cannot use Man-Magic. Though you can help me in filling it with power..."

That catches his interest. He has never seen the act of making a talisman. Maybe a little time alone could-no! You should finish this quickly so you can study the tablets. But the tablets aren't going anywhere...

>What shall Tok do?
No. 955274 ID: 094652

>Make Talisman
Gender-Bender talisman would be appropriate at this point.

But yeah finish your tablets first. Bunny porking eats time.
No. 955275 ID: 6e6f32


Do exercise a bit of self control though. Just enough to create the talisman. Then back to work.
No. 955276 ID: 9876c4

Taking what you found and crafting with it is in the spirit of Guk's orders.
No. 955454 ID: fd2dfa
File 158087707149.png - (249.28KB , 1400x1050 , 47.png )

You explain the power of Gormoamhi magic, and how it must be harvested. Whether Anslieu heard or not you cannot tell as he doesn't respond with words. Only grunts and moans as you plow him.

:tokrazar:"You wanted to help me didn't you? You wanted to see how a talisman is made?"

"Hah-ha...aye! Aye! This-this is how ye do it?"

:tokrazar:"Yes, now stop drooling and watch if you really want to learn!"
No. 955455 ID: fd2dfa
File 158087713350.png - (235.90KB , 1400x1050 , 48.png )

You haven't released today, so there will be plenty of magic to harvest. Actually how much magic does a dah-een body hold? Your question is answered when you climax. Anslieu's body spasms as it is wracked with its own release, and the magic pours from your both as your seed pours into him. Anslieu cries out at the sensation, fingers tightening around your embrace as you hold him close.
No. 955456 ID: fd2dfa
File 158087719894.png - (216.67KB , 1400x1050 , 49.png )

Anslieu didn't fight or resist as you take him. He really is an odd one. Most Dah-een are still resistant, and put up some fight at this point. This one however has totally submitted and accepted his place as a clan female, perhaps even more? He maybe be ready for clan markings. Unprecedented. Even when the clan was whole, few females ever reached a level of submission they received markings for formal induction into the clan as a half-person. He crawls onto your belly to rest the moment you let go, murmuring to himself so quietly you cannot hear. You stare at the new talisman, magic trapped and waiting to be shaped. This vessel is powerful indeed. The clean cut, and age gave it plenty of power already, and your ritual fed more on top of that. The question now is what should it be?

>Greater Talisman of Strength - You could break stone with your bare hands. On a brute like Guk, he could pulverize bone with a lazy slap.
>Greater Talisman of Speed - Being able to stride across the plains in a few heartbeats is tempting, though hitting something when that fast will be even more painful.
>Greater Talisman of Toughness - Even dah-een steel will have a hard time piercing a hide reinforced with this.
>Greater Talisman of Endurance - Sleep becomes irrelevant
>Greater Talisman of Redirection - Abstract power. Tied to a pole and planted in the dirt will compel others to go away, while a Gormoamhi wearing it will see arrows and javelins aimed at them change direction away from them. It won't always work, but abstract powers are always harder to predict.
>Greater Talisman of Destruction - Amplify a woman's magic to new heights, letting her drown her enemies in their own blood with a fraction of the sacrifice.
>Greater Talisman of Fertility - Gormoamhi seed has trouble in non-people. Too strong. A talisman supplying the body with creation magic will certainly help a female carry a Gormoamhi child.

Gender...bender? What is that? The words are correct but put together they are meaningless. Why do these words flash in Tok's head? Perhaps some secret desire to change Anslieu into a proper female that can have children? That would be difficult to the point of useless. That would require multiple talismans. One of Transformation(which requires more power than the current vessel to produce), one of Destruction to reinforce woman-magic to influence the Transformation talisman, and one of fertility to complete the process all applied at once. And to resort to that is just...desperate. Just as bad the clans that resort to altering male non-people to bear young with fertility and the Ovara weed.

>What talisman shall be made
>What shall be done once after glow has faded?
No. 955482 ID: 9876c4

Clan markings soon would help the rest learn their place.

GTOStr is obviously very tempting. But this might be better as a destruction talisman to empower your daughter.

I guess gather up everything that's getting repurposed and distribute it.
No. 955491 ID: 6e6f32

You are building a home here. But to Create, one must first destroy.
No. 955493 ID: 07c82e

Fertility gets us partially there in either case, and we can use it on other dah-een in the meantime.

Give him clan markings now seems like a good idea. An example for the rest of his family to strive for.
No. 955540 ID: a746f8

Destruction seems like the sort of thing that might give the clan an edge in survival. The first real threat to show itself, your daughter can make a show of how overwhelmingly powerful your clan's magic is. Word will spread and other threats will hesitate to risk her wrath.

Clan markings, assuming Guk approves.
No. 955547 ID: 094652

Redirection will prevent hunting parties from finding your base. It can also confuse prisoners trying to escape.
No. 955548 ID: 094652

Redirection will prevent hunting parties from finding your base. It can also confuse prisoners trying to escape.
No. 955586 ID: fd2dfa
File 158098329817.png - (230.28KB , 1400x1050 , 50.png )

Destruction. So it is decided. Sizzala had better be grateful for the boon you make for her.

As for Anslieu...

:tokrazar:"Come with me. It is time for markings."

"Markings master Tok?"

:tokrazar:"You have submitted yourself as my female. You are obedient. That means you can be inducted into the clan as a half-person. You are still my claim-mate however."

You return to the foyer, tossing the metal bits to the brothers, who are quite busy with their own work, and collect your kit. Blue paint first, to mark the first designs, and a more permanent tattooing at a later time once your designs are finished. You do not need Guk's approval for this. Anslieu is your property, it is your decision how he shall be dealt with.

"Wot does it mean to be inducted? Master Tok?"

:tokrazar:"Your body will be marked with symbols of the clan. Every half-person has their own pattern, marking who they are, their skills, who owns them, they're achievements, blessings of the gods, all manner of things. Hold out your arm. Yours will be..."

You should have given this more thought.

>What shall Anslieu's markings be?
No. 955594 ID: 9876c4

Peter Criss from KISS, and a double neck ring?
No. 955615 ID: 6e6f32

Water flows and molds itself to fit whatever and wherever it finds itself. Not only that but it can be quite powerful, if one knows how to use it.

Anslieu fits this perfectly. Give him water themed markings. Perhaps keep it simple for now. More can be added later when he better distinguishes himself...

Though I can see him as being a decent beneficiary for the blessings from a God of hearth, or maybe magic.
No. 955674 ID: fd2dfa
File 158106825248.png - (127.85KB , 1400x1050 , 51.png )

You are finished for now. His hand and feet are marked like the flowing waves of the sea. Upon his abdomen is the mark of the Clan god of hearth and home, hopefully drawing the god's attention to the dah-een. Finally a single line upon his face, denoting your signature upon all half-people that are your property.

Anslieu has no remark to his new station or his markings. That is good. It is not the place of half-people to question the actions of their owners.

Sizzala came in during your painting, teasing the dah-een again with her sharp remarks about his frailty and weakness. You silence her with the new talisman. She embraces you, far too long for a daughter embracing a father, and gives your cheek a playful lick.

Already your hair stands as you feel your daughter explore the ease at which power flows into her thanks to the talisman. Across the shelter, she cast a fog, made by burning a wolf heart in the bonfire. The fog is so thick none shall see the manor, or the smoke of the clan bonfire. Just because she can, she burned the second heart and used its latent power to cast shadows upon the shelter. None shall even see the land now. Unfortunate because now you barely see past the light of the bonfire. Your eyes are useless to you now. You hear your daughter out there somewhere, giggling at her strength. That girl will end you one day...

>With the darkness cast down, little more work can be accomplished. You could take a torch and try to inspect the tablets, or retire for the night with your claim-mate

>Inspect the tablets.
>Sleep till morning (and be Guk again)
>Sleep till morning (and be another)
No. 955680 ID: 9876c4

Geezer like Tok will probably sleep, left to his own devices.

Back to Guk.
No. 955696 ID: 6e6f32

2 torches.
Inspect'um Tablets
No. 955789 ID: 1b6504

Alright tie breaker. Inspect the tablets. Let Anslieu hold the light
No. 955866 ID: fd2dfa
File 158123497170.png - (225.67KB , 1400x1050 , 52.png )

Tok sighs. If he can't at least say he tried reading a tablet, it will feel like a wasted day. Directing Anslieu to take a torch, he makes his way to the tablets again.

tokrazar:"These tablets seem to be numbered. One to eight. Is there significance to the numbers?"

"You can understand these things master Tok?"

tokrazar:"Yes and I don't like it."

You have Anslieu provide light as you read the first of the tablets.

The First Key

And so it was, that Resao was plagued by pointless wars. The Demigods who granted others magic, gave us litte. So it was that the first of our great order, Priest Vogavem beseeched the Demigods for more. The ones we were foolish to call our betters ignored us. Vogavem prayed and begged. For Eight days and Eight nights did he call out. And upon the eigth day, he was filled like a vessel, with power unimaginable. And the Dance of Resao began. For with his power, he began to hear the voice of the true god. Our divine god.

tokrazar:"Mrrrmmmm no mention of a door to many places."

You study the tablet, staring at the words as if that will make them become sensible. When nothing happens, you simply retire to your sleeping alcove, grumpily taking your claim-mate to drown out the noise of Oklak boasting that he is on his fifth seeding. Maybe in the morning you can think clearly.
No. 955867 ID: fd2dfa
File 158123532829.png - (419.93KB , 1400x1050 , 53.png )

You are Guk. Guk awakens. But it is dark. Why? The sound of the night-bugs has silenced, and there is day-birds crying. Yet it is darker than any dark ni-this is woman-magic. It must be. Sizz must have done something to shroud the shelter in dark. You can see, but it made you sleep in. Your body is sluggish now. The Dah-een still slumber next to you. Analey was exhausted after last night, so she sleeps like a corpse. A quick check confirms she isn't actually a corpse.

Ionilee rests in your lap, and begins to stir while you yawn. "Mrrrm, izzit still night?"

:guk:"No, it is day. Sizz cast one of her spells again. Now then my morning problem has returned. Do you know what to do?"

Ionilee is silent for a moment before she nods. She flips up your cloth and uses her very soft lips on your 'problem'. You pat your claim-mate's head for her obedience. She still has a few oddities but is quickly becoming a model female. Maybe Tok can see about marking her. She's better behaved than her mother certainly. While she relieves you, you notice the adjacent room glows. That must be the way to the tower. Perhaps you can ascend to see what threat compelled Sizz to obfuscate this place. But that glow is coming down the stairs. That merits investigating.

>Ascend the stairs, find what has Sizz so cautious.
>Descend. The glow takes priority.
>Get your dah-een collared and leashed by the brothers before doing anything else. You don't want to go chasing after them if something bad happens.
>Wake up Oklak and devise a better plan for hunting before the clan starves
>Find Sizz and have her work some woman-magic
>Tok is likely being lazy somewhere. Kick him awake and see about marking Ionilee
>Other things compel you (Write-in action)
No. 955892 ID: 6e6f32

Investigate the glow whilst yelling for Sizz.
No. 955923 ID: 094652

Gear the Daoine up and search the glow together. Talk to Sizz when you're confident the area is secure.
No. 955926 ID: 9876c4

There is no backtracking, there is only forward into the glow.
No. 955932 ID: 4f51b2

No. 955978 ID: fd2dfa
File 158140770629.png - (263.15KB , 1400x1050 , 54.png )

You call for Sizz as you traverse downwards. It's a chamber. The walls and floor glow with magic. Magic like the metal man. You don't like this. There is a hanging chain, with a scoop large enough to hold those orbs from the other room, hanging suspended over a circle where the stone appears worn. At the end of the chamber is a door, more scratching on it surface, with another orb shaped hole at its center.

:sizzala:"What? What? Why yell so loud for me? If you want to lay with my like those dah-een you're going to lose a few important parts!"

:guk:"It's dark up there. Why did you do that?"

:sizzala:"Why do you think I did it?"

:guk:"The dark is as unnatural as this room. What did you do?"

:Sizzala:"Ah yes, this room is unnerving. I didn't notice. Why do the walls glow?"

:guk:"The walls didn't make the shelter so dark, you did! Focus!"

:Sizzala:"Huh? Oh right. The spell was cast to enshroud our shelter. I was outside last night and I saw smoke. A fire large enough for a camp was burning. It was close to the cave we were resting in Guk."

That...could be a problem, depending on who they are.

:guk:"Did you investigate?"

:Sizzala:"No. Leave the stupid talk for Oklak. I cast the shadow because I don't know who they are and I don't know good hiding skills like Oklak or you. Now you talk. What is this place?"

You explain to Sizzala the tablets you found, and for whatever reason you and Tok can read them. Further, you set Tok on uncovering the secrets. Sizz snorts.

:sizzala:"Pfeh. Da-da is old. Eyes going bad. Now, you said da-da found vessels? Did they have magic in them?"

:guk:"Yes, but he said it was small. Don't know how that helps us."

:sizzala:"Well clearly that means you need to fill them again dumb-dumb!"

>That camp takes new priority. The shelter doesn't need intruders.
>Investigate the chamber further; consult with Tok about the orbs
No. 955990 ID: d95f41

Investigate the camp with Oklak and get Tok down here to investigate while you are out.
No. 956001 ID: 015bf2

Seems fair.
No. 956039 ID: 094652

Get a team together and deal with the camp first. Do a scouting mission before you make any decisions, you don't want to lure the giant's armies here.

Because whatever the giant is, they WILL rally an army behind it. Possibly worshipers.
No. 956040 ID: 4f51b2

Investigate the camp.
No. 956160 ID: fd2dfa
File 158158027981.png - (249.58KB , 1400x1050 , 56.png )

You, Oklak, and Sizz return to the old campsite. On your way, you find bodies. Many bodies. They are of the 'Gob-lee' creatures that are all over the surface. Perhaps their rival groups battle again?

:sizzala:"Their hearts would give more power than dumb animals. I must return later to cut them out."

:oklak:"Maybe if any live, we can take the females. Their bodies are small, but it is still quite nice to plow them."

:sizzala:"Always thinking about the next female Oklak. Amazing you aren't dead yet."

:Oklak:"Because I kill everyone else first. Shall I demonstrate?"

:guk:"Shut up. Both of you. Do you see what I see?"

The campsite has gob-lee. But they are bound. Around are tents bearing symbols you do not recognize. The people making them though...

:oklak:"Ghost-skins."Oklak's voice is a mix of fear and cold rage. Sizz doesn't share his anger.

:sizzala:"How did they find our shelter so fast? Do you think they can find our new home?"

:guk:"These are not the ghost-skins who unleashed the metal-man. They wore red. These are purple. See?"

:sizzala:"Ah yes. Maybe a different clan?"

:oklak:"Doesn't matter if they are another clan. I shall make them pay for what they did to ours. I will eat their males and claim their females for what they did!"

:guk:"We do not know how many there are. If you go in, there could be hundreds more we do not see. We must be cautious."

:oklak:"Ash and cinder with caution! They must pay for their crimes!"

:sizzala:"Yes, you go first. We'll see how many of them come to kill you and then we know how many there are."
No. 956170 ID: fd2dfa
File 158158496045.png - (238.97KB , 1400x1050 , 57.png )

Arguments are stalled when a ghost-skin emerges from the cave.

"That's the third hunting party we've run into. How many more of the damned things are out there?"

"I already have sent scouts to scour the forest. We will have better estimates soon."

"We had better" the obvious leader of this band says. "Lady Nietch comes this way and I will not let these pests ruin my chances getting adopted into Gamin. If I am thrown out because of you, you're coming with me!"

Gamin? That name means nothing to you, but the meaning is clear: more will be coming.

:sizzala:"That is not Gormoamhi-tongue, and my ears hear no familiar words. Yet still I comprehend them. This is disturbing."

:oklak:"Heh. Good. I will know what they say when I kill them."

:sizzala:"Restrain yourself idiot, they said more are coming. We should return home and deliberate what to do."

:oklak:"No! I say we take these ghost-skins! Kill the followers and make that leader of theirs beg as we claim her body in the dirt!"

Once more it is Guk's decision that will direct the clan.

>What shall Guk do?
No. 956171 ID: 9876c4

Attacking this one from ambush is possibly the best shot we've got. Even if it has nothing to do with the longears (big IF), they're not gonna stop this mission without their commander sacked.

So lets try to kill the talky one and a couple extras, then melt away into the brush.
No. 956181 ID: 24d092

They said scouts are out there. They should be easier to take and explain the disappearance of. If they are fighting goblins, wait till they do most of the work, ambush them, and leave their weapons around some dead goblins so no one suspects where they really went.
No. 956184 ID: 9876c4

Yeah, that's a better plan. maybe we can take one alive.
No. 956227 ID: 839c86

No. 956235 ID: 094652

Good idea, obfuscate and capture scouts.
No. 956243 ID: fd2dfa
File 158166926067.png - (543.18KB , 1400x1050 , 58.png )

Oklak, despite being annoying to speak with for more than a few heartbeats, and boastful far too much, he was an expert tracker. As soon as you laid out your plans to locate the scouts, he was on their trail, noticing broken twigs that escaped your notice and followed subtle signs.

:oklak:"Almost hid themselves perfectly. Maybe that's why they are ghost-skins." he mused.

As you followed the trail, he no longer had to search for subtle signs. The trail of dead gob-lee was tell enough. In a clearing you found them-is one of them relieving herself?

"Another goblin, Ach-kaaaaa, why are we taking this path if it is littered with the vermin?"

"It's not our place to ask why Siloka. If the Heir Apparent is to take this way, then it is our place to clear it for her."

"That doesn't explain where they all come from."

"Why do Gulpa always roost in every nook and cranny? They are vermin. Anywhere is home for them. And when they are home they breed like insects. I learned long ago to stop asking whys about vermin races. It gets in the way of culling them. Are you done."

"I can't do it when you're watching Ivaka. Just-turn away!"

"Unbelievable, we're scouts and you're relieving yourself in the bush."

"Anything that would have spotted us is dead anyway, what's the harm?"

>Method of ambush?
No. 956246 ID: 00dfd3

Have Sizz cut open a dead gobbo and use the guts to turn their patch of the forest dark. Then nab them both. Oklak will finally get his ghost waifu
No. 956247 ID: 015bf2

Sneak around and ambush the one that is paying attention the the one with the pants down first, while they're still arguing. The one who is doing their business will be distracted for a moment longer, allowing you to executive a double rush.

Try to prevent excess shouting by binding and gagging them. If the camp hears, your element of surprise will be gone.

And keep an eye out for other scouts. These may not be the only ones.

You capture them alive, for now, to interrogate them about their numbers and this Lady Nietch. It is better to capture both, as you can ask them same questions apart and see whether they give different answers to catch their lies.
No. 956252 ID: 6e6f32

This but instead of darkness, silence.
Then take them from behind.
No. 956270 ID: 801ba1

I don't think Sizz is here now, and fetching her would be risky.
No. 956273 ID: 6c227a

Wait for the one to relent and turn around, then silently snatch the one relieving herself. Divide and conquer.
No. 956309 ID: fd2dfa
File 158173868539.png - (322.95KB , 1400x1050 , 59.png )

Sizzala dips her hand in the bloody pool of a nearby gob-lee. In moments she uses her woman magic to deafen the noises of the two Ghost-skins. When Oklak sneaks behind the one called Siloka, she notices nothing until Oklak has his arms around her and pulls her into the bush.

The one called Ivaka doesn't hear a thing. Her attention is focused on your anyway as you walk out of the brush with Comlee's sword-now yours-in hand. The scout draws her own, smaller weaker sword. "Ooh aren't you a big one" she laughs. "Bringing you back to Rezo will make me wealthy. Siloka, get up here and help me." Her companion of course is being disarmed by Oklak, but she doesn't dare turn her back to you to check. Smart. She is prideful, but she knows you are a real threat despite her boasting. You smirk. You are going to enjoy claiming this arrogant little thing. She readies herself.

>What now?
No. 956323 ID: 3814fa

Let her make the first strike. You still have the speed talisman, so dodge it and then smack her with the flat of the blade and disarm her. The more we catch alive, the less chance we leave something incriminating behind.
No. 956378 ID: 6e6f32

Engage with "Normal-Speed" and when she unknowingly leaves herself open to your super speed attacks, bring the pain.
No. 956379 ID: 015bf2

Sounds good.
No. 956383 ID: 094652

For extra sadism, bend over and beg her to screw you in the ass with her sword.

Then speed-talisman dodge right behind her and whisper 'my turn'.

Then knockout
No. 956430 ID: fd2dfa
File 158184524343.png - (236.78KB , 1400x1050 , 60.png )

You feint, pretending to be slow and sluggish. She gets in a few strikes, dancing around you and cutting at your legs. Finally you pretend to fall, and she raises her sword for a final blow. She misses as you reveal your speed and slash...and miss. She dances away, getting another cut against your arm. None of the cuts are deep, but they hurt, and they bleed. She giggles as your newest wound starts to leak. "Oh you're a fast one. Best not be too fast or you'll bleed out" she mocks.

She's toying with you!

>What now?
No. 956433 ID: 2d337a

Maybe next time we have a spell assuring a successful stealthy approach, dont just walk up casually to the enemy? We spent our most powerful resources on the woman magic. Not using it fully is a mistake until we spend some more talismans on Guk.
No. 956457 ID: 6e6f32

Yes yes, next time we'll just fireball the scouts and alert the whole platoon.

In the meantime Guk is not alone. Yell at Oklak to stop fucking around in that bush and help you, and yell at Sizz to grab another gobbo body. A spontaneous orgasm or gust of wind would be useful right about now.
No. 956464 ID: 094652

Use your sword to fork some dirt out of the ground and blind her

Also call for backup
No. 956465 ID: d14680

Try to read. Was just pointing out that Guk could and should have snuck up from behind his target as well rather than give up the element of surprise. Guk seems to be outmatched now, and we could have avoided this risk.

She's skilled, but ultimately ber strategy seems to be slowly bleeding you out until you leave an opening.

Ask for help taking her undamaged unless that would undermine your role as leader. If you need to claim her alone, try leaving another opening on your off hand, then drop your sword and grab her weapon arm as she slashes you. She won't be able to do much once you have a grip on that arm. She's no match for your weight and strength.
No. 956476 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189479243.png - (148.43KB , 1400x1050 , 61.png )

You wait until the ghost-skin moves in again and you counter not with your sword, but with your hand. Success.
No. 956477 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189482045.png - (235.78KB , 1400x1050 , 62.png )

You grab her sword arm, and use that to toss her into the air, grabbing her ankle…
No. 956478 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189486917.png - (697.46KB , 1400x1050 , 63.png )

...and slam her back to the ground, knocking the wind out of her and her sword flies into the bush.

:Guk: “Haaah. What was that about taking me home, ghost-skin?”

Ivaka spits grit out of her mouth and grimaces at you. “Go ahead and kill me then. The Gamin family will make you suffer you blue savage.” She is unperturbed you speak her language, or she doesn’t notice.

:guk: “Gah-meen was it? Is that what you call yourselves? I don’t intend to kill you little Gah-meen. I want so much more from you for making me suffer.”

Ivaka spits again, aiming at your face. You let it hit your chest.
:guk: “Oh that sort of attitude makes what comes next so much better.”
No. 956479 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189492301.png - (154.94KB , 1400x1050 , 64.png )

The Pile increases in size. The Gah-meens trappings were rapidly stripped and the symbol of their old life joining the failings of the dah-een. But the Gah-meen themselves aren’t simply kept until night for celebration. No, you and Oklak take the ghost-skins to the glowing chamber, and instruct Tok to fetch an orb and his supplies. If they are indeed vessels like he says, you are going to fill them right now. Tok sees the struggling Gah-meen and nods.
No. 956480 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189507745.png - (353.13KB , 1400x928 , 65.png )

Heartbeats later, the Gah-meens are on the floor, their legs spread. Oklak's manhood twitches as it hovers over the cleft of the ghost-skin Siloka.
:oklak:“This is it. I finally get to be inside one of you” he laughs, and sinks into his claim, pushing with enough force to hilt himself. The Ghost-skin screams at the sudden intrusion, but Oklak doesn’t care. His eyes glaze over, and a smile of total bliss covers his face.

:Oklak:“It’s wonderful” he whispers, thrusting in and out. “All the best parts of dah-een and hoo-man and el-fu in one female! When I die and go to the After-realm, this must be what delights await me.”

Normally Oklak is being dramatic for the sake of it but for once he is right. Ivaka feels like no other female you’ve plowed before. Her body is hot like dah-een, but large enough to take your entire length like hoo-man, and soft like el-fu, yet firm enough that if you closed your eyes you could pretend you were inside the greatest Gormoamhi woman.

:guk: “It is so funny. You said you would take me home with you Ivaka, but instead I take you home with me! Why don’t you laugh? The joke is the same. It is still funny!”

Ivaka doesn't retort, gritting her teeth as you sink deep into her. Her only sounds are grunts and rapid breathing.

The Gah-meen struggle in vain, Tok’s brew making their weak bodies weaker, and every thrust drains more of the strength they have left until all they can do is whimper and moan as you and Oklak claim them. News spread fast and the entire clan had gathered in the chamber to watch the two ghost-skins be humbled and bred.

:tokrazar:“So these are the horrible ghost-skins that summoned the metal man. They seem so...small.”

:sizzala:“They were small when we captured them last time”

:seqrar: “I’d like to have a ghost-skin too…”

:saqrar: “And me. Oklak makes them sound so good.”

:Oklak: “Don’t worry” he grunts as he lifts Siloka’s legs. “There’s more where these came from. And when we are done, we shall have all their females!”

:tokrazar: “Now I’ve examined the orb. They hold much power, or they can. I know that this will not fill the orb with enough power.”

:Guk: “What. Do. You. Mean?” finishing every word on a thrust.

:tokrazar: “I mean that whoever made these orbs meant for them to hold great amounts of magic. I don’t know how they filled them, but I know the only way we can is with Man-Magic. And to fill just one, we will need erm...eight. Eight male seedings to fill it completely. And that’s only for the first time you seed a female. The next seeding always has less.”

:oklak: “That’s good” Oklak pants out of breath from his rapid thrusts. “I don’t think. I don’t think one is enough for me. Hold it still Tok, I’m so close!”

No. 956481 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189513928.png - (86.59KB , 1400x1050 , 66.png )

Together you and Oklak thrust in sync as you approach climax, seeding your ghost-skins. Sikola and Ivaka cry out as Ionilee did when you first claimed her, and it’s melodious. The orb begins to glow as whatever Tok did allowed it to gather the combined magic of your releases.

:tokrazar:”I don’t believe it.”

:Guk:”What? What is wrong old man?”, you ask, your manhood pulsing inside the ghost-skin as the last seed leaves your body.

:tokrazar: “It’s...full. You filled the vessel.”
No. 956483 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189522619.png - (119.58KB , 1400x1050 , 67.png )

:oklak: “So our man-magic is great. No surprise.”

:tokrazar: “No, don’t be stupid. My surprise is towards the ghost-skins.” he gestures to the breathless females that lay sprawled on the floor. “Man-magic is the power of Creation remember? The more potent the event of creation is, the more magic I can gather. And the most potent act of Creation is creating new life. The orb is full because the greatest act was able to fill it completely.”

:guk:”You mean…?”

Tok smiles :tokrazar:”It means Guk, Oklak, you are now fathers. The seed you planted in the ghost-skin have taken root; and even as we speak, your pups grow inside them.”

There is silence in the chamber. First, disbelief hits you like a rock to the face. Then realization. Ivaka is a female, not a woman. Yet the first seed took! Oklak, as usual, is first to speak.

:oklak:”Impossible! No creature can handle the seed of Gormoamhi. It is why it is so hard for non-people to have Gormoamhi pups. It’s why it take a man many plowings before seed takes root.”

You’re a father now. You’re a damn father. You knew one day it would happen because the clan needs new blood but like this? You’re a damn father…

:tokrazar:”Evidently not with ghost-skins…”Tok chuckles. “Though if you really doubt it, maybe you can go get another ghost-skin and see if her body accepts your seed as readily as these did.”

Ivaka is now mother to your first whelp. If it is as easy for any ghost-skin to bear you pups like Ivaka now will, that could mean-

:guk:”They, the Gah-meen, said more were coming! If we can capture all the ghost-skin females...”

:oklak:“We can rebuild the clan with ghost-skins alone!” Oklak finishes your thought.

:seqrar:”But they would not be full Gormoamhi. They would be odd.”

:sizzala:”We are all odd. Fitting then to make a clan of Odd Ones.”

Fitting, the very same non-people that destroyed your clan will now be its saviors. You look down at the panting Ivaka and smile.

>>The Ghost-skins will birth our new clan but these two...
>Ivaka will be your claim-mate. She will bear your pups and only yours.
>Ivaka will be a breeder. Her body shall birth all the men's young

>Siloka is Oklak’s property. It is fitting that all the pups she will birth be the Odd horned man’s
>Siloka will be a breeder, and spread her legs for all men.

>Be Sizz and interrogate the Gah-meen
>Take your Gah-meen mate and get her and your harem collared
>Be Tok and investigate the chamber
>Be Anslieu, comforting your family
No. 956484 ID: 801ba1

Whatever the choice, it should be the same for both.
>Be Sizz.
No. 956487 ID: 17422a

Claim mates for both. Now that we onow how powerful knocking them up can be we should focus on making them all claim mates to keep track of who is preggers and who is not. Also so we don't waste talisman magic in the future

Be Anslieu. Let's see how the rabbits are adjusting to life.
No. 956526 ID: 9876c4

Wow, what an update.

Breeders for both. These were militia ladies, and they seem to have some kind of crazy fertility. It takes a village to get a ghost-skin to learn her place.
No. 956527 ID: 9876c4

Anslieu is fine, but Sizz is better.
No. 956546 ID: 4f51b2

Both of you can claim them as their mates.
No. 956624 ID: 91ee5f

What spell are you going to use with that vessel?
No. 956632 ID: 64c05f

Okay to break the tie we need another vote on who to be. The more I think about it, Tok would be best but I am still thinking there's some benefit to Anslieu. Sizz will do her thing regardless and tell everyone what she has learned, and collaring everyone is just time wasting right now.
No. 956650 ID: 6e6f32

Double Breeders
No. 956659 ID: 1a6f80

both Claim mates
>Be Anslieu, comforting your family
No. 956693 ID: 1b9459

Breeder for both. Be the momma.
No. 956697 ID: 91ee5f

Ivaka will be a breeder. Her body shall birth all the men's young.

Siloka is Oklak’s property. It is fitting that all the pups she will birth be the Odd horned man’s.
No. 956702 ID: 209959

Claim mates. We can catch more for breeders later.
No. 956707 ID: fd2dfa
File 158209882030.png - (225.36KB , 1400x1050 , 68.png )

>Both shall remain claim mates, though Guk considers letting the brothers put their first pups in Ivaka once she births his.

You are Anslieu, claim mate of Tokrazar and clan half-person. You and your family were left locked in the chamber of your now useless belongings. They are useless because Tok says so. You agree for the most part. If you cannot wear clothes as a clan female, then most of what is packed away serves no purpose.

Ionilee is listless. Occasionally she closes her eyes and a hand drifts between her legs. She always realizes what she's doing and pulls away before it goes further. Until she sees your blue markings and the hand goes back between her legs again.

Baeohar is angry. You recall he was regularly angry at many things. He is now angry at his claim-mate Oklak for humilating him. He talks with Comlee with plans for escape. Perhaps Oklak is too gentle with training him. He pretends you aren't there.

Comlee is listening but you know she does not take Baeohar seriously. She knows his plans are ridiculous and rely mostly on luck and impossible situations. Her training with the brothers Seqrar and Saqrar seems more effective, though they also have her help them in their craft rather than spending all day plowing her fields. She looks to you with a mix of pity and sadness.

Analey is Guk's other claim-mate. You can see whatever training he gave her is starting to work its effect on her. She ignores her nudity now, rather than trying to cover herself. When Baeohar calms down enough to take a breath, she tries to console him. It doesn't work. She gives up, and comes to you. A soft hand glides across your face, lingering on Tok's mark of ownership. "Oh my boy" she moans. "Wot have they done to ye?"

>How does Anslieu feel? Does he accept his place?
>What is Anslieu's response?
No. 956711 ID: 6e6f32

Accept his place? Sure. These Gormoamhi are an interesting bunch, He enjoys being plowed, and with creatures this strong looking after him? He feels much more safe here than he has anywhere else in recent memory. Sure his life will be simple but, Simple's ok. He can think of many worse fates.

But despite this Anslieu is tormented. His family is in pain. It is clear they crave their freedom. The Gormoamhi trust him. He could betray this trust and perhaps afford his kin escape. But to what? To run off naked through the wilderness is suicide. Baeohar would be on him in an instant if he starts talking about the markings now. His family might consider him a traitor.
There's no right here. It's all just... too much.

I doubt he'd even be able to respond. Instead just averting his gave and trying to hold back tears.
No. 956767 ID: 6c227a

I mean that's pretty good, except for the last little bit. Anslieu is pretty passive, but not one to clam up and cry when things get hard. Not like he used to when he was little. He'll try to make his mother understand how he feels. She's always been kind about stuff like this, right?
No. 956773 ID: 91ee5f

You should tell Tok about Baeohar‘s plans of escape. Tok will probably reward you for helping keep your family from doing anything stupid.

>Anslieu is tormented
No he’s not.
No. 956777 ID: a9af05

This, but make sure you're alone with Tok when you tell him.
No. 956843 ID: 6e6f32

>No he’s not.
You need to describe what you think he Is feeling then.
No. 956957 ID: 3a9b77

He is not tormented, but he is troubled. Troubled for his family. He could tell his mother that he is fine but that would just worry her even more. Nothing about this situation is fine for her.

Still he should comfort her, tellong her the clan gave him more freedom, and that he can convince them to give the same to her and tye rest of the family. Only speak loud enough for Analey to hear.

Also go see Ionilee. She seems distant compared to the others.
No. 956960 ID: 094652

>Emotional State
Nervous. The Gormoamhi have relegated them as slaves, and none of them know what they're doing. When the leaders inevitably screw up and the whole pack starves, they'll look at the slaves funny.

There's also the urges to breed; the Gormoamhi will favor the slaves who vomit out the most children. They'll overplow the fertile ones and abuse the barren. And the Daoine urges force them to like it.

And Ionilee needs to relearn clothes.
No. 957283 ID: fd2dfa
File 158260918362.png - (232.50KB , 1400x1050 , 69.png )

"I am fine mother. They force nothin' on me."you reassure Analey, pressing her hands together.

"Nothin?!" she exclaims. "Tha hide is slathered a' blue!"

"Master Tok is lettin' me do more. It's wot his way of teachin' me his magic."

"Master? Teaching you...magic?"

"Aye. I learn much under Master Tok. He teaches me soooo much, and I enjoy it"

"Aye, I bet ye enjoy it" sneers Baeohar. "I bet you enjoy it real nice when he's plowin ya! Do ya enjoy drinkin' his seed to?"

"Baeo!" Analey looks at her other son horrified.

"Look at 'im! He's spreadin' his legs for that old fart like a doe in heat! They even painted him like property an' he don' mind!"

"That's enough" Comlee shouts. "Anslieu may be many things, but ye don't get to preach about him suckin' Gorm meat when you had one down yer throat all yesterday!"

Baeohar is livid. The argument becomes noise and you look at your other sister.

Ionilee watches the siblings fight with unfocused eyes. Her gaze drifts back to the wall where Guk had sealed the door. Her hand moves back between her legs.

You hear footsteps. Paying attention more to the approaching steps, it sounds like one of the brothers. Seqrar perhaps. He's coming to check on you. Baeohar's working himself into a frenzy.

>Calm you family down before something bad happens. Baeohar may not see you as a brother anymore, but you still do. And family comes first.
>Let Baeohar rant. Let the Gormoamhi see he needs more discipline.
>Tell Seqrar how your brother is planning an escape. He needs to be punished.

No. 957288 ID: c4c8ec

Calm them down.
Don't worry about them escaping, they'll come back on their own once they find themselves alone in this dangerous world.
No. 957349 ID: 4f51b2

Calm them down.
No. 957353 ID: 094652

Explain to Seqrar that you're all at the breaking point, and if he doesn't want to explain one or two dead toys from buck infighting, you're going to need separate rooms and something constructive to do between plowings.
No. 957434 ID: fd2dfa
File 158279700176.png - (175.78KB , 1302x1091 , 70.png )

You instruct your mother and sister to calm Baeohar down while you distract Seqrar.

:seqrar:"Anslieu, what's that noise?"

"I'm sorry Master Seqrar. It is my brother. It is a problem with all my people. We need something to pass the time between your plowing us. It creates time for anger and harsh words."

:seqrar:"Pass time? How do non-people pass time?"

"How do you pass time Master Seqrar?"

:seqrar:"I tinker and plow females."

Bad example.

No. 957437 ID: 9876c4

But ye did not always tinker on such a scale, aye? You had to learn the small parts before the large, and prepare the materials to make larger things...

Give us some of the dross, and tell us what ye need done w' em.
It'll free up your time to make shape what you're making.
No. 957527 ID: 094652

Explain to him that without daily warrior training, you feel weak. When he retorts that "non-people do not need any weapon but the plow", counter with a claim that the Gormoamhi have not vehemently trained either. They have super-magics, but without any dedicated warriors, there is nobody to follow in a crisis.
No. 957677 ID: fd2dfa
File 158305564851.png - (99.31KB , 1400x1050 , 71.png )

"Well some of us were warriors a'fore ye took us. Without warrior training, we feel weak."

:seqrar:"...so you are saying you want them to be half-people?"

"Well your people have nae train-wha?"

:seqrar:"You could train. You're a half person. You can train non-people to fight. So long as they never touch a weapon. Can't trust non-people with weapons after all."

"I was nae expectin' this. Ah...wot I is saying is ah...the clan needs dedicated warriors. All ye have is yer witch Sizzala."

:seqrar:"I know. But men can fight good. Men shouldn't fight, women say we shouldn't fight, it's their work. But Guk fight good, and Oklak fight good. His horned Gormoamhi let men fight. So those are our warriors."

"But ye need more."

:seqrar:"I don't understand. You are a warrior then?"

"Yes-nae! My brother is!"

:seqrar:"But he's a non-person."

"So make him a half person."

:seqrar:"Can't. Baeohar belongs to Oklak. Only Oklak can make him a half-person. I or Saq can make Comlee a half-person. Don't trust her enough though."

"Well...wot do Comlee have tae do a'fore ye trust her?"

:seqrar:"Not struggle so much when we plow her. When she starts to ask us for it like Tok says you ask him to be plowed."

"H-he tells ye that?"

Seqrar scratches his head. He is clearly as confused as you are.

>What now?
No. 957727 ID: 040e34

Oops we accidentally broke everything.

Okay, so what I got is:
1)The only people allowed to use weapons in their society are women and half people.
2)Promotion to half person is done by the master
3)Promotion is based on how willing their slave is to take the D.
So have the brothers make new weapons and tell him the non people can help make them. It will give them something familiar to work on while training them to be obedient. As for obedience, you know your family better than them, you know what makes them tick. You can offer insight to Seqrar and Oklak on getting Baeohar and Comlee to break.

By now your family should have calmed down as well. Let Seqrar pass.
No. 957763 ID: fd2dfa
File 158313122302.png - (170.49KB , 1400x1050 , 72.png )

"Alright, wot I mean tae say is that ye should be lettin us help ye tinker with makin weapons. Ye need fightin folk, and we need tae fight. If ye give me family somethin' they recognize, it'd be easy tae make em tha' half-folk."


"Do ye understand?"

:seqrar:"You're boring me now."

He pushes you aside, barges into the room and takes Comlee, ignoring the protests of your family.
No. 957765 ID: fd2dfa
File 158313193374.png - (259.85KB , 1400x1050 , 73.png )

Your sister struggles as Seqrar takes her to a corner, unfurls his loin cloth, and starts mating with her in the shadow.

A sharp pain interupts you.

:tokrazar:"Claim-mate. Don't waste talk with him."

"Wha-Ma-master Tok. Wot ye doin'?"

:tokrazar:"I WAS going to examine the mystery of the doors down there" he sounds very frustrated. "But Guk and Oklak keep mating their new Gah-meen females down there and it's making it hard to focus. All that moaning and huffing. A man can't listen to that and not be affected. Seqrar wants relief. His brother will want relief later. And I need relief."

You can see the tent pitched in his loincloth and it's very clear what he's going to do next.

>Let him take you. You can influence him more when he's sated.
>"Wait. Gah-meen? Gamin? Rezans?"
No. 957766 ID: 094652

Ask about the Gamin.
No. 957770 ID: 6c227a

do not risk your fragile new position with struggling now, young one.
No. 957776 ID: cdabe3

time to get laid
No. 957777 ID: fd2dfa
File 158314026590.png - (316.02KB , 1400x1050 , 74.png )

"Wait, did'ye say Gamin? As in Rezans?!"

:Tokrazar:"I don't know what a Re-zahn is."

"Tha' be wot Gamin is. Me clan was allied wit them. Or...we were...a'fore the town was destroyed."

Tokrazar sits down, unfurling his loincloth. His stench hits your nose, and it makes something stir in you. :Tokrazar:"Hmmm. I suppose you can't use your mouth then. Shame, you are very good with that. Very well" he pulls you onto his lap, positioning you over his tool. "You shall explain what the Re-zahns are as you relieve me."

"B-but I cannae focus on tha' while ye-"

:Tokrazar:"Try." And he pushes his head inside.

"Hnnngh" you grunt, your body reacts as it always does. Resisting, gripping his length in a vain attempt to push him back out before accepting his presence. "I. I'll t-try master Tok."

:Tokrazar:"Good. Let's begin."
No. 957778 ID: fd2dfa
File 158314061248.png - (285.52KB , 1400x1050 , 75.png )

You try to explain what you know of the Rezans are to Master Tok. The foreign milk-skins from across the sea. You know of three families that made port near your home: Gamin, Rokof, and Makag. They brought weapons of unknown material, warriors with unmatched skill, and guns. So many guns. They devastated your enemies and rivals, and then would leave with them as slaves back to their mysterious island. Lately they've been silent, and you do not know why. If Gamin is near, then Rokof and Makag cannot be far. Gamin are seafarers, they specialize in moving the other families across the water. Makag has the greatest warriors. Rokof doesn't have the greatest warriors, but it has the most.

As you explain, Tok listens intently, increasing his pace slowly as you divulge more information. When you have nothing left, he rewards you with uninterrupted plowing. And you lose yourself. You never say it aloud, but you finally see the truth of the ancient war between Daoine and Gormoamhi. It is the purpose of Daoine to fight and fight and fight until they fail, and they will always fail. Then they serve the Gormoamhi, to be plowed and be females for the rest of their lives. Just as your father. Just as your family. Just as...you.

The truth is in your body's reactions. Why every thrust, every invasive jab, every wet plunge feels like pure ecstasy. You're a Daoine, but you're Tok's female. You belong to Tok.

And you love it

>The skeins shift again. Another day ends
>>Remain anchored to Anslieu
>>Become another
No. 957779 ID: 040e34

Stay as Anslieu. Convince Tok to investigate that door tonight. If the boys get him all bothered, he can keep Ansy around as an emergency cocksock
No. 957780 ID: 9876c4

making hard decisions & owning females that's what being a leader is about.

Let's be Guk.
No. 957786 ID: 91ee5f

At least whisper to Tok that Baeohar is planning to try and escape.

Switch to Guk.
No. 957793 ID: a9af05

No. 957795 ID: 094652

Be the Gamin
No. 957798 ID: 6e6f32

No. 957802 ID: 040e34

Well fine. Looks like I'm outvoted. Be Guk then. But we should still investigate the door. Go up and get the orb from Tok.
No. 957827 ID: fd2dfa
File 158321399336.png - (201.13KB , 1400x1050 , 76.png )

You are Guk. You lose track of time, but you cannot sleep. This is too good. The Gah-meen entertains you too much. Every time you think you are finished, you feel a need to seed her again and you discover new wonderful ways this non-person can satisfy you with a body none can match. Her cleft, her hands, her lips, every part of her is perfect, and it's all yours. And better still it carries your first born!

Oklak is just as ecstatic, as he plows his Gah-meen nonstop, until his claim-mate begs him to stop so she can rest. But you've known Oklak to go for days without sleep. He laughs and counts the number of times he planted seed in her. You don't bother to keep track. You'd lost track anyway. Ivaka starts chattering about how her people will come to skewer you and leave you to hang by your loins again. She must be cranky from carrying your pups, so you decide to feed her.

>Oh yes. Was there something you were going to do?
>>Get the orb from Tok and do...something with it.
>>Spend more time playing-er training Ivaka. She needs to accept her place now that she carries your firstborn.
>>Double your efforts to put pups in your Dah-een. They might get jealous.
>>Something else. It's hard to concentrate now.
No. 957829 ID: 6e6f32

That Orb. You need to decide what magic will be put into it.
No. 957830 ID: d61c87

Get the orb already! And bring the daheen along if it makes you feel better. One big (un)happy harem.

Also be sure to tell Oklak if he uses it too much, it will fall off.
No. 957842 ID: c3e059

Go get the orb!
No. 957848 ID: fd2dfa
File 158327046551.png - (217.16KB , 1400x1050 , 77.png )

You bind up Ivaka and head upstairs. Tokrazar is idly playing with his dah-een.

:guk:"Tok. When are you going to weave something with this?"

:tokrazar:"What? I can't. There's something else there. How do I explain. Do you know when you try to catch a cave fish, and you want to rip out its stomach, but the stomach worm bites your finger and forces your hand back out? It's like that but with magic. It forces my hand back out of the orb every time I try to shape it."

:guk:"So I'm stuck with a useless orb?"

:tokrazar:"No, it means the magic in the orb is shaped already. By hands other than mine. I do not know what, which is what I was trying to learn but I couldn't focus because you spent so much time plowing that damn gah-meen female. Now if you excuse me, it's late and I have my own needs to care to."

He turns back to Anslieu, tongue pushing into the little Dah-een's mouth. The Dah-een moans as he wraps his thin arms around the old man.
"Mnnrm. Oh Master Tooook~"

:Guk:"Ugh...that reminds me."

You go off to fetch your own Dah-een. Analey wordlessly follows you but doesn't make eye contact. Ionilee, listless and and unfocused, becomes focused when she sees you and rushes to your side. She hesitates when she sees Ivaka under your arm.

"Why you got a Rezan?"

:Guk:"Re-zahn? She said she was Gah-meen."

"Gamin are a family of Rezans."

:Guk:"Mmmm" you groan in annoyance. :Guk:"Gah-meen, Re-zahn. Too many names. Pointless things."

"Wot she doin under tha?"

:Guk:"She's a feisty one, even after I claimed her. Funny thing I learned. Her people are good for Gormoamhi men. On my first try, my seed took root. She's mother to my first pups. And I've been plowing her ever since to put as many as I can in her. A big first litter is good luck."

"Is tha so..." she looks at the bound Re'zahn.

:Seqrar:"Hey. Hey Guk. While yer here. Jus' wanted you to know, I made the first collar. Since you're leader, you can have it."

He hands it to you and trundles off to a corner where you hear the grunts of Saq and the huffing of Comlee. He stops halfway and turns back to you. :seqrar:"Oh, and I think mebbe we should look what's upstairs? I dunno. I heard something movin' up there. But it's all spooky."
No. 957849 ID: fd2dfa
File 158327051182.png - (166.66KB , 1400x1050 , 78.png )

You look at the collar Seq gave you. Typical Gormoamhi fair, it's a band of metal, roughly flattened from some scrap he dredged up from somewhere, and wrapped in leather. It has no locking mechanism, relying on raw Gormoamhi strength to open and shut. Tied to the front is a leash to keep the wearer at most three armlengths away.

>Who gets this collar?
>>Analey. She is the one that needs discipline most so it's best to keep her on hand.
>>Ionilee. She is making funny looks at Ivaka. Can't have her doing anything to the mother of your future firstborn.
>>Ivaka. Gah-meen, re-zahn whatever she is. She should be kept close so you can keep an eye on her and you future progeny.

>What should Guk do now?
>>Take the orb back down. See what can be done with the stupid thing.
>>Seqrar is such a pup-man. See what's upstairs that has him spooked.
No. 957850 ID: 9876c4

It's unlikely the dhoine will flee, now that there's a unit of ghost skins just outside.

Ionilee until shes finished, then Analey. Let's check out the upstairs.
No. 957853 ID: 6c227a

collar Ivaka. She's the one most likely to struggle. Investigate upstairs.
No. 957857 ID: 094652

>Who gets the collar
Ivaka. She isn't as easily manipulated as the others, so control her directly.

>What do
Go upstairs. If there's a bird nest or something, you can ask the others how to use it best.

> And I've been plowing her ever since to put as many as I can in her.
That's not how agriculture works and you know it.
No. 957859 ID: 6e6f32

Eh, don't collar the Rezan's. They're soldiers.
They'll likely never be fully trained.
A restraint like that will only tempt you to lower your guard around them.
Even if it somewhat mutilates them, they are likely to find something to jam underneath the collar to force it open.
You need REAL restraints for them.
No. 957860 ID: d61c87

While I agree they are more dangerous I'd say that's all the more reason to collar her. Since she has an incentive to try and escape and tell her friends where we are so they can burn us alive or some other slow painful death, it's best to keep some ectra security to prevent her from running when we're busy or asleep
No. 957862 ID: 6e6f32

Id argue that's exactly why we shouldn't use the collar. We can't all be asleep at the same time around them with just the collar as security, but it might make it feel like we can be.

Also take the orb back down. Wasn't there some magic bullshit down there. Like, a portal? Maybe this can power it.
No. 957864 ID: d61c87

Well the collar comes with a leash. At least when she's unattended she can be tied to a post or something

I also vote to first investigate upstairs. We got Rezans outside. Let's make sure there's no infiltrators inside.
No. 957888 ID: fd2dfa
File 158330984058.png - (245.50KB , 1400x1050 , 79.png )

The collar is placed around Ivaka’s neck. She struggles briefly as you latch it around her throat, but a quick tug and she follows you, albeit with great reluctance. You smile as you watch her resist in vain. “Come” you command you claim-mates, and they all (to some degree) obediently follow.

The upstairs is a collection of...bed chambers. Or at least you suspect as much given the many piles of filthy but comfortable bedding just scattered everywhere. According to the puppish Saqrar, the creaking came from...you smell woodsmoke. Cooking meat. Someone is up here.

No. 957889 ID: fd2dfa
File 158330995153.png - (345.48KB , 1400x1050 , 80.png )

You tie Ivaka to a post and instruct Analey to stay behind as you take Ionilee with you. In a large chamber that some might call intimidating, but you call garish, is a damned nest of pests. The hoo-mans call them ‘goblins’. It’s wrong. The Gormoamhi call the more proper name, ‘go-blee’. Disgusting things. Oklak wouldn’t mind mating with them but you have better standards. For one you struggle to even get a finger into a go-blee, so they have no value. They do taste good though….

There is a whole damn nest of go-blee squatting up here. How long have they been up here without you noticing? Have...have they been spying on you?! Was this where all the food was going?!

>How will these...things be dealt with?
No. 957890 ID: 9876c4

We go back down, call a general meeting, arm up and then butcher the lot of them. We need food, and we're surrounded by soldiers. Maybe we leave one tribal to guard the slaves.
No. 957921 ID: 43bff8

Establish dominance! Eat the leader and become the new alpha. Maybe kick a few for fun. Then gain an army of goblins for fighting Rezans.
No. 957954 ID: 4f51b2

Go with the rest to plan, this >>957921
isn't a bad idea but before any of that hold Ionilee's head with one hand and assure her you will double your efforts to breed her (and Analey too but don't tell her that).
No. 957955 ID: 094652

Count how many there are, and then capture as many as you can with your entire party. Net them to quarter rations and let them work their way up with confectionaries as your minions.
No. 957990 ID: 91ee5f

>They do taste good though….
Free food!

Gather your people and tell them you’ve found food!
No. 958074 ID: fd2dfa
File 158346711690.png - (174.52KB , 1400x1050 , 81.png )

You gesture Ionilee to stay behind, then charge in, shouting and kicking the first go-blee you see. :guk:"Squatters! Pests! Where is your leader?! Where is your chief?! Show your cowardly face!"

Their leader is forced to shown their face. You know enough about go-blee tribal affairs to know they must answer a challenge after you disrupt the camp. He comes at you with a sharpened stick, then stops when he finishes rubbing sleep from his eyes and sees just who you are. Too late.

You snatch him up in one hand. :guk: "I have questions, you will answer" you say, the same magic that let's you speak perfect Dah-een and Re-zahn making your lips speak the scratchy go-blee language. "If you refuse or I don't like what I hear I will eat you. Understand?" The chieftain is stunned but nods his head.

:Guk:"Were you stealing our food?"
He nods.
:Guk:"How many are there in this tribe?"
"Uh uh...uh one...two...six...and uh six more...and uh...four more."
:Guk:"Who leads this tribe?"
"Uh...I am...da…boss?"
No. 958075 ID: fd2dfa
File 158346713469.png - (55.12KB , 1400x1050 , 82.png )

:Guk:"Wrong answer."
No. 958076 ID: fd2dfa
File 158346716517.png - (60.28KB , 1400x1050 , 83.png )

A scream. Crimson. Warmth sliding down your throat. You haven't eaten live prey in years. It's thrilling.
No. 958077 ID: fd2dfa
File 158346719552.png - (173.13KB , 1400x1050 , 84.png )

:Guk:"I am your boss. You don't like it, you can be second course. Any objections?"
There are none.
You herd the go-blee down, the cowed tribe taking their supplies, what they own and what they pilfered from you, with them. You stop to pick up Ionilee by the frame.
You put a hand to her face and she presses her cheek against your palm. You look down at her :Guk:”Don’t forget. You belong to me now. Just because I put pups in the Gah-meen doesn’t mean I will stop trying to breed you.”

"It...it dunnae?"

:guk: "No. All it means is that I must try twice as hard to put pups in you" you lick her cheek, leaving a bloodstreak across her cheek. Ionilee gasps, shutting her eyes and shivering. Is it in fear or anticipation? You hope it's the latter. She holds tightly onto your hand as you go to fetch Analey and Ivaka.

:guk:"Now where the hell did I leave my flipcloth?"
No. 958099 ID: 2c2dd2

You mean your pants? Where do ya think? Get back down to the basement, put your clothes back on, and check the door already.
No. 958100 ID: 2c2dd2

Oh and tell the twins they got gobbos lots of gobbos
No. 958363 ID: fd2dfa
File 158360946353.png - (172.44KB , 1400x1050 , 85.png )

:guk:"Saqrar you scaredy-pup! It was just gob-lee" you hurl one of the things at him. The screeching thing latches onto his head, and he starts screaming in surprise. Seqrar starts yelling too, mainly to get his brother to calm down so he can pry the panicing gob-lee out of his hair as the rest of the tribe moves to catch their paralyzed comrade.

:sizzala:"Will you all shut up!?"

:guk:"Find a place for them, and in the morning you make them work. I'm going back down."
No. 958364 ID: fd2dfa
File 158360959299.png - (184.80KB , 1400x1050 , 86.png )

When you are back down in the glowing chamber, Oklak is where you left him, plowing the re-zahn. The ghost-skin has checked out, making unintelligible noises as Oklak taunts its lack of energy. You slap the back of his head as you find your flip cloth. :guk:"Enough!"

:oklak:"Ag-dah! What was that for?"

:guk:"You are our hunter. You still need to train Baeohar tomorrow, can't have you sleeping all day because you wasted all your energy working a ghost-skin to death." You look at the door and down at the orb in your hand. As you approach, it begins to grow warm, and the light grows bright, almost painful.

It suddenly flies out of your grip, into the the hole. with a rumble and moan, the ancient stone begins to part.

:oklak:"Ooo-wah...did Tok tell you to do that?"

:guk:"No. I just figured it out."

:oklak:"Ah"Oklak fastens the dah-een sword to his belt.:oklak:"So...do we go down?"

>That can wait until after we deal with the Gah-meen. More Gah-meen, more females, more talismans, more power.
>No we'd best wait until Tok figures out what else waits for us. Though he is taking his damn time, what is that old man doing?
>We're Gormoamhi, whatever is down there, we can kill it.
No. 958440 ID: 9876c4

Let's go, but do it stealthily. If you're outmatched, you can always run.
No. 958444 ID: 094652

Get Tok's advice and then rally an army.
No. 958445 ID: 4f51b2

We should deal with the Gah-meen first.
No. 958483 ID: 489693

Deal with the Gah-meen. See if we can do that thing Sizzala did to the daoine to figure out how many there are now and what we can do.
No. 958745 ID: fd2dfa
File 158381056086.png - (94.05KB , 1400x1050 , 87.png )

:Guk:"It will wait. The Gah-meen will not."

:Oklak:"But they are over there on the floor. Oh you mean the ones outside."

You take the females back up again. Ivaka seems to have given up the struggle, while Oklak carries his Gah-meen like a side of meat over his shoulder. The others have fallen asleep, Tok collapsed near the fire with Anslieu on top of him. The brothers have crawled under the stairs with Comlee, the gob-lee huddled around them for warmth. You finding Sizzala wedged in a corner near the Pile.

:Guk:"Sizz, we need your magic. Can you pry memories from the gah-meen like you did with the dah-een?"

:sizzala:"Mrrrmm-whuh? No. Need meat, blood, and bone. All the meat is cooked and dry meat. All blood is boiled. All bones are hollowed out. Need more. Also I am tired now. Go away."
No. 958746 ID: fd2dfa
File 158381065084.png - (103.50KB , 1400x1050 , 88.png )

:guk:"Sizzala, are you holding Baeohar there?"

:Oklak:"Wait, she is doing what?"

:sizzala:"Yes, and so what if I am? He is soft and warm. Makes a good cushion. He can't move anyway. It's cute he thinks he can fight back."

:Oklak:"Dammit woman! That's my claim!"

:sizzala:"Really? The way you plow the ghost-skin I thought you forsook this one" she mocks him.

:oklak:"You know that's not how it works!"

You leave the two to bicker as you pick out your own sleeping spot. The gah-meen squirms the most, so you set her down and use her as a pillow. The dah-een edge close for warmth as the bonfire begins to dim. The list of things to be done just continues to grow.

>The Gah-meen need to be dealt with before they search for the missing scouts.
>The ones they called 'Nietch' is coming. You need to know just what that means and what threat that represents.
>Sizzala has run out of offal for her magic. She needs more. While animals could suffice for small power, truly destructive magic needs something smarter than dumb animals. Like gob-lee. Maybe reh-zahn?
>The door underneath has been opened and should be explored, or at least studied by Tokrazar
>Tok still needs helping hands for his brews and plants. He has been busy helping Guk and has had no time restocking his own supplies.
>Gob-lee are now in the clan. But that was just one. Who knows how many more lurk nearby stealing food and supplies?

It never ends...

>>Strategy for tomorrow?
No. 958750 ID: 9876c4

Goblin Hunt. We need enough for offal and meat, at least until the ghost skins are dead. Kill some tomorrow, begin drying the jerky for later.
While there, lets search for more valuables/weapons.

Can Sizz dispute Oklak's claim? How is that traditionally handled? Baeohar would likely buck less against a female master, but we can't simply give him away.

Tok and his bunny can go below to look at the door, or gather herbs, as they prefer.
No. 958755 ID: 094652

Tomorrow, order the Goblins to learn herbal harvesting, and threaten to use them as components if they screw up.

Prioritize the Rezan advance party. You can't handle a professional squad.

If anyone needs extra hands and your remaining slaves are idle, auto-assign.
No. 958971 ID: fd2dfa
File 158417697692.png - (289.69KB , 1400x1050 , 89.png )

Morning comes too quickly. You rouse the others and begin to assign the gob-lee to work.

:tokrazar:"Good, I can finally get some work on gathering my herbs. I'm running out of brew. I don't need all the gob-lee. I think five and Anslieu is enough."

:guk:"Hrrnm. Seqrar, Saqrar, you can take the rest then. Make them work."

:Saqrar:"I think just the one is enough for me. Until more meat is in, there is little for me or Comlee to do aside from helping my brother."

:Seqrar:"I spoke with Anslieu. I did understand some of his words. Gob-lee are non-people, but they will not fight. So they can make weapons, but not fight with them. Three will be enough. If I had more stone and metal, I could start building things like a workshop, and make furniture, or more complicated tools. I would need more gob-lee yes. But. That needs more stone. And metal."

:Seqrar:"Brother a gob-lee is clinging to your head."

:Saqrar:"I know, I thought it convenient as you put one on yours too."

:Seqrar:"It's still there?!"

Your claim-mate Ionilee sidles up to you. "M-master Guk. Did ye need a fixin' fer yer mornin' ah..." she gestures to your usual problem.

>What of Oklak and Sizzala?
>What else?
No. 958986 ID: 9876c4

Sizz is defacto guard duty/ bunwatch.
Is Oklak smart enough to gather materials without being detected?

Is there upstairs yet to cover?
No. 959033 ID: 6c227a

oh hey, Ionilee is asking for it. That's a good sign. She's been pretty compliant lately, right? Think she's earned some paint?

We need to deal with the ghost skin issue, but first that means we need more supplies for magic and equipment. Hunt for food, and see how good the goblins are at hauling rocks. Maybe threaten to sacrifice any slackers to fuel woman magic.
No. 959080 ID: 4f51b2

Go and breed your mate.
No. 959251 ID: fd2dfa
File 158460292239.png - (203.87KB , 1400x1050 , 90.png )

You lift Ionilee in your arms and press the dah-een against the wall. She may be giving herself willingly, but is it out of loyalty or fear? Does she hope you will spare her mother, or does she genuinely desire you? Tok may be more lax with letting the non-people be painted, but you need more convincing. The dah-een needs a test of her loyalty.

:oklak:"Guk? I thought you said today was a day of work."

:guk:"It is. I am fixing a problem so I can work."

:oklak:"By plowing Dah-een?"

:guk:"It is my morning problem. And Ionilee shall solve it."

:oklak:"But I have morning problems too! I should plow Baeohar before I leave!"

:guk:"You should have thought of that before you let Sizzala watch them. Ghost skins haunt the forest."

:oklak:"I can pick them off easily." Oklak grins.

:guk:"No, we need more food before we bring in more females. We eat too fast already. Also, we need to find stone. Scout the hills for good places to harvest sturdy rock. Take gob-blee with you. If any do not want to help, eat them."

Oklak clearly doesn't like the order, but he nods and quietly rounds up a few idle gob-lee.

Ionilee whimpers as you breathe into her ear.

:guk:"Every morning, you shall do this for me without me reminding you. And every evening I will take your mother. You will convince her to spread for me, or you will force her. Understood?"

Ionilee does not respond. You thrust deeper, bringing her attention back to you.


"Y-yes. Master Guk" she pants as you begin to thrust faster into her.

:guk:"We will do this until we know I've bred you. Is that what you want? To be bred? To carry my pups?"

"I...I..."Ionilee stutters. "I dunno."

:guk:"Do you want me to claim you?"

"I-you...cl-claim..." she whispers.

:guk:"Do you want me inside you?"


Her toes curl and her arms shake as you plant your morning seed in her.

No. 959252 ID: fd2dfa
File 158460302845.png - (180.32KB , 1400x1050 , 91.png )

Shifting tides. You are Oklak. And you are annoyed. Guk takes advantage of his strength to give you garbage jobs again while he enjoys the company of females. You can’t even take one of these gob-lee into some bushes for a quickie. They will talk and Guk will punish you for not doing your task.

You hate it, and you hate that Guk makes you do it because he is right. You can outwit the Ghost-skins. You did it once before. And you wouldn’t mind taking a few more, if they are all like Siloka. But you cannot risk stirring the ghost-skins until you are ready to wipe them out all at once.

The gob-lee swear they know a place where dah-een and hoo-man would cut stone and take back to their walled homes. They say it has since been abandoned, and the place is rich with monsters and their prey. No animal can best you. Large monsters simply mean more meat for you.

As you pass a ridge, the gob-lee freeze.

:oklak:”What? Why have you stopped? Do I have to eat one of you?”

“N-no boss” one of them croaks. “Issa that. We at the rock-place. But sommen else is there.
No. 959253 ID: fd2dfa
File 158460311471.png - (202.19KB , 1400x1050 , 92.png )

Oh damn…

>The quarry is occupied by more re-zahn!
>>Scout their numbers
>>Find new hunting grounds
>>Try and abduct a ghost-skin for ah...interrogation.

>Oklak shall make his attempt. The other clanmates need guidance...
>>Be Tok, making talismans and brew from excess man-magic
>>Be Anslieu in the swamps, gathering herbs for master Tok
>>Be Sizzala, watching the non-people and being bored. Maybe some magic on the females will be fun...
No. 959261 ID: 094652

Scout their numbers. If they are double the total population of your tribe, you need to scavenge what you can and run. Otherwise, form a strategy and catch the scouting parties off-guard.
No. 959323 ID: f274f2

Scouting will be enough for now. It's more important the clan knows where they are than anything else.

And be Tok. Guk has been very active, and Tok should be using that energy.
No. 959331 ID: 4f51b2

Scout and be Ansilieu.
No. 959354 ID: 9aaeef

No. 959446 ID: fd2dfa
File 158485111359.png - (442.03KB , 1913x1721 , 93.png )

Oklak ushers the gob-lee away. He will see how many ghost-skins haunt this quarry. Maybe snatch one if possible...

You are now Anslieu. Tok, you can call him that now you're his favorite, has you and other goblins looking for ingredients while he tries to make some with what he has left. He says there is all sorts of things he wants to make but he needs it for, mostly for training. There's the flowers and fruit for the brew, the leaves, livers, and animal fat for the paste, and grasses and seed for the poultice, and of course an infusion of his man-magic to make it all work. You still don't know what any of those things do, he never used it on you. Never needed to. You think the brew was used on your sister Ionilee though. Maybe that's why she's so...different now? You remember when all she wanted was adventure and hunting. Now when you can actually get her to talk, it's about Guk. Nothing but Guk. She even says his name in her sleep. It's a conundrum...

>Do you help Tok change your family? You don't know if the brew will change them all like Ionilee.
>Or will you convince him to let you sway them without the brew and whatever else he plans for them?

You've never been in a swamp before in your life. Is it supposed to smell like this? Pickings at the edge of the swamp are slim, few things look like what Tok wants you to find.

>Go deeper into the swamp
>Stay around the edges and look for new pickings
>Ask the goblins for advice. They seem to know what they're doing.
No. 959447 ID: 094652

Look for new pickings. You don't know the terrain, and the goblins aren't exactly professors.
No. 959486 ID: 9876c4

Seems like Anslieu would rather his family change on their own than have it chemically induced.

We need to go deeper.
No. 959513 ID: 460ce1

Use the brew. Prove your place in the clan.
No. 959529 ID: 6e6f32

Go deeper.
We should convince Tok to let us try to sway our family, but we should gather the ingredients none the less.
No. 959595 ID: fd2dfa
File 158503833191.png - (204.25KB , 1400x1050 , 94.png )

This place will not work. You leave the goblins to hunt for frogs and mice. Tok said their livers work best. Instead you venture further into the swamp, where more fungus and plants no doubt grow. Of course the smell is even more unpleasant, and the sensation of mud sucking at your feel is just…ugh.

As you start to pick berries and mushrooms, you start practicing a speech you plan to give to Tok regarding your family. You’re confident if you say it right, Tok can be swayed to let you bring your family into the clan without…turning them like Ionilee.
No. 959596 ID: fd2dfa
File 158503842332.png - (212.28KB , 1400x1050 , 95.png )

“Tzi ugol isovpem at?”

You recognize that language, even if you don’t understand what is said. That’s Rezan speak! Some Rezan girl’s behind you, and your body ceases to obey you. Fear, panic, and a few other emotions run through you, blanking your mind.

“Tzi itozala, uek tzi ugol sazass.”

You understood some of what she said, but not much. Something about being naked..?

>Run. Don’t think about it, just run!
>Turn to face the Rezan. Maybe she speaks Impraithic
>Pocket sand! Stun and disable! Capture her for the clan!
No. 959603 ID: e63147

You have no goblins and you don't know how many friends the Rezan has.
Run, but don't run directly home. Try to lose any pursuers first.
No. 959607 ID: 9876c4

Let's strike up a conversation and bring her home to our perfectly normal family unit.

Heh, unit.
No. 959655 ID: 2d9b2c

The fact she's talking and not trying to kill you is a good sign. Talk with fer first. If you can't communicate, then run.
No. 959661 ID: 4f51b2

Master Tok will be pleased if we bring her to him, maybe he will listen to us about our family.
No. 959664 ID: 282894

This is a chance to prove your loyalty.
No. 959725 ID: fd2dfa
File 158519903177.png - (193.69KB , 1193x1253 , 96.png )

You tentatively turn around. Master Tok would be excited to have another Rezan female in the clan, if Guk's reaction to his is any to go by. Perhaps you can convince her to come with you if she can speak. If not, well you hope surprise will be enou-she's Daoine.

"Ahm...you speak Impraithic?"

"Oh. Yes. I can. I was saying that you look like me but naked. Why is that? Are all Daoine like you?"

"Well not exact-hey! Like me? You're Daoine too! I think..."

"Only half. My father was quite drunk and decided to have some fun with a slave girl. He wasn't careful at all and so after it was discovered my mother was pregnant, he was put to death."


"For allowing a Rezan to be born into slavery. As decreed, all those born of a slave mother inherit the bondage of their parent. I'm Daoine, but also Rezan."

"So...that's wot Makag was doing to the prisoners that was sent to them? I thought they'd get eaten or something the way the Rezans'd talk. Well ehrm...I'm Anslieu. And ye're called?"

"I am Zolzava Bathrae Makag, servant of the Makag family, and retainer for mistress Ria, and house slave to mistress Shadeleaf."

"None o' that means anything to me."

"I don't expect it to. But you asked. Now you answer my question: are all Daoine like yourself?"

"Oh like...uh no. I be a...special case."

"Special? How?"

Your usual skill with words fail you. How do you convince her to come back with your without resorting to force?

No. 959738 ID: e63147

Just say you have your own masters and duties.
No. 959749 ID: 9876c4

We've found a greater purpose than struggle. We've been touched by wisdom of the ages/aged.
No. 959783 ID: 3b21b6

"I from a very unique clan. It's better seen than explained."
No. 959790 ID: 4f51b2

I'm part of an unusual tribe, this marks means I belong in it, I'm quite happy.
No. 959852 ID: 6c227a

bond over shared experiences in servitude. How is it being born into slavery then? Your new boss doesn't like you wearing clothes, which is taking some adjustment, but otherwise its been pretty okay. He's teaching you stuff, and listens when you share and has a very nice dick.
No. 959967 ID: fd2dfa
File 158544977246.png - (255.27KB , 1400x1050 , 97.png )

"I'm part of an unusual tribe, this marks means I belong in it, an' I'm happy with it."

"That still doesn't explain the lack of clothing. Doesn't it feel strange?"

"It's ah...it's wot me master wants."

"So you serve a master as well."

"Aye...it isn't so bad. He and the tribe helps me feel safe, somethin' I haven't felt in a long time. Even if I have to do some very odd jobs for it."

Her interest is piqued. Bathrae comes closer, poking at your sack.

"I was taken in not too long ago. I wouldnae know how it feels tae live like it. How is it being born into slavery then?"

"I wouldn't know, I don't know any other life. I was told about my mother's homeland and I've been excited to see it for the past seventy years. Now that I'm here I'm...not sure what to feel about it."

"Wait seventy? Ye look as old as me."

"I'm Rezan, we age much slower. In fact I don't think I've ever seen any old Rezans. Hrmmmm...What job are you doing?"

"Gatherin' material. Me master says its for his work, and he can't teach me without it. Want to come see?"

"That's certainly curious, but I need to attend to the needs of my mistress. They need fresh water. Fresher than the swamp stuff anyhow."

"Just you? For a whole camp?"

"No, there's at least a dozen others doing the same task. I still should do it."

"It wouldnae take long..."

"I don't know..."

>She is interested, but still needs convincing!
No. 960012 ID: 2590db

There're at least a dozen slaves running around gathering water, aside from the opportunity our camp could be discovered if we don't move carefully. Zolzava cannot be allowed to report any of what we said back to her mistress, stuff her in the bag if we need to.
No. 960014 ID: 4f51b2

Tell her that you could help her with water, say you are going for a vase but bring Master Tok instead.
No. 960051 ID: 9876c4

Lure her with water and the certainty that her mistress will reward her for finding us.
No. 960057 ID: fd2dfa
File 158555837765.png - (252.68KB , 1400x1050 , 98.png )

“There're at least a dozen slaves running around, and my clan has a supply of fresh water. Surely ye be better off comin’ ta see my clan.”

“I...suppose.” Bathrae admits, taking your hand. You gather up the goblins and take her back to the rotting manor house. She makes no comment about the goblins, merely gives them an odd look that they return with equal confusion. Master Tok opens the door as you were about to knock.

“That’s...not a Daoine.”

:tokrazar:“Anslieu, I thought I told you to go to the swamp.”

“I did master Tok. There’s Makag Rezans in there.”


“I uh...wanted to talk about my family.”

:tokrazar:“I see. Alright bring her in.”

“What? What’s going on?”
No. 960058 ID: fd2dfa
File 158555841608.png - (113.87KB , 1400x1050 , 99.png )

Master Tok grabs Bathrae, ignoring her protests as he sets down a bowl of green paste stuff.

“Master Tok? What is that anyway?”, you ask, pointing to the bowl.

:tokrazar:Tugalvu. Warriors use it before battle. Pain becomes pleasure, and pleasure becomes even greater. It makes Gormoamhi warrirors fearless, but I’ve learned that it works very well for training females. Hold this” he hands you his bladder of special brew and undoes Bathrae’s belt.

“Wait, this isn’t-hey! Those are mine!”

Tok ignores the Rezan as he strips her of her past life. You stand away from the two. It’s now or never. “Um...master Tok. About my family.”

:tokrazar:“What of them?”

“I know you want to train them with the brew and your um...paste. I see my sister. She is changed. And I don’t think I like it. Please master Tok, can you-”

:tokrazar:“Hold this too” Tok shoves the bowl into your hands as he turns the struggling Rezan upside down. “Now then, let’s begin. Start feeding her the brew.”
No. 960059 ID: fd2dfa
File 158555845106.png - (194.62KB , 1400x1050 , 100.png )

Master Tok takes a dollop of his paste and spreads it across Bathrae’s cleft. She struggles and groans as Tok pushes the excess green cream-stuff inside her, swirling his finger around. She cannot protest, as you forcefeed her more of Tok’s brew.

:tokrazar:“Pay attention Anslieu. To properly make the tuglavu work, it must be evenly spread across as much skin as possible” he says as he reaches for another dollop. :tokrazar:“That should be enough brew, stop before you drown her.”

You take away the bladder, stopping it up. The paste must already be working on Bathrae. Her toes curl, she begins to breathe rapidly, and she stops using words, speaking only with moans and throaty growls. Tok pushes another dollop inside. Then another. And another. “Nnngh~” Bathrae moans, her eyes unfocusing. “You...betrayed my silk sheets. I...worm in my….fruit. Done until the next month” she slurs, making no sense. The brew seems to be working as well.

“Uh-m-master Tok, this paste, the brew, all those things they change females you train.”

:tokrazar:Yes” Tok agrees, swirling his finger inside Bathrae, ignoring the way she twists around. :tokrazar:“It makes them obedient. Compliant. They stop worrying about stupid things and care only for what the clan wants them to care about: serving the clan.”

“Yes. But you didn’t need to use it on me” you argue. “Please Master Tok. I would like to have more time to convince my family they can obey without the medicine. I don’t like what has happened to Ionilee, and I don’t want that for everyone else.”

Tok frees his manhood, stripping away his belt and cloth. Reflexively your mouth starts to water as Tok’s scent hits your face. :tokrazar: “Ionilee is better though” Tok grunts, taking more of the paste and slathering it on his member. Holding the Rezan’s legs apart, he positions himself above the half-daoine. :tokrazar:“Now, if what Guk says is true, you’ll soon be carrying my pups. Let’s test that”

Bathrae hisses sharply as Tok penetrates her, sinking his full length slowly into the much smaller female. Tok sighs as he begins to claim her.
No. 960060 ID: fd2dfa
File 158555850438.png - (205.51KB , 1400x1050 , 101.png )

“Ah! Oh-hoo~ Ach-ka~” Bathrae moans as Tok hilts inside his new female. Slowly he begins gyrating his hips, letting the paste on his tool paint the deeper recesses of the Rezan.

:tokrazar:“Well Guk wasn’t lying about the sensation. This is indeed better than any female I’ve had in my life” he sighs. Turning to you, paying no heed to the female writhing under him. :tokrazar:“So you want me to hold off on applying the brew to your family. How do you intend to convince them better than my medicines?”

Your eyes shift between your master and the writhing Rezan in his grip. Every thrust illicits a whimper or squeak of terror and pleasure. You know how she feels. Tok is certainly bigger than the Other Gormoamhi, his size takes some time to get used to. You don’t even realize it, but you cover your growing arousal. Trying to ignore the wet plunges of Tok, and the heady sighs of Bathrae, you try to keep hold of the conversation “I-ah...I don’t know, but I’m sure I can think of something.”

:tokrazar:“Well it’s not like I even have enough anyway. That bowl is the last of my stock” Tok mutters, picking up his pace. :tokrazar:“Anslieu, fetch that vessel this Mah-kahg was carrying.”

In the time it takes you to grab the vessel and return, Tok is well into plowing the female. Bathrae breathes in time to his thrusts, wet slapping accompanying your master’s grunts.
:tokrazar: “Place it. Next to. Her” he says between clenched teeth.

You oblige. “Let’s see...how much magic I can make!”
No. 960061 ID: fd2dfa
File 158555853030.png - (105.34KB , 1400x1050 , 102.png )

Tok slams into Bathrae, the Rezan girl screaming in ecstasy as her body climaxes with him. Maybe it is being so close to master Tok, but you see the power pouring from the two, sapping into the vessel until...it’s full.

:tokrazar:“Well that proves it for certain” Tok smiles, seeing what you see. :tokrazar:“My seed took root, that plowing filled the vessel completely” he looks to you. “Well you did good Anslieu, brought me a Reh-zahn.”

“I...yes I did.”
No. 960062 ID: fd2dfa
File 158555856630.png - (208.97KB , 1400x1050 , 103.png )

Slowly pulling out, he grasps the vessel. In his other hand, he guides Bathrae to his stiffness. The Rezan girl is still reeling from the medicines, and she reflexively opens her mouth, suckling Tok’s crown. With a smile, he looks at you. :tokrazar:“Two days.”


:tokrazar:“It will take me all day to make more, I will use this stock on my new female, and the next batch on the other reh-zahns. They need obedience more than your family anyway. You have until then, then I’m using my newest batch on them..”

“Only two?” you blurt out before you can stop yourself. Tok looks annoyed for a moment. He pushes Bathrae away with a wet pop. The Rezan girl sucks at the air, her addled mind barely aware of what’s happening around her.

:tokrazar:“She’s not very good at this. You’re better. Show her how it’s done, and I’ll make it three days...”

You freeze up again, heart racing. You shouldn’t feel this way after being claimed so many times, but Tok just has a way of...awakening needs in you. He pats your head as you get between his legs and begin to suck…
No. 960063 ID: fd2dfa
File 158555888411.png - (215.42KB , 1400x1050 , 104.png )

You are now Tokrazar, and you’re having a good day. Your claim-mate brought another Dah-een to you. A reh-zahn, dah-een, and she was amazing. Better still, your planted seed has already taken inside her and you help rebuild the clan with Guk and Oklak. Pleasuring you needs work though. Anslieu still bests her in that regard. You give your claim-mate an affectionate pat as he swallows more and more of your manhood. He coos under your touch.

You look to the vessel. This thing is large. Impossible to shape this into a talisman. Not even Guk can properly hold it. Perhaps a ward? A shame, with the power flowing in it, you could have made a powerful Greater Talisman...ah well.

>>What shall the new ward be
>Ward of Redirection: Compel those nearby to turn away, keeping intruders from discovering the Shelter. You’d need five more like this to completely cover the manor, so for now you could give it to a Gob-lee or Oklak, and they could use it to keep the Reh-zahn from detecting them.

>Ward of Stamina: Guk seems to like training his females, but it will leave him drained. If he does so near a Ward of Stamina, he could go all night without rest and still be fresh in the morning.

>Ward of Defense: Shaping the ward for Gormoamhi, this could be an effective means of protecting the clan-mates if they must fight. They just need to stay close enough to feel the effect and the ward could act as a talisman for all Gormoamhi, as flesh becomes harder than stone. Alternatively, it can be shaped to strengthen dead material, and make the walls of the shelter stronger should anyone find this place.

>Ward of Empowerment: Sizzala would be able to cast her woman-magic without offal. At least small amounts of it. Enough maybe for a spark, or a bit of smoke.

>Ward of Virility: Similar to the Ward of Stamina, only it will give Gormoamhi a little ‘help’ in putting pups in their dah-een.

>Ward of Alchemy: Shape the magic so it can be directed into your brews and pastes as you make them. Their potency will increase as a result, though it will drain the vessel of all stored magic after repeated use.

You look back to Bathrae. The Reh-zahn watches you and Anslieu, and her hands move between her legs. She drools on the ground, making sounds with no meaning as she tries to pleasure herself. You already laid claim to her fields, but you wonder…

>>What shall Bathrae be?
>She belongs to Tok as Guk and Oklak claimed their own. All her litters shall be yours
>You aren’t as greedy as Guk and Oklak. She can be the first breeder.

>>Work on brewing can begin at night. For now you should
>Find Guk and start exploring the basement. The unknown is a greater threat than anything else because it is unknown.
>Bring Bathrae to Sizzala and extract information from the Reh-zahns. Now there’s Gah-meen and Mah-kahg. You need to find who else is in this valley.
No. 960076 ID: 9876c4

Ward of virility seems like overkill, but it serves our core purpose. Ward of Stamina is probably more useful right now, as we ramp up to a fight.

This was a slave. Use her as a breeder and she might break. Better hold her for yourself.
No. 960079 ID: f56a2b

Breeder. Put her to work for the good of all.
No. 960080 ID: a9af05

Make her a breeder.

Extract information.
No. 960081 ID: 9aaeef

She is the first female to have your children in a long time, keeping her for yourself is very tempting.
Go to Sizzala and extract information.
No. 960083 ID: 6e6f32

Use her as a Breeder.

Ward of stamina. There are a million things to do, you are surrounded by dangerous enemies... And everyone still spends every other day doing nothing but plowing females.

It's inefficient. Without a need for sleep, shit that needs doing could actually get done.
No. 960089 ID: 380fbe

If stamina works like redirection, we can just have a goblin carry it everywhere when fighting starts.

I vote for claim mate. Once everyone gets their own rezan toy we can start doling out captives as breeders.

As for what to do next, get Guk and explore those ruins. If we get a working portal, we don't need to worry about the rezans spotting us. We could just go wherever we want.
No. 960091 ID: 91ee5f

Go for stamina.

Make her a breeder.

Take Bathrae to Sizzala and extract information from her.
No. 960092 ID: 4f51b2

You should maker yours, thw twins can get their own later.
No. 960106 ID: ae8ec4

>Ward of Redirection: Compel those nearby to turn away, keeping intruders from discovering the Shelter. You’d need five more like this to completely cover the manor, so for now you could give it to a Gob-lee or Oklak, and they could use it to keep the Reh-zahn from detecting them.

Missing scouts
A Missing Slave
A military camp near our home

For sure at some point with these encroachments our presence will soon be known, and we are not in a position to face an army of some sort. I say think long term and get started with this.

>Interrogate Bathrae
No. 960288 ID: fd2dfa
File 158572722558.png - (293.22KB , 1400x1050 , 040120.png )

:seqrar:I heard that there's gonna be a contest for badass boss, and those pukes from Taruvi High are gonna be in it.
:saqrar:Oh that's bullshit! Gormahi High has the baddest of the badasses, no way some loser at Taruvi can take that tile from us.
:Tokrazar: Yeah we should totally get Boss Guk, we'll win the contest for sure!
:Oklak:Pfeh. Everyone knows I'm the real boss, we don't need Guk around
:oklak:Make me.
:seqrar:Guys don't waste your energy fighting each other! It's those pukes at Taruvi High that need a beatdown!
:Guk:Why can't I have a day to myself?
No. 960318 ID: f56a2b

Good grief.
No. 960348 ID: 9876c4

It should go without saying that I love this.
No. 960421 ID: fd2dfa
File 158578244297.png - (255.76KB , 1400x1050 , 04.png )


:oklak:Now's my chance to prove I'm the greatest boss of them all. I'll wipe the floor with everyone.
:seqrar:Where's Taruvi High? I don't see them.
:saqrar:They probably flaked when they heard we were coming. Wussies.


:TOKRAZAR: The fuck kind of question is that? What does fug even mean?
:sizzala: Mmmphmmmmphmmm
No. 960437 ID: f56a2b

No. 960463 ID: 9876c4

Obviously false.
No. 960480 ID: 4f51b2

No. 960481 ID: 094652

True. Answer the question in the context of the quiz-giver. You may strangle him AFTER you fight in person.
No. 960488 ID: fd2dfa
File 158580601613.png - (143.63KB , 1400x1050 , 01.png )

:Oklak:Screw it, I'm saying false.
:seqrar:If everyone agrees, it can't be wrong. Right?
:saqrar:I think that's how it works.
No. 960489 ID: fd2dfa
File 158580602713.png - (127.92KB , 1400x1050 , 04012020.png )


:GUK:I zoned out, did we start?
:oklak:No way!
No. 960583 ID: 9876c4

"Dearest Mother..."
No. 960627 ID: fd2dfa
File 158589061582.png - (189.36KB , 1400x1050 , 105.png )

Bathrae was too good for yourself. She will be a breeder for the whole clan once she births your first litter. Afterwards, anyone can put pups in her. Once Anslieu finishes you, you take the half-awake reh-zahn to your daughter. She's utterly bored looking after the other two reh-zahn. They do not make attempts to escape, struggle, or even talk, but alternate between looking at each other and glaring at Sizz. They both see Bathrae, but beyond that they show no emotion. Either they don't care, or are really good at lying.

:sizzala:"Oh papa! Have you come to take me and-what is that?"

:Tokrazar:"Anslieu found her. Another reh-zahn. This one is apparently a mah-kahg."

Sizzala sniffs :sizzala: "Well if you want me to look after another, don't bother. I have enough with these two. Get Saqrar to do it. That lazy good-for-nothing has been doing nothing but plowing his dah-een all day."

:tokrazar:"I thought he said he would help his brother."

:sizzala:"No, Seqrar said he was doing more harm than good, so now Saq has nothing to do but train Comlee."

:tokrazar:"Well I'm not here for that anyway, I want you to perform the ritual again. There are growing number of reh-zahn out there and we don't know anything about them. We need more knowledge."

:sizzala:"Well I have just enough blood saved for one more. I can't do them all yet. Have to wait until Oklak returns. Who do you want me to work?"

>>Siloka, Oklak's claim-mate
>>Ivaka, Guk's gah-meen
>>Bathrae, the mah-kahg breeder
No. 960630 ID: ae8ec4

No. 960631 ID: ae8ec4

Bathrae, my bad
No. 960655 ID: 4f51b2

No. 960688 ID: 26864f

Bathrae seems zonked out on Tok's happy paste. We might not get much. I vote for Ivaka
No. 960693 ID: 9876c4

Her tribe is also the greater threat right now, so yeah.
No. 960765 ID: ae8ec4

Changing to Ivaka
No. 960866 ID: fd2dfa
File 158612178854.png - (266.80KB , 1400x1050 , 106.png )

Sizzala burns away the last of her reserves with a hiss of boiling blood.

Ivaka resists, but Sizzala pulls the gah-meen in by her leash, and firmly grasps the ghost-skin's head. The power makes your teeth itch, but you're used to your daughter's power, and wait for the visions to-
No. 960867 ID: fd2dfa
File 158612184736.png - (365.22KB , 1400x1050 , 107.png )

You are Ivaka. You've been waiting two hundred years for this, preparing for every possible contingency. Except this. The Daoine have risen up as never before against you, and rumors spread through each family camp that Gamavo, the Dead Family, is behind this sabotage. You don't put much stock into such silly rumors, but the rank and file are shaken. These Daoine are evidence of Rezan activity in Eastaland, which will certainly make future raids in this land harder. To erase proof of Rezan existence, the many Leklos are splitting up and scouring the land of any soul-karved.

The leklos, THIS leklos, is going to get split even further. The Rokof branch will move through the mountain ranges, while Makag takes the marshlands and Gamin-

No. 960868 ID: fd2dfa
File 158612188804.png - (343.91KB , 1400x1050 , 108.png )

"Gamin will take the forests. Rokof no doubt wants the mountains because their so sparse and they will take few losses clearing out whatever lives in those rocks" your commander, Ketros Vaglinka snorts. The Ketros never had a high opinion of the other families. Even Makag, the closest allies of Gamin, she sees little better. "Nothing lives in the marsh lands, I don't see why Makag would volunteer to sweep such a dismal stretch of land."

"They're searching for the peat-Daoine" Lady Nietch says. "It's what I'd do." You are still surprised the Heir Apparent is being attatched to your Leklos. Why she didn't go with the main Makag force heading south through Shalmere pass you have no idea.

"Of course my Lady" Vaglinka nods, though by her tone, you suspect your ketros doesn't believe it for a second. "We will be taking the forest. It is infested with Daoine, goblins and all manner of vermin races that infest Eastaland. It will be an opportunity for us to bring in some early catches, score Gamin some early victories. Ivaka, I am taking you and six other scouts you choose to set up a base camp tonight. Lady Nietch will follow us with the rest of the Gamin forces and meet with us by week's end. We will then coordinate with the other families and begin sweeping southwards."

"Can we trust the other families to meet up with us on time?" you ask.

Vaglinka wrinkles her nose. "Assume they'll drag their feet, I know for a fact Rokof will."

:sizzala:"Ah ha ha ha~" Sizzala laughs, in that way you know she is thinking of something devious. :sizzala:"The Ghost-skins are not united at all. There's three clans, and they barely tolerate each other. We can use their mistrust against each other."

:tokrazar:"Sizzala" you warn. "Do not do anything rash. If we make a mistake and they learn of us..."

:sizzala"Yes, yes I know papa" she teases. "I won't do anything. Yet. But the possibilities are flooding into my head. Of course, I need to learn more about roh-coff, and mah-kahg before I know what will work; but ooooh" she squeals. "The chaos we can sow~"

You know your daughter. Once she is set on a course of action, even you cannot dissuade her. The only way to stop her is to find an alternative, easier solution. Unfortunately the only one you can think of is finding that Door to Many Places.

:sizzala:"Oh and papa~" she sings.

:tokrazar:"Yes Sizzala?"

:sizzala:"These 'reh-zahns' live a long time. A very long time. They are like el-fu."

:tokrazar:"Why are you telling me-oh."

>Talisman of Rapid Aging - Designed to be a curse against someone you don't like. A man accidentally kills your favorite female? Strap a Talisman or Rapid Age to him and watch his body age in days. Some cleaver man before you learned how to tweak this talisman however for use with female el-fu who did not age. Every day becomes a month for them. For the lucky few that put pups in an el-fu, that meant a pregnancy lasting only a week. Now it seems ghostskins can take this talisman with little damage to the females.

>>Go with Sizzala's plan to disrupt the Ghostskins(wait until night for the clan to gather)
>>Refocus efforts on opening the portal and leaving this cursed place(Find Guk)
No. 960882 ID: 4f51b2

Go with Sizzala's plan
No. 960899 ID: 094652

Sizalla has a solid plan. Spend the rest of the day talking to the others about it, get any contributions you can about how to disrupt the Rezans, their Daoine purge, and generally distract them from your base in particular.
No. 960925 ID: 9876c4

In the long run, we gotta do something.

This is as good as any.
No. 961116 ID: fd2dfa
File 158633276306.png - (175.73KB , 1400x1050 , 109.png )

With a sigh, you decide to indulge your daughter's idea. She is ecstatic.

:oklak:"I return with meat and news" Oklak shouts as the gob-lee push the door open for him.

:sizzala:"Oklak, the hell is that?"

:oklak:"Some beast that thought the goat I killed belonged to it. It clearly did not know you can't steal from Gormoamhi."

It is a massive beast. The meat, if stripped and smoked properly could feed the clan for weeks! Then you remember all the non-people recently added to the clan and reduce that number to possibly a week, week and a half...

:oklak:"Oh, and I discovered a Reh-zahn camp in the mountains! It was small, pitiful, and they never knew I was there"

:sizzala:"We know already Oklak"

:oklak:"What? How the hell do you know already?"

:sizzla:"Pulled it from this one's mind" she smirks, holding up the dazed Ivaka.

:oklak:"Beh, did your woman-witchery tell you how many there were? No? Did not think so! I counted. There were twenty tents. Each tent could hold three, but there were only ten ghostskins in that camp. Clearly they are trying to intimidate outsiders."

:tokrazar:"Or preparing for more to come from the north."


:tokrazar:"We'll explain tonight. Just bring your kill to Saqrar. He's been doing nothing but plowing Comlee all day."
No. 961118 ID: fd2dfa
File 158633284530.png - (564.62KB , 1400x1050 , 110.png )

The beast is skinned, butchered, and roasted around the bonfire. As per tradition, the women eat first. Sizzala takes the leg a goblee had torn off, chewing ligaments and charred flesh and talking to herself about how much magic she could extract from this monster. Next, the men take their share. Then the half-people, Anslieu, enjoys his benefits before the non-people, females and gob-lee, who eat last. Properly sated, the men each take a female and claim them, as nothing helps digestion like a good plowing.

Anlieue climbs onto your lap without hesitation, sighing contentedly as you enter him. Seqrar is given Bathrae as reward for his hard work today. The Reh-zahn is still addled by brew and paste, and she eagerly takes his girth. Oklak returns to his project, plowing Baeohar with renewed vigor. Saqrar returns to Comlee, filling the dah-een as he had done all day. Guk likewise had spent all day with his females, exhausting Analey and Ionilee. The latter clings to him, sleeping soundly even as Guk takes Ivaka again. You're fairly certain he really believes he's putting more pups in her.

As the men please themselves, Sizzala informs everyone what she discovered while gnawing on her leg.

:oklak:"Three camps of ghostskins?"

:sizzala:"Mah-kahg, Gah-meen, and Roh-Koff. And they don't seem to like each other. We can use this to disrupt them, leave them fighting each other while we take the females."

:Guk:"But we only know the numbers of the Gah-meen, and Roh-koff. Numbers that may change. We need to know all their numbers first."

:seqrar:"MMmmmph. Maybe we-oh. We could strike the closest camp. And-ah! And then make it look like another camp raided them."

:Tokrazar:"How will we know they would think that? They don't like each other but they seem to trust each other enough to fight the dah-een in this valley. Perhaps we find dah-een, take their things, and leave them in a Reh-zahn camp when we strike so they think the dah-een are responsible."

:oklak:"Then we waste time looking for Dah-een instead of ghostskins!"

:sizzala:"You don't seem to mind your dah-een."

:oklak:"Just because I like to plow them doesn't mean I'm dumb enough to think we should get more."

>>The clan cannot agree how to strike at the camps.
>>How should the clan strike the Ghostskins?
No. 961163 ID: fa0f98

Well first we need to get concrete numbers for mah-kahg.
1) Interrogate Bathrae when her head is cleared up. Then we should focus on finding more gobbos. Or Daoine. Doesn't matter.
2) We take daoine/gobbo gear, raid Roh-koff and take their stuff.
3) We hit gah-meen and leave roh-koff stuff in their camp, while taking more Gah-meen stuff.
4) Finally raid mah-kahg and leave roh-koff and gah-meen to make them think the other two clans are betraying them.

It might not start a war but it should leave them scrambling around looking for someone that isn't us.
No. 961188 ID: 4f51b2

You shuould ask Bathrae waht clan is the stongest and the weakest,.
No. 961234 ID: 094652

Better yet, make it look like one of the clans is hogging all the Daoine slaves to themselves. Or worse...

Here's a ruthless strategy: since you can hyper-age the Rezans to birth babies in a matter of days, why not cage them in one tent and then make it look like your raiding party made a buzzline for the smelly infants? The other clans will accuse the target clan of kidnapping extra infant-slaves behind their backs and endangering the camp from the enraged Gormoamhi parents. You can pick the kids up after they've gone a few rounds.
No. 961348 ID: 9876c4

No. 961663 ID: fd2dfa
File 158668896406.png - (190.75KB , 1400x1050 , 111.png )

:sizzala:"Seqrar, stop. I'm going to interrogate the reh-zahn-dah-een thing."

:seqrar:"Are you sure that's a good idea? She still seems kind of...that."

He lifts the dah-een off his manhood and the she falls to the floor like some boneless squid, mumbling something incoherent and wiggling her rear.

:sizzala:"I really don't want to do this now, but we need to know about the mah-kahg"
No. 961664 ID: fd2dfa
File 158668900357.png - (0.96MB , 2713x1865 , 112.png )

You have been Iagn's personal attendant for most of your life. He's taken you to brothels, taverns, pleasure houses, bath houses, and things that don't have names you can pronounce. When the Makag reigning family went to Voo Gamin for his and his siblings' Rite, you thought there'd be a lull in all the debauchery. Not so. AS soon as the triarchs closed the doors for negotiations of transport costs, Iagn took the Heir Apparent to his 'Favorite Slut-House in all Rezo' and began a week long binge of wine, women, and exotic food. Lord Venian however was having none of it and continued his studies-in the same room as Iagn. At least something came from you carrying those heavy books and scrolls for him...

:iagn2:"Veni, you got to try this. Gulpa triplets. Triplets!"

:veni:"First of all, they are not triplets, one's clearly half-Rezan. Second, this is our Rite we are talking about Iagn, we need to be ready. Especially us. We're the Patriarch's son, more is expected of us."

:iagn2:"Well maybe you, I know I'm not."

:veni:"Don't start this again..."

:iagndrama:"I'm a vermin! Gulpa blood runs in my veins! No true Rezan would ever accept me as their son! U'll be shoved away in some dark hole to live out my life in solitude, never to know the love of my father."

:veni:"Iagn, you're only 1 part gulpa, the other three parts are Rezan."

:iagn2:"Well you know that's more than enough to make me a pariah in the family, it's why dad never gave me any responsibilit-oh! Hey watch the teeth. I'll never do anything important."

:veni:"That's not true. When I'm patriarch, you'll be right there next to me."

:iagndrama:"Oh? Will dear brother give this poor wretch a helping hand?"

:veni:"Yes, but that means you need to stop thinking with your penis for a few minutes and start thinking like a Makag."

:iagn2:"I'm doing that right now. I'm 'passing my legacy' on to these lovely girls."

:veniAN:"Please tell me you're joking."

:sizzala:"What is this? Is these mah-kahg memories? Is this the mah-kahg camp?"

:tokrazar:"My brew is making it hard for the female to think. Even your magic cannot fix that."
No. 961665 ID: fd2dfa
File 158668907368.png - (1.15MB , 2713x1865 , 113.png )

"Isn't it wierd to be doing this with your brother right there?"

:iagn2:"What Veni? He does this all the time. Trust me, he has this crazy skill that lets him ignore everything around him. Watch. Hey! Veni! I've been hoarding all of Yviel's letters from you, she's been trying to write to you for weeks! See? Nothing."

"Mivala! What the hells are you doing here? In this house of-of-of...FILTH?!"

:veni:"Your family owns it, I wouldn't call it filthy..."

"And with Makag tuva! Have you no shame?"

"Hi Tiv, have you met my lover? Iagn's quite fun. You should try it. He does this thing with his tongue that's-"

"That gulpa-blooded freak?! You're letting that thing plow you?! Get off my sister!"

:veniAN:"You told her you're gulpa? What happened to being part Kobold?"

:iagn2:"Ah...she figured it out?"

"Get off her now you filthy Makag slut!"

:sizzala:"This is stupid. Where are her new memories? Every time I grasp one, it slips through my fingers!"

:tokrazar:"Just wait, let the memories flow past you until you-oh wait here's the next!
No. 961666 ID: fd2dfa
File 158668910870.png - (1.16MB , 2713x1865 , 114.png )

"Hrrrngh! Deeper! Deeper you filthy Makag slut!"

"See? I told ya he's a keeper. Oh and we're gettin' maried. I was going to tell you and mom and da after the Rite, but you done spoiled the surprise."

"Wha-HAAT?! B-but what aboutnnngh! Being-to-ge-ther?! We-we-we're gonna-marry-the-same-girl!"

:iagn2:"Well I like your sister, but I don't mind you either. You got a great ass. Actually. Wait. Hey Veni! You want one of these?"

:veniAN:"I'm trying to sleep."

:iagn2:"Okay more for me then. Hey Bathrae, get Tiv's stuff, we're gonna have a marriage ceremony right here!"

"NNNnng no~ Our first is supposed to be in the shrine of the Breeder! Not in a whorehooooo~"

"Eh I don't really see the point of that, I don't think Sodol-ka is big on you taking it in the butt."

"Ffffuck you Miv!"

"Love you Tiv."
No. 961667 ID: fd2dfa
File 158668914683.png - (438.71KB , 1400x1050 , 115.png )

:iagn2:"Hey Bathrae, this is Shadeleaf, we both had our Rite together."

"Did...did you marry her as well master Iagn?"

:iagn2:"What? Ha! No, no. I'm introducing you to her because she's your new mistress for uh, however long I'm gone. Yeah. I'm part of the infiltration wave! Can't have slaves come along."


"For a Rezan, she doesn't seem very sharp."

:iagn2:"Now now, be gentle with her. She's never left Rezo before. Pretty sure she never left the Family Level either. Be good now Bathrae, I'll see you when I get back!"

:sizzala:"RRRAGH! I am learning a lot about Mah-kahg but none of it is useful! This was a bad idea!"

:Oklak:"I like that el-fu..."

:sizzala:"You shut up!"
No. 961668 ID: fd2dfa
File 158668922305.png - (420.27KB , 1400x1050 , 116.png )

"The leklos is splitting up, I want you in the swamps searching for the Bogoille clan, see if they're still alive or if they've been compromised like the others."

"I-alright. What should I expect in terms of support?"

"For now, you can have twelve scouts, set up a base camp, and start combing the swamps. If the Bogoille are still friendly, contact them, and wait for me and the rest to catch up. If they're hostile, watch them until I arrive with the rest of the Leklos and we'll put them down. You'll need slaves to set up the camp?"

"Um. Yes. I'm used to warmer forests, not these cold, wet, mudhills."

"Fair enough. Bathrae!"

"Y-yes mistress Shadeleaf?"

"You will accompany mistress Ria south. You might even see some native kin."

"Oh. Thank you mistress Shadeleaf."

"Now then, regarding our time table."

:sizzala:"Ha! Got it! Finally!"

:oklak:"Mmmm, so that el-fu is here too?"

:sizzala:"That's not the important part stupid! We now know what to look for in the swamp!"

:guk:"Are we done then? I'd like to put my females to bed."

:tokrazar:"Yes yes, we are done."

We have our information. Teams will need to be decided for tomorrow.

>Who shall hunt for dah-een?
>Who shall gather supplies?
>Who shall watch the females?
No. 961685 ID: 4f51b2

Guk and Oklak hunt for dah-een
The twins can go gather supplies
Tok and Sizzala watch the females.
No. 961750 ID: 9876c4

Seems legit.
No. 961793 ID: ae8ec4

No. 961900 ID: 9ae17a

Guk and Oklak should go hunting, but so should Ionilee. She seems pretty close to Guk now so this can be her test. Make contact with the swamp bunnies andlure them into a trap for Guk and Oklak to spring.
No. 962151 ID: fd2dfa
File 158702400650.png - (216.94KB , 1400x1050 , 117.png )

:oklak:"Fiiiine" Oklak moans. "I will find the swamp dah-een."

:guk:"I will come too. So will Ionilee."

:oklak:"What?! Ionilee!? Why take your female along?!"

:guk:"They are dah-een. She is dah-een. It is obvious."

:oklak:"Then I want to bring Baeohar!"



:oklak:"Why not?!"

:guk:"Ionilee listens to me. Baeohar does not listen to you."

:oklak:"I am teaching him" Oklak snarls, burying his member even deeper into the dah-een. "He will learn."

:guk:"So you can bring him once he learns. Not now."

:tokrazar:"Anslieu, your paint is fading. Was it from work today?"

"Hahn~ Yes master Tok. It was quite dirty. I'm afraid the paint came off with it."

:tokrazar:"I will need to give you something more permanent."

"Thank you master Tok..."

The reh-zahn dah-een stirs. "Ooooh~ Ach-ka. Why do I still feel so hoooot~?" Anslieu looks uneasily at the other dah-een as Seqrar, grin on his face, moves behind the female and prepares to enter her again.

"Uhm. Master Tok? About me family"you put a finger to your claim-mate's lips.

:tokrazar:"Not tonight. Let the men enjoy themselves. Maybe they can teach something. Tonight you will be busy with me..."

>>A shift.
>Become Guk, and train Analey tonight
>Become Oklak and train Baeohar.
>Become Ionilee, and lead the hunt tomorrow.
No. 962171 ID: 9876c4

No. 962176 ID: ae8ec4

>Become Guk, and train Analey tonight
I miss our main boy Guk
No. 962192 ID: 4f51b2

Be Guk.
No. 962238 ID: 094652

No. 962244 ID: 128ddd

Let's be Guk
No. 962254 ID: 8f0400

Oklak. We don't get to be him much.
No. 962391 ID: fd2dfa
File 158720240596.png - (197.70KB , 1400x1050 , 118.png )

You are Guk. You are done listening to the clan plan and deliberate over fighting the ghostskins. Ionilee stirs as you get up, wordlessly following you while holding your cloth, Ivaka getting dragged behind her on the leash.

:guk:"Analey" you growl, approaching the dah-een. "It's time."

"Guh-Guk" she stammers. "Tu-time fer wot" no sooner is it said that realization dawns. "No...please no more trainin'!"

:guk:"Training? No, there is nothing else to train for" Analey looks hopeful for a moment. "I'm going to make you a mother."

Her face twists into horror as she crosses her legs and covers her fields. "No" she cries. "Please no. I'm a mother already!"

:guk:"And you'll be a mother again. But to my pups."

Analey whimpers. "Me husband. Me daughter. Ye took it all!"
>Analey continues to resist.
>Ionilee cannot help. The poor thing is too tired.

>Action is required
No. 962394 ID: 094652

"One: I did not kill your husband. I have never killed a Daoine in my life.
Two: You love your family and hate everyone who hurts them, I love my family and hate everyone who hurts them. Binding our blood ties together is the only way I will ever see you as people, it is the only way you will prosper.
Three: I saw God, and he began killing my brothers and sisters and what was left of us ran. And I remember as he crushed us beneath his hands and destroyed our souls with his eye magic, he refused to kill the Daoine. So take some solace in the fact that the biggest, all powerful elder of all that is loves you and hates us, and PLANT. OUR. BABY."
No. 962414 ID: 4f51b2

You are way stronger than her, force her and make her feel dominated. Now that she mentions her husband make her understand how much better you are, how she is going to give you stronger pups.
No. 962415 ID: 6e6f32

What I took was your person-hood, Analey.
Husband, brother. Such things are not yours to have.
You are here to bare pups. My pups.
This is going to happen.
The only choice you have is how painful it is.
I will not repeat myself again.
No. 962485 ID: 49a977

No. 962575 ID: 9876c4

I ain't touchin this one.
No. 962840 ID: fd2dfa
File 158744911061.png - (232.71KB , 1400x1050 , 119.png )

:guk:"Your husband...your old mate? I didn't take him!"

"Yer kind did! Gormoamhi took 'im and killed 'im!"

:guk:"No. If he was taken, he was made a female. Like you."

"No..." she whimpers as you grasp her legs, parting them. Her hands clasp over her nethers.

:guk:"I did not take your family. I took your person-hood, you are a non-person. If you want it back, then you will accept your new place as my claim-mate" you emphasize your point as you free your tool, hard despite being well used all day. "I am better than your old mate. Stronger. You know it, I've plowed you enough times. I captured your whole family because I am better. They are all yours right" you wait for her reply. She nods slowly. With a smile you prod at her hands with your tool. "Then you are strong too. Perfect to give me strong pups."

She looks up at you, her breathing becoming faster and heavier. :guk:"As my female, and my mate, I will breed you. The only question is if you will enjoy it or fight me and suffer while I do it."
No. 962841 ID: fd2dfa
File 158744926784.png - (215.18KB , 1400x1050 , 120.png )

Analey blinks. Slowly her hands leave and move behind her to prop up her body, preparing for you to claim her. :guk:"A wise choice. Our pups will be smart as well."

You part her folds, letting you member sink into Analey with tender slowness. She gasps as you quickly fill her body and you start to plow her fields. You notice how she shudders and moans underneath you, thrusting into your own gyrations as you keep a steady pace. She is no reh-zahn, but it's a welcoming place to be inside, like coming home. You tease the dah-een, ending each thrust with a quick jab upwards, rewarding you with a squeak. Is it pain, pleasure? Hard to tell with dah-een. :guk:"Say it" you growl. "I want to hear you say it. You will have my pups."

"I...I...I will...have...yer pups."

Like sweet music. You spread Analey's legs further apart, sinking deeper into your claim.

"Mmmmmm" Ionilee groans, rubbing her eyes. "Master Guk? Are ye plowin' me mother?"

:guk:[b]"I am."

"Ah" she nods. Not too long ago, she would have looked away in shame and disgust. Now she doesn't even blink to see you claiming the female that birthed her.

>Continue plowing her. Make her enjoy it so much she cries out your name(describe how to take her)
>Have Ionilee fetch and empty vessel from Tok. See if your seed will take this time.(Get talisman, and possibly impregnate Analey)
>Hurry up and prepare for tomorrow(Will not know if Analey is pregnant, skip to tomorrow with Ionilee)

No. 962848 ID: 094652

Get it over with, you need to save your strength for tomorrow's subterfuge.
No. 962869 ID: ae8ec4

>Continue plowing her. Make her enjoy it so much she cries out your name(describe how to take her)
Doggystyle goes in deepest and increases the chance of pups
No. 962883 ID: 4f51b2

Tell Ionilee to empty the vessel and plow her so hard until she KNOWS than she can't no longer live without you, thrust harder while you gentily kiss her, the contrast will mess with her head. Make her heavy with your pups.
No. 963051 ID: 128ddd

Tell Ionilee to do that I don't see how that prevents to make her scream your name though, carry her and make her hug you, whisper in her ear that is ok for a dah-een to surrender to a Gormoamhi.
No. 963516 ID: fd2dfa
File 158780802144.png - (187.38KB , 1280x1024 , 121.png )

You draw the dah-een in close, letting her sink down your length. Her eyes widen as you fill her deepest places. You lean in and whisper :guk:"This is good. This is how it should be. Dah-een should submit to Gormoamhi. Doesn't it feel amazing? To surrender to me?"

Analey doesn't reply. Instead her body shakes with climax, clenching around your as her ecstasy leaks down your leg. :guk:"Was that a yes?" you tease her.

"...ye ruined me" is her reply.


"I can never have a daoine man after ye. Ye ruined me."

:guk:"You're my female" you grunt, pulling out of her. She makes some sound. Pleasure, disappointment, maybe desire? "You'll have none but me. Now on your knees."

No. 963517 ID: fd2dfa
File 158780806579.png - (266.24KB , 1280x1024 , 122.png )

You press Analey down on her hands and knees, positioning her rear upwards. Without ceremony, you re-enter her now sodden folds with a heady sigh. The dah-een writhes under you as you proceed to plow her with an intensity you hadn't done since your first session with Ivaka. It is fast. Hard. Intense. The dah-een's moans become jilted as every thrust rocks her body, ever slap of your thighs against her rear sending ripples across her skin. As the female shakes under you, you bark at Ionilee. :guk:"Fetch one of Tok's vessels. I am going to plant seed!"

Ionilee blinks for a moment before she realizes what you say. You turn back to Analey. Your entire length is coated by her release, it streams down her legs and puddles neath her body. Leaning in, you grab her head, and yank it back towards you, letting your tongue probe her open, gaping mouth. The dah-een has gone feral, she sucks upon your tongue, moans and squeaks rumbling from her throat.

She is yours. You replace your tongue with a finger, and she aggressively sucks it, harder and harder when no liquid comes free. :guk:"Who do you belong to?"

"I" she gasps. "I...I belong to Guuuuuuuuuk!"

And she achieves second climax.

Ionilee returns with an empty vessel, primed as Tok always does. With one final thrust you pour into Analey, mind swimming with the joined ecstasy of your claim-mate. As to whether anything came of it...

No. 963523 ID: fd2dfa
File 158780864498.png - (105.99KB , 1280x1024 , 123.png )

:tokrazar:"It's filled. More than full, it overflows." Tokrazar nods, examining the vessel again. "With this much power, you just put pups into that dah-een."

"Nooooo..."Analey whimpers.

You hold the new mother close in a warm embrace. :guk:"This is a good thing. You are mother to my pups. You will rebuild the clan. These are good things..."

You shush and hold Analey close as she whimpers and frets like dah-een do. Ionilee puts a hand on your shoulder. Smiling, you draw her in. :guk:"Do not worry. I will breed you to one day."

A ghost of a smirk appears on her lips. You take your females to bed while Tok picks at the vessel, weaving his magic and giving the filled vessel shape.

>>A new talisman is made! The materials are fresh, and the beast it came from was powerful. With the overflowing man-magic,a Greater Talisman can be made Tok eyes it and decides to make...
>Greater Talisman of Strength
>Greater Talisman of Speed
>Greater Talisman of Toughness
>Greater Talisman of Endurance
>Greater Talisman of Redirection
>Greater Talisman of Destruction
>Greater Talisman of Fertility
>Talisman of Rapid Aging
No. 963548 ID: 9876c4

Leaning STR, but I'm not sure what all we have.
We shouldn't double up without cause.
No. 963555 ID: 6e6f32

Rapid Ageing.
The Ghost skins will make many a pup!
No. 963556 ID: 9876c4

That's the worst one, as it will cost more food.
No. 963557 ID: 91ee5f

Greater Talisman of Strength

I’m pretty sure we got Speed last time.
No. 963584 ID: a9af05

No. 963594 ID: 6c227a

We got a non-greater talisman of speed last time, yeah. There is also a greater destruction out there for Sizzala.

I'm actually voting toughness though. We haven't yet found a foe physically stronger than a baseline Guk, but plenty of things sharper than his hide.
No. 963598 ID: f3f534

I agree with this. I'll also vote for the Greater Talisman of Toughness.
No. 963615 ID: 91ee5f

You make a good point.

I’ll switch my vote to toughness.
No. 963635 ID: 4f51b2

I'll also vote for toughness.
No. 964061 ID: fd2dfa
File 158806861246.png - (168.77KB , 1280x1024 , 124.png )

>The talisman of toughness has been taken.

Day comes, the females are all under the care of Tok and his deranged daughter. You make special not to tell her to be careful with the mothers of your future young. If she actually obeys or not you cannot tell. Ionilee is given clothes again, a rarity for non-people. As she has a role to play, an exception is made.

:oklak:"Why does she get to wear my sword?"

:guk:"It was their sword before."

:oklak:"It's mine now. Why give it back?"

:guk:"We cannot be seen when Ionilee finds the dah-een. We must follow unseen. If she must fight, she must defend herself without our help."

It is sound logic. Oklak still doesn't like it.

>Be Guk and observe Ionilee, ready to strike at the moment of danger
>Be Ionilee and actively hunt for the marsh-dwelling Daoine
No. 964073 ID: 094652

Ionilee: Capture the enemy Daoine alive.
No. 964080 ID: 4f51b2

Be Guk.
No. 964148 ID: 9876c4

Seems like Guk has the more executive decisions to make here.
No. 964168 ID: 3cc68c

Let's be Guk, in case things go south.
No. 964520 ID: fd2dfa
File 158832165303.png - (280.84KB , 1400x1050 , 125.png )

You are Guk. You watch with some anxiety as Ionilee tramps through the marshwater, making as much noise as she deliberately can. It is expected she will be ambushed, but it frays at your nerves nonetheless.

:oklak:"That isn't a dah-een. I think it's hoo-man?"

:guk:"That's...not expected" you agree.

The ambushing warriors interrogate Ionilee. The one armed dah-een appears to be the leader. You cannot make out what they say as it is too far. Ionilee however seems to have calmed them down. They lower their weapons and gesture for her to follow.

:Guk:"And now we shall see what camp the dah-een have..."
No. 964521 ID: fd2dfa
File 158832169243.png - (298.52KB , 1400x1050 , 126.png )

:guk:"This is not a camp."

:oklak:"Praaa, that's a damn fort! It's not just dah-een there! Gob-lee, hoo-man, ko-ba, ohhhh-lots and lots of em!"

Oklak was not good at counting but you can see what he means. There must be hundreds in that fort! This is a lot more than the dozen you expected. Ionilee follows her party through the gate, which is guarded by several armed hoo-man and dah-een.

>The plan needs to change
>>Wait until nightfall, and get Ionilee out
>>Go in now and get Ionilee

>>Climb the rocks
>>Climb the trees
>>Abduct guards and force way in.

>>>Other plan
No. 964537 ID: 9876c4

Obviously we wait, or they would slaughter us.

Climb the rocks, sneak in, kill a few and extract. Oklak, there's a good chance you'll get a new sword.
No. 964542 ID: 015bf2

How about just waiting and trusting that your training of Ionilee has been sufficient and her own wits clear enough to know what fate awaits her and her family if she does not attempt to to get back to you with knowledge (and potential captives) as soon as able?

Besides, if you don't trust that her training holds, any approach would be inherently risky seeing as her telling them of you would put them on better guard and you could end up full of arrows or pelted with rocks as you try to sneak in. Best be sly here.

If she doesn't make her appearance by the morrow, whether alone or leading a bunch of rubes, you can presume her at least captive and could consider a 'rescue' (or re-capture) attempt then. Also, if guard activity spikes and the locals only leave in larger armed groups (larger than the one you encountered) you can presume she has let the truth slip somehow and convinced the locals of it. In that case you should fetch more of your people, and magic, to retrieve Ionilee and at the same time punish and make the locals afraid of even approaching your neck of the woods.

Heck, what with somehow speaking the language, you can even inform them in no uncertain term what awaits if they mess with you and yours.
No. 964555 ID: 4f51b2

We better wait for the night, climb the three so you have a better view.
No. 964694 ID: 6e6f32

Hmm... Plenty of hoo-mans in there.
Dangerous, hard to train, ageing talisman quickly makes them infertile, and the pleasure drug just puts them to sleep most of the time.

But... their bodies do provide plenty of material for destructive magic. Just need one to get the party started.

Wait till nightfall.
No. 964828 ID: fd2dfa
File 158854619711.png - (258.03KB , 1400x1050 , 127.png )

Too dangerous. You decide to wait until night to move. Non-people don't see well in the dark. Oklak grumbles about how much time he is wasting sitting in a tree instead of hunting. A few blows to the head shut him up.

As night falls, you notice a lone dah-een climbing out to a cliff edge. It's Ionilee. You quickly scale the rocks, staying just out of range of the torch. :guk:"Ionilee this was not expected. How many are in there?"

"Ah-many. There's many" she replies. "This fort has swelled with displaced daoine and goblin clans. They even have several mercenary companies guarding it from the Plaguetide."


"Yes. It's an affliction that swallowed everythin' up north. It dun swept over like a tide. Everythin was swallowed up. Goblin, Daoine, human, Gormoamhi. They all get the green glow and start taking other folks back to their camps to turn em. Me family fled from that. And so did these clans. They're planning on waitin' out the siege here. An' more keep comin. It's why they let me in so easy.

:guk:"This changes things. Come back."

"I...I dun think I can master Guk" she bites her lip. "They let me in 'ere but they dun trust me I thinks. That one-eyed girl. She's leadin a band o' hunters and trappers. They put me in shack with her. If I disappear, she'll raise an alarm and they might start lookin' fer me. If they start lookin' fer me, they might find ye" there's concern in her voice.

>More changes are needed
>What shall be done?
No. 964842 ID: 4f51b2

"Then you should stay for now, earn their trust so we can exploit any weakness (maybe mind break the cyclope later)". "We should reunite every night here so you can informe". Also passionately kiss her so she soesn't forget why she is doing this. Tell her she shall have a reward.
No. 964885 ID: 9876c4

But if she did escape, and they sent out bandits looking for her, seems like they'd run afoul of the ghostskin armies eventually.

That seems like a fight we'd like to provoke.
No. 964888 ID: 094652

"... Sow pups now. Then stay at the fort. Tell the others your family is dumb and your lover is a hulking mass of muscle-brain, but they'll stay within the sight of the horizon. It will be truth enough. Only leave if the Plaguetide comes or I directly order you. I will try to meet weekly. Do not wait for me unless we have not met for over a month."
No. 965289 ID: fd2dfa
File 158874116392.png - (166.24KB , 1280x1024 , 128.png )

Pups is enticing. So enticing. To strip Ionilee and claim here her fills you with a thrill you didn't know was possible-but not here! Not now...

:Guk:"Stay for now, earn their trust so we can exploit any weaknesses. See if you can find a way to bring the one-eye to me alone."

A voice, feminine calls for Ionilee. "Tha' be one-eye" she says. "I need tae go a'fore they wonder why I'm missin'."

:Guk:"Don't forget why you're here" you give her cheek a lick. "For me"

Ionilee shivers in delight, and a wide smile spreads across her face. "Yes. Guk" she dusts herself off and runs back into the fort while you climb back to your tree.


:guk:"She stays, she learns, there are too many unknown things about this to attack. There is other things coming from the North. A thing they call the 'Plaguetide'"

:oklak:"Pfeh" Oklak scoffs. "Non-people get sick all the time. Why should we worry?"

:guk:"Because there are other Gormoamhi clans" you snap "And they are part of the Plaguetide"

:oklak:"Other clans" the gravity of those words are reflected in Oklak's speech. For once he is intimidated. "That does change things. I did see other things leaving the fort."

:guk:"Other things?"

:oklak:"Too big to be gob-lee or ko-ba. Big as hoo-man, maybe Gormoamhi? Hard to tell. They moved fast on the rocks. Like you did. Down that way" he points in a direction deeper into the marsh.

:guk:"Why didn't you follow?"

:oklak:"I can track them. I waited for you in case you want us to go home first. So much of the plan changed, we need to rethink. Maybe find something underneath in the catacomb to help us."

>>We shall track the unknown things first.
>>We should go home, too much is changing too quickly.

No. 965395 ID: 4f51b2

Let’s see if there are Gormoamhi, then to the Catacomb.
No. 965410 ID: 015bf2

Head home. If Ionilee's spying works out she'll report what she's seen, which may include the nature of these large beasts.
No. 965418 ID: ae8ec4

Let's track. When will we get the exact opportunity to do so in the future? Let's take advantage of it now.
No. 965425 ID: 9876c4

Yeah, if it's not our problem now, it will be later.
No. 965569 ID: fd2dfa
File 158884298174.png - (292.91KB , 1280x1024 , 129.png )

:guk:"No better if we know it is a threat now. Find them."

Oklak tracks the foot prints, including a, what he claims, poor attempt to hide tracks with a branch. The glow of a fire nearby and the jabber of voices, feminine voices, tell you you're close.

:guk:"Those are big. Almost as big as Gormoamhi. What are those? I've never seen them before."

:oklak:"I have" Oklak whispers back. "Neh-yah-ka. They live close to my homeland, sharing frozen hells and forests with the Ah-var bird things. I think my clan used to keep one as a female."

:guk:"Really? What are they like?"

:oklak:"Angry Gormoamhi woman. Angry, sick, weak Gormoamhi woman. These ones are different though."


:oklak:"Hard to explain without you seeing what I knew. These look different. They do not travel much, and when they do it is in large groups. This is tiny. Also they always have a male and female. Never apart."

:guk:"So where's the male?"

:oklak:"That's the question. I don't know" Oklak sniffs the air. "I don't smell one."

You strain to listen to the Zeh-yah-ka talk. The magic that lets you speak makes sense of their garble-speak.

"Myutina, you need to stop stealing from those people. They are gracious enough to let us stay here and rest, we cannot anger them by taking supplies."

"Mama, you see how much they try to charge us. And they do not let us into the walls."

"Well with our cart, how can they? It is so big. They would have to leave it outside and I will never leave old Borus."


"Myutina, no more stealing, that's final."

"Yes mama."

"Now, show mama what you took. Maybe it is worth something to the next town we visit."

>Approach the Zeh-yah-ka, learn more and talk
>Plan with Oklak to claim the Zeh-yah-ka
>Leave them for now.
No. 965594 ID: 87c4d3

Still need more pups. So claim them. Better find out what type of creature pulls their cart though before the ambush.
No. 965605 ID: 4f51b2

Plan to claim them. We can take what they have. We could take what they have in the cart too.
No. 965636 ID: 9876c4

Two on two? with one weapon? Not sure I like that.
No. 965686 ID: 1ef04e

Plan, if Oaklak doesn't smell a male then we suppose the father isn't with them, It mustm't be difficult. Maybe if one of yor run towars the the mother will tell her daughter to run, then the other one captures her?
No. 965694 ID: c2d429

Maybe Oklak doesn't smell one because it is downwind. Watch the camp and determine where he is. If it seems like you cannot overcome them, just go back to camp.
No. 966196 ID: fd2dfa
File 158918217852.png - (240.31KB , 1400x1050 , 130.png )

:guk:"Perhaps we should take them."

:oklak:"Good"Oklak chuckles. "Now the young one will be faster. I will catch her. You can take the mother" he waves dismissively.

:guk:"And the male?"

:oklak:"I told you I don't smell him."

:guk:"What if it's because he is downwind?"


You hear a snap of a twig, and it alerts you in time to the descending axe. Yoy do not know if Neh-yah-ka or Zeh-ya-ka or whatever Oklak called them can hurt like Dah-een weapons, but you don't want to find out.

Also you found the male. It bares its teeth at you shouting at the two females.

"Myutina! Okalevska! Get inside! Now!" he shouts.

The two females scramble to get inside the cart as you and Oklak dodge another wild swing!

>Strategy Now!
No. 966197 ID: 094652

"ENOUGH! They are claimed, so we will leave! You need to leave as well; the fort is too weak to survive the plaguewave!"
No. 966199 ID: 4f51b2

You are faster and tougher than before. You can easily see through his attacks . Avoid stabbing him he, he probably could resist the hit for a few seconds. The handle of his sword is pretty large so we could disarm him and slash through him or decapitate him. Oklak could kick him while we fight with him. We can’t allow them to say to the rest there is a Gormoamhi clan near them.
No. 966217 ID: 9876c4

Guk's fast as hell.
Pommel strike to the head before he raises his blade again.
No. 966225 ID: 75acda

Step on the sword fast, tell Oklak to topple the Neh-yah-ka, then attack him with your sword.
No. 966448 ID: fd2dfa
File 158935298532.png - (282.00KB , 1400x1050 , 131.png )

You step on the axe haft and it slips out of his grip. The Neh-yah-ka rakes your face with those claws! You are fast, but those damned long arms have reach!

Oklak tries a tackle from the side but the momentum of his other arm knocks him aside.

"You will not take my family! Gormaki scum!" he shouts.

A shrill cry from the cart. The one called Okalevska is charging out with a large blunt piece of metal in both her hands.

>A change in strategy is required
No. 966450 ID: 4f51b2

Ok, grab the Axe and give it o to Oklak, you are probably the objective of the woman so you have to dodge her attack (depending how fast and strong she is maybe you can knock her out) and stay away from the husband. We shall not allow our overconfidence to cloud our judgment. After that you and Oklak must get rid of the husband.
No. 966451 ID: 094652

>Gormaki scum
Okay, you definitely need to retreat; he knows your agenda, the others will bring smart weapons, and you don't have the time or energy to break this family.

Leave, and warn them of the surrounding danger. If you show you are capable of intelligence and speech it may open new opportunities. Do not risk it all just so you can ruin these merchants.
No. 966463 ID: ed763f

>The one called Okalevska is charging out with a large blunt piece of metal in both her hands.
Take a hostage long enough for Oklak to disengage, we're leaving empty-handed before our greed kills us.
No. 966483 ID: 4840a1

We can't leave they know we're here and we can't risk them spreading word of our presence. Time for dirty fighting. Next swing, bite his wrist. Bite down hard until bones break, then throw dirt into his eyes. Maybe even a kick to his sensitive seeds for good measure. While he's down it will free Oklak to handle the female while you take axe and sword and finish him off.

Once dealt with you can take the daughter hostage and stop the raging mother
No. 966489 ID: ae8ec4

No. 966490 ID: 9876c4

I agree with this.
No. 966525 ID: 4f51b2

I don't think we should bite him (pretty dangerous since he has reach) but I do agree we can't let them go. I don't think the guy is "female material" so I think we should dispose of him. Maybe Oaklak should fight the mother, knock her out.
No. 966612 ID: 6c227a

Hey, remember when Analey was resisting us because some other Gormoamhi took her husband away? Consider the scenario where Guk can't deflect blame, he is definitely dead, and the females are this strong. I don't think it goes well.

That said, there IS a concern about having your presence in the area revealed, so we need to do something. I recommend you take that weird gift of languages you've got and try a COMPLETE change in strategy here. Keep dodging and talk to them. Start with "who even ARE you?"

They are not used to People who can talk, maybe you can get them of balance and questioning other things they have come to expect.
No. 966658 ID: c3a631

Ionilee is in the same boat but she got fixed with uncle Tok's funtine juice
No. 966757 ID: fd2dfa
File 158959418306.png - (365.94KB , 1400x1050 , 132.png )

You do not like being hit. You do not like being defied. He's dead.

You grab a handful of dirt and grit. As the male gets close, you throw the wad directly into his face. He cries out in surprise. It leaves him open as your knee goes straight into his seeds. The cry of surprise becomes a whimper of pain as he doubles over.
No. 966758 ID: fd2dfa
File 158959422828.png - (931.18KB , 1400x1050 , 133.png )

Hack and slash. You swing down with the axe. He raises an arm to block. It embeds in the bone. Next comes the sword, and the arm comes free of his body, flying upwards with the axe as you raise for another swing. It buries into his chest, breaking ribs, and crushing a long. No shout comes from him but a bloody gurgle. Blood and iron fill your senses. Hack and slash. You force the chest open. Hack and slash, the guts spill free. Hack and slash, hack and slash. Again and again the sword and axes rise and fall until the body is a bloody mess and the only movement is the twitching impact of your blows. The haze disappears, your lungs are on fire. Blood hot and sweet drips off the blades. You lost yourself in that butchery.
No. 966759 ID: fd2dfa
File 158959424754.png - (307.25KB , 1400x1050 , 134.png )

:guk:"Oklak, how is the female?"

:oklak:"Oh I finished her long before you were."

:guk:"What? How?"

Oklak shrugs:oklak: "I just took her metal stick and smacked her over the head with it and she went down. I told you Neh-yah-ka are weak" he prods the female with his foot. It's still breathing. "So what now?"

:guk:"We take this all back home. Sizzala will want the male's carcass for parts. Hitch the animals and we shall go."

:oklak:"There are no animals. Remember when I said they shared land with Ah-var? Well the bird things make all kinds of crazy magic with the metal. Like carts that pull with no animal. This is one of them. I seen em work the front, tickling metal bits and pushing other metal stuff to make it belch smoke and fire and it starts to move on its own. I do not know how to make it do that."

>If Guk and Oklak are taking the females on foot, then everything else will have to be left behind.
>>What shall be done?
No. 966764 ID: 9fad0d

Might want to prepare for any vengeance attempts from the women for that.
No. 966770 ID: 094652

You need to work on your anger management. If you kill people solely because they oppose your leadership, you can be controlled.

Order the females to take their belongings as your new servants, or you will take them to bed.

If they comply, do not plow. Betrayal in addition to loss, and they'll raise their pups to hate your guts. Just find a way to trade them off as hostages later.
No. 966771 ID: 9876c4

Take half the supplies, and the weakened female. Have the younger one walk, with whatever she can carry.

As long as you have the mother, she should be compliant.
No. 966773 ID: 9876c4

While we're at it, let's ask her how to operate the cart.
No. 966774 ID: 4f51b2

Yes, the daughter can walk, threat her with her mother and take some supplies, Once youar at home tell Tokrazar to go for the rest. You shall claim your prize.
No. 966786 ID: 0ed3a6

The daughter must surely know how to make it work. Get her to drive the cart home with promises of letting her mother live if she complies.
No. 966787 ID: ed763f

Are you a big enough bastard to threaten the life of the unconscious female to make the conscious female start the cart?
No. 966790 ID: 66497a

Check if any wheels on the cart are free. Check if your victims have rope. If yes, tie rope to the axle of the non-free wheels and use that to pull the cart.
And if all wheels are free, it's even easier!
No. 966809 ID: 9fad0d


Basically, you ruined any chance of getting any sort of loyalty out of any of them now. And also any mental conditioning more than likely won't last very long, because sometimes there is no stronger mental focus than revenge.

TL;DR you just created a revenge story protagonist.
No. 966818 ID: 4f51b2

We can use Tokrazar’s position to make them loyal if our usual methods don’t work.
No. 966823 ID: 6e6f32

Guk, Inspect the fancy handles in the front of the cart.

We'll just have to figure this out.
No. 966893 ID: fd2dfa
File 158970475978.png - (92.75KB , 1400x1050 , 135.png )

You climb into the front and attempt to learn the controls by throwing every switch and pressing every button. Nothing happens. The wheels are in fact spheres, and you have no idea how they are connected to the cart. You've reached the end of your patience.

Tying the carcass to the top of the cart, you knock the door, demanding the daughter show herself if she wants to see her mother again. She nervously complies...

Some time later she has the cart moving, fear compelling her more than anything as you ride atop the belching, hissing thing and Oklak holds the mother inside.
No. 966894 ID: fd2dfa
File 158970478231.png - (200.30KB , 1400x1050 , 136.png )

:tokrazar:"Guk! You've returned! What in ash and cinder is that?"

:guk:"It's an ah-var cart. I do not know how to make it go, but the females we caught do."

:tokrazar:"More females? More mouths to feed"

:guk:"It will be handled. The plan changes anyway, as we have learned much."

:seqrar:"Guk? Guk!" Seq comes running up from the alcove he has turned into his impromptu workshop.

:seqrar:"Guk I-what is that?"

:guk:"Cart, makes smoke and fire."

:seqrar: "I-oh. Oh, this is a good source of metal!"

:guk:"Do not take it apart. Not yet at least. We still need to figure out everything inside and how we can use it. You were saying Seq?"
No. 966895 ID: fd2dfa
File 158970483856.png - (142.48KB , 1400x1050 , 137.png )

:seqrar:"Hm? Oh yes! I had the gob-lee and dah-een work on the weapons! They are good now!"

He gestures to a wall lined with sharpened sticks and stiff bows. :seqrar: "I know they do not look like much, but this is for the non-people. They don't need much. Oh and I managed to make an additional five collars too! It will be so much easier to hold females now, though I think it would be easiest if we had some sort of cage system like we did back home to hold all females. The storage room does for now but it cannot last, especially if you keep bringing new females back."
No. 966897 ID: fd2dfa
File 158970494743.png - (195.42KB , 1400x1050 , 138.png )

:tokrazar:"Speaking of females" Tokrazar buts in "I finished another batch of Tugalvu and I tested it on your ghost-skins" he smiles at the writhing gah-meen, making feral animal noises as they press their bodies against cold wall and floor, vigorously rubbing themselves. "This batch was very potent. I think training them now would yield great results. If Bathrae is any proof. She is adjusting well. Better than those two."

:oklak:"Mmmm, Ghost-skins do feel better than Neh-yah-ka. Guk?"

>I will claim my new female tonight(Take a Neh-yah-ka, let the Ghost-skins suffer)
>Ivaka needs my guidance, she needs to learn(Take Ivaka, the Neh-yah-ka will be imprisoned tonight)
No. 966900 ID: 9876c4

I like the second option better, but the bears will need watching until they're a little more compliant.
No. 966901 ID: 094652

Option 3: Put Myutina in the same room as the Rezans. Have Sizzala keep a close eye and make sure they don't get too rough.
No. 966924 ID: 4f51b2

Let's go for Ivanka first, save the Neh-yah-ka for tomorrow.
No. 967019 ID: ae8ec4

>Ivaka needs my guidance, she needs to learn(Take Ivaka, the Neh-yah-ka will be imprisoned tonight)
No. 967067 ID: fd2dfa
File 158986089479.png - (226.38KB , 1400x1050 , 139.png )

The ghostskins will be trained tonight. Tokrazar was not lying. Ivaka would ordinarily fight you and curse. She does not resist when you lift her leg and claim her. She is yielding, soft, as amazing as you remember. As the Neh-yah-ka are taken to the holding place, you plow your ghostskin with gleeful abandon, sinking your tool into her yielding flesh and reveling in the warmth that envelops you with every thrust. Paste and liquid pleasure seep from her cleft as you thrust, making your plowing that much faster, and noisier. When you can hold it no more, you slam forwards and plant seed. You hold yourself in place as you feel Ivaka shake and spasm. She has experienced her own climax from this. As you start to pull free, she whispers one word. One you can barely hear.


That one word, you had not expected to hear from her is enough to excite you again. You almost forget that this is a time for training. But you don't. She gets more. But only as you establish you are the Gormoamhi, and she is a non-person. You are in control, and your pleasure is hers, not the other way around.

Oklak does the same for his claim mate behind you, plowing her as though it was his first time. His gah-meen is like Ivaka, moaning and gasping like a Gormoamhi woman in heat, bodies ravenous as they take all seed your bodies empty into them. Ivaka, Siloka, they have changed completely from the females you first met. Ivaka pulls you in, holds you tight as you claim her body over and over. Siloka wraps her legs around Oklak as he plants seed in her, licking sweat that forms on his chest as she is lost in the delirium of pleasure.

And they still want more.

You discipline your ghost-skin, even as you give her more. You punish her with painful denial, holding her in place while she writhes and begs for release. Release which you don't give until she calls you-

"Master Guk. Please! Fill me! Fill me you wretched savage!"

Close enough. The lessons continue...

No. 967068 ID: fd2dfa
File 158986093180.png - (245.03KB , 1400x1050 , 140.png )

You sit by the bonfire, seeds empty after a long training session. Ivaka crawls into your lap and grasps your tool, cleaning you without a word or needing prompt. You hope this is her learning and not the hunger of Tok's medicine; and that this behavior will continue long after it has worn off. You idly stroke her hair as the other gather.

It is week's end, it is time to take stock of the clan's holdings

Food = 28 armfuls(will be 18 by tomorrow)
Stone = 15 (If the quarry cannot be used, an alternate source must be found)
Wood = 10 (Much was used in making the non-people weapons)
Hides = 1 (Saqrar says the dead Neh-yah-ka fur is soft and would be better made into a cloak)
Leather = none, all spent on the collars.
Bones, blood, and ritual organs = Enough for a possibly strong Woman-magic spell, and talismans crafted.
Junk = lots
Carcasses = Neh-yah-ka

Seqrar talks about his projects and how much the shelter can be improved if he has the right materials. He presents several plans that have been buzzing around in his head.
>Beds - Gormoamhi can sleep anywhere. Non-people cannot. They need soft beds for their soft bodies, and he admits plowing females on one feels so much better. With wood and soft things he can build a bed, maybe more.
>Gob-lee Huts- Gob-lee don't need much space to live, and it'll be easier to find them for work if they all lived and slept in one place close to the clan. With some leather and wood, Seqrar could build some small huts in a room big enough for the Gob-lee.
>Forge - The Forge-mistress made all sorts of things when she had a place to burn wood and melt metal. If Seqrar had enough stone, he could build one for himself and make all kinds of things, like Cages.
>Smith - The Craft-mistress used to make tools and weapons in a place like this, working melted metal that was free of bad stuff and making better things with it. Of course Seqrar would need lots of metal for it.
>Cookhouse - Cooking meat takes so long, and wastes a lot of time when the only place to do it is the bonfire. If Seqrar had stone, wood, and some some pots, meat curing and smoking could be done by itself without wasting a Gormoamhi's time
>Garden - The garden in the center of the shelter grows all kinds of things. Not all of it Tok can use. With some wood to catch rain, Seqrar could make an irrigation system to grow all the plants and stuff Tok needs instead of wasting it on pointless plants that do nothing but smell weird.
>Birthing Place - Pups will be coming soon. Better to give a place for the females(and Sizzala if she ever has any) to birth them properly so the pups don't die. It would also serve as a place for the pups to live until they are old enough to become whelplings and learn. Seqrar would needs lots of wood and soft things.
>Cage - The old place the clans would use always had large cage things to hold females. They were sturdier than the room the shelter uses, and would give more space for storing things without need to watch the females all the time. Seqrar would need lots of metal for it though.
>Magic Place - Tokrazar and Sizzala have been pestering Seq for a place to do magic, a place where 'it comes easier' for them. He does not know what that means, but they said he'll need lots of bones, wood, and metal to make it. Tok says he can make better talismans that way, and Sizzala can do stronger woman-magic.

Oklak relays the news of the fort, and the clan is disturbed. Tok brings up the catacombs again and says we should focus on reaching that Door. Sizzala says we should start picking off Fort warriors, make them paranoid and prone to attacking the Ghost-skins. Saqrar thinks both could be done, and should be done.

Sizzala makes it clear needs more food as we are eating it faster and faster with all the non-people now in the clan. Saqrar brings up that loyal half-people can go hunting and fishing, but Sizzala things Oklak should stop wasting time and go back to hunting. Seqrar says if a Cookhouse is made, he and Seqrar can make the food last longer and make smaller portions more filling, but that just makes Tok grumble that we also need a source or stone and wood for lots of things.

>Much needs to be decided for the new week.
>>What shall be done about the fort?
>>What will Seqrar build, if anything?
>>How will supplies be gathered?

No. 967069 ID: 9876c4

If there's enough stone to build the forge, do that. If not Goblee huts, then onto the garden.
Oklak and Guk need to go out tomorrow to kill an animal or a fort patrol.
Saqrar takes a team of goblins to scavenge for fruit, metal and junk, if he has time left, he can work on the cloak.

Sizz and Tok remain guarding the rest. Sizz can take a few females fishing, but don't get too far.
No. 967086 ID: 4f51b2

I think this is a good suggestion. Ansileu should go fishing with Sizz, Tok should stay watching the rest of the females with one of the twins.
No. 967097 ID: 11637f

Down the list:
-Seq will build a cookhouse. Surely that cart the Neh-yah-ka have has pots and other cooking implements. If he doesn't have enough, send him out to gather what he needs with the goblins. Once built that should save some time in the future and stretch rations out more.
-Sizz can watch the females. Sizz has been doing a good job so far even if it annoys her.
-Oklak goes hunting for more meat. Preferably close to Saq who will go fishing.
-Anslieu keeps working his family to be loyal. Take them on a family fishing trip with Saq to get them talking.
-Guk checks on Ionilee and triea to disrupt fort patrols
-Tok searches the catacombs.

As for collars, the Neh-yah-ka are the newest so they better get two to keep them in line. Siloka will get the third, and save the last two. Depending on who Anslieu can convince, we can use one, both, or none on his family.
No. 967307 ID: fd2dfa
File 159001928283.png - (337.55KB , 1400x1050 , 141.png )

:oklak:"So I am back to hunting again? Pfeh, we are surrounded by Ghost skins, dah-een, and who knows what else. They'll snatch up all the good game."

:sizzala:"What about the beasts in the Quarry? That was a big one."

:oklak:"Ghost skins are there remember?"

:sizzala:"Then don't let them see you stupid. You say you are best hunter, so start being best hunter! At least you won't waste all day watching stupid females like some pup-herder! And when will you fix Baeohar? You spend more and more time with that ghostskin than the dah-een."

:oklak:"They're my females, I decide what to do with them!"

They can be at this for hours. Time for rest. You take Ivaka and Analey with you to your preferred corner and wait for sleep to come.

>Tomorrow you shall be
No. 967315 ID: 4f51b2

Let’s be Ansileu, let’s see how the family is doing and if we can convince them to be good non persons.
No. 967321 ID: 094652

Tell Oklak if he wants to reap the harvest, he has to learn SOME flensing, cooking, and serving.

Be Tok tomorrow.
No. 967361 ID: ce68ef

Seconding Tok.
No. 967467 ID: f6ea0d

Let's be Ansileu
No. 967564 ID: c21193

You did that to deadlock us in a tie didn't you?
No. 967582 ID: ae8ec4

Tok pls
No. 967598 ID: fd2dfa
File 159022589818.png - (118.41KB , 1400x1050 , 142.png )

You are Tok. You fell asleep claiming Anslieu. Your claim-mate slipped away without waking you this morning. He went off to convince his family to cooperate. You have a more important task: study the catacombs and what they hide.
No. 967599 ID: fd2dfa
File 159022594668.png - (187.88KB , 1400x1050 , 143.png )

The door is still open from last time, the lines along the wall glow bright. As you trace your finger among them, you see the scratchings of the ruin writings light as you walk by

And so it was, and so it shall be the Prophet prayed for Eight Days and Eight Nights. The gods did not reply. On the Eigth Night, the True Master of All spake.

The Prophet listened to the True Master. Power untapped, was free to be granted. Power however requires power, and sacrifice is the greatest power.

You reach the second chamber, alight with a mighty green fire blocking another door. Around the pit more of the ancient scratchings glow.

The Prophet slew his rival and gave his soul unto the True Master. The First Seal was broken and Power came unto the Prophet. And thus did the Prophet conquer Resao, and thus the Prophet became the Priest-King Yishic I.

Very wordy.

>>The fire blocks the path
>What shall Tok do?
No. 967600 ID: 9876c4

Take a piece of Nehyahkah and feed it to the flame. If that doesn't work, we could go upstairs for a spare goblin and kill it here.

I'm sure something must be sacrificed, but not the parameters.
No. 967603 ID: 094652

So the Yishic dynasty was founded by a soul-devouring tyrant. Oh joy.

>What do
First off, do NOT sacrifice anyone to this @#$%er. Not even your cannon fodder.

See if you can sacrifice totems, especially those of the virgin quality.
No. 967631 ID: 4f51b2

Maybe we should capture one of the guys from the fort. No way we will sacrifice one of the females.
No. 967644 ID: 854706

We already have a corpse. If we really don't want to feed the bearman soul to the dark gods we could just try throwing in an animal first see if that works. Otherwise we can just toss in what's left of the carcass
No. 967645 ID: 854706

Alternatively we could try Kome's idea and knock up a female, put that magic into a talisman and throw that in. Maybe it will be powerful enough to count as a substitute
No. 967648 ID: 9876c4

the issue there is the soul has left the body.

But it, and the goblin, are useful data points.
No. 967649 ID: ed763f

Make plans to pray for eight days maybe?
No. 967655 ID: 854706

The speech said he.slew his rival THEN fed the god his soul. So I'm thinking maybe all we need is just meat for the fire. If the sacrifice really does need a soul we can try with sonething else later
No. 968010 ID: fd2dfa
File 159048779768.png - (208.76KB , 1400x1050 , 144.png )

You take the Neh-yah-kah carcass, what's left of it after Sizzala and the twins took their fill from it, and hurl it into the firepit. A scream of horror fills your mind and the fires die away. The script glows bright at the door opens. Well that was easier than expected.
No. 968011 ID: 015bf2

Sounds like it did need a soul, just... not a live one.

Proceed. Cautiously.
No. 968012 ID: fd2dfa
File 159048794153.png - (195.72KB , 1400x1050 , 145.png )

As Yishic expanded, so to did his power. Across Resao rose his peers. New Priest-Kings. They were loyal, but they plotted. As was nature for the servants of the True Master. Thus from Yishic was born the Four Guardian Orders. Four hands to strike, four blades to cut, for shadows to dance at the will of the first lord.

More words intruding upon your thoughts. More doors blocking your way. This one has four slots! Damn it all! It required the breeding of the ghost skins to fill just one orb. Perhaps one female per orb? How many are there? The two brought back by Guk...Comlee...Ionilee-wait no she's away. That means only three are available...and the men are busy. A gob-lee maybe? How does one tell a gob-lee female anyway?

>Tok returns to the shelter. Progress is made.
>>A shifting
>Be Anslieu
>Be Guk
>Be Oklak
No. 968015 ID: 9876c4

I'm curious how Oklak's decision making works.
No. 968028 ID: 4f51b2

Let’s see I what can we do with the family as Anslieu.
No. 968130 ID: 5fbbb0

Supporting Oklak. Maybe he can fill our female quota
No. 968131 ID: 094652

No. 968133 ID: ae8ec4

We're hardly Oklak. Let's go with him.
No. 968147 ID: fd2dfa
File 159057259876.png - (129.81KB , 1400x1050 , 146.png )

You are Oklak. You find yourself in an odd place again. You are alone. On the one claw, you are away from the nagging of Sizzala. On the other, this hunting reminds you of hunting with your old clan. The one destroyed by hoo-man. It brings back painful memories.

You are tracking a beast. It smells like the one you killed before. It's wounded. Struggling. What shrubs exist in the stony place are trampled as it flees from a hunter. Not you though. You just found the trail. Perhaps Ghost-skins hunt it too? You know they told you not to bring back more females, but Guk brought more back and they did not scold him. Maybe...

>Hunt the food-beast. The clan must eat.
>Hunt the hunter. More females is never a bad thing.
No. 968148 ID: 9876c4

If the hunter is armed, It'd be better to attack from surprise.
Would not do to kill the beast and be driven off.
No. 968151 ID: 094652

Hunt the hunter first. You must place yourself at the top of the food chain.
No. 968155 ID: 36784c

Hunt the food-beast. The clan must eat.
No. 968166 ID: 4f51b2

Search for the best but be cautious of the other hunter, you must spot him/her first.
No. 968190 ID: 6c227a

Guk brought back females but also a big pile of interesting supplies. If you don't also bring back a big pile of food, you will get yelled at.
No. 968454 ID: fd2dfa
File 159082536815.png - (156.59KB , 1400x1050 , 147.png )

You decide to search for the beast...by hunting the hunters. They will no doubt have a lead on your prey. You will wait for them to exhaust themselves on the kill and then-


What was that? What was that noise? It's like the sound of the metal man breaking down a wall, but fast, and sudden! And an evil smell is in the air.
No. 968455 ID: fd2dfa
File 159082537786.png - (135.99KB , 1400x1050 , 148.png )

Again that noise! It's coming from over the ridge. You peek over. A beast, large and ripe with meat lays dying. Three ghost skins surround it. The food-creature is experiencing its last twitches as the hunters joke and jab at each other while another sits atop the dying animal, kicking mud off its boots as the creature expires. Where are their hunting weapons? Surely they didn't kill the beast with just metal staves.
No. 968456 ID: 094652

Those staves could cause explosions. You need to play this smart, catch them off-guard.
No. 968463 ID: 9876c4

obviously you're not going to charge them. continue to wait for your moment. Even if they're female, don't be afraid to kill one to get better odds on the rest.
No. 968464 ID: 36784c

>Where are their hunting weapons? Surely they didn't kill the beast with just metal staves.
Those metal staves are their hunting weapons! They must use them to cast powerful magic to bring down that large food-creature!
No. 968465 ID: 4adfae

That's a boom stick. Its loud because it kills before its even possible to hear.
You can't see its action either.

Think of it like a superbow that can murder everything.
No. 968470 ID: e0acaa

Those staves might be tools of ghost skin magic, it's the only thing that makes sense otherwise
be wary
No. 968490 ID: 4f51b2

Observe, I don’t think this guys will give you any chance to attack them.
No. 968677 ID: fd2dfa
File 159100156590.png - (210.44KB , 1400x1050 , 149.png )

You have a feeling those staves might be more than they appear. Simply logic says if there is nothing left, even the most outrageous possibility is the truth and whatever magic those metal sticks have is how the ghost skins kill the beast. Hunting them will need care and finesse.

You crawl closer, close enough until you can hear them talk with each other. They babble in that ugly language you still understand somehow. You don't like it.

"Your aim was off today Aglaho, I told you the sight was bent."

"Alright don't get in my face about it, I'll get it fixed."

"You'd better. If Mistress Rokof finds out your wasting shot because your kit's in bad shape, she'll have us all punished."

"What's wrong?"

"Something's with us."

"What? How do you know?"

"Can't you hear?"


"Exactly. There's dozens of things crawling and scuttling around out here. They weren't silent for us. They got noisy when we started shooting. Now they're dead quiet. Something's here."

Oh damn. You hope they aren't referring to you.

No. 968688 ID: 4f51b2

We can play this in our favor, throw a rock so they investigate the noise and get the fuck out of there.
No. 968704 ID: 9876c4

You have better senses then these rabble. smell the air.

Are the birds silent because of you, or is something else coming?
No. 968844 ID: fd2dfa
File 159116983967.png - (265.99KB , 1400x1050 , 150.png )

You sniff the air. It's the usual smells. The Ghost-skins, the food beast, the smaller food pests not worth hunting. There's gob-lee but you smell gob-lee everywhere, their clans and family groups are all over the place.

Wait. There's a faint smell. Something that smells of wet dirt and tooth-rot. It's getting stronger too. You turn your nose towards where you think the smell is coming from...a crack in the ground?

NOT A CRACK! NOT A CRACK! Ash and cinder, what do the beasts eat out here?! That's larger than the food-beast! It's covered in bone plate and flabby skin, and tough looking claws and it smells horrible! It clacks its teeth together and it's enough to make you ill with the sound.


The ghost skins aim their metal staves and make green lightning come out! The ground-beast hisses as holes are burned into the skin like magic, and sends a ghost skin launching into the air!

The female aims her metal staff and


makes magic before she jumps aside...
No. 968845 ID: fd2dfa
File 159116985343.png - (223.77KB , 1400x1050 , 151.png )

...into your hiding place.

"Oh now what the hells are you?"

No. 968846 ID: 10c408

Run, but not in a straight line and try to maneuver around things before suddenly switching directions so she can't get a clean shot.
No. 968847 ID: 094652

"I was going to say 'thiccest stud ever' but we have evidence to the contrary. SCAMPER! The other Ghost Skins are waiting for you at our camp!"

Of course, you don't have to tell her that the Rezans aren't the ones in charge.
No. 968850 ID: 015bf2

Think fast. She's got magic weapons... though not so many uses of it, apparently. She also has claws, so if you try restraining her, she could dig into you. Her senses are good (she noticed the animals going quiet before you), she has quick reflexes and seems disciplined. You don't know what other tricks she might have, if any, but the magic weapon alone can cripple-kill a foodbeast in a single blow. It might kill or seriously wound you the same.

Conclusion: Not a very good fight. Not with a massive beast close or with her attention on you. Ghost-skins are fast enough that she could dodge a lunge of yours.

You could run, trusting her to be more distracted by the massive beast killing her fellows.

>Wait for the hunters to exhaust themselves.
Or... this might still apply. Make no sudden moves, just gesture at the hunter-below. You can keep her distracted if she doesn't perceive you as a threat.

"Hunter-below hungry. Ghost-skin must abandon prey and other ghost-skins - or fight, win glory or die."

If you're feeling brave, you could consider an unconventional strategy to see if you can get her guard down, or at least get something out of this encounter.

"Can join hunt. Price is flesh, foodbeast, trophies of hunter-below."

Of course, letting her go, thinking you a lesser threat, means ghost-skins will know you were here. She, at least, doesn't seem that familiar with your kind, but that doesn't mean others won't be.
No. 968852 ID: 9876c4

Boot to the head.

Pick up GS, and her weapon, and book it.
No. 968853 ID: ae8ec4

No. 968858 ID: 4f51b2

Pretend to help her reaching for her hand just to knock her out. Leave with her and her weapon.
No. 968865 ID: 6c227a

"a hunter. Was tracking the green one you killed. Can't leave empty handed, maybe hunt that one together?"

Clan still needs food. If you bring back a female and no food, you are in trouble. If you bring back food and no female, you did your job. If you bring back a lot of food and three females, you are a hero.
No. 968876 ID: 6e6f32

Lucky you. You ran into me at exactly the right time.
If I can get you onto that things head, can you kill it with that stave?
No. 968981 ID: fd2dfa
File 159134436092.png - (207.26KB , 1400x1050 , 152.png )

:oklak:"Uh, bigger problem! Big thing. The big bad thing" you shout in their language, pretending to sound like a harmless, dumb oaf. The female either believes your ruse or understands the large ground-beast is a bigger threat. She fiddles with her staff again and


Ashes, you'll smell the awful stuff for weeks. Your ears ring as


No. 968982 ID: fd2dfa
File 159134443102.png - (182.65KB , 1400x1050 , 153.png )

The beast shrieks as more holes erupt in its flesh and runs straight for the ghost skin on the rocks. Before it does the magic, the ground-beast opens its maw and swallows the ghost-skin, grinding it up with the dirt and rock as it burrows to get away. Stone flies in all directions as it digs with amazing speed for something so massive!

One even hits the female, and she falls to the ground. Huh. You didn't even participate in that and you still came out on top. There's two ghostskins, and a carcass all to yourself! Hah! Of course you don't have much to carry it all with...

With your knife, you skin the food beast, using its hide and bones to form a makeshift sack, filling it with as much cut meat and organs as will fit, and holding it over your shoulder. On the other, you carry the two unconscious ghostskins, their staves tucked safely into your belt. This was a good day.

The ground rumbles, reminding you the ground-beast is still near. You hastily leave the quarry before it surfaces again.
No. 968983 ID: fd2dfa
File 159134445935.png - (116.96KB , 1400x1050 , 154.png )

Sizz didn't see it that way. She saw it as you being distracted again and not bringing back the entire beast. It's not like you wanted to stay out there with the ground-beast! That thing was too big even for you! Though you'd never admit that last part out loud. Tok took the female ghostskin, saying something about preparing for something? You don't know. But he did leave a bowl of tuglavu out. You help yourself to the paste as you throw the belongings of the ghostskin male onto the pile. By the time he stirs you have painted him and yourself with the paste. He struggles but you introduce him to his new role as your female.
No. 968984 ID: fd2dfa
File 159134457997.png - (194.84KB , 1400x1050 , 155.png )

Guk returns as the day becomes night, the first thing he sees is you plowing your newest claim. He sits down with a tired sigh and glares

:Oklak:"What? What?!"

:guk:"More ghostskins?

>The day has ended and night begins
>Continue as Oklak.
>Be Tok searching for Anslieu
>Be someone else
No. 968986 ID: 094652

Be Ionilee
No. 968988 ID: 4f51b2

Be Guk and go claim the mother or daughter you captured yesterday.
No. 968992 ID: 9876c4

It doesn't seem like Oklak or Guk has any big decisions to make right now. Prefer someone who does.

Could be interesting
No. 969117 ID: fd2dfa
File 159152040320.png - (371.91KB , 1400x1050 , 156.png )

You are Ionilee. The one-eyed Daoine, the people call her Caiwre, lets you stay with her, though you feel some tension about it. It wasn't her choice you take up her space and eat her food. She grumbles around you, and keeps giving you looks. Still, you try not to be a burden as you do whatever odd job the fort assigns you, which is always some menial task where someone can keep an eye on you. They don't trust you yet.

Not that you care. You don't care about most things anymore. Caiwre will be finishing a patrol soon, and she will probably be as cranky as yesterday. You don't want to deal with it. Not now, while you have...needs. You prepare supper for the both of you in hopes of keeping her busy. Perhaps when she's busy you can go through her things.

>The pantry is well stocked.
>Is there a kind of food that makes people drowsy?
No. 969120 ID: 094652

You need to record as much knowledge as you can. Guk's tribe may be strong, wise even, but they're pretty stupid, at least for now. You need to take notes on manufacturing, architecture, diplomacy, anything that cannot be solved with a thrust of a spear, teach these to your clanmates when you get back so they will have a long-term future.

Spare the fortress from sabotage. They might be the only ones who can halt the advance of the plaguetide... or distract it long enough for your clan to escape.
No. 969134 ID: 9876c4

Tubers and grain, laced with alcohol should work. Maybe theres a local herb to make it better though.
No. 969136 ID: 4f51b2

Do you reconize any herb with sleeping properties? Or some sort of dish that requieres a fermentate ingrediant?
No. 969212 ID: 6e6f32

Very sweet foods.
If you make a very rich dessert, everyone will be a bit drowsy after consuming it. The effect however can be vastly magnified if combined with alcohol. Especially if those eating it don't notice it.

A cake soaked in a mixture preserved fruit in liqueur perhaps.

Or maybe something as simple as drunken fruit.
No. 969213 ID: 9876c4

A boozecake would be enticing and hard to resist
No. 969448 ID: fd2dfa
File 159186430895.png - (185.17KB , 1400x1050 , 157.png )

A quick search of the pantry.
Dried fruits, and a bottle of gin, the seal freshly broken. Chamomile herbs, crushed lavender, excessive amounts of honey, potatoes, more potatoes, and another mix of herbs that smells faintly of nutmeg but makes you sneeze like pepper.

This woman must love her potatoes.
No. 969488 ID: 9876c4

Potato flour or starch would have been better, but we can work with this. chop fruits, soak in gin, then grate the potatoes, coat with lavender and honey and bake with the fruit.

Would be better with an egg or two, but details.
No. 969534 ID: 015bf2

This, but make some chamomile tea to go.
No. 969536 ID: 4f51b2

If there is any Gin left l give them a coup.
No. 969603 ID: 6e6f32

Do this, but when serving, sprinkle the top with the peppery spice.
It's called mace and it's like stronger nutmeg. It should mesh well with the floral flavor, but may be too strong to be fully incorporate into the dish.

You could also force feed a bunch of it to someone. It has... effects... that will put them out of action for at least a day.
No. 969736 ID: fd2dfa
File 159221517495.png - (248.29KB , 1400x1050 , 158.png )

You make potato pancakes with what you found, being sure to add lavender and honey with chamomile tea and dipped fruits. When Caiwre comes back, she glowers at you, then at the food placed on the table, and finally at the bottle in your hand. She tosses her rucksack by the door, stomps over, and snatches the bottle out of your hand. As you sit, she takes a great swig from the bottle.

The meal is eaten in silence as the girl eats your food in great mouthfuls, not even giving time for taste, and washing it down with swigs of gin like it's water. You're quite certain no one should be able to do that. When finally it's empty, she tosses the bottle over her shoulder with a noisy belch.

"Why'd ye come really?"

It's the first thing she says. "Wot?"

"ThougtsI wash dun. I reall did" she slurrs. She's soused. Surprising it took that long.

"Maybe ye should go to"

"Thass not an answer!"

She stumbles up and pushes a finger into your chest. "Ye didn 'nser me queschin. I knos ye didnae come fer safe-ins. Thiss'ere fort" she waves her hand in the air behind her "Issnae safe. E'er day is jess a blessin' the tide hadnae come down and wipe uss ou'. Ifns ye were smart ye'd've kept headin' south'ards."
No. 969737 ID: fd2dfa
File 159221520808.png - (205.86KB , 1400x1050 , 159.png )

"I'm alone though. And Gormoamhi are out there."

"Heh" Caiwre snorts. "Gormammies. I 'member when thems woz the wors' a daoine had tae face" she smiles wistfully. "s'great times they was fightin' them. Cept when they don't killed our kin and took family away ta get 'et. I means when weze gutted em like fish and left the stuff for the birds. Nah. When they took us away, it woz bad I guess" she sniffs. "I lost 'er tae them ye'know? I thoughss I woz dun wit'em."

Caiwre looks at you, gin and lavender on her breath. "But then ye came. Why ye had tae come back?"

"I didnae come back, this be my first" Caiwre shushes you with a finger.

"Hississsississ! Ye even sound like 'er. I swear I thinks the Commander be playin a cruel joke makin ye bunk with me. Juss reminds me of wot I losts" her hand drifts to your chest, and squeezes. "Though I guessins I didnae lose ye" she chuckles.

Caiwre leans in "Mebbe I ken..."
No. 969742 ID: 094652

... You know what, you're in a SM relationship with Guk. May as well branch out, see if you like this or not.

Besides, she'll go to sleep faster.
No. 969748 ID: 6e6f32

Well... You did say you have needs.
Why not fool around a little?
No. 969750 ID: 4f51b2

Let’s see what she does, maybe she can calm a little of your needs until you can go back to Guk, plus that means she is going to hit the sack after that.
No. 969755 ID: 9876c4

I'm not saying give in, but play along until you find something to bonk her with.
No. 969823 ID: ae8ec4

Sleeping with her is good to get her trusting. An ally in this place is good.
No. 969825 ID: fd2dfa
File 159229924148.png - (430.84KB , 1400x1050 , 160.png )

Ah well, if she's offering. You lean in, pressing your lips to hers as you undo her shirt. She moans as you press your fingers into her naked flesh, hand gripping yours as you dig into her softness. And then it...it...

No. 969826 ID: fd2dfa
File 159229925103.png - (209.55KB , 1400x1050 , 161.png )

It was a total disappointment. She lasted all of five minutes before she decided to collapse into a coma. Didn't even come close to relief. Not even once. Damn it...
No. 969827 ID: 094652

Well at least you can get quickies on your lunch break. Also, you DID overdose her with sedatives, what did you expect?
No. 969833 ID: 4f51b2

Did you think you would get satisfied with anything less than Guk’s cock? Now search her stuff, see if you find anything important.
No. 969851 ID: 6c227a

well, mission accomplished I guess. She's out. Proceed with the clandestine activities.
No. 969855 ID: 9876c4

Gained 27 SexP!
Gained ?? Gil!

Ionilee's Disappointment Up!
Ionilee's Pancakes Eaten!
No. 969864 ID: ae8ec4

Hey maybe you're that good. You never know
No. 969997 ID: fd2dfa
File 159247269279.png - (129.87KB , 1400x1050 , 162.png )

At least you can be bare again. After so much time with master Guk, it just feels...right to be this way.

With Caiwre out of your way, you sift through her things. Useless, useless, outdated orders from the Fort Commander, half eaten rations. This however may be useful. It's a patrol route for Caiwre and her unit. They skirt awfully close to the Gamin camp, and pass by several areas you know to be quite hazardous. Accidents would be so easy to set up in these places...
No. 969999 ID: 094652

>Lure into an ambush and enslave
No. These people don't have to fight and be enslaved and be raped, and you know it. You can send this information to Guk to plan deception and evasion, so he won't have to keep fighting and enslaving against increasingly angry factions until he makes a mistake and one of you dies. Besides, your clan is running out of food.

Keep exploring the base. And making 'friends' with other soldiers.
No. 970000 ID: 9876c4

The real value of that info is to spark hostilities between two inconvenient factions.

If the tribe's meddling isn't detected, it could start an all out offensive.
And dead soldiers don't eat their rations, or swing their weapons, meaning more goods could be recovered.
No. 970007 ID: 4f51b2

Traps can be set and ambushes planed, now Guk’s tribe has to plan how to make it look like one of the other families did it.
No. 970027 ID: 2224bb

This is more to set up hostilities between the other factions. If they are fighting each other, they don't bother the clan. Just hit the gah-meen camp, loot their shit, and drop it at some planned ambush site to get the two fighting each other.

Course that means Caiwre needs to be sacrificed for the greater good but that's to rile uo the fort.
No. 970104 ID: fd2dfa
File 159264121878.png - (281.95KB , 1400x1050 , 163.png )

This is useful. The clan can probably use this. And you can be done with this horrid place. Taking spare parchment and writing charcoal, you set to work...
No. 970105 ID: fd2dfa
File 159264124382.png - (374.69KB , 1400x1050 , 164.png )

You are Tok. Your claim-mate has fallen asleep in your lap. Most of the clan sleeps. Not you. The brewing of tuglavu is a delicate process and you cannot take your attention away for a moment. The clan burns through it so quickly you can't even keep up with demand. Days like this you really miss the size of the old clan. So many craft mistresses to brew this stuff for you and there'd be a ready stock of it ready. Nowadays as soon as you finish a batch, it gets used up on the same day.

Speaking of which-
Anslieu attempted to talk his family into being more complaint. He was partially successful. Anale