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File 149946988707.png - (112.13KB , 1024x1024 , nice-job1.png )
813730 No. 813730 ID: e0f785

"AAUH! GRBFLBFbfbl....."


Well that sucked! I guess those crocodiles are hungry!
I gotta figure out another way across the water. I have a spear and two very small bombs. I got some sharp claws too. Oh yeah, and I can detach my bodyparts, control them remotely, and reattach them later. I'm not sure if that would help here, but you never know!
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No. 813733 ID: be0718

Put the bombs in your mouth and light them.
No. 813736 ID: add027

Detonate a bomb underwater. The rapid changes in pressure will cause the crocodiles to die of internal bleeding.
No. 813738 ID: 7fad5d

Detach your bitten limbs and make them choke the crocodiles from the inside.
No. 813740 ID: 3abd97

Just submit and be nice to the crocodiles as they eat you. They probably don't get that very often, and there's little chance you're going to live at this point, so you might as well go out doing something kind.
No. 813745 ID: d79f26

go for the eyes!
No. 813760 ID: e0f785
File 149947298362.png - (76.00KB , 1024x1024 , nice-job2.png )

"I already died from the crocs once! Doing it again isn't gonna help!"
No. 813765 ID: d79f26

well, you could, in theory, feed yourself to them so many times they get full and let you pass.
No. 813766 ID: 8cb228

How many lives do you have? What are the negative ramifications, other than excruciating pain, of dying?

Do you regenerate limbs if a few limbs go missing?
No. 813768 ID: c88e6d

I agree, feeding them till they're no longer hungry might work. Alternately, explain why you are no longer dead and try to use that log over there as a bridge.
No. 813772 ID: 55772f

use the spears and some elastic bodypart like tongue or tail to slingshot your head across the river, then tumble the rest into the water to reset the situation
No. 813773 ID: fc33ea

Maybe use the log like a bridge, if you run across it fast enough.
No. 813781 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, don't crocodiles keep eating, even when they're full? If we went with this plan, then we'd keep feeding them until they explode!
No. 813788 ID: b27cac

Push the log in as a bridge, detach a forearm and slap the water's edge to lure them somewhere far away from it and use a vine tied to your arm to pull it back to you as you run for the bridge.
No. 813810 ID: b1b4f3

Use the dead tree as a bridge!
No. 813829 ID: 7b6983

Perform a crocodile mating dance! They'll never see it coming!

Or do this
No. 813831 ID: ba506f

use log as bridge.
No. 813887 ID: a363ac

take off legs at knees straddle log and use spear to paddle your way across on the log
No. 813889 ID: fcc0fa

Detach arms and legs and send them out in a search pattern. Find any supplies in the area that could help you across.
No. 813893 ID: be0718

No, no, it's a metaphor, see! You put the killing thing between your teeth, then give it the power to kill you, symbolizing the crocodiles in your mouth! And if you have the crocodiles clamped between *your* jaws, then that gives you the metaphorical victory. And let's face it, you're not winning any other victories here.
No. 814289 ID: e0f785
File 149963349065.png - (115.89KB , 1223x1024 , nice-save3s.png )

I activate a bomb and toss it near a cluster of crocs.
Hooboy they look distressed! Lookit 'em go! They won't be bothering me now.

I stab one in the eyes with my spear!
Eugh, gooey! Okay, he's outta here. One croc left... Um, I think.

Nah, I can only go back to before I died, at least in this case. These crocs haven't had a taste of me anymore! But they did get a piece of me! Hah!

Unlimited! And none really I guess!
I can get healed, but outside of that, my regeneration is just ok. Not fast.

It's not long enough! Plus it's really heavy. But I'll try...
I push the log into the water, but it doesn't float too well. Nope. It was a good try!

I'll consider this, but I'd rather not lose any parts if I don't have to. I am close to the end, though... so, maybe, I could afford to do something a little crazy!

I don't know a crocodile mating dance!

That won't help me get the artifact at the end of this trail!

So there's one more croc to deal with. I might be able to get across quickly enough that he won't get me, but I dunno.
No. 814314 ID: be0718

Use parts of the dead crocodiles to craft gear to combat the final croc! Simply chopping off a tail to club him with should do.
No. 814319 ID: 7b6983

Use dead croc as raft, and row across!
No. 814322 ID: 79507f

Are there any vines you can swing across? or at least most of the way across?
No. 814363 ID: 3abd97

Challenge the last croc to a duel.
No. 814368 ID: 3ce125

Lure the last croc towards you by wading into the water a little. Then spear it.
No. 814395 ID: 8cb228


Crocs are slow on land! See if you can get it to come out at you onto land! Then spear it.
No. 815124 ID: e646d0

Spear the last one!

Then steal it's head so you can get a skull later.
No. 815275 ID: e0f785
File 149990388394.png - (95.81KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save4.png )

I try to safely fish one of the dead or dying crocs out of the water, but it's not gonna happen. Rats! I bet I'd look good in croc armor.

They're too far away!

No, but I could grab some vines and use them to make something. I'm pretty handy!

I step into the water and do a little dance.
"Hey croc! I'm real meaty and good to eaty! Fight me!" He's comin'!
"Yaaaa!" I spear his eyes too! Today is a bloody day. And whatever the heck that eye goo stuff is too.

I think that's all of 'em... I go in and drag a carcass out of the water to the other side - it's heavy! I'm just gonna get the one. I spend a little time crafting and now I look snazzy. Yeah!
So this should be the last thing before the artifact... Looks like I have to stand here and press this button, and then I have to go over there and press that one within a certain time limit. That's pretty far away!
No. 815277 ID: 015058

One disembodied hand on one switch and one on the other.

And you behind a tree in case of traps that would kill anyone touching a button.
No. 815278 ID: 094652

How many save slots do you have? Can you save to the second one now?

Use the rope and a simple pulley system so you can activate the button from a distance.
No. 815288 ID: be0718

Save at red button, push blue button, quickly reload save and push red.
No. 815305 ID: ae6513

Good plan.
No. 815834 ID: e0f785
File 150008275137.png - (72.03KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save5.png )

I already saved. If it comes down to it, I can ALSO restart a quest and just do everything the same way I did it before, and start doing things differently at any point I want. I'd hate to do that here though! So close!!

If I reverted, then the blue one wouldn't be pressed anymore!

I set myself up like so. It's hard to hold onto the pedestals, while being able to press the buttons, without pressing them by accident, but I manage it. Aaaand...!
...I can't press the red button? Hey, what gives! I step out from the trees and read the sign near the blue button. Ohhhh, that makes things trickier.
I can press either button first, but I have to be standing at it, and I can't be at the second one at the same time or else it won't work. Hidden pressure plates maybe?
I DON'T have to be standing at the second one when I press it, but the buttons do require skin contact.
That's weird but it shouldn't be too tough? Why'd they put the more detailed instructions over here? These guys are jerks! It's like they don't want people to touch the artifact without going through a buncha hassle.
I try pressing the blue button. Just as I thought! It doesn't work, and I bet it's 'cause my other hand is still at the red one.

I liked this idea, but it seems I can't use it!

I still have my spear and one bomb, in case those are any use.
No. 815835 ID: b27cac

You're a coordinated looking young man. Split in half at your waist and station your legs near the second button. With your upper half, press the first button. Then walk over to the second and press it with a leg. Sit on it if you have to!
No. 815838 ID: 55772f

one arm, one leg at each pad
No. 815841 ID: 7fad5d

One eye on each button.
No. 815868 ID: fc33ea

Try moving a dead croc in front of one of the buttons.
No. 815876 ID: 3ce125

How well can you control your body parts? Can you leave an arm and hand sitting at a button to press it as you stand over at the other one?

Or you could keep the first button pressed with one hand while you detach it, then walk over to the other one to press it? I mean, maybe the timer only starts when you let go of a button.
No. 815926 ID: df6309

Just use the dead croc on the pressure plate.
No. 815991 ID: 89cb94

Detach one leg and arm by one of the buttons but off the plate, have the arm hold onto the leg while you hop over to the other button. After pressing the first button, have your leg/arm hop up onto the plate and press the button with your arm.
No. 816058 ID: e0f785
File 150016755457.png - (79.18KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save6.png )

I can only split at joints!

I take the remains of the dead croc and stick it near the red button. Because it's closer and gosh darn if this thing isn't still heavy!

Can do! I leave one arm at the red, walk over to the blue, and get out of the way again. This time I press the red one and it works! The pedestal sinks right into the ground, and there's a rumbling OH FUCK THAT'S THE BIGGEST DAMN BOULDER-
"AAAAAAGH!" It squishes my arm and the crocodile chunk! I leap at the second pedestal and hammer that goddamn button, and the boulder vanishes before it hits the doors.
The doors! They open, revealing the artifact, and I touch it with my remaining arm. I feel a SURGE OF POWAH and now I can instantly disguise myself as an inanimate object whenever I want! And I don't get to pick what it is! Wahoo!

Good thing I get free heals at the town where I spend a lot of my downtime. I'm gonna go there right now! My poor arm!

It's a good thing I didn't do this! I was totally gonna do it but then this other idea worked. Phew!

I don't think I could have pulled these off...

Once I get healed, I can move on to another mission or chill out for a bit. What to do...

Tavern (chill out and talk)
Temple of the Fist (get the Super Fist artifact)
Volcano Ascent (get the Fireball artifact)
IN SPACE (get the Super Jump artifact)
No. 816059 ID: 55772f

tavern first to get a drink to wash out the flavor of dieing so much
No. 816060 ID: be0718

No. 816061 ID: 7fad5d

Tavern, maybe. Test out that new ability of yours and see if you can snag some help.
No. 816063 ID: b27cac

Yeah tavern. Try to get free drinks by showing off your new power.
No. 816069 ID: be0718

Only if he turns into a stein.
No. 816387 ID: e0f785
File 150025590964.png - (83.41KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save7.png )

I grab them heals and head to the tavern.
:glinp-happy:"Hey Josie!" She's a good bouncer. I can't count how many times I've died to her.
:jozi:"Hey Glinp." She nods and lets me through.
:glinp-happy:"Heyyyy can I interest you in going adventuring with me?" She's immune to like every kind of magic and she's got SUPER REFLEXES and accuracy and strength. She'd be great!
:jozi:"Only if it pays more than 740 krels a day." Sssshhhucks, I ain't got that kinda dough. I guess if I can raise enough from looting during missions, I can bring her!
:glinp-happy:"OK maybe a different time."
:jozi:"Yup. Maybe. Actually, I'd be willing to lower that price, if you grab me some superconductors."
:glinp-happy:"I know what those are! I'll keep an eye out." She laughs and gets serious in an instant.
:jozi:"Now stop distracting me." OK then!

I sit at the bar and say to the guy next to me, "I'll bet you one drink that I can turn into an inanimate object!"
:genericnpc:"Haha what. No." He goes back to drinking. Maybe I need a better approach. The barkeep speaks up.
:nsbarkeep:"So you touched one of those eh, artifact things?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! Check it out!" I turn into a purse that looks like someone could have left it on my stool.
:nsbarkeep:"That's..." he coughs and doesn't look too impressed. Well I think it's neat! But it's booze o'clock, so I turn back into me. Mind-altering things only affect my body, and I stay sharp as ever! That goes for booze and for mind-control. I order something fruity and colourful.

There's some other folks here, but they probably won't just go with me for nothing either. If they die I can have them resurrected afterward, but that's expensive so I should PROBABLY not let it happen. Josie can't be resurrected, but it'd be pretty tough to get HER killed.
I've got an eye for my fellow adventurers, and these seem like the best candidates:

Sergal (Fast and agile, lightly armoured, mostly average, has a spear. Probably not a genius.)
Neumono (Strong, really durable, slow to react, has a sword. Has adventured with me before, got some alright chemistry there.)
Slime (Weak, vulnerable to extreme temperatures, can squash and stretch and split, can produce acids and aphrodisiacs. Kinky!?)

No magic users this time. I bet there'll be one after I finish one of the missions though!
No. 816389 ID: 7fad5d

A cheese wedge isn't useful, you probably don't need food that badly. And slimes are entry-tier. By elimination, that leaves the...

No. 816390 ID: be0718

Hmmm. If you were to recruit anyone, I'd say recruit the slime. If they're able to directly reshape themselves, it could prove really useful in SPAAAAAAAAAAACE. Or the temple!
No. 816392 ID: d79f26

No. 816393 ID: 0b275f

Slime has definite potential for if you transform into a small inanimate object and then it carries you somewhere you couldn't normally get to.
No. 816418 ID: 8cb228

Neumono! What's the gender of each, by the way?
No. 816420 ID: 90f3c0

The Neumono is a good choice, since you've worked with her before.
No. 816435 ID: 3abd97

Try recruiting the slime.

If you get an ally killed, can you just kill yourself and load from save before they died? Saves you the cost of getting them rezzed.
No. 816447 ID: 91ee5f

Go with Neumono because you've worked with her before and it's very difficult to kill a Neumono!
No. 816453 ID: eaf326

Sergal. Sergals are cool.
No. 816455 ID: 3373e2

Sergal. Because I mean why not.
No. 816474 ID: 67856c

If you take the slime it probably won't survive so if you're okay with that take slime .
Otherwise take Neumono.
No. 816498 ID: 0d72fd

The slime.

Because everything is better coated in slime?
No. 816574 ID: e0f785
File 150033864768.png - (84.45KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save8.png )

Yeah I don't even have to die first. I can just go back to before they died.

Let me seeee... The Sergal is um...! I don't know!
Miko, the Neumono is a woman, buUUT sex change spells are super easy to get done, and I've seen her as a man before too. Not gonna lie, she's a little hot either way~
Slimes are hermaphroditic of course! At least this kind is.

I hop into a chair at Miko's table just to say hi at least. "'Eyyyy, Mikoooo."
:miko:"Oh, Glinp, I thought that was you. What's new?"
:glinp-happy:"I can do THIS!" I turn into a jacket draped over the back of my chair.
:miko:"Heyyy, that's cool!" She chuckles and takes another drink. "You and your weird powers." I turn back. I can't talk or move on my own while in disguise.
:glinp-happy:"I just got it on my latest mission! And I'm about to do another one."
:miko:"I just finished kind of a long one." She sighs. "All I got was money and some memories of things I'd like to un-see. Not a bad bargain, HAAH!" She takes another drink and wipes her mouth on her arm. "But I'm gonna chill for a bit unless you've got something that'll convince me."
:glinp-happy:"That's OK, I don't probably!" I could figure out something to get her to go along, but naaah.
:miko:"Cheers, and g'luck, G'linp." She raises her mug and we clink 'em.
:glinp-happy:"Cheers! and thanks bye Miko."

Slime time! I go to where the Slime is.
:glinp-happy:"Good evening, fellow adventurerrr!"
:irib:"Hello, fellow." They turn their head, then turn only their upper body, and lean their arm on the bar. The way slimes move is so weird! "Can I help you?"
:glinp-happy:"My name's Glinp and I'm looking for an ADVENTURING partner. How would you like to team up?"
:irib:"My name is Irib, and that depends~ What do you bring to the table, what kind of adventuring did you have in mind, and, what do I get if we succeed at it?" I explain my non-save powers, with a short demonstration of each, and the temple and space missions, and I ask what they want out of it.
"Oh, that sounds juicy." They consider it while drinking from a mug through their ARM (through their arrrm!). "I'd do it for half of any money we collect, and I'd like to touch the artifact as well. I think that's fair~"

Should I take them up on the offer? It sounds fair to me, but I can get by with nobody if I gotta. Guess I won't even bother with the Sergal! And I still gotta figure out where I'm going. The three options are still on the table, but I won't take the Slime to the Lava one. That would be rude! I'll hang around and drink a while longer, but I'll mosey on to the next mission before too long if there's nothing else I should do here.
No. 816575 ID: be0718

I think that's fair. You seem to be in it for the powers anyway! Two people touching the artifact isn't going to dilute the effect, is it?
No. 816579 ID: b0c09e

Fine by me.
No. 816610 ID: 258191

Take that slime to the Temple of the Fist. Surely its goopy constitution will serve it well against punch-based threats.
No. 816755 ID: e0f785
File 150042650808.png - (94.54KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save9.png )

Two people touchin' the artifacts won't be a problem. We just can't move 'em anywhere, and we can't stick around too long or the area will become dangerous again. If we even got rid of the dangers BEFORE touching it.

We're DOIN' IT.
:glinp-happy:"Yeah OK!"
:irib:"Let's shake on it~" I shake hands... shake their tentacle... whatever! It's slimy! I sit down and order another drink, and they do too. I flex my tentacle-shaking fingers. Didn't get much residue on me. This kind of Slime isn't as uhhh drippy as some other kinds. Unless you get 'em in bed HEYO!
"...What are thinking about, there?" whoops I must have made a weird face.
:glinp-happy:"Just how great our adventure's gonna be!"
:irib:"Haha~ You certainly are excitable."

Decisions, decisions. At least it's narrowed down to two now, since I'm deffo taking Irib~ I drink more while I ponder out where to go. I'm leaning toward Temple?

Temple of the Fist (get the Super Fist artifact)
IN SPACE (get the Super Jump artifact)
No. 816756 ID: aaafef

As tempting as seeing a punch slime is, I want to say in spaaaaace so we can space jump and see some flubber.
No. 816757 ID: 7fad5d

SPESS always.
No. 816758 ID: 90f3c0

No. 816759 ID: 3abd97

No. 816766 ID: be0718

Spess slime on a spess station. Avoid the xenobio lab.
No. 816776 ID: 9a72f1

Why ask, when you're already spacing!
No. 816930 ID: e0f785
File 150050863595.png - (77.09KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save10.png )

Space is the place! The place where I can find superconductors. I'll have to be on the lookout for those when we go there! I tell Irib too, but they don't know how to recognise 'em, dangit.
We finish up our drinks and leave the tavern.
:jozi:"Another conquest?"
:jozi:"Nothin'. Have a good time, you two."
:glinp-happy:"You too!" Irib shrugs and waves.

We warp to the spaaaace mission! There's a Duduk here!
I say, "Hail, good sir!" but he looks all weird!
No. 816931 ID: 7fad5d

He's probably infected with something. Start killing him, see what you can find out.
No. 816932 ID: 078a83

Keep your distance, he looks crazy!
No. 816933 ID: 8cb228

Yea, he's totally infected by something. Get in a defensive combat stance, try to talk to him from afar and get him to approach YOU, rather than approaching him... determine what's up with him!
No. 816936 ID: 3abd97

>"Another conquest?"
Who's conquesting who, here, is what I wanna know.

>I say, "Hail, good sir!" but he looks all weird!
Detach an arm and throw it at him to poke him.
No. 816939 ID: d79f26

save then run right up to them and punch them in the snout.
No. 816940 ID: b5227a

I agree, keep trying to get his attention so we can determine if it's (probably) hostile.

Can slimes be infected with space hoohah?

If it is infected, don't forget to aim for the head!
And to wash your hands.

Can slimes be washed of space hoohah?
No. 816998 ID: be0718

You should probably get off the transporter pad before that wannabe Scotty starts pressing buttons.
No. 817069 ID: 258191

Save before initiating manual rocket punch in case things don't go smooth, try to grab his hand-tentacle off of that lever.
No. 817331 ID: e0f785
File 150067276654.png - (76.34KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save11.png )

We're gonna conquestify this space station! By which I mean find the artifact and touch it.

This kind of Slime is resistant to chemical or parasitic infections, unless it's magic or something. Then it sometimes works on them.

Yeep! I step off the side of the pad, so I don't get closer to the Duduk.

His eyes look around in different directions. Duduks can't normally do that! He's also making weird noises now instead of talking. Classic signs that something's up!
:glinp-happy:"I think he might be infected with somethin', Irib!"
:irib:"I would have to agree." They break off the end of a tentacle and send it behind the desk or whatever that is that the Duduk's behind. Sneaky sneaky!
:glinp-happy:"I'm gonna throw my arm at him!" Which I do! "Hnnn-uhh!" It bops him right on the head, just as he was starting to leap over the console! He falls to the ground and boy I know Duduks are pretty flexible but this is unusual! Oh geez I think he's gonna get back up! And he's got my arm!
No. 817334 ID: be0718

Grab your arm and start swinging the Duduk around until he flies off. Preferably onto the transporter pad. Irib's tentacle can take care of things from there.
No. 817342 ID: 91ee5f

But they might send the infection somewhere else!

We don't want more people infected by whatever this is when we return to the planet!
No. 817357 ID: 3abd97

Let's see what kind of horrible thing this infected person can do, then we'll rewind.
No. 817575 ID: 258191

Take out spear with good arm, stab the infected crewman in the face while it's busy with the other arm.
No. 817779 ID: e0f785
File 150082916655.png - (87.54KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save12.png )

Man, this Duduk looks super messed up! His inside is red instead of blue! I try to grab my arm, but he LEAPS at me like a freaky frog! "Aaagh!" I flex my arm a bunch to hit him with the stump end and he claws at me. Ow!
:glinp-happy:"Can you use that teleporter to make him get disintegrated instead of teleported?"
:irib:"Hrm... not without getting your arm as well!" Rats!

I kick him away and he drops my arm. Yessss.
:glinp-happy:"RAAAAH DIE ZOMBIEEEEE!" I take out my spear and jab it right in his face. He makes more weird noises and convulses. It takes a few kicks, but I kick him onto the pad. "Zap now!"
:irib:"Yes, captain."

I hope I didn't get infected too! That would be a real hassle. He wasn't so tough though.

I collect my arm. Now we have a choice of two doors. There's one that goes to a SPOOKY dark corridor and one that goes to a corridor that's covered in blood! Irib and I can go to one together, or we can split up, or they can split in two and I can go with one of them. Or OTHER OPTION?
No. 817795 ID: 3abd97

Follow that blood, I'm sure it leads to something important.
No. 817807 ID: 258191

Go with Irib down the bloody hallway. Remain on guard against infection, you might be able to isolate it in a part you can split off.

Hopefully it's not gotten to you, if it shows up way late reloading back to fight this guy again just to avoid it would be rough.
No. 817817 ID: be0718

Follow the ADVENTURE LINE! To adventure!
No. 817818 ID: be0718

Detach whatever part got clawed and keep it under observation. Could save you a reload down the line.
No. 817830 ID: 105d19

Check under the teleport control panel for secret stash!
Or a flashlight. Cause spooky tunnel looks like the way to go.
No. 817840 ID: 03aae4

Split yourselves up! Have your upper half go with Irib down the bloody path, then have your lower half go with the -other- Irib down the dark path!
No. 818129 ID: e0f785
File 150093329116.png - (96.36KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save13f.png )

There's no flashlight, but there is a radio! I pocket it for right now.

At least I don't FEEL infected! But I can't detach my snout. I can think of all kinds of places where that'd be handy! Can't do it though.

It's the path of blood for me!
:glinp-happy:"Hey Irib, why don't you split up and I'll go with you down this bloody corridor while you go down the other one?" Irib considers it and splits in two.
:irib:"I suppose we could try it." One of their halves splits into two even smaller Iribs, and one of those makes its way down the spoooky hallway while I investigate the blood one. Irib must be pretty adept to have that kind of confidence in their splitting! We get to the end of the corridor and open the door, and then-!
No. 818135 ID: be0718

Cool, it can detach its limbs just like you! Use your spear to attempt negotiations from a distance.
No. 818172 ID: 3abd97

Beep beep, it's a sheep!

Are you sure that's a zombie? Maybe he's just hurt.

That's way more blood on the floor than could have come out of just this guy.
No. 818196 ID: 3ce125

Seems pretty tangled up. Maybe try looking around in the room a little while keeping at a safe distance.
No. 818202 ID: 03aae4

Try to communicate. If you can't, dispatch the zombie and carry on.
No. 818351 ID: e0f785
File 150102349260.png - (91.64KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save14.png )

:glinp-happy:"Hey Belenosian dude! Are you a zombie?" He'sss not movin'...
:irib:"I think he is simply regular-dead."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, well... maybe." I keep my distance when I step into the room. Looks like there are some cocoons on the wa- "AUGHHHH GET IT OFF ME"
:genericnpc:"SCREEEEE!" Was this a trap!? This crazed Salazzarine must've been hiding on the ceiling! Damn! Irib's trying to pull it off me, but they're not very strong and the Salazza's bladelimbs can cut through their pseudopods like nobody's business! I'm holding it off, but it's gonna get me if I don't think of something quick!
No. 818353 ID: be0718

Suplex the knifebug.
No. 818356 ID: 90f3c0

Detach your pierced limbs and roll away.
No. 818360 ID: 3abd97

Fall to pieces and play dead!
No. 818402 ID: 3ce125

Use the door to cut it in half!
Wait isn't there a safety mechanism
No. 818414 ID: 258191

If the disguise ability changes you into an inanimate object, as in physically not just your appearance, do that shit right now. This will hopefully bamboozle the Salazzarine into believing you have left. Irib should squeeze someplace safe til the thing leaves.

If it is just a change to your appearance then >>818356 and get back into the hallway, it's an ambush predator that you just walked into the kill point of, fighting from here is bad. What if it's not the only one?
No. 818419 ID: d79f26

ambushes only work once. load and reverse ambush it this time.
No. 818628 ID: e0f785
File 150110479228.png - (89.07KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save15.png )

"I'm gonna flip 'im!" I can't manage a suplex, but I do manage to twist so it falls on the ground pretty hard, and Irib jumps off to give it some extra force! Disengaging my pierced arm and leg at the right time seems to help too.
It scrabbles on the bloody floor and makes the mess even bigger! But who's counting at this point.
...Man, the cleanup crew's gonna have a fun time with THIS place! Anyway, the Salazza wasn't disoriented for very long so I fall apart and that seems to have confused it! I try the disguise ability. Pppphhhaaah, NICE! All my parts turned into objects! The Salazza stops looking at me and swings to face Irib. Dammit, I have to turn back for a sec to talk.
:glinp-happy:"Squish it with the door!" The Salazza doesn't turn around to look at me yet. Irib is in the hallway and they can press the button!
:irib:"C'mere, big guy~!"
:genericnpc:"GREHHHHH" It charges at them and they close the door on it, but the door does have a safety mechanism, and it just opens again, ugh. Irib doesn't seem to be in much danger, but they are forced to move around much more than normal for a Slime, so they might tucker out before long.
:irib:"If I absorb the blood, perhaps I can overpower it!"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah do it please!"
:irib:"This body may become infected!"
:glinp-happy:"Shit!" Is it worth trying? I kinda think it might be!

That might become necessary in a second, but then again I've gotten through stickier situations before!
No. 818629 ID: 7fad5d

Yeah, do it.
No. 818633 ID: be0718

Well, he's got a spare in the other corridor right? Drink up!
No. 818634 ID: b27cac

It's definitely worth trying. Would infection affect Irib's second body?
No. 818654 ID: 8c51fa

Split off a tiny body and have it absorb the blood! You'll still get the strength boost and it will isolate the disease if something goes wrong.
No. 818670 ID: 3abd97

>"Shit!" Is it worth trying? I kinda think it might be!
Worst case we get a monster slime and still have the other slimes that slit off. Or worster case, you have to reset things.

Go for power, buddy!
No. 818804 ID: 3ce125

Wait a minute, weapons count as inanimate objects. Toss over a limb to your slime buddy and turn it into a weapon for them. Heck, do the same for yourself so you can perform a pincer attack!
No. 818817 ID: 91ee5f

He can't do that. His power doesn't let him pick what inanimate object he turns into. So if he wanted to turn into a weapon, he'd have to repeatedly turn his power on and off until he turned into a weapon. But I don't think he's got time to experiment with his powers, considering the enemy is right next to him!
No. 818848 ID: dc3787

If we're infected and it hasn't shown itself, may as well go for broke. Do it slime boy!
No. 819129 ID: e0f785
File 150128447535.png - (79.86KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save16.png )

I can't choose what I turn into, and it's all or nothing. I can't disguise only PART of myself. Plus I think the objects are ornamental. I'm sure if I use it more I can develop it further, so I can do something like this in the future maybe!

They're currently split intoooo well I can't tell from here but it's at least two. Could be more. Each body is totally independent. It's a neat trick! The only way it should affect the other bodies is if they got close enough to touch. I think they might have some kinda... telepathic, short-range, really basic communication with their own bodies, but I never really found out for sure.
:glinp-happy:"Try using a tiny body for it? If not go for it anyway!"
:irib:"Wouldn't be worth it!" They plop down on the floor, and,
Damn that's impressive! That was a shitton of blood! They get so large that they engulf the salazzarine and drown it! It can cut all it wants, but Irib went into its lungs - I think they have lungs? - and Irib can hold it down now, so it's no use. It slows down and its face finally softens into a peaceful expression and it slumps lifelessly. Irib pulls out of it with a gross
sound, drops it, and stands up in the room. "I don't feel infected, and I've processed it as best I can," they say, "but it may have a delayed effect. Keep a close eye on me. Shall I help reassemble you?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah thanks that'd be great!" They put me back together, except for the punctured arm and leg.
:irib-big:"Do you want these back too...?" Hmm. Tough call! Reattaching them would risk getting the space hoohah into the rest of me, if they have it, or bleeding out... but this looks like it was a medical supply room, once! So maybe we should investigate. The longer we take, the less viable the rest of my limbs will be, on account of their uh, present condition.
No. 819131 ID: be0718

Patch up your limbs before attaching them. Investigate cocoons - did the victim come form the open one, or the salazzarine?
Look up. You already got ambushed once.
No. 819137 ID: 6e59e3

While you're here and when you get a breather, scavenge the electronics for superconductors. The brains of anything computationally advanced, anything powerfully magnetic, anything vaguely repulsor-y or anti-grav or shield-generator-y should do.

Superconductors are extremely useful for certain aspects of machinery and electronics, and are even more useful in bribing tozols to join us.
No. 819221 ID: 03aae4

Nah, leave the punctured limbs behind. You can get new ones later!
No. 819246 ID: 258191

See what's in the cabinets, if it's medical stuff may as well use it to heal your limbs. Rather not risk infection but if you bring along a healed limb, can always pop it on if things get rough.
No. 819275 ID: 3abd97

Agreed that we should patch up limbs before attaching them. Maybe the medical whatsit can scan them first, too?

Check out the cocoons. Only one is open, so there might be a bunch of things still in the others!
No. 819282 ID: e0f785
File 150135206662.png - (78.05KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save17a.png )

:glinp-happy:"Hey could you see if you can figure out what's in the cocoons? I'm gonna check out the cabinets."
:irib-big:"Alright." They investigate cocoons while I open up the cabinet here and scope it out. I find some bandages and stuff for my limbs and get them to stop bleeding! Good to know this is here. There's not too much stuff left here though. I don't reattach my limbs, which are hurting pretty bad and aren't as good at moving as they used to be. It's better to carry 'em around than leave 'em here though. I'd feel them either way. I also pocket some weird chemicals that I don't recognise. It's all written in a language I DON'T know.
:glinp-happy:"Got myself patched up. Not gonna reassemble for now. I also found some weird chemicals and I'm gonna take 'em."
:irib-big:"...Alright. As for these cocoons, they seem to have people inside. I can't tell if they're dead, or if they're infected."
:glinp-happy:"How'd you figure that without opening them? They're not see-through!"
:irib-big:"I made a small puncture, and inserted a tentacle to inspect them with." They gesture to spots where the cocoons are now leaking slightly.
:glinp-happy:"Oh gross. But they're just Salazza cocoons, right?"
:irib-big:"They seem to be just that."
:glinp-happy:"Alright well uh, let's see what's through THIS door!" I point and they open it. Another corridor! The lights are kinda busted and flickering but there's always at least a little light from the left. That's better than the spooky corridor! This one looks kinda wet also. There's some blood trails, but it's nothing like this room was.

Doesn't seem like there's anything like that in THIS room, but I've only seen a couple rooms so far.

No scanning whatsits here!
No. 819312 ID: 3abd97

Any superconductors behind that loose hanging light fixture in the corridor?

If not, I say we hang a left at the intersection. Looks like there's light coming from that direction.
No. 819348 ID: 03aae4

There doesn't seem to be anything of interest in here. Have Irib split up so that you can explore all available paths, then continue down the center one.
No. 819358 ID: be0718

Reattach tail to leg stump.

Maybe you should insert that tentacle probe a little further and make sure they don't wake up. Why wait to count your salazzarines until after they hatch?
No. 819415 ID: 258191

Check behind the door at the end of the hallway, if it opens.
No. 819564 ID: e0f785
File 150145480850.png - (83.36KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save18.png )

I can only reattach things at the correct spot.
:glinp-happy:"Hey wait were they SALAZZA people or other people?"
:irib-big:"There were no other Salazzas. There was a Miklik, another Belenosian, another Duduk, and some Silirw."
:glinp-happy:"Should we... kill 'em? So's they don't wake up and attack?" Irib sighs thoughtfully.
:irib-big:"Why don't I try opening one, and see if I can resuscitate them? Perhaps the Miklik, who will be weakest."
:glinp-happy:"Mmmmm OK." They slit open the Miklik cocoon and we try to rouse the contents to no avail. No life signs apparent. Irib shrugs.
:irib-big:"I think they're just dead."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, looks like it. Onward!" I want to do a dramatic pose but I can't do it without falling over, and that BLOWS.

"How's about you split into three, and take the left and right paths and you and I go down the middle?"
:irib-big:"Alright." They split into two small and one original-size Slimes. The original-size goes to the left path, which has a large boarded-up window and a door and a dead end.
:irib:"This door is locked." While they investigate that, a small Irib and I check the door at the far end.

I doubt that a light fixture is gonna have 'em, but I have Irib lift me up so I can get a look. Nope, doesn't look like it. So we open the far door.
A cold fog comes out and Irib steps back quickly! The lights are busted and so's everything else in the room, but I think I can tell what this is supposed to be.
:irib-sml:"Those look like stasis chambers."
:glinp-happy:"I was just about to say that!" Then the Irib in the left hallway calls to us.
:irib:"I've found survivors!"

So much stuff! I can't take Irib in here 'cause it's too cold, and they can handle things over there I'm sure. But survivors are also exciting...!
No. 819567 ID: be0718

One of the chambers is still occupied! Check it out, leaving Irib outside.
No. 819576 ID: 3abd97

Go peek at what's in the stasis chamber, then run off to see the survivors.
No. 819578 ID: 91ee5f

Have Irib ask the survivors what's going on and if there's an infection of some kind that needs a cure.

Also, don't open that last stasis chamber! Whatever was in that room could've been what caused everything that's going on right now and you don't want to let that last one out!
No. 819707 ID: b6b65b

I guess since the actions are covered, how ya doing?
No. 819756 ID: 03aae4

Check the room with the stasis chambers for superconductors, or anything else that could be interesting, then go check out the survivors.
No. 819991 ID: e0f785
File 150163433196.png - (77.03KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save19maybe.png )

:glinp-happy:"Ooh! OK I'm gonna check this room out, and you ask them what the deal is with the space hoohah. And tell them I have a communicator thing here." I wave it at them.
:irib:"Roger that!" With that I hop into this cold and dark room by myself to check out a potentially deadly shadowy figure. I can't see clearly through the glass, and wiping it doesn't help much. I tap on it and nothing happens. Maybe if I had a flashlight I could get a better look. A voice comes over the communicator!
:tonzo:"Come in, Glinp." Dangit it's hard to do this AND look for superconductors with one hand.
:glinp-happy:"That's me! How'd you call me?"
:tonzo:"Irib told us where you found the communicator. I'm Tonzo, the commanding officer here. As for the infection, it's magical in nature and it's spread through blood." I'm startin' to sweat a little here! Irib's chances don't look too good... "However, we believe a Slime, or anyone I suppose, should be able to ingest it without much risk."
:glinp-happy:"Phew! That's a relief, chief." And, no superconductors or other interesting things here, at least not that I can see. Unless broken glass is interesting. I take a piece just in case.
:tonzo:"We're not going to let either of you in here with us, however. Just in case. It has a deleterious effect on the mind over time, rendering the host into a grotesque, murderous monster. If you... WHEN you run into more such individuals, please kill them. Their old selves are certainly gone."
:glinp-happy:"... Ah. Roger that. Is there a cure to stop it before it gets that far?"
:tonzo:"We don't have one. If you can figure out what happened to the AI, it should be able to find a cure given time."
:glinp-happy:"I was wondering if you guys had one of those... Uh hey, so I'm in the stasis room right now and there's this one chamber that's closed and I think there's someone in it?"
:tonzo:"We believe if there's anyone in there, they're dead." Cheeeery place!
:glinp-happy:"OK!" Now that I've got this guy, I can ask lots of questions! And I can get out of this cold-ass room and check out more of the ship.

I'm holding up, as always! I wonder where the heck the artifact could be and what happened to the small Irib that went alone to explore from the transporter room.
No. 819997 ID: 3abd97

Ask them when and how the infection started.

And where they keep their artifact.
No. 820002 ID: 03aae4

Go looking for the smaller Irib.
No. 820005 ID: 136fd6

If Slimes really are immune would just slime katamari-ing the whole place to remove all the infectious material work?

We can always reset if it goes terribly wrong.
No. 820007 ID: be0718

Look around for something to pry open the chamber. So, if the disease is transmitted by blood, yet anyone can safely ingest said blood, how the hell does the infection spread? Some kind of ritual?
No. 820008 ID: 136fd6

Cuts. You know, like getting stabbed in all your limbs.
No. 820009 ID: be0718

Sounds pretty ritual-y to me.
No. 820086 ID: 8e38ed

Ask the captain if they have any idea where the controls are for this cryosleep stuff. There appears to be a blood trail leading into this room, meaning whoever's taking the nap in there likely has been infected. Since it's magic, don't know if cold would actually slow the spread.

Also ask if they happen to have any bionics lying around? Just in case.
No. 820130 ID: e0f785
File 150172220597.png - (61.33KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save20.png )

I might return here later, preferably with warmer clothes. For now, I don't feel like desecrating a corpse AND being so chilly. Brrr!
I get out of the stasis room and close the door. I can hear sounds of struggle from somewhere around the nearest corner.
:glinp-happy:"So how'd the infection start, and how long ago?" I peek around the corner and there's an elevator. There's also a hallway blocked with debris, and what I think is the Spooky Corridor, which is where the sounds are coming from. I shuffle back the way I came for now. Where it isn't spooky.
:tonzo:"Welll... A few of my crew performed some UNAUTHORIZED rituals involving blood, and it ended up like you see. We're not sure exactly when things went terrible, but it can be traced back to at least a day or two ago." A small Irib is listening in.
:glinp-happy:"And where do you keep your artifact?"
:tonzo:(Se scoffs) "ExCUSE me, you can't just... well..." Se sighs. "I suppose at this point, I may as well tell you it's not on this level. We think it's on the second level, but we're not sure where. More of the crew is up there, and last we heard, they were essentially possessed by demons. Level 2 is where it began."
:glinp-happy:"Thanks! Hey you got any bionic parts around?"
:tonzo:"If we do, they're not on this level either."
:glinp-happy:"OK! I'll let you know if I have any other questions."
:tonzo:"That's... fine." I think se likes me!

:glinp-happy:"So where's that first you that went down the spooky corridor? I just heard noises from there, I think." I gesture toward that corner.
:irib-sml:"I'm sure they'll show up, iffff they survive." I can only frown at that. "Do you want to follow them and find out if they haven't?" Something to consider!

:glinp-happy:"Maaaybe. So, Tonzo says ingesting infected blood is probably safe. Do you want to try just uh, slooshing through the whole place and removing all the infecty stuff?"
:irib-sml:"I can't say that sounds like a good idea. It has its appeal, but no. It's much too risky." Yeahhh I didn't think they'd go for it. And I can't tell them about the save-power.

So, options:
Scope out level 2. I can always come back down here if I go up.
Debris-filled hallway
Room with water coming out of it
No. 820133 ID: be0718

Check out water room, bulk up Irib in order to facilitate debris removal.
No. 820135 ID: c6ffec

Hey Glinp, why don't you detach your head and reattach your limbs? You probably can't go crazy if the infected blood can't reach your brain.
No. 820164 ID: 03aae4

See if you can find the Irib that went through the spooky corridor!
No. 820215 ID: 258191

I mean maybe? Would need something to hold it on the neck-end, plus if we infect Glinp's body, we have to find the cure or hope the healers back in town have a way to remove the disease.

Let's do SOMETHING ELSE: Go investigate the sounds of struggle. You have a glass shard and a spear. You got this.
No. 820236 ID: b27cac

Yeah get spooky.
No. 820307 ID: e0f785
File 150180215944.png - (67.64KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save21d.png )

This idea has some promise, but what if it just makes my body crazy! Then I'd only have control over my head. I'll need to be more certain about it first.

I lead Irib to the trashed corridor area. We can hear more sounds, quietly.
:glinp-happy:"In THAT case, I think I WILL check out spooksville here. While I do that, what say you gather yourself up and see if you can get this debris out of the way? Enough for me to get past it anyhow."
:irib-sml:"Even enlarged, I'm not terribly strong. But, I can easily slip through the debris and tell you if there's something worth seeing. Are you sure you'll be alright...?"
:glinp-happy:"Mmmgood thinking! And yeah!" I give a thumb-up and shuffle awkwardly toward the darkness. "I'll holler if I need ya."
:irib-sml:"My, you are an odd one." They shrug. "Well, I'll let you know what I find." They start glooping around in the debris.
:glinp-happy:"'Kay!" Oh hey I can see a small Irib in the transporter room! This IS the same hallway. "Hey are you the one that explored this hallway?"
:irib-sml2:"No. They went into that room on your right, and didn't come out. I suspect something dangerous is in there. I don't intend to follow." That's definitely where the sounds are coming from. It sounds wet and possibly violent.

I'd better approach this carefully. There are two doors on this side, and I can go in through either, but whatever I do, I don't wanna get ambushed again. It's not so bad if I have to revert, but I don't like dying, and there's no way I could take another Salazza attack like this.
No. 820308 ID: be0718

Pick whichever door Irib didn't and open it without going through.
No. 820309 ID: 3ce125

Yeah. Let's explore a bit and see if we can find something useful.
No. 820322 ID: 91ee5f

>They went into that room on your right, and didn't come out. I suspect something dangerous is in there.
Then let's choose door number not that way!
No. 820336 ID: 258191

Go after the noise, something in there needs to die. Listen at the door to determine its current location, then go in from the other.
No. 820612 ID: e0f785
File 150196565920.png - (76.03KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save22.png )

Nnngggg I listen to the sounds and I think they're coming from the side closest to the elevators.
:glinp-happy:"Which door did you... uhh did they go in?"
:irib-sml2:"The one closest to me." I walk toward there and they step back. Or... whatever slimes do that's like stepping.
:glinp-happy:"I'm gonnaaa open that one." They leap onto the ceiling. That's a good leap! I press the door button and the noises are much more audible with the door open. Yeah that sounds super wet and gross.
:irib-wet:"There's a...! Infected Kigavi in here! Can't get close! Powers are too strong!" Shucks, that could be tricky! I'm not sure what I can do about telekinesis right now.
>-bvweemp, slork, splap-
:glinp-happy:"What do I do!" some water sprays out into the hallway.
:irib-wet:"Not sure! Sneak attack? From other door?"
>-sklish, klorff, bzoop-

How to take down this bad bird before my buddy goes bye-bye...
No. 820626 ID: 258191

Last remaining bomb hucked into the room. If we can't get close, have to use something that doesn't need to be.
No. 820633 ID: 91ee5f

Glinp just said that the infected in there has telekinesis, they can just psychic the bomb back at us! Unless being infected won't let it control it's powers properly.

And there's a tiny Irib in there.

So if Irib doesn't mind letting a tiny part of itself get killed, I guess we can throw a bomb in there and hope that being infected won't let it psychic the bomb back at us! Or just throw in the bomb and close the door.
No. 820648 ID: 258191


Staying out of view will hopefully not give it a target. Other options for projectiles can be pushed away, if it is simply pressing away from itself in all directions. If it presses the explosive into a corner, the force will bounce back into the area. This is presuming it telekinetically can move only solid masses and not manipulate gases or do whatever else it can do. It's infected, it isn't thinking clearly, we have to work with the ability it currently displays. You do have an excellent point though, if Irib could vacate the room, closing the door on his way out, that would be preferable.
No. 820649 ID: 03aae4

Follow Irib's suggestion and sneak attack!
No. 820656 ID: be0718

Split yourself into as many parts as possible to overwhelm the telekinetics! Changing shape rapidly with your transformation power may help confuse it. You're primarily going to be a disraction.
No. 820665 ID: 3ce125

If there's water in there, can you introduce some electricity to it?
No. 820702 ID: 7f0609

Do you still have your loose arm?
If you can find a sneaky angle, you could use your arm as an atl atl. Spear throwing device basically.

It should give you the speed to outpace even a telekanetic blast.
Also unless it lands on them Irib should be safe from bombs. Liquids and pressure differentials only matter with organs, which Irib is lacking(?).
Otherwise can you escape with the Irib clone and seal the door? It's not like we don't have reinforcements.

Beware door Safety mechanisms.
No. 820835 ID: e0f785
File 150206429921.png - (72.61KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save23.png )

Not readily!

Mmm turning into junk did the OPPOSITE of distracting that other guy...

A bomb! To blow up the bad bird. Too bad I only have the one. They sure are useful! Maybe I can restock from this place's armoury later... heheh...
:glinp-happy:"I'll go in the other door! You distract 'em and I'll toss a bomb at 'em! Then you get out and close this door!"
:irib-wet:"I'll try!" I open the other door. Huh, this is a locker room. The door to the shower room, where Irib and the Kigavi are, is open. I line up a shot at the Kigavi, activate and toss the bomb, close the door, and run out and close the outer door. Irib is already out, and their door is closing. Just in time!
...That is not a small Irib anymore.
:genericnpc:"RRRRRRRRRR! REEE! Rrrrrr..."
:glinp-happy:"Ya think that did the trick?"
:irib-wet:"Uhhhhg. Can't say... too hungry..."
:glinp-happy:"Hey ceiling Irib, what do we do?"
:irib-sml2:"Merge with another Irib, maybe?" Regular-size comes around the corner
:irib:"Are you infected?"
:irib-wet:"Don't think so..." Regular-size merges with them. It's really swirly and bulgey and kind of disturbing honestly.
:irib-big:"This is not ideal, but it will do. I now have the memories of both bodies. The only things of interest there were the Kigavi and more dead bodies."
:glinp-happy:"Did youuuu eat any of 'em?"
:irib-big:"No, I just took on a lot of water, which... did not help. I wasn't sure eating the bodies would be safe, and it might have been in bad form."
:genericnpc:"rrrrr..." The Kigavi is still alive and bumping into things.
:irib-big:"Ugh. I'm not going back in there without a plan. Honestly, we might be better off leaving it alone for now. It may die on its own."

I'm about ready to check out floor numero 2, probably with an Irib, while Iribs handle the rest of this floor. Maybe I should see about finishing the job with this Kigavi though? I am still waiting to hear back from the Irib who was going through the debris...
No. 820836 ID: 258191

Try and sneak up on the Kigavi and finish it with your spear. It may be best to watch how it's telekinesis has been affected by the injury before finishing it off with your spear. Throwing it may work, but if it's powers lash out in random spurts or all around it, may need the bracing provided by holding it to strike true.
No. 820841 ID: 91ee5f

So blood makes it bigger and water makes it hungry? Slimes are weird.

>Leave the Kigavi?
I'd rather kill it and make sure it dies. That way we don't get one of those moments where we think it's dead but it comes back later when we ain't expecting it to attack!
No. 820858 ID: 3ce125

If you close the doors then break the locks it'll be trapped in there! Or not even bother to break the locks since it seems to be really stupid and probably can't use doors.
No. 821060 ID: 5bd182

Irib can feed on the blood.
The water diluted it.
Protein is good for the pseudopods.

Damn if we could find a way to get that kagavi, there'd be loot for days in those lockers.

Maybe just explore more rooms?
No. 821172 ID: e0f785
File 150223468951.png - (92.05KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save24.png )

Yeah the water diluted 'em, and Slimes do like their protein. That, and running around fighting psychic murder monsters makes 'em tired, which is basically the same as being hungry, for Irib's kind.
...Now that I think about it, I wanna see if there's anything good in the lockers...

Yeahhhh but what if it musters up the strength to blow a hole in the wall! If it was gonna, it probably would have by now, but let's not take chances. And plus... loot! Possibly!

:irib-big:"You look like you have a plan."
:glinp-happy:"I'm gonna take a peek and see if I can sneak up on it. A sneak peek."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah." I open the door to the locker room and the inner door to the showers. The Kigavi's looking fucked up but oh shit it's gonna fuck me up
"OOFFff!" It spotted me and slammed me up against the wall! The Kigavi stumbles and I slide down. It's definitely having trouble concentrating, but that was no weaksauce psychic blast. The sauce was in fact quite strong. "Ow... sneak check failed..." I roll out into the hallway and close the outer door. I couldn't chance trying to close the door to the showers.
:irib-big:"How's it look?"
:glinp-happy:"Looks like... shit..." I cough. "Uncoordinated but strong."
:irib-big:"Are you alright...?" I give a thumb-up. I'm not coughing up blood, but after another hit like that I might be! "Perhaps I can distract it this time..." Irib muses. "since it seems I can take hits better than you~" Oh snap! They're right about that, though.
No. 821183 ID: c48b47

OK, it has the awareness to recognize you as a threat, maybe have Irib poke around the corner with your detached arm held in it. You can flip the bird the bird before you go in for the kill.
No. 821184 ID: 91ee5f

So distract it by making it look one way, while sneaking up on it from the other direction? That sounds good!
No. 821235 ID: 3ce125

Plan use the slime as bait sounds like a good plan.
No. 821251 ID: 4bbde2

These guys are gonna be tough when they start coming possessed instead of just notso recently deceased.

I'm game for plan Slime Shield . Just make sure Irib doesn't get blasted with too much water.
Not saying they can't take it, but that waters filthy.
No. 821309 ID: e0f785
File 150231728496.png - (94.31KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save25.png )

Debris-Irib returns.
:irib-sml:"Is this a bad time?"
:glinp-happy:"Go ahead. Ow."
:irib-sml:"Well, the path leads to the bridge. There's some equipment to communicate with the rest of the ship, but I'm not sure if there's anyone to communicate with. There's also a lot of money. I think it fell from the floor above. There's a hole, which I couldn't reach."
:glinp-happy:"Whaaat, no shit?" I obviously have no qualms about stealing a bunch of money! I have big concerns!

"Well first we gotta put this poor fella outta commission, and I say using you as the bait so I can jab it with my spear is a good idea," I say to the big Irib. "Here, take this." I give them my detached arm.
:irib-big:"Alright, but why?"
:glinp-happy:"Maybe you can use it to help distract the Kigavi."
:irib-big:"I suppose." They stand in front of the door near the transporter room and I stand by the other one. "Ready?"
:glinp-happy:"Ready." They open the door and split into several bodies that start whooping and leaping into the room! The Kigavi takes notice immediately, and I open my door and hope it doesn't pay attention. It doesn't! I charge in and start stabbin'! "HYAAAGH QUIT BEIN' ALIVE AND STUFF AAAAAAAGH!"
:genericnpc:"HRRRRGH GGLGHSHHHHKLG!" It fires off psychic pulses in random directions. Thank goodness they're too incoherent to focus 'em or else getting hit would be a real problem! I do get hit hard enough to knock me away, but an Irib drops down from the ceiling and suffocates the Kigavi. Phew! The Iribs exit the shower room and merge back together. I sit in the locker room for a sec.
:glinp-happy:"Good job!" I pant. "Gonna check the lockers." Aw heck I didn't flip off the bird. Large Irib throws my arm to their smaller counterpart, who gives it back to me.
Whoa haha, these only LOOK like low-tech lockers. It's actually a facade and when you go to open a locker, it pulls up a holographic interface. It'll teleport items between here and wherever they're actually stored. Noooo they're password-protected... There's always gotta be something in the way!! "You know anything about hacking?"
:irib-sml:"I'm afraid not." Man, what a BUMMER. Hey wait, these ones don't have passwords! I found...

An interspecies erotic novel (female Amtsvane and male Neumono). Nice.
A keycard! What fool left this free for the taking?
4 protein bars. I could use a nosh myself.

Not as good of a haul as I'd have liked, but it's better than nothing! At this point I can:
Spend some time helping Irib clear away debris so we can get our hands on some sweet dough
Explore more rooms on this floor
Head up to the next level, where greater challenges await! And have Irib deal with exploration here
No. 821316 ID: 91ee5f

What's with that tiny heart on the door of that open locker?

>An interspecies erotic novel (female Amtsvane and male Neumono).

>4 protein bars. I could use a nosh myself.
Then go ahead and eat one. Also, offer one to Irib.

>What do?
Isn't it obvious? Go get the money!
No. 821361 ID: 3ce125

Get the money!
No. 821410 ID: 258191

Money money money.

No. 821446 ID: be0718

Slimes need protein! Take 1 bar for you and 3 for Irib and get to clearing that debris.

...Save the novel for later.
No. 821532 ID: d9a0ac

Money. Gotta get that money.
Could be a trap so prepare thine self.

Also you should totally read the summery on the back of that Spicy Interspecies Novel you picked up.
No. 821549 ID: 6f184f

Gotta get the cash, gotta get the dough.
No. 821947 ID: e0f785
File 150248755933.png - (94.99KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save26.png )

Hey wait a sec...
:glinp-happy:"Hey Tonzo couldn't you have done something about this infected Kigavi in the shower room?"
:tonzo:"Ah... That must be Korimi..." se sighs. "When the infection took hold, hir psychic signature became... fragmented. Noisy. I couldn't perform a-any... meaningful psychic interactions on hir nervous system. I'm sorry. Have you... is se... you know...?"
:glinp-happy:"It's noooo problemo. Korimi is uhhhhh" I try to find a tactful word. "nnnnnot... alive..."
:tonzo:"Well. That's. That's good. I'm relieved."
:glinp-happy:"Great! Hey do you know if there are any more infected folks still kicking about on this level?"
:tonzo:"If you've gotten those three... I don't believe so, but don't get reckless! There could be one still around, or worse yet, one could have come down from the upper level. I dread to think what should happen if one of the possessed ones decides to do that..."
:glinp-happy:"Then dooon't think about it! Over and out!"

Probably a love letter! Can't tell though. I can't actually read what it says. I can read the book, but it's in another language. I'll check out that summary later...
In the hallway, I open up a protein bar and have a snack. Mmm, not bad. I offer two to large Irib, who engulfs them and opens the bars inside themself, spits the wrappers into a waste disposal thing, and dissolves the bars. I can SEE it.
:irib-big:"See something you like~?"
:glinp-happy:"What happens if I say yes?"
:irib-big:"Then I say you have some... diverse interests~"
:glinp-happy:"Haha! I sure do!" oops I'm still staring, look away Glinp! Focus!

>Get the money!
I was gonna do it eventually. It was only a matter of when!
"So!" I almost clap my hands and rub them together, but one of them is in my inventory instead of my shoulder so it doesn't work as intended. "Uhhh let's see about that debris." I step over thataway to get a better idea of what we're workin' with. Yep, this is impassable. I start moving stuff to the sides of the corridor, but it's tiring work and I only have one arm and leg! Irib helps a lot by bracing me, and lubricating and cushioning large objects. But there's so much! We take a break before getting back to it. FINALLY, after what feels at LEAST like an hour, we've cleared enough that I can just crawl over the top of the debris through a little gap, and open the door to the bridge!

I get 262 krels (since I have to split the findings with Irib)! Not too shabby.

Another Irib tells us that they found a laundry and a rec room, but there are no more survivors or infected folks on this level, and nothing else of interest. I can:
NOT take Irib at their word that there isn't another secret money stash or whatever
See if there's someone on another level that we can communicate with from here (if the stuff works and we can even figure out the controls)
Have Irib push me through the hole in the ceiling and then come up with me
Go up in the elevators like a civilised person
No. 821978 ID: be0718

Did they lubricate and cushion any of your large objects?
Fiddle with the controls around here a bit, that seems safe! Then go up through the hole.
No. 821993 ID: d4e14a

Yeah let's try that hole. I wouldn't guess the infected are smart enough to try to stop you from getting out of the elevator but the hole is right here. Can't fight convenience!
No. 822077 ID: c0da9c

Go through the hole.
No. 822241 ID: 4903ef

There's a hole at the bottom of the... ceiling.

I say grab a chance at the hole, but check for superconductors in here. This equipment looks expensive and its pre-fucked.
That just means you don't have to unscrew the panels!
No. 822431 ID: e0f785
File 150266470743.png - (90.01KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save27.png )

They cushioned most of my body! That's like the biggest part!
We try to do the communication equipment, and it looks like there's nobody who can, or is willing to, respond, aside from Tonzo. But I can already talk to Tonzo. Of course, we could have alerted a demon while doing this, but maybe they didn't notice. They probably would have taken the chance to say something totally hammy if they did.

I look for superconductors and I find a tiny amount in one of the non-working console things. I'll bet there's more, but it would take miiiillion years to collect much. It's not worth it. The next level, though, I bet there's more there.

>go through the hole
Irib pushes me up and I don't even have to hoist myself! They practically carry me through the hole, and come right up with me. Actually, we don't seem to be stopping. I think the gravity's fricked in this room!
:irib-big:"This is troubling."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah I didn't see this coming. Cute of them to put a bigger bridge on top of the regular one though." I'm sure they didn't use bigger circuitry, so the big version of the console where I got the superconductors isn't going to be any better than the one down there. "Shit, there'd better not be giant debris blocking the door outta here."
:irib-big:"Hahah. That would be a bit dismaying."

Geez, this ceiling is REALLY high.
No. 822444 ID: 91ee5f

>Bigger bridge.
Uhh, guys? Think about it for a sec.

If there's a bigger bridge, doesn't that mean it's for races that're too big to fit in the smaller bridge down below?

Look at the bodies that're in here, they're Amtsvane! You guys better hope they don't start moving all of a sudden, because I don't think Irib is anywhere near big enough to smother these guys like it's been doing to every other thing you've run into here!
No. 822445 ID: be0718

Push the big green button!
No. 822450 ID: 7fad5d

It's big enough to cover their faces. That's pretty much all that's strictly needed. We do have to worry about their limbs, though.
No. 822452 ID: 91ee5f

But is it big enough to force itself into their mouths and then go into the lungs?
No. 822469 ID: 333791

Aww, looks like you might have found the spicy novel's owners.
Do you think any of the crew might have their personal locker codes written down? Some of the more forgetful ones might have it on them.

then again, from what has been seen, I don't think they have a very strict or well enforced dress code.

I agree on plan Push the Big Green Button
Just make sure your not hovering over the hole.
Just in case.
Irib should be a great help in microgravity though.
No. 822509 ID: 258191


The ones without clothing may have some kind of PDA equivalent we should be watching for. Or maybe they've got some kind of implant with the info on it? Regardless of that pushing the big green button seems like the most foolhardy course of action. Let's do it.
No. 822688 ID: e0f785
File 150274259542.png - (102.48KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save28.png )

The novel was prob'ly owned by someone on the lower floor. It's tiny for an Amtsvane!
I guess someone might have their locker code on them... It's only certain species who're likely to wear clothes, though.

>Push the big green button
:glinp-happy:"Can you help me reach that big green button? I wanna press it." I point to it.
:irib-big:"Do you know what it does?"
:irib-big:"...Do you even know if it will do anything?"
:glinp-happy:"Not a clue! But try not to be over the hole when I press it." Hey look at that, it's the ceiling. Irib sighs and helps me propel myself toward the button. I've gotta say, they've been quite professional for a Slime. I've hardly had my butt groped at all so far!
We hit the button and Irib sticks us to the armrest and takes us to the back of the chair. The room's gravity gets more of a downward pull, but something in the chair starts buzzing and vibrating, and suddenly a bunch of sparks shoot out the bottom!
A gravity panel in one of the walls breaks! I can see the insides of it. Overall, the room's gravity is stronger, but still low.
:irib-big:"I wouldn't press any more buttons."
No. 822690 ID: 3ce125

Tell them they can be more unprofessional if they like.

With the better gravity, do a little looking around in the room, what's that red thing by the chair?
If nothing's interesting around, hit the door button.
No. 822691 ID: 6b07f9

Duly noted. Pressing random buttons will kill us all. Probably. That being said, from context clues, I think we should fix the gravity here? Don't know how yet so let's try peeking out into the hallway.
No. 822705 ID: 3abd97

>A gravity panel in one of the walls breaks! I can see the insides of it.
Superconductors, ho?

>Tell them they can be more unprofessional if they like.

>what do
Let's see if we can get the doors open. Those red buttons right next to the door probably control it. And if not, maybe you can force it, or there's probably an emergency manual release under a panel.
No. 822712 ID: 91ee5f

It might be easier to maneuver around this place if you reattach your other limbs.

Do you think it would be possible for Irib to stick itself into the stab wounds on your unattached limbs to suck out all the blood? Then when you reattach them, your body can replace the blood that was sucked out!

>Overall, the room's gravity is stronger, but still low.
Strong enough that you're not floating and you're actually going down to the floor, right? Then you can jump to move around. Which'll be helpful to get around this big place!
No. 822807 ID: be0718

But we'd have to, to get out of here! Let's go for the door buttons next. Can you salvage the broken grav panel?
No. 823245 ID: e0f785
File 150289660060.png - (94.89KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save29.png )

:glinp-happy:"I won't press any more buttons. In this room." I wink and wiggle a fingergun at Irib. They roll their eye. "Really though I'll be careful. And we'll have to press the one for the door."
:irib-big:"Yes, the button to open the door is a good exception. I will be the one to press it, when we're ready."

>Tell them they can be more unprofessional if they like.
"Alsoooo don't think I didn't notice those gropes! You can be a little less professional, if you like."
:irib-big:"I haven't decided if I do~" They say that, but then they poke my snoot!

Instead of having Irib suck out my limb bloods, I call up Tonzo.
:glinp-happy:"My arm and leg got punctured a little after we got here. How long until signs of space hoohah infection should show up?"
:tonzo:"Space hoohah." I don't say anything. Tonzo clears hir throat. "If there's no sign by now, you're fine." My limbs aren't showing signs of anything but the damage they sustained, so I thank Tonzo and put 'em back on. Feels good! Aside from the pain, but that didn't go away just because they weren't connected.

Heck yeah superconductors! I use my spear to gouge and pry out a decent haul of 'em. Jozi'll be pleased! Heheheh...

>Open the door
Irib splits off a self, which climbs up the wall and opens the door. There's a Miklik!
No. 823253 ID: 48ad2d

What up miklik.

From the way he's standing he looks to have full control of himself. Meaning he is either not infected or possessed, OR he's already infected and possessed. It's an assumption since we haven't seen a possessed person so far. Ask what they're doing here, if they've seen anyone else on this level, but be ready for a fight in case they answer with some cheesy demon joke.
No. 823267 ID: 3ce125

Hmm? Say hello. Wait what's that red thing?
No. 823287 ID: be0718

Blend in by acting possessed. Ia! Ia! What up, my fhtagn?
No. 823341 ID: 3abd97

*wave* Sup dude, are you crazy?
No. 823547 ID: e0f785
File 150306658242.png - (67.95KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save30.png )

I don't see any more red things worth noting!

>Greet the Miklik
I walk right toward ‘em, waving! Gravity feels almost normal now that I'm outside the bridge. I can see where the lifts on the lower floor come up, in the room to my left of the Miklik.
:glinp-happy:"Hey there pal, what's up?" They squint at me oddly, like they're trying to see something, and then get off the wall and start running away to my right when I get a bit closer! Haha whoa, I've never seen a Miklik tail that long, that's crazy. "Hey where ya goin'!" They glance back.
:irib-big:"Should we follow?" We might be able to catch 'em!
No. 823549 ID: be0718

Catch a Miklik by the tail! If he hollers, KILL 'IM!
No. 823550 ID: 32c1fb

Try to stop him from getting away, but be careful. He could be leading you into another ambush.
No. 823551 ID: a363ac

ya know the old adventuring rule of Follow the path of most resistence to treasure right! Follow that Miklik!
No. 823599 ID: e0f785
File 150309295519.png - (53.03KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save31.png )

>Get the Miklik
I make a beeline for 'em, keeping an eye out for anyone who might be lurking, and it's not long before
I step on a malfunctioning gravity panel and get smushed into paste! Damn! It wasn't an ambush, but it was a trap, and that little sneak got me! That mighta been the whole ploy behind running in the first place, just to get the panel between me and them...


SO I revert to just before Irib opened the door to the Miklik. How should I approach it this time?
No. 823602 ID: 3ce125

Radio the other crew to ask who this is.
No. 823608 ID: 91ee5f

As soon as the door opens, rush right out and tackle him into the wall he's leaning up against!

Or throw Irib at him and let them pin down the Miklik!
No. 823612 ID: 32c1fb


Second the creation of a new throwing technique: Fastblob Special. Let Irib know to avoid going over those exposed panels at all costs.

Infected crew we've encountered haven't shown any planning capabilities so this guy could well be possessed. If Tonzo knows anything more about the demon possessed crew, now's the time to tell you.
No. 823620 ID: 3abd97

Well, if he's leading you into traps, he's not crazy. Just malicious. Or at least, he's smarter than the other crazies you met.
No. 823818 ID: e0f785
File 150317654014.png - (62.33KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save32.png )

I dooon't think I could throw Irib very far. They're kind of... a giant blob. Not easy to throw! Maybe in pieces...

Hmm... I'll have to come up with a way to do it that wouldn't make anyone suspicious. I get Tonzo on the line.
:glinp-happy:"Do you know anything about the possessed crew?"
:tonzo:"Err, let me see now... I can't say what they've gotten up to since we abandoned that level, but last we knew, there was a male Neumono, a Miklik, and a female Amtsvane. There may be others."
:glinp-happy:"Did the Miklik have a... any identifying mutations?"
:tonzo:"No, but keep in mind that these demons may have modified their hosts, and they may have taken more than one."
:glinp-happy:"Thanks again!" Hmmmm... I turn to Irib. "if there's someone out there, can you ZOOM over to 'em and pin them to like a wall or something? Make extra sure you don't step on any exposed gravity panels just in case!"
:irib-big:"I can try."
:glinp-happy:"Could I grab some pieces of you and throw them for an extra advantage?"
:irib-big:"Hahah, I suppose~"
:glinp-happy:"Arrite, open the door." Irib presses the button, we spot the Miklik, and we both charge! I grab Irib chunks and try to throw 'em! "Yaaagh!" The Miklik bolts, same way as before, only this time we're prepared! My aim's pretty good, but it takes a few throws to calibrate. Aaaand shit, that tail's super quick! They knock the Irib pieces right out of the air!
No. 823828 ID: 7fad5d

Keep throwing pieces to occupy his attention while the bits he isn't looking at overwhelm him.
No. 823829 ID: be0718

Divide and conquer!
No. 823864 ID: 3ce125

See if you can distract him enough so that he accidentally steps on the trap he was intending you to get hit by.
No. 823930 ID: 258191

Keep throwing Irib pieces, mix the shard of glass in with one so the miklik gives himself a nasty cut deflecting. Then while he's distracted by the pain, have Irib reconstruct around his ankle.
No. 823931 ID: 91ee5f

Can we have Irib enter the Miklik's body through the cut? That'll make him freak the fuck out so much, he won't notice Glinp approaching him to pin him down!
No. 824137 ID: c44ea7
File 150337280129.png - (55.58KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save33.png )

No dice, they're already past it! And they were being reeeally careful about that spot.

I keep tossing pieces while we give chase, and I slip in the glass shard while they're not looking back.
:venesi:"Agh, fuck!" GOT 'EM! I can't tell how much their tailtip was damaged, but I don't think it's enough for Irib to enter through. They start running back behind the room with the elevators, and they're too fast for the Irib pieces to collect on them. But then... "Damn you!" They skid to a stop, because an Irib came out of the back of the elevator room! "You jerks are becoming a real thorn in my side!"
No. 824139 ID: 3abd97

We just met, aren't thorns in sides usually established foes? Ones that dig in painfully, and you have a hard time dislodging?

Come on dude, what's your problem with us, anyways?
No. 824140 ID: 3ce125

Tell them that's tough titties, you're here to clear out the demons and you won't be stopped so easily.

Surround them, beat them up and interrogate them!
No. 824141 ID: be0718

Interrogation's pointless, press the attack! Grab him by the tail and swing him over the grav plate.
No. 824149 ID: 91ee5f


Because like you said, we just met!
No. 824217 ID: 258191

He wants to talk? You want to listen? This is all fine and dandy. Two things stick out though. How'd he know you were coming and who you are?
No. 824386 ID: e0f785
File 150344991438.png - (88.61KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save34.png )

I don't think they know who we are, but we made a real ruckus on the bridge before we came out! And all it took was one button...

I'm not strong enough for that! I like the idea though.

:glinp-happy:"Already? But we just met!" They spring backward away from Irib. Irib's bodies are attempting to split up and surround them, but we'll need a really good distraction to make use of that!
:venesi:"Yes, you worked very efficiently! UGH." Their body language is really exaggerated and sometimes they bend in ways that shouldn't be possible, even for someone without bones!
:glinp-happy:"What's your problem with us?" I try not to let my face show that I'm kinda perturbed by those movements.
:venesi:"It's nothing personal... I'm not supposed to let anyone live!" They come right at me! I doubt they're strong enough to hurt me, EXCEPT for that tail. The tail is a serious problem.
No. 824388 ID: be0718

Use Tackle!
No. 824392 ID: 3ce125

He's right in front of a grav plate. Be careful, don't let him force you onto it!

Hey, you needed a distraction? Run at him then before he can attack you turn into an inanimate object. That will be quite the surprise!
No. 824410 ID: 17a221


I agree.

That has to be a pretty wtf situation.
he's already distracted by the fact that the plan was to lead you into a field of traps, then they got cornered. .
This bullshit ought to make them question what the actual fuck. The iribs ought to be able to hold him in place, the only strength the miklik has is that tail. And a deamon. But I guess they can only modifiy the host so far.
You might even be able to threaten them with the actuality of death by smoosh after you transform back.

But that's advanced stuff go for the kill!
No. 824411 ID: 91ee5f

He wants us to run at him so that he can step to the side, stick his foot out, and trip us into the grav plate!

And I don't think turning into inanimate objects will stop our forward momentum when we initially run at him!
No. 824437 ID: 3ce125

That's why he should transform before it's too late. You didn't even suggest an alternative.
No. 824482 ID: 3abd97

Rocket punch!

By which I mean, punch him and detach the arm so it goes flying into him.
No. 824485 ID: 91ee5f

Of course I didn't suggest an alternate! I'm too stupid to think of an alternate!
No. 824565 ID: deec6e


Can you turn detached parts of yourself into an inanimate object? Because I'd take an arm off, fling it at him, and just as he attempts to deflect or dodge it, turn it/yourself into something else, catching him by surprise and knocking him into the grav trap.

It'd help if the thing it becomes is heavier than the arm you detached, but that's up to luck.

Alternatively, don't you still have a small bomb in your inventory? In his face it goes.
No. 824566 ID: 91ee5f

>Can you turn detached parts of yourself into an inanimate object?
Nope, he already said he can't turn a part of himself into an inanimate object, it has to be all of him.

But he did say that if he uses that power more he can develop it further, so he can do something like that in the future. Unfortunately, we haven't been using that power very much, so I doubt he'll suddenly be able to do that.

>Alternatively, don't you still have a small bomb in your inventory? In his face it goes.
Already used it on the Infected Kigavi in the shower room.
No. 824618 ID: 10192e

See if you can weave around to the other side of him. He can't use that tail on you if it's going to get smashed in the gravity panel. Or loop it around an arm and run it over another one.
No. 824622 ID: e0f785
File 150353128224.png - (68.39KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save35.png )

That's cute but I can't put enough force behind my punches to make it work! Once I get the Super Fist, I won't have to worry about that, hehehe.

I run at 'em, they lunge at me, and I turn into... one of these grey floor panels, lying flat!
:venesi:"WHAT THE SHIT?" They go sailing over me! An irib tackles them. "Where did you... rrghHH!" They whip out a communicator from their belt. "Jamos, I've got a Slime and a Lizardfolk. Need backup!" What a slippery devil!

But now we've caught 'em! They're encumbered now, and Iribs are coming to add more weight. They might not be able to get past the tail, but maybe with another distraction...

No dice! Yeesh, this is going to be awkward when I un-transform.
No. 824630 ID: 3ce125

Well you could try throwing some of those weird chemicals at him when you un-transform. Unless he just immediately spears you when you do that.

I can't remember what some of the other inventory items are. What's that on the lower right and upper right?
No. 824631 ID: c2051e

Frisk him and see if he's got any surprises hidden.
No. 824633 ID: 3abd97

>No dice! Yeesh, this is going to be awkward when I un-transform.
Embrace the awkwardness!

Hmmm. I wonder, if you rewound and re-did the same thing, would you turn into the same item?

Not worth testing now, since that worked, but depending on when the result is rolled, you could use save-scumming to reroll on random transformations until you get one you want, or you could use a save scum to check what your next transformation will be before you need to use it.
No. 824640 ID: 10192e

It WILL be pretty awkward when you turn back, so try and put his head in a lock with your legs while you wrangle that tail, mebbe tie it into a pretzel or a lil bow tie.
No. 824689 ID: be0718

Floor tile him to death!
No. 824703 ID: 5bcb58

You're it the perfect ass I mean tail grabbing position, un-transform an grapple.
No. 824866 ID: e0f785
File 150361814182.png - (68.84KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save36.png )

Do I reeeally want to do that? That stuff'll get on me too!

Got the communicator and one protein bar in there.

>Turn back to normal and frisk/grapple the Miklik
I turn into me and TRY to get them into a headlock with my legs! I end up getting kicked in MY head!
:glinp-happy:"Hello, baaaaby! OOGH!" I try to grab the tail before I do any frisking, and I manage to get its effective range a little lower. Good for Irib, but not helping me immediately.
:venesi:"GAAH! The Lizardfolk has some kinda bullshit vanishing magic too!" They try to find a place to stab me without getting themself. Luckily most of me is underneath them! Iribs start climbing around on this guy's back to hinder the tail, but I think I'm still gonna get stabbed here, sooner than later. I hear a door open and something BIG starts lumbering toward us from the corridor behind the elevator room! "You fools have missed the forest for the trees! HAH!"
No. 824867 ID: 91ee5f

Incoming Amtsvane!

>"You fools have missed the forest for the trees! HAH!"
"Well the joke's on you then! There aren't any trees here!"
No. 824872 ID: 3ce125

Maybe you can, with Irib's help, toss the Miklik onto the trapped gravity panel then run away from the big guy coming to wreck you.
No. 824873 ID: c2051e

Suck on the tail instead. See if you can get the miklik into sensory overload. Or at least bite it off.
No. 824900 ID: fbceac

Headlock them with your legs, and maybe split at the waist to escape?
No. 824961 ID: 258191

Redirect the force of his swipes, stab miklik with his own tail. Then gtfo with Irib.
No. 824980 ID: a363ac

"Well whatever that thing is I bet its cute!" try t oloop the tail into itself and knot it
No. 825107 ID: e0f785
File 150370877596.png - (81.89KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save37.png )

Irib starts dissolving the base of the guy’s tail!
:venesi:"AAAAHHH! FUUUCK YOUUUU!" They struggle and the tail pulls free of my grip! Just as it seems like it's gonna gouge out my eyeball, Irib eats most of the way through, and severs it! Brutal! Then the backup arrives. It's an Amtsvane, and she's got a weapon of some kind! And she's red! Amtsvane are never red!
>Quip back
:glinp-happy:"Joke's on you, buddy! That's not a tree, it's a cute Amtsvane!?" FUCK. That's GOOD ENOUGH! I get out from under the crippled Miklik/demon (no need to split; they practically shove me away), who apparently I'm not sure if I want to kill or not. Well, I'd just be killing the body. The demon would be forced back to hell. Uh, probably. I'm not sure how this blood demon thing works, but it's probably like that! My more pressing concern is to get away from the Amtsvane, who is aiming the weapon at the Miklik!?
:venesi:"WHAT HEY DON'T POINT THAT THING AT ME!" The Amtsvane looks pretty excited!
:jamos:"I need to kill that Slime, Venesi. Losing you is small potatoes compared to eliminating that threat!" I'm free of the Miklik, and Irib has split off most of themself from Venesi, but they're leaving some there. I'm not sure what this weapon does but it's goddamn huge!
No. 825109 ID: c2051e

It's so obviously a flamethrower that I suspect some kind of subterfuge. Either way, get out of the way of the end he's pointing at you and get close enough to the amtsvane that he can't easily get you in the probably-flamethrower's range.
No. 825111 ID: 3ce125

No. 825112 ID: be0718

The only way out is under, for both of you!
No. 825160 ID: a363ac

Tell that part of Irib you love htem before they dies a horrible fiery death. hug the shiny amtsvane to reduce its hp so you can throw your balls at it to capture it.
No. 825169 ID: 91ee5f

Quick, grab his severed tail! You can use it like a whip!

Then all you need to do is whip the Amtsvane until you make a hole in her foot big enough for Irib to crawl into and Irib can eat the Amtsvane's blood to make itself bigger and eat the Amtsvane from the inside out!
No. 825171 ID: 258191

Throw chemicals right in front of the impending flame after saving.
No. 825201 ID: bd13b1

Quick! Find some way to disable that giant flame thrower!
No. 825555 ID: e0f785
File 150387304196.png - (83.48KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save38.png )


I grab the tail and jump away, just as she blasts Venesi with a pillar of flame! Hahaha it's a mundane flamethrower? If that's the case, that thing's gotta be an antique! Or made by an enthusiast. I grab the tail and run at Jamos! Some of Irib joins me.
:venesi:"NOOOOokghf" Venesi flails and falls to the ground twitching while the flames engulf him.
:jamos:"HAHAHAHA!!" I toss two of the chemical things at her feet, and they burst into a cloud of vapor! For a split second, I see that it’s highly flammable! Flaming stuff from the flamethrower drips in it and starts an EXPLOSION. Then my bones are crushed when she steps on me to death anyway. Damn! That's a fast reaction for an Amtsvane! I guess the demon thing means I can't count on getting an advantage from that lethargy they’re usually known for! I can't tell how much damage the explosion did because I got smushed too quickly.


How far back should I revert to? I'm thinkin' maybe even before we opened the door up here, but any time after that might have good opportunities too. I miiight want to prevent Jamos from getting called in at all.
No. 825557 ID: be0718

Ha ha! N-no biggie! We can handle a demon amtsvane and that tail guy, no problem. :goincrazy:
Let's revert to before opening the door and just not take the bait at all.
No. 825559 ID: 258191

Go back to before the door opened, and the moment it does, Irib Special the communicator off of his belt clip. That way he has no backup, you can deal with him mano a mano.
No. 825560 ID: 91ee5f

Revert back to here: >>824622 and then grab the communicator off his belt before he can call for help!

You totally had that guy and Irib managed to sever his tail! Him calling for help is pretty much the only thing that went wrong! So if you can prevent him from making the call, you can stop him from calling in the pyro happy Amtsvane lady!
No. 825562 ID: 13fded

The demonic Amtsvane considered Irib to be auch a threat that was worth killing her ally. This time you could try to deal with Venesi without Irib help. She might take longer to act if the slime stay far away.
Venesi still need to be death with quickly though. Can you throw a sharp object and save scum until you hit a critical?
No. 825569 ID: 3ce125

Highly flammable? Then you should toss the chemicals before she enters the room, then run away. That'll cause an explosion far enough away for you to survive, and quite possibly cripple her.

...then again, now that we know a slime is for some reason a huge threat to them, we could simply take that information and try a different route through the spaceship... well let's at least try to win this fight first.
No. 825571 ID: fe7355

Y'know, what you were doing might have worked if you had turned into a inanimate object, which probably would have been a floor tile. Then Irib may have been able to get into Jamos via the wound from the explosion and eat her from the inside out. If what you try next doesn't work out then you can try to do this previous order of actions again, just with changing the point where you were crushed.

Anyway, revert back to before the door from the Amtsvane-scale bridge door opened, but after speaking with Tonzo. Jamos said slimes are a threat, most likely because they're immune to the demonic infection, so use that to your advantage. Now that you're sure enough Irib won't be infected by eating the dead infected, ask him if he could eat the Amtsvane corpses on the bridge and either grow really big or split into a bunch of large slimes.

Then whether or not Irib eats those corpses, head back down and look for another way around. You know that Venesi heard your ruckus, so he's expecting someone to be coming through that door. Best not to go the way your opponent is ready for and instead go another way.
No. 825581 ID: 3ce125

>irib eating the Amtsvane corpses
This... could work really well. We'd need permission from the captain though.
No. 825583 ID: cff6bb

Speculate with Irib about the possiblity of possessed amtsvane before you go in too. That'll make it take the idea seriously if Venesi lets something slip.
No. 825763 ID: e0f785
File 150396573981.png - (64.16KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save39.png )

I can try savescumming like that, but I don't want to do the same thing a buncha times unless my chances are good, or I don't have anything more exciting to try.

I go back to just before we opened the door, after Irib agreed to get thrown.
:glinp-happy:"And if they have a communicator on 'em, you gotta take it so they can't call for backup! A possessed Amtsvane would be real bad!"
:irib-big:"Hmm~ Thinking ahead, I see~"

I take a deep breath and ask Tonzo...
:glinp-happy:"Hey so uhhh feel free to shoot this down but... is it okay if Irib eats... some of the corpses here, so's we can take care of the demons better?"
:tonzo:"You're going to need an extremely good reason to convince me that you need that, and even then they could eat no more than half of a given body. I'm willing to compensate you if you manage to remove ALL of the demons and active infected bodies, but if either of you snacks on the corpses without my express permission, you won't get any compensation." I turn to Irib.
:glinp-happy:"Phew, good thing you didn't snack on any... right?"
:irib-big:"I had considered that something like this might be the case, so I didn't."
:glinp-happy:"OK we'll let you know if we have a good reason!" Unfortunately, Amtsvane release their poison into their blood when they die, and Irib is not immune to it, so even if we get permission they can’t eat those. "OK, you ready to go? Hit that button!" I've already grabbed some Irib when the door opens, and we run out at Venesi! They do the squinting thing before getting off the wall and heading to my right again. I just can't manage to throw far enough until they slow down to get us with the floor trap, and they still have that tail! This is going a lot like last time! Although my aim is a little better, Irib still isn't getting through...
No. 825773 ID: 22fd47

Distract him by telling him Venesi is a cute name for a miklik. Hopefully Irib can use the opportunity to get that device off his belt. If it works, rush him down and use the glass shard to chop his tail off.
No. 825779 ID: 3ce125

Throw your arm at him.
No. 825788 ID: 91ee5f

>Irib still isn't getting through...
That's because you didn't start getting through until after you gave Irib the glass shard and the miklik cuts himself when he swats the Irib holding it!

So pass Irib the glass shard!

And don't worry, Irib will cut him off if he tries to run behind the elevators!

As long as you don't actually use his name!
No. 825944 ID: a2349b

Any distraction would work, but he doesn't know about Glinp's abilities he won't realize we've done this before.

Maybe holding the glass shard you could take a swing at the tail when he tries to deflect your throw.
No. 826174 ID: e0f785
File 150413150120.png - (74.21KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save40.png )

>>Use Venesi's name
It's got promise, but I gotta have an explanation for how I know their name!

>Throw arm, hold shard with thrown arm
I grab some Irib, put the shard inside, and detach my arm and throw it! Venesi goes for the Irib piece, probably thinking I'm gonna throw that, but I slice Venesi's tail blade pretty good when they go to swipe!
:venesi:"Aaagh, FUCK!" Definitely did more damage this way! Unfortunately...
:glinp-happy:"Aieeeee!" My arm gets almost sliced in two! Good thing I threw the one that was already damaged! I don't think I'm getting it back this time, though. Not without reverting. "Ahh! Erk! Aghhh!" Crap, he’s cutting it into bits! This sucks! It might not be a bust though. There’s still plenty of experimenting I can do with one arm, and I’ve gotten through tight spots with more parts missing!
No. 826203 ID: 1ac0fc

Now would be a great time for a distraction. Tell Venesi that Jamos sent you here to kill him but you're having second thoughts, judging from their earlier interaction he doesn't seem that important to her. If he buys it, it'll explain how you know his name and he won't risk calling Jamos to confirm.

If he asks for why, say she said old mistakes will not be repeated. That nonsense should buy a bit more time to get that communicator off his belt.
No. 826218 ID: 3ce125

I can't think of anything that will work. Can't get him to step on the gravity plate and you can't beat him fast enough in a straight up fight. I expect throwing your spear would result in just about the same thing that just happened to your arm.

Maybe we should just avoid this guy. Or girl.
No. 826429 ID: e0f785
File 150422121510.png - (80.39KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-41.png )


I don't need an explanation to give Venesi. We're going to KILL that guy! I need one for Irib! maybe if I vague it up I can at least get something out of that.

:venesi:"Gyaahhh! Serves you right, pest!"
:glinp-happy:"So I'm a... pest now, huh! I know a certain demon in an Amtsvane who -gk- feels the same way about you!"
:venesi:"What!" Oh shoot he's reaching for the communicator... but stops. I see elevator Irib coming behind 'em.
:glinp-happy:"She don't want you around no mo'! That's what I'm here... fo'." They hop back from the Iribs ughhh man they were starting to get close. But hey, they're near-ish to the rear of the elevator room again, and they didn't look backward yet!
:venesi:"...I don't believe you." I approach, and I glance at the Irib that just came up. "Whoa! You're making this into-AGHHH" Venesi whips around and slices them up, but some gets through! Not as much as before, so Venesi can still run around, but they should be slowed, and I don't think they can get Irib off!
No. 826434 ID: 3ce125

There's that communicator again. Maybe you can lob your spear to stop that since they're distracted.
No. 826459 ID: f5c698

Spear lobbing sounds like a plan, go for his left shoulder with the spear, then bum rush him and get dat comm!

Heck the disguise trick worked last time, if he's gonna get you coming in may as well give that a try.
No. 826554 ID: be0718

I bet you could get Irib off.
Explanation for that last line: It's an Amtsvane deck, there's demonhosts around, you figured he looked a little short for an amtsvane.
No. 826601 ID: 12aed4

Well I feel this attempt has gone to shit. Lets continue on for a little bit to see if we can learn anything new or helpful, then revert.
And when we revert lets not just instantly rush through the door again, instead lets try think up another strategy like maybe there are small vents or passageways that Irib can go through to get the drop on him or maybe there's a weapon we can find OR at the very least we can remember to give Irib the glass shard and better instructions.
No. 826633 ID: d7a8b2

Even if you're not strong enough to move the whole of him, try to see if there's a way to throw his tail at the trap plate, pinning it.
No. 826798 ID: b80be6


Well some times it's about making the best of a bad situation. We did give Irib the glass shard, it was just also in hand.

Speaking of, wouldn't being cut in half not even faze Irib? It splits on its own all the time, so if we give it an opening it can probably just reform.
No. 826847 ID: e0f785
File 150431748254.png - (78.14KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-42.png )

>Spear 'em!
I toss the spear, and not a moment too soon, 'cause Venesi spins around and sees!
:venesi:"Gnnkh! I'll demolish you!" They knock the spear off course, so it whacks 'em in the head instead of piercing. "Ooagh! You two are becoming a REAL THORN IN MY SIDE!" Irib gets the chance to grab the communicator and I dunno, corrode the circuits or something? I can't tell what they're doin'.
:irib:"I think it's secured," they whisper to me. Ok, cool. Venesi throws the spear across the room, away from us. That's not as cool. Then again, at least they didn’t toss it over the trappity plate.

Hehe, maybe after the mission.
I don't gotta explain things I could guess at. Just stuff like knowing people's names when they didn't tell me yet.

Vents, huh... come to think of it, there’ve been a few of those, haven't there? I look around real quick. There are a couple on the ceiling here.

Hrm, too far right now... and given how it ripped me apart, it'd probably destroy the tail completely. Which would be fine!

It doesn't kill 'em or anything. It's just disorienting and can put 'em off balance.
No. 826851 ID: 3ce125

Alright, try to disable his tail with the plate.
No. 826889 ID: 91ee5f

>I look around real quick. There are a couple on the ceiling here.
Ok, next time we fuck up, we go back to before the door opens, tell Irib to go through the vents and drop on this guy! He won't see it coming and it'll be a bigger Irib that falls on him all at once, so he won't be able to see it coming or be able to deflect it!
No. 827299 ID: f5c698

Ask Irib to begin dissolving the tail as well, if he can without making the communicator accessible.

Rush in to knock Venesi down with a shoulder check or one-armed tackle, be prepared for an initial attack as you close into range of its tail. You can avoid its swipes (hopefully!) by using the disguise ability at the right time.
No. 827556 ID: e0f785
File 150454558641.png - (64.72KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-43-2.png )

He hasn't moved any closer to it.

:glinp-happy:"Dissolve the tail!"
:venesi:"NO!" They bumrush me and I run at 'em and pull the ol' turn-into-a-thing trick. Gets 'em every time! I turn into a floor panel again. "aaaAAAAAAGHHHH!" I can hear the tail sizzling as Irib's acid eats away at it. It strikes all crazy at the ground, and it even scuffs me up! I don't feel it though. I guess we'll see if I have any gashes when I turn back! Venesi tries to pull away Irib and burns their hands instead. "You fuckers!" Their tail falls off and they just slump to the floor. More Irib gathers and holds them in place! Great! Now... what was I gonna do when I got 'em captured?
No. 827558 ID: be0718

Throw him on a grav plate for splats 'n giggles.
No. 827559 ID: 13fded

"What have you been doing here Venesi? Are there more possessed beside you and the amtsvane?"
No. 827561 ID: 91ee5f

>It strikes all crazy at the ground, and it even scuffs me up! I don't feel it though. I guess we'll see if I have any gashes when I turn back!
That's worrying.

>More Irib gathers and holds them in place! Great!
Yay, you finally caught him!

>Now...what was I gonna do when I got 'em captured?
You were gonna get some info from him on what they're trying to do here and then, after you got all the info from him, you were gonna let Irib crawl into that hole where Venesi's tail used to be and let Irib eat Venesi from the inside out.
No. 827564 ID: 3abd97

>Now... what was I gonna do when I got 'em captured?
Question em!

Why's he want you dead, what are they trying to do, who else is here, where's their stuff, where's the relic, etc.

Also now you have an evil miklik tail to use as a whip!
No. 828080 ID: f5c698

Ask him how all this started. Maybe he'll say more than the captain.
No. 828264 ID: e0f785
File 150473903160.png - (113.33KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-44.png )

>take the tail
I'm not thaaat good with whips, and it's gonna rot and be all gross!

>Get info from Venesi
I turn back into me! I’m feeling a little dizzy, but it doesn’t look like I’m damaged in this form! Maybe it gets worse if there’s more damage.
:glinp-happy:"How’d all this demon stuff get started here?”
:venesi:"Gah! ...Tch. I saw an opening, and I came in."
:glinp-happy:"So what're you guys after, huh!"
:venesi:"Oh yeah, like I'm gonna tell YOU."
:glinp-happy:"How many possessed are on board? And where's the artifact?"
:venesi:"Eat me, punk. You'll never make it outta here alive."
:glinp-happy:"OK! Irib, you heard 'em."
:irib-big:"About that... I seem to be getting infected from this blood." Venesi smirks.
:glinp-happy:"Sheeeit, dump 'em and the infected parts on that panel and see if it's superpowered! It looks a little brighter than the rest." I point to the one that I know is deadly, and they do it.
:venesi:"Dammit." They flip me the bird.
His body erupts in flames, and that's the end of that! What a jerk, he didn't tell me nothin'. And now we have less Irib! We still have more than we started with, I guess. Tough win! But now let's see. I go collect my spear and figure out where to next.

From where we came in, there's a room on the right, and the wall is covered in blood over there. And the floor also looks like it has lots of blood. And it's NOT all red. It's actually a whole rainbow of splatter, but I'm bettin’ it's not paint!
And then on the left there's the lift room and the area Jamos came out from.
No. 828266 ID: be0718

See if you can get the drop on Jamos with those flammable beakers. If he catches you, well, you know what to do.
No. 828293 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, that means no eating possessed bodies.

Do you need to collect what's left of the arm that sliced to pieces for it to be restored or can you get it restored without collecting the pieces? Because that's a lot of your blood that you've gotta carry.

No. 828301 ID: 3a19e4

What is all that blood from to the right? Bet you gotta look in the room to find out.

While doing that, maybe Irib can take a peek at where we think Jamos is. Warn him to be careful though.
No. 828377 ID: 3abd97

>What a jerk, he didn't tell me nothin'
Rewind, and ask him to tell you just one thing to taunt you? Demons can never resist the old cryptic clue routine!

...and if you get one cryptic clue, you can keep rewinding and get a bunch of different cryptic hints to put together into actually knowing something!
No. 828434 ID: 12aed4

This whole thing was a shit show!
I say we revert to before we open the door and do things proper.
Like tell Irib about the tail and communicator then give him the glass shard and send him into the vents, then we can be a distraction or maybe just straight up attack him with the spear from the word go.
But what ever we do lets not throw our own body parts at a demon.
No. 828672 ID: e0f785
File 150482198035.png - (76.41KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-45.png )

Huh, Venesi had some krels on 'em somewhere. But now they're stuck on the panel. Oh well, it's not a ton anyway.

That's bad! But I'm not surprised I can't just have Irib steamroll everything.
The healer folks can regenerate me from just a head and a torso if they need to!

:glinp-happy:"Wanna go check out that blood over there while I look over behind the elevator room?"
:irib-big:"Alright." We split up, and things seem quiet. The gravity's all messed up too. There's a lot of huge debris floating in the air, and blood on basically every surface, but oddly, no bodies. I see what I think is the armory, a huge domed garden thing, and some rooms I'm not sure about. There's more stuff around a corner, but I don't investigate further on account of the gravity thing. No Jamos in sight! I go back and Irib meets me by the elevators. I tell 'em what I found.
:irib-big:"I believe I know why there are no bodies. What I found was this level's stasis room, where several bodies are stored. I don't know if they're alive. Nothing appeared to be broken, so I was able to enter the room safely."

I'll go back to before I asked 'em anything.


:glinp-happy:"How’d all this demon stuff get started here? Don'tcha wanna tease me with a vague hint~?”
:venesi:"Gah! ...Tch." They think about it and then blurt out, "LoOOove brought us here. That's all you're gettin'!"


:glinp-happy:"Where's the artifact? Don'tcha wanna tease me with a vague hint~?”
:venesi:"Gah! ...Tch." This time they say, "Someone with a big heart has it! That's all you're gettin'!"

I'm not sure what else to ask. Asking for anything else after getting a cryptic response makes 'em say "Eat me, punk," and so on, and things play out like they did the first time. So now we're back to before Irib looked at the stasis room and I looked in the other place.

Gee! What next? Do I...
Come up with more questions?
Scope out the stasis room in person?
Take my chances exploring further in the low-gravity area?
Look in one of the places I know I can reach (armory, garden)?
Revert and try a different approach on the encounter with Venesi?
No. 828674 ID: be0718

>it's not a ton anyway
Well on the panel it might as well be.

Take the krels off him before you toss him, then go check out the Garden. Must be more like a jungle at that size.
No. 828699 ID: 843fd4

Checking out the garden seems like a good time.
No. 828750 ID: 3ce125

Can Irib get past that debris?
No. 828883 ID: 12aed4

No. 829268 ID: e0f785
File 150499047393.png - (85.07KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-46.png )

A quick reversion solves this problem. I get 13 more krels! And so does Irib.

:glinp-happy:"Hey, you think you can get past that debris? I'm gonna check out the garden."
:irib-big:"It looks much denser than the hallway we went through, but I'll give it a try for you, mister or missus delegator. Just be careful~" They slap my butt on the way over!

The way in is through a huuuge pair of sliding glass doors! Actually I bet they're something that's not glass, or they're reinforced with magic. But anyways, I go in. It's quiet. I hear something that's maybe running water? Yeah it must be. It's also pretty warm and humid in here. Gravity's working fine. I can see space through the dome. Hi space!

It's not a bad idea, but it looks like I'm not feeling it much!

What was that! I hear a weird noise from somewhere. I listen for a while but I don't hear it again. Am I bein' WATCHED?
No. 829271 ID: be0718

Is that the sound of a door opening? Hide behind the fruit!
No. 829272 ID: 6edb59

Climb onto the big bench for better vision.
No. 829273 ID: 3ce125

The "big heart" comment was probably referring to the demon-possessed amtsvane. You gotta take down a giant to get the relic.

Yeah get to a higher spot so you can see more of the garden.
No. 829276 ID: 12aed4

>looks like I'm not feeling it
Well looks like we get to go through the rest of this mission with only one arm and a bit less Irib.

Watch out for carnivorous plants.
No. 829277 ID: 91ee5f

Did you hear that noise as soon as you sat on that bench? If so, then that's not a bench you're sitting on!
No. 829417 ID: f5c698

Get the small berries next to you, then check inside some of the plants with open cavities. Never know if someone stashed something in those! May want to save beforehand.

Check up in the trees and the vents for anyone snooping on you. Then head out to reconvene with Irib. Next up would be the armory then if nothing nutty happens.
No. 829584 ID: 3abd97

>Am I bein' WATCHED?
Probably. If there's someone alien hiding in the plants, how could you tell? Heck, a demon could have taken over a plant! Maybe!

Start exploring the garden until you get jumped, so we know where they are. Then revert back to the bench.
No. 830153 ID: e0f785
File 150524801613.png - (88.57KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-47.png )

I roll one of the fruits up to the big bench so I can climb up. I still can't see that far 'cause the plants go up too high. Looks like they get taller as you get further from the entrance. I get a better idea of what direction the water sound is coming from.
Again with that sound! I... can't quite tell where that came from still.

It sounds too organic for that.

Nah. How common could a bench mimic be anyways?
Carnivorous plants though... That sounds like something that might be in here.

I nab a handful of berries and check out inside some plants. They're not movin' or nothin'. One of them has a crumpled-up piece of paper inside! It says
"green purple blue
cyan red "
Whatever that means.
I can't see into any vents, and I don't notice anyone in the trees. In some places the leaves and stuff are too thick for me to see through anyway. This place is in fact huge and basically a mini-jungle.

That’s true! Augh!
I walk a little further in, but I don’t get jumped. I hear the noise a couple more times. It must be coming from deeper. There’s some branching of the path and some more weird plants. Nothing unexpected as far as I notice! I don’t feel like the demons even touched this place for some reason. Could be there’s some plant in here that they can’t go near? That’s just a wild guess.

Rather than explore too far, I head back out. Irib is already on their way.
:irib-big:"I couldn't get far. It's very dense." I tell them what I found in the garden. "I'm afraid have no idea what that paper means, if it's even anything. Would you like to check out the sound together, or move on?"
No. 830154 ID: 2ca4cf

Sounds like something landing in water. Something small like a fruit or a pebble.
No. 830156 ID: 3ce125

Well one of the plants opened up back there, and there's a wiggly vine at the tree. Go investigate.
No. 830166 ID: be0718

Sounds like a combo for something. The plants? The bridge console? The armory?
Investigate shloongk.
No. 830191 ID: 76172b

Check deeper along the path with Irib. If you can figure out what makes the demons leave this place alone that rocks.

Otherwise... If nothing else you can spend some quality time with Irib.
No. 830288 ID: 45f92f

Im up for some quality time in the jungle.
Maybe "explore" a little with a slime.

then the Demons turn out to be giant prudes, and the only reason they avoid this place is the sex plants.
Bloated nethers ahead.

No. 830329 ID: fe7355

Hey, what kinda things could Irib eat and what things would he eat? Would he be adverse to eating plant matter? 'Cause there's loads here. But if he's not down to eating wood and grass, how 'bout the fruit? He could eat that giant spiny fruit you rolled around.

And do you know where the station's cafeteria or canteen is? Because that'd be a place with plenty of food for Irib to eat and get big. You can call Tonzo and ask him where the station's food is kept.
No. 830363 ID: 56f910

Funtimes with the slime sound fun.

If not exactly on topic.
No. 830379 ID: e0f785
File 150534941219.png - (88.15KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-48.png )

>Go further with Irib, ask Tonzo about food
We take the pathway into the thicker parts of the garden. I see a water fountain and it looks fine so I take a drink. Tastes like water! Refreshing. There's no blood or bodies anywhere that we can see. We find an artificial waterfall with a river. That explains one sound! We hear the other sound a few times, and eventually...
:glinp-happy:"Hey, what's that purple stuff on the ground?" The pathway is stained with purple splotches. Irib touches it.
:irib-big:"It's mostly dried." I step over next to them. Yup, just a little damp.

:glinp-happy:"ACK!" I get a little splash of something on me! I flail with my one arm and turn to see a bulbous plant. THAT was making the sound! I calm down. "So it was just that plant?"
:irib-big:"Indeed!" Irib nods. "I have no idea what kind of plant it is, but it seems that's all it was." They shrug and look at me. This is anticlimactic, but not surprising.
:glinp-happy:"There's like no bodies or anything in here! It's all plants! Know anything about plants that keep away demons?"
:irib-big:"I know they exist. When it comes to identifying them... not so much."
:glinp-happy:"Maaaan... If they've got some in here that would really help..." I call up Tonzo! "Hey you got any demon-repelling plants in here? I'm in the garden."
:tonzo:"Hmm... If we do, then those of us in this room aren't aware of it. The AI could tell you, if it were available. You're not too far from the AI room, if you're at the garden."
:glinp-happy:"Thanks!" oh no I hope se didn't think that was like a sarcastic thanks because se didn't know about the plants, oh well! "And where's the cafeteria slash canteen?"
:tonzo:"The...? The cafeteria is between the AI room and the garden."
:glinp-happy:"K cool."

There are so many different plants here, this is ridiculous. "Hey Irib... you wanna... get freaky... with all these plants around...?" A plant with BIG petals opens up the petals and there's a goddamn EYEBALL IN THERE!? "Aah! OK not if the plants are going to watch us nevermind let's maybe do it after the mission if you want." Irib laughs!
:irib-big:"Ah, Glinp... I might do it even with the plants watching~"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah but I wouldn't it's too freaky! Hey changing the subject here, I bet you could eat some fruits or grass or something in here right? Like that big spiky fruit on the ground near the entrance?"
:irib-big:"Yes, most likely."
:glinp-happy:"OK cool. I was thinking we could both use a meal from the cafeteria too. What do you think we should do next in this mission?"
:irib-big:"I'd say we go for the cafeteria, and I'll explore more in here, as well as the AI room~ That is, assuming we can both get past the weird gravity~"

Yeah! Should we do that?
No. 830380 ID: b82980

Sounds like a plan, my man. To the vittles!
No. 830390 ID: 91ee5f

>Yeah! Should we do that?
Yes, let's go with Irib's plan.
No. 830405 ID: be0718

Sounds like a plan. Super-size that meal!
No. 830575 ID: 807419

Time for a hopefully un-possessed R&R with a close buddy
Just watch out for really inappropriately cliche and cryptic snack food.
No. 830749 ID: e0f785
File 150551931345.png - (88.79KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-49.png )

:glinp-happy:"Aye-aye!" Irib splits off a self and we exit the garden. Turning left, the Armory is behind us.
Sooo. There's... Oh! Another locker room and shower room! That's on the right. Further ahead, it looks like maybe two rooms, probably the cafeteria and AI rooms. If I'm going to the cafeteria, I'll have to figure out how to deal with the gravity problems. I pick up a little piece of whatever on the ground and throw it toward the zero-g area. I can't tell exactly where it starts. Oh hey there's a note on the wall. It says...
"Dawdle and die
Duplicate and die
Deviate or die"
Swell! "Whattaya think THAT means!" Irib sighs and shakes their head.
:irib-med:"I'm afraid I haven't got much of a head for puzzles..."
I'm visualizing some lines between the objects to help figure out what objects I could try to jump between.
No. 830750 ID: 3ce125

Ah, they're all marked. Hmm, it looks like you won't land on the same symbol twice in a row if you just go straight through, from the brown cube to the white... whatever. Give it a shot?
No. 830752 ID: 91ee5f

When did you get your left arm back?

That sounds about right. And I think the line about dawdling, means you can't stand around on any of the platforms for too long, so you've gotta go fast!

Also, don't go one at a time because the first platform and the final platform both have the same symbol on them, so if you go first and then Irib follows, they'll be stepping on a duplicate symbol and will get killed! So pick up Irib and carry it across, so that they don't have to worry about that!
No. 830754 ID: 17c2ee

I don't actually see anything saying you need to use the objects at all, just go around them.

The X is on the brown cube, the ladder, the whitish thing near it, and both final platforms.
No. 830760 ID: 91ee5f

The instructions never said that we can't ever step on the same symbol because that would make this maze impossible, since there isn't a path that doesn't have the same symbol in it.

It's implied that we can step on the same symbol, as long as we don't step on the same symbol twice in a row.
No. 830772 ID: be0718

Go mostly straight but avoid the ladder. Go right instead, then left again.
No. 830870 ID: e0f785
File 150558024038.png - (92.88KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-50.png )

I look over at the junk I threw, and it fucking EXPLODES INTO DUST! Can't say for sure if it's because it didn't use the floating objects, buuut I don't think we'll be jumping across. 'Cause I think that's exactly why that happened.

>Go straight!
The symbol on each object lights up when I jump onto it, and stays lit. I go straight across, but when I reach the last platform, it superspeed SLAMS me against the ceiling and kills me! I hear a series of three beeps right before my body ruptures.


So that's no good! Back to the beginning of the puzzle.

This has the same result!


Looks like I can't brute force it too easily since it won't kill me until the end if I get it wrong. Those tricky devils! Actually, this being here makes me wonder if Jamos was in the armory when Venesi called her? 'Cause otherwise she must have crossed this. Well, whatever. I know what doesn't work! And I know nobody puts these things around with no solution!
No. 830873 ID: 097d01


Start on that gray thing to the right of the box and then go straight ahead. It looks like from there you won't hit any repeat symbols (that last object has no symbol written on it too) and it's a straight path to the end.
No. 830875 ID: 91ee5f


Check the instructions to see if there's something written on the back, since you've already read the front.
No. 830878 ID: 3ce125
File 150558159508.png - (67.70KB , 1024x1024 , solution.png )

Oh, how did I miss "deviate or die"? You can't just go straight because of that rule. I'm guessing you have to not take the same direction twice in a row, since just avoiding the ladder didn't work. Add the purplish angular unmarked thing to the route, like in this image.

I don't think it's possible to exit on the right side because the rule for not dawdling probably means you can't move towards the entrance even diagonally, and that's required to avoid moving in the same direction twice in a row.
No. 830884 ID: 91ee5f

That looks like it could work!

>not dawdling probably means you can't move towards the entrance even diagonally
I thought "dawdling" meant that he couldn't go slow or take his time?

Like he can't stop on one of the platforms in the middle of the puzzle to look around, so he's gotta have his route planned from the beginning and just go without taking too long on one of the platforms.
No. 830935 ID: fbceac

I notice there's two of certain objects in the path. Try crossing all of them, but not crossing duplicates! (like touch at least one green half circle thing)
No. 831135 ID: f5c698


Definitely this works.
No. 831141 ID: 2b3198
File 150568309187.png - (113.25KB , 1024x1024 , wrong.png )

This one is obviously wrong since the symbols duplicate. But it does visit every non-end node heh.
No. 831157 ID: e0f785
File 150568864994.png - (91.95KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-51.png )

Looks promising! "Hey Irib, if I show you the route, can you take us both across? I think according to the rules, if you touch the first object after I touch the one at the far end there, they have the same symbol and you'll die! So we gotta go at the same time."
:irib-med:"I can do that. Are you positive that you know the way?" I say yeah even though I'm not, and I show 'em what path I think we need to take. Irib hops us across! Their ability to stick to the objects makes it a lot easier than it was for me. I had to cling to 'em on account of the no gravity. Or the whatever gravity. It makes the objects return to their positions after I jump off, but it's not like they're hovering. There's no 'down' within the puzzle area. I dunno what you'd call it.
There's a chime and we don't get smushed to bits!
:glinp-happy:"Yippee! We didn't die!" The lights on the symbols turn off.
:irib-med:"I'm impressed. Was that paper there before?" They point to a paper that's on the wall on this side of the puzzle.
:glinp-happy:"I don't think so!" I take a look. It's the same as the other one, but there's another rule…
"land nine or more or live no more"
“We landed on eight objects on the way over. Is there another path that uses nine...? I bet this gets harder each time we cross it.”
:irib-med:"I'm wondering the same thing... I hope you're up to it if we need to backtrack!"
:glinp-happy:"We cannnn worry about that later. Now let's open the door to the cafeteria!" I press the button.
"What the butts!" I can't see shit! Something exploded and kicked up a huge cloud as soon as the door opened!
No. 831162 ID: 3ce125

Get to cover around the side of the door and wait for the smoke to clear then take a look inside again.
No. 831164 ID: 2b3198

>if we need to backtrack
If we need to backtrack, I have a path that uses 12 objects
No. 831166 ID: be0718

Yeah, I think I'd rather try to shut off the malfunctioning grav plate in this hallway rather than jump through invisible hoops again.
Do a combat roll into the cafeteria!
No. 831167 ID: 91ee5f

>Something exploded and kicked up a huge cloud as soon as the door opened!
Are you sure that it wasn't a really fat guy that just farted?

I mean, these guys are demons, so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them is a gluttony demon that possessed someone and is eating everything in the cafeteria!
No. 831201 ID: f5c698

If it happened after pressing the button then it was rigged to explode. Listen carefully for anything waiting inside, then head in ready for fights.
No. 831356 ID: e0f785
File 150577786852.png - (104.01KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-52.png )

The grav plate isn't what kills you. Spellwork's the cause of that! And I'm not sure if disrupting the foundations of the puzzle will dispel the spells or just make it impossible to cross.

That would be gross! It doesn't smell like a fart, it smells like uh... Burned stuff. Smoke. That kinda thing IS a possibility though.

I get to the side of the door, along with Irib. We don't hear anything, but the explosion echoes for a good while. The room's gotta be huuuuge. When the smoke clears, I roll into the room like an action hero! With no guns. Maybe we should have hit up the armory first. But the place looks deserted, and I can't hear nothin'. Irib splits off a body to check out the AI room while we look around cautiously here. I definitely smell food! The regular-size people tables are near the entrance, and the big-size people tables are farther back. They take up a lot of space but there aren't as many of them. Some of the small tables have been knocked over. How do we proceed?
No. 831359 ID: be0718

Fake it 'til you make it. Crouch-run from waist-high cover to waist-high cover, making sure you sweep all angles with your finger guns. Head for the amtsvane lunch counter - their portions are bigger, naturally.
Not sure if that's a flower or a scorch mark in the smoke - could it be a land mine, or artillery?
No. 831360 ID: 91ee5f

>How do we proceed?
Very carefully. Duh.

But seriously, look around for any more of those kinds of explosives. If you don't find any, then go get some food, while still being careful and looking around for anything that might jump out at you guys!
No. 831363 ID: 91ee5f

Then again, that explosion could've been on a timer or something.

Of course, if you really want to know what it was, you could just rewind back to when you and Irib are in the Garden. Then when you come over here, you already know the answer to the puzzle, so you can quickly cross it and then open the door.

But if the explosion still happens, then it's not on a timer and opening the door causes it.

And there are vents over there, if you want to come in that way instead.
No. 831367 ID: 04c78c

Check behind the not-so-big lunch counter, see if you find anything besides food.

Try not to walk too close to any of the intact tables. If the whole room is rigged the saboteur will have needed to place any other charges out of range of the initial blast. The first bomb was triggered by you pressing a button, so it has a magical or electrical trigger tied to that switch or the door opening, OR it's triggered by the movement of the door opening. Doesn't mean the others can't be different, unless the bomber had a lot of time there's not much chance of there being multiple different kind of explosive in play.

Maybe Tonzo will know if they had any explosives used for mining or other purposes on the station.
No. 831368 ID: 3ce125

Do you see any shrapnel? If not, then it wasn't a manmade bomb. Odd place for the crater to be, too. Is that the center of the room? Hey, anything on the ceiling?
No. 831577 ID: e0f785
File 150585910221.png - (77.99KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-53.png )

Definitely a scorch mark.
I see some bits and pieces that look exploded. None of it went toward the entrance though. Maybe they aimed it wrong?

>Ask Tonzo about explosives
"Hey Tonzo did you guys have explosives on board?"
:tonzo:"Naturally, we have, or at least HAD, some in the armory. It's only a small amount. You're not planning to blow anything up, are you?" Se sounds like se would be very angry if I was!
:glinp-happy:"No! There was an explosion when we entered the cafeteria. It kicked up a lotta smoke but I don't think it did much else."
:tonzo:"It wasn't one of our explosives from the armory, then. They are not for show." Hmmmm.

I stay low and run between whatever cover I can find. Irib and I keep our eyes out for more explosives. We don't see any, so we hit up the not-big lunch counter and help ourselves to some food. No booby traps... Huh. Nothing but food! I don't recognize all of it, and not all of it smells tasty to me, but Irib is happy to eat what I don't want. It's surprisingly fresh! Gotta be magic. Once I've had a decent sample, we head cautiously for the back. Still no more traps! Weird. Irib carries me up the big counter. Aw man! It's almost empty! No giant fruits or nothin'. Amtsvane are the only things that would need this counter, and they're carnivorous, so that's no surprise.
:irib-med:"Did you see that?" They're looking down behind the counter.
:glinp-happy:"Nah, what?"
:irib-med:"I'm not sure... I thought I saw something move, but I don't see anything there now."
No. 831578 ID: 3ce125

A survivor?

Call out, ask if someone's there. Tell them you're not with the demons, they don't need to hide.
No. 831588 ID: 91ee5f

>"It wasn't one of our explosives from the armory, then. They are not for show."
Then someone probably made their own explosive. But we still can't tell if it was supposed to work like that or if it was a dud.

What's that? There's something on the ground next to that giant scoop thingy with the teeth on it. It looks like a tiny metal.....nail? Screw? It's something.

And to the right of that same scoop thingy with the teeth, it looks like there's an outline of something there. Try grabbing some of that giant food you're standing in and throwing it at that outline to see if something is invisible there.
No. 831660 ID: f5c698

To save time, ask Irib if you can toss a bit of it down to retrieve the metal object after testing the floor with the green food first. It kind of looks like a big flat metal grill, may be some sort of trick!
No. 831662 ID: f5c698

To save time, ask Irib if you can toss a bit of it down to retrieve the metal object after testing the floor with the green food first. It kind of looks like a big flat metal grill, may be some sort of trick!
No. 831670 ID: 91ee5f

>It kind of looks like a big flat metal grill
Hey, you might be right!

In fact, doesn't that look like scorch marks up in the top right corner of the image? Almost like something got burned when it was left on the metal surface.
No. 831844 ID: e0f785
File 150595039318.png - (61.66KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-54.png )

I throw some green food goo at the outline! Splort!
:glinp-happy:"Hey is there a survivor down there? We're not demons! We're adventurers who wanna kill the demons!"
:genericnpc:"Go down to the floor. Then go toward the far corner of the area behind the counter." I can't see anyone! The voice is buzzy and sorta croaky. I turn to Irib.
:glinp-happy:"Sure...?" Irib collects me and we do as the voice said.
:murde:"Introduce yourselves." I turn around and see a Silirw Cyral! I think they're a girl? They're holding a knife. How'd they get there without us noticing?
:glinp-happy:"I'm Glinp!"
:irib-big:"I am Irib."
:murde:"I am Righteous Murderess."
:murde:"You can call me Murder. I'm one of the chefs here." Is that a name or a title??

:glinp-happy:"Did you make that explosive thing? Also you're a girl, right?" The name seems like a giveaway but alien cultures can be real confusing so I gotta ask.
:murde:"It was a warning to me that someone was approaching. It was also a distraction to the intruder. I am female."
The small thing on the ground is a spoon.
:glinp-happy:"Huh! Did you make that sauce that tastes like a cheeseburger? That stuff was the bomb."
:murde:"Yes! It's actually quite healthy. Perhaps less so for a lizardfolk than for some other species. I'm glad you liked it."
:irib-big:"I liked the sauce that tasted like blood."
:murde:"If it was at this counter, that was probably blood. Your kind shares a lot of nutritional requirements with Amtsvane. We do add some substances to enhance it. As a result, its exact qualities differ from blood alone."
:irib-big:"Ah, naturally~"

Don't she seem like a peach! She hasn't put away her knife. Should we try to recruit her, run away, or what? Silirw are kinda hard to read emotionally. I mean it's prob'ly real easy if you know how to do it, but I don't. For all I know she's coming on to us.
No. 831847 ID: be0718

>For all I know she's coming on to us.
Well, hope springs eternal!
You know what they say about too many cooks, but we should let her join as a courtesy so she can escape this mess. And this mess hall. We should mention the artifact and watch her reaction/see if she knows anything about it.
No. 831849 ID: c2051e

"Are you coming on to us?"
No. 831851 ID: 3ce125

Ask her if she wants to help you out, or needs help getting to the other crewmembers.
Also radio the other crewmembers to tell them you found a survivor.
No. 831855 ID: 91ee5f

You can call Tonzo and ask if he knows anything about a female Silirw Cyral chef named Righteous Murderess. Because we found her in the cafeteria.

Maybe even let her talk to Tonzo, so that she can confirm that you and Irib are not demons.

Then ask her the obvious question of how she cooks giant sized foods when she's not a giant herself?

After all of that, let's look for a way out that doesn't involve going through the murder puzzle hallway!
No. 831866 ID: 8fa347

Ask her about what happened here. She must have seen people getting possessed or something.

Ask her about that before you contact Tonzo, just to be sure the story is straight.
No. 831928 ID: 727c63

>For all I know she's coming on to us.
Well then the only thing to do is cum onto her! YUEAH!
I'm sorry.

Get her in contact with the cap'n.
No. 832065 ID: e0f785
File 150603832045.png - (72.40KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-55.png )

:glinp-happy:"Hey uh Murder, do you think the demons have done anything with the artifact?"
:murde:"I suspect they've moved it. I don't know. I've been in here since the incident."

:glinp-happy:"Just to check, you're not coming on to us, are you?" Her ears and neckparts do a little wiggle wave from top to bottom.
:murde:"I am not. Have you been in communication with Tonzo?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah we can contact hir now even."
:murde:"I would like to speak with hir."

:glinp-happy:"OK but first we have to make sure we can trust you! What can you tell us about how the demon stuff went down, from beginning to uh... now?" She's not coming closer or moving much at all.
:murde:"Hmm. I think the first to be infected were Lokra and Slelia. Lokra was a male Neumono. Slelia was a female Amtsvane. There was a lot of screaming. The AI was still functioning at that time. Lokra and Slelia attacked the others. The AI put up the most effective resistance. They shut it down. Those of us who were able scattered. My natural camouflage kept me hidden in here. In the meantime, they plucked less fortunate individuals up. Those were taken away. I don't know where they were taken. There were two Slimes named Lom and Ghem aboard. I thought they would be our best hope, then. I don't know what happened to them either." Irib and I look at each other. I gulp.
:glinp-happy:"I uh! Sure hope they're not infected!"
:murde:"I do too."
:glinp-happy:"C'min Tonzo. Do you know about a female Silirw Cyral chef named Righteous Murderess?"
:tonzo:"Have you found her? Is she still alive?" I turn the communicator toward Murder.
:murde:"That is correct."
:tonzo:"Retanaot is here."
:genericnpc:"Hey Murde..." It's another voice similar to Murder's! Gotta be another Silirw.
:murde:"It's good to hear you, Retanaot!" I just heard that name twice and I still don't know how to pronounce it. "Are there no others?" She tightens her grip on her knife.
:genericnpc:"There may be! I don't think there are any down here..."
:murde:"These adventurers have gotten this far. I believe my best bet is with them. I would like to get into the AI room. The demons have disabled the terminals, is that correct?"
:tonzo:"It would seem so. I can't give you access from here." Murder turns to us.
:murde:"I would like to reactivate the AI. It can tell us how demons can be slain."
:glinp-happy:"We already killed one! Well, the body it was using."
:murde:"That is not sufficient for me."
:glinp-happy:"What do you think, Irib?"
:irib-big:"I admire her passion~ It's worth a try!"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! Escort mission!"
:murde:"I am glad." We start toward the exit.
:glinp-happy:"Murder I gotta ask, how d'ya cook giant food when you're not giant?"
:murde:"Oh, I don't cook the giant food. There are Amtsvane for that. I help formulate it and instruct them."
:glinp-happy:"Oh ok! So where's the AI room?"
:murde:"To the left of the door when you leave the way you came in." We go back out.

She's spooky though!!

Back in the hallway, there's an Irib on the other side of the death puzzle, waving to get our attention. The door to the AI room has a keycard slot, and a password input for if you don't have a keycard. Big Irib looks kind of spooked about the AI room.
No. 832069 ID: be0718

What's that, Irib? Little Irib fell down the well and needs our help?
No. 832071 ID: 149454

Try the keycard you got from the locker room in the slot for the door.

If that doesn't work maybe Irib can act like tape or something and find the most commonly pressed keys on the keypad from fingerprint residue, if anyone using it actually left any and it wasn't purged by cleaning.
No. 832072 ID: 91ee5f

>Slelia was a female Amtsvane.
The female Amtsvane you ran into was called Jamos. I guess that means that the demon's name is Jamos and it's possessing Slelia's body.

>There were two Slimes named Lom and Ghem aboard. I thought they would be our best hope, then. I don't know what happened to them either.
Ask why she thought the slimes would be their best hope?

You should probably tell her about your encounter with Venesi and how when you asked where the artifact is, he gave a typical vague demon answer by saying, "Someone with a big heart has it!" and how it seemed like Irib was getting infected from his blood while it was holding him.

And then consider yourself lucky to have brought Irib with you on this adventure instead of someone else!

>there's an Irib on the other side of the death puzzle, waving to get our attention.
Did Irib say it could still communicate with its split off parts? Are we close enough for that to work? Because if we're not, then it looks like someone's gotta cross the murder puzzle!

>The door to the AI room has a keycard slot, and a password input for if you don't have a keycard.
Well, we've got a keycard, we just don't know if it's the one you need.

And I think the paper you found in the Garden with the names of colors on it, might be the password.

>Big Irib looks kind of spooked about the AI room.
Ask what's wrong?
No. 832075 ID: 3ce125

Can't we just shout to talk to the Irib down the hallway?
No. 832114 ID: 5471c9

>She's spooky though!!
What kind of adventurer are you.
No. 832115 ID: c2051e

Ask Irib what's up and remember that the best way to combat spookiness is arousal.
No. 832205 ID: e0f785
File 150611884010.png - (53.35KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-56.png )

:glinp-happy:"Wassammatter, Irib?"
:irib-big:"I'm getting some very bad vibes from that room. I... don't think I'll go in." Murder taps her chest with her thumb.
:murde:"Describe these bad vibes."
:irib-big:"Ah... I just feel like there's something on the other side of the door that we should stay away from. I can't explain it."

:glinp-happy:"Let's deal with other things first and see if that goes away! Murder, why did ya think the Slimes would be your best hope?"
:murde:"What is the word? Slimes are... O.P. Previously, they have solved other threats very effectively. However, it seems that the demons were able to make use of the Slimes' vulnerabilites. Otherwise, this problem would also be solved." She still looks like she's ready to cut someone into soup chunks, yeesh.
:glinp-happy:"Oh yeah, when Irib was dissolving Venesi, the demon Miklik that was out here, they started to get infected from it. Before he died he said 'someone with a big heart' has the artifact. What'cha think of that?" Her face doesn't change!
:murde:"I think that first part is more concerning at the moment." She looks at Irib.
:irib-big:"Ohhh, dear..." I'm starting to guess what might be behind that door and I am not likin' it, boy howdy!
:glinp-happy:"Irib, can you communicate with your split off parts? Like TELEPATHY or some junk?"
:irib-big:"Something like that... Definitely not across this kind of distance. And never as strongly as what I'm getting from that room."

I'm the kind who's not feelin' at ease here!

We WERE trying to be quiet so as not to alert Jamos, but...
:glinp-happy:"HEY IRIB WHAT'S UP!"
:irib-sml:"I can't get into the armory! There's a passcode! 3 by 4 color inputs!" Shoot, that's... 12. My paper only has what, 8 colors?
:murde:"I know a passcode from before the demons. It is likely that they've changed it." She starts toward the puzzle! I warn her about it. She looks at the paper on the wall. "Do you have anything to combat a demonic Slime?"
No. 832209 ID: 3ce125
File 150611957678.png - (67.15KB , 1024x1024 , ninepath.png )

We've got some very flammable chemicals. And nothing else really. Irib what are slimes vulnerable to? Would drying one out work?

...the demonic slime in there isn't a piece of Irib, right? ...what would happen if multiple slimes got possessed by a single demon then merged up? Or ate a ton? Would that provide the strong signature that Irib is feeling?

I think we might have to go back over the obstacle course using this path. Still not sure what "dawdle" means, could you experiment with that and try just standing on an object for a while? There might be a limit on how long you can stand still, rather than an upper limit on how long the path is. I predict that breaking the "dawdle" rule will result in one beep before you die, since it's the first rule, rather than the three beeps we saw from breaking the third rule.
No. 832210 ID: be0718

Well, we've got flammables if you've got a way to light them. Otherwise, have Murder and the Iribs hide while we attract Jamos' attention on purpose and have them cause a little friendly-fire again!
No. 832218 ID: 91ee5f

>color passcode on armory.
Well, at least we're on the right track.

That looks like it'll work!

>Would drying one out work?
We've already seen 2 weaknesses from Irib so far: too much water and freezing.

Right here: >>819564 , Irib visibly jumped back when the door to the stasis room opened and Glinp said that he couldn't take Irib in there with him because it was too cold.

And then here: >>821172 , Glinp said that water dilutes slimes.

>Still not sure what "dawdle" means
You've got access to a computer or whatever you're using to post on here, right? You can always look up the definition of "dawdle" online if you don't know what it means.

"Dawdle" means: move slowly and idly.
No. 832223 ID: c764ab

If the demons changed the passcode and left half of it in the Garden room, which they can't enter, then someone who isn't possessed is working with them. We haven't met anyone other than Murderess who had the opportunity to enter the Garden, but the explosive she rigged makes her story solid.

Or the demons can actually go into the garden and Tonzo is wrong. Either way, how bout checking that armory out?
No. 832229 ID: 3ce125

>definition of dawdle
I know what the damn word means. What matters is how it's applied to the puzzle. Does it mean taking too long with each jump, or the total time spent IN the puzzle, which would mean the more moves are required the faster you have to go? Heck it could, like I said, be a maximum move limit, because taking too many moves could be considered wasting time.
No. 832496 ID: e0f785
File 150627571403.png - (82.71KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-57.png )

Ahhh, I don't like dying but I guessss I can try...
:glinp-happy:"Hey Murder and Irib, look away for a sec." I throw myself onto a floating object and don't move.


Yeah. I revert to before I said that. Good thing this kills you so quick you barely feel it!
As for Slimes, they're vulnerable to freezing, heat, and unbalanced nutrition. You can also disperse Irib's kind, but ya gotta do it really damn good or they'll reform. They're not the kind that drips all over everything, so drying them out without lots of heat over time would be tough.
"I got some flammable liquids and nothing to start a flame with."
:murde:"I can produce a flame. How much do you have?" I pull out the glass containers. "Oh. I doubt the usefulness of that quantity against a slime of any decent size."
:glinp-happy:"Oh... Well Irib, if both those Slimes got possessed and merged or ate a ton of stuff, could that cause the wicked vibes you're getting?"
:irib-big:"That...'s what I fear. I couldn't tell you for sure, but it's the best explanation I can see. It doesn't quite feel like a Slime, and it definitely doesn't feel like me."

Could be they can only go into the entrance, if the stuff they don't like is way in the back. That's where I found the paper.

:murde:"Let me speak to Tonzo." I give her the communicator. "How well can these adventurers be trusted?"
:tonzo:"They seem... earnest... and unsubtle... but they might not mislead you intentionally."
:murde:"I see." She gives the communicator back." You have been across this thing?" She points to the puzzle.
:glinp-happy:"Yup! That last rule wasn't there when I crossed it though."
:murde:"What path do you intend to take when you cross?" I describe this path. >>832209
:murde:"That's the path I had in mind. I will cross that way." I let her go across. Might as well! And she makes it! She and small Irib talk briefly, and she tries the code. I look at the paper.
:glinp-happy:"The last rule is changed! Now it says...
land twelve or more or live no more."
:murde:"My code did not work!"
:glinp-happy:"OK WELL I HAVE THIS P-"
There's an explosion around the corner that we haven't explored yet, and a screaming Neumono on a jetpack flies toward me and Irib!
So that's what happens if we're too loud in this hallway!
No. 832497 ID: c2051e

See if you can hurl the chemicals at the jetpack and get something fragile to explode.
No. 832500 ID: 3ce125

Yep that's an open flame how about we toss some chemicals at it.
No. 832501 ID: 91ee5f

>Rules changed.
Then I think next time, Irib should carry us all across again. That way no one gets stuck on the other side because of a rule change.

>land twelve or more or live no more.
We do the same thing here: >>832209 , for the first 6 objects, then from the white box with the X (object 6), we go straight up to the blank purple thing (object 7), left to the green and grey thing with the triangle (object 8), down to the ladder (object 9), right to the brown box with the triangle (object 10), left to the brown rock (object 11), and then straight down to the brown box with the X (object 12).

>There's an explosion around the corner that we haven't explored yet, and a screaming Neumono on a jetpack flies toward me and Irib!
That guy is gonna be hard to get rid of! Maybe if you can get behind him, you can throw your flammable chemicals at his back and the flames from his jetpack will ignite them and cause an explosion?

But if you get killed, you should probably revert to before you started yelling at the small Irib.

You'll have to fight this guy eventually though, since that thing around his neck looks important.
No. 832505 ID: f5c698

Explosives in the exhaust port, works everytime.

Let's talk defense: Those are lasers. You have a shard of glass and the hope that the gods of the universe are big Spacequest fans. Try to follow the angle of the laser beam and interpose the glass in its way, a lucky refraction is your only glimmer of hope.
No. 832640 ID: 255491

Might have to revert in this one.

Also what's that thing on his neck?

And how can murderess start fires?
No. 833003 ID: e0f785
File 150646581215.png - (64.44KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-58.png )

>Throw chemicals at jetpack
He's so high up! I try to throw REALLY HARD but not only is he super high, he's zooming around like crazy! My throw doesn't get high enough AND he's not where it is by the time it... yeah... The chemicals bust open on the ground and there's a flammable cloud there now!

:stanath:"Bask in THESE rays, LIZARDS! HAHAHAHAH!" Shit gotta run gotta run!


My piece of glass is not as wide as those beams. Why do they even have guns like that here!!
But now I'm back to before I shouted with the small Irib. Instead of shouting, I make a shushing gesture.
:glinp-happy:"We gotta be quiet out here, in case that possessed Neumono or Amtsvane hears us."
:murde:"Do you know where they are?"
:glinp-happy:"Nooo but I bet they're not far. I think we've been goin’ in a kinda spiral shape so we'll come up on 'em soon!"
:murde:"Why do you say that?"
:irib-big:"When we entered, it appears that one way was blocked by dense debris, and our only path forward was toward this hallway."
:murde:"Oh." She approaches the puzzle. I warn her about it, and she looks at the paper.
:glinp-happy:"Irib can you carry both of us across the puzzle?"
:irib-big:"Even at my current size, Murder would be too heavy of a burden. She's what, nine... feet tall?" Murder nods.
:glinp-happy:"Yeah... I noticed! Hmm. HMMMM."
:murde:"Is there a reason to do it that way?"
:glinp-happy:"I think it gets harder every time someone goes across, but if someone carries someone else, then it only gets harder once! Either way we gotta try to open the armory 'cause all I've got is some flammable chemicals that probably won't be enough. Can you start fires by the way?"
:murde:"I can. I have a magical lighter, a mundane lighter, and the ability to produce a small flame at will through magic." She flicks a finger and a little flame shoots out! She asks for Tonzo and they have the conversation about trusting us.

I didn't get a good look at the demonono, but I think he had a half heart necklace.

Murde points out something: we're next to a door to another shower room. It doesn’t contrast as much as the door to the downstairs one. I didn’t spend too long looking the first time I came here, and I haven’t really paid attention to that side of the hallway since. There’s a locker room door on the other end of the puzzle too. But...! We all have this suspicion that even if we can get around through there, it prob’ly isn’t an easy peasy solution! Like there could be a demon in there!

Is it really so bad if the puzzle gets harder? What could possibly go wrong?
No. 833005 ID: 06717f

Sure, let's peek in the locker room and take inventory before going across the floaty blocks.
No. 833011 ID: 91ee5f

Let's go look in the shower room.

If you get killed, you can always revert!
No. 833012 ID: be0718

All the good loot's been in locker rooms so far. Plus the environment contains natural counters to flames and lasers. It may be your best shot!
No. 833013 ID: 3ce125

Let's at least look at everything on this side of the puzzle.
No. 833159 ID: 3ce125

FYI I found solutions that hit 15 and 16 objects. So we've still got wiggle room for the puzzle to get harder but still possible.
No. 833160 ID: 91ee5f

>I didn't get a good look at the demonono, but I think he had a half heart necklace.
What if that's the "big heart" that Venesi was talking about?

He never said that the heart was a beating one full of blood and he never said that it wasn't a broken heart! We may need to find better weapons and then go looking for that guy to take his necklace!

So either Jamos has the artifact or the neumono has the artifact. Or maybe neither of them have it?
No. 833166 ID: e0f785
File 150655156013.png - (82.28KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-59.png )

>Look in the shower room
I go to open it, but Murder stops me!
:murde:"If you do not know where the demons are, we cannot afford to open this door without a plan."
I get Irib to try the vents to scout it out, which Murder is fine with. Irib comes back out after a while.
:irib-big:"It looks safe, if you can swim. The whole place is filled with water in zero-g, and I saw no life."
:glinp-happy:"Huhuh, neat! So we can open the door and the water won't come out?" Irib nods.
:irib-big:"I believe so!" Murde steps out of the way of the door.
:murde:"Open it." I press the button and the door opens! Wha-ho, lookit that! It's a wall of water!
:glinp-happy:"OK, I'm goin' in." I jump at the water and get pretty disoriented right away. Swimming with one arm is hard! I just get a look for now, and hop back out. “Oof! I don't think I can swim all the way to the other side of the puzzle 'cause I'd drown first!”
:murde:"I'm not built for swimming."
:irib-big:"I'd rather not swim any more than I have to~"

There's one more door next to the AI room, and then a wall of debris like the one that forced us to take this hallway.
No. 833172 ID: be0718

That is more anti-fire/laser protection that I could have hoped for! Maybe the cafeteria's kitchen has a pump you could use to siphon water out of there, either to drain the room or project it at something. Re-enabling gravity in that room would work, too...
No. 833173 ID: 3ce125

The sinks are destroyed. I guess the pipes are broken and they just kept running until the room flooded, except... the doorway must have some sort of forcefield that blocks water, because otherwise the busted pipes would keep pushing water into the room and thus out of the door once it was opened. Well, that, or the pipes ran out of water pressure. We'd need to activate some sort of failsafe in the water delivery system for this room to drain it.

Go see what's through the door next to the AI Room.
No. 833187 ID: f5c698

Yup, door next to AI room makes the most sense to check next.
No. 833384 ID: e0f785
File 150663887684.png - (50.51KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-60m.png )

Here’s a li’l map of the area we’re in, just to help me keep it straight...
No. 833385 ID: e0f785
File 150663891295.png - (91.11KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-60.png )

>Investigate door next to AI room
:glinp-happy:"I wonder what's in THIS room!" Murder is on the move! She grabs me and tosses me aside and stands in front of the button before I can press it!
:murde:"Do I need to reiterate my thoughts about doors and demons?" Yeeek! OK let's try again.


I go back a few seconds. This time, I just stand kind of near the door, not lookin' like I'll go in, and then I point down at the armory and go,
:glinp-happy:"Wow what's that!" And then I press the button and jump into the room! The door closes behind me almost immediately! There's a short hallway and then a different style of door that ALSO closes behind me. Gee these are some nice plants. Gee that's a nice... demon Amtsvane that I just found.
:jamos:"Hello there, Bugfolk."
:glinp-happy:"What?? I'm a Lizardfolk! At least half!"
:jamos:"Hahaha! When you're as big as I am, everyone looks like a bugfolk!"

Hoo boy...
No. 833387 ID: be0718

What about other amtsvanes? Wait, do you know of any actual tiny sentient bug species?
Anyway, stick the glass shard in the lion's paw to be a dick.
No. 833388 ID: c2051e

"You're not, though, you're just a loser stealing a body. I bet you're actually a super insecure bug or something."

See those things across the room? Go check if they can close the door on Jamos.
No. 833394 ID: 91ee5f

Well, the good news is you know where Jamos is and she's not in the armory!

The bad news is she's also got a half heart necklace, just like that neumono!

Which means that you have to beat both Jamos and that neumono and take their necklaces! They probably act as a key or they do something when you put them together!

Throw your chemicals at her flaming eyes in the hopes that her flaming eyes will actually ignite the chemicals and explode!
No. 833401 ID: 3ce125

She's got the other half of the heart. That's the relic! It's shaped like a heart and they split it in half for safekeeping!

Can you try to shut the door on her neck?
No. 833412 ID: fbceac

I like the previous two suggestions. Close the door on the neck, and throw chemicals at the eyes to cause a boom!
No. 833419 ID: 54af5b

If you can trap the amtsvane here you might be able to snag the necklace without having to kill her. It's not nearly as safe but it is an option.

Now might be the time to ask for vague hints on a few different things, or you can revert back here later and ask.

One that comes to mind right now is what plant keeps the demons at bay. A vaaaague hint would be stellar!
No. 833420 ID: 54af5b

If you can trap the amtsvane here you might be able to snag the necklace without having to kill her. It's not nearly as safe but it is an option.

Now might be the time to ask for vague hints on a few different things, or you can revert back here later and ask.

One that comes to mind right now is what plant keeps the demons at bay. A vaaaague hint would be stellar!
No. 833432 ID: 16a400

Aw the cute flamesvane came to see you.
It may be a demon but her body Prob affects her too.
See if you can hit on her!
Maaaaybe she'll play ball and be nice enough to not kill you!
Or get some secret vague info from the flustered deamonsvame.

Or failing that throw flammable chemicals in her face.
Those flame eyes do look flammable.
No. 833464 ID: dfe7c4

Haha oh my god you have to try hitting on her. I have to see what happens.
No. 833695 ID: e0f785
File 150679362615.png - (114.98KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-61.png )

>Shut the door on her neck?
I don't have control of the doors!

>Hit on her, try to get a hint, and backup plan: chemicals in the eyes.
:glinp-happy:"I'm big enough, if you know what I mean, heheh!"
:jamos:"Hohohoh! Is that so?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! And might I add, those eyes of yours are so hot, I'm baskin' in your gaze over here." I tug my collar and fan my face with my hand. She snorts.
:jamos:"What are you playing at, I wonder~?"
:glinp-happy:"Your heart, babe, and not the one around your neck~"
:jamos:"I don't have a heart~ With this body, I have four!" Oh yeah don't Amtsvane have four of those? W-well whatever!
:glinp-happy:"That's okay, I have enough for... four... uh..." Yeah I don't think I can keep this up without coming up with more solid material first. Jamos snickers and slips back into wherever's through those doors she was poking out of. Dangit! Oh there she is! She pops out right above the door I came in through, and tries to smash me with a fist! I manage to dodge out of the way! "Wassamatter, baby! It's not like I'm carrying uh... what's that stuff called again, the plant that demons hate?"
:jamos:"So you really are happy to see me?" She pops back into the walls and I ready one of those chemical bottles. She pops out again, this time from the porthole thing in the far end of the floor, and I toss it in her face!
"GAAAHHHH!" Yeah it worked! She vanishes again... now where's she gonna pop out next!

The thing across the room is just a weird door like the one right behind me. Dunno why it looks like that, but it's got lights, not buttons.

Yeah there are some of those. Like people that're really a swarm of bugs. Bugfolk are normally more human-sized, but I think she was just makin' a joke!

I don't think they're the relic, but maybe they do SOMETHING when put together...
No. 833699 ID: 3ce125

I think you may try the spear next. As for where... she tried above you, how about behind you?

I wonder if the bathroom is flooded to prevent people from being able to use the water? Like maybe if you spray water in the flaming eyes of a demon it hurts them.
No. 833701 ID: f5c698

Hmm, it's gonna be a stretch any way you ask it, but, "Hey babe, don't you want to give me a vague tease about a plant that would just ruin our first date?"

It's slimier than Irib to say that, but at least you can revert. I have to live with having written it.
No. 833702 ID: be0718

Go for the necklace when she pops out, cut it off her neck with the spear.
No. 833721 ID: 91ee5f

I'm guessing that she's still in the armory, but there's something there that she's sticking her head and arms through in order to see you here in this room, all the way on the other side of the space station!

>Yeah it worked!
Oh shit! The flames in her eyes can actually set things on fire?! I didn't think that would actually work!

>She vanishes again...now where's she gonna pop out next!
Those doors she's popping out of are all connected together by those purple lines on the floor.

If you can erase those lines, then you can probably break the connection between the doors and limit where she can appear!

Try erasing the purple lines connecting the door on the floor directly in front of you. If there aren't any lines connecting to the door, then she might not be able to appear through that door anymore!
No. 833861 ID: 9b80a5

does anyone know about your save scumming super power and if not why as it seems like a good thing for some people to know.
No. 833909 ID: e0f785
File 150689826070.png - (99.34KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-62-2.png )

There's none of those portal things on the wall that's opposite to where she first poked out of.
If she IS in the armory, then maybe I can use these things to get there! I dunno how to work 'em though, if that's even what's going on.
Gaaaaaaah! She dropped from the ceiling this time! All the way out into the room! I'm right between her feet, and I get tossed into the air! She roars!
:jamos:"You little firebug! I'm going to crush you!"
Can't get the necklace this time, but I'll try for it if I get a chance.
:glinp-happy:"H-hey babe - Oof! Don't you want to give me a vague tease about a plant that would just ruin our first date? " I try to scrape up one of the lines, but it ain't workin'. Maybe like an explosion or something would do the trick. She lifts one of her feet.
:jamos:"Holy moley!"

My village knows about it, or at least my close family and the elders do. It's a bad thing for people to know! Some people know how to trip up time travelers! Like by always saying the same thing instead of giving different vague clues that let me piece stuff together. I haven't run into anyone who could stop me from saving and reloading, but if I do, I don't want 'em to do it! Mine is a serious power, and things would get real difficult real fast if it got out that I have it. And even if no one can block it, I'd have no way to tell how far back things got outta hand, and I'd have to rewind to whenever I first told someone about it to be sure it wouldn't turn into a problem.
No. 833914 ID: be0718

Get her to bring it down on the shutter.
No. 833922 ID: 9b80a5

have you ever told everyone just to see their expression then went back
No. 833924 ID: 91ee5f

>Gaaaaaaah! She dropped from the ceiling this time! All the way out into the room! I'm right between her feet, and I get tossed into the air!
What do you mean? Are you saying that she fit her entire body through one of those tiny doors?! How?!

>She lifts one of her feet.
Do this: >>833914 !

>"Holy moley!"
That's an unusual answer! Unless that's supposed to be her vague flower hint? If so, that's too vague!
No. 833925 ID: 9b80a5

well from the hint its obviously a holy flower mut the moley part eluedes me
No. 833926 ID: c2051e

Moly is a mythological herb. Hermes gave it to Odysseus to protect him from Circe, so it's also holy in a sense. Probably what she meant.
No. 833927 ID: 91ee5f

He's already explained why he's not going to do that.

If he happens to tell someone and they have a way to stop him from saving and reloading, then he's screwed!

The laughs ain't worth the risk!
No. 833928 ID: f5c698

Try and lure her into stomping on the floor portals or surprise her when she shows her face wirh a spear thrust.
No. 833930 ID: 9b80a5

didnt say to do it i just asked if he ever did
No. 834171 ID: e0f785
File 150698950262.png - (83.85KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-63.png )


>get her to stomp a floor portal
I hop onto the door thing and leap away! She stomps and misses me, but doesn't damage the thing as far as I can tell!
I get knocked over and she goes for a double-fisted smash!
:jamos:"This room ain't-"
"big enough for the two of us!"
All I can do is roll out of the way, barely! I go for the spear to the necklace, but I'm too slow! She stands back up and winds up for a kick! But she pauses and squints at me. Just like Venesi!
"Hey... what happened to your-"
:glinp-happy:"Oh yeah I lost that in THE WAR. Lost a lot of important things, m-hm."

Am I still trying to get information, or should I just be attacking? I can definitely defeat 'er without Irib. Might be doable with what I've got now! But it's possible I'll need something from, say, the armory. Not sure...
No. 834172 ID: 63a482

There's no harm in trying! Keep going for the necklace and the face. Can you get one of the others to figure out if there's a manual override on the doors while you keep her busy?
No. 834179 ID: d4275d

You can always revert if you need information from her. For now, focus on taking Jamos out. Seems like they can't use the flamethrower here for some reason.

Maybe the thorn in the lion's paw analogy can come in handy here. If you can get Jamos to stomp again, try leaving the glass behind as you dodge out of the way, then see if that opens her up for attack or stealing that necklace.
No. 834183 ID: c2051e

"Too stupid to use a flamethrower?"
No. 834184 ID: 13fded

"what happened to your-" To your what? Your dick?
No. 834196 ID: 91ee5f

>She stomps and misses me, but doesn't damage the thing as far as I can tell!
Keep trying to get her to break one! She might need to hit it repeatedly!

Actually, when you tried to fight the demonono, you threw the chemicals and missed, right? Didn't you say they made a flammable cloud when they hit the floor? Maybe if you can make that cloud again and she tries slamming you with her fists, her eyes will ignite the cloud and hurt her?

>Can you get one of the others to figure out if there's a manual override on the doors while you keep her busy?
He can't, he left them behind in the puzzle hallway and ran off without them. He's alone in this fight.
No. 834199 ID: 3ce125

Keep trying to spear her face/eyes.
No. 834224 ID: e4b014

Is it just me or is Jamos having a harder time fighting you in here than she did in a more open space before? I wonder why she decided to hole up in here.
No. 834277 ID: e0f785
File 150707096577.png - (70.55KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-64.png )

Her next move after my quip is to kick immediately. I can obviously see it coming, but her foot brushes me just a teensy bit when I get out of the way. She sure is warm!

I'm more wary this time around, and it ain't easy to keep dodging! I'm the one havin' a hard time, she's takin' it easy! I might get too slow to keep it up if this goes on too long.

Those're internal, at least when I have any and I'm not usin' 'em! She probably meant my arm!

:glinp-happy:"Too flustered to use a flamethrower?"
:jamos:"You saw the one in the armory?" She leaps up into a ceiling portal. I stand on the one I got her to step on before. She pops out of the portal her foot was sticking out of when she first appeared in here and goes for a single-fisted bash, so I drop the glass shard and she hurts her hand on it! The shard is destroyed and most of it gets embedded in her hand! "Grrrh!" She looks at her hand, giving me time to jab at her face! I make a smallish cut as she slips back inside. She comes out of the portal above the door at the far end. "That sure would make this easier... But not as much fun!" She tail-whips me! It’s too fast! I'm not prepared to dodge! It sends me flying against the door.
:glinp-happy:"OOGHhh!" She walks over and grabs me! And then... rubs me on her chest!? WHAT. "Hmbf!?"
No. 834284 ID: c2051e

She trying to infect you or just get off? Either way play along, this is a good chance to get a heart piece or info while she's overconfident.
No. 834286 ID: 13fded

Congratulations! You successfully woo a demon. Now suffer the consequences.
No. 834301 ID: 3ce125

I say immediately revert because if she infects you the time travel might not fix it.
Also you may have tipped your hand, which is why she grabbed you instead of trying to kill you.
No. 834306 ID: f5c698


Eh, we don't know what kind of demon this is, gotta make some mistakes to figure stuff out. In this case, its unlikely that the infected blood, which is allowing the demons to possess people (They may have a way to infect blood without direct transmission of fluid). The real danger is, what if the demon reverts using your power? Better to do your own reversion as you feel another presence start to take over.

That being said, three terrible awful suggestions that might require you to revert:

Try tossing one of the other chemicals in her face if she leans down, right in the eye should do the trick. Hope she drops you!

The second, you have grapes. Offer to feed them to her slowly, sensually, before you die. If she buys it, maybe you can throw the explosives down her gullet.

The necklace is right there! Detach your arm and claw your way up to the necklace, then cut it free with those sharp fingalings, grab it and drop back down, hopefully to your shoulder.
No. 834332 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her, "Oh wow, you're a lot harder to fight than that weak ass Miklik from earlier!"

Hopefully you'll distract her with a compliment to her strength!
No. 834338 ID: be0718

You can afford to see where this is going. Not much you can do from down here other than stop trying to stab her.
No. 834379 ID: e4b014

>rubbing you on her chest
Wait, hitting on her worked?
No. 834391 ID: e586af

This could be going a lot worse. I figured she'd just kill you if she got you.

See where this goes?
No. 834609 ID: b7b9c9

I say to see where this goes.
If you can grab the necklace go for it tho.

I agree with the compliment to her strength.
Obv she likes fire, so maybe make a quip about Flamethrowers or other serious firestarting stuff like thermite. It seems to be making this deamon wet.

She might also be using you to get the glass out. Idk which hand she slammed down on the shard.
No. 834610 ID: be0718

Am I missing something about amtsvane mating rituals?
No. 834611 ID: 3ce125

I wonder if you could've gotten the flammable chemicals into her mouth and blown them up there somehow.
No. 834723 ID: e0f785
File 150724234075.png - (92.56KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-65.png )

Ugh, her body's giving off a lotta heat. This is not too comfy!

I... don't know!? These seem more like the straight-up violence type of demons, not the fun sex ones or even the sex-and-violence ones... It might just be a trick! And she's clearly crazy so it could be that too?

They don't get uh, sensitive in certain areas until they get rubbed elsewhere for a while. Like maybe on the chest! Normally it's a lot cuter than this.

I don't think a mere demon's gonna be able to do it. As far as I can tell, I'm immune to all forms of mind-alteration, so while my body might get taken over, my time powers ought to be fine.

I wriggle my face free enough to speak. "Oh wow, you're a lot harder to fight than that weak ass Miklik from earlier!"
:jamos:"Hah! Good! This body has not disappointed me so far."
:glinp-happy:"And no wonder! (pant) Oh hey, I've got these berries from the entrance of the garden - f-rmph! fresh picked! Want me to feed 'em to ya, s-sensually?" She stops rubbing and holds me at arm's length.
:jamos:"Show me." I fish the berries out and hold them up for her. "Hahah, they're so tiny! What do you expect me to do with these?" I need to get out of this grip! I like warmth but it's too hot!
:glinp-happy:"Well ah, you know, eat themmm...?" I'm really squirmin' now. I can't help it!
:jamos:"I think I'll just eat you instead~" Dammit! She opens wide and I toss another beaker into her mouth! "GAKH!!" She stumbles and drops me! I go for the necklace again. Another miss, aagh! Wait a minute, if she dies, I can just grab it then.
:glinp-happy:"OOFFF!" Man that Super Jump's gonna come in handy if any giants drop me again, since it can negate fall damage. Jamos is dripping blood, and I'm feeling kinda cooked and also bruised. Between the tail whip and the fall, I'm not sure if I'm winning or not!

Her right hand is the one that's got the glass.
No. 834728 ID: be0718

For whatever reason, she's made herself sensitive and created a weakpoint! Attack there with your pointed rod for massive damage!
No. 834741 ID: 3ce125

Aw, I was hoping for a bigger explosion. I doubt you'll be able to kill her, honestly, unless Amtsvanes have some severe issues with losing blood? In that case you could get her to stomp on your spear and impale her foot with it.
No. 834746 ID: f5c698

If she tries to stomp you, risk using the disguise power while her view is blocked and then launch a surprise attack when she tries to figure out where you are.
No. 834856 ID: e0f785
File 150733116808.png - (88.55KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-66.png )

Where? I don't see!

She's not on fire in her mouth, I guess.

She slips away into the portal next to the one above the door. I dunno if she's gonna try to stomp me, so I turn into... A piece of glass! Wow it's weird being this small. Good object though! Jamos comes out of the portal on the floor that's closest to the door I came in through!
:jamos:"RAAAAAAAAAH!!!" She looks around all confused. "What the fuck, where'd you go! Don't tell me you chickened out already! It was just getting good!" Blood is dripping out of her mouth. Yeugh.
No. 834857 ID: be0718

The perfect disguise. Hold this form until her alert level falls.
No. 834859 ID: f5c698

Hang out for a bit and see what Jamos does, this is only gonna work once but make for a stab to somewhere important if they get close enough.
No. 834864 ID: 3ce125

You've got one more dose of chems. That seems to be more effective than your spear, so maybe you should ambush her with that.
No. 834969 ID: 314bcd

Await further to see if a good ambush opportunity presents itself. Brace self if Jamos comes close and ends up stepping on you.
No. 834989 ID: e0f785
File 150740179977.png - (76.09KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-67.png )

>Wait to see what she does
She looks around for a bit (but not too close to me), huffs aggravatedly, and crawls back into the tunnels. I wait some more. There's a rumble, and gravity reverses!? The plants, which got jostled in all the excitement, turn... new-rightside-up? And fall and snap to what is now the floor. Gee, that's fancy! But I chip a bit when I hit the floor! That's troubling.
Well uh... what now?
No. 834991 ID: be0718

Untransform and see what happens. If it's bad, revert and un-transform mid-fall.
No. 835001 ID: 3ce125

I've got an idea. Revert to when she was about to eat you, and let her do it except transform into glass when she swallows you. That'll make her choke to death. We know it'll be glass again because the transform power is apparently predictable like that.

Getting out of her throat afterwards would be somewhat of a problem but hopefully once she's dead you can just climb out.
No. 835003 ID: 91ee5f

But if we do that, then she'll be bleeding all over us! Which is bad because her blood turns poisonous when she dies! And if we're covered in her blood, we'll be poisoned to death!
No. 835137 ID: f5c698

See if you can follow Jamos or get back out somehow. You might be able to fix whatever happened after you change back or just walk it off depending.
No. 835190 ID: 3ce125

He could just wash himself off in the flooded bathroom. I mean, it's not like he's going to drink the blood.
No. 835206 ID: 91ee5f

No, that won't work! Upon death, an Amtsvane's blood turns into a neurotoxin! Neurotoxins don't need to be ingested to kill someone! If she dies while Glinp is covered in her blood, then he's going to die also!
No. 835208 ID: 3ce125

Generally they do. The type of toxin it is has no bearing on if it is absorbed through skin or not.

Also it's not like it magically turns every instance of blood into neurotoxin the instant the amtsvane dies. The only biological reason that would work is if amtsvane organs release toxins as they fail... which is gradual, and originates from the body. Any blood on Glimp will continue to be regular-ass blood regardless of the health of the original source. After she dies, Glimp should avoid getting any blood *from the corpse* on him/in him.
No. 835210 ID: 91ee5f

>After she dies, Glimp should avoid getting any blood *from the corpse* on him/in him.
But your idea of turning into a piece of glass to choke Jamos to death involves Glinp being inside of her body when she dies. And last time I checked, swallowing glass causes your throat to bleed.

So if we go with your idea, Glinp will be a piece of glass that chokes Jamos to death and Glinp will still be inside of Jamos' corpse when the blood turns into a neurotoxin.

How do you expect him to avoid getting blood on him if he's already going to be inside the bleeding corpse?
No. 835220 ID: 3ce125

Again, it won't happen instantly. He just needs to get out in a reasonable frame of time.
No. 835250 ID: e0f785
File 150750723366.png - (112.38KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-68c.png )

>Turn into glass in Jamos' mouth and choke her
Too poisonous, plus I might get infected from the blood! If Irib was turning when they ingested some from Venesi, I'm pret-ty sure I would too. Maybe even getting some up my nose would be bad enough! Speaking of blood, some of it starts drippin' down here. I'm not close enough for it to be a problem right now, but I can see this becoming a problem as the fight goes on!

I turn back and I'm really disoriented!
:glinp-happy:"Buhhhhh?" Kinda tired too. I wait it out and it goes away after a bit. But Jamos comes back! Through the same portal as when she first popped out for our weird fight.
:Jamos:"Ha! I knew you couldn't resist my beautiful magnificence!" She does a twirl!
:glinp-happy:"Haha, yeah... (cough)." That was an actual cough. I'm still not feelin' great from getting smacked around!

Didn't get a chance!
No. 835253 ID: 3ce125

Well I'm out of ideas. You aren't doing much damage to her with those chems and that little spear sure isn't gonna kill a giant. No other items in your inventory that could be used as weapons and we can't seem to mess with the doors in here. Unless I'm missing something you really cannot kill her and will just have to revert.

Those flame markings on her body aren't weak points are they? I guess you could try hitting them with your spear to see if that does extra damage. If that's the case you could pretend you're playing Shadow of the Colossus... except you've only got one arm so you can't climb on her. Also she's much more agile than a Colossus so she'd just squish you if you tried climbing. Again, really not seeing how it's possible to kill something a hundred times your size and not even much slower than you.
No. 835257 ID: be0718

"I sure couldn't! Too bad I'm all out of ideas for romantic getaways though."
That might get you in a position to use the last ace up your sleeve.
No. 835263 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, I think your flirting actually worked a little! She's trying to impress you now.

Try asking her how she flipped the room like that?
No. 835340 ID: b30cf3

Get up on one of those platforms over the portals, that way she can't stomp you and you're gonna be able to line up a head shot easier. Plus, then she can't stomp you. If she goes at you with the wounded hand, put in a merciless jab at the palm to disorient, then go for the kill.
No. 835463 ID: e0f785
File 150759856987.png - (71.59KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-69.png )

"I sure couldn't! Too bad I'm all out of ideas for romantic getaways though." I hop up on a platform. "Hup!" Gee, that was actually easy.
:jamos:"What's wrong with this place? It's a perfectly good room, practically my bedroom~" She starts toward me.

:glinp-happy:"How'd you flip the place around like that? Was it demon magic?" She chuckles and snorts and coughs up blood. Guh-ROSS!
:jamos:"No, there's a button in the other room." She gestures toward the wall that has most of the portals. I hop up to just about her head level on the platforms.
:glinp-happy:"Nhhhup!" I stumble a bit but get stable.

I bet my spear could do it! Maybe I just gotta be more aggressive.
I leap at her and stab at one of the flame markings! She shrieks deafeningly and bashes me against the wall. Yow! I think that might have been a weak point after all! But I'm not gonna live too long with all these ribs broken. Where should I reload from?
No. 835467 ID: be0718

Jump back here >>833909 and don't completely forget about the super jump this time. Now you know where you can hit and how!
No. 835469 ID: 3ce125

From the beginning. Start stabbing at the markings right away. She'll react differently so you won't be suspicious about predicting her movements (because you won't be able to) and you haven't really gotten any information pertinent to the fight aside from her weak points which are to be honest highly visible. Also, not mentioning her flamethrower would be a good idea this time.

DO ask her about the plants again though. Just to cover your ass in case you claim she gave you a hint and one of your allies was listening in on the fight.
No. 835470 ID: 3ce125

We don't have the super jump artifact yet, that's the one we're trying to get here.
No. 835472 ID: 91ee5f

I think he's talking about how Glinp was jumping up to a platform near Jamos' head in this update, which was because Jamos messed with the gravity in the room.
No. 835473 ID: c2051e

Well, it's her throat, too, that could be it. Reload from before you entered the room, I guess.
No. 835491 ID: f5c698

Jump back to the start of the fight, go for the weak points with your spear, and finish her off with a chem vial. If you can't finish her off with less resources expended may as well check out the armory.
No. 835520 ID: 165253

Ya know what would make this fight easier?
Having two arms!
No. 835623 ID: e0f785
File 150766945029.png - (68.43KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-70.png )


Hm. Can't hear, vision's gone black... I guess EVERYTHING is my weak point when it gets hit by something that big!


So it's back to when I entered. We have the "bugfolk" exchange, except this time I immediately run at her while saying I'm a Lizardfolk, and go for that flame marking on her neck! She pulls back and I just get her face before she disappears. Let's see if she comes out the same place as before... Yup! One successful stab to the marking on her neck, and she roars! I pull the spear out just in time for the marking to shoot a burst of actual flame and turn dark! Fuck! That was really hot! I gotta be careful or that shit's gonna flame-broil my ass but good. Or it could fling my spear into a wall and break it if I don't pull it out fast enough. Good to know! She zooms back in, and drops from the ceiling as expected. This time I'm not under her!
"Hey what's that plant you guys don't like called again? It's right on the tip of my tongue!"
:jamos:"The only plant you need to know about is SQUASH!" Crap. THAT was different. She tries to step on me like last time, so I get outta the way! I would've expected it to be easier this time, but I think she might be a little bit faster! If she's as predictable as she seems, the next thing she does should be a double-fisted smash... but after her different response, I can't be sure! Then again, I did ask it differently since I'm not flirting this time.

Just in case it'll help me think of anything, my items are:
Money, spear, keycard, romance novel, crumpled paper, oh-so-hard-won superconductors, a protein bar, 3 bottles of chemicals, berries, and a communicator.
No. 835625 ID: 3ce125

Hrm, you could ask about this room via the communicator. If you know how the room works you might be able to use it to your advantage!
No. 835631 ID: 91ee5f

>Flames come out of her markings.
Oh shit!

That was unexpected, but it could be helpful! If you throw those chemicals on her markings and then damage it, the flames will ignite the chemicals and hopefully explode!

>Then again, I did ask it differently since I'm not flirting this time.
Yeah, I think flirting helped because she was trying to impress you before killing you. Now, she's gonna try to kill you without giving you any openings by showing off.
No. 835634 ID: be0718

Turn the flirting back up! She's one hot date! You're playing hard to get!
Get ready for the smash. Even if you're wrong, you should be in position to try the chemicals again.
No. 835641 ID: cdd5f2

Keep on your guard, can't assume she'll double fist ya now of all times.

Though maybe you can play her at her own game. Compliment her strength and size, say you may have been a bit hasty in thinking this has to be a fight, and bring out the interspecies romance novel. Say there's some fascinating bits of amstvane anatomy it goes into you wouldn't mind confirming for youself.
No. 835887 ID: e0f785
File 150775187715.png - (50.96KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-71.png )

Can't right now! I'd have to get a free moment.

>Get flirty again
:glinp-happy:"Damn gurl, You got a sweet bod AND nice moves? Sheeiiit." Here it comes! The smash! I get outta the way just in the nick of time! This time I toss a chemical and blow up her left eye! No kick this time, just lots of shrieking. She hops into the ceiling and comes out where expected for a one-fist bash.
:jamos:"Interested in my BODY, huh?"
:glinp-happy:"You're so big and strong! You know what, I mighta been a bit hasty thinking this has to be a fight." She pops back in and comes all the way out, from the far end above the door.
:jamos:"Oh yeah? I don't think this room is big enough" Tail whip! I back up and strike at her tail, just missing a weak point. "for the TWO of us! Grnh!"
:glinp-happy:"About that!" I whip out my romance novel. "I've got this novel here, and it goes into some fascinating bits of Amtsvane anatomy that I wouldn't mind confirming for myself..."
:jamos:"HAH! Where did you find that little gem? You weren't just carrying that around when you came here, were you...?" I bet she's gonna grab at me next. I can try to dodge or not!
No. 835891 ID: 314bcd

Keep up the flirting while preparing to dodge back if Jamos comes close. If Jamos performs a lunge, toss a chemical in counter!
No. 835894 ID: 3ce125

...wait a second we should probably actually read that to get some knowledge of weaknesses of Amtsvanes in general. Up to you if you want to savescum to get the time to read it before continuing the fight. Man it would be really lucky if Amtsvanes are allergic to those berries you picked.

As for being grabbed, it didn't cause much damage before and you got a good hit in with the second bottle. This time though maybe you could poke at one of her flame markings while she's pinning you.
No. 835905 ID: be0718

This is from downstairs. Maybe you had a secret admirer even before you got possessed!
Read out loud from the book while you continue to dodge, so you can learn the amstvanes' weaknesses while you fight!
No. 835979 ID: c88e6d

The love of the Male Neumono and Female Amtsvane is one of the triggers for the demonic incursion. They were involved in some kind of ritual, presumably to allow them to be intimate with each other in some way, then they were possessed and killed everyone else while summoning demons. It's a very tragic story and I hope we can save them from their deadly mistake somehow.

However, in the event that that's NOT possible, remember she has extreme reflexes thanks to her demonic possession and is NOT as slow or predictable as a normal Amtsvane. Start reading passages from the book of the couple in it talking to one another, head for the button on the wall.
No. 835982 ID: 91ee5f

As ridiculous as that sounds, that might actually be true!

And it might also explain the half heart necklaces that both the Neumono and Jamos are wearing. They were lovers before they got possessed!

.....holy shit, Venesi was telling the truth. They were brought here by love!
No. 836207 ID: 58fa1c

Keep it up, remind Jamos there's all sorts of places you can reach being so tiny by comparison.
No. 836257 ID: e0f785
File 150784998784.png - (43.79KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-72.png )

>Flirt more, read from the book, don't lie about where it came from
:glinp-happy:"Nah it came from downstairs, but I just couldn't help myself! You know, being so tiny, I get into all kinds of... situations..."
:jamos:"Aren't YOU a naughty little lizard~ Graah!" There's the grab! I get out of the way! Knowing that it's coming sure helps a lot. I think she's slowing down again just a li'l. Her mouth is open so I toss in a berry. I don't even think she noticed!
:glinp-happy:"You don't know the half of it, hot stuff! But I'd like to change that, if you know what I'm sayin'!" Laughing, she goes in the portal next to the one above the door, comes out the floor, closest to the door I came in. Now I'm in uncharted territory! "So lemme read some of this to ya..." I flip it open to a random page and inhale... "Oh gosh this part's too saucy! Uhhh lemme see." Flip, flip, flip. She steps closer. "OK."
"She was big, and soft-eyed, and... big. I just couldn't get over her size, even if I had a ladder." She does a tail whip and I need to get better at dodging that! "Blugfh!" I hit the wall! "I st (cough) stammered awkwardly and tried to collect my thoughts, but they kept swimming out of my grASP!" I roll out of the way of a stomp, and I have to keep rolling because she keeps stomping! "Like little fiiIIiIIIiiIIiiish!" Ow my everything!
:jamos:"I think that's the book Slelia gave to ol' loverboy! Hahaha, and now you're reading it to me. Hilarious!"
:glinp-happy:"Y-yeah you like that huh... Guhh..."
:jamos:"What is it you're playing at, here?"
:glinp-happy:"Just your hearts... babe!" She's close. I get a shot in on a leg marking and crumple to the ground! It works! There's a burst of flame! "Hot hot hot!"
:jamos:"AIIIEEEEE I SEEEEE!" She goes into a portal and I don't see which one it is. Next move?
No. 836293 ID: 850bb5

Get up on one of the ledges over the portals, try and get Jamos in a weak spot. Bet on her fist slams or other punchy stuff being the next attack that's coming, heck maybe you could even deal a significant wound throwing glass at her.

Another option is she flips the room, which is going to put you on the floor. If there's no attack for a bit, try to get as close to the ceiling as you can so you don't all too far. Try and interrupt her attack with a sneaky glass diversion, then go in for another weak spot.

Though the fire bursting out after each hit is troubling, if you get a clear shot after a hit and aren't too close, try throwing one of the vials into the flames from her wound.
No. 836368 ID: c88e6d

You know, this demon's really violent, but at least she's got a sense of humor about the whole thing. More than you can say for that other asshole. By the way, try and get to the button on the wall, the one she said controlled things.
No. 836370 ID: 3ce125

How the heck is she even going through the doors when you can't? The system must be set to only allow her through. Maybe you can try to get through a door while she's using it, before it closes?
No. 836371 ID: 91ee5f

>By the way, try and get to the button on the wall, the one she said controlled things.
There isn't a button in this room. She said the button was in the other room.
No. 836425 ID: c88e6d

Dangit... I mean we could always savescum and see which door she comes through but I suspect this demon might have fought our species before, hence her unpredictability. Either way, it's imperative we figure out how the heck to stop this. Is it possible to get through the portal as she hops out of it?
No. 836484 ID: e0f785
File 150793596007.png - (47.19KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-73.png )

It's just me that has the time powers, as far as I know! It's not a species thing. At least, that is if I'm 100% Lizardfolk, which I might not be. If I'm part something else, thennn maybe it is normal! Plus she's turned out to be pretty predictable based on the first time. So I climb on one of the ledges that she hasn't used yet, and I hold on as gravity does the flip. It's the one on the ground near the far door, so I end up at the ceiling when gravity's reversed. I'm hanging there when she pops out of the portal and grabs me with her tongues on the way!!
:jamos:"Aaaahahahahahhhh~" Noooo this is really gross! She's lickin' me! Everywhere! I toss the glass shard down her throat and she pauses and tosses me on the ground. With her tongues. It's really faaar... " GACK! Playin' hard to get down my throat, are ya?! HRK."
:glinp-happy:"Uggggm..." I'm not doin' so hot. But I do get a look at the portal as she slips back inside, and it closes really damn fast. If I waited for her to come all the way out, and then held onto her tail when she went back in... maybe I could make it to the other room? I might get crushed by the doors instead. I can revert now, or wait to see what her next move is. Either way I don't think my body's prepared for any more punishment this time around!
No. 836487 ID: 3ce125

Looks like the only way to really survive the gravity flip is to turn inanimate, because if you grab something you wind up helpless to her next attack. Also, it occurs to me that you can avoid taking falling damage by turning inanimate! Any damage you take while an object just seems to daze you when you turn back.

You should try to make it to the other room at least once... but see what she's planning next anyway.
No. 836491 ID: 91ee5f

You could revert and let her tongues pull you into her mouth again. Only this time, you throw both of those chemicals down her throat! Those will do more damage than that glass shard!
No. 836508 ID: c88e6d

Those chems are pretty weak though. Hmmmm....
No. 836511 ID: 91ee5f

But they are flammable and explode when ignited! And from what Glinp told us when Jamos was rubbing him on her chest, she's got a constantly increasing body temperature.

So eventually she'll either heat up enough to ignite the chemicals or she attempts to breathe fire and the chemicals ignite and explode in her mouth!
No. 836554 ID: f5c698


She wasn't hot enough in her mouth to make the other vial explode, not sure if that's going to be the same deeper in but can't say for sure. If fire can be moved down there somehow it's for sure a good idea.

Revert back to when she asked if you brought the book with you, say yes instead, look a little nervous, say you have a few others back in your room at the inn and explain that she reminds you of the female lead of this particular book, strong, tall, more than a little sassy, but there's something about her that's just... HOTTER to you for some reason. She really sparks your tinder, even her punches are kinda sexy. Tell her you want to show her things about her body she isn't even aware she can do, ancient forbidden Amtsvane pleasure arts, the use of which could even make a demon feel like they've entered paradise.
No. 836641 ID: e0f785
File 150800738053.png - (46.73KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-74.png )

Alright, I've been in here longer than I expected! I think I got this figured out pretty good now. Flirt, hit the weak points, learn 2 dodge. I just gotta keep at it!
I stick around and see what she does. She grabs me and rubs me on her and Iiii'm not gonna stick around to see where this goes.


I try double chemicals down the throat, it's a bunch more effective than just one! Good strat, but I still die on this attempt.


I try laying it on REALLY thick and I think she likes my brazenness or somethin', 'cause it goes pretty good. She doesn't even try to get me to follow up on the ancient forbidden pleasure arts thing, which is real lucky 'cause I only know enough about pleasing an Amtsvane and not about any fancy trickaroos. I get real close to killing her this time, I think! But she falls on me and I get squished.


THIS time I get out of the way when she collapses! The doors all spring open! AND the place is rightside-up. But she's not dead. There's one marking left to hit.
:jamos:"C'moooon..." she gurgles. "Don't leave me on the (choke) edge like this! Finish meeee~" Why did we have to go and make this weird. Oh well. Murder wanted to get the info from the AI about how to kill the demons for real... Should I leave Jamos here like this? She's kinda greyish and I don't think she can move anymore. I made it out without crippling injuries, but I am hurt.
No. 836644 ID: 3ce125

Yeah leave her like that, Murder will really appreciate it.
Also don't forget the heart necklace.
No. 836650 ID: 0c3362

Seems about right.
No. 836663 ID: be0718

Give her a smooch on the mark and take the locket. Until next time!
No. 836664 ID: c88e6d

Do this, aye!
No. 836677 ID: 13fded

So soon? We got to leave something for our second date.
No. 836690 ID: 91ee5f


And say this to Jamos.
No. 836742 ID: 2294a0

Give her a smooch on the weak spot for massive flirting.

I agree on leaving her alive.
On the possibility that her Possession can be reversed.

And obviously grab the pendant.
No. 836862 ID: e0f785
File 150809368853.png - (54.10KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-75.png )

A shame I wasn't able to get to the other room. Jamos scraped me off on the tunnels when I tried.

>>Don't kill her, smooch the mark, take the necklace, quip
:glinp-happy:"So soon? We GOTTA leave something for our second date." I kiss the marking and slide down her neck.
:jamos:"GRRRAAAAHHH YOU FUCKING TEEEEEEASE! (gurgling)" She sound furious, oh my gosh ahahahaha!
:murde:"What the fuck did I just walk into."
:irib-big:"Glinp! Are you okay?"
:glinp-happy:"Aah! Murder! Irib! Aheh, I just took down this demon, y'see..." I cut off and pocket the locket. No Wockets here. "I didn't know she was in here, but I'm a real scrapper. Got 'er with the ol' one-two HYA!" I punch at the air. "Ah..." I wince and grab my side. "OK maybe I should calm down..."
:jamos:"No, you fuckin' stabbed me, ya little... BLEGH." Geez it's a good thing Amtsvane have a lot of blood.
:murde:"Damn. I must say I'm impressed. You even left her alive." She extends her teeth and smiles and it's even worse than when she wasn't doing that.
:glinp-happy:"Yyyahuh, so what'd I, ow, miss?"
:murde:"Irib went across the puzzle to try a few passcodes. They did not work."
:glinp-happy:"Oh ok how many times did you go across?"
:glinp-happy:"Hhhhow much harder is it?"
:murde:"land sixteen or more or live no more."
:glinp-happy:"Mmmmmwhat?" Jamos laughs.
:irib-big:"I see we can get through this way now."

If I want to get to the armory, I either need to figure out a path through the puzzle or a way around it. I'm sure there's at least a few ways to get around it! But if I can't figure something out, We can always move on and see what's through the doors.
No. 836872 ID: a363ac

ask the demon it's true name.
No. 836874 ID: 91ee5f

Didn't Jamos come out of the armory? When you mentioned a flamethrower to her and she went back into the portal, she came out and said there was one there, but she didn't want to use it.

So if you can somehow open the any of the doors she was going in and out of, then you've got a straight shot to the armory!

Then again, there is that other door with the lights that you haven't gone into yet on the other side of the room. We could go see what's in there.

And let's not forget to ask Jamos for vague hints! Specifically for the demon repelling plant or how to open the portals she was using during the fight!
No. 836875 ID: be0718

There has to be some way of opening the portals to the armory from this side, unless someone else was watching our fight! Do a thorough inspection of the amtsvane for hidden remotes, and examine the rim of the portals for hidden controls.
No. 836877 ID: 3ce125

All the doors are open so try the doors.
No. 836885 ID: c88e6d

Aye, ask the demon for vague hints, leave her alive so we can hopefully exorcise her later.

...We REALLY need to find a source of holy water. ALSO DON'T TOUCH ITS BLOOD GLINP YOU'LL BE CORRUPTED.
No. 836931 ID: f5c698

Let's see what's through the doors here if they open now.
No. 836932 ID: f5c698

Been meaning to ask Glinp, do other lizardfolk have that fancy detach/reattach power or is it just you?
No. 837233 ID: e0f785
File 150819292459.png - (40.17KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-76.png )

Eek! I wipe the blood off on Jamos. Didn't get any on my clothes, luckily.

>do other lizardfolk have that fancy detach/reattach power?
Just me! And that one developed before the time powers, as far as I know. Some can intentionally detach their tails and grow 'em back, but that's about it. Or there are spells that can make it possible, but I was just born with it I think.

"Alright demon, tell us your TRUE NAME!"
:jamos:"MY NAME IS (cough hack) Jamos." Well there we go.

:glinp-happy:"Oh. What's through THESE?" I walk up to one of the portal things she was using. I wasn't even thinking of these as doors I guess. I meant the doors with the lights.
:murde:"That's the power room." It opens when I get close now, and I can see... glowy stuff! A wave of heat comes out. It's not the armory, huh.
:glinp-happy:"Is there a reverse-the-gravity button in there?"
:murde:"Yes." Maybe our demon buddy just knows the flamethrower IS in the armory, but didn't have access to it from here.
:glinp-happy:"Ssssay Jamos, if YOU were gonna go to the armory really quick, how would you do it?" She grunts annoyedly. "Uh I mean if you could move."
:jamos:"I'll give you two options. One: I set the puzzle on its highest (cough) difficulty, and if you solve it and make it back to me after, I'll tell you how to get around it. Or two: I tell you right now exactly what happens when it's solved on the highest difficulty. HeheBLEEEEHHeh."
:glinp-happy:"Guess I'll think about that one. Meanwhile, I sure can't get that demon-repelling plant thing outta my mind. It's drivin' me nuts not being able to think of what it's called! I sure could use a vague hint!"
:jamos:"That's your hint, pipsqueak! Now get outta here and lemme alone, ya flirtatious FUCK!" Murde turns all staticy for a moment before settling back to normal. I think that means Jamos was so loud it hurt. I know my ears are ringin' after that!
:murde:"KEHH!" She grits her teeth. "Let's move on. You first, Irib." A small Irib rushes to go see what's through the doors we haven't explored yet. They come back in a sec.
:irib-sml:"The coast is clear." Murde and I step out.
Alright, we got the final hallway I think. This is where that crazy Neumono came from. Two rooms on the left, restroom on the right.
:glinp-happy:"Looks safe, but if there's more demons they gotta be in one of these rooms, right?" I say quietly.
:murde:"There's an upper floor too. I doubt any demons would be there, however. On the left there is a storage room and a gravity training room. On the right is a restroom."

Oh man I'm excited! So what do we do about Jamos' offer, and what's my next move? I gotta get into that armory... Jamos did confirm there's a way to do it while avoiding the puzzle, and she wasn't wet at all when she popped out with the flamethrower so it doesn't even have to be through there. I bet there's some way I COULD get through the water though. That would mean we have two ways around.
No. 837236 ID: 91ee5f

>I tell you right now exactly what happens when it's solved on the highest difficulty.
a 3rd option would be to have her tell you what happens, then you revert to when she gives you the 2 options.

Then tell her that if you can guess correctly what happens when its solved on the highest difficulty, she has to turn off the puzzle!
No. 837247 ID: c88e6d

Get a blowtorch and cut through the hull?
No. 837265 ID: f09008

Let's head to the gravity training room. Time to train at 100 times Earth's gravity!
No. 837273 ID: be0718

Ask what happens at the highest difficulty, then revert.
Try the door that isn't covered in possibly-demonic sigils first.
No. 837289 ID: 3ce125

Well I mean obviously the puzzle tries to kill you if you solve it on the highest difficulty. Isn't it already as hard as it gets? 16 is the max because there's only 17 locations to land on and one is a dead end.

Go in the gravity training room because it looks SUPER FUN!
No. 837472 ID: e0f785
File 150828330311.png - (73.91KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-77.png )

I go back to the Jamos room.
:glinp-happy:"Option two! What happens when you solve the puzzle on the highest difficulty?"
:jamos:"The puzzle shuts off and you get a big monetary reward, all in krels, raining from the ceiling."


I revert to right before that, and this time...
:glinp-happy:"Counter-offer! If I can guess what happens when you solve the puzzle on the highest difficulty, you turn it off."
:jamos:"Hmmm..." She looks all thoughtful. "Alright, but you only get -HREHH- three tries and you have to be specific."
:glinp-happy:"It MURDERS you by making you explode! Kaboom!" I make a hand motion to convey exploding.
:jamos:"Strike one."
:glinp-happy:"Uhhh it gives you a ton of money! Like krels raining from the sky?" I do a wiggly fingers motion while lowering my hands. Jamos' eyes widen and she growls and bloodbarfs.
:jamos:"UGH. Yeah, fine, there. It's off. Knock yourself out. You don't get the money, and I'm not telling how I'd've gotten around it."
:glinp-happy:"OK." I walk back out and go to the gravity training room.
:irib-big:"That was one hell of a lucky guess~” Irib wiggles and tilts their eye. ”Have you encountered that sort of thing before...?"
:glinp-happy:"I figured there weren't too many things it could do." I shrug.
:murde:"That's a strange thing to figure. However, it seems to have worked out. Your encounter with Jamos also seems to have worked out, mysteriously."
:glinp-happy:"I'm fast, and real clever!"
:murde:"It appears so. Well then, clever one, what's your next idea?"

:glinp-happy:"Gravity training room." I start walking there. Murde and Irib follow closely behind.
:murde:"The armory is not next?"
:glinp-happy:"Right." I open the door and walk inside. It's dark except for a couple things... That crazy Neumono demon and some floating glowy spell stuff! I don't think he noticed us yet.
No. 837479 ID: a363ac

Scream "HI!"
No. 837481 ID: 3ce125

>used time travel to guess the answer to a riddle
No you fool, they're going to figure it out! Revert that and just tell her you'll attempt it on the highest difficulty. A money reward (though I guess not just yet) is better than just having the thing turn off and risking exposure.

Then choose the gravity training room again but after seeing the jetpack demon quietly exit the room and close the door, telling your allies what you saw. You'll know to avoid that room. ...he did seem unarmed though.
No. 837488 ID: be0718

Find the controls for this room and set the gravity to Jupiter mode using as little of your remaining hand as possible.
No. 837494 ID: 8a3166

Motion to the others to be quiet and lean up against the wall further off from the entrance and using disguise. Hopefully you turn into something that would make sense being left here, but for now observe his actions, we can revert once we know what the magic does.
No. 837508 ID: 91ee5f

>Money rains down.
>It wasn't a lie.
I thought she was fucking with you! Let's revert back and and try to win that money!
No. 837557 ID: 380990

The hint K is really vague. Maybe it refers to Kale. It's the first one to come up in my mind since it's only one phoneme away. Maybe it refers to banana, since it is known to contain potassium whose chemical symbol is K. Plus, their flowers are sometimes called "hearts." But I can't be sure all demon hints have been referring to one singular anti-demon plant since there are many plants considered to have powers against the supernatural.
No. 838052 ID: e0f785
File 150845149390.png - (69.40KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-78.png )

Motion to the others to be quiet, lean up against the wall further off from the entrance, and turn into... A small box? I'm not sure how that's a good disguise, but it's dark in here so maybe there are lots of boxes and I just can't see them yet. Let's see what he does... Looks like he's just rearranging the glyphs, sometimes deleting and sometimes adding new ones. I can't hear him from here. The others leave and the door closes and it gets boring, so I turn back and scream "HI!" He summons his giant guns and I don't feel like dying right now thanks!


I revert to before I took up Jamos' offer.
"Option one please! Gimme dat highest difficulty, and when I solve it and come back, you gotta tell me how you'd get around it when you were able to move."
:jamos:"Your funeral, little lizard!" Her flames flare up for a second. "There. Knock yourself out."
:glinp-happy:"Cool thanks cutie pie." Wait, am I still flirting with her, or was I stopping that now that the fight's over? For now I ask Murder where the controls are.
:murde:"Either bridge can control the gravity there. That is, unless the demons have disconnected those systems. The AI could also do it, if it were operational."
:irib-big:"I think... at least one of the bridges might have been intact enough."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! OK I'm gonna check the gravity room just real quick and see what's in there." Jamos shows no signs of anything. Does she know he's in there...? I walk over to the room, pop my head in long enough to see the Neumono, and close the door right away. I motion for the others to get close and whisper, "The Neumono demon's in there. Let's try the puzzle next." Irib looks concerned and Murder glares at me, but nobody has any objections, so we go back to check the puzzle. The current rules are:
"Dawdle and die
Duplicate and die
Deviate or die
Land 16 or more or live no more
Light 6 or fewer or live no more"
I... bet it's not as hard as it seems. Could be I didn't fully understand what's a valid move, and I actually have more options than I was thinking?
No. 838103 ID: 3ce125

Please stop flirting with the demon.

Ask the others if the "Light" rule was there when they did it. ...there's only three different symbols and there's no valid route that hits 6 objects so I don't understand what it could possibly mean. Also ask what their solutions were, to see what other valid moves are that you may have missed.

Let's get something else out of the way while I'm thinking about it. What's the symbol on the brown box, blue angular thing, and green sphere with the stripe on it? I can't see them from this angle. Do they not have symbols at all?
No. 838104 ID: 3ce125

Oh hang on... I bet you can go back and forth between two objects to rack up the "Land" counter. The objects without symbols are important because if you take those into account it's possible to land on exactly six objects that have symbols and still get to the end while deviating.
No. 838110 ID: 3ce125
File 150845959123.png - (73.17KB , 1024x1024 , puzzle.png )

Oops you can hit 5 symbols actually. If "Light" refers to the paths between objects we're in trouble.
Anyway I figure it'd be safer to travel between three objects to rack up the Land count, since bouncing back and forth between two could be considered moving the same direction and not deviating.

Here's my proposed solution. If you want to keep from being suspicious you could have Irib do it with a split-off body.
No. 838114 ID: 94b5eb

Re-evaluating what moves are valid makes sense, can you try making a U from the object you're in front of to the other one closest to your same side, then back onto the same way? That should tell us if deviate or die pertains to going backwards, if no symbol counts as a symbol , if the symbols darken when you go back over them or if the puzzle tracks completion. You are probably going to die trying this as it's not a solution and most likely won't be able to tell by just that route but several other routes near you should be able to clarify the other specifics. May want to see if you can leapfrog objects as well, just skip whatever the middle one is and come back later.
No. 838116 ID: c2051e

>Please stop flirting with the demon.

Lighting might refer to edges and landing to vertexes... no, the numbers don't add up. And there's the bit about duplicating.
No. 838121 ID: be0718

Please continue flirting with the demon.
No. 838125 ID: 3ce125

Wait crap, I bet if you went from a blank object to another blank object that counts as duplicate. Instead, start from the left side. Then you are, in fact, lighting 6 symbols.
No. 838368 ID: e0f785
File 150854992803.png - (37.36KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-79.png )

"Was the 'light' rule there when you guys crossed?"
:murde:"It was not there." Irib shakes their eyehead.
The brown box, blue angular thing, and green sphere with the stripe on it do not have symbols.

:glinp-happy:"Hmmmm. Hey Irib, I wanna try something but I dunno if it's valid." I describe the path and ask 'em to send a little body to try it out. They agree. I get tense as they get to the triangle loopy part, but they don't get slammed! "Oh gosh is that really it?" They reach the end of the puzzle, and whoaaAAAA
:murde:"Run away!" That's big money! Literally! I mighta been crushed if it was me in the puzzle!
>-Clong clang clink clonk!!-
The cash bounces around surprisingly quietly considering how big and dangerous it is! The puzzle is deactivated, but the gravity in that area is still messed up. Once things are all settled, the tiny Irib crawls out under a coin and looks around.
:irib-sml:"Victory~" We gather and divvy up our new cash. Good thing you can change the size of a krel or else this would suck!

I get 150 krels. That's less than what was in the bridge, but that's just 'cause there was a lot in there. Good haul!

Now we gotta try to get in the armory, and we have access to the bridge again so we can mess with that Neumono. But first I return to Jamos for the second reward.
:glinp-happy:"We did it!"
:jamos:"Yeah yeah great. Guess I'll tell ya, then. I woulda gone through the vents."
:jamos:"Hahahahahaaaa~" I have feelings about this. FUCK. I scrape my hand down my face.
:glinp-happy:"You can FIT in there??"
:jamos:"(cough) This body really is great. (sigh~)"
:glinp-happy:"No arguments there." I walk back to the others, who are still pondering the armory, and collapse on the floor. "The ventssssssss..." Irib facepalms. Murde just stares. Eventually I say, "Can we get into the armory through the vents?"

So what am I gonna do? Try to figure out if there's a pattern to this list of colours on a piece of paper, and see if that'll give me the armory passcode by some chance? It SOUNDS weird and super unlikely, but Ereku-sama is a weird god, and after being here for a few hours I can tell his influence is definitely strong here. I can also see if we can immobilize the Neumono with super gravity from the bridge, but it's possible it would just make him angry and shooty and he'd know exactly where to find us.
No. 838370 ID: c88e6d

He has a jetpack and demonic superstrength and probably enhanced reflexes. Maybe we could make the gravity super high, then turn OFF the gravity when he comes rocketing towards us so he'd slam into a wall and put himself in a coma?
No. 838371 ID: 3ce125

You could just kill him by changing the gravity rapidly in various directions.

Anyway, it's time to review what locations you can get to via by walking or the vents. Anywhere you haven't been yet? It might also be worth visiting the garden again and trying to find the anti-demon plant but it's a bit of a shot in the dark since that hint sounded like "a plant whose name starts with K". Might need another hint somehow. Other than "Holy Moly" which we can't really use since it's from a redacted timeline. ...on the other hand you could just grab a bunch of plants that start with K and throw them all at the slime.
No. 838372 ID: be0718

You've seen what these grav tiles do to demons - they're as vulnerable as you are to mass effect.
No. 838374 ID: 3ce125

"green purple blue
cyan red "

Hmm... it could be a descending rainbow.
green purple blue
cyan red purple
blue orange red
purple yellow orange
That might be the combination.
No. 838375 ID: 91ee5f

>kill him
Remember how Murder was happy we didn't kill Jamos? I think she might be happy if we don't kill this guy either.

I mean, we can always reset, but from the way she doesn't want us to kill them, that means that she might know how to exorcise the demons to save her crew mates. Or she might at least have an idea on how to save them.

But if we can't find a way to save them, then yeah, we'll have to end them.
No. 838384 ID: 3ce125

Well that's true. Might have to deal with the slime before we take on the jetpack demon, then. His markings are too small to hit to disable him.
...we might be able to trap him in a room...
No. 838385 ID: 91ee5f

>...we might be able to trap him in a room...
Yeah, we can try that. But can it not be the room he's already in? I don't like the looks of that thing he's working on.

I mean, it's bad enough that he can summon those giant laser cannons whenever he wants, but that thing he's working on is even more worrying!
No. 838559 ID: f5c698

Ask Tonzo if anyone knows of any plants that start with K, and to describe then for you.
No. 838754 ID: e0f785
File 150871205079.png - (46.38KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-80.png )

"Well I have this paper with colours on it. Maybe there's a pattern to it, and completing the pattern will give us the passcode!" I try this combination. Access denied! "Hrm."

>not killing the demons' bodies
"Hey Murder, something's been naggin' at me. What's your guys' resurrection policy?"
:murde:"In this case, our situation must first be made known to the parent companies. Then, everyone will be resurrected, off of the station. An AI will decide whose pay will be docked. I have a strong suspicion about who THAT will be."
:glinp-happy:"Oh! So the Amtsvane and the Neumono will be fine?"
:murde:"They will not be left dead. We will just be very cross with them. However... I would still very much like to kill the remaining demons properly, if possible." And she wanted to reactivate the AI to figure out how to do that!

>where can we go through the vents?
:glinp-happy:"Right, right. Hey! Can we get into the AI room through the vents? And where else CAN'T we get to?"
:murde:"Hhhhmm." She taps her chest with a thumb. "If the pathway is intact, we COULD get into the AI room that way. The vents will not take you to the power room, the adjacent one with Jamos, or the gravity room."

Tonzo time! I give 'ir another ring.
:glinp-happy:"This might be a weird question -" I hear Tonzo make a noise like a voiceless laugh " -but do any of you guys know of plants you've got on board that start with the letter 'k'? We think maybe the demons don't like a certain plant like that."
:tonzo:"Let me see, now..." There's a pause. The survivors in there probably talk about it. "Only one - Klatis Flower. It's unlikely to be the plant you're looking for. It is merely a medicinal plant."
:glinp-happy:"Thanks again!"

>do... something with the gravity
:glinp-happy:"About the Demono, can we set the gravity so high he gets stuck? Or change the settings real fast and hurt him that way?"
:murde:"There are safeguards to prevent deadly actions. Trapping him may be possible. If it didn't work, we would be in a..." She thinks. "...world of shit." Her eyes narrow. "I do not recommend it as our first course of action against him. That said, it is not a bad idea overall."
No. 838773 ID: c88e6d

I don't suppose there's a way to deactivate the safeguards that isn't in his room? Also, any way to vent that chamber into space? Maybe get something from the armor or medbay or something?
No. 838790 ID: 3ce125

>plant unlikely
I don't suppose he knows any that are more/most likely?
Maybe the "K" was referring to the shape of the plant instead...

>color pattern doesn't work
What colors are even available? Is it only red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple? ...maybe orange is omitted. That would better fit an RGB color wheel. In that case the correct solution is
green purple blue
cyan red purple
blue yellow red
purple green yellow

Also hmm if everyone's going to get resurrected anyway, is it really right to kill the demons? Ask Murder why she wants them completely dead if they didn't kill anyone in the long run. Or, haha, will they get resurrected too by their demon boss? In that case, fair's fair. Regardless of her reason, the important thing is what Tonzo wants you to do, I think. Probably should ask them if killing the demons for real is the right thing to do.

As for messing with the gravity to deal with the demono, maybe we can lure him into the hallway and flip the gravity sideways to force him into the flooded bathroom? Can't imagine demons like water, and it'll completely fuck up his jetpack. Might screw up his guns too.
No. 838808 ID: 9b80a5
File 150872289876.png - (3.38KB , 800x600 , Untitled.png )

it could also be the color of the plant

like the only two colors that i know of that start with k are kobi and keppel though
No. 838899 ID: 91ee5f

>everyone will be resurrected
So I guess that means that we don't have to feel bad about that Miklik from earlier, right?

>If the pathway is intact, we COULD get into the AI room that way.
Then we should at the very least go look at what's in there. And if we get caught, you can revert and tell them that you'd rather get better prepared for what could be in there.
No. 838903 ID: b15da4

Let's find that K plant in the garden, then try to trap the neumono by the door in heavy gravity to force-feed him the fruit. Let's split up, gang!
No. 838927 ID: be0718

Do the vents contain any maintenance panels? Can they be set to evacuate instead of circulate? Maybe we could divert the flood from the bathroom elsewhere.
No. 838939 ID: ebbd2e

Can we get the number of the update with the door on it? Memory is a little fuzzy.

Ask Tonzo if shi knows of any plants whose names SOUND like "K", or are high in potassuim. That's the only other applications to the hint I can think of.
No. 839004 ID: e0f785
File 150880459987.png - (54.11KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-81.png )

:glinp-happy:"Can we deactivate the safeguards from outside the grav room?"
:murde:"I am unsure." Sooo I call Tonzo and ask hir about it.
:tonzo:"As a matter of fact, I can authorize that... IF the AI is also active."
:glinp-happy:"And do you know what plants might be more likely than that flower? Are any of 'em K-shaped?"
:tonzo:"There is a... 'Holy Fruit,' but it isn't K-shaped, and I don't know if it has any actual holy properties. It does have a pale glow, and it's used in some spells. The crew who would know more about it are, I suspect, dead."
:glinp-happy:"OK, gotcha." Time to ask Murder stuff. "So if everyone's getting rezzed anyway, how come you wanna kill the demons so bad?"
:murde:"They killed many of us. From what I heard, they were not quick about it. If they would be missed, then they will also be resurrected. I hope otherwise."
:glinp-happy:"Whaaat would Tonzo think about that?"
:murde:"You should ask hir that. It might be good to know. Even if se does not want me to do it, I intend to do it." She sounds extra scary when she says the last part!
:glinp-happy:"G-gee! Well uh..." I fumble with the communicator. "Murder says she wants to slay the demons! Like kill 'em instead of just uh, having 'em evaporate or whatever when their body is killed. What um, uh, is that okay, with you? We don't know how to do it, but she wants to fix up the AI and have it tell her." There's a delay before I hear anything back.
:tonzo:"Yes, that's fine. Murde, you are authorized to kill the demons, if you learn how."
:murde:"I am so glad to hear that," she says with renewed energy, and does what I'm gonna say is a happy wiggle. I guess that's that!
:glinp-happy:"Do you knowww any plants with names that SOUND like K?" Another pause.
:tonzo:"I'm afraid not."

The interface gives color wheels. I dunno how exact you gotta get 'em, but it can't be too exact I'm sure. All the human-visible colors are on there! And not the other ones. I try this combo and it's wrong too. Shucks! Well I have time on my side. If we can get the AI online without opening the armory, we'll be able to get the armory open. Or if we get the Neumono out here he might blow a hole in the wall for us to get in! Or we can find a way for Jamos to give us the answer...

I ask Tonzo. The vents don't have maintenance panels in 'em, but it MIGHT be possible to bring the shower room flood somewhere else using the bridge consoles!

Maybe if we knew what the K plant was! I find out what Holy Fruits look like, and have Irib send a li'l body to go find one of those though.

We have Murder help us take the cover off a vent 'cause she's big and strong, but she can't go with us 'cause the vents are too wide and Irib can only carry me. So Irib gets me all cozy inside 'em and carries me around, following the scary feeling until we find the AI room! There's the Slime demon! And I used up all my chemicals...
No. 839005 ID: 3ce125

It's probably the holy plant. Once we get a look at it and find out where it was in the garden, maybe the "K" hint will make sense.

>slime demon
What is it doing? Is it eating through the floor? What's below the AI Room? Heck, what's above the AI Room? ...I wonder if you could vent the slime into space.
No. 839006 ID: be0718

Hope that AI's waterproof... try dousing the demon slime with universal solvent. Maybe juicing up some holyfruit will give it a holy water-like effect!
No. 839016 ID: 91ee5f

It looks like there's a plug that was pulled outta the wall over there. And then the plug was smashed so that it couldn't be plugged back into the wall.
No. 839029 ID: c88e6d

This is a longshot but is there a chapel on board?
No. 839043 ID: 91ee5f

Wait a minute, that's only 1 slime! I though Murder said that there were 2 slimes! .....unless that's both of them combined?

>Is it eating through the floor? What's below the AI Room?
Oh shit! What if it's trying to get to Tonzo and the other survivors?!
No. 839330 ID: e0f785
File 150889038246.png - (52.28KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-82.png )

Irib and I go back to Murder and tell her what we saw.
:murde:"There's nothing below the AI room aside from wiring and things. Past that is the hull." Uh oh! "It may be a combination of both of our Slimes. To be so large, it also sounds like they have eaten some of the other crew." I ask if there's a chapel. Turns out there isn't! And no priest types or anything either, even when everyone's alive.

While we wait for Irib to come back with the fruit, I get Murder to come to the bridge with another Irib and me, and bring up the idea of flooding the AI room with the shower water.
:murde:"The water-sensitive components are protected by spellwork. Yes, this is brilliant. If we can get it to work, it should destabilize the Demon Slime excellently. I believe the main problems will be flooding the hallway afterward, and possibly not being able to kill the Demon. Considering the benefits... I will have to live with that." She connects to Tonzo using the Bridge consoles, and se guides her through the process. I'm hoppin' around all giddy! This could be just what we needed! Soon Murder's about to press the button. "I will run to the garden when this starts. Irib, leave part of yourself here. Find me when the situation progresses. Glinp, I recommend coming with me. Is this acceptable?" Irib and I agree. "Here goes." She presses the button, and at first nothing happens. Then we see it get goin' on the monitors, and Murde and I and most of Irib run to the garden! Well, Irib sorta carries me 'cause that Jamos fight really did a number on me and running hurts. On the way, Irib grabs the small Irib who was coming out with a whitish fruit, and we all chill out deep in the garden for a while. Then the Irib we left behind finds us.
:irib-sml:"It woooorked~! I saw the Demon flame out on the screen!"
:murde:"I lament the escape of that Demon..." She takes a deep breath. " However, this is fantastic progress. Irib, don't take that fruit out of here yet. The Neumono might detect it." We go to check out the AI. Kinda ironically, Murder and I chill in the shower room while Irib presses the big door button to the AI room and lets the water out into the hallway. Most of it gets caught in the area where the puzzle used to be, so now we have a big floating pool out there instead of in the showers. We step out and it's kind of goopy. Murder and I carefully walk around the big slimy-water-filled hole in the AI room, while Irib stays outside on the wall. Poor fella, I doubt they're gonna be stepping on the floor around here any time soon. The door closes.

I try the plug even though it looks kinda busted up. It takes two of us to lift it and get it in, and then there's this AWFUL SCREECHING ELECTRO NOISE! Murde turns colours again! I'm about to ask her if this is normal, when the AI's face shows up!
:snektor:"I see there are two demons still on board! Would you like help removing them?" Now that's efficiency!
:snektor:"Okay!" It focuses on Murde. "Would you like to know how to kill them properly?"
:snektor:"You will need the following ingredients..." It goes on to explain how Murder can enchant her knife to project a SPIRIT BLADE that will kill demons, but only when they're escaping their host body, like when Venesi blew up into flames! There's only enough ingredients aboard for a few casts, and each cast only lasts a few seconds. The Holy Fruit is one of the ingredients, and the Space Banana (which is actually a cultivar of the Holy Fruit) can also be substituted, with some other small changes. Whaddaya know! I also learn that the AI's name is Snektor.
We get Snektor to open the armory, where I stock up on... 3 ice grenades. Murde also takes 3, and so does Irib, a bit reluctantly. All the other weapons are too big for us! There's nothing else in there...? Well this is way better than nothin'! They're like grenades except instead of exploding, they instantly freeze an area into a big chunk of ice.
No. 839333 ID: c88e6d

Welp. Acquire the potassium rich Space Bananas and go enchant the Spirit Knife before shanking the Amtsvane Demon in her weakspot.
No. 839339 ID: be0718

Agreed, finish off Jamos as a test run.
No. 839367 ID: 3ce125

Hmm, still no real ranged weapons? Fighting the demono is going to be difficult. Maybe you can set the gravity training room to zero gravity and toss a grenade at the demon silently? It'll freeze him and then you can turn the gravity back on to get to him and kill him.

Ask what the password was to the armory. I wanna know what the solution was!
No. 839539 ID: 3ce125

...I figured out what the "K" hint was. It's potassium. Because bananas are rich in potassium.
No. 839542 ID: 91ee5f

*facepalm* D'oh! >.<
No. 839678 ID: f2ac81

Ask Snektor if he knows the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
No. 839927 ID: e0f785
File 150905610456.png - (81.30KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-83.png )

:snektor:"That doesn't sound like a question!"

Before Murde runs to the garden and whips up the spells, I make sure she knows about the weak points and the fire burst thing.
:glinp-happy:"Snektor, what was the passcode to the armory?"
:snektor:"The passcode was green purple blue cyan red yellow green purple blue cyan red yellow! There was significant wiggle room, so for example, yellow could also have been orange, and magenta could have been used in place of purple."
:glinp-happy:"Oh. What kinda pattern is that?"
:snektor:"I detected a few patterns. One of them is that the primary colors are alternating with the secondary ones, and the secondary colors are being cycled in the opposite direction to the primary ones."
:glinp-happy:"Good thing I probably won't encounter that sorta thing again! Oh yeah, and where's all the ranged weapons for people my size?"
:snektor:"They are in the gravity training room. It is likely that the Demons moved them there." I gasp! Guns!? Murder returns eventually and opens the door, with a big scary grin.
:murde:"It's TIME." She walks into the Jamos room, and I follow but don’t go in.
:jamos:"Killed Dil, huh?" She eyes the knife. "And now it's my turn?" Ooh ooh I gotta say a one-liner.
:glinp-happy:"It's time for you to slip into something more comfortable! The cold embrace of oblivion!" Wait I might be bad at this. Murder says something to trigger the spell, and the fancy spirit blade appears!
:jamos:"HO SHIT AAAAAAAAAA" and Murder jams her blade into the weak point! She runs the heck outta there and the doors close. A few seconds later they open and a wave of heat comes out. Whoo, Jamos turned into crispy nuggets! Literally! Must be some kinda chef spell. Murder retrieves her knife. A monitor with Snektor on it pops outta nowhere!
:snektor:"Congratulations! You've won! The Demon has been slain." It blows a party horn and displays confetti.
:murde:"Gooood riddanccccce." She rolls her shoulders and tilts her head back to look at me. It looks weird. "Now, there's only one left."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah and there are guns in his room so we can pew pew him! If we can get 'em." I reeeally wanna double-fingergun but I only have one arrrrm so I can only do oooone.
:snektor:"I also have turrets in almost every room, including the gravity training room. When you feel prepared, I suggest that you distract him from those, while I shoot him until he stops moving!"

Am I ready to tackle the FINAL DEMON? If so, do I have any good ideas of my own on how to do it?
No. 839929 ID: be0718

It's a simple yes or no question, the way it was phrased.

Okay, boss fight time! You'll be mostly on the defensive in the beginning, just try to avoid his shots. Keep modulating the gravity strength in the room to make it much more difficult to use a jetpack than it is to walk/jump around! Once he's grounded, ice him. If the training room has directional gravity, try using close coordination with Snektor to run up the walls, then rotate gravity to fall towards him (or vice versa) and impale/smash him with momentum!
No. 839930 ID: 91ee5f

>Whoo, Jamos turned into crispy nuggets! Literally! Must be some kinda chef spell.
I'm going to assume that you shouldn't try to taste that.

>Am I ready to tackle the FINAL DEMON? If so, do I have any good ideas of my own on how to do it?
Wait! Where's the relic? That's the whole reason you and Irib came here!

And since it's a relic of Super Jump, you and Irib could use that power to help fight the demon!
No. 839931 ID: c88e6d

Snektor's plan seems good. I hope he isn't possessed by a demon or just rogue.
No. 839932 ID: 3ce125

We can't get the relic before we beat the final demon, because the relic either requires the two halves of the heart or the relic IS the two halves of the heart.

I wanna try throwing an ice grenade to freeze him. If the room is in zero gravity already you can throw it without him noticing and because it's zero gravity you just have to throw accurately. Don't have to worry about it being too far away.
No. 840066 ID: 6d557a

Can you disable the gravity safety features?
No. 840182 ID: e0f785
File 150914907373.png - (65.32KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-84.png )

That would be terrible! That cute snake, secretly a force of evil!

I think Snektor's sophisticated enough to know that a simple yes or no would be misleading, and it's tellin' me it doesn't recognize "life, the universe, and everything" as a question.

:glinp-happy:"What would happen if I ATE those nuggets"
:snektor:"You would die from the poison! I'm not sure if that would be before or after you were infected, but it wouldn't matter for long."
:glinp-happy:"Aheheh... So where's the artifact?"
:snektor:"It's in a very distinctive box in the gravity room. Both the box and the artifact are indestructible to anything we have here, including the Demon." Snektor displays the box.
:glinp-happy:"Nice. Can we disable the safety features in there?" I think about hitting the Demon with the artifact, but then he'd probably get the Super Jump so that's a bad idea.
:snektor:"I will ask Tonzo." Irib wiggles by on the wall. "Tonzo says yes! Would you like to disable them now?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah!" Everything's comin' together... except my hands, which I'd be rubbing against each other right now. It still hurts to run, thanks to Jamos, so I might need to pull out some extra tricks, but we'll see how it goes. "Okay Snektor, when we go in there, set it to zero-g. Irib, can you hold me to the floor?"
:irib:"I'd love to~"
:glinp-happy:"Aw you rascal! I just need to not go floating, at least until I can touch the artifact." Irib puts some slime around my ankles. The slime gives me a thumbs-up.
:murde:"Until the demon is disabled, I will remain outside. I am too large and slow of a target."
:glinp-happy:"Aw man... Okay. See ya soon! Oh and once we go in and it's zero-g, I'm gonna throw an ice grenade to see if I can catch 'em by surprise. After that succeeds or fails, I need ya to shift the gravity around so flying's harder than bein' on the ground."
:snektor:"Confirmed!" So we're off! I open the door on the distracted demon, Snektor turns off the gravity, I throw the grenade, and the Demon goes,
:stanath:"What the fuck!?" Nooo he spotted us and got out of the way of the grenade!
The grenade makes a giant ice chunk! That's some good AOE.
"This is why I've got no empathy for MORTALS!" Irib and I run in and he tries to fire at us, but the gravity gets all messed up and he misses!
>-blam! blam blam!-
Shit those are big lasers. Irib and I race for the artifact box, which starts rolling toward us as gravity tilts! I hear smaller gunfire as Snektor's turrets pop out and start blasting the Demon. Irib reaches the box before I do. So close! Meanwhile the Demon's flyin' out of control!
"Graaaah! You fools won't stop MEEEEE!"
>-blaBLAblaBLAM blam!-
Some of those were close! Irib touches the artifact and brings it to me. I touch it too. I feel a SURGE OF POWAH again, and this time, I can jump really high, and negate a lot of damage from falling if I land on my feet! I can also jump far, but it's a lot harder to get horizontal distance. It costs some of my energy to use it, so I'll get exhausted quick if I use it too much.
Whoa! Somethin' huge explodes and flings us up and suddenly we're... in space? Except I can breathe? We're in zero-g again. Ulp!
No. 840183 ID: 3ce125

Quick! Time to abuse the heck out of the artifact! Super Jump off of eachother so you can get to the edge of the training room, then Super Jump around to try to hit the demono with your spear.

...I wonder what's with the heart pendants if they had nothing to do with the artifact.
No. 840185 ID: c88e6d

Sooooo that idiot shot out the windows. Granted it's not wise to make windows on a spacecraft in general but he was extra unwise in that he fired a ton of guns wildly. Either way, you need to get Irib back to the station so he doesn't die. Can you provoke the demon into ramming you instead of shooting you?
No. 840186 ID: be0718

I guess the heart pendants weren't demon-related or anything, this is just Jamos' lover.
Push off the chest to a wall and then aim your jump for the neumono!
No. 840191 ID: 3ce125

Oh, if the chest is indestructible you could either put Irib in it for safety or you could use it as a shield to block lasers. Or both!
No. 840206 ID: f5c698

Maybe if you need something sizable to jump off you could use an ice grenade, but even jumping off a single krel might be enough. See if you can savescum it a little to get in some quick new power test time as you head over.

Don't think anyone's asked yet, but how does your inventory work? Just thinking if you can put the artifact away somewhere he can't reach similar to a bag of holding that would be preferred. Can you sell them, or are they something like an unstable power source that fails after heading beyond a set area?
No. 840333 ID: 1026ca

Remember that if you end up close enough, shove a grenade down their throat.
No. 840336 ID: c2051e

Is that Stanath's butt?
No. 840371 ID: e0f785
File 150922305401.png - (72.84KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-85.png )

I don't remember seein' any windows around...
:glinp-happy:"Hey Demon guy! Why don'cha headbutt me instead of using those lasers!"
:stanath:"If you can outlast the batteries, maybe I WILL!" Suddenly, we're in a grassy field, and the Demon's falling down to us! And boxes and stuff! We fall a short distance to the ground too. Oh, the walls are screens! That explains it. Irib seems to figure it out too.
:glinp-happy:"Jump and try to grenade him when we get close!" Irib nods. We use our new SUPER JUMP powers to leap toward the falling Neumono. I equip my spear, and the turrets stop firing when we get close to him. Looks like he's got bioarmor! Might be magic enhanced, too. I manage to nick an ear, and Irib tosses a grenade, which just barely catches his foot in the icesplosion! If we could get one to go off right next to him, I think it'd be big enough to freeze his whole torso!
:stanath:"Tryin' to keep me from hotfooting away, eh! Well don't WORRY ABOUT THAT!" He swings around so the ice is between us and him, and shoots the ice, sending fragments everywhere!
I try to shield Irib with the box, but I can't protect both of us. Looks like these grenades are a double-edged sword, unless we can freeze his arms... We land on the "grass" again, and I've got some cuts but Irib looks fine. The turrets resume firing on the Demon, whose jetpack either runs out of fuel or he decides to stop usin' it. Oh! it mighta gotten ice bits in it! Anyway, stage two! This is goin' pretty good, but I might wanna re-evaluate my tactics now that he's not flyin'. I should keep in mind that while we're all on the ground now, I can't count on that to keep being the case.

As for the inventory, I can't put artifacts in there, and I can't warp out with 'em. They gotta stay where they are!
No. 840372 ID: be0718

BOX STRATS. Irib gets in the box and scoots along like a snail and you use it for cover! Circle around the demono - take him up on his offer to outlast the batteries. We'll see if the turrets outlast those too!
No. 840373 ID: c88e6d

Shouldn't the defracting laser zap him just as much? Demons are weird. Either way if you open the box towards him its indestructible nature should provide a little more cover.
No. 840374 ID: 3ce125

Now that he's on the ground I think you can start freezing the terrain around him with the grenades! That'll make it harder for him to dodge the turrets.
No. 840681 ID: f5c698

See if you can super jump to the other side of the Neumono to flank with Irib, on the way over try dropping a grenade right between his shoulder blades. If you get them caught in it, his arms will be locked in their current position.
No. 840683 ID: 91ee5f

I wonder if he's still got the same knockout methods as a regular neumono? Because if we can knock him out, he'll be easier to deal with!

All neumono knockout methods are here: >>/questarch/392205 . And I think hitting his stomach would be the easiest! .....unless being possessed by a demon has made these methods unusable.
No. 840782 ID: e0f785
File 150931401392.png - (72.54KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-86.png )

It miiight not be a laser exactly. Could be some other kinda beam, I dunno.

:glinp-happy:"Try using the box like a snail shell!" Irib does so.

"Freeze the ground!"
I prime a grenade and try to hop over him, but his jetpack must have a little more juice, 'cause he boosts up at the same time (to avoid Irib's next grenade, probably) and we bump into each other!
We're stuck together! My feet are frozen near his head, which is trapped in the ice!
:stanath:(muffled)"AAAAAAA!" We hit the ground! The turrets focus on his exposed feet, which quickly get shredded! I can't really go anywhere, but neither can the Demon. But I don't know how much of this cold I can take.
No. 840784 ID: c88e6d

Glinp, you have detachable limbs and the power to turn into mundane objects. Either turn into something and hope it's free of the ice or pop your legs off and screw with the Neumono's jetpack so he can't escape.
No. 840788 ID: 3ce125

Turn into an object! That'll get you out of the ice, then you can turn back and get Murder in here to kill the neumono.
No. 840792 ID: 91ee5f

Stab his stomach! His neumono body will be forced into hibernation for several hours to prevent starvation as it patches itself over!

That's pretty much a guaranteed way to knock out a neumono!
No. 840794 ID: c2051e

Detach legs. Grab leg bones and jam into jetpack, if it still works, I guess.
No. 840809 ID: be0718

Try transforming before you try detaching. You still feel the bone-chilling cold through detached limbs!
No. 841306 ID: f5c698

Detaching your legs at the knees seems like it will work in freeing you from the ice. Disguising then undisguising yourself to pop out may be preferable, only way it might not work is if the object remains half-frozen like you. Either way do that then go for his belly with your spear. Don't cross in front of the lasers just in case, he may be frozen and probably motionless, but testing that is unnecessary.
No. 841395 ID: e0f785
File 150948959114.png - (85.12KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-87.png )

I try to stab his stomach, but my spear doesn't get through his suit. He fires a laser and the force of it wrenching me around hurts my chest enough that I almost pass out!

>turn into an object, detach legs if needed
I turn into a big splintered-off piece of a crate! There are sure a lot of those here now. My pain dissipates quickly, which is a serious relief right now! The Demon's heat melts the ice enough that he can get it off of himself, but the gravity gets really low and he ends up with a lot of water on him. I guess he gets some in his lungs too, 'cause he doesn't say anything, and after shakes himself off, he blows out a gust of steam!
:stanath:"HRUUURRGH! " He summons his guns back and tosses them away repeatedly to propel himself toward some of the debris from the boxes, but Snektor's turrets keep him from reaching them! He's about to start aiming for the turrets, when I turn back into me and distract him so they can shoot him more. Irib comes up and pulls me out of the air where I was starting to float.
:glinp-happy:"H-hey ear-breath! What were you try'na do before we came in here anyway?" Crap the pain's coming back ow
:stanath:"What, you want EXPOSITION? All I've got is EXPLOSION!" ow
He misses me, but the shot goes close enough to blow off everything below my knees! So I drop that part of my legs off. It still sucks a lot. Irib takes some damage, but they start reforming quickly. The backdrop changes and I feel the gravity get really intense, and the Demon hits the ground HARD, like damn! I'm basically pinned here, and he was pretty high up. I think I hear some of his bones break! Snektor shoots his hands to bits, gravity gets lower, and the big doors open and Murder runs in! She activates the SPIRIT BLADE and jams her knife in the Demon's eyes while he screams with a terrifying, not-neumono-sounding voice! She stabs and stabs until he's violently incinerated, and the spirit blade cleaves the flame in two.
:snektor:"Congratulations! You've slain two demons! (party horn)" Oh my gods Snektor please don't make me laugh right now I'm gonna fuckin' die...
Well that was successful! I can go back and try to do it with less suffering on my part, but I kinda wanna get this over with and grab the free heals and move on to the next mission. Irib and I coulda just warped out as soon as we touched the artifact, too. But then we'd miss out on Tonzo's reward for clearing the infected/Demon guys out, which we now can get!

Is there anything more I wanna do before we finish up the mission and blow this pop stand?
No. 841398 ID: be0718

I'd suggest something lewd, but you're only half the man you used to be. Okay let's heal up.
No. 841404 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure the demons didn't set a bomb or something somewhere that'll blow up the station.

And for the hell of it, grab the neumono's heart necklace and see what happens when it's put together with the one you got from Jamos. If nothing happens, then just give them and the lewd book to someone and tell that person to give them to the neumono and the amtsvane when they're revived.

And finally, ask Snektor why the fuck the amtsvane and neumono summoned the demons here?
No. 841408 ID: 948f31


Second all of this

optionally Ask snektor what caliber his turrets are~
No. 841409 ID: c88e6d

Okay, save now and do not reload before this fight. Now get your ass to Medbay and ask Tonzo for a reward.
No. 841446 ID: f5c698

Ask Irib if they will carry you to Tonzo and the rest of the crew. Thank both your buddies for helping to kill the demon and Snektor for its support.

Say to Irib in private that at least you know you won't start off on the wrong foot if the two of you decide to get up to anything.
No. 841451 ID: 3ce125

Is that fire in Murder's eyes or just reflected off them?

I feel like you're basically done. The only change would be to immediately freeze the demono again once he thawed, to give the turret time to disable him so Murder can kill him.

Collect reward, get healed, lewd the slime.
No. 841772 ID: e0f785
File 150958304554.png - (35.79KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-88.png )

I'm sure it was just a reflection and not her being a Demon!

:murde:"Am I needed further?"
:murde:"In that case, if you two don't need me, I'm going to take a nap. Your help was much appreciated, Glinp and Irib. If we meet again, then I will have to prepare meals for you."
:irib:"Oh~ That sounds lovely~ I'm sure we can handle things from here."
:glinp-happy:"hhguhhh yeah... havagood... nap. (wheeze)" owie. Talking's hard.
:murde:"Be well." She leaves. She looks a bit less crazed now.

They op