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File 149910890613.png - (39.03KB , 500x500 , splash1.png )
812307 No. 812307 ID: 77c5e3

CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html
CHAPTER 5 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736166.html
CHAPTER 6 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743488.html
CHAPTER 7 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/754011.html
CHAPTER 8 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/759736.html
CHAPTER 9 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/768999.html
CHAPTER 10 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/784444.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103517.html

You and Lisa have just crossed the threshold from City Hall into the balmy night. Susanna left the building a couple of minutes before, and there are no reverends in sight for now. Lisa has the clipboard, and both of you can use it, but she has noted that it is very difficult to do so while walking or running.

Where do you go first?
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No. 812308 ID: be0718

Go to buildings in order of proximity. Marcie's bakery first.
No. 812319 ID: 3abd97

Seems reasonable.
No. 812321 ID: 7b7ab3

Best we got.
No. 812322 ID: 486e87

Yup, seems reasonable. If two buildings are very close together (e.g. Opposite each other on the road) should Lisa and Chuck split up to get two people at the same time, or do it one building at a time with the other watching out for Reverends?
No. 812331 ID: 6b1d95

map: >>/questarch/692940

No one is gonna be hiding in the middle of the damn city, right next to the reverends. Those shoppes are closed right now.

We go to the apartments behind the City Hall ( >>/questarch/696189 ) where everyone should be.
Also if you notice sounds coming from the City Hall, we go and help Susanna right away. Because if we cut up the reverends, it's basically mission accomplished. We'd have enough time to safely move everyone.
No. 812361 ID: be0718

>No one is gonna be hiding in the middle of the damn city
Not by choice, anyway. We need to do a thorough sweep for survivors.
No. 812391 ID: 32d29a

Id say the apartments as well. The most people will be there. Then double back to where we think the wounded might be such as the police station.
No. 812717 ID: 77c5e3
File 149919077251.png - (35.50KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

Lisa: "Why can't you just knock?"

Lisa's voice is shaking with fear.

Lisa: "Or yell or something?"

You: "Do you really want to draw attention from those things?"

Lisa: "Someone's going to hit you with a rolling pin when you get in there..."

You: "Just be quiet."

You: "And quit standing on my tail."

Lisa: "Sorry!!"

You pick your way into the bakery and push open the door. The little bell above it rings. You forgot about that.
No. 812718 ID: 77c5e3
File 149919078214.png - (15.72KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

Seeing the front counter fills you with sudden emotion. You can almost see her standing there grinning. There is a lingering smell of flour and egg in the building, but it is quiet, save for a mechanical background hum.

a) search the bakery
b) move on >_
No. 812719 ID: be0718

Whisper really loudly to see if anyone's there and quickly sweep the back room. Don't spend any more time here than you have to.

Susanna is distracting the reverends in the buff so you don't have to worry about attracting their attention. Be as loud as you need to to get your message across!
No. 812720 ID: 4fe424

Stripsearch Lisa before searching the bakery.
No. 812727 ID: 6b1d95

Shout, "Is anyone here?! It's not safe here!", and wait for answer. Then move on. Next should be the Farthing Cafe.
No. 812743 ID: 77c5e3
File 149919394855.png - (45.99KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

You stage-whisper into the bakery.

You: "Hey"

You: "Anyone in here?"

You wait a few moments.
No. 812744 ID: 77c5e3
File 149919395765.png - (15.40KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

No one responds.

You hear something metallic shift, then fall to the floor.
No. 812747 ID: 4fe424

Grab Lisa's tits and tell her to calm them, you got this.
No. 812754 ID: be0718

Say something lewd before you leave so they know you're not a reverend.
No. 812757 ID: 32d29a

Say if anyone is in here, you're going to the Plath house. Then leave. Time is of the essence and we can't spend time looking for people who are hiding.
No. 812758 ID: 6b1d95

Move to where the sound came from. Do a "Boo!" when you reach it.

Actually, that's probably not a good idea because the person could be holding a knife and waiting to stab you. Instead, you should say,
"It's not safe here. If you don't want to die, then I suggest coming with us. But if you wanna stay here, it's your choice. Bye bye!"
No. 812761 ID: 9876c4

Confidence, Chuck. You're supposed to be good at this.

If someone's there and they're nervous, you gotta calm em down.
Then inform them what they need to do. Don't leave until you verify inhabitants.
No. 812762 ID: e136ae

We're still taking baits, huh?
No. 812763 ID: e136ae

Also just a reminder, your authentic Chuckness call is "ANAL, BASICALLY!"
No. 812782 ID: 62f1df

Seems reasonable.
No. 812788 ID: 291de0

This. Don't waste time looking for hiding people.
No. 812806 ID: 8face8

Shouldn't finding injured Layla be a priority as she might be bleeding out?

You're a cat Chuck, incestigate with your NIGHT VISION
No. 812844 ID: 15a025

Well, time to go investigate the sound then.
No. 812967 ID: 77c5e3
File 149924094518.png - (32.28KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

You: "Anyway. If anyone's in here, go to the Plath House. It's safe there."

Where are you going next?
No. 812968 ID: be0718

The Fart in Ass Cafe. The warehouse is too secure for us or the reverends to get in.
No. 812969 ID: a788b7

get Rachel.

She knows more about what's going on than anyone but Susanna, and Lisa can talk to her. She's also the biggest and strongest if push comes to shove.
No. 812970 ID: 01764f


Find us some Rachel. It is our best chance.
No. 812972 ID: be0718

Interesting idea. Where is she?
No. 812974 ID: 01764f


I shall rephrase.

ASK Lisa "Where did you last see Rachel? Do you know if she's still there?" then go to where she says.
No. 812975 ID: 77c5e3
File 149924298665.png - (36.79KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

You: "When's the last time you saw Rachel?"

Lisa thinks for a moment.

Lisa: "At the meeting in the library lawn."

Lisa: "I really hope she's ok. The note made me worried."
No. 812976 ID: a788b7


If she's not at her house, it may be worth checking the well or library to see if she's trying to open up the catacombs. She would certainly know about them and know where the entrances were.

Alternatively, the Warehouse.

Library might be a place to check for folks as well, and is nearby. So probably there first.
No. 812977 ID: 01764f

Realize that you're likely alone with Lisa and it's been a long time since you've gotten your dick wet. Like... a thousand years AT LEAST

Time to make some sweet moves on her.
No. 812978 ID: 32d29a

So I guess we're going to the library now? See if anyone is hiding inside there?
No. 812979 ID: be0718

Might as well stop at the cafe first, they're adjacent and Penny was the one running the cookout.
No. 812985 ID: 6b1d95

Surely there would come a better time to sex up Lisa. I hope. It seems a bit despicable to be doing that right now. Buuut, there's nothing wrong with some flirting I suppose. So while we walk Chuck should do some ass groping. Who knows, it might make her feel better after a bunch of shocking events.

As far as our trip goes, I vote to go to the Cafe, then Library, and then I think it would be a good idea to split up. Lisa should go to the School House, the Shoppe Stoppe and the Post Office, while we go to the Warehouse, the apartments and then the Police Station.
No. 813028 ID: a363ac

No. 813029 ID: 4fe424

Go to the café but tell Lisa to get her tits out and think about hard cocks going in and out of her to lure reverends out of hiding so they can't ambush you.
No. 813030 ID: 77c5e3
File 149927807274.png - (30.63KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

You break into the Fart in Ass in a similar fashion to the bakery. You are used to this place being full of smiles and laughs, fresh smells and one very busy diner cat. Tonight, it's dark and empty.

a) flirt with beaver
b) take food
c) leave
d) >_
No. 813031 ID: 7fad5d

No. 813032 ID: 9e923c

B, then A. Stuff beaver mouth with delectables and call her a sweetie
No. 813033 ID: 4fe424

"Flirt" with the beaver with your dick.
No. 813034 ID: be0718

Take boob.
No. 813037 ID: 6b1d95

Say the same things like at the bakery about not being safe here and to go to Plath's.

Uhh.. what kind of food? If we wanted food, we should've taken it from the bakery. Nevertheless, tell Lisa that we don't know when's the next time we may have the opportunity to eat and ask her if she's hungry. Offer to take some food for her. And while leaving you can spank or grope her ass and tell her she's sexy like that.
No. 813040 ID: 7b7ab3

Too risky to hang around.
Deliver the same message and leave.
No. 813041 ID: a523fb

A thank's
No. 813051 ID: 937941

No. 813054 ID: 15a025


Pass on the same message and move on to the next place.
No. 813060 ID: 77c5e3
File 149928292443.png - (32.29KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

Lisa cautiously walks further into the diner. The building and maybe also the rest of the town have that creepy small-town vibe that comes in much stronger at night. You decide to flirt with her while it's quiet, flexing your outstanding butt in case there is a fourth wall behind you.

You: "You got all dressed up today, huh?"

She pauses.

Lisa: "Oh, heh."

Lisa: "Yeah."

Lisa walks a bit closer to you, but only out of fear of being too alone in the building. She laughs, but in a sad, resigned way.

Lisa: "I don't think Geoff even noticed. He barely saw me."

Lisa: "Should we keep going? I don't think anyone's here..."
No. 813061 ID: be0718

Alright. Library next. Lock arms with Lisa. And for Susanna's sake, don't split up the gang! Damn, you don't even need to be genre savvy to know that's a bad idea.
No. 813065 ID: 937941

"Geoff doesn't know what he's missing out on. I think that dress looks incredible on you."
No. 813071 ID: a363ac

go rescure the the music bird but keep flirting!
No. 813072 ID: 7fad5d

This, and be sure your facial expression suggests it looks better off of her.
No. 813077 ID: 9876c4

Tell her you think she looks pretty. Don't even mention Geoff.

Library or Post office next.
No. 813078 ID: 4fe424

Say "I noticed you" and whip out your dick and go to town on that beav. You got stress and it will also help you against the reverends somehow, I guarantee it.
No. 813079 ID: 1e7aa8

This is a stealth mission where the monsters can hunt us when we think sexy thoughts what the crap are you guys doing

Library next. Don't put the moves on Lisa, she's armed.
No. 813081 ID: 9876c4

Needs a Mens Warehouse macro for full effect...
No. 813094 ID: 91ee5f

>This is a stealth mission where the monsters can hunt us when we think sexy thoughts what the crap are you guys doing?!
I agree, this is a good way to get murdered. Let's stop doing that.

Let's whisper the same message the Plath House being safe and you should go there. Then leave and go to the Library.
No. 813096 ID: 6b1d95

Now that I think about it, wouldn't boning the beaver distract the reverends, allowing Susanna crush them?

Yeah, we should totally do that. Whip out your Chuck Junior and tell Lisa that this guy noticed her also. Ask her if she wants to have a go with it. And if she says no, explain it to her how this is important to help Susanna.
No. 813101 ID: 70426b

Fucking the beaver will get you stabbed. And not in the friendly way that you'll be stabbing her.

Change the topic and leave.
No. 813106 ID: df0b05


Geoff was still hangin around the city hall looking eorried when susanna hurried you back inside, he obviously cared at least that much.

Hurry off to the library. Findingband rescuing people is more important than flirting with the secretary, and theres still a reverend unaccounted-for
No. 813122 ID: 486e87

Focus up, Chuck. You've got people to rescue. Library next I think.

Does anyone know if the Post Office doubles as a home, same with the shop? If they aren't then we can ignore them in our sweep, if they are then we're going to have to double back at some point.
No. 813130 ID: 32d29a

Go Library, Apartments, Police station, then get her back to the Plath house. We need to get as many survivors back as possible. Ive a feeling we might lose some people if we dick around (both literally and figuratively)
No. 813142 ID: 1dbd7c

Agreed. If she refuses, tell her it's imperative. Disregard the cafe and bakery and move on. There's no one here.
No. 813157 ID: 62f1df

Let's do this and stop with the asinine suggestions.
No. 813232 ID: ff57fb

roll to seduce the beaver
No. 813237 ID: bffce4

Avoid sexy thoughts - Avoid hitting on Beaver - Even if her buttcheeks would be an amazing sandwich to put in- okay. CHECK THE KITCHENS OF THE DINER. People could be hiding there too!
If nothing visible, whisper there too, and get moving.
No. 813282 ID: 064dbf

A streaking snayor should be pretty distracting so we should be able to flirt but just a little. Tell her she looks very good dressed up, that's not in itself lewd. Pretty like a sunset is not the same as sexy and giving you lewd thoughts.
No. 813327 ID: 70426b

Chuck. It's your dick talking. Listen to me. It's been at least 12 hours since we last nutted. She's right there. You know you can get her. The snayor has the revrends under control. It'll be fiiiine.

Just put on the moves, pull her in close, and let me blast a few loads into that beaver's beaver. Whaddya say?
No. 813410 ID: bf5c4c

No. 813447 ID: 291de0

Don't waste anymore time with sex. Let's just get this over with.

Go directly to the library.
No. 813471 ID: 638191

just give the beaver your wood already
No. 813475 ID: 70426b

Doesn't she have anti-lust jewelry on?

It's kinda pointless to try and fuck her if she does, so just move on.
No. 813498 ID: 633baa

Won't fucking just attract the baddies?
No. 813499 ID: e121d3

Tell her you think Geoff noticed.
No. 813717 ID: 77c5e3
File 149946690997.png - (23.14KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

You leave the cafe with Lisa, and go to the library. The windows are blocked with bookshelves and the door has been barred. You can't pick this open. In fact it would take a battering ram to get in.
No. 813718 ID: 4fe424

Ram Lisa.
No. 813720 ID: 9876c4

Clearly, there is someone inside.

Knock up the beaver on the door to get attention, then inform whoever's there they're not safe.

Maybe if there's time, we could go inside and figure out a pilgrimage.
No. 813721 ID: 91ee5f

That means someone is obviously in there! Buuut, it looks like they'll be perfectly fine. Then again, this place isn't magically protected. Hmmm, should we try and get them to the Plath House or should we leave them in there?
No. 813724 ID: 6b1d95

Whoever did that, they must be comfy in there.

Bang Lisa against the door and shout that whoever is in there, they should stay there until the morning. Tell them that you're taking the rest of the people to Plath's where it's safe and that you'll come to get the ones in here later. Also, ask if they would tell you who is in there so you know who's where.
No. 813725 ID: be0718

Knock "Shave and a Haircut" on the door. While copping beaver feels.
No. 813747 ID: 77c5e3
File 149947174507.png - (25.98KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

You bang on the door as hard as you can. It doesn't really resonate on the other side, so there is probably a bookshelf behind it, too.

You: "If there's anyone in there"

You: "We're convening at the Plath House!"

You: "They can't"

You stop for a breath.

You: "get in the Plath House!"

No one responds. You don't know whether to let them stay in there, or try to get them out.
No. 813752 ID: 143250

Susanna ordered you to get them to the plath house.

Come on, Chuck, you're a cat burglar. can't you climb up and find an entrance or window on a higher floor?
No. 813754 ID: be0718

Go for the easiest available entrance, that is to say Lisa's entrance
No. 813756 ID: 9876c4

Some exits are also entrances.

No. 813771 ID: 70426b

Break in. You used to rob houses, it should be easy.
No. 813775 ID: d36af7

Climb up on the roof, see if there's a way in up there.
No. 813787 ID: 1e7aa8

Ascend to the roof, become the batman you've always known was inside you.
No. 813794 ID: 32d29a

Keep moving. Apartments next.
No. 813800 ID: 77c5e3
File 149948085179.png - (36.97KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

You: "I'm going to try to climb inside."


Lisa: "Are you serious?"

Lisa: "You'll fall and break your back!"

You: "No I won't. I've done this before."

Lisa: "Let's..."

Lisa: "Let's just call Susanna. Don't-"

You: "Do you smell..."

You: "Something smells like"

You: "Vanilla."
No. 813801 ID: 77c5e3
File 149948088146.png - (35.02KB , 500x500 , 12.png )


Lisa: "That's"

Lisa: "Uh"

Lisa: "That's actually"

Lisa: "My B.O."

Lisa: "I'm kind of scared"

Lisa: "Please just don't leave me down here"
No. 813803 ID: e121d3

Quick, ask her what she eats to smell like that.
No. 813805 ID: 7fad5d

That's just normal beaver anal gland secretions. Anyway, boost her up to the roof and climb up yourself, I guess.
No. 813809 ID: e136ae

DO NOT LEAVE THE BEAVER BY HERSELF. You know how horror movies work! Geez. Move on.
No. 813811 ID: 87353e

You've still got the rope from the Path House right? You can climb up and tie it off to the roof and Lisa can use it to get up safely.
No. 813812 ID: d8ce3a

This.if we're anything, its savvy.
No. 813815 ID: 9876c4

Go on, take a whiff. Let it fill your nasal cavities.

I don't know what to do about the library.
No. 813830 ID: 15a025

Haul the beaver up with you. You're strong enough to that right Chuck?
No. 813839 ID: 77c5e3
File 149948909220.png - (19.81KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

You're not saying that Lisa's fat necessarily

but you're definitely not going to be able to hoist or lift her up the side of the building. It will be enough of a task for you to climb up there yourself.
No. 813840 ID: 7fad5d

We already know she's a fatass. Do we have any pitons or anything she can use as hand and footholds?
No. 813841 ID: 9876c4

Then lets put it off. We can search the rest of town and come back when she's stashed.

Is it post orifice time?
No. 813844 ID: 91ee5f

Well, I guess we'll have to come back later or something.

What's the closest place to the library? Let's go there.
No. 813845 ID: 90f3c0

Maybe come back later without Lisa.

Go check the apartments, where people are actually likely to be at night.
No. 813847 ID: e136ae

That is the face that says "THE AUTHOR IS TELLING YOU NO. SHUT UP".
No. 813856 ID: 01764f

Fuck the beaver right here and now. While she's terrified. It'll be the best sex of her life.
No. 813860 ID: 32d29a

I vote go to the apartments. We dont want to split up from our communication to the Mayor right now.
No. 813871 ID: 70426b

Lisa smells like vanilla when flustered?

That is so adorable, holy fuck. I used to be on "Team Progress the Story", but now we have to fuck her. I'm sorry.

Chuck, find a secluded bush and make that bakery smelling beav into mother.
No. 813873 ID: 7fad5d

Beaver butt goo does, yeah. It's a byproduct of their anal scent glands. Iirc, castoreum is sometimes used to flavor vanilla ice cream.
No. 813874 ID: 8d4593

Oh yeah.... Beavers do produce a vanilla smelling chemical...

But I thought it came from their butts.

Anyway, if climbing from the roof is literally the only option move on. Don't leave Lisa alone.
No. 813875 ID: 9876c4
File 149949856099.png - (232.11KB , 1300x1300 , Coxmap.png )

This is me being pedantic, but-

The apartments are all the across town from where we are. If we're proceeding logically, the post office, Stoppe shop, and (yeesh) schoolhouse all come first.

Back to the smelly butts discussion.
No. 813876 ID: 1e7aa8

Try and find a window you can crack open even slightly in order to yell into?
No. 813898 ID: be0718

Reassure Lisa you'll be close by the whole time. Remember, the reverends can smell fear. (And vanilla.) If it's only one bookshelf, I think you can leverage yourself enough to push it over (warn folks when you do!) Once you're inside you can unbar the door for Lisa.

Seriously, this is the first building with signs of habitation. We're not leaving it at the first sign of difficulty.
No. 813951 ID: 4fe424

Calm Lisa down by slamfucking her against a wall.
No. 813954 ID: 6b1d95

This, but a little bit differently. Have both you and Lisa push against a bookcase that's blocking a window to try and push a bookcase away, or make a crack.
No. 813972 ID: 143250

No. 814003 ID: 4a49f1

Tell hed how disgusting that is.

Focus on trying to get into the library by any means necessary. Don't worry about leaving Lisa since Susanna is distracting the Reverends.
No. 814147 ID: f7d360

Hear hear, agreed.
No. 814149 ID: 91ee5f

The bookcases are inside the building! How do you expect them to push on them from the outside of the building?

The one leaning against the doors, I'd understand, but the windows? I don't see it happening.
No. 814197 ID: b4a411

"Vanilla scented sweat... You should work in the bakery!"
No. 814199 ID: 1e7aa8

Did I say crack? I meant "smash the fuck open with the sword" so anyone stuck inside can hear you."
No. 814329 ID: 62f1df

Thank you for your pertinent intervention and map!

Whoever's holed up inside the library is probably as safe as they can be. For the time being, let's worry about the others, who mey be more vulnerable. To the schoolhouse! We'll go back to the library once we've dealt with the rest of the village.

Let's stop talking about the obviously bad idea of downright raping Lisa or breaking into the library since a) it would require time and effort, which we must not waste, b) it will alert whoever is inside and probably lead to a pointless scuffle (at best) and c) it will leave Lisa alone and unprotected.

So stop being silly. Time is of the essence!
No. 814330 ID: fc33ea

Smash the fuck in there so you might pull the most tasteless possible prank on Naz.
No. 814332 ID: be0718

>Let's not waste our time and effort on doing the thing we came out here to do
Mundane barricades will be of no use against the supernatural! They are sitting ducks in there, and they don't even know it!
No. 814333 ID: e136ae

They didn't teleport into Susanna's office and they couldn't burst through the door you helped Lisa shut.
No. 814373 ID: 62f1df

Case in point.
No. 814534 ID: b62a1b

maybe the preachers require line of sight to breach barricades
No. 815035 ID: a8b64f

y'all remember when we were just a delivery boy for the bakery trying to fuck a middle aged dog.

I remember
No. 815068 ID: 1e7aa8


Yep. Then we fucked everything up just to uphold "the legend"
No. 815089 ID: 70426b

The only thing we've fucked up is Sally's waistline for the next nine months. Hopefully a few other girls before we're done, too.
No. 815092 ID: be0718

We didn't fuck everything, therefore we failed to meet "the legend"
No. 815103 ID: 32d29a

Keep the side thoughts in the discussion thread if you would.
No. 815159 ID: 77c5e3
File 149988279022.png - (68.50KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

With Lisa's help, you try to push one of the bookcases behind the windows over. The broken glass, old and probably lead-based, digs into your skin despite your best efforts. The bookcase is solid oak and full of tomes heavy with generations of dust, but it does budge a bit. You hear frantic shouting on the other side, and several people rush to push back. The bookcase slaps back against the window frame.

You and Lisa starts to slide backward against the resistance.
No. 815160 ID: 4fe424

Prevent Lisa from cutting herself AND convince the people on the other side of the window you are not reverends by grabbing Lisa's wrists, pulling them behind her back, bending her over and fugging that beav senseless.
No. 815161 ID: 91ee5f

>You hear frantic shouting on the other side, and several people rush to push back.
There really are a bunch of people in there! Now that you've got their attention, try giving them the message again!
No. 815162 ID: 015058

Announce who you are in lewd Chuck fashion and proving you are not a reverend monster who would never do anything so sinful.
No. 815163 ID: be0718

Shout that it's you! Include as many cusswords as possible and that it's not safe in there.
No. 815168 ID: 3ce125

Ask them who's in there, and if they know where everyone else is hiding.

Don't be TOO lewd/blasphemous to prove it's you, that may pull some heat off of Susanna which you really don't want to do right now.
No. 815169 ID: 91ee5f

I'm not sure that's going to work because as far as they know, a monster just randomly attacked! They don't know that the monsters attacked because of their sinning, so they might not believe Chuck when he tries to prove himself with lewd and/or swearing.
No. 815170 ID: fc33ea

It's chuck, you pack of shitbirds! Quit dicking around, you need to get out of there!
No. 815176 ID: f076ad

Shout that you just want to get your cock wet.
No. 815220 ID: e136ae

Yeah, I'm down with this one. Also throw in some additional lewds.
No. 815300 ID: 3abd97

Seems reasonable.
No. 815308 ID: 1459e8

Guys. GUYS! Window, break glass, yell at people through it.

We do NOT want to swear or even think about inappropriate behavior because then the monsters will show up!
No. 815309 ID: 91ee5f

The glass is already broken. You can see it's broken in the picture.
No. 815340 ID: 7fad5d

No. 815344 ID: 77c5e3
File 149991563633.png - (30.14KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

You scratch desperately at the back of the bookcase.

You: "COME ON"


You: "IT'S CHUCK!"

There is a brief quiet on the other side as they talk amongst themselves.

Angela: "It's that bird one"

Angela: "I saw him imitating Layla before!

Penny: "Don't let him in!"

Naz: "I don't think he would call anyone a broad."

Sally: "Mama said one was imitating me."


You: "GO"

You: "TO"


You: "NOW!"

Penny: "Ignore it. DON'T move the case."
No. 815345 ID: 3ce125

Just say "cock shit fuck damn, I'm not a reverend."
No. 815346 ID: 3abd97

Time to fuck the beaver against the wall. Sex is the only way you can prove you're not a reverend.
No. 815347 ID: 7fad5d

No. 815348 ID: be0718

"A bookcase wouldn't stop an actual reverend. How much do I need to sin to prove it's not a reverend? Should I bring up the Fart in Ass? the collar? Swearing in front of the schoolchildren?"
No. 815349 ID: d36af7

Tell Naz to ask you something only the real Chuck would know.
No. 815350 ID: fc33ea

Shut up Penny!

Get Lisa to speak up as well, that might help convince them.
No. 815351 ID: 9876c4

Do what I say, or so help me, I will fuck this beaver. And make you listen to it!
No. 815353 ID: e136ae

Actually yeah, I think this should work. It proves undoubtedly you're Chuck at least.
No. 815354 ID: be0718

It's so brilliant, there's no way it won't not work. Do it. Do her. Whichever.
No. 815358 ID: fc33ea

On second thought, sound off George Carlin's 7 words and see if that doesn't change their minds first.
No. 815363 ID: 77c5e3
File 149991852642.png - (24.30KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

They're really not buying it. You'll have to ramp it up.

a) Have Naz ask you a deeply personal question
b) Attempt to seduce Lisa
c) Deadwood mode
No. 815366 ID: be0718

Seduce the beav. It's happening.
No. 815367 ID: 3ce125

A, because it should be amusing at least.
No. 815369 ID: 91ee5f

No. 815370 ID: fc33ea

C, A if they don't do a 180.
No. 815371 ID: e136ae

B. It is the only way.
No. 815372 ID: f30be2

:redb:oi if u dont
No. 815376 ID: 7fad5d

No. 815377 ID: 90f3c0

No. 815378 ID: 1459e8

No. 815379 ID: 01764f

No. 815381 ID: f9c3f2

B for BEAV
No. 815387 ID: 3abd97


C'mon Lisa, their lives are literally on the line!
No. 815391 ID: fc33ea

Remember the last time, when you imidiately caught the attention of the Reverend? If one of them shows up here it'll be a disaster. Changing my vote to a only.
No. 815405 ID: 15a025

If you start messing around with Lisa, it's going to bring all the reverends over here.
No. 815423 ID: 9876c4

The second one is no use if we get the poor dear killed.
A is cool for now.
No. 815425 ID: eb959a

Why don't you just be lewd and swear profusely, that's not something the reverends who do?
No. 815426 ID: 70426b

All three at once.

Answer deep personal questions while fucking a beaver and tearing your way into a library. That's sure to assert your dominance.
No. 815427 ID: 87353e

A. And maybe shout to her "Do you know the Muffin Man?" as a call back to the sticky note prank that you two probably only know about.
No. 815429 ID: 9876c4

deadwood mode is likely to be cussing up a storm, rather than action, but I like the way you think!
No. 815440 ID: f076ad

This is the perfect opportunity. It's the day we've been waiting for.
No. 815454 ID: 62f1df


B is too risky. It shouldn't be too complicated to prove that you're you. You just need to do it as fast as possible!
No. 815456 ID: aebfae

C since I have honestly no idea what that entails and I'm curious. Otherwise A.
No. 815458 ID: 1459e8

I am gonna laugh and cry so hard if Lisa knocks us the fuck out and leaves us to die.
No. 815459 ID: 143250

No. 815471 ID: 0665f5

Deadwood? The show from 2006 or the town? If the former, Chuck how do you know what that is?
Any ways I choose "A"
No. 815476 ID: f36501

No. 815477 ID: 73f69f

In the interest of not getting Lisa or anyone on the inside killed, choose A.
No. 815478 ID: 4fe424

Seduce Lisa by inserting your penis in her vagina.
No. 815485 ID: 3d2d5f

Do the beaver.
No. 815489 ID: 969610

B the one to groin bonk Lisa right there right now.
No. 815494 ID: 56ffef

I am going to fuck this B-ver until you people go to the Plath house
No. 815505 ID: dc60f4

B the one to do Lisa in her A.
No. 815506 ID: 7b95d9

Really probably shouldn't be trying to do her right now. I vote A. I don't know anything about Deadwood.
No. 815520 ID: 486e87

A, maybe with a bit of C. Let's not lure the reverends here.
No. 815550 ID: 72ddfa

Stick with A for now, once we get to the safe and many bedroomes Plath House then we can
Try and bone down
No. 815593 ID: 6df89f


Naz if you do not fucking let me in there i will never choke you again
No. 815595 ID: e121d3


Or variant of the same idea: >>815593
No. 815598 ID: 015058

Naz if you don't start asking me deeply personal questions to prove my identity I swear I will start seducing this cute beaver right on your porch.

And if our lewd activities do not attract one of these monsters I don't know what will.
No. 815615 ID: a50860

Chuck: You let me in here right now and I'll choke your fucking lights out!

Lisa: Don't you mean or?

Chuck: No
No. 815671 ID: fab5b8

No. 815726 ID: b62a1b

c cause it's the wild card
No. 815727 ID: a788b7

God dammit Naz, BROCCOLI
No. 815737 ID: 636dcb

B. It's the only way thats actually convincing.
No. 815813 ID: 70426b


Having sex with Lisa will attract the reverends, who we can ask for help getting into the library. With out efforts combined, we'll be more than able to get us inside, which is what both our parties really want.
No. 815887 ID: 77c5e3
File 150009114213.png - (28.30KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

You lean against the wall next to the window.

You: "Alright, well, ask me something only the real Chuck would know."

Angela: "Who?"

You: "Naz."

Some silence follows.

Naz: "Uh"

Naz: "There are a lot of people in here."
No. 815889 ID: 01764f


CLEARLY we need to do Lisa this asking question stuff isn't gonna work.

Attempt to seduce Lisa
No. 815890 ID: be0718

Try plan B then. B as in Banging Beaver Bottom. Boldly.
No. 815891 ID: 143250

I have an idea..."Hey Lisa, I think it was your turn on truth or dare before we were interrupted, right? Ask Naz truth or dare?"
No. 815892 ID: fc33ea

Well think of something before I start running my mouth anyway. But you'd like that, wouldn't you? Gettin' busted?
No. 815894 ID: 91ee5f

>"There are a lot of people in here."
"Then that's your problem for not letting me in! Now go ahead and ask your question!"

That's not gonna work. The reverend was looking at them through the window, so that's something the reverend would know.
No. 815897 ID: 32d29a

Tell her Naz what you shaved onto your chest during truth or dare.
No. 815900 ID: 3ce125

"What, I thought you liked the idea of getting caught."
No. 815901 ID: 91ee5f

Had to go back to thread 4 to double check and sadly that's something the reverend would know. He saw Chuck shirtless when he was staring at everyone through the window, so the reverend would know what Chuck shaved on his chest.
No. 815908 ID: 87353e

"Well I guess you better think of one you find acceptable before I start listing off articles on your saucy web blog."
No. 815921 ID: 9876c4

This has potential.
No. 815930 ID: a788b7


Goddamn Naz I didn't think you could choke this hard without my help
No. 815940 ID: bb78f2

Oh please, Naz, no need to be embarrassed. Angela will cheer you on the kinkier it sounds.

She'll ALL be like "YOU GO GIRL," and you'll blush like mad.
No. 815944 ID: 70426b

Naz, I knew you liked fucking front of your friends, but this is not the time.
No. 815946 ID: f076ad

>There are a lot of people in here.
Good. Convince them all at the same time by seducing the beaver. Whip out your Chuck Junior and tell Lisa that this is the only sure way.
No. 815953 ID: 3abd97

No. 815958 ID: e121d3


"Gee Naz I didn't think you would CHOKE under pressure like this"
No. 815973 ID: 9164d1

Use your sword to break through the back panel of the bookshelf and look inside. Once they have LOS they won't have plausible deniability.
No. 815974 ID: be0718

Given that we're armed with a reverend's weapon, which they would see long before our face, that is a bad idea.
No. 815978 ID: 4fe424

Put benis in beaver.
No. 816033 ID: ddedcd

Yes. Make as much innuendo as possible.
Upside: should prove you're not a reverend.
Downside: might attract them.
No. 816034 ID: 73ba91

Lisa has been stuck here longer and can be questioned without having to ask anything that will likely attract the reverends attention.

So switch positions with her and take a quick look around.
No. 816263 ID: 62f1df

This. Just say this.
No. 816281 ID: 77c5e3
File 150023240894.png - (25.70KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

You: "Geez Naz, I didn't know you could choke this bad without my help."

Penny: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Naz: "That's, uh-"

Naz clears her throat.

Naz: "Ok, what was the"

Naz: "theme of your costume?"

You: "Costume?"

Naz: "For the... video."


You: "What video"

Naz: "The"

Naz: "Uh, the porno."
No. 816282 ID: 77c5e3
File 150023241752.png - (29.93KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

No. 816283 ID: be0718

Naz thinks she can take us down with her. She is wrong. When Chuck hits rock bottom, he starts drilling.

"Do you know the Muffin Man?"

Also, pinch Lisa's muffin.
No. 816284 ID: 56ffef

"Lisa close your mouth before I stick my Little Muffin man in it."
No. 816286 ID: 9876c4

"Now will you let me get up in there?"
"You mean the library, or-"
"First, yeah."
No. 816290 ID: 3ce125

Muffin-themed superhero.
No. 816292 ID: f076ad

We were gonna dress up as beavers and do it beaver style.
No. 816293 ID: 7fad5d

This is good.
No. 816294 ID: fc33ea

what is 'do you know the muffin man' for 300 alex
No. 816295 ID: 62f1df

Just a note, for safety's sake: don't forget to stay alert and look around you. We don't want to have any of that "monster right behind you" cliché.
No. 816309 ID: 4fe424

Finger Lisa while answering.
No. 816310 ID: e136ae

You mean "Give me a sec to stuff that gaping maw full of muffin man". You don't want to take that option away, do you?
No. 816312 ID: a788b7


Hey Lisa, wanna get to know the Muffin Man?
No. 816459 ID: 15a025

Do you know the muffin man Naz?
No. 816697 ID: 1e7aa8

"What can I say, Naz. I got a job at the bakery. Delivering donuts and muffins to everyone in town." Admit the answer on the sly so that you don't get savagely attacked by the beaver.
No. 816833 ID: 005d0c

Give her some details too Chuck. It's kind of one sided, though teasing her like this is probably not something the reverends would do. Also say something about "Leading her around." That pun can't go unused.
No. 817271 ID: 70426b

"Ever wanted somebody to eat your muffin, Lisa? Perhaps, a man specifically for your muffin. A muffin man, if you will."
No. 817452 ID: 77c5e3
File 150069808167.png - (28.86KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

You: "The Muffin Man bitch"

You start thrust the door, and there is some chatter inside. Lisa covers her face in embarrassment.

Lisa: "Oh my God Chuck!!"

You: "Yeah, I know. I'm and endless fountain of energy. That's what the ladies tell-"


You: "Holy shit they're actually opening it!"
No. 817453 ID: 77c5e3
File 150069809489.png - (58.97KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

You and Lisa rush inside while Angela and Penny push the giant oak bookshelf back in front of the door. The main floor of the library has been converted into a wagon-circle-like fortification of desks and tables. Naz, Selma, Geoff, and Sally are also inside.
No. 817455 ID: 56ffef

No. 817456 ID: be0718

Good work Angela, Penny. Now on the count of three, do that again. You all gotta get to the Plath house. Follow Sally. It's not safe in here, but it is in there. Why? It's magic, I can't explain shit.

Naz, come with me? I want to check on the door to the catacombs, see if it's intact.
No. 817477 ID: fc33ea

Okay people, the Mayors' talisman thingamajig that protected all the buildings in town has been broken. The Plath house is under separate protection, so everybody needs to go there. If you don't believe in magic even after all this, Davey should be there and he has a gun.
No. 817494 ID: f076ad

Ask them what happened. What details can they tell you about recent events?
No. 817496 ID: 70426b

First, fuck you for locking us out.
Second, what the fuck happened here.
Third, we need to get the fuck to the Plath house.
No. 817538 ID: 9876c4

Who are we missing:
Marcie, Rita, Layla, and Rachel. Guess we should still check the PO.

John too, but he's probably armed.
No. 817552 ID: 8d4593

Straight up guys. The Reverends. They can Smash this shit fast.
The Plath house is safe. It's got some sort of weird voodoo around it.
No. 817594 ID: 4fe424

Smash Lisa first to be safe.
No. 817617 ID: 77c5e3
File 150076948514.png - (34.82KB , 500x500 , 22.png )


You: "Y'ALL"


Penny: "Why would we do that, hon?!"

Penny: "We'd be sitting ducks in there!"

You: "Look"

You: "Ever notice how those things wouldn't get into buildings until like an half an hour ago?"

A few of the people shuffle in confusion.

You: "The magic spell keeping them out of the buildings is broken."

You: "There's ANOTHER spell on the Plath House that's still working."

Naz: "But won't they just kill us if we go out there?"

You: "Susanna is distracting them. It's safe to go, but NOT for long."

That causes some anxious rabble.

You: "Go NOW. You might not get another chance."

Penny: "But..."
No. 817618 ID: 77c5e3
File 150076949933.png - (42.85KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

Penny's expression starts to soften. She looks in the direction of the Plath House, wiping her eyes on her forearm.

Penny: "Marcie's still out there."
No. 817619 ID: be0718

That's why Lisa and I are going from building to building. You want to switch out with Lisa?

Let's check on the catacomb door here before we leave.
No. 817620 ID: f076ad

Reassure them that while Susanna does her job, that Marcie is safe. Tell them to go to the Plath's and that you'll take care of Marcie. Ask which way did she go.
No. 817621 ID: c31aac

Swap lisa for cat mum, save cat waifu-for-laifu
No. 817622 ID: e136ae

WELP off we go to find Marcie then. Give Penny Lisa's weapon since Lisa is pretty cowardly and it frees her up to contact Susanna if necessary. We should probably double-check the bakery now.
No. 817623 ID: 56ffef

"THEN WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU HIDING IN HERE INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR HER! Where is she now or do we all just keep going door to door?"
No. 817624 ID: 7b7ab3

Lisa: take the others and go to the Plath house.

Penny: go with Chuck, find Marcie, and go to the Plath house.
No. 817625 ID: fc33ea

Where? I'll go get her.
No. 817628 ID: 70426b

Lisa, escort everyone to the Plath House.

Everyone else, we're taking volunteers to help us go look for Marcie and the others!
No. 817633 ID: 91ee5f

Why is everyone wanting switch Lisa out with Penny? Lisa's the only one that knows how to contact Susanna and Penny won't know how to use the clipboard!

In fact, Lisa's the only one here other than Chuck that has any experience in dealing with Susanna's magic. So if Penny tries to use the clipboard, she might end up going limp or having a seizure or something.
No. 817643 ID: 3ce125

You mean the mysterious kitchen noises that Chuck ran away from?
No. 817647 ID: 15a025

Tell Lisa to take everyone else to the plath's house. Maybe try and get everyone armed with something. Then continue going around looking for Marcie with Penny.
No. 817661 ID: 9876c4

Based on that last illustration, I bet Lisa's mental state is more on point, too.

No substitutions, please.
No. 817668 ID: 77c5e3
File 150077639711.png - (18.62KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

Lisa hugs Penny.

Lisa: "Chuck and I will find her. Get everyone to the Plath House."

Penny: "Let me come along."

You: "Have Sally take the fastest way."

Lisa: "I can talk directly to the mayor with this clipboard."

Penny looks dumbfounded.

Penny: "You're going to... write her a memo?"

Lisa: "I don't have time to explain. Go! Please!"

Lisa: "We'll find Marcie."

Penny wipes her eyes and straightens herself up.

Penny: "Ok."
No. 817669 ID: c31aac

now quickly, we must rush back to the Fart in Ass!
No. 817670 ID: be0718

Wait! We didn't ask where Marcie would be at this time of day!
No. 817691 ID: f911b6


We saw her with Marcie at city hall, right? Other than that, it's a good point. We should ask where and when Penny got separated from Marcie.
No. 817729 ID: 77c5e3
File 150079446616.png - (23.07KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

You ask Penny when she and Marcie became separated.

Penny: "The cookout was in full swing. There was music and everything."

Penny: "Then those guys in the robes came and started chasing people. One of 'em cut Officer Layla up pretty bad."

Penny: "I called out for Marcie, but when I looked up, she wasn't there."

Penny: "Sally let anyone she could find into the library and we all barred the doors."


Penny: "I should have gone looking for her."
No. 817739 ID: be0718

Don't get stuck on it, just keep moving. We'll take care of her, don't you worry.
Can I get a kiss for good luck?

With that out of the way.. You know, I'll just stop repeating myself about the door. There is one building around town square we haven't been to yet. Is that Marcie's house? Anyway, we check there and the apartments before doubling back to the bakery or diner if we haven't found Marcie.

What better way to get in Marcie's pants again than saving her from danger?
No. 817741 ID: a76b31

is Layla still at the cookout? is she even alive?
No. 817748 ID: 70426b

Hey Penny?

These monsters are attracted to sin. Has Marcie been doing anything... unusual lately?

We probably shouldn't tell her that she's been abducted once before, but it might be worth asking to know why they singled her out before, instead of just assuming that it was because of our relationship. After all, we hadn't even done anything sinful yet, at that point.
No. 817760 ID: bb78f2

Penny does Marcie have a darkside you don't know about? Is she a satanist, it doesn't matter if she's a satirical atheist satanist where her goal is to make fun of fundamental Christians or true blue worship satan kinda girl, the revenant reverends would go after her like chocolate to a fly. Its fine, you can tell me, I may not have been close to this version of Marcie, but pre-attack Marcie probably would have told me, since she's NOT good at keeping secrets. Except whatever one that makes the reverends go nuts, apparently.

Or maybe the reverends REALLY just want to bone her innocence. I mean, crazy fundamental reverends are human too, and I think those are the types that CAN marry and stuff. As committed to the religion they are, I'm SURE each of them does want a wife of their own. And Marcie, well, if her persona is the same as her true self, they yeah, wouldn't surprise me if they are actually attracted to her innocence to the point they don't care about her nature as a time frozen curse person.
No. 817765 ID: 8d4593

No... Not this again... I'll find her.
No. 817786 ID: a788b7


Penny's looking pretty down. She probably needs a good fucking to cheer up.
No. 817787 ID: 4fe424

Correct. Encourage Penny with a nice fat creampie.
No. 817788 ID: 32d29a

Encourage the others to run to the plath house. Have lisa contact the mayor to keep an eye out. Next stop the pd. See who you can find. We're running out of time.
No. 817841 ID: 77c5e3
File 150084567408.png - (42.49KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

You: "Does Marcie have any kind of, you know, dark side?"

Penny looks confused by your motives.

Penny: "What do you mean...?"

You: "Any bad habits? Something sinful that might piss off a 19th century fire-and-brimstone preacher?"

Penny: "Uh"

Penny: "Not that she's let on to me. She's never been one to keep secrets."

You: "We'll find her. Get everyone out of here."

Once everyone is out of earshot, you walk outside with Lisa.

You: "But seriously how the hell are we going to find her?"

Lisa is in the process of communicating with Susanna.

Lisa: "The clipboard is going crazy right now. I think she's in a fight or something, but as far as I can tell, the mayor hasn't seen Marcie anywhere."

Lisa: "Where are we going to look?"
No. 817842 ID: be0718

We're going to look between those beaver bosoms first. Anything could have gotten lost in there.
No. 817843 ID: e136ae

To be perfectly frank, being happy might piss off one of them.

Check her bakery first. That noise we heard might have been her. Problem being that Marcie is a little stupid and yelling out lewds might not clue her in that reverends don't talk that way even during impersonation.

Sing show tunes! Clearly the undead do not like show tunes.
No. 817844 ID: 9876c4

We heard bakery noises, might be best to verify.
She also has a house somewhere.

I think it wise to check the post office, because Rita's also MIA.
No. 817853 ID: be0718

I think the house is that unmarked building on the map in the top left corner of the square. Best to check new locations before backtracking to old ones.
No. 817862 ID: aebfae

I think the very fact Marcie owns a business is enough to piss off 19th century fire-and-brimstone preachers, as misogyny has a tendency to combine neatly with religious zealotry.
No. 817864 ID: 91ee5f

Well, if that's true, then when Marcie disappeared last time, why didn't Penny also disappear? Both of them are women that own their own business, so why was Marcie the only one to disappear?
No. 817869 ID: 32d29a

Police Station should be the next stop. That is where people will run when looking for help and safety.
No. 817870 ID: 4fe424

Look in the beaver's beav with your "probe" if you know what I mean.
No. 817873 ID: e136ae

In Marcie's case it was probably more convenience since she went jogging alone.
No. 817875 ID: f076ad

How about we just go to where Marcie lives? We've been at her house before.
No. 817885 ID: a788b7

Go to Marcie's house

Try not to think about showing off your ability to stuff a cream filling into penny's buns that might attract the reverends
No. 817897 ID: 77c5e3
File 150085641505.png - (42.38KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

You go to Marcie's house, which is on the south end of town. It feels like a year since you'd been here last. It might as well have been. The place looks the same, though. No damage. Nothing out of place. There are no lights on, and the front door is locked.

You call out for Marcie, but there's no reply.
No. 817900 ID: be0718

Try doing that when you're not standing on the far side of the lawn.
No. 817901 ID: 90f3c0

Pick the lock, then search the house.
No. 817907 ID: 1e7aa8

This, but tell Lisa to keep an eye out and IMMEDIATELY alert you if she see's a reverend or anything important happens.
No. 817910 ID: 3ce125

Pick that lock.
No. 817925 ID: fc33ea

How about knock first before you try to B&E.
No. 817926 ID: 56ffef

People are dying really. -_-

kick in door say its time to get on this mother fucking dick Marcie and run to the Plath house!
No. 817937 ID: fc33ea

People have been suggesting screwing Liza for the entire fucking thread, andonly just now you're going to tell me to worry about time constraints? Fuck outta here.
No. 817956 ID: e136ae

Works for me. If we don't have time for Beaver we don't have time to pick a lock. Although we don't need to kick the door down as much just yell it out.

Head to the bakery. There was noise there and Marcie's not terribly bright.
No. 817988 ID: f911b6


We're still a lot closer to her bakery than her house, if I recall correctly. It wouldn't take too much extra time for a detour to check out the noise there.

Can Lisa tell how many of them Susanna is fighting? If she's keeping both of the remaining reverends busy, then there's not much risk in investigating anyway.
No. 817989 ID: f911b6


Dammit, too late for that reply.

But yeah, mostly in agreement. We should leave for the bakery soon. If we're going to do any investigation here at all, we need to make it very quick.
No. 817998 ID: f076ad

Go inside.
No. 818012 ID: 77c5e3
File 150088565842.png - (24.26KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

You generally don't like waiting around to knock before breaking into a house, so you just pick the lock. Plus, you already yelled. Lisa seems more apprehensive to enter Marcie's house after a break-in than she did at the bakery, but she follows you in anyway. The lights are off, and the building is quiet save for one cat-shaped clock ticking on the wall.

You: "Hey, could you tell how many of the reverends Susanna was fighting?"

Lisa: "Uh, no. I don't know if she was fighting. It was just..."

Lisa: "It's really hard to explain."

Lisa: "Loud... color and aggressive smells."

Lisa: "I don't know."

You: "It would be kind of nice to know if any of those things were wandering around still."

a) search the house >_
b) seduce beaver >_
c) go back >_
d) other >_
No. 818013 ID: be0718

Seduce beav. We don't need no stinkin' Plath couch!
No. 818015 ID: 7fad5d

B for B E A V E R
No. 818017 ID: 143250

Seduce beaver. That way, you can lure the reverends here, and you'll get to watch an awesome fight between the reverends and the mayor....

on second thought

A: search house
No. 818018 ID: 3ce125

Close and lock the door behind you.

Also, A, check the closets and the pantry. Be quick about it, too.
No. 818023 ID: 32d29a

House seems empty. We still need to check a few places in town seeing we've only found a small handful of people. I say head to the apartments.
No. 818026 ID: f076ad

B - Seduce the beaver. This is a sure way to bring out Marcie if she's in here.
No. 818031 ID: ad60eb

Go with A.
No. 818045 ID: 633baa

A, get dick wet later
No. 818051 ID: ce838c

A, don't fuck the beaver. She is the inferior waifu compared to our sweet, sweet Marcie.
No. 818053 ID: 638191

why not both?
No. 818067 ID: 8d4593

No. 818073 ID: 4ab2ec

there is no point to this. marcie is the least at risk person in town. we need to move along.

No. 818081 ID: 77c5e3
File 150091962415.png - (28.53KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

You and Lisa fan out to search the house, leaving her on the ground floor while you search upstairs. She isn't in the closet, nor is anything particularly valuable. Not to steal, but, you know, it's good to know it's here for the future. The bathroom and Marcie's bedroom are empty, though a few pairs of her underwear are still in the top drawer of her dresser.
No. 818082 ID: 143250

wear one of the panties on your head... for nostalgia purposes.
No. 818084 ID: 9876c4

>Stealing unused panties
Chuck, I am shocked and saddened at your actions!
What you need are freshly used panties, which would be in the laundry hamper, or maybe in the bedroom.

Get it together, man.
No. 818089 ID: fc33ea

Well unless you want to explain why Reverends are going through people's drawers, I'd say leave it.

I'm surprised they aren't bloomers. Anyway we ought to keep moving.
No. 818102 ID: be0718

Sniff panties to acquire Marcie's scent and track her down bloodhound-style.
No. 818115 ID: f911b6

There's not exactly a lot of time. Chuck shouldn't be wasting it by searching in places that a person couldn't get inside. Unless we think that Marcie shrunk to 6 inches tall and decided to hide in her underwear, we should just leave the panties alone and focus on spaces capable of containing a grown woman.
No. 818136 ID: 8d4593

If she's not here check the diner again .
Actually go inside this time.
No. 818137 ID: 8d4593

If she's not here check the diner again .
Actually go inside this time.
No. 818145 ID: f076ad

There's no way you'd be able to find Marcie in her own house. The only sure way to bring her out would be by diving the beaver. As we know, Marcie did think about lewd things at some point. That together with some standard cat curiosity would surely be too much for her and she wouldn't be able to stop herself from getting a look at some live sexings.

So, seduce the beaver.
No. 818153 ID: 32d29a

Go to the apartments or the police station. If she was at the diner she heard where we were going. We can't focus too much on just her.
No. 818156 ID: 77c5e3
File 150093933632.png - (22.63KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

>didn't need to search the underwear drawer


myes, of course

You and Lisa continue to search the roughly human-sized portions of the house for anywhere Marcie might fit. You recall her mentioning that she was especially flexible. You took care to remember that detail specifically for instances like this. Still, you can't find her under any beds, in the attic, or in any small closets.
No. 818157 ID: 9b8c8d

Check the police station. It's where any law-abiding folk would go in case of trouble.
No. 818158 ID: be0718

Well, the police are pretty close by. Go there next. And don't spend this much time poring over a location again. Unless you're using it as an excuse to seduce the beaver.
No. 818160 ID: 9876c4

>Police are close by
Except that that's wrong. Marcie's on the south end of town. PD is far Northwest. Check the map.

Why wouldn't we check the bakery we already heard noises at?
No. 818161 ID: be0718

The south end? Huh, that means the schoolhouse is next. We already found Angela, so we can just do a cursory search of that place.
No. 818222 ID: e136ae

Bloody bakery.
No. 818223 ID: 7fad5d

Bakery it is.
No. 818303 ID: f9a60e

Back to the bakery!
No. 818307 ID: fc33ea

Also have you seen the fixie bike anywhere? Might be useful.
No. 818308 ID: f076ad

If we're not gonna do the beaver, then just before you leave, you should shout something that might bring Marcie out. Maybe something about Penny. Dunno.
No. 818314 ID: da1652

Marcie is a friendly, helpful, good person.
She was there when Layla got hurt. She might have tried to help.
No. 818330 ID: a6d61a

Go to the police station.
No. 818335 ID: e136ae

And the others aren't? If she followed Layla, someone would have noticed. Bakery first, we heard a noise there.
No. 818338 ID: 90f3c0

Check the bakery again.
No. 818412 ID: be0718

Anyone in the bakery already got their warning. Time is of the essence, check every building before going back for seconds.
No. 818420 ID: 91ee5f

No. 818423 ID: 600f38

I'm caught up.

The reverends are revenants. If Susanna remembers where she buried their bodies (And ideally where the church graveyard was, but the catacombs might suffice) then we can end them permanently.
Nelson Plath was the one who burned on that couch. His death likely created most of the curses here. His ashes need to be brought to the catacombs. Also, he's probably Harold Pal.

Ramona needs to be told that the fuckery in the town is Nelson Plath's fault, so while Susanna might have gotten him killed she did so while trying to stop him with the best of intentions.
Susanna needs to be told that people don't trust her because she doesn't trust them. Like, at all. Ever. She conceals everything, lies constantly, and manipulates everybody. Even if her motive is great the fact is that nobody can trust somebody who is never trustworthy. It's not the eyes, or the magic, or the history of killing people that makes people uneasy around her, it's the constant dicking them around and hidden agendas.

Susanna and Ramona need to work together to fix this town. If Susanna can kill cancer, that would be a great olive branch.
No. 818432 ID: e136ae

Yeah, but if they didn't call BACK it's no promise that they believed us. And this is MARCIE. Cops can wait.
No. 818433 ID: 7fad5d

If Marcie didn't believe Chuck the first time nothing he can say will get her to. She doesn't remember him anymore, after all.
No. 818436 ID: e136ae

Attempting to seduce Lisa will get a reaction out of her.
No. 818438 ID: 600f38

Bakery, since RML said it would be interesting.
No. 818440 ID: 91ee5f

There's no proof that was Marcie in the bakery, it could've been someone else. And Marcie could've gone with the cops thinking she could somehow help. And she could've run to the apartments. And she could've gone to the Plath House on her own, without the warning. She could be anywhere.

We don't have an infinite amount of time. Searching everywhere at least once before going back for repeat visits is a better use of our time and the more locations we check, the more people we'll find. And we might get lucky and find her somewhere we haven't looked yet.

Plus, there's no guarantee that whoever is at the bakery stayed there. We might actually find it empty by going back.
No. 818456 ID: be0718

Fine, go police station after all. At least it's unexplored, and near the apartments too (though we've found almost everyone from there already)
No. 818471 ID: e136ae

Or we could be genre-savvy and recognize a direct hint from the author when we get one.
No. 818477 ID: 91ee5f

"Quit wasting time trying to fuck the beaver and actually advance the plot?"

Yeah, that's a good hint. Too bad no one else seems to listen to it.
No. 818478 ID: f911b6

Bakery first. Police after.

It's on the way there anyway. We literally waste almost no travel time checking in that order.
No. 818481 ID: 77c5e3
File 150104856509.png - (39.58KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

You: "Come on"

Lisa: "To where?"

You: "The police station. You said Layla was hurt, right?"

Lisa: "That's across town!"

You: "So hurry up."

Lisa: "I'm trying!"

Lisa: "There is no... gosh darn way I'm doing this in heels!"

Lisa throws her shoes into the street and catches up to you with a labored jog.
No. 818482 ID: 77c5e3
File 150104857620.png - (76.29KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

When you get to the Police Department, John checks on you through a peephole in the door before letting you in. Layla is sitting on a desk chair, her arm and hand wrapped in duct tape.

Layla: "Why"

Layla: "ain't you folks"

Layla: "at the library?"

She's in pain, taking deep breaths between words.

Lisa: "The Plath House is safer."

Layla: "No way it's safer. They've got the windows and doors blocked-"

You: "Just trust me. There's a magic spell on the Plath House. Everyone's headed up there now."

John: "A magic spell."

John: "What'd you say your name was?"

Layla: "They're all LEAVING the library? Are you kiddin' me?!"

Layla stands up, then sits down again, grasping her arm and grunting in pain.

You: "We're kinda on this. Susanna's off fighting the reverends."

You: "Everyone's safe long enough to get to the Plath House."

Neither of the officers look happy.

Layla: "What're you doin' here, then?"
No. 818483 ID: 3ce125

She needs medical attention, and the medic is at the plath house. So they get to go there too, get moving.
No. 818484 ID: be0718

You know my name, it's Clet-


It's CHUCK. Anyway, we're here spreading that message for the mayor and looking for... survivors. Good to know you two are in one piece. Hope you got more than beanbags in that shotty.
No. 818485 ID: d909da

Helping everyone we can.
Tell them Davey's gonna be there with a gun, just so that they don't freak when they see each other. To be honest, I kinda wish John would be going with us to find others, but I doubt he trusts us enough to come.
No. 818486 ID: fc33ea

Looking for Marcie- Haven't seen Rachel either. Any idea where they are? Also Layla- Sophie's at the Plath house, I'd bet anything you could use some stitches right now.
No. 818487 ID: 166842

1) Looking for Marcie.
2) Looking for you.
3) GO TO THE PLATH HOUSE. Mayor's orders.
No. 818488 ID: e136ae

Oh, look here's Marcie after all, all the way across town and not scared and alone in the bakery, GOOD JOB.
No. 818489 ID: 91ee5f

>"What're you doin' here, then?"
"We're doing what Susanna told us to do. She's distracting those things so that we can go around town and tell everyone to get to the Plath House."

"Sophie's already there, so she can help you with your injury if you head on over there."
No. 818490 ID: 8a204b

"Life isn't a perfect set of happy circumstances, and as such, not everyone in the town was at the Library. We're looking for Marcie."
No. 818495 ID: 77c5e3
File 150105100018.png - (30.38KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

You: "We're doing exactly what the mayor told us."


You: "She's distracting those things right now."

Lisa: "Not everyone was in the library. We're looking for anyone else we can find."

You: "Sophie's at the Plath House now. You should both go. Definitely."

You: "Get some stitches or something."

Layla: "Why do you have"

Layla: "that thing?"

Layla points to your awesome sword.

You: "We managed to beat the shit out of one of them, and it's trapped under a bookshelf at Susanna's office."

John and Layla look at each other, but Layla loses concentration when her arm throbs. John then looks between you and Lisa.

John: "It's our job to protect everyone in this town. We can't just have you two running around getting hurt."

You: "Well"

You: "Have you seen Marcie?"

The officers shake their heads.
No. 818496 ID: 3ce125

Ok, bye.
No. 818497 ID: 91ee5f

We probably would've found her earlier if more people actually bothered suggesting to search the bakery's kitchen the first time around, instead of saying unhelpful things like this: >>812763 .
No. 818498 ID: be0718

We're two concerned citizens who are moderately versed in what those things can do. You're not really in a position to turn down help offered, okay? We'll complete our sweep and meet back at the Plath's.
No. 818500 ID: 143250

If they need more incentive, have them look at the notebook.
No. 818501 ID: 9876c4

This. We are not (collectively) good at search-n-rescue.
No. 818503 ID: 8d4593

Back to the bakevshop. Maybe actually go in this time
No. 818507 ID: f076ad

You're not doing a very good job protecting the town then. If you want to protect them, then I suggest taking whatever weapon you have in here and bring them to the Plath's.
Should Lisa stay here and help them move the guns? Seems it's a good time to ditch have her safely escorted there. I mean, the suggesters don't seem interested in fucking her so.. what's the point of keeping her with us.
No. 818519 ID: fc33ea

Well I'm going to find her. I think she's more in need of protecting than us two.
No. 818534 ID: 32d29a

Tell them they can protect the towns people better by being with them at the Plath House.
No. 818544 ID: 62f1df

Is Layla even in condition to move? If the answer is yes, she and John should make a beeline for the Plath House. Meanwhile, we have the rest of the town to check. We've already wasted enough time as it is!

Are there any weapons we could take on the way out? It could help scare off the reverends.

Seems to me that the best circuit right now would be Apartments --> Bakery --> School House --> Shoppe --> Post Office --> Plath House. We need to take care of things as quickly and efficiently as possible.
No. 818545 ID: 4fe424

Heal Layla with some good ol' sexual healing from your sexual healing rod.
No. 818560 ID: 77c5e3
File 150108725207.png - (54.94KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

You: "Almost everyone in town is at the Plath House, including the doctor."

You attempt to soften your tone a bit, but it doesn't really work.

You: "THEY need the guns. And YOU need stitches."

You gesture toward Layla's arm, and she glares at you.

You: "Davey's there with his daughter, too."

Layla: "That apple farmer?"

You: "He's got a gun, so don't... you know, shoot him or anything."

Layla: "Fine, go ahead Chuck. Lisa, you're coming with us."

Layla: "And we've got someone in the holding cell we're going to escort."

The police pups head into the back. Lisa looks at you with worried eyes.
No. 818566 ID: f076ad

RIP Lisa sex. Another step towards BAD END.

Whoever it is in the cell, you should volunteer to escort them yourself! Yeah, the pups are in no shape, and you're pretty much the strongest person here, so it's only logical that you do it!
No. 818569 ID: 01764f


You know what Forget the bakery. Marcie's dead now, thanks to faffing around.

It's clear that we're just going to stumble about the town like dumbasses and ignore all of the EXTREMELY OBVIOUS SIGNS that townsfolk are there.


We'd fail at Dora the Explorer.

So just go to the Plath House.
No. 818570 ID: c520b7

The pups can escort Lisa and whoever back to the Plath house.
Meanwhile, we can go check the bakery for Marcie.
No. 818573 ID: 1e7aa8

yeah, it's time to re-check the bakery and then I guess figure out whatever happened to rachel
No. 818574 ID: fc33ea

Leave with Liza while they're moving whoever- I'm guessing Rachel- then go back to the bakery.
No. 818577 ID: f076ad

>>818569 >>818570 >>818573 >>818574
Can we please wait and see WHO it is that they got in the holding cell? Seems like a pretty important thing to know.
No. 818584 ID: 77c5e3
File 150109156310.png - (36.20KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You want to say something clever to Lisa before you leave, but you can't think of anything. Your wit is suddenly clipped by a sense of dread, so you just leave for the bakery without wasting a moment. When you arrive, you unlock the door again and stop in front of the counter. It is really creepy in here, but it still kind of smells like sweet pastries. You put your hand on your sword, waiting for any kind of sound. You think the one you heard from before came from the back, and it sounded a bit... muffled.
No. 818585 ID: 4fe424

Put your hand on your "other sword".
No. 818586 ID: 1e7aa8

Check the back quietly.
No. 818588 ID: 9876c4

You didn't come here to pussyfoot about.

Investigate in back, maybe look for a light switch.
No. 818589 ID: f076ad

Very carefully enter the back to where the sound came from.
No. 818607 ID: 600f38

Approach carefully, and turn on the lights.
No. 818608 ID: be0718

Stick Li'l Chuck in first as a lookout.
No. 818618 ID: fc33ea

I'm guessing you're going to need light, so either look for a flashlight or the light switch to the back room.
No. 818622 ID: 91ee5f

Just in case someone is standing next to the doorway, grab a chair and stick it through the door first, so that if someone does try to hit you, they'll hit the chair instead!
No. 818660 ID: a6d61a

We already checked here and there has been no indication that there is anyone inside. Go to the apartments. Now.
No. 818662 ID: fc33ea

Don't lead with your sword or your own sweet self, it'll either scare whoever's in there or expose yourself unnecessarily.
No. 818664 ID: 3ce125

Go into the kitchen. Be like "it's me, chuck" and wave your hand through the doorway ahead of you. Don't present your head first, because it's likely to be smashed with an iron pan.
No. 818668 ID: 62f1df

Be very careful. Try to find a light and don't expose yourself.
No. 818669 ID: e136ae

Totally down with this. This, if nothing else, will draw out whoever it is. Just be prepared to run like hell if it's not Marcie.
No. 818779 ID: 77c5e3
File 150114004636.png - (25.17KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

You peer into the back room - the kitchen. Flipping on the lights only serves to make it 15-18% less creepy. It's so empty and quiet. There's no one back here. The only door is to the walk-in freezer, and nothing looks to be tipped over or knocked out of place.
No. 818780 ID: 3ce125

Oh shit. Open the freezer.
No. 818781 ID: be0718

Check for women in refrigerators.
No. 818782 ID: e136ae

I guess check the back to the walk-in freezer. There's a chance Marcie actually listened and went to the Plath house, but she's not a real bright bulb and we'll want to be sure.
No. 818785 ID: cc5ab4

Whoa now. Check the freezer by opening it wide and while not standing in the doorway.

Chuck is a genre-savy tom, thank you very much.
No. 818786 ID: 77c5e3
File 150114156693.png - (20.71KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

You attempt to open the freezer. It's jammed or something. It won't open. It's some kind of old-ass door from the 1940s or some shit.
No. 818787 ID: 77c5e3
File 150114164623.png - (25.71KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

You rattle the handle more, but it doesn't want to budge. You bang on the door.

You: "Marcie!"

You: "MARCIE!"

You don't hear anything on the other side.

You: "MARCIE!"

You put your ear against the door.

Marcie: "Please!!"

You can hear her, but her voice is feeble and barely audible.

Marcie: "Please I didn't DO anything!!"

Marcie: "Go away PLEASE!"

She's crying.
No. 818788 ID: f076ad

"I told you to go to the Plath's. Why are you still here?!"
No. 818789 ID: be0718

Didn't they design these damn things so you couldn't lock yourself inside?
Put your MANLY PHYSIQUE into it, and stay clear of the doorway when it opens.
No. 818790 ID: d4516a

"It's Chuck!"

Convince her to open up, then hug her. (Make sure to READ NOTE too)
No. 818791 ID: 143250

What if she's not talking to you, but someone else is in there threatening her. OH NO!
No. 818792 ID: 3ce125

Tell her you know, she never did anything, even the first time she went missing. Then go "Would a reverend say cunt shit bitch ass fuck?"

Don't talk dirty to her to prove it's you, she isn't exposed to that part of you in her memory.
No. 818798 ID: e136ae

"Marcie, I just want to get my COXWETTE"
"You don't get that, do you?"
"It means sex. When you do sex, the penis goes into the vagina, and it comes out wet. That's why everyone in town went DOOOOOOHHHH"
"Seriously, the reverends have no sense of humour."

Or something to that effect. Remember that bluntly explaining sex seems to be a way of getting through to her. This might not be the Marcie with the same memories but she has the same reactions and tendencies.
No. 818801 ID: c31aac

No. 818806 ID: f076ad

>>818792 >>818798 >>818801
Marcie doesn't know who are reverends or why they're attacking people.
No. 818808 ID: 3740b1

Let's not forget this could be the mimic Reverend who Marcie managed to trap in there, right? Let's take a panel or two to try to convince both sides of the door that they are who they say they are. Don't open the door. If it's really Marcie locking herself in there for protection then she should be able to get herself out, right?
No. 818809 ID: 62f1df

Phew, what a relief! So that's what the muffled noise was?

Try to convince Marcie you can be trusted. Tell her things about Penny or other townspeople or something. Anything to reassure her and prove that you aren't just a vengeful undead reverend.
No. 818810 ID: 62f1df

I think if it was one of the reverends, it would have lost no time in making itself noticed, as opposed to waiting until Chuck was right in front of the freezer and had insisted. It would probably have been banging around and calling as soon as someone walked in.
No. 818812 ID: 600f38

The reverends can't be trapped for long, remember?
Force it open.
No. 818818 ID: 91ee5f

You'd better open the freezer and let her out before she freezes to death!

Make sure you're standing off to the side and behind the door, in case she's got a weapon and she panics and attacks you!
No. 818819 ID: d36af7

Tell her you're a time traveler, you remember her but she doesn't remember you. Recite the typical list of baked goods you'd deliver by bicycle and various other personal quirks someone could only have learned from extended familiarity. Say you absolutely believe she didn't do anything wrong, and you want her to be safe, but the safest place in town right now is the Plath House. Say you'd be willing to leave, and trust her to take care of herself, but only if she can answer one very simple question:

What is today's date? Including the year.
No. 818830 ID: f911b6


Ask her if she's okay or if she needs any help.

Don't try to open the door just yet. Try to earn her trust first.
No. 818838 ID: 1e7aa8

"Marcie. we meet last friday morning. You greeted me and I ran off."

Then start rattling off things you know about Marcie and her mom BEFORE you met them.
No. 818841 ID: f911b6


Penny's her aunt, not her mother, but otherwise, that's a decent idea.
No. 818845 ID: fc33ea

This is going to be tricky, you can't say something that she thinks you shouldn't know or she'll be suspicious. Tell her Penny's worried sick.
No. 818849 ID: 8b2654

"Marcie, you were attacked. You lost weeks of memories.
You hired me as your delivery boy, and we started dating soon after. That's why I've been so uncomfortable - I love you, but to you I'm a stranger. I can prove it, but we need to get to Plath house."
No. 818852 ID: 9876c4

Just to be super helpful- Have we considered that Marcie successfully trapped a preacher in the freezer?

Mistaken identity works both ways. Has this voice even said something lewd by accident?
No. 818858 ID: 77c5e3
File 150119049809.png - (32.61KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

You unleash a barrage of profanity as loud as you can muster in an attempt to verify that you aren't a reverend, but this only seems to frighten her.

You: "Marcie come on!"

You: "Come on, it's Chuck!"

You: "Open the god damn door!"

Marcie: "GO"

Marcie: "AWAY"

Marcie: "I didn't do anything!!"

You: "You're gonna freeze to death! Let me take you to the Plath House!"

Marcie: "I'm not going to fall for it again!"

Marcie: "LEAVE ME ALONE!!"
No. 818860 ID: e136ae

They don't need help escaping anything.

So Marcie being Marcie, she's being stupid and panicking.

So here's what we need to do:

1. Calm voice. This is critical, an excited voice will only fuel her panic.

2. Calmly explain Coxwette's name and its sexual references. This... is mostly because it should distract her a bit from her panic.

3. Tell her your life story. In detail. Just keep talking, don't get excited, and DO NOT try to force the door. It's very difficult to bluff details over a long period of time, and even a dim bulb like Marcie should figure this out eventually. Story-time has a long tradition of calming people down, especially children -- and panicking adults are very much like children.

If you're not forcing the door, it should get Marcie to peek outside, see it's you, and get out. She won't try to peek as long as she thinks you'll burst in. Don't bother with logic, scared people don't respond to logic.
No. 818862 ID: 9876c4

Tell her about your date. How pretty she looked, and you had to rescue her from the bathroom.

She doesn't remember any of it, but it was one of the nicest things to happen in this town.
No. 818863 ID: be0718

Make her laugh with bad impressions of the townsfolk asking her to come out.
No. 818864 ID: 91ee5f

"Marcie, your Aunt Penny is really worried about you! She was crying when she couldn't find you! You don't want your aunt to cry do you?!"
No. 818867 ID: f076ad

Tell her that this may sound weird but, that she lost some of her memories, but if she can just listen, that you'll tell her about everything that happened.
So tell her about all the memories the two of you shared before she lost them. Every little detail you can remember.
Tell her how the two of you met. How she hired you and how strict she was.
Tell her how everything was going so well between the two of you and how happy you were together. How she smiled.
Tell her about the date. What kind of clothes she wore. How the two of you held hands and later kissed.
Tell her how you visited her place. The kind of teacups she had. How you carried her to bed and how the two of you spent a night together.
Tell her how it was all like a dream, until the tragedy occured.
How one day she was kidnapped by mosters and taken away.
Tell her how she was brought back. And how devastated you felt.
Tell her how much you love and miss her.
No. 818868 ID: d7fbf6

wait, again? what happened the first time?
No. 818869 ID: 600f38

"Are you hurt?
Is the freezer on?
Does the freezer have a vent for bringing in fresh air, or do you have a limited air supply?

Marcie, Penny is at Plath house. She was only willing to go there because Lisa and I told her we would bring you back. I don't know how much longer she's going to wait before she starts looking for you, so we need to get you to her before she heads out into the monsters looking for you.

I'm going to back away from the door now. I'll tap on the wall outside so you can tell where I am, and you can open the door just enough to peek at me to see I'm not a monster. Is that ok?"
No. 818878 ID: 77c5e3
File 150119467211.png - (24.62KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

You try to keep your voice calm, but you have to speak up at least a little bit so that it carries through the thick, steel door.

You: "Your auntie Penny's really worried about you. She was crying when she couldn't find you."

You: "You probably don't remember"

You: "I'm starting to think you never will"

You: "But you used to be my boss. I worked at the bakery delivering pastries."

You: "I rode the ladies' fixed-gear pannier bicycle."

You: "We went on a date"

Your shoulders start to shake in a weird way, and your chest feels like an eighteen-wheel truck falling into a sinkhole.
No. 818879 ID: 77c5e3
File 150119468783.png - (34.60KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

You lean forward onto the door, frustration melting over you.

You: "COME ON!"

You: "Don't make me go through this bullshit again!"

You: "Your aunt loves you, alright"

You: "I love you."

You: "I wouldn't hurt you, babe"

You: "Not for a million million bucks"
No. 818880 ID: 77c5e3
File 150119470237.png - (6.09KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

You jerk your hands away from the metal at the sound of the latch coming loose. The door begins to open very slowly
No. 818881 ID: 77c5e3
File 150119472339.png - (52.40KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

A ruddy, blistered hand creeps out.
No. 818882 ID: 77c5e3
File 150119475599.png - (29.48KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

Marcie peeks through the crack in the lumbering door, the pads of her hands swollen and red. Her ears are crooked inward and split by frostbite, almost resembling your own. She can barely hold the door open.
No. 818883 ID: f076ad

Open your arms and let her come to you.
No. 818884 ID: e136ae

Do we even need to say "Get the poor stupid girl to the Plath house"?
No. 818885 ID: 1e7aa8

Oh god. Okay, you need to get Marcie's hands and ears warmed up. do NOT use warm water for this! Start with the cold tap and work your way back up to warm, slowly.
No. 818886 ID: 4fe424

Inspect Marcie.
No. 818887 ID: b68199

Get her out of there!
No. 818888 ID: f076ad

Also, don't let her initially spot the sword.
No. 818890 ID: 3abd97

Help her get the door open, but slowly. We don't want to spook or scare her into shutting herself back in there.
No. 818893 ID: c31aac

Oh my god marcy get out here, we need to get you to the doctor!!
How long were you in there??
No. 818894 ID: be0718

Eesh. And you wanted *me* to prove I wasn't a reverend.
Get your foot in the door before she can change her mind. Classic Chuck trick.
No. 818896 ID: 62f1df

Good. Now, we need to carry on. Making a beeline for the Plath House is tempting, but we need to check out the other locations first. Time is of essence! A good bit of walking will warm Marcie.
No. 818897 ID: 8d4593

Oh God Marcie... Let's go get you warmed up.
No. 818904 ID: a6d61a

Try not to get this sappy in the future. If Marcie is still fully intact and attractive after this, there's still a chance we can bone, and sobbing pussyboys aren't exactly a turn-on.
No. 818918 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 818923 ID: fc33ea

Well now you have to help her without scaring her off... I guess help with the door? Look at you, such a gentleman now.
No. 818926 ID: 857d80

holy shit
I hope she's alright, she needs medical attention, she doesn't deserve this v.v
get that cat to the Plath house!
No. 818930 ID: 90f3c0

Hug cat.

Try not to cry.

Cry a lot.
No. 818931 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, Chuck, this is your moment. It's time to be a fucking hero.

Let her come out of there on her own. Then sweep her off her feet and into your manly arms and use your MANLY PHYSIQUE to heroically carry her to the Plath House!
No. 818940 ID: 600f38

Don't move.
"Everybody is gathering at Plath house. It's the only safe spot left. Susanna is keeping the monsters busy, but I don't know for how long.
I'll get you to safety even if I have to carry you the whole way, but we have to leave now."

Does she have a towel or something around here? It'd be best to wrap her up so she doesn't warm up too fast, then double-up on the bike to get her to the Plath house and Sophie as quickly as possible.

Frostbite and hypothermia treatment: Put them in lukewarm water and gradually raise the temperature. Suddenly increasing the temperature causes additional trauma to exposed tissue, which is why she should be wrapped in a towel, sheet, or blanket.
No. 818948 ID: 8080e6

No. 818981 ID: f911b6

Make sure to help her if she looks like she's struggling opening the door.
No. 818990 ID: 77c5e3
File 150122632198.png - (55.06KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

Marcie is apprehensive for a moment, but doesn't seem afraid. You slowly help her open the door, and she hobbles toward you.

You open your arms for her. She's so fuckin cold

You back against the wall and slide down onto the floor. You need this. You just need a minute to rest, because your feet hurt and your whole body is fatigued and pulsating. After a few minutes, Marcie starts to shiver, and some instinct takes over. You hug her as tight as you can without hurting her.

For now you are glad that time has stopped for a bit. The monsters, the mayor, and the Plath House disappear from your mind. The silent baker's kitchen seems to fade to black.

Marcie: "Why'd you say you love me, Jack?"


Marcie: "I barely know you"
No. 818992 ID: 3ce125

Haha she doesn't even know your fuckin name

Tell her you were just trying to get her out of there.
No. 818994 ID: be0718

Well it got you out of the icebox, didn't it?
No. 818995 ID: b5fb67


"Because you don't deserve to freeze to death."
No. 818999 ID: e136ae

You've already spilled the beans, don't bother trying to cover up.

Tell her it's a long, complex story as unbelievable as the monsters, but for now you need to get her to the Plath house.
No. 819001 ID: fc33ea

It's Chuck. and yeah, I guess you don't.
No. 819003 ID: 143250

Stare deeply in her eyes. Maybe perhaps you still have a little bit of that carnal speech vision power in your eyes that you can still reawaken and use to get her to help remember you and her together. even if it is just a little.
No. 819004 ID: e136ae

That ain't bad either.
No. 819006 ID: 1e7aa8

"If we get to safety, ask Penny.
No. 819013 ID: 37e22a

It's a long story, and we don't have time.. We need to get to the Plath House.
No. 819018 ID: 9876c4

I like this one.

We'll leave when we're ready.
No. 819019 ID: 70426b

It's a long story, Marcie. I promise I'll tell you later, but right now, I need to make sure everyone else is safe. Let's get you to the Plath house. Penny is there, and she'll want to see you. Also they have a doctor who can help with your frostbite.
No. 819022 ID: f0e552

"I'll tell you, but first we need to get back to the Plath house"
No. 819039 ID: 600f38

"They attacked you before. You lost weeks of your memory.
We... We were dating. It was pretty serious.

I'll tell you everything once we get to the Plath house. It's not safe here, and you need Sophie."
No. 819040 ID: 4fe424

Warm her up with your dick.
No. 819048 ID: 2120ee

"Yeah. Me too."
No. 819049 ID: 8d4593

It's a story for another night, Marcie.
It's Chuck, by the way.

Yall should get going.
No. 819054 ID: 91ee5f

>Tell her it's a long, complex story as unbelievable as the monsters, but for now you need to get her to the Plath house.

And carry her in your manly arms and use your MANLY PHYSIQUE to heroically carry her to the Plath House!

That's a dangerous gamble! Chuck hasn't practiced using that power and I doubt he even knows how to use it at all!

On one hand, it could work and Marcie's memories could be restored, even if it's just a little bit of her memories instead of all of them.

On the other hand, Chuck's inexperience with that power will end up making her worse and she could end up forgetting her childhood and/or her friends and/or forget about her Aunt Penny!

So, do you really want to use the Carnal Speech on Marcie with the risk of possibly making her memories worse?
No. 819058 ID: d7fbf6

>right hand copping a feel
not the time, chuck
No. 819059 ID: f076ad

Chuck never had any carnal speech ability. Where did that come from?

>carry her in your manly arms
Tell her the story while carrying her.
No. 819064 ID: 143250

He temporarily had it after he drank that thing from Ramona a couple chapters ago. We believe it to be temporary, but that is just an assumption, really.
No. 819066 ID: 360032

Tell her that some of her memory was erased after a freak accident.
No. 819067 ID: 91ee5f

>Chuck never had any carnal speech ability. Where did that come from?
It came from this guy: >>819003 .
No. 819084 ID: 77c5e3
File 150127103025.png - (31.42KB , 500x500 , 47.png )

You: "It's Chuck, and"


You: "yeah, I guess you don't."
No. 819085 ID: 77c5e3
File 150127104905.png - (33.09KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

You take Marcie up the hill to the Plath House.
No. 819086 ID: 77c5e3
File 150127106366.png - (47.79KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

The house is full of townspeople, but it is so large that it barely even seems crowded. Most of them are lounging on the ground floor with slumped postures and worried eyes. You can hear water running through the house's old pipes, so a few of them are probably showering. You could definitely use one of those.

Selma: "Is that Marcie!!"
No. 819087 ID: f076ad

Present Marcie to Sophie. Ask who's still missing. Go back out to get the rest.
No. 819089 ID: be0718

Direct someone to treat her for hypothermia and resume canvassing the town. Add Lisa back to party. The Plath house orgy will have to wait until everyone is found, and Rita is still MIA.
No. 819090 ID: 2120ee

Ditch the broad and find Penny. Hopefully she's in a shower and won't mind company.
No. 819091 ID: d4098a

Are lisa and the cops still not here? And eho was it that they had arrested?
No. 819093 ID: e136ae

I'd say make sure Penny knows Marcie is safe on the off-hand chance that Penny's done something stupid like go out to look for Marcie.
No. 819094 ID: 4cef42

Yep. Where's Sophie and Penny?
No. 819096 ID: 143250

We still need Rita, and Rachel. Rachel is either out her home, or at the warehouse. Lets get the tools necessary to get into the warehouse in case she is not at home. We'll also need Lisa back as our translator.

Am I missing anyone?
No. 819097 ID: fc33ea

Yeah, She needs yo see Sophie. Is anybody still missing?
No. 819098 ID: 143250


I think it is Rita and Rachel that are left.
No. 819103 ID: 1e7aa8

Only go back out if you aren't completely exhausted, chuck.
No. 819107 ID: 9876c4

Cops still aren't here. it seems.

Rachel was implied to be in custody. I think we should check the post office/ her home for Rita.
No. 819108 ID: 91ee5f

"Yes, it is. Where's Sophie and Penny?"

Sophie's a doctor, so she should know how to treat Marcie. But if she doesn't know, probably because she's from a time before doctor's were taught how to do it, then tell her how to treat Marcie by repeating all of these: >>818885 , >>818940 !
No. 819111 ID: 91ee5f

>Cops still aren't here. it seems.
Not true. This is only one room and the Plath House is huge, so they could already be here.

>Rachel was implied to be in custody.
There's no guarantee that Rachel was the one that was in custody. But whoever it is, they should be here if the cops are here.

Also, after you take care of Marcie, go check on Ramona to see how she's doing.

She's probably thrilled at how many people are in her house! Too bad it couldn't have been under better circumstances!
No. 819116 ID: 9b8c8d

We still don't know how Ramona's doing. We need to do that as soon as we get Marcie treated.
No. 819117 ID: 2120ee

Wait, nevermind all that bullshit. Ask Angela WHERE THE FUCKING KIDS ARE.
No. 819120 ID: 9876c4

They're not in town on weekends, you goof.
No. 819121 ID: d4098a


The kids are most likely at the orphanage which is kot in town, so if the reverends are all still in town the kids were either already killed on the way in or are basically safe as the reverends are in town
No. 819122 ID: b88e47

Get medical attention for Marcie.
No. 819124 ID: d730ec

Get Marcie to Sophie.
Tell Penny that she's safe and being looked after by a medical professional.
Do a headcount to see exactly who is left to save before deciding what action we should take.
No. 819134 ID: 3ce125

Yep. Is anyone left? Rachel is here too right?

If everyone is in the plath house then Lisa needs to notify Susanna so that she can break away from the reverends and take shelter.
No. 819136 ID: 91ee5f

I remember Ramona mentioning that Susanna can't enter the Plath House because of the same magic that protects it from the Reverends.

However, Ramona also said that Susanna can still enter, but only if Ramona gives permission.

But, considering how much they don't like each other, good luck convincing Susanna to come here and/or Ramona giving Susanna permission to enter the Plath House!
No. 819142 ID: 9b8c8d

Yeah, except Ramona could be dead by now.
No. 819143 ID: 91ee5f

Then let's go check on her!

After we hand Marcie over to the doctor!
No. 819154 ID: 600f38

"Yes, she needs Sophie.
Who else is missing?"
No. 819192 ID: 77c5e3
File 150129761381.png - (39.15KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

You set Marcie down, and Penny emerges from the kitchen. She sprints out into foyer and embraces Marcie, her face melting in tears. Penny kisses her face over 100 times.

Penny: "Marcie"

Penny: "Marcie Pie"

Penny: "Honey I thought you were dead"

She kisses her 30 more times on the cheek before handing her over to a beleaguered Sophie for treatment.
No. 819193 ID: 77c5e3
File 150129762479.png - (31.80KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

You pull Penny aside, keeping a side-long eye on what the others are doing. She is still wiping the tears from her eyes and trying to calm down.

You: "Who else is missing?"

Penny: "Rita and Rachel. That's it."
No. 819195 ID: 7b7ab3

Right. Okay. Job's not done, yet.
Get combobulated, then get ready for one last run.
No. 819197 ID: 600f38

Would it be faster to go get the bike and then head to the post office, warehouse, Rita's house, and Rachel's? Or to not get the bike first?
We're on a time crunch here, we've gotta go fast.
No. 819198 ID: e136ae

Well, let's find those two and we can have ourselves a hero's orgy later.

Rachel is more likely to handle herself, she's fought these things before. We'd better find Rita. Maybe the train station?
No. 819199 ID: 3ce125

Okay, Rachel is... who knows where, maybe the warehouse. Rita is probably at the train station.
No. 819201 ID: 32d29a

Before you go off to look for Rita, give Penny a passionate kiss. The start of a hero's reward you'll fully collect later...
No. 819204 ID: 8d4593

Rachel could be anywhere, maybe even out of town. Rita is probably at the train.Station, maybe at her house, and possibly at the post office.
We should track her down before attempting to find Rachel.
No. 819206 ID: 15a025

We should go check the post office first, it's the closest building she could be in.
No. 819211 ID: 005d0c

Yell out "Dog Damnit!" and prepare yourself for another night out on the town. You helped create this mess Chuck so help now and you'll be able to excuse yourself from any more work, guilt free, for like... 2 weeks, maybe 3.
No. 819212 ID: 91ee5f

>beleaguered Sophie
Yeah, that's gonna happen when you're literally the only doctor in town! If only she had some nurses to help out.
No. 819223 ID: fc33ea

Where's that gun with one bullet?
No. 819244 ID: f076ad

We should first ask Lisa how to say "come with me" and "it's safe" in French, in case we meet Rachel.

And then go out. I vote for Post Office.
No. 819264 ID: d7fbf6

well fuck rita, let's go find rachel.
No. 819278 ID: 62f1df

Ask if anyone has any idea where Rita or Rachel could be. Then go and check wherever they might be, starting with the post office.

Preferably, take John with you, since he's the most combat-capable of the bunch (plus, it'll probably stop all these "put penos in vagoo" suggestions).
No. 819290 ID: 4679db

Rita's not that important, so let her find her own way to the Plath house, or make Geoff go find her. With any luck, both of them will die and we won't have to worry about them anymore.

As for Rachel, start with the apartments, then curve around to the warehouse.
No. 819341 ID: 45be2d

Rita probably tried to leave town. If shes not at the train station shes probably just going down the tracks
No. 819342 ID: 91ee5f

I doubt she would try to leave town without her brother. She'd try to bring Geoff with her if she was going to try and leave.
No. 819410 ID: e136ae

Speaking of which, remember that banging Rita would piss off Geoff, so we need to find her so we don't lose that option LIKE WE HAVE WITH OTHER OPTIONS ALREADY.

Racheal can take care of herself, she's kicked reverend ass before. Rita, not so much. Find Rita.
No. 819413 ID: 1e7aa8

Check in with Lisa before you go, find out how the mayor is holding up.

Then go look for Rachael at the well
No. 819492 ID: bb78f2

Who was in the jail cell?
Ok, like we'll probably find Rachel at the warehouse... maybe Rita at her apartment or the mail place. But we should ask Geoff first, like if there was a place she would go if she was in danger, like their parents house or a tree house from childhood or something like that.
No. 819625 ID: 77c5e3
File 150146923847.png - (24.26KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

You exit the Plath House without another word. You really don't want to go back out there. Why do you have to be the hero? It's not your stinking town; someone else could be doing this. Like Susanna. She started this whole thing. You sigh and slump. At least it is safe while she is fighting the reverends.

Where are you going first?
No. 819626 ID: be0718

The train station to ditch these suckers.
No. 819627 ID: 3ce125

Train station.
No. 819628 ID: 2120ee

The train station maybe you will see that fucking turtle and you can kill him with your sweet sword.
No. 819629 ID: 3740b1

Eff it, bad idea bandwagon - train station. If we find god, kill him with our sword or something? This seems like a solid plan.
No. 819631 ID: 600f38

You forgot to ask Penny to explain the missing memories to Marcie, and catch her up on what happened.
No. 819635 ID: 77c5e3
File 150147667211.png - (11.31KB , 500x500 , 53.png )

You go to the train platform. It is just as silent and desolate as ever. There doesn't seem to be anyone here.
No. 819638 ID: be0718

That's what you thought at the first building, and you were WRONG. Check under the platform for mailmen.
No. 819640 ID: 9876c4

That was a pretty bad idea, all right.

Let's go postal.
No. 819641 ID: 15a025

Check around more Chuck, she could be hiding.
No. 819644 ID: 77c5e3
File 150147820030.png - (4.71KB , 500x500 , 54.png )

After the bakery, you think it prudent to search around a bit more even in the absence of clues. If anyone is hiding under the platform, they'd have to be pretty small. You even bang on the mailbox to see if Rita locked herself inside. There's no reaction. It's possible she might have taken off down the tracks, but you can't imagine her leaving without Geoff.
No. 819645 ID: 182dd6




No. 819646 ID: 90f3c0

Check the post office.
No. 819647 ID: be0718

Have you met Geoff?
Anyway, if you've checked everything here it's time to


check the post office.
No. 819650 ID: 91ee5f

Time to go check the Post Office!
No. 819659 ID: 77c5e3
File 150148095924.png - (18.83KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

Yeah, yeah, Geoff sucks. You wouldn't mind if he bit the dust, but Rita has some weird attachment to him. You don't know, you've never had siblings or a loving family. You walk down the hill from the train platform to the small Coxwette Post Office.
No. 819661 ID: 77c5e3
File 150148100201.png - (18.36KB , 500x500 , 56.png )

You turn on the lights as you walk inside and call for Rita. There's no answer, so you go to the sorting room.
No. 819662 ID: 77c5e3
File 150148102761.png - (26.00KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

For all the time that Rita spends here without anything to do, it's fairly messy. You look through the cabinets and dig through the bins. There isn't much actual mail here. It's a lot of town records of little interest, along with a few loose photocopies of Naz's butt. Ugh. You could be fucking Naz right now. Instead you're wandering around this creepy ass town at night.

You open one last drawer in a cabinet against the wall opposite Rita's desk. It's full of sealed envelopes. The outbound addresses all just say PO 201 Sunrise Branch. A stamp over the top of each says RETURN TO SENDER. You open one up to see a typed letter.


Where are you? Where is the train? I have never felt so close to hell. Please come to Coxwette.
New people sometimes arrive, but my brother and I can't leave. Why is this? Do you know why?

Please write back or visit. Please send someone to visit Coxwette. Are there any men you
can send? Only man in town anywhere near my age is my brother. Yuck.

Anyway, please respond. Can you send a photo or a letter back?


Rita Newman

P.S. I'm a single female coyote age 27 but still pretty I think

You open up another of the envelopes, which contains a very similar letter from Rita. Another RTS. You open a third one, which contains the same. All of these seem to be returned letters from Rita. Rita herself is not here.
No. 819663 ID: 91ee5f

That just let's you know how long they've been stuck here and how desperate she's been trying to leave.

And it also supports your theory of you and Geoff being the only men in this place.
No. 819665 ID: be0718

If only we had time to discover all this before the reverends were attacking the town.

Does this place have a basement?
Schoolhouse is left, and... anywhere else?
No. 819668 ID: 91ee5f

>anywhere else?
There's still the apartments and maybe the Warehouse.
No. 819669 ID: f076ad

>how desperate she's been trying to leave
More like, how desperate she's been trying to find a man to fuck her blind.

Make a new mission entry to get down with Rita. I vote to call it You are the one!.

Next place should be.. Warehouse.
No. 819672 ID: 9876c4

You guys are overthinking this.

Rita has two keys. Home and workplace. She'd go somewhere she could secure against the rampaging ghouls.
Check coyoteabode.
No. 819692 ID: 600f38

Check Rita's home. If Rachel's home is closer, check there first. Otherwise, check there second.
No. 819693 ID: 228d1a

Return to Plath House.

Straighten out Geoff with a hot dicking in that bi ass.
No. 819721 ID: e136ae

Agreed. Also it's probably plot relevant to bang Rita.
No. 819807 ID: ca661e

No. 819808 ID: be641e

You know, Rachel probably went to the warehouse. We know its security is pretty heavy-duty, and it's probably full of stuff that could slow a reverend down. This could be the chance to get in there.

It's theoretically possible that closing the well is what upped the reverends' activity, in addition to or instead of any given "sin" committed around here.
No. 819831 ID: 143250

Rita's home first, then Rachel's home. If Rachel isn't home, warehouse, the best for last.
No. 819855 ID: 62f1df

Sounds like the soundest way to go.
No. 820186 ID: f9c3f2


No. 820204 ID: 77c5e3
File 150173993290.png - (32.21KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

You go to the apartment complex on the west side of town to visit Rita's home first. Approaching the complex, you hear screaming. Not the panicked screams of someone in distress, but cries of aggression and exertion. Susanna is embattled by reverends Byron and Hale. She is crouching down, struggling to stand while hacking away at some sinuous syringe-like appendages. Each time she cuts one away, two more seem to shoot forth.
No. 820206 ID: be0718

Don't distract the revs from her mission. The revs are likely here because a target was near. Find Rita before helping Susanna.
No. 820207 ID: 15a025

Channel the inner spirit of Cletus and...

No. 820210 ID: 8d4593

Aside from that, at the angle they are at, one will see you if you charge in. Now is not the moment.
No. 820211 ID: 9170b0

Susanna can handle herself. Find Rita.
No. 820214 ID: 91ee5f

She's distracting them, but at this rate, that's not going to last for much longer!

Quickly, go find Rita before Susanna's unable to distract them anymore!
No. 820216 ID: 143250

Quickly get away from there before Susanna's naked body fills you with lustful thoughts. Find Rita's apartment.
No. 820217 ID: 9876c4

With an uzi and the high ground, you could give her some breathing room. But you have a sword.

Find Rita.
No. 820226 ID: f076ad

>She's distracting them, but at this rate, that's not going to last for much longer!
The logic here is correct, however I don't understand why people are choosing to ignore the situation.
We have two choices here:
1. Chicken out and hope for the best.
2. Try to help Susanna.
The important thing to note here is that helping Susanna would help us immensely. In fact, if we don't help her, the second next scene would probably be the reverends running behind us. We have little time left, so rather than just letting it run out, why not try to extend it? If we get rid of one of them, great. But if we can muster some will and get rid of both of them, then we secured the night. Hell, that would give us enough time to bang the single female coyote age 27.

So yeah, I would go with the second option. The Reverends seem quite focused on the battle and keeping Susanna down so, I'd sneak up from behind and behead one of them. If the sneaking fails, we can always run away. Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.
No. 820233 ID: 600f38

Getting involved in a fight is like getting involved in surgery. If you don't know EXACTLY what you're doing then you are going to get the people you're trying to save killed.

Obviously, this means you should run up, behead one, and then shout "DEUS VULT!" before running away.
No. 820234 ID: f66698

Starting thinking about how hot it is that she's being such a badass here. Start thinking about ho nice her ass is, how she was involved in the best sex you've ever had, and all the nasty shit you would enjoy doing to her.
No. 820244 ID: ccf1ac


This! You don't have to run in and risk a bad end, just start jerkin' it and doing all kinds of sinful stuff to split their attention.
No. 820256 ID: 70426b

Don't just start thinking about her, get really nasty with it. Start thinking of all the fucked shit you've done, hell start confessing to things you HAVEN'T done.

Pregnant wives, robbed houses, fucking in church parking lots, every single bad thing you've ever done wrapped up in a little mental package, set on fire and flung at their face.
No. 820262 ID: 9876c4


I mean, sure. But maybe we could get on the roof first...?
No. 820263 ID: e136ae

Distraction's worked in the past and let Susanna get some good shots in. I'd give it another go. Besides, she might be glad to hear we saved Marcie and got the others to safety.
No. 820264 ID: 70426b

They can jump up and down from roofs. Remember the Plath House? One of them jumped on and off the roof in under ten seconds.
No. 820266 ID: d4516a

Just a quick distraction - lewd thoughts, fondling yourself, etc. - enough to get them to turn and have a look at you. Then GTFO without looking back, leave the rest for Susanna.
No. 820269 ID: aebfae

Scream out something lewd to distract the Reverend long enough for Susanna to cut down while it ain't looking, and then RUN to Rita's apartment and get the both of you out of there.
No. 820271 ID: 600f38

Think about how, rather than leaving, you'll just turn the entire town into your willing harem. Think about having Naz and Sally having pregnant lesbian sex while you rail Geoff, with Marcie watching - that should get their attention.
No. 820277 ID: 77c5e3
File 150179394572.png - (99.26KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

You think of all of the worst things you've ever done. Well, not all of them. Ok, not even close to all of them, but you like to think that you noticeably scratched the surface.
No. 820278 ID: 77c5e3
File 150179396858.png - (40.47KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

You don't think either of them notices at first, but then you see Hale turn around. He is completely silent, but fixated on you. He starts to run in your direction, brandishing his saber and producing more syringes.
No. 820280 ID: d7fbf6

good thing we're an immortal vampire and not just a horny cat.
No. 820282 ID: 91ee5f

>He starts to run in your direction, brandishing his saber and producing more syringes.
Alright, you got one of them! Susanna should be able to handle the other Reverend by herself!

Now, pretend you just robbed a bank and this guy is a cop coming to get you. Then channel all of your past experiences of running from the cops and RUN LIKE HELL SO YOU DON'T GET CAUGHT!!!!!
No. 820285 ID: 15a025

Slice'em and dice'em with your sword Chuck!
No. 820287 ID: f076ad

I don't think we need to run super fast considering their bodies are pretty messed up. Just run in the direction of the school house, then towards the Plath house, and then go to Rita's house. We should lose him on the way.
No. 820291 ID: 91ee5f

Not true. Because according to this guy: >>820264 , if their legs are good enough to get them up on top of the Plath House, then their legs are also good enough for chasing down anyone trying to run from them!
No. 820293 ID: e136ae

OK, run like hell now, back the way you came where we know there's no innocents. If you can get out of the line of sight, find some place a bit more vertical and then focus real hard on having a loving family with Marcie and going to church on Sunday. See if we can't pull a "Predator" on him.
No. 820296 ID: 3373e2

Fucking Leg it Chuck.
No. 820298 ID: be0718

Great! Now run back to the Plath House, Rita in tow.

...Aaaaaw shoot, looks like you FORGOT something! Now you have to ditch this reverend before resuming your task, meaning Susana has to hold off the revs for longer and more importantly, you have to be out here longer. NOT. WISE.

Run, Forrest, run!
No. 820300 ID: f076ad

Who said they used their legs? They probably dragged themselves up using the syringes.
No. 820302 ID: 3ce125

Run you fucking idiot.
No. 820303 ID: 8d4593

Run! Make a large circle around the area. Try and give Susanna a few minutes to deal with the other one before leading this one back to her.

All that time peddlin that bike is about to pay off!
No. 820304 ID: 3ce125

Yes, I agree. We give her time to take out one, then bring her the other one to also take out (maybe with some help)
No. 820310 ID: 91ee5f

>Who said they used their legs?
I already told you, this guy: >>820264 , said they used their legs. I'm not even sure if it's true.
No. 820317 ID: aebfae

Crap, that little bit might've been too much, RUN YA FELINE HORN DOG, RUN!!!
No. 820324 ID: 600f38

Run to Rita's house!
Also, start focusing on all the moral things you've done.
If you can't run, then shout "DEUS VULT!" and try to decapitate it. The use of the mantra of christian crusaders and fighting in spite of being a coward should confuse it, if nothing else.
No. 820330 ID: fc33ea

Maybe run to the bakery to trap him in the freezer?
No. 820352 ID: 1e7aa8

Guys. GUYS. Chuck is exhausted. If he runs it'd damn well better to be a place where he's not going to collapse and then get finished off by hale.

Back to the plath house, we've down what we can.
No. 820357 ID: 600f38

Isn't Plath house too far away?
No. 820358 ID: b88e47

Well we fucked the scouting and lost our distraction. Run like you just robbed a bank to the Plath house.
No. 820359 ID: 91ee5f

I don't know. I would say "check the map" because there was a map of the town posted somewhere around here, but I can't seem to be able to find it.

Does anyone know where that post is so we can look at it?
No. 820360 ID: 8d4593

I know the town isn't that big but there has always been distance to it. Running all the way to the Plath house sounds like an easy way to get caught, not to mention we'll be stranded if we get there.
No. 820364 ID: a27883

Where else are we going to hole up from the freaky magic reverent? The townhall is out. We can't hole up in the freezer like Marcie did.

It can scale tall buildings in a single bound and it will NEVER stop hunting us.

Plath house is our only opportunity unless we do something extremely reckless and try to hole up in the warehouse or jump down the well.
No. 820365 ID: fc33ea

...We really didn't think this through did we.
No. 820377 ID: 91ee5f

Well, we could've tried sneak attacking one of them, but we didn't do that because we were convinced the other Reverend we weren't sneaking up on would've spotted us.
No. 820380 ID: 9c2d0c

Why start now?
No. 820382 ID: 77c5e3
File 150183007247.png - (57.63KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

Your instinct to run away from a man with a sword kicks in immediately. You do not think about where to run to, but ensure that you are running quickly away from the threat. The reverend is surprisingly quick to catch up with you. You thought this one was supposed to be the slow one!

You feel one of the needles jab into your back, then a second one into your leg. You are in immense pain for a second, but it quickly subsides. You are exiting the apartment complex to the east. Rita's place is probably locked, and you don't have time to pick the lock.
No. 820383 ID: be0718

If you can't run, fight. The needles are like the Hydra, ignore them and cut off the actual head. You don't see any boulders nearby, do you?
No. 820385 ID: f076ad

Gee, if only we had done some actual damage before deciding to get their attention and run.
Then again, we had no problem running away from this guy before, so it's a bit strange that he's able to so simply catch us this time.

Hmm. There is some important missing information. Are the needles slowing us down from running or not? I mean, if the needles are now slowing us down, then we can forget about running away and we'll have to fight.
No. 820386 ID: 8d4593

Once they start injecting water they will. They also will if we get hit my more.
The issue is that these guys can duel with Sabers. It's unlikely we can take them in a one v one sword fight. Even if we could, the reverend can just defend with his sword and kill us slowly with his needles.
No. 820387 ID: 3ce125

Get onto the stairs and use the terrain against him. Easier to lop off his head without getting cut yourself.
No. 820388 ID: fc33ea

Tie those tendrils around something stationary and then run like hell. Prank'd.
No. 820389 ID: e136ae

Then cut the threads free if you have to. Defend yourself, but don't try to beat the thing -- just stall for now and hope Susanna can take down the other one relatively quickly one-on-one. They've definitely gotten stronger than before.
No. 820407 ID: 600f38

Grab your sword, suddenly stop and spin around, and draw cut at its neck.
It doesn't have its weapon drawn, so it can't really block the attack, and it would surprise it.

Also, shout "DEUS VULT".
No. 820410 ID: 8d4593

The only way were surviving this is if we can get back to Susanna.

Weave through some bushes or dive through a window and bolt through a house if you must. Just get back there.

When we reach her, we can make a swing at the other reverend with our sword Hopefully it'll be enough to give her the upper hand so she can get this one off of us.
No. 820431 ID: 70426b

Excuse me, but we are a strong independent cat man, don't need no snayor.

Fight off the tendrils as best you can while running away. If you need to, you can break a window with your sword for entry into a locked building to escape.
No. 820445 ID: a6d61a

Turn and fight. Obviously the reverend is conveniently faster than before because it suits the railroaded slasher movie plot. You'll need to cut the tendrils and then go for a decapitation.
No. 820459 ID: 8d4593

Are you retarded?
We watched the Snayor duel one of these things an hour ago. If you remember it was a stalemate until we intervened.
That means that even though she knows how to use a sword, is nigh indestructible, and has super strength, she still had difficulty against this thing.

Chuck is none of those things.
Chuck is just some petty crook from 1994.
This sword is little more than a sharp baseball bat in his hands.

If we fight this thing alone, it will annihilate us.

He's faster because they have never chased us before. Previously they Casually Pursued us. They walked.
No. 820473 ID: f65b48

Shout at it that puritanical Christianity is a deviant sect, or that his very existence as a revenant goes against God's will because he,
1. Is refusing to die when he should be peacefuly resting.
2. How dare he decide that a MAN like himself decide that he could judge your sins like he was GOD.
No. 820479 ID: a27883

Rip the needles off while you run.
No. 820497 ID: fc33ea

Really though, there's a stairway with banisters right there. Grab a handful of needles like a bundle of cables, tie em' around one of the banisters and then do some acrobatics off the landing while he's still stuck there like an idiot's tongue to a frozen flagpole.
No. 820499 ID: 91ee5f

You really think the Reverend is going to politely wait and not swing his sword at Chuck while his needle tentacles are being tied to something?
No. 820534 ID: 3ce125

Look guys, if the reverend was actually this fast Chuck would be dead in the next couple seconds because he'd get grabbed and skewered. It's just a narrative device used to add tension.
No. 820537 ID: 30e54d

Or maybe we should try to avoid being grabbed and skewered.
No. 820538 ID: fc33ea

Addendum- do the things I said quickly.
No. 820539 ID: 8d4593

The scariest part of this quest is the suggestions.
No. 820542 ID: e136ae

Seduce reverend.
No. 820576 ID: 62f1df

Well, that was pretty stupid. Congrats, guys.

We don't really have many options here except to keep running as fast as possible. Maybe give the tendrils a desperate swing with the saber to hopefully cut the ones connected to Chuck?
No. 820585 ID: 045962

Yeah, this.
No. 820616 ID: 8e802d
File 150196813954.png - (54.76KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

You stop hearing the beast pursue you. Against your better judgment, you turn around to look. Susanna leaps onto the reverend's back and spears her saber through its neck.
No. 820617 ID: 8e802d
File 150196814718.png - (80.18KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

She screams like a murder victim, flipping around and hacking his face in one fluid motion. Susanna's wild swipe flings buckets of powdery sludge onto the pavement. Byron stumbles backwards against a support beam, and Susanna follows him to slash him as many times as she can. She then proceeds to jab and twist her sword into Hale until he stops moving.
No. 820619 ID: 98f888

Finger Susanna and run away.
No. 820620 ID: 9876c4

Probable exits are North, South, and Dennis.

Get ye coyote.
No. 820621 ID: 513dff

"before you tell me how dumb that was let me just say that it worked"
No. 820623 ID: 7d8168

No time for shenanigans, get yourself into Rita's apartment ASAP.
No. 820625 ID: f076ad

Hug Susanna and tell her you love her.
No. 820628 ID: be0718

Do not get in arm's reach of the screaming naked murder machine unless it is to stab the reverend some more.
Find Rita's apartment!
No. 820629 ID: 143250

No time to get chewed out by Susanna, immediately run to Rita's apartment.
No. 820630 ID: 91ee5f

Before we say anything, we should make sure both of those Reverends aren't moving. Don't want to get stabbed in the back just because we think both of them are down!

Once we're absolutely sure neither of them are going to suddenly stab us through the chest, then we can start talking to Susanna.

"Before you say, 'I thought I told you not to help me and get everyone to the Plath House!' I'd just like to point out that I didn't know you were here, I was trying to find Rita and Rachel since they're the only ones not in the Plath House. Also, that was fucking badass."
No. 820631 ID: 70426b

Before you say anything,

A: I wasn't looking for you
B: It worked.
C: I saved your ass. Twice. You're welcome. I'll be collecting it later. With interest.
No. 820634 ID: 32d29a

RML just gave us a free pass. Run to the Rita house. No time to chat.
No. 820636 ID: 600f38

Head up to Rita's apartment, then shout "Where are Rita and Rachel? Everybody else is safe!" to Susanna. She needs the status update, and may know where they are.
Then get in Rita's place and start looking.
No. 820639 ID: fc33ea

Holy hell, she got both of 'em?

She's probably going to be mad because she asked you not to help her, so when the yelling starts say you came here looking for Rita because you're pretty sure she's in her apartment. Rachel is either out there somewhere or in police custody.
No. 820647 ID: 25f1b2

This. Very obvious, don't look the gift horse in the mouth. Get gone.
No. 820655 ID: d4516a

>I saved your ass. Twice. You're welcome.
In fairness she just saved our ass once in return.

Politely thank her then GTFO.
No. 820660 ID: 15a025

Yell thanks as you run off to Rita's house.

Also don't forget to yank out those syringes if they're still there.
No. 820662 ID: 3ce125

Is the other one down too?

Get those syringes out of your back and tell Susanna Rachel and Rita are the only ones left that need to be recovered. You can go for Rachel if she can get Rita. Rachel would probably not want to be saved by Susanna.
No. 820669 ID: e136ae

1. Ensure the monsters are down for the count.
2. Thank/grope/eat ass/otherwise show appreciation. Keep in mind Susanna has no idea you distracted them on purpose. She rightly thinks she just saved your sinful ass.
3. Let Susanna know you got everyone but Rita & Rachel to the Plath house and you're currently looking for them. Let her know Lisa is safe, and that you rescued Marcie from the freezer but she thinks your name is Jack and that's still a sore spot. Susanna needs to know people are safe more than anything else, and she needs to know you still have work to do.
No. 820670 ID: e136ae

Also, jack off onto the reverends.
No. 820719 ID: f9c3f2

Give a very friendly running goodbye and speed away to Rita's.
No. 820724 ID: 1e7aa8

pow wow with susanna after making sure these fucking things aren't getting up again.
No. 820729 ID: a363ac

"tight ass Sussana!" keep running and think more sin about DAT ASS
No. 820820 ID: 064dbf

"So... Did you get the other guy too?"
No. 820903 ID: 18c9f5

Just. Keep. Sprinting.
No. 820956 ID: 9876c4

Hold on. To that feeeeeling.
No. 820958 ID: 47160d

Wow, she's a bad ass
No. 821071 ID: 064dbf

"Oh hey! Fancy meeting you here. You look great by the way."
No. 821224 ID: 957e05

Just mention why you're still out there, whom you're looking for.
No. 821696 ID: 62f1df

This. Let's not try to be clever or witty.
No. 822078 ID: 9dc26d

Why is she naked?
No. 822080 ID: a363ac

because she is spitting in the face of god why else.
No. 822702 ID: f66698

Cause she's a feral snake woman beating the shit of her greatest fears.
No. 822704 ID: 3abd97

Why isn't everyone else?
No. 822853 ID: 143250

Why isn't Chuck?
No. 822944 ID: 284001

Shout "You're welcome!" She's proven totally helpless without your intervention twice in a row. Now it's time to go rescue another damsel.
No. 822964 ID: 1e7aa8

Are you dense? She's been fighting them *for several hours now* and yeah sure, she didn't win up until we gave her an opening, but she sure as hell didn't lose either.
No. 823795 ID: 8e802d
File 150316952123.png - (13.80KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

Susanna glares at you really hard. You decide not to be a wise-ass.

You: "I'm going to get Rita."

You: "And Rachel. Everyone else is safe."

Susanna leaves toward City Hall, and you find Rita's apartment. One of the windows is busted in, but the door is locked.

You: "Rita!"
No. 823796 ID: 8e802d
File 150316953770.png - (12.47KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

You: "It's Ch-"

Rita: "Where's Geoff? Is Geoff ok?"

In spite of yourself, you are very happy to deliver the news.

You: "He's fine. He's at the Plath House with everyone else."

Rita: "They can't be safe in that old house!"

You: "The monsters can't get it. It's"

You: "It's hard to explain, but trust me. Geoff's fine. Alright?"

Rita: "I've got a baseball bat back here. Is that a sword?"

You: "Yeah. Pretty sick, right?"

a) Take Rita and find Rachel
b) Get Rita to the Plath House first
No. 823797 ID: 79756e

c) Flirt and have a quickie with Rita
No. 823798 ID: 600f38

We're on a time crunch, and if we run into trouble we can have her run. Being near Rita and Rachel makes them safer since we're a lot better at drawing aggro, and Rachel is in a lot of danger until we've found her.

Ask Rita where she thinks Rachel is.
No. 823799 ID: 3ce125

A. It's faster and the reverends are currently disabled.
No. 823800 ID: 15a025

No. 823801 ID: 79756e

What time crunch? Reverends have been cut up so it's gonna be safe for a while.

Again, it's safe now and there's no rush.
No. 823802 ID: be0718

B, quickie with Rita before going back out
No. 823803 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 823804 ID: 2120ee

She looks naked behind there.

C) Give her a better look at your "sword"
No. 823805 ID: 7fad5d

No. 823806 ID: f9c3f2

No. 823807 ID: 1e7aa8

B. We have no idea where Rachel is OR how long those fucking things are gonna stay down.

not to mention that chuck is exhausted.
No. 823808 ID: e136ae

I'm leaning more towards A only because I think Chuck's better with backup than without.
No. 823812 ID: 32d29a

Whatever option we pick, before we go we need to ham up the fact that we came back for her. If only so that she gets under her brother's skin about it. Give her a hero's kiss and maybe sneak a grope of her rear before heading onward.
No. 823819 ID: ff57fb

No. 823821 ID: 8d4593

A. We haven't spent any time with Rita and the baddies are dead... For now.
No. 823826 ID: ca661e

A all the way
No. 823830 ID: aebfae

A. Need all the help you can get.
No. 823869 ID: 8111b6

Now is not the time for lewds, as that will attract more of the reverends. Plan A sounds good. two weapons and four eyes are better than what we had. ...and we're injured after that reverend pumping us full of his juices.
No. 823870 ID: 3ce125

It's just holy water. They think it "purifies" sinners/monsters.
No. 823888 ID: 143250

A, but ask why the window is busted dumb question, is she naked/topless behind that?
No. 823892 ID: 143250

Oh ask if she has bolt cutters on her. We might need it if Rachel isn't in her apartment and we were to search the warehouse as a result.
No. 823923 ID: 8111b6

We were still jabbed in the back by multiple hypodermic needles without having been bandaged up yet. Didn't one break off the last time we were jabbed? It's still a factor to take into consideration.
No. 823925 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Rita to look and see if there's anything on Chuck's back.

Or Chuck walks in front of Rita to lead the way and she suddenly says, "Holy shit, Chuck, what the fuck is that on your back?!"
No. 823947 ID: 8e802d
File 150325304542.png - (40.89KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

You did get stung in the back, but it's not much worse than last time. You don't have time to seek medical help for it. Rita comes out from behind her kitchen counter.

Rita: "Are you ok?"

You: "Are you? You look like you got in a fight."

Rita: "I did, but it didn't last long. One of those guys chased me back here and broke the window, but left."

You: "You can probably thank Susanna for that."

Rita: "You're kind of slouching a little bit. Are you sure you're ok?"

You: "Just tired. I've been running and fighting for hours now. Honestly I just need some coffee."

You: "We should go to the warehouse."

Rita: "Why? That sounds like"

Rita: "really the last place we should go."
No. 823948 ID: 8e802d
File 150325305434.png - (16.81KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

You: "I think Rachel's in there."

You: "It's like her stronghold."

This building frightens you a bit. Not because of the barbed wire fence - you're used to those. It's the deadness of it. It looks like the corpse of a building. The fence stands about four feet taller than the top of your head.
No. 823949 ID: 79756e

Penetrate the entrance.
No. 823950 ID: f9c3f2


We're criminal scum, surely we've dealt with barbed wire before.
No. 823952 ID: 9876c4

Unpopular opinion time.
She's probably fine. Those heaping defenses would do a number on any intruder, and we've saved all the actual people in danger anyway.
No. 823953 ID: 4d606a

Rachel's been paranoid about all this spooky stuff for a while now. If she's taken to this place as her sanctuary, she'll have put more defenses in place than barbed wire. Lucky for you you've got the skills to pay the bills... with someone else's money. Imagine you're setting to burglarize some hardware-packing kook with home-made home security.

And try not to make yourself a silhouette that looks like a monster.
No. 823957 ID: 4d606a

>She's probably fine

Well, if we hadn't put all other targets where they couldn't be reached, yeah. As is, once everyone else is in the Plath house, they'll have nowhere to come but here, and they'll get past all these defenses eventually. This stuff would make Rachel the last person to be attacked, but she'll be the last person eventually. The best outcome scenario is still everyone to the Plath house.
No. 823960 ID: 3ce125

Ok find where she gets in and out. Like, a locked gate or something. Then unlock it and go inside.
No. 823962 ID: 1e7aa8

Ask Rita to see if she can do any about the injuries you've sustained before you break into the warehouse.
No. 823963 ID: 3ce125

How? Kiss them better?
No. 823964 ID: be0718

I think Rachel's got this covered. She's more spook-resistant that your average Coxwette bystander.
No. 823965 ID: fc33ea

Well there has to be some sort of gate with some sort of lock, so you'll be fine as long as Rita watches your back.
No. 823966 ID: 1e7aa8

At least visually confirm that chuck's not gonna frigging bleed to death before making it back to the plath house.
No. 823969 ID: 91ee5f

Sounds about right.

Especially since Sussana said that they're respawn time is completely random. For all we know, they could come back any minute now!
No. 823973 ID: 600f38

Yeah, nothing there is going to stop you from getting in.
So do it, calling for Rachel the entire time.
No. 824164 ID: 8e802d
File 150337755890.png - (15.74KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

Rita: "I've got no idea how we're going to get in there."

Rita: "Or still even why we'd want to."

Rita: "I'm glad those monsters are gone, but Rachel's"


Rita: "Also kinda scary"

You: "We've just gotta find the gate."

You: "Every fence has a gate."

You comb the perimeter of the warehouse until you come across a large sliding gate.
No. 824165 ID: 8e802d
File 150337757097.png - (79.24KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

It is held shut by a sturdy chain. The padlock has been pulled to the inside of the fence and zip-tied in place. Almost like someone knew you were coming.
No. 824168 ID: 3ce125

Fuck I guess the next step is to try shouting.

Honestly you should be able to just reach in and pull the lock around to get at it and pick it since standard chain-link fences have gaps big enough for that kind of thing but it's sure not drawn that way. Heck I have no idea how the chain even got through the fence.
No. 824169 ID: 143250

The fact that the padlock is on the inside definitely means Rachel (or someone else) is hiding here

Also, ask why Rita thinks Rachel is scary, she seems alright, despite you having being hit by her... (but even then, you kind of liked it)

(reminder: do not mention about Rachel's private dances, even if it is to calm Rita. We promised Rachel we wouldn't tell anyone)
No. 824171 ID: e136ae

>It is held shut by a sturdy chain. The padlock has been pulled to the inside of the fence and zip-tied in place. Almost like someone knew you were coming.

Very odd. That would mean that Rachel -- or someone -- is certainly on the inside since she'd not be able to get in herself otherwise. Or there's a back-up entrance.

Since I doubt reverends do things like pick locks OR get stopped by them, it's almost definitely to keep out Chuck.

My thoughts are to either call out for Rachel to get her to open the door or look for some sort of alternative route. Since calling out to people has had a ZERO success rate, we'd better look for other routes and failing that, get back to the Plath House. Chuck needs more tools and some rest. I don't think Rachel's in much danger.
No. 824173 ID: be0718

You have the reverends attention now thanks to your boneheaded interruption of Susanna's distraction. Shouting is no longer safe. Leave Rachel to her safe space, she is properly informed of the danger and has decided this is the safest course.
No. 824175 ID: 0d1514

Break in!
No. 824176 ID: 3ce125

>calling out to people has had a ZERO success rate
Wrong. Rita immediately popped up when Chuck called out to her. It works just fine when the residents can get a visual on Chuck, because the voice-mimic reverend can't change shape.
No. 824178 ID: 91ee5f

It's a sliding gate with a chain that's just a little too long. There's enough chain there that if you pulled, the gate will open just enough for you to reach in and pull the lock to your side so that you can pick it open. And that zip tie isn't stopping anyone, since it's wrapped around the chain, it'll fall off once the lock is picked and off the chain.

Now, of the chain had been just a liiiitle shorter or if the ziptie was actually looped through the chain links, then it wouldn't be possible to open the gate.
No. 824180 ID: fc33ea

Your sword can probably cut the zip tie through the gap in the gate, but I can't think of a way to pick the lock through a fence with such tight mesh.
No. 824183 ID: 91ee5f

Supposed to say, "if the chain had been".
No. 824186 ID: 9876c4

It's just not as fun, if we know someone is there.

Feels less like a burglary and more like an intervention.
No. 824188 ID: e136ae

Good point. I think Rita's been the only person to cooperate.
No. 824191 ID: 3ce125

Oh hey you're right. Let's do that.
No. 824196 ID: 8e802d
File 150338243957.png - (32.30KB , 500x500 , 70.png )

With Rita's help, you pry the gate open just enough to pull the lock between the two middle bars. There is barely enough slack to get it through with the zip-tie binding it, but you can get a hold of it as long as you keep pulling. You take out your lockpicks and

Rachel just straight up broke the key off in the lock

Some part of you suspects that Rachel might be preparing for some kind of last stand deathmatch.
No. 824197 ID: 3ce125

Okay so back to plan Yell. Also hope she has bolt cutters in there because you're not getting the fence open without them.

Yes there are bolt cutters back at the plath house no we're not going to run all the way there and back to bust open the fence. The reverends will be back up by then.
No. 824198 ID: e136ae

That sounds like an author hint. We'd best yell out and let Rachel know she's got an alternative and get her ass to the Plath house. You're not getting in without better tools, Chuck. You're not prepared for fortress break & enter; get Rita back and rest up.
No. 824199 ID: 91ee5f

Fuck! DX

Well, the important part of the key is still in there. Maybe if you had someway to grab it, you could still turn it? Or pull it out and pick the lock?

Do we have anything that can act as a makeshift pair of tweezers? Or a magnet? Or something?
No. 824202 ID: 8e802d
File 150338352031.png - (35.67KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

The key is pretty flush with the lock. It'd be pretty hard to pull it out. Bolt-cutters would be ideal here, but they're still at the Plath House.

You: "I think she was ready for us."

Rita: "What if we just"

Rita: "You know, went over the top."

You: "You got a ladder and a rug?"

Rita: "Well, no, but I'm sure we could find some."

a) try to find a rug
b) come back with the bolt cutters
c) other >_
No. 824205 ID: be0718

C) Go back to the Plath House and stay there.
These aren't anti-Reverend measures, Chuck. They're anti-you measures. There is an entire house of ladies that have been much more receptive to your advances, Chuck. Take the hint.
No. 824206 ID: 3ce125

A. Think back to the apartments you've been in. Surely one of them had a rug?
No. 824207 ID: 2120ee

c) Just use your clothes. They've got holes in them anyway and you don't have time to waste.
No. 824208 ID: bb78f2

c) maybe that sword is like... magically sharp? Might want to try it.
No. 824210 ID: 7e96bb

That's a long ass chain. I refuse to beleive that it doesnt leave enough play in the gate for you to push one of the halfs of the gate and slip between.
No. 824213 ID: c31aac

This is a bad idea. Don't break your sword trying to force a lock open.

See if you can find a big rock first, see if that can bust the lock (or more likely, part of the fence) open.
No. 824235 ID: 9876c4

If she was crazy enough, Rachel could kill us at close range.

So I don't like the rug plan at all, because it'd be hard to do in reverse, in a hurry. Dealing with compliant townsfolk is one thing, but a forced extraction...
No. 824237 ID: 9dc26d

She's not going to kill Chuck. He's a pest and a pain but she knows what motivates him.

Yes, A) Find a rug somewhere.
No. 824238 ID: 9dc26d

ALTERNATIVELY, just shim the lock. Most padlocks are vulnerable to shims. Just need a piece of an aluminum can or something equally stiff and thin.
No. 824239 ID: fc33ea

Rug, sure. A ladder? That sounds like it would be inside the warehouse, I haven't seen anything like that around. We're going to have to go for the bolt cutters, if at all.
No. 824240 ID: 9876c4

Nah bro, she breaking keys n shit. This is not a normal mental state.
No. 824241 ID: ac0848

C) It's barbed wire, not razor wire, you fucking panzy just jump over. What, are you afraid you might get a boo-boo? Just do it pretty boy.
No. 824242 ID: ac0848

C) It's barbed wire, not razor wire, you fucking panzy just jump over. What, are you afraid you might get a boo-boo? Just do it pretty boy.
No. 824246 ID: 1e5dbd

c) Call for Rachel
She may be acting like a tough girl, but I'm sure that deep down she's scared and would like to be rescued. So I'm pretty sure she would be listening for any voices.

Which french words do you remember? Try shouting "Rachel" and "Dansez-vous encore" (which you used at some point) for a few minutes.
No. 824250 ID: 1e7aa8

Just come back with bolt cutters. Make sure you spend a few minutes at the plath house checking on ramona!
No. 824267 ID: 8111b6

Well, she seems fairly secure in there. Perhaps just deliver the message that folks are gathering at the Plath House, as it's a safe spot, then let her decide if she wants to wait things out here or with company and a doctor.
No. 824275 ID: 8d4593

Your shirt and pants will make do for a rug, while simultaneously showing off your hot bod
No. 824282 ID: ca661e

C) try pole vaulting your way inside
No. 824284 ID: 952ceb

This. Barbed wire is next to harmless. You can jump right over it.
No. 824292 ID: e136ae

If you're gonna use your clothes, do it SEXY. You want to plant these seeds now. Besides, we already know how desperate Rita is.
No. 824310 ID: 83b549

Yelling sounds like the nest option to get her attention, but way too risky. Let's A) try looking for what we need, I guess?
No. 824314 ID: e136ae

I say B, but mostly so you can check on everyone else and maybe get some more information about Rachel first. Those strike me more as anti-Chuck, as someone else has also mentioned.
No. 824317 ID: a363ac

ignore the fucking razor wire
No. 824326 ID: 73af06

I change my vote to A. There will probably be another bolt cutters and stuff inside.
No. 824336 ID: 8e802d
File 150343716191.png - (31.42KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

You are able to locate a children's play mat from the schoolhouse, which was of course creepily empty.
No. 824338 ID: 73af06

Place the mat on the ground and tell Rita to take her clothes off. Yeah. You needed the mat so it's soft where you'll be sexing her.
No. 824342 ID: be0718

This. If you wanted to get inside the warehouse, you would have just cut a hole in the gate. Your subconscious, however, was telling you that you really wanted to get inside Rita.
No. 824345 ID: 8d4593


Or we could take her inside the warehouse with us and the mystery and excitement of it all will naturally make us more attractive. Combine that with her terrible thirst for D and she'll be all over Chuck afterword.

Lewds can happen naturally, yo.
No. 824346 ID: d36af7

B, sorta. Go back to the Plath house, double-check headcount (are the kids from the school accounted for?), have doc spider take a look at your injuries, maybe clean 'em out and put on some bandages so you don't die of something stupid like gangrene a week from now, then come back with some volunteer who actually speaks French, any and all potentially relevant tools, and a real plan.

Susanna's spawn-camping the reverends, and they can't just casually ignore mundane barricades, as recently evidenced by you and the beaver holding city hall's front door shut. This warehouse seems like it's going to be secure for at least a little while, long enough to regroup.
No. 824349 ID: 8d4593

Your plan is sound.
However we've been putting off this warehouse for like ten threads, and TGchan gets distracted.

For entirely meta reasons, I feel like it could be now or never.
No. 824350 ID: fc33ea

Toss it over the wire, Boost Rita up so she can help you clamber over while she's up there. If she ends up getting pricked, tell her you'll kiss it better later.
No. 824353 ID: be0718

>Lewds can happen naturally, yo.
This entire thread has been spent disproving that statement.
If Rachel doesn't want us in the warehouse, take a moment to give her some credit and assume she has a very good reason for that. Not something petty like secretly practicing her ballet in there, but some eldritch horror that is locked up and needs to stay locked up. If you get inside, the reverends won't be far behind.
No. 824355 ID: 3ce125

Hey maybe don't chicken out at the last minute?

Get in the damn warehouse.
No. 824356 ID: 73af06

No. 824357 ID: a6af03

hop that fence!
better to save the lewd times for back in the safety of the plath house
No. 824358 ID: 8e802d
File 150344229991.png - (80.24KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

You decided to go on with attempting to surmount the fence, tossing the children's play mat over the top of the wire.

a) have Rita lift you over
b) lift Rita over
No. 824359 ID: be0718

Toss Rita over and go back to the Plath house.
No. 824361 ID: 98f888

d) lift Rita onto your dick
No. 824362 ID: 035e4a

Do this. Rita's boring and she'll do a better job retrieving Rachel than you ever could.
No. 824363 ID: 73af06

B) Lift Rita. And you better make damn sure you get a really good grope of that ass.
No. 824364 ID: 90f3c0

B) You can't leave Rita standing outside alone.
No. 824365 ID: 3ce125

It makes the most sense to send Rita if you ask me, since Rachel doesn't want you here and is less likely to trust you.

Don't just leave her here obviously. Why would you do that. Rita should get Rachel to come out with a ladder or something and hop back over the fence. Then all three of you can go to the plath house and you'll get to have sex with someone or multiple people because you'd fucking deserve it at that point.

If Rachel isn't even here then I guess Rita can bring a ladder to just climb out.
No. 824413 ID: 70426b

Wait, is Rita wearing pants or a skir-

B. My answer is B.
No. 824458 ID: 600f38

B. Send Rita in. Tell her to get an escape route FIRST and start looking for Rachel SECOND.
The Reverends are out here, and we're better equipped at dealing with them than Rita.
If she gets a the attention of a Reverend then start thinking lewd thoughts. Not SUPER lewd like before, just enough to keep it off of Rita.
No. 824473 ID: 1e7aa8

B, and don't grope Rita while you do this. You are almost completely exhausted and she is not.
No. 824508 ID: d4122e


Hopefully, Rita will be able to find and reason with Rachel while Chuck can blend in or run away if needed to avoid trouble.
No. 824536 ID: 73af06

>The Reverends are out here
No, the reverends are not out here. There is exactly 3 of them and all 3 have been dealt with.

>You are almost completely exhausted
No, Chuck said he's fine just a few updates ago.
No. 824542 ID: 600f38

They come back. They have been temporarily inconvenienced.
No. 824545 ID: e8f4bd

As far as I know, it takes at least a day for them to come back. It's definitely not instantaneous like people seem to imply with their OH NOES THEY'LL HEAR US
No. 824546 ID: 600f38

"As far as I know"?
As far as we knew they couldn't enter the town. Making risky assumptions in a horror movie is idiotic.
No. 824547 ID: 91ee5f

No, their respawn time is based off what Susanna told us. She said their minimum respawn time is a few hours and their maximum respawn time is a few days. And they always come out of the forest when they respawn.
No. 824549 ID: e8f4bd

>horror movie
I.. I think you might be lost.
No. 824552 ID: 32d29a

Do B. Look up her skirt at min. Give her a bit of a squeeze at max while doing so. Got to have a bit of fun sometime.
No. 824553 ID: 15a025

B. Send Rita in to talk to Rachel. You need to guard the front gate in case the end up coming for you here Chuck.
No. 824590 ID: 1e7aa8

How is this not a horror film? The reverends are quasi-psychic, immortal and super-persistent things that hunt the sinful living.
No. 824595 ID: 47160d

If we are being totally honest this is basically a horror movie
No. 824617 ID: 051674


Rachel specificallu left a note FOR CHUCK about what is going on. Where are you getting the idea that she distrusts chuck from?
No. 824623 ID: e8f4bd

>>824546 >>824590 >>824595

Rachel left a note for Lisa. And Rachel directly mentioned plenty of times to Chuck that she doesn't want him anywhere near the warehouse.
No. 824624 ID: 3ce125

>plot-heavy comedy
>literally being chased by monsters
No. 824627 ID: c2051e

No. 824629 ID: 051674


She didnt leave a note for lisa. She dictated the note TO lisa, who wrote it down and delivered it to chuck specifically.

If you are going to write big rambling posts twlling people what the wuest is about, it qould probably behoove you to actually read it first.
No. 824639 ID: e8f4bd

No. 824782 ID: 8e802d
File 150360466949.png - (46.30KB , 500x500 , 74.png )

You: "You're a little lighter. I'll send you over the top first."

Rita: "Ok."

She turns around.

Rita: "But don't look up my skirt."

You: "I'm a gentleman."
No. 824783 ID: 8e802d
File 150360468028.png - (63.25KB , 500x500 , 75.png )

You make a nominal effort to honor your promise, but your eyes start Tex Averying pretty soon. She has cute legs. It takes no more than a minute to hoist her over the top of the mat, and she turns around to drop down on the other side.
No. 824784 ID: 8e802d
File 150360469083.png - (34.62KB , 500x500 , 76.png )

She lands.

Rita: "AAAAAHHH!!!!"


Rita: "OOOOH... aaahh"

Rita: "aaaaAAAAAHHH!!"

Rita: "CHUCK!!"

Rita: "There's-"

Rita: "AAAUUUH!!"