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File 150992697061.gif - (412.07KB , 1024x1024 , nice-save-open-r.gif )
842786 No. 842786 ID: e0f785



Ok that's enough of that.

SO after a nice nap and a shower, I part ways with my Slime buddy. I’m takin’ my shiny new Super Jump power for a spin around the town! Parkourrr! But nothing too crazy because this does use a lot of energy.
Oof! "Whoops sorry random guy! Didn't mean to bump into you!" Is he fine?
:genericnpc:"Watch it, pal!" He's fine. Boing! Now he's outta sight!
Now, where am I headed?

Tavern (scope out my next adventuring partner, if any)
Shop (scope out equipment now that I have some cash to spare)
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No. 842789 ID: be0718

Shop! Get something deadlier than a pointy stick!
No. 842790 ID: c88e6d

Tavern. We should go make friends with everyone!

...Or Shop if you want like a gun or something but you seem nice so you shouldn't need them too often.
No. 842791 ID: 4ec4ea

Having fun there?

Hm. Yeah, it couldn't hurt to go see about equipment, maybe.
No. 842796 ID: c2051e

Armor's probably out unless it can split up like you can, so let's go with a good offense. Consumables are handier for you than most, with the reverting, so let's see what sort of one-use marvels militaries can come up with.
No. 842799 ID: 3abd97

Shop first.
No. 842814 ID: 91ee5f

Let's go to the shop.
No. 842835 ID: f5c698

Shopping spree? Shopping spree.
No. 842904 ID: b15da4

Time to hop in a shop.
No. 843007 ID: e0f785
File 151001678105.png - (54.77KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-1.png )

Time to hop in this place I know! It's called "Shop,". There's a comma at the end for some reason. The store just kinda showed up at some point when the lot was empty, and nobody's dared to try to remove it since then. I enter the doors and the shopkeeper deploys from behind the counter and puts their hands together.
:nsshopkeeper:"Greeting, fellow exister! Items are sold to you. Here? Please answer, in the negative, or suppository." They sway steadily from side to side.
:nsshopkeeper:"Would you like a free weapon for free?" Heck yeah!
:glinp-happy:"Suppository!" In one continuous motion, they unclasp their hands and grab something from behind the counter and hand me this FREE weapon! I don't know what it is! I do know that I shouldn't ask about it.
:nsshopkeeper:"We don't have ammunition for this weapon! There was an... accident!" Oh... Okay. So now I have this thing! "So what would you like to buy?"

Right now I've got 525 krels from my first quest, an ordinary spear, one ice grenade, superconductors to give to a certain Tozol named Josie, and a protein bar. If I still want to hire Josie to go on a mission with me some time, I gotta have like 740 krels, so I shouldn't spend too much here.

Here's the items that've caught my eye:
Caster gun with 3 complimentary spell bullets: 200 krels
Metal spear with stabby extendy feature and zappy tip feature: 100 krels
Time stopper (single use, lasts ~10sec): 100 krels
Healing potion: 50 krels

The spear recharges pretty quick, and if I get the caster gun, I'm sure to find more bullets for it during missions. Or I can buy more. The 3 spell bullets that come with it are Black Hole, Orb of Minor Bullet Hell, and Entrapment Cube. The healing potion should get me one or two limbs back, but it's all-or-nothing. Gotta quaff the whole thing in one go!
No. 843015 ID: a363ac

healing potion only because what if injured person but we don't want to rewind. Save all other money.
No. 843018 ID: 91ee5f

Quick, cover your butt before it tries to shove a suppository in there! DX

Why is there a number 5 on the wall back there?

Is that a picture of you on the wall back there?
No. 843026 ID: be0718

Time stopper, super spear, and healing potion. potion basically doubles the amount of suicidal stunts we can pull off, spear is reusable, time stopper is another time power!
No. 843038 ID: c88e6d

Save your money, take the stabby spear, it synergizes well with jump-magic.
No. 843069 ID: 90f3c0

Caster gun. It shoots magic, you can't pass that up.
No. 843070 ID: 3ce125

How good are you at shooting guns, anyway?

I like the spear, buy it.
No. 843074 ID: 466617

Metal spear
Caster gun
Then lets go get some new threads, preferably something that's armored.
No. 843075 ID: 3abd97

>what buy
Caster gun, nothing else.

>How good are you at shooting guns, anyway?
If Glinp misses, immediately rewind, adjust aim, fire again. Repeat until you hit.
No. 843102 ID: 35089a

get the whip and the 5
No. 843104 ID: f5c698

Caster gun + Healing potion. You can always find more bullets later, hopefully from some place other than a bunch of old men on Planet Filler. Those three sound like some dang good bullets.

Hmm, y'know you were just splitting all that loot with Irib, if you want to hire Josie you could probably make enough in the next run AND buy a few things here if you did the next one solo. That spear does sound handy, and spears never run out of ammo.
No. 843108 ID: f5c698

Get a little clarification for the time stop, can you still affect things/people in the frozen time? If you grabbed a couple handfuls of steak knives and threw them at somebody while time was stopped, would they stop before reaching them and then start moving as time resumed, for example?
No. 843286 ID: e0f785
File 151009811269.png - (38.86KB , 1150x1890 , Paperdoll (1).png )

>The number 5 and the picture
:glinp-happy:"What's that number 5 hanging there?" I point to it. They sway to one side and gesture to it without breaking eye contact with me.
:nsshopkeeper:"You wonder correctly! That is an ornament for your holiday tree. Just in season!" They give a thumbs-up. OK then!
That picture doesn't look like me! It's some alien guy, wanted for small time space piracy and whatnot. Maybe I'll run into him before I take on Zorgonok, maybe not. Looks like the reward is only 500 krels, so they must not want 'em too bad.

The time stopper, actually called "The World In A Bottle," does allow me to move things during the frozen time, and give 'em momentum for when it unfreezes. I CAN do that thing with the knives. There are places it wouldn't work, and its range is limited to an area around where you activate it, but for my missions I don't think those limitations would come up.

>gun skillz?
I'm not gonna 360 noscope a fool, but I'm a good enough shot!

Looks like my top two choices are the Caster gun and the spear.
:glinp-happy:"I'll take that Caster gun and that spear." I hand over the money.
:nsshopkeeper:"This turn of events is fantastiful! Good thank for your purchase." They give me the goods. "Will you have any more?"
:glinp-happy:"I want to sell my spear." I put it on the counter.
:nsshopkeeper:"Will you sell it for the 10 krels?"
:glinp-happy:"Suppository." They give me 10 krels and set the spear behind the counter.
:nsshopkeeper:"Will you have any more?"
:nsshopkeeper:"Keep the free bee. Have a bye." The shopkeeper waves as I leave, and then un-deploys noisily.

My total is now 235 krels.
At this point I'm thinkin' I could go for a change of clothes. I don't need to worry about it costing anything. I know a place where I can get the five-finger discount easy, eheh. I want something not too complicated, hopefully nothing that'd restrict my movement, but beyond that I dunno. What new outfit should I get...? I might be able to find something with a bit of armor to it.
No. 843298 ID: 097d01
File 151009986823.png - (74.43KB , 1150x1890 , WOOF.png )

This, definitely. It's the hip new trend.
No. 843309 ID: 17dd8d
File 151010155823.png - (118.72KB , 961x1638 , holiday glimp (base by k0bold).png )

dress for where you want to be, not where you are
No. 843312 ID: 91ee5f

>time stopper details
We can Za Warudo!

You are so lucky it didn't try to give you a suppository in your ass! DX

>I'm not gonna 360 noscope a fool
You could easily do that if you practiced enough by abusing your rewind powers!

And then you'd be that one cool guy that 360 noscoped someone not in a video game!
No. 843315 ID: f03fe7
File 151010312994.png - (137.73KB , 1150x1890 , Jonny.png )

Sure, why not. Trying to get some pretty mommas
No. 843319 ID: c88e6d

Gimme an hour and I'll have a paperdoll up for you.
No. 843325 ID: c88e6d
File 151010641942.png - (203.50KB , 1150x1800 , Glinp Bio doll.png )

Glinp, quick! You need Glinp-% Bioarmor to be fast enough to survive without needing to reset constantly!
No. 843410 ID: af39eb

Nice bulge.

We can't stop her etc.

very Samus

>Za Warudo!
Somebody please draw Dio Glinp.

Also how do you pronounce Glinp?

Can we get zip up flak vests?
No. 843438 ID: 830fb7

If they have one yeah.
No. 843441 ID: 91ee5f

After you get a new outfit, let's go find your Tozol buddy and give them those superconductors!
No. 843450 ID: 7c394e
File 151014582759.png - (34.09KB , 1150x1890 , 2017-11-08 cargo shorts.png )

All I could think of was pants.
(…and beads, because I saw Thor Ragnarok recently.)
No. 843694 ID: 9b80a5
File 151020526202.png - (13.52KB , 122x200 , obligitory shirt.png )

you keep forgetting the obligatory shirt, shame on you tgchan
No. 843711 ID: 91ee5f

That's because it's a dead joke that nobody but you care about.
No. 843712 ID: be0718

Easy, just combine this shirt with these pants.
That's some hot opinions you've got there.
No. 843900 ID: e0f785
File 151027331848.png - (57.40KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-3.png )

>How do you pronounce Glinp?
It's like blimp, but with a g where the b is and an n where the m is!

A quick trip in and out of the clothing store, and I'm dressed to impress in my new duds. Next stop, the tavern. There's Josie - with RED EYES!? Like those infected guys!!
:jozi:"Raaaar!" Oh no her fangs are so big!
:glinp-happy:"AAAIIIEEEEEE JOSIE'S BEEN TAKEN BY waaait a minute you can't get infected by Demons!"
:jozi:"Chillax, you little lunatic," she chuckles. "I just got these new contact lenses. They must make me look spookier than I thought."
:glinp-happy:"I just came from a mission with people whose blood was infected, turning them into red-eyed zombie monsters~"
:jozi:"Didja kill 'em? I heard a little from Irib." She looks vaguely interested.
:glinp-happy:"Aaaand I brought back superconductors!" I show 'em to her. She licks her lips.
:jozi:"Hah, double nice. You're serious about recruiting me, eh? That'll lower my price to... oh, 685 krels." I sure don't have enough!
:glinp-happy:"I'm gettin' there!"
:jozi:"I'll bet! Now go have a drink." I go sit at the bar and do that. Hey, Irib is here, dissolving a hamburger.
:irib:"If you're looking to go on another mission already, I'm afraid I'll have to increase my take to 65%~"
:glinp-happy:"Gee! I'll keep that in mind!" Sip.
:nsbarkeep:"I hear you touched another artifact? One that gives you a Super Jump?"
:glinp-happy:"Yep! Wanna se-" He puts up a gripper tentacle to stop me.
:nsbarkeep:"Please, don't demonstrate it in here." He retracts it. "You might break something."
:glinp-happy:"No prob!" I look around. An Iro sits next to me. I've seen him around before! He can levitate stuff, toss it around, and set it on fire, from a distance, as well as produce temporary barriers.
:jetiro:"Good day, Glinp was it? I don't believe we've been properly introduced. The name's Jet." We shake hands.
:glinp-happy:"That's me! And no we hadn't." He nods, and gestures toward me.
:jetiro:"Are you on the lookout for a new adventuring partner?"
:glinp-happy:"You bet!"
:jetiro:"It just so happens that I am too, with a little twist that you may find agreeable. You see, I'm looking for magical items of all kinds, and if we partner up, and you happen to find any along the way that you don't need, you can give them to me, and I'd be willing to take less than 50% of the money earnings for that quest. Perhaps down to 0%, if the goods are good enough."
:glinp-happy:"Gee! That sounds swell. I'll have to think about it!"
:jetiro:"Very well! I look forward to hearing your decision."

My remaining two missions are the Temple of the Fist, which no doubt has lots of corridors and traps, and the Volcano Ascent, which has lava and wildlife and... who knows what else.
That in mind, let's see whos we gots this time, as far as possible adventuring buddies to look into:

Slime (Irib again! But I could go for some variety and some not-giving-65%-of-the-money.)
Iro (magic stuff with levitation, barriers, and fire-starting. Could be super useful!)
Shadow (different kind of shapeshifting than Irib. Form blades, look like a different species, that kinda stuff, but not like, melt into a puddle. Looks spunky!)
Neumono (My bud Miko is here again! She can slice a man in half with her sword and she's real tough.)

Or I could go solo, if none of these folks appeal to me and I really wanna make some cash. Dunno though, friends are fun, and my last partner was a ton of help!
No. 843903 ID: be0718

Open negotiations with the Shadow. They're the ghost-shark, right? You two could do that sawed-in-half magic trick.
Let's look into the Volcano ascent next.
No. 843905 ID: a363ac

jump up on a table and declare that you are willing to service someone for a night for money.
No. 843907 ID: f5c698

Chat up your neumono buddy as well. One hand raised for temple of the fist with this Jet fellow.
No. 843909 ID: 3ce125

Let's go with Iro and the Temple of the Fist! His magic should be real handy there.
No. 843916 ID: 3abd97

I think we should go with Miko this time. She's a bud, she big and tough, and she's cool.

This seems entirely reasonable. Glinp can even rent themselves out by the part!
No. 843925 ID: 3ce125

...I don't think Glinp is the kind of guy to literally whore himself out like that. Also it might be illegal?
No. 843931 ID: c88e6d

Offer to team up with someone else for a change. That last mission was crazy. Let's be someone else's backup for once.
No. 843944 ID: 91ee5f

I agree.

His powers would be very helpful! The only power he's got that I don't see being very helpful in a volcano would be his fire starting power. Unless the volcano has been taken over by a bunch of ice related guys and they somehow froze the volcano, but what are the odds of that ever happening?
No. 844022 ID: 17e0b4

Iro to temple. It's a temple its bound to have many magics.
No. 844153 ID: e0f785
File 151036460681.png - (99.94KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-4.png )

I'm not gonna sell my body like that! I have like, standards and stuff!

>Check out the Sharkdow
:glinp-happy:"I'm gonna talk to some other people before deciding."
:jetiro:"Of course. Take your time."
There's lots of types of creatures called "Shadows." I don't totally know the deal with this kind, but I think they're a type of undead. I walk up to him. Ironically, he's actually glowing some.
:glinp-happy:"Howdy! I'm Glinp. Lookin' for someone to go on a quest with?"
:roshadow:"Yeah, but you don't look like a strong contender." He tears the meat from a drumstick.
:glinp-happy:"I took on an Demonically-possessed Amtsvane by myself and won!"
:roshadow:"Pff. Gimme a break! You?"
:irib:"It's true. We just got back from that one a short while ago."
:roshadow:"No shit?" He seems less dubious! "Now that sounds like a real story." I give him the basic rundown, but I embellish it up a little, like you do. Miko listens in.
:miko:"Yeah, go Glinp!"
:roshadow:"Huh. Well either you're a couple 'a bullshitters, or I wrongly judged a book by its cover. My name's Ro. Tell ya what, saying we do go on a mission together, I'm taking 75% of the cash by default, minimum, but if you impress me with some moves like you say you've got, it goes straight down to 25. I wanna SEE it though." He points a chicken bone at me. "You think real hard on that." So that means really, I have 75% of the take guaranteed, and all I have to do is something real showy. I wouldn't have to give up any magic items or anything I find.
:glinp-happy:"Thanks, I will!" Thanks? Why did I say thanks. GAH.


:glinp-happy:"I will!" I sit with Miko before I say something vaguely awkward again.
:miko:"Demon-slaying, huh? Congrats!" She raises her glass and we clink 'em. "Hell, I woulda gone with you for that!"
:glinp-happy:"I didn't know there would be demons! One of 'em got a Neumono, too."
:miko:"Augh, bastard."
:glinp-happy:"This scary chef lady learned how to kill the demons for real though, and that's one of the ones she killed. With a giant spirit blade thing!"
:miko:"Haaa! That's sick. Damn I wish I'd gone with you. Now you've got me interested! I mean, maybe the next one won't be as hardcore as that." she takes a drink. "(burp) But if you want me with you on the next mission, I'm game. Gotta split it 50/50 though."

So that's my choices. Volcano's probably a good choice for Miko 'cause she'd have more room to swing her sword. Ro might be a better fit for the Temple? If we run into anyone inside there, he looks like he could get way brutal in close quarters. I might even end up as HIS backup. They can all work in either mission though.
In theory I can even try to take more than one, but splitting the money might get complicated and also I'd get less.
No. 844154 ID: be0718

Let's go with Ro to the temple. With some practice and time loops, we could nail some trick shots to impress him.
No. 844166 ID: c88e6d

Arright, go to the Temple with Ro.
No. 844171 ID: 3abd97

Hire Miko.
No. 844184 ID: 91ee5f

Take Ro to the Temple.
No. 844255 ID: 17e0b4

Iro. To. Temple.
Miko. To. Volcano
No. 844288 ID: 314bcd

Lets do awesome things with your buddy Miko!
No. 844291 ID: 7fad5d

Yeah, fuck it, let's go with Miko to the volcano. Swordplay in front of molten magma is too awesome to pass up.
No. 844293 ID: 0d45a9

I suggest bringing Miko, even split with no worrying about side-objectives, just hanging with your friend in perilous situations.
No. 844298 ID: 09bde3

Bro take Ro to the temple, we need to one-up this dude.
No. 844335 ID: 9b80a5

did..... did an update get bosted and get deleted imediatly?
No. 844336 ID: 5a2857

No. 844337 ID: e0f785
File 151044630263.png - (50.14KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-5.png )

>Miko to volcano
It's one tough call between the magic man, the ferocious fish, and the burly bigears! In the end, I'll go with Miko. I really want to go to the temple, but since I'm leaning toward her as a partner, specifically to the volcano, we'll go there instead!
:glinp-happy:"Heck, let's go climb a volcano!"
:miko:"Yesss let's do it!" We clink our glasses again, and Jet turns to me.
:jetiro:"So you've made your decision? Very well! Good luck, you two." Miko and I thank him. "You're welcome. It wouldn't happen to be Mount Boom, would it?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, that's the one!"
:jetiro:"I hear there have been Quincy cultists sighted there recently. Be wary!"
:miko:"UGH. I wouldn't mind sending some of those creeps to their favorite personification of disgustingness." Although I'm a little put off by the thought of Quincy, I get some chow before we leave. Then we say bye to everyone, and warp to the base of the volcano!

The path winds counterclockwise up the mountain. We start up the path, and it's not long before we encounter our first challenge! A salamander crawls down the side of the mountain and hisses at us, flaring its gills!
:miko2:"You want me to take this one? Or are ya gonna try and impress me~?" She shoulders her sword and winks at me.
No. 844338 ID: 3abd97

Glinp rewound time.
No. 844339 ID: be0718

You'll save the heroics for some bigger fish. I bet you can just catch this one in the hook of your sword and fling it off the mountain!
No. 844340 ID: 7fad5d

Jump on its eyes to blind it. Also what's a Quincy? Is it like in those sodium hypochlorite mangos or a different thing?
No. 844343 ID: 91ee5f

You can use that boulder you're on!

Just stand up and get to one side of the boulder and activate Super Jump to push it at the Salamander with your legs! It might be easier if you attempt to backflip off of the boulder, so that your legs will push it towards the Salamander when you activate Super Jump!

And if you fall on your face from the backflip, rewind until you stick the landing!

>Also what's a Quincy?
This: http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Quincy ! XD
No. 844349 ID: 3ce125

This is the perfect outfit for messing about somewhere warm.

Hey maybe you can scare it off by making yourself look bigger an meaner!
No. 844354 ID: bac55d

Super jump off the boulder, and aim to stick your post in its noggin.
No. 844433 ID: 7a9a01

Ah I wanted to take green dude to temple.
What is the pink thing in our inventory?
No. 844435 ID: 3ce125

Ummm can you describe what that stuff is in your inventory? I don't see the spear...
No. 844436 ID: 91ee5f

It's next to the gun and under the money.

It looks weird because it has "an extendy feature and zappy tip feature".
No. 844441 ID: 7fad5d

I was asking in-universe. I know Bleach aka sodium hypochlorite perfectly well.
No. 844576 ID: 33cbe7

Does the force behind the super-jump let you take passengers along, like that boulder for instance? Rock go up, rock come down on salamander. Or you could try shifting midair to be your own boulder.
No. 844594 ID: e0f785
File 151053328618.png - (24.64KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-6.png )

Blegh. He's a god. A personification of everything nonconsensual. And he's a god of universal destruction. He doesn't care about his followers, he doesn't get any power from them, and he doesn't give them anything! You gotta be a real dick to be a Quincy cultist! Heck, even Dolnar The Black (the primary god I've chosen), who's normally a-ok with people dealing with other deities, would shun you if you were a follower of Quincy.

:glinp-happy:"Lemme try out this now power I got."
:miko2:"Go for it."
I see if the Super Jump will push the boulder toward the salamander. It doesn't really! I just jump really far back! I do manage to stick a landing on a backflip, at least. Miko doesn't say anything. I immediately jump over the boulder and land on the salamander's eyes. It hurts my feet! Before it can ready fire-breath, I jab it in the head with my new spear and fry its brains, and jump right off. It keels over.
:glinp-happy:"Eeyow!" I sit down, pop my feet off, and wave 'em in the air to cool 'em down. Not burned, looks like. Just a little too hot for a sec. I put 'em back on and stand up.
:miko2:"Eh, seven outta ten."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah that coulda gone better. Note to self, don't touch the fire creatures."

The pink thing is that free weapon the shopkeeper gave me. Oh I should ask Miko about it. I take it out and show her.
:glinp-happy:"Oh hey uh, you ever seen something like this before?"
:miko2:"Hyeah, in my dildo drawer. What the heck is it?"
:glinp-happy:"The shopkeeper said it's a weapon! I got it for free! But there's no ammo for it. I was hoping you'd know anything about it."

We climb further. A small airship thing passes overhead. This probably isn't a good place for those, but what do I know! The next interesting thing is a dark and spooky cave. There's a sign that says "Don't go in there". Ahead of us is a rickety bridge.
:miko2:"I wonder what's in there." Do we heed the warning and move along, or find out why we're not supposed to go in there?
No. 844597 ID: f5c698

What's the harm in sating your and our curiousity? Take a look in that cave, some illumination would probably be good.
No. 844598 ID: 33cbe7

The Quincy cultists probably put it there because they can resist its awesome authority! Go inside and point that weapon at anything in there.
No. 844600 ID: 3ce125

Let's find out what's in there! Worst case scenario we rewind.
No. 844601 ID: 3abd97

>Hyeah, in my dildo drawer
Hey a free dildo is still something free.

>Do we heed the warning and move along, or find out why we're not supposed to go in there?
Since when do adventurers heed warnings. Especially adventurers who can rewind time if shit goes to hell.
No. 844604 ID: 91ee5f

Did either of you bring a flashlight or something like that?
No. 844825 ID: c88e6d

Ehhhhh. It might be a trap. Have Miko watch the entrance while you go inside, someone might try and roll a boulder in front of the door or something.
No. 844828 ID: 333791


I say ask mike to get you a slice of salamander tail, maybe see if you can get it to relight.
If you can’t hold it you can at least toss it in there.

I agree, if there was ever a shirt to wear to a volcano, it’s that one.
No. 844935 ID: a363ac

rewind shoot airship down with blackhole. only evil people drive airships near volcanos while cultists are around near a chosen protagonist!
No. 845078 ID: e0f785
File 151069649814.png - (37.63KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-7.png )

The airship was toooo high up for me to shoot it from all the way down here.

>Go inside!
:glinp-happy:"Gee, i-i-it's kinda dark..."
:miko2:"You bring a light?"

No need! because...

Miko fishes out an orb from her pocket and releases it into the air, and it lights up and floats around so we can see. A ways in, we see a little stone table with a box on it. At either end of the table, there's a stone statue of a robot thing sitting on the floor. They’re bulky, but they look about chest-height. They seem less dirty than everything else.
:miko2:"I bet they're constructs. Hmmmm. Got any tricks up your sleeve?"
No. 845080 ID: 33cbe7

I've got a weird dildogun and I'm not afraid to find out how it works!
No. 845081 ID: 3ce125

There's no ammo for that.

Well you've got a cool guncaster! Might be needed here because I doubt you can use the spear on stone constructs.
No. 845091 ID: 91ee5f

>There's no ammo for that.
What if it's not a gun and is something that you just slap someone in the face with?
No. 845094 ID: 33cbe7

Maybe it's one of those vacuum cannons that sucks up things before spitting them out. No harm in trying.
No. 845097 ID: f5c698

They probably wake up when you open the box. That being said, maybe you can have Miko wait outside, then open the box with the extendo-grip and disguise yourself if that sets off the constructs. If they stay inactive, it may be that taking the stuff in the box/ off the altar os the trigger.
No. 845100 ID: f5c698

Maybe putting something over their eyes would work? If they're activated by movement that is. You could use your shirt for one and maybe Miko has something that can be put over the other?
No. 845332 ID: e0f785
File 151078993841.png - (54.29KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-8.png )

The way the shopkeeper worded it, I think it does shoot SOMETHING.
:glinp-happy:"Lemme see if this thing does anything." I point the pink weapon at stuff and pull the trigger, but nothing happens. "Guess I should ask more people about it or somethin’." Miko shrugs.
:miko2:"Guess so."

I put my shirt over one of the constructs' heads. I start to open the box, and then the blinded one socks me one in the chest, tosses the shirt away, and goes back to being motionless. I have a sit down.
:glinp-happy:"O-oof... So much for blinding them..."
:miko2:"You okay?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah I'll be fine. In a sec. (wheeze) I got another idea." I pick my shirt back up and put it on. " Can you wait at the entrance in case something closes it?"
:miko2:"I can't make the light stay behind."
:glinp-happy:"Oh. Then we'll just have to... see what happens!" I don't have an extendo-grip, but I extend my spear and lift the lid of the box from a ways away. The constructs do nothing at first, which is kinda surprising, but then they bat away the spear, close the lid, and go still again. When I opened the box, I could see a small piece of paper inside, and when they closed the lid, it blew out.
:miko2:"What's it say?" I pick it up.
:glinp-happy:"It says, 'You're the slow one this time! I already took the prize and now it's in my underwear'?? What the heck! 'signed, the Quincy cultists.'" Miko punches her hand.
:miko2:"Alright! Let's go beat 'em up!" We leave the cave and cross the bridge. It's really falling apart! A few boards break on the way across. It looks like it might not handle a couple more trips across it! "Hah, now that's what I call rickety! I wasn't sure we were gonna make it!"
:glinp-happy:"Good thing we won't have to go across it again!"
:miko2:"You don't wanna try? Just for FUN?"
:miko2:"Yeah, that's prob'ly smart."

Our NEXT CHALLENGE comes soon after, when we reach this HUGE river of lava!
A little before it, there's a sign. It points up to a very shiny floating chunk of rock with a button on the bottom, and says, " Hold the button for 10 seconds, and then you can cross the lava." It’s in Stirian, which is what the cave sign was written in. The note from the cultists was in English.
No. 845337 ID: c2051e

Separate your bits and then stack on top of Miko so you can press it.
No. 845338 ID: c88e6d

Totempole with Miko and press it with your hand stuck on the butt of your spear.
No. 845340 ID: 3ce125

Superjump onto it and just cling to the rock to hold the button down!
No. 845345 ID: 33cbe7

Poke the button with your spear and see what it does.
No. 845349 ID: 91ee5f

Don't stand directly under the floating rock when you press the button! It could fall on you!
No. 845354 ID: f5c698

See if you can get a running start and super jump on top of the rock. Then you can weight it down maybe or reach around it and hold down the button with your spear.
No. 845428 ID: 1ce946

I bet if we try push the button the rock will float away so do this instead
No. 845472 ID: 33e68f

Super jump onto the rock.

Have you shown mike the transformation power yet?
No. 845567 ID: e0f785
File 151087852402.png - (57.12KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-9.png )

I did show her the transform power! Right after I got it.
I try to super jump to the rock, but it's hella slippery! I can't hold onto it or stand on it! "Bwaugh!"
:miko2:"Whoa, good thing you didn't jump toward the lava at it."

:glinp-happy:"Yep. Totem pole?"
:miko2:"Sure, stand under it, and I'll get on your shoulders."
:glinp-happy:"Oka- heyyy!"
:miko2:"Naaah I'll hold you up. C'mere." She gets under it and crouches so she can grab my ankles and lift me up. She's not directly under it. Once I'm up there, I detach an arm, hold it with one hand, and hold my spear with the detached one so I can press it. "Got it?"
:glinp-happy:"Yep! Don't drop me!" I’m barely reaching it. She holds me steady for 10 seconds, and the lava becomes stone. She tosses a rock a it and it looks safe, so we cross, and then it turns back to lava! There’s another button and sign on this side, I guess for if we want to go back. This button's a lot lower.

Then a... ugh... Quincy follower comes bounding down the trail, looking frighteningly happy and shaking a pair of tambourines. Miko reaches for her blade and looks over at me.
No. 845568 ID: 3ce125

Yeah get out your spear and take this sucker out.
No. 845572 ID: 33cbe7

Superjump behind her so that you're on her flank.
No. 845573 ID: c2051e

Ask consent before stabbing.
No. 845579 ID: 91ee5f

>Miko reaches for her blade and looks over at me.
"Hey, don't look at me! I don't care what you do to this guy!"
No. 845586 ID: 55772f

DRAGOON JUMP with spear
No. 845739 ID: 512ab4

Ask the Quincy cultist what they're doing here? See if we can get some info.
No. 845754 ID: e0f785
File 151096669427.png - (53.16KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-10.png )

"What are you doing here?"
:genericnpc:"I love eating babies!"

>superjump behind cultist to stab with spear
:glinp-happy:"I'll get behind her, you get the front."
"Mind if I stab y-ow!"
I spring behind the pink sergal, and she does a twirl and smacks me with a tambourine! But I can also twirl and strike out, with my spear! I get her across the back, which stuns her, and Miko charges her and swings, and that's the end.
:miko2:"Guess we better see if she's the one who took whatever was in the box." She shakes the cultist's headless corpse, but no items come out. Just blood! "Nope." She tosses the remains over the side. "How DO people end up like that." She keeps her blade out.
:glinp-happy:"I think-"
:miko2:"Yeeeeah it was rhetorical. (sigh) S'just sad." We continue for a while, and Miko wipes her blade off with a cloth and resheathes it. Just then, we encounter three of those hot pink hooligans! And they've got big claw weapons! "Ah, shit. That's timing." She grabs her sword again.
:genericnpc:”You’ve got a nice face! To put my ASS on!”
There's a big pit behind 'em, and a chunk of rock sticking out into it from the mountainside, with a button on it. There's another sign here, which says 'Hold the button for 10 seconds, and then you can cross the pit. Only heavy objects can press the button.
No. 845756 ID: 3ce125

I think you should use the caster gun here. Minor bullet hell should do it!
No. 845757 ID: 33cbe7

Good thing you brought a gun to a claw fight! Shoot the bird, fling the snake into the pit, and... I have no idea what's up with that guy on the left. Uh, just stab him. In the butt.
No. 845758 ID: a363ac

"Hold on a second Miko let's hear their arguments here."
No. 845761 ID: 91ee5f

>Only heavy objects can press the button.
Too bad Glinp isn't heavy enough to press the button, since it seems like he's the only one that can reach the button with his Super Jump! If only he was a fat guy, then he could press the button!

Good idea!
No. 845762 ID: c2051e

Let's use their corpses to weigh the button down.
No. 845763 ID: 830fb7

You could always turn into something, have Miko throw you at them turn back mid flight and kick then down the gap.
No. 845767 ID: e91fb7

Use your extender grip to push them off the side or keep them at bay. You can reposition them- into the path of Miko's sword.
No. 845768 ID: e91fb7

I mean function. The extender function.
No. 845809 ID: 88bd6f

First which one just said they want to sit on your face?
Secondly what the hell is the thing on the left?
Thirdly look at that poor snake having to hold that in his mouth, I mean heaven forbid they give him a tail holdable one! The fuck assholes.
No. 845909 ID: e0f785
File 151104206439.png - (70.40KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-11.png )

I think it was the Birdfolk that spoke. I don't know what the one on the left is!

>>Shoot with Orb of Minor Bullet Hell, use corpses to weigh the button.
:glinp-happy:"Hold on a second Miko let's hear their arguments here," I say as I draw the caster gun and load it up.
:miko2:"Pshhh." The cultists charge (ass-first in the Birdfolk's case), but Miko's able to keep the heat off me for long enough! "Gah! You fuckin'..." But she takes a hit! Oh no!
:glinp-happy:"Ready!" I hold the gun so she can put her hand on it, and I pull the trigger! Not a second later she's already off deflectin' more blows from that persistent unidentified guy.
:genericnpc:"Ooh shiny hkkk"
>dadada baKOOM!-
:miko2:"Heck yeah! HAH!"
That's a lotta projectiles! Miko and I are mostly unharmed, but those painted pink guys are a real mess. After checking the corpses for loot (and not even findin' any! Besides the claws, if those count), Miko picks up a corpse and chucks it onto the button. It costed me a pretty good free spell bullet, but we didn't have to deal with those suckas for long! A bridge appears, and at the same time, the ledge with the button vanishes and the corpse falls in the pit. Miko watches it tumble down. We cross quick, and the ledge comes back and the bridge disappears.

We're makin' real good time so far. Next up is some climbing. Pretty straightforward, probably. Anything I wanna talk to Miko about on the way to whatever's next?
No. 845910 ID: 3abd97

You could try rewinding and doing the same thing over again, but warning Miko so she doesn't take the hit.

>Anything I wanna talk to Miko about on the way to whatever's next?
I dunno, catch up? What's she been up to lately, you shared stories about your last adventure, but you don't know what she's been doing?

How's the fam / hive? (Assuming she's not a rogue).
No. 845911 ID: 3ce125

Don't worry about the hit on Miko. Warning her about the attack would be suspicious. It's only her ear anyway and Neumono are pretty good at handling pain.

And yeah ask how she's doing. How's her family? Any cool missions lately?
No. 845913 ID: f5c698

Ask her about her hobbies. She excited about any new shows coming out this season?
No. 845914 ID: 91ee5f

>I hold the gun so she can put her hand on it, and I pull the trigger!
So you needed Miko to hold onto the gun so that the bullets wouldn't harm her, right? Is that how it works?
No. 845916 ID: c88e6d

Ask her where she picked up swordsmonoship.
No. 846092 ID: 931605

Ask about hobby’s/ what she thinks that thing on the left was.

Maybe ask if she wants a Super Jump Ride.

Is godawful pink just the Quincy house colors?
No. 846265 ID: e0f785
File 151113981266.png - (66.27KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-12.png )

Hot pink is the main color, bright green for other parts, and what an eyesore they are when you put 'em together! The hat is essential, but the underwear... isn't. We're lucky they've all had underwear so far.

Yup. The bullet's spell doesn't target anyone who's touching the caster gun when it fires. Unless the bullet wasn't designed for it, but you're not supposed to sell ones like that.

>Where'd she learn swordsmonoship
Oh, I know that! She's from a hive that makes a lotta adventuring equipment, and some adventurers. They do sword training. I dunno if she actually maintains proper form and stuff in battle, most of the time.

>Ask about her family/hive and hobbies!
:glinp-happy:"So how's the hive and the fam?" I ask as we climb.
:miko2:"Good, actually! We just got the funds for a new annex to the station. I think they're gonna put a mini forest thing on there, where people can hang out and get some natural surroundings. Siblings are doin' good too. Milo's developed some kinda new spell... process... thing... I don't understand it exactly, that stuff's over my head, but he was excited about it and it sounded cool."
:glinp-happy:"Nice!" We take a break on a ledge. She doesn't need it, but I do! "How's... hobbies?"
:miko2:"Went to a heavy metal concert a few weeks ago. It was siiiick! Couldn't hear shit for a while after, hahah."

Speaking of loud things, something small but loud crashes into the cliff face on the other side of Miko, and takes a chunk out of it! It looks like it came from straight out, but... there's nothing over that way that I can see, except another mountain out in the distance.
No. 846267 ID: f5c698

Get you both behind some cover around the side from the mountain. Something sniping at you? See if you can spot the glint from a scope on that other mountain or anything like that.

Alternatively, if it's something inside the rock, try to hang off the ledge to confuse its aim, then when it fires move and hang in a different rhythm.
No. 846268 ID: 3abd97

>Went to a heavy metal concert a few weeks ago. It was siiiick! Couldn't hear shit for a while after, hahah.
Regen is handy if you're going to be blowing out your eardrums I guess.

>It looks like it came from straight out, but... there's nothing over that way that I can see, except another mountain out in the distance.
So there's either an invisible jet shooting at you or a sniper with a crazy rifle trying to pick you off from the next mountain.

Any good cover nearby or are we completely exposed on the side of the mountain?
No. 846269 ID: 33cbe7

Seems you should turn a corner as soon as possible!
No. 846305 ID: 9b80a5

the scope of a sniper wouldnt glint unless you were shooting it the ditection of the sun and no good sniper would actualy do that as it would blind them (dont look at the sun with a powerfull telescope kids)
No. 846510 ID: e0f785
File 151122305770.png - (105.33KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-13.png )

>take cover!
I sure hope it ain't a sniper OR an invisible jet!
:glinp-happy:"Corner!" I point to the corner, and Miko and I discover a little cave. We get in and stay low, and Miko looks at the hole the projectile made. Whoa, it went through the wall and into the opposite wall! Nothing happens for a bit, so Miko stands up and investigates the holes.
:miko2:"I think I know what this is, and we're not bein’ shot at," she says. I might know what she's thinking.
:glinp-happy:"Supersonic Gooby?" She traces one of the holes with a claw. I stand up too.
:miko2:"Yeah. Hole's about the right size, and I think this one over here might go all the way out the mountain." She kicks some rubble out of the cave. "But that means this cave's not gonna help us if there's more. Fuckin' Ferret Galaxy! Hahah. Everything that comes outta there is the most fucked up shit." We're prob’ly safe. The chances of getting hit are low. If another one DOES come and hit us, I'm gonna just have to revert. There's not much we can do about 'em! Goobies are these extremely dangerous, very small magical creatures. They're not the weirdest or most dangerous thing to come from the Ferret Galaxy, but they don't seem to have any organs or anything (not even eyeballs or skin), and they explode, so they ARE weird and dangerous.
:glinp-happy:"I met a Pretty Posian and saw some Capiscites before, but I've never seen any kind of Gooby out in the wild."
:miko2:"Well now you have, for a split second at least. Heh." She pulls out her light. "Heyy, what's this?" There's a door leadin' further in, and another sign in Stirian here! The sign points to a tile that's leaning against it. "Break the tile to free the key, and then you can unlock the door." Miko reads. "Huh. Sooo if I..." She moves the tile into the middle of the tunnel, takes out her sword, jumps up, and jabs the blade down against the tile! "Hyaaah!"
:glinp-happy:"Gee whiz!" It looks very impressive!
:miko2:"Fuuuck, not even a scratch! Got any more spell bullets?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, Black Hole and Entrapment Cube."
:miko2:"Hah, those're good! But they're not gonna help. Any other ideas?"
No. 846513 ID: c2051e

Hold it up outside and see if a Gooby hits it.
No. 846514 ID: 33cbe7

ovo what's this?
Try prying the tile out of the floor first.
No. 846539 ID: f5c698

Try throwing the tile off the mountainside. If it don't work, revert.

No way to use the Gooby without arousing suspicion I can see.
No. 846550 ID: 3ce125

To free the key? Can you see the key in the tile?
No. 846564 ID: 91ee5f

That's weird. Does it look like that thing is bleeding?

>How to get the key out?
Maybe try pushing those green dots?
No. 846860 ID: 3abd97

Even better than off the mountain: into the lava!
No. 846868 ID: e0f785
File 151130869888.png - (46.42KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-14.png )

Can't see the key. The tile's opaque!

:glinp-happy:"Is it... bleeding?" Miko rubs the part that looks like that.
:miko2:"Nah." She shrugs. "Maybe whoever painted it was just having a weird day."

>Hold the tile up and see if a Gooby hits it
:glinp-happy:"Lemme see this thing." I pick it up and carry it outside. It's not very heavy!
:miko2:"What, you're gonna wait to see if there's another Supersonic Gooby?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah!" She scoffs, but she leans against a wall and waits.

>Throw the tile off the mountain!
>Tile into lava!
>Push the green dots?
Nothing happens for a while, so I drop it off the mountain. Wait, the key might be inside the tile. How am I gonna get it even if it does break?
:miko2:"Hey!" Miko comes and looks over the edge. "Gliiinp, buddy..." It bounces off the side and falls into lava. "Why-"


This time I don't drop it. I set it down and push the green dots. They don't budge.
:miko2:"Uh, hm. You wanna take it with us? Could be a decent shield, if we don't find a way to break it."
No. 846869 ID: 3abd97

If you rewind and climb up the side of the mountain faster this time (combine super jump and you friend throwing you?), you could get to the cave and hold it where you know the Supersonic Gooby will be.
No. 846874 ID: 91ee5f

How about we take a closer look at the thing to see if we can figure out how to open it?

That would end up either destroying the key or knocking it outta Glinp's hands.
No. 846878 ID: f5c698

You could do this, then say it happened while you were goofing around and carrying it out. A little white lie, but it might be a bit faster than breaking it elsewhere and bringing it back.

Otherwise, press on!
No. 846882 ID: 3ce125

Let's not use a Gooby. Keep going for a bit, maybe you can find something more believable to break it with. Also, yeah, the shield idea is cool! Block attacks with a puzzle piece, haha.
No. 846887 ID: 33cbe7

How about you confirm if it's inside by jumping off the side of the mountain after you throw it?
No. 847214 ID: e0f785
File 151139835698.png - (59.33KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-15.png )

Time to revert!


Back to just before the climb. I use the Super Jump right away!
:miko2:"Show-off!" Miko calls from below. I slip a little but catch myself.
:glinp-happy:"Last one there's a Moton egg!" I call down. That jump took a lot of energy! But I need the time... I keep climbin' until I get to the ledge, then I look into the cave. "There's a cave here! I'm gonna check it out!"
:miko2:"Careful!" I go in, grab the tile, and hold it up where the SG's gonna hit, with a little time to spare. Miko comes in just in time to see...
Yeah! It busts through the tile and the key... pops out of... somewhere? Magic! Most of the tile is still intact. Miko and I fall to the ground.
"Glinp! Are you ok??"
:glinp-happy:"Gaaah! Y-yeah! Was that a Supersonic Gooby!?" Miko looks at the holes, and reaches up and feels one with her claw.
:miko2:"Hmm... It mighta been, yeah. Geez, that was a close one! But you're alright!" She pats me on the back!
:glinp-happy:"Uff-ff! And you too. Never seen one of those for real before..." We wait on the ground for a bit. Nothing happens.
:miko2:"So whatta you got there anyway?"
:glinp-happy:"This broken tile thing and this... key?" Miko pulls out her light and goes to read the sign.
:miko2:"Huh. Solved it by accident! Great!" She looks at the broken pieces. "That thing musta been pretty tough, if that's all the damage it took." She picks one up and bites it. "Huh." She flicks it aside.
:glinp-happy:"This near-death experience made me feel like I need to take a breather for a minute! Let's just... chat a little. How's the hive, and the fam?" She tells me. I ask about hobbies, and she tells me about the concert.
:miko2:"That Supersonic Gooby wasn't near as loud." She picks her ear with a claw. "It was loud, though."
:glinp-happy:"Sure was..." I stand up.
:miko2:"You ready to see what's behind the door?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, I think I'm ready. Let's go!"
:miko2:"Alright!" She puts up her fist and I bump it. I unlock the door, and there's some kinda shrine inside! "Heh, bet those Quincy creeps didn't get in here..." We look around. It's decorated in holy symbols and stuff, and there's a nice-looking box in the middle. I open the box, and it's got a spell bullet inside!
:glinp-happy:"It's a Holy spell bullet!" That'll be great if we encounter any undead or other such types. Might be good for when I finally get to Zorgonok, after I punch him in the dick, of course.
:miko2:"Sweet. Too bad it's not super effective against... well, anything we're likely to find here."
We close the door, and the key vanishes, and the tile goes back to being whole and leaned against the sign.
:miko2:"You know, I wanna try something..." She tries the sword thing, and it fails. She suggests using it as a shield, so I add it to my inventory just because why not. We start to climb up to the next part of the trail, but we hear what sounds like fighting up there!
And explosions!? We step off the wall and a pink corpse falls past us. Uhhhh.
No. 847215 ID: 33cbe7

Hurry up there and you might be able to get into a three-way!
No. 847221 ID: 3abd97

Well shall we get up there and see what's killing the cultists for us?
No. 847445 ID: f5c698

Head on up to see what the hubub is.

Also who is Zorgonok?
No. 847448 ID: 91ee5f

Complain that someone is stealing yours and Miko's kills!
No. 847569 ID: e0f785
File 151149123661.png - (49.73KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-16.png )

Only the whole reason I’m artifact hunting in the first place! He attacked my village a while back, but we drove him off. He swore to return and seek revenge. Now I hear he’s a lich raising an undead army or some shit, so I gotta take ‘im out!

:glinp-happy:"Someone's stealing our kills! Let's go see who it is, with no plan!"
:miko2:"Yeah!" We hear some more explosions and fighting as we climb up, but no more bodies rain from the sky.

...Uh, wow. OK then.
:glinp-happy:"Mister Gooby's Magic Minefield?"
:miko2:"Hah, this almost looks like fun!" There's probably a way to figure this out without dying a lot of times. For starters, it looks like it might conform to a hex grid?
No. 847570 ID: e0f785
File 151149125011.png - (39.16KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-16-2.png )

No. 847584 ID: b1b4f3

Just walk on the lines.
No. 847585 ID: 91ee5f

You've got that indestructible stone with the key in it, right? Start tossing it onto the hexes to find out which ones are safe.

If you get an explosion, rewind and aim for a different tile.
No. 847589 ID: 3abd97

I mean, this is easy. Just pick a tile. If you explode, rewind. If not, keep going. Sure, you're going to blow up a few times, but you'll make it across.

Tough part might be getting Miko to follow you if you don't actually have an explanation for why the path you're walking is safe.
No. 847590 ID: 17c2ee

It already got broken by a gooby this run.

No. 847598 ID: 33cbe7

It fixed itself afterward.
Throw the tile down on a mine and surf it to the end of the course like Link.
No. 847835 ID: e0f785
File 151156949865.png - (43.34KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-17m.png )

I don't LIKE dyin'! And doin' it over and over is EXTRA no fun! Sure I'll take a death here and there if I gotta, but I'm not gonna do it to brute force solutions unless I REEEALLY have to. There's always a better way!

The lines aren't ACTUALLY THERE, but it's worth a shot.


Augh! So much for that plan, but at least I know where there's another mine.

:glinp-happy:"I'll use this thing to test for mines!"
"None there."
"None there."
It flies away! At least we know it didn't break.


I pause. If I'm tryin' to find the mines like this, I can't just NOT throw it on that third tile, but I've seen what happens if I do that...
:miko2:"Hey hold up a sec before you throw it a third time. Iii'm just thinkin'... What happens when you find a mine and the thing gets blasted away?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, I was thinkin' about that too..."

It's small and I'd probably get my fingies exploded! I can Rule of Cool my way through some things, but I dunno about that idea...
:genericnpc:"GEEERONIMOOOO!" A crazy cultist hops off the mountainside into the minefield and stumbles onto a mine!
:miko2:"Hpfff. Am I missin' somethin', or are these guys just insane??"
:glinp-happy:"What if it's both!" Miko holds her head and shakes it.
:miko2:"At least they didn't use actual Goobies in these mines."
:glinp-happy:"How can you tell?"
:miko2:"Gooby explosions are bigger." That's probably why it didn't break the tile.

So now I have a couple safe spots and a couple mines figured out. Maybe there's a really easy pattern to the placements! Or there's a more...
:glinp-happy:"Yeah?" Miko points to our left.
:miko2:"You see that shiny black thing hanging from that branch?"
:miko2:"THAT is a Gooby hive. The normal-speed kind." She starts laughing! "Oh, this has got my hearts pumpin'!"

Oh... Well, maybe we can find a way to use that to our advantage! Or maybe we're gonna need to run across this minefield before the Goobies come out and explode us worse than the minefield would.
No. 847836 ID: e0f785
File 151156951737.png - (41.25KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-17-2.png )

No. 847837 ID: 33cbe7

Chop the branch the gooby hive is hanging on and toss it into the minefield!
No. 847838 ID: b1b4f3

It looks like no two mines are directly adjacent, but there's one that breaks the pattern that would completely fill the field.
No. 847839 ID: b1b4f3

By which I mean the top left one.
No. 847848 ID: f5c698

Try super jumping across to see how far you can make it. If you can jump between a few of the clear spaces, maybe you can revert and jump across with Miko on your back. Good thing she seems like a risk taker!
No. 847850 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, the bottom right one breaks the pattern too. It should be fine if you stay in the middle.
No. 847861 ID: 3abd97

Can you get the gooby hive to go shooting into the minefield so they crash all over the place and blow up any mines that are left?
No. 847872 ID: 91ee5f

Glinp isn't strong enough to pick up and carry Miko!
No. 848055 ID: 830fb7

You could always play minesweeper with the semi-indestructible stone while reverting and memorizing the path.
No. 848112 ID: 7a8792
File 151169210226.png - (61.27KB , 1024x1024 , pattern.png )

If the pattern holds, try this path.
No. 848143 ID: 66a4ca
File 151172773065.png - (112.97KB , 512x512 , path.png )

No. 848151 ID: e0f785
File 151173062203.png - (44.54KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-18.png )

It's much better for jumpin' high than jumpin' far, but let's see what I can do.
:miko2:"Geez!" I land on a known safe spot! Looks like I can juuust jump to 3 spaces away. Miko chews her fingers as I jump across on the safe spots. I get most of the way across, and...
The volcano rumbles and I fall over!
>-kaboof! Kabamf!-
Some more mines go off!
:glinp-happy:"I'm OK!" I think I can get the rest of the way across like this, but Miko sure can't!


I revert to before I started tossin' the tile.
"I'm pretty sure I see a pattern here! Let me use this to check." I use the tile to see if this path works. Miko hmms kinda nervously and almost says something, but when she sees that it's workin’, she starts to follow behind.
The volcano rumbles and I fall over! Even though I knew this would happen!
>-kaboof! Kabamf!-
Miko falls on her butt, grabs me, and shoves me underneath her body while going prone! The rumbling continues, but our position only lasts a few seconds.
:miko2:"Ohh shit, the Goobies are comin' out of the hive. Glinp we gotta move!" She gets up! "Go go go!"
>-KABOOOM! kabakabakabang!-
Yup, that's bigger than the mines! I keep using the tile to check our path, except faster, and we make it across!
We see another cave, and this time we go in right away! She pulls out her light as we run deep enough that the explosions outside get a lot quieter. I sit down for a rest.
"Looks like someone dropped some money! Finally."
Miko picks up 100 krels, so I get 50!

:glinp-happy:"Hey, does something smell funny to you?" Miko sniffs.
:miko2:"Yeah, kinda... I wonder what that is." Sniff sniff. She shrugs. For a split second, outta the corner of my eye, her face looks disturbingly off in some way. "I think I see s'more money down there." She goes to investigate. "Huh, nope. I wonder what I saw?" I look up and see something weird on the ceiling above her! I think it's about to pounce!
No. 848154 ID: 33cbe7

Pounce it first! Jump!
No. 848156 ID: b1b4f3

Stab it!
No. 848158 ID: 91ee5f

>I look up and see something weird on the ceiling above her! I think it's about to pounce!
Warn her by shouting, "Above you, look out!"
No. 848169 ID: 56fca5

Tell Miko to look out!

It looks almost ooze like, so it might be best not to touch it. Do we have a fire source? Something like that might work better.
No. 848194 ID: 3abd97

I sorta want to see what its going to do, then revert.
No. 848247 ID: b9b4da

The knowledge of its attack probably isn't worth watching our friend get mauled.
No. 848251 ID: 91ee5f

I agree, don't let Miko get mauled!
No. 848324 ID: e0f785
File 151183091486.png - (49.94KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-19.png )

>>Jump up and stab the thing and warn Miko!
:glinp-happy:”Above you!” I get a running start and jump at the shadow and strike with my spear! “Hyaaa!”
:miko2:”Glinp, what??”
The shadow vanishes and my spear hits the stalactite! Miko was already gettin’ outta the way so it doesn’t fall on her. It does fall though!
“What the heck was THAT about?” I look around, but there’s no sign of the shadow thing.
:glinp-happy:”There was a thing! About to pounce!”
:miko2:”I didn’t see anything!” We go back to back, trying to find signs of it, but after a while of nothing, we hear music coming from deeper in the cave. “Well… Keep an eye out. Let’s see where that music’s comin’ from.” We look for the source, and Miko finds more krels. “3, 22, 15, 8…” She puts ‘em together and splits ‘em to share. The trail leads us to another passageway, which is where the music is.

I get 24 krels!
:glinp-happy:”But who dropped all the-”
:genericnpc:”BOOGABOOGABOOGA!” Miko punches another Quincy freak in the face! He drops another 20 krels, which Miko splits with me.
I get 10 more krels!

Just through the passageway there’s another wide area like the one we were just in, but there’s a whole mess of folks dancin’ in a circle and singin’! It looks like they’re gonna summon something!
:miko2:”Midday porkchops?”
:glinp-happy:”W...what?” Her eyes get a little too big.
:miko2:”Well, SOMEBODY’S flying a crab.” I don’t know what’s happeningggg!
No. 848325 ID: 33cbe7

Reality is distorting itself around the ritual! Perhaps the artifact is involved? Use pantomime to indicate the ritual should be charged!
Privately wonder if anything else is getting larger than normal too.
No. 848326 ID: 3abd97

>I don’t know what’s happeningggg!
I think Miko might be possessed or infected or something. Is she turning into a Quincy? That would be worse than death!

When did she get those scratches on her ear? ...was her top always that pink?
No. 848328 ID: 3ce125

You're probably hallucinating. She might be too. Focus on the enemies.
No. 848338 ID: 93b2a3

Either you or she are under the effects of some kind of spell or other hallucinogen. You good to walk, or feeling groggy?
No. 848350 ID: 121a8a

privately wonder if anything else is getting bigger ~

It might be that ritual. Stick it out for a second and see what happens, but ultimately I say revert. When you get here after reverting shoot a black hole bullet at the fire. At worst you can revert to get the bullet back.
No. 848376 ID: 91ee5f

If it starts to get harder to think, then you better revert before your mind gets too clouded! Otherwise, you'll be too messed up in the head to even think straight enough to actually be able to revert!
No. 848400 ID: 2fe26a

You know what they say about ladies with big eyes... big swords.
The Black Hole spell bullet should erase that campfire faster than you can say 'crouton butterscotch'!
No. 848404 ID: c2051e

Seems like a hallucination. See if a black hole on the campfire fixes it.
No. 848418 ID: b9b4da

What about your eyes? Detach one of them to examine yourself.
No. 848455 ID: e0f785
File 151191738424.png - (62.80KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-20.png )

No worries about that. I'm still immune to that kind of effect, even if my physical self isn't.

I WISH I could detach my eyes... Maybe one day I'll be able to do stuff like that, but for now it's limited to joints.

I never heard of people turning into Quincy! Quincy's followers claim he's inside of everyone, but that's not what they mean. There's just one Quincy, though he can multilocate. He always looks like the species of the person lookin' at 'im. These guys are all just dressing like he does for... who even knows why. Actually hold on, these dancin' guys here don't have the hats. Huh.
She could be possessed by somethin', maybe...

I don't FEEL weird... Balance is fine. None of my parts feel like they've changed size.

Whatever we smelled earlier, I definitely smell it in here.

>Black hole bullet the fire!
I load up the caster gun and take aim where Miko can touch it again. She puts a hand on it and I pull the trigger!
Miko and I hunker down behind some pillar things. I can hear screams over the sound of the black hole sucking in the dancers and the floor and ceiling. Miko turns to me.
:miko2:"He is almost here," she says in a much deeper voice than normal.
The black hole vanishes. There are no dancers and no fire, and the circle on the ground is broken up and no longer aglow, but it looks like the spell didn't take everyone. There's still a couple of 'em left, who were outside the circle.
:glinp-happy:"(cough cough) Did you see those ponies?" That's not what I was trying to say! It didn't sound like my voice either. I hear a pony whinny somewhere. The cultists appear to retreat into the darkness on our right.
No. 848458 ID: 33cbe7

Interrogate those ponies for cheeses!
No. 848460 ID: c2051e

Oh, they're summoning Quincy or some crap. Any chance that a god or some avatar of one could mess up your reverting thing? If not, might as well stick around and see what they get.
No. 848462 ID: 3ce125

Kill the remaining cultists! Quickly!
...gosh I hope these aren't people trying to STOP Quincy from arriving. Could you verify that their outfits are Quincy-like aside from the hat?

If Quincy would screw up your time control we might be in serious trouble here.
No. 848546 ID: 1c5d36

Revert and take that black hole bullet back, whatever this is, it's too far gone to stop. Let it happen, see if Miko says anything new. If not, maybe there's something more deity-esque that needs to be singularized.
No. 848678 ID: e0f785
File 151200481559.png - (70.34KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-21.png )

Gee willikers, that Black hole bullet was really strong! I hope this was the right place to use it. Then again, I can't just hoard all the cool stuff and never use it for real.

You don't SUMMON Quincy. He just shows up places and then you go 'UGH.' If anything, wantin' him around makes him less likely to appear! But I'm pretty sure it just doesn't do anything either way. I'll see how they're dressed once I get a look at 'em. I motion for us to go after 'em, and Miko seems to understand.
:miko2:"They will have claws and tambourines." She looks confused by what she just said.
:glinp-happy:"A parade is coming." My turn to look confused!
She sends her light over toward where those guys went, and we can see they’re dressed… kinda Quincylike and whaddaya know, claws and tambourines!
:genericnpc:"You have already learned the combination." A pony runs behind him.
:genericnpc:"The Cutebold can give you the key," says the pony. OK well, do we just attack? And do we leave the ponies out of it, or are they gonna taste steel too?
No. 848680 ID: 3ce125

We'll find out if we need to use the black hole somewhen else. Then we can come back and do this segment some other way.
Leave the ponies out of it unless they attack.

Also weird, is everyone in the area having urges to spout prophecy?
No. 848681 ID: 3abd97

>OK well, do we just attack?
Why don't you wait and see if they're actually violent, and if they are, revert and strike first.

Maybe try to talk and see what gibberish you come out with, and if they respond?
No. 848682 ID: f5c698

It seems like rather than being mentally influenced, something like the words being altered as they try to talk is happening. The ponies seem part of this somehow, this is definitely spooky. Try to ignore anything that's being talked about by yourselves or the possible hallucinations and just focus on the fight.
No. 848692 ID: 91ee5f

>Their posing.

Only if they strike first!
No. 848729 ID: 33cbe7

You must boop every nose you find in search of this mythical cutebold.
No. 848754 ID: 3321a3

They dropped their hats.
No. 848796 ID: 22faaa

Maybe if you try to speak nonsense, you'll actually speak normally.
No. 848797 ID: de6d84

Do you feel like you're gaining an understanding of gibberish as time goes on?
No. 848938 ID: e0f785
File 151209006042.png - (60.56KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-22.png )

Most of the cutebolds I ever saw were from a village my village trades with. Haven't run into too many during adventures!

>Try speaking nonsense
:glinp-happy:"A hero desires a sword, and a sword desires truth." That didn't make any more sense than what I was goin' for. I don't feel like this stuff's makin' any more sense as time goes on.

>Only attack if attacked
The one with the claws shoots his arm at me like it's some kinda rubber thing! I duck just in time, I can feel the claw scrape my horns. Eugh that's not a nice feeling! The claw hits a chunk of rock from the aftermath of the black hole and retracts back to him. Meanwhile this other guy's dancin' all over the place and Miko can't seem to get a good hit in! Well, they're attackin', so what's my play? Looks like he's windin' up for another strike.
No. 848939 ID: 33cbe7

Gank Miko's opponent: Pin him then turn into an object.
No. 848940 ID: c2051e

Are... are your eyes your horns?

Spear at him until he dies, I guess.
No. 848944 ID: eb460c

Gank Miko’s opponent.

Concentrating fire here might give y’all an advantage over the magical/drugs/enchantment/krels/creepy cave shenanigans.

That shirt continues to look good even in the dark.
No. 849040 ID: f5c698

Glinp's horns are there, on either side of the stretchy guy's fists.

Helping Miko isn't a bad idea, but leaving this guy free to act might not be such a great idea. If the tile is decently heavy, try tossing it at him as you go. Otherwise , maybe you could do something to distract him, like detach your tail and wiggle it around or stab his face with your spear.
No. 849107 ID: e0f785
File 151216407587.png - (54.20KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-23.png )

>Stab this guy, gank Miko's guy with a pin and a disguise TF
The tile's surprisingly light, so it wouldn't be much of a distraction. I spear at the lizard guy's face while heading toward Miko! This guy's kind of elastic! I only manage to push his head to the side, but it makes him miss with his claw strike. Miko's lookin' frustrated. I jump on her opponent between her attacks, but he's a slippery one!
:genericnpc:"Hoohoohoo~" I turn into... a big rock! I hurt one of his feet. "Grow new fingers with new Fingro!" He starts hoppin' around, but it looks like Miko still can't quite get 'im. Snakey guy hasn't started teamin’ up against Miko yet, but I'm sure he will soon if I don't make a move!
:miko2:"Bzz bzz bzz!"
No. 849108 ID: 33cbe7

What if Miko flung you back at your first opponent to keep him distracted?
No. 849110 ID: 3ce125

Alright swap back to your foe and give him some jabs. See if you can drive him away from Miko's fight, then use superjump to get back and help Miko again.
No. 849120 ID: c88e6d

Shift back, stab their tambourine hand.
No. 849135 ID: 13784e

Can't co-ordinate things with Miko at the moment due to the weird language stuff. Therefore try turning back and shanking this bird in the gut yourself, then engage snakeman.
No. 849265 ID: df3460

The crazy speech thing either predicted the ponies and the "claws and tambourines" or caused them. It's probably a good idea to avoid speaking until you can talk like normal again, assuming it's the latter, though I guess you can't really tell Miko about it.
No. 849356 ID: 22faaa

Super jump into the air, then turn into a rock in mid-air for the ground pound
No. 849371 ID: 91ee5f

He can't control what he turns into, it's random every time. He might end up turning into something harmless like a feather or something.
No. 849401 ID: e0f785
File 151226504248.png - (57.98KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-24.png )

>Stab tambourine hand
I turn back into me. I don't get his hand, but I DO stab the tambourine, which is... something!

>Try to get snakeman away from Miko, superjump back to help her, then engage snakeman
I keep track of where Miko's fight is so I can keep claw guy and his stretch-o-matic claws away from her. My spear jabs don't seem to be hurtin' him much! I get a good few stabs in, but at best all I can get are some real tiny punctures. He seems to have some trouble aiming, so my clothes take more damage than the rest of me. The walls have faces. They're mumbling things I can't quite make out.
Once Miko and bird guy are a good distance away, I Super Jump back to them and go for a gut stab! It takes a couple of tries, but I do get 'im, and his guts go eeeeeverywhere! Geez! Miko hooks him with her sword and tosses him at the snake dude as he's launching his arm. She gets hit, but cuts off his arm and closes the distance, and when he shoots his head at her and tries to bite, she cuts that off! Whew!

:miko2:"(spooky vibrating noises)" Um! So, she picks me up and looks me over and gives me a thumbs-up. I check her for damage and give her a wobbly thumbs-up in return!
We continue down this big chamber, and there are some chambers on the sides, which have some stuff that looks like clothing and food, but everything kind of looks like it's breathing and I can't tell what's real. At the end of the chamber, there's a big wall with holes and numbers. The upper row is too high for Miko or me to reach alone. There’s also a rod nearby. "Fuck a ducktruck," says Miko. Or at least I think that's what she said.
No. 849402 ID: e0f785
File 151226505561.png - (13.71KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-24-2.png )

No. 849411 ID: 91ee5f

I guess the only thing you can do is trial and error. Let's try 1, 5.

.....giggle at thinking dirty thoughts about a pole going into a bunch of holes!
No. 849430 ID: 3ce125

Okay so it's a number from 00 to 29. Or maybe it requires a sequence of such numbers?

..."3, 22, 15, 8" All those are less than 29. Try that combination.
No. 849451 ID: c1bbd0

Jam pillar thing into each hole and revert if anything bad happens
No. 849578 ID: e0f785
File 151233441943.png - (44.49KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-25.png )

I hear trumpeting.
>1, 5
Whenever I put the rod in a hole, there's a
noise, and the hole glows. When I take it out, there's a
noise and the glow dies down a second after.

>put it in every hole
I can get the bottom row and the middle row, but I have to stand on Miko's shoulders for the top row. I just get the noise and the glow from all of 'em.
Miko tries sticking her finger in one of the holes, and it does the thing, so she puts another finger in a different hole at the same time and they both glow!

>3, 22, 15, 8
I try this sequence, but nothing special happens. Whatever the combination is, we might need to do 'em all at once?
No. 849580 ID: 3ce125

Yeah try in all the holes of 3, 22, 15, 8.
No. 849586 ID: deec6e


First drop was 100 (not password), which was split into 50 (possible password).

Then came 3, 22, 15, 8, all possible passwords. Together they came to 48 (not password), which was split into 24 (possible password).

Then there was the last drop of 20 (possible password), split into 10 (possible password).

Let's assume the splits of the first and last coin stacks are passwords, and use all available possible passwords. Stick the pole and fingers in holes 5-0, 3-0, 2-2, 1-5, 8-0 and 2-0.

If that doesn't work, drop 2-0 in favor of 1-0. If that doesn't work, remove 1-0. If that doesn't work drop 5-0, and test with both 2-0 and 1-0 again. If that doesn't work, test the above all over again, but with 2-4 instead of the middle numbers (3-0, 2-2, 1-5 and 8-0). In fact, maybe test that last one first, since it's fewer holes and quicker to do.

Any possible combinations and tricks I've missed here?
No. 849587 ID: deec6e


Ah, no, wait. 2-4 isn't a possible password. Hrm.
No. 849589 ID: 3ce125

Oh oops I should've looked at the other coin drops.
100 would be 00!

so 00, 03, 22, 15, 08, 20.
No. 849591 ID: deec6e


Sounds legit. Try it!
No. 849658 ID: 0060db

Try pressing the loop on the 9, it might be a hidden switch (or just another color). Other than that, if you need to hold a few extra switches down, maybe you could detach a couple fingers and leave them in the holes. Try this combination: 00, 20, 09, 29, you should be able to leave fingers in a couple holes on one side with Miko's help then get the other side with her. If it's just your hands that can do that this might not work, but it seems like the holes just need something in there, i.e. the rod is not special, just a puzzle tool.

I hope that helps, it seems like this puzzle needs some more info before we can get it. We're assuming a lot of stuff here, but however the correct button arrangement is, only one could be outside of arm's reach for two stacked folks with the tools provided. So if the length is 5 numbers only one could be outside of a small area of the grid, the other 4 being within a few rows of each other. Assuming of course this is a 2 person puzzle and not for the huge group you voided.

Heck, if you can seperare yourself by joint, you have 24 finger segments you can leave in the holes, plus 2 hands. Assuming your wrist stumps count and Miko holds down 2, that's all 30 spaces covered at once. Doubt that's the actual solution, but may as well test everything.
No. 849659 ID: 3ce125

Hmm, considering you have to poke your fingers in the holes... the rod probably needs to be in the 08 hole for my combination. The other holes involved are fairly close together... might have to put your tongue in one of them since you need to poke 5 holes total.
No. 849898 ID: 84581e

Chopping off the other guys parts isn’t out of the question, is it?
I mean you wore croc armor ( what ever happened to that btw?)
If it is a thing, you could just cram parts in to make it easier on y’all. Wouldn’t have to reach for the top every time.

You might be able to also fill it with the mentioned meat and see if it lets you in for persistence.

That black hole bullet was pretty powerful...
No. 849932 ID: f5c698

Try 08, 06, 07, 05, 03, 09.

How about a cultist headcount? How many so far? Looks like 1, 3, 1, 1, 8, with 2 possible survivors from the black hole or additional memebers. That's either 13 or 15. Try with the 3, 22, 15, 8, 20 combo, and add 13 in place of 20 or 3 as other derivatives.
No. 850603 ID: e0f785
File 151285927646.png - (65.05KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-26.png )

The croc armor was unfit for wearing into town so I had to get rid of it... It's a shame, but at least I'm lookin' swell in this new outfit!

People are flittin' in and out of existence around me. They don't seem to be violent, if they're real, so I ignore 'em for now. Even when some of 'em try to get my attention with 'hey's and 'psst's.
So, I can't get a real good idea of the size of everything, cause it keeps changin' around, but Miko juuust barely can't reach far enough to put a finger in the 2 column and the 5 column at the same time.

>Press the loop on the 9
A spell bullet appears! It's a flare spell. Like a signal flare kind, that you can also use to set things on fire if you don't aim it at the sky. Cool!

>try a single finger in a hole
I pop off a finger and put it in a hole. Nothin'! I put my hand in, and that works. So maybe it's gotta be a certain size. My tongue doesn't do the trick either.

>use cultist parts instead of your own
I motion for Miko to follow me. We make our way back, passing by people who don't seem to mind us and might not actually be here. They're talkin' to each other, but for the most part I can't understand the words. I lay out the bodies we slew and make chopping motions to show what I want cut off. Some of the people-or-not-people stand by and watch but don't interfere.
:miko2:"That's sausages," Miko says, and cuts off the hands and lower arms on the bodies! We carry the parts back.

>00, 03, 22, 15, 08, 20
We try pole in 08, cultist hands in 00, 15, 20, and 22, and an arm in 03. It doesn't work! I take the hands out of 00 and 20, and that does get a result!
:genericnpc:"Tier one access granted," says one of the wall-faces. The things in the holes are all violently ejected and singed! Good thing I thought of not using our own parts! The wall of the cavern swings slowly open to reveal a passageway that leads onward, just as the trumpeting stops. I look behind us and there's a whole big crowd of people now!
:genericnpc:"Coming to you in this cave in Mount Boom, it's MIS-ter GOOBYYYYY, the eccentric BILLIONAIRE!!" an announcer says. Sounds like it's comin' through giant speakers. The crowd cheers, and there's a white flash back near where the dancers were.
:genericnpc:,:glinp-happy:,:miko2:"Hey look, it's Mister Gooby, the eccentric billionaire!" The whole crowd says it at once and points to where the flash was, including Miko and I! I can't make out what came in with the flash, but I assume it's Mister Gooby, whatever that means! It does look almost like it could be the Special Gooby on the sign for the minefield… maybe… And I know Goobies make a buzzing sound, but I don't hear one. Maybe on account of the distance and the crowd.
No. 850614 ID: f5c698

Try detaching your head and holding it up to see if you can get a better look at mister Gooby. If it's a special gooby that could mean, uh, it doesn't die when it explodes or something. See if you can get a bit closer as well.
No. 850615 ID: 3ce125

I think you should climb up and get the hell away from the mind-control Gooby.
No. 850806 ID: e0f785
File 151293920254.png - (73.51KB , 1024x1024 , thoughts2.png )

Special Goobies leave behind an egg sac when they explode, which turns into a Gooby Hive eventually. And then more Goobies just... come out of the hive. Somehow.
I pop off my head and move it around and squint to see if I can get a better look. The crowd over there's reaching up to try to touch the thing. They start cheerin' and gettin' way more rowdy and chaotic all of a sudden!

I motion to Miko for us to get movin' along through the doorway we opened, fast, and we run! We make good distance, but then...
nuclear fire incinerates me, and I assume a shockwave breaks my charred corpse into pieces and flings them through the tunnel. That's just a guess though!

What should I do differently so that doesn’t happen?
No. 850809 ID: c2051e

You've got that plate on you, right? Hurl it at the flash of light and see if anything happens.
No. 850811 ID: 3ce125

Well how about you try to confront Mister Gooby? It's not like we could've solved the doorway puzzle any faster.
No. 850812 ID: 3ce125

...wait is the big gooby going to explode even if you kill it?
In that case you should make sure the whole room is clear after you kill the two dancers. Go back and investigate the summoning circle, maybe they had a second one since the white flash happened back near the dancers.
No. 850813 ID: f5c698

Try running out the entrance to this weird dewth cult after opening the wall, if it's a small enough explosion you may just get irradiated and superficially burned.

Plan B: Use entrapment cube spell bullet to contain the unstable gooby before it explodes. Then hold up your caster gun and enthustatically explain to these backwards heathens that this is your boom-stick.
No. 850825 ID: 3abd97

>Special Goobies leave behind an egg sac when they explode, which turns into a Gooby Hive eventually. And then more Goobies just... come out of the hive. Somehow.
Does that mean the Goobie population just expands exponentially over time? Can they be killed without exploding? Can a hive be destroyed before it starts outputting more Goobies?

>nuclear fire incinerates me
Cool is that the first time you've gotten nuked?

>What should I do differently so that doesn’t happen?
If it blew up when you charge it, what happens if you just stay back and let it do its thing unmolested?
No. 850841 ID: 33cbe7

You can't outrun a nuke! You'll just have to kill everybody before they set off the Gooby, then.
No. 851100 ID: e0f785
File 151303871310.png - (47.23KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-28.png )

I think the only way to kill a Gooby without it exploding is to use magic to disintegrate it in a certain way. My money's on them being some kinda magical weapon, but not even the Pretty Posians know where the Goobies came from.
You can squish an egg sac before it becomes a hive. Hives can be broken up, but the Goobies still come out. There's a limited amount in each hive anyway, so it doesn't do ya much good!
This is the first time I've gotten nuked! Yippee!??
We didn't charge it, we ran away down the tunnel that we opened up.


I go back to after we killed the two dancer duders. Miko starts to walk down toward where the puzzle wall is, and this time I keep a lookout for anyone who comes in. I can't tell exactly when they go from being part of the background chaos that swims increasingly in my vision, to being recognizable as people, but as soon as one does I point at it and go
:glinp-happy:(bark bark!)
and attack with my spear!
:genericnpc:"Oh." they fall over and die easily! Miko goes along with it, and we spend some time chopping up these really easy-to-kill dudes that kind of melt into nothing. But they start appearing too fast, especially once the trumpeting starts! While all that's going on, I check out the summoning circle. It looks pretty damn well destroyed!

:genericnpc:"Coming to you in this cave in Mount Boom, it's MIS-ter GOOBYYYYY, the eccentric BILLIONAIRE!!" Yep! that's loud!! The white flash happens above me.
:genericnpc:"Hey look, it's Mister Gooby, the eccentric billionaire!" They all point at it. I can hear a buzz. I look up.
:glinp-happy:"Hey look, it's Mister Gooby, the eccentric billionaire!" I point at Mister Gooby! From this distance I can see him clear enough. Previously when I said weird stuff it was only when I tried to talk. Both of these times, I couldn't stop myself from talking or pointing.
:miko2:"Hey look, it's Mister Gooby, the eccentric billionaire!" She does it too!
I try to toss the plate at Mister Gooby, and then Miko grabs me and runs back out the way we came! I hit him, and his buzzing and speed get more intense, which is normally what happens the first time something touches a Gooby, and the crowd goes crazy like before!
:glinp-happy:"Scoliosis!" I say, pullin' out my caster gun and waving it at Miko. She doesn't stop runnin'! Better revert.


To before Mister Gooby appeared! I load up the Entrapment Cube bullet and wait for that nuclear bastard to show his fancy... clothes... and shoot him when he does! Miko puts her hand on the gun, but in this case she didn't need to. I've got 'im trapped! I hold up the caster gun.
"These gelatins are what I stand for!" How am I supposed to make quips like this! The crowd is dumbfounded anyway. The announcer's voice comes out of somewhere.
:genericnpc:"Hey! You can't do that on television!" I don't see any cameras!

This spell doesn't last long. He should have a smaller explosion when he comes out of it, but considering the size of it before... I need to figure out what I'm gonna do now! I'm sure there's a simple way to avoid dyin' from this Gooby, I just gotta think of it.
No. 851102 ID: f5c698

Maybe inside that tunnel there's a switch to close the wall behind you? It might be thick enough to shield you from the blast.
No. 851103 ID: 33cbe7

"That's cause I did it for the vine, bitches!"
Throw money at the eccentric billionaire before running away.
No. 851108 ID: 3ce125

Maybe if you stick something in one of the holes after the door is done opening, it'll slide shut again, slowly enough for you and Miko to get under before it closes?
No. 851115 ID: c2051e

Twerk aggressively and mime shaking maracas to scare away the TV cameras. See if playing along with the dream logic gets you anywhere.
No. 851157 ID: de6d84

It's ridiculous enough that it has a shot, DO IT
No. 851166 ID: 3ce125

Well if we're playing that angle we could do even ruder things like heckle the gooby.
No. 851248 ID: 3abd97

Grab the cube, throw it off the mountain, and run back inside for cover! Hopefully it'll fall far enough you'll be out of range of the smaller explosion.
No. 851347 ID: 81f3e9
File 151312765412.gif - (174.58KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-29.gif )

Noooo my money! We've barely got any so far!

I can't grab it! It just holds things in place.

I shake my butt everywhere and mime shaking maracas!
:glinp-happy:"I'm just here for the confetti!" Was that a heckle?? Miko looks at the cube, bites her lip, and grabs me to run away again! I can understand why...


So before we get exploded from even closer range, I revert and get us back to having the puzzle solved.
:genericnpc:"Coming to you in this cave in Mount Boom," only this time instead of waiting to see what happens, I pull on Miko to move on, we go through the passage that opens up, and there is in fact a button! Musta missed it the first time since we were running. I press it and presto, the wall closes. Score! I can't even hear the crowd really. There are more coins here! Double score. 152 krels.

I get 76 krels!

Everything's still all wobbly and people and things're still appearing and disappearing. I can't smell whatever that smell was anymore, but thinkin' back, that's 'cause I got noseblind to it at some point. We don't see any different paths we can take, so we just keep going.
Mister Gooby goes off, we get just slightly cooked, the mountain shakes, and we fall to the ground!

It doesn't seem to stop shaking! I don't think I can stand up like this. But we're not nuclear shadows, so that's a big improvement. There's a pool of glowing water nearby, and further along, I think I see outside.
No. 851350 ID: f5c698

Well normally I'd say be cautious of glowing stuff what with the nuke having gone off. But heck, you can revert, maybe take a look in there to see if anyone dropped stuff. Give it a taste as well, maybe you've discovered some kind of new soft drink?
No. 851355 ID: 91ee5f

All of this weird shit started happening the moment you first came into the mountain, so I suggest going outside and hoping that everything will go back to normal!
No. 851356 ID: 30db8b

Do the mountain's dew. This has been a strange day, might as well wrap it up with a terrible idea.
No. 851393 ID: 3ce125

Start crawling I guess.
No. 851835 ID: 7fd053
File 151329528301.png - (71.00KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-30.png )

I crawl to the pool and take a drink of the water or whatever it is. It taaastes pretty good! It's either a healing spring or I'm hallucinating that my burns are healing. Oh hey, my vision's returning to normal. I give a thumbs up to Miko. She takes a sip and her ear heals!
:miko2:"Hey, am I talkin' normal?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! You are talkin' normal. Am I?"
:miko2:"Yep." She nods."Good."
:glinp-happy:"I'm gonna go back and see if there's any loot."
:miko2:"Pchhhhhhhhhokay. Let's do it!"

We make our way back toward the door to see if it'll open again. The rumbling mostly dies down by the time we get back to it, and we can walk again. I press the button...

The door opens and a cloud of sparkles and confetti flies out, and a parade, with music and dancers and and shit, starts to come out! That's really concerning! I cough and step through. There's money everywhere!!
"Whaaat, fuckin' score!" Miko says.
As nukes go this must have been a small one, but the whole cavern basically got glassed and now it's all shiny and it's still molten at the epicenter. Weirdly, the place is mostly not that hot now, so I can walk around and pick up krels without melting myself. Miko is more cautious about it than I am, but not by much. By the time we're done, there's nobody else here.

We split the money, and I get 105 more krels! Yippee!

We close the puzzle door when we go, and Just in case, hit up the healing spring before leaving the cave. There's a trail of confetti and glitter going from the cave, down the side of the mountain. Miko sits down and I do the same.
"So how fucked was THAT?"
:glinp-happy:"That was mmmmegafucked."
:miko2:"Turbofucked! How much of that was even real?"
:glinp-happy:"That Gooby seemed really real! But the rest of it, uh..." A piece of confetti floats down. We both silently watch the wind carry it away.
:miko2:"Maybe it's better not to know."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah." We sit and watch the trees breezily blow below. Miko stands up first.
:miko2:"OK!" She claps her hands and rubs them together. "Next thing. Ready?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah!" We continue, and this time, a Salamander and a... a thing I don't recognize, both appear from behind some rocks! Whatever it is, it looks tough. There's a hissing behind us, and it turns out there's two more salamanders that sneaked up on us! All three prepare their FIRE BREATH! I dunno what the mystery beastery is doin'.
No. 851837 ID: c2051e

I realize Miko can just chop cancer off, but don't you need to worry about radioactive fallout, Glinp?

Anyway... hm, try and taunt/kite the salamanders so they spit fire at you, then superjump so as much of the fire as possible hits the mystery guy instead?
No. 851843 ID: 3ce125

Stick your spear in a salamander's throat as it starts to breathe fire.
No. 851845 ID: f5c698

If the salamanders breathe, it might hit Miko. That healing spring is nearby though, so I'm probably worried about nothing. How about taking on the front pair while she takes the back? If you s jump over either pair you'll be splitting how much you each have to deal with in theory. Give that blue monster a stab in the kidneys, or approximate kidney area.
No. 851863 ID: de6d84

Who is faster
Superjump to find out.
No. 851867 ID: 3ce125

Oh, could you grab Miko and superjump to avoid the flame breath and get out of the pincer attack?
No. 851868 ID: 91ee5f

Unfortunately, Super Jump doesn't give Glinp super strength. He's way too weak to lift Miko and her big ass sword!
No. 851904 ID: 69c8aa

Kill the salamanders behind you so you have some room to maneuver. Avoid getting toasted.
No. 851909 ID: c9f5a7

No. 851923 ID: 33cbe7

He looks all coiled up, like his attacks involve jumping a lot. Well, try jumping first!
No. 852066 ID: 7fd053
File 151338847459.png - (56.67KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-31.png )

Free heals after the mission will take care of eeeverything!
"Take the back pair!" I say. I try to get the attention of the salamanders behind us and then position myself so flames will hit the beast, and jump before they breathe. Miko redirects the breath from the one next to the beast with her sword, and it hits 'im! Whoa! It doesn't seem to like getting flamed from three directions! It screeches and leaps on Miko before she can turn around to get the ones behind us! When I land, I do succeed at stabbing my salamander, so that's one down at least. Then Miko kicks the beast off the side of the mountain! Geez!
But uh, now there are two more of those things coming for us from both directions, and they look angry that their buddy just got owned.
No. 852076 ID: 56e50f

Gotta break this pincer attacks! See if you can juke on the outside so Miko get on the inside to either run by or knock em off the ledge!
No. 852078 ID: f5c698

Try luring the salamander on your side to flame at you so it hits the beastie. Miko should have her side under control. Maybe you can hit the beast with the zappy tip to stun him, then go for the kill.
No. 852081 ID: 3ce125

Retreat through the salamanders! You can kill one while Miko takes care of the other. Then you can turn around and tangle with the mystery beasts.
No. 852088 ID: 33cbe7

Continue to stab salamanders while Miko redirects the beasts to a lower elevation.
No. 852205 ID: 7fd053
File 151346330557.png - (54.69KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-32.png )

The salamanders don't look like they're about to fire breathe again right now. So I stab one, and the other one... gets eaten by one of the blue beasties! Wasn't expecting that! Miko is about to slice at its head when there's a quake! She misses, I lose my footing, she takes a hit from the tail of the beast that came in from the front, and the one that came from behind us pins me with a paw! The quake stops.
:glinp-happy:"Ufffhhhh!" Dang this thing's really heavy! It's about to strike with its tail when there's a sharp whistle. Both beasts immediately sit. Miko was about to swing at the one pinning me, but stops.
:strine:"These boy's givin' you trouble?" says the whistler. "Dreadful sorry. They do like to do their own thang, you know how it is." He looks fashionable!
:miko2:"Agh... I've had worse!" She puts on a strong face but winces from the fresh wound in her torso. I stand up and look cautiously at the thing that was just about to stab me. It doesn't look like it's gonna attack. It looks remarkably calm! What do I say to this guy?
No. 852211 ID: 33cbe7

Howdy pardner!
No. 852213 ID: 3ce125

Ah, they're hunting animals, and you got in the way of their hunt.
Maybe you should revert and not kill that first one... well, don't do that yet. Tell him about what happened to the first one, see if it's that big a deal.
No. 852248 ID: f5c698

Maybe don't come right out and say you booted the one off the ledge, but if he asks don't hide it. Greet him in an informal way and ask if he felt the shockwave from Mr. Gooby earlier, maybe he could see if it had any effect on the outer structure of the mountain.
No. 852330 ID: e1c8f7

Hey Buzzard buddy! Thanks for the save!
No. 852386 ID: c9f5a7

No. 852425 ID: ee0c07

Talk as a distraction for Miko to do something rad.
No. 852442 ID: 7fd053
File 151355962564.gif - (55.32KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-33.gif )

:glinp-happy:"Howdy Buzzard buddy! Thanks for the save!"
:strine:"Of course." He tilts his hat. "The name's Strine. Just flew up here to collect my little friends."
:miko2:"That's some impressive command you have of 'em. What are they?"
:strine:"Banozian Hunting Beasts. Normally their kind ain't so obedient... but I have my ways." Miko nods.
:glinp-happy:"Neat... Say, did you feel the shockwave from a big explosion earlier?"
:strine:"Hooh, did I! I hadn't hardly landed when somethin' exploded in the volcano and would you believe it, confetti shot outta one o' the caves!" He scratches his head. "Mighty strange. Caused some rockslides. If'n you're plannin' to reach the top, it may take some care, but I reckon you should still be able." He looks like he wants to move along, but we're in the way.

Is there anything else I want to ask him before we let him through?
No. 852445 ID: 3ce125

Yeah, did he run into any cultists? If so, did any of them have an artifact stuck in their underwear?
No. 852447 ID: 91ee5f

If we're in the way and he wants to move along, then we should let him go by.

Also let's take another trip to the healing water in the cave to repair any damage we took from this guy's animals.
No. 852448 ID: 91ee5f

Also consider putting some of the healing water in some bottles and bringing them with you and Miko.
No. 852477 ID: de6d84

Heard any interesting rumors or cool places for adventurers to explore later?
No. 852483 ID: c9f5a7

No. 852524 ID: b9b4da

Is herding hunting beasts a lucrative job?
No. 852554 ID: f5c698

Ask him what he saw coming in from the top. Maybe ask about that airship you saw before?
No. 852555 ID: 7fd053
File 151363875654.png - (47.08KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-34.png )

:glinp-happy:"You happen to run into any cultists, by the way?"
:strine:"No, but I heard tell about Quincy cultists bein' spotted in the area. Saw a few on my way up. Some got crushed under rocks after the big explosion."
:glinp-happy:"Did any of them have an artifact stuck in their underwear?"
:strine:"Not as I saw."

:glinp-happy:"Did you see an airship when you were comin' in?" He nods.
:strine:"Yes indeed. Saw the Blue Gear corporate logo on it, so I reckon they were here for... peepin'. Like they do."

:glinp-happy:"Oh, 'kay. You happen to hear any interesting rumors lately, or cool places for adventurers to explore?" Some confetti lands in his hat. I don't think he notices. He looks at my eyes. I can tell because people do that sometimes.
:strine:"You part Toon?"
:glinp-happy:"I don't know, actually!" He shrugs.
:strine:"Well, there's rumours goin' round that there's been a Toon sighted in a few places here in Stiria. 'S mighty unusual. As fer the second question, there's a forest of unclear pedigree opened up somewhere near the border with Camnex. Looks like some kinda alien thing, no-one knows much about it yet." I nod.

:glinp-happy:"That's good info! So is herding beasts a lucrative job?" More confetti drifts by, and some lands in his hat.
:strine:"It ain't my job, per se. More like a hobby, though I have found it lucrative at times. Now, if you would please stand aside, I would like to escort my beasts down before more weird explosions ocCURh-" There's another tremor, but it's short. We step aside, he whistles to his pets, and they file past us. "Nice meetin' ya." We return the sentiment.
:miko2:"Let's hit up that healing spring again."
:glinp-happy:"Yeah!" We walk back to that, Miko heals, and we return to our merry way. There are four humanoid constructs here, all on stone turntables, arranged in a rectangle, with a lever in the middle. There's a Quincy follower here who's trying to do something with 'em.
:miko2:"Huh. There's some rogue Neumono nearby," say Miko. "Never seen a Quincy-lovin' Neumono before, but the empathy I'm gettin' is the kind I bet they'd have."
No. 852558 ID: 3ce125

>neumono cultists
Ugh. Neumono are tough to take down, that's gonna be annoying. How good are you at aiming for organs with your spear? A good gut shot will disable non-military neumono.

Yell at the cultist to get the fuck outta here before you stab his brains in. Probably gonna wind up killing him anyway, but it's only polite to give them a chance to run.

Then check out the puzzle. Can you move the statues' limbs?
No. 852580 ID: f5c698

Steal the cultist's hat. Then say you'll give it back if they explain what they were trying to do. If he does, toss it up and gank him.
No. 852588 ID: 56e50f

If she can sense them, they can sense her. Be prepared for a fight!
No. 852592 ID: 91ee5f

>rouge neumono nearby
Ask which direction the empathy is coming from? That way we know where to expect the neumono to come from!
No. 852626 ID: c88e6d

Hunt them down and set them on fire.
No. 852648 ID: de6d84

Take note of the magnificent pose and creation of the rock closest to your right.
No. 852770 ID: 7fd053
File 151372936787.png - (68.09KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-35.png )

Miko wipes her sword off. There was blood on it from the cave, or maybe from the beast before she kicked it away.

Such beauty... The designer musta been a real master of the craft!

:glinp-happy:"Can you tell where they are?"
:glinp-happy:"But they can sense us. I mean you."
:miko2:"Yeah. That could be a problem. At least we know they're probably ahead of us someplace."

:glinp-happy:"Rats." I call out to the cultist, "Hey you! Get outta here before I stab your brains in!" He stops whatever he was doin' and looks over at us.
:genericnpc:"Grrr! Me snap you bones!" Is this guy for realsies?? I guess not because he runs away.
:glinp-happy:"Let's get 'im!"
:miko2:"Hah!" We run after him. Gosh he's pretty quick. "Got some in that cave there," Miko says when we approach a cave, and some guys pop out in front of us!

Three Neumono. One with a spear, one with gauntlets, and one with a dang energy sword and a jetpack! They're shorter than us. The gator dude has a belly laugh from behind 'em! "Laugh it up while you still have a head!" Miko calls over the dudes that are in our way and closing in.
No. 852773 ID: f5c698

Fight back to back with Miko. Going for the guts sounds like a solid start, maybe get the one with the spear so they can't do the same to your buddy.
No. 852776 ID: 3abd97

>and one with a dang energy sword and a jetpack!
Jetpacked are filled with rocket fuel.

Shoot the jetpack so it explodes! It's a bomb right in the middle of their group just waiting to go off.

Try to steal the energy sword if it doesn't get wrecked in the fight.
No. 852928 ID: e1c8f7

What kind of rounds do you have left for your Caster gun?
No. 852947 ID: c9f5a7

How dare they have something as amazing as a jetpack that we don't have.

Destroy it and blow them up.
No. 852981 ID: de6d84

Try stabbing everything pink.
No. 853211 ID: 7fd053
File 151389800146.png - (42.45KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-36.png )

My spell bullets are: Entrapment Cube (since I now didn't fire it at Mister Gooby), Holy, and Flare!

I load up the Flare bullet, but they ain't stayin' still! Jetpack guy jet-jumps over our heads before I'm ready. Miko takes a wide swing intended to hit the spear guy and the gauntlet guy, but gauntlet guy grabs her sword and has some kinda zappy thing goin' on! Jetpack guy lands and I take a shot at the jetpack, but I miss and hit his gut instead!
:genericnpc:"Ho shiIIIIIIIT!" It went inside him and is continuing to burn! Damn! He flies at us and knocks Miko over!

I stab at spearmono, who also stabs at me, but my extendospear has better range, hah! So I get a decent swipe in, but gauntletmono hops over Miko and socks me in the jaw, and that shit hurts!

This is a mess! Gator guy thinks it's a reeeal laugh riot.
No. 853220 ID: 3ce125

I guess just keep using extendospear...

Hmm I wonder if you could've hired that hunter guy to help out against the cultists.
No. 853230 ID: f5c698

Show the tazer gauntlet guy your zappy tip. He should be ecstatic!
No. 853231 ID: 33cbe7

He can't sock you in the jaw if you don't have one! Rewind and have it fall off before the fight.
No. 853235 ID: 91ee5f

How precise can you get with rewinding? Because you could just rewind to right before that guy punches you and then duck under his fist! And then stab him with your extending spear!

Also, don't forget that electricity of any kind really fucks with a neumono! Try zapping some of these guys with the zapping thingy on your spear!
No. 853355 ID: 3abd97

Maybe rewind to before the fight and load your gun before they show up, so you can pop the rocket pack as soon as they appear on the second try.
No. 853365 ID: 56e50f

Retract spear, aim at gauntlet's face, extend spear!
No. 853634 ID: 32cd1c

Super jump into the air, then stab gauntlet guy as you come back down.
No. 853643 ID: de6d84

Load in your gun before this happens via revert
No. 853684 ID: 7fd053
File 151415864956.png - (84.08KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-37.png )

Mmmmmmaybe if a better plan doesn't work out.

It's a good question. Do I revert and ask?

>Rewind to dodge the punch, and zap punchy guy, try to zap the others too
I revert so I can dodge under the punch, and I get in a good stab and zap, but
:glinp-happy:"Bluhhhkk!" Jetguy's in awful shape, but he manages to slice me in half across the chest and I don't think I can dodge that if I revert, so I think I'm gonna need to do something different here.
:miko2:"You BASTARD!"
On the other hand, Miko goes kinda bananas and impales him through the chest, which punctures his jetpack and blasts his back into shrapnel and spaghetti sauce. I can't feel Neumono empathy, but from the looks of these guys, they've just been made aware that very shortly, they're not gonna be able to feel it anymore either.


But I'll see how we do if I load the gun on the way to these guys.
I revert to when we were chasing gator guy, and load in the Flare bullet before we reach the cave of hidden Neumono. This time, I aim for the jetpack again and I miss! Again! I hit the gator, and the thing gets embedded in HIM this time, so he's having trouble laughing with one of his lungs on fire. That made the Neumono stop for a second to look back at him, but they're gonna be on us in another sec.

I may have to think outside the box a little for this one.
No. 853685 ID: 2fffb5

Repeat the scene where Miko murderlizes them, except detach yourself at a vertebra so it only looks like he cut you in half.
No. 853688 ID: 91ee5f

>It's a good question. Do I revert and ask?
Nah, he's probably got better things to do.

>he manages to slice me in half across the chest and I don't think I can dodge that if I revert
So that means that your ability to separate yourself can't save you if you get cut before you activate it.

>Miko goes berserk!
Holy shit! Note to self: Don't ever piss off Miko!

But it's good to know that if the enemy pisses her off, she can annihilate all of them!
No. 853708 ID: b1b4f3

Detach your head when you get punched!
No. 853718 ID: d0dc34

Try having Miko fall back with you. If you get into a more narrow passage their numbers and jetpacks will mean nothing. Prioritise targets in this order: Jetmono, Punchmono, Spearmono, Snappy.
No. 853784 ID: 33cbe7

Try throwing your leftover cryo grenade at them when they're still bunched up.
No. 853794 ID: e1c8f7

Awh, she cares about you!
Try firing an entrapment cube at jeckpack before he takes to the air! He's the biggest threat and the other's are manageable with him out of the way.
No. 853846 ID: 7fd053
File 151425184960.png - (65.62KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-38.png )

Aw man faking her out like that would be kinda rude! But I'll add it to the list of options.

Or at least don't hurt her buddies. As Dolnar's followers go, Miko's a little more... typical than I am.


I revert to after I had the caster gun loaded, but instead of using it, I toss the grenade at the bunch after they pop out! Jetpack is frozen in place, and the other two are stuck half in the blast too! I can't shoot the jetpack like this, but I do shoot 'em right in the eye and they scream as the inside of their head melts. Yowch...
:glinp-happy:"Fall back to somewhere narrower!" I say as gator guy comes and busts up the ice with his jaws!
>-chompsh kronch krosh!-
Miko seems reluctant at first, but sees that they're already almost freed and we go farther back. We end up almost back at the constructs! Jetpack seems to have stayed behind.
:genericnpc:"Haw haw! You run away scared when see our might!" Gator does a little dance in place. Miko scrunches up her face.
:miko2:"Nah, it was from lookin' at your ugly face! HYAH!" She takes a swing at gauntlet, who catches her blade! Spear tries to stab her, but I zap 'em good and they're at least incapacitated for the time being. Gator jumps over the Neumonos and I have to jump back to avoid gettin' landed on, but then he's between me and Miko! I try to spear him, but his hide's too tough!

This seems like it was a step in the right direction, what with us takin' out two of 'em. Only it got kinda sticky just now.
No. 853849 ID: b1b4f3

Swap enemies with Miko.
No. 853858 ID: 3b108e

Superjump onto Miko's enemy and yell for her to backstab the gator.
No. 853876 ID: 91ee5f


And if it doesn't work, then revert and aim your stab at Gator's dick! His hide should be more sensitive there, so getting stabbed and zapped will put him on the ground!
No. 853909 ID: 0f40bb

Jump over to her opponent and then apply Dark Souls logic; Plunging Attack is effective, then Pincer Attack
No. 853929 ID: f5c698

Ask the gator if he ever gets the feeling the gods are laughing at them. When he responds, stab him inside the mouth. The other classic weakpoint of a gator's hide is the point where the spine connects to the skull, which will be hard to get a clear shot at.
No. 853984 ID: 3abd97

Yeah this seems like a good idea.
No. 854032 ID: 32cd1c

Zap his tongue! Not only will you actually be able to stab him there, but if you zap his tongue, he won't be able to make anymore obnoxious comments!
No. 854043 ID: de6d84

Supporting this.
No. 854109 ID: 7fd053
File 151441949043.png - (41.37KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-39.png )

>>Jump over gator and Miko and swap enemies
I try to jump over the gator!
:glinp-happy:"Hup-OOF!" He's got quite a jump himself! Not as super as mine, but it's enough to knock me out of the air and onto my BUTT. I almost hit my head on the platform with the constructs.

>>If that doesn't work, try mouth or dick stab
I stand up. "Ever get the feeling the gods are laughing at us?"
:genericnpc:"What?" I try to stab at his mouth, but he bites my spear and bends it! Wow!


I sure can't have that, so I revert to when I was about to get up and go for a dick stab instead. I have to guess where that is because I can't tell on this guy! or gal??
>-clack, click-
No dick. I mean no dice. I can't tell about the dick.

He kicks me in the face and laughs! Not sure how Miko's doin', but I bet it's better than me!!
No. 854112 ID: 3b108e

Well, if you're ready for his jump next time, you could jump over him and then springboard off of him when he jumps at you.
No. 854142 ID: 91ee5f

That might work.
No. 854174 ID: 5e9133

Revert, jump again, but ready your spear when they get close, then STAB!
No. 854230 ID: e1c8f7

Told ya you should have dark souls'd it!
No. 854379 ID: a97c44

Getting through his armor might be possible if you can get him to throw himself on your spear by faking a jump and getting under his landing spot. But in the interest of not beating your head against that wall too many times, try throwing your spear at Miko's enemy and shout for her to attack the gator. After she does, try grabbing him before he can turn around. If you can get an arm over its mouth you can hold it closed, hampering him while Miko takes him out.
No. 854448 ID: 500173

You could always complement his fine legs. Maybe ask where he got those stockings?
No. 854533 ID: 7fd053
File 151458808919.png - (48.63KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-40.png )

>>revert, jump higher, stab, jump off of him
Jump attempt number two!


I jump higher, he grabs my legs, and I stab hard but it doesn't work! I do another Super Jump off his shoulders, which does not feel so good for me since he was still holding my legs! Dangit! I hit my head on the lever in the middle of the Constructs.
:glinp-happy:"AaaAaaAhh dammit!"
:genericnpc:"Hohoha !" Wow he's gonna bite my crotch off! Now I really don't feel bad about trying to stab his dick. I'm startin' to wonder if a direct attack is really the best way we can go about this.
No. 854539 ID: b1b4f3

Let's revert to before you went in the cave and try messing with the lever.
No. 854639 ID: e1c8f7

Any way to avoid this guy entirely?
No. 854773 ID: 3abd97

>Wow he's gonna bite my crotch off!
Never a good thing.

Maybe turn into an inanimate object so he chokes on that, instead of biting you to pieces?
No. 854786 ID: 91ee5f

Change into an inanimate object!

If you're lucky, he'll go sailing over you!
No. 854951 ID: 7fd053
File 151473750620.png - (55.22KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-41.png )

I haven't gone into any more caves since the one with the healing spring!


But I revert to when the gator ran away from the constructs here. Miko starts after him.
:glinp-happy:"Let's leave that guy for now and mess with this instead!" She stops.
:miko2:"Whatever you say!" She watches as I flip the lever and am almost immediately beaned by the one Construct that's turned to face the lever.
:glinp-happy:"OOF!!" Two of them are facing Miko, and they start after her! The fourth does nothing. Miko takes a defensive stance.
:miko2: "You see any instructions?"
:glinp-happy:"Guuh, nnnnope!" Then the Construct kicks me in the guts and I black out. Holy shit! That’s strong.
No. 854959 ID: e1c8f7

What purpose does this place serve, I wonder.. Does it seem like these guys are protecting anything?
No. 854982 ID: b1b4f3

Neat. I wonder if you can lure the neumono into the statues? Let's go pick a fight with them then drag them back here before pulling the lever.
No. 855272 ID: 81f930

Oh shiiiiit it's been a while since you pulled one of these shenanigans off. Test the lever to see if you can pull it with one arm, then leave your less dominant one here, lure them back to the turnstile and yank the lever. You may want to leave your arm in the center of it all rather than try and retrieve it mid fight. The constructs might be able to pulp the crocomancer's insides without his armor doing much good.
No. 855310 ID: 7fd053
File 151485329110.png - (59.49KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-42.png )


Back to just examining the Constructs.

I don't really see nothin'... Could be there was more stuff here and it got moved by those Quincy jerks.

I pop off an arm and try to flip the lever with it. The Constructs come to life, the one takes a swing at me, and I immediately pull the lever back with my other arm. They return to their resting positions.
"Eek! OK I got an idea. Let's lure that guy back here and then I'll flip the switch."
:miko2:"Hah. It looks like you can turn these guys. Wanna set it up so they're all facing that way?" She points to where we'll be retreating from.
:glinp-happy:"Oh yeah, good thinkin'." We orient them all like that and I leave my arm here. We go fetch the gator, the Neumonos pop out, and we run behind the Constructs. I flip the switch, and they beat up everyone except jetpack, who flies over 'em, and I finally manage to hit the pack with a Flare, which explodes half of it and sends 'em flying over the side of the mountain!

The Constructs are about to come attack US when I flip the switch. I think they didn't see my arm as a threat and that's the only reason they didn't attack it when I turned 'em on, 'cause two of 'em could definitely see it! I collect my arm, and a search of underwears reveals a Slow spell bullet. Down one Flare, up one Slow!
:miko2:"Shiiit, that worked real well! Wonder if those guys were just pushovers. Now I kinda wanna try fightin' these things. Guess I shouldn't..."
:glinp-happy:"You shouldn't!"
:miko2:"(sigh) Yeah. Welp, only one way to gooo!" She steps over the corpses and I follow behind.

Our next challenge is to cross another LAVA flow! This time there's no sign, but there is a roc flyin' around, and there's some branches stickin' out of the cliffside that the lava hasn't burned. I don't see much else... there's rocks... Yeah.
No. 855311 ID: b1b4f3

Climb on the tree and see if you can get the bird to carry you over?
No. 855313 ID: 33cbe7

One of you kicks ass but lacks mobility, one of you can jump over everything but is a pushover for the enemies around here. If only there was some way to fuse you into a single horrific amalgam!
Try launching Miko onto the roc's back using the tree as a launcher, while getting across yourself with a hop, skip, and a jump.
No. 855364 ID: e1c8f7

Jump on that branch, jump off that branch, use new height to see if there's any other resources for ya near by. If there isn't, that bird is yours and Miko's ticket over.
No. 855368 ID: 91ee5f

Do one of you have a grappling hook? You could use it to grab the tree branch, then pull back as far as you can, and then try to slingshot yourselves across!

But if that doesn't work, you could try your ice grenade. Just make sure you revert to get it back if it doesn't work.
No. 855645 ID: 7fd053
File 151494024547.png - (61.11KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-43.png )

I hop up on the branch. Then I fall off because of a tremor. Then I get back on again. The Roc comes closer, so I hop on its back when it's gonna pass over us, and hop to the other side from there!
>-pchoing! veeomp.-
Phew! Gettin' kinda tired from all this Super Jumpin'. Not sure how many more uses I got in me on this mission, especially in a row like that. On the way across, I scoped out the area, and there's not much… We ARE almost to the top, though! There's another cave here, but I might wanna scope it out with Miko once she's across.
:miko2:"Nice moves! Too bad I can't do that."

:glinp-happy:"Maybe you won't have to! Watch THIS!" I toss the ice grenade into the lava.
:miko2:"I think your plan was uh... half-baked... hm..." It got all splintery and evaporatey and the lava pushed it along too. Maybe if I had more of 'em that woulda worked out.


But I don't! So I revert to before I jumped across, sparing Miko from the fate of saying a pun that doesn't quite work. That's what REAL friends do!
:glinp-happy:"OK so what if we use this branch thing like a slingshot to get you onto the bird and then you hop back off on the other side!"
:miko2:"Nice. But how do we get the bird headed that way? If it's goin' from other there, I don't think I can get off soon enough to end up on the right side. Thing's bigger'n three damn motons put together!"

I've got a good feeling about this plan overall! Just gotta figure out this detail. How can we get it to approach from behind us?
No. 855666 ID: 7fad5d

Moonwalk to fool it and make it mix directions up!
No. 855667 ID: 3ce125

Okay hop onto the bird again but this time stay on it and try to steer it back around to pick up Miko.
No. 855673 ID: 33cbe7

Steer the roc back in the proper direction and have Miko grab a claw to cross.
No. 855691 ID: f5c698

You might be able to shock it lightly with your spear to steer it around. May take some experimenting though. Otherwise, maybe revert and ask Strine if he has any bait that would work on the animals around here, and if he'd be so kind as to sell some to you. Then once on the other side, you can lure it over and Miko can get there.
No. 855732 ID: 56e50f

Is this thing a carron eater? Maybe you can use some bodies as bait then hop on when it lands.
No. 855767 ID: 8566e6

Is Miko okay? She literally hasen't moved at all since the last update.
No. 855937 ID: 69c8aa

If both of you do this in sync, the bird will obviously start flying backwards. Problem solved.
No. 856189 ID: 55278c

If you wanted to get expensive, you could throw a ice grenade, and then hit the iseburg or the lava flow so it doesn’t immediately melt.

Hmm... you don’t think it likes shiny krels, do you?
Other than that I agree with the Carrion idea.
No. 856198 ID: 7fd053
File 151511285492.png - (42.87KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-44.png )

She's fine! She’s just trying to freeze the magma by being too cool

>Use bodies as bait, hop on it when it lands, and steer it across!
:glinp-happy:"I got it. We'll grab some cultist bodies as bait, and then jump in the bird and steer it to the other side!"
:miko2:"Mmm, could work. Heck, we could steer it to the top, right? We're not too far off. Might miss out on some loot, though, hm."
:glinp-happy:"Let's aim for gettin' across."
:miko2:"Right-o." She heads back down to gather some bodies and I help out. We come back and set up the branch for launch with some rope and rocks and stuff. Then she chops off a corpse arm and waves it at the Roc! "Hey bird we got fresh meat here! Yum yum, come get it before I eat it myself!" It doesn't approach.
:glinp-happy:"Maybe it's staying away 'cause of your sword."
:miko2:"Oh. Yeah I should put that away, huh." She cleans and sheathes it. "I'm not gonna hurt ya, you big scaredy bird!" She shows her hands are empty. The bird swoops down and lands in the lava! "Whoa!" We take a step back, and it pecks at the corpses before dipping one in the lava and then swallowing it whole! It does that with the other corpse we brought too.
:genericnpc:"Wrawk," it says, and puts its wing out for us to cross on. Wow!
:miko2:"Aha, we have befriended the beast!" She gives it a thumbs-up and we cross on the wing. It watches us cross. "Thanks!" It sticks its head in the lavafall and wiggles around. Birds are weird!
:glinp-happy:"Yyyeah thanks! Bye!" Miko stops and notices the cave I saw when I'd jumped across on the bird the other time.
:miko2:"Another cave! There better not be any more -"
A squeaky noise echoes out of the cave!
"Shit." She reaches for her sword but hesitates. "Mmmm. More Ferret Galaxy fuckery ahead. Sounds like one Blocky."
:glinp-happy:"Are those the ones that can 'bust out' of anything using their faces?"
:miko2:"Yeah, and if you destroy 'em they explode into a fuckton of shards. I could prob'ly survive that, but you... not so much."
:glinp-happy:"What if we leave it alone?"
:miko2:"Heh. If it'll let us, that'd be good."
:glinp-happy:"Let's go take our chances!"
:miko2:"Hehe! Just stay behind me."

We enter the cave and soon reach a large chamber. There's the Blocky! He's on our left, expanding slowly through the air, face-first. His tail is behind him, crisscrossing all through the cavern. On our right, there's a little niche with a tile like the one from the other cave, and another sign saying to break the tile. I can reach with a Super Jump, but it's too high up to get to by standing on anything.
No. 856202 ID: 91ee5f

>Bust anything with their faces.
>Another tile to break
You know how hard those tiles are, so just Super Jump up there and trick the Blocky into smashing it for you!
No. 856204 ID: 55278c

Maybe a slow bullet could come in handy, once you have it lured. It would make setting the tile up easier.
Might make the shard explosion easier to dodge.

Turning into an item might negate shard damage too!

(Totally missed out on some more croc armor, I mean that guy tried to bite your Crotch!)
No. 856212 ID: 3ce125

Miko should probably head further in before you aggro the Blocky.
...what do Blockies eat? Could you befriend this one? Or are they too dumb to talk to?
No. 856219 ID: a97c44

You're gonna have to get its attention, wave Miko onward and make a face at the Blocky. After super-jumping and getting it to break the panel, use Disguise to avoid it when it comes back out.
No. 856233 ID: 33cbe7

Instead of Super Jumping, try hopping on the Blocky's back and steering it into the tile.
No. 856371 ID: e1c8f7

Building on this, there's a ledge on that tile space. Get the Blocky to aggro on you, get to that ledge then drop down at the last second. Only costs you one super jump that way.
No. 856432 ID: 7fd053
File 151519732055.png - (42.83KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-45.png )

I motion for us to step back outside so we can plan without being noticed.

:glinp-happy:"We can talk to 'em, right?"
:miko2:"If it understands our languages, sure. They're aliens though, so they don't always think like you'd expect."
:glinp-happy:"What do they eat?" Miko shrugs.
:miko2:"Anything they Bust Out of. Doesn't matter what it's made of, the Blocky breaks it into shards, and those just get sucked right into the mouth if they touch it. Shloomp." She makes a motion of her fingers going against her pursed lips.
:glinp-happy:"Whoa. I wish I could do that!"
:miko2:"Hah yeah I know, right?"

Could it really be that simple??
:glinp-happy:"OK so the most obvious thing to do is for me to aggro the Blocky, Super Jump up to that tile, and then get outta the way and use my disguise power so it doesn't notice me when it comes back out!" I make some hand motions that don't entirely fit.
:miko2:"That seems like an alright plan... buuut how do we get whatever's behind or inside the tile? We don't want the Blocky to Bust Out of that too, and they can't back up or move their tails. They just extend forward until they die. And the face gets bigger the longer they get, so you gotta watch out for that too."
:glinp-happy:"Then maybe I can steer it instead! Somehow."
:miko2:"Lemme try. I've got better traction and a wider grip." I agree, we go back in, and she climbs up onto it.
:genericnpc:"mMM mm MmM!" Squeaky noises from the Blocky!
:miko2:"Hey buddy why don't you WHOA!"
:genericnpc:"mmmmMMMMM!" It u-turns up and Miko hops off, losing a toenail when the Blocky's face touches it!


Back to before I suggested steering it.
:glinp-happy:"Leave it to me!" I don't have a plan for after the Blocky Busts Out of the tile, but maybe I'll come up with one! We go inside and I Super Jump to the ledge.
:genericnpc:"mm mMMm!" The sound gets his attention!
:glinp-happy:"Hey you should come and Bust Out of me wouldn't that be cool??"
:genericnpc:"MMMmmm!" Its face zooms toward me and I drop out of the way and turn into a rock!
I get showered in rock fragments! It comes back out to the right of the niche and heads for the exit.

The tile's deffo busted. But how do we get our spoils, if they didn't get busted too?
No. 856436 ID: 3ce125

Can you just slice off the tail?
No. 856445 ID: f5c698

I guess you have to kill it now, if that didn't destroy whatever was inside. Miko will have to do it while you're disguised or out of the room, hopefully limiting damage to her. Disguise should turn any damage done to you into disorientation.
No. 856787 ID: 7fd053
File 151534645758.png - (61.12KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-46d.png )

Any damage makes the whole thing explode, far as I know.

:glinp-happy:"Well uh... CAN you kill it? 'cause I've got this Slow spell bullet now, and that oughtta give us a little time to not die from the shards." I say when I think it's out of earshot.
:miko2:"Iiii don't know!" She takes out her sword and looks at the tip with one eye. "If you're willin' to use that spell bullet to find out, we can try!" I'm already loadin' it up.
:glinp-happy:"Let's do it!" I look around for a good spot to stand in case the slow isn't effective enough.
:miko2:"Let's go outside first." We go outside and look far a spot that's close to the Blocky's tail but where we can get somewhere it won't kill us. "When you fire, get over there and I'll try to shield ya, OK?" I nod.
:glinp-happy:"Got it!" I take aim, fire at the Blocky's tail, and run, and Miko does her super sword stab! The Blocky starts to break apart, still really fast! She turns and runs over to protect me, and takes a lot of Blocky splinters!
I hear the Slow wear off. Bits of blocky rain down. Miko's bleeding and her clothes are ruined!
:miko2:"Fuuuuuuuuck." There are still occasional pieces dropping around us, but there shouldn't be any falling on this spot. "Ugh." She picks splinters out of herself and winces. "That sucked. Erf... You okay?"
:glinp-happy:"Y-yeah but you don't look so hot..."
:miko2:"You kiddin', I feel like a damn supermodel over here. Hah. Ow. Really though there better be some goddamn treasure in there." She removes and flicks more Blocky pieces away while we go back in. We have to be careful with all the shards stuck everywhere.

Crap! The hole is full of those super-sharp Blocky pieces, and they're all stuck in the rock!
:miko2:"Haaa we shoulda seen that comin', honestly..." She plucks a piece out of her back and groans. "Let me know if you got any bright ideas. If not, eh. Win some, lose some!"
No. 856796 ID: 3abd97

Could you use the extendo-spear to poke around in that hole full of shards?

Or if the treasure got bust through, rewind and do it again, this time trying to time killing it right as it breaks the panels, but before it can break the stuff behind it.
No. 856803 ID: 91ee5f

>Miko's bleeding and her clothes are ruined!
Try not to be distracted by her near naked body. Then fail miserably and become totally distracted by her near naked body. ~~~

>Crap! The hole is full of those super-sharp Blocky pieces, and they're all stuck in the rock!
You see that little tiny bit of rock in between the 2 holes? It's all cracked and weakened from the Blocky. So maybe if you chip away at that part of the wall, it'll break away? Because if you remove that little part, there should be an empty void where the wall used to be and no Blocky shards.

And if that little hole starts to cave in when you do that, you can use the other stone tile you brought with you and put it in the hole just enough so that it keeps the hole from caving in and you can still search around in there.
No. 856812 ID: 56e50f

Take a moment to admire her body~ then help remove shards in her. After she's mostly clear, see if the item is a total lost. If so, revert to before killing it. See if you get this thing to attack you and hit it's own tail!
No. 856824 ID: f5c698


If you go for the reversion, maybe you can save Miko some pain as well. Get out of the way of the Blocky after luring it to hit the panel like you did before, but get out of the cave (using a second super jump if needed), leaving behind whichever arm is your off-hand to stab the Blocky with your spear. It's gonna suck but at least you'll be mostly combat capable and- Wait, if the cave entrance is that close to it, maybe you could leave an arm there instead? The timing will be tight either way, but it would be easier to co-ordinate.
No. 857414 ID: 7fd053
File 151554056555.png - (45.04KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-47.png )

I look at her. It'd sure be hotter without the blood!
:glinp-happy:"Need any help...?"
:miko2:"Nah, I got it. Thanks... Almost done here anyway. Nn."
:glinp-happy:"I'm gonna jump up there and check it out."
:miko2:"Careful!" I pchoing up there and hold the ledge with one arm while poking at the middle part with the butt of my spear. I manage to break it apart and push pieces out and it doesn't cave in! And there's a box! The Blocky did a curve and avoided the treasure after all. It takes some effort, but I get the box out and drop back down. "So what's in there?" I open it up.
:glinp-happy:"It's... a Lightning spell bullet and a..." I hold up some kind of... weird scissors. "What is this?"
:miko2:"Huh. That's for snipping Neumono ears! Mind if I take that one?"
:glinp-happy:"Nope, here you go!" I hand it over.
:miko2:"Alright! Got somethin' out of it after all."
:glinp-happy:" You wanna check out what else is in the cave?"
:miko2:"You know it, gal pal!"
Deeper in, we find the entrance to another chamber, which has a sign near it. It says, 'Enter, and please me quickly to claim your reward.' We step inside and there's a... map? I think?
No. 857415 ID: 7fd053
File 151554058017.png - (25.68KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-47-2.png )

No. 857416 ID: 17c2ee

Fist it.
No. 857449 ID: 91ee5f

I think you're supposed to be able to spin it. Or maybe the pieces can be pulled out and rearranged differently?

And what's with those red markings around some of those lines?
No. 857499 ID: f5c698

Try poking the large inset to the left or the round one to the lower right. Then maybe trace it around and draw a smiley face.
No. 857505 ID: 56e50f

Just.. as a test, get a little bit of Miko's blood and smear it on the map. At the very least, we got a sense of scale of the map
No. 857515 ID: 33cbe7

Trace the circular outlier slowly but sensually.
No. 857517 ID: 3abd97

Trace the grooves with your finger and see if any glowing lines appear.
No. 857671 ID: 7fd053
File 151562797532.gif - (609.13KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-48.gif )

I bump my fist against it. Two brightly glowing dots appear in side the large inset, which seem to correspond to where Miko and I are.
Can't spin it or move the pieces at all, and I don't see any red markings! There's just some kinda... wear.
:glinp-happy:"Can we smear some of your blood on this?" She has to think about it.
:miko2:"Mmmmmm... No..."
I touch the large inset on the left, and trace around the outer circle. There's more faint lighting up where my finger goes, and the floor and ceiling light up in the real-world parts too! It IS a map! Meanwhile Miko checks out the three pathways. When she walks over the areas I lit up with my finger, they glow brighter, on the map and for real!
:miko2:"Huh!" She comes back to look at the map and scratches her head.
:glinp-happy:"I wanna try to draw a smiley face on here, but I can't figure out a good way to do it." Miko stares at it for a while.
:miko2:"Maybe if... no... if you... huh..." She shrugs! "Sorry pal, I got nothin'!" Eventually, the lights fade, and there's a buzz.
Smiley face sounds promising, but how do I actually draw the thing?
No. 857682 ID: 3ce125

I think you have to draw the continuous line so that you can walk over specific parts of it that will form the image you want, while being able to walk through paths you didn't mark so that you don't make extra lines.
No. 857772 ID: 33cbe7

I think you can draw a smiley face with long vertical eyes tilted 90 degrees to the right if you use the top right and bottom channels to move inwards. If one of you didn't have to stay here, maybe you could form the eyes of the smiley.
No. 857893 ID: 7fd053
File 151571442877.gif - (346.00KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-49.gif )

I mess around with it a little. It does let me pick up my finger and continue drawing somewhere else. I also try both of us walking away from it, and it doesn't have a problem with that. Both of us can light it up.
I'll need to figure out exactly what lines I need to draw!
No. 857896 ID: 91ee5f

You said there was some kind of wear on the wall, right? Try drawing lines at all of those spots.
No. 857910 ID: 3ce125
File 151571687555.png - (102.97KB , 1024x1024 , MisterGooby.png )

Well I think I figured out part of it. It's Mister Gooby. The left side of the map has that oval-shaped part we've seen on Mister Gooby's "neck".

This image shows the general shape of Mister Gooby's body on the map, but there's probably something missing.
No. 857911 ID: f5c698
File 151571690766.png - (105.96KB , 1024x1024 , happy-face-1.png )

This is a lot of lines but give it a shot. Try without the outer circle as well, the right eye just seems off without the little brow thing.
No. 857974 ID: a03802

This looks good to me. One of you can draw the outside, and one can draw the face.
No. 857989 ID: f5c698

That might be it! I believe he had a fuse, you could try a variant with the little o at the bottom right.
No. 857999 ID: c7a0e4
File 151574466923.png - (125.43KB , 750x730 , IMG_0901.png )

I mean you could always poke it with your spear.
No. 858001 ID: c7a0e4

Also I think that kind of wear looks like erosion. Like if it has had water or some kind of liquid poured in it.

Idk it said to please them, I don’t even see them!
No. 858005 ID: a363ac

play with the balls for a bit
No. 858008 ID: a363ac

ask Miko to
No. 858088 ID: 3abd97

It is kinda made of concentric circles- can you rotate parts around the center?
No. 858108 ID: 7fd053
File 151580755277.png - (38.69KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-50.png )

Can't rotate the map! But it's possible whatever I need to draw doesn't have to be upright.
The first one is a pretty good Special Gooby. We try both of these and light up the pathways, but it's no good!
Poking it with my spear don't do nothin' neither.
I think I was onto something with the "sideways smiley face" idea before! Making it smile is like pleasing it! Maybe.
:glinp-happy:"Whoever we're supposed to be pleasing, maybe you should rub the balls."
:miko2:"Pffthb." She rolls her eyes and smiles slightly. "Wanna just give up?"
:glinp-happy:"Whaat, already!?" I don't give up so easy!
Or DO I...
No. 858111 ID: 3ce125
File 151580899595.png - (57.97KB , 1024x1024 , smile.png )

Ok let me try a smiley face. The instructions say "quickly" and this seems like a pretty quick choice of lines to run through.
No. 858157 ID: a363ac

Sometimes the solution to your problems is just around the corner lets go see if its that now.
No. 858158 ID: 6cc25a
File 151584450050.png - (39.19KB , 1024x1024 , smiley2.png )

No. 858282 ID: 7fd053
File 151590056740.png - (84.02KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-51.png )

We try this smiley face, but it doesn't work. However! Miko calls out an idea.
:miko2:"Maybe it needs the outer circle!" We return to the map, try her idea, and it does work!
There's a chime, tellin' us we did it! Yeah! When we return to the map, it's projecting a hologram of three items and askin’ us to pick one.
:glinp-happy:"A blindfold?"
:miko2:"I think it's a sleep mask. You put 'em on to block out light if it's too bright and you wanna sleep."
So we got a sleep mask, a pickaxe, and a badge with a smiley face on it, and we gotta pick one. Which one do I take?
No. 858286 ID: 3abd97

Badge with a smiley face, obviously.
No. 858289 ID: 91ee5f

Get the pickaxe. You might need it in these caves!
No. 858291 ID: 3ce125

I'd like a more educated choice but I guess we can just revert back here if we need a specific one later.

Let's try the badge first since it's more directly related to the puzzle just solved.
No. 858293 ID: 17c2ee

Take the smiley.
No. 858297 ID: a363ac

No. 858303 ID: b05f7b

Smiley badge. The blindfold would fall off your eyes anyhow.
No. 858317 ID: 33cbe7

A pickaxe. Time to mine!
No. 858323 ID: 4bee77

Grab that smily. Reminds me of the shop keep for some reason...
No. 858349 ID: e1c8f7

Smiles go for miles!
No. 858425 ID: 7fd053
File 151597657485.png - (44.97KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-52.png )

>Smiley face!
I pick the smiley face badge! The map slides into the wall, and the badge appears in the recess. I take it and hold it up.
:miko2:"Does it do anything?"
:glinp-happy:"I have no idea!" I put it on my shirt. "I can get it appraised after the mission." Since there's no more stuff here that we can see, we head back out. "Y'know I just realized something! You didn't need to use your light in there."
:miko2:"Huh, you're right."
:glinp-happy:"The magic that made those tunnels light up was probably active in other parts of the cave, just less bright."
:miko2:"Bet you're right." We reach the top section of the mountain. In the middle is LAVA! And there's a Blocky trail coming up from somewhere. Miko rolls her shoulders "Whoo. I'd hate to fall in there! Before we go on, there is one thing we missed."
:glinp-happy:"Huhhh what's that?"
:miko2:"We didn't see what's past the cave with Mister Gooby. There was more pathway there. You wanna go back and check it out, or nah?"
No. 858429 ID: a363ac

nah lets speep at this not-a-Tezakian instead.
No. 858431 ID: 56e50f

Sure, go ahead. If it turns up to be a bust, you can always revert.
No. 858432 ID: 3ce125

Yes. Let's go back.
No. 858433 ID: 9ac919

Go check that shit out. You need additional krels to buy all the shit you dont need to kick ass.

Nice vista.
That’s a huge blocky, you don’t think slicing it would tear up the mountain, do you?
No. 858439 ID: 91ee5f

>"We didn't see what's past the cave with Mister Gooby. There was more pathway there. You wanna go back and check it out, or nah?"
"Nah, let's keep going."

Then take a few steps forward, stop, turn around, and head back while saying, "Damnit, Miko, why did you have to say that! Now it's bugging me at the thought that we might've missed something! Let's go back and check it out!"

Hopefully this time, whatever weird shit was going on to make you guys see weird things and say weird things isn't going to happen again!
No. 858472 ID: f5c698

Defs go back. Get that 100% map completion!
No. 858569 ID: 33cbe7

Let's go back. Should be easier to navigate since everything exploded.
No. 858650 ID: 3abd97

Mmmmm, all right, let's make sure we didn't miss anything good!
No. 858661 ID: 7fd053
File 151606640665.png - (44.54KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-53.png )

>Go back and see what was there!
We hop across on the Roc, who seems fine with it, past all the stuff (Miko heals at the pool), through the Mister Gooby cave, which now has some concerning lava pools in it, and back out! Looks like the Goobies have stopped exploding. We can't easily go back past this, because the minefield area is mostly gone.
:glinp-happy:"Wonder how much we missed!"
:miko2:"I just hope we don't run into any more Quincy assholes." She grimaces and sticks her tongue out.
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! They've hardly had any loot on 'em!"
:miko2:"And they smell bad!"
:genericnpc:"Got that right, sweetcheeks!" It's a human on a dead tree branch! He smiles and winks. "What a shortstack! I like 'em with a lotta MEAT!"
:miko2:"Alright, it's time for you to leave!" She swings her sword at him, but her sword passes through him and she just cuts the branch! He hops off and laughs at her, while another human comes cartwheeling down the path!
:genericnpc:"Work that badonkadonk!" says the first one.
No. 858663 ID: f5c698

Maybe it's some sort of illusion? Nevertheless try your own hand at poking them, maybe the shocky part of your spear will have an effect.
No. 858665 ID: 91ee5f

Look at the top of the tree, it looks like there's horns sticking out from behind it. There's probably someone there and they're the one making the illusion of that human!
No. 858666 ID: 3abd97

>Miko heals at the pool
Yay for hotter nudity.

>her sword passes through him and she just cuts the branch
I wonder if you can only hit him on one color. Like the green parts are safe and the purple aren't, or vice versa.
No. 858799 ID: e1c8f7

Extendo-smack the cartwheeler off the side before they get their barings! Tell Miko about that thing behind the tree.
No. 858803 ID: 3ce125

I think you've got an illusionist to deal with now. Check behind the tree.
No. 858816 ID: 2fe26a

If direct attacks do not work, attack their footing, or throw the environment at them!
No. 858874 ID: 7fd053
File 151614984812.png - (55.58KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-54.png )

Yeah she looks hotter this way.

:glinp-happy:"Check for casters!"
:miko2:"On it!" I hop up to the tree. No horns here, just pieces of the inside of the tree. I do some spear swipes, but it seems like there's nothing over here.
:genericnpc:"I'm over here, dumbass! Hah!" Miko's sword passes through his green and pink parts just the same. "Shoulda known you were into penetrating, babe! What's your name?" I hop over to try my own hand at hitting him with my spear. Nope, that passes through him too!
:miko2:"Don't you ever shut up? Dammit!" The cartwheeler comes to a stop, and he does a midair swinging kick at her which she tries to block! "Agh! GEEZ!" She gets knocked back slightly and it looks like it hurt! "This guy's stronger than he looks!"
No. 858877 ID: 3ce125

Help her stab the cartwheeler, ignore the guy who appears to be nothing but a distraction.
No. 858879 ID: 7fad5d

Introduce Mr. Purple Crotch to Mr. Zappy Spear. That should disable him pretty well.
No. 858905 ID: f5c698

Maybe just focus on the guy with the mitre, the other one hasn't made attacks other than harsh words. He is unarmed other than his boots, maybe you can use the tablet to smash him in the hands or shins when he tries to attack and use some of his own strength against him.
No. 858908 ID: 91ee5f

Revert back to when you’re up on the tree branch and then just drop down on the cartwheeling guy with your spear when he kicks Miko!
No. 858962 ID: 3abd97

Double team the guy you can hit who can actually hit you. If it turns out the ghost-guy can actually hurt you and ignoring him is a bad idea, you can rewind.

Maybe pope-hat is the caster and when you kill him the other guy will poof too!
No. 859004 ID: e15801

Steal pope hat man's pope hat! the loss of his hat will will be so disconcerting that you and Miko will be able to defeat him with ease!
No. 859193 ID: 7fd053
File 151623481205.png - (48.07KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-55.png )

>Focus on mitre guy! Steal his hat!
I turn my back on ghost guy and try to get in a hit on this other guy, who I'll call Jumpy 'cause he's hoppin' around all over the place!
:miko2:"If there's casters I don't see 'em!"
:glinp-happy:"Same!" At an opportune moment, I bonk off Jumpy's hat. Couldn't steal it. Then I get hit by a big rock from behind! "OW!"
:genericnpc:"Turn around! I don't wanna lookit YOUR ass!" So ghost guy CAN move things! Well he's not a big problem yet...
:genericnpc:"Last time someone knocked off my hat, " says Jumpy as he jumps up and punches Miko's sword out of the way so it doesn't hit him, "I threw 'em off a cliff! Hey, we got one of those right here!" Guess he's aggroed to me now! He leaps toward me and grabs me and lifts me over his head! He winces when I give him the juice from my spear, and almost drops me, but not quite.
:miko2:"Oh fuck OFF!" Miko hits his ankle with her sword as he jumps up again, and he drops me, but instead of getting cut, he falls over! Meanwhile, Miko is getting pelted with rocks by ghost guy. Looks like they'd hurt, but she ignores him and goes for the kill on Jumpy. He rolls out of the way too fast!
:genericnpc:"Lol upskirt!" say Jumpy.
:genericnpc:"Damn, lucky!" says ghost perv.
No. 859198 ID: 3ce125

Dodgy fuckers. Wait for him to dodge one of Miko's attacks and try to hit him as he's dodging.
No. 859204 ID: f5c698

See if you can get Miko to press the attack on Jumpy, then get him when he comes down. Maybe with a set spear, or a distraction tf right as he'd land on you? Once he's down or hurting, you can finish him off and figure out how to beat Mr. Ghostypants.
No. 859220 ID: 94a268

Jumpy seems vulnerable to electricity! blast him with the lightning bullet! That'll show him.
No. 859225 ID: a363ac

"Miko your hot! don't let it get to you!"
No. 859231 ID: 6d1fa3

Hey, have you gored somebody with your horns?
Just revert mid jump or something, and see if you can rearyour head back into his flesh. Worst case scenario you get stuck.
No. 859236 ID: 3abd97

Actually, if we go by ghostbusters logic, maybe lighting will hurt ghost-guy where swords fail?

A funny way to surprise them might be to turn into a rock before Ghost tries to grab something to throw. If he grabs you, you can turn back and surprise him. Or you can turn back mid thrown to surprise attack Jumpy instead of hurting Miko.
No. 859241 ID: de6d84

Maybe he's immune to cuts?
Turn into a big ol' rock and try to smash ghost
No. 859244 ID: 56e50f

Ya gotta juke 'em! Feint your attacks to get him to dodge into Miko's attacks!
No. 859739 ID: 7fd053
File 151640693142.png - (47.04KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-56.png )

Ghost is gonna run outta rocks eventually, but for now Miko's takin' plenty of hits and I think she's gettin' good and mad! I don't have to tell her to press the attack. A few times, I manage to attack after he takes a blow from her, and most of my strikes then cause some damage, but not every time! Seems like her hits aren't doing a lot, but mine are... Not sure what's up with that yet.
I load up the Lightning bullet. Ghost throws a rock at me, but I think he runs out, because he takes to taunting me instead of tossing more.
:genericnpc:"Quit fiddlin' with your strapon!"
:glinp-happy:"Get back Miko!" She leaps back and I blast jumpy with some volts! He tries to hop out of the way, but it's no good against this spell!
A direct hit! He's staggered and falls over, but he's surprisingly intact! Miko's about to try and finish 'im, when ghost kicks me over me from behind!
:glinp-happy:"Oof!" I fall on my face!
:miko2:"Quit breathin' our AIR!" She's momentarily distracted, but she gets in a surprisingly good cut on jumpy before he can totally escape! She snarls.
:genericnpc:"Ghk! No~!" He's up and hoppin' around again, looking hurt but still in the fight.
:glinp-happy:"Toss me at ghost boy!" She lifts me up and hurls me at him, and I turn into... well, it's not a BIG rock, but it's bigger than the ones he was throwing at us! I hit him in the side, but something's weird... He doesn't LOOK like I hit him until a few seconds after I've landed!
No. 859741 ID: a363ac

rewind dodge the ghost hit so jumpy dies.
No. 859743 ID: f5c698

Even though you can't control what you turn into, maybe it only pulls from select stuff in the environment. Try turning into something when Jumpy comes at you, make him hurt himself on your rocky exterior or trip over you and off the side.
No. 859744 ID: 3ce125

Yeah. I think we can reasonably do that.

Also... hmm. Does this mean the "ghost" dude has time powers? He's displaced in time, maybe? You're seeing what he was doing a few seconds in the past, so it's hard to tell where he really is. Though, come to think of it, that could be done via illusion magic too.
No. 859753 ID: 56e50f

Sir Lags-o-Lot!
Use this against him, hit him as hard and quick as you can at once so when time catches up, he gets a massive damage spike and keels over
No. 859879 ID: de6d84

Revert back when you first meet them, and distract the lagger by talking how great badonkadonks are.
If he's in the same general area after a couple of seconds, Miko might get a chance to swing and hit them.
No. 859950 ID: 7fd053
File 151648873730.png - (41.59KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-57.png )

I don't even know HOW I hit him!
>revert to dodge the kick from ghost
I revert to before he kicked me, and get outta the way. Except that just makes him hit me later!
:glinp-happy:"Ack!" Well, I didn't fall on my face! I didn't see the attack, though.
:miko2:"Quit breathin' our AIR!" This time she's distracted slightly later, and gets a better hit on jumpy! But I'm getting hit by invisible blows over here!
:glinp-happy:"ooch ouch ooh!" I turn into... a very similar rock to the other time.
:genericnpc:"Aaah! No...~" Jumpy struggles to get up. What the hell, he's still TRYIN' to jump around.
THEN It looks like ghost kicks, and misses, and then kicks where I got hit! And strikes the air where I was. Weird power on this guy.
No. 859961 ID: f5c698

It does seem like we're seeing him at a delay. He probably jumped out of the way of Miko's swing and you just saw him keep standing there when she would have impacted. I assume his speech is delayed as well, but just because if it is an illusion, that would be part of the requirement to keep you from immediately noticing something is wrong.

Your fastball special did appreciable damage, so novel attacks are probably going to be best against this guy. If he can't see it coming he can't dodge, after all. But one last confirmation would probably work best. Try reverting and grabbing where his wrist would be when he hit you instead of trying to avoid it. Then stick him with zap stick, or detach your hand to mark where he really is, or both.
No. 859965 ID: 3ce125

I say just keep fighting until you get a feel for how the weird guy fights, so that you can predict where he's going to attack from without using time fuckery. Tell Miko about how the "ghost" is where he was in the past, now that it's more obvious.
No. 859968 ID: 3abd97

His power seems to be that his image and his interactions with the world are time displaced.

Like, he kicked you, right? But you didn't see him do a kick in that spot till later.

So the image of a person you see is an echo, showing you what the dude was doing, and where he was, a short while ago in the past. In the present, he's completely invisible to you, and already doing something else.

That's why the sword didn't work- Miko hit where his echo showed he was, not where he is.

To hit him, you're going to need to use rewinds to attack where you know he is, but can't see him.
No. 860051 ID: 3ce125

That would make it obvious Glinp is a time-traveler though. Better to treat him like an invisible enemy.
No. 860078 ID: 130855

Well we could do this. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what he knows if he’s dead.
No. 860155 ID: 3ce125

Miko is watching. Glinp has made it clear NOBODY can know about it.
No. 860215 ID: 7fd053
File 151657776068.png - (34.71KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-58.png )

>"ghost" is really more of an "echo"
I bet that's it, he's actually ahead of where his image shows him.
I revert to the same spot, before he kicked me. Miko's eyes are on her prey, so she won't see what I'm doin'. This time I get out of the way, grab on and detach my hand to keep track of him, and give him a spearing! I feel the spear hit, and I see my hand zip around holding nothing. Miko doesn't get distracted, and Jumpy is almost down for the count! Heck yeah, boyee! My hand falls to the ground, but I wait for not-ghost's image to catch up to him.
:miko2:"What the FUCK!" She gets sent sliding backwards from a kick from jumpy!
:glinp-happy:"No way!" What's up with this guy! I also see echo's organs are falling out, so I slit his throat and take my hand back real quick. One down!
:genericnpc:"Stop! Mercy!" Jumpy's still hoppin' gently, even though whenever he lands, it looks like it really hurts. Probably because Miko cut a big gash in his side. I'm surprised HIS organs ain't fallin' out.
If I don't say somethin', I'm sure Miko's gonna go for a kill.
No. 860217 ID: c2051e

No. 860218 ID: 3abd97

>"Stop! Mercy!"
>If I don't say somethin', I'm sure Miko's gonna go for a kill.
A Quicy cultist asking for mercy seems an unusual occurrence. Maybe you should get her to stop and see what this guy has to say for himself.

It it turns out to be a trick, you can just revert and let Miko kill him instead of offering mercy.
No. 860222 ID: 3ce125

Eh, let's see what happens. 50 bux says he tries to jump onto that incoming bird to escape.
No. 860223 ID: 3ce125

...wait a minute, Miko didn't see you grab echo's hand, but did Jumpy see it?
No. 860267 ID: 56fca5

You can always listen to what he's got to say then revert and kill him.
No. 860268 ID: 56e50f

"Give us one good reason why."
No. 860302 ID: 91ee5f

I think there’s more Rocs flying around behind him. And considering that other Roc ate the cultists you gave it, I think those Rocs back there can smell all the blood and they’re coming to eat them.

Tell him, “Nah, we won’t kill you.” then point behind him and say, “But they will.” and then shout to the Rocs, “DINNER TIME!!!!! NICE TASTY CULTISTS ARE ON THE MENU!!!!!”

.....but just in case, you can rewind and then tell Miko, “He's all yours!” And be prepared to rewind if the Roc comes and scoops her up while she’s trying to finish that guy off.
No. 860361 ID: 130855

Try stopping Miko and seeing what he does, but don't hesitate to rewind and let him die if he does anything suspicious.
No. 860381 ID: 33cbe7

It is a Quincian's dream to die a nonconsensual death, right? For once, indulge their whims by ignoring them.
No. 860570 ID: 5af70b

"You want to live? Then GET ON THE GROUND! HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!" That should stop any potential flighty tactics he's got planned. Given this is the only one who's indicated he wants to speak, it's worth seeing where this goes and reverting if tricks you.
No. 860583 ID: 7fd053
File 151666380649.png - (54.69KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-59.png )

>See what he has to say
:glinp-happy:"Hold up Miko!" I lookit the guy. "Why should we?"
:genericnpc:"Because I give up! I'll just... get out of your way!"
:miko2:"Pfffff." She swings at him and he blocks it with his hand before landing on his feet! "What are you MADE of, guy?" Doesn't look like birds are comin'... not yet anyway!
:genericnpc:"What no I'm not! I'M NOT BIRD FOOD!"
:glinp-happy:"Psst Miko your sword" Miko hesitates, but wipes off her sword and puts it away. A bird swoops down and... has difficulty picking him up!? How can something that big... I got the other guy's power, but what's this guy's?
The bird lets go of him and picks the corpse one up in its mouth and flies away. It was so ginormous, the wind from its wings knocked Miko and me over, but by the time it flies away again, jumpy's dancin' away along the trail!
No. 860585 ID: c2051e

Looks like Jumpy's power has something to do with inertia or such. Probably why he's always keeping in motion. Revert and kill him.
No. 860630 ID: 91ee5f

Well, that didn’t work.

Guess you should just rewind and then let Miko kill him.
No. 860632 ID: 3ce125

I think he has control over literal inertia. When he's in motion it's easy for him to stay in motion, but when he's still it's hard for him to move and be moved (and be cut).
No. 860651 ID: 56e50f

Screw 'em! If he proves to be a problem later, we can come back to this point and finish him off. Onwards!
No. 860708 ID: 130855

Why don't we revert the bird food bit and just go past him? Right now he's gonna go get healed up and be a pain later down the line, whereas if we leave him, at least he won't be angry next time we meet him.
No. 860720 ID: 3ce125

Yeah I'm leaning towards fully sparing his life instead of trying to get him killed by the bird. I mean are ALL Quincy cultists really so bad you should kill on sight?

Worst thing that can happen is he does something annoying to you later and you have to rewind back here to kill him.
No. 861070 ID: 7fd053
File 151675423469.png - (28.52KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-60.png )

Maybe not ALL of 'em...

>Revert the bird-feeding attempt and let him go


:genericnpc:"Because I give up! I'll just... get out of your way!"
:glinp-happy:"I'm feelin' generous, how about you?"
:miko2:"Not really..."
:glinp-happy:"Wellll can we let 'im go free anyway?" She leans her weapon on her shoulder.
:miko2:"Eh... I guess... but if he attacks us later, it's your fault!" I agree!
:genericnpc:"Thanks! I'll just get out of your hair! Thank you!" He grabs his hat and hops past us into the cave. Just like that!

Onward we go, until we find where that big Blocky we saw at the top is comin' out of the mountain. Just poppin' out the side. We have to step under it to continue. Not far past that, there's a big pool of lava, a puzzle on the wall, and a sign saying,
"Press the right buttons in the right order, and the lava will be released."

There are also some gooby egg sacs here.
No. 861080 ID: c2051e

Let's see what the egg sacs do when you chuck them in lava or at walls.
No. 861082 ID: 3ce125

What's that in the lava? Looks like it has eyes.

...the puzzle is tricky since there are two buttons with three dots on them, and no buttons with two dots. Orientation must be important somehow... It almost looks like a math problem since the X button could be multiplication and the - subtraction... but we don't know what number we're aiming for. Is that long flat bit a button?
No. 861128 ID: 3abd97

Mash all the buttons see what happens.
No. 861131 ID: 91ee5f

I wonder if it’s literally just pushing the buttons on the right side in the correct order?
No. 861210 ID: c877f0

Damn. We could of fed that beast a fresh body.

I say press something and see what happens.
No. 861213 ID: 3ce125

Well if it's the buttons on the right side... just try pushing them from the top down.
No. 861400 ID: f5c698

Try a quick revert and tell the Quincian you'll let him go if he gives you a hint about whatever's coming next. Miko does have a point, you're not getting anything out of showing him mercy
No. 861453 ID: 7fd053
File 151683622045.png - (47.53KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-61.png )

:glinp-happy:"Hey Miko, whaddya think this guy is?"
:miko2:"Uh... Hm." She looks at it from a few angles. It blows bubbles in the lava. "Dunno!"

I pick an egg sac off a crater on the wall. It's squishy and fibery! I toss it in the lava. I think it's fireproof. It just sinks. I take another one and toss it at the wall. Nothin' special happens!

Maybe if it was in English, but the sign's in Stirian! We don't have that ambiguity.

>Press buttons and see what happens
I mash buttons! The round button on the right resets the puzzle. The solution is not a combination of only the ones on the right, and it ain’t all of ‘em at the same time.
:miko2:"Are you just guessin'?"
No. 861454 ID: c2051e

"I have a plan!" Scream death threats and sexual favors until someone makes you stop.
No. 861463 ID: 3ce125

Just throwing guesses out there now:
dot, X, three dots in a triangle.
No. 861472 ID: 56e50f

Dot, X, three dots in a line, four dots
No. 861474 ID: f5c698

Without significant feedback this is going to take some trying. OK, so the instructions imply that not all the buttons should be depressed for a proper solution. Thus we can eliminate 6 button configs. For the same reason, we should also assume 1 button is not a correct solution, putting the combos between 2 and 5 buttons. While the 2 button config is easiest to check, it's also the least likely out of the remaining solutions, as it's the easiest to break without knowing the real answer (30 potential combos if you want to check anywho). 3-5 seems like the right number of presses because that's enough for the beginning of an equation. The gooby eggs are also in the same orientation as the lower right button, might be a coincidence though.

If we take this as a math problem, we're either aiming for a solution on the buttons or not. If we assume both the multiplication and subtraction functions are used, that's 5 buttons at minimum. However, the order is also important, which makes me question if we need to do something like use the middle two buttons in some order to make a division sign in combination with each other or something else or on its own via a fraction, numerator over denominator. Glinp thinks it looks like a math problem, but very little else about it seems like one. The two expressions of 3 dots are in a different orientation, either to denote a difference of value between the two or because they're graphics that aren't necessarily numbers. The lowest row looks like a pattern of counting but the middle left button doesn't follow the same rules. On top of that there's no equality sign, unless that's implied by the last press.

Alright, enough theorycrafting for today, time for some informed guesses. I'll number the buttons from top left descending to bottom right:
1, 2,
3, 4,
5, 6.

5, 4, 6, 2 (4-3=1)
5, 4, 3, 2 (" with other 3 dot)
5, 4, 2, 6 (4-1=3)
5, 4, 2, 3 (")
6, 4, 3 (3-3 =0, no 0 or = symbol on the board)
3, 4, 6 (")

6, 1, 5 (3x4 = 12)
6, 1, 3 (")
3, 4, 1 (imagining the pics on top of each other, the line eliminates the middle dot, 1/1 = 1)
2, 6, 4, 5 (Adding the dots together on one side, 4-4=0)
2, 3, 4, 5 (")
6, 1, 3 (3x3=9)
3, 1, 6 (")

Not based on math:
5, 1, 2 (all 4 dots are segmented by the X)
2, 1, 5 (The dot is overwritten and expands into 4 endpoints)
6, 1, 2 (May also cross out all 3 dots leaving 1 symbol.)
5, 4, 1 (If you connect 4 points with lines, you get an X... Kinda?)
No. 861522 ID: 3ce125

...can you press one button more than once during the sequence?
No. 861844 ID: 7fd053
File 151692765747.png - (52.24KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-62.png )



:genericnpc:"Because I give up! I'll just... get out of your way!"
:glinp-happy:"How's about you give us a hint about what's coming up, hmmm?"
:genericnpc:"I think Josh-chan knew, but you killed him." He points to ghosty's corpse. "It's a puzzle where you push buttons, I think it's something about uh... death? Iiii really don't know..."
:glinp-happy:"I dunno if that's gonna be helpful but I'm feelin' generous, how about you?" The rest goes the same as last time, up until the egg sacs. I leave 'em where they are.

Somethin' about death, huh...

Just in case, I try a handful of these.
:miko2:"Are you just guessin'?"
:glinp-happy:"Not... blindly..."
:miko2:"Let's look around an' see if there's anything else." Well, there's a gooby hive down on the side over here.
And a Special Gooby came out!
:glinp-happy:"Eek a Gooby! Let's hope it doesn't come up to say hi!"
:miko2:"Yeah, or we'll be sayin' bye to our asses." She pulls me away from the edge.

Can't press 'em more than once.
No. 861847 ID: 3ce125

The buttons look like faces of a die. Maybe that's what the guy was talking about, not "death" but "die".

The single dot and the three vertical dots are ones you would find on a D6. The other ones are not. Just try dot, three-vertical-dot?
No. 861850 ID: 91ee5f

>The other ones are not.
Actually, the 4 dots are also on a D6.

So it might be: dot, three-vertical-dot, four dot.
No. 861855 ID: 3ce125

I've never seen a D6 where the "four" side had dots aligned with the sides instead of the corners.
No. 861860 ID: 91ee5f

The same could be said about the 3 dots, since they’re vertical with the sides, instead of diagonal with the corners.

They’re just rotated differently here in this puzzle.
No. 861873 ID: e1c8f7

me too Glinp

see if you can jump past and scout if there's anything worth grabbing.
No. 862324 ID: 3abd97

Maybe you should try talking to or interacting with the lava fish. Maybe it knows a clue!
No. 862382 ID: 7fd053
File 151708480770.png - (47.41KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-63.png )

He was speakin' English so that could be!

:glinp-happy:”Hey little lava dude, you got any hints for me?” It starts blowing tiny bubbles, swims around for a while, and blows one big bubble until it pops. “Oh ok thanks buddy.”

:glinp-happy:"I'm gonna jump over and scout it out."
:miko2:"Arrite, I'll try not to get exploded."
I do a brief wall dash and land on the other side. Whew, that kinda... took a lot outta me. I catch my breath before continuing.

Before long I come across another QC, and a regular Gooby. You can tell it’s not gonna turn into a hive, ‘cause it doesn’t look like it has an X through it. It’s just a little black dot flyin’ around.

I ignore the Gooby for now, which would be stupid if I didn’t have the powers to get around dyin’! But this guy is also ignoring it.
:genericnpc:"So you got past the life puzzle or whatever, huh?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah... but I just jumped over it. What's the solution anyway?" He looks at my legs and then back up at my face.
:genericnpc:"Pff. Not tellin'." The Gooby flies away. I move on, and he doesn't stop me. There's a climb, and not long after there's the top! So if there's anything to gain from solvin' the puzzle, I guess it'll give it to you when you solve it.
No. 862407 ID: 3ce125

...hmm. What other gooby eggs have we seen? The nest in the puzzle room had a triangle of three dots, just like the button. This nest has three in a row, just like the button.
No. 862408 ID: 3ce125

OH! Maybe the puzzle has to do with the life cycle of the gooby? The X button might represent a Special Gooby.
No. 862412 ID: 9d4af9

Revert to when you jumped over the wall and try talking to this QC like you solved the puzzle. People always give more information when they think you already know.
No. 862425 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you revert so that you’re not tired.

That makes sense, let’s try that!
No. 862467 ID: 2381ca

Try bottom 3 dots, 1 dot, X, middle 3 dots
No. 862699 ID: 3abd97

You could try rewinding and bluffing that you did solve the life puzzle. Did he too? If he thinks you solved it, you might be able to get him to let something slip that might help.
No. 862746 ID: 56e50f

Alwll those gooby eggs seem to be matching the patterns on those buttons. Hm..
No. 862760 ID: 33b44e

>"Pff. Not tellin'."
Would a blowjob change your mind?
No. 862820 ID: 997217

Bluff about solving the puzzle on a revert
No. 863023 ID: b15da4

The solution is to dunk the chameleon in the lava.
No. 863078 ID: 7fd053
File 151726855612.png - (36.13KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-64.png )

Maaan I ain't offerin' no Quincy followers a blowjob!

I also don't really wanna get splashed in lava when I try to dunk a heavy person in it! Which would probably happen.

>Puzzle is related to Goobies and their life cycle?
Maybe that's the key! I just need to think of how that translates into the order of the buttons.



Back to before I answered the guy's question.
:glinp-happy:"Sure did! Boy that was easy."
:genericnpc:"Oh, is it? I had Josh-kun solve it for me." Dangit. He doesn't look at me with either of his eyes.



Back to before jumping over the puzzle. This solution doesn't do it, but the Gooby idea sure looks promising!
No. 863089 ID: 56e50f

Try X, Triangle dots, then three line dots
No. 863094 ID: 3ce125

It's traditional to start with the egg first.
Three triangle dots, three dots in a line, X.
No. 863108 ID: f5c698


No. 863371 ID: 7fd053
File 151735452849.png - (87.17KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-65.png )

I put this one in, and it seems like nothing happens, but before I press the reset button, it dings! And then the lava is all released from the pool... onto me.

The pool opened on my side, and on the opposite side, but not on the side that would drop it off the path, so gravity took it to us. It flowed surprisingly fast! I actually got swept pretty far before I died. At least I died quick too...

Some kinda prize did drop after the pool emptied. Wonder how I can get it without deep-fryin' Miko or me…

Wait, whaaaat I have a future save available. Lemme see here.


I’m standing here, naked. Not much time has passed. My corpse is over yonder, with Miko’s.

Why’d I get resurrected a couple minutes after dying here??
No. 863374 ID: 3abd97

Maybe that's the prize for the "life" puzzle? It gives you one free revive.

Well the obvious thing to do is go back in time to before Miko died. (Really hoping whatever magic rezzed you didn't break your ability to go back before you died).

One obvious solution would be to detach an arm and leave it on the ledge to push the buttons while you flee to a save distance before pushing the button.

Buuuuuut, since you already can rewind time, that free 1-up would be a lot more useful if Miko got it! Maybe have her push the buttons at range with the extendo spear and then run like hell from the lave so your neumono friend gets a free 1-up to save her later?
No. 863375 ID: 56e50f

Glinp, now's the Time to he concerned. Are your saves corrupting?
No. 863376 ID: 3ce125

Well, look around. See if you can find whoever/whatever resurrected you. Do you have any of your items or did they all get destroyed by the lava? Maybe one of your items did it?

As for how you can avoid the lava... stand on the little ledge under the buttons. Also state that you're a little worried that the lava will be released into the room so Miko should find a safe spot too. (I was but didn't say anything, it's not REALLY time-cheating to say that)
No. 863378 ID: 91ee5f

.....to be honest, we really should’ve seen that coming, since the puzzle even said, “the lava will be released."

>Miko dead.
Nope, nope, noooooope!!!!!

Rewind and before you solve the puzzle, tell Miko where to stand and explain why she should stand there and how you don’t know how the lava is going to be released, but you think gravity will pull it certain ways that won’t be in the spot you’re telling her to stand. There’s a few second delay when you solve the puzzle, which should be more than enough time to move over to the safe spot.

>Why’d I get resurrected a couple minutes after dying here??
You were probably holding an item that’s supposed to revive you if you get killed while holding it.
No. 863380 ID: 3abd97

>You were probably holding an item that’s supposed to revive you if you get killed while holding it.
Oh yeah, that might be what the smiley face does. You'd have to rewind and kill yourself holding just it to be sure.
No. 863387 ID: 322de7

Much as I hate to suggest the use of the last freeze grenade on not a boss, it seems necessary in this case. If this is magma-temp rock it actually flows faster than water can, meaning you can't outrun it, at least not without some kind of time dilation or speed boost unless you cool it down. Reccomend trying that before you re-solve the puzzle. We do want to see if anything spooky happens in the future-time or whatnot, as if this isn't an extra life you may have some kind of temporal threat to be aware of.

When you go back, try the solution in >>863094 to see if burny liquid death gets released the other way, it might even give a different prize, though a 1-man is pretty tough to compete with. As you can't lift Miko, you might want to boost her up and have her stab her sword into the wall to avoid it. Doubtful that will work though, as the air coming off of molten rock is hot enough to cook you by its proximity. If the Quincian on the other side had a strong motorized fan, he could in fact be hurting you right now with it.

Plus, if there's multiple solutions, maybe multiple rewards are a thing? Maaaaybe.
No. 863407 ID: 33cbe7

I think you hatched from that egg you tossed in. Try putting in 2 next time.
No. 863486 ID: 130855

This is dangerous territory, Glinp. Revert back to before you died, maybe?
No. 863631 ID: 7fd053
File 151744465166.png - (59.98KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-66.png )

Saves are fine, as far as I can tell!

I didn't do that this time.

I look around, but there's nobody. There's 50 krels where the lava pool was, along with a note.
'Congratulations! This is the lowest-tier prize.'
That other Lizardfolk up the trail is still there of course.

>Smiley pin could be what caused resurrection, kill self to find out
Yeah... Dying suuuUUcks but that could solve the mystery! I bet I can make it quick.


I go back to before solving the puzzle.
:glinp-happy:"Hey Miko, go in the cave, I wanna try somethin'." She looks at me kinda funny.
:miko2:"Sure thing." She goes. I Super Jump off the mountain and dive headfirst to my death.
A future save is available again!


I uh... do whatever the opposite of reverting is.
I'm down where I landed, naked. My corpse is here. The smiley pin is cracked in two. So that's probably what it was!

>Try the other solution
>try running away
Definitely can't let Miko be dead! I'd pay for her resurrection, of course. But she'd still have suffered, and that's not cool. Plus she'd miss out on whatever's at the end here!


I'm before the solving again.
:glinp-happy:"I think I got it, but the way the sign's worded makes me think the lava's gonna come at us, so go back to safety and I'll come runnin'!"
:miko2:"You think you can outrun it?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! I've got a freeze grenade thing to slow the lava." She nods and heads back. I wait, then try >>863094 and run away. There's the chime! And there's the lava!! It takes the last freeze grenade and another Super Jump, but with my head start, I jump up on the Blocky soon enough to get away!
The lava rushes by, and I drop down to tell Miko it's OK to come out.
:miko2:"Whoo! You ok?"
:glinp-happy:"Yepper! I’m gonna sit here and catch my breath, but you go see what our prize is." We get the same prize as before! 50 krels and a note saying this is the lowest-tier prize.
:miko2:"Huh. I wonder what the highest-tier prize is."

I get 25 krels!

Am I ready to move on, or is there anything else I wanna try?
No. 863638 ID: f5c698

The lowest tier reward sounds bad for expending a limited resource. Wait a minute... Holy shit the line is the supersonic gooby. Does that one lead to all the others since the X for the special gooby ends it? Umm, line, three dots in a triangle, three dots in a line, X. Or line, three dots in a line, three dots in a triangle, X.
No. 863648 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, let’s move on. We’ve spent enough time on this puzzle.
No. 863654 ID: 3abd97

I think we can move on.
No. 863660 ID: 130855

Well, revert and try this I guess, but if it doesn't work we should leave. We've spent too much time on this puzzle for it to be worthwhile.
No. 863718 ID: e1ff73

>highest-tier prize
Nothing cause this puzzle was a fucking trap.
No. 863726 ID: b1b4f3

Yes try again. I'm thinking the low tier prize is when you push the right buttons but in the wrong order.
No. 863741 ID: 04290b

I say just move on. I’m also kinda curious as to what other OP powers were on those other green items.

I’m also curious about leaving an arm or other parts and reviving yourself with the future save.
You might get extra parts! (Although I doubt it)
No. 863773 ID: e1c8f7

One more try then we can move on!
No. 863881 ID: 7fd053
File 151753098874.png - (68.62KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-67.png )



These don't work!


So we're moving on!
:glinp-happy:"Same. Too bad we won't find out!"
:miko2:"So what was the deal with the puzzle?" She stretches. I'm already tryin' not to look below her neck, and now I look away!
:glinp-happy:"It was the Gooby life cycle! X for Special Gooby, triangle for the egg sac, three dots for the hive."
:miko2:"Huh, cool. Guess that's why the guy said it had to do with death. 'Cause they have to explode and die to reproduce."
We pass by the Quincy follower Lizardfolk. There's a fresh scorch mark that musta come from a recent Gooby explosion.
:genericnpc:"So you got past the life puzzle or whatever, huh?" Miko's already preparing to slice him in two! "Whoa!" He bolts up the trail. She swings and misses!
:miko2:"Get back here!" We chase him up there, but he dropped his clothes and now he's HIDIN'. "Dammit. Hey, is that the artifact?" She points to a pedestal with what looks like a statue on it, underneath the upper platform that's over half of the rim of the volcano. I squint.
:glinp-happy:"Looks like it might be!" I stride toward it, when I hear a sound...
>-chuff, chik, chok-
"What the heck is- WHOA!" A gigantic stone THING leaps up from the side and lands in our way! It crashes through the upper platform!
"Ack pthbp, dust!"
:miko2:"Hell yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!" Miko grins and draws her sword, but I'm not sure that's gonna be sufficient here!

Should I revert to the cave and check those other two items out? Maybe I'll see how this battle goes before I try that.
I didn't feel my old body when I loaded the future saves. No third legs for me!
No. 863890 ID: 766b26

Focus on the green crystal, try stabbing it with your spear, but keep moving as not to get squished.
No. 863916 ID: b1b4f3

Oh I didn't realize we were submitting solutions that update. I would've put the single dot after the three dots, because that would represent a regular gooby before it creates the hive.
No. 863917 ID: b1b4f3

Also I feel like the 1-up medal is redundant since you can already reverse your death. I'd definitely pick a different reward if I had the chance.
No. 863947 ID: 130855

What kind of bullets do you have left? My first response to big boss monsters is to blast em!

Give Miko the oneup after this mission. She's actually got a use for it.
No. 864012 ID: e1c8f7

Don't stop moving! This thing is heavy and it's standing on slopes, right? See if we can trip this thing off the side of the volcano.
No. 864126 ID: 7fd053
File 151761876934.png - (70.26KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-68.png )

Regular Goobies, the ones without the Xes, don't turn into hives. So they mark an ending point for the Gooby cycle! I'll try that real quick.


X, triangle dots, line dots, one dot, gets me the highest-tier prize! 80 krels instead of 50, so Miko and I get 40 instead of 25.
I get 15 more krels! Miko doesn't ask about the prize this time, but things go about the same otherwise.

The more I consider goin' back to check out the other prize items from the smiley puzzle, the more likely it is I'll do it!

>Stay in motion, target the crystal
For spell bullets, I got Holy and Entrapment Cube. I used the Lightning one on jumpy. Unless this is an unholy Construct, which it probably isn't, I don't think the Holy bullet would do much. But Entrapment Cube, on the other hand...
:glinp-happy:"I'll entrap it! Go for the crystal!"
:miko2:"Huh, I'll try!" I fire, and a giant blue cube surrounds the Construct, stopping it in place! That's my cue to Super Jump up there, but it takes four jumps and my electrified spear doesn't deal as much damage as I'd like! But it ain't nothin'! I have to activate the SJ again in order to land safely, but it tires me out so much I can barely move!
:glinp-happy:"Fuck! I'm exhausted!!" It's hard to do anything but lie on the ground! Miko looks over and sees.
:miko2:"Awww you crazy lizard!" She was using her sword to climb up, but she pulls it out, drops down, and comes and rolls me away before the spell wears off and the Construct can move again. It goes for a strike with its arm, but Miko blocks it with her super sword thrust! The rock fuckin' explodes everywhere, leaving the Construct with a stone stump! "Eat it, rock punk!" It steps back and pauses. It doesn't look like its arm is gonna re-form.
So maybe five Super Jumps in a row, at this point, isn't the ticket. If only the healing pool would refresh stamina too!
"Didn't bring a stamina potion?" She gives me a look. "I gotcha." She pulls out one and gives it to me. I mostly get it down the right pipe.
:glinp-happy:"Damn Miko, you're the best!" I say after I finish coughing, and stand up. She really is!
The Construct raises its other arm and points it at us, and its chest crystal starts glowing and humming. That's our cue to move, which we do, which is good because I don't think Miko can block that many projectiles GEEZ!

It's like a rock machine gun arm! It stops and the crystal goes back to normal, but now Miko and I are split up. She's closer to it.

Shoving it off the mountain might be good, if we can figure out a way to do it.
No. 864129 ID: 9b5e1e

Tell Miko to try going for one of its front legs. If she can get it to kneel, try to grab one of its arms and weigh it down on its lowered side after you get up there. When it starts to fall, SJ to safety!

Alternatively, she could try chipping away at the narrow path it's standing on to rob it of a place to stand, but that's likely to get her beat on unless you have some means of distracting it.
No. 864209 ID: 6a3436

Is it possible to go back and use Entrapment to get past it and get the artifact? What was this one again, rocket punch?
No. 864211 ID: e1c8f7

Alternatively, if we can get Miko up there, maybe she can pry the crystal out of the thing with her sword!
No. 864577 ID: 7fd053
File 151778865599.png - (60.78KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-69.png )

"Take out a front leg! Maybe we can tip it over and off the side!"
:miko2:"Need a sec to recharge, but good plan!" She tries to stay far enough that it can't step on her, but that makes it use the gatling rock gun again, which it manages to nick her with! "Ah!" She runs closer and jabs into its right (our left) ankle, obliterating it! "I can't do that many more times!" She says as she jumps back and it wobbles. That's my cue to get in close and jump on the arm she busted up! It takes three Super Jumps, and then... It shakes me off and I go sailing into the lava pit! I don't weigh much compared to that thing...

That would be great! If she doesn't get tossed into the lava...


I revert to before I suggested takin' out the leg.
:glinp-happy:"Let's go for the crystal again! Maybe you can dig it out!"
She leaps up and starts climbin' its leg. Meanwhile I try to distract it by hootin' and hollerin' and jumpin' up, myself!
:glinp-happy:"Hey headless! I'm gonna poke yer crystal again! How d'ya like that!" Thanks to the potion, several super jumps in a row ain't so hard on me!
Spear's still not too effective, but I was mostly aimin' to distract it. It swipes me away, but I Super Jump off its arm and land safely! Six SJs. Miko tries to dig her sword in next to the crystal, but some kinda barrier pops up and deflects it! She makes a super strike a little farther out, and that takes a big chunk out of its chest!
:glinp-happy:"Go Mikoooo!" The Construct reels back and almost trips.
:miko2:"YEAH! UNH-OOFH." She doesn't stick the landing too good, but she seems to be OK. "I can't do that many more times!" The crystal glows and hums again, and it... doesn't look like it's aimin' anywhere really??

The artifact will give me a Fireball ability! Prob'ly not too good against this guy. He's not lookin' so flammable.

What now?
No. 864655 ID: f5c698

Try wedging your spear in one of its leg joints, then use your disguise power when it goes to swipe at you. That should pin it down enough for Miko to smack the crystal.
No. 864776 ID: c2051e

Try and see if you can blind the crystal with some of the loose dirt. It has to perceive its surroundings somehow.
No. 864778 ID: 3d2d5f

>The artifact will give me a Fireball ability! >Prob'ly not too good against this guy. He's not lookin' so flammable.
Too bad it doesn't make you fireproof, then Miko could tackle him into the lava or something.

Also too bad there's no breakable stone bridges to lure it onto, the ground looks pretty sturdy.

>The crystal glows and hums again, and it... doesn't look like it's aimin' anywhere really??
Maybe it's preparing for an AOE attack? If you're lucky, it's vulnerable while charging!
No. 864901 ID: b4102f

Go for the gun arm! Once we get that down, it doesn't have any more ranged attacks!
No. 864978 ID: e1c8f7

True! That's it's main ranged offense. Take that out and you will have room to breathe
No. 865054 ID: de6d84

Is it building power? While it's vulnerable, go for it's arm
No. 865271 ID: 7fd053
File 151796470884.png - (41.90KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-70.png )

>Take out the gun arm while it's charging
:glinp-happy:"Go for the gun arm!" Miko tries to climb a leg again, but it rears up and almost tramples her! She runs under part of the upper platform that wasn't destroyed, and it brings that down. She narrowly escapes. Having gathered some loose dirt, I jump up on that platform just before it's gets destroyed, and leap from there to a leg joint to stick my spear in. Then I toss dirt to blind it! I can't tell if it works, and I get bashed in midair! However, I turned into a piece of rubble first, which gets busted to bits from the bashing. My spear gets crunched by the knee and clatters next to me. The crystal continues charging, until a bolt of green lightning shoots out of it! It disperses into the cloud of dirt and gets redirected into the ground! So my rock dirt trick was useful for somethin'!

OK, so I'm gonna revert to get my spear back and not have to recover from getting knocked to pieces. I've tried a few ideas here, and they're pretty good, but maybe I should combine 'em somehow. If we just had some bigger guns... Or a better way to get up to that crystal. Maybe there's somethin' from earlier that I can go grab to use against this guy?
No. 865275 ID: 3abd97

>Maybe there's somethin' from earlier that I can go grab to use against this guy?
Could you weaponize some goobies against him?
No. 865279 ID: b1b4f3

Try outrunning it, getting behind it and going up its back instead of its front.
No. 865732 ID: e1c8f7

You know what works well against rocks? Pickaxes. We should go back and see if that other prize will help us
No. 865900 ID: b2cabe

To go back to an earlier idea, maybe revert and have Miko chop at the ground on either side of the pathway it was on in >>864126? Due to its stance, bet it'd have trouble standing there if she turned that stone into a slope. You can help by jumping on its back to distract it, but try to jump clear before it falls or shakes you off.
No. 865917 ID: 7fd053
File 151813607745.png - (67.95KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-71.png )

The pickaxe could be more useful than this pin! Neat as the pin is.


I revert to when I was choosin' from the items in the cave, and select the pickaxe. The map slides into the wall, and the pickaxe appears in the recess. I take it and turn into a Dwarf!
:miko2:"WHAT the hell!"
:glinp-happy:"Ack!" I drop the pickaxe and immediately turn back.
>-poof, clatter-
:miko2:"Hahah, that... sure is a prize."
:miko2:"Here, try these gloves." She fishes a pair of gloves out of her pack and tosses 'em to me. Wearin' 'em puts into perspective how small my hands are compared to hers! "They're magic-insulated." I pick up the axe with a bit of difficulty, swing it at a wall to make sure it functions as a pickaxe (which it does), add it to my inventory, and toss the gloves back to Miko. I don't transform when I use the gloves!
:glinp-happy:"Spiffy! Thanks!"
:miko2:"No problem. I hope that uh, works out for you."
:glinp-happy:"I'm already concoctin' schemes!" I rub my hands together.
From there, I repeat my steps until we get back to the spot I reverted to before.

Goobies! Of course! It's a dangerous ploy, but excessive force might be just the force I need!
:glinp-happy:"I'm gonna grab a Gooby hive and toss it at the boss! Don't try to climb it or it might shake you into the lava!"
:miko2:"HAH! Fuck! OK!" I run back and get the hive while she distracts it from me.
>-blip, blip... blip-
A few of 'em come out of the hive as I run, holding it behind me.
:glinp-happy:"AAAAAAAAAAA RUN BEHIND IT AAAAAA" I yell as I run at the Construct! Miko weaves between its legs and I toss the hive up at the crystal before following her!
This part of the rim basically turns into a mini-apocalypse as disturbed Goobies sprinkle out and detonate everywhere! Miko and I touch the artifact and bolt for the other side! An explosion knocks the artifact off the pedestal, but that ain't our problem! What IS our problem is the flying debris and lava rain peltin' us! It deals considerable damage, while the Construct flails around and gets flavor blasted. It's a decent tradeoff! Kinda hurts though!!

The Construct turns to us and charges up! We can technically leave now, but I'm sure Miko wants to finish the fight, and there could be some loot after too. We're in the final stretch now! So how do we finish off the boss, avoid explodin' along with it, and collect the loot?
No. 865928 ID: c2051e

Prize the crystal out?
No. 865932 ID: b1b4f3

Try turning into a dwarf to hit the boss with the pickaxe! Miko can boost off you to get onto the boss's back, then you can like, superjump up there yourself and start mining.
No. 865980 ID: 3abd97

Toss the pickaxe at the boss so it catches it, then Miko stabs the surprised dwarf who's not a big stone crystal golem in the face.
No. 865989 ID: 0d45a9

Strike the earth! Dig deep and greedily! (The earth in this case is the golem.)
No. 866007 ID: 66b5eb

What power did you get? It was fireball or something, right?

This is a good plan. Once you mine the shit out of this construct thing, the only step left is to get back to town and get super wasted :3
No. 866027 ID: 91ee5f

>Miko and I touch the artifact and bolt for the other side!
So both of you can shoot fireballs now, right?
No. 866085 ID: e1c8f7

Mine that crystal right off it's face!
No. 866208 ID: 7fd053
File 151822102001.png - (47.28KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-72.png )

I don't think it has hands!

>Both can shoot fireballs now?
Miko and I both touched the artifact. Now I can shoot fireballs outta my mouth! The distance depends how much I put into it, but it stays as a ball until it dissipates or hits somethin'. In addition to being fire, the fireballs have some force behind 'em, so I can use 'em to knock over light objects. Like the Super Jump, It takes some energy. It's like usin' a muscle. That means I'll have to distribute how I use those powers.

>Dig out the crystal with the pickaxe
I tell Miko this plan. We go for it! But first, a Supersonic Gooby speeds across the volcanotop and shatters the Blocky. Poor thing! Lucky we're far enough away that the pieces don't hit us. I equip the pickaxe and poof into a Dwarf, we run through the fire and the flames toward the Construct, and Miko puts me on her shoulders so I can boost up onto its back! After I land, it turns its upper body around and I discover that I can't get the pickaxe too close to the crystal, 'cause there's a barrier just like when Miko couldn't get her sword too close!
:glinp-happy:"What gives!" It starts chargin' up again, but I brought some dirt just in case, so I toss some, and wait for it to discharge green lightning into the dirt! Then I chip away around the crystal. I can hear angry Goobies still flyin' every which way, still blowing the crap out of everything!
:miko2:"GLINP! (cough) IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!" Miko starts to back away. She's right! We still have the Gooby problem! I'm makin' headway here, but we gotta be alive to get out with the goods.

Let's see, what do I know about Goobies... They start out all calm, then when they hit something solid they go crazy, and then next solid thing they touch, blammo! Liquids can hold 'em, but getting wet doesn't stop 'em from flying. You can trap 'em in airtight containers 'cause they'll tend to fly toward the middle. The only container we had was the discarded potion bottle, but I doubt I could safely catch even ONE Gooby in there. Heat and shockwaves don't set 'em off. I think that's about it...
No. 866270 ID: c2051e

If they tend to fly towards the middle, can you just get down and crawl out? If you need to be more proactive, maybe hurl individual krels in their flight paths.
No. 866415 ID: 85f8f7

Break away and ask Miko how much she wants this thing dead. It's getting hectic in here even without this thing!
No. 866469 ID: 3abd97

Super Jump and Fire Ball Breathing draw from the same pool of power? That's annoying. Hmmm. If you detach your head, is it light enough to fly by shooting fireballs?

>Heat and shockwaves don't set 'em off.
Does that mean you can knock goobies away from you with fireballs safely?
No. 866538 ID: 9d4af9

This construct thing needs to worry about goobies a lot more than you do. Super jump to safety and take cover!
No. 866672 ID: 7fd053
File 151839654436.png - (71.21KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-73.png )

They fly towards the middle of closed containers.

I'll have to see if I can propel my head with fireballs another time! It doesn't make me resistant to fire, so I'd hafta be careful...
I like my chances of knockin' Goobies away with fireballs more than using krels!

:glinp-happy:"Down the side!" I test out the Fireball power's Gooby-knocking abilities, and it seems to work really well! The fireballs sweep 'em away a pretty good distance before dissipating. Miko picks up on the idea and we fire breath our way to safety together!
>-Fwakoosh! Shablam! Kadoong! Rrrrrrumble!-
We head for the healing spring and chill out there until the explosions stop.

Once it feels safe, we investigate what's left of the rim. Lava's seeping outta every place, there's pools splashed everywhere, the Construct is dead, that Quincy Lizardfolk is scattered around, there's hardly any place to stand... And there's something shiny in the crystal rubble! I Super Jump to it and bring it back to Miko. It's a Dispel spell bullet and a whole cooked chicken.
:miko2:"Thanks, Ereku-sama," says Miko, tearing off a leg. "You want any, Glinp?" She points it at me.
:glinp-happy:"Yeah sure," I say, and take it. Good stuff! We eat it together, while the Volcano's rumblings get more violent. Then Miko has a suggestion.
:miko2:"Feels like it's gonna blow soon. Whattaya say we leap off the top, and warp back in midair?"
:glinp-happy:"I say YEAH!" She tells me to climb on her back, and I do it. She tells me to hold on tight, and boy do I!
:miko2:"Here we GO!" She runs to the edge and LAUNCHES us with her sword and spreads out her arms! "Woohoooo!"
:glinp-happy:"YEAHHHHH!" We don't have much time, but for a moment, it's like we're flyin'~

We warp back for a pair of full heals. Another smashing success! We fistbump and congratulate each other on a job well done. I make sure Miko knows she was kickass. She's not comin' with me, so I might not see her again before I smash Zorgonok's stupid skull in. His skull that might also be his face now.


Anything else I should say to her before I go back to the tavern allll alone?
No. 866705 ID: 56e50f

Remind her that that she's the best partner you've ever worked with. Go ahead and ask her if she has the time to extend your partnership until tomorrow morning?
No. 866718 ID: 91ee5f

>She tells me to hold on tight, and boy do I!
You were holding onto her boobs weren’t you?

>She's not comin' with me, so I might not see her again before I smash Zorgonok's stupid skull in. His skull that might also be his face now.
Who is that guy and why do you want to do that to him?

>Anything else I should say to her before I go back to the tavern allll alone?
Maybe joke with her about how you’re glad her clothes got shredded because that let you get a good look at her hot body for the rest of the mission!
No. 866753 ID: b055fc

Try Ctrl-F.
No. 866759 ID: 3abd97

You should pass her the pickaxe to see if it always makes the same dorf or if it makes a girl dorf or if girl dorfs even look any different.

Now what, do you guys go get drunk and celebrate lighting drinks on fire with your breath? Do we beat up any cops that try to arrest Miko for indecent exposure? Do you say fuck it and fuck?
No. 866770 ID: 91ee5f

What’s that supposed to do?

Also, touch screens don’t have a ctrl button.
No. 866778 ID: 66b5eb

Winner Winner Chicken Snack!

What an interesting suggestion~ Taverns are never good places to go alone... Who knows what could happen?
No. 866787 ID: 91ee5f

Of course, you could always do the same thing you did with Irib and lewd the neumono!

You just have to convince Miko to have victory sex with you!
No. 866925 ID: b1b4f3

Are you not familiar with the Find tool?
No. 866977 ID: b2cabe

Tell her even when you're not leaping off of a volcano, she makes you feel like you're flying.
No. 866994 ID: 7fd053
File 151848657510.png - (59.40KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-74.png )

"Wanna try holding the pickaxe and see what it does to ya?"
:miko2:"Sure, why not." I give it to her and we exchange being dwarves. She's a different dwarf than I was, but I can't tell if she looks like a girl one. She looks at herself in a mirror. "Weird!" She flexes. "Here you go." She hands it back to me.
I'll be havin' a drink, but if I do light anything on fire at the tavern... Jozi would probs choke me out before I can get out a flame, actually! Dunno what Miko's plans are exactly, but she's not comin'.

I only touched the boobies a little!
I already had my inner spiel to myself about that jerk earlier. >>847569
:glinp-happy:"Too bad about your clothes, but it sure was nice to get a lookit yer body..."
:miko2:"Heheh... Thanks! They'll regenerate eventually. That was some crazy dangerous shit you pulled back there! You got some wild ideas about problem solvin'."
:glinp-happy:"Thanks!" She rubs my head and chuckles toothily.

>Victory sex?
"Y'know, even when we're not leaping off of a volcano, you make you feel like I'm flyin'! Before we part, what'cha think about havin' some victory fuckin'?"
:miko2:"Haha! Good line there~ Hmmm..." She looks me up and down. "Sorry, I was kinda lookin' to wind down. I might consider it another time, though." She picks me up and gives me a big hug, deliberately gettin' my head between her big boobs. Yeeee~. I wrap my arms around her.

:glinp-happy:"Ahhhhh~" We let go and I step back. "Dang that was really nice..."
:miko2:"Hehehe. Damn straight it was! Sorry to disappoint ya 'bout the sex, but I gotta do my own thing."
:glinp-happy:"It's all good! I know how it is. Where you gonna go?"
:miko2:"Eh, just back to my hive for some loafin' around. Good luck on yer adventures!"
:glinp-happy:"Thanks, and have fun!" We wave and go our separate ways.

:jozi:"Hey, Glinp." Hey wait a sec, she's got pink splotches all over!
:glinp-happy:"Don't tell me you've fallen in with a Quincy crowd!"
:jozi:"Pff, this?" She displays her hand and turns it around. "No, there was a paint explosion while I was on my lunch break." She shakes her head. "It's some serious stuff, too. Haven't had time to get it off yet."
:glinp-happy:"Wow that's a pain!"
:jozi:"It fuckin' iiiis. So what'd you get? You got a new power, right?"
:glinp-happy:"I can spit fireballs! Wanna see?"
:jozi:"Sure! Just point yourself away from our establishment." I turn away and spit a Fireball into the air!
It gets pretty far before it dissipates.
:jozi:"Nice." She gives a thumbs-up "You get that money yet?"
:glinp-happy:"Noooot yet! I'm reeeal close!"
:jozi:"Mhm. Then head in and do your thing." I go in.

Let's see who we got this time...
A Shady Character (looks like a shadow creature of some kind? Not sure what powers this one's got)
Ro again, sittin' across from that guy (different kind of shadow creature, shaped like a shark man. I may wanna prove my capability to him after he doubted me earlier!)
A Goblin (magic user, shorter than me, much bouncier too!)

Who do I approach first?
No. 866996 ID: a363ac

go sell stuff and make money.
No. 867008 ID: 66b5eb

This! You might finally be able to hire Josie! Tozzle time!

Then you should slide into the booth across from the shady guy and say some kind of cliche line that shady people say in bars.
No. 867037 ID: 3abd97

Hey wait before we go finding a new person for out next artifact run, we should celebrate and do stupid fun stuff tonight.

Anything cool you can do hanging out with Jozi? You don't need to buy her off to hang out. Tozol-firebreath drinking games? Tozols like guns, see what the dildo turkey gun can do? We need to do some crazy dumb things with powers for fun.
No. 867050 ID: 689e8d

Talk to everyone first then go sell some shit.
I like the goblin, she might not be suitable for a adventure partner but she may be up with for a quick fling.
Is thinking that raciest?
No. 867075 ID: e1c8f7

Interview the shadow man! Tell Jozi you might sell some shiz and will be even closer to paying her back.
No. 867119 ID: 78e361

Ask the goblin girl what she's all about.
No. 867386 ID: 9230a6

Ro, the shark shadow man, regale him with your crazy risky escapades!
No. 867610 ID: 7fd053
File 151865196048.png - (48.15KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-75.png )

I'll talk to folks first - I have one more mission after the Fist Temple, and if I recruit Josie for this one, I don't think I'll get enough money to take her on the final one. Gotta weigh my options here!

What am I celebrating? My newfound firepower? I guess I could do a little somethin' before my second-to-last mission...
Jozi works here. I need to buy her off because if she's out gallivantin' with me, she doesn't get the money for workin'!

>Goblin first!
I look over at the Goblin. She waves me over!
:kleem:"Heya stranger! You got a real strong psychic barrier on ya!"
:glinp-happy:"Yup! Can't have psyhic folks predictin' my moves or learnin' my secrets!"
:kleem:"Yeah~ I was just gonna surprise ya by learning your name, that's all~ My name's Kleem!" She offers her hand to shake, and I shake it.
:glinp-happy:"My name's Glinp! I'm on the lookout for adventuring partners."
:kleem:"Well ain't you in luck! I got short-range telepathy, I can climb on walls, spit acid, survive impacts real good, and I can eat all kindsa weird stuff! What about you, huh?" I tell her my current powers, time ones excluded. "Wow show me c'mon!"
:glinp-happy:"I can only do the modular one, in here, or else they'll get mad!" I do the pull-your-thumb-off trick except I pull it off for real and plop it on the table in front of her!
:kleem:"Wa-haha, that's great! Yeah, I'd be down, for the usual 50% of cash, and finders keepers on the items. So are you a Lizardfolk or what? You look like a Lizardfolk." She looks back and forth between my thumb and my face. I take my thumb back.
:glinp-happy:"At least partly, I think! I'm not too sure." She nods.
:kleem:"Oh yeah, my step-neighbor's a half-lizardfolk half-goblin. He's great."
:kleem:"It's a long story! You wanna hear it?"
:glinp-happy:"I'll pass for now, thanks! But say, what kinda stuff do you do for fun?"
:kleem:"Blow stuff up, go to raves, do drugs, and have sex! Sometimes all at the same time! Haha! Not usually though."
:glinp-happy:"You wanna do some of those things with me?"
:kleem:"Hoho, maybe? Ya look like ya could be my type... Sure, I'm game, long as you're not a jerk like Ro over there. I did a little mind probe on him and that... Shady Character... blughughuh." She shivers.
:glinp-happy:"What happened?"
:kleem:"Ro's just kind of a pest." She waves dismissively. "But John, whatever he is, he's real fucked up! I don't even know what ta make of it!"
:glinp-happy:"Gadzooks! I'll be careful with 'im. I'll go over there now, but I might be back this way~"
No. 867611 ID: 7fd053
File 151865198315.png - (47.96KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-75-2.png )

I slide on over to she Shadow realm. I mean booth.
:glinp-happy:"Eyyy badabing!"
:roshadow:"You again. Come to prove you're hot stuff, and prove me wrong about ya?"
:johnsmith:"Who's THIS little fellow?" The Shady Character closes his right eye and either opens another one pointed at me, or moves the one he closed before reopening it. I try not to look too weirded out.
:glinp-happy:"I'm Glinp! Adventurer extraordinaire. Lookin' for someone to go to the Temple of the Fist with me."
:johnsmith:"Neva heard of it, but it sounds intriguin'. Nice ta meet ya, Glinp. The names John Smith." Of course it is. Lots of Shady Characters use that name! I shake his gloved hand. "What's at this temple?"
:glinp-happy:"An artifact that'll give you a Super Fist ability if you touch it! It's like a magic punch with a projected fist so you don't actually touch stuff, and it can bust rocks!" His eyes widen. And oscillate weirdly. OK I thought I recognized the body language there, but I sure did assume wrong!
:johnsmith:"What powers have ya got now?" I do a repeat performance. Ro eats spaghetti and does a good job lookin' uninterested. "I see... Me, I can induce terrifyin' hallucinations, paralyze people, sustain massive damage with minimal reduction of performance, hover, and bite through bones." He counts them out on his fingers. "I might be willin' to run with ya, for 50% of the cash and items."
:glinp-happy:"Wow... That's some good powers! I got my latest one from Mount Boom, where I was the source of many deadly explosions, brought forth by harnessing the power of Goobies! My pal Miko and I also befriended a giant bird, and suffered terrible hallucinations ourselves when we entered a mysterious cave where Quincy cultists were summoning something terrible!"
:roshadow:"Yeah, yeah... So you ready to prove you're all that, or are you gonna chicken out on me again?"
:glinp-happy:"Is the offer still on?"
:roshadow:"Yeah." He slurps up some pasta. "I take 75% of the cash, but if you impress me reeeal well, you get 75% instead."

So, it looks like I can party with Kleem, if I want~
I also gotta pick who I go with on this mission, and she's a solid option.
I'm not sure I can sell enough to get Jozi with me for the Temple, but is that really where I wanna do it anyway?
No. 867614 ID: 619ed9

Hm, well she's finders keepers on the items, which would be to your disadvantage, exceeeept you can revert and take some of the good stuff from her if she gets anything really good, since she can't read your thoughts. Would have to be careful about being too much of a dick about that though, no one's going to want to party with you if you grab all the stuff.

Mark one down for Ro at the temple of the fist, second choice being Kleem if she gets enough votes to tie for first.
No. 867622 ID: 91ee5f

Man you just barely got back from a mission! Relax a little before you go on another one!

And the best way to relax would be to go to a party! So I say you should go party with Kleem!
No. 867664 ID: 66b5eb

Even if you're not hiring Josie right away, you should still check out the shop, maybe stock up on spell bullets. A little r&r wouldn't hurt either.
No. 867705 ID: 204fd2

We're going with the goblin for the next mission after going to the store and relaxing a bit. Maybe we can catch up with our slime buddy?
Inform Josie we'll hire her for the final assault against the asshole we're doing all this for.
No. 867708 ID: e1c8f7

Party with Kleem, adventure with Ro, buy Mr. Smith here a drink to establish good faith.
No. 867837 ID: 7fd053
File 151873871903.png - (72.19KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-76.png )

>Adventure with Ro, buy Mr. Smith here a drink to establish good faith.
:glinp-happy:"Alright, it's on! But like... tomorrow. I'm gonna go out partyin'! And before that, lemme buy you a drink, Mr. Smith. What's yer poison?"
:johnsmith:"A hard Chaos Cola, if ya'd be so kind."
:glinp-happy:"Yowza! Comin' right up!" I go to the bar and place my order.
:nsbarkeep:"This can't possibly be for you."
:glinp-happy:"Yup! I like my guts on the inside and not dissolved!" He nods.
:nsbarkeep:"8 krels." I give him the money. He puts a code into a refrigerated safe, and pulls out a colourful can, grabs a reinforced mug with glowin' runes on it, sticks the can on it and does some kinda twisty motion, and the stuff in the can pours into the mug. Then he takes a small hose and affixes it to the mug and blasts some alcohol in there, removes the hose, and shakes it up real good. "There you are. So you got another power? A fireball, was it? That you shouldn't use indoors?"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, and I wasn't gonnaaaa!" He chuckles. "It's purty sweet though~ Anyway thanks!" I take the drink back to John, who takes a sip.
:johnsmith:"Now that's the stuff. Thanks, kid."
:glinp-happy:"You're welcome. Toodles!"
:roshadow:"Tch. See you tomorrow."

>>Party with Kleem
Irib's not here! There's some other folks but they ain't worth my attention right now. I sit with Kleem.
:kleem:"You bought 'im a drink! Whaaat!"
:glinp-happy:"Maybe he'll be less scary if he likes me!" She doesn't look convinced.
:kleem:"Well I ain't gonna tell ya how to live yer life." She drinks a surprising amount of booze in one go, burps, and wipes her mouth on her arm.
:glinp-happy:"Maaaybe you can tell me where we're gonna go party~ I'm takin' Ro on my next mission, but I'm down to rave before then!"
:kleem:"Sure can! You ready to go? "
:glinp-happy:"Tell me where and then I'll tell you!"
:kleem:"OK so there's this place, right, where they have non. Stop. Raving. You come whenever, you go whenever, it's gonna be goin' down there. S'called the Space Doobie Love Express. Then after we check that out, we'll see where the night goes~" She waggles her eyebrows and has another sip.
:glinp-happy:"OK so I need to go to a magic store first, and stock up on spell bullets for the mission. You wanna come with, or should I come back and getcha?"
:kleem:"Ooh I'll go~ I should get some stuff too." She starts to get out of her seat.
:glinp-happy:"I can wait until you finish your..." She chugs the rest down without breaking eye contact. "drink!" She winks at me.
:kleem:"Let's go, sucka!"

:jozi:"Already going out again? Your lust for adventure is insatiable, I see."
:kleem:"That's not my only lust that's insatiable~"
:glinp:"Wow!" Josie laughs.
:jozi:"I hope you two have a satisfying evening anyway."
:kleem:"Will do~"
:glinp-happy:"I'm plannin' to take you on the next mission, Josie! I'm sure I'll have the money then! Then you and I are gonna take out an evil sorcerer!"
:jozi:"Ooh~ I'll be waitin'." She fingerguns at me.
:kleem:"No way, yer takin' the dang Tozzle on a mission? The bouncer??"
:glinp-happy:"Yeah! It's gonna be crazy!"
:kleem:"I like ya more already!"

On the way to the store, we discuss our escapades. She coulda been lyin', but according to her...
She once fell asleep somewhere out in a tree, and woke up in the middle of a huge camp of bandits, who didn't know she was there, and she had to fight her way out on her own!
She encountered a time warp on a mission one time and fucked herself!
She once cooked up an explosive burrito and successfully killed someone with it, but it took TWO bites and the burrito exploded both times (yikes)!

But eventually we end up at the magic store. It's called "Sharp's Legendary Mysteries of Wonder." For spell bullets, here's the options I think would be good (I can get as many of each as I want):
Lightning: 30
Slow: 30
Entrapment Cube: 20
Psi-Beam: 50
Morph-Ray (turns the target into a small animal): 20
Laser Light Ball (harmless but really shiny and distracting): 10 krels
...And there is a lewd section, if I feel like lookin' for some kinky ones to use on Kleem for some reason...
No. 867842 ID: 83f789

Psi-beam, explosion and morph-ray all sound pretty rad, one of each should be fine. What's- what's in the lewd section?
No. 867845 ID: 5be7d1

Those three sound handy. Grab an entrapment cube too. Lotta uses for that.

Check out the lewd section. How many krels do you have left?
No. 867854 ID: 56e50f

I mean, I would suggest one of each, but that seems a little expensive. First picks would be Lightning, Cube and Explosion. ..maybe a quick peek at the lewds. Just cause curiosity, ya know?
No. 867856 ID: 91ee5f

>Hole that says free mouse food.
.....I wonder if any mice have actually been dumb enough to fall for that?

>...And there is a lewd section, if I feel like lookin' for some kinky ones to use on Kleem for some reason...
Well, you don’t have to, but it would be nice to look and see what’s there, just in case you do want to.

>Adults only
Wait, do they mean physical age or if you act like an adult? Because if it’s youre physical age, then you can go back there, but if you have to act like an adult, then you might not be able to go back there! .....considering how you’re kinda immature sometimes.
No. 867967 ID: 399e9e

What are shark assholes abilities again and why are we choosing to go with him?

I mean I don't get why we're going with the stick in the mud over anyone else, all we've ever seen him do is sit in this bar while we've gone to a space station and fought demon possessed Amtsvane and Neumono and we just came back from a volcano were we had to deal Quincy cultists and all manner of crap from the bullshit dimension.
True he saw non of that but what have we seen HIM do? Sit here and act superior. If anything he should be the one that needs to impress us.
There's not even a guarantee that at the end of the adventure he's not just going to say he wasn't impressed and take 80% anyway.
I'd take the goblin or shadow man over mr-sits-there-all-smug-and-has-nothing-to-show-for-it anyday.

Maybe lightning too maybe.
No. 867991 ID: 93be1c

>snake shopkeeper

Also grab the lightning bullet and the cube bullet for sure. Then let's take a look in the MYSTERY ZONE.
No. 868003 ID: b1b4f3

Ask the shopkeep if they can identify your weird-ass gun.
No. 868004 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I forgot about that thing. Let’s get it identified!
No. 868027 ID: f567d7

Identify gun
Morph ray
Lewd section
No. 868034 ID: 7fd053
File 151882589706.png - (53.51KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-77.png )

Physical age! Or if I'm an ancient god in the body of a child or something, and I can prove it, that counts. If I act too immature then I'll get kicked outta the store in any section anyway!

He can look like a different species that's not a shark but still is clearly a Shadow, and make his claws and teeth big and strong to slash enemies! He can change the size of any of his body parts really, and he's also fast and can hide in shadows. He's weak to electricity (like my spear's got), and light/holy magic. Resistant to water magic and nature magic. I'm not sure how those work exactly, I just know that's how it is.
I'm sure he'll shape up once he sees what I can do! If he doesn't keep up his end of the deal at the end, I'll kill him, take 80%, and report his death and put his 20% toward his rez. Which is like nothin', those are expensive.

Kleem goes off to get stuff.

>Identify weird gun
:glinp-happy:"Hey Sharp, do you know what THIS is?" She flicks her tongue.
:sharpkeep:"Ah, I do! I haven't encountered a Trip Gun in... a while! With the gun loaded, you pull the trigger while thinking about a nearby target you can't directly look at, like around a corner, and the gun will jerk it. You can flip a toggle hidden in a wall, or trip people in another room. You can find the ammo thataway." She points the way.
:glinp-happy:"Wow thanks!"
:sharpkeep:"Mhm." I go over there. 4 krels per shot. I go back and ask another question just in case...
:glinp-happy:"If I wanted to sell it, how much is that?" I put it on the counter and she looks at it. One of her eyes gets all magic glowy!
:sharpkeep:"Hmm. Worn, but in alright form. I can give you 45 krel." She looks at me.
:glinp-happy:"Lemme think about it~" I take the gun back.
:sharpkeep:"Mhm." She rests on the desk.

I'm not gonna boop her snoot......... That's rude.......!

>View lewd section
Kleem reappears, puts some bags of stuff on the counter, and follows me in here. Teehee.
:kleem:"Not a bad selection. I got some nice bondage stuff here before~ Like this cloth thing you use to tie people up, and as long as they're tied they can't orgasm~"
:glinp-happy:"O-oh... Not even if you use one'a these on 'em?" I point to the Induce Climax spell bullets. She gets a wide grin.
:kleem:"Nope~ Gives 'em a real rush though! Heheheh..."
:glinp-happy:"Haha, gee whiz... Is that the kind of thing, you're, into...?"
:kleem:"I'm a switch, and I like doin' that or havin' it done to me~" She shrugs. "I'm not picky though."
:glinp-happy:"Fair enough! What'cha gettin', anyway?"
:kleem:"Some bomb supplies and some magic reagents I'm gonna experiment with... fer makin' other kinds of explosions. Got a holiday comin' up in a while and I wanna see if I can make some cool fireworks!"
:glinp-happy:"Aw damn that sounds neat! You make fireworks?"
:kleem:"Not usually but I dabble a little here and there, you know, little spell stuff, it's not that hard if you don't need to be all precise and junk~" She continues perusing.

So! There's a few spell bullets here that might be good. They got the basic stuff you might want...
Induce Climax (3 charges per bullet, doesn't work if the target isn't in the mood): 2 krels
Enhance Breasts (lasts around 4 hours): 10
Turn Male/Female (lasts around 4 hours): 10
And if I can think of anything else that might be good, there's a decent chance they got that too! It's just gonna be a quick fling though... So no reason to go crazy. Then again I might see her again some time?? HMM.

Looks like so far I'm gettin' Entrapment Cube, Psi-Beam, Explosion, Morph-Ray, AND Lightning, which comes out to 170 krels. Is that what I want for sure?
Am I gonna get any lewd ones to spice things up with Kleem later?
And am I gonna sell the Trip Gun or buy ammo for it?
No. 868036 ID: 45aab1

Buy 3 bullets for the Trip Gun: you might as well give it a shot. There's timed puzzles crying out to be easily solved by it! If you don't use it much next adventure you can sell it.

Buy 3x Turn Male/Female bullets and 6x Enhance Breasts, there's no situations those won't be handy for.
No. 868037 ID: e1c8f7

Sell the gun, get the knocker enhancers, turn Kleem into a big titty monster, ?????, PROFIT
No. 868057 ID: b1b4f3

Don't buy a bunch of lewd things. Remember you need to save money to hire the Tozol!
No. 868076 ID: f5c698


We get 75% cut if we impress Ro. Therefore more money. Since Glinp can revert, we get quite a few shots at that, thus giving us the best chance of hiring Josie with however much treasure. I figure meta-wise he's there because that was the second runner up in choices for last time we had to choose who to go with. I think goblin girl is cooler too, but the all-powerful force of krels speak for me in this case.

Showing up someone who's ultra-confident should be pretty fun too. I mean I would say take Ro and Kleem, but then Glinp gets 25% of the treasure for impressing Ro, and worst case scenario I guess go into debt or pay him out of pocket?

Plus, really useful shady character not giving their real name? Just happened to show up before fighting the big bad? Yeah, that's actually way too suspicious, sounds like a potential lieutennant. From a gameplay perspective, I get you, but it's also way more fun to try and do stuff with limited power than it is to just crush it, at least for some people.

Ro's requirement is also basically do cool shit, get money. Who doesn't like doing cool shit?

Also here's the agreement >>844153 , Ro has finders keepers on items too so Glinp can screw him out of them and not feel bad. Which we can then sell if we come up short.

Money money money money money motherfucker.


The trip gun seems good, 5 bullets worth perhaps. If they have enlarge breasts, they probably also have enlarge penis, one or the other of those should be a good investment. For a bedroom/combat spell, how about strip clothing, making all the target's wearing come right off? That's gotta be distracting. Buy 3 of the strip spell if there are any, giving someone big genitals would probably also make combat awkward if we're talking real big, so second that.
No. 868146 ID: 399e9e

He doesn't sound to useful but I guess Miko was pure combat as well and she turned out fine.
We're still never giving him 80% though.

>Trip gun
I read that as tri gun and my heart skipped a beat.
>the gun will jerk it
Only once? I think the orgasm bullet would be more useful AYOOOOOOOOOO.
Get five(5) trip rounds.

>Enhance Breasts
Does this stack? Does it work on dudes?

>swap gender
Come to the realization that because there are people out there that are turned on by inanimate objects and you can turn into said objects, you are somebodies fetish.
Hell that fact that you can detach limbs and still use them makes you like five different group's fetish.

Declothes bullets sound good for combat while gender swap this good on the battle field and in bed so get some of dem.
No. 868267 ID: 7fd053
File 151891260191.png - (44.76KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-78.png )

Spell bullets I decided on:
1x each of Entrapment Cube, Psi-Beam, Explosion, Morph-Ray, and Lightning: 170 krels
2x of Declothe (doesn't work on armour or cursed items): 18
2x of Enhance Breasts: 6
2x each of Turn Male and Turn Female: 14
5x of Trip Gun ammo: 20

Total: 228 krels.
That leaves me with 304! If I want Josie (685), Even when I get 75% of the dough from the Temple mission, I might have to sell somethin'! Just to see, I ask how much I can sell the pickaxe and the tile for.
Pickaxe: 16
Tile: 8

Not much... But any spell bullet or Trip Gun ammo I don't use, I can sell back for full price! So that's good.
We pay for our stuff and head to SDLE.

:glinp-happy:"How much is admission?"
:kleem:"Don'tchu worry about that! I got a membership an' I can bring you in fer free~" We reach the entrances. There's a line, but we get to use the members entrance! The door person here is a Gnoll.
:genericnpc:"Hey Kleem. That your buddy?"
:kleem:"Hey Kragz, yup yup this is Glinp! Let us iiiiin."
:glinp-happy:"Hi!" They nod and cast a spell on both of us. Looks like a standard entry-authorization one.
:genericnpc:"You are now cleared to board the Space Doobie Love Express~ Enjoy your journey." They stand aside and open the door for us. There's doors to the chillout room and the main room. Kleem pulls me to the latter, obviously! I was gonna ask if there were any actual Space Doobies here, but the DJ is one right now, so that answers that!
We dance to some sweet techno beats and I watch the sick magic laser light show for a while, when someone offers us each a pill shaped like a Space Doobie's head. Kleem takes one.

What do I do?
No. 868271 ID: 17c2ee

Sure, worst case you can revert. Ask which way you're supposed to take it, though.
No. 868289 ID: e1c8f7

Look forward to regretting this later! YOLO! but not really
No. 868291 ID: b1b4f3

Only losers take drugs!
No. 868326 ID: f22969

You want to be cool don't you? Take those drugs.
No. 868447 ID: 7fd053
File 151900324230.png - (66.91KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-79.png )

>Take the druuugs
Kleem pops hers in her mouth and chews it up! I do the same. It takes a minute, but the effects kick in and my senses are suddenly expanded! It’s like I can see and hear whole new layers I could never see before, vibrant energies comin’ from everyone and everywhere! The music sounds better now that I can hear new aspects of it, and the light show has more colors and more psychedelic swirls!
:kleem:”So what’cha think? Cool stuff huh? ”
:glinp-happy:”Yeah! What IS this?”
:kleem:”They call ‘em Spadoobers~” The sound of the name has colors and it echoes weirdly.
:glinp-happy:”That’s really silly! I like it though! Spadoobers.” Yep, same effect when I say it.
With this stuff in me, I become way better at avoiding gettin' my feet stepped on or accidentally elbowin' people in the face! At some point I have enough ravin', so I tell Kleem and we head to the chillout room.

:suleuri:"Hey you guuuys~" It's a smokin' Amtsvane! And she's havin' a smoke!
:kleem:"Hey big gal! This's my pal Glinp! Glinp, this is Suleuri!"
:suleuri:"Nice to meet you~ How's the main floor?"
:kleem:"Great set as always~"
:glinp-happy:"I'm Glinp! It's kickin' rad but I'm windin' down. I didn't see you out there!"
:suleuri:"Nooo, I just come for the chillout room. The folks in here are always nice and the music's more my speed~ I come here between adventures to relax."
:glinp-happy:"Oh you're an adventurerer too? Cool." She nods. We have a nice little chat while my drugs wear off. Of course she's got poison, her giant size and strength make her formidable, and she can fit through surprisingly tight spaces. It seems that that stuff mostly carries her through her adventures! She's also got some magic regen and toughness to help out.

Eventually there’s a lull and Kleem pulls on my arm. I pop it off.
:kleem:"Pff!” She bops me gently on the head with my shoulder and puts it back. “So you ready to head out and cap things off~? I know I aaam~"
:glinp-happy:"You bet! Nice meeting ya, Suleuri!"
:suleuri:"Hohoh, likewise~ Have a good time!" We make our way on over to my preferred place for sexin' things up, and it's time for me to make a decision!

Which spell bullets am I gonna use on 'er? Some of 'em seem like they've got combat potential for later.
No. 868456 ID: a45d16

They're cheap and I'm curious if they stack so talk her up then enhance knockers -> induce climax -> enhance knockers -> honk a boob.
No. 868465 ID: 56e50f

No. 868474 ID: 91e1b3

Enhance her knockers.
Maybe enhance your knockers.
No. 868480 ID: f5c698

Maybe it'd be fun to do some sex-swapping with Kleem and yourself for round 2? It might affect the refractory period (possibly eliminating it) depending on how the magic works.
No. 868518 ID: cbc125

Also lets see if ENHANCE KNOCKERS stacks. Ask her if you can hit her with two in a row.
No. 868559 ID: 66b5eb

Doesn't much matter who, but somebody's knockers are getting enhanced.
No. 868563 ID: b7627b

Someone tipped me off that there might be enhanced knockers here, so.
>Enhance knockers
A few times.
No. 868626 ID: 93be1c

hey Glinp this is a bit of an odd question to suddenly ask out of the blue but what universe are you in right now
No. 868721 ID: 7fd053
File 151908648502.png - (35.09KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-80.png )

My culture calls this universe the Tareostaran Planes! I've only left the Calin Plane a couple times, and not recently. On a zone scale, I haven't gone outside the borders of Stiria in uhhh maybe a year? The space station was probably close to a fringe I guess. I could walk a few days south and get to Dorangian or Quenost from the town here. Unlike here, if you go to one'a those places, turning 360 degrees exactly completes a circle!

>Enhance knockers, and Turn Male!
Turns out she's okay with a lotta stuff. My choices are almost tame by her standards!
Round one we start out just gettin' a feel for each other.
Round two, I fire off one breast-enhancing spell and we have a good giggle before gettin' back to it.
Round three! Further boobage! I use my second Enhance Breasts bullet, and with that I'm out. Her boobs are perfect for stickin' my head between 'em~ There's more gigglin' and it takes us longer to get back into things, but we're havin' fun. Unfortunately, this size does make things a little awkward, so after a while we take a cuddly nap break and let the spells wear off. Then we have a snack and get back in the sack!
Round four, I use a Turn Male spell bullet on Kleem! Not the biggest Goblin dong I've seen, but it is one of the friendliest! And now I have 1 Turn Male bullet left.

After that, it's cuddle time again. When we wake up, she's back to normal. She yawns.
:kleem:"That was fun~ I'm glad I ran into ya!" She hops outta bed. "Hope ya don't mind if I make myself scarce now. This place's a little highbrow, don'cha think?" She starts putting on her clothes.
:glinp-happy:"That's what I like about it! But yeah that's fine, I gotta do stuff too."
:kleem:"Oh yeah yer gonna fight a wizard with a Tozzle or somethin' soon right? Sounds unfair~" She twirls.
:glinp-happy:"Yeah, after one more mission to prepare. I hope it's gonna be unfair, that guy's a real prickasaurus!"
:kleem:"Well if I don't see ya before then, good luck! And ta-ta~"
:glinp-happy:"Thanks, you too. You sure you don't wanna take a shower first?"
:kleem:"Nah!" She leaves. Well I'M gonna take a shower!

And I do! But now I'm thinkin', should I go shoplifting for a new outfit again, or just go get Ro and show him some fistastic fun-times?
No. 868728 ID: 56e50f

Go reward yourself with a new outfit~
No. 868736 ID: 1a7afe

Sure dumpster dive to celebrate a nice night out.
No. 868754 ID: 93be1c

Okay so I figure the Calin Planes are your planes of origin.

Zone scale? Fringe?? Hyperbolic non-Euclidean geometry???? WHAT IS GOING ON
No. 868814 ID: cbc125

Should we get more Enhance knockers bullets for combat purposes?
No. 868815 ID: 91ee5f

We could just revert and not use 1 or both of them on Kleem.

That way we don’t have to spend more money and actually save some money to hire Jozi.
No. 868816 ID: 1a7afe

They were cheap and it's kind of a dick move. Just buy some more after this run once we know what the Jozi hire situation's like.
No. 868820 ID: 91ee5f

We already know what it’s like.

Jozi lowered her price to 685 krels after we brought some superconductors to her from the space station mission with Irib. Now that we’re down to 304 krels, we need to start saving again in order to pay Jozi to come with us!
No. 868857 ID: 9d4af9

Lets not spend anymore money. We need to save up for Tozzle Time!
No. 868871 ID: c19946

Get that new outfit, then wear it like you stole it. Which you will have actually done.
No. 868950 ID: 05ff2f

Yeah, a couple more Enhance Breasts and a Turn Male; We can always sell them back for full price if we don't use them. I can see how the Enhance Breasts bullets could be useful against those wearing torso armor, forcing them to remove it so they can breathe. Turn Female could also have the same effect. And suddenly having boobs can screw up a melee fighter's balance so they don't fight as well, or keep a archer from drawing their bow. Turn Male could make a female in armor suddenly have it not fit right or fall off. And if the species has a large sexual dimorphism in body size, going from one sex to another could make them fall out of their armor or clothes or blow them out or be strangled by them. If the size difference is really big, they could even get stuck in hallways or tunnels.

Glinp testing if the Enhance Breasts bullets work on males by shooting one at himself (or using a Turn Male first if he is actually a she,) then reverting would be a decent idea.
No. 869013 ID: 7fd053
File 151917164340.png - (36.96KB , 1024x1024 , ns2-81.png )

Not sure where I came from, but the Calin Plane is where my village is. Stiria is the zone my village is in, and also the one I'm in now! If you go far enough in some direction you usually reach a zone's fringe, and then if you keep goin' you'll be fully in another zone, where the rules of reality might work different! Stiria's one of those ones where basically none of the species are native. So Lizardfolk, Shadows, Tozols, and whatever else all came from somewhere else. Not 'cause here is special, just 'cause they're spread out all over the place and some of 'em ended up here for now. There's a pun in English that doesn't work in Stirian, where it's called that because it's like a stirred up mixture, and lotsa the inhabitants are hybrids. But like, other zones are like that too so it's kinda dumb!
No. 869014 ID: 7fd053
File 151917166147.png - (40.30KB , 1150x1890 , this-looks-familiar-doesnt-it.png )

I'll knock Ro dead with some new duds! What's my NEW OUTFIT gonna look like?
No. 869020 ID: 12b116
File 151917358582.png - (68.62KB , 1150x1890 , glinp ref.png )

Retro, obscure, and appropriate
No. 869021 ID: a363ac

just put glinp hands in all the important places
the crotch the nipple area and the elbows
No. 869022 ID: 8f7308
File 151917428730.png - (55.37KB , 1150x1890 , this-looks-familiar-doesnt-it.png )

Cleavage, and jorts. feel free to change the tee color.