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File 154791295974.png - (466.87KB , 569x740 , PentaclesKing3.png )
918309 No. 918309 ID: 2755f5

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

The cruelest prison is the one we build for our self

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 958124 ID: dbd72b

Oof. Magic bullshit. Happens to the best of us. Medical (if necessary) first, report second. Freak out just a bit if you have to, and it doesn't delay anything lifesaving. You're a valuable asset, even down an arm and a tail.
No. 958157 ID: 094652

Must... get... surgery...
No. 958234 ID: 9876c4

This doesn't look life threatening... to a hydra.

We should report this.
No. 958248 ID: e96198

Not quite sure if we're the type of hydra that can regenerate. Let's hope this isn't burn damage of some kind if we are one of the regenerating types.

Fight the pain and stay awake, it's ok to scream. You did just take an injury that is pretty much career ending for any warrior. Looks like you're bleeding, try to wrap that up.
No. 958249 ID: 322af8

Retreat. Retreat to the others and then get medical help
No. 958269 ID: a664e3


On the plus side, there was absolutely no way you were winning an encounter with someone who could do THAT, so at least you chose an option that will provide valuable information to the next person who has to deal with her and her bullshit.

"Can make disintegrating fields." Very useful to know.

On the other hand, you're down one.

So, even if this hen's still nearby, there's no way you can beat her. Get out of there, report to your superiors, and then get whatever medical attention you can.
No. 958285 ID: c09fb4

Your immediate danger is bleeding out before any medical aid gets to you or you to it. Top priority is stopping or at least slowing the bleeding, followed by calling for medical aid and moving to it if possible.

If you have a belt you can pull off one-handed, do so and use it as a makeshift tourniquet on your right arm. If you don't, then just try squeezing with your massive strength behind your right arm's stump with your left hand.

As for your tail... You'd need both hands to tie anything back there tight enough to staunch the flow of blood. If you got a belt tightened around your right arm as a tourniquet, then you could squeeze your tail with your left hand to slow the blood loss from there. Otherwise, your best option is to move towards where medical aid would be while yelling for medical help.

But if you're getting too weak to move, then... Would cauterization work on your wounds? It would stop the bleeding. I'd also hurt much, much worse and likely be unhealable afterwards. Mark that as a last resort option.
No. 958287 ID: 91ee5f

>"Can make disintegrating fields."
That's not what happened. Nothing was disintegrated, they were all teleported away.
No. 958301 ID: c09fb4

...Which means that our hand and tail went with them and could be recovered if we find where they teleported to. I dunno if there's any magic or other means available to us that could reattach and heal them to functionality, though. But if that is possible for us, then we need to find where they went ASAP. The sooner we get our limbs back the better the condition they'll be in and the better the odds of successful reattachment.
No. 958310 ID: e51896

Sidequest: look for arm and tail.
No. 958321 ID: 10c07d

If one of the hydras abilities is not regeneration she can cauterize the wounds with her own fire, only her scales are fire proof not the insides I assume
No. 958438 ID: 5b0071

You must stop the bleeding, then check the passage that foul witch came from.

If you do not do -everything- within your power to stop this mayhem, the duchess may only preserve your life to prolong the suffering you'll have earned.
No. 959106 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158441652158.png - (557.60KB , 657x858 , Pentacle122.png )

"i guess you could say this encounter was rather disarming" Laret snickers between winches of pain
Fason Shrieks in response "I swear to the gods Laret you are the nexk piece we lose!"
the other heads moan in pain as they stagger into the flames

No. 959107 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158441660091.png - (516.52KB , 657x858 , Pentacle123.png )

the floor gives out
fire surrounds the Hydra


falling into darkness
No. 959109 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, that's not good. Brace for impact! Tuck and roll!
No. 959112 ID: 11f77a

This isn't over. You will stop at nothing to have your revenge. That hen-bitch took something of yours, and you'll take everything away from her. No more hostages, you kill any freedom fighter scum outside of a jail cell on sight now. No half measures.

First, you must begin your vendetta by healing, or finding a replacement for your arm and tail. Contain the rage and let it build up and fester inside.

Also, land on a kobold.
No. 959114 ID: 17f233

At least we got the hydra into being nude.
Mission accomplished?
Hit the floor and keep your sliver of dignity intac with a rightly positioned hand on the crotch before you get ragdalled with the fall impact.

+1 to the idea of landing on a kobold. specifically poor Vovo as he come in with those new reinforcements you asked for. Give him a face full of that scale puss.

I think to end this you could have him along with pretty much a groupshot allies like skrelp, the assorted generic minions & the wasp. Possibly throw in the as of yet unseen king? all reacting to your mangled, charred possibly dead body. Wait scratch some of those cameos. The wasp woman is being taken to taken to the city gates at this time by skrelp & the map layout pic means renforcments wouldve had to come through the prison fightzone. Meh maybe space, time & logic will bend for the sake of getting a dramatic picture to play out. It certainly didn't do as much enabling player backed for purely eroticly motivated stupidity that's for sure. Have them look down through the hole you fell into instead?
No. 959128 ID: e2dc7c

Brush yourself off when you land, this ain't over.
No. 959167 ID: e96198

Brace for impact. Not sure what's below us but anything to cushion the fall. It's not over yet.
No. 960883 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158613003754.png - (520.25KB , 657x858 , Pentacle124.png )

Above a lone kobold named Yappa squeaks in fear
'this is really bad! she exclaims, having a bad habit of speaking to herself
'I have to inform Eeyfel! she'll know what to do!' she decides while peaking at the battle's aftermath.
the runt of a guard then scurries off.
No. 960885 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158613008576.png - (306.57KB , 657x858 , Pentacle125.png )

at the bottom of the pit, a broken creature lies.
they dream, perhaps for the last time . . .
No. 960890 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158613029861.png - (531.37KB , 657x858 , Pentacle126.png )

it is a shared dream, one that should not be remembered, a memory from too long ago.

'egad how revolting' they know the Jackal, he is first acolyte
the high priestess hiss in her Rachnid way'idiot, you cannot imagine their value '
the underling merely shrugs 'a fused abomination, they have no value, an utterly worthless failure
The King of pentacles his gifted them to us, that is their worth.

the jackal sneers in mock subservience 'forgive me but how can a mutated corpse have worth?'

the priestess screeches in fury'a corpse?! they cannot die you fool!'

'And yet I am watching it happen, good riddance I say.' spoke the jackal looking at the misshapen creature in disgusted

No! you will keep them alive!

the acolyte shakes his head 'it can't be done'

the high priestess takes a moment to calm down before responding to her defiant minion, here scratchy voice filled with an malicious edge
'I don't think you understand how . . . disappointed Midas will be to hear that'

understand washes over the jackals face and he groans before admitting his next statement
'perhaps I can sacrifice the others to save one or two . . .'

'you will save all five.' the high priestess demands

'I don't have enough flesh!'The acolyte tries to explain

but his superior will not hear it.Consider this a test Aebin, show me you are worth all the time I invested in you and save these wretched creatures, all of them.

the Jackal grinds his teeth but holds his tongue as the golden scorpion leaves.

do the wretched creatures survive?
No. 960891 ID: 0fae41

No, the wretched creatures withered away. I wonder what took their place.
No. 960893 ID: b1b4f3

LW is doing one of those vaguely stated but extremely important decisions.

Yes, they survive.
No. 960894 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, they all survived.
No. 960896 ID: 7f1230

No. 960905 ID: f505e7

No. 960906 ID: 3ed3c3

I mean, of course, they survived. They wouldn't have gotten this job if they could be killed so easily.
No. 960908 ID: 094652

None of them have brain damage and the Duchess flipped the bird to all necromancy taboos. So yeah they survived. As what, I cannot say.
No. 960912 ID: 9876c4

He bound their skeins together, like an aunt knitting a sweater.

As long as but a thread stands, all still cling to life. They share fortune and fate until the last.
No. 960917 ID: 10c07d

Of course they survive. The hydra has to exact her revenge
No. 960918 ID: e2dc7c

Yes, the wretched creatures survived.
No. 960922 ID: 86eb65

Of course they all survive. Hydra's are a hearty lot and our acolyte is a clever one.
No. 960923 ID: cdabe3

No. 960924 ID: c93e10

The creatures survive... but for a very very costly price.
No. 960926 ID: c853da

No. Let them rest.
No. 960931 ID: 4854ef

Let the wretched beings live, for they have a great purpose and deserve life.
No. 960934 ID: 9aa12d

Yes they live
No. 960936 ID: e85a08

They survived, but perhaps not all of them.
No. 960941 ID: c84ff4

they survived, but somehow ended up with 6
No. 960944 ID: 2f8bd2

Yes, the creature survives.
No. 960948 ID: e96198

Save all of them, I believe they've proven themselves useful and far more effective before than any of Kalez's previous minions. That and I'm curious exactly how their relationship is with the Duke and Duchess.
No. 960976 ID: affa90

They survive, there’s someone to prove wrong. A lot of people to prove wrong.
No. 961077 ID: 5b0071

all five shall live just for the hope of outlasting the other four
No. 961083 ID: a9af05

They survive. Revenge is a very strong motivator. Especially when it's someone that's going to get their limbs ripped off, as payback for removing our limbs.
No. 961110 ID: 6c227a

okay but like.. it would be really good character development if ONE of them died.
No. 961243 ID: e2dc7c

No it wouldn't.
No. 961263 ID: a06d8c

They are not done yet, they must hace revenge!
No. 963196 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158761592901.png - (310.71KB , 657x858 , Pentacle127.png )

The Hyrda refuses death! they defy it as they did more than two decades ago.

the old magic that reshaped them then remains strong!
but this time something is different

Hatred. Fury. A thirst for vengeance.
emotion fuels the magic. makes them stronger. more powerful than before!
No. 963198 ID: 6f7a5a
File 158761632605.png - (309.03KB , 657x858 , Pentacle128.png )

The Hydra rises as their wounds fade away.
searching into the darkness for a way out.

Chapter 3 End
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