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File 152452492565.png - (220.39KB , 800x600 , title.png )
880264 No. 880264 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:
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No. 906073 ID: 395c02
File 153905224210.png - (129.02KB , 800x600 , 1462.png )

"Is that we do everything together!"
No. 906074 ID: 395c02
File 153905224545.gif - (46.28KB , 960x720 , 1463.gif )

"...Dang," you say.

"Yeah, I dunno what you thought would happen there."

"I was hoping for a tie, but whatever! I got to hug my big sister!"

"Sss! You silly little-- wait. Oh no."

"That's right! You won! You're the big sister now!"

"I did not think this through."


"Okay. Winner gets to be the little sister."

"Oh no you don't! You either have to let me beat you, or accept being the big sis!"

"...Okay little sis, let's do this."

"You're on!!"
No. 906075 ID: 395c02
File 153905225650.png - (122.31KB , 800x600 , 1464.png )

The two of you would continue for some time. Despite your best efforts, Daatra would remain securely the 'big sister'. If you ever want to become the BIG SIS yourself, you'll need to spend some time TRAINING VIDEOGAMES.

If you can find time for it, at least.

Nonetheless, the two of you have a lot of fun! It really feels like things are back to normal now, with you teasing each other the way you always have. For all the drama and rash actions, you're glad things have turned out as they have. Your bond with your childhood friend has grown stronger than ever.
No. 906076 ID: 395c02
File 153905225965.png - (103.19KB , 800x600 , 1465.png )

"Well, I'm turning in for the night," Daatra says. She begins to disrobe, as she always does. Did she forget the awkward exchanges you had, or has she chosen to move past them and act like nothing happened?

You'd always switch to your nightgown as part of your weirdness as a boob reptilian. You'd also sleep on the guest mattress rather than share a bed with Daatra. But now that you're sisters... should you do things the way you always have, or...?

[Path of the nightgown...]
You'll keep with the nightgown around Daatra.
-A: Sleep in Daatra's bed. Siblings share a bed sometimes, you heard.
-B: Sleep on the guest mattress. It might be best to do things as you always have, at least for now.

[Path of the birthday suit...]
Part one of fighting the nudity stigma is to not have it yourself.
-C: Sleep in Daatra's bed. This would certainly be the most intimate way to go. Just make sure you're going for sibling closeness and not trying to feed any remaining romantic feelings!
-D: Sleep on the guest mattress. This could be a good step in the right direction without pushing too hard. Heck, Daatra's not seen your boobs before and might be curious...?
No. 906077 ID: 395c02

(Special thanks to AQR for doing the not-sprite art!!!!!)
No. 906078 ID: 6fd723

A, but make sure to ask first if she's cool with it! Communication is key to making sure you don't repeat the mistakes of the past few days.
No. 906085 ID: b1b4f3

Primary A, secondary D.
No. 906086 ID: 2e0f31

B/e: Sleep in the sock drawer like a cat. Perhaps, as a cat. Polymorphy is fun!
No. 906088 ID: cb22c8

A, secondary D. It's okay to be cuddly or open, but don't make it too weird by doing both. Preferring keeping your clothes on because even if it isn't that weird with Daatra, it would probably be a bit weird with her dad around.
No. 906093 ID: 4ef273

Primary D, secondary A
No. 906094 ID: afdebc

No. 906096 ID: 8e1ef2

Become her bed
No. 906097 ID: c1e0a1

C, b
No. 906098 ID: 65c9b9

A primary, D scondary
No. 906099 ID: 1a89d4

C, a
No. 906102 ID: 575ec0

C, a
No. 906104 ID: d5442a

Primary D, secondary B. Daatra's bed probably isn't big enough for you!
No. 906110 ID: eeb7d9

Ask her first what she thinks about it, we are not making mistakes this time!
No. 906115 ID: 80d19e

A and D You just got over one rocky point in your relationship, not a great idea to push it any further than it already has been.
No. 906155 ID: 864e49

No. 906157 ID: e5de52

D, a
Are you not the change you want to see in the world? You can't stop now. Though.. this is the perfect opportunity to be close to your sister.. Good luck!
No. 906195 ID: 0c3c2c


Because Pyjamas are rad.
No. 906201 ID: 91ee5f

Primary A: Sleep in Daatra's bed.

Secondary B: Sleep on the guest mattress.

No. 906252 ID: 97780b

D / c
No. 906254 ID: a62780

A primary
D secondary

little steps
No. 906295 ID: 79eaac

D, B
Though I'm sure some are into reptile tiddies, we've no reason to believe Daatra is attracted to breasts or not straight. I'm sure she'll be fine with it, long as her parents don't see it.

And don't sleep together. That will cause inevitable shenanigans.
No. 906337 ID: 7cd347

B primary, D secondary
No. 906345 ID: 613ef9

No. 906354 ID: 2202fb

C. Secondary D.
No. 906401 ID: 094652

Primary D, Secondary A.

Sleep Polymorphing is dangerous, especially when aroused. Please consult a doctor before conjoined sleeping with a high tilde stat. ICWinner is not a complete polymorph control. For more information, go to iheartmysister.dgn
No. 906406 ID: ccb66b

Primary D, like it says it's not pushing things too hard while being comfortably nude. Plus it would be a bit of a water test.
A otherwise. Cuddling is nice but it's probably best to keep it from approaching anything overtly sexual, given recent history, and being nude while that intimate would definitely have shades at least.
No. 906415 ID: f0354b

Hug time! A, D
No. 906467 ID: 395c02
File 153928122599.png - (111.77KB , 800x600 , 1466.png )

"Hey, Daatra..."


"I, um... I guess I said this already, but I never had a sister before. Never got to do some of the things sisters do together."

"They mostly tease each other, so I think we're already most of the way there."

"Heh, right... but there's more to it than that. Sisters are... close, you know?"

"Are you asking for a hug or something?"

"No! I mean, I wouldn't mind one. I mean... argh, I'm messing things up again."

"Ceri. Chill out."

"I'm tryiinnngggg."

"Just say it. After everything else, nothing you say can really phase me."

"I just... can... can I sleep in your bed? ...With you? As your little sister?"
No. 906468 ID: 395c02
File 153928122901.gif - (91.05KB , 800x600 , 1467.gif )

No. 906469 ID: 395c02
File 153928123490.png - (86.54KB , 800x600 , 1468.png )

Deciding not to push your luck, you switch to your usual nightgown and polymorph down your spikes before excitedly hopping into bed with your big sister!!!

You very barely resist the urge to squeal in delight. You're not the kinda girl who squeals.



"What was that sound?" Daatra asks.

"Uh. Dragon roar?"

"That 'roar' sounded more like excited squealing."

"I'm a dragon so I know what they sound like okay"
No. 906470 ID: 395c02
File 153928123608.png - (84.86KB , 800x600 , 1469.png )

"A dragon... it's still so hard to believe," Daatra says softly.

"Yeah. Wouldn't have taken so long to convince you otherwise, huh?"

"Mmm. I can't imagine what it's like, having something like that locked inside you."

"I try to stay positive," you say. "Mostly I end up feeling paranoid."

"I can imagine. Hopefully you find a way to wake it up without eating everyone."

"Not eating people is my main goal, yeah."


Daatra sighs. "I'm trapped in this body, and a dragon is trapped in yours. Life is dumb and unfair like that, huh?"

"Life is full of... challenges, yeah. But you shouldn't... no, I know better now than to try and convince you to be confident in yourself. Let me try something different."

No. 906471 ID: 395c02
File 153928123957.png - (81.35KB , 800x600 , 1470.png )

"I think you're beautiful, Daatra. And I know others do, too. Even if things don't work out with Zesmirl, you'll find someone to spend your days with. Someone who deserves you."


You shouldn't put your arm around me, Ceri..."

No. 906472 ID: 395c02
File 153928124114.png - (111.20KB , 800x600 , 1471.png )

"...Because that's my job. I'm the big sister, after all."

Your heart threatens to burst at any moment...!

"If my little sister thinks I'm pretty, then I'll... I'll try to believe her. She's never lied to me before."

"I'm honest to a fault!"

"Hsshss... Good night, Ceri-berry. Love ya."

"Love ya too, Daaty."

"oh gods no don't call me that"
No. 906473 ID: 395c02
File 153928124478.png - (136.98KB , 800x600 , 1472.png )

You fall asleep feeling warm, happy, and at peace.
No. 906475 ID: 8e1ef2

Stat screen pls
No. 906478 ID: b1b4f3

No. 906483 ID: 91ee5f

>"I'm trapped in this body, and a dragon is trapped in yours. Life is dumb and unfair like that, huh?"
If she’s that upset about it, then she could try going to Love Yourself.

But I really don’t think she needs to.

Can’t wait to see what Ceri’s infamous “waking up in a compromising pose” will look like this time!
No. 906486 ID: ee2d6e

Good end
No. 906489 ID: 1872dc

Honestly Love Yourself definitely has something that could help her. That's its whole mission statement after all.
No. 906492 ID: eeb7d9

Ok that does it, now i have diabetes.
No. 906518 ID: 06fdc0

Holy shit, Ceri got through a day without sexual intercourse (minus the gym machine) and only spilled spaghetti about 7 times! This is beautiful character development.
No. 906520 ID: 2202fb

Make sure she knows that you love her just as much, if not more than Skif. It is just a different kind of love.
No. 906522 ID: d735d3

No. 906562 ID: ee2d6e

Uh, yeah, Ceri, did you even notice that you called your big sis Daddy?
No. 906574 ID: 395c02
File 153936040909.png - (75.45KB , 800x600 , 1473.png )

>Uh, yeah, Ceri, did you even notice that you called your big sis Daddy?
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