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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 1032221 ID: df76b1

This one.
No. 1032523 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275308691.png - (514.17KB , 1400x1400 , 421.png )

The ghostskins come down and fire again at the monster. The pain in your head drowns the noise of their weapons.

Rage. Rage and Panic.

The gob-lee do not let up. More flood in from the hole, piling onto the creature stabbing and prying open wounds and cracks in its hide.
No. 1032524 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275309618.png - (344.98KB , 1400x1400 , 422.png )


The monster's blood burns on your tongue. You didn't swallow any thankfully. At least you think...

"I dun like the look of tha'" Anslieu! You're not sure when he arrived, but the jar of water is welcome! "Wash it thoroughly master Guk."

:guk:"Nevermind that now! Get Sizz back up there, and have Tok see to her. She is hurt!"

Anslieu dutifully obeys, hefting the larger woman over his shoulders and carries her back up with little fuss. You forget how strong the dah-een can be sometimes.

The burn washes out of your mouth with the water. All that is left is the throbbing in your head, the pain of breathing, and...crunching in your chest. Those are also bad. Maybe.
No. 1032525 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275312733.png - (581.66KB , 1400x1400 , 423.png )

RAGE. AGONY. FEAR. So long. Trapped so long. Finally free and the unworthy tear flesh, strip essence! Sight taken, world taken.
No. 1032526 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275313624.png - (559.40KB , 1400x1400 , 424.png )

No. Can't. Won't. It-We-Us-I. Don't want to die...

Deino's transgressions have swayed the kings of Resao. Makaw, Rok, Gami, Navo, all have turned against the truth of Yishic.
The Pariah walks.
The lesser races stain our soil with their feet.

No. 1032527 ID: 7a1a17
File 165275314707.png - (611.16KB , 1400x1400 , 425.png )

In this the darkest times, the Way opens. The Great arrives. Salvation comes.

"Whazza fuck 'appened?"

>Be Guk...
>Be Tok...
>Be Oklak...
No. 1032531 ID: e5709d

Be a random anyone.
No. 1032581 ID: f3c9f0

Be Tok.
No. 1032655 ID: 13c74d

Let’s be Tok and attend Sizz and Guk
No. 1032698 ID: 756aa1

Be Oklak. He's been left alone too long.
No. 1034648 ID: 0a9e06
File 165475843369.png - (259.98KB , 1444x818 , 426.png )

You are Tokrazar. And you are angry. Very angry. Seeing your daughter, your little girl so hurt, being dragged from that pit by a dah-een fills you with a rage you thought burnt out years ago.


"Near the bottom Master Tok. The thing down there hurt them both real bad!"

Knowing that wretch was as badly hurt as Sizzala does little to assuage you. But your daughter comes first. You see to her, applying wrappings on minor injuries, and tuglavu simple mendings cannot fix.

"Master Guk is still injured too..."

:tokrazar:"He can suffer. I expected the rat to protect her!"

"But...he's not a woman Master Tok. Why do you expect him to-"|

:tokrazar:"Nevermind! Is the thing dead?"

"Uh yes Master Tok, I think t'is. There was some magic thing going on down there as well."

No. 1034649 ID: 0a9e06
File 165475843964.png - (138.34KB , 928x943 , 427.png )

You find the 'Magic Thing' Anslieu was talking about and...you have no idea what to make of it. The power radiating from this thing is greater than anything you had ever felt! Just looking at it makes your brain hurt!

But what does it do?
No. 1034650 ID: 0a9e06
File 165475844495.png - (492.49KB , 964x1024 , 428.png )

The Gormoamhi method of investigation know as "Poke it with a claw" has sent you tumbling the other side into a strange world. Buildings that should fall stand effortlessly. The sky bleeds colors you have no name for. This is like a city. A city for nonpeople. Odd nonpeople, which means it would be perfect for Odd Gormoamhi to take!
No. 1034651 ID: 0a9e06
File 165475845369.png - (621.02KB , 1024x1280 , 429.png )

Behind you, is the other place. Home. It flickers with the twitch of the pillar. You saw a vast place of sand, forests of four armed wolf-things, the Metal Man. And Home again.

Is this the Door to Many Places?
No. 1034653 ID: e5709d

Lure the Metal Man to this place and trap him here.
You will be a legend.
No. 1034657 ID: dc9df3

Seem like it is, you shouldn’t touch anything yet. Your tribe has the chance to reclaim what you lost and conquer even more, but you don’t have the numbers right now. You should go back and tell the others (also don’t be so mad at Guk and help him).
No. 1034691 ID: b90535

Let’s see the fort to check out the guardians.
No. 1037578 ID: fd2dfa
File 165744733852.png - (1.35MB , 3628x1788 , 430.png )

You don't yet know enough of this flashing thing to know if you can come back if you go to a different place. It does seem prudent to bring the clan here first.

The clan is moving everything. The Gob-lee are split between hauling things into the Other Place, and butchering the Creature. And while you have every right to be angry with Guk, you choose to help him recover.

:tokrazar:"You need to stop getting yourself hurt like this. I only have so much tuglavu, and you sneaking whole jars away does not help."

:guk:"I haven't been taking any."

:tokrazar:"Don't lie, I know you use the stuff on your females. What were you using it on Oklak's females? They seem to follow you around now."

:guk:"No! I admit I take some, but only for my dah-een, and that was just the one bowl..."

:tokrazar:"Then if you didn't...dammit, who is watching Oklak?"
No. 1037580 ID: fd2dfa
File 165744741181.png - (306.30KB , 1000x1000 , 431.png )

You are Oklak. And you have been going for three days. Three days left alone. Three days uninterrupted. Three days to practice your art. And Nietch is your greatest work.

This was a new form of training! Newer still than your last. It was not a test of obedience, but will. To show Nietch you are greater than her, that all her schemes and magics mean nothing to a Gormoamhi.

On that first day, she played her silly act, sang her praises and treated you like the master you are. You ignored her. This was the trick she made with Guk. It will not work again! No matter how long she thought she could pretend, you could last longer.

The second day words became sweeter, gushing with praise and moaning like she did with Guk. But you refused to stop. You know she is caught. She knows it. ‘Is Master Oklak getting tired’ she would say, or ‘Master Oklak must be getting hungry’. She wants you to stop. You did not.
No. 1037581 ID: fd2dfa
File 165744742186.png - (180.23KB , 1000x1000 , 432.png )

You are Neitch. You have lost count of the days. They blend together under Oklak and his endless libido. You have made an error. Well a number of errors. It’s getting harder to remember what they were.

You thought Oklak would be like Guk, tiring himself out. But each time you thought he was done, everytime he pulled free and made you lick him clean, he’d reinsert his cock and continue to churn your insides.

You thought he wouldn’t be brave enough to steal from his own clan. Wrong. As you slept, he took great quantities of that paste that was used on you over and over to set your body aflame with need. And that stupid totem that kept Guk awake all night! You woke to his probing fingers shoving that stuff in, and spent the entire day with him inside you.

You thought the tuglavu stuff could wear off, but it doesn’t. It’s an odd sensation, losing yourself to animal lust. You know what causes it, but all you can do is resist. Resist the primal thing demanding you stop thinking and just rut like an animal. Maybe it is that stuff in their ‘tuglavu’ finally working on you.
No. 1037582 ID: fd2dfa
File 433.mp4 - (166.67KB )

Now she has nothing to say. The only sounds are her panting, and the wet pap-pap of your bodies connecting. The sensation of your seed blooming within her again and again. Her silence. They are sweeter than any words she has to say.
She is losing. You can feel it! Whatever schemes she had dies today! You idly wonder what name you’ll give her once she breaks. Niika? Neeza? Maybe Oklak-ka: Oklak’s mate. One more climax, one more moment past the edge, and you can call her whatever you want.

You cling to sanity by a thread. You now fight to the last breath for one more breath. Every moment you don’t succumb is another victory. For one more moment, one more thrust! But you can feel it. Your resistance crumbles. Your next climax will be the last. And you will be united in a mind shattering bliss...and you’ll belong to him.

>Give up.
>Fight! Even for just a moment more.
No. 1037583 ID: e5709d

This is your end. Hold nothing back.

Think about the many, many lives you have taken, the dozens you have led to their own damnation. Word a simple apology for each and harness your pleasure as an offering to their appeasement.

Reflect on the religions you burned, along with the followers you threw in chains, laughing as their 'iron faiths' conflagrated before they burned. Contemplate your regret and hypocrisy at losing your own faith to a mere drug and chonky sex. Forge a new philosophy here and now.

Look back at your loyalty to your clan. The loyalty that was never truly repaid. If it would be surrendered to this savage brute, you would see it broken by your own will first.

You are Gamin no more.
You will crush your wretched Empire, along with this equally pathetic tribe, or be broken entirely.
Probably the latter, of course. But as the last thoughts leave your brain, you feel some ounce of compensation, that you died as the woman you wanted to be.
No. 1037587 ID: 0f870a

Give up, forget all of your plans and plotting, forget all about empires of matriarch or patriarch or being a warrior for any of them, forget about Veni.
No. 1037590 ID: c1d4af

Flee! Flee or die trying! Either is better than this!
Make sure as many of the other slaves do the same!
No. 1037596 ID: b0b5f8

Fight it. Keep your mind, it's all you have left.
No. 1037601 ID: 846c9f

It’s time to give up a know your place as a Gormoamhi broodmother.
No. 1037747 ID: dc9df3

Surrender to the pleasure, being breed every day for the rest of your live doesn’t sound too bad.
No. 1037769 ID: fd6606

This, it’s time to be a half person. But he real question is if you should remain loyal to Guk or be with Oaklak.
No. 1037887 ID: ae8ec4

Fight it!!
No. 1037898 ID: adc37c

No. 1037903 ID: 401b30

Resist, it's time to break this cycle. For the fallen.
No. 1037914 ID: 0f93e3

Give up, you have failed as a leader and the pleasure is too good, moan like an animal, make him know that you have understand your place in the tribe.
No. 1037977 ID: 6df000

Have the strongest orgasm you have had in your life and tell him you are his.
No. 1037997 ID: 10d821

Survive! Fight! Gamin survived by bending where others broke! Do it here! Do not submit, but let them think you have!
No. 1038000 ID: 19ea25

Fight against it all!
No. 1038004 ID: 2a1b89

Submit to him.
No. 1038111 ID: 05bcbf

Stop fighting and forget about your past, you are part of this tribe now. But you should wait a little, a fight between Guk and Oaklak is likely to happen and you should choose the one who is victorious.
No. 1040023 ID: fd2dfa
File 434.webm - (3.06MB )

Nothing more needs to be said. One moment of bliss. And it's over.
No. 1040024 ID: fd2dfa
File 165959036607.png - (241.67KB , 1252x1080 , 435.png )

:oklak:"Hrm hrnn. You're mine now little Nietch."


:oklak:"Oh but what should I call you? Nietch is such an ugly name. Perhaps-"

No. 1040025 ID: fd2dfa
File 165959043527.png - (354.27KB , 1920x1080 , 436.png )

:tokrazar:"You vermin! We bleed for the clan and you're up here stealing another's female!"

:guk:"I'm going to rip off your horn and ram it down your pisshole Oklak!"

:oklak:"Try it Guk! I'll make you Guk-No-Tongue!"
No. 1040026 ID: fd2dfa
File 165959048158.png - (425.42KB , 2259x1825 , 437.png )

Oklak has broken a sacred bond among Gormoamhi. Now the men fight. Teeth and claws flail as blood flies. Had this been a fight where all were healthy, Oklak would have been torn apart!

But Oklak is tired, Guk is wounded, and Tok's is still not fully healed. The fight can go any direction.

>Choose a side!
No. 1040035 ID: f2320a

Both beating eachother unconsoiuse fainting at the spot
No. 1040045 ID: ae399e

Tok should go for a jab with his left hand. After that Guk should break his horn like he said.
No. 1040046 ID: ae8ec4

Knee his manhood and break his horn
No. 1040048 ID: e5709d

Nietch murders the survivors.
No. 1040050 ID: dc9df3

This. Guk should kick his balls and Tok grab his horn and break it. Also, pretty sure Nietch is mentally broke but watch out from her just in case.
No. 1040230 ID: 2a9d09

No. 1040319 ID: 4c0dea

Tok can break his horn and Guk can go for his manhood, little shit deserves it for mating with someone else woman.
No. 1042145 ID: fd2dfa
File 166174345492.png - (673.23KB , 1957x1440 , 438.png )

:Oklak:"She's mine do you hear me?! She is mine! You keep all their matriarchs to yourself! I deserve one!"

:Guk:"Neitch was never yours! I fought her! I bested her. She is my claim-mate!"


Oklak rips into Tok's arm and digs his claws into Guk's flesh! The old Gormoamhi howls, clutching his bleeding arm. Oklak spins! Blood fountains as he gores the old man! Guk grabs Oklak by the horn before the wound goes deep!

Oklak panics as Guk begins to tear.

No. 1042146 ID: fd2dfa
File 166174352807.png - (607.08KB , 1783x1330 , 439.png )

Claws fly, tearing rents into Guk's hide. But Guk's rage blind him to pain. In a powerful yank, Oklak's horn is torn from his head! The now hornless Gormoamhi shrieks in agony, but is cut short as Guk uses Oklak's own horn to beat him. Again, and again, and again!

No. 1042147 ID: fd2dfa
File 166174355970.png - (526.98KB , 1752x1902 , 440.png )

:Guk:"You are less than a nonperson."

Guk delivers on his promise.
No. 1042148 ID: fd2dfa
File 166174358516.png - (274.08KB , 1900x1746 , 441.png )

Oklak is manless.
No. 1042149 ID: fd2dfa
File 166174370237.png - (456.80KB , 1900x1269 , 442.png )

Guk helps Tok.
:tokrazar:"Thank you Guk. The whelp deserves this."

:guk:"He deserves worse. But it's done."

Guk scoops up Neitch and they leave this cursed place. Neitch smiles...

No. 1042150 ID: fd2dfa
File 166174388669.png - (1.04MB , 1900x1920 , 443.png )

The shelter is abandoned, the Door closed behind them as they clan moves to the Other Place. All that is left to show they had ever been was the rotting carcass of a damned Gormoamhi.

Gamin and Makag find the old structure, unaware, and uncaring of its history. It's burned like everything else in their path.

>Guk's Ending
>Seq and Saq's ending
>Sizzala's ending
>The Ghostskins' endings
No. 1042152 ID: e5709d

No. 1042160 ID: 4c0dea

Guk’s ending.
No. 1042177 ID: dc9df3

Guk’s Ending
No. 1042248 ID: ae8ec4

>The Ghostskin ending
No. 1042253 ID: fea1c2

No. 1042484 ID: df76b1

No. 1042640 ID: e5709d

Actually, can you get the moderators to remove the links from this spampost and apply it to the epilogue?
No. 1043060 ID: fd2dfa
File 166244500336.png - (955.85KB , 1958x1405 , 444.png )

>Guk's ending
Guk, having slain Oklak, had taken his females for himself. But the scars of Oklak's betrayal left Guk paranoid. His suspicions of everyone was only fueled by Ze-nah and Sizzala praising his actions.

This fear brought about a need for control. And control came through the only thing he could trust: his females. First he used the Door to strike at the enemies of the old clan. The Dah-een tribes, whose ancestors had hurt Gulseeque, felt his wrath in sudden raids from nowhere, burning their walled towns and villages. Warriors who traced their lineage back to the champions that wronged Gulseeque were fought-
No. 1043062 ID: fd2dfa
File 166244505492.png - (374.82KB , 2272x1422 , 445.png )

-and broken. Guk took Oklak's technique, one of the few things he dared to remember of the traitor, to break then quickly and add to his collection. But this was not enough. They had to be tested.
No. 1043063 ID: fd2dfa
File 166244509175.png - (557.65KB , 1065x1208 , 446.png )

The Ghostskins had destroyed the old clans, needed to face justice. The Door opened the clan to places he never saw before. Places where the sky rained death, and the plants stank of wrongness. The Ghostskins were in abundance. It was with isolated patrols and small warbands that Guk tested his new dah-een-
No. 1043064 ID: fd2dfa
File 166244517640.png - (346.92KB , 2272x1422 , 447.png )

-and reaped the rewards of their success. Guk didn't have females. He had an army. His "Guk-a-zal-zak". The "Eyes and Ears of Guk". Females that spied on the others of the clan and, worst of all, formed a wall of steel between him and the clan. No self respecting Gormoamhi would arm females as he did. But Guk has little respect left for Gormoamhi ways...

>Friendship with Oklak:Ended...violently
>Matriarchs taken: 2/4
>Tribes found: 2/3
>Lessons with Tok:Unfinished
>Final rating: C+

>Choose next ending
>skip to epilogue
No. 1043069 ID: 3d08b1

The twins'ending.
No. 1043070 ID: e5709d

What a waste.
All that potential and Guk ended up a paranoid sex junkie. Goraelden deserved better.

Let's see if Sizzala fared better.
No. 1043088 ID: dc9df3

Sizz ending.
No. 1043108 ID: 1ea488


Gotta agree - what a shame.
Proof that one should never cuck another no matter how hot their woman 😔
No. 1043641 ID: fd2dfa
File 166304248997.png - (392.59KB , 1280x1024 , 448.png )

Having children awakened a protective, nurtuering side of Sizzala none thought she had. She doted on her sons, being the last reminders of her father after Tok's passing. She always held a close relation with them, spoiling the boys as Gormoamhi tend to do with their sons; but they were more than just sons to her. Her extra affection came at the neglect of her daughters.
No. 1043642 ID: fd2dfa
File 166304256421.png - (227.27KB , 888x838 , 449.png )

Where Guk used the Door to expand his private army, Sizzala used it to rebuild the clan. She explored the old pathways of abandoned clan holds, finding survivors and exiled women, offering them refuge and a fresh start.
No. 1043643 ID: fd2dfa
File 166304260738.png - (397.30KB , 1280x1024 , 450.png )

As the band of refugees grew, it became less of a campsite, and more of a home, as Matriarchs were bing chosen to guide the younger girls on the correct path. And Sizzala seemed to be the perfect candidate as Matron of the clan. A new clan. Sizzalak.

But not all was well...
No. 1043644 ID: fd2dfa
File 166304263678.png - (304.99KB , 1131x1024 , 451.png )

As they aged, Sizzala's daughters began to rebel against their mother and the matriarchs. They did what was forbidden just to spite them. Even wandering into the warren of the clan's most reclusive man.

Unbeknownst to them and Sizzala, her own daughters began to obsess over their true father, Guk. They felt drawn to him the same way Sizzala was to her own father, and Guk did nothing to dissuade them. His grudging acceptance of their presence only intensified their desire to please him, and so Obalaza and Mikragi secretly joined the Guk-a-zal-zak.

>Cure for Tokrazar:Unfound
>Clans saved: 1/2
>Final rating: B+
>ENDING: Matron Sizzala

>Choose next ending
>skip to epilogue
No. 1043647 ID: e5709d

No. 1043651 ID: a2d88b

The twins!
No. 1043678 ID: b44f0c

No. 1043705 ID: b90535

Twins ending
No. 1043712 ID: 90c451

Ghostskins ending
No. 1043755 ID: dc9df3

Twins ending
No. 1044786 ID: 0c5c34
File 166417297204.png - (159.32KB , 1174x793 , 452.png )

Saqrar had taken to Tok's brewing with gusto. His experimentations with new ingredients have made his tuglavu far more potent than any the clan had ever known, making grievous injuries feel like minor bruises. His brews dull the mind for more fitful rest, and of course more docile nonpeople.
No. 1044787 ID: 0c5c34
File 166417298550.png - (406.50KB , 1197x661 , 453.png )

Seqrar who had always been fascinated with building, had explored what could make a talisman or a ward. His abundant supply of materials and females to harvest power from helped in the creation of linked wards, collections of talismans tgat posess the power of a ward, turning away the strange things thag lived in the Strange Place and making the Gormoamhi warriors into formidable fighters.
No. 1044788 ID: 0c5c34
File 166417300040.png - (679.03KB , 2200x1400 , 454.png )

Of all the men, the twins seems least likely to understand anything Tokrazar said. Yet they would become heirs to his legacy. Each brother took one aspect of Tok's magic, and made it their own, adding to it knew knowledge as they explored just how far the Gormoamhi arts could go. They made extensive use of the Door, exploring new lands, gathering ingredients and items to make more potent brews, and stranger trinkets. But unlike the others, the Twins did not just explore the world. They found other worlds…and with it all manner of unfamiliar things. As their knew trade became their passion, the Gormoamhi drive to take and dominate guttered within them. But it didn't stop them from making females of any alien foolish enough to stop them.
No. 1044789 ID: 0c5c34
File 166417304402.png - (773.46KB , 1961x1713 , 455.png )

The Twins turned the Strange Place from a decaying refuge, into a proper home for Sizzalak. Perhaps it was this resourcefulness that made demand for them so high. Or maybe it was their uncommon color. Whatever reason, Breed Mistress Bizangi spends most of her days rejecting proposals, and catching heat-addled women trying to sneak into their warren.

Tok's Cure: Unfound
Final grade: B
ENDING: The Magic Men

>Ghostskin endings
No. 1044802 ID: e5709d

No. 1044814 ID: 7d8322

Ghostskin endings
No. 1044819 ID: a2d88b

Gormoamhi don't care about ghostskins.
No. 1044820 ID: a7a180

No. 1044828 ID: dc9df3

Ghostskin ending
No. 1045287 ID: 1ea488

Ew, ghostskins.
No. 1045392 ID: 90c451

Ghostskins, let's see what the Rezans are up to.
No. 1046843 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606733965.png - (118.43KB , 1058x653 , 456.png )

The Re-zahns, like every other race encountered by the Gormoamhi, quickly accepted their place in the clan. Their clan, their profession, their identity were cast to the Pile. In Sizzalak they had only one role: breeder.

Of the men, Guk has taken the largest share, first taking Oklak's collection, and then claiming the ghostskins of Tok after his passing. To further cement Gormoamhi superiority, he would lay with each ghostskin, breeding them as Oklak had taught, and giving them new names to totally wipe away their old identity and reinforce their place as his property. Ivaka became I'aka. Siloka, Si'ka

When he does not raid, he spends more and more time indulging his Gray Pile. Their will breaks quickly when they see their leaders…
No. 1046844 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606736595.png - (246.44KB , 977x791 , 457.png )

As Zenava, she hated Rokof for destroying her family, and she hated her family for bonding her to Rokof. For decades she dreamed of hurting them both. Thanks to Guk, she managed to hurt the great family in a tangible way: he took their matriarch and made her a rutting bitch.

Ze'nah's greatest desire is keeping hurting Rokof, and now she does it everyday she spreads for Guk. Of all the Reh-zahns, none have embraced their place in the clan as enthusiastically as her. Her enthusiasm for being plowed and the divulging of Rokof secrets that let the clan launch such damaging raids made her Guk’s most favored female. A title that put her at odds with Ionilee.

Old habits die hard. As the number of clan females grew, her jealousy grew to paranoia, Guk's daoine falling into Ionilee's camp, and the Rezans under Ze'nah's. She built a network of her own watchers, spying on everyone, and sabotaging the reputation of her rivals. Ironically, in a bid to escape the cutthroat political arena of Rezo, Ze’nah became an active player in the Gormoamhi’s.

No. 1046845 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606740113.png - (155.68KB , 955x827 , 458.png )

Neitch had broken under Oklak, she was moments from cementing her place as a Gormoamhi breeder when Guk intervened. The tiniest sliver of the Gamin political animal that would have been snuffed out, found respite that day.

Four times Guk planted his seed in her. Four times she bore him a single pup. Compared to Ze'nah's six in their first litter, the three from Si'ka and the many pups I'aka bore, she was rather lackluster. Guk's attention faded. And with it, the haze of Gormoamhi domination.

One day, the Gamin matriarch had taken her offspring and disappeared into the swirling magics of the Door. Without Tok, any magical means of locating her were out of the clan’s reach. One thing Ze’nah assured the clan of, was that Neitch was disgraced. She would not be in Rezo.

But what the former matriarch was planning, and why she took the half-Gormoami pups remains a mystery…
No. 1046846 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606743237.png - (907.37KB , 2243x2433 , 459.png )

"So this is the Great City in all it's decayed glory. How...derelict."
No. 1046847 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606748014.png - (477.12KB , 2056x1544 , 460.png )

"And it's newest inhabitants. Well done. Well done indeed. I saw how you brought down Rokof and Gamin. A shame you couldn't do the same to Makag before you scurried away."
No. 1046848 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606750095.png - (231.95KB , 1436x1241 , 461.png )

"Though I will give you credit for finding ancestral home, my tolerance has its limits."

No. 1046849 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606751359.png - (268.17KB , 1414x1033 , 462.png )

"Much better."

"I have to say I'm a bit disappointed-Guk was it- killed Oklak. His cunning would have been useful in the time to come. Still I can make do with what I have. Are they all karved?"

:sizzala: "Gormoamhi marked as they slept master."

"Good. And your slaves?"

:sizzala:"We…did not want to waste your power on nonpeople. We relied on Gormoamhi technique to train them."
No. 1046850 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606752816.png - (400.00KB , 1564x814 , 463.png )

"You...should have risked it. Even if my power ran dry it would have kept Neitch from escaping! Now she is LOOSE GODS-KNOW-WHERE!"

Calm...calm...find peace. Retain control.
No. 1046851 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606756115.png - (414.76KB , 1684x975 , 464.png )

"I AM CALM! I...I am calm. I can account for this. A minor issue."

"I have a new command."

:guk:"What do you command master?"
No. 1046852 ID: fd2dfa
File 166606767752.png - (117.44KB , 479x364 , end.png )

"Breed me an army…"



And that is it, Guk Quest is finally over! I still can't believe it took as long as it did. Focus will go back to FT5 and BBB for now, but there is something I want to try in the future. It will be more SFW oriented.
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