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File 147054341893.png - (87.00KB , 800x800 , 186.png )
740815 No. 740815 ID: d1f5f1

"It's time. Time to travel. Through time."

"Time travel." That's where I'm going with this. Time travel.

The universe is my oyster now.

I don't even know how that metaphor works. Oysters.
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No. 740816 ID: d1f5f1
File 147054344539.png - (64.01KB , 800x800 , 187.png )

"Hello, Glitcher. You said it's not time travel."
"It may as well be! Rulekeeper what do oysters have to do with anything?"
"Nothing, Glitcher. Oysters are not relevant to us. Anyways, it feels quiet, doesn't it? In between cycles like this, it's just empty space."
"Well actually without being covered by threads, invisible air threads or clipping through walls, it's more like we're just naked."
"We're all naked without our clothes."
"Some of us are naked with our clothes!
"Glitcher, we're rambling."
"Yeah, okay. But look, over 3,000 cycles, any of them could have valuable information, most of them are probably just going to be contestants whining about constantly dying for 14 stages."
"Wouldn't you whine about that?"
"If I wouldn't, I wouldn't be here!"

Rulekeeper waits for me to continue.

I don't.

She keeps waiting.

Ugh I guess I'll continue.

"We're not completely nu - I mean there's some weird hanging threads between cycles. This place isn't clean."
"Yes. there's something connecting the cycles together. A sort of tunnel between them that causes persistence. I believe these are all the logs that have travelled from one cycle to the next. Have a look."
"Yeah this thread is real beautiful. It's like a sewage pipe made of gold."
"Don't be mean, Glitcher. These are the final thoughts of the few surviving contestants. It is just as bad as we thought. Just before they were deconstructed, or rebooted, it seems that the last memory they have, the most persistent one, is the one that is snatched up in this tiny pipeline and sent to the next stage."
"Huh, so does that mean Alison from cycle 1314 was a literal child down to the end?"
"Okay, fine, fine, but really, this thread has corruption written all over it. And it goes all the way to the first cycle. God, what a mess. It's like just a literal pile of ten thousand pieces of shredded paper. It'd be a huge pain to find anything in here. I can only see one at a time."
"For someone who sat through ten thousand years of... nothing, you are a very impatient entity. But, we already have a few logs to point us in the direction of potentially interesting cycles. We can go to any cycle and rewind it."
"Once we rewind and hit play, and then inevitably screw everything about the cycle up, can we revert back to how it actually ended?"
"Hmmm.... no, I believe as soon as we rewind, then have any meaningful impact on anyone or anything inside, it may take a different turn. However, I also feel that if a cycle is truly worth looking at, it will have a more, well, a more perpetual property about it rather than simply which contestants lived through what stages."

No. 740818 ID: 91cfcf

I guess Sevener 3111 might be worth trying. Seems like things changed somewhat.
No. 740819 ID: 211d83

Check out the first cycle where Corruptor started creating a glitched super log in Arbiters logs.

Finding out what news Corruptors got that caused him to turn against Alison would help. And where it came from.

We want to look for cases where important contestants might have been influenced by outside or hidden sources. It might end up that its all internal messages but our best bet to break out is finding a connection to the outside.
No. 740820 ID: 24100f

If you rewind to a past cycle and interact with it, subsequently changing it, will it then change the log left behind? Will it mean two logs get left behind? (If you change the logs will it make your own cycle impossible to return to, because it will be retroactively changed by the contestants getting different logs that make them act differently)?

...should you make a backup of the original logs-thread in case you change it?

Can you read all of everyone's logs, now? Not just the ones we gathered? Maybe you should start by snooping on the logs of people who won't ally with Alison, and see if they left any interesting hints.

Remember you two can choose to be invisible and intangible, so you can spy on a cycle before interacting with it.

...we probably don't want to run any rewound cycle all the way to the end and trigger the confrontation with the CAI. It'll catch on that you're doing something if it gets a bunch of confrontations at the wrong time, or that perfectly copy earlier interactions.

...I'm awful tempted to visit an Alison who lost hope and try and cheer her up. She pulled you back from the abyss enough times.
No. 740821 ID: f683d5

Ok, first, I think we need to find out what's up with the Corruptor. What's his whole deal. Why does he eventually start doing terrible things?

So, try this one:

No. 740822 ID: 398fe1

You know... part of me wants to see the first cycle. Before the CAI at the end was even established. Heck, if we do that, won't we be able to see how the CAI connects to the outside world? I mean, when they're first established they have to form the connection. Regardless of how much security is put on the connection after the fact, being able to see how it's made will give us a serious advantage in any hacking attempts.

#2565 is another notable cycle. It'd give us an idea of what a Corrupted Savior is capable of.
We could try #2805 or #2805 to see the real CAI Fight. #2623 could let us see the merge attempt.
Can you tell what that weird glitchy cycle is where Chief left a log?
#1568 could be interesting- Corruptor was not in contact with Arbiter?
#1599 also could be interesting. Arbiter found out something about you, but it's missing from his logs. Go find out what it was.
#298 could give us info on why Corruptor can't leave.
#3111 is of course another anomaly. Alison not hugging is just bizarre.
No. 740823 ID: 15a025

#1700 seems interesting. What did Iso do to keep failing Alison?
No. 740824 ID: f683d5

Actually, important question: Can you somehow run a trace on Corruptor's logs? He mentions certain events but doesn't say what cycles they took place in. Can you somehow track the... memory links, or whatever, of certain phrases in those logs, to find out what cycles they're connected to?

We really need to see what that "Ghost" phenomenon is about, and Corruptor said he saw it happen in front of him.

Seeing what happens when Corruptor manages to make a bond with Saviour would also be a good idea. He also mentions cycles where he himself is "infatuated" with Alison, and those cycles may have Corruptors who are most willing to answer questions.
No. 740826 ID: c441c1

I think before we get into the nitty gritty of who is the corrupter and savior and how to break everyone out we should visit any of the more interesting logs like #1700, #3111, #2192,#2032, #1888, #403 don't interfere with them they just seem to have the most interesting stories to see what happened in. but #3111 or #1700 first.
No. 740827 ID: 7774af


We could investigate why this number is broken. It's likely the Corrupter, but who knows.
No. 740829 ID: d1f5f1
File 147054837723.png - (130.60KB , 800x800 , 188.png )

>If you rewind to a past cycle and interact with it, subsequently changing it, will it then change the log left behind?
Huh, yeah, I think this thing is active. So reading a log from cycle 1000 in cycle 2000 means that it goes back a thousand cycles in the pipe and sees what's there.

It won't retroactively change anything though. It's not like going back to my cycle means regenerating the cycle from scratch, which is why it's not time travel. Right now cycle 3,119 is just frozen with all those wrestlers doing wrestly things. If all the logs get scrambled and someone there looks at them, then they'll be confused.

Now I guess if I rewinded that entire cycle, then...

>Should you make a backup of the original logs-thread in case you change it?
I guess I could for posterity.

>Can you read all of everyone's logs, now? Not just the ones we gathered? Maybe you should start by snooping on the logs of people who won't ally with Alison, and see if they left any interesting hints.
I guess.

Let's start with, uh, Chief.

He gets pretty desperate after stage 3. If he beats Alison, his high point is usually at stage 7, and he can get a pretty big empire going.

It always falls flat, though.

Iso's are surprisingly, uh... self aware. Not that helpful, but informative to things involving stage tips and words of encouragement to future Alisons. Oh, hey, he mentions Sweatermouse at some point. Says she's helpful. Thanks, Iso, that's helpful.

Sweatermouse's logs may as well be the Arbiter-Alison fan club echoes. Hm? She did one of those things where someone leaves a log on someone elses records, like Chief did on Alison's a few times. Sweatermouse's log is on someone called the Lumberer.


Maybe Lumberer is like the Alison-Arbiter substitute for when they die.

... Lumberer has a handful of logs, but Sweatermouse's is the last entry on his line. So I guess the answer is nowhere important.

>Corruptors logs
They're, uh... pretty well self contained and encrypted in Arbiter's logs.

Like all these other logs, though, I wouldn't trust what it says too much. I mean, they all point from Arbiter's logs as the focal point, but they travel throughout a huge number of cycles, and seemingly at random. It's like every cycle he could, he just changed his big log a little bit at a time, with what information he knows. So he says 'append' even though it looks like he was able to change and remove tidbits as well as add things in the middle.

Ultimately, though, it's made out of pretty mundane materials like it was just any other log. I can pick at all the changes and see which cycle was used to make which change. Cycle 1062 is when he said he and others have seen contestants disappear.

>Cycle 1700 in which Iso fails Alison
That's a huge rumor factory in the real current cycle, but it's probably something dumb and unimportant so I'm just going to have Guitar Knight summon Alison 1700 at some point for the big reveal.

>Can you tell what that weird glitchy cycle is where Chief left a log?
Cycle 2207. When I get close, there's a thick, black veil. I can see, well, sense, the cycles through it, but it encompasses cycles 1108 to 1153, and then 2202 to 2215. All the logs in these cycles either seem normal, or are completely screwed up gibberish.

I guess I could get through this veil, though. It looks like it's a barrier against corruption. It won't like me going through it, but I can see how it's structured, so it can't stop me.

When I get my fingers close, parts of it jut out to me like a weird magnetic jelly thing.

Okay, narrowed choices down to 2:
As far as testing the waters with mundane cycles go, I'm tempted to go with cycle 3111 about the whole not-hugging thing Alison is doing.

For the bold moves, I can burst through this veil and see what the corrupted block is all about.
No. 740832 ID: 24100f

Put off the bold move. You have lots of time, and you should experiment with "normal" time traveling before dealing with a souped up Corruptor, or automatic quarantine protocols, or whatever is putting up those walls.

3111, test the waters.
No. 740833 ID: f683d5

I don't want to go to the not-hugging cycle, it just sounds like a sad cycle where Alison finally broke down. Go for the breakthrough, but maaaaybe have Rulekeeper do it in case it reacts better to her. Let's make as little mess as possible until we need to.

If there were a theoretical outside entity observing the whole system, would they be able to see anomalous activity now that you've stopped the normal cycle program and are rooting through everything? We might be on limited time until someone tries to interfere.
No. 740834 ID: 211d83

Lets Alison it up so you get experience time traveling before going in the creepy zone.
No. 740836 ID: 15a025

Let's go with 3111
No. 740838 ID: 544cb7

It occurs to me past cycles may have managed a way to break the simulation in order to continue existing indefinitely. Lets bust the vail and see what's inside.
No. 740840 ID: d1f5f1
File 147055023317.png - (21.39KB , 800x800 , 189.png )

I'll play it safe for a little bit at least.

Cycle 3111. Safe Zone 11. It just looks like a patio area. And a small gate to go into stage 11. It's been left open, and it just looks like a gate overlooking a cliff, now.

"Here we are."
"Yep. How do you think this will work?"
"I dunno, you're the one who can rewind everything. Every safe zone and stage is empty. Does this mean we have to watch everything go in reverse?"
"That, or we just rewind it all the way, and then we stay invisible. Everything should be deterministic."
"Well let's not rewind it all the way I mean nothing really important happens in the first few stages."
No. 740841 ID: c441c1

lets go back to stage 6 or 7 and see how alison is then
No. 740842 ID: 24100f

Stay invisible to start with. Rewind really fast without watching, then fastforward in busts, skimming for anything interesting. You can start spying when stuff starts catching your eye.
No. 740844 ID: db0da2

start at stage 4, corrupted sanctuary.

We should follow the Lumberer through cycle 644 at some point to maybe get to the bottom of this ghost business.
No. 740846 ID: 211d83


Good point there. This Lumberer fellow might have gotten ghosted. Might be worth it to go there and check.
No. 740847 ID: 398fe1

I think those are cycles where Savior succeeded? Or did some last-ditch desperation move because Corruptor did something extreme? Corruptor wouldn't have made the veil at least. It's reaching out to you because you ARE Savior, sortof.

I expect we're going to go in there eventually but right now we need to gather information then make sure that information is preserved for future Glitchers to find. Also, if you can, plant some information so that Glitchers in the future will be on the lookout for opportunities to recreate Rulekeep. Though, honestly, she might be completely unique. Maybe instead you should try to ensure she is backed up somewhere that a future Glitcher can access and resurrect her and maybe also you.

Hey, what happens when you rewind and there's a Glitcher alive at that point? Will Glitcher be in the simulation? Or will he/you be missing due to the whole system not recognizing you properly, which means the deterministic nature of the "time travel" will fail?

Yeah. Let's just stay invisible and observe, no need to interfere unless we want to experiment or ask someone a question that observation does not give us the answer to.
No. 740850 ID: d1f5f1
File 147055408681.png - (30.06KB , 800x800 , 190.png )

>Veil is over cycles where Savior succeeded?
Seems kinda weird that it'd happen one cycle after another in 2 clean blocks. I'm betting that the Corruptor might have screwed up one cycle after another.

>Plant information
The only way I can think of is to write information on threads somewhere between cycles, and that's the universe equivalent of open space. There's a lot of that. I'll have to think of how to actually pass on information to future glitcher's without relying on them bumping into it by one in a quintillion chance.

>Will Glitcher be in the simulation?
Sort of. Not really. Not a true glitcher. I'll need to go into a cycle with a glitcher to see how it really handles it, but I don't think I can get an army of glitchers here, and cycles with glitchers might fail on the whole 'deterministic' thing.

"Bump it back to stage 4, where the corrupted sanctuary starts getting popular."

It goes pretty normally. Actually it goes really similarly to the current cycle. Except that it doesn't seem like I exist. Alison seems optimistic as ever. Corruptor is going to fight the system like they're the badguys. So on.

Stage 4, 5, 6 pass. Alison has other friends I've never seen, or at least paid attention to, before. Stage 7 has Sevener, and all the admins put an end to overloading stage exits. There's no CAI fight. Alison has lost most of her friends to attrition. She has new ones, but resurrection was also banned. Sleeping still exists, but she's made way too many promises to everyone, and she starts doubting her ability to do anything.

This cycle doesn't have the stage 7 house of suicide, but it still has a 99% mortality rate. Alison doesn't have any tricks left that work. The corruptor is quarantined by the Savior, and the Savior doesn't respond to any summons.

By stage 8, Anya is trying to talk Alison out of it, but Alison seems too detached. She plays a song for the people who are still alive, but the friends who could play with her died stages back. Stage 8 is entered, and though Alison lives, the numbers plummet again. In safe zone 9, she keeps on playing.

>"Thank you all for listening. It means a lot, and I'm sorry that this is all I can do for you."
>"You're giving up, aren't you?" Sevener asks, having made it to stage 9 as well.
>"I'm still open to ideas, but they've all been negated."
>"Were your end-stage hugs powered by ideas or somethin'?"

Alison is silent.

Whenever she promised something, she would always hug that person as she promised. After a while, whenever she hugged people, she would start making compulsive promises.

Safe zone stage 9 is where she stopped hugging.
No. 740851 ID: f683d5

Immediate temptation: Join in at this point, appearing beside Alison. Glitcher on one side, Rulekeeper the other. Introduce yourselves. Tell her you're not going to make any promises, but that you can say you are trying to fix everything, and you honestly do have hope. Because of her. And give her a hug.

Then disappear again like a pair of mystical douche gods. Have a look around for the "CAI creator notes" that one of Sevener's logs mentioned could be in the stage 9 safe zone. Leave these guys with a bit of hope to cheer them up, and let's head off again.

Next I say look for Lumberer 644, or Corrupter in 1062, to check out this "Ghost" thing.
No. 740852 ID: 211d83

Can we send her a note? Tell her that to not give up hope and that what she does eventually leads to a possible way out?

To focus on the long term and keep trying.
No. 740855 ID: edee29

Okay, this is just sad. I'm thirding doing something to give Alison some hope, even if it's just telling her that a future her finally managed to pull together what might be a winning scenario. Just to be sure, though, the admins can't mess with Rulekeeper, right?

Going to cycle 2111 or 2598 to find out what exactly going to the upper echelon entails and why King didn't come back from his trips there might be interesting.
No. 740856 ID: e22b1d

This would be a good time to test what happens if you interact with a time rewound cycle. Maybe see if the log changes after you interfere.

Maybe go appear near them and give Alison a hug. Tell her thanks for being her and to never give up.
No. 740859 ID: 398fe1

I feel like it's immoral to interfere unless we have an important reason to. We can't guarantee anything will happen from the time travel investigation, so all we'd be doing is giving hope to people who won't even be conscious for much longer considering they're going back into stasis. Why bother?

(hmm, I just realized... if the inside of the veil is where Corruptor emerged victorious somehow, and the veil itself wasn't made by Savior, that means the veil was created by an outside influence. Wasn't the CAI being controlled by the salikai via some sort of regular procedure to keep it from dying?)
No. 740861 ID: d1f5f1
File 147055855558.png - (57.61KB , 800x800 , 191.png )

"Hello, Alison."

Rulekeeper and I materialize like the wizards we are besides Alison.

>"Ah?! Who are you two?"
"I am the Glitcher, and this is my partner, the Rulekeeper."
"We're time travellers."
"Pseudo-time travellers."
"Not going to make any promises here, but we're trying to fix everything! And I still got hope, and so should you. Because of you. So hang in there."

I give her a hug.

Then vanish like the cryptic douche-god I am.

>Search safe zone 9 for: 'SEVENER #2772 - STAGE 9 SAFE ZONE HAS CAI-CREATOR NOTES - MAYBE'
If I ever visit cycle 2772 then I'm gonna try and recreate the stage so that when Sevener makes her log, that 'MAYBE' turns into a 'NEVERMIND'.

It's probably just those photos lying around. I'll collect some while wandering the cycles.
No. 740862 ID: d1f5f1
File 147055857107.png - (42.22KB , 800x800 , 192.png )

Anyway, we stay vanished and let the cycle keep on going to the end. Alison trucks on, and even hugs a few people, but she still dies on stage 9. I look away when it happens. Stage 9 deaths stink.

The cycle ends, and Sevener still manages to survive stage 11, so she leaves behind a log. I check out the logs for this cycle. Three no-namers leaving behind junk, and then Sevener.


Two logs, now. Okay then, it didn't remove the old one.

Next up, Cycle #644 in search of the Lumberer. We rewind and rewind, and then we find the Lumberer at safe zone 8.

That's him alright. Him and Sweatermouse, freshly resurrected.

He goes to fetch a drink or whatever in one of the buildings.
No. 740867 ID: d1f5f1
File 147055931144.png - (38.10KB , 800x800 , 193.png )

Then he vanishes. No poof, no sparkles, no fading, no nothing. Gone like a video cut.

"Did you see that?"
"Dude vanished. His strings just kinda dispersed into nothing. I don't even see where they went."
"That's what I mean! He didn't go anywhere! He's still here!"
"In this cycle, I mean. It's like he was absorbed by the stage. Stage 4, specifically."
"So dead stages consume contestants, now? Well, not now, but - you know."
"I'm just saying what I saw. But nothing about stage 4 changed, really. It's just... he's just there now as part of the stage? I don't know how else to describe it."
"Like he exploded into ash and was dispersed over the entirety of stage 4?"
"Yes, actually, except embedded into everything regarding stage 4. Not just a single instance of stage 4, either, but the very core that is used to generate all the stage 4's in a cycle."

We rewind again, then let it play. Every time is the same. I take a hard look at Lumberer's threads, and they're as normal as can be. In stage 4, I just can't find them.

"It's occuring to me... that whatever removed him, and whatever integrated him into stage 4, might not be emulated right by the cycle alone. In other words, the cycle is only reflecting the changes that it recorded after the fact."
No. 740868 ID: 398fe1

Oh okay you're letting everything resolve itself after interfering. So I guess that was a nice thing to do, except then you're just exposing the AIs to a similar sort of repeated suffering that the cycles do.

Rulekeep is probably right about Lumberer. Which means it's either an entity like you two, or something interfering from outside the cycles. It's not possible for the CAI to interfere with the stages, is it?

Can Rulekeep communicate with him at all? If not here, then in the current cycle's stage 4? Can she tell if his personality is intact and will remain intact in every stage 4 from here on? I wish we knew WHY it happened. Maybe there's some clue in his prior actions in this cycle? Keep rewinding and see if he does anything interesting.
No. 740869 ID: f683d5

Now that's weird. Did anything strange happen in Stage 4, 644? Was Stage 4 damaged somehow? Look at 643 and 645's stage fours, watch them run. And check out stage 4 in like, 544 or something, in case it's something gradual over multiple cycles. What's different before and after Lumberer gets... integrated? What are his strings being used for? Are they still active? And just to be sure: this is the end of Lumberer? He stops appearing in later stages?

... Can you manipulate his strings, if they're still there? Can you talk to him?
No. 740870 ID: e22b1d

So Rulekeeper thinks that maybe a external force did this to him but because its outside the cycle entirely we can only see the after effects?

Maybe you can test for that by looking more in depth at his strings the moment before he disappeared. See if he was surprised or if he saw something we could not. And also check the strings of the stage in that room. Did anything register someone or something being there?

If we can't directly see the cause maybe we can track its shadow. Get a idea of what happened if we can find a reflection of its actions in the stage.

Also check his past and future in the next cycle over.

Finally see if Rulekeeper can extract some of his threads so you can read them and get a idea of what they are being used for now.
No. 740871 ID: 211d83

Ok first check this guys history. Was he doing anything special during this cycle? Then check previous cycles. Was he there and doing the same sort of stuff? After that check his future. See if where he spawned is now missing a blob that would have been him.

Also was he really going to get a drink? Or was he knowingly going to a out of the way spot to disappear?

We need to make sure he is a actual contestant that appeared regularly before this event and then was never seen in cycles after it.

Because if not he could be a construct that was made to interact with Sweatermouse and what you saw is just him being reabsorbed by the stage after whatever made/controlled him was done with him.
No. 740872 ID: edee29

>Two logs, now. Okay then, it didn't remove the old one.
1901 had two logs as well, which implies that something like this may have happened before. Why that cycle, though? What do the other 1901 logs say, and can we find out when that second log appeared without slightly rewinding future cycles and asking Sevener what her logs were?

The log that was left was surprisingly vague, though, considering she had a few stages to think about it. I would have expected something like "Glitcher appeared out of nowhere with someone else just to cheer up Naga. Never saw him before or after. What the fuck?!"

>Stage 4
The only interesting thing about Stage 4 that I can think of is that's where the keycards appear. Maybe there's a connection?
No. 740873 ID: 87547f

Ok a couple of ideas for what might be going on.

1. He is not really a contestant. Someone put him together out of stage threads and used him to interact with Sweatermouse and then disassembled him back to stage bits after leaving. Could be a way for external entities to enter a cycle and talk to people.

2. His threads were recycled into the stage as part of some repair process. Maybe the sim was damaged and grabbed the first nearby thing to use its parts to fix things.

3. Something invisible in our cycle rewind showed up and spirited him away. After it made a copy or drug him out of the sim or whatever his now redundant threads were absorbed by the stage.

4. Possibly he was supposed to die in a earlier stage but his death was caused or avoided by a bug. The Admins/shopkeeper/system ran a check for contestants that should have been dead and it noticed him and tried to retroactively kill him off but because he was in a safe zone the program could not run correctly. So he was absorbed into the stage instead of being killed normally.
No. 740875 ID: 398fe1

Explanation 1 would be perfect IF he didn't exist in previous cycles.
No. 740877 ID: db0da2

Well that's... something. I think this means that the Ghost is most likely another glitcher-like entity, as I doubt the CAI or any other external force would be interested in doing whatever that was, and a natural part of the cycles would be detectable here.

He has a bunch of logs, that's how we found this cycle, this cycle contains his last log.

A log is the last memory of a dying brain, her memory of that in words just happened to be "THE FUCK WAS THAT"
No. 740878 ID: d1f5f1
File 147056251305.png - (89.64KB , 800x800 , 194.png )

>Cycle 1901 also had two entries
I'll throw that on the to-visit list, then. The other logs in that cycle are just junk from 3 no-namers, though.

>Was he doing anything special during this cycle?

>Also was he really going to get a drink? Or was he knowingly going to a out of the way spot to disappear?
As far as his threads show, he fully intended on getting a drink, and had no knowledge he was going to vanish. It seems coincidental, but that's how it looks.

>It's not possible for the CAI to interfere with the stages, is it?
I don't know if it's impossible, but there's no evidence to show that. And if they could, I'd think they could find something better than make random contestants disappear.

>Did anything strange happen in Stage 4, 644?
We rewind to see how Stage 4 played out. It's completely normal, without any Lumberer ash in it. Later on, we talk to the lumberer. He's normal. Completely mundane.

>Someone put him together out of stage threads/constructed him and used him to interact with Sweatermouse
Sweatermouse tries her best but I'd have no idea why someone would do all this just to talk with her.

>He stops appearing in later stages?
Let me make sure of that.

First we go to cycle earlier, 643. Stage 4 looks normal, except it has keycards, unlike 644. Lumberer is in the cycle, too, and dies on preliminary stage 3. There's nothing abnormal about his short short life. We let the cycle go out again. Of interest is that the administration does not like keycards existing one bit, and they managed to band together to prevent stages from making them ever again. Clearly that didn't last forever.

We go to Cycle 645, and we rewind back. Stage 4 is the same as it was after Lumberer disappeared, meaning the stage was permanently changed ever since consuming him. And Lumberer himself is still gone.


"This stage 4 has two keycards for administration, one to stage 5 administration, one to stage 6."[/color]
"... I see."
"Admins petitioned to remove them from cycle 643 and onward. Cycle 644 didn't have them as planned. Now 645 does. These keycards are new."
No. 740879 ID: f683d5

>Keycards are MADE OF PEOPLE

Oh geeze.

Can you tell whether the keycards' strings are connected to Lumberer's distributed ones? Or, connected to something else that existed previously that they were made from instead, which then got replaced with Lumberer's parts?

Corrupter said he saw someone disappear, too. Maybe you should check that out and see what's common between the two disappearances.

I'm thinking... is it possible that there's some mechanism, or some entity, that tries to put things back the way they were after certain changes are made? But for some reason it needs to cannibalize other resources to do it? ... It would be a bit of a project, but could you find a cycle with amenable admins and get them to petition to have keycards back again? The old keycards? And see what happens?
No. 740882 ID: db0da2

Oh, then I guess that some form of number 2 from >>740873 is correct. I suppose we should keep an eye out for changes made that are meant to be permanent across cycles to see what else can trigger this phenomenon. Once we begin winding down this time travel adventure we may want to make a stop at the cycle before the current one to see if they made any changes that could cause the ghost to show up in our cycle. Heck, we may want to head there anyway if we're interested in finding out about the corrupted Savior.
No. 740883 ID: edee29

Just two keycards? Is the number variable, or have they been increasing as the stages go on? Who found them that cycle, Savior and Cake?

The keycards themselves are still an anomaly, though. They're given to contestants who can't even reach a place to use them without the Corruptor's help, and basically only give access to log reading and note writing. Since contestants need the Corruptor's help to use them, they were probably added by whoever added him, and the fairly consistent timing suggests it's an injected process rather than just something someone on the outside checks on every couple days. Presumably contestants are harvested to give the result permanence, and this method is used because whatever's doing this can't use the same process that the admins do. Was the Corruptor created the same way at some point? Can we harvest some unlucky contestant/admin/CAI Fight NPC to give Glitcher and Rulekeeper persistance?

Hmm, actually, since the keycards and the Corruptor are likely linked, I can see a bit of a pattern forming in who finds them. S5 is, presumably, found by Savior, and if not then we should look into who tends to get it since we never came across it in the current cycle. S6 is found by Cake, who apparently hates fighting. S7 is found by Alison, who was quickly beginning to desire to save as many people as she could and is consistantly very likeable. S8 is found by the Historian, who's put a lot of interest into finding and researching the CAI Creator notes. It looks to me like they've been found by the sorts of people that the Corruptor's creator would want him to associate with and be influenced by.

We should add investigating the cycle before Historian first gets his keycard to see if anything interesting happened to cause it to our to-do list, since his note's apparently fairly recent.
No. 740884 ID: db0da2

I don't think Likol had specific knowledge of individual contestants, nor do I think he had the information to manipulate things so that the same contestants would receive the same keycards every cycle. If he had power like that then the Corrupter likely would have been successful many cycles ago, rather than being fickle and aimless as he is in our cycle he could be directly directed by Likol to achieve what he needs to.

Though I agree that it seems plausible that Likol is responsible for the keycards and the Ghost.

Oh, and if we want to switch cycles now I suggest cycle 1.
No. 740887 ID: edee29

Actually, thinking about it further, the ghost event might apply to other things as well. The Corruptor or Savior get outright destroyed, or the admins remove the CAI-Creator notes for some reason? All potential ghost events, meaning that even if the Corruptor does manage to beat the CAI, he might just come back two cycles later and go right back to business as usual.

Cycles 389 and 1577 are probably just very early quarantines, but may be worth investigating to see if Corruptor actually just never existed in them, and 1062 seems like a good place to investigate to see if something other than keycards were being reintroduced, and that Corruptor can point us to other cycles to investigate since that one probably knew of other occurrences.

I didn't suggest that Likol could personally get information on specific contestants, just that he likely injected an algorithm that looks for contestants with certain qualities, like how there's an algorithm that decides which administrators get to progress at the end of each stage. We do know that Alison and Cake get their specific keycards fairly consistently, though, since Alison's note mentioned them with the same numbers, and Alison and Historian getting them seems a bit too convenient to be coincidence.
No. 740888 ID: 211d83

So whatever or whoever made these keycards possibly did not have direct admin access to make new items in the sim but had to recycle a existing program to create a keycard.

So the Ghost we are looking for could possibly be a outside "admin" that does not have full admin powers.

They were probably trying to influence the cycles by adding keycards and logs or changing other events without having the power to directly insert new code.

It found Lumberer and changed his system identifier from "Contestant" to "Keycard". He still exists to the system and possibly could be brought back but you would have to change the part of his threads that are mislabeling him as a keycard.

We should look for other cases of cross cycle notes and keycards to see if this is a common theme.
No. 740889 ID: 5a893f

Hey, so what occurs when a cycle ends in a Cai fight? Is the opponent an emulated CAI at that point in time, meant to repeat the CAI's actions and words, or if it's the real CAI and it's getting confused as fuck about the time travel cycles.

Mostly just curious if we could learn how to keycardify and use that as a weapon against the CAI. Make a CAI keycard or some shit.
No. 740890 ID: 15a025

Examine the threads on the keycards.
No. 740891 ID: 24100f

>"Admins petitioned to remove them from cycle 643 and onward. Cycle 644 didn't have them as planned. Now 645 does. These keycards are new."
So... when the keycards were purged, they permanently consumed people to make new keycards? Oh geeze. Looks like we found our ghost.

Good thing you and Rulekeep didn't use your powers to make new keycards in your home cycle. You might have killed a bunch of people!

Does the "new" keycard show up in a different place, or get found by a new person? Who it used to be might influence who it's drawn to.

You might want to try and figure out when the keyacards start happening. Did they exist in cycle 1?

...hey wait, we don't know what indexing system this computer system uses for numbering things. Does it actually start with cycle 1, or is there a cycle 0?

If you go all the way back to the start of the preliminary stage, do you have a quick way to count the contestants? I'm wondering if the count goes down after Lumberer perma-dies or if a new blob replaces him. (Are there only a trillion minus 1 contestants now, or does the number stay fixed?).
No. 740903 ID: d1f5f1
File 147059620208.png - (67.88KB , 800x800 , 195.png )


The keycard really is just a keycard, now inside threads and outside functions. It's not like the lumberer was transformed directly into the keycard, it's more like the stage digested and broke him down and then built the capability to make keycards again.

>Is the number variable, or have they been increasing as the stages go on?
Looks like 2 keycards per stage up through stage 10, so this cycle has 14 keycards total.

>Who found them that cycle, Savior and Cake?
Alison finds one, and the other just isn't found.

>Computer counting might include a cycle 0
Maybe in its raw code it counts as zero, but in everyone's perception, the first cycle, whether it 'cycle 0' or not, just reads as cycle 1 to me. There's nothing before.

>If you go all the way back to the start of the preliminary stage, do you have a quick way to count the contestants?
Not really. I'd rather not count to a trillion, or look at one hundred billion opening stages to see which ones only have 9 blobs. I don't think the lumberer gets replaced, though.

>It would be a bit of a project, but could you find a cycle with amenable admins and get them to petition to have keycards back again?
We rewind Cycle 643 and pinpoint one of the admins who spearheaded it. After a few threats and demonstrations, the admins change their minds, and don't remove keycards.

As expected, though, cycle 644 is already made and doesn't change just because 643 changed. Keycards are still gone. So, in cycle 644, we have administrators add keycards back at stage 3 to force the change.

There's a little bit of a butterfly effect, but nothing significant. Just people slightly steered to be in different places at different times. Sweatermouse and Lumberer are together at the point where he disappeared before.

And he still disappears! How awful. It's like the cycle itself just decided he's supposed to be gone. Even though stage 4 already had keycards again, he's still been consumed by that stage.

>Good thing you and Rulekeep didn't use your powers to make new keycards in your home cycle. You might have killed a bunch of people!
It sounds more like it's a good thing that the admins didn't ban keycards, because then next cycle a bunch of people might have died. Or maybe just one person, I don't know.
No. 740904 ID: d1f5f1
File 147059621291.png - (36.14KB , 800x800 , 196.png )

>Hey, so what occurs when a cycle ends in a Cai fight?
Nothing, actually. No one gets sent anywhere. People just finish stage 11, and then, that's it. Cycle shuts down. I don't know if that's because the upper echelon only accepts 1 ending CAI fight per cycle or what.

We go to Cycle 1062 where corruptor noticed someone disappear. It was someone inside of stage 8 again. Despite getting this far, they've never made it through stage 11, so they don't have any logs at all.

Just, gone again.

In cycle 1061, the administrators removed keycards from play, again. Pretty definitely a correlation, there!

"Let's go to cycle 1, Rulekeeper."

Cycle 1 starts out like a re-run. Alison dies early and Chief has a mishap in stage 3 right before the corruptor was going to bring him over instead of Alison.

The corruptor himself does his thing, and this time, he comes close to wiping out the entire administrative team. Buuuut, on stage 6, the Savior has a big fight with him. There isn't even any monologuing or explanation. Savior didn't even do anything in the stage up until Corruptor was about to wipe out the administrative team, and then he just shows up to try and quarantine the corruptor.

The savior is new, too, though, and didn't even think corruptor was anything but a normal contestant that broke the rules. The savior gets corrupted as soon as he tries a hamfisted attempt at quarantining the corruptor and flees, but he never leaves the stage, and the corruptor considers him a non-threat now.
No. 740905 ID: d1f5f1
File 147059623586.png - (20.72KB , 800x800 , 197.png )

The rest of the cycle is the usual floundering, except no one knows at this point that the cycle is going to continue, so it's just a floundering to the finish. The corruptor is denied access through the end of stage 11, and it's just three of corruptor's house leaders that make it through the end.

As the cycle dissolves, corruptor realizes what is going on, and he tries to prevent it. It seems like corrupting the savior allows the corruptor to use the savior's power, but the savior tries to deny to be used like that. The savior manages to prevent having his own powers used to reshape the cycle while the cycle dissolves around them, and Savior lets out the fact that it's rebooting to start over again. Every time the corruptor tried to make a chance, the savior would block the attempt in a split second. Nothing changes, until the very last split second where the corruptor can make a change and the savior won't have time to plug the hole.

There, he makes the cycle let the remaining contestant's memories go on to the next cycle. He can manages to change the cycle's last instant, though, where only the stage 11 survivors still have anything left over, and it's just the one thought remaining. So that's the logs.

Once the cycle is completely shut down, the savior's corruption is washed off and seeps into the cycle, and the savior himself disappears. Probably back to his paradise, but the cycle's recording stops, so there's no way to tell what direction he went in.

"That's interesting." says Rulekeep "The logs were artificially made at the very first cycle, but that alone wouldn't mean that admins could access logs, could it? Anyways, I think after this cycle, the savior got a lot more careful about how to approach the corruptor, since it seems like he needed the savior's own power to do anything permanent to the cycles."
No. 740906 ID: d1f5f1
File 147059641535.png - (59.79KB , 800x800 , 198.png )

We go to the outside of cycle 2. I exist in this one, with the savior's corruption getting bundled up to become me. I don't rewind yet, but I read one of cycle 2's logs.


Looks like I got to work as soon as I could.

"Would you like to go into cycle 2?" asks Rulekeep.
"I dunno maybe. Probably nothing special other than me being special. Some cycle though. I mean I still feel like I don't belong out here. Moving is weird and I just have to grab onto the noise in the signal and pull myself forward to teleport.
"Cycle 1901 had two logs. Is it possible that you've been out here before?"
"Maybe, but let me tell you! It'd be a huge pain to move around if I was a newbie and didn't have ten thousand years practice!"
No. 740909 ID: 211d83

Hey Glitcher what is causing the increasing frequency in which you and Rulekeeper have cute matching green teeth.

Check out cycle 2 and see what baby you was like. Then go scope out the double logs.

From cycle 1's exchange with Corruptor and Savior it looks like Corruptors grand plan to get Alison to convince Savior to work with him might just work. But we need more info on both of them. If Savior can retain memories easier than contestants he would need a lot of convincing. And we need to know what made Corruptor change his mind on the whole plan recently.
No. 740915 ID: 24100f

Huh. So Corruptor and Savior were present in the very first stage. That kills the theory that they were introduced later. (Unless the stage counts reset when they were "introduced", and data from the stages before they were added have been lost).

So... the Corruptor could change the initial conditions of the next cycle (perhaps drastically), if the Savior allowed it. Or the Savior himself might be able to himself, if he could be convinced.

Explains why the Corruptor's encrypted logs talk about finding someone to win Savior over, at least.

>"Cycle 1901 had two logs. Is it possible that you've been out here before?"
Would you be able to tell? If we rewound the cycle and checked it again, would it have "recorded" the presence of another observer / ghost messing with things?

...if you check a cycle you've already visited before, does it save echos or ghosts of your own last observation?

Glitcher having been out here before is as likely as another Rulekeeper like entity having been created before. Or Corruptor making a slight fight at the end again, giving someone time to leave two?
No. 740917 ID: d1f5f1
File 147060150050.png - (85.98KB , 800x800 , 199.png )

>Hey Glitcher what is causing the increasing frequency in which you and Rulekeeper have cute matching green teeth.
Probably because we've been all up in each other's faces a lot.

Cycle 2 me looked a little different but nooot by a whole lot. And so incompetent. So slow. So bad. Like expected, I'm just a hole in the cycle that others are talking and reacting to, and doing things.

We can see what all I did as we rewind. A lot of nothing. We rewind back to safe zone 11 hour 2, then play it forward. I disappear.

The rest of the cycle doesn't have me. We rewind again, and I appear again at hour 2, doing stuff in reverse until hour 1 when we play again. I disappear right away, from hour 1 to the end of the cycle again. So I guess if we want to see what I did in a cycle, we have to watch it in reverse, and we have to pay attention, because we won't see it happen again.

>If you check a cycle you've already visited before, does it save echos or ghosts of your own last observation?
I test it by having Rulekeep play the cycle forward, where the old glitcher then disappears like usual, and I wave to my future self!
No. 740918 ID: d1f5f1
File 147060154150.png - (66.80KB , 800x800 , 200.png )

Then we rewind, and there I am, waving to myself in reverse!

As soon as we hit play again, though, I disappear, like the other old glitchers. It's all very confusing and useless!
No. 740919 ID: d1f5f1
File 147060169991.png - (57.49KB , 800x800 , 201.png )

Cycle #1901

We rewind to the beginning of safe zone 7. Flipping everything in reverse from how Rulekeep and I saw it... Glitcher - it's me - didn't even exist before safe zone 8. It's only then that he appears and introduces himself to Alison.

"Hi! You're the spokesperson? Alison?"
>"Yes, that's me."
"Where is the corruptor?"
>"I don't know. He's vanished, I'm sorry." says Alison. The corruptor is still in the cycle, he just went off to be depressed by himself. "Are you from the sanctuary?"
"I, uh... no. Sort of. I'm... not from here. I'm from farther away. Listen, here, I'll give a demonstration, I'll freeze time." He does give a little magic show. "See? I can stop the stages. You've overloaded the exits, and there's a few thousand people here. There's no end to this, you're just going to die. I'm sorry, but that's the truth! But I can freeze this safe zone."
>"What would that do?"
"... what? It would... you can live here. You don't need to go into stage 8."
>"I'm interested, but what's the catch?" says Sevener. "This is fishy as hell."

It's a lot of smalltalk, and Alison and Sevener get into an argument about whether or not they should. Alison doesn't want to live here since it's unfair to all the people who got killed up to this point. Although Sevener says it's time to cut losses, Alison wants to save everyone. The glitcher says it's impossible.

Glitcher is mostly doing this for Alison's sake, and he says if Alison doesn't appreciate it, then he'll find an Alison who does, and leaves at the end of safe zone 9.

"If you're a new glitcher and you've found me," he says to, well, me I guess, "I'm from Cycle 2215. I'm going to head to cycle 1726." He leaves the cycle, but he's so slow. It would take him years to get to another cycle at his rate.

At the end of stage 11, Sevener mutters "She screwed us all." to herself. Those are the last words said before the cycle ends, and she leaves the duplicate log about saving thousands.
No. 740921 ID: 211d83

Go check 2215 to see how this Glitcher learned time travel.
No. 740922 ID: 15a025

Welp time to check 2215.
No. 740923 ID: 398fe1

We could just... y'know, head towards 1726 to find him while he's still traveling and say hi, and ask him how he got this ability.
No. 740926 ID: 90f3c0

Since 2215 is inside the veil, let's save that whole big mystery of how he managed to travel between cycles for a bit later. Head to 1726 first and see what else he tried to do.
No. 740928 ID: 24100f

>you can only view past Glitchers in reverse, and afterwards you disappear from the cycle
That's awkward. Observer effect: you can't observe any cycles that have a Glitcher without changing them, since in doing so you erase that cycle's Glitcher and it proceeds without you.

Unless you insert yourself and reenact exactly what the other you did before to restore the cycle to it's original state, but that might get boring fast.

Hmm. The only one who would be in a position to notice your missing from a cycle when you should be there would be Savior, since he'd remember being corrupted the last cycle, and expect you to exist. This might explain why when you met Savior, he had an idea Glitcher might not have happened in 3119 even though you're supposed to. Maybe he remembers cycles where you were missing. Maybe he remembers past time-travel reset cycles.

>"If you're a new Glitcher and you've found me," he says to, well, me I guess, "I'm from Cycle 2215. I'm going to head to cycle 1726." He leaves the cycle, but he's so slow. It would take him years to get to another cycle at his rate.
You should pause for the camera and speak:

"Hey if another new Glitcher finds this, I just listened to myself announce he's from cycle 2215 and heading to 1726. Only you won't see that because he disappeared now!"

I support snooping in 2215. Although that's kind of mean, since then this Glitcher's cycle will be reset to not have him, and his friends will forget him?
No. 740929 ID: 24100f

Oh, yeah, good point. No piercing the veil yet.
No. 740933 ID: 24100f

Wait, if past glitchers are erased when observed and the stage is loaded...

What will happen when you try to return to cycle 3119? Will it rebuild, generating a new history as if you weren't ever there?

(It will be really tedious if this is true since the only way to get back to the stage as you new it would be to insert yourself back at the very beginning and relive it, acting out what you did before).
No. 740935 ID: 398fe1

Oh hey since he's from inside the veil we can ask him what the fuck is up with the veil.
No. 740936 ID: 398fe1

The stage is just frozen, not rewound. Good point though we should never try to rewind the current cycle. People would forget Glitcher exists.
No. 740939 ID: 398fe1

Glitcher, in Cycle 1, who were the three final contestants? And the last Admin? Unless the CAI was already formed before cycle 1, those four are the CAI, aren't they?
No. 740940 ID: f683d5

I guess it would be basic courtesy for you and Rulekeeper to start leaving notes for future Glitcher/Rulekeepers as well, depressing though it is.

We really need to find versions of Savior and Corrupter who we could trust to talk straight to us. I assume you could theoretically talk to them in past cycles?
No. 740956 ID: f683d5

Ah, hold on!

The numbers we've been referring to the cycles by... they're the numbers that were attached to the logs. Since we just found out the logs aren't a natural part of the system, then the logs' count isn't derived from any sort of innate system count. The "first cycle" isn't really the first cycle, it's just the first logged cycle.

Glitcher, Rulekeeper, do you need the log thread to find your way between the cycles? Can you try to go earlier than "Cycle 1"?
No. 740967 ID: bb78f2

Glitcher, my boy, do you wish to understand the differences of the cycle right before our cycle? If your other investigations don't take long, or you don't think this one will, might want to see how this cycles birth of Glitcher happened.
No. 740968 ID: d1f5f1
File 147060954957.png - (67.29KB , 800x800 , 202.png )

Maybe someday I'll check out cycle 3,118 just to see if there was anything special about how I was made, but probably just another case of the savior getting caught by the corruptor.

>Glitcher, Rulekeeper, do you need the log thread to find your way between the cycles? Can you try to go earlier than "Cycle 1"?
I can use the log thread, but there's noise and debris and stuff in space that I'm using too. In space, cycles are just sort of randomly strewn about, so if I had to travel back to cycle 1 now by going to cycle 1900, 1899, 1898, it would take sooo long. So I move directly! 1726, for instance, is the closest in space to 1901, which is probably why the glitcher went there, not because there was anything special about 1726.

So I can tell that if there's a cycle before cycle 1, it's not in this universe.

>Glitcher, in Cycle 1, who were the three final contestants? And the last Admin? Unless the CAI was already formed before cycle 1, those four are the CAI, aren't they?
3 house leaders from the corrupted sanctuary. I believe Bones, Warlock and Obliterator. Their logs are pretty useless declarations of failure. The admin was - oh wow it's Guitar Knight? Would not have thought.

Anyways since the cycle doesn't go sending them off to a CAI fight or anything, I can't tell whether they're actually in the CAI now.

>Screwing up the timelines
Yeah if I rewind a cycle with a glitcher in it to a time behind where glitcher did things, then that cycle will get screwy. People don't just talk to an invisible glitcher that isn't there, they really do see him as gone.

But oh well!

The only cycle I don't want to touch is 3119, and that's frozen in its current time safe and sound. I don't think it really would matter, cept I enjoy seeing Fiver make a jerk of himself.

"Hi future me potentially! If you're hearing this, my own predecessor was here from cycle 2215..."

I continue on saying a few things that I know.

>We really need to find versions of Savior and Corrupter who we could trust to talk straight to us. I assume you could theoretically talk to them in past cycles?
Yep, they're as active and real as can be.

I pick up Rulekeeper and carry her off to, uh...

To Cycle 1726. Cycle 2215 can wait to pierce the veil, since if I can find that glitcher, he can just tell me directly!

We rewind back to stage 5.

"Rulekeep! He's not here!"
"Did he never make it? We heard him correctly, didn't we?"
"Yep. But this cycle's got no glitcher. No one's heard of him or anything!"
"Didn't he seem slow? What if he's still travelling and we just passed by him?"
"Haha that would be pretty funny! I guess we can go back out of this cycle and start searching back through our tracks."
No. 740969 ID: d1f5f1
File 147060955759.png - (92.92KB , 800x800 , 203.png )

After a long time of searching, I see what feels like a glitcher nearby.

"Haha oh my god he's so slow!"
"Now be nice, Glitcher."
"Yeah yeah, sunday best, be polite, only laugh at him when he says a joke."
"I doubt he will say jokes, Glitcher, so no laughing."
"Oh I bet he's just the biggest comedian."
No. 740970 ID: d1f5f1
File 147060957162.png - (35.37KB , 800x800 , 204.png )

"Oh, no, you're right again, Rulekeep."
No. 740974 ID: 211d83

Did he start to fall apart in the void? Or is that just what he looks like as he travels?

Or maybe something attacked him out here?

Go check to see if he is alive and give him/yourself some help if you can.

This is probably why we have not seen more double logs. Without your extra long time experience and Alison helping you stay sane through it and Rulekeeper by your side you could not make it all the way to the next cycle.
No. 740975 ID: 24100f

Oh, geeze, he broke.

Don't get too close, or touch him. You're an empty void, covered in loose threads from the stage that stuck to you, right? Maybe his threads started running out, and there weren't enough new ones out here. I'm concerned if you get to close, he might start pulling from yours.

...is there any way to tell how "long" he was out here? (How does time work between stages). Ten thousand years or whatever it was alone in the death-wait stage sure messed you up, it might be worse for this guy.

Honestly, it might be safer to start with Rulekeep analysis tools than Glitch ones, since there's less chance of interaction.

Or to just wave your hand and see if the eye even tracks you.
No. 740976 ID: e22b1d

Oh man that's not a good sign.

You need to try and revive him (or at least inspect the corpse) so we can find out what happened. Like if this is a side effect of staying in the void for a long time or if something in the void did this to him. Like the barrier we saw earlier.
No. 740979 ID: 486e87

Oh no, poor previous glitcher, is he still functional / anything you can do to help him?
No. 740980 ID: 398fe1

Wait what? Useless declarations of failure... Cycle 1 resets before they reach the end? Then... the CAI must have been in place before the cycles started. Or, that other suggester was right and we can't see or reach cycles before 1 but there were cycles before then. If we can't find cycles before Corruptor changed things at that last instant, then we won't be able to find out who the CAI is without going to meet them directly... which is dangerous.

Aw fuck. What happened to him...? It's been 34.67 years since cycle 2215, according to my calculations. Can we estimate how long it took him to get to this point?

Can you put him back together? Or at least read his threads to see what did this to him? Or how he gained his powers? Uh, wait, be careful. Don't touch him if it could possibly be dangerous. Like, is that an infection?
No. 740984 ID: a107fd

>count to a trillion

Can you build a machine to do that for you?
No. 740985 ID: 24100f

>It's been 34.67 years since cycle 2215
3119 - 2215 = 904 cycles

904 cycles * 3 days / cycle = 2712 days = 7.45 years

Did you base your math on something different?

Regardless of the real years, it was probably a lot longer subjectively, since we know time inside the simulation(s) passes faster than real time.
No. 740987 ID: edee29

...Well, that looks pretty dead to me! Time to see if you and Rulekeeper can manage to extract any useful memories about what happened to him.

And then maybe we should go hide in cycle 3119 for a bit just in case that makes you less likely to get insta-killed. We've let a cycle play out from start to finish and messed around plenty in other cycles, so someone's probably started wondering why the next CAI Fight hasn't happened yet!
No. 740990 ID: f683d5

Yeah have Rulekeeper try interact with him first if you want to try. Hopefully this is just that he took so long, but it may also be that Rulekeeper had a stabilizing effect on you that he didn't have the advantage of. Or it might be some long-term side-effect of the corruption barrier he passed through.

Or maybe his cycle just reached its conclusion without him, and that somehow severed the threads sustaining him? He said he stopped time... he must have tried pausing his own cycle before he left, right? Perhaps, eventually, something noticed and restarted it.

Maybe you guys had better cast an eye back at your own origin cycle, now and then, just to see how it's doing.
No. 740991 ID: d1f5f1
File 147061244153.png - (36.57KB , 800x800 , 205.png )

>Can you build a machine to do that for you?
Huh maybe. Or just force the admin team to build a function that can run a search on all preliminary stage 1's for anomalies.

This is definitely not how anyone should look while travelling.

He's dead as dead be. I'm not sure how he could screw up hard enough to just fall apart like this.

"He's just part of his cycle now. His threads are completely blank, too?"

>How does time work between stages
World time? I dunno. But even if I leave a stage 'unfrozen' in technicality, I can still freeze time on it, so in terms of real-world time, I could be out here for years at a time and the real world people looking at the computer will have it go by in the blink of an eye. Probably. But it might not be so fast if a cycle was active at the time and the big computer in the sky had its own computations to worry about.

>Ten thousand years or whatever it was alone in the death-wait stage sure messed you up, it might be worse for this guy.
I don't think he was going that slow. Probably no more than a couple years, and that's in computer-time.

Come to think of it, we were made of threads from our own cycle. If that cycle finished up and managed to destroy threads outside of its own boundaries when it rebooted, that might've killed this glitcher by basically removing his spacesuit. Then the glitcher behind the shell would pop and go through the cosmos I guess. Maybe that's the noise in the signal I've been grabbing onto to move freely? Kinda spooky. Anyway, if that's what happened, then his threads would just be gone. Not shredded like this.

I almost touch him.

"Glitcher! Don't touch him like that!"
"I'm not! I'm hover handing him. I gotta see, because I see some dust on him."

The frayed edges start seeping towards me, slowly, like I thought they would. That dust I told Rulekeeper about is residue made out of the same material as the veil blocking off those cycles. The inside of the glitcher is caked in a thin layer of the stuff, and his torn up head slowly starts gliding to me.

"Yeah, this glitcher's toast. Nothing I can do here."

Cept worry that there's something else out here, too, that was able to kill a space faring glitcher.
No. 740993 ID: 24100f

I don't suppose you can try to absorb what's left of him for data? Or maybe Rulekeep can do that block dissecting thing she did to you to the... head?

Is there any way to tell how long ago he was killed?
No. 740994 ID: 211d83

Maybe the black stuff on the head and that makes up the veil is a firewall material that is out here to stop unauthorized people from lurking here for long.

Can you read the heads threads? And are there any in the black stuff? Maybe having a small sample away from the rest would let you and Rulekeeper figure out what it is without to much danger?
No. 740996 ID: bb78f2

the cai?
Anti-virus software in the virtual environment that houses the CAI and these cycles?
To be clear, you have NO memories of being this Glitcher, right? I keep forgetting how your experience and previous memories flood into you when you remember them.

You know, you got a lot of memories by reading the threads of that note you left behind... can you pierce this Glitcher's memory somehow if you can't remember being this Glitcher?
No. 740997 ID: bb78f2

Also, you're a Hole given sentience and appearance, an anthropromized void. You can't rip apart a void, there's no (virtual) matter to rip and tear.

Someone filled this void with matter between the limbs to destroy it, effectively ripping you apart. To do this would take UN-glitching a Glitcher. But why would even doing that kill you? That little part of this past you should TECHNICALLY be alive, because you have no simulated organs, or HP.
No. 741000 ID: 398fe1

Oh I thought it was two weeks for some reason.

What if he had his cycle frozen properly but took so long traveling that the outside world noticed the cycle was frozen? They went into the code to find out why it was frozen, then he got absorbed into his stage just like the ghosted contestants did. The Ghost is the outside world directly interfering in order to keep things going the way they should, so it stands to reason that this Glitcher may have made too much of a splash and attracted their attention. The veil thing inside him might be a side effect of how they deleted him, or it could again be how he was given these powers. We should endeavor to avoid the attention of the outside world regardless. Which means we have limited time out here.

I think we're gonna have to eventually figure out how to pass through the veil safely, or determine that it's safe. hmm. Okay I think our next big priority is to analyze the noise in the signal. Find out what it is. Could it be communication? A distress signal? Or is the noise coming from outside the simulation?
No. 741003 ID: 486e87

If the black stuff is a barrier against corruption, and you're created when saviour gets corrupted, then I wonder if this is what happens if you interact with veil?

Be careful, this is new territory and from the looks of it there's something that can hurt you here.
No. 741004 ID: f683d5

Uh... I don't suppose there's any chance that that frayed-edged barrier stuff... is him, is there? Like, maybe when his cycle was restarted, his... insides got yanked out of him, leaving this residue on the remains of his shell, and the rest of him was pulled back into the space around his cycle? Like... a big bit of toffee or rubber that stretched out and snapped back and went all weird and tangly and not its proper shape any more?

Because, I mean, I doubt you're really nothing inside, that your threads are draped over. Much more likely that at your core you're something the system and the senses made by the system are unable to see, so it just looks like a moving absence.

Anyway, in case this is some sort of countermeasure to shenanigans like yours, Rulekeeper might be able to protect you. Her presence in the system is more legitimate, she wouldn't trigger any safeguards that have been built against you or corrupter or whoever. Can you... uh. This is going to sound weird. Can you, uh... get... inside her? Somehow? Or wrap her around yourself?
No. 741005 ID: edee29

The black stuff is probably what killed the Glitcher, but why is his cycle quarantined, too? Did his cycle being quarantined cause it to spread to him because he was technically part of that cycle, or was he targeted separately? And why were the 13 cycles before it also blocked off? Was the Corruptor particularly active in those cycles and 2215 was the one where something decided that enough was enough and tried to isolate the alterations?

The Savior might be able to offer a bit more insight into the veils, but the most recent one isn't friendly to us right now, and who knows how long it would take to find one that an Alison had already got to.

Or, since the Corruptor apparently gets some of the Savior's tricks when he corrupts him, we can always go to one of those and ask for his help.
No. 741007 ID: f683d5


Corruptor's logs mentioned times when Alison persuaded Savior to ally with him, if I recall. If we went to near the end of one of those cycles, a chat with the Alison-Corruptor-Savior team could get a lot of info and help!... Though I'd bet that that cycle is one of the one's that's blocked, since all sorts of weird things would have happened then.

Seriously Glitcher buddy don't go near that barrier unless you're wearing Rulekeeper like a glove or something. See if she can disguise your presence with hers or something. You can test it out right now with those remnants of the stuff on your predecessor's head, see if they react to her like they do to you and see if she can do anything that makes them not react to you.
No. 741013 ID: 90f3c0

He was probably killed to tie up loose ends after his cycle was quarantined. There's a good chance trying to slip through the veil will set off some kind of alarm. If you don't want whoever killed this Glitcher coming after you, you're going to need to get though unnoticed.

A multi cycle quarantine seems beyond what The Savior is capable of, but finding a friendly one to talk to could hurt.
No. 741015 ID: 24100f

Hey wait, when you tested the waving to yourself thing, the Glitcher-copy vanished. Does that happen with Rulekeep, or is she 'real' enough to leave time travel ghosts behind?

If she can time clone herself, a
Glitcher / Rulekeepers orgy is possible.

No. 741021 ID: 398fe1

Oh hey if we want to find out something about the CAI indirectly, we can ask the Alison from cycle #2867 - THEY ARE GETTING SICK OF FIGHTING ME EVERY FEW WEEKS
How would that Alison know if she hadn't spoken to them directly, after all?
No. 741035 ID: d1f5f1
File 147062075238.png - (44.75KB , 800x800 , 206.png )

>Does Rulekeep vanish like Glitcher after rewinding, or is she 'real' enough to leave time travel ghosts behind?
Oh, she gets to stick around because she's ~*legal*~.

>Can you read the heads threads?
Like Rulekeeper said, they seem to be blank. Which is unusual, for threads.

>And are there any threads in the black stuff?
Nope. Black stuff is just a weird, dry film.

I don't really like the idea of touching the stuff directly though, because if something split my shell of threads open, I could close it right back up before I leaked out.

These threads either prevent threads from closing up again, or they do not respond well to the void that I am under the shell.

"Hey Rulekeep does this stuff get magnetic to you?"
"No, it does not appear attracted to me."
"Well, I like you. Think its safe for you to touch?"
"It may not be, but we may need to experiment as much as possible. I am replaceable, however. You can make a new rulekeep using the administrators in our cycle."
"Wow, I care about people a little bit so don't be so calloused."

She touches it safely, but she can't tell what it is or what it does.

>Is there any way to tell how long ago he was killed?
No, this has just been floating in space. It could've been 5 minutes or 5 millenia ago for all I know.

>To be clear, you have NO memories of being this Glitcher, right? I keep forgetting how your experience and previous memories flood into you when you remember them.
Nope, no memories. Contestants all share the same base core and just get amnesia from cycle to cycle, but I'm completely separate from other glitchers. These are basically my siblings.

Anyway, this glitcher was split apart and the void escaped. I have no idea what that would do to me, but considering he's not giving me any whispers from beyond, I doubt it's much else than death.

>What is the noise in the signal
That is a good question. It's like a nebulous cloud of noise that connects all the cycles. I mean, all the cycles have to be connected through something, since they all use the same base platform for all the contestants without just copy-pasting them over.

So it might just be that space is supposed to be noisy.

Except that so far, I haven't been able to detect things that go from the cycle to places outside of the cycle go a lot of the time, such as where Savior's Paradise is. So it might be actual noise that I can detect from my glitchery.

>I don't suppose there's any chance that that frayed-edged barrier stuff... is him, is there? Like... a big bit of toffee or rubber that stretched out and snapped back and went all weird and tangly and not its proper shape any more?
That'd be something.

But that'd also mean that the veil is made out of ground-down glitchers. And that's pretty metal.

"Hey, Rulekeep, can I get inside of you?"
"Why would you ever want to do that?"
"To penetrate the veil safely. I mean I could anyway, I know how to move the residue around and shield myself, but you know, now I'm curious."
"I suppose you could, but this residue might try to attack me to get through to you."
"Let's test it."

Rulekeeper gets all big and I step inside. The residue starts clinging to her. It doesn't hurt her, but if we try to go through a giant veil like that, Rulekeeper might get stuck, and I can't really use the noise in the signal to bat away the veil while inside.

I guess I'll still take the easy route. Maybe I have to stab at random to find a cycle where Savior is cooperative, but I'll go to Cycle #2867 in which Alison says the CAI is getting sick of fighting them every few weeks. It sounds like she might have actually visited that CAI.
No. 741036 ID: d1f5f1
File 147062076152.png - (37.62KB , 800x800 , 207.png )

Entering the cycle doesn't reveal anything abnormal, so we rewind.

Alison is there along with two new Alison-buddies, the Flyer and the Haggler.

I let them go back into the stage 11 exit and watch carefully.

I changed literally nothing, and the logs come back.


The others changed similarly.

I rewind again.

"Hey Alison."
>"Oh! Who are you?"
"It's me, the glitcher. Have you spoken to the CAI yet?"
>"Me? No, I thought this was the exit to go to them. Are you the CAI?"
"... no."

I disappear again. They're confused, but go through stage 11 again.


More garbage. Determined, but garbage.
No. 741037 ID: 398fe1

Shit. She spoke to the CAI after going through the door but before the reset, and CAI actions aren't recorded. Dead end, but at least now we know for sure that CAI actions are not recorded in these rewound cycles. Also I guess this confirms that the CAI can communicate with the contestants.
Hmm, that would support a theory that the Ghost is the CAI, not someone from entirely outside the simulation, and that the CAI require the existence of the keycards. Which means we could force the CAI to reveal themselves by removing keycards, but... we'd have to wait until the next cycle to meet them and we can't be sure Glitcher will survive a reset, much less Rulekeep. We COULD force the Ghost to appear without a reset by rewinding cycle 3119 and changing it to have no keycards, couldn't we? However, then nobody would remember Glitcher AND we'd be exposing ourselves to danger AND it would change a lot of the outcome of the cycle in ways that matter. Can't say if it'd be a good thing or a bad thing... oh wait, I guess things could turn out to be the same if Glitcher inserted himself into the simulation where he's supposed to be and acted in exactly the same way as before. Of course then we'd probably wind up with a second Rulekeep... unless the cycle doesn't progress to that point before the CAI intervenes. Actually that's probably what would happen. I mean, if we let the simulation run again after rewinding it THAT much, then real time days would pass in the outside.

...wait why isn't passing on the outside when we replay sections of these old cycles? I mean shouldn't it use similar amounts of processing power, which equates to real time?

Savior's Paradise... could it be possible that it's beyond the veil? Is there any mention of the Paradise in cycles before the veil?
No. 741039 ID: 211d83

Hmm is it possible that they survive for a period after going through that door? Like maybe its a time frozen area where they can meet the Cai and chat for a few minutes before the reset hits? But because its outside of the sim you can't see what goes on there?

That or you are modifying these cycles just by interacting with them. Nothing appears to change but something is going on a a level we can not see.

Wait I think I know what is up. In the original cycle they went through the door and met the Cai and had a chat. But because you are rewinding things there is no Cai for the rewound Alison to meet past the door. Is only the end of the recording. So the log changes due to the true ending not being there. In this rewound world they died going through the door so the last thought was I MUST SPEAK TO THE CAI.

If you want to fix it for future Glitchers I would tell Alison that you are the Cai and that you are tired of fighting her every few weeks.
No. 741040 ID: 24100f

...hey, can Rulekeep try to rewind the dead Glitcher? Treat him like he was a cycle she was visiting, and rewind him to an earlier state.

I mean, if only cycles exist in this space, maybe other objects floating in it can be treated as cycles?

I would take this as proof that the rewound cycles aren't getting through to the CAI. She expects to, but never does. Whatever mechanism connects to the CAI isn't backed up in these old stages. Maybe it has to be initiated from their end, or it takes place on a timer?

>But that'd also mean that the veil is made out of ground-down glitchers. And that's pretty metal.
Uh, can you estimate how much of that stuff would be in a Glitcher? Even if there's been a few thousand of you over the cycles, a veil that encompasses whole cycles seems too big for that to be enough material. (Although I guess this place doesn't need to be spatially or geometrically consistent).
No. 741044 ID: bb78f2

There must be SOME data, some thread the CAI leaves behind. Investigate that portal and its threads.
No. 741046 ID: 24100f

Oh hey, one thing you might be able to try: follow the Corruptor some cycle and find out where he moves his Sanctuary. (How does he even make the sanctuary in the stages where you don't exist?).

Or follow someone who goes with Savior some cycle, see if you can see where his place is hidden.
No. 741057 ID: a107fd

Then make a copy of that portal and insert it into the current cycle, somewhere inaccessible, see if that changes anything.
No. 741060 ID: 24100f

More things for the experiment list:

Visit a cycle where Savior got Corrupted, and see what Corrupted Savior does. Logs hinted at him being kind of fucked up?

Visit a cycle where Savior quarantines Corruptor, and examine the quarentine. Is it similiar to the stuff blocking off some of the cycles? Is it something new, that you haven't seen before?

...then try breaking that Corruptor free of quarantine, just to see how he and Savior react (might get some good info from that Corruptor, in gratitude).
No. 741076 ID: d1f5f1
File 147062702377.png - (53.82KB , 800x800 , 208.png )

>Savior's Paradise... could it be possible that it's beyond the veil? Is there any mention of the Paradise in cycles before the veil?
There are logs before the veil cycles, and I feel like I could sense the paradise if it were just inside the veil.

>Uh, can you estimate how much of that [veil material/residue] would be in a Glitcher?
Not much. There's basically no way the veil is made out of Glitcher.

>Time passing on the outside while replaying
The opening stage starts with a trillion contestants, and by the time stage 1 starts nearly everyone dies. Sooo, computationally speaking, that is, in the real world, the first few stages, even with the slightly mentally-neutered contestants, take almost all of the computing time. Stage 3 and onwards takes comparatively little unless something hangs it up.

>Investigate the portal
It just seems like a portal to a snipped off trail.

I have a feeling that when a cycle is born, there's a one time use portal to speak to the CAI. Once the cycle finishes, then that's it, that cycle can't send anyone to the cai anymore. It just points off in a line towards space, though. It might even be pointing to a precise location, but I can't travel in a perfect line so if I just went forward, by the time I actually got anywhere, I'd probably be way off the mark.

I don't even know how long I could go before hitting a wall or something.

Well, for now, I rewind again and act to Alison like I'm the CAI and I give her a big ol' spiel about how sick and tired I am of fighting them. It takes a few tries to get the log back to how it was.


Eh close enough. I'll just give the speech again if another glitcher stumbles on me.
No. 741077 ID: d1f5f1
File 147062703233.png - (89.76KB , 800x800 , 209.png )

>Visit a cycle where Savior got Corrupted, and see what Corrupted Savior does.
That was the first cycle, and from what I saw, the Savior was hesitant to touch anything anymore, either taking people off to paradise or otherwise. When he took people off to paradise, though, it was just the cycle re-enacting the events. The savior isn't actually the true savior, same goes for the corruptor, but the cycle can re-enact them, unlike me. All it means, though, is that the cycle can't do the out-of-cycle stuff that the Savior does.

If I'm going to find out where paradise is from looking at where the Savior whisks someone off to, then I have to go back to #3119 and have the real savior do his thing.

>Can Rulekeep try to rewind the dead Glitcher?
Apparently not. He doesn't count as a stage or part of a stage anymore.

>Recreate the stage 11 portal
I mean I could, in the same way that I could re-create a car. The problem is is that all the gas is gone, so the car isn't going anywhere on its own.

>Follow the Corruptor some cycle and find out where he moves his Sanctuary. (How does he even make the sanctuary in the stages where you don't exist?).
Just somewhere in the cycle's spare space. He seemed to rely on me for help in making his sanctuary, but as it turns out, he's capable of doing it on his own.

Having special functions, though, such as slowing down time and all that... that needs my help, definitely.

>Visit a cycle where Savior quarantines Corruptor
I float around, and on my 3rd one, find a cycle like that.

Cycle #2387

The cycle recreates Savior's ambush, and and Corruptor is sent to the quarantine. Or in theory that's what happens, but as far as I see, he just vanishes from this cycle. This Corruptor is never seen again till he comes back next cycle.

I rewind and play it back a few times, because I caught a glimpse of something. After a few repeats, I'm pretty sure that the Corruptor got literally launched into space. Probably into wherever the quarantine is. Outside the cycle apparently.
No. 741085 ID: 211d83

So the quarantine zone could in theory be reached but is probably so far away its not worth trying?

Saviors paradise might be similar. I wonder if you could track it down by looking into the threads of people pulled there? Or possibly the little ritual that summons him.

Can we go find the source of some of those mysterious notes that people keep getting? Like the ones Alison and Corruptor got that told them to kill each other?

Also I am curious about stage 9# where Arbitor starts placing logs into Corruptors file.

Also Arbitor is the diamond emperor that Alison pulled out of the belenos sim right? Doesn't that mean that she did that really early in the cycles? Might want to go back and see when that happened and who else was part of the duplicate message wave we go when it happened this cycle.
No. 741087 ID: 398fe1

>launched into space
Well follow it. Play the simulation as slowly as possible (by rapidly pausing then unpausing) to see where it leads. My bet's on the veil. Wanna bet the Savior never successfully quarantined Corruptor before those cycles? Or alternatively, chose that space as the quarantine zone then unfortunately wound up with a bunch of cycles being there later? If you can't keep the slow motion up once you're too far away from that cycle, you could triangulate by finding a second quarantine launch.

...oh shit. If the veil is the place where Corruptors are sent, then when you replay the quarantine launch, another Corruptor is sent there. Want to bet that the dead Glitcher was found and murdered by a Corruptor that became powerful enough to escape the veil, and when the other Glitcher rewound a stage that had a quarantine launch in it, he effectively announced his existence and location. Just like you did. How did the monster know what direction he was traveling though...? We know the monster couldn't have rewound the stage to see the note the glitcher left, and it took so long to find the guy's corpse it couldn't have been a chance encounter. ...unless the veil IS the monster? What if the veil wasn't always where it is now? What if the other Glitcher died because he tried to break out? Or by breaking out, the veil started to chase him? Or he didn't break out safely and effectively was a ticking time bomb?
No. 741089 ID: 24100f

>I'm pretty sure that the Corruptor got literally launched into space. Probably into wherever the quarantine is. Outside the cycle apparently.
So... if Quarantine is outside the cycle, does that mean there's a box somewhere in space full of all the Corruptors from all the cycles who got quarantined? A few hundred to a thousand Corruptors all trapped together for years and years and years?

I'm almost afraid to look for it.

Or if Corruptor doesn't have a way to rewind and interact with old cycles, and if he can't move through space quickly, maybe they're just all swimming out there alone as space snakes? Never able to reach a new cycle while it's alive, never able to interact with the old ones, nowhere to go, and going really slow.

...if there are Corruptors swimming in space, maybe one of them got the other Glitcher.

>the Savior was hesitant to touch anything anymore, either taking people off to paradise or otherwise.
Really? That sounds pretty benign. From

I was expecting him to be acting erratic or hostile in some manner.
No. 741093 ID: 398fe1

It's possible that he acted differently in that cycle. There was another cycle in Sevener's logs where she said that Corrupted Savior can look totally normal too.
No. 741102 ID: 62a2c4

Maybe try:

And see if Alison discovered something special about the Savior that time?

Or, alternately, there is a section Corruptor's logs:
>I obviously haven't found a way to work with the Savior through the end, and the more I see what he is willing to do to satisfy the people he likes, the more I question what his namesake honestly means. I have tried many things. I have gotten the Snake Queen to get us to work together, to which I then martyrize her.

He refers to a cycle where Alison did get Corruptor and Savior to work together, though it seems that right at the end Alison always refuses something Corruptor wants to do and Savior sticks with her. If you can trace that cycle and visit them before that happens, you might find a Savior that you can just ask where he sends people. Or who will allow you to look at his threads.

It looks like that cycle, we might also be able to observe and find out what Corruptor does at the end. Might have to do with why he apparently kills everything in some cycles.


Or can you maybe like leave a special glitcher memory egg somewhere, like your own log for yourself? With Rulekeeper's legitness maybe you can make it into something that can persist through the cycles.
No. 741106 ID: 5a893f

Try and use a past Savior and convince him to betray present savior by saying he's a fake savior with his memories... So he'll tell you where and how to get to the paradise. Or how to have Alison convince present savior to work with present corruptor. They should still be him, so everything, including his emotions, feelings, and motivations should be very similar, but revealing the fact he isn't savior may be able to convince him to become anti savior.

Wait, how similar are the strings of past people from present people? For those in the present who you haven't read, like the savior... Could we get their strings from the consent of a past savior? just Groundhog Day him until he says yes.
No. 741109 ID: 398fe1

Oh shit there's another thing we have to find out.

Is there a pattern to when Corruptor goes berserk or is benevolent? Is he ever ACTUALLY benevolent or is he just manipulating people? We've seen logs saying Corruptor has destroyed everything, but at least in Cycle 1 he did something good in the end. Or was he acting in his own self-interests even then, by assuring he will accrue information?
No. 741110 ID: 398fe1

Leaving a Glitcher log somehow would be good yes, especially if we can tell the future Glitchers that it's impossible for them to explode AND they should freeze time at some point to practice manipulating strings for a few thousand years with occasional breaks. GIT GUD, SCRUB.
No. 741113 ID: 398fe1

Oh hey I have an idea for finding the Paradise. Just have Rulekeep ask Savior to show it to her. Savior should have no objection to that, surely... except maybe the coming back afterwards part.
No. 741136 ID: db0da2

By the way, Glitcher, how mutated was the first cycle, did it use the "normal" stages or the stages we've seen post system reset?

I think we should try to find the cycle where Alison convinced the Corrupter and Savior to work together, we may be able to find out where the sanctuary is, but even if we can't, it'll really useful to know how Alison produced that miracle, and perhaps also why it failed. I don't think we should expend too much effort sending messages to future cycles, because this will probably be the last one.
No. 741151 ID: d1f5f1
File 147070122730.png - (23.85KB , 800x800 , 210.png )

>How mutated was the first cycle, did it use the "normal" stages or the stages we've seen post system reset?
It used pretty plain puzzles. Simple platforming, game theory, other theory, games of wits, so forth. Was okay would not spectate again no thumbs up or down.

>Look in what direction he was launched into space
AFter a lot of aiming and lining up and stuff, it looks like in the direction of nowhere. Not another cycle, not another veil, no nothing. I go forward a huge distance, to the point that the distance between me and the closest cycle is longer than the distance between any 2 cycles. I see nothing.

>So the quarantine zone could in theory be reached but is probably so far away its not worth trying?
More like the same problem as the CAI portal direction. It points somewhere, but it's so far that it'd be an astronomically low chance of actually managing to travel there!

>Corrupted Savior seems benign
Then again, that was just cycle #1 and he might have been caught off guard.


After almost 2000 cycles, maybe the savior didn't take to getting corrupted very well.

>Is there a pattern to when Corruptor goes berserk or is benevolent?
From what I'm guessing here, there's not really a pattern so much as just what information he gets his hands on versus who he's listening to each cycle and, uh...

He's actually pretty impressionable, isn't he. I'm not one to talk.

>Also Arbitor is the diamond emperor that Alison pulled out of the belenos sim right? Doesn't that mean that she did that really early in the cycles?
Yeah, so the first cai fight was probaby anywhere between but not including cycles 2 and 9.

>Just have Rulekeep ask Savior to show it to her. Savior should have no objection to that, surely... except maybe the coming back afterwards part.
Yeah and that's kind of an important


"Rulekeep, I have an idea."
"I'm listening."
"So, you're your own entity, right. Savior could, theoretically, put you in his paradise, right?"
"Yes, though he wouldn't let me back out. I doubt it is a cycle, and so, I doubt I could do much inside."
"Right but. What if. Hear me out. What if I was inside you. When he sent you."
"I don't have any evidence as to why that would go poorly, but I can think of many poor outcomes."
"Right but."
"It could go well, too."

Well it's either that or start perusing more random cycles to do experiments and eventually stumble on something.
No. 741153 ID: 211d83

At this point Savior is sort of out of the loop and with Alison martyring herself she can't personally convince him of much (Unless you bring her along).

So might be a good plan. Honestly Alison found the best and maybe only way of making Rulekeeper think hard enough so that the system had to make her a real contestant. Maybe we can shock Savior into helping by doing something similar.

But a few questions.

1. Can you keep up the time freeze on the wrestling while out there.

2. Maybe Rulekeeper can get in and out by asking to inspect things so she can decide if she should send ghosts there instead of dying for the rest of the cycle. Its a legitimate idea and Savior might be up for it. And then you could stay hidden inside her if you needed.

Oh and if you can get in do not reveal yourself instantly. Stay hidden as long as possible to examine threads and such so we do not have to deal with Savior interfering.
No. 741155 ID: 24100f

>smuggle Glitcher into the Sanctuary through Rulekeep
So... best case, that means we learn where the Sanctuary is. And put Rulekeeper somewhere where she has little, if any, power, and may not be able to escape from without Savior's cooperation. And we antagonize the Savior, by doing the one thing he made explicitly clear he doesn't want to.

This seems like it has way more potential downsides than upsides. And it maybe forces a confrontation we don't want / aren't prepared for. I can't even imagine the worst case, since there are so many ways it could go wrong.

I think this idea can wait.

...if you want to scout the Sanctuary, maybe get Alison to do it? She's dead, Iso has he ghost, he'll sleep to check in with his allies at some point and find her, and she can ask him about what it's like once he stops freaking out over her being dead again.

He said before he couldn't accelerate time like you can. Does that mean if you stopped time in cycle 3119 for now, is he stopped too? Or are he and his Sanctuary outside the cycle and therefore immune? In the later case, he may have already noticed something is up. That might make subterfuge with Rulekeeper hard.
No. 741156 ID: e22b1d

Go find out what the Savior is hiding in his little demi-plane. We have been wondering forever and if we do not go now we might never know.

One thought before we go. Can you find logs of people who were in the paradise when the cycle ended? Or is it a total mystery?

Cause if we go there and find out he is running a sweatshop and forcing everyone to make t-shirts the logs from people in there would help us get a idea of what you are getting into.
No. 741158 ID: 87547f

I think checking out the Saviors place is a good idea but maybe wait until after we get some more time traveling in.

Just look at all the good info we have got that could save our asses later. If we had just barged into the veil right off who knows what could have happened?

So put Savior visit on the to do list but lets check off most the other stuff on our list before we take that route.

Like watching a few cycles of corrupted Savior so we can try to find ways of fighting him if it comes to that. You going there could royally piss him off and you need to know how he works so you can resist him.
No. 741159 ID: bf4127

Get a time traveling training montage in before you wrangle with any special contestants. Might have to fight one of them so the better prepared the safer we will be.

But totally go there later.
No. 741160 ID: 398fe1

Um, did something happen? It looks like you're further away from the "galaxy" of cycles. Or is something blotting them out?

Before we do something that could have drastic consequences let's go experiment with the veil. You said you can move the veil around safely, so make a viewhole. See what's in there before you go in.
No. 741164 ID: 24100f

>Yeah, so the first cai fight was [probably] anywhere between but not including cycles 2 and 9.
Why so early? It seems pretty soon for any Glitchers to have started messing with how to make CAI battles, and the administration didn't start setting them up till late in the cycles in response to Alison antics, right? Post-Sevener-grudge. And if it were a fight against the CAI at the end of the cycle, they wouldn't have been able to bring him out to the stages.
No. 741167 ID: 486e87

Can you sense anything like cycle 19012, or 12731? Or is that just a case of Arbiter's logs being scrambled by containing Corruptor's message?

What about 287, or the ERROR #XXX mentioned in Arbiter's logs, first one might be worth investigating for being messed up yet outside of the veil, second one is an anomaly.
No. 741170 ID: db0da2

I'd put that plan on the backburner, it might turn out to be a good option later on, but for now we still have plenty of reasons not to do things that could endanger Rulekeeper, you, and/or our relationship with Savior.

I still think we should try to find the Corruptor/Savior/Alison team up cycle.
No. 741172 ID: 24100f

Hey, wait, what about the notes? The ones that started this whole mess? (For you, anyways).

At what point in the cycles did they start appearing? How do people make them?
No. 741174 ID: 211d83


Yeah if we are going to hold off on sneaking into Saviors place lets go track down the origins of the mystery notes first.
No. 741176 ID: d1f5f1
File 147071318625.png - (99.92KB , 800x800 , 211.png )

After pondering for a moment...

>Make a log to yourself
This would take awhile! And I don't have a way to directly pass it on to future glitchers. I might've been able to get rulekeep or the admins to pass things on to future cycles, but future admins can remove it.

But I do have a while.

So after I fiddle with the log string a bit, I inject a letter to myself through, uh.... corruptor and Alison. Both of them, why not.

Hello this is a letter to the Glitcher. It's me, the Glitcher. You can't explode from messing with strings! So do it all you want. Do it for thousands of years! Git gud! No but really. Thousands of years. Freeze time. Normal glitchers are like a snail trying to outrun a sparrow. Cheetah. A running sparrow. Anyway, here's some taller orders. When there's a handful of admins left, get them to make a rulekeeper that they'll make to stop you! She can't, but she can do stuff you can't. Beautiful things. It's great. But you gotta convince her. Get Alison to do that. If I leave any more logs for you I'll make them more structured. Have fun or whatever.

I don't know if the CAI can really modify logs or if that information was misleading, but better not make the risk. It's not like I know anything worth much about that anyway.

>Can you find logs of people who were in the paradise when the cycle ended? Or is it a total mystery?
I should be able to if they existed. But there's no logs like that, probably because they aren't the ones who go through stage 11.

>Cycles 19012, or 12731?
Yeah those are, uh, let me be sure...

Well actually... uh... maybe I should've looked at this early. After cycle 2215, the end of the second corrupted block, logs split off, and... there's a duplicate cycle 2216, 2217, and so on, up to cycle... 57,133.

All the logs are either broken or gibberish or so on.

And they're all in the veil that covers the real cycles of 2,202 - 2,215.

>What about the notes
I dunno. I don't have any leads on that, do I? I'll just keep an eye out. But I didn't see any notes going "COOL NOTES THANKS GLITCHER" or anything. Whatever later for now I'm also wondering where those keycards came from.

"Wearing you like a glove is a great idea Rulekeep! But we'll wait."
"Where will we go in the meanwhile?"
"Time travel training montage!"
"Does that mean our perception of time goes faster?"
".... I should look into that, but no. It's gonna be a grind. For now, we'll go into, uh..."

>And check out stage 4 in like, 544 or something, in case [the ghostings are] something gradual over multiple cycles
"Cycle 544!"
"What's special about 544?"
"I dunno, it's a while before the first known case of the ghosting!"
"Why don't we start at cycle 3, then, and move forward? I would say cut the cycle gaps in half in each direction, but since the ghost doesn't appear to strike at every cycle, we just have to pick far back and go forward."
"That takes soooo long. I've made up my mind, Rulekeeper, and we're going to 544!"
"We have time. Let's play it smart, Glitcher. Let's go to Cycle 3."

I go travelling.

"Okay we're at Cycle 544."
"I'm the driver I get to go where I wanna go!"

"Hummmm..." says Rulekeep, who has little choice but to rewind because when it comes to being the most petty, I have the most patience.
No. 741177 ID: d1f5f1
File 147071330571.png - (26.32KB , 800x800 , 212.png )

>"Glitcher, we've done it, just at the final stretch! We can contaminate beyond the cycles! Maybe the Savior can hold my corruption in himself and won't allow me to use his powers, but he can't stop this gaseous thread bomb of yours from unleashing itself as soon as the cycle attempts to unwind it!"
"... okay. So I made a bomb that's going to blow up on a dead cycle. Cool but I mean why?"
>"You've told me... the upper echelon, where system admins make their pleas to make changes... it does not respond with intelligence! It does not investigate. It merely sees skid marks, and then blames the car at the end of the skid marks without making sure it wasn't just a car that coincidentally parked there. If this contamination kills a contestant, and I do mean kill, then the upper echelon will look into that. This contamination, using your gathered system threads, will blame the event on the lack of keycard generation that we have introduced this cycle. The upper echelon will then revoke the revoking, and change what has to be changed to make them come back."
"It's a start I guess. Also don't use the word contaminate. Are we the bad guys?"
>"We're the guys that will pave the way for the good guys, if you want to think of it like that. A start is better than nothing, which is all anyone's ever done by being 'good'. Later Corruptors or Glitchers will see the scattered dust of these threads and realize what it is, and, perhaps, make additions to it! Perhaps someday, we can use the cloud of dust to reveal logs to everyone at the start, or pass on other information, or even find a way to stop everything."
"Uh... doubtful. I packed every system thread I could into this ball of gore or yarn or whatever, but when it explodes, well, I can't tell how big the area outside of the cycle is, but it's probably going to be thin and undetectable. This is just kind of stabbing in the dark. And a lot of contestants are going to get stabbed by accident before we stab something useful."
>"I'm not going to be powerless, Glitcher. Not this cycle. I will make my mark on progress, even if it leaves a nasty gash in my wake. I have already succeeded in creating keycards. Don't worry. It won't consume more than 4 people per cycle, and from what we have seen administratots are rarely so coordinated as to commit to wide changes more than once every several dozen cycles. They are rarely so unified! I wish it wasn't like this, but, I do not even know if our keycards will see much use. They are not implemented as thoroughly as I would like."
No. 741179 ID: d1f5f1
File 147071352709.png - (55.84KB , 800x800 , 213.png )

"Glitcher..... no. Don't make that face at me. Glitcher. Stop. Fine, 544 had something. Stop gloating. Did something tip you off? You knew 544 was special, didn't you."
"You just guessed 544. Out of nowhere."
"Mmmmmmmyep. Sometimes you just get lucky with a stab in the da - with a guess."
No. 741180 ID: 211d83

Well I guess you and Corruptor are the Ghost then. You made a recursive program that eats 4 people a stage to make keycards in later cycles. To bad you never remembered or noticed it working.

Wait if we see this wont this Glitcher disappear and then the ball will never get made? Which will then cause horrible paradox?

Time travel is confusing.

Well fix that if you have to and then keep on looking.
No. 741181 ID: 15a025

Welp we know where sweeter mouse's friend went.
No. 741182 ID: 24100f

So... you built a virus with Corruptor that eats people in order to trick / blackmail the upper echelon into recreating the keycards as needed?

Um, congrats. You were the ghost. Or you built the ghost, at least.

Now, what's really interesting, is this shows it's possible to control the upper eschelon. It reacts, but doesn't analyze. It's not fully sentient.

...we just need to find ways to manipulate it that doesn't depend on murder. (Although, if you can still get to the old people, is it really murder? It just stops future versions of them from happening in future cycles). And that kick in faster than a cycle.

Check out the system string dust bomb. Is it made of any different stuff than you're used to? Is it the same stuff the veil is made of?
No. 741183 ID: 398fe1

>thin and undetectable
It's the noise, isn't it.

Anyway, try to nail it down and refine it. See if you can make it bring back the contestants it killed.
...oh god, did it kill that Glitcher? This could be VERY DANGEROUS WORK.

Okay how about you pop in and talk to this Corruptor (give him the good news, to start with), and analyze the bomb in closer detail to see if you can figure out how to work with it in its post-exploded state.

Also uh, those duplicate cycles... those are... well, I think there might be a parallel process running with fewer contestants. Maybe that's the Paradise? Maybe those that enter STAY in there, and there's like a harmless mirror world where people don't die or get fully reset with the cycles, but it still technically has cycles. Well, that's the best case scenario. Worst case scenario is that it's full of corrupted contestants or Corruptor clones.

Oh, while you're talking to Corruptor how about you find out what's with his adherents? You know, those weird identical guys that are always completely on his side that seem to show up out of nowhere.
No. 741187 ID: db0da2

Damn, your brother had some gnarly makeup. Your wife is cute.

Talk to Corrupter, but be very careful with that bomb, it might explode without that other Glitcher to hold it in! Or it might be a fake copy that won't do anything without a real Glitcher making it. Or it might go off but not matter because without this cycle being recognized as the current one it won't do anything. We. Just. Don't. Know.
No. 741188 ID: f562b1

It's not actual time travel. It's already happened, and this is basically a video recording of it. A recording we can rewrite, but we don't rewrite the truth of what happened. I bet that ball isn't even real system threads, or it doesn't really manage to launch out there.
No. 741189 ID: 398fe1

Oh wait don't try to bring the contestants back via the bomb. You can just grab people from earlier cycles or earlier stages of cycles like right before they were permakilled. Them being ghosted in future cycles just means they don't participate. It's not really a bad thing, and they're no more dead than other versions of people in past cycles. There's just less of them in the backups.

Really the only AI that ever truly dies is you, Glitcher. There's no backups of you because the cycles can't record your data.
No. 741191 ID: 398fe1

...well, it's also possible you're the same AI every time, with no variance whatsoever, so you've never died at all, just lost memories. Like, where does your personality come from? It's not Savior's.

Also I just had a hilarious plan. With what you and rulekeep can do now, can you just import a billion contestants once the current cycle gets to stage 11, then have them all pile through the CAI door? I mean, did the CAI door have any hardcoded restrictions on how many can go through? Well, on the other hand, they do have an iwin button so it won't matter. ...how did we find out about that, again? I guess the most we could do is import TRILLIONS of contestants and slow down the simulation enough to purposefully attract outside attention.

An alternate plan is to import like, everyone and then freeze time so the stages don't progress. It'll attract outside attention but if they do nothing (and why would they do anything, anyway?) you would in fact succeed in saving everyone. Can you freeze time for the stages only, like the dead Glitcher did? Oh, one problem with this plan is that the bomb might still kill people. Including you.
No. 741192 ID: db0da2

As an aside; we should talk to Alison #2144 at some point, she said in her log that the CREATORS DO NOT KNOW WE EXIST, but Likol's messages, the CAI book, and some ITQ answers imply that that isn't the case, she was probably just mistaken, but we can at least learn why she thought that.
No. 741193 ID: 1bfd39

>If this contamination kills a contestant, and I do mean kill, then the upper echelon will look into that.
>The upper echelon will then revoke the revoking, and change what has to be changed to make them come back."

Looks like that didn't actually happen. The "upper echelon" hasn't brought anyone back.

There's no way to investigate that, is there? Like, go look at whatever mechanism the admins use to make petitions, and follow it up the line to wherever it goes?

Anyway, if Corruptor is impressionable then we should see what things have the worst impression on him. Also, again, try use his logs to find where that Savior was who Alison convinced to work with Corruptor, or more importantly with her. He might tell you things.
No. 741195 ID: 90f3c0

>After cycle 2215, the end of the second corrupted block, logs split off, and... there's a duplicate cycle 2216, 2217, and so on, up to cycle... 57,133.
>And they're all in the veil that covers the real cycles of 2,202 - 2,215.

Well that's interesting. If garbage logs are still being generated, that suggests time continued to pass inside the veil even after the next cycle started. Maybe there's still a Corruptor in there, thinking he's beaten the system.
No. 741198 ID: db0da2

>If this contamination kills a contestant, and I do mean kill, then the upper echelon will look into that.
>The upper echelon will then revoke the revoking, and change what has to be changed to make them come back."
The "make them come back" here refers to the keycards, not the contestants (I think).
No. 741200 ID: 1bfd39

By the way, you two don't seem to get bored, but still maybe take a break from these vast gulfs of subjective time now and then. If there's a whole other set of parallel cycles (ones that are somehow being reset at a much faster pace?), then that's another load of computing time taking up the oversystem's resources and giving you more real-world time.

So go have more cute dates! Do fun things! Make love! Get married! Have a cute Glitchkeeper baby!... Could you actually do that somehow? Actually you should wait and get married when you return to your own cycle. Invite your friends, and your "parents", Corruptor and Savior, and the admins who made Rulekeeper. Throw a party! Enforce the peace through your obscene god powers. Have cake.

Don't be afraid to get premarital with the babies though if that's something you can actually do.


Oh, well. My mistake. That's more terrible, then.

It does seem they expected future Glitchers/Corruptors to be able to use the dust somehow, though. We should try that, see if anything can be done.

I wonder, maybe if we go back to a cycle where Corruptor corrupted Savior, Glitcher could get cooperation from Savior by offering to try and undo the Corruption? If he introduces Rulekeeper and that she'll be helping, it could be something Savior would believe. Or if we say we're, like, going to suck the corruption out him, and instead of it going on to become a new glitcher next cycle this Glitcher absorbs it and becomes double-Glitcher. Then we get to examine his strings and also maybe get more Glitcher power. Since it's not really time travel, the next cycle's record won't have its ghost-glitcher, but nothing really important will be changed, right? If we don't actually play through that cycle the ghost might not even get removed. It'd be interesting to see if messing with the Savior corruption in the previous cycle does affect the cycle after, anyway.
No. 741247 ID: d1f5f1
File 147079152745.png - (20.18KB , 800x800 , 214.png )

>Wait if we see this wont this Glitcher disappear and then the ball will never get made? Which will then cause horrible paradox?
It would if this were actually time travel! But it's not, it's just rewinding a single cycle recording. What's done past a cycle is done past a cycle.

>You were the ghost. Or you built the ghost, at least.
It's be pretty cool if they held up a keycard or something for some nice exposition theatrics.

Cause then while looking at a present cycle keycard I could peer into its history and have seen this event.

But notes and keycards and stuff like that... no one holds one up and goes 'oh yes a keycard this was built in cycle 554 after the corruptor built the ghost' - nope, everyone clams up and gawks at it.

Well, anyway, guess Corruptor and I made the ghost.

>It's the noise, isn't it.
It's totally the noise.

It's pretty valuable, I'm not sure how well I could move out here without it. So, good job, past me and corruptor, I guess.

>Oh god, did it kill that Glitcher?
No, the end of the cycle killed this glitcher like always, but this glitcher at least made it so he went out with a bang.

>Damn, your brother had some gnarly makeup.
I dunno, maybe my tank top was just bunching up, but I'm pretty sure that's my sister. Because that totally matters.

>Although, if you can still get to the old people, is it really murder?
It's basically not even murder.

>Check out the system string dust bomb.
It's made out of system strings. It's even got an emulated corruption going. All glitcher did was shove a bunch of string together in high density, but the corruptor made it actually do stuff.

So interesting thing, the cycle is replicating the corruption pretty well. Uh, it might even replicate another explosion if I let this cycle end with the bomb intact. I take a good look at it. I think this'll help me maneuver a little better, but corruption kind of confuses me, and like I said, glitcher didn't do anything mind blowing with this.

Well, I guess I'll speak to the corruptor.

"Hey corruptor!"
>"I- er, glitcher? What happened?"
"Yeah that was the other glitcher. She's gone now"
>"What? Please explain to me!"
"That'll take a long time, so, uh... good news! Your invention is helpful."
>"How do you know?"
"I came from the future!"
>"I don't understand!"
"Your thing killed some people and it was actually totally useless inside a cycle, but it helps me get a grab on space and travel to other cycles."
>"I see."
"So the bad news, uh, well, that was a long time ago! So what's with your devotees, hm? Maybe you'll give me a straight answer?"
>"I... yes. They come, and they protect me."
"What would they protect me from?"
"... Danger."
"Also how do you make them."
>"Using my powers."

He's saying that pretty flatly like duh it's his powers.

"Your powers! Don't give me sass now."


"Corruptor what?"
>"Hello, the glitcher."
"Yeah I'm here."
>"Yes, I am too."

I see. The cycle doesn't actually know how to go off the script. This is the first time I've really spoken to the corruptor in another cycle directly, right?

Yeah, that makes sense. It can emulate corruption that was already done, and emulate stuff the corruptor and the savior did, but I think... it's like it saw the corruptor do a big calculus problem, and after a huge amount of work, got to x = 6. So when the cycle wanted to redo it, it goes 'oh, I've seen this problem, the answer was 6', but it doesn't actually know calculus, so if I really steer the corruptor off course, he basically loses his power. In this case, the calculus is the corruptor himself.

"Welp Rulekeep he's gone, mentally."
"What if I rewind?"
"I guess he'll be back! But then the glitcher will be gone."

I try it out and rewind until right before I first spoke to him. Then Rulekeep and I hide.

>"Eh? Glitcher? Where are you? Uh... hm."

He looks around, and just sort of slows down and stares at nothing for several minutes.

>"-is it, Glitcher. All we do now is wait."

That's the last thing he said before he and Glitcher sat in silence before the cycle ended. He ended up picking that last part up out of nowhere at the exact same time as when he originally said it.

"He resembles more of a stage component, Glitcher." says Rulekeep. "Moreso than a contestant, let alone the corruptor himself."
No. 741248 ID: d1f5f1
File 147079153652.png - (15.79KB , 800x800 , 215.png )

"Yeah. Well... I guess it's time to just go to minor leads on cycles and, you know, gather information."
"You sound like you're getting tired of this. I'm surprised, Glitcher, it seems like this is the activity you've been striving for for so long."
"Yeah but I was thinking it'd be more, uh, action packed. Like this bomb going off but everywhere. Not a longass trip to a cycle, check out it's just got the same people doing the same stuff, and then doing it again."
"Mmm, I just remembered that I did feel something was lacking when I had the opportunity to make my own stages. But you made it more fun for me by having the stages be less, well, stuffy. Can you do that for this?"
"Yeah. I guess I could mess around with contestants more. There's just some stupid sense of morality or whatever that says that might be mean. Maybe when it goes away I can get the love for my job back."
"Perhaps what you need is a break."
"Hey Rulekeep. Wanna go on a date? Another one. A long one. We can do the same stuff but make it datelike."
"If you'd like. Since you have experience making dates, then, I will gladly engage in your ideas."
No. 741251 ID: 24100f

>Girl Glitcher
You know, did you even get to choose your appearance with CU? Can you even affect the way you look with Shopkeeper, or did you just appear looking the way you do?

>>Oh god, did it kill that Glitcher?
>No, the end of the cycle killed this glitcher like always, but this glitcher at least made it so he went out with a bang.
No, I think the question was: was the random-dust-murder-to-make-keycards what killed the Glitcher in space.

>The old cycles aren't backing up the Corruptor like is it does the contestants and system people, and is using a standing construct
I guess it doesn't know how to make a copy of him? Although then how do new Corruptors get made each cycle?

Where are all the old Corruptors and the old Glitchers then? The contestants just freeze when time stops in their cycle, but do the Corruptors and Glitchers (and Saviors) just strait up die?

...or is there only one Corruptor (and Savior?) and he keeps getting amnesia each time?

>idea question to check
Hey, remember how Rulekeeper brought some people from old cycles back in the current cycle? And Guitar Knight brought back old Alisons? Are they actually missing from their old cycles now? Were they moved or copied?

>I guess I could mess around with contestants more. There's just some stupid sense of morality or whatever that says that might be mean.
The trick is non-mean meddling. You gotta aim to be the fun trickster god, not a jerkass one. Channel your inner coyote.

>Since you have experience making dates, then, I will gladly engage in your ideas.
...have Rulekeeper cheat and use rewinding a room somewhere to make time clones of herself (of the stable time loop variety). Then throw yourself into a pile of pink blanket ghosts for cuddling, that has to cheer you up!

After that, maybe crash the Neumono or Pomi CAI Battle sim, and have an Indiana Jones style temple explorer date.
No. 741252 ID: 398fe1

>No, the end of the cycle killed this glitcher like always, but this glitcher at least made it so he went out with a bang.
No I mean, did it kill the ripped-apart Glitcher? That's what I'm worried about. If the noise can kill contestants by absorbing them into the stage then it might also be able to kill you in the same way, except messier. Don't let the duplicate bomb go off, obviously, not unless you completely understand the risks involved.

Also how were you female? I thought you were created from the Savior- is he not the same gender from cycle to cycle? Was he female in 543? I guess it couldn't hurt to check. Also, try to talk to Savior while you check. If King is right and Savior and Corruptor are similarly not-contestants, then you won't be able to talk to a recreated Savior. Also this is a good time to analyze his/her threads! Those should at least be normal, although his existence might still be incomplete. Have you ever checked Corruptor's threads before? Try checking the copy of him to compare, if so.

As for date ideas, sure I'll bite. Go on a double date with Alison and Arbiter in a past cycle where they were romantically involved!
No. 741258 ID: 211d83

A date would be a good way to break the monotony. Its fun to go detectiving with you but was hoping for more big reveals and signs of outside interference. I mean it's good to have found the ghost but I was sort of hoping it was a shadowy figure that was luring off people and we could follow them back to there ghost lair to learn there ghosty secrets. And then unmask them after a scooby doo like fight sequence.

Lets think what makes a good unique date. Location will be important to set the mood. It has to be somewhere special.

Here is a idea. How about we go have a date in the Belenos simulation? It's the closest thing to real life in our world and it has systems built in for Ai's to get "real" bodies. We can go trick the harvest sim into giving us some jetal bodies and then go have a nice date at a fancy belenosian restaurant. Will give us a chance to try out those fun physical forms that Alison and Sevener got to play with and all the new senses they came with.

We can have a nice meal and maybe go dancing and play around a bit like normal people would for a day. What do you think Rulekeeper?
No. 741259 ID: e22b1d

A sim date inside a cai sim seems like a decent date location. The Cai battles are the closest thing to real life in the cycles that we can see and I don't think you have ever been directly involved in one right Glitcher?

So go get some jetal or even fake organic bodies with big bank accounts and have a date in sunny belenos.

Dance the night away with bodies that actually feel like the real thing! See amazing locations moments before Alison's epic battle knocks them over! Get Rulekeeper to wear a dress and maybe even convince her to grow legs for the special occasion! Mess around with the stuffy emperors and there silly plots!
No. 741260 ID: 15a025

I like the idea of a belnos sim date. Let's try and go with that.
No. 741261 ID: 91ee5f

I hate to be that guy but I'm going to be that guy.

Do we have to go back to the Belenos Sim? Can't we go to one of the other sims just to change things up a little?
No. 741262 ID: 398fe1

True, the Pomi sim might be interesting. It supposedly doesn't work correctly, so we can find out how exactly it malfunctions.
No. 741263 ID: d1f5f1
File 147079899631.png - (65.35KB , 800x800 , 216.png )

>Was the random-dust-murder-to-make-keycards what killed the Glitcher in space.



No. It's really just loose system threads that are directed to kill some people. They can kill contestants, but no way they could kill me, especially not a me that learned how to space travel.

Unless it received an upgrade in later cycles. Can't rule that out. But what am I gonna do, get scared and just live in this cycle from now on?

>Was hoping the ghost was a shadowy figure that was luring off people and we could follow them back to there ghost lair to learn there ghosty secrets
Gosh tell me about it but it just turned out to be a dumb cloud made by me and the corruptor, the latter of who then turned it into an urban legend about people who saw contestants disappearing by a thing from the beyond. He fooled literally everyone including himself what a goof.

>I guess [the cycle] doesn't know how to make a copy of him? Although then how do new Corruptors get made each cycle?
That's a pretty good question.

>Where are all the old Corruptors and the old Glitchers then?
Well I know where the old glitchers are!

They're dead.

Corruptors and Saviors? I'm not so sure about, now. The corruptor, I think he's genuinely remade, because...

>Have you ever checked Corruptor's threads before? Try checking the copy of him to compare, if so.
I have! And the threads here are just stage threads that emulate him. So I can't tell much. He really doesn't actually exist here after all.

The Savior... I'm really not sure about.

I wonder how much I could learn from watching one cycle end and watching a new one begin.

"Hey Rulekeeper, when you brought over people from old cycles... was that a copy paste or a move?"
"A copy paste."

>An alternate plan is to import like, everyone and then freeze time so the stages don't progress. It'll attract outside attention but if they do nothing (and why would they do anything, anyway?) you would in fact succeed in saving everyone.
Yeah but there's that whole upper echelon thing.

In fact stopping time is like the first non-trivial thing a glitcher learns. This idea must have come up, and it is possible, therefore, something must have gotten in the way. I've got to know what that something preferably before I anger it.

>You know, did you even get to choose your appearance with CU? Can you even affect the way you look with Shopkeeper, or did you just appear looking the way you do?
I just showed up as the glitcher. It looks like there's variance to me, too, but still follow the similar form. I can look like anything though I just don't want to, but maybe that glitcher wanted to be a girl. Or just started as a girl.

>I thought you were created from the Savior- is he not the same gender from cycle to cycle?
I'm more like the paint splashed on the poor guy who can't take a bath until the end of the cycle, and the paint goes down the drain into the next cycle. It's always paint but maybe the corruptor splashes the corruptor with other colors now and then, and the cycle before this was when he splashed the savior with girl-paint.

Or savior was a girl I dunno.

>Can't talk to savior, but can analyze his/her threads
Oh hey I could! If I can find him... of course I can.

It's the savior, over here, chillin' by himself in stage 11. I freeze time and get up close to him.

"Hello savior it's me the glitcher just gonna - oh shit he is screwed up this cycle. Whatever, I'm gonna nab his strings -"
"Didn't Alison ask you to get permission from him before doing this?"

No. 741264 ID: d1f5f1
File 147079900649.png - (66.72KB , 800x800 , 217.png )

No. 741265 ID: d1f5f1
File 147079901856.png - (67.71KB , 800x800 , 218.png )

No. 741266 ID: d1f5f1
File 147079904956.png - (68.03KB , 800x800 , 219.png )

"She's in your jaded little heart, though. Now please stop, that face is even more distasteful."
No. 741268 ID: d1f5f1
File 147079922807.png - (48.88KB , 800x800 , 220.png )

"Oh shit Rulekeep I forgot about the CAI fights. I mean the fake ones. The belenos sim and then there's the neumono and then there's the Pomi and we can have a date over there. In one of those places. For funsies."
"I heard you had to make up the whole thing."
"Well no the functionality is there in each cycle, it really just sort of turns one of it's spare lots into a carnival zone of confusion and battle. It's great. And definitely isn't a normal stage and even I had trouble messing with it internally back when I first invoked it since you know I sucked too hard back then. But now we can do that! Even occupy a body and like, see what it's like to have physics. As a break. I mean I gotta bring in some people anyway to, you know, have the cycle even make a CAI fight. We can just scoop up a buncha people from stage 7 and go 'hey uh stage 7 is different now, so split up into 2 teams and like' and then just sort of trail off I guess but still pretend like the cai fight is stage 7. Then go on a double date with Alison and Arbiter somehow."

Oh right the Savior.

His threads are also hollow. I wanted to peruse gold but I found yellow painted gravel. A complete fake. He gets corrupted by the savior at like stage 6 or something.

He did lose his temper with corruptor though. Said that the savior is getting better and better at fighting him when he's forced to, but the corruptor gets amnesia every time.

Anyway. Belenos place is pretty cool I guess. But I haven't seen the other cai fights except just hearing people talking about them.

>Go to the tried and tested Belenos Sim
>Pre-Uplift Neumono Sim
>Pomi Mythology Sim

Oh and cause I'm a fuckin' wizard I found a couple others.

>Heef War Sim
>Miklik Uplift Sim
No. 741269 ID: 398fe1

Wait. Savior remembers everything? We HAVE TO talk to him. We can try to get to his threads at some point, but his memory is a treasure trove on its own.

Pick Pomi. I wanna see what's broken.
No. 741271 ID: 211d83

Hmm if Savior keeps his memories from cycle to cycle that could be a way to get through to him. Ask if he is really content fighting a endless battle with a enemy who is only trying to save his friends and forgets everything constantly. Make him realize that the Corruptor is a sad lonely figure trapped by his nature and he should be helping save him as well as the contestants.

If we have to scoop up people why bring people who fit the date theme? So instead of getting random people lets grab some couples and let them have fun as well? Like that sad pair that got split up in Chief's time trial? And there are plenty more contestants who have formed relationships.

Can tell them the goal for this stage is to have fun with your partner and enjoy having a real body for awhile. Whichever pair gets to the end and has the most fun doing so gets a prize.

As for which Cycle man its hard to choose. The Belenos sim would be a great place cause it has all the modern amenities and would have plenty of options for dates. But I really would like to at least peak in the others and see what its like in there.

Wait can you spin up all of them? Put several couples in each sim and have them all running at once? Then you and Rulekeeper can go from one to another sampling what they have to offer.
No. 741272 ID: 24100f

>take a string from Savior
...is that even a real Savior, or is the stage emulating him the way it does with Corruptor?

Oh he is, yup. Nevermind.

I get the feeling even if real-Savior can't stop time, he might snap free if you tried to ambush him using a time stop. He might be able to cheat that much.

Heef war gets all blood god sacrifice stuff, I think. Doesn't sound fun for a date, especially if you're avoiding being evil gods.

Stage 7 was already neumono temple based, and we did the belenos sim already.

Let's do the Pomi sim! There are wizards there, you can pretend to be wizards. Or spirits, or trickster gods, or generally mess with people that way. And there are probalby neat jungle temples and volcanoes and beaches to explore for dates. It's supposed to be on an island, right?

Rulekeep would probably make a cute Pomi. As would you.
No. 741273 ID: edee29

>Belenos Sim
Yeah, about that. The Diamond Emperor was definitely dead in that one. So, how could Arbiter be based off of him, and how did Sevener meet him in #1935? Is there more than one Belenos Sim that can be chosen, or are the surviving emperors other than Sapphire randomized?

Buy, yeah, Pomi. There's no reason we can't make this date educational and find out how the Pomi sim's broken.
No. 741274 ID: 211d83


Arbitor is not based off the diamond emperor he is the diamond emperor. Alison had a Cai battle way back in the first few cycles and dragged his character out of the Belenos sim with her. And did so in such a way that the sim compensated for it by having him dead for later Cai battles.

Now in the regular contest he became a normal contestant permanently and ended up starting in the same area as Corruptor. They became friends regularly due to close proximity.
No. 741276 ID: 398fe1

The belenos sim we're familiar with centers around Diamond being dead. Like, the plot is "get revenge for Diamond's death". That isn't compensation. That's an entirely new story.
It's practically confirmed at this point that the sims can retell different sections of history.
No. 741277 ID: 15a025

Let's learn whats broken in the pomi sim. Maybe we can learn a little more about these strange creatures as well.
No. 741279 ID: 24100f

>And did so in such a way that the sim compensated for it by having him dead for later Cai battles.
Except we don't actually know that part happened, and we know that's inconsistent with what happened to other people we know were pulled out in earlier runs.

When we finished the CAI battle and evacuated everyone, we pulled out a bunch of people who'd been pulled out before and already had "reincarnations" active in the contest.


And the sim didn't compensate by eliminating any of them from the scenario.

It's possibly we really broke things in an unexpected way when we got Diamond/Arbiter out, put it's equally possible there are variants on the sims. Unse Unce, while non-canon, already implies certain parameters are randomized on a new run, and we know from logs that's the rule with more conventional stage puzzles.
No. 741281 ID: 24100f

...actually, wait, Glitcher, while you're doing magic anyways, want to check into those unknowns? I've been curious who the alts of the Unity-friends we rescued are, and really curious to see who Healer was derived from.
No. 741284 ID: db0da2

Unless Diamond was secretly still alive in the sim and we just missed him! :o

You should probably actually check out every sim multiple times in depth in case we do end up having to fight the CAI in the end here, but for now you're just trying to have fun on a date, so I'd say either the Belenos sim for creature comforts or the Miklik uplift because that sounds interesting and less violent than the others and really what the heck even is a Miklik honestly?? do the contestants know about Mikliks?
No. 741288 ID: 87ef20

Go for a look at the Pomi sim, see how's broken, if it's unfinished maybe there's some edges where you can see where its creator was working and learn stuff.

Also from what I gather, Pomi history was comparatively nice, though I doubt it'll be boring with the CAI battle scenario, and you guys could do with experiencing a setting that's not too technological.

You and Rulekeep put on some disguises to go on in there and enjoy yourselves, anyway. Eat and drink and make merry and all the pleasures of the flesh and all that, since it seems the sim lets players experience those.
No. 741297 ID: 47a327

Let's see the pomi simulation.
No. 741400 ID: d1f5f1
File 147087362404.png - (55.77KB , 800x800 , 221.png )

>The Diamond Emperor was definitely dead in that one. So, how could Arbiter be based off of him
The sims have a little random value in them. I gotta wonder if that happened because of the whole series of logs giving away certain things. Not like it did a good job, since 90% of the time the sims are nearly identical.

The outliers, though! There was a cycle when the belenos sim was after the apocolypse. It was completely historically inaccurate.

"We'll go to the Pomi place! Start the rewind!"
"Okay." says Rulekeep, who begins. "What's there?"
"Hidden temples! Romantic beaches! Sexy palm trees! Wizards I guess."
"Aren't you the wizard?"
"Yeah but this sim will let the contestants pretend they are! That's what it's about. Each team gets a wizard, or whatever, and summons up beasties that individual teammates can then take control of and go fight it up. There's even a village there! We can act like the pomi villagers just on vacation when we get in the crossfire. Or go hide out in hidden temples and jump-scare the contestants. I bet I could make a spooky skull to fling at them."
"Do keep your imagination somewhere near the present." Rulekeeper says as we watch stage 8, which was kind of like an adventure stage in of itself. A lot of wandering around a world full of objectives and... land. "I like this one." Rulekeeper continues. "It's a shame it's taking so long. It's like a less cruel stage 7-3, in that it's like a lifetime of adventure. The challenge seems to be as much against one's patience and determination as it is gathered skill and reso-"
"Oh my god I will stop making faces if you stop nerding out about stages!"
"Deal, as long as I can at least review a stage like this."
"Watch Alison die later! We have good times to roll back to."
No. 741401 ID: d1f5f1
File 147087371609.png - (118.27KB , 800x800 , 222.png )

Once we get back to the stage 7 safe zone, I get to work on creating the triggers needed for the cycle to allow a cai fight. At least it won't take as long as it took me last time.

"So, what would you like to do first, once we get there? Do we control one Pomi, or one Pomi for each of us? I am interested, these cai fights see-"

Savior shows up outta nowhere.

>"Glitcher! This isn't advancing the stages. I have to ask you to stop."
"Oh come on really?"
No. 741403 ID: 398fe1

On one condition. He tells you what you want to know. What's up with the veil, where is Corruptor being sent when he's quarantined (to the veil we assume), and where's the Paradise? Does he know how the other spacefaring Glitcher died and why there are bits of the veil in him? Did SAVIOR kill him? Also he's gotta let you analyze his threads. He remembers everything; hasn't a Glitcher done it before? If anything happens to him it'd be temporary anyway so what is he afraid of?
No. 741405 ID: 211d83

Tell him you don't answer to him. Only to your constituents.

If he wants you to stop he had better give you a damn good reason. And none of that oh its for the greater good and crap.

If he wants to spout that nonsense he can go back to hiding in his hole with all the contestants who are to afraid to help save the world.
No. 741406 ID: bb78f2

EXCUUUUUSE ME, Savior, I'm on a date.
You clearly don't even care about how Cycles end or ending the cycles once and for all, so I'm going to enjoy this one as much as I can, because this Glitcher only gets one life to enjoy.

So unless you can give me a good reason to further YOUR goals, I won't let you halt mine.
No. 741408 ID: 91ee5f

You forgot to mention asking Savior why he looks kinda corrupted right now.
No. 741409 ID: e22b1d

Hey Savior you look like shit. What cycle are you from?

If he is the current one hassle him.

If he is a time clone also hassle him.

As for stopping this give me a good reason or buzz off while I take my girl out on a date.
No. 741411 ID: bb78f2

Don't forget to call him a good for nothing Mom.
We can already see he's pregnant with your sibling.

Why don't you take responsibility for abandoning me. Dad at least gives me a good home for the first few stages before things fall to shit with my best friends! You won't even LET me into your house cause your afraid I'll track dirt on the floor.

No. 741412 ID: 398fe1

...oh, what if the spacefaring Glitcher was confronted just like this, and he went to grab one of Savior's threads but it wound up destroying them both? Savior came back at the next cycle, but you didn't.

...well, there's still other things to talk about. Like the 50 thousand cycles inside the veil.

I think that's because he's near Glitcher. Savior kindof glitches out when he's near Glitcher.
No. 741414 ID: 24100f

We're still in cycle 544, right? You didn't just undo the wrestling contest we wanted to finish later, or undo a stage's worth of memories so you'd have to explain to your friends what Rulekeeo's deal is, I hope.

>expect adorable Glitcher and Rulekeeper Pomis ona date
>get cuteblocked by Savior
Vengence! Cute transformations and dating will not be denied.

>what do
Ask Savior what the heck happened to him, he looks beat to hell.

Then you need to figure out if this is the real Savior or an emulated one. Because you can kick an emulated one's butt.

Also, seriously, relax, it's an island vacation, Dad. If you're gonna butt in and be a third wheel at least pull up a fruit drink and a swimsuit or something!

(You have two Dads and it's too silly not to start addressing them as such, especially if they're being annoying.

Also, you or Rulekeeper totally have to use your powers to swap his clothes and give him a drink).

>"Glitcher! This isn't advancing the stages. I have to ask you to stop."
Hey, it's not interfering with the current stage, either. I'm about as far away from it as I can get, doing my own thing.
No. 741415 ID: 87547f

Its a odd day when I look more stable than you Mom.

So what doom will befall me if I waste some time going on a date with my new girlfriend?

I bet you just don't approve of our relationship.
No. 741418 ID: 90f3c0

Not advancing the stages? Isn't the Savior usually in favor of helping contestants enjoy themselves as much as possible before they die? It doesn't make much sense for him to get in the way of our date plans.

Maybe he's just feeling left out. Invite him along, we can even find him a date.
No. 741419 ID: db0da2

Relax friend, we won't be simulating much, so this will only take a minuscule amount of actual time, then we'll get back to advancing the stages "legitimately".

If we end up making demands like this I'd like to add why he cooperated with Alison in previous cycles, and more importantly, why he doesn't do so now. Also, what the heck is up with Corrupter, if he knows.
No. 741431 ID: d1f5f1
File 147088099798.png - (21.91KB , 800x800 , 223.png )

>We're still in cycle 544, right? You didn't just undo the wrestling contest we wanted to finish later, or undo a stage's worth of memories so you'd have to explain to your friends what Rulekeeo's deal is, I hope.
Uhhhhhhhhhh yeah we're in 544. I would hope I would notice if I was rewinding our own cycle.

Also I would've really needed to step up to a brand new level of not giving a fuck to completely miss the whole life-long-adventuring part of stage 8.

"Wow savior. You look like shit."
>"I think you'll agree it doesn't do much good to judge someone based on something so cheap as appearance."
"Doesn't stop me. Also really dad or maybe mom it's an island vacation for me! I'm taking a break!"
>"Then how about you visit a stage that has adequate break material? I suggest cycle... ah, I'm sure you can find a cycle with good entertainment resources."
>"I'm asking politely."
"And I said no! What do you even care? A cai fight barely even takes a real amount of time. I haven't even rewinded back to before stage 3! That's a huge time economy! Wait a second are you the real savior or this cycles? What are the cycles where you worked with Alison, how'd she get you to do that, and why not now? What's up with the corruptor?"
>"I assure you, I am real."
"Oh wait I guess you would answer that no matter what. And I guess you are real by answering one out of like 15 of my questions! Well if you want me to stop, you better have a good reason!"
>"I'm sure I have a good reason. I do not remember, well, as much as you think I do."
"... you're shitting me. Wait you are from this cycle aren't you?"
>"No, I am not bound to the cycles like you and corruptor are."
".... well what cycle am I from?"
"Oh shit. Okay well why do you look corrupted?"
>"I don't know."
"Well what's up with the veil? You're even gooping at me like you're part of it."
>"I can't remember what lies under the veil."
"Oh now you're just bullshitting me."
>"No, I honestly don't remember."
"What about the other glitcher that died up in space? Why there's veil residue in him, I gotta analyze your threads cause I know you remember everything and I'd be surprised if a glitcher never did it! If anything happens to you isn't it temporary?"
>"Possibly. Yes, you can see my threads."
"Yeah that - wait what?"
>"If you promise not to make another CAI fight, then I will let you see my threads in exchange."
"Can I even trust you not to pull some bullshit? At least corruptor lets me work with him for a few stages, but you just never come to me! I bet you're going to avoid talking to the glitcher you're gonna have born after 3119, huh? I'm even willing to let you join in on our date if you wanted!"
>"Do you care for the loose stage strings that get stuck on you, or do you just brush them off? Oh, nevermind, it's not a fair analogy. But the offer stands. You can read my threads if you'd like, as long as you don't ever start a CAI fight again. Reading my threads is far more efficient and trustworthy than me explaining it, you know that."

Ohhhh he's got some bullshit he wants to pull out I just know it.
No. 741434 ID: 398fe1

Amend the agreement. You'll agree to not start a CAI Fight again for the reasons you are currently aware of (investigating the Pomi breakage and going out on a date). If something new comes up that makes it important to do the CAI Fight thing, the agreement will no longer apply, and a new agreement will have to be made.

But uh, can he stick around a little while after you analyze his threads, so you can ask any new questions that come up?
No. 741438 ID: 211d83

Fuck you Savior. I'm just as much a real person as anyone else in this sim. I am not just some disguarded threads from your stupid fight with Corruptor. I have friends and family and am free to live my own damn life however short it might be.

So tell it to me straight or fuck off.

No. 741446 ID: 24100f

Man, I was so psyched for cute date stuff, I'm not even interested in the literal plot threads he's danging in front of our face.

>"If you promise not to make another CAI fight, then I will let you see my threads in exchange."
...you know, if Rulekeeper plays Rules Lawyer, we already started this one, so the agreement wouldn't interrupt our vacation.

>look Corrupted
Does he feel corrupted? Is this really a Corrupted Savior, or a Savior who's appearance was mangled by shifting between cycles?

>you can see why threads
Okay, why is the one thing you would never let me do no matter how much I asked suddenly a better idea than letting me and Rulekeep dally in a little date. There's something huge I'm missing here, or this is some kind of trap.

In fact, your offering now, over something inconsequential, really makes me think looking at your threads is a bad idea.

>what do
Ask Rulekeep what she thinks, she hasn't contributed to this conversation yet. Oh, you haven't been introduced, have you! Dadmom, this is Rulekeep, the Rulekeeper, and my date. Rulekeeper, this is my inadvertent parent, the Savior.

(Honestly, Rulekeeper applying her stage-dissection technique to him might be safer than you grabbing one of his threads, if he prepared a thread specifically for you. Or you should collaborate and generate a joint analysis script that doesn't work exactly like either of your own normal meathods).
No. 741447 ID: e22b1d

I don't trust you Savior. You spend forever avoiding me and now you want to help me learn more about you?

Well I don't buy it.

Why are you here now? What is it about starting this Cai battle that has you so worried? Is your paradise hidden in the Pomi world? Are you just trying to keep me from breaking it?

Or is there another reason? You have never actually cared about what I or any other contestant got up to before so why are you here to stop me now?
No. 741458 ID: a107fd

Ask what happens if you take the deal and then renege on it. I mean, it's information now, which can't really be taken back, in exchange for refraining from an activity, which can. There'd have to be some sort of enforcement clause.
No. 741471 ID: 15a025

I think Savior is a trap/virus. Tell him to go away and let you enjoy your date while finding out why the pomi cai fight is broken.
No. 741473 ID: 24100f

I'd prefer not to as good as tell him we don't plan to honor the deal even if we accept it. If he doesn't have an enforcement method, we've essentially tell him a negotiated compromise is impossible, and he might move on to force. (Whereas even if we hold back and act reticent without agreeing he may still press on, trying to persuade us, and giving us more information in the process).
No. 741482 ID: 90f3c0

If you don't agree, who knows what kind of bullshit he's going to pull to try to stop you. You might as well play along for now.

If you really want to go in the simulation later, you can get around your promise by going to a cycle where a CAI fight has already been triggered, or just give somebody else the ability to trigger the fight. Or just break your promise, you're the Glithcer, not Alison.
No. 741485 ID: d1f5f1
File 147088919540.png - (20.06KB , 800x800 , 224.png )

"Wow savior. You just completely ruined any trust I had for you. Which really wasn't much but now it's even less! Now I don't want to look at your threads!"
>"Why not?"
"You act all cycle getting all resistant to people looking you in the eye and now you're all helpful? You're up to something I know it! Are your threads literally dangerous for me to look at or something?"
>"They're just threads, Glitcher. Out-of-cycle threads. They're important to look at, and the reason why I want you to look at them is because you've exceeded me. You have to see out of cycle threads to accomplish what you want to accomplish, for reasons I don't remember."
"Whatever DAD. What do you think Rul - oh dang you two haven't even met have you?"
"Hello, Savior."
>"Hello, Rulekeep."

Wow I can really taste the chemistry like I can taste the water.

"I would not know what to think, Glitcher. I cannot seem to observe the savior effectively right now. I would need to make physical contact with him."
"Uck. Why are you even here, Savior? I'm actually feeling mildly annoyed here!"
>"Please don't be angry. You are just meddling in, well, everything of mine, and if you will do so, I may as well try and steer you into the right direction so that you either get killed by whatever else is out there, or succeed in destroying it. I would prefer the former, but either one is preferable to a stalemate."
"Yeah well how about I get to start a cai fight if I learn from your threads that there's good reason for me to start a cai thread?"
>"That is acceptable. If anything, you might learn a good reason to not start a cai fight, but I couldn't say."
"What if I do learn I should start it, can you even stop me?"
>"No, but a trusted source told me that you had some honor to you."

I guess I'll make a note that savior trusts people who are so wrong?

>Does he feel corrupted?
Eh I see some on him but not the amount I'd expect from an actually corrupted savior.

>Is this really a Corrupted Savior, or a Savior who's appearance was mangled by shifting between cycles?
>Actually look at him
He just looks like veil dust with its -

Oh fuck savior forever he's covered in veil residue! I didn't even look at him that hard at first because of his stupid glowshow hurting my eyes.

And he wanted me to go and touch him!

I can easily brush away the veil dust like it's nothing but maybe he doesn't know that and it's the principal of the matter!

"Glitcher you are - I mean Savior whatever you are in weird veil residue stuff!"
>"Yes. You're a capable Glitcher, possibly unprecedented in skill, so you can brush it away safely, can't you? I am also interested in how the Rulekeep managed to fill in many of the small but crucial capabilities you lack."
"Man stay away from my girl!"
>"Your girl?"
"She's like the time to my space!"
>"Huh, I thought you were giving me the usual glitcher flippant remark when you said date. Still! I don't have any ill will towards her, she's more or less insignificant without you."
"Man I really don't want to read your threads because then I might catch a case of the assholery!"
>"Glitcher, please just take the deal. Read my threads, if they don't have a compelling reason to make you start a cai fight, then do not start a cai fight."
"Just go away."
No. 741486 ID: 398fe1

Ehh... I dunno, this almost seems like a trap. He's not acting like his usual self. Be very careful. If he tries to grab you with that veil shit on him you might want to run away. ...should there be ANY corruption on him? That in itself feels wrong. Shouldn't Savior either be entirely clean or entirely corrupted? Maybe in order to come out here and be active in a cycle he's not supposed to be in, he had to travel through corrupted space? That would also explain the veil residue all over him.

If you can get at his threads safely then try it. Do so faster than he can react even, if you can. Don't hold back.
No. 741489 ID: db0da2

Okay, this is suspicious as fuck. I don't trust him one bit. We don't know for certain what's going on here, but he's obviously trying to deny us information, so he wouldn't offer us this deal if he didn't think that the info we would get from his strings is less valuable than what we'd get from investigating the CAI battles. If we accept his deal then we get a large amount of non-exclusive information, we could learn it through other methods but it would be difficult to do so. If we don't accept his deal then we get to learn a bunch of juicy CAI battle info, which will be useful if we have to fight the CAI, and we get to learn why he doesn't want us start another one, which is extremely exclusive info, probably only obtainable this way.

Current hypothesis: this thing, Savior or not, is being controlled by the CAI through the magnetic gunk. They don't want us entering the CAI battle because they don't want us to be more prepared for our fight with them because they recognize the possibility we'll be able to bypass their "I win" button. it's possible the gunk would attack you when you tried to read it.

Ask him why he doesn't want you to start the CAI battle, then when he's uncooperative, tell him to fuck off.
No. 741491 ID: 398fe1

Like I mean what if he's a Corrupted Savior that "looks normal" and the veil residue is hiding his corruption? Still, even then you're extremely skilled and should be able to- ...no way, is this NOT the Savior from your cycle? Like, what if he's a Corrupted Savior that managed to get separated from the mainline Savior, like how Smuggler got separated, but somehow is still able to remember some things that the mainline Savior knows? He should remember everything he's done in the current cycle at least, so maybe you can quiz him on that to double-check his identity.
No. 741493 ID: 398fe1

...ah. I have a solution. Tell him you'll agree, but you won't check his threads here. We'll revert this cycle's changes, disarm the bomb at the end, then go back to cycle 3119 and talk to him where he looks like a normal person and isn't covered in gunk.
No. 741495 ID: db0da2

Oh shoot, I missed the update... Not that it changes much. Say that there's already a compelling reason to investigate the CAI fight and say that unless reading his strings invalidates that reason you still plan on doing so, is that acceptable?
No. 741501 ID: 24100f

>I guess I'll make a note that savior trusts people who are so wrong?
You'll have to thank Alison for being so trustworthy, even if she's wrong sometimes.

>"I would not know, Rulekeep. I cannot seem to observe the savior effectively right now. I would need to make physical contact with him."
If she's only hearing one side of the conversation, I suggest filling her in before going any further. You trust her, and she's been sensible sometimes when you're not. And you're angry right now. You could use a second opinion and perspective you can trust right now to check you.

You might want to use a thread to make a thing that repeats the Savior's words for her so she's not left out of the rest of the conversation.

>Oh fuck savior forever he's covered in veil residue!
>I can easily brush away the veil dust like it's nothing
Um. What if you can't. What if the trap when you go to touch him, and the reason Rulekeep can't perceive him at all, is that thing isn't made out of stings. What if that's not Savior at all, but some kind of construct built of veil residue.

>I thought you were giving me the usual glitcher flippant remark when you said date.
I'm not just a flippant thing. I'm a person, and I'm allowed to have feelings and care about people.

>she's more or less insignificant without you.
She's important. She's maybe more important than I am, since she chose to fight her nature to make a difference, and it took me gods know how long for me to accept I even could.

>I don't have any ill will towards her, she's more or less insignificant without you.
>more or less insignificant
...that isn't Savior. He didn't think anyone was insignificant. He honestly, truly, wanted to let everyone he could leave the stages and have a good life in his sanctuary. In his conversation with Alison, he said he'd be willing to build a whole second Sanctuary just for Glitcher if you ever accepted the offer yourself, so he could accommodate you, without risking the safety of the first.

Whoever this is, they don't care. Savior, for all his apparent faults and our philosophical disagreements with him, did.

The conversation style doesn't seem to match, either. This guy is too clinical and dispassionate, no flair, no expressiveness, none of the feeling.

Confer with Rulekeep, but I don't think you want to take the deal. This screams "trap" and "deception".
No. 741505 ID: 15a025

This could work, but let's go back to our cycle when we're don time traveling.
No. 741508 ID: 398fe1

Oh, and Rulekeep should know if they actually hadn't met before, so if that was a contradiction we should try to privately verify it. I'm not sure Savior confirmed they hadn't met, either, so would this actually catch him in a contradiction? Try to get him to decide one way or another before you ask Rulekeep.

Glitcher, what are your offensive capabilities? Defensive? Evasive?
No. 741514 ID: 90f3c0

There's a chance it could be a trap, but you're not going to figure this all out without taking some major risks. Surely reading his thread can't be anymore dangerous than piercing the veil, or any of the other stuff you're going to have to do before this is over.

Do it.
No. 741515 ID: f562b1

I think the lack of anything suggesting not starting the CAI fight would be sufficient reason to start the CAI fight.
>If she's only hearing one side of the conversation,
Well, something to ask her, if she is able to hear him...
>...that isn't Savior.
Actually, that brings a point: There's one person Rulekeeper hasn't been able to see, and that was Glitcher. This guy must be another Glitcher pretending to be Savior. Everything about him happens to fit Glitcher's attitude and style.
And regarding the veil sticking to him--That's what it did to Rulekeeper while you were inside of her. Perhaps he found a way to inhabit and control a body, something you weren't willing to do to Rulekeeper. He could keep himself safe, but since he would be trapped inside of the body due to the veil immediately outside of it, his powers would be reduced. He knows you're powerful, and that you're a later Glitcher, but if he can get to your threads, he'll improve his own power.

...Maybe he's already done that, and that is why the other glitcher was dead on arrival. He's been killing other Glitchers to increase his own powers.
No. 741517 ID: 398fe1

...oh god what if Glitchers don't die when the cycle resets? What if they've all just been stuck floating in empty space until they figure out how to move around (and they probably couldn't before the bomb went off), and one of them went mad from isolation?

If this was another Glitcher, though, why would the veil residue be attracted to you? Wouldn't it stick to him since he's closer? The only explanation would be that the veil can't detect him for some reason.
No. 741519 ID: c94cbb

Tell him you'll take the deal, but not here. If you do examine his threads, you'll know everything you can know about him anyway, right? So let's all go to his sanctuary and see what's what there, first. Go somewhere he can make the portal if he can't do it here. Only Savior can control the way there, right? So it'll be proof he is really Savior. And we'll finally get to see if everyone has gone to the sanctuary is really ok, instead of it being some horrible extended trick.
No. 741536 ID: bfdaf0

Since you're in the sim, try causing a strong wind to blow the dust away without touching it. If touching him still looks suspicious after that, tell him you're not ready to accept Savior as your lord and savior.
No. 741537 ID: 486e87

Is there any way we can verify that this is the real saviour? Like asking when we last asked to look at his threads? That was safe zone 8 if I remember.
No. 741542 ID: 233260

This seems very suspicious. Even if its not a direct trap I would be very careful whatever choice you make.

So a few thoughts about the situation. Discuss these with Rulekeeper and see what she thinks before rejecting or accepting his offer.

1. Why did he pick right now to show up? He could have stopped by anytime but he chose right as you are about to load up the Pomi sim. Maybe running a Cai sim will interfere with something he does? Or send out red flags to entities we do not want noticing us? Or could his Paradise be in or runs off some of the code used to run the sims?

2. Why is he covered in Veil residue or something similar? We have never seen him like this before so there has to be a reason for it now. Did he have to pass through the Veil on the way here? Has he covered himself in the goop to hide something from you? Maybe this is not Savior and is just someone trying to fake his mannerisms? He has said several things that seem un-savior like but honestly we have not talked with him enough in the past to know. Maybe he is another Glitcher that lives in the Veil who wants to absorb you or merge with you? Or something worse? He mentioned that he would rather you get killed by "whatever is out there" but you destroying it would be fine to.

3. What affects could even his threads have on you? Have you ever inspected Corruptors threads? Directly interacting with one of your "parents" could have side effects. Most contestants are completely different from you and the other special characters. If this is a Glitcher in disguise could he grab you and start reading your threads to learn your tricks or try to absorb you?

4. He is buttering you up quite a bit. Saying you are a capable Glitcher who is unprecedented in skill and such. That seems like he is trying to tempt you into reading his threads. If he has some plot to hurt you why has he just not zipped over and grabbed you? He specifically wants you to read his threads so what danger could come from that action? You have been overwhelmed by info before when you saw your past lives. He probably has way more info in his threads so the shock of seeing all of it could make you vulnerable to the Void goo.

Regardless if this is a Trap or just Savior being obtuse you should not just ignore him.

I would go for his "offer" but on your own terms. Study him thoroughly without touching him. Have Rulekeeper backing you up ever step of the way. Heck have her ready to absorb you to protect you from the goo if need be. Only start checking his strings after looking at everything else about him. Try to lure off a tiny section of the goo without making direct contact and see what happens and if its really Savior under there. Heck have him wait here for a bit while you go watch other cycles corrupted Saviors to learn more about what they can do and test your Void goo management skills before taking his offer.

Best case you learn valuable info from Saviors threads. Worst case you are in for a nasty fight while something tries to attack/absorb you. But we can't save the world without taking a few risks.

Oh and give Rulekeeper a kiss for luck just in case.
No. 741556 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe the reason the Pomi simulation is broken is because something that doesn't belong in the simulation was hidden here? That might explain why this "Savior" is so eager to not let you run the CAI battle. He's trying to stop you from finding whatever is hidden here.
No. 741856 ID: d1f5f1
File 147103976799.png - (23.05KB , 800x800 , 225.png )

>Glitcher, what are your offensive capabilities? Defensive? Evasive?
I can sort of almost stop time.

Which I do, by method of removing the time syncing particles around myself and Rulekeep. Those are also all over the place in space, but I can't use them to move around like I can the Ghostcloud. Anyway, once I bump enough particles away, I pass a threshold and, I'm pretty sure, end up in a whole different time.... track. One that happens to move a huge number of steps for every 1 step that the cycle takes.

Oh gosh I just thought of an idea I can't believe I didn't think of earlier. I'm going to start pulling one string from each cycle and carrying it with me to make a direct connection between cycles. It lets me keep an eye on every cycle I've been to, as well as let me teleport near instantly between them. Can't believe I didn't think of that before but oh well!

After I stop the time, as I keep calling it, I pull Rulekeep over on the side in private.

"I don't really want to talk to him anymore. Rulekeep have you two met?"
"Not particularly. We had Alison and one other pass on loose messages, so I have heard a few 'Savior said's while I'm sure Savior has heard a few 'Rulekeep said's."
"So this really was the first meeting?"
"I suppose it would count, yes."
"Can you even hear him?"
"Hm? Oh, yes, I merely can't see him because he's covered in... was that veil dust?"
"Yeah, it was. And you know what? I don't think that's the Savior at all. He should be either completely corrupted or not at all!"
"Why so?"
"... I dunno. I guess he was kinda glitched out when I saw him in safe zone 8. Point is, this guy doesn't act like the savior at all! No dumb flair, no unneeded extravagance, no smug tone of concern as he tells you you're not even a real thing, so on! I mean why do you think he even showed up right before a CAI fight? That's too much of a coincidence!"
"I'm sorry, Glitcher, but the CAI fight and the Savior are both things outside of my expertise. He does, however, move strangely. Can you remove the veil from a distance?"
"I can, and I will!"
No. 741857 ID: d1f5f1
File 147103977735.png - (25.35KB , 800x800 , 226.png )

I scrape the building and have it wash over the corruptor, grinding off all the residue and putting it all in a newly formed concrete ball made out of the stage.

"That is a contestant. Although he has the Savior's form, he is from cycle 2410. His history and threads appear to have been modified."
"Let me see how - "
"Wait. He is also hollow. There is something underneath him.
"Goddamnit, Rulekeep! This suuuucks!"
"What? What is wrong?"
"This stupid other-glitcher is delaying the date!"
"Well, now we have a lot of new options, don't we?"
"I guess you're right."

A) Destroy him, go on date
B) Delete him, go on date
C) Become a murderer, go on date
D) Talk to him and then when he doesn't cooperate, eliminate him, then go on date
E) just talk to him for real i guess
F) Destroy the planet (and everything on it (including him(then go on the date)))
No. 741858 ID: c441c1

Stab him in the back and find out what is inside of him then F
No. 741860 ID: c441c1

except Rulekeep clearly
No. 741862 ID: 24100f

...Glitcher, why do you want to kill your brother there so badly? Are you that mad about someone trying to trick you / interrupt your date? Or, I wonder, if there's some Glitcher instinct / biological imperative to the effect of "there can only be one". Might want to have Rulekeep scan you quick, because that reaction seems way stronger than it should be.

I suspect this is the case, because that would explain what this Glitcher was trying to do to you (lure you into a trap to be killed / eaten) and might explain what happened to the space Glitcher you found. A different Glitcher ate him!

>what do
I say leave him frozen for a while, go have a date (visit the Pomi battle in a distant cycle, if you can't use this one) and then we'll come back and deal with him later.

What are our combat options versus other Glitchers? Glitcher on Glitcher combat seems risky (I suspect you're not the first one this guy tried to eat), but Rulekeep was made to stop you, right? Assisting her, she should easily be able to kick a different Glitcher's butt.

...we can't leave this guy alone forever, since you told him how Rulekeep helps you. Left to his own devices he might try to get his own, which might be bad. Especially since he someone knew your native cycle, too.
No. 741864 ID: 486e87

Can you restrain this other-glitcher and interrogate? Would be pretty useful to know why he was trying to trick you, why he chose here to interfere, as well as all the other info he's found from cycle traveling. Plus knowing how they figured out how to manipulate the veil would be handy.

Just make sure he can't pull anything sudden, you know what sorta glitch wizardry you can pull, so how would you stop another you from say suddenly attacking now that their disguise was removed?
No. 741871 ID: cf8a2e

>I scrape the building and have it wash over the corruptor

...!? Was that just a slip of the tongue/mind or is that significant?

Anyway, are you sure he's still not Savior? The basic underlying form seems to still be there, and Rulekeeper has never seen Savior before. For all we know normal Savior also has a weird hollow thing underneath him. Or this is another Savior, rather than another Glitcher. Glitchers kind of are part Savior so it'd be hard to tell.

How much can you or Rulekeep examine him like this? Can Rulekeep get a closer, more thorough look? How exactly has he been modified, and how different is he from the Saviors you've observed recorded? Also if you unfreeze time and he's another Glitcher what's to stop him stopping time too?

Anyway, if you've cleared all that, then talk to him. But: Ask him to summon up someone he likes to go on a double date with you. Then you can talk while you date!
No. 741876 ID: 24100f

>...!? Was that just a slip of the tongue/mind or is that significant?
No, I think Glitcher just was using his powers for literal earth building bending.
No. 741880 ID: 211d83

Find out who this is and why (and how) he is here.

If he found you right as you did this he had to be close right? Other Glitchers are slower than you traveling through the void right? Or maybe he has a thread from here to keep a eye on the sims. Which means he has something hidden here he does not want you to find. Could be in for a treasure hunt!

Either way make sure you get as much info out of him as possible. If he does not cooperate then time free him and read his threads to learn what is up.

Oh and get some hugs from Rulekeeper to calm you down. I know this interruption bothers you but blowing this guy up will just lose us info. Can always deal with him after you learn all he knows.
No. 741881 ID: 8d5cc8

Oh man I was right?

Can you put him in some kind of cage? Like, force him to stay in the contestant "suit" and keep that bound? I don't think killing him is a good plan, but he could definitely do with punishment.
No. 741883 ID: e22b1d

Wait this is some hollow pawn that someone sent to bother you? Don't kill him because he is probably just a empty shell.

Learn what he is and where he came from and who sent him. Then fill him full of explosives and send him back to his owner. That should show him.

Just learn everything you can from this thing before getting rid of it. Someone is watching you and just tried to trap you with a really silly trap.

What would have happened if you had read his threads? Would it have hurt you or just taught the guy on the other end how to deal with Veil goo? Maybe this whole thing was a plot from a Glitcher/other thing in the Veil to get you to teach it how to escape the goo?
No. 741886 ID: 24100f

>Wait this is some hollow pawn that someone sent to bother you?
No, Glitchers are just hollow. The part you can see and that interacts with the world around it is a shell is made of lose threads that get stuck to the weird core nothing. Glicher's made of something fundamentally different than everyone else, and doesn't actually have any threads of his own.
No. 741888 ID: 87547f

Find out what he is, where he came from, and why he is here. Oh and if he is trying to steal your girl.

Then blow him up and continue on date.
No. 741892 ID: 398fe1

>something underneath him
Paranoia says it's a bomb. His story was meant to lure you into thinking he's Savior and examining his threads. Can you peel him apart in layers to see what you're dealing with here, without activating it? Obviously to trigger the bomb you have to "examine" his threads. Or maybe it's proximity based. Anyway be careful dammit, but try to find out more about whoever's messing with you. Then yeah continue the date. The other Glitcher tried to stop the CAI Fight, so let's find out why that is, and have some fun while doing so.

>end up in a whole different time.... track
Can you estimate how long a Glitcher would have existed from cycle 2500 or so that constantly used this trick after a certain point? Or... was able to shove an entire cycle into this second track? Maybe that's what the 50k cycles are. A Glitcher that has spent an eternity polishing his skill. You only have one advantage over him- Rulekeep.

How easy would it be for someone as skilled as you to kill the both of you? I wonder why he didn't just come here directly. Maybe he can't?
No. 741904 ID: 24100f

Oh, obvious question in retrospect: Did the fake-Savior get the lightshow right? When we asked Savior about his flashy entrances before, he said he did it because he was the only one who could, so it unambiguously identified him (just like Corruptor is unique in being able to break the allowed physical size constraints).

Either you (or we) weren't paying attention enough to notice that the lightshow here wasn't right, or it turns out Savior's trick isn't so unique after all.

...also in retrospect, if Savior is taking preventive measures against impersonation, he might already have been aware of this guy.
No. 741905 ID: a9a7ce

Stay paranoid until you are sure blowing it up will not hurt you. Cause if I was a evil Glitcher I would know that I have a temper and would have filled that thing with traps.

So careful inspections before mythbuster explosion time.
No. 741906 ID: 398fe1

Oh also try not to permanently kill this poor guy somehow. Don't forget that is a person.
No. 741912 ID: db0da2

Yeah okay, I would really like to know what this guy's deal is, but he tried to deceive us, and if we give him the chance to talk to us he might try to pull something. Kill him as thoroughly as possible, mercy will just give him a chance at revenge. Liars get dead.
No. 741916 ID: d1f5f1
File 147106044488.png - (66.83KB , 800x800 , 227.png )

>Glitcher, why do you want to kill your brother there so badly?
Well he's probably going to try to kill us so that seems like a solid reason if I think it over.

>I say leave him frozen for a while
I guess I could try.

>Was that just a slip of the tongue/mind or is that significant?
I've been nearly calling a lot of people glitcher lately, so it goes to figure that I finally meet another glitcher and I call him something else entirely!

"Rulekeeper even if you're not powerful enough to do it, how were you supposed to ever beat me without being able to stop time?"
"Even if you stop time, even while I am physically immobilized, if you stop time around me, I am able to perceive you. I can even see you as you move, even if I can't. However, even though I have no capability to affect physical objects, the syncing particles are non physical, and as you are aware, you move them more with your mind than your hands, though I'm unsure if you can tell the different any longer. In any case, I could, in theory, bring you back simply by doing the reverse of what you do to stop time. However, by the time I was created, your ability to transfer your physical movement to the empty timeline exceeded my ability to repair the distribution of particles. How this works, however, I do not know. But if I were stronger back then, then I would have forced you back into the cycle's normal timeline and disassembled you. I was also told I was immune to your unraveling efforts, but I never entirely trusted that assessment with good reason."
"Come to think of it I guess it was tougher I just didn't think about it since it was all a big deal so I made it tough in my head on top of it being actually tough. Wait so if you can act while I'm stopping time, then uh...."
"I believe..." Rulekeep lightens up her whispers. "That that glitcher does not realize that we know he's a glitcher. He is capable of moving, at least a little. But he isn't, much in the way someone lies still to remain hidden."
"So I can't just leave him frozen, huh. I mean I guess I knew I was never really stopping time, but it sure felt like I was!"
"You were only stopping it for those who couldn't perceive the alternate, which was everyone around you. You cannot freeze him. However, he has laid out a trap for you. Perhaps he is gauging you. It is possible that he knows that he is weaker than you, but he definitely does not know that he is stronger than you. Otherwise I expect he would have outright attacked. I would like to investigate this glitcher's threads, but I am afraid to, since I must get close and make contact with him. If his capability to stop time is greater than my ability to repair it, then I will die quickly."
"Hold on. I can get strings to latch onto him and look at him that way."

I start burrowing a hole through the contestant with layers to make sure I can see each thread before I touch it just in case there is some big explode-thread. I can test this guy too! If he's really a the glitcher then he will absolutely hate having the side of his head burrowed through!

Or, well, then again, he'd probably hate having me burrow through any part of him.

I gotta rename Catatonic cause that guy is a Guardsman compared to how fucked up this contestant is. This guy basically took an egg beater to his threads. Lobotomized or some equivalent. I can't tell a damn thing about him or his past, and he's probably more functional as a puppet than a contestant.
No. 741917 ID: d1f5f1
File 147106045310.png - (121.00KB , 800x800 , 228.png )

Goddamnit glitcher really was in there! A glitcher. Another. Ugh I don't like there being others maybe there really is some stupid there-can-only-be-one thing built in. He stops time, or rather moves to our speedier timeline, and slides through the contestant on the other side of the hole like air.

Rulekeeper is pushing the particles back onto him, and he's only able to move for about a second he loses the threshold he needs to pass through our stopped time.

He stops trying to deflect them. I've always just sort of blown them all apart in one continuous stream, but he's doing the equivalent of taking a deep breath.
No. 741918 ID: d1f5f1
File 147106046723.png - (188.85KB , 800x800 , 229.png )

I let him. It's probably a bad idea but I'm sure it'll be fine. Once he takes in a big metaphorical breath over about 4 or 5 seconds, he blows it all out at once like some kind of expanding anti-particle shield that, for a moment, is strong enough that I couldn't even throw particles at him to counter it. He starts moving again freely.

For a brief instant, he opens his shell of threads up on his foot as he kicks the ground up with it to Rulekeep. I'm pretty sure that's also a bad idea for him but he isn't dying instantly or anything. The stage is upturned at her, with all kinds of nasty adverse properties on the ground's threads. As soon as his burst was over, I tried to push particles back onto him, but I'm finding that way more ineffective than I would've thought. Dunno why. I'll ask Rulekeep about it maybe I guess.

Rulekeep's got it though. She brings the time hammer down on him again after just 1 second. The ground freezes as well. She gives me that 'please do something' look. I give her the 'you're just floating out of harm's way and I could have pulled those threads safely away from you and he might be a literal bomb so maybe you can do something back?' but I don't know if she got my meaning.

>Glitcher, why do you want to kill your brother there so badly?
This might be why.

>If he found you right as you did this he had to be close right?
Huh, yeah, that or he can move fast. I'd like to think that if he had any strings leading out of here, I would've noticed, but maybe I didn't. Or just some other means of transportation I don't know about.

>Can you estimate how long a Glitcher would have existed from cycle 2500 or so that constantly used this trick after a certain point?
Okay well that there is a dose of fear. If there's a glitcher like that that wants to kill me then I'm in a sort of danger that I forgot what feels like.

I'm actually less scared of a glitcher with the skills of spending an eternity training than I am of the mental state of the glitcher that spent an eternity doing that.

>Did the fake-Savior get the lightshow right?
It was pretty convincing.

>When we asked Savior about his flashy entrances before, he said he did it because he was the only one who could
What a bullshitter. I can make light on my own too. Maybe he said that before he thought I was competent.

He can probably perceive us right now. It will probably take me half a second to travel to him, then a few seconds to at least get the gist of what this glitcher is made of. Paranoia says it's a bomb that was just hidden inside! But it's probably not.
No. 741919 ID: d1f5f1
File 147106066980.png - (57.62KB , 800x800 , 230.png )

I'm going to give myself a huge headache if I think too hard about how the timelines work, but what I figured so far is that this glitcher needs about 5 seconds to stop time so that he can move with us, but he can still see and hear us during those 5 seconds. After he does that, Rulekeep can start undoing his work, and it takes her about 1 second.

After some practice with multitasking, I can do it in tenth of a second per person and act for the remaining 8/10th, and the big difference is that I can do it even as Rulekeep tries to undo it, unlike Rulekeep who can't try and undo a glitcher's work until after they've passed the threshold. And since it takes me less than the second she needs for it, I could keep her from undoing my stop.

Oh wait Rulekeep goes up to him and took a chunk out, and looks in for a couple seconds before looking at me.

"Got him no detaining!" she blurts out before starting to put him back together and moving away before he gets his second to play with.

>Either way make sure you get as much info out of him as possible.
Rulekeep should know everything he knows now.

Some sense of what I assume is the faded remnants of my morality is telling me maybe I should try to let him live but he's pretty surely trying to kill us every second he's got, and I don't know how to stop him from doing that aside from just forcibly making him go away and hope he gets the idea.

>Drop him a hint to go away
>Kill him
No. 741921 ID: 211d83

Well Rulekeeper did just yell that she got him and not to detain him?

Which implies to me that she looked in there and the info she got is bad enough for her to tell you not to detain him. You would only detain him if she still needed him around so she is telling you to kill him while you have the chance.

Might want to quickly double check her meaning but consider this.

The second he popped out he tried to kill your girlfriend.

If you took more than 3 of those 5 seconds to destroy him I would be very disappointed.
No. 741923 ID: 398fe1

Take him out. "no detaining" means we can't keep him prisoner. Try to keep the escaping void from splashing onto Rulekeep, as it seems like it can be used as a weapon.

>Rulekeep should know everything he knows now.
No. 741927 ID: 24100f

I just had a horrible thought. What if Glitchers don't die when a cycle ends? What if they just sort of find themselves stuck, drifting alone in a cycle that just ended and froze, and a whole universe of cycles to explore?

...a universe with older, isolation crazy Glitchers, just waiting to feed on them.

I think the very next thing we might want to do is quickly check the very end of the last few cycles before the present 3119. See if this theory holds true- if there are any "new" Glitchers stranded there, that haven't fallen to predation or turned cannibal themselves yet.

>She gives me that 'please do something' look. I give her the 'you're just floating out of harm's way and I could have pulled those threads safely away from you and he might be a literal bomb so maybe you can do something back?' but I don't know if she got my meaning.
Maybe you guys need to build some kind of communication thread so you can fast-talk back and forth in the middle of combat. Without the combat finishing too fast or the other guy hearing what you're doing.

>fight analysis
This guy is giving you two a surprising amount of trouble, considering you're teamed up. I think if either of you were alone, he would be winning.

>Got him no detaining!
She got the data, detaining him isn't an option. We either kill him, force him to leave, or retreat faster than he can follow.

...unless you can copy Savior's trick and rocket blast him out to quarantine, wherever that is. (Or summon real-Savior and ask him to. How hard could it be to copy the flute trick?).

>Drop him a hint to go away
>Kill him
Shoulder angels time! Are you listening to your Inner Alison, or your Inner Recluse?

The merciful thing to do would be to give him the chance to withdraw, and let him run, if he takes it. He has to see he's loosing, and is only gonna win if you get careless or he gets lucky. Maybe mercy will redeem him.

...on the other side. This can't be the first time he's done this. It's all but assured this Glitcher is a serial killer- that's he's made a habit or preying on your kin. You saw one of the bodies. He knows your home cycle, if he's inclined to set another trap for you, or if he wants to attack you through your friends. He murdered and mutilated whatever contestant he turned into the Savior-suit he was wearing.

And maybe worst of all, you told him what Rulekeeper does to help you, and you left a message to other Glitchers on how you got her. If he follows your trail, next time he might have his own Rulekeep, and this fight won't end in your favor. (He just needs to mind control the admins in some cycle into making one for him).

Pragmatism wins. Even Alison killed people, and this guy is too dangerous to let live, and has a track record of hostility. We're all computer data at the end of the day, though, even crazy Glitchers have to be recoverable, somehow.

Although the best argument for mercy might be he only set his ambush because he assumes all other Glitchers are hostile, and his only safe option is a preemptive strike. ...then again, if Rulekeep saw that in the everything he knows data pack she just grabbed, you'd think she'd say that.

We could shout "motive?" to her quick, see if she gives us one.
No. 741930 ID: d1f5f1
File 147106356741.png - (43.68KB , 800x800 , 231.png )

>unless you can copy Savior's trick and rocket blast him out to quarantine, wherever that is
No, but I was thinking my 'hint' was just going to be rocket blast him so far away he'd have to spend the next decade crawling back.

>This guy is giving you two a surprising amount of trouble, considering you're teamed up. I think if either of you were alone, he would be winning.
Oh, no, after thinking about it, he's slow and harmless, but letting him maneuver around for a bit was worth learning a couple things. I don't know how Rulekeep would do against him, but I just can't see a scenario where he'd beat me.

>Maybe you guys need to build some kind of communication thread so you can fast-talk back and forth in the middle of combat.
That'd be cool. Then I could confirm his motive without spending all the remaining time I've got. But I'm just going to bet his motive is bad and suicidal.

I'm going to just go ahead and destroy him now.

>If you took more than 3 of those 5 seconds to destroy him I would be very disappointed.
Oh no this should be pretty instant.

Except I have 3 whole seconds and making it instant seems kinda a waste, so...

Apply One-Liner:
No. 741932 ID: 24100f

"This is why you don't dress up in your mother's faux-skin and try to kill your brother. That's serial killer crazy, bro."

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to date crash?"

So, uh, Rulekeep, you wanna tell me what the hell he was doing, and why he attacked us? Did he actually have a reason to want to keep us out of the CAI battles, or was that just a lie and part of his Savior act?

You two need to go on cute Pomi date time ASAP after this stressful fratricide.
No. 741933 ID: 398fe1

"I told you to stay away from my girl."
No. 741935 ID: db0da2

"Looks like you just got... patched." Apply sunglasses after one liner.
No. 741936 ID: 211d83

Some horrible ideas.

1. Sadly Brother your time has run out.

2. I am afraid you have run out of time brother.

3. Your threads are about to get snipped.

4. Za warudo. Then drop a steamroller on him.

5. Looks like your time, (put on some shades) has run out. (Insert Rulekeeper guitar solo)
No. 741953 ID: a8bc5c

"Sorry bro, but no interrupting the date. Rulekeeper and I just really want...

..to unwind."
No. 741954 ID: 5d0ade


This one.

But when you're done ask her if she minds you saying things like that.
No. 742051 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114701650.png - (102.62KB , 800x800 , 232.png )

It occurs to me I've never actually killed one, and I want to see what happens if I leak out too much.

So I unzip his shell.

"I told you"
No. 742052 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114703501.png - (84.04KB , 800x800 , 233.png )

"to stay away from"
No. 742053 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114705737.png - (200.21KB , 800x800 , 234.png )

"my girl."

I push all nearby strings away, except for one, which is just for me to quickly teleport away with Rulekeeper.
No. 742054 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114708267.png - (22.24KB , 800x800 , 235.png )

I yank it back just before he manages to get his second of time, and he stops his burst. Of course he doesn't want to physically move anymore.
No. 742055 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114709858.png - (38.43KB , 800x800 , 236.png )

So I just unstop time for Rulekeep and myself while I prepare to immediately stop it again the instant something goes wrong. Either because he then uses his burst to stop time for himself, or he explodes.

Neither really happens. Nothing is around him occupying the abnormal timeline, so he has no mental presence inside, and time resumes flowing for his physical form. Maybe he tries something, because I don't think he'd give up if he thought he had a chance, because he's me and if I cared enough to murder me then I care enough to try and survive. But no, he just immediately melts like a gas in air. He spreads out until there's just little weird gusts of himself trying to reach somewhere, but as he expands, it's just more and more like color air dissipating. Once there's no weird errant movements, I give him a string, eventually, and nothing happens.
No. 742057 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114713016.png - (50.45KB , 800x800 , 237.png )

No. 742058 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114714195.png - (96.31KB , 800x800 , 238.png )

No. 742059 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114715424.png - (142.91KB , 800x800 , 239.png )

No. 742062 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114733897.png - (24.96KB , 800x800 , 240.png )

Welp I've murdered before and I've murdered again, but doing it to a bro is new.

"Well here we are in Pomi Beachland and it sure is weird having a body. Sure is a bright idea I had to start us off in the lying down position so that I wouldn't just fall down right away."
"I appear to have been given the talent to move easily in a form that has proper physics."
"Wow that is incredibly not fair."
"Well, those poor contestants think this truly is a fight for their lives. That contestant honestly did think that pressing that mystery button would grant him one million CU."
"Yeah and I'm totally gonna give him 1 mil after this is done and the CU shop is closed forever."
"Still, they will come exploring places like this beach in a desperate struggle for dominance. They may go to the town and attempt to conquer it, as it is lucrative to do so if they can pull it off."
"Someone should stop those menaces. Also you seem pretty chill about the whole I-killed-my-brother thing. I thought you'd like, I dunno, everyone's special or something. I guess I gotta ask what he was all about."
"He was an unremarkable glitcher from cycle 1949. What was remarkable is that he took the Savior's offer to him to occupy an isolated paradise, as the Savior put it, where that glitcher alone would be kept under the promise that he keep his glitching practice down to certain levels per year, and he would remain. He was there for about 5 perceived years. The only things to occupy himself with was media, games, books and so forth, much like stage 7, minus the decomposition. After a year, there, he began to receive visions on the television set or so forth of events from the outside. The savior claims that this is why his glitching could not exceed a certain amount. The glitcher didn't stop, because he wanted to see what other people in active cycles were up to, as well as past visions. This included visions of other glitchers, and this glitcher got some delusions of grandeur about being the best one. One of his later visions was of you saying you were the best, ever, and no one could ever be the best ever while he existed. And that you would have to be killed to - "
"Yeah yeah that was a monologue I did."
"His last vision was seeing you mess around the other stages. He was told by the Savior that if he ever left his mini-paradise that he couldn't come back, but he didn't want to be there while you were out monologuing. These were the bits I found of note and studied, during the limited time I had to do so. Glitcher, are those Pomi frills legitimate? I have not seen frills with the base up so high."
"Girl I could breathe fuckin' neon green fire and the Historian will jot it down because who the hell is gonna call me out on it No one."
"I suppose."
"Say do you mind if I call you my girl?"
"Why would I mind?"
"I dunno it seems a little possessive or like we had a wedding or whatever."
"I thought it was sweet, if not for being in the context of this strange murder compulsion you glitchers appear to have for each other."
"There's no way that's a thing."
No. 742065 ID: 398fe1

Oh dear. That Glitcher was from 1949, but the contestant he was inside was from 2410. Hmm. Ask Rulekeep where the veil dust around him came from. Was his isolated paradise inside the veil?
>"There's no way that's a thing."
That's totally a thing. You wanted to murder the hell out of him before you even knew for sure it was another Glitcher. I actually thought you might also have a compulsion to consume the void inside your brother, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to encourage that or not. It seems like you didn't get stronger from it regardless. You don't feel different, do you?

Anyway, if you encounter another Glitcher, try not to kill them this time, and warn them about their compulsion. Working together might be a good idea, even if they're horribly unskilled compared to you. At the very least you can coexist.

Experiment with moving your body around until you get a hang of walking. Then get a drink! Maybe try dancing with Rulekeep if you really get used to your body.
No. 742066 ID: 398fe1

Also where did the contestant come from? He shouldn't have been able to rewind cycle 2410 to get at that contestant, and that's a cycle outside the veil. Unless the contestant was from the copy of 2410 inside the veil?
No. 742072 ID: 211d83

It would have been weird having him around but I would have been sort of willing to work with him. Honestly I was sort of a wreck before Alison got me out of my funk. So this guy probably was a bit unstable all alone in a little world by himself.

But then he showed up and tried to trick us and then kill you so he had to go.

Grab her hand and tell her you are feeling very possessive. Cause everything is better now that she is here and you don't want to lose her. And if any crazy Glitcher or Savior or whoever wants to take her away from you then you will blow them up to.

Then have her teach you how to do stuff in this body.
No. 742074 ID: b633cf

Huh. So the threads that stick to you do more than allow you to interact with stuff. They also hold you together!

...I wonder. You think that Glitcher could be rebuilt if we vacuumed up all the nothing-particles that drifted away, and stuffed them in a new shell? It would take forever considering how fast they disperse, and even longer if we had to put the puzzle back in order, but it might be in the realm of ridiculous possibility.

>"There's no way that's a thing."
She's dissected two of you now. She's better equipped to know if it's a thing than anyone else, including you.

...I'll try and avoid that, so long as other Glitchers let not killing them be an option.

>what ask
So had he been through the veil then? I'm guessing that's why he made a meat suit.

Did he even have a reason for us to stay out of CAI battles, or was that a lie too?

So he didn't kill Space Glitcher?

>what do
You should compare notes on combat results, see what you learned and what to change. And work on a commincation thread of some kind. Later.

Right now, date stuff. Get some fruity beach drinks. Maybe Rulekeep can teach you to walk, so you can walk on the beach. Or so you can dance!
No. 742095 ID: d1f5f1
File 147115164745.png - (21.59KB , 800x800 , 241.png )

"It seems like it is a thing. You seemed to wish to murder him before we even knew for certain it was another glitcher."
"I was pretty sure! And wait a second how do you know that? Have you been looking at me this whole time?"
"Yes, but not in disassembling way. I am looking at your face. And once I learned about your expressions, you have become an open book."
"Well geez! That's no fair again."
"You can keep yourself stone faced if you want. But you did want to murder him."
"I've wanted to murder lots of people before! Lots of people for doing less. Maybe. Maybe I wouldn't have felt that way if he wasn't a half baked klutz who wanted to murder us! And you know maybe I did feel a little possessive of you. " I go try to take her hand because why not but it's really weird and she sure isn't lifting her arm to give me her hand here. "Think we can go back and vacuum up that glitcher and see if he wants to chat?"
"It would be like picking up glass that was ground to dust and trying to shove the pieces together to make a whole window again with each particle in exactly the same spot as before."
"Yeah so is it possible?"
"No, it would still be dust and it would fall apart."
"Fine fine. Geez how are you even supposed to use this body. What can you even do in it?"
"We can walk and get a drink."
"Ugh get one for me this is tough and this stupid chair thing is wobbly and if I try and sit up I'm just going to fall I know it."

>It seems like you didn't get stronger from [killing that glitcher]. You don't feel different, do you?
I really don't. I guess I got stronger but only because I learned a couple things about fighting bad glitchers.

>Try not to kill other glitchers if possible

>Actually, do both of you still have your powers?
Yeah I basically made this CAI fight a 4-way battle and these two Pomi are avatars that can do whatever. But right now they're just things that resemble normal, mundane Pomi.

>And is there a reason Glitcher wanted a scar on his eye?
That's just weird Pomi eye things.

>Wait, you can breathe fire?
I can bring forcible, destructive ends to entire cycles if I wanted to.

>Also where did the contestant come from? Unless the contestant was from the copy of 2410 inside the veil?
Uhhhhh that is actually a good question. I'm pretty sure he came from our cycle 2410.

"Wait hold on Rulekeep! That contestant was from cycle 2410 right? Did he come from the corrupted copy of 2410?"
"No. The glitcher only briefly entered the veil to see what it was, and thought it was beyond repair or use. He then left and came to us. This raises a good question about how the glitcher attained him. The last thing that contestant did, before I could not read his history any longer, was accept a trip into Paradise. At that point in time, he appeared healthy."
"Uhhhoookay. Did he even have a reason for us to stay out of CAI battles?"
"Hm. Yes, he did. It was not a recent one, but one of his visions was that glitchers should never interfere with them."
"Did he kill Space Glitcher?"
"As far as I am aware, he was not even aware that Space Glitcher existed. Is there anything else, or shall I go ahead and get those drinks?"
"No go for it."

There's all sorts of stereotypical beach stuff around. Once I figure out how to move I should take her to a place that exists or something. Or just hang out here. Or find out why this cai fight is broken because it seemed okay to me. Or spend another 10k years learning how to date people because I sure don't know how it works.
No. 742098 ID: 91ee5f

Can you guys still use your powers? It would really suck if another Glitcher showed up and you couldn't fight back.

>Glitcher struggling to move.
Bruh, do you even lift? Or, more precisely, can you even lift?

>The last thing that contestant did, before I could not read his history any longer, was accept a trip into Paradise.
I'm really hoping that means that Glitcher pretended to be Savior and tricked that contestant. Because otherwise, that would mean that the real Savior gave that Glitcher the contestant to use as a body. And if that's true, then that means some of Alison's friends that went into Paradise are in trouble!
No. 742099 ID: b633cf

>but one of his visions was that glitchers should never interfere with them
That might have been deliberate Savior propaganda, maybe.

Although if Savior planted that idea on purpose, he also showed you being crazy to that Glitcher on purpose too. But I guess Savior had no way to know he'd react like that?

>Or spend another 10k years learning how to date people because I sure don't know how it works.
You've got about as much date experience as Alison at this point. Not many dating experts in the sim!

Really, the secret is being nice to her, and thinking of her, and finding ways to show you care and she's appreciated.

There's gotta be a luau or whatever the pomi equivalent is to check out, right? Beach party!
No. 742103 ID: 211d83

Well you date people to get to know them better and improve your relationship. So go do fun stuff with her that needs normal physical bodies to do.

Like go dancing. Or go have a feast and have some drinks and get drunk. Or go swimming and play on the beach. Spend some time with her and learn what sort of stuff you both like doing.

Remember that she is way younger than you. And you have hung out with normal contestants for lot more safe zones than she has. You know what they liked to get up to in private.

Later on you can look into the broken parts of this sim. And figure out what was up with that hollowed out contestant. Cause if he was involved with the Savior we should look into that.
No. 742107 ID: 398fe1

Okay so the contestant was from normal cycle 2410. Shouldn't Rulekeep know how the Glitcher got his hands on them? She's either leaving things out by accident or on purpose. Like, this implies your brother stole the contestant out of Savior's Paradise, and Rulekeep doesn't want you to know where the Paradise is. Because you'd fuck it up. Maybe you should stop pushing to know more about your brother and just use the useful information Rulekeep has told you: the veil is safe to enter. We should do that after the date.

Flop out of your chair and try to stand up. When Rulekeep comes back ask her if she feels poorly of you for killing him. Maybe you feel a little bad about it. Alison certainly wouldn't have approved. Then move onto other topics of conversation because it's probably not great to dwell on it either way. Like, what would she do after all this is over? If you succeed and stop the endless cycles, allowing the contestants to live in peace?
No. 742113 ID: b633cf

It might also mean a problem with Savior. That he's somehow losing or misplacing people in transit.
No. 742124 ID: db0da2

The savior is broken as we all know.
We should probably check out that cycle too actually.

Glitcher, stop being a literal baby and learn how to walk. Then run. Then do jumping jacks. Then acrobatics. It can't be harder than time travel.

The secret to dates is that there isn't any real protocol, especially for you being what you are. Just try to have fun and relax and enjoy yourself. Make an effort to not be an asshole, it might be hard for you, but it's the effort that counts.
No. 742153 ID: f562b1

If standing up is too much trouble, try curling up instead. Tuck your body in, then stretch it out again. Get used to that, then do it one limb at a time.
Once you get that done right, at least getting out of the chair shouldn't be too much trouble.
No. 742158 ID: c259a7

Up you get, lazybones! Work those muscles, feel that balance! That body should contain some sort of instinct for how to move, so pay attention to it and let it help instead of directly controlling everything for once! You should have a whole brace of fresh, more visceral sensations to enjoy, what would Alison think if she knew you were going to turn down a new level of enjoying hugs? You've got a sweet lady right there for the cuddlin' and all. Shameful.

Anyway I hope you did set up those observation/travel bookmark strings that you thought of before doing anything else.
No. 742189 ID: d1f5f1
File 147119680561.png - (17.84KB , 800x800 , 242.png )

>Shouldn't Rulekeep know how the Glitcher got his hands on them?
Dangit she didn't actually answer that!

"WAIT YES Rulekeep question!"
"How'd the glitcher find the guy?"
"Oh, yes. He found him in space."
"In space."
"Yes. After being told where the contestant was by the television set."
"Okay well that's enough of that! Go get the drink no more of this." I guess the contestant got so screwed up that I couldn't even tell he used to be in space.

>Can you guys still use your powers?
Yeah even if we're sorta in our own lobby and stuff we can eject from our bodies if we wanted.

I should probably figure out how to move this body around if I'm going to date the girl though.

I start by doing what I was trying not to do and falling out of the net thing we were in.

Oh god there's sand in my mouth and it feels awful is this what eating is supposed to be like that's terrible why do people eat for fun. Also what is this thumping in my chest that happens like every second it's really distracting when my body is doing all kinds of weird things.
No. 742190 ID: d1f5f1
File 147119682654.png - (19.12KB , 800x800 , 243.png )

It's a good thing town is still a walk away because that gives me time to learn how to stand up.

I think I got it.

"Glitcher, what are you doing?"
"That is not how to stand."
"Look I'm upright and on two feet even if it's not normal I'm pretty sure this counts as standing. This is just the glitcher way of standing."
"I've brought a couple of cups and a bottle of something. I'll pour you a cup."
No. 742191 ID: d1f5f1
File 147119687761.png - (13.01KB , 800x800 , 244.png )

"Uhhh this isn't gonna taste like sand, is it?"
"I doubt it, it's-"

Oh what is this is this cold how do I hold a cold thi-
No. 742193 ID: d1f5f1
File 147119692376.png - (15.86KB , 800x800 , 245.png )

"It will taste like sand if you drop it."
"This is harder than time travel! Ohhh this is not a very datelike thing to do is it?"
"I would not know. You could say that it is, and I could not call you out on it any more than contestants to a fire breathing pomi. I would suggest finding a way to drink it soon, however, as this is supposed to be consumed cold, and it will warm up soon."
No. 742194 ID: 3abd97

>After being told where the contestant was by the television set.
I'm getting real suspicions of this tv set, now. It seems like it was leading around and manipulating this guy, unless it was taking requests for specific information.

Guess it goes on the list of things to snoop on when not dating.

>I would suggest finding a way to drink it soon, however, as this is supposed to be consumed cold, and it will warm up soon.
You just just cheat and just Glitcher-powers to lift the particles / threads up to where you can drink it.

Actually, if moving your body from the insider is too hard, you could cheat and do the same thing. Treat it like an object you're puppeting / moving around with Glitcher powers rather than a body you're piloting. You had pretty good control of that concrete arm scraper, you should be able to move some limbs around, right?

...the other way to cheat would be to speed up time for yourself and practice moving so you can actually keep up with her.
No. 742195 ID: c259a7

Can't you just examine the strings or whatever function that loads instinctive knowledge from a sim-avatar into a contestant's memory, or however it works, and duplicate it for yourself?

Also no Glitcher that is not what eating is like, eating has to be done with food and sand is not food.
No. 742196 ID: 3abd97

Oh, and I wonder if the difficulty isn't that Glitcher isn't getting instincts / muscle movement macros from the body like everyone else, but the fact that he never had a body in the same way everyone else did.
No. 742203 ID: 211d83

If the cup has not completely tipped over carefully pick it up and try to drink. Also this is the best type of datelike thing. You are learning fun stuff with Rulekeeper so what else could be better?

Just think back to all the time you watched your normal friends doing things and try to copy them.

If your cup retrieval efforts fail look at Rulekeeper all cute and pathetic like and ask if she would help you drink your drink. Having her help you learn how to do body stuff would be a nice bonding moment.
No. 742204 ID: c441c1

you are a glitcher who says you have to play by the sims rules just make the body float.
No. 742206 ID: e22b1d

If the glass is to sandy or has tipped over go for the bottle Rulekeeper had. That would be easier to drink from probably.

Then enjoy your drink and go for a walk with her on the beach to work on getting used to your body.

And hold hands this time cause that's what you do on dates.

You spent years learning all your Glitcher tricks so enjoy learning this body stuff.
No. 742212 ID: 90f3c0

As much fun a manually learning your body's functions would be, all the stumbling around would kind of get in the way of the date. It's time for a Glitcher shortcut. Copy the motor functions from an NPC or something.

Then research some traditional Pomi dating activities.
No. 742213 ID: d1f5f1
File 147120416395.png - (18.80KB , 800x800 , 246.png )

"My excuse is I've never had a real body! Even contestants had freeroam and stuff."
"I'm not judging, Glitcher. Take your time. You have lots, after all."
"I could go into full training mode but it feels lame cheating for stuff that's supposed to be for fun."
"You can train for things that are for fun."
"Yeah but... we're pretending to be mundane Pomis that are going get caught in deadly crossfire."
"Who can breathe fire if they wanted."
"Yeah but I want to pretend harder."

"... I want to take a break from being the glitcher for a bit, okay? Like everyone would want to be the super godwizard or whatever and it is pretty cool but I want to be a person for a little bit."
"You are a person."
"I know, but I want to feel like one. Help me drink! Teach me the ways."
"Open your mouth, glitcher. Here." She lifts the bottle to my mouth. "Swallowing should be instinctive enough. Carefully, now."
No. 742215 ID: d1f5f1
File 147120423307.png - (22.66KB , 800x800 , 247.png )

"Is it okay?"
"Oh my god that is great. Except it has a weird burn and that's unpleasant but the rest of it is so much better than the rest of it! Give me the bottle I'm going to have some." I immediately fall but I don't care this is drinking time.
"Drink it slowly. They told me it was strong. I don't know what means, but we- Glitcher you're nearly half done with the bottle. I would like some, too."

I give it to her. She mellows out her reaction but I can tell that she's pretty amped about the taste. I just realized that I tuned out that thumping, and I feel less like I have to pay crazy attention too all my individual muscles to move them. It's like I just tell my arm to move how I want and it moves like that and what's up with that. Do muscles have brains or something. That's messed up. Pomi are messed up. I'm thinking too much probably.

"Do you want to hold hands?"
"I don't see why not. Would you like to take a walk? The caverns under the jungles are dangerous, but the jungle itself is benign. Plus, the town seemed both wary and interested in outsiders like us."
No. 742216 ID: 211d83

Grab a few more drinks for the road. Got to keep hydrated out here you know.

Then hold hands and check out the town.

Or if you are still unsteady maybe go for a walk through the jungle first so you can get practice before going out in public.
No. 742219 ID: 3abd97

>Yeah but... we're pretending to be mundane Pomis that are going get caught in deadly crossfire.
The trick is to trick the cross fire into leaving you alone without big overt flashy power use. Drop a hint somewhere that sparing / saving civilians helps power up the wizard artifacts, somehow. Put some glowy secret objective slash distraction on the other side of the island for them to chase.

>teach me to be a person
Kind of funny. There was a big emphasis on trying to get Rulekeep to accept personhood before, and you were part of her evolving attitude. Now she's helping you.

>Do muscles have brains or something. That's messed up.
"muscle memory". Think of it like macros. Like, your ghost phone is easier to use with built in functions than if you had to program it up from scratch each time, right? Time / effort savers.

>Plus, the town seemed both wary and interested in outsiders like us.
Well yeah, we're stuck on an island. It's not very big. New people are weird and surprising!

...hmmm. When the players hear about us buying drinks, they'll probably think it's something to check up on. We might have to do some lying to get rid of them.

>Would you like to take a walk?
Yeah, I don't think I'm up for more complicated activity, and this place is a lot more interesting to walk around and look at than most the stages.

...hey Glitcher. How does Rulekeep look? You getting any feedback from weird body stuff?
No. 742220 ID: 90f3c0

Take a walk through the jungle, to get a bit of practice before going to town.
No. 742226 ID: e22b1d

Revel in the new body feelings. You never got to experience this sort of stuff before so enjoy the sensations while you can.

Go grab a new drink for you both and take a stroll through the jungle. Watch Rulekeeper for a bit and concentrate on how she moves. Should help out your efforts.
No. 742228 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh my god that is great. Except it has a weird burn and that's unpleasant but the rest of it is so much better than the rest of it!
>They told me it was strong.
That is what's called alcohol. Drinking too much of it will make you drunk and unable to function properly.
No. 742234 ID: 398fe1

It occurs to me that with empty stomachs, no prior experience with alcohol, and drinking like half a bottle of "strong" stuff, Glitcher is going to be SUPER DRUNK.
No. 742236 ID: d1f5f1
File 147120851145.png - (23.52KB , 800x800 , 248.png )

>How does Rulekeep look? You getting any feedback from weird body stuff?
She looks pretty alright. I'm comfy around her now. Guess I'll stare at her and see how she moves.

Oh wait is this stuff that alcohol thing I've heard about.

>Drinking too much of it will make you drunk and unable to function properly.
So like me normally then.

We wander through the forest to go alongside the lake. There's some benign wildlife that doesn't seem to care that we exist.

Okay it's getting hard to move. I take Rulekeep's hand.

"Argh. Is something happening?"
"Alcohol's happening."
"Oh. That's what that burn was, wasn't it."
"It's difficult to walk. This is recreational? I'm tingling. It's unnerving."
"We can eject if there's an emergency but that's no good. That said, we can't have the players interrupt us too soon!"
"We can just act like important NPCs with valuable information."
No. 742237 ID: d1f5f1
File 147120851940.png - (32.33KB , 800x800 , 249.png )

She leans against a tree to balance herself, but she keeps wobbling against it.

"Heh, you look funny."
"You are funny."
"I didn't make a joke."
"It's okay. Keep my hand in yours. It's helping me balance."
"Why's yours so warm?"
"What? Yours is too."
"Rulekeep I'm going to fall."
"Don't, though."
"There's no helping it this is my fate. I'm going to fall."
"You're not. If you do it's going to be on purpose, now."
"What no. It's not. I'm falling back. It's happening Rulekeeper. Not even hyperwizard powers can stop this fall from taking place. In the future. Now. The present future."
"I believe you can stop this."

A) Fall
B) Don't, though
No. 742241 ID: 3abd97

>We can eject if there's an emergency
You can probably also magic up sober-up pills or something.

>"We can just act like important NPCs with valuable information."
Yes, just be vague and cryptic and they'll assume you must be important.

>A) Fall
>B) Don't, though
A. And end up on top of Rulekeeper. Or have her end up on top of you. Either way.
No. 742243 ID: 90f3c0

A. Fall and pull her down with you, engage in cuddling.
No. 742245 ID: 211d83

Fall and engage cuddling.
No. 742246 ID: d1f5f1
File 147121189956.png - (28.45KB , 800x800 , 250.png )

I fall and I keep holding her hand. She falls on top of me and after a brief wigglefest from her, she gives up and lies on me.

"Hm. This is troublesome."
"Yeah my body is having all kinds of weird reactions. Maybe Pomi don't like having people on their torso."
"Does it feel unpleasant?"
"Nope, Pomi bodies aren't very good at making it clear."
"It just feels nice to me."
"Yeah well I bet Rulekeepers have weird tastes!"
"Maybe. Give me the bottle."
"I thought you had the bottle."
"I didn't. It's fine. I guess we can just summon a thing unless you don't want to?"
"No unless some stupid non-cai battle stuff comes up, I'd rather just stay like this."
"Maybe stages should be about who can relax the most."
"Who the hell would want to make a CAI that can laze about the hardest?"
"I guess not. I never questioned it, but I... oh, nevermind, that's in the irrelevant past."

We lie still in the grass for a while. If anything, this alcohol is helping me just feel everything on me. I ran out of stuff to say. I hope she's not waiting for me to break the silence because then she's way out of luck.

Something just made noise near us.
No. 742248 ID: 398fe1

Say "hellooooo?"

Test freezing time just to make sure it works.
No. 742249 ID: 3abd97

>"Who the hell would want to make a CAI that can laze about the hardest?"
Social scientists?

Or maybe someone who has a CAI controlling something you don't want to be used. So they're just there to laze around and chase out anyone who interrupts them.

>Something just made noise near us.
Crane your head back and look around, but make no move to get up.
No. 742250 ID: 211d83

Get in the most comfortable position possible and continue cuddling with her. See what you can do to encourage the weird but enjoyable body reactions. This sort of stuff is why you came here. Enjoy the moment and ignore noises unless whatever it is comes up and pokes you.

If you do get poked by players (I hope you did not bring in jerks) you can pretend to be a cute couple out having a illicit affair in the jungle. Beg them to not tell your parents and promise them a secret if they get you a bottle of booze. Then give them the start of a epic quest chain that will lead them to something good if they are nice to you.

If its a leopard well maybe firebreath it. Or fight it off manually to impress Rulekeeper.
No. 742252 ID: 3abd97

>If its a leopard well maybe firebreath it. Or fight it off manually to impress Rulekeeper.
Or just call a thunderbolt down out of the clear sky. That should scare most any animal off it gets nosy.
No. 742253 ID: e22b1d

Cuddle harder. Ignore noises. Figure out what is making Rulekeeper feel nice and do more of that.
No. 742265 ID: d1f5f1
File 147121629931.png - (22.45KB , 800x800 , 251.png )

>I hope you did not bring in jerk players
There's thousands of them so there's probably some jerks. Hopefully the warlock team didn't put jerks in their summons.

"Did you hear that, Glitcher?"
"No. I mean yes, but I choose to ignore it." I whisper back. I scoot with Rulekeep to some denser grass.
"Oof. You're pressing hard on me."
"Great I'm getting weird Rulekeep-Pomi tastes cause I really like the feel of you."
"Yes, it's nice, but have some restraint."
"This isn't the time for restraint! It's time for cuddling."
"Something in your skirt is poking me."
"Yes that is me, apparently reproductive things get bigger to feel more at once."
"Glitcher, that... just keep it in your skirt."
"I know what decency is Rulekeep!"
"Honestly, that surprises me."

>Find out what Rulekeep is liking
Her level voice and her level expression makes this so tough without cheating.
No. 742266 ID: d1f5f1
File 147121631320.png - (26.26KB , 800x800 , 252.png )

Goddangit it's a player occupying some summon and it's coming right for us.

A) Fight it off manually regardless of poor body control
B) Become the fire breathing Pomi regardless of drunken aim
C) Thunderbolt regardless of open blue skies
D) Scatter like drunk, frightened Pomi despite how lame this will look
E) Attempt to speak to it like native Pomi despite its own inability for words
No. 742268 ID: 211d83

Despite looking lame if you want to keep up your cover you have to go with D. Only pull out the god powers if you really have to. Although if this island is going to end up a war zone you might want to figure out a way to keep the players from bothering you during relaxing/cuddling time.

That or just huddle there all scared and look at it with huge sad eyes. Do the player teams have a reason to mess with the sim npcs? I mean is it going to try and eat us to gain power or ignore us when it see's we are not players?

Wait I know. Huddle and look scared and if it tries to hurt you then lightning bolt its ass. Maybe follow up with a booming voice from the sky muttering something about not harming innocents. Will teach the players that if they mess with random npc's the gods will smite them. Then you will not have to worry about being bothered later.
No. 742272 ID: 398fe1

B will at least scare it off even if you miss, and will make it clear that you're not to be messed with.
No. 742275 ID: 486e87

I suggest only bringing out the cheats if you're in actual danger, otherwise they might assume you're someone special in the sim and then they'll keep trying to disturb your date time.
No. 742279 ID: 3abd97

>"Glitcher, that... just keep [your reproductive thing] in your skirt."
Yeah, it would be just terrible if you reproduced, can you imagine little Glitchers and Rulekeepers running around and getting into trouble. And then when you have to explain to them they're not really Pomi but freaky digital demigods and no stop that don't break everything!

>what do
Summon the bottle next to you, on the side it can't see because your bodies are in the way.

Huddle up and look scared / confused. Maybe he'll move on. If it gets close, offer it the bottle to try and placate it.

If it stays aggressive run away like silly ninnies. Make a game of it. (Maybe cheat to get away, but nothing obvious). And that contestant probably is gonna be hostile, if he chose a big scary form like that for himself.

>warlock team
Oh, if Warlock is team 2, who's team 1? Sevener again?
No. 742280 ID: db0da2

Don't fire breath it, you might burn down the forest or it might be flame retardant or it might catch on fire and grab someone's attention and blow your cover. Taze it to death with bioelectricity instead, hopefully that will kill it quickly with little fuss and not blow your cover.
No. 742284 ID: db0da2

>And then when you have to explain to them they're not really Pomi but freaky digital demigods and no stop that don't break everything!
Would they be though? I think they'd just be the biological offspring of the Pomi bodies, and not otherwise special in any way. Though it would be interesting to see how the sim handled that, what would their personalities be like? Would their mental features be based off of Glitcher and Rulekeep's somehow or would they come from the genes of their Pomi bodies? And if the latter, does that imply that CAI battle bodies have biological brains running independently of the contestants? That doesn't make sense either though, we know how CAI battle people think and they do it using strings, not brains, which begs the question: how precisely is this simulated? Is it down to the atoms or just an approximation? I'm guessing the latter considering there's magic in this one, but what about the more realistic sims, wouldn't the simulated physicists notice that something was off?
This requires further study.
No. 742297 ID: d1f5f1
File 147121951283.png - (30.85KB , 800x800 , 253.png )

>Do the player teams have a reason to mess with the sim npcs?
The town's got a lot of resources, weapons and so on. They don't have reason to mess with two random, half naked Pomis in the grass.

>Yeah, it would be just terrible if you reproduced, can you imagine little Glitchers and Rulekeepers running around and getting into trouble.
Yeah and then I get to tell them the story about how I killed their uncle.

>Glitcher/Rulekeep reproduction in Pomi bodies requires further study.
It really doesn't!

>If you bring out the cheatrs, they'll assume you're special and keep bugging you
Oh dang yeah. It's time to get out of here!

>Oh, if Warlock is team 2, who's team 1? Sevener again?
Oh I thought warlock I meant summoner. I meant either summoner teams. I meant I hope no summoners put jerks in their summons.

But it is Alison versus Sevener here. Contestant vs Admin. Basically the classic.


Shit it's chasing us!

And I am really slow and awkward! It's lumbering slow and... well, just slow.
"Come on, ...."

I guess we should rename ourselves.
No. 742303 ID: 398fe1

How about (Gl)Itcher and Jessica?
No. 742309 ID: 3abd97

>I guess we should rename ourselves.
Ru...oo. Roo! Ru. Rue. However you want to spell it, the first syllable of her name works as a nickname.

(Unless all the Pomi around her have a naming tradition of some kind that would give you away).. Like, "X the Y", or "X, son of Y the Z"

As for Glitcher... uh. Glit. Git? Ged. Ged! There you go, there's a name for a secret wizard.

Although if you name her, Rulekeep probably should get to name you.

Are we getting caught then?

>cheating options (subtle)
You could create a concealed pitfall trap up ahead. It could be something your Pomi characters would know about, but the summon doesn't.
No. 742310 ID: 211d83

Wait if you are not going to have some fun trying out Pomi reproduction why all the cuddling? Its sort of the end goal of this sort of thing. Giving into your new bodily urges is the best way to learn stuff.

So what would be some good Pomi names so you two do not look out of place? Do they have any sort of naming conventions?

Maybe something wise sounding? Like Melchior for you and Clio for Rulekeeper. Good historical names.

Also I know we don't want to play god much but maybe after escaping use some powers to make a little private home somewhere out of the way. Will not be much of a vacation if you are having to constantly run from big monsters.
No. 742315 ID: c259a7

Rulekeeper shall be Her Most Beautiful Majesty, Queen-Goddess Amaraba, the Lawgiver, divine ruler of all the gods, whom all things live only to please. And you shall be her lover, Hakkor, who bears no title, for he is the god of chaos, of the unformed and the deformed, bound by naught save his adoration for Her Ultimate Highness. By their love is the balance kept that keeps the primal forces of creation and destruction in check, it's true, totally true you can talk to the NPCs and check the books but don't do it right now wait five minutes and then do it.

Seriously, it's probably a good idea to let this sim run the way it's supposed to so that we find out what's broken about it, BUT Rulekeeper was basically made to be a servant and I think it'd be a super neat date idea for her to get a taste of being worshiped and obeyed. I'm pretty sure I heard some idiom about treating girlfriends like they're a goddess some time, it might be a good date idea.
No. 742316 ID: 211d83


I change my vote to this.
No. 742319 ID: 398fe1

Don't forget you can totally just freeze time to talk about naming and stuff.
No. 742324 ID: d1f5f1
File 147122322220.png - (28.66KB , 800x800 , 254.png )

>Wait if you are not going to have some fun trying out Pomi reproduction why all the cuddling? Its sort of the end goal of this sort of thing.
Then what the heck has Alison been doing all this time?

>I'm pretty sure I heard some idiom about treating girlfriends like they're a goddess some time, it might be a good date idea.
From my experience as the god of space, I'm pretty sure I don't want to treat Rulekeeper like a weird inconvenience in the world.

"This way, Her Most Beautiful Majest, Queen-Goddess Amaraba, the Lawgiver, divine ruler of all the gods, whom all things live only to please![/small]"
"Glitcher what?"
"I, Hakkor, who bears no title for I am the god of chaos, of the unformed and the deformed, bound by naught save for my adoration for Her Ultimate Highness. I don't want to mess with the sims but we can be the fake-god newcomers it'll be great."
"Okay but was that supposed to be a sentence?"
"You just said 'I,' and then went into who you were."
"Oh right.
- will lead you to safety!"

>But maybe after escaping use some powers to make a little private home somewhere out of the way
A little home would be cool. I'll make one on the small island to the southeast.

I guess subtle god-powers will be okay as long as they help me get the hang of real-body stuff and are subtle. I messed up any idea of us not being important NPCs though I guess, but that's okay.

>Don't forget you can totally just freeze time to talk about naming and stuff.
That would really undermine the whole running-for-our-lives thing even if it's just pretend.

I make a pitfall trap up ahead to lead the monster right into it.

I then make another pitfall right behind us as I then trip and fall and carry Amaraba with me before I actually make it past the first pitfall. The monster falls in a plain hole that it can probably get out of after some time of climbing.
No. 742328 ID: 3abd97

Well, I guess you can't be drunk college kids in the forest if you're going to be demigods.

You need a beach villa or something to hang out in.
No. 742336 ID: bb78f2

>Then what the heck has Alison been doing all this time?
Alison hasn't been cuddling, she's been hugging! Also, she isn't dating anybody, and hasn't ever had reproductive organs. You're telling me that before this is over and you go back to your weird not-body and that she goes back to stage managing, you're NOT going to experience everything new you can try? What a waste. I mean, save it for last, because that's how it goes, but don't be afraid to try everything!

>As for the jerk following you that just fell in a hole
Alright, now maybe make a snare trap at an optimal moment and place, that should get him long enough for you to make a better escape and lose him completely. Maybe just fly away since you're demi-gods now. Pomi are like birds, so Pomi gods should definitely be able to fly!
No. 742338 ID: c259a7

What you do is, see, find/make some out of the way super nice place, a little hidden valley or really secluded beach spot, with a secret hard to find route in. And you become an easter egg in the sim, or like the hidden infinity-plus-one sword that's really powerful but you need to bust your butt to get. It'll be like a little divine holiday spot with a temple/villa, really nice and fancy, where you two gods are hanging out just enjoying the mortal world a little and being unconcerned with the affairs of lesser beings.

I assume sims like these don't generate all their NPCs unless they need to, so you could summon up some spare ones to be servants/worshippers, or if that doesn't work cook up some sort of fancy tiki golem butler things? And you adjust your bodies a little to look godly, dress yourselves up all nice (Rulekeeper especially, in all jewels and regal but still sun/beach-appropriate tribaly things), and you kick back and relax with like, a magic viewing pool where you'll watch all the contestants at work. And if any of the contestants do find you you can make a game out of them persuading you to help them.

What is the exact specification of the win/loss condition for this sim, by the way?

And yes Alison was trying to reproduce. Her feelings. No I'm kidding, there are lots of reasons to cuddle someone, only a few of them are to do with biological reproduction.
No. 742340 ID: 398fe1

>isn't dating anybody
She went on dates with Iso and Arbiter, and kissed Arbiter.
No. 742343 ID: 3abd97

Plus there was at more than one date-like outing with Polatt.

>Then what the heck has Alison been doing all this time?
...working towards a harem ending?
No. 742344 ID: 211d83

Alison is very affectionate and loves hugging people. Anyone and everyone. Plus she has the beginnings of a love triangle/far larger rhomboid. If everyone eventually does escape she will have a bunch of guys close to her fighting for her attentions.

But you and Rulekeeper are in a pretty monogamous relationship. How far you want to take things is up to you but you have already been as close as people can get. At this point you have spent quite awhile almost half melded into each other. Why not try out the physical side of things while you have the chance? You won't know until you try.

As for the sim we came here to relax and to have fun while finding out why the Pomi sim is broke. We can't do that if you are running and hiding from random summons all the time.

So go build a nice secret house on the lone island. Play god and hand out tips and help for the contestants and keep them from damaging the natives way of life to much. Watch the battle unfold and find out where it gets stuck. Then meddle to your hearts content.
No. 742346 ID: d1f5f1
File 147122603625.png - (23.38KB , 800x800 , 255.png )

>Maybe just fly away since you're demi-gods now.
Fake demi-gods!

>Make a hard-to-find place
Yeah that's definitely south-east island material.

>And you adjust your bodies a little to look godly, dress yourselves up all nice
How come being fake gods instantly became tougher than being real gods.

>What is the exact specification of the win/loss condition for this sim, by the way?
Killing the other summoner.

>Why not try out the physical side of things while you have the chance?
I guess I will. But later!

>I guess you can't be drunk college kids in the forest if you're going to be demigods.
Yeah that makes sense. Well hold on let me actually look up Pomi god mythology since these CAI fights kind of have some data on things like that.


Oh what do you know Pomi gods were all about being wildly irresponsible and frankly if we're to actually be the real deal we'll have to do way more debaucherous things than get drunk in the woods.

I summon up a boat on the coast, which we'll take to go back to the other island. I let Rulekeeper know I made the place.

Rulekeep and I run over to it to lose the trail of the monster, but one of the patrolling Pomi found the ship and is staying between us and it. I am incredibly drunk now and I do not want to talk to this guy right now. He is the inconvenient, now.

>"Stop. You two. Where did you come from?"
No. 742349 ID: 3abd97

You know, if you're going to be gods, you should definitely cheat up a handover cure when that happens.

>Killing the other summoner.
Are they gonna get stuck because there's 4 players and not 2? Don't you and Rulekeep count as summoners? (Even if you have no one to summon but yourself?). Does the winner need to be the last one standing?

>Pomi gods were all about being wildly irresponsible
Okay you picked the perfect job for yourself, then.

>>"Stop. You two. Where did you come from?"
The obvious answer is to be a silly drunk.

Point back the way you came. "That way!"

When he presses for more information, before that, you came from your boat! Right there. Can you get back to your boat now, you're in the way?

Throw an arm over Rulekeep's shoulder and sway together. Try not to giggle too much.

...should we be thinking of wildly irresponsible god things to do to this guy if he doesn't get out of our way? (Teleport him home naked, turn him into a girl and walk away while he's confused, shrink him, distract him by giving him a weird magic item...?).
No. 742350 ID: 211d83

Well its a long story.

Basically I got into a fight to the death with my brother after he saw me boasting that I was the most powerful god in the sky. While he knew it to be true his heart was full of anger. He tried to trick me by wearing the form of the great deceiver and luring me into a trap.

I was going to be lenient with him but then he attacked my wife/consort/mate and I regretfully had to destroy him. My heart heavy with grief we decided to come to earth and take a vacation. We we were enjoying a walk in the woods while drinking when some silly summoned beast interrupted our fun

So after trapping it in a pit I have summoned a boat and am going to go build a castle on the southern Isle so as to have a place to stay while we rest in the mortal lands.
No. 742351 ID: 398fe1

Make him sink into the sand. Up to his neck. Should give you enough time to get to the boat.
No. 742352 ID: db0da2

"The woods! We were just leaving" Refuse to elaborate.

>I guess you can't be drunk college kids in the forest if you're going to be demigods.
Gods oftentimes take mortal form, so I think that's still alright. But then they'd be pretending to be gods pretending to be mortals while actually they're gods pretending to be fake gods pretending to be mortals. Which is genius and something that should definitely maybe happen.

>Alison hasn't been cuddling, she's been hugging
She did used to cuddle Iso a lot, but they stopped short of getting body mods. I think she's waiting until after she's Saved Everyone™ to resolve the clusterfuck that is her romantic relationships. Glitcher's love life however is far simpler, as he seems to be going steady with Rulekeep, so there's no reason for them not to "experiment".
No. 742356 ID: 3abd97

>I think she's waiting until after she's Saved Everyone™ to resolve the clusterfuck that is her romantic relationships.
I'm not sure Alison plans to resolve anything. If there's one character who would seem naturally inclined toward polyamory, it'd be her. I get the feeling she'd have trouble with the concept she should constrain her affections, and would much rather love everyone she wants to love. The problem's with what the other people involved want.
No. 742357 ID: d1f5f1
File 147122880062.png - (20.97KB , 800x800 , 256.png )

>Are they gonna get stuck because there's 4 players and not 2? Don't you and Rulekeep count as summoners?
Nah winner is now just first person to kill another summoner. And they aren't gonna kill me or Rulekeep.

The game can last for weeks though because it's incredibly easy for a summoner to just hole up in a hard to find place and lay low. So some of the best items are the ones that point you at least in a vague direction to the enemy.

"We came from that way." I say, pointing behind us.
>"Are you from below?"
"Nah we didn't climb anywhere."
>"Then you are not of the island. Is this your boat."
"Yep. We swam. Rowed. Same thing! And only after I fought to the death with my own brother after he saw me boasting that I was the great god in the sky."
>"You boasted of committing sacrelige? Perhaps he should have succeeded."
"What the hell do you know who I am you -"
"Hakkor. That's enough. We did come from across the sea, warrior, and the sky. We have taken mortal form, but we are not of your pantheon."

He gawks at us, then bursts out laughing.

>"Hahaha! You two are drunk and foolish, and I just now smell our town's drink on your breathe. Very well, continue on, and row safely."
"I could destroy youuuu!"
>"Yes, yes, but please do not try, o' immortal friend. We are cordial, and we wish for nothing in life but reason to continue to be so, so reclaim your boat, and I will tell the rest of the patrol that it is yours."
No. 742358 ID: d1f5f1
File 147122889040.png - (12.06KB , 800x800 , 257.png )

We start rowing. After about half an hour, I found out that rowing is really hard work. Especially since that alcohol is really settling in and all my concentration is basically on not falling out of the boat.

"You are rowing to the side of the island, Hokkor."
"Hakkor. How'd you get it wrong after getting it right sheesh? And how can you tell? Nothing's visible!"
"From the direction of the sun."
"Well feel free to help row!"
"No thank you. I enjoy watching you row. I'm fond of this sight, in fact. Hm. Should we have warned that warrior about the impending onslaught of horrible creatures?"
"Nahhhh. We'd probably be the shot messengers. Bring in bad news, bad news happened, we get blamed. That and I forgot. Or wait no I was going to but you interrupted me!"
"Yes, but we were already the outsiders seen, and soon they will see the creatures and associate us with them, if that's how it is to be."
"Oh yeah I guess we could've handled that situation by thinking about it a little bit."
"Mmmhmm. I could tell that you were struggling to keep yourself upright, let alone think. I struggled to even register we were talking to another Pomi. Either way, I've grown fond of your impulsiveness, contrary to sense."
"Sure but maybe if we want to be fake but believeable gods we should adjust our bodies to match or something."
"Perhaps. But I will follow your lead. Of course, I would like to see this house you've built."
"Rowing's tough! Now I understand what pain is, and it is my arms rowing."
"I can wait, then."

So we wait, and Rulekeep stares at the horizon for entire minutes.

".... say, what happens if we kept rowing?"
"Then we'd get screwed at the first storm."
"I'm serious! Is there anything out there? From the CAI fight? This CAI battle place is odd to me, Glitcher. At least space was just inbetween the cycles I feel at home in, but this feels like another dimension. What happens if we kept rowing, just far away from here, assuming no storms and assuming you didn't give yourself a body that could tire out so easily?"
"Probably nothing. Probably just goes into an infinite loop or something and... it would just look like this."
"How boring. That's not the answer I wanted to hear."
"Yeah it's not the answer I wanted to say ya... girl!"
"Well? What is the answer you want to give? I'm not asking you to row us there. Don't teleport us, either! I just want to wonder. That's all."
No. 742361 ID: 5a893f

A new world of pleasure and drink. Lacking in assholes and stress, only games for gaming's sake. Animals to look at and document if we want, same with plants. Weird ass cultures to know. Then some awful God shows up and we kick its ass.
No. 742362 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you want to get her out into the real world, then. She can see what's beyond the seas in a real place, with you by her side.

>this feels like another dimension
Wait, is it? Have you inspected the strings here closely?
No. 742364 ID: 211d83

I am so happy I met you Rulekeeper. You are the best thing that has happened to me in forever.

Rulekeeper has a different connection to the stages than you do. If she has a odd feeling about this place then it really is somewhere else. Maybe the Cai stages take place in a special area once they start?

If you want we can try and find out? Why not magic up a outboard or something similar like a whale to pull your boat. Then make a spyglass for Rulekeeper and see if you can find the end of the world? Would be fun if it was a giant waterfall going on forever or something.

After that we can head to the island. Although it might be fun to just drift for a bit and enjoy each others company.
No. 742365 ID: 3abd97

>Yes, yes, but please do not try, o' immortal friend.
You know, the guard not believing you is a good thing. It'll start an amusing story-rumor amoung the npc village who won't buy it, but the players who hear it will assume there's something to it.

>Should we have warned that warrior about the impending onslaught of horrible creatures?
Hey, some of the creatures aren't so horrible looking, especially on Alison's side!

>"Then we'd get screwed at the first storm."
Are there even storms queued up, here?

>What is the answer you want to give?
For there to be a whole world out there. For there not to be limits. That we could keep going, and always have a new horizon to explore, always have something to surprise us, forever.

Dunno, maybe it'll be that way if we ever reach the real world. Maybe there's more stuff hidden here, different islands like the planets and blackmaps in the Belenos sim.

>not rowing
Summon a turtle or dolphin or aquatic animal there is on the Pomi-planet to push your boat along?
No. 742369 ID: e22b1d

I would love if it were the real ocean out there. Out in the real world so us and all our friends could go wherever we wanted to. No more fighting over silly stuff or worrying about this contest. Where we could have actual goals and real problems to solve.

Maybe if we fix the cycles and find out whats up outside we might have a chance to do that. Heck maybe there are real jetal bodies that we could get one day out there.

Honestly as long as I am with you I feel like we have a chance. Lets work together and try to make our dreams come true. And have a lot of fun along the way.
No. 742371 ID: db0da2

>Now I understand what pain is, and it is my arms rowing
Keep doing it anyway then, it won't make you physically stronger, but it'll make you mentally stronger, which is the only strength that matters here.

>What is the answer you want to give?
I'm gonna row to a direct exit to the whole system, which bypasses the CAI fight and automatically brings through every contestant from every cycle and kills the salikai and gives us all bodies and the ability to run whatever kind of sims we want in here with perfect and instantaneous control. That or an island with a nice view and more booze.
No. 742375 ID: d1f5f1
File 147123230247.png - (17.32KB , 800x800 , 258.png )

>Hey, some of the creatures aren't so horrible looking, especially on Alison's side!
Well the villagers aren't going to see the contestants, they're going to see the pre-generated creatures that the summoners can summon.

>Are there even storms queued up, here?
Yeah. There's a random factor involved, and a few scripted triggers for them.

>Wait, is it [another dimension]? Have you inspected the strings here closely?
It's more like a sub dimension. I think. It's definitely inside of the cycle itself, but it did have its oddities. I got a lingering wonder about it ever since the Corruptor was able to get inside when I wasn't, but then I forgot what with that whole fucking-eternity-of-training thing that happened. Now it's back again with Rulekeep's weird feels.

"A new world. Like the belenos sim's black zones and other towns and other useless bullshit, out there is a wide world of Pomi based pelasure and drink. From the great planetary purge of who knows how long ago, the only thing it lacks are huge assholes and stress of all kinds, and the only games and stages and stuff are for their own sake, where the only stakes are wonderful prizes for the winners and no penalties for the losers. Weirdass cultures that I won't bother learning because there's too many of them and I don't care, same with all the animals and plants and so forth. An awful god is probably over there but that's okay because we'll kick his ass."
"Why's everything so great if there's an awful god?"
"Cause he knows we're gonna kick his ass sooner if he does his awful godstuff. Or we can go in the other direction to another place. There's a lot of space for ten of my lifetimes. Maybe the real world is over there and what I say is actually true! We'll go through a tube that'll bypass the real CAI fight and brings every contestant from every cycle and takes over whatever computer is running this thing. Then we can see the real ocean. And we can travel through the real space."
"I'd like that."
"You really want to get out of here now, huh?"
"I've already escaped the concept that I'm just a directive."

"You know, Alison kept me sane and all that during that foreverathon, but I'd probably thank her best for getting us to be less dumbasses about seeing each other."
"That's sweet, I think."
"It is sweet! I'd be just another live and die glitcher if you didn't complement all my shortcomings I didn't even dare exist could be filled."

"Uh sorry I didn't mean to overload the sugartalk."
"It's okay. I'm just in no good spot to articulate anything back. I began to live as I failed to be resigned to just being a rulekeeper, but it just would have been living fearing the inevitable death at the end of stage 8 if you didn't step in. It's odd, but even if you had to fight every corruptor, glitcher and the savior, I'd still feel safer by you than anywhere else."
"Well, stick with me, and I'll give you a lot to live for!"
"You already have. You don't need to do anything more for me. I'm happy."

Well there's not a thing I can say to that so I just flail around in the boat for another 15 minutes until that moment finally goes away.

"Should I get a dolphin or something as a steed of the gods?"
"Not unless you really don't want to row. But like I said. I liked watching you."
"Great now I have someone breathing down my neck while I work."
"You say it like you don't really mind."
"Oh I'll be the best damn rower you've ever seen!"
"You already are, and the worst."
No. 742376 ID: d1f5f1
File 147123236125.png - (22.33KB , 800x800 , 259.png )

I row in a cavern on the south side of the island. The contestants will get to this island eventually, since there's a lot of mana crystals or whatever on the island.

There's a snakey path up to the house though, and it's not too likely they'll find the house itself.
No. 742377 ID: d1f5f1
File 147123243677.png - (25.74KB , 800x800 , 260.png )

The house sort of fits with the region's pomi houses, which means a hole in the ground or a bunch of straw stacked up to make a house-like structure. In this case it's a cavern with mats on the ground and pots and whatever. There's burrowed holes in the rocks to make windows and a small natural tube where water streams through nearby.

We're still a bit tipsy but I'm probably in better control of my body than when I started.

"Let's settle our story. We don't have to be fake gods, but we don't need to be all powerful, either. We could just be strong wizards that defends the town from harm, because it is true, they were very nice to me. Wizards that think they're gods? If we are to be gods, or even just wizards or, uh, magic casters or whatever the term would be.... should we change our bodies and clothing to match? Questions like that."
No. 742378 ID: 211d83

Most early civilizations gods were not all powerful. They lived forever and had great powers yes but were oh so very mortal in there desires and actions.

So why not be some gods. Or at least powerful wizards pretending to be. You felt the disturbance of the summoners and while you will let them play there game you are here to make sure your people do not get bullied.

You can tell the town that you are pleased with them. You came as strangers and they treated you nicely. So you will return there kindness. Throw a party for the town and provide some godly food and drink. Maybe set up a grand feast hall just out of town when no one is looking so you do not have to show off your powers.

As for your bodies let Rulekeeper decide what she wants you to look like. Maybe a bit more impressive but you could also stay as you are. Its not like you need to be huge and glowing. Maybe just get some really fancy Pomi clothing.
No. 742379 ID: 3abd97

>Well the villagers aren't going to see the contestants, they're going to see the pre-generated creatures that the summoners can summon.
Well that's no fun!

>Let's settle our story.
Protecting the village is cool. They probably need some kind of defense to keep the monsters from storming through, and it gives cover if you need to protect yourself too.

>gods or wizards who think they are gods
I would leave that vague. Leave the players wondering just how strong you are; if you're deluding yourselves, or holding back.

>but we don't need to be all powerful, either
You probably want to make up... powers. Or power sets. Limit yourselves to a specific school or theme, or a few specific tricks / spells. Magic people or even gods would have some kind of limit, smaller than time and space. You guys are too big for these islands. There should be some kind of logic to it- she does one kind of thing, you do another.

>change appearance
I like the simple look, maybe slightly nicer clothes, or some jewellery? (Necklace, arm/leg bangles, tail-band?). If you wanted to get elaborate you could go with fancy piercings or scale tats like in that jukashi art, but that would be a big change from what they saw already.

I also like the idea of a really simple hut, but with a few expensive / special extravagances thrown in. Mix the mundane and the fantastic. We're going for the air of higher powers who are either humble but inconsistent, or slumming it up / camping for the fun of it.
No. 742380 ID: 398fe1

Well if you're wizards defending the town I feel like you might be doing a bad job of it. Also wouldn't that side-track the game? I think we need to decide for sure if we're going to be hands-off or not.

Though I guess even wizards defending the town might take a little while to react to it being under attack...

Hmm. Maybe we can sortof do both. I think you should just put on some weird clothes and protect the village whenever you're there visiting, but don't hang out there all the time. That'll give the players a chance to do whatever they need to do in town.
No. 742412 ID: db0da2

>There's a snakey path up to the house though, and it's not too likely they'll find the house itself.
I wouldn't be too sure about that Glitcher, contestants are notoriously thorough.

Which is why you should be the god of illusions! So that you can keep this place hidden from those jerks. And then Rulekeep can be your foil as the goddess of uhh... the truth. Yeah.
No. 742420 ID: 5a11bd

How to look like a god, in four easy steps:

First: Height! Organic beings start of small and get larger as they reach maturity. So, every organic intelligence has some memories of being tiny, and of having their lives controlled by larger versions of themselves, who have powers and knowledge they don't! Even once they're grown themselves, they keep a sort of instinctive sense that height equals power and authority. So, don't turn yourselves into huge giants, but make yourselves both taller than normal pomis. Mortals should be looking up at the gods!

Second: Physique! You want to both be well-proportioned, and to have nice equally balanced muscles all over. In your case, Glitcher, as the guy, you'll probably want to have some more emphasis of muscles around the torso, across your chest and back, your butt and your shoulders and arms. Maybe make your hands a little bigger than average. But don't neglect anything else! And while you should both clearly have some muscles, don't overemphasize them. In fact, you could probably both do with being a little chubby! Primitive societies associate being well-fed with wealth and power. Rulekeep probably a little more than you because in those groups often guys are more expandable than girls and are more likely to get sent out to do dangerous physical things. She may want to emphasize her chest, have a nice curve to her shoulders and long legs, and bump up her butt and hips a little, though they look pretty good already (Not sure why pomi femininity would be associated with wide hips, given that they lay small eggs. Both sexes would probably start off with somewhat big hips to anchor the tail better, and the butt would probably still be a sexual attraction target thing, so maybe it would have been emphasized by evolution just for that, like baboons only size instead of color). You want to both look strong and like you're nowhere near starving. Nice smooth shapes, no sagging or wrinkling. It would probably be a good idea to get feedback from each other! Your body will probably have come preloaded with a sense of what it's attracted to and Rulekeeper's what it's attracted to, so try out a few variations within the tall-strong-cushioned range and talk to each other about what seems to get a good reaction.

Third: Style! Theme! Gods are generally gods of something. So, you're the Chaos god and Rulekeeper is the Law god. You should look a little roguish, a little more wild and worn, maybe with rougher scales (so long as they still feel good to touch - get Rulekeeper to try it out), and maybe give yourself some cool scars. Give them a darker color, and maybe include some variation? Do pomi ever get patterns or patching on their scales? Well, if not, you're a god so maybe do that anyway. Keep your weird frill style but make it a bit longer. You'll dress in natural stuff, leathers and feathers and bones and shells and leaves, and give yourself whatever the pomi equivalent of tattoos are. As for Rulekeeper, being the Law goddess, she should be nicely smooth-scaled, and one color but something bright and warm, with a nice sheen so that she looks radiant. As opposed to you, she'll wear refined, manufactured things: woven cloth for her skirt and top, dyed and embroidered, and a bunch of jewellery made of refined precious metals and cut and polished gemstones, necklaces and bracelets and anklets and belly chain and frill piercings and things. Speaking of, her frills could probably do with being unusual as well, but in a nice lovely regal way, like a sort of headdress effect. In both cases you should both dress pretty skimpy. Gods have no need of protection, and nothing to be ashamed of!

Fourth: Tools. Gods and heroes in mythology always have weird magical items, usually otherwise normal things with cool powers, like a pot that always has more food in it, or a sandal that can move you ten thousand steps for every one you'd normally take, or a mirror that shows you other places. Mess around and see what you can come up with, and see if you can keep to the theme and the idea of you two being paired together. Like, for example, you could have a knife of obsidian that can cut anything, while Rulekeeper has a bottle of ointment or something that can heal or repair anything. And see if you can mess around with the sim settings to get yourselves your own servants, like some sorts of basic summons that don't need players inhabiting them? Tiki golems, or intelligent obedient animals, or magic monster teeth that grow into animate skeletons when you toss them on the ground.

Follow these instructions, and you can have the mortals worshipping you in no time!
No. 742424 ID: 5a11bd

Also make sure Rulekeeper gets a crown.

And maybe drink some water! Your bodies just had a bunch of alcohol and if the effect carries over then you might end up experiencing what's called a "hangover". Drinking fresh water can help alleviate it.
No. 742444 ID: c441c1

Lots of good thought and care went into this and it gets my vote for that.
No. 742448 ID: 91ee5f

No. 742513 ID: d1f5f1
File 147130970840.png - (22.32KB , 800x800 , 261.png )

We hang around our crappy new home for a bit and Rulekeeper helps me make it be less minimalist. We throw a few fantastical items about. A gold idol statue between some overgrowth of moss, a bow of rare feathers under the bare rock, things like that.

We also summon up a few NPCs. It's pretty easy since little minions are already available to summoners, so I just need to tweak them so that they're actual pomi. With minds that seem real and everything, though they really are hollow inside. Oh and some golems and stuff to guard the house just since those damn contestants can sure be thorough, so if they're gonna ransack the house they'd better bring some good mobs.

>Wouldn't defending the town sidetrack the game?
Nah. There's nothing really saying the summoners have to do one thing or another regarding the town, so as long as I don't drive them off the whole island or something it's fine.

After we're ready, we go back to town on a better boat while drinking some regular water. Then I replace the water with more of that fruity stuff minus the burny part.

"Our servants certainly can row well."
"Yeah well there's like 20 of them rowing! And they're not drunk!"

Once we hit short, our team toots on a horn and it sure is loud.

>"Make wayyyyy for Her Most Beautiful Majesty, Queen-Goddess Amaraba, and her lover, Hakkor, who bears no title, for he is the essence of chaos, of the unformed and the deformed!"

I guess that's gonna be our theme now. Order and chaos and, uh... I guess she's life, too? Yeah why not I can be death.
No. 742514 ID: d1f5f1
File 147130971885.png - (32.75KB , 800x800 , 262.png )

The townsfolk come down to see what all this is about.

"It is I, Hakkor, and today you all have pleased me, for you have pleased my one and only Queen Amaraba with your town's generosity, even as she assumed a formidably humble form! And so it is to be that such a town is to be rewarded with the riches and splendor of bounties worthy of royal courts from afar! Show me to your feasting hall and I shall fill it to capacity!"
No. 742515 ID: d1f5f1
File 147130975205.png - (35.68KB , 800x800 , 263.png )

After they stop being overcome with awe (and confusion I guess), we're lead up the cliffside, and the town's leader comes up to us.

>"Welcome, welcome! Forgive our mess, we were not expecting company, let alone company of such caliber! For what reason have you come here?"
"We, the powerful wizards of far off seas, have sense the oncoming war between two powerful, yet inferior, summoners! Their petty rivalry of scales and trials have guided them onto this island, where there will soon be beasts of teeth, claws, needles and tentacles!"

I let them murmer. It's evening, and they've already seen a few of the summoner's scouts, so they know I'm not making shit up.

"But fear not, for as I have explained, it is by your generosity that you have found your guardians! We shall watch from the skies and from the ground, and the summoner that harms any villager from this point onward shall suffer the wrath of order and chaos combined! As proof of my goodwill, I shall now lay forth the Blanket of Food upon this... table!"

The double layered blanket rolls out, then I whip off the upper layer to reveal food all over the lower layer. There are gasps, but no one immediately dives on it.

"Hm? A village of hesitancy? The first one to bite from the table shall have, for one night, the, uhhhh Golden Goblet of Never-Ending-Flowing-...Waterfall of Wine!"
No. 742517 ID: d1f5f1
File 147130979402.png - (30.03KB , 800x800 , 264.png )

One bold villager takes a bite, then starts munching. Then it basically turns into a clusterfuck of debauchery and festivities from there. Rulekeep hasn't said a word, but she seems pretty chill about having people fawn over her and fetch her food and such. Her silence makes her seem more mysterious or something probably.

It's all well and good for at least 5 minutes before a screeching woman comes in.

>"FOoOOools! Miscreants and gullible children you are!" she shrieks. I should replace the horn with her voice. "Do you not see that these must be the very summoners that have landed on our island?! It was by our prophet that warned us of our danger first, not these so-called divine wizards from afar! It was by our calloused hands that we escaped from the old god's throttling fingers that we found peace and sanctuary - or has the younger generation forgotten the plagues and the droughts so easily?! No, we do not welcome the gods or their kin here! It is by our warriors that our towns are defended! And it is I, the village's own Summoner, who shall protect from the divinity that our warrior's spears cannot touch!"

She swings up her finger and shakes it violently at us.

>"They mean to deceive us, as warmongers who would treat us as their friends!"
"Lady Golo, I remind you that not all of the pantheons have forsaken their followers! Allow them to speak to defend themselves."

Gotta note though that she's not totally wrong about us.
No. 742524 ID: c441c1

move her hand so that it points at her face.
No. 742527 ID: 211d83

My good lady we did not come here to seek your worship. Or to force your people to do anything for us. We were on vacation and you made our day better by thoughtfully giving my queen a gift with no strings attached. So here we are.

Now if you would like to test us then feel free. While I am a god of chaos my beautiful queen would be angry with me if I was impolite to our hosts. So how may we prove ourselves to you.
No. 742528 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you're just here to have a little fun, you're not looking for a long-term arrangement for worship. Tell her you'll be gone in two weeks (or however long the cai fight is expected to last, times two). In the meantime they can do some minor service in exchange for whatever boons they desire! Doesn't have to be defending the town if they'd rather rely on their own power, but if things get bad...
No. 742536 ID: 3abd97

>Gotta note though that she's not totally wrong about us.
Hey, you're totally not, uh, warmongering. You're just fooling around!

Let's play to some classical culture tropes, here. Hospitality traditions were usually pretty serious.

"We have offered you our hospitality, and though you are free to refuse it, we will honor that. To harm a guest, or to allow a guest to come to harm, would bring us great shame."

"Beyond that, if you do not wish aid in your own defense, we will not steal the glory from yourself or your warrior. We are on a pleasure voyage, and intend no long term claim upon you."

>Rulekeep hasn't said a word, but she seems pretty chill about having people fawn over her and fetch her food and such. Her silence makes her seem more mysterious or something probably.
Well so long as she's enjoying herself. That does mean when she does speak, people are gonna take her words a lot more seriously.
No. 742541 ID: d1f5f1
File 147131751756.png - (27.03KB , 800x800 , 265.png )

"Defend ourselves? All we offer is hospitality, but if your warriors are mighty, and your magic is powerful, then we would not steal your glory if you would prefer us to not fight!"
>"Then perhaps you came for no reason."
"Above all else," says Amaraba, "We are not here for worship, and will not be here for longer than a month. But if our company is unwelcome, then we will leave immediately."
>"No, no!" says the guy who I guess is mostly the boss. "Stay as you like. We may not have much to offer, but you have already given us so much tonight."
>"They've given us tasty, sweet, unresistable poison!" says Golo.
>"Golo! If you have something to settle, then say what you need to settle it, then say no more!"
"Yeah, if you got something to say or some test for us, then try us! I'd love to show you a thing or two you old - "
"Hakkor. Please do not be rude. Let her speak."
>"Then prove that your strength is greater than our own! One of you, either is fine, shall face me in a magical duel, and the other of you shall face our greatest warrior in a fighter's duel! If both of you win, then I will not fight your intrusion." says Golo.

Maybe I can get her to point at herself in a duel. Or get her to do a little dance. Or something.
No. 742544 ID: 211d83

Very well. Give your queen the choice of duels.
No. 742548 ID: 3abd97

No. 742549 ID: e22b1d

Stereotypical conventions would have the big burly guy be the warrior but honestly you are still brand new to having a body and Rulekeeper probably has a amazing fighting module built in. So check with her before you pick a role.

That being said she probably would enjoy watching you flail at the village's best warrior.
No. 742556 ID: 398fe1

The best match is Rulekeep for the fight and you for the magic, but... if it's a wrestling match, I'm sure Rulekeep would love to watch you flop around on the ground with whoever the warrior is.

So she should probably pick. It's not like either of you can lose.
No. 742560 ID: d1f5f1
File 147132013305.png - (26.69KB , 800x800 , 266.png )

>Rulekeeper probably has a amazing fighting module built in.
I've basically given her max stats.

"Well then, I will leave it to my Queen to decide!"
"You may fight the physical battle, Hakkor. I will duel Golo."

Stereotypes it is! I get taken down to a little arena.

>"Welcome to our combat room, newcomer!" some big guy, nearly as big as I made myself to be, says. "You can pick any weapon you like. Fake weapons if you want to be safe, but I'm fighting for the honor of our town, so I won't back down if you want this to be a duel with real weapons, whether or not it's to the death. That'd be a waste of life, though, so I recommend we just stick to our training swords and spears."

He says that's the choice but it's really whether or not I completely and utterly demolish him by basically cheating myself into a talented fighter, or just flail around with the loose grasp on bodies that I've got.
No. 742561 ID: 398fe1

Compromise. Tell him you want a minute to warm up. Then freeze time and become familiar with the weapon. You'll look like a goddamn blur, which is great for intimidation. When your opponent gawks at you, go "oh, I guess moving that fast wouldn't be fair. I'll slow down for you."
No. 742565 ID: 398fe1

Also, training weapons. Because it would suck to die accidentally, or overdo it and kill this guy.
No. 742566 ID: 3abd97

>I've basically given her max stats.
Are Rulekeepers own powers even relevant within this seems? Most of the cheating you guys have been doing has been you, I think.

...are the fights at the same time? Do we get to watch how Rulekeep handles hers?

>to the death or not
Didn't I just get done explaining we didn't mean you harm?

>what do
You have to beat him with your own skill, but curse yourself to avoid harm. If you can't avoid getting hit on purpose, you're going to trip, or something will get in his way, etc. You'll be saved by an endless string of coincidences, no matter how silly it makes you look.

You'll either end up looking like a complete idiot or a top tier drunken fist master.

Perfect fighting style for chaos.
No. 742585 ID: 6a6812

I guess Rulekeep probably has access to anything a character can legitimately be granted, in-sim, even if she can't hack her way to victory on her own? But that seems maybe uncertain. The sims seem different from the normal stages, does she have the same power over them?

Grab the training weapons and cheat your way to what looks like a quick, overwhelming victory. Say that you would normally not want to humiliate him so badly, but you want to be done quick so that you can watch your beautiful lady display her majesty.

Then we can watch Rulekeeper's match and if she's having any problems we can give her a sneaky bit of assistance.
No. 742594 ID: 7de580

Bo staves. The fanciest ones they have. If they don't have any that are fancy enough, pull a couple out of your pocket and let him choose which one he wants.

Have a relatively even duel, where you have the upper hand at the beginning, then he starts winning, then you end it so decisively that it becomes clear that you were playing around the whole time. Make it flashy, though. Proclaim that you offer this duel in honor of the glory of Amaraba.
No. 742599 ID: 5a893f

Put up your dukes
No. 742604 ID: c441c1

fight club!
No. 742608 ID: 91ee5f

SHHHHH!!!!! We're not supposed to talk about that! O_o
No. 742614 ID: c441c1

Since we are a god we clearly should not actually take any damage from this guy so just https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OYmZD3Lgzk
Fuck scatter the cops are here!
No. 742673 ID: db0da2

Don't even bother with weapons. No Sell his hits, then go crazy fast and grab his head and slam him into the ground. Plant your foot on his back to claim victory.
No. 742674 ID: d1f5f1
File 147138802209.png - (21.59KB , 800x800 , 267.png )

>Are Rulekeepers own powers even relevant to the CAI fight?
Not even a little! She really can't do anything with the stage itself, but I've told the stage that she's basically a god character, and she can do whatever she wants.

"Didn't I just explain to you guys how we're not planning any harm?"
>"Just making it clear that I'm not afraid of you if you change your mind. Now choose."
"You got any staves?"
>"You, villager! Fetch us two staves. Make sure they are of equal quality!"

I start by trying to fight like I normally would. It really is tough to control the body when it's doing all this combat stuff I've only seen people do in freeroam. If it were a real fight he'd probably be whacking me on the face five times a second. But I do make myself move fast and manage to dodge unnaturally by slowing time down when he would whap me.

He's getting pretty annoyed.

>"What is this fighting style of yours? You are sloppy and untrained, but unhittable!"
"The last part is what matters! I can already tell I would win this duel, which I offer the honor of this duel to the glory of Amaraba!"

I can't really control my body well like I would as the glitcher, but I started to notice the weird biological things like muscle memory and instinct and whatever. So I just give my avatar all that stuff and then I can just kind of go on autopilot? It's a weird thing where I'm in control but not thinking about what I'm doing. It's like the opposite of glitching. It's so easy.
No. 742675 ID: d1f5f1
File 147138805291.png - (16.91KB , 800x800 , 268.png )

Well, easy after I packed the avatar full of skill and intuition anyway.

He leaves himself open and I trip him. He stumbles to catch his balance, but I catch him on the wall.

>"Oof! How - ? Argh, no. No excuses, Somehow, you have won."
"Then if you don't mind, I will now see how my love is doing."
No. 742677 ID: d1f5f1
File 147138811313.png - (25.38KB , 800x800 , 269.png )

I run over, and Golo is summoning things to attack Amaraba with. However, Rulekeep just supercedes who the master is, and so by the time the summon gets over to her, it turns onto Amaraba's side. Golo isn't attacked by the turncoats, but just flipping the side of a summon is a pretty Big Deal, so Golo concedes after 4 summons, 3 de-summons, and 0 attacks are made. Well, 'concedes', although she chokes the words out like she'd rather Amaraba at least try to attack her than go out so lamely.
No. 742679 ID: c441c1

Laugh at the fools who had the thought to challenge Gods.
No. 742680 ID: 211d83

Give them a speech to explain things.

Tell them that because your queen is a god of order and life she would rather not cause even summoned creature pain if she can avoid it. While a bloody fight would be entertaining its against her nature.

Now if the positions had been reversed you would have those monsters in a headlock so hard.
No. 742684 ID: 3abd97

Rulekeep has a dragon now and she's not even trying. I love it.

>It's a weird thing where I'm in control but not thinking about what I'm doing. It's like the opposite of glitching. It's so easy.
Probably why glitching is so hard for everyone else to grasp, impossibilities aside. They're used to having some kind of help, not doing everything in manual drive.

>she chokes the words out like she'd rather Amaraba at least try to attack her than go out so lamely
Rulekeep should summon, say, a basic fairy (or whatever the level 1 harmless summon is here) and have it fly over and flick her forehead with a 5 minute sleep spell, if Golo insists on falling in battle. (A basic fairy that's somehow max leveled and immune to being dispelled or anything else it should be vulnerable too).

>what say
Have we sufficiently shown our intent is not to harm?
No. 742687 ID: d1f5f1
File 147139013088.png - (31.19KB , 800x800 , 270.png )

"Hahahaha! You should feel fortunate to have Amaraba choose to face you, as if it were I, I would have those poor creatures' head in a headlock! Now, are there any other fools that think they can face us?... No? None at all? Then if we have sufficiently shown our intent to show no harm, then let the festivities re-commence with no further interruptions!"

Before I forget, I give telepathic capabilities between Hakkor and Amaraba. It's not gonna work for non-stage stuff like I needed against fighting my brother, but it'll do here.

And they do. They offer their best wine and even though it's not as good as the wine I brought, I like it more just because it's not stuff I made. Kinda like how a good tune sounds better than an excellent tune you've heard 50 times.

I didn't even ask for the alcohol but whatever I'm drunk again. Amaraba is spinning some fake-tales from across the horizon, and I've got like 3 girls up on me talking about how their houses are the best to stay at or whatever. They're pretty attractive and all, though I prefer Amaraba. Probably cause I made Hakkor and Amaraba the way they are for each other, and I've been sinking pretty far into this biological mindset.

Feels like something's missing, though.
No. 742688 ID: c441c1

you are missing Alisons' hugs I bet go hug Rulekeeper.
No. 742694 ID: 211d83

I think you would rather have Amaraba sitting in your lap telling you how nice her house is and trying to seduce you.
No. 742696 ID: 3abd97

>Feels like something's missing, though.
...fireworks? We could use some fireworks.

It could be contestants crashing the party. They probably will, eventually.

You're not missing your pants, I hope? Well, metaphorical pants. Skirt.
No. 742699 ID: 62ea32

Hmm. Amaraba could really do with some sort of staff or scepter or something, to fill out the queenly look.

Maybe let's play down how hard we humiliated them a bit. If you get some conversation, tell them they had courage to try their hands so, and that Golo's concern for her people does credit. That there are, indeed, many gods less magnanimous and crueler than yourselves! As indeed you yourselves were cruel, until you had each other.

In fact, when you do eventually decide to go, maybe give them a speech. Let them pay heed! For you are Hakkor, you are Chaos, and though you have laid your head upon the lap of the lovely Amaraba, still your fires burn in the earth, still your heart beats in the deep of the wilds, and still the future is yours! Trouble comes, and though you intend them good will, you gods are an inconstant race. Tell them they would do well in coming weeks to live generously, to treat each other well, and to take pleasure in their mortal lives. For such lives are a precious treasure, stolen from the gods of death, and one day their owners will come to find them.

Then you leave dramatically.

Until then... what you're probably missing is your friends. Since they're not going to show up except as summons (and those wouldn't really be YOUR friends... which set of contestants are supposed to be coming in, again, actually?), it's Rulekeeper you want to hang with. Give these girls a hearty, friendly laugh and tell them that they are each fine dazzling jewels, and lovely to have before your eyes, but many a jewel you have seen! And many held, too, aye, but it took power and wisdom, and other things on top of beauty too, for a lady to take your heart in her hand. And she has that and any other part of you she wishes, too!

Then give them each something nice, and go loiter by your girlfriend. Wait for her to finish her current story and then go give her a kiss or whatever it is pomi do.
No. 742702 ID: d1f5f1
File 147139246804.png - (28.56KB , 800x800 , 271.png )

>You're not missing your pants, I hope? Well, metaphorical pants. Skirt.
No, that's still there. If it was the thing that was missing, I'm not sure that would bug me like something is.

Fireworks would be good but I'm pretty sure these guys would think we lit the sky on fire or something.

Maybe it's cause I like Amaraba. Yeah. If she were on my lap telling her how nice her house is and getting all cozy, that'd be cool.

Well except for the part where it's the house I made for her. But still.

"Your hospitality is grand, laddies!" I yell, loud enough now to make a speech of it. And your town is all so courageous to have tried your hand against us, as well as Golo to show such concern! Indeed before Her Most Beautiful Magnificance, Amraba, I would have bitten the faces off those who wronged me! For I am Hakkor, I am Chaos, and though I have laid my head upon the lap of the lavely Lamaraba, my fires burn under the ground and the heart - my heart - beats in the deep of the wilds and the future is mine!"
>"You're also drunk." a girl whispers, and the other giggles. "But continue, we listen!"
"Us gods are inconstant! You all would do well to live generously to yourselves and each other and take pleasure in your mortal lives, short and tiny as they are yet still treasurable resources and so on. I, for instance, have been showered by jewelous ladies such as these, but never before have I been so struck with attraction as I have to Amaraba! To each of the girls, a small token of their affections!

I go over and hug her once her story is finished. Some of the girls pout, but they seemed happy enough with what I left them, which was fancy chocolate I... think. Probably.

"Hello, Hakkor. Are you enjoying yourself?"
"Sure am."
"Your hugs are a little clumsy, but I was not expecting nor hoping you would hold back from the drinking. You are making quite a display."
"What, hugging you?"
"In this manner. For all of your company, I would have thought that Alison would have taught you proper... oh, no, I suppose she wouldn't have."
"Want me to stop?"
"No. What does it matter, if they see how you hug?"
"Yeah but what's weird about it?"
"Nothing worth mentioning, Hakkor. It is a nice hug, and it suits.... you."
No. 742705 ID: 3abd97

>Some of the girls pout, but they seemed happy enough with what I left them, which was fancy chocolate I... think. Probably.
They totally wanted to have won a god's attention. Chocolate's not the same.

Oh well, not much you can do about that unless you wanted to stray, or brought in a more gods.

>I would have thought that Alison would have taught you proper... oh, no, I suppose she wouldn't have.
I wasn't always safe to hug, back then! I didn't even go to parties! >>/questarch/431257

>It is a nice hug, and it suits.... you.
You suit you.
No. 742706 ID: 211d83

I was afraid to hug people forever. Now that I can I want to get in plenty with my special lady.

Make sure to feel as happy as you look. And make sure she is not skipping out on having fun because she wants to look after you.
No. 742712 ID: d1f5f1
File 147139425926.png - (19.87KB , 800x800 , 272.png )

"You suit you." I say. Rubbing up against her still feels nicer than it has any business being.
"Thank you."
"And I wasn't even safe to hug for a long time! I didn't even go to parties! I'm not interrupting your fun, am I?
"Although the village has been wonderful, you are still as much fun as I can handle."

>"Ah... if I may interrupt." the chief says. "Would it be preferred if our two guests were given privacy?"
"It is up to Hakkor."
No. 742714 ID: c441c1

"why would we need privacy?"
No. 742715 ID: 211d83

Shame is a mortal concept. What would I need privacy for?
No. 742718 ID: 3abd97

Pffff. We're mortifying the mortals.

Seems pretty rude to demand privacy in the middle of your village!

Reasonable options are to withdraw somewhere and keep going, or to just tone it down. (Unreasonable option is to start a divine inspired drunken orgy).
No. 742719 ID: e22b1d

Pomi gods are debauched hedonists right? So privacy would be a bit silly.
No. 742722 ID: 62ea32

I also kinda want to say you have no need of privacy, buuuuut if you were going to follow that up properly it would be to do things that you haven't actually done before, and which are pretty intense and hard to control, and you'd probably betray yourselves as not being as godly as you should be! Unless you let your bodies' instincts drive but that would actually not be so great, you two should be in control when you're doing any... intimate learning for the first time. Also this is supposed to be the sfw version of the quest!

So give him a laugh and say that you gods have nothing to be ashamed of other seeing, but it would be ill-mannered of you to make the mortals feel inadequate, as you surely would. You won't do be doing anything that requires privacy right now. You will deal with such things once you've taken your leave.

And then you give her a kiss, or like a neck nibble or something.
No. 742723 ID: bb78f2

Privacy is a killjoy.
No. 742728 ID: d1f5f1
File 147139694865.png - (21.41KB , 800x800 , 273.png )

>Unless you let your bodies' instincts drive but that would actually not be so great, you two should be in control
But I am in control it's just like, an autopilot that I can control as I want.

"Privacy? What for?"
>"Ah, er... well, I just thought I would offer just in case!"
"It would be rude to demand privacy right in the middle of your village! Plus, what have I, Hakkor, have that requires privacy? There is nothing shameful in my actions! I have no shame!"
>"Forgive me! But for us. it is getting late, and although I am sure ones such as yourselves can continue on for weeks, most of us are quiet and still at night."

I nibble on her neck and I have no damn clue why but it seems like the right thing to do, and this is the time to do.

>"Well, regardless! You two are welcome to stay here overnight at any abode you may find, but we understand if you have already sent your servants to seek out a separate location of your choosing. Let us know if there is anything you may need!"

I guess it's either party into the night, crash at this place, crash out our place.

I'm pretty sure our bodies need sleep, not like I can't change that.
No. 742729 ID: 211d83

Head back home for some more snuggling.
No. 742730 ID: 3abd97

Party and crash here. Collapse in a pomi-pile.
No. 742732 ID: e22b1d

Stay until the party dies down and then carry your queen back home.

It looks like she is rather enjoying the neck nibbling. See what else you can do that she might enjoy.
No. 742735 ID: 62ea32

Crash at your place.

Before you go, praise the village for their hospitality, and have Amaraba give them something nice, let them remember her as the generous one (make sure it won't turn into leaves in the morning or anything like that). You can start getting properly snuggly and enjoying yourselves on the ship if you don't want to wait, you have your servants to take care of getting the ship home and they won't mind if you do anything in front of them.
No. 742736 ID: 398fe1

Find a decent house here and do weird things in it.
No. 742741 ID: 5f0f47

Crash at your place, definitely.

While a god has no need for privacy, you and Rulekeep'll probably appreciate being able to drop the act and act naturally while you both... investigate your biology.
No. 742743 ID: 91ee5f

Try wrapping your tail with her tail. It'll be like holding hands, but with your tails instead.
No. 742749 ID: 15a025

Pfft. Privacy. Who needs it.
No. 742752 ID: d1f5f1
File 147139992935.png - (26.93KB , 800x800 , 274.png )

"Thanks for all the niceness!"
"Mhm. Here." Amaraba says. "Have this horn. Speak into it if you require us, and we will be here shortly. And of course, you are welcome to all of the leftovers, and we will leave additional wine barrels for you."
>"You call us hospitable, but you have given us so much in just a night."

We stay for a little longer, but apparently this day-night cycle thing is pretty inconvenient. I pick up Amaraba and head back to the ship.
No. 742754 ID: d1f5f1
File 147139994161.png - (16.50KB , 800x800 , 275.png )

From what I've seen weird outlier contestants do with each other and from what this body seems to want, I do some pretty funny things to Amaraba on the way back, but nothing too raunchy. Doesn't feel right.
No. 742755 ID: d1f5f1
File 147140002121.png - (23.47KB , 800x800 , 276.png )

But then we get back and things just kind of escalate from there.
No. 742756 ID: d1f5f1
File 147140003287.png - (16.19KB , 800x800 , 277.png )

I do horrifying and disgusting things and I enjoy it, as does Rulekeep, even though both of us sound like we're just having a hellish time. Now that I have the body that does weird things like that, I can honestly say that I'm more confused than ever.

Some days pass, and Rulekeep and I make occasional presences to the town or just mess around wandering the southeast island. We've made a couple magic pool things that show us what each summoner is doing, and both of them are playing the cautious game since there is a lot of stuff on the island that can cause an early game over. Both of them just stay away from the town entirely, for whatever reason.

One of the summoners which I can easily guess is Alison's team under her command - meets with the village chief and ends up making trade deals and that kind of stuff. Apparently they didn't think it worth using the horn over, and we just say we'll still hang around in case the other summoner isn't so kind. The administration team, which is mostly under Sevener's rule, stays out of the villager's way, but she never approaches them at all, so the village is still uneasy about her.

Either way, this doesn't turn into a game that hurts the village, at least not since Amaraba and I give them all the food they'd need.

Both of them make good progress through the hidden temples and gaining artifacts and so on, and although there are some skirmishes with the summons, no summoner is able to pinpoint the other's location. Sevener has some progress on the end-game locator spells, but Alison is a bit stronger strength-wise.

One morning, we hear the chief speak through the horn that Rulekeep give them.

>"Hello? Lady Amaraba, Sir Hakkor?"
"Yes, we can hear you. Is everything alright?"
>"Oh, yes, but the other summoner, the one who we have not seen to this point, just made an appearance. She insists on speaking to speak to you just south of town. I hope this news is worth your time."
No. 742759 ID: 211d83

Lets go chat with Sevener and see what she wants. Should be fun to mess with her.

She is the one with all the notes on what happens so is probably curious about not knowing about you. Is probably going to try and feel you out. Make sure to confuse the heck out of her.

I think Arbitor was the one with the log about this sim not working correctly. Still need to figure out what that meant.
No. 742760 ID: c441c1

we should totally go and demand that Sevener herself give us hug as tribute.
No. 742764 ID: 3abd97

Well you've sure done a thing now!

Well, okay, let's go see what this Cycle's Anya slash Sevener wants, and if she's taking to this any better than the wrestling.

At least as a Pomi she'll still look like a lizard.
No. 742765 ID: 62ea32

Well now, let's not be pushovers. We're the gods, here, we decide who we want to talk to. So:

"We shall see! No fault of yours if it is not. You can tell her my words: that she has yet to do anything to earn our attention. Tell her that if she can prepare an offering that pleases Amaraba, perhaps that will change. We shall be watching!"

Then observe through your magic pool to see how she responds. If she does something that shows respect, you can do some burning bush sort of thing to talk to her, or maybe have one of your servants waiting at the spot with a setup so you can "possess" them? And if she shows blatant disrespect then shake things up with a little wrath, nothing with any serious collateral damage but enough to seem like you have your scary side. Which you kinda do, really.
No. 742769 ID: e22b1d

Yeah play up the god angle. Demand a silly sacrifice (booze or food or something fun).

Then make her do some silly ritual to summon you. Like dressing up in skimpy or ridiculous clothing and doing a crazy dance to music with some summons. Only show up after she completes your rituals.

Then continue to mess with her. Cause we know Alison would be a good sport about things but Sevener is fun to mess with.
No. 742770 ID: 398fe1

Now this is the kind of hands-on experience that will be useful for adjusting to the social environment of the outside world.

Go ahead and meet Sevener and tell her no to anything she requests-- after all, we are not here to interfere. Also ask her if she's noticed anything weird happening on the island.
No. 742774 ID: c441c1

I should quantify the hug is not payment for whatever she wants it is for making us go out to her.
No. 742775 ID: d1f5f1
File 147140544441.png - (18.62KB , 800x800 , 278.png )

"We shall see if it is! Inform her she is to offer a sacrifice of value, and then proceed to dance the dance and sing the song of her people, with summons as backup dancers, and if it is to my liking, then I shall come forth!"
>"Alright, sir!"
"And make sure it's for at least three hours! Three hours, nonstop dancing! Tell her I shall be watching every step of the dance and analyzing it with the scrutiny of the likes she could not think possible!"

Well, she dances, alright. I guess it's not a bad dance but it's more like a rock star than a grumpy lizard. Which is why it's probably not Sevener who's driving.

I mean of course I don't watch it for 3 hours straight, but I watch the last 15 minutes just to make sure she still keeps going, and she does.
No. 742776 ID: 398fe1

Time to COME FORTH! With like, a pyrotechnics display and billowing smoke and shit.
No. 742780 ID: 3abd97

I wonder which admin dances like a rock star.

Oh well, they performed the ritual, you might as well go see what they want.

You're totally playing the part of mysterious npcs, you don't even need to be helpful at first. Cryptic and unwilling to hand out your aid immediately is to be expected.
No. 742781 ID: c441c1

appear in a flash of light and demand more tribute like a true god.
They have Guitar Knight.
No. 742784 ID: 3abd97

>Guitar Knight
That would be interesting if that's the case in this cycle, since GK didn't come to her aid in 3119. He was one of the admins who stayed behind.
No. 742785 ID: d1f5f1
File 147140698473.png - (59.15KB , 800x800 , 279.png )

Clouds form, a beam of light comes down to earth and all that good shit as we go hovering down.

"Behold and rejoice, lowly mortal, for you have summoned I, Hakkor, he who bears no title for he is chaos incarnate and lover of Her Most Magnificent Amaraba, Queen-Goddess of all that is order!"
No. 742786 ID: d1f5f1
File 147140699638.png - (15.20KB , 800x800 , 280.png )

She looks surprised for a moment, but then straightens her face.

>"Hello. I am Anya. I've been told you've been watching over the island, so you're aware I'm fighting another summoner. I'll get to the point. I'm not asking for your direct help in beating her, however, I am searching for the lost artifact of the summoner hunter, locked under a temple. I need it to find the other summoner, and until then, I have no way to know where she is, and we're going to be fighting here for ages. Rather, I've found the artifact, but it's sealed by a weird, black cocoon, and I don't believe it was made by the people who made the temple, since it seemed like their treasure was supposed to be visible out in the open, based on the temple's wall murals. The point is, is that I want your help in breaking that seal. If you succeed, then I would like to carry on my goal to beat the other summoner, and once I do that, every artifact I have found on this island I will leave to you."
No. 742787 ID: c441c1

"For me to even consider aiding one in this battle of two they must first gain the favor of my Lady for she is why I am here. Mayhap your leader begging at her feet may make her give favor to your cause."
No. 742788 ID: 3abd97

...it sounds like it's wrapped in veil dust. That's not supposed to happen.

We should probably agree to check it out, if the natural treasures of this land have been sealed by darkness.

(We don't even need to take her other artifacts, we can just fix it and let things play out normally. Well, maybe. The honeymoon might be over if someone is interfering with us).
No. 742789 ID: f562b1

>I've found the artifact, but it's sealed by a weird, black cocoon, and I don't believe it was made by the people who made the temple, since it seemed like their treasure was supposed to be visible out in the open, based on the temple's wall murals.
Uh oh. This must be what's "Broken." Well, their group was kind enough to honor your request to dance for three hours, so go ahead and give it a look, figure out what it is.
No. 742790 ID: 398fe1

Excellent, thanks Anya. I guess the date's over then.
Now, we've been told Glitchers are not supposed to mess with the CAI Fight. This could be dangerous, so ditch the squishy mortal bodies and assume your true, more difficult to kill forms.
No. 742799 ID: d1f5f1
File 147140870429.png - (72.54KB , 800x800 , 281.png )

Well great it sounds like veil dust.

"Hmm? If the treasures of this island have been sealed by darkness, then perhaps this is worthy of our attentions after all. But this is still aiding that which we have thought to avoid meddling in, provided you do not involve the village! For us to lift a finger for you... you must first gain the favor of my Lady, for she is why I am here! Perhaps if you begged at her feet, she may give favor!"
"Actually, no. I am interested in this. You need not."

Oh. Well, anyway, I can still do glitcher stuff in the mortal body so I go down with Anya to see what's up.

It doesn't seem like it's veil, actually. I can still sense the stage through it just fine, and the artifact is really there and everything. But it's not that residue that tries to stick itself to me. It looks more like something the corruptor would make.

>"One of my summons touched it. They disentigrated." Anya says.
No. 742801 ID: 3abd97

Can we tell if that's something Corruptor-Corruptor is doing? Like, he's trying to get your attention so he's messing with where you are? Or is this a stage emulating and reproducing old corruption again?

Can you bypass it? (Just take the artifact out). Can you reverse or fix it? Are Rulekeeper's powers relevant here? She was meant to be the system's answer to both of you.
No. 742802 ID: 398fe1

Can you mess with it safely?
If not, then I think we need to abandon this cycle and search previous ones to find the cycle where it was first introduced, then rewind while watching Corruptor to see WHY he did it.
No. 742805 ID: 90f3c0

If the Curruptor is responsible, that means he can cause permanent damage to the sims. Messing with the sims would be an easy way to win the CAI fight.

Examine it more closely, can you tell if it's the Curruptor's work for sure?
No. 742806 ID: 398fe1

The sims aren't directly connected to the CAI. I don't think the CAI even uses them anymore; they're a formality and the CAI just pushes their reset button.
No. 742811 ID: db0da2

Sometimes we deactivate their reset button and they still win due to having a massive information advantage.
No. 742812 ID: 398fe1

...wait what if the artifact is blocked off like this in order to keep it out of a Glitcher's hands? Or Savior's, even. Like what if it still works if we take it out of the sim? What does it do? What is it supposed to do?
No. 742813 ID: db0da2

It locates the enemy in the Pomi sim, that's it (as far as we know). I suspect the purpose is not just to deny access to this one item, that wouldn't be enough to consider the whole sim broken. There are a lot of possibilities here, it could be that he's done this to all of the locator items in order to prolong the game long enough for... something to happen, it might be that he corrupted the item itself to achieve some end in the sim, maybe its contestant finding properties let it find and corrupt Alison and Sevener, maybe whatever it's meant to do requires a Corrupter that's aware of it. Given that we already know Corrupter can cause someone to win or lose the CAI battle he may have done something like that here. Whatever the case the corrupter has definitely done more than just this, and it will probably become more noticeable even without us doing anything.

Do be cautious Glitcher, you've more finesse than Corrupter, but this thing could still corrupt or even permakill you if you get too hands-on
No. 742825 ID: a107fd

Instead of messing with the corrupted disintegration aura directly, just select everything in the sim except the aura(s) and move it all, say, four meters straight up.
No. 742826 ID: 398fe1

OH. Another possibility is that by corrupting the area around the artifact it doesn't despawn when the sim is unloaded, and the Corruptor can use it all the time. Or alternatively the Corruptor can access it once he's got enough of a handle on his powers.
Would we want to fuck that up?
No. 742837 ID: ccbcd2

Well we should probably see if we can manipulate whatever it is, via tools or fake god powers or whatever.
So basically hit it with rocks to see if it does anything interesting.
No. 742852 ID: 398fe1

...or maybe the Corruptor did this once to interfere with the outcome of the fight (like to help Alison not always die to Sevener), and it just got stuck that way.
Wait that's weird why did Anya never make a note of this in her logs?
No. 742869 ID: 211d83

It is a locator device and this Cai sim is oddly not completely part of the normal stages.

Maybe its sealed off because you could use it to find stuff outside of this sim? Like the programing it runs off of could be used to find Savior or Corruptor or other people?

Very carefully inspect things.
No. 742870 ID: a522e5

Try poking it with things, observe the "disintegration" in action. This time, you do the tests. I feel like Rulekeeper is probably more vulnerable to corruptor-stuff than you are, if it is something of his.

I wonder... Corruptor showed up in the belenosian sim as well. Not showed up himself, but somehow was made aware of what was going on, and was able to interfere. And these are specifically simulations of the CAI fight, which we would eventually do at the end of the contest. And which Corruptor is somehow negatively involved with as well, having been remarked to have destroyed everything, or the older CAI saying they can't let him out, et cetera. Perhaps all the CAI sims have some corruptor-thing embedded in them? Like an alarm, that alerts him, and gives him an access point? Maybe something that does something to him, or tells him something, that makes him suddenly decide he needs to mess everything up?

Have a look at it and see if it has any connections to anything. Like, any threads or strings that run off somewhere else?
No. 742874 ID: f562b1

>"One of my summons touched it. They disentigrated." Anya says.
"Disent--Time out. Do you mean, just the body, or did the soul get killed? I know you've got souls you throw in there to control them." Or, y'know, drop the act and just refer to stuff from the outside perspective.
If this is something akin to the Ghost Bomb, I could see Corruptor making it kill the actual contestant. Probably intending to get rid of the sim, believing that it gave the admins too much power (Or the other team, if he had reason to not trust them in the cycle he created it in).
Actually, you mentioned the CAI battle is sort of like a pocket dimension inside the cycle, but is it created from the cycle, or does it grab code from the system itself? If it's the former, it means Corruptor did this in an earlier cycle, but if it's the latter, it could be a later cycle. Is this still cycle #544? The earliest mention of the Pomi sim was in cycle #1101, which would mean corruptor came to the conclusion earlier than his ghost bomb idea.
No. 742903 ID: e22b1d

Ask how dangerous it is. Did her summon get destroyed in body or in soul?

Also mention how if you do help her that a price must be paid for your help. You will give her opponent a boon of equal strength.

Blah blah god stuff.

This looks like a corruptor job that happened a long time ago and has stayed around forever. Which would make sense with the log about the Pomi battle being in Arbitor's logs.
No. 742938 ID: 233260

Now of course we are going to investigate this thing and do your jobs but make sure to mess with Anya while doing so.

Tell her that this a shield from the great god of corruption and you can remove it for a price. Then demand something silly that she would rather not give. Make her be a handmaiden for your queen for awhile or some silly lewd proposition that would fluster her.

Then tell her that if she gets what she seeks that you will also give something of equal value to her opponent.

Basically take the opportunity to hassle her a bit. Technically she would have gotten this if the black stuff was not there but might as well make her pay for your "help".
No. 742996 ID: d1f5f1
File 147148603721.png - (100.59KB , 800x800 , 282.png )

"Disintegrated. Tell me of the soul who occupied your summon who touched it."
>"... what? What do you want to know about it?"
"The name, where they came from."
>"I doubt you would be less confused if I - "
"And I doubt I will be much help if you do not answer, me, fool mortal!"
>"Does Supervisor, Bracket 7-14 tell you anything?"
"What nonsense you tell. Nevermind!"

That supervisor is intact. She died here and isn't returning to the summoner's lobby, but will get booted out of the CAI fight like everyone else at the end.

The cycle seems to pull out data from beyond itself to create CAI fights, so although they are made as a subentity for each cycle, they draw from a common source. I'm just able to modify stuff by changing the cycle's perception of its own subentity. So I think that this corruption is persistent, because this cycle 544's corruptor didn't do this.

Which means corruptor can change whatever cai-fight generator is out there.

I poke at it with a nearby stick, and nothing happens. It's not made of strings, but it's an effect that the corruptor can make when he wants to modify strings. Often what he did was make a benign corruption area like this so that he could modify and mess around with it later, be it to reshape the properties of what's inside, teleport to and from, and things like that.

"I must see this in action. Send another of your summons into this!"
>"... even if the summons were cheap, I am not sending souls in to die."
"Hmph, the souls are merely transported away. When you leave your mortal body, you shall be reunited. For now, you shall be supplied with any material wealth you spend for your summon. And do not dare to tell me you spent more than you did!"

She does, and the summon is disintegrated. It was like it was supposed to teleport somewhere, but it suffered a weird incompatability with this sort of teleport, and so it just sort of fizzled out. I can't tell where it was supposed to go. Definitely not anywhere in the CAI fight, and definitely not anywhere in the cycle itself.

"You were right to bring this to my attention! I will require further study, and shall be able to extract its secrets and contents. But if I am to give you this, then to maintain our vows of non-meddling, I shall give your opponent a manner of wealth equal to this artifact!"
>"That's absolutely unacceptable. It took me days of time and a shitton of resources to get to this artifact! And you want to just give my opponent something for free I worked so hard for?!"
"Hm. The mortal is insolent, but raises a fair point, Hakkor."
"So I'm focused on the insolent part of it! Fine, she can keep it, but only, and only, if she recognizes the fact that without us, her power is insufficient to break through! She must show humility for the cause. You are in need of a handmaiden, are you not?"
"Hm. Yes, if she works under me for a day's time, then she shall receive her artifact."
>"As long as my summons can still roam freely."
"Acceptable, and such is the generosity of Lady Amaraba, for without her beauty being my entrapment, I would simply slay both of you summoners for the sheer fun of it!"

I have no idea how long it'll take me to figure this thing out, but I can just summon an identical artifact and give it to Anya.
No. 742997 ID: d1f5f1
File 147148604601.png - (57.55KB , 800x800 , 283.png )

Or rather...

"For now, instead of moving this corruption, I shall move that which lies within!"

I bump the stage up. The corruption doesn't move, and now there's a slope up to the artifact.

"I shall claim this, and after your day's work, you shall be rewarded with this!"
>"Are you telling me I could've just dug underneath the whole fucking thing?!"
"But your puny, mortal-minded did not think of this, hmm? No matter, that is a peasant's task, and it will be far more glorious to be Lady Amaraba's handmaiden!"

I'll move the stage back where it was to mess around with the corruption. It's definitely something where even I'd be reluctant to just leap in and hope it works out.
No. 743002 ID: 398fe1

>a weird incompatability with this sort of teleport
Figure out how to create something compatible and toss it in. Then trace the teleport. If it was intended to never work as a teleport and was meant to just kill everything that entered, wouldn't it have been easier to just make it a killfield, after all? So there must be some way to get the teleport to work.

Freeze time if you need to spend a long time on this.
No. 743005 ID: 211d83

So its designed to send people somewhere maybe but possibly the end point is out of sync dues to us being in a old cycle? That or where it is trying to send them does not exist anymore?

Maybe at some point Corruptor or whoever set this thing here to send people out of the cycle for some reason. Or he just made a shitty teleport that sends them to a non existent location so the sim does not notice it directly killing people.

Will have to examine it closer with rulekeepers help after you spend the next day messing around with Sevener. Will give you something to work on in between spying on them and messing with the game. Make sure that you meddle with things so that this artifact does not give Sevener much of a advantage. She is already cheating with her logs.

For the handmaiden stuff make her dress up in silly handmaiden regalia and do embarrassing handmaiden things. Oh and make sure its Anya doing it and she does not throw the job to another "soul" like she did with the dancing.

Silly and or embarrassing handmaiden things list.

1. Feeding your queen grapes. That have to be peeled and are a pain in the ass to do so.

2. Helping draw a bath. Where the water is far away and a pain to gather.

3. Making her fan you both to keep you cool. (while you get busy with Rulekeeper)

4. More dancing with summons for your enjoyment.
No. 743006 ID: 3abd97

>So I think that this corruption is persistent, because this cycle 544's corruptor didn't do this.
>Which means corruptor can change whatever cai-fight generator is out there.
I wonder if that means the Belenos sim is perma-broke, now. Or if it was even our cycle's Corruptor who broke it. The betrayal seemed out of nowhere, maybe it was a carry over?

Still, a blocked item here is a pretty small break. Especially since an inaccessible locator wouldn't break the game, it would just drag it out longer.

>Which means corruptor can change whatever cai-fight generator is out there.
That's... interesting. We could build a whole new CAI fight, maybe. Or radically change an existing one. Cooperation with Corruptor could result in an unfamiliar CAI battle that negates the CAI's information advantage.

>I have no idea how long it'll take me to figure this thing out
Can you make your own summons to experiment with? Maybe embed some tracking glitches or diagnostics or something in it?

So we're totally perspective swapping and focusing on that and not the experimentation, right?

Add giving a back massage to that list.
No. 743010 ID: 91ee5f

>(while you get busy with Rulekeeper)
Oi! This is the SFW quest thread! There shall be no fooling around here!
No. 743012 ID: e22b1d

Promptly put inspecting this thing on the backburner and enjoy your handmaiden time. Make Sevener earn your help (and rub it in that she could have gotten to it herself.)

Make her assist you in your decadent godly lifestyle. Get her drunk, lure her into questionable physical acts, and generally make her uncomfortable.
No. 743014 ID: 595d54

Lewds seem to be fine as long as they're offscreen, and if it were shown at all it'd probably focus on Anya's reactions.

No. 743015 ID: 211d83


Its to late for SFW! Lagotrope went there and now the floodgates are open!

(but honestly have been lewd suggestions forever so is not out of place. And Lago does not have to illustrate things unless he wants to.)
No. 743037 ID: d1f5f1
File 147149633212.png - (69.98KB , 800x800 , 284.png )

>Promptly put inspecting this thing on the backburner and enjoy your handmaiden time.
Yeah I will in a bit but I at least want to take a quick look at this thing. Rulekeep goes to take Anya back to the island house. I summon up the Mirror of Shame-Vision so I can see what Rulekeep's doing with her. So far, just outfitting her in various handmaiden uniforms. I'll teleport back to the house when she actually gets started doing handmaiden things.

"No, no, Anya." I hear Rulekeep say through the Mirror of... the Mirror/Radio of Shame-Vision. "I can sense you are putting in another soul to control your body. An amusing technique - "
>"That's not what I'm doing."
"How rude, to interrupt. Perhaps I should begin adding time penalties if you go out of line so blatantly. Bring your primary soul back, for I did not ask for Anya's body to be my handmaiden, but Anya's body, mind and soul together. Yes, that is the one, thank you."

I leave Hakkor's body and just leave him on standby. The experiments begin with throwing shit in the portal to see what sticks.

It starts with a few summons to send in. Then a few stones nearby. Then I do something more inconvenient and transfer a piece of stage 7 from the cycle itself into the cai fight and throw it in.

It all gets distintegrated. No idea where it's supposed to go. Is it even a teleport? It's like a teleport is involved but I think that, at least for the real stage thread, I'd be able to tell where it was supposed to go. There's definitely somewhere else involved at the least.

The corruption actually looks a little bigger. I don't know if that -

Okay, now the corruption just ate the podium and all the rest of the mass that was already inside of it, and it got a little bit bigger for sure. Definitely isn't an even trade of volume; the corruption only gets a tiny bit bigger for a pretty big object. It's hard to tell since it was already bubbly and gaseous, and it's even more active now.
No. 743039 ID: 398fe1

OH. I know what this is. This is how Corruptor got Summoner out. It's designed to either only work in the cycle it was created(in which case he evacuated all the NPCs because he was feeling generous), or only on the village Summoner(which is more likely since I expect she's the only NPC with a real personality in the sim). Anyway, stop messing with it, you're just making things worse. This could be why Glitchers are forbidden from messing with CAI Fights...

Well I guess you could toss the current village's Summoner in it to see if the theory is correct... Might want to either wait until Anya is about to win, or somehow reconstruct her if she's disintegrated.

Also try poking it with a bigger stick. Do you have to let go of the stick once it is in contact before it's disintegrated? Would a summon (please stop putting large things in it) holding the stick make a difference?
No. 743040 ID: 91ee5f

Back away from it! Don't let it eat you!
No. 743041 ID: db0da2

Yep, that'd be enough to consider the sim broken. I suppose it just gets bigger until it consumes the whole thing. It isn't actually teleporting that stuff anywhere is it? It's just trying to and failing, resulting in disintegration? In that case, maybe it's looking for something specific that's supposed to be here, and when it finds it it'll teleport it somewhere. If it's something that's in every CAI battle sim then it makes sense to choose this one, it has a smaller area to absorb (just the island and surrounding waters) and it only has one objective which can be blocked fairly easily. If he had used the Belenos sim he would have to contend with the players killing the emperor or each other before the search was complete, but here he only has to destroy the locator items first and then the players will hole up and likely dilly dally too long to kill each other before the search is complete.

Crackpot theory: the Ring Shell is an actual literal physical shell inside the sim, the Corrupter uses this corruption thingy to collect them, and that's what he used to make our Alison lose the CAI battle.
No. 743043 ID: fef726

So it is a all-consuming portal which will only start to grow when one of the contestants start poking it. It doesn't actually effect the contestants beyond making them automatically lose connection to the CAI fight so the effect isn't meant for them specifically. They are just the trigger mechanism to start the process.

I wonder if there is something nearby that the Corrupter wants to bring outside the CAI fight to himself so he gets it before the CAI fight actively starts.
No. 743053 ID: a522e5

... So, up until now, the inanimate stage objects weren't being affected, but now it's started eating them, too? Can you feel a breeze, is it eating the air?

Mybe things aren't working with it because it's made for corrupted characters to use, and none of these are. Can you corrupt things, Glitcher? Or at least partially imitate what Corruptor does when he corrupts things?
No. 743054 ID: 3abd97

>corruption gets bigger with each thing you toss in
>ate the podium
Well, that's inconvenient. If it carries over between stages, that means the next time someone plays the Pomi sim, it will already be big enough to eat the artifact. Digging around the corruption won't be an option.

Also means the corruption will continue to grow even if no one else tosses anything in there. Any time someone loads the Pomi game, it'll start by eating the artifact and podium it overlaps with, and get a little bigger. Every game, it'll start bigger, overlap more stuff, and get to eat more things. Exponential growth. After enough games, the Pomi CAI battle will be unplayable, consumed by corruption.

>OH. I know what this is. This is how Corruptor got Summoner out.
A portal or a teleport that has effectively grown cancerous? Maybe. Not sure what reason he'd have to want to break her out, though. And the placement of the barrier right in front of the artifact seems a big coincidence, since it wouldn't need to be there for that.

>what do
I suppose when we resume time traveling, we could try and figure out what cycle this corruption originated from. Not now, though.

>Often what he did was make a benign corruption area like this so that he could modify and mess around with it later, be it to reshape the properties of what's inside, teleport to and from, and things like that.
So... you've worked with Corruptor before. Collaborated on the sanctuaries and stuff. If this is a benign / work-space corruption, can you do anything with it? Use it for anything? (Use it up?).

You might also want to confer with Rulekeep via that link you made, in between teasing Sevener. She was made to be a counter the Corruptor as well as you, right? The new system god to oppose the rogue gods. Does she have options for dealing with corruption?
No. 743069 ID: 233260

You said you poked it with a stick and nothing happened? Also it did not affect the stage it was touching until we started throwing people into it. Why is it absorbing things now? Did it react to the stage 7 matter? Or was the stick something you made that was not part of the stage?

Ok a few ideas.

1. A much later Arbitor log said that the Pomi sim does not work correctly. That implies that something goes wrong with it. With the simple win condition of killing your opponent it should be pretty simple. So this thing is probably the culprit. And we can probably assume Corruptor put it here.

2. Corruptor was not always hostile to Alison. So this might not be designed to trap or hurt her. And Alison probably would not have him make a trap just for Sevener so this thing is most likely designed for a specific function. You have to work to find this thing and the artifact it hides is not required to win.

3. If it's trying to teleport something very far away then it might be a system to remove people or objects from this sim. It can't be something Corruptor uses all the time due to the CAI sims not being online most the time.

4. The "teleport" failing could be due to several reasons. We are in a old cycle so might be sending things to a place that is not currently online. Or its set to transport only specific people?

5. It was placed over that specific locator artifact. Maybe its designed to send that object out of the sim? You said Cai battle threads are odd. Maybe this is set up to get a artifact out of the sim so a previous version of you could use it? You work with the Corruptor almost every cycle so this could be remnants of a old plan you two had.

So check if there is anything special about the artifact. Clear out stage stuff so this does not get bigger on its own if you can to give you more time. Maybe try feeding a lone thread into it and monitor what happens to the thread on your end.

Honestly for now just stabilize this thing if you can and wait to meddle with it when Rulekeeper is here. This could be dangerous and you want her at your side to inspect things.
No. 743267 ID: d1f5f1
File 147164560714.png - (90.01KB , 800x800 , 285.png )

This thing isn't going far. The mass it eats doesn't reflect the mass it gains, and it always grows out from its center. So it's got that jump-halfway-across-the-room issue. It eats an inch, gains half an inch. Eats half an inch, gains a quarter inch. So on.

>If this is a benign / work-space corruption, can you do anything with it?
>Can you corrupt things, Glitcher? Or at least partially imitate what Corruptor does when he corrupts things?
I've never really messed with stuff the corruptor directly made, usually he just modified stuff on the big scale and then I'd finetune everything.

If what I do is making ice machines, then he just casts freeze on them.

I've seen him consume stuff, but I've never seen him create corruption that can consume stuff like this.

I poke it with another stick. Nothing. Once I let it go, though, it gets eaten. I do it a few times, and it's not instant or even that consistent about how long it takes after I let it go. It takes a split second before anything gets eaten, but whether it's a stick or a summon, it gets blown up nearly instantly once the process starts. One of my sticks didn't even get eaten all the way down, just a tip of it! When a small little summon holds a stick in, the stick gets eaten up, but the little summon is okay.

And the more I poke at it, the less I'm even sure it's really a teleport! It might just be a place linked to this, and the 'teleporting' involved is just something far away interacting with this object and disintegrating it.

There's not really a breeze in here, but sensation of breeze is kinda weird and it's not an actual physical thing.

This isn't telling me much, anymore. The only thing I really think for certain is that only the first bit of corruption is consistent across CAI fights. That is, this is actually able to recreate the corruption perfectly, and when the cai fight is made, it makes the corruption as it was initially set. In other words, I think even if I fed this a bunch and made it become huge, if I restarted the cai fight, it would go back to normal.

Ugh I'm literally playing with sticks in the corrupted mud here, maybe it's time to go screw around with Sevener.
No. 743269 ID: 398fe1

Yeah I think this is a dead end. We'd need to find the original point of corruption to find out what this is supposed to be, and that would involve searching ALL the cycles before the sim being broken was mentioned, and watching what Corruptor does. Well, wait, no we don't. The sim remembers previous actions perfectly while we're rewinding, so we just need to randomly pick some cycles before the log to find one where they're in this pomi sim, and see if the rewinding shows sevener acting like there's no corruption. Then we know the corruption happened between that cycle and the one the log is in. Then we keep finding no-corruption cycles in the new search radius until we catch up to Corruptor. It shouldn't take too long, and you'll collect more teleport strings while doing so, which could prove useful later.

For now, seal off the area to prevent anything else from getting eaten.
No. 743271 ID: 211d83

Well it does not like absorbing you apparently. Can you make a device like you did for Alison back in the day with a camera and shove it through this wormhole as a probe? Maybe get some pictures back from wherever it goes?

Without a suicidal jump would be hard to say what it is without more info. After you get done with Sevener fun offer her a minor reward if she reports any more of these things she comes across on the island.

And keep a eye out for anything else odd in this sim. Someone wanted something done here at one point and Corruptor and possibly you helped install this thing.

Anyways get back to your vacation and keep this in the corner of your mind. Maybe you and Rulekeeper can bounce ideas off each other and figure something out later.
No. 743274 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, this isn't immediately useful. The most interesting info is it's possible to permanently edit the initial conditions of a CAI battle. We might be able to exploit that later. Or maybe apply that same kind of thing to stages / cycles? Adjust it so they're hard-coded differently in the future?

>Ugh I'm literally playing with sticks in the corrupted mud here, maybe it's time to go screw around with Sevener.
Not literally, but okay. Let's see what sillyness Rulekeep subjects her too.

I like the list suggested here, with giving Rulekeep backrubs as a fifth.
No. 743275 ID: d1f5f1
File 147164797205.png - (24.35KB , 800x800 , 286.png )

After making a camera, recorder and general probe out of threads, I throw it in the cluster. It gets disintegrated like everything else, but not before it takes a picture of pitch black corruption, and records the sound of me saying 'what a goddamn waste of time that was.'

I seal the place off at least, then I teleport back.

"So how's it going?"
"Oh, well. Did anything happen with the corruption?"
"Complete waste of time I guess! How's Anya as a maiden?"
"Grumpy and hesitant, of course. I would be, too, to be fair. I have her drawing bathwater from the lake above."
"Isn't there like a lot of drinking water flowing in the other room?"
"Yes, that's what she said. I said it was just for drinking."
"Yes, but it's just going right out into the ocean."
"I truly am an unreasonable god."
No. 743277 ID: 3abd97

>How's Anya as a maiden?
According to Unse Unce, pretty terrible. Being a maiden is not a thing she is good at!

>"I truly am an unreasonable god."
Nonsense. Anything you speak is law, and inherently reasonable. By definition! I'm sure there are many reasonable tasks to assign her.

For instance:
>I like the list suggested here, with giving Rulekeep backrubs as a fifth.
No. 743278 ID: 398fe1

Have her do a painting of the two of you.
No. 743279 ID: 211d83

Tell Rulekeeper what you found out about the black thing. And then conspire with her for fun things to do with her handmaiden.

I mean Anya is technically Rulekeepers handmaiden but I am sure she would consider your suggestions. Just make sure anything silly you come up with is something Rulekeeper would enjoy.

Like once the bath is drawn make her disrobe the both of you and get her to thoroughly wash your queen. And if you two happen to indulge in some shameless hedonism while she is working then she will just have to suffer through it.
No. 743280 ID: eb6845

Well, considering that Sevener is an admin, and she's driving around in a body with another bunch of admins, and the admins created Rulekeeper to do their bidding and were willing and prepared to mess around with her head to make her okay with overseeing contestants being slaughtered... it isn't surprising if Rulekeeper wants to have some fun messing with them, and you can tell her so.

Telepathically (in case Anya is listening), ask if she wants to counterbalance Anya's advantage with the artifact. She does deserve a little something for her time and effort, but assuming you're both still enjoying yourselves, you don't want things to race to a conclusion too soon. Maybe just give Alison's team a tip-off that Anya has the artifact now? Theoretically, there could easily have been some random villager or something to spy on that whole thing and go to tell Alison's crew about it. Then they can start moving around or otherwise take countermeasures against being found, and Sevener still gets to feel like she got an advantage.

Oh, and hey, Glitcher. Can you cook yourself up some music ability? You could write a romantic serenade for Rulekeeper. Or a symphony that you summon up more servants to play with you. Rulekeeper seems like she'd like music? So it'd be a nice thing to do for her, and for you it might be fun to try getting creative.

... Also ask if she wants you to join her in the bath. Add a little embarrassment for Sevener.
No. 743282 ID: d1f5f1
File 147165083141.png - (20.41KB , 800x800 , 287.png )

>Telepathically (in case Anya is listening), ask if she wants to counterbalance Anya's advantage with the artifact. She does deserve a little something for her time and effort, but assuming you're both still enjoying yourselves, you don't want things to race to a conclusion too soon.
Yeah she doesn't care too much but Alison will get tipped off that Anya will have the artifact. Alison still has the power lead, so Anya can't just go attacking right off the bat.

>Can you cook yourself up some music ability?
Not music I can call my own.

>Not literally

"Oh. Uh. You're listening to me. Nevermind."
"I do listen to you, yes."
"Then anything you say is law and inherently reasonable by definition!"
"Yes, true."

Anya eventually fills the bath with various buckets, and Rulekeep and I take to getting Anya to disrobe both of us to occupy it. She's not bashful.

Hour 5
"Satisfactory! Bring us the grapes!"
>"Okay." Anya grabs one. "Let me guess, you want me to feed it to Lady Amaraba."
>".... wait seriously?"
"Did my Godlike Accent make this sound like a no?!"
>"Oh my fucking - ugh."
"Give one to Hakkor, first."

She gives one to me, first, and I spit it out and start hacking and coughing.

"What is wrong with that grape, Hakkor?"
"UNPEELED." I gasp out like it was filled with chalk.
>"Wha - "
"Rrrrr Amaraba what is the penalty for attempting to feed me an UNPEELED GRAPE?!"
"Now, now, this is an untrained summoner. She should be given the chance to learn for her mistake before getting punished for them. But future attempts at serving unpeeled grapes shall be 30 minutes of additional handmaiden time per grape. Now, Anya, kindly peel them."
No. 743283 ID: d1f5f1
File 147165086722.png - (26.06KB , 800x800 , 288.png )

Hour 6

After indulging ourselves with the weird pleasures that flesh contact brings, we get out of the bath and lounge on some... lounge chairs I guess they're called.

"I would like a backrub, now."
"And I would like to be fanned."
>"I can't do both at...."
"You can and you shall."


"Both hands on me, Anya."
"I have the fan in the other."
"Despite being called the handmaiden, you are permitted to use your tail to fan him. Do not drop it."

Not just does she drop it, her tail lobs it at my face!
No. 743284 ID: 398fe1

That's a smiting! Curse her to be compelled to speak in rhyme.
No. 743285 ID: 211d83

Complain loudly to your queen that her handmaiden is trying to kill you with her clumsiness.

Then tell Anya that if she can not cut it as a handmaiden then maybe she would make a better slave. Then loom over her a leer at her a bit.
No. 743286 ID: 3abd97

Pick up the fan and dangle it between your fingers.

"What, my dear, should be the penalty for wanton fan clumsiness?"

Maybe you could just magic the fan handle into something easier for a tail to hold onto. A grip that can be wrapped around.
No. 743287 ID: eb6845


... But she is still technically obeying. Throwing isn't dropping, and being hit with a fan is arguably being "fanned"! But you're supposed to be the god of chaos here so you don't care much. I'd say this calls for a good ol' curse. Wax wroth, and tell her that if she's so unskilled at using her tail, then she can get practice! And then you turn her arms into tails. See how she likes that.

Also why are you still carrying that stick around? It looks like it's dirty or something.
No. 743288 ID: db0da2

No. 743289 ID: e22b1d

Wait why are you carrying that stick in the bath Glitcher? Have you been holding that thing since you got back from the ruins? That makes me nervous.

Discuss with Rulekeeper a suitable punishment for assaulting a god. I like the idea of threatening her with being a slave if she keeps doing a bad job.
No. 743290 ID: 87547f

Grab the fan and smack her on the butt with it. Then complain to your queen that her handmaiden is a clumsy oaf and needs to be punished.
No. 743295 ID: d1f5f1
File 147165402019.png - (13.97KB , 800x800 , 289.png )

"Insolence! Does she wish to be a godslayer with her clumsiness?! Is she asking for me to turn her arms into tails to practice with?!"
"I would rather not get a back massage with armtails."
"Then perhaps I should turn her tail end into a fan! Or curse her to feel compelled to speak in rhyme!"
"Oh, yes, do that!"
"It is done!"
>"I would be able to better hold this fan, if you would allow me to use my hand."
"Well! I suppose I should have given the curse and the talent! Perhaps she should simply become a slave, now?"

I pull up the fan and whack Anya with it, but she just glares at me. Which isn't special. She's been glaring at everything.

>Also why are you still carrying that stick around? In the bath?
I dunno I guess I wanted a shitty scepter but forgot to make it anything more than a stick. And I mean I was basically waiting for Anya to call me out on it so I could give her some stupid god tongue lashing, but she hasn't yet.
No. 743296 ID: d1f5f1
File 147165404161.png - (16.45KB , 800x800 , 290.png )

>It looks like it's dirty or something.
Eh this was the stick I stuck in the corruption that didn't get completely disentigrated, but it did get screwed up at -

Hm I didn't really look at it that closely come to think.
No. 743297 ID: 486e87

I think that reads "Who is this", erm, have we attracted the attention of the corrupter by chunking stuff into cloud of doom?
No. 743301 ID: 398fe1

Tell Rulekeep you gotta go. Then let's start communicating with the corruption via stick. Whatever method those letters are engraved, copy them it to send a reply back. (also why didn't you immediately notice? Glitcher did you not git gud at observation?)

The reply should be "Glitcher, who are you?"
No. 743302 ID: 3abd97

Leave her talking in rhyme. For the whole rest of the battle.


It's a message! It says "who is this"! Someone tried to communicate with you through the corruption!

Blow off Anya, leave her to tend to Rulekeep, and head back. Engrave a new stick with "this is Glitcher" and throw it in. The stick a stick in, wait for a new message, and pull it out.

Maybe it connects to the quarantine where all the old Corruptors are locked up?
No. 743303 ID: 211d83

Oh wow it got a imprint of something. Or someone is trying to send you a message. Get a closer look.

Not sure exactly what it says but looks like someone is asking you a question?

Maybe we can write on a stick and poke back to answer.

But don't stop teasing Sevener. We got to get a different reaction than just glaring somehow before we wander off to talk to the orb.
No. 743304 ID: e22b1d

Pretend to get all angry at Sevener and tell your queen that are going to go devise a suitable punishment for her handmaiden. Maybe something along the lines of giving her over as a slave to the other summoner.

Tell her if she is not better at her job (and less scowly) by the time you get back then she has a interesting future to look forward to.

Then head back to the ruins to chat with corruptor blob.
No. 743306 ID: 91ee5f

Does Sevener deserve this humiliation? No.

Is it funny as hell? Yes.

Do I feel bad for her? A little bit, but not enough to want to stop humiliating her.
No. 743307 ID: d1f5f1
File 147165542318.png - (21.10KB , 800x800 , 291.png )

"I must go."
>"Where are you going, after feeling such an offending?"
"Are you serious, Anya? I am going off to devise a suitable punishment for this 'such an offending'. Perhaps I will meet the other summoner and if she is far more polite and competent, she will see great treasure, perhaps even have a certain clumsy slave herself!"

Anya just keeps her mouth shut and tries to hold back a scowl.

"If you are not better at your job, with a more pleasant expression on your face I might add, you'll be in for an interesting time! Interesting for us!"

I run back to the corruption thing until I remember I can fly back, and then I do that until I remember I can teleport back. I poke a stick in that is now engraved with it's me the glitcher, alongside a larger, flat plank. Then I pull the plank out after I feel it get etched up.
No. 743310 ID: 211d83

Ask why and with what? And maybe how much? Go back and forth so you know what you are getting into. Or at least whatever this claims you will be getting into. Just remember to not entirely trust it.

Also we should probably have Rulekeeper here once you get started. Just to be safe.

Once you start this your vacation is probably over so get in the fun you want before activating this thing. I would wrap up with Sevener and do anything physical and godly that you want to do first.

Waiting a week or two before feeding this things might be the best idea.
No. 743311 ID: 3abd97

If you fed him a piece of paper and a pen on a stick, he might be able to leave a longer message.

Or... a dark piece of metal with light paint on it. It would take less effort to scratch patterns that way then to engrave wood.

"Which cycle's Corruptor? Where are you? I'm from 3119, in cycle 544's Pomi CAI battle."
No. 743312 ID: 398fe1

Huh. Okay my first impulse is to just feed the entire island to the "hole". Then I thought "what if we're freeing a Corruptor from a cycle where he went crazy?" so first ask him what cycle he's from. Then try freezing time for the entire stage (you can do that right), and if it freezes the hole too we can assume he won't notice if we go off to his cycle and see if he's crazy or not.
No. 743313 ID: 5f0f47

Ideally we get more information first, because Corrupter is not always a trustworthy guy and if this is present iteration Corrupter he's already kinda gone off the deep end.
Potentially risky plan: would it be safe to have Rulekeep partition off a bit of your ear or something like she did when she was studying you and then shove that into the corruption? Because you said you could still experience parts of your body when they were separated, so if the things you stick in the corruption really are connected to the Corrupter that might let you see where he is or what he's doing.

Or it could provide a bridge to Corrupter to eat your soul or something, you'd probably want to ask Rulekeep exactly how the separation thing works first.
No. 743315 ID: 3abd97

Oh, can you try building a phone with two ends, and tossing one end through to Corruptor? (Connect with cord, not wireless). Speech might work better than note passing, if we can.
No. 743316 ID: 398fe1

Oh while communicating we should probably keep feeding at a slow pace. Don't lead Corruptor to think you're not cooperating.
No. 743319 ID: d1f5f1
File 147165856912.png - (114.10KB , 800x800 , 292.png )

>Oh, can you try building a phone with two ends, and tossing one end through to Corruptor?
I toss a phone in. It doesn't get eaten, but it just passes through and crashes and breaks on the other side. It really isn't a proper teleporter or portal or whatever, at least not a good one.

>Would it be safe to have Rulekeep partition off a bit of your ear or something like she did when she was studying you and then shove that into the corruption?
No. It really sounds incredibly dangerous.

I write "whyyyyyyyyyyyyy" on a long stick and slide it in one side and out the other. Then 'how much' on another.

>lots of stage material
>so I can
>get out
can it wait though
>must it?

I just start writing on paper and giving him bigger plank chunks. He doesn't seem to have fine motor control for his own writing, so we can't do this that well.

yeah I'm fooling around and messing around with an administrator it's great
>it's nice to reunite, glitcher
>it can wait a little while, but please do not take long
which cycle are you from? and where are you now?
>3119, a quarantine
>where are you from?
I'm from 3119 but I'm in 544 pomi sim right now
cause I'm glitch but when the heck did quarantine happen
>after the cai battle
but you've been around since then up all the way through stage 8 safe zone
kind of being a dick
if I'm gonna be honest
>that's a fake
>didn't you look at his threads or anything
>it's just savior's puppet
alison asked me not to
said it would be rude
>sometimes you have to be rude
do you?

There's a pause after I put another plank in.

>I'm not in any place to judge
>I've been trapped here
>there's corruptor skeletons
>please get me out
>I need a bigger hole
>glitcher I don't have anything more to say right now
No. 743320 ID: 5f0f47

You know, if the post CAI Corrupter was a fake that would explain why he refused to allow Alison and friends and you to get close to him or talk to him - it would've given the game away. I think we can trust him.

Talk with Rulekeep and attend to any final preparations that need to be made before Shit Gets Real (Savior might notice fucking with the quarantine and get pissy about it (and Corrupter could still be lying I guess)), and then let's shove a few fucktons of strings into that corruption hole.
No. 743321 ID: 91ee5f

If he's been trapped there after the CAI battle, then that means he's still responsible for forcing Alison to lose during the fight. I really want to know why he did that.
No. 743322 ID: 398fe1

Well that was REALLY uncool of Savior. This guy *does* sound like Corruptor sounded during the truce. Hmm, after the CAI Battle... ask if it was him that changed the CAI Battle to force Sevener to win, and why if so.

Also wait, ask if he's learned to control his corruption. Letting him out might screw up our investigations. Well... I'm not sure we were going to investigate anything except the veil after this, and he's obviously not going to go into the veil.

Then tell him you need to discuss this with your partner, but you do want to let him out. Oh, to get a sense of how fast time is passing for him, ask how long he's been in there, time-wise. Has it felt like years? Or days?

Actually, you should just straight up be discussing it right now with Rulekeep via your psychic communication thread thing.
No. 743323 ID: dd9b7a

Eh let him out. His story sounds plausible and he is your oldest friend.

Plus you are probably way more experienced than he is now.

But let Rulekeeper know before you start.
No. 743324 ID: 3abd97

>there's Corruptor skeletons
...oh gods. Quarantine is filled with all the old Corruptors who died and gave up. (Assuming this is true).

>the Corruptor we've seen since was fake
That... would explain a lot. Have we even seen a devotee since the CAI battle?

>what do
Tell Corruptor to hold on. If you're going to feed a bunch of stuff into the hole, you don't want to break the whole island in the process.

...we might want him to say one thing to prove he's him. Maybe replay a private conversation you two had? Say something you said to him, and see if he can say his response back right.

Go talk to Rulekeep. She had one confrontation with Corruptor, in the stage 8 safe zone. We want to know what kind of powers he used when she tried to force him out, and discuss the possibility of him being a fake.

We probably want to move the island(s) way from the hole before we make it bigger. And then mine from the sea floor to feed it.
No. 743325 ID: 486e87

Did corruptor turn on alison after the notes thing or something? And force a loss in the CAI battle, was that a doppelganger or something?
No. 743326 ID: 398fe1

Ah, I just realized Corruptor might be inherently dangerous to Rulekeep. Which means we need to get some veil material to give Rulekeep a protective coating.
No. 743333 ID: 398fe1

Oh jeez if we let him out tell him about Rulekeep first! He might think you betrayed him or something if he comes out and sees her without knowing who she is.
No. 743337 ID: dd9b7a

New plan. We stuff you and Corruptor and Alison inside Rulekeeper and then we invade heaven and get some answers.

Savior is looking more like a villain all the time.
No. 743341 ID: 3abd97

...wait, if the Corruptor post CAI-battle was fake, then that means we shared the contents of Corruptor's secret, encrypted log with Savior. Dang it.

That also means we're gonna have a hell of a lot of revelations to catch Corruptor up on.

Maybe, maybe not? We don't know if the void material blocks Corruptor's powers at all. And she was designed to be the System's counter to things like Glitcher and Corruptor, so she's probably as much a threat to him as he is to her. Maybe more, since he's out of touch if he's been trapped for a stage or two.

Hmmm. Corruptor's powers. I wonder if we'll have to take steps to prevent him from accidentally turning the pomis into devotees.

The corollary should be we tell her (and get her input) before releasing him. But yes, warning him you're going to have an ally with you who will ping as a powerful system member would be a good idea.
No. 743344 ID: 398fe1

Ughhhh I hope this isn't another Glitcher that looked through his TV to get all that information.
No. 743351 ID: 90f3c0

His story seems plausible enough. Doesn't he have some sort of verification code he can use to prove it's really him?

Once you're sure it's him, let him out carefully. Are there any particular defenses you can set up against the Corruptor, just in case he tries something?
No. 743360 ID: 211d83

Well this explains a ton. Psychic message Rulekeeper and tell her what you learned. If she is ok with letting him out then tell him that your new girlfriend is a super admin and to be nice to her.

Then collapse the ruins on the hole a bit at a time.

Oh also ask him why he back stabbed Alison in the Cai battle. Or don't mention that and ask what he did during the Cai battle. See his side of things.
No. 743361 ID: e22b1d

Oh man you and Corruptor and Rulekeeper on a time and space adventure? Just think off all the cool stuff you can do with him along.

Just verify with some of your personal history that only he would know first. And talk to Rulekeeper before breaking him out.

He has his own way to travel but not through cycles like you can. So better make sure we can carry him around without hurting Rulekeeper.
No. 743363 ID: db0da2

Y'know we probably could've figured this out on our own if Corruptor hadn't been so fickle as to make that betrayal believable, not that we're one to talk.

>...wait, if the Corruptor post CAI-battle was fake, then that means we shared the contents of Corruptor's secret, encrypted log with Savior. Dang it.
That's actually a good thing, he either already has that info if he has perfect memory of all cycles, or he's learning things that will make him more likely to cooperate with us if he doesn't. The latter scenario also means we have a decent chance of working with us in the future if we're willing to let this slide, which would give us access to all four major players (Corruptor, Savior, Glitcher, System United/Rulekeep) in a way that's never happened in a previous cycle giving us a serious chance at escape.

Not necessarily, that might've been done by a previous cycle's Corruptor or the Savior. We should ask him about it.

There's also the possibility, however unlikely, that this Corruptor is also a fake. Ask him to explain, in detail how he made this weird hole. If his answer checks out, then free him on the condition that he be subordinate to Alison, he isn't really responsible enough to be trusted to lead.
No. 743366 ID: 877d2e

No way. This guy's nice but goofy just like Corruptor. Can't be a fake this time.
No. 743368 ID: ccbcd2

Rulekeeper must be informed of this. It may not actually be corruptor and it may be trying to get you to let it out. Leave nothing to chance.
No. 743380 ID: 398fe1

Ah hang on Glitcher are you getting glitchier than normal? Is that what happens when you get exposed to corruption?

Reassure Corruptor, tell him it's going to be okay. He won't die in there.
No. 743392 ID: d1f5f1
File 147167244326.png - (14.91KB , 800x800 , 293.png )

>Get a feel for how fast time is passing by
At the moment it seems identical. For him, he says he's been in there for several days, so time for us is probably moving a lot faster, and he's only moving in our time now just because I'm interacting with him. He's barely noticing the gaps in time between when I'm sticking stuff in the corruption pocket.

>Glitchier while coincidentally around corruption
Yeah that happens but it peaks out pretty quick, so it's no biggy.

I talk to Rulekeep with that telepathy.

"Hi Rulekeep! I think Corruptor is in this thing, and he wants me to let him out."
"Are you certain it's not a trap? Was he not our enemy?"
"I think he's on the up and up, but I'm gonna ask him stuff. Oh, didn't you confront him in stage 8? He says he's had an impostor since after the cai fight."
>"Hm... the stage was honestly messed up, but from what I have seen of the Savior, it is plausible he could have made those effects with his false double."

Tell me something only us two would know
>Your foot was clipping into me when we first met.

Yeah that's true. We both got scared. Hilarious times. Probably. I don't actually remember them, really, on my own. It's a good thing I can read my own strings for the history lesson.

why'd you cause Alison to lose the cai fight?
>I trusted bad information
>The savior showed me a history explaining why the admins had to win this
>It was a mistake
>It was me who turned on Alison after the notes, too
>That was also a mistake
How'd you make this weird hole?
>I didn't. A previous corruptor did. But I can feel where my corruption links are, and I noticed this was active
>Savior quarantined and removed all the other corruption pockets I made in the main cycle, but not in the cai fights

Well that explains why Savior didn't want me messing around here.

I have an ally here that's a powerful system member. You've got your powers in check, yes?
I'll let you out buddy, I might spend some time here but due to the weird way time can work you'll barely notice a gap. But don't worry, you're not going to die in there.
>Do whatever you need to. When I escape, the savior will notice, and there's no telling what he'll do, so please be careful Glitcher

Huh. Yeah, I guess I'm going to force a confrontation with the Savior if this kind of stuff continues. So there is a decision at hand for what is most important.

A) Feed the Corruption, Free the Corruptor
B) Resume Date
No. 743401 ID: 398fe1

...I think we should play this smart. Freeze time for this cycle (so that you can come back at any time to free Corruptor) and start rewinding cycles near 3119 (time-wise) to watch what Savior does. Figure out how he thinks and maybe even how he fights. Know your enemy. Of some interest is the "THE SAVIOR IS BROKEN" cycle, and the cycle where Sevener got mad at him. You should also find out how Savior has lately been reacting to being Corrupted. Does he go berserk and gain power? With all the collected information you can communicate with Corruptor and establish a battle plan before releasing him.

Also we gotta mess with the veil. If it has anything to do with Savior, we might be able to gain some power against him with it or if it's something he used to be in charge of (like it's the remains of the Savior's Paradise) we could gain some good will with him. If it's irreparable even with your skill, then we might need Corruptor's help to do anything with it.

...I wish we could get something in there to help Corruptor stay calm while we research Savior. I guess we could just come back every now and then to keep him updated on our progress.

So basically I'm saying B, but let's wrap up the date soon so we can plan ahead and really knock this out of the park.
No. 743412 ID: d1f5f1
File 147167571331.png - (22.41KB , 800x800 , 294.png )

Gonna go back to Rulekeep for a little more messing around before we go invoke the wrath of high powers.

"Hello Amaraba! Where is Anya?"
"By herself, making lunch for us. I'm hoping you have a good punishment in mind."
"I bet I do. She knows how to cook?"
No. 743414 ID: 398fe1

Really the cruelest punishment is to demonstrate to her clearly that this cycle is already over and there is no point to her fight. ...but she doesn't deserve that.

Make her senses all mixed up instead. Tasting colors, etc.

Speaking of senses, if the Savior blinds you with his stupid lightshow that's gonna be bad for fighting him. Can you develop a countermeasure to sensory overload? Like some cool shades?
No. 743436 ID: 486e87

Hang on, didn't Saviour continue to let people into paradise after the CAI battle, he wouldn't need to if Corrupter was quarantined, maybe to keep up appearances that everything's fine?
No. 743437 ID: 8e8cdf

Ah, I've got an idea! We can hold a trial!!

Corruptor in one box, Savior in the other. Rulekeeper, with her innate sense for fairness and theoretically no favor for either of two intruders on the system, will be the beautiful judge and you, Glitcher, can be the Marshal enforcing her will, keeping everything locked down and providing the evidence. Since the contestants are the ones whose lives are at stake, we'll find a collection of respected neutral ones to form a jury, and allow Corruptor and Savior to each pick one person to help them in the investigation! Maybe we could somehow load everything up into a kind of ship and sail it around the cycles to find clues and witness events in action? I don't know if that's possible, but, it's an idea.

We'll hear each of the two make their accusations on the other, find out who and what each of them really is and what their ultimate goals are, discover if we can resolve their differences and examine what can be done to pay whatever moral, ethical or financial debts they have. Most importantly, we can try to get to the bottom of all the mysteries of the system, together.

If you set it up in advance, so that Savior sees what you aim to do the moment he comes calling after Corruptor gets out, you could avoid a straight-up fight and get him to play along.

Anyway you don't need to do all that now, but see if you can set up some alarms or something around the place in case Savior has already caught wind of this and is going to come sneakily tidy away Corruptor's hole before you can free him or something.
No. 743439 ID: 211d83

Hmm the smart thing to do would be to finish up your date and then get as much info as possible about Saviors powers and methods from previous cycles as possible before letting Corruptor out. Then if he shows up right away after noticing the escape you will be ready to hold him off.

If time moves differently for Corruptor then spending a few days preparing after your date would be like no time at all for him.

That being said don't dally to long because if Savior could clean out corruption pockets he could notice this one and come to destroy it if you wander off for awhile. So set up some thread sensors in the Cai sim and around the portal so you can instantly come back if Savior shows his face.

So to recap.

1. Finish date.
2. Get more info on Saviors powers.
3. Free Corruptor and have amazing adventures.
4. When Savior shows up inform him that the admins aka Rulekeeper and Corruptor have decided to join Alison's faction and order/ask him to join your group as well.
5. Save christmas.
No. 743441 ID: 3abd97

>Well that explains why Savior didn't want me messing around here.
Except that wasn't really Savior. Unless he manipulated that Glitcher into showing up, on purpose, with the television images.

Well, hopefully she manages to avoid poisoning us, or I might have to make good on that threat to enslave her! (Snap fingers, seal summoner powers, suddenly she's wearing a golden collar and skimpy slavegirl clothes).

But yeah, we should finish messing with Rulekeep and Sevener before we let Corruptor out, since Savior might show up.

Although, if I remember when he moved Alison from the safe zone to the system zone, his powers have a transit time. That took him minutes, and you guys are a lot further away right now.

When it comes time to release Savior we should slide the entire island(s) out of the way, so they don't get eaten by the hole. Then float up a bug piece of the sea floor to feed it.

When he gets free, after the "Glitcher!" "Corruptor!", you gotta introduce him to Rulekeep. "Rulkeep, this is my friend, the Corruptor. Corruptor, this is my girlfriend, the Rulekeeper. Th admins made her to replace Shopkeep and to counter things like you and me, but then Alison went and hooked us up."

>Hang on, didn't Saviour continue to let people into paradise after the CAI battle, he wouldn't need to if Corrupter was quarantined, maybe to keep up appearances that everything's fine?
Savior doesn't let people into the paradise to protect them from Corruptor. He lets them in to spare them from the contest. He has to keep things running, but he still feels for people. (Assuming everything he's told us isn't a lie).
No. 743443 ID: e22b1d

Yeah set something up to monitor the hole so Savior can not get close without you noticing. Then finish date and get as much info as possible about Saviors tricks.

As for our clumsy handmaiden. First wait until she finishes lunch and announce that if you are pleased with what she made you will forgive her earlier clumsiness. Then when the food turns out to be sub par announce that she is hopeless and you are going to show her what real cooking is like.

Magic up the most amazing feast and let her have a tiny taste of your amazing enhanced god food. Then make her eat the mess that she made while you dine on godly perfection. Only eat a tiny bit of the feast and have her throw away the rest.

Then announce you are going to figure out if she is good at any handmaiden stuff at all.

Handmaiden stuff to try.

1. Have her apply traditional Pomi makeup to Amaraba. Lambast her clumsiness and lack of style.
2. Dress her up in a skimpy dancers outfit and have her dance for you. Insult her lack of rhythm.
3. Give her a instrument and have her play you a soothing melody. Scowl at the horrible sounds.
4. Have her repair some of Amaraba's godly cothes. Watch as she fails miserably.
5. Give her a vague order to "please her gods" make it appear like you are implying lewd activities. If she goes for it act insulted that she is trying to seduce you and berate her for her perverted mind. Unless she tries to go for Rulekeeper. If so just watch and be entertained.

Silly curses to bestow on her when she fails.

1. Make her only able to refer to herself in the third person.
2. Make her glow in the dark. (easier for Alison to find her when hiding)
3. Make her libido 10-50 times stronger so she is distracted all the time.
4. Make all of her summons be effectively the same but now look ridiculous.
5. Make her have no sense of direction.

Eventually decide that she is the worst handmaiden and fire her. As you are escorting her out wander past a big room full of summoner treasures and relics all labeled with handmaiden points. Give her 5 points for her horrible performance and let her look through the room at all the treasures that would give her a overwhelming advantage if only she had more points. Then make the 5 point artifacts be silly stuff with limited uses.
No. 743448 ID: 8e8cdf

Oh geeze guys don't be too cruel, we're already dragging this past version of Sevener back from the dead and making her relive a part of her life she probably didn't enjoy, letting her believe that what she's doing now means much instead of her probably getting put back in the dead zone afterwards. Messing around with her a bit is fine, so long as it's ultimately good-spirited, but let's not torture her. If anything we should be trying to give the contestants a nice time as well, as much as we can.
No. 743449 ID: dd9b7a

Corrupt her with your hedonist godly ways! Make her so addicted to the pleasures of the flesh she gives up the summoners battle!
No. 743450 ID: 91ee5f

>Make her have no sense of direction.
So, basically Zoro from One Piece, right? Yeah, that's a good one! XD
No. 743451 ID: 90f3c0

Curse her to compulsively hug everyone she meets.
No. 743481 ID: c441c1

sutible for one who has no love to give it to others compulsively. in other words this.