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File 151062298863.png - (274.09KB , 800x600 , title.png )
844848 No. 844848 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:
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No. 844849 ID: 395c02
File 151062299906.png - (99.32KB , 800x600 , 995.png )

It's so peaceful down here.

A calmness envelops you in sharp contrast to the emotional roller coaster you were on earlier, and the intense session with Gulketi and Skif that followed. You can still feel some fluids washing off your body as you swim along in silence.


Man. What a day.

Your emotions are always a mess when you're ready to lay your eggs. Your clutch? Is clutch more draconic?

Today was especially bad. You had to deal with so much stuff while your hormones were raging. A perfect storm for feeling random emotions at random times.

Maybe it's the warm water caressing your aquatic scales, or maybe it's the fact that you've finally sated your tilde, but everything feels much more okay now.

There's so many good things to look forward to. The giant hug you're going to give Daatra when you see her again. The look on Kharadra's face when her store is full of customers. The joy your alien friends will feel once you've helped them find their beloved prince.

You can't help but smile at those thoughts. Making others happy is what you want to do in life.
No. 844850 ID: 395c02
File 151062301173.png - (365.42KB , 800x600 , 996.png )

No. 844851 ID: 395c02
File 151062302493.png - (325.69KB , 800x600 , 997.png )

It's the kind of dragon you want to be.
No. 844852 ID: 395c02
File 151062303484.png - (113.77KB , 800x600 , 998.png )

"There you are!" Skif says. "Didja take a nap or something down there?"

"No, silly. It's because you and Gulketi gave me so much to clean up!"

"Eheheh. Even as a tiny fluffy guy, he's surprisingly good at taking charge. I couldn't stop him from taking off all my clothes!"

"I bet he didn't even have to try very hard, mister 'don't do anything crazy'."


"I'm looking."

"D-Don't actually look!"


"C-Ceri please. Beautiful lizard girl staring me down like that... I-I don't have it in me for another round."

"Oh...? Even if I touched myself here? Or maybe here~?"

"dick no don't do this to me I thought we were friends"


You don't really have another round in you either, but teasing Skif is so fun. He really does brighten your day. You resist the urge to hug him, given your nudity and his current struggles.

You walk over to your stuff and start putting your clothes on. You can't tell if the look on Skif's face is one of relief or disappointment.

While you were down there, you took some time to update your stat screen. Now it's easier to tell the difference between MP you've already spent, and MP you're currently spending!

...That's odd.

No, it's probably nothing.
No. 844853 ID: 395c02
File 151062304493.png - (194.31KB , 800x600 , 999.png )

Feels like today's gone on forever.

You're still really stressed, though the dip in the lake helped a lot. You're also worn out thanks to your adventure and Gulketi's insatiable appetite.

You're not going back to the mall today, and you're too tired to work out or train. Maybe you should do something kind of nice and relaxing with Skif.

But what?

-Catch a movie! Could be good to immerse yourself in another world for a while.
-Visit with Eezeryh! Maybe she'd like to hear all the details about the real magic you really touched for real.
-Find a nice place to cuddle! Maybe it'd be nice to be the 'submissive girl' for once and let your knight hold you.
-Challenge Skif to a video game! You bet you could whoop his butt at CRUSH SIBLINGS.
-Visit the arcade! They have lots of fun mechanical attractions. Maybe you could win a stuffed toy! (They have carnival games, basically)

Also, since you've tons of MP left, there's nothing stopping you from having a little polymorphic fun. Well... you should probably stick to things that can wear your clothes, since Daatra still has your polymorph-friendly outfit.

-Stay in AQUA FORM. This form really needs more love.
-Revert to NORMAL FORM. Sometimes it's best to just be yourself.
-Polymorph! What will you turn into, or change about yourself? Male or female? ...It might be best to stick to existing races this time, so nobody freaks out. No ketza this time, either.
No. 844856 ID: c2051e

Vidya's always fun. Although we may need to find a time to bring up his terminal wing-eating disease and see how much time ceri has before the rest of him vanishes too.
No. 844857 ID: c88e6d

Stay in Aqua, chat with Eezy. It'll be fun!
No. 844858 ID: c88e6d

His wings are there, silly, you can see them. They're just in perspective.
No. 844859 ID: 33cbe7

-Catch a movie! This holiday season, catch The XD Movie! The phenomenal train wreck of a movie only a studio executive could love! The movie they canceled Slidussa and Venji The Sailor Weasel for! It's so bad, everyone wants to see it with their own eyes!

-Polymorph! Get into the movies on one ticket! They may be expecting the two-midgets-in-a-trenchcoat trick, but will they be expecting the action-figure-Ceri-with-lifelike-squeaking-action trick? You may not fit your clothes per se, but if you're going to wear any at all you might have some old doll clothes that fit.
No. 844860 ID: 6cd244

Aqua form, because it's cool.
Go talk to Eezeryh: we need to discuss plans for the upcoming trip and see what they're all planning to bring in terms of camping supplies. She's the one with all the technology so she's presumably in charge of that.
No. 844864 ID: 33d4be

Polymorph into a female of whatever Skif is, for once. If you can? Something that looks like one, anyway, even if it can't manage the fancy special things.

Then find a place to cuddle! You need even more relaxation and recuperation.
No. 844865 ID: a363ac

Get Siphon to make Eezeryh go to the Movies with you and Skif Eezeryh needs to get out of the house and you need to have something not sex like done today.
No. 844867 ID: 7152b7

No. 844872 ID: 91ee5f

No. 844879 ID: 3ce125

What's that weird swirly thing?


Did you lay your eggs yet?
No. 844893 ID: 22faaa


Also, Normal Form because its good to take a break from shenanigans sometimes.
No. 844901 ID: deec6e

Cuddle, Aqua.
No. 844911 ID: 314bcd

Woah, the artstyle change to Ceri in >>844851 looks great!

Was Skif playing around with the rope in the backpack lying next to him? Is he letting on to something~?

Catch a movie!
The real test of couples is what they do during spooky movies.
Do you like scary movies?

Normal form for a while.
No. 844920 ID: c239dd

and SPOOKY MOVIE ideally something water related!
No. 844956 ID: efcc58

Get your eggs out already!
No. 844957 ID: 830fb7

Lay the eggs and give skiff the impression that what happened earlier fertilized your eggs so he gets all lovey dovey over them, only to find out that that isn't possible.
No. 844977 ID: ae9b99

Movies. and see if Eezeryh will join you.
No. 844982 ID: e30158

See if you can rope Eezeryh into a movie with you guys. Go aqua form for a change.
No. 844983 ID: 3ce125

...I wonder if Eezeryh's antimagic field thing could let you get into the SECRETS area...
No. 844990 ID: 3fb646

Settle in for some movie time cuddles! Consult your collection, Is today a Byond Lunch: The Movie, kind of day or a The Creator kind of day?
No. 845000 ID: bef60d

Take your cute aqua form and snuggle skiff until you get bored. Then, movie time!
No. 845002 ID: 35089a

>It's the kind of dragon you want to be
one that gets her tits out at every opportunity
No. 845008 ID: dad914

Aqua Form!

Not saying you can’t use polymorph to make your clothes fit better.
Or fit worse, if you still feel like teasing Skif the whole way.

I’ve heard great things about Stubborn Souls.

It’s this movie about a mortal and a dragon, and the taboos that ensue.

Small risk opportunity: sneaking unapproved food into the movie theater.
No. 845025 ID: 2fe26a

Movie, Normal form. You wish you knew more species' names so you had more options for race polymorphy. You need to look those up in a, book place or something... a library!
No. 845038 ID: 4854ef

Go talk to Eezeryh

Aqua Form
No. 845039 ID: adb0d6

This, and Normal form
No. 845087 ID: 0c84a3

No. 845092 ID: de6d84

>MP currently spending
...Are you polymorphed as your aqua form?

Cuddle in your normal form, cuddles are always nice.
No. 845093 ID: 830fb7

We could invite Skiffs and our parents to come with, I think some bonding time is in order after the whole escapade with skiffs parents.
No. 845201 ID: 557fa7

Cuddling, and turn into a female Skif-thing! Poor guy has probably never seen another of his kind outside of his parents, it would be so sweet <3
No. 845245 ID: 0abf42

Challenge Skif to a video game!
Form of a young dragon rider.

Pretending to be Skif's sister/niece ought to be amusing even if he doesn't want to be your oniichan.
No. 845265 ID: 2c8807

Normal form Cuddling sounds good
No. 845282 ID: c239dd

sounds like a good way to trigger his OWN PROTECTIVE NEURONS
No. 845284 ID: 66a4ca

normal form
No. 845392 ID: 395c02
File 151080572732.png - (191.36KB , 800x600 , 1000.png )

"So how about we catch a movie?" you ask.

He places a hand on your shoulder (actually possible in this form!). "I think that's a great idea. All the sex lately is great, don't get me wrong, but I'm really starting to miss just hanging out with my best friend."

He's so sweet...!  "Yeah, me too," you say.

His charming words also have a good point. The damaged seal has caused your lust to go crazy, and you've succumbed to it multiple times now. The good news is it can be sated. You just need several orgasms to do so. Worst comes to worst, you could turn male and knock it out in 15 minutes tops.

...there's a reason you're not too hard on skif for his low stamina...

As long as you get relief when you need it and stay mindful of when and where you do so, you should be able to keep things in control until Euia's return. Laying your eggs will help, but you've not had the chance to do so. You only just got clean enough to be in normal form!

Hmm. Maybe now's a good time take care of it. It should be a while before your Tilde's able to rise at all, but it might be better to play it safe. It's also getting harder to hide your egg-filled belly.

Do you lay your eggs now? Maybe you'll just turn normal and hide behind a bush or something? Not sure if you can do it in this form, and it'll tire you out, but you could always turn normal and you don't need energy to watch a movie.

You could wait until tonight. It'll be more private, and there's a chance you can still have some fun with Skif if you're both recovered by then.

>Lay the eggs and give skiff the impression that what happened earlier fertilized your eggs so he gets all lovey dovey over them, only to find out that that isn't possible.
Skif knows you're infertile. And even if he didn't, you wouldn't break his heart like that!

>...Are you polymorphed as your aqua form?
You shouldn't be...? The AQUATIC FORM isn't supposed to use up MP, and yet you feel a slight drain. Did you do it wrong? Did something break?

Nothing hurts or anything, so it should be fine to stay in this form for now. Maybe it's another thing to add to the list of things Euia needs to fix.

Might turn normal to lay, but otherwise it's aquatic all the way! Skif can keep putting his hand on your shoulder romantically, or even grab both shoulders and draw you in for a kiss! Ah, it's so nice to think romantic thoughts again instead of lusty ones.
No. 845393 ID: 395c02
File 151080575406.png - (163.36KB , 800x600 , 1001.png )

"Wasting time, I see!" I-it's Eezee!

"What?" is your eloquent reply.

"I bet you've spent the whole day doing something stupid!"

"That is up for debate. What's with the uh, shiny sticks?"

"These are the sparklers of science! To celebrate the great research that I, grand scientist Eezeryh, have spent all day doing! An entire day devoted to watching your primitive broadcasts and collecting information!"

"So you sat around watching TV all day."

"Watching TV for science. I bet you don't even know what all the sapient races on this planet are!"

"I thought we were leaving that open."

"There you go saying nonsense again. Listen up! I'm about to educate you!"

"I don't need educating! I've read hundreds of books trying to learn more about dragons and mortal races!"

She continues speaking without acknowledging what you said. Rude! "I shall prove to you how awesome I am! Ask me about any race! I'll see if you missed one!"

"I'm not going to miss one," you reply flatly.

"Then you won't mind taking on my challenge~"


"Ask away! Don't leave anything out! The great scientist Eezeryh demands it!"

"I liked it better when you spoke in first person."

acting high and mighty because you watched tv all day...

(Click a letter to learn about a race!)


No. 845395 ID: 395c02
File 151080581459.png - (176.81KB , 800x600 , 1008.png )

"Okay, how about--"

Eezee interrupts you. "That's enough! I showed how amazing I am! No need to talk about every single race!"

"I thought that was literally what you wanted to do."

"Yes, but you keep interrupting and slowing me down. I have something more important to discuss, anyway."

"If you say so."

"The information I gathered shows that there's a growing amount of people concerned about a 'dragon' that might be nearby."


"These creatures give off a lot of energy, enough for our sensors to pick up. Definitely not something to mess with unprepared."

"I already know that!" you protest.

"Strangely, the reports indicate this 'dragon' is in a cave not too far to the north, but I didn't detect any high energy from there. If they can mask their power, there may be far more of them than we think."

"That's very concerning!"

"I also detected a burst of high energy earlier coming from what looks like a mall, but it's since vanished. Could be worth looking into."

"Er... yes. By the way, we might need to borrow your anti-magic field thingy to check out a certain place in the mall. It's protected by a lot of magic and I probably shouldn't mess with it again."

"I suppose we can bring that thing if you want, but I'll need to charge its capacitors overnight. There's a lot of experiments running that need to finish before I can prepare to check out the cave, too."

Convenient. "So you're free tonight, then?"

"I suppose so."

No. 845396 ID: 395c02
File 151080582724.png - (204.93KB , 800x600 , 1009.png )

Skif whispers to you, "Are you thinking of inviting her...?"

You whisper back. "I... might be?"

"It's just... I was kind of looking forward to it being just us."

"Aww! Well, we don't have to bring her along."

Skif glances at her. "...But she does look kind of lonely. If I asked to leave her here, I'd feel a guilt unbefitting a dragon knight. It's not like we can't cuddle afterwards? Just you and me?"

"O-of course! Wait, does that mean I'm choosing again?"

"Things do seem to keep happening that way."

"It's a gift. Maybe I'm less a water dragon and more a decision-making dragon!"

"So your breath weapon is just choosing stuff?"

"That'd be more powerful than you think."

To bring Eezeryh or not...? She's currently the hoard member you're the least bonded with, and you can tell she cares about people much more than she tends to let on. It'd be nice to get through her shell and have her open up about her feelings a bit more.

But... it's also been a while since you had a nice date with Skif. Exclusive or not, he is your Dragon Knight, and sometimes it's good for a dragon and her knight to enjoy each others' company without distraction.

What will you do?

Bring her along! If you want to make a hoard, you need to form a deeper bond with Eezeryh!
Leave her here. Tonight is about Skif! Besides, this might be the last chance you get before things become a lot more busy.

You also need to decide on what to do about your eggs.
No. 845400 ID: c239dd

No. 845403 ID: 33d4be

Lay those eggs and leave her here. She has her own friends! Though you could also suggest amusements in town she could try?

... Actually, what reaction would she get just walking through town? That's a relevant question no matter what you choose! She's not anything people are used to seeing around here. There'd be a ton of questions and attention.
No. 845407 ID: c88e6d


Offer Eezy one as a souvenir if she needs one. They're just going to spoil otherwise.
No. 845411 ID: 0764a8

Bring the science crab. Lay your eggs now.
No. 845412 ID: 6cd244

I feel like the very fact that this hasn't come up before means that we really do need to take her! Has she ever actually gone into town, or anywhere at all away from the lake? She clearly spends all her time in her room. And, judging from how eager she was just now to tell you everything about the stuff she's been learning, she's also obviously starved for social attention. It's very apparent that she needs this.

As for whether or not she'll stand out, she will be walking around next to a lizard with breasts so I bet most people who look over will just assume that you're both polymorphers.

...Maybe you should ask her what you should do about egg-laying. Tease her and see if she'd be interested in it~
No. 845415 ID: 3ce125

>yet you feel a slight drain
Hmm. Do you have a portal active that you forgot to close? Or maybe your boobs are too big. Or... did you make yourself the right size in general after the size play you were doing with Gulketi? You could check on the seal itself and your D, as well. ...turn Normal briefly to be sure that the mana drain goes away while Normal.
Haha what if your normal form is actually your dragon form now wouldn't that be crazy

Bring her along!
and wait until tonight to lay eggs.
No. 845419 ID: 124a40

Wait until tonight to lay those eggs. Laying eggs in the bushes? That's so undignified! Just suck in that gut.

Bring her along. Come on, you just asked if science bug was free tonight. Make it an early night for group stuff and do a little with Skif afterwards.
No. 845433 ID: 33cbe7

Lay your egg now and put it in the fridge for tomorrow's breakfast.
Leave her here. She doesn't need you and Skif as long as she has her Japanese cartoons.
No. 845434 ID: 557fa7

Bring her and wait until tonight, save the moment for when you have the evening just to you and Skif~
No. 845438 ID: 094652

Lay the egg now, then bring her along IF she can resist the temptation to experiment on your egg.
No. 845444 ID: 3ce125

Personally I wouldn't mind donating some dragon(?) eggs to science.
No. 845445 ID: a363ac

Bring her along, wait to lay eggs.
No. 845449 ID: 3fb646

You have a egg-laying date with Skif! Eez can join you on the return to the mall to investigate that magic field.
No. 845457 ID: 7152b7

No. 845470 ID: 22faaa

another vote for this.
No. 845497 ID: 88bd6f

Ask EZ if maybe magic is just the name your planet has given to an as of yet unidentified field of science and that she could gain galactic fame from studying and discovering it?
Also ask if she wants to be present when you lay your egg?

Anyway maybe go spend some alone time with Skif talking and stuff while you lay egg, then go with EZ to get food. Then you can go see a movie and fall asleep on Skiff and have him carry you home, if she wants to come with for the movie part then she is welcome.
No. 845501 ID: 2fe26a

No bug, no egg, just Ceri and Skif.
No. 845503 ID: 91ee5f

I agree, Ceri and Skif only.

Just tell Eezeryh that Siphon and Gulketi can take her to the mall to investigate that signal she detected.
No. 845504 ID: ba56e6

No. 845524 ID: 2c8807

>Eezeryh and magic
She already acknowledges that there is some usable power the people here can access and wants to know more about it, she just refuses to think of it as or call it 'magic'

>bring her or not? Eggs?
Invite Eezeryh along for the movie, you'll have time later tonight for everything else.
No. 845525 ID: adb0d6


Maybe your power-up a while ago did more neat things!
Flicker your forms for a moment.

Wait on the laying and bring her along
No. 845538 ID: 4854ef

Bring her along!
No. 845600 ID: 3abd97

Ditch the bug and keep the egg.
No. 845613 ID: eceda8

Bring the bug, definitely
No. 845614 ID: c9f250

Bring her!
No. 845630 ID: de6d84

Wait til tonight

Toss a quick question if their ship has any camping gear, or gear that could supplement the journey/trip later.
No. 845646 ID: 3740b1

Date night, no third wheel.
No. 845651 ID: 830fb7

You and skiff only.
Date night.
End it all by laying the eggs with skiff, you can always rollplay it as how you would be as parents if you where fertile and laid an egg because with life magic it's possible that it could happen one day. Its always good to bond over something as precious as giving birth to a child even if it is fake and only lasts for a mere moment.
With the egg you can troll Ciri's parents by saying that you and skiff made an egg together.
No. 845729 ID: f0e552

We're being submissive right? Skif chooses!
No. 845734 ID: 3e857c

Yes, this is perfect. A great way to finish off your date.
So I vote <b>Leave her here.</b>
No. 845740 ID: a1ff4b

Bug can wait, give skif the attention a dragon knight of his calibre deserves.
No. 845772 ID: 395c02
File 151098018678.png - (119.11KB , 800x600 , 1012.png )

The decision-making dragon has made a decision!

You fire the breath weapon in your mind.

You're going to hold on to your eggs for now. By the time things start acting up again, you'll be cuddling with Skif and can accidentally all his clothes. Besides, it's undignified for a mighty dragon to lay in the bushes like a common animal!

You briefly wonder if you should offer an egg to Eezeryh to study. Since you're not going to lay right now, this is something you can decide later. Kinda weird giving someone an egg you laid, but she might be able to gain some important insights into your weird biology.

>With the egg you can troll C[e]ri's parents by saying that you and skiff made an egg together.
They... hmm. Do they know you're infertile? You feel like you told your mother, but Dad...

...Y-you still won't do that! They're still reeling from learning you had more sex in a week than most do in a month!

>Do you have a portal active that you forgot to close?
You can't have left a portal open, since they require concentration to keep going and vanish once you're out of range. The mall's too far away.

>Or maybe your boobs are too big.
They fit in your bra just fine.

Okay, that's a lie. Your undergarments are somewhat out of date, since you keep putting off the hassle of being measured and making the custom orders. Hey, maybe Kharadra will actually have your size in stock!
No. 845773 ID: 395c02
File 151098021410.png - (154.68KB , 800x600 , 1011.png )

>You could check on the seal itself and your D, as well.
You stop yourself from saying the seal looks 'fine', but it's not currently getting any worse. You kind of wish Mr. Ilan taught you at least enough life-magic to patch it up or something.

Your D is full. You will want to use a D-BURST sometime soon. Maybe you can use it to practice magic after hugging the crap out of Daatra tomorrow? Another decision to make later.

>Maybe your power-up a while ago did more neat things!
>Flicker your forms for a moment.
>Haha what if your normal form is actually your dragon form now wouldn't that be crazy
You feel... apprehensive.

You kind of don't want to check. But it's better to know than to not, right?

"Hey, um... do either of you have a mirror?" you ask.

Skif and Eezeryh shake their heads. Not surprising, really.

"What do you need one for?" Skif asks.

"I'm... concerned about something."

"Here, let me shine my head up a bit. Should be the next best thing."

Maybe it's Skif you should be letting Eezeryh study!
No. 845774 ID: 395c02
File 151098022985.png - (179.60KB , 800x600 , 1013.png )

You revert to normal-- !?

No. 845775 ID: 395c02
File 151098024131.png - (204.04KB , 800x600 , 1014.png )

This isn't your normal form!


Your heart's racing. Why...!? Why is it different!? This is all your fault! You're such an idiot! You shouldn't have--
No. 845776 ID: 395c02
File 151098025961.png - (245.69KB , 800x600 , 1015.png )

Skif takes you in his arms, snapping you back to reality. "It's okay! I'm here for you!"

He's so warm...

"There you go. Deep breaths. Can you tell me what's going on?"

It takes a few tries, but you eventually manage to tell Skif about what happened at the mall. The strange barrier guarding the 'secrets' room that you touched and... absorbed, somehow. The damage it did to your seal. Everything that followed up to your reunion with him.

"Sounds like we both failed to not do anything crazy," he says.

"I- I'm sorry."

"None of that! Only trying to lighten the mood. What matters is you're still you and you're still sane. Everything's going to be okay."

"Y-yeah... I guess."

You look yourself over, taking everything in. "So this is me now, huh? I feel so weird. My snout is longer, but talking still feels natural. I think I have... yeah. I have more spikes, including one on each thigh. And... oh no, my knees broke my pants..."


"H-hey! It's fine! Torn pants are in fashion lately!"

"They are...?"

"Sure. Watch this!"
No. 845777 ID: 395c02
File 151098027203.png - (186.30KB , 800x600 , 1017.png )

With surprising speed and care, Skif rips your pant bottoms off!

"This is fashionable?" you ask.

"Girl, this is all kinds of fashionable."

You smile slightly. "Heehee... they are pretty comfy, I guess."

"There we go! That's the smiling Ceri I know!"

"I just can't help it with you around. Still, I can't believe my body has changed. That form had been 'me' all my life... feels weird to lose it."

"Don't think of it that way. Really, this is you coming closer to your real self, right?"

"Maybe. Heh, part of me kind of wonders if I got any new powers from all this."

"Why don't you try it and see? I think focusing on the positives will help you feel better!"

"I'm kind of scared to try. What if it makes things worse?"

"Just be careful and do what feels natural. Now come on. Let's see the adventurous Ceri I know and love!"

"I... Fine. I spoil you too much."

"You really do~"

Hmm. If you focus your energy... you feel you can almost...
No. 845778 ID: 395c02
File 151098033856.png - (186.30KB , 800x600 , 1017.png )


"Holy shit you have wings now!"

"Sort of???"

They're not actually a part of your body, rather they seem to be fueled by raw magical power. But you don't feel your MP draining?

...Ah, your D is feeding them. That means they channel your draconic magic directly, doesn't it? You don't know if they can fly, but you shouldn't let others see them at any rate. This is very definitely not mortal magic.

Sure is lucky that almost nobody ever comes to this lake.

"Amazing!" Eezeryh says. "To see raw energy made corporeal like that! And for it to take on such a shape, even without a power source... but how is that possible?"


Eezee finishes your sentence. "It's magic."


"Don't get me wrong. Everything has a scientific explanation. But there's no denying that there is some kind of energy source giving you all these strange capabilities. Gulketi and Siphon are affected, too. This requires more study, but for now I suppose 'magic' is a fitting name for it."

Watching TV all day probably showed her so many instances of magic use that she's starting to come around on it. Three cheers for television.

"And you? Do you have magic?" you ask.

"I don't seem to be affected by this 'magic'. Not that I tried very hard or anything."

"I bet you tried super hard. I doubt that book in your room was just for show!"

"Okay this 'calling me out on stuff' habit of yours needs to stop. "
No. 845779 ID: 395c02
File 151098037395.png - (226.61KB , 800x600 , 1018.png )

Her sparkle-sticks are glowing again!? She points at you dramatically.

"But nevermind that! I don't understand what just happened, but you promised to help us find our captain, so I will help you out in return! I will do whatever it takes to solve whatever dilemma you're facing, discover the true cause of this 'magic', and pave the way for new and exciting scientific discoveries! I swear this as the greatest scientific mind in the universe, Eezeryh!"





"Okay laughter is generally not the sign of someone who's overcome with awe."

"S-sorry! It's just... you're so..."

"Amazing? Awesome? Brilliant? I can keep going until I get it right!"

"I'm glad I have so many friends."

"Friends? ...Y-yes! Friends! Friends in science!"

Skif, Siphon, and now Eezeryh. They all cheered you up when you were upset. More than sex or romance, your hoard is about being there for each other. This moment could have been terrifying, but them being here makes everything feel okay.
No. 845780 ID: 395c02
File 151098038748.png - (160.66KB , 800x600 , 1019.png )

You reach a hand towards Eezee. "Listen. It hasn't really all sunk in yet, but for now I just want to feel... normal. I want to do something mundane with my friends. Eezeryh, do you want to watch a movie with us?"

She seems taken aback. "A movie!? Like, in a theater? I've never-- y-you know I can't run around town without sticking out!"

"People will just think you're a weird polymorpher."

"I also don't fit in humanoid theater seats!"

"It'll be fine! Just say yes, you goofball!"


"Besides, what better way to gather information about our world than to see the kinds of stories we tell!"

"Y-yeah, fine. I'll come. For science."

You revert to aquatic form, letting the change go naturally rather than forcing anything with POLYMORPHISM. As expected, there's no longer an MP cost.

For the most part your aquatic form is unchanged. The whiskers are sorta gone, your hard spikes are still soft spines (where they exist at all), and this form now has your longer snout and whatever it is your mouth's doing.

It might be for the best that this form isn't that different. Looking draconic is not really a good thing.

You look down at yourself. As usual, most of what you see is your chest. Hmm. Did they grow? You're not sure, but they seem softer and more sensitive now. Not as much as a mammal's (judging from polymorphing into them), but definitely heading in that direction. You don't know how to feel about this.

You might take some time looking in a mirror later to get a better idea of what exactly has changed, but for now, it's time to do something else.
No. 845781 ID: 395c02
File 151098039986.png - (189.57KB , 800x600 , 1020.png )

The three of you head to the theater. Gods, you really look forward to letting a movie take you in for a couple hours. Had you come alone with Skif, you might have considered spending extra to see a double-feature. With Eezeryh here, the extra cost and your desire to spend time alone with Skif afterwards inclines you to stick to just one movie tonight.

All in all it costs ᵯ38, including drinks and snacks. Skif offers to pay for it so you can spend the night stress-free. You give him a kiss on the cheek in appreciation.

Now, which movie to see?

-The XD movie. Ugh, you hear this was a lazy cash-grab by the studios. Tons of product placement, no redeemable qualities. You admit you're kind of curious. Can it really be that bad?
-Byond Lunch: The Movie. A pretty cheesy-sounding adventure movie about a regular kid finding a magical sword and thwarting a demon's plans.
-Stubborn Souls. A romantic movie about a mortal, a dragon, and their forbidden love! It might hit close to home, but it sounds so ~romantic~!
-Bullet. An action movie where instead of magic, everyone uses guns. Dad seemed excited about it, but you don't really get the appeal.
-Jump, man! The movie. Eh?? They made a movie about a video game?? You have a good feeling about this one!

(You may also come up with a movie title and premise, and others may change their vote if they like a custom idea more than the listed options! If changing vote or suggesting a custom movie, be sure to make it obvious! Bolding is recommended.)
No. 845782 ID: 7a8792

Byond lunch the movie. You gotta see if they've managed to get video game movies to work right.
No. 845783 ID: c239dd

Byond Lunch: The Movie because slinko asked for it
No. 845784 ID: 3ce125

Definitely Byond Lunch the movie.
No. 845785 ID: 33d4be

Don't support bad movies! Paying to see a bad movie tells the studio to make more!

You should go see the newest Pirates of the Star Battles movie, that series based on a theme park ride that is also revisiting a classic older set of space fantasy films that went over some rough ground the last time someone tried to make more movies of it. You heard this one is pretty good though!
No. 845788 ID: 33cbe7

You can still take your 'conventional' form (let's not call it normal, because there's NO SUCH THING) using polymorph at negligible MP cost. It might be a little weird, but if you haven't memorized it you can always look at old photos of yourself! That said, this form is a good change, a gradual step closer to your draconic side, and is totally fit for adventures in the mountains.
-Byond Lunch: The Movie. They say a good video game adaptation is rarer than a unicorn. Don't let this unicorn pass you by!
No. 845789 ID: 91ee5f

>Ceri's normal form looks more draconic.
That's probably from your seal getting broken.

You'd better be careful and not do anything to break your seal anymore than it already is, otherwise you might end up getting permanently stuck in your dragon form and you won't be able to live in town anymore!

Maybe someday you and Skif can have a flying date?

You can probably fly with those wings and Skif is supposed to be able to fly with his wings, so it makes sense that you guys should have a flying date!

>Her sparkle-sticks are glowing again!?
Could that she have done that with magic?! Maybe she has been affected like Gulketi and Siphon?!

Hopefully Skif's wings blades don't slice up the seats! Otherwise, you'll either have to pay for the damages or run before you get caught by the managers!

>Byond Lunch: The Movie
This movie seems the most interesting! Let's go see this one! Because I'm obviously not going to pass up the opportunity to look at one of Slinko's early projects! XD

>Jump, man! The movie. Eh?? They made a movie about a video game?? You have a good feeling about this one!
Girl, are you crazy?! Don't you know that movie adaptations of video games are always bad?! They always mess something up! DX
No. 845790 ID: a363ac

Bullet. Let's go see how Eezie likes action movies
No. 845794 ID: 830fb7

Caged Dragon , A semi historical movie about the turn of the dragon riders against the dragons and the subsequent subjugation and disappearance of the dragons. Filmed with real dragon riders and enslaved dragons, this movie is very realistic and shows horrific scenes of dragons killing people and them being enslaved.
No. 845795 ID: c88e6d

Byond Lunch, as I've not played it yet.
No. 845804 ID: 3fb646

You remember the trailer faintly..
The Maker

Chased and hunted. Hated and feared. This has been our existence for all of time.

They see our nature as sacrilege, but without us they would not exist. We have birthed many, and it has earned us nothing but scorn by the very beings we sacrificed our very existence for. They have given us many names, considered us both gods and demons. We are none of those things.

We are simply a Maker, one of the remaining few.

No. 845805 ID: ba506f

Byond Lunch: The Movie. A pretty cheesy-sounding adventure movie about a regular kid finding a magical sword and thwarting a demon's plans
This sounds like a simple fun movie for the three of you to watch together. plus it might be fun hearing Eezee mumble about magic... or maybe just her actually having fun outside of the lab for once.
No. 845806 ID: 4a02c0

>Jump, Man! The Mov

Movies based on video games suck! It's an imcompatability issue between movie producers and video game mechanics!

>well then what should we
MRLD: The Sequel-Dequel
It's a show about sexy supervillainess Milquoise Foret, a former bounty hunter who turned to world-destroying for kicks after her mentor tricked her into killing an ancient demon overlord, which triggered a purge order from the planet's secret galactic mega corporation owners, driving her completely insane as her world was destroyed because she killed "The Devil", and the rest of the galaxy is pure shit. In the sequel, she finds two alien orphans and teaches them the joys of wholesale slaughter and they do a big musical fight scene that nukes five planets and a space orphanage. It's a story about motherhood, sisterhood, and finding humanity in the worst of people while they are doing horrible things.
No. 845833 ID: 56fca5

Byond Lunch: The Movie is clearly the best choice! Cheesy adventures are fun and could help you not focus on your problems for a while.
No. 845834 ID: f0e552

No. 845835 ID: 830fb7

my vote
No. 845836 ID: 0c84a3

Jump, man! The movie because if it's anything like Super Mario Bros: The Movie, it will be hilariously awful.
No. 845837 ID: de6d84


Changing to this.
No. 845842 ID: 0c84a3

oh wait, didn't notice this. this sounds like an actual movie, way better than the other options.
No. 845843 ID: 28d18b

Maker Maker Maker Maker MAKER!
No. 845864 ID: 88bd6f

Go see that latest twelfth movie in the Teen Girl Squad cinematic universe.
No. 845893 ID: 33d4be


I dunno, do you remember the last time Ceri got ideas about how the world and living things were created?
No. 845894 ID: 205799

Let's see that wonderful seven hundred million moneys budget in action, and hopefully not flopping or spent entirely on CGI.

There's probably some A-list actors you like featured as well.
No. 845897 ID: 9d4af9

Have another.
No. 845990 ID: 094652


Movie(Game) < 0
Parody(<0) > 0 | x < 0
-> Parody(Movie(Game)) > 0

So in theory, a parody movie of a video game would be funny. Maybe. I dunno.

How about Butt Souls? It's a movie about dragon hunters entering a cursed ruin, only to find that all the dragons there have ass fetishes. And it's starring Michael Jackjay as both dragon hunter and dragon. And there are two simultaneous alien invasions "as DLC". And the evil overlord is Corporate Commander and his legion of Microtransaction Mercenaries, who intentionally beg to be bought over to the hunters' side with the movie audience's money.
No. 845992 ID: 7152b7

No. 846050 ID: ed67d9

100% getting my vote
No. 846064 ID: f0e552

please let this be a normal field trip
No. 846139 ID: c88e6d
File 151111360621.png - (137.64KB , 350x350 , Naamloos-2.png )

With the Eez? No way!
No. 846144 ID: 68550e

Spaaace moviiie
No. 846197 ID: 23c164

Definitely this. It's obviously going to be cool and mysterious, and I think it's the kind of thing your mad science friend would be into as well.
No. 846220 ID: 66a4ca

I will vote against >>845804. That's all.
No. 846634 ID: 395c02
File 151125059933.gif - (156.88KB , 800x600 , 1020.gif )

Huh. Not many people here.

Ooh, commercials are starting!

"Thirsty? Try Drug! Contains no actual drugs, just intense euphoric refreshment!"

The Eez whispers, "what the hell is wrong with your planet"

"Hmm? Want me to get a couple Drugs?"


"Lonely? Get a dog!"


"Worried that psychic magic users are reading your thoughts? Are you dealing with an employee who only gives 109% but makes strangely convincing arguments for that 110% raise? Try the patented N. JAMMER! The N stands for Naughty...people... who use psychic magic on you. (you guys really want to use this take? Okay, it's your money.)"

"We've improved the design to give the appearance of a shoddy aluminum hat! Looks chic, guaranteed to get people staring at you! In envy! Because of how good you look! Only one ninety-five!"

That better be ᵯ1.95. Everyone knows you can't block psychic magic with foil.

Right? Everyone knows that?


Your faith in the mortal races takes 1.95 damage.

"Buy this dumb game!"

Oh man!! You really want that dumb game!!!!!

You might be part of the problem.

You sit through way too many commercials and previews for other movies (oh gods, there's already a trailer for 'XD 2: LOL'!? That was only announced last week!) until finally, the feature presentation begins to play.
No. 846635 ID: 395c02
File 151125061527.png - (283.40KB , 800x600 , 1021.png )

How pretty!

You glance over to The Eez, who looks like she's seen a ghost.

Eons ago, before existence itself, there was only a single creature in a void of nothingness.

This creature contained all magic. Or perhaps it was magic incarnate. For an immeasurable amount of time, it continued to float in a sea of nothingness.

That is, until the magics swirling inside came together and formed the first thought.

In an instant, the being had gained sentience.

Soon it was able to form complex thoughts and discovered that it existed.

It found this pretty surprising.

Time itself laid bare before it, and it saw the end. It would one day succumb to entropy. The only way to avoid this fate was to give existence meaning. It unleashed all of magic, sacrificing its current form to exist everlasting in another.
No. 846636 ID: 395c02
File 151125063078.png - (189.22KB , 800x600 , 1022.png )

Thus was formed the first Ultimate Creation: The universe.

But a universe is not immune to the march of time. To reach infinity, a cycle of renewal was needed. Thus lead to the creation of custodians that would consume entropy and from it, form new stars. New planets. New life.

"Always different..." Eezeryh mutters.

Skif leans over. "These special effects are incredible. How do you think they pulled it off?"

You whisper back, "They probably had several people choreograph their magic to make it look like a magical being."

"Man. Must have taken a lot of work organizing that."

"Special effects are the best when there's magic."

Eezee snickers. "If you consider this impressive, I have movies that'll blow your minds. Where I come from, we've surpassed CGI and created SCGI!"


"Super-Computer-Generated Imagery! See, you take a quantum holographic--"

"We're missing all the dialog!" you protest.


...has continued for billions of years. Now, we continue the cycle started so long ago. To preserve eternity, we must consume. We must create. We must preserve the natural order of things.

We are the Makers.

"Title drop!" Skif says.

And then the title literally drops onto the screen. Maybe this is a bit cliche.
No. 846637 ID: 395c02
File 151125064577.png - (350.53KB , 800x600 , 1023.png )

The movie continues to tell the tale of a 'maker' who has to escape from the bad-guy makers who want to end the cycle and allow entropy to take place. They believe that the universe itself must die so that a new one can be born, and the eternal cycle prevents this from happening.

It eventually befriends a dragon who, presumably to save on costs, spends most of its time as a reptilian. They decide to put a stop the 'traitor' makers by infiltrating the FORTRESS OF ENTROPY (Eezee groans).

Fancy that, a reptilian who's secretly a dragon.

The male reptilian approaches the guards and plays off the maker as its prisoner. Some well-chosen words later, the guards let them both inside. Things get really tense as they both try to avoid detection! As they continue their shenanigans, the two of them bond. The maker slowly but surely begins to sound less like a god and more like a regular person.

And then they make it to the final chamber. But it was a trap! The leader knew they were there the whole time!

You grab onto Skif! Oh no! Please get through this, you two!!!
No. 846638 ID: 395c02
File 151125065742.png - (246.04KB , 800x600 , 1024.png )

The leader cackles and shows her true form. On no! Another dragon! You grip Skif tighter!

She gloats, explaining her plan in great detail. She plans on betraying the betrayers (a double-doublecross!), using an ancient form of magic to consume their magic and become a maker herself! She will give them what they want by ending the cycle and bringing the entire universe under her rule!

"Great forward thinking there," The Eez says sarcastically. "If you're going to conquer the universe, plan to hold it forever! Letting it fall apart in the process is wasteful. It's like she's not even trying!"

"...You've thought about this kind of thing before, haven't you," you ask.



"At the movie screen, you're missing important plot."


The good-guy maker tells the reptilian-dragon its plan while she drones on about her overly-complicated plan of quadruple-crossing.

The only way to stop her is to consume her, it explains. The maker will convert her into raw magic, use that power to consume all the bad guys at the base, and use their energy to make its Ultimate Creation: a crystal that can be used to absorb other Makers. The good-guy dragon can then use this crystal to form a resistance.

It thanks the reptilian for its help, as making an Ultimate Creation is the final act of any Maker before they cease to exist.

The dragon, not wanting to lose its new friend (awww~!!), desperately tries to come up with an alternate plan. He could try to take her on, dragon vs dragon! He would almost certainly lose that fight, but it would buy the maker time to escape and find another way to defeat the bad-guy makers!

Either way, someone has to be sacrificed. No...!

oop here come the tears

crying is a thing you do a lot and this is one of those times.
No. 846639 ID: 395c02
File 151125067235.png - (167.79KB , 800x600 , 1025.png )


A voice is heard overhead. "Yeah, uh... There's like, two endings to this movie? It's up to you to choose who you sacrifice."

Why would they use such a novel idea on something so heartbreaking!?!? There's no way you can choose! You want them both to live!!

"So like, press the button labeled A to go with the maker's plan? Or I dunno I guess press B to go with the dragon's or something. I'm obligated to tell you their life is in your hands."


You look to Skif. He voted B. When you ask him why, he tells you the dragon's plan leads to fewer people dying, and maybe the dragon will win and they can work together to find another way to beat the bad guys.

You look to Eezeryh. She voted A. "Fighting dragons sounds lame. I wanna see what this 'ultimate creation' looks like!"

You get a sinking feeling the vote is going to lead to a tie, with you being the one to break it. But can you really choose one? Augh, you don't have to choose, do you!? Where's button C: Everyone hugs and become friends and they make a hoard of gods or something!?

What will you do?

-Press A. This goes with the maker's plan to consume the bad guys and craft its Ultimate Creation. It'll die doing this...!
-Press B. This goes with the dragon's plan to fight the lady-dragon, a fight he's likely to lose. This allows the maker to escape, hopefully to regroup and form a better plan.
No. 846640 ID: 3ce125

Well option C is not voting at all. But I expect that would just irritate the employee running the projector. I mean there's only two endings he can play, don't make him do a shadow puppet show while making up the ending on the spot.

A. Because canon must be preserved sacrificing someone just so you can run away and try again is a losing proposition.
No. 846642 ID: ed67d9

Press A and B at the same time.

THAT is the true "option c" - using what is in front of you to figure out a new way out!
No. 846643 ID: f0e552

Press B so a time paradox doesn't happen
No. 846644 ID: 830fb7

Basically choosing between one now (A) or both over time (B) I guess I choose the one now option ( -Press A. This goes with the maker's plan to consume the bad guys and craft its Ultimate Creation. It'll die doing this...! ) over the both of them dyeing option but why did it have to be a choice between dragon fight and this.
No. 846648 ID: 094652

Eezeryh knows something...

Ignore the choice, focus on insight. Press Eezeryh until she sings. What does she know about the species this movie's plot guy was based on?
No. 846649 ID: ae9b99

push A and B together!
No. 846650 ID: 205799

Press B

Let's produce the Ultimate Being. With appropriate music of course:

No. 846651 ID: 66a4ca

No. 846652 ID: c88e6d

That would just kill both of them and make an even cooler Creation.

No. 846653 ID: de6d84

Press B.

kinda interested in seeing this dragon-alt-continuity
No. 846656 ID: 830fb7

Changing my vote to both to see what happens.
No. 846657 ID: 2c8807

A - Screw the bad guys, let the Maker pull off that ultimate creation in the knowledge it'll be put to good use.
No. 846661 ID: ba506f

No. 846663 ID: 0f713a

Rapidly click both buttons.
This is a movie! If the makers couldn't decide on one ending they should have just released them both and watch the fandom try and figure out which was canon.
No. 846672 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, is Eezeryh watching this movie upside down?! She's lucky there isn't anyone sitting behind her, otherwise they would've complained about her legs blocking their view of the screen!

Vote for B!

Even though the option says that he's likely to lose, that doesn't mean that he's guaranteed to lose! He could actually win the fight and somehow beat the bad dragon lady!
No. 846687 ID: a363ac

press both! the Friendship that they have built (and a bit of romantic tension...) could never be broken by a little thing like death they will meet together at the end of the line! "EVERYONE CHEESE BOTH BUTTONS!!!"
No. 846695 ID: 2fe26a

Mashing both buttons will just break the machine. It's not like you can get the whole theater to abstain to unlock the SECRET ENDING (they already voted), so press B.
No. 846724 ID: 33d4be

Press A. An ending has to come some day, even for makers. This would be a good one.
No. 846760 ID: d6fd57

Spin yourself dizzy and press A.
You won't let one or the other feel sad about your button choice if you make it look random.

Plus, if theres only two versions of the movie, there might not be a sudden third, or the button vote ends up being a tie anyway. Good things must come to an end, and this movie deserves one!
No. 846781 ID: 23c164

Press A; if you press both it's just going to pick whichever circuit connected last. Or possibly crash the software reading it, which would ruin the whole movie and you'd never get to see the ending and it would be all your fault.
No. 846798 ID: 9141a9

'Accidently' press both at once, the tie must happen!
No. 846799 ID: 7152b7

It is his purpose! It was what he was always going to do! No one is eternal!
No. 846852 ID: 33cbe7

Press B. It's the canon ending anyway because it leads directly into a sequel hook.
No. 846940 ID: c2051e

B and press Eez about the topic.
No. 846981 ID: 50234d

No. 847011 ID: dfaae1

What would an Angry Marine do?
Headbutt the console.
No. 847348 ID: 395c02
File 151143434077.png - (74.80KB , 800x600 , 1026.png )

It's impossible.

You can't choose! You can't even choose not to choose!

Maybe... maybe you'll just hit a button at random.


No! There is always another way! Even when things seem hopeless, you won't give up!
No. 847349 ID: 395c02
File 151143435393.png - (218.27KB , 800x600 , 1027.png )


Your high defense stops this from hurting. Likewise, your low VIGOR ensures you do no real damage to the console.


Your defiant headbutt has resulted in both buttons being pressed at the same time.

The console retracts, and the lights dim.

A voice is heard over the intercom. "What? A tie? Like, that's kinda cool, I guess. Never had a tie before. Uh, where did I put-- sorry, I didn't memorize this script because it never happens. Okay, here it is."


"Ahem. I... see that you... (augh, the text is all smudged. Nevermind then, I'm pretty sure I can wing it). Like, you said no to the choice itself? And that's pretty cool. That shows you hate boxes. You wanna be all outside the box, not thinking about what's in it because that's how out of the box you are. I'm being told I'm legally obligated to clarify that I am not using box to refer to female anatomy, but an actual metaphorical box made of actual metaphorical cardboard. Cardboard of the mind."

They're either brilliant or really dumb. You're not sure which.

They continue, "for your viewing pleasure, I now get to figure out where we put the secret third reel. Gimme like, 2 seconds. Enjoy the show."

You hear various objects being tossed about as someone frantically searches for something.

"Are all movies like this?" Eezeryh asks.

"It's not common, no," you reply.

"They should really automate this. I could give them a few pointers!"

"We don't need murderous movie projectors, Eez!"

"You're still upset abooouuu did you just call me Eez."


Her glare is so intense the theater doesn't actually dim until she gives up and looks at the screen. You're pretty sure you're 10 years older now.
No. 847350 ID: 395c02
File 151143436587.png - (166.31KB , 800x600 , 1028.png )

"Argh! Both plans are bullshit!" the lizardman exclaims. "I don't want to die, and I don't want you to die either!"

"So long as we craft our ultimate creation, we do not truly die. We become a part of the universe, a part of existence."

"You're just lying to yourself! Death is death! Even if you're technically a part of whatever you make, your mind and body are gone! You won't be able to see the future, to experience all that life still has to offer! We won't be able to see the result of everything we've been fighting for if we don't keep living!"

"We do not understand."

"Yes you do! Underneath your godly visage is a person! A person with thoughts and feelings! A person I want to grow old with! A person..."

"A person I love!"

No. 847351 ID: 395c02
File 151143439681.png - (153.80KB , 800x600 , 1029.png )

Awwwwwwwwwwww~!!!!! If you had a romance gauge, it'd be completely full right now! You want to hug them both so much!

"If I knew things would get this cheesy I would have changed my vote," The Eez says. "What next? A love beam?"

You shoot her a glare even more powerful than the one you received earlier. The temperature in the room drops several degrees.

You turn your attention back to the movie. Oh! The maker's a different color! Is that bad? Is that good??? This is too much for your tiny reptilian heart!

"Perhaps there is another way," the maker muses. "Dragons are the most powerful of all our creations. We believe they may one day surpass us, for they have something we do not. Something we didn't even realize was missing."


"Let us combine our magical energy. With our power and your love, we may be able to get through to her and make her realize the flaws in her plan."

He reptile-blushes. "I, uh. I kinda spoke without thinking. Uh, gosh this is awkward. I don't know how to turn love into magic, anyway."

"We will assist you in drawing it out. Magic has an aura, a field very similar to that of magnetic metals."

The maker reaches a tendril out to the reptilian.

"Your love will be attracted to ours."

The reptilian smiles, and reaches his own hand out. Though the maker isn't physical, the reptilian is able to reach inside the maker's tendril and feel its warmth.

No. 847352 ID: 395c02
File 151143441249.png - (497.89KB , 800x800 , 1030.png )

The lizard takes on his draconian shape, and the two of them combine their love into a mighty beam! The evil dragoness puts up a barrier, but it smashes right through it!

"How!? My barrier is invincible!!"

"No barrier is strong enough to stop the power of love!" The male dragon heroically states.

For the first time, you hear emotion in the maker's 'voice'. "Your flawed plans cease here! We... I want to see the future he and I share!"

The beam intensifies! Their love is even stronger than before!

"called it"
No. 847353 ID: 395c02
File 151143442303.png - (254.70KB , 800x600 , 1031.png )

"No! It's impossible! You can't-- Augh!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!"

Their love is so powerful, it breaks through to the dragoness's dark heart, filling it with light. She looks around her, realizing she was wrong about everything. It's not about entropy. It's not about power. Love is something not bound by any law. It is something that can be shared across species, across space and time. It's what makes life worth living.

The beam expands into an aura, spreading outward. It reaches the other soldiers and commanders, changing hearts and minds. One by one they enter the dragoness's chamber, and pledge themselves to the maker and dragon's cause.

With this, they have conquered the base, and will use it as a starting point to gather others and form a resistance against the misguided makers who seek to restore entropy. But that is a story for another movie...

For now, the two lovers can rest, and share each other's company. While the maker can't be touched physically, their magic is able to flow in tandem, and the dragon knows one day he will find a way to give the maker the hug it truly deserves.


No. 847354 ID: 395c02
File 151143443511.png - (127.12KB , 800x600 , 1032.png )

"That was amazing!" you proclaim as the three of you exit the theater. It's dusk now.

"I hope the maker gets that hug," Skif says. "Though I'm kind of curious how they're going to..."

"Love will find a way."

The Eez huffs. "It's exactly the kind of ending Chei would write. Nothing but love and magic! Wasn't even a giant robot mumble grumble..."

"So Prince Chei is a hopeless romantic?" you ask.

"Yeah, except with him it works half the time. That's the most frustrating part!"

"Did it work on you~?"

"Anyway. Even if the ending wasn't quite what I had in mind, it was kinda... fun. Thanks for inviting me."

"Yay! Oh! Have you seen a maker before? You acted kinda weird for a bit there."

"It looked like something Chei scribbled out once when going on about some kind of fairy tale about his planet or something. I wasn't really paying attention since he told the story while I was covertly collecting his feathers to study for Ketza Laser purposes."

"I... see."

The three of you head to the lake, where Eezeryh presses a button on a device and the submarine surfaces. She click-clacks her way into it, somehow managing to wade out and climb the ladder with her weird pointy limbs. She offers a single wave, and then she and the sub are gone.

"I still don't know how I feel about her," Skif says.

"The important thing is we're getting through to her. She even admitted magic was real!"

"Why wouldn't she think that?"

You give an exaggerated shrug.
No. 847355 ID: 395c02
File 151143444692.png - (47.83KB , 800x600 , 1033.png )

It's just you and Skif now. You're worn out from today, mentally and physically. The movie definitely helped a lot, but you still want very much to snuggle with Skif and enjoy a calm moment in his warm embrace.

The question is... where? You could stay here at the lake, but it's starting to become another reminder of how crazy your life is now. A change of scenery could be just the thing you need.

Where will you go?

-The meadow. One of the few areas that isn't covered in water, trees, or development. It was set up as a preserve, set aside for situations just like this! It could also be a place to see if your wings... no, you don't want to think about that right now.
-Your room. A place you feel safe. Your parents are a concern, but they had an entire day to cool off after this morning. Still, your mom did claim she can hear 'everything'...
-Stay here. Maybe you're overthinking it. This place is pretty peaceful... but it's prime time for couples to start making their way out here for the romantic scenery! You might not be alone for long.
-The Cliche-tree. The place where Euia revealed much about what you are. On one hand, your conversation with Skif might be full of cheesy dialog, on the other hand do you really want to lose to a movie?
-Up the mountain. This is kind of a crazy idea, but it could be fun. You can probably fly up there, but what about Skif...?
No. 847356 ID: 094652

OH COME ON that's Anime 101! Do something Gainax, not this "Disney happiry evar aftar" copycat bull^&*(! BOO!

Did you know your puppy eyes make your breasts look rounder?

They wasted a perfectly good actor for the villain here.

Too many hearts, not enough blah

Up the mountain and beyond the crop, your snatch needs a catch worthy of the top!

... Go up and perform bestiality with the animal closest to the top of the mountain.
No. 847357 ID: 2efb36

Saunter to the meadow. This is a nice moment so no need to rush.
No. 847361 ID: 5bc36c

The Meadow sounds nice, plus on the way you guys can do that adorable hug stroll thing couples do
No. 847364 ID: 830fb7

Go home with Skif? You did want to talk to his parents about the dragon ceremony (to be done in the morning) and have we ever been there before.
No. 847365 ID: 7152b7

No. 847367 ID: d9cd96

Mountain. Skif can get to practice his dragon-riding.
No. 847368 ID: 66a4ca

Lay an egg
No. 847373 ID: a363ac

lay an egg at the The Cliche-tree.
No. 847377 ID: 38e897

Go to the Cliche-Tree and lay your egg.
No. 847378 ID: 33d4be

Up the mountain! Skif can fly as well, remember? Or like... levitate himself by weird vibrations from his metal wingy thingies.
No. 847379 ID: b1b4f3

No. 847383 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, I wasn't expecting that! I didn't think there actually was a secret 3rd ending!

>You shoot her a glare even more powerful than the one you received earlier. The temperature in the room drops several degrees.
Maybe you're actually an Ice Dragon?

>Skif's wings coming back into existence and saying, "Hi! What'd we miss?!"
You guys miss an amazing movie! And you managed to save Skif some money by not having him pay for damages you caused to the movie theater seats!

>Where to go?
Go to the Meadow.

And remember what Skif said earlier? He said that he doesn't want to have sex, he wants to just cuddle with you. So just cuddle and don't ruin the moment with sex!

.....maybe ask Skif if both of you can get some ice cream on the way to the Meadow?

>You can probably fly up there, but what about Skif...?
Did you forget that Skif's race can fly with their wings?

>Some people saying to lay the egg.
Not right now! Skif has been very patient and we are not going to make him wait until tomorrow because Ceri tired herself out from laying an egg!

She can lay her egg after she cuddles with Skif!
No. 847384 ID: 33cbe7

Ugh, Ceri your indecision is literally warping reality. That's not a good sign. You can't have your seal and eat it too!
Fly to the mountain. You can carry Skif - after all, he's a Dragon Rider! Just go big-Ceri since your full dragon form is wingless.
No. 847402 ID: de6d84

Up the mountains!
A nice cuddle overlooking town is the best spot for the night.
No. 847434 ID: 3fb646

The medow! You could relax in peace with your Knight before he walks you home! Maybe you'll find a turkey while Slinko draws with background scenery
No. 847482 ID: 984290

Your room.
No. 847514 ID: ee0c07

The mountains
It must be found out if Skif makes some hilarious buzzing noise if he vibrate flies.
No. 847662 ID: eceda8

Head to the Meadow.
No. 847808 ID: 22faaa

Mountains sound pretty good right about now
No. 847907 ID: 395c02
File 151161526808.png - (117.88KB , 800x600 , 1034.png )

"I can't believe you forgot I could do this," Skif says.

"I didn't forget. I just tried so hard not to think about it that okay yeah I forgot."

"Then allow me to remind you, my darling dragoness! I simply vibrate my wings very rapidly, and this creates lift by--"

"I think I understand how Eezeryh feels now."

"Hmph! Don't see me judging how you fly!"

"Then you shoulda let me carry you!"

"I take it back."

"Wha-- hey! I've been practicing, dang it! And what about my other idea! Where I grow big and carry you! We could have had all kinds of perspective shots in here!"

"You really don't like watching me fly, do you?"


"Yes, mistress..."

"W-wait no damn it let me try that again. Uh..."

Submissive thoughts. Submissive thoughts.

Okay, you got this. You switch to AQUA FORM and teleport your clothes from your DR-- your SPECIAL BONUS INVENTORY to your perfectly normal lizard body.
No. 847908 ID: 395c02
File 151161528163.png - (154.66KB , 1600x1200 , 1035.png )

"Oh dearest ... knight! I am but a weak, vulnerable reptile with little means to warm myself on this cold dark mountain! Without soft fur such as yours, I fear I may freeze to death!"

Skif stands there dumbfounded.

"Ahem! If only a big, strong regular knight was able to sweep me off my feet and invite me into their warm and loving embrace!"


"A knight within a 3 meter radius, perhaps! ... One named Skif? Come on you're not that bad at taking charge oh wait you let a ketza strip you naked yes you are."

"Hey! It's just... how are you holding up?"

"Wonderfully! We finally get some alone time!"

"I mean, is this really the best place for the water form?"

"W-why wouldn't it be?? This form's pretty amazing! Especially now that the controversial whiskers are gone! Now I can be more like mom and swim really fast! And sex is way easier, don't need to learn about foreplay with this form nope. Aqua form best form."
No. 847909 ID: 395c02
File 151161530650.png - (192.17KB , 800x600 , 1036.png )


"I see. In that case, allow this faithful 'regular knight' to offer his warmth to his aquatic princess."

Oh gosh! He's never lifted you into his arms before. You didn't think he had the strength!

Just how long has he been training for this very moment...?

Skif manages to carry you to a nearby rock, lowering himself to the ground with you still in his arms.

You feel like your heart is going to explode.

Acting like a typical movie damsel is one thing, but how can you actually be submissive? Do you just act like your fathprotective neurons engaged

It can't be that hard. Time to give it a shot. "Good knight, I insist you give me all your-- wait no uh. The princess decrees that you are now her slave-- augh I got this. FERTILIZE MY EGGS no wait that's later."

Is Skif trying not to giggle? He's... he's enjoying watching you fumble around adorably!!

Man, you were kind of doing it earlier, too! What changed???

Oh! The power of roleplay! You'll play the part of someone who's submissive!

You could pretend to be someone you know, or create a character from whole cloth. This character would probably need a basic backstory or motivation!

Or maybe you could just enjoy the moment and maybe think of something to talk about. Regular topics for this regular couple!

(Special thanks to Lagotrope for drawing this update!)
No. 847937 ID: 33d4be

Create a character from whole cloth! Stretch those imagination muscles.

How abooouuut... a sexy film noir romance? You, Ceri, you're a wealthy adopted heiress who's hired a knight, er detective, detective knight, to find out who your birth parents are. But in the course of investigating, mysterious assailants have begun gunning for your life, and your assets have been frozen! Does someone not want you to know? Does someone with a grudge against your birth parents now know enough to gun for you?? Fearing for your life, even with your ability to pay his original fee gone, the brave detective was moving you out of town to somewhere safer when an attack drove you both off the road, into the wilderness! You both climbed the mountain to be safe, but now it's sooo so cold and you have to huddle together for warmth. So that leaves you here, wrapped in your courageous detective knight's strong, protective arms, and thinking: how can you ever repay him???
No. 847942 ID: 91ee5f

>"I mean, is this really the best place for the water form?"
Don't forget that you've got those wings under your arms in this form! .....I mean, you don't have them now because you polymorphed them away so that your shirt can fit properly, but you do have them! And even though you can't fly with those wings, you can definitely glide with them!

Maybe after you and Skif are done cuddling, you can attempt to glide down the mountain?

Just remember, Skif only wanted to cuddle, so no sex!

>How to be submissive?
Just continue stumbling around as yourself! It'll be humorous and both you and Skif can enjoy the moment!

>Think of something to talk about. Regular topics for this regular couple!
Talk about video games that you guys like to play, books you guys like to read, movies and/or tv shows that you both are into. Normal thing like that.
No. 847953 ID: fb3a23

Oh Ceri.. You gotta roll with it and enjoy the moment. Let Skif do whatever he wants, be it cuddles, sleeping no or something more~
No. 847961 ID: c88e6d

Create a character from whole cloth and continue stumbling around.
No. 847972 ID: 17c2ee

Enjoy the moment.
No. 847975 ID: de6d84

Wait, I like the sound of this.
No. 848024 ID: 130e49

Lago update ha?
I know! Pretend to be consistently drawn!

When that doesn't work out role play as your dad that chick from King Kong.
No. 848026 ID: 33cbe7

Those are some REALLY tight pants Skif.
Pretend to be Slinko!
No. 848027 ID: 33cbe7

You can use your New Ceri-form up here, by the way. Nobody's going to see it.
No. 848029 ID: a1ac61

Create your own character and continue to stumble about adorably.
No. 848041 ID: 939c2b

Noir Damsel sounds fun.
No. 848056 ID: 7152b7

I Second this.
Slinko looks like a bald ape wearing a fake beak.
He also looks like prince Chei.
He too knows polymorph.
No. 848090 ID: 4f64b3

Continue to blindly fumble as yourself!
No. 848092 ID: 22faaa

I thought aqua Ceri looked fluffier than usual.
Great work Lago!
No. 848240 ID: 66a4ca

Not sure if this counts as creating a character or pretending to be one but..

Pretend to be a gym machine.
(Note: gym equipment is Ceri's kink)

Backstory: As a fitness machine, your whole purpose in life has been to be used. Stretched, lifted, pushed around. An extremely submissive character! You could neither object to those that wished to use you, nor would anyone ever ask you about your feelings. Fortunately, you were rescued by your hero, Skif, who could no longer tolerate you being abused by every person who walked by. He vowed that from now on, he will be the only one to exercise with you. Gently but firmly will he hold you, as he will be the sole person to do with you as he pleases.

Damn this feels cringy :D
No. 848250 ID: b9b4da

Be yourself, but pretend Skif is a suggester. It's easier than you'd imagine. Wait, is that a paradox?
I agree with Skif, you should stretch your actual, ethereal wings.
No. 848252 ID: 9e82bd

No. 848254 ID: adb0d6

Try being this and fumble it to Skif's amusement anyway.
No. 848354 ID: 121a8a

roll with it and keep being the cute bumble dragon you are

Maybe give your dragon knight the bigger D-breast fueled happy ending you know he’ll love.
Until then be the cute cuddle machine you want to be!
No. 848359 ID: 4324ce

Let it ride. Be you, girl.
No. 848366 ID: 84c07e

geg weL soom sliNk
No. 848498 ID: 395c02
File 151194181166.png - (71.44KB , 800x600 , 1037.png )

They said princesses couldn’t be hardboiled detectives.

They also said that a rich reptile dame like me couldn’t be a princess.

The soft rain I'm pretending exists hits my scales and runs down, like the sky itself is weeping at the injustices and cruelties it witnesses every single night. I glance back to the knight accompanying me. With a belly full of eggs and a backpack full of toys, this night's going to be anything but 'single'.

My hands travel all over the knight, feeling the shape of his body. Without my money, my moola, my dough, I gotta get my hands on something nice, and this knight’s the closest I can get to heaven right now. My hands run down his back, resting on his... "Hey, knight - we dropped our tail. What do we do now?"

"Huh?" A confused look.

"Our tail. The fuzz. The people following us. Chasing me because I’m a totally regular mortal reptilian who is also a detective princess despite having parents who were dragons. And I ain’t got no scary inner powers, neither. No time for that in this line of work."

"Detective... princess?"

"Yeah. One who is in need of protection from the knight that she hired. To protect her." Come on you male-dame. Start playing along.

"Oh! Right! Yes! But my lady is safe now! I won't allow any force to bring harm to you, whether they waltz in from without or... within."

Only problem is, this world doesn’t play fair. Knight like him - good arm candy, but what can he do against a dragon? Will he choke, failing to use his enslaving ritual when needed? Why is he refusing to accept any pay for this job? How can a powerless and completely vulnerable princess like me put faith in him?

The worry piles up on me like back-alley rats on steak scraps.
No. 848499 ID: 395c02
File 151194183155.png - (45.33KB , 800x600 , 1038.png )

I let out my breath in a slow plume. It condenses in the cold mountain air, swirling like smoke. This is very convenient for the mood I'm trying to convey here.

"Knight, you done me a solid. I owe you. A dame like me has no assets to offer you. Well, maybe a couple..."

"My lady, your presence is the only thing I need. If a hundred men show up, I shall add a hundred marks to my shield, one for each defeated."

Ooh! He's actually getting into it! wait no stay in character ceri.

The knight’s loyal, I’ll give him that. Sticking his neck out like this, well, it takes guts.
No. 848500 ID: 395c02
File 151194185850.png - (37.51KB , 800x600 , 1039.png )

I give him something for his trouble.. I try to play it coy, keep it quick, but that plans fails. The heat of this kiss could start a fire. It’s the sort of kiss that really saves on the heating bill during the frozen winter.

"This is all the payment I have for you, Ski- knight."

"Then I shall consider myself gainfully employed, my lady."

It’s been a hell of a trip, but this knight is the best companion I’ve ever had. They don’t make them like this anymore. The others are too busy chasing tail. Dragon tail.

We’ll get moving in the morning. I may be broke, and I might not see my money again, but I know I’ve found something priceless. Whatever may come, my knight will protect me. I am forever his.
No. 848501 ID: 395c02
File 151194187050.png - (139.73KB , 800x600 , 1040.png )

...That's it! Being submissive is giving yourself to another, letting them lead and protect you!

"Skif! I think I get it now!"

"My lady?"

"No! I'm not your lady! I mean I am. I mean-- let me try again."

"A-are we breaking character?"

"Oh sorry my epiphany kinda messed with the noir vibe, huh."

"You had an epiphany?"

"Yes! I realized something important! For tonight, you need to be the one in charge. Tell me what you desire, and I'll make it happen. I'll just go ahead and remind you that I can turn into all kinds of things, or even make any changes to my body you might want. I'm all yours!"

"Y-you want me to choose? Are you sure you wouldn't rather come up with--"

No. 848502 ID: 395c02
File 151194188801.png - (159.53KB , 800x600 , 1041.png )


Just what is she expecting? I don't know how to do this stuff!


Gods. She's so wonderful. So strong. So beautiful. her tail's in my face. I waited so many years for us to be together. I can't tarnish everything by presuming to hold any power over her! I'm not going to be like the others! She deserves better! I'll give her better, even if I die doing so!

But she really wants me to do this, huh? How can I be her knight if I cower away from a simple request? Hrrgghh! I'm damned either way!

No, I need to look at this another way. To be submissive, I need to be dominant. They will cancel out and it'll be fine.

But what do I ask her to do? My LEWDNESS BAR is completely drained, so some of the obvious things I'd ask for aren't that relevant right now!

Still, maybe I can coax some life into it by starting slow? Or maybe we can do something more innocent. Sex has dominated our lives lately, and I could use this chance to show that I still love her for more than that.

Or is sex exactly what she wants right now? Man, I really wish there was a convenient status bar I could look at to know how she's feeling.

What do I ask for? Let's start with her polymorph abilities.

(3 VOTE POINTS available. They can be spread out or used to super-vote 1 or 2 choices. Some options can be combined. AKA 'VOTE 3')
-Make her boobs larger! I walked by an extremely busty birb earlier and now I'm... curious.
-Turn into a galeacoma! Oh, the wonderful metals that would form her head...
-Become soft and chubby! This both is and isn't what I meant when I longed for a Ceri Pillow.
-Become fluffy! Should she be herself-but-fluffy, become a mammal, or turn into an avian? I wonder how soft her fluff would be...
-Become male! I bet her dick would be so huge...~ (Cannot combine with boobs)
-Become tuff and thiq! Strong muscles, stronger thighs.
-Stay as she is. I wouldn't change a thing.
-Be herself. Her real self. This is probably a terrible idea that'll kill the mood. I do wish she'd stop pretending things are fine when they aren't, but is this really the time to push it?

Should I ask her to do something with this temporary power of mine? I need to start slow, or my dick really will fall off.

(2 VOTE POINTS available.)
-CERI MASSAGE SKIF. To give her room to work, my wings will politely hide in WINGSPACE so they aren't in the way.
-SKIF MASSAGE CERI. Her body feels amazing, and I don't need a full LEWDNESS BAR to appreciate that.
-CERI BE SKIF'S PILLOW. If I use her as a pillow, I could nap and give my body time to recover.
-NAKED CUDDLE TIME. These clothes are getting in the way of our warm bodies!
-CERI GIVE SKIF A SHOW. You kind of want to see if she's been training her APPEAL. And the rest of her, of course.
-DO NOTHING. Just sit there like a good girl while I hold you close~
-Remember what Siphon said. ...?

(Thanks to Raptie for the noir images and noirified writing!)
No. 848504 ID: 939c2b

You don't need a lewdness bar where you're going!
Ask her to Become male! (×3)
No. 848505 ID: 33cbe7

-Make her/her boobs larger! x2 It's the simple pleasures in life, Skif. Even her subconscious agrees with this one.
Become fluffy! x1 Herself-but-fluffy. Isn't it chilly up here? I think *this* is what you meant by a Ceri pillow.
Oh speaking of which CERI BE SKIF'S PILLOW. x2 Also command her to give you a second chance to be the Dominant Protector Hero once you've recovered some stamina.
No. 848507 ID: 78a3e5

Become tuff and thiq!-3
No. 848508 ID: 094652

[large]ENHANCE KNOCKERS[/large] |||
Remember what Siphon said ||
No. 848512 ID: 3e857c

I like the pillow idea, but she would appreciate being relaxed first by "fluffing" her.

So my votes are:
<b>-Become soft and chubby!</b> x2
<b>-Become fluffy!</b> as a fluffier version of normal form

No. 848515 ID: fb3a23

Have her become tuff and thiq! (x3) Imagine how intense the feeling of submissiveness will be while she she's all big and strong and you still have her just lay in your arms or lap. (x1) Say.. What did Siphon say to you?(x1)
No. 848517 ID: de6d84

TUFF AND THIQ x3, just have Ceri hug you while she's using you as a pillow x2. Imagine the swole sensation
No. 848519 ID: c88e6d

Become A Male Galeacoma With Big Muscles!
No. 848521 ID: 66a4ca

1x Make her boobs larger!
2x Become tuff and thiq!

Since you're ordering her, this doesn't count as being submissive, right?
No. 848522 ID: 9d138e

Ask her to become male (x3) because your time hugging Gulketi cocks has made you curious and then cuddle naked while remembering what siphon said~
No. 848523 ID: 3740b1

I'm voting outside the box, because that's what Ceri is all about!
2x male for the so hugeness +
1x boob because no choice is impossible, Ceri, you can do it!

2x give him a show
No. 848525 ID: 90f3c0

-Become male x2
-Become fluffy

You just can't get the idea of cuddling fluffy guys our of your head, for some reason.
No. 848526 ID: d9cd96

Become galeacoma with the Biggest tiddy. Also Really Fluffy because why the heck not.

Then SKIF MASSAGE CERI. Nothing submissive about tending to your princess, especially not when they can't deny it.
No. 848527 ID: 28a319

Become male! (×3) Show her her knight isn't afraid of crossing swords if she wants!
Give Skif a show! (×2) For extra reinforcement!
No. 848528 ID: 830fb7

Female Skif.
No. 848530 ID: 01dbf3

Male Ceridwen x(2)
Fluffy Ceridwen x(1)

Honestly my vote is for compromise, where Ceridwen gets a large clit.
But within the realms of what might actually happen, I’m going to love seeing A male Aqua Ceridwen. The Firehose cometh.

Also because Skif has been “wielding a sword” his whole life.
Ceridwen is still relatively new to make pleasure.
Let the knight show his dragon what Swordsmanship really means.

Give Skif a Show
Give Skif a Show

And when you inevitably end up naked, polymorph while Skif’s watching.
It’ll be interesting for him.
No. 848542 ID: 33d4be

MAXIMUM PILLOW: Bigger boobs x1, Soft and chubby x1, tuff (under chub) and thiq x1, Ceri be Pillow x2

Drown in dragon!
No. 848554 ID: b9b4da

Larger? Noo, make Ceri smaller. (x3) Dragon Romance: Pocket edition. Pay her back for that very big, very damp lick you received.
Skif massage Ceri (x2) - Take Ceri's amazing body in small doses so as to not overwhelm your heart.
No. 848557 ID: 7152b7

2X Tough Thiq
1X Soft Chub

1X Show
1X Cuddle
No. 848558 ID: d5350e

3 votes for galeacoma transform. You've been dying to see what she'd look like.

2 for Ceri putting on a show. (there doesn't seem to be a write-in option but I would have said a Skif-lead dance together would be some romantically dominant activity)
No. 848559 ID: a363ac

Gain whiskers-2, become male-1.
No. 848562 ID: 4606b3

Gosh, tricky. If Ceri became a galeacoma on her own initiative it would be fine, but asking for it has potential unintended implications. As does asking for most changes, to a lesser extent. Becoming male doesn't so much, but it might remind Ceri of her previous troubles.


Ooh, having Ceri become smaller sounds great! That'll help her get in the sub mood. I vote for Ceri become smaller x2, though I'll add in enhance knockers x1 (proportionally) so you still have plenty to get to grips with if you want. Then have her give you a show (x2), but play it like you're training her. That's more dominant, and I'm sure it'll be useful to develop her skills. Would you say you still have more APPEAL, Skif? Pass on your wisdom.
No. 848571 ID: bfb318

Gain whiskers x3

No. 848572 ID: d556cb

2x bigger boobs 1x chubby and 2x ceri pillow>>848502
No. 848573 ID: 91ee5f

>What do I ask for? Let's start with her polymorph abilities.
1 Vote Point for making her boobs larger! You know you want it. ~

2 Vote Points for becoming soft and chubby! You've always wanted a Ceri Pillow! ~

>Should I ask her to do something with this temporary power of mine? I need to start slow, or my dick really will fall off.
2 Vote Points for Ceri being Skif's pillow! It makes sense that you'd do this if you want her to be soft and chubby. And how about both of you take a nap so that both of your bodies can have time to recover. ~
No. 848575 ID: 9b1217

Whiskers x1!, and get Ceri to male herself x2
And have her give you a show x2

Remember to laugh at how silly this whole thing is, it'll further put you guys in more of a good mood.
No. 848580 ID: 0d45a9

This idea has my full support. 1x Boobs, 2x Chubby, 2x Pillow.
No. 848582 ID: adb0d6

Whiskers x2, Fluffyness x1
...What did Siphon say? X2
It can only be the best advice.
No. 848583 ID: b05b93

Become male x3
No. 848588 ID: 3ce125

Turn into a galeacoma! (x3)
Remember what Siphon said.

No. 848638 ID: 3321a3

-Become male!
-Make her boobs larger!
-Become buff and chubby!
Cause fuck the system!

-Remember what Siphon said.
Slowly work towards sex but not just sex but Love, Intimacy and prostate stimulationtogetherness.
No. 848643 ID: 205799



2 Votes for Naked Cuddle time, why not.
No. 848654 ID: 2a13fa

Become of the opposite gender (x3).
No. 848668 ID: 6cd244

Get fluff and get pillow!
No. 848722 ID: 036afe

2 point in boob and 1 point in muscles to hold them up

Then give a show now that you're in maximum Ceri mode!!
No. 848755 ID: 395c02
File 151201981084.png - (124.85KB , 800x600 , 1042.png )

Okay yeah wow the thought of male Ceri is a lot more enticing than I thought it'd be.

I shouldn't be surprised. I'm bisexual as hell and I've yet to actually see or 'experience' what is sure to be a well-endowed man-lizard. Of course I'd be interested!!

Maybe I'll just... discreetly probe a bit.

"So uh. Just curious. Have you ever, you know..."


"Have you ever, um..."

Augh! Why am I shy all of a sudden!? I've known her my whole life! She's also bisexual! It's fine!

"Have you ever tried being um, male?" I ask, too flustered to make use of my high APPEAL.

"Oh. Yeah..."

Oh no there's a hint of regret in her voice don't let her see you panic Skif you need to be the pillar of strength for her to lean on.

"You don't sound like you enjoyed it," I say.

"Oh, it was plenty fun. It's just... no, nevermind. I don't mind going male if you want. You're in charge!"

Could it be related to her recent 'changes'? Well, I'm not going to push her on it. I should take her mind off things instead. If she does become male, I'll make sure she enjoys it!
No. 848756 ID: 395c02
File 151201981638.png - (113.78KB , 800x600 , 1043.png )

But do I want her to go male? It certainly stood out the most, but that's partly because I was just listing whatever came to mind. I didn't really give myself a chance to consider 'female' because it's kind of her default state.

Maybe I'll take various combinations of the traits I liked the most, and pick the one I want? That might be better than mushing things together and hoping it turns out fine.

Let's see... I like the idea of a submissive yet buff and tuff Ceri, either male or female. Oh! She should have big tits if she's female though! I mean, they already don't fit in my hands, but imagine. Just imagine.

Since I've never seen it before, I also like the idea of norm... Aquatic Ceri, in her regular shape, but male. She's dead set on staying aquatic right now, so this is the closest I can come to seeing what Ceri would look like if the only thing that changed was her gender.

Galeacoma don't really get 'tuff', but what if I combine thiq thighs with larger breasts? Our metallic parts vary widely in shape and composition (My... father has more gold than me, for instance. This is something that makes perfect biological sense so there's no need to question it), so Ceri isn't likely to look exactly like me.

Not really feeling male galeacoma right now. If I'm going to be seeing her dick for the first time, I want it to be the one she'd have if she had hatched male!

So yeah! I've created some really nice options from the traits I liked best, now I just need to pick one. A, B, C, or D...?
No. 848758 ID: 7a8792

No. 848759 ID: c2051e

B x3
No. 848760 ID: a363ac

Big fucking A man.
No. 848761 ID: a43366

No. 848762 ID: 3abd97

No. 848764 ID: 33cbe7

Ack we've created a monster. out of the presented options B is sort of alright but... strongly reconsider asking your submissive princess to add protein.
No. 848765 ID: 036afe

Okay so the plan is we pick B and she can just carry Skif around all evening
No. 848767 ID: d152c2

B, for my vote.
No. 848768 ID: de6d84

It'll probably flow well if you make her twirl later or something
No. 848769 ID: c239dd

No. 848770 ID: 3e857c

I'd still like her chubby, but B is still good.
No. 848773 ID: 6cd244

Pick B and have her do her best Tayza impression. 10% more Tayza by mass than the real thing! We threw out being submissive the minute you made option B available!
No. 848774 ID: c77d8d

You better be bip-bappin them bodacious bops on her blessed buff bod, Boy.
No. 848776 ID: 90f3c0

No. 848777 ID: 9d138e

C for sure~
No. 848778 ID: 178769

I would like to C a C.
No. 848779 ID: 830fb7

C or D
No. 848780 ID: f94028

Swapping to C to avoid vote splitting.
No. 848782 ID: 0bfde4

C all the way
No. 848784 ID: 094652

No. 848785 ID: 33d4be

I'll say C.

Hey, Skif. That friendship ritual... that's supposed to let the partners do "combo magic", right? I was just wondering, since Ceri's best magic is polymorphism, what kind of... things could you accomplish with that? My guess would be that that arrangement would allow Ceri to use magic she normally uses on herself... on you. With the bond linking you, making you one, and all. I mean, the classic "combo attack" for that would be her giving you some ability to shapeshift-buff yourself up for an attack, but if she could do that, why not other things? I ask you these questions because you seem like the sort of man who would have done his research on this.

... Ever wanted to try being a girl, Skif?
No. 848786 ID: 91ee5f

No. 848789 ID: d2c221

No. 848792 ID: 22faaa

No. 848798 ID: d9cd96

Clearly he wants the D
No. 848804 ID: c88e6d

No. 848805 ID: 3ce125

No. 848807 ID: 35089a

buff with big tits
No. 848813 ID: 3740b1

Def A, if we're being forced back into the box.
No. 848814 ID: b4f880

No. 848841 ID: 2fe26a

A choice between adding fat or adding a dick? No thanks. I'll second this. >>848562
No. 848844 ID: 56c693

No. 848850 ID: 4854ef

No. 848851 ID: 7152b7

No. 848853 ID: adb0d6

C the sea-D Skif
No. 848878 ID: dafb0e

I choose Choice B

I mean her kink is Gym Equipment .
No. 848879 ID: 2a13fa

No. 848897 ID: 2a13fa

Tally so far:

A: 2
B: 11
C: 16
D: 6

And one vote for either C or D, which i'm not sure if counts.
No. 848903 ID: 205799

Going with C as well, I suppose.
No. 848954 ID: eb460c


I’m curios to see how much in the ball department MaleCeri has. I mean Ceridwen is in Aqua Form.

Ceridwen might be more up for anal with an Aqua Dragon sized prostate ~~~
No. 849018 ID: fe7355

B. Imagine all the positions she'd be able to take and hold while buff and strong she couldn't do otherwise, as well as being able to carry you.
No. 849024 ID: 35089a

do we realy want her going male when she just had a bad experience with being a guy and she cant lay eggs as a dude
No. 849025 ID: 35089a

see what shes like as a buff and chubby you
No. 849031 ID: fe7355

With what we know, which is mostly what Ceri knows, no, we wouldn't (or shouldn't) have Ceri turn male. But, we're Skif now and so we have to go by what he knows, and if I remember correctly Skif doesn't know about the incident with Daatra. We also don't know if he knows just how wound up Ceri gets when she keeps putting off laying, or even if he's caught on that Ceri is holding a egg back.
No. 849032 ID: 33cbe7

No, we don't have to intentionally tell Skif something wrong because we know something he doesn't.
No. 849033 ID: fe7355

Which is what I'm saying; We should stay to in-character knowledge.
No. 849038 ID: 3740b1

If allowed, I'll swap my A vote to C to help make sure we get a male Ceri.
No. 849060 ID: 0d16d5

No. 849067 ID: cae0ca

No. 849132 ID: 7a73c6

Cant go wrong with C
No. 849305 ID: 395c02
File 151224229874.png - (136.98KB , 800x600 , 1044.png )

I guess this is the part where I respond to the voices in my head like a crazy person.

>Hey, Skif. That friendship ritual... that's supposed to let the partners do "combo magic", right?
That's what I've read. Not sure we could 'combo' since my magic is complicated, but Ceri should be able to channel her magic through me. She might also gain my ability to 'smell' or 'sense' magic. Side note: Ceri's magic smells incredible.

>what kind of... things could you accomplish with that?
The books claim I'd gain the dragon's power through the link. The fact that my kind could not only enslave dragons but use their own power against them is what lead to the dragons hiding themselves away. In hindsight, I don't know why I ever thought this was a good thing. Blame my parents, I guess.

I don't know what would happen with Ceri. Most of her great power is locked away, but I may be able to make use of her mortal magic. I could open portals, teleport, go invisible, or...

>... Ever wanted to try being a girl, Skif?
Oh. Oh.

I'm male through and through, but who the hell hasn't wanted to spend a day as the opposite sex?? Not gonna lie, I'd spend the whole time touching myself. Could I choose my breast size? Make me huge! Long term there'd be tons of issues, but if it's just for one day why not go all out!?

...What would sex feel like...?

>What Skif knows

That was weird. Anyway, on with the show! Step one: command her to transform!

"Okay. If you want me to choose that badly, um... if you're really okay with it, would it be okay if you maybe--"

She's glaring.

You can do this, Skif. You can be dominant. Use the power of your APPEAL, feel what Ceri wants, and deliver! This is your duty as a Dragon Knight!!

"Ahem. Time for the detective-princess to give the regular knight his payment. Turn male and give me a show~!"

oh gods did i really just say that

She looks at me with surprise. Hah! Didn't think I could do it, didja?? She uh... probably shouldn't be hesitating this much.
No. 849306 ID: 395c02
File 151224231378.png - (137.61KB , 800x600 , 1045.png )

Oh! She turned male so hard her whiskers came back! She removes her shirt and bra, exposing the flat chest she'd normally have if not for all the dragon stuff.

Wow, I... I've never seen her blush this much before, or look this timid. This...

This feels weird, actually. Taming dragons is such a large part of our culture, a culture I've chosen to denounce. And here I am, doing that very thing.

No, don't think of it that way. According to Mr. Ilan she needs to stay submissive, and she needs to avoid getting pent up. No matter how sore I get, I need to be there for her. This might not be how she prefers to do things, but she'd stop me if I went too far, right...?

I better play it safe.

"You still remember the safe word, right?" I ask.


"Say that if I go too far, or if you're not enjoying it at all, okay?"

"Y-yeah. argh why do males get boners so easily"

"I know, right??" At least it's better than it used to be. My teenage years were boner-city. Speaking of!

"Let me see it~"


D-did I say something wrong?

Her face shows a hint of pain, then determination. "Sir Skif! I-I can't believe a noble knight such as yourself would take advantage of a poor, defenseless reptilian like this! Out in the middle of nowhere, where there's nobody around to save me. You have me right where you want me!"

Oh no I screwed up wait she didn't say the safe-word. Her body language doesn't show distress, rather a welling sense of longing. She's roleplaying! In that case, I'll do the same!

"Yes, I do~ My lady should reward her knight for his loyalty!"

She continues removing her clothes. "D-don't stare too much," she says.

The bulge growing in Ceri's pants suggests a strong desire for me to stare a whole bunch.

Ceri finally moves to lower her pants, blushing harder than ever. I hold my breath. Just what will it look like? It's very important to be polite in situations like this. Respect her even if it's really small or something. Ceri's normally a girl, so I
No. 849307 ID: 395c02
File 151224232610.png - (159.17KB , 800x600 , 1046.png )


She moves her hands to cover herself (himself?) but I insist she not allow her hands to hide such an amazing work of art. She obeys timidly. I take everything in.

It's all so mammalian. Is this more dragon weirdness? It's twitching and throbbing, full of desire...

I feel blood rushing to-- Owww. Maybe I shouldn't have had her strip if I didn't want to become aroused yet! At least I had a couple hours to recover. I'll be fine, but I definitely can't push myself into multiple orgasms this time. I'm only cumming once, so it needs to count!

"Wow, I didn't think my princess would have so much desire after earlier~" I say.

"I need to lay, and it makes my h-hormones... higher..."

So timid... I just want to...

"I-it even affects male forms somehow... and the seal makes it worse... oh gods i want someone to touch it or lick it or something and i feel so exposed like this at least i could be horny as a girl without anyone noticing and oh gosh you're hard too i'm dying"

Her hand starts to move.

"No touching until I allow it!"

A pathetic whimper escapes her mouth.
No. 849308 ID: 395c02
File 151224233906.png - (147.65KB , 800x600 , 1047.png )

I approach Ceri and give her-- his ass a nice grab, and he yelps in response. I run my hands across his chest and stomach, feeling the familiar yet different body of my male aquatic lover. He squirms in my arms, his penis fidgeting like mad as my fingers draw circles around his nipples.

"Oh, look at it twitch! So much desire my little pet has~"

"P-please... Don't keep teasing me..."

My pain and arousal are locked in heated combat, but Ceri acts as if he hasn't cum in days! He-- she was just as worn out as I was! Does that 'Tilde' of theirs skip straight to 100 or something??

"Don't cum, now~" I coo as my hand finally makes its way across his dick.

Ceri's entire body shivers. I'm legitimately surprised he didn't immediately break that command. His smooth, almost silky dick twitches and throbs in my hand, but there is no release.

"You have more willpower than I thought~" I say.

"Nnn... Barrier..."


"I... I wanna... achieve... climax..."

"No flowery words, now~ Say it directly~"

"mmnn... Fuck..."

"Ooh~! Such a potty mouth~"

"Please... let me orga... hffff... I wanna... cum..."

Poor Ceri, even as a boy you have to earn it...~

As long as the SAFE-WORD goes unsaid, I need not worry that Ceri is uncomfortable or unhappy. As much as he wants his 'climax', my APPEAL-powered intuition tells me he's starting to enjoy the fact that I'm not letting him have it. He's anticipating that final release, a release that I can allow or deny as long as I want.

Unlike me, Ceri can probably handle going off multiple times. And unlike Ceri, it's going to take considerable effort to make me jizz right now. For once, I'm the one with all the stamina.

Ceri doesn't seem to like anal that much, and we galeacoma don't even have that particular hole (our digestive system can absorb 100% of the food we ingest because of course it can), so any proper penetration will require a female Ceridwen. I kinda want to see how much comes out of him before having him revert, though...~

What do I do with my needy little boy~?

A: Use my mouth to get a taste of male Ceri. Maybe I can push him past his limit, force him to break my command.
B: Allow male Ceri to get a taste of me. I felt a dragon's mouth last time. This time I want that cute little lizard snout~
C: Insist Ceri rub himself until I say cum. Self-inflicted desperation...~
D: Give Ceri's dick some loving attention. I could use my hands and tongue to pleasure him!
E: Have Ceri get a taste of himself. With Polymorph, he can definitely become flexible enough. One of many reasons I'm kind of jealous...

(You can now vote by posting the letter of the option you want. Other aspects are unchanged: You can choose 1 option, or gamble on choosing 2 or more options. This requires a justification of why two choices should be merged or why one should lead into another. Voting for more than 2 almost never works unless you have a truly fantastic justification! You can post a custom option, but be sure to bold it! People can change their vote at any time, but please make it obvious that you're doing so. Custom options can be voted on by linking to the post, or copy-pasting the text and saying you agree with it.)
No. 849310 ID: eceda8

Going with E.
No. 849316 ID: d9cd96

A. Show herhim that one can take a lot of charge even while taking it.
No. 849317 ID: c88e6d

No. 849318 ID: a363ac

C with a little bit of D mixed in. While having Ceri get herself off is certainly going to be fun I am sure that you both will appreciate a little bit of fun by Skif giving it a little personal attention yourself throwing in the odd quip and asking whom is the attention she likes more coming from .
No. 849319 ID: a43366

No. 849321 ID: 3740b1


We're being dominant here. Make him cum just from serving us.
No. 849323 ID: c2051e

C and then finish Ceri with D.
No. 849327 ID: 33d4be

For now, D. But you gotta do it dominantly, remember! Maybe lie him down and straddle his thighs and tail so he'll feel partly pinned and can watch everything you're doing, while you make full use of both hands to get a feel for him. Take off your own clothes so that he can see you at mast behind his, and you can tease him by almost letting yours and his touch. I'd say save your mouth for later. When you let him go off, make him make a mess across his front.

If you do feel sure he can go several times, then you can wait a little yourself, but you'll probably get sorer the longer you wait since you have a boner again now, so don't wait too long!

By the way, since every warrior should have a long-term strategy in mind, I have an idea for when you want to get off. Ceri is pretty flexible, right? And her male form looks like he still has pretty big, soft thighs on him. If you lift up his legs high and press his knees together (you can let his legs below the knee fall apart or rest on your shoulders, so you can watch his face and make eye contact), you can squeeze the upper length of that dragon cannon between his thighs, and squeeze your own in there on top of his and between those thighs as well. It'd be a sort of combo thighjob frot, with you in a very dominant position. You can smear a little of what he's already given by that point around for lubrication, and then thrusting into him should get you off against him and his thighs and him off against you, his own thighs and probably the underside of your crotch and tail. It'd be very close to feeling like penetration in a lot of ways, without actually penetrating anything. This position will also leave both your tails out behind you, so you could curl them together, for romance points. Then you can both make even more of a mess across his front, and eventually when Ceri turns into a girl again, that should make a nice picture to look at, for a bonus. If he's still up for more before turning back, though, go on ahead and put your mouth to work so you can get a drink or two. His quantity should have gone down to safe levels by then.
No. 849329 ID: 66a4ca

F: Give Ceri's dick some true domination.

Slap it and vocally humiliate it. Pull on it and squeeze it hard. Gently scratch and bite it. Stroke it violently while pulling on the balls etc.
No. 849331 ID: 3e857c

D, he definitely could use some love.

But you can also go for [b]B[/] at the same time if you position yourself right.
No. 849339 ID: ed67d9

F. Give him a footjob. What a great way to tease and torture him! And it's also probably the only real chance we'll get to do this!
No. 849343 ID: 3ce125

D. Worship that cock. In a dominant way, somehow.

Make sure none of the jizz gets on any clothes lying around. Maybe put them behind something, even. If it gets on you that's ok, Ceri can lick it off.
No. 849353 ID: 00db72

I don't care how we get there but we have to end with us finishing in Ceris' mouth and Ceri finishing in ours and snowballing each other!
Maybe via foot jobs?
So A, B, E and F for foot.
No. 849359 ID: f0e552

WRITE-IN: Start touching dicks and frotting
No. 849388 ID: f5ffd9

No. 849390 ID: 2a13fa

This or E.
No. 849407 ID: c9f250

Footjobs are a good option, but your water dragon has better flexibility and wrappable webbing, make Ceri tease himself with his feet.
No. 849408 ID: a363ac

alright fuck it I am joining the foot train. Get that boy working on their own body.
old post
No. 849409 ID: ed67d9


F. Give HIMSELF a footjob. What a great way to tease and torture him! And it's also probably the only real chance we'll get to do this!
No. 849443 ID: 4854ef

Voting this as well!
No. 849506 ID: fcc1b5

Combination Style Foot Frot

So it would be cool if he held both feet in place around his penis. Now find a way to put yours in there.
No harm in asking for a little polymorphing assistance to help achieve the dream.

Don’t forget to Gently fondle the balls ~~
No. 849550 ID: c1bbd0

Fiiirmly GRASP IT D
No. 849552 ID: 68550e

Savor the D in all it's aquatic glory.
No. 849575 ID: de6d84

On second thought, changing to D;
just imagine having all the D-power in your hands, Skif. BECOME TEASE ULTIMA UNTIL SHE NEEDS IT
No. 849704 ID: fe7355

E with C. Order Ceri to perform auto-fellatio and work himself with both hands until you permit him release. And it doesn't have to be just polymorphing extra flexibility to permit this, but also extra length.~

Unfortunately, Ceri forming portals for something like this would not be wise since if he loses concentration the portal will close, which would be likely when he orgasms. That would be real bad when his dick is sticking through the portal. However, Ceri could make a portal for you to perform auto-fellatio without the risk of a orgasm on his part breaking his concentration and closing it. And using this, you could put on a show for Ceri, teasing him while he's not allowed to touch himself or cum. Just something to keep in mind for later.
No. 849745 ID: 395c02
File 151241196879.png - (141.22KB , 800x600 , 1048.png )

Looks like my wings ran off again. Makes it easier to take things off~

I slide out of my shirt, slowly and sensually. I twirl the fabric around a bit before tossing it aside. I glide my hands over my own body, watching as my darling dragon princess squirms, unable to take his eyes off the extremely sexy and not at all painful bulge in my own pants. My hands finally make it to the waistband, and I pull down ever so slightly. Just a peek~

"Hrrgggh! You're taking too long!" Ceri growls. Ooh, so feisty! "I-I mean... Y-you said I could clim-- c-cum! I-I'm evennnmmm... saying it..."

"Not just yet, my pet~" I say.

"P-pet!? I'm not your... I'm..."

Hmhmm~ I can feel Ceri's desire to take his usual dominant position, but his lust has reduced him to an obedient little lizard. I let my pants drop, and... is he drooling? I barely have enough testosterone left to maintain this boner, but seeing the lustful, hungry look in his eyes is ingivorating me.

I grin at Ceri. "You've been a good boy~ Perhaps you are due a reward~"

This dom stuff isn't so hard after all!
No. 849746 ID: 395c02
File 151241198595.png - (232.80KB , 800x800 , 1049.png )

I find a good place to sit, giving our clothes a wide berth, and command Ceri to sit on my lap. He clearly wants to protest, but on my lap he sits.

Ceri reaches for his gigantic dick, but we're having none of that. It's time for me to get to know his male form very, very well~

I take hold of his lizardballs, and softly roll them around in my hands. I try to be careful, as I hear these are sensitive, but Ceri's seem hardier than expected. They're kind of strange and smooth, but... nice.

Almost as nice as the desperate moaning escaping his drooling mouth. This is what you get for pushing me so hard earlier~!

Ceri gasps as I move upward, rubbing his magically-gifted cock in my hands. It's silky smooth, as before, throbbing and twitching as I softly run my hands all over it. I give it a squeeze, and the sound Ceri makes in response is... exquisite.

I swear I can feel his heartbeat. With each throb I expect Ceri to lose the battle, but  he manages to hold on. If he's trying to say anything, they're lost among his moans. He's probably too horny to think straight now. But oh, I'm not quite done yet. I just got a wonderful idea~
No. 849747 ID: 395c02
File 151241199726.png - (159.78KB , 800x600 , 1050.png )

"Ah, you're every bit as flexible as I thought you were~"


"Are you excited to feel your soft, webbed toes around your own dick?"


His toes are so soft. And his webbing even softer. This aquatic form is the gift that keeps on giving. He's shivering. He's so... I...

Ggghnnnn. I almost hit the point of no return, but the pain of overuse brought me back. Ow... Nngg... I'm not sure I can keep this going much longer.

Through my APPEAL, I can feel that Ceri is also at his limit. His breathing is getting faster. His heart is racing. Unless I do something, Ceri's about to make his feet very messy.

Right on que, his muscles tense! Time for one last command...!

A: "Cum." This is going to get messy.
B: "Turn female (Aquatic)." An unorthodox method of orgasm denial... unless it carries over? This might get very messy.
C: "Revert to your normal form." She's had that form like two hours it's time to see it naked and spurting!
D: "Dragon form. Male or female? Ah, to see a mighty dragon reduced to a feral orgasmic beast by my hand...

If having him cum as a male, where should I aim that loaded bazooka of his?

E: Mess those feet up fam. Maybe one of us can lick them clean~
F: Spunk up his chest. A delightful image now, and another delightful image when Ceri reverts to female~
G: Use my body as a shield. Oh, whatever will I do if Ceri gets my fur all messy!
H: Into my mouth. I'll take the honor of being the first mouth Ceri comes inside!
I: Into his own mouth. I bet it'll reach. There's no way it won't reach. Polymorph until it reaches!!
No. 849749 ID: c88e6d

Letter D, followed by Letter I. This is gonna be messy.
No. 849752 ID: a363ac

D into the I
No. 849753 ID: ed67d9

D then I oh my god so much
No. 849755 ID: 6780f5

D and F
No. 849758 ID: 5a2857

D and I!
No. 849762 ID: 90f3c0

No. 849763 ID: 416762

D and I.
No. 849767 ID: c1bbd0

D and F
A reward for yourself and Ceri, and it shows Ceri your powers in the storm as you bring the calm in the future. or something cheesy for roleplay
No. 849769 ID: 91ee5f

A into I!

>Dragon form.
That sounds like a bad idea, considering Ceri is sitting on Skif's lap! She might accidentally squish him! DX
No. 849771 ID: 33d4be

A to the F, please. Aim him mostly up, only partly towards himself, see what sort of height and arc we get.
No. 849772 ID: de6d84

Might potentially be good idea to give your lover release there, Ceri's glowing in some almost-bliss in her eyes.

D and F and feel the mighty dragon below you!
And comfort it afterwards.
No. 849773 ID: a363ac

Write in addition to the last thing : keep an eye on Ceri's eyes they seem to be twinkling with a mighty dragons fire!
No. 849777 ID: c2051e

B. We have to find this out for SCIENCE.
No. 849778 ID: 00db72

Again, please, he cums in your mouth you cum in his, you order him not to swallow, the snowball each other PLEASE.

But if not then D and H/I. Share the load.
No. 849781 ID: fea7fd

D into the I

I’m pretty sure her dragon form can comfortably suck it’s own dick~

Fuck he balls Softly. I mean they’re dragon tuff but still balls.

I bet his dragon form still retains those balls because yes.
Skif, I’m sure you’ve thought about putting your dick in between those plush boobies.
Why not in between those balls.
Slick it up a bit with leftovers of the dragons massive load, and put your hotdog in between those massive silk lined spunkmakers~~
No. 849823 ID: 2a13fa

throwing in another vote for D into I
No. 849827 ID: a43366

D - Female.
No. 849829 ID: 7152b7

D(m) into I
Finish on his face as he finishes in his mouth.
No. 849830 ID: 0d45a9

D-Male, G. If it's a bazooka for male-ceri, what'd be the appropriate analogy for male-dragon-form-ceri?

You know what aftercare is, Skif?
No. 849831 ID: b4f880

A and F
No. 849863 ID: 4854ef

D into I!
No. 849867 ID: ef7411

Bruh, it'll be hot AF when she turns back.
No. 849890 ID: f0e552

A and E
No. 849897 ID: 84581e

Should we do D-burst (sometime this session) for that completely empty feeling?
Might be healthy.
No. 849914 ID: e4022b

A and I.
No. 849926 ID: 66a4ca

No. 849941 ID: b52c48

A and F is pretty irresistible, two hot messes for the price of one.
No. 849945 ID: de7b8e

Cheated out of cumbathed Ceri all the way back in chapter three thanks to Slinko's jokes, I'm not going to pass up another chance at this.
No. 849955 ID: adb0d6

A and D as a male
You can alleviate a bit of the dragon in her eyes by allowing it to be in it's form, and being able to have a dragon's desires at your command of release is a sensation too good to pass up.

I, but while you're still handling it at the base, you can keep up the act and potentially jolt Ceri into reeling away from it in your pleasuring and aiming it at his chest.

It'll make for a win-win situation as guy-Ceri and then later you get another amazing image when she reverts to normal~.
No. 850029 ID: 35089a

have him turn dragon and cum down his own throat then lick him clear
No. 850030 ID: 33cbe7

D - female! Time to ride that dragon Skif.
No. 850034 ID: de6d84

Oh an option for the dragon form, I'll say female.
No. 850187 ID: 395c02
File 151261371902.png - (79.18KB , 800x600 , 1051.png )

"Show me your dragon form~" I whisper into Ceri's... wait, that's an ear!? How have I not noticed until now??

Shit I'm ruining the mood oh god stay hard stay hard think about Ceri shoving that dick of his into...

Well. Now I know what to suggest.

Ceri hesitates just a moment. The look in his eyes-- wait are they glowing why is that a thing
No. 850188 ID: 395c02
File 151261373388.png - (191.31KB , 800x600 , 1052.png )

Oop no time to worry about it, IT'S GO TIME!

I guide Ceri's head down, letting him get a taste of himself. I also want a taste, but a good dragon needs to be rewarded~

He begins moving his head up and down, his long dragon tongue getting a feel for his new equipment. I consider sliding my cock between his giant dragon b--testicles, but they're missing in this form. This is a sad day for-- wait duh polymorph.

I start to command my pet to grow some balls (hehehe augh no dammit stay hard), but he doesn't react to my voice. He's too focused on his own pleasure. The low growls escaping his mouth attest to his overwhelming pleasure.

There's only one command he's willing to follow now, I think. Ah well. I'm not all that desperate to cum-- it'd likely be more pain than pleasure. Besides, I've gotten plenty of enjoyment from watching my lover squirm~

I lean in close.
No. 850189 ID: 395c02
File 151261374786.gif - (155.31KB , 800x600 , 1053.gif )


Ceri's body shakes as his dick pulsates, releasing a dragon-load of pent-up love. His cheeks bulge out as it continues, some of it escaping his mouth and getting all over him. The glow fades from his eyes with each throb of his cock.

I can only watch. I'm no longer having trouble staying hard, that's for damn sure. This is easily the hottest thing I've witnessed since seeing her naked body for the first time.

Finally, the cum pouring out of and into the dragon slows, then stops. Ceri is finally spent. I command him to-- WAIT NO DON'T SWALLOW!



Wait what's this tingling feeling...
No. 850190 ID: 395c02
File 151261376740.png - (307.14KB , 800x600 , 1054.png )


No. 850191 ID: 395c02
File 151261377632.png - (236.20KB , 800x600 , 1055.png )

No. 850192 ID: 395c02
File 151261380582.png - (155.19KB , 800x600 , 1056.png )

"Come on, I got you."

"No... my body..."

"Shhh~ You've never been more beautiful. Here, let me clean you up. Oops no towels guess I'll use my tongue."


"There, nice and clean. You doing okay? That looked... intense."


"Seriously, show my dick half that love and I'd die from happiness."


"Heehee, I could watch you blush all night. So, how'd I do in my first time being the top?"


"I'll take that as a passing grade~"

What now...?

A: Egg. We're not done...
B: Cuddle-nap. Rest... Will lay egg at home....
No. 850195 ID: c88e6d

Egg so Ceri can go to bed thoroughly exhausted but relaxed in your arms.
No. 850196 ID: 7a8792

Cuddles x ∞
No. 850197 ID: a363ac

No. 850200 ID: 33cbe7

Lay egg is true. Got to be loosened up now.
No. 850208 ID: 3ce125

Why not both? Rest a bit then lay egg here.
No. 850220 ID: c239dd

No. 850221 ID: 33d4be

Egg now. You've been waiting on it much too long already. Then cuddles.
No. 850228 ID: 08ab1d

Body Beaten, Babe
No. 850232 ID: 91ee5f

Lay that egg so that you're not an emotional mess anymore!
No. 850255 ID: 976d37

No. 850259 ID: 00db72

Lay that egg and after she passes out carry her home.
No. 850260 ID: 830fb7

Get her to lay the egg then you can carry her home with the egg in her arms.
No. 850262 ID: 6cc25a

C: Skif didn't cum yet..
No. 850264 ID: 35089a

get her to suck you while she lays the eggs
No. 850265 ID: 3ce125

No. 850270 ID: ed67d9

No. 850287 ID: 2930b1

"Now I command you to give birth to our (metaphorical) unchatched child!"
No. 850307 ID: 91ee5f

Why are you guys making suggestions to Skif? We're not controlling him anymore. We're in control of Ceri right now!
No. 850309 ID: 2fe26a

Ceri: turn into Skif then do all the suggestions still aimed at him.
No. 850311 ID: 00db72

Fine then give Skif a blowjob while laying the egg then pass out so he can carry you home like a true boyfriendknight.
No. 850314 ID: adb0d6

Melt into a cuddle after egging I guess
No. 850340 ID: e6994f

Afterwards, collapse in Skif's arms as he takes you home, you'll be easier for him to carry.
No. 850464 ID: 395c02
File 151278658625.png - (137.83KB , 800x600 , 1057.png )


You've never cum so fucking hard in your life...

Hard to think...

So tired...

You want to close your eyes...

You want this wretched day to end...

No more dragons...

No more seals...

Just a normal, submissive girl...

You could stay in Aquatic Form forever... at least then you can be like mom...


Mom would never be submissive...

What would she do in this situation...?
No. 850465 ID: 395c02
File 151278660147.png - (186.28KB , 800x600 , 1058.png )

She'd punch the seal so hard it'd fix itself.

She'd punch the dragon so hard it'd submit to her will.

She would run around in dragon form. People would protest. She'd tell them to deal with it while donning a pair of dragon-sunglasses.


She's sacrificed so much. She left her closed-minded people to be with Dad. She left her well-paying job to raise you.

Mom don't give a fuck. She does what makes her happy, even if it's risky. Even if others look down on her. Even if they hate her.

She is your hero.

You wish you could be more like her.

No. 850466 ID: 395c02
File 151278662263.png - (163.67KB , 800x600 , 1059.png )

She wouldn't sleep. She'd do what needed to be done.

"Whoa! You sure you're okay to stand?" Skif asks.



"I have a clutch to lay."


"My eggs...? Haven't you noticed my belly bulging outward?"

"I thought you just ate too much ice crI MEAN YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND PRETTY AND AMAZING"

You are your mother's daughter. It's time to show Skif exactly what that means.

He swallows hard. "T-that look in your eyes concerns me."

You show Skif a wicked, toothy grin.


Your trembling subsides. You feel strength returning to your body.

It's time to make Mama proud.

A: Command Skif to watch you lay. He has to witness your most intimate moment, without touching himself.
B: Edge Skif with your mouth. Show Skif what you learned servicing yourself, but he doesn't get to finish until you do.
C: Command Skif to keep you from laying. You wonder how long he can actually stop you...?
D: Command Skif to 'fertilize' your eggs. He'll be racing against the clock, but gods infertile or not you want him to seed your eggs so badly.
E: Command Skif to work that tongue. Part of what makes this so intimate is it being much easier to lay when things are, ah, lubricated.

Unless you make him 'fertilize' you, he's not going to climax just yet. You will have an opportunity to decide his fate once your eggs are laid.
No. 850467 ID: c2051e

Combine C and D.
No. 850468 ID: a363ac

F. Stop being dominate an just let Skif do what he is going to do while you lay your egg
No. 850469 ID: c3110b

That's the right idea!
No. 850473 ID: 33cbe7

Aqua form's for wet blankets, in more ways than one.
You need to revert to lay, Ceri!
E: Command Beg Skif to work that tongue.
No. 850474 ID: 33d4be

D, then E once he's finished and you need to get them out. Double lubrication!

And uh... I know you're using willpower to keep yourself going, but can you do that without flipping the script to being completely dominant? I mean, aside seal issues, you really could do with learning how to be strong without having to be in charge.

Think of it like you're part of a team. Like a pair of warriors or spies or hey detectives even, with different skills, each one confidently trusting the other to take the lead when they know they'd be better suited. You and Skif are both strong, it's you against the world, rising over both your troubles, together. So maybe you're dealing with a problem right now, and the best way to deal with that problem is to let Skif take control. Like if you had taken an injury in battle and he's manfully carrying you back to safety. Let him be the stronger one, but draw on his strength to help you be stronger yourself.

... That's actually a pretty romantic image, really.
No. 850476 ID: de6d84

I like the sound of this.
Let your determination settle for a moment, then think ROMANTICALLY of Skif's assistance. D, E
No. 850477 ID: 830fb7

Get skiff to (C) Keep you from laying by (D) Fertilizing your eggs.
No. 850479 ID: 3ce125

No. 850481 ID: 3e857c

I like this:
But I also like this:

Combine D with C or E: Command him to fertilize; then ask him to choose between keeping you from laying or helping you to lay.
No. 850482 ID: e6994f

Don't shoulder being strong all by yourself. Be strong WITH others.

Ask Skif for D assistance... as PARTNERS!
No. 850483 ID: 416762

How about C, D and E?
No. 850488 ID: c88e6d

No. 850501 ID: 9d4af9

D seems good~
No. 850506 ID: 312387

Semen can be lubricative and you can't really lay while he's inside you.
Also change Command into Ask
No. 850527 ID: 58b0d7

Sorry but I'm going to be the voice of stark cautiousness.

You mother will always be proud of you, Ceri. Especially when you acknowledge your faults and try your best. Take a breath, stay in control and (F) have Skif just help you lay.

Your parents would have done the same for each other.
No. 850530 ID: b52c48

E: Command Skif to work that tongue
the closest view he can get to see Ceri laying her clutch, and he can put his hands to good use too.

Keeping Skif from climaxing during the laying also means Ceri can put him to work filling the emptiness left by the eggs afterwards.
No. 850568 ID: 7152b7


C-D Train?

No. 850569 ID: 2120ee

F) Command Skiff to EAT ALL THE EGGS.
No. 850589 ID: dafae4

Fertilize the eggs
Nothing better to live up with than good ol White Stuff

Hey, can you not make things a little bigger down there? Or does Polymorph just completely null out your ability to lay?
No. 850590 ID: 6cc25a

No. 850612 ID: d64c16

No. 851041 ID: 395c02
File 151302829751.png - (75.36KB , 800x600 , 1060.png )

>F. Stop being dominate and just let Skif do what he is going to do while you lay your egg
No. 851042 ID: 395c02
File 151302830039.png - (58.93KB , 800x600 , 1061.png )

>I know you're using willpower to keep yourself going, but can you do that without flipping the script to being completely dominant? I mean, aside seal issues, you really could do with learning how to be strong without having to be in charge.
>Think of it like you're part of a team. (...) You and Skif are both strong, it's you against the world, rising over both your troubles, together.
>(...) Let him be the stronger one, but draw on his strength to help you be stronger yourself.

That's right, isn't it...?
No. 851043 ID: 395c02
File 151302830310.png - (66.22KB , 800x600 , 1062.png )

>Don't shoulder being strong all by yourself. Be strong WITH others.
It's okay to be sad... so this is what she meant. Not to wallow in self pity, but to let your loved ones be strong when you cannot.

You've always been the best. A star footsockball player. A powerful magic user. The envy of mammals. It's why Daatra...

You finally understand. You're her version of 'Mom', someone who seems impossibly strong and perfect in every way.

But Mom isn't perfect, and neither are you. You're impulsive.  Overly emotional. Controlling. You have a hard time making decisions sometimes. You're obsessed with sex, which you can't entirely blame on the dragon if you're being honest.

You're flawed... Just like Daatra.

That's what you should have told her. What you need to tell her tomorrow. That sometimes, you're not very strong at all.

>You mother will always be proud of you, Ceri. Especially when you acknowledge your faults and try your best.
....Yeah. Maybe it's enough to just try. One day at a time, one challenge at a time. Just keep moving forward, doing the best you can.

>Take a breath, stay in control and (F) have Skif just help you lay.
Skif... he's always been there for you.

More than anything else, you want to be close to him right now.
No. 851044 ID: 395c02
File 151302830589.png - (155.67KB , 800x600 , 1063.png )

You approach Skif on the ground and give him a passionate kiss.

"S-so you're not mad?" he asks sheepishly.

"Of course not. Only a foolish dragon would get mad at an accidental slip of the tongue."

"I'm glad. You're beautiful, always and forever."

You blush slightly, looking down and remembering you're not in aquatic form. "Even like... this?"

"Are you kidding? You look amazing! I want to rub your egg-filled belly, feel how soft it is... if you're up for it? Do you want to be the dom?"

You want something deeper. Something you saw in the experienced couple's eyes as they looked at each other.

You place a hand on his cheek. "No. Let's just be together, as lovers. Touch me. Feel my body. I'm yours."

He smiles. "And I'm yours."
No. 851045 ID: 395c02
File 151302830905.png - (201.50KB , 800x600 , 1064.png )

Skif runs his hands across your elongated snout. They slide down past your mouth, your neck, your collarbone. He's slow and thorough, as if getting a feel for your new body. He traces a path down your scale plates, thankfully still soft despite your changes. You gasp as his fingers make their way to your breasts. T-they really are more sensitive now...! You almost squeak as he runs circles around your areola again. They're even more sensitive as a girl! More sensitive than your old ones...!

Your nipples harden under his touch. H-how do mammals handle this? He gently pinches one, eliciting a soft moan from your mouth.

Seeing your reaction, he starts to massage your breasts. It feels so weird. So different. But so nice...

"They've become so soft and heavy~" he coos.

"I-I'm pretty sure they're the saaAame size."

Determined not to let Skif have all the fun, you reach forward and run your fingers through the fur covering your lover's body. His body is more toned than before, likely a product of him working out. Ceri likes.

His stomach looks smooth with his fur, but you can feel that he's starting to get some impressive abs. Oh, how you long to see him using those machines... The sweat dripping down his body. The sounds of effort escaping his mouth...

These thoughts cause you explore downward, feeling his erection in your hands. It's textured, unlike yours. Smaller, perhaps, but you wouldn't actually want to take yourself, if such a thing were even possible (Portals?). Skif is the perfect size for you, and still well above average for mammals.

You begin to realize just how weird polymorphism must seem to others.

As if taking your cue, he gives your nipples one last squeeze (mmnn--!) and heads down towards your stomach. He rubs your tummy, feeling the subtle bumps and curves caused by the eggs inside you. You feel them shift around inside as he does so. Mmmnn... You want him...

He moves further down, rubbing the area around your claaahhh~! H-he must have been studying how to pleasure women! T-this is so much better than last time! Y-you're... he's... and now he's going inside... and... ah...

You can't take it anymore...

"Skif... please..."


"I know I'm infertile... but please...fertilize my eggs... fill me with..."


"W-with... cum..."
No. 851046 ID: 395c02
File 151302831271.png - (164.93KB , 800x600 , 1065.png )

Skif obliges. He pulls you on top of him, and you use your legs as leverage. He takes hold of you, slowly guiding you over his penis. You feel him enter you, and...

...But it doesn't hurt. In fact, it feels... amazing. Even better than the snake-like form you were in earlier, as your current body is more sensitive! It's so wonderful to feel every inch, every bump as Skif fills you with his warmth. Having your passage fill pleasurably instead of painfully is... is so... wonderful~...

Skif pauses once he's all the way in. "This is fine, right? With the eggs...?"

"A bit late to be asking that, isn't it? But no, it's fine... don't move yet. I want to feel this a little longer. We... we're connected..."

Without Skif being overly eager, and without having your lust pumped up to insane levels, you actually get to enjoy a peaceful, sensual moment with your lover. You're not dominating him, nor is he dominating you. You're together, supporting each other. Caring for each other. It's... so romantic...

You give Skif the okay to start moving, and he does so. He's slow at first, but it's not long before his pace starts to quicken. With so much foreplay, so much time working up to this... it's... ahhnn...

Your heart's racing. This is the first time you've felt so full, your eggs competing with Skif for space in your body. With each motion, you want to cry out. To beg him to fertilize you. To father your theoretical children.

You feel a contraction.

Your body wants to lay your clutch, but reptilian biology won't allow eggs to come out during sex. Rather, the sex makes the contractions more pleasurable than they'd otherwise be. As if this is what you were meant to do. As if this were your destiny.

You want to create... Mmm... Hhnnmm~!

So full...







Skif moans as he feels your orgasmic contractions around his throbbing penis.
No. 851047 ID: 395c02
File 151302831447.png - (99.30KB , 800x600 , 1066.png )

It pushes him over the edge. You feel a familiar pulsing as Skif fills you with his seed. Hey, his stamina's getting bet--!!!!


Your vagina and egg-canal convulse uncontrollably as you are overcome by another intense, overwhelming orgasm.

T-this is why there's so many reptilians! When full of eggs, orgasms are amazing~!!!! You feel so full, so satisfied! You want to do this all the time! Your eggs--

Another contraction.

"Skif... "


"The eggs... please... keep me lubricated..."

"Of course, my love."
No. 851048 ID: 395c02
File 151302831635.png - (160.73KB , 800x600 , 1067.png )

You make a note to compliment Skif for how calm he's being during this.

You lean into him as the eggs make their way down. You feel your canal expand as usual during this process. The egg comes through, driving you crazy as it pushes on the very walls Skif was filling just moments ago. You feel incredible relief as the egg makes its way out, but you're not done yet. Another comes. Then another, and another.

You climax again... and then a third time. Waiting so long to lay has made the feeling of relief and pleasure that much stronger! It's always intense, but this is a whole other level. You want to lay more fertilized eggs. You want to be a brood mother. You want to mother a million childraaahhnnnn~!!

You almost pass out from the overwhelming feelings, but Skif keeps you from falling over.

Finally, the last egg passes through you. You lay on Skif, exhausted and panting. He strokes your scales comfortingly.

You did it. Together. As partners. He holds you, stroking your back fin softly. You let yourself be weak in his arms. Not to pretend. Not to placate the damned seal...

But because he is your strength, and you are his.

"I love you," you whisper softly.

"Yeah," he responds. "I love you too."
You've laid 8 eggs in total, 2 more than usual. You think the max you can possibly lay is 10. It's... kind of a lot, actually. Mom only ever lays two eggs, and you now know Daatra only lays one.

A small part of you is disappointed that they can never hatch.

Ah well... might as well figure out what to do with them before you cuddle Skif until you fall asleep.

A: Eat all but one. You need to regain your strength. You'll save one for Eezeryh.
B: Share some with Skif. Skif should get a taste of what you've created together. You'll save one for Eezee.
C: Store them for later. Rather than eat them raw, you could cook a romantic meal <3. You'll save one for The Eez.
No. 851052 ID: d4516a

B. Share them. Eat them up together, enjoy the fruits of your mutual labor.
No. 851055 ID: ae9b99

C: Because PLOT TWIST: they are actually fertilized.
No. 851056 ID: 33cbe7

C. It's a bit Rocky up here for a midnight snack, isn't it?
No. 851057 ID: c2051e

No. 851058 ID: a363ac

C store them for cooking. and name the one you give to The Eez, Arlo.
No. 851063 ID: 416762

No. 851065 ID: 33d4be

C. Store them for later, to cook and share (and save one). You don't need to have them all at once, either. Skif will need a nice steady protein-rich diet to keep putting on all that lovely muscle...


I'm pretty sure eggs that have shells need to be fertilized quite a bit before they're fully formed and ready to come out. In chickens, for example, the fertilization happens when the egg is still a yolk, quite a distance up the reproductive tract, and it's only after that stage that the white of the egg and then the layers of the shell are formed. I mean, do you expect a sperm to be able to get through a shell, the shell membrane, the white, and then find the right spot on the yolk to fertilize? They're not that tenacious.

If I had to speculate, I'd say that the laying-horniness we've seen here is a result of a tight reproductive cycle where there's an overlap between the point where the previous eggs have come out and when the next eggs are about to form (the sperm also needs some travel time to reach the point where the egg is at the right stage of forming), with the additional impetus of sexual activity making the eggs much easier to lay. If evolution is a thing it might also be an encouragement for a potential father to be present during his potential offsprings' "birth" (assuming a relationship long-term enough for him to stick around a few cycles) so as to begin the bonding process that encourages him to help care for them and for their mother. In intelligent social creatures, sex serves a lot of purposes beyond reproduction (that's why humans have a constant sex drive rather than yearly breeding seasons), and a drive to be close and intimate with another person during a vulnerable moment is very sensible, among many other benefits.

Of course, having sex before pushing out eggs (which would push out a lot of the male's genetic material with them) is an odd tactic, but they have demonstrated that they have a constant libido and can mate any time. I'd imagine females remain a little extra horny for a while after laying, too, if only because of the increased blood flow to that region, and therefore increased sensitivity, as the body recovers from the strain on its muscles and capacity.
No. 851066 ID: 3ce125

Eat one! But C.
No. 851074 ID: c88e6d

No. 851075 ID: e6994f

Chomp down on one with Skif, the extras are the icing on top. Store the rest barring the one you'll give Eezeryh later.
No. 851081 ID: d64c16

No. 851082 ID: 91ee5f

B: Share some with Skif.
No. 851095 ID: 3ce125

Also use some D-Burst to get home faster.
No. 851111 ID: 56fca5

C. There are plenty of uses we can find for them. We don't live in an age where you need to scavenge and preserve every scrap of energy you can. The choice to eat them can always come up later, anyway.
No. 851147 ID: de6d84

Adorably eat one together, then C. store the rest.
No. 851201 ID: 0f6dd7

save one for Eezee
save an additional one for later

And then you thought about putting a portal in your vagina and sending the egg back to the canal.
But that’s some seriously kinky thinking.
No. 851204 ID: e1c8f7

C.. That was nice, wasn't it?
No. 851210 ID: b4f880

I mean it's not bad idea to do a romantic meal later.
Maybe you guys can make a game of it, each of you makes a meal for the other and see if they like it.
No. 851415 ID: 12ce6e

No. 851433 ID: d6afc2

Save some for SCIENCE! I mean, Eezee...
No. 851441 ID: fe7355

C. Store them for later. But the both of you should lick them clean first. Don't want them to stick to things or together or leave anything behind on anything they touch, do you?

Considering how turned on you get from the thought of watching Skif working out, why don't you do so alongside him? He'd certainly enjoy the sight of you exercising too, albeit not as much as you of him. Imagine the both of you getting all worked up working out, then having wild sex in the shower afterwards. ...Actually, considering how it makes you feel, why haven't you been working out a lot before, whether with Skif or alone?
No. 851467 ID: 33d4be

Ooh, you should make a cake!
No. 851617 ID: 395c02
File 151321780376.png - (97.74KB , 800x600 , 1068.png )

>Ooh, you should make a cake!
Yeah... a cake of love to share with Skif...~

>And then you thought about putting a portal in your vagina and sending the egg back to the canal.
You think about it, and then shove that thought into a safe. You're not risking injury just to feel something that's coming around again in a few weeks anyway.

There's no telling exactly how your biology works, since you're more or less a magical recreation of what Euia thinks reptiles... actually, now isn't the time to go into it. You're in the middle of a romantic moment. Your mood and lust are finally at peace, and you just want to bask in it all.

"Skif, why don't you help me clean these eggs?"

"I-I didn't think to bring a towel."
No. 851618 ID: 395c02
File 151321780540.png - (112.44KB , 800x600 , 1069.png )

You wrap your (longer??) tongue around the egg you just picked up. "Oh, we don't need towels."

Skif blushes so hard you swear his metallic head turned a shade of pink. "You're a dirty girl, Ceri."

"Oh, now I'm a dirty girl. And not any of the other times."

"Those times, too!"

"Says the guy who didn't object to the idea of a 'Ceri sandwich'."

"What can I say? You're delicious~"

"Then you won't mind getting another taste~"

His wings reappear for a moment, hear this conversation, then leave again.

You both get to work licking your juices off every single egg. You're quite familiar with your own flavor: sweet, almost tangy. Skif seems to enjoy the flavor as well, lapping the result of your love from the... uh... other result of your love?

You're getting way too tired for all this flowery text.

Once the eggs are spotless, you place most of them in your SECRET BONUS INVENTORY SLOT, labeled D for DSECRET. One for Eezeryh, and the rest to make into a meal later.

Hmm. Your instincts are crying out for you to eat, so maybe you'll just have one...

Or maybe...

"How about we share this one?" you ask.

Skif stares at you in silence. You can see the cogs turning in his head. "R-really? But ah... how?"
No. 851619 ID: 395c02
File 151321780715.png - (147.02KB , 800x600 , 1070.png )

You bite into the egg, and then share its contents with Skif in the most romantic way possible.

You both stare into each other's eyes as you consume what was in your body just moments ago. A part of you, inside him...

You snuggle up with him once your combined meal is complete, spending a little MP to remove any inconvenient spikes. You start to drift off to sleep when his voice snaps you back to consciousness.

"So, does this mean you're okay with your new form?" he asks.

"No... not really."


"But that's okay. Right now, you're my strength. And even looking like this..."
No. 851620 ID: 395c02
File 151321780937.png - (135.29KB , 800x600 , 1071.png )

"...You called me beautiful."

"That's 'cause you are."
No. 851621 ID: 395c02
File 151321781252.png - (44.27KB , 800x600 , 1072.png )

You hold him tightly and fall asleep in his arms.


You dream of seeing an egg hatch, and your beloved child emerging...


What would be a good name...?


No. 851622 ID: 395c02
File 151321781492.png - (66.74KB , 800x600 , 1073.png )


You snap awake as you feel a strong magical presence near by.

Someone's watching you.

What will you do?
No. 851623 ID: 3abd97

>Someone's watching you. What will you do?
Ignore her until she goes away.
No. 851624 ID: a363ac

throw an egg at them.
No. 851625 ID: 6cd244

Some creep's been watching you guys. Yell and throw a rock.
No. 851626 ID: de6d84

Ignore, bask in your earning.
No. 851627 ID: 49ff64

"Outissa, shouldn't you be busy being kidnapped?"

Also, get dressed.
No. 851628 ID: 3ce125

Strong magical presence? That could be dangerous. Immediately shapeshift into a form more suited for battle, and wake up Skif. Then ask who they are.
No. 851631 ID: d6162e

Turn into some kind of horrible monster, since we've got a boss fight on our hands! Not a dragon though, just in case it's just some ordinary pervert.
No. 851638 ID: 56e50f

Don't jump, you'll give away you're onto them. Carefully, quietly, whisper to Skif. "Did you sense that?"
No. 851650 ID: 772fe4

No. 851657 ID: c2051e

Kill it ASAP. A dragon has to protect her territory.
No. 851672 ID: 33cbe7

Kill it.
No. 851683 ID: c88e6d

Turn into them!

This will spook the hell out of em.
No. 851690 ID: 91ee5f

Wait to see if they're friendly first.

If they aren't friendly, and only if they aren't friendly, then D-BURST AND FIRE EVERYTHING AT THEM!!!!!
No. 851697 ID: 830fb7

Portal them away, maybe D-burst portal them to the mall.
No. 851698 ID: 6cc25a

Ask that person why she's so inclined to appear here.
No. 851701 ID: ae9b99

Portal you and skiff outta here
No. 851702 ID: fe7355

You'll cool your damn jets and think for a moment before you do something aggressive or impulsive you'll regret, that's what you'll do. Now, whoever this is does not appear to be acting in a hostile manner, so don't go all offensive on them. At least, not until they act in a bad way towards you or Skif.

Polymorph your eyes into those of a creature that has excellent low-light vision so you can see whoever that is clearly. Nudge Skif to wake him up and whisper to him we have company, then say cautious greetings to whoever this person is and ask them why they're watching you two.
No. 851718 ID: 17e0b4

That is stupid and makes no sense!
It's like this Ceri:

INVENTORY A is your first inventory space. These are your pockets, this is the first place you put something you want to keep. This space can be increased by wearing clothing that has many pockets. Ironically for being the first place you put things its the last place you look.

INVENTORY B if you need even more space you get a Backpack or some other type of Bag. This space varies in size with bag type.

INVENTORY C is if you STILL need to carry more stuff then you actually CARRY it with like your hands and stuff or even in your teeth if you need to. This is where you move stuff to in order to "equip" it.

INVENTORY D, also known as D-SPACE or DIMENSIONAL SPACE is a very rare, very hard to access pocket dimension thing that is related to Hammer Space but has many differences like how almost every object and being seems to be connected to its own separate one. This is one of several dimensions theorized to be the place where things like left socks, keys and government paperwork disappears to.
Ok actually getting things into it is relatively easy, its getting things out that is hard but if you're particularly skilled enough in lets say Metaphysics or Portal magic or both you could perhaps use this PD as a Personal PD (PPD).

All of this is explained in the manual Ceri.
No. 851728 ID: 2fe26a

Leave. They've totally killed the mood. Portal yourself and Skif away and then go home.
No. 851762 ID: b9b4da

Polymorph you and Skif outta here. Giant Bird and Concerned Boyfriend, awaaaay!
No. 851782 ID: c9f5a7

Mood ruiner.
Portal you, skif, and your stuff home.
No. 851792 ID: 01f84d

litrly fight or flight in this thread ha ha 🤣🤣🤣
No. 851821 ID: 7152b7

No. 851907 ID: 69c8aa


Dammit Outissa! couldn't you have made your cameo during a slightly more opportune moment!
No. 851967 ID: a363ac

Also don't panic its not like you haven't done this exact thing to that mall couple in the sneaking mission.
No. 851994 ID: 2a13fa

nope yourselves out via portal
No. 852003 ID: 33cbe7

If the mall couple is unable to think with portals, that is their loss not ours.
No. 852221 ID: 395c02
File 151346544564.png - (153.09KB , 800x600 , 1074.png )

>Ignore her until she goes away.

It doesn't work.

>Carefully, quietly, whisper to Skif. "Did you sense that?"
You whisper, "Skif... Hey, Skif."


You speak a little louder. "Skif! Wake up!"


Apparently being your strength for a few short minutes is so exhausting he's entered a small coma.

>Kill it.
No--! You don't even know if it's a threat! Even it is, you're too compassionate to resort to murder... aren't you?

Why is it here? Is it just a pervert, or... oh no. You're not in Aqua form! No way it doesn't know what you are! Damn it, how could you be so careless??? You need to abandon this form and never go back!

...Even if Skif...


Your panic subsides. You must protect your knight with everything you have. It's time to show this creature the great power you possess.
No. 852222 ID: 395c02
File 151346544853.png - (82.86KB , 800x600 , 1075.png )

No. 852223 ID: 395c02
File 151346545063.png - (127.80KB , 800x600 , 1076.png )

You dress yourself while it's distracted! Panties! SKIF-FASHIONED SHORTS! Bra... no time! Skip to the shirt! There! Now to D-BURST and get the fuck out of


I-it actually ate the egg!? That was your unhatched child! You were gonna eat that!!

It covers its face with its hands for a moment, seeming a bit embarrassed at the implied intimacy of consuming another's egg.


It's sapient, isn't it...? It doesn't seem hostile, certainly not now. You don't recognize the species... it's not any of the known Dragon-Rider races, and its magic isn't draconic in nature.

Does it understand speech? You give it a shot. "Who are you? Why are you here?"

It doesn't respond-- wait, it's making several hand gestures. It points to itself, to the mountains, to you, then to the valley below. More gestures. It points to you again.


You think you hear it sigh.

>You'll cool your damn jets and think for a moment before you do something aggressive or impulsive you'll regret, that's what you'll do.
You weren't...?

Okay, maybe the egg thing was a little impulsive. But you had to act. A dr...
No. 852224 ID: 395c02
File 151346545209.png - (116.39KB , 800x600 , 1077.png )


...A dragon always protects those dear to her.

>Polymorph your eyes into those of a creature that has excellent low-light vision so you can see whoever that is clearly.
All right, let's get a closer look...
No. 852225 ID: 395c02
File 151346545452.png - (41.28KB , 800x600 , 1078.png )

Gah! These are the wrong eyes! This is even darker!


Do you see...?

Okay let's bump up the contrast because this is totally worth investigating.
No. 852226 ID: 395c02
File 151346547006.gif - (7.53MB , 800x600 , 1079.gif )

Little more...

Little more...


It-- she catches you staring and gives you an odd look... you think? No wait one of her eyes has a pupil now and it's definitely giving you a look but the other one isn't that's kinda weird actually.

"Don't give me that!!" you say. "You're the one who was ogling my sleeping naked body! If anything, this is just and fair payback!"

She scrambles to make yet more gestures with her hands. Then she cups her hands under her breasts, moving them outward and downward while looking at you expectantly.

You sigh. "Okay, yeah, they're pretty big. And yes, I'm aware lizards aren't supposed to have them."

She continues moving her hands all over the place, so you decide to repeat the things you've told countless people countless times. "Yes, they sometimes get in the way and knock things over. No, I don't have back problems because my 'species' has really strong backs. No, you can't touch them without taking me out first. No, I'm not agreeing to go on 'a five minute date real quick'. Yes, I do miss sleeping on my stomach. No, they don't produce milk. No, I don't want to 'prove it'."

She gestures again, even more frantically this time. You get the feeling she didn't actually ask any of those questions you just answered.

You're not very happy that she ruined such a wonderful end to a terrible day, but she doesn't seem like such a bad person. She can't or won't talk, but she at least seems capable of understanding speech. Can she write? If only you brought a pen...

A cold breeze blows by. Even during summer, it's pretty chilly in the mountains. You miss Skif's warm body already.

What will you do?

A: Make your exit. It'll take a D-BURST, but you should be able to portal you, Skif, and your stuff to the forest below.
B: Try to make it so you can stay up here.

If making an exit...

C: Camp out with Skif. You have two SLEEPING BAGS, and this is a good time to use them... or to share a single one~
D: Head home. Do you bring Skif with you?

If trying to stay...

E: Try to convince the creature to leave you in peace. What will you say or do?
F: Invite the creature to sleep with. She can warm your back while Skif warms your front.
G: Too dark to see, better use your hands to determine her cup size. (INSUFFICIENT LUST. INSUFFICIENT TILDE. This is literally the first time that's been the case since you've reached adulthood; What a time to be alive!)
No. 852227 ID: aad4d2

Maybe start drawing in the dirt with a claw. It'll be helpful if instead of sign language she can actually talk with text, that way you'll know that she isn't trying to tell you something like 'a pack of wildebeasts is coming run away'.

Failing that, snuggles.
No. 852228 ID: 772fe4

No. 852229 ID: 33cbe7

A, D, and hopefully it will never bother you again.
No. 852232 ID: d82ea4

B and E I'll be around some other tume but not now
No. 852233 ID: c9f5a7

B and E
Plan a meeting some other time, but not right now. Somewhere else another day or working with Kharadra.
No. 852234 ID: c88e6d


She seems cuddly and nice.
No. 852236 ID: 91ee5f

>Apparently being your strength for a few short minutes is so exhausting he's entered a small coma.
Ok, deeeeep breath in, then get right next to him and shout, "WAKE UP!!!!!"

Why? Because 2 people trying to translate what this thing is saying is better than 1 person trying to translate what this thing is saying!

After you spend just a few moments trying to communicate, if you're still unable to understand it, then just tell it that it was nice to meet it, but you've gotta get home. And then do A and D.
No. 852237 ID: 17c2ee

A and C.
No. 852240 ID: 3ce125

>It points to itself, to the mountains, to you, then to the valley below. More gestures. It points to you again.
She lives here. The question is why are YOU here.

Well I mean you could probably write in the dirt or if it's just stone around here D-Burst to make ice that you could scratch to write on.
What exactly do you have in your backpack right now? I can't remember.

I guess B, but not E or F because cmon you gotta actually talk to her before telling her to go away, and inviting someone to cuddle before you've communicated properly is just weird.
Once you've gotten some written communication started, ask who she is, why she's here, explain that you were just up here because it uhhh seemed like a romantic spot. If she asks what you are just tell her you'd rather not say. Wait, she doesn't match the description of any race you're aware of. She must be something secret too.
No. 852245 ID: a363ac

B just turn into a fluffier Siphon.
throw an egg slightly to the side of her head see if she picks it out of the air. then I guess see if you can pick up what she is trying to communicate to you and see if you have anything in your bag to make her less.... naked you aren't horny enough for this.
No. 852253 ID: d2863e

Do the option that will most annoy Slinko's patrons.
No. 852274 ID: 395c02
File 151347904540.png - (25.34KB , 800x600 , 1080.png )

>Maybe start drawing in the dirt with a claw. It'll be helpful if instead of sign language she can actually talk with text, that way you'll know that she isn't trying to tell you something like 'a pack of wildebeasts is coming run away'. 
Might as well give it a shot. Now that you know she's not a threat, things feel less tense.

Your D-CLAWS cut through the ground easily enough. Hopefully she can do the same.

Do you try writing or drawing something? (Feel free to edit this image or otherwise draw anything you'd want Ceri to draw)
No. 852275 ID: 395c02
File 151347904723.png - (142.88KB , 800x600 , 1081.png )

>What exactly do you have in your backpack right now? I can't remember. 
Just the things you bought from the ma--
No. 852276 ID: 395c02
File 151347905144.png - (102.42KB , 800x600 , 1082.png )



No. 852277 ID: 56fca5

Is there a BFF shirt in there too?
No. 852278 ID: 17c2ee

Definitely time to leave now.
No. 852279 ID: a363ac

panic throw a vibrator.
No. 852280 ID: 91ee5f

Make a portal into the ship and throw all of Gulketi's stuff in there!

That'll free up your inventory space!
No. 852281 ID: a363ac
File 151347959450.png - (33.93KB , 800x600 , Ceri drawing 1.png )

No. 852283 ID: 91ee5f

Quickly! Give the purple scarf to the hand waving thingy to see how it reacts!
No. 852284 ID: a363ac
File 151348019177.png - (99.87KB , 800x600 , Ceri drawing 2.png )

No. 852286 ID: 3ce125

Well it may just be that she's mute but can understand your language. In that case she's the one that needs to draw in the dirt, not you.
Ask her if she can understand you, and if so to just nod. Then direct her to write in the dirt.
No. 852288 ID: 56e50f

Now Ceri,where are your manners? You come on to her home turf, do lewd things and then ask her to leave? Now that's just rude. Invite the poor girl for some B&E, that's bacon and eggs, then see about asking her for the courtesy of privacy in her own home.
No. 852291 ID: a363ac
File 151348115434.png - (132.29KB , 800x600 , Ceri drawing 3 The Dolphining.png )

No. 852297 ID: 6cd244

A, D, let's telepor' home. You can't sleep out here in just sleeping bags without a tent, because narratively there's going to be rain if you do.

Maybe write in the dirt some way to contact you, like meeting you at the lake in the future? That thing looked like it had something to discuss with you.
No. 852299 ID: ae9b99
File 151348497014.jpg - (109.19KB , 800x969 , drawthis.jpg )

No. 852301 ID: c88e6d
File 151348763081.png - (59.55KB , 800x600 , Ceri Doodles.png )

Sleeptime is funtime~
No. 852306 ID: ed67d9
File 151348982750.png - (62.96KB , 800x600 , threesomeagain.png )


no it's not a real suggestion
No. 852314 ID: bef60d

Also, She seems familiar. Didnt you make out with her before?
No. 852326 ID: de6d84
File 151349837850.png - (32.51KB , 799x600 , Terror.png )

Act like you're completely shocked and feel something else is nearby, and draw this.
It's universal for "run."

"...Oh. Sorry. We'll leave your home."
Bring Skif, you're probably still cold. Could probably carry him on your back.
No. 852339 ID: e58d83

No. 852376 ID: ff9963

B and F
No. 852419 ID: ee0c07
File 151355356442.png - (465.34KB , 693x590 , The_Answer.png )

If this was unintentional home invasion,
A and D.
No. 852475 ID: c9f250
File 151357188007.png - (115.89KB , 800x600 , goodtissa.png )

F for pile

Let her know that if she's going to sneak around all spooky there's an easy choice of accessory that would let people know she's a Good Girl and not scary!
No. 852481 ID: 3abd97

AC, Air conditioning route.
No. 852482 ID: c9f5a7

Oh hell, this is their home.
Changing to A and C instead
No. 852493 ID: c8afea

B; F
Whatever let's just roll with it :P
you're welcome Raptie
No. 852498 ID: 17c2ee

>you're welcome Raptie
In the interests of full disclosure: Raptie, Slinko's patron and the owner of Outissa specifically requested on IRC that people vote in favor of staying with Outissa after seeing that the vote got close. Do as you like with the information.
No. 852500 ID: 17c2ee

Speaking of which.

A and D. Bring Skif home.
No. 852507 ID: 2120ee


Let's blow this popsicle stand.
No. 852510 ID: 6cc25a

Not A.

I don't like the idea of just portaling away ever. If there's a problem, then it should be solved through other means. So I'd say B, but then I don't like the two polarized options under B either. So maybe play a game with this creature or something. Show her that you're superior. Play a game with.. oh, looks like sex dice are all you have. Guess you'll have to use those.
No. 852512 ID: fe7355

B, but neither of the offered subsequent options. Although the thought of snuggling between two warm, fuzzy bodies is mighty appealing, you just met this person so at least find out a bit more about her first before inviting her to snuggle up. And she's so curious and different that you don't just want to send her away. Talk and attempt to communicate. She understands what you're saying, so you drawing in the dirt won't be nearly as helpful as her doing so. And if she can write, that'd be even better. Find out her name and where she lives and what she wanted when she came over here. Oh, and also just what she was asking when she made those breast gestures. Perhaps once you've communicated you'll feel comfortable enough to invite her to snuggle up with you and Skif. Oh, and all of you should get into sleeping bags too, since it's gonna be chilly on the sides not warmed by another. If the sleeping bags are the kind that zipper open on one side, then open them both up and put 'em with the open side's together to make a single bag space for y'all.
No. 852523 ID: b9b4da

A, D. Bring Skif home and resume post coitus uninterruptus.
No. 852526 ID: adb0d6


The outfit you bought back in the mall has it's own cape. Wouldn't that be a bit redundant with the scarf?

"Sorry for barging in, we'll leave! Maybe some other time!" A and C
Give this thing your scarf as a quick farewell gift. This way you'll just look like some weird present giver or something, quick wits.

You can always fashion the cape into a scarf later.
No. 852633 ID: eceda8

No. 852724 ID: 2fe26a

A, C. You should definitely try sharing a single sleeping bag at least once, and if it turns out to be a tighter fit than you thought, you can just shift smaller and use Skif as a pillow.
No. 853043 ID: 395c02
File 151382580023.png - (163.39KB , 800x600 , 1083.png )

You close the backpack harder than you've closed anything in your entire life. NOBODY CAN KNOW.

At least, not right now!!

>Also, She seems familiar. Didnt you make out with her before?

Come on, you're easy, but you're not that easy.

Starting now.

>Do the option that will most annoy Slinko's patrons.
You're not ready for a life of celibacy.

>She lives here. The question is why are YOU here.
If that's true, she's shown you more patience than you might have shown her. You're ready to get out of here, but... augh. You've never turned down an opportunity to make a friend, be they silent fluffy creatures or giant snakes threatening to beat you up.

It's time to make with the art.
No. 853044 ID: 395c02
File 151382580215.png - (82.69KB , 800x600 , 1084.png )

You close your eyes and see where your heart guides your claw.


Y-your boobs aren't even that big! What even is this drawing!? You better come up with something to explain it before she starts thinking you're a crazy person.

"Uh, maybe the reason you can't talk is because... there's a lump on your tongue? And it uh, stops you from forming words..............?"


"Also you have a super long tongue in this drawing because maybe you have a super long tongue....???"

The creature stares at you, blinking her left eye several times.

"Blink once for yes, twice for no."

She blinks three times.
No. 853045 ID: 395c02
File 151382580415.png - (110.39KB , 800x600 , 1085.png )

>Act like you're completely shocked and feel something else is nearby, and draw this.
It's universal for "run."
Seriously? One of the first things you learned in school was not to use the universal symbol for 'run' unless it's a real emergency.

When in doubt, rely on GB and CD! You close your eyes and try to draw your popular comic. Surely this time...!
No. 853046 ID: 395c02
File 151382580784.png - (155.35KB , 800x600 , 1086.png )


This one probably needed more workshopping.

You try to cover up a mistake you made, but that just made it worse. You add fitting dialog.

Third time's the charm. Eyes closed.
No. 853047 ID: 395c02
File 151382580919.png - (103.70KB , 800x600 , 1087.png )

You decide to show that you sleep in silly poses a lot to convey that you're a regular flawed mortal.

You hear a soft gasp. The creature moves her hands so fast you couldn't understand her even if you could understand her.

This... isn't as productive as you hoped it be.

What are you doing wrong?
No. 853048 ID: 395c02
File 151382581213.png - (100.64KB , 800x600 , 1088.png )

>she's the one that needs to draw in the dirt, not you.
No. 853049 ID: 395c02
File 151382581492.png - (156.78KB , 800x600 , 1089.png )

You're an idiot.

"You can understand me, right?"

A nod.

"Do you have anything you can write with? Or, um, scratch into the ground with?"

She reveals that she has retractable claws.

"Perfect! So, if you can tell me who you are or why you're up here, that'd help a lot. Here, there's plenty of empty space to draw in over here."
No. 853050 ID: 395c02
File 151382581713.png - (47.97KB , 800x600 , 1090.png )

The creature scrapes its claw against the ground...

...But nothing appears.

It's all rock up here. Her claws must lack the strength to dig into them.

But why do yours work? T-they must be especially strong and sharp for some weird reason that might not have to do with being a dragon but probably does.

She tries again. And again. She makes a chirping sound, seeming frustrated. Well, there's an obvious solution to all this.
No. 853051 ID: 395c02
File 151382581952.png - (157.00KB , 800x600 , 1091.png )

"Here, take my hand," you say.


"You can use my claw to write. My uh, species have super sharp claws...?"

She hesitates. Guess your claws are intimidating.

"Don't worry! I'll keep my other fingers in a fist so there's no risk of harm to you!"

She reaches a hand out, then draws it back.

"I won't hurt you. I promise."
No. 853052 ID: 395c02
File 151382582211.png - (69.63KB , 800x600 , 1092.png )

She takes hold and proceeds to draw... a really unstable line.

She's shaking like mad.

"Do you not have a steady hand? It's okay, I'll add pressure myself, so you can just focus on moving my claw around."

She nods shyly.
No. 853053 ID: 395c02
File 151382582420.png - (95.73KB , 800x600 , 1093.png )

Oh, here we go!

She's a Noxan...? You think you've seen that name in a book before. Can't quite remember the details, but apparently they're from the tundra north of here?

"So your name's Outissa, huh?"

She nods.

"And you're, um, a good girl?"

Your big ears pick up the faint sound of a rapidly beating heart. Oh no! She must be panicking!

"I-it's okay! I believe you!"

You give her a minute, and she seems to calm down.

"So, why are you up here? Why were you watching us?"
No. 853054 ID: 395c02
File 151382582708.png - (98.27KB , 800x600 , 1094.png )

You remembered right-- she's likely from the tundra north of here.

Temporary home? "So you're only here for a little while?"

She nods.

"I guess we really were the intruders, then. I'm sorry about that."

She shakes her head, then points to the 'good girl' medal on her drawing, then points to you.

You're taken aback. "Y-you're saying I'm also a good girl?"

She nods eagerly.

"Oh, gosh, um... thanks... I mean... I try to be. It's not always easy, you know?"

She nods, more solemnly this time. You get the feeling she's had struggles of her own.

You stand up. "Well, I'm glad to make your acquaintance, Outissa. But we should probably stop intruding."

You turn and begin to walk towards Skif.
No. 853055 ID: 395c02
File 151382582986.png - (86.30KB , 800x600 , 1095.png )

You feel her grab onto your arm.


She stares at you intently.

"You... don't want me to go?"

Nod nod.

"I see. I'm sorry, but... I had a rough day, and kind of want to be alone with my mate--"

Don't say 'mate' Ceri dragons say mate.

"My boyfriend. But this doesn't have to be goodbye, right? Maybe I'll come visit sometime, if you'll have me."

A soft chirp comes out of her. She's shivering a whole lot now.

"Are you cold...? Here, um, let me see if I have anything that could keep you warm."

You (carefully) rummage through your backpack. Obviously none of the dildos are going to help her, and you really don't want her seeing them.

You take out one of your two SLEEPING BAGS. "Here, this will keep you warm while you sleep."

You'll have to buy a new one, but that just means getting to spend another day with Kharadra and all her wonderful assets.

But she probably needs more than that, huh? You could offer her the QUEEN'S DESIRE outfit, but it's not really made to retain heat. The PURPLE OUTFIT is too big for her, but... wait a minute...
No. 853056 ID: 395c02
File 151382583114.png - (119.64KB , 800x600 , 1096.png )

You give Outissa the OUTA-TIS-WORLD scarf (strange coincidence, that). "This isn't much, but it might help you stay warm during the day."

She draws back one of her eyelid-things and gives you a... gentle look? She gestures again, possibly trying to say 'thanks'.

"Hey, no problem! Helping people is the kind of D.. person I aim to be. I'm gonna get out of your fluff for real now. Maybe we'll see each other again sometime?"

She nods fervently.
No. 853057 ID: 395c02
File 151382583384.png - (168.54KB , 800x600 , 1097.png )

With that, you polymorph yourself some extra muscle, put on your backpack, pick up Skif and his clothes, and use a D-BURST to open a portal to the forest below. You wave to Outissa as you drop down. Strange. In that instant, you could swear you saw something glisten in her eyes.

With Skif in tow, you make your way back to your house, using your D-BURST state to make large jumps via portals. Soon you're out of the forest, and feel safe enough to walk the rest of the way. You turn off the burst.

...Man. Walking on uneven terrain sure is making you miss your bra. You're going to have to get used to this higher sensitivity if you want to run around like you were before. Or you could use polymorph, you guess.

Speaking of which, it's flat chest time. Ah, much better.

As you walk, you find yourself lost in thought.

As you go over the past few hours, your mind turns to the identity issues many polymorphers have. When you can be anything, who's to say what form is the real you? Some deal with it by focusing on their mind. Their mind is what makes them who they are. Others embrace a new form, like Kharadra has. To her, that body is the real her, and her 'default' form is just something she has to sit around in while recharging.
No. 853058 ID: 395c02
File 151382583624.png - (151.19KB , 800x600 , 1098.png )

Still others, like you, form an attachment to their normal, unchanged form. It would have been easy, even as a child, to polymorph a flat chest and not have dealt with all the teasing, the dirty looks, the 'dirty' looks once everyone was hitting puberty.

But you were never going to fit in. Your fin, along with the wording of his letter to your parents, gives you the impression that Euia tried to make you look like your dad, but your draconic nature refused to be silenced. As a result, you don't look like any known Reptilian subspecies. Your default, or ex-default form was completely unique.

That's when, at that young age, you had a thought that would shape the person you'd become.

Oh, you've made it home. You use another portal to avoid waking up your parents, and enter your room. You lie Skif, still fast asleep, on your bed and cover his body with a blanket. You revert to 'normal' form and give him a kiss on his metallic head.

You make your way to the bathroom. Let's see the damage.
No. 853059 ID: 395c02
File 151382583950.png - (137.42KB , 800x600 , 1099.png )

So this is you now, huh...?

You look less different than you thought you would, actually. The mirror doesn't reveal much that you didn't already see by looking down. You take a few steps back so you can get a good view of your entire body.

Your cheek-frills are spikes now, huh? Good thing you weren't wearing a turtle-neck shirt earlier, or you might have torn it. This form might be even more annoying to wear clothes with than your old one. Tilde isn't the only reason you like to be naked, you know.

You assumed you'd be stuck in aqua form from now on, but this form is well within normal reptilian polymorph abilities. People will probably think you're a normal lizard trying to look cool.

Er-- not cool. Monstrous. Scary. Ug..ly...?
No. 853060 ID: 395c02
File 151382584228.png - (102.65KB , 800x600 , 1100.png )

Heh... damn it, Skif. You made it so hard to hate this form.

There's things he'd definitely find appealing, things you'd also be into if it wasn't literally you. Hell, you're just different enough that...


W-well, maybe you can pretend she's not for a moment and focus on her good traits.

Yo-- her thighs are really thick, something you've always found pretty hot.

The spikes do look kind of cool, if you pretend clothes don't exist. The weird pointy bit on her mouth is kinda cute, you suppose.

Her breasts look so... natural. As natural as lizard-tits can be, at least. They're even bi-- the same size as your old ones.

The um, pubic area looks pretty standard. You've not had a chance to wash the sex off, something you're now hoping Outissa didn't notice. You and Skif will have to share the shower in the morning.

...And that brings an end to the fantasy. The woman in the mirror is you. This is you, now.

There's no going back, not really. This form being kinda pretty doesn't hide the fact that it's not you.


You again think on the epiphany you had as a child. You had recently learned you were a dragon, and much like now you lost control of your emotions and got in a fight when the teasing was finally too much.

You felt like a monster.

That night, you stared at yourself in the mirror, much like now, and had a thought that gave you the strength you'd need to cope with who you are.

You remember exactly how it went.
No. 853061 ID: 395c02
File 151382584419.png - (163.28KB , 800x600 , 1101.png )

This form is a part of you. This form is you.

Everyone thinks dragons are bad. That they only want to hurt people.

They're wrong. Dragons don't have to be monsters. They don't have to be scary. They can be anything they want to be.

You will be compassionate. Kind. Loving.

Nothing will stop you from trying to be a good person. Not bullies. Not the mistakes you make along the way. Not the beast sleeping inside you.

People can tease you all they want. You will never hate them. You will never let them get to you.

These breasts, this body is one of the few links you have to who you really are. One day, the whole world will know the truth:
No. 853062 ID: 395c02
File 151382584779.png - (120.30KB , 800x800 , 1102.png )

That I am the great dragoness Ceridwen, and I am beautiful.

Thank you, Skif, for helping me remember that.
No. 853063 ID: 395c02
File 151382584926.png - (101.47KB , 800x600 , 1103.png )

You rub the tears from your eyes, and climb into bed with Skif. You hold your dearest knight tightly, never wanting to let go.

Today was easily one of the worst days you've had in ages.

And yet, as you drift off to sleep, there's a smile on your face.
No. 853064 ID: 395c02
File 151382585462.gif - (1.24MB , 800x600 , 1104.gif )

Tomorrow will be a new day.
No. 853065 ID: 395c02

(This thread isn't over! Just taking a small break.

DR will resume on January 1st.)
No. 853067 ID: d2863e

Her house looks traumatized.
No. 853114 ID: 094652


and now we'd like to turn on SPEED X5 MODE.
No. 853132 ID: e1c8f7

Good on you, Ceri. Good luck.
No. 853171 ID: 6cc25a

Wake up
No. 853199 ID: 3f2dbb

Ooooooh, go team Ceri and Skif!
No. 855438 ID: 395c02

(This segment plays audio.)
No. 855439 ID: 395c02
File 151488870055.png - (177.47KB , 800x600 , 1105.png )

Okay. This new form might be kinda hot in a way you're not going to think about too hard, but you don't feel comfortable running around in public like this. Your old form was barely 'normal' as it was, and now you're a giant sign with the words "Hi I'm a dragon" painted on it.

even if polymorphism exists as plausible deniability...

You need to decide two things: What you want to go around as, and what cute outfit you want to wear today. You'll bring a change of clothes tailored to a second form, in case you need or want to change into a second thing today. Making sure the clothes fit the form is essential for looking cute!

...Hee. It's nice wanting to wear cute outfits again...

A cute outfit needs to be tailored to the form you take, so first things first: choosing what you want to look like today.

Better keep in mind that you intend to visit Daatra, and maybe help Kharadra today, too. They both know you're a polymorpher, but still. Because you're visiting Daatra, you think it best that you stay female today.

What form will you take on?

(Pandemonium! Vote for as many options as you want!)

A: Ralian Oh! You could be a cute fluffy Ralian girl! How nice!
B: Birb. You could be an Itkiaki! Could be a good form to flirt with Kharadra in...
C: Mama's daughter. Looking like mom always makes her forgive you (once she's cooled down). It's foolproof! There might be someone this form will help you flirt with, too...
D: Aquatic Ceridwen. Imagine making up with mom in this form! Aqua hugs!
E: Oldschool Ceridwen. Your clothes already fit this form, so it's convenient. Could be a good form to see Daatra in.
F: Stay in this new form. Nnf. You'll never get used to this form if you don't stay in it, but is it really a good idea?

Choosing a basic form is half the battle. The other half is deciding how 'Ceri' you're going to be.

1: Go with what makes sense for the form. Modest boobs for Ralians, flat chests for lizards, etc.
2: Keep your shape in the new form. You will keep your apparently-thiq hips and kinda-big-you-guess boobs even if the form normally lacks them. (If this and normal form wins uh... confidence+?)
No. 855442 ID: 33cbe7

E, 2. It's got a stat boost attached! You can't not chase those ever-rarer stat boosts! But seriously, just join the ranks of every other polymorpher dissatisfied with their body. It is your privilege as a master of your own shape.
No. 855444 ID: 830fb7

E or F. 2
No. 855447 ID: 6780f5

No. 855448 ID: 395c02

Almost forgot. Video version for those who can't webpage magic: https://tgchan.org/slinko/drcutscene1vid.mp4

(once again, can't go on youtube for obvious reasons).

Thanks so much to Dylan for putting over 400 lines of code together in a single day, and to Typo his help on song 2, and for making song 3 and 4!
No. 855449 ID: 56fca5

F and 1. As spiky as the new form is I don't really see how it will be read as 'dragon' where the old form didn't. If anything, it will provide a slightly less intimidating point for people to get used to the idea of being around dragons again.
No. 855450 ID: 094652

Try a dog form. 2 because you're 2 sexy to die.
No. 855451 ID: 4854ef

D: Aquatic Ceridwen.

2: Keep your shape in the new form.
No. 855452 ID: 0e7281

>There might be someone this form will help you flirt with, too...
Your Dad!

Form 1
E: Oldschool Ceridwen.
Form 2
F: This new form.
And keep the "you".
No. 855454 ID: f97b68

i really want to say A but I have a bad feeling about it

Lets go with E, Classic Ceridwen!
No. 855462 ID: a363ac

B, F, 2. if we are going to change form we should be speepin peepin. But its not like this is a super small town Ceridwen and in general people don't pry into others business unless they are already friends so just be you ya know.
No. 855463 ID: 6cc25a

No. 855473 ID: 772fe4

F. and wear a shirt that says NOT A DRAGON on it cearly it will drive them off
No. 855499 ID: 6cd244

C or D; 1.
No. 855515 ID: e1c8f7

Oh Ceri.. Ya gotta at least show your parents.
F2 until you leave the house, then C1 to get around town.
No. 855563 ID: 416762

Embrace who you are!
No. 855575 ID: 33d4be

F2! Or E2 if you want to be a little less anxious.

Don't forget your bra!!!!!
No. 855578 ID: de6d84


Your parents should know.
To know that you're always gonna be you.
Today's the day you start doing even more awesome stuff and working towards your goals!
F, E, 2!
Cause that's the kind of dragon you want to be!
No. 855579 ID: 91ee5f

No. 855588 ID: ed67d9


steak sauce you sunk my battleship!
No. 855589 ID: 7fad5d

No. 855656 ID: 3ce125

B, D, E, 2. Aquatic form because it's free, E to visit Daatra in, B to flirt with Kharadra in. (she's not in the dragon romance pool though so I suspect it won't go anywhere)
No. 855738 ID: da1652

the changes really aren't that drastic at all, so maybe it'll be easy to hold for extended periods of time?
No. 855744 ID: c88e6d

CDF, 2

This is gonna be good.
No. 855745 ID: ecd28c

F2, it's who you are, and you should always feel comfortable as yourself. Even if your magic can change that at a moments notice.
No. 855755 ID: 69c8aa

E - 1 It's closest to your natural identity, while not being terribly conspicuous. Having clothes that fit is a nice bonus :P
No. 855793 ID: 0d72fd

C, with flatchest. maybe some big cheek fin
No. 855883 ID: c78274

D, E, or F. 2, prolly
No. 855947 ID: 395c02
File 151503783943.png - (166.96KB , 800x600 , 1106.png )

As you open your closet to pick out an outfit, you see someone pretty in... the mirror...


You stare at them, blushing a bit. They stare back, also blushing. This makes you blush more.

This isn't the first time this has happened. You've turned into many things many times, and mirrors were sometimes involved.

But this feels different, somehow. You can't quite put your claw on why.


It's like a thought that had been in the back of your head since you were a child is now at the forefront of your mind. Of course the old form wasn't 'you'. Euia created it for you. This pretty lady is actually closer to the real you...!

Your SELF-ESTEEM increases by 1 somehow.

If that's the case, could these knee spines be the beginning of fins, then? Is your 'mortal' form going to continue to evolve as you unlock more of your power? Will it match your-- wait! Once you become a full-fledged water dragon, will your aquatic form be redundant???

Oh no! The aquatic form is cute, though! You don't want to just-- wait what if the water dragon form is even cuter oh gosh!!!

Or, or! Maybe it's super sexy. Smooth scales, strong swimming muscles, big dragon thighs...!

OH GOSH WHAT IF IT'S BOTH OF THOSE AT THE SAME TIME and then when people call you 'cute' they can mean it both ways and you can be like 'thanks and also thanks' and then you can wear cute outfits oh gosh you're picturing yourself as a water dragon wearing cute bows or maybe fluffy leggings and because you'd be cute and sexy at the same time you can switch to a collar no wait you wouldn't have to be sub anymore you could wear the good stuff what would that even be like for a dragon wait would you run around naked that'd be weird with your butt up in the air all the time like that would you have to wear dragon pants and if so would you wear them like a humanoid or would you awkwardly wear them over all four legs or

Whoa okay haha calm down you.

This is good, though. It's good to feel things other than fear about your dragon self.
No. 855948 ID: 395c02
File 151503785830.png - (115.07KB , 800x600 , 1107.png )

Now that you've decided on a form, it's time to put some clothes together!

What will you wear? (You can design an outfit using this image as a template!)

Considering the activities yesterday, you will want to get cleaned up before wearing anything. You hear the shower running, which means yep it's cold water for you today.

You also hear murmuring coming from your parents bedroom. Guess Skif's in the shower, then?

What will you do?

(Experimental: You may pick a primary and secondary choice)

A: Magic your way into the shower sneakily. Maybe you could 'surprise' Skif and let him keep you warm.
B: Attempt to listen in on the murmuring conversation. Maybe it's something you can help with...?
C: Put on pajamas, go make breakfast. A good way to improve everyone's mood!
D: Wait for shower to be free, take solo shower. A safe and clean option for a safe and not-so-clean dragon.

>Don't forget your bra!!!!!
Y-you weren't gonna!
No. 855950 ID: 7fad5d

Don't forget your panties either!!!

Primary: C
Secondary: B
No. 855951 ID: a363ac

A but with no sex Skif's penis died last night and needs three days to come back to life.
No. 855954 ID: 33cbe7

A, then c. Put on your lucky Steve shirt for breakfast. Then for the day, dress for the job you want! Put on something fashionable and flirty for speaking to Kharadra about a job. Some kind of summer dress, to avoid the spikes on your arms and legs getting caught?
No. 855959 ID: 830fb7

(C) Put on pajamas, go make breakfast while Attempting to listen in on the your parents conversation (B).
No. 855961 ID: 93b636

Listen in on the conversation first and then you have a talking point for the shower.

B then A
No. 855962 ID: 50d32d

A. Magic your way into the shower and surprise Skif with your new leg spines OH NO SO MUCH BLOOD NOW YOUR SELF ESTEEM IS RUINED FOREVER
B. Attempt to listen in on the murmuring conversation about how you are an EVIL DRAGON OF EVIL WHO IS NOT REALLY YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE YOU OH NO
D. Wait for the shower to be free, take solo shower, so that Skif knows you're not comfortable with getting close to him anymore and thinks you HATE YOURSELF AND TELLS YOUR PARENTS OH NO
No. 855964 ID: 91ee5f

>You also hear murmuring coming from your parents bedroom. Guess Skif's in the shower, then?
Woah now, let's not jump to conclusions here!

The murmuring could be one of your parents talking to themselves out loud (for some strange reason) and the person in the shower is your other parent! You don't want to mentally scar yourself by magicing yourself into the shower and discover one of your naked parents, do you?!

>What do?
C: Put on pajamas, go make breakfast and D: Wait for shower to be free, take solo shower.

>Y-you weren't gonna!
You better not, young lady!

>Don't forget your panties either!!!
This too!
No. 855968 ID: 75d80b

C. Breakfast is important, especially with how much 'exercise' you've been getting lately.
No. 855974 ID: 56e50f

Morning, Ceri. Remember what I said about bacon and eggs? That still applies here. Go drop off those eggs in the kitchen then go (A) clean up only if you're sure it's Skif. After you're done, see if anyone has started making breakfast. If not, get to (C)ooking, girl.
No. 855976 ID: de6d84

Pimary B
Secondary A

Listen into the murmuring, get in some backrub/scrubbing and then come out clean with an apology for dad!
Breakfast for everyone once amends get made!
No. 855984 ID: 790f46

Take a stroll admiring yourself and enjoy some pre-shower breezes on your skin to drop off the eggs, but come back up to listen on the conversation a bit and then magic sneakshower.
No. 855991 ID: 3ce125

A. Teleportation seems like the go-to option for this. Though you should try not to surprise him.
No. 855993 ID: 33d4be

Ceri no you know your luck if you choose A it's going to turn out to not be Skif at all you should be able to see at least a little of how fate likes to treat you by now!!

B while you wait for the shower to be free, then C.
No. 855997 ID: 3a15e3

B Take a sneaky listen in on the conversation, and then C prepare the best breakfast ever.
No. 856002 ID: a9f653

then B with portals
maybe even C with portals at the same time on that would get water all over the kitchen.
No. 856034 ID: 6cc25a

B (D)
No. 856046 ID: bb246d

A but confirm that it's actually skif in there, lest more of your protective neutrons burn out.
No. 856047 ID: 33cbe7

Don't check before portaling in, it's more fun that way.
No. 856060 ID: 56fca5

I'm all for A but... maybe we should listen in on your parents...

We kinda left them behind yesterday and a lot happened that they were filled in on. I have a feeling they are worried about you.
No. 856086 ID: d6afc2

No. 856092 ID: 7152b7

C without leaving room.
No. 856209 ID: 2a13fa
File 151511614397.png - (108.97KB , 800x600 , obligatory.png )

someone had to do it
No. 856215 ID: de6d84
File 151511909523.png - (110.60KB , 800x600 , common-mod.png )

Can't think of anything new atm, so for now, a mod of Ceri's common outfit. this time without shredding anything and the shirt ends off like a dress.
No. 856222 ID: 2a13fa
File 151512109781.png - (113.67KB , 800x600 , R.png )

It's nostalgic. Definitely not just reused.
No. 856224 ID: f0e552

this but with a black undershirt so that it looks a bit more flattering
No. 856307 ID: 75d80b

>>856209 with the pants from >>856215
No. 856315 ID: de6d84
File 151514712350.png - (106.44KB , 800x600 , Ceri_outfit2.png )

Another one
No. 856340 ID: f0e552

Actually, instead of wearing things that have or will get weird holes in them from our spikes, don't we have like high cut (as in higher than the knee spikes) jean shorts or something? They'll take courage to wear but at least you'll look nice.
No. 856345 ID: ae11b0


I second this one
No. 856358 ID: ae9b99

No. 856395 ID: ed67d9

B, then C
No. 856397 ID: c3d19c

B, alternatively C?
No. 856400 ID: 0d45a9

C, secondarily B. Breakfast is good.
No. 856422 ID: 434647

You should wear a tail sleeve! It’s a bit hot out, but all those pockets!!

no bra unless you’ve found a replacement.
Remember how tight it was last time?
No. 856447 ID: 395c02
File 151520117925.png - (234.05KB , 800x600 , 1108.png )

>Don't forget your panties either!!!
>You better not, young lady!
Geez!!! You go on one naked adventure and suddenly there's all this paranoia about you leaving things exposed!


Oh gosh that also wasn't a dream was it.

You blush even more. You could light the room with your blushing.

It was like you were some kind of lust elemental, or maybe a sex dragon.

What would a sex dragon even be?? Would your breath weapon cause orgasms or something? Getting people to climax in their pants would be amusing, if not overly useful.

A-anyway. Your egg cycle has reset, so dragon or no dragon you're not going to be feeling quite that 'adventurous' for a while. Going without panties is very much a 'week 3' thing.

During summer you'll sometimes go shirtless, but you've always done so as a 'normal' reptilian. It'll be a couple weeks before you start doing that, though. Summer takes a minute to kick in when you're this far north and live between a bunch of mountains.
No. 856448 ID: 395c02
File 151520119271.png - (147.76KB , 800x600 , 1109.png )

You can't decide between eavesdropping or shower surprises so you temporarily put on some panties (see?) and your MR. STEPHENSON SHIRT and get to work making breakfast.

You consider using your own eggs, but it'd be a little weird to use them in something Mom and Dad are going to eat.

...Yet using bird eggs is perfectly fine. People are weird.

Either way, those are for the ROMANTIC CAKE you're making later! You store them safely in the fridge for now, freeing up your DRAGON INVENTORY for other things.

You grab some ingredients and get to work. Mom taught you a thing or two about cooking, so you're pretty competent at it. More importantly, you have her recipe for making 'Myra's oh my god these are so amazing and you are the best mom ever®' waffle batter!

As you work, the nondescript ear-shaped lines on the sides of your head pick up the sounds of continued murmuring. Curiosity gets the better of you, so you make a discreet LIGHT AND SOUND PORTAL to listen in on the conversation.

You'd feel guilty, but your mom literally admitted that she hears 'everything' in the house. She's probably heard tons of conversations meant only for the ears of Snuffles the Snugglebird.

You listen closely...
No. 856449 ID: 395c02
File 151520120855.png - (42.68KB , 800x600 , 1110.png )

:drskiftalk01: "blip blip blip blip blip blip blip blip."

:drdadtalk01: "bloop bloop bloop, bloop bloop bloop. bloop bloop."

:drskiftalk01: "blip...blip...blip... blip blip blip blip, blip blip."

:drdadtalk01: "bloop bloop bloopity bloop."

:drskiftalk01: "blip!?"

:drdadtalk01: "bloop bloop. bloop bloop bloop bloop."

:drskiftalk01: "blip. blip blip."

What the--!? It's trying to transcribe minigame audio??? This is a normal update! Clearly your seal isn't the only thing getting cracked around here.

You lifehack around this unfortunate event by describing the conversation rather than typing it out explicitly.

You hear Dad's voice. And he's talking to... Skif? That means the one in the shower is... Oh, that was a close one!


Not that seeing mom naked is traumatizing or anything. She's a very pretty mom and the two of you used to bathe together when you were younger. It's the 'interrupting the only time mommy gets to herself' part that sends shivers down your spine.

Ugh. You're getting distracted! You need to actually pay attention to the conversation so you can describe it!
No. 856450 ID: 395c02
File 151520122044.png - (167.82KB , 800x600 , 1111.png )

"Hi Ceri."


"Nice view. Making pwaffles~?"



You wasted too much time and missed the conversation! ...But there might be a clever and sneaky way to extract information from Skif.

"So what were you talking to dad about?" you ask, giving yourself an S rank (the S is for Stealth).

"Oh, I forgot how thin the walls are here. Um, he was basically asking me about you."

"W... what did you tell him?"
No. 856451 ID: 395c02
File 151520123179.png - (128.83KB , 800x600 , 1112.png )

Oh geez and now Dad's here.

"Hey, Ceribug," he says.

He hasn't called you that since...

"H-hey, daddy."

He's not quite looking at you. He seems to want to say something, but is hesitating.

Last time you spoke, you kind of told him everything at once and broke him a little bit, requiring mom to swoop in with the save. Neither of them were happy to hear about all the sex, and though you reconciled with Mom some, Dad is...

Oh, he must be so disappointed in you...

Skif gives you a knowing look, then nudges his head towards Dad.

Right. Fixing things. You can do this. New day and all that.

What do you say?
No. 856452 ID: 3abd97

>What do you say?
So... wanna fuck?
No. 856455 ID: 7fad5d

Look just start punching him, go in swinging. Fists are the most meaningful form of communication, look at all those animos, they all become friends after a fight. Just put your heart into your fists and pummel him with love (& Knuckles)
No. 856457 ID: 3ce125

Tell him sorry for saying all that stuff, and you promise that you're trying to uh, cool it down some.
No. 856458 ID: a363ac

so. . . can I raid the weapons cabinet for camping?
No. 856459 ID: 307bd1

Your breath weapon is obviously spaghetti.
No. 856461 ID: 7fad5d

For real though, apologize for forgetting his name.
No. 856462 ID: c9f250

Okay this is easy just make sure you don't talk about how it felt to sneak around the mall completely naked, staring enraptured at those well-practiced lizards perfectly pleasuring each other, giving yourself two sets of genitals so that skif and gulketi could fill you at the same time, shrinking down to be teased and toyed with and held fast and stretched and drenched, and then having a similar feat at full size as tens of gallons of green seed washed over everyone... not to mention everything lewd you did both before and after that, feeling those eggs gently rock inside your body, pushing your buttons and giving you an excuse to spend an entire day drenched in lust, rolling from one climax to another with a few life lessons interspersed.


Maybe talk about the movie you saw as a way to segue into how affection and relationships are so core to you, how you went overboard from so much hitting you at once and your inner dragon's influence. You've made mistakes but you're trying to be right by people, and you've even picked up a part-time job toward those ends~
No. 856464 ID: de6d84

"...Oh. Right. Don't worry, I'll put on some pants or shorts when I go out!"
An icebreaker so both of you aren't so tense.

Sheriim's probably a little apprehensive about your appearance even if he's had a talk about it with Skif.

This is where you need to let him know that, while it's something that's on you, you're gonna do everything you can to make the best of it.
And that you'll always be his daughter no matter what.
"Sorry for breaking you a bit."
Get a chance to hug it out and ask what he thinks of your rad appearance?
No. 856465 ID: 6780f5

Get those protective neurons firing so hard you get a nosebleed and start being able to taste the number grunk.
No. 856466 ID: 33d4be

"Sorry for unloading everything on you like that, last time we spoke. I get nervous about talking about these things, so I end up... saving everything into big quick bursts to minimize the time I have to. Or, so that some of the things I have to say don't seem so big with all the other things beside them. I'm not sure, but it isn't fair on people, epecially you. But, I worry about what you think of me, since... well, I know part of you doesn't want me to stop being your little girl, and part of me wants to hold on to being your little girl, too. I've been... changing a lot, recently. I'm a bit scared of how much. Maybe part of me thought, if you didn't want to hear about some things, and I didn't want to tell you, it'd be ok for me not to? And things could stay the same, for us? So I convince myself to hide things. But I don't like hiding things from you either, so... you get the big crazy spill all at once."

"... Having to do big self-reflections on myself is a big change recently, too."
No. 856467 ID: 91ee5f

>and you've even picked up a part-time job toward those ends~
She hasn't gotten the job yet. She needs to go speak to Kharadra first.
No. 856471 ID: 91ee5f

>You store them safely in the fridge for now
That's not safe at all! Your mother could end up using them for something! DX

Ok, so far he hasn't noticed your new normal form yet. Eventually your parents will notice, but until they say something, don't mention it to them.

>What say?
Just apologize for everything you said when you broke him by accident.

.....also, if you're cooking something, don't let this conversation distract you from the food, otherwise it'll get burned!
No. 856472 ID: 333c64

Maybe try telling him a little bit of what's really going on? The stuff you said probably wouldn't have been so shocking if he learned about it gradually rather than all in one big surprise. So maybe mention that there's been some weird dragony stuff happening with your body and you've been in a bit of a strange state, both emotionally and physically. You're planning on going on a hiking trip with your friends to meet someone who might be able to give you some advice on it. You don't have to tell him everything, but enough that he won't be especially shocked when he eventually learns the whole story. This certainly can't have been the first time you being some kind of weird dragon thing has caused problems for you, and your parents have always been accepting and willing to help you through them. In fact, given everything else your parents have on their plate, past present and future, your recent adventures are downright normal.
No. 856479 ID: 1f4fbd

No. 856492 ID: 56e50f

Okay, deep breath, relax, it's just your dad.
"Sorry Dad. I let things get out of hand. I didn't mean for things to happen the way they did. I'm still struggling with my image and being a dragon and that leads to make.. questionable decisions. I hope you can forgive me."

When your spaghetti inevitably starts spilling out, cry. That will get him to immediately comfort you.
No. 856525 ID: ed67d9

Say this:

"Hey, Dad. Sorry I broke you for a bit. I love you! I made pwaffles!" and then give him a hug.
No. 856532 ID: 91ee5f

Now, aren't you glad you decided to put on panties instead of not wearing any at all?
No. 856552 ID: 094652

"I've been going through a lot of things recently. Sex with advisers to galactic royalty, a second puberty with new dragon features, and of course the mall with an average of scantily-clad clothing standards. I've got big things in my future, and it's so overwhelmingly dreadful that I just have to spill it out all the time. I just wanted to say, there is no manual to this kind of life, but I'm somewhat ready and it's all thanks to your training and perseverance. So... thanks."
No. 856569 ID: 6cc25a

"Hey Dad, would you like some of my fertilized eggs? I'm just kidding, I mean, they're not really fertilized because as a dragon I can't get pregnant, so even though they were soaked in Skif's juice they're still normal, maybe even a bit more fresh- OOPS, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to tell you about how I had sex with Skif last night, it's not my fault because he ordered me to turn into a male and have gay sex with him, but it wasn't really gay because we didn't do anal, he only gave me a footjob and also I turned back normal after so he was able to cum inside me normally and it felt really good, especially laying those 8 eggs, 8 is a lot of eggs right, but don't worry because I only feel pleasure when I lay them, so I was kinda excited to hold them in for so long that it made me do a lot of weird things, especially in the mall where I.. dad? daddy?"
No. 856575 ID: 33cbe7

Shapeshift into mom that'll make things much less awkward
No. 856580 ID: cdd363

I think a combo of these would work really well
No. 857067 ID: eceda8

Try not to become an anxiety-ridden wreck this time.
No. 857074 ID: 0d45a9

Let's go with this, and try to keep the spaghetti in your pockets this time.
No. 857201 ID: f0e552

yikes, don't do this.
No. 857223 ID: 395c02
File 151548901164.png - (145.69KB , 800x600 , 1113.png )


>Look just start punching him, go in swinging.
Y-you're not going to beat up Dad for no reason!

And let's be real. You're not physically strong. Meanwhile, Dad... protective neurons or no, you know he uh...

Him and Mom have...

Look the important thing is he survived a woman who would probably find your most vicious sessions with Skif cute and naive.

Your VIGOR is all like

Meanwhile his is all like

...And Mom is probably like

You praise yourself for once again avoiding the tyranny of numbers. Wait, are you counting those up? Stop that!

>Your breath weapon is obviously spaghetti.
Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Gods. Worst breath weapon. At this rate it'll get all over your pwaffles.

Waffles. Goddammit skif.
No. 857224 ID: 395c02
File 151548901475.png - (164.85KB , 800x600 , 1114.png )

>Okay this is easy just make sure you don't talk about how it felt to sneak around the mall completely naked, staring enraptured at those well-practiced lizards perfectly pleasuring each other, giving yourself two sets of genitals so that skif and gulketi could fill you at the same time, shrinking down to be teased and toyed with and held fast and stretched and drenched, and then having a similar feat at full size as tens of gallons of green seed washed over everyone... not to mention everything lewd you did both before and after that, feeling those eggs gently rock inside your body, pushing your buttons and giving you an excuse to spend an entire day drenched in lust, rolling from one climax to another with a few life lessons interspersed.
oh gods oh no what if you mess up again and say all this you start to open your mouth and NO! You're not gonna mess up this time!

>Try not to become an anxiety-ridden wreck this time.
Why would you be anxious!? You've got this, dammit!

>Shapeshift into mom that'll make things much less awkward
That will make things more awkward!!!

>"Hey Dad, would you like some of my fertilized eggs? I'm just kidding, I mean, they're not really fertilized because as a dragon..."
You open your mouth, feel your foot begin to travel upward, then stop yourself. Again.

Breathe. Stay calm. Do this right.
No. 857225 ID: 395c02
File 151548901631.png - (124.28KB , 800x600 , 1115.png )

"D-don't worry. I'll put pants on before going outside!" you say clumsily.
No. 857226 ID: 395c02
File 151548901914.png - (65.26KB , 800x600 , 1116.png )

"Oh, that's good. Pants are nice."
No. 857227 ID: 395c02
File 151548902114.png - (130.63KB , 800x600 , 1117.png )

"Pants are nice!"


"So um, I guess I have a new body now?"

He finally looks at you.

You continue, "It's um, not a polymorph or anything. Eu-- Mr. Ilan's seal is messing up a little, and um... it turned me into this."

A concerned expression.

You feel yourself talking faster. "It was a little ah, surprising at first. But at least I'm still kinda pretty, right? Haha..."

His eyes meet the floor. You're not doing a good job of this, are you?

Single sentences. One thing at a time. You are calmness incarnate.

"D-don't worry, I'm going to do everything I can to make the best of things. A-and hey! I'm still me! I'm still the little girl you raised and you're the best dad and oh geez here we go again there's no stopping the flood once it starts--"
No. 857228 ID: 395c02
File 151548902431.png - (109.06KB , 800x600 , 1118.png )


Getting hugged every other time you start a tangent is doing little to dissuade you from continuing to do so.

You hug him back, and the both of you are silent in that moment.

"I'm sorry I let things get out of hand," you say. "I'm kinda still figuring out who or what I even am anymore."

"You're my little girl," he says. "Not a dragon. Not some kind of sex-starved monster or whatever it's trying to make you be. You're my baby."

"Yes... that's right," you say, hugging him back. "And you're my daddy."

sex-starved monster? what did skif tell him...? not important.

>.....also, if you're cooking something, don't let this conversation distract you from the food, otherwise it'll get burned!
No. 857229 ID: 395c02
File 151548902776.png - (187.06KB , 800x600 , 1119.png )


You're going to marry that man.
No. 857230 ID: 395c02
File 151548903045.png - (121.50KB , 800x600 , 1120.png )

You and Dad continue to talk. It's a little awkward at first, but it's good. You tell him a slower, calmer version of what's been going on. This time, you include even the things Euia told you never to tell him. That snake can just be mad at you for all you care. You're a dragon. You'll forge your own path. You'll decide who you will and won't trust.

Your father now knows everything about the seal and the dragon inside you, and your desires to learn Life-Magic, gain control of your powers, and eventually grow into a proper dragon surrounded by love.
He wipes a tear from his eyes. He assumed... he hadn't realized you'd been going through so much in such a short span of time.

You remind him that you didn't exactly give him a fair shot at catching all that spaghetti.


"I don't get it either."

"It's your joke!"

"I'm complicated, okay!"

You hear your mother's voice. "Speaking of spaghetti, I'd still like to meet these friends. Have you invited them yet?"
No. 857231 ID: 395c02
File 151548903241.png - (121.05KB , 800x600 , 1121.png )


See? Mom being naked isn't awkward at all. You're not making any silly faces or stammering or anything. You're not even using exclamation points.

This is normal for reptilian families. Even if Dad ran around naked, it would only be a little weird. Neither of them have much to see, really, because all the parts are internal.

>Now, aren't you glad you decided to put on panties instead of not wearing any at all?
There was never a time where you weren't going to wear them!!!


It's weird, okay? Unlike them, your sexual attributes are pretty obvious. Even your vagina stands out more! You wouldn't think it did, but here we are!

It's not weird for them, but it's kinda weird for you, if that makes sense? It's the same reason you have a 'thing' for exhibitionism. You're a lizard-girl whose parts are out there for the world to see, which is sometimes kinda exciting and other times you legit just kinda want to not have to wear so much clothes all the time. Thank goodness for polymorph.

But even with this body (or the um, old one), you don't feel weird letting Mom see you. She helped you lay your first few clutches of eggs. She sat with you in utter befuddlement as the two of you wondered aloud about how the hell bras work. She bathed you as a child, and even as a teen the two of you would sometimes share a bath.

Wait, why are you explaining this to yourself? It's not like there's other people watching who wouldn't have this context and might find this situation awkward or weird.
No. 857232 ID: 395c02
File 151548903621.png - (13