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File 152029217715.gif - (1.21MB , 1024x1024 , ns3-op.gif )
871795 No. 871795 ID: 7fd053


Here it is - the Temple of the Fist! We step inside, past the green fist door, which closes behind us. Looks pretty decrepit. I can hear water dripping, probably from the right where there's a pool of it. I hear voices from the left, I think, and there's two paths ahead of us too.
There's a couple things I gotta do here. One, touch the artifact at the other end of the temple so I can get a SUPER FIST power. Two, I gotta impress this sharky Shadow somewhere along the way. He doesn't think I'm up to snuff as an adventurer! If I prove 'im wrong, he's agreed to give me 75% of the money we find, but if I don't, I only get 25%.

My current powers are:
Modular limbs! I can disconnect parts of myself at any joint, and remote-control 'em.
Save/load reality! I can revert from death as many times as I want, as far back as I want. Or even at will. I don't gotta die first.
Disguise! I can turn into an object and blend in with my surroundings.
Super Jump! I can jump real high and negate fall damage, but it takes some energy.
Fireball! My most recent acquisition. I can spit out a fireball! It also takes some energy outta me.

:roshadow2:"You gonna lead the way, or am I?" He whispers.
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No. 871797 ID: 86eb65

Strut up to that door and fist bump the hell out of it as hard as you can.

It has to be the way inside.
No. 871798 ID: b2cabe

You gotta go first! Be all assertive and confident and shit. Pound it with the door because it looks like it's begging for a good fist bump.
No. 871801 ID: 3abd97

Man we should have just left this jerk behind and took 100% of the loot. Impressing him isn't worth putting up with him.

>"You gonna lead the way, or am I?" He whispers.
Might as well lead yourself. If it goes bad you can revert and swap.
No. 871830 ID: 6b1136

Show that door your fist!

Seriously, sharky has no idea what you got coming. after this, there will be no denying who is the superior adventurer :3
No. 871867 ID: 91ee5f

Check inside the hole in the tree to your left.
No. 871886 ID: e1c8f7

We lead like a true adventurer!
No. 871906 ID: 10c408

Get a running start before you bro-fist the door. TRUE bro-fists involve as much energy and spirit as possible, damn the consequences!
No. 872050 ID: 7fd053
File 152038388971.png - (39.38KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-1.png )

We were already inside the door, and since I seem to have accidentally gotten all caught up in thinking about that, I'll take this opportunity to look around more carefully before deciding which way to go.
:glinp:”I’ll lead,” I whisper. “Let’s look around.”

Voices are definitely comin' from the left, around a corner. Doesn't sound like they're goin' anywhere.
I peek into the middle two paths. Oh, they actually go to the same place. OK then. I think I hear voices from that way too, but farther off.
The room on the right seems to be flooded! It has 3 conveniently raised platforms we can step on to avoid gettin' wet, but the room ends in a corner and the water continues around that.

Which way to go, and am I just goin' gung ho, guns blazin', and damn the consequences?
No. 872051 ID: b1b4f3

Watch out for fists!

Investigate the voices to the left.
No. 872077 ID: f5c698

Check left quickly, quietly, carefully. See if you can catch some of them sleeping at the wheel.
No. 872109 ID: 1ea1d9

Peek at the voices while looking tough in your outfit
No. 872226 ID: e1c8f7

You go left and Ro can check out the flooded room!
No. 872248 ID: 7fd053
File 152046970546.png - (30.82KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-2.png )

Buuuut what if I do something really cool and Ro misses it! Can I take that chance?

>Left! Carefully.
I tiptoe down the hall on the left, and peek around the corner. Can't see 'em. I step closer. There's a chamber here, and on the far wall, there's an opening into another chamber, where the people are talkin'. I eavesdrop. It's two voices, but there could be more than two people.
:genericnpc:"I mean, how were we supposed to know she needed the body intact?"
:genericnpc:"Yeah. That's the trouble with leading a cult like this, I think. You keep so many secrets, you're bound to leave out details like that sometimes."
:genericnpc:"That's... kind of an important thing to leave out... I mean, we would've taken a whole different approach to capturing him if we'd known that."

Should I listen more, or move in?
If I do the second one, do I run in and start jabbin' folks with my spear, or is there a different approach I should take?
No. 872253 ID: ca332d

Why don't we hear what these fellows have to say. They might give us some convenient exposition!
No. 872267 ID: deec6e


Go up with the gun leaning on your shoulder and ask them why they joined a cult where 'capturing and getting bodies' is, apparently, a thing. You're genuinely curious. Not only is that preeetty blatantly evil-sounding, but it's also seems icky as heck. What made this kind of a work environment start seeming like a good option to them? If they wanted some measure of power wouldn't just worshipping a regular god as a priest do? I mean, if they have to deal with being bossed around and all kinds of rules and other management difficulties ANYway, why not just go legit? Shortcuts to power tend to be kind of a sucker's game, in your humble opinion.

I mean, when you start worship in a murderous cult as an acolyte you sometimes end up having to stand in the way of hardened, well-prepared adventurers and then, well, you're kind of screwed, aren't you? You mean, one such adventurer could at any point rather than talk nice, try to stab them, shoot them, set them on fire, jump on them like fuckin' mario, change their gender, disintegrate them on an atomic level, lightning - just lightning -, brain asplode 'em, question their sanity and intelligence, breathe poison fog at 'em, summon a demon and sick it on 'em, call down the power of a god, offer fashion advice or just distract them while their soul-eating shark-shadow buddy flows up behind them and stands ready to tear their heads off and oh my yes that's oddly specific and would you perhaps like to not die and tell me everything you know about this place?

(Some of those aren't true, but they don't need to know that. They just need to believe our chutzpah.)

If it fails, reload, rinse and repeat until you can say the right things to convince them to quit the cult and/or tell on their master/mistress. I mean, they seem like low-level mooks who're being kept in the dark and are currently grumpy about it. It shouldn't be THAT hard to make them re-think their priorities. If it doesn't seem to work, well, at least you know they're another bunch of pretty fanatical dudes!
No. 872299 ID: 3745a6

Leap around the corner, try driving your spear through the neck of the closest one and into the one he's talking to. If you want to do investigate-y stuff do that first, that should also let you know if the Shishkebab is a viable tactic.
No. 872300 ID: b1b4f3

No reason not to listen in.
No. 872304 ID: caf1de

we need to know if we or sharki make a good whatever they need and if not then they probably wont care about us and we can just do our thing
No. 872307 ID: cc5f4f

Eavesdrop even more. Knowledge is power.
No. 872364 ID: 261652

Free exposition! And you don't even have to go do some side-fetch-quest from some random chump. Then interrogate them. The best way to do that is to catch them by the balls. And the best way to do that is to point your gun at their groins. Gotta know what makes people squirm!
No. 872419 ID: e1c8f7

Casually walk in like you own the place. Let's see how they react and you act accordingly when you rewind.
No. 872487 ID: de6d84

Eavesdrop, rewind with acquired info and attempt to jab cultists with spear
No. 872655 ID: 1e95e9
File 152064413633.png - (91.44KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-3.png )

:genericnpc:"That's just how it is. At least we found another one."
:genericnpc:"Hey yeah, any idea what she wanted 'em for? Was it like a ritual or something?"
:genericnpc:"I think it was spell research? I heard something about, uh, spell bullets, I think..."

I load my caster gun with a Declothe spell just in case I need to fire somethin', and walk around the corner with it leaned on my shoulder.
:genericnpc:"Hey!" Yup, just two. I can tell by the tail that the one closest to me is a Lian, but I'm not sure about the other one, who yells and points at me, getting the Lian to turn around. They both take guarded stances.
:glinp:"Hey! I'm just wonderin', why'd you join this kinda cult anyway? Like, y'know, what made it seem like a good option? Iiii don't get it."
:genericnpc:"Damn, someone actually came here! Well, what business is it of yours?!" Asks the Lian, whose venomous tail is poised to strike.
:glinp:"I kinda wasn't expecting anyone to be here either! It's not exactly a popular temple, I mean," I chuckle, "Look at the place..." I gesture around, and point my gun at the Lian's crotch.
:genericnpc:"What are you doing!?"
:glinp:"Hands up!" They obey. "Sometimes, bein' an acolyte in a spooky murder cult means you end up in the way of hardened adventurers. Sometimes they've got guns that shoot lightning, or they brought along hungry Shadow Sharks who can sneak up behind you, ready to tear off your head at a moment's notice!" Ro takes my cue!
:roshadow2:"Don't move," he says, grabbing the one whose species I'm not sure of.
:genericnpc:"Shit!" Says that one. I let the Lian look around so he can see what's happened.
:genericnpc:"Oh gods! OK, you've got us! What do you want??"
:glinp:"Tell us everything we need to know. Who's your leader, what're y'all doin' here, that kinda thing. Then we'll let you leave!" The not-Lian speaks up.
:genericnpc:"W-well our leader is Letiel, she started this whole cult. S-she's a necromancer, and uh, we're having a gathering here because the place was supposed to be abandoned..." The Lian nods.
:genericnpc:"Yeah! Letiel gives us food and shelter and stuff, and all we have to do is carry things around, help with spells, and ssssometimes kill people..."
:glinp:"Uh huh..." He continues.
:genericnpc:"There's gonna be a-a banquet later, where she tells us more of her plans for the place..."
:glinp:"What species is Letiel?"
:genericnpc:"Lian! But like she drank some kind of liquid magic... um, transformation potion? And now she has powers from it! She can levitate and um, I don’t know what... her powers are, exactly..."
:glinp:"Great! Thanks."

So, I'm lettin' 'em go? Or nah?
No. 872659 ID: a363ac

let them go but only if you get a hug.
No. 872663 ID: de6d84

Let Ro finish off the one he has, and demand the lian if he knows anything is coming up in the temple.
No. 872679 ID: f5c698

Ask them what the thing was they found that's related to spell bullets and what it does. Then ask them to give you a reason not to kill them.
No. 872685 ID: deec6e


They're murderers and cultists, but they seemed honest and more in it for the benefits than the power and mysticism. Acquire their robes - carefully, intact and not-blood-spattered - and begrudgingly let them live, despite bein' bad eggs.

Before you let 'em go, though, you should really press 'em a little more! Get a rough idea of the layout and a who's who of the other cultists (special tricks, where they usually hang...), as well as any more specific banquet details. Once the second degree is done, escort them back out of the temple to whatever portal you/they came in on - or at least be sure to send 'em off in that direction under observation so that they won't just double back and tell the rest of their mates.

Suggest they lay off the skeevy job lists and murdering peeps even if it's a convenient and a good way to fill the tum-tum and the pocketbook. You're no high-falutin' moralist, but people like you seems to happen to murderous cultists a lot. Maybe karma's realm, or something.

>Further plans

Since you now have 2x Clean Cultist Robes, you could try to infiltrate the temple, or use the robes to better sneak up on other groups of cultists.
No. 872752 ID: e1c8f7

Take their clothes, put them against the wall and pistol whip them both in the back of the head. Leave 'em naked and unconscious in the bushes outside the temple.
No. 872846 ID: 1e95e9
File 152072509412.png - (65.20KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-4.png )

They already said it was a body!

:glinp:"Alright, we'll let you go... IF you give us the lowdown on what's ahead. Other cultists with special powers, more info on the banquet, and so on." The Lian's tail wavers.
:genericnpc:"Y-yeah... yeah, OK. I don't know any of 'em too well, but there's a big tough Lian named Reti, who's like a beefy tank dude. And uhh I don't know his name or even species but there's one guy who can go through walls... They're two of Letiel's enforcer types. Everyone else has just your usual assortment of basic spells, as far as I know..." The other one nods.
:genericnpc:"Yeah, that's all I know too! And we don't know the layout! We've never been here before! The banquet is in 4 hours, though."
:glinp:"I GUESS that'll do... Now, take off your robes and lay 'em on the chairs." The not-Lian eeps.
:genericnpc:"Wh... oh, geez..." The Lian hesitantly removes his robes and drapes it over one of the chairs. Ro steps back from the other one and lets him do the same. Wow, he's wearin' a lot under those robes! The Lian's just got some underoos.
:roshadow2:"Put your money on the table too." They sheepishly obey. The Lian sees his buddy.
:genericnpc:"You were wearing all that??"
:genericnpc:"It's very fashionable!"
:glinp:"Alright! Now move it! Toward the entrance!" Ro pushes his captive forward, and I keep my gun pointed at mine while he steps forward too. We get them out the door, and make 'em warp away. The door closes again.
:roshadow2:"Interesting approach. I would've just killed them! They could've been lying anyway..."
:glinp:"We'll have to find out!" We head back to the room and don our new robes. Cozy.

Do we continue along this path, or check out what's in the others?
No. 872852 ID: 56fca5

Might as well continue along this way. Use the cloaks as disguises, naturally.
No. 872914 ID: b1b4f3

No. 872918 ID: 56e50f

Let's do a once-over of the flooded room!
No. 872928 ID: 56b498

Did that chill dude from DR really start a fashion trend?

Lets go get a quick peek at the water hall.
No. 872942 ID: de6d84

Let's commit for a bit and continue this path
No. 872962 ID: f5c698

Ah, I was hoping for info on what spell/spell bullet the body might be used for. If they don't know, they don't know though. Let's see if we can steal a glance at this banquet. Ro doesn't seem impressed, but he does seem to be opening up to new lines of thinking, which can make bank for you if we make good on the info.

Disguise may work, it will be easier if they're a big cult. May want to do a partial revert and ask if they have a secret cult handshake or something you should know about to present yourselves as neophytes.
No. 873038 ID: 1e95e9
File 152081370776.png - (33.17KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-5.png )

Looks like those guys had 40 krels between 'em. Good start!

>Continue, in disguise!
Ro completes his disguise by looking like a Lian, but still a Shadow one. From this chamber, there's a long hallway that goes two directions. On the right, there looks like more empty chambers. On the left, there's at least two guys that have spotted us!
:genericnpc:"Hey Mel, Den, wanna help us settle a bet?"

Oh boy! I don't think I can sound like those guys...
:glinp:"Think you can sound like those guys we just robbed?" I whisper.
:roshadow2:"Yeah, if you gimme a sec."

Do we try to fool 'em, try to kill 'em, or try to run away from 'em?
And whichever one we do, what way do we do it?
No. 873039 ID: a363ac

look at yourselves your not lian arms are sticking out and they know who the names are supposed to be just rob these guys the same way
No. 873040 ID: 56fca5

Fool 'em. Maybe we can get some more information out of 'em.
No. 873042 ID: 56e50f

Rush em and knock 'em out!
No. 873045 ID: f5c698

Play them for the fools they are. See if you can get Ro to ask if they mean about the lines in the floor.
No. 873049 ID: 8a8a8b

I say fool them. Play along, I mean Worse case scenario we can show of to Ro by feeding them through a trap, or taking more prisoners.
Imagine a Total stealth run, no kills, lol. The all stealth route is Prob not going to go that smoothly tho.

I wonder if they can recognize you by the (shadow) lian next to you or if the robes are distinguished somewhere we haven’t noticed.
No. 873066 ID: deec6e

This could be a trap corridor. Note the fist-ish floor patterns. Perhaps you're supposed to only walk on tiles that resemble a clenched fist in some way.


... are they near-sighted and/or colour-blind? Maybe they just don't expect their mates to have been taken over and so aren't looking closely. Fool 'em if you can (since the cult didn't really seem to know all of its members that well, you could also pretend to be new guys), but if they start getting suspicious, you could at least super-jump over to them.

The whole point of wearing the robes is to get that split second extra to get the drop on other cultists, so if it seems likely to fail you should not hesitate to just use the advantage for what it's worth. Could even repeat the whole 'hardened adventurers' schtick. Maybe use a different tac.

Like, "Hi! Name's Plink, and I'm aggressively anti-recruiting cult members today. You get a choice of going home without your robes and money, or become raw materials for our mistress' experiments. Sorry! The mistress invited a few too many of us for the banquet, see, and we have to thin the numbers a bit. Shame you didn't get the memo before we did!"
No. 873154 ID: 1e95e9
File 152089760994.png - (41.47KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-6.png )

>Fool them, pretend to be thinning the members
These guys are probably not lookin' closely, but also perspective is tricky and this hallway is pretty long.
:glinp:"Actually, I got a better idea," I whisper to Ro. Then I say to the cultusts, "Actually, we're not Mel and Den!" I bet we SHOULD only step on the areas that look like a clenched fist! I make a little show of looking at the floor for Ro, and get him to follow me over to them.
:genericnpc:"Oh! Whoops. Who are you then? New guys? Wow are you an undead?!" The Lian says.
:glinp:"The name's Plink! My undead pal and I here are un-recruiting members. See, the boss ordered us to thin the numbers before the banquet. You can either ditch your robes and your money, or... you can be raw materials for her experiments."
:genericnpc:"Oh lordy! Is that what happened to the other two...?" The human asks.
:roshadow2:"They picked the option where they got to live. I don't care which one you pick."
:genericnpc:"Whoa!" Says the Lian, who is already taking off his robes.
:genericnpc:"OK, OK!" The human takes hers off too. "Money's in the pockets." They're both just in undergarments, but more than the other Lian.
:genericnpc:"Same! Boy you guys must be high-ranking! An undead and a Lizardfolk..."
:glinp:"That's right! Sorry you didn't get the memo before we showed up." Ro grunts.
:roshadow2:"Now step outside and warp outta here."
:genericnpc:"Will do!" We follow them until they leave (and they do step only on the fist spaces!), then go back. 28 more krels! Wow, it worked!

Forward still? I don't hear any more activity this way.
No. 873157 ID: f5c698

Press on! If there are more dangers ahead, may as well meet them head on and revert if needed.
No. 873161 ID: 56e50f

Wow, that worked! Let's check those other paths before advancing.
No. 873177 ID: 56fca5

We sure we're in the right place? So far everything has been super easy. These cultists seem rather lax; amiable even. Not that the upper echelon won't be threatening but if all we find are a bunch of wimps we won't be able to impress Ro.

We might as well explore this thread until it runs out. Why turn around and then backtrack here to find out what is beyond?
No. 873215 ID: caf1de

how the fuck are we supposed to show up the shark if all these idiots keep being so helpfull
No. 873587 ID: 8a122e

I don't know about everyone else, but my trigger finger is getting a little itchy. Can we use the declother bullets and make a robe collection or something? :3
No. 873660 ID: deec6e

There's one upside to getting rid of people this way. No loud noises, no traces of battle and no dead bodies for the necromancer to maybe make use of! Just missing dudes. Grab the other robes. You can keep them as spares in case the ones you have get torn or bloodied.

Anyway, we should probably go listen to who's in the middle room to try and get a few more of the mooks to leave of their own accord. For no other reason than it's starting to get funny to see how far we can take a little chutzpah.
No. 873664 ID: 1e95e9
File 152106539167.png - (51.01KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-7.png )

:roshadow2:"There's no way you're gonna keep bluffin' these guys like this."
:glinp:"Probably... But wouldn't it be impressive if we didn't kill anyone?"
:roshadow2:"Not if they're all damn pushovers! If you talk down someone actually tough, that might be a start."
:glinp:"Yeah, that's fair."

I think that would take off ALL their clothes!

Not giving the necromancer any bodies to bring back is a definite advantage! It'd be great if she tried to bring some around to fight us, and then didn't have any! Hehehe...
I can't fit the robes in my inventory! We’ll have to deal with ‘em some other way...

>Move onward
This chamber doesn't go anywhere, so we go back through the hall, past the room we came out of. The hallway widens on one side at the end, and there's some busted up stone chairs over there. But there's also another room, which we enter, and then the door closes behind us! And then two of the walls start closin' in! A warped voice recording plays.
:genericnpc:"if yOU Face the fiiist w" -kldjfngk- "of unrelenting force, you will prove yourse l f t" -nikxdrjnt- "of stone as wwweeellll."
:roshadow2:"Fuck! The trap works but the hint is BROKEN? What kinda bullshit is this!"

Let's see what I got on hand! There's my spell bullets,
a protein bar,
a pickaxe that turns me into a dwarf when I hold it,
a tile from a puzzle that's really hard to break,
an extendo-spear with a zappy tip,
some money (304 krels), and
a "Trip Gun," which can move lightweight things but only if they're located somewhere I can't see 'em.

But maybe I can get past this puzzle without using any of those?
No. 873666 ID: 56fca5

>Prove yourself... of stone as well

Easy peasy, just turn yourself into a large stone slab.

Other things to try if that doesn't work:

Wedge the tile between the fists to hold them open.

Use the pickaxe to mine away at least one of the stone fists away enough that the trap can't close on you.
No. 873668 ID: f5c698

Something of unrelenting force, huh? Maybe stand in the way of one of them to show you have unrelenting force of will? It's a dumb idea, so dumb it might actually work.
No. 873669 ID: b1b4f3

Punch a fist as hard as you can.
No. 873704 ID: 56e50f

Dang, all these are good. Do punch it first though. Not just a quick jab either. Punch with intent to push through the stone.
No. 873717 ID: 673a8c

Fus Roh Dah? Somehow I don't think this dungeon was built around 2011 pop culture references though...

this seems like a good place to start, I guess.
No. 873791 ID: 1e95e9
File 152115750769.png - (49.01KB , 2048x1024 , ns3-8.png )

Ro tries beating and pushing at the walls, but they don't slow down at all.

I try disguising, but I don't get to choose what the power turns me into! I become a piece of rubble. Not helpful! So I try the pickaxe. I take some good-sized chunks out, but there's no way I can gouge out enough room in time! Tile to the rescue!? No! It actually breaks, though the fists crack too.
:roshadow2:"You SUCK!"
I revert, before my bones also break.


Back to before I tried anything. To make it look good, I try pushing and hammering on the fists too. Then I wind up and punch one! No holding back!
:glinp:"NYAAAGH!" I hurt my arm a little, but the fist actually retreats to match, and my fist barely feels it! "Hah! Hahah!" I shake out my hand. Both walls are sliding back into place now.
:roshadow2:"Wha... That was the answer? Shit. Good thing you figured that one out!" He pats me on the back, not gently. "Nice... goin'."
:glinp:"Thanks!" I flex my arms.
:genericnpc:"Co"-xksigk- "ay proceed." The doors open. Ahead, there's a pit. In the center, there's a platform with a giant stone fist floating above it. The back of the fist has a gem, which is facing to our left. The fist is rotating slowly clockwise. The platform is too far to Super Jump. There are three other paths connected to the pit room, and they're just as far from the platform as this one.
:glinp:"Whattaya think this is?"
:roshadow2:"I'll bet you've gotta hit the gem to make something happen."
:genericnpc:"Huh? Who's there?" There's a person on the path to our left! "Ya'd better not be intruders!" It's a... Fox person, I think? He's got a BLUE robe.
No. 873793 ID: ceb65c

Use the trip gun on the gem to see what happens. I think a good plan is figuring out the mechanism and then reverting so we can casually activate it to make the fox less suspicious.

Try the unrecruiting party spiel again.
No. 873834 ID: b1b4f3

>BLUE robe
Looks purple to me!

Man do we have to use a spell bullet here? Maybe you can hit it with a rock. Or can your fireball hit it?
No. 873847 ID: f5c698

Tell him you've never been so insulted in all your life, and that you are close friends of Letiel she invited here for her banquet. Specify she'll be furious to hear you were accosted in such a manner by one of her underlings.

If he runs, use the trip gun on him once he's out of sight. You might be able to use it on the gem as well or just throw your spear at it.
No. 873856 ID: deec6e


A different-colored robe might mean he's a higher-ranking cult member. Anyway, let's change up the story a bit again.

"Hey! That's our line! I mean - yeah, we had intruders! A couple of bored idiot adventurers popped in and ambushed Mel and Den before we jumped 'em back and killed 'em. Now we're checking to see if they had any friends walking around. You haven't seen anyone have ya---heeey... I don't think I recognize ya! How do we know you're not an adventurer in disguise?!"

Ask him to prove he's with the cult. If he does and is a ranker, that's cool and good to know. Apply extra subservience, as you're clearly a recent recruit who doesn't want to upset the upper echelon. 'Admit' you got overeager wanting to find and hunt down any extra intruders, since the adventurers had some valuable magical stuff on 'em.

Try to trick him into coming over to your side to look at the bodies and the cool magical stuff. If he falls for it, he'll probably solve the puzzle for you, or give you a good hint! If the conversation goes sour and you can't trick him to come over just revert - no need to let him raise the alarm due to the less fictional elements of your story.

To get more information on the layout of the area and deflect from raising suspicion, you could also excuse yourself and say you think you maybe took a wrong turn - which makes sense if everyone's new to the place. Ask how one gets to the banquet area.
No. 873963 ID: e1c8f7

Tell the dude to calm down. You're just new here. Ask him how to get past this room. Running will get him a trip gun round.
No. 874087 ID: 1e95e9
File 152124290682.png - (42.72KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-9.png )

I think my fireball can hit it, if it turns to the right angle.

:glinp:"Intruders! Us!? Why, I'll have you know we're close friends of Letiel, invited for the banquet! And if you don't show some respect, she'll be furious! We did have a couple'a intruders, and those jackasses ambushed Mel and Den before we killed 'em back."
:genericnpc:"I'm not buyin' it! Once this fist turns around, I'm comin' over there!" I fire the trip gun once the gem is totally blocked by the fist.
The fist stops spinning, and the platform extends suddenly over to us!
:glinp:"Nnnuh uh! You're gonna stay there and talk with us! I don't recognize ya - what if you're an adventurer in disguise!? Prove YOU'RE with the cult!"
:genericnpc:"Hahaha! You're ballsy, pal, but I ain't gotta prove nothin'!" They stand there and taps their finger on the wall.
:roshadow2:"Guess we gotta kill 'em!" I seem to be on a pacifist bent at the moment, so...


:glinp:"Us, intruders? No, we're just newbies... There were a couple'a adventurers who ambushed Mel and Den before we killed 'em back, and now we're makin' sure they didn't have any buddies still around."
:genericnpc:"You don't seem like standard purple-robe material, and the boss is reeeal picky about that stuff! I'm ain't buyin' it! Once this fist turns around, I'm comin' over there!"
:glinp:"Hey calm down! We're just new here!" They stand there and taps their finger on the wall.
:genericnpc:"That doesn't explain your robes, asshole! I bet YOU killed Mlem and Dem! Or whatever the fuck their names were, hahah." They whip out a rod with a button on the end, twirl it in the air and catch it, and press a button on the end.
It was a detonator! Something exploded on the gem, which doesn't appear to have harmed anything, but it did activate the platform so they could walk to the center. They toss another small sticky explosive up there and detonate it, and the fist starts turning again.
"Goddamn slow-ass puzzles!"
Well at least this has been informative! If I want to do this without killing ...her? him? then I'd better come up with a different approach!
No. 874092 ID: f5c698

Dang, someone who actually seems to know the chain of command. Tell em you are indeed intruders. In fact, you're the kind of intruders who tend to shoot people that make trouble. Level your caster gun at them and tell them to put their hands on the back of their head and lay on their belly. Otherwise they're about to get a whole lot less alive.

In this case, the disrobing bullet may help if they decide to get tricky, since they have some kind of remote bombs.
No. 874093 ID: 60e421

Can your spear incapacitate without killing? If so,run back and ambush this Mook around the corner.
No. 874103 ID: deec6e

Argh, a bit of competence, that great foiler of plans! Double argh! They're even doing a Hold It pose with their left hand!

At least pretending to be new seems to get them to come to you, though.


We'll need some kind of leverage to be able to get them to surrender, and if they feel confident enough to try to charge headlong at two potential enemies on their own... uh, either they're crazy zealous, crazy competent or they have aces up their sleeve that they'll think will even the odds. Maybe they've got some kind of explosion immunity ability? That'd make for a handy suicide charge, and explain why they want to get up close.

Well, since they're nice enough to stand around while we have a ranged weapon... shoot them with the declother to see what they're hiding!
No. 874111 ID: b79be5

Just smack them into the pit and move on dammit.
No. 874196 ID: 1e95e9
File 152133652758.png - (61.71KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-10.png )

:glinp:"Oookaaaay, I admit it, we're intruders! The kind who shoot people when the gig is up!" I point the caster gun at 'em. "Put your hands on the back of your head and lie on your belly, or you're gonna get a whole lot less alive!"
:genericnpc:"Never!" They click the detonator!
The explosive toggles the gem again, and the fist stops and the platform extends away from us! I fire as soon as they press the button.
"Yeep! Whaddafuck!" Looks like she's a girl! Her robes fly off, and she wasn't wearin' any undies! She's still holding the detonator. She flees without taking her robes.
:roshadow2:"Aw hell, she's gettin' away! What's your plan now, smarty??"


:glinp:"Oookaaaay, I admit it, we're intruders! Come catch us!" I run back into the fistbump room with Ro.
:genericnpc:"You fucker!" We wait.
She tosses an explosive into the room with us! Shit!
I'm committed to this, and not hurt too much, so even though I seem to be kinda shaky and deafened, I jab her when she comes through! Zap!
"Gyaaah!" She jolts straight and falls on the ground. Ro sits on her and points his tail at her head. Then the puzzle starts up again!!
:genericnpc:"if yOU Face the fiiist-"

Well, I think we all know the solution to this puzzle. I dunno if that's something we can use to our advantage or not...
No. 874200 ID: 56e50f

Hey you know what she has? Explosives and a detonator. Relieve her of them! Feel free to hog tie her with her own robes. After you zap her butt for your safety, of course.
No. 874204 ID: 56e50f

Oh, and solve the puzzle only after she starts freaking out. For a good laugh.
No. 874273 ID: 065704

Act like you have a way out of being crushed by the puzzle and didn't solve it to get through. If she tries to get you to punch it she'll likely be desperate enough to talk, she doesn't seem unconcerned with her own life. Tell her you'll do it only of she talks. Get her to explain what they're doing here, what are they doing to make spell bullets, why is the banquet so important and what abilities do the lieutenants have? Maybe reverting to get more questions in would be possible if we can think of any.
No. 874294 ID: b79be5

Tie her up and leave her in the room, step outside the room and ask her questions.
No. 874343 ID: b1d97d

Tie her hands and tell her that she'd better help you if she doesn't want a couple big stone fists messing up her day.

You could also try using one of the turn spell bullets and telling her you'll only turn her back after she helps you clear out the dungeon.
No. 874415 ID: 1e95e9
File 152141469162.png - (58.97KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-11.png )

I talk over the message.
:glinp:"Tie 'em up with their robes! So what's your name?" She fights to keep her clothes on! So I use the declothe bullet again.
:genericnpc:"Gyack! Whaddafuck!? It's Terry, ya pervs!" Ro catches her robes and tosses them to me.
:roshadow2:"Were you seriously wearing _nothing_ under there?"
:genericnpc:"It's comfy!"
:glinp:"Well Terry, my pal and I can just short-range teleport outta this room," I say while dumping out all her explosives from her pockets. "We didn't solve it."
:genericnpc:"Ya gotta punch one'a the fists!" She says while I try to hogtie her. She's so dang slippery! Ro slaps her with his tail, but it doesn't help.
:glinp:"Only if you talk! Why's the banquet so important, what abilities do the lieutenants have, and what are you doing to make spell bullets?"
:genericnpc:"Only the boss knows, what the fuck is a lieutenant, and I ain't makin' spell bullets! Now get punchin'!" OK, the hogtyin' was a bust, but I think I got her hands tied up. Tying with robes is uh, not easy, so I'm not sure it'll hold. The walls are really close now, so...
:glinp:"Actually we knew how to solve this the whole time. I just wanted to mess with ya! Hyuh!" I punch a fist.
:genericnpc:"HAH! Youuuu little fucker! So NOW what?" I load in a Turn Male spell bullet and shoot her with it.
:genericnpc:"WHOA. Yo I was kiddin' when I called you pervs before but I sure as FUCK ain't now! Hahaha!"
:glinp:"I'll turn you back, but only if you help us clear this place out."
:genericnpc:"What in the goddamn hell kinda threat is that supposed to be?? You're a fuckin' weirdo!" No need to waste that spell bullet!


:genericnpc:"HAH! Youuuu little fucker! So NOW what?" I don't know! This lady's real tricky... But I have her explosives and detonator now!
:roshadow2:"Man what are you, a follower of the way of the Astral Pilgrim?"
:glinp:"Nah, Dolnar The Black."
:roshadow2:"Really?? So why don't we just waste this chick and be done with it?"

Do I take Ro's advice?
Do I keep tryin' to do this pacifism thing?
Do I revert to before we went into this double-fisting room, and try the middle or rightmost pathway that we haven't explored yet?
No. 874425 ID: b1d97d

I don't really want to kill this person, but if we have to, I guess that works.

We could also try coercing her to help us by putting a bunch of stickies on her back and threatening to set them off if she doesn't help. Better than just killing her straight up, imo.
No. 874428 ID: 56e50f

"Man, killing is easy! I'm considering this kind of a fun challenge, really. These fools are the first ones in a while who gave you a choice in murderizing them or not. my last mission had me nearly wiping out a whole cell of Quincy cultists! Just let me see how far I can get without clogging the walls with fodder. Not to mention there might be a necromancer around here!"
No. 874436 ID: deec6e

>ya pervs!

Wears nothing under her robes. People in glass houses, Terry...


You're not that opposed to wasting annoying murder cultists, actually! It's just that's what you and Miko did ALL throughout your last quest, so you were feeling like a change of pace after the dual blow of dealing with goobies and Quincies (ugh). That feeling is rapidly going away for this one, so if he wanna get his chew on, well... if Terry here won't play ball now that you essentially have her at your mercy, you're quickly getting there!

Lean in and whisper to Ro:

("Besides, the purple-robes were easy stooges and not killing anyone right now is half precaution. Letiel's a necro, right? Maybe Terry's ghost might end up going tattlin', or something.")

And then carry on in front of Terry with:

"Well, if we do hafta kill her, we should at least dispose of the body nice and good. Squishin' it in the trap might work? Or we can blow'er up with her own stash - which... one, two, twelve, geez, that's a lotta ba-da-boom. Girl, you been feedin' a bomb addiction or were you just happy to see us?"

Go on to ask Terry why she's with Letiel if she's not so high tier as to know what a lieutenant is what's up and doesn't even care about the experiments that are supposedly Letiel's special thing. She can lie, but you can hop back and forth a couple times, phrasing your question differently to see if she comes up with different lies. If she does lie and doesn't let up after being confronted about it, well... Ro's itchin' to waste her, seems. At that point she's proven intractible enough that he may.
No. 874451 ID: f5c698

A lieutennant, like a higher up underling, does this boss have a trusted second in command? Ask her what the different robe colors mean. Then tell Ro the reason you're not killing people is you're fighting a necromancer, who could use even their disembodied spirits if you annihilated their corpses.

Then say, lile this, arm a bunch of the sticky bombs on Terry and blow her up. Use this to gauge Ro's reaction. Then revert and do whatever pacifist crush you need to to knock her unconscious.
No. 874518 ID: 1e95e9
File 152150299046.png - (64.19KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-12.png )

:glinp:"I'm not opposed to the idea of wasting annoying murder cultists, but Miko and I killed Quincy cultists aaalll through the last mission, and I was considering this a fun challenge! Felt like a good change of pace, but, if Terry here's gonna keep being a pain, I suppose you can get your snack on..."
:genericnpc:"Dammit! ...Yeaaah, fine, I guess I don't have any more tricks up my sleeve..." Ro looks slightly disappointed. I whisper to him:
:glinp:"Plus, maybe their ghosts can report back to Letiel." He whispers back:
:roshadow2:"That's only a problem if we don't kill whoever she sends next." That's true... Back to interrogating Terry!
:glinp:"Well then answer our questions! Does Letiel have a higher-up underling, like a second in command? And what do the robe colors mean?"
:genericnpc:"I don't think there's any second in command, but there's her enforcers, Reti and Tosfir. Reti's this beefcake hunk of a Lian, and Tosfir's some kinda ghosty bullshit. She keeps the strongest members closest, see. And the purple robes are for newbies. Humans, Lians, and Reshishi start out as purple robes. Me, I get blue because I'm a step above the rabble! Letiel's got black, and her two besties got like a midnight purple thing. Then between me and them there's like... turquoise, I dunno what'cha'd call it."
:glinp:"Great! What'd you join up for anyway?"
:genericnpc:"Psh, causin' chaos, duh! And we get to go to all sortsa places. And we get food, and shelter. Guess I can find some other group though... S'not that big of a deal..."
:glinp:"Perfect." I untie her. "Now get yer ass outta here."
:genericnpc:"Can I have my bombs and detonator and robes? I don't wanna go around naked..."
:glinp:"No, but yeah you can have my robes." We swap robes. Now I got the blue ones!
:genericnpc:"Arrite, toodles, assholes!" She warps away right in front of us. Hopefully nobody heard.

:roshadow2:"I WAS gonna ask if I should step in if a situation came up where you looked like you were about to die, 'cause I know you an Miko are buddies, and she's a Dolnar chick. But if you're one too, I guess I'll just stand back."
:glinp:"Yup! Wouldn't want you gettin' in the way of my amazing feats!" He grunts.

So I guess we know how to do the floaty platform room. I've got 12 of these little sticky bombs. I use one to get to the middle. 11 now.

The side pathways are dead ends, but there's a treasure chest on the left, where Terry was, and there'sssss nothing on the right? I think?
Middle looks like ONWARD to me.
No. 874532 ID: f5c698

Let's try the chest. If you die, you can always revert and ask her if she's guarding anything, then ask if it's trapped. Or you could do that now, but I think you might secretly enjoy the risk of death, especially since it's not as permanent for you.
No. 874535 ID: 56e50f

Loot time! Check the other path after and then we can move onward.
No. 874547 ID: 2f8550

There's no passing up free loot!
Go get that treasure chest!
No. 874622 ID: 1e95e9
File 152158839347.png - (53.77KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-13.png )

>Chest first, then empty, then onward


Back to before I let Terry go.
:glinp:"Perfect. Now one more thing. What were you guarding over there?"
:genericnpc:"I was supposed to keep mooks like you two from gettin' further in. There's a treasure chest over where I was, but it's empty." Wow bogus! We proceed to let her go again, just like before. We check out the treasure chest, and it is empty! Right pathway has... yep, nothin'. Looks like there WAS another treasure chest here, but it was moved somewhat recently. So we just go forward. I'm left with 9 explosives.
We turn a corner, and find a hallway where the floor is divided into five segments. There are giant impact marks on the right wall, as well as some plants growin' out of the cracks. On the left side, there are five fists. The closest fist goes smack dab across the middle of the hallway when it's activated, but I don't know what activates 'em. We don't get a hint on this one. Just a few seconds of grinding noises that sound like a decaying spell that probably used to give a hint a long time ago.
:roshadow2:"This place is a little creepy."
:glinp:"Why, just 'cause it's all run-down and has a necromancer cult hidin' out?"
:roshadow2:"That's about right, yeah."

OK so this is clearly dangerous. How do I play it?
No. 874627 ID: b2cabe

Try tossing a sticky bomb onto the first panel on the ground. Then poke it with your spear to check for the trigger. If that doesn't set it off, maybe leave a foot on the first one and see what happens? If that still doesn't set it off, you might be able to get away with running through it, but that's probably a bad move.
No. 874629 ID: 56e50f

Seeing those plants growing on walls makes me think that those fists don't come out all the way to make impact. Might as well test the triggers and start poking at the floor with your spear.
No. 874770 ID: 1e95e9
File 152167181048.png - (53.92KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-14.png )

I try a sticky bomb on the floor in front of the first fist. I don't know how these things work, and I probably should have asked, but if I blow myself to pieces then it'll probably be quick!
The explosion knocks some dirt off the ceiling, the floor plate drops down, and the fifth fist punches its part of the wall! Then the plate rises back up, and the fist slowly retreats. I try poking with my spear. I barely press it, and the plate drops immediately, and the same fist activates again!
:glinp:"Whoa!" I try it a few more times, then step on it. As long as there's a little bit of pressure, it activates. I press the second plate and nothing happens, even if I press pretty hard! But once I step onto it, the fourth fist activates. I press the third plate, and nothing happens. I don't want to step on it.
:roshadow2:"Huh, that's tricky..."
No. 874771 ID: b2cabe

Think you can super jump over the third panel? You'd want to time it as the fourth fist is receding, and if it stays with the same pattern the middle one activates itself, the fourth activates the second and the last activates the first. That means only the third might pose a threat. Try doing a fancy spinning dive over it, see if that gets Ro's attention.
No. 874772 ID: 56e50f

Depending on how fast the fists retreat and come out, you can try jumping from the second floor panel to the 4th, while staying as close to the right wall as possible. I have a feeling that if you step onto the third panel the third fist is going to squish you.
No. 874773 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah looks like the panels are reversed. Would've been more convenient if more than one fist was activated by a given plate and you needed to use the fist cooldown to get through.
Experiment with it a bit further-- will a fist activate when a different one is still receding? If not, you could stand on the second and wait for the fourth fist to recede (it doesn't keep activating if you stay on the plate, right?), press the first to activate the fifth fist, then rush across the third plate while the fifth fist is receding.
No. 874774 ID: 91ee5f

Try using a bomb to activate the 3rd panel. If that doesn’t work, then it might be broken.....or it can only activate if someone actually steps on it.

Could you possibly use the cracks in the wall to climb sideways over the panel?

Try testing what would happen if you activate the 1st panel while you’re standing on the 2nd panel.
No. 874831 ID: 8a3ef2

try just hopping over the third panel altogether. You do have super jump, you know.
No. 874987 ID: 1e95e9
File 152176268620.png - (61.69KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-15.png )

As long as you stay on the plate, the fist doesn't recede. While one is receding, another can activate.

I bomb the third panel. The third fist shoots out, and my panel jumps back up! And then falls down again. The fourth fist looks like it's still in place when the third slides back, but it coulda retracted slightly and then moved right back.
I can't activate the 1st while standing on the 2nd! Bomb works. Also If I jump up so I'm not standing on anything, I can do it.

>Super jump from 2 to 4?
:glinp:"I got it. Check this out!" I stay to the right side, hop over panel 3... And I hit my head on the ceiling, scrabble at the fist in an unsuccessful attempt to grab on, land on the panel, and get smashed to bits! Just in case, I try punching the oncoming fist, but it seems that is NOT the solution to this one.
:roshadow2:"oh SHI"
>-cru -

Didn't even hear the end of the crunch. Because I was the end of the crunch. I sure am glad I stop feeling pain after I'm dead!
What'll I try next...
No. 874989 ID: 53d2c1

Whoops. Try stepping onto the third panel and pulling your leg back, then running over it when the fist recedes. If it just vomes right back at you, maybe you could disguise yourself to not die when smashed? If you stay on the previous panel, does the 4th fist keep activating?
No. 874990 ID: b1b4f3

How sturdy are those plants? Do the cracks provide grip?
Maybe you can climb across that wall and avoid the second and third panels altogether.
No. 875050 ID: 297b5e

try cutting hand and foot holds in the wall with the pickaxe so you can climb across the third panel without touching the ground.
No. 875162 ID: e1c8f7

Oh yeah, the pickax can carve out foot hold for you to just shimmy over the panels. all you need is enough holds for you to make it to the fourth panel without a super jump.
No. 875179 ID: 1e95e9
File 152184863050.png - (56.18KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-16.png )

A quick reversion...


:glinp:"I got it! Wait for it..." I whip out my pickaxe and turn into a dwarf!
:roshadow2:"Er." Caaarefully, I dig some foot/handholds out of the wall in front of fist number 3, and grab the chunks so they don't get me flattened from being on the panel. Heck yeah! I land on panel 4 and activate fist 2, then run to the end.
"Ta-daaa!" I say when fist 1 finishes retracting.
:roshadow2:"Heh." He follows me across, shrinking temporarily to use the holds I made. After that it's right turn, left turn, left turn, stop. Stop because there's a magical barrier here! At least we can hear the hint for this one.
:genericnpc:"Only those who have proven themselves within these walls may proceed." I try touching the barrier and I go right through it! "You have prOven yoursefffffff."
:glinp:"Eeeasyyy~" Ro strides ahead, thinkin' he can do the same. He bumps into it though. Nose-first.
:roshadow2:"Ernk! Hey, what gives?" He rubs his nose, and then abruptly stops rubbing it and takes his hand away. "Do I have to solve a puzzle or some shit?"

I'm in a hallway. There are 4 rooms on each side. I can continue, but unless we figure out what Ro's gotta do, he ain't comin' with. And we can't have that!
No. 875181 ID: e1c8f7

Ask him if he wants to go back and punch the fist in the first puzzle room real quick. Of course, you could revert and have him punch it instead, the second time around.
No. 875182 ID: deec6e


Maybe he needs to go punch the fist, like you did?
No. 875183 ID: 0d45a9

It's been you that's solved each puzzle, try reverting and having Ro solve it with the pickaxe.
No. 875187 ID: f5c698

Try taking off your robe, and then passing it back to Ro to have him put it on and walk through. Maybe it's letting you through based on your ranking in the order, symbolized by the robe, seeing as how the barrier's the same color as the robe. It would be kind of silly to have a security system that lets intruders by for solving simple puzzles. Not like this isn't a silly place though!
No. 875201 ID: b1b4f3

He didn't fist-bump the first trap.
No. 875274 ID: 1e95e9
File 152192246244.png - (50.67KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-17.png )

>Revert and have Ro do the fistbump the second time


I do just that, and then go back through everything the same as before. So now when he walks through... He just passes on through!
:templevoice:"You have prOven yoursefffffff."
:roshadow2:"Yeah yeah." There's some wood at the floor of the entrance to this area, but there's none after that. Maybe they were trying to put some flooring down but gave up? Anyway, I try to open the door on the left, but it's locked. Ro tries the right, but it's locked too. Second door on the left is ALSO locked, but...
:genericnpc:"Huh? Who's there?" Someone's inside, and I think they're comin' to the door! Ro opens the second door on the right, which doesn't seem to have anyone in the room.

We could hide out in the open room, or run, or talk to whoever's about to come out. Or something else!
No. 875277 ID: f5c698

See if you can talk it out. Explain you're here to install the rest of the flooring per the boss lady, but you can't find where they have the palettes of it stored.
No. 875280 ID: 56e50f

Stand your ground, spear at your side and act casual. If they turn out to be aggressive that's when you press the Detonator and blow up the sticky bombs you had laying around the doorway!
No. 875540 ID: 1e95e9
File 152210668759.png - (50.31KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-18.png )

I toss a couple sticky bombs around the doorway and act casual, with my spear out. Another of those guys with the frizzy tails comes out.
:glinp:"I'm here to install the rest of the flooring, for the boss lady, but I can't find where the wood is stored."
:genericnpc:"...No you're not." He notices the sticky bombs. "What the heck are these??"
:glinp:"I dunno." I'm not sure they believe me.
:genericnpc:"Weeell." They bolt down the corridor, away from where we came.
:glinp:"Get 'em, Ro!"
:roshadow2:"Geez!" Ro's faster! He pounces 'em and raises a big set of spooky claws! "What are we doin' with 'er?" They’re past the third rooms.
:genericnpc:"AAAAA-mph!!" He covers her mouth with his other hand.
:roshadow2:"Be quiet or be dead." Oh shoot there was another person!
:genericnpc:"What was that??" A Lian comes out of the third door on the right and gasps! "INTRUDERS!?"

No. 875542 ID: f5c698


Ask them to wait, you can explain. Then unleash your secret technique, manual rocket punch the newcomer in the throat and grab around their neck so they can't make any more noise. Have Ro maintain the hold on his target, run up and kick this one in the solar plexus (if lian have such a weak point) or the crotch, whichever is more likely to let you subdue them. While they're in the doorway it's going to be harder for them to use their tail to smack you, striking now is the best option available.
No. 875543 ID: 56e50f

Shoot him with whatever round you have loaded and immediately follow through with a spear zap before they recover!
No. 875563 ID: 178474

Revert, lets not waste sticky bombs, next time just have Ro grab him and shove him back into his room while you follow closing the door behind you.
No. 875580 ID: c688ce

Seconding >>875563 ! Let's rewind and press for a better advantage. Keep the straggler in mind in case he's coming to visit his friend or something
No. 875754 ID: 1e95e9
File 152228313631.png - (54.12KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-19.png )



I revert to before I used the sticky bombs, and do it the same otherwise, only this time...
:glinp:"Ro, pounce 'em and let's pile into the room!" I whisper. The cultist opens the door, and whammo! This time she doesn't even have time to yell before Ro knocks the wind out of 'er.
:genericnpc:"Hhhhbp!" I get in the room and close the door. She's about to yell when Ro pulls the ol' claws and the threat.
:roshadow2:"Stay quiet or be dead."
:glinp:"So. Is there anyone else around?"
:genericnpc:"I-I dunno! I was just reading while I wait for the banquet! What are you guys doing??"
:glinp:"Were you reading anything EVIL?"
:genericnpc:"Uh!" She looks between the two of us and gulps. "Y...es?"
:glinp:"What was it?"
:genericnpc:"It was... um... Uh! A recipe for an... evil... cake?" Oh no I don't know if I can keep a straight face. The way she said that is making it difficult all of a sudden!
:roshadow2:"What makes it an EVIL cake?"
:genericnpc:"Well... er... you see... It's made... with... SPITE! Instead of love! Yeah! G-grr! And uh..." I think she's makin' this up! Why would she do that??
No. 875756 ID: 56fca5

She must be an intruder as well. Squeeze her for information before telling her you aren't in the cult as well.
No. 875757 ID: f5c698

Ask her to show you what she was reading. That way you can see why she might be being deceptive about it.
No. 875758 ID: 830fb7

Ask "where you reading porn?"
No. 875761 ID: b1b4f3

Say that sounds like a good recipe you wanna see.
No. 875762 ID: 56e50f

Is she stalling? Either Way, Grill her for information while keeping lookout. Something doesn't add up and I would like to find out before you are forced to knock her out.
No. 875779 ID: 91ee5f

Ask this! XD
No. 875787 ID: 178474

Definitely heavy romance novel.
Was it Yoai or did it involve two adventurers ravaging a pretty girl?
No. 875794 ID: caf1de

offer gangbang for information
No. 875809 ID: 0d72fd

This is classic symptoms of having a Heavy Romance novel laying around.
No. 876019 ID: 1e95e9
File 152241954242.png - (35.04KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-20.png )

:glinp:"That sounds like a good recipe! I wanna see."
:glinp:"Were you reading poooorn?"
:genericnpc:"That's... none of your business!"
:glinp:"Hmm... Do you know anything about our cult's inner workings!? Like how did the boss get transformed, again?" She seems relieved at the change of subject!
:genericnpc:"W-ell uh, I think... There was this research facility where these bugfolk were studying this one kind of liquid magic stuff? And she agreed to test out their new formula, and it worked."
:glinp:"Don't suppose you know anything about the banquet or the other blue-robes."
:genericnpc:"No, n-not really... shouldn't YOU know?"
:glinp:"Oh, yeah, y'see, we're not really in the cult." Her eyes bug out!
:genericnpc:"Intruders? Oh, maaan... What are you g-gonna do to me?"
:glinp:"This porno you were reading-"
:genericnpc:"Th-there was no porno ok? I just made up the cake thing because I thought you were in the cult and I was gonna get in trouble if I wasn't reading something evil..." Oh! Ohhh!

Do we just knock her out and move on?
No. 876040 ID: b1b4f3

Oh? It wasn't evil? Was it something GOOD?
No. 876048 ID: e1c8f7

Make her dump her money and clothes then give her book back plus the choice of warping out or dying in this old temple.
No. 876056 ID: bae9f8

Tell her you know of a good neumono/amtsvane romance novel she can peruse if she's looking for one. Now, what was she up to?
No. 876059 ID: 6139f5


We already asked if it was porn.


Nothing! I mean, you're not gonna stick around to tell on us, are you? Cuz' then we'd have to start going back to the whole bein' not sneaky, which, uh, you're not much of a match for us, so maybe not do that?

Besides, we had a chat with one of the blue-robes and it kiiinda sounds you purple robes are being hand-picked as fodder for necromantic research, so you'd probs be way better off warping off and getting a different job!

Really. I mean, pff - sorry - but 'evil cake made with spite'? Haha, if that's the best cover story you can come up with you might hafta admit you're not primo necro cultist material! Why'd you even join up, anyway? Benefits too good? That's a warning sign right there, yannow.
No. 876063 ID: 8487f2

Anything available to tie her up before locking her in her room?
No. 876135 ID: 1e95e9
File 152245190744.png - (43.79KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-21.png )

Nothin'! Phooey! I can revert to buy some bondage spells and not buy some of the other ones, but I'm only gonna revert that far at most a few of times this mission, so if I do it at all, it better be for somethin' real good!

:glinp:"Then you won't mind tellin' us what you were REALLY readin'."
:genericnpc:"It was just a book about The Senyamiahe... This place has a library, and I was bored, so I grabbed it..."
:glinp:"Oh the guy who founded the temple?" She nods. "If you ARE lookin' for a romance novel, I know a good Neumono slash Amtsvane one..." Ro rolls his eyes really hard and frowns.
:genericnpc:"Uhhhhh!" She looks like she should have sweat drops flyin' off!
:roshadow2:"How about you just dump your money and robes, and warp away, or we'll kill you?"
:genericnpc:"I'll take 'em off!" She does so. "Money's in the pockets." I take out a whooole 16 krels.
:glinp:"Had a chat with one of the blue robes. Sounded kinda like you purple robes are gettin' picked for necromantic research?" She just warps away without sayin' anything!
:roshadow2:"OK then. This, uh, is working a lot better than I would've expected, but it's not very exciting."

Someone says something out in the hallway! I can't make it out, but it might be the guy who came out before. I think he heard the lady warping.
No. 876142 ID: 56e50f

Are they coming this way? If so, ambush time! If they're not, rush em! Zap to stun!
No. 876145 ID: f5c698

Now the fun part. Ambush the hallway cultist with a super jump stab.
No. 876154 ID: b1b4f3

He's right this isn't very exciting at all. Might be time to go loud.
Say you were getting tired of it yourself. Let's just kill the next one.
No. 876370 ID: 0373ab

make a scene claiming she exploded and all that was left is her robes
No. 876426 ID: 1e95e9
File 152260708173.png - (47.58KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-22.png )

I Super leap out the door and zap the Lian before he knew what hit 'im!
:genericnpc:"Blaghzkz!" He falls over.
:glinp:"That girl in the other room just exploded! All that was left is her robes! Did you do this!?"
:genericnpc:"What!? No! She exploded!?"
:glinp:"There's been a rash of us exploding and I'm here to investigate! Mostly purple robes like you!"
:genericnpc:"Aaaaaa! What do we do?" Ro comes out holding the other lady's robes.
:roshadow2:"It might be something hidden in the robes. We're not sure." He starts takin' off his robes!
:genericnpc:"I'm gettin' outta here!" He warps away. There's no money in his robes.
:roshadow2:"Pfffhahah, ok that one was a little bit funny. What a jumpy little dumbass..."
:glinp:"Let's check out these other rooms." Looks like they're sleeping quarters. Nothin' interesting in 'em.
:roshadow2:"Wanna try blowing up the doors on these locked rooms?" I try it out.
But even with every bomb, I can't get either one open! That's some strong doors!


I revert to before I tried the explosives.

I could hold out to see if we find whoever has the keys, or I could try something with more oomph, but that probably wouldn't be worth it.
Keep going, or go bigger just to open some doors?
No. 876430 ID: fa5d01

Let's keep going. If you're gonna be stingy with the bombs, better stinge correctly! What's down this hallway?
No. 876437 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, I just thought of something!

That book that other girl was reading, the one about The Senyamiahe, the guy who founded this temple, let’s take a quick look through that book to see if we can learn about anything that’ll be in the temple. Hopefully, the book will have something about puzzle locations/solutions, treasure rooms, anything that’ll help us while we’re here!
No. 876461 ID: 0373ab

indeed, she did mention a library so you should totally go there and check if there is any useful info
No. 876483 ID: deec6e


Yeah, looking at the book sounds like a good idea. As for opening the doors, some seem to have, like, I don't know, bro-punch handles? Maybe there's a password for each one that involves the bro-fisting equivalent of a secret knock?

Fist meeting fist, up top, down low, straight on, that sort of stuff. Bet if that's true you'd find clues in the Sehem book.
No. 876489 ID: 56e50f

Let's read the book while we're looking for someone with a key. I kind of doubt that the book will have all the answers tho
No. 876730 ID: 1e95e9
File 152271414637.png - (55.08KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-23.png )

>read book, keep going
I pick up the one girl's book and flip through it on the way. Looks like it's mostly about his history before the temple. Still, there could be some insights about somethin'! I'll start skimmin'.

He was a human, born in a monastery... uhhh, learned martial arts, had lots of monk friends, was a good student, pretty charismatic guy too. A wiz at... Blifferball? I don't know what that is.
Gee that's a long hallway.
I step on a pressure plate.
:roshadow2:"Oh Hell, what now?"
:templevoice:fzzt ksshhkerp wwwwwwg...
:roshadow2:"Thanks, asshole... great hint..." he mutters. Nothing happens for a while.
:glinp:"Maybe the trap's broken too!" I step back and press on the plate a few times, and nothing happens.
:roshadow2:"Maaaybe." We look around, but it looks safe...
>-click. click-
There are TWO buttons on the floor! I stop!
:glinp:"It's probably broken. Let's go!"
The floor clicks uneventfully several times as we go, and then there are no more floor buttons. We're not even halfway down the hall.

Where was I... oh yeah. So the writer thinks Senyamiahe mighta sniffed too many mystical vapors and gone a little loopy, and then left the monastery after he started getting radical ideas about an elemental plane of fists...

Fuck! That trap got both of us! I didn't hear a click or nothin'! Fists just came in from the sides and creamed us!
No. 876743 ID: b2cabe

OK, guess you gotta watch where you're going. Go ahead and flip through the pages before heading down this time, let Ro know you're a speed-reader so it doesn't seem strange to him. Then try checking out that trapdoor on the left before you go far enough to get double fisted.
No. 876756 ID: b1b4f3

Ok maybe don't step on the pressure plate this time.
No. 876768 ID: c688ce

Consider reverting to before we let the chick with the book go and seeing if she knows anything about traps on this floor. Can't really ask the jumpy dude without changing our little spiel about exploding robes, unless you can think of a way to finesse that...
No. 876861 ID: e1c8f7

Oh yeah, let's get some trap insight from the cake girl!
No. 877009 ID: 1e95e9
File 152279899212.png - (50.84KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-24.png )

I'm pretty sure it's not a trapdoor, just some messed-up flooring.

I don't think I can super jump over the plates. There's too many! And the hallway's long enough that my pickaxe handhold trick, while it might work, would take a really long time.


I revert to before Ro suggested for her to dump her stuff.
:glinp:"OK forget about that. What can you tell us about the traps we'll be runnin' into? Such as how to get past 'em!"
:genericnpc:"We're supposed to be escorted by blue robes!" Ro leans in angrily. "B-but I think the next one has something to do with timing! And af..ter... that, uhhhh! They said the next one was a surprise..."
:genericnpc:"Er... now what? (gulp)"
:roshadow2:"How about you just dump your money and robes, and warp away, or we'll kill you?"
And then yadda yadda, the rest plays out the same, back to the trap hall, only this time I stop before we step on any of the panels, and point 'em out to Ro.
:roshadow:"You sure those are pressure plates? They don't look like anything to me."
:glinp:"Dead sure-ious! And I see some fists at the other end of the hallway there." I point those out too. "But what do pressure plates here have to do with fists over there..."
No. 877010 ID: b2cabe

Maybe have Ro walk behind you so that when you would step on the two button row he steps on the first row? Try getting both the buttons on the second row at the same time. If they're too far apart, detach a leg at the right time. Hop to it!
No. 877021 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm yeah try stepping on both at the same time.
No. 877035 ID: 56e50f

If it's a simple timer, have we considered just running through?
No. 877053 ID: c688ce

Trying for minimal deaths here, but we don't have a lot to go on, and you're especially suited for learning things the hard way, so let's apply what we know and see what it gets us!

The puzzle is probably suited for multiple people, considering how book lady mentioned having an escort, so we can coordinate with Ro to either step on the plates at the same time we do, or else have him trail behind to keep two rows active, as >>877010 suggested.
No. 877149 ID: 7fd053
File 152288175722.png - (62.71KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-25.png )

:glinp:"She said it was about timing, right? I'll bet we just have to run right through!" I start runnin'!
>-click click click click-
:templevoice:fzzt ksshhkerp-
:roshadow2:"No I don't think that's SUCH A GOOD IDEA!" Meanwhile I read some more. This time I pick up some personal details. The Senyamiahe didn't like to halfass anything, and when he broke off from his original place, he had two main followers... a hunky beefcake stud of a Lian and some kind of mysterious floating person who could become intangible!?

Fuck, again! Also, thaaat's weird.


I revert to after I pointed out the buttons.
:glinp:"Maybe it takes two people. Walk behind me, so we confuse it!"
:templevoice:fzzt ksshhkerp wwwwwwg...
:roshadow2:"Thanks, asshole... great hint..." he mutters.
:glinp:"It's weird that the hints ain't workin', since it says in this book that The Senyamiahe didn't like to halfass stuff."
:roshadow2:"I've got no problem with making yer traps work for a long time, sure keeps me sharp, but for real, not reinforcing your hint spells too? Ugh." He looks exasperated and frustrated.
Hrrrrgh how does this thing work! I think it only killed me that time, Ro was still a ways back, but he was past the buttons too.
No. 877150 ID: b1b4f3

Have someone pushing the pressure plates just before the other person walks into the fist area?

You know what fuck this let's just try to break the damn trap. See those holes in the walls? Make em bigger, get into the trap mechanism and break the mechanism.
No. 877154 ID: b2cabe

If you experiment a little it may save you some pain. Try sticking your spear out into the place where the fisting happens and see if that triggers it. Try walking over the first plate, then one of the second ones. Have Ro stand on one of the second plates when you would walk between the fists. If this doesn't work, repeat but leave your tail behind and flop it onto the other second panel. They didn't say how many escorts they took on this path before, so presuming it's one may be our problem.
No. 877155 ID: 38e238

Each row only has one button. The first time through, I was commenting that I'd noticed two buttons so far, from steppin' on 'em. 'Cause I thought it was just the one, at first.
No. 877156 ID: b2cabe

Oh, thank you. Well then I guess having Ro stand on the second button when you'd go through, or maybe pressing both simultaneously instead of hitting one and then both?
No. 877157 ID: b2cabe

Ah heck I always forget, you can try to scum it out with disguise just before getting smashed, right? Just depends on if this trap triggers off proximity or just the one time.
No. 877181 ID: 105d19

Hmm, beefcake Lian and ghosty fella. Wonder where you’ve heard that before....

I say just throw a bomb on the plates to activate them, or just step on them and walk back. Maybe see what all this trap does before it kills you.
No. 877186 ID: 91ee5f

It really sucks that hint isn’t playing correctly! Because that would be very helpful right now!

This temple is old and dusty, right? If these cultist guys are always coming through here, then that would mean that there wouldn’t be any dirt on the parts of the floor that they walk across. So maybe you could follow along the cultists’ path like that?
No. 877187 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe the hints were sabotaged by the leader of these cultist guys.
No. 877389 ID: 1e95e9
File 152297411776.png - (52.60KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-26.png )

I don't think they've come through here much. I don't see any paths trodden in the floor. The place is busted, but not that dusty.

Sabotage by Letiel is definitely possible... What a dick move that'd be!



I revert to the same spot as before.
:glinp:"I'm gonna try somethin'. I'm gonna walk almost to the trap, and then I want you to step on the second button."
:roshadow2:"Well... Okay..." We try it out. On the way, I read more. Some people theorize that Ol' The Seny was possessed by something, but contemporary accounts present the opinion that he was just crazy. Possessed in a metaphorical sense, because he was nutso fanatical about these kooky fist ideas, but probably not literally.
I don't go between the fists, and the the trap still springs, even before Ro can press the button! "Geez! I didn't touch it!"
:glinp:"That's ok! Actually, try walking forward onto a few panels, and then walk backward." I yell back at him.
:roshadow2:"OK!" He does it. We wait. Nothing happens!
:genericnpc:"The hell are you doing? Are you assholes trying to get across the puzzle without... me?" A blue-robed gnoll steps out from around the corner ahead! " Hey Lizard, I don't recognize you. Explain."
No. 877394 ID: b2cabe

Tell him or her that there's been a few unfortunate sudden deaths in the blue robes, and you've been promoted just minutes ago. Letiel's asked you to get this purple robe to the dining hall, but seemed pressed for time and didn't explain how this trap works. You'd be immensely grateful if your esteemed colleague would show you the method by which this trap is bypassed.

(If the dining hall turns out to not be this way, revert and try naming the library, or just say she didn't tell you what was on the other side.)
No. 877410 ID: 91ee5f

If you can’t talk your way outta this, then revert back and change into purple robes, then repeat everything up to this point.

If Ro asks why you’re switching robes, start scratching all over your body and tell him that blue robe was itchy and you don’t think it was washed or something!

Once you get back here to when this lady says she doesn’t recognize you, then tell her, “I’d be surprised if you did recognize us, since us purple robe guys aren’t really important enough for anyone to remember!”

Pretending to be an unimportant guy should hopefully help. And if she buys it, ask for help to get past this puzzle.
No. 877482 ID: e1c8f7

There's been restructuring! Just got promoted! Can you show us how to get through, big guy?
No. 877935 ID: 1e95e9
File 152322455821.png - (53.13KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-27.png )

:glinp:"Not surprised you don't recognize us. I was just another forgettable purple robe until today! There's been a few unfortunate deaths in the blue robes, so I've been promoted just minutes ago! The boss didn't have time to explain this trap, though. Can you show us how to get through, big guy?" The gnoll scratches their head. "That doesn't sound like Letiel... A perfectionist like her ain't gonna just let that kinda thing happen." They take a stance and summon a club! "You'd know that if you weren't an INTRUDERRRRRRRRRRR!" They take a swing and I have to leap back!
'K, different tactic.


I revert to before we left the last two guys' robes, and switch into one of their purple ones.
:roshadow2:"Why you switching robes?"
:glinp:"Felt kinda itchy! I don't think it was washed!"
:roshadow2:"Oh. Gross. You think that one will be?"
:glinp:"Feels like it!" Then we do the rest of the stuff the same, and I read more.
I read that The Sen's original monastery trained warrior monks, not those super peaceful type ones. They followed a small selection of deities, and The S was a follower of Gaam The Upright before he changed.
And then!
:genericnpc:"The hell are you doing? Are you assholes trying to get across the puzzle without... me?" The Gnoll steps out from around the corner ahead! " Hey, the party doesn't start for a few more hours. Shoo." They shoo me backward.

Hey, that's different! Now what...?
No. 877937 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if you can help out. It's gotta be perfect, right?
No. 877938 ID: b1b4f3

Also Glinp your memory's getting mixed up. He didn't swing the club at you when you were wearing the purple robe!
No. 877940 ID: 56e50f

Hey, nice dodge! See if you can help him out. You would love to be more helpful!
No. 877941 ID: 6a4a75

It might require a certain combination. In which case, maybe you could fight the gnoll and and make them tell you, but there's an angle left you can play. Just get to about the point they noticed you last time, then let out a bloodcurdling scream, have your arm detach and flop down to the ground, twitching about. Tell the gnoll something like a wraith flew past and cut your arm off, heading for the dining hall. Say you were running from it because it was killing everybody else, leaving bloodless wounds. Maybe it's some kind of adventurer? That should help explain why you're not bleeding everywhere.
No. 877942 ID: deec6e


Notice how it yelled 'intruderrrs' when it saw through the disguise the first time? It's safe to say that someone's within earshot, so any plan that leads to yelling or loud scuffling is probably going to alert the next line of defense. A silent takedown or another round of trickery would be preferable.

First, though, try getting some intel. Maybe you can even get them distracted or get past through guile.

"But we're getting borrred here. Can't you give us something useful to do? We had the bright idea that we could volunteer to help set up the banquet, maybe?"
No. 877949 ID: deec6e


Actually, maybe in the spirit of this martial temple, and if this gnoll is gnoll-bored from standing guard, they'd accept a friendly wager? A wrestling match with your buddy! First to get stuck in a submission hold loses, and if Ro wins, the gnoll will owe you both a friendly favor, like an answer to a question or a cool fact about the boss. If Ro loses, you'll, uh, give him like 100 - 200 - 300 krel (pick whichever seem to intrigue him the most without blowing your cover as poor cultists). Yeah, that'd make it exciting!

Obviously, if you can KO 'em or get 'em into a submission hold you can go on to interrogate 'em, threaten 'em, KO 'em or do whatever. You'd probably want to move a bit away from where anyone can hear 'em though, so you'll have to have something ready to muzzle them with.
No. 878029 ID: b1b4f3

Glinp how come you can't rewind to before your village got attacked, and just evacuate or whatever?
No. 878073 ID: 7fd053
File 152331652969.png - (57.62KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-28.png )

I DID use my time powers, back then. It took multiple reversions before my village came out victorious from Zorgonok's attack! I could go back and try again, but that'd change all kinds of stuff and I don't want to redo all the friend-making and stuff I've done since then!

:glinp:"Can't we help out? We're boooored!"
:genericnpc:"No! They've got enough help over there! An' if they don't, they'll ask!"
:glinp:"OK, but aren't you bored too?" They roll their shoulders.
:glinp:"Then how's about a friendly wager?"
:genericnpc:"Mmm." They screw up their face for a second. "I'm listening."
:glinp:"You seem big and strong! How about a wrestling match with my buddy! First to get stuck in a submission hold loses, and if he wins, you'll owe us a friendly favor, like an answer to a question or a cool fact about the boss. If Ro loses, we'll give you... 100 krel."
:genericnpc:"Hmmmmmh... HEY YOU, GET OVER HERE! JUST STOP BEFORE YOU REACH THE FISTS!" They yell over to Ro. "And you, c'mere outta the way of the fists." I step forward. We wait for Ro to get close. I guess while we're waitin'...
:glinp:"Hey, do you know what kind of plants grow in here? I think I saw some rare ones but I'm not sure 'cause I haven't seen 'em in person before, but I wasn't sure..."
:genericnpc:"Nah, I'm no what'chacallit, plant expert." Rats. I spotted something that might be a Moso's Mat plant, which would be neat if that's what it was...
The fists slam together. There's Ro, safe behind 'em.
"A Shadow, huh? Alright wiseguy, you think I'm stupid because I'm a Gnoll, huh? I know those guys can shapeshift! Get your asses back on the other end of the hall!"



"The hell are you doing? Are you assholes trying to get across the-"
:glinp:"AAAAAH!" I drop one arm and grab the shoulder with the other hand and fall over.
:genericnpc:"What the fuck happened!?"
:roshadow2:"What! Rrgh..."
:glinp:"Some kinda wraith thing! Flew past and cut my arm off! I think it was headed for the dining hall! I was runnin' 'cause it was killin' the others, leaving bloodless wounds! It mighta been an adventurer??" The Gnoll summons their club and gets real wary.
:genericnpc:"Shit, what do we do... INTRUDERRRR!" Then they call to Ro. "HEY YOU, GET OVER HERE! JUST STOP BEFORE YOU REACH THE FISTS!"
:glinp:"Yeah we need you!" Ro dashes toward us.
:genericnpc:"We gotta make sure the others know... Damn, this is bad! Did they get Terry?"

This avenue looks promising! How do I travel it?
No. 878075 ID: b2cabe

Tell the gnoll that Terry is one of the dead, you just ran past a bunch of corpses and robes with no bodies to get here. You think the adventurer's alone and is a sneaky sort, so if you gang up on them you should be able to take 'em out. If it works, be sure to retrieve your arm, telling the gnoll it was your favorite one and you have trouble letting go of things sometimes if they express confusion as to why you're bringing it.
No. 878133 ID: e1c8f7

Time to apply the ham.
"The Fox lady? Yeah.. I heard heard explosions then she was gone.. Help us out of here! We should regroup with the others or something! This feels so wrong..!" Rub your shoulder painfully.
No. 878165 ID: a363ac

who is dornol the black?
No. 878169 ID: e3f772

That's the deity Glinp worships.
No. 878343 ID: 7fd053
File 152348633037.png - (70.09KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-29.png )

Dolnar's my and Miko's primary deity that we follow! He's a god of one-person armies, protecting the people you care about, and revenge on those who've wronged them or you. And that kinda stuff. He doesn't do the protecting and the avenging, you draw strength from him so you can do it.

"The Fox lady? Yeah, the adventurer got 'er! Heard explosions, then she was gone... Help us out here! We ran past a bunch of corpses and robes with no bodies on the way over!" I rub my shoulder and groan. "But I think he's workin' alone, and if we can gang up on 'im, we should be able to take 'im out..."
Ro's here!
:genericnpc-blu:"Step through, quick!" She motions him past the retreating fists. Then another cultist arrives! Uh-oh, it's a turquoise robe! A high-ranking Cutebold?! Well I guess it's not THAT weird...
:genericnpc-trq:"What? An intruder?"
:genericnpc-blu:"Some kinda weird wraith adventurer hackin' us up," says the Gnoll, pointing to my 'severed' arm. "I haven't seen it myself, but this poor bastard's gone and got his arm cut off..." I pick up my arm.
:genericnpc-trq:"We should not tell Letiel. She will get super angry! Do you know where it went?"
:glinp:"The... Dining hall, I think?" They cast a spell to communicate with the Dining Hall!
:genericnpc:"Hey, Srabagapalgus. Something up?" It's a moth Bugfolk!
:genericnpc-trq:"We believe an intruder is headed your way. Some kind of... wraith adventurer? That can cut off limbs without causing blood."
:genericnpc:"What theee hell... I'll let everyone know."
:genericnpc-trq:"Good. I will keep this spell up." Then the Gnoll speaks up.
:genericnpc-blu:"Hey, how about some protection over here?"
:genericnpc-trq:"Yes right, of course." The Cutebold casts a few protective spells on everyone here! "Now wait, if it is a wraith..." They take out some chalk and start drawing up a spell! "This should capture it! Ha!"
But since there IS no wraith... nothin' happens! The Cutebold pauses, and with those whiteless, wall-eyed eyes, I can't tell if they're thinkin' or short circuiting. "Could I have done it wrong? No, it must not be a wraith after all... Can you describe what it looked like? And whatever it is, why has it not reappeared..."

Well shit, is this 'bold some kinda ghost expert? No wonder they got that kinda status. Well uh... what do I tell 'em? Hehe.
No. 878353 ID: b2cabe

Admit you didn't get a good look at them, but they had a tattered coat or cloak and were kind of see-through. The sword they had seemed kind of see through as well. You didn't see their face and they kind of bounced from one side of the corridor to the other. Maybe they were actually under some sort of spell? Posit that if the intruder can use magic, they might be able to go invisible or disguise themselves, and then you'd really be in trouble.
No. 878354 ID: 56e50f

"Yeah, it looked kinda like this!" Chuck your arm at the bold and psy-beam the gnoll IN THE FACE. Buffs or not, it will make an opening for Ro to attack.
No. 878384 ID: a363ac

have your other arm fall off and scream bloody murder so loud the cult leader sends someone to check
No. 878447 ID: a6a1ea

toss your head at them as a distraction! the rest of your body is more important, right?
No. 878525 ID: 105d19

I don’t know what to say or do to get past these guys.
It would be a shame to go loud without any more information about what’s coming next.

That being said:

Try reverting and throwing a bomb (or two) where the gnoll and such shows up, preferably on the ceiling where they can’t see it.
Then do the wraith thing again.
This way, if you can’t get out of it, you can at least kill or maim the Gnoll and/or the magic cutebold.

As morbid as it sounds, if you can somehow hide it right below where the gnoll goes to squat, it might silence the blast enough to not alert any others. (And maybe protect you, although you could just disguise right after you detonate it)

Aside from that, you or Ro could trip them with your trip gun right after you scream bloody murder to help sell the Gnoll on Invisible Intruders .
I mean they are just around the corner.
No. 878538 ID: a72c00

"Well, I was, uh, hiding in the dorms, I just heard someone say wraith."
If the arm thing could be passed off as delayed, you could even say you tried to open the door to peek out but suddenly felt like something hit your arm and pulled the door shut again.
No. 878626 ID: 7fd053
File 152366445850.png - (61.94KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-30a.png )


Psi-beam oughtta blow through the Gnoll's face and then some! It's got some serious pow pow power! But my violent urges seem to be outweighed again this time, if only by a little...

The Gnoll was already too close for me to toss any sticky bombs here without bein' noticed, and I like the Trip Gun idea, so I'll see if I have a chance to use that.

:glinp:"I didn't get the best look at 'em, 'cause they were bouncing from one side of the corridor to the other, but they had a tattered coat and were kindof see-through. Oh yeah, the sword they use, it looks kind of see-through too. Maybe they were under a spell?"
:genericnpc-trq:"Could it be one of Letiel's spells gone awry somehow?"
:genericnpc-blu:"H-hey, is it alright to say that...?"
:genericnpc:"Noted," says the Bugfolk, who can still see and hear us through Srabagapalgus' spell.
:glinp:"If they can use magic, maybe they can go invisible, or disguise themself! Then we'd really be in trouble!"
:genericnpc-trq:"Let's not get ahead of ours-"

I drop off my other arm and start SCREAMIN'!
:glinp:"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Srabagapalgus jumps up into the Gnoll’s arms and looks at my fallen one!
:genericnpc-trq:"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" The Gnoll looks shocked and joins in!
:genericnpc-blu:"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" The bugfolk in the Dining hall!
:roshadow2:"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Oh my god this is the loudest fucking shit, I did not expect them all to start screamin' like that!! They all went off within like a second of me doin' it!
:reti:"BE QUIIIEEET!!" It's a booming voice! A serious-faced, dark-robed Lian that can only be Reti comes around the corner and slams his fist on the wall! That shuts us all up. He looks at my arms and points! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
Oh gods, help

I'm going to fucking lose my shit
No. 878628 ID: a363ac

Run past the lian
No. 878634 ID: f5c698

Continue to scream a little, look at your sides in shock and dismay. Maybe you can get them to take you to a healer if they got one?
No. 878635 ID: 86eb65

Ok here is what you got to do.

Step 1: Start waving your stumps around and screaming like you just noticed them.

Step 2: Start moving your detached arms on the ground. Have them come to life and start grabbing at people. Start screaming at that sight.

Step 3: More screaming maybe?
No. 878636 ID: de6d84

Lose your shit
No. 878637 ID: 86eb65

Wait here is more!

Step 4: Scream that your arms are possessed and thirst for the blood of the living!

Step 5: Have the arms lung at people.

Step 6: Watch them all run away in different directions.

Step 7: Continue panic spree to get farther in temple.
No. 878651 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh gods, help
>I'm going to fucking lose my shit
Don’t start laughing! That’ll give away that you’re screwing with them!

Just start yelling, “WHY ME?!?! WHAT THE FUCK DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!?! YOU STUPID FU-“, start making choking and gasping noises, then have your head fall off your shoulders, with your body falling to the ground a second later. Let’s see how everyone reacts to you being “killed” by this “invisible adventurer” that’s supposed to be here.

>Step 6: Watch them all run away in different directions.
I’m pretty sure they’ll just attack the arms instead of running.
No. 878657 ID: cf5a32

>Don’t start laughing! That’ll give away that you’re screwing with them!
Well, maybe that would be a good thing? The girl with the book said they had to do evil stuff, maybe they'd totally love a prank. Like, "Holy shit! I can't believe I got you all with that!" and then get your arms back on.
No. 878679 ID: e1c8f7

No. 878683 ID: 7ff038

Step 6: Scream "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!".

Step 7: Watch them all run away in different directions.

Step 8: Continue panic spree to get farther in temple.
No. 878720 ID: 91ee5f

Revealing that this is a prank sounds like an invitation for the gnoll to kick our ass for screwing around on the leader’s very important day!
No. 878721 ID: f5c698


If you do have to laugh, try and make it seem as though you're in hysterics over the "loss" of your arms.
No. 878776 ID: a72c00

You think so?
>"OK, but aren't you bored too?" They roll their shoulders.
>"Then how's about a friendly wager?"
>"Mmm." They screw up their face for a second. "I'm listening."
She seemed interested in the idea of some quick fun. I think a prank would be right up her alley.
No. 878804 ID: a363ac

not with the lian and the cutebold here now
No. 878819 ID: cf5a32

There may be some trouble involved if they don't like it, but some risks are worth taking, especially when you can just revert if things go bad. Personally, I think that this would be worthy, that's all there is to it.
No. 878935 ID: 7fd053
File 152383134447.png - (44.93KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-31.png )

>Tell them it's just a prank, bro
I start laughin' my ass off and rollin' on the floor 'cause it's too much!
:roshadow2:"Uhhhrrrr..." Reti stops screaming.
:reti:(cough, ahem) "Wwwhat is so funny?" He starts to look serious again.
:glinp:"Hohohah, it was a praank I got you good! Ehehehe"
:genericnpc-trq:"A... A prank?"
:genericnpc-blu:"You TRICKED us?" They (I don't know why I thought 'she' earlier, I actually don't know still!) start to almost laugh but then looking at Reti makes them not laugh. "How?"
:glinp:"Hee hee~" I roll so my arms reattach, and then wiggle my hands up in the air. "Ta-daa~"
:genericnpc:"What? I can't see!"
:reti:"You're modular?" He squints. Ro looks concerned. "And you're a lizardfolk? You, a purple robe? That is not possible! YOU'RE an intruder!" He beats a fist against his other hand and the other cultists look a lot more menacing than they did a moment ago!
OK, bad plan.

I'll go back to before I started laughin'.


I look at my shoulders and my arms on the ground.
:glinp:"Ohohoh, why meeeheheheee!" I fall to my knees. "This can't bHYECK... ghlk..." I drop my head off and let it fall to the ground before my body follows. Reti was still screamin', and now everyone else goes back to it!
:reti:"GET AWAY FROM MEEE!" He runs back the way he came.
:genericnpc-blu:"Get outta my way!" The Gnoll carries the cutebold over their head as they follow.
:genericnpc:"Aw fuck." The spell closes.
:roshadow2:"Hahahahah... Oh man..."
:glinp:"Hehehehe~" Ro jumps a little.
:roshadow2:"Pull yourself together, it's creepy when you're laughing and you're... like that." I reassemble myself. "So what now? Follow 'em...?" He scratches his head. "They'll definitely know something's up if we just show up..."
No. 878937 ID: 86eb65

Ok I will look like a backpack or something easily to carry. Then you put me on and run the direction they came.

Then you pretend to be a normal cultist afraid of the invisible monster. Follow after the others that just ran for it and we used the confusion to get closer to the artifact.
No. 878938 ID: a363ac

have Ro run after them while you follow from further behind
No. 878939 ID: b1b4f3

Turning into an object would definitely let you follow Ro towards the fleeing cultists.
No. 878940 ID: 668ae9

You could use the pickaxe to disguise yourself, or see what the disguise power does for you. Now is the time to covertly see what they'll do, Ro can change shape and possibly robes to give himself a new appearance.

I mean, it is a bit dangerous, but maybe Ro would like to take the shape of this "Adventurer"?
No. 878945 ID: 91ee5f

>Told them it was a prank.
>They easily discover we’re intruders and prepare to attack.
Yeah, I knew that was going to happen.

>”So what now? Follow 'em...?" He scratches his head. "They'll definitely know something's up if we just show up..."
“They’ll only know something’s up if both of us show up. But I’m ‘dead’ remember? If you show up, they’ll just believe that you’re running from whatever ‘killed’ me. I’ll turn into an inanimate object and you just need to carry me with you when you go follow them.”

>Ok I will look like a backpack or something easily to carry. Then you put me on and run the direction they came.
There’s a problem with that plan. Glinp can’t control what he turns into when he uses his power to turn into an inanimate object.

So Glinp is just going to have to keep activating his power until he turns into something that Ro can easily carry.
No. 878996 ID: cf5a32

>Yeah, I knew that was going to happen.
Hey, good to get the laughs out of the system.
These guys have a seriously stupid sense of "Perfection in recruits," though. Especially considering the higher ups immediately call you out as being an intruder but don't recognize the names of the real recruits here. Do you think they just have a high recruit mortality rate, killing them for breaking rules they didn't know, or do you think those first few guys were actually intruders themselves? Maybe that's why that second guy was fully dressed.

>"So what now? Follow 'em...?" He scratches his head. "They'll definitely know something's up if we just show up..."
Yeah, let's go back and check out the other paths.
No. 879094 ID: 56e50f

Let's just leave our robes on the ground and go in a different direction. Make them think you were taken completely. I don't think there's any way you can disguise yourself as a backpack around here, So your best bet is equiping the pickaxe using that as a disguise!
No. 879123 ID: 7fd053
File 152392212566.png - (36.66KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-32.png )

>Try the Disguise power
:glinp:"I'll turn into an object, and if it's inconspicuous, you can carry me and run after 'em."
:roshadow2:"And I just got lucky and didn't lose any arms? Ah, maybe I can shift away my hand or somethin'..." He concentrates and one of his hands melts into its wrist. "If we're lucky, the puzzle in the next area won't have reset by the time we get through."
:glinp:"Yeah that might get tricky huh... Well, here goes!" I turn into a hunk of rock. Convenient!
:roshadow2:"Weird..." He picks me up and looks real close. "If this ain't you, then tough." He pockets me and starts runnin'.
:templevoice:"True pugilists, welccccome! Pacifists will never MAke it to thhhhee end."
:roshadow2:"That is the lamest... (yawn) oh shit Glinp I'm getting rrreally... tired..." He tries to turn back but he doesn't make it before he falls asleep!
My transformed state, my mind-control immunity, or even the fact that I'm out of sight might be what's protecting me. I transform inside his pocket and rip a giant hole in his robe! Well, it wasn't the mind powers! I'm fallin' asleep! I manage to run to the end, just to see if I can. I can! And there's the three cultists!
:genericnpc-blu:"HWAAAGH!" They punt me back!

>Check out the other paths
>Use pickaxe as disguise


I revert to a minute ago, before I suggested the inanimate disguise thing.
:glinp:"Let's let those guys stew for a while, and head back and check out the other paths."
:roshadow2:"Yeah, we can't count on those guys to lead us through the next puzzle huh..." I don the pickaxe and become a Dwarf, and then we walk alll the way back. I use up two more sticky bombs on the way. Once we get back to the entrance, I pick the middle path. Almost immediately, it forks off to the right, where there's a big ol' pit. On the other side of the pit, there's more passageways. Ahead of us, continuing straight instead of turning to the pit, there's a corner turning to the left. I don't hear anything from either direction.

Do I revert and try to solve the sleep puzzle?
Do I keep goin' while those cultist guys flail around totally unsuspectin'? If so, do we go forward or to the right?
No. 879127 ID: f5c698

Let's try going forward. As far as the sleep puzzle goes there are two possibilities that come to mind:

1. The puzzle checks to see if you've beat up X dudes in the temple and puts you to sleep if you haven't.
2. Keep punching yourself or each other to stave off the sleepiness.

In the first case, you might as well get punch-drunk with one of the cultists back here. In the second case, you can solve it at any time, but it might be better if three powerful culties weren't grouped together like that.

As far as future solutions go, dwarven mining powers would let ypu make a walkway around the edge of the pit if you can't cross it some other way (super jumping might work, but what of Ro? If he's super light, maybe he could hitch a ride on you).
No. 879130 ID: cf5a32

The pickaxe doesn't imbue him with any super-mining power, he still mines at a standard rate, which would take forever to make a path out of hard stone. More useful for busting a big boulder into smaller bits if it's in the way of a tunnel or something.
Unless you want to make a rope out of the robes to form a bridge across the pit, I'd say just check out the third path, where it turns to the left.
No. 879144 ID: b1b4f3

The sleep puzzle seems to be directly negating our approach to this mission. We can't be a pacifist. You need to beat someone up with your fists.
No. 879291 ID: 0d72fd


Maybe see if ro can shapeshifter into something that can hurl your rock form across the trap.
At the very least you can see what’s all over there before reverting.
Maybe even a way to negate the trap.
No. 879391 ID: 7fd053
File 152409044708.png - (42.87KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-33.png )

>Go right...?
:glinp:"I can jump across easy. What about you?"
:roshadow2:"Yeah, I can get across." He takes a few steps back, turns his legs super strong, sprouts WINGS, and dashes over, leapin' and glidin' across! "How'd you like THAT?" I clap!
:glinp:"Whoo!" I run across and
"Waaaah!" I land! "Ta-da~"
:roshadow2:"Great. Let's see what we've got." There's a hall, with three doorways. The middle door is open. Ro throws open the right door, which is closest to us. "HM! Oh." It's a supply closet! There's nothin' in there anymore. "Huh." He closes it.
:glinp:"Let's see what's in here!" I walk into the middle room. It's got a tidied bed and a desk. But Ro bumps into a forcefield!
:roshadow2:"Ow! What?" I look around.
:glinp:"I think... this is Letiel's room! But wait, you can't get in...?" Ro pokes the barrier.
:roshadow2:"Yeah, what, it's got an anti-undead field? Is that what this is?"
:glinp:"Yeah, maybe, I dunno. Check this out, there's spell research open on the desk! And a disassembled Life spell bullet! Or maybe she was still assembling it?"
:roshadow2:"Neat... Guess I'll check out the other room." He throws up his hands. Poor guy!
:glinp:"'K! Ooh this bullet looks complete..." I load it into my caster gun. Looks like it works! Dunno what it does, though. Hey, this room has a view! A barred window that looks out into a courtyard. I wonder how you get out there. Not that it looks like there's anything there besides overgrown rocks.
:roshadow2:"It's just a bathroom. You need to use it? 'cause I do."
:glinp:"Mmmmnah." He goes and uses it. I locate 36 krels in a drawer!
:roshadow2:"Least I got SOME use outta this detour."
:glinp:"Got 36 krels too!"
:roshadow2:"Oh yeah, that's good." His mood seems a LITTLE better. We go back across the pit, since there's nothin' else over here. Around the corner lies another PUZZLE.

:templevoice:"Would you rather be punched once by a very LARGE. FIIIIIIIST! Or, would you rather be punched many times, by smaller fists? Step foOrwArd and choose the appropriate floor tile."
The path is closed, but there are two large floor tiles. On the left, there is one large fist. On the right, there are smaller fists. I take a step and a stone wall falls between me and Ro! "One at a time, please."

Gee! Well, which one do I prefer?
No. 879393 ID: b2cabe

Wonder if that bullet would give life energy, effectively healing its target, or restore life to it, reviving it or making it undead?

Wild speculation aside, choose the many small fists option. You've been down the road of being punched by a big fist. This seems more pseudo-monastic... Kinda.
No. 879402 ID: 424412

Many smalls. The temple has been about avoiding big fists, or small fists being the answer (as was punching the one fists trap)
No. 879416 ID: b1b4f3

Once by a large fist, you can block it better that way.
No. 879441 ID: 105d19

Whichever way of the fist you choose, I recommend using the disguise ability and or the puzzle piece to defend yourself.

Or you could mine a chunk or chunks of rock with the pickaxe and see if you can fake the trap out.

I wonder if dispel works on those barriers?
No. 879462 ID: d2e2ce

shoot the bullet, then revert to the question and take big fist.
No. 879680 ID: 7fd053
File 152426626893.png - (34.25KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-34.png )

I fire the spell bullet at the wall behind me!
Wow! It's a Summon Skeleton bullet! I have a skeleton of my very own to do my bidding! That's keen!


And now I didn't fire the spell bullet. I should save that for later!

>Small fists? And Disguise!
I turn into a rock and fall onto the "many small fists" panel. A ton of... darts shoot over my head?? W...wait... are these...? I turn back and pick one up to get a close look. they're tiny poison-tipped fist-darts. Tricky!
:templevoice:"If you are alive, scoot." The wall in front rises, and the one behind me starts to push forward. It speeds up, and eventually it ends up in the spot where the front wall was, so I'm in the next hallway past the puzzle! The fist darts fall into a small hole on the ground. So now I gotta wait for Ro! And I can't warn him about the poison! I don't hear him through the wall while he goes through it, and then he's dead when it lifts and the new one cycles in, pushing his corpse into the hallway with me. Eugh. He's like, losing his shape and evaporating.

That ain't cool!
...I... kind of want to taste it... since I'm gonna revert anyway...
OK that was a real good idea. Now, it's time for a completely different idea.


>big fist?? And Disguise!
I revert so I can transform into another rock, and fall on the big fist panel this time. I get bashed REAL hard! So hard I break into multiple pieces!
:templevoice:"If you are alive, scoot." I turn back and I'm so disoriented I don't know which way is up!
But if I didn't switch, I'd fall into the crevice that the fist darts are supposed to fall into. Instead, I just get my foot kind of stuck in there when the wall pushes me out. I count myself lucky that the wall doesn't slide over that opening, so it didn't annihilate my foot in half.

Now, how do I warn Ro about the trap?
No. 879681 ID: f5c698


Is eating other bipeds a thing you're used to doing? Just curious!

You can use the pickaxe to carve a message into the floor, maybe "GET LOW" by the dart trap one so he can do what you did?
No. 879729 ID: 91ee5f

Try going back to before the wall separates you and Ro. Then point out the tiny holes in the walls where the tiny fist darts are supposed to come out from and tell him, “That looks like a poison dart trap. What an overused cliché!”

If you can manage it, then try grabbing some of the darts for you to use.
No. 879732 ID: e1c8f7

Yeah check for signs of darts and point out that you two should stick low to the ground and walls if you go with the small fists.
No. 879788 ID: cf5a32

When you're back at the bedroom/bathroom area, say you wanna take a break, and talk about whether it's better to go for one big fist punching you or a bunch of small ones. Maybe people with smaller fists will try to cheat and use some kind of extra weapon or something, though, so you might have to really focus on dodging or shielding against them.
No. 879832 ID: 7fd053
File 152435108359.png - (49.19KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-35.png )

This was just a lick, but yeah eating other bipeds isn't against any of the deities I associate with. I don't go outta my way for it or anything.
The pickaxe... hmm. It's not precise enough for something like that. Maybe if the floor had more room.



I revert to just after the hint thing. "Hey, lookit that. Those sure look more like holes for tiny poison darts to come out of, don't they!"
:roshadow2:"Nah. In fact, I'm thinkin' I'll pick that one. Poisoned fist darts?" He gestures dismissively. "That would be ridiculous." Dammit!

That seems waaay too suspicious...

I'm gonna need to think of somethin' else to get this stubborn Shark through here ali... uh, in one piece.
No. 879835 ID: f5c698

Bet him 20 krels that he can't press the button while lying flat on it.

Then hope he actually can!
No. 879841 ID: 91ee5f

>”Hey, lookit that. Those sure look more like holes for tiny poison darts to come out of, don't they!”
>”Nah. In fact, I'm thinkin' I'll pick that one. Poisoned fist darts?” He gestures dismissively. "That would be ridiculous."
Wait, how does he know they’re fist shaped? You only said they were poison darts, you never said anything about them being fist shaped!
No. 879850 ID: 56e50f

Could we perhaps use an explosion round to bust through the wall and simply run through? That seems more up Ro's alley.
No. 880026 ID: 105d19

Hey, maybe that gap collects and recycles the darts.
Try picking them up or moving them away somehow.

Either that or bet Ro he couldn’t take on a BIG FIST.
No. 880042 ID: 7fd053
File 152443791212.png - (64.70KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-36.png )

The choice was described as between different types of getting punched, and the markings on the two panels also show one fist or many small ones.

It's no good... the dart holes go too low. He'd get nicked for sure!

:glinp:"I'll bet you couldn't take the huge fist! Not even for 20 krels!"
:roshadow2:"Get outta here with that crap..."

I try going first again, and this time I grab the darts! Hah!...
But it's no good. He comes through dead again. The darts might be gettin' recycled, but there must be more than one volley in the trap. Figures!

It's a pretty big spell to use for something like that, but... I can give it a try!


Back to after the voice gave us a choice, I load the spell.
:glinp:"Y'know what, I got a better idea. I'll blast us through! You better stand back!"
:roshadow2:"Seriously? Uh, sure."
:glinp:"Maybe around the corner... actually why don't you just uh, go back near the entrance?"
:roshadow2:"What the fuck spell are you using??"
:glinp:"Just Explosion, but I'm not sure how big it's gonna be."
:roshadow2:"Guess if you're not gonna use it on people, might as well use it on this kind of obstacle. Okay, I'll back up..." He backs up to the wall past the fork, facing down the hall, and leans on it. I back up as far as I can, which isn't too far, and let 'er rip!
I turn into a rock just after firing! Amazingly, I don't go deaf or hurt my ears! Wow! This is a better power than I figured!
:genericnpc-blu:"What the absolute CRAP!" I hear someone comin'! Ooh, it's a bunch of people! Can't tell how many. I got flung back down the hall a ways. Ro's lookin' panicked! Maybe he's not sure if I got exploded. I'm not distinguishable from the rubble that's here now. Hey, there's some pieces from the trap mechanisms. I think that mighta been overkill? On the other hand, it did solve the problem!
The first cultist to get through is a blue-robed Ferretfolk! "The trap exploded...?" Ooh where did Ro go! I don't see him.
:genericnpc-prp:"Or someone exploded it." Another of those cute guys I don't know the species of! The ferret goes right past me. Sounds like there's more guys comin', too.

What to do about 'em?
Or do I try to figure out another way to get Ro through without exploding anything?
No. 880044 ID: b1b4f3

Ro won't survive the big fist either I think. You'd have to either sneak him through like in that hole the darts go into, or bypass the trap like this.

How about you un-disguise and ambush one of these poor fucks? Give them some fists of your own.
No. 880060 ID: a5f9a8

Ro can hide in shadows, that's probably what he's doing. Wait and see if you can co-ordinate an ambush with hin if he attacks.

I like the idea of the explosion spell being used on dudes, but this may be the best option. Only other idea that comes to mind is to revert and tell Ro that with all the big fist traps in this place they probably have one that's a bait and switch, where it's a big fist that does way less damage than whatever other option there is.
No. 880067 ID: a363ac

revert back to when you were telling Ro to stand back add if people come lets say the ghost intruder found a gun and explosive bullets
No. 880068 ID: a363ac

say he is killing everyone he sees above purple robe quick save yourselves!
No. 880083 ID: 91ee5f

Surprise electrical spear up the ass!

Nah, let’s just start killing these guys!
No. 880180 ID: e1c8f7

L o n g b o i
dang that was a hell of a wallop
Let them pass and let's follow close behind them (disguised as a dorf) and find Ro!
No. 880283 ID: 7fd053
File 152452648352.png - (51.02KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-37.png )

I'm totally sure there's a more smarter way I can get us through this trap, but whatevs! I can kick myself for not thinkin' of it, later.

Oh yeah, he could be doin' the hiding thing.



I revert to before the explosion and tell Ro to act like the ghost did it, and it's killing everyone above purple robes.
And then it's Kaboom again!

I turn into me, then into a dwarf, and take a jab at the Ferretfolk with my spear! Ro materialises in front of 'em, lookin' ready for a bite!
:genericnpc-blu:"H-whoa! Excuse me?!" They jump up to the ceiling and scurry back the other way! Haha, that's kinda neat! Ro's bite misses too. Aaaaand I hit him with the charged spear! Shit!
:roshadow2:"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" He reels back! Luckily it was a glancing blow, but he's weak to electricity so it's still not too good! "Motherfuckerrrr!"
:genericnpc-prp:"OK um I'm gonna just go!" He retreats at high speed, but bumps into a Lian!
:genericnpc-blu:"Where you goin'?" A Lian with a boxing glove on his tail! With the Ferretfolk behind!
No. 880286 ID: f5c698

Now is the time to strike, while they're all discombobulated. Aim for the Lian's legs, call out to Ro to go high. If you can take this one out sweeping up the rest will be a cakewalk.
No. 880291 ID: cf5a32

>I'm totally sure there's a more smarter way I can get us through this trap
Maybe if you gave him the stone tile to use as a shield. Can he compact far enough for that to work?
No. 880637 ID: e1c8f7

Wait, can Ro avoid damage if he's hiding? We could try telling him to be ready to hide to avoid any fist related pain in the obvious trap room.
No. 880692 ID: 7fd053
File 152469657578.png - (58.84KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-38.png )

Nope, he can just hide real good.

:glinp:"Ro, go high!" I tackle the Lian's legs and get a pummeling from his tail! Owies! I use the pickaxe to hobble him and he falls over on me.
:roshadow2:"Grrr!" Ro bashes the purple-robe guy onto the Lian and now I got two people on top of me! And one of 'em's bleedin'!



I revert to the same place as before, again, and suggest to Ro that he tries out my super tough puzzle piece from the volcano, and shrinks to be less of a target.
:roshadow2:"Yeah sure, whatever. I'll try it." He goes through, then I go through.
When I get out, he's still alive! But he got slightly poisoned!
:roshadow2:"Blocked all but one," he says. "I don't think I'll die from it, but you were right. Fuckin' poisoned fists. Goooo figure. Ugh..." He looks a little unwell, but if it doesn't get worse, he should be able to fight off those guys that are coming around the corner now..

Do I continue this way, with a poisoned partner? If so, what do we do about this Ferretfolk, Lian, and other guy?
Can I think of something that might get Ro through without being poisoned at all?
Or do I go back to when I used the Explosion and keep going with that one? And if so, what to do there?
No. 880696 ID: f5c698

Wait a minute. You got this. Revert and give Ro the caster gun with the holy skeleton bullet loaded, tell him to have it trigger the floor trap while he stays in the corner. Then, even if this poison somehow works on an animate set of bones he'll be fine. Explain you can avoid all the damage with your disguise and you figure this is one of those false choices where they're gonna fuck you up either way.
No. 880700 ID: 56e50f

We continue on the poison route and ask the ferretfolk (as a dwarf) what to do since this guy (Ro) got poisoned while fleeing the wraith adventurer!
No. 880917 ID: dbc29e

Lets use Ro as an alibi and go around looking for the anti poison!
No. 881172 ID: 7fd053
File 152487515877.png - (54.51KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-39.png )

It's not a holy skeleton, just a regular one! Probably unholy, actually. I don't think it'd be very good at blocking the darts, either.

>Continue with poisoned Ro, pretending the wraith got him
:glinp:"Hey, help! The wraith poisoned my pal!"
:genericnpc-blu:"The wraith? You mean the one that's been chopping people up and eating the bodies?" Asks the Ferretfolk.
:glinp:"Yeah, that one! We got any anti-poison stuff around?" He turns around to boxing-glove-Lian and the other guy. They shake their heads.
:genericnpc-blu:"Not me," says the Lian.
:roshadow2:"Someone around here has to..." It's pretty dark here. We continue into the next chamber, which has a bunch of pillars and has spooky torchlighting.
:genericnpc-blu:"So he's using poison now? What's with that? Are you sure you didn't just get poisoned by the trap you just went through?" The Lian continues.
:roshadow2:"Tch! I'd be dead if I pressed the wrong panel in there. C'mon."
:genericnpc-blu:"Hmm. Yeah, that's true. Well, you can sit here with us and wait it out. Maybe this wraith'll leave us alone." There's ANOTHER guy here, a blue-robed moth Bugfolk. They wave and I wave back. Ro groans and looks unhappy at me.

This won't do. We can't just sit here! How can we persuade these guys to let us pass through?
No. 881176 ID: a363ac

"hey blue robe do you know where some antidote is!?"
No. 881192 ID: 56e50f

Tell them that waiting it out might not be an option for an unknown poison! Start going on ahead and hope they don't try and stop you. If they ask, tell them you're going to see if anyone up ahead has a cure.
No. 881208 ID: f7dd40

Say the wraith stabbed Ro and then went into a wall. If it can see through them, it might be able to just pick you off one by one.

If that doesn't work, try dropping your tail off this time and screaming "It's here! IT'S HERE!"
No. 881355 ID: 064d5a

Look, man! We gotta find the antidote!

now run past with Ro like your butt's on fire!
No. 881390 ID: 7fd053
File 152496306078.png - (52.02KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-40.png )

:roshadow2:"Ergh... Seriously? What if the poison kills me while we're waiting? Ggh." He starts tryin' to go forward. The Lian gets in our way!
:genericnpc-blu:"Hey hey! Stop right there!"
:glinp:"The wraith stabbed 'im and went into a wall. If it can see through them, we're sitting ducks!" I try to get around him.
:genericnpc-blu:"Wait a minute, you two! How're YOU guys purple robes?"

The fake wraith trick MIGHT work twice, but if it does, I don't think it'll work after this! Ferretfolk looks like they're about to say something, but then I talk instead.
:glinp:"Oh, yeah, it's because-GHK!" I drop off a piece of my tail, jump a bit, and then look dramatically back at it.
:genericnpc-blu:"Hey, what happened to your tail??" Asks the Lian! I repeat a few times, farther up my tail, and run for the exit ahead!
:genericnpc-blu:"Quick, we need to do the secret handshake!" Says the Ferretfolk! Here, grab your tail if you want, and I'll show you!" I start pickin' up my tail, and they help, and then they and take me around the corner to the next puzzle. "It's like this!" They try to show me, but then the Mothfolk comes up before we finish.
:genericnpc-blu:"Come on, just do it with me! Don't bother teaching them!" They do it super fast and the door opens and we all flood through! There's something on the right, but we go to the left instead.
:glinp:"What's over there?"
:genericnpc-blu:"Dead end," answers the Lian. It looks like there's some statues over there, could be a puzzle? But we're movin' on. We pass another area on the left after that, but we turn right and meet up with another cultist! A Turquoise-robed Lazurek with a staff!
:genericnpc-trq:"Halt! Where are YOU all going?" She points the staff at us!
:roshadow2:"I got poisoned by the wraith and then it attacked us."
:genericnpc-blu:"If we don't move, he'll get us for sure!" says the Ferretfolk.
:genericnpc-trq:"Silence! This is as far as you go. Let him come... I will deal with this 'wraith.' What color are the poisoned one's robes?"
:genericnpc-blu:"Purple," says the Lian.
:genericnpc-trq:"Purple!" She sniffs. "The undead one?"
:genericnpc-blu:"Yes, I was wondering ab-"
:genericnpc-trq:"Silence!" She shakes her staff at him, while facing Ro. "If I don't hear a damned good explanation for how YOU're a purple-robe, we're going to have a very big problem."
No. 881398 ID: e1c8f7

We just started not long ago, what do you want from him? We're still new to a lot of this.
No. 881404 ID: a363ac

"Isn't purple robe just the lowest rung on the ladder!? we just got here yesterday! and now ghosts are attacking and my best friend forever is poisoned, and people keep threatening us!"
No. 881414 ID: f5c698

He just woke up like that a couple days ago. Maybe some spell misfired and turned him into one? You didn't say anything because you didn't want to stir up trouble before the big banquet.

In all likelihood, they're gonna turn on you at this point. I suggest opening up with a fireball to the Lazurek's face.
No. 881621 ID: 7fd053
File 152504967618.png - (44.84KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-41.png )

:glinp:"We just started not that long ago! We're still new to this. Now ghosts are attacking, and my bff is poisoned," Ro remains stony-faced when I say that, "and people keep threatening us!"
:genericnpc-trq:"What colour are YOUR robes?"
:genericnpc-trq:"You're both intruders. The rest of you, kill them." They start to close in! Purple robe guy doesn't look like he wants to do it.

:glinp:"He got turned after he joined!"
:genericnpc-trq:"I can believe that, but Lizardfolk don't just start out in purple." She approaches too, with her staff ready! I fireball her face! I fireball all their faces! "AAAH!"
:genericnpc-blu:"Whoa shit!" Says the Lian!
:genericnpc-blu:"Screeeeee!" says the Bugfolk!
:genericnpc-blu:"Yo look out for those fireballs, guys," says the Ferretfolk, who does a sweet leaning-back dodge!
Ro tackles the Lian and gets a taste of the tailpunching! But he cuts the guy's tail off!
The Bugfolk looks like they're gonna burn up, and the Lazurek has almost put out her own fire.

We surprised 'em pretty good, but nobody's totally down for the count yet, and now that they know I can blow fireballs, I don't have as many surprises! Meanwhile, there's gotta be a reason that Lazurek has such a high rank, and once the surprise wears off, the tides could turn...
What'll I do next?
No. 881626 ID: f5c698

Tell the Lazurek they're already dead, use your ultimate technique: Sticky bomb em and detonate.
No. 881699 ID: cf5a32

I think I figured out who their leader is. Somebody from your home village must have decided that the best way to beat Zorgonok is to raise her own army.

At least, knowing that lizardfolk get higher ranks upon joining is worth a fair bit. We now know how others were able to immediately know you were an intruder despite not knowing their Purple-robes, but we need to figure out for sure if the leader is somebody from your village. Can you time-out and ask? I wouldn't want you to ruin a friend's progress against your mutual enemy any further than you have--or at least, have real reason to be pacifistic here. Those banished back to town can always be re-recruited.
No. 881726 ID: e1c8f7

Awh dang, we need to shock and awe the room. Time to to fire an explosive round in the far corner of the room and immediately turn into rubble to avoid the stun. It's going to knock everyone on their asses and give you the opportunity recover and take out as many as you can or split with a (hopefully) conscience Ro. If you think that's too much firepower, try different rounds. Lightning? Entrapment Cube?
No. 881762 ID: c9ebfc

I say, if none of this starts turning out well, to revert back before you started the wraith trick again with your tail.
Since they think we’re freindly, why don’t you catch somebody when they’re not looking, and stick them with a bomb.
With they’re life on the line, hold them hostage against the others to prevent them from attacking.
Then try to squeeze them for information.
They might be distracted enough that you can get Ro in a good position to hold somebody else up, or just kill them even to even the odds.
I vote to either stick or kill the ferret, seeing as he knows enough, and seems to be unnaturally lucky.

Either that or stick a bomb in your robe, so you can throw it at someone after you flame their faces.
Nice little party trick that’ll prob catch the real robe off gaurd.
Like don’t even wait for them to call your shit, surprise fireball with totally not a bomb toss.
No. 881830 ID: 6ca5e1

Try zapping Lazurek's toes with your zap stick. No one likes getting zapped in the toe :3
No. 881971 ID: 7fd053
File 152520954142.png - (47.58KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-42.png )

Maybe, but that would mean the boss isn't really a Lian test subject!
:glinp:"Hey, the Boss isn't secretly a Lizardfolk aiming to take down Zorgonok, is she?"
:genericnpc-blu:"Pretty sure she'a a Lian with her own agenda!" Says the Ferretfolk while Ro gets cut pretty bad by the Lian with a sliced tail!

No time for subtlety! I load the Explosion bullet and let 'er rip! And disguise as some rubble!
Phew! I think the Lazurek was chargin' up some kinda spell, but that put a stop to it. I blew out the right wall and now I can see into some other area that's got a wet floor! Between the force and the volume, everyone but me is now deaf until they get healed. Oh, no, the Ferretfolk mighta covered their ears in time and been far enough away! They still ended up on the ground though. Lazurek might be unconscious. They're extra sensitive to everything.. I turn back and start draggin' Ro to the room that I just opened up. He looks totally miserable.
Guess I didn't have a chance to use those sticky bombs on the Lazurek... Well, hey, that's one fewer fatality, for now.

There's some kinda puzzle blocking the way onward, and reinforcements runnin' in from backward. We got 4 little stalls, each with a button. One stall's got water on the floor, and the others all look identical to each other.

Do I confront the guys or try to do somethin' with the puzzle? In either case, what's my plan?
No. 881974 ID: d9d768

Stand in the water stall and press its switch. May as well see what these do first and revert if needed.
No. 881981 ID: 56e50f

Man we need to find some healing for Ro soon. Let try the stalls but keep your gun loaded with a declothing round
No. 882083 ID: adfcd7

Lets put meds on the list for the next adventure...

Try the stalls with the buttons, I guess. Be ready to revert if it's blood or acid or some weird shit.
No. 882115 ID: cf5a32

>Pretty sure she'a a Lian with her own agenda!
Right. If the guess is correct, she can't let anybody other than her immediate underlings know, or else she risks Zorgonok finding out. Or maybe she really is just a Lian, and has a fetish for Lizardfolk or something.
>Four stalls
Hmm, water has a tendency to reduce the effect of throwing a punch, but at the same time it shouldn't be there if people haven't been routinely opening it. I guess try it out.
No. 882137 ID: a363ac

maybe we should revert back to before Ro gets super poisoned and help that poor shark baby
No. 882180 ID: 7fd053
File 152530208719.png - (44.47KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-43.png )

>Try the stall with water
>Look for healing!
The wall with the button slides up, revealing a hallway where the floor is covered in a big puddle! I drag Ro down it, and the reinforcements see us and follow! They catch up before we get far.
:genericnpc-prp:"H-halt! Where are you going? What's going on!" It's a Human!
:genericnpc-blu:"What was that explosion!?" It's another Human!
:glinp:"It was the wraith! Poisoned my pal, and got some explosive spells and tried to finish the job! Those poor bastards over in the other room got the worst of it, but he needs some non-holy healing quick!" I haven't found any plants here that I know would help... I can think of some, but that doesn't help if they're not around...
:genericnpc-blu:"Shit, uhhhh, hmm. Utili might be able to figure out something... You wanna come out from there? He's over with those other guys. Oh damn, but what about the wraith..." He looks all around.

Do I stick around and see if this Utili can help Ro?
Keep goin' and see where all this water's coming from?
Or revert back a few minutes to before he got poisoned and try to get him through without that happening?
No. 882213 ID: 86eb65

Saving him from poison and other stuff would count as impressing him I think. You can always go back to redo the trap if this goes to shit.

Try Utili first and do your best to figure out how this cult works so we can trick them better. Figuring out how the robe system is set up is vital if we want to keep sneaking around.
No. 882227 ID: bfa041

If Utili can help it's worth a shot. You can always revert if it's a waste of time or if this Utili character is hostile.
No. 882320 ID: e1c8f7

Let's go ahead and check our health care options here
No. 882335 ID: 8504b5

Tell the cultist the wraith vanished after his attack, he might be nearby so you should book it to Utili.
No. 882414 ID: cf5a32

Let's try Utili. Hopefully they're not one of the higher ranks that's aware of the who lizardfolk rule.

If you do have to redo some of this stuff, it may help to stay disguised as a dwarf to avoid that, because you can't just re-blue and magically know every trap, that'd make Ro suspicious.
Unless you wanna go back to the very beginning and "recognize this cult," which sounds like a waste of time and way too boring.
No. 882546 ID: 7fd053
File 152547217211.png - (46.18KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-44.png )

>Try luck with Utili, hope he doesn't know the robe rules so good
:glinp:"Little help here?" I say as I drag Ro some more. "The wraith disappeared, so it might be off terrorizin' someone else now."
:roshadow2:"Ugh, I'll be able to stand again in a minute..." He coughs up some inky blood. "Fuck." The other guys help us back the way we came.
:genericnpc-trq:"What have you found?" Ooh a robot. Don't see a ton of them in places like this. There's plenty around, though.
:genericnpc-blu:"Utili, this Shadow guy's hurt too. He's poisoned." Hey, the Ferretfolk's not here...
:genericnpc-trq:"I have analyzed the Shadow blood on the ground. I will synthesize an antidote while I tend to the other wounded." Oooh.
:roshadow2:"Thanks, you're a real pal," he chokes out.
:genericnpc-trq:"I will provide healing for you when the higher-ranking members have been healed." Maybe it knows our robes aren't right, but it doesn't care...?
:roshadow2:"Blgh." Utili fires off a few minor healing spells at the guys I just blew up. The Bugfolk is missin' a bunch of fluff, and they're unconscious, but alive.
:genericnpc-trq:"Your turn." It injects Ro with something and fires a heal at him too.
:roshadow2:"Ngh! That's better." His shape shimmers and he looks better! The Lazurek rubs her head.
:genericnpc-trq:"Hey... Those are the guys that blew us up!" she says!
:genericnpc-blu:"She was closest to the blast. She must be confused, right? It was the wraith that got us." says the Ferretfolk!
:genericnpc-prp:"Uh... Uhhh..." says that unknown-species guy. Man I gotta figure out what those guys are called.
:genericnpc-trq:"Ngno...!" She points her staff at us!
:genericnpc-trq:"You did sustain substantial damage. Are you certain you are not confused?"
:genericnpc-trq:"I... Mm... No, I..."
:genericnpc-blu:"That wraith is veeery tricky." Continues the Ferretfolk. "Right, fellas?" They ask us. Is this Ferretfolk another adventurer? But it seems like these guys know 'em!

What can I say to back 'em up?
Or do I try something more violent and not so diplomatic instead of words?
No. 882625 ID: f5c698


Agree with the ferretfolk. The wraith is nefarious, it can leap through walls, turn invisible, disguise itself. It could look like any one of you. It could even be... the Lazurek! Try and disarm them of their staff and beat 'em up. If they're still disoriented, maybe they didn't get healed up all the way?
No. 882685 ID: 13cc26

What's up with this ferret??

Definitely back them up, though I can't think of anything better than just agreeing, uhh...
No. 882686 ID: c8c061

Play along with the ferretfolk and maybe we can get information out of him later.

I don't think we'll get far accusing higher ranked cultists of being imposters. Maybe try to spin it that they might be affected by the wraith some way. That maybe it messed with their perception.
No. 882691 ID: a363ac

ask the robot how it got to look so cool~
No. 882692 ID: a39cfc

Wraiths are tricky.
And icky.
Or something.
Support this ferret guy, they seem to be helping us, even if it’s by accident.

Maybe ask what species they are? maybe you could just say “I’m sorry but what are you?”
No. 882708 ID: 7fd053
File 152555723413.png - (55.33KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-45.png )

>Agree with Ferret
:glinp:"He sure is! If he can turn invisible, who knows what other tricks he's got to disorient us?"
:roshadow2:"And don't forget he can use poison. And explosions, apparently. Real mixed bag." The Lazurek's ears go all over the place and she grinds her teeth.
:genericnpc-trq:"Maybe. This whole wraith thing is really getting out of hand. I say we call Letiel."
:genericnpc-blu:"Do you know how MAD she'd be if we couldn't stop one adventurer?" Says the Ferretfolk.
:genericnpc-blu:"Bristle's right," says the blue-robed Human. "Isn't this a big day?"
:genericnpc-trq:"Correct. This is a big day." says Utili.
:genericnpc-trq:"Alright, we need to tell the others we just got hit." She starts the same incantation that the Cutebold used to contact the dining hall.
:genericnpc-blu:"Let's get you two moving along." They escort us back through the explosion hole. The Lazurek can't interrupt her incantation to tell us to stop! But she does speed it up and turn really angrily at us as we go by. The blue-robed human follows us. "I can handle it from here," Bristle tells them. They look back and forth between the Lazurek and Bristle and just shrug and go sit somewhere.

:glinp:"Hey what species is that fuzzy guy with the purple robes and the face paint?" We walk back toward the stalls with the buttons.
:genericnpc-blu:"Reshishi. They come from a desert where there are lots of giant monsters, I think."
:glinp:"Whoa, neat."
:genericnpc-blu:"So where were you going?"

What do I say? Do I reveal that we're the 'wraith'?
No. 882724 ID: f5c698

Sure, just make sure there's no one around besides you three.
No. 882901 ID: 9d4af9

ask him if he's an imposter like you guys, then revert if he says no. Also try asking him if he knows where the fist artifact is.
No. 882906 ID: e1c8f7

Yeah let's ask this guy what his deal is. How long has he been with these guys?
No. 883066 ID: 7fd053
File 152573926106.png - (79.43KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-46.png )

>Don't answer their question
:glinp:"Got a question for you instead," I whisper, "Are you an impostor like us?" They usher us through the water door.
:genericnpc-blu:"Ehh, now what could you mean by that?" The door closes, and they talk much faster. "Satara might have heard you, she's got really good ears and she just got healed."
:genericnpc-blu:"I've been infiltrating this cult for a few weeks, trying to find an opportunity to take them down," Bristle says." We turn a 180 degree corner. There's MORE water here! "Are you guys the 'wraith'?"
:roshadow2:"Yep." I nod.
:genericnpc-blu:"Well, you're certainly shaking things up around here. I'm not high-ranking enough to know what the meetup is about, but I'm sure it's not good. If you have any questions, I'll tell you what I can. And whatever it is you're planning, I want in." The hall opens in several places into a large area that's totally submerged under our feet. There are stairs going down into the deep.

Doooo I actually have a plan? At all?
And what should I ask about the inner workings of the cult?
Or is there something else I could do?
No. 883073 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you were mostly trying to explore undetected and find out where the relic is so you can gain its powers. Has he got any idea where that might be? Suggest it may be possible for you to dismantle the cult, by killing off the leadership. Might be tough though if the upper ranks are too strong.

tempting to revert to retroactively take his advice to keep Satara from hearing you.
No. 883090 ID: f5c698


Agreed, let's revert and just hold a finger up to our lips, and say "Wherever that wraith isn't. I don't wanna die today!"

Then when you get to the reflecting pool room you can reveal who you are. Say you're after the artifact, and taking down this cult would be a big bonus for you. Any info Bristle has on where Letiel is would be invaluable. Suggest that the more damage you can inflict on the cult's chain of command, the less dangerous they'll be to engage.

Ask about what the robe color rankings mean, is there any reason why some races might start off at certain colors, have they seen any other lizardfolk in this cult?
No. 883095 ID: a701e9

Yeah let's revert and then tell him when we're sure we're out of earshot. Then we can come clean.
No. 883109 ID: 86eb65

How do I not get instantly outed as a adventurer? I have no idea how this cult works or how the color of the robes matters.
No. 883137 ID: e1c8f7

Yaaaay a trustworthy longboi
Revert, following his advice. Let's compare notes on this cult, shall we? We can help each other take down the cult in whatever way seems fit. We would appreciate any tips on where to find the artifact, if he has any.
No. 883143 ID: 962a76

The "plan" is you've been trying to do this without killing anyone, because you've had plenty of that in your previous quest. Is there anything available to leave enemies bound and gagged?
No. 883277 ID: 7fd053
File 152582256616.png - (41.12KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-47.png )

>revert to avoid Lazurek overhearing


After Bristle asks where we were going...
:glinp:"Wherever that wraith isn't. I don't wanna die today!" I say, and we go into the water place again, and I wait for the door to close before I tell 'em the secret, and things get back to where we were before.

"Not so much a plan as a ssset of goals. I've been tryin' not to kill anyone, for one. Taking down the cult would be a huge bonus, but I came lookin' for the Super Fist artifact, do you know where that is?"
:bristle:"I'm afraid I don't know where it is. Trying not to kill anyone... If you're worried Letiel might resurrect them, you should be. That's smart thinking."
:glinp:"Yep! Do you know where she is?"
:bristle:"She's probably in the giant spooky pit room. I have no idea what it was for originally, but we're under orders not to go there. All the paths lead to it at the end. If this Wraith thing goes much further, she'll probably send Tosfir, and then if that fails, she'll come out herself. You should really get some blue robes, both of you."
:glinp:"Yeah how does the robe thing work anyway?"
:bristle:"Letiel's got some... opinions about things. Humans, Reshishi, Lians, and some other species go in purple unless they have some major abilities, like you." They point to Ro. "Everyone else starts in blue."
:glinp:"That's weird."
:bristle:"Yeah, I don't know what that's about. Blues can become turquoise if they demonstrate that they have what the boss thinks it takes. Stronger powers and decent intelligence, usually. You might get past some purples and blues without them noticing your robes are wrong, but the turquoises are going to notice right away, so we need to figure out how to get you the right ones..." They look thoughtful.
:glinp:"Oh, what's your gender?"
:bristle:"Haha. Male! Hmm. If we take you backwards, we can find some blue robes, probably make them warp away naked... Less turquoise robes in that direction. Even less on the middle path, but we'd have to get past Satara again."
:glinp:"Oh yeah, that's what we've been doing. With the robe stealing."
:bristle:"Hahah. Well, you've gotten this far without my help. Got a preference on which way to go?"

We can continue on this path, but there will be more turquoise-robe cultists that way.
We can go backward on this path, but there will still be some of them.
We can go forward on the middle path, which will have more blue and fewer turquoise, but we'll have to deal with Satara.
We can beat up Satara and take the blue robes from the Bugfolk and Human cultists!
I can think of something else?
No. 883301 ID: f5c698

Going back might not be a bad plan. But as long as you're here, see if Bristle knows what's down under the water here. If you split off your bottom half it can walk down there to press switches or something. No sense in doing that blindly though, who'd want to walk around with wet pants?
No. 883416 ID: e1c8f7

Let's go backwards and see where that takes us.
No. 883468 ID: ee3c99

I agree with going back.

We should hit this ferret with a declothe and revert, see what he’s packing . ~~
No. 883559 ID: 3539fa

Why don't you try and find out how hard it is to beat up Satara? You can revert and go back if it's too hard.
No. 883699 ID: 7fd053
File 152598738612.png - (47.79KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-48.png )

I already know what Ferretfolk balls looks like!

:glinp:"Let's see, what's under the water here?"
:bristle:"I think it was a workout room. There's only debris there now. And maybe some eels with fists for heads." Ro looks weirded out.
:bristle:"R-EEL-y! Yes. They stay near the bottom." It's too murky to see the bottom clearly.
:glinp:"Hehe... OK, we'll go backward, though I am tempted to go and try to beat up Satara and take those other guys' blue robes." Ro looks intrigued!
:bristle:"Come to think of it, there might not be many cultists left back along this path. Wwwe'll have to see."
We go backward and sneak past the others. Rounding a corner after a long hallway, we find a chamber with two pits, with a short walkway in the middle. They split the chamber into two sections. In our section there's a doorway on the left, leading to another chamber. In the far section, there's another doorway on the right, and also a blue-robed Lizardfolk.
:genericnpc-blu:"Hey Bristle. Who are these two?"
:bristle:"Just a couple of new recruits, but they'll be wearing blue robes soon enough! Guys, this is Raxis. She can pull people from across rooms!"
:genericnpc-blu:"You bet I can!" She looks proud of this ability.

That sounds like a real dangerous power in this room! How can we get her robes?
No. 883700 ID: 87f027

Ask if she can demonstrate on you. Try and orient yourself so you'll be over the narrow bridge. If you build up inertia when being pulled, revert and see if you can clock her one with a sucker punch or an assisted rocket fist.
No. 883722 ID: 8a93b9

Eels, honey.
No. 883785 ID: a6c84a

Ask her if she can push people too, then ask her to pull you across. If she can't push you, then just declothe her and tell her to port out.
No. 883823 ID: 56e50f

"Oh sweet! Pull us over!"
No. 883837 ID: 1e23d4

She appears to be a blue female what-ever-the-fuck-you-are.
No. 883845 ID: 7fd053
File 152607997434.png - (55.66KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-49.png )

What, I should revert, grab some fist-eels and bring 'em here to throw at her?

She does look kinda like me! She has normal eyes though. That's the main thing that makes me look unusual for a Lizardfolk.

:glinp:"Oh sweet! Pull us over!" I try to align her and myself so I don't fall into the pits. She reaches toward me and walks backward while making a pulling motion. "Whoa!"

It feels kinda weird. I hop a little so I'm not bein' slowed as much by the floor, but I don't pick up much speed. "Haha, that was neat!"
:genericnpc-blu:"Yeah it was."
:glinp:"Can you push too?"
:roshadow2:"I'm heavier. Can you pull me?" Good, a distraction so I can load this Declothe bullet! I wait for Ro to get across, and then!
:genericnpc-blu:"Yo fuck! Ah!" She flails and I grab her robes! Ro gets in position to munch her head.
:glinp:"No sudden moves! We just want your robes, and for you to get outta here."
:genericnpc-blu:"Eeg! What the fuck is going on today. Bristle, you part of this?"
:bristle:"I don't like this situation, but we do want you to leave a-" Oh she warped away. "Errm, well, alright."

Plus 20 krels to the pool! Haven't been makin' much bank this time around...
:glinp:"That was easy!" I say, swapping out my robes."Hey, the hallway here's a dead end. Do we go that way?" I point to the doorway that was closer to where we came in from.
:bristle:"No. I don't think there's anyone in there, either," he says, pointing back as he crosses over. " The hallway just has a secret door. You can see it on this side. It's only really hidden from the other side." He shows us. It's obvious once we get close. He opens the door and we step out.
:glinp:"Hey, a treasure chest!"
"OOoof!" Oh no! First we find an empty chest, now a mimic! With a fist inside! "Aargh!" A pissed fist that insists on makin' grist out of... me!
No. 883846 ID: f5c698

Detach your head and beat the mimic up while it tries to figure out what's going on here. If that don't work revert, look at the chest and ask Ro if he hears something breathing. Then, toss a sticky bomb on it and blow it up.
No. 883847 ID: b1b4f3

Ok poke the chest before you open it, this time.

Sheesh, an adventurer that doesn't check for mimics...
No. 883896 ID: cf5a32

I second the head removal plan.
No. 883965 ID: e1c8f7

Do a quick revert and get your spear out. Maybe an inquisitive poke with the shocking end will wake it up.
No. 884096 ID: 0d72fd

Give that mimic a good ol Shock Poke.

Just show some love, treat it like it ChokeSlammed you.
Because it did.
No. 884137 ID: 846a8b

Revert, and then open the chest very aggressively, so the lid just gets ripped off. That'll show that pesky mimic.
No. 884335 ID: 7fd053
File 152633820253.png - (46.41KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-50.png )



:glinp:"Hey, a treasure chest! Or a MIMIC!? Hyah!" I stab it and zap it! It jumps in the air and socks me good! I try to get close so I can try to rip the lid off, but it keeps me at bay! I drop my head off. That buys me a second before the beating resumes.
:bristle:"WHOA!" I keep stabbin', but the electricity needs some time to recharge. "Oh." I toss a sticky bomb inside, grab my head, and run away!
:glinp:"Get back!"
That hurt it! I toss another one.
It stops, trembles, and falls forward and lies still.
:bristle:"Good job. Are those Terry's bombs?"
:glinp:"Yup." I put my head back on. And my tail parts. "Ow." I did get beat up some, but the head trick helped. Bristle looks like he's never seen someone take their head off and put it back before!
:roshadow2:"You OK?"
:glinp:"Mhm, yeah. (cough)." I roll my shoulders and brush some dirt off of my robes. "Didn't even break a sweat!" I strike a cool pose.
:roshadow2:"I'm pretty sure you don't sweat at all..."
:glinp:"That's... true!" We continue onward, and very soon we end up in the watery room that's just to the right of the entrance!
:bristle:"Shoot, Raxis was it. Sorry. What do you want to do now? Go back and try those fist eels?"
No. 884336 ID: b1b4f3

Time to go spear-fishing I guess.
No. 884342 ID: 5fa661


don't you mean spear-FISTING?
No. 884344 ID: f5c698

Aw heck you can detach your head and fight those eels without holding your breath even. If you can hold your breath good it would be unnecessary though.
No. 884379 ID: 846a8b

you can detach your head and have Ro old it up by the ceiling for that retro top down perspective :3
No. 884399 ID: e1c8f7

Backwards we go!
No. 884430 ID: 8d27f5


That sounds like a good idea actually.
Might be a bit disorienting but it could work.
No. 884474 ID: 7fd053
File 152642417180.png - (56.38KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-51.png )

>Go fisht! And have Ro hold my head while my body goes into the water.
:glinp:"Yes! Let's do that." We head back. Forward. That way. "I got an idea, too. Ro can hold my head out of the water while I go down there with my body so I don't drown!" Shucks, I coulda done something similar to get around the hallway puzzle on the space mission.
:bristle:"That water is pretty murky. I'm not sure how well you could see through it. Still, that's worth a shot." We sneak back again, but...
:genericnpc-trq:"What are you doing? I heard someone warping." Satara notices us!
:bristle:"We went to talk with Raxis, but she got so scared, she warped away! I wouldn't have pegged her for the type to flee like that, but you just never know."
:glinp:"Bye!" Gee, that seems to have worked! We move on to the water-filled room. I give my head to Ro and start walkin' down one of the staircases into the depths. Ro makes himself tall so I can get a wide view.

Am I just lookin' for the exit down there, or what? And what do I do if I get GRABBED?
No. 884514 ID: f5c698

Those round things at the far side of the room look like rocks perhaps. Chance going over there and bombing it, maybe it will drain the room.

If you get grabbed, punch it right back or give 'em the claw! In between the knuckles should hurt a lot if they have hand-like nerves.
No. 884552 ID: e1c8f7

Have your spear ready but turn off the shock factor or you zap yourself! I wonder if the blob in the middle is a fish or a deep hole..
No. 884562 ID: 846a8b

Does your fireball power make steam underwater? This is something you need to find out.
No. 884574 ID: 5fa661


Actually, this raises an interesting question: do the fireballs still come out of his mouth with his head disconnected, or out of the neck stump?
No. 884780 ID: 7fd053
File 152659673396.png - (36.44KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-52.png )

I'm sure it still comes out of my mouth!
:glinp:"Hey you know I just had an idea. Could you stick my head under the water for a second? I want to see how my fireball works like that. Tilt me straight up for it though."
:roshadow2:"Sssure." I take a deep breath, he puts my head all the way under, and...
He pulls me back up.
:glinp:"Ptooey! Fpftfptf! That water's real gross! Don't taste it!"
:roshadow2:"Learn anything useful?"
:glinp:"Yeah, fireball's not effective underwater! I figured it wouldn't be, but I had to check!" It was really hot! I think it did make steam.

I get buck nekkid and go down the (slippery!) steps that go closest to the round things. Feelin' 'em, they do seem to be rocks. They're stuck pretty good! I set an explosive down there, get away, and set it off.
:glinp:"Did that on purpose." I go back. "That sure loosened things up! Hmm... It'll take some effort, but I think I can get through..." I grunt some while trying to move the rocks. "Phew... Gah! It's got my leg! AaaaaaaA! Dieeee!" Bristle gasps when I yell out. I jab my assailant a bunch with my spear until it stops movin'! "I gotta see what this thing looks like." I carry the corpse up the stairs. "After some more explorin'." I go back and investigate where I moved the rocks from. "Oh! I found the exit! That was easy."

:roshadow2:"Think I might take a look down there myself. This is uh... cute and all, but I'm a little better for underwater stuff."
:glinp:"Oh yeah! Good idea." I shake off most of the water, get Ro to return my head, and put my clothes back on. Ro strips real fast and tosses me his clothes. Whoa, two even as a Lian... I catch just a quick glimpse of the goods. He shifts into his normal shape and dives right in. I can sorta make him out under the water. I look at the eel corpse while I wait. Poor thing... It's kinda cute... kinda.

Ro explores the whole area under there, and when he comes back, he's got 24 krels!
:roshadow2:"Wasn't much down there, but I did get somethin'."
:glinp:"Oh, sweet." He gets out, turns back into a Lian, and takes his clothes back. He's a fast undresser AND dresser! He looks at the fisht corpse.
:roshadow2:"You planning to do anything with that?"
:glinp:"Nnnope!" He grabs it and eats it!! "Agh! Is that... good??"
:roshadow2:"S'okay." He shrugs.
:roshadow2:"Haw. What, don't ya like fish?"
:bristle:"Not ones that look like that..." Ro just laughs.
:roshadow2:"Alright, we good? We can get through fine, but unless you have a plan to drain the water, we're all gonna get soaked."

The explosive didn't work. I'm sure Psi-beam would do it, but that's kind of overkill and I could really use that on like, the boss or something!
No. 884788 ID: f5c698

May want to revert and not try with the explosive then. Can you try using the pickaxe underwater? If that doesn't work just get wet and move on through.
No. 884813 ID: 56e50f

Can we put our clothes in our inventory so they don't get wet?
No. 885128 ID: 7fd053
File 152677034012.png - (36.94KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-53.png )



I go back to before I used the explosive to loosen the rocks, and I use the pickaxe instead. Ro almost drops my head when it suddenly grows all shaggy and dwarfy.
:roshadow2:"GAH! What!?"
:glinp:"It's just this magic pickaxe! See?" I set it down and pick it up again to demonstrate.
:roshadow2:"Fuck. You're lucky I didn't toss yer damn head! Warn me next time."
:glinp:"Will do! Ugh, all this hair. I can hardly imagine what this is gonna be like for you, Bristle."
:bristle:"Maybe we'll find someone who can dry us off with magic."
:glinp:"That'd be good! I hope so." Ah... swinging a pickaxe underwater is super hard, and it looks like this does NOT give me the powers of a Dwarf. If it did, I could bust these rocks up easy. So I go back to my plan from before, and things go basically the same.
:roshadow2:"Alright, we good? We can get through fine, but unless you have a plan to drain the water, we're all gonna get soaked."

I can't do that with mine!
:glinp:"I guess you guys can't store your stuff somehow so it doesn't get wet?"
:roshadow2:"I can desummon my clothes. It won't work on the robes, but I'm getting blue ones anyway. IF this plan works."
:glinp:"Why'd you make me hold your clothes then!"
:roshadow2:"Ha, ha~ I just wanted to make you do it."
:glinp:"Geez. Soaked it is!"

We all take off our robes. Ro balls his up, turns shark, and makes his clothes vanish before he hops into the water. Bristle sighs and slinks in in his underclothes, and I do a cannonball wearing everything but my robes. We all come out into what seems to be a kitchen, and it looks like it's probably Tosfir who's hovering in front of us.
:tosfir:"I heard there was a wraith. I am here to investigate." Their voice sounds like they might not be undead, but it IS pretty spooky.

Well dang! I was wonderin' when we'd meet this guy, but I was hopin' it'd be after we got Ro's robes.
Do I have anything to say to 'em?
Or maybe we should ATTACK?
No. 885238 ID: e1c8f7

Keep him talking. Tell him about that last group that got blown up. Ask him if everyone is out looking. Get your declothing round ready and ask if there's anything he wants you to do.
No. 885370 ID: f5c698


Tell them you'd be glad to help. Ask Tosfir what they know about wraiths, do they have any weaknesses? What sort of powers do they possess? Are they controlled undead or can they act independantly? While you keep him talking, make a motion behind your back to Ro to see if he can get in closer to him.
No. 885377 ID: 6d5033

Hmm, a weird ass floating guy.
If that book held any convenient secrets, then I bet they can turn intangible.

I don’t know if catching them off guard will keep them from ghost dodging the declothe round, but if it’d be nice to see what’s under these robes.

Other than that, if you can get past them with your well placed bullshit about the wraith, see what’s cooking.

Or ask them about the big party.
I mean isn’t Bristle supposed to be intergrating you into the cult or something? Ask about robes.
They miiight not be suspicious.
Assuming that asshole earlier isn’t talking behind y’all s back.
No. 885399 ID: cf5a32

Not necessarily the "last group," but the last time there seemed to be wraith involvement was back in the room with the speedbag. It made fire and explosions there, but you haven't heard anything about it after running back around to this path, so it's probably along that other path still.
No. 885400 ID: cf5a32

Well, maybe specifics aren't necessary, but last you heard it was down that route.
No. 885427 ID: 7fd053
File 152694013297.png - (53.93KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-54.png )

We already knew he could turn intangible before I read the book! One of the cultists mentioned it.
I don't have any more declothe rounds! But I do have a... wait, when did this get here? I have a... Fist spell bullet?? What the heck!
Ro summons his clothes on.
:glinp:"You must be Tosfir."
:tosfir:"That is correct. And you are?"
:glinp:"I'm Plink. Speaking of the wraith, you hear about the group that got blown up a few minutes back?"
:tosfir:"I did. Were you there, perchance?"
:glinp:"Yep, I sure was. Is everyone out lookin' for the wraith now?"
:tosfir:"The boss is still preparing for the gathering. Everyone else is on edge."
:glinp:"Yeah, us too." I try to motion Ro to get closer, but I don't know hand signals for that, and I'm not sure if he gets it. "What do you know about wraiths? Like weaknesses, how they can be controlled, that stuff."
:tosfir:"Ghosts can arise by many means. Invoking the power of deities is usually required to banish or control them, though if they have unfinished business, completing it will also allow them to move on. Tell me, what do you think this one is here for?"
:bristle:"Well we think it's an adventurer, right? Here to foil the boss' plans?"
:glinp:"Yeah!" Ro grunts.
:tosfir:"There are three theories going around. One is yours. The second is that Letiel has summoned it, and it is punishing violators with the wrong-coloured robes in accordance with her will. The third... Is that somehow, you are the wraith... Plink."
:glinp:"Haha, well that couldn't be true... Anyway what should we do about this thing? Last I saw it was going down the middle route."
:tosfir:"It seems to go wherever you do. So I think all you have to do... is DIE!" They get real close and a flurry of punches erupts from their face and arms and underneath their robes and even the tears in their robes!
:glinp:"(wheeeeze!!)" I fall over! That sure took me by surprise! Ro jumps at 'em and tries to swipe, but his claws pass through and the fists turn on him!
:roshadow2:"Goddamn!! Agh!" Bristle tries to leap on 'em but he just passes through and takes the pummeling on top of Ro.
:bristle:"(unhappy squeaks!)"

Should I pick a spell to fire?
Or maybe I can go back and lead this conversation somewhere less painful?
No. 885431 ID: 135d42

Revert to before you answered his question. Offer to help Fistor find this wraith, say that you've already had to run from it a few times. Load up a psybeam bullet, then turn to one corner and look startled, saying it's here. Ask why no one else can see it, point your caster gun at the wall, then drop your arm off, screaming in pain.

Since this guy has talked to the others, he should be wise to your trick. While he's confirming that you are indeed a shyster, line up a shot to the center of his mass with your grounded arm and blow him away.
No. 885447 ID: cf5a32

If you've still got your trip gun, you could summon the skeleton to follow behind you a ways, just to serve as a distraction in case you run into anybody. Then, when he says he thinks it's you, use your tripgun to make the skeleton fall over around the corner.

Although if you want to stop people from thinking it's showing up everywhere you do, you may just have to stick to this path and subdue him yourself. Try and fistbump him. By which I mean, shoot his fist with the fist bullet. Maybe it'll be effective enough to stop that arm from punching.
No. 885455 ID: 56e50f

He's not undead so.. I almost want to revert so you could hit this guy with an entrapment cube and give you guys a chance to surround him.
No. 885600 ID: 7fd053
File 152703322603.png - (60.05KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-55.png )

There's no corner. It's a straight shot up the stairs from the flooded room into this one, and I don't know if the trip gun would have problems if it got wet. But it might not! I'm also not sure whether they are some kinda undead.


I revert a ways.
:tosfir:"That is correct. And you are?"
:glinp:"I'm Plink. Speaking of the wraith," I say, preparing the Fist bullet, "I oughtta load in a little somethin' to give him some trouble. So how can we help? We've had to run a few times, but we wanna take 'em out!"
:tosfir:"Tell me, what do you think this wraith is here for?"
:glinp:"Well obviousl- (gasp!)" I jump a little and turn to one corner. "It's here!" I aim my caster gun at the wall. "Right there!"
:tosfir:"I don't see it, Plink," they say with an accusatory tone!
:glinp:"You ca-" and I make my shootin' arm drop off. "-AAAGH!"
:tosfir:"Your trick won't-" I fire at 'em from the ground!
A giant magic fist slams 'em against the opposite wall, and disapears!
:tosfir:"OOFFFff!! You... fool!" They attack again, and this time we only get beat up less quickly. We still can't hit back!


I go back again, and this time I load in Entrapment Cube. It works! But I'd need something else to take 'em out before that spell wears off. So I can think about that, but also...


I go back and load in Psi-beam!
Direct hit! Tosfir gets sucked into the beam and fuckin' disintegrates! All that's left are some scraps of their clothes. The beam also tore a hole through a very thick wall.
:roshadow2:"Goddamn! Hah!" Ro slaps his leg. "Cold-blooded!" I pick up my arm.
:bristle:"You... hah... That works...!"
:genericnpc-prp:"Um... What just happened?" asks a timid cultist who looks through the new hole. It's big enough that I could walk through.

So I can go with this, making my FIRST KILL of the mission, or I can figure out something non-lethal to go along with the Entrapment Cube.
No. 885608 ID: f5c698


That sounds like it impressed Ro. Stick to your gun and greet the cultist warmly.

"There was a bomb in here! Think the adventurer left it. Tosfir tried to disable it and it went off! His sacrifice may have saved us all. Everyone OK over there?"
No. 885610 ID: 91ee5f

>So I can go with this, making my FIRST KILL of the mission, or I can figure out something non-lethal to go along with the Entrapment Cube.
Let’s stick with this, I don’t think anyone could even touch that guy.

Besides, disintegration means no body to be brought back by the necromancer!
No. 885613 ID: deec6e


The heck were they, though? Some kind of messed-up person turned fist elemental? Also, we lost the robe to that, and also a super-useful spell bullet. I mean, not a crisis, but we could save that for something else.

Ya could try to see what kind of other things you could do to 'im. If you get 'em with the entrapment cube, maybe you can try to Dispel 'em and see if that does anything - or you could at least manually try to disrobe 'em while they're trapped, and toss the robes to Ro who could then start pretending being Tosfir, which should make getting around and spreading misinformation a lot easier.

What did the Morph-Ray do now again? If it's the being that they are that's allowing 'em to have those fisticular powers, you might be able to neuter 'em by turning 'em into something else. Something more capturable and interrogatable, perhaps?
No. 885630 ID: 66d39c

This guy looks pretty unholy... maybe the holy bullet would incapacitate him? I kinda like this non-lethal thing we got going on so let's at least try something
No. 885666 ID: e1c8f7

We gotta morph ray him. I just hope that doesn't ruin the robes.
No. 885668 ID: 4bc9e8

I’m also on the train for at least trying morph ray.

Also, raid this room, pls.
Is been awhile since we’ve done any item searching, and this is a goddamn kitchen.
No. 885674 ID: bfdaf0

Yeah, let's revert and try something less lethal.
The fist bullet sounds like a good opener, is there any way you could get him on the floor (either with the fist bullet of when he's reeling from it) and zap him a bit with the spear?
No. 885891 ID: 7fd053
File 152719279199.png - (43.23KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-56.png )

That can work as a makeshift Deanimate on (recently or weakly) resurrected undeads or animated constructs or magical creatures brought to life, but I don't think it'll do anything to this guy.


I go back, get ‘em with Entrapment Cube, and try Dispel.
There's a fizzly kinda sparking, but nope! Dispel don't do nothin' to 'em.



:tosfir:"Nooooaaaagh!" Holy light radiates from their robes and some of it hits Ro!
:roshadow2:"Agh! Oh!" Tosfir disappears with a flash.
:roshadow2:""Fuckin' ow! Watch where you use that shit, idiot! Gah!" He's sizzlin' a little! Oops!

>Morph ray!
OK so Holy leaves his robes, but it hurts Ro. Let's try this one out.


Ugh, gotta channel it for a bit. If I tried this without Entrapment Cube, he'd beat me down before it finished for sure!
:tosfir:"(buck buck)" And the Entrapment Cube wears off. Just in time.
:bristle:"You turned them into a chicken? How long will that last?" Tosfir doesn't even act agitated... His robes are gone, but he dropped 48 krels!
:glinp:"Haha, got 'em... They're stuck until someone turns 'em back. Or they die and get resurrected."
:roshadow2:"That's... good! But uh, why isn't he mad at us?" Tosfir pecks at the ground.
:bristle:"Yes, that makes it a little more... disturbing."
:glinp:"Hell if I know! Let's see if they got any good loot in here."

The answer to that turns out to be, yes if kitchenware counts. A lot of it's probably enchanted, like maybe this knife can't cut living things or something, but there's no manuals around so I have no way to tell what is or isn't enchanted.

This seems like a good non-lethal solution! Do I go along with this?
And if I do, what next? Walk into the next room and leave Tosfir in here like we never saw 'em?
No. 885901 ID: 5fa661

Stick Chickensfir in one of the cupboards and block it with something heavy.
No. 885918 ID: deec6e

Shoot him with holy and he takes damage like a shadow monsters but explodes in holy light? That's so weird. I'm guessing undead don't normally do that! Was it his own holy juice, or did it just kinda reflect off of him, but still deal damage?

I guess that tells us he's some kinda weirdass unstable divine/undead being, maybe? Like... maybe that crazy monk dude managed to find or create a little elemental plane of fist juice and infused a little of it into his followers. That could explain why they're still around centuries or whatever later - they've become, uh, fist angels? And somehow this Letiel's recruited 'em for her experiments. Maybe they're tired of being, well, whatever they are and she's promised to fix 'em?

It's a theory anyway. If he's actually calm or happy about being transformed we should definitely figure out why! It's gotta be because it's either not as big of a detriment as we think it is (i.e. he can transform back at any time or it wasn't as effective as we thought it was and he can still sprout fists and punch us back to the stone age) or maybe he really does consider it an improvement over his old shape, in which case good grief!

Is the morph ray random or will it always leave them a chicken? You could try to re-do the morph ray so you get a shape that's easier to communicate with. You could also try to talk to 'im with yes-no questions.

"Heyo, yep you got me, I'm the adventurer. Uh. Question. Do you like being a chicken better than whatever creepy-ass thing you were? Kinda doing a non-lethal thing here, so not gonna stab ya or anything. Peck once for 'yes, I would like to stay a fist-less chicken' or twice in succession for 'no, you're going to die, you interfering infidel fool'."

If it is hard to communicate with Chickfir you can try to re-do the encounter to get a better morph for 'im.

Or maybe even try to start talking in allusions to Tosfir - like, 'Man, this wraith guy has gotta be some kinda weird unnatural monster dude. Maybe he's here to pry into Letiel's secrets to figure out a way to cure himself. Boy, wouldn't that be a laugh - if he'd only let me shoot him with this morph-ray gun, that'd solve aaaaall his problems.'

Could see if that actually peaks his interest. Then you can drop the pretense and ask him straight-up questions.

"So what actually happened to you, back in the day, Tosfir? I'm guessing that wasn't your original shape!"
No. 885924 ID: b2cabe


Go raid the cupboard/fridge and pull out some sausage or veggies or something. "Hey Bristle! I think this is one of those enchanted knives that doesn't cut living stuff. Watch!" Then chop up the food, but detach a fingertip somewhere in the middle of doing it. "It's perfectly saf- wait a second."
No. 885932 ID: 1561e1

...He was undead and now he's a chicken! Maybe he really disliked being undead and being not-undead is why he was a jerk to begin with? Well, keep going I guess!
No. 885972 ID: e1c8f7

>Place Cocksfir into sink.
>Place upside down empty pot over Cocksfir.
>Optional: Place another pot right side up on top of the Cocksfir containment pot and fill with water.

Congratulations: You have contained one (1) Cocksfir. You may continue on your mission out the front door.
No. 885974 ID: 91ee5f

>"That's... good! But uh, why isn't he mad at us?" Tosfir pecks at the ground.
>"Yes, that makes it a little more... disturbing."
Maybe it gave him the mind of a chicken and he’s too dumb to realize the he’s supposed to be mad at us? Or maybe it changed his mind to the point that he’s not sentient anymore?
No. 885977 ID: 0d72fd

I think that’s what makes it disturbing.

Take a couple of knifes, you never know who you’ll get to test them on.

Oi, what’s that cooking on the range?
No. 886062 ID: 7fd053
File 152728374083.png - (55.13KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-57.png )

I know a little about spells that turn things into dumb animals, and it's totes possible that they now have the mind of a chicken, but with the body of a chicken. I think that's what happened.

That does tend to happen with undeads when you cast a Holy spell right on 'em. The holy light fills 'em up and drives 'em from this world! It's not just undeads that are weak to Holy magic, though. Demons and other "impure" spirits also tend to be. Thinkin' about it, displaced angel type things might get kicked back where they belong too? Hm.
A given Morph-Ray bullet will usually be consistent about what animal it turns someone into.
Just in case they CAN still communicate...
:glinp:"Hey can you understand me? peck once for yes, and twice for no." I don't get any response I can understand!
:bristle:"Lleeet's... move on." Bristle scratches the back of his long, fluffy neck.

:glinp:"Just a minute... (Sniff sniff!)" Smells liiiike the base for a murtweed sauce, is what's cookin'. You're supposed to simmer it for a long time, so that must be why they started it so long before the big eatup. I turn it off. That'll mess up their plans!! I mean, if we don't blow away Letiel or at least make her cancel the banquet. I should probably do that first one though, once we get to it.

I get some sausage out of the fridge and grab a couple knives.
:bristle:"What are you doing?"
:roshadow2:"You got some new weirdass plan now?"
:glinp:"I think this is one of those enchanted knives that doesn't cut living stuff. Watch!" I chop up the food and try to make it look like I'm not bein' careful, and fake cutting off one of my fingers! "Yep, it's perfectly s...afe..." I look down at my detached finger!
:bristle:"A... are you just using your modular power or..."
:roshadow2:"Ugggh, you ass. Let's just get moving. And I wanna put the hurt on someone, dammit! I know I've been trying to let you impress me, and if we can get to the boss with no kills? I will be, but man, I got an itch to hurt someone." I put my finger back.
:glinp:"I hear ya, I hear ya," I say, sticking Chickensfir into a cupboard and blocking it with a big heavy cooking pot. Which seems kind of cruel since nobody might find 'em, but maybe I'm not such a nice lizard, in spite of being nonlethal this time! Bristle looks like he wants to say something, but decides not to.

So! Bust into the next room guns blazin', or act like nothin' happened in here, or what?
No. 886103 ID: f5c698

Act casual and press on. If anyone's looking for Tosfir, say they just missed him. May as well take some knives with you.
No. 886136 ID: e1c8f7

Onwards and upwards! No need to linger or make a fuss. Turn off the range and walk out of there like nothing happened.
No. 886508 ID: 3b27a1

Hey, take that really nice expensive looking knife.
The one with the green hilt; might be worth something to sell.
Don’t forget to grab things to sell later!

Hmm, hard to say what to do next without knowing what’s next, time to carry on!
No. 886512 ID: 7fd053
File 152745704025.png - (55.58KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-58.png )

I already turned the stove off and put knives into my inventory! I take the one with the fancy hilt too.
:glinp:"K, let's go. We'll get someone to let Tosfir out before we leave, but until then if anyone's lookin' for 'em, say they just missed 'em." We proceed through double doors into a short hallway, and out another pair of double doors into the dining hall! Geez there's 5 people here, how big is this cult anyway... So we have one purple robe (Human guy), two blue robe (Goblin guy and girl), and two turquoise robe (moth Bugfolk and Slime... uh oh...). They point their weapons at us, but relax some when they see Bristle. The Slime looks me in the eyes and tenses up again!
:genericnpc-blu:"Heyyy, Bristle. Whatta you doin' here?" asks the male Gobbo. Bristle takes a moment to respond.
:bristle:"Just mmmaaaking sure things are going smoothly here. Everyone's so tense..."
:genericnpc-blu:"Whatta YOU guys think the wraith's deal is?" asks the female Gobbo. "Jiggles says the Lizardfolk with purple robes is just fakin' it! Says they're gonna dissolve 'em if they see 'em."
:genericnpc-trq:"Speaking of which, what's with YOUR robes, Shadow?" The Slime, who I assume is Jiggles, oozes toward Ro, eyeing him suspiciously.
:roshadow2:"Just got turned recently. Haven't been able to get the new robes yet." That seems to convince 'em. "Are you jiggles?" He points to the Slime.
:roshadow2:"Arrite. You really think some Lizardfolk could cause all this trouble?" He folds his arms. "How do they fake the wraith, exactly?" Jiggles looks at me with one eyestalk while another remains lookin' at Ro.
:genericnpc-trq:"The Lizardfolk is the only one who's seen the Wraith-"
:bristle:"Actually, I've seen it too!" Jiggles turns their eye from me to Bristle.
:genericnpc-trq:"Oh. Where?"
:bristle:"Over with Satara."
:genericnpc-trq:"What about you, Shadow? Have you seen it?"
:genericnpc-trq:"And you, Lizardfolk..." They look at my eyes and rear up. "They said that the one who's seen the wraith had weird eyes..."
:genericnpc-blu:"C'mon, don't pick on 'em just 'cause they got weird eyes..." says the lady Goblin. The Bugfolk is just looking on inscrutably.
:genericnpc-trq:"Quiet! I think we may've found the culprit!" Their eyes narrow!

Geez! We haven't even been here half an hour hardly, and the higher-ups are already this suspicious. Or at least some of 'em. What can I do or say to get outta this mess?
No. 886514 ID: e1c8f7

Could we maybe lay out some bombs before we head in and tell them you will stay in here and the attacks will continue because you're not the wraith? Blow up the bombs once you can do discreetly. Maybe they'll think someone outside is fighting it.
No. 886517 ID: b1b4f3

Tell em your eyes are just as weird as theirs. You're good at seeing things, so what.
No. 886557 ID: f5c698


Tell em fine. You didn't want to have to bring this up. Pull out the purple robes.

You killed the lizardfolk wearing these. You figured something was up with them since they had the wrong robes on, but then they tried attacking you. You figure they were an adventurer or something, and you were gonna bring that up to Letiel and see if there was a reward in store for you.
No. 886560 ID: 5fa661

This sounds like an excellent plan.
No. 886633 ID: deec6e

Hold up your arms defensively. Jiggles might be dangerous and jumping to (the right) conclusions, but he also seems like he'd try to argue his case and you can use that to pry for information.

"Hey hey, calm down. For onesies, my eyes aren't half as weird as yours, sir, and for realsies, isn't accusing me just what the Wraith's gonna want? We shouldn't be distracted and letting it pass us by - it's clearly here to sabotage Letiel. I mean, that's gotta be it, right? We've stayed pretty well under the radar and we're hidden in this boondocks of an old ruin, too. It's not like there's any valuable relics or stuff left here."

Whatever its response is - maybe it'll reveal something about where the Super Fist artifact is in its eagerness to accuse you - carry on by arguing your innocence.

"Now, if you're so suspicious, why not just ask me a few questions about something the wraith-guy or an outsider wouldn't know? That'd at least help prove my innocence."

If you're asked a hard question and don't know the answer go like "Aw, but come on, who'd know that? Did you know that?" at the other blue-robes and see their response. Then reload and conspire to ask Bristle about it.


Alternatively, revert and be a slightly less suspicious dwarf for the encounter with Jiggles.


Alternatively, revert and hatch a cunning plan to deal with troublesome obstacles. Letiel is a busy Necromancer right now, so one of her skeletons (that was her experimental spell bullet we got, wasn't it?) showing up with sensible orders from her might be given a pass even if it's unusual. You could try to find and/or grab something to write on from the kitchen and have the skeleton carry a message that turquoise robes are to find and join Tosfir to hunt for the Wraith and that blues and purples are to group together for safety. Ask Bristle if that might work, or if you'd need a genuine signature or mark or something. How does Letiel usually hand out orders? You've heard she's been vague or unclear about them before, and that's something you might be able to use to your advantage.

Another upshot is that you don't even have to accompany the skeleton and be seen by Jiggles and his Bugfolk friend, you can just hide out nearby. Once the turquoise robes have gone to search for Tosfir and/or the Wraith (in vain), you can approach and trick/scare/take out the goblins and the human on your way past.
No. 886829 ID: 7fd053
File 152763892329.png - (62.50KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-59.png )

I revert back to the kitchen and set my laaaast bomb.
:glinp:"Hey, you got something to write a note with?"
:bristle:"Yes, hold on." He takes out a notepad and a pen, flips to a new page, and hands 'em to me.
:glinp:"Thanks!" I take them. "I was thinkin’, I got Summon Skeleton with me. Can I have the skeleton deliver a message, supposedly from Letiel, and have whoever we encounter fall for it?"
:bristle:"(quiet dooking), yes, what did you have in mind?"
:glinp:"Something like, Turquoise robes are to find and join Tosfir to hunt for the Wraith, and blues and purples are to group together for safety. Also, do we need a special mark or signature or anything?"
:bristle:"Hmm... That... I'm not sure about that. That would have to be addressed to a turquoise robe. For the mark, if it's addressed to you or me, and the others don't see it, we wouldn't need her mark, but for anyone else we would need it. You might want to address it to me and not you, since people know me." I tap the pen on the notepad.
:glinp:"In that caaase, uh, how does she normally give orders? I've heard sometimes they can be unclear, so maybe we can use that to our advantage?"
:bristle:"I've seen her use undead servants for it before. Some of them even made out of people in the cult that I was talking to the day before... This skeleton thing isn't out of the question. Other times, she'll talk to us directly, through portals or in person. I'm sure she was planning for an in-person speech at the banquet. She can be unclear sometimes, that's true. Sometimes she forgets that people don't know what she's thinking, I think. What did you have... in mind?"
:glinp:"I didn't have any solid ideas for that. Shoot. You got anything Ro?" It's a good idea... I just gotta think of what can get us through the next room, that the skeleton can give to Bristle.
:glinp:"OK. Well if anyone's gettin' suspicious, THIS oughtta put 'em off my trail." I grab the pickaxe and become a Dwarf! And I hand the note stuff back.
:bristle:"Why'd you bring Summon Skeleton, anyway? That's an odd one."
:glinp:"Got it from Letiel's room!"
:bristle:"Oh. How did you get around the barrier? Did you blow out the wall?"
:glinp:"No, I walked through the barrier. Figured it keep out undeads, since Ro here couldn't pass through."
:bristle:"It's not supposed to let anyone but Letiel through..." Ro looks confused.
:glinp:"That's weird. Guess it didn't work!" I shrug!
:bristle:"Yeah..." He looks confused too.
:glinp:" Aaanyway, we'll get someone to let Tosfir out before we leave, but until then if anyone's lookin' for 'em, say they just missed 'em. Let's go!" We go into the next room.
:genericnpc-blu:"Heyyy, Bristle. Whatta you doin' here?" asks the male Gobbo. Everything goes the same, except Jiggles doesn't suspect me of nothin', so they're less intense. Now all their suspicion is on Ro!

:genericnpc-trq:"What about you, Shadow? Have you seen it?"
:genericnpc-trq:"And you, Dwarf?"
:glinp:"Yes! We've all seen the damn thing." My voice comes out gruff. "Let's go, Bristle."
:genericnpc-trq:"Just a minute. What's your name, Shadow?" Jiggles accosts us again.
:roshadow2:"...Po. Now bye."
:genericnpc-trq:"You're not a turquoise robe, Po! You're not even a blue robe yet. You have to stay here until I say you can leave."
:roshadow2:"Yeah fine, what?"
:genericnpc-trq:"Where did you last see that Lizardfolk?"
:roshadow2:"Uhhh with... Satara I guess?"
:genericnpc-trq:"Where did they go?"
:roshadow2:"Fuck if I know, man." He shrugs. I covertly set off my bomb in the kitchen. "Ohhh shit! Is that the wraith!?" He sounds uhhh half-convincing, but it seems to be enough.
:genericnpc-trq:"Graaaah!" Jiggles races to the kitchen, and the others in their group follow!
:bristle:"Alright, let's go." We move along into a weird diagonal hallway.
:templevoice:"Only those who are ready to d-d-d-d! d-d-d-d-d-d-DO battle may pass through here."
:bristle:"Dammit. I don't know what to do here. Wait stop!" I walk forward, and pass out. I come to a moment later when Bristle drags me out of the hallway. Jiggles and Co. are still in the kitchen.

Do I have a good order that the skeleton can give us to put us past these guys?
And what does that hint mean, so that we can actually proceed?
Or maybe there's some way I can just go ape on these fools without getting eaten by a Slime?
No. 886831 ID: f5c698


Try having everyone arm themselves with one of the knives from the kitchen and see if that gets you past.

Otherwise maybe it's time to revert and use the trip gun? If someone's near the slime trip them into 'em. Then while they're busy walk through with the skeleton in tow, saying you're on orders from Leteil and have no time for chit-chat.
No. 886898 ID: e1c8f7

See if Ro can pass. Maybe it requires a killer instinct. If he goes out too, try arming up with your staff at the ready. If it works, arm the others with the knives. If you still have no luck, have the skeleton hold a note saying that you three are to report to Letiel immediately. Don't specify why. Maybe it's vague enough that Jiggles will think you're being sent to your deaths and prompt resurrection.
No. 886925 ID: 416874

Hey, can’t Ro contort and “ride”/ impersonate our shadow?

Might be easier to hide that way.
Although that won’t stop them from being suspicious later.

Squad up, arm up and see if that will bypass this Jank ass trap.
No. 886940 ID: 90fd91


Isn't this a fist temple? Maybe it means putting on boxing gloves, or holding your dukes up as you go through.
No. 887086 ID: 7fd053
File 152780768916.png - (80.08KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-60.png )

If he can, it probably doesn't work with that much sunlight.

I take out one of the knives.
:glinp:"Maybe we need weapons," I say, and pass out again when I cross into the hallway. Bristle pulls me back. "Uhh Ro, maybe you need a killer instinct?" Ro tries and ends up passin' out too! "Fists!" I raise one fist (I need the other hand to hold the pickaxe!) and step into the danger zone. That does it! "OK!" I keep my fist clenched and the others follow.
Round the corner, we see that guy who I saw earlier when I'd used the Psi-beam, plus a turquoise robed... uhhh shark lady. Different kind than Ro, she's got ears and hair. There's also another bend to the left, and some doors leading outside to a courtyard in front of us. It looks like the folks in here have their fists clenched too, so that double checks out!
:genericnpc-trq:"Huh? Oh hey Bristle. What are you guys doin' here? I don't recognize YOU two." She points at Ro and me and looks at us kinda askew.
:glinp:"Boss' orders. We're s'posed to come see 'er."
:genericnpc-trq:"That's funny. You'd think she woulda told me that! Hey kid." She addresses the Reshishi.
:genericnpc-trq:"Go ask those guys if they heard anything about someone comin' to see the boss."
:genericnpc-prp:"Yes ma'am!" They run around the corner and we can hear some talkin'. Then they come back. "Th-they didn't hear anything like that!"
:bristle:"Well, I don't know what to tell you. We have our orde-" Then we hear Jiggles from the other room!
:genericnpc-trq:"BriSTLLLLLE! Get your mangy ass over here!"
:bristle:"Ugh, what is it now?" Jiggles crashes against the wall, holding their fist in the air! Their entourage are following behind, but they don't enter the mandatory fist zone.
:genericnpc-trq:"I didn't say you could leave! Get back in the dining hall!"

Geez, what a persistent Slime! On the other side of us, the shark lady's grinning spookily. The Reshishi's looking between all of us uncertainly.
What to do, what to do!
No. 887090 ID: f5c698


Ah, the others aren't coming in here because they don't know.

Go ahead and stretch a little. "Oh, so the boss is over this way. Thanks for letting us know. I'll give you one chance to leave, or you can end up discorporated like the others."

Let one of them take the first attack, be ready to grab their punchin' arm under yours and cut up their tendons with your claws and teeth. Bet if they stop clenching their fists, they'll go out like a light. Try and get Ro and Bristle to do the same, these cultists are just doing their job, albeit better than the others before them.
No. 887101 ID: b38f01

Oh no she's cute. Seduce shark girl
Man, I don't want to start a fight we were clearly outnumbered. But we would have the advantage of being in an area where as soon as we make someone lose a fist, they're out for the count. The zapping spear would be perfect for this area but we would have to drop our pickaxe to wield it. Fuck. I say we fireball the two ahead and run through.
No. 887302 ID: 7fd053
File 152798682336.png - (64.29KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-61.png )

There's one problem with this... Slimes don't have tendons!
:glinp:"Right. I'll give you one chance to leave, or you can end up disincorporated like the others." Jiggles gets real mad!
:genericnpc-trq:"Tch, you tryin' to get killed? You better stand back, Bristle. This could get mess-" Bristle does a war dance! "Uhhhh?"
:glinp:"Go for the tendons and run!" I put the pickaxe away and make for the corner. Ro follows right behind, and Bristle too.
:genericnpc-trq:"Bitches startin' a MUTINYYYYY!?" yells the shark lady! A blue-robed Possumfolk comes around as backup! I hit 'em in the face with a fireball!
Aw fuck, Ro got caught and he's getting eaten by Jiggles! That slime's a real problem! I try the spear, but they're too fast for me! I can't get in a hit! Then the shark lady tackles me! I get her and Jiggles with the ol' fireball-to-the-face trick!
>-Foomf Foomf-
Aha! Slimes are weak against fire! Just not weak enough to save Ro...
:roshadow2:"YOU LET ME DOW-MFGH" Eugh...

Gonna need a new strategy! I check my surroundings just in case there's anything useful. The Bugfolk isn't in here, but it looks like they sent in the Goblins. No vents here, and no windows. Just the doors to the courtyard, which are open. No torches handy. The chamber's wide enough that a lot of people could stand side-by-side, and the ceiling is several Glinps high. OK, maybe that wasn't too helpful. Hmmm...
How far back do I revert, and what's my new plan from there?
No. 887304 ID: f5c698

Revert back to before initiating the fight, hold your hand up to Bristle like you've had enough of this shit, say "Just one moment, I'll be right back." and go around the corner with Jiggles. Lower your voice.

"Do you have any idea what you're blowing here? This operation is to root out traitors, not settle them in!"

Try and look coy as you say "Bristle's been an unusual case in the eye of our leaders for a while. They even got me to go undercover as a dumb initiate to try and root him out. Now that I got evidence he's been leaking information, you're just gonna sass him instead of letting us dispose of the problem? Leave this to us and get back to your station this instant!"

Try and look infuriated. If this spiel doesn't stick, try peppering them with fireballs while jumping up too high for then to getcha.
No. 887317 ID: b1b4f3

If the slime is the biggest problem, use the entrapment cube to keep them out of the fight so you can get past.
No. 887481 ID: 422b46

Bail. Leave Ro and co to die, it sucks but you can revert later.

Bail through those doors into the courtyard. You’ve gotten this far, load up a skeleton and give it some knifes to give these bastards something to chew on while you go see what’s on the other side.

Maybe revert and load up a turn male on the shark for fun.
No. 887613 ID: 7fd053
File 152815873660.png - (99.49KB , 1024x2048 , ns3-62.png )

That sure would be a good strategy if I had one of those anymore!



:genericnpc-trq:"I didn't say you could leave! Get back in the dining hall!"
:glinp:"Jiggles, can you and I have a talk, alone? Here, let's step outside for just a moment.Bristle, behave yourself. "
:genericnpc-trq:"I think we can all talk about it in the dining room."
:glinp:"No, this needs to be in private," I whisper urgently.
:genericnpc-trq:"Fine... Goblins, watch these guys. You just have to make a fist." They show their fist to the Goblins, who come in to watch Bristle and Ro, as we go into the kitchen. Once we're out of earshot, I scrape a hand over my face and look real mad.
:glinp:"Right, do you have any idea what you're blowing here?" I whisper furiously. "This operation is supposed to root out with traitors, not settle them in! Bristle's been an unusual case in the eye of our leaders for a while. They even got me to go undercover as a dumb initiate to try and root him out. Now that I got evidence he's been leaking information, you're just gonna sass him instead of letting us dispose of the problem? Leave this to us and stick to your damn station."
:genericnpc-trq:"If you're not an initiate, who are you?" Shit I don't know what to say to that! So I use a Fireball on 'em, and then a Super Jump to get out of the way! "KILL THEM! GRGBLGBL" I pepper 'em with more fireballs, but from a safe distance, they can dodge pretty well! So that's not gonna work out! The Bugfolk grapples me and I Super Jump against a wall, which hurts 'em, but I can't get 'em to let go! Jiggles approaches and I wait for 'em to get close enough that they can't dodge, and my Fireballs do some real damage! But I'm gettin' real tired. Then the Bugfolk jabs their proboscis into me and starts suckin' my blood! Holy crap! They seem to be fire-resistant, too...

Knives ain't gonna do shit against Jiggles! Probably!


I have to go back to before we came out of the kitchen to load the Turn Male bullet, but I do that. Everything goes the same, until
:genericnpc-trq:"Huh? Oh hey Bristle. What are you guys doin' here? I don't recognize YOU two." She points at Ro and me and looks at us kinda askew. I whip out the caster gun and turn her into a shark dude! "Whoa, we turnin' this into a sausage party now? This ain't exactly a good time for frisky business!"
:bristle:"Plink??" Bristle looks at me with a hilarious look of confusion. Ro snorts with laughter.
:genericnpc-trq:"Damn I'm poppin' right outta my panties here, turn me back. No wait, how long does this last?"
:glinp:"About 4 hours."
:genericnpc-trq:"Eh... Yeah, better turn me back."
:genericnpc-trq:"Listen here, Dwarfy! This ain't the time to learn why people on my good side call me Tsunami! If you don't change me back, you're gonna find out why people on my BAD side call me FRENZY!" He bares his teeth, narrows his eyes and wiggles his tail!
:glinp:"Maybe I like the sound of BOTH of those names~"
:genericnpc-trq:"Hhhyou fucker~!" He jumps on me and tries to bite my face off! I keep him at bay, but he looks like he's about to get his claws into the action too!
:genericnpc-trq:"BriSTLLLLLE! Get your mangy ass over here!"

I can always go back and think of some orders for the skeleton to give us. That was a promising idea! Just needed to figure out what those orders oughtta be.
Or I can see how things go differently this time around, with Jiggles comin' in to see this awkward situation. I'll still need some kinda plan though!
No. 887704 ID: b38f01

Have the skeleton follow behind your group with a note calling you three for a "special mission" for the banquet.
No. 887808 ID: f5c698


I like Saint's suggestion, if that don't work though, "Letiel wants to see (your fake names) about the incident involving a "wraith". Keep to your posts as normal."
No. 887945 ID: 7fd053
File 152832682591.png - (98.65KB , 1024x2048 , ns3-63.png )



I go back to when we were in the kitchen.
:glinp: "I was thinkin’, I got Summon Skeleton with me, and I can have it deliver a message to us, supposedly from Letiel. We'll say she's got a special mission for us. How's that sound? From I hear she's not always too clear with her orders, so..." Bristle looks thoughtful.
:bristle:"I think... (quiet dooking) that just might work! I've got some writing implements, here." He hands me a notepad and pen.
:glinp:"Perfect. Nnnnhere we go."
Then Bristle asks about why I have that spell, we talk about the barrier, blah blah. I roll up the paper with the fake order on it just for appearances' sake, and equip the pickaxe.
"OK, skeleton, if anyone asks, you gave us this paper, and it's an order from our boss telling us we got a special mission. Got it?" The skeleton nods. "Great. Follow us!"
We go into the dining room. Same group as before, of course.
:genericnpc-blu:"Heyyy, Bristle. Whatta you doin' here?" asks the male Gobbo.
:bristle:"Orders from the boss! We're supposed to go see her for a special mission." He gestures to the skeleton.
:genericnpc-trq:"She must be taking this wraith thing seriously!" says the bugfolk.
:genericnpc-trq:"Must be..." says Jiggles, eyeing Ro. "Do you guys know how to get through the next area?"
:bristle:"No, we need you to tell us."
:genericnpc-trq:"You just have to make a fist before you go in!" They demonstrate! "And don't let go until you're through, or else you'll fall asleep."
:bristle:"Got it! Thanks."
:genericnpc-trq:"Yeah..." We go in and make it past Frenzy and co., explaining our orders and showing off the skeleton to the rest of the cultists in our way. Damn, this makes it easy! We're still leaving a lotta guys behind who'll still be loyal to Letiel... So we still might have to fight them too...

We feel a chill as soon as we enter the same room as the cult leader. We're on the rim of a giant pit that I can't see the bottom of, and there's an unsupported walkway leading to the center, where Letiel is floating. Also, it looks like all three paths through the temple end here, right next to each other. I can see the Gnoll and Cutebold from earlier, through the farthest doorway.
:letiel:"Bristle. Why have you brought these worms to me? Are they the source of our troublesome disturbances today?"

Bristle looks like he's having a hard time saying anything! I'd better make my move, or maybe I should have given these guys a plan before we got here. I think they're expecting me to have one...
No. 887957 ID: b38f01

I almost want to see if a Holy round would do anything. Have that loaded before we go in. Bow and say that you did what you did to test her forces and impress her. Her cult fell apart so quickly at your hands.. You would change that. Train them. All you need is a position under her and her blessing. Stand and slowly make you way over to her as you say this and end in a head bow. Hopefully she'll be too close to not dodge the holy round.
No. 887962 ID: d7b8dc

Hey, remember how you were able to go through that barrier and you don't know why even though nobody else is supposed to be able to? What if she has reversion powers too? You should try not to revert carelessly here unless absolutely necessary.
No. 887970 ID: a97c44


Well, making shit up has gotten us this far. Hope the other higher ups can hear you through the passages and they're not total devotees.

"You might say that, but I prefer to think of us as. I like to think everyone has a hand in creating their own problems, as well as their own solutions. Take the banquet you're holding for example. How curious would it be to hold a banquet without food? We went through the kitchens earlier, only to find not a bit of food had been made. Why would that be, exactly? Poor middle management, such as the ones that got us our off color garb? Someone stealing all the food? I believe otherwise. This is 'banquet' is really a ritual to sacrifice all of us, isn't it?"
No. 888031 ID: c01f48

You guys see that artifact around here anywhere? That's what we're here for and maybe we could just get it and avoid letiel
No. 888146 ID: fd4502

“We got a call that there was something bad in the neighborhood.”

Ask if Leital really is that monk that built this place.
I mean it seems like it is but maybe it’s a ruse.

See if a psi-beam can rip Leital a new Lich-hole.

Another idea with surprising Leital would be walking in “injured” again; they are a necromancer, but I doubt they expect a “dead” arm to fire a gun from a live person.
The only problem is distance, that walkway is long as fuck.

Idk what to do about the other guys. I guess just roll with the punches, cause I don’t think we’re going to find that artifact with Leital still against us.
Besides, we got to the boss undetected, so Ro has been potentialially impressed.
No. 888292 ID: 7fd053
File 152850307224.png - (68.02KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-64.png )

That seems really unlikely!

Can't see the artifact in here... And I don't want to just avoid Letiel, since she's here and we're here! I want to either kill her or convince her to give up her lowdown ways. I'm thinkin' the first one's a lot more likely.

I don't think she's especially unholy, but it's worth a shot!


I revert and load the Holy round and give some knives to my buddies, and we get back to the boss' room.
:letiel:"Are they the source of our troublesome disturbances today?" I bow and motion for the others to do the same.
:glinp:"We are, and we did it to test your forces and impress you." I start walkin' over. "Your cult fell apart so quickly at our hands! I can change this. Train them."
:letiel:"Stop." She holds out her hand and blocks the way with a giant Mage Hand! I'm maybe halfway across the bridge. "This is all so.. endearing," she says sarcastically, "but I don't need your help running my cult." I draw and fire right through the transparent magical hand. Didn't know it'd go through! That's convenient. She dodges, and I woulda missed her, but this one's got a little homing to it!
"Ow." She laughs slightly. "Was that a Holy spell? I'm not undead, you know. Still..." The torches flare up and she glows for a moment. "That stung a little. But I'm all better now." Meanwhile, my buddies are circling the rim uncertainly.



I put in Psi-beam instead of Holy.
When I try to fire it through the Mage Hand, it does NOT pass through! The hand catches some of the beam before being destroyed, and Letiel has enough time to get completely out of the way.



:letiel:"Are they the source of our troublesome disturbances today?"
:glinp:"I like to think everyone has a hand in creating their own problems, as well as their own solutions. Take the banquet you're holding for example. How curious would it be to hold a banquet without food? We went through the kitchens earlier, only to find not a bit of food had been made!" She waves a hand dismissively.
:letiel:"Our food-conjurors have not arrived yet. On top of that, the banquet is not for a few more hours. There will be plenty of time to cook the food."
:glinp:"I believe otherwise. This is 'banquet' is really a ritual to sacrifice all of us, isn't it?" I step onto the bridge.
:letiel:"'Us'? You're not even one of my underlings, adventurer!"
:glinp:"Are you the monk that built this place?"
:letiel:"No, he died ages ago! You can visit his grave! I could resurrect him mys-... no, he'd be too well-protected. Regardless, that is a foolish question." She creates a Mage Hand and squishes us all under it, and floats closer. "You, Shadow. What is your true form?" With some gestures, and whispered sounds, she makes Ro shimmer and turn back into shark form!
:roshadow2:"GaAAAh! Don't fuckin' do that, lady!" He shivers and grimaces.
:letiel:"You were foolish to bring an undead against me. What WERE you thinking?" She laughs evilly and lets Ro slip free of the hand. He runs at 'er with teeth and claws biggified, and she grabs him with a second Mage Hand! She tries to bring him closer, but he bites and snaps fiercely enough that she can't get him too close.

Meanwhile, Bristle has slipped out from the hand and he jumps onto her and gets tailstabbed! I don't stick around to see what happens next.


This time, I go in carrying my detached gun arm.
:letiel:"'Us'? You're not even one of my underlings, adventurer!" I fire!
Yeaaah, it's too far. I DID get her hand though! She couldn't dodge all the way!
:letiel:"Impudent whelp! You'll pay for this!" She does the thing with the glowing again, and it takes a few seconds, but she heals her hand! Fuck!

So, Holy doesn't do much, but it could be good for a distraction. On the other hand, I might want to save it for Zorgonok. It'd be a lot more effective there! Then again, I can buy another if I need to, if I have enough cash after the mission.
Psi-beam's good, but...
Looks like I might need a couple things: A way to keep her from dodging, a way to close the gap, and a way to keep her from regenerating her shit.
Or if I can find something outside-the-box, that's always an option.
No. 888295 ID: 56e50f

Ro. He's your ticket to getting her distracted, getting you close and getting past the hands. The question is, would he be able to get big enough to keep her properly distracted? I almost want to see if a dispell round would do anything on her.
No. 888296 ID: f5c698

Let's try a different argument.

"I was sent here by your neighbors. They're tired of your cultists being rambunctious and cleaning up after your experiments, so they sent me here to stop you. I'd rather not have to do that. What exactly are you trying to do here? Help me help you, and maybe we can find a happy medium."

I mean you've looked in her diary and still don't know what she's up to! Then again research notes are pretty hard to read most of the time.
No. 888303 ID: b1b4f3

Out of the box? Why not try to talk? She doesn't seem to attack until you do.
Ask her where the relic's at. You haven't done anything particularly harmful to her operation here, maybe she'll let you grab the power and leave without having to fight her at all?

Alternatively, maybe you can get her to grab you and draw you in close then fireball her?
No. 888307 ID: 91ee5f

Every time she heals, those torches around the room light up. I think maybe those have something to do with her healing?

>forced Ro to change forms
We might want to revert and quickly ask Ro if there’s a chance that he could be controlled by the necromancer?

>think of something outside-the-box
We’ve still got that change gender bullet, since we reverted and didn’t use it on the shark girl. It’s not going to be very effective but it’ll definitely catch her off guard!
No. 888309 ID: b1b4f3

Well if the torches have something to do with the healing we could try putting them out during the fight. Gonna have to let her heal once so Glinp has some clear reason to do so though.
No. 888477 ID: c01f48

we gotta figure out some way to get close, so we can blast her with the psy-beam point blank.

hasta la vista, baby :3
No. 888677 ID: 7fd053
File 152884016710.png - (55.76KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-65.png )

There are no neighbors here! This place is in the middle of nowhere.


Back to the kitchen. I load Dispel this time.
:glinp:"Ro, is there any chance this Letiel could mind control you or anything?"
:roshadow2:"She fuckin' better not! Damn, that would be... but she'd have to be damn strong for that, wouldn't she?" He looks at Bristle. "And it would take a ton of effort?"
:bristle:"I don't know the extent of her powers, but it should take immense concentration and power to control someone that wasn't an empty vessel. She'd be fighting against your will. I don't... ah, I don't think she could control you outright."
:roshadow2:"Yeah. Good."
:bristle:"If she gets you at close range, she can suck out your soul, and then she can control your body."
:roshadow2:"Wow, fuck that."

We get back to the boss room. Troublesome disturbances, yeah yeah.
:glinp:"Yeah, but we really just want the Super Fist artifact!"
:letiel:"Oh, is THAT all... You made all this fuss for that? You can just come back when we leave."
:glinp:"Nah, I want it now."
:letiel:"Hmph! A typical STUBBORN adventurer. How many of my poor, innocent cultists have you slaughtered to get here?" She holds out her claw, palm-up, and wiggles it around. She looks confused/surprised! "None...? Hahaha! I must give you credit for that. However, you are a fool either way." She floats closer. "You, Shadow. What is your true form?" She undoes Ro's disguise.
:roshadow2:"GaAAAh! Don't fuckin' do that, lady!" He shivers and grimaces.
:letiel:"Bringing an undead against me. What WERE you thinking?" She grabs him with a Mage Hand, he struggles, I fire Dispel (It's a bit homing too) and it breaks several enchantments! She gasps! "YOU!" She grabs me with another Mage Hand and tosses me at Bristle and the skeleton!
:glinp:,:bristle:"Oof!" The skeleton clatters, but isn't down for the count!.
:letiel:"Now I'll have to recast those spells!" She slams her fist down, but we both scramble out of the way! The skeleton survives still. "Why is there a skeleton here??"


I load Turn Male instead of Dispel. I don't know what she's got that Dispel removes yet, but I can figure that out later.
:letiel:"Bringing an undead against me. What WERE you thinking?" She grabs Ro, I fire Turn Male, and she turns even spikier!
"WhaaaaAAAAT?" She pauses for a moment! "What... what are you trying to do here, worm!?" She backs away from me, almost to the opposite wall! Shoot, that's the opposite of what I wanted.


:letiel:"...troublesome disturbances today?"
:glinp:"Yep! You better grab me and take my soul!" I walk toward her with outstretched arms!
:letiel:"Come on, that's just suspicious!"


I go back and tell Ro to distract her when we find her, so I can get close and shoot her with Psi-beam. I give him the knives so he can throw 'em. Letiel doesn't even finish speaking before Ro runs 'round the rim, making lots of noise! She watches, and once she's turned far enough I run toward her.
:letiel:"Enough of this!" She turns around and starts to make a Mage Hand, but one of the knives hits her! As it falls down into the pit, I raise my gun and give her a blast of psi-beam! She ends up inside the hole in the wall carved by the beam.
:letiel:"(gasp!)" So that's it - she's got some kinda protective spells on! She should be missing a lot more than her arm and most of her skin! She screams and the torches flare and she glows and starts regenerating! I wait a moment, and then,
:glinp:"The torches! Put 'em out! I think she's usin' 'em to regenerate!" Ro is near the one opposite to the entrances, so he takes off his robes and smothers it. Bristle does the same with the one above the entrances. Letiel stabs me through the chest with a Mage Tail and tosses me into the pit. Oops! "Hurgkhhh!!!"

Brutal! But hey, this seems like progress. I'm learnin' all kinds of things!
Do I have any more talking ideas?
Do I have any more strategies for dealing with this magical, beastly foe?
Do I think it would be a good idea to revert so I can explore and try to find secrets and items that might help, and THEN come here and do battle? If so, where do I go?
No. 888681 ID: 86eb65

Double down on the peaceful solution. Hint that we know her secrets. Point out we did not make much of a mess and all her nice cultists are still alive. And let it slip that you know enough about her powers and how the torches work and such that she is nervous about her odds in a fight.

Then mention that she can get you out of her hair right now by letting you touch the fist powerup.
No. 888719 ID: bddb0f

>"Oh, is THAT all... You made all this fuss for that? You can just come back when we leave."

... oy vey. Classic adventurer's dilemma. We're pretty sure She's Up To No Good (evil laughter is a bit of a clue), but this WOULD easily work out for Glinp's purposes. If not Bristle, who aims to take down the cult. Or, really even Ro, who's here for loot and a show. Hum... nah, let's not do that. Doesn't mean we can't appear to consider it, though.

>Numerous Talky Options

Say "Sure! ...as long as whatever you got planned isn't tricking a whole bunch of "poor, innocent cultists" into a drug-laced feast so you can dine on their souls for power or resurrect a death elemental or something similarly stereotypically stupid." (make sure to emphasize the stereotypical bit - she's an inventor and researcher, so if you can make her lapse into ranting about how her big plan is a unique snowflake and nothing like previous necromantic grabs for power)

Go on to argue that if she wanted power, she really should've gone into the adventuring biz. Sure, there's some risk, but the power creep is real and people get a mite bit less judgemental when they know you're not the type to send out easily impressed goons (or hellraising anarchists) to whack people for their bods. (this might prompt her to talk about her motivation for being a necromancer or collecting followers of various stripes - or, well, robes). Besides, there's plenty of dead bods of all kinds to get your hands on during adventuring, yannow? She shouldn't knock it until she's tried it. Just sayin', more free bods, less image problems.

Make it a point to challenge her self-rightousness within earshot of the cultist guards.

"Look, Letiel... if your purps hadn't been all 'haha, we murderin' dudes for their bods cuz' Letiel says so' I wouldn't be so uppity with you. It's not about how powerful you get, but how you do it, yannow? Speakin' of which... for someone who gets on my case for murderin' 'innocent cultists' you suuuuure were quick to try to use the 'dead' ones as meatshields and it's kinda also super hypocritical to send your cultists after innocents then call 'em innocent, too. Having gotten this far into your lair on, like, a lark, I COULD turn right around and come back later, no big, but the murderin' stuff comes around, dontcha know? I gots to make you tell me what's really up before I can leave - and I sure can do that! Lemme prove I'm not just all hot air."

Spit a fireball at a wall and 'accidentally' blast one of her torches as an example of what you can do (if something happens to the torch, just say 'huh, interesting'), then pointedly point your gun at her with the intent to hold her ritual hostage.

"I got a Dispel ready and a mouthful of hot takes on your weirdly racist recruitment policies, for one. I'm guessing you're gonna have to recast an awful lot of important spells if I pull the trigger, nah?"

Make her sweat for a sec, then lower the gun.

"But boy, girl, you lucky that's not plan A. Look... is it really gonna cost you that much to lift the cultish veil of 'I am perfect superboss nerd-cromancer, bow before me' for a minute to level with us? You may not like me stompin' all over your plans - not wrecked anything yet, tho' - but I AM giving you an honest chance to explain yourself and maaaaybe back down a little from your whole 'I must do bad things, because KNOWLEDGE AND POWER' gig you seem to be on. Ain't often a reality check happens in adventurin' circles. What's it all for, even? Revenge?"

Hold up your hand and count off the 'cards' you have if she questions you on that.

"Half your cult's chasing my wraith buddy who could turn up at any second, cuz' he's a wall-walker, a third's taken up my offer of kindly not gettin' murdered and the rest are hanging around here waiting for an order to pile in that won't come, cuz' you'll look hella weak if you can't take out a few interlopers and they'll look hella stupid if they cross your orders not to interfere if you can take us, nah? 's a nice catch 22."

"Besides, if you need help to off three of us, that's not who they signed up to follow, yeah? You been cultivatin' that personal strength thing and now you gots to prove it. Lotta those guys could take care of themselves if they really wanted and, frankly, shouldn't they? I don't really see the benefits for 'em here - there's easier, less 'gettin' adventurer'd' ways to make a living - or raisin' hell, if that's their poison." (might get her to talking about why they're following her/loyal to her)

"Oh, and Tosfir's outta the picture. If you're nice, I'll either GIVE or SELL him back to you as I leave, cuz' I'm guessin' you like how useful that dude is - whatever he is. A resurrected experiment of yours?" (pause to see if she answers, and if she doesn't, carry on) "Well, whatever. I got him in my back pocket now, metaphorically speaking. You can do funny thing to wraith-like dudes if you got the right stuff, dontcha know. Try Messaging 'im if you don't believe me." (you can essentially claim to have one of her more useful subordinates hostage)

Make sure to interrupt her when she starts to point out Ro's undeadness. Seem amused. We know she gets suspicious and hesitant when openly dared, so dare her to do it. Make her doubt the effectiveness of that tactic.

"Yeah, and if you think for a minute we were silly for bringing undeads to a necromancer fight, after we totes no-sold your 'cultist meatshield' plan, g'wan... try taking control of 'im. I wanna see your expression when the counter kicks in. Why dontcha just tell me what's up and why I shouldn't mess up your plans."
No. 888728 ID: 37c960

Still do the psy-beam thing, but follow up with the "turn male" bullet before closing in... and kicking her in the balls.
No. 888749 ID: 56e50f

Our dispell round was probably our closest bet. Maybe we can follow-up with a Lightning or FIST. This might be costly on castor rounds though. Is there any way we can get Bristle to start knocking those torches out while Ro and you keep her distracted?
No. 888770 ID: f5c698

I've lost track of where we've been. Was there something else to check back around where the fist eels were?

Before you revert, try to bait the mage hand out with fist loaded and then super jump over it. See if you can get a direct hit on Leteil and evaluate how much damage it does.
No. 888779 ID: 7fd053
File 152893369057.png - (55.62KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-66.png )

I haven't been along the middle path past where Satara is blocking it, and there was some stuff we passed to get to her, as well. Plus I’m sure there are other spots where just I didn’t spend much time to investigate...


I revert and this time I don't tell Ro to distract her. When we reach her, I run at her, she puts up a Mage Hand, I try to Super Jump over it but she just keeps it between us, and I fire. The Hand blocks it! Poo!

I seem to have a lot of talking ideas, but I don't think I'll be able to use all of 'em in one go, and it doesn't seem like I have a strong opinion on any of them in particular soooo I'll just pick and choose. I don't think the "innocents" bit is gonna fly, since she was clearly being sarcastic about that.
Also, I'm not gonna just go silent if talking doesn't work, but unless I think of something real good to convince her to give up the ghost, I'm thinkin' I'll stop trying the diplomatic approach soon. I'm not actually sure if I can pull it off at all!


I revert and put in Dispel, and we get back to this point about the artifact...
:letiel:"Oh, is THAT all... You made all this fuss for that? You can just come back when we leave."
:glinp:"Look, Letiel... if your purples hadn't been all 'haha, we murderin' dudes for their bods cuz' Letiel says so' I wouldn't be so uppity with you. It's not about how powerful you get, but how you do it, yannow? And having gotten this far into your lair on, like, a lark, I COULD turn right around and come back later, no big, but the murderin' stuff comes around, don'tcha know? I gotta make you tell me what's really up before I can leave - and I sure can do that! Lemme prove I'm not just all hot air." I turn around and hit the torch above the entrances with a fireball. I turn back again in time to see Letiel flinch slightly when it goes out. I point the gun at her. She grinds her teeth and puts up a Mage Hand between us.
:letiel:"You need to be an actual member before I'll tell you that, and besides, you'd have to wait for the banquet like everyone else. I'm not going to give the speech twice."
:glinp:"I got a Dispel ready and a mouthful of hot takes on your weirdly racist recruitment policies. I'm guessing you're gonna have to recast an awful lot of important spells if I pull the trigger, nah?"
:letiel:"You won't live long if you do." I lower the gun a little.
:glinp:"Hah! I don't think so. I'm stronger than I might look! Y'know, I took Tosfir outta the picture. Heh, if you're nice, I'll either GIVE or SELL 'em back to you as I leave, cuz' I'm guessin' you like how useful that dude is - whatever they are. A resurrected experiment of yours?"
:letiel:"One of mine? No, no, they're... Something I've never seen before. But, you run into such things a lot, living in Stiria. As for your offer..." She does a communication spell.
:tosfir:"(buck buck buck)"
:letiel:"Hilarious. The offer, I mean." She vanishes the spell. "I can turn th- Where are you going?" I'm walking around the rim. She keeps the Mage Hand between us.
:glinp:"Oh I'm just checking something. Don't mind me!"
:letiel:"Stop." She smushes me against the wall!
:glinp:"Oof! She flinched when I put out the torch! I bet they're important!" The others run to put out the torches! She floats toward me and I can't target her with the caster gun! She blocks their way with another Mage Hand!
:letiel:"Wretched, stubborn adventurers! Let's see how you fare when I drain the soul of your ringleader!"
:glinp:"Oh noooo! Get the torchessss!" She holds her hand up to my head and nothing happens!
:letiel:"It's not there!? Damn you!"
:glinp:"You think I'd keep that shit in my body?" I get her in the face with a fireball!
:letiel:"Gyah!" The Hand weakens enough for me to get a bead on 'er!
:glinp:"What do I look like, an IDIOT?" Dispel!
Her enchantments break, and my buddies get to the next torch and put it out! She gasps!
:letiel:"YOU!" The Mage Hand gets its strength back and squeezes me!
:glinp:"Aghhh!" She tosses me at the others, knockin' over Ro. Bristle scamper-dodges over me. Yaaay I'm not dead!

This seems like a good track so far! She's too far away to hit with psi-beam, especially with the Mage Hand, but Lightning oughtta hit her good! The trouble is, we still have two torches up.
Do I go with a spell now?
If not, what should I do?
No. 888795 ID: 6f3a7e


Tell Bristle to get around to one side, then load a lightning bullet. Does this one bounce? If so, try and get it to hit Letiel on a ricochet. If not try and get yourself and Bristle on opposite sides, wait for an opening and blast her.
No. 888829 ID: 91ee5f

>"You think I'd keep that shit in my body?"
.....you know, that might explain how you were able to get past the barrier and enter Letiel’s room.
No. 888831 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if you can break the torches with fireballs?
No. 888846 ID: b38f01

Bristle and Ro can split up and flank either side of her to get to the torches. As soon her attention shifts off you, you fireball her. That should buy them time. Prepare to super jump to dodge those hands. 🖐🖐
No. 889010 ID: a363ac

maybe praying to your god for a hint of what to do? or Ekwi I hear is a cool god with interesting powers ask them, or Dessen.
No. 889015 ID: 7fd053
File 152909935903.png - (56.46KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-67.png )

No need to bother Dolnar with somethin' small like this! I should only cash in favor with him if I have a reeeal problem and I need somethin' big. I don't serve Ekwi at all, and I've never heard of the other one.

I already put out the one at the entrance with a fireball, but the rest have been too far away for me to get.

Bouncing lightning? I might be able to get it to arc off of something and hit her... a torch maybe?

:glinp:"Hey is that why I was able to get into your room?" I start loading Lightning. She tries to Mage Tail me, but since I'm against a wall now, she can't get it behind me for a sneak attack, so I can dodge!
:letiel:"You got into my ROOM? The barrier is supposed to keep out souls that aren't mine! I guess it did its JOB!"
Her Tail makes 3 holes in the rock!
:glinp:"Yep! No wonder!" I'm heading back near the entrance, so she sees the skeleton.
:letiel:"Did you use MY skeleton bullet!?"
:glinp:"You got it, babe!" My buddies have put out another torch. One to go! She turns around and I zap her directly! Woulda tried the arc thing, but that torch is too far away and my buddies should be able to get it in a minute.
:letiel:"Augh!" She floats limply to the center, and drops there. "RETI! ASSIST ME!" He comes in, steps past the skeleton, and grabs me! That was fast! She heals while she can. I can't tell how much she heals before my pals put out the last torch! "You look more like an idiot than you know! Bringing an undead against me! What WERE you thinking!?" She undoes Ro's Lian-ness, he complains, she grabs him, he bites at her ineffectively, but she puts him between her and me, in the middle of the walkway.
:glinp:"You thought it was frustrating when you couldn't take my soul! Watch what happens when you try to take his, and the counter kicks in!" Bristle is comin' to help!
:letiel:"You wouldn't tell me that if you REALLY had a counter!" She starts rubbin' his nose with a second Mage Hand!? And he calms down almost completely!? Bristle hisses, held at bay by the threat of Reti's tail. "Hahahah! In coming to understand death, I have learned much about biology." She starts takin' him closer!

I'd heard that works on shark people like Ro... Never had the chance to try it myself! Gotta do that some time.
For now, how am I gonna rescue him from that soulsucker? Even if I get free from Reti, I can't use Psi-beam with Ro in the way!
No. 889017 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe try a super jump to get away from the grapple, and then fireball?
No. 889018 ID: a363ac

revert back to when the lian was called in and dodge or use modular to seperate you neck and shoulder and let her try to clothes line you while passing right between you while you get the torch.
fire something that can break a mage hand spell at the arm part when she tries to grab Ro.
No. 889020 ID: a363ac

ask the boss lady "where do you keep your underwear because there wasn't anywhere for it in your room, and thats kinda hot"
No. 889026 ID: b38f01

Use your disguise power to throw his grip off and try to immediately jump to Ro. Fireball Letiel on the way, if you're not too tired.
No. 889028 ID: f5c698


That silly lian's right in the way of your horns! Dunno if you can detach your tongue but give him a pointy back-headbash and elbow to free yourself.

"Two can play at that game!"

Detach a hand and throw it onto Ro's nose, give him a little rub and a scritch then a light smack to bring him back around to your side. Hock some fire at Letiel to keep her attention and Reti to keep him off your ass.
No. 889031 ID: 91ee5f

You know when Letiel calls for Reti, so revert to before she calls him and when she calls him, detach your head and aim it backwards, then fireball Reti when he comes to grab you!
No. 889045 ID: 5fa661

"Ro you're a shadow WHY DOES THAT EVEN STILL WORK?"
No. 889052 ID: 58ff76

This is far fetched, but maybe put a hand in Rod robes, tell him it’s pertinent to your plan.
No. 889069 ID: 204fd2

If you fire ball now will it damage you? If yes then detach tongue and maybe try shooting a fire ball straight up and then super jumping him into it? Also maybe drop the caster gun on that ground for Bristle to use while you do crazy stuff to distract her?
No. 889319 ID: 7fd053
File 152936515847.png - (45.34KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-68.png )

Continuing from this, Dolnar is a god of one-person-armies, so he's big on self-sufficiency. He'll give me bonuses to crazy stunts, but if I was gonna pray to 'im for assistance it'd have to be big or he might just roll his eyes and think less of me!
Ekwi is over in the Mieju zone, but like Dolnar, anyone can worship him. He really prefers you to support his nation if you're gonna worship him though, and I don't really have any interest in whether their power expands or not, so I wouldn't be a good fit.

I can't detach my tongue!

All I got to break a Mage Hand is Psi-beam!

I super Jump and then turn into a vaguely fist-shaped chunk of rock, which hits Reti in the snoot and tumbles toward Ro!
:reti:"Whoof!? You slippery little punk!"
I turn back and pchoing off of his chest when he tries to catch me!
:glinp:"I'm comin' for ya, Ro!" I toss a hand at his head. I can't slap him after my hand lands, so I gotta skip the rubs and get right to the shark-slappin'!
:letiel:"What!?" I blow a fireball at her, then turn around and do the same to Reti! OK, gettin' a little tired.
:roshadow2:"Wha... Hey... HEY!" He bites a finger on the Mage Hand that was rubbing his nose, but it has no effect. "Fuck youuuuuu!" He struggles!

Her defenses are down! I unload the previous bullet with my teeth and drop my disconnected hand off of Ro so I can reattach it. Bristle bites Reti's tail while he's runnin' at me! Now he can't use it!
:reti:"I thought you were one of us!"
:bristle:"(dooking viciously)" While I load Psi-beam, Letiel floats away with Ro. Bristle and Reti duke it out on the bridge in the meantime.
:glinp:"Don't move! I've got Psi-beam loaded here. If you move, you're toast!"
:letiel:"Your friend will be toast as well!" She has to dissipate one of the Hands to free it from Ro's mouth.
:glinp:"So what's with the Mage Hands? Super Fist not good enough for ya?"
:letiel:"Mage Hands are much more versatile!"
:glinp:"Gotta say yours are the most developed I've seen! Must be from jerking off all those ghost dicks!" Letiel makes an affronted sound!
:letiel:"That... has nothing to do with it!" No way! I can't help but bust out laughing!
:glinp:"I was joking, but after that...!"
:letiel:"Shhhhut UP!" She goes for a Mage Tail swipe, but it's predictable now! I jump over it and blow a hole in her!
The beam cuts right through her this time! She drops Ro, and I start to think about reverting but he makes his hands huge and grabs onto the rim to save himself.
She makes really gross noises with most of her body missing and a cute Reshishi cultist pops into the room next to her! She's about to suck out his soul when Ro kicks her over the edge!
:reti:"I surrender! Uncle! Mercy!" He stops fighting and puts his hands up!
:roshadow2:"Hrrm." Ro grinds his teeth and watches her tumble against the sides of the pit into the darkness.
:genericnpc-prp:"aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" says the very concerned Reshishi.

Well! Now what?
No. 889320 ID: b1b4f3

Alright you completed the mission with your bonus objective intact! Now you don't have to spare anyone.
Tell Reti that you want the artifact now. Once you've got it, ask Ro and Bristle what they feel like doing. Do they want to start killing the rest of the cult?
No. 889321 ID: a363ac

try reverting to when the Reshishi pops into existence and then get Ro to not kill her because she probably knows where the loots are.
No. 889322 ID: a363ac

a turn male bullet should be able to distract her enough to not get her to suck out his soul
No. 889324 ID: f5c698


Is she dead? If so grab Rito by the collar.

"Tell me where the artifact is, or I'll eat your face off! Just the face!"

If she's still struggling to hold on, load up your fist bullet and line up a shot. "Live by the fist, die by the fist"
No. 889325 ID: b1b4f3

I think the Reshishi was about to get turned into a meal so that Letiel could survive. Ro interrupted Letiel by kicking her, now the cultist is just very concerned.
No. 889331 ID: 91ee5f

No, let’s just leave it like this. It’s not worth trouble.
No. 889341 ID: 56e50f

Aim your gun at one of them and demand to know where the temple artifact is. Stand by Ro triumphantly. Resume operation strip search. Robes and info or their lives.
No. 889369 ID: c01f48

Operation Strip Search best operation. Continue :3
No. 889419 ID: 7fd053
File 152944998235.png - (43.40KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-69.png )

I turn around and my caster gun at Reti even though it only has a spent spell bullet in it.
:glinp:"Tell us where the artifact is, or I'll eat your face off!"
:reti:"I told you I surrender! It's right in here, but it hid itself." He looks up. "There! It's up there." The Super Fist artifact is materializing and descending from the ceiling.
:glinp:"Hey, cool. So I'm on kind of a kick here. When I got here I started strippin' the cultists, threatening 'em with death if they refuse. I beat your boss, buuuut..." I touch the artifact as it comes down and feel a surge of POWAH!!
:reti:"Y-you want me to strip?" I make my fist glow with an aura!
:glinp:"You catch on quick! Gimme your stuff and warp outta here!" He tears off his robes, lays them on the ground, and warps away!

I get 48 krels!
"You okay, Bristle?"
:bristle:"(dooking) I'll be alright. I think you two can handle this from here, so... I'll leave, and get myself healed up."
:glinp:"Mmmm, ok! Thanks for your help!"
:roshadow2:"You did good. Thanks."We all say goodbye. "Hey, she left this behind," says Ro. "It's a Death spell bullet."
:glinp:"Ooh, spooky. let's meet over there and I'll take it. You want Super Fist?"
:roshadow2:"Yeah, I'll take that." We meet up at the entrances and make our exchange.
:glinp:"Didn't get any krels off her?"
:roshadow2:"Nope. But, while it wasn't what I expected... I guess you impressed me enough. You get 3/4 of the money."

My new power also uses my energy, which is currently not running TOO low, so I can test it out some before we leave. It essentially creates a big ethereal fist around my physical one, which feels no pain and can break through rocks and dent metal, as long as I swing pretty hard. I can't manifest it for more than like, a second at a time, yet.

So whose clothes are we gonna make off with first? Are there any specific cultists I want to denude?
No. 889420 ID: b1b4f3

Shark lady.
No. 889421 ID: b151ce

Sharklady. Bristle. Lazurek.
No. 889422 ID: 56e50f

Shark girl, man. Shark girl.
No. 889428 ID: f5c698

The gnoll and the moth bugfolk. We last saw them fleeing to the dining hall.

In fact, you could still possibly go enjoy a feast on Letiel's dime if you play your cards right.
No. 889438 ID: 5fa661

Don't forget Chickenfir!
No. 889499 ID: 3bc31d

No. 889610 ID: b1b4f3

Oh yeah moth too.
No. 889704 ID: 7fd053
File 152970861486.png - (48.82KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-70.png )

I won’t forget Tosfir!

I'd have to wait for hours just to find out if that'd even work, and besides, I wanna move on before the fact that we activated the artifact causes any problems.

I'll have to revert to before Bristle left.


:glinp:"Not so fast! Gimme your robes too, Bristle!"
:bristle:"Haha. No." And he leaves. Canceling that one, then!


>Strip Frenzy, Satara, The Gnoll, and one of the moth Bugfolks, probably the one who didn't get a bunch of fluff burnt off
This time I also get Ro to bring a scrap of Letiel's robes for me. I also put on Reti's. They're not a great fit, but this oughtta spook those guys good!
"Oh yeah, so I've got a few cultists I wanna scare outta their clothes, but do you wanna just waste these guys now or what?" Ro looks over at the one Letiel summoned, grins, and pounds a fist into his hand.
:roshadow2:"Hell yeah I do!"
:glinp:"Go get 'em~" He makes his legs big and strong and leaps over to the Reshishi to feast on his GUTS I assume!
:genericnpc-prp:"AAAAAAAAAAHKGHFkhhhhh" I assumed correctly! Wow what a sight! I can't look! But cute and hopeless or not, these guys are a bad bunch. So now it's a race to strip 'em down before Ro uh, strips them down a lot farther.

I stroll back to where Frenzy and those other guys were stationed.
:genericnpc-trq:"The other guys who were in here took off running! Guess you killed our leader, huh?"
:glinp:"Yep! And I'm gonna do the same to you if you don't gimme your robes and whatever's in the pockets!"
:genericnpc-trq:"(growls)... Where's your friend? The undead one?"
:glinp:"Oh, he's started a killing spree. If you don't strip and leave quick, he's gonna kill you, instead of me doin' it."
:genericnpc-trq:"Fuck that, then," she says, tossing her robes at me. "But I gotta say, you did some impressive work!" She winks and flips me off as she warps out. Nice bod on that one~ I wonder if the noserubbing thing woulda worked on her.

I get 20 krels!

I move on to the kitchen for the moth Bugfolk.
:glinp:"Hey, bitches!" I hold up Letiel's robe scrap. "I killed your boss. Now take off your robes and THEN flee, or you'll be next!!" I throw up my head and laugh! "HAHAHAHAAAA!" Not even Jiggles puts up a fight. I don't want their robes though, they're all GOOEY! My hand gets sticky when I fish in their pockets.

I get 44 krels from all FIVE of those guys, but I also get a Slime grenade of some kind, as well as a Portable Tunnel Deployer, both of which are good for one use!

Satara next, or Gnoll next? I might not be able to see everyone I wanted naked before Ro kills them or they run away.
No. 889706 ID: 71a99b

Revert, deploy hand to shark snoot after she complements you but before she leaves. Give her and wink back and let her go. On to Satara~
No. 889730 ID: b1b4f3

Satara next.
No. 889788 ID: f5c698

I don't even remember who Satara is! Let's go strip her.
No. 889806 ID: 204fd2

Hell yeah I don't remember lets do it!!

This first.
No. 889837 ID: 7fd053
File 152979426065.png - (46.37KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-71.png )

>snootrub Tsunami, seek Satara


:genericnpc-trq:"But I gotta say, you did some impressive wORK?!" I'm already upon her, rubbing that sharky snout! She steps back, but then leans into my hand! Wow! "Hey... You bitch... That's kinda nice..." Her fist trembles and loosens until she falls asleep because of the chamber's magic! This woulda been real useful for getting past her originally... I try balling up her hand again and she wakes up and decks me. "FUCK!"
:genericnpc-trq:"Hah! Hahahahah!" She has a hearty cackle instead of winking this time, but she still flips me off as she warps out. Aw man, now it's gonna be weird if I cackle when I get the guys in the dining hall. Eh, I'll do it anyway!

So, I get those guys, and then I go back to Satara via the kitchen and flooded room. The end of the middle pathway is still unexplored.
:glinp:"Hey, Satara! Have you heard the news? Letiel's dead!"
:genericnpc-trq:"Nice try!" She lunges at me and attacks with her staff! I block with my spear.
:glinp:"No, really!" Utili backs me up.
:genericnpc-trq:"The Lizardfolk appears to be wearing Reti's robes, and carrying a piece of Letiel's robes. I do not detect Letiel's life signs any longer!" That makes Satara look worried and jump back!
:glinp:"Yeah! Now toss me your robes or you're next!"
:genericnpc-trq:"Why... do you want my robes?"
:glinp:"You ain't gonna need 'em! Now hand 'em over! Last chance!"
:genericnpc-trq:"Would you like my robes as well?" asks Utili.
:glinp:"Yeah, sure!"
:genericnpc-trq:"How... We just got here..." Satara slips out of her robes.
:genericnpc-trq:"Your decapitation of our organization appears to have been highly efficient." Utili manages to take theirs off too. They're naked underneath! But they're also not even a little bit sexy.
:glinp:"That's what I like to hear. Now git!" They do!

I get 32 more krels!

I go back to where the Gnoll was, but they're gone. Looks like they escaped Ro's wrath, along with the Cutebold. I guess that means I'll have a chance to see them in their undies some other day!
Now I can find Ro and we can just free Tosfir and blow this joint without looking for any secrets.
Or I can pick somewhere I didn't explore much, like most of the middle pathway, and either explore with Ro or explore alone until he finds me.
No. 889868 ID: 56e50f

Head up that middle path to get to the starting room and then you can explore that flooded room. Let Ro have his fun until he either bails on his own or finds you.
No. 889879 ID: 52c427

Somehow disrobe tosfir.
No. 889903 ID: 166e1c

Check on Ro. He might be strong but you got him killed a couple of times, so he isn't invincible. Got to know how much you need to reverse if he die in a fight or trap while he's alone.
That doesn't mean you need to babysit him or ruin his fun. Invite him for some exploration but make it clear he can keep hunting if he prefer. Hell, if he want your company you can just follow his lead in this sadistic game and let the exploration for latter.
No. 889905 ID: 204fd2

She looks pretty hot in that underwear.

Hypno boobs.
also I preferred the outcome where shark babe gave us a wink instead of a punch.

Lets go get Chickenfir and then find Ro.
No. 889964 ID: 7fd053
File 152988562686.png - (45.84KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-72.png )

>look for Ro, get Tosfir now, check middle path
I go get Tosficken and carry them back to the boss battle room. Oh hey, Ro's here, and so is a lot of blood. He's left the robes.
:roshadow2:"Hey. You savin' that guy for something?"
:glinp:"Yeah! They're probably evil, but I dunno, maybe Letiel was controllin' 'em."
:roshadow2:"Whatever." He rolls his shoulders. "So I went down that way, and you went on the opposite side. Figured we'd either meet back here or at the entrance. You went through the water again?"
:glinp:"Good thinkin'. Yeah, I stripped Satara and Utili. Got some more dough."
:roshadow2:"I got some too. 52 krels."
:glinp:"What a haul!"
:roshadow2:"Yeah, for you."
:glinp:"Ohp. Yeah. Well we can both get more if we go THIS way maybe!"

We head down the middle, into a long hall. Ro and I look around as we walk through the chamber. The end of the hallway is covered in colorful plants! "I wonder why there are so many plants there," I say.
:roshadow2:"That is a fuckton compared to the rest of this place," says Ro.
I stop and investigate. When I turn around to say something, a fist comes from the ceiling and mulches me against the wall.

I think that might explain how there got to be so many plants in this spot.
I didn't hear any hints! What should I do to try to not die?
No. 889969 ID: 0eeebd

see if you can pass by sacrificial a chicken
No. 889970 ID: b1b4f3

Don't turn around this time?
No. 889981 ID: 91ee5f

>No hint!
Maybe it’s because you’re going through the hallway backwards?

>What do?
Look at the plants from the side where you’re not in the path of the giant fist. Then comment to Ro, “Maybe there’s something here that killed a bunch of guys? I’ve heard that dead bodies make good fertilizer for plants.”

Then quickly run through to avoid the giant fist!
No. 889996 ID: 37538d

If you can't outspeed the fist, you can try turning into Rubble before it smashes you against the wall or try destroying the fist with your own fist power!
No. 890075 ID: cf5a32

Did getting slammed into the wall just disorient you, or is the wall to the side actually seeming like the ceiling in this hall?
No. 890193 ID: 7fd053
File 153005308940.png - (64.33KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-73.png )

Gravity seems normal!

Yeah, I bet going through backwards is why there was no hint.
I stop before we get too close to the fist zone. Ro stops too, and looks at me.
:glinp:"MAYBE there's something here that killed a bunch of guys? I know from experience that dead bodies make good fertilizer for plants!" And I do!
:roshadow2:"What do you wanna do about it?"
:glinp:"RUN!" I dash for the end, and Ro follows! And no fist comes out to pound us. Hmm! Works for me. "Yep, see? We avoided the death trap."
:roshadow2:"Yeahhh." I pick up Tosfir and we continue. There's some turns that mighta been good places for people to hide, but there's nobody in here now. There are some stone chairs and tables, and some holes in the roof where sun gets in.

But soon we come into a big octagonal room with a fountain in the middle, where there IS someone! It's a blue-robed Iro.
:genericnpc-blu:"Halt!" He points at us. "I don't know how you did it, but I'm here to get revenge for breaking up the cult! We were like a big evil family, and you went and ruined it!" His fists glow! But it's not the Super Fist glow. Wow it's a Holy glow! Ro growls and has to look away!
:glinp:"Mmm gee what makes you think you have what it takes? You only made it up to blue."
:genericnpc-blu:"THIS!" He vanishes and I get socked in the back of the head!

Huh, so he can teleport? That could be tricky...
No. 890194 ID: b1b4f3

Eh just grab him and either use your super punch or bite him.
No. 890197 ID: a363ac

revert to the teleport, engage hug protocols
No. 890201 ID: 91ee5f

Since you know where he’s gonna teleport to, you can just grab him.

And when you do ask him how the fuck someone with holy magic managed to join a necromancer’s cult?

Once you get that answer, tell him, “The only reason none of you guys were killed was because your boss was alive. Now that she’s dead, there’s nothing stopping us from killing you. So here’s your options, you either drop your robes and leave or we drop you dead!”
No. 890203 ID: b1b4f3

Hey don't abuse time powers to grab him as he teleports. Unlike last time you dealt with an annoying power like that, you can't do it without being noticed by Ro. You gotta do this legit.
No. 890207 ID: 56e50f

Well you know where he's going to be as soon as you walk into the room. I say this has a simple solution.

No. 890211 ID: f5c698


Tell him "Bet you can't do that again."

Then when he vanishes, detach your head and catch it in one hand while performing a Super Spinning Backfist.
No. 890243 ID: 65b0da

God damn Dragon ball characters.

I agree, we've had too many coincidences and too many weird reasons/excuses and have been lucky too many times that I think Ro might already be suspecting something.
We have enough of our own powers without time shenanigans to defeat a guy that can teleport.
No. 890333 ID: 489329

You know, they might recognize Terry’s detonator.
She was a bit of a rascal, and Bristle recognized the bombs when you used them.
Pull it out and bullshit them about suicide.
That should stall them, or at least keep them from getting too close.
If they call your bluff, just hit detonate and fall into pieces.
It should confuse the hell out of them, if not creep them out.
No. 890345 ID: 91ee5f

>I agree, we've had too many coincidences and too many weird reasons/excuses and have been lucky too many times that I think Ro might already be suspecting something.
>We have enough of our own powers without time shenanigans to defeat a guy that can teleport.
It’s not that hard to make up an excuse.

Just let him hit us a 2nd time, rewind, and attack with the spear at the spot he’ll teleport to. If Ro asks how we knew where he was going, we just say, “It was predictable. If I had the power to teleport, the most obvious way to attack would be from that angle!”

Then again, he’ll most likely just attack from behind again, since with a power like teleporting, it makes the most sense that you’d want to get into your opponents blind spot to attack.
No. 890511 ID: 7fd053
File 153031257912.png - (68.61KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-74.png )

I definitely can't just grab him when he teleports behind me without it lookin' weird. I miiight be able to give some excuse, but too many of those looks suspicious.

:glinp:"Bet you can't do that again!" I try to do a spinning... backfist... but he teleports right above me and elbows me in the noggin! "D'oh!"
:genericnpc-blu:"That's for Letiel!" I grab his robes!
:glinp:"Riddle me this! How'd someone wielding HOLY magic manage to join a necromancer's cult?" I ask as I whip out the detonator. He snarls!
:genericnpc-blu:"Stole Terry's detonator, did you!?"
:glinp:"Yeah! Heeey I asked first!" He grabs my robes and primes his fist for a blow. Ro growls and I guess tries to think of how to get close. The Iro intimidates him with his fist.
:genericnpc-blu:"IF you must know, it's good for weakening uppity undeads like your friend here!"
:glinp:"Aw, he's not so uppity once you get to know 'im!"
"Ow! Stop it or I'm gonna blow us both up!" I catch his fist when he tries to strike again. "The only reason we didn't kill the other guys is because your boss was alive! Now that she's dead, there's nothing stopping us!" He teleports us so I drop into the fountain, under the water, where he tries to pin me! I lift the detonator up where he can see, press the button, and fall into several pieces! He kind of recoils. He grabs one of my arms and drops it, seemingly grossed out.
:genericnpc-blu:"(something I can't hear)"
He starts to stand up, then goes limp and falls, and blood from his neck stump fills my vision. I left one of my arms attached, so I use that to lift my head out of the water.
:glinp:"Hey can you hold my head for a sec?" Ro crushes the other guy’s skull in his jaws.
:roshadow2:"Eesh. Yeah. Fuckin' startled me with that shit." He takes my head and I reattach my parts and get out of the fountain.
:glinp:"Thanks for the assist."
:roshadow2:"Yeah. You proved you can handle things on your own, but now I'm not looking for you to impress me. I just want to grab the loot and go."
:glinp:"Righto." Well that was not too hard actually!

I get 12 krels!

I let Tosfir roam around for now. There are 4 doorways aside from the one we came in from. One of them has double doors, and when we approach...
:templevoice:"Complete two rooms before you can leave."
We try the first door clockwise from where we came in. "This room is reserved for the CHOSEN ONE." The end of the word "ONE" echoes for way too long. The door doesn't open.
We try the next door clockwise from that. Inside is a weird stone face with a mouth that opens and closes. "FEED ME," the temple voice says over and over. Ro presses the back of the mouth when it's open. It doesn't budge, and it looks like it's just the wall. There’s also a bunch of water on the floor here, but I think it came from the fountain, which is leakin’ in this direction. I don’t think that’s important. I’m just thinkin’ about it ‘cause I don’t wanna step in it.

:roshadow2:"How do we feed it when it doesn't have a throat? And WHAT do we feed it?"
No. 890512 ID: b1b4f3

Feed it a knuckle sandwich!
Or maybe detach an arm and toss it in.
No. 890542 ID: e7848c

We could try feeding it the body of the dude in the fountain room. Seems a bit too morbid for this area though. Other than that, not sure if I have any other ideas. Don't know how a knuckle sandwich would work either.
No. 890544 ID: 91ee5f

>"How do we feed it when it doesn't have a throat? And WHAT do we feed it?"
“Remember that room with the giant stone fists that we had to punch? Maybe we just need to punch the wall where the throat is supposed to be? You know, like a knuckle sandwich. Of course if that don’t work, both of us can just try Super Fisting the wall at the same time.”

“Pfft ha ha ha, Super Fisting!” XD
No. 890551 ID: 5fa661

Kick the head, call it fat, and tell it to go on a diet.
No. 890557 ID: b151ce

Seconding feeding it a knuckle sandwich. That sounds definitely the way to go.
No. 890624 ID: 7fd053
File 153040645312.png - (49.74KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-75.png )

>knuckle sandwich
:glinp:"OK get this, what if we have to give it... a knuckle sandwich?"
:roshadow2:"What? Like pig knuckles? And whatta we use for bread??"
:glinp:"No it's like... it's an old Human expression! It's when you punch someone's mouth!" I make a punch motion in the air.
:roshadow2:"Weirdass humans. Do you punch inside the mouth?"
:glinp:"N- uh I don't think so but uh, in this case maybe?"
:roshadow2:"Hm." He punches it in the roof of the mouth!
:templevoice:"YUMMY" says the voice, way the fuck too loud!
:roshadow2:"What the FUCK!" yells Ro, startling and covering his ears! I jump back in surprise too.
:templevoice:"You have one mo rooooooom to compltxshh." Oh good that wasn't loud.
:glinp:"Owie... Cool that was easy. If you know old human slang."
:roshadow2:"That was stupid... That kind of puzzle doesn't age well. Why do you know that stuff?" He asks as we walk back to the octagon room toward the remaining puzzle room.
:glinp:"Hey Tosfir." I pat the chicken. "Well back in Vesne Kearu, we have internet access but some of our books are still pretty old."
:roshadow2:"Huh." We check out the remaining door.
:templevoice:"Knock twice to begin the knock-knock joke." I oblige!
>-knock, knock!-
:templevoice:"Who's there?"

The age-old question... Who IS there??
No. 890625 ID: b1b4f3

>punch who?
"Not me!"
No. 890652 ID: b38f01

"The door!"
Super fist it open.
No. 890671 ID: f5c698


Oh man, do you know about how long its been since your species had internet? Related to that, how long's it been since humans were on Earth?

More related to the topic at hand, answer "Pound."
>>Pound who?
"Pound you!" Then punch the fist knob.
No. 890680 ID: 3ac0f3

>"Fist who?"
Super punch your fist straight through the door.

or maybe some about how if he doesn't open the door you'll punch him in the face?
No. 890868 ID: 7fd053
File 153056785512.png - (54.73KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-76.png )

I'm not sure what my species IS, but my village has had internet access for at least a few hundred years. It's real handy for ordering new tools and suchlike, and keeping up with world news, chatting with folks, etc.
There are a bunch of Earths! I've never been to one, of course. Some kinds of Lizardfolk come from Earths. But there's so much intermingling, heritage is kinda not worth tryin' to keep track of...

It's not much of a knock-knock joke, but...
:templevoice:"Fist who?"
>-pkow! BIIwwSLAMMM-
I Super Fist the door! It has some kind of magical reaction, and the door doesn't break, but it does make some weird noises and slam open!
:templevoice:"Override accepted."
:glinp:"Hehehe, nice."
:genericnpc:"Oh thank goodness you found me! Those wicked cultists had me locked up in here!" It's a Mote Crester! Don't find many of them in Stiria! They originate a few zones away, in Jajuol. Confirmed to have ancient Toon heritage. I know about 'em 'cause I've looked up that stuff.
They don't automatically get modular or death-cheating powers like me. Just biological immortality, and immunity to detrimental effects from most non-magical drugs, plus they can stay healthy on a diet of almost anything sufficiently foodlike and they don't produce waste. But they're prone to lifelong chronic health problems, like sneezin' any time someone teleports nearby, or gettin' migraines easily.
:roshadow2:"Yes! We are here to save you... if you give us money! Otherwise we'll throw you right back to the cultists!"

Have I got any solidarity or sympathy with this poor chump, or am I gonna go along with Ro and take their money?
No. 890869 ID: a363ac

of course we take the money and the clothes!
No. 890870 ID: f5c698

I'd opt to let them keep it. You can always shake them down and revert if you gotta know.
No. 890881 ID: e7848c

The fee for rescue is the clothes off your back!
No. 890890 ID: 166e1c

She was captured by the cultists. Why would Ro assume they didn't take her money?

You are wearing cultist robes. Why is this mote crester assuming you are not cultists?

Say he is kidding and ask her story. Why was she kept alive? How was she captured? Also the basic like name and importance.
You can take her stuff latter after or revert.
No. 890896 ID: 86eb65

Find out why the cultist locked them up. I bet we can profit off it without be a huge dick to them.
No. 890961 ID: e29757

If she doesn't say the cultists robbed already, accuse her of being a cultist who ditched her robe, and add that cultists need to drop their money too to get away.
No. 890985 ID: cf489c

Lets ask some questions first:
How did you get here?
Whats your name?
What do the cultists want from you?
Are you single?
What are you?
No I mean like gender.
Can you do any neat tricks?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
What's your normal job?
What are your hobbies?
No seriously DTF?
I'm part toon too cool ha?
Wanna see me detach my arm?
What are you willing to give us as payment for saving you?
No. 891012 ID: 13545d

Money or clothes, either's fine. Standard cult-busting procedue to determine compensation for the danger, you know how it is.
No. 891018 ID: 808f92

Take clothes, then revert and be nice cuz they seem a little stressed out
No. 891030 ID: e2d165

Unrelated to the Mote Crester, but the "Chosen One" might refer to having only one fist. Usually this is by choice of cutting off a hand, but you have a more temporary way of doing that.

Regarding the Mote, if she didn't want to be here couldn't she just teleport back to town? If she really wants something here, she should be willing to pay a toll.
No. 891839 ID: 7fd053
File 153116558979.png - (53.49KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-77.png )

>let them keep their stuff
:glinp:"Heeey I'm wearing robes!" I fluff out the chest with my hands to emphasize. "How'd you know WE'RE not cultists?"
:genericnpc:"That guy doesn't look like one of them. And you're wearing Reti's robes! Letiel only had two guys with the dark purple like that! They held me long enough to figure out some of their command structure..." They look uncomfortable. "And they took all my money. I don't have anything to give you..."
:glinp:"Works for me! And don't mind him. Normally we'd take your clothes and your dough, but we'll let it slide this time. But you gotta answer some questions before we let you go!"
:genericnpc:"Alright..." They look relieved but wary.
:roshadow2:"Aw, fine."
:glinp:"First, what's your name, age, and gender, why'd they capture you, how'd they capture you, and can you do any neat tricks?"
:genericnpc:"Prillowexeiat, 22, genderfluid, Letiel wanted my blood for fucked-up experiments, and, she took it..." For a moment, they look down and their hair bristles. "They jumped me when I got off from work. I wait tables at a restaurant, and I guess they were spying on me for a while before they made a move. And I haven't been able to escape from here because my warp doesn't work indoors. Cool tricks, uh, I can build up stupid amounts of static electricity and zap someone really good. But it's way too damp in here for that. What are your names?"
:glinp:"Wow that sucks about the abduction. Good trick though! I'm Glinp."
:glinp:"I guess we should help you get past the puzzles."
:genericnpc:"That would be great!"
:glinp:"Cool. Y'know I think I might be part Toon too, check this out!" I pop off my arm and wiggle the fingers at Prillo.
:genericnpc:"Whoa...! That's cool! You were born like that?"
:glinp:"As far as I know!"
:genericnpc:"I wish I could do that... And your eyes, they're kinda..." They make some uncertain hand motions. "They look like that."
:glinp:"Ayup. So uh, follow us! We're explorin' for some loot before we blow outta here." I try opening the chosen one door with one arm detached, but no luck. I reattach it and pick up Tosfir, and we head back out to where Satara was. "You don't happen to know the locations of any secret stuff do ya?"
:genericnpc:"Sorry, I don't. What's with the uh..." they snap their fingers, "uhh chicken?"
:glinp:"It used to be Tosfir." Her eyes bug out cartoonishly!
:roshadow2:"He was tough, but our spell bullets are tougher."
:glinp:"Dunno what to do with 'em now. I'm not sure if they were evil or just under evil control." Prillo shrugs and makes a sort of uncomfortable face.
:genericnpc:"Was this explosion your work too? I heard that earlier."
:glinp:"Sure was! Oh boy you shoulda seen Satara in here. We really messed with her! One'a the other cultists was a double agent, and they helped us get past. Had her questioning her own head."
:genericnpc:"Whoa really? Nice. Man, she was a total bitch. Did you guys kill her?"
:glinp:"I let her escape. In only her undies!" Ro looks like he's gonna say something and then doesn't.
:genericnpc:"Damn... That's kind of funny though."
:glinp:"Now I better take a look at the stuff we passed by on the first trip through."

On the right, there's a little offshoot chamber with an empty pedestal in it. On the left, there's the handshake door, but there's also more over there. The floor in the far corners of that area is raised to around waist level, and the wall between them has a discolored square near the ceiling. If the square is a secret door, it's too small for me to get my whole body in.
Ro presses down on the pedestal, and the discolored square moves out of the way. It IS a secret door!
:templevoice:"Which of the three pedestalssshhh press will be ooobvIous for the one making the j-j-journey. But one wronngngng press will beDEadly!"
No. 891841 ID: b1b4f3

Three pedestals? But there's only one.

Stick your head in the little passage. If there's something further in I guess you'll have to pop off your head and have Ro carry it through so you can help with the puzzle in there, if that's what the hint is talking about.
No. 892006 ID: b38f01

Hm. Right pedestal? You punch with your right, mostly.
No. 892021 ID: d78ffb


Hmm, dunno! Process of elimination here we go. Middle?
No. 893179 ID: 7fd053
File 153176211747.png - (64.01KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-78.png )

:roshadow2:"So one of us has to go in there?" Ro lifts his tail off the pedestal and the panel closes again.
:glinp:"And then whoever it is will know what pedestals need to get pushed and when, sounds like. I think I..." I size up the hole. "Yeah, I can fit if I pop off my arms and legs and go snakemode!" I wiggle my body and flick my tongue really loudly.
:glinp:"And you can shrink, right?"
:roshadow2:"Yeah, I can slink in there if you want. Whatta you got in mind?" I walk over to the one pedestal, and reach for my head. "I knew it!" he says before I pop it off.
:glinp:"Heheh! Take good care of this! I only have one!" I hand it to him and he takes it.
:roshadow2:"Ugh. Fine." My headless body puts a hand on the pedestal. He sighs and walks to the panel. "Gonna have to take my clothes off for this... Makes tight spaces easier." He vanishes his outfit except for some undies with a pair of big bulges.
:genericnpc:"Oh!" Ro chuckles so quietly I can barely hear it, even this close up.
:roshadow2: "Ready?" I push the pedestal and the li'l door opens back up.
:glinp:"Yeah!" Ro stretches up to the hole with both arms, grabbing hold with one while the other holds my horns and puts my head in. I have to assume he thins out his body and climbs into the tunnel at that point, 'cause I can't see back there!

The tunnel goes straight for a while, then goes up and there's a glowing diagram here showing the three pedestals.
"OK, so the raised corners are the other two." I release the pedestal, since the diagram shows it rising. "Got it~" The tunnel opens up more! And I hear the panel behind us close.
:roshadow2:"Nice." Ro takes us further, and the tunnel gets horizontal again. "But what... are we going to do... if... hup!" We drop into a chamber where there's a buncha spinning blades blockin' the way! Well THAT isn't fisty at ALL! "Thhhat happens." Ro aims my head at another glowing display, this one showing the right corner pedestal and my pedestal being pressed down.
:glinp:"Gimme a sec." I try to make some motions at Prillo for a while, but it ain't workin'! I'm no good at hand signs!

I can see this bein' tricky to coordinate! How do I do it?
No. 893201 ID: 91ee5f

Here’s an idea:

Rewind and tell Prillo that there might be hints in the tunnel that indicate which pedestals need to be pressed, so you’re going to make hand motions at them to let them know which one of the corner pedestals you need them to push.

First you’ll clap your hands to get their attention, then you’ll point to either the left or the right to indicate which pedestal needs to be pushed. Then you’ll give them a thumbs up to let them know that they can let go of the pedestal. And just in case both of the pedestals need to be pressed, you should give them your tail so that they can put it on one of the pedestals.

Glinp, this also means that this entire time, you must not move your body away from the middle pedestal!
No. 893202 ID: b1b4f3

Try pressing both at once by detaching an arm. What a callback!
No. 893251 ID: f5c698


Yeah, if you do this you should be able to test out each of the pillars and figure out where to proceed.
No. 893335 ID: b38f01

There's no way to write on the walls or anything? I suppose frantically pointing won't cut it either since you can't see where the pedestal is. You could rewind and point out the fact that we have three people and three pedestals so we can just press them all at the same time.
No. 894528 ID: 7fd053
File 153263917593.png - (43.81KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-79.png )



I revert to before we went in the tunnel.
:roshadow2: "Ready?"
:glinp:"Wait wait hold on." I get Ro to try pressing the pedestals at the corners near the entrance to the secret area, and that way he and Prillo know about 'em for sure. "OK so Prillo if we need one of those ones I'm gonna clap, and then you come look at me. I'll be pointin' left or right depending on which pedestal you gotta press."
:genericnpc:"Um, how about you come over to these ones, and when you clap, I'll be over there to press the one that's by itself?" Prillo can't stop glancing at Ro's bulges. Me neither, what the heck they're huge. I suspect shapeshifter shenanigans.
:glinp:"Oh! Yeah, good thinkin'. Of course!" I awkwardly walk toward Ro and make zombie noises with my arms outstretched.
:roshadow2:"Tch. Okay, O-KAY." He powerwalks over and puts my head on backwards, which doesn't take, so he spins it around on my neck stump until it's good to go and I reattach it.
:glinp:"Thanks! OK, and I'll give two claps if you gotta let go of your pedestal."
:genericnpc:"Got it."

We take our positions, Ro takes my head again, and we go through the tunnel. It goes the same, only this time Ro doesn't ask about how we're gonna make it past the spinning blades. When they stop, I get a good look at 'em. Ro does too.
:roshadow2:"You gotta be shitting me." He groans and tilts his head back like someone who just heard a really painful pun. Instead of sharp triangle bits, they actually have tiny fists! "Here I thought they'd be normal blades, but I should have fucking guessed. I was a fool for doubting your vision, Sensei Hey Hey or whatever the fuck."
:glinp:"Senyamiahe. I was totally afraid they'd be regular blades too!"
:roshadow2:"Yeah. That. Okay. What's next, I'm ready." He carries me onward. It's pretty straightforward now! Another pedestal shuffle later, we reach a final chamber.
:templevoice:"Congratulations, you've found the treeeeasure room! Knock yourself out. Or, you can go back and leave without taking the secret treasure, if you wissssh."
:roshadow2:"What? Is it booby trapped to knock us out if we take it?" He eyes the treasure chests on the floor. "If it's not, I'm takin' half."
:glinp:"Nah it's just another human expression! It means uh like, have your fill of whatever. And sure, that's fair. Let's see what we got in here."

There's chests here, with:
Non-holy health potions (so they work on undeads just fine)
A piece of magical body armor that binds to you and becomes immaterial and invisible and reduces damage until it runs out of strength and ceases to exist
A piece of pre-krel currency that's probably not worth much actually
Miniature metal Tozol dildos? No wait I don't think there were Tozols on the planet when this temple was built. What are these?

Ro tells me they're mundane bullets. I guess he knows more about ancient guns than I do!

Kind of weak treasure, but maybe the original stuff that was here was better, and people have taken it so many times that it can't give you really good stuff anymore.

What's the play?
No. 894529 ID: b1b4f3

Get that magical body armor so it at least looks like you're trying to stay alive.
Also the coin, because why not.
No. 894533 ID: e7848c

Get the armor and coin. Can we super punch that crack in the wall while we're here?
No. 894534 ID: 757ccd

The armor and health potions are the most practical. Nothing else here is very helpful or valuable.

Maybe dig around in the coin chest to see if anything of real value is buried in there. Bullets too, I guess.
No. 894535 ID: 1a0e29

Add some treasure to the room.
No. 894537 ID: f5c698

I'm betting this is a no, but maybe see if your caster gun can fire a normal bullet? Armor and money sound like a plan though.
No. 894547 ID: 91ee5f

Keep staring at Ro’s bulges while you ask him, “So you can change any part of your body to any size you want, right?” Let’s see if he notices you staring at him.

Get the armor. Not sure about what else you should get.

Yeah, ask Ro to super punch the crack in the wall!
No. 894549 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, I wonder if your Tozol hireling would want the bullets?
No. 894550 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, good idea!
No. 894571 ID: c41a08

I see you've got your eyes on a different prize. Wonder if he'd be willing to throat fuck you right here?

Let Ro take the Non-holy health potions because undead.
Take magical body armor.
Ro can have the old money.
Have tozel dildo bullits.
No. 894582 ID: f5c698

(Double suggestion)
Tell Ro he was the real treasure at the end of this challenge.

Then say no but in all seriousness, you could give him some relief from the tension of this dungeon. It's all up to him, you couldn't do ~anything~ but suck him off if he put those dicks in your mouth. You companion probably wouldn't even know what was going on. Ask if he can move 'em around all wobbly like he can for his body.
No. 894644 ID: 880c1e

Fistfull of bullets.
They look like old rifle cartridges, but who knows what Fist monks were packing.

Do you think health potion makes good lube?
No. 894657 ID: 7fd053
File 153279649035.png - (50.97KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-80.png )

It does not fire normal bullets! There's not even a hole that goes from the chamber out the barrel. It has different kindsa stuff that directs the spell that's stored in the spell bullets.

Health potion probably doesn't make good lube... But there are regenerative lubes out there, for uh, rough insertions and stuff.

>>armor and bullets
>Find out if Ro is DTF immediately
:roshadow2:"I'm thinkin' those health potions fer sure. Maybe the armor, but I definitely want the potions."
:glinp:"I'll take the armor and the mundane bullets!"
:roshadow2:"Alright." He collects everything. There was nothin' else in the chests!
:glinp:"Hey can you Super Fist that crack over there?"
:roshadow2:"Where? That one?"
"Hoo, that felt good. I don't see any more secrets there though." Took a big chunk out! Cool.
:glinp:"Damn... But y'know, you were the real treasure at the end of the challenge~"
:glinp:"You can change any part of your body to any size you want, right?"
:roshadow2:"Not any size, but yeah. Heheh. Seen somethin' ya like? Hey, I don't blame you."
:glinp:"Yeah! And I wanna get some hands-on experience..." He laughs, not meanly.
:roshadow2:"Well..." He taps his chin thoughfully. "I might be willing to help you with that after we get out. On one condition."
:roshadow2:"You got anything that'll impress me..." He tilts his head and smirks a little. "in bed?"

The temple sends out a warning signal. We're gonna have to get a move on before the danger level goes up!
"You can consider that while we get movin'!" We head back out. Ro puts my head back and gives me the stuff. And magics his clothes back. I lose my robes 'cause they'll just weigh me down!

I get a magical body armor, and some mundane bullets for Josie!

:genericnpc:"You guys felt that, right? You have to get me out of here! Damn, I wanted to know what happened to Jed over in the fountain back there..." We lead them toward the entrance.
:roshadow2:"That's nothin' compared to what I did to the guys on the right pathway!" Ha has a good laugh at that! "I just bit the Iro's head off. Glinp distracted 'im."
:genericnpc:"Where's his head now?"
:roshadow2:"Ate it."
:genericnpc:"Hah! You guys have some good powers..."
:roshadow2:"Damn straight." The entrance doesn't take long to reach! We get Prillo outside.
:genericnpc:"Hey, thanks for getting me out of there! Maybe we'll meet again some day."
:glinp:"You're welcome! See ya!"
:roshadow2:"Take care'a yourself..." They warp away.

Two things, then!
1, we shouldn’t go back in now, but if there's anything I want to revert back to and do differently, now's the time! Otherwise...
2, do I have something that'll impress Ro in bed?
No. 894666 ID: f5c698


Hm, any chance we could go back and find out what happened at that fountain? Maybe spare Prillo's friend if it was us?

Otherwise, you do have an edge in flexibility over other people. With that and Ro's form changing, you could fuck all over an entire room at once. You can detach your dicks after all.
No. 894671 ID: b38f01

You still have your turn male and female rounds. Plus, your modular powers are pretty dang versatile!
No. 894843 ID: 86eb65

I think at this point its not what we have to impress him in bed but what he has that will impress.

I mean we have gender changing stuff and modular body parts and a lot of creativity and what might be a sex toy or two.

So Lewd up that shadow monster.
No. 894852 ID: 17c2ee

Tell Ro to try and impress you for a change. Size's cool and all but it's not exactly rare and it's not helpful if he doesn't know how to use it.
No. 894853 ID: 3cc68c

Wait just a second. I already impressed you. So if you want some of this (pat your butt) you have got to impress me.

Then waggle your eyes at him.
No. 894855 ID: 4f1cbc

Eh, this constantly having to prove yourself / impress Ro thing is getting old. You'd be better off lewding someone else. Heck, track down one of those cultists who ran off in their underwear.
No. 895110 ID: 7fd053
File 153299356769.png - (51.00KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-81.png )

I'm sure Tosfir will be fine...

WE happened at that fountain! He was the guy with the teleporting and the Holy fists. Prillo seems pretty pleased that his head was eaten, so I really don't think he was their friend!
:glinp:"Gotta impress you again, huh? Well I sure got the edge in flexibility! Between our powers, we could fuck all over an entire room at once! Plus I have turn male and female rounds for this baby," I hold up my caster gun. "And I got a lotta creativity!"
:roshadow2:"The modular thing is... kinda creepy, I gotta lay it out there. The sex changing thing could be interesting. And I'm convinced you're plenty creative, that's for sure..."

>Maybe HE should be the one impressing ME this time!
:glinp:"Wait a sec, I already impressed you once! How's about you impress me with somethin'? Size and shape changing is way cool, buuut how well can you put 'em to use?"
:roshadow2:"I got a few years of practice behind me. If you don't wanna take the chance, it's your loss." He shrugs!
:glinp:"I think I'll pass this time... but maybe in the future."
:roshadow2:"Fine by me."
We split up the money, so I finally get my share! Turns out I messed up the math back when I was adding Reti's 48 krels. The final total was actually 420 krels.

I get 315 krels! And Ro gets 105.

"Catch you around!" We wave goodbye and I go to get healed up.
I don't quite have enough krels for Josie. She wants 685 and I only have 619! Should I sell something now, or go see what's up at the tavern first?
Other options are also possible, if I think of something else.

My current items are:
2 each of Turn Male and Turn Female spell bullets
Fist spell bullet
Holy spell bullet
3 different knives that may or may not be enchanted
My trusty zappy extendo spear
A pickaxe that makes me into a Dwarf when I hold it
A "Trip Gun" with 5 bullets
32 mundane bullets
A protein bar
A detonator with no explosives to go with it
A slime grenade
A Portable Tunnel Deployer, good for one use
An enchanted body armor
A tile that came from a puzzle that's super tough and could be used to block attacks or something?
No. 895119 ID: 4f1cbc

It's final level time, we want Josie for sure. Gotta sell some stuff.

Do we really need that many knives?
Body armor you can do without if you just rewind.
The detonator is no good to you on it's own.
No. 895254 ID: e7848c

Sell the knives, the trip gun, it's bullets, 30 of the mundane bullets, the detenator, the tile and maybe the armor if you still don't have enough. See if Josie has any interest in the bullets you saved!
No. 895648 ID: 7fd053
File 153317044459.png - (54.98KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-82.png )

I go to Sharp's Legendary Mysteries of Wonder to sell some of the stuff!
:sharpkeep:"Welcome back."
:glinp:"Thanks! Can you tell me if these knives are enchanted or anything?" I put 'em on the counter.
:sharpkeep:"I'll take a look." She lifts her head and does her magic glowy left eye thing at 'em. "They are all enchanted with anti-germ magic and durability magic."
:glinp:"How much can I sell 'em for?"
:sharpkeep:"I would buy them for 18 krel total."
:glinp:"Sold! Now, I've got this detonator here." She does the magic eye thing.
:sharpkeep:"Would you like to buy a bomb to go with it?"
:glinp:"Nah I'm just lookin' to sell today."
:sharpkeep:"Ah. I would buy it for 10."
:glinp:"Sold! Any magic in these bullets?" I put a bunch on the counter, just to see.
:sharpkeep:"Nope." I take 'em back.
:glinp:"How about this consumable body armor?"
:sharpkeep:"How about you put everything you want checked on the counter." I put the tile there too. She scans the stuff. "Huh. What a peculiar title. 24 for the tile, 18 for the armor."
:glinp:"Sold!" We make the exchange, and that brings me up to 689! Slightly more than enough for Josie. "A pleasure as always, Sharp!"
:sharpkeep:"Farewell, Glinp."

I head to the antiques shop and see if they'll buy some of these bullets.
:antiqueskel:"Welcome welcome!"
:glinp:"Hey hi! I got these oldschool bullets that I can't use and was wondering if you might buy 'em."
:antiqueskel:"Let's take a look, my good fellow. Put 'em on the counter." The undead taps the counter. I take out 30. He picks one up and pulls out an ancient gun with a really long barrel and loads the bullet! It doesn't look like he looks at what he's doing. "Step waaay back, and cover your ears," he says, and points the gun at a mannequin while looking at me! I do so.
He shoots the stuffing out of the mannequin! Shit that was loud!
"Nice." He sets the gun down. "I'll pay 8 krels for these all together."
:antiqueskel:"They are extremely easy to get, my friend! And I don't know if these all work, y'dig. I'm givin' you the benefit of the doubt."
:glinp:"Fair enough! Sold!"

I get 8 krels! So now I have 697. Gotta spend 685 on Josie.

Am I done sellin', and ready to hit up the tavern?
No. 895654 ID: b38f01

Show off those last few rounds to Josie and see if she has any interest in them!
No. 895932 ID: 7fd053
File 153334383690.png - (42.12KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-83.png )

:glinp:"Thanks! That'll be all, see ya."
:antiqueskel:"Bye-bye, whippersnapper!"
To the tavern! Whoosh!

I reach out to open the door when Josie opens it first! She's got turquoise robes on!
:jozi:"Nope. Someone just gave me this for free!" She narrows her eyes, folds her arms, and looms up over me using her long legs. "But now I'm guessing you can tell me why there are a bunch of former death cultists in our tavern."
:glinp:"Thhheee Death Circus is in town?"
:jozi:"The Death Circus isn't due in Stiria for another quarter-year!"
:glinp:"D'oh, you would know that! OK, yeah, I kinda killed this necromancer who was leading a creepy cult." I scratch my head. "But I dunno why they'd be here..." I peek past her. Whoa, there's Frenzy! I see she put on some clothes.
:jozi:"Huh." Her mood lightens. "If I let you in, is that going to cause any trouble?"
:glinp:"Nah I think we're good." She lets me in.
:jozi:"We'd better be!"
:glinp:"Ehehe... So! I've got the money, but first, look!" I hold up the remaining 2 of the mundane bullets. "Retro bullets!"
:jozi:"Hah! That's cute. You know if they work?"
:glinp:"Not for sure, but they probably do! They're from an enchanted treasure chest, so I bet they're good still. Only got these two left. You want 'em?"
:jozi:"Two bullets? What if I want to shoot four targets?"
:glinp:"Y-you mean 3...?"
:jozi:"No. In faaact, those ones can penetrate! So if I had some guys lined up, I could hit more than that." She mimes taking aim for a moment. "I'll take 'em if you're just givin' 'em away for free."
:glinp:"Well... I ain't got a use for 'em." I give 'em over and she pockets them. "And here's your fee!" I give her 685 krels!
:jozi:"Cool. HEY KETZA! You're up!" I look around. There's a Tozol behind me suddenly! Also everyone's lookin' this way because folks know to pay attention to a yelling Tozol.
:genericnpc:"Roger that."
:genericnpc:"That's my name! Ketza Speep." He takes up Josie's usual position.
:glinp:"That's not a... traditional Tozol name, is it?" Ketza shrugs.
:genericnpc:"Might as well be!"
:jozi:"Yo Barkeep! I'm changing shifts with Ketza."
:nsbarkeep:"Alright! Enjoy your time off!" He waves.

So now everyone's lookin' this way.
I can talk to:
Josie (Tozol lady obviously!)
Ketza (Tozol... guy? I think)
Suleuri (that Amtsvane lady from the rave!)
War (Silirw Cyral lady, one of Josie's friends, who has magic gun turret implants everywhere)
Frenzy (shark lady from the cult, who's beckoning me), along with...
A Gnoll (the one from the cult), and next to them is...
Srabagapalgus (Cutebold, also from the cult)
The Barkeep (Ruut-truut fellow)

I can talk to everyone, but who first?
No. 895936 ID: 4d0575

Well, the shark lady seems to be trying to get your attention. Go see what's up.
No. 895944 ID: e7848c

Well Frenzy is flagging you down so let's see what she wants. Then we can check up on Suleuri!
No. 895946 ID: 395c02

Gotta talk to the amtsvan
No. 895947 ID: 757ccd

I guess if she is flagging you down you have to talk to Frenzy, but we should try to speak to Suleuri as well afterward.
No. 895948 ID: 33cbe7

Talk to the tallest first.
No. 895949 ID: de6d84

No. 895952 ID: 4dc321

Try the Barkeep. They know all the juicy stuff.

Business must be pretty good if they can afford to keep Josie around so I bet he hears stuff from everywhere.

Also, ask Josie what she's bringing. What kinda weapons does she use?
No. 895993 ID: bce839

Make a trip to the amtsvane.
No. 895996 ID: 864e49

>Silirw Cyral
>magic gun turret implants everywhere

I would have you go talk to the barkeep first and get drinks but you're out of money so go talk to shark and co first then barkeep then Suleuri then War then Ketza and Josie on our way out.
No. 896030 ID: 4f1cbc

Go talk to Frenzy and the cult. It's only polite, she is beckoning you over. And you're kinda curious what's up with them now. And Frenzy's cool.
No. 896038 ID: b1b4f3

Talk to shark lady first.
No. 896160 ID: 7fd053
File 153351567522.png - (52.56KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-84.png )

>>Frenzy first!
I sit with Frenzy. Josie follows. Frenzy has a good laugh about something!
:frenami:"It's weird seeing you in that." The other two nod. She turns to me. "That one was mine, you know. I had a spare. So your name's Glinp?"
:glinp:"And you're...?"
:frenami:"Previously I would’ve told you to call me Frenzy! That’s the name I give my enemies. But now I was hoping you could call me Tsunami. That is, if we can put the cult thing behind us and be friends. I don't wanna be on the side that has you fighting against it!"
:glinp:"Maaaybe~ Now I know you're Srabagapalgus." I point to the Cutebold, who nods. "What's your name," I point to the Gnoll, "and why’re you all here?"
:genericnpc-blu:"Tanner. The three of us met up after you trashed the cult," says the Gnoll. "We thought, maybe we should find those guys and uh, try not to be on their bad side? Plus, Sraba here..."
:genericnpc-trq:"You might know this already, but Cutebolds... don't have easy times finding good work." says Sraba, tapping their fingers together.
:frenami:"Gnolls can find work easy, and with my amazing skills, I can too. But even a little smarty like Sraba here has trouble getting past people's prejudices. Kinda why she ended up working for the b... uh, Letiel. We were hoping you had some ideas. Plus, after seeing how quickly you took us down, I was personally hoping you could teach me a thing or two!"
:glinp:"I'll think about that... But how'd you find THIS watering hole?"
:genericnpc-trq:"We had nooo idea where to find you at first, so Tanner and I asked around. Then we met up with Tsunami and she helped. This place looked like our best chance."
:genericnpc-blu:"So whaddaya think? You gonna help us?" They all lean toward me with eagerly attentive expressions!

Do I have any advice for Sraba? They do seem to have some skills, and I'd hate for them to be unable to turn their life around! I have one backup idea if I can’t think of a better one.
I probably shouldn't take Tsunami on the next mission... but maybe I can set up some plans for later? Maybe I can take her shopping with us?? Or all of them even???
Maybe I should put this convo on hold and talk to the other patrons for a bit, then come back?
No. 896162 ID: fd0bee

Already going on a mission with Jozi. If you can wait we could do a mission together tomorrow.
As for advices, can't help with that. I do what feels right at the moment. For example: the pacifist thing was a self imposing challenge to get things more interesting, so you guys got lucky. I'm sure we can do some different nonsense in our mission.
No. 896169 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t know if Tanner and Sraba ever found out that you were modular. As far as they know, you got killed by an invisible guy and your buddy had something that revived you. Why don’t you ask them what they thought of your performance?

If they’re confused about what you’re talking about, just reenact your “death” to them. "Ohohoh, why meeeheheheee! This can't bHYECK...ghlk..." Drop your head off and let it fall to the middle of the table. Start laughing and saying how they should’ve seen the looks on their faces, then reattach your head.

But for serious talk, yeah just do this: >>896162 .
No. 896177 ID: b38f01

Looks like you can get a crew assembled for future missions! #squad How many people can you take with on a mission, anyways? Regardless, Sraba should link up with Jet or Miko! They seem like they would have connections to get him a place to work. Make a date with Tsunami after your shopping trip with them and Josie. You're a little light on cash but.. maybe you can show Tsu how to shop like an adventurer.
No. 896188 ID: 91ee5f

>Looks like you can get a crew assembled for future missions! #squad How many people can you take with on a mission, anyways?
More people means a bigger split of the loot, which means everyone earns less than they would in a team of 2. Unless they have a weird rule like Ro did.

>Regardless, Sraba should link up with Jet or Miko! They seem like they would have connections to get him a place to work.
Her. Sraba is a female.
No. 896450 ID: 7fd053
File 153377103753.png - (43.14KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-85-1.png )

:glinp:"Let's settle somethin' first! What's you guys' moral alignments?" I look around.
:frenami:"I'm in it for me! I... well until today I didn't care who I worked for or what I did, as long as the pay was good and it was fun! Now, well, I'm rethinking my approach. Might be turnin' over a new leaf! We'll see."
:genericnpc-trq:"I'm about the same. I think. I don't like to hurt people... but if it's not someone I like, thennn... I don't care."
:genericnpc-blu:"I like hurting people! It's fun! If I don't like 'em, like Sraba. An' if I die in battle, hey, that's OK... but after the temple, I don't wanna fight guys like you. Hey yeah where'd that undead guy go?" Tanner looks around.
:glinp:"He went off someplace after the mission! As for me, I'm takin' a break from adventuring after my next mission with Josie."
:frenami:"Got room for one more?"

:glinp:"Probably not..."
:frenami:"Augh..." Tsunami hits the table lightly-ish with one hand, and deflates a bit.
:glinp:"But maybe we can all go shoppin' first! I actually blew mosta my money to recruit Josie but there's a place that uh... welllll we cannn talk about that outside, later. After that, you and me can have a date~ You wanna?" She settles down.
:frenami:"Does Ekwi have two giant golden cocks? Alright, hey. It's a date."

I can take as many people as I want on a mission! But that does tend to mean the money gets split up more, so you'd want to save those for something more rewarding! Which is also usually harder.
I don't have Jet's number, but I CAN call Miko!
:glinp:"Sraba, you interested in spell research?" Her ears flip up a little.
:genericnpc-trq:"...Yeah, kinda! Letiel sometimes shared her discoveries with me, but it was always just little snippets and it she was already way ahead of whatever she shared... That stuff was pretty cool..."
:glinp:"Can I trust you to be good? If you tell me yes, and then you do somethin' evil while you're workin' with someone I hooked you up with... Well!" I pop my head off and they all jump in their seats! "I can remove my own head without dyin'. I can also remove your head, and I bet you won't be puttin' it back after." I reattach my head. The former cultists all gulp. Josie's expression is the same as it usually is.
:genericnpc-blu:"Don't do that!" Tanner hugs Sraba protectively.
:genericnpc-trq:"Aaayes! Don't cut my head off! I can be good...!" She says, flailing behind the gnoll's arms.
:frenami:"Hohoh, shit!" Tsunami leans back for a moment before leaning back forward, not quite as close as before.
:glinp:"I want you to be able to do some good, but I just don't want my good deed to backfire, ya got it?" She nods!
:genericnpc-trq:"I-I can! I can be good!"
:glinp:"Great! How'd you like to work for Deepdive hive?" Sraba tries to wriggle back into visibility and Tanner lets her.
:genericnpc-trq:"The Neumono guys that make adventuring supplies?"
:glinp:"Yup! They got a research division and other magic stuff. Lotsa resources. I can prob'ly hook you up with them, if you're interested."
:genericnpc-trq:"I'll do it!"
:glinp:"Great! I'll make sure they treat you good. Lemme go call 'em now. Be right back!" I go over to the phone and call up Deepdive. "Yeah hi this is Glinp, I'm calling for Miko. Personal. Great. Hey Miko! Well this is gonna sound weird but I found this Cutebold who knows her way around some pretty interesting spells, and she's actually interested in getting a job with you guys. Yeah of course. Uh huh. She goes by Sraba. OK I'll tell her. Haha, thanks Miko, you're the best! Mwah!"

I go back to the table. "Arright, you got something to write with?"
:frenami:"I got this." She pulls out a crumpled up paper with some indecipherable notes on the back and flattens it on the table and gives me a pen.
:glinp:"Uhhh what languages can you read?" I ask Sraba.
:genericnpc-trq:"Do Common. That's what I know the most."
:glinp:"K..." I write out some notes for her. "You go to this location, and ask for the recruiting department, and tell them your name, and that Glinp endorsed you. It's all written down here." She takes the paper!
:genericnpc-trq:"Thank you!" She squeaks!
:glinp:"You're welcome! Anything else?" I ask the group.
:genericnpc-blu:"I'm good. Thanks for helpin' out Sraba." Sraba shakes her head.
:frenami:"Guess I'm good for now."
:glinp:"Of course if I happen to run into you guys when I'm not adventuring and you're in another killer cult and you ain't tryin' to topple it, you're goin' down. Got it?"
:genericnpc-blu:,:frenami:,:genericnpc-trq:"Got it!"
:glinp:"The whole pacifist thing I had goin' in there was spur-of-the-moment. It was just until I got to Letiel, 'cause I didn't want her usin' your corpses against me! Oh yeah! What'd you two think of my performance back in that hallway anyway? Where I pretended to get hacked up? Heehee..."
:genericnpc-blu:"H-huhu... I never saw Reti scream like that before. He... he was scared shitless! HAH!"
:genericnpc-trq:"You had us so scared! I thought the wraith was coming for us next!"
:frenami:"Hahaah! You guys have got to tell me what that was like!" They recount what happened from their point of view. The description takes longer than what actually happened! We all have a good laugh about it. I think I even hear Josie chuckle quietly!
:glinp:"So, I got other people to chat up. I'll get back with you guys and we can go hang out a little before I go." We say our 'see-ya's and I go over to Suleuri.
No. 896451 ID: 7fd053
File 153377106531.png - (42.43KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-85-2.png )

:suleuri:"Heyyy how ya doin'?"
:glinp:"Pretty good thanks, how about you?"
:jozi:"I'm swell."
:suleuri:"Great! I am doing just swell too. Have you ever heard of Glowin' Joe Clownfoot?"
:suleuri:"Oh, nevermind then!" She shrugs her shoulders. "You know, I couldn't help overhearing your conversation with those guys at the table there. That must have been some wild mission~"
:glinp:"It was a weird one. But I got a sweet power out of it! Can't demonstrate it in here, but it lets me punch holes in stuff with a psychic projected fist thing."
:suleuri:"Oooh~ Does it work on people?"
:glinp:"Yeah! ...I could easily kill someone with it if they were unprotected."
:jozi:"Now that sounds exciting."
:suleuri:"Heheh~ Well that's cool. On my last mission, I got a big hat." She pulls out a touchscreen device "Big enough for me! It looks liiike..." she shows us a photo of her wearing a giant cowboy hat. "That!"
:jozi:"Sweet. Looks good on you."
:glinp:"Yeah! Congrats on the free headwear."
:suleuri:"Thanks! So you two are goin' on an adventure together... It must be serious!" She looks at Josie.
:glinp:"It's the mission I became an adventurer to do! Gonna take out an evil sorcerer. His name is Zorgonok. You Heard of him?"
:suleuri:"I think so... Isn't his base close by somewhere?"
:glinp:"Yep, real close. You might even hear me punchin' him in the dick from here, if it all goes well. Except I hear he's a lich now so maybe he doesn't have a dick... Well, whatever."
:suleuri:"Don't liches have phylacteries?"
:glinp:"Yeah... I'll figure that part out when we get there!"
:suleuri:"Well good luck~ I'd offer to help, but it sounds like it's beyond my usual scope. And personal."
:glinp:"Aw, that's ok~"

Do I have more to talk about with her? If not, do I talk to the Barkeep next, or what?
ALSO... do I want to bring anyone with me, actually? This mission could benefit from a group, but with a Tozol massacring everything, there might not be much left for the rest of us.
No. 896452 ID: 757ccd