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File 152029217715.gif - (1.21MB , 1024x1024 , ns3-op.gif )
871795 No. 871795 ID: 7fd053


Here it is - the Temple of the Fist! We step inside, past the green fist door, which closes behind us. Looks pretty decrepit. I can hear water dripping, probably from the right where there's a pool of it. I hear voices from the left, I think, and there's two paths ahead of us too.
There's a couple things I gotta do here. One, touch the artifact at the other end of the temple so I can get a SUPER FIST power. Two, I gotta impress this sharky Shadow somewhere along the way. He doesn't think I'm up to snuff as an adventurer! If I prove 'im wrong, he's agreed to give me 75% of the money we find, but if I don't, I only get 25%.

My current powers are:
Modular limbs! I can disconnect parts of myself at any joint, and remote-control 'em.
Save/load reality! I can revert from death as many times as I want, as far back as I want. Or even at will. I don't gotta die first.
Disguise! I can turn into an object and blend in with my surroundings.
Super Jump! I can jump real high and negate fall damage, but it takes some energy.
Fireball! My most recent acquisition. I can spit out a fireball! It also takes some energy outta me.

:roshadow2:"You gonna lead the way, or am I?" He whispers.
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No. 894843 ID: 86eb65

I think at this point its not what we have to impress him in bed but what he has that will impress.

I mean we have gender changing stuff and modular body parts and a lot of creativity and what might be a sex toy or two.

So Lewd up that shadow monster.
No. 894852 ID: 17c2ee

Tell Ro to try and impress you for a change. Size's cool and all but it's not exactly rare and it's not helpful if he doesn't know how to use it.
No. 894853 ID: 3cc68c

Wait just a second. I already impressed you. So if you want some of this (pat your butt) you have got to impress me.

Then waggle your eyes at him.
No. 894855 ID: 4f1cbc

Eh, this constantly having to prove yourself / impress Ro thing is getting old. You'd be better off lewding someone else. Heck, track down one of those cultists who ran off in their underwear.
No. 895110 ID: 7fd053
File 153299356769.png - (51.00KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-81.png )

I'm sure Tosfir will be fine...

WE happened at that fountain! He was the guy with the teleporting and the Holy fists. Prillo seems pretty pleased that his head was eaten, so I really don't think he was their friend!
:glinp:"Gotta impress you again, huh? Well I sure got the edge in flexibility! Between our powers, we could fuck all over an entire room at once! Plus I have turn male and female rounds for this baby," I hold up my caster gun. "And I got a lotta creativity!"
:roshadow2:"The modular thing is... kinda creepy, I gotta lay it out there. The sex changing thing could be interesting. And I'm convinced you're plenty creative, that's for sure..."

>Maybe HE should be the one impressing ME this time!
:glinp:"Wait a sec, I already impressed you once! How's about you impress me with somethin'? Size and shape changing is way cool, buuut how well can you put 'em to use?"
:roshadow2:"I got a few years of practice behind me. If you don't wanna take the chance, it's your loss." He shrugs!
:glinp:"I think I'll pass this time... but maybe in the future."
:roshadow2:"Fine by me."
We split up the money, so I finally get my share! Turns out I messed up the math back when I was adding Reti's 48 krels. The final total was actually 420 krels.

I get 315 krels! And Ro gets 105.

"Catch you around!" We wave goodbye and I go to get healed up.
I don't quite have enough krels for Josie. She wants 685 and I only have 619! Should I sell something now, or go see what's up at the tavern first?
Other options are also possible, if I think of something else.

My current items are:
2 each of Turn Male and Turn Female spell bullets
Fist spell bullet
Holy spell bullet
3 different knives that may or may not be enchanted
My trusty zappy extendo spear
A pickaxe that makes me into a Dwarf when I hold it
A "Trip Gun" with 5 bullets
32 mundane bullets
A protein bar
A detonator with no explosives to go with it
A slime grenade
A Portable Tunnel Deployer, good for one use
An enchanted body armor
A tile that came from a puzzle that's super tough and could be used to block attacks or something?
No. 895119 ID: 4f1cbc

It's final level time, we want Josie for sure. Gotta sell some stuff.

Do we really need that many knives?
Body armor you can do without if you just rewind.
The detonator is no good to you on it's own.
No. 895254 ID: e7848c

Sell the knives, the trip gun, it's bullets, 30 of the mundane bullets, the detenator, the tile and maybe the armor if you still don't have enough. See if Josie has any interest in the bullets you saved!
No. 895648 ID: 7fd053
File 153317044459.png - (54.98KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-82.png )

I go to Sharp's Legendary Mysteries of Wonder to sell some of the stuff!
:sharpkeep:"Welcome back."
:glinp:"Thanks! Can you tell me if these knives are enchanted or anything?" I put 'em on the counter.
:sharpkeep:"I'll take a look." She lifts her head and does her magic glowy left eye thing at 'em. "They are all enchanted with anti-germ magic and durability magic."
:glinp:"How much can I sell 'em for?"
:sharpkeep:"I would buy them for 18 krel total."
:glinp:"Sold! Now, I've got this detonator here." She does the magic eye thing.
:sharpkeep:"Would you like to buy a bomb to go with it?"
:glinp:"Nah I'm just lookin' to sell today."
:sharpkeep:"Ah. I would buy it for 10."
:glinp:"Sold! Any magic in these bullets?" I put a bunch on the counter, just to see.
:sharpkeep:"Nope." I take 'em back.
:glinp:"How about this consumable body armor?"
:sharpkeep:"How about you put everything you want checked on the counter." I put the tile there too. She scans the stuff. "Huh. What a peculiar title. 24 for the tile, 18 for the armor."
:glinp:"Sold!" We make the exchange, and that brings me up to 689! Slightly more than enough for Josie. "A pleasure as always, Sharp!"
:sharpkeep:"Farewell, Glinp."

I head to the antiques shop and see if they'll buy some of these bullets.
:antiqueskel:"Welcome welcome!"
:glinp:"Hey hi! I got these oldschool bullets that I can't use and was wondering if you might buy 'em."
:antiqueskel:"Let's take a look, my good fellow. Put 'em on the counter." The undead taps the counter. I take out 30. He picks one up and pulls out an ancient gun with a really long barrel and loads the bullet! It doesn't look like he looks at what he's doing. "Step waaay back, and cover your ears," he says, and points the gun at a mannequin while looking at me! I do so.
He shoots the stuffing out of the mannequin! Shit that was loud!
"Nice." He sets the gun down. "I'll pay 8 krels for these all together."
:antiqueskel:"They are extremely easy to get, my friend! And I don't know if these all work, y'dig. I'm givin' you the benefit of the doubt."
:glinp:"Fair enough! Sold!"

I get 8 krels! So now I have 697. Gotta spend 685 on Josie.

Am I done sellin', and ready to hit up the tavern?
No. 895654 ID: b38f01

Show off those last few rounds to Josie and see if she has any interest in them!
No. 895932 ID: 7fd053
File 153334383690.png - (42.12KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-83.png )

:glinp:"Thanks! That'll be all, see ya."
:antiqueskel:"Bye-bye, whippersnapper!"
To the tavern! Whoosh!

I reach out to open the door when Josie opens it first! She's got turquoise robes on!
:jozi:"Nope. Someone just gave me this for free!" She narrows her eyes, folds her arms, and looms up over me using her long legs. "But now I'm guessing you can tell me why there are a bunch of former death cultists in our tavern."
:glinp:"Thhheee Death Circus is in town?"
:jozi:"The Death Circus isn't due in Stiria for another quarter-year!"
:glinp:"D'oh, you would know that! OK, yeah, I kinda killed this necromancer who was leading a creepy cult." I scratch my head. "But I dunno why they'd be here..." I peek past her. Whoa, there's Frenzy! I see she put on some clothes.
:jozi:"Huh." Her mood lightens. "If I let you in, is that going to cause any trouble?"
:glinp:"Nah I think we're good." She lets me in.
:jozi:"We'd better be!"
:glinp:"Ehehe... So! I've got the money, but first, look!" I hold up the remaining 2 of the mundane bullets. "Retro bullets!"
:jozi:"Hah! That's cute. You know if they work?"
:glinp:"Not for sure, but they probably do! They're from an enchanted treasure chest, so I bet they're good still. Only got these two left. You want 'em?"
:jozi:"Two bullets? What if I want to shoot four targets?"
:glinp:"Y-you mean 3...?"
:jozi:"No. In faaact, those ones can penetrate! So if I had some guys lined up, I could hit more than that." She mimes taking aim for a moment. "I'll take 'em if you're just givin' 'em away for free."
:glinp:"Well... I ain't got a use for 'em." I give 'em over and she pockets them. "And here's your fee!" I give her 685 krels!
:jozi:"Cool. HEY KETZA! You're up!" I look around. There's a Tozol behind me suddenly! Also everyone's lookin' this way because folks know to pay attention to a yelling Tozol.
:genericnpc:"Roger that."
:genericnpc:"That's my name! Ketza Speep." He takes up Josie's usual position.
:glinp:"That's not a... traditional Tozol name, is it?" Ketza shrugs.
:genericnpc:"Might as well be!"
:jozi:"Yo Barkeep! I'm changing shifts with Ketza."
:nsbarkeep:"Alright! Enjoy your time off!" He waves.

So now everyone's lookin' this way.
I can talk to:
Josie (Tozol lady obviously!)
Ketza (Tozol... guy? I think)
Suleuri (that Amtsvane lady from the rave!)
War (Silirw Cyral lady, one of Josie's friends, who has magic gun turret implants everywhere)
Frenzy (shark lady from the cult, who's beckoning me), along with...
A Gnoll (the one from the cult), and next to them is...
Srabagapalgus (Cutebold, also from the cult)
The Barkeep (Ruut-truut fellow)

I can talk to everyone, but who first?
No. 895936 ID: 4d0575

Well, the shark lady seems to be trying to get your attention. Go see what's up.
No. 895944 ID: e7848c

Well Frenzy is flagging you down so let's see what she wants. Then we can check up on Suleuri!
No. 895946 ID: 395c02

Gotta talk to the amtsvan
No. 895947 ID: 757ccd

I guess if she is flagging you down you have to talk to Frenzy, but we should try to speak to Suleuri as well afterward.
No. 895948 ID: 33cbe7

Talk to the tallest first.
No. 895949 ID: de6d84

No. 895952 ID: 4dc321

Try the Barkeep. They know all the juicy stuff.

Business must be pretty good if they can afford to keep Josie around so I bet he hears stuff from everywhere.

Also, ask Josie what she's bringing. What kinda weapons does she use?
No. 895993 ID: bce839

Make a trip to the amtsvane.
No. 895996 ID: 864e49

>Silirw Cyral
>magic gun turret implants everywhere

I would have you go talk to the barkeep first and get drinks but you're out of money so go talk to shark and co first then barkeep then Suleuri then War then Ketza and Josie on our way out.
No. 896030 ID: 4f1cbc

Go talk to Frenzy and the cult. It's only polite, she is beckoning you over. And you're kinda curious what's up with them now. And Frenzy's cool.
No. 896038 ID: b1b4f3

Talk to shark lady first.
No. 896160 ID: 7fd053
File 153351567522.png - (52.56KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-84.png )

>>Frenzy first!
I sit with Frenzy. Josie follows. Frenzy has a good laugh about something!
:frenami:"It's weird seeing you in that." The other two nod. She turns to me. "That one was mine, you know. I had a spare. So your name's Glinp?"
:glinp:"And you're...?"
:frenami:"Previously I would’ve told you to call me Frenzy! That’s the name I give my enemies. But now I was hoping you could call me Tsunami. That is, if we can put the cult thing behind us and be friends. I don't wanna be on the side that has you fighting against it!"
:glinp:"Maaaybe~ Now I know you're Srabagapalgus." I point to the Cutebold, who nods. "What's your name," I point to the Gnoll, "and why’re you all here?"
:genericnpc-blu:"Tanner. The three of us met up after you trashed the cult," says the Gnoll. "We thought, maybe we should find those guys and uh, try not to be on their bad side? Plus, Sraba here..."
:genericnpc-trq:"You might know this already, but Cutebolds... don't have easy times finding good work." says Sraba, tapping their fingers together.
:frenami:"Gnolls can find work easy, and with my amazing skills, I can too. But even a little smarty like Sraba here has trouble getting past people's prejudices. Kinda why she ended up working for the b... uh, Letiel. We were hoping you had some ideas. Plus, after seeing how quickly you took us down, I was personally hoping you could teach me a thing or two!"
:glinp:"I'll think about that... But how'd you find THIS watering hole?"
:genericnpc-trq:"We had nooo idea where to find you at first, so Tanner and I asked around. Then we met up with Tsunami and she helped. This place looked like our best chance."
:genericnpc-blu:"So whaddaya think? You gonna help us?" They all lean toward me with eagerly attentive expressions!

Do I have any advice for Sraba? They do seem to have some skills, and I'd hate for them to be unable to turn their life around! I have one backup idea if I can’t think of a better one.
I probably shouldn't take Tsunami on the next mission... but maybe I can set up some plans for later? Maybe I can take her shopping with us?? Or all of them even???
Maybe I should put this convo on hold and talk to the other patrons for a bit, then come back?
No. 896162 ID: fd0bee

Already going on a mission with Jozi. If you can wait we could do a mission together tomorrow.
As for advices, can't help with that. I do what feels right at the moment. For example: the pacifist thing was a self imposing challenge to get things more interesting, so you guys got lucky. I'm sure we can do some different nonsense in our mission.
No. 896169 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t know if Tanner and Sraba ever found out that you were modular. As far as they know, you got killed by an invisible guy and your buddy had something that revived you. Why don’t you ask them what they thought of your performance?

If they’re confused about what you’re talking about, just reenact your “death” to them. "Ohohoh, why meeeheheheee! This can't bHYECK...ghlk..." Drop your head off and let it fall to the middle of the table. Start laughing and saying how they should’ve seen the looks on their faces, then reattach your head.

But for serious talk, yeah just do this: >>896162 .
No. 896177 ID: b38f01

Looks like you can get a crew assembled for future missions! #squad How many people can you take with on a mission, anyways? Regardless, Sraba should link up with Jet or Miko! They seem like they would have connections to get him a place to work. Make a date with Tsunami after your shopping trip with them and Josie. You're a little light on cash but.. maybe you can show Tsu how to shop like an adventurer.
No. 896188 ID: 91ee5f

>Looks like you can get a crew assembled for future missions! #squad How many people can you take with on a mission, anyways?
More people means a bigger split of the loot, which means everyone earns less than they would in a team of 2. Unless they have a weird rule like Ro did.

>Regardless, Sraba should link up with Jet or Miko! They seem like they would have connections to get him a place to work.
Her. Sraba is a female.
No. 896450 ID: 7fd053
File 153377103753.png - (43.14KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-85-1.png )

:glinp:"Let's settle somethin' first! What's you guys' moral alignments?" I look around.
:frenami:"I'm in it for me! I... well until today I didn't care who I worked for or what I did, as long as the pay was good and it was fun! Now, well, I'm rethinking my approach. Might be turnin' over a new leaf! We'll see."
:genericnpc-trq:"I'm about the same. I think. I don't like to hurt people... but if it's not someone I like, thennn... I don't care."
:genericnpc-blu:"I like hurting people! It's fun! If I don't like 'em, like Sraba. An' if I die in battle, hey, that's OK... but after the temple, I don't wanna fight guys like you. Hey yeah where'd that undead guy go?" Tanner looks around.
:glinp:"He went off someplace after the mission! As for me, I'm takin' a break from adventuring after my next mission with Josie."
:frenami:"Got room for one more?"

:glinp:"Probably not..."
:frenami:"Augh..." Tsunami hits the table lightly-ish with one hand, and deflates a bit.
:glinp:"But maybe we can all go shoppin' first! I actually blew mosta my money to recruit Josie but there's a place that uh... welllll we cannn talk about that outside, later. After that, you and me can have a date~ You wanna?" She settles down.
:frenami:"Does Ekwi have two giant golden cocks? Alright, hey. It's a date."

I can take as many people as I want on a mission! But that does tend to mean the money gets split up more, so you'd want to save those for something more rewarding! Which is also usually harder.
I don't have Jet's number, but I CAN call Miko!
:glinp:"Sraba, you interested in spell research?" Her ears flip up a little.
:genericnpc-trq:"...Yeah, kinda! Letiel sometimes shared her discoveries with me, but it was always just little snippets and it she was already way ahead of whatever she shared... That stuff was pretty cool..."
:glinp:"Can I trust you to be good? If you tell me yes, and then you do somethin' evil while you're workin' with someone I hooked you up with... Well!" I pop my head off and they all jump in their seats! "I can remove my own head without dyin'. I can also remove your head, and I bet you won't be puttin' it back after." I reattach my head. The former cultists all gulp. Josie's expression is the same as it usually is.
:genericnpc-blu:"Don't do that!" Tanner hugs Sraba protectively.
:genericnpc-trq:"Aaayes! Don't cut my head off! I can be good...!" She says, flailing behind the gnoll's arms.
:frenami:"Hohoh, shit!" Tsunami leans back for a moment before leaning back forward, not quite as close as before.
:glinp:"I want you to be able to do some good, but I just don't want my good deed to backfire, ya got it?" She nods!
:genericnpc-trq:"I-I can! I can be good!"
:glinp:"Great! How'd you like to work for Deepdive hive?" Sraba tries to wriggle back into visibility and Tanner lets her.
:genericnpc-trq:"The Neumono guys that make adventuring supplies?"
:glinp:"Yup! They got a research division and other magic stuff. Lotsa resources. I can prob'ly hook you up with them, if you're interested."
:genericnpc-trq:"I'll do it!"
:glinp:"Great! I'll make sure they treat you good. Lemme go call 'em now. Be right back!" I go over to the phone and call up Deepdive. "Yeah hi this is Glinp, I'm calling for Miko. Personal. Great. Hey Miko! Well this is gonna sound weird but I found this Cutebold who knows her way around some pretty interesting spells, and she's actually interested in getting a job with you guys. Yeah of course. Uh huh. She goes by Sraba. OK I'll tell her. Haha, thanks Miko, you're the best! Mwah!"

I go back to the table. "Arright, you got something to write with?"
:frenami:"I got this." She pulls out a crumpled up paper with some indecipherable notes on the back and flattens it on the table and gives me a pen.
:glinp:"Uhhh what languages can you read?" I ask Sraba.
:genericnpc-trq:"Do Common. That's what I know the most."
:glinp:"K..." I write out some notes for her. "You go to this location, and ask for the recruiting department, and tell them your name, and that Glinp endorsed you. It's all written down here." She takes the paper!
:genericnpc-trq:"Thank you!" She squeaks!
:glinp:"You're welcome! Anything else?" I ask the group.
:genericnpc-blu:"I'm good. Thanks for helpin' out Sraba." Sraba shakes her head.
:frenami:"Guess I'm good for now."
:glinp:"Of course if I happen to run into you guys when I'm not adventuring and you're in another killer cult and you ain't tryin' to topple it, you're goin' down. Got it?"
:genericnpc-blu:,:frenami:,:genericnpc-trq:"Got it!"
:glinp:"The whole pacifist thing I had goin' in there was spur-of-the-moment. It was just until I got to Letiel, 'cause I didn't want her usin' your corpses against me! Oh yeah! What'd you two think of my performance back in that hallway anyway? Where I pretended to get hacked up? Heehee..."
:genericnpc-blu:"H-huhu... I never saw Reti scream like that before. He... he was scared shitless! HAH!"
:genericnpc-trq:"You had us so scared! I thought the wraith was coming for us next!"
:frenami:"Hahaah! You guys have got to tell me what that was like!" They recount what happened from their point of view. The description takes longer than what actually happened! We all have a good laugh about it. I think I even hear Josie chuckle quietly!
:glinp:"So, I got other people to chat up. I'll get back with you guys and we can go hang out a little before I go." We say our 'see-ya's and I go over to Suleuri.
No. 896451 ID: 7fd053
File 153377106531.png - (42.43KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-85-2.png )

:suleuri:"Heyyy how ya doin'?"
:glinp:"Pretty good thanks, how about you?"
:jozi:"I'm swell."
:suleuri:"Great! I am doing just swell too. Have you ever heard of Glowin' Joe Clownfoot?"
:suleuri:"Oh, nevermind then!" She shrugs her shoulders. "You know, I couldn't help overhearing your conversation with those guys at the table there. That must have been some wild mission~"
:glinp:"It was a weird one. But I got a sweet power out of it! Can't demonstrate it in here, but it lets me punch holes in stuff with a psychic projected fist thing."
:suleuri:"Oooh~ Does it work on people?"
:glinp:"Yeah! ...I could easily kill someone with it if they were unprotected."
:jozi:"Now that sounds exciting."
:suleuri:"Heheh~ Well that's cool. On my last mission, I got a big hat." She pulls out a touchscreen device "Big enough for me! It looks liiike..." she shows us a photo of her wearing a giant cowboy hat. "That!"
:jozi:"Sweet. Looks good on you."
:glinp:"Yeah! Congrats on the free headwear."
:suleuri:"Thanks! So you two are goin' on an adventure together... It must be serious!" She looks at Josie.
:glinp:"It's the mission I became an adventurer to do! Gonna take out an evil sorcerer. His name is Zorgonok. You Heard of him?"
:suleuri:"I think so... Isn't his base close by somewhere?"
:glinp:"Yep, real close. You might even hear me punchin' him in the dick from here, if it all goes well. Except I hear he's a lich now so maybe he doesn't have a dick... Well, whatever."
:suleuri:"Don't liches have phylacteries?"
:glinp:"Yeah... I'll figure that part out when we get there!"
:suleuri:"Well good luck~ I'd offer to help, but it sounds like it's beyond my usual scope. And personal."
:glinp:"Aw, that's ok~"

Do I have more to talk about with her? If not, do I talk to the Barkeep next, or what?
ALSO... do I want to bring anyone with me, actually? This mission could benefit from a group, but with a Tozol massacring everything, there might not be much left for the rest of us.
No. 896452 ID: 757ccd

This is the big one, right? It might not hurt to bring someone else as well, maybe Suleuri?
No. 896453 ID: fd0bee

Wait, is this the last dungeon? I haven't realized we were about to face the final boss...
If that is the case maybe the profit doesn't matter. Shouldn't we bring as many trustworthy people as possible?
No. 896478 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if War wants to come along?
No. 896504 ID: 4dc321

We shouldn't worry about profit. This mission's more important than money.

OTOH, too many characters can be trouble. Jozi and Glinp are both fast and sneaky, which might be more useful than extra muscle that slows us down.

I say try to focus on either more fast characters, or ones with neat noncombat abilities to help open doors and solve puzzles.

(Or maybe just carry Sraba?)

Yeah, talk to War. Do they have utility powers, or is it mostly just guns?

Speaking of guns, ask Jozi what equipment she's bringing.
No. 896520 ID: b38f01

I say we have Josie as an advance party to clear a path. Tsumani can come with if she's still raring to go after the date. She'll cover our back.
No. 896521 ID: 8a0e99

I think just Josie and Glinp would work, but Sraba does have good magical knowledge, and we are fighting a Lich.
Might be worth it in the end, but you know the whole loot thing and all.

Going back in time and grabbing extra bullet(s)?

Wardrobe change? Its a nice outfit, but its been a tradition so far.
No. 896686 ID: 7fd053
File 153394179884.png - (50.21KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-86.png )

She just said it wasn't her kinda thing...

I'd sure like to make a buncha money! But it's not as important this time around.

"Guess I'll see ya around, then! Say hi to Kleem for me if you see her."
:suleuri:"Will do~ Bye bye!"
:glinp:"So Josie, what's your preferred outfit and equipment and stuff?"
:jozi:"Naked, with lots of guns."
:glinp:"Geez! ...Really?"
:jozi:"Yeah, but I like having pockets, and I plan on taking some souvenirs, so I'll be wearing clothes. Also I won't be bringing my guns."
:glinp:"Whaaat? What're ya gonna do then??"
:jozi:"Oh, I'll improvise. I don't need to bring guns. You'd have to pay extra for those, and I don't think I'll need 'em." She notices my concerned expression! "Might be able to take one off a baddie, or just rip stuff off the walls and toss it around. Don't worry about it~"
:glinp:"Well... OK... "
:jozi:"While we're on this topic, how much do you want me to do for you? Will it suck out all the fun if I wipe out everything and solve all the puzzles and leave you in the dust?"
:glinp:"Ahah, you gotta leave me somethin'! I was even thinkin' about taking some others along with us maybe... I've still gotta think about it."
:jozi:"Sure. We've got time. You have me for one whole day."
:glinp:"K! I'm gonna see how War's doin'." We sit with her.

:nswar:"Well met, Glinp and Josie." War is basically a weapons platform. She has enhanced healing, and a limited amount of ammo for each gun. She has not shown me all her weapon implants, and I dunno how much ammo she has for each. I do know that she has at least 4 missile launchers, 2 solid-projectile machineguns, 2 basic magic-projectile machineguns, 1 solid and 1 magic spread gun, and 1 death ray. She can also fly limited distances and has omnidirectional vision and can target as many things as she has guns at one time. She knows some basic utility spells, and she's actually pretty smart. But she doesn't like to do all the work, so she'd get annoyed if I asked her to solve puzzles without really givin' it a try myself, first.
:jozi:"Well met."
:glinp:"Well met! I'm lookin' for candidates to go on a mission with me to bring down an evil lich in his stronghold."
:nswar:"Josie told me about your mission. I'd be willing to join in! If you wish to recruit me, there's something you should know first. I'm trying out a new rule. If you ask me to solve a puzzle, I will charge you in krels! The amount will be up to my discretion." Aha.
:glinp:"Got it!"
:jozi:"I'm already paid, so if I figure out a puzzle, I can just tell you whenever."
:nswar:"I am amused by that arrangement. It would also work out conveniently for me."
:glinp:"Hehe... I'll take that into consideration! So, anything new with you?"
:nswar:"My friend Uakh is celebrating his birthday in a few days. He will be throwing a big party over several days continuously. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun! There will be a lot of food and games." She takes a sip of her drink through a straw.
:jozi:"Hell yeah, that kicks ass." War nods.
:nswar:"It's going to be radical."
:glinp:"I'll get back to ya on the recruitment thing."
:nswar:"I can wait."

I go back to Sraba and ask if she wants to come along for the mission. I let Tsunami know that maybe she can come too, but I'm still figurin' out my plan.
:genericnpc-trq:"I'm not fast or strong and I don't have lots of stamina... I think I'd just get in the way!"
:glinp:"What if you carried 'er, Josie?"
:jozi:"Hmm... Cutebolds are pretty unwieldy. I'm not so sure."
:glinp:"Hrmmm. Sraba, what spells do you know?"
:genericnpc-trq:"I can dispel different kinds of undead, but it can take a while to set up the spells. I can also do communication over distances, and I can do healing potions if I have the ingredients. Oh, and of course most traps don't activate on me, since I'm a Kobold."
:glinp:"Yeah that trap thing is pretty damn good... What's your powers, Tsunami?"
:frenami:"When I get worked up, I can heal fast and ignore pain while I rip up whatever poor losers get in my way! And I can run fast. But I'm not super strong, enraged or not."
:glinp:"What kinda money split would we be lookin' at?" Everyone except Josie says they'd want an even split. "OK, still gotta think about it. I'll get back to you in just a minute!" Barkeep time!

:nsbarkeep:"You take good care of my bouncer, Glinp."
:glinp:"Pshh I don't think she's the one who's gonna be in the most danger here..."
:nsbarkeep:"Maybe so. So tell me about your new power!" I tell him. "Ah, that sounds useful." He nods. "You better watch out, Josie. Sounds like someone might be able to punch even harder than you now."
:jozi:"Aw, shit. Glinp, you're not trying to steal my job, are you?"
:glinp:"Shit, you caught me!"
:jozi:"Heheh. Really though, be careful with that power. It does sound like a bigger punch than I can deliver without breaking my arm. And I can already kill someone with a punch that doesn't break my arm."
:glinp:"I know, I will! Now, the reason I came over here, other than to say hi... You got any good gossip?"
:nsbarkeep:"That 'The Truth' place that was under construction opened up. Turns out it's run by the guy that owns the Chaos Cola franchise."
:glinp:"No shit? Isn't he from another universe? What's he sellin'?"
:nsbarkeep:"He IS from another universe, and the place is an information brokerage. But what I've heard is, the guy's a real mean bastard. According to the rumors, and I'm not sure I believe this myself, but this is what I've heard... He blew up his own planet because some guy stole from his old info business. They only had a few gods over there, and they weren't that strong, but the short version is, don't steal from The Truth."
:jozi:"I'm sure our deities wouldn't let him in if he was gonna pull a stunt like that over here."
:nsbarkeep:"Oh, definitely. I'm just telling you what I heard."

I guess all that's left is to decide how much of a walk in the cake I want Josie to turn the mission into, and...
Who else I want to take with me, if anyone! Then it's time to at least get a new outfit. I spent most of the last mission covered in robes, but eh. I stole this outfit anyway!
Potential recruits:
No. 896694 ID: f5c698

Just go with Josie. This is your chance to look cool in front of her, others would just mess up your opportunity.
No. 896700 ID: 365b57

Tsunami as your backup, Josie as the vanguard. Josie can go the Nudist Beach route and wear nothing but utility belts. You should rock something representing your hometown. It'd be poetic!.
No. 896713 ID: 4dc321

If we're talking about Jozi holding back just to make you look good then we don't need more help.

Fuckit. Tell Jozi to cut loose, and take 100% of the loot.

(Also, I bet her "clothes" are just an equipment harness)
No. 896720 ID: 91ee5f

Tell Josie to do what she does best, but at least give you a chance to solve the puzzles before she tells you the answer.

Also, the big bad guy, since this is personal for you, you want to be the one that deals the finishing blow. But you’ll need Josie‘s help to soften him up.
No. 896815 ID: 4f1cbc

Might as well talk to War before you go, since she's Josie's friend and all.

I think you're good taking just Josie on the mission, it would be kinda mean to take more people when you already turned down Frenzy. ...well I guess if you wanna take more people you could just rewind and answer her different. I wouldn't mind that, actually.
No. 896821 ID: 7fd053
File 153403993854.png - (27.28KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-87-glinp.png )

I don't care about lookin' good. I just want a certain very deserving sorcerer to have his ass handed to him before he really causes trouble!

>Only take Josie
:glinp:"That's one wild rumor! I'll watch out for that guy." The barkeep nods. "Well Josie, I've decided it's just gonna be you and me! But first I got the shopping and the date." I step away from the bar and back toward the ex-cultists.
:jozi:"I assume you want me on your date too."
:glinp:"Wh- I uh, I didn't even... Is that an option?" Josie shrugs.
:jozi:"I'm just in it for kicks. I'm game for whatever."
:frenami:"Sheez. I mean, you've gotta take 'er up on that."
:glinp:"Ha... wait, you think so?"
:frenami:"Dude, when am I... and when are YOU," she gestures to herself with both hands and then points at me, "gonna get to go on a date with a Tozol?" She gestures to Josie and leans back in her chair. "Maybe that's not a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you, but personally? I vote yes on dating the alien-babe. C'mon, three-way!"
:jozi:"A solo date after the mission is an option too. I bet we'd have time."
:frenami:"Three-waaaay," whispers Tsunami.
:genericnpc-blu:"Dude I want in."
:genericnpc-trq:"Me too! I've never been on a date before!"
:glinp:"I'm not promisin' anything more than a date, you know! Iiii've gotta think if I wanna take anyone besides Tsunami. Also, I decided I'm only takin' Josie on the mission after all."
:frenami:"(sigh) I was afraid I'd be getting in the way if I went along, anyway."
:glinp:"Yeah... Now, I'll be right back." I go to tell War I won't be taking her along either.

:nswar:"Oh, you won't take me on your date? That's a shame."
:nswar:"I'm kidding! I heard your conversation. Have fun, Glinp and gal pal." She raises the sole of one foot toward Josie, and Josie high-threes it with her foot.
:jozi:"Catch you later."
:glinp:"Oh... You're silly! Thanks, and be well!"
:nswar:"Be well."

>Let Josie have a blast, but don't have her solve the puzzles until I give 'em a try
:glinp:"For now, let's say you don't need to worry about holding back!" I tell Josie. "Just save the puzzles for me. And let me take out Zorgonok, but you can soften 'im up first."
:jozi:"Roger that." Back to the group.

:glinp:"OK, gang, let's go outside! Follow me!" We do that. Josie and Ketza acknowledge each other. I lead the group a ways. "Now I'm gonna get a new outfit, and I'm not gonna pay for it! But you three, you don't know your way around this town, right?" They shake their heads and say no. "Well, if you gotta shoplift from a place, make sure you don't do it from Sharp's Legendary Mysteries of Wonder. Partly because I like Sharp! Also, she used to be a witch's familiar, and she'll kill you dead!"
:genericnpc-trq:"Ooh, what was the witch's name?"
:glinp:"Heldegarm The Snake Woman!"
:genericnpc-blu:"Ooh, was she a Snakefolk?"
:genericnpc-trq:"I've heard of her! I think she was a Catfolk, but she always had a giant snake?"
:glinp:"Yeah, the giant snake is Sharp! She thinks it's funny because she's an actual snake woman and her witch was not a snake. But now Heldegarm is dead."
:frenami:"What happened to her?"
:glinp:"I dunno! Do you know, Josie?"
:jozi:"Nah. Sharp's cool, though."
:glinp:"Yeah. So don't steal from the place that's just called 'Shop,' either. I think it might, I dunno, detonate the store if you try. That's one of the rumors about it anyway. And obviously don't steal from that tavern where Josie works because we like it very much and Josie will uh, do somethin' bad to you." She nods. "And there's that The Truth place and you know what, maybe we should just stick with the clothing store. Follow meeee!" We all warp there.

Wait, did Josie not come along? Oh there she is. Wow! She got dressed fast! "Is that what you're wearin' on the mission?"
:jozi:"Yeah. I figured if you were getting clothes, maybe you could pick some for me. Unless you like these ones. Or unless I think your choices suck."

Now I have to decide what to wear! It's dressup time again!
No. 896822 ID: 7fd053
File 153403995995.png - (51.68KB , 1214x1505 , ns3-87.png )

And I can pick something for Josie to wear!
No. 896823 ID: 7fd053
File 153403997959.png - (54.76KB , 1214x1496 , ns3-87-outfit.png )

Here's what she's wearin' now.
No. 896826 ID: 4dc321

This actually kinda rules
No. 896830 ID: 6e59e3
File 153404239951.png - (140.72KB , 1214x1505 , Obligatory.png )

Eye-catching colors in sensible, relaxed clothing emphasizing freedom of movement.

Nothing but comfort for her, while the bright colors mean we won't lose sight of her and leave her behind.
No. 896834 ID: e7848c

Dang! All this girl needs is a bandolier with empty pouches for loot.
Now for yourself.. you feeling nostalgic?
>>813760 but with a charm from home.
No. 896837 ID: 6e59e3
File 153404916606.png - (194.40KB , 1214x1505 , WadsOutForTheLadies.png )

Josie clearly knows how to do up the house, and she's taking home a pretty tidy pay packet too.

There's only one choice when she has lods of emone like she does.
No. 896886 ID: 4dc321
File 153408952281.png - (60.92KB , 1214x1505 , jozi_stige_coat.png )

No. 896887 ID: 333a19
File 153409440864.png - (60.68KB , 1230x1530 , rushb.png )

No. 896888 ID: f941f3

No. 896905 ID: 3be60a
File 153410253611.png - (434.98KB , 1214x1505 , jozipaperdoll-cyberkink.png )

tozol stealth OP pls nerf
No. 896925 ID: 91ee5f

>suggestions for Josie‘s outfit.
I like what she picked out. I don’t think she should change.

>no suggestions for Glinp’s outfit
Hey, what about Glinp? He needs an outfit too!
No. 896969 ID: 4dc321
File 153413981960.png - (26.50KB , 1024x1024 , glinp_escort_objective.png )

No. 897050 ID: dcd14c
File 153419336252.png - (196.03KB , 1214x1505 , random wear.png )

Normal clothes
No. 897127 ID: 2af00d
File 153425591855.png - (72.23KB , 1214x1505 , Suggestion_techy.png )

Some techy aesthetics
No. 897213 ID: a363ac

good design
No. 897346 ID: 7fd053
File 153437952686.png - (75.17KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-88.png )

:glinp:"Lucky for us, they're closed for a while. That makes it way easier. Now, you guys keep a lookout. I won't take long!" I bring stuff for Josie first.

"Better! What else?"
"Not bad at all... Next."
"Cute. But no thanks."
"Pfbbb. Nice try~"
"That's really screaming 'mission into an enemy fortress' to me, I dunno what it is about it... NEXT!"
"Hrm. Without all the stuff dangling off, maybe with a different color scheme, that one would be alright. Got any more?"
:glinp:"That's all of 'em! Whaddya think?"
:jozi:"Think I'll mix and match. I'll take these, and these here, combine 'em with these... 'Scuse me a sec." She warps away and warps back soon after. "How's this?" She strikes a pose.
:glinp:"Lookin' good! Now for mine..."

"Check this out!"
:genericnpc-blu:"Oh! You'll fool 'em into thinking you're harmless? That's smart..."
:frenami:"Do you really think someone would fall for that...?"
:glinp2:"I didn't even think of that! I just picked it as a joke."
:genericnpc-blu:"Haha... oh..."
:jozi2:"Heh. Depending on who or what the bad guy's recruited, that might be a decent disguise. Not that we're likely to need it."
:glinp2:"I'm goin' with it. Who knows what'll happen!"
:jozi2:"Alright!" She claps her hands together. "So what's next, captain?" They all look at me!
:glinp2:"Let's take these troublemakers around to places we don't like and have 'em steal stuff too!"

I bring 'em to Kislie's Magic Supply, because Kislie is a bitch who puts extra filler in a bunch of the stuff she sells, so she can sell less actual product for more money. We get Sraba some supplies. She hasn't been too talkative, but she gives me a pat on the nose for this! D'aww.
Next we knock over the local Tech Magus store, because they're one of those faceless corporations run by dickwads that only care about profit and like to use slave labor. We get Tsunami some stuff to upgrade her computer.
Then Tanner's just hungry so we get him (I found out his gender eventually!) some pilfered food from another scummy corporation, Food-Slammer. I like their food, but it is definitely trash, and so's their owner, Boltad the Brash. But he's a demigod, so I won't be escalating things past this! At least not today. Oh hey, Tanner brought me back a snack! Nice. We munch our food next to a dumpster. No one will ever suspect people hanging around a dumpster would have just stolen goods from several places!
I guess Josie doesn't want anything from this trip. She could probably steal like, anything she wanted, whenever she wanted. ...Maybe she does!

So with that mini-adventure complete, now it's time for a shark date! Am I bringing Josie along? And what about a certain Gnoll and/or Cutebold?
If I want to date Josie separately, I also have the option of doing it one-on-one after the mission.
No. 897353 ID: b38f01

Damn. That underboob is strong. What you got to do now is take both the girls to something fun.. maybe if we could track down Kleem, she would know where the party is at!
No. 897355 ID: 4f1cbc

>So with that mini-adventure complete, now it's time for a shark date! Am I bringing Josie along?
Your shark date seemed to think that would make a pretty good date. And really it does sound fun. So yes.
No. 897356 ID: b1b4f3

Bring Josie along on the shark date.

I don't think you should date the gnoll or cutebold honestly. Gnolls aren't appealing to me and cutebolds are not for lewds.
No. 897376 ID: 4dc321

You spent a fortune hiring Josie for a day, so get every hour you can out of that. Never know if you'll need help getting into or out of trouble.

Don't bring the gnoll or cutebold, though.
No. 897613 ID: 7fd053
File 153455078277.png - (98.22KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-89.png )

>Just go with Josie and Tsunami
I finish my snack.
:glinp2:"That was fun! Maybe there's hope for you yet. But I got things to do, like going on a date with two buxom babes! It's just gonna be you two and me," I point to Josie and Tsunami, "But I can give you two," I point to Tanner and Sraba, "some places to hang out, if you can stay outta trouble!"
:genericnpc-blu:"Aww... Sure, I got nothin' goin' on." Tanner climbs out of the dumpster and brushes himself off. It was actually empty. He just wanted to see if he could fit. Tsunami gets down off the tube, and sticks the landing too.
:genericnpc-trq:"Okay!" Tanner picks her up and sits her on his shoulders.

These are the same places I'm thinkin' about going with my dates!
:glinp2:"Y'know how Stiria's dimensions are a giant pile'a spaghetti? Non-euclidean and all that?"
:genericnpc-blu:"Uh huh." Sraba nods. Josie tilts her head slightly.
:glinp2:"Well there's a spot in town that's got a big weird space bubble thing. They call it the Space Knot. It's touristy, but it's fun! They got other stuff there too, themed around the main thing. Then there's the VR movie theater. You've been to one of those, right?" Everyone nods. "Aaand there's Quazy's Barcade! They got lotsa fun games. And fun drinks."
:genericnpc-blu:"Ooh, that sounds good. Wanna go there, Sraba?"
:glinp2:"There's also the Miskatonic Museum. They got kooky artifacts! And... "

"Hey Josie can I borrow your phone?"
:jozi2:"Here." She tosses it to me and I catch it and call Kleem. Good thing I can remember everything real good, like phone numbers!
:kleem:"Yello? Who's this?"
:glinp2:"Hey it's Glinp! Borrowing a phone so I can ask you where's a good place to take two lovely ladies on a dateventure!"
:kleem:"A dateventure? Who's the lucky ladies?"
:glinp2:"Josie and this shark lady I m-"
:kleem:"WHAAAT where are ya I'm comin' over!" Everyone heard that!
:glinp2:"W-we're in the alley across from Borb's Furniturium!"
Kleem warps in next to us and puts away her phone!
:genericnpc-trq:"Eep!" Sraba's ears fly up and she clings to Tanner.
:genericnpc-blu:"AAH-hey you're kinda cute."
:frenami:"Uhhh hi!"
:kleem:"Thanks!" She pushes up her ears to mimic doing the same with a big hairdo, then turns to me. "You told me you were goin' on a mission with Josie! Now yer goin' on a DATE?" She looks at Josie. "Damn gurl, you lookin' hot!"
:jozi2:"It's my fault, really. For being so irresistible." She waggles her ears. I give her phone back.
:kleem:"And you must be the shark lady. Nice ta meet ya, I'm Kleem." She reaches up to shake hands with Tsunami, who smiles and shakes! It looks like they both shake really hard!
:tsunami:"Hah! Call me Tsunami. Glinp, I think I like your taste in friends." Kleem shakes hands with Tanner, who sets Sraba down for a sec so she can shake hands too.
:kleem:"Hahaa~ Oh man I got questions!" She spins around and stops at me. "But you wanted my help! So what are we lookin' for here?"
:glinp2:"I suggested the Space Knot, the movie theater, Quazy's, and the Miskatonic Museum so far. I'm open to more exciting options too." Kleem nods. "Uh, not TOO exciting. Got a mission right after!"
:kleem:"Mhm, mhm. Weelll, hehehe! I betcha could get into The Sky Palace if yer bringin' Josie!" That's a swanky-ass restaurant!
:jozi2:"Oohh. They're still going to make us pay, though."
:kleem:"Mmm yeah... But'cha wouldn't need a reservation! What else, there's Swirl Spot if ya want the best ice cream..." She scratches her head. "I'd recommend the Space Doobie Love Express but I can't exactly get you all in."
:glinp2:"That's fine! I think we got enough, thanks a bunch!"
:kleem:"Yer welcooome~"

After conferring with them about it, my dates both seem to be fine with wherever I pick. We can probably get two of these in:
Space Knot
VR Movie Theater
Quazy's Barcade
Miskatonic Museum
The Sky Palace
Swirl Spot
No. 897692 ID: b38f01

This is the the big one! You gotta kick it with your pals! Quazy's Barcade until you're (lightly) buzzed and then Swirl Spot to wind down before your mission. You lizardman enough to tag team with Tsunami to try and beat Josie's high scores?
No. 897696 ID: 4dc321

I bet Josie knows all sorts of weird military-nerd history about artifacts at Miskatonic. But that's more appropriate for a date with her.

Likewise, save the Sky Palace for victory dinner after you win.

So, for now, try the Barcade! Tsunami seems punk enough to appreciate a date like that. :D
No. 897728 ID: 91ee5f

Go to Quazy's Barcade! Drinks and games sound like fun!

Then go to Swirl Spot because ice cream is always the correct answer!
No. 897957 ID: 4f1cbc

>I betcha could get into The Sky Palace if yer bringin' Josie!
>"Oohh. They're still going to make us pay, though."
That might be cool, although we did blow all out money on hiring Josie. We'll need some kind of shenanigans to get out of paying if we go there!

Going to Quazy's Barcade first seems like a good idea.
No. 898068 ID: 7fd053
File 153472527806.png - (77.39KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-90.png )

>Quazy's, then Swirl Spot
:glinp2:"Let's start with Quazy's!"
:frenami:"Sounds good."
:genericnpc-blu:"We can all go!"
:kleem:"Maaan no fair, I gotta do stuff. Maybe I can do it quick. If I don't show, call me when yer leavin'!"
:jozi2:"Can do."
:kleem:"And I wanna hear all about this dateventure later! Byyye!" Everyone says bye, and she blows us a kiss before warping out.
:glinp2:"Y'all ready to partay?" They all say yeah! "Then let's gooooo!" We warp to Quazy's!

Once we're all in, we all go for the games first. Tsunami and me end up playing a vs. match in Psycho Brawler. I could use my time powers to win, but I'm not sure that's in the spirit of things!
:glinp2:"Aaargh, so close!" I lose!
>"Slimeball wins!"
>"I'm blazin' my own trail! Of SLIME!"
:frenami:"Haha, clutch!" Tsunami throws her hands up in a victory pose! "Good game."
:glinp2:"Good game!"
:frenami:"Alright Josie, step up!" She motions Josie toward the cabinet.
:jozi2:"Are you sure?"
:frenami:"Yeah! Let's see if I can beat a Tozol at a video game."
:jozi2:"You'd better not hold back, then!" She takes up her side of the controls... and totally sweeps!
:frenami:"Shit, Josie! How are you kicking my ass so bad?"
:jozi2:"You didn't know? Tozols are really good at video games."
:frenami:"Daugh!" She throws her head up and slumps back down.
>"Bighair wins!"
>"Looks like I won... by a hair's breadth!"
"Yeah, I saw a stream once. He did a TAS segment live on a totally normal controller. Every Tozol is like that??" Josie nods. "Fuuuck!"
:jozi2:"And now that I've revealed my power, you guys wanna make things more interesting?"
:glinp2:"Mmmmm how?" Tsunami looks curious.
:jozi2:"Think of a handicap you can give me. One hand, or I need to use my feet instead of my hands, do it blindfolded, whatever. Any game, any handicaps. Within reason."

They got loads of games here. Shoot 'em ups, racing, fighting of course... Plus there's physical ones, like the one where you roll a ball up a ramp and you have to get it to land in holes.
I gotta think of a good combo of game and handicap that'll give us enough of an edge to make it a real challenge for Josie!
No. 898070 ID: 86eb65

Sexy handicaps?
Lewd handicaps?

I mean we could have some fun with this if she wants to go there.
No. 898080 ID: 4dc321

Proposed handicap: play the game with her head in a big sack and her tails tied together with twine.
No. 898150 ID: b38f01

-2v1 Laser tag blindfolded and ears plugged. Her tails only.
-Human basketball free throw game with just her feet and doing a handstand
-Skeeball while backwards and tails banded.
-Racing game where she's upside down in the seat and Tsunami is her eyes
-Co-op shooter game where she has both guns but blindfolded

Take your pick~
No. 898419 ID: 7fd053
File 153489546749.png - (91.43KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-91.png )

:jozi2:"Good game, by the way."
:frenami:"Yeah, good game!"
:glinp2:"I might've seen that stream too. Was it Speed sharks?"
:frenami:"Yeah, that was it!"
:jozi2:"Must've been TittyGrenade69."
:glinp2:"Yeah, that was the name."
:frenami:"Sounds right. Did they only have him the one year?"
:jozi2:"He's been on twice, but it was years apart. He's a busy guy, apparently."
:frenami:"I'll have to look up the recording for the other year! Now, let me think about those handicaps..."

:glinp2:"How do you feel about lewd handicaps?" Tsunami raises her eyebrows.
:jozi2:"Like what?"
:glinp2:"I uh... dunno!"
:frenami:"What about, saaay, having a little vibe goin' down there while you play? Ah, but people would notice that..." She frowns and holds her chin.
:jozi2:"They wouldn't. But unless you've got a clean one for me to borrow, I don't see that happening."
:frenami:"They wouldn't?"
:frenami:"(sigh) And here I am without one..."

:glinp2:"Got a big sack and some twine?"
:frenami:"I got the first one, if you've got a Turn Male potion... Heheheh!" She slaps her knee. I laugh too. "But as a matter of fact..." She pulls out a sack and twine. "I do have these!"
:glinp2:"And I have a Turn Male caster bullet!"
:frenami:"HAH! You do, huh..."
:glinp2:"You keep those handy. First, Josie, how about that free throw game over there, but you have to do a handstand the whole time, and throw with your feet!"
:jozi2:"Sure." She steps up to the machine, flips onto her hands, and inserts a coin while standing on one hand! A couple people were lookin' at her before, but now practically everyone who can see is watching!
:frenami:"Nice..." Aaand Josie scores too high for either of us to beat. Some people cheer!
:jozi2:"Thank you, thank you," says Josie, doing upside-down bows!
:frenami:"Hahaaa, bullshit! OK, I got one. Skee-ball, but you have to face backwards, and uh... Those tails, you use those to sense things, right?"
:frenami:"What happens if we tie 'em up?"
:jozi2:"Then they don't sense things so well."
:frenami:"Great. You have to have them all tied up."
:jozi2:"You want to do the honors?" She presents her rear. Tsunami looks at it and gets out the twine, but then steps back.
:frenami:"... Yes, but for some reason I feel like this is a trap of some kind. Why don't you do it, Glinp?"
:glinp2:"I'll hold 'em steady and you tie 'em up?"
:frenami:"Alright, you can't go wrong with teamwork! Sure." We're gettin' more watchers! Some of 'em must be from the bar. The two of us together manage to tame the Tozol's tails. The bundle flops down and wiggles weakly.
:glinp2:"Yeah, your rear's lookin real good."
:frenami:"Heheh, yep. Now let's see you whoop us at this one!"
:genericnpc-blu:"Go Frenzy!"

Somehow, she still manages it! Not that either of us were skee-ball champs, but she got like a perfect score. The crowd cheers more, but nobody approaches.
:frenami:"Are you sure your tails do anything?"
:jozi2:"Hahah, trust me! This is a serious handicap." Tsunami adjusts her hair.
:frenami:"Tch... What was your sack idea, Glinp?"
:glinp2:"I'm thinkin' we put it over her head and THEN fight her in Psycho Brawler, or one of those games."
:frenami:"Yeah... How about that, eh Josie?"
:jozi2:"Sounds kinky. Let's try it."
:glinp2:"I never did get to go up against you in PB, so let's do that one!" This time I bet I'll stand a real chance!
"I... I did it!" That felt like it was part luck, but I'll take it!
>"Anotha victim falls prey ta me! Count Bonkula!"
>"Bonkula wins!"
I gotta lean on something...
:frenami:"That was wild! Congratulations!" Josie takes off the bag.
:jozi2:"Hey, you did it! Good game."
:glinp2:"Good game!" Some people are cheering, but I hear one person say 'that was bullshit.'

We take a break from games to get some drinks next.
Now that we're chillin', is there any topic I want to talk about with my dates? Or just any specific question I'm curious about?
No. 898424 ID: 86eb65

So your tails. What are those like?

And if we played with them long enough what would it be at all enjoyable?
No. 898437 ID: 3cc68c

You might not have a clean sex toy to lend (or do you?) but I bet you have lots of detachable parts that could take there place in a pinch.

Also ask if you can play with her tails more.
No. 898494 ID: e7848c

Take a long-ass swig of your drink and straight up ask them "is there anything you would have changed in your past if you had gotten a second chance?"
No. 898533 ID: 4dc321

>Take a long-ass swig of your drink and straight up ask them "is there anything you would have changed in your past if you had gotten a second chance?"

Oh man, you gotta ask this.
No. 898577 ID: 4f1cbc

Geeze, that might have a real downer answer, though. ...I guess if it does you can just revert and not ask it!
No. 898805 ID: 7fd053
File 153506965094.png - (123.36KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-92.png )

We order up some drinks and get a seat somewhere away from the bar where people won't be so tempted to interrupt our conversation.

I take a long-ass swig of my drink, and I do it all dramatic-like too. Tsunami laughs.
:glinp2:"Is there anything you woulda changed in your past, if you'd gotten a second chance?"
:frenami:"You know, if I was a younger me, I'd have all kinds of things like that. But as for me now? No regrets! That's the way I live. Younger me got into trouble a lot, but it made me who I am today... a gal who still gets into trouble a lot!'"
:jozi2:"Hear, hear. As for me, I think I would've bitten more people when I was a loaf."
:glinp2:"A loaf?"
:jozi2:"Yeah, a wee baby Tozol. We start off as just heads with little limbless loaf bodies."
:frenami:"Hahaha what? No way."
:jozi2:"It's true. Here's a picture." She pulls out a small device which must be a pocket computer like her phone, but different, and sets it on the table. The screen projects into the air, and she somehow opens up a photo without moving her hands.
:frenami:"AAAAH THAT'S" she clears her throat "you as a baby?? It's adorable."
:glinp2:"Hee hee, wow! Who's that you're chompin’ on?"
:jozi2:"Some Sergal businessman who was doing business with my squad. He tried to pick me up, but I wasn't having any of that."
:frenami:"Hahah, beautiful."
:glinp2:"Go Josie~" She puts it away.
:frenami:"What about you, hotshot? Anything you'd change in your past?"
:glinp2:"Oh shoot I was hopin' you wouldn't turn it around on me like that! I'm pretty happy with how things turned out... I'm sure there's things I would've changed, but uh, nothing really major is comin' to mind."
:frenami:"Psh, fine~ I’ve got a more pressing question now! Josie! How'd you pull that photo up without moving your hand?"
:jozi2:"I can tell you or I can show you the cool way, but I have to touch your face for the cool way."
:frenami:"That's... weird, but alright. Go ahead." She leans toward Josie, who touches Tsu under her snout, off to the side, with a couple of her fingerpads. "Wh-" She moves her head back and Josie's hand stays in the same place. "Are you... Did you just send electric signals through your fingers?" Josie smiles.
:jozi2:"Yep! I can interface with special equipment that way."
:frenami:"Du-hude, that's like some technomancy shit! Nice!"
:jozi2:"I can't use it on everything, but yeah. It IS nice." She takes a long drink.
:glinp2:"Wow... Can you do it to me?" I drink some of mine.
:jozi2:"Do you have electroreceptors?"
:glinp2:"No. Oh! That's what you were touching? I didn’t know you had those, Tsu!"
:frenami:"That’s right. Man, your body's even more interesting than I thought! That reminds me. Tailrubs feel good for a lot of folks, like me, but what about you? You've got those... crazy wiggling ones." She wiggles her fingers and looks at Josie's tails. There they are! Wiggling!
:jozi2:"Nah. It just feels weird, for me." She shrugs. "You, Glinp?"

:glinp2:"I think they're great! I love getting tailrubs. And speaking or rubbing, I think I got a solution to our lack of vibe situation..." I pop out one of my pinkies, all the way to the wrist, and flex it.
:frenami:"Oh!" Tsunami lifts her hand off the table in surprise and sets it down again. "That's fucked up... I think I like it."
:jozi2:"You're serious about that." She chuckles. "I suppose if I told you it wouldn't make the slightest difference how good you are with that pinky, it would only encourage you."
:frenami:"That sounds like either a bluff or a challenge, if you ask me!" I set the pinky down on in front of Josie.
:jozi2:"Y'know, this kind of thing normally costs a lot more than what you gave me~" Tsunami grins.
:frenami:"I don't how much you charged," she says, taking out a coin and splitting off a 50 krel coin from it, "but I'll bet you 50 krels Glinp can get you to lose at something with that pinky. And if you lose, you give Glinp 30 and me 20."
:jozi2:"You're that confident?" Tsunami's grin wavers.
:frenami:"Wait, that stuff actually feels good to you, right...? Like it does for normal people? I mean-" Josie interrupts her and she bites her lip.
:jozi2:"Absolutely. That's one place the Precursors didn't make us much different." She grins. "From normal."
:glinp2:" Hee hee~ Nice..."
:frenami:"Then alright! That’s my wager."
:jozi2:"I’ll take you up on that bet. Be right back." She gets up and takes my pinky with her!

What game should I challenge her to once we're ready?
No. 898809 ID: e7848c

I'm thinking pool or some sort of VR game like SuperHot!
No. 898822 ID: 4f1cbc

>I'm pretty happy with how things turned out... I'm sure there's things I would've changed, but uh, nothing really major is comin' to mind
Except you know that one thing you're hunting down a necromancer to get revenge over. You'd think you'd have preferred a different outcome there!

>What game should I challenge her to once we're ready?
The Smash Bros / Nuclear Throne pinball machine.
No. 898863 ID: 86eb65

Dance Dance insurgency 4
No. 898864 ID: 3cc68c

Start at one end of the arcade and pick a random machine. Then do your magic see how she reacts and if it does not work just jump back to start things over.

Once you get a "feel" for the situation you will know what works on her and what does not. You should know all her weak points after a few time jumps.

Then all you have to do is find the game that requires the most concentration and make her cum over and over.
No. 898872 ID: 363437

Pinball! Its very skill based yet has lots of random elements.

Plus we have a good view of her butt as she leans over the machine.

Use your powers on her! Do that thing you do! Save point until you know all her most sensitive places better than she does and can make her cum on command!

Should help impress her.
No. 899201 ID: 7fd053
File 153533015876.png - (61.78KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-93.png )

Josie goes into the restroom.
:frenami:"So, got a game in mind?" I can feel my finger being washed.
:glinp2:"Yeah, Scinos Pinball!"
:frenami:"OK, I've played that one before." Dried... "We might stand a chance."
:glinp2:"Oh! She did it~" I whisper. And she's packin' me in tight! I can't unflex very far.
:frenami:"Yeah? What's it like?" Tsu whispers back.
:glinp2:"About like I would've expected. I haven't done things from this uhh position before, but I think everything's in the usual place!" Josie returns.
:frenami:"How ya feelin'?" I wiggle my finger. Got enough room to work with, I think.
:jozi2:"Ready to win 50 krels. How about you two?" No reaction yet!
:frenami:"I'm excited!"
:glinp2:"Can I have some time to get a feel for things before we start? I wanna figure out your weaknesses..."
:jozi2:"If you just wanna fuck, you don't have to go through all this pretense..." Tsunami has a laugh at that.
:glinp2:"Mmmmmthat's not it! I mean I probably want that too, but right now I just want to get those 30 krels!"
:jozi2:"Oka~ay! You have until I finish my drink. Then practice time is over." She takes a sip.

After a handful of retries, I figure out how rough is too rough and how gentle is too gentle, and that I shouldn't focus on just one area. But the only reactions I notice are the ones below the table! Jozi finishes her drink, and I can't seem to make her cum before then. I'm definitely gettin' some squeezes when I do things right, though.
Josie stretches. "Alright, you ready?" I finished my drink, and Tsunami hurries to finish hers.
:glinp2:"Gah, alright..." We stand up too. "I pick Scinos Pinball."
:jozi2:"Good pick. Get ready to lose, suckas!"

I play first. I keep Josie busy, but I can't pay much attention to that or I'll mess up!
>"That was way fast! Cool!"
Then it's Tsunami's turn. While she plays, I can devote more practice to Josie, and it feels like I get her to cum! I look over at her. How can she keep such a straight face!
:glinp2:"How you holdin' up there, Jo?"
:jozi2:"Oh, fine." An ear twitch! Aha! "You're doing great, considering this is your first time." I put a little more knuckle into it!
:glinp2:"Why don't you take off those glasses?" She chuckles.
Either Tozols orgasm for a minute at a time, or I give her a bunch in a row! I give her a break for a bit and then practice trying to edge her. People are occasionally glancing over now that Josie's back in the game area. I'm noticing her move more than usual. She's still super quiet when she's not talkin'.

>"Yeah! That was happenin'!"
Tsunami's game ends. She got a better score than I did.
:frenami:"How are things uhhh goin' here?"
:glinp2:"I was hopin' to make Josie sweat, but iiit's goin' the other way!" Josie steps up to the machine. People start payin' more attention now.
:jozi2:"Heheheh... I warned you!"
>"Get ready to go blast!"
:frenami:"What's the matter?" she says quietly. "Can't get her to...?"
:glinp2:"I can! She's just too powerful!" I say, also quietly. Josie smiles with a bit more teeth showing than usual.
:jozi2:"The lowest score increment in this game is 100 points. I'm going to get exactly 100 more than you, Tsunami!" I try all kindsa stuff to mess her up, and while I get some reactions, it doesn't feel like she slips up even once!
:frenami:"Glinp!" Tsu puts her hands on my shoulders and shakes me. "I'm gonna lose the bet! We're gonna lose!"
:frenami:"Are you sure she's not cheating??"
:frenami:"Are you letting her win??"
:glinp2:"Nohohooo! I'm tryiiin'!".
:frenami:"Grrrrff!" She throws her hands up.
I really go for it now! I got a whole 30 krels at stake here! And after a few orgasms, Josie just... stops. No, wait, she's... balancing the ball on a flipper?
:glinp2:"Whoa..." She stays like that for a while, and then my finger gets tired. She goes back to playing when I relax it. Huh. Did I give her some kinda zen state for a while there?

Once Josie's definitely about to win, I give up fingering altogether, and she suddenly pulls her hands away and turns from the machine. For some reason, it seems like that's the only part that took some effort! She exhales sharply.
>"Wow, you know how to handle a ball!"
:jozi2:"Mission complete," she says, with less emotion than I would've expected. She gets some claps from the crowd.
:frenami:"Okay... I guess... You win!" Tsu hands over the cash. "But I have to say, it's hard to believe you could stay that focused..."
:jozi2:"Af- (ahem) yeah. Heheh..." She brushes her hair. "Hooh! It's funny you should say that. I actually started to get a little hyperfocused at the end. I almost lost track of my goal of only getting 100 more points than you."
:frenami:"Geez. I guess that settles that! Are games even fun for you when you're that good?"
:jozi2:"Sure. So let's just play for fun now, instead of comparing your abilities to mine~"
:glinp2:"I think that's a good plan..."
:jozi2:"But first, I'll excuse myself again." She goes and washes off my finger and covertly returns it to me.

Since it'd be kind of a dick move (and take a super long time) for her to max out the top scores on the games we play, she sets specific high-score goals, and gets 'em every time. She draws pretty good crowds with her ridiculously-exact playstyle. A couple people get her autograph! We get more drinks, everyone's havin' a good time, and eventually we decide that it's time to move on.
Now, should I ask if Josie's sex offer is still open, and have a threesome with these two hot chicks who are better than me at video games?
If so, I'm not sure if ice cream would go better before, or after that. It's a tough call!
No. 899202 ID: e7848c

Either of these girls could probably break you.
And that's fantastic.
Ice cream before hand. You might be able to make use of it if you're quick enough..
No. 899266 ID: 91ee5f

Have ice cream before sex with both of them!
No. 899292 ID: 4dc321

>trying to satisfy a high-speed wardroid and a shark at the same time

You grasp exceed grasp!

You am play god!!

Seriously, Jozi said she'd go on a date after the mission, so just focus on having a good time with Tsunami.
No. 899357 ID: 86eb65

Never hurts to ask. Specially if you can reverse time and change the question.

Give it a shot and see what happens. Josie is amazing it's true. But so are you.
No. 899655 ID: 85a60a

Do it, have some fun with them.

Not like you dont have some gender swapping toys or anything.
No. 899673 ID: 7fd053
File 153567036097.png - (93.94KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-94.png )

:glinp2:"So, you guys up for a threesome? After we get some ice cream, that is."
:frenami:"Are you kiddin'?? YES."
:jozi2:"Haven't had enough of me?"
:glinp2:"Well see either of you two could be more'n I can handle alone, and we've been real focused on you so far, so I was thinkin' we'd mostly double-team Tsunami here!" Tsunami gulps and looks rapidly between Josie and me. Josie shrugs.
:jozi2:"Yeah~ Okay."
:frenami:"Aheh, aheh..."
:glinp2:"Follow us to ice cream, Tsu!" We warp to The Swirl Spot.

We're practically the only ones here! There's people walking by too. Some of them stare at us.
:frenami:"Wait... Tozols like ice cream?"
:jozi2:"This one does." Josie points to herself with a thumb.
:frenami:"Right. Aheh. Great! Hey, before we order up, there's this thing I like to do. We find 3 flavors that we all like, and then we can all share a third of our ice cream!"
:glinp2:"Yeah! I say let's do that."
:jozi2:"Sure." We look over the menu. Tsunami holds up a finger.
:frenami:"Waiiit, waiiit... We can't pick illusion-based flavors, right? Because you can't taste them, Josie?"
:jozi2:"You've got the right idea. Technically, I can lower my magic immunity enough to taste them. But I won't be doing that."
:frenami:"Huh, OK. Gotcha." It's a shame because they have a fuckton of illusion flavors! And some of 'em are super good, like redberry.

:genericnpc:"Welcome... to Swirl Spot. How may I serve you, sir or madam?" The cashier is hypnotized. It's in the rules for being an employee here!
Our final picks: vanilla, super crackle, and lightbush fruit. Vanilla's just normal, but super crackle has fun chemical reactions in your mouth that makes little popping bubbles, in addition to a funky flavor that doesn't taste like anything real that I know of, and lightbush fruit is all glowy because the fruit pulp is blended into it! We each get 3 tiny bowls and split up the ice cream.
Tsunami almost drops a bowl when she sees how crazy long Josie's tongue is when she licks some of her ice cream! Josie waggles her eyebrows.
:frenami:"No way..." She tries to stick her own tongue out as far as she can, but it's nothin' compared to Josie! "Mnnn..."
:glinp2:"Mleeeeh..." I try too. Longer than Tsu's, but not as long as Josie's!
:jozi2:"Aw, don't be too discouraged. It's all in how you use it."
:frenami:"Y-yeah. I know! On that topic, I should tell you why they call me Tsunami..."
:jozi2:"You get really dry, during sex, but then you cum all over the place?"
:frenami:"No! Hah, I'm impressed, actually. You'd be surprised how few people make that joke. But it's not that literal, I'm just really wet when things get goin'. Really wet sometimes."
:glinp2:"Thanks for the heads up!" I say, licking some ice cream off my snout. "I got me a place we can go that has a shower and stuff so it's real easy to clean up." Josie raises an eyebrow. "What?"

Once we're all done, Tsunami grabs a couple MYSTERY items from her place, and I take my dates to my love nest for some action! What's some good sex moves we should use, especially on Tsunami? I figure this is a good time to use the change sex bullets, so that really opens things up!
No. 899674 ID: 86eb65

Oh man you should have popped your tongue out and used it to lick some ice cream.

Actually that is not a bad idea for a sex move!
No. 899697 ID: e7848c

You know those electroreceptors that was mentioned earlier? Yeah, make use of those. Sharks are especially prone to snout play and shock play. What's the lowest setting on your spear? Maybe you can make use of that as a toy.
No. 899699 ID: b1b4f3

Snout play huh? I wonder if lewd tonic immobility is a thing she's into?
No. 900307 ID: 7fd053
File 153601440301.png - (52.97KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-95.png )

Oh yeah, and we told Kleem when we were winding down at the barcade. We didn't forget!

I wish I could pop out my tongue! It's not connected by a joint, so I can't.

I ask Tsunami how she feels about sexay snootrubs. She waggles a finger at me!
:frenami:"Ohoho. Under normal circumstances, I'm ok with it when I really trust whoever's doing it. But in this case..." She looks at Josie and back at me. "You two don't need to immobilize me to fuck me up, so I'll be insulted if you don't do it!"
:jozi2:"That settles that, then."

Other things I learn: She is into biting and being bitten and a little bit of blood! But that's not as good for Josie and me, so no biting.
She wasn't kiddin' around with the nickname! It's not out of the norm for Fishfolk, but it's more than I was prepared for! She mentions that she can run dry eventually, and Josie flusters her by quoting her 'That sounds like either a bluff or a challenge' line from back at the barcade, and presto, we have a goal!
I get to experiment plenty with what kinds of noserubs make her feel good, which is fun. She can't bring herself to do very much when we get it right, but she does want to give us some sweet lovin' back, so we start usin' the tonic immobility when she needs a rest.
Also, her skin is kinda rough if you don't rub it the right way. I rub it the rough way anyway sometimes because it's weird~
I try one of the Turn Male bullets on her. She wasn't just kiddin' around with the big sack comment, either! Ro's balls were internal, but obviously she's a different kind of shark person. And she's had her refractory period removed! I've never been bukkaked by one person before!!
We finally get her to go dry, and she brought a ring of never-run-out-of-cum, so we slip that on her, and get back to the action! In the end we've done every combination of sexes we can, and we have one hot, messy shark puddle lying between us, in more than one sense!

Josie's not even winded. Boy am I impressed! We get cleaned up with magic. Josie has to take a shower, so that gives Tsu and me some time to recuperate. She finishes before we're ready to walk again.
:frenami:"This was... fuckin'... great..."
:glinp2:"Yeah~ Fun~"
:jozi2:"Yeah. I had a good time."
:glinp2:"I gueeeess we should get goin'... soon..."
:frenami:"Nooo I want to snnnuuuggle more..."

But unfortunately I can't snuggle ALL day so we hop outta bed eventually, and go grab some coffees. I mention that I wanted to go pay The Truth a visit, just because why not? Just a quick one. Tsunami goes with us.
When we get a few meters from the door, Josie grabs our collars and stops us, just before a Sergal runs screaming out, on fire!
:frenami:"Holy shit!"
:frenami:"I wasn't so sure before, but now I definitely want to see what's up in there!"
:glinp2:"I'll say!" I notice there's an extra sign up - they're doing a promotional stunt! If you can stump The Truth with a legitimate question that a previous customer hasn't asked already, you get a prize! One try per customer.

What should I ask?
No. 900321 ID: e7848c

Fuck yeah. Great catch! As for a question.. "What am I?" As in, your ancestry.
No. 900332 ID: b1b4f3

Stump Truth? Hmm. Well you have time powers so you could try more than once, except Truth probably KNOWS you have time powers so he'll force you to only ask one question somehow, or he'll threaten to reveal your secret if you don't play fair. Or he'll just freaking murderize you if you try to cheat him.
So don't try to cheat Truth.

This is a good and useful question that he definitely has an answer to. Might need to phrase it a bit better, like "What is my ancestry?"
No. 900440 ID: b1b4f3

Heheh, you could try "what gender am I" since that's forbidden knowledge to even yourself apparently.
No. 900713 ID: 7fd053
File 153626744465.png - (171.19KB , 1024x1024 , ns3-96.png )

My spear only has one setting, and it wouldn't have been a very sexy one!

I know the answer to this already! I'm genderfluid.

We file inside. There's a big floating rainbow mechadragon thing in here! He swoops closer!
:truthio:"WELCOME, MORTALs, to the one place that can satisfy all of your needs for knowledge!" His voice sounds spooky and growly!
:frenami:"Whoa. Hey there."
:glinp2:"You must be Truth! I think I got my stump-you question."
:truthio:"Ah, yes! Hahahaha!" He swirls through the air. "Very well, very well. Ask away, but remember!" He sticks out one finger. "You only get ONE attempt!"
:glinp2:"What is my ancestry?"
:truthio:"Gaahahahaha! So sorry, I DO know the answer to that one! I'm afraid you lose my challenge! Now, who will be next?"
:glinp2:"Crud! Hey wait, I guess you're not gonna tell me the answer?"
:truthio:"No, Glinp! I can't just give away such valuable answers as that one for the sake of a silly game!"
:glinp2:"Wow you know my name!"
:frenami:"Hah! I'll bet he knows all the adventurer's names around here!"
:truthio:"Hehehehe, yes! Quite right! Of course I know such things!" His body sways slowly.
:frenami:"Uhhh fuck, this might be hard. This isn't my question, but can you give us a list of things people have asked?"
:truthio:"Yes!" He flicks one of his hands, and the fingers project a list of questions!
:jozi2:"That's a nice shell you've got there."
:truthio:"Thank you! My tailor charged quite a fee, hehehe! Quite a fee, but it was well worth it."
:frenami:"Dammit, this is raising more questions! I need to think of mine."
:jozi2:"I've got mine. What happened to the Tozol Precursors?"
:truthio:"Gaaahahahhaaha, yes, of course, I knew one of you Tozols would ask that!" He backs up and does a twirl! "I must... congratulate you! As much as it troubles me, for once, I do not have the answer!"
:jozi2:"Cool, what's my prize?" He spins his claw around, and when it settles, he's holding out a tiny statuette of himself!
:truthio:"This miniature figure of ME! And! A discount on one future purchase of information!" Josie takes it.
:jozi2:"How much of a discount?"
:truthio:"10%! How lucky you are!" He spins his claw again, and this time it comes to rest holding a coupon. Josie takes that too.
:jozi2:"Sweet." Tsu's still looking at the list of questions.
:frenami:"Shiiit uhhh I'm gonna come back... later!"
:truthio:"Hahaha, oh, take your time! Just don't take too long! This very special offer ends in a week!"
:glinp2:"Hey did you really blow up your old planet because someone stole from you?"
:truthio:"HA ha haaaa..." He shakes his head. "No! And if you'd like to get on my good side, you can start by ending that rumor! What REALLY happened is that after that FOOL NALLESON stole from me, I hunted down his bloodline through the generations, making their lives terrible, until the end of the world! It's a shame, really, such a shame! I was doing good business there!"
:frenami:"Fuck, dude!" She tugs her hair.
:jozi2:"Oh. That's not so bad, then."
:glinp2:"Gee willikers! Well I might come back some time. I just wanted to stop in and check the place out! So... bye!" I wave.
:truthio:"Hehehehaha!" He waves back. "You're welcome any time! Just as long as you don't pull any funny stuff!"
:frenami:"Oh, don't worry! I won't!" We make our way to the door.
:jozi2:"See ya."

:frenami:"Dude! That guy's fucked up! Hahah!"
:jozi2:"Li'l bit. So Glinp, is it finally time?"
:glinp2:"Yep... We gotta split, Tsunami! It was nice meetin' ya! And fuckin' ya~"
:frenami:"Heh, heh... Back at you! You too, Josie!" Josie gives a thumbs-up. "I guess I'm gonna do some soul-searching or something, so I might as well ask this now... Do Tozols really not have souls?"
:jozi2:"Worried you might have fucked a soulless murder machine? Well, it's true. We really don't."
:frenami:"Psh, like I haven't done that before! Haw! Except this time I guess it was literal. Huh. Well, that doesn't change anything! I was just curious!" Josie nods. "See ya around!"
:glinp2:"Good luck! Don't do anything too evil, or else!"
:frenami:"OK! Good luck to you guys too!"
:jozi2:"Good luck."

And with that, it's time... to complete my mission and stop Zorgonok from getting his reign of terror started! Yippee!
No. 900716 ID: b38f01

Dang, precursors was my second idea. Oh well. Fist bump Josie and warp out. Time to go to work.
No. 900717 ID: 113906

Information on your ancestry is ancestry is valuable? How exciting! Sounds like an excellent follow up adventure if your interested.
No. 900726 ID: 86eb65

When he said no funny stuff I bet he meant your save power.

Want to test it by going back in time and asking?
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