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File 152452492565.png - (220.39KB , 800x600 , title.png )
880264 No. 880264 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:
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No. 880265 ID: 395c02
File 152452493450.png - (145.19KB , 800x600 , 1266.png )

"Okay, you've had your little cliffhanger, so if you could just..."
No. 880266 ID: 395c02
File 152452495034.gif - (154.08KB , 800x600 , 1267.gif )

No. 880267 ID: 395c02
File 152452495982.png - (89.42KB , 800x600 , 1268.png )

"I'm afraid not. Not when I'm face to face with someone like you. I know your secret, reptilian."

"Do you do this routine with every polymorpher you meet? Sometimes people like spikes and horns! Doesn't mean they're a dragon."

"No, but there's one thing your appearance proves without a shred of doubt..."
No. 880268 ID: 395c02
File 152452497242.png - (197.44KB , 800x600 , 1269.png )

"These horns... they feel like the real thing!"


"These fins... much softer than they appear!"

"P-personal space!?"

"Your claws, your tail... Not a single thing forgotten!"

"You are nowhere near Kharadra enough to be poking me like this!"
No. 880269 ID: 395c02
File 152452498337.png - (185.90KB , 800x600 , 1270.png )

"Oh! You even go so far as to have these vastly oversized blobs of mammal fat! Something a dragon would totally have as a fetish!"


"There is no doubt in my mind. I've finally found one. A real, true to life Dragon..."
No. 880270 ID: 395c02
File 152452499760.png - (175.60KB , 800x600 , 1271.png )


"This is it. This is my life now."

"Yes! And there are many like you who are obsessed with dragons. I myself am something of a Dragon Expert. Ask me anything!"

"Can I go now?"

"About dragons, silly. I'll prove my unlimited knowledge, for there is nothing about their beauty and strength that I don't fantasize about each night before drifting off to sleep!"

"So you want to fuck a dragon."

"That's besides the point. You, fellow dragon fan, must prove yourself worthy of joining DRAGON FANS UNITED!"

"By asking you a question about dragons."

"Yes! Anyone with book knowledge can answer a question. It takes a true fan to know what question to ask in the first place."
No. 880271 ID: 395c02
File 152452500615.png - (157.70KB , 800x600 , 1272.png )

You had a teacher like that once.

You consider how to react to yet another weird person showing up today. You want to see Daatra as soon as possible, but this... guy? Girl? They could lead to vastly increasing your hoard with very loyal and devoted new friends. It could also be an opportunity to get a better idea on how the world views dragons.

Rather than pick the first idea that comes to mind, you mull over your choices. You'll need to pick one primary option and one secondary option. The primary choice is what you want most, and the secondary choice is what you'd want should your main choice prove unpopular to the rest of your uh, neurons.

[Be sure to make it obvious which choice is PRIMARY, and which is SECONDARY. You can also 'talk' to Ceri, or give her secondary actions like what to say, or something minor to try.]

What will you say/ask?
A: "What's your name and also gender? Introduce yourself like a dragon would."
B: "What kind of magic can a fire dragon use?" Time for a trick question!
C: "How delicious is a dragon's egg?" Hee hee...
D: "What would you say if you could talk to a dragon right this moment?" Hehehe...
E: "Share with me this 'fantasy' of yours..." You collect kinks like jewelry.
F: Turn into a dragon again it'll blow his mind. Less talk! More action!
No. 880273 ID: 6cd244

D, secondary B. I wonder how close this guy is to having any idea how dragons actually are.
No. 880274 ID: dc91a0

followed by
No. 880275 ID: 7c9812

Primary C, secondary F.
No. 880279 ID: 56fca5

D, E
No. 880280 ID: 0fae0b

primary D secondary E
...which just so happens to coincide with D'EGG
No. 880281 ID: a363ac

F primary DBURST and when you do so give them the big steppie. :3c
No. 880282 ID: 3abd97

>What will you say/ask?
G: How offended do you think a real dragon would by your fan and/or fangirl routine?

H: Just blow them off, don't ask any questions.
No. 880284 ID: de6d84


"Okay, but what if an actual dragon is disgusted or weirded out by this behavior?"
No. 880285 ID: deec6e

A and B. This will give us a grounding on what their knowledge of Dragons is. As a fellow Expert on Dragons you should of course be interested in their perspective and knowledge. It might not impress or tease, but it’ll give you a foundation of shared interests to base your relationship on - BEFORE you blow their mind (and other things).

Of course, a bonus question must be asked - what kind of dragon are you ‘morphing to be like right now? (Realistic answer: Water dragon. True answer: whatever kind of dragon you WANT to be, cuz’ you’re a dragon.)
No. 880287 ID: bf163b

F, then just continue on to wherever while in Dragon Mode.
No. 880292 ID: cb585b

C followed by B
No. 880293 ID: 3e857c

Be nice, just play along:
D, then A
No. 880294 ID: dbf422

Double this. Most dragons would've bitten his head off for molesting them.
No. 880295 ID: dbf422

Bitten their* head off sorry
No. 880297 ID: 2ee9e7

Subverting their expectations would be funny, this!
No. 880300 ID: 56fca5


Sorry to change my vote but this is way better.
No. 880301 ID: ad51b8


No. 880303 ID: 4854ef

Primary E
Secondary D

Also it seems like your true dragon power is to attract the weirdest misfits of society at this point.
No. 880305 ID: 91ee5f

Primary C: "How delicious is a dragon's egg?"

Secondary D: "What would you say if you could talk to a dragon right this moment?"

No. 880306 ID: 0f273f

A, and D.
No. 880309 ID: 0c3c2c

Is this.... one of Skif's race, but polymorphed to look like a dragon?

D, then A.
No. 880314 ID: dc05ef

Primary G option from >>880282
Secondary F
No. 880317 ID: 33cbe7

No 'I should go' option? Must be another patreon-mandated pickup.
B primary, c secondary.
No. 880318 ID: deec6e

A thought: as valid as getting offended might seem, this weirdo is approaching you for a good reason. It’s the point they’re (deliberately or accidentally) trying to make, really.

You’re broadcasting to the world through your looks that you have an interest in dragons - at least to anyone with a more than passing familiarity to them. To this avid fanclubber you’re a fellow fangirl - currently in fangirl mode, because who has the mana to go around heavily poly’d all day, right? - which gives them a reason to plow ahead with a devil-may-care attitude. ‘s what a dragon would have done, isn’t it? Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t get indignant - but you shouldn’t act too indignant or surprised this is happening. It is, after all, your life now... and you’ve arguably done more brazen introductions, hem.
No. 880330 ID: 094652


Remember to roar.
No. 880340 ID: 56e50f

You know intimately how good a Dragon egg is.. (C, primary) then follow up with (F, secondary) and show them just how good your dragon polymorph is.
No. 880341 ID: 0eda7a

"fan" comes from "fanatic". Fans can be fun, or dangerous. And engaging with a whole group of fans means you'll likely get some of the latter. It's really easy to imagine ways that could go horribly wrong.

So, first of all, a write-in, perhaps to accompany option F if need be to get the point across: "Suppose, hypothetically, you were actually talking to a dragon. Leaving aside the part where you keel over in shock and fangasm, I'm hoping you would react with a modicum more respect than this. Because someone who reacts to an actual dragon by getting up in their personal space and poking at their parts seems like someone who doesn't have great aspirations for a long and healthy lifespan. So, you want me to play along? Then try again, with the respect you'd actually give a dragon. Let that be your question."

If they're actually willing to play along with that, then try option E, while still in full-sized dragon form. See how they react. And tease them like crazy with the idea that they might actually get it if they earn it.

If they're not willing to play along with that, then let that be your question for them, and move on.
No. 880359 ID: 0eda7a

(could also consider this a vote for option G from:
No. 880368 ID: eeb7d9

Primary C and secondary B!
No. 880369 ID: 9c286f

A seems to be the most reasonable first question. E would just be interesting to learn, you naughty dragon you.
No. 880390 ID: 5f0589

Letter choices are hard in this quest cause I always need to pick the letter D. E is a good backup.
No. 880393 ID: 0467b7

D (primary), then F (secondary).

But first polymorph into an average lizard of some sort and ask for your personal space back.
No. 880413 ID: 3804c3

G: You don't have time for this, welcome them to the hoard then port them to Siphon for processing.

Seriously E and then F and immediately after say it wasnice meeting them and continue on your way.
No. 880414 ID: d2e2ce

G. Just leave.
No. 880422 ID: caf1de

>finaly found a fan girl
so probably a Pat I mean guy

peace ouuuuuuuuut!!!
No. 880437 ID: 2fe26a

This primary, just leave secondary. How would she know what the real things feel like anyway? He's talking out of his cloaca.
No. 880441 ID: adb0d6

Primary F, secondary >>880282's G response

Surprise them in some manner.
No. 880453 ID: ae9b99

primary: D

secondary: B
No. 880458 ID: c06419

I'm with >>880282. This gouy is kinda creepy, even by interactive character standards.
No. 880670 ID: 395c02

[There might be delays as I'm working to get a lot done right now. Things will smooth out soon. Next DR on FRIDAY.]
No. 881559 ID: 395c02
File 152503538221.png - (132.61KB , 800x600 , 1273.png )

You raise a hand to your-- oh hi there tail it's kinda neat that your fin goes out more than it used to! Can't wait to see what it eventually looks like...

"Hmhm~ If you could talk to a dragon, say, literally right this second, what would you say?"

They step back, finally giving you some space. "Hmm. Mind if I pretend you're a dragon as I answer this?"

"That's kind of a stretch but okay!" Hahah...

"Miss dragon, I'm such a big fan! I spent my entire life admiring you and your kind. I used to think you were perfect, but then a very peculiar woman I met at the mall gave me the mental image of you tripping over your mighty talons. The others in our club had a pretty big laugh about it! You should go into comedy!"
No. 881560 ID: 395c02
File 152503538596.png - (370.54KB , 800x600 , 1274.png )

It finally happened. The 'consequences' from your mall adventure have finally shown themselves. It's much worse than you could ever have imagined.

He/she/they/ze/zhe/fengshui lets out a deep laugh. "Maybe I wouldn't say that part if you were an actual dragon."

You grin with such intensity that it's a good thing your teeth are as tough as your claws. "Yes. A dragon would probably eat you for that."

"Almost certainly! Hehehe."

With that done, you turn to the next very important topic that you can't believe wasn't an option last time.
No. 881561 ID: 395c02
File 152503538895.png - (159.82KB , 800x600 , 1275.png )

"So do you creep on everyone who likes polymorphing some draconic traits onto themselves?"

"Creep on...?"

"You poked me in the boob! And other places!!"

"Is that bad?"

"Have you literally never met a mammal before!?"

"But you're not a mammal."

"That doesn't mean-- look, some people don't like being touched by complete strangers!"

"They don't?"

"How would you feel if a stranger came up and rubbed you in random places, hmm?"

"Oh, do you want to? Feel my armor! Made it myself from my own slime!"
No. 881562 ID: 395c02
File 152503539187.png - (185.38KB , 800x600 , 1276.png )

"I'm good..."

"Aww. Well, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable! We dragon fans need to stick together. Here, take this card. If you ever need a place to feel welcome, just come to this address. You can also come to me if you ever need someone good at navigating caves, as spelunking is another of my passions. Not a cave system within 200km I don't have memorized!"

You put the DRAGON FANS UNITED BUSINESS CARD in your backpack. "Okay cool now if you'll excuse me-- wait what was that last part?"

"Heehee, I study cave maps in my spare time. Partly because that's where you often find dragons."

You seriously doubt that, but... hmm. If you want to investigate the strong source of magic Eezeryh mentioned earlier, someone knowledgeable about cave systems could be handy to have around.
No. 881563 ID: 395c02
File 152503539625.png - (136.71KB , 800x600 , 1277.png )

There are two PATHS you could take here. PATHS are a general theme that multiple options fall under, allowing you to agree on a general idea or action, if not the exact way that action is taken. Your PRIMARY VOTE decides which PATH you'd like to go down.

It's often a good idea to use your SECONDARY VOTE to choose an option from the opposite PATH, since the losing path has all its primary votes dropped and secondary votes considered.

[Path of the hoard...]
Time to welcome another hoard member, at least long enough to check out the cave to the north...

A: Ask them if they'd be interested in helping you through a cave. Convenient!
B: Ask them if they'd like to join your club. You mean hoard. Maybe you should talk it up as a superior dragon club?
C: Tell them you'll visit the club later. Maybe you can learn something from them... and it'd be nice to talk to people as obsessed with dragons as you are. This person isn't actually all that wrong about you being a dragon fangirl...

[Path of pretending you can turn away a Patreon Character...]
Is that too on the nose? Either way, you'd really like to visit Daatra and worry about whatever this is later!

D: Throw a Dildo at them and flee. Do we even need other options? This is already the perfect choice.
E: Throw Siphon at them and flee. ?
F: Just ignore them and walk off. They're not forced into your party just yet, dammit.
No. 881564 ID: f68efe

Path of the Hoard: B
There's no need to bully every Patreon character we meet.
No. 881565 ID: f68efe

Also, throw Siphon at them anyways.
No. 881566 ID: 9c286f

B If you are wanting their aid in exploring a cave it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to invite them into the hoard anyway.

EIgnoring them and throwing a dildo at them are both rather rude. Besides they will probably get along with Siphon, since they both seem to not care about this thing called personal space.
No. 881567 ID: 0c3c2c

A then C

Explain that you're on an adventure and you'd appreciate if they helped you. You'd be down to talk about dragons more too. You're trying to find evidence demonstrating that dragons and other races aren't necessarily hostile to one another.
No. 881568 ID: 7fad5d

No. 881569 ID: 33cbe7

F/g: Good, maybe they'd know someone else who's an expert on both cave systems and personal space.
No. 881572 ID: 7c9812

Primary A, secondary E.
No. 881574 ID: 4854ef

No. 881576 ID: b1b4f3

Primary A, secondary E.
No. 881577 ID: 56e50f

Mistress! If it's cave adventures you seek, they would be a fine addition to your party! (Primary, A) Though, is that a quest you want to tackle now? Maybe another of your group could explain things?(Secondary, E)
No. 881578 ID: eeb7d9

I like this one!
No. 881582 ID: deec6e

You've had recent experience with the utility of slimelubricants and tight spots. Maybe they're wearing a slime suit / using slime magics(?) not just because that's their magic and it's easy to mold, but because it also helps them squeeze through narrow passages while they spelunk?

I'm leery to just outright invite them on the cave expedition, since, y'know, the POSSIBLE ACTUAL DRAGON / POWERFUL MAGIC SOURCE. It would be irresponsible to bring this stranger into danger - but asking them for advice might be good.

Anyway, getting in touch with a number of people who like, admire or even (attempt to) study dragons should be enlightening, so C what that club's all about! [b]B[/]ut at least mention you have your own gang of friends that you hang with.
No. 881590 ID: 6bcf97

Primary: G: Contemplate the strange, vague, yet inescapable sensation that some of forces of destiny are accepting payments to guide a menagerie of strange individuals under your wing and into your bed. I mean let's face it Ceri your friends and lovers are kind of all weirdos in one way or another.

Secondary: A
No. 881607 ID: a363ac

primary Daatra yell back something like "That is an invite to my better Dragon club just show it to the lady with 6 blue nipples"
Secondary B
No. 881633 ID: 094652

No. 881644 ID: dc05ef

Yesss, this as primary, secondary D
No. 881645 ID: d86e39

E, D
No. 881651 ID: dbf422

Primary D Secondary A I guess
No. 881652 ID: 830fb7

Primary: C
Secondary: E
No. 881656 ID: 3abd97

Yes, primary that, secondary D.

Actually, why not both. Throw a dildo at him/her/them/zer/zhem/fengshuish, then before they can recover follow up with Siphon and run.
No. 881668 ID: de6d84

Primary D, Secondary E
The best outcome will happen
No. 881689 ID: 08b7e6

I choose option B2 which is to just port them to Siphon and let her deal with them then buy Siphon a gift later as thanks.

Wait a minute, if she's informed you're a real dragon she'll never give you a moments rest, she'll tell her club and they'll never give you a moments rest, then the club may post things online and then people won't believe them but it will attract crazy people and trolls who won't give you a moments rest!
So maybe just get her personal contact details and then C.
No. 881705 ID: caf1de

I'm in the D: Throw a Dildo at them/ E: Throw Siphon at them. camp
No. 881736 ID: 72c1dc

C, they could be useful later, but we have more pressing business with Daatra.
No. 881738 ID: 31414d

B, E
No. 881739 ID: adb0d6

We should probably go see Daatra...

D, E
No. 881740 ID: dc91a0

No. 881748 ID: 72c1dc

I forgot to add my secondary vote, so primary is C and secondary is F.
No. 881753 ID: 3ed846

No. 881825 ID: 6ca5e1

A, then E.
Siphon is the perfect projectile. She's probably already in your pocket~
No. 881892 ID: ae9b99

Primary: C
Secondary: E
No. 881935 ID: cb585b

Primary: A
Secondary: E
No. 881936 ID: 2ee9e7

Yess, D/E would be perfect
No. 881940 ID: 87c85d

Maybe later, but passing up a chance to throw Siphon at this dude...

Primary E, Secondary D
No. 881945 ID: 03d323

The perfect option D must happen
No. 881987 ID: f0e552

No. 882086 ID: 395c02
File 152523614490.png - (110.35KB , 800x600 , 1278.png )

"Thanks for coming on such short notice, Siphon! I hope I didn't interrupt anything important."

"It's fine~ So what's up?"

"Huh? I told you over CPS..."

"You said a lot of words really fast something about dragons?"

You sigh, and quickly explain the situation to Siphon.


You sigh harder, and slowly explain the situation to Siphon. She smiles the whole time, making you wonder if she legit didn't understand you or if she's having a little fun.

The DRAGON FAN looks at you quizzically. "Did you say hoard...? You really go all out with your fangirling, huh?"

"Yes sure SIPHON GO."
No. 882087 ID: 395c02
File 152523614775.png - (160.16KB , 800x600 , 1279.png )

"A dragon expert huh??"

"Er, um..."

"Oh yeah I'm also an expert on dragons I have a friend who's a tiny poofy bird but he's totally a dragon on the inside can I join your club and we can share notes and we can talk about all the different kinds of dragons and their magic and figure out how to find them and also big caves are the best to squeeze tight into and rub the sides and snuggle deeper and deeper while breathing in those unique smells and just ~exploring~ every inch it's so great to just lose yourself in the moment and let your fingers lead you in search of those rawrs..."
No. 882088 ID: 395c02
File 152523615086.png - (104.78KB , 800x600 , 1280.png )

Nice! Leaving it up to you, Siphon! was she showing off her own spaghetti skills...?

You feel a little bad about throwing the DRAGON FAN at Siphon and running, but a hoard is meant to be used, not sat on and wasted! Some dragons just don't get it. But this dragon does!

...You should maybe stop-- oh screw it. I AM A DRAGON DAMMIT! RAWR!!!!

I'm coming, Daatra! I finally get it! I know how you feel! Hugs and bonding await us!
No. 882089 ID: 395c02
File 152523615460.png - (65.27KB , 800x600 , 1281.png )

No. 882090 ID: 395c02
File 152523615843.png - (134.06KB , 800x600 , 1282.png )

No. 882091 ID: 395c02
File 152523616227.png - (147.25KB , 800x600 , 1283.png )

No. 882092 ID: 395c02
File 152523616552.png - (121.14KB , 800x600 , 1284.png )

Huff.... huff....

You really need... to exercise more... and... wear a sports bra before running... ow... sensitivity both blessing... and curse...

You take a moment to collect your breath. Okay. No worrying or panicking. No rambling. You're going to go in, say what you need to say, and await the hug of a lifetime.

Lifting the weight of the world, you bring your hand up. Through great adversity, you manage to knock on the door.

It opens, and your heart decides it doesn't need to beat anymore.
No. 882093 ID: 395c02
File 152523616835.png - (83.78KB , 800x600 , 1285.png )

"Oh, it's little Ceri."

Daatra's father...?

You try to say something, but squeak instead.

"She said you might stop by. Need to pick up your outfit, yeah?"

"I... can I..."

"You doin' okay? You look a little stressed. And different. Havin' some fun with Polymorph?"


"You want to see her or something? Dang, you missed her by a couple hours."


"Yeah, she decided to go visit her grandparents for a couple weeks. Gave me a real nice gift first, heh. Was a bit worried she'd miss her boyfriend, but she said it'd be fine, so I mean, it's probably fine, yeah? Anyway, here ya go."
No. 882094 ID: 395c02
File 152523617299.png - (103.74KB , 800x600 , 1286.png )


You've recovered the OUTFIT OF DESTINY.

Weeks... enough time for resentment to grow. For nagging thoughts to become perceived reality.

You can't let this happen.

"So she's on a boat now?" you ask.

"Yeah, imagine she'll be on it for a while yet. Pretty far from nowhere'sville to somewhere'sville! Hahaha."

You barely even acknowledge the powerful Dad Joke that was just tossed your way.

"What's the boat look like?" you ask.

"Oh, 'bout yey big," he motions with his hands in a way that isn't very helpful, "bright red color, engine powered."

"...Which way is it headed?"

"Hmm? You're not thinkin' of runnin' after it, are you? You'd have'ta be one hell of a swimmer to catch up with a boat going 20 knots! You'd get knots trying! Hehehehe."

"....good one"

"You always did have a love of book learnin'. Probably want to see where she is on a map, yeah? She'll be goin' south, eventually taking the western fork. After that... er... heh, I always forget what the next step is. Good thing I'm not a boat pilot!"

Argh... Even if you had snubbed that strange lizard, you wouldn't have gotten here in time. In deciding to help Kharadra, you...

No. No regrets. The situation is what it is, and you should focus on what to do next.

[Path of haste...]
No time to waste. Until her boat reaches the fork, you only need to follow the river to find Daatra. After that it'd be a 50/50 shot at best.

A: It's time to bird up. You're not fantastic at flying, but you have to try.
B: Engage weird dragon energy wings. You risk being seen, but maybe they hold a power a bird lacks?
C: To the river. Your AQUATIC FORM is especially good at swimming quickly. It might be slower than flying,
but it's a speed you can count on.
D: Dragon form. If you don't hold back, you might be able to go faster still.

[Path of caution...]
Delaying risks letting the boat reach the fork, but is it wise to run off without a plan?

E: Try to get more information from Daatra's father. What do you ask?
F: Back to the UNDERWATER BASE. Surely... surely one of them can help you...
G: Use your COMMUNICATION PORTAL SYSTEM to ask Mom for help. She's in range... you think.
H: So it goes. Every fiber of your being wants to see Daatra again, but it's time to be an adult and give her the time she needs... right?

If you choose an option that doesn't require leaving everything behind...
X: Switch to the destined outfit
Y: Stay with the Pomipomi outfit.
No. 882095 ID: 0c3c2c

F. Also, hide, Skifmom is coming after you with her creepy theme-musice.
No. 882097 ID: 6cd244

D for dragon form, or B for the next best thing. Maybe you can use the magic wings as a dragon? The point being, we want to go as fast as possible, and also make an impression on Daatra that we're going to great lengths to catch her. My hopes are that she'll be so shocked by your glowing magic wings that it'll snap her out of whatever awful mood she's in and put her in a position to talk.
No. 882099 ID: 6bcf97

>You really need... to exercise more...

Gosh, Ceri, you used to be pretty athletic! What happened to all that footsockball? And (what I assume must have been) regular gym visits?

Anyway, B: Engage dragon energy wings. Even if you're seen... well, dragons usually have wings, so they don't usually have energy wings? You might draw attention to yourself, but you draw attention to yourself all the time. So long as it's not for a clearly draconic feature, it's ok.

If the path of haste doesn't win I vote G, ask your Mom for help.
No. 882101 ID: 33cbe7

C/a/X. The underwater base probably isn't ready to go mobile again just yet. Unless the escape pod has escape pods, but what would be the point of that?
No. 882102 ID: 9c286f

G You might end up doing more harm than good if you simply rush off to confront Daatra. Even if your intentions are good. Before doing anything get some advice. That is what mom is there for is she not? Plus its not a bad idea to get advice from your mom about this.

Second option is to use D-Burst and portal hop your way to the boat. Should be the fastest possible route to get to where you need to go.
No. 882106 ID: 7c9812

Primary C, secondary G.
This might also be a good time to use a D-BURST; the extra magic energy could be used to drop yourself into the river via a portal close to where you think the boat is!
No. 882107 ID: deec6e

Choices, choices...

Primary E.

Ask him where the grandparents live and if they have a phone number. Maybe, if all else fails, you can leave a thoughtful message for her before she even arrives and encourage her to call back to have an honest chat when she feels ready for it. You're friends, after all. Or at least an address, so you can send a letter.

Ask him about his take on Daatra's relationship with Zesmirl. Good/neutral/bad? You feel as if it's been a little tough on them of late, what with the whole long-distance issue.

Secondary G. Your mother used to work at the docks. She'd know a bit about the shipping around these parts. Maybe she could tell you which bend the boat'd probably take and where its next stop might be. Maybe there's another regular boat that goes faster and both make a stop at a dock further down the river.
No. 882108 ID: 6cd244

Actually, can we D-burst the dragon form to get the energy wings on it? Because that would be ideal. The river fork's 200 kilometers away or so, and the boat's been gone for hours, so we probably need to go as fast as we can.
No. 882110 ID: de6d84

Primary D, Secondary B
We're going the lengths to talk.
No. 882112 ID: b1b4f3

>after fork it's 50/50
No, she's going west at the fork. There'd have to be a second fork almost immediately after that for there to be a problem.

Primary E. Just ask what the town is called she's heading towards. Then you can predict the boat route by consulting a map.

Secondary C. Dolphins can swim like 37 mph. You'd catch up in a couple hours if you can match that speed. Less if you use portals to shorten the distance traveled. If you're using aquatic form please wear a swimsuit at least so you don't show up naked.

A D-Burst seems like a good idea to get there faster.
No. 882120 ID: dbf422

Yeah I like this plan.
No. 882124 ID: 06fdc0

D or H
No. 882127 ID: 91ee5f

>Datraa left
.....why do I get this feeling that she’s actually still in the house and this is just an elaborate story that she made up in the hopes that we’ll leave her alone and her father is going along with it?

>recovered clothes
Make sure you return Daatra’s clothes!

>What do?
If we chase after that boat and she’s not on it, then that’ll be a huge misunderstanding!

I’m.....not really sure what to vote for.
No. 882128 ID: 25aaa5


If that doesn't work out then E town name find on map plan.
And if that doesn't pan out G Your mom works(worked?) at the docks with ships she might know the route it takes.
And F You have a super genius aboard surely she can help right?!

Once we now the route we can dolphin portal D-Burst our way there.
No. 882130 ID: e1c8f7

Mistress! Your goal is not out of your reach yet! You just have to keep pushing! Deep down there's a pool of determination you can draw from! Primary, D with D-Burst Though if you do want to take the path of cation, maybe one of the others has a mode of transportation you make use of? Good luck! Secondary, F. See if the ship can catch up.
No. 882131 ID: ae9b99

It is sometimes best to be a patient dragon. hasting through this will probably lead to problems like losing your magic in the middle of the ocean, getting lost in said ocean, or losing clothing by accident, and we are trying to keep our tilde low... for now. We can streak again another day.

primary: G

Secondary: E, ask him if Daatra said anything about you

also, does Daatra have a phone?
No. 882132 ID: a363ac

Primary Path of Haste but screw doing the slow polymorph chase Portal/teleport to the fork in the river flying is slow compared to INSTANT MOVEMENT
No. 882133 ID: a363ac

No. 882134 ID: a363ac

secondary D with burst
No. 882150 ID: dc91a0

No. 882152 ID: 56fca5

Really, teleporting is probably our best bet. This seems like a situation where using a D-Burst is reasonable.

But if we are stuck with the options shown, then B or D.
No. 882153 ID: adb0d6

Primary D, Secondary B

One or the other, let's speed in cool fashion.
No. 882154 ID: 711412


Maybe get a running start away from him if you can. Or if you dragon in front of him, just say it's cool cosplay or something
No. 882333 ID: d7250c

Primary: E
Be honest - tell him you desperately need to apologize to Daatra for something, so you need to know just what the boat looks like & where it's going, and that polymorph would make swimming after them quite easy.
Secondary: F - head over to the base, see if alien nerdmantis has anything that could help you.
No. 882907 ID: 3abd97

Primary A, secondary G.
No. 883164 ID: 395c02
File 152576908669.png - (125.88KB , 800x600 , 1287.png )

>Maybe you can use the magic wings as a dragon?

"Thanks for your time, sir. I have to go."

"Busy kid, yeah? Well, all right! Come by anytime you like. You know you're always welcome here as a friend of the family."
No. 883165 ID: 395c02
File 152576909014.gif - (1.69MB , 800x600 , 1288.gif )

No. 883166 ID: 395c02
File 152576910422.png - (159.16KB , 800x600 , 1289.png )

>It is sometimes best to be a patie

>You might end up doing more har
I don't care.

>No, she's going west at
It's not ending like this.
No. 883167 ID: 395c02
File 152576910735.png - (170.98KB , 800x600 , 1290.png )

>...if you're seen...
No. 883168 ID: 395c02
File 152576911057.png - (440.36KB , 800x600 , 1291.png )

Then so be it.
No. 883169 ID: 395c02
File 152576911439.gif - (1.32MB , 800x600 , 1292.gif )

No. 883170 ID: 395c02
File 152576912175.png - (228.17KB , 800x600 , 1293.png )


I want to see you, Daatra.


I'm coming, Daatra.


I won't lose you, Daatra.
No. 883171 ID: 395c02
File 152576912538.png - (225.52KB , 800x600 , 1294.png )

Something hurts.

[Path of stealthiness...]
A: Switch to Aquatic form and land softly.
B: Go invisible, land softly and quietly then revert to mortal form.
C: Polymorph into a bird, land.

[Path of the Dragon...]
D: Make a dramatic landing befitting a dragon.
E: Revert to mortal form, land like a total badass with your D-WINGS.
No. 883172 ID: a363ac

No. 883173 ID: 6cd244

E sounds like the best possible option. Let Daatra know that you're doing something dumb and desperate to get to talk to her so she knows you really care.
A if you take the other path.
No. 883174 ID: 830fb7

I would say Polymorph into a bird and land (C) but then you would loose your bag so I guess the aquatic form (A) is your only non-dragon option (that keeps your bag).
If we can keep our bag from being lost then C but otherwise A. Plus we finally get to test out our glider function on our aquatic self with A.
My reasoning for not going with the dragon based options is because it could either sink the boat or cause a mass panic.
No. 883175 ID: dbf422

E. I think it'd be cool to reveal yourself to daatra but there's other people there who don't need to know.
No. 883177 ID: 7c9812

Primary E, secondary A.
No. 883178 ID: 823c3f

B, A
No. 883182 ID: a363ac

check your status screens
No. 883185 ID: 03d323

Something hurts, but a desperate and cool landing to show Daatra you care is too good to pass up.

No. 883186 ID: 0c3c2c

B, or failing that E.

Don't go mad with power, relax for a second, you might hurt her while you're freaking out on magic.
No. 883188 ID: a62780

Get some aqua-form gliding in with A
(dragon options are super cool but maybe not what's needed, especially if it hurts right now.)
No. 883190 ID: 6bcf97

Daatra probably doesn't want a lot of attention brought to this. I say B, and if people don't want stealth, then E.
No. 883191 ID: 33cbe7

B/c. C sounds pretty amusing since you'll get all wrapped up in that cloth you brought, unless you pick something big, like a condor perhaps.
No. 883192 ID: e1c8f7

You never cease to amaze, mistress. Your friend is near but a dragon's true mark is restraint. Perhaps a more subtle approach via invisibility is necessary. Though if you must make an entrance, make them know exactly who's the badass. Primary B, Secondary E
No. 883195 ID: 91ee5f

Ceri, it’s good that you remembered to bring Daatra’s clothes with you so you can return them to her, but did you remember to bring clothes for you to wear so that you’re not naked?

Primary A

Secondary E

No. 883200 ID: ae9b99

B, C
No. 883203 ID: deec6e

B E yourself.
No. 883204 ID: dc91a0

No. 883206 ID: eeb7d9

This will probably reach deaf ears, but if you D-burst like that, you make make some damage you won't be able to repair. Then again, you are still in control of the situation, and this is important enough to be bold.
No. 883208 ID: 240938

Crash land as a dragon, then transform into normal form while rolling and getting spaghetti everywhere.
No. 883210 ID: 9c286f

B Primary choice as I don't think its the best idea to show up in full dragon mode. Considering you are trying to keep the fact you are a dragon a bit secret.

E Then again dropping in like a badass is always a plus too.
No. 883212 ID: adb0d6

Oh man, while the seal's... bandaids would budge a bit, being a bit dragon in the name of friendship would be kind of cool.

And a wing landing would be badass. Primary E, Secondary A
No. 883214 ID: b1b4f3

You're straining the seal again, Ceri!

Primary B, secondary E.
No. 883218 ID: 1e23d4

I was under the impression that it would be a lot harder to find the boat then it was, like I thought there was a whole river system or some shit
WAIT if you could move that far that fast and we already knew where she was going then why did you freak out like that when you could've just gone there instead, it would've taken you what like a day at most?

What ever. Slamming down on the deck of a ship as a dragon seems like it would cause damage and scare the fuck out of people so really DON'T do that.
Primary E.
Secondary But revert first.
No. 883220 ID: 767ff9

Seriously C
She know you can poloymorph into a bird and that justifies getting here.

Don't be showy. Unless you try to look like a fool. Your friend has some hurt self worth issues. Lets not push them right now. Plus lets not advertise dragon just yet.
No. 883223 ID: 2ee9e7

I think the efforts of the dragon pulled through, but lets reel this back for now.

Primary A, Secondary C
No. 883225 ID: 2fe26a

A primary, E secondary. Though, falling into the water isn't very stealthy, the ship might think they have a man overboard.
No. 883233 ID: d887c0

B is objectively the "damage control" option here.
No. 883237 ID: 2e5302

No. 883257 ID: fb277f

Primary E, Secondary A. It'll set the mood to talk with Daatra.
No. 883275 ID: 0eda7a

E, or failing that C.
No. 883295 ID: da1652

C. She might not be alone on that boat.
No. 883325 ID: de6d84

Primary E, Secondary C
Bird landing seems the most reasonable of the stealth way
No. 883328 ID: b07bac

E, backup C
No. 883336 ID: 87c85d

E Primary, C Secondary
Please let this just knock some stewing somber thoughts out of Daatra...
No. 883342 ID: 9c2d0c

B, or maybe C. No dragon path vote. Calm your D before you break something, like the boat or your seal. Pain is your body trying to tell you something is wrong.
No. 883345 ID: f5d2df

Bird polymorph should suffice
C, E
No. 883360 ID: 03d323

I'll put a Secondary for C if dragon path doesn't go well.
No. 883368 ID: d86e39

changing vote a bit,
C, E
birding up for stealth seems a better way to go
No. 883489 ID: a06734

Show up in bird form.
And calm your D.
No. 883556 ID: 3539fa

Let's go with B. We don't want to make the wrong impression.

E would be pretty cool tho... You could land in the iron man pose...
No. 883643 ID: 395c02
File 152595728692.png - (413.09KB , 800x600 , 1295.png )

No. 883644 ID: 395c02
File 152595728971.gif - (759.77KB , 801x602 , 1296.gif )

No. 883645 ID: 395c02
File 152595732167.png - (65.40KB , 800x600 , 1297.png )

Yeah, maybe not.

You land quietly. Everyone around you continues to go about their business, unaware of how close they now stand to a dragon. It'd be cute, if not for the fact that you have to avoid bumping into them.

You scan around, but don't see Daatra anywhere. She must be down below. You return to your mortal...

...your normal form, since dragons don't tend to fit inside boats very well.

>Ceri, it’s good that you remembered to bring Daatra’s clothes with you so you can return them to her, but did you remember to bring clothes for you to wear so that you’re not naked?

Well. At least you're on-brand.

>[Why did you freak out if you could get here so fast?]
It took nearly an hour, even with all your D-energy and portal usage. The sun's going down now, and you're starting to realize how exhausted you are. You're not sure how your D-BURST managed to last so long...

...And despite it all you still barely managed to reach the boat before it reached the fork. You think Dad-tra said it was going west here, but there's no telling how soon the river splits again. A bird might not have made it in time. A bird wouldn't have the strength to keep going all the way to where Daatra's grandmother lives, even if you knew where that was.


Frankly, you don't care how stupid this plan might be. You gave everything you had to ensure that nothing and nobody would stand in your way. You won't lose a life-long friend. You won't let her run away without getting a chance to show her how much she means to you.
No. 883646 ID: 395c02
File 152595732448.png - (247.53KB , 800x600 , 1298.png )

The prices you're willing to pay for her.

D-BURST disabled.

Most of Euia's systems have broken down. His seal remains intact... well, mostly intact. It's in a pretty sorry state, meaning the next risk you take could be your last.

Your D-wings seem fine despite the damage. You don't feel any drain having them out, and something deep down tells you they're safe to use, despite it all.

You feel around your invisible body. You don't think anything's different this time, and you don't feel the subtle drain of being polymorphed. Your breasts don't feel any heavier or more sensitive, which might be the most surprising part of this whole ordeal. As far as you can tell, your normal form is completely unchanged.

You give a small sigh of relief. You'd hate to have to buy new clothes right after getting outfits you really like. But that's not important right now...
No. 883647 ID: 395c02
File 152595732796.png - (140.18KB , 800x600 , 1299.png )

You dodge the people around you and manage to locate a map of the ship.

Despite cheating past what was probably a good two or three obstacles, one dares to stand between a dragon and her BFF: You actually have no idea where Daatra is.

Thanks to the overly long D-BURST, you didn't spend much of your magical stamina getting here. You can stay invisible for quite a while, giving you time to approach things calmly and rationally.

you say even though you're not remotely calm. your heart's having a little D-BURST of its own right now.

The sun's going down, meaning it's just after dinner time... or just before dinner time? Would Daatra eat in the mess hall, or insist on staying in her room? She showers at night like you do, so she could be there, as well.

You can cross off the VIP areas, ENGINEERING, and CARGO STORAGE as places she almost certainly isn't. And she's probably not the captain, counting out the CONTROL ROOMS as well.

What next?
A: Check out the mess hall. She could be having dinner, or about to.
B: Check out the showers...? Even if you're too early, you could find a place to hide and wait for her.
C: Check out the living quarters. There's not that many rooms to check. Surely nobody will mind losing a bit of privacy for the sake of friendship.
E: Assume a form that lets you go visible and ask around. You do have Daatra's Outfit...
No. 883648 ID: 0c3c2c

Just go to the control section and look at the Passenger Manifest.
No. 883650 ID: 33cbe7

Primary B: Surely nobody will mind losing a bit of privacy for the sake of friendship.
Secondary this. >>883648
No. 883651 ID: 0c3c2c

Oh, also,

No. 883652 ID: a363ac

D. just go visible and start screaming for Daatra NOTHING STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR BFF, unless she breaks her friendship off then we have to leave in shame.
Tell that fucker in you that you are in charge not it and to get its slimey tentacles off your stats and back inside the D-burst or you will go in there and tie it up with rope to the ceiling of your soul and edge it till it begs for a bit of D. You don't have time for a crisis of identity right now.
No. 883653 ID: a62780

B- Showers seems like a solid bet, also one of the more acceptable places to be caught naked I imagine. Her room would be ideal but finding it would be a logistical nightmare...

Unless you could somehow find the passenger list, but that's probably kept somewhere you'd get in trouble for rummaging around in.
No. 883654 ID: 14f314


Farewell, lust limiter. You were handy while you lasted.


On that note, DO NOT go into the showers and wait for her.

C - She might be in her assigned room, moping it out? Check the D quarter first, since you're on such a D-roll.
No. 883657 ID: eeb7d9

Let's start with the C. And i would suggest E as well. No reason for going all Metal Gear about it.
No. 883658 ID: eeb7d9

Although, It might be better staying invisible, actually. You are stowaway, and a very flamboyant one.
No. 883659 ID: 14e348

C, looking through quarters, though from the layout of the ship it looks like it'd be very easy for you to just take a peek into the mess on your way to them?

Don't go to the showers, think about how that will look to Daatra and the big triggering event for this mess in the first place.
No. 883662 ID: adb0d6

This, Secondary A
No. 883667 ID: dbf422

Yeah, this
No. 883668 ID: 33430a

You could always transform into her, put her clothes on and ask one of the staff to remind you where "your" room is. Then go invisible again before you run into her.
No. 883669 ID: 660d11

Oh, I like this idea.
No. 883673 ID: a274e4

Excellent entry, Mistress! Your friend has to have crossed some people's path. Perhaps a disguise will help you find her. Good luck! E
What, no more D?
No. 883674 ID: b1b4f3

I believe that is E: transform into Daatra.
No. 883695 ID: 7c9812

If you can find the passenger manifest without causing too much suspicion, then visiting the Control Room might not be a bad idea. Otherwise, option A would probably be the best; most of the passengers are going to be there for dinner, and if Daatra's among them, then we'll save a lot of time.
No. 883710 ID: ae9b99

I don't know if transforming into Daatra would be a good idea. What if she isn't on this ship and is actually on another ship? you might be seen as a stowaway, and since you are disguised as Daatra, her reputation might be ruined.

No. 883712 ID: b1b4f3

Wait a minute, D-Burst is disabled? But that means you can't burn off your D anymore. You've been maxing that out in like two days at most, now you have to avoid overfilling it for almost TWO WEEKS!?

You're going to have to find someone to help, or the seal is going to fail before Mr. Elan returns. Hell, even if you didn't have to worry about your D, the seal is about to break just from all the crazy shit you've been doing. Remember how Elan told you not to do anything crazy, then you repeatedly did crazy things in quick succession?
No. 883715 ID: 9c286f

C The shortest amount of time you can spend on this ship, and the less people you interact with, the better. You arn't supposed to be on board anyway. However rather than barging into peoples rooms, maybe use a small portal to peek into them? Not enough to be noticed, but enough to get a quick glance.
No. 883718 ID: 3abd97

>You gave everything you had to ensure that nothing and nobody would stand in your way. You won't lose a life-long friend. You won't let her run away without getting a chance to show her how much she means to you.
Well hopefully this doesn't blow up in your face with her getting mad you weren't willing to give her her space and dragon stalked her!

>As far as you can tell, your normal form is completely unchanged.
>You give a small sigh of relief. You'd hate to have to buy new clothes right after getting outfits you really like. [redo character designs again right after getting one you like]

Since she's in-range now, could you open a communication portal and try to figure out where she is by listening?

A seems a good first place to check- lots of people will be congregating at the same time, good chance she's there.

If that fails, I recommend finding a directory in an office somewhere- there's gotta be a list of who rented what rooms. That would be way better than searching every single room for her!
No. 883723 ID: 03d323

A. Tons of people, tons of chances for Daatra.
No. 883726 ID: d86e39

Mess hall A., and see if you can find hiding spots for brief moments to portal peeks inside.
No. 883727 ID: 0467b7

A, C.
Check the mess hall, then dorm rooms.
Stay invisible.
No. 883728 ID: daa216

B showers
No. 883729 ID: de6d84

A good visual on how the mess hall looks would be good for a CPS portal in a hiding spot, so you don't bump into people.
No. 883743 ID: da1652

A then C
A quick peek in the mess hall should be enough.

Besides, you can't exactly talk to her out in public without causing trouble.
No. 883746 ID: cb585b

A Walking around in her outfit as her would be increeedibly awkward if you ran into her by chance, and stalking the showers for her would be creepy. Quarters would take too long, so best bet is the Mess Hall.
No. 883750 ID: 094652

Ceri, DO NOT USE ANY MORE MAGIC. The cracks will blow out some dragon steam, but any further usage could cause the whole thing to collapse.

Infiltrate, disguise, joke with Daatra. Simple.
No. 883753 ID: 14e348

I already voted but I just wanted to say geeze Ceri you could have pushed yourself until just before all those important things broke and THEN turned into a bird to go the rest of the way, and probably gotten here in time or at least soon enough for the "west" indication to be enough. But it never even occurred to you! Next time you're gunning it at max please pay attention to your limits and give at least a little thought to what you can do about it when you're pushing up against them. Especially if you're in pain! You kind of have a habit of trying to power through things that are hurting you and yes sometime you need to do that but it's not healthy to not even notice you're doing it! We didn't tell you to push that hard.

Plus, I know you're probably not going to tell Daatra about any of this in detail, but if she did know all about your problems and she found out you burned all that because of her she'd probably feel terrible. I'm sure she still cares about you a lot! How would you feel if you were upset with someone you cared about and found out they'd run out on an important medical treatment to talk to you? Besides which if this comes back to bite you you might even end up resenting her for it a bit! I know people like to tell themselves that they don't mind and they're not going to regret things or be bitter when they make sacrifices for others, but emotions are tricky and hurting yourself for the sake of someone else can end up driving a wedge into your relationship on its own.
No. 883779 ID: 6cd244

Go with B, because I'm not 100% sure how long you can hold up your invisibility. You don't practice that much so it might drain your MP faster than you expect, and then you'd best be somewhere where it's okay to be naked on a ship.
If not that, then at least do C. I'd be worried about people running into you in a crowded mess hall.
No. 883782 ID: a6c84a

Damn this is a large boat. I bet Daatra will come up on deck at some point to get some fresh air. That would be a good time to talk to her. The control room might also have security cameras for the public spaces, so you could see if she's in any of those.
No. 883783 ID: 1e23d4

I'm laughing so hard this is Twitch level animation.

Not that its important right now but how are we getting home?

Showers? With our ~ uncapped?! Are you mad!
Primary: E transform into a Daatra like form and ask around if anyone has seen your sister.
Secondary: C
No. 883790 ID: 14fbd1

Polymorph a INCREDIBLE nose and sniff her out.
No. 883793 ID: caf1de

go ask the captian
No. 883796 ID: 05ff2f

This is a real good idea! Ceri has Daatra's clothes, presumably with Daatra's scent still on them. Ceri just needs to shift into a animal with a really good sense of smell to track Daatra down. And if Ceri turns into a animal that's a common, or even uncommon, pet, she could wander around the ship naked without anyone thinking she's more than a passenger's pet that got loose.

Primary: Modified E: Polymorph into a pet animal with a really good sense of smell, find a out of the way spot to drop your invisibility and stash the bag with Daatra's clothes. Get a big whiff of them then sniff around the stairwells for her scent.

Secondary: A: No risking bumping into Daatra naked in the showers, considering what precipitated all this mess with her. And no invading the passengers privacy checking the cabins, especially since knowing your luck you'd stick your nose in on a sexual encounter and ruin it. ...Or join in.
No. 883798 ID: 642fc3


Well, if it worked before...
No. 883890 ID: 0467b7

Changing my primary to the sniff suggestion, and my previous primary to my secondary.
No. 884033 ID: 395c02
File 152617113578.png - (198.33KB , 800x600 , 1300.png )

You make your way toward the MESS HALL. Your MP drains slowly, but you've got plenty of time. You'll need to be careful not to be seen or heard, or have anything dumped on you. Thankfully, you had the foresight to put DAATRA'S OUTFIT in your DRAGON inventory slot. Convenient, that slot.

As you move, you hear snippets of conversations around you...

"...woohoo! shiiip!"
"good gods i know you love ships but stop it you're making a scene"
"this ship is a scene! the cold metal! the engines purring! the smell of boat! complete and utter beauty!!"
"you've been at this for an hour and i've been questioning our friendship for 59 minutes..."

"...and then he was like, 'show me your tits'!"
"no way!"
"way! and i had to be all like, dude, i'm a bird. you're a bird. we are both birds."
"i know, right?? what is with everyone and those goofy mammalian..."

...That is a little weird.

>Wait a minute, D-Burst is disabled? But that means you can't burn off your D anymore.
Guess not.

>Remember how Elan told you not to do anything crazy, then you repeatedly did crazy things in quick succession?
It's fine. Everything is fine. Once you talk to Daatra everything will be good and fine and the next two weeks will be uneventful and you can just be a normal submissive mortal girl that's fine and good and in no danger of losing herself to something she shouldn't even need to be afraid of--

Calm and cool and fine.

...You might want to look into ways of venting D later.
No. 884034 ID: 395c02
File 152617113851.png - (121.42KB , 800x600 , 1301.png )

>You kind of have a habit of trying to power through things that are hurting you...
Maybe your compassion has made you something of a martyr, sacrificing yourself for the sake of others.

Maybe you're scared of losing a close friend because of one stupid mistake.

Maybe you don't know anymore.
No. 884035 ID: 395c02
File 152617114167.png - (104.62KB , 800x600 , 1302.png )

You make your way to the MESS HALL. You feel really awkward! Judging from all the food and the small number of people, you wager you're right on time for--

"*Bweep!* Good evening, everyone. We hope you're enjoying the ride so far! Dinner is ready, so feel free to come to the mess hall and enjoy our buffet! Thanks, and enjoy your stay~"

Ohoho. Won't be long until a whole bunch of people show. Now you need only wait to see if Daatra shows up. If she isn't here soon, you should have free reign to explore the PASSENGER CABINS unhindered.

>Since she's in-range now, could you open a communication portal and try to figure out where she is by listening?
The Communication Portal System (CPS) only works if you know where someone is. You could use it to peer into every room, but the portals tend to stay in one spot (relative to the planet), and you're on a boat that's moving.

It wouldn't be pretty.

No, for now you better play it safe and not play that particular 'I win' card.



That food smells... really good, actually.

When was the last time you ate...?

A: Sneak yourself a little snack. You wonder if you have any plans for pulling this off...
B: Can't risk it. Your stomach probably isn't that loud...
No. 884037 ID: 094652

A - You're starving, it's messing with your mind.

Grab something and eat under the table.
No. 884038 ID: 14e348

You're setting up unfair expectations for Daatra. What if she can't come back? What if she thinks this is creepy stalker behavior and turning up here drives her further away from you? What if she changed her mind herself and got off the boat to go back home already?? This is a river boat, it probably stops in several places along the way!

I don't think those possibilities are likely, not at all, but you're still putting a lot on this.

Anyway, A, and here's the plan: While you were coming down here, you saw a bunch of other people walking away, like that bird talking about bird things. Duck in somewhere, polymorph into them, and eat at your leisure! No-one will be checking for tickets at this point, and lots of people around here seem to be wearing clothes with no pockets, so I don't think anyone's carrying theirs. So long as you don't look like someone who hasn't been seen around before - or just not like your attention-grabbing normal self - you should be fine!
No. 884039 ID: 7c9812

Floating food is bound to raise suspicion, especially with everyone heading to the buffet table to fill their own plates. However, a loudly growling stomach might tip people off that someone's lurking around...
I can't decide which option would be the least risky.
No. 884041 ID: 7c9812

The only problem I can see with this plan is clothing. Unless DAATRA'S OUTFIT can fit on whatever species we polymorph into, I don't think people will react well to there being someone naked in the mess hall.
No. 884042 ID: b1b4f3

A. Polymorph into someone that was walking around naked (or just a similar one of the same species), then just get food like a normal person.
No. 884044 ID: cb585b

A. Can you fit under the table and sneak bits of food under?

Also very important question. How loud are you while you eat?
No. 884048 ID: 0c3c2c


Just hide under the table.
No. 884050 ID: 3abd97

>the DSS Face
Oh boy are we on the DRverse version of Boaty McBoat Face.

Um, how does that work when you're invisible? Would people see the food inside you? Would the magic apply to the food as soon as you eat it? Even if the magic applies to food inside you, would getting your hands dirty means people would see those?
No. 884061 ID: eeb7d9

A. BUT, wait for the best moment to take the food.
No. 884069 ID: 9c286f

A You could probably grab a small snack while you wait. It will help you focus a bit and restore a bit of energy. Shouldn't be too hard while you are invisible.
No. 884073 ID: ae9b99

>It's fine. Everything is fine. Once you talk to Daatra everything will be good and fine and the next two weeks will be uneventful and you can just be a normal submissive mortal girl that's fine and good and in no danger of losing herself to something she shouldn't even need to be afraid of--

Hey Ceri! Ceri, hey! So do you think Eezee might know some sciency stuff to help seal that barrier by artificial means?

B Hey, Stealing is bad. very bad. plz don't steal. It is bad enough you are an illegal stowaway on this boat... and naked.
No. 884083 ID: dbf422

A. Just duck under the table, and eat the food a piece at a time after you see someone pass where you are.

The ship is clearly too bougie to worry about theft being wrong.
No. 884084 ID: 33cbe7

A. Stuff that's inside you isn't visible, so just eat stuff with your mouth directly. If it's tricky to maneuver yourself across the table like this, polymorph yourself some handy-dandy hand-mouths! Even if they don't connect to your stomach, they can still make food disappear for you to carry under the table.
No. 884095 ID: 1e23d4

Don't TAKE the food just shove it directly into your mouth, like just pop a whole roll in there.
No. 884100 ID: 5c8055

unhinge your jaw and swallow the whole table
No. 884146 ID: 846a8b

B: Stick to the plan Ceri... Also see if you can find some clothes that fit you normally somewhere. Not being naked when you try to make amends with Daatra is probably a good thing.
No. 884149 ID: 5fa661


Daatra first, food later.
No. 884165 ID: 91ee5f

I’ve played Metal Gear Solid 3, I know what happens if you don’t eat when your stomach starts making noises. Your noisy stomach gets you caught when you’re trying to be stealthy!

A: Sneak yourself a little snack.
No. 884172 ID: 6cd244

A. It's all ethically sound, since Daatra's already paid for a ticket and thus a full trip's worth of food. If everything goes well you'll be taking her home, so you can have some of that food without it counting as stealing! As for plans, find something good you can eat in one bite, and bite it straight off the table so it disappears and there's no floating food.

>So do you think Eezee might know some sciency stuff to help seal that barrier by artificial means?
This is actually quite a good idea. Aside from Euia, the only person who's demonstrated the ability to directly affect the way your magic works is her and her weird antimagic field. She might be able to do something to your seal, or at least figure out a way to safely drain your D.
No. 884219 ID: 1e23d4

Sorry I didn't think of this sooner but it's too damn appropriate.It's not
No. 884404 ID: e1c8f7

It's okay, mistress. The food is there for everyone to enjoy. Just make it look like it fell off the table and eat it out of sight!
No. 886015 ID: 395c02
File 152727730349.png - (164.99KB , 800x600 , 1303.png )

You decide the safest bet is to directly chomp down on some of the bite-sized food items, since anything inside your body becomes invisible. Well, anything that isn't another person.

You side-eye the plate of spaghetti. Not today, old friend.

It's... it's all so good...

Ceri no don't cry someone might notice!

>Also very important question. How loud are you while you eat?
Rude! You happened to take a class on being a polite lady!

...When you were nine. something about spoons?

Look the important thing is you hardly make any noise at all gosh.

You overhear a conversation nearby...

"Hey, do you hear something?"

"Yeah, sounds like a wild animal gorging itself on a fresh corpse."

"Why is that the first thing you think of?"

Haha wow okay you're gonna go sit in a corner and enjoy not starving anymore oh gods they're getting closer move move move.
No. 886016 ID: 395c02
File 152727730731.png - (86.79KB , 800x600 , 1304.png )

Whew. You sit back and wait...

>Hey Ceri! Ceri, hey! So do you think Eezee might know some sciency stuff to help seal that barrier by artificial means?
It's worth asking about, at least.

>Also see if you can find some clothes that fit you normally somewhere. Not being naked when you try to make amends with Daatra is probably a good thing.
Stealing someone's clothing isn't very nice...

>You're setting up unfair expectations for Daatra. What if she can't come back?
It... it's okay if she doesn't want to immediately turn around and come home. You just want to talk to her before she leaves, make sure things are resolved and good and fine. It's not like she's leaving forever...

>What if she thinks this is creepy stalker behavior and turning up here drives her further away from you?

It's too late to turn back. If she gets that impression, you'll just... convince her otherwise.

You suddenly hear a loud, booming voice.

"We're here, bitches!!!"
No. 886017 ID: 395c02
File 152727730990.png - (217.12KB , 800x600 , 1305.png )

"Behold our bodies and their natural beauty!" the naked... ralian!? says proudly. "We are The Naturals, and we stand against the notion that the naked body should be a source of shame!"

"Do you have to make such a fuss about it?" the reptilian beside her asks, looking embarrassed.

You hear several people whispering and murmuring.

"Of course I do! Hey, what's with all the whispering? Surprised to see a ralian in all her glory!? Hmph! Judge less by species and more by what a person stands for, I always say! And I stand for the movement started by a lone polymorpher in a crowded mall!"

oh gods

"If our beautiful bodies disgust you, then get the hell out of our way!!!"

please no
No. 886018 ID: 395c02
File 152727731220.png - (141.20KB , 800x600 , 1306.png )

"C-captain, you have to do something!"

"Hahaha. They're just kids trying to rebel a little bit. Let them have their fun."

"But it might make some of the guests uncomfortable! Especially if one of them is a mammal!"

"Hohoho. Let's not fall into the same trap many of our mammalian brethren have!"


"They are our future. Let's not get in the way of them discovering themselves. Besides, there's barely any mammals on the ship in the first place, and it's more exciting this way."

"Y-yes, captain..."

Seeing a ralian of all things leading that group... part of you wants to talk to her, to see what made her abandon the ways of her own kind.


So that's what ralian breasts look like...


...Oh hey your post-egg cooldown period's wearing off and you can gain ~ again. It's not going to rise very fast this early in your egg-cycle, so you can look just a little longer...

...Okay, okay. Time to decide what to do next.

These 'Naturals' offer you a convenient way to return to the visible world. You could polymorph into something and act as if they swayed you to their cause (which is half true-- you already believe in their cause since you came up with it!).

Or, you can remain hidden and invisible, and just watch what happens while waiting for Daatra to appear.

Yet another option would be to take advantage of how distracted everyone is right now, and leave the room to search for Daatra in relative peace, though it might get complicated if she's on her way here.

[Path of visibility...]
Time to abuse this convenient plot event so you can mingle with others. You could even strike up a conversation with Daatra, if she shows, and maybe probe a bit for her current feelings. For many reasons, it's best you don't do this as yourself (normal or dragon).

You can be X: Female or Y: Male.

A: Become an itkiaki! You're kinda curious if you'd make a good birb. You prooobably shouldn't go Kharadra on this form.......?
B: Become your Mom's species! You've kinda done this before, but now you can be more you!
C: Become your Dad's species! Time to be daddy's girl. Though he might object to this whole situation.
D: Become another ralian! You wonder if you should try to be more ah... 'modest' than your forms tend to be.
E: Become a... noxan? It just randomly occurred you to try it?? You should probably be 'modest' in this form too, right...?

[Path of invisibility...]
As much as you might agree with their ideals, you're here for Daatra, not for shenanigans.

F: Wait here and observe. Daatra might still show up, and you could see how others react.
G: Use this chance to sneak past and leave. This is a great opportunity to go searching for Daatra's room, especially with everyone so distracted. You might have to think fast if you bump into her in the hallway.
No. 886020 ID: 33cbe7

Oh no, not again. G/d&x.
No. 886021 ID: cb22c8

A, X: Birb Ceri? Birb Ceri! Kharadra has inspired you!
Failing that, D, X so you can have a proper discussion with this ralian here. You might have a better time talking with Daatra if you're feeling less down on yourself and keep in mind that you inspired people that day as well.
No. 886023 ID: 7fad5d

Primary F, secondary G.
No. 886024 ID: 7fad5d

No preference for male or female, if it wasn't clear.
No. 886025 ID: b1b4f3

Well I mean you were going to talk to Daatra while invisible either way.

Primary: G, secondary C:X

For dragons' sake don't turn male again that's what started this whole mess.
No. 886026 ID: a363ac

Path of Visibility. Come to them as the leader of the titty revolution LEGALLY DISTINCT ALISON and say you are proud of the work they have done, but you also can't "shove your ideas in peoples faces" unless they ask you too, walk around naked but don't announce that you are here every time you enter a room (you know she did this through the entire ship).
No. 886031 ID: 5fa661

F or G

I feel joining the nudists would just escalate horribly somehow, and wind up complicating things with Daatra even more.
No. 886032 ID: eaee93

E and X.

Absolutely be a female noxan! You'll get to experience what it's like to be Outissa, and maybe can show her later on~
No. 886033 ID: eeb7d9

G or F are good for me. I REALLY think we should leave the shenanigans for latter. Daatra comes first. This is why you are doing all this, do not forget that.
No. 886034 ID: d289db

Well, the seeds of what you starred are showing up a bit

Primary G, secondary A
No. 886037 ID: 0c3c2c

Y E , F

It'll be easier on our mana reserves to be visible and the nudists offer a convenient series of excuses.
No. 886039 ID: 03d323

Well the nudists seem entertaining, but maybe Daatra still?
Still amusing to see this is happening, maybe a later nudist group will show up and shenanigans then

Primary G, Secondary >>886026
No. 886040 ID: 91ee5f

>Become visible or not?
Yes, you should become visible!

You only ate enough to not be starving, but you’re not full. And becoming visible will let you eat until you’re full. Which means you can have some of that spaghetti! Along with a few other foods that you’d like to try.

Besides, it’ll look weird if you’re the only person not eating, so getting something to eat will also help you blend in with the crowd.

>What form?
Primary A: Become an itkiaki! X: Female

Secondary D: Become another ralian! X: Female

>Be modest?
Yes, be modest for once. Give your poor back a break for a little while.
No. 886041 ID: dc91a0

That sounds like a neat form!

Also, you don't have to steal clothes silly!
This is a cruise ship.
Once you're done mingling go find the Gym or the pool. There should be showers nearby with complimentary robes.
No. 886043 ID: 61838d

B. Literally become your mom, scary repressed memories and all
No. 886044 ID: b59fad

I'll vote for G because Daatra may avoid these shenanigans. If that path isn't chosen, I vote C because why not for once?
No. 886047 ID: d86e39

Primary G, Secondary F
Watch this go down and maybe see what you can learn from this rebellion, but we're determined for Daatra.
No. 886048 ID: 2ee9e7

Primary F, Secondary G
No. 886050 ID: 9312d3

but if visibitly wins...
E, für the "My Vision is now in Greyscale/blurred. Nooooooooooooooo...." moment.
No. 886052 ID: 6ee5db

Primary G, Secondary F
Go make friends with these people later. Keep your priorities straight Ceri and meet with Daatra.
No. 886057 ID: dbf422

Agreed, Primary G, Secondary F.

With the reasoning being that I doubt Daatra would be in the headspace to visit the nudist luncheon.
No. 886059 ID: 823c3f

G, E:X

We should maybe focus on finding Daatra. If we do decide to pick a form, we should maybe avoid being male. If we are male and run into Daatra it might make things worse considering what happened.
No. 886060 ID: d7c689

Oh noooo... did you accidentally start a naked cult?

Primary F. A thought occured what if Daatra is a part of that group?

Secondary G
No. 886069 ID: 3abd97

>Stealing someone's clothing isn't very nice...
It's a cruise ship, I bet the rooms come with bathrobes. You can borrow one of those. Borrowing the cruise's stuff is no worse than stowing away and eating their food without paying!

>What do
Primary Invisibility, G. It doesn't matter if you agree with this nudist movement, or if you accidentally started it. That's not what you're here for!

Secondary X-B. If you gotta assume a disguise form, it might as well be one Daatra might connect to you. A compromise since your naked dragon self is pretty attention grabbing.
No. 886073 ID: 4854ef

There are just so many Lizard Racists by god.

Primary E Y
Secondary: D Y
No. 886079 ID: 3abd97

Oh also: it's rude to bring politics to dinner, The Naturals.
No. 886098 ID: 9c286f

G If this is all about Daatra, you probably should avoid making a scene. Now that there is a handy distraction you are a bit freer to move around.
No. 886134 ID: d7c689

Also, briefly imagine what a spinoff quest starring the Naturals would be like...
No. 886147 ID: ae9b99

Before you do anything, while you are still invisible, try calling out within the crowd to try to influence everyone else who is clothed to get naked as well, just like you did in the mall during that blackout. It worked last time.

Maybe say something like "yeah, we should all join in and get naked to make a stand. We shouldn't be looked down upon based off of who we really are as nudists. Besides, it is hot in here anyway" or something.
No. 886161 ID: e1c8f7

Well Mistress, I see two options before you. My primary recommendation would be to use this chaos to conserve on your MP by going with the form of a female noxan. Their thick fur would enable you to loiter without issue from either involved party. Of course, if you with to move on.. then I would keep your cloak up and slip past the confusion. Good luck, Mistress!

Primary X E, Secondary G
No. 886192 ID: a06734

F, G
Definitely not E, as that'd bring attention to you.
Sadly, I have to say to just stay invisible.
Who knows what kind of shenanigans you'd get up to.
No. 886193 ID: b59fad

Can you not make just part of your body invisible?
No. 886196 ID: bffeb2

Do not become male that's pretty much the whole reason shit went wrong with Daatra.

D cause we don't want to draw attention as a noxan but I don't recall us doing much mammal.

If we choose to stay invisible then go with F.
No. 886197 ID: 2202fb

G. You dont want people to recognize your voice and frame you as the hero that inspired them.
No. 886396 ID: 39e3f1

>since anything inside your body becomes invisible. Well, anything that isn't another person.

... Forgive me if I'm not remembering something we were around for, but are these facts you've learned by personal experience? And, uh, not to poke your ~ any further, but what about any... substance that was inside said other person, and is then inside you?

More practically, what happens if something comes out of you? Let's get away from the lewd thoughts for a moment and say blood. Assume you've cut yourself a little while invisible. Would the blood coming out of you be visible, or not visible until it dripped off you, or stay invisible wherever it is until you drop the spell? If you don't know you could test with your spit. You never know, it could be relevant in the future!
No. 886634 ID: 395c02
File 152754171605.png - (171.11KB , 800x600 , 1307.png )

"So uh, how long are we gonna stand here basking in our nudity?"

"Bit longer."


"Okay. Now we can get some..."

You manage to sneak by unnoticed. Your generally indecisive mind has put its foot in the ground: no more mistakes. Whatever shenanigans those guys are up to don't matter right now.

Daatra matters.
No. 886635 ID: 395c02
File 152754172094.png - (217.29KB , 800x600 , 1308.png )

Lotta folks coming in for dinner now. No two ways around it; You need to stay away from the crowd. You teleport on top of one of the weird wall/pipe thingies, and make your way forward.

You have no idea how to feel about those "Naturals", especially the part where they were inspired by your antics. And the turnaround time! Was it on the news or something?? This is what you get for never watching TV!

...No sign of Daatra. She always was a bit anti-social...

Guess you'll think about heading to the showers and borrowing some robes now, or you WAIT
No. 886636 ID: 395c02
File 152754172371.png - (95.40KB , 800x600 , 1309.png )

There she is!!!

Heart no you'll fall out at this speed you have to slow down oh gods you're really going nuts right now.

It takes a dragon's strength to keep yourself from leaping at her and hugging her and telling her you're sorry and--

help you're not calm at all

oh no she's going to run into the Naturals if she keeps going

W-what do you do??
A: Get close, whisper to her. Let's not waste time! What do you whisper?
B: Hurry to a nearby shower to borrow some robes. You now know where Daatra will be for a bit. You could Robe up and keep an eye on her while visible (and polymorphed, naturally).
C: Tail Daatra for now while invisible. You're taking no chances. You're keeping your eyes glued on her until you can talk to her in private.
No. 886637 ID: 7fad5d

A. Hey bby you lookin' fine today
No. 886641 ID: 33cbe7

D: CPS portal! You now have a target you can track for a portal destination. it might take a moment to get the portals moving with the ship, but you can do it!
No. 886643 ID: daa216

A) Get close and whisper that you need to see her in the showers.
No. 886644 ID: b59fad

B, I say, or if not that then C. Both if you can! You need to scope the emotional scene.
No. 886649 ID: e5c658

Polymorph into a small bird, land on her shoulder, then A.
"Take us to your room when you're ready to talk."
No. 886650 ID: a363ac

No. 886656 ID: dbf422

You just need to lead by a few inches until you match with the ship. That sounds like a real drain but if you're quick you can get her attention before you're in trouble.

Failing that, A.
No. 886660 ID: 0c3c2c

A But use your Portals!
No. 886663 ID: cb22c8

A, but try to disguise your voice and give a cryptic message to meet you somewhere. "The dragon roars at sunset from the highest mast" or something equally corny.
C if you don't feel up to it yet.
No. 886672 ID: 91ee5f

B: Hurry to a nearby shower to borrow some robes.
She just ran away from Ceri and the last person she probably wants to see at this point is Ceri. So the best thing to do is to approach her as someone else.

Specifically, approach Daatra as a concerned person that wanted to make sure she’s alright because she looks upset. Then ask if she wants to talk about it because it might help her feel better.
No. 886674 ID: e1c8f7

Misstress, I believe a Bathrobe would be beneficial to you in both sort and long term. You have your target in sight though. I would at least wait to see if she goes into the mess hall at all. You got this!
No. 886678 ID: dbf422

??? And tricking her is going to help how???
No. 886680 ID: eeb7d9

This sounds good, but what do we say?
No. 886725 ID: ae9b99

Primary: E: Maybe we can just write a letter about how you feel, tape it to Daatra's clothes, and portal it near her. She wants some alone time to think. Best way to give her space while at the same time letting her know about how you feel.

Secondary B
No. 886742 ID: 38c24c

B: I still think some clothes are in order for your reunion :3

If you can't find anything that fits, these seem like creative options >>886641 >>886725
No. 886744 ID: 9c286f

A "Don't freak out Daatra, but I am kinda invisible next to you. Can we talk somewhere private?"

Hopefully it will be enough to get her attention and not freak out.
No. 886748 ID: bffeb2

A warn her that there are nacked people running around the dinning area and if she tells you her room number you'll go bring her spaghet.
No. 886759 ID: 0467b7

"hi Daatra it's Ceri I'm sorry please don't kill me"
No. 886942 ID: 2202fb

D. Portal Pitfall

Open up a portal right below her and have her fall up to where you are at.
No. 887071 ID: 45105b

B. No rush, let's be calm and careful about this.
No. 887088 ID: 3abd97

Hey, The Naturals, it's also rude to stand in the doorway so other people can't use it, naked or not.

>oh no she's going to run into the Naturals if she keeps going
Isn't there a crowd forming that she'll bump into first? All that ass is gonna draw attention from behind.

>what do
Primary A: um, hi it's me. Can we talk? Also you might want to avoid the dining room there are some naked people there making a point or something.

Secondary B.
No. 887123 ID: 395c02
File 152782014328.png - (106.14KB , 800x600 , 1310.png )

You can't move a portal once it's placed. That's intrinsic to the magic itself.

...Unless... what if you used TELEPORTATION MAGIC to move the portals along a bit at a time? This could be a COMBO SPELL in the making.

Might as well try it. You hide away as well as you can, then return to the world of visibility and initiate CPS with Daatra.

No. 887124 ID: 395c02
File 152782014771.png - (53.96KB , 800x600 , 1311.png )

I'm not sure this is why we're friends.

No. 887125 ID: 395c02
File 152782015758.png - (77.45KB , 800x600 , 1312.png )

>Polymorph into a small bird, land on her shoulder
"hahaha wow that did not work at all haha hi hey what's up!"

Daatra blinks at you, then speaks in a strained whisper. "ceri-be... what the hell are you doing here!?"

"We really need to talk about stuff. So um, I can wait in your room until you're ready also where is your room I'm a bird and don't know these things."

"I-- that-- I can't believe this is happening."

"You totally can. Also you forgot to whisper!"

"HhssSSsSsSSss... yes and yes."

"btw please don't kill me i'm tiny and cute"
No. 887126 ID: 395c02
File 152782016181.png - (101.38KB , 800x600 , 1313.png )

In that moment you realize she could swallow you whole without a thought. You briefly wonder if anyone could be into something like that, but dismiss the thought as silly and impossible.

She just continues whispering. "i'm not-- look. my room is in quarter B, room 3. i don't want to cause a scene so just wait there or do whatever you're going to do but please don't break anything."

"When have I ever broken anything!?"

No. 887127 ID: 395c02
File 152782016875.png - (247.57KB , 800x600 , 1314.png )

No. 887128 ID: 395c02
File 152782017102.png - (101.17KB , 800x600 , 1315.png )

This could be your greatest challenge yet.

A: Get a robe and wait in her room. You'll give her a moment to hopefully not be super mad that you did this crazy stunt.
B: Ceri the Parrot time. You'll stay a bird on Daatra's shoulder. Hanging out and being buds, like old times...!
No. 887129 ID: 3abd97

Before you do anything else warn Daatra there's already some other people making a scene. Don't just let her walk into that nudist political protest at dinner!
No. 887130 ID: b1b4f3

A. Also warn Daatra about the nudist movement that you totally didn't accidentally start yesterday.
No. 887131 ID: a8b0c6

Stay bird
No. 887132 ID: 91ee5f

>In that moment you realize she could swallow you whole without a thought.
Ceri, you’re a pollymorpher. If Daatra did do that, all you’d have to do is teleport out or change back to your normal form. But it would be very messy with you bursting out of her body, so teleporting is preferable in this hypothetical never going to happen ever situation.

A: Get a robe and wait in her room.

She is visibly mad right now. The best thing you can do is not make it worse by staying with her!
No. 887134 ID: 9c286f

A and B Go to Daatra's room but stay a birb for now. You could probably ask Daatra for a robe, plus it would be less awkward if you stay a tiny bird and admit you are naked when Daatra comes in than to be waiting for her in a robe.

Also make sure you warn her about the nudists. Though I don't think mentioning that you might have started their nudist preferences.
No. 887137 ID: ae9b99


but stay as a birb at her room.
No. 887139 ID: d887c0

That's my choice, but also I am screaming.
No. 887141 ID: 45105b

No. 887145 ID: 33cbe7

Go to her room but stay a tiny bird.
No. 887146 ID: e5c658

Go bird it up in her room. Ask her to bring some spaghetti.
No. 887147 ID: eeb7d9

Is it me ore she actually thouhgt about it?!

Anyway, i think i want to go with A.
And to avoid any problems, ask her if the door of her room is unlock. It would be bad to just go there and not be able to get in for something silly like that.
Also warn her about thw nudists.
Also ask her if you could wear some of her clothes, you are kind of naked.
No. 887150 ID: 7c9812

A. It'd be best if you two had some time to yourselves to (hopefully) make up.
Also, maybe you should warn her about the nudists in the cafeteria?
No. 887158 ID: ad7c25

Don't forget to warn her about the naked people no this is not my fault even though it kind of is not everything that involves naked people is my doing Daatra

Get A robe and take it to her room but stay birb and just jump around on her bed like those silly bird videos.
No. 887160 ID: 0c3c2c

A. Don't anger Daatra anymore!
No. 887165 ID: 05ff2f

A: Get a robe and wait in her room. Ceri, you rushing after Daatra and dropping in when she expected to be away from you for two weeks is obviously aggravating her. Just look at where her fangs were and are. You know they pop out when she's real angry and right now you can tell she's actively holding them back to not cause a scene. Sticking with her as a bird and lamely acting like it's "old times" will just make her more pissed off, partly because you didn't respect her desire for you to wait in her room, and probably end up with her blowing up at you in front of the whole mess hall. So put some time and distance between you so her emotions aren't spiking and she has a meal in her so she can think better when you do eventually talk.

Ask her if her cabin is unlocked and give her a warning about the group of buck naked nudist advocates that walked in on dinner down in the mess hall and somehow didn't get kicked out. Then fly away to snag a bathrobe, shift into a species that isn't dragon at all and put 'em on, and head to Daatra's room.

Once you are in there, shift to your default dragon form, (minus the spikes so you don't rip up the robe,) lay Daatra's folded clothes on the table, sit down and DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! You are on double ultra mega time-out until you finish talking with Daatra! No touching or doing anything until then! Polymorph your damn limbs away if need be to stop yourself from doing anything harebrained! ...In fact, polymorph your boobs and genitals away anyway. Considering what screwed things up between you and her, removing all physical sexual aspects from yourself 'till this is over would make sense.
No. 887166 ID: dbf422

A. And make sure to warm her about the nudists in the mess hall. If she seems like she isn't taking it seriously, mention that they might seem like they have some similarities with some of your daatra-alienating features, completely coincidentally.
No. 887181 ID: b38f01

Congrats on getting your girl, Mistress! You should await her in her cabin and clear the air when she comes back. Be prepared to weather the storm though..
No. 887196 ID: 6c5e68

Just wait in her room. It's what she's asking of you, and you've no room to be more of a nuisance to her at the moment.
No. 887197 ID: 3c570a

A, because being a small bird got you into all this trouble in the first place! Seriously, come on.
No. 887198 ID: 823c3f

A but stay tiny birb.
No. 887199 ID: a62780

A- seems wise, just try not to fall over the 3 or so shenanigan plot hooks you'll run into on the way there. While they no doubt lead to good-natured hilarity, this is super srs friendship time.
No. 887225 ID: f0e552

You're on thin line here, A because you're nice and will do what she says and you'll we waiting around, doing nothing and just waiting.

I hope thats possible for even you to do
No. 887245 ID: 575ec0

Because it'll be fun. It'll give you two some time to do the usual (not so) normal friend things since the situation won't be appropriate for the hardcore talking.
Both your heads will be in better places when the time to make up comes.

If you go and do (A) then you'll both dread and overthink the moment until it happens. Not only will the evening be soured, but the chances of overbearing drama happening increase dramatically.
No. 887250 ID: 2bfaca

B, because Daatra would rather have you constantly watched in the birdnood than loose on the deck ready to publically fap
No. 887282 ID: cb22c8

A, if only because when she sees those nudists in there I'm 100% certain you'll say something suspicious and let her know it's your fault.
No. 887294 ID: 51b8ec

Get to room.
Polymorph into a rock.
Remain rock until Daatra arrives.
Probably mess up when releasing rockmorph.
No. 887444 ID: 9d4af9

Let's play it safe for once :3 A
No. 887539 ID: e19348

A AND B, by which I mean go to her room to wait for her but keep being a birb.
No. 887549 ID: ff1ae8

No. 887646 ID: 395c02
File 152816769593.png - (63.52KB , 800x600 , 1316.png )

>Before you do anything else warn Daatra there's already some other people making a scene.
"S-so hey, there's people being um weird in the mess hall. They're running around naked??"

"what did you do"

"I didn't-- They just showed up!! They said they were inspired by a crazy snake-lady or something!"


"Not you! Not me as you! I... I'll just wait quietly in your room... for you..."

You fly off as the most awkward bird in existence.
No. 887647 ID: 395c02
File 152816769896.png - (102.68KB , 800x600 , 1317.png )

You ignore like five hilarious and/or lewd situations on the way to Daatra's room. It was tough, but you managed to make it here without breaking anything. The door wasn't even locked.


Not a lot of quiet moments for you lately. You miss when things were more... normal. Regular days spent hanging out with friends, or reading quietly to yourself, or playing video games.

But these hectic times are teaching you a lot. You're obviously still making rash decisions, but you find yourself more willing to stick with the choices you make. You're not stressing and arguing with yourself about whether what you did was 'right' or 'wrong'.

You chose to come here, and stuck with that decision. You're now focused on the next step. Even if you annoyed Daatra by showing up out of nowhere, you're confident that you'll figure out how to make it right. How to get her to understand why you did what you did.

Things will be okay.
No. 887648 ID: 395c02
File 152816770039.png - (155.72KB , 800x600 , 1318.png )

You see a spare pair of robes nearby. They don't look like they've been worn, which makes sense. Most people, whatever race they happen to be, fit inside a certain form-factor. Every room probably has a pair like this, figuring that most will be able to wear them without issue. Even you, despite your spikes, could probably wear it just fine.

They don't fit Daatra, though. You hope they had something to offer her instead, but for now this gives you a chance to be yourself, should you desire.

You spend a moment thinking on the situation.

Because of your tendency to keep things light, Daatra probably thinks that you're someone who never feels sad. Someone with no regrets in life.

You want to change this. You want to tell Daatra that you understand her. That despite your great power, you're a person with struggles. With flaws. And despite all the jokes and words of confidence you give out, sometimes you feel powerless and alone.

Like right now.

Is it time to tell her everything? You can prove you're a dragon-- your D-WINGS still work and they are something no mortal can do. But maybe she'd be happier seeing you as just a powerful but mortal mage who pretends she's a dragon sometimes.

Not even a magazine to read... all you can do is wait, and decide.

Prove to Daatra that you're a dragon? X: Yes Y: No

And how will you meet her?
A: As a bird. Maybe it's best if Daatra doesn't see any of your new forms.
B: In your normal form (+ robe). You could switch to your old form, but you find yourself consistently preferring to be the 'more real' you.
C: As something else. Not a bird, but what...?
D: As a dragon. Logically this sounds very dangerous since your dragon form exists by 'fighting' Euia's magic, but what if there's a better way to do it...? You wonder if you have any ideas.
No. 887649 ID: 710469

Y and B
No. 887650 ID: 33cbe7

Y/B/secondary a. You should have a nice face to face talk about how you really feel before resuming polymorph shenanigans worry-free.
No. 887651 ID: 3abd97

Turn back to yourself and sprawl naked in her bed, obviously. That's how anyone wants to find a girl they order to wait for them in their room.

>Prove to Daatra that you're a dragon? X: Yes Y: No
I kind of think that's besides the point. You have stuff to talk about and work out and apologize for that has nothing to do with whatever you might happen to be! That stuff takes precedence over dramatic reveals.

I mean, there's no problem being honest with her about what you are, if that comes up, but setting out to try to prove what you are to her feels like making this more about you than about the relationship you're here to repair.
No. 887652 ID: 03d323

This, and especially the second portion.
No. 887653 ID: 45931b

X, B, old form

Quickly have a flashback to those 5 hilarious and lewd moments until Daatra gets here to pass time.
No. 887654 ID: b1b4f3

Y (Daatra will have enough to think about, no need to pile on the drama)

You could polymorph into your Dragon form, you know. Instead of "un-polymorphing" into it. Like, you could polymorph into something that's the right shape but has some crucial differences that Daatra won't notice. The further away from true dragon you are, the less the seal will object. However, that's not what I'm voting for as again, you don't need to pile on more drama.

B. That's what she expects, and if you look different than usual she probably won't think much of it, you're a polymorpher after all.
No. 887659 ID: 4854ef

No. 887661 ID: 91ee5f

>Prove to Daatra that you're a dragon?
Y: No

Now is not the time for things like that!

>And how will you meet her?
B: In your normal form (+ robe).

And you better be wearing that robe by the time Daatra gets in here young lady! This is serious time, not be silly and naked time!

>You could switch to your old form, but you find yourself consistently preferring to be the 'more real' you.
Speaking of which, you might want to check on your normal, unpolymorphed form. It might’ve changed again, now that you’ve damaged Euia‘s seal! You might have more spikes now! Hell, your boobs might’ve gotten bigger again!

.....oh, yeah! Don’t forget to pull Daatra’s clothes out of your Dragon Inventory! Pull them out, fold them up, and place them on her bed.
No. 887662 ID: 575ec0

With the stipulation that ONLY if you are able to make things right definitively before-hand, or if it naturally comes up. It's not a priority right now.

Daatra is probably sick of all the polymorphing for now. If she still thinks Old you is Normal you take that form, too.
No. 887667 ID: d7b8dc

Y B. C'mon. This is about her. Not you.
No. 887670 ID: cb22c8

X, B as you currently are, rather than polymorphed into your previous appearance.

There are a lot of reasons Daatra's feeling bad right now, and part of what she said earlier was a lack of confidence in her appearance and in her boyfriend liking her. She seemed to be jealous of you in that way. It might help to admit to her that your own appearance is the way it is because of life magic, and show that it's started to deteriorate. But you're not afraid that the people who care about you will start rejecting you even if you start looking like some sort of feared monster, and that's because the bonds people have with you are there because of who you are as a person. And so Daatra's bond with Zesmirl is also because of who she is as a person more than anything else, so she doesn't have anything to worry about! ...Though maybe if she actually wasn't hot you would have gotten into less drama...
No. 887677 ID: 06fdc0

No. 887685 ID: dbf422

X/B with the same stipulation. She needs to know who you are, and as much as you are more than your species you have made it a very important part.
No. 887688 ID: c01f48

Be yourself.

We're focusing on Daatra right now. Telling her you're a dragon would just complicate things further. If it comes, up tell her, but don't bring it up if you don't need to.
No. 887703 ID: 51b8ec

Y & B. This is about Daatra and your friendship with her, not your own baggage of being a Dragon.
No. 887714 ID: dbf422

I just want to put it out there that good friendships don't have huge secrets and that her not admitting to her baggage as a dragon is a big part of her current friendship problems. She wants to show Daatra that she is vulnerable and takes things seriously. I think keeping it a secret "for Daatra's sake" is just falling into a familiar trap.
No. 887717 ID: d6afc2

X and B
I think, we either have to keep this secret fom her forever, or tell it now. If we tell her later, then we have just proven for her that we only stack lies upon lies.
No. 887723 ID: 3c570a

Ok, so, B first, and if she asks why you look different, then X. Sort of. Just tell her you have a... condition. A magical condition, which you've had since you were a baby. One that's made you good at polymorphing but which has negative side-effects like this, which have recently been getting worse. And then, again if she asks for more information, then tell her you're a dragon. Again, don't blurt it out, lead into it.

Be prepared for her not to ask, though. Daatra I think might not want to be burdened with your secrets, and is already possibly feeling like she's a secondary character in your life. Definitely don't just tell her everything without her asking, it'll be like you're making this all about you!
No. 887724 ID: a363ac

X, B when shocking someone its best to not overload them with new things give her the regular form and make sure she knows that she is still your best friend.
No. 887725 ID: 094652

X/C as a creepy television set that's hollow inside, but claymating a heartrending story about a girl on the brink of psyche eradication due to her own shortcomings.
No. 887727 ID: b38f01

Ah.. a conflict of morality. Well Ceridwen.. You certainly have a way with words. Even things as difficult as the truth can be said eloquently when you have the determination and confidence to do so. Being yourself may help with that. A little presentation can go a long way. Your timing has been spotty, yes.. but I promise when you have settled other matters, Daatra will be ready for the truth.

Be the friend she knows. For now. Once things settle, you can X-over to your true Dragonself.
No. 887728 ID: 2a13fa

X and B.
No. 887730 ID: ae9b99

While you wait, you should totally draw a CONCERNED DOLPHIN and GIANT BIRD comic in preparations for your talk with Daatra. It will totally help get your points across. It never fails.
No. 887731 ID: aaafe7

B, A
Let's not do anything rash, now. Just greet her as the Ceri she's always known.
No. 887732 ID: aaafe7

Also this.
No. 887737 ID: eeb7d9

Y and B. She deserves the truth, just like the rest of your friends. The thing is how you do it. How will you show her that you are telling the truth. Your polymorphic nature makes it hard to show a "true self" in a fisical way. And you body, until now has been changing too. It is, i am sorry to say, counter productive in these scenarios.
No. 887743 ID: 0c3c2c

X and B
No. 887749 ID: ee2d6e

Y, B
No. 887750 ID: 90f3c0

X, B
No. 887752 ID: 6ee5db

X, B
No. 888155 ID: 9c286f

Y and A Probably less awkward for Daatra to see bird Ceri waiting in her room then a naked "normal" Ceri in only a robe.
No. 888173 ID: 05ff2f

I think you may have overlooked something important written in the update: Ceri's D-WINGS are something that no mortal can do, so she can show them to Daatra to prove she's a dragon. That sidesteps the whole issue of Ceri being a polymorpher getting in the way of showing her "true self" you seemed to have based your choice on.
No. 888186 ID: 395c02
File 152843004676.png - (132.44KB , 800x600 , 1319.png )

>...you might want to check on your normal, unpolymorphed form.

You now know better than to make assumptions until you try on a bra, but your chest feels... the same? Nothing's more sensitive than before, and they don't feel any heavier. If they're bigger, it's not by much.

You can't shake the feeling that there are some minor differences, but you don't see anything major. Maybe this is less a new form and more a... tweaking? Of this form?
No. 888187 ID: 395c02
File 152843004991.png - (101.64KB , 800x600 , 1320.png )

You put on the BATH ROBE, then get Daatra's outfit and place it on her bed. As expected, the robe fits comfortably despite your spikes and... endowments. You tug at it a little, idly wondering if it'd fit even Kharadra... you're going to go with 'barely'. You could 'try' it out, but you don't want to risk damaging the robe right before something so important!

You sit back down and continue waiting. You pass the time by thinking about what you'll say to your dear friend.

You're willing to prove to Daatra that you're a dragon, but you're not going to force the issue. There will be plenty of chances to show her later-- this moment's about making things right!

Every time you make a perfect script in your mind, you end up turning it into spaghetti. Maybe you'll be less likely to mess up if you decide on what general points you want to focus on, and play it by frill ear.

Step one is to remember exactly why she's upset. Time can make memories twist and crumple, until they're little more than the feelings you had in that moment. This can make good things seem great, but more often it makes bad things seem worse.

You need to focus on the actual events...
No. 888188 ID: 395c02
File 152843005675.gif - (4.34MB , 800x600 , 1321.gif )

You insisted on helping Daatra lay her egg. You believed that this would be beneficial to her, as Reptilians rarely lay eggs alone. She needed to realize that it's not something to hide or be ashamed of. You seemed to bond a bit from this.

You went to the mall with her, and ended up running into Gulketi. This is when you discovered Daatra has a weakness for tiny fluffy creatures. Not that surprising, since her boyfriend is a larger fluffy creature.

Related to that, you decided to turn into a male ketza. Daatra carried you to Kharadra's shop, where you got... distracted by her impressive polymorphic endowments. This caused your tiny speep to stand at attention.

Daatra noticed, and probed you about what it felt like, being male. She also insisted you let her touch it. In the heat of the moment, you never took the time to wonder why she was suddenly so forward. You let her get a feel, and...

...You challenged her to go one step further, from feeling it with her hands to feeling it with her mouth. You couldn't take it anymore, and unloaded inside her mouth. This caused her to recoil, and immediately run off.

You chased after her, and found her laying near some bushes. She lamented about how unfair it was that you had everything you could ever want, and that you were way too perfect. She admitted she couldn't hate you, and told you to stop being so nice to her. You responded by telling her how great she is and how she needs to stop being so down on herself.

She's also sure her boyfriend, Zesmirl, intends to dump her when he visits next week, which might inform some of her actions yesterday.

You gave her a hug, confident that things were fine... but she said she needed time. You decided to let her leave and give her space, intending to visit her later... which brought you to this boat.
No. 888189 ID: 395c02
File 152843006248.png - (98.18KB , 800x600 , 1321.png )

A creaking door interrupts your thoughts before you're ready. It's Daatra.

Your heart has abandoned you and moved to another country.

She speaks. "Those people were naked."


"I didn't let them ruin my meal."

"That's... that's good."

She enters the room, closing the door behind her. She gives you a look that makes you very glad you put on a robe and didn't do something crazy like sprawl out on her bed naked.

She glances at her bed. "Oh, you brought me my outfit."



"you're welcome."

"But you didn't come all this way to bring me my clothes."

"N-no, I didn't."

"Then I'll... Hssss. Why the hell are you here!? Are you insane!?"

"little bit"

"I just wanted some time. Time to myself. Time to think about things. But nope-- here you are."


"Probably have some big speech ready about friendship and confidence. Do you even understand why I left!? I don't need hugs and speeches about friendship. You're... I..."

Now or never, Ceri. This is a situation magic can't solve. It's just you and your words. If Siphon's right... if there's more to you than your body, more to you than lust, now's the time to prove it. Here, in this moment, it's your chance to be more than who or what you are.

This is your chance to shine as Ceridwen, the person.

What do you tell her?
Things to keep in mind. Things to say. Things to focus on...
No. 888192 ID: 9c286f

Say nothing. For now saying anything will just upset Daatra more. This rapid flight out here wasn't your best idea to be fair, and trying to act like it was, and that you always know the right thing to do wont win you any points with Daatra right now.

She was upset with you because you seemed so perfect. Let her see you having made a mistake, and screwed up. Let her see you fail, the simplest way to do that, is to not try to convince Daatra that you coming here was the right thing to do. For either of you.
No. 888195 ID: b1b4f3

Dialogue, Ceri. You need to understand her, don't assume it's just because she's mad at you for what you did.
Tell her you can think of some reasons why she left without telling you, but you need to know for sure. If it's a problem you can work through then you'd like to do that, because honestly the thought of losing her as a friend terrifies you. If she really does just need time then at least you managed to return her clothes, and you can give her a proper goodbye.

If she says you're being too clingy, then well, you have an explanation for that. Your hoard is the people important to you. Losing a friend would be like a stereotypical dragon having gold stolen from them.
At that point she might get irritated at you for talking like you're really a dragon, so then you can say you can prove it if she wants.
No. 888197 ID: eeb7d9

Ceri, think for a moment. WHY did YOU came here?
What did you wanted to acomplish with this?
Were you afraid of something?
Did you thought she would leave, never to return?
Did you felt guilty, because, deep down, you know this is because of you?
Because this is the things that you do, careless, rushed actions, with out thinking?
You wanted to show her that she is wrong? That you are not perfect? That there are aspects of your life out of your control, like a normal person? Even though you are a dragon, a mighty creature, feared and respected by all?
You yourself are a living proof of your imperfections. Full of insecuritys, fears, defects, like any other girl. And that is great.
Is this what you want to tell her, perhaps? Is this your true self?
A clumsy girl dealing with life, that so happens to be a dragon as well, and all that that implais.
No. 888198 ID: 6e59e3

"... you are right. I am sorry. I overreacted. I'll see you when you get back."

Leave. Politely. Say nothing more. We've made a mistake - a big misstep - and we need to acknowledge this and immediately correct it.

What Daatra needs isn't some grand speech about friendship or appreciation.
What she needs is some alone time. We need to respect that. We need to respect her boundaries.

We need to respect her.

Because we haven't.

Let her enjoy this trip by herself. She needs it away from us.
No. 888201 ID: 06fdc0

i'm afraid i broke something
i'm afraid of losing you
No. 888206 ID: cb22c8

You're here because you don't want your own dumb actions to screw things up too far for Daatra. She's been worried about her relationship with her boyfriend, and feeling like she's not good enough and that she's already lost her chance with him. After what you two did at the mall, I think with all that stress she's worried that there's no point to even trying. So she's gotten on a boat to go and get away from everything so she won't have to face either you or him when he comes to visit. But meeting him and talking to him is the best chance she has to make this stuff work, and if you end up being the reason she abandons a relationship like that you're worried it'll screw up your relationship with her forever. Far from perfect, you made a terrible mistake and took advantage of her when she was vulnerable when you were supposed to be doing what you could to support her - you knew ahead of time she was having some problems. So you're here to try and fix what you broke and fly her home on your apparently still-working magic wings and give her another chance to make things right with her boyfriend. And support her through however that ends up going... if she's willing to let you.
No. 888214 ID: dbf422

This. Admit that you're a fuck-up. Admit that your problems overwhelm you. Admit that you'd rather her be mad at you, than to see her try to avoid you or her boyfriend. Sure, you'll leave if that's what she really needs, but you've been so wrapped up in yourself that you haven't been paying attention and you suck for that and you're sorry, but you're paying attention now.
No. 888224 ID: 7c9812

Tell her that you thought you'd check in after a day had passed. Tell her how much you panicked after finding out she had left town, how all of those bad scenarios raced through your head. Tell her... tell her that you were afraid. Afraid of losing her. Afraid that all of your years of friendship might get thrown away by one mistake.
Tell her, above all, that you're sorry. Tell her that you can leave her be for now... just ask that she contact you once she gets back and feels like talking some more.
No. 888228 ID: f78b01

A leader guides by telling others what to do and how to do it. A good leader lets others lead in their own ways. So they may be leaders themselves one day.

Go on, Ceridwen. Let her lead.
No. 888239 ID: b59fad

"I was afraid. I am afraid. I know its stupid, but, all I could think about was the possibility that you might just... hate me, now. I've never lost someone who I cared about before. It terrifies me. There's a reason, reasons, why I'm so intent on... "hugs and friendship". Obsessed with it, maybe... and with any way to get closer to people. Knowing other people like me, care about me, even just want me, it makes me feel safer. It makes me feel like I'm a real person. That Ceridwen, the soft girl, the one with friends and family that love her, that she's who I really am, and not... someone else. Something else."

"I must sound crazy. I'd like to explain, why I feel these things, but... I'm sure you're getting sick of hearing about me. I'm sorry. I was scared. I panicked. I fucked up. I'm fucked up. I'm sorry."

>She's also sure her boyfriend, Zesmirl, intends to dump her when he visits next week, which might inform some of her actions yesterday.
Oh, was it all the way next week? I thought it was sooner, that Daatra had actually abandoned meeting Zesmirl by coming on this boat trip. That was part of why I voted the way I did! If she could have just come back before then this while time, then... well, whoops.
No. 888242 ID: 33cbe7

Tell her you didn't want to part ways thinking she was going into a spiral of isolation because of your big, fat, throbbing mistake. You're just here to clear that up before leaving her be. You're here because you wanted to understand why she left.
No. 888244 ID: f0e552

actually yeah, maybe we should listen a bit more first. Are we good listeners? Probably not, maybe we should work on that.
No. 888245 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh, was it all the way next week? I thought it was sooner, that Daatra had actually abandoned meeting Zesmirl by coming on this boat trip. That was part of why I voted the way I did! If she could have just come back before then this while time, then...well, whoops.
Daatra’s dad told us that Daatra was going to be gone for a few weeks. As in multiple weeks, more than 1.

Meaning that she is not going to be back in town in time to catch Zesmirl while he’s visiting!
No. 888250 ID: dbf422

I do agree with others that it's also very important to let Daatra lead this. She's asked you to talk so talk, but if she interrupts or says something in response, let her finish. Also, keep that spaghetti in check. Lot of reasons and thoughts bouncing around but you need to take them one at a time and slowly.
No. 888254 ID: e7bd70

Do not interrupt her. Say nothing until she's clearly finished her statement.
Say you just wanted to apologize and can talk with her if she wants. If she wants you gone, you're gone. Do not argue with her.
No. 888255 ID: 880e15

Let her finish, but otherwise >>888201 says all you need to really.
You'll listen to anything she wants/needs to say and afterwards, leave if she still wants to be left alone.
No. 888262 ID: a363ac

tell her you are scared.
No. 888347 ID: daa216

Let her finish. You'll get more insight to her anger.
No. 888349 ID: 0c3c2c

Admit that you are having a nervous breakdown right now and don't know what to do and you're worried you're going crazy and you desperately want someone to help you.
No. 888379 ID: 182fc3

Ask her to help you. Please.
No. 888414 ID: c01f48

You're scared that you might have ruined your most wholesome relationship in a single careless moment.

You're scared that you've irreparably harmed one of the most important people in your life.

You're scared that you might never have the chance to make things right.

That's why you're here.
No. 888484 ID: 3abd97

I'm sorry. I thought things would be okay, and I was going to stop by your house and drop the clothes off and talk to you, but you'd left and it would have been a while until we could talk about things so I panicked and rushed after you and...

I'm scared. I'm scared that if I left things alone and we didn't talk it would get worse. I'm scared that by chasing after you instead of giving you space like I meant to I made things worse anyways.

You're important to me and I'm so afraid I messed everything up and I don't know how to handle this.
No. 888648 ID: a48264

No. 888905 ID: 2202fb

I think you both should sit down and each doodle while you talk (maybe draw a comic to introduce the issues and segue into the therapy drawing). Stay submissive while talking about issues; it will help avoid arguments. Maybe try to talk about her issues as well. Seems like she wants to vent badly.

btw, did slinko go back on the no milk thing or is the breast thing a weird setup down the line?
No. 888907 ID: 2202fb

If you talk about your draconity, make sure to emphasize that you are still learning, and while even if you eventually become all powerful(hyperbole), you aren't all knowing. Also, just because you are a pervert doesn't mean that you still can't love and care about someone else. (imo the bond one has with a best friend is like a platonic soulmate, so there is that too)
No. 888909 ID: 2202fb

Hang on, what happened to your outfit? The Outfit outfit. The one Daatra was wearing when the fuster cluck at the mall happened.

(sorry for making three consecutive posts)
No. 888912 ID: 91ee5f

Left it behind at home, since she rushed to catch this boat.

Which is why she was naked this whole time.
No. 888948 ID: 2202fb


hmm, must have missed that bit. Speaking of, I wonder if we could induct the shopkeep Kharadra into our little dragon cult. If she knew what Ceri actually is, she, with her vast knowledge of the arcane clothesmaking, could probably make or edit something to work with her unique polymorphism.
No. 889063 ID: 094652

You may be dying (metaphorically, but it's even worse). It's not an excuse, but it's a motive. She needs to understand that you're being a dick because it may be one of the last times you'll ever get to be a dick again.

And you may become something worse.
No. 889094 ID: 2202fb


firstly, i just want to say that it is absolutely insane that I get to encounter you in the wild. I was just looking at your wiki page right before i checked this thread. You are like a celebrity!

What do you mean by dying? Do you mean the dragon waking up, or did i miss something? I was under the impression that the "dragon" inside her was more like potentially overwhelming abilities, instincts, and urges rather than an entire separate consciousness; like how taking off a speed limiter will make a car behave differently despite it still being the same car.
No. 889095 ID: 186f53

Kome isn't special.
No. 889098 ID: 204fd2

No. 889117 ID: c518a0


Infamous, maybe.
No. 889489 ID: 12ba6e

You're scared that if you two hadn't spoke today that you'd never speak again. Youv'e encountered the only thing that terrifies you. losing a friend because of a really stupid decision.
No. 889494 ID: 575ec0

I dunno. He's pretty special in Smik Quests.
No. 889501 ID: eeb7d9

Well they are something alright. I think they are cool. In their on crazy way.
No. 889516 ID: 395c02
File 152953133172.png - (82.57KB , 800x600 , 1322.png )

"I don't know how the fuck to feel about you anymore."

>Ceri, think for a moment. WHY did YOU came here?

"You're just so... so gods-damned compassionate. I'm the one who pushed you. I'm the one who fucked up. You should be angry. You should be... I don't know. something."

>We've made a mistake - a big misstep - and we need to acknowledge this and immediately correct it.

"You're too goddamn perfect. Cheering everyone up. Never showing weakness. Even when you cry, there's... fuck, I don't know. You let everything out, so nothing ever weighs you down. Nothing ever makes you depressed."

>We need to respect her. Because we haven't.

"Even if you're right, even if Zesmirl doesn't dump me, how can he possibly compete with you? How could anyone? I don't even like women that way, but you can just... grow a gods-damned dick if you wanted. Compared to you... what the fuck am I!? How the fuck am I supposed to feel!?"

> Tell her how much you panicked after finding out she had left town, how all of those bad scenarios raced through your head.
i can't

"Gods. I'm standing here yelling at you because you won't let me feel sorry for myself. How fucking pathetic is that? I ran away. From you. From Zesmirl. From... everything."

>i'm afraid of losing you
No. 889517 ID: 395c02
File 152953133421.gif - (201.18KB , 800x600 , 1323.gif )


"Look, no matter what you say, or what you do, you can't change the fact that I'm a pile of garbage compared to someone as perfect as you."
No. 889518 ID: 395c02

Youtube version: https://youtu.be/l2yDPZ2tvC4
No. 889519 ID: 395c02
File 152953134119.png - (69.98KB , 800x600 , 1324.png )


You rub your eyes. "How long was I...?"

"'Bout half an hour."

"Oh. Sorry..."

"It's okay. So, um, how are you feeling?"

You yawn and stretch your reptilian muscles a bit. "Still really tired, but... calm."

"That's good. Calm is good."

You sit back up. "Yeah."

Daatra pauses, rubbing the back of her head. "Um, this is not a great time to ask, but..."

"A-anything! You're my big sister!"

"It's just-- wait, big!? I'm younger than you by like, two seasons!"

"But you're bigger than me! Physically!"

Daatra spreads her arms wide. "Aren't you a dragon or something!? Dragons are fuckin' huge man! You're the big sister!"

"Okay! Fine! I like being big anyway!"

"Do you, now?"

"H-hey, changing the subject, I'm surprised you actually believe me now. And aren't like, freaking out."

"People usually don't lie during an emotional breakdown. And there's no magic in the world that can make glowing wings show up out of nowhere like that."

She flicks her tongue. "and maybe a small part of me always believed you"

You gasp maybe a bit too much. "You did--!?"

"I didn't at first. Or really at all for a long time. But as you got all this insane magic, part of me started wondering if it were true. Your abilities seemed so... impossible. And, well, here we are."


"Besides, you're always rambling about how being a dragon doesn't make someone bad."


"Hsshss~. Point is, bad people don't try this hard to be someone's friend. You're as good as they come, Ceri-berry. Dragon or no dragon."

You wipe away the uh dust that got in your eye again for like the 5th time.
No. 889520 ID: 395c02
File 152953134412.png - (49.90KB , 800x600 , 1325.png )

She continues, "And I'm hoping... okay, here goes. So when I got on this boat, I was kind of... running away from both you and Zesmirl."

"Oh shit-- he's visiting next week, isn't he?"

"Yeah. And, since I was... wrong about you, maybe there's a chance I'm wrong about him, too."

"Yes! I-I mean we won't know until he gets here, but it's definitely possible!"

"Hsshss~ There's the optimistic Ceri I know."

"Yes! Big sister Ceri, the optimist!"

"Hss~ Anyway, I think I still need a little time to like, process everything that's happened the past two days. But what I do know is I can't stay on this ship. My return ticket isn't valid for two weeks (the pains of taking the cheapest option), so if I stay here, I'll never know how Zesmirl really feels."

"Oh. Yeah, that'd be bad."

"So uh, you wouldn't happen to have some kind of secret super dragon power that can get us home, would you?"

[Path of the rider...]
A: ...Want to ride a dragon? For once, you mean it platonically.
B: Want a ride from an animal? What would be a good form to carry her back with...?

Path of the walker...
C: Let's hike back together. You left your camping gear at home, but the ship might have useful supplies.
D: Use the rest of your MP trying to portal back. You should be able to reduce travel time enough to get home late tonight.
No. 889522 ID: 0eeebd

D-don't we need to go talk to the nude nerds?
A big showing like this could be fun. Show her how big you can be.
No. 889523 ID: 4f1cbc

Primary, E: Just fuck already.

Secondary, B: Be concerned dolphin.
No. 889525 ID: 094652

You sounded too elitist; you shored up your positive points (determined, compassionate, highborn stats) as stressing you out. Next time, try to add in your personal failures, and actual future problems. Like having your soul slowly consumed by a superbeast and an entire country of dragons who will find you guilty of treason by association with your mad-scientist birth parents.

>And there's no magic in the world that can make glowing wings show up out of nowhere like that.

I thought that would be the FIRST thing on the research list!

>What do
BC - Did your alien friends have picture books? Choose a pack animal from one of them. Conserve your MP, further magic might break something.
No. 889526 ID: b1b4f3

Ceri, it might be a bad idea to turn into a dragon again for the trip back, your seal is wrecked and you'd have to turn into something that's just kindof close to avoid disaster, which would be a bit of a letdown for Daatra wouldn't it? "Oh I can't turn into a full dragon right now because I'm a fuckup but I can turn into something close", so lame.

Primary B: ask her to request something. You could turn into a giant eagle or Roc if she's not afraid of heights. If she'd rather go by sea you could turn into a shark or other large horizontally-propelled fish so she can ride on your back. For land traversal you could turn into a big cat like a cheetah or a horse or a FOREST GOD deer thing.
secondary C, you're in no condition to push your MP.
No. 889528 ID: ae9b99

Primary D
Secondary B

ask if the nudists gave her any problems.
No. 889529 ID: 9c286f

B Don't want to strain your seal too much more than you already have right now. Turn into something easy and not too straining.
No. 889530 ID: 1fbbcc

A, but turn into an animal instead for the last leg of the journey so you don't blaze your identity for all to see.

If the walker path is taken, then C. Bonding time! Though only for a while. You should probably call your family and friends at some point. Is there anything on your schedule to worry about? What time is it now, anyway? How long would it take to walk?
No. 889531 ID: bf6ba6

Primary A, although maybe we should get far enough from the boat first so we don't spook anyone?
Secondary D
No. 889532 ID: 4f1cbc

As an actual concern, is she traveling with anyone else who would be distressed by her sudden disappearance? Does she have stuff she doesn't want to leave behind? (I suppose she could wait for her luggage to catch up the slow way).

At the very least, Daatra needs to tell the crew she's disembarking, so when it's noticed there's a passenger missing, there's not a panicked search for a lizard overboard, or a murder investigation, etc.
No. 889534 ID: 757ccd

No. 889535 ID: eeb7d9

Primary B. Be the dolphin!
Secondary D: As long as it doesn't break anything inside you. We already been through a lot of that lately.

Boy, i am still worried about your relationship with Data. I mean, you are good now, but still, are you just gonna be "sisters" or what?
No. 889536 ID: 0c3c2c

A or secondary D. Fly through the sky! Yay flying! Make sure to shapeshift comfy patches to sit on.
No. 889537 ID: 575ec0

No. 889540 ID: 6b0010

A- all the way, show off some of that stuff about liking the idea of being the 'big' sister.
No. 889543 ID: cb22c8

C sounds like it would be super adorable but if you want to be home before tomorrow you might want to try A instead. Just don't push yourself this time, do a nice slow non-d-bursting flight. I'm sure she would have fun with it.
No. 889544 ID: daa216

A. But don't clarify what you mean.
No. 889546 ID: 4854ef

Primary A: Lets just splurge, have some time to enjoy on a nice flight home with her.
No. 889549 ID: 036c76

Primary C - the Hike.

No stressing your MP 'till its empty. No more dragon shenanigans. Just the fuckup sisters, having fucked up and bonding over it. Add in calling home if possible, informing everyone of where you are and what happened (you snuck on board and didn't find Daatra until now / fell asleep waiting for her to return to her room) and when you'll be back (in about a day???) - at least to an extent. Who knows. Maybe they'll wire you money for an overnight local boat return ticket and the true hardship will be explaining to your parents how it came to this tomorrow morning - better known as The Path of the Parental Unit.

See if Daatra can't get a refund for the return ticket - no big if you can't, but the ship's captain was a swell enough guy to give the Naturals a pass for their antics, so maybe if you (or, really, Daatra) explains your situation - kinda - there's some give there. Maybe there's some food or equipment/advice for a return trip give in there, at least. Given that you're not truly in a rush, you can jump off at the next stop and head home from there. Although... when is the next stop? You may want to jump ship earlier, if it's real far, but even so telling the captain that you're leaving WOULD be the smart thing. Just no-one's gonna call home early and report that Daatra's missing from her berth. Less potential worry for loved ones.

We don't want trouble, so Ceri should ideally still hide her presence or let Daatra loan her some clothes... unless she wants to pretend being a Natural. It appears, after all, that being naked is tolerated onboard this vessel for the time being.

Secondary A, I guess PLATONIC Dragon is DOABLE, if not exactly wise. Take care not to take the same route back as you did here! Your earlier display will probably have gotten eyes on the sky and the last thing you need is some bird/star-watcher reporting an unknown new dragon rider (complete with blurry pictures).
No. 889553 ID: 91ee5f

Ceri, before you go running off with Daatra, you need to help Daatra pack up her suitcase/travel bag with everything she brought with her, including her clothes that you brought with you to return to her.

And, this is important, don’t forget to bring all of Daatra’s things with you!!!!! It would be very inconvenient if you both left the ship but left all of her stuff in her room!

>What do?

If you wanna get home before it gets too late at night and your parents start to worry, it might be best to fly! Just don’t D-Burst!

Now that you’ve finally told Daatra that you’re a dragon, you should probably fill her in on all of the other details.

Give her a list of people that know about you being a dragon and how she can’t tell anyone that isn’t on that list that you’re a dragon because it’s supposed to be a secret.

>At the very least, Daatra needs to tell the crew she's disembarking
Aren’t we still in the middle of the ocean or whatever? If Daatra tells the crew she’s disembarking right now, then they might think she’s going to jump into the ocean!
No. 889556 ID: 4f1cbc

>Aren’t we still in the middle of the ocean or whatever? If Daatra tells the crew she’s disembarking right now, then they might think she’s going to jump into the ocean!
Yes. That's the whole problem- if she doesn't explain her leaving in advance, they'll eventually realize a passenger went missing in the middle of the ocean, which will likely result in a frantic search effort, wasted rescue resources, bad feelings and guilt all around, possible financial or legal consequences, etc.

An awkward "we're leaving with magic" conversation is better than a "oh no she probably drowned" one.
No. 889558 ID: 036c76


>If Daatra tells the crew she’s disembarking right now, then they might think she’s going to jump into the ocean!

River, and it's on the assumption there won't be any more stops in the next few hours so it'd be better to disembark now, but... er... hang on, let me ask Brain. Not sure what it was thinking would be the next move there.

"... and that's why I need to disembark. Can we have an emergency rowboat, please?" (oh god no)

"Don't worry. I know how to swim." (um... maybe?)

"Can you drive closer to shore and slow down a bit so it's possible for me to hop on land and disembark?" (could be an okay ask, maybe???)

"My friend who is totally not illegally on board can teleport us." (er...)

"I can portal myself." (invisible Ceri creates portal - might work!)

"... do you know the best way to get to shore safely and securely in a hurry?" (... probably the sensible question to ask)
No. 889560 ID: 91ee5f

>An awkward "we're leaving with magic" conversation is better than a "oh no she probably drowned" one.
I think you meant to say, “I’m leaving with magic”.

Because Ceri isn’t supposed to be here, so it wouldn’t make sense for Daatra to say “we”.

We caught up to the ship while it was in the river and heading for wherever Daatra’s grandparents are. But weren’t we told that they lived on a different continet or something across the ocean? Because we’ve been on the ship long enough that it might’ve made it to the ocean by now.
No. 889561 ID: 91ee5f

>different continet or something across the ocean?
That’s supposed to say continent.

What the fuck autocorrect?! You either give me the wrong word or you just don’t do your job and miss a word!
No. 889562 ID: 7fad5d

Boy so much wordswordwords in these suggests

Primary A
Secondary D
No. 889563 ID: 4f1cbc

No I mean "we" because I'm part of a collective group sharing control of a single character and that lends itself to a pluralistic perspective.
No. 889565 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, ok. Now I get it.
No. 889569 ID: 0467b7

A, secondary B as a sharktopus
No. 889572 ID: b151ce

B. Take her shark riding. Flying on a dragon sounds like a good way to attract way too much attention.
No. 889573 ID: 06fdc0

Wait, you have an entire week to get back right? These aren't the primary options, but could you rest tonight to recharge MP, and dragon-swim back tomorrow?
No. 889574 ID: 9c2d0c

There are many other things on our to-do list, including working so that we can afford to do some of them. We can't blow a week on this.
No. 889575 ID: 06fdc0

I just meant to spend the night, and we're only a few hours out, right? How fast is the ship going?
No. 889576 ID: 91ee5f

According to Dad-tra, I mean, Daatra’s dad, the ship is going 20 knots.
No. 889578 ID: 05ff2f

>Wait, you have an entire week to get back right?
Nope! According to the latest update of the calendar planner (in >>/questarch/859920) the Picnic of Doom is coming up in a day and a half to two days (depending on what time it is now) and Ceri cannot miss that. I didn't check if anything else got on Ceri's schedule for tomorrow, but if it's clear she could theoretically take a day and a bit to get back with Daatra. However, it depends on whether Daatra would accept taking that long or not.

But whatever the choice, Ceri and Daatra can't stay on the boat for eight or nine hours to rest because they'll be even farther away from home and it'll take more time and effort for them to get back. Ceri also has roughly 80% of her MP charge left, so sleeping to recoup the remaining 20% doesn't make sense because she'll burn much more than that 20% to go back all the extra distance the boat went. This means they ought to get off the ship sooner rather than later.
No. 889580 ID: 33cbe7

D/b: Form of a T-Rex! Big dinosaurs riding bigger dinosaurs, yeah.
No. 889582 ID: dbf422

Primary B, Secondary A

Saw some good points about being careful with your dragon form until you get it looked at by a professional but... Maybe you'll be okay?
Also saw some really good points about NOT LEAVING ANYTHING THIS TIME.
No. 889584 ID: b38f01

Good job, Mistress. I knew you could do it. A friendship mended and a sister gained. Be proud of that. Take a rest and recover your strength with some food. You have A long ride ahead of you. You could try going full Determination and having Daatra carry you when you get there..
No. 889622 ID: 204fd2

Watching this was actually really hard for me because of how fucking cheesy it was even if it was genuine, you really are a spaghetti dragon.

Primary A water dragon maybe?
Secondary D but what ever you do don't push yourself, both because that would be risking the seal and cause Daatra may start asking questions and you'd probably end up telling her about your inner dragon and the seal and what rushing here has done to it and that would make her feel worse.
No. 889626 ID: 2202fb

Doesn't Daatra know how to do magic to a limited degree since you both went to magic school together where she magic bullied you in the magic locker room? Maybe you could teach/channel into/Science! her some of your dragon magics.
No. 889649 ID: 91ee5f

That’s not how magic works!

Also, I think Daatra only knows physical enhancing magic?
No. 889650 ID: 9c2d0c

B. Stop dragoning everywhere dang, we have like two weeks to stretch this out so the seal can break the day before Mr E. comes back.

Maybe D though.
No. 889660 ID: e19348

"Sorry, I burned all my super secret dragon power panicking my way over here in the first place, we're gonna have to do this regular style."

C, then B
No. 889773 ID: 05ff2f

Primary: B

Secondary: C

No more dragon shenanigans and no more pushing your magic to the limits. Do not take any risks of damaging your seal, even small ones. That means limiting your magic to a known safe level until Mr. Elan returns.

You also blew out of town in dragon form with wings glowing like a damn comet, so undoubtedly a bunch of people saw that and at least some will be out watching the sky for more. Coming back the same way now will get you spotted, especially since your wings will show up like a beacon against the night sky. Better to come back in non-dragon form tonight.
No. 890350 ID: 2202fb


Idk about that. It would probably end up being something akin to a high-profile UFO sighting. While there would probably be a lot of media coverage (assuming there was more than one witness), i doubt anyone, save the most eccentric, are going to seriously believe it was, in fact a dragon (although we already met one such patreon eccentric character at the beginning of the thread).
No. 890365 ID: 05ff2f

Hm. You're probably right. With how bright and glowy she was (>>883170,) if anyone saw her they wouldn't have been able to make out a dragon from the ground with how fast she was moving. They'd have seen something obviously powerfully magical, but wouldn't be able to ID it. ...Though, other than dragons, what else could be that powerfully magical? Kinda points back to "dragon" if there's nothing else commonly known.

Anyway, Ceri still shouldn't fly in on her glowing dragon wings 'cause it's nighttime and she'd show up like a beacon against the dark sky. She also doesn't have the D-burst to speed her up so much it's hard to visually track her, so Daatra could be spotted riding her by someone with binoculars.
No. 890382 ID: cb22c8

Unlike UFOs, dragons in this world are known to actually exist and be a threat, even if they're rarely ever seen. There's always the risk that with enough suspicious activities someone of authority or note might show up to investigate. Not to mention whatever other sightings may have resulted in the past year from the literal actual UFO landing in the lake. People would probably sooner blame that on dragons too! There might very well be a federal dragon investigator in some office somewhere with a corkboard covered in your town's newspaper clippings.
No. 890433 ID: 2202fb


I doubt it. IIrc, dragons are basically cryptids. As far as anyone knows, all dragons disappeared a few thousand years ago. Ofc someone could think it was a dragon, but they wouldn't have a lot of credibility.

Although the eccentric character i mentioned prior could be an investigator(federal or otherwise).
No. 890447 ID: 0eda7a

> You decide the safest bet is to directly chomp down on some of the bite-sized food items, since anything inside your body becomes invisible. Well, anything that isn't another person.

...Ceri, how do you know that particular detail?
No. 890450 ID: 0eda7a

A, let's fly back together. But you could always speed it up a bit with a portal for height.
No. 890454 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, that’s a good question. How does Ceri know that another person won’t become invisible inside her body?
No. 890464 ID: 9afe73

because skifdick while trying to hide from his parents or something
No. 890494 ID: 1cd4e4

D sounds like a good idea to me. Stressing your seal anymore at this point is just asking for trouble. Tell Daatra about the whole seal business as well, just so she knows the full story.
No. 890495 ID: 2202fb


I doubt it is that interesting. She probably noticed when she tried to grab someone while invisible at some point.

Actually, how about you get off the boat, swim to the shore, and then make two portals to build up momentum and then shoot yourselves back.
No. 890767 ID: 0eda7a

> I doubt it is that interesting. She probably noticed when she tried to grab someone while invisible at some point.

That seems unlikely to lead to the phrasing "inside your body".
No. 890795 ID: 91ee5f

>She probably noticed when she tried to grab someone while invisible at some point.
Grabbing someone isn’t the same thing as someone being inside Ceri’s body!
No. 890829 ID: 395c02
File 153056252258.png - (156.45KB , 800x600 , 1326.png )

While polymorph tends to be your go-to magic, sometimes there's no beating a good portal for convenience.

"Can I keep you?" Daatra asks.

"*Chirp? Like, as a bird? No! I'd I make a lousy pet!"

"Aren't you always going on about believing in yourself? I think you'd be a great animal companion if you put your mind to it!"

"Twee-- don't use my own words against me!!!"

"All's fair in love and me having a pet bird."

"Come on! At least let me be a pet dragon!"

"Okay. Now you're my pet dragon."


"Can't take it back~"

>Just fuck already.
It's quickly becoming the last thing you want to do with Daatra.

>D-don't we need to go talk to the nude nerds?
Little late now. You kind of missed the boat on seeing what their deal is.

No. 890830 ID: 395c02
File 153056252555.png - (120.57KB , 800x600 , 1327.png )

"Yeah, not quite how I expected today to end," Daatra says.

"Me either. But it's pretty cool, right?"

"maybe. So this is your real body?"

"It's... an approximation. I have so much to tell you, big sister."



You were ready to cancel the morph the moment you felt any concerning strains on your barely-functioning stats, but everything went... smoothly? It's as if you finally convinced whatever's inside you that this is a polymorph like any other. Or, Euia's magic has a safeguard built into it that prevents it from fighting you while in such a sorry state.

For all intents and purposes, it feels like a regular polymorph. There's no surge of power. No leaking energy. Hell, your spikes aren't even glowing. You can feel a fairly large drain on your magical energy, so there's still something weird about it, but... it seems fine otherwise. And you have a million MP because you're so OP.

DRAGOP no wait that doesn't work

Okay... it's time to make this form flight-ready. You're going to have to try and 'feel' how much D you have. You had drained it entirely, but you think your earlier dragony outburst gave you some back? You can't D-BURST, meaning your D-WINGS are likely the only way to vent excess energy. But is it safe? You need to test it, slowly and carefully.

You concentrate...

They appear like normal. Okay, that's probably good. Nothing hurts...

Daatra shifts on your back. "Those aren't going to burn me if I touch them, right?"

"Uh.. Maybe don't risk it. Also, do you have a good grip? I'm going to try to fly, and I might need to immediately come back down."

"Not really, but... hold on. I have a rope I can use."

"Why do you have rope?"

"Dad insisted, said 'Yeah, never know when you need rope'."

"I like your dad."

"My dad's pretty cool, yeah."
No. 890831 ID: 395c02
File 153056252839.png - (95.78KB , 800x600 , 1328.png )

You fly low and slow. So far so good. You glance at your stat page... nothing untoward going on.

As long as you remain calm, and take it easy, you think you'll be okay.

You use CPS to counteract the wind and converse with Daatra. "I'm kind of surprised with how cool the captain was with you leaving."

"He probably assumed I was aquatic and was going to just swim back."

"Nothing about you screams 'aquatic', Daatra."

"Maybe he thought my hips were floatation devices."

"Oh? Are you finally admitting you have amazing thick hips~?"

"J... just focus on flying, you dragon goober."

"Oho! The highest tier of goober, the dragon goober!"

"Certainly the biggest goober I know."

As you continue flying, you tell Daatra everything you've gone through. Some of it she's probably heard before, but she can finally hear all of it in proper context.
No. 890832 ID: 395c02
File 153056253013.png - (76.98KB , 800x600 , 1329.png )

After about 20 minutes, you feel a kind of fatigue that causes you to worry you're out of D. You land in a meadow, thankful that it's not a swamp.

"Can't keep going," you say.

"Hmm? You okay?"

"Yeah, just tired. I don't want to push myself. Done enough damage that way."

"Right, that seal thingy. I still can't believe Mr. Ilan of all people uses life-magic. He's such a hypocrite!"

"I mean, he'd lose his job pretty damn fast if he told kids to go out and try forbidden spells."

"At least he'd be honest! And didn't you say he grabbed your boobs once? He's a hypocrite and a perv!"

"I'm pretty sure everyone in this town is a perv."

"...Yeah, you're right. What's up with that?"

"I blame the water."

You bring your body down to the ground, and Daatra hops off.
No. 890833 ID: 395c02
File 153056253226.png - (123.50KB , 800x600 , 1330.png )

"I bet you're the cause. You're some kind of perv dragon giving off a perv aura!"

Isn't it too soon for that kind of teasing!? "T-that's not how it works! And I'm a spaghetti dragon, not a lewd dragon!"


"I'm not both."

"Spaghetti dragon."

"Yes! That one and not the other thing!"

"So what-- you breathe spaghetti?"

"You saw the cutscene. Yes."


She's not in on the joke.

You can't believe her though! Thinking you're a perv dragon. Of all the base-less...

>How do you know [that other people don't become invisible when eaten~?]
YOU TOO, BRAIN??? There's nothing lewd about you knowing that! It's one of the first things they teach you about invisibility! It doesn't affect other people!

Even if it did, why would you slowly wrap your tongue around someone's soft, vulnerable body, draw them towards your mouth, and caress their...

"Are you thinking about something perverted?"


"Suspicious. So you gonna turn back now?"

"I didn't bring any clothes..."

"You didn't keep the bathrobe?"

"Stealing is wrong."

"Some dragon you are."

You make several dragon noises in response. They may or may not include squeaking.

A-ahem. You're still a little ways from home, but it's fairly late and you're really tired. You need to figure out what you're going to do before it gets too dark to see. Too bad neither you nor Daatra can use FIRE MAGIC...

Do you try to make camp?
X: Yes. Neither of you have camping supplies, but you think you can make do and get some rest.
Y: No. You need to keep heading home. Maybe Daatra will be willing to carry you? Fair's fair!

You probably shouldn't use a bunch of MP sleeping as a dragon, tempting as it is. But you're not sure you should be naked around Daatra after what happened...

Or are you overthinking it?

A: Revert to normal form. It's probably fine.
B: Switch to a flat chested form. Maybe this would keep it from being weird.
C: Turn into an animal of some kind. Maybe something you can snuggle up to your 'sis' in...
D: Sleep as a dragon tho. What the hell else are you gonna use MP for out here??
No. 890840 ID: 9afe73

Y. sleeping out in the open without any shelter isn't exactly smart and A. unless she gets all weird about it
No. 890841 ID: 33cbe7

Y/C. Pet bird it is!

If you had to sleep in the woods, just polymorph yourself big enough in normal form that nothing's going to try eating you, dragon scales or no. You can give Daatra shelter too!
No. 890844 ID: a363ac

C, Aardvark. why not try using fire magic your a dragon who says you can't use fire magic!
X light a piece of wood on fire and sleep on some moss and leaves gotta prepare for a hard journey
No. 890845 ID: eceda8

Gotta be Y/A
No. 890846 ID: 0c3c2c

X, C
No. 890850 ID: bddb0f

No. 890854 ID: 757ccd

No. 890855 ID: e7848c

Thank you for your effort, Mistress! I suggest keep going untill you can go no more. Conserve your MP now, then you can try turning into a bird and having her carry you when your legs get tired. Hopefully you don't run into anyone else out there.. Good luck!

Y, A with C as backup
No. 890856 ID: 03d323

Y, A
Maybe bond over sharing attraction tips to her.
No. 890857 ID: 4854ef

Y, A
No. 890862 ID: 4f1cbc

>"Okay. Now you're my pet dragon."
>"Can't take it back~"
Sorry Ceri, once you appear on someone's inventory, you're stuck there.

>"I'm pretty sure everyone in this town is a perv."
>"...Yeah, you're right. What's up with that?"
>"I blame the water."
If you're a water dragon, does that mean the lewd water is the result of your influence? Or if the water was the source, does your water affinity mean you just got hit harder than everyone else and that's why you're super lewd?

>"Stealing is wrong."
>"Some dragon you are."
Dragons have very strong opinions about stealing! Usually involving burning thieves alive! Stealing is bad!

Now pillaging on the other hand...

>X: Yes. Neither of you have camping supplies, but you think you can make do and get some rest.
>C: Turn into an animal of some kind. Maybe something you can snuggle up to your 'sis' in...
Turn into something fluffy and cuddly and warm to give her a good place to sleep.

>secondary votes are a thing
Oh right. XA, naked time.
No. 890876 ID: cb22c8

X, D, let's have a cute dragon camping party. It'll help you practice for the later camping trip to rescue the prince of space, too. If you're uneasy about the dragon-ing, though, just do A. It would probably be less weird than if you were flat because Daatra's clearly into at least guy-shaped people rather than woman-shaped ones. So being as visibly female as possible means it won't be weird!
No. 890880 ID: 1fbbcc

Now that you're closer, and while you still have some mp, CALL YOUR PARENTS AND SKIF THEY ARE PROBABLY FLIPPING OUT.

Once you've done that, Y and A. You can probably ask your Mom to bring you some clothes, once she's done being super mad at you for disappearing without warning to anyone.
No. 890882 ID: 1fbbcc

You are probably also going to have to prepare to have a long talk with Skif about the "I broke all the things keeping me safe" thing. Maybe do your friendship ritual early. Would suck to not be able to do all the build up and make it as much a special moment you'd have liked but that's the price of not stopping doing things when they start to hurt you!
No. 890891 ID: 92681e

If possible, use remaining MP to let skif/parents (prioratizing parents) know that you are, in fact, not dead.
No. 890892 ID: 2202fb


Regardless of whether you are flat, it is still going to be kind of weird with your vagazzle exposed (you might be able to convince Daatra to lend you some clothes, assuming she has more than one outfit packed).

I suggest pressing on through the night. You could either polymorph your eyes into something with better nightvision or make a torch using a branch and one of the various survival fire starter methods (or maybe Daatra has a lighter or some flint and steel to go with the rope). You could also cast magelight if that is a thing you (or Daatra) can do.
No. 890899 ID: 2202fb


Making calls is a good idea. Make sure to have Daatra help so you dont seem so unhinged (what you did will only sound reasonable if Daatra proves that it accomplished something).
No. 890905 ID: 575ec0

Y: Keep on truckin. You didn't tell your parents you'd be gone for the night. They'll be worried sick if you're just suddenly gone without so much as a peep.

Polymorph into some kind of animal Datraa can ride. Like a Horse or Saber-Tooth Tiger or a giant Ketza.
No. 890906 ID: 91ee5f

>Daatra’s hips
The thickest non polymorphed hips around!

>What do?
Y and A

And if Daatra is uncomfortable, then ask to borrow her clothes while you polymorph yourself to look like her so that her clothes will fit you. Make sure you’re also flat chested so that you don’t stretch out her clothes!

>Call parents
I’m not sure if Daatra has a cellphone with her. And Ceri is still too far away for her portals to reach.

>You can probably ask your Mom to bring you some clothes
So how are we going to explain our lack of clothing in a way that sounds believable?

And how do you expect mom to make that delivery when we don’t know how far away we are from home?
No. 890941 ID: b1b4f3

How are you using CPS in a moving reference frame
Uh, are you even close enough for Daatra to walk home?
...how long until you can use CPS to contact your friends to come pick you up in your cool spaceship?

Primary: Y, C. Go back to small bird form so you won't be particularly heavy. Or a lizard.
Secondary: X, C. but for chrissakes don't turn into anything fluffy! If you're gonna cuddle up to her it can be something with fur but not fluff. Like a bear.
No. 890948 ID: fdfda2

Turn into a a large, majestic, rideable feline of some sort so you get night-vision, then go home.

Otherwise, switch to a flat-chested, as Daatra's probably more comfortable with that, furred dragon, for warmth. For additional snuggle/warmth purposes, on your arms, polymorph yourself some... uh... flesh sheets? Like a bat's wings. Give snuggles with extended arm flaps 'cause you don't have blankets.
No. 890963 ID: da1652

most important part is making sure you don't sleep on the ground. Having your body heat leeched out won't make the morning very pleasant for you, and could be extra bad for Daatra if she's cold blooded.
No. 890968 ID: 05ff2f

Primary: Y, C: A garishly colored parrot. And help Daatra out on the trip back by using portals to skip over rough terrain and any rivers or streams.

Secondary: X, C: A big, warm, extra fluffy bear. Then you can curl around Daatra and keep her warm while you both sleep under the cover of trees and bushes. Also, the wildlife probably won't harass you two because you're a friggin' bear, and any that does will get smacked into next week.
No. 890969 ID: 623c7e

No. 890987 ID: cf489c

Primary: X but turn into something easy to carry.
Secondary: Y. If you do make can sleep in A normal form and we can change into a fluffy creature when if things turn weird or Daatra gets cold.
No. 891008 ID: 2202fb

>garishly colored parrot

Garishly colored tezakian complete with fashion pants!
No. 891077 ID: 91ee5f

>I still can't believe Mr. Ilan of all people uses life-magic. He's such a hypocrite!
Defend Mr. Ilan from Daatra by explaining to her that if he didn’t know life-magic, you wouldn’t have been able to live in town because you were a dragon. He changed you so that you’d at least be able to sorta fit in with everyone. And you’re grateful that he did because that allowed your mom and dad to adopt you and raise you.

If Daatra asks why Mr. Ilan had you grow boobs, explain that neither you nor Mr. Ilan know why that happened, but you enjoy having them.

>And didn't you say he grabbed your boobs once? He's a hypocrite and a perv!
Explain that he would’ve been a perv if he was staring at your tail because he mentioned that he’s got a thing for tails. And no, you don’t know why he told you that.
No. 891086 ID: dbf422

Anti-defend by saying that he made a lot of decisions without your consent.

Including the boob grab!
No. 891087 ID: 05ff2f

>"I blame the water."
...Quick question: Where does the town draw it's water supply from? Because if it's from the lake that Siphon and company's ship was resting in for years, or from downstream of that lake, then perhaps something from that ship has been effecting the water.

>And you’re grateful that he did because that allowed your mom and dad to adopt you and raise you.
And not only that, because Ceri was hidden and not discovered to be a dragon, then word didn't get back to the rest of the dragons, who would have killed her for the sins of her parents, or to zealous Dragon Riders, who would have magically enslaved her. She's alive and free today because of what Mr. Ilan did.

>If Daatra asks why Mr. Ilan had you grow boobs, explain that neither you nor Mr. Ilan know why that happened, but you enjoy having them.
But Ceri does know, assuming Mr. Ilan wasn't lying. According to what he said, it's because he's not observant of bipedal folk's forms and erroneously thought that Ceri should have breasts. (See >>/questarch/744294)
No. 891100 ID: 91ee5f

>But Ceri does know, assuming Mr. Ilan wasn't lying. According to what he said, it's because he's not observant of bipedal folk's forms and erroneously thought that Ceri should have breasts. (See >>/questarch/744294)
Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.
No. 891453 ID: ae9bd9

To support the argument of hoofing it through the night, can't Daatra see infrared and "see" smells since she has the snake snout bits and does the tongue thing?
No. 891464 ID: 395c02
File 153092880357.png - (86.43KB , 800x600 , 1331.png )

>How are you using CPS in a moving reference frame
T-that'd explain why it sounded an awful lot like you were just talking loudly at each other. Good thing you weren't flying very fast. Eheh...


"I guess I'll turn back to normal, if it's okay with you," you say in a sheepish and not at all dragonly manner.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Daatra asks.

"T-the clothes thing I just mentioned!"



"You've been hanging around mammals too much. You're even stammering like one."

"Like you're one to talk!"

"Hss--!! Just change or whatever! It's not like I haven't seen you naked before."

"Wait what!?"

"...We went to the same dressing room? Come on, Ceri-berry. Did you forget your entire childhood?"

"I had a life outside the past week?"

"Okay, we need to get you to a spa or something."

"I'm not that stressed."

"Uh-huh. Now come on. Let's see how big they are this time."

"Now I'm even more self-conscious!"

She keeps glaring until you relent. You revert to NORMAL FORM with a big heavy sigh.
No. 891465 ID: 395c02
File 153092881223.png - (81.96KB , 800x600 , 1332.png )

"Holy shit."

"Come on they're not okay yeah I just looked down."

"They're not going to keep growing forever, are they?"

"Gods I hope not, not that it matters super much. Eventually I'll be able to control my dragon magic and it'll be a non-issue. If things get out of hand before then, I can always use polymorph."

"I assumed it was on purpose, but now... are you okay like that? Will you get rid of 'em when you do go all dragon?"

"I think I'll keep them for my 'mortal' form. For better or worse, they're a part of me... and I like them. They're also sensitive and soft and fun to play with when I'm bored."

"Huh. When I'm bored I just flick my tongue around my finger. Guess you didn't know that since I only do it when nobody's looking."
No. 891466 ID: 395c02
File 153092881571.png - (108.92KB , 800x600 , 1333.png )

"I knew~"

"HssSss! Okay! I guess you noticed! Let's get moving already!"

"Lead the way, sis~"

"You're having way too much fun with this."
No. 891467 ID: 395c02
File 153092881830.png - (139.16KB , 800x600 , 1334.png )

Seeing a dead tree nearby, Daatra is able to fashion a basic torch from it using supplies she has no reason to have but does anyway because her dad thinks of everything. You continue your journey.

You and Daatra make small-talk the whole time. Teasing each other, making jokes at the situation. You spend a little time defending Euia, and while Daatra remains suspicious of him, she's willing to try and give him the benefit of the doubt. He's the one who taught her how to use her TELEKINETIC MAGIC, after all. And you owe your (relatively) normal life to him!

It's slow-going, since the terrain around your town is notoriously difficult to navigate. Between all the trees and all the yucky watery spots, it feels like two years have passed.

Or two hours. Nearly in CPS range now.

You find yourself unable to go on. You reconsider camping out, but the town is so close now...!

"Turn back into a bird," Daatra insists.

"I can't just ask you to carry me!"

"You're not. I'm insisting."

"Big-- Little sister...!"

"Don't be so dramatic. You can buy me ice-cream later."

"I-I totally will! Promise!"
No. 891468 ID: 395c02
File 153092882348.gif - (838.67KB , 800x600 , 1335.gif )

You hop back onto Daatra's shoulder as a cute birb, puff up and fall asleep...

*Day two complete*
No. 891469 ID: 395c02
File 153092882897.png - (105.14KB , 800x600 , 1336.png )


It's morning. You're in your bed... and in normal form?

Dad is sleeping nearby... did he watch over you?

>If you're a water dragon, does that mean the lewd water is the result of your influence? Or if the water was the source, does your water affinity mean you just got hit harder than everyone else and that's why you're super lewd?
What? Maybe? Why's this the first thing you think about!?

You use CPS to check on everyone who's in range. They're all asleep, but fine. Even Daatra is sleeping soundly... she must have carried you all the way home.

That ice-cream is as good as yours, sis.

A: Wake up dad. You should ponder what to say to him.
B: Slowly and quietly get dressed. You shouldn't disturb him...
C: Wake someone up with CPS. Who do you contact?
No. 891474 ID: 9c286f

A Probably not gonna be able to do much without waking him. And if he woke up while you were gone it might freak him out a bit more. Just do it gently.
No. 891477 ID: a363ac

A. with Ice cream
No. 891479 ID: ee2d6e

D. Check state of seal.
No. 891480 ID: b1b4f3

A. Tell him sorry for running off like that without warning him or... anyone, really. Ask if anyone saw you while you were flying, that'd be bad.
No. 891485 ID: 4f1cbc

A, and completely forget to get dressed or cover your chest first.
No. 891487 ID: de6d84

No. 891489 ID: ae9bd9


Thirding this. Lets see him squirm as he gets involuntarily aroused by you. Chaos shall ensue.
No. 891496 ID: 91ee5f

>That ice-cream is as good as yours, sis.
What a good friend sister you are!

>What do?
A: Wake up dad.

In case you guys weren’t paying attention, Ceri’s dad is a reptile. Reptiles don’t care about nudity, only mammals do.

Your attempts at making things awkward between Ceri and her dad are pointless.
No. 891497 ID: b38f01

I knew you could do it. One should never be afraid of their parents. Your father would be glad to be there for you. Like A father should.
No. 891498 ID: a363ac

lets not brek dad so soon.
No. 891500 ID: 3b108e

A, but only after getting dressed.

Amazingly wrong as expected. Ceri's father has historically cared a lot about seeing his daughter naked.
No. 891505 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah Ceri should at least pull up her blankets to cover her boobs.
No. 891517 ID: eeb7d9

Hmm, A but ONLY if you don't break him!
Be careful. Probably put some clothes on before that.
No. 891524 ID: ae9b99

First lets see if any of your clothing can actually fit you after your breasts enlarged again.
No. 891529 ID: dbf422

A. You can reassure him by telling him how much worse things are surely going to get in the future!
No. 891530 ID: 91ee5f

Did they?

I thought Daatra was reacting because she hadn’t seen their bigger size yet. If they did get bigger, I’m sure Ceri would’ve said something about that.
No. 891531 ID: bf6ba6

A. He must've been worried sick last night!
No. 891532 ID: fd4835

C, wake up Dad with CPS while you quietly get dressed
No. 891534 ID: 05ff2f

B, then A. Slip under the covers and use small portals to grab your clothes so you don't disturb your dad. You don't need much, just enough to be decent in front of him when you wake him. Panties, bra (with temporary boob downsize to fit,) shorts and a over-sized t-shirt will do and be easy to put on quietly.

As for how to wake him, put your hand on his, gently shake it and softly say "daddy. daddy, wake up." Also help him to stand up and take a seat on your bed because sleeping in such a position has to have left him all kinds of stiff and sore. Getting him a glass of water and a pain reliever to take before he gets up to leave would be a good idea.

For what to say to him, tell him you're so sorry for flying off yesterday without telling anyone where you were going. You're so sorry for making him a load more worried about you than he already was after what happened before. ...That is why he's here, because he fell asleep watching over you? And tell him you love him and give him a close hug if the mood is right.
No. 891561 ID: 5de987

No love for Dook.

I'm actually curious as to how he would react? I suspect he wouldn't care about your chest butt may care about your nethers so don't get out of bed. And before you protest remember that you're the one that wants to do away with the stigmas surrounding nudity.
No. 891570 ID: 33cbe7

B. Get dressed before doing anything involving parents!

Instead of waking people up, get ready for them by making everyone breakfast.
No. 891575 ID: 094652

That was a whole night without any lewds. Make up for lost time.

Your hooters are now huge enough to test something. You can't make milk, but you can store it.

Try polymorphing the internal milk glands into a spongy substance, and reverse the polarity on your sweat glands. Then pour the ice cream into your breasts.
No. 891581 ID: 26b565

bit of nonsequietor theory here, but the dragon half not acting up during that last bit made me think of it, and i wanted to see if the dragon side appeared in her dreams again before i said anything.

i think we've been looking at this whole thing backwards. i don't think the dragon side is trying to control her or corrupt her, i think it's just a scared child who's only been aware of the world for a few days and doesn't know any better.

everything that can't be chalked up to either her normal personality or our influence, seems to be base uncontrolled instinct. despite that it seems to react to her mood in ways that are more intuitive than some 'safeguard' should be. not acting up after that emotional ordeal felt, at least to me, more like sympathy.

if you were trapped all your life in a dark place that's basically nothing, and one day a little sliver of light opened up revealing a whole wondrous world that you never knew existed, so bright and colorful that it made your dark nothing feel like a cage. you don't have memories, or understanding, just simple thoughts and instincts, and want to play with that world, experience it. except the only person you can interact with keeps pushing you away, keeps putting up walls that keep you trapped in your cage, and you don't know why because you can't communicate properly with her. wouldn't you be scared? wouldn't you be angry? i bet you'd lash out.

what if the dragon half lashing out via a dream a few threads back, and the off-and-on attempts to take control aren't genuine malice, but the tantrums of a frightened creature that's been denied everything, never given the chance to show if it's capable of being anything, and doesn't know why. only that ceri is its sole link to the physical world, the only person it knows, the only person it can interact with, and she keeps pushing it away.

what if it's trying to reach out to her, but doesn't know the right way to do it? i think ceri should spend some time today looking into this.
No. 891582 ID: 575ec0

wait. why are you still in your old base form and not your new one?
No. 891585 ID: ae9bd9


Unless the power being repressed artificially caused a split personality disorder, the dragon power is just that: power. It isn't sentient, it is just overwhelmingly powerful. Being hit with it all at once would at best drive Ceri into a deep depression as she unintentionally causes havok while trying to restrain herself, at worst, it would break her. Think of it like a toddler, just learning how to walk, being given the body of a soldier or a bodybuilder. Even if they weren't malicious, they would still cause quite a bit of damage just trying to figure out how to control themselves.
No. 891586 ID: ae9bd9


If i were to guess? Art error.
No. 891588 ID: daa216

B. Let the man sleep and get ready for the day.
No. 891599 ID: ae9bd9

You know, it would probably be best to just tell your parents (read: mom) that you are a pervert instead of trying to beat around the bush. You still have a good moral compass, you just seem to have some more explicit interests. This way they wont worry all the time, and you all can be a bit more open and less tense. Ofc this will be tough, your neurons will definitely dislike this course of action (not to mention your dad), but it is for the best in the long run. Take baby steps rather than just plowing through your neural block and your father's psyche. Your mom will probably be an invaluable resource once you open up to her (and allow her to open up to you).
No. 891600 ID: 92681e

A: if he wakes up and you're gone, he'll probably flip out thinking you disapeared again (at least for a few minutes), and he deserves better than that.
No. 891601 ID: aad480

Hug dad
No. 891609 ID: 1fbbcc

You have plenty of sheets over on the other side of your bed. Tug some up over your chest and then A wake Dad.
No. 891643 ID: cc01a6

Wake dad, tell him you can talk once you're dressed, get dressed, meet him in the Discussion & Exposition Kitchen.
No. 891689 ID: ae9b99

A LICK dad awake.
No. 891690 ID: bddb0f


Apply wake-up hug to caring dad.
No. 892467 ID: 395c02
File 153144951289.png - (101.95KB , 800x600 , 1337.png )

>...completely forget to get dressed or cover your chest [to make Dad squirm/be aroused]
...He's a reptilian.

Even your vast tracts of dragon-land aren't going to fluster him.

Also you're his daughter.

>First lets see if any of your clothing can actually fit you after your breasts enlarged again.
they better freaking fit after you paid so much for bras mumble grumble

>I thought Daatra was reacting because she hadn’t seen their bigger size yet.
She hadn't. Normally she makes fun of you, but... this time was a bit different, huh? She actually sounded concerned, which isn't an emotion she shows very often.

Sis really cares...

You feel a warm glow inside you. You love Daatra. A different kind of love than you share with Skif, perhaps, but love all the same.

She is family. As much so as Mom and Dad.

Oh...! Dad!
No. 892468 ID: 395c02
File 153144951797.png - (98.34KB , 800x600 , 1338.png )

You nudge him softly. "Dad... hey, Dad..."

"Snnrr...? Ceri...?"
No. 892469 ID: 395c02
File 153144952599.png - (138.65KB , 800x600 , 1339.png )

"Ceri! Are you okay!? Nothing hurts, does it!?"

"I-I'm fine, dad! Mostly!"

"Do you have a fever!? Do you feel hot!?"

"Y--" Now is maybe not the time for jokes. "N-no, I feel just fine! Really!"

"Don't scare us like that, Ceri! We nearly lost our minds when you didn't return home or call!"

"Yeah, I um..."

"If not for Daatra's father telling us about the conversation you had... thank the gods Mom was right."

"M-mom said I ran after Daatra?" 'ran' being a relative term.

"After he described the look in your eyes, your mother insisted you did. Said you're too much like her not to have."

"O-oh... are you um, mad? At me?"
No. 892470 ID: 395c02
File 153144953109.png - (69.75KB , 800x600 , 1340.png )

"No, I..."

He sighs. "Ceri, I know I reacted a little badly the other day, but... I don't want you to feel you can't talk to me about things bothering you."

"But I don't want to break you again, Dad!"

"Mm... I'd rather you 'break' me than feel you have to bottle things up. Besides, your mother's there to glue me back together. There's nothing the two of us can't do-- we've raised a dragon, after all."

He face betrays a subtle, pained expression. "And... I know you're all grown up now. The day will come when you leave to forge a life of your own. My little girl's all grown up, and I need to accept that."

He gives a slight smile. "But until that day comes, please talk to us. We want to know that our little girl is okay. And if you aren't, we'll always be there for you. Sometimes we over-react, but I promise there's nothing you can say that'll make us stop loving you. I'll keep saying it 'till it sticks."

"I know, Dad. I... thanks."

He pats you on the head. "Alrighty, I'm going to go check on your mother. Take your time, but do join us for breakfast, okay?"


He leaves, and you decide it's time to make double sure of something super important.
No. 892471 ID: 395c02
File 153144953479.png - (115.23KB , 800x600 , 1341.png )

Still fits~

This day is already a million times better than the past few days have been.

Artistic adjustments aside, you don't notice any major changes. Something does feel different, in a way, but it's nothing physical. At least, nothing affecting your 'normal' form.

You spend a moment musing on this. Maybe the damage to the seal was more superficial this time? Or maybe there's some threshold you hit last time that isn't being hit now. That kinda makes sense, since your body didn't change the first couple of times you damaged things either.

Or maybe it's because you absorbed a lot of power in the mall. Every other time was just over-exertion.

You sigh a bit in relief. If your tits got any bigger, the downsides would really start to outweigh the benefits. You like to look at Kharadra, but you don't want to be Kharadra!

Now you're curious what it looks like. You use polymorph-- ah!!

You take off your bra and use polymorph to try out some different sizes.

...Yeah, your mind is set. This body, your body, is perfect for you. This is, in a way, your 'ideal beauty'. Your sleek D-scales... Your soft and sensitive D-boobs...
No. 892472 ID: 395c02
File 153144953890.png - (109.70KB , 800x600 , 1342.png )

...Your soft belly...
No. 892473 ID: 395c02
File 153144954040.png - (92.90KB , 800x600 , 1343.png )



A: Maybe it's time to explore this body a bit and relieve tension...
B: Your Tilde ain't that high. Let's get dressed!
No. 892475 ID: 20edc5

No. 892476 ID: 0c3c2c

B. You need to save it for Siphon and Outissa anyway.
No. 892477 ID: a363ac

A. been a while since you were alone
No. 892484 ID: 91ee5f

B: Your Tilde ain't that high. Let's get dressed!

And be careful from now on! Your tilde barrier is broken, so if you get too turned on, you won’t be able to stop it from rising too high and you might end up doing something you’ll regret again!
No. 892485 ID: b1b4f3

B for now.
Outissa wants a piece of your ass, and you need to deliver. You should also check on Skif. His mood seems low, according to your Romance screen.
Why not check on everyone's mood using it? See who needs some company today. Maybe you can get to know the new guy too.
No. 892486 ID: 4f1cbc

>...He's a reptilian.
Yes because what species are supposed to have mameries has had any relation to how people think of them so far.

>Also you're his daughter.
And there's never been awkward times when a dad has encountered an unexpectedly naked daughter.
No. 892496 ID: ae9b99


Not until you see Eezee today and see if she can use her sciency stuff to fix your seal.

Speaking of which, lets go see her today, first thing.
No. 892499 ID: 4bf46d

Save it for your rider. You're going to need some time with your lover today.
No. 892502 ID: bddb0f


You don't always have to save yourself for someone else...

But let's do it today. You've got many people to talk to, starting with your parents!
No. 892503 ID: c2b74e

A. After the adventure we had last night, we could do with a little self-love!
No. 892505 ID: 9c286f

B Noms first then jerk it
No. 892506 ID: eeb7d9

B, come on, step it up, time for breakfast!
You can't wank in an empty stomach.
Besides, you have other things to do today. You can have some fun later.
No. 892507 ID: 2b99a5

You could compromise. Insert a toy, get dressed, leave it in until you see Skif next.
No. 892519 ID: b38f01

Ah.. I suppose you can get that handled in the privacy of your own room..
No. 892526 ID: 094652

B, not enough tilde to justify masturbation instead of breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast: waffle crumbles with shrimp scampi sounds good.
No. 892554 ID: 94b817

Yes Ceri do it!!!!
Belly Bongos!
No. 892557 ID: cc01a6

Bad Ceri!
There are more important things at the moment - and you've got Skif when you need to deal with your tilde!
No. 892558 ID: 1fbbcc

B, Ceri. Your parents got the news from Daatra's dad, but did Skif? He might be worried too! You did run past his mom on your way to Daatra's house. That could have resulted in... I don't know, something. You should call him. Maybe see if he's interested in a rendezvous? I think you'll get a lot more benefit from a session of being loved than you will just getting off.

I mean, hey... maybe he's a the gym, eh? Eh? Wiggle eyebrows? Hm?
No. 892559 ID: daa216

B. Save it for when you have others to help you.
No. 892561 ID: 33cbe7

A, furiously.
No. 892567 ID: eceda8

C'mon Ceri, give us your [A] game!
No. 892656 ID: 92681e

B: remember, your mother said she could hear/smell anything in the house right? Imagine your mother, worried about you all night and making you a beautiful breakfast to celebrate you being okay. How would she feel/react if she figured out the first thing you did in the morning, rather than let her know how your doing yourself, is jill off?
No. 892962 ID: ae9bd9

Idk how bra sizes work in your world, but unless that D stands for Draconic, there is nothing D about them (seem more like H+, not that it is bad necessarily). Also, while your stomach is cute imho, you should probably start working out so that you can not only keep from gaining too much weight, but also gain the non-magically asssisted muscle strength to not suffer from your extra mass performance-wise. Bottom line is tht you should start strength and endurance training to either lose weight or enable yourself to have as much chub as you do without suffering.
No. 892963 ID: 91ee5f

But she loves herself!

Why should she change just because you don’t like the way she looks?
No. 893000 ID: ae9bd9


Hang on, who says I dont? I am just saying that she should start building up enough muscle as to not be hindered by her physique. While it could be polymorphed, that would passively use mp so training the old fashioned way would probably be the most effective. Think about this, Ceri wont always have a Daatra to ride on once she is burnt out.
No. 893003 ID: ae9bd9

In fact, I quite like the way she looks, I just dont want her to suffer later because of it.
No. 893008 ID: 27453b

(B)ack down a bit. We have much better self control than that.
No. 893074 ID: 395c02
File 153169572399.png - (159.52KB , 800x600 , 1344.png )

...Something you can save for later.

Point is, you're glad nothing's changed. You really like this form-- how can you not? It's like, halfway between the form you lived your life in and your 'true' self. Best of both worlds!

This means you're not slowly turning into some kind of awesome spooky monster dragon who's like 10 meters tall and has big thick thighs and claws and spikes and maybe some frills and unrelatedly you should practice GIANT GROWTH later.

>Idk how bra sizes work in your world, but unless that D stands for Draconic...
It stands for DRAGON. You haven't been a D-cup since you were like 13.

>Outissa wants a piece of your ass, and you need to deliver.
Sweet innocent Outissa? You can't just assume she feels that way about you. She might not even be into girls! You need to do things right this time. Take things slow and not push anything. You're taking the lessons you learned from Daatra to heart.

If she does just want a friend, you're going to give her the best friendship ever. Dragon friendship.

Beyond that... you'll see how it goes.

>And be careful from now on! Your tilde barrier is broken, so if you get too turned on, you won’t be able to stop it from rising too high and you might end up doing something you’ll regret again!
A little self-love (or sex in general) is needed to keep yourself from overflowing with lust. A lot of your troubles were caused by holding back and refusing to give yourself release.

That said, you're early in your egg cycle now. It shouldn't be a big problem for a while. Your ~ isn't going to instantly max from a gentle breeze.

But when it does get high, you need to play it safe and find a quiet spot to have a tender moment with yourself. Or a member of your hoard. orkharadra

>You could compromise. Insert a toy, get dressed, leave it in until you see Skif next.
That's not playing it safe! And you'd be too distracted to tell a coherent story!

Sounds like something you'd love to see someone else try, though...

wonder if siphon'd be up for it
No. 893075 ID: 395c02
File 153169572742.png - (101.21KB , 800x600 , 1345.png )

>...you should probably start working out...
Yeah, maybe. Even a dragon needs to stay healthy, and you wouldn't mind having a little bit of muscle. And it'd be nice to run longer before getting winded. Not to mention getting to use... gym equipment...

>Yes because what species are supposed to have mameries has had any relation to how people think of them so far.
Yeah, fair. You've been seeing a lot reptilians and birds being into boobies for some reason.

Not your dad, though. When you started developing, Mom had to explain to him that you didn't have two super-tumors.

That was a weird week.

You instinctively cover yourself now, but it's largely because you've been conditioned by mammals. Part of what you hope to achieve as a dragon is changing the idea that a body is something to be ashamed of! Going without clothes is the right of all mortals!

...That said, you're easier to draw with a shirt on so you're not going to run around naked right now.
No. 893076 ID: 395c02
File 153169573095.png - (109.53KB , 800x600 , 1346.png )

Oh! Skif is asleep on the couch.

Aww, was he also worried about you? You give him a gentle kiss on the cheek, and nudge him softly to wake him up.

He hugs you tightly and says he's glad you're okay. You remind him that you're pretty OP, and he mentions the rumors going around about a dragon being nearby. That's likely to entice some Dragon Riders to visit, and they can sense your dragon magic through Mr. Ilan's magic if they get close enough to you. You need to be careful.

"When am I ever not careful?" you ask.


"No, you don't have to actually answer that."

"Oh thank gods."

You mush his cheeks. "You don't have to sound so relieved."

"Imuh buh muh"


He stares at you until you let go of his cheeks, then tries again. "I said I'm uh relieved because you're okay and will be careful and I have no reason to believe otherwise!"

"It's because you're fluffy and cute that I'm going to pretend to believe you."

He opens his mouth as if to protest, but just sighs. "I'll take what I can get."
No. 893077 ID: 395c02
File 153169573415.png - (143.43KB , 800x600 , 1347.png )

Mom hugs you so hard you take 1 damage, then informs you that breakfast is ready. Skif joins you and your parents for the meal. This time there aren't any shenanigans that someone would later feel embarrassed about writing as the four of you engage in small talk and have a pleasant, calm time together.

It's a perfectly normal morning. A welcome reprieve from all the craziness and drama.
No. 893078 ID: 395c02
File 153169573924.png - (194.91KB , 800x600 , 1348.png )

---Summer, week 3 day 3---
Your body is still worn out from yesterday, and you're pretty stressed. You might want to take it a bit easy today. The picnic is tomorrow, so that's something to keep in mind.

Time to decide what you'll be doing today. Skif will join you, since you want to spend some time with him.

What will you spend the morning hours doing? For now, focus on the basic plan. You can decide details (like who else you bring along) once you know what you're doing.

A: Hang out at home playing Video Games. This would be pretty relaxing and stress-free. For now, you're only comfortable doing this with Skif and/or Daatra.
B: Head to the mall again. You're too stressed to help Kharadra, but you could explore or say 'hi'. Or bring Skif to certain shops...
C: Head to the Gym. Skif's been hogging those wonderful machines to himself!
D: Practice magic in a secluded area. You do have a bunch of COMBO SPELLS to try out.
E: Visit DRAGON FANS UNITED or whatever it's called. It's basically a fan club for you!
F: Visit the UNDERWATER BASE. You might have something to ask The Eez about...
No. 893079 ID: 9c286f

C Let get a workout montage goin up in here!
No. 893080 ID: ad51b8


it isn't a proper lazy day unless you never leave the house.
No. 893082 ID: dc5a56

No. 893084 ID: 1fbbcc

C. To the gym!

Besides gym workouts, under the general heading of exercise would be you and Skif practicing fighting together as dragon and knight. You'll need to go find somewhere secluded for that, but it's really something you should do some time! If you don't, you'll wish you had one day!

Also it'd be nice for Skif to have some of his heritage/training be useful and positive. I bet his people know exercise routines for dragons! Like, dragon-shaped dragons. You know?
No. 893085 ID: 33cbe7

C/d. Try to clear the overhang! Being physically active should also pump you up for magical exertion.
No. 893086 ID: 2a13fa

A. Obviously, let's Smash.

No. 893088 ID: 91ee5f

>What do?
A: Hang out at home playing Video Games. This would be pretty relaxing and stress-free.

You said it yourself, your body is still worn out from yesterday, so immediately going to the gym might result in you hurting yourself!

Staying home and playing video games is the best way to let your body recover and reduce your stress meter, which is at very dangerous levels!

Besides, this is only for the morning hours. You can go to the gym later today, after you’ve relaxed a bit.
No. 893089 ID: 20edc5

[b]D[b/] magic isn't all that taxing on the body, right?
No. 893091 ID: 31e678

A, you really need all the relaxation you can get today, between both the stresses of the last several days and the stresses tomorrow will bring.
No. 893096 ID: eeb7d9

C, for Can't wait to see Skif working out.
No. 893097 ID: 094652

FABricate stuff!

Talk to Eezeryh about any exotic video games she has lying around - like VR! Then bring her to Kharadra and build a 3D-Printer for clothing an all-in-one sewing/lacing/designing machine.
No. 893098 ID: bddb0f


A with Skif and Daatra sounds good for the morning hours. Skif sorely needs a cheer-me-up and between the two of you, I bet you can make him forget his worries for a while.
No. 893100 ID: b1b4f3

C, because exercise is stress relief too! And you've been forgetting to exercise anyway.
No. 893104 ID: 757ccd

D, A

There is quite a few things we could be practicing, but it might be better to spend today relaxing with video games. We are going to have a stressful day tomorrow.
No. 893112 ID: 0fcc00

C, work out with Skif.

But also, after you've done that, work out with Skif. You've been gone a while, you haven't done it in a while, let him take you, and let yourself melt for a while.
No. 893122 ID: ae9b99

We need to take care of the seal. TOP PRIORITY!
No. 893124 ID: 0c3c2c

F Take Skif to visit The Eez.
No. 893129 ID: a62780

C and D, work on getting big and getting bigger
No. 893130 ID: 575ec0

C is also acceptible.

Dragon Riders... That reminds me... We never actually did do the friendship ritual with Skif. If Dragon Riders are in town we should probably stop putting it off.
No. 893147 ID: dbf422

C I think. Exercise is pretty stress relieving for some, plus certain proclivities will more easily lead to other stress relieving opportunities.

F as secondary, maybe?
No. 893151 ID: ae9bd9


Keep in mind that you should work on strength, endurance, and flexibility(yoga); you dont need to start fretting about weight loss. You should also learn how to use a non-magic weapon of some sort in case you find any more magic-nullifying artifacts or adversaries.

If we are going to montage a few days, lets alternate C and D after deciding what to work on for each.
No. 893152 ID: dbf422

We aren't montageing yet. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. Who knows what'll happen later, though.
No. 893155 ID: e97f18

> B: Head to the mall again. You're too stressed to help Kharadra, but you could explore or say 'hi'. Or bring Skif to certain shops...
> C: Head to the Gym. Skif's been hogging those wonderful machines to himself!

Either or both of these.

For the mall, you're supposed to be practicing the idea of not always being in charge. Maybe go to a certain store, and tell Skif to pick out any one thing he'd like to use on/with you.
No. 893156 ID: b1b4f3

No way is there gonna be a montage. The Picnic of Doom is tomorrow!
No. 893158 ID: e7848c

Well Mistress, there is something rather satisfying about training your skills when you get into the swing of it. Though if you're looking for a laugh, I'm sure the Dragon Fan Club would be an interesting stop. As long as you enjoy yourself!

Primary D, Secondary E.
No. 893160 ID: a363ac

No. 893175 ID: f0e552

C Honestly, start going to the gym more often, you need to up your body muscle mass and reduce your fat. You gotta balance out mind AND body you know.
No. 893176 ID: cc01a6

A, F
Let's play some videogames w/ Skif 'n' Daatra.
If not, let's to the underwater base. I'm sure some amusing but harmless shenanigans will happen.
No. 893177 ID: f85fa8

I just realized that in a way you tricked your not related by blood "little" sister into giving you a blowjob. So for a while there you were and H-game protagonist.

The right of all sentient beings! The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of normalness.

Has it really takin us like four threads to get through two days, and yet we're still some how running out of time.

Primary: E: Visit DRAGON FANS UNITED or whatever it's called then leave immediately and C: Head to the Gym.
Secondary: F: Visit the UNDERWATER BASE.
No. 893189 ID: ae9bd9

Otoh, DOOM is tomorrow so it might be better to hold off on starting any training regimens till that is over. Refresh our memory, tomorrow is when the aliens meet the parents, right? If so, rather than training, you should probably plan how tomorrow is going to go. Also try to have a heart-to-heart with Siphon to find out whether she is trying to be difficult or is just clueless (referring to the :3 and :3c). That kind of personality can be infuriating and I doubt your parents will like it so much. She might also want to wear a shirt.
No. 893237 ID: 4f1cbc

No. 893244 ID: 6d3cb7

No. 893459 ID: 92681e

Definitley A
No. 893521 ID: 9d4af9

C! Next time, you'll carry Daatra all the way home!
No. 893558 ID: 037ccb

all the C
No. 893612 ID: 97780b


build a hoard of muscles
No. 893659 ID: 395c02
File 153199779464.png - (144.89KB , 800x600 , 1348.png )

"Okay Skif, I think it's time for some exercise~"

No. 893660 ID: 395c02
File 153199779713.png - (96.02KB , 800x600 , 1349.png )


Mom would be so proud.

Okay! Time to put the DRAGON'S TOUCH sports bra to the test!
No. 893661 ID: 395c02
File 153199780029.png - (184.15KB , 800x600 , 1350.png )


Not many can truly appreciate how wonderful this feels. You can't help but shed a few sparkly tears that go behind you despite the fact that you're running in place.

To have this much support while still enjoying some comfort is nothing short of miraculous. This feels better than running in your old body in a typical sports bra, despite your new chest being larger and more sensitive. Kharadra's work is truly without compare.

Not just polymorphers, all people with breasts would benefit a great deal from her work. The world needs her.

This shouldn't be so surprising-- of course Kharadra would make amazing sports bras. She had to make one for herself.

You now have two (more) reasons to be grateful for her giant bird tits.

Skif strikes a conversation with you. "You doin' okay over there?"

"Huff... Yeah! This bra is the best!"

"It's actually giving you 'a dragon's support', huh?"

"Dragons wish they were as supportive as this thing."

"Heh. Not gonna consider running without, then?" he asks playfully.

You grin. "Nope! This time it's my turn to enjoy watching you run~"

"Well then, I better not disappoint my lady!"
No. 893662 ID: 395c02
File 153199780373.png - (221.18KB , 800x600 , 1351.png )

You are not disappointed.

wow everything's really sparkly lately huh


Whoops! Stay on the treadmill, Ceri.

It's nice being able to admire him without instantly maxing your TILDE. Finally you can enjoy the simple pleasures in life without worrying about breaking something or someone.


Ahem! Now that you're warmed up, it's time to fully embrace this gym and all its wonderful, wonderful equipment. But you need to pace yourself. You're still a little worn out from yesterday.

Time for an old mechanic What will you focus on? [Vote as many as you want. Top choices will determine Ceri's focus.]

-A: Upper body strength. (VIGOR+)
-B: Your legs. (SPEED+, for the first time since thread 2)
-C: Endurance. (HP+)
-D: Dragon form training with Skif in privacy. They have private rooms for people worried about being judged by others. (~+, STRESS-, [error]+)
-E: Yoga. (APPEAL+ because... flexible?)
-F: Everyone else working out. (~++)
No. 893663 ID: b38f01

My recommendation would be to loosen up your muscles with proper stretching and yoga! After you've had your fill, you could easily tackle upper body strength training. Good luck and have fun!

E into A
No. 893664 ID: b1b4f3

She's already warmed up!

I don't like the look of that [error]. Probably, the more you get used to your dragon form, the harder it is for the seal to resist it.

A, C.
No. 893666 ID: a363ac

E,c,A, and a little F. never b that makes you burn too much fat and you must stay the best size.
No. 893667 ID: ad51b8

>B: Your legs. (SPEED+, for the first time since thread 2)

you know what they say about leg day.
No. 893669 ID: 03d323

No. 893670 ID: 2a13fa

Never skip leg day. B.
No. 893671 ID: 757ccd

D, B, E

We need to lose some of this stress.
No. 893673 ID: 830fb7

Seems like a good workout plan.
No. 893674 ID: 91ee5f

>wow everything's really sparkly lately huh
Don’t stare at the sparkles too much! The bright lights might make you go blind!

>Vote as many as you want.
A: Upper body strength. As your weakest stat, you really need to improve your VIGOR in order to at least balance it out with your other stats!

B: Your legs. Never skip leg day! .....wait, is today leg day? Since Skif is the gym expert, you might have to ask him if it’s safe to workout your legs if it’s not leg day!

C: Endurance. Ceri’s got the highest MP in all the land! Now she needs to improve her HP because that is an abnormally small amount of HP for a dragon!
No. 893675 ID: a62780

A and C
Gotta have some might to go with the magic, and be able to lift Skif up over your head at will without D-bursts, you know, for romantic dances and general possessive gestures.
No. 893677 ID: 1fbbcc

Man, you kind of need everything. Make a note to come back again some time.

For now, D should be the main priority for immediate concerns (and maybe physically training as a dragon will make other dragon stuff easier/more comfortable?), but next priority is B, followed with E. Maybe don't use that for the chronological order, though, just effort order. Warm up with leg work first, then dragon, then cool down with yoga.

Perhaps you could try to invent dragon yoga? Unless someone for some reason made yoga exercises for large quadrupeds already...
No. 893678 ID: dbf422

A, C, and D.

Both of the first two need buffing and the whole point of this charade was to lose stress.
No. 893679 ID: 33cbe7

C, E, B. Hurrah for the return of the stat boosting! If only real life exercise incentives sounded so enticing.
No. 893680 ID: 575ec0

No. 893681 ID: 0fcc00

B and D.

Speed is useful, and we need to de-stress.
No. 893683 ID: ae9b99

No. 893688 ID: eeb7d9

A B and C. It's good to focus on the basics. You should focus on your belly too.

Hey, since Skif is a Dragon Rider, he must had a special training, fighting techniques and other stuff. That could be useful to train for the both of you too. A dragon and his rider must be in synchronization.
So I guess D would be a priority for me, you can ignore the above.
No. 893691 ID: 9c286f

E Always start your exercises by limbering up. Don't want anything to get pulled or anything like that doing the more rough stuff.

B and then A You haven't trained your speed too much and getting some more upper body strength is always good.
No. 893694 ID: 91ee5f

I doubt the private rooms are actually private.

Sure, you can workout privately away from the other gym members, but the private rooms probably have security cameras in them, so that the employees can make sure whoever is in the private rooms are actually working out and not doing anything against the rules.

Dragon Form in a public building seems like a bad idea, especially after everyone saw us last night! We need to lay low as much as possible, which means no Dragon Form unless it’s an emergency!

I’m also worried about that [error]+! That could be Ceri’s seal breaking even more!
No. 893696 ID: 7fad5d

No. 893708 ID: ae9bd9

Remember your core!
No. 893710 ID: bddb0f

E and A!
No. 893711 ID: 0c3c2c

No. 893718 ID: f85fa8

Wait does vigor mean like stamina? How does working our upper-body help with that? Shouldn't endurance increase stamina and upper-body increase something like toughness?
And besides can't you just polymorph yourself muscles? How exactly does that work?

A, B, C, E while doing F.
No. 893721 ID: 444a4e


(And also, B&D ;) )
No. 893727 ID: 06fdc0

B don't skip leg day!
No. 893752 ID: 92681e

B and C
No. 893822 ID: da1652

you know the practical limits of teleportation, and there may come a time when you just have to leg it.
No. 893826 ID: 0edfe8

B is for belly
No. 893828 ID: fdfda2

Since you can polymorph, speed and strength aren't as much of a problem as your inherent durability. I choose C.
I'll also throw in a minor vote for B, because being able to run fast is always useful. Definitely not E, because stretching poses are probably a bitch to draw and I'd rather make things easier than harder for Slinko.
No. 893878 ID: e97f18

No. 893890 ID: dff5c3

I would say E or A.
I would also say NOT B, due to the run to Daatra's house yesterday. That would likely count as leg day already, don't want to overwork your legs. Might be overdoing it on C too, actually.
Best consult with Skif on that.
No. 893894 ID: f0e552

B Good for cardio and burning mass. Also, working on your speed will allow you to double attack without being doubled in return! neato.
No. 893961 ID: 20edc5

No. 894007 ID: 4f1cbc

No. 894328 ID: ccb66b

B seems popular, so voting for that with maybe a mix of E in there too.
-G: Skif working out
No. 894545 ID: 2202fb

Even if you dont end up doing it, make sure to ask about leg day.
No. 894690 ID: 395c02
File 153282681956.png - (187.50KB , 800x600 , 1352.png )

Oh, the things you'd do to this machine in private. You're probably not even using it right but you don't care you're so happy right now. Had you not laid eggs just two days prior, you'd be dry-humping this damn thing.

Since you had, you're (barely) able to start working your legs. As you push the weighted foot-grip outwards, the machine makes several pleasing sounds... the wonderful klack of the weights as they shift, the smooth motion of wires and pulleys... it's so... sensual...

You rub your hands along its painted metal, feeling its texture, hearing the weird scraping sound your scales make from your movements. This shouldn't actually be very sexy but here you are.

You glance over and catch Skif staring at your ass. Well then! If he's going to do that, you're not even remotely hiding how much you're enjoying his interactions with these wonderful, amazing machines! Oh yeah. Flex those fluffy muscles.

...Is this weird? This is weird, isn't it.

Well, so what! You're a dragon who's a lizard with tits! We're well beyond worrying if something's weird or not!

You work on your speed and endurance. Then you realize you don't have an endurance stat and decide it's time for a change.
No. 894691 ID: 395c02
File 153282682104.png - (263.51KB , 800x600 , 1353.png )

Paper, pencil, and dry-erase markers later, and voila!

it felt safer than trying to make actual changes to a very badly damaged screen

Now then! Since it's been a while since your stats have mattered, you take a moment to remind yourself what they all mean.

-TILDE or ~: How 'in the mood' you are. Due to the damaged seal, this rises faster than normal and is hard to lower. The speed it rises is greatly affected by LUST. Euia's barrier no longer functions, so you should take care not to hold back your 'release' once TILDE gets too high.

LUST: Your body's general randiness. This affects how fast you gain ~, and is entirely determined by where you are in your egg cycle. Since you've laid a clutch two days ago, it's not currently very high. It will slowly rise as the days go by, sharply rising once you're ready to lay.

You won't have to deal with it getting very high before Euia's return, since early summer generally puts your egg cycle around 26 days. He's going to be back in nine or ten days, so.

DRAGON: You uh. You broke this one a little. It used to go up whenever you did something 'dragon-y', acting as a sort of battery for your draconic energies. You were able to tap into that power to greatly enhance your magic for a time, something you dubbed a D-BURST.

Right now you kind of have to 'guess' how full it is, and the only way you can use up D-ENERGY (Denergy?) is to bring out your D-WINGS. Thankfully, it generally rose slowly and you had just emptied it (and then some) so you're in no current danger.

VIGOR: How physically strong you are. Compared to most mortal races, you're below average.

SPEED: How quickly you move. You're pretty average, having long since lost the edge you had playing FOOTSOCKBALL.

MIND: A measure of general intellect and ability to solve problems and come up with ideas. You're among the best, with recent events proving this is unrelated to general wisdom or 'ability to make good decisions'.

As a child you believed this was somehow tied to magical ability, but you've since realized that magic isn't something you gain by being smart. It's actually more unfair than that, since magic is largely determined by what you were infused with when hatched. Or, in your case, by being actually a dragon.

You've become a (DRAGON) HISTORY BUFF, and know a lot about the LORE of the world. Despite this, you often find yourself explaining things to yourself. Strange, that.

APPEAL: Your sexual 'intuition'. Appeal allows you to gauge how your partner(s) are feeling, what they're enjoying, and how to turn a good time into a great time. A certain lizard couple has shown the importance of experience and technique, but APPEAL helps get you a lot of the way there.

You've proven to be a natural, since you've yet to fail to get an orgasm out of someone. Even Eezeryh succumbed to the power of your APPEAL!

VIM: Your overall stamina, determining how hard you can push your physical body. Affects how much energy you lose doing physical activities, and your overall fitness. You have no trouble walking places, but the run to Daatra's house revealed that your VIM isn't what it used to be.

If you choose to 'top' during sex, it could be good to have more VIM. If you're being the 'bottom', one could argue that passing out from exhaustion would bring pride to your partner. A hidden benefit of low VIM?

...You probably want more VIM.

Focusing on VIM will make your body more fit, shrinking your belly a bit. But the effect will be minor unless you specifically focus on toning up your abdomen.
No. 894692 ID: 395c02
File 153282682331.png - (194.87KB , 800x600 , 1354.png )

You end up spending the majority of your time working on your legs (so streeetchyyy~), but make some time for Yoga.

"Sure you don't want to join me?" you ask Skif.

"Nah, I'm good just watching."

"Watching my ass, you mean."

"Only when not watching your thick tail and thighs. Or your back. Or your shoulders. Or your dragony feet~"

"Sounds like I've earned a little massage from my admiring knight later~"

"A price I'll gladly pay until the day I die, mistress."

Flirting aside, it's nice to have someone who appreciates your entire body and not just two specific parts of it. You hadn't gotten a good look at your backside, but it sounds like you're doing juuust fine. Wait, what was that last thing he mentioned?

You look at your feet, an easy task since they're right beside your face. Huh! Guess they do look more dragony now. But why would... does Skif have a thing for feet?

Anyway. You move on to working your upper body. As you grope utilize the sexy sexy machine, you can't help but notice someone... familiar.

What will you do?

A: Speak to the strange reptillian. You're quite curious about that tail of theirs.
B: Spend more time working out. It's only like 10am. You mean 'late-morning' since we're totally not using numbers.
C: Take Skif to a 'no judgment' privacy room. Skif owes you that massage, and depending on how things go maybe you can really 'enjoy' all this equipment...
D: Leave the Gym to do other things. Things to do!
No. 894693 ID: 33cbe7

A. Familiar? Huh. Go say hi to the reptilian. so you can steal their tail style with polymorph We can resume the workout after a quick break.
No. 894701 ID: a363ac

A. Touch scaly tail.
No. 894702 ID: 22d790

No. 894705 ID: 1fbbcc

New friends are nice but they're clearly trying to master the machines. If you don't have any guidance, they'd probably prefer not to be distracted.

I'd say B but it seems like you didn't really warm up much and as a few people have mentioned yesterday was kind of a workout. Consider today an exercise in getting back into the habit of working out every day! Which is really how you make gains. And speaking of getting into the habit, you want to associate the gym with good things, so I'm going to vote for C!

Aside from your fun with Skif, if you really trust the rooms are private then you should ask Skif if he has any suggestions for doing exercise in your dragon form.
No. 894707 ID: d86e39

Hell yeah massage, C
No. 894709 ID: b1b4f3

No. 894713 ID: 91ee5f

>someone familiar
You mean this guy: >>882089 , >>882090 ?

Or was it the shy purple lizard thing you saw when you were helping Kharadra sell things to customers at Love Yourself?

>Lifting weights with tail.
Why don’t you try doing that?

>What do?
C: Take Skif to a 'no judgment' privacy room. Get that relaxing massage.

After that, go to the locker room, take a shower, then head out to do something else with Skif.

Did we tell Skif what his mother said to us while we were at Love Yourself? Should we tell him?
No. 894714 ID: 0fcc00

A first, while you have the opportunity; you can talk while you work out.

C afterward, because you're going to have a lot of pent-up usage of exercise equipment to burn off.

And don't pretend you didn't hear what Skif said, either.
No. 894717 ID: 4ef273

Primary A, secondary C. maybe you could help the gym by lubricating some of their equipment for them?~
No. 894718 ID: f5a3f7

No. 894720 ID: a35809

The other knight test: do they give a massage well? C
No. 894723 ID: e97f18

A and C.
No. 894726 ID: e7848c

I do believe you at least owe them an introduction. Perhaps an apology for crashing into them on the way to Datraa? Sounds like A plan to me!
No. 894727 ID: c4809e

A please~
No. 894728 ID: 1a89d4

A first before we decide on C! Maybe there'll be an amazing revelation or they'll be worth inviting to the showers too!
No. 894729 ID: a363ac

unless you are doing a record thing you shouldn't look like you are dying while working out because thats how you get hurt. yu really need to get them to stop and adjust the weights and possibly help them set up at a proper set before they do that!
No. 894730 ID: f5d2df

don't think about being at the mercy of skif after exercise leaves you weary and subby C
No. 894731 ID: 757ccd

A, B
No. 894733 ID: eeb7d9

A and B. Come on, don't start lacking now, you just started!
You can rest a little by talking to that lizard... i don't know if it is a female or a male, but you can go talk to them anyway.
Then keep exercising a bit more.
No. 894736 ID: ccb66b

B, with C as a second. It really would be a waste to not spend more time here, especially considering how busy things are and how hard it is to make time to come use (sexy) gym equipment
No. 894738 ID: 9c286f

A The poor lizard looks a little stressed. Maybe help them out a bit?
No. 894739 ID: bddb0f


Primary A, secondary B.
No. 894740 ID: c1e0a1

See what they do. B, secondary C
No. 894773 ID: 0c3c2c


Also, apologize for running them over earlier.
No. 894804 ID: c41a08

Neither our tilde~ nor our lust is high enough for C.
A time to get this PatrINTRODUCTION over with.
Then if shenanigans don't happen B until you're ready for C.
No. 894809 ID: cc01a6

A, 'cause why not.
Secondary B.
No. 894822 ID: 069a86

A: Speak to the strange reptillian. >>894692

But more importantly, where do these 7 Scorchlines go, that leave your stat-screen. Is there some nearious secret stat that missed sine we never looked up?
No. 894839 ID: 2202fb

Hows about A and B at the same time?

It almost looks like they have the same bodytype as yourself! Could they be another underground dragon like yourself?(based on all of the spikes, maybe electricity or ice?)

Also, if you think this equipment and Skiff are hot now, imagine Skiff in power armor! srry slinko
No. 894871 ID: 91ee5f

They’re not even close to the same body type.
No. 895023 ID: 2202fb


I mean proportionally, compared to all the other characters we have come across, their skeletal structure (sans tail hand thing) seems to match Ceri's the most. They are similar the same way two humans are similar when compared to a human and an orangutan.

They look like another dragon, albeit flat and spiky. I suggest Ceri talk to them and probe the subject, but try to be somewhat discreet about it as to not give away her identity. We dont want to get dragged into a deathmatch here, and from what i recall, that is probably what will happen if a dragon finds Ceri.

Might also want to check the gym for more Skifs. Unknown dragons or riders could potentially do anything from just having a polite conversation to tranqing Ceri or going for her jugular.
No. 895031 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, that has got to be some kind of racist thing! You can’t just assume that lizard guy is a dragon just because its body shape is similar to Ceri’s body shape!

Also, don’t even try to ask if it is a dragon or tell it that Ceri is a dragon or anything like that! Ceri is trying to keep a low profile and telling every random stranger she meets is the opposite of keeping a low profile!
No. 895467 ID: f07f0b


Ceri should definitely not literally ask if they are a dragon, nor should she tell them that she is one. What I am saying is she should make conversation and indirectly approach the subject (maybe talk about dragons or riders or maybe even just magic objectively and see how they react).
When I was talking about shape, it was the legs that specifically stood out to me. I haven't seen anyone with legs that bent other than Ceri.

Additionally, I just noticed that we have encountered them before!
Ceri ran them over when she was running from the Dragon Fanatic. Another thing to note, although this could admittedly be a red herring, Skif's mom was close by when it happened,
meaning they could have been together at the time.

...maybe Ceri should appologize.
No. 895471 ID: 91ee5f

>I just noticed that we have encountered them before!
That is the exact same thing I pointed out earlier: >>894713 ! I also pointed out that it could be the shy purple lizard guy from when we were selling things at Love Yourself (although it’s hard to tell with no color).

>Legs look the same.
I’m sorry, but that is an extremely dumb reason to believe the lizard guy is a dragon in disguise.

>Skif's mom was close by when it happened, meaning they could have been together at the time.
If they were together, which they’re not, then Ceri would’ve run past them at the same time, which she didn’t.

Skiff’s mom was further down the road, nowhere near the lizard thing when Ceri ran past them.
No. 895786 ID: 395c02
File 153327148820.png - (163.77KB , 800x600 , 1355.png )

>But more importantly, where do these 7 Scorchlines go, that leave your stat-screen. Is there some nearious secret stat that missed sine we never looked up?
Looks like they head to your MAGIC STAT SCREEN, since all magic is boosted during a D-BURST.

>Did we tell Skif what his mother said to us while