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File 149234850480.png - (13.43KB , 600x400 , 199.png )
796241 No. 796241 ID: 6cbace

Chapter 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/780239.html Chapter 2.1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/786753.html QuestDis: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/108985.html

"Honestly, Princess Victoria, I have never once questioned what you decided to do within my city's walls, but a child?"
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No. 796242 ID: 6cbace
File 149234854071.png - (11.47KB , 600x400 , 198.png )

"Do you even know how to take care of a child? Should I hire a nanny for you?"
No. 796243 ID: b88e47

"The child seems capable of taking care of herself."
No. 796244 ID: e12db1

"Shut up you bastard and tell me why I've been summoned. My sister would never have allowed for this. Emils may be a child, but she's already better behaved than you."
No. 796245 ID: 9876c4

"I can neither confirm nor deny that I've done a child, either in or out of the city."

Nod smugly.
No. 796246 ID: 7df78f

I assume from your interest in my familial status that you've solved the mystery of tunnel 25's guards.
No. 796247 ID: 2120ee

"Don't tell me you're jealous."
No. 796248 ID: 486e87

Who is this person Victoria? They seem rather rude. "Is this relevant to why you've summoned me? Unless that is the case, then the child is none of your business."
No. 796249 ID: 5f10ec

"The child's been living alone in a cave for dragons know how long and is already adapting to normal life. I don't think a nanny is needed for this girl... Maybe a child psychologist would be better."
No. 796250 ID: 8d4593

The child is terrifyingly self sufficient.
No. 796254 ID: 9a7777

"Technically it's a pet, and my lease says those are okay."
No. 796257 ID: 987bda

"A psychologist would be more apt. All she remembers is living in the wild fending off monsters. She's terrifyingly self-sufficient, but I don't know about her mind.
Aside from that, I'm her next of kin even if I don't know who her parents were. She IS my blood."
No. 796262 ID: 48237d

As a guild tutor Victoria is a glorify nanny.
No. 796264 ID: 3abd97

A child of my blood, somehow. That makes her my responsibility.
No. 796294 ID: b7883c

This. A guild tutor is basically a nanny plus a bodyguard, which fits the situation pretty well.

(Also I don't think a nanny this jerk hires would be trustworthy.)
No. 796320 ID: ba506f

I don't see why, Emils is doing quite well for herself.
No. 796385 ID: cfe4f0

We don't know who this guy is, or if they're actually a jerk. If they're in charge of this town, they may be asking serious questions for legit reasons:
Adoption, marriage, and fertility are serious political business for royalty. Since Victoria is living in this city, and if she kacks it or gets mistreated in some way that is cause for war, it's perfectly reasonable for the local leadership to have an interest in Victoria's friends, associations, other relationships, and living circumstances.

"Tutors who can cover everything from basic literacy and arithmetic to swordplay, tactics, magic and statecraft would be more appropriate, though unnecessary. Someone who can keep up with her impressive capacity to destroy walls and furniture might be more necessary."
No. 796387 ID: 398fe1

I agree with getting Emils a really capable tutor. One that would be able to match pace with her learning speed.
No. 796456 ID: 6cbace
File 149243354956.png - (15.00KB , 600x400 , 200.png )

"I can not confirm or deny that I have spawned a child either in or out of this city."
He snorts, "We both know the day you lay upon the bed of a man is the day dragons come back to Havaros."
"Honestly, she can take care of her self. The only issue I can see is that she has no knowledge of the world."
He humms in contemplation.
"I do need a good teacher, she absorbs everything like a sponge, and I'm almost at a limit of what I can teach her."
"I think I could give you some recommendations later. But enough about that."
He presents the woman next to him, "This is Miss Asera, a representative of the Shrines."
She is nervous, but manages to give me a bow, "It is an honor to meet a pureblood Princess Victoria."
I give a slight frown at the title, but try not to show it. "It is a pleasure to meet you too Miss Asera." I look back to Prince Enrod, "May I enquire what this is about?"
"We may have found it." He produces a large grin.
"Found what?"
"An entrance into the Dragon's Ridge."
No. 796457 ID: b88e47

We have no idea what that is. Victoria might. Please explain if you do know. If you don't, ask.
No. 796460 ID: e12db1

The plot thickens.

Ask her what that's got to do with you. Did they run out of adventurers to hire?

Refer to the map: >>781128
No. 796461 ID: 5f10ec

"May I ask why a possible entrance to the dragon's ridge requires my attention?"
No. 796464 ID: dd4d39

Well, congratulations then. Is that it, or is there some reason you felt the need to bring this to my attention?
No. 796467 ID: 3d2d5f

>He snorts, "We both know the day you lay upon the bed of a man is the day dragons come back to Havaros."

>"An entrance into the Dragon's Ridge."
The mountain range no one has crossed alive? Why does that concern you, Vic?

To your audience: and what makes you think this is any more viable than all the doomed attempts before?
No. 796469 ID: 398fe1

>why vic
She's the princess, you dummies. This is important.

We should confirm that. Let's muster some forces for an expedition. Keep it secret, of course. Wouldn't want the other races butting in and stealing the credit or the lost technology.
No. 796471 ID: 48237d

Considering the recent mana plague Victoria should be interested in the secrets of the dragons.
Is this information been shared just for diplomatic reasons or does he anticipate a dragon blood rabold to be useful in this expedition?
No. 796482 ID: d022c3

She's the princess of a foreign, now defunct nation. There's little reason they would need to confer with her on this unless they wanted something from her, and we should know what that is before we allow this conversation to continue.
No. 796485 ID: 094652

Speaking of which, what do you think the history books would say if the last deposed princess of a dead kingdom became empress of the world because her stepdaughter mutated into a Titan-Class all-consuming unkillable blob?

>Dragon's Ridge
"And what, pray tell, do you expect to find down there? You know any remaining dragons would have destroyed their technology out of spite.

Well, if you offer me mining rights, I might oblige with publically supporting your expedition. That's all I have to say until you explain in FULL and UNCONCEALED detail."
No. 796500 ID: 9a7777

Does this entrance involve trebuchets?
No. 796502 ID: 398fe1

It's not defunct. There's plenty of rabbolds still around, just not near that mana tower anymore.
No. 796544 ID: 7df78f

According to the Duke, the kingdom had to be evacuated, and the people scattered. Sounds to me like too much of the kingdom is unliveable to be considered a nation.
No. 796578 ID: 398fe1

A kingdom is its people, not the location they reside in.
No. 796637 ID: 6cbace
File 149250406027.png - (16.08KB , 600x400 , 201.png )

"The Dragon's Ridge."
"The impossible to climb ring of mountains."
"The very same."
"And how prey tell did you find the entrance?"
"It was uncovered in one of the tunnels after a cave-in."
I look skeptically, "Are you saying that the entrance of the Dragon's Ridge was buried under a mountain?"
"It was not as if we were looking for it. A few months ago, there was a cave-in in one of our tunnels. We scouted it out and found a cavern filled with Dragon artifacts. The survey team just returned and confirmed that there is a large... wall of mana."
He shakes his head and shrugs, "We've tried to dig around the wall, but even after all this time, the only thing we've excavated was a gate."

I put down the cup, "And I figure you need me for something related to this gate."
Miss Asera speaks up from there, "Correct your highness, we have reasons to believe that only those who have dragons blood in the can unlock the gate."
I glare at her as she continues, "The gate is guarded by a form of dragon guardian. It... scanned those who come close, and had only reacted to those who had traces of dragons blood in them. But so far, none has been deemed as worthy to enter."

The prince waved his hand, "We had sent a request for the Shrine's aid, but it will take years for the next Dragons Blood Avaros to be available to answer."
Miss Asera nods.

"And this is why you invited me."
He grins "So, are you in or are you out?"
No. 796639 ID: 398fe1

I'm in. Heck, let's bring Emils too. Two candidates increases the odds of success.
No. 796640 ID: b88e47

"In and the kid comes with me. If I'm not accepted, maybe she will be."
No. 796641 ID: 70983e

I say we throw Emils at the wall and see what sticks.
No. 796642 ID: 0778ca

Wait hold on, is that why he was asking about Emils? I do hope they're not planning on kidnapping if you refuse.
No. 796643 ID: 48237d

Yes, but I got to chose the team members.
No. 796644 ID: d0a9a0


What do I get out of this?

Emils needs more books and a less combative teacher.
No. 796649 ID: e12db1

"This sounds like a dangerous proposition. Plus the fact that it puts life of a royalty at risk. Well, being an adventurer I'm inclined to accept as I was getting bored with escort missions. However, you do realize how expensive such a mission would be, don't you? We're talking about guaranteed unknown and high level enemies, entering unexplored lands with unknown dangers and no support or guarantee of coming back. Also, something tells me that if I declined, you may resort to.. alternate means of finding Dragons blood, even if it meant harming a certain child."
No. 796652 ID: 094652

"Find yourself a real princess. 2-to-1 says I'm kidnapped and raped for my bloodline if I go out there without my own personal army. There are other dragon-blooded out there, and they don't ask for 50% of the cut and exclusive technology rights."
No. 796658 ID: ba506f

alright, but before I answer I do have a few questions. One being what you hope to find inside? Another being, assuming you're right and this is a door into the ridge, how do you think the world will react to the news? I mean we are a people without a home right now, and dragon artifacts are very valuable or hell what if we find the dragons themselves. What's to stop whoever from marching up to the gates with an army to try and take what we find for themselves? Not that I believe that will be the first response people have but I do like to know what I'm working with.
No. 796660 ID: 91ee5f

"As you already know, I've been taking care of a child. I can't exactly leave her alone, even if she has been surviving by herself before she came here. And I don't feel comfortable about taking her with me either. But, I suspect that if I refuse, then you'll send someone to kidnap the child, so that you can use her Dragon's Blood."

I think, even if they assure Victoria that they won't do that, they'll still go behind her back to do that. And if they actually do try and kidnap Emils, whoever they send won't be returning and we finally have an excuse to consume someone! That is, as long as they send only 1 person thinking that's all they'll need to grab a kid that is at her home all by herself.
No. 796661 ID: 3d2d5f

"How did the gate react to those judged unworthy?"

It's possible we're dealing with a security system with lethal countermeasures. And we want to know that going in.
No. 796663 ID: 7df78f

I don't know, I'm doing pretty well as things stand. Stable job, new family. I just wonder why I should abandon it to help you look for whatever it is you'll find back there.
No. 796694 ID: 7f79dd

That's a good question.
No. 796695 ID: 987bda

Doubtful; kidnapping Emils just to get inside would be a terrible idea, since they know there's something active in there that may be willing and able to rescue a small child from an armed contingent. It would also burn bridges with every dragon-blood on the planet, since they'll know this guy considers them objects to be used rather than people.
Also, he's clearly Victoria's semi-friend, at least. They're in a formal setting, but he's still joking around and ribbing her. That means he either doesn't care about getting on the bad side of another kingdom, or knows what he's saying isn't going to cause any problems.

If you go, take Emils with you. She can take care of herself, but will need people to witness her awesomeness on adventures for the guild to take her seriously. This is probably the safest way to get the best teachers busting down your door to teach her.
No. 796697 ID: 395c02

As others have said, if you go, take Emils.
No. 796698 ID: e6f219

wasn't that the part of the tunnels where the entire guard station went missing?
No. 796701 ID: 987bda

That was days ago. He's talking about things that happened months ago. Probably not the same.
No. 796743 ID: 62b97b

dang, asera is cute. less glaring, more flirting.
No. 796745 ID: 6cbace
File 149259268655.png - (13.81KB , 600x400 , 202.png )

"And... What happened during the encounter with the guardian?"
"Oh," Miss Asera looks nervously, "We... it spoke in our heads." she shivered. "It spoke to us with what we sound like in our minds. But rather than trying to speak, it was more like... It tried to make sentences with words we knew?" She shook her head, "It didn't make sense most of the time. We interviewed those it spoke to, and only those of us who had traces of dragons blood in them heard that they did not have permission to enter."

"As much as the land of dragons are mysterious, I can't help but to wonder what it is you have to entice me to this plan of yours."
He gives me a wry smile, "I guess by now, you've had news of your homeland?"
I give him a slow nod.
"We received news of what happened about a week ago. While I am sorry for your loss, My father has sought council with the lords on how to handle possible refugees."

"My father is willing to set the land around the gate under jurisdiction of the shrine, but should you accept this mission, I could get him to set aside the surface lands above the gate for your people."
"The shrines are willing to offer their aid to your people at this time of need, Your highness." Miss Asera adds in, "Besides, should we gain access into the land of dragons, we could uncover a method to recover the lands lost by the blight."

"This... is a lot to consider." I say pensively.
"We understand," Prince Enrod nods, "We do not need for you to answer us now. It will take about two months for the paperwork of transfer and area to be secured. Once done, we set up a mission in the guild to escort and protect the supplies and people we will be sending over to the site. Take up this mission with anyone you wish to bring with you, should you accept."

He snaps his fingers, and a maid places a tray onto the table, with a roll of cloth on it. Enrod reaches over to unwrap it, revealing a... stick? Something the size of an ear. "Take this, as a sign of good will."
"What is it?"
"Records called it a [Dragon's Horn]." Asera smiles, "One of many we found on site. History told us that the horns of dragons allowed one to communicate though long distances, or even to talk to spirits."
"However," Enrod interrupts, "We can't figure out how to get them working. Figured you might be able to get it working somehow."
I pick it up with the cloth and feel it. "Thank you." It's cold, smooth, and hard. And inert.
"If you do get it working somehow, please tell us." Asera urges, "I would love to see a working dragons artifact!"
No. 796746 ID: d79f26

wait for them to leave, then do the obvious and stick it on your ear.
No. 796747 ID: 48237d

Now you have the MacGuffin that will serve as pretense to lean that Emils' dragon blood is purer than yours. Great! Take it home and talk to the stick like a crazy person whenever no one is looking.
And you need to consider colleagues that are both trustworthy and capable.
No. 796748 ID: a3cd80

Everybody knows horns go on your head! Apply horn to head, gain psychic powers.
No. 796767 ID: 393ae0

Uhh, we still have no idea how much political power Victoria holds. I mean, these offers are nice but, last time I heard, she wasn't in any way responsible for her people. In fact, being here alone, one would think she was the last person in line for that. So..

Before leaving tell him, "You really are a sly person. You know I hold no responsibility with my people and yet you try and force it onto me. Very well. I'll give you my answer once I've given it enough consideration. And thank you for the artifact. I'm sure I'll be able to accomplish something all your magicians were unable to."
No. 796769 ID: 3d2d5f

Can you poke the artifact with an exploratory pulse of mana?

Seems like a tentative yes on the offer. There are risks poking into the secrets of the distant past, but you really can't ignore what he's offering your people.
No. 796770 ID: 2120ee

Stick it in your pooper.
No. 796772 ID: 0555b9

Did they try sticking it in their butt? It looks like it goes in the butt. Go home and try this immediately.
No. 796774 ID: 7f917c

I support this for some reason.
No. 796775 ID: b88e47

I can't help myself. I second this.
No. 796776 ID: 9e5c72

Go let Emils mess with it or whatever, I'm sure she'll unintentionally get it working for you.
No. 796777 ID: b412df

It kinda looks like a ear trumpet, maybe try using it like one / stick it in your ear.
No. 796790 ID: d0a9a0


Stick in ear, not but, but butt if you want it in your butt. Then give it to Emils.
No. 796792 ID: 91ee5f

"If they're meant to be used to communicate with another that is far away, then maybe this one isn't working because it hasn't been linked with another horn? It might need to be linked with another horn so that it can work."
No. 796793 ID: 398fe1

I wouldn't advise sticking anything hard into your ear. Couldn't hurt to ask what they've tried to do to it to get it to work, though.
No. 796839 ID: 350a50

Lick horn suggestively.
No. 796876 ID: 9876c4

Joining the Covert rectal amusements bloc.
No. 796877 ID: b15da4

This seems the wisest course of action.
No. 796880 ID: 8cb228

A vote for mana based exploration of the thing. Maybe licking it. Nothing lewd.
No. 796902 ID: 0b99d7

attempt touching it with some blood experimentally, in the safety of your home though
No. 796904 ID: 70983e

A vote for anal based exploration of the thing. Maybe lubing it. Very lewd.
No. 796906 ID: 6c9581

With all these weird thoughts going through your head, give it a sniff, just to be safe.
No. 796937 ID: 7df78f

It might react to mana, and here you are with such an abnormally small mana stone. Too bad it would be unconscionably risky to just let a child play with an artifact whose purpose we can only speculate on at this point.
No. 797043 ID: 6cbace
File 149268166951.png - (14.11KB , 600x400 , 203.png )

I fiddle about with the artifact, injecting some mana into it, but it doesn't respond.
Asera looks at me expectantly, but I shake my head and place it back onto the tray.
"It doesn't seem like I can do anything with it. Are you sure this isn't some kind of dragon butt plug?"

Asera tilts her head, "Wouldn't those have a wider base?"
while Enrod forms a frown, "Thanks for that, Princess. I'll need to sanitize my hands now."

He wipes if off on his pant leg before standing up, "This is all the time I have for today, I have to get going."
He starts for a handshake, but then lowers his hand and gives a small nod.
"As a warning, The lords are pushing for me to send you a marriage proposal. I can stave them off, but that will not stop them from trying to get you on their side. I can not interfere, but I suggest you watch over your charge. I will send over someone trustworthy as a tutor in a day or so."
I thank him for the warning and the help, standing and returning a bow to both the prince and shrine representative and leave with the artifact in hand.
No. 797046 ID: e12db1

Give the artifact to Emils once you return home. I'm sure she'll be happy with a new toy and she always finds new ways to use items. Also, tell her not to stick it in her pooper.
No. 797050 ID: 70983e

>and leave with the artifact in butt.
No. 797051 ID: ba506f

well this is something to think over at any rate. Hope those lords don't get to annoying though. The whole idea of leaving the kingdom was to avoid this crap.
No. 797060 ID: 804a8c

Considering the size of dragons, it may be that this artifact functions like an earbud for them. Inserting into the proportionally larger ear-hole to have the sound transmitted into their bodies directly.

So In Theory, using it as a butt plug might activate it for smaller species.
No. 797061 ID: d63ea8

I might be good to catch Emils up on what has happened, she's a smart kid and will probably understand and maybe even offer up suggestions.
You also should discuss some sort plan in case more weird men show up and try to talk to her.
No. 797063 ID: 3d2d5f

I like that Asera didn't even blink and just rolled with it. Shrine maiden not flustered easily.
No. 797065 ID: 8d4593

Victoria: Note to self, Asera is kind of kinky.
No. 797071 ID: 350a50

Try letting Emils hold the butt plug.
No. 797076 ID: 8b2654

Highly datable. Wait outside for her and ask her out.
No. 797088 ID: f04d68

Oh great, just what you need. Sleazy politicians pushing you into a marriage. Have you considered lesbianism to try and ward them off?
No. 797093 ID: 987bda

We have an excellent choice right here. I'm sure she would be interested in dating a dragon blooded princess.
No. 797094 ID: 9876c4

Just marry the dude, thereby forever silencing the more shrill and annoying voices in your head.
No. 797101 ID: db0da2

It's definitely an option if we do decide to return to being a public figure, we could (have, in fact) do far worse than Enrod, but we have other things going on right now.

That would just leave us at the mercy of the first one with enough gall to offer us a daughter instead of a son. The only real way to avoid this predicament is to either pull the ol' "I'm crazy and married to my horse" or the "sorry, but I can't get married in good conscience because I'm out on campaign/adventures constantly."
No. 797110 ID: 48237d

I don't follow your reasoning.
No. 797163 ID: 987bda

Ah, you seem to be unfamiliar with traditional marriage.
Let me explain:
The traditional function of marriage has been tying two power bases together via combining their rights of inheritance together in one person. This is why marriage has historically been invalid if one of the partners were to be found sterile or the union was not consummated. As it spread from nobility and other power brokers to the lower classes it was co-opted for the purpose of transferring legal ownership of one of the partners from their parents to the other partner. For both, the concept of a dowry has been compensation for the balance of the value being transferred.

Marriage for love, and marriage among common people at all, are quite new concepts.

It went from a corporate or national merging of assets via compelling agents of each to breed with each other, to a means of transferring familial chattel, to a more formalized equivalent of licking things to mark ownership.

Of course, traditionally adultery was quite normal - people would marry for duty, then romance whatever partners they wanted.

It doesn't matter if she's a lesbian or in love with her horse. Love and desire are no more fitting in this context than a squid in a suit. She can fuck all the women and horses she wants, as long as she produces an heir.

That's one of the reasons why she should court Asera - the relationship itself is utterly irrelevant, but if she marries and the union is recognized as valid then that precludes any other offers.
Also, a formal joining of her ruined kingdom and the shrines would be quite a coup, so nobody could say she was remiss in her duty to the kingdom.
No. 797187 ID: f66698

I think you are all assuming far too much. We don't know anything about the political situation, the people involved, or their traditions. There's no really no need to make broad assumptions or build a plan to enter into (or avoid) political marriages.
No. 797193 ID: 48237d

I'm not sure your chronology is correct.

There are tribe that exchange female members. This is probable done because we instinctively try to avoid incestuous relations and is expostulated to be a precursor to the couples marriage agreement.

I also see no reason to the marriage as an "transference of ownership" (harsh way to put it...) would advent from political marriage. If you think in nomadic families in extreme conditions in which contact with other were rare and accompanied by inherent distrust the offering of possessions could be considered a form of gaining the family trust and demonstrating the capacity to sustain the spouse.
In agrarian civilizations the offspring were the family workforce, so the lost of one member would represent less resources acquired in the future, so following this concept of compensation for the balance of the value being transferred the compensation would be in part for the workforce. No need for nobles to imitate.
No. 797196 ID: 398fe1

Are you completely unaware of European medieval history, or something?
No. 797201 ID: 48237d

Could you be more specific?

My main point is that marriage isn't spread from nobility to the lower classes. I suspect matrimonial practices precede the concept of nobility.
Are you perhaps suggesting marriage begin in medieval Europe?
No. 797210 ID: 987bda

Oh, no, it's much older than that, but you're confusing a pair of people living together and spawning children with marriage.

Simple pair bonding goes back into pre-history, but the ritualization and formalization of it started off with "You HAVE to be with this person because we need what they will give us if you do", which resulted in people recording tracking who was with who, and rites and rituals around the event.

Marriage is one of the most romanticized things in history.
No. 797212 ID: 48237d

I remain confuse.
How am I confusing pair bounding with marriage according to your definition if all the examples I gave were agreements between families? Could you point to where I committed such mistake?
No. 797213 ID: 350a50

This is like arguing whether fries are called fries or chips. It's the same shit, some pretentious guy just decided to give it a name.

The original point here is that the nobles want a political whatever the fuck between Enrod and Victoria, which I don't really get to be honest. Her kingdom is in ruins and the only thing she has to offer is a dragon-blooded bloodline, they wouldn't gain much practical political or military clout. Maybe the bloodline alone is worth it?
No. 797215 ID: 8d4593

Ok. So marriage could be benificial even if Victoria doesn't want it, and its not a total garunteed shitshow so maybe give it some thought later.
Got it.

What i dont get is why is this argument about particular details of marriage Not in the dis thread .
No. 797241 ID: 9876c4

Because I have rigged the Disthread with butt humor. And you're welcome.
No. 797327 ID: 0d1514

Find a gay guy and be his beard
No. 801060 ID: 6cbace
File 149449932491.png - (10.62KB , 600x400 , 204.png )

"Hello I would like to be an adventurer now."
No. 801061 ID: d9d492

Better check her handwriting then, adventurers need good cursive.
No. 801062 ID: 3abd97

Humor the kid. Check her paperwork.
No. 801063 ID: ba506f

eh, you're not doing anything else right now. Play along.
No. 801064 ID: cfe4f0

She's cute, reach under the counter for one of the candies and hand her one, then humour her. Make sure her parents are okay with this, though.
No. 801065 ID: b412df

Huh, check everything is filled in properly then I guess.
No. 801067 ID: 6f97db

Tell her that it takes more than just registering in the guild to become a real adventurer. Also, that at her age, she can't do any missions without an escort.

First mission! Obtain and return with Aleo Gel!
No. 801073 ID: 6cbace
File 149451026366.png - (10.55KB , 600x400 , 205.png )

"Okay little girl, Lets see if everything is in order, shall we?"
I pluck the paper from the girl and check though the form.

Guild Application Form simplified Personal information Name: Emils ID: 589116 Date of birth: Unknown, Age 10 Species: Rabbold Titles: None Address: West District, Holden street, 293 Place of birth: Unknown Faction: None Next of Kin Name: Victor ID: 298627 Address: West District, Holden street, 293 Relation: Guardian Previous experience: None

"Did you fill this in?"
"And have you read and understood the terms of services?"
"There is a lot of missing information, but it's enough for a provisional licence."
"Provisional licence?"
"Ah, yes. As it stands, you do not have enough experience to even reach Rank F. In this case, we provide people with provisional licences, which allows them to accept limited requests that are determined safe."
I take a look at the girl to see if she follows, and she looks at me.
"Um, Basically we can't allow you to be a proper licence until you get more experiences, but a provisional licence allows you to use our facilities so you can improve yourself."
I set the form down on the desk, "So, would you like to apply for the provisional licence?"
No. 801074 ID: 3d2d5f

She gets to pick her own ID number?

>do you understand?
If I want a proper license I need to bring back an experience. What kind?

(Secretary has to convince the helpless little girl not to run off and kill something).
No. 801075 ID: d9d492

No. 801078 ID: ba56e6

No. 801083 ID: 6f97db

Emils can understand just fine coz [Universal Language].

Yes, we would like to apply for provisional license. Also ask what's the fastest way to get a proper license / get Rank F.
No. 801090 ID: d79f26

"how many things do i need to kill to get to F rank?"
No. 801093 ID: cfe4f0

This kid obviously wants to know about the full range of experience to get a full license. Do we have a pamphlet to give her about guild ranks, requirements, and experience?
No. 801096 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you explain what kind of experience she needs and how to get it, so that this little girl doesn't try to run off by herself to try and kill monsters or something!
No. 801135 ID: 368538

Ask what kind of experience.

Also, congratulations on becoming an Adventurer! Cry tears of [Fruit Juice] in celebration.
No. 801167 ID: 70983e

Emils: Nod so vigorously your head comes off.
No. 801192 ID: ba506f

take license, rank up.
No. 801225 ID: 987bda

Emils: Ask her what they mean by safe, and if it means you'll only be asked to kill the common cave monsters you're used to killing until you rank up.
No. 801227 ID: 094652

You can't lay waste to the hunting grounds or they're going to notice that game got scarce at the exact time they enlisted a 10-year old, or worse, they'll blame it on Red Eyes and you'll really lose all support. At the same time though, there's much potential in consuming biomass from exotic species.

Depopulate the ecosystem at a balanced rate. Hunt down a slew of small game, then a few packs of predators, then one or two rare apexes, then grab multiple samples of plants and fungi and plant them in the backyard, followed by some deep harvesting of randomly selected trees for wood to sell later. If the ecosystem can recover and stabilize, the hunters will chalk up the lower populations to accidentally selecting most of the breeders for this season's hunt.
No. 801268 ID: 1c44b9

yes please.
how does one rank up?
No. 801271 ID: 6cbace
File 149459372629.png - (9.74KB , 600x400 , 206.png )

"Yes please."
"Then please show me your ID bracelet."
She lifts herself up onto the desk and stretch out her arm, and I apply the licence onto her bracelet.
"There. This is your licence." I let go of her bracelet and the licence fades invisible. She pulls her hand back and looks at it.
"As long as you apply mana to it, it'll show rank alongside your normal information." I apply mana to mine, and a band of red shows up, denoting my D rank.
"How do I raise my rank?"
"Well, those under provisional licences would attend a basic course provided by the guild, or have their own trainers if they have any." I skim her paper, "It seems your guardian would be your trainer. You are still free to use the guild facilities, like the library upstairs, the classes, the arena, and so on. You won't be allowed to go on guild missions and requests though.

Once you believe you're ready, come back to us and a guild staff would evaluate your progress and records, and promote you to either F or E depending on how well you do. Getting up to D or C depends on how well you do in combat after that. That is to say, it does not mean that those in rank F and E aren't bad fighters, it could just mean that they haven't passed the evaluation, or have been demoted.

Any other questions?"
No. 801274 ID: 6f97db

1. What's your name?
2. Can I hug you?
3. What does the progress evaluation look like? How do I get ready for it?
No. 801276 ID: cfe4f0

Why does this kid want to know so much about the arena and the evaluations?
No. 801277 ID: 987bda

Library access! That's important! Can she read any spellbooks there?
No. 801279 ID: ba506f

>Any other questions?"
how does one get demoted and what are all the ranks? Also ask what rank Victor is and who's the highest rank in the guild.
No. 801284 ID: 2a7417

Can I eat fight other adventurers to gain their rank?
No. 801287 ID: 6f97db

In the dist thread it says ranks go from F to A and that Victor is rank B.
No. 801345 ID: 8d4593

Library. Books. Magic. Knowledge. Stories. Past experiances. So much to absorb. Go, go now.
No. 801486 ID: 3ce125

Emils: go get some kind of task from Victor after this, so that you have something on record.
No. 801493 ID: 91ee5f

This, but when you do, run up to Victor and start acting really excited and say, "Look, look, look! I got a provisional licence! Yaaay!"
No. 801495 ID: 6cbace
File 149465971011.png - (6.23KB , 600x400 , 207.png )

"Can I beat up other adventurers for their rank?"
"No. Fighting between adventurers is generally frowned upon both by the guild and by the kingdom. We do allow for regulated duels, but only with a witness, and never to the death.
We look at various details when considering one for a ranking up, involving conduct, ability and completion records."
"What would cause someone to be demoted?"
"Various reasons, mostly due to loss of abilities, breaking of rules, or serious misconduct. Please don't get in trouble."

You are now Emils. Decide where to go now.
No. 801497 ID: 3ce125

I'm torn between intensive library research and getting a mission from Victor to advance in rank faster.
No. 801498 ID: b88e47

Library. Find a book of spells. LEARN THEM MAGICS.
No. 801499 ID: ba56e6

All The Magic
No. 801500 ID: 91ee5f


Hopefully, now that Emils can read, we can finally find that spell that'll reduce her weight so that she can finally stop breaking everything she sits on! And for when we finally let her start eating things and she gets heavier, she'll be able to hide that also!
No. 801501 ID: 6f97db

First things first. We need to hug Cynthia.

So, ask the clerk if you can hug her.
I bet we'd get angry stares from the whole guild ;)
No. 801503 ID: d0a9a0


Check the job board. You must fight your way upward and onward! For country, for honor, for snacks!
No. 801505 ID: 8d4593

No. 801510 ID: 6cbace
File 149466676422.png - (7.03KB , 600x400 , 208.png )

"Can I give you a hug?"
"Sorry little girl, I'm not allowed to during work hours."
"Where do you keep the books?"
"Oh, We have a library upstairs. The stairs are just to the side. Hard to miss it."
"Then thank you ..."
"My name's Cynthia, good luck Emils. And tell Victor I said 'hi'."

I wave her goodbye and make my way into the guild.
The people inside take a glance at me, but otherwise pay no further attention to me as I make my way up the creaky stairs.

There are a lot of books here.
No. 801511 ID: 1c44b9

try to find out more about Magicalgirl magic.
No. 801512 ID: b88e47

Look for librarian and learn the Dewey Decimal system. Ask if there are any books with actual spells in them.
No. 801514 ID: b412df

I would suggest looking for beginner books, book of basic spells, abridged recent history, and local geography. If there's any books tailored for children go for those.

Try to learn some stuff that's considered common knowledge, that way you won't stand out by not knowing it if it ever comes up in conversation.
No. 801515 ID: 6f97db

So we'll need to stay here and study until the work hours are over so that we can hug Cynthia. Do we need to be home before then?

Did we already read the books in the bookcase in the reception area? I think we should read those first, as those are the basis we need before reading the more advanced books in here.

We should also ask a random nearby guild member if they know anything about magic classes taking place in here. Since we forgot to ask Cynthia. Yeah, telling random people that we're learning magic. What could possibly go wrong!
No. 801518 ID: 8d4593

While all these scholarly tomes will indeed prove most useful, do grab at least one work of fiction.

There is much worth in a good story.
No. 801526 ID: 91ee5f

>creaky stairs.
Oh great, something else we need to worry about, falling through floors and stairs.
No. 801528 ID: 987bda

Look for spell books.
We need to learn how to target things besides "Self", and how to do things besides making puffs of wind or heat.
No. 801555 ID: 3ce125

Look for a beginner's book on magic. Basic magical theory.
No. 801562 ID: d79f26

read them all as fast as you can without changing shape.
No. 801597 ID: ba56e6

Yes. We must research the cultural history of magical girls, and what their favored powers are.
No. 801602 ID: 3abd97

Look for magical girl books that totally aren't totally thinly disguised fetish romance novels and not real magic books.
No. 801629 ID: 6cbace
File 149472249198.png - (6.87KB , 600x400 , 209.png )

I grab a random book off a nearby shelf and flip though it.
It's about various types of bladed weapons.
Grabbing another book, it's a story about travels across some kind of forest.
I grab another book off a different shelf, it seems these shelves are organized by their subjects.

I could go though all these books, it'll take me a moment just to flip though a single book, but it'll take a long time to go though everything.
Or else I could try going for a single subject, or even look for someone for help.
You may suggest a single subject for Emils to spend her day looking though, try to attempt to go though every book she could, or look for people.
No. 801630 ID: 3abd97

Still the best subject to look for.
No. 801632 ID: b412df

One subject, History. Just remember to put the books back where you find them, else you'll draw the ire of the librarian.
No. 801633 ID: 3ce125

Subject: magic.
Suggested books:
Entry level, general theory
Novice level, Body and Temperature magics

If you have time after that, read a book on swordfighting.
No. 801637 ID: fa8c1a

No. 801638 ID: d0a9a0


Creature taxonomy. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your potential enemies (not to mention the strengths that you could make yours) is essential.
No. 801639 ID: 70983e

Subject: Being sneaky.
No. 801640 ID: 1b81c0

In addition to whatever else you do, read three general books of fairy tales and children's stories. This is remedial reading, so that you will understand references and mental shortcuts that others of your apparent age category would understand.
No. 801647 ID: b88e47

No. 801656 ID: ba56e6

Females of mystical ability.
No. 801664 ID: 15a025

Seconding this.
No. 801666 ID: d63ea8

Also seconded, this will benefit us in the long run.
No. 801670 ID: 91ee5f

Find that weight spell so that when we do go hunting for monsters to eat, we can hide our increasing weight.
No. 801676 ID: 094652

You don't really need to focus on combat or parkour because you're a giant shapeshifting blob monster. You can go almost anywhere with some creative appendages, and eat anything on your way. But the real issue is your natural weaknesses, including heat, floods, electricity, humidity, getting lost, etc.

Focus on survival skills. Specifically, Beast tactics and habits. You're a shapeshifter, so using the natural survival skills of inhabitants of the wilderness is your best shot at overall survival. Look for regular survival books as well.
No. 801677 ID: 8d4593

Hit the section where you got the treveling through the forest book.
No. 801686 ID: 987bda

No. 801705 ID: 6cbace
File 149473782992.png - (9.37KB , 600x400 , 210.png )

It takes me some time to find and collect a few relevant books in regards to the subject of:
Creature taxonomy.
Understanding creature biology has slightly improved the efficiency of [Organic Mimic]: 2:1 -> 2:1.5
A book about the basics of magic. Abridged version here: >>/questdis/111586 Wisdom: D -> C

By the time I am done, the daystar seems to be descending. Night will be soon.
No. 801707 ID: cfe4f0

As a child, people will probably be expecting you to return home at a 'normal' time for dinner. It's probably best to guard your place of residence as well.
No. 801711 ID: 3ce125

Alright, see if you can rent a book about Body Magic, and get help from Victor reading the spells in it so you can try to cast some of them.
No. 801717 ID: 29f3da

If body magic books aren't available, rent a novel for the evening.
No. 801733 ID: 6f97db

We should go. Put back the books and return to Cynthia. Greet her, "Hello pretty miss Cynthia!" and then ask her about joining the magic classes. Then, ask her how soon the closing time is.
If it's closing time soon, then great. We can wait for a bit to get the hug.
Otherwise, pretend to look sad and disappointed and tell her how she was nice to you to let you join and how you really wanted to hug her.
Come on guys, it's important to raise the affection of important people ;)

Afterwards, leave the guild and practice casting a spell. See if with this new spell knowledge you can cast spells now. Imagining the spell's effect, putting various amounts of mana into the spell and stuff.
No. 801745 ID: b412df

Ok, put the books back where you found them and head home.

I'm intrigued by the visualisation needed for magic part, so maybe once you're home try practising the warmth spell you know with different mental images? Not here though, there's flammable stuff here.
No. 801747 ID: fa8c1a

See if you can find something with a title like 'The Little Rabbold Lady's Book of Manners' to borrow.
No. 801752 ID: b88e47

Put books back. Rent book about magical girls for night reading.
No. 801763 ID: 987bda

Find and borrow books about magical girls, then go home.
No. 801839 ID: d63ea8

Renting a book on Body magic should be a priority, failing that the books on taxonomy could be helpful to study further.
No. 801843 ID: ba56e6

No. 801868 ID: 6cbace
File 149483798321.png - (6.83KB , 600x400 , 211.png )

I return the books I've read and pick up a few new books regarding female adventurers, which seems to be more of travel journals than anything.
Before I reach the stairs, Cynthia emerges from downstairs.
"Oh, you're still here."
"Hello Miss Cynthia."
"It's going to get too dark to continue reading, so we close up the library at night."
I hold up the books in my hands, "May I take these books home to read?"
"I'm sorry, but books in the guild are important and can't be removed from the building."
I look back at her disappointed, making her smile strained.
"These books are for everyone, and books are expensive, so we can't let people take them out."
My ears droop, making her hesitate.
"I can set those books aside for you tomorrow, but that's the best I can do."
"Are you still working?"
"Hm? No, I'm technically not working at the moment?"
I set the books aside and move in for a hug.

[Absorption] can be triggered. Consume: Y/N
No. 801869 ID: 0d1514

No. 801870 ID: b88e47

N. We can't gain knowledge that way. They are more helpful as independent entities. Leaving a trail of missing people wherever we go is also bad.
No. 801871 ID: 6c5adc

Y. cover her mouth so she cannot scream then afterwards lock the door the door and dispose of the keys so people think she disappeared on her way home.
No. 801872 ID: 70983e

Y. No witnesses, nothing tying you to the crime.
No. 801873 ID: 462842

What, N. N, N, N. Seriously if for no other reason than enlightened self-interest. Absorbing sentient beings does not actually improve your chances of survival, just makes them worse, because society at large is a much bigger and more ferocious organism than you will ever be and it WILL fuck you up if you fuck with it.
No. 801875 ID: 6f97db

|Blush| Hug |Kiss | ---------+-----+-----+-----| Cynthia | | | |
No! I'm so close to the combo!

Also, there's still plenty of people in the guild. We'd be noticed in a second.
No. 801878 ID: db0da2

N, we gain nothing from this, and we lose a helpful person, and we raise suspicion.
No. 801879 ID: cfe4f0

Regretfully I have to agree, it's probably not a good idea to absorb her here and now, where all the adventurers go.

We need a detailed plan to identify people with traits we want to absorb, and how to do it with a minimum of threat or evidence left behind.
No. 801881 ID: b412df

N, N, N, N. No absorbing the helpful person. Thank her for the help (As a explanation for the hug), and head home.
No. 801882 ID: ba506f

No. 801887 ID: 6cbace
File 149484987487.png - (10.94KB , 600x400 , 212.png )

I let go of Miss Cynthia and make my way down the stairs, waving her goodbye. She waves back as I leave.
The guild is a little more filled with people. Some takes a peek at me, while others ignore me. There are some who are curious while others in annoyance, but they quickly return to whatever they were doing.
Emils is in no hurry to return home. What should Emils Do?
No. 801888 ID: 987bda

Never absorb anybody who is helpful. Period.
No. 801890 ID: 9876c4

Never absorb anyone on their period.
No. 801891 ID: 70983e

Find someone these chucklefucks won't object to absorbing and have yourself a meal.
No. 801892 ID: 6f97db

Is it dinner time? After coming downstairs, is there anything going in the place on your right? If yes, then take the first right and enter the kitchen. Ask them if you can watch them how they cook. Maybe you'll even ask you to help.

If not, then check the notice board for available requests.
No. 801895 ID: b412df

Just head home, we may be in no hurry but it's getting dark so we'd be expected back soon.
No. 801903 ID: d63ea8

It would be best to head home now while the light is still good. Just make sure you keep an eye out for anyone who might be following you again, perhaps you can ambush them yourself.
No. 801905 ID: ba56e6

Go graverobbing for Mana Stones.
No. 801910 ID: b0c66b

Just recon the place for now.
No. 801915 ID: 8d4593

Wander into the woods.
Devour a nocturnal animal.
Then return home.
No. 801916 ID: d66c84

Go catch a bird to mimic, so you can fly.
No. 801918 ID: 3ce125

Go find something to eat in the woods.
No. 801921 ID: 6cbace
File 149487346138.png - (5.81KB , 600x400 , 213.png )

I head into the kitchen, but the people inside ushered me out. It seems like a busy place, and there was hardly a place for me to observe.
I try to talk to the other people, but I get a similar message of urging me back before it goes dark. They seem hesitant to talk to me, but no one would admit why.
Without anything more to do, I leave the Guild building.

Wern city is a walled city, with it's castle in the center. A river runs straight from the northwest, around the castle, and to the southeast. Roads follow the river, as well as a major road crosses perpendicular to the river. Outside the castle is the inner walls, holding most of the military and research facilities. Outside that, is the High class area, where most of the rich and noble live, as well as holds the city academy. Past that is the middle class area, where the rest of the city live, work and play. Outside that is the lower class area, where livestock and farms are placed, as well as the graveyard. Victoria lives at the Triangle, The guild is at the X, and the shrine is at the circle.
No. 801922 ID: 70983e

Eat a fisherman. Everyone will assume the body washed downstream.
No. 801923 ID: b412df

Head to Victoria's home, but keep a eye out for anyone following you as you head there.
No. 801926 ID: 6f97db

Head straight for the Shrine.
No. 801930 ID: ba56e6

No. 801935 ID: 3ce125

Well, we can either try to find a rat, or catch a fish. Can Emils scale-up her forms? Like if she eats a rat, could she become a giant rat?
No. 801946 ID: 987bda

Emils, are you even hungry?
No. 801949 ID: 976686

What did Cynthia feel and taste like?
No. 801953 ID: db0da2

Pop over to the graveyard and then head back. I'd rather not get caught grave robbing, so we'll need to do prep work beforehand like figuring out what sort of pattern the groundskeeper follows, and actually digging up a body takes time, especially if we want to do multiple, and double especially if we want to cover it up, which all adds up to us just scouting it out for now and then returning at a later date in the dead of night when Victoria thinks we're asleep
No. 801955 ID: 91ee5f


Actually, has Emils ever gone to sleep? Sneaking around at night is much easier if she doesn't require sleep.
No. 801957 ID: 6f97db

Visiting graveyard serves no purpose. Emils can't absorb dead bodies, and if they're alive she just absorbs them whole without needing to dispose of the body.
No. 801958 ID: b412df

Why are we considering going to the graveyard? We've already killed and absorbed manastones. Remember when Emils killed and absorbed a entire garrison of guards, probably ate a whole bunch of manastones then. There's no need to go graverobbing.
No. 801959 ID: 8d4593

Emils is always hungry, but it is only a minor distraction.
She does not require sleep.

Wander over near a farm.
Covertly eat a livestock animal.
No. 801960 ID: 3abd97

Sounds good. Let's case the graveyard.

It serves a purpose: we can steal all the mana stones from the dead bodies.

True, it's not necessary, but hey, why turn our nose up at additional resources that are just being stored underground?
No. 801965 ID: 6f97db

>we can steal all the mana stones from the dead bodies
You're making two assumptions here.
1. You think the graveyard contains dead bodies.
It's entirely plausible that there are no dead bodies there. Either because the bodies are incinerated, and/or because the graveyard only functions as a record of who perished.
2. You think they bury mana stones together with the bodies.
It's highly unlikely that something as valuable as mana stones would be left together with the dead bodies.

If we need mana stones so much, which I don't think we do as we can't even cast spells, then why not just.. you know, buy them? It would be pretty easy for Emils to earn money.
No. 801966 ID: 91ee5f

It was stated earlier that some people bury their dead with their mana stones, not all of them. So hitting a grave that has one of those bodies will be a lucky find.
No. 801967 ID: 3abd97

Assumptions that can be tested by casing the joint. Assessing viability is kind of the whole point of checking something out. (Like if we find a 24 crematorium bustling away, oh well).

Also don't underestimate the willingness of a society to throw away something valuable due to taboo, or by putting the dead's claim to something above the living. (Plenty of societies bury people with their valuables, and less personal ones than mana stones. And organ donation is opt in, not opt out, which might be a closer example since the stones sit inside the body).
No. 802001 ID: ba56e6

We won't know if the mana stones will be useful for broadening our core's types of magic until we try, and grave robbing is preferable to murder.
No. 802002 ID: 9876c4

I support the grave robbing plan, because no one's told Emils she shouldn't.

From her perpective, it's the logical next step.
No. 802003 ID: b412df

I'm still very much against graverobbing, but if we for some reason do so, remember to change our form. Even if we're still a white rabbold, in poor lighting having a completely different silhouette, e.g. body type and gender, should preserve our cover.
No. 802020 ID: d63ea8

The graveyard might be interesting to explore.
No. 802031 ID: 6cbace
File 149490297348.png - (5.14KB , 600x400 , 214.png )

Changing forms is easy, as flesh transform from my stockpile of mass.
My clothes does not fit, so I let it sink into my mass, placing it next to the books I've hidden inside of me.
Evading people and climbing the walls are much easier without the daystar, and my ability to sense mana allows me to travel undetected.
Finding the graveyard took most of my time, as I did not know what to look for, just going for the scent of decay.

This form seems well suited for digging, as I dig up the remains what was once a being.
There is residual mana inside of it, much like the ground or rocks around it. I observe it in my hands, finding similarities between this form and these remains. This would help as referential material for changing my form in future, but without [Absorption], I can not fully mimic what this being once was.
Flesh still remains on it, as the smell of rot and decay strongly fills this form's nose.
I try eating it.
[Absorption] can not be triggered.

It only satiates my hunger a bit. Doesn't even adds to my mass.
No. 802035 ID: 70983e

Which is why you need living targets, we know. Grab its mana stone and slink back into the city. Eat any witnesses.
No. 802037 ID: d0a9a0


Naturally. You can only absorb living tissue. Within an hour or two of death, the decay of the existent internal biological biome would make it useless. Now go get cleaned up, Emils. Don't go home stinking of the grave, worrying Victoria.

Oh, and lest I forget. NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!
No. 802038 ID: ba56e6

The body is irrelevant. Does it have a mana stone?
No. 802039 ID: 094652

Don't eat any more rotted corpses, but continue your grave-robbing. There are treasures in the earth, and finding them means money for books and food.
No. 802043 ID: 3ce125

Try to put them back under the ground after you're done. The less evidence of your presence here, the less alert the guards will be next time you get up to something nefarious.
No. 802045 ID: 3abd97

Yup. Check for a mana stone.
No. 802046 ID: b412df

Ugh fine. Ok, check to see if it has a manastone, check to see if it's of any use to you re: replicating any mana circuits or similar.

Then get the hell out of here, find a hidden place, swap back to the Emils form, but cycle inner mass outwards so you don't have the stuff that smells of graveyard on the outside. Victoria is probably wondering where the heck you are.
No. 802048 ID: 8cb228

The point here was the mana stone, NOT the body... what's that get you?
No. 802050 ID: 48237d

It doesn't add to you mass? Strange. Maybe you are not very efficient at digesting certain organic material, in this case bone.
It's possible you are a carnivorous been that can't process any vegetable. That would be inconvenient. Later you should determine if you can process vegetable mass and what kind. If you can't absorb bones it's likely you can't absorb wood.
No. 802052 ID: 3ce125

Emils requires mana to add to her mass. She gains some nourishment from eating things which can keep her healthy, but residual mana isn't good enough to power mass conversion into slime.
No. 802053 ID: 987bda

Oh, hey, look, the thing we said was both a bad idea and pointless was a bad idea and pointless.
Rebury the body, then make it look like some wild animal got in and dug at it. Then never do this again.

You need to play the long game. Spend your time learning and gradually building your skillset and power base, and be extremely cautious.
Don't eat ANYBODY in town, because disappearances are suspicious and there are far too many witnesses.

You can go nuts while you're out adventuring alone, but don't shit where you sleep.
No. 802054 ID: 6cbace
File 149490508509.png - (5.62KB , 600x400 , 215.png )

Eating satiates the hunger, which pleases this one to the core.
The corpse does not have a stone. It is difficult sensing the dead with Mana Presence as they blend in with the ambient mana around them.
I dig up another corpse. It does not have a stone either.
Its mana veins are twisted and interrupted when it's flesh decayed. It does not seem that the dead holds any mana stones.
I consume it too before returning the dirt and marker stone.
Smell and dirt does not stick to this form, as I can 'refresh' the outsides of this form, leaving it clean.

Gaining of Mass appears to be tied to Absorption, going by the fact that an time I did gain mass was when I have Absorbed rather than Consumed. Unless I can consume a Mana stone from a living being, I can not draw a full conclusion.
No. 802056 ID: 3ce125

>Eating satiates the hunger
Ohhh. How long does that last?
Also it occurs to me if we want to control Emils' weight but keep her from wanting to eat people so much, we can continue eating things without mana like this. Consumption without Absorption means Emils gets to eat without getting too heavy!

Eat two more corpses, at most. Maybe try to find a rich person's grave? They'd be ones with bigger gravestones.
No. 802058 ID: ba56e6

That's too bad, but now we know. It's time to go monster hunting. Once we have a monstrous form suitable to act as a vigilante disguise, we can begin devouring criminals for their mana stones.
No. 802059 ID: 48237d

I though you already had twenty five rabold mana stones stored in your body.

The graveyard inhabitants aren't very useful. You should either go home or hunt an unimportant target at the lower class area.
No. 802060 ID: 91ee5f

>monstrous form
We might be able to do that now. We have a Lesser Taros Reptile form. Couldn't we just have parts of that on a Rabbold sized body? Scaly skin, a reptilian tail, claws, etc., all on a body that's the size of a Rabbold. But, this'll only work if Emils is able to mix and match body parts like that.
No. 802061 ID: d63ea8

Best to fill in the graves again as best you can, we wouldn't want the guards to be alerted further.
No. 802069 ID: 9876c4

If we do this methodically, we can eventually case the whole yard for stones. Not tonight, but over a few weeks, sure.
No. 802079 ID: 6cbace
File 149490929379.png - (5.49KB , 600x400 , 216.png )

I feed upon a few more corpses, but the satiation lasts briefly. None of these buried corpses holds items with them.
A quick tests proves that it is indeed possible for forms to merge. Incompatibilities are bridged with slime mass.
Mana stones that have been absorbed have been enriching the cores within me. This form itself holds no mana stones of it's own.

Speaking of nearby prey...
No. 802080 ID: 3ce125

Go sniff it out. Can't tell what it is from this distance. Identify the target before deciding if you're going to eat it; some potential targets can be more useful alive. Or it could be an outright friend. Bag, maybe?

Speaking of the cores within you, is the seed at the right stage that you can begin feeding it dragonblood? It'd be a good use of all the excess mass you've got.
No. 802083 ID: 70983e

You gotta be sneaky, Emils, sneakyyyy. Eat it before it even knows you're there.
No. 802085 ID: ba56e6

Determine if friend or food. No benefit to eating friend.
No. 802086 ID: d66c84

Is that Bag and his tentacle friend?
No. 802087 ID: 3ce125

Oh shit I just realized, we need to cover our tracks. Footprints will show a Rabbold came in, messed with a bunch of graves, then vanished and a big ass monster started stomping around. That will indicate a shapeshifter, and although Emils is not detectable in the ways old shapeshifters were detected, it would still cause trouble.

So we gotta decide what tracks to leave behind if any. I'd prefer no tracks at all but that may be difficult for Emils and would take a while. Hmm, it may be best to leave only large tracks behind, but the guards would insist they didn't let any beasts into the city. I guess they'd be forced to conclude it was a very sneaky giant reptile that likes eating corpses for some reason.
No. 802088 ID: 8d4593

Ivestigate mana source.
No. 802091 ID: 48237d

The grave keeper... Not the worst target.
If he disappear there is a high chance the following investigation will find out about the missing bones. Regardless it's a hell of a leap of logic to conclude it's the work of a slime, much less one living as a little girl.
Take a look to make sure this isn't someone you know or have any utility to you alive.
Always keep in mind you don't want to attract attention. Be sure to select your prey among the poor and don't hunt too many in one nigh. This werelizard form should be an adequate alibi if anyone see you.
No. 802093 ID: d63ea8

Investigate stealthily, we'll still have the option to eat or not eat. If this turns out to be an animal of some kind absorbing it would be good to expand our number of disguises.
No. 802096 ID: 6cbace
File 149491224826.png - (5.23KB , 600x400 , 217.png )

I have no control over the other core. It lays dormant, yet to germinate.
I slink my way across towards the building, hearing the sounds of snoring from within.
I bump the door, but it is locked.
-Fast: Do it loud. Bash in and attack. -Slow: Do is quiet. Try to sneak in. -Retreat: Return back home.
No. 802097 ID: 3abd97

Retreat. We don't need to eat the sleeping grave keeper.
No. 802098 ID: 70983e

Slow. Can you eat the door off its hinges?
No. 802099 ID: cfe4f0

No. 802102 ID: 8d4593

Sure we need not eat the keeper, but there was somthing moving in there.
Perhaps the keepers pet. Slow.
No. 802103 ID: ba56e6

No. 802104 ID: 395c02

Retreat, unless you really want to practice your sneaking skills I guess. I don't think we should eat the gravekeeper.
No. 802105 ID: 4b2538

Slow. time to feed
No. 802106 ID: 3ce125

Ehh, I feel like we should at least try to Consume an animal before we graduate to premeditated murder. We tried dead people, let's compare the satiation to living animals. If animals don't last long either we can try eating a person.
I would prefer eating someone who doesn't contribute to society; at least a homeless person, not the gravekeeper.

No. 802108 ID: 70983e

Stop whinging about petty morals. Meat is meat. Emils will eat.
No. 802111 ID: e22b1d

Fast. Emils isn't a fragile creature, its already eaten ten or more rabbolds what a single one do to it?
No. 802115 ID: 91ee5f

No. 802118 ID: 9a72f1

Slow. You've got to get that nutrition.
No. 802119 ID: 48237d


Animals would be better prey than people. Some have more mass and their absence doesn't cause investigations and retribution.
Emils still can eat some random people because this is a city full of them and to experiment with absorption and mana stones.
No. 802131 ID: d63ea8

Slow, we can't assume this target is unarmed.
No. 802133 ID: 3ce125

Ah, just so others are aware: Emils won't get satiated from an Absorb. She has to Consume to sate her hunger, which does not give us any other benefit as far as we know.
It does not give her mass, she has to use Absorb for that, and that won't sate her hunger.
No. 802134 ID: 87353e

No. 802136 ID: 6cbace
File 149491706184.png - (5.98KB , 600x400 , 218.png )

Fast - 1
>Slow - 8
Retreat - 5

I press my hand into the door knob, letting slime flood the keyhole and manipulate the lock.
It takes some time to unlock the door and quietly move the door open.
Treading slowly to not make a noise, I make my way towards the sleeping occupant. They're buried under a thick blanket, hiding from the cold night.

-Absorb -Consume -Retreat
No. 802138 ID: d63ea8

Consume, we can't loose our nerve now.
No. 802139 ID: 90f3c0

No. 802140 ID: 6f97db


Come on guys, if we're gonna be a criminal murdering in the night, then we should go all the way and be a rapist too.
No. 802143 ID: 70983e

No. 802145 ID: 4b2538

No. 802146 ID: cfe4f0

Consume, we need to test the theory about what this does for our mana.
No. 802147 ID: 8d4593

What's the difference between absorb and consume?

Also, from the distance it looked like a line of mana...
Mana Sense house, what else is here?

If nothing else of interest is here, retreat, if anything else alive is here that could provide new forms absorb that.
No. 802149 ID: 3ce125

With no sign of forced entry, it will be an unexplained disappearance. I suppose this could be worth the risk, if we abandon the moral concerns. Morally, we should be finding a hobo at least, but preferably we'd find a criminal. Why kill a grave keeper?

I'd still prefer Retreat, but I'd rather Consume won than Absorb.
Absorb has no benefit at all. We don't gain a new form, it won't affect Emils' hunger, and the added mass will hinder more than help. At this point we may as well find a place to dump extra mass, even.
No. 802151 ID: 3ce125

Absorb means she gains mass (if it's a valid target for Absorb) and attempts to learn a new form.
Consume gains no mass, but it satiates her hunger for a while.
No. 802152 ID: 4b2538

Wouldn't consuming them leave large puddles of blood everywhere?
No. 802153 ID: 3ce125

Emils can consume blood too.
No. 802155 ID: 91ee5f

I agree, we consume!

Make sure you bite off the head first to prevent the victim from screaming! And clean up any blood that comes from the carnage, leave no traces!

Then we should get back home before Mama Victora comes looking for us!
No. 802156 ID: 094652

Capture, interrogate, and throw him into the woods. As bait.

Give the old man a fighting chance, you're here for blood so you may as well play this smart.
No. 802157 ID: 91ee5f

I don't think Emils understands how sex works, so I don't think she'd know how to rape.
No. 802158 ID: 32d095

Randomly eating people doesn't seem like something a magical girl would do.
No. 802159 ID: 6f97db

What perfect time to learn!
No. 802161 ID: bfdaf0

Check that it's not someone we know, then absorb.
No. 802162 ID: 29b49d

No. 802163 ID: 70983e

No, we're here for biomass. Taking someone in their sleep is possibly the mot bloodless method of resource acquisition. Which Consume will not accomplish, I might add. Where is it all going anyway, if not into our slime reserves?
No. 802166 ID: 2120ee


Nah, this's dumb.
No. 802169 ID: 0d1514

Eating people is stupid and dangerous. In the past you didn't know better, but now you do. Go into the forest and eat a bear or something.
No. 802170 ID: 4b2538

Wouldn't letting the gravekeeper live be more dangerous? He'll notice that Emils has eaten corpses and it'll worry the guards that a beast has gotten inside.
No. 802172 ID: 8d4593

We we're here to steal mana stones. We are currently sidetracked.
No. 802173 ID: 3ce125

People will notice that no matter what. It might just take a little longer.
No. 802174 ID: 87353e


I don't see the point in eating this person when your gonna have your fill going on hunts for adventure training soon anyway.
Killing this grave keeper for no real reason besides some people are horny for murder is kinda dumb.
No. 802175 ID: 4f4c88

Retreat. But first you're forgetting something important, Emils: are there any books here?
No. 802176 ID: 3ce125

I support this idea. We could steal some of his shit!
No. 802177 ID: db0da2

Seconding this.
No. 802178 ID: 0d1514

A gravedigging beastie is a nuisance. A maneater is a threat. The only advantage to eating people is that cities have a high population density, useful only if you want to go godzilla.
No. 802184 ID: 70983e

Which we do! Becoming a force of nature while doing our monster heritage proud, truly a worthy goal. Our mark on the world will be indelible. It's not the only advantage to eating them, but it is a big one.
No. 802190 ID: 35089a

if its a bold theres no point in absorbing it
i say we go eat some nobles or criminals from jail but thats risky so lets just leave and find and eat a hobo to see what consume does to a stone without panicking the city
No. 802194 ID: fa8c1a

But you can't spell indelible without 'inedible'!
No. 802207 ID: b412df

Retreat. I thought we weren't going to eat innocent people.
No. 802208 ID: 9876c4

I... agree. Slime knows that this person performs a function, and will be missed.
No. 802211 ID: 395c02

Retreat already.
No. 802213 ID: a61180

No. 802215 ID: 8cb228

No. 802222 ID: 6cbace
File 149493939709.png - (4.43KB , 600x400 , 219.png )

> Retreat
I take a look around, grabbing what looks like books and anything useful. Without lights, it is difficult to figure out what it is.
With my dinner digesting inside of me, I leave the being in the bed alone as I retreat, re-locking the door as I leave, as well as smear any tracks I leave behind.

I reform myself smaller before reaching the city walls, making me a smaller target.
It takes me until the moon is 3/4th across the sky before I reach home.
No. 802225 ID: 91ee5f

>It takes me until the moon is 3/4th across the sky before I reach home.
Is that really late? Because if it is, then Mama Victoria is gonna be sooo upset at Emils for staying out so late and making her worry about Emils' safety! She might even ground Emils by not training her for a week, which will prevent Emils from getting the necessary training to raise her guild rank!
No. 802229 ID: 6cbace
File 149494191362.png - (9.32KB , 600x400 , 220.png )

>>802225 >>/questarch/793321 Emils schedule is now as follows: [Daystar Rises - 0600][Gym - 0700 to 0900][Classes - 1000 to 1400][Guild - 1500 to 1800][Return Home][Daystar Descends - 1800] Pick what awaits Emils.
No. 802230 ID: fa8c1a

Well, you don't really need to sleep so check out your cool loot and find a hiding spot for it?
No. 802232 ID: d63ea8

Seconded, depending on how long it takes we could also swing by the guild afterwards and see if there are any jobs we can take.
No. 802233 ID: b412df

Whoops. We may have just scared the living daylights outta some poor bird.

Yeah, need to hide the books. Since we wouldn't want people to recognise stolen goods.

As for what next, I'd say see if there's any basic / learning / tutorial missions we could go on. Like the one we saw Victoria take the kids on. If it takes multiple people we could even ask Bea if she wants to come with.
No. 802240 ID: 6f97db

Read the book that you stole at the graveyard building.
Discover the wonderful world of adult novels.
Finally learn how to kiss.
No. 802244 ID: 48237d

Damn, we lost our opportunity of absorbing our first Avaro. On the plus side it warms my heart that Emils became someone's nightmare.

During the nights Victoria is absent Emils should explore the city in her new werelizard form.
Just look at things before deciding to interact with them. Make sure your decisions are reasonable well informed.
No. 802252 ID: 8d4593

And that's how the legend of La Chupacabra was born.
That guy never needed to sleep again anyway.

Read all the books.
Covertly return all the guild books when you are done with them.

Perhaps do the same with the grave keepers books when done with them. Just return tomorrow night and put them on his door step. Use the chimerical form and be double careful not to get spotted.
No. 802259 ID: b7627b

Emils should learn the purpose of unstable chest meat.
No. 802263 ID: 3ce125

When you have the opportunity to do so(maybe by sneaking out of your room at night?), go Consume a large animal. Maybe from a farm if you can do so without getting caught. See how well that satiates you. Also find a place to discreetly get rid of some mass. Just enough that you're not likely to break furniture afterwards. It'll give us some breathing room to Absorb something new without having to dump mass immediately afterwards.

In between classes you can talk to some of the people you've spoken to before. Especially the fish, he/she seemed really happy to have someone to speak to without using bubbles.
No. 802267 ID: ba56e6

Words words words.
No. 802271 ID: 031add

If we go out every night Victoria is gone she will eventually realize the creature sightings only happen when she isn't around and she might grow suspicious of us. If Victor doesn't grow suspicious of us others might grow suspicious of her. We must keep these journeys infrequent.
No. 802279 ID: 70983e

Told you leaving behind a witness was a terrible idea. Skip to Gym practice.
No. 802280 ID: 3ce125

Oh, if we're picking which time segment to view in detail, I'd support either Gym or Guild.
No. 802287 ID: d63ea8

No. 802311 ID: ba56e6

In that case, Guild.
No. 802312 ID: b412df

Huh, if that's the case, gym. Would like to see Emils interact with Bea some more.
No. 802322 ID: 91ee5f

That is the face of a man/woman that heard something outside, looked out the window, and then foolishly hid under the covers of their bed!

I bet when he/she heard the door open, he/she thought he/she was going to die! And I wouldn't be surprised if he/she pissed himself/herself out of fear! XD
No. 802366 ID: 48237d

Only if someone see the monstrosity every time Emils become it. The point of assuming that form is to mislead investigations anyway.
No. 802372 ID: 051c78

If we go to the gym.
For fun.
No. 802745 ID: a5c2b3


Also holy shit we probably traumatized that poor bird. And we really should CONSUME someone eventually.
No. 802840 ID: 600f38

How, exactly, do you think Emils got her current body?
No. 802845 ID: ba56e6

I'm not really sure why we should, or why we would want to.
No. 802846 ID: 8d4593

I think it's a bad Idea to consume people, at least at this stage. The slime doesn't yet appreciate the value of sentient life beyond itself yet, and eating people now would only reinforce that people are no more than food. At least give it a chance to be able to justify murder in some other way.
No. 802869 ID: 70983e

Via ABSORPTION. Consuming is worth a try, Emils seems to derive pleasure from it without gaining additional biomass, which for some reason softboys are set firmly against.
No. 802874 ID: 3ce125

Nice meme, bro. Maybe you can try calling people beta next, or cucks, or lowtest, or wusses if you want to get old school. Get some variety in when you're belittling the majority of the suggestion base.

The reason why people are against absorption and for consumption is that Emils is so heavy she's breaking furniture. She is trying to keep hidden, and more mass will only make that more difficult.
Also we didn't know that was a bird.
No. 802890 ID: 511877

How about next time the absorption prompt appears we let emils decide?
I'd like to know where she stands on this.
No. 802895 ID: 71fd25

Or it could be that we want Emil to be a magical girl and that means fighting for justice.....there is no justice in eating the innocent
No. 802898 ID: 4854ef

Give Tgchan a choice and this is what everyone's going to pick always anyways.
No. 802905 ID: 71fd25

Well how much have we talked about eating the shit out of all monsters and animals and possibly bad guys, that we can
No. 802906 ID: 8bf821

To be honest, I really liked the April Fools thread.
No. 802912 ID: ba56e6

What do you think magical girls do, exactly?
Monsters and villains are not innocents, they're fair game.

Same, that's now my end goal.
No. 802916 ID: 91ee5f

>Same, that's now my end goal.
But what'll you do if that can't actually happen in the main quest?
No. 802919 ID: ba56e6

Not with that attitude.
No. 803169 ID: 8111b6

While we do eventually need to betray the town and get our snack on, now isn't the time for it. The town is still useful to us.

If we want to test out consuming living things, perhaps we can aim smaller if we can't leave town. Maybe we can have 'the monster' eat somebody's pet. If we can leave town, that point becomes moot and we can snack on whatever out in the wilderness.

Once the town outlives its usefulness, they can be with us forever and ever~ :9
No. 803170 ID: ba56e6

I don't think 'need' is the word you're looking for.
No. 803175 ID: 8111b6

We are a slime. If we aren't going to go full 'devour everything' ala the blob, it's a hugely wasted opportunity. It's not even the first time that /quest/ has been societally genocidal. Each person in town is a little bundle of skills and mass. Sure, duplicate skills would likely start happening, but the mass would still be a bonus.

Emils is a maneating, shapeshifting monster. The only reason not to go full B-list monster movie is because they're still useful. ...but I'll shift any ethical debates to the discussion thread if desired.
No. 803177 ID: ba56e6

Just sounds like a boring story.
No. 803178 ID: 6cbace
File 149527225260.png - (10.41KB , 600x400 , 221.png )

"Alright people, we have a new face with us. This is Emils.
Because we have someone new with us, we're going for something light today.
Everyone's gonna run until they drop. If any of you do worse than Emils, you get extra training.
Any objections?"
No. 803180 ID: 70983e

I object to Emils getting less training time than everyone else!
No. 803181 ID: ba56e6

Sounds like a challenge.
No. 803182 ID: cfe4f0

Emils: Laugh maniacally and then out-endure everyone else here. These people need to know that 'going easy on the new kid' is a waste of your and their time.
No. 803183 ID: 6f97db

Actually, I think that Emils can't run fast or for a long time, due to her mass. Her muscles would be destroyed fast and probably can't regenerate while she's using them.

>Any objections?
"No sir. Do we take the usual route around the dojo?"
No. 803184 ID: b7627b

Not to mention the extra mass from last night...

Don't send emil into a swamp.
No. 803185 ID: 70983e

No mass gain from Consumption. We really should have tried it on a living target to see what happened.

Sitting around here doing training that doesn't actually help our muscles when we could be going kaiju instead? Sounds like a boring story.
No. 803187 ID: b412df

Do the same as last time I'd say, try to match everyone else but listen to your form and stop when you're having to assist to keep it going.

Not really? Technique can be just as useful as raw strength. Besides, the owner of this gym is someone who could probably destroy Emils easily.
No. 803189 ID: 6cbace
File 149527720318.png - (9.36KB , 600x400 , 222.png )

"I object sir."
"Oh, and why is that Michael?"
"I do not wish to play babysitter."
"Very well. If you can pin down Emils, you're free to go for today.
What say you, Emils?"
No. 803190 ID: 70983e

Pin him without a word. Just sitting on him should be enough. Who's gonna believe him when he says you're like a ton of bricks?
No. 803191 ID: b88e47

Sure. Grab his leg with your arms and legs and don't let go. Be careful not to crush it. You can wait him out.
No. 803192 ID: 6f97db

If the guy knows body magic, he could pin down Emils without a problem. But it seems Rosh already knows who's going to win, otherwise he wouldn't be making this offer. So to get a favour from Rosh, we should act according to his expectations, that is, put this guy in his place.

>What say you, Emils?
"I'm ready sir."

However, I don't think we know any matrial arts, and it would be impossible to pin down such a large foe without transforming. I would suggest we simply place our back against a wall to get some good support so that he can't drop us from our feet, and then protect our head.
No. 803194 ID: b88e47

Remember, if he gets you in a hold, dislocate your limbs to get out of it then pop them back in.
No. 803195 ID: 6cbace
File 149527997480.png - (11.38KB , 600x400 , 223.png )

"No objections sir."
We are directed in front of the others, standing on opposite ends of the area we are to duel in.
I do not know why this one wishes to fight me but if It does indeed wish for a fight, then I probably should indulge it.
Winning however might raise more questions.

Hit Hard - Slime power Hit Medium - Rabbold child power Hit Light - Take a fall
No. 803196 ID: 70983e

Light - Don't reveal your power level. Plus, when he takes a hike and then sees you running circles around the group he'll know you were fucking with him.
No. 803197 ID: 3ac858

Hit them Medium, but do it where it hurts. THE SHINS
No. 803198 ID: 6c5adc

Slime power, we'll teach them not to doubt us.
Also doesn't the trainer already know how strong we are or are we being trained by someone else?
No. 803199 ID: 6f97db

As I said, Rosh expects us to win and probably to teach this guy a lession not to underestimate opponents.

Enough to knock the wind out of him, but not break any bones.
No. 803200 ID: b412df

Medium. Remember he has to pin you, not knock you out. So this should be amusing when he tries to grapple you (That's what his stance suggests he's going to do).
No. 803202 ID: b7627b

Medium-hardish like delian said~
No. 803203 ID: 4854ef

Hit em hard slime power!
No. 803204 ID: b61d14

Go medium-hardish: Stronger-than-average rabbold girl power.
No. 803205 ID: db0da2

This. Rabbold child power would be way too little, and slime power could literally kill him. Start on the lower end of that spectrum and then ramp up your hits to as much as he can take. Focus on hitting him in ways that make it harder for him to grab you, because if he does, I don't think we could realistically get out with blatant slime power use.
No. 803208 ID: 1a3973

Use as much power as you've showed Rosh before. Keeps things consistent.
No. 803209 ID: 0b99d7

medium-high hit to side of knee, if you can injure his leg slightly then lose the match, he can fall behind you in the run without any of it being suspicious.
Play them all for fools, you are a master decepticon!
No. 803210 ID: 031add

You've taken apart enough rabbolds to know where the vitals are, hit medium with precision this hides our true power while still kicking his ass.
No. 803211 ID: 91ee5f

No. 803212 ID: d63ea8

Medium-hard. Let us surprise this combatant, leverage will be our ally here since he is bigger but probably not as heavy as us.
No. 803213 ID: 8d4593

Medium-Hard. Let's hurt him. Don't break him though.

Keep your mass centered and low throughout the fight. Don't let hm bring you down.
No. 803220 ID: 6cbace
File 149529450640.png - (9.78KB , 600x400 , 224.png )

Upon the start of the fight he reaches towards me first with a quick grab.
I deflect his aim and grip his arm as a counter, halting it in it's path.
No. 803221 ID: 6cbace
File 149529509795.png - (9.11KB , 600x400 , 225.png )

With his arm held in place, I shift forwards and aim a kick into his ribs, hitting him while he is surprised at his sudden stop of motion.
With him stunned, I pull his arm over me, throwing him onto the floor.

I win I guess.
No. 803222 ID: d63ea8

Good job! Just return to your place in the line, best not to make a show of it.
No. 803223 ID: 91ee5f

Bow to your opponent and then get back in line.
No. 803224 ID: 6f97db

Bow in respect and return back to the line.

Listen to what Rosh and everyone else has to say about this fight.
No. 803225 ID: b412df

Hopefully we didn't injure them. Return to the line I guess, don't make a show of it because it might seem like mocking if you did, since you won so easily.
No. 803233 ID: ba56e6

"I am unclear on the conditions of victory."
No. 803239 ID: 600f38

Yes, do this.

People will ask how you got to be so strong.
When they do, there's a simple answer you can give that is both truthful and would explain the situation adequately:
"As far back as I can remember I have been fighting monsters to survive in the wild. It is only recently that I was only found and brought to civilization."
No. 803248 ID: b88e47

Return back to line with nothing extra.
No. 803254 ID: 6f97db

Remember, Victoria already spoke with Rosh, but we don't know what she told him. If we say something that wouldn't match what Victoria said, then that would be problematic.

So for now, there's no need to tell them anything. The only person that we need to answer to is Rosh. Rosh already knows how strong we are, and why, so he won't be asking such questions.

Maybe if we're alone with them, 1 on 1, then we might choose to say something.
No. 803256 ID: 91ee5f

No. 803300 ID: 70983e

Help him back up.
No. 803344 ID: 8d4593

Do this >>803248
No. 803354 ID: 15a025

Did he say stop, or the gym instructor?
If he said stop, pin him anyway.
If it was the instructor, then walk back to the line.
No. 803360 ID: b7627b

Those are... those aren't ribs.

And it's generally considered disrespectful to kick that.
It's also a very vulnerable spot.
No. 803361 ID: 3ce125

Her leg extends further than that. Rabbolds have long feet.
No. 803380 ID: 91ee5f

She is kicking his ribs. His arm is blocking our view, but you can still sort of see her leg making contact with his side.
No. 803395 ID: d9fefb

Go berserk and eat all the martial artists.
We have 95% blunt damage reduction, so we can take them all!
No. 803403 ID: b7627b

I have been deceived!

Very well then, carry on.
No. 803429 ID: d9fefb

During the run, when someone starts to fall behind, eat them.
That way you raise the average of the class, so the lessons get harder, we learn more and gain skills, magic and biomass!
It's the perfect plan!
No. 803431 ID: cd2dbc

Except for the fact that it would likely be in plain view of everyone else.
No. 803434 ID: 91ee5f

This is true.
No. 803438 ID: d9fefb

Thats why they have to fall behind a bit.
No. 803439 ID: 031add

And the teacher who stands back and watches the race?
No. 803440 ID: 0b99d7

bow and maybe offer a hand but don't otherwise make a deal of it
No. 803442 ID: 91ee5f

They're just running laps around the dojo, which is located in a populated part of town. Everyone is going to see that, no matter how far behind they fall.

Besides, this is just the warmup. When everyone done with the run, they're going back inside for the actual lesson. And everyone is going to notice there are fewer students than when we started the run.
No. 803448 ID: d9fefb

Emils doesn't know thatshe is going to eat someone eventually
No. 803450 ID: 91ee5f

Duh. The key word being "eventually".
No. 803468 ID: 31b528

There are far better targets than dojo kids.
Epecially if Vic is absent, someone is bound to try and kidnap Emils for nefarious purposes.
No. 803474 ID: 878f8e

Logically, we'd have to eat them, and any responders, and anyone who cares about them, etc. etc. Eventually, this will end up with us fighting the military and adventurers and there would be explosions and we'd be dead.

Therefore, don't eat anyone!
No. 803491 ID: 9876c4

I'm still trying to figure out how to divert mass to our sibling slime core. But surprise! Most sorcery is not written from the perspective of a slime.
No. 803495 ID: 3ce125

Right now, the baby slime we're carrying is just a seed. It consumes mana to germinate(and is getting that mana by acting like a parasite on Emils right now), and we don't know how long it will do this before it becomes a slime that can eat to grow.
No. 803538 ID: 8111b6

Remember the squad she ate before she joined civilization when we didn't control her? (Thread one, chapter five) She got stuff from them. Level zero proficiencies, iron coating, etc. Ergo, she did gain stuff from it. We don't know yet if eating others with those things will raise those or if they need to be trained, as we haven't absorbed anyone or anything living lately.
No. 803544 ID: 70983e


Emils' mission has nothing to do with saving the world, her mission is to become a magical slimegirl. The world we choose to save need not be one with rabbolds in it.
No. 803562 ID: 8d4593

Iron coating was likely from eating their armor along with them, and/or observing how they used armor to protect themselves.
The level 0 proficiencies were likely from the observing combat itself. The slime is absurdly intelligent. It's able to remember and understand most actions after watching just once, and able to reproduce said actions accurately with very little practice. Just eating people wont teach it nearly as much as normal training. That said, if we really wanted to go the violent monster route, the most effective way of learning combat would be forcing long, drawn out fights.
No. 803597 ID: 6f97db

I deleted my post coz I accidentally used the word "facts". It's not facts but my assumptions.

>The level 0 proficiencies were likely from observing the combat itself.
The exact reason how we learned those skills was never explained. But yes, this is exactly what my assumption is. I feel that it's illogical to be able to learn weapon proficiency skills by absorbing genetic material or manastone (manastone is for boosting body and spell casting). Also, we were left with lvl 0 skills from killing 25 trained rabbold sentries. If it was possible to absorb skills, then those skills would probably be higher level.
No. 803600 ID: ba56e6

This is sound reasoning.
No. 803747 ID: e05f3e

So what do you guys think....we supposed to deposits the core into someone and it eats them or maybe it turns them into a slime and their self inhabits the core?
No. 803842 ID: 6cbace
File 149552981762.png - (6.83KB , 600x400 , 226.png )

I offer a hand to the big guy, but he brushes me off, getting up on his own before returning to the line. I follow behind him, returning to my place.

"Alright, any other objections? No? Then get ready."

We move up to a wide path that seems to wind around the building, but still within the compound. The others seem to be moving in place for some reason.

Endurance Long - Emils is unable to grow tired. Run as long as you can. Endurance Medium - Keep going until your form can not take it. Endurance Short - Stop after a while. Run - Run as hard as you can. Jog - Run at a normal pace. Walk - Take your time.
No. 803844 ID: b88e47

Long Run
Repair as needed to keep pieces from falling off.
No. 803845 ID: cd9c79

where did you get that 25 guards were absorbed?
No. 803846 ID: fd73fa

Run, medium endurance.
No. 803847 ID: 3ce125

Endurance Medium. Or if we're feeling mean we can do Endurance Long and spend some mass to heal our current form to ensure Emils is the last one standing.
I say Jog, because he said "run", not "sprint". If he wants you to run faster he can tell you to.
No. 803848 ID: 0d1514

No. 803850 ID: cd9c79

Long we're here to learn and if we hold back it's gonna have a negative impact on our training.
No. 803851 ID: cd9c79

also run because we probably wont be able to keep up otherwise
No. 803854 ID: 70983e

Run/Long - When the teacher says run, you run.
No. 803855 ID: 094652

Start off at a sprint, then do a medium jog.
No. 803858 ID: 68445a

Medium jog. We're projecting the image of an above-average sports rabbold, while still not unnatural. Let's keep it consistent.
No. 803860 ID: 48237d

Medium jog. Let them underestimate you at something.
No. 803863 ID: 393ae0

Slow and careful (endurance) jog.

Do you guys know what happens when elephants run? Yeah, ground shakes. That's what would happen if Emils would run.
No. 803864 ID: ba506f

No. 803867 ID: b412df

This is a valid point. Go for a medium endurance jog.
No. 803878 ID: 600f38

Endurance Medium.
Keep pace with the others, but stay near the front.
No. 803879 ID: 8cb228

Medium jog.
No. 803882 ID: d79f26

be the last one to fall
No. 803886 ID: 6cbace
File 149554586227.png - (7.72KB , 600x400 , 227.png )

Medium Endurance Jogging
We began running, and I started jogging.
Very quickly, the others pass me, running ahead the path. Some keep just ahead of me as I keep a constant pace, while others disappear around corners. None of them are behind me.
Eventually the ones that went ahead begin to lap me, including the large guy from before.
But I keep going at the same pace.

It was in the third lap before I felt the strain on my form as I begin repairing torn muscles and ease the stress on my bones. However it is clear that this form can't go much farther as is, and I slow down and stop in front of Rosh.

"My legs can not take any more of this." I tell him.
He stands there, arms crossed as he looks at me up and down.
Frowning, he says "Kid, You are hardly sweating or even gasping for air. I don't know what you're trying to pull here, but keep going."

Endurance Long - Emils is unable to grow tired. Run as long as you can. Endurance Medium - Keep going until your form breaks down. Endurance Short - Stop after a while. Run - Run as hard as you can. Jog - Run at a normal pace. Walk - Take your time.
No. 803887 ID: 395c02

Oh, right, Rosh expects more from us.

Well, uh, go long I guess. But don't speed up or anything.
No. 803888 ID: b7627b


Is it possible for you to permit your body to cool itself via its own mechanism (ie sweating) and not reabsorb the mass? Similarly limit or shut off anything you're doing to supply it with additional oxygen besides breathing and the body's lungs.
No. 803889 ID: c2b271

Run on your hands, then.
No. 803890 ID: 91ee5f

In Thread 1 the only mention of the number 25 is when Cynthia, the guild receptionist, tells Victor that all the guards in Tunnel 25 went missing. Emils' stats only give a vague message of "Defeat >10 enemies in a single battle." There isn't a specified number, but it's at least 11 or higher.

Emit Fluid: Water from body to simulate sweating. Just do a tiny amount!
No. 803891 ID: 8d4593

Ok. Run then.
Medium Long.
Only do minor repairs on your form as you do, repair slower than your form in injured.

Rosh will be satisfied when something inevitably breaks.
No. 803892 ID: 8cb228

Make sure to sweat a bit, pant a bit, gasp a bit, and show the physiological signs of the appropriate stress as you go further.
No. 803895 ID: 48237d

Since this body is a child with no strength reinforces it's no surprise you perform this task worst than trained adults, specially considering how much weigh your tiny legs are caring. Maybe Rosh will understand that.
You can keep going even after something break if that is what he wants, but at some point you should find out if he is going to teach any magic or push you in the hopes you figure on your own.
No. 803897 ID: 6f97db

Hmm. We need a way to prevent this form from falling apart. Once a bone breaks, it isn't repaired instantly. But more importantly, it would be extremely suspicious if a strong child would break its legs with some slow running. Yes, normal people don't break bones from running.

Tell him that you're not tired, but that you're in pain. Ask him if you can get some wraps for your legs. While waiting, see if you can thicken/reinforce the bones in your legs.

Endurance Short - Jog
Basically, go slower when Rosh can't see you, and repair your damage at that time, but go with normal speed when he can see you. Obviously, also breathe harder and harder with every lap, and produce sweat at a constant rate. Is there such a thing as adrenaline in a rabbold body?

25 is a nice round number. The tunnel number is a coincidence.
No. 803900 ID: caa53e

"I said my legs can not take any more of this. My lungs are fine. My muscles are burning."
No. 803901 ID: d63ea8

Go with Jog Long, show Rosh that you may not be the fastest but you can endure more than most people here.
No. 803905 ID: 70983e

Too weak! Run this form into the ground, it's what he knows you're capable of. Endurance - Long, Jog. Try those things he mentioned - they sound like methods normal bodies use to self-regulate.
No. 803911 ID: cd9c79

They are not going to find us out through this, so give it all you got!
No. 803913 ID: 031add

Medium jog, we can't stop now.
No. 803914 ID: 3ce125

Only three laps? Your weight must be putting too much strain on your legs. Or maybe your stride is wrong?

Endurance Long it is. Watch how the other runners' bodies react to exertion and mimic that.
No. 803915 ID: d79f26

do one more lap and then have a leg bone snap in half and face plant.
No. 803916 ID: cd9c79

holding back is making us look suspicious...
No. 804015 ID: 600f38

If he asks, which he wont, then Emils can point out that running until you're sore and sweaty means you're a beacon for predators and weak when predators catch up to you. Also, that sweating wastes water, and running consumes calories.
No. 804058 ID: b2bf87

In mimicing the actions of panting and sweating, you may find that it actually eases a small amount of the stress you're putting on this form.
No. 804111 ID: 339f31

run medium
No. 804127 ID: b88e47

endurance long run
No. 804134 ID: 6cbace
File 149561944473.png - (5.63KB , 600x400 , 228.png )

Long Endurance Jogging

I continue to jog, using my mass to repair my muscles and joints. Eventually I find a point where my muscles no longer hurt as the muscles and bones around my leg grow thicker.
I look at the others who I pass, copying their haggard breathing and using [Fluid Body] to replicate sweat around their mouths. My fur grows matted as I mimic their exhaustion.

I keep going as the others slow down and I pass them. I soon find myself the only one on the track, stopping back at the end of the track while continuing to breath heavily.

"Congratulations Emils," Rosh grins, "you just completed 19 laps. Everyone else dropped out about half an hour ago. You just beat the record too."
No. 804135 ID: fa8c1a

Celebrate by falling over.
No. 804136 ID: f0e552

yep, just fall and lie there for awhile, that is what a regular person would do.
No. 804137 ID: 4854ef

Raise your arms up in a small, celebratory manner.. then fall over.
No. 804138 ID: 393ae0

We went too far. A child shouldn't be able to run further than adults. It's highly unusual. It's a good thing Rosh is dumb. Or is he..

Keep panting for a few more minutes and slowly rejoin others. There's no time for celebrations.
No. 804141 ID: bfdaf0

Yes, time for a victory faceplant.
No. 804142 ID: d63ea8

Be sure to join in the next exercise even after the faceplant.
No. 804167 ID: 8d4593

Put up one finger toward Rosh.
Say "Hold that thought" or a similar one liner.
Fall over. Face first. Make no attempt to catch yourself. There should be a satisfying *Thud* as you land.
No. 804173 ID: 3ce125

>Eventually I find a point where my muscles no longer hurt as the muscles and bones around my legs grow thicker.
Wait, this training actually made you stronger?
No. 804174 ID: 0b99d7

Give a thumbs up then fall forwards.
When pressed for the first time, ask for another minute.
When next pressed, get up but try to look similarly tired to everyone around you, take care to lessen the effect as a short time passes.
No. 804188 ID: 339f31

it's more of a THLUP, really.
No. 804195 ID: c88e6d

Agreed, fall on your face.
No. 804200 ID: cba0ea

Fall over, groaning!
No. 804249 ID: ba56e6

Fall on ass. Face might get damaged.
No. 804311 ID: 6cbace
File 149569922008.png - (7.43KB , 600x400 , 229.png )

"I- *gasp*" I try to reply, but between the hard breathing, my mouth organ finds it difficult to talk.
My muscles are overheated and aching now that they have time to rest.
I could force myself to stand, but I let my form rest, falling forwards and hitting the floor as my legs give out below me.

Rosh picks me up by the back of my neck, "You guys cool down, I'll bring her inside."

Emils schedule is now as follows: [Daystar Rises - 0600][Gym - 0700 to 0900][Classes - 1000 to 1400][Guild - 1500 to 1800][Return Home][Daystar Descends - 1800] Pick what awaits Emils.
No. 804312 ID: 70983e

[Daystar Descends]
No. 804316 ID: 47160d

everytime I read daystar I think of that one quest where we terrified a drow about the murderous daystar. Also hmmm return home, I believe Victoria will need to speak with her
No. 804317 ID: 3ce125

[Guild - 1500 to 1800]
No. 804319 ID: 6f97db

I think it would all be interesting.
Class - Still need to interact with more of our classmates
Guild - Need to return books, read more, attend magic classes
Return Home - Talk with Victoria, or visit shrine.
No. 804323 ID: 48237d

[Classes - 1000 to 1400]
There are a few classmates to interact with, like the twins and the prideful bird we barely talked with.
No. 804332 ID: ba506f

let's go to class and see if anyone has hard any rummers about something hunting the graveyard.
No. 804350 ID: 4f0b69

One thing we're gunna need is someone to share our secret with so they can cover for us
No. 804365 ID: d63ea8

No. 804366 ID: 4f0b69

A second mind could also help in finding ways to meet our needs without disturbing the naturL order of things around here
No. 804367 ID: 8d4593


Maybe? But can we trust anybody that much is the question.

Being super smart, super strong, super enduring, fast healing, yadda yadda is all fine and dandy. We could make up stories for days.

But when you tell people that you can have anyone's or anythings face, things change. A shape shifter is the perfect scapegoat. Even if we stayed on our best behavior it would only be a matter of time before someones dog dies and we have a full blown witch hunt to deal with.

If we tell someone and they tell anyone, even by accident, we're screwed.
No. 804393 ID: 4f0b69

But obviously it'll happen eventually. Let's engineer it in our favor. We already have people who are friendly to us.
No. 804398 ID: 600f38

We need to get started on grooming our Magical Girl partner.
No. 804406 ID: 8d4593

But wouldn't the best way make it swing in our favor be to remain totally hidden long enough to make ourselves a local reputation?

That way when the secret does get out people already inherently trust us.
No. 804452 ID: ba56e6

No. 804579 ID: d208b7

Let's read those books we sto- "borrowed" last night.
No. 804611 ID: 600f38

If we're totally hidden then people will assume the shapeshifter ATE Emils and started impersonating her at some point, which would turn all the trust we built up into hatred.

If we have somebody who knew the truth from early on they can verify Emils identity when the truth gets out.
No. 804616 ID: 3ce125

That is a very good point.

On the other hand, we already sortof told Bea? She could vouch for Emils if we get exposed and people think she's an impostor, since we can go "I told Bea but she thought I was joking" and she can confirm the story.
No. 804647 ID: 8d4593

They would only some that if we were discovered, and only then if we were discovered in a negative light. If emils reveals herself after garnering a reputation no one will think she was eaten. To do so would be unreasonably paranoid under most circumstances.
No. 804650 ID: 600f38

That's predicated on Emils choosing when and where the reveal will happen, which runs contrary to our goal of it not being public knowledge.
That means the reveal would be unintentional, which means that by definition it would happen at an inopportune time.

Your plan is entirely abandoning the idea of keeping it secret indefinitely, while getting Bea onboard is a small concession to secrecy in exchange for a great reduction in the potential harm from exposure. It's hedging bets so we're in a good position either way.
No. 804656 ID: 8d4593

My entire plan is to wait until we've developed past the stage of bizarre unknown infant before we start off on grandiose plans.

Telling anyone only serves to increase risk and forward your own end game "Magical Girl" fantasies.
No. 804668 ID: 6cbace
File 149588265842.png - (6.72KB , 600x400 , 230.png )

[Classes - 1000 to 1400] Who does Emils hang out with: Alice Bea and Hoor Charls and Forest Strot Eliot None - Explore
No. 804669 ID: 70983e

Strot. We need to see if he's going to blow our cover.
No. 804670 ID: 6f97db

Charls and Forest.
Of the class, I think these two are the biggest mystery, so I wanna see what we can learn from them.
No. 804673 ID: ba506f

Charls and Forest
haven't spoke to them yet
No. 804674 ID: 48237d

Alice. Her wounded ego will make it easy for her to either love or hate Emils.
No. 804675 ID: d63ea8

Charls and Forest can probably help us the most with our studies, the most glaringly underdeveloped aspect of ourselves.
No. 804676 ID: 8d4593

Strot again. He's Neat.
No. 804683 ID: d208b7

If it was strot yesterday we should consider that he's currently scared of us, which gives us some level of control over him. We can bully him into not revealing our secret and order him to do stuff we ourselves are not capable of.
If that was him.
In theory.
No. 804689 ID: 3ce125

Charls and Forest.
No. 804697 ID: 91ee5f

Charls and Forest
No. 804704 ID: cd2dbc

Bea and Hoor
No. 804705 ID: 3abd97

Bea and Hoor
No. 804729 ID: da72f1

Charls and Forest

And how come we haven't seen the chick that has Bag? Are they not part of this "school"? Is there another school?
No. 804749 ID: 600f38

No. 804774 ID: 15a025

No. 804777 ID: ba56e6

No. 804819 ID: 103a6a

No. 804900 ID: 5f0923

kind of in this as a package deal with this guy/gal.
No. 805333 ID: 98f8b1

Wondering if we should try to get our hands on some useful fluids to replicate with our fluid body ability, like medicines, poisons, oil, glue or nitroglycerin.
No. 805587 ID: e9a9c5

I love this idea....achememical magical pricess sounds fantastic
No. 805593 ID: be0718

No. 812993 ID: b220ff

No. 813088 ID: 308602

Punching magical girl.
Or Bag.
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