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File 134189606490.png - (26.35KB , 700x416 , sCS-174.png )
430781 No. 430781 ID: 44b4ea

Dozens of hours pass, and Alison spends it worrying about Mako. Once she feels like she wouldn't be bugging the Glitcher, she heads off to see if he can't do something.

Hence, she finds herself in his workshop, giving him a greeting, asking about the progress on teleporting her house and, more importantly, to see if he can't find the enforcer that took Mako's ghost, or any sort of workaround. He says she'll be the first to know, after himself, when either is accomplished. Something on the back wall makes a snapping noise before he can elaborate. Alison almost asks if that is supposed to happen, but the Glitcher gives her the answer first.

>"Crap. Crap. Crap."
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No. 430786 ID: 886a4d

Ask if you should leave or is there anything you can do to help?
No. 430788 ID: 8f5660

"Can I help with anything? Should I get someone?"
No. 430789 ID: c3c502

Can you do anything to help? Should you be running away from unraveling reality?
No. 430790 ID: b85f8c

Run away!
No. 430791 ID: 977b20

Alright lets get rolling, just watch what he does I doubt you can help, but ask anyways because it's the thought that counts.
No. 430794 ID: d7e757

No. 430797 ID: b33427

Don't say anything yet. Open the door and be ready to get out if Glitcher says to. Then ask "how bad?"
No. 430805 ID: 44b4ea
File 134189813555.png - (30.69KB , 700x416 , sCS-175.png )

>Ask if there is anything she can do, or if she should run
Glitcher says that she should either stay absolutely, perfectly still, or slither as fast as her whatever-makes-snakes-move will carry her. No middle ground, or else she'll probably teleport to a random bracket with no way back, at best. He things. He doesn't know how to stop it prematurely, but it should end soon.

In the meanwhile, he mentions that he may want to enter Alison's dream to take a look at Mako, if she would be fine with that.
No. 430806 ID: 44b4ea
File 134189815393.png - (14.75KB , 700x700 , sCS-176.png )

In her own meanwhile, Alison will run as fast as she can out of there, though to what, she has to decide.

A) Finish collecting CU and purchasing Tier 3 for multiple people.
B) Focus on gathering materials and finishing construction on her house
C) Grind hug points on someone
D) Something else
No. 430808 ID: b85f8c


Also it occurs to me that in order for Glitcher to visit Mako, we'll have to kill and absorb him.
No. 430809 ID: c3c502

hugs and houses sound good.
No. 430810 ID: c7dc56

D: Consult math and engineer to see if we can contribute to science at all. Don't forget certain odd bits like that neumono photo. Or the fact that you know what a neumono is for no reason.
No. 430811 ID: 886a4d

A sounds best
No. 430837 ID: 927efa

The good news is since Mako's continued anti-existence is contingent on the lifeiness of the Enforcer, whatever Glitcher figures out will probably kill the Enforcer in a most underhanded and backdoor manner. The bad news is it's Glitcher. He's going to fuck something up and the whole thing will explode.

Work on your house for a while. If you can get a semi-private well defended area maybe you can work on some glitches of your own, figure out how this universe really does work instead of leaving Glitcher to bogart the knowledge in his nondescript workroom of doom.
No. 430839 ID: 886a4d

Or we could do chest hunts with a tier 3 party and hope the Enforcer will pop up. Better then sitting around playing house while who knows what is happening to Mako.
No. 430850 ID: b33427

Go with A. You're probably going to need Tier 3 parties sooner rather than later, so better get on that now.

There is the risk that another of Alison's friends will get ghost sundered like Mako. Best to wait a little bit longer and see if Glitcher can pull something out to help in that fight.

Since Glitcher is often busy and shouldn't be disturbed, write up a letter to him asking when and where he would like to throw a duel to be absorbed. Also, after that little scare with whatever he was working on, ask if he and Corrupter have a contingency plan in place in case he glitches himself someplace he can't be recovered from.
No. 430935 ID: 4a328b

I vote B
No. 430942 ID: 44b4ea
File 134194197405.png - (12.64KB , 736x595 , sCS-177.png )

>Write a letter to the glitcher when and where he'd like to be absorbed, and to the corruptor about a contingency plan in case he glitches himself out
It will be done.

For now, Alison goes to check on the Engineer. It is explained that construction is going steady as usual. However, that mostly applies to simply making the house itself. What's lacking is furnishing, as making furniture and beds does takes more time than just carrying a stone from point A to B. Also, he doesn't know how he's going to make a lens massive enough to make for a good observatory.

In fact, glass in general is hard to come by. So in short, Alison can speed things up if she manages to get some skilled labor around here, or finds somehow who can somehow make a lens.

All that, or she can just help out with manual labor.
No. 430951 ID: 886a4d

Welp since we decided to ignore Mako (again) lets go find some lens makers. The Arbiter might be able to help us start our search.
No. 430952 ID: c3c502

You know, we have a lot of people at our service, and they can all select stylistic weapon covers to act as virtually any kind of tool.

So- we need some people with unassigned weapon levels. Then we start turning them into specialized craftpeople with weapon choices. Power-level people who have inaccessible weapon tiers, if necessary.

For instance- we use them to create machines to make sand. We simulate waves eroding rocks away with grinders, crushers, and rock tumblers. Then we need people with heat sources to melt the glass, a big mold to shape it in, and some people with air condition / temperature regulator tools to make it cool at the right speed and not crack.

We could also probably get people to make tools to speed up agricultural production, the carpentry and craftsmanship of furniture, etc.

Project epic craft-army go.
No. 430953 ID: 505b2f

Why don't we just send someone else to ask around about glass making?
Then we could get to tier 3 and start hunting for enforcer and save brave Mako!
No. 430954 ID: 886a4d

You know what, I like this idea, better to have a house thats self-sufficient then relying on outside contractors. It will probably delay our time tables by a bit, but we can speed it up by hiring those contractors to teach instead of build.
No. 430956 ID: 44b4ea
File 134194557297.png - (12.42KB , 736x595 , sCS-178.png )

>Make sand
Engineer thinks that this is a good idea. There are lots of people with spare weapon slots, so this shouldn't be terribly difficult to organize.

Between him and Alison, they'll delegate more talky people to attempt to get skilled laborers to teach Alison's house members how to do the labor themselves. Engineer hopes that they won't be stingy on teaching, given that that may breed competition.

Now Alison will decide that with those tasks delegated, she'll go to the Smuggler.
No. 430957 ID: 44b4ea
File theShop2-2.swf - (232.76KB , 850x900 )

A few more purchases have been made in the last several hours, and so Alison has a grand total of 54,292,096 CU to spend

Previous build suggestions that were made at the end of the last thread will still be taken into account along with new input here.
No. 430960 ID: 927efa

It's interesting how Engineer is confident that melting down sand will create glass at all. Has he tried it? Also how to shape that glass into a lens, with perfect curvature and without imperfections?
No. 430967 ID: 886a4d

He made the original telescope remember.
No. 430973 ID: 977b20

We need to talk with the smuggler about the sand thing.
No. 430976 ID: c3c502


From the scientific texts we've read, and from all our observed evidence, it pretty much seems that the normal rules of physics and material interaction apply inside this simulation- except when they come in conflict with explicit game or system mechanics. So yeah- it's possible to make glass out of sand.

Of course, the engineering challenge is the bigger problem. Lenses are harder to make the bigger they are. Quality, cooling rate, curvature, not cracking, etc. But I'm assuming they can get the info they need from gathered books from safe zones, and they can cheat sufficiently with magic weapon-tools to get the job done. We can reproduce any mundane tool this way (which is all we humans ever needed), and we can probably cheat further with magical ones making it faster / easier. We already have a fireballs, why not ice spells? (there's all the temperature control you need, done right) Or gravity manipulation? (easy way to get just the curvature you want). There are loads of way they can abuse weapon selection to make engineering / crafting easier. It kinda depends on how badly the system can be broke- but hell, it's possible even limited to mundane equipment.
No. 430982 ID: 886a4d

As far as suggested stats heres my list >>/questarch/423741 I suppose we could switch out guardsman for recluse
No. 431019 ID: b85f8c

Well we definitely need to get Scanner to T3 and get maxed T3 Scan on her. How to spend the other CU available for her though? I'm having trouble deciding. I know we need rank 1 Immunity and rank 1 Range would be incredibly useful (especially when she's on her own against possibly other T3 opponents from other houses once the game starts again) but what about the other 3.7 million?

Healer should be bumped to T3 too so she can get T3 Healing. Interestingly, Item Cancellation can be maxed at the same time while also having enough CU to get Immunity 1 and T3 Range 1.

Ask everyone for requests on what they want to get for abilities, and whether or not they want to go to T3 and lose all those neat toys in T2.
No. 431082 ID: 44b4ea
File theShop2-2-2.swf - (232.91KB , 850x900 )

Alison gets herself, Scanner, Iso, Healer and Recluse up to tier 3, and Guardsman will likely follow next. For now, she only had a bit over 5 million CU remaining. She spends the change on it to get various others to a higher body and weapon stats in order to increase labor capability and weapon types.
No. 431083 ID: 44b4ea
File 134197342338.png - (57.91KB , 700x700 , sCS-179.png )

Hour 103/500, Cycle 3/30

There is still no word from the Glitcher. Chief and Succubus manage to find an experienced carpenter to teach, for the cost of 2000 CU per hour, which would translate to 1 million CU should she take an entire cycle to teach. With that, though, she would be able to teach everything she knows. Does Alison accept?
No. 431087 ID: b85f8c

No. 431088 ID: 886a4d

Sounds good to me. Is she an independant or does she have a house? We could try to recruit her.

I say since we have a fairly rounded T3 group we go chest hunt and see if we can't bag an enforcer... maybe the data from the battle will help the glitcher find Mako's killer.
No. 431090 ID: d8f016

It doesn't really put a dent in our finances, and once we've got a successful carpenter he or she can train more. It'll more than likely pay for itself in the medium to long term. So yeah, hire her.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the interface, but are people we're advancing to tier three losing their lower tier immunities? If so, we should really make sure the party's banker stays low enough level to keep banditry immunity, at least.

Besides carpentry and glass-making, what crafts do we want to work on?

-Agriculture: In addition to basic farming / gardening tools, we could try to speed things along with things like sunlamps, rainmakers / waterguns, or fertilizer producers.

I'm not sure where to go from there. Textiles and clothes are right out, and we can create tools from nothing- we don't need an industry to make better ones.
No. 431095 ID: b33427

Yes, accept the carpenter's offer.

Hey, remember when you purchased the music skill way back when? Perhaps there are "worthless" skills that overlap or are close to ones that are needed. Like, for example, artistic sculpting can be close to stone working, ceramics, wood working, or metal smithing, depending on the medium chosen. Ask Engineer to write up a list of possibly purchasable needed skills, and skills close to those skills, and send it to be checked by Smuggler.
No. 431102 ID: b9d767

Can I get a link to the other threads? I can't seem to find them.
No. 431107 ID: b33427

There are links to the previous threads on the wiki page: http://tgchan.org/wiki/AsteroidQuest
No. 431112 ID: 44b4ea
File 134197777539.png - (8.62KB , 700x700 , sCS-180.png )

>Loss of immunities
Though it isn't explicitly stated, getting any stats in tier 3 immediately gains all immunities to tier 1 and 2 abilities, with the exception of absorption.

Alison will make a note to see if something like that can't be sped up.

The carpenter has been hired.

>Is he independent or part of a house?
Independent, but he specifies that he would like to keep it that way. There is far more business for keeping in the central, public sections.
No. 431113 ID: 44b4ea
File 134197784398.png - (19.51KB , 700x416 , sCS-181.png )

Hour 274/500, Cycle 4/30

>Purchase novelty skills such as music
This has worked well. As suspected, purchasing these doesn't give much knowledge on the subject, but it does give a great deal of innate talent. With this, lots of people naturally take towards knowledge, application and general practice.

The Glitcher summons Alison soon before her house is finished. She's told to just stay on the left half of the room, but it is otherwise alright. He thinks he has a way to track the Duelist's ghost to where the Enforcer is. With his method, he'll make Alison two items. One being a teleporter to a general location of where he us, the other being a teleporter back. However, since it would be disasterous for the system to find the sanctuary, the teleport back will have an expiration timer in case they have a way to track the return-teleport. In short, Alison will have about 3 minutes or around 20 rounds to get in, kill the Enforcer, make sure everyone is on the same tile or vicinity around Alison and teleport back.

Worst case is that Alison is killed and rended. The second worse is that she gets Duelist, but the return teleport expires. It will still work as an evacuation from wherever she is, but she'll most likely end up in a random bracket. It won't be possible to come back until her new bracket converges with a bracket of someone she knows and has access to the sanctuary. That could be the next stage, or it could be the final stage.

It's risky, but it has taken a lot of effort just to get this much, so that's all he can do on the matter.
No. 431114 ID: 04b86a

Really? That's not what the immunity skill implied. Not that it would matter normally since Banditry can't be used in safe zones like the Sanctuary.

>20 rounds to kill him and regroup
That at least sounds doable. There is another way back, though: Alison can die and have the Arbiter resurrect her. We should bring some white duel gloves to kill each other with should we escape after the timer runs out.
No. 431115 ID: e3f578

Ask if the enforcer is THE enforcer and is the only one, or a hypothesis on that matter. Mako was the first person from the sanctuary to be rended, correct? And if we rend the enforcer, will the system produce another one, or give up entirely from that front?
No. 431120 ID: 44b4ea
File 134197932288.png - (11.05KB , 700x700 , sCS-182.png )

Did Alison think she got immunities from getting any tier 3 abilities, because that was wrong.

Rank 1 immunity gives immunity to all rank one abilities and boons such as Banditry (with absorption and weapon ranks as the exception) and Rank 2 grants immunity to tier 1 and 2 abilities, with the same exceptions.

>Ask the Glitcher if the enforcer was only one
He has no idea about anything regarding enforcers, and he's assuming that the enforcer isn't going to have any ill effects from his teleportation tricks.

>White gloves
Alison will remember to bring enough to involve everyone, although inventory space has been severely limited for herself after getting to tier 3.
No. 431121 ID: 04b86a

Even better than dying: can the Glitcher make an item to let someone with Alison's ghost teleport to her to bring her back? Then we won't have to waste CU because of the absorption cap.
No. 431123 ID: d8f016

Actually, if we get random bracket teleported, there's an easy way back.


Even if we're way stronger than other entrants in combat, we can still deliberately lose a puzzle level, or wait out a timer or counter to be eligible for resurrection back home.

The only real flaw is there's no way for anyone to signal that they're trying to return via suicide. Our backups / resurrectors have to take scheduled naps to check, I guess.

Hey, have we ever asked glitcher what it feels like, being glitched? I would think it would be kind of interesting.
No. 431126 ID: 09e5bf

It may be worth making sure others (at least Arbiter and Corruptor) know that Absorption caps out at 5 million CU.

It means maxed out tier 3s can't be revived just by having their allies absorb them when they die.
No. 431137 ID: b85f8c

Yes, this is something of note that I'm not sure we've reported. Losses are incurred upon resurrecting those who are in Tier 3. Considering we are farming CU from the stages at such a high rate it shouldn't be a big deal though.

Anyway, agree with the Glitcher's plan. It shouldn't be too hard considering we killed the enforcer the first time in less than 20 rounds. With a stronger team it should take much, much less time.
No. 431139 ID: 09e5bf

I wonder if there are good 5 million CU tier 3 builds, or if you're better off as a fully tricked out tier 2 at that point.
No. 431146 ID: 927efa


I don't think the Glitcher has been glitched. That's sort of his thing. But you could ask that one guy who broke the level to find you. He was totally glitched.
No. 431154 ID: 886a4d

Lets get Mako back!
No. 431155 ID: b33427

Accept the teleport items and greatly thank him. Say you'd give him a hug, but you're a bit worried something would break; He's not looking so well. Also, before leaving ask if he can clarify how those three minutes line up with Sanctuary time, so you'll know how long you'll be gone.

Then it's off to inform your friends of the plan, assemble your strike team, and make arrangements for resurrectors to do periodic ghost checks for you and your team.
No. 431163 ID: 44b4ea
File 134198795921.png - (94.80KB , 700x700 , sCS-182.png )

>Ask what it's like being glitched
It is a constant reminder that he is, in a sense, driving. But the road is slippery, there is a thick fog, everyone is telling him to drive fast, and he is overlooking a cliff on both sides without a railing.
And everyone he knows is in the backseat.

Although if he's lucky, it'll be because he it a rock and flew out of the windshield by himself without making the whole car careen off the cliff. For instance, right now he thinks that he is kind of dissolving. He isn't sure, but it's more comfortable than that one time that half of him was somewhere else for awhile.

On that note, Alison must consider who to bring.

She has herself, Scanner, Iso, Healer and Recluse at tier 3, and may choose to bring anyone from Tier 2 along as well, as they may still be of help. The Glitcher says there can be up to 15.

>How long will this be in sanctuary time?
Glitcher says that he doesn't know, but most likely the same as a regular safe zone, so she will lose the rest of this cycle if she leaves now. So it probably won't hurt to wait until the end of this current cycle.

Alison says that she would hug him, but that may not look to be a good idea. The Glitcher agrees, and so Alison simply gives him great thanks.
No. 431165 ID: b85f8c

Hrm. I suppose after he visits our dream we'll have a copy of his ghost. We should be able to resurrect him if he dies due to a glitch accident, then.

Oh! Do we have any financial reports? What's the income like from our CU farm? Speaking of finance, how are the merchants handling the fact that Smuggler showed up? It used to be mostly item trade, but now I imagine that market is mostly dried up.

Lastly, ask him more about how being Corrupted works. Now that we're stronger, having that unwanted attention might not be so bad.
No. 431166 ID: 927efa


O...K so Glitcher doesn't have some special anti-glitch protection after all, just a suicide complex. We can work with that.
No. 431168 ID: 886a4d

I... hate waiting any longer now that it is actually possible to get to Mako. Still we've waited over this this cycle so we might as well finish up.

Plans for the rest of the cycle.

1) Get one more striker up and running. That means another inc. damage \ max range person. I suggest Guardsman with the following stats.

Immunity 2
Damage Red. 1
Damage Inc. 3
Range 2

Double Offence

2) Help make the lenses for the observatory either by finding an accomplished lensmaker or learning to use our fire spell with fine enough control to assist in crafting it.

3) Continue to hunt for more skilled teachers in various subjects, it will eat up our funds so we might want to wait until after Mako is rescued before hiring any more but at least finding them will be over with.
No. 431170 ID: 886a4d

I'm going to say no to being glitched still. That screams to me ENDGAME.
No. 431173 ID: b33427

Oh, Glitcher didn't get back to Alison about being absorbed, did he? Ask him about that before leaving. While considering that his "unstable" state might bring complications to being absorbed, it would offer a way to bring him back if he dies in a glitch accident, or is teleported who knows where.
No. 431226 ID: d8f016

Wow. That was a bit more of a downer than I expected- it sounds like he can't really let his guard down or rest at all- he has to literally work to keep it together at all times. Poor guy never gets a break.

Um, dumb question. Has he been absorbed / resurrected safely before? I can't help but wonder if that might have side effects for us. Or if a resurrection might have failsafes to prevent copying corrupted data (trapping him), or to repair glitches (making him normal). Granted, I doubt he would have suggested it if it weren't safe, but...

We could invite him to the eventual housewarming party. If, uh, attending a party is the kind of thing he can do safely, and enjoy.
No. 431255 ID: 44b4ea
File 134202922906.png - (14.17KB , 700x700 , sCS-183.png )

>Finance report
As another cycle has gone, Alison has gotten about 11 million CU more spent 1 million on the carpenter, leaving her with 15 million. She'll have around 25 million by the time this next cycle come to an end, as well.

>Ask the Glitcher how being corrupted works
He doesn't know, he isn't corrupted, and doesn't want to be.

>About being absorbed
The Glitcher does need that to happen, so he loses a duel with Alison after assuring her it is as safe as anything. Alison takes a quick nap in the hall to get the Glitcher to Mako. One of the dissolving squares is grabbed by the glitcher, somehow.
No. 431257 ID: 44b4ea
File 134202927313.png - (18.05KB , 700x416 , sCS-184.png )

Once Alison has woken, she asks him if he would like to join her housewarming party, if it's something he can do safely and enjoy. He says it is probably safe. But he isn't a people person. Or a party person.

Unless Alison changes her mind, she plans on getting Guardsman to tier 3 to bring along, and will also afford to get one more person to Tier 3.
No. 431272 ID: 886a4d

We can save that second tier 3 for Mako. As a welcome back gift. Or we could unlock some t2s fully and give them access to everything!
No. 431273 ID: d8f016

I'm not sure it's worth detracting from the power of our rescue strike force in order to later power up the rescuee.

Besides, with the time dilation thing the corrupted sanctuary has, we'll have new earnings waiting for us when we get back.
No. 431274 ID: 09e5bf

I think it would be best to have two tier threes and several maxed out tier twos with every skill and full perks, since they're still useful against tier 1 and 2 enemies, as well as tier 3s that don't have immunity.
No. 431286 ID: 886a4d

We are going at the end of the cycle for a period of 20 rounds \ 3 minutes. When we get back we won't have missed a thing.

Alright swinging my support to unlocking some t2s as they really are usefull especially with switch position and teleport. Since we might be facing multiple tier 3s these guys will be primarily support. I suggest all of them get fort heal plus boons.

For the actual members I suggest Sword, Shield, Atlas, Charles, Strongarm, Dagger, Bandit, Succubus, and Chief. With our 6 tier 3s that will be exactly 15 people.

Chief primarily to show we do trust him and our majordomo should have some heft to back up his administrative power.

Stats should be as follows:

Delimeter + Tier 2 Access
Max Body \ Armor \ Weap Fort
First Strike 5
Scatter 5
Swap Position 5
Teleport 5
Fort Heal 5

Heal Range 1-2
Heal Movement
Heal Mini
Absorb Double
Inventory 1-5
Heal Double, Heal Overcharge
First Strike Priority 1-5
Scatter Leftovers
Double Attack

They should all buy an even mix of armor repair kits, and red gloves since we have a tier 3 with item cancel selective bypass. They should also be given 150k to choose boons and specialty skill lines of their own preferences. Succubus might for example want to max shapeshift. That will be about 600k CU each I believe. Which totals up to around 6 million spent, half that of a second tier 3. The rest should be left with Chief's second in command if he has such a thing in case for some reason we don't come back.
No. 431291 ID: d8f016


I'll second that. Adding a bunch of useful and flexible cruisers sounds better than one more dreadnaught (if you'll excuse my lame ship class to tiers analogy).

And a fully shapeshifting succubus sounds awesome. Not only can we finally test the limits of that power, but she's our people person. There's gotta be lots of ways she can put that to good use.
No. 431318 ID: 44b4ea
File 134204790307.png - (33.78KB , 700x700 , sCS-185.png )

Alison gives the Glitcher he thanks and goodbyes, and heads back to get more people at maximum Tier 2.

When Alison gets to the Chief's room, he notes that while the plan would involve Alison being gone for a few scant minutes, anything involving the glitcher may have complications. And if Alison's group were to be displaced and unable to come back, it may not go smoothly to have all of her best to suddenly go missing. If Alison doesn't mind, Chief has assituated himself as being the manager around here, so it may be best to leave him behind and take someone else along, perhaps, he mentions, Clarence.
No. 431320 ID: 886a4d

Clarence is a good alternate choice. Still get him up to tier 2, we can afford it and he should be ready to step into our shoes should the unforeseen happen. Remind him though that hugs are the best policy.
No. 431321 ID: d8f016

Hmm. I almost suggested we should designate a second in command while we were out, but I've grown used to every quest ever ignoring suggestion towards establishing a chain of command. :V

Decision time guys, do we trust Cheif?

I'm wary, but I say we give him a chance. He hasn't given us any solid reason to think he's going to betray us, and even if he does try, he can't do anything we can't reverse, I think. Besides, we have friends here to keep an eye on things.

Leave him some orders on what to keep up on should we disappear, and remind him he can use Arbiter for help and resurrecting people, as he has recursive resurrection access to everyone on team Snake Queen.
No. 431324 ID: 431fa8

This is a rather key point he's making. We're currently planning on bringing our closest posse with us- but that leaves us in the position of leaving only second-tier friends at home to run things. Perhaps we should consider choosing two or three trustworthy people and explicitly assigning them the job of being our lieutenants and running affairs in our absence, whether that absence is for a few hours or many cycles. Having a formal power structure would help avoid having things slowly dissolve if we're gone for a while, and we can explicitly charge them with carrying out our ideals (make new friends, look after existing friends, and ultimately try to save everyone).
No. 431327 ID: 09e5bf

We are leaving behind tier one friends though, like Math and Engie.
No. 431341 ID: d8f016

Math and Engie are useful and intelligent, but they haven't shown much in the way of leadership skills. They're specialists.


This is a very good point. We should leave several lieutenants who've shown leadership / people skills behind. Chief is an excellent manager, but we also need people who can maintain our in-house social order, and who can work with the other forces outside our house (Arbiter, Corrupter, Glitcher, etc). Chief's social and diplomatic style is a litte... rough.

I'd give out posts, each in charge of different fields. Chief's the manager / expediter, math is finances, Engie runs the construction projects, Bandit manages internal relations and disputes (like a mediator, or a good human resources department). Succubus for foreign relations? (Dealing with other houses, Glitcher, Corrupter, Arbiter, ect).

We can still leave chief in charge (giving him a chance to finally prove himself or betray us) but have the benefit of a more stable structure.

Of course, this home-front lineup leaves a few holes in the tier 2 force we were gonna bring to war. Who remembers more names of people we can power up and bring? :p
No. 431353 ID: b85f8c

The main problem with sending out Alison is that nobody back at base has Resurrection. Unbuyable boons like that make gathering chests still somewhat relevant- the only real issue is being able to survive an encounter with Judges while also not doing well enough to provoke Enforcers. A chest farming group would need to have someone with max Absorb Priority and someone with max scan so they can spot Judges with Absorb: Block Resurrection. Those are targets which have to die first. To avoid Enforcers, nobody in the chest farming group should have Delimiter.

I've been saying all along we shouldn't trust Chief with anything past middle management. We should not set him up to be our replacement, but I also don't think it's a good idea to take him along as he's rather GOOD at management. There's no need to make him into one of our fighters; there are plenty more people we trust more than him that aren't being used in any other role. I wish this issue would stop coming up. We should just LET HIM DO HIS JOB already.

Recluse would make the best replacement for Alison considering he's got such a similar goal- to bring as many people as possible out of the game. Unfortunately we made him our Protector apparently and that's a rather crucial party role so we can't leave him behind. I'm not sure who else could be Alison's replacement except for perhaps Bandit. Or perhaps Alison herself knows better than me of someone whose heart is in the right place and would make a decent leader?

Another issue, and this is important: we cannot use the white glove escape plan near any enemies that might have Rend. Rend replaces a regular ol' Absorb action and we know already that anyone can absorb someone that dies during a duel. Trying to escape via white gloves near an Enforcer could result in someone getting Rended as we go. Max Absorb Priority would help prevent this, but they could have that too.
No. 431357 ID: d8f016

Arbiter has resurrection though, and can bring Allison back so long as she doesn't get rended. And I was under the impression that the white gloves where an escape method to be used if we were forced to random teleport out.

But yeah, I don't really care how high we put Chief up on the totem pole. If he just wants to do his job, he's welcome to it.

(Maybe we should have a squad doing chest runs at some point just to try and get access to some of the unbuyable boons. Another in house resurrector would be nice.)
No. 431367 ID: 44b4ea
File 134205905909.png - (13.29KB , 700x700 , sCS-186.png )

Alison believes that Chief is excellent at managing her place, but isn't sure if him leading it may end well.

And although Recluse has similar motives as Alison, he doesn't seem like someone who would enjoy being in charge of so many, being the recluse.

In fact, she trusts nearly everyone, but almost no one seems to take to being the central power aside from Chief, who may, as mentioned, cause issues.

Except, perhaps, the Arbiter. He seems both trustworthy, likes Alison, and may very well be willing to be in charge of two houses until she gets back.

Then again, that may look bad that she doesn't have kind of chain of command on her own.

All kinds of indecision. Alison is tempted to just hope for the best and sort this out later.
No. 431368 ID: bbee3d

Perhaps we should set up some sort of council instead of leaving everything in the hands of one person? A triumvirate or something might work better.

Maybe Chief (good at managing/leading),
Iso or Recluse (trustworthy, similar goals),
and... someone else? I'd say Duelist, except that he's the whole reason to make this trip in the first place. Mathematician? Engineer? Scanner?
No. 431371 ID: b85f8c

Well, we could go by The Collective's example and form a group that's in charge. Have Chief be the guy who actually gets things done and deals with managerial duties, but have the group of loyal friends be who decides WHAT gets done.
No. 431373 ID: d8f016

No, Alison. No matter how tempting it is, you can't just hope for the best. You're a leader, and you have a responsibility to more people than just Mako. You should make at least a cursory attempt to set up contingencies to protect them- you can't leave them aimless and adrift. Leaving a few people in charge to keep things running smooth and to watch out for the others is a good idea. Just don't leave Chief completely to his own devices (Bandit and Succubus are your best people people- the ones best suited to keeping moral up and people together if you're delayed, and most likely to keep Chief from treating anyone badly, IMO. Even if neither has shown the ambition to lead). You can ask Arbiter to watch out for them if you're delayed, but I wouldn't name him your outright proxy. That's a little overstepping the bounds, I think.

Of course, this planning is all for if your return is delayed. Realistically, if you never make it back, Chief is probably going to end up in control of your house. Or your house will end up absorbed by Arbiter's, as he's the nicest leader there, your ally, and he can already offer your people resurrection. But you can't worry too much about what happens if you end up dead, or worse.

The worry about the risk of you leading from the front, in battle, is irrelevant at this point. For better or for worse, you've already made your decision there.
No. 431377 ID: 886a4d

The problem with any sort of council is we've already put our most trustworthy people into tier 3, which means we'd be leaving behind important members of our task force to get back Mako.

We really do only have one leader here besides Alison and that is Chief. In the interviews Alison did to skim through her dead did she find any that stood out as a leader? Perhaps we can see how those people do in a position of power for the rest of the time skip and decide from there. Another option is instead of taking all our closer friends as our tier 2 support we look to others like Recluse's friends and Chief's group.

However I'm of the opinion to throw it all in to the fact that we will come back and mess with a chain of command later since this is giving us so much trouble.
No. 431378 ID: 09e5bf

We already have people we trust in place, leading things. We aren't even interrupting that by taking the group we have. We've left these exact people in control before.

It'll be fine.
No. 431379 ID: 04b86a

I agree we should have a small council to make any important decisions that need to be made while we're away. We've already delegated most of the decision making anyway, so all that they'd really need to do is organize chest runs and keep a presence in the stages for us.

On the subject of chest runs, I think we should see about finding people who haven't absorbed anyone to bring up to tier 2 for those, because they won't have any ghosts to steal. We won't have to worry about block resurrection, either, since the Judges won't be able to get a high enough priority to stop a tier 3 person from resurrecting anyone that dies.

About the shop interface... shouldn't the presets have all of the available absorption boons aside from the priorities selected? It's not very important, since I know they must have them, but it's still bugging me.
No. 431395 ID: b85f8c

Actually a T3's absorb is just automatically given 10 ranks in Absorb Priority. A T2 can get the boons directly and be equal in priority to a T3.

So any Judge with Block Resurrection that has Absorb 10 and Priority 10 would actually be dangerous for us. But aside from that specific build... yeah, we're in the clear.
No. 431397 ID: 04b86a

That's... not what was said before, unless I misunderstood it, but if Lago decided to change it then that's fine. Those will be rare, and we can just have our guys red glove duel them when they show up to minimize the number blocked. Red gloves are to only be used on those, of course; no need to scare the judges enough to draw out an enforcer like last time.

Here's what had been originally said >>/questarch/423557:
>a tier 3 character automatically beats out a tier 2 character in every manner of priority boons
No. 431403 ID: 44b4ea
File 134206437137.png - (11.41KB , 700x700 , sCS-187.png )

After some discussion, Alison will leave Chief in charge of managing the internal functions of the house, the Succubus as a people person for foreign relations, and the bandit as a general purpose mediator when necessary. Mathematician and Engineer will also be given a say in Alison's absence, not that they didn't have a say already.

Chief also mentions that while there may not be any tier 3's left, there will be enough CU income to get one more Tier 3 per cycle, so that would fix itself.

As time moves on, Mathematician asks that there will be another dozenish million CU at the end of this cycle. Would Alison like to carry it, none of it, or enough to resurrect Duelist?

Rule Clarification: Unless otherwise noted, a Tier 3 character will have equivelent priority to a tier 2 who has all priority boons in its respective ability.
No. 431405 ID: 886a4d

Have twice the amount to resurrect Mako, and leave the rest with the House.
No. 431407 ID: b85f8c

Duelist takes about 13k to resurrect. Let's carry 100k just in case there's something we want to spend it on where we wind up. Somehow.
No. 431408 ID: 886a4d

Lets take an even million then, might be tier 3 items for sale.
No. 431409 ID: 09e5bf

unless his stats changed, the shop has the wrong info for mako. We'd need a few hundred thousand to revive him.
No. 431411 ID: b85f8c

Oh. 1 million then.
No. 431416 ID: 44b4ea
File 134206866060.png - (22.87KB , 840x528 , SYS-EnSt-1.png )

At the end of the cycle, Alison lets everyone know that she'll be going. She brings 1 million CU with her.

Sword, Shield, Atlas, Charles, Strongarm, Spear, Clarence and Twirl will be the tier 2's.
Alison, Recluse, Scanner, Iso, Healer and Guardsman will be the Tier 3's.

That is 14 individuals, as Alison may want room to resurrect Duelist on the spot, for a 15th.

As she teleports in, she arrives on one of those pillars of light. It appears that this is a Tier 3 aesthetic.

There is a sign saying that activating a blue tile will summon Enforcers.
No. 431417 ID: 44b4ea
File 134206867355.png - (158.85KB , 1054x682 , SYS-EnSt-1(2).png )

Round 1 Start
No. 431422 ID: d8f016



Okay, I'm assuming you trip a tile, you summon three on the red tiles nearby. (Worst case, you trip a tile, all 12 appear).

We want to concentrate on clearing one island at a time, obviously.

(Also, the overcrowding on that tile is kind of absurdly cute. :3 Heheh.)
No. 431425 ID: 04b86a

>12 enforces, spread out in three groups
>only have 20 turns
>don't know which group we want

Okay, okay, I think we should be fine with activating two groups at once. Have one of the tier 2's teleport right, another teleport left, and the group as a whole will go left. Next turn each of them can swap position with one of our fresh Tier 2's before moving and then they can activate the blue platforms. And have Iso make a light trail after moving so we can skip a platform next turn.
No. 431426 ID: 09e5bf

Remember, Alison is specifically after 1 enforcer, and there is a time limit. We should be triggering two at once, with even groups on both sides, with the tier twos hanging behind the tier threes by 1 square. If the enforcer appears on the other side, from alison we'll use tier twos to chain switch places/teleports to move her over quickly.

This way she has a chance of actually going after all the enforcers. (assuming the blue spots only summon predetermined enforcers on the three red squares near them)
No. 431429 ID: d8f016

Alright, multiple triggers seems reasonable.

We should utilize choke points though. Trap Enforcer parties on their islands with our heavy people acting as blockers, with lighter people who can heal back a space, while we concentrate fire on the target enforcer. As soon as he goes down, everyone pulls back to one tile, we res, and activate the tele.

This will go to shit kinda fast though. Even with healing, I don't think anyone can hold up against 3 on 1 concentrated fire for long. Although we might be able to get around that by cycling units. But I fully expect them to have a way to circumvent choke points. :/
No. 431430 ID: 107c3d

one thing we have to keep in mind is that enforcers play for keeps, they probably all have rend ghost. if an enforcer gets a kill we risk having who they take down get rent as well. so if we activate two at once we have a serous chance of losing people.
No. 431437 ID: b85f8c

Okay, we can't visit each blue platform sequentially to swarm the enforcers. So this is my plan:

All T3 players should head for one blue platform. A couple of T2 players (preferably with Teleport) should stay behind and head towards two other blue platforms to activate one if our three Enforcers don't get results. Then we can kill them on the way back. If the second blue doesn't reveal our target, hit the third one on the second round. We will have to kill two enforcer groups on the way back but that's fine, we can handle it. If we whiff all three tries then we make a beeline for the last blue platform and activate it- at that point we'll want to zergrush our target and evac immediately. We can save turns by having Iso create light trails after each movement to hop over a platform every round while in the middle.

This doesn't leave a whole lot of room for error as far as speed is concerned but it is very safe as far as casualties are concerned. I think that's fine, since if we run out of time we have white gloves for evac. We'll just wind up wasting like 30 million CU resurrecting at a loss. We could reduce losses by leaving some of our T3s behind; this seems reasonable since they have a good chance of getting through stages alive. Only puzzle stages or System goons would kill them, at that point.

An alternative strategy is to split up, but that would most likely mean more turns spent sitting by the blue platforms fighting Enforcers, and we only have one Protector so other groups would likely suffer casualties. If Rend is involved we're FUCKED since then Alison would have to get over and Rend the offending Enforcer personally and that wastes time we don't have.

So. This turn, everyone but the two T2 advance scouts move up-left, and Iso should create a light trail hopping over the next platform. That'll save us a turn. The two scouts can move up-right and down-left.
No. 431438 ID: 04b86a

My activate two at once plan is to hopefully have the second set come after us (meaning we won't have to run as far after dealing with the first set) and to see if our target was one of them. The Tier 2 that activates them is obviously going to teleport away the following turn before they can get in attack range. So, no, activating more than one shouldn't increase our risk of losing people.

Addendum: Have Iso Throw the person teleporting left. That'll let us activate those Judges this turn.
No. 431439 ID: b85f8c

Dropping enemies with Remove Platform is actually quite difficult as the platform disappears after the move phase of the next turn. They get a chance to hop off even without float. It could be useful to prevent an enemy's retreat, however. Of note is that there is no diagonal movement here.
No. 431452 ID: b85f8c

>Swap Position

Oh! That could speed things up too, if we have more than one player with it. Then they could stay in the middle and use it to swap in Alison and Recluse to deal some damage before the other T3s arrive.
No. 431453 ID: b85f8c

>have someone teleport to activate the first blue platform earlier
Good idea! Then we can lure in the FIRST group of Enforcers early instead of just the others. That will shave a couple more turns off.
No. 431457 ID: 886a4d

Here's my plan. This can keep up to 3 groups of enforcers penned up indefinately.

Step 1) The Tier 2's all teleport each to a corner in groups of two. The leftmost group has one person switch with Iso and he throws the other across activating the enforcers. If its our enforcer good proceed to step 5, otherwise proceed to the next step.

Step 2) Iso disables the left light trail and the left activator returns across the gap. The upper most group has one person cross over and enables that enforcer group. If its our enforcer good proceed to step 5, otherwise proceed to the next step

Step 3) Iso disables the upper light trail and the activator returns across the gap. The right most group has one person cross over and enables that enforcer group. If its our enforcer good proceed to step 5, otherwise proceed to the next step.

Step 4) Iso disables the right light trail and the activator returns across the gap. The down most group has one person cross over and enables that enforcer group. Since this is the last group our Enforcer must be there. So everyone except Iso should move towards that platform.

Turn 5) ATTACK. The two swappers should immediately swap with Alison and Gaurdsman. Their job is to hurt the group as much as possible. While the others head in their direction. Iso should keep the enforcer groups penned up that do not contain our Enforcer. If this involves all three other groups he will have to constantly disable light trails and do nothing else.
No. 431464 ID: b85f8c

Light trail disabling doesn't have infinite range though. Pretty sure. It'd be kindof ridiculous if it did, as you've demonstrated.

At any rate, all we have to do is find our target then kill him and leave. To that end, we SHOULD activate all four blue platforms at once, then use Iso's create light trail ability to get an extra head start on the other Enforcers. We kill our target and any Enforcers that could pelt us as we run back to collect our four activation-dudes, then trigger our escape. EXTREMELY fast and very safe.

So basically my supported plan, based on my prior posts >>431437
is now to activate as many blue platforms as fast as possible to pick out our target, then zoom over to them and kill them while the T2 dudes that activated the platforms run back with hell on their tails.
No. 431466 ID: 927efa

What if the Enforcers want to negotiate?
No. 431468 ID: 886a4d


Light trail disabling and destroy platforms both have no range requirements in the descriptions... indeed negate platform specifically says ANY platform. However if they do have a range requirement we would have two swappers at each platform and it should be easy to switch Iso to each corner. We can even use a swapper in the middle to chain swaps if its too far away.
No. 431476 ID: c7dc56

I say we take it carefully and commit to going over the time limit, then having arbiter resurrect us. Remember how much trouble one enforcer gave us? we shouldnt risk spreading our force at all over 12 of them.
No. 431568 ID: 44b4ea
File 134212545735.png - (169.10KB , 1054x682 , SYS-EnSt-1(3).png )

Long overdue Rule and Character Stats: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats

Round 1 - Movement

Iso throws Clarence SW.
Alison throws Iso SW
Clarence Teleports 3 tiles to a blue tile!
Shield Teleports 3 tiles NE, Twirl Teleports 3 tiles SE.

Clarence will head back, and Iso will, next turn, will begin blocking light trails.
No. 431569 ID: 44b4ea
File 134212547683.png - (155.89KB , 1054x682 , SYS-EnSt-1(4).png )

Tier 3 characters begin moving SW, while other tier 2's move to the upper left, preparing to swap positions with Tier 3's for quick movement. Shield and Twirl will hang by the east sides to activate tiles as needed.

Healer, Recluse throw Guardsman and Alison to Iso.
No. 431570 ID: 44b4ea
File 134212549989.png - (289.79KB , 861x550 , SYS-EnSt-1(5).png )

Round 1 Attack

No targets are available. It isn't until after the attack round begins that the enforcers spawn!

How did contestants get here? The middle one asks, the other two telling it that they don't know. They tell Clarence that she must leave, as with everyone else with her.
No. 431574 ID: 886a4d

Tell them we're here to rescue a friend, other then that it shall have to be secret, apoligize for inconveniencing them and ask if any of them are willing to give us more information on the contest. Or anything about the system in general.

Scanner scans, Iso blocks, Clarence heads on back and we activate the next group.
No. 431575 ID: d8f016

>Rule and Character Stats
Good gods, thank you. I'm going to study all that now, thanks.

Clarence: bluff them. Apologize for the intrusion, agree that we'll leave. This will buy us a turn or two before we find the enforcer we want and start aggression.

If possible, we want to back off and seal them on that island with platform light trail severing. Scanner might want to grab some data too.
No. 431576 ID: c7dc56

Apologize and say you'll do that. Hope they'll just leave.
No. 431577 ID: 886a4d

Good idea, bluff them, ask them if they would be willing to answer any questions about this 'contest'.
No. 431578 ID: b85f8c

Tell them that we will leave as soon as we get our friend back. Continue with the plan. Activate the next blue tiles.

Wait, that's interesting- did it just speak in a different manner than normal? Scan the middle one.
No. 431581 ID: 44b4ea
File 134212739432.png - (15.40KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-1(6).png )

Clarence tells them that they'll leave, but they'd like to know what this competition is about.

The Enforcers decline to state, and they don't disappear when Clarence says she'll just leave then.

Scanner scans. She says that this will count on the limitations of Create Light Trail matching just how far away it looks to be.
No. 431584 ID: b85f8c

Continue with the plan. Worst case scenario we just have the panel-activators running away for most of the battle.
No. 431586 ID: d8f016

Actually, if I'm reading the rules right, the light trails connecting the mainland to the island are too long for even create light trail 3 to restore if we break it. And it looks like throw has to follow tiles and light trails. So we could trap them, temporarily. They'd need a few turns to build a bridge of new platforms and light trails to get to us.
No. 431587 ID: 04b86a

Float doesn't protect you from disappearing platforms. Remove Platform's been moved to after everyone's moved and given a range limit, though, so it's not as overpowered as it was before.

I don't think they'll be able to bridge the gap with a single light trail, but they should be able to bridge it by alternating between Create Platform and Create Light Trail. I think that will take four or five turns, though.
No. 431590 ID: 886a4d

Oh god none of them have float, I wish we could trap them some how. Wait one of them can make platforms. That might work in our favor. If Iso range can meet the platform they create he can disable that as its created.

Also the first two do not have immunity two, that means they are vulnerable to first strikes. I think our tier 2s could probably gang rush this entire group and win with zero causualties.

However I see a very easy way to win. Let Recluse red glove them.... there bam dead all three in three turns. None of them have item cancellation.

Or better yet combine the two, have Recluse red glove the creator while they are in the middle of the gap, they rest will die when the platforms expire. I like this best as long as red gloves range can be used in this manner. If not Iso can probably set it up fairly easily to link his own platforms with theirs.
No. 431600 ID: 44b4ea
File 134213080629.png - (148.05KB , 861x550 , SYS-EnSt-2(1).png )

Round 2 - Movement

The enforcers move forward as Clarence runs back.
No. 431601 ID: 44b4ea
File 134213090115.png - (156.30KB , 1054x682 , SYS-EnSt-2(2).png )

Iso blocks the light trail.

Charles jumps forward to activate the NW blue tile.

Round 2 movement over.

Guardsman didn't jump, and says he has range 2. He wants to know if a disabled light trail is going to stop him from using his range as opposed to just movement. Alison doesn't quite remember if that has been tested.

>Have recluse red glove them
He will be able to use them once per attack phase.

Round 2 Attack Begin

The second batch of enforcers has not yet spawned.
No. 431602 ID: d8f016

Okay, so the first batch of enforces didn't appear till the end of attack round 1. The next batch should show up in a moment, since there's no one in range for attacks.

...or only one group spawn at a time. Meaning we will have to kill these guys, and we probably won't make our teleportaion window.

I don't see the point is using red gloves yet if we can keep these guys penned up. Let's end phase and see if the 2nd group appears.
No. 431605 ID: 886a4d

Good thing to test, we realy should have thought of that.

Next move phase Clarence should move to join guardsman. Alison should move right. Recluse should stay where he is to guard Clarence and Guardsman. One of the ones on the platform leading to the just appeared Enforcers should switch with Iso. And if its not our target he should block it. Atlas should return of course.
No. 431606 ID: 04b86a

That would be a good thing to test, but Recluse is out of red glove range and Guardsman out of attack range so we should see who spawns on the next island before deciding on what to do next.
No. 431611 ID: 44b4ea
File 134213394333.png - (423.87KB , 919x589 , SYS-EnSt-2(3).png )

The new enforcers have appeared. The one on the right shouts.

They have Third Tiers!

It begins shouting all of Alison and company's stats.
No. 431612 ID: 44b4ea
File 134213396340.png - (18.61KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-2(4).png )

Scanner does her thing.

End of Round 2
No. 431614 ID: b85f8c

Still haven't found our quarry. Next platform, continue retreating our platform-activators and swapping in Iso to remove the light trails.

Alison and Co should move towards the center if she isn't already. The T2s should start moving towards the SE.
No. 431621 ID: 886a4d

Charles should head back then Iso block them off (Switch to get into range). Everyone except for Clarice, and Gaurdsman should head towards the center. Recluse should stay within two of them so he heads down onto the same square.

Hmmm, looks like you can move after cancelling a light trail. Good that means one jumper will work. I was worried we'd have to wait an extra turn or two to get them into position.

Could we get what items we brought? With all that inventory space we should be able to burn through those glove scissors if it comes to that.

Looks like another group our tier twos could rush and destroy. Ethereal potion is a new one, wonder if since we've seen these it will be available in the shop.

This is looking like the worse case scenario more and more. If the next group doesn't contain our target we should consider wiping one of these out because this will get tricky if range works across cancelled trails.
No. 431625 ID: 44b4ea
File 134213627920.png - (149.46KB , 861x550 , SYS-EnSt-3(1).png )

Round 3 movement phase

All Enforcers move forward, including those in the NW section.
No. 431626 ID: 44b4ea
File 134213631352.png - (164.58KB , 1054x682 , SYS-EnSt-3(2).png )

Spear swaps with Iso.
Charles returns.
Iso blocks the new trail.
Alison and Tier 3's begin moving towards the center, while the tier 2's begin moving to the center. With the exception of Guardsman, who insists on trying range. Shield moves forward to the NE blue tile.

No attacks can be made yet, and so Alison waits through the attack round.
No. 431627 ID: 44b4ea
File 134213636386.png - (361.37KB , 930x625 , SYS-EnSt-3(3).png )

Enforcers have spawned!

Scanner says that one of those looks like the quarry, but his stats have been changed!
No. 431629 ID: 44b4ea
File 134213643976.png - (17.75KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-3(4).png )

Scanner tells the stats for the new batch.

Alison will begin taking stock of the items she has, but so far it looks as though everyone has a single red glove for evacuation purposes.
No. 431630 ID: 04b86a

Have everyone move toward there, Guardsman included. We can test that later under less urgent circumstances. Actually, we can have Clarence test that now. If her attack is nullified by Immunity 1, then we know they can cross the blocked trails.
No. 431632 ID: b85f8c

Found him. Everyone move towards him. Alison should demand he return Mako or else we'll Rend him out of him.

Zergrush etc. We're fine for time, we just need to make sure we get everyone over there. Also, it looks like Iso can stay behind with one T2 player and keep the light trails deactivated to prevent the other Enforcers from even following us.

Oh! And one of the T2 players should attempt right now to attack an Enforcer via the disabled light trail- if it works (and is blocked) then we have to get away from Enforcer 4's light trail immediately. He can instakill most of our army here. We should also move away from Enforcer 1's light trail eventually as he's got T3 Range 1.
No. 431633 ID: b85f8c

Oh and in fact, when testing range over disabled light trails, we need to make sure we're not within his range on that turn, so get off that tile next to the disabled light trail.
No. 431634 ID: 886a4d

Alright good, not optimum but we can work with this, A slight problem, I see a red glove and Alison is extremely vulnerable to that. We need our tier 3s who can take him out to burn through that with red gloves and take him out before he uses it and we HAVE to rend him too.

Plan of action. We need a swapper within two range of each of the activated enforcer groups to swap Iso around. Plus one in a simliar spot by the target enforcer group.

Gaurdsman and Clarence move towards 4,5,6 one spot to test range.

Charles moves down so hes closer to the center then stays there.

Recluse should move towards Clarence and Gaurdsman and Red Glove the two range if range works or the platform maker if it doesn't.

Everyone else should head towards our target.

((Always Left has failed us, it was right this time.))
No. 431635 ID: c7dc56

Oh my God JC. A Bomb!

What does the bomb do? oh man I have no idea what to do. Lets try to avoid clumping together until we know what that does.
No. 431637 ID: b85f8c

Scanner can cancel any T3 items within 3 squares of her. We're fine.
No. 431638 ID: 886a4d

Oh right, I forgot I made sure to include that, *phew*
No. 431639 ID: 04b86a

It's better than that: the guy with the red glove is right next to a guy with Item Cancellation 2 but not Selective Item Cancellation.
No. 431650 ID: 886a4d

It says in the text Gaurdsman didn't move but on the map he has moved. Which is correct?

Modifying this so Shield swaps with Alison. Use a chain swap if need be. That Item Cancel works in our favor. Since there is a protector with them she shouldn't even bother hitting anyone but him. Use double offence since they can't hit back.
No. 431660 ID: b85f8c

Alison has T3 Range 2. We can't hit anyone immediately from where Shield is. Granted, if she moves forwards next round none of them can get within range of her either, but there's no indication that their protector is dumb enough to not move away. I think a better idea is to have Scanner swapped in so she can block that bomb immediately, whatever it does. She can just stay out of range while she's there, aside from moving forwards once to cover all squares. Then everyone else can catch up.
No. 431663 ID: 04b86a

Slight problem: Enforcer 7 is worth 11,100,000 CU. One of those stats needs downgraded.
No. 431665 ID: b85f8c

Heyyyy, you're right. What the hell's up with that?
No. 431672 ID: 886a4d

probably another math 'error'
No. 431699 ID: 44b4ea
File 134214652160.png - (27.28KB , 1203x875 , SYS-EnSt-4(1).png )

Items are now updated at http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats
Everyone has 1 red glove.

>It says in the text Gaurdsman didn't move but on the map he has moved
He did move after all.

>Enforcer 7 is overpowered
His rank in increased damage is now 2, instead of 3. Back to 10 million.

Round 4 Movement

Guardsman and Clarence stay at a range of 3 away to test out range. Everyone else begins moving, Tier 3's to run towards Enforcer 7.

Shield swaps position with Alison.
No. 431700 ID: 44b4ea
File 134214653205.png - (249.07KB , 1183x493 , SYS-EnSt-4(2).png )

Round 4 Attack

Clarence attacks Enforcer 4! Enforcer 4 is immune to T1 Range!
No. 431701 ID: 44b4ea
File 134214654384.png - (165.56KB , 1054x682 , SYS-EnSt-4(3).png )

Clarence says that although it didn't work, she was definitely able to attack past the disabled light trail.

Guardsman has a red glove, and he can still use it at the end of the attack phase before the next turn.
No. 431704 ID: 44b4ea
File 134214699821.png - (165.43KB , 1054x682 , SYS-EnSt-4(4).png )

Fix: Shield was one farther away, and swapped with Scanner, not Alison.
No. 431706 ID: b85f8c

Iso should be creating light trails now to hop over platforms to boost our speed, now that we know removing them won't quite lock down the Enforcers. We just have to keep ahead of them and take out the target fast.
No. 431707 ID: d8f016

Okay, looking back at when Enforcer used it last time, >>/quest/422341 disabled light trails seem to return after the move phase. That means we should be able to keep bouncing Iso back and forth re-severing the lines to keep the groups on the NW and SW islands trapped.

I'm not really sure what good Guardsman using the red glove is. We don't need those ones dead, and we can contain them. It's unnecessary risk, innit?
No. 431712 ID: 4a328b

Disable the light trail that attaches to the path with the disabled light trail==buying time
No. 431718 ID: 886a4d

Slight problem, Recluse was supposed to stay in the center to gaurd Clarice and Gaurdsman, AND Iso when he pops in... he is to far away. Recluse HAS to head back to the center. Clarice swaps with Iso to renew the cancel. IF RECLUSE DOESN'T SOMEONE DIES. AND IS RENDED.

It was supposed to recluse who used the gloves but for some reason he was moved out of range.

New plan, Since Spear stayed still for some reason he is to swap with Recluse, Clarice swaps with Iso. Iso should renew the light trail cancel and Recluse should red-glove Enforcer 2. Tactics would be to do normal hits until out of armor then use block + double offence to reduce damage even further.

Everyone EXCEPT Charles can continue to head towards scanner. Atlas should swap with scanner so next turn he can place Alison there.

edit: Meant Atlas, not Gnoll
No. 431724 ID: 44b4ea
File 134214947302.png - (27.30KB , 1203x875 , SYS-EnSt-5(1).png )

Clarence swaps with Iso, Spear swaps with Recluse! Various Tier 2's move and use teleport, and will be able to swap next turn.

Recluse uses a red glove on Enforcer 4! Enforcer 4 loses, and is slain!

No. 431725 ID: 44b4ea
File 134214948273.png - (166.35KB , 1054x682 , SYS-EnSt-5(2).png )

Round 5 Attack

Recluse can choose to use a red glove on enforcer 4, who will likely use a range of 2 to reach Iso. Otherwise, he can also choose to protect and use block to take minimal damage.
No. 431727 ID: 886a4d

Ya take out the 2 ranger. For some reason I typed 2 instead of 4. Recluse should attempt to absorb of course.
No. 431728 ID: b85f8c

He's got Double Attack, that's gonna take off a sizable chunk no matter what. Use the glove, there's really no reason not to.
No. 431730 ID: 44b4ea
File 134215054280.png - (161.40KB , 600x600 , SYS-EnSt-5(3).png )

Recluse uses Red glove on Enforcer 4!

Round 1:

Enforcer 4 attacks Recluse for 840 damage!
Recluse attacks Enforcer 4 for 525

Recluse takes 210 damage!
Enforcer takes 525 damage!

Round 2

Enforcer uses double offense, and attacks Recluse for 1,680 damage!
Recluse attacks Enforcer for 525 damage!

No. 431732 ID: 44b4ea
File 134215081090.png - (248.92KB , 1183x493 , SYS-EnSt-5(4).png )

Enforcer 4 is slain! Recluse returned to original (full) health.

Iso uses absorb! Enforcer 5, 6, Recluse and Iso use absorb!

Absorption deadlock!

Iso yells back to Alison saying that absorption is a constant action now - both he and Recluse have to keep on absorbing, or else either 5 or 6 are going to get 4. The problem is, is that Iso and Recluse can't take any actions while they're trying to absorb.

End of Round 5
No. 431736 ID: 4a328b

We're not after that enforcer, let it go and block the light trial
No. 431740 ID: b85f8c

Drop it, the 5 million isn't worth keeping them on lockdown. Have Iso go and re-disable that light trail blocking the other two in that group.

Everyone else keep bunching up in preparation for the push.
No. 431741 ID: 886a4d

Recluse looks smooth finishing off that enforcer.

They should let it go. Mako is more important and we have three other enforcers to kill.

Charles swaps with Iso. Iso renews that light trail. Spear should swap with Recluse again. The five next to the target swaps with Recluse, Alison, Gaurdsman, Healer and Scanner. Everyone else except Iso, Charles and Clarice moves towards the tier 3 group.

Alison and Gaurdsman should both Double Attack Enforcer 8 (Protector) who is in range.

edit: revisions to the plan since theres five waiting at the end. AND I misttyped which enforcer. AGAIN.
No. 431742 ID: e3f578

Ask if they're all rend ghosting 4 or actually just absorbing 4
Tell enforcers to give up on the absorbtions, we're here for one enforcer only, everyone else is just in the way. While they have obvious loyalties to the system and won't betray information, is preventing CU gains really the priority they should be focusing on? That's a bit petty for the system, isn't it?

I mean, if they're all rend ghosting, that enforcer is fucked anyway, they're not getting their friend back unless they rend themselves, and then that person needs to get rended to get their rended friend back and create a loop. Do they really want that?
No. 431743 ID: 7acc27

Let them know that survival and getting Mako are top priority to the exclusion of anything else. If that means you need to stop absorbing in order to do something, don't hesitate to stop.
No. 431744 ID: 04b86a

Have Clarence swap with Iso so that he can maintain the block on the other group. If just Recluse isn't enough to maintain the deadlock then so be it.

Then have Guardsman and Alison move SW and Guardsman double offense Enforcer 5. Everyone near the NE light trail should move toward the center, too.

The turn after that Alison can move again to finish off E5 with double offense and Rend it while Guardsman double offenses E6.
No. 431747 ID: 886a4d

Our goal is Mako, better to concentrate on the group with Enforcer 7 then that group. The onyl reason we killed Enforcer 4 was because he could have killed Iso or one of the tier 2s.
No. 431748 ID: 44b4ea
File 134215213765.png - (27.15KB , 1203x875 , SYS-EnSt-6(1).png )

>Rend or absorbing?
They are definitely trying to absorb Enforcer 4, not rend him. Still, Alison tells them that absorbing 4 is not a priority at all, so justlet it go.

Round 6 Movement

Charles swaps with Iso, who renews the NW light trail.

Various Tier 2's swap position with Tier 3's outside of Iso.

Enforcers 5 and 6 back away.

Enforcer 8 backs away while 7 and 9 take his spot.

It is the end of the movement phase, but Scanner and Healer can throw Alison and/or Guardsman an additional tile while Recluse can protect them.
No. 431750 ID: 886a4d

Err even if he does protect them he will still die. Do a double attack on Enforcer 9.
No. 431753 ID: 4a328b

The one we are after is #7, so let's eliminate 9 and maybe 8 first so they don't absorb block us
No. 431754 ID: 04b86a

No need to throw, just have Alison and Guardsman double offense E9 and have Scanner try to absorb whoever dies. We shouldn't need her for the fighting at this point.

If we don't mind leaving on round 20, we had 14 rounds left to do other stuff. Killing those two would have taken three rounds, leaving us with 11, which is more than enough to take out those three enforcers. Hell, it might even have left enough time to take out some or all of that third group. It's a bit late now though, so if we don't want to take out Enforcers that we don't really need to then it's no big loss.
No. 431758 ID: 886a4d

Theres an easy way to disrupt someone casting absorb... cancel platform. They have a choice. Move or die. And Iso has a free turn to do so.
No. 431760 ID: d8f016


We've got the situation contained, let's go for the objective. Do this.

We can worry about burning extra turns to harvest more of them for CU if we get the chance, though I'd rather bail as soon as we can. Sticking around longer gives the system more time to throw in reinforcements (why should we expect it to play fair when we're attacking it?), or be ready to trace our teleport.
No. 431768 ID: 44b4ea
File 134215388287.png - (15.68KB , 1111x441 , SYS-EnSt-6(2).png )

Alison and Guardsman use double offense on Enforcer 9 for 3,360 damage!

Enforcer 8 used protect! Enforcer 8 is slain!

Scanner uses Absorb! Scanner gains 5 million CU! (Capped)
No. 431771 ID: d8f016

Huh. That's odd. They didn't even try to block your absorb.

Welp, continue. Eliminate 9 and then 7, keep the other groups penned. Everything should be fine, so long as we're prepared to block the bomb, I think.

9 can't do anything bad with the red glove before we kill him, right?
No. 431773 ID: 886a4d

All the Tier 5's jump forward. Recluse should get another glove and Red Glove Enforcer 9. He should Protect the entire platform. Alison, and Gaurdsmen should Double Attack and Rend Enforcer 7 and Healer should attack if Enforcer 7 as well if he remains in range. Vengeance is NIGH!.

Oh and Charles switches with Iso. Iso should disable the platform so they can't get across the gap unless they have float.
No. 431780 ID: 04b86a

Heh, we just killed him with music.

Have our T3 group move forward and kill E7. With Alison and Guardsman using double offense, not even block will be able to save him. One of the nearby T2s should swap with Iso and everyone get closer to us, but no one should go onto the platform we're on right now in case E7 decides to come toward us.

Hrm... question about protector: when it says everyone on the platform, does it mean just friendlies or EVERYONE?
No. 431781 ID: d8f016


Trapping our people on the island forces us to stay for at least 3 more turns (we all have to share a tile to tele out), when it looks like we'll be able to finish quicker than that.

I'll say it again- I don't think it's wise to stay longer than necessary. The system will try something if we give it the chance.
No. 431782 ID: 886a4d

Not the Island the main group is on, the enforcer island... the leftmost one.
No. 431784 ID: 44b4ea
File 134215506340.png - (26.93KB , 1203x875 , SYS-EnSt-7(1).png )

Enforcer 7 says that he is not surprised that Alison wanted to come back for Mako, but is surprised that she managed to do so.

He jumps backwards while 9 moves forward.

>Protector protecting everyone on the platform, or just friendlies?
Recluse actually does not know. Which is an inconvenient thing to not know, now.
No. 431786 ID: 886a4d

Red Glove 9 with Recluse (hand him the glove) and Double Attack 7. Remember to Rend 7.
No. 431788 ID: e3f578

Ask why are they defending each other against surely lethal hits if they are part of the system and will respawn anyway. It's not really strategically viable for each individual person on their team. What use is a protect ability on an Enforcer? They're all insanely, yet still equally powerful, it's not like they're aggroing away their guy with the big DPS, they're all heavy hitters.

I mean, they probably won't answer, but if they do, it'd be a nice insight into their motivations, which may reveal further information about the system than the enforcers will realize.
No. 431792 ID: d8f016

Well, logically, the system doesn't actually have a teams system. Friendlies are just the people you chose not to attack. So you wouldn't expect protect to discriminate.

A better question might be: is protect conscious or automatic? Does Recluse chose to activate it when available, or is he forced to?

Or we could just try to avoid finding out. 9's got pushback resistance, but can we just throw him away, Disgaea style? :V
No. 431794 ID: 04b86a

Let's find out now, then!

Recluse uses block and protects the platform.
Scanner deals 1 damage E9.
Alison and Guardsman both use double offense on E7 and Alison rends him.

Do we have anything we want to say to him before we rend him? Maybe say that we still hope we can consider him a friend even if we have to be enemies and offer to resurrect him if the others give us the CU we need to do so?
No. 431795 ID: 886a4d

We don't really need to say anything honestly and I think its best to get rid of Enf. 9 right now... we can experiment with platform mechanics once we are safe.

That reminds me Iso has to renew the bottom trail block.
No. 431796 ID: e3f578

Since 7 is talking, if we can't really coax anyone into answering any questions, call him a monster for what he did. No one should be subjected to what Mako went through, there was no practical reason to punish him like that. It's not even practical for getting rid of rebels like us, because look what the fuck happens when you punish rebels like that. You get this situation and no one's for the better, the enforcers are just off worse.
No. 431797 ID: b85f8c

Ask him why the Rend stuck even though he died last time. According to the rules of the ability, a Rend ends if the user dies without some way of bringing himself back to life. As far as we know, that only includes the 1up token, and since we didn't have to face him twice on that battlefield it seemed he didn't have one. Unless, I suppose, the fact that we weren't in a real stage made the 1up respawn mechanics work differently- maybe he respawned somewhere else?

From the scan data it APPEARS that he has no way of respawning on his own; someone would need to resurrect him. If he had a 1up, we'd be able to see it via that scan. So... we might be able to get Mako back without Rending him.

WAIT A MINUTE this guy knows Mako's name. How the hell does he know that? Demand to know what he's been doing to him. He needs to convince us that we don't need to Rend him; and also that Rending him would be the wrong thing to do. We have a measure of compassion- he needs to talk to us so we know what is right and what is wrong.
No. 431808 ID: 44b4ea
File 134215656996.png - (109.76KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-7(3).png )

Before Alison and the rest finish them, she asks why they are defending each other if they will respawn anyway?

Enforcer 7 says that they are simply given their stats. They have not been tried in battle before. It is a grave oversight from the learning system. More importantly, they are kept alive while in the system, and it is a projection of themselves that are sent to fight in a stage. However, Alison is currently killing them in the system zone, where their original copies are stored. There is no resurrection for them from getting killed here.

The other Enforcer reminds him that silence is considered a virtue. Enforcer 7 says that they have lost already. He was intending on escaping back through the portal to preserve a contestant. How ironic it is, that Enforcer 8 sacrificed himself so readily, yet he would have been far more useful to stick around to be able to throw Enforcer 7 the rest of the way.

Alison asks how he knows Mako's name - at least as importantly, what precisely the Enforcer has been doing with Mako?
No. 431812 ID: 886a4d

By absorbing you I'll be preserving you instead... maybe we will escape this hell together.
No. 431813 ID: a5c529

No. 431814 ID: 7acc27

I think we should offer bringing back the enforcers we absorbed after we get Mako back

Like offer it now, saying we'll resurrect them when Mako's safely with Alison again. Don't require them to give the other half of the CU we'd need, just say if they can't cover it, that Alison will do it when she can, somewhere where the system could get the enforcer back if they want, like a stage or by a shopkeeper.

I think it would be a good step in making friends with them, in a way that, while they will in all likelihood continue to do their job, they might not rend our allies when doing so, as a show of mutual respect or something.
No. 431816 ID: 04b86a

We're learning too, to be honest. But more than that we're protecting, trying to give as many people as we can a chance to live. We have a safe zone that we're allowed to bring people related to the system to, though it's going to be a bit vacant for a little bit longer. We'll be leaving twelve or thirteen rounds from now at the most, but if anyone would rather be there than here we can resurrect them there if we get them in our absorption pool before we go.
No. 431817 ID: 886a4d

I disagree, they are all enemies and they all have Rend Ghost. They WILL kill us given the chance. Its better have them as ghost companions for now.
No. 431818 ID: d8f016


Okay, that's not creepy at all. Now, on the one hand, this is bad: 7 has confirmed that in some way, the system is stupid. Letting it learn from us is a bad thing. On the other hand? We're getting his ghost. And if he's realizing how broken the system is, maybe he's subvert-able.

Also: enforces don't get rez-ed if they die here. This actually gives us a good reason to stick around- take these guys out before they can be used against later. We're sinking their fleet while it's still in port. Of course, this is arguably needless death, and the system probably has tons more enforcers where these came from.
No. 431819 ID: 44b4ea
File 134215726744.png - (154.23KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-7(4).png )

Alison lets him know that by absorbing him, he can be preserved instead. She'll even bring back the other enforcer that was absorbed, just for Mako.

Enforcer retorts saying that the fact that Alison did not get a ghost from her absorption last time was not because that was a copied projection. He does not leave ghosts behind. Not from the boon 'No Ghost'. 'No Ghost' is a misnomer, and prevents a copy from being taken. Enforcers simply do not have a ghost to begin with.
No. 431821 ID: e3f578

Ask why he rended Mako. What's the point? It's going to get him killed, as well as others if they continue attacking their friends in that way.
We can come here now. It's too much of a risk to ever rend a ghost.
No. 431825 ID: 886a4d

And we have no choice but to kill him to get Mako back... thats sad. Thats really sad. Tell him I wish you hadn't forced me to choose between you and Mako. I am sorry. We won't kill any more enforcers here. Then strike him down. Tell the other enforcer he is free to leave... they all are. Myabe we'll see them in a stage where death is less permenant for them.
No. 431827 ID: d8f016


Does he know that for a fact, or is that just what he's been told? Because that seems like an excellent lie to control Enforcers- give them no hope of survival outside the system. For their reaction, no one has ever attacked, and therefore adsorbed Enforcers in a system zone before. He therefore cannot know it's true.

Allison- check this. Is Enforcer 8 available from your resurrection menu?
No. 431830 ID: b85f8c

So, it sounds like Rend doesn't do much of anything to these guys here, as they have no ghosts elsewhere. It sounds like using Rend on them in other locations would affect their copy here though.

So... these guys have no ghosts. If we kill him he's just dead. Um.

Keeping people alive has been our goal from near the beginning. Ask him two more things: 1) Is Mako being mistreated? and 2) Does he care about dying?
No. 431831 ID: 132b99

"un-rend him and we'll leave"
No. 431832 ID: 886a4d

He can't, he doesn't have resurrect, and we aren't leaving without Mako.
No. 431833 ID: 7acc27

Apologize, but it's the only way to get back your friend. Kill him, absorb him. Tell other enforcers that we value our friends very much, and hope to avoid this needing to happen again.
No. 431834 ID: 04b86a

The bug fixes they sometimes have the Shopkeeper perform show they can alter things. Can he have himself given Resurrection so that he can bring Mako back himself? Then we won't have to kill him.
No. 431840 ID: 44b4ea
File 134215869314.png - (110.30KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-7(5).png )

Alison does not feel that she has Enforcer 8.

Alison asks what the point of Rending others is. He explains that they are only sent out to people who have gone, presumably intentionally, to places they are not supposed to be.

So, they are supposed to Rend everyone, so that they may be removed from the stages, but not be lost forever. Since he has lost by the end of this turn, he would return Mako since it wouldn't make a difference. He does not have a methodology to do so. He does not have resurrection. If he could have once decided to have resurrection, then he can't anymore. It would be his sole regret.

She asks the enforcer if Mako is being mistreated, but he says that he is not. It is virtually impossible to do anything more than harass him or make him 'uncomfortable', as it is in the stages. And there is no point in that.

As for if he cares about dying, he simply says he would like to avoid it. Enforcers are made to not care, but he has learned a bit too much, and that apathy has gone away. Which may be difficult. If Alison doesn't do him in, he will be hunted by the system, as he has said too much. He is likely considered an ill suited enforcer now, and doubts that he can escape into the stages.

Which is more words than he has ever otherwise spoken in his life, several multitudes over, and doesn't care to talk anymore. Will Alison finish him after all?
No. 431845 ID: 886a4d

Would he like to come with us? He could get resurrect through chest runs. He would most likely have to face other enforcers but he would have us by his side and he could continue to learn.

This could be a trick of course but I think we should take the chance if he is agreeable.
No. 431846 ID: 7acc27

I love this idea, but feel that if we do this, we should wait to head back until we wouldn't be going straight to the sanctuary.
No. 431847 ID: d8f016

We could offer to take him with us. We have space for 15 people. Then we get him resurrection by doing chest runs.

Failing that, it's also possible that if Glitcher has direct access to him, an alternate means of recovering Mako could be devised.

Of course, while there are probably benefits to be had from subverting a system insider, Corrupter and co will likely be *quite* irked if we take the risk of bringing him back with us.
No. 431850 ID: 04b86a

Ask him if he knows how the system would find him were he to try to escape into the stages. Would they have to find him manually or through the Shopkeeper, or can they just lock onto him directly no matter where he goes?
No. 431851 ID: 4a328b

No, but we can't bring him with us back to the sanctuary. If he's killed by the system, we'll get Mako back anyway, so how does this sound:

We tell the enforcer to meet us in our bracket (the non-sanctuary safe zone), teleport back to the santuary with everyone (not the enforcer) and tell the Corruptor/Glitcher/housemates/Arbiter what went down, and ask if they want to try pulling the enforcer into Smuggler's Sanctuary, or making ANOTHER sanctuary thing if they think that's too dangerous, or if they have some other ideas
No. 431852 ID: 886a4d

I doubt the system will allow him to do anything like that... most likely he will be purged and he'll be dead anyway.
No. 431854 ID: d8f016

We can't avoid difficulty by going strait to the secondary sanctuary. If we wait and random tele out, we're in real trouble, because with no ghost the Enforcer can't suicide home with us. We'd be stuck in the worst case scenario we were hoping to avoid- doing foreign brackets until we stumble across Outsider or one of his ilk. Although, I suppose we could send one person home via ghost as a messenger, and hope the Outside can then pick us up.
No. 431855 ID: dcd48d

Finish him for Mako. We have killed other players and i think that's worse then killing what is effectively a moderator for the system even if he is only doing as he is told.
No. 431856 ID: b85f8c

He will be hunted by the system, which means he will eventually die and Mako will be unfrozen...

I don't think we should kill him. Not now that he has become more than he was designed to be. We can't take him back to the Sanctuary either, as that would expose it to System attack, but what we can do is wait until our item expires and turns into a random evac. We could use that to get him into the stages so he can escape. After that we would have to escort him through the stages until we rejoin our bracket.

Of course that means we need to survive until it expires. Iso keeping those two other groups on lockdown will work okay, but one of them has range and items. It could be troublesome.

On the other hand he's one tile away from his own escape route- if just leaves then that's it.

So basically he can accept our help or we kill him- we're not letting him go back. Also we should ask Healer for her opinion, and I suppose everyone else. This is a bit of a big decision.
No. 431857 ID: 886a4d

If we can preserve him and get Mako back as well I say we do everything in our power to. We've always been about preserving life. However I am not willing to leave Mako in the systems tender mercies either. So either he comes with us or dies.
No. 431858 ID: 927efa

Argh, right in the compassion!

I... I just don't know.
No. 431864 ID: dcd48d

Too much risk involved in that and I worry about what will happen to everyone while we are gone. besides, like you said, he'd die anyway. best to kill him now, get Mako back and get out.

also him in a random bracket means he would have a huge unfair advantage and unlike us might use it to kill players. Also also, a rouge player with rend ghost could be bad when we don't have him under our control.
No. 431866 ID: d8f016

There's also an added risk for any of us running around in foreign brackets. The system is likely to notice the intrusion of new overpowered characters. Which likely means we'll be harried by more enforcers on the way out. We'll risk losing more people until we return.
No. 431867 ID: 886a4d

We'd be going with him, there is only one item to return with. However we can use ghosts as messengers, it'd mean killing one of our own to send them back but I bet they can find the Arbiter or Chief when they sleep since they will be checking for us when we don't show right away. And the fact that the Glitcher found the Compassionate Enforcer once means he could do it again. It might take a few cycles but there it is.
No. 431868 ID: a5c529

Finish him!
No. 431869 ID: d8f016

Okay. I'm going to stop dithering with possibilities and vote.

If we can talk him into it, we random tele out with the enforcer. The potential benefits of subverting an un-ghost-absorbable system insider is worth the risk of running around a little, and letting our house run itself. And we can't risk taking him to the sanctuary in a direct tele- we have to wait till we can take him strait to the ancillary one where we've got smuggler.

If he turns down, apologize. Then kill him.
No. 431871 ID: dcd48d

I wouldn't call him an insider, he seems to know very little besides what he needs to do his job.
No. 431886 ID: 688854

Alison came here to free Mako and shes not leaving till she does that.
No. 431905 ID: b85f8c

>>431856 here.

The more I think about this situation the more convinced I am that we have to at least give this guy a chance to escape the System. Though it's a long shot, as we have no way of guaranteeing that we can even get him Resurrect, and if he absorbs anyone we can't get to those ghosts retroactively. If he absorbs someone that hasn't been absorbed by anyone else, and he doesn't get Resurrect then dies, that ghost vanishes with him along with all the retroactive ghosts. I guess we would have to make him promise to at least cooperate with someone who can absorb his kills so that it isn't a worry, if he can't avoid people dying. Also of note is that if he ever runs into a situation where there is only room for one person to exit the level, the best option is for him to sacrifice himself so that no ghosts are locked into a no-resurrect situation. We can in fact check if he's absorbed someone, by getting him to consent to a Banditry attack on him; if he's carrying CU that means he absorbed someone. Once/if he gets Resurrect we can then ensure that he resurrects everyone he absorbed, as we can compare his carried CU with the value of those he resurrects.

Simply letting him go isn't really an option though- we would lose major points amongst those who are counting on us to get Mako back. We would have to assume he would eventually die, but nobody knows when that is so everything would be left up in the air, frustrating everyone. Even he isn't really happy with that option.
No. 431907 ID: eda346

Being a system insider isn't about information; it is about having a link to the system like Smuggler had before we killed him.
No. 431909 ID: f7ae22

Apologize for it having to come to this, and then kill and absorb him. It may even be possible to gain a ghost, and if any Enforcer has gained one it would be Enforcer 7.
No. 431945 ID: 44b4ea
File 134220199036.png - (11.67KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-7(6).png )

Alison attempts to save everybody.

She asks the Enforcer how the system tracks him, if the system would always know where he is no matter what. 7 doesn't know. He is prepared to detach from the system, despite his purpose. He doesn't know how, though. When asked if he can join with her later, he says that there must be a way that the system teleports people to specific brackets, but he hasn't been privy to that.

So she takes out her non-inventory items. The normal teleporter on the right, between her safe zone and the corrupted sanctuary. She doesn't recall how this works, if it works from any safe zone to the sanctuary, or if it is specifically her stage 5 safe zone.

Then there is the current timed teleporter on the left. The glitcher did not elaborate on how it worked, but it does mention how long it has until its tracker expires.

Both of them have latches on the bottom. She expects that she is able to tamper with them, if she wishes to go down that road.

If nothing else, she may be able to mess with her original teleporter quickly enough, and if nothing comes of it, use her new teleporter before the rounds are up to get back to the sanctuary that way.
No. 431946 ID: 886a4d

Open up your original teleporter. Lets take a look at the glitchers work.

We should also turn to the Enforcer 9 and ask him if he is going fight. If he is have Healer, Scanner and Recluse attack, if not allow him to retreat.
No. 431947 ID: d8f016

Oh, great. There's a scenario I didn't expect. Tampering with the teleportation system. Highly dangerous glitcher type work, without relevant knowledge, skill, or safeguards. Best case, we can find a way go right to right to the ancillary corrupted sanctuary, or to the safe zone Outside originally recruited us by. Neutral case- we just end up random telporting ourselves. Bad case- we break the telporters and are stranded. Worst case- glitcher accident worse than death.

Okay. We have two teleporters. T1 and T2. We know exactly how T2 will work- if we use it before the timer expires, we return to the corrupted sanctuary. This is unacceptable, and we cannot risk it. If we wait till after the timer expires, it can be used to random teleport to an unknown bracket.

T1 is intended to move between two specific locations. We have no idea what happens if we activate it in a 3rd zone. It may take us to either of the two destinations, it may do nothing, it may break the device, it may random teleport us, or it could glitch kill us.

Now, both T1 and T2 give coodinates for specific zone. I think what we want to do is alter T2 so it evacuates us to the safe zone, instead of the corrupted sanctuary. Once there, we can move everyone where we want them easily.

Open T1, carefully. See what the insides look like, hopefully it's a puzzle we can solve. Leave T2 alone at first, so we can still use random tele as a plan B if we break T1 examining it.
No. 431948 ID: 04b86a

Yeah, open up the original teleporter. Take a look at everything written on them as well, any information about how they work is information that may help us.

Tell Enforcer 9 that he may as well stand down. He can't defeat even one of us by himself, and even if he doesn't mind dying there's still no reason to do it right now.

I think we should still have Recluse and Scanner test if protector would also protect E9 like I suggested earlier, though.
No. 431949 ID: d8f016

Just a though- Is time a concern in this? We can tamper indefinitely without ending turn, and advancing the clock, yes? Because otherwise solving this is gonna be like defusing a bomb.

Remember that we all have to be on one tile to teleport out. Be prepared to pull in outlying people when time starts to run out.
No. 431951 ID: 886a4d

As to that Iso should renew both lines, then have someone who is fairly close to the main group with teleport available swap with him. Everyone shold thene retreat to the island with Enforcer 7 at best possible speed (teleporting). Iso can block off the island by disabling both the line and the two connecting platforms while we fiddle. Unlike the enforcers who have an exit point we don't have to go to the center to leave.
No. 431952 ID: 04b86a

I think each turn has a time limit on decision making, so we are on the clock, but thirteen turns is still a while.

We should just start pulling in outlying people now, though. Iso can block this island's light trail once everyone's here to prevent the other Enforcers from interfering. Strongarm should swap position with Iso, since all of the T2s will be able to teleport again two turns from now.
No. 431955 ID: 44b4ea
File 134220488259.png - (10.90KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-7(7).png )

>Ask about enforcer 9
He admits that he has lost, and there is little point in aggravating Alison further. He will return from where he came.

>Look for any directions
The only thing Alison can find on the outside is written between the latches. "Do not touch, do not look at, do not think about."

So she does all of them at once. During this, everyone will move to enforcer 7's island so that the other enforcers will still be held at bay, but everyone will still be grouped together.

Alison looks at the inside of the original teleporter. It is almost entirely hollow. The red part is where the button pushes down, and all other circles are unlabeled. They also look like buttons. Or platforms.
No. 431956 ID: 4a328b

Use the block light trail ability on the line from the red button to the "corruption" button, get everyone together (including enforcer) and use it

It should take you back to your safe zone
No. 431960 ID: d8f016

Dangit, there's no soft coordinates we can alter. It looks like we're going to have to transfer components. We need to take the node that corresponds to the safe zone from T1, and replace the node for the corrupted sanctuary in T2.

Take a look at T2, I guess. Hopefully it's similar in construction. (Bottom, two locations, and an extra bit for the timer).

Can you see if those are actually light trails? Can Iso's ability break it?


I think that's too hasty.
No. 431961 ID: 886a4d

How the hell did you think of that? Alirght I want to see if it works.

If it doesn't open up the other teleporter, there is probably a platform that represens this space. Switch it with the one that represents the corrupted sanctuary and try that.
No. 431962 ID: 04b86a

Actually, I was talking more about that number that was written on both. It doesn't look like we'll be able to make use of it anyway, though.

"From Point" and "To Corruption"? He can't even label these things in a way that makes sense?

It doesn't look like just opening it up will break it, so open the other one up and see what it looks like.

I think we're going to have to have Iso make and block light trails so that we can use the second teleporter to go to "From Point".
No. 431963 ID: 44b4ea
File 134220610899.png - (30.03KB , 1100x700 , SYS-EnSt-7(8).png )

Round 9
Iso catches up, using block light trail. It appears to work, as Alison opens up the other one to put them side by side.
No. 431964 ID: 4a328b

Close the temporary one. Get everyone together and use your temporarily modified normal teleporter
No. 431965 ID: 04b86a

Okay, so "Start Point" is our bracket, "To Corruption" is the Sanctuary, and "From Point" must therefore be the ancillary sanctuary.

Now, he said that we won't be able to use our normal teleporter outside of our bracket, so I think we should use the button on the temporary teleporter. Block the light trail leading to that black mass and make a new one leading to "From Point" in the first teleporter.
No. 431966 ID: d8f016

Oh, fuck me.

Okay, my guess:

T1: Red button activates. Purple checks your current location, and acts as an if statment to alter behavior of the rest. The blue ones are coordinates- corruption is the sanctuary, 'from point' is the safezone we were recruited at.

T2: Power, destination, and a godawful black box that has the system space destination, whatever homes in on E7, and our timer.

What we want to do: replace the 'to corruption' in T2 with the 'from point' in T1, if it's possible to do so without damaging the tangled black box.
No. 431967 ID: 1444d5

>How did contestants get here?
>They have Third Tiers!
I wonder if it's significant that the Enforcers can 'talk' like only the Outsider and Corrupter previously have.
No. 431968 ID: 886a4d

I agree, before meddling with what man was not meant to know lets see if blocking the trails will work.
No. 431969 ID: 44b4ea
File 134220703628.png - (35.18KB , 1100x1000 , SYS-EnSt-7(9).png )

>Auxillary bracket
Oh, Alison forgot about that one. There is no set inventory space for these, but she can still put them away like regular items.

She opens the auxillary sanctuary teleporter that goes between the smuggler and the main sanctuary. She starts putting ideas out for Iso to try making light trails and disabling others, but Iso reminds her that he can only block or create once per turn.
No. 431970 ID: 4a328b

Everyone move closer, spend the next two rounds blocking the light trails between "From Point" and "To Corruption" on your normal teleporter, just to be sure you go to the right place.
No. 431972 ID: d8f016

Okay, T3 is exactly the same as T1, just with the ancillary corrupted sanctuary instead of the safe zone. (Shouldn't T3 have 2 lines connecting 'smug' and 'corr'? Either it's an art error, or Glitcher streamlined the design.)

New plan: replace T2 'to corruption' with T3 'smug'. Should take 3 turns, 2 cuts, one connect.

...can you tell if a single light trail connects 'to correction' to the black box? Severing the line won't destroy the entire nest of lines, will it?
No. 431973 ID: 886a4d

Alright... This will give the other enforcers a chance to attack so we should tell them if they do so they will die. We've proven we can take them out even with five of them. Most of them lack first strike and only one of them is immune to it. Furthermore they would lose two people minimum trying to reach us thanks to our reach.
No. 431974 ID: 04b86a

I revise my earlier statement. "Start Point" must just check if we're already in one of it's destinations and refuse to teleport us if we aren't. That, or it's a needed function that the temporary teleporter's replaced with that black mass. Or maybe it is our bracket, since we were able to go straight from there to the auxiliary. That would leave me with no idea what "From Point" does, though.

I definitely think we need to connect the temporary teleporter to the Smug. platform. The question is, do we connect the button or the black mass?

I think we can safely spend up to six turns tinkering, so let's try block the line between the button and the black mass.
No. 431975 ID: 04b86a

It'll take them several turns to reach us. If they decide to mess with us, we can deal with them then.
No. 431977 ID: d8f016


'From point' has to be our initial safe zone coordinates. The only difference between T1 and T3 is one toggles between SZ / C and the other toggles between C / A. So logically, the one thing that should be different is the coordinates for the SZ or A. Therefore 'from point' is the SZ coordinates.

'current location' obviously checks or stores our current location. It probably acts as an if, saying which way to then go. It may act as a safety, disallowing teleport if you're elsewhere. But it may not.

Severing the power button from the black mass does nothing but waste a turn. I assume you meant we should try and sever 'to corruption' from the black mass?
No. 431978 ID: d8f016

(SZ = safe zone, C = corrupted safe zone, A = ancillary corrupted safe zone, if it's not clear).
No. 431979 ID: 886a4d

Here are the options we have available. I don't think its possible to actually move the platforms around, they are most likely immovable. However we might be albe to use create light trail between boxes.

1) Use Disable Light Trail to block all the light trails to the corrupted sanctuary in the original teleporter and press the button.

2) Use Disable Light Trail in the auxilery teleporter to the corrupted sanctuary. Press the button.

3) Create light trail between the smuggler's sanctuary and the system space. Disable the light trail on the corrupted sanctuary. Press the temporary teleporter button.

1 and 2 might not work as this IS system space. And the 'start position' is a bit unclear on how it works, much like certain zones have their own rules the glitcher probably put his there as well. The temporary teleport however, despite the snarl of light trails its, actually the simplest, probably because it WAS a rush job.

((We could instead link it to From Space if people think exposing ANY sanctuary is too dangerous.))
No. 431982 ID: d8f016


1) is not feasible. By the time we cut the last light trail, the first would return. We'd need a second person with the cut light trail ability. (Assuming we have to cut the purple safety / location checker out too, which I'd think you'd need to).

2) I think the safety would either kick in and stop us, or we'd be random ported, or horrible gitch death. It might work, but we're setting up a different wiring configuration. We don't know what that would do. 3) is a simpler change- we just alter the coordinates.

3) I say this is the best option. I think we need the squiggle mass to move in and out of system space. The other teleporters just move us around the player accessible areas.

My vote's for 3.
No. 431983 ID: 886a4d

Just to be clear I vote 3 as well.
No. 431984 ID: 04b86a

Actually it's because I was thinking of the black part and all of those light trails as the same thing, and was just there to make it hard for the system to find us on the way back/dump us in a random bracket if we take too long. Looking at it a bit more and comparing it to the other teleporters, the black bit must be the system space, and the light trails on top of it a bunch of branching trails to throw off the system with the branch that heads to the Sanctuary being turned off once the timer runs out.

Since there's technically only one light trail connecting the button to both the System Space and the Sanctuary, we'll probably have to block the trails and then make two more, one connecting the button to the System and another connecting the button to the Auxiliary. That'll take three turns, which is just enough time to get out before things start undoing themselves.
No. 431985 ID: d8f016
File 134221183082.png - (77.34KB , 1100x1000 , new wiring.png )

Okay, this is getting hard to do in text.

This is what I think we need to do. I can't actually tell if that's one light path with a branch we need to cross out and replace, or two. We need to test severing to corruption from the squiggle to see.
No. 431986 ID: 886a4d

I am pretty sure we don't need to mess with that trail, that is purely a domain of the auxiliery box.
No. 431990 ID: d8f016

You want to leave 'smug' connected to the rest of T3? That *might* do nothing, or it could have unknown effects, since that results in a new wiring diagram.

I mean, really, what we *want* to do is rip 'smug' out, rip 'to corruption' out, and plug 'smug' in 'to corruption's place. But we have no way to "unplug" lines / wires from platforms, or to move platforms (it's probably not safe to actually touch these things). So we're limited to cutting / adding wires, and trying to reproduce patterns we know work while swapped to the nodes. We can't risk seeing what happens with new patterns.

...actually wait. Can we just cast swap position on the two platforms?
No. 431991 ID: 44b4ea
File 134221290427.png - (17.90KB , 404x703 , SYS-EnSt-7(10).png )

Round 10

>Swap position
This swaps people, not platforms.

Iso cuts a light trail on the upper right, from the tangled mess to the 'To Corruption.'

At first it appears to work, but one of the tangled light trails whips out to the Corruption button.
No. 431992 ID: 44b4ea
File 134221291627.png - (18.23KB , 404x703 , SYS-EnSt-7(11).png )

It snags on, and the disabled light trail detaches and begins writhing with the others.
No. 431994 ID: dcd48d

this is silly, why do we even trust him? I hope you people aren't doing something stupid.
No. 431995 ID: d8f016


Okay. Different tact. Try attaching 'smug' to the tangled mass, and sever it's attachment to it's native box. Then remove platform on 'to corruption' so it can't be re-snagged.
No. 431996 ID: 886a4d

Lets see if we can't attach a light trail from the red button to the Smug.
No. 431998 ID: 04b86a

Damn. And there's too many light trails to disconnect all of them.

Let's try using the Auxiliary teleporter, then.

Disable the light trail connecting to the Sanctuary, then create a trail connecting the button to the System area.
No. 432000 ID: 4a328b

Just... do this, and renew the original block since it'll run out after wasting a turn messing with the UNSTABLE TELEPORTER

Seriously, only mess with the original teleporter. Close the others back up!
No. 432003 ID: 04b86a

Guys, stop and think about how light trails work for a second. I think we need to have our current area connected to the button we use for it to work. That's the only explanation for how we could possibly be stranded if we end up in a bracket other than our own.
No. 432004 ID: d8f016
File 134221429390.png - (73.02KB , 1100x1000 , newplan.png )

<- We can do this in 3 turns. 2, if we can get the spaghetti to grab 'smug' for us, instead of having to draw a line ourselves.

I know the squiggles are scary guys, but I really think T1 and T3 are only good for getting around player areas. We need the black hole to get in and out of system space.

Just cutting parts out the simple swap teleporters isn't gonna work.
No. 432005 ID: 4a328b

adding on, give someone else the timed teleporter to get back to the C. Santuary since, y'know, time compression means it'll be a while over there when we bring Enforcer to the non-corrupted safe zone as an intermediate step
No. 432007 ID: 886a4d


No. 432008 ID: b85f8c

Wait a minute, did the Enforcer just say he's not disconnected from the system yet? If that's the case then teleporting him to the smuggler's sanctuary will definitely result in it getting compromised.
No. 432012 ID: d8f016

The whole point of it existing is to be compromised, if necessary. That, and to go to the safe zone instead, we'd need to cut 'from point' free and wire it in instead of 'smug'.

That would take 4-5 turns, instead of 2-3. We can't do that- lines would start reappearing.
No. 432019 ID: b85f8c

We could, on the other hand, use Remove Platform on the original teleporter's Corruption platform to make it only lead to the safe zone.
No. 432020 ID: b85f8c

So basically, we use Remove Platform on the corruption platform, then link the From Point up to the tangle to ensure that we actually get out of here properly, then remove the corruption platform in the temp teleporter.

End state: No corruption platform in the original or temporary teleporters, and the temp teleporter's tangle is linked to the From Point.
No. 432056 ID: 44b4ea
File 134222224481.png - (13.73KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-11(1).png )

.... to be level with herself, Alison has no idea what to do anymore. She'll start with a basic question. Will she touch the temporary teleporter anymore, or leave it out of further tampering?
No. 432058 ID: 886a4d

I think we have no choice but to use it. It's the only thing that connects to System Space. If we try anything else I bet we get shunted to a random bracket.
No. 432060 ID: b85f8c

I honestly don't think we need to tamper with it. From what I can tell, the tangle is both the timing mechanism and the pointer to our destination. The other teleporters should be able to get us out of our current location.
No. 432066 ID: 04b86a

Yes. We probably need the the System platform to act as a source. I have a possible alternate, but it might not work that way.

I've been thinking, and I think that "Start Point" may actually be wherever we are when we try to teleport, but with a one-way light trail to keep the button from pulling us from it. That basically means it's supposed to just be an emergency exit if our destination is unavailable for some reason so that we don't get stranded in a random bracket. If we give it a normal light trail and block the one heading to the Sanctuary, then we might be able to use it as a source.

Whether we use the System Space or Start Point as a source, though, we need both source and destination connected to the button we use, not to each other with one connected to a button. The button seems to pull us from whichever (if either) area we're in and then try to deposit us in the other one. If there's no second area, we're shunted to the Start Point and end up back where we started. If that's not there, either, we're lost and end up in a random bracket.
No. 432072 ID: 44b4ea
File 134222402654.png - (11.69KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-11(2).png )

Alison decides to still tamper with the temporary one.
No. 432074 ID: d8f016


Yes, she should touch it further.

If you look back at this post:


Glitcher gave us two teleporters for this mission. One to take us to the Enforcers. That one was used, and apparently consumed in the process. And one to get us out- the temporary teleporter.

Therefore, since the temporary teleporter was specifically designed to get us out, we need it to get out.

I don't know how to make it any simpler.

All we have want to do is change the temporary teleporter's escape location so we don't risk everyone at the corrupted sanctuary.

Using the either of the other two teleporters by themselves (ie, cutting out half of a swapper) won't work. If it were that simple, the temporary teleporter would just be a red button tied to a destination. Since it isn't, we can safely assume that configuration doesn't work. We need the tangled mess in the temporary teleporter to get out.


I still think this is the best plan.
No. 432075 ID: 44b4ea
File 134222410076.png - (192.24KB , 600x600 , SYS-EnSt-11(3).png )

She feels a brush up behind her, but before she can react, Enforcer 9 kicks the teleporters, sending them flying off the platform!
No. 432076 ID: b85f8c

Like hell. Grab it with your extendo-hair.

Then we kill him.
No. 432078 ID: 7acc27

Grab with hair, have iso make platform. Tell others to kill him.
No. 432080 ID: 886a4d

Iso try create platform under them. He has the reach. Try to use our hair as well to catch them. Kill Enforcer 9.
No. 432082 ID: 04b86a

What?! Why was that one still on our platform? Did we not tell it to move off or something?

This. Do this quickly. If this doesn't work then we'll have to see about going into those portals then enforcers came out of.
No. 432083 ID: d8f016


If the hair doesn't work, spawn your piano underneath them, and have the lid pop open to bump them back.

Kill 9 with extreme prejudice. >=O

(C'mon 9. You could have just let us kill ourselves with horrible glitch manipulation.)
No. 432084 ID: 4a328b

No. 432087 ID: 886a4d

Oh and during the attack phase have Recluse protect that platform and Alison, he might try to destroy it then since he knows he signed his death warrant.
No. 432089 ID: 04b86a

No protecting the platform. We never checked to see if we should see if doing that would only protect friendlies or if it would protect everyone. Besides, this Enforcer can't one-hit anyone, so we won't take any casualties no matter what he does.

Unless... you meant to protect the platform from destruction? Not only does protector not work that way, but destroying a platform like that isn't possible.
No. 432091 ID: 886a4d

I'm talking about the platform Iso will create to catch the items. In case Alison doesn't manage to snag them all with her hair. the Suicidal Enforcer might try to destroy the teleporters since he knows he can't even kill anyone before he dies.
No. 432093 ID: d8f016

If Iso catches them on a new platform, it shouldn't have any light trails initially, right? So the enforcer won't be able to get to them then, I think.
No. 432094 ID: 886a4d

True, it SHOULD be out of range. But you can't be to careful when dealing with this sorta thing.
No. 432096 ID: 44b4ea
File 134222667341.png - (21.20KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-11(4).png )

Alison launches her hair, but the enforcer grabs it. She can still extend it, but it's extremely hard to fine tune as much as she needs to while he's yanking on her. Clarence, Atlas and others start to try to pull enforcer off until the attack turn starts, while Iso starts making a platform.
No. 432098 ID: 44b4ea
File 134222679819.png - (325.26KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-11(5).png )

She is able to grab one, but can't see the others well enough now to go for them. Iso's platform appears. A crack rings back from where a teleporter lands on it - followed by an explosion, shoving Alison's hair back before she can get a solid grip on any.
No. 432099 ID: 44b4ea
File 134222680884.png - (10.52KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-11(6).png )

Round 11 passes. Alison seems unharmed, unlike Enforcer 9.

Alison gains 5 million CU.

Enforcer 7 apologizes on 9's behalf. He says that Alison can also exit through one of the enforcer teleporters, if nothing else.

The one she grabbed was the original. It doesn't appear to be damaged, other than the missing cover which it was sitting on while on the platform.
No. 432101 ID: d8f016

Goddamn spaghetti monster ate our teleporter! =C

Okay questions:

-Where does the enforcer teleporter go? A random bracket? A specific bracket? Could we use it to target someone we know of in the brackets?
-Could we use the enforcer displaced clone system to send a message?

We could still try the original teleport- best case it takes us home (not gonna happen). Realistically, it'll random port us, do nothing, or glitch kill us.
No. 432102 ID: 886a4d

Welp, have Iso cross out the Corruptors platform, Create a Line leading to the Start Point... and press the button.

((Seriously, why didn't Alison object when Enforcer 9 didn't leave? That should have been big red mark to him))
No. 432103 ID: 04b86a

*sigh* We can spare a few more turns to try one last thing.
1) Block Light Trail on the path going from the button to the Sanctuary.
2) Remove Platform on the Sanctuary, just to be safe.
3) Create Light Trail to connect Start Point to the button with a normal light trail.
4) Push the button and hope for the best.

If it doesn't work, then kill one of our T2s with some special instructions. Once they appear in a dream, they're to find the dreamer and request that Arbiter resurrect them. They're to then explain the situation and retrieve our keycard and any other keycards whose owners are willing to part with them. Then they're to die in a glove duel.

I don't have high hopes for our last teleport gambit, so we'll probably be going into enemy territory.
No. 432104 ID: b85f8c

Enforcer 9 was trying to get rid of the teleporters so you'd have no choice but to use the enforcer teleport. That leads into system territory and we will be in some serious trouble if we go there.

Use Remove Platform to disable the corruption platform in this last teleporter, and just warp back to the safe zone with it... but first, resurrect Mako.
No. 432105 ID: 886a4d

I... just had a thought. Create a light trail from the platform we are standing on... to the From Point.
No. 432106 ID: d8f016


I don't think we can use ghosts to pass inventory. If we send a messenger home, it should be so Outsider and any other corrupted know we're lost and need to be brought in. Since we'll have Enforcer 7 with us, maybe Glitcher could build another thing that tracks him, and send a rescue?

And the teleporter we grabbed can't get us home. We lost the key competent. Any attempt to use it will fail, or worse.
No. 432107 ID: 04b86a

That's an idea. The source platform needs to be attached to the button, though. And we should still remove the platform and block the light trail, just to be safe.
No. 432111 ID: d8f016

...so we wire in a system space tile and hope it has the info we need?

Well, it's a longshot, but it might work. But really, getting random-ported or nothing happening would be good outcomes. We're much more likely to trigger a horrible cascade cloud of floating glitched stuff and die. Swapping semi-obvious pieces of circuity 1 to 1 is one thing. You're dumping in a complete unknown.

I mean really, people were scared of making an obvious switch, but now we're willing to wire things up haphazardly? Gah. >_<
No. 432124 ID: b85f8c

Fuck no, don't attach anything system-related to our teleporter that has a reading of where the sanctuary is! That's just asking for it to be compromised.
No. 432138 ID: 886a4d

The big problem with doing anything at all with this thing is we can't experiment. My thought of attaching alight trail from this platform to the From Platform is that we could actually send someone across then have them come back.

But if its deemed to risky my original suggestion stands.

No. 432140 ID: d8f016


Even with your original idea:

-the teleporter was not made to work in these conditions.
-you're suggesting field testing an unknown configuration- which could do anything.

Since it wouldn't be the same configuration as the initial escape teleporter, the odds of it actually taking us home are pretty much nil. Random tele or non-functional would be good outcomes. Given the highly volatile nature of Glitcher's work, a dangerous accident seems more likely.

If the Enforcer has a functional escape route, it's almost certainly safer than risking it. Although I will wait till he answers questions about how his portal works before making a final decision.
No. 432141 ID: 886a4d

I'd rather risk the teleporter then using the system exit.
No. 432142 ID: 04b86a

Look, I'm 90% certain that both options are completely safe and will either work or not work.

That other 10% is an acknowledgement that his might end in an explosion because of an invalid connection.
No. 432145 ID: b85f8c

Actually you know what, why don't we exterminate all the Enforcers here to gain CU and eliminate them as a future threat, and then escape via the red gloves?

It is the safest, most practical method, and we know now that Enforcers are normally not even really people. They don't care about dying, and if they ever become more than that they are STILL loyal to the system and will deceive us.

Kill them all, then exit in the most reliable manner.
No. 432147 ID: 886a4d

Enforcer 7 didn't betray us, Enforcer 9 somehow stuck around without us remarking on it. The Compassionate one is still willing to betray the system but he might change his mind if we slaughter his former peers.
No. 432148 ID: b85f8c

Oh, I got their numbers mixed up. Nevermind then.
No. 432152 ID: 44b4ea
File 134223583489.png - (47.79KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-11(7).png )

>Why didn't Alison object when 9 didn't leave?
Alison thought he was leaving, but she wasn't paying a whole lot of attention! She didn't realize he was hanging back there with everyone.

She still has time. More time, now, in fact. So she asks 7 some questions before she decides on whether or not to teleport.

>Where does the enforcer teleporter go?
>For me, home. For you, perhaps the best word might be, 'Headquarters.' I do not know if you would need to fight. I do not think they have a way of teleporting Enforcers into our own territory.

>Could the enforcer displaced clone system be used to send a message?
>"Only if the system teleporters are reached. At that point, you would simply be able to return to whatever safe zone you were at before."
No. 432155 ID: 886a4d

Well that nixes that plan for sure, the last safe zone we were at was the sanctuary... and it would give the system a clear log of our teleport.

Reiterating this >>432103, and if it doesn't work try >>432105
No. 432157 ID: 04b86a

That sounds interesting. It's likely more dangerous than messing around with the teleporter, but seeing their headquarters has an advantage all its own.

I assume he can guide us to the teleporters, but I have another question. Has he ever seen a place to use a keycard in there? It'd look like a thin slot that you can either slide a card through or slide it in and out of.

I assume he means our bracket. Surely the teleporters are complex enough to take us to any safe zone we want.
No. 432159 ID: 44b4ea
File 134223654228.png - (8.29KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-11(8).png )

The Enforcer re-phrases. The system teleporations can go to any safe zone, he just assumed Alison would want to go to her original bracket.

>Has he ever seen a place to use a keycard in there?
Yes, and Alison is not supposed to know about them. He does not know what they do.
No. 432160 ID: 886a4d

Would he be willing to come with us to our own bracket? So we can get him resurrection eventually.
No. 432161 ID: 4a328b

omigawd we gotta use our keycard on it asap
No. 432162 ID: 886a4d

Fine, lets go see the headquarters.
No. 432163 ID: 04b86a

Hmm... yeah, I want to go through their Headquarters. Kill Clarence and have her try to have Arbiter resurrect her so she can get the keycard and then get killed in a duel. We also have 10 million CU with us right now, so if the Arbiter wants to send us a Tier 3 to help out that'd be nice, too.

Actually, before we try for resurrection I want to see if he can sell back his T3 access so that we can have a T2 can steal Mako's ghost in a duel and then throw it. I've no idea if we can do that, though.
No. 432166 ID: 886a4d

Actually it might be possible for a tier 3 to do the same. Absorb boons are allowable. Ask the Enforcer if thats a viable strategy.
No. 432167 ID: 04b86a

Steal Ghost requires a higher absorb priority, which isn't possible at T3 at this time since all T3s have a priority of 20.
No. 432169 ID: 886a4d

I wonder if getting more absorb priorities would work then, since it did auto-sell ours.
No. 432172 ID: 04b86a

Judging from what Lago said back here >>431403 (it's in the spoiler box) I'd say we aren't allowed to buy those because we technically already have them.
No. 432173 ID: 886a4d

Of course the problem with any of this is that we need access to a Shop Keep, and most likely by helping us our Enforcer friend is going to get blacklisted. Of course there is also the fact that there is no Refund Tier Access available.
No. 432176 ID: 04b86a

Gee, if only we had someone who was willing and able to make some under the table deals despite the System's blacklist. You know, like a Smuggler or something...

And I'm hoping it counts as a boon or something, like how the Delimiter shows up in scans.
No. 432177 ID: 44b4ea
File 134223818382.png - (9.62KB , 700x700 , SYS-EnSt-11(9).png )

Tier 3's are assumed to effectively have all Tier 1/2 priority boons, and so cannot buy more.

Alison approaches Clarence about getting killed in order to go back. People know that Alison has come here, so chances are people will check for ghosts frequently.

She says that she will go, if needed. But she kind of wants to see what's going on up there in the system, so she asks if it must be her.
No. 432178 ID: b85f8c

Not her necessarily. Any volunteers?
No. 432180 ID: 04b86a

Well, no, it doesn't have to be her. She just happened to be the one I singled out in terms of initial preference. Whoever does go won't miss everything, though; we'll be checking their resurrection status every round and bring them back as soon as they die again.
No. 432187 ID: 44b4ea
File 134223948090.png - (17.08KB , 1181x700 , SYS-13-.png )

Sword mentions that she has some misgivings about it. That she was kind of drug into it all, not that she couldn't have said 'no' at anytime, but she would like to go back.

So Alison deals damage to her, absorbing for 295,000 CU.

The rest head into the Enforcer's teleport.

There are three signs.

The one for the leftmost platform says 'Teleporters'
The middle one, behind a whole lot of crowd, says 'Central Headquarters'
And the rightmost one says 'Surveillance'
No. 432189 ID: 886a4d

Well we are here, lets explore a bit. Alison should keep a constant eye on Sword for when she is resurrected and when she dies again. We want that keycard. To surviellence first. Lets see how they keep a track of cheaters. Intel Intel Intel.
No. 432190 ID: 04b86a

Hmm... S. for Surveillance? I really have no idea where to go from here, other than anywhere other than the teleporters is going to get a lot of unwanted attention.
No. 432191 ID: b85f8c

Let's go check out surveillance first. It would be nice to know exactly where their eyes are.
No. 432194 ID: d8f016

Yeah, lets make the best of our idiot arguing getting us stuck. Any information we can steal to further our cause.

No. 432196 ID: 4a328b

Curiosity is Alison's greatest weakness/strength. Do eeeeet
No. 432201 ID: b33427

Head to Surveillance. Perhaps it could be sabotaged somehow. Ask Enforcer what effect that bomb item he's carrying has.

Are there no light trails from the central platform to the others, or is there a floor here to walk across?
No. 432202 ID: 886a4d

That just means we have to protect Iso so he can create light trails for us.
No. 432205 ID: b85f8c

While we're at it, let's ask about the other new items we saw.
No. 432210 ID: d8f016

While we're walking, does he mind answering more questions?

For instance, are judges and enforcers created as such, or are they former players promoted / altered by the system?

The people he's rended and is learning from, does he talk and interact with them? Or this a data mining kind of thing.

>teleport to any safe zone
Alison, take out your last remaining teleporter. Check the coordinates written on front. Safe Zone #149977(something). That's the address of your home bracket lvl 5 safe zone. =D
No. 432211 ID: 886a4d

The cover was blown off. ANd her finger was hiding that last digit... we're screwed unless we can figure it out via some other method.
No. 432215 ID: d8f016

Dang, I was hoping we took the backs off the devices, not the fronts.

Alison, I don't suppose you saw and remembered the last digit? That would be convenient.

If not- the missing digit has a loop visible at the bottom. That means it's a 6 or an 8 (or a really messy 3, 5 or 0). We use the enforcer clone thing to scout the possible coordinates, then we tele when we find the right one. Since the safe zones all look identical, we should pass word through a ghost to have someone we know waiting for us i the safe zone. That way we'll recognize it when we find it.

It's only really bad if she's covering 2 digits and not 1. Then there are 100 locations to check instead of 10.
No. 432218 ID: 7acc27

Guys, I have a crazy idea. What if, it doesn't matter which bracket we teleport to (assuming we need to know the number), since we can send a dream message back to arbiter with the exact bracket we end up choosing, whether it is correct or not. Then have them find us that way.
No. 432231 ID: 44b4ea
File 134224778502.png - (80.42KB , 985x704 , SYS-14.png )

>Light trails
There were very thin ones between platforms, so moving between them is easy even without Iso.

>The number on the cover
Yes, Alison remembers 1499778.

She heads to surveillance. Oddly, the rules here have changed. Only one person can be on a tile at a time, here. She'll need to move to make room for more, as it appears there are only 3 tiles designated for entry. Diagonal movement is possible here.

The blob in the end asks what Alison and the others are, and why they've come to check on him.
No. 432232 ID: 886a4d

Tell him we were curious about surviellence and was wondering how it worked. Basically tell the truth. Also ask him if he minds if Scanner scans him.
No. 432233 ID: 4a328b

Say you are Alison. Ask what it is and why it's here.
No. 432234 ID: b85f8c

First, let's scan the guy (secretly). Second, just say you're new here and are wondering how this place works.
No. 432235 ID: 44b4ea
File 134224827026.png - (5.68KB , 251x193 , SYS-14(2).png )

Alison answers that she is Alison, and asks if scanner might scan him. He says that is okay he guesses. Alison also asks why he is here, as she wants to know how this place works. He says that he's the watcher, not the guide. He watches everything. He figures that Alison is new here, except they don't send new people to him, so he wants to know what Alison's job here is supposed to be, because everyone has a job.

Scanner whispers to Alison.

It has 0 body, weapon, and armor. It is like everything else on the first preliminary stage.
No. 432237 ID: 4a328b

Tell him you're a questioner, you ask everyone questions. Then ask what he's watching.
No. 432238 ID: 927efa

You're asking us? Shouldn't surveillance know this stuff?
No. 432239 ID: b85f8c

Hmmm... let's say we're a Judge, rather than making up a job.
No. 432240 ID: 04b86a

We were just passing by and were curious about what Surveillance was like. It's a flaw of hers. She's supposed to hunt down rogues. If he asks how that's going, it's not going as well as she'd like. (We'd like to get a lot more on our side!)
No. 432241 ID: 927efa

Anyway Alison is a Mender. She takes what does not work and brings it back together again.
No. 432242 ID: 886a4d

What does he watch for? Approach him. My guess is the tile hes on allows one to 'watch everything.' Ask him if it would be alright if we tried watching out. As for our job... it'd be contestant I suppose.
No. 432243 ID: 4a328b

But then he might ask us to demonstrate! Questioner is easier to prove. By asking questions.
No. 432245 ID: 886a4d

Alright, we are the questioner. It's true enough.
No. 432247 ID: 04b86a

Or maybe we can be human (or whatever) resource management? You know, keeping everyone happy enough to not go rogue? I hear there's been a problem with that lately.
No. 432248 ID: b33427

Say that you're part of a team that observes and questions to check for errors in operations. You'll simply watch, ask some questions, and perhaps have him perform some tasks, then leave.

A task for the Watcher could be to show us zone 1499778.
No. 432251 ID: d8f016

We should scan ourselves or otherwise check our stats. If the rules are different in this room, we might be manifesting differently in this room.

Our job is to save everyone. But it's hard to do, and we haven't learned everything we need to do it. So we've come to learn.
No. 432252 ID: 44b4ea
File 134224925104.png - (81.68KB , 985x704 , SYS-15.png )

Scanner does note that, as Alison could guess, it has speech and understand as well. Read, too.

Alison says the questioner, but he asks why the system would need a questioner. Alison tells him not to steal her job.

>Ask what he's watching.
Alison notes that she would have thought the watcher would know this stuff.
He clarifies, fine, everything except the system places. Okay, only regular stages. And safe zones. Nothing else.

>What does he watch for?
Mistakes and issues, which he orders lower end management to deal with, namely shopkeeps.

He wants to know why the Questioner has such a large entourage.
No. 432253 ID: 927efa


I think you might be talking to god right now.

Push him over the edge
No. 432254 ID: b85f8c

They're to help give us ideas of new questions to ask! (let's not let anyone else in)

Say that's all we have to ask for now and we'll be going. (get ouuuuut)
No. 432255 ID: 7acc27

As to work among large groups, while giving the appearance of a common group of participants.

We now know the workings of this room, and should leave and let him get back to his job before giving him more reason to keep an eye on us as well.
No. 432256 ID: 4a328b

"I asked if they wanted come to surveillance when I did and their answers were yes." Then ask why he's a blob.
No. 432257 ID: 7acc27

An addendum to this: Move back, and have the row behind us leave and have the people following us to stay where they are.
No. 432258 ID: 886a4d

We have to go onto stages, and rest areas sometimes, and sometimes unauthorized stages. Much like Judges and Enforcers we have to be prepared for combat. Our job is also relatively new so we are searching for good places to go to. Perhaps hes seen something unusual that he can't explain just by watching in the stages he could direct us to. Perhaps rest areas with too many or too few contestants or ones that fluctuate in population alot with no real explanation. Other phenomana would be nice to know about too as well as coordinates.

Is he sure we can't watch, just for a minute? We'd appreciate it alot.
No. 432259 ID: d8f016

Explain that as you're new, you don't really have a perspective on how large an entourage should be. (Stop bringing in people, we're making it uncomfortable).
No. 432260 ID: 04b86a

They're all supposed to keep an eye on her for a bit and see how she does. There was just a few too many people with free time to volunteer.

Ask him if he's seen any rogue entities down there. We were told there's been a small problem with those lately.
No. 432268 ID: 44b4ea
File 134225044985.png - (82.43KB , 985x704 , SYS-16.png )

Alison gets the last 3 to go back and tell everyone else what is up, while the next three are put on hold. It looks like people entering have priority, so she can't back out yet. She tells the Watcher that there's a lot of people with a lot of free time, and there's supposed to be some people to watch over her.

He is thinking it is very silly that he doesn't have surveillance in this very place, he should fix that sometime. No one tells him anything.

The Questioner questions why the watcher is a blob.
He says there's no reason not to be.

>Is he sure she can't try out watching?
He won't trust everything to a random stranger. He can only afford to get distracted right now because safe zones are easy to watch, they practically take care of themselves, especially with shopkeeps in them.

>Ask about rogue entities
He says that's another department.
No. 432270 ID: 886a4d

Alright, she understands that, perhaps later then. Thank him for his time, lets leave.

Onto the Main Headquarters!

We always have the option of killing him but that'd be pretty well cold-blooded murder. So I'm against it.
No. 432271 ID: d8f016

Sympathize- people don't always tell you the things you want to know either. And you're the questioner! It's very frustrating.

Ask him what it's like watching so much at once. How does he do it without missing things?

Ask him why there's so much to watch. Why so many many brackets? What are they for?
No. 432275 ID: 04b86a

This. Say that so far everyone's either refused to tell us that or said they didn't know. It's like they're all playing one big joke on us.
No. 432278 ID: d8f016

And maybe we shouldn't shuffle the Enforcer Deserter out yet. Does he know anything about the Observer? Or how to talk to it?
No. 432279 ID: 4a328b

Yes, all the questions.
Ask what happens to the safe zones/stages after the contestants leave them
No. 432281 ID: e3f578

Of course there's reason to not be a blob. You can look different, personalize yourself.
Come on watcher, don't tell me you aren't even a little jealous of all those fly and sexy contestants, or the adorable shopkeepers or the stoic, badass enforcers.

And what would happen if some bad guys came in here and tried to rough you up! Also, what do you gain by watching? Do you get paid? What most keeps you loyal to the system? The questioner job has been recently created to help prevent betrayal's to the system. We study what makes employees of the system's loyalty strong or weak. We're part of the System Resource department.

Soon the system may try and arrange team building activities, and insurance benefits. You don't know what they are but others of the system describe them as neat! They're also hinting at a "Headwuarters picnic", and there will be a raffle!
No. 432286 ID: 44b4ea
File 134225140864.png - (81.41KB , 985x704 , SYS-17.png )

>Does the enforcer know anything about the watcher?
He does not.

>Does the watcher know anything about the enforcer?
He does not. Well, he knows of them. but enforcer deployment and handling is another department.

>What's it like watching everything at once, and what are they for?
Well, the safe zones are numerous, but there are only a few different brackets to watch at a time during the stage. Presumably, there are different watchers for a certain amount of brackets. He doesn't know what it's all about, just that when something wrong occurs, he has to report it to go get it fixed.

>How does he do it without missing things?
Well... he's probably missed things, he admits. He just hopes nothing major.

>What happens to the safe zones/stages after the contestants leave?
He doesn't know. He moves to a different spot each transition as well.

>Isn't he a little jealous of others with bodies?
Not particularly. He could get a body if he wanted, but it's alright.

>What does he get out of watching, and what keeps him loyal to the system?
Because people who do a bad job at what they do end up getting left behind at the next transition to a new stage.

Alison does appreciate that he is actually answering most of her questions, at least more than usual. And likewise, the watcher appreciates being appreciated.
No. 432287 ID: 886a4d

Ask him whats the biggest bug \ mess hes seen. And if theres anything unusual going on right now. Finally ask if he would mind if we visited him again. It's been very informative!

After that I think we're done here.

Bid him goodbye.
No. 432289 ID: 927efa

>>What does he get out of watching, and what keeps him loyal to the system?
>Because people who do a bad job at what they do end up getting left behind at the next transition to a new stage.


That's pretty terrifying.

He's a contestant. He's playing the game. That's why he's watching. Some rule like "only the best watcher gets through" is on the next gate. His next gate. The contest must be rigged to pit higher level contestants against lower level ones, even though you are all objects the same.
No. 432290 ID: 4a328b

Instead of the last bit ask if he also wants to follow around with us for a bit and Watch the Main HQ
He just said safe zones take care of themselves~
No. 432291 ID: b33427

Ask him how long he's been doing this job; Right from the beginning, or later? Then thank him for his time and let yourself out.
No. 432292 ID: d8f016

Man, he's an earnest little guy. I'd love to take him with us, but I'm pretty sure him leaving his post or getting murdered might set off alarms. That, and he might not have a ghost, and I don't have the heart to murder him. :(

Yeah, we should thank him and leave. We're running out of questions, and I'm not sure he knows anything more of use.
No. 432293 ID: b85f8c

Ask what he thinks about the shopkeeps all being linked up and identical.
No. 432294 ID: 04b86a

That's... really mean. And it means morale is pretty low, here. We'll have to keep that in mind for later.

Let's say this. Add on that he's really nice, too.
No. 432296 ID: b85f8c

Um, that's a serious risk- we don't want him to see we have like 20 people with us and go "okay that's not right I'm reporting this"
No. 432297 ID: d8f016


Could we not mention shopkeep to him? I'm afraid he'll go:

"Oh yes, I like the shopkeeps a lot, he's one of the few people who talks to me, see?"

"Hey hello there observer what's- HEY HOW DID YOU GUYS GET IN HERE!"
No. 432298 ID: 886a4d

Well, we could ask him if he has a ghost. And take him with us that way.
No. 432299 ID: 04b86a

I just had a thought. If the number of stages is decreasing, doesn't that mean they're also slowing getting rid of Observers as they become obsolete?

...maybe we shouldn't tell him that. Not unless we want to tell him who we are and bring him with us right now.
No. 432300 ID: d8f016

Oh, Allison? New standing order. Regularly check to see if Sword is available for revival. That way you should be able to tell when she gets revived by Arbiter, and when she suicides again to get back.
No. 432303 ID: 44b4ea
File 134225424551.png - (79.13KB , 985x704 , SYS-18.png )

>Ask about the biggest bug he's ever seen
There was a time where 3 people swapped positions, and they rolled with it. He didn't know anything was wrong until 5 turns later, when someone died! It was a terrible mess and he says he is lucky he wasn't fired.

>Anything funny going on right now?
Well, one of the safe zone's resurrection limits just got messed up and now there are 10,891 contestants for the next stage, where there should be 20. He should probably do something about that.

>Mind if he was visited later?
As long as it isn't during stages.

>Does he want to come with Alison to visit the other areas? Safe zones take care of themselves, right?
Almost takes care of themselves.

>How long he's been doing this job?
From the beginning.

>What he thinks about the shopkeeps all being linked up and identical?
He.. what? That doesn't sound right. He doesn't know anything about that.

>Check on Sword
She will, currently she is still a ghost.

Alison bids him goodbye, saying he is nice. Watcher says goodbye back, and thanks Alison for the kind company. Will she go to the central HQ next, or go to the teleporters?
No. 432305 ID: b85f8c

Let's go to the teleporters to make sure we can get out easily in case we have to leave in a hurry after visiting HQ.
No. 432306 ID: 886a4d

Decision time, our large group does attract attention so it might be worthwhile to send the bulk of the people home and keep just the tier 3's and maybe Clarence and a few others in case we do see combat. Or we can spilt up since there are apparently lots of departments to explore.
No. 432308 ID: 886a4d

Wait a sec, he didn't know the Shop Keeps have a collective memory? That's strange for someone who is in charge of giving them orders.
No. 432309 ID: 04b86a

Whu? Where'd they get the CU to resurrect almost 11,000 people? Why would they bring almost 11,000 people into a stage where there's only four exits? Not even Alison would do that unless she had a massive safe zone to dump them all in.

Yeah, asking about the teleporters sounds good. Or just learning about them if there's no one watching them.
No. 432310 ID: 4a328b

Guys. The 10,000+ safe zone might be the corrupted sanctuary.
No. 432311 ID: 04b86a

Oh. Oh. Crap.

>>432299 <- Maybe we should pull out the big guns?
No. 432313 ID: b85f8c

Well, it could just be that all safe zones in that bracket are lumped together as far as that count is concerned, so they can't see it but they can tell that there's something weird going on in that bracket.

In fact I'm sure that's what it is.
No. 432315 ID: b33427

Considering the attention your large group draws, along with potential movement problems, such as in the Surveillance room, a scout should be sent ahead of the group before moving to any other location. The scout will check the room movement rules, and report back the layout, occupants, and any sign text. Scanner would be a good choice, since she can also scan whoever is in there.

...Oh, crap. It very well could be, but it also could be the System screwing up again. Alison should take a quick nap to relay this information to Sword, and tell her that as soon as she's resurrected to get it to Chief, Arbiter, and Corrupter. The Sanctuary is going to have to do a real quick headcount, and Corrupter is the only one who can get the houses to cooperate. Once the number is in, she should immediately be killed so she can relay it back, along with any instructions or info from the Sanctuary.
No. 432316 ID: 04b86a

Okay, a quick bit of mathing. Let's say that everyone resurrected had some absurdly low CU total. I'll go with 20 CU. To resurrect 10,000 people with 20 CU, you'd need 200,000 spare CU.

Either that's a bug with the counting mechanism, or that's the Sanctuary. We have no way to stop him from reporting it, and with a find like that he probably won't have to worry about being eliminated any time soon so disturbing him and offering to get him out of here won't work.

Say that over 10,000 resurrections would require a lot of CU and ask him if he's sure it isn't a bug in the counting mechanism. If it isn't, then I'm changing my vote to hurrying back to the Sanctuary. Hell, let's break the "No System Entities" rule while we're at it and bring Deserter straight there, since they've already found us anyway.
No. 432319 ID: b85f8c

Well, we COULD stop him from reporting it by killing him. He probably has a ghost? That's practically a declaration of war, though.

Also keep in mind they should already know which bracket the sanctuary is in- the initial conversation we had with Outsider in the presence of a shopkeeper was enough for them to figure that out.
No. 432326 ID: 6e44d2

... Might want to kill him before he squeals, in case he is talking about The Corrupted Sanctuary. In fact, I wouldn't risk that not being the case. We should silence him. :/
No. 432331 ID: 7acc27

don't kill him. If it's not the sanctuary, then it'll cause huge problems, if it is the sanctuary, it means they can see it and killing him isn't going to change the fact that they can see it. it'll just mean the next guy might know he's replacing someone killed by an outsider.
No. 432333 ID: d8f016

Does he know what CU stands for?

Questions to ask to determine if the 10,000+ is the corrupted sanctuary:

What stage safe zone is it? (CS is a modded stage 3).
How do that many people fit in a space intended for so few? (If the answer is 'building houses' or 'making the floor bigger' we're in trouble).
What are people there doing?
No. 432336 ID: 886a4d

Also ask the coordinates \ zone number. If it isn't the sanctuary someone who managed to get 10k ghosts sounds interesting and a possible recruit.
No. 432343 ID: c6ec33


If he actually IS talking about the sanctuary, tell him that this is expected, and that he probably didn't get the memo that there is an experiment going on with that particular safe zone. She wouldn't want him to waste his time reporting a bug that will just get resolved "By Design". In addition, there could be other problems, as the judges, enforcers and shopkeeps have not been informed of the experiment. Alerting them before the appropriate time would ruin the experiment, and she would't want him to get in trouble for that.
No. 432371 ID: 44b4ea
File 134228870924.png - (78.91KB , 985x704 , SYS-19.png )

>What safe zone is it, and how do they have that many with so little room?
937281, same as all the others, except with ten thousand. As expected, he says, it is very crowded.

It doesn't sound like it's the sanctuary. Alison notes that she would have thought he would know about the shopkeeper, but he admits that he only gives the order, he doesn't deal with them directly.

Alison wishes him goodbye, and says that he is very nice. He replies in kind.
No. 432372 ID: 44b4ea
File 134228872005.png - (18.08KB , 1181x700 , SYS-20-.png )

Back at the room before, Alison takes a nap to tell Sword to tell Arbiter/Chief/Corruptor to do a headcount, just to be safe, while Scanner scouts out the central headquarters and Clarence scouts out the teleporters.

On their return, Scanner says that the central HQ has a few people hanging around, and didn't pay her much mind. It looks like a lobby that leads to different areas, such as corruption hunters. There is also a shopkeep deployment section, and then an Administration building.

Clarence says that the teleport section is simply a room with a bunch of people performing teleports as they're needed.

Both sections have the same movement rules as the surveillance.
No. 432373 ID: d8f016

Hmm. Okay, we've confirmed that the system definitely runs on a need to know basis- no one is told more than they need to do their job. People who don't do their job, or learn / tell to much are put down.

I'm tempted to go deeper into the HQ. What we learned from Watcher was interesting, but not immediately helpful to any of our efforts. The risk of course, is we're eventually going to run into people who give orders. Who will know more. And realize what we are. But really, we should get some intel we can use.

Before we do more exploring, let's discuss our escape options. We have accessible teleporters, and a set of coordinates. We should check where those lead- ie, safe zone or corrupted sanctuary. Because we definitely can't leave the latter's coordinates on the screen, or in a buffer.

We also need to figure out how we're getting our Turncoat Enforcer home. He implied that the teleporter would take him to his home- not with us. Is he unable to set coodinates to safe zones the way we are? Do the teleports recognise the difference between enforces and contestants and treat them differently? We may need to circumvent this. ...there may be another rewiring puzzle. o_o

Once we're confident we know how to get out, explore deeper. Because when we leave, it's likely going to be running because were found out, and we don't want to have to figure out the escape route while running from whatever passes for security around here.
No. 432374 ID: 886a4d

Ask the Fugitive what the reaction would be if they went into corruption hunters or the administrative buildings. Would their Questioner status be well... questioned?

It also might be best if Alison, Recluse, and Scanner goes alone with one tier 2 each as backup while everyone else hangs in the lobby. That way we can play switch and telaport for quick getaways.

First place on the agenda... Shop Keep deployment.
No. 432383 ID: 44b4ea
File 134229325031.png - (23.59KB , 1025x739 , SYS-22.png )

>Ask the Enforcer what would happen if they go into the corruption hunters or administration
He does not know.

Alison goes deeper in, to the central headquarters. There is only one person now, which welcoms Scanner back, asking what the purpose of her visit is. The Administrator doesn't like people wandering much without a specific job. And Alison and the rest doesn't look much like judges, and certainly not enforcers.

Alison says that she is the Questioner. Alison is told that there is no questioner, because the rabbit is the Supervisor, and would know if there was a new job made.

Scanner whispers. This one has 700 HP, 600 Armor, 500 Weapon, Immune 2, Increase damage 4, Damage reduce 3, and a T3 Range of 1, but otherwise seems to be tier 3 aside from the basic stats.
No. 432391 ID: d8f016

Aw dang, where's our Enforcer? We could have used him as a bluff.

Well, we can claim we're being escorted somewhere by an Enforcer, and the entry portal has just delayed him a turn. We could say we're checking up on a discrepancy in shopkeeper deployment, which sort of isn't even really a lie.

If Supervisor doesn't accept those explanations though, we may be forced to take her out.

I wouldn't try questioning this one if it accepts the lies, as it knows enough to be suspicious.
No. 432394 ID: 44b4ea
File 134229500061.png - (89.78KB , 752x646 , SYS-22(2).png )

Scanner realizes the HP differences, she has beyond rank 20 in the tier 2's primary stats.

There are also 2 unidentified abilities that she has, for some reason, T3 doesn't allow her to recognize abilities that she doesn't know about. As far as the Scanner can tell, there is nothing else to tell about this one. No items or boons.

Alison says she is being escorted by an enforcer, but the entry portal is delaying him. She is supposed to check on a descrepancy in shopkeeper deployment.

The Supervisor wants to check with the shop deployment section before Alison gets any closer. Alison can read the sign, indicating that the shopkeep section is the closest one to her.
No. 432395 ID: 886a4d

Hmm so this one has supercharged stats. I doubt any bluffing would work as she obviously has super charged stats. Send Scanner to tell Fugitive, Gaurdsman, and Healer to come on up next. Alison and Recluse advance one closer. Together they are enough to take this one out.

Double Strike her once in range. We'll get her abilities on absorb.
No. 432398 ID: d8f016

Great. She's a tier 4 Admin or something. Gods only know what her hidden abilities are.

I'd be really great if Enforcer showed up, and had some idea what the proper protocol for talking to a supervisor is (presumably, he's taken orders from someone in the past?) or if he knows what they're capable of.

Bluff options:

(1) Tell Supervisor it's about a shopkeeper allowing a safe zone glove duel with a contestant. If she checks, Shopkeep should confirm that he did that, and both of them should know that kind of thing is against the rules. So Supervisor might accept the inquiry and leave.

(2) We could let Supervisor go in the shopkeep room. Then we cut the light trail behind her, and run. Either to the teleporter room, or deeper in. Corruption hunting seems like something we'd want the inside scoop in, or the ability to mess with.

I favor (1). I'd really like to get to talk to Shopkeep Prime (I assume he gets cloned out, similar to enforcers? Except he has ghosts...). And I'd like the avoid fighting the tier 4 or alerting security, if possible.
No. 432402 ID: 886a4d

I vote for 1.

Scanner should tell Enforcer 7, Healer and Gaurdsman to come up next.

Once the Enforcer gets here we should ask what his preference is if it comes to blows. In any case Alison should advance diagonally towards the Supervisor. Recluse should advance diagonally right as well.
No. 432406 ID: 0c2247

Say there are reports of the shopkeeper hive mind behaving strangely, and you were to inquire as to the cause and reason.

If the shopkeepers aren't supposed to be a collective then Supervisor is going to be VERY concerned by you asking about such a thing having a normal to ab over.
No. 432407 ID: 7acc27

Don't fight the supervisor.
No. 432408 ID: d8f016


If referring to the shopkeepers as a hive-mind or collective might arouse suspicion if the description's not right, why risk it? There's nothing to be gained by trying to guess the right adjective to describe them-him.
No. 432409 ID: 44b4ea
File 134229788677.png - (22.87KB , 1025x739 , SYS-23.png )

Alison says it's about a single shopkeeper from the collective allowing a safe zone glove duel with a contestant, and the Supervisor says that that is what she will check for, then. But she still has to check in the shopkeep room.

Scanner has left, and is going to get Enforcer 7, Guardsman and Healer to come in. Alison and Recluse move up.

The Supervisor says she is pretty sure she said Alison should stay back.
No. 432411 ID: d8f016

Apologize, you were only making room for your Enforcer companion to enter. You won't move any closer.

Stop blocking the door, and let the Supervisor go in.
No. 432412 ID: 886a4d

did I get my lefts and rights mixed up again? I meant the other direction hah

Tell her we were just making room. We'll head away from the entrance then if it makes her nervous though. Move diagonally down away from both entrances.
No. 432413 ID: 0c2247

Say that's fine, but you have your instructions and you're going to need to go in there and ask questions. Ask if she would rather you follow her in or wait for her to get back and then go.
No. 432416 ID: 7acc27

well, it's not a door, it's a wall, but we should more back from it.
No. 432420 ID: 44b4ea
File 134229891134.png - (25.33KB , 1025x739 , SYS-24.png )

Alison was just making room, she explains, and asks if the Supervisor wants her to follow or wait.

Enforcer, Guardsman and Healer arrive. The Supervisor says that Enforcer is blacklisted, and is supposed to be killed.

Enforcer 7 is told to surrender, and he says he will not. He has learned too much.
No. 432424 ID: 886a4d

Welp, Jig is up. Alison should ask Enforcer what he prefers, fight or flee?

If its fight, double strike on the Supervisor immediately before she can run into the Shop Keep Deployment area.
No. 432426 ID: d8f016

Shit. The blacklisting goes through that fast, but there's no intruder alarms after we murder our way in? Weird system.

The bluff has failed. We need to fight or flee. Consult Enforcer quickly about how dangerous Supervisors are, if he knows what her hidden abilities are, if he thinks victory is possible, etc.
No. 432430 ID: 44b4ea
File 134229989101.png - (82.69KB , 700x700 , SYS-24(2).png )

Enforcer does not know anything about system character stats. Even if he had Scan, he would not have used it. He will fight alongside Alison if required.
No. 432434 ID: 0c2247

Point out that if surrendering means death then there is no incentive to surrender instead of fight.
Tell Supervisor that you came here to make allies, not kill people. Say if she surrenders she will not be harmed, while fighting and dying would result in far worse failure in her duties than letting you go about your business.
No. 432436 ID: 886a4d

I think thats a tentative confirmation, alright. Double Strike on Supervisor.

Next movement turn Alison advances right, Enforcer moves towards the Shop Keep entrance. Gaurdsman moves to where Alison was, Recluse stays where he was and Healer moves up one to beside Recluse.

If she hasn't run for Shop Keep that turn hit her again with everything we have.
No. 432439 ID: 04b86a

Recluse blocks and protects Alison. Alison uses double offense on the Supervisor, and Guardsman tries to do likewise. Ask Enforcer what that bomb does.
No. 432445 ID: 7acc27

>Point out that if surrendering means death then there is no incentive to surrender instead of fight.

He's also not supposed to care about dying.
No. 432447 ID: b85f8c

The jig is up.

Explain to her that E7 is not like the other Enforcers now. Killing him would be murder. Heck, the system seems to use death to motivate both the contestants and their workers. What kind of organization IS this?!

Regardless, move left and use Double Offense on her, and Guardsman can move up and do the same. This won't actually kill her but it'll severely damage her. Recluse should Protect them both, and also Block.
No. 432448 ID: d8f016

Warn her we will stand with the Enforcer is she attacks, and that despite her stats and status, she is outnumbered. It's her choice to withdraw or die. Permanently, if like the Enforcers she lacks a ghost.

I don't think she has rend ghost, as Scanner would have recognized it. She might have something worse, but I think we can take her so long as we make sure to keep Allison and Enforcer alive (our rez-er and ghost-less people).
No. 432449 ID: b85f8c

Oh also tell her that you were bluffing about the shopkeeper. One did use the white glove but he's already been punished.

We don't want her running off.
No. 432453 ID: 886a4d

Movement turn just happened, its fight phase now.
No. 432465 ID: 927efa

We spilled the beans about Smuggler. Why did we mention Smuggler. She's going to find him if we don't do something to stop her now. Smuggler is literally the nicest guy. We have to do something!
No. 432466 ID: d8f016


Actually, we didn't, technically. We mentioned the duel, but not the absorption. So Supervisor knows that a Shopkeeper broke the rules, but not that an independent fragment was created.

Granted, she might figure it out if we don't kill her, but I thought we needed a piece of truth to bluff our way in. Didn't count on them having an effective internal communication system, since they seemed so bad at it previously.
No. 432468 ID: 44b4ea
File 134230246423.png - (28.19KB , 1025x739 , SYS-24-2.png )

>What does the bomb do?
He can throw it 3 tiles away, and it immediately explodes in an area of effect of the tile it lands on, and connected platforms. In this case, a 3x3 grid. It deals 50% of the user's base weapon damage, and has a knockback of 1 to everyone. It also takes up 3 inventory slots.

Alison lets the Supervisor know that she will assist the enforcer if she attacks, but she admits that she was bluffing about the shopkeep. The Supervisor is outnumbered, so she can withdraw or die.

Supervisor says that she believes she can handle herself just fine.

As everyone has just moved, it is currently the attack round.

Alison uses Double offense with an attack for 1680, Recluse protects Alison and uses block!
Supervisor uses Summon Allies Lv. 3!

Attack phase is over!
Hunter 1 has arrived on the left! Hunter 2 has arrived on the right! Shopkeep Baron has arrived behind them, to the side of the Supervisor!

Round 24 over

"Are these... intruders?" The Baron asks. The Supervisor says it would appear so, and that there should be additional measures put in place to detect this sort of thing. The Enforcers are too quiet after all.
No. 432472 ID: b85f8c

Oh dear. We could manage to kill the Supervisor while she was alone, but now I suspect we are going to have serious problems.

Scan them, first off. Hmmm... is the bomb's knockback controllable, does it just knock things away from the center of the explosion, or does it knock everything away from the direction it was thrown?
No. 432473 ID: d8f016

Scan Scan Scan
If there isn't a cap, limit, restriction, cool-down, etc. on that summoning ability we have no choice but to withdraw.

>Shopkeep Baron
So... he's either in charge of the shopkeeps, or their are different people getting cloned into shopkeep clouds for different brackets or something, and he's the base for a shopkeep collective we never met.

If the bomb is based of base attack, we should pass it to whoever's got the best and use it.
No. 432474 ID: 886a4d

Oh hey a ShopKeep Baron. Ask him if his death will effect the regular shopkeeps. If so we retreat.

I say we fight otherwise but we'll need to make room. Supervisor MUST die. So heres the plan.

Enforcer moves up besides Hunter 1 throws his bomb at the Supervisor. If it doesn't take the attack phase then hes too attack Hunter 2

Alison moves up, Gaurdsman takes her place. Both Double Strike the Supervisor. Recluse stays where he is and protects Alison and Gaurdsman and blocks. Healer moves up to beside Recluse.

((I'm hoping since the only direction he can be knocked to will blast Hunter one up to Shop Keep Deployment))

Recluse Protects Alison and Gaurdsman.
No. 432483 ID: 44b4ea
File 134230359612.png - (16.85KB , 700x700 , BOMBdiagram.png )

The Scanner is not available to scan.

Enforcer says the bomb knocks outward from the direction of the originating blast, while the people on the blast tile have a random chance of going in any direction or having no knockback.

>Ask the shopkeep if his death affects the regular shopkeeps
Baron says he that he does not have a loose tongue, and certainly not for intruders.
No. 432484 ID: 0c2247

"Maybe if you didn't punish them for basically anything that would get your attention they might have done that.
Or if you used something besides death as a motivator they might have taken more initiative.
Or if you made them more autonomous than simple robots following explicit orders.

Basically? This is happening entirely because you are a shitty manager.

Hi, Baron. Nice to meet you. Did you know the Watcher was unaware that the shopkeepers have a hive mind? How many of your workers know that they're getting purged as the number of active players keeps dropping? Was whoever designed this place cruel, or just apathetic to the plight of those within it?"
No. 432487 ID: d8f016

We need to get scanner back in here. Preferably with more reinforcements.

How would the bomb affect the people adjacent to the edge? Would it knock them off into the pit? Into the next room? No effect?

Also what happens if the bomb would move them into an already occupied tile, since we're only allowed 1 person a tile here.


Dude, keep quite about Watcher. If they get away, they'll kill him for talking to us.
No. 432494 ID: b85f8c

Run away! We do not have enough forces deployed to fight what are surely far superior opponents.
No. 432510 ID: 886a4d

Point, changing plan to support this.

Remember the blocks in stage 3? They knocked people backwards when hit and had a domino effect when hitting one another. I bet its the same thing.

What enforcer should do is instead move up towards hunter 1, Pass \ throw the bomb to Alison (She should pass her red glove to recluse) He then hits hunter 2.

Alison moves up, Gaurdsman takes her place. Both Double Strike the Supervisor. Alison then throws the bomb one space past the Supervisor. Recluse moves up so that hes a space away from the enemy and protects Alison and Gaurdsman and blocks and Healer moves to take Recluses spot. She is to attack Hunter 2.

Edited plan a bit, clarifying some points..
No. 432525 ID: 44b4ea
File 134231076133.png - (28.48KB , 1025x739 , SYS-25.png )

Alison tells the Supervisor that things might be better if it wasn't all about punishment, something besides death as a motivator, and made some more autonomous than robots.

The supervisor says supervisor, not manager. She is going to mention that there should be a universal mute mode able to be put in place, because Alison won't stop yapping.

>Bomb while adjacent to an edge
Enforcer doesn't know any of the advanced rulings behind it.

Alison passes a red glove to Recluse to make room. Enforcer 7 passes the bomb to Alison.
Iso and Scanner have arrived.

Iso asks if he should go back to get more reinforcements.
Recluse says he cannot protect Enforcer if he moves any farther away. It looks like range 2, aside from perhaps area of effect like the bomb, means it can pass a gap of 2 tiles. So people without range can hit a tile next to them, and people with a range of 2 can hit from what appears to be 3 tiles away.

Movement phase done, Attack begins
No. 432526 ID: 44b4ea
File 134231077038.png - (9.81KB , 1336x84 , SYS-25-SCAN.png )

Scanner scans! To as far as she can tell, they have no boons or items. She corrects herself as well, she isn't sure if the additional HP is from beyond level 20 of tier 2, or a whole different ability line.
No. 432531 ID: 886a4d

Thats the problem with t3 protecter here, we can only gaurd 2 people.

Recluse Protects Alison and Gaurdsman. and Blocks. Alison and Gaurdsman double hits Supervisor.

Healer and Enforcer hit hunter 2. That should kill him.

If Hunter 1 protects the Supervisor he dies.

Iso stays, we can use his disable platform to herd them. Scanner should go back for tier 2s

((These guys aren't tier 4, yet. They're merely set to 20 million CU as a cap instead of our 10 million))
No. 432533 ID: d8f016

Dangit, we can't bomb them all anymore unless we're willing to hit Alison. And we don't know what happens if we push people into occupied spaces. So we can't use the bomb.

Concentrate fire on Supervisor. We need her dead in case she's capable of summoning again.

>Can't stop listening to your yapping
I am suddenly inspired to start work on virus or something that attacks though comprehend speech. We really should ask Glitcher about weaponizing glitches instead of relying just on system mechanics...
No. 432535 ID: 04b86a

Okay, if they have no boons then they can't rend any of us. Someone is probably going to die this turn, so we need to make sure Alison lives and hope it's only one person. Recluse is most likely. They can hear who's attacking whom, so we'll also need to spread our damage out so that Hunter 1 won't be able to protect everyone.

Recluse protects Alison and Enforcer and attacks the Baron.
Alison uses double offense and attacks the Supervisor.
Guardsman, Scanner, and Healer all attack Hunter 2.
Enforcer attacks the Baron.
No. 432540 ID: b85f8c

There's going to be a lot of losses on our side, here. Tell Iso that yes, we need more reinforcements. Get all our strongest units.

Recluse protect Enforcer and Alison, and Block. Alison use double offense on Supervisor, Healer attack Supervisor as well. If she's unprotected, she's dead. Guardsman attack Hunter2 along with Enforcer and Scanner. If unprotected, he is similarly dead.

Iso can't do much from his spot aside from remove a platform or light trail, and I don't see any reason to.
No. 432542 ID: b85f8c

We can use the bomb if we target Supervisor with it. Personally I think we shouldn't bother at this point. It would've been useful on the first round, but not now. Besides, I'd like to take it back to base and ask Smuggler if he can copy it.
No. 432545 ID: 04b86a

Actually, on second thought they can't kill him this turn unless they all gang up on him, which isn't practical for them. So he should be safe. It's not like he really knows very much that we don't.

So maybe we should have Recluse protect Guardsman instead and have Guardsman double offense either Hunter 2 or the Baron. Whichever one we want dead first, he should attack the other.

And since I didn't mention it, Iso should block. And, yes, he should go call in backup, since he can't really do anything here.
No. 432548 ID: 886a4d

Iso can disable platforms. Which is VERY useful to deny spots for them and force them to move.

Some of that isn`t valid however, Recluse lacks range to hit baron for example. He doesn`t have any t3 range and therefor can only hit people right next to him. If we are going to attack with Recluse it will have to be Hunter 2. I suggest Recluse blocks to lessen the likelihood of dying if both of his protectees AND he comes under attack.

Targets people can attack.
Alison: All
Gaurdsman: All
Enforcer: All
Healer: Hunter 2
Recluse: Hunter 2
Scanner: Hunter 1, Hunter 2 ((Forgot she had Range as well)) I vote Hunter 1.

People they can attack:
Hunter 1: All
Hunter 2: All
ShopKeeper Baron: Gaurdsman, Recluse, Alison
Supervisor: Enforcer, Gaurdsman, Recluse, Alison
No. 432551 ID: 04b86a

What? I could have swore he did. I guess I was mistaken. Yeah, he attacks Hunter 1, then. But replacing him with a Tier 2 has other perks, since they can teleport over to attack. I'm not if if this is the best situation to use his abilities in, either.

The problem with Recluse using block is that it doesn't reduce damage he's protecting other people from, and since they'll know he's using it they can just choose to attack the protectees.

I'm having Guardsman's attack moved to the Baron, since Recluse can't attack him.
No. 432552 ID: 886a4d

Block is more for if they decide to kill off the one person who can prevent them from one-shotting practically everyone.
No. 432553 ID: 04b86a

As I said, though, we have to give everyone their orders and they can hear everything we say, so they'll know he's using block and just focus on, say, Alison. Which negates the point and just robs us of an attack.
No. 432554 ID: 886a4d

We did design that code language for a reason.
No. 432555 ID: d8f016


Forgot we had a battle code. Still, we wouldn't have had a chance to teach it to Enforcer.
No. 432558 ID: 4a328b

We can still use it to talk to everyone but enforcer!
No. 432561 ID: 44b4ea
File 134231478125.png - (31.09KB , 1025x739 , SYS-25(2).png )

Alison is able to use established hand gestures to give complex orders about without giving it away.

>Shouldn't guardsman have been able to attack supervisor?
A visit from the shopkeep occurs. He says that is correct, although normally it would not be fixed, as not attacking because of unknown mechanics would be valid. However, the guardsman was trying anyway, even though he didn't think he could.

>"You're kidding, right?!" the Supervisor asks.

The shopkeep says he's just been sent by internal affairs, and they have to follow the rules too.

>"Remind me why we do not have boons." Hunter 1 says.
>"We didn't need any just walking around! We were assured it was impossible for an intrusion to happen! Hit their leader! replies the Supervisor.

Recluse uses block!
Recluse uses Protect on Alison and Enforcer!
Hunter 1 uses Protect on Supervisor and Baron!
Alison uses Double Offense, Healer attacks Supervisor Hunter 1 for 2100 1050!
Guardsman ignores commands and uses Double attack, Enforcer attacks, Scanner attacks Hunter 2 for 2730 1365!

Guardsman gets his error-fix on Supervisor for 1680 420!

Hunter 1, Hunter 2, Supervisor and Baron hit Alison Recluse for 3835 479 damage!

Hunter 2 is slain!

Attack round over!

>"Why do I have protection, but not even maximum damage reduction?! Who designed us?!" Hunter 1 yells.
>"Quit complaining at us, no one here is in charge of that!" the Baron yells back.

The next round has not begun, and absorbing hunter 2 is now available. Iso says he will get reinforcements.
No. 432565 ID: 44b4ea
File 134231505229.png - (140.61KB , 700x700 , SYS-25(3).png )

Shopkeep notes hey another mistake, block doesn't work like that with protector.

Yeah Recluse is dead too, as he was supposed to take another 479 bit of damage. Shopkeep's condolences are included with this.
No. 432566 ID: 7acc27

tell Shopkeep that it's okay, and you understand.
No. 432567 ID: d8f016

Hey, sup Shopkeep. We were coming to see you, but then these but-heads decided to try and kill us. Nice of you to come out to see us instead.

By which I mean, Allison- offer greetings to Shopkeep, completely ignoring the seriousness of the situation and the fact he really isn't happy you're here.

Absorb hunter 2, do an interal check to see if you get a ghost.

If possible, use glut of CU to revive Recluse.
No. 432568 ID: 4a328b

Tell shopkeep it's ok, he's just the messenger. Ask the people you're fighting if they have ghosts.If not, offer your condolences and propose a mutual ceasefire? You're not really into the whole "killing people" thing except in self defense.
No. 432569 ID: 04b86a

Yeah, we were expecting that to happen anyway. Resurrect Recluse. When do those happen, anyway?

Healer, Absorb Recluse. Enforcer, Absorb Hunter 2. Pass the CU along to Alison once any contests are resolved.

Alison, move between the Supervisor and the Baron.
Guardsman, move to where Alison is right now.
Have Iso tell them that there are three trails coming in and that two of them should try to teleport along the left one, one three spaces foward and the other two spaces.
No. 432570 ID: 886a4d

Absorb him, we should be able to overpower them with 7 tier 3 verse their 3. Pity we`ll only get five million from it.

Alright movement plans for next turn.

Alison. Moves up to the right of Shop Keep Baron then revives Recluse where she was standing.

Healer moves up and right so she is just below Alison.

Gaurdsman and Scanner moves up. Enforcer 7 stays still.

Iso disables the platform ShopKeep Baron is on then goes for reinforcements.

Next turn shall see all of them dead if they don`t flee.
No. 432571 ID: d8f016


We don't want Enforcer absorbing anyone. He's not included in out recursive chain, so Allison won't have access if they do have ghosts. We definitely want to try talking to these guys in dreams, if possible.
No. 432573 ID: 886a4d

The hunters are enforcers... they don`t have ghosts.
No. 432576 ID: 04b86a

>overpower them
I don't think it works that way. On the other hand, they can't do anything until they give up.

>no recursion
Oh, right. Have him be the one to absorb Recluse, then. Oh, and since I forgot

>Guardsman ignores orders
Good job! Since they were all focusing on Alison, there was no need to not double offense anyway.
No. 432577 ID: d8f016


Probably, but I'd like to test it rather than assume.

Supervisor is the more interesting absorption target, when we finish her. She knows things.
No. 432578 ID: 4a328b

...Assuming she has a ghost, that is.
No. 432579 ID: 04b86a

Actually, have Alison try using rend ghost on Hunter 2. She should stop if there's a contest, but I want to see if it gives a bonus to priority.
No. 432581 ID: 886a4d

Good idea.
No. 432582 ID: b85f8c

Aww, there goes 5 million CU.

Have Iso stick around. Next round combat is going to be over, and him leaving won't get reinforcements until the move phase after he leaves. So, there's no point. Better to have him here to move in further and assist the attack, or just sit there and keep trying to Absorb Recluse. Which he should try right now. Scanner should try to absorb the dead hunter.
No. 432584 ID: d8f016

Well, yeah. But there's only one way to find out for sure.

I thought we'd decided rend ghost was immoral to use? That, and we just proved it's possible to track people carrying rent ghosts. We don't want to give the systems programers the opportunity to come after Allison the way Glitcher came after Enforcer.
No. 432587 ID: 44b4ea
File 134231630436.png - (29.81KB , 1025x739 , SYS-26.png )

Alison greets the Shopkeep, and is told it's alright, she understands and he's just the messenger. Shopkeep says hi.

Alison also asks the other enemies if they have ghosts, and if not, there is an offer to have a ceasefire. She isn't into the killing thing. Supervisor says everyone here has a ghost except for Enforcer, even the hunters are different and have one.

Enforcer absorbs Recluse!
Hunter 1 Absorbs Recluse! Baron Absorbs Recluse!

Supervisor Absorbs Hunter 2!
Healer Absorbs Hunter 2!

All absorbers are deadlocked!

Healer and Enforcer will need to forego their movement next round in order to continue attacking.

Also, Alison can tell that Rend Ghost does not give priority. She would have just entered the deadlock.

Round 26 Begin
No. 432591 ID: d8f016

If the system people are willing to maintain the absorption deadlock, they're trapped into inaction.

Attack them while they're helpless. If Baron lets up the deadlock on Recluse, revive him.

Someone kill the remaining hunter. People not tied up in absorption or resurrection focus fire on the Supervisor.
No. 432595 ID: b85f8c

Keep the deadlock going. Guardsman should move forwards into the dead hunter's spot, and Iso moves up behind him so he can get some attacks in.

It's too bad we can't troll them hard by resurrecting Recluse right now so he can protect us again in the action round to follow. Thankfully we don't particularly need him.
No. 432596 ID: 4a328b

Sounds good.
No. 432607 ID: 886a4d

I like the gaurdsman now that hes on our side, aggresive little scamp.

Iso should put a disable platform on ShopKeep Baron`s platform, then afterwords start absorbing Hunter 2 and Healer should stop once hes blocking them.

Movement plans. Everyone except for Iso and Enforcer advance forward. Alison can no longer risk Double Offence or being in range of more then one person so she should move to the far side of SKB.

Well crap, SKB can one shot Alison... I hope a tier 2 gets curious and tries to come up next turn.
No. 432614 ID: 04b86a

Scanner moves into the corner, Guardsman moves to where Scanner was, Alison moves to where Guardsman was and exchanges the bomb with Scanner's item.

Iso leaves and tells a tier 2 to try teleporting three spaces forward along the left trail during the attack phase.
Alison blocks.
Guardsman attacks Hunter 1.
Scanner tosses the bomb between the Supervisor and the Baron.
No. 432625 ID: 886a4d

Scanner has selective Item Cancellation, So Allison can use the bomb still, slight problem with that though. Hunter 1 have Item Cancellation 3 so he has a range of 4 in this place.
No. 432628 ID: d8f016

>SKB can one shot Alison
It depends on how locked in they are to the deadlock. If they can stop and drop the absorb attempt at any phase, they could fake us out and change to attacking as soon as the attack phase starts up. I'm kind of hoping the decision to maintain or give up on a deadlock can only happen at the end of turn.
No. 432629 ID: 04b86a

That was Hunter 2. And I think it still has a range of 3. And I'm having Scanner use the bomb because I'm not sure if Alison can do that and still use block.
No. 432633 ID: b85f8c

Alison doesn't have Block.

She can be oneshot by either of our high damage opponents, and will likely be targeted, too. We're in a bit of trouble. If we only had one more T3 with Protect we'd be okay.

Oh, I have an idea. Have Guardsman Throw her to safety- any tile in the entry lane will work for that.
No. 432634 ID: 886a4d

Alison doesn`t have Block, she has Rend, Float and Double Offence.
No. 432635 ID: d8f016

If Allison's safety is in that much danger, all we have to do is break the deadlock- let them absorb Recluse. Then we're free to revive him and use him as a shield again.
No. 432636 ID: 04b86a

Of course she has block why wouldn't we give her- oh, right rend ghost. Um...
Yeah, she's doomed unless either the deadlock continues or we resurrect Recluse. And I just noticed that Scanner apparently still has the 5 million CU she absorbed.
No. 432638 ID: 886a4d

That will work. Alison should then throw the bomb if possible, I doubt it will work as the one who died had protector and not item cancel.
No. 432640 ID: 04b86a

No, the Protector survived with 40hp. Hunter 2 is the one that died.
No. 432642 ID: 886a4d

Oh your right... the bomb SHOULD finish off Hunter 2 before the attack phase begins. I`m not sure about Supervisor though. Depends on what Base Attack means exactly.
No. 432657 ID: c7dc56

Have whoever's doing the least important work keep the deadlock on recluse, just so they cant get a copy of his ghost for their nefarious goals.
No. 432663 ID: d8f016

Next time we have shop access, Allison should get block. It's just good sense to protect the one person we need to stay alive more than any other.

Well, there's yet to be any nefarious doings with ghosts, especially since our people only hang out as ghosts if we leave them dead. That, and since we plan on killing these guys, it's not like they'll be in a position to do anything anyways. Unless someone else in the system has them backed up with absorb/resurrect, but that level of care and protection seems uncharacteristic for the way the system seems to treat it's agents.

Oh hey, Sword's still dead, right? You'd think the next cycle would have started in the corrupted sanctuary by now. We dunno when Arbiter is gonna take a nap though.
No. 432664 ID: 7acc27

If nothing else, the fact that they don't have rend ghost is comforting.
No. 432707 ID: 886a4d

You know what. I think I`m going to vote that Iso disable the light trail besides Supervisor so the bomb doesn`t blow her up it and give her a chance to get more reinforcements.
No. 432752 ID: 44b4ea
File 134233757009.png - (25.94KB , 1025x739 , SYS-26(2).png )

>Have Iso start absorbing Hunter 2
New rule discovered: Once a deadlock is formed, no one can enter or re-enter it.

Iso has left. No new players have arrived.

>Selective item range
As it is an area, its range is still effectively 3; a 7x7 grid centered at the owner.

>Sword's ghost
Sword has been resurrected! There isn't any telling how long it'll take for her to pass on the information and die again, but Alison will try to stay on top of it.

Supervisor and Hunter 1 have fled into the Shop section!

>"They... just left me here. I don't suppose you all would be willing to cease fire, now?" the shop baron asks.

Movement phase over!

Supervisor has released absorb on Hunter 2 - Healer gains 10 million CU!
Hunter 1 and Baron release absorb on Recluse - Enforcer gains 5 million CU!

No. 432754 ID: 7acc27

Let him go.
No. 432758 ID: 0c2247

"We didn't even want to fight in the first place! We're just here to rescue buddy, research the system, and make friends - not make a mess of things."
No. 432762 ID: 44b4ea
File 134233846991.png - (11.23KB , 700x700 , SYS-26(3).png )

Alison says she didn't even want to fight in the first place. He is free to go.

>"That's it? Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this is unexpected. I can just go? Well, might I ask what you will do, now?
No. 432763 ID: c7dc56

We should atleast interrogate him about our more common questions. How much do you know about the purpose, who's high command, whats it mean to be a "baron", your personal feelings and loyalties, etc etc.

That aside, I think we have three options:

We can pursue, this may lead us straight into a trap so Im downvoting it
We can explore the other rooms,
Or we can retreat.

We might never get another opportunity to explore enemy territory, so I vote a cautious advance to the non-shop sections.

Also, how the hell are we getting out again? We cant suicide-travel with enforcer right, so did we figure a way out for him?
No. 432767 ID: 7acc27

Reply that you kinda wanted to talk to the core shopkeep, and see how things are here, but you'll probably just head back to your bracket now before more trouble comes up.

Then follow up on this as truth.
No. 432768 ID: 04b86a

Well first, we need to get that CU from Scanner, Enforcer, and Healer and resurrect Recluse.

As for right now, we were mostly just looking around before heading home. We heard there was a place to use a keycard we found around here that we want to try, too.
No. 432769 ID: 4a328b

"Oh, you know. Exploring. Meeting new people. Trying to figure out what the whole "system" is for, anyway."
No. 432770 ID: 886a4d

Tell him we will probably chase supervisor down otherwise she will overwhelm us with reinforcements. Otherwise we simply want to explore, maybe change our Fugitive from a system character into a contestant. But mostly we want to find out as much as possible. This `contest` is unbearable and we want to know WHY.
No. 432772 ID: c7dc56

They could easily lay a trap by occupying all but one entrance tile, leading to only single members entering at a time. This is incredible dangerous.
No. 432774 ID: 0c2247

"Rescue a buddy who was rended, make friends, learn about the system, try to negotiate a truce with the people in charge...
I'd like to talk, if you would be willing."
No. 432779 ID: 886a4d

Instead how about this, Alison throws the bomb up the light trail so it lands one past the entranceway to the Shop Keep which the Supervisor left on. That should knock her back to us. Remember they are in Shop Keep Deployment. Given a chance they could send a thousand shopkeeps at us.
No. 432782 ID: b85f8c

Ask him if he knows of a way to bring back someone who has been Rended without killing the enforcer involved.

Personally I think the method mentioned in questdis will work-
Have the Enforcer use the resell purchases to downgrade from T3 to T2, then allow someone to use Steal Ghost on them.
No. 432783 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah and resurrect Recluse.
No. 432799 ID: 44b4ea
File 134234137678.png - (26.31KB , 1025x739 , SYS-26(4).png )

Alison resurrects Recluse after gathering the 10 million CU from healer. She may want to gather the 5 million from each scanner and enforcer as well, if desired.

>Have the Enforcer Downgrade from T3 to T2
Baron says that there is no going back from T3 to T2. While T3 is not officiated until a T3 stat is bought, reselling that stat will not turn the character back into T2. In fact, T2 and T3 is supposed to be completely seperated, and thet Baron does not want to know what Alison has done to get to this point.

>Throw Bomb
Alison doesn't think that she can throw or attack through light trails that go so far away beyond her visibility.

>Talk to the core shopkeep
There is no such thing. They are all equal individuals. He does not know why, as it seems ideal, along with enforcers, not to have ghosts.

Why Alison has that, the Baron also doesn't want to know. It would be used in Administration.

On mentioning that she may want to chase down the Supervisor, as she may be able to call for reinforcements, the Baron says that is unlikely. There are not many within range of her ability to summon, and no one else within her authority to teleport at her beck and call.

Alison says she'd like to know what the system is for, and mentions that the whole contest is nasty. And right now, she just came mostly to save her friend, and would like to know if there is a way to unrend a ghost without killing the enforcer.

>"We, at the system, are just given jobs. We don't know why, only made to follow them with minimal knowledge and minimal resources. They are not as infinite as they might seem - we can only deploy so many shopkeeps and so many judges and so forth at a single time. Do too much out of line, or too much incompetency, and we will not make it to the next stage. In effect, we are in similar boats, although for us, the line between death and life is ill defined. Who watches over us, who watches over you? I do not know, perhaps our administrator simply has tight lips, perhaps he is under great pressure not to reveal. Who knows how high the beanstalk goes, and although you all may be at the bottom, it certainly does not feel like we are above anything. And the Shopkeep collective? I suspect there is a Barony, in which I too am just one of many of the same.

>I think these circumstances would allow me to sell Resurrection to the enforcer. It is a breach of protocol, but perhaps I will not be sealing a poor fate for myself if I can convince you to turn back and use the teleporters out of here, in return for that single unauthorized sale of resurrection.

>In any case, I imagine there will be some changes around here. Perhaps all we can do is be more prepared and learn from this. Perhaps the Administrator of this sector will be able to petition his own superiors, and widespread changes will take place."
No. 432801 ID: 886a4d

Accept the resurrection sale. Then lets honor our word and leave. Thank the ShopKeep Baron by hugging him.
No. 432803 ID: 04b86a

The keycard was placed in Stage 4 in a place where Alison, and only Alison, was likely to find it. That means that someone higher up in the chain of command wants Alison to go to Administration and find out what it's for.

But, yeah, we're willing to wait for some other opportunity to fall into our lap to try. He has a deal.
No. 432804 ID: 7acc27

don't impromptu hug. As that could be thought of as a threat, but do ask to hug him.

Accept the deal, offer a hug, wish him the best, and leave.
No. 432805 ID: 4a328b

Yes, this.
No. 432811 ID: b85f8c

Damn, it sounds like that's our best option. We just can't count on there being Resurrect in some random chest. Tell him we accept his offer, and we have some manner of sympathy for his situation, even though we also realize that he has it better than the contestants.

Well actually wait, before we just accept his offer, try a counter-offer. He sells Enforcer Resurrection and severs his own connection to the system (and Enforcer's), and we take his ghost somewhere he can live without fear of death.
No. 432812 ID: 7acc27

>Well actually wait, before we just accept his offer, try a counter-offer. He sells Enforcer Resurrection and severs his own connection to the system (and Enforcer's), and we take his ghost somewhere he can live without fear of death.

I think it would be better to leave the offer at: "I hope any changes made are favorable for you, but if you ever do need help, we'd be glad to do what we can"
No. 432814 ID: 886a4d

Offer to store his ghost in case the system kills him for this.
No. 432819 ID: 4a328b

This is a good approach

Only if he seems worried about the possibility
No. 432825 ID: b85f8c

Guys, it'll cost 15 million CU to kill then resurrect him. I kindof hope he declines.
No. 432835 ID: 886a4d


10 mill, we get half from absorbing. Means we only walk away from this shebang with 5 million profit.
No. 432844 ID: b85f8c

Max absorb is 5 million and he costs 20 million to revive. 15 million loss.
No. 432845 ID: 7acc27

According to Lagotrope, and this post: >>432752 Max absorb is half the cap.

So 20 million CU cap players, like the shop baron, give 10 million CU on absorption.
No. 432846 ID: b85f8c

OH and ask him what C.U. stands for. We finally have the ear of someone who really should know.

Huh. Well, okay. 10 million is still a lot, though. That's almost an entire cycle's worth of CU.
No. 432847 ID: 4a328b

Doesn't matter. We're helping~
No. 432853 ID: 7acc27

I am now curious, since the Watcher doesn't watch system areas, who's the one who saw the glitches/bugs during the fight, and sent the Shopkeep?
No. 432860 ID: 8b749a

Who watches the Watcher?
No. 432864 ID: d8f016

Accept his offer. We'll get what we came for, we've got some useful info, and maybe we can find something useful from Enforcer or the ghost we snagged later. Besides, the two who escaped will raise the alarm- we can't afford to head in deeper and find our retreat cut off when reinforcements arrive.

While he's in a talky mood, see if we can get him to answer a few more questions:

Why are the Enforcers different from everyone else? Why / how don't they have ghosts?

Ask him what his role / job is. Everyone else's is fairly obvious from their name and actions, but we're a little puzzled by him. He's in charge of the shopkeepers? He's a higher order of shopkeeper, with access to merchandise shopkeepers do not have?
No. 432867 ID: 7b1b37

speak not the watchers
No. 432889 ID: 886a4d

Internal affairs watches System Space obviously... thats who Shop Keep said sent him.
No. 432892 ID: d8f016

Oh, hey, I just thought of another reason why getting Enforcer resurrection could be awesome, especially if it lets him bypass the permanency of rend.

We get access to anyone he's ever been sent out to rend.

Look, no one in Corrupter's group had ever run into an enforcer before us, right? But, the enforcers already existed. There was a use for him before us. And it seems doubtful we were his first and only mission- it takes time to learn too much. So therefore we can assume he's got access to rent ghosts from other groups of rogue players. And those ghosts represent more than just manpower if we save them. They're potential contacts to other groups of rebels. We could trade information, build alliances. The possibilities are staggering.

We just need to get Enforcer home and start feeding him the CU he'll need to do it.
No. 432893 ID: 886a4d

Speaking of Rend, we need to Rend Mako after hes resurrected so he isn't dependant on Enforcer for resurrections.
No. 432910 ID: 0c2247

Politely decline. Say the card was placed somewhere where only you could find it, and so many impossible things have lead to this point that the only rational explanation is that the administrator is trying to give you an invitation with plausible deniability.

Use the keycard now, since we're probably not going to be able to get this far on a subsequent attempt. Baron said so himself!
No. 432920 ID: 44b4ea
File 134237862778.png - (69.42KB , 700x700 , SYS-27.png )

Alison will accept the deal, but she wants to know why the enforcers are so different, and why they don't have ghosts.

He doesn't know, just that they're intended as tools. He would have thought shopkeeps and hunters, maybe even himself, would have been the same, but he doesn't know why they aren't.

>Enforcer's other mission
Unfortunately, he says, he has only ever had missions involving Alison. Presumably, all other rogue entities, if any, have had other enforcers sent.

>What is the Baron's job?
He oversees what items are sold, to who, and when.

>Offer to kill/res Baron to have a copy.
It's temping, he says. He'll do it, because he is already thinking that his chances of survival are too low.

So Alison does finish him off, taking the necessary CU to resurrect him again. Sure enough, Alison now has a Baron's ghost.

She also gives a hug.
No. 432923 ID: 44b4ea
File 134237871916.png - (103.73KB , 700x700 , SYS-27(2).png )

Enforcer has resurrected the Duelist!

Baron explains that Alison merely needs to absorb him once more. Rend will only freeze other copies at the time of rending, and future absorptions on the rended will leave functional ghosts.

The first task is more hugs as Duelist says hello. He wasn't worried at all, not being surprised that Alison would be coming after him. And that he knew that if she did come after him, she'd be able to pull it off.
No. 432927 ID: 0c2247

Say that you were given a keycard, so you think the administrator wants to talk to you. Ask if it'd alright to do that first, or if you should leave immediately.
No. 432928 ID: 7acc27

We said we would leave. Let's leave.
No. 432930 ID: d8f016

We should get a new backup of Mako immediately. If we wait till combat, we risk losing him in a deadlock or something.

We've got our mission objective, subverted one system agent we might be able to do something useful or interesting with if we get hum out, and we've possibly befriended another systems agent. Heck, if the system decides to murder Baron, that means we've subverted him too. With all his yummy selling of inaccessible boons.

Staying now will just fuck all that up. We risk getting caught by security (because you know Supervisor is off raising the alarm). We risk perma killing Enforcer before we get anything else useful out of him (I really want to have Glitcher study this no ghost thing). We risk more people getting rent. And we lose future cooperation from the Baron if we betray him. It's time to go.

Forget the keycards for now. We know they're meant for use in administration now, we can plan a future raid to go directly there. We might also be able to get planning or help from our allies for that. Corrupter would likely be very interested in that.

Hey, Mako, what was it like being a rent ghost? Different from being a regular ghost, or just the same deal in a different place?
No. 432941 ID: e3f578

Add a bit of spice to that hug with furious nuzzling and scratching of the ears and chin.
No. 432957 ID: 44b4ea
File 134238151311.png - (27.26KB , 1025x739 , SYS-29.png )

Alison kills and resurrects Mako once again.

>Add spice to the hug
That might be inappropriate!

>What was it like being rent?
Since he was out of the corrupted sanctuary, he's only felt like a couple hours or so have passed. It was spent talking to the enforcer, who mostly just wanted to know what it is like being a contestant.

The baron is thanked once again, and Alison will go.

>"A friendly word of warning. We have had no experience with rogue entity hunting, and the hunters have sat idly by. Given the events that have transpired now, there will be a far greater emphasis on said hunting. I would tread lightly, and not depend on whatever space between space you all are staying at. Goodbye." the baron says.
No. 432958 ID: 44b4ea
File 134238152585.png - (25.62KB , 1047x603 , SYS-35.png )

Only one person seems to be able to enter the teleporter building at a time.

There is a teleporter operator that greets her, saying that the baron sent a message to allow Alison and her friends to go to any stage she would like. Legal stages.
No. 432959 ID: d8f016

Tell him we want to go to the stage 5 safe zone of our original bracket.

And we want to take the Enforcer with us- he's not to be sent to his home and certain death.

Don't tell him the coordinates you memorized yet, since we're not 100% sure if those are for the safe zone or corrupted sanctuary.
No. 432960 ID: 04b86a

Tell him that we'll all be heading to the Stage 5 safe zone of our original bracket, and that we'd like to go last if it's not too much trouble.

Once we get back, we should go to the Sanctuary alone so that the rest can guard the Enforcer in case Hunters show up before we can move him.
No. 432965 ID: 44b4ea
File 134238319953.png - (9.43KB , 700x700 , SYS-35-2.png )

>Regular safe zone, original bracket
That is no problem, and it will be done.

>Bringing the enforcer
About that. Normally he would be erased, but given the circumstances, and the Baron's words, the enforcer will simply be detached from the system. He will, for intents and purposes, be considered a contestant. The Operator trusts that that will not be a problem?
No. 432968 ID: 4bdd79

Works for me.
No. 432969 ID: 886a4d

That will be fine.
No. 432970 ID: d8f016

Well, that would nicely solve the problem of him being tracked. It limits us trying to use him to hack into the system though. Not that that has been working so well... they *really* kept him in the dark, and he's never been on any other missions, or interacted with other system people. I'm beginning to suspect they regularly recycle Enforcers.

Ask if converting him to a contestant means he gains a ghost.

Ask the Enforcer's consent before agreeing.
No. 432971 ID: 04b86a

Why would we have a problem with him not being erased? If he's going to be a contestant, though, does that mean he'll be given a ghost as well?

This should also mean it'll be safe to bring him to the Sanctuary.
No. 432976 ID: 886a4d

Should we also grab the Watcher's ghost since he was very cooperative?
No. 432978 ID: d8f016

>Regular safe zone, original bracket
Just to be clear, stage five. The omission probably isn't a trick to get us to agree to be teleported anywhere along the bracket, but we want to be clear, just in case.

It occurs to me we should also send 1 volunteer through first to check that this teleporter leads where it should, and not to a black hole or something. I mean, I think we can trust the Baron, but, no offense Operator, we just met you. We're cautious.
No. 432983 ID: 886a4d

We'd have to give him the zone # just to be safe. I wonder if we could try and snag on of those teleporters hah.
No. 432986 ID: d8f016


We must be marked in some way with an integer that identifies our home bracket, and he can read that, or the equipment can.

Asking him to confirm the address of the bracket he's sending us to seems safer than telling him the address- just in case 1499778 is the corrupted sanctuary, and not the stage 5 safe zone.
No. 432988 ID: 44b4ea
File 134238482901.png - (26.15KB , 1047x603 , SYS-35(3).png )

>Will he be given a ghost?
The Operator has no knowledge on that. The only thing that will be done is a system severance, nothing more or less.

Enforcer does arrive, and gives his consent to having this done.

>Just to be safe, stage 5 specifically
Preliminary stages, and stages 1-4 are no longer in legal existence. Stages 6 and up are not created as of yet. Safe zone 5 would be the only legal target.

Alison does ask what the number of her normal safe zone is. The teleporter answers with 1499778, so it appears that that number referred to the legal safe zone.

>Test with 1 volunteer to make sure it isn't a trap
The Operator cannot guarantee he isn't lying. Even if someone went through, the teleporter could send him to the right place so that everyone else would go through. The operator can change the destination at will. Alison will just have to trust him.
No. 432992 ID: 886a4d

Nothing to do but trust him. Lets go home.
No. 432993 ID: 44b4ea
File 134238507436.png - (219.83KB , 700x700 , SSF5-50.png )

Everyone enters the portal, one at a time, exiting back as expected.
No. 432994 ID: 886a4d

While we are here lets give the Shop Keep Collective that hug we promised him way back when we first started hunting chests.
No. 433000 ID: d8f016

Quickly check that everyone made it through, and that no hunters or nothing are waiting for you, or coming after you.

Yes, hug Shopkeep. Express regret you were unable to visit him in his home. You were only 1 door away when you had to turn back!

Then, return to Sanctuary alone. Leave allies to gaurd enforcer. Quickly get Glithcer, Corrupter, Arbiter up to speed. They need to be warned that the system is now alert, we need new teleporters, and we Enforcer examined by Glitcher, and we need to decide where it's safe to bring him.
No. 433015 ID: 44b4ea
File 134238666814.png - (16.63KB , 700x700 , SSF5-51.png )

Alison goes finding the standard shopkeep, and gives him a long awaited hugging.

Everything seems to have gone smoothly. A head count reveals everyone has made it as promised, there are no hunters or other enemies that are waiting.

Alison does tell the shopkeep that she was just one door away from visiting his home.

He says he's never been in there, that was the closest he's gotten as well. Well, he thinks. He only is aware of memories that involve the people he is around - in this case, anything to do with Alison. Maybe he has been in the shopkeep deployment from some other person he doesn't know right now. It's all still very confusing and he doubts that will change.

She will go to the corruptor and get him up to speed, but wonders if there is anything that she should leave out, and tell the others to keep under wraps.
No. 433017 ID: 886a4d

err I can't think of anything. While I suppose they COULD storm headquarters I bet we'll start seeing people unlocked to 100 million CU and t4's if we do.Also just in case Enforcer still has ties to the system we should ask Corrupters permission to bring him to Smuggler's Sanctuary.

Oh and we should apoligize to Glitcher for you know destroying the teleporter and attempting to rewire the things. Perhaps asking if any of our theories would have worked too.
No. 433020 ID: d8f016

Hmm. I'm not so keen on hiding things from our allies. Let's go down the list of what to cover:

-the system is now alert. We have confirmation they weren't hunting before, and likely will be now.
-the system people seem to be in much the same boat as contestants: roped into participation by someone or something higher up than themselves, only told what they need to know, and are killed for stepping out of line or learning too much.
-there's somehow a way to raise the CU limit, and to get higher stats, and abilities than are available through tier 3 or smuggler.
-We now know where keycards are meant to be used, but not what for.
-if the Baron is killed, we may be able to recruit a shopkeep who sells stuff Smuggler can't.
-Enforcers don't have ghosts for some reason, and we suspect they are spawned as needed and regularly killed off before they can learn too much.
-We subverted an Enforcer. This may have unknown benefits. He doesn't know much personally, but we hope maybe we can learn something from him? Investigate the ghost-less-ness.
-Explain that we took the suicidal risk of tampering with the teleporters because we didn't want to risk bringing the Enforcer strait home and being tracked.
-We have a hunter ghost. We could possibly get some information out of it, or subvert it.
-We have possible confirmation from a system agent that there aren't any other groups of rogue players.
No. 433022 ID: 886a4d

We also have the location of a possible recruit AND that the system is going to probably kill everyone he resurrected illegally as incentive to join.
No. 433028 ID: d8f016

Oh, you mean, the 10k people at 937281? Yeah, I forgot about them. We're not sure if that's someone with resurrect though, or just a system error. Still, couldn't hurt to have Outsider or someone snoop around.
No. 433029 ID: 7acc27

Don't hide anything. Tell them all that you found, and own up to mistakes you made.

Mention that there is a single watcher, who keeps an eye out for bugs, who doesn't see system areas or special stages. There is apparently someone else keeping track of that.

That even in core system areas, bug fixes will still happen in Alison's favor.
No. 433032 ID: 4a328b

Honesty is the best policy!
No. 433038 ID: 44b4ea
File 134238887754.png - (26.14KB , 700x700 , sCS-188.png )

Not wanting to leave the enforcer alone, Alison leaves most of her allies in the safe zone as she uses her working teleporter to run back to the Corrupted Sanctuary. Arbiter is already by the Corruptor, and the Glitcher is summoned down. Greetings are had as Alison quickly spills her story without sparing any details.

Glitcher says that messing with the teleporter was very bad. Alison apologizes for it. Detaching the line from the temporary teleporter likely borked the whole thing, Glitcher explains, so Alison should be thankful that enforcer 9 kicked it away as soon as Alison did anything to them. Still, it may have been better than trying to bring Enforcer 7 back right away.

Arbiter asks if maybe this was a bad turn events, given that these hunters may have a much better chance of finding the corrupted sanctuary now. A bad turn, aside from getting Mako as accomplished. But the corruptor disagrees. The whole point of this was to fight the system. He was confident it was possible, but Alison just proved it so by going right into their home.

Yet they did allow Alison to come back, when it sounded like she could have been scattered across any other bracket. It would have taken a long time for the Corruptor to get his Outsiders to find her again. Nonetheless, let the system come, he says.

The glitcher also agrees to try and see if he can find anything out from the Enforcer, and possibly the baron's ghost should he die at some point. The Corruptor would be interested in sending someone off to 937281 to see what is going on, but he will take care of that himself.

Corruptor also adds that if Alison is confident that the Enforcer is detached, he is welcome to come to either sanctuary before the unfrozen hour is up. It has only been 25 minutes so far.
No. 433042 ID: 04b86a

Tell him we should check if the Smuggler can sell access to the Summon Allies skill line. If he can, then we can have people with ranks in it patrol the Sanctuaries and call for help if a Hunter team shows up.
No. 433044 ID: 886a4d

Since the Glitcher is out of his room lets give him a thank you hug as well. We haven't gotten a chance before this.

For the Enforcer I think Smuggler's Sanctuary first, just to be safe. We will need a teleporter for that though. While we are there we can see if our exposure to advanced tier 3 and tier 3 items unlocked anything for him.
No. 433047 ID: d8f016

Yay! Corrupter isn't pissed at us!

And it's nice to know there was never an actual solution to the teleporter puzzle.

We have no way of knowing for *sure* that the Enforcer is detached from the system. It might have been a ruse to track him to our home. We may want to get him checked out by Glitcher, if he can tell that kind of thing, or hope to learn from the ghostlessness. It's probably safer to put him in the extra sanctuary, with Smuggler.

Not that we don't share and appreciate Corrupter's enthusiasm, but point out it may be wise to hasten setting up any contingency plans for if the system discovers us, and attacks with more than we can fight off.
No. 433051 ID: 0c2247

Point out that you think there might be somebody high-up helping you on the sly. That keycard couldn't possibly have come into your hands by accident, and the only people who have those are very high up the chain of command.
No. 433053 ID: 04b86a

The Shopkeeper having a ghost but only having the No Ghost boon in the stages is further suggestive that someone is helping us. Maybe we should share stories with whoever got the other keycard to see if they did anything to draw attention from that person.
No. 433059 ID: 44b4ea
File 134239121429.png - (13.79KB , 700x700 , sCS-189.png )

Hugs are given, and Alison excuses herself to bring everyone to the smuggle's sanctuary.

The glitcher will also follow Alison's hug to the enforcer to see if he can find out if the enforcer is disconnected, as well as go to the smuggler's place and give Alison some replacement teleporters.

>Contingency plan
The corruptor will attempt to make another sanctuary that is detached from the current sanctuary and auxiliary, but still accessable to major people.

Alison also mentions that with the keycard, there may be someone high up that is trying to help her, or at least get her to do something. Corruptor notes the possibility, but there isn't much that can be done about it, except going to test out the keycard if she wishes. He did have another keycard, gained from another ally. The corruptor will look into that as well, and tell Alison anything he finds out.
No. 433060 ID: 44b4ea
File 134239131271.png - (15.76KB , 700x700 , SSF5-52.png )

Everyone is brought into the smuggler's zone, but the smuggler has nothing new. He can't sell access to those new things Alison came in contact with, but the Glitcher says he has an idea. He might be able to copy access, cross referencing a normal shopkeep, the smuggler, and access to something that the smuggler does not. The latter link is the missing one. Alison can use her absorb ability to get something like that, but she did not absorb the hunter in the system zone.

And while it is possible to resurrect the hunter and absorb him a few times over, the glitcher doubts that it would consent to that resurrection. However, there is something he is wondering. There was only one watcher, several teleport operators, 1 supervisor. And they are left behind similarly like contestants, implying that there may be a whole bracket mechanic for systems, each one that controls a relatively small number of contestant brackets. Although it's obvious they have some control across everything, such as the watcher able to view any safe zone, or the operators teleporting anywhere, it may be possible to send Alison or others to different system brackets to hunt the hunters for their abilities.
No. 433062 ID: 04b86a

We still have the bomb. Can he use that to get us more items?
No. 433065 ID: 886a4d

I like it. Right now we ARE the best team for that as we have both experiance and a well put together team. Plus I want to get Summon Allies if possible.

Ask if theres a way for us to physically pick up a platform. That Teleport Platform was markedly different then the rest and it might help Glitcher out.

Ask how long it'd take him to make another temporary teleporter. Ideally we'd get Mako up to t3 and perhaps Clarence as well since she seems to like exploring with us. If we do get her I suggest a stats similiar to Iso. He was insanely useful back then. We should also ask all the tier 2's if they want to go back as well since Sword might not have been alone in feeling put off by being somewhere so alien. If so we can always ask Recluse's fomer friends to join us instead to prove we aren't backstabbers.
No. 433068 ID: d8f016

We agree with Glitcher's suspicions- there are likely redundant system areas, with alternate watchers, supervisors, etc.

Why would we want to torture the Hunter by rezing and killing it several times? Oh, I forgot about absorb ability. Still, we should approach it in our sleep, and see if it is willing to offer any information, or be recruited.

Enforcer should be given the option to reinvent himself. He can chose a new name and look, as smuggler did, if he wants. And Glitcher should examine him at first opportunity. He really disconnected? Actually, ask Enforcer if he can tell- Smuggler could tell when he was cut off from Shopkeeper (though that was different). And the no ghost. Can Glitcher tell if he still lacks a ghost, or what makes him different?

We should say hi to Sword and apologize we had to come back before sending her for stuff mattered.

Before we head out again, I wanna visit Succubus. Has she discovered what cool things she can do with Shapeshift? Or what the limits of the power are?

Oh yeah, and we should swap rend off of Allison. It's really "get a ghost and deny the ghost to other people" which we don't need. She should get block or something. Mako needs buffs now, too.
No. 433074 ID: 44b4ea
File 134239266149.png - (10.95KB , 700x700 , SSF5-53.png )

Glitcher is also confident that the enforcer is disconnected. Enforcer does think there is a difference, but it may just be his imagination. The Enforcer, however, does still not have any ghost. Death will still be permanent no matter what.

Oh, yes. The bomb is handed to smuggler. Introduced to that, the smuggler can now sell bombs, and hands the item back to the Alison.

>Visit Shield/Succubus
She'll get someone to thank shield, and to see if any others are also having misgivings about being drug into this. When Alison gets a good chance, she'll ask if Succubus has yielded anything interesting with shapeshift.

It sells for 50,000, and takes up 3 item slots.

There is a spontaneous note that Alison is alerted towards.
Rule change: Level 1 Immunity now grants universal immunity to tier 1 and 2. Level 2 immunity grants selective immunity, so that the owner can receive positive effects at will, such as swap position and tier 2 healing.

>A way to pick up platforms
The glitcher has toyed with this, but no luck, and lots more to do. It would be nice.

>How long to get a new teleporter
Not long, he keeps a few spares around, and just needs to calibrate them for Alison.

Currently Alison has, combined with the rest of the house's CU, approximately 27 million CU she may spend on bringing Mako and another up to tier 3.
No. 433076 ID: 7acc27

>The Enforcer, however, does still not have any ghost. Death will still be permanent no matter what.

Let him know that, until this is fixed, we will not expect him to fight. We appreciate if he would want to help, but do not want to lose him.

>Rule change: Level 1 Immunity now grants universal immunity to tier 1 and 2. Level 2 immunity grants selective immunity, so that the owner can receive positive effects at will, such as swap position and tier 2 healing.

Aww... a tier two nerf.
No. 433078 ID: 4a328b

Put some of that C.U. towards amenities for your housemates!
No. 433080 ID: 886a4d

Mako with protector stats and Clarence, if she is amenable to board control.

It might be a good idea to sell one damage increase and put it towards immunity 2 and damage reduction for Gaurdsman and Alison. Losing switch and heal from our tier 2's is unaccpetable. Oh and Scanner should remove the Inc Damage she has and get Immunity 2, disable platform and disable light trails 1.

Also last time we were woefully unprepared with items. I suggest all tier threes grab a first strike offence, a first strike defence as well as the red glove. The tier twos should also buy multiples of various available items such as bombs, repair kits and tonic (20).
No. 433082 ID: 886a4d

We're going hunting, and hopefully will be finished before the skip begins. Each t3 we kill will be 5-10 million more for us.
No. 433134 ID: 44b4ea
File 134239694459.png - (15.27KB , 700x700 , SSF5-54.png )

>Hunting before the next cycle begins
It won't happen, glitcher says. He needs a bit of time to figure out how to move along system brackets to get to a different one. It shouldn't take that long, but more than a couple dozen minutes that remain before a cycle begins.

Alison lets Enforcer know he is welcome to not fight. She doesn't want him dying. He explains he will be available to fight, and will be careful if he does. Otherwise, he will simply wonder how to get a ghost.

12,312,003 CU is spent on Mako, including maxing absorb and tier 2 weapon.
12,300,000 is spent on Clarence, who is now virtually identical to Iso
250,000 is spent on Alison to switch Rend Ghost with Block.
This leaves Alison with 2,376,913 CU.

Mako now has T3 protector abilities and boons. Clarence has also entered Tier 3, and has taken lighttrail and platform removal and creation lines.

Most of the remaining CU will be spent either giving Alison's house members a usual share, or simply getting amenities. Items will be purchased as more CU comes in.

And so it looks like, once again, Alison has a whole lot of time to kill before hunter hunting becomes viable without wasting a cycle. Her house should be under just a few finishing touches, and the glitcher should be able to transport her house at almost any time.
No. 433145 ID: 886a4d

Alright then ya, we might as well give all the remaining CU to our house.

Plans for the timeskip.

1) Prioritize finishing the house up.
2) Alison and her group will be better chasing big risk \ rewards. So they should chest hunt. Expect multiple enforcers and hunters.
3) If we are going to face an invasion the bulk of our house members are woefully underprepared. I suggest increasing stipend to 50% of all earnings.
No. 433147 ID: d8f016

Edits because updates are faster than me. :p

The most useful people in that raid were Recluse and Iso. We want a second person with light / trail and platform manipulation (promote a T2 to T3 for this). We want a second T3 absorbing hits. This should probably be Duelist, that's what he was doing before.

Alison should trade in rend for block. Rend gives no priority, it just denies other people ghosts. We dun need that.

Our conversation with Sword and Clarence brings up an interesting point. We should only be upgrading and bring into danger the people who really want to. Make sure people agree with stuff before it's assigned to them.

We should express regret we can't bring Enforcer with us on future raids. We're glad to have saved him, and that he helped rescue Mako, but we don't want to put him in danger when he's the only one at risk of being killed. Also, the system somehow recognizes him, but not us, so we can't bluff our way in with him. We know he wants to learn though, so we'll keep him in the loop.

We might want to allow some people to visit Smuggler and Enforcer. It might get lonely hanging out in an empty sanctuary. Although, as two system ex-pats, maybe they have something to talk about.

Glitcher? On the next raid, you know what would be awesome? An exit teleporter that went to 1499778, and not to corruption. Or even better, an exit teleporter that goes to a random safe zone, and then another one to get home from there. Because the system knows we're from 1499778 now, and might be watching to find corruption from there. And instead of a timer? How about a personal recognition thing? So it'll self destruct if anyone but Alison tries to use it.
No. 433151 ID: d8f016

Offer Enforcer body mods. We may want to try bluffing our way in, and the supervisor recognized him before. This may not be an issue with him cut off, or we could always leave him in the previous room when bluffing.

It would be real nice if we could find a way to communicate across rooms, so we could tell people to stay back / come it without messengers.
No. 433162 ID: 8f5660

Does Enforcer want a different name?
No. 433169 ID: 44b4ea
File 134239917768.png - (11.39KB , 582x700 , SSF5-55.png )

>Enforcer body mods
He is willing to do this, if Alison feels that there is a better suited look for him. Furthermore, the name 'Enforcer' may be confusing, and a new name may be good. Again, Alison may decide this, as he has no strong feelings on the matter.

If he does change, what should the changes be?

>Chest runs
Alison can do this without losing time, so she believes that she will after getting items in order.

>Visiting smuggler
There is enough traffic from having a central shop that the smuggler hasn't gotten lonely.

>Glitcher making a teleporter that goes to 1499778, or one that goes to a random safe zone and then back home.
Glitcher says things like this have been studied, but are far too risky at the moment to be relied on.

>Personal recognition instead of a timer
Possible, so the glitcher will look into it.

>Split more CU for the house members so that they may be stronger in the case of a system raid.
It'll be done.

In the meanwhile, Alison will also prioritize the finishing touches on her house.
No. 433174 ID: b85f8c

Uh, just give him pupils. Otherwise I think he looks fine.
No. 433175 ID: 886a4d

His body is fine honestly, but his name should be changed. Unfortunately I'm not sure what to. I've been calling him Fugitive mentally so maybe that?
No. 433183 ID: 8f5660

The name Adonis springs to mind.
No. 433187 ID: 4a328b


How's the name Alexander?
No. 433188 ID: 886a4d

Sounds good.
No. 433195 ID: 04b86a

He definitely needs a new moniker, but I've been having trouble thinking of something that suits him that doesn't refer to how he used to be an Enforcer.

Alexander sounds good, but everyone else with an actual name so far has come up with it themselves. We should give him an opportunity to think of one before we break that tradition.
No. 433198 ID: 7acc27
File 134240031750.png - (111.58KB , 455x700 , New Enforcer.png )

New Name: Alexander a.k.a. The Scholar

"The Scholar" because the thing that separated him from being an enforcer was learning.

New look <
No. 433199 ID: 4a328b

The Quick Study, The Learner, The Student...any of these good?
No. 433200 ID: 7acc27

Edit: let him try to come up with a proper name himself.
No. 433201 ID: 4a328b

I love it this is brilliant
No. 433202 ID: 886a4d

Oh yes, new outfit and the Scholar.
No. 433204 ID: d8f016

On the to do list: take a nap, see if the hunter is willing to be cooperative or offer any information. He probably won't be, but we should at least try.

>No, you can't tele from system to other safe zones
Aw. Well, if nothing else, could the teleporter go to smuggler's sanctuary instead of corruption? That minimizes damage if we're followed.

That's fantastic and I support it wholeheartedly.
No. 433208 ID: b33427

I do like "Scholar" as a given name, and he can come up with a personal name on his own. The outfit is nice too. Other than the minor change of adding visible pupils to his eyes, his body is fine.

Now, unrelated to naming, outfits and body mods, I may have a way to get rare or unavailable materials much easier. Remember when Arbiter explained how they got meat here, by killing someone in a freeroam area, butchering the corpse, and then resurrecting them. Well, what if that person took a major body mod to change themselves into an animated form of the material needed? Blobs or golems of materials such as gold, diamond, silver, uranium, or other usually unavailable materials. Better run this by Arbiter and Engineer to see if anyone has tried this before, and set up a test run if they haven't.
No. 433209 ID: bbee3d

Gilgamesh, perhaps? Though I like Scholar too. His outfit's good as it is.
No. 433219 ID: b0d1a8
File 134240160201.png - (11.35KB , 582x700 , lago.png )

New Name: Agent Smith


New look <
No. 433221 ID: 886a4d

I like the outfit, it can be an alternate to his scholar look.
No. 433230 ID: e3f578

Make his buttocks extra firm and strong as to avoid getting it kicked too hard, he'll need the extra defense if he can't be rerezzed. Even if that isn't how the system works always better safe than sorry.

Alison give it a test squeeze we are giving everyone extra bodily defenses in the buttocks if this works!
No. 433232 ID: e3aff6

Since he has resurrection, it might be worthwhile to get him retroactive and have him kill/res us so we have another backup ressurector.
No. 433233 ID: 886a4d

That'd lose us five million CU, better have him kill Chief or Twirl instead.
No. 433242 ID: d8f016

If possible, we should give Scholar recursive, and have him absorb Allison. That'll make battle a little less risky. Have him swap rend for block too, easier to keep him alive.


Everyone needs a spare formalwear outfit for the party.

...oh my gods you guys, we need to make Corrupter some formalwear for the party! He'll be a snake in a suit. =D

>Copy ability access to Smuggler
Wait, do we need to copy from Allison? Can we take Smuggler and Glitcher into our dreamspace, and copy abilities from people there into the shop? If we do that, we could get access to the hunter's stuff now. We could also use this to finally get Mongrel's absorption boon.
No. 433258 ID: 44b4ea
File 134240506154.png - (20.64KB , 700x700 , sCS-190.png )

The enforcer will now be known as the Scholar. He will use
as a secondary, for formal events.

>Test squeeze buttocks
Alison is making it a point to keep her affections appropriate, especially to people she hasn't gotten to know well yet!

>Copy ability access through dreamspace
Glitcher doesn't think that will work. It doesn't have to be Alison specifically who has the ability to be copied, but people in dreamspace do not have access to their abilities. It might work, but Glitcher would rather not risk complications that could very likely rise from that issue.

>Backup resurrection
Currently, there is not enough CU left over for Enforcer to do this. He will absorb Chief instead.

Mathematician shares some numbers when Alison gets back to her room. Alison has approximately 800 housemembers. Each one that isn't of the main party has received an average of 11,500 CU, which includes the amount spent on luxuries such as food and entertainment. The average CU spent lies at around 9,500. This means most people are at high end Tier 1, which may not be so meaningless since Tier 3's don't have damage scatter. Nonetheless, not being able to survive past a hit of 40 may be an issue in the case of a raid. Still, to get everyone at the 100k cap would involve 80,000,000 CU. Which would be perhaps somewhat safe with a hefty amount of runs with judges, but more likely a few runs involving enforcers and hunters.
No. 433259 ID: 44b4ea
File 134240510191.png - (11.83KB , 700x700 , sCS-191.png )

>Talk to Arbiter about getting a major body mod that forms gold/jewels/other such thing, in which the owner may be slain in a similar manner to meat
If Alison is comfortable enough with that, Arbiter says it has, in fact, been tried. Although, the gold is certainly an imitation, and the gems dull. Yet, there was a much better effect when done with tier 2 individuals. If there is an extra line of body, perhaps that may yield the real thing. At the same time, that brings the issue of absorption caps.

>Check on Sword/other individuals with misgivings
Everyone, including sword, is certainly willing to stick around at the very least. In sword's case, it was more a matter of being brought along in dangerous, unknown territory. She will fight if she must, but is reluctant to volunteer to do so. Alison will certainly make sure to only bring in volunteers to extra fights.
No. 433260 ID: 44b4ea
File 134240512531.png - (26.16KB , 700x700 , sCS-192.png )

>Talk to the Succubus about shapeshift.
The rules explain it as well as she can. It's something best used for deceit and subterfuge. Tasks that she is certainly willing to perform, but not ones that she should come up with herself, knowing that she would be doing so under Alison's name. The fact that Tier 3's can see right through it make it difficult, regardless, so it has been more of a toy than anything practical.

If Alison is to do chest runs, she may as well do it soon to help gain CU to speed up the rest of the construction and get more spending CU. Will she do this, and if so, who will she bring?
No. 433262 ID: 6868bc

Right, so, idea. The reason that the Scholar permadies is not just because he doesn't have a ghost, it's because he's designed around a different system of resurrection. When he was part of the system, only a projection of his stats was sent into combat, and not the real thing. He didn't -need- a ghost, because he was essentially able to send a free clone of himself in to fight.

So, if you can figure out a way to rig up some ad hoc version of the same system, he'll effectively be just as safely expendable in battle as anyone else. Something to look into, maybe?
No. 433263 ID: 886a4d

Hmm numbers or brevity. If they follow the same deployment ratios we will face 4-6 for a group of four. So if we bring our entire group of tier 3s thats 8-12 enforcers \ hunters we will face. More if we also bring tier 2s though I don't know how the system will handle a mixed group... probably judges.

I suggest we just bring our tier 3s. We can easily control the boards with Iso and Clarence and thats all that matters. We will have to be very sure we do not get Rended however.
No. 433264 ID: d8f016

Only good for subterfuge? I wonder if we might be able to use it to bluff into some part of system space? ...well, doubtful, if tier 3s can see it. I hope at least succubus is having fun with it?

Any allies with unique abilities should copy their access into Smuggler (I can't remember if there are any left). For instance, can we copy resurrect and recursive from Allison? If we buy those boons to anyone whose absorbed Alison in the past and we have another full backup of the team. Recluse, for instance.
No. 433268 ID: cee0ad

It probably isn't a good idea to have Clarence look exactly like Iso. Speaking of which, when are you going to raise the bar with Iso. It must be done at some point.
No. 433274 ID: 886a4d

Save it for the Bard.
No. 433275 ID: 7acc27

Just wait a few cycles, and spend it all on house members.

They'll all be at 100K CU within like, 4 real time hours.
No. 433276 ID: 44b4ea
File 134240682724.png - (13.58KB , 700x700 , sCS-193.png )

>Fun with shapeshift
The Succubus says it's certainly been fun, just not practical.

>Copy boons for the smuggler to sell
Smuggler says that some are hardlocked. While, say, Tier 3 access is forbidden to sell to players, it is forbidden by the the decision of the system. Meanwhile, Resurrection seems to be locked by its own merit, presumably because there is no intention of ever making it publicly available. Ability absorb, however, might be able to be copied. Glitcher will try it.

Which begs the question of who thought Tier 3 might ever have been sold to players.

Arbiter catches up to Alison, mentioning more on the body mods for items. He notes that it would be possible to simply grow horns of gold, for instance, and to lop off the horns and let them regrow. A much less gruesome manner for the same.

Alison also asks if that would be possible for premade tools. Arbiter has doubts that such complexities may be allowed, but he couldn't know for sure. He also wanted to catch up to her just to ask, if there is anything she needed. CU or help with anything.
No. 433278 ID: b85f8c

Well, more CU would help with incursions into system territory, but on the other hand we could just bring along people from his house to help rather than just using his CU on our people.

Oh! One idea that has some merit- some manner of secure communication to and from home base while we're out in the field. Using ghosts works but is somewhat slow.
No. 433279 ID: 7acc27

At best mention that we were going to try getting out entire group up to the 100K CU cap, in case there's danger, so they'll at least stand a chance.

All lending CU would do is make that happen faster.
No. 433282 ID: d8f016

Wait. Why do we need gold again? Or mundane tools when we can make anything we want out of weapon skins? I suppose certain rare metals and stuff could be useful for any tech Engie decides to try building, but I'm not sure we need much of that for the telescope at the moment.

Aw. Guys, Arbiter wants to hang with Alison. I'm not sure what he can do though. I'd feel guilty taking all his CU, and we're going to start massively farming it anyways. Oh hey, maybe he'd have better luck recruiting Mongrel? He's got no grudge against him. Then maybe Smuggler could copy that awesome boon. We could ask his advice on CU farming, or how best to defend the non-elite members of the houses / sanctuary if there is an attack.
No. 433285 ID: 04b86a

>who thought Tier 3 might ever have been sold to players.

Probably the same people who thought it would be a good idea to give the Shopkeep a ghost but only give him the No Ghost boon in stages. Or who gave him Persistence despite the fact that he'd have to break a rule the System would obviously place in order to make use of it.

Help... Well, we could use some help finishing our observatory. Specifically, we'll need a way to make a very large lens. We've had a couple ideas on how to do it, of course, but if he has any of his own we'd be happy to hear them.
No. 433288 ID: 44b4ea
File 134240812306.png - (14.37KB , 700x700 , sCS-194.png )

>Why a need for gold/gems?
Only luxury, possibly for construction. It could be nice, but it is by no means necessary.

Arbiter is willing to try it out. Perhaps, if he has such a dislike of Alison, the Arbiter will be able to place him in his or another lord's house in exchange for letting the smuggler have his boon to sell.

>Advice on CU farming
Nothing but a lot of people doing menial tasks, the arbiter explains.

>Finishing the observatory
Arbiter will do what he can, where needed.

>Ask for CU/ways to defend non-elite members of the house.
Arbiter says it's only fair she get some, since every other house lord has had more cycles. The freezing time wasn't so efficient in stage 3, and didn't get into full swing until mid-way through stage 4's safe zone, so while most lords may not be sitting on many billion's of CU, a billion has been reached. Alison has been quite selective about who she has resurrected, so most other lords have many more people stage running. In short, if Alison wants her house capped at 100k, the Arbiter says it can be considered done. All Alison had to do was ask. Normally there is no rush for CU, but for all anyone knows, the system is in a huge hurry to get something done, and could be in a real time hour. That, or several more thousand hours will go by eventlessly for everyone. In any case, giving the less elite members of the houses more CU would likely be the best way to defend them. Simply giving them the strength to do it themselves.

Alison has gained 100,000,000 CU!

Arbiter transfers this much CU by manner of hug.

He apologizes about the horns.
No. 433292 ID: 886a4d

We don't mind the horns. He just upped the survivability of our us by a lot.

Right, time to chest hunt. So we have an option of going full boar and doing eight chests at a time or splitting up our tier 3's into groups. I say we go with all 8 at once. It'd be good practice of seeing what we can do and possible seeing combat absorb and tier 3 skill lines.
No. 433296 ID: b85f8c

Dump that CU on your dudes.

Maybe we should resurrect some more people? More income for the rebel group in general would be a good idea, even if they don't stay with us.
No. 433298 ID: 7acc27

Before anything else, start giving out CU, Offer advice on how to make skilled teams, or if someone wants to do it them self, let them.

Basically, if there's a group of friends, or guys who always stick together, and they don't know how to go, give them advice on making a good team to deal with stronger enemies.

Ask what happens if you grab multiple chests at once.
No. 433299 ID: 7acc27

I think sticking to trustworthy people is for the best, rather than reviving lots of people hap hazardly.
No. 433301 ID: b33427

Arbiter gets all the thanks and a big block of hugs, and he certainly doesn't need to apologize for his horns. ...Actually, maybe he could take his idea and get horns with a golden surface. That'd look snazzy.

Shapeshift could be used to mask a major body mod purchase that would make her look and sound exactly like the target. She shapeshifts into her usual form at the same time she purchases the body mod, leaves, finds a secluded location, and applies a shapeshift of the target over the body mod. As long as a T3 doesn't scan Succubus, she'll look indistinguishable from the target.

Well, it's not just gold and gems. Any material or chemical could be collected this way. Horns of refined titanium. Claws of tungsten. Hair of optical fiber. Secretions of petroleum. Nodules filled with helium... OK, whoever chose the body mods to do all this would look really freaky, but it'd work. The results would certainly be of interest to construction, and to Engineer's work and experimentation. But for now just let Engineer know it's available and to make a "wish list" of stuff he couldn't procure any other way.
No. 433302 ID: 7acc27

>As long as a T3 doesn't scan Succubus, she'll look indistinguishable from the target.

I think she's saying that she doesn't look different to tier 3s. They don't see the disguise. They don't need to scan her, they just need to look at her.
No. 433304 ID: b33427

Which is why she buys a major body mod to look and sound exactly like the target. That way a scan by a T1 or T2 of her will look exactly like the target, and a T3 scan will find her out, but a cursory glance won't.
No. 433307 ID: d8f016

Yay, that's ~125k bonus for all ~800 of our minions. Offer profuse thanks. I'm glad he's rich enough to help us without selling his own people short.

I agree with the explanation that we currently place a higher value on trust over numbers. We'd love to resurrect as many people as possible, but things are tight enough right now we can't risk disruption from bad eggs. Getting to know more ghosts and bringing them back should be on our long term to do list though. You know, when we get a non frenzied moment.

Also- if the other lords are using numbers to do mass farming, that's good for us. At least if they're shopping at Smuggler's. =)

Guys, I'm a little weirded out by all this use Succubus as the body mod guinea pig. It seems kinda mean to force her into that, and I don't really see it being useful enough to be worth it.
No. 433310 ID: 44b4ea
File 134241176138.png - (12.95KB , 700x700 , sCS-195.png )

Alison doesn't mind the horns. Arbiter can have lots of hugs. Alison gets a couple people to bring Chief to her while she sees what Glitcher can do, and keeps Arbiter company, as he rather obviously wants some.

The smuggler also forgot to give the recent chunk, so Alison receives another 18 million CU.

She talks to Arbiter about inconsequential things until Chief arrives. She talks about managing all of this CU. He says that he will help divide the 80 million, likely with a few million left over since people have about a 10k headstart each, working with Alison to help.

Some, Chief explains, have gotten tired of waiting around so often, though not so much that they would go to the regular safezone to timeskip. Not as though they have teleporters to do so. In any case, there are likely a few cliques that are willing to team up to go judge running, as long as they get a share. The Chief imagines that they also would like some kind of guarantee that if they invoke an enforcer and one or all gets Rended, Alison would be willing to have their back, and try and get them back like she did with Duelist.

Glitcher is able to bring Ability Absorb to the smuggler, in the end. He also says it may be a good thing if one of Alison's house members does get rended. It would be a good test to see if pinpointing that rended ghost would also yield direction to the same system bracket. Furthermore, it is inevitable that other house lords will have members rended, and as they are from brackets far off from Alison, it would help significantly with getting teleporters to multiple system brackets.
No. 433317 ID: d8f016

We should make it clear that while we're willing to rescue other people, they shouldn't get sloppy or careless. We may not be successful every time. Enforcer security may get bumped up now. Or worse, we suspect Enforcers are regularly recycled. We may not make it in time!

We have to concede that even if everyone is careful, another rending will happen again, eventually. I don't think we should do this deliberately, though.

>have gotten tired of waiting around
...you know, in addition to our construction, crafting, and chest running industries, maybe we ought to look into setting up some kind of recreational or entertainment stuff for people to unwind. We may be AIs without the actual need for sleep, but anyone who stays wound up all the time eventually goes crazy.
No. 433320 ID: 7acc27

>Or worse, we suspect Enforcers are regularly recycled. We may not make it in time!

If an enforcer is taken out of the picture, the ghosts that it rended would go back to everyone who has a copy of it.

The only reason we had to reabsorb Mako was that Scholar is still alive.
No. 433323 ID: 4a328b

>have gotten tired of waiting around
Parties parties parties must surpress the urge for a 24/7 party

We should make a public announcement to our house that we've got their back and will go after them if they get rended. 'Cause we will, for one thing, but for another they shouldn't be afraid to go on judge runs if they want to--Just remember to check in with someone before doing a judge run so people will know if there's a party wipe! We should set up a system for this.
No. 433324 ID: b85f8c

It's obvious when a group is in danger of invoking an Enforcer. When judges don't spawn after grabbing a chest, the next encounter will be an Enforcer. Personally I think that's not going to be a big problem- all the Judges are 100k so they will likely feel they have an even chance when fighting our groups. As long as our chest hunters know to abandon ship when judges don't show up, I doubt we'll have Rend problems.

But yes, we should give them assurance we'll go find their Enforcer and kill them if they get Rended, so they'll come back. It's hard to say if we'll have the same moral dilemma as we did with Scholar... we should endeavor to kill the offending Enforcer as fast as possible so they don't learn too much and become independent.

Alternatively we could let a bunch of people get rended in order to 'influence' Enforcers to make them like Scholar and willing to split off from the system. I am not sure how to manage it.

Hey hang on, if we got Ability Absorb to Smuggler, what says we can't get Resurrect there too? Then we would easily be able to recover people without killing Enforcers, assuming they agree to getting cut off from the system.

Also, hey, more people with resurrect is always good.
No. 433325 ID: d8f016


I think the way rend works is it destroys all existing ghosts of the target, while giving a ghost of the target to the enforcer. The only way to recover the rended would be to recursively absorb them from the defeated enforcer (the true enforcer, not a projected clone), or get the enforcer to revive them.
No. 433326 ID: 886a4d

Of course we will go get any of our Rended members. However there is a warning sign, if Judges do not spawn when they should then the next time a chest summons them it will be an Enforcer or a Hunter.

For Judge hunting teams the split would be 30% to them, 20% to Alison and 50% to the house in general.

I also think since we are starting to get more and more skilled people they similarily should see a slight increase in CU gotten each cycle. I have no idea how we`d calculate that though. One idea is that as people get more skilled we can setup a marketplace around Shop Keeper and start selling from there with a simliar tax scheme as Judges. (They will still get House income, that percentage will be on top of it.)

As for those who have too much free time and do not want to Judge hunt we should start seeing about seeing what everyone actually wants to do. For example we can start hiring teachers with CU and start offering classes in various fields so they have skills beyond general labor.
No. 433330 ID: 7acc27

>20% to Alison and 50% to the house in general

What is the functional difference between these two things?
No. 433333 ID: 4a328b

Not just pure item creation skills, either--we should encourage artistic and scientific activities, as well. For example, the same trees that we use for wood can be turned to woodpulp to make paper, or burnt to make charcoal! The exact method for these might take a while to figure out, but once we do we've got a start on art supplies/writing implements
No. 433335 ID: 4a328b

I guess the Alison fund would be for improvements to her house or throwing parties, while the house fund would be for food, pocket money, ressurrections, and so on for the housemembers in general?
No. 433336 ID: 886a4d

House funds are redistrubted to the entire house at the end of each cycle. Alison however does need CU to spend on herself and members of her fighting group. Eventually we WILL unlock delimiters, boons, items and other ability lines so she will need that CU stockpiled. There is also unexpected resurections should her house need them and that does cost CU.
No. 433338 ID: d8f016


I second this. While it's responsible and beneficial to have our people working towards construction and resource producing, people should have some of their own time for artistic pursuits and hobbies. This kind of patronage will be good for moral, and overall mental health. We want to make this purgatory into somewhere livable, not just functional.
No. 433339 ID: 44b4ea
File 134241374435.png - (11.46KB , 700x700 , sCS-196.png )

Alison just wants to make it clear that her rescuing people shouldn't be a reason to be sloppy or careless, but the Chief doubts that would be a problem. He doubts that anyone would want to be rended. Alison will be sure that they know about the judges not spawning on a chest being a red flag that an enforcer will come. Hopefully that remains predictable. Chief says he will overlook the judge runs as well, and let Alison know if there are any party wipes.

>Getting resurrect
Smuggler has said that that boon was hard-locked.

>Tired of waiting around
There will be a house-finished party soon! She will also organize teaching and classes, as well as general purpose entertainment. There should be more time without losing income after the house is built anyways.

For other teams CU, Alison will consider 30% to the runners, 20% to Alison, and 50% to the house, if she does not get any second thoughts.

Aliso can do a chest run now or wait, but she will still need to decide on whether to bring everyone, or to split her party.
No. 433341 ID: 886a4d

My vote is for all the tier 3's but that is alot of potential Enforcers \ Hunters so we might not want to take the risk.
No. 433342 ID: d8f016

Thank / hug Chief. He's doing a great job as a manager, and we appreciate it.

I prefer splitting the party. We want small, manageable groups of enemies we can take out with careful play. If we go powerhouse to powerhouse, it'll be hard to stop them from concentrating fire on one or two individuals. We'll take losses.
No. 433343 ID: 4a328b

Instead of a chest run right now, let's kick around with Arbiter some. We just got back from the system HQ, let's take some time to relax!
No. 433345 ID: b85f8c

I don't get it. Ability Absorb was planned to be public eventually, then? Hmm. Can we tell what other abilities are hard-locked?

Why don't we take a tour of Arbiter's house? Bring Iso.
No. 433347 ID: 4a328b

Eh, we don't gotta bring Iso. Seeing Arbiter's place would be neat, though--maybe meet some of his people
No. 433358 ID: 886a4d

Well for a real small party we can do it two ways, striker heavy (Alison, Gaurdsman and either Mako or Recluse) or balanced (Alison, Mako\Recluse, and a support.) I personally vote striker heavy as that will finish battles quicker but if we come across a good combo of enemies it could be fatal.
No. 433363 ID: 44b4ea
File 134241680443.png - (13.06KB , 700x700 , sCS-197.png )

>Other hardlocked abilities
Only resurrection and combat absorb, the smuggler says.

>Hug Chief
No. 433366 ID: 44b4ea
File 134241689891.png - (350.64KB , 700x700 , sCS-198.png )

>Visit Arbiter's place
Arbiter would, of course, be pleased to show Alison.

Overall, he says, there isn't a whole lot to see. When he first came here, he was paranoid about defenses and raids. It may prove valuable, but his whole building is straight and to the point. Halls of chokepoints, few side entrances to his tower, so on and so forth.

However, the top of the tower is what he thinks would be best to show her. He has laid dirt on the top of it for a garden, with a few quaint rooms here and there. After hearing about Alison's telescope, he got a couple made himself. He will, with Alison's permission, try and work with the engineer to see about building a proper observatory on Alison's territory.

In any case, he often comes up here when he wants to try and ignore the outside world. Not an easy task at the best of times. And it's made especially hard now, considering that one of those distant, waving splotches in the sky has just turned on.
No. 433367 ID: 886a4d

Those are light trails. We might want to take a closer look at that.
No. 433368 ID: 4a328b

Oh dear. Arbiter...That's a light trail.

Prepare for possible raid, gotta get the message to the Corrupter too
No. 433370 ID: 9202a9

See should do the chest runs that the mongrel would have had access to on the chance what we can get the double absorbe.

Also we should ask the glitcher if he can unlock double absorbe.
No. 433372 ID: 886a4d

You mean combat absorb, but ya thats part of the reason to do Chest Runs on top of the CU gain from killing their protectors.
No. 433373 ID: d8f016

Note that a focus on defense isn't necessarily a bad thing. If the system is somehow finds us, and circumvents the safe property of the zone to launch a conventional attack, his fortress is certainly a better location to whether it.

Of course, I'm afraid of unconventional attacks. Collapsing the zone entirely. Breaking the time dilation the other way. Weaponized glitches. A purge.

Yeah, if we have any working telescopes, we want to look while that's active.

Has that ever happened before? I sure hope it's not the system coming for us...
No. 433374 ID: b85f8c

OH JESUS, that's an active light trail! They're coming, right now!
No. 433379 ID: b85f8c

I have an idea. Can't we use Disable Light Trail to interfere with the invasion?
No. 433380 ID: 886a4d

I don't think its an invasion... yet but I do think its the system searching for us. Remember thsoe light trails are really, really far away.
No. 433381 ID: b33427

Tell Arbiter that Smuggler told you those are dead light trails, and that this does not bode well at all. Take a look at it though the telescope, then the both of you head to Corrupter. You have a feeling your house warming party is going to be put on indefinite hold.