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File 147190604886.png - (299.06KB , 900x600 , title3.png )
743976 No. 743976 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html
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No. 743978 ID: 395c02
File 147190606899.png - (416.37KB , 800x600 , 363.png )

The Cliche tree.

A place where confessions are made, information is (dramatically!) revealed, and relationships are formed and broken.

You chose to come here with Skif before going home, since there's a non-zero chance of you being grounded for like, ever. You stayed out all night with Skif without telling your parents you were going to do so. You gave in to your emotions, ignored common sense, and didn't even let the powers that be offer you guidance.

Time to get off the rails and do this the proper way once more.

You look at the note your mother gave you. It's an incantation that she claims will summon Mr. Ilan when spoken at this very spot. You study it carefully, wanting to be sure you do this correctly. You're not practiced in reciting complex, arcane scripture such as this, but you will give it your best shot.
No. 743979 ID: 395c02
File 147190607692.png - (59.45KB , 900x600 , 364.png )

No. 743980 ID: 395c02
File 147190608758.png - (124.38KB , 900x600 , 365.png )





No. 743981 ID: 395c02
File 147190609820.png - (95.52KB , 900x600 , 366.png )

"You're not her."


"Ahem. Let's try that again."

No. 743982 ID: 395c02
File 147190610729.png - (129.74KB , 900x600 , 367.png )

"I have been summoned. Ah, Ceridwen, my child. I was not expecting to see you here. I see you've also brought your friend. For what reason have you recited the proper incantation that I'm going to assume you said instead of what you actually said?"

What do you say/ask?
No. 743983 ID: 398fe1

Ask him why there's Life Magic inside you that caused you to take this form. He knows your mother- did he know about this? Does he have something to do with it?

Secondly, ask if the life magic will interfere with the True Ritual of Dragon Friendship.
No. 743984 ID: 5ef86a

"So, why's there a hole in my character sheet?"
No. 743988 ID: 3e182c

Throw that old letter at him. The one telling your parents you're a dragon.
No. 743991 ID: 3abd97

Why did you give me boobs?
No. 743992 ID: 3d03dd

”For future reference, what exactly is the actual incantation, anyways?”

Adding on to this.
”And why did you make them so big?”
No. 743994 ID: db0da2

"Where's my milk stat?"
No. 743995 ID: 6e0270

"So, I'm a dragon."
No. 743998 ID: b2d501

No. 743999 ID: 4d94b3

"Ok, first, I'm a dragon? Aaaand things were done to make me not quite a dragon? And I want to know... what's up with that?|

"Second... Skif, here, his people have this bonding ritual for dragons that is terrible, but we found a non-terrible version of it, can we do that withotu messing up the not-dragon magic?"

"Third... some weird things have happened to me and I'd like to know if you know anything about them?"
No. 744005 ID: c441c1

The most important question.
No. 744008 ID: 91ee5f

No. 744013 ID: 3e6394


These three, all at once.
No. 744017 ID: 68cd8f

Milk stat? really guys?

I vote no referencing the other quests, I mean, seriously, milk stat? Let's keep this quest it's own world, aye?
No. 744020 ID: 141621

milk stat is eternal
No. 744030 ID: db0da2

I only mention the milk stat because it was referenced here: >>/questarch/695965 and now we're stuck with useless mammaries.
No. 744036 ID: 4b9e24

This. And in the course of asking about the Life Magic, specifically mention what happened to us when we almost drowned, and what happened to us and Skif much more recently. Get Skif to explain what it felt like from his side, too. We want to know exactly what he did, what effects it has, why it reacted like that, and (after we get through all of that) how it might interact with an ancient dragon bonding ritual, and with the large amount of sex we plan on having.

(Also, explicitly tell him that we mean the original dragon bonding ritual, not the perverted one; don't leave any room for comedic misunderstandings on his part through poor communication.)

After all of that, try to find out where we came from.
No. 744037 ID: e89427

I vote riling up a shitstorm if the milk stat is brought up any further.
No. 744049 ID: 01134a

I agree with this
No. 744053 ID: 180f83

me too
No. 744055 ID: 820759

I say we joke about the milk stat and also joke that since he designed this body he must have a thing for boobs. Or mammals.
No. 744057 ID: 005343

Good plan.
No. 744150 ID: 68cd8f

Alright. Out with it. You've been keeping a lot of secrets from me. I know I'm a dragon and there's life magic, but now is the time for exposition on all of the stuff that I should probably know, about everything. So please, go ahead.
No. 744294 ID: 395c02
File 147213288481.png - (122.36KB , 800x600 , 368.png )

"I want to know everything."

"Er, w-what about, my child? If this is about the classwork--"

You present the letter.

"...I see. She went and showed you that. Ah, Myra... you always were a soft one underneath that tough exterior."

"So it really was you. You're the one who made me like this."

"I suppose there's little point in denying it, given the evidence you've presented. Yes, I used a forbidden art to give you a chance at a normal life."

>Why did you give me boobs?
>"Where's my milk stat?"
>milk stat is eternal
"Normal? You gave me breasts! On a lizard body!"

"What? You're not supposed to have those?"


"Huh... Well, you bipeds tend to look very similar to one-another."
No. 744295 ID: 395c02
File 147213289779.png - (122.76KB , 800x600 , 369.png )

That's racist!


"That's method-of-locomotionist!!!" you cry.

"Look, if I didn't have magic I'd be staring at feet all day. You'll forgive me for missing a small detail here or there."

"These are not small! Why'd you make them so big, anyway??"

"i for one appreciate what you've done, sir," Skif says.

Mr. Ilan waves a magical tendril at Skif dismissively. "That's very strange... hmm. Maybe I should examine them and see what's going on."


"Oh, don't go all mammal on me. I'm a snake, I've no ulterior motives here. This is the most direct and easy way for me to figure out what went wrong and why."

"No ulterior motives? Maybe you have a thing for them! You did this intentionally!"

"I assure you I don't and didn't. If anything, I'd be attracted to your tail."


"I mean. It's a very nice tail. Anyway, If you're uncomfortable with this, we can just move on. I don't mind either way, and I'm sure you've many questions to ask."

"...No, it's fine. I don't want any questions left unanswered."

You remove your undergarment, noticing Skif watching intently. You're not sure if he's trying to sneak a peek, or if he's legitimately curious how you remove your bra without taking your shirt off. It's a time-honored tradition, one that you're actually surprised your mother was able to pass down to you.

You finish removing it, and... Yep. Skif's smiling now.
No. 744296 ID: 395c02
File 147213291104.png - (196.29KB , 800x600 , 370.png )

Mr. Ilan begins poking and prodding your chest in a way that has you less than convinced of his lack of ulterior motives. The smile fades from Skif's face, a look of disapproving jealousy forming in its place.

"Ah... I see..."

"What do you see? Besides my fading dignity."

"Just as I thought. I made a slight mistake in my original incantation. That's why you have them. As to their size... it's as if your magic is resisting mine, and this is the best way they could think of to be indignant."

"My magic gave me big tits out of spite?"

"Magic can be pretty petty sometimes. Still, I greatly underestimated how powerful yours would become, to be able to free itself enough to do this."

"Well, you know. Dragon."

"Right. Have you noticed any, for lack of a better word, leaks?"

"They've never made milk."

"What? That-- Ssssagh. I meant magical. Magical leaks."

"Oh, er, yes. Sometimes it feels like something inside me is breaking free. My stat screen even has a weird dark spot on it now!"

"That's unfortunate. I had really hoped it could be a one-time thing, but you may need to visit me every few years to have this reinforced."

Mr. Ilan looks to Skif, as if finally acknowledging his presence.

"...I would also avoid any rituals."

"That's actually one of the things I wanted to talk to you--"
No. 744297 ID: 395c02
File 147213292789.png - (118.62KB , 800x600 , 371.png )

"Ah, hold that thought. You probably have a thousand questions for me, but we need to focus on one thing at a time. The good news is your breasts are vestigial-- they don't function and can't produce milk. This indicates to me that they are reptilian in nature. Them existing at all was a mistake, but for all intents and purposes they are a natural part of you now, so long as my life-magic is in place. The problem is, your inner dragon is trying very hard to break free. The moment it does so, you'd lose any chance of living a normal life."


"I'm a powerful mage, but I don't hold a candle to the power of an adult dragon. If it breaks free, there's no way I could contain it. Now, close your eyes and relax. I need to get in there and reinforce my bindings. Actually, while I'm at it, I could try and reduce the size of your breasts if you'd like?"

A permanent change to bust size? What a rare opportunity! You consider the options carefully.

On one hand, they get in the way all the time and people often stare. It'd be nice to be able to wear loose-fitting shirts without looking like some kind of tent. In general, things would be more convenient, more comfortable, and much easier to draw.

On the other hand, they've been a part of you for years now. Skif is obviously fond of them, as his eyes seem to be pleading with you to say no. And they do make you feel kind of sexy in a weird way. For all the trouble they cause, you are actually fond of them.

You remind yourself that regardless of your decision, you can always use POLYMORPHISM to make temporary changes at the cost of MP.

>ok cool but like milk stat tho
He just said they can't produce milk! There's literally no reason to have that stat ever. Might as well forget all about it oh my god seriously.

What will you do?

[VOTE 1]
Have Mr.Ilan shrink them. What would be a good size...?
Keep them as-is. This is the body you're used to, and Skif loves them.

Something nags at the back of your mind. Do you...

[VOTE 1]
Let Mr. Ilan reinforce his magic. This would normalize your stats and abilities for now, preventing random outbursts.
Ask Mr. Ilan to leave it be for now. You kind of want to learn Life-magic so you can handle it yourself, actually...
Ask Mr. Ilan to remove his magic from you entirely. You're a dragon, damn it! DRAGON. The large MP pool would probably let you run around in this form anyway! So what if dragon-riders can detect you!?
No. 744298 ID: ca23c3

Keep them as-is. Your current life-goal is to build yourself a love harem, right? That or build your relationship with Skif. Your boobs will help you, in either case. And, while perhaps they've been getting in the way up until now, you only recently started on the path of more... social power. You weren't able to use them to their full potential until you became an adult, which literally just happened! You have yet to experience the advantages they offer you. Boobs are power, Ceridwen, when used right. You should enjoy a bit more of that power before you decide to give it up. You've only scratched the surface. And as you say, if they get in the way for any particular task, you can just shift them with magic.

Also, Let Mr. Ilan reinforce his magic. You want to be as safe as possible until you're more experienced and more powerful: you're an adult, but you're still young. Besides, he said he'd need to reinforce every few years, which means this choice isn't permanent! If you break out as a dragon, that's it, but with the reinforcement, you can change your mind later. You still have to deal with Skif's parents, and you'll want to go to college, get a job, support your parents as they get older... if years pass and you still want to unlock your full dragon power, then you can, and with your life in a much more comfortable, secure situation that can better support you if anything bad happens.

You still have a lot of life as a normal(ish) young woman to experience before you embrace your magical destiny full-force, Ceri.
No. 744299 ID: b2d501

> Have Mr. Ilan shrink them

> Magic stability
Keep it as is for now. You shouldn't unleash your magic while you're still unexperienced to take on the cult, but you also need to increase your mage potential to get to that point.
No. 744300 ID: a6f651

Shrink them. It's finally time to stop looking like a pervert in public! We can always plump them up with magic for sexy times if we want.

Then leave it be for now. It'll give us an opportunity to learn some things about magic. Definitely don't have him remove it. We're not ready for that yet.
No. 744302 ID: 395c02

As is, obviously.

Leave it be for now. I have this lingering feeling that pushing back too hard against your dragon-ness might have unanticipated (read: "bad") consequences, especially if life magic is a forbidden art that even Mr. Ilan doesn't fully understand!
No. 744303 ID: db0da2

Keep them as-is. and Let Mr. Ilan reinforce his magic. You should definitely look into doing the life-magic stuff for yourself though.

>He just said they can't produce milk!
He could change that.

>There's literally no reason to have that stat ever.
Tell that to evolution!

>Might as well forget all about it oh my god seriously.
Never. If you're going to have them at all they might as well be functional.
No. 744305 ID: d5e8fa

make them bigger!
No. 744307 ID: ca23c3


I take it from the video you're voting "keep them as-is", but maybe you want to clarify that? I think we've been asked to make our voting super clear before.


Actually, ask Mr. Ilan about the possibility of you ever having kids with anyone. And whether he could make your functional if somehow you wanted it.

(I bet there'd be a MASSIVE underground market for dragon milk. You could be rich, Ceri! Rich!! Imagine the piles of gold you could sleep on!!!)
No. 744308 ID: 5ef86a

Keep them as-is, there's really no point in changing parts of your body when that's literally your whole power anyway. You can do that yourself if the mood strikes you.
Leave it be for now, and probably indefinitely, because it's really best to just let these dragony things slowly and gradually grow as you get older get used to them. The dragon magic inside you probably knows better about what to do than this guy anyway.

Also considering the various features you've polymorphed onto yourself that were fully functional, why CAN'T they produce milk?
No. 744309 ID: b2d501

> Clarify Vote
Keep boobs as they are, expand or modify for lactation if you can Mr. Ilan.

Honestly, I think Ceridwen should research this. Not just for sexual reasons but because her tits are LITERALLY a side-effect of conflicting magic systems. Maybe increasing their size will relieve pressure on her dragon magic? Or maybe that would be the milk.
No. 744310 ID: dfdb1e

Reduce just a little to see how it feel. You will have another chance to change them in a year during your next snake groping session.
No. 744311 ID: 908ead

The important thing is you milk this opportunity for all you can.

But, have Mr.Ilan shrink them. For science.
No. 744313 ID: 6e0270

Ask Mr. Ilan to leave it be for now You kind of want to learn Life-magic so you can handle it yourself actually.
this is quite important, and from the sounds of it, might even synergize with your polymorphic speciality to some degree
No. 744314 ID: a6dc58

Hmm. Keep them the same for now.

And, I think ask him to reinforce his magic. In your long Dragony-life there will be a time to cast off these chains, but probably after you've grown into your power more. Going out with a Dragon-Rider could put you in pretty close contact with other Dragon-Riders, and an ill-timed leak might lead to a lot of problems.
No. 744316 ID: 180f83

Keep them as is,

have him reinforce.
No. 744317 ID: 2a7417

A once in a lifetime opportunity! And you want to waste it by making them smaller! Unbelievable!
Enhance knockers! Or at least keep them as is!

And let Mr. Ilan reinforce his magic.
No. 744318 ID: dd4df2


Keep boobs, reinforce the magic.

Keep boobs because, well. They're you, warts (hem) and all. As for reinforcing the magic, don't be quick to give up on a 'free' 'normal' existence. You're still young and have got lots to experience that you wouldn't be able to easily do as a full-on dragon. Plus, there's the issue of Skif's parents.
No. 744323 ID: d0ae4e

keep them as is and Ask Mr. Ilan to leave it be for now

I think learning life magic yourself would be a good idea then you could fix and break down the magic at your own discretion. Plus if something unfortunate should happen to Mr. Ilan, especially in front of the Cliche Tree, that will be one less concern to have.
No. 744330 ID: 4854ef

Keep them the same for now... Or enhance them

Ask Mr. Ilan to leave it be for now
No. 744335 ID: 486e87

Keep them as is, undecided on the magic thing, but we should ask about life magic anyway. We may encounter situations where we would need to patch up the magic or if we encounter a absolute worst case, remove it for the power boost.
No. 744337 ID: 4076ed

Keep tits as is, but ask if he can add wings because what good is a dragon that can't fly?
No. 744340 ID: 3e182c

Keep them as is
Leave it Be
Even with a huge magic pool we prolly can't legitimately run around poly-morphed forever. At least not until our poly-morph skill is truly transcendent or we learn life magic ourselves.
Speaking of which.
Ask if he can teach you Life Magic.
No. 744347 ID: 141621

what he said
No. 744349 ID: 398fe1

Keep them as-is.
Ask Mr. Ilan to remove his magic from you entirely.

Because once you do the Friendship Ritual with skif(which won't mess with the life magic anymore), you won't be bothered by other dragon riders, and you'll be a FUCKING DRAGON. You might need a bigger room though.

Oh, if by chance the vote winds up keeping your form the way it is, ask Ilan if he can alter the magic so that your shapeshifting can access your dragon form easily. It's currently way more expensive than other shapes.
No. 744353 ID: 1d4e27

Keep as is(or better!) Not having to spend mana on "appearances" for romance purposes increases mana efficiency, and using it instead in the (rare) situations you need to reduce them will totally not lead to hilarity when you suddenly run out!

Ask Mr. Ilan to leave it be for now. Learning the forbidden arts and performing a ritual despite his instructions builds character!
No. 744355 ID: e05b34

Don't you dare fuck with those tits, that's Skifs job.

And ask if we would be able to hide our magic and maintain this form if our magic got loose, if yes then leave the magic be, if no reinforce it till we're better trained with it.
No. 744356 ID: e89427

Let those hooters be.
No. 744359 ID: 3abd97

>Keep them as-is. This is the body you're used to, and Skif loves them.
Look, it doesn't matter that I got this way through weird magic coincidences instead of weird genetic coincidences. This is still me, and I don't want to be anyone different. (Even if this form is unnatural, and if if the dragon inside is a real me, this is a real me too).

I just wanted to know why.

>second choice- write in
Instead of his just reinforcing his magic (or leaving it alone, or removing it), is there any way you could cooperate?

Like, as I understand it, the whole problem is your dragon-stuff is fighting what he did. Agreeing to and going along with anything he did wasn't an option as a baby, but now it should be. So maybe your could end up with something a little more stable, and/or flexible? (So it didn't fight you to assume dragon form).

If he can't work with you at all, I would accept a reinforcement, for now.

>"...I would also avoid any rituals."
And what if you're planning to do one anyways?

You should share our plan of doing the original ritual at some point in the future, and see about discussing compatibility with his magic, and/or if his spell needs to be edited to accommodate this.
No. 744361 ID: f0e552

BY THE WAY who the heck are my parents
No. 744362 ID: 3abd97

Birth parents; you know who your parents are. (Oh wait, you weren't born then. Hatch parents? Um, wait, you hatched after you were given to your parents. Egg parents? Lay parents? This non-mammalian biology is messing up all my terminology)!
No. 744363 ID: 595d54

Biological parents.
No. 744369 ID: 91ee5f

Keep them as-is.

Ceri, I know you have 4th wall breaking powers, so that means you can see what's in that bubble above Mr. Ilan's head! If you let him shrink your boobs, he's going to make the rest of you fat! It's not worth it! Keep them as-is!

Let Mr. Ilan reinforce his magic.

This for reasons listed here. >>744298

>"...I would also avoid any rituals."
Hey, wait a minute! We never told him about Skif's family yet! That means he knows that Skif's parents are Dragon Riders! Has he always known?! Why didn't he try to keep you away from them if he knew?! We must know these things!

Also, you should explain it's the original good ritual and not the bad slave making ritual.
No. 744393 ID: fd12a7

Break away from the norm and shrink them! I've seen many knockers get enhanced, but I've yet to see any knockers get reduced.
No. 744402 ID: 91ee5f

You obviously haven't read the first thread for this quest.
No. 744441 ID: 179856

Keep them as is for now, it would be strange/suspicious for them to abruptly change. Remember, it's not paranoia if they actually are out to get you.

For the reinforcement, try cooperation as per >>744359
No. 744529 ID: dedb11

Keep them as-is.
Let Mr. Ilan reinforce his magic.
No. 744531 ID: 6f4805

No. 744541 ID: f0e552

also, enhance knockers
No. 744549 ID: 286d17

Keep boobs; They are a part of you. I don't think they are too large and unlike some voices here I think asking to be larger is even less than just impractical...

I would ask him to leave it as is. Honestly, you are a dragon. Given time, you will eventually reveal yourself. You will finally get to be the actual you! if you are taught life magic you can manage it yourself and will be able to choose when you want to finally be you.


Also this! I am sure you love your parents, but I imagine you are curious as much as I am! Also, why where you given up? Isn't it odd that a dragon would be brought out here if it was so dangerous for you? And where are the other dragons anyways?
No. 744559 ID: 4e9864

Keep them as-is, and leave it be.

Ask him to teach you enough Life Magic that you can control it yourself.
No. 744687 ID: e984de

keep and reinforce. Honestly, is not like we can't remove it later even if reinforced, it might take longer is all, but having it wear off could be extremely dangerous. Come on guys I don't want Ceri to die.
No. 744800 ID: 138b55

Shrink them down one size, still attractive but not in the way. Leave it be we should learn all magic including life.
No. 744853 ID: 01134a

Keep them as-is
Let Mr. Ilan reinforce his magic
Ask him to teach you Life-magic
No. 744868 ID: 395c02
File 147241308159.png - (165.89KB , 800x600 , 372.png )

"How much would you shrink them, anyway?" you ask. "Just curious."

"I couldn't say for sure without doing it, but I could maybe make them 20% smaller? There's only so much I can do to fight against your magic, after all."

"Hmm. No, I think I will decline the offer. If this is the shape my dragon self chose for me, then it must be a reflection of who I am."

Besides, you've already gathered a nice collection of comfortable bras, and you'd hate to have to start over. The stores around here max out at C-cups, so it sounds like you'd still have to special-order them.

With that in mind, maybe the reason female mammals stare at you is because they're jealous?? (CONFIDENCE+?)

They'd have a hard time if they were this busty, though. It is only due to your DRAGON BACK and DRAGON SHOULDERS that you can easily handle the extra weight.
No. 744869 ID: 395c02
File 147241309330.png - (150.51KB , 800x600 , 373.png )

"I stand by your decision either way," Skif says. "I just want you to be happy with who you are."

"You say that, but you seem awfully pleased with what I chose."

"I'm just happy you made a choice! For yourself!"

"You're literally hugging them."

"Well, I mean, it's also a choice I firmly believe in."

"Yeah, I bet. Now come on, I have other things to discuss with Mr. Ilan."

"So comfy tho~"

You bap Skif on the shoulder, and he begrudgingly lets you go. You reequip yourself with proper support.
No. 744870 ID: 395c02
File 147241310941.png - (178.80KB , 800x600 , 374.png )

"While we're inexplicably focused on this one specific thing when there's so many more important things to talk about, you said these things can't produce milk. Um... could they be made to?" you ask.

"Hmm? Why would you want that?"

"To... feed my children?"

"Even if that form was capable of producing offspring, they would be lizard children-- they're able to eat insects the moment they hatch. Milk is something only mammals require."

He stares off into space, as if lost in thought. "...Still, I suppose it's possible. The added functionality would increase the size of your breasts, though."

You're not entirely sure why you're even entertaining this line of thinking about a justified MILK stat!

"I'll... keep that in mind," you say.

"Right. Now then, we need to do something about your leaking magic. Close your eyes and let me--"

"Actually, I was wondering if there was a way to make my magic more cooperative. Isn't there a way to stop it from actively fighting its bindings?"

"Hmm? Oh, no, I'm afraid that's not possible. An unfortunate side-effect of containing your draconic magic your whole life is that you've never learned how to control it. You would only succeed in releasing an intense amount of power without the knowledge or strength to contain it. It'd be... catastrophic."

"Then why not teach me life-magic? Let me be in control of my own destiny?"

"It's an illegal art."

"A little late for that now, isn't it?"

He flicks out his tongue. "Hmm. Fair enough. But it took a lifetime of study for me to reach this point, and I have only barely scratched the surface. I'm afraid I don't have enough years left to pass this knowledge to you. There's also the problem that, and I mean this as delicately as possible, your non-draconic mortal magic is far too weak for this."
No. 744871 ID: 395c02
File 147241312534.png - (184.10KB , 800x600 , 375.png )

"But I'm like the best magic user around! Just look at those stats!"

"They are very nice stats. You've been making good use of my gifts. With more study, you could easily become one of the most powerful mortal wizards."

He rubs his snake-chin with a tendril. "And once you did, you'd still lack the strength. That's how powerful a dragon's magic is. Ironically, the best way you'd be able to contain your power would be to use that very power to contain itself. But since unleashing it is beyond dangerous, it's best you let me contain it for you."

"But you're not going to live forever. You said so yourself. If you need to keep reinforcing the seal, what happens to me when you die?"

He stares at you in silence.

"...I don't know."

Your mind fills with questions you want to ask, things you want to say. Ideas for getting around the problems you face. You can't even form a coherent list to decide from, so you will simply have to say or do whatever comes to mind.

(Please suggest a question, statement, or action)
No. 744875 ID: 1d4e27

Learn the theory of life magic, even if you're not able to practice it yet. Try to reduce the life magic's strength such that the release of your dragon magic will be as non-violent as possible. For instance, enhancing knockers should help appease your dragon magic!

Since Mr. Ilan's departure is an eventuality, your concealment must transition to your own dragon magics, and your protection to the original rider ritual with Skif. Ilan should use the time left to work on these, not maintaining the status quo until it is sustainable no longer!
No. 744880 ID: 398fe1

Okay, ask who taught him life magic. If you can't learn from him, learn from his teacher. Also it sounds like you need to learn how to contain your draconic magic, so you need to talk to a real dragon about it! Ask him for a referral to the dragon friends he obviously has.

No. 744887 ID: 61c7b9

You should definitely ask about the ritual and get the info from someone who knows all about ancient and completely illegal magic.

Also, that dark blotch on your stat screen looks like a giant magical eye. If it opens, you'll probably turn into a giant monster, then explode. You're definitely going to need to learn containment magic from Ilan, if only to figure out how to better channel your powers towards non-self-destructive means.
No. 744898 ID: 383e20

>You're not entirely sure why you're even entertaining this line of thinking about a justified MILK stat!

For money! Come on, Ceri, using body parts for magical reagents is one of the basic aspects of wizardry. The bones, blood, teeth and so on of magical creatures are all extremely valuable! You could take out some of your blood now and then to sell, but milk would be much easier. Think of what money could do, Ceridwen! Good college, for you and Skif, so you can stay together during your further education! Comfortable parents, your dad wouldn't have to work to exhaustion any more! Nice house, with personal gym! Pretty dresses! Suits to dress up Skif in, to show him off! And besides, what kind of dragon can you be if you aren't ridiculously wealthy?

Besides, your dragon magic was the part of you that made those boobs, right? As an outlet? If you linked your magic in better with them, if you opened up and directed that link between your dragon magic and your boobs, so you made it do the work of producing milk... then it would relieve some of the pressure of the magic inside you, make the milk itself magical with who knows what great effects, and it would mean there'd be a pool of your dragon magic sitting in your normal body, that you would probably then be able to draw from, and get practice using it? You could train your dragon magic control just by practicing increasing and decreasing the milk production. So, suggest all that to Mr. Ilan, please.

Or if you don't want to follow my great advice, then at least ask him about the possibility of adding reinforcement around that hole you already have in your block, or about partially reinforcing you and then you coming back every time your dragon magic leaks out again. It'll be more trouble for you and him, you'd have to visit him more often and he'd have to bother with you more, but if you keep having small dragon-magic leaks like you've been having and just tidying up after them, you should gradually start learning some sort of control. And then maybe you'd manage enough skill in time for you to learn.
No. 744901 ID: ba506f

ask if there would be any signs that our dragon magic is about to brake free that would let us know before the explosion of magic comes rushing out. I mean yeah we could just have it renewed but worse case scenario like we're really far away and we're not sure if it would last long enough to be renewed I would like to know ahead of time so we could go out to the middle of nowhere and not nuke have of whatever city or town we're walking through at the time.

Also if we do somehow go full dragon what should we do, because I feel like we were changed for a reason... also why did we have to hide our dragon heritage and why aren't we living with our biological parents? I mean our mom and dad are fucking awesome but still what lead us to living with them in the first place?
No. 744918 ID: 50880e

I know something reasonable like having him leave you notes or such will come to mind, but frankly his words make it clear that your current situation is a time bomb, very possibly in a literal way.
Mr Ilan said it himself, he won't be around forever to push the timer back, you need a controlled environment, a teacher and experience. You need to be able to protect yourself and those around you from anything your heritage brings your way...

I think you might need a Dragon.
No. 744938 ID: 3e182c

Then teach me just enough Life Magic so I mght continue its study an my own... And Get me in touch with someone who I can learn Dragon magic from. Maybe my Biological parents? Oooh! Biological parents! What are they like? Are they Cool? Scary? Big? Still alive? Tell meeeeee.
No. 744941 ID: 4e9864

"How can I learn how to use my Draconic magic safely? I'm going to need to control myself at some point, and I might need it someday. How can I practice something that's locked away, without completely unlocking it? Is there any way you can leave me a way to access it, for practice and for dire emergencies?"

"Where could I learn more about dragons and draconic magic?"

"Are there other dragons around? Are my...dragon birth parents still around?"

"Where did you learn Life Magic? Even if I can't learn it right away, I'm going to be around a long time, and I intend to learn everything."

"Are there any magical ways of transferring knowledge?"

"Can you tell me what you can about exactly what you did? I won't understand the details yet, since I don't know Life Magic, but in case I ever find another source of information, I'd like to know the right terms."

Then, talk to him about the original ritual. He might have assumed we meant the perverted version, and he may or may not know about the original. Maybe the original can help us achieve more control and balance? Ask him for help analyzing the original ritual, and how it would interact with what he's done.

Let's fully explore that before going on. If we can use that ritual to help, then go with that. If not, then as a backup plan, have him reinforce the magic for now, without completely locking away our access in case of emergencies.
No. 744943 ID: 3abd97

Can you adapt your seal to let a tiny bit of dragon power out? So it has a release valve, instead of having to break through your spell.

If I had a trickle of power to work with, I could start learning how to control it. Then, maybe, a long term solution where I control and regulate my own magic is possible.

Not to be rude, but since my ability to live a normal life is now tied to yours... how much longer do you expect to live?

Wait if you have life magic, why would you even die. Can't you like, treat the changes in your body due to aging?

Yes, we'd already decided that doing the ritual was something you wanted to do. Accommodating his seal to work with that, or adapting the ritual to be okay with the seal, are important considerations.

Also, be nice to know if you did the old friend-style ritual if it would "feel" the same to other dragon riders as the newer slave-style ritual.
No. 744946 ID: 4e9864

> And in the course of asking about the Life Magic, specifically mention what happened to us when we almost drowned, and what happened to us and Skif much more recently. Get Skif to explain what it felt like from his side, too. We want to know exactly what he did, what effects it has, why it reacted like that, and (after we get through all of that) how it might interact with an ancient dragon bonding ritual, and with the large amount of sex we plan on having.

Also this.
No. 744953 ID: 68cd8f

"The heck? There has to be SOMETHING that can be done! Some set of skills, some quest, some magical macguffin of an item, some ritual, something, or some set or mix of the above, that will let me not inevitably die when the magic breaks. Something that is some crazy weird long-shot! So, what is it? Also, there's this ritual Skif and I were thinking of doing, the original, pure dragon friendship ritual, that we rediscovered. And did you know his parents were Dragon Riders?"
No. 744969 ID: 77f422

We should still ask him about the BFF Ritual. Perhaps some can be dissipated though Skif.
No. 745048 ID: 141621

No. 745096 ID: b7883c

We will want to learn life magic eventually if we don't want to spend half of our life hiding from non-dragons, so we should get started now.

Also, what kind of catastrophic is he talking about with letting the dragon magic out. Turning into a dragon and going berserk for a while catastrophic or spontaneously exploding catastrophic? If its more like the former we will want to get some idea of how we could prepare for that sort of thing (like how far away from anyone else we would need to be and for how long).
No. 745102 ID: db0da2

Ask him if he could at least teach you the theory behind life magic so that when you (apparently inevitably) explode into dragon you'll at least have a chance of controlling it. Ask him where you could learn life magic if not from him.

Also, >>745048
No. 745106 ID: 398fe1

No milk! Unless you also reduce your boobs. Gotta keep them around the same size.
No. 745118 ID: b2d501


1) Nipples must open up to reveal insides of breasts.
2) Breast tissue is now spongy tissue.
3) Internal muscles inside breasts.

Try this out with your polymorph abilities and see if it feels good. Heck, why not add ice cream?

... Okay but seriously, who were Ceridwen's parents and why exactly is the "Friendship" Ritual a horrible idea/
No. 745130 ID: dfdb1e

Ask why he did all of this in the first place. Why your parents didn't raised you? Why you had to be hidden among the mortals? What will happen if you got found?
No. 745199 ID: b3f404

No. More. Milk. Stat. Ask about the ritual and why it would be bad, and also ask if someone ELSE could try to reverse it.

Really though, you want to let him keep suppressing you. But ask if there's some way you could let a bit leak out INTENTIONALLY. After all, you can't control dragon magic like he said, and you're already experiencing some. The best case scenario is quietly learning how to control a small bit of dragon magic at a time until one day there's no suppression and you're fully a dragon who can look like not-a-dragon.
No. 745200 ID: e89427


No. 745209 ID: c441c1

MILK IS LOVE MILK IS LIFE! But in all seriousness we should set up a way for us to call him away from cliche tree so we can go on ADVENTURE.
No. 745210 ID: 826ed5


but otherwise yeah guys let's drop the milk thing, it doesn't make sense and wouldn't have any benefit even if it did.
No. 745211 ID: 595d54

Sure, give Ceridwen the option to lactate if she so wishes, more options are good. Although I'd prefer having more control over it than it just being an arbitrary stat, to avoid it having too much of a presence. If that's not possible, then I vote against lactation.
No. 745212 ID: 1d4e27

+1 to adding milk stat and whatever the fuck Kome suggested because it causes CAPS LOCK.
No. 745213 ID: 29287d

No milk. Ask about the ritual.
No. 745214 ID: 68cd8f

Can we shut up about milk already? Also, venom would also do the 'can sell for money' thing better, right?
No. 745215 ID: eb56bd

B-but the milk!
No. 745223 ID: 68cd8f

I just... am reaaaallly getting annoyed with the Milk stuff..
No. 745225 ID: 0569d3

veto milk
No. 745229 ID: 4854ef

Add milk!
No. 745235 ID: 69482e

Add milk!
No. 745237 ID: e984de

... Point, if we can just polymorph to lactate whenever we want, why would we want to do it naturally??? That's just a big hassle. No milk (until we want it).
No. 745239 ID: 2273bc

Please no milk...
No. 745249 ID: 98ed9c

milk stat is go
No. 745250 ID: 960f86

Milk ftw
But seriously the fuck comrades this derailment...
No. 745256 ID: 395c02

Forget Mr. Ilan's death (and not just because it's morbid to think about); I'm concerned that you might run into issues before that. I'm reasonably sure that dragons live substantially longer than other creatures, and your dragon magic is already making a nice crack in your stat screen even though you're a whelp by draconic standards. Isn't it likely to keep pushing with an increasing amount of force if you and Mr. Ilan just try to keep it contained? If unleashing it in that sort of circumstance is as catastrophic as he claims, I feel like the two of you might need to work out a better long-term plan before it happens anyway. Surely in the last two decades he's given it some thought!
No. 745277 ID: 4e9864

Exactly. We need to understand what happened the two times it has broken through and done something: when we almost drowned, and yesterday.
No. 745279 ID: 4e9864

This. Not something we need to do naturally, and certainly not something to spend precious and challenging Life Magic on.
No. 745298 ID: e89427

This is going to stray into some multi-boob territory that's going to make me lactose intolerant I swear.
No. 745309 ID: 3e182c

No. 745320 ID: 2a7417

We can get our Martian on at any time with polymorphy.
No. 745322 ID: 5c5afe

Think about this. By continuing to restrain your magic and not being willing to help you understand, and more importantly, take control of it, he's just grooming a ticking /timebomb/ that will go off some time after he dies. You need to learn to control this draconic magic at some point, from him or someone else.
No. 745323 ID: 5c5afe

To be honest, i just think a bunch of people, including me, want the milk stat so Ceri gets even bigger jugs than she already has.
No. 745334 ID: ca5b6a

More milk!
No. 745338 ID: 91ee5f

Geez, Ceri, quit letting Skif put his pointy face against your boobs, it hurts every time those little spikes poke you! >_<

Ask Mr. Ilan if knew about Skif's family. And if he did, why didn't he try to keep you away from them in case they found out or in case Skif wasn't as nice as he is now?

>Milk stat?
No, milk stat.

However, I think you should keep drinking milk. Gotta, help those dragon bones grow big and strong!
No. 745398 ID: d1fde2

geeze. her boobs are fine. leave them alone
No. 745404 ID: f0e552

No. 745419 ID: 32035b

Ugh, can we not do the milk? Keep this serious?
No. 745421 ID: 8dda0e

Well, if not milk then she should inquire about selling her body parts anyway.

The ones that grow back, of course.
No. 745422 ID: 2a7417

>porn quest
Wrong thread m80.
No. 745437 ID: 5589b0

Leave her breasts alone. Dragons don't need milk.
No. 745439 ID: 395c02
File 147266562918.png - (95.76KB , 800x600 , 376.png )


You weren't aware we were holding a vote on this milk thing.

It is extremely unlikely that dragon milk would command some kind of high price. Problem the first: Dragons don't make milk. There's no research or knowledge on it, and thus no reason for anyone to think it's worth anything. Even if you started said research, it could take years for any potential uses to be uncovered, much less made widely known.

Problem the second: How do you convince potential buyers that the liquid you possess is actually dragon milk without revealing you're a dragon? Oh, I know someone. They're uh, a friend. This is totally their milk. Dragon milk. Given all the anti-dragon sentiment, it simply isn't an excuse that would fly.
No. 745440 ID: 395c02
File 147266564954.png - (181.05KB , 800x600 , 377.png )

"Just give it up, lady. There's no reasoning with them."


"Who... or what... are you!?" You demand.

"You made the unfortunate mistake of entertaining the thought of filling those voluptuous melons with milk, and now they've latched onto the idea like babies on a... well, you see where I'm going with this."

"You-- Do you even belong in this world?"

"Technically I have my own thing to be in, but that isn't starting back up for another week. At least, it better be. Don't think I won't come out there and Tozol you if it doesn't!"

oh geez

"Who are you talking to? Why does this feel so meta?"

"Look, this is what I do. Also I took a wrong turn on the way out of the graveyard. Don't worry about it."

"None of what you say makes any sense!"

"Stop worrying about it. As for this milk thing, it's too late to ignore it, so just do what I did. Make a decision, stand your ground, then if they keep complaining, maybe you're suddenly flat as a board!"

Is that really how it went? "Even if I wanted to, Mr. Ilan said I could only--"

"Poppycock! What do the laws of the universe matter to people like us? If they piss us off, we change the very foundation of the world to put them in their place! Nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned retcon. Even if you can't do it, I'd bet my third tail that a CERTAIN, GODLIKE BEING would ensure that any milk you produce is completely and utterly useless!"

"Oh... kay? I'll... keep that in mind?"

"Atta girl! By the way, when are you going to fuck that cute galeacoma boy again? I mean, I'll take him if you're not going to use him."

"T-that--! Get out of here! Shoo! Put that wall back up before you leave!"

"Fiiiiiiiiine. See you guys in a week~!" She says, back-flipping through the portal as it closes behind her.

what the shit was that all about.

You look to Mr. Ilan and Skif. They're still looking at you, as if waiting for you to say something.

Did any of that actually happen...?
No. 745441 ID: 395c02
File 147266566290.png - (122.04KB , 800x600 , 378.png )

Right. Focus.

If that crazy lady is right, it means DRAGON MILK would serve no purpose. The laws of the universe would conspire to ensure that it'd never, ever be capable of helping anyone do anything in any situation. You'd even be unable to feed your would-be children with it-- their reptilian bodies wouldn't be able to digest it!

No, you think it's best you leave your body alone. There's little to gain from making your bust (semi-)permanently larger. It's not like people can stare even more than they already do. The advantages simply don't outweigh the downsides. Besides, your hefty G-cups are often drawn too small as-is! Even if you did make them bigger, you get the feeling they'd be drawn the exact same way.

This body is you, your default. Messing with the size and shape of things is what POLYMORPHISM is for!

You are going to ignore any further mention of DRAGON MILK or any kind of MILK STAT. You hope it doesn't come down to listening to that lunatic and wielding a flat chest for a while!
No. 745442 ID: 395c02
File 147266567626.png - (107.86KB , 800x600 , 379.png )

You get back to the plot.

"Mr. Ilan, what if we adapted the seal to let only a little of my power leak out? Maybe I could learn to control it that way."

"I'm afraid I lack the finesse for that to be remotely safe, my child. My life is simply too short for that level of mastery."

"Why aren't you immortal, anyway? Can't you use LIFE-MAGIC to undo the changes caused by age?"

He shakes his head. "Nothing lasts forever, Ceridwen. Over time my magic will weaken, and even the power of LIFE-MAGIC isn't enough to stop that. I can keep my body strong, but eventually my magic will burn out, and I will age and die."

"Can't you, I don't know, rewrite your code so you stop aging? You could live a long, albeit magic-less life."

"There's no way to dig that deeply into our code. At least, none that is available to a mortal such as I. Whatever it is that ages us, it's simply too deeply ingrained to be undone."

"I see. But, it sounds like you could still live a really really long time! Way longer than me, probably!"

He... smiles? "My child, I don't think you realize how long I've been alive, or how long a Dragon's lifespan is."

You scratch your chin in thought. "Well... what about Skif? Wouldn't the ritual--"

"Don't allow them to do that tainted ritual, child. It would only enslave you."

"It's not like that!"

You hastily explain to him about your discoveries about the ORIGINAL DRAGON FRIENDSHIP RITUAL.

Mr. Ilan is silent for a while, as if chewing on your words. "...You've really done your research on this."

"Yes. Is it possible? Could that be used to make my power easier to control?"

"I have to confess ignorance here. I don't know enough about that ancient ritual to makes guesses about what would happen if you tried it." Mr. Ilan looks towards Skif. "And you helped her learn all this?"

"Y-yes," Skif says.

"I see. Then you must truly have no desire to enslave Ceridwen."
No. 745443 ID: 395c02
File 147266568938.png - (149.17KB , 800x600 , 380.png )

Skif steps forward. "Of course not. I- I love Ceri. I want to help her, support her. I want to spread the message, steer my people to the old ways. They have to see that dragons were meant to be our closest friends, not our conquests."

Mr. Ilan places his tendrils atop Skif's shoulders. "I'm sorry. All this time, I thought... well, I was wrong about you. Unfortunately, the only ones who would know for sure what your ritual would accomplish would be..." he hesitates. "...Other dragons."

Your eyes brighten. "Then let's go talk to one! Maybe even my biological parents--"

His face darkens. "We cannot."

"Why? Why all this secrecy? Why can't I see them? Why can't I live with the other dragons? Tell me!"

He looks away.

"Tell me, Euia!"
No. 745444 ID: 395c02
File 147266570379.png - (156.74KB , 800x600 , 381.png )

The air around you thickens.

"That... that's impossible. No mortal knows my first name."

He takes a step back.

"They couldn't have..."

"Stop it!" you shout. "Stop with the vagueness! Answer my question!"

"...There is a reason life-magic is forbidden, child. If one were sufficiently powerful and devoid of morality, they could do some truly horrifying things with it."

"You're implying my parents abused their power? What did they do?"

"Things that could never be forgiven. When they were found out, the high court of dragons sentenced them to nonexistence. Dragon law states that because of their actions, your life is also forfeit. For reasons I will never understand, the child must also pay for the actions of the parent."


"Most dragons would not hesitate to kill you if they discovered who you are. And, of course, the mortals have their own stigmas against dragons. In cases like this, it's hard to blame them. It is by the grace of our creators that my life-magic is capable of making it nearly impossible for mortals to know your secret."

"Why...? Why am I here, then?"

"I refused to let an innocent child die because of something you had no control over. I contacted a close friend who was, thankfully, willing to risk his own life to aid me in escaping the dragon lands with you in tow. I made my way to this town, far from any dragon-owned land, and left you with two loving parents. Though it meant never returning home, I chose that day to live in exile and watch over you."

"You sacrificed all that for me? I don't understand."

"Before you think me a saint, you should know that I had my own reasons for helping you. Despite all the sins your father carried, I felt an obligation to him. I owed him for all he's done for me."

Mr. Ilan looks over his tendrils.

"After all, he taught me everything I know."

You're not sure what to feel, or what to say. This is a lot of information to take in...
No. 745453 ID: 571360

So you might not be able to visit the dragons for safety reasons, then.

But if their laws are strict and vindictive enough that just being related to the wrong person makes you worthy of death, surely there are some dragons out there who have also run afoul of them and are hiding out among the mortals? Dragons are powerfully magical, after all.
No. 745454 ID: 398fe1

Ceri, where did you pull "Euia" from?

Also ask to talk to his friend, then. That sounds like our only chance.
No. 745458 ID: dd4df2


Take a moment to consider the monumental debt you owe Mr. Ilan if all of this is true. Because of your dragon parents' crimes in the eye of dragon society, he turned his life around to save yours. Rather than being snuffed before hatching, you got to live. You got parents. An education. A boyfriend.

... so maybe it's time to throw him a bone and give up on the life-magic angle.

Although if he could introduce you to this friend of his and tell you a little more about what actually happened back then, so, if you're ever faced with discovery by dragons, you at least know what kind of sins you're getting in trouble/killed over, that'd be nice.

After all, sooner or later you'll have to face up to your draconic death-warrant legacy, and it'd be nice to be able to put some effort in having persuasive counterarguments in place.
No. 745461 ID: 8dda0e


Ok then, selling your blood it is. You can spare a pint or two now and again, right?


Would you even have a proper dragon lifespan, with what's been done to you?


Well, we already wanted to seek out dragons that had been enslaved in this world, and free them. We can ask them about the original ritual. Or just fuck it and blindly do the original ritual anyway. The only reason we wanted to ask was in case the life magic tinkering would mess it up, and it looks like no-one would know that anyway! So we can just go and do the original ritual. For science. I mean magic.

>learning to use dragon power/life magic

Ok, so rebuilding it in a way that lets a little bit leak out constantly is out. How about just repeating what you've already done? Letting a lot burst out occasionally, then going back to fix it again? Basically the same plan as he's proposing to get reinforcement every few years, but he deliberately does a shoddy job and reinforces it, like, every few months, instead? The moments of leaking dragon power will start your training to handle it. It'll be harder and riskier but could still work.

Besides, has Mr. Ilan seen your D? You're getting a handle on things already! I mean it, really, he might be underestimating you, just the same way he was underestimating Skif. Tell him specifically about your moments of leaking dragon-power and how you coped with them.
No. 745462 ID: 398fe1

It's possible that raising our D stat weakened the life magic. Instead of making it easier to control, we made it harder.
No. 745463 ID: 32035b

Ceri, where did you get the name from? Might you have some implanted memories written into your magic or soul? If so, accessing the skills implanted in you might be the way to get enough skill to do the changes needed before he dies...
No. 745464 ID: 3e182c

I owe you a great debt of thanks then...

Still, this means your life magic is part of my fathers legacy. You Must teach me. To do otherwise would be to rob me of my own destiny!
No. 745465 ID: b7883c

>No mortal knows my first name.
>Dragon law states that because of their actions, your life is also forfeit. For reasons I will never understand, the child must also pay for the actions of the parent.
Uh, is the "going after the children" thing specific to life magic users? Is it possible that powerful life magic users might try to live on through their children in a rather literal sense?
No. 745466 ID: ba506f

...could... could you tell us about our original parents? You don't need to go into detail but could you at least give us the cliff notes of what they were like... and why they did what they did?
No. 745468 ID: 8dda0e

Actually hey, maybe you know his name because you inherited your parents' knowledge somehow.

Like... when you were with Skif, and your magic tried to combine with his. We speculated that there's a magic component to dragon mating, right? What if dragons magically combine and then pass on their knowledge to their children, imprinting it into them while they're in the egg? And it like, lies dormant in them, but gives them talents for things their parents had learned, and occasionally pops up as things randomly known, or gets uncovered at some point? That's probably why dragons can have "instinctive" magic at all, while mortals have to learn it by studying! Dragons inherit knowledge of how to use magic.

And this makes extra sense because then, an absurd rule about killing people's children is actually partially reasonable. Your parents had forbidden knowledge, therefore you have forbidden knowledge, Ceridwen.
No. 745469 ID: 1d4e27

>Even if you did make them bigger, you get the feeling they'd be drawn the exact same way.
This is good news. Now you can have your knockers enhanced without having to buy new bras! Science!

We must learn to be a master of disguise so we can keep our identity safe even if found by a dragon. I get the feeling polymorphy is like a pair of Groucho glasses to the keen senses of a dragon, so let's learn the magic of life itself.

Teach me my father's dark arts!
No. 745478 ID: 3abd97

Yes, you're you, everything else is silly transformations. You've got more than enough ego not to be insecure in your base form.

>"...You've really done your research on this."
Well, yeah. I wasn't about to do permanent, life altering magic on myself without looking into it and preparing! That's not something you do off the cuff, unless it's an emergency or you don't have a choice.

>"I have to confess ignorance here. I don't know enough about that ancient ritual to makes guesses about what would happen if you tried it."
Would you be willing to put your heads together with us? You're a lot more experienced a magic user than either of us are, and we could share your research, and you could share your expertise in what you know of your spell and whatever you picked up about dragon-ness when you used to live with them.

Doing a little more theory work with an experienced mage of a maybe relevant field before the ritual couldn't hurt.

>"That... that's impossible. No mortal knows my first name."
Hey, don't go implying you're more than mortal after that long speech about the limits of your ability to stretch your mortality.

>"...There is a reason life-magic is forbidden, child. If one were sufficiently powerful and devoid of morality, they could do some truly horrifying things with it."
That's dumb. That's true of literally any discipline, even non-magical ones.

I don't suppose simply hiding my parentage from other dragons would be sufficient?

>I refused to let an innocent child die because of something you had no control over.
...how many more children die because there's no one willing to spirit them away? If what you're telling me is true, there's something even more important than the old rituals I have to teach the other dragons. A practice like that can't be allowed to continue.
No. 745479 ID: 826ed5

"...I have so many questions about the past, things I feel I should know, but right now I can't go forwards knowing that when your spell wears off, It's going to cause me to become some kind of magic bomb. If that wasn't bad enough, afterwards I'll have the physical body and magical power of a proper dragon and even though I'm used to new shaped and having lots of magic, it's more than that isn't it... I have a life here: family, friends. I'm not ready to give that up, never mind destroy it forever. There has to be something that can be done."
No. 745489 ID: 91ee5f

Both of these.

Say, "Eek! Scary magic snake!" and then hide behind Skif.
No. 745491 ID: 91ee5f

>I see. Then you must truly have no desire to enslave Ceridwen.
>I'm sorry. All this time, I thought... well, I was wrong about you.
Also, I really want to know why Mr. Ilan allowed Ceri to live here if he knew Skif and his family were Dragon Riders? That seems to be a very reckless thing for him to have done! Because honestly, Ceri got lucky in the fact that Skif is as nice as he is! Mr. Ilan got lucky too, cause he could've helped give Skif's family a new slave by complete accident! .....huh, I guess if you think about it, Skif actually saved Ceri from being a slave and saved Mr. Ilan from emotionally scarring himself from saving a baby dragon to only condemn it to a life of slavery.
No. 745498 ID: db0da2

If your biodad is still alive and not imprisoned then you should seek him out. He's probably the only dragon you'd be able to talk to without forfeiting your life, even if he is some kind of evil dragon mad scientist.

>A practice like that can't be allowed to continue.
We may never end up in a position to do anything about that. All our life we've been quantifiably better than most other people at basically everything, but it's entirely likely that we'll turn out completely average by Draconic standards. This doesn't really change anything though, it just reaffirms our need to learn life magic and become a world-conquering overlord god-queen hero. It'd be good however, to learn exactly what timescale we should be expecting, how long is the average dragon's lifespan, how long is Mr.Ilan expected to live, how long do dragon riders live, and how old is our biological father.
No. 745500 ID: 094652

Necromancy? Cool.

You were literally labeled guilty of association with Life-Magic before you were born, why stop now? Horrible as your birth parents had been, there must have been some reason why they threw their lives away - threw YOUR life away - to research necromancy.

If they found a threat to existence (which may explain that fracture in space-time which allowed the crazy lady to scream about the joys of milkless funbags at you), you may be one of the few people who can stop it. Progress in life magic and stop if you feel your sanity rotting, we all know you're too compassionate to break right off the bat.

... lol euphemism.
No. 745501 ID: 4e9864

> "Things that could never be forgiven. When they were found out, the high court of dragons sentenced them to nonexistence. Dragon law states that because of their actions, your life is also forfeit. For reasons I will never understand, the child must also pay for the actions of the parent."

To Skif: "...So, join me in changing the screwed-up ways of two different species?"

Then talk to "Euia" about the two specific times that something seemed to break through the life magic (the near-drowning, and the pulling on our magic). Especially the latter; we need to know what happened there.


> Would you be willing to put your heads together with us? You're a lot more experienced a magic user than either of us are, and we could share your research, and you could share your expertise in what you know of your spell and whatever you picked up about dragon-ness when you used to live with them.

> Doing a little more theory work with an experienced mage of a maybe relevant field before the ritual couldn't hurt.

This, verbatim.
No. 745508 ID: 398fe1

...what if that's an accurate descriptor of some applications of Life Magic?

What if Ceri's parents tied their souls to hers in a bid for immortality, and that's why her personality changes when her D stat is in use/increases?
No. 745524 ID: 44edf1

I have a few questions. Will I live as long as a Dragon, and if so how long would that be exactly? If I'm going to live that long how exactly am I expected to keep myself living a normal life if I won't exactly be aging normally? Who was the person who helped you, and were they forced to go into exile as well.
No. 745655 ID: b3f404

Well that sucks. Fuck dragons too, I guess! Child murder is pretty much the definition of irredeemably evil.
No. 745681 ID: 2a7417

An admirable goal, but maybe we should work our way up to romancing dragons.
No. 745781 ID: 23ea22

"Was my father... evil?"
No. 745839 ID: dd4df2


Huh. This might be pretty on the nose, actually.
No. 745841 ID: ccbcd2

This is the most probable given what we know about dragons so far, and is the only logical reason for a rule that makes the sins of the father become the sins of the daughter.
No. 745890 ID: 395c02
File 147293980469.png - (182.79KB , 800x600 , 382.png )

>Ceri, where did you pull "Euia" from? 
You... you don't know. Did Mr. Ilan unknowingly transfer the knowledge to you, or...

>Actually hey, maybe you know his name because you inherited your parents' knowledge somehow. 
Oh! "Is it possible I know your name because I inherited the knowledge from my parents?"

"Ah, erm. I'm afraid I couldn't say. This is the first I've seen of anything along this line. I guess it's within the realm of possibility... Dragon children do seem to learn rather quickly. And mating dragons do something with their magic. I'm not sure, but they almost combine their very essence when they mate? It's certainly possible that forces beyond my understanding allowed the passing of knowledge."

"About that..."

"Oh, don't worry. My seal should prevent it from happening to you. That's for the best-- your magic would likely kill anyone you mated with if it tried to 'meld' with them."

Argh! That raises further questions! But there's no way to ask without admitting to your teacher that you made love with Skif! He's a gross old man! You don't want him knowing about your sex life!

>Uh, is the "going after the children" thing specific to life magic users? Is it possible that powerful life magic users might try to live on through their children in a rather literal sense?
"Wait, does that mean I'm literally my parents!?"

"Worry not, my child. I'm pretty sure reincarnation is impossible."

"Pretty sure!? Maybe that's literally why they kill kids!"

"Ah... I... I never thought about it that way. But I never felt their presence when I was giving you a mortal body, so I think it's safe to say you are your own person in body and soul. probably"

"I heard that!"

"You certainly inherited their ears."

>Ok then, selling your blood it is. You can spare a pint or two now and again, right? 
Blood, scales... you could probably even cut off your horns and wait for them to grow back...

Augh, this is too weird, though! B-besides, selling parts of your body for money runs into the same difficulty of having to reveal what you are. Otherwise your horns and scales look just like a lizard's.

...It might not be impossible, and a dragon does need a bed of gold with which to lie the rest of the hoard... but you aren't sure how to solve that one big issue. Also, THIS ENTIRE LINE OF THINKING IS REALLY WEIRD.

>This is good news. Now you can have your knockers enhanced without having to buy new bras! Science!
You left them at...

F... fine, maybe you'll play around with this later. You don't want to change your body permanently, but what's the harm in using POLYMORPHISM to tease Skif a bit...~?

>Would you even have a proper dragon lifespan, with what's been done to you? 
"What is my life-span, anyway? Wouldn't this mortal body die long before a dragon would?"

Mr. Ilan shakes his snake-head. "I did consider that. The magic that contains your dragon self also feeds off it. You should be able to live nearly as long as a dragon would. I mean, even if I'm wrong about this, I imagine the worst that would happen is your mortal form failing and your dragon form taking over."

"So this is pretty much a ticking time bomb in any sense."

"Everything is destined to fade away, given enough time. But it is my hope that when the time comes, you will have gained the wisdom and knowledge to handle it. Or, it was the plan before we learned how weak my bindings really are."
No. 745891 ID: 395c02
File 147293981728.png - (141.16KB , 800x600 , 383.png )

"Hmm. Could the leakage be related to my D?"


"My D stat! It grows whenever I do something dragon-y."

"you're really going with that phrasing?"

"Yes. What do you think?"

"I don't know what to think. It took me twenty years to gain a "Magical limbs" stat, but I know this wasn't my doing. Barely 18, and you've already made a new stat..."

He sighs. "It would be irresponsible of me not to teach you what I know at this point."

"Then, we can work on this together?"

"Yes... of course. But a dragon would be much better at this than I."

"What about your friend? Maybe he could teach me."

"Ah... I don't really want to ask this of him."

"There isn't a better option, is there?"

"Perhaps not. I... I'll do what I can. But it will take some time for me to sneak my way in and locate him. In the meantime, I should at least patch you up. It's a temporary solution, but you might be able to learn something on your own if I leave something for you to examine."
No. 745892 ID: 395c02
File 147293983909.png - (248.55KB , 800x600 , 384.png )

"Now, close your eyes and clear your mind."

You feel a tingle. Mr. Ilan's magic must be making its way inside you.

You try to clear your head, but you can't stop thinking about all that transpired.

And one thing you have to ask about. "Hey, um. What were they like? My parents."

"They were brilliant people. Even by dragon standards. They wanted to improve mortals, create a legacy as great as the Creators of old."

"Messing with mortals... that was their crime?"

"Their crime was... creating a monster. Now, please, I need to concentrate. Ah, this D stat of yours... I think I can use it to our advantage."

He continues to explain:

Your D stat seems to increase whenever you do something that makes you feel "powerful" and/or "draconic". It's designed to fill quickly, and is currently linked to how strongly your dragon magic is able to break its bonds. If it ever filled up... No, this is much too dangerous.

He can change the stat to do something safer, and perhaps more useful to you. In fact, if he leaves it linked to your dragon magic, it might allow you to 'vent' excess power without weakening your bindings. Perhaps it could be unleashed-- a temporary super buff. But what would it do?

He leaves it to you to decide.

He could make it so unleashing your D temporarily allows you to enter 'dragon form' without using MP. This form would be superior to your POLYMORPH dragon form, as it is more pure. It could help you at a critical time, a time when your mortal magic might fail you. It's especially useful in situations that require great physical strength and/or endurance. Your dragon form is very hardy, and resists physical and magical damage. You'd also gain the ability to breathe FIRE, or perhaps WATER?

You also permanently gain these passive effects:

Given that Mr. Ilan would really rather you not reveal your draconic nature, he also muses about a second option: Temporarily increasing your physical stats. Unleashing your D would greatly increase your VIGOR, SPEED, and HP for a time. You'd be much tougher, and physical damage done to you would be reduced. It is perhaps not as powerful as an enhanced dragon form, but it'd be much easier to unleash this power without revealing your true nature to those around you. You might be able to defeat most foes in one punch??

You also gain these effects:
APPEAL++ (Tuff and confident!)

Of course, it could always Enhance your magic for a time, greatly increasing what your spells are capable of and reducing their MP cost to nearly zero. For a few minutes you would be able to wield a power only seen by the highest of high wizards. You would also be briefly capable of casting FLAME, COLD, and ELECTRONIC spells. This could be useful in magical combat, as your current schools of magic are geared towards doing things indirectly.

You also gain these effects:
Your mortal body can gain DRAGON WINGS for no MP cost.

What will you choose?

No. 745894 ID: 79a07e

I like the idea of MAGICAL LIMIT.
No. 745895 ID: 2f3033

Magical Limit Break. Ultimately, a dragon is feared for their great powers. Everything you're missing can be replicated with enough magic.
No. 745899 ID: 7cffca

DRAGON LIMIT! RAISE THAT D! And come on how can anyone pass up DRAGON WINGS?!
No. 745900 ID: 1d4e27

Keep it as is. The act of simply choosing this should increase your D stat.

But, failing that,
No. 745903 ID: 45099c

One paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanch I mean PHYSICAL LIMIT
No. 745905 ID: 4854ef

Physical Limit, let's break it all!
No. 745906 ID: ca5b6a

Lets go with Physical!
No. 745907 ID: 98b87d

Augh, I want physical limit's appeal boost! I suppose polymorph boost could help polymorph's ability to simulate appeal boosts, though, so I guess I'll go with the Magical Limit. I assume the dragon wings your mortal form could make would actually be functional?

>selling parts of your body for money runs into the same difficulty of having to reveal what you are.

Well, Mr. Ilan already knows who and what you are, and he's a secret dragon child smuggler who happily learned to use forbidden magic! I'd bet he has some magical black market contacts. Blood looks like blood, and for the horns and scales, he could sell them powdered or something, or just offer a sample to be tested and prove it has that special dragon mojo in it.

Anyway, also tell Mr. Ilan that maybe if your parents' knowledge was imprinted on you, you'd learn life or dragon magic faster than he expects.

Also don't be a coward, Ceri, tell him you and Skif slept together and you noticed a thing. Just think of him like a doctor.
No. 745908 ID: 141621

MAGIC LIMIT as ceridwen don't strike me as the kind of person to rip people apart with bare hands
No. 745915 ID: 77f422


No. 745920 ID: 3e182c


The passive effects are just too good to pass up. Cer is built as a mage but with her current mastery her MP drains stupidly fast. More MP + better spell proficiency = actually usable magic.
I'd go for specialization and consistently reliable options over being a rounded but unspectacular generalist any day. And as appealing as the dragon option is, being unreliable with a sweet panic button is one of those things that only works in anime. It's just asking for trouble.
No. 745921 ID: 826ed5

Dammit, these are all so good.
on one hand being able to do some awesome fisticuffs abilities is the easiest to handwave with polymorphism, plus I'm fairly certain that Skif would swoon at the physical morph.
Magic would be flashy and it'd be easy to get inventive with the expanded toolkit (dammit I want lighting spells)...
Enter 'dragon form' without using MP Any situation dire enough to force you to use it would probably need all the advantages possible, not to mention we'd be able to pull some sick dragon+rider combos with Skif (not to mention that if the worst should happen, it could help prepare you for not having Mr. Ilan's spell on you)
No. 745922 ID: 4e9864

> "Oh, don't worry. My seal should prevent it from happening to you. That's for the best-- your magic would likely kill anyone you mated with if it tried to 'meld' with them."

> Argh! That raises further questions! But there's no way to ask without admitting to your teacher that you made love with Skif! He's a gross old man! You don't want him knowing about your sex life!

If you have any hope of having a sex life, and Skif continuing to have a life at all, you're going to have to get over your embarrassment and ask. (After you're done with the magic ritual you're in the middle of...)

Embrace it, take refuge in sheer audacity, and see if you can embarrass him (and make Skif blush) in the process. Put an arm around Skif, and ask Ilan how you might work around that particular problem with the large amount of sex you plan on having.
No. 745923 ID: 398fe1

>that particular problem
It's not a problem. We already did it once, and it was safe.
No. 745924 ID: 4e9864

Magical limit. Magic can do anything, you'll work the rest out over time. This will give you more breadth in your magic, as well as boosting the two forms of magic you're best at. And you get to have wings in your current form; that really tips it over the edge.

You already are a dragon; you'll find a way to access your "true" form safely. You're going to embrace your draconic nature as part of the bond ritual, anyway; let's see how that goes before deciding that we need to burn a powerful ability just to unleash the form that's already fighting to get free.
No. 745926 ID: 4e9864

It pulled on Skif exactly as Ilan said it might, and from what he said, we got lucky that we didn't hurt Skif. We don't want to do that again without knowing more about how to control it. For the cost of a bit of embarrassment we can learn something that helps us avoid hurting someone we love. The two don't even compare; we need to find out.
No. 745927 ID: b7883c

Magical Limit Break
With Polymorphism, our magical power can translate directly to physical power (or being-a-dragon-ness for that matter) as long as we have enough mana. A limit break that cuts mana costs to nearly nothing will ensure that we have do have enough mana for that, and also enough mana to make portals through which to punch and/or claw.
Magical limit breaks can also be used for things other than combat, like if we need to do crazy portal stuff. (Or maybe even to do something with life magic?)
No. 745928 ID: 352264

I feel it would only ever be appropriate to use our D stat to turn into a dragon.
No. 745929 ID: 29c4aa

No. 745931 ID: 51a2a4

Magical Limit
No. 745932 ID: 90f3c0

Magical Limit Break

As much as I want to sau Dragon, busting out the D all the time would be too conspicuous. We need to stay hidden for now.
No. 745933 ID: dd4df2

Dagnabbit. All of these are good.

No. 745934 ID: 138b55

Magic limit
No. 745935 ID: 8111b6

I'd like to go the route with the appeal, but the magic route is really good.

Maybe he can make it a multiple level stat? like a super meter in a fighting game! That way, the realler things got, the more severe you could pull out.

If not... I guess consider this a magic vote, even though that appeal is tempting.

Also, seconding the 'embarrass your boy toy' bit. This is obviously VITAL INFORMATION for your future romance horde! Very vital!
No. 745940 ID: 3740b1

Physical limit!
No. 745944 ID: 91ee5f


>Also don't be a coward, Ceri, tell him you and Skif slept together and you noticed a thing. Just think of him like a doctor.
This could be important, however you should probably ask Skif if he wants to talk about it to Mr. Ilan first.

>Ceridwen don't strike me as the kind of person to rip people apart with bare hands.
You'd be surprised at what someone would do if their loved ones were in danger. So, if her mom, her dad, or Skif were in danger and she needed to rip and tear in order to save them, then I'm pretty sure Ceri will rip and tear to save them.
No. 745957 ID: 3abd97

>"Oh, don't worry. My seal should prevent it from happening to you. That's for the best-- your magic would likely kill anyone you mated with if it tried to 'meld' with them."
Um. About that. No it didn't. That is, the seal didn't stop it trying, and no one ended up dead either.

Choke down your embarrassment and just say it, implications of discussing sex with your teacher aside.

>"Yes... of course. But a dragon would be much better at this than I."
Except for the fact they'd all try to kill me, apparently. A homicidal teacher isn't better!

>other stuff
Ceri, you didn't ask if he'd be willing to put his head together with your ritual research anyways. Even if he's not had prior exposure, doing more theory work / showing the spell to a more experienced mage before finalizing it can't hurt.

>which limit break
No. 745959 ID: a6dc58

Magical Limit
No. 745966 ID: ccbcd2

No. 745970 ID: 145eb5


And go ahead and ask the awkward question, with maximum confidence.
No. 745971 ID: 1d4e27

Think of a Dragon Limit as an ultimate Polymorphy limit, even more so than the general magic kind.
No. 745975 ID: 1836aa

We are One Punch Dragon
Besides we're already pretty good with magic so physical + magic would make us a fucking monster in combat and a beast in bed.
Also Slinko wouldn't have to draw wings
also dragon muscles.
No. 745993 ID: db0da2

>You would also be briefly capable of casting FLAME, COLD, and ELECTRONIC spells.
We technowizard now!

Let's get the magical limit break.
No. 745996 ID: ba506f

because why not.
No. 746013 ID: 726a91

Erm... I mean... MAGIC LIMIT.
No. 746028 ID: a0cb83

Awww jeez these all sound awesome!

No. 746057 ID: 55d078

+1 vote for magic.
No. 746058 ID: 36c68e

Magical Limit
No. 746085 ID: 51a2a4

Wooohoo magical limit! We are gonna be the archmage by the end of this! Magic creativity GO!

Also you'll be able to do the awesome thinking with portals when you do a magic limit break. Say, do you know where there is some sort of gamified training for portal utility and portal-based combat and crazy flinging shenanigans, for people who can do portals super-easily?

Also, what about those other sorts of magic that you'll have access to if you get the magic limit break? If you won't be able to practice them, you'll want to read up on the theory and find useful exercises that you can do to practice when you intentionally induce a magic limit break as a test!

Aaaaalllsooo the bipedal form is absolute shit for flight. Even if you can give yourself wings. What's the cheapest thing you can do to be semi-flight-plausible if you are getting wings for free?
No. 746095 ID: 4e9864

Summary as of this post:

5 Dragon Limit
6 Physical Limit
24 Magical Limit


Many suggestions to go ahead and ask the awkward question, fearlessly:

> Also don't be a coward, Ceri, tell him you and Skif slept together and you noticed a thing. Just think of him like a doctor.

> If you have any hope of having a sex life, and Skif continuing to have a life at all, you're going to have to get over your embarrassment and ask. (After you're done with the magic ritual you're in the middle of...)
> Embrace it, take refuge in sheer audacity, and see if you can embarrass him (and make Skif blush) in the process. Put an arm around Skif, and ask Ilan how you might work around that particular problem with the large amount of sex you plan on having.

> Also, seconding the 'embarrass your boy toy' bit. This is obviously VITAL INFORMATION for your future romance horde! Very vital!

> >"Oh, don't worry. My seal should prevent it from happening to you. That's for the best-- your magic would likely kill anyone you mated with if it tried to 'meld' with them."
> Um. About that. No it didn't. That is, the seal didn't stop it trying, and no one ended up dead either.
> Choke down your embarrassment and just say it, implications of discussing sex with your teacher aside.

> And go ahead and ask the awkward question, with maximum confidence.

One mention of checking with Skif first:

> This could be important, however you should probably ask Skif if he wants to talk about it to Mr. Ilan first.

One reminder to specifically ask him for help researching the ritual:

> Ceri, you didn't ask if he'd be willing to put his head together with your ritual research anyways. Even if he's not had prior exposure, doing more theory work / showing the spell to a more experienced mage before finalizing it can't hurt.

And a few questions about potential abilities associated with the magical limit:

> I assume the dragon wings your mortal form could make would actually be functional?

> Wooohoo magical limit! We are gonna be the archmage by the end of this! Magic creativity GO!
> Also you'll be able to do the awesome thinking with portals when you do a magic limit break. Say, do you know where there is some sort of gamified training for portal utility and portal-based combat and crazy flinging shenanigans, for people who can do portals super-easily?
> Also, what about those other sorts of magic that you'll have access to if you get the magic limit break? If you won't be able to practice them, you'll want to read up on the theory and find useful exercises that you can do to practice when you intentionally induce a magic limit break as a test!
No. 746124 ID: 826ed5

I suppose I would like to add in with the "Speaking of copulation" votes. Maybe add in that you're aware galeacoma are unique and might interact differently because of it.
No. 746165 ID: 18c950

Indeed... if that weird magic thing that happened could possibly have been fatal it's really important to talk about if you plan to do any more sexing.

And you plan to.
No. 746168 ID: 4e9864

> Aaaaalllsooo the bipedal form is absolute shit for flight. Even if you can give yourself wings. What's the cheapest thing you can do to be semi-flight-plausible if you are getting wings for free?

Make yourself as light as possible, and polymorph limbs so they can be pulled in tightly against your body to make you aerodynamic.

But that assumes the wings aren't sufficiently large and powerful to fly in your default form. Seems like it'd be odd to get a set of wings that you can't use.

Of course, if they're powerful enough to fly in your otherwise unmodified form, and then you modify your form to make yourself lighter and more aerodynamic, you'll have incredibly powerful flight.
No. 746176 ID: 398fe1

I feel like having free wings is a bit pointless if they aren't functional. Shapeshifting at all will cost about as much mana as shapeshifting into a flight-capable form, iirc.
No. 746218 ID: 395c02
File 147309404447.png - (88.74KB , 800x600 , 385.png )

"Wings sound so cool! But they probably wouldn't work, huh..."

"What if I told you that despite what physics might tell you, your dragon form would gain full flight capabilities?"


"What about the normal-form wings?"

"You'd have limited flight capabilities. You'd need a good headwind or a higher starting point, but you could totally get up there."


If nothing else, it'd make it much safer to learn how to fly as a bird. If you ran out of MP, you could still glide to safety.

Still, wings aren't the only reason you're leaning MAGIC ENHANCEMENT, right...?
No. 746228 ID: 5a9884

Nope, wings are definitely the only reason
No. 746234 ID: dd4df2


Wings were a cool bonus, but not the main reason for choosing magic. Being able to bust out arch-wizard level powers in case of dire need was. Some day something strong is going to pop up and think it can walk all over Ceridwen, and being able to prove it SO VERY WRONG is going to be satisfying as hell.

Although wings may have tipped the option over the edge in comparison to the other awesome options. And they were all awesome, really. That was a pretty hard choice, landslide vote or not.

If only there was some way to choose them all and simply rotate the primary bonuses according to need...
No. 746238 ID: f562b1

Yep. Wings.
No. 746241 ID: 01134a

No. 746245 ID: 7cffca

As a voter for dragon limit, I have to say that wings were also my reason on that one. I think a bunch of us just really like wings.
No. 746246 ID: 68cd8f

Wings are not the only reason, no. For better or for worse, you have been focusing on using magic, intellect, and creativity to solve problems. The options that enable violence and brute force... they don't fit you. Further, this is an expansion on your focus, and takes you further along your chosen path of the archmage. The wings are a bonus -- the main benefit is the ability to make all your magic, including those you don't specialize in, be very cheap, and the access to the other types of magic. Also, ask specifically for the magical mechanism that enables flight. Is it some form of air magic innate to the wings? It'd be useful to learn to manipulate that consciously. After all, with strong enough magic, you can get the other benefits if you want if need be.
No. 746247 ID: 3abd97

Look you already like magic a lot, being better at it and being able to fly just makes things even better.
No. 746256 ID: 4e9864

> Still, wings aren't the only reason you're leaning MAGIC ENHANCEMENT, right...?

Definitely not, though gaining wings in our current form did make it a much easier decision. Without that, the decision would get tougher, but magic seems far more versatile, and we can always polymorph our "true" form for now (with our improved polymorphing and MP pool, even).

Plus, if our draconic nature is fighting containment regardless, then we'll likely end up getting access to it eventually; hopefully we'll have enough control by then to also maintain our current form.

Keeping my vote for magic.
No. 746257 ID: 4e9864

This, exactly.
No. 746259 ID: 4e9864

Sounds like we'll be able to fly, we just might need to do some strength training. We don't get flight muscles for free. We can glide or ride a thermal right away, and if we train enough we can get lift without that.

And in the meantime, we can always use a small amount of magic to assist: either polymorph lighter if we want to experience a standard takeoff, or just portal to a great height and skip the hard part. (Which our newly improved magic will make even easier.)

(Warning about using portals for height: do it in modest steps, avoid altitude sickness. Passing out several kilometers up could kill you.)
No. 746269 ID: b7883c

Not the main reason, which is becoming shojo as f more versatile while also investing in our strengths.
No. 746304 ID: db0da2

What? No! That hardly even factored into it. We're improving our magic so we can make physics our bitch. Why else does anyone learn magic?
No. 746313 ID: 826ed5

Nah, it's because (lighting is awesome) learning how to better manipulate your magic is probably going to be the most important part of your immediate future, plus the versatility it gives when active looks like it could be incredible, with practice.
No. 746315 ID: 3740b1

I think wings definitely skew it. Still vote physical.
No. 746318 ID: 91ee5f

Nah, it's for making money so that you can sit on a pile of gold!

Think about it: Everyone thinks you're a lizard, you're good with magic, so that makes you a wizard, and with your enhanced magic, you'll learn COLD, which will let you cast blizzard. You can become a Lizard Wizard that casts Blizzard! And with that, you can sell Lizard Wizard Blizzards to everyone and earn money! You'll get a pile of gold to sleep on really quickly!
No. 746331 ID: b829d7

Hold up a minute I thought our true dragon form didn't have wing?
If that's true then where is he getting wings from? and if not true then what is up with that dragon form we have.
And is still say physical, we can hulk jump or fly in another form.
We have our whole lives to learn magic and magic we unlocked through study will be with us permanently rather then temporarily through some shortcut, and with physical, well the body can only be improved so much (where as magic can just keep improving) so this will be a literal limit breaker as it will allow us to go beyond the limits of our body and remember that it's not just our strength it's also our endurance, our ability to survive injury and our speed.
imagine unleashing a mountain shattering punch through a portal to several different assholes at once.
No. 746332 ID: 398fe1

It sounds like the dragon form doesn't normally have wings because it isn't "pure". Dragon Limit gives it wings, after all. Magic Limit seems to allow us to get the form right but not the inherent power.
No. 746333 ID: 3e182c

Nah, Magic Limit cuz Magic is like our thing, yo.
No. 746359 ID: 77f422

Also, why Wings? Why not some Finns/Jellyfishtenrils and a way to breathe underwater? Does nobody here want to be Dragoncthulhu?
No. 746399 ID: 51a2a4

Yea! Why JUST wings? Aren't you a sea dragon? Surely a sea dragon would have access to flight and also diving into the water, like some sort of fish-eating diving bird? Wouldn't a sea dragon (or it's distant feral ancestors at least) hold the same ecological niche, except at the top of the food chain for that sort of thing? Being at home in the air as the water?
No. 746528 ID: 51a2a4


Oooh! I know! Maybe they are wings with innate fluid (as in things that flow, not as in liquid) manipulation powers, to manipulate the flow of both water AND air around them and the rest of you, to help you swim and fly! That'd be awesome! Especially if that is some sort of magic you can learn to consciously control!
No. 746532 ID: a6dc58

No. 746541 ID: 77f422

Honestly, i hope we start looking like the krakenmonster from evolve.
No. 746574 ID: 395c02
File 147319746457.png - (91.59KB , 800x600 , 386.png )

"Hey, um... before we begin..."

"I had technically-- you know what, it's fine. I guess I hadn't actually done anything yet. What is it, child?"

"Um... about what you said earlier..."

"Which part?"

"The. um."




"I... may... "
No. 746575 ID: 395c02
File 147319747949.png - (121.77KB , 800x600 , 387.png )

"i may have made love with Skif last night and my magic did that thing you said but it was actually fine for some reason because Skif also has magic that melded with it or something"

Skif lets out a high-pitched yelp.

Mr. Ilan glares at the two of you for an uncomfortable amount of time. "...I see."

"Y-you see!?" you ask, almost in a squeak.

"Well, it's none of my business what you choose to do with your body. You're very lucky that Skif is still alive."

"But what does it mean?"

"It means the galeacoma have a property I wasn't familiar with. I suppose it would make sense for a species that at one point in time had a 'friendship' ritual associated with them to have such an ability. It also leads credence to the theory that half the mortal species are the result of Rider/Dragon couplings. Given how ancient this 'proper' ritual is, it doesn't surprise me that they've forgotten they had a hidden magical power."

"S-so Skif is safe? I mean... i kind of intend to..."

"I don't need to know what your plans are. But worry not. Once I reinforce the seal, you should be safe to enjoy whatever... activities... please you. Your dragon magic won't be able to leak out so easily."

"R-right..." you are so, so desperate to change the subject. "A-also, don't get me wrong, I'm really really hype about wings and I want to enhance my magic, but aren't I a water dragon? We don't have wings, do we?"


"I mean, my dragon form looks aquatic in nature, so I just assumed..."

"Ah. No, I suppose water dragons don't have wings. Are you saying you want something more in line with that?"

"Well... I..."

"Hrm. I haven't actually seen your dragon form. Would you mind showing me?"
No. 746576 ID: 395c02
File 147319757619.png - (170.93KB , 800x600 , 388.png )

You oblige him.

"Ah, I see."

"Pretty neat, huh?"

"I'm increasingly surprised Skif is still alive."

"I-I didn't have sex with him in this form!"

"Yeah! She just blew me!"


Skif whimpers. "nooo i already spent my entire life on those roooaaaddsss i'll be gooood"

"Hmph. All right, then. Maybe I can find another way to punish you...~"

Mr. Ilan lets out a loud ahem. "WELL. I guess I'm mistaken, then. You just seem like the kind of person who would have tried it."

You shoot Skif a glance. "I might yet."

"...You really are Myra's daughter. Good luck, Skif."

"i'm scared but also really excited"

Mr. Ilan turns to you. "Anyway. I can give you wings regardless, or... I think I can present another option for you."
No. 746577 ID: 395c02
File 147319759243.png - (288.00KB , 800x600 , 389.png )

You have chosen the MAGICAL LIMIT, with the following boosts:


Unleash D to greatly enhance magic for a time. FLAME, COLD, and ELECTRONIC magic can be used while boosted. MP consumption greatly reduced during this period.

Before the changes are made, there is a new option for you to decide on.

You can choose to Stick with DRAGON WINGS. These wings can be shown or hidden for no MP cost. You can slowly learn to fly with these! Why can such wings lift your relatively heavy, non-aerodynamic body? Dragon.

Alternately, you can choose to Obtain an AQUATIC FORM. You gain the ability to enable this form for no MP. This form greatly enhances your speed and agility while swimming. Your underwater vision and hearing are enhanced. This form has gills, allowing you to breathe while submerged. You can share oxygen with another, allowing them to stay underwater longer. Oxygen kisses~

You won't gain any wings, but your body will feel a little swifter. (SPEED+)

Boy, the chargen never stops, does it?
No. 746578 ID: 398fe1

AQUATIC FORM. Stay true to your nature.
No. 746581 ID: 5ef86a

I mean, free dragon wings. FREE DRAGON WINGS. How often are you ever going to be underwater? It does look kinda cool, but you can just polymorph if you wanna do underwater stuff ever.
No. 746582 ID: 3abd97

Hmm. If we can only use flame / ice / electric magic during limit breaks, we're gonna be kind of bad at it, due to the abject lack of practice. We might be able to compensate to a certain degree with raw power, but we'll be suffering in the skill department. Probably means we won't be able to do anything fancy or requiring great precision with those anytime soon.

Unless we game the limit break to gain practice time. Or unless we do front end theory-work so you're more prepared to work with normally unavailable magical schools.

So... if you'd had sex with anyone else you'd have killed them. That sure was a big risk to build in, considering the nature of this quest!

At least now it'll probably be fine. Until your seal weakens again.

Get yourself some water wings. Flyyyyyy.

>Boy, the chargen never stops, does it?
Life is a chargen that finalizes when you're dead.
No. 746584 ID: b3f404

Aquatic form. Wings get in the way and while you might spend time up in the air, sure, you will want to be able to SURVIVE WITHOUT MAGIC underwater. If someone attacks you, you can just go under and not come up. Not many people are going to be able to touch you underwater.
No. 746588 ID: db0da2

Wings. We can already do aquatic stuff quite nicely and it doesn't come up that often anyway, whereas unassisted flight will open up so many doors for us. Specifically ones in the sky. Sky doors. Those exist.
No. 746590 ID: 3740b1

Water foooooorrrrrmmmahhh
No. 746591 ID: 320711

Well, if the assumption is that most dragons have wings, and aquatic dragons are a relative minority... we have this idea of going on a quest to find enslaved dragons and free them. We'll want to be able to meet them (and their riders) on their own turf. Though, we want to do that with Skif... Skif, you can fly, right? With those wings you have? If Skif can fly then he can carry us around in the air and we can take the aquatic form so that we can carry him around underwater. Double buddy carrying action. If he can't, then we should take wings.

By the way, both of those options specify "no mp cost". Does that mean we can still take the form we don't choose if we do spend mp for it?

>It also leads credence to the theory that half the mortal species are the result of Rider/Dragon couplings.

So... we can have children with non-dragons?
No. 746593 ID: b3f404

ceri water form is so much cuter though
No. 746595 ID: 826ed5

Why do you do this to usss!? Both options are so good! dammit Ceri you need the secrets of life magic for this kind of thing alone
You know, as magical as oxygen kisses and waterspeed sound, I think I'll stick with the wings option.
Learning to fly will probably be very useful alongside your regular abilities. plus swooping Skif off his feet would be awesome.
No. 746600 ID: 3e182c

>I Like how Slink Drew the wing form further back and low detail to try and convince us not to pick it. The wing hate is strong in the Slink.

Slinko Torment Mode Wings
No. 746607 ID: 398fe1

Hey, how about a COMPROMISE?
No wings in dragon form, but the option to pick between wings or aquatic form while bipedal?

Free wings in dragon form, and aquatic form while bipedal?

Like I mean can we pick two out of three, here?
No. 746608 ID: ba506f

depends... did we ever actually learn how to swim? Because if so then I'm going with AQUATIC FORM

however if we don't know how to swim then it makes more sense to go with the wings.
No. 746609 ID: 4e9864


We need to get that dragon anger in check. That was uncalled for. We just revealed a pile of uncomfortable details, but we're bothered by Skif doing the same?

We clearly need some "sorry we almost accidentally killed you with dragon sex magic" sex after this, to clear our heads.
No. 746610 ID: 4e9864

Wings, still. Flight is too awesome and versatile to pass up. Indefinite swimming would be awesome too, but flight seems more awesome.
No. 746611 ID: 4e9864

>"It means the galeacoma have a property I wasn't familiar with. I suppose it would make sense for a species that at one point in time had a 'friendship' ritual associated with them to have such an ability. It also leads credence to the theory that half the mortal species are the result of Rider/Dragon couplings. Given how ancient this 'proper' ritual is, it doesn't surprise me that they've forgotten they had a hidden magical power."

>So... we can have children with non-dragons?

This is important, and we need to poke at it. On the one hand, yay, we can have children someday if we want to. On the other hand, we didn't do anything to prevent that last night. Can we ask Ilan, without too much visible panic in our voice, whether we need to worry about that? Are we...
No. 746612 ID: 094652

So you've chosen the life of a technomancer; it's a dangerous road at first and a monotonously boring road soon after, but you'll never want for money and charisma will flow through you like the blood in your veins. A good choice, with our help.

> Mermaid or Harpy
Go with the wings. You can buy aquatic gear if you want to dive for lost treasure, but few stores offer jetpacks at affordable prices.
No. 746613 ID: 51a2a4

So... just out of curiosity is it electrical manipulation? Electronic manipulation? Manipulation of electrically-powered intricate technological devices? Software manipulation? Does it work on any device that uses boolean operations, regardless of the power source (fluids, electricity, magic?)
No. 746638 ID: 4e9864

Are there electronics to manipulate? I don't think we've established that...
No. 746641 ID: bfb318

AQUATIC FORM, let ocean man take you by the hand
No. 746642 ID: 180f83

Water form. If we need to fly, we can just transform into a bird.

We should also see if Skiff has any questions for Mr. Ilan. Maybe he has a good question (as long as it doesn't have anything to do with dragon sex)
No. 746643 ID: 51a2a4


I totally already mentioned your first two paragraphs there; we need a way to train the magic types we will now enable, or at least go heavy in the theory and learning useful drills. ;)

Anyway, how about a compromise:

Biped form that can either be 'neutral', 'have wings' or 'have aquatic features', which, while they don't have any magic draw when enabled, require MP to switch between the three forms. And you don't get gills, but you DO get more efficient lungs with greater capacity, where you can hold your breath longer (like for dives), and can also manage high altitude more easily. And any air sharing is simply exhaling some of the not-yet-quite-stale air into someone. And BOTH of the forms specifically work by magically manipulating the fluids around you, though one is more optimized for gasses and the other liquids.
No. 746652 ID: 4e9864

Half the appeal of the aquatic form is the gills and underwater breathing; if all we get is fins, we can easily get that from either polymorphing or equipment.
No. 746680 ID: 987bda

There's a lot more places to fly to than there are places to deep dive to, and scuba gear is cheaper than jetpacks.
No. 746713 ID: 1d4e27

Dragon Wings. Something is conspicuously absent from the water form, and I don't mean the wings.
No. 746718 ID: 91ee5f

Stick with DRAGON WINGS.

Well duh! Of course her boobs are missing! Her aquatic form is to make her more streamlined so that she can go through the water at high speeds. Her boobs would've just slowed her down.
No. 746725 ID: 16f38c

And how many of them couldn't be reached with any one, or a combination of, Ceri's (now boosted) polymorph, portal or (just newly added) teleportation magic? Very few, if any, I'd wager. Flying would also risk drawing too much attention to Ceri. Such a non-aerodynamic form as hers would take major magic to keep airborne if it was anybody else, so her doing so so effortlessly would risk raising unwanted questions by anyone who sees her. And flying also wouldn't be something Ceri could share with Skif either. (That is, unless Slinko suddenly decides to include the source material on his species that says they can fly.) And there's also a whole world of things to discover beneath the surface and waves of lakes and seas. Like flooded city ruins, shipwrecks and sunken treasure! Gotta get that hoard somehow, right? So I say go with the AQUATIC FORM.

Ceri, you just dropped info that was as much as, if not more, embarrassing to Skif with only a strangled yelp on his part, and yet when he did it you loudly threatened him and that's not right. Especially since he likely interpreted the conversation had steered into territory where saying that was acceptable. So apologize to Skif and vow to keep your dragon-y dominant attitude more in check from now on. Otherwise your relationship with him will potentially turn into something akin to what a doormat has with a boot, and you don't want that, right?
No. 746755 ID: 35830c

I like Water Form.

Also, I echo the others on the us being too harsh on Skif there about personal detail reveal.
No. 746761 ID: 398fe1

I think the issue is he gave more details than were necessary.
No. 746767 ID: 4e9864

How do we know that? How would he know that? We hadn't yet said anything about what we did in dragon form, and it might well have been important. Or maybe he was freaking out about the idea of doing more with Ceri in her dragon form, and that exclamation was him backpedaling. (Or maybe he liked the idea.)

Either way, he didn't deserve us snapping at him like that for it. I'm wondering if being in dragon form gives us a shorter temper. Or maybe that's just an excuse.
No. 746769 ID: 6bfd54

Aquatic form.
Flight honestly isn't terribly useful, particularly since we're trying very hard right now to not attract a bunch of unwanted attention. Also we'd be kind of vulnerable in the air, and I imagine the dragon-riders are pretty damn experienced when it comes to bringing down a flying dragon. Swimming isn't nearly as risky, and actually has some legitimate uses. Also imagine the underwater sex
No. 746787 ID: 20295c

Take aquatic form.
No. 746788 ID: 486e87

Aquatic form, we are a water dragon after all. If we need to fly then we can polymorph into a less dragon-y flying form to do so.
No. 746789 ID: 739459

Aquatic Form. Try not to blush at the thought of breathing air into a lovers lungs during underwater sex.

Also is there a reason water form appears to involve shrinking your bust to nothing while wing form doesn't? As far as I know sleekness is just as important, if not more so, in flying as it is in swimming. If dragons can fly just fine with tits shouldn't they also be able to swim just as well with them?
No. 746797 ID: dd4df2


Had me at "Oxygen kisses~". Aquatic form it is!
No. 746800 ID: e94895

No. 746803 ID: 2a7417

Wings and other things.
No. 746812 ID: c8e0da

Man that underwater form looks slick as hell (pun intended) but unless we live near the ocean it'll be a situational ability at best. I think wings would be a better option, as we could get more use out of them, even if we won't be using them to commute due to the danger of being found out.
No. 746831 ID: 4854ef

Aquatic form! We are a beautiful aquatic water draggie.
No. 746858 ID: a0cb83

Extreme choice torturrre
That aquatic form is amazing
No. 746874 ID: f8c829

No. 746876 ID: 395c02
File 147328716812.png - (296.48KB , 800x600 , 390.png )

Keep your mind clear, child. I am able to communicate with you through your magic. I want you to focus on me and my essence. Focus on guiding me, helping me with what needs doing.

...You hesitate. You want to make your choice, but you're scared of doing so before having your questions answered. Perhaps I can help you with that.

>Can Skif fly?
His kind are capable of flight. Their wings vibrate in such a way as to generate lift. I'm not totally sure of the science behind it, but if they actually do have magic, perhaps it is instrumental in their aviation.

>What does "No MP" mean?
It means you could have wings, or be in aquatic form, for as long as you'd like. You could even spend all day at school like that, though I would not recommend it. It would raise a lot of questions.

>What is the terrain surrounding out little podunk town?
There is a large pond that you have likely visited several times by now. To the southwest the terrain becomes mountainous, and we are otherwise surrounded by rolling hills and wetlands. The river flows through the wetlands, eventually meeting up with a large lake some distance away.

The only land path to the town is through the mountains. It is a treacherous path, which is one reason this town is as remote as it is.

Remote enough for a dragon to have remained in hiding as long as you have, that is.

Hmm. I think if I adjust a few things, I can perhaps give the AQUATIC FORM its own wings.

I sense you are worried about the mechanics of your choices. Can either choice truly be useful in 'this' situation, or 'that' one? What is the 'correct' choice?

Your dragon magic is... passive. It's not pushing against me as hard as I thought it would.

...It's as if your very soul wants to remove the stress of decision from your mind.
No. 746877 ID: 395c02
File 147328718141.png - (362.06KB , 900x600 , 391.png )

With your magic holding back, I should be able to provide you with two improved options.

Aquatic form.
Same as before, but now with wing-arms!
Wing-arms allow for gliding. You won't be able to maintain or gain altitude without using magic, but this form will make it much safer for you to learn to fly while transformed. You can also glide from a high point to a low point. This form costs no MP to use.

Airborne form.
You will be able to learn to fly, and this sleeker form will allow easier, faster flight compared to your base body. This form uses no MP. Your bones are hollow in this form, which hurts your stamina and ability to face-punch people.

Hmm? You want to know what the exact changes are?


Ceri... I know you are concerned about the details, but put all of that out of your mind for now. Listen to what your heart wants. You are smart, and powerful. I know you'll succeed in life regardless of what you choose here.

So tell me...

Which form does your heart desire most?
No. 746878 ID: 4854ef

Aquatic form.
No. 746879 ID: 71d443

Your "heart" wants fatty deposits.
No. 746880 ID: 141621

Aquatic form. fuck having easy to break bones
No. 746881 ID: 51a2a4

Changing vote to Aquatic Form. Gliding is super useful when you get better at portal and teleportation magic, especially with a Dragon Break.
No. 746882 ID: 398fe1

Aquatic form!
No. 746883 ID: 595d54

Whichever doesn't mess with the boobs. We already got some characterization about not wanting to change them, and they look fantastic.
No. 746884 ID: 3abd97

You want to flyyyyyy.

Also this. Where are your dragon inappropriate mams.
No. 746885 ID: 5ef86a

While the airborne form sounds the most useful, if we're being asked to just follow our hearts and choose which one is the coolest then I have to pick the AQUATIC FORM.
No. 746886 ID: 51a2a4


Er, Magic Break? Does the fact we chose Magic still let us call it a Dragon Break?
No. 746887 ID: 77f422

Aquatic form.
Would perfer it without the armwings, but if this is the price for jolly cooperation, the so be it.
No. 746888 ID: 352264

Aquatic Form, gliding will be good enough for us.
No. 746889 ID: 69aa21

Aquatic form, because even if we're magic focused we still gotta dragon punch! Also it's for the best that you're flat in aquatic form because you can't wear a shirt with wing flaps like that...
No. 746890 ID: 486e87

Still voting aquatic form, we are a water dragon or at least I think we are. Besides this is only a alternate form, we have polymorph magic for other situations and for getting boobs while in this form. It'll cost no MP to use so better to have maximum utility by default and spend a little MP if we wanted to have fun in this form.
No. 746895 ID: c9f250

Oxygen kissesss
No. 746905 ID: 1f601d

aquatic form brah
No. 746908 ID: 91ee5f

>Remote enough for a dragon to have remained in hiding as long as you have, that is.
That's still no excuse for your carelessness for putting said dragon in the same town as a family of Dragon Riders, who are known for enslaving dragons! Seriously, Mr. Ilan, if you knew about them the whole time, what were you thinking letting Ceri live so close to them?!

I choose Aquatic form. And here's my reason for why in 4 words: Underwater. Sex. With. Skif. :3

>You won't be able to maintain or gain altitude without using magic
I don't know about maintaining altitude, but it is possible to gain altitude without magic. Just need to glide into a thermal updraft and Ceri's wings will catch the warm air going up, which will allow her to go up as well.

>You can also glide from a high point to a low point.
Thermal updrafts can also allow Ceri to glide from a low point to a high point.

This guy makes a good point. Ceri just finished talking about not messing with them.
No. 746909 ID: 3740b1

Aquatic. And I actually like the titless aspect. Makes sense on a practical level and it's a nice change for those of us who subscribe to the itty bitty titty committee.
No. 746915 ID: 3abd97

>You won't be able to maintain or gain altitude without using magic
It suddenly occurs to me gliding is trivial with portals. Just port yourself strait up as high as you can, then glide wherever you want.
No. 746937 ID: 4e9864

OK, as much fun as it'd be to have a completely autonomous ability to fly and gain altitude without using magic, we're likely to magically cheat most of the time anyway using portals, teleportation, or polymorphing. Gliding gives us enough of an ability to fly that I'll switch my vote to aquatic form.
No. 746939 ID: 4e9864

Also, continuing to suggest that we should apologize to Skif after we get out of magical transformation mind space, and that we need to ask Ilan about whether conception is actually possible between us (and whether we need to worry about it from yesterday).
No. 746945 ID: 398fe1

Continuing to suggest that he kinda deserved getting yelled at.
No. 746956 ID: 987bda

Gliding is good enough. We can always stop gliding, drop like a rock, and then portal back up to cruising altitude with our now-insane speed.
No. 746958 ID: 180f83

No. 746982 ID: 28ff5a

Which ever form you pick remember that they don't look as good as your current form.

So we can polymorph into any form that can allow us to fly and survive underwater but if something goes wrong with our magic we are boned in each case, though I think it will be easier to find a way to deal with falling as apposed to drowning, and with Aquatic we can bring someone with us on deep sea adventures.

But permanent Flight mode would be better for long distance travel and with the use of our magic we could do some truly impressive stuff plus
>Underwater. Sex. With. Skif.
sex and water don't actually mix that well even if it would look impressive but seeing as Skif can already fly perma wings would allow us to join the mile high club.

Flight will probably be more use to us in the long run so that's my vote, and besides wingless dragons? MADNESS.
No. 746983 ID: c91f5b

I like the gliding batfish dragon.

No. 747015 ID: f9400c

Airborne is much better.
No. 747016 ID: 881425

Aquatic form, should be awesome
No. 747017 ID: 2a7417

Now? Neither one really appeals.
Another vote for Airborne form, then.
No. 747022 ID: f562b1

I'd say Aquatic form. Definitely sounds very useful.
No. 747023 ID: 91320d

The glider mode. Some clever usage of portals and teleportation can keep you in the air for as long as you want.
No. 747025 ID: 2a7417

Not really, since we'd be expending mana to do so, while the attraction of the flight form is zero MP cost.
No. 747027 ID: fa4709

And we'd still have to figure out how to use an entirely new set of limbs. Not to mention learning to fly by trial and error is going to lead to some difficult to explain bumps and bruises.
No. 747034 ID: 4e9864

One quick portal shouldn't take that much MP, and then we can glide for a long time, potentially long enough to recharge that much MP.

And even if that doesn't work, we'll be able to glide for long distances with relatively little energy.

We'll have to experiment with it.
No. 747048 ID: e984de

Those are both SUPER SICK

Aquatic, although I like the white horns on the airborne form.
No. 747049 ID: 20295c

Aquatic Form.
No. 747052 ID: 595d54

No. 747053 ID: 143831

Airborne. UGH, why did we have to argue about this to near-perfect balance? Now the choices are growing unstable!
No. 747055 ID: 44bc30

If Skif can fly, then ask him if he could carry us. If so then we should take aquatic and be mutual environment navigation buddies.
No. 747056 ID: db0da2

My heart wants to punch people in the face.
Aquatic form.
No. 747059 ID: 3e182c

Eh. This time it seems aquatic is winning 4 to 1

Still throwing my vote in as Airborn Though.

I'd rather roll with a magic spewing fighter jet than seaplane that uses all it's fuel just to stay in the air.
No. 747060 ID: a0cb83

I dig air's look
No. 747063 ID: 395c02
File 147336876432.png - (318.86KB , 800x600 , 392.png )

Time seems to stand still as a wave of calm comes over you.

Just what does your heart want?

It wants you to be yourself. Hiding from your inner dragon... is this really the best way? Why should you fear it so? Is your inner dragon... bad?

Does its existence mean that you are determined to be the villain in someone else's story?

Just who is it that would one day stand against you?
No. 747064 ID: 395c02
File 147336878395.png - (338.77KB , 800x600 , 393.png )

A memory, fainter than faint. Is it yours? Or... someone else's?

"...The risk is great..."

"...Aware of that..."

"...Have them follow you... Keep them nearby..."

"...But they..."

"...Insurance... just in case she loses control... or goes down a darker path..."

"...I understand..."

Your mind clears. Your heart knows what it wants.
No. 747065 ID: 395c02
File 147336880416.png - (354.48KB , 800x600 , 394.png )

Your heart wants to be in control of its own destiny.

"There... I'm nearly... ah? What...? Why is-- stay calm! Try to relax! Come on, don't fight me now!"
No. 747066 ID: 395c02
File 147336884222.png - (143.53KB , 800x600 , 395.png )


It is done. You are safe... for now.
No. 747067 ID: 395c02
File 147336885585.png - (162.42KB , 800x600 , 396.png )

Time resumes its normal flow, and you see Mr. Ilan and Skif staring at you.

"This is... most unexpected," Mr. Ilan says.
No. 747068 ID: 395c02
File 147336887274.png - (164.28KB , 800x600 , 397.png )

Forgive me, Ceridwen. Your dragon magic fought me at the very end. It's strangely insistent on giving you those."

You examine yourself. "That's because this is what my heart wants. Like I said, my breasts cause some problems, but... I love them. This is my body. This is me."

Skif nods in approval. "Yeah! Be proud of your hot body!"

Mr. Ilan fails to hide his continued surprise. "But... but you are less aerodynamic--"

"I am a dragon. I don't need to be aerodynamic."

"Okay... but it's going to make it really awkward for you. Those membranes are going to make it nearly impossible to wear any clothing--"
No. 747069 ID: 395c02
File 147336888685.png - (196.93KB , 800x600 , 398.png )

In a flash, your wings are gone. You aren't sure how-- you just wanted it to happen and it did. It would appear you can summon or dismiss them without using any MP.

Mr. Ilan's jaw hangs open. Really open, actually, since he's a snake. Dang.

"I don't understand," he says. "You shouldn't have this power, this control."

"I don't know... you asked me what my heart wanted, and I guess it answered you."

"I see. Well, either way, my seal should hold long enough for me to make the journey to the dragon lands. Try not to do anything crazy, okay? We will meet back here tomorrow to talk before I head off. I... recommend you come alone."

Hmm. You could let Mr. Ilan go for now. This would give you time to prepare any further questions you want to ask him tomorrow. Or maybe you should insist he hang around?

Still, you owe Skif an apology. You were a little hard on him earlier. Something about being a dragon... it can make you feel a little more domineering than normal.

In fact, perhaps you could earn Skif's forgiveness by offering to test-drive this new form of yours...~

Insist Mr. Ilan stays. Why talk tomorrow when you can talk now! Maybe Skif has his own questions?
Let Mr. Ilan go. It can wait. Skif's here and you're feeling... aquatic. Besides, you could just bring Skif tomorrow. What's Mr. Ilan going to do about it?

If you vote to make him stay, maybe you have something to ask or tell him? Or should you Insist Skif get a chance to talk to him?

If you vote for him to leave, what will you do with Skif?
Take some time to talk. A lot was just unloaded on you, and you need to apologize for lashing out at him.
Offer to 'try out' this new form. Offering Skif sex would almost definitely make him feel better. And you have some steam to blow off.
Offer to 'try out' this new form... UNDERWATER. Surely this new form is capable of some underwater fun, right? Besides, water kissies. Ah, Skif would be at your mercy...~

...You really maybe probably should be careful about this SOMEWHAT DOMINANT personality you've got going.
No. 747070 ID: 143831

This did not go well. You look like an old man who stuffed himself into a hawt girl's body.

Let Skif ask questions, you're going home.
No. 747074 ID: a438b0

Wow what that's super rude.

Let Mr. Ilan go and let's have some fun with Skif (maybe not underwater yet).
No. 747075 ID: 44bc30

Uh, well I hope you can put away the rest of those fins and things just as easily because they all look like they could get in the way of clothes! And make people suddenly notice you're different and that that's a Weird Thing To Be Suspicious Of. Also those face whiskers look... not as amazing as the rest of you.

But hey, look at your UI! It looks like you have two more slots for... something similar to this form! Maybe one day you can learn the aero form as well! And something else? Maybe the dragon or physical forms? That's something to look forward to!

Anyway, yes there is one more thing to ask Mr. Ilan! Tell him that while you and Skif are here together, you want to ask if he knows anything, or has any suggestions, about Skif's parents, because you've both started getting suspicious about them maybe being a danger to you, and if you're judging them too harshly that's really sad and if you're actually right about that then you might need help! Does Mr. Ilan know much about Skif's parents, or have any advice for Skif to escape their displeasure, or any input on that topic at all? Also ask Skif if he's thought of any questions he wants answered.

Other questions not related to Skif can wait until tomorrow.

If Mr. Ilan says "nope don't really know" or there are no questions or the answers are really quick, then take some time to talk with Skif and then offer to 'try out' this new form.
No. 747076 ID: 69aa21

Insist Mr. Ilan stays, so Skif can ask some questions. Don't realize that you're naked until someone points it out. You're pretty overwhelmed by the cool dragon power.
No. 747082 ID: 398fe1

Insist Mr. Ilan stays for Skif's questions. You've already asked all we can for now.

Offer to 'try out' this new form... UNDERWATER. Well, first, you should literally try out the new form to get used to it and using Oxygen Kisses. Like make sure you can keep Skif oxygenated even if the two of you are being physically active(though I guess if he's pinned he'll use less oxygen).
No. 747083 ID: 3abd97

I feel like you should probably thank him for helping you with that.

>If you vote to make him stay, maybe you have something to ask or tell him?
You didn't reaffirm to Mr Ilan that you are planning to go ahead with that ritual at some point, and you'd appreciate it if he'd be willing to look over your research / theory-work at some point, unless he really is taking off to the dragon-lands immediately.

You can say this to him whether or not you ask him to stay. (And I really feel like you should be asking him, not demanding he stay, if he does? He chose to help you, and I don't really think that deserves to be rewarded by you pushing him around and expecting him to follow your every wish, dragon or no).

>Maybe Skif has his own questions?
This feels like something you should ask Skif, instead of deciding for him. Not the worst idea to see if your friend thought up anything you didn't, or if he has more personal concerns.
No. 747087 ID: 5ef86a

>Face whiskers
Look, how else is she going to look for food while swimming around underwater? Those things are cool! Catfish pride!

Go try out this cool new form... UNDERWATER! ...then maybe offer to '''try out''' this new form underwater...
No. 747091 ID: a0cb83

Skif should ask about his parents relations with us and we should totally get used to these underwater abilities we have
No. 747092 ID: 4ea396

let Mr. Ilan go We should take some time to think about things before we bombard him with questions, and take some time to talk because I think we want more out of this relationship than great sex, we do want that too of course.
No. 747097 ID: 180f83

We brought Skif so BOTH of you can ask questions. It is his turn. I would like to see if he asks anything we may have forgotten about.
No. 747098 ID: 28ff5a

Nice Fu Manchu

Also you pink bits are showing, your teacher has seen you completely naked.

Let Skif ask questions while we go for a swim.
Then we'll "apologize" above water, its not much of an apology if hold him at our mercy.
No. 747103 ID: 3e182c

Insist Skif get a chance to talk to him.
Srsly. Snek over here's been treating him like an unwanted fly in the room this whole time. Rude.

Offer to 'try out' this new form... UNDERWATER.
No. 747109 ID: 77f422

Ok, the most important ting to know: Can you willingly move vour facetenrils?

If yes, congratulations, you can now cuddle Skifs face with vour face.
No. 747110 ID: 51a2a4

Ask that he please stay, and talk about the Skif's parents situation as well as the ritual situation, and let Skif ask his own questions too
No. 747111 ID: db0da2

Let Mr. Ilan go.
Offer to 'try out' this new form... UNDERWATER.

>...You really maybe probably should be careful about this SOMEWHAT DOMINANT personality you've got going.
We're going to need to be more than "somewhat" dominant if we want to change the world for the better, or have a harem, or become a supervillain, or really achieve any of our potential life goals.
No. 747119 ID: 91ee5f

Politely ask Mr. Ilan to stay to answer questions from you and Skif.

>We will meet back here tomorrow to talk before I head off. I... recommend you come alone.
"If I didn't come alone this time, what makes you think I'll come alone next time? I want Skif to be there with me. Please?"

One question in particular (that I'll keep asking until it eventually gets answered) is: If you knew about Skif's family this whole time, then why did you allow Ceri, a dragon, to live in the same town as a family of Dragon Riders? Perhaps, you did it for "Insurance... just in case she loses control... or goes down a darker path..."? Hopefully using those exact words will get a reaction out of him.

Agreeing with the suggestions that want to ask Skif if he has questions about anything and the suggestions asking Mr. Ilan to help with the original friendship ritual.
No. 747121 ID: 4e9864

One last question of our own for Mr. Ilan before he leaves, that a few people have brought up: we rather urgently need to know about conception between a dragon and a dragon rider, given his comment:
> It also leads credence to the theory that half the mortal species are the result of Rider/Dragon couplings.

Other questions, like the friendship ritual, can wait until tomorrow.

But let Skif ask anything he needs to, as well.

Then, thank Mr. Ilan for everything he's done for you. Hugs.

Then, apologize to Skif, and offer him the choice of what to 'try out'. (Which may or may not have a single-minded focus of activities. He might want to go flying, or swimming. Which might turn into sexier activities, too, but leave that up to him.

(Do we actually know he can fly yet, or is that something he might surprise us with?)
No. 747122 ID: 4e9864

> "If I didn't come alone this time, what makes you think I'll come alone next time? I want Skif to be there with me. Please?"

> One question in particular (that I'll keep asking until it eventually gets answered) is: If you knew about Skif's family this whole time, then why did you allow Ceri, a dragon, to live in the same town as a family of Dragon Riders? Perhaps, you did it for "Insurance... just in case she loses control... or goes down a darker path..."? Hopefully using those exact words will get a reaction out of him.

Also these, because that does seem like the most likely explanation for those words.
No. 747126 ID: 44bc30


Even if we want to be dominant (and I'm not sure how much we do, since there seems to be some correlation between dominance and selfishness, so that becoming more dominant means being less considerate of others), we really shouldn't grind it out on poor Skif. Not constantly, anyway. We want to apologize to him for embarrassing him and being too quick with threats against him, and it's hardly apologetic for us to demand he service our desires, especially by putting his life in our hands with underwater oxygen kisses. To be honest, I wouldn't put it past Ceri to forget to renew his kiss during a moment of ecstasy.
No. 747133 ID: 987bda

We should probably ask if the weird dragon sex magic thing means Skif could get Ceridwen pregnant.

That's kinda super important.
No. 747162 ID: f8c829

Exactly. We might be ambitious and incredibly strong­­ ­willed, but we don't want to hurt people. Let's leave the next step up to Skif, not us.

No. 747171 ID: 398fe1

I feel like we should save that kind of reveal for when Ceri is alone with Ilan.
No. 747173 ID: 4e9864

Why would we hide that from Skif? He already has concerns about his family and species, and he's on our side there.
No. 747176 ID: d11344

Yes, this is important.
No. 747189 ID: dd4df2


Let Mr. Ilan go and Take some time to talk with Skif.

Take the opportunity to start processing everything that happened together with Skif. You can speak with Ilan more tomorrow (and bring Skif, because why not), once you've both figured out together what you should be asking about concerning his dragon rider heritage (and other embarrassing things like the potential for children).

Also, to act a little responsibly, there's the fact your respective parents are possibly probably going crazy wondering where you are, so... you really need to ensure that you and your new boyfriend get your cover stories set up.

After all, we don't want Skif to get SHOT IN THE FACE by your dad and we certainly don't want his parents to get interested in what he's been up to!
No. 747195 ID: 9476b6

Try it out underwater
No. 747196 ID: dedb11

Let Mr. Ilan go.

Take some time to talk.

Offer to 'try out' this new form.
No. 747197 ID: 881425

Let Mr. Ilan go
Offer to Test out New Form Underwater

For now, go be nice to Skif for sticking with you through all this weirdness.
Maybe get a safeword set up.
Later we can ask Skif if he has any questions we could ask on his behalf tomorrow, since Mr. Ilan's being weird about it.
No. 747198 ID: 486e87

Let Mr. Ilan go and Take some time to talk to Skif.
No. 747230 ID: b7d1c6

We're an adult. We don't need a cover story. Tell them the truth (summarized, not explicit).
No. 747487 ID: 395c02
File 147362549432.png - (192.03KB , 800x600 , 399.png )

>Nice Fu Manchu 
Thanks?? You can't help but feel conflicted about them. Maybe they'll grow on you with time.

Hopefully not literally.

>Also you pink bits are showing, your teacher has seen you completely naked. 

You're so used to teleporting your clothing away when you transform that you did it without thinking! You'll need to break that habit now that you have a form that isn't a feral dragon or random feral animals!

>Ok, the most important ting to know: Can you willingly move vour facetenrils? 
Apparently, a little!? Your body seems to be going through minor changes, as if settling in on what this form should look like. But-- that's not important right now!!

"W-where'd my clothes go!?"

"Hmm... ah, over here," Skif says. "I'll get them for you, much as I enjoy the view."

"Please hurry!!!"

"Er... I suppose it's good that you fit in so well," Mr. Ilan says. "Most dragons lack this sense of, ah... modesty?"

"Look who's talking!!"

"Yes, well. I don't exactly have much to hide."

Skif hands you your clothes, and you hastily put them on. As much as you really, really want to teleport them onto your body, you're worried you'll tear something and have to walk around with holes in your clothing.

And who would want that!?

"Well," the snake begins, "I'll be off, now. You two be careful, all right?"

"W-wait!" you cry out.
No. 747488 ID: 395c02
File 147362551199.png - (152.71KB , 800x600 , 400.png )

"Thank you. I wouldn't even be here if not for you."

"Ah, my-- um. Huh. Hugs. This is new. Not sure how to deal with this situation. You've put me in."

"S-sorry, is this too much?"

"No it's... it's good. Just... unexpected."

You hold him for a moment.

"Could... could you please hang around a couple more minutes? There's something you said that has me worried."

"O-of course, child. What is it?"

"Um... if there's a rumor about dragon/rider children, er, since Skif and I... am I..."

"Oh? Oh. No, child. Your body can't reproduce."
No. 747489 ID: 395c02
File 147362552356.png - (185.97KB , 800x600 , 401.png )

"Wha-- like, at all? I assumed if I somehow found a close enough match..."

"Even if someone shared your exact DNA, the eggs you lay will always be barren."

"Then why make me deal with that every few months?"

"I wanted you to feel as normal as possible..."

"Lovely. I guess my inner dragon gets in the way of reproduction, then?"


"...Doesn't it? Or is something else getting in the way?"

"Ceridwen, you are far too young to be seeking children--"

"Yes, but I won't always be young! Maybe we can figure out a way to fix it?"

"We... shouldn't. It'd be best if you did not produce offspring."

"What? Why??"
No. 747490 ID: 395c02
File 147362553494.png - (136.84KB , 800x600 , 402.png )

Skif answers for him. "The dragons would come after her children too, if they found out. Is that it?"

Mr. Ilan looks at Skif silently.

"Or is there something else to it? You know what I am. You had to have known what my parents are. You took quite the risk On me learning the truth and forsaking the supposed ways of my people. There's no way you'd have made that gamble... sir."

The gears in your head begin to turn. "And while you were tinkering with my bindings, I heard something-- a faint memory. You... wanted Skif and me to meet."
No. 747491 ID: 395c02
File 147362555126.png - (275.86KB , 800x600 , 403.png )

"What the--"

"A barrier..."

"You kids are dangerously perceptive. Ah, don't be alarmed. I just don't want you running off before I've explained myself."

"This is only alarming us more!"

"Forgive me, it's for just a moment. You seek the truth, even if it's painful. I admire that. But what I say cannot leave this bubble. Even your parents don't know about this, Ceridwen."


"Yes, I knew about Skif's parents, and I was the one who introduced Myra and Sheriim to them. I told them it would be a fantastic idea if their children played together."

"So you wanted me to eventually do the tainted ritual? To enslave her?" Skif asks, his voice shaking.

"Of course not. Had you done so, I would have undone it myself. But that was the caveat for the help my friend offered me. He knew the great risks I took in helping you. Not just the risk of being found out, but the risk that the seal would fail..."

His gaze lowers.

"...And the risk that you would learn-- that you would abuse your powers. Skif and his parents were a safety-net. If a situation ever occurred where I could no longer ensure the safety of you or the mortals around you..."
No. 747492 ID: 395c02
File 147362556508.png - (161.97KB , 800x600 , 404.png )

"Skif, your charge would be to enslave Ceri, for all our sakes."

Your eyes go wide. Everything in your life, up to and including your friendship and romance with Skif, was orchestrated to keep you from putting everyone in danger? You can't bring yourself to speak.

"I refuse!" Skif shouts. "Even if she lost control, I'd find another way to help her! Not control her!"

"Please, you both must understand. I don't want that to happen. And I'm beyond relief that it looks like it never will. But if it did, you would risk the lives of everyone and everything you love if you let emotions cloud your judgment. And if you couldn't do it... Your parents would take up that task."

"My parents-- They don't care about Ceri! They only care about their pride! Why would they help you set all this up-- why wouldn't they enslave her themselves regardless of her perceived danger!?"

"Because they rightfully fear the horrors that would be brought to them if they enraged a powerful Life-Magic user."

Tears well up in your eyes. "But that won't happen! I-I'll learn how to control my dragon powers! Skif won't have to... I won't be..."

The barrier drops.

"I know, my child. My decisions are regrettable, but had I not made them, you two would not have each other right now. Skif's comments are perhaps a touch inappropriate at times, but I can tell he cares deeply for you. Why you know each other isn't important. What matters is you have each other now, and my worst-case scenario will surely fail to happen."

"Mr. Ilan, I... I still want to do the friendship ritual with Skif. I want him to come with me tomorrow. C-could you help us?"

Mr. Ilan nods. "I understand. Please, go home and rest. We will talk tomorrow. And if you want to attempt this original friendship ritual, I will be willing to help and guide you to ensure its safety."
No. 747493 ID: 395c02
File 147362557534.png - (78.63KB , 800x600 , 405.png )

And with that, he's gone.

"S-sorry, Skif... I wanted to give you a chance to ask him things..."

"No, it's okay. I learned what I needed to."

Should... should you try to comfort him?

Should you ask him to comfort you?

Should you Say something to Skif? Do you offer to take both your minds off things with some... swimming? You're not in the mood for sex anymore, but maybe you can cheer yourself up trying out this new form. Then you can give Skif underwater kissies and see how things go. If nothing else, you want to be close to him right now.
No. 747494 ID: 881425

There's been enough talking for now, just hug it out for the moment, carry on when you're ready.
No. 747495 ID: 5ef86a

Let's just do regular swimming.
No. 747496 ID: d7857f

Tell Skif you're going to be okay. Give him a hug and nuzzle his cheek.

Then trim your whiskers and body spikes. Because UGLY.
No. 747497 ID: 3abd97

He's probably right. It's likely your ability to reproduce is sealed since the psycho dragons would seek to snuff out you and all your descendants for the crimes of your biological parents.

You guys are overreacting, here. It hurts, emotionally, but having a safety net was a good thing. It shows that he wasn't so irresponsible as to put some kind of magical experiment out there without also putting in place a way to reign it in. Careful planning and contingencies are exactly the kind of thing you want in a person dealing with potentially dangerous things!

And this was in case you grew up not to be a good or responsible person. He did everything he could to try and make sure you did grow up that way, giving you to people he trusted to raise, and assuming the role of your teacher so he'd have influence in your life.

The one real fuckup is he didn't spend Skif's childhood getting him to trust him, so he could use him if he needed to. Instead he was cold and glared daggers at him. (Psychological failing? He resented Skif for what he represented- his own callous contingency).

>Should... should you try to comfort him?
>Should you ask him to comfort you?
Can't that go both ways? Hold each other for a while.
No. 747501 ID: 44bc30

Talk to each other, comfort each other.

To be honest, comfort may not be that easy. You've both had a big shadow thrown on your relationship. If I were you, I'd talk between yourselves about doing something to reassure yourselves and reestablish a strong foundation for your feelings. Like, going on a camping trip together, or that sort of thing, something where you spend a lot of time with each other, have to depend on each other a bit, and get a chance to prove your affections as genuine, based on who you are and not just the position your lives put you in. In fact, if you went out into the wilderness together there's a lot of useful things you could do, like practicing him riding you in dragon form. He's probably learned a bit of how a dragon mount fights, and he could teach you that, as well as some combat skills for your normal mortal form, and he could get familiar with how you use magic to fight.

... If your parents let you. Skif's parents would probably approve of something they'd see as getting him closer to you, but by this point your dad is probably thinking of banning you from seeing Skif for a while.
No. 747509 ID: 4e9864

Apologize to Skif for snapping at him earlier.

We don't blame him for anything, and we don't really blame Ilan either for having an emergency backup plan. We're happy and grateful that Skif turned out to be a good person, though.

See what Skif wants to do, but swimming sounds like a good plan.

> To be honest, comfort may not be that easy. You've both had a big shadow thrown on your relationship. If I were you, I'd talk between yourselves about doing something to reassure yourselves and reestablish a strong foundation for your feelings. Like, going on a camping trip together, or that sort of thing, something where you spend a lot of time with each other, have to depend on each other a bit, and get a chance to prove your affections as genuine, based on who you are and not just the position your lives put you in. In fact, if you went out into the wilderness together there's a lot of useful things you could do, like practicing him riding you in dragon form. He's probably learned a bit of how a dragon mount fights, and he could teach you that, as well as some combat skills for your normal mortal form, and he could get familiar with how you use magic to fight.

I like this idea. We shouldn't go in the direction of the dragon lands, but an adventure we can share sounds great.
No. 747523 ID: e984de

Rude. And I like them. Now that they've settled into something a bit less Fu Manchu, anyway.

Anyway, this seems like a time for swim cuddling. Not sex, just cuddling.
No. 747526 ID: c91f5b

Don't trim your fish whiskers.

Nothing is more sexier than a set of barbels.
No. 747531 ID: 398fe1

What if they were LONGER whiskers?
No. 747548 ID: 51a2a4

I personally love your fish whiskers! Also, they have utility. Why do you think you have them? Probably the same reason catfish do, for your sense of taste/smell! They might even have some other neat senses in them, go try it out! Time to go swimming!
No. 747549 ID: 51a2a4

Also, have a small, clinical, utilitarian part of you actually consider Mr. Ilan's plan. It was a good and completely rational plan, not leaving things to chance, to minimize the chance of catastrophe and protect society from threats that could cause large numbers of deaths.

The fact that he felt such a plan was necessary leads you to believe that he genuinely believes that Life Magic has a chance to cause massive amounts of death and destruction. Otherwise, such a plan would be excessive for someone so level-headed.

Perhaps it is also used in making weapons of mass destruction? Plagues and such?
No. 747573 ID: 5dffa0

I think it would be healthy if the two of you vented in some way instead of trying to take your mind of it. Maybe some crying, or impotent rage at inanimate objects. You guys are still young, you don't have to be COMPLETELY mature about this crap and keep everything under control. Go massacre a million of innocent bystanders in some violent video game or something like that.
No. 747574 ID: c441c1

Destroy the TREE OF CLICHE.
No. 747579 ID: 35830c

I support the whiskers. They add a whole new layer of expressiveness to our face. Good stuff. We can't resort to anime-level blushes all the time.
No. 747582 ID: db0da2

>Should... should you try to comfort him?
>Should you ask him to comfort you?
Honestly those both seem kinda silly. Skif doesn't seem that shaken up, and you shouldn't be either. Mr.Ilan is right, it's perfectly reasonable to have a backup plan for the scenario where the mysterious child of incredible and unstable power turns into a monster. The fact that that child turned out to be you and that the backup plan turned out to be Skif is merely happenstance, as organic as any other meeting.
Don't lash out or cry or anything, just go swim or something while mulling this over, calm down and clear your head, this isn't that big of a deal.
No. 747603 ID: a0cb83

You know what, we should totally go swim or something and not get completely mopey about this. Skif doesn't look terrible about the ordeal and you guys are still friends despite Mr. Ilan's plan about keeping everyone around you safe.
No. 747619 ID: 4e9864

It does seem like we have more than enough COMP and MIND to understand and sympathize with Ilan's emergency backup plan. Risk to us, versus risk to everyone around us.

Doesn't mean we have to like it, but no sense getting angry about it.

But we're still lucky and ecstatic that Skif turned out the way he did. And we should tell him that.

(Along with the apology for biting his head off earlier. We need to work on our temper in dragon form.)
No. 747700 ID: 3e182c

Fuck yeah! Swimming!
No sense in dwelling on the past.
No. 747744 ID: dd4df2


>Find out about your tragic background and the true circumstances behind your life-long friendship with Skif. And your (current) infertility.

E'en so... you are SOMEWHAT DOMINANT and generally a HAPPY sort, whose COMP is way higher than their SELF. And you've already been through this once before, when you EMBRACED your dragon nature, deciding that it would mean whatever YOU wanted it to mean! All of that, and then there's the fact that not having a natural born child NEVER - not once! - bothered your parents.

Ceridwen, you are far stronger than the plot bombs dropped here. You are filled with nope to the mope. Make the first move by saying something humorous and comforting that puts the situation in perspective to Skif. Like...

"Well. At least we'll have CONCERNED DOLPHIN and GIANT BIRD material for years to come. Our many, many years to come. Together. You and me."
No. 747765 ID: 71d443

Idea: get used to being in this form and give Skif dragon cuddles at the same time. how? Polymorph up to dragon size.
No. 747928 ID: 395c02
File 147388483273.png - (144.32KB , 800x600 , 406.png )

"Man," Skif says, taking a seat on the green grass. "What an asshole."

You sit down beside him. "No... he was right to do what he did. He had a backup plan, a safety-net."

"His 'safety-net' net was robbing you of free will! Aren't you angry about that?"

"Of course I am. But I can't let anger get in the way of logic. From his point of view, it was the best way to get his friend to help him, and it helped guarantee everyone's safety should something have gone wrong."

"It just doesn't make sense. There's probably thousands of dragons out there that we don't even know about. If they all had to struggle with their power as you do, wouldn't we have read it somewhere? In all our research, it was never once spoken of a dragon losing control of their powers."

"I'm sort of a unique case. Other dragons had their entire lives to learn to control their abilities. For me, it'd be like learning to run before I can even crawl."

it is pretty unfair, though...

"Maybe, but to orchestrate our entire lives... It's like none of our actual decisions mattered-- like we were railroaded into being together."

"Even so, we were in control of the train. We could have chosen to stop it, or to jump off of it. But we didn't."

"I guess..."

"Hey. Everything's on the table now. And we know I'm safe. From this point on, we're in charge. We can find out own reasons to be together, our own reasons to care for one another."

No. 747929 ID: 395c02
File 147388485053.png - (145.03KB , 800x600 , 407.png )

You cuddle with Skif in silence for a while. You take comfort in his presence, not really needing to say anything.


You finally decide to break the silence. "We should go on a trip together."

"What? Like, to another town?"

"Another town, out into the woods, climbing the nearby mountains. I don't know. We should just get away from everything for a while, go camping. Have an adventure, you and me."

"A little adventure of our own, huh...?"

"Yeah... it'd be nice."

"That's a great idea. Just tell me when you want to leave, and I'll be there. My parents couldn't stop me if they tried."

"My dad probably would try, but I've hidden all his bullets."

"You know he wouldn't actually shoot me, right? He's just trying to keep you from doing anything 'crazy'."

"How do you know that!?"

"Well... he's the one who suggested I told you how I feel."

"............................huh. Well... I'm glad you did."

"Yeah. Me too."


"I'm sorry," you say. "For snapping at you earlier."

"What? Oh. You don't have to apologize. I knew you weren't being entirely serious. Sorry for blurting out something so private like that."

"It's fine... I guess I did start it."



"Did you think of something amusing?" Skif asks.

"Yeah. I just realized I have the material to make so many GIANT BIRD AND CONCERNED DOLPHIN comics now! Maybe you could write some, too! You and me, GBCD comics forever!"

"You still want to make those? After all this?"

"Of course! We just had a lot dumped on us, but it's not like anything's actually changed. I'm not going to just stop being ~super creative~ because of a silly thing like dramatic backstory reveals. My life doesn't stop just because we're seeing some dark clouds. Don't you give up on your dreams, either!"

Skif looks away for a moment before facing you with a smirk on his face. "Heh... Okay, I won't. Both our races are simply misguided. They've lost their way. You and I, we have to show the world the way things are supposed to be. Even if we do it through the means of silly comics."

You smile. "Yeah. The two of us, redeeming our races. Mending old wounds! And making hilarious comics about it!"

"We could find others who believe as we do. They could help us spread the word. Maybe we could form some kind of--"
No. 747930 ID: 395c02
File 147388486331.png - (108.80KB , 800x600 , 408.png )

"--HOARD OF FOLLOWERS???" You say excitedly.

"I was going to say club but sure."

"The two of us, working together! One whose kind has a history of enslavement. Another whose kind has stupid laws and secludes themselves. Together, spreading the word of OPENNESS and FREEDOM!"

"Hehe, you never were one to stay upset for very long. Well, all right. Let's do this. But if we're making a HOARD CLUB, we'll need a leader."

"A leader, eh...?"

"Yeah. And that leader should be you... mistress~"

"Oh my god are you making me leader just so you can call me mistress."

"Perhaps. I am ever your humble servant, mistress Ceri."

"You're enjoying this way too much! Just act like you always have!"

"Whatever pleases you... mistress."



"Maybe I'll give you a reason to call me that later...~ "

"oh gosh"

"But for now..."

"How about we go swimming?" NEW FORM DEMANDS TRYING OUT.
"How about helping me learn to fly?" With magic, even this form can fly, if you knew how. Or you could just birb it up~
"How about we stop by my house?" Video games solve all problems. And your parents are going to be out celebrating their anniversary together. They almost weren't! But you used some REALLY AMAZING LEVELS OF CHARISMA to avoid their wrath after staying out last night. Man. You should have seen it. It's such a shame we skipped it. Seriously. okay i'll stop

Also, from this point forward, you always have the option to Unleash your D. The duration of the effect depends on how much of the D bar you've erected. The bar is currently full, as if inviting you to try it out tutorial style.

Then again, you should probably save it for dire situations. But if you never use it, there'd never be any D to gain! Could you really go through life not obtaining any D?
No. 747931 ID: 5ef86a

Go swimming to make up for what happened last time. And to try out this new fishmode.
No. 747936 ID: 3e182c

No. 747937 ID: ba506f

to the SWIMMING hole I say.
No. 747941 ID: 398fe1

swim swim hungry
No. 747942 ID: 988b32

Do the swimming yourself, don't let Skif drown.

Go for the sunken treasure! Or collect rare fish, whatever makes money.
No. 747944 ID: 286d17

No. 747949 ID: a0cb83

Learning a little bit of flying before skydiving into nearby water
No. 747951 ID: da1652

Super Swimming
After all, dipping into a completely untested ability for an emergency could just make things worse
No. 747954 ID: 2a7417

Go swimming.
No. 747960 ID: 44bc30

Go swimming and unleash your D.

Then, afterwards, Skif can unleash his.
No. 747966 ID: 180f83

Ian told us not to overuse our powers before he gets back. I recommend not to unleash your D, but if we must, we should only use it sparingly.

But yeah, swimming, and maybe try a little bit of gliding when diving in the water.
No. 747967 ID: 180f83

No. 747969 ID: 3abd97

Good to know your limit break form doesn't wear out in a single round or anything.

>what do
Go flying! C'mon, you got water-wings and everything, it's what they're for.
No. 747974 ID: f7160a

Go swimmiming
No. 747975 ID: 395c02
File 147389693383.png - (117.94KB , 800x600 , 409.png )

Hmm... if you do go swimming, you did remember your bathing suit this time, right...?

Surely you brought either the single-piece or two-piece suit and totally aren't planning on going without...!
No. 747977 ID: 5ef86a

Wear the two-piece, just don't be surprised when it suddenly goes missing as a result of "plot".
No. 747978 ID: 8cb228

We need to get used to using the form, and the D-break to do the tutorial, and get used to working with Skiff with this. Both in the water, out of it, experimenting with your other uses of magic, experimenting with creative uses of portals, figuring out at least the basic limits of our new capabilities and how they work together, etc. etc.

Now is a safe time to do it, so that when you NEED to use it, after building up the D again, you'll be more effective!

Also, two-piece!
No. 747980 ID: d3de27

>going without
Only if Skif doesn't have a suit and has no other choice. Fair's fair. Otherwise one piece.
No. 747981 ID: 44bc30

Obviously the two-piece is far more practical for shapeshifting shenanigans.
No. 747985 ID: 595d54

Two piece is less likely to mess with shapeshifting, but I'll vote go without because I can't remember which author it was that really liked clothing destruction and I don't want to risk wasting swimsuits.
No. 747986 ID: 7ce14c

Fish mode go! You want a real test of swimming, and unless you're going without a suit you won't have accurate hydrodynamics! And you can introduce new characters when you come out and your clothes have been stolen.
No. 747987 ID: 71d443

The two-piece suit is more suited to sudden changes of form. We wouldn't want any clothing tearing, noo!
No. 747988 ID: cf56b1

Ask Skif what he wants to do.
(Do we even know he can fly yet? Has he told us?)

If he has no preference, go swimming. Wear the two-piece.
No. 747989 ID: cf56b1

No. 747994 ID: 3e182c

go Without
Shame is for the weak.
No. 747995 ID: 91ee5f

This! XD

(Mr. Ilan told us that, yes, Skif can fly.)
No. 748013 ID: 8cb228

It isn't about shame, it's about getting practice doing the various fine control tweaks and teleporting clothes on and off and figuring out how clothing works with the various forms and how clothing works when doing flying and vigorous swimming. If you are going to have or cause a wardrobe malfunction by doing something, figure out what'll happen when ahead of time!
No. 748026 ID: 4e9864


And this.

If not, we've had success protecting our clothing while polymorphing or teleporting before, and we could attempt to do so again. Could come in handy when we need to change form in a hurry and don't have time to strip.
No. 748028 ID: 180f83

Go without. Build up an exhibitionism fetish.
No. 748035 ID: 4e9864

Nah, we don't want to exhibit ourselves to everyone, just to Skif.
No. 748036 ID: e043f2

I like the single-piece tbh
No. 748038 ID: 5c3807

You body is beautiful and the world must know.
Or at least Skiff, we gotta get him good and ready for our later activities.
No. 748059 ID: 286d17

I would say two piece if people are going to be around.
No. 748060 ID: 4854ef

Go Without, I mean really we just got our new dragon form stuff right why wouldn't we want to test it in the water?
No. 748062 ID: 5dffa0

Single-piece. You have to explore the more conservative and subtle ways of being sexy as well. You can't always rely on showing skin to get them trouser snakes hard.
No. 748064 ID: c80fb8

Nudey swim time.
No. 748087 ID: 1bf271

Single Piece
No. 748094 ID: 141621

No. 748101 ID: dedb11

go without go without go without go without please
No. 748104 ID: 8cb228

Again, I think this should be via intentional testing of the limits of some of the shapeshifting and other abilities to figure out (among other, more important things) what is going to cause a wardrobe malfunction, so sort of semi-intentional?
No. 748105 ID: 145eb5

Ask Skif.
No. 748108 ID: 8b9558

Two Piece or just ask Skif.
No. 748125 ID: a0cb83

I vote single piiiece
No. 748127 ID: 094652

I vote for you to hurry the @#$% up and just put BOTH swimsuits on.
No. 748134 ID: 4e9864

> And your parents are going to be out celebrating their anniversary together. They almost weren't! But you used some REALLY AMAZING LEVELS OF CHARISMA to avoid their wrath after staying out last night. Man. You should have seen it. It's such a shame we skipped it. Seriously. okay i'll stop

Their anniversary is the day after our hatchday?

(Also, it is a shame we skipped it. Might have been fun.)
No. 748136 ID: 4e9864


There's always the more subtle approach to exhibitionism (and teasing). With a strategically placed portal or two, we could have fun with Skif in public while still wearing clothing. Imagine the possibilities.
No. 748138 ID: 4e9864

Also, these: don't unleash the D for swimming, or at least not right away.
No. 748139 ID: 4e9864

Summary as of this post. (For simplicity, this time I just counted split votes as 0.5 rather than un-split votes as 2.)

12 Swimming
2 Flying
0 Home

9 two-piece
5 one-piece
9 go without

3 suggestions to unleash the D
3 suggestions not to do so, or not to do so immediately. (Need to get used to swimming and our new form, don't want to not accidentally drown Skif when we get experimental in our new form, and a reminder that Ilan mentioned not overdoing it).


Several suggestions to ask Skif for input first.

Several questions of whether Skif has a suit. If he has to go without, only fair that we do too. If he has a suit, we can wear one too. (These suggestions were counted above for the type of suit to wear if Skif has one, so if Skif doesn't have a suit, several votes move to "go without".)

A couple of suggestions to favor swimming but use gliding to dive into the water.
No. 748140 ID: 79a07e

Voting for the two-piece.
No. 748141 ID: a10481

Don't unleash the D quite yet. Save it until after a while with the S, and maybe a bit of the other D.
No. 748142 ID: 370962

Go without!
No. 748143 ID: d5e580

Two­ piece suit
No. 748154 ID: ca5b6a

>Go Without
No. 748155 ID: 2a7417

Wear two one-piece bathing suits.
No. 748157 ID: 60ac68

>go without
No. 748171 ID: 398fe1

Two piece.
No. 748173 ID: ba506f

one piece string bathing suit.
No. 748250 ID: f0e552

We could take the two-piece suit but that's just another thing to aid in your teasing, no reason why we couldn't just take it off after..
No. 748273 ID: 3e182c

I would settle for just going topless.
Tilde with class.
No. 748317 ID: 395c02
File 147414430051.png - (157.60KB , 800x600 , 410.png )

Well, you could always stop by your house and pick up a TWO-PIECE suit. On one hand, you could wear the ones that make you look cute.

On the other, recent events have given you a slight desire to rebel against keeping things concealed. The thought of running around exposed excites you a tiny bit, in a weird perverse way. Almost like using gym equipmen-- NOPE NOPE KEEP THOSE THOUGHTS DEEP DOWN WHERE THEY BELONG.

Still, the logic of everything Mr. Ilan's said and done makes sense, but deep down...

"What do you think about going for a swim?" you ask.

"Yeah, I was actually thinking of doing that later anyway. It could take our minds off things."

"Well, we'd have to detour to my house first, unless... what do you think? Swimming suit, or going 'natural'?"

"You asking that are one of many reasons you're the best girlfriend ever."

"Oh, stop~"
No. 748318 ID: 395c02
File 147414431521.png - (139.98KB , 800x600 , 411.png )

Skif thinks long and hard about this, as if it is the most important issue he has ever faced.

"I think we should make the detour. You could wear that CUTE TWO-PIECE SUIT you have!"

"Wait, you're advocating for clothing?"

"Well, for one thing, it's not that late yet-- we might not be alone out there. For another, it could make it hard to, erm, focus on actually trying out your new form. Besides, it's not like it'd be glued to you, should we desire a 'break'."


"Also, if we both wore swimsuits..."
No. 748319 ID: 395c02
File 147414433934.png - (150.27KB , 800x600 , 412.png )

"...It would give you the power to command me to strip wheneeever you wanted. You'd have total control over our clothing situation..." He places his hand underneath your chin. "I am at your complete mercy. And if I'm a good boy, perhaps my mistress would deem me worthy of a show of my own...~"

oh gosh you really are somewhat dominating you feel warm just thinking about all that

"H-hey! No fair! I'm supposed to be teasing you!" You cry out.

"Oh, I couldn't possibly tease you; I'm just a simple boy. In fact, there is nothing I could do to stop a dragon from doing whatever she wanted to me~"


maybe you could transform and hold him dow-- Argh! No! He's got you all hot and bothered! You want to turn it around and make him the one blushing!

...But his APPEAL is still much higher than yours...


"I never have regrets when I'm with you~"


You exit at a hasty pace!
No. 748320 ID: 395c02
File 147414435183.png - (169.81KB , 800x600 , 413.png )

Soon you find yourselves back at your house.

Hmm. Your parents are probably leaving for their ANNIVERSARY DATE soon. You could give them privacy and PORTAL directly to your room to grab the CUTE TWO-PIECE SWIMSUIT, or you could go ahead and say 'hi' to them before they head out.

You're not sure if you could stop yourself from talking about what happened, though. You feel like they deserve to know, despite what Mr. Ilan said...

Avoiding them would give yourself time to convince yourself not to spill the beans, you guess.

Portal to room, obtain outfit. Your parents are probably enjoying the time spent by themselves. Given that they're leaving shortly, they probably are just getting things together, but what if they're... cuddling!? You aren't ready to picture your parents in that kind of light!
Walk on in, say hi to parents! You probably can't talk long, but maybe you can get some free hugs. That's what we're doing here, right? Getting hugs? Also, maybe they're cuddling! How adorable! You're totally ready to picture your parents in that kind of light!
No. 748321 ID: 5ef86a

Walk on in, without knocking.
No. 748322 ID: a0cb83

A little "Hi" would be alright
No. 748323 ID: 1a18e2

>You want to turn it around and make him the one blushing!

No it's fine see he can make you blush and then you can break his pelvis later. You might not be able to out-tease him but you have other strengths!

Anyway uh go on in and try not to think lewd thoughts about domming Skif the whole time.
No. 748327 ID: 997da0

Considering your parents, they may well be "celebrating" already. Best to leave them to their privacy I think.
No. 748335 ID: 3abd97

>Your parents are probably leaving for their ANNIVERSARY DATE soon.
Your parents are probably freaking out right now because you never came home last night and it's now like halfway through the next day!

You should probably say hi so they can stop worrying and actually enjoy their anniversary. ...and maybe ground you forever.
No. 748339 ID: dd4df2



Check option #3 there. AMAZING LEVELS OF CHARISMA to the rescue.

Let's go with going in and saying hi. Maybe your SOMEWHAT DOMINANT personality can pick up some pointers from what your mother might be doing~
No. 748341 ID: 18c950

If they complain, let them know that some important stuff came to light and you had to talk to Mr. Ilan ASAP. If they ask questions, answer truthfully, but try to push the conversation in the direction of "hey I just learned some kind of mind-boggling stuff about myself"... rather than, y'know, you and Skif had sex outdoors and just went to sleep afterwards.

If their line of questioning pushes things that way, your distraction trump card: You have a mustache now. Your girly and vaguely reptilian sensibilities are freaking out about growing facial "hair."
No. 748343 ID: 18c950

o rite nvm I also forgot about that detail.

In that case, I dunno, just portal in and grab a suit. Maybe shout from your room that you're stopping by to grab stuff before going swimming. Let them know your plans but don't stick around.
No. 748347 ID: 8111b6

Just head on in! If they try to make a fuss, remind 'em that 1: you're an adult now, and 2: if anything did happen, you're a totally awesome magic user.

I'm suuuuuuuure those two aren't up to aaaaaaanything. Just head on in.

(Mental note, gonna have to get back at Skif in fun ways later for that)
No. 748349 ID: 398fe1

Portal to room, obtain outfit.

They're probably not just cuddling.
No. 748355 ID: 141621

politely knock
No. 748358 ID: a3f8ae

No. 748361 ID: 18a286

If they're about to leave they probably aren't doing anything besides getting ready to leave or maybe some mild cuddling. Pop in to say hi. It isn't like you'll be seeing them for long, and they'll like the fact that you let them know you're okay.
No. 748363 ID: 71d443

Portal to your room right now, young lady!
No. 748365 ID: 180f83

Knock on door/ring doorbell. Let them know you are okay. You've been gone all night. They're probably worried.
No. 748367 ID: 3e182c

Walk in
No. 748369 ID: 973861

walk in
No. 748370 ID: 997da0

Okay yeah knocking to let them know you're here, if they're busy you can just talk to them through the door for a moment while you use a portal to get your swim suit.
No. 748371 ID: 997da0

Okay yeah knocking to let them know you're here, if they're 'indisposed' you can just talk to them through the door for a moment while you use a portal to get your swim suit.
No. 748372 ID: 997da0

Whoops, didn't mean to double post like that. Oh well.
No. 748382 ID: 4e9864

Variation on a theme: portal in, walk back out.

But yeah, be sociable. Wish them a happy anniversary.
No. 748383 ID: 4e9864

Also, consider the implicit reassurances in what you're doing. You're going swimming, and you came home to obtain a suit. If anything, Mom might be slightly disappointed (but not after some of the hints we can drop when Dad's not around to have a heart attack).

Return the compliment: this whole conversation is part of why Skif is the best boyfriend ever.

It's impressive that on the one hand he managed to be teasing and playful, and rev us up in exactly the way he's figured out we like to be revved up, and on the other hand he's actually advocating some restraint, focusing on actually trying out the new form rather than just "trying out" the new form.
No. 748388 ID: 3fa052

Literally @#$% your way in? Your parents might be celebrating their anniversary the same way.
No. 748389 ID: 8cb228

Knock, walk in, tell your parents what happened -- they deserve to know, but stop and plan how you will say it BEFORE you walk in, so it doesn't just come all tumbling out -- and get your bathing suit.
No. 748392 ID: b886ea

No. 748400 ID: 47160d

I would just like to say I strongly advocate if we do strip polymorphing our bits away and making ourselves flat as a board, frustration over a reward not being what he expected could hold cuteness. Plus it would teach him to tease his mistress
No. 748576 ID: 18c950

And then if he complains, claim it's to make us more hydrodynamic.
No. 748765 ID: 395c02
File 147440271262.png - (57.29KB , 800x600 , 414.png )

You knock softly! There's no reason to avoid your parents, after all. Your ASTOUNDING LEVELS OF CHARISMA OH MY GOD YOU GUYS IT WAS AMAZING...

...ensures that they're not going to ground you or anything.

There's a rustling sound inside and some murmurs. After a moment, the door opens.
No. 748766 ID: 395c02
File 147440272436.png - (89.62KB , 800x600 , 415.png )

"SORRY NOT INTERESTED GO AW-- wait. Skif? Then... Ceri?"

"It's me!"

"Oh! Ceri! Your timing is... impeccable!"

Dad's gotten pretty used to you showing up in random POLYMORPHS. But why does he sound so...

"Am I... interrupting anything?" you ask.

"Of course not! We always have time for our beloved daughter! We were just... getting ready for our big night out! And Skif! How are you doing!"

"H-hello, sir. You seem... tense."

"Nonsense! Why would I be!? Ceri told me all about how you confessed your feelings to each other! That's really great! Your mother and I! Were just! Talking about how great that is!"


"Come on in, you two!"

Dad's acting really weird.
No. 748767 ID: 395c02
File 147440273481.png - (176.12KB , 800x600 , 416.png )

You both make your way inside.

"Ah! H-hello, kids!" Mom says. "We... weren't expecting to see you here so early!"

"W-well, I wanted to say 'hi' before you left," you say.

"Oh! There's the Ceri we know and love! And... are you trying out a new polymorph?"

"Er, well, Skif and I plan on going swimming..."

"Oh, how lovely! You're taking after me! You know, being aquatic myself, I could teach you a thing or two about swimming. We should head to the lake sometime and try it."

"Hee, maybe I'll take you up on that. But, um, why are you both dressed like that?"

"Oh, we didn't say? We're going to a concert! The Roaring Dragons are in town for the first time in a decade, so we figured we'd dress like we did back then."

They actually went out like that??

You briefly appreciate your ACTUALLY GOOD SENSE OF FASHION, then continue the conversation. "You mentioned you were going out, but... that old metal band? They're still doing concerts at their age?"

Dad lets out a huff. "They're not that old! Ah, if only you kids could appreciate real music..."

The band claims to sound like dragons roaring. You're not sure if that should please you because DRAGON, or insult you because you roared in dragon form before and it was nothing like that. Either way, it's not quite your cup of dragon tea.

"Oh! How did your talk with Mr. Ilan go?" your mother asks. "I doubt he had much to tell you that I haven't already, but maybe you learned something anyway?"

Ah... There were parts of what happened that Mr. Ilan insisted you not tell your parents about. But, until now you'd always been honest and open with them-- last night was the rare exception and that is probably why you were about to avoid their DIVINE WRATH over it.

How much information puts them in danger? Does any of it do so...?

What will you do?

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to. It's probably for the best they don't know the really scary stuff, anyway.
Explain everything. What does he know, anyway? This is your life, not his! Your parents deserve to know it all!
Confirm that he said nothing new. Actually, maybe it'd be best to let them have peace-of-mind. Today is about them... maybe you can tell them later.

ask why mom's pants are undone
No. 748770 ID: dc38c8

Explain the parts that he didn't tell you not to. Apologize and specifically mention that he told you some things in confidence that you can not disclose to them for safety reasons, and ask that they please understand. Distract dad and discreetly signal to mom that her pants are undone.
No. 748771 ID: dc38c8

Also, politely allow them to maintain their fiction that you don't know exactly why they are acting and dressing funny. You do, after all, have a functioning nose and can put two and two together.
No. 748772 ID: 98e443

Yes Ceri, they actually used to go out like that, and 20 years from now some punk kids will think the exact same thing when they see the sorta stuff you go out in public wearing. Also, you totally interrupted your parents while they were getting hot and bothered reminiscing about their own wild youth. Don't worry, it's entirely expected as a parent that your offspring will occasionally disrupt attempts to get frisky as it were.

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to. I wouldn't say to hide the really scary stuff from them just put off telling them about it, so they can enjoy their evening.
No. 748773 ID: 5ef86a

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to, but also let them know that there's other things that he said would be unsafe to tell them about. That way you're being honest and open with them but didn't actually tell them the dangerous stuff. They seem like the type to end up prying if you were so clearly hiding something.
No. 748780 ID: 398fe1

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to.

Try to subtly point out your mom's pants. Also keep it short they were obviously in the middle of something.
No. 748792 ID: dd4df2


They might be safer not knowing the full truth. They might even be safer knowing the full truth. There's no way to know. But this is supposed to be their night out, so...

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to. They deserve to know, but they also deserve to have a proper night out. The important thing, to them, will undoubtedly be that you're still doing fine, which you are. You can talk about the sensitive stuff with them later, after you've spoken more with Mr. Ilan about the consequences of doing so.

Also, wink at your mom as you wish them good luck with the evening.
No. 748799 ID: a0cb83

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to and discreetly tell your mom good luck!
No. 748800 ID: 286d17

Go say "hi"! Dispel any worry they might have. I would try to keep things brief, however.
No. 748805 ID: 44bc30

Tell them that you learned some new things, and you actually got a lot of benefit out of your talk!... but, some of the things he told you might be a little bit of a downer, though not urgent, so maybe they'd like to wait until after their night out for you to talk to them about it?

By the way, since they mentioned your new form... I was actually under the impression, when we were deciding, that the new aquatic elements were going to be like the offered wings would have been? That you could switch them off and on without using MP? But so far you've acted like you've left your previous form permanently.
No. 748806 ID: 4e9864

Explain the parts we weren't asked not to.

Not because we won't tell them the rest later, but because we don't want to ruin their evening. We'll give them the full story later.

Also, give Mom a hug and whisper to her that we'll have more details on our activities later when it won't give Dad a heart attack, and also that she may want to XYZ (or not, we won't judge).
No. 748807 ID: 4e9864

This. Let them have the illusion that they can still put one over on us, distract them for as little time as possible, and discretely give Mom a thumbs-up.
No. 748809 ID: 91ee5f

Ask why mom's pants are undone.
Let's just get the most important question out of the way first.

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to.
This seems like the best thing to do.

.....wait! Before you start explaining what Mr. Ilan said, we need to know something very important first! Do your parents know that Skif knows that you're a dragon? This is very important because if you just start explaining what Mr. Ilan said to your parents in front of Skif, they might freak out because they don't know that he knows and has promised to keep it a secret!
No. 748811 ID: 71d443

Don't ask questions you don't really want the answers to.

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to.
No. 748821 ID: 4affa1

My paranoia is kicking in.


Begin classic 1960's Space Alien Theme Song Playlist and HUG YOUR PARENTS UNTIL THE ALIENS POP OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS!
No. 748835 ID: 3abd97

>ask why mom's pants are undone
Because you interrupted them when they were still getting dressed for the concert, obviously. Gosh. What other possible reason could there be?

>what say
You can tell them there was a little new stuff, but it's not that big a deal. You'll go over it with them later, okay? You don't want to hold them up!
No. 748857 ID: 3e182c

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to.

Ask why mom's pants are undone.
Pfft you know why. They were totally fucking. Or getting ready too.
Your business right now however is more important. They'll have plenty of time while you're out.
No. 748861 ID: a49576

Explain the parts that Mr. Ilan didn't explicitly ask you not to LATER, right now is doesn't seem like a good time for potentially mood-dampening material, both you couples should head out and enjoy yourselves for now

And Ceri you know damn well what your parents are up to, you're not dense and they're not subtle.
No. 748876 ID: 18c950

Be vague! Say that you did learn some things, but you all have fun events planned and discussing it can safely wait.
No. 748877 ID: 141621

[b]Explain the parts we weren't asked not to.[b/]
No. 748901 ID: b412df

Agreeing with this, let them have their night and it'll give you time to think about what you want to tell them.
No. 748906 ID: 35830c

Also agreeing.
No. 748907 ID: 93244f

i think we're forgetting or not noticing that dad's hands happen to have a mysterious liquid substance on them.
No. 748912 ID: 3abd97

Repression is magical, and we're the best at magic, and a water dragon to boot! We can repress sightings of fluids better than anyone else!
No. 749007 ID: f562b1

I agree, be vague. He told you a "few little things," but these little things aren't really important anyways.
(You don't need to say he told you anything big, but if they ask just say he said not to talk about some things, "So please don't ask.")
No. 749210 ID: 8cb228

These are your parents, though. You respect and trust and love them. Let them know what's going on, don't give out anything that was told in confidence, mention that there are some things you can't say, and be -generally- clever enough to help them feel like they successfully kept their private life private. That said, if you want to delay talking about stuff until they are a bit more, ah, situated, that's fine too.
No. 749349 ID: 395c02
File 147466463176.png - (133.42KB , 800x600 , 417.png )

>Also, politely allow them to maintain their fiction that you don't know exactly why they are acting and dressing funny. You do, after all, have a functioning nose and can put two and two together.
It would seem the neurons responsible for putting two and two together completely refuse to fire. The SUGGESTIVE DESIRES of the powers that be are simply too weak to overcome your complete refusal to acknowledge your parents partaking in any activities that aren't eating ice cream and telling dad jokes.

>This. Let them have the illusion that they can still put one over on us, distract them for as little time as possible, and discretely give Mom a thumbs-up.
Yes. Illusion. Haha. Ha.


>They were totally fucking.

>Repression is magical, and we're the best at magic, and a water dragon to boot! We can repress sightings of fluids better than anyone else!
No. 749350 ID: 395c02
File 147466464663.png - (146.71KB , 800x600 , 418.png )

You push literally every thought of what your parents were doing out of your mind with the help of those brave neurons whose sacrifice will not be in vain.

"So, I saw Mr. Ilan today..." you say.


"Y-you did?"

You hastily explain the aspects of the meeting that you weren't forbidden to discuss. Part of you wants to tell them everything... maybe you will when there's more time.

Your father sits down. "I... I knew E changed you so you'd fit in, but I had no idea he literally trapped you inside yourself..."

"Well, as long as he's on top of it, you'll be safe," Mom says.

"Safe? Safe from what? Ceri's been in her dragon form before, and all that happened was hugging!"

"Well, there's probably aspects of this we don't understand. He said you'd lose control of your powers, right?"

Dad interjects. "There's no way, Myra! You've seen how amazing she is at magic! If she was actually a danger to others, E would have surely set up some convoluted security measure. But no! He left her with us! I think he's just trying to keep her from being herself!"

You bite your dragon lip.

Mom places a hand on Dad's shoulder. "Calm down, honey. I'm sure E has his reasons for doing things this way..."

"They're probably dumb reasons! Stupid and dumb! Nobody tells my daughter not to be herself! Ceri, be free! Be yourself! Give everyone dragon hugs!"

"I think people wouldn't appreciate being squished," you say in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Dad stands up. "I'm going to march down there and give him a piece of my mind!"

Myra holds him back. "Honey. Ceri's fine. There's no fire, no reason to drop everything we're doing and march to a tree that'll make things even more over-dramatic. We can calmly discuss this with E later. We're grown adults, here."
No. 749351 ID: 395c02
File 147466465766.png - (123.59KB , 800x600 , 419.png )

"oh whoops"

You are so glad Mom finally noticed.

She coughs. "Besides, Ceri is happy, and we have these rather expensive concert tickets that shouldn't go to waste. Let's try and enjoy ourselves, eh?"

"I... er..." Your father looks at you, then at your mother (who is now holding the tickets firmly).

One thing's for sure: your parents care about you deeply. You're glad they're here for you.

You want them to make tonight about them-- to tell them not to worry about you. But first...

Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own. This is your problem. You're an adult now. You got this.
Say nothing, let them do as they please. They've known him longer than you have, maybe they can learn something you can't.
Ask them to join you tomorrow. It might limit what Mr. Ilan is willing to discuss (and make talks of the Ritual awkward), but they could provide emotional support and ask questions you don't think of.
Ask your mom for more tips on destroying Skif later NO NO NOPE KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT NEURONS.
No. 749352 ID: 60ac68

They're also adults. Let them do as they please.
No. 749357 ID: ba506f

>Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own.
or at least not tonight. This is their day together so by god they will enjoy it and not worry about you or so help me god! But seriously, they've been watching out for you for HOW long? They need a night to themselves every now and again and if they want you to be happy tell them the best thing they can do is go out and enjoy themselves since you don't want them to ruin their night by worrying about you. Especially when it can wait till tomorrow.
No. 749358 ID: 398fe1

Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own.

Not because "you've got this" but because you agree with Mr. Ilan's explanation, and they should trust him. Your dragon form accessed via shapeshifting is only a dragon on the surface. You can't access dragon magic through it, so you don't know what would happen if the seal broke. Probably bad things.
No. 749366 ID: 3e182c

I vote against Saying nothing, let them do as they please.
Either of the other two options are acceptable.

Ask your mom for more tips on destroying Skif later!
No. 749367 ID: 91ee5f

Wow. They just started talking about that in front of Skif. I'm surprised they aren't going "Oh, no! We just revealed our daughter's secret in front of her boyfriend!" I say this because it was never confirmed or denied that they know that Skif already knows. I wonder how long it'll take for them to realize that?

No. 749371 ID: 3abd97

>Nobody tells my daughter not to be herself!
Dad, I told me to be this self! It was my magic that influenced it and subconsciously changed it when I was growing up, and it was me who asked him to reinforce his spell.

I am who I am. It's real, even if it's covering up another me that's also real. I'm kinda lucky, most people don't have the choice or luxury of more than one.

>Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own.
They can talk to him later, if they insist, and/or with you. You'll keep them in the loop. But this isn't a battle you need to fight. He didn't do wrong by me.
No. 749373 ID: 44bc30

Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own. They don't have all the information, as we just saw, and they'll just annoy him to no purpose.
No. 749379 ID: 395c02

In fairness, Ceri presumably started talking about it first, given that she explained her visit with Mr. Ilan and all.

And yeah maybe ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own for now.
No. 749380 ID: 3f5345

Ask your mom for more tips on destroying Skif later!

This is something you should be able to recognize and accept, even if it disgusts you. You can recognize that they fuck and they have fun, just like you do, without associating it with yourself. You can push it out of your mind and be casually disgusted by it without maintaining outright denial. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to do that.

And besides, you're passing up an important source of guidance here, disgusting, TMI connotations as-is.
No. 749389 ID: 2de28d

Really? Cause I'm pretty sure I (and you) saw some on your dads hand, specifically two fingers. And your moms Pants were undone.

>your complete refusal to acknowledge your parents partaking in any activities that aren't eating ice cream and telling dad jokes.
Didn't you also once walk in on them while they were roleplaying Dragon and dragon sacrifice? Do you think they ever roleplay as Dragon and dragon rider? You think mom pretends to be you and dad pretends to be skiff?

>Ask your mom for more tips on destroying Skif later
Well she does seem to be very skilled at is seeing as dads still in one peice after all these years.

>Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own.
Maybe ask if they want to come tomorrow, though if they agree we need to lay down some rules.
Then give them both Dragon hugs before they go.
No. 749392 ID: 398fe1

Please have mercy on Ceri's poor neurons.
No. 749413 ID: 577074

Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own, but let them know you appreciate their concern and will discuss if them if things start to get a bit over your head.

Man, you really need to work on your pitch. I see absolutely no mention of any kind of exercise equipment in there. I mean we have to at least have a treadmill or stair master in the back or something.
No. 749418 ID: 4e9864

Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan on their own. Tell them to enjoy themselves today, ask them not to worry, and promise them you'll talk to them more later.

But, tell them you love them so much for jumping to support you. Seriously, there should be hugging going on here.
No. 749419 ID: 4e9864

Also, hope that Skif's neurons are similarly refusing to put the picture together.
No. 749429 ID: 91ee5f

>Seriously, there should be hugging going on here.
Time to turn into a dragon and hug mom, dad, and Skif!
No. 749430 ID: 4e9864

Did the bits we explained to them include the details of our new form? (Which also explains why we're headed to go swimming.)
No. 749486 ID: 71d443

No. 749488 ID: 094652

Do you really want to cause brain damage from suppressing memories? Just stop caring about your parents having sex and stop thinking about it by @#$%ING SKIF IN FRONT OF YOUR PARENTS RIGHT NOW!!! Or video games. That also works.

Also, set up a conference call for your parents. You want them far away from Ilan when he tells you things.
No. 749492 ID: 8cb228

You need to start including skiff in this conversation. He's been present. Your parents have taken your cue in assuming that he knows everything, but you need to do more about the whole ritual thing, and that there are important things you CAN'T tell them, and that you think a lot of your interaction with Dragon society will be in starting a broad Social Justice movement, for reasons...
No. 749510 ID: f562b1

Ask them not to go see Mr. Ilan, because it's seriously fine. What he did actually helped you learn to get control before things happened. In fact, you asked him to keep it up!
No. 749870 ID: 395c02
File 147492362102.png - (160.00KB , 800x600 , 420.png )

>it was never confirmed or denied that they know that Skif already knows.
You just told them most of what happened! And indeed, during your INCREDIBLE BOUT OF MAXIMUM CHARISMA, you told them that Skif knows what you are. But you forgot to tell them about-- oh! That'll lighten the mood!

"Hey! I also got this cool new form! It doesn't even use any MP!"

"Whoa, really? That's a thing?" Mom asks.

"Yeah! I think it feeds off my super dragon magic or something?? Also I can add membranes to my arms to glide or maybe swim better but I won't right now because my clothes would fall off."

Years of shapeshifting have taught you to be cautious.

"That's good, but, um, wouldn't..." Mom gestures, "those make it harder to swim? You'd think this form would be more... flat. Aerodynamic."

"Oh my god Mom don't get them started on that again."

"Who? What?"

"I'm a dragon. It's fine. If it's really a problem I can morph them away for pretty much an entire day with my current levels of magic."

"Well, all right. I'm just starting to worry if E-- Mr. Ilan has ulterior motives..."

"Not ruling that out."
No. 749871 ID: 395c02
File 147492363148.png - (140.44KB , 800x600 , 421.png )

"Anyway, you don't need to talk to Mr. Ilan on my behalf. This form is just as 'me' as the other. I don't feel trapped--"

...You do feel a little trapped. Something you never noticed before?

"--I don't feel uncomfortable or anything. I'm still me, no matter what. And I'm going to learn more from Mr. Ilan. The day may yet come when I can safely use my dragon powers, but until then this is best for everyone."

"I...I guess..." Dad murmurs.

"Also... Skif will be there with me. We're going to do the Ancient Dragon Friendship ritual, and set out to..."

Hmm. It might be revealing too much to tell them about the TAINTED RITUAL and the AWFUL DRAGON LAWS...

"...go on an adventure at some point! I mean, once we're ready."

Dad grabs his chest. "R-ritual? You're getting married!?!?!?"

Mom takes hold of Dad to keep him from fainting. "Whoa, it's okay dear. this is what it takes to make you faint? But Ceri, getting married this soon isn't really responsible, is it?"

You hastily explain that the DRAGON FRIENDSHIP RITUAL is probably maybe not like marriage.

"Still... isn't it too quick? It seems too quick."

"Mom, I've known Skif since I was like one. He may not be perfect, but he's always been there for me. There's nobody I'd trust more with this ritual."

Skif smiles. At the end of the day, past the lewd comments and silly antics, he is a person who's always been there for you. He chose you over his supposed destiny, abandoning traditions as old as time for your sake. He stands now with you, willing to ride on a nearly impossible mission of redemption.

He is your first. Even if you build a hoard of romance, he will always be on top, the one closest to you. Now, and always.

Dad struggles to remain standing. "W-well... it's not permanent, right? As in, forever?"

"I'm pretty sure it can be undone if it came down to it..." you admit.

Dad recomposes himself, then walks over to Skif.
No. 749872 ID: 395c02
File 147492364269.png - (124.05KB , 800x600 , 422.png )

"...Take care of her."

"With my life, sir."
No. 749873 ID: 395c02
File 147492365487.png - (184.72KB , 800x600 , 423.png )

Dad officially accepted Skif! You morph into dragon form and hug everyone! Eeee!

"I love you guys! Mom! Dad! Go have fun! Today is about you!"

"Hehe... okay, okay. We love you too, sweety. Now go on. Have fun. We've got a concert to catch!"

Mom and Dad make their exit. You revert to normal form and head to your room to grab the CUTE TWO-PIECE SWIMSUIT. You take Skif's hand, and lead him down to the lake. You're ready for a day of fun and learning cool new tricks with your AQUATIC FORM!
No. 749874 ID: 395c02
File 147492366449.png - (54.87KB , 800x600 , 424.png )

No. 749875 ID: 395c02
File 147492367504.png - (130.19KB , 800x600 , 425.png )

There's a small creature, of a race you've never seen before, standing next to-- wait. wait. Is that a dragon!? Here!?!?

It... seems to be asleep.

The small creature appears to be lost in thought.


Keep hidden, approach slowly and cautiously. You don't want to reveal yourself until it's safe.
Approach nonchalantly and offer a friendly wave. It's probably safe.
Keep your distance, call something out. What would you shout?
Turn into a dragon, approach draconically. Mr. Ilan said not to do this, but surely not all dragons know every detail of what your parents did, right?
No. 749877 ID: 61c7b9


Instead, just go up to those two and ask who they are and why there's a giant dragon and a mouse by the road. Seriously, what?
No. 749882 ID: 44bc30

Approach nonchalantly and offer a friendly wave.

Are you sure that's a dragon? No offense, but you've had dragons on the brain so much lately, you might be jumping to conclusions. There are probably a lot of creatures on the same scale of size and with the same rough body type as dragons, right?
No. 749885 ID: a8bc5c

Send skif in first. Remain hidden.
No. 749886 ID: 398fe1

Approach nonchalantly and offer a friendly wave.

They're in the title image it's fine.
No. 749887 ID: 180f83

Keep hidden. Approach cautiously.

If you do not make this choice, then pretend to be in total shock of seeing a dragon for the first time, just to hide the fact that you yourself are a dragon.
No. 749888 ID: 93244f

sneak in as a birbbird
No. 749893 ID: 3abd97

She appears to have something against shirts. Maybe you should ask her about that!

>Approach nonchalantly and offer a friendly wave. It's probably safe.
No. 749898 ID: ba506f

>Approach nonchalantly and offer a friendly wave.
Keep skif in reserve just incase.
No. 749918 ID: 8cb228

>Approach nonchalantly and offer a friendly wave.

HOWEVER, before you do, do this:

Do a shapechange to provide yourself a broad suite of subtle transbiped enhancements. Denser muscle (for a quick burst of speed and agility and strength at the expense of long distance endurance), reinforced bones and claws, enhanced senses, get rid of some of the weaknesses to attack for particular parts of your anatomy. See if you can adjust the body parts of your nervous system for faster reactions. Do this as subtly as possible; it should only be notable on magical senses. Also, if you can do it without it actually showing, try and give yourself access to ways of sensing magic, ways of sensing pheromone-based communication, ways of sensing electromagnetic fields, ways of sensing heat, ways of sensing changes in air pressure, etc. -- mostly, changes to some internal structures in your skull and face.
No. 749921 ID: 93244f
File 147493589835.png - (22.75KB , 482x332 , sorry what.png )

also i'm sorry but i am completely and totally confused as to what's going on with their chest there
No. 749922 ID: 398fe1

Four arms, four tits.
No. 749924 ID: 71d443

Did it eat somebody?
Approach nonchalantly.
No. 749925 ID: 398fe1

...or was it six tits?
No. 749938 ID: 339cf2

>It's probably safe

Exactly. Wave, they're probably not unfriendly. And they also don't appear to be hostile to the dragon. Maybe they like dragons, but it's probably a bad idea to approach draconically, just in case.


Also this ^
No. 749943 ID: 987bda

Secretly do the friendship ritual, then approach together.
It's probably safe.
No. 749946 ID: 286d17

Approach nonchalantly and offer a friendly wave!

A dragon wouldn't be sitting out in the open like this, would they? Either this individual is seeking you out, which only a few key individuals should know who you are at this point, or they are just random passersby.

Point is, in the former, they are probably friendly and in the latter, it looks like they might need help! Who lays in the middle of a road anyhow!?
No. 749947 ID: 8cb228


Problem is, there's no time. The Friendship Ritual is for when there is time together, to do it in a big romantic thing.
No. 749948 ID: 753a63

She seems to be in the same predicament as Skif.

So let Skif do the talking, but stay within firing range.
No. 749953 ID: 4e9864

Don't do this; you don't know if either she or the dragon can smell magic. You can access your magic quickly enough.

In everything you read, did you see anything about dragons being able to smell or otherwise identify other dragons? If so, this may become a problem very quickly; be ready to emergency-teleport you and Skif very far away, if possible without revealing your destination.

Unless something goes wrong, make sure you don't use any active or passive magic. Quickly make sure Skif can't smell any magic from you right now (other than the background smell of Life Magic, which you'll just have to hope they don't notice).

Remember to act in every way like a Ceridwen who has never heard of dragons or dragon riders. If you've heard of dragons at all, it was in an old story. You're completely naive about dragons. You don't already know anything; you don't have any assumptions (or if you do they might be wrong). You're entirely reliant on her to tell you anything she wants to tell you about dragons; if she tells you something wrong, you don't know any better, so you believe her and you act in every way as though that's the truth. Don't get indignant, don't contradict her about anything dragon-related (saying something you know to be false to bait someone into correcting you is a classic), and don't even have an expression momentarily cross your face that suggests otherwise.

Fortunately, you can probably pass off any nervousness as apprehension about encountering a dragon.

Approach somewhat nonchalantly and offer a friendly wave. But you shouldn't act completely unsurprised to see a dragon.
No. 749965 ID: 8cb228


If they can smell magic, they'd probably just be able to smell the presence of it. MAYBE the magnitude of it, MAYBE the school or field of magic. They probably wouldn't be able to tell exactly what it was without some sort of detailed magic vision, which would either be some sort of device or probably cause the glowy-eye thing. And when approaching something entirely unknown but obviously with a predatory build, that out-masses you by an order of magnitude or greater, it is entirely reasonable to place some subtle defensive and evasive self-buffs upon oneself. To not do so would be stupid!
No. 749996 ID: 3e182c

I doubt going full dragon will immediately reveal your identity, but it might cause an un-fun discussion that could, or inform other dragons later. Best avoid that.

Do Approach Nonchalantly
No. 750051 ID: 180f83

If she is topless, have skiff offer his shirt to her... unless you want to offer your own shirt.
No. 750063 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh my god Mom don't get them started on that again.
SHHHH!!!!! Ceri, you fool! Don't acknowledge it, otherwise you're going to be the one that gets them started on that again!

>There's a small creature, of a race you've never seen before, standing next to-- wait. wait. Is that a dragon!? Here!?!?
Weren't you paying attention in Mr. Ilan's class? I'm sure he's already told everyone what species these two strangers are. And he also told you and Skif that dragons are hiding from everyone, so I'm pretty sure that's not a dragon. That being said, you should approach nonchalantly, offer a friendly wave, and ask if they need help.
No. 752185 ID: ccbcd2

Send in Skif, and make a stealthy approach while he's talking to the person, have some portal magic ready in case things go south and you have to make a quick getaway.
No. 752203 ID: 395c02
File 147613389798.png - (162.40KB , 800x600 , 426.png )

You approach nonchalantly! "Oh! Hello! You two going for a swim too? ...My goodness! A dragon! How lovely! I've always wanted to meet one!"

That seems like the safest way to avoid telling a flat-out lie.

The mouse-weasel creature gives you a look of surprise, but otherwise remains motionless. Strange... she has six breasts and four arms. That's not something you've seen before. She notices you staring and stretches her arms out. Is she showing off? Normally a mammal would make an effort to cover themselves up, but this one hasn't a care in the world. She's kind of pretty...

She looks to the dragon, as if remembering something, and taps it with the back of her hand. It snaps awake (it actually felt that??) and look over to the two of you.

It speaks in a loud, booming voice. "Welp. Guess I gotta do the thing again."

You feel an intense release of magic!
No. 752204 ID: 395c02
File 147613390769.png - (161.44KB , 800x600 , 427.png )

What the-- it transformed into some kind of small fluffy creature!

...It looks oddly familiar...

"Hello there," the now-fluffy creature says. "I'm Gulketi, and this is Siphon. Neither of us are dragons."

The mouse-- Siphon? ruffles Gulketi's fluff-feathers. "Nope, no dragons here~"
No. 752205 ID: 395c02
File 147613392127.png - (135.91KB , 800x600 , 428.png )

Skif nods. "Of course you're not a dragon. Why would anyone ever think otherwise? What a silly thought. Ceri, should we introduce ourselves to these two perfectly normal people?"

Something fishy is going on. There's no way Skif didn't see any of that.

Play along... for now. What dragon? Nothing but mortals here! This might make it easier to get some basic information out of them.
Offer 'The Callouts'. You saw a dragon! Morphing into other things is your gimmick!

You could choose an indirect route and ask Skif what he smells.

If you call them out, you might want to think about what you say while doing so. You don't want to spook them, you just want them to be honest with you.
No. 752206 ID: 61c7b9

They're both adorable. State that since they're completely normal and super cute, you're taking them both as your pets.
No. 752207 ID: 71d443

Ask Skif what he smells.
What do you smell with your mighty dragon slaying nose, Skif?
No. 752210 ID: 398fe1

Play along.

Your resistance to the magic in use could reveal your true nature.
No. 752211 ID: 141621

Play along.
No. 752212 ID: 3e182c

Call them out.
Oh come on, at least give me SOME credit. I totally saw you sleeping in dragon form. Why so shy? Dragons are people too, after all.
No. 752213 ID: 286d17


I would second this!
No. 752214 ID: 180f83

Cool! potential hoard club members. Let's play along for now to know them more and make them feel comfortable before we try inviting them into the club.

Ask them questions like Where they're from, what species they are, if they want to join for a swim, and most importantly: if Siphon would like to borrow a shirt and if Gulketi wants to borrow a pair of pants.
No. 752218 ID: 3abd97

Respond with blissful naiveté- grasp what they were doing while completely missing the point.

"Oh wow, you can do perception altering magic? Something that affects short term memory? Wow, I can't do any of that yet!"


"...I mean, noooope. No dragons here. Especially not a plural number. Zero. That's the number. Not two."
No. 752219 ID: 1d2eb4

Skif might be on to something you aren't, he might be getting some magic worked on him. play along for now, see the direction things take.
you can also go something of a middle road between dropping it and calling them out:

"That was some cool magic then, how'd you do that?"
No. 752221 ID: 91ee5f

Am I the only one that sees the little pink wavy lines coming off of Gulketi? Is that the magic that Ceri is detecting?

Let's ask Skif what he smells. If he can identify the magic, then we'll be able to better know what's going on.
No. 752223 ID: 8cb228

Well, say some plausible sounding stuff, playing along -- but mix up the details a bit. For example, these could be two people roleplaying with transformation magic, like Skif thought you were doing -- even the more 'serious' sort of expression of a legitimate spiritual identity that he thought you were doing. Maybe echo back what he said? Something like, "Oh! I'm so sorry I didn't mean to be insensitive. Is this a LARP game of Dragon: the Hoarding? Did you learn polymorphing magic just for that? That is SO AWESOME! Or is the polymorphing I just saw some sort of religious spiritual communing with your mythical totem creature thing? Cause I could've sworn I saw what looked like a large furry dragon-looking thing!"
No. 752224 ID: 8cb228

Also, if there is a polite way to ask what species someone is in conversation, do that.
No. 752225 ID: 141621

alternatively joke option: turn into mouse-weasel but with larger assets.
No. 752302 ID: 8cb228

That said, you might not want to let on that whatever magical effect didn't work right. Try to guess what the (likely charm or compulsion) effect is supposed to do, and play along, asking things to figure out what Skif smells (subtly), and maybe act like it is slowly but partially wearing off, causing you to 'believe' them but still remember what you saw, like was mentioned?
No. 752365 ID: cf8582

Just Ask Skif
No. 752423 ID: b0780b

I wonder if one of them recognized Skif's species, hence the (rather poor) ruse.

For the moment, play along in a silly way by making exactly the opposite assumption from the obvious: "Oh, wow, you're cute and fluffy and you can polymorph into a dragon? Awesome!"

In addition to playing around with them, it gives us an opportunity to reveal ourselves comedically later, by showing that we can polymorph into a dragon too. Which is definitely not our true form, no, of course not.

Drop a hint to Skif, too, about smelling for magic: "Doesn't he just look and smell so cute and cuddly?"

> Skif might be on to something you aren't, he might be getting some magic worked on him. play along for now, see the direction things take.

This. Playing along for a moment leaves our options open.
No. 752675 ID: 35830c

Play along, while asking skif what he smells. We're pretty sure this is dragon perception change magic, but we don't need to tip our hand that we're immune, but let's also get Skif in the know by asking him to use his nose.
No. 752766 ID: dedb11

Whatever we wind up doing, remember to ask:

Why aren't you wearing a shirt?
No. 752780 ID: b7883c

Play along. Those who live in glass houses should not expose each other as secret dragons.
"Well hello then fellow non-dragons. I'm Ceridwen."

For Skif to tell us what he smells that would basically be saying that he knows what they really are, so we should save that for later.
No. 752787 ID: 180f83

And why Gulketi (possibly) isn't wearing pants (as I mention in my previous post).
No. 752927 ID: 395c02
File 147640886153.png - (135.11KB , 800x600 , 429.png )

"Amazing!" you cry. "You can polymorph, too! And you must be really good at it to fake being a dragon like that!"


"that's not what usually..."

"quick move to plan b"

"what's plan b??"

"I don't know! I thought you knew!"

"why the hell would I come up with plan b when plan a always worked!"

"in case it didn't! like right now!"

"look it clearly kinda worked she thinks i'm a ketza. maybe it'll just be fine"

"you make a cute ketza~"

"thanks! I mean, not now!"

"you don't think she can hear us do you"

"no way we're being so quiet right now"

You hear everything.
No. 752929 ID: 395c02
File 147640889293.png - (147.75KB , 800x600 , 430.png )

"Well! I'm always fascinated about meeting new races! Would you mind telling me a little bit about your kind?"

Siphon shrugs. "I'm a duduk. We're from... You know... Somewhere. Don't worry about it~"

Gulketi rubs his temple with his tiny adorable ketza paw. "great job you totally fit in ANYWAY. I'm an amt-- ketza! We're from the uh... wetlands far to the north."

You tilt your head. "But there's nothing but tundra far north of us."


"Oh. Sure."

Siphon lightly taps Gulketi on the shoulder. "that's why I kept it vague!"

"we are so bad at this"


You don't disagree with that statement. But it's cute watching them squirm.
No. 752930 ID: 395c02
File 147640890470.png - (171.23KB , 800x600 , 431.png )

"Oh, um... do you need a shirt? You seem to have lost yours."

Siphon strikes a sensual pose. "No, this is way more comfortable~"

"Um, but people might..."

"They can stare all they want~ Besides, shirts on this pla-- this uh area of the world don't have room for my lower arms. Way better to walk around like this~"

She rubs up against you. Boy, it's a good thing you're not bisexual or anything!
No. 752932 ID: 395c02
File 147640891628.png - (173.27KB , 800x600 , 432.png )


Skif gives you a look. Is he jealous, or... excited? You can't tell.

Flirt back! Two can play at this game! Skif probably won't get jealous.
Flirt with Gulketi instead! Maybe she'll get jealous! They are a couple, right?
My boyfriend is literally right there. Don't get Skif jealous!!
Ignore flirting, offer swimming! We need to make friends! And eventually have them be our pets join our budding hoard!

Didn't you meet a ketza once, despite a certain GOD-LIKE BEING's desire to cut that segment and pretend it never happened? You could mention you saw a ketza before. Or maybe you should keep that to yourself until you know more about their plans.
No. 752933 ID: be1222

Flirt with the Ketza*, a race of which you have Totally Never Seen Before
No. 752934 ID: ba506f

My boyfriend is literally right there... you know, unless he says it's fine.

Ignore flirting, offer swimming! maybe skinny dipping since most of the people here don't have clothes anyways.

mention you saw a ketza before
No. 752935 ID: b5d5ae

"My boyfriend is literally right there. Can we go swimming now?"
No. 752936 ID: 3abd97

>My boyfriend is literally right there.
>Flirt back!

Skiff will survive.

You can fluff the ketza up after.
No. 752938 ID: 7129f4

Flirt back and have Skif join in!
I'm sure between the two of you being charming at once you'll win this tilde game (like all others!)
maybe work in a swim offer too, for friendly water shenanigans.
No. 752939 ID: 595d54

"I've seen ketza before and my boyfriend is literally right here. See you."
No. 752942 ID: f2e267

Wow, Skif is good at remaining stoic. Flirt with Gulketi to see how she likes it. If we're lucky they won't just immediately incite us into a three-way.
No. 752943 ID: 398fe1

YOU FORGOT TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Fix that. While introducing yourself try to get a better idea about how Skif feels. Communication is part of a healthy relationship.
Regardless, flirt back. By taking off your shirt (you were gonna do that to swim anyway). Because it's just flirting and you should feel out the boundaries of your relationship with Skif. ALSO, you might be able to get more information out of her if she drops her guard.

also, keep that to yourself.
No. 752948 ID: 71d443

Flirt back. I think Skif will do a little more than survive. Also mention you saw a ketza before. Just not which part of the ketza you saw.
No. 752956 ID: 180f83

"My boyfriend is literally right there!" then without thinking, quickly remove your shirt, and force it on her. Then quickly realize how right she was about being topless is more comfortable

also, keep that to yourself.
No. 752957 ID: 91ee5f

This and add in, "Stranger danger! Bad touch! I need an adult! Skif, don't just stand there daydreaming about us making out! I'm being assaulted by her sexuality!"

>she thinks i'm a ketza
>shirts on this pla-- this uh area of the world
I'm pretty sure she almost said planet. That's means they're from outer space!

I've got a funny idea! Let's all start saying a bunch of sci-fi references about space to them to see if we can make them mess up their little act and accidentally reveal themselves!
No. 752966 ID: 8f2879

Flirt with both of them get Skiff involved!!
they will either be weirded out or it will lead to foursome. Literally nobody loses.

"Maybe me and my boy toy can show you and yours around?"
No. 752967 ID: 8cb228


This! Everything to do with this!
No. 752969 ID: 141621

take off shirt
No. 752976 ID: f1bc32

> Besides, shirts on this pla-- this uh area of the world

No. 752990 ID: 4d0e33

Introduce yourself and Skif. Introduce him as your boyfriend.

No need to get indignant about the flirting, though.

We could invite them to go swimming, but we'd hoped to test out our own form, so we'd have to reveal at least that we can "polymorph" too.
No. 752991 ID: f924d5

No. 752992 ID: b412df

I've got a bad feeling about this:

My boyfriend is literally right there. You've only just met this person and they're flirting with you, and either them or their companion used mind magic on Skif. Just a little bit suspicious.

Can any other races do the detect magic via smell thing?
No. 752995 ID: 99bd8f

My boyfriend is literally right there... if you're going to rub on me you need to run on him an equal amount.

And keep ketzas to yourself. Also, this was asked before you didn't answer, aren't there other big magic creatures around besides dragons?
No. 753034 ID: dd4df2


Boy howdy, this is clearly an attempt at distraction, after the first attempt failed.

Time to introduce them to your ~LOVING BOYFRIEND~, and ask them what errand they've come up into the highlands for? It's pretty far to travel from the pla- ahem, wetlands down south, so it must be important.

Also; have they been up here before? You seem to recall seeing something like Gulketi a while back.
No. 753035 ID: c6482e

You are just adorable!
Skiff get over here!
Hugs are in order.
No. 753039 ID: 4d0e33

Or possibly "this plane".
No. 753042 ID: f16b72

I'd say flirt back. It'd be a good opportunity to tease, and maybe Skif thinks girl-on-girl is hot..?
No. 753044 ID: 35830c

We came here for swimming, so let's swim. But that doesn't mean we can't do swimming sexy. I believe we have practice in that.
No. 753048 ID: f65b48

unwanted sexual touching leads
to much needed physical punching.
no one touches you like that without permission,
you think a dragon would let anyone getaway with that?
No. 753050 ID: ef1bf2

Ahhh yessssss
No. 753052 ID: 71d443

She's smol. Be smol too.
No. 753058 ID: 8cb228

Other planet? Oh wow, you all are aliens? Interdimensional or Interstellar? Oh wow, this is great! Do you use teleportation devices or did you come in a ship? If it is a ship, is it STL or FTL? If it's STL, is it like a generational ship or were you in cryo-suspension? If FTL, is it Warp drive, Hyperspace, or Portal or Teleportation-based? What do you use for reaction mass? What's the delta-V? Can I see it?
No. 753069 ID: 2c067b

>My boyfriend is literally right there.
>Which means that you need to seduce both of us.
No. 753072 ID: a0cb83

Flirting with Gulketi sounds fun and keep ketza knowledge to ourselves
No. 753079 ID: 616bfd

>Flirt with Gulketi

And use the opportunity to mention the lovely Ketza prince you met earlier. Princes are pretty important people, it's unlikely a Ketza wouldn't know of him, right? If we can trick him into admitting he doesn't know of this guy, it'd prove he wasn't really a Ketza. This is of course assuming he is actually a dragon.

If not, then ignore that and go swimming with them, and get to know them in a casual situation, rather than a suspicious situation.
No. 753193 ID: 41bdcd

Teasingly ask Skif if he likes what he sees. If he responds in the affirmative or sounds turned on or flustered, keep flirting. If his response is serious or upset, stop immediately.
No. 753194 ID: 41bdcd

Jokingly turn into a ketza as well, and flirt with Gulketi. Time for Ketza Sexytimes, take 2: Adult Dragon edition.
No. 753210 ID: 91ee5f

>And use the opportunity to mention the lovely Ketza prince you met earlier. Princes are pretty important people, it's unlikely a Ketza wouldn't know of him, right? If we can trick him into admitting he doesn't know of this guy, it'd prove he wasn't really a Ketza. This is of course assuming he is actually a dragon.
This is actually a good idea!
No. 753311 ID: 395c02
File 147667670584.png - (165.49KB , 800x600 , 433.png )


"Oh? He's your boyfriend?"


"Should I hit on him too, then?"


Skif's stoic attitude falters. "W-wait what"

You nod. "Yes. It's only fair. Assuming you're okay with such things, Skif."

"I-I-I-I u-u-u-um is this a trick are you tricking me right now"

"No, no. I'm not the kind of girl who demands you look at me and only me! As long as I'm the one in your heart."

"O-of course! T-the same goes for you, too!"

You and Skif are now kinda okay with each other flirting with others, apparently!?

Right. Focus. She's distracted-- you can focus on the other one.
No. 753312 ID: 395c02
File 147667671737.png - (151.22KB , 800x600 , 434.png )

Gosh, your imagination is running rampant lately! There's no proof of life outside this world, so it's a bit silly to think these two would be from some far-off planet.

And yet... something is definitely 'off' about them. They're hiding something, for sure.

"So! You're a ketza, huh?"

"Yep. One hundred percent ketza and nothing more."

"You know, I can polymorph too! I don't normally look like this, actually. This is an aquatic form I was thinking of trying out."

"Huh. Well, Ketzas aren't the best at swimming, but they-- we float pretty well. Siphon and I were thinking of... floating... on the lake..."

He's not doing a great job of hiding how nervous he is. Maybe you can fluster him and lower his guard. Get him to admit to things he wouldn't normally. You remove your shirt, making sure to give him a good look at your DRACONIC I MEAN LIZARDIAN FEATURES.

He smiles a little, but has no strong reaction. Siphon must have desensitized him. Ah well. You're not sure if you should admit that you've seen a ketza before, but that may be your best shot at getting information.

"You know, I think I've seen one of you guys before. He was a prince, or something? It was several years ago so I'm not entirely sure."

"Pr-- Siphon! Get over here!"


"She's seen a ketza! It might be..."
No. 753313 ID: 395c02
File 147667672999.png - (120.09KB , 800x600 , 435.png )

Siphon holds up a drawing. "Did it look like this?"

Did she-- did she draw that? Why is-- but-- oh no this is coming dangerously close to dredging up DEEPLY REPRESSED MEMORIES!

"Uh... kinda..." you say meekly.

"We've been looking for Prince Chei for so long," Gulketi says. "It took years to narrow it down to this... area. Of the planet. World. Do you know where he went?"

They do know him. Huh. "I don't know. He kind of ran off after our encounter."

"Will you help us find him? You know this area far better than we do."

Hmm. You could offer to help, or you could try and play it up in a way that'd get Gulketi to reveal more information.

Offer help. An excellent step in having them join your hoard. Help them relax, finally get to swimming!
Play it up. There must be a way to tease some information out of them, where they came from, what they really are. Why they're seeking this 'prince chei'

If you choose to play it up, What will you say to persuade/trick extra information out of them?
No. 753314 ID: 398fe1

Play it up.

Go "nah, not while you guys are hiding stuff from me." Ignore them and go swimming until they fess up. Perhaps say you don't know why they're looking for him; you wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble.
No. 753316 ID: 5ef86a

Play it up. Specifically, start talking to them like you think they're with the police, and say things about how glad you are that they're finally working to bring justice to his victims. If they're his friends that will certainly get a telling reaction out of them.
No. 753317 ID: b7883c

Play it up.
Say you'll help if they answer a few questions.
- Why are they looking for prince Chei?
- What is he the prince of?
- What's the deal with the bow?
- Why should we believe any of that when Gulketi won't even admit to not really being a ketza?
No. 753320 ID: 398fe1

Wait a minute, "seen a ketza" leading to "it might be Chei" implies that there are very few ketzas around... now, why is that, do you think?
No. 753324 ID: 71d443

Play it up.

But first, explain to us why you are smuggling a pair of crying cat children in your shirt. Just... what the heck is that?
No. 753325 ID: 180f83

play it up. Make Gulketi nervous by booping the snoot.
No. 753326 ID: 8cb228

Even if they aren't from some far-off planet, they are still obviously messing up words in such a way as if they are trying to not tell you they are from a far away planet.

So, one of these is true:
1. They really are from a far off planet, and are doing poorly in concealing it
2. They somehow think (perhaps due to magical mind manipulation) they are from a far off planet and are doing poorly in concealing it
3. They are intentionally trying to get you to think you are being clever in catching them accidentally saying they are from a far off planet, like as a test or something.

Now, it's highly unlikely that they actually are from a far off planet, but it isn't impossible. This is simply because NOTHING is 100% fully and completely impossible. It's just so highly unlikely that you would need A LOT of proof to really think they are really from another planet. How does that phrase go? 'Exceptional claims require exceptional evidence', maybe?

Still, call them out on their space misspeaks. Even if they're messing with you or they've just been mindraped to think they really are from some other planet, it is still important to get their story out of them!
No. 753375 ID: 55ad9c

I think that's supposed to be a floral or Hawaiian print bikini top that Ceri is wearing.

>1. They really are from a far off planet, and are doing poorly in concealing it
Wait... Forget another planet. What about another plane? As in plane of existence? As in another dimension? It starts with "pla-" too, and it's still another world but it fits better than them being extraterrestrials. And the dragons did escape to another dimension, or plane, right? So these two could be from there. Or they could be from another dimension/plane entirely. No way to tell right now, really.
No. 753381 ID: 8cb228

Well yes, both 'planet' and 'plane' start with 'pla', but they start with different sounds, so she would know which they were most likely to say. Unless what we see is a simple translation, and the prefix of the two words is dramatically different for Ceridwen. So -- what word were they most likely to say? Planet? Plane of existence? Something else? There should be enough examples to determine this.
No. 753398 ID: 851cb4

Play it up I think he mentioned being a prince, but he never did say from where. Start excitedly ask them if they're envoys. Does that mean they have some kind of official seal from the place he's a prince of?
No. 753407 ID: 094652


For now, you need to bond with the aliens as tightly as possible. If your cover is blown, they're your ticket off this planet! That gives you more freedom than you've ever experienced!
No. 753408 ID: dd4df2


Huh. That picture is lacking something... wasn't there a bracelet of gems, too?

Definitely offer to help!

Seriously, isn't this a mystery from your own past you want to solve? If Gulketi is a dragon in disguise, perhaps the original ketza was, as well? And if he's a prince, would that mean he's a dragon-prince? HMM.

You're unlikely to get overly specific information out of Siphon and Gulketi if they want to avoid spilling the beans, but maybe if you help them out, things will come to light during the search and as they come to trust you more.

Plus, you'd be making friends with some potentially off-planet/planar beings! Think of all the things you could teach them, and they you!
No. 753417 ID: 25393f

Play it up! I'm sure you can get this Gulketi guy to fold.

Incidentally, does Skif still think he's not a dragon?
No. 753418 ID: 2a7417

There was ONLY a bracelet of gems and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.
No. 753455 ID: 3e182c

Wasn't that the guy you accidentally knocked out with your face, Skiff?

Also Play it Up.
Hell go full D if you want. While they are hiding their origins thier intentions are clear. They are not here for you, only for Chei.
No. 753465 ID: 91ee5f

Play it up!

"He's a prince?! Why are you looking for him? Are you trying to kidnap him? I'm not going to help kidnappers!"
No. 753544 ID: 339cf2

>Admit he doesn't know of the prince


Well that didn't quite go as I planned.

Anyway, play it up. Wasn't prince Chei's 'ribbon' to attracting mates? Ask if gulketi is the mate, or something.
No. 753577 ID: 4d0e33

> "Will you help us find him? You know this area far better than we do."

"So what area, or planet, do you know better? I know you're not from here, and I get the feeling that isn't really your form. So, tell us the truth and perhaps we'll help."
No. 754505 ID: 395c02
File 147710493496.png - (20.43KB , 800x600 , 436.png )

Thanks to Trout for drawing this update!

>I think that's supposed to be a floral or Hawaiian print bikini top that Ceri is wearing. 
You were wearing your bra on top for some reason. You remove it and your pants. Behold! The actual bathing suit!

>Wait a minute, "seen a ketza" leading to "it might be Chei" implies that there are very few ketzas around... now, why is that, do you think?
You (that is to say, Ceridwen) have no idea! There have been no other sightings of this creature outside then and right now. Are they extremely rare...?

It's so unlikely you'd have to invent new mathematical theorems to explain how unlikely it is. But... perhaps not completely impossible. You portal from one place to another. Could someone be sufficiently good at portal-ling to cross entire dimensions? Somehow, you feel even the dragons lack this kind of power...

...If they came here that way, they are more powerful than you can even comprehend.

No. 754506 ID: 395c02
File 147710495464.png - (21.46KB , 800x600 , 437.png )

"Are you two aliens," you ask.

"Wh-- no!"

"N-no way~"

"You're silly. If we were from another planet then how would we get here? Some kind of magical red box that teleports you when you touch it? Hahaha! That's just silly! I can't believe you'd come up with something like that!"

"look at you all hot and bothered~ aren't you normally more chill?"

"i can't help it this tiny ketza body makes me want to run a marathon"

Yeah they very clearly want you to think they're aliens. The truth has to be something much more sinister, a secret so deep that they literally prefer you think they're from another planet. The alternative is they actually are from another world and are simply that incompetent... but that can't be right, can it?

"Anyway," you say, "I might be able to help you find this 'prince Chei'."


"But I'm not gonna."

"Aw, come on, man. Don't be like that."

"You're obviously keeping secrets, and I don't think I should trust you. How do I know you're not out to kidnap this poor ket-sa!"

"I-it's pronounced 'ketza'. You have to kind of hum into your tongue when you--"

"Okay, well. See ya."

No. 754507 ID: 395c02
File 147710498049.png - (10.03KB , 800x600 , 438.png )

"Okay! Okay! We'll come clean!"

"We will?"

"Yes! I'm. Uh. We're from another world."

You let out a snort. "Oh come on! I know you want me to think that, and apparently so do the powers that be, but I know the truth! You're a dragon! Skif here can smell dragons, you know!" You bluff somewhat.

The ketza's jaw flies open, and he gives you a look of utter disbelief. After a moment, his expression drops. Siphon pushes his mouth closed for him.

"Fine," he says flatly, "I'm a dragon. Please don't tell anyone my secret. It's such a deep secret that I'd literally rather people think we're aliens."

You knew it! No way these two were that incompetent!!!!

"Why do you want to find Chei, anyway?" you ask.

"Because he's cute~"
"Because he's our friend!"

They speak over each other.

"He's our beloved leader and we need him!"
"I wanna keep preening him until he speeps~"

They do it again.

"We want to take him home!"
"I got him a new ribbon to try~"


Maybe they really are aliens.
No. 754508 ID: 395c02
File 147710499880.png - (20.34KB , 800x600 , 439.png )

"Are... are you really not from this world?"

"You believe me now?"

"I don't know. But I feel like a dragon would be better at hiding... er, I mean, no offense..."

"It's fine. It's a little hard to think with my mind racing like this."

Your own mind doesn't change that much when you polymorph. Something is definitely strange about this creature.

"Tell me what's going on. Be truthful," You insist.

"Believe me or not, but basically, I'm not a dragon. It's just... Since I've come here, weird things have been happening to me. I have these strange powers I didn't have before, and people kept calling me dragon."

"Then what are you?" you ask, humoring him."

"I'm an amtsvane. We're dragon-ish? But we're not dragons. Probably. I think."

You don't know if you believe him, but he sounds a lot more sincere than he did before. Either way, they aren't going to run off now that you're their biggest hope of finding Chei. You have plenty of time to learn more about these two.

Say you'll help if they do some favors for you first. Why not get a free massage or something out of this?
Say you'll tentatively let them hang around while you figure out if you trust them. No need to shoo them off, but you're just not sure yet...

You also wonder how exactly you can actually help them? You last saw Chei several years ago-- you don't exactly know where he is right now!
No. 754512 ID: 35c0cb

Well you can at least tell them about the time you met him. It isn't much, but it is better than nothing. Also, while telling them about your encounter with Chei make sure to show them the ketza form you took on then too, for reasons.
No. 754515 ID: 71d443

Yesss. Make ephemeral promises of aid in exchange for sexual favors.
No. 754516 ID: b2a153

First thing you can help them with is BLENDING IN. At this rate, the hunters are going to set up cameras just to show the world how utterly they will dominate the amtsvane.

Then talk to Ilan. Use the "So." command repeatedly. This is a first encounter with an unknown alien species that can synchronize to dragon magic, the responsible thing involves getting people in the know without making it a public hunting event.

Also, begin orgy. In front of someone.
No. 754559 ID: b7883c

Say you'll help without actually promising. They are probably legit, but if they are not we might still have to beat them up.
Ask if they have any plans for finding Chei. They don't expect to just wander around until they bump into him, do they?
No. 754564 ID: 398fe1

Say you'll help if they do some favors for you first.
Because you're a dragon. You can't just help complete strangers for free.

Also just bring them over to where you met Chei. He must be in the same general area. Maybe you can talk to some of the faculty at school to ask if they've seen him? He was behind the playground, after all. (that pervert, watching children from the bushes...)
No. 754573 ID: 8cb228

Say you'll help, somewhat...

But after all THAT, before you do anything major, they are going to have to earn your trust and friendship, yea? At the very least, you'll help them blend in a bit, get to know them, tell them some of the details of what you know, and stick around a bit, as long as things don't get too weird.

But full trust? Full commitment? After that display? Such a thing has some more strenuous requirements!
No. 754576 ID: 8cb228


Confront them on why they are acting so comically incompetent

Like, they are acting in a way that resembles caricatures from a children's storybook. What gives?

Are they really like that, naturally? If so, how did they ever survive to adulthood? Are they under the effect of some sort of drug? Some magical effect? Have they just not slept in two weeks or something? Are they acting or bluffing? If so, why? What could get them back in their full faculties?
No. 754644 ID: c441c1

Say you'll help them under the condition of a massauge. Then to help them demand they let you join them on their adventure to find the "Prince".
No. 754661 ID: 141621

No. 754667 ID: 616bfd

Let them know you'd like to help them look, but it's been a while since you last saw the Prince yourself.

We can start by letting them know where you last saw him and looking there. It's a long shot, it's better than nothing.


Also what this guy said ^
No. 754686 ID: 91ee5f

No. 755064 ID: 395c02
File 147732684404.png - (198.32KB , 800x600 , 440.png )

You pose in a way that makes it easier to figure out how your bathing suit is drawn. Maybe their act is sufficient for most, but you trained yourself in MIND for a reason! It's time for some good, old fashioned callouts!

"Why are you two acting so, what's a delicate way of putting it, completely incompetent, anyway?"

"I like watching him squirm~" Siphon admits. "But I don't want him to feel lonely so I squirm too."

Gulketi lets out a weird sound. A kind of... whining... sss...peeping sound? "Siipphhoon I can't heeelp iiiit. It's this boooddyyy."

"Would it help if I preened you~"

"I'm really not ready for those sensations right now."

She giggles. "I can't wait to get you and Chei together~"

You clear your throat. "You didn't answer my question."

Gulketi (sp)eeps and thinks for a moment. "Well, Prince Chei is our captain. We've been following in his example for years now. He's, ah, rubbed off on us."

"So you're this way because of his leadership."

"Kinda, yeah."

Checks out.
No. 755065 ID: 395c02
File 147732686290.png - (139.11KB , 800x600 , 441.png )

"Well, I've decided to help you," you say.


"But I want... something in return, first~"

Siphon's ears perk up. "Oh~? Do you want to preen him too~?"

"No, no. maybe later. I just want a... favor or two~" you say somewhat seductively. Maybe part of you wants to watch Gulketi squirm, too.

"O-of course! Anything!" Gulketi says, fidgeting his tiny adorable ketza toes. "W-what is it you want?"

"For now, to watch you wait in anticipation. Because damn it, I want to go swimming already! Why don't you join us?"

"W-well, I don't know if I want to get all this fluff wet... I-I think I'll stay out here..."
No. 755066 ID: 395c02
File 147732687483.png - (124.40KB , 800x600 , 442.png )


Fine. Wait here. Go swim with Skif!
Apply ketza to water. Something about this species makes you really want to dominate them!
Swimming is one of the favors, so get in! The same as above but you don't literally throw him in the water.
Insist he revert to 'dragon' form then! Maybe you can ride him!
No. 755067 ID: ea0fdb

Do as you oughta, apply ketza to water!
No. 755068 ID: 4854ef

apply ketza to water!
No. 755070 ID: 91ee5f

Skiff is looking a little lost. It might be best to splash some water on him to wake him up.

Fine. Wait here. And then surprise teleport behind him and Apply ketza to water! >:3
No. 755071 ID: d7e310

Swimming is one of the favors, so get in!
No. 755072 ID: 094652

Challenge Siphon to a Wet T-shirt Contest!
No. 755074 ID: c441c1

Apply ketza to water. then Cannonball.
No. 755076 ID: 20e2dc

Remind him that swimming is part of the favor. If he don't swim, you don't help.

He can switch to another form if it makes him feel more comfortable though, we don't want to be an asshole and force him to get his fluff all wet.

All that being said, he might be not want to go into the water at all. What if he's afraid? If we throw him in, and he IS afraid of water, or allergic or something (he's not from this world, who knows), then it would put a real damper on our relationship with them. If it's this reason, tell him he should just tell us.
No. 755083 ID: 4569ad

Tell him it isn't so bad, turn yourself into a Ketza, then dive in yourself. Let's see just how much Chei has rubbed off on him when he sees your Ketza form.
No. 755086 ID: aaa537

Apply ketza to water.
No. 755090 ID: 8affb2

DUNK HIM (apply ketza to water)
No. 755094 ID: 27f441

Insist he revert to 'dragon' form then!
AND go swimming, without any fluff he'll be good to go right?
No. 755100 ID: 286d17

He said he isn't actually a Ketza; it wouldn't be as fun to spend time with someone out of their element! Insist he changes back into his normal form to go swimming!
No. 755119 ID: 71d443

Insist he revert to 'dragon' form then! Stop hiding your power level!
No. 755120 ID: 3abd97

Apply ketza to water.

And then everyone else.
No. 755145 ID: 4d0e33

> He's, ah, rubbed off on us.

And I'm sure you've rubbed off to him, too.

> "W-well, I don't know if I want to get all this fluff wet... I-I think I'll stay out here..."

Dragon: "So de-fluff, then; scales don't get wet."
No. 755586 ID: 395c02
File 147753650339.png - (120.82KB , 800x600 , 443.png )

You pick up Gulketi and apply him to the lake via portal.

"Gack! Cough! I don't know! How to swim!"