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File 134310861905.png - (16.63KB , 700x700 , sCS-244.png )
435623 No. 435623 ID: 814ded

http://tgchan.org/wiki/AsteroidQuest - Link to other threads (from parent quest).
http://tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats Related stats and displayed rules.

Alison heads downstairs from the observatory. The chief comes in, wordlessly asking for anything to tell Alison's house if she doesn't address her public herself. Alison has kept loyalty high, and this likely won't be as disasterous to her as it may be to a few other houses.

Arbiter says that as usual, he'll be available to Alison for help if she desires, but he should head back to his own house to make sure it isn't hell over there, then to head to the Corruptor to see what he's going to do.
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No. 435624 ID: e3f578

We may want to try and glitch ourselves into the dream world finally, getting back people from that. Even if the glitcher finds that dangerous. I have completely forgetton if he thinks that's impossible.

But fuck it, we should do the impossible now. We should literally break every single system aw and rule in the book, maybe even make our own. Completely detach ourselves from the network ruleset that governs everything and reprogram ressurection back in.

If this is a computer thing, that means that we should partition this sanctuary and everyone in it, probably install a new OS.
No. 435627 ID: 886a4d

Say goodbye to the Arbiter, give him a hug for luck. We should address our people, they all know how serious losing resurrection is but we should assure them that it doesn't mean we lost. Not by a long shot. If the System can delete abilities then nothing says we can't remake them. We've already done the unlikely and outright defeated at least two system brackets. Its not so dificult to imagine us going all the way to the top and saving everyone. In the meantime Ghost Talk will be given to select people who stay in the Sanctuary as well as Persistance to ensure that we will continue on as before. As for the more dangerous pursuits such as Chest Runs we will talk to Glitcher to ensure that no one will be lost permanently.
No. 435628 ID: b85f8c

Well it's simple really. We can still resurrect people via Ghost Talk/Form, but they can only live in safe zones. Any death from here on out reduces our *fighting* force. This just means we have to step up our planning and strategy for the war. Find more advantages, find more important targets to strike at, strengthen our troops so that death is less likely. This war isn't over, it's only just begun. And we will NOT lose.

Because of the swing in focus I think Alison should make a new armor set, one that looks like it's made for battle.
No. 435629 ID: c7dc56

"I hope you enjoyed the vacation, we're back in the trenches. Chin up, we're not licked yet."
No. 435630 ID: b85f8c

Chest runs? Alison and Arbiter's brackets should be completely safe for chest runs. There is literally no one to stop their teams from taking chests now, unless another Administrator is taking over chest protection duties? We should find out, but very carefully. Like, send out a team with Alison so she can teleport everyone back if it turns out another bracket's Admin is monitoring chests in this bracket now. We should pick up chests one at a time to keep the risk as low as possible.
No. 435632 ID: c7dc56

Actually it may be best to clean out the "safe" brackets immediately, before the other admins realize this and pull together a counter force. They probably don't know how to take over some one else's bracket, as it never occurred to them as a situation.
No. 435635 ID: b33427

Find Iso after you do whatever you do, and give each other a deep hug; You both could use the comfort of each other's company right now, and you've been neglecting the little guy.

Test if you can use Ghost Talk to manifest a ghost without its consent. Start with Hunter 2 and say you're so sorry you didn't get a chance to resurrect him, and that this is the best you can do now. Oh, and check if the ghosts got the same system-wide message you did.

There's also the matter of the "power" being turned off to the bracket System-space, and how that might effect chest spawning. Could not do a thing to it; Could turn it off; Could make it slowly fade and stop. Also, the "power" being turned off could also be a preliminary step to the "dead" bracket being pruned. That means all the contestants in it should be evacuated sooner rather than later, and as many chest runs done in it as possible, if possible.
No. 435638 ID: b85f8c

>Hunter 2
Whoa now, he's got the system flag still. No bringing him here. The system probably doesn't know our exact location so let's keep it that way!
No. 435642 ID: b33427

Dang it, you're probably right. Alison will have to sleep to ask Hunter 2 if he feels his System connection has been severed, and even if he thinks so he should be ghost-resurrected in the stage bracket safe zone, just to be safe. For now resurrect a relatively friendly ghost that is known to have no System ties.

I'm wondering how Alison's bracket suddenly having no System administration will do to the Shopkeep in the bracket safe zones that were overseen by them. Will they sever from the System and be unlimited like Smuggler?
No. 435644 ID: 814ded
File 134311697517.png - (10.83KB , 700x700 , sCS-245.png )

>Hug Arbiter

Alison will want to speak to the glitcher, but first will speak to her house.

>Talk to hunter 2
She won't chance a ghost-form in the corrupted sanctuary, but she can at least talk to him. She apologizes for not resurrecting him in time, and he says it is okay. And although he did respond, Alison could still tell that Ghost form does require consent.
No. 435645 ID: 814ded
File 134311700987.png - (20.57KB , 700x700 , sCS-246.png )

A brief chat is held at her main hall, in which she says that dying only means they lose a bit of fighting force. She will still be able to use ghost talk, so death is still a weak principle. While resurrection is a hit, they're not out yet.

As expected, it's easy enough to keep everyone's spirits up. Most of them were already in a similar boat, afterall. The expressed dismay is that they spent long enough around here to get used to not having to worry about death, but they aren't crushed by its return. Especially not with ghost forms available.
No. 435647 ID: 814ded
File 134311705049.png - (13.67KB , 700x700 , sCS-247.png )

>Hug Iso

Iso looked like he wanted to speak to Alison in private, and she planned on motioning him away anyway once she addressed everyone.

He says something, and Alison asks him to speak up. He says he wants to go on a date.

With Alison.

That is, when she isn't busy. He explains he's been trying to ask for awhile, but there never seems to be a good chance to bring it up.
No. 435648 ID: 96a1b7


Perhaps it's time to invest in some, er, equipment?
No. 435651 ID: b85f8c

Of course! Let's give our ideas to Corruptor and Glitcher then see if we have some spare time soon to spend with him. It'd only take a few hours, so it's not going to hurt us in the long run.

Specifically, I want to discuss making the time compressed even further or possibly going without that 1 hour of uncompressed time so that we're in a constant "War Cycle". Time is a precious resource we cannot afford to waste.

Secondly, we should investigate the dead System bases, and see if we can research their technology. Being able to use Projections or utilize their teleport tech would be extremely valuable. So would tracing their connection back to whoever is above Administration. If we can start performing raids deeper into the heart of the System we could win this war without the Sanctuary being discovered at all.

Thirdly, I think it is important that we get some idea of how Freeroam combat works. How is range calculated for abilities that use it? Does T3 Immunity still work to prevent ranged attacks? Can we use equipment to damage other players, or to protect against attacks? Does armor style make a difference in Freeroam? Does weapon style? Can we choose to do less damage than normal, just like in stages? There are so so many unknowns. All testing should be done with members that have no chance of OHKOing eachother, of course.
No. 435652 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah, and I want to ask Smuggler how 1ups are sold- as in, it looks like he can't sell them right now. Why not? I'm sure some of our people have 1ups still, like Healer and Succubus, so Glitcher might be able to unlock 1ups just like other items.

Also worth considering is using Ghost Form to add to our workforce. They would be somewhat low quality workers due to not having upgrades but I'm sure there are tasks they can do that don't require a lot of skill or strength. It would be worth trying out a little bit just to see if we can banish ghosts at will or if they're permanent additions to the safe zone. Also worth testing is if they can just walk into areas that Corruptor makes not-safe. If that's the case then we can still use them for fighting, but only home defense.
No. 435654 ID: b33427

Hug Iso a little tighter and whisper that you accept. Be a bit annoyed at yourself that even with all the working and fighting and planning, there was time that you two could have spent together, and you're sorry you didn't.

Well, does Alison really have to personally go on the chest test run? She'll go to talk to Corrupter and Glitcher, but a team from her house can do the run just as well without her and report back. Actually, she should talk with Corrupter and the other house lords to put together only one test run team. This is so multiple teams aren't put at risk if the test run goes bad.
No. 435655 ID: 886a4d

Say yes. The only things we need to do is to talk the Corrupter, talk to Glitcher and do a test run for chests. After that we can take a break from the war. As long as nothing else comes up of course.

Things we should discuss with the Corrupter:

Using persistence, white gloves and Boon Absorb to backup ghosts without killing the people involved. Also might be a good incentive for recruitment.

We are in System Space along with ALL the brackets. You can actually see everything with our observatory. We might be able to use this to stage additional raids.

Things to discuss with the Glitcher:

Salvaging defunct System Brackets, see what we can learn from them. If they are without 'power' can we restore it and convert it for our own use?

Panic Teleporters for people doing Chest runs to avoid death.

Modifying Ghost Talk to work in our personal Stages. Perhaps copying a Rest Areas ability to treat Ghosts as resurrected over to the stages will work. This will allow even the dead to do stage runs.

Recovering Resurrection as a Sanctuary Only ability \ boon. Can we remake it? Even if its local only. (No more battle resurrections but get them to the Sanctuary and they can live.)

Becoming Glitched. The Glitcher is only one person would someone helping him speed things up?

Things to discuss with Engineer:

A light filter for the Observatory to be able to see the new Sun which the System has given us.

The test chest run should include Alison, Mako, Recluse, Iso, Healer, and Scanner. Mainly because they are our toughest group.
No. 435659 ID: b33427

Actually, Engineer is probably the one to talk to about filters for the telescope. When you do talk to him, ask if shining what's coming out of the telescope onto a projection screen would help pick things out.

Oh, and there's also more bracket-space tendrils in the sky below the Sanctuary, so eventually an observatory will have to be built down there as well. Alison should bring that up with Corrupter, along with proposing moving the current observatory to the top of Corrupter's tower, for the best unobstructed view available.

Ah, and do ask Glitcher about if the entire Sanctuary could be moved about in space. Not teleporting it, like with moving your house to Smuggler's, but actually physically moving it around.
No. 435660 ID: b85f8c

If we CAN teleport the Sanctuary around we could use it to avoid the light trails and simply never get invaded, unless they somehow create a web of light trails taking up every available spot... or if we can't teleport very often, or if the teleport is random. Making the Sanctuary itself mobile would be nice regardless of how we do it though, I agree with you there.
No. 435662 ID: e3f578

Of course!

Since this is the best time to think about it, get body upgrade with legs and become a lizard lady with nice hips! Equipment optional if you desire to take it slow! Really, just want to see if you like one form or the other and how nice you'd look with legs.
No. 435663 ID: 886a4d

I see no reason to become a lizard...
No. 435665 ID: e3f578

lizard lady is just her as she is now only with legs and a smaller tail instead of just a big snake tail.
Just screwing with appearances, wanna look different for the date and all, but can we really do another dress up doll with Allison that looks great with her snake half. Legs may look really flattering on her!
No. 435669 ID: f793db

Go on the date, leave Alison as the Snake Queen.
No. 435671 ID: 256d52

Perhaps its time to become corrupted?

That may escalate things even further though.
No. 435681 ID: b33427

Actually, Alison should go to the date as a leggy lizard lady, if for no other reason than feeling what it's like to walk about on legs. Then perhaps for their next date Iso could take a form similar in size and type to Alison's, to see what it's like moving the way she does. If nothing else it would be a different experience for the both of them.
No. 435702 ID: e7e90d

Infinite vetos on giving Alison legs. She is who she is, and she's not about to change for the hell of it.

Avoid becoming corrupted for now.

My only worry about going on a date is that Arbiter has been showing a lot of interest in / attention to Alison. He might be hurt and think we were leading him on. But there's no way to avoid that reveal.

You should test the summon ghost ability. Is there a limit on how many ghosts you can have out a time? Is there a CU cost? Once activated, are the ghosts passive to maintain, or do they require constant concentration?

Later, when you get a chance, you should also test if people with a shared ghost can use ghost talk to communicate at a distance, using the ghost as a relay.

Also- who's dead? I know we discussed having some people dead so we could resurrect them around the 10 person limit on the raid, but I'm not sure if we followed through. Did we trap any of our regulars?

Other exploits to discus:

We're pretty confident that the people running the system are inside, with us. But they have write access- they deleted a pointer or function and changed the rules of the game. Our number one priority should be getting glitcher that access. We can start deleting access to abilities or rules we don't like (rend, no absorb, no ghost...) or possibly restoring others, or writing new things from scratch.

Getting Glitcher to a collapsed system zone might help, as the base code might be exposed there.

We also need to bring in our system refuges and talk with them as soon as the cycle syncs up. Supervisor and Baron may know things. Supervisor, if she's good at what she does, could probably be used in house management somehow. She can work for Chief. Watcher should be offered a post in the observatory, obviously.

Glitcher needs to check if the administrater was right. Does Enforcer 7 Scholar have a ghost now?
No. 435758 ID: 4a328b

Snakes don't have legs, what are you thinking. No legs. Also veto-ing being corrupted. I don't see a need for it at this time, and it may be detrimental in the long-term.

Speaking of detrimental in the long-term:
Love triangles.

Do we stop our cruel toying with Iso's heart now or shall we string him along a while longer?
No. 435770 ID: 814ded
File 134315750791.png - (22.14KB , 700x700 , sCS-248.png )

Alison resurrected her regulars just in time, so all of her main party and then some is alive. As far as she can tell, there is no CU cost, limit, or concentration requirement for pulling ghosts out.

Only one person can be an active ghost at a time, but anyone who has a ghost copy of that person with ghost talk may communicate with them telepathically. With this, it is possible to use them as long range communicators.

For now, she'd rather worry about different things than how she's going to look on any date. She does tell Iso that she'll accept, but first she has to go to the corruptor and glitcher.

She finds them at the usual place. She took a back entrance to the castle, as she didn't like the yelling and unrest in the common public areas.

>"Completely ruined!" The Corruptor says, mostly ignoring Alison other than a glance.

Technically, the Glitcher says, it's actually fixed.

>"You know what I mean! First resurrection, now our time?! You froze us before, but now you can't?"

Honestly, the Glitcher did not know how he managed it the first time. It was a low chance of success, and he thought he would die for sure. But now time is moving forward at a regular rate, and they only have a couple dozen hours till the next stage if he doesn't fix it up soon. For all anyone knows, they won't be able to stay in the sanctuary during the next stage either.
No. 435773 ID: 886a4d

I'm afraid the date is going to have to wait... something came up.

The administrators could slow down time as well. And we do have at least two defunct System Brackets to play with as well as Administrator Keycards, maybe Glitcher could spoof the Stage 5 keycard to grant us access to our brackets administration. Perhaps we should take the Glitcher to that one. Also ask if a second Glitcher would help success.

The other things we wanted to discuss can wait. They were alll dependant on time lapses.
No. 435776 ID: 4a328b

Definitely share the key-card--Glitcher might be able to put it to some use.
No. 435779 ID: e3f578

I told you we should partition this sanctuary and seperate it completely from the systems rules or laws.

Us and Glitcher will obviously have to find the source of what programs the rules, get a copy for ourselves, and leave an execution in the programming for the bracket we're in and make our OWN ruleset.

If Glitcher has made this entire sanctuary and hid it from the system and already altered it state, we can do it on an even bigger level. There's already holes within the rulebook, sometimes people damage each other for more or less than what's supposed to happen, and hell that enforcer came back from the dead until the shopkeeper noticed it. If we can get the entire sanctuary into one of those holes of voided rules, we should be set.
No. 435782 ID: e7e90d

Knock, or otherwise make your presence known. Corrupter's already in a bad mood, and being caught eavesdropping will only make it worse. We need to plan right now, and we can't afford to fight amoungst ourselves.

The time compression is down? That means we can bring over the refugees as soon as we're done this meeting.
No. 435788 ID: b85f8c

Shit, also fuck.

Well, um. We need to check to see if the light trails in the distance are moving at HUGE SPEED now that we're not time compressed. I mean, the admins were able to compress their time, right? This could mean we have mere minutes before they find us. If they are moving at normal speed then we can assume the System has turned off time compression entirely. This ALSO means we can go pick up the system members that we evacuated from the defeated base. Their knowledge of how the System works would be absolutely essential so having them here is a good idea.

With time lost, really the best thing we can do is prepare a fighting force to attack a system base when stage 6 comes around, so we can use the S6 card and not even have to research the system base to access their tech.

Also, wasn't the sanctuary around for more than one stage? Surely we'd know by now if it was in danger of vanishing after stage 5 ended...
No. 435789 ID: 04b86a

This might work out in our favor, actually. If we can't freeze time then the System Brackets can't freeze it, either, which means we'll be able to focus on things that require going into normal time.

I doubt the Sanctuary's going to vanish when Stage 5 starts, though. That kind of stuff is controlled by Upper Management, and if they haven't done it yet then they either don't know where we are or don't plan on doing that unless the System brackets find us and petition to have us removed.

Be sure to tell them the observatory is finished, and that you've already gleamed some interesting information from it.
No. 435795 ID: bdb3f8

Corrupter, I know you didn't think this would be easy. Your resistance movement has carved out a stronghold on the edge of a knife blade. This entire zone has always been on the verge of disaster. If all they can do to attack us now is make us fight using the old rules, we should be ecstatic. We now know more about our enemy than we ever have before, and we know for certain they can be beaten. They are running scared, let's figure out how to capitalize on it before they ACTUALLY figure out how to fight us.

We can teleport to other system brackets, right? This is going to be important both for attacking other administrators, and possibly for getting our armies through to the next safe zone.
No. 435811 ID: 814ded
File 134316336983.png - (63.94KB , 700x700 , sCS-249.png )

The Corruptor's attention is got when Alison feels it appropriate, and he gives her a wave with his wingflaps. There is no greeting otherwise, but she isn't unwelcome. She is sure to mention that her observatory is finished, and shares the information she saw with it. Corruptor explains further that he did expect such a thing to eventually happen, but nevertheless, it all seemed to go so smoothly for awhile.

>Partition this sanctuary from the others
Glitcher says that he would have liked to as soon as he realized this area was all system space, but he has no idea. He's only done modifications and exploitations, never made anything like that.

>Light trail movements in the new speed
They appear to be moving as normal, so if they are slowing their own time down, it does not have an effect on their light trail's searching ability.

>Hand glitcher the card
Glitcher thanks Alison. Arbiter also came by to give his own card. He can't promise much, but maybe a miracle will happen.

>Various methods of treating the sanctuary with special rules
Glitcher says that is proving extremely difficult. It used to be easy enough, they were never looking at what he was doing. But now it is as though this systemverse is actively correcting everything in the physical space, so anything he does is fixed immediately. It also makes it nervewracking to do much, as constantly making issues needing correcting may help the system pinpoint this location. It's more incentive to make that new space, but he has little idea on how to do it.

Corruptor says that Alison may want to head back to her safe zone. Other houses are fortifying their positions and preparing for a large fight, but Corruptor doesn't know if he wants Alison to participate. Glitcher will proceed to move the house to the auxiliary sanctuary, as that should work, but the Corruptor explains that Alison only has so many forces. She's been invaluable by means of testing rules, bringing the smuggler here, putting the Arbiter in a good mood and all that, but her strength isn't by raw numbers. If there was a house lord that was away during an attack here, Corruptor would wish it to be Alison. He isn't making her, however, he simply now is forced to think of the worst. In spite of everything, Glitcher can still teleport.
No. 435812 ID: b85f8c

That's good reasoning. We accept the offer to move, as we had planned before things got serious. Also I am very relieved that the light trails didn't speed up, but annoyed that Glitcher has been neutered. Ask him if there's anything in particular he's confident he can pull off with low risk- we don't want to push him, and with the light trails moving at normal speed we're not in a huge rush.

Oh, ask Corrupter how his corrupted troops did in the system base, and if he has any information about how the battle mechanics work in Freeroam. Specifically, range and manufactured equipment.
No. 435814 ID: 886a4d

He's making us his backup plan. Suggest that you get the Corupters ghost before you go, offer your ghost to the Corrupter too of course. Then suggest they do the same for the other House Lords to get everyone in the same ghost line. If we are forced to run then we will have a way to back up people. It will ensure communication as well. You can use Ability absorb, and persistence to ensure everyone survives it. If hes not willing to do so ask for someone on his recursive train.

People to take with you, Iso, Mako, Scanner. Everyone else stays behind to help out.
No. 435818 ID: e7e90d

Well, yeah, our strength is more in being clever and breaking the system than strength of numbers fighting. We'll gladly keep helping there.

...is there any chance Corrupter or Glitcher feels comfortable enough with us to share more information about how this place works? We have our suspicions, but we might be more useful at coming up with suggestions and exploits with hard data. I know how the two of you have felt about 'trade secrets' in the past, and we'll respect it if you still feel that way, but...

Bring up the idea of investigating the collapsed system space zones. It's possible the rules are more malleable, or the 'systemverse' is exposed and vulnerable to those in the know.

We should also bring up the idea of pulling in our newest batch of system refugees / defectors and seeing if they know anything useful. Baron or Supervisor are the best candidates, but even a teleporter operator could be invaluable.

And we should ask Glitcher to check Scholar's ghost or lack thereof.

I'm not sure if us bailing is good for Corruption though. There's bound be socal and politcal unrest with all the recent change and distress. Our house is going to be a target for some of that, since we stirred up much of the recent action. Us bailing or running will only serve to bolster certain animosity or divisions. It's one thing to look out for our own people, but we should put some effort towards holding together the larger alliance.

How did things go for the other 3 system space attacks? We liberated most of the facility, with only 1 enemy casualty, and none of our own. How did the others do? Were the same special rules in effect?
No. 435823 ID: 04b86a

We're willing to move there and spend a lot of time outside of the main Sanctuary, but we still have a number of things to do that require at least coming by here. We need to see if our bracket's chests are still being guarded, we need to find out all of the rules regarding Freeroam combat if someone else hasn't already, and I want to head by one of the brackets that didn't light up and talk to the Administrator there to find out why they didn't join it with the others; those Administrators might even be contestants that found S. 5 keycards, which means they could answer questions we have about becoming an administrator. I'm sure there's even more stuff that we'll think of doing before the stage starts.

Getting everyone's ghosts sounds good, thankfully we can still use persistence for that, and we should also get a number of Tier 2s in on it so that they can relay messages quickly via Ghost Talk. Can you use that to talk to people who are still alive as well?
No. 435829 ID: e3f578

Gonna have to find where the rulebook is stored then, and change it manually if we want to resurrect.
Finding the rulebook should be second priority for the resistance to preparing for a big fight. I wonder if corrupting the rulebook is possible, or even deleting it completely to allow everything would be wise.
No. 435971 ID: 814ded
File 134318165806.png - (39.35KB , 700x700 , sCS-250.png )

>Ask for Corruptor's ghost, offer Alison's own
With the Corruptor's, well, corrupted state, he isn't sure that it is a good idea for them to intermingle. Alison will use persistence to get several Tier 2's and regular team member's each other's ghosts, as there is still plenty of CU to reasonably swap boons.

Alison does also mention testing a chest run, but the Corruptor says that the Arbiter is already going on one. He will be back in less than half an hour to report his findings, if any.

>Scholar's ghost
Alison can't sense one, and the Glitcher wouldn't know how to check more than he has. He has more important things at the moment.

>Other 3 system space attacks
Corruptor says that they went smoothly. Only Alison and Arbiter annihilated their brackets, but the others were able to go in, gain a few other abilities or boons, and come back out again.

>How Freeroam works
Right now, Corruptor is testing that. He will report it to Alison and everyone when he is done.

>Teleport to a system bracket that did not light up.
Glitcher says he can do that for Alison if she wants to investigate a dull trail. Will she?
No. 435972 ID: 886a4d

First lets move the Mansion to the new safe zone and then gather the defectors to see what they can offer us. If the Baron can enable Alison's merchant and further abilities, boons and delimeters for her that will be something to do so before we go on another raid.
No. 435977 ID: e7e90d

>gained a few other abilities or boons
Anything new showing up in the shop?

>Investigate dull system trail
Yes, but we've got a few things to do first. Like seeing if we can stabilize anything around here, and we should at least talk to our new system people before we go on another system raid.

Things to check up on with the system refugees:
-how many got out? Everyone? Hydra, Flute, Supervisor, Watcher, the enforcers, and teleporter operators?
-are any of them willing to work with us now? Willing to stand aside, and evacuate a dying space, are different from outright defecting.
-if we have a teleport operator(s) they may have useful skills or knowledge, especially to Glitcher. They also know how to sever a system creature's connection to the system.
-Watcher may be useful is setting up our *own* watch station. Or at least in manning the observatory. I'm sure he'd enjoy something new to watch.
-Baron, shop stuff. He may have access to new things to buy.
-Supervisor may have insider information. Most interestingly: how did she know that Enforcer 7 had been blacklisted? That suggests she has access to a system's communication network. She may also have useful skills as a manager/supervisor (obviously) we could use if we can subvert her.
No. 435979 ID: 4a328b

Safety first!

But yes let's check out those unlit areas
No. 436003 ID: 6a1ec2

I hate to suggest it, but perhaps we should just wait for the heat to blow over. Play the brackets like normal, try to avoid dying. No chest runs. That way they'll experience what is known as a heisenbug, and any programmer would agree that is the fiercest weapon against system administrators in existence. They think we have the power to kill admins, so let's conveniently not have that power. If they ask we can claim that he staged the fight to try and scare them, because he did.
No. 436005 ID: 886a4d

I'm actually hoping the dark trails are actually Administrators who are rebelling. They've failed in some way and are due for erasure and they see no point in furthering the goals of the System.
No. 436007 ID: e7e90d

The problem with trying to do brackets normally is we now have way more people loyal to us then there will be exits available, and we won't be able to resurrect cheat around those anymore. We'd have to resign ourselves to be Chief as he was before joining us- choosing to kill off our own to get through. Granted, we'd have the option to revive people as ghosts in the safe zones, but still. I'd rather not have to resort to that kind of play unless we had to.
No. 436014 ID: f793db

I think we should just leave Alison's followers at the auxiliary sanctuary, and have her go through the stages with a small 4 person team like normal.
No. 436017 ID: 886a4d

Thats the plan, first though we need to do everything in our power to help the Glitcher recover time lock.
No. 436022 ID: e3aff6

Basically that. So our most important priority is to make sure the Sanctuary will still be there when the stage starts.
No. 436050 ID: b33427

There is the matter of the other contestants for the level. Alison can't do anything about the ones that have entered the level already, but she can work to convince the rest to come join her house, or at least come to the Sanctuary. The rest... Well, they may "live" again as manifested ghosts, but that seems a shame when they could be wholly living. Sadly, forcing them to come to the Sanctuary by teleporting them against their will would cause even more problems, so it's all she can do.
No. 436056 ID: f793db

It may be best to just handle things as we have until now

Try to do the following:
Get multiple people through at once if possible
archive the ghosts of those we can't
Take people who are willing to the sanctuary.

The only problem with the last one being that not everyone will necessarily want to go into a position where they are by default against the system.

We should check up on the system entities who came with us after we beat the administrator. It would be a good idea to make sure they aren't connected to the system, and then offer either bringing them to the auxiliary sanctuary, or having them stay here as contestants.
No. 436105 ID: bdb3f8

as I implied before, if we can get to other system brackets, we can get our armies through to the next zone by splitting them up into small teams and steamrolling the locals. It won't be the nicest plan, but the less nice house lords would probably do it in a second.
No. 436107 ID: 49eb02

Okay, that's more clever. Regrettably, we probably won't have a choice as to where we go if we get forced out of Corruption into the brackets, and we probably don't have enough time for Glitcher to build enough teleporters to split our group 80 different ways, or more (80 teleports gets us groups of 10, which judging by the last run we did, might be too big to get everyone alive through the last door). And that's not even taking all the other, bigger houses into consideration...
No. 436108 ID: 886a4d

Thats still a ways off of course, hopefully we won't have to resort to things like that.
No. 436139 ID: f09b71
File 134323742625.png - (73.71KB , 700x700 , sCS-251.png )

Alison lets the glitcher move her house's peninsula to the auxiliary, using what looks to be a string of connected teleporters.

>Anything new in the shop?
Only what has been at least seen, hence Summon Allies and T3 Armor is now available.

>How many system individuals got out?
Hunter 1 and 3, Supervisor, Baron, Judge Lord, and all 8 of the teleporter operators. They are in the legal safe zone of Alison's bracket. Alison will speak to them, since all of the timelines are going at normal speed anyway.
No. 436140 ID: f09b71
File 134323744059.png - (99.73KB , 700x700 , sCS-252.png )

The teleporter operators merely were able to operate teleports using intuition, inside of designated teleporter rooms. As far as hard knowledge is concerned, the Glitcher knows more. They also only acted as the messenger to getting the Scholar's severance; they did not sever him themselves.

Similarly, the Baron does not, as it turns out, have more stock for Alison. He merely decides what to sell at what stage, but Alison has already unlocked everything he could.

Alison asks if Watcher would wish to watch the observatory. The watcher says no. He doesn't actually like watching everything that much, he realizes. He only did that because it was that, or die.

The Supervisor doesn't mind her job though, and so she wouldn't mind working with Chief if it comes to it. She didn't have any more insider information, and was only spoken directly to from the Administrator.

None of them feel that they are linked to the system anymore after their bracket died out, and can be brought to the sanctuaries. Alison would feel more comfortable getting the Glitcher to check this himself, but he may not appreciate the distractions.
No. 436144 ID: 4c4acb

What happened to the administrative zone during previous stages? (And is it still there now, just without working light trails or special tiles?)
No. 436145 ID: b7169d

Ask the judge lord about the masks the judges wear.
No. 436147 ID: 886a4d

Could the Shop Keep Baron at the very least enable Alison's Merchant ability? Also lets ask the Judge Lord if he can summon Judges without System support. That might be useful. If the Watcher doesn't want to watch is there anything in paticular he would like to do? This goes for all of them.

I say we take the risk and lead them to our sanctuary without bothering Glitcher.

Since we aren't going to get anything new now, lets go to a dark System Bracket. People to take Alison, Iso, Recluse, Mako, Scanner, Atlas, Strongarm, Healer, Bandit, Gaurdsman.
No. 436151 ID: 49eb02

(Updates in daylight? This is my lucky day!)

What happened to the enforcers? They didn't want to come? Or we unable to?

Let's try some diplomacy. We're sorry for attacking them before, and not really giving them any choice but to defect from the system to survive. We'll gladly take any of them in that would like to work with us, and we'd be appreciate their help. But they're free to stay in the safe zone, or try and find another way back to the system, if that's what they want. No hard feelings.

Explain that you've lost access to resurrection, so you don't have a guaranteed safety net anymore, but you can still summon ghosts in safe zones, and you can give them persistence to absorb / back up anyone who would want it (regardless of if they want to join). Maybe bring out hunter 2 to see his buddies to demonstrate.

Introduce yourself to the judge Lord, as we never really got to talk to him before. We should ask about what his job was, and how the judges work. We never ran into any of them, are they just created on the spot as needed? What are the masks for?
No. 436152 ID: 0c2247

Glitcher can accept this much distraction, since linked system entities in a Sanctuary would be pretty much the worst thing ever.
No. 436155 ID: 49eb02

>Could the Shop Keep Baron at the very least enable Alison's Merchant ability?
Does she still have that after the system forced us to reskill? I thought we might have lost it. But yeah, if we still have the ability, a front line shop for emergency reskilling on the fly, or allowing opponents to sell off no absorb to survive, could be useful.

We should ask if he has the power to de-authorize merchants, as well. That way we know if we have to be wary of others with his job in the future.
No. 436156 ID: a5c529

Hmmmmm, we should have the glitcher have an apprentice. That way allison has somebody to call on and the glitcher doesn't have many more distractions.
No. 436160 ID: 6a1ec2

Yeah, a sub-Glitcher would be awesome. Know anyone who wants to risk their very existence and sanity on an hourly basis?

We still haven't talked to the glitched guy yet.
No. 436164 ID: f09b71
File 134324201521.png - (9.69KB , 700x700 , sCS-253.png )

Baron explains that authorization supposedly took place prior to the beginning of the stages. While Alison still has Merchant, he won't be able to authorize it at this point. He does not know if there is a way to deauthorize it.

>Have glitcher apprentices
Alison decides that because of how bad it could be if system personnel were to go into the sanctuary, he can afford the distraction, but also to mention the possibility of an apprentice or two. Glitcher says he has already had 2 in the past. They lasted about a day, and he does not like to talk about it. He confirms that the system people here are disconnected.

>Judge Lord
Alison introduces herself. The Judge Lord gives a slight wave, and Alison asks what the masks are for, along with what his job entails. He simply deployed judges to various points of interest when deemed necessary. He can summon judges still, but not teleport them across brackets. The masks are a communication device, but he says he will not allow Alison to look at them. Or do anything with them.

>Offer them positions or not
Watcher says he'll stick around legal safe zones, and the Judge Lord and operators will do the same. Supervisor and Baron will go back with Alison. No enforcers came. Hunter 1 and 3 will go back with Alison as well. The ones who will go with Alison will also let her take a copy of their ghosts.
No. 436167 ID: 49eb02

Respect the decisions of the people who wish to stay, and wish them luck.

Will the judge Lord still be deploying judges if we try for illegal chests in this bracket?

Watcher's staying? He's a blank slate lvl 1. We should offer a goodwill present of enough CU so he has a chance of surviving when the next stage starts up. He'll be massacred otherwise- he's way behind even the other non-cheating contestants.

Head home with the people coming home. Let's introduce them to Corruption and get them established, then on to the next problem.
No. 436168 ID: 886a4d

Alright respect their wishes. Get the ghosts of those who consent, take those willing to come with you to your sanctuary and use Ghost Talk to re-unite Hunter 2 with everyone. Pity the Judge Lord isn't feeling more helpful but he doesn't really know us yet.

If the dark trail is hostile perhaps we can get a mask from there otherwise we'll have to diplomize him a bit. Communication across brackets would be hella useful. So lets go on a raid!
No. 436171 ID: b85f8c

Okay so, judges can communicate with eachother freely apparently. Possibly across brackets?

Hang on, the Judge Lord is here but no judges are? Where do judges come from?
No. 436172 ID: 6a1ec2


I'm puzzled now. Glitcher doesn't have protection against glitching. Yet everyone who stays around him gets glitched into oblivion. Yet he doesn't glitched into oblivion. Glitcher, you broke logic! D:<
No. 436174 ID: 49eb02

Well, he didn't specify if they were scared off of the attempt after a day, or if they were actually killed.

>you broke logic!
I think it's a matter of skill. Hence the whole driving metaphor a bit back. He doesn't die because he's a good driver. The accidents that happen around him... are people falling off the car. Or getting unavoidably run over. Or parts of the car flying off and exploding. Even the best driver in the world can't do much about that, short of pulling over and stopping. But he can't.

The most interesting piece of information is it's possible for him to take an apprentice. He's not one of a kind, theoretically. That's potentially a more useful route for us to consider one day than becoming corrupted. That's a long term consideration, though.
No. 436177 ID: 886a4d

I support Alison becoming the Glitcher's Apprentice as I see that the best way of bypassing the system entirely... but we should first try to help with him without risking our very existence.
No. 436183 ID: 49eb02

Hmm. Just throwing this out there, but Supervisor didn't sound terribly enthused. She shouldn't have to work as a supervisor for us if she doesn't want to. There's plenty of other ways people can help out (we've got thinkers and planners, organizers, craftspeople, management, fighters, and even a fledgling arts and entertainment department). She's free to explore other options now if she'd rather, we only suggested it because we thought she might be good at it. We have enough people that they can chose roles they're comfortable with.
No. 436199 ID: e3f578

Group Hug!
No. 436206 ID: f09b71
File 134325248084.png - (275.33KB , 700x700 , sCS-254.png )

>Where do judges come from?
The Judge lord doesn't know. Where has anyone here come from?
No. 436207 ID: f09b71
File 134325250702.png - (226.15KB , 700x700 , sCS-255.png )

>Supervisor isn't very enthusiastic about the job
She says that maybe she just isn't giddy with joy all the time. Management is fine with her.
No. 436208 ID: f09b71
File 134325252342.png - (454.52KB , 700x700 , sCS-256.png )

>Glitcher is breaking logic
He doesn't know. He should say something, though. The scary part. They were being assisted directly by the glitcher. As far as he could tell, they were doing a safe experiment, doing exactly what the glitcher was doing, doing exactly what the glitcher has done many times before. Except for them, it didn't turn out to be safe. The first time he thought it was a fluke. The second time, he figured that becoming an apprentice is a death sentence. Maybe real death. They might be alive somewhere else, as their corpses did eventually dissolve, but after what looked like being turned inside out in the most literal of manners, the glitcher doesn't think they would want to continue anyway. He didn't either, for awhile.

He's going to go back and try not to think about that anymore while working.

>Group hug
The system members didn't look like they wanted hugs. Glitcher looks like he could use one, but he gives the impression he would prefer to be left alone. Alison will restrain herself for now.
No. 436209 ID: f09b71
File 134325254760.png - (336.68KB , 700x700 , sCS-257.png )

>Give watcher CU
He says he actually has gotten some from the supervisor, but it is appreciated. He will probably spend it on arms so he can shrug as well, while thanking Alison.
No. 436210 ID: f09b71
File 134325256150.png - (411.97KB , 700x700 , sCS-258.png )

The Arbiter comes shortly as well, to tell Alison that there are no chests. They just don't appear to spawn anymore. Ironic, but not even surprising anymore, that the system would spawn the very chests they would have to defend for being illegal.

Alison thinks that she is ready to raid a dead trail now, if she can't think of anything else other than who to bring.
No. 436212 ID: 49eb02

>Shugs 5x combo

Okay, let's put trying to follow in Glitcher's footsteps waaaay on the back burner for now. He doesn't understand what he's doing enough to replicate it in another person. There's something he's overlooked, or each person has to do it differently because of different internal pointers and identifiers, or something.

Before we head off, could we maybe just check on how the house is coming? How's construction and the craft teams doing? I'm also kind of curious to see what the arts and entertainment program actually looks like. We might not have another chance to see if things go badly for Corruption.

We also need to consider if we should do date first or mission first. I'm kind of leaning mission, myself.

We should send Administrater a mental complaint, that the enforcer doesn't seem to have gotten a ghost when we beat him as he claimed. We'll probably only get laughter and taunts in response, but there's a small chance he'll say something useful.
No. 436219 ID: e3aff6

Hmm, I wonder about the re-visited stages... Does anyone know whether those disappear during the normal stages? We still might need a backup place to store all our extra people if the sanctuaries disappear like regular safe zones now.
No. 436220 ID: e3f578

I wonder what the chances of other corrupted sanctuaries are, and other Corrupters and Glitchers. This whole system thing is pretty big. Maybe other corrupted sanctuaries just prefer to stay out of the way and do safer stuff and this might be an aggressive one. No evidence so far, but, well hell there were like a billion safe zones stars a stage ago. One corrupter to rule them all? I don't think so.

And maybe certain people have a natural affinity for glitching. There's a pretty low chance of Glitcher being completely unique.

I still feel as though the Administrator is hiding something important. His loyalty to this system is very different and it's bugging the heck out of me. Why take pleasure from all this, is he mad?
No. 436243 ID: 49eb02

>Supervisor's fine
Okay fine, she doesn't have to pursue a career in our army or glass crafting or explore her artistic side if she dun want to. :) Honestly, we could use good management- it's one of the skill sets we're lowest on. Alisson's more of an idealist leader, and Chief could use a hand with the logistics of it all. So I'm glad she feels that way.

As I understand it, only the current stage ever exist, legally. When we go on chest runs, we're forcing (tricking?) the system into running / emulating illegal instances of the stages we've already cleared. Instances of these stages seem to be created and destroyed as necessary, we've never been able to actually revisit an exact previous stage. The computer just calls up a new instance / copy of it.

We know there are at the very least other groups of rebel players (King). We don't know if any of them have manifested the same abilities as Corruptor or Glitcher. So far as we can tell, their specific alterations are rare- but as we don't know how rare, or how big the sample size really is, so it would be hard to make a reasonable guess if they have peers out there.

The Admin... I think it was a case of being in a position to know exactly how fucked up and futile things were that was getting to him. Hydra got plenty close to open despair in one conversation, caught between the system and a hard place. Admin had it worse, as he had greater info and responsibility. So his mental health suffered.

This is kind of why the idea of our own arts and entertainment was put forward a ways back- give people an outlet, hopefully maintain the groups mental health.
No. 436253 ID: 24f833

...wait, we went to visit the system refugees in the normal safe zone, right? I see the giant light trials in the background. Those didn't used to be visible there- we could only see them in Corruption and Smuggler's Sanctuary.
No. 436254 ID: 886a4d

House is actually finished. The observatory was the last piece. Lets go on that mission, then ya the date. Pity about that party but I don't think we can waste that much time.

While we're doing all this people who want to should be scanning the skies for anything unusual, including the other Sanctuaries so we can make a star map.

If we can't think of anything else to help Glitcher and time begins to run out. (12 hours left.) I say we volunteer to be Glitchers Apprentice.
No. 436281 ID: f09b71
File 134327034246.png - (316.69KB , 700x700 , sCS-259.png )

They were in the safe zone; the light trails instead of stars was another art error.

Alison's house is finished, although she hasn't had much time to really look it over. Entertainment and art is being made in some workshops, mostly in the form of some games and similar entertainment for personal use, but nothing major.

>Mention to the Administrator that Scholar doesn't seem to have gained a ghost.
He accepts a request to be brought out partially, in much of the same manner of how Ghost Talk would work in a stage. He answers that he can't know everything in such an unpredictable field!

Alison is thinking of taking herself, Iso, Recluse, Mako, Scanner, Atlas, Strongarm, Healer, Bandit, and Guardsman to a dead trail before doing anything like dates or offering to take a glitcher apprenticeship. Presumably, the glitcher's teleport will still only involve 10 people. Is this team alright?
No. 436282 ID: 4a328b

Too risky, and we'd probably wind up traumatizing the guy further.

Go ask your T3s who wants to come on a raaaaaid~
No. 436283 ID: 4a328b

Bring less than ten people, in case there are people there who would like to get out.
No. 436294 ID: 886a4d

Mmm, I think we should bring all ten, they do have teleporters after all.

But just in case take both the 15 man one (the timed teleport) and the 10 man one. If we do find defectors and the teleport is down we can give them that one to them before the timer runs out.
No. 436311 ID: 24f833

Hey, important test. Can you hug summoned ghosts?

Tell the Administrator it's okay if he didn't know everything. Ask him if he's feeling any better now. He seemed somewhat unstable and distressed when you last talked.

Also- before it seemed like time for your ghosts only passed while you were asleep with them. They kind of skipped ahead otherwise. With ghost talk, are your ghosts now experiencing time normally while you're awake?

The proposed team seems acceptable. Make sure everyone's cool going into unknown territory without resurrect though.

>Glithcer apprentice
Without new info, it is wildly reckless to risk Alisson that way. She's a leader holding people together- she can't take that big a personal risk with the odds as bad as they've been given. People depend on her. If it becomes less of a long shot (we learn something new, Glitcher discovers something, Alisson glitches herself...), or we become much more desperate, then we can chance it.
No. 436324 ID: 886a4d

I just had a thought. Could the Glitcher move the Sanctuary into dreamspace? Its the only place we know of thats seperate from everything else.
No. 436337 ID: 6a1ec2


Hey I just had a thought. Dreamspace is supposed to be paused while you're not asleep. Did that get disabled along with the sanctuary's time stop?
No. 436542 ID: f09b71
File 134333752511.png - (307.37KB , 700x700 , sCS-260.png )

>Can Alison hug summoned ghosts?
Thankfully, she can. She does not know if she likes the Administrator enough to hug him to confirm, however.

Alison asks the administrator if time is passing differently for him now, as normally ghosts would skip ahead. He tells her that he hasn't spent time dead before, but when he isn't summoned, it feels more like he is sleeping heavily. Not aware of anything and not dreaming, but when Alison wakes him up, he has a sense of how long has passed. After asking around more, Alison confirms that that is only a ghost talk boon working.
No. 436545 ID: f09b71
File 134333756547.png - (17.82KB , 1181x700 , sCS-261.png )

Alison grabs 9 others, makes sure that they are all willing to go through the danger, and teleports into system space.
No. 436547 ID: 886a4d

Lets visit the Watcher first, Just bring Mako and Scanner for now.
No. 436550 ID: 0b766f

Well, he seems more stable and relaxed, I guess. Being dead's been good to him, so far.

Welp. Read the signs. What's different from the last system space area you visited? It looks identical from here, same number and orientation of light trails.
No. 436553 ID: f09b71
File 134333824735.png - (80.97KB , 985x704 , sysD-2.png )

>Looks identical
It is identical, signs and all.

Except that when Alison goes to visit the watcher, there is no one there.
No. 436558 ID: 0c2247

Go to the administrator's room and flash your admin keycard.
No. 436569 ID: 0b766f

...I don't suppose if you move over to the square the other watcher was standing on, that you can access the system's observation system?

If we can't operate the observer post, head deeper into the system, and check all three rooms, one by one, ending with admin. We'll try the card last.
No. 436577 ID: f09b71
File 134333940746.png - (311.38KB , 847x550 , sysD-3.png )

>Head to the watcher's tile
It doesn't yield anything. The room must require special privileges specific to watchers.

Alison heads to the other rooms, ending with the Administrator's. There is no one on the way, and there is no Administrator at all.
No. 436579 ID: 886a4d

We have access to an active Administration? With no administer? Umm oh wow get Glitcher here.
No. 436580 ID: 6e44d2

I don't think there's anything special about the space itself. Explore the rest of the place, see if you can prove me wrong. Otherwise, bug out.
No. 436582 ID: 04b86a

An active bracket with no Administrator? Maybe the Administrator's a contestant, and is down in one of the bracket's safe zones. Let's finish searching the place and then leave if we don't find anyone.
No. 436583 ID: 32d9b3

Okay, theoretically, this is an unactivated system wing. We could grant Alisson administrator privileges. Potentially use those powers to designate other people for the sub positions (watcher, etc) and get them access to those tools. This is potentially useful in a number of ways.

It's also potentially *dangerous*. If we connect to the system, we can be tracked. Potentially deleted at will. We could be killed, or Coerced into serving the system.

We should back off and consider our options. Possibly consult with the Admin, if he can be trusted. Ask him what he thinks will happen, or why this place is empty. Ask him what hold becoming an Admin it gives the system over you. I don't think we can make Glitcher an admin- I think the card specifically designated Alisson, like the 1-ups.
No. 436584 ID: 886a4d

Well we do have access to every job except for an administer right now. Maybe a few will be willing to work with Glitcher to decode the spaces if the space isn't enough alone.
No. 436610 ID: b85f8c

Fuck yes. This is where we use the cards we got! We found our victory in the jaws of defeat. We just need to get past the next stage, then we can snatch it. Notify Corruptor of this amazing breakthrough.
No. 436683 ID: 886a4d

We should use the Observatory to scope out the safe zones under its control. If there is a contestant with key-card then perhaps we can persuade them to give or sell us it.
No. 436687 ID: b85f8c

Hmm. Thinking about it... this should be a closely guarded secret. If word of this gets around, Upper Management might find out and delete the place.

We should also have the teleporter to this base made permanent. The instant we reach Stage 6 we use the teleporter and activate the S6 card here. We might need Cake with us for that though.
No. 436707 ID: f09b71
File 134335661407.png - (16.05KB , 700x700 , sCS-262.png )

Since nothing can be done with the current keycards, an exit is performed and there are no others on the way out. Alison gets Recluse to deliver the message to the Glitcher along with a request to make a more permanent teleporter to that bracket, or to tell Corruptor to pass that on to the glitcher.

Meanwhile, Alison heads back to take a look through the observatory at the dead trail she was at.

There is no one at all, not even in any of those safe zones. Engineer says that he can't imagine it was someone who did the same as Alison, as once Alison killed her administrator, the light trail turned limp and unpowered, unlike the one she was just at, which is simply unlit but otherwise powered.
No. 436709 ID: 4a328b

So, perhaps the administrator for that area is still alive, and just moved errabody out?
No. 436710 ID: b85f8c

There's nobody in the SAFE ZONES over there either?! It's a NULL BRACKET! Why? That is so weird!

Check the other unlit one(s) via the telescope.
No. 436712 ID: 58d4d3

A null bracket might have use. Things need to start counting from zero for a reason.

Perhaps it's a template. The native copy that the other brackets emulate (in which case messing with it could be massively productive). Or maybe it's a control group- unsullied by contestants. That would really confirm this whole process is some kind of experiment.
No. 436718 ID: 04b86a

The entire bracket is empty? Wow. Check all of the dark trails to see if they're the same, and then send someone out to notify Corruptor of that. I'd prefer to make the report in person, but I have no idea what we could do with those right now and we have a date with Iso to take care of before we get distracted by something else.

Of course, we also promised a few people a party... maybe we should have a few people start preparing it before we leave for the date.
No. 436727 ID: 886a4d

Yes, lets get a few people who helped with preperation of our last party to start setting things in motion... send out invitations, prepare food, prepare the ballroom, pool and other places. They should also recruit musicians or people who want to play for the crowd. Provide a slush fund of a million CU to buy things like food.

People to invite should include the Corrupter, Swordsbane, Arbiter and any of his house who want to join, our entire house, the rescued defectors, including those in the safe zone. The people in our safe zone too. In can be part celebration of life and part recruitment effort.

While we go on the date those who are not preparing all should get some time off as well. Declare this a vacation / rest period for the entire house as thanks for supporting Alison in all this. Those who help prepare will get time off after the party and yes that includes Chief and whomever helps him.
No. 436729 ID: 4a328b

We should extend an invitation to the other houses and the independents, as well.
No. 436927 ID: d10f72

Hmmmm. Maybe they evacuated before anyone got there. Or since it is a different bracket she can't see anyone. Although the latter is highly unlikely.
No. 437513 ID: 886a4d

I was thinking perhaps we could use those empty brackets to get everyone in our house through stage 5 alive, though having people go through a null bracket could be hazardous.
No. 437514 ID: f09b71
File 134365916779.png - (15.96KB , 700x700 , sCS-263.png )

>Check the other unlit ones
There are 4 others that are readily viewable. 2 of them appear to have system members inside, and 2 more of them appear as empty as the one Alison went to.

While unsure of any significance to that, Alison gets the Chief to start putting the party in motion with preparations in invitations to the other houses and so forth. However, the Chief is sure to mention that things may be rushed as is, if the party is to be done during this cycle and the Glitcher is unable to freeze the time before stage 5 begins.
No. 437516 ID: 842d23

12hrs (or whatever we have left now) isn't really enough time to organize, set up and have a good party. Especially if the unknown deadline is hanging over people at the end. I say we wait till after the cycle shift- we've waited too long for this party to ruin it with a deadline and a cloud hanging over people's heads.
No. 437517 ID: 886a4d

He has a point. Hmm, perhaps only a rest time declared then. If the next 24 hours really is going to be our last before stage 5 begins everyone NEEDS that break, at the very least to mentally prepare themselves. Chief included. Better to do it now since Glitcher is going to be working. Lets say the next eight hours.

Alison should inform Iso that they have a bit of time while nothing is going to happen so they can go on their date.
No. 437518 ID: 0c2247

Get the Stage 6 card from Corrupter, then visit one of the unlit but occupied system brackets and talk to the administrator there.

We are going to show them the Stage 6 card we have and tell them our bracket's administrator went rogue and had to be removed immediately, but apparently administrators can't be added once a pre-stage has started.
No. 437519 ID: 886a4d

Going to say nay to this.

Visiting them I can agree with, lying however is too easily found out especially since they can contact other administrators. However visiting an occupied dark trail can wait untill after that date.
No. 437520 ID: b85f8c

It seems like a shame to delay the party but it looks like we may need to.

Should we investigate one of the darkened system bases, or- wait, how did Glitcher make a teleporter to an empty base in the first place? I thought he had to trace a Rend to do that.
No. 437522 ID: 842d23

You know what, we should be prepared in case we get forced into the brackets when the clock runs out and stage 6 starts.

Our house can, and will, curbstomp normal players, at least in combat (although we could still lose puzzles, and challenges where stats are irrelevant). If systems agents don't pop up to deal with (we don't know if they will or not) our biggest threat will be each other. Because there will be less spots than we have people.

Way back, we promised we wouldn't play like Chief. We wouldn't play favorites, and decide who lives and who dies. We'd go with volunteers, or draw lots if we had to. So we need a means of doing a lottery or random selection. Alisson needs dice, sticks, or a deck of cards or something in her special inventory.

...watch every one of Alisson's friends be ready to sacrifice themselves for her, though. =_= Although, realistically, so long as we keep one person with recursive ghost talk alive, we can continue. Alisson could even still lead as a ghost, if it came to that. :p Not that that's ideal or nuthin.

Actually, I just had another idea. You know what's worse than the system attacking us as illegal players while we try to do stage 6? Or being forced to kill off our own? There's a chance in stage 6 our bracket will merge with one of the other house's brackets (or more than one!). That'll be a pretty big disaster.
No. 437524 ID: 886a4d

There is a few ways I see us getting through stage 5 without sacrificing our House to do so.

1) Forcefully take over other brackets within our system bracket. Drop off four man teams in an already occupied bracket have them enter that stage 5 and kill and absorb all the competition.

2) Use the null brackets to basically do the same thing, except minus killing the competition.

Both run the risk of something going wrong though since we have no idea what going through a bracket sans administration will do. This goes doubly for the completely empty null brackets. Which brings us to 3.

3) go to a completely different system bracket and basically do the same as 1. This runs the risk of encountering system enforcers and hunters though.

I vote for number 2
No. 437526 ID: 842d23

(...excuse my miscount. We're entering stage 5, not 6)

If we're forced out of Corruption, I don't expect we get to chose our destination.

Okay, I went back and looked at some numbers.

Stage 0: Entrants: ?? Exits: 4
Stage 1: Entrants: 20 Exits: 4
Stage 2: Entrants: 104 Exits: 10
Stage 3: Entrants: 400* Exits: 40
Stage 4: Entrants: ?? Exits: 4
Stage 5: Entrants: 20 Exits: 4 (*)

Stage 0 had an unknown # of entrants. Stage 3 was 400, but with variance. By stage 4, we didn't check the sign, and we were resurrection cheating by then anyways. Stage 5 has an awesome caveat though, I'd forgotten.

>The plaque next to the entrance also says that people who were in the last stage together may start in the next stage together as a team, though that is optional.

That means, if we can split our house into groups of 4 across many brakets, we don't have to fight ourselves! At all!

Problem is , with ~800 people, we need ~200 teleporters to different brackets. If we have 12hrs left, that means Glitcher has to produce one every 3.6 minutes, assuming he does nothing else. Not counting time it would take to organize teams, distribute teles, and beam out.

So... that plan kind of doesn't work.

Unless... we go to the empty system zone. And we use their teleporter to beam squads to different zones. Problem will be collecting them when the stage finishes, as they'll be scattered in different save zones with no return teles.
No. 437527 ID: 886a4d

We have access to an empty system bracket with active teleporters. All we have to do is convince one of the rebel teleport controllers to help us. They might not have Glitchers knowledge but they have the ability to chance the coordinates of the teleporters at will.
No. 437538 ID: 842d23

I'd assume Glitcher could hack or run a system teleporter without an operator's help. But yeah, that's an option.

The bigger problem is the teleporters in the empty system area may be dead and non-functional, just like the watcher's post. Which means we need a way to activate the area, or we'll have to raid an active system area and hijack their teleporter.

Hey, we should ask our system escapees how their lives went. We know contestants start out as blobs in a room, and go strait to competition as soon as we enter a door. How'd it go for them? Did they start as blobs in a room, and have to compete to earn their posts? Was their any competition or selection process to get their jobs? Or were they just created in a job, CU and abilities assigned, given orders, and told to get to work?
No. 437549 ID: a5c529

We're tier three I think we will be fine in stage five...
No. 437571 ID: b85f8c

At this point we have more to worry about from the other houses. I'm sure some of their troops are in our bracket. There is sure to be competition for the exits...
No. 437581 ID: c1a7db

Only a small number of us are. But in any event, combat strength isn't our problem, logistics is.

We learned from the rend-tracking and talking to the teleport operators that all contestants are marked to identify their home bracket, and that each of the houses come from separate brackets (with a few exceptions- Corrupter and Arbiter started in the same bracket, presumably with Gitcher. Independents could have been recruited, well, independently, or they could have splintered off from other houses. We don't know if Smuggler or any system people count as being from our bracket. Mongrel is the only confirmed contestant to have joined a faction outside his home bracket).

Furthermore, I think brackets only merge at the beginning or end of stages. So we don't have to worry about running into other house warriors mingled it- it'll be all of nothing.
No. 437681 ID: f09b71
File 134371328768.png - (259.85KB , 700x700 , sCS-264.png )

Alison does agree that the remaining time is insufficient for a proper party, so she asks the Chief just to send out invitations, but the party itself should be held after stage 5, unless the glitcher manages to freeze.

>How did Glitcher make a teleporter to an empty base?
Although he did share more information with Alison than he usually is keen on, he is still evasive on his techniques, or in this case, whatever has changed.

>Ask system escapees how their lives went
Supervisor says they were allowed to use CU right away, although were told they would never need it. It was uncommon but not altogether rare to see someone like the watcher, who chose to simply stay as a blob. It was also uncommon for blobs, who didn't care to lift a finger to get a body, to care about their jobs enough to live. Otherwise, all system members were simply created, permissions and abilities assigned, and told what to do.

With that explained, Alison can either ask the glitcher to make a new teleporter to raid a new bracket in the hopes of finding something, or go on that date she promised Iso.
No. 437682 ID: 6a1ec2

Date! Date! Date!

Let the universe burn if we can't have a little fun along the way!
No. 437683 ID: fa9f7e

No. 437684 ID: c1a7db

Let's do both. Make our request of Glitcher, and then let's give Iso his date before something bad happens and we never get to. It may take a while for Glitcher to finish the tele if he's busy with other things in the current crisis.

Suggestion for Glither: a failsafe if the houses get dumped into their home brackets. 4 people from each surviving is unacceptable. Could he build a dispersal teleporter? A one shot device that splits a large group of people into small groups, and then randomly tosses them into different brackets. You'd only need one for each house.
No. 437688 ID: 0c2247

Date with Iso.

The administrators are told almost nothing by their superiors. We know this.
They were told they would never need CU and that it's impossible for players to visit system space. We know this too.
They have no way to determine if we are lying or not besides talking with each other, and the only information they have is what Admin said and that he died.
If our claim is that he went rogue then what he said becomes suspect, and his death shows that either they were lied to by their superiors or that they are being watched. Since the system brackets are pruned for best performance they know they are being watched.
The important bits about the claim, though, are the impossible things. Not even an administrator can create a keycard, so to an administrator Alison having one would be irrefutable proof that somebody over their head has involved themselves.
It's also supposed to be impossible for players to enter system space, and players aren't supposed to have T3.
About the only thing that's even dubious about the story is that Alison isn't tied to the system, for which the response is that she was selected from the contestants for promotion.
No. 437689 ID: e3f578

If we're worrying about the date now, can we also worry about appearances?
Body suggestion: Your normal upper body with legs and tinier, manageable tail (mostly just for you to try out other modes of walking around and to see how you look with them)
Clothing Suggestion: Much like your current dress, but a lighter color and less sheen, no fishnets, and a major deep v-neck with straps going around your neck. You know the type, that extra formal and spicy shit ladies put on for fancy balls.
No. 437690 ID: c1a7db

It's all a moot point though

-the stage 6 pass won't work in the current stage 4 setup.
-the stage 6 pass is not keyed to Alison.
-we're almost certainly flagged and blacklisted. Now that the system knows there is an enemy, those kinds of bluffs will almost certainly fail.
No. 437703 ID: 886a4d

Again we should stay a naga. I see no reason to change.

As for clothes I say we save the armor slots for things that would help in a freeroam enviroment. Honestly our current outfit is very nice and it will match Iso's formal outfit as well. It's not like there IS any sort of high class restuarants out there. Indeed, we're going to have to dance in our own ballroom if thats what Iso is planning. Remember these people are mostly on a war footing.
No. 437748 ID: b85f8c

Date. Personally I'm leery of investigating one of the darkened, manned bases now that I think about it some more- visiting one might provoke them into searching for us. It might even be a trap. It's not like they can act against the system as they are, so it's not like we could get anything from a visit. If Corruptor wants to visit them he can send out a team of his own, I think.
No. 437755 ID: 0c2247

>-the stage 6 pass won't work in the current stage 4 setup.
This is pre-stage 5, and the response there is that they do all the system bracket pruning and administrative changes at the same time, which means it will next happen between the end of stage 5 and the start of pre-stage 6.

...which is how things are already done.

>-the stage 6 pass is not keyed to Alison.

Ah, but there is an important distinction here! It's also not keyed to anybody else, which means it's not stolen.
Keycards can only be created by somebody who out-ranks Administrators, so Alison having one that isn't stolen means that they must have been involved.

>-we're almost certainly flagged and blacklisted. Now that the system knows there is an enemy, those kinds of bluffs will almost certainly fail.

Flagged as what?
Blacklisted by who?
Glitcher hasn't said anything about such things, and the Administrator didn't mention it either.
All the evidence we have points to the only response here being Administrators banding together in a panic, not higher-level action. The administrators are left to fend for themselves, which is why I would expect this bluff to work.

Besides that? If the bluff fails we can still try to negotiate, and if that fails we can teleport out.

Or we could wait until pre-stage 6, take over as administrator of one of the empty system brackets, and try the bluff then, but at that point we're going to be in a far worse position to respond and we'll be delaying the collection of critical intel.
No. 437760 ID: b85f8c

Something else occurred to me: the System could be disallowing all time compression to ensure that we have to go through the stages, and without resurrection we can't bypass hardlocked exit limits. If the Sanctuary poofs when the stage starts, they have successfully removed our numbers advantage.

We ARE blacklisted from the shops. That is enough evidence to indicate Alison is a rebel.
No. 437772 ID: 0c2247

All shops? Or just shops in the bracket run by the Administrator we killed?
Unless I'm mistaken, we haven't looked into this at all.
No. 437773 ID: 886a4d

Shopkeep remembers whomever he is interacting with at the time. Therefor he remembers we are blacklisted no matter which area we approach him at.
No. 437782 ID: 0c2247

We have never talked to a shopkeep in a different bracket. That is important.
Shopkeepers are under the authority of their Shop Baron, who is under the authority of their Administrator.
Alison being blacklisted for shopkeepers in her own bracket only tells us that Alison's Bracket's Administrator had her blacklisted for shopkeepers under his control.

Man, all this conclusion jumping.
No. 437787 ID: c1a7db

You're doing plenty of conclusion jumping yourself.

From our experience with brackets merging each stage, and with corruption allies from other brackets, we've confirmed there are shopkeepers everywhere (we've seen them in the telescopes, too). He's global, not local. It's highly unlikely, to say the least, a foreign shopkeep won't recognize us.

The system has non-shopkeep blacklisting capacity. We've seen this. Illegal players are tagged in such a way that we're recognized in chest runs (even the chests know- and treat us differently). System deserters seem to be reported to their admins automatically, who then pass on the information.

Your plan relies on foreign system zones not communicating. But, the end of the last chapter provided pretty solid evidence they started talking after we killed admin. The central system knew it needed to take action- and it knew resurrection was our edge. The other system zones knew we were out there, and lit up and started looking for us. All that heavily suggests lines of communication are open. And given that we successfully attacked and killed a system zone? There's going to be warned of potential attacks / infiltrations. Heck, Baron, Supervisor, and Admin all warned us this would be so.

You're also ignoring all the testing we did with keycards. We know the cards don't work before their stage starts. We know card 6 is keyed to someone else (Cake, I think). We know the cards don't work for the wrong person. We we can't do anything with any of the three cards we have access to, right now.

Now that we're covered facts...

There's no reason we can't go on another system raid to hope to learn something, or to hijack the teleporter or something. But doing it just for keycard testing or an attempted bluff is silly, as we can be reasonably sure both will fail.
No. 437790 ID: 886a4d

When we battled the System Bracket that very first time, the ShopKeep was sent by internal affairs... that was OUTSIDE the local system bracket, and yet ShopKeep still recognized us. Lying is pointless since we didn't just kill one administrator... we killed 2, and attacked another 2 brackets. Your forgetting we were working WITH the corrupter on this assault. Probably why so many System Brackets joined in. We proved we have the ability to attack MULTIPLE of them.
No. 437796 ID: c1a7db

Actually, it just occured to me we should just our system people if they have any info about the next stage. Critically: is the 4 exit 4 one person exits (like the keys)? Or can we just drag all 800 across at once for fractional CU?

They probably won't know, but on the off chance we confirm the stage can let everyone through, we don't have to worry about teleporter or bracket shenanigans.
No. 437852 ID: f09b71
File 134376771202.png - (19.04KB , 700x700 , sCS-265.png )

Alison decides not to worry too much about business, but also doesn't wish to spend the time or worry to test out new looks regardless of the sake of experimentation. She makes one more request to the glitcher to make a few teleporters to the remaining dark zones, then goes to Iso, who is found outside of Alison's room.

He explains that he has meant to ask Alison out for awhile now, but never found any good time to ask for it. Maybe he said that already, but he is constantly afraid that at any time, it may be too late to ask. He didn't like the constant danger that he and Alison first went through together, but at least it was a danger he understood more. He repeats though that Alison has his support either way.

He's brought some food to his room, since it may not be good to go out in public under recent circumstances. He apologizes, saying he isn't very good at this date thing.
No. 437853 ID: 0c2247

Kiss him!
No. 437854 ID: c1a7db

...dating game time without actual dialog. That makes this a little trickier.

Reassure Iso so we can get past the awkward excuses bit. It's alright that he didn't make a move while you both constantly struggling to survive. And it doesn't matter if you're eating in or out, you're glad just to spend time with him.

It's not like you guys have existed long enough to have social norms about dating anyways.
No. 437860 ID: e3f578

"Iso, I think this might be the first date in this entire game-place-thing. Unless dating is a skill you can buy in the shop, the fact that you're trying means you're the best. And you'd be the best anyway because your so adorable and a good musician."
No. 437862 ID: e3f578

oh huh, I never noticed before that this place doesn't have actual dialog. Well, convert my post into something along those lines in this weird form of communication.

Are you guys actually speaking, or are you actually just understanding what a person wants to tell you. There's no actual sound going on or mouth flapping. Actually, I don't think I've seen a single person here actually open their mouth.
No. 437864 ID: c1a7db


No, they almost never open their mouths. It happens rarely, but only for the sake of expressions.

The odd speech- where we're informed of the content of what is told, instead of just saying it, is how the communication abilities parse information. The system people, Corrupter and Glitcher have figured out an alternate way of speaking though, with actual quotes.

Hmm. C and G weren't willing to explain that to us, but maybe one of our new system friends would, now. Be useful if the system ever decided it would be effective to mute us, or delete the communication abilities. Although we'd still have the hand sign battle language we developed.
No. 437865 ID: 997ce7

No. 437868 ID: 4a328b

Dinner get. Hold off on kisses until you can assess the quality of the meal, then dispense as due.
No. 437886 ID: b33427

Perhaps after the meal the both of you could play your instruments for each other. It has been a while since either of you have played for the joy of it.
No. 437903 ID: b85f8c

The Sanctuary might be a bit chaotic right now, but surely the safe zone is fine? Was there anywhere nice to go there? Lacking that we could take a walk around our castle.
No. 437905 ID: f09b71
File 134377999302.png - (22.60KB , 700x700 , sCS-266.png )

>How is talking done?
It is feeling more and more like an abstract concept, but it works.

Alison says that he, as far as she can tell, is the only one to take anyone on a proper date, and therefore he is the best at it. He receives a kiss.

Meals are had, and it is excellent. And more time is funneled into playing their respective instruments by themselves, for themselves. Alison mentions that if he wanted, they could take a walk around their house, or perhaps try to find a nice spot in the safe zone. Iso says that it would be nice, but he's afraid that the outside world will get to Alison again, and the date would have to be put on hold. It's selfish, he admits, but he very much just wants to spend some alone time with Alison, and so she agrees to stay privately. Both of them end up reliving the feelings of the original safe zones in the later hours, when they would do this, having nothing better to do until the next stage arrives. In this circumstance, however, it isn't so bad.

Recluse knocks on the door after awhile, pardoning his intrusion. The glitcher says that he hasn't had time to make more teleporters. There is a lot for him to do, and doesn't think he will get around to Alison's request unless she honestly thinks that there is definitely something to be gotten out of it, rather than poking around hoping.
No. 437906 ID: 886a4d

It really is just poking around to see what sticks, thank Recluse and rest with Iso some more. I can`t think of anything we can do in the safe zone \ sanctuaries unless people think its time to try to become Glitcher's Apprentice since otherwise it looks like we will be going through stage 5 soon.

Oh wait we can try and convince those people in our bracket to let us back up their ghosts via persistence \ boon aborb and white gloves.
No. 437913 ID: c1a7db

Okay, no teleporter shenanigans, then. 5 hours isn't time to build enough, or to properly apprentice in anything.

Let's talk to our system people about stage 5, see if they have any inside info, in case we have to go in. Most importantly, if they know what kind of exit it'll use (the extra people divide CU kind, or the only n people kind).

Maybe ask them how they do the "talking" thing too, they might be more open than Corrupter or Glitcher were. They may not be, but if the system's really nasty, it'll eventually figure out communication is our biggest edge. A way around potential system muting would be nice.

We should decide in advance what means to use for tough decisions (agree on some kind of lottery). And we should decide where we wait for the clock to click over (Corruption, smuggler's sanctuary, the empty system bracket? Maybe some people at each?).

We should designate someone from our ghost pool to act as a messenger. If we go into the brackets, we'll be split up, and we may want to send messages to other people.

Also, it'd be nice if we could configure it so we get notified when people get reduced to ghosts, instead of having to check.

...hey crazy pointless fun idea. Fill the sky with ghosts. Summon all ~8000 at once, and let them float around for one last hurrah before everything goes to hell. We'll make our own starry sky.
No. 437914 ID: b85f8c

That's fine. Glitcher has done more than enough to help us indulge our curiosity. Until we receive word of new orders or something similarly important we will just wait and relax before the next stage.
No. 437939 ID: b33427

Send word to Glitcher that you're fine with him not making teleporters; It was grasping at straws, anyway. Also send thanks for all the hard work he's done.

Perhaps using your musical abilities to sing the words instead of speaking them will let you talk like Corruptor does.
No. 438017 ID: 42c1c6

If you have the time for it, you should write a song together. A duet.
No. 438104 ID: f09b71
File 134384854807.png - (189.78KB , 700x700 , sCS-267.png )

Alison takes a break from the date to communicate around a couple of times.

A messenger is sent to tell the Glitcher it is fine, and to thank him for all of his work. Alison will also consider a lottery system to decide on otherwise difficult decisions.

>Use persistence to make ghost backups
This is performed, and so just about every main team member now has Alison's ghost as well. This can be used for ghost messengers as well, should someone end up dying.

>Talk to the system people about things
As usual, they're in the dark almost as much as Alison. Their manner of talking came as naturally as Alison's, it didn't have to be learned like the corruptor may have needed.

>Fill the place with ghosts
Unfortunately for that, it has a 5 second cooldown per ghost, or one ghost per round in a stage.

Alison heads back to spend some more time with Iso, and it doesn't appear that there will be a whole lot of that after all before the next stage.

>Make a duet
Alison nor Iso know how to read sheet music, they only play with each other in the moment, by ear.

She can attempt to stay in her current location of the smuggler's sanctuary where her house has now been moved, or the corruptor's sanctuary, or let herself go into stage 5 as normal.

Time Skip to the end of the timer?
No. 438106 ID: c1a7db

>lottery method, difficult decisions.
I'd say the default would be to see if there were any volunteers, followed by random lottery.

Pocket a deck of cards to draw from, or dice, or something. You said your crafts people had made game supplies, right?

>Let herself go into stage 5.
I dislike giving in outright, as this forces us to kill when we may not have to.

I say we split the difference between options. Send a 10 man squad to try hiding from the timer in the system empty space (they can tele out if it starts to disappear). A group in Corruption, and the rest in Smuggler's Sanctuary. Hopefully, if we are forced in, that at least spreads us between different brackets. There should be some of the tier 3s in each group.

I suppose Alison should stay with the home group, and watch the sky with the telescope. I bet we'll see something happen at the transition.
No. 438107 ID: f793db

>let herself go into stage 5 as normal.

Go through stage 5, along with Iso, and Mako at least. Maybe Scanner for the 4th.
No. 438108 ID: b85f8c

I agree. We found a keycard in the last stage, so we should enter this next one.

Plus, we are waaaaaay stronger than everyone else- we can ensure the stages end with as many people alive as possible, or at least those alive that deserve to be. If Mongrel enters the stage again, we should kill him rather than let him murder people again.

In fact, our number one priority would be to make sure Mongrel doesn't get in there and murder everyone.
No. 438110 ID: c1a7db


...we have a S7 keycard. We can't use that in the stage 5 brackets. We have to take it to a system zone, in stage 7.

We can get to stage 7 by going through the brackets, or riding outside, in Corruption. (From conversations with Arbiter- I think his faction has been riding outside the brackets since stage 3).

We may forced to kill everyone left behind in the safe zone, including the system people we rescued but did not recruit, it we go through the stage. We don't want to do the stage unless forced, there's absolutely no advantage to it. (Unless we're just collecting ghosts).
No. 438114 ID: b85f8c

I'm saying we might find something else in this stage. Plus, if there's another freeroam section, we can get more experience with how that works.
No. 438224 ID: f09b71
File 134386757135.png - (22.22KB , 700x700 , sCS-268.png )

The date is wrapped up, another hug and kiss given, as Alison sorts out what to do.

Since the corruptor's sanctuary is already shown to stay through stages and merges, Alison will leave most of her house in that sanctuary.

She will also be tempted to leave 10 strong individuals inside of a system space to investigate what happens, but in case the worst happens, the Chief advises this not be done with what Alison considers her best.

For the stage itself, Alison is leaning on herself, plus only Iso, Mako and possibly Scanner, since she isn't sure if she should rely on the exit allowing overload on people leaving the stage.

>Stage 7
As far as anyone can tell, including glitcher and Corruptor, future stages don't exist until needed.
No. 438225 ID: 886a4d

Ask for volunteers among your top tier 2s to stay in the null zone you've discovered. If they encounter system characters they should teleport out immediately unless they think they can win with no losses. You need to keep your tier 3s in the sanctuary in case its attacked while you run the stage.

As for the stage run, Alison, Mako, Iso and Scanner sounds fine.

We really need to get Scanner to Delim x 2 since she is so useful.
No. 438228 ID: c1a7db

>the corruptor's sanctuary is already shown to stay through stages and merges
I thought the whole problem was we weren't sure if that was true anymore!

I still don't like the idea of doing the stage. In addition to having to kill the ~16 normal contestants, we'll have to take out watcher, the judge lord, and the teleport operators (unless they've escaped, somehow). There's also the risk that our presence in the brackets, or chest taking, is going to attract system countermeasures.

...I suppose if nothing else, it's a mission of mercy. We recover some ghosts.

If things get bad, and if we still have allies in corruption (ie, it doesn't get forcibly emptied) we could ghost-ask an outsider be sent to pick us up. We know they can appear in stages in progress.

Someone should be assigned to the observatory to watch the transition. I wanna know if we can see brackets, light trails, systems, etc merging or changing. (Stats don't matter, can be anyone from the house, really).

First action by Alison after the transition should be to use ghost talk to check in with other locations- see if corruption is okay, etc.
No. 438231 ID: b85f8c

Of note is that the teleporter is only usable by Alison. If we leave people in a null bracket, they won't be able to get out on their own power. Personally I think anyone that does this should NOT be one of our stronger folks- some rank and file T2 peeps should be fine if we can get some volunteers.

Alison, Iso, Duelist, Scanner. We want to be in the field personally, Iso is necessary to bypass dangerous platforms, Duelist and Scanner are needed for fighting Judges or what have you, because I *know* the system is going to throw troops at us in the stages.
No. 438240 ID: b33427

Wait a second. Why send ten to the System space? Just send one, and if they're still alive when the timer ticks over, they explore it and teleport back. If they encounter trouble, they 'port back. No sense in risking more than one on this. Ask for a volunteer for this mission.
No. 438288 ID: 6a1ec2

A passive single member going to watch the administration activation as a diplomat wouldn't be a bad idea, in case the administration wants to negotiate with us. If we can win the hearts of the admins without actually defeating them, then we might be able to save more people from the stages, without setting off any alarms!

Sending a whole team to defeat the admins would just get us what we got last time, a limp light trail and critically nerfed abilities.

Any success getting that telescope filtered enough to view the source of the stage light trails? That telescope is really our ace in the hole since we can see without being in danger. Knowledge of what lies above I think is the key to protecting ourselves below.
No. 438366 ID: f09b71
File 134393204734.png - (37.98KB , 700x700 , sCS-269.png )

>Only send 1 person to the system zone to investigate
Alison will do this instead of risking 10. Mouse volunteers, so the glitcher will at least make a teleporter for him, as that is something worthy of a test.

Alison doesn't like the idea of having to kill all the other contestants much, but if exits can't be overloaded, then she could only save 4 spots by not going. And by going, she can at least absorb their ghosts. She is willing to take the risks involved in saving everyone.

>Get a filter on the observatory
The engineer will work on it, and it will be ready near the beginning of the next cycle.

Alison lets the time go by until the stage comes, with herself, Iso, Mako and Scanner inside of the legal safe zone.
No. 438371 ID: f09b71
File 134393228746.png - (311.51KB , 700x700 , s5-1.png )

Which does not take too long. Before the timer hits, all four enter the stage at the same time so that the may start together.


Special rules enacted! No attacks are available! All standard items are disabled! Stage lockdown in effect, no inbound or outbound teleports by shopkeep or otherwise are possible!

From left to right, the signs read Puzzle, Arena, Freeroam. Scanner has no idea how an arena would work without attacks.

The large sign explains the overall rules of this stage.

Each section has 1 sigil. Three sigils are required to open the exit portal. When a person with 3 sigils exits, they may choose to bring the rest of their team with them, no matter where their teammates are. Teams are decided by who entered at the same time; new teams cannot be formed while in the stage.
No. 438372 ID: c1a7db

Use a ghost to check if people were forced out of Corruption, or if it's fine.

>No in or out teleports of any kind!
Dang, no outsider rescue possible.

Only question is if it's more efficient to split up and go for multiple sigils at once, or to team up and do things together.

Splitting up would allow us to save more ghosts, assuming there are non-combat fatalities.
No. 438375 ID: b85f8c

An arena with no attacks? How does THAT work? This looks basically like Stage 4. I was expecting something more interesting, oh well.

Well, we're super-buff and we would like to make sure Mongrel or some other T3 dude isn't going murder-crazy in here so the Arena is tempting. Some field research in the Freeroam section would be useful... but Corruptor is doing his own research anyway.
No. 438382 ID: 70d227

Well, they are currently testing whether their new security is working better, so no original experiments here...

So, we are now already a team?
Or only when we enter one section?

Why are we doing this again? I would suggest sticking together in one section... freeroam? or is the number per section limited?
No. 438383 ID: b33427

It's reasonable to assume that since this stage specifically allowed teams to be formed that the challenges would call for teamwork; Best stick together. Head to the Arena first, since that's where it's most likely contestants are dying, so Alison can collect their ghosts.

If the exit can't be overloaded, then the best Alison can do is convince as many other contestants to be absorbed by her, so that they may live on as manifested ghosts. Pull out a ghost to show you have the ghost talk ability as a demonstration.

Since no inbound teleports by Shopkeepers are possible, let's hope any glitches that happen fall in our favor, since they can't pop in a fix it.

Definitely check in with the Sanctuary using ghost talk before proceeding, if possible.
No. 438408 ID: c1a7db

Hmm. Another thought. Does the no-tele apply to enforcer remote projection as well? Potentially we're free to grab chests without any risk.

I'll accept that logic. Working together to beat puzzles is probably better than a 4-way split. But do we go as a group of 4, or 2-2?

Our biggest threat here (assuming our whole house didn't get dumped in) is the system people. I think there's exactly 8 of 'em. (Judge Lord, Watcher, Operator x6). That means they could have two teams going, and if they're cooperating they could clear faster than us. If the exits are locked to four, they'd need to sacrifice a team, but if the operators are distributed, like shopkeep, they might be willing to burn a few bodies.
No. 438471 ID: 886a4d

My guess is the Arena is block pushing like stage 3 was, so the best body will win. Duelist should head there, Scanner should join Duelist. Puzzle depends on board control mostly, so Iso goes to there. Alison to free roam since that depends on outside the box thinking.

We really should have given Iso Double Movement so he could move and cast his abilities.

If two at a time are prefered we should have Alison and Iso to the puzzle while Scanner and Duelist head to the Arena instead.
No. 440486 ID: f09b71
File 134442467161.png - (298.69KB , 770x571 , s5-2.png )

Alison decides it best to head with everyone at the same time, to the Arena to absorb as many ghosts as possible.

The only other team that shows up is 4 out of the 8 teleporter collective members, and what looks like the sigil in the center.

As far as Alison can tell, she, Duelist, Iso and Scanner are already a team, and there are still no attacks available.
No. 440502 ID: f793db

Iso still has throw, right? Throw Alison to the sigil, or as close as possible
No. 440511 ID: d6c330

Alison, when the 3rd phase of the turn comes around, use ghost talk for long range communication. We need to check whether or not people were able to stay in the Corrupted sanctuary, or if they got kicked out. (Contact Arbiter, or Chief I guess).

Moving Iso to Alison and throwing seem reasonable.

There were 8 teleport operators? That means the system folks have enough people for 3 incomplete teams. If they're collaborating (either trying to break the exit limit, or sacrificing some for the survival of four) they're likely going to get 3 sigils before us.

Greet the teleport operators. Explain you're willing to try and squeeze additional people through the exit mechanism, or to absorb and preserve people otherwise (even if attacks aren't allowed, there's got to be a fatal mechanism or puzzle somewhere in the stage to use).

Out of curiosity, we should ask if they're all kind of the same person the way shopkeep is, or if they're different people who just happen to look the same.
No. 440519 ID: 886a4d

What was the 3 boons the others choose? I notice they still have the absorb stuff on the wiki.

Alison forward. Everyone else towards Alison's current position. Mako protect Alison and Scanner. Scanner Scan.
No. 440552 ID: f09b71
File 134444649649.png - (300.98KB , 770x571 , s5-3.png )

http://www.tgchan.org/wiki/Unnatural_Selection_Stats updated

Since Alison has to stand still, waiting to be thrown one tile will be the equivelant if she just moved, and so she moves forward.

>Are the teleporters a collective like shopkeep
The teleporters are greeted and asked this. They say they are like the shopkeep, or at least were until they were disconnected.

She explains that she's willing to overload the exit, and the teleporters say that they're not going to mess with Alison. And by the lack of every contestant and other system members, neither is anyone else, allegedly removed attacks or not. Which, oddly, Alison doesn't see any manner of puzzle mechanism to kill with.

Iso asks where they'll go after they get the sigil, since it looks like this one is going to be gained without a single issue.

Scanner says it looks like they're all at delimited Tier 2. Stronger than the shopkeep, but apparently not part of the system that could freely have 10 or 20 million CU. Scanner won't rant about their exact abilities, since they don't have anything threatening.
No. 440555 ID: 886a4d

Huh wonder why they didn't teleport, would have been an easy win. Anyway, advance to the sigil, grab it and head to the puzzle area. We'll go to freeroam last.
No. 440560 ID: d6c330

Aw, sorry for the silliness. I couldn't remember the range was on throw, or see it in the wiki.

Hm. Not everyone kept retroactive. Should be fine though, as long as Alison has it, since it jumps across multiple generations regardless. Anyone who gets absorbed by anyone in our chain, and we still have access. I suppose it only matters now for anyone with ghost talk- so they get full access to everyone. (Who else has it now? Everyone who used to have resurrection?)

You know, if it comes to it, we may only get one ghost even from multiple operators. We never tested if we can collect portions of the collective characters individually, or if they merge.

In any event, thank them for their cooperation, we'll do our best to get them out.

Puzzle sounds good.

Oh, and Alison phone home. I'm starting to suspect everything is fine, or else someone would have shown up, but I'd like to be sure.
No. 440569 ID: f09b71
File 134445164713.png - (302.31KB , 770x571 , s5-4.png )

>Why didn't the teleports teleport?
They answer that as they say, they don't want to mess with Alison, so they move back.

Alison moves forward, grabbing the sigil.

>Phone home
No one has died thus far, so she has no current means of communication. Mouse must still be fine in his system bracket, as well as everyone in the sanctuaries.
No. 440570 ID: f09b71
File 134445166118.png - (502.39KB , 1100x900 , s5-8.png )

3 turns are spent moving back to the lobby, and another turn to get to the puzzle section. Alison doesn't see any directions or rules posted, but her light trail does split off, so she can choose where to begin.
No. 440573 ID: b85f8c

Um, if there are no attacks available in the arena... I suspect that the system did it to prevent being able to acquire ghosts. They're effectively forcing everyone in this bracket to either die permanently or pass through. The exit probably can't be overloaded.

Then again we have Create Platform/Create Light Trail. We can use that for assisted suicide. That would foil their plans.

Go to 2. This looks like a rotating puzzle. Thinking about it... Iso can't cheat with create light trail on his own, since after making a light trail he'll rotate away from it.
No. 440579 ID: d6c330

>No one has died
Oh, well that's good, then. It's only been 8 turns, but out of hundreds of people, at least 1 casualty would be likely if they were dumped into the stages.

Still, Allison have thousands of non-resurrected ghosts in reserve. We were pretty picky about recruiting people to work in the house (ten and twenty percent of available ghosts, in two batches, I think). All communication requires is to summon one up, and ask them to pass a message to someone else with ghost talk. I'm pretty sure we confirmed ghosts can request and/or initiate conversations with ghost-talk capable hosts (see Admin).

If it's a matter of no one we trust is dead, well, then we really should have gone to sleep and recruited a messenger in advance. Put it on the to do list. Hmm. Who's dead that we know? Admin's not trustworthy enough. Maybe the dino-bird hunter would cooperate.

I assume the arrows either dictate movement, move you an extra tile, or do circular rotations.

Not sure where to start, but Iso could be invaluable. We can just use create light trail to cut across if the radial paths are inconvenient to reach.
No. 440596 ID: 886a4d

((Assuming the light trails connecting the rings don't move.))

Step 1) Everyone onto 3. That should put us on the inward light trail after rotating.
Step 2) Go inward.
Step 3) Iso create a light trail as far inward to the center as possible. Mako stay still. Alison and Scanner head to a platform that points the oposite direction of the one they are on. ((Left I believe))
Step 4) Mako and Iso heads inward while using float to ignore platform mechanics. Alison and Scanner head left again.
Step 5) Iso and Mako head to the inward platform, again using float. Alison and Scanner exit to the outer ring
Step 6) Mako and Iso claim the sigil. Alison and Scanner stay still.
Step 7) Iso and Mako head outwards. Alison and Scanner stay still
Step 8) Iso creates a light trail outward as close to possible to a platform that leads further out.
Step 9) Mako and Iso use that trail. Use float again to ignore platform mechanics.
Step 10) Go to the outermost ring.
Step 11) everyone leave.
No. 440644 ID: f09b71
File 134446247501.png - (515.68KB , 1100x900 , s5-8(2).png )

>Thousands of ghosts
Or at least enough, Alison realizes, as Arbiter and Recluse would have them too. Unfortunately, ghosts can't initiate talks with people who have absorbed them, so Arbiter or Recluse or anyone wouldn't know that Alison ghost formed whoever she used it on. In retrospect, she feels silly for not designating someone for this scenario, even if she already did resurrect the most trustworthy of people. She'll do that if not a single person dies by next stage. Iso says everything is probably fine anyway, and that even if it wasn't, it probably wouldn't change what they're doing now.

Everyone starts on tile 3, and when they land, the whole ring rotates 4 tiles.
No. 440645 ID: f09b71
File 134446249563.png - (516.84KB , 1100x900 , s5-9.png )

The next turn, everyone moves in, and the second ring rotates another 4 tiles. Iso uses Create Light Trail to make a trail go inward, luckily able to do so after the platform is activated. With that, they are able to move again before the next platform activation, further trivializing this puzzle section with a tier that wasn't supposed to be gained.
No. 440646 ID: f09b71
File 134446252539.png - (312.04KB , 700x700 , s5-17.png )

In fact, it makes it as easy as the arena section, and a minimal amount of turns pass before they enter the lobby. The bottom area has appeared, to the exit portal, although they do not have all 3 sigils. The freeroam section would be the obvious choice, but Scanner says that it may be possible someone already has it and is at the exit platform, willing to share with Alison to overload the exit and make record time through this stage. Well, except for maybe the preliminary stages. She admits she is a bit nervous about the freeroam section, since that may be the most dangerous without attacks.
No. 440648 ID: b85f8c

Thinking about it... there may even be a System ambush there.

Let's check the exit first.
No. 440649 ID: 886a4d

I kind of still want to see the freeroam section. Its kinda important we gain more experiance with that method of play. We have only seen in once before and that didn't last long.
No. 440651 ID: d6c330

If the freeroam is anywhere near as simple as the last one, or the other sections here, then 17 turns that have passed is more than enough time for someone to have grabbed the sigil. Especially since we saw only 4 people in the other two sections- everyone else (16 normal entrants + 6 more system refugees) must have either done freeroam, or skipped to the final area already.

Although, I'm not sure if the green light trails mark areas you've personally been to, or cleared areas. That freeroam is still blue might indicate the sigil's still in there.

This whole area seems like a systems ambush. It's specifically designed so that overpowered stats don't matter. That takes away one of our big advantages. Luckily, we still have the potential of diplomacy and teamwork with the other entrants.

If you discover we can't overload the entrance, and you can't kill / absorb people though combat? You can do consensual kills with platform cancellation, so long as they hold still, and you do it in small batches so everyone gets absorbed.
No. 440653 ID: 886a4d

You do have to remember the time-to-turn ratio is incredible compressed. 17 turns of platforms is just under 3 minutes real time. Depending on the complexity of the free-roam section everyone could have just escaped the starting point.
No. 440654 ID: 04b86a

Freeroam could be an ambush, but we have an advantage in that none of the system entities have had any sort of training in even platform combat strategies, let alone freeroam stuff. We're all strong enough that we can just break down walls with little effort to avoid being cornered, and Iso can probably make vertical platforms to act as indestructible barriers.

The important thing, though, is that the last freeroam area is where we found our keycard. I think we should at least see if there's anything hidden for us here as well.
No. 440658 ID: d6c330

By an extraordinary coincidence, Alison started the previous freeroam section on turn 17 as well. It took her 10 turns worth of time to break out of her initial room, meet up with Scanner, and discover Recluse had beat her to the key.

Even if the section is slightly longer or more complex than previously, I expect anyone trying to beat us to the sigil (no one may be trying, though).

I think we might as well check the exit, and then double back and do freeroam, either because it's necessary, or for the learning.
No. 440665 ID: 6a1ec2


>>destroy platform
>>not an attack

Hah, I like the way you think. What other ways can we absorb people when our attacks are disabled?
No. 440669 ID: 04b86a

Unless beating someone over the head with a chair or using our superior body stat to capture them and crush them to death with our tail in freeroam doesn't count as an attack? I don't think there are any.
No. 440673 ID: d6c330

>What other ways can we absorb people when our attacks are disabled?
There's several ways to pull off platform-death. Cancel platform, puzzle drops, and those murder switches we've seen outside a section or two.

Finished / locked out sections appear to decay gradually, not dropping platforms all at once (at least, that's what it looked like in the room where we left the Axeman to die), so one would be able to absorb people in one of those, provided you had a teleporter or outsider transport to escape.

Damaging puzzle elements, like the flame blocks, could be used for kills (although at current hp scales, they'd have to hit a lot harder, or it would take forever).

White glove duels have been shown to circumvent save zone protection, but "standard" items are explicitly disallowed here. (This implies a non-standard tier of items that could still work, including potentially a higher order of duel gloves).

It's unexplored, but we know in theory glitch kills should be possible. Weaponizing glitches in a predictable means that doesn't result in friendly fire might be difficult though, and its unknown if someone killed by a glitch is absorbable. For all we know, Corrupter and his forces already have weaponized glitches.
No. 440707 ID: f09b71
File 134447205221.png - (61.02KB , 700x700 , s5-18.png )

Alison decides to at least check out the exit first of all, before going to the freeroam section.

The gambler is there, who is first to greet Alison. He says he's gotten a freeroam sigil, if Alison would like to talk. He says that the blue guy, a copy it looks from the stage three person, acts as a duel initiator so that 2 teams can compete for the other's sigils.
No. 440712 ID: b85f8c

Sure, we'll talk. Ask him what was in the freeroam section.
No. 440713 ID: b85f8c

...wait a minute. Is that the exit platform over there? Can't we just have Iso build a bridge to it?
No. 440714 ID: 4a328b

Let's gather everyone together before we try this, and overload the stage exit!
No. 440715 ID: 04b86a

Wait, we left him here? Huh, I assumed he was in the Sanctuary. How'd he join another team if they were organized by the bracket they came from?

If that doesn't work because it's too far, then we can just use a series of light trails and platforms to cross over.
No. 440716 ID: d6c330

Oh, sup Gamber. I forgot we left you in the brackets. By which I mean, Alison, greet him politely. We do want to talk.

Where's everyone else? There should be 20ish or so more people in this bracket right now. Wait math: 20normally, so 16 regular contestancs, the 4 of us, Gambler, Watcher, Judge Lord, Operator 8x = there should be 31 total (unless we left more people behind? Like Catblob?).

Is he teamed up with those two? I thought the sign you were only allowed to team with people you were in the previous stage with- and he came in with us, not them.

We would like to talk, and to try to overload the exit if possible. If not, we're willing to duel, absorb, and revive your ghosts in our safe zone. Explain the unfortunate nerfing of full resurrection to ghost-talk, but that for all intents and purposes it's the same in safe areas.
No. 440717 ID: b33427

As usual, scan everyone, including Blue, just to be sure. It's unlikely, but blue may have some ability to remove created light trails and platforms to prevent cheating.
No. 440718 ID: 886a4d

Good idea. Tell the Gambler you might be able to overload this exit thanks to abilities gained.

First though we should see how these duels work and why is the Gambler is the only one here. Where are all the system characters?
No. 440795 ID: e3aff6

Explain the light-trail bridge plan, and ask where everyone else is. Did they already fight?
No. 440947 ID: f09b71
File 134450626526.png - (85.18KB , 1000x500 , s5-18(2).png )

>Exit platform is right there
Alison does see that! But at a close look, it is farther than first glance. It is still possible, but may take several turns. Alison explains this to the gambler.

>What was in the freeroam section?
A hallway of traps, lava jets, spike pits and all sorts of archaic means of killing. Not much more than that, Gambler says.

>Gambler's team
Gambler explains that it was all solo, these other guys just happened to be here as well.

Scanner is hypothesizing that perhaps not all of the zones are shared, perhaps each person gets an individual puzzle section, for instance. The arena though is almost certainly shared, and the Gambler says that the freeroam section at least is shared, at least with a few other people. Saw some system people get killed. Real nasty.

>Overload exit
Gambler figured, and knows Alison can be trusted. So the Gambler is willing to give Alison the sigil, no worries attached.
No. 440952 ID: d6c330

>traps, lava jets, spike pits capable of killing tier 2s.
Um, guys, I'm not too sure we want to do the freeroam section anymore. It's potentially an actual risk, and we're far enough behind now that it might be too late to rescue any ghosts. (Especially if the traps don't have a base damage, and instead remove percentages of hp, or just do instant death).

What we really wanted info on was freeroam combat, which we can't test here. If we really need details, we can just gambler to give us a fuller account later.

>Saw people get killed
Dang. Does Gambler have absorb? (I can't find any old scan data on him). If so, we have recursive access, otherwise they're gone.

Only question now is if we wait for stragglers, or if we go out looking for them ourselves.
No. 440959 ID: 886a4d

We should go look for them ourselves. Probably going to have to help them out since they are new at this.
No. 440961 ID: b85f8c

>it is still possible, but may take several turns
Iso is incapable of creating a multiple-platform bridge on his own, unless I'm missing something.

Turn 1: create platform
Turn 2: create light trail
Turn 3: move to platform
Turn 4: create platform, first platform disappears and Iso drops.

Heck, he can't even make a bridge that uses ONE platform while also moving across it unless someone assists his movement with Lift or Throw. Which we don't have. He can make bridges and move across them if all he needs is a light trail. If we had Clarence with us, or anyone with Create Platform 3 or Create Light Trail 3 really, we'd be golden.

Thank Gambler for the sigil, and say that you hope he managed to absorb the system people. It would be a shame for them to have been lost to us. Hang on, they had loads of hp/armor. Traps must either be very damaging or do proportional damage.
No. 440965 ID: d6c330

If we could substitute step 4 with recreate / renew the platform he's standing on (starting the timer over), it would work. Or create a new platform an inch below the old, so you drop to it when the first one blinks out. Otherwise, if nothing like that is allowed, you're right.

...I love it that Iso has gone from one of our weakest members to one of the most useful, and almost our default response for breaking things.
No. 440971 ID: 886a4d

From the wiki you can create the light trail first. That solves that paticular problem of running out of time on the platform.

If the Baron \ Judge Lord does not have access to throw we can use teleport \ swap (Yay teleporters) to move Iso across without wasting a turn on movement.

Turn 1) Create Light trail 1.
Turn 2) Create platform 1. Everyone moves.
Turn 3) Swap with Iso. Iso Create light trail 2. Swapper rejoins group. 1st Line then disapears
Turn 4) Create Platform 2. Everyone moves.
Turn 5) Swap Iso, Iso Create Line, swapper rejoins group. Platform 1 disapears.

Rinse and Repeat.
No. 440994 ID: 6a1ec2

Operation flying platform goooo
No. 441004 ID: 04b86a

Okay, looking at the problem further, it looks like we'll need someone to help Iso with teleport shenanigans, and even then it'll probably only work if we can make the light trails first.

But the thing is, we're still looking at this using normal platform rules. The real question is, can we make the platforms so close together that we don't even need light trails, like in tiled areas?
No. 441008 ID: 886a4d

I don't really see the point in making tiles, its simply quicker to do flying platforms. Plus the movement and platform mechanics wouldn't be the same as System Space.

Now that we've established that we can cross the gap even without the sigils we should decide whether we want to try and help out everyone who might be stuck in free-roam.
No. 441010 ID: d6c330

My biggest fear of free roam is the described traps. They sound like traditional instant deaths (lava, spikes). Furthermore, survival would depend on dexterity and skill. Our party does not seem suited to that. Alison is really too big to be an effective dodger (although maybe she's big enough to catch both sides of a spike pit?). Duelist is similarly ill built for dodging, although he does fight with a rapier, so who knows. Scanner does have a normal human figure going for her, and Iso might have small 'bold evasion going for him, but we've never tested anyone in these kinds of circumstances.

It seems a big risk.
No. 441011 ID: d8537a

We could always ask what he saw of how the traps worked.
No. 441012 ID: 886a4d

I have one way to assuage your fears. Everyone here still has at least two armor forms available to choose. We can pick some sort of flying \ jump armor, and maybe with a shield to block streams of fire \ lava.

Also stats translate very well in freeroam. Descending cielings \ closing walls can probably be held open by Mako with his tier 3 19 body. Alison can stuff nozzles with her diamond wire grade hair. She also has the equivelent of a two range rope which could probbly lift and deposit everyone across any pit you could name.
No. 441016 ID: 39ecbe

Consider this: the only lethal mechanisms we've seen or heard of so far is in the freeroam section. The system might've been counting on that as their main hope of finishing us off.
No. 441018 ID: 886a4d

Two reasons we need to visit the free-roam section.

1) Another keycard might be found
2) The inexperianced System Characters might be trapped and fearful of moving further because of the very real threat of death.

Personally I'd rather go rescue them then sit on my duff waiting.
No. 441029 ID: d6c330

>Trap defense armor forms
That's an interesting idea, but if I remember the rules right, you're only allowed to swap armor forms in safe zones and those floaty CU assigning places between rooms. Crafting a new form might bypass that restriction, though?
No. 441040 ID: f09b71
File 134454935484.png - (48.65KB , 700x700 , s5-18(3).png )

Alison is given the 3rd sigil, so Scanner says that they don't need to actually do the platforming.

It's just a matter if, after thinking about it thoroughly, she decides to go back to the freeroam section.
No. 441041 ID: 886a4d

Free roam!
No. 441044 ID: d6c330

The bridge building was an emergency plan, if the exit didn't allow overload. It appears though that putting the 3 sigils in place creates a light trail, which then presumably disappears after 4 people cross. Since arbitrary numbers of people can move at the same time, even along the same light trail, it's logical to assume we can take everyone out at once if we get them all to this platform.

...I suppose we're going to be big damn heros and risk the freeroam, aren't we? -_- I'd rather wait, and I suspect it's too late to help, but whatever. We should at least leave one of our 4 here with the sigils in case we don't make it out.

It would be prudent to ask Gambler if he has any useful advice (besides, "don't go, stupid!"). How to spot the hidden traps would be useful.
No. 441045 ID: 4a328b

Pop you head in at every stage, and say you're going to try to overload the exit, so come meet up.
No. 441098 ID: b85f8c

First ask if the freeroam allows you to back out at the beginning before we run into any traps. If we can do that then I don't see any reason not to at least poke our head in. Asking for the layout of traps would also be useful.
No. 441101 ID: e3aff6

At least ask Gambler about what he observed about the mechanics of the freeroam section first.
No. 441104 ID: f09b71
File 134456428984.png - (48.06KB , 700x700 , s5-18(4).png )

>Ask the gambler about the freeroam
There is no backing out immediately, first of all. Once you go in, you have to get to the finish line. Second off, every 3rd tile - actual floor tile - springs a trap. Seams in the walls will sometimes have string traps, or be secret entrances to skip ahead freely. Small holes in the walls are dart traps. Smaller bodies sound better in this case to avoid traps springing, except that some of the pittraps are too small for Alison or Duelist even if they do get sprung.

There is also limited visibility to other hallways for other players. The traps are the same, but rearranged, so the gambler says it wouldn't help to tell Alison his own precise layout.
No. 441106 ID: 886a4d

Sounds like flying \ levitating armor would work the best. I bet float will work to avoid trap tiles as well though.

Everyone should get some sort of high-tech power armor. Mako with massive shields and Alison with monofiliment wire. Scanner should get something lightweight with an extensive scanning suite, able to pickup the smallest details. Iso should get a spider bot capable of ejecting various substances to coat the area to help or hinder. All four should fly.
No. 441107 ID: d6c330

...is there any connectivity between the hallways? Or if you get to end, can you go back down others? Are you close enough to the others to talk, or absorb?

Because if we can't get close enough to physically help people through traps, or verbally warn them what to avoid, or at the vary least get in absorption range, there's nothing we can do to help. We might as well wait for anyone who makes it through.

Also ask about the damage. Did the traps do a set amount, or was it scaled? Or did the freeroam use "real world" rules for damage and death? (...totally expecting "Gambler says he doesn't know! He didn't take any damage." though.)

I wonder if we can use create platform to just cover up pitfalls and trap triggers. Or if the people with float could just cheat their way through.
No. 441114 ID: b85f8c

We could probably just trigger/test for traps with our hair. In any case it sounds like we should go in alone, because every player has their own hallway and we only need Alison to go in to check for any 'secret' items like keycards.

Gambler couldn't take in his entire team, right?
No. 441120 ID: 886a4d

Gambler had no team, those people are just hanging around the exit.
No. 441125 ID: 4a328b

I propose we chill here for more people to finish
No. 441236 ID: f09b71
File 134458300042.png - (61.18KB , 700x700 , s5-19.png )

>Any connectivity between hallways
Only at the end, when they connect at the center where the sigil is. Was.

>Ask about damage
The gambler thinks it does a whole lot of damage.He didn't see a system guy who fell in lava do much better than some other sap. On the other hand, the system guys were able to run after injury a lot better than the limpy regular players. Gambler got his foot lopped off in an axe trap, but he was able to bounce along pretty easy, while another tier 1 guy got the same trap, and had to crawl. It actually kinda hurt, he thought. Not as bad as you'd think, but kind of like a nasty paper cut. The gambler shows his foot, but then remembers that that is pointless, since it healed again after he left the freeroam section, so it just looks like he's flirting badly with Alison. He's still only got 10 out of 20 HP, though. He thinks maybe he should've followed Alison a bit longer.
No. 441259 ID: 6a1ec2

Oh, so you want Allison to get her tail lopped off while you follow along safely behind? Hmph!
No. 441281 ID: 4a328b

I think going to the free-roam section is sounding like a TERRIBLE idea.
No. 441318 ID: f09b71
File 134458821486.png - (54.48KB , 700x700 , s5-19(2).png )

Scanner asks the blue character if the stage is possible to overload, and it says yes it is, asking who has permission to go through, once Alison's team makes it through. Alison says everyone, and Blue says that is acceptable. Everyone who comes by will be able to have a free trip out, so long as they make it to this area in the first place. People who already died, however, can't be saved.

>Freeroam sounds like a terrible, terrible place
Alison tells this to her friends. They all agree. It sounds horrific, and the Gambler gives his recommendation not to go unless she wants to see some nasty stuff.
No. 441319 ID: f09b71
File 134458822588.png - (55.25KB , 700x700 , s5-19(3).png )

Alison and friends proceed to get the fuck out of there.
No. 441321 ID: f09b71
File 134458829841.png - (20.01KB , 900x700 , ssf6-1.png )

She finds the four of them arriving in a near identical room to the one that transferred them from preliminary stage 3, to normal stage 1.
No. 441322 ID: 4a328b

Read those papers on the wall, have everyone search the room etc.
No. 441324 ID: a9298b

read note, hug iso, loot everything.
No. 441328 ID: f09b71
File 134458976749.png - (18.38KB , 700x700 , ssf6-2.png )

Alison gets the other 3 to search through the cabinet and books while she reads the pamphlet, after giving Iso a swift hug. It is stage 6's information.

Stage 6
Safe Zone: 100 hour time limit.
Entrants: 10,000
Exits: 100

The rest of it appears to be a list that is only labeled as "recommended reading."
Survival books, combat books, books on trap making, and some more books on practical usage on easy construction and psychology.

Iso says that there are a few games in the cabinet this time as well, but mostly it is more books this time. The one he got caught his attention. It is called "The Invention of the CAI".
No. 441329 ID: 4a328b

Read it read it read it now

Or take it with you to read in the Corrupted Sanctuary. If Glitcher gets the time thing working again then you'll have more time to process it.
No. 441330 ID: c6ec33

Sounds like down time. Try to sync up with other people and the Sanctuary via naptime or Ghost Talk. Try to find someone reasonably trustworthy to use as a full-time go-between.

Get people to explore / read books while you wait. Duelist might enjoy Combat, Scanner Psyhcology, and Iso... let's have him read about the CAI. We'll catch up with him when we finish and read along as well. Nothing quite like 2 people reading about a compound AI simultaneously...
No. 441337 ID: 886a4d

I'm going to have the last laugh... it sounds like the next stage is going to be Free Roam.

I second reading CAI now. Apparently we have lots of time before the stage even starts. Freeroam is going to take those people a while. If we finish reading the CAI book we should go on to the combat and psychology books.
No. 441347 ID: f09b71
File 134460125208.png - (11.61KB , 700x700 , ssf6-3.png )

Iso begins reading the CAI book.

>Sync with others and the sanctuary
One change she noticed is that Mouse got killed. She ghost talks with him.

He explains that all of the system brackets started merging. Well, not all of them, but a huge amount. His vision went white, then dark. And here he is.

Alison figures that time must have skipped forward then, if a merge was already completed. Gambler is not dead, so perhaps he, and the others who exited, were moved to a different box like this. It must be lonely for him, although it would be terribly cramped if everyone went in this small room.
No. 441348 ID: 4a328b

Doors to the main safe zone?

Can you check with the ghosts you share with people in the sanctuary if there are any messages for you?
No. 441349 ID: 886a4d

Thank him for taking that risk. The sanctuary survived the merge so he will be able to spend time alive as long as it exists. Chief should be able to maintain ghost talk for him once they notice he is dead.

I wonder how the System characters handled the merge. Did they suddenly find themselves with duplicate job holders or did the system just delete everyone except the best.
No. 441354 ID: d6c330

Hey, blue can talk! That's new. And that "get the fuck out of there" picture is wonderful and hilarious.

>Entrants: 10,000
...if there's supposed to be 4 survivors per stage 5 bracket, then 2500 brackets were just merged. That means a ton of redundant system people just died. There's also a decent chance that your bracket just merged with that of one of the other house Lords.

When you get to the safe zone, wait a bit to see if anyone you know makes it out. You should offer to recruit them. Maybe gambler or any surviving system refuges, etc would rather bail on the brackets after that mess.

The safe zone is gonna be huge, and filled with people. I'd say you should hop to corruption and back in order to get some help exploring and talking to people, gathering information, etc. Succubus is good at this kind of thing, at least, but you'll need more than 1 person helping with a crowd that size!

>CAI book
AI means Artificial intelligence, Alison. If you're really living in a simulated or virtual world, that's what you are. And a compilation AI is an AI of many discrete voices- which seems relevant here, considering how many of you there are. You need to read that book, and take it with you.

Heck, take all the books with you, to add to your library.

Aw, yeah, apologize for getting him killed. Did the teleporter stop working when the merge started? Or was the process just too quick?

Also, this is a safe zone. If we don't plan to use him for communication, we can go ahead and make mouse a corporeal ghost.
No. 441358 ID: f09b71
File 134460449868.png - (8.84KB , 700x700 , ssf6-4.png )

Mouse says that there was just no time to use the teleporter. Recluse just found him, as well, and Alison can chat to him freely. Alison first thanks him and apologizes, but mouse says it's fine. He's probably more useful like this, and being dead just isn't being that dead. He just let Recluse know that Alison is fine, and Recluse says that he is fine, except that while the number of light trails diminished, the ones that are there are getting exceedingly close.

>Doors to the main safe zone
The Duelist looks at them, but they aren't at the safe zone yet.
No. 441363 ID: d6c330

Oh, haha, ghosts can be in two places at once, just like in dreams. Hope that's not too jarring for him.

Well, now we know to avoid system brackets when things are close to merge deadlines. There's no warning or time to get out.

We should read the trap book. If the system invades Corruption and it turns to a freeroam, those will be very useful.

Are the lines getting close to both Corruption and the Ancillary sanctuary, or just one?

Send someone to ask Glitcher if our teleport will still work- with all the merges, the bracket coordinates might be changed. We might need outsider pickup, and/or a new teleport.

Ask to get a team of interested people together to help scout and explore the new safe zone. With ~10,000 people, the place is gonna be huge, and there's going to be a lot of people to talk to.

When we're done using him as a communication relay, mouse gets the first tested ghost-hug.
No. 441364 ID: 886a4d

Lets get to reading. And yes gather as many books as possible for transport to our library.
No. 441371 ID: d8537a

We should keep all the books to start making a library if we have the space, and might as well take a few board games to the sanctuary if we have extra inventory space afterward the books.
No. 441388 ID: b85f8c

Have Recluse check to see if any of the darkened system zones are still empty. If one of them is empty now we can have Cake take it over.
No. 441390 ID: d6c330

Checking for an empty zone is good (I think we can do it just with the observatory, actually). If there is one, we can commission a teleport being built for it. (Poor overworked Glitcher. He's overdue for some additional thanks, I think).

I think testing the card would be interesting enough we'd want to be along for that experiment, though. And we'd want to try talking Cake into it face to face, not via messengers.
No. 441464 ID: f09b71
File 134463884249.png - (20.05KB , 700x700 , ssf6-5.png )

While Iso reads, Alison fills as much of her inventory with books as she can, and teleports to the sanctuary to drop them off.
No. 441465 ID: f09b71
File 134463887432.png - (4.85KB , 700x700 , ssf6-6.png )

But there is nothing around her once she teleports.
No. 441467 ID: 886a4d

Oh, um well look around. If there really is absolutely nothing try and teleport back.
No. 441469 ID: f793db

Teleport back.
No. 441472 ID: 0c2247

Teleport to the other sanctuary?
Ghost Talk to get word to Corrupter or Glitcher so they can retrieve?

Who's alive out there?
No. 441474 ID: b85f8c

We don't even seem to be in system space. Try to get back to where you were before you drop.
No. 441475 ID: 886a4d

Actually ya try to teleport to the other sanctuary. My guess is this is happening is because we weren't in a stage or a safe zone so the teleporter tried to send us to the stage 5 safe zone.
No. 441476 ID: b85f8c

...no, it didn't work because it's supposed to teleport us FROM the stage 5 safe zone to the sanctuary. We tried to teleport from the stage 6 safe zone, except not really. We just got teleport-scrambled.

What other teleport items do we have? Any that don't care about where we're teleporting FROM?
No. 441477 ID: 886a4d

Hmmm, I wonder if this would be a good place to move the Sanctuaries too. Might be an idea to try and contact Glitcher through Mouse \ Recluse.
No. 441482 ID: d6c330

The teleporter was supposed to go from 1499778 to Corruption. After the stage 5 brackets merged to stage 6es, 1499778 may not exit anymore. We used a teleport outside of its allowed areas.

Or maybe it was that we used the teleport inside of a transport, not the safe zone. There might have be additional protections there. Or maybe stage 5's no tele protection was still in effect, because we hadn't made it to the safe zone yet.

It's also possible with the zone mergers, corruption's address has changed, and you teleported to empty space where it once was.

In any event, this is why I asked you to have Recluse check with Glitcher first. Bad Alison. You were careless when you had the means to be careful.

Well, evaluate your situation. Can you fly around? Can you use ghost talk to make contact with your distant allies? Can you teleport back?
No. 441485 ID: f09b71
File 134464127693.png - (342.61KB , 700x700 , ssf6-7.png )

Alison tries to teleport to the other sanctuary, and has no luck. She summons Mouse again, to get Recluse to tell the Corruptor or Glitcher about this. Recluse, mouse says, says he'll tell the corruptor to send an Outsider to pick Alison up again.

She waits a bit before messing around with more teleporters, when Mouse delivers the message from glitcher saying that he did insert a tracer on the teleporter, so she should have been able to teleport to the sanctuaries. Worse off, though, she isn't the first one with that problem. There are lots of people that can't get back to the sanctuary either. Glitcher also says that the teleporters should match the mergings, so Alison should be able to teleport back to where she teleported in from, the stage 6 safe room. Should.
No. 441486 ID: b85f8c

Well, let's try it. No Outsider is coming, right? Wouldn't want to vanish on them if they're sending someone.

Also are we just floating in featureless space? It's weird, I'd expect gravity to kick in. Where are we...?
No. 441488 ID: 886a4d

Right lets teleport to the safe room. Hopefully. Otherwise Glitcher is going to have to give us a crash course in self glitching.
No. 441490 ID: d6c330

It sounds like a new system defense. They figured out whatever bug Glitcher was exploiting to run the teleporters, and they patched it.

Let's explore and experiment here a little. What rules apply? Can you control your movement and fly, or are you floating in place? Can you access your abilities? Does this count as a safe zone? (if so, you should be able to make mouse corporeal, and be unable to hurt yourself). Do newtons' laws hold? (ie, can you propel yourself by throwing something, and does the thrown object keep moving, float in space, or fall? ...don't test with a book, use your armband or necklace or something).

When you run out of ideas to test, try going back.
No. 441493 ID: 886a4d

If we are going to experiment a bit, open up one of the teleporters... see if anything has changed.
No. 441506 ID: b33427

Yes, look inside, but do not touch. After last time, that should go without saying.

Relay a message to Glitcher, asking if there's any way you can check the zone number of where you are right now. It may help the Outsider find you quicker, or give a clue as to what happened.
No. 441508 ID: d6c330

I doubt anything has changed in our equipment (they messed with the physics of our universe, not our tools). But if you are gonna peek at a teleport, make sure it's not the safe zone to/from corruption one.
No. 441512 ID: f09b71
File 134464449978.png - (340.62KB , 700x700 , ssf6-8.png )

It doesn't seem like a safe zone, as Alison can't give mouse his normal form.

>Fly around
Alison can't appear to do that, as far as she can tell, she is just floating in the air.

>Look inside the teleporter
As far as she can tell, it looks the same.

>Throw something (like a necklace) to propel self
This is tested. Alison yanks off her neckpiece, and hurls it. It floats away, and Alison does appear to have started moving.
No. 441513 ID: f09b71
File 134464452704.png - (488.16KB , 700x700 , ssf6-9.png )

Once the neckpiece gets too far, Alison's armor heals itself. So she throws it again. And starts repeating several times, until she's moving steadily.

>Ask the glitcher to check for where Alison is
He's trying to do that for others, as well. But other than the ghost chat, it's like Alison is in a place that doesn't exist. Corruptor is also saying that the outsiders can't find anyone that is having the same problem as Alison. And another update, that the Glitcher says that they are able to teleport back to their safe zone box without issue so far.
No. 441514 ID: 4a328b

Are the people who can't get back to the sanctuary all in brackets whose administrator was killed?
No. 441516 ID: d6c330

Haha, yes. We've invented an infinite necklace powered rocket drive. Too bad there doesn't seem to be anywhere to go.

Now that you're moving, can you see anything? Do shapes in the background pass or change perspective? Anything that suggests something is closer than something else, that there's anything that might be worth exploring?

If you can't find anything, test teleporting back.
No. 441519 ID: 886a4d

A place that doesn't exist sounds like a perfect place to move the sanctuaries too. Give that idea to the Corrupter \ Glitcher.
No. 441520 ID: b33427

It might be an issue with teleporting out of a zone transport room, such as the one Alison was in. The transport rooms might occupy a "transport" space that uses the same coordinate system as bracket space and system space, but only contains transport rooms. So when Alison jumped to the coordinates of the Sanctuary, she ended up at the right coordinates, but in "transport" space. It's something Glitcher couldn't test for, since the only before time the transport rooms showed up was after the preliminary stages, and couldn't be recreated afterwards. Of course, this is all speculation.

If nothing changes around you as you move via throwing your necklace, you may as well teleport back to the safe zone transport room. You'll have more time to read up instead of fruitlessly pushing yourself around void-space.
No. 441522 ID: b85f8c

Well, this is pretty weird, and could be useful maybe in the future if we can figure out how things work. Heck, if we can move the sanctuary here it would most likely be secure. The zero gravity is an inconvenience but with handholds or armor tailored for 0-G movement it's fine. Mention that to Mouse. We can conclusively confirm that when we take over one of the null brackets and have a Watcher or Teleporter set up to see if they can locate someone who is still here.

Teleport back.
No. 441523 ID: d6c330

It's a good idea, as long as the system doesn't know about this place. If this is a new quarantine to catch errant teleporters, it's quite possible they do. If they're just globally blocking teleports, and our arrival here is a glitch, then we can use it.

Basically, we need a way to test if this place is a quarantine-space or null-space.
No. 441581 ID: 6a1ec2

Fairly sure if it was a quarantine space there would be huge floating virtual heads surrounding us gloating at our failure to escape their clutches.
No. 441703 ID: f09b71
File 134467326802.png - (10.83KB , 700x700 , ssf6-10.png )

Alison will attempt to remember her Necklace Propulsion Systems when she can see places to go, also hopefully when she is not in public. For now she will head back, and she gives Mouse a form while in the safe zone here.

>Whos administrator's were killed
Glitcher said that was his first guess, but it doesn't appear to be the case. However, there is a correlation between strong or high profile individuals getting caught as opposed to small players. '

>This area could be used for a sanctuary location
Glitcher agrees, he will look into this when not everything is piling against him. He tried another apprentice, that apprentice blew up, and that is all he will say on that.

Iso is waving her over.
No. 441705 ID: f09b71
File 134467335939.png - (13.17KB , 700x700 , ssf6-11.png )

He found a loose scrap of paper left in the pages of the CAI booklet.

No. 441706 ID: b85f8c

What? Yourself? Okay, okay. So apparently we got access to time travel at some point, and you can only send 100 characters back in time? Or maybe there's a 'you' outside of the competition.

We were going to do this anyway but let's bump it up on the list. Top priority now is getting Cake's card and taking over a null bracket. Also ask Iso what he's found out about CAIs.
No. 441708 ID: 04b86a

What, we're violating the space/time continuum now? Well, whatever. Someone left that note there for us, and if they feel the need to say it's from us? Then either they underestimate our curiosity or we're the ones who left it. The important thing is we need that card and should probably have Mouse call an Outsider since the teleporter isn't working right for us.

We should get a password in case it is us and we have to do this again. Something short, given the character limit. "I.S.O.", maybe?
No. 441731 ID: b33427

Dang it. Alison should have kept the S6 card on herself before entering stage 5. Well, too late now.

An Outsider bringing the S6 card might not make it in time, or at all. Right now the best chance of getting the card would be if a manifested ghost could carry it through dream space. This will have to be thoroughly tested first, with a worthless novelty item, both here to the Sanctuary, and vice versa, to make sure nothing is lost or messed up. Only then should the S6 card be sent through.

If this fails, then the only option left is to hand it to an Outsider, and hope for the best.
No. 441732 ID: 886a4d

Ya lets get the keycard. I'm a bit leery of becoming a system character but I have a feeling this is legitimite.
No. 441739 ID: 2f9f1f

Why is everyone so quick to assume time travel?

Time travel is hard. You can't implement it in a reasonable computer system, or at least you shouldn't; it'd involve brute-force trying all timelines until you find one that doesn't have any inconsistencies. There's no reason to assume that reality can do any better, either; there cannot be any evidence to the contrary.

Rather than that, isn't it more likely that she's been forked?
No. 441740 ID: d6c330


A password is good, but we can't use the names of our companions, or else someone trying to manipulate us might be able to guess it. We have to use something only Alison would ever know, that never came up in conversation.

Alison, your new password is "Polo". Don't worry about what it means, but if and when you have an opportunity to send a second message back in time to yourself, use it.

...now quick, flip through the rest of the book and other book looking for additional notes.

>alternate idea
It might not be time travel. Enforcer 9 showed us the system has backups of even dead people. What if they keep backups of everyone? What if that's not us from the future, it's our backup, and she's escaped wherever the system stores them?
No. 441743 ID: 2f9f1f

Alison's time-travel password is now set...

Thing is, this means it wasn't time-travel. If it was, the message would have included "polo", and it doesn't. If you're the kind of person who'd set one, then you'll never get such a message without one.

On the other hand, if she gets forked *again*, we'll probably see it.
No. 441748 ID: d6c330

The fact that there's no password in the first message proves nothing. We were only prompted to think up a password because of the lack of a password. In order to prevent a paradox, Alison has to wait to the second message to use it (which I specified).

Besides, a message from the future that says, "hi I'm you, and here's the password you haven't thought of yet to prove it" provides no additional credibility.

There are people who walk around with predecided trust passwords just in case something like this ever happens. Alison wasn't paranoid or prepared enough for that, though. She wasn't that kind of person until she had reason to be.

If we are receiving messages from an Alison backup or copy, and not from the future, then the pertinent question is when did they diverge.
No. 441817 ID: f09b71
File 134470924282.png - (20.98KB , 700x700 , ssf6-12.png )

Alison wiggles the book, but there are no more loose papers. Iso says that the book is more on history and ethics, or the lack thereof, rather than the actual technical process involved. At least from what he has read so far.

>Get the keycard
Alison asks Recluse, through Mouse, to ask the corruptor to send an outsider to get Alison, that she would like to get the stage 6 keycard to attempt to use it. And if the outsider fails, to send the card over through a ghost, if that is possible.

After a short wait, Recluse gets the corruptor to address it. He doesn't think item transfers through ghosts are possible, but even if it worked, he would want to know what Alison would do with a keycard while in a safezone with no way to get to a system bracket. Corruptor has already set in motion the usage of the stage 6 keycard regardless, by sending in Obliterator and Bones to a system bracket, and was planning on having the Arbiter use the keycard. He will attempt to send an outsider still, if Alison wishes to come back to the corruptor's sanctuary. The current plan could be changed if the outsider can get to Alison in time.
No. 441823 ID: 886a4d

Tell him we would appreciate it.

I have an idea... if the teleporter is the same could Iso link the current zone with a light trail with the platform that symbolizes the Corrupters Sanctuary in the teleporter? That way we may be able to bypass the intervention system that the System has set up. We should only attempt this if the Outsider can't reach us in time.
No. 441829 ID: d6c330

Okay... why would our future (or alternate) self be messaging us to use the S6 keycard if it's already going to be used? Presumably it doesn't work right. We either need to be there, or we need explicitly to be the person testing it, to make things work out right.

Or given the names used, it could be that bad things happen if we let Corrupter or one of his agents control these powers. That said, I would think that of all the other rouge factions, we'd be able to trust Arbiter. And I'm pretty confident Corrupter himself is trustworthy at this point.

So we don't know if the warning means our allies will be in trouble if we don't do it, or if the warning is we can't trust our allies to do it.

...which means we can't just tell them everything, immediately. -_-

Reply, that if all possible, you'd like to be involved in the attempt. You found something... odd in the new safe zone books that make you think you're supposed to. You're not sure if this is someone trying to help or mess with you though.

After that, talk with your buddies till you reach the safe zone. See what they make of all this. Then explore the safe zone, see what's around, and who else made it through stage 5 alive.
No. 441836 ID: f09b71
File 134471418266.png - (10.24KB , 700x700 , ssf6-13.png )

Messing with the teleports isn't something Alison is keen on doing without extreme circumstances, and so she will wait for an outsider.

The corruptor agrees to let Alison be involved in this process, and is willing to wait a bit of time to see if the outsider is able to get Alison back in reasonable time.

Alison talks with her friends until she reaches the safe zone, but they don't know quite what to make of it. Iso assures Alison this wasn't some practical joke, not as though that possibility even occurred to her.

Scanner does find a rough map of the stage 6 safe zone, that Alison can decide how to spend her time until the outsider arrives.
No. 441837 ID: f793db

Hug shopkeep, then head to the forge.
No. 441838 ID: e3f578

See if there's new types of shops or something. Not that it matters since you're blacklisted but feed your curiosity.
Or maybe they stopped blacklisting you because it doesn't really even matter anymore. You're practically maxed. I think. They'll just go awwwww fuck it.
No. 441839 ID: b85f8c

I say we check the lake and go swimming again.
No. 441844 ID: d6c330

...did stage 5 not offer any CU prize? That's unusual. Maybe it was just too small to bother mentioning, especially after getting divided out over the overload.

Hey, Scanner, scan mouse. Are his stats any different as a ghost? I'd expect maybe zeros for stats, or maybe a special ghost ability we haven't seen yet.

Keep an eye out for survivors we know. Gambler, Watcher, Judge Lord, the Operators, Smoke, etc. might be looking to team up after the freeroam meatgrinder.

Gambelr's either in, or headed to, the casino, I'm sure. I'd wait to say hi, he's gonna be busy for a bit.

I don't think you should be trying to recruit other people though. 10,000 is too big a crowd to work, we're on a time constraint, and we've got things that need to be done.

Check out the forge. See if the system has tools, techniques, or novelty skills available you don't in Corruption. Getting ahold of that could be helpful.

Definitely go say hi to shopkeep, and see what's for sale, even if you can't get anything. (If we had to, we could always recruit a non-blacklisted person to get stuff for us. Gambler, maybe).
No. 441854 ID: f09b71
File 134471776342.png - (35.27KB , 700x700 , ssf6-14.png )

>Scan mouse
Scanner says he has the same stats as before, nothing special or missing, outside of being dead.

Alison leaves the room. Stage 6 appears to be covered with plain streets and buildings. All of the buildings, presumable the ones that aren't labeled on the map, appear abandoned and in disuse.

Scanner notes that the sky, despite just how many brackets merged, still has a huge number of stars.
No. 441855 ID: f09b71
File 134471777349.png - (10.91KB , 700x700 , ssf6-15.png )

>Hug shopkeep
Alison is still blacklisted, but still stops by to give a hug.
No. 441856 ID: f09b71
File 134471782925.png - (49.61KB , 700x700 , ssf6-16.png )

Of her last bracket, 4 operators, judge lord, smoke and one of his allies, and 3 others made it out alive, along with the others Alison already saw at the exit. Casualties were high in the freeroam section. Smoke says he needs time to himself.

Gambler is heading to the casino to test out if his stage 3 stint wasn't just some fluke. And after all, there are 25 times the number of scrubs to wipe clean this time.
No. 441857 ID: f09b71
File 134471783930.png - (16.94KB , 700x700 , ssf6-17.png )

>Head to the forge
Inside, there are not many people, and those that are around are mostly there out of curiosity. There is one system member, however, who introduces himself as the Blacksmith. He has no special function like the shopkeep, but is similar as an employee compared to the Barkeep or the casino Dealer's.

There are 20 blacksmiths available to make tools for novelty slots, and this isn't restricted to just metal items as the name might apply. Service is done on a first come first serve basis until all 20 blacksmiths are occupied, and then it turns into an auction system, the highest payer getting serviced. And all the same, there are plenty of workshops with various tools for everyone, should they wish to do the manual labor themselves.
No. 441859 ID: b85f8c

Hmm. Ask for a three-sided die.
No. 441860 ID: 886a4d

Yup, stage 6 is definately free-roam. I can't think of anything we need crafted honestly.


... this is why I wanted to go to the free-roam section we could have saved people.
No. 441862 ID: d6c330

Watcher's dead! And we never grabbed his ghost. Poor little guy. We should have forcibly whacked and revived him in his observatory when we had the chance. :(

...maybe someone else absorbed him, and we'll get him via recursion later.

Oooh. Quick, what would be awesome to have we haven't been able to make ourselves, or have some access through weapon covers?

An E-reader to store books in? A personal computer for math? A rocket pack after all?

We should ask the blacksmith if they know what the purpose of the crafted items are, since they're not useable in combat. Tools to survive in future freeroam sections?

We were too late. If most everyone went there first, by the time Gambler cleared it, everyone else would be near the exit or already dead. If we wanted to absorb people, we should have done freeroam first. But we didn't know.

Thankfully, almost everyone has absorb by this point in the game. Hopefully the survivors carry the ghosts of the fallen. If we recruit anyone and use persistence absorption, we can gain retroactive access.
No. 441863 ID: 886a4d

I suggested Alison use Persistence \ Absorb before the stage started... she just never did it. Gonna need alot of support here to get her to do it now.
No. 441864 ID: bdb3f8

Okay, if we are working on the belief that an upcoming stage is going to be a free-roam survival area, we should probably start thinking about getting survival gear here.

Since we are limited by inventory slots and not weight, the more utility you can pack into one "item" the better. Instead of just "rope" get a "grappling hook" or "climbing kit" and so forth.
No. 441866 ID: d6c330

Yeah, that's regrettable, but it would have required consent. We did offer to back up ghosts, but the system people turned us down (I don't think we offered the normal contestants). Since we don't have access to Smuggler here though, we can only back up anyone who agrees to come to corruption with us, if/when the outsider finds us.

Maybe this time we could do it in advance. Bring Smuggler here, and systematically give everyone persistence and absorb them. Not sure if the time constraints would allow that (given 100hrs, we'd have to do 1.6 people a minute or better to get all 10,000), and we'd have to overcome the teleport problems to get back. Plus, the system would probably react to something on that scale. ...so not very viable.
No. 441868 ID: 886a4d

With recursive you can delagate that sort of thing. If you recruit those already absorbed it can become exponential.
No. 441900 ID: f09b71
File 134472676627.png - (16.12KB , 700x700 , ssf6-18.png )

>Stage reward
Alison got 120 CU for this stage, but did not even notice.

>E-readers, computers, rocket pack
He says nothing past the renaissance era is the guideline to go off of.

>The purpose of the items?
As Alison suspected, the blacksmith says it is to supplement freeroam capabilities.

Alison asks for a grappling hook, as the blacksmith says that multiple item sets such as a climbing kit aren't allowed. Alison also asks for a three sided die. Blacksmith says he will do that, and asks Alison to come back later for them.

>Use persistance to absorb the system members
While Alison would have liked to, the system members didn't want to go to the sanctuary, and the corruptor was suspicious of system members coming to the sanctuary as well. She will try and ask around if she sees any of the operators or judge lord to see if he wasn't saved.

In the meanwhile, she dives into the lake to see if anything is there.

Similar to the keep in stage 3, there is a cave along the wall.
No. 441901 ID: f09b71
File 134472678836.png - (104.17KB , 700x700 , ssf6-19.png )

The room is similar to the one the Recluse was inside. This time, there is a note hanging off the lamp.

No. 441903 ID: b85f8c

Wow, seriously? Destroy this note.
No. 441904 ID: 886a4d

... alright now I am confused. I don't think that note was for Alison which means someone really, really wants us to use that keycard.

Now I really want to go a different route... say go glitch ourselves despite all the other deaths.
No. 441905 ID: 4a328b

No. 441906 ID: f793db

Still for alison using the card, and against her being corrupted.
No. 441909 ID: 886a4d

Alison will be different.

Glitched, not corrupted... we want to manipulate that game like glitcher does, not break it like the corrupter \ outsiders do. I think Alison will succeed where all else fail.
No. 441912 ID: d6c330

Okay, it didn't use a password. That suggests it isn't our future self. Or it doesn't count since Alison didn't acknowledge the idea to create a self trust password. So it doesn't tell us anything.

Well, actually, the note was left in a secret location we knew to check, so whoever's leaving these is familiar with Alison, at least.

>Kill Corrupter
Not sure that's possible. He lives in a safe zone, we have no way to get him out, and is speculated to have the power to expel (or kill) anyone it at will. Nevermind the fact he's already broken system limits on body size, and may have done the same for other stats. Or that he has tons of loyal follows who would defend him.

Heck, let's assume he's got no special powers or stats, and we try and fight. The first outsider to reach us can yank us anywhere in system-space like that. We still lose.

I guess we could get him to agree to a persistence absorb duel (although he didn't want to before) and backstab him, but that seems unlikely to happen, at best.

Of course all this assumes we'd be willing to kill him at all. Right now, he's pretty much earned our trust. It'll take more than one context-less note from the unknown to get us to betray and murder someone just to meet an unknown end.

The more important question is to know why it's so important that Alsion use the card. We need to confirm information.

Alison, start talking to yourself. Whoever is talking to you should either have you under surveillance, or has access to your memories. Make it clear you need to know why. Ask that they use the password you're think of right now in their next message to prove they're you. (Then make up a password! I don't care if you use Polo or Iso or whatever, but you need a password).

That's Glitcher, not Corrupter.
No. 441913 ID: b33427

Alison and the rest of the group should spread out and search the rest of the safe zone for out of the way and hidden places that might have notes. Start with the marked locations on the map, then search the abandoned buildings.

Alison should still try and get the card, but it can, and should, be done without killing Corrupter. Actually, killing Corrupter would be next to impossible in the Sanctuary, and he almost certainly won't leave the Sanctuary. It's also unlikely he'd accept a duel in the Sanctuary, especially if he thinks Alison could beat him.

The best chance to get the S6 card is to convince Arbiter, in secret, that Alison should be the one to use it, not him. Show him the notes, and ask if it would matter if it was him or her using the card to the Corrupter; You're both his ally. If he agrees, then Alison will stick by him until the card is handed over, at which point Arbiter hands Alison the card, and they both teleport out to Alison's bracket, or Arbiter stays behind if he wishes to.

Also, while Alison is in the Sactuary, she should see about teleporting the strongest members of her house into her bracket before she gets the card. If the next stage is anything like what we think it'll be, then having a large organized group with diverse abilities and tools will be a major benefit. Bring 96 volunteers, including the top members of the house, and others with varied tool weapon forms.
No. 441914 ID: 886a4d

Notice how the card says Alison and not you. That means the card isn't addressed to her at all. Considering its in her safe zone I think its for one of her regulars but who I have no idea. That or the creator couldn't specify which safe zone to create the note in so it went to all of them.
No. 441915 ID: f09b71
File 134472966523.png - (34.92KB , 700x700 , ssf6-20.png )

Alison will decided on I.S.O., with periods included so it can't be guessed by just naming people she knows. She does not destroy the note just in case, but will keep it in novelty item storage, and possibly destroy it when she actually gets useful items. As silly as it sounds, she does talk to herself in the longshot that she is being monitored somehow.

The outsider arrives as Alison resurfaces, shortly away from where the rest of her friends are waiting. He offers to take Alison to the sanctuary again, and the glitcher will manually replace her teleporter. If she wishes to do anything more here immediately, or to get Iso, Scanner and or Duelist to come with her, she may, although to please not dawdle, as he does have a lot of people to gather. Normally he would go straight from one bracket to the next like a bus to get everyone, but in light of the unpredictable and failing teleports, he is keeping light loads.
No. 441916 ID: b85f8c

Get your peeps.
No. 441917 ID: 04b86a

Yeah, get everyone together and have Mouse pass on that the Outsider just got to us.
No. 441918 ID: d6c330

Get the band of 4 together, and move out. Test if you can leave an instance of mouse's ghost here, or if he disappears when you move out.

>The best chance to get the S6 card is to convince Arbiter
Yeah, we could talk him into it privately.

Do we want to show the note to anyone? I don't think we should show the second, but the first would be safe. Consult Corrupter or Glitcher about the possibility of an alternate instance of yourself (like the enforcer 9 backup), or time travel.

>nothing past the renaissance era is the guideline to go off of
...so we could get a Leonardo da Vinci style helicopter, then? XD
No. 441921 ID: 886a4d

Pity our blacksmith stuff isn't done yet.If you come across any system characters while searchng fot your party invite them along with promise of Ghost talk for their dead.
No. 441938 ID: f09b71
File 134473296142.png - (97.63KB , 700x700 , null-1.png )

>DaVinci style helicopter
Besides what was probably meant of actually being built, practically used and not just raw concepts, Alison suspects that the blacksmith chose is words carefully when he included 'guidelines.'

All three of her teammates hold hands with each other and Alison, and they are taken through space as the Outsider flies off. Like the first time Alison was taken like this, it isn't instantaneous, and ultimately she ends up traveling for about 30 minutes to the sanctuary.

She uses Mouse as the medium to keep in contact. During this half hour, Arbiter spent some time investigating his own stage 6 bracket for any possible high profile members. He returns by the time Alison's manual travel is completed, and the Recluse says that the Arbiter handed off a piece of paper to the Corruptor. It normally wouldn't be worth mention, but both of them looked unnerved, or at least different, in case Alison wishes to question it.
No. 441940 ID: b85f8c

State that you found a couple of messages like that as well. Hypothesize that someone is trying to manipulate events.
No. 441945 ID: d6c330

>no helicopter
I figured. The freeroam sections haven't been open air anyways.

Tell Recluse you found mysterious pieces of paper as well. If Arbiter's is anything like yours, you're not surprised they're nervous.

Arbiter's message either backs up Alison's (give Alison the S6 card or else bad things will happen) or it mirrors it (don't ever let Alison use the card, kill her if you have to). Someone is trying to help us, or drive us apart, and we won't know until we see their card.

I say the best thing to do is trust our friends, show them both of the cards when we get there.
No. 441946 ID: 04b86a

Tell them that we found the paper we believe Arbiter found as well, as well as one other directed at us. We aren't entirely sure what to make of it yet, but if it's a trap it's one we're willing to walk into.
No. 441947 ID: 4a328b

Show Corruptor the card under the moat. It's not directly addressed to you even though it mentions you, and you had to go out of the way to find it, whereas the note to you was in YOUR specific room thingy.

In other words, someone might be giving someone ELSE orders to kill Corrupter.
No. 441950 ID: 886a4d

Yes, lets continue to trust our new friends. If that means going along with the decision to NOT hand Alison the S6 card then so be it. Point out however that we do need someway to let Glitcher work his magic and having a system administrator would be a big help with that. Perhaps we can get the story on how Glitcher became Glitcher. Maybe whats going wrong is the people hes trying to teach are simply not attuned to whatever hes doing and its like putting a creature who lives in the artic into a desert.
No. 441951 ID: 4a328b

Still downvoting becoming glitched, and will continue to do so unless ALL HOPE IS LOST FOREVER
No. 441952 ID: 886a4d

I simply want to know how the Glitcher got the way he is. Maybe that will tell us how to safely glitch Alison... and if not maybe we can help him have his apprentices not blow up.
No. 441953 ID: b33427

Well, cat's out of the bag on the second note, it looks like. Best to share what notes you found, and where you found them, when you arrive.

Give both notes to Glitcher, in case he can sense anything different about them. It may give us a clue to who placed them.

Say you don't know if the second note is a psychological trick, to spread dissent in the Sanctuary, or if it's legit. The first note you're inclined to think is not a trick, though. All together, you think that you should take the S6 card into your bracket. After all, you and Arbiter are both Corruper's allies, so what difference does it make. However, you'll abide by whichever choice Corrupter makes.
No. 441954 ID: d6c330

Oh, politeness check. When you arrive, thank the outside for the ride. And thank mouse for his help again when you're done long range talking and ready for the face to face stuff.

We also owe Glitcher some thanks for all the work he's been doing, but I think that should wait till after our emergency evil slips of paper meeting.

Yes, it's not a good idea, yet. Becoming glitched or corrupted after unlocking admin powers might be the route to breaking the game though.
No. 441958 ID: f09b71
File 134473435062.png - (305.22KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-1.png )

Alison finishes the trip, and thanks the Outsider for the ride.

The Arbiter is already waiting at the dropoff zone where the outsider arrives, saying he'd like to speak with her privately.
No. 441959 ID: 886a4d

Follow him. We'll drop the note bomb after we hear his news. Which is probably related.
No. 441960 ID: d6c330

Sure. What'd your evil piece of paper say? I'm not sure if someone is trying to help us, or drive a wedge of mistrust between each other.
No. 441961 ID: b85f8c

Agree to go with him.

I think the second note was intended for Recluse.
No. 441962 ID: b33427

Agree, and say you think you know what he wants to speak about. Once you two are alone, show him the notes you found, and look at the ones he found.

Damn, those huge light trails are gigantic now. This does not bode well at all.
No. 441963 ID: f09b71
File 134473573872.png - (70.08KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-2.png )

The Arbiter moves into the keep, leading Alison to a side room where he is certain that they aren't being spied on or anything paranoid like that.

He found a note, and fought a bit with himself on whether or not to share it with the corruptor. He did, and the note said that Alison will quickly become an enemy if left to her own devices, and to kill her before she can see it coming. Arbiter thought that it must be someone trying to mess with things, but the first 6 characters of the message were of a passcode that the corruptor used amongst himself and his most trusted. The corruptor regretfully says that he trusts anyone with that code more than Alison, unfortunately. All the Arbiter can say is that the corruptor did look genuinely distressed about that decree.

He quickly moves on, saying that he isn't supposed to tell Alison this at all. The only reason why the corruptor trusts him not to is that he handed the corruptor the note, and was believed when the Arbiter said he would not have passed the message on if he sided with Alison.

Alison shares both notes that she found, along with her thoughts, believing in the first note, unsure of the second. He appears surprised, but adds that he shouldn't be so much.

He moves on. What he did not share with the corruptor is that he found a second note himself, as well, for himself. It said... well, the point is, is that he is siding with Alison. He doesn't know the legitimacy of Alison's note, but he believes the other 3 notes all have confidence that they are written by their respective addressees, and wonders just how a 2nd note to Alison would have reached her.

Especially odd, he notes, is that Alison's second note was addressed to 'Alison', not 'Snake Queen', indicating it was someone familiar with Alison.
No. 441966 ID: b85f8c

It was in a place that Recluse would be most likely to visit. It is quite likely his note. We should bring him into this discussion.

What I want to know is, what would make Corruptor believe we are going to become an enemy? Ask Arbiter what Corruptor would do if he was in charge of the System. If he plans to destroy it outright along with its employees, then we WOULD oppose that. We want to save them too. Also, if King thinks the system is important, we should probably find out what it does before attempting to destroy it.
No. 441967 ID: 886a4d

Everything hangs on Glitcher. We can't go to a System Administration without him. Ask the Arbiter which way he thinks the Glitcher will swing. Or if he won't help Alison will the Glitcher give the Arbiter a teleporter to a working system administration. We would rather NOT kill the Corrupter since hes being manipulated.

Also our House is now in danger. Though with everyone on the other sanctuary things aren't as bad as they could be. However have Recluse go to Chief and tell him to start setting up deadly traps ala free-roam if they already haven't. Outsiders might come to kill our people and better forewarned and all that.
No. 441970 ID: 04b86a

Our only real goal is to save everyone. Contestant, System entity, everyone. Or at least those we feasibly can. We can't see ourselves becoming an enemy unless the Corruptor declares us one out of paranoia. Is he seriously considering us a threat based on something the system left for Arbiter to find?

I sincerely doubt it was from or for Recluse. Not only did Recluse have no way of getting there, but that area was also one we were bound to eventually search.
No. 441971 ID: d6c330

I'm not sure it matters if the note was intended for Recluse or not.

Okay, plan of action time.

Arbiter knows Corrupter better than us. Can we bring our note to him and expect to be treated fairly? Because it really looks like someone is trying to pit us against each other- each side has received a warning to kill the other. That's pretty compelling evidence someone is trying to play us. I'd like to think he'd understand that.

If we can't trust the Corrupter to treat with us, what are our options? We can't just leave without the help of his outsiders, or a new teleport. And it's not like we can fight in a safe zone, not that we want to kill anyone, even if they've been made to distrust us.

...was the note that claimed to be from Alison the only one with awkward texting abbreviations? Were all the death threats written in complete sentences / words? That suggests different authors.
No. 441975 ID: 6a1ec2

Remember that the administrators have access to everything we say or read using the ability, so higher ups will definitely most certainly know your name, where contestants might not. They could be totally fabricating these notes, since we haven't developed any sophisticated method of note delivery that didn't involve the (monitored) communication ability.

So in other words, don't say anything about what your plans really are. Stealth mode, priority.

You probably shouldn't use the level 6 card. It's sounding more and more like a trap. Just show the notes to the Corruptor and well, throw yourself at his mercy. Best to put the cards in an extra safe place too like your bodice because whoever's trying to turn you against each other probably wants their own hands on it. Arbiter trusted you with information that you could use against the Corruptor, that Corruptor would expect an enemy to keep secret at all costs, so letting the Corruptor know that information will give him convincing evidence that you are on his side. If he's not convinced at that point, well, then, uh, run like hell.

That's what I think you should do. Don't actually vocalize those plans though. First, you need to teach Arbiter how to lie. Tell him that you are glad he came to you when they are alone and unwatched. When you do, make the "lie" sign by pointing your right index finger to the left, and moving it repeatedly in front of your mouth. Tell him that he knows you two have never been good friends, so you are surprised he would join you, again making the "lie" sign. Then say you're glad that he knows the Corruptor's secret weakness, again making the "lie" sign. Then say you really enjoyed the date they had together, making no sign. Then say you could really use a hug right now, making no sign. Then hug Arbiter. Finally say you don't like hugs, making the "lie" sign again. Only the Mongrel would be dense enough not to figure out what you mean at this point.

Tell Arbiter that we may have to kill Corruptor because you learned how he plans to betray you all (lie sign). Say that they should hurry to the Corruptor's sanctuary at once. (no lie sign). And conclude with the statement that you fully intend to use the level 6 card before it's too late (lie sign). Apologize for being difficult but that's how it has to be. Point emphatically at your right hand when you say those last words.

Oh also the second note was for Recluse, not you Alison, so Recluse likely does have a way to kill Corruptor.
No. 441976 ID: 886a4d

... I think we should use the keycard still. However if the Arbiter, one of the longest supporters of the Corrupter thinks he will kill Alison I don't think we can really convince him otherwise. He'd need proof, more proof then some more notes, one saying to kill him as well.
No. 441978 ID: b33427

Bring up the point that if the Corrupter's code was ever spoken outside the Sanctuary, that it could have been overheard by System surveillance, or one of the System's agents. The System might also have been able to extract the code from one of Corrupter's trusted who somehow were absorbed by a System agent, then either not resurrected right away or died after resurrection was removed.
No. 441980 ID: f09b71
File 134473817814.png - (75.73KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-3.png )

>Does the corruptor plan on destroying the system outright along with its employees?
Arbiter thinks he does plan on destroying the system, yes, but now understands that the employees are forced to do what they do, and would likely spare them as he can.

>Is the corruptor seriously considering what he said? What if Alison shared her note, and the corruptor's code may have been intercepted
It may help, the Arbiter says, or it may hurt, if she shows him her notes. He isn't taking it lightly, but the passcode shared was, again, one only shared amongst the ones the corruptor trusted the most. He may just feel that killing Alison, no matter how useful she's proven herself while not showing any signs of betral, is less painful than realizing any possibility that the passcode could have been intercepted and abused.

>Was Alison's first note the only one with awkward text abbreviations?
The Arbiter, seeing Alison's note up close, says that it was the only one. But it may have just been because of the word limit vs how much was attempted to be said.

As for the glitcher, well, the Arbiter doesn't know. He doesn't think that the glitcher is too quick to follow the corruptor to the ends of the earth, and it does appear that the glitcher has become somewhat comfortable around Alison.

>System could be fabricating these notes
Arbiter doesn't know whether or not the corruptor would believe it, under the belief that they would all likely have been purged if the system honestly could tell everything that is ever said. A reason why he does trust that passcode so much.

>Teach arbiter to lie
While the Arbiter may be very honest, Alison can't imagine that he doesn't at least know how to lie, she would just have to ask him to.
No. 441982 ID: e3f578

And what if one of the corrupter's most trusted have betrayed him? Most trusted does not mean infallible. Trust may be naive for someone as powerful as the corruptor and he should truly trust no one. Everyone could have an agenda.
Absolutely everyone.
No one can truly be trusted. No offense, but nope. Not around these powerful people. Not around these sorts of power games. You just can't.
No. 441983 ID: fa9f7e

>Tell Corruptor he shouldn't trust people
>Rely on Corruptor trusting us to avoid being hunted by a shitton of uberpowerful people

nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
No. 441984 ID: b85f8c

Wait, he said there were 3 other notes. Arbiter's, Corruptor's... who else got one?

Okay, hang on. If it weren't for these messages, it's very likely that Corruptor would take over the system base and attempt to destroy the System. I think these messages are coming from a previous instance of the System. After it was destroyed, it simply restarted with the same initial state... OR maybe it restarted from a backup. History repeated itself, but the first system being destroyed did NOT result in everyone in that instance being erased. They are somewhere off in unused system space, and are able to interfere in a very limited manner with our session. After Corruptor destroyed the system, we likely decided that it was the wrong way to do things and decided to change the course of this new path. Yet, he disagreed, and wants us dead in this new timeline to stop us from interfering. Perhaps he thinks he can prevent a new loop, and have the system activity brought to a permanent end?
No. 441986 ID: 886a4d

Alright if the Arbiter is that certain that the Corrupter will continue to believe the notes we should approach the Glitcher NOW before anything else happens. While you go to him message Recluse to head to your own Sanctuary and prepare everyone for attack by the Corrupter's outsiders. If possible we'll want to move the Arbiters house and the Glitcher to our own Sanctuary. I say we trust the Glitcher with everything so far. Maybe he can think of a way to convince the Corrupter we won't betray him... or if not will he pick a side?
No. 441987 ID: 4a328b

Did any other notes claim to be from the person that received it? Did the people who found notes wind up in that weird no-where space when they tried to teleport?
No. 441988 ID: b85f8c

Oh! Glitcher may be able to figure out what's going on by tracking the notes to their origin point... if he can do that.

God I feel like we're just harassing the poor guy though. Maybe we should handle this on our own. Glitcher is like a hammer and everything looks like a nail.
No. 441989 ID: 04b86a

The System has rules it has to follow. If purging isn't prohibited, then they would have done that during our chest runs, or even our CU farming runs, or maybe even while we were in a legal safe zone or the stages. Slipping people keycards and notes are probably just some loopholes being abused by people with different ideas about what should be done.

The higher levels of the System might even know where the Sanctuary is, but are simply withholding that information from the Administrators because we're their responsibility. To be honest, they're enough of an unknown at this point that we shouldn't make any assumptions about what they can or can't do. What we do know they can do is monitor what's spoken, and probably even read, in legitimate areas. If that password has ever been used outside the Sanctuary, it's compromised. No doubts about it.
No. 441991 ID: d6c330

>destroy and spare
That's been almost exactly what we've been forced to do. Save who we can, but still doing what we had to. We can't really fault his philosophy.

Right. I don't really like this situation. We don't want to betray our allies, but we're being forced into it- because our allies don't trust us.

The problem is, how the hell can we handle aggression by the Corrupter? Our friends and allies are in domain. His minions control our only means of transport or escape, so we can't leave peacefully even if we wanted to. Furthermore, even if have our teleporters, we can't move our whole house, and his outsides can come after us anywhere.

If the Corrupter truly comes after us, the only way we survive is by killing him.

His warning is self fulfilling. If he treats us an enemy, we have no option but to become one!


As I see it, we have a few choices.

-Go talk to Corrupter. It seems likely some agency is trying to turn us against each other. We don't want to be his enemy, but if he tries to kill us, he's forcing the point. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

-Flee. Get a teleport, take the S6 key, and gtfo. We'll need Arbiter's help and probably Glitcher's. Leave a note saying we're sorry, but it Corrupter wants us dead, we don't have much choice.

-attempt blackmail or strongarm. Leave orders for Smuggler to sell off his merchant ability if you're killed. Not sure what other chips you have to play... maybe try to summon shopkeep? Or the ghost of the still connected hunter?

-Kill Corrupter. No way how you go about it, but a regicide and takeover does the trick.

Also, gods this is all horrible. You need to hug Arbiter, you both need it. You're being betrayed and he had to betray his friends to try and save you. :(
No. 441992 ID: 6a1ec2

GEEZ ALISON ok fine just tell him that since they send the Shopkeep in to announce rules updates whenever you mention problems, but not until you at least mention them, including in safe zones, that anything that you say or write, or has ever been said or written is quite certainly known by those with the right clearance, including your name, any secret codes, and any security protocols. You were trying to tell him without alerting the system that you know, but since you suck so much at lying I guess you'll just have to be up front about it. Hopefully they won't teleport you to the corn fields once you say it.

Also you need to learn that scratchy sounding non-communicating communication that the glitched guy uses since he doesn't have communication ability.


Oh silly, that's just paranoid. You don't have evidence that everyone is untrustworthy.
No. 441995 ID: f09b71
File 134473989123.png - (7.43KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-4.png )

Hugs are immenent but the time is not quite perfect.

>3 other notes?
Arbiter's, corruptors, and Alison's 2nd note are mostly light on abbreviations, at least compared to Alison's 1st.

>Did the people who found notes wind up in that weird no-where space when they tried to teleport?
Arbiter didn't have a problem with that.

>Did any other notes claim to be from the person that received it?
Corruptor appears confident he sent the message himself, as odd as he admits it is. But the Arbiter admits that he isn't quick to think that they were fabricated. He might be biased, but he believes his own note was written by himself for a different reason than a passcode, and would be very alarmed, among other things, if his was fabricated. That's why even if he knows the system can hear everything said or written, proven by the shopkeep's interventions, he thinks these may be legitimate.
No. 441996 ID: fa9f7e

Sure we do, basic nature. Even if everyone isn't untrustworthy, some are. It is far easier to become untrustworthy than to become trustworthy. Power corrupts, and belief that, say, the system is about to kill them all and pulling shit like this is the only way to survive corrupts even more.

Considering all that, the chance that at least *one* of the inner circle is a backstabber is significant. I wasn't saying it was false earlier, I was saying it would be stupid to make Corruptor aware of that right now.
No. 441998 ID: b85f8c

Then they were sent by ourselves. This means we must fight Corruptor for the keycard.

Get a threat assessment. Also get Recluse in here, seriously. That's his note.
No. 442001 ID: 886a4d

Well crap... look like this >>441984 is probably close to correct. Which means we really do have to trust that note. Time to go to the Glitcher and see what he thinks. I say we trust him with this.

We can brief Recluse via Mouse. It's best that Recluse helps prepare the Smuggler's Sanctuary for attack.
No. 442002 ID: d6c330

...Arbiter's message is totally something about how he has to help Alison because he loves her. And he believes it because he hasn't told anyone that, ever.

We need to decide on a plan of action. I recommend the following steps:

1)failsafe. Send orders for Smuggler to cease sales, permanently, if you're killed. That way we have a last line bargaining chip.

2)Warn our house, have them withdraw to our Sanctuary, prepare, and close the teleport bridge between the sanctuaries.

3)The plan: We have two options of attack:

3a)Stealthy. We steal the card, flee, and seek admin powers. We'll need Glitcher's help, or to steal the teleport. Leave a note, saying we're sorry, but Corrupter forced our hand.

3b)Regicide. We go for a bloody coup, and become Queen of Corruption to save ourselves.
No. 442003 ID: 6a1ec2


OK I'm relatively convinced you are secure, now it would be ridiculously anticlimactic to have some system admins triumphantly announce how you fell for their cunning ruse, so we can leave it at that.

If the notes are legit, then it's probably not time travel. It's probably just a failed session where you and everyone else was destroyed, except for a handful of notes. As such the situation might be different this time, but for now you can't convince Corruptor even with honest good faith, so just run. Or dare I say it, fucking run.
No. 442004 ID: 4a328b

Ok, your note says "Don't wait to use that card", one to (probably) a team mate says to kill Corrupter if he doesn't let you use the card, Corrupter's says to kill Alison before she knows what's coming...

Could it be that all these notes are from a doomed timeline? That in that one Alison wanted to wait for S7 to use her card, and in that time-span something happened that caused her to become an enemy of the Corrupter?

If we use the S6 card, could we avert whatever causes this divide?
No. 442006 ID: b33427

Corrupter's convinced enough to kill Alison, and we don't have proof or a decent argument against it. Alison can't harm him in the Sanctuary, so a fight is not possible, but it's unknown if he can harm or kill Alison here. Confirm with Arbiter if Corrupter can indeed kill or otherwise destroy people within the Sanctuary safe zone.

We may have some time to plan and organize if Corrupter or his followers did not see the Outsider bring Alison's group in. If they didn't, get the group into this side room and close the door. Message Recluse to gather the entire house together in the house, including Smuggler, and prepare to either fight or bug out.

We need to talk to Glitcher, but Arbiter going down to get him is too obvious. Have Recluse find him, and get him in a private location under the pretext of needing a teleporter to Alison's bracket from Alison's house so that they can bring in extra members for the next stage. Once there, Recluse can relay that Alison needs to speak to Glitcher, and give him her location. Recluse then heads back to Alison's House to wait for instructions.

Now, I have a plan to get the S6 card, but it relies on Alison having her Sanctuary-to-bracket teleporter and either her House-to-bracket teleporter, or the Sanctuary-to-House teleporter. It'll involve Arbiter taking either the House-to-bracket or Sanctuary-to-House teleporter, getting the S6 card, and teleporting out. There's more, but it's moot if Alison doesn't have the teleporters.
No. 442007 ID: 886a4d

I'm pretty sure Arbiter has the S6 keycard already... he was holding it when they went on the raid.
No. 442014 ID: f09b71
File 134474369604.png - (76.09KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-5.png )

>Talk to Recluse
Recluse is just downstairs. He comes up to talk to Alison and is shown the notes. On getting him up to date, she shows him the second note, that she suspects is possibly from him. She explains where it was found.

It's funny, he says, as he was just about to ask Alison to get him back to stage 6 safe zone for some alone time. And he would almost certainly have tried out the lake again to get in such a spot. That does make him believe in the possibility it is his. As it is, though, Alison asks of him to try and keep this on the downlow, while telling Chief to immediately begin making traps and defenses in the auxiliary safe zone. And after that, tell the smuggler to not sell anything again if Alison is killed.

Alison doesn't ask to see Arbiter's note, as he seems specifically non-initiative on showing it to her himself. He does say, however, that he does have the stage 6 card right now. If Alison wanted to, he could attempt to get the glitcher to make a teleport straight to a system bracket to try to get through with this immediately.
No. 442015 ID: b85f8c

That sounds like the best idea. If we can avoid a fight with Corruptor by just going behind his back with the card, it would be for the best.
No. 442016 ID: 886a4d

Personally I want to talk to the Glitcher first, get his opinion on everything. Besides the Arbiter hes the one the Corrupter depends on the most. Perhaps he could convince him to see that Alison isn't his enemy... and if not and teh Glitcher wants to join Alison... Well without the Glitcher the Corrupter loses a great deal of his power.
No. 442018 ID: b33427

Glitcher should already have either made a teleporter to a System bracket, or is working on one right now. The question is if we have Arbiter take the one Glitcher already made, which would go to a System bracket probably not overseeing the bracket Alison is in, or talk to Glitcher and try and convince him to change it to target the System bracket over Alison's bracket. Personally, I think talking to Glitcher and convincing him to help would be the better option.
No. 442028 ID: d6c330

Don't ask about Arbiter's note. It obviously used a personal secret in place of a code or trust password. And I suspect it's about his feeling for you.

What's our timeframe look like? Corrupter's decided to kill us, but he's assuming Alison doesn't know, and that he can catch us off guard. How long do we have before he plans on springing whatever he's planning? Is he just waiting for our eventual meeting and report? We should have a short window where we can behave normally without giving the game away. Going to Glitcher for a new teleport would be our next step if everything was alright.

Does Arbiter already have the card? Things are easier if we don't have to retrive it.

Glitcher is a risk. If he sides against us, he could kill us, even in a safe zone (I mean, really, he's being trying hard not to. All he has to do is let up). I say we go to him, and Arbiter should get his teleport for the raid Corrupter was going to send him on. And we get our new teleport. Once we have the goods, then we talk, get his opinion on this time travel nonsense. He'd be the best to know.

Arbiter might want to warn his house, as his involvement will put them at risk as well. Of course, they might give the game away. He might not want to be too specific in his orders- just to prepare for likely conflict, possibly inter-faction.

Chief might want to tap our rescued system people for help with the war effort. This kind of planning and countermeasures is kind of what they were intended to do. Maybe it's finally time for Supervisor and the hunters to shine, now that they have freedom and resources, instead of being hamstrung by the system.

And if anyone notices and asks about your house's sudden preparations and closing off of itself? Use preparations for and setting up the party as an excuse. Let's make them feel damn guilty about their coming betrayal. (Gods dang it, we're never gonna get the party now. :( )

I don't think we have a choice here. Snake Queen is going to war. We're not going to let ourselves be made the Snake Girl.
No. 442032 ID: f09b71
File 134474823425.png - (18.29KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-6.png )

>Arbiter's house
Arbiter thanks her for the worry, but the loyalty of his house is abit odd. Since the corruptor and arbiter are of the same bracket, Arbiter's house members are, in a sense, merely an extention of the Corruptor's inner house. Loyalty is at least as much to corruptor as they are to Arbiter, and so the corruptor almost certainly won't carry the Arbiter's burden over to the ones in his house.

Him being in the same bracket does have other obvious issues, but he tells Alison not to worry about him. After all, there are 100 exits, and even with the high numbers of Corruptor's people, there are even more regular participants. It isn't too unlikely that the arbiter won't even see the corruptor. That's assuming he doesn't find a way out of his bracket, either, a task that seems plausible enough.

>The party is probably canceled
The worst. But she'll have to move on, and just have a party for people that aren't going and trying to kill her. Or maybe she'll keep the preparations open if they die, in which case they may turn friendly again after becoming ghosts.

Arbiter and Alison head out to go straight to the glitcher, and Recluse heads to Alison's house. Alison doesn't get far before one of corruptor's people finds her, informing her that the corruptor wishes to speak with her immediately.
No. 442034 ID: b85f8c

Tell them okay, you'll be there as soon as you can. But don't. Just keep going. If they insist tell them you've got something to do and you're sure he can wait 5 minutes.
No. 442036 ID: 886a4d

If we go see the Corrupter the jig is up... Tell the messenger we will tell our people we will be late to that thing we're planning on doing then head to the Corrupter. It won't delay us more then a few minutes since they are nearby.

Then we run to the Glitcher's place.
No. 442037 ID: e3f578

oh god if we go we are at his mercy
the rumors were that not only could he completely kill someone off, but that he could do it in a safe zone right? Am I remembering wrong?
Will politics be enough for him to not kill us?
No. 442038 ID: d6c330

...okay, now what.

If we say yes, we're walking into our own execution. Assuming legitimate messages from the future, Corrupter is going to trust himself over us. I doubt we can talk him down. Even our threat probably won't be enough- losing the shop will be a bad blow for Corruption, but Corrupter will chose that over his own death.

If we say no, the gig is up, and Corrupter comes after us, either with his cheating powers, or by sending outsiders. Possibly the safe zone gets turned off. And we can't just kill the messenger.

Okay, best bluff I can come up with:

Tell the Corrupter Devotee yes, you're on your way, there are things you need to talk about. You're just stopping to pick up Glitcher, since he's going to be relevant.
No. 442040 ID: 886a4d

Do NOT mention Glitcher.
No. 442048 ID: d6c330

Gaaaah, I see your point. But we still need a sufficient excuse to prevent the devotee from escorting us there himself.

Let's try saying yes, and if he tries to hang around or walk you there, get haughty, do you mind, I'm trying to talk to my fellow Lord here. I've already got one escort, I don't need another. It might work, especially if Arbiter chimes in. Assuming they still trust him, you can shoo the devotee off.

Only buys us minutes though. We're going to have to tele strait from glitcher's to our home, grab our team, and then to the system block.

>The party will be fine, maybe after everyone trying to kill her dies, they'll be nice as ghosts
Godsdamn. I like the way you think, Alison. It's macabre, and awful, while simultaneously optimistic, pragmatic, and realistic.
No. 442051 ID: 886a4d

Get the Key Card from Arbiter now in case you have to do an emergency teleport to administration. Arbiter won't be known for his betrayal right away so he'll have time to grab Iso, Scanner and Mako if we do have to run.
No. 442053 ID: 4a328b

I'm sure he does. Let's take this opportunity to make a stand, while keeping it classy, diplomatic, honest, and, as always, well-intentioned.

Say that we know that the Corrupter received a not from himself, with what is apparently a warning about the future. As did we.

When we first joined forces with the Corrupter, we decided we would work with him for as long as we could pursue our goal of saving everyone.

Judging by these notes, we can guess that in whatever future or alternate reality or glitch space spawned them, our paths diverged to the point that you would call me an enemy.

I don't know if that will still happen. All I can do is trust that I will always try my best to save everyone.
No. 442056 ID: d6c330

...if we're forced into the meeting and it goes south, we could escape with our teleport to floaty-space, for a little bit.

Who do we take with us to usurp the system area? Assuming we have 10 slots per previous telporters, I suggest:

Alison, Arbiter, Iso, Scanner, Duelist, Supervisor, Baron, Hunter 1 Hydra, Hunter 3, Scholar.

Our core team, and system people who may be able to help us run the place once we take over. Arbiter, because we can't leave him behind- Corrupter will figure out he told.
No. 442058 ID: b85f8c

...we could bluff that we're on a date with Arbiter.
No. 442060 ID: 4a328b

Show him the note from yourself. Declare that you are going to use the S.6 card.

Whether the result of that action makes us enemies, averts some unknown conflict, or something else, we don't know. But we wish him well, regardless.
No. 442061 ID: 886a4d

We've decided not to confront the Corrupter since he has the ability to kill us instantly. Hence the putting off the meeting and going to see the Glitcher.
No. 442062 ID: d6c330

Well, we suspect he has the ability to kill us instantly. We don't actually know.

But he doesn't need hypothetical powers to do that, an outsider can grab us and drag us anywhere, trapped to be killed at leisure. Or hell, to drop us to our death in the void between stages.

But yeah, we've concluded he won't trust us over his future self. So conversation is fruitless. We need to get our teleporter from Glitcher and gtfo.
No. 442064 ID: f09b71
File 134475139487.png - (10.06KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-7.png )

Alison says that she will go down to the corruptor shortly. She walks by.

The corrupted says that the corruptor is downstairs. She is going the wrong way.

Alison says that she will be down shortly, but right now, she is trying to talk to her fellow lord. The Arbiter backs her up, saying that he will personally make sure she is downstairs soon.

>Heard about the corruptor being able to do worse than just normal killing
Alison is hoping that is either false, or that there are some heavy limitations on such a thing.
No. 442066 ID: f09b71
File 134475143009.png - (36.39KB , 900x700 , sCS-6-8.png )


The Corrupted says that the Corruptor insisted that she come immediately, and tells the Arbiter to back away. Alison can hear the metal from the swords being drawn. Normally, withdrawing weapons are silent.
No. 442067 ID: b85f8c

Hair grapple time. Disarm, toss, run.
No. 442068 ID: 4a328b

Guys running away will make her MORE suspicious, not less. We need to confront Corrupter. Not run away like a scared little girl.

Politely ask them to sheathe their weapons.
No. 442070 ID: d6c330

...you forced this upon us.

Kill him, quickly. Freeroam combat rules now in affect, things like how you attack will matter now. Attacks can also probably be parried, or countered. I suggest chucking the piano at his face, and using your hair for defense, parrying blows.

Run for glitcher. We need that telport. Engage as necessary- hit and run. Keep people at bay with chucked pianos and fireballs.

Don't bother wasting time on absorptions if you kill any of them, everyone here is backed up somewhere.

Altert you house that it's war now.
No. 442072 ID: 886a4d

Double Offense. Absorb him. We cannot let him escape. Coccoon him in hair and squeeze. He can't use his swords, he can't hit you. Use your range to move the hair cocoon away from you as you do so.
No. 442073 ID: 4a328b

No effing killing people and declaring war over what could very well be a misunderstanding from some notes based on things that MIGHT have happened in the future past present participle alternate reality bullshit.

We are a leader, and that means we have responsibility.

We don't just drive our innocent housemembers into battle against our former ally and HIS innocent housemembers because we panicked and didn't even TRY to pursue a peaceful solution
No. 442074 ID: 886a4d

He ordered his Corrupter to attack US first. The Arbiter has already stated the Corrupter will believe his own future note above anything else, and I have no reason to doubt him. Confronting the Corrupter will be suicide.
No. 442075 ID: b85f8c

It's ALREADY war. Corruptor has decided to kill her, and sent someone to bring her to him, by force if necessary. We can't talk our way out of this one.
No. 442076 ID: d6c330

It's too late for peace. We've been given the choice to walk quietly to our execution, or go down fighting. We will not go quietly. We are the goddamn snake queen, not the corrupter's pet snake girl.

Corrupter just declared war on us, I only suggested we warn our house. Although, given the blaring system klaxons, they probably know.
No. 442077 ID: bdb3f8

And frankly I am more confident that we can talk Corrupter down than I am that we can get away cleanly and talk to Glitcher, even before we worry about long term consequences.
No. 442078 ID: 4a328b

Ok, warning the house to be ready to defend themselves/itself is a good idea.

It is so far from war right now. At the WORST Corrupter no longer trusts us and fears we may actively become the Sanctuary's enemy--a worst case scenario we would make MORE probable by overreacting like you're suggesting. And it would likely alienate the more neutral individuals/houses against us. Honestly.
No. 442081 ID: 886a4d

The problem with talking him down is it requires him to disregard his own advice. He recieved a note from himself, using codes he created for his closest followers, that he has to kill Alison in order to succeed in attaining his goal. Arbiter has already stated that the Corrupter believes that he wrote that note and he IS going to follow its advice.
No. 442082 ID: b33427

We need Arbiter to be free to pick up the teleporter from Glitcher, so no running to Glitcher, and no giving Arbiter away as a traitor to Corrupter, yet. Also Alison can't kill this Corrupted right away, 'cause Corrupter has ghost talk and is likely checking if he's dead continually. Got to keep this guy occupied chasing Alison.

Tell Arbiter to get out of here, and that you'll ghost message him after whatever this is is sorted out. Say to the Corrupted you'll come without a fuss, and turn and slowly head in the direction of the Corrupter's chamber. Once Arbiter is out of sight, rut for it down a side passage. If there's no side passage, manifest your piano in the way of the Corrupted, and shove it back into him so you can slip past him.

Keep heading up the tower to Iso, Scanner, and Mako, evading the Corrupted. Get out of sight of the Corrupted following you long enough to ghost message Arbiter to head to the tele-gate to your house after he's done with the pickup and wait. Once at the top, Iso can use his platform making ability to create a route down that Alison won't take falling damage from, blocking the stairs up with them first.
No. 442083 ID: e3f578

Wait, maybe we CAN go to the corrupter.
If we die, a time paradox gets created if the notes were sent from out future selves.
Until we send that exact note back, we MIGHT be safe.

We CAN talk him down if we show him the note from US in the future. This indicates that Alison will have to send the note into the past eventually, which if Corrupter is honestly convinced about his note to be absolutely true, then he'll have to spare Alison at least until she sends the note back into the past. Does he REALLY want to risk a time paradox? Do we have any idea what that might do to the system at all? IF he's willing to risk it, than he's willing to fight time itself for his goals. If he's willing to fight time, then we can tell him WE'RE willing to fight time and NOT do anything against him.
No. 442089 ID: d6c330

Okay... attempting tactical reanalysis.

>run / fight
In all likelihood, we can run and gun our way to Glitcher. We're high level, we have good crowd control and distance attacks, while we're facing people with swords.

The problems arise when we get there. Glitcher may not have the telport ready yet though, and the chance of his cooperating with us is unknown. In either case, if we can't tele out afterwards, we've confirmed the corrupter 's fears, burned our bridges with corrupter, and we're trapped. Our only exit would be to float-y space.

Even if we get out, there will be consequences. We don't know what admin powers do if we get them- but we know corrupter can attack our house, and send people after us in the system bracket. We can be overrun, ad people will die.


We may be able agree to come along now. I kind of doubt the safe Zone will be turned back on. (or it may be too late to talk at all).

The problem with diplomacy is Corrupter has already given the order for us to be killed, based on prescient intel that we will later be a threat- intel he believes. Even if we convince him we have no intention of betraying him now, we have no proof we ever will in the future.

Our best bet might be shame. We thought we were friends, system-dammit. We found a note telling us to kill you as well, and our first reaction was to distrust it, and come to talk to you about it. *throw them at him* Your reaction was to lie and plan to kill me. I don't want to be your enemy, but you're making a self fulfilling prophecy here. I can't not be your enemy if you want me dead.

...the problem is, if and when this tactic fails, we're going to be alone in a room wth the corrupter, facing unknown powers, and his entire tier 3 guard (which will be more than ours- he's richer).

If diplomacy fails, we're killed, or trapped in the empty space if we have time to tele.

>Final anaylsis
fight / run:
best outcome: we escape, become an admin, at war with corrupter.
worst outcome: we're dead, or trapped in the floaty space.
best outcome: we get to become an admin, and keep our allies.
worst outcome: dead or trapped.

Both plans have same consequences of failure. Diplomacy has the better outcome if successful though. Odds of success of both are unknown. That suggests maybe we should chance diplomacy, I guess.
No. 442091 ID: b85f8c

The whole point of sending messages is to change events!
No. 442092 ID: 4a328b

Except that wherever these notes are from seems to correlate to a time/place where Alison DOESN'T use the S.6 key. Think of it like deciding things by a coin toss.

You decide that if it lands on heads you win, and if it lands tails you lose. It lands on tails, and YOU LOSE. BUT! You send a message back to yourself, that says "Pick Tails."

You don't know what happened in the Heads future that made you his enemy. You just know that if you pick Heads, it's a BAD END.

The result of picking Tails is COMPLETELY UNKNOWN---except that things will be DIFFERENT if we do.
No. 442096 ID: bdb3f8

The following is addressed to Alison's decision making process for now, but I fully intend to recommend saying this to Corrupter as well if we end up in front of him.

Look gentlemen, we are getting notes apparently from the future, asking us to change things. There are two ways messages from the future can play out. The first is a stable time loop, in which case notes from the future accomplish nothing. The second possibility is that we CAN use the information here to affect the course of future events. As long as we are changing the future, why don't we shoot for the future where everybody lives and we all stay friends, instead of the one where everyone is trying to be the first to betray someone.

Arbiter reported that Corrupter's note didn't just say "kill Alison." It said Alison will quickly become an enemy if left to her own devices, and to kill her before she can see it coming. Presumably then, there is an option NOT to leave her to her own devices. Lets all try working together instead of making more enemies.
No. 442099 ID: 886a4d

Alright lets look at this from the Corruptros POV. You recruit someone who managed to defeat someone who was 5 times her own strength in CU. She has proven ruthless, cunning and charismatic. She manages to suborn a Shop Keep, convince you to create another Sanctuary despite personal reservations and due to her own actions caused the loss of Resurrection. Worse yet one of your most loyal followers has shown the fact that he prefers her over you. Then you recieve a note from yourself telling you it gets worse. Kill her or else. What would you do?

I'll tell you what the Corrupter will do... kill her.
No. 442100 ID: f793db

Fight and run
No. 442101 ID: b85f8c

I'd like to point out that all the other notes are saying for Alison to NOT LET CORRUPTOR USE THE CARD. If we negotiate with him he will want to be in a leadership position to keep us under control. That means we don't use the card. That means we ignore all the advice from our side of the notes. That is not a good idea.

Having Arbiter split up from us might work. He could get the teleporter from Glitcher without Glitcher suspecting anything, I bet. We would probably have to wait outside if we went there together, come to think of it. The question is, can Alison evade capture on her own long enough for that to work?
No. 442102 ID: d6c330

That's pretty much the problem, yes. Diplomacy has better results if successful, but the odds against it look bad.

I think it's all a moot point though. The decision is now out of our hands. Even if Corrupter hasn't declared war on us yet, Arbiter's totally going to kill that guy there even if we don't.
No. 442104 ID: 4a328b

Put your hands out and go "WAIT" directed at everyone so there's no murder going on. Then ask if he wouldn't please re-activate safety mode so you and Corrupter can discuss the issue without anyone dying--you know, like the SANE, NON-BLOODTHIRSTY individuals that you are.
No. 442105 ID: 886a4d

Lets take further arguments to the discussion thread so to let others vote.
No. 442106 ID: f793db

It's a shame duelist isn't here, since he actually spent time learning how to fight in the way that they're about to murder Alison.
No. 442107 ID: f09b71
File 134475911347.png - (14.73KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-9.png )

Arbiter moves right in front of her, looking like he will defend her. Nonetheless, Alison uses her hair to strike first, if not just to stall, but knowing that the corrupted is certainly backed up even if he does die.
No. 442108 ID: f09b71
File 134475914696.png - (28.95KB , 900x700 , sCS-6-10.png )

The corrupted yells down the halls for help, just before Alison's attack.

Alison uses double offense!
Alison deals MORTAL DAMAGE to Corrupted!

No. 442109 ID: f09b71
File 134475917435.png - (13.41KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-11.png )

Arbiter yells at Alison to run, but she wasn't expecting that.
No. 442110 ID: f09b71
File 134475919952.png - (14.25KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-12.png )

So the Arbiter picks her up and forcibly starts dragging her to flee, before she picks herself up. He says she'll get used to it. Not because doing that gets any easier, it doesn't, but rather because she has to get used to it.
No. 442112 ID: 4a328b

Did we absorb

Was there a CHANCE to absorb
No. 442113 ID: 4a328b

Absorb dammit
No. 442114 ID: 886a4d

Absorb him. We just lost our easy CU income. Every bit counts.

Welp, meat for the kitchens I suppose.

RUN. If anyone starts to draw their weapons kill them as well. No choice. Lets get to the Glitcher.
No. 442115 ID: c6ec33

Use Mouse to talk to your pals. It's time to pick up and GTFO.

If someone has it out for you, the odds are high that they'll use your friends to get to you. Bring all of your inner circle (Iso, scanner, duelist, recluse, etc.) and GTFO via Glitcher to an empty level-6 system bracket.

Hopefully, everyone else will be considered too loosely affiliated with you to be worth tormenting, and will just be folded into corruptor's ranks until we can rescue them.
No. 442116 ID: 4a328b

Dunno if Glitcher will help or not but we need to get the S-6 card before we GTFO
No. 442117 ID: 4a328b

no more goddamn killing
No. 442118 ID: 04b86a

Absorb him! There's no sense in missing out on a ghost, especially if he might not be backed up.

Now get going. The killing might be a lot bloodier than you're used to, but if you don't get a hold of yourself that'll be your blood flying everywhere. Or Arbiter's. This isn't the time for nice, friend-seeking Alison - we need the Alison who was willing to red glove duel Blue and kill everyone who hadn't got through back in stage three in order to take out Chief.

Arbiter already said he has it with him.
No. 442119 ID: b33427

Absorb the Corrupted. You need the CU, and he'll be a way to ghost message Corrupter, if we need to talk to him again. However, if the both of you encounter another Corrupted, attempt to evade or dodge, and only use attacking as a last resort.

Get the S6 card from Arbiter right now, in case something goes wrong. The Corrupted or Corrupter might hesitate if Alison flashes that card, and the S7 one, and says if she dies, the cards go with her.

Head directly to Glitcher as fast as you can. Glitcher possibly has been warned by Corrupter about Alison already, so Arbiter should be the one to approach him, while Alison stays out of sight. Once Arbiter has secured the teleporter, then would be the time for both of them to talk to Glitcher, if there's time.

Ghost message Recluse, and anybody else in your house, if possible, and warn them that Corrupter's forces might be coming for your House now. Tell them about the Corrupted's ability to disable the safe zone, and turn it into free roam, on their target, but it also applies to themselves. If Recluse is still in Corrupter's tower, he should go up and get Iso, Mako, and Scanner, and work their way down to the Glitcher's workshop, avoiding combat if possible. If Recluse is already at your House, tell him to gather everyone up, including Smuggler, kick everyone else out, and barricade the tele-gate into the area. Turn it into kill zone, but only attack if it looks like they will attack.
No. 442120 ID: f793db

Don't absorb him. he's certainly backed up already, so that's not a problem.

Be ready to kill again. Because the alternative is be ready to die.

Head to glitcher.
No. 442121 ID: 886a4d

Plans for the run.

Kill people who attack if they are in range. However if there are too many or too far away heres some thoughts.

Your hair is a wonderful thing for direct action... however if your being chased melt or set the floor on fire. You can make impromptu blockades with your piano and sound can shatter stone with your harp to collapse walls and ceilings.

Quickly get Arbiters stats as well as his weapon choices. If he hasn't picked one recommend monofiliment wire, something large and bulky or a gas attack of some sort, something highly corrosive and toxic.
No. 442122 ID: 04b86a

Don't use the harp! Freeroam means we can't cleanly target things anymore, so the harp will affect everything around it; possibly even Alison herself. Hell, the normal range limitations are gone so someone could even get us with a bow or gun from a distance, although since how we're damaged matters more than the damage from the weapon rank those might not be that bad if we can keep them from hitting anything vital.

Also, I'm officially recommending we outfit everyone with bio-armor for the freeroam areas.
No. 442123 ID: 4a328b

Why go with mundane bio-armor when you can have a MAGICAL OMNI-DIRECTIONAL SHIELD SPELL
No. 442124 ID: 886a4d

It definately is time to armor up. Something futuristic with a HUD and threat identification for trap spotting, ballistic, and heat protection and an internal air supply. It should also fly.
No. 442129 ID: f09b71
File 134476423112.png - (15.69KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-13.png )


The Corrupted is quickly absorbed, and Alison gets 5 million CU. Arbiter shares his stats, and Alison shares hers.

>Get friends
Alison summons Mouse, yelling at him to yell at the Recluse to run back here and get Duelist, Iso and Scanner right up to the glitcher's office, and that they may need to kill to do so.

She gets the arbiter to give her the S6 keycard, as they continue running up until they manage to reach the Glitcher's door without incident.

Recluse says that they shouldn't be that far, but there is an armor on their tails, so whatever she's going to do, she'd better do it soon.

Arbiter asks if Alison is alright. She says she's fine. She just needed a moment. She'll do it again, if she has to, but may not take attacking so lightly anymore. At least the blood has dissipated.

>Armor, weapon
Alison gets her acid spit, and recommends to the Arbiter to do get some useful weapons. She may get some nice armor, but the Arbiter says that the armor has a lot more limitations on usefulness than weaponry. It rarely can do anything more than what the user can do on their own.
No. 442130 ID: 4a328b

What abouuuuuuuuuuuuuut earth magic to match our fire magic. Instead of normal shields, SUDDEN WALL OF ROCK. Enemies chasing? PITFALL.
No. 442133 ID: 886a4d

Alright, so additional protection is out... how about flight and an internal air supply? Iron Snake?

Plans for the Glitcher.

Go into his room. Tell him the Corrupter has decided to kill you and you've decided to run. The Arbiter has decided to help you escape and is joining you. All this is thanks to notes from a supposed future or a failed session. Your here to ask him for a administration teleporter. Your own preferable but you would take any he has ready. You were planning on asking him about how he felt about all this but an Outsider confronted you, disabled the safety and now your out of time. You don't want to kill anyone else.

If he doesn`t want to help you hug him, tell him you understand hes been friends with the Corrupter for far longer then you. Thank him for all the help hes given you, and apoligize for all the trouble you`ve brought and step outside to wait for your friends. You`ll have the Arbiter use his auxillery teleport to take you all to the auxillery sanctuary and prepare for seige.

If he does help you hug him, thank him profusely, ask if he wants to come with you or stay here. If he stays apoligize to him for the trouble you`ve brought and wish him good luck. Tell him you`ll try to avoid the Corrupter from now on. If he wants to come with you hug him harder. Either way ask him if he would enact the severance protocols on the auxilery Sanctuary once you leave.
No. 442135 ID: f09b71
File 134476599143.png - (17.04KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-14.png )

>Flight, iron snake, etc
Arbiter says that he hasn't had much time to ask the corruptor the extents of his freeroam studies. Arbiter has studied some of the mechanics, but not in that regard.

Alison knocks on the door quickly, and the Glitcher opens it. He is picked up into a hug as Alison tells him that she is going to respect his decision.

Glitcher says he thought he was going to die, since he's heard about the whole kill-Alison business. She explains that it's all thanks to a few notes. Glitcher says that he was waiting to see one of them, since the Corruptor, all of 15 minutes ago, gave top priority to finding out the history of these notes, if possible.

He can't kill Alison or anything nasty like that, so he asks to see the notes, either from Arbiter or her, to see if he can't live the history. He is guessing they are nothing, and that he can't do anything. If they are anything borderline supernatural, as far as anything supernatural here goes, then there is a likely chance he can work with it. He thinks. He figures he should ask permission, since whatever he sees is probably very personal to whoever supposedly wrote the note.
No. 442136 ID: 886a4d

Give him your own note, but do ask for a teleporter as well. You don`t know how much time you have before your overwhelmed. Meanwhile have Arbiter use his new weapons to set up traps in the direction Recluse and the others are NOT coming.
No. 442137 ID: 4a328b

Share notes with glitcher, ask if you and Arbiter can come in [since it never seems to be safe, but neither is the hall]
No. 442138 ID: 04b86a

Of course, gladly. But first, if he's willing to get us a teleporter to a system bracket we'll need it ready by the time our friends get here. Glitcher's important enough that Corruptor won't kill him for helping us, if that's any consolation. In fact, at this point it might be a good thing he couldn't successfully teach anyone.
No. 442139 ID: f09b71
File 134476690896.png - (88.90KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-15.png )

Alison shows him her own note first. He thanks her, heading over to a ball of light trails. He says to come in, and that this ball isn't really here, it's sort of like a teleporter to... everywhere. And it can find things. All he really has to do is to combine a few thoughts with the paper. If these are from the future, then he half jokes he'll be known as the Prophet. At least until 20 seconds from now, when fate is changed with the knowledge and he goes back to poor old glitcher.

Alison also asks for some teleporters. The glitcher isn't positive that he is ready to help Alison so freely, despite how nice she is. Kind of wants to hear both sides of the stories, as unlikely as that might be. One thing at a time, and first is Alison's note.
No. 442141 ID: f09b71
File 134476693586.png - (75.76KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-16.png )

The glitcher goes silent. And still, more frozen than Alison has ever seen anyone go.
No. 442142 ID: 886a4d

See if he is dead, try to summon his ghost. If he isn`t, wait one minute exactly then approach him. See if he responds to touch, and then start gently tugging him away from the light trails. If he is completely immobile wait another minute. Then slide your hand up his arm until it enters the light trail and think strongly of Glitcher while clutching his hand.
No. 442143 ID: 4a328b

Ask if he is ok. If no answer after a worrying length of time, reach out and lightly touch him. We don't want to startle him and make bad things happen if this is how he works or something.
No. 442144 ID: bf54a8

oh god, i think he's seen everything.
No. 442145 ID: d6bb0a

See if his eyes react to being shadowed, at least it should tell you if he has stopped or is dead. Don't touch him immediately, who knows what might happen.
No. 442146 ID: 04b86a

Okay, I know messing with Glitcher's work is normally a bad idea, but touch him. Maybe we'll get to see what he's seeing.
No. 442147 ID: 886a4d

He said 20 seconds, lets give him a minute to account for time-shenanigens.
No. 442148 ID: 4a328b

aaaa longest 20 seconds ever.
No. 442149 ID: b33427

...Oh, dear... I hope that Glitcher's mind hasn't locked up, 'cause he looks like he's just seen forever.

Whatever you do, do not shock, push, or even touch Glitcher; At least, not yet. Remember what he said about being barely in control of things. Open the door and watch the hall for a minute. If he hasn't reacted in that time, look him in the eyes and call out his name. Snap your fingers next to his ear. If that doesn't work, then lightly push his arm. And if that doesn't work, gently pull him away from the light-ball. Do not touch the light-ball yourself!
No. 442151 ID: f09b71
File 134476901635.png - (46.58KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-17.png )

He stays frozen for several seconds, before his arm falls limp and he drops the note. He is otherwise still, and Alison goes to touch him now that he isn't in contact with the items.

It worked, the glitcher says. Goddamn moron, he says to himself, thought he saw it all. What was another history of a little item, he said, let him just casually shove it in wherever, he thought.
No. 442152 ID: f09b71
File 134476911790.png - (54.22KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-18.png )

He stumbles away, catching himself on one of his drawers. He says that there are teleporters to wherever in here. Auxiliary, various brackets, system brackets, whatever, it doesn't matter. Glitcher's done.

Alison asks what he means.

He means that he is done. He saw everything. He was something special after all. All this time, he tiptoed with baby steps, seeing his apprentices fail, knowing - no, thinking - that he could fail, and get himself and everyone killed at the slightest accident.

He was at the polar extreme of wrong. He has never failed. It has taken so much time to do things because he was so needlessly careful. All this time, he thought he was driving across deadly ravines at perilous speeds. He was walking in a sunlit park. All of this time, he never could have failed. He tells Alison he was a god, here! Is! He can't fail, he can fly wherever, do whatever, all things capable within this box! The things he's done, he's never even thought of doing, let alone get the idea only to reject it because it is supposedly suicidal! He can do anything.

Anything... anything... except anything good. No matter his intentions, he's always done bad in the end.
No. 442153 ID: 9216d5

Hug the shit out of Glitcher. Tell him you don't know what he saw, but it's probably just one potential outcome. He can do good things, the deck's just stacked against everyone.
No. 442154 ID: d6bb0a

Uh... you might want to send a message to Corruptor. Tell him that Glitcher has identified an enormous problem and is currently inconsolable.
No. 442155 ID: 4a328b

Ok, he's not saying anything we can really comprehend but dammit he needs a hug.
No. 442156 ID: 886a4d

Isn`t saving all these people good? Even if its just for a while? All that time he granted... he gave these people life. He made it possible for them to discover more then combat, more then hatred and suspicion. More then constant fear of death. Alison didn't get as much time as the others... but even if she dies today she was glad to live here. And its thanks to Glitcher.

Let that sink in and then... could he tell her how he is different from her and the others?

perhaps he was an upper admin, it would explain alot
No. 442160 ID: f09b71
File 134477039346.png - (46.60KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-19.png )

Alison gives a hug. She's going to tell the corruptor about this if she gets the chance, but she doesn't know if she'll get one.

She says that she may not know what he saw, but it's probably just one potential outcome. He can do good things, the deck has just been stacked against everyone. That he's saved a lot of people, even just for awhile, adding up to a whole lot of time. It was enough time to give people experiences that weren't just stages and fear.

He remains silent for a long while. Or so it feels, but it couldn't have been long in reality, given that her supposedly close friends haven't caught up yet. She asks of him, if he is okay to tell, what made him special.

He only says that what good he has done is minimal, and doesn't address anything else Alison said or asked. But, he'll do one last thing for Alison, despite his words. He'll transport everyone she wants somewhere, or something like that. Doesn't matter how many, or to how many places. He just wants one favor. He understands that she plays good music. He wants her to play him something. And, not for anything, does he want her to stop, until the corruptor has caught up to this room and she must teleport, no matter what she sees or what the glitcher does. He just wants that one promise.
No. 442163 ID: 886a4d

Do so.

I wonder... try using double offence and bounce to enhance your play.

As for teleports she personnally would like to go to her brackets administration with her friends.

Her house on the other hand she wants safe. Does the Glitcher know if those null spaces where she ended up trying to teleport are safe from the System? If thats not possible... simply somewhere that won't be found for a long time.
No. 442164 ID: 4a328b

I agree with those locations.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F7GNQAO4T4 <---even something like this is possible with extra hands in the form of hair. Hell, if you think you can play harp and piano at the same time to create a truly amazing melody for Glitcher, do it. What ever you play, make it fantastic. Make it uplifting, hopeful, lively...something epic.
No. 442165 ID: bf54a8

No. 442166 ID: 9216d5

Send ghost messengers to talk to everyone you would like to bring in your house. Ask them if they're willing to go with you. And ask Glitcher to include himself in the teleportation if he is willing. If he chooses not to glitch any more, then that is his decision.
No. 442167 ID: 886a4d

Ghost talk doesn't work like that. You need recursive and Ghost Talk to get access to someones line then use a ghost they are also using.
No. 442168 ID: b33427

With a nod and a tear, you vow you will keep his promise.

Bring out your harp, and play. Play with every fiber of your being. Play from the bottom of your heart and soul. Put everything you have ever felt and hoped into it, for it will be the last that Glitcher hears of this world. Make it the best.

As for the transport, you wish for your House, and the entire safe zone it occupies, to be moved where the System will be least likely to find it. You'd also like Corrupter's Sanctuary moved to elsewhere in the same safe place, because you don't want everyone else to be left out, even if it includes Corrupter and his followers. Keep the gate between the two connected, but able to be toggled from Alison's House's end only.
No. 442170 ID: 886a4d

how about this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1UddLJgj6M
No. 442172 ID: bbee3d

What are the limits of his abilities at this point? Could he teleport us out of the System altogether?
No. 442186 ID: f09b71
File 134477638214.png - (23.00KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-20.png )

Alison makes the promise.

She would like her and her friends transported to her system's administrator's bracket. He says he figured, she may as well.

And her house, the glitcher says, to go to a safe place? Alison says yes. She also would like to move the corruptor's sanctuary somewhere safe as well, still connected should Alison wish it so, unless the glitcher can teleport them out of the system itself.

Sort of, he says. He can't make it so Alison can truly escape the system's influence, but he does habe something good. He'll put her house in the dream. The place the system knows about, but can never touch, at least not directly. All of Alison's ghosts, that she permits, can go there. Even the ones who are still alive. They only need to sleep. He is taken aback by the request for the corruptor's sanctuary to be moved as well. He'll transfer them somewhere else safe, but to be fair, he won't tell Alison where or give her uneven access. Besides, eventually, their brackets will merge once again.

And people Alison knows can also be invited into the house in the dream, so long as she knows them, and they are sleeping. Don't ask how it works, he says, but it will.

Alison thanks him, and pulls out her piano and harp. Maybe it is the glitcher's doing, but she is able to pull out both. She begins playing. The Glitcher thanks her, saying it doesn't quite matter what exact sheet music she plays. It's her intent, in actuality, that is being played. The mood, so to speak, formed directly to her music, the competency level in accordance to the weapon stat. Which, he notes, is extremely high. It's more than he deserves.

He slows time down. Alison doesn't know how he does it, but everything slows down. She feels like she is playing at normal speed, but everything else around her slows down. He will stall for about half an hour, indulging in this.
No. 442187 ID: f09b71
File 134477639188.png - (10.87KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-21.png )

He also wants to make sure that Alison doesn't blame herself for the glitcher's plight. How could she have known? The glitcher certainly didn't. Nor did the Arbiter, nor did the Corruptor, all who would have done the same thing.

In actuality, he is glad for it, though he knows that he isn't making much sense.

He'd like to explain what Alison needs to know, but he can't get the words. At first there was too much to say. Now that he tries to formulate it, there is too little to say. He doesn't know what is relevant and what is not. But he doesn't want to see if Alison finds out.

He wants to shut his eyes from this race, and not have anyone tell her when it's over.

He gets two items from near opposite corners of his workshop over the course of the half hour, all the while the music is playing.
No. 442188 ID: f09b71
File 134477640254.png - (25.00KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-22.png )

Her friends, somehow aware of this timed anamoly, fight to get to Alison for all of that half hour while they can hear Alison's music.

Glitcher thanks Alison for her continued promise. Her friends are having trouble, but they'll be fine in a moment. Everyone of Alison's will be fine in a moment, for a moment.

The button to perform her tasks is on the counter, he says. All Alison has to do is press it.
No. 442189 ID: f09b71
File 134477641882.png - (121.87KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-23.png )

What short existences they all have, yet so long, he thinks to himself.

Glitcher hits the two objects together, and the ball of light begins expanding.
No. 442190 ID: f09b71
File 134477642889.png - (23.06KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-24.png )

The time flow turns back to normal. The Arbiter looks away.

Alison doesn't miss a single note through it.
No. 442193 ID: 4a328b

>And, not for anything, does he want her to stop, until the corruptor has caught up to this room and she must teleport, no matter what she sees or what the glitcher does.

We wait to press the button until we absolutely must.

We promised.
No. 442197 ID: 9718f3

She is using her hair to play the harp.
No. 442200 ID: 886a4d

Use your hair to press the button... continue to play until the transport is done. It was his last request afterall.

Her hair isn't a single entity... she has great enough control she can do both... hell she probably could open the door too.

Perhaps however we could help our friends with this music. Direct your grief at the outsiders and pour it into your music. Double Strike and Bounce.
No. 442202 ID: d6c330


Oh gods. Freeroam combat is absolutely horrific.

And gods, Glithcer. Goodbye, Glithcer, we're sorry. I always liked you, little guy. I'd say at least we have your ghost, but whatever you're doing there looks rather... final. Go with gods, friend, and know at least we forgive you.

Okay, wait till the last moment, then hit the button. Do we need our friends to reach the room? Then we go to the keycard.

First chance we get afterwards though, we need to use a corrupted via ghost talk, or our new ghost house communication thing, to explain what the fact happened to corrupter.
No. 442221 ID: ec2e47

When we talk to the Corruptor, there is another scenario we should ask him to consider. He has reason to believe the note was indeed sent by a future version of him, but what if that version was himself motivated by a similar note, leaving the cycle the only reason for itself?

Regardless, we should keep playing for the moment.
No. 442225 ID: b85f8c

If we can absorb him, we should... so long as we don't have to stop playing to do it. He said to play until we were forced to teleport. That is what we'll do.
No. 442226 ID: 735f4f

Yes absorb him if we can. He might just be killing himself but he did not say not to.
No. 442227 ID: d6c330

Eh, absorption is negligible either way. If he's really committing deicide, his ghost will be inaccessible (He wants his eyes shut, and no one to ever be able to tell him even when it's over). If he's not, we already have his ghost. And since he wasn't a front line fighter, his actual CU costs is negligible at this point.

But don't interrupt playing till he's gone, for anything.

After this is over, and our friends arrive, lock and barricade the door. Check the other teleporters in the drawer: make sure you don't leave any teleports that go to the system zone we're headed to- force them to come after you the slow way, with outsiders (assuming they can get to system zones that way).

Don't bother trying to talk when the Corrupter's forces arrive to break down the door. We can't chance it. Maybe leave a single note, saying we're sorry. We didn't want to be his enemy, but he chose for us. His prophecy was self fulfilling.
No. 442228 ID: 6a1ec2

(push da button) DON'T PUSH DA BUTTON

Seriously though, don't. Not until you can see the whites of the Corruptor's eyes (ok realistically not until he is within attack range at least). Glitcher has never been more sure of himself, even if it makes him terribly sad. You can trust that kind of sincerity. The best thing you can do for him and yourself is play. How about a waltz!
No. 442231 ID: b85f8c

If we're leaving a note we should make it clear that we did not kill Glitcher.
No. 442246 ID: e3f578

You know if he can do everything, I wonder if he switched resurrection back on and kept it locked like that.
Please tell me he didn't forget to do that.
And maybe he changed a few death rules while he was at it, like made it so that EVERYONE who dies goes to the final stage thing, even the non-absorbed, and put in like a system for which person would get their ghost?
Maybe I'm being too hopeful.
Alison, I'd try rezzing Mouse at what you think is a good time to test if he changed anything on his own.
No. 442247 ID: d6c330

I think it's too late to request additional changes.

But if we can get resurrection reinstated, I'd like to see no absorb, no ghost, rend, block resurrection and steal ghost abolished while he's at it.
No. 442251 ID: b33427

Abide by Glitcher's last request, and play until the very last moment.

Pick up the button from the counter with your hair, and hold it, so it doesn't get knocked away at a crucial moment.

Get your friends in here, and barricade the door. When it is no longer possible to hold Corrupter's forces back, or one of them is in danger of dying, press the button.
No. 442253 ID: f793db

We should probably make sure Snuggler is part of the core group we take to the administration.
No. 442254 ID: f09b71
File 134480928691.png - (21.96KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-25.png )

She absorbs him. She already had his ghost, anyway. She tries out resuurrecting mouse, but it doesn't work. Too late to question that.

And she continues playing. Until Duelist pops in, and starts yelling that they need to go. His voice lowers by the time it ends. He'll ask later. Scanner is hurt pretty bad.

>Take snmuggler
Unfortunately, it's a bit late.

>Double strike/bounce
It doesn't appear to change the music at all.
No. 442257 ID: f09b71
File 134480944665.png - (25.44KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-26.png )

Duelist starts barring the door after the rest of her friends come in, right before she sees some corrupted almost catch up. He hears the corruptor himself scream both her name and Arbiter's.

Alison writes a quick note to the corruptor. Saying she's sorry things came to this. All she can give is her word that she didn't kill the Glitcher.

After she has Iso check to make sure there are no other teleports to her system's brackets, and when the door looks like it is going down, she presses the button.
No. 442258 ID: f09b71
File 134480951462.png - (51.37KB , 928x628 , sCS-6-27.png )

Everyone is healed to full, and they are inside of an administrator's room.

>"What? No! You were supposed to barge in at the main lobby!"
No. 442259 ID: b85f8c

Brandish your card and state flatly that you're taking over. He can step down or we will take this base by force. He and his employees will be treated fairly regardless of his decision.
No. 442260 ID: d6c330

Sorry, did we mess up your trap by taking a shortcut?

...we're taking this system area for ourselves. Stand down, withdraw, or prepare to defend yourself, Administrator.

Quickly ask your friends if everyone is all right. Hp was put to full, but we want to be sure.

Do a quick mental check. Do you feel Glitcher's ghost within you? I really hope what he did wasn't permanently fatal. Also see if you sense the people in your house, since Glitcher said he was going to teleport the whole place into your head.

If so, attempt using ghost talk on someone inside you who's alive. I suspect you can use this to summon them from the dreamspace. Snuggler's a good candidate, I'd say.

I doubt you can use the keycard until you kill this guy, but try anyways.

What's on his back? Are those stone angel wings? A rocket pack?
No. 442263 ID: 886a4d

Scanner scan, Iso stays where he is. Arbiter and Scanner switch place. Everyone else advance forward. That way we block off the entrance. After Arbiter moves Iso should throw him one forward as well.
No. 442264 ID: f09b71
File 134481063495.png - (32.25KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-28.png )

Glitcher's ghost is still there, but it isn't responding. Everyone else is also in her head, so it must have worked. She tries to ghost form Smuggler, and it works.

>Ask if Alison's friends are alright
They assure her that they are. Scanner scans, and says he is similar to the previous administrator. She'll give more detailed information if or when necessary.

>What's on his back?
Probably useless wings.

Alison tells him to back down while showing him her card, or he'll have to defend himself. He says he isn't a brave moron like Alison's previous administrator, so he will back off.

Speaking of the previous administrator, he is trying to speak with Alison.
No. 442267 ID: 886a4d

Lets speak to him, might as well.

>Glitcher's ghost is still there, but it isn't responding.
Oh god Glitcher used Rend on himself.
No. 442268 ID: 4a328b

I don't think things are going according to anyone's plans right now.

Call out the stage five Admin.
No. 442269 ID: b85f8c

Block him. We can't risk him saying something that results in this Admin doing something stupid.

Let's try to access the admin tools now. Oh, and ask for this admin's card. We will have sole claim over this room, noone else.
No. 442270 ID: d6c330

Hmm. We can't summon the living out via ghost talk. Maybe we can carry them out when we actually sleep, though.

>Glitcher's ghost is still there, but it isn't responding
...yeah, he closed himself off. At least his ghost is still there, that's better than I expected.

Pay attention and make sure that he actually backs off. Don't let him chump us like enforcer 9 did.

Let the foxy admin out. Preferably after the other admin withdraws.
No. 442271 ID: 4a328b

Point, is there a way to keep Fiver from being audible to the other Admin? If not, ignore him for a bit.
No. 442274 ID: f793db

Go ahead and talk to previous admin
No. 442276 ID: 886a4d

I agree on getting this stages keycard from the admin. That way he won't be able to message out. Call out the previous admin after you get that keycard though.
No. 442278 ID: f09b71
File 134481200819.png - (50.57KB , 928x628 , sCS-6-29.png )

>We can't summon the living out via ghost talk
But Smuggler should be alive, and he is out with ghost talk

Alison tells the new administrator to leave this room, and give up the keycard. He complies, tossing the keycard to Alison as she moves forward.
No. 442280 ID: f09b71
File 134481204980.png - (39.12KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-30.png )

Once gone, Alison lets the old one out.

>"Hey, greetings and so on. Looks like you're causing trouble as usual. But mostly, I just want to see what's going on in full. I've gotten real curious about that keycard you got, and I have it on good authority that I should be nicer to you. That authority is an unsigned note from the sky, which is about as legitimate as any other authority around here, I'll remind you!."
No. 442282 ID: 886a4d

Did the note seem to be from himself? Or maybe it was from Glitcher.

Tell him mysterious notes appearing are why we are here now instead of during stage 7. Ours were from ouselves in an alternate future \ terminated session.

... might as well ask him how exactly we use this thing.
No. 442285 ID: 4a328b

That's nice. You are kind of a bit upset right now so if he has some advice could he please go ahead and say it. Sorry.
No. 442286 ID: 04b86a

He got a note, too? That makes five, then. Tell him he's welcome into our house if he wants to go there.

Now how do we use this keycard? Just decide we want to be an administrator? Ask to have it registered to us? Shout at the top of our lungs that we claim this room?
No. 442287 ID: b85f8c

Tell him your keycard was found with no explanation. You don't know where it came from or even if it was meant to be given to you. We know less than he does on that matter. Of note is that one other blank keycard was found by someone named Cake, who hates fighting. Hers is the one we are using now.

Hang on, where's the S7 card right now? Corruptor doesn't still have it, does he?

Ask Smuggler if he's still in our base right now and time is passing normally. I'm not clear on whether our dream is active while we're awake or not, now that our base is in it.
No. 442289 ID: b33427

When did he get this note? Right now? A few minutes ago? And for that matter, is time in Alison's dream space still frozen when she's awake?

Give him the quick recap: You, Arbiter, and Corrupter got notes from the future/alternate timeline/previous session/whatever. Corrupter now wants you dead, Arbiter sided with you, and Glitcher examined your note and remembered he's some kind of god in this world who can do no good. As a last act before ending himself, he teleported your House into dream space, and your friends here.

Now, with that out of the way, what does Admin here have to say? How to use the card? What powers and duties go with the position? Will Alison be linked to the System and can be tracked?
No. 442295 ID: d6c330

>>We can't summon the living out via ghost talk
>But Smuggler should be alive, and he is out with ghost talk
I'm sorry, I'll rephrase. We can't summon the living as living people with ghost talk. They come out as ghosts. I had hoped we could use it to summon allies from the house. ...does Smuggler's merchant ability still work in this form? Not that we need it at the moment, but that could be useful in the future.

You got a note in the dreamspace?

Yeah, we go notes too. They claimed to be from our future selves, and they turned our allies against us, and left us with little choice to attempt usurping a system zone early, and without preparation. We've lost friends today.

So... yeah. We're about to try usurping admin powers. If you've got any advice, we're listening.
No. 442296 ID: e3f578

Ask Arbiter if he thinks the Corrupter will now send a message to the past to kill him too as soon as the Corrupter can.
The only reason his plan failed was because of the Arbiter.
Will it ever matter to people in this timeline?

Ask Admin if he knows how the hell timelines work.
No. 442298 ID: 4a328b

Or where-ever it was those notes came from.
No. 442303 ID: f09b71
File 134481604161.png - (43.04KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-31.png )

Alison still has that keycard.

>Ask arbiter if the Corruptor would send a message in the past to kill him as well
It's possible, he says, so perhaps he'll change his message to match, but if things end up so identically, he reminds Alison that he did find corruptor's note first. And to be sure, he would now change his message to the past to tell old Arbiter not to give the corruptor's note to him.
No. 442305 ID: f09b71
File 134481609468.png - (51.00KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-32.png )

Alison gives the Administrator a summary of the last few events, asking when he got the note. He says about 15 minutes ago, but figured he'd wait until now before trying to get in contact. Alison asks him how to use it. He says it comes as naturally as any ability like knockback or heal or whatever. The keycard just gives access.

>Will Alison be linked to the system and be tracked?
>"If you end up that deep, I don't think the system will even be allowed to attack you without some serious repercussions on their behalf!"

>What sort of duties and power go with the position?
>Does he know how timelines work?
>"Oh just try it out already, geez! It's not like these circumstances are old news to me, and I certainly don't know anything about timelines! I'll tell you what I know when you use it."

So Alison waves it around, reminding the Admin that she has been in better moods.

Administator card found... searching Alison/Snake Queen... Alison/Snake Queen found. Admin privilege found.
Choose function:

Persistent Log History - Entries found

>"Oh. OH. OH. That's new! You've already been an administrator? And I never could figure out how to input any logs. Well, I knew how, but it never seemed to let me. Say, you sure you want your friends to be around? From what I know, those logs aren't exactly professional. And yes, we can all hear it, that's why these rooms are usually only occupied by the Administrator all alone."
No. 442308 ID: b85f8c

Considering Glitcher's reaction... we should be alone for this. Which also means putting the ghosts back.

Before we just send people outside though we should probably make sure that the other system employees here aren't hostile.
No. 442310 ID: 886a4d

They are our dearest friends. I say we summon everyone we'll take to these fights, tier 3s and favorite tier 2s, Mouse, Succubus, Chief and Smuggler as well. This is one of the biggest steps we've taken and they deserve to hear what went wrong last time.
No. 442311 ID: 4a328b

We've been an administrator? Since when?

Is this related to this note/possible time travel nonsense

Yeah. Don't want any more soul-crushing revelations dumped on our friends to the point they decide to go catatonic :<
No. 442312 ID: a9298b

Whatever's on them can't be that bad, besides, asking people to leave might breed mistrust.
No. 442313 ID: 886a4d

Well we can test out transport to our Dream House. Have them go to sleep so they aren't waiting outside with a potential to be ambushed. First though have Snuggler try to wake up instead of calling him out via Ghost Talk.
No. 442319 ID: 4a328b

Give people the option of staying or going. You don't know if this is going to be soul crushing or embarrassing or what, so if they don't think they can handle something like this...
No. 442320 ID: d6c330

We already have logs? I assume they were left by our future self.

Yeah, no secrets. This is our first chance to find out what's really going on. This are some of our closest friends here. They've already put that friendship above all else for us today. They sacrificed and bled for us. They deserve to be here.

Play the logs.
No. 442322 ID: e3f578

Maybe it was in the future-past.
Like this shit starts over at the end, leaving admin writings behind each time and then keycards where you decide to leave them, and the notecards.
Yeah, okay, so I think us Arbiter and Corrupter will all become admins eventually and that's one of the really advanced or near endgame features maybe?
It's Admin w/ hat's choice of words "You've already been an administrator?"
No. 442326 ID: b33427

You'd like to share whatever this is with all your friends, but after the soul crushing revelation that happened to Glitcher, you're not sure anymore. You're not sure they're sure they want to listen either. ...No secrets. It effects you, so it effects every one of them. They should all be here to hear it directly.

Ghost summon Chief, Succubus, Healer, Math, Engi, and the rest of the heads of your House. Give them the rundown on what has happened, and that this log likely contains some hard revelations. You'll understand if they don't want to listen, but they should. Once everyone is ready, play the log.
No. 442330 ID: d6c330

We can only summon one person a turn (well, 2 actually, with Recluse's help). The more people we summon, the more time we waste, giving the system to react to our new status, or corrupter to find us. We don't want to waste time, we're going to have things to do.

Summon only core people, if any. Everyone else can be briefed when we hold a pow-wow in the dream house. We're going to need to go there and give a speech at some point anyways, just to reassure everyone and explain wtf happened.
No. 442332 ID: f09b71
File 134482017915.png - (58.62KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-33.png )

>Get Smuggler to try and wake up
He is awake, in the dream. It's odd.

Alison decides to keep her friends around, and spends several phases summmoning a lot more of her friends in ghost form. The rest, she'll plan on telling what Alison found when she goes back to her house.

Accessing Logs

ISO #2032 - IM SORRY
ISO #2192 - I AM ALONE

No. 442335 ID: b7169d

Oh those aren't exactly nice messages to end up seeing. Rather bleak and..screwed.
No. 442336 ID: d6c330

...holy fucking time mobius strip of doom, batman!

Interesting. Alison doesn't always end up in charge, sometimes Chief beats us, or one of our friends does. Interestingly, it's never Arbiter.

Well fuck, that's pretty crippling.

Hah! I knew they'd try that eventually. We'll need to expand our hand sign based battle language.

>Corrupter kills everything if given the chance
...looks like form follows function after all. He's a virus, a worm.

OKAY THEN. It's obvious now that fighting to the end doesn't work, they just reset the universe each time. And we lose our memories, and get to leave one almost useless hint for next time. We need a different plan. We need an escape, or a way to preserve memories between cycles. Or outright time travel.
No. 442337 ID: 04b86a


Can we send that out in a ping or something? We need to get that to everyone. Or at the very least to all of the administrators.
No. 442338 ID: 55ec9c

so it still is one timeline... just reboots... reboots everytime everybody is killed...
the can't let corruptor out...
the creators are not aware of us...
the cai get tired to fight with us...
the cai isn't the creator...
>2867 reboots for any try to fight...

there has to be another way...
No. 442339 ID: 886a4d

Welp. Looks like you've already won. Countless times. The big problem is the Corrupter, with the Corrupter existing in any form this CAI will not let us out. We need to delete him. Permanently.

I wonder, try and ask outloud if the CAI can hear you.
No. 442341 ID: b85f8c

I see one thing that stands out. One aberration.

CHIEF #(@!&#!--:?

Regardless, send all this out to the other admins. It looks like there is some information carried over through reboots even outside these messages, so our first priority now is to find out how. I mean, how else would our previous iterations know that Glitcher kills himself pretty much every reboot?

Second priority is finding out why that instance of Chief left an invalid number.
No. 442342 ID: e3f578

It looks like in none of the boots you ever become corrupted.
I suggest we side with the system now. Which might explain the notes.
We have to reveal this information to the entire system. This may cause chaos but whoever is making the decisions to keep going on might stop if they don't know why they're doing this all.

We need to make everyone against the corrupter now. It's obvious why he's been so nice to everybody and gives them what they want. So they'll always side with them.

We have to get it out to everyone. Even the corruptor. Maybe he doesn't even know who he is himself. Just a set goal.
Reveal it all.
Side with everyone. Have the system fight its own nature.
No. 442343 ID: d6c330

So... the CAI already exists, and can talk to us at the end. And we're not it, or even the individual voices that make it up. And the creators don't know about us, so we aren't designed in. So this whole thing occured naturally within the computer, or the CAI created us.

But we can't be destroyed, or the CAI needs us for some reason, because it keeps us going.

But why? What does the CAI need a trillion man battle to the death for on infinite loop for? Suffering and death drives the hacking powers? Possibly this is one absurd quarantine to contain the corrupter- he's a sentient virus who attacked the CAI, and they walled him off in this virtual looped death match hell.

...oh Alison? Take stock of the room. People may damn well need calming down after that.
No. 442344 ID: ad164c

Besides the "invalid number" message there... what's up with "please stop stage 9"?
No. 442345 ID: e3f578

Stop the system from making stages past 9
we have a time limit of two more stages people before awful things really happen.
No. 442346 ID: b85f8c

Wait, there's a second aberration. CHIEF #2792 leaves a message greater than 100 characters.
No. 442347 ID: b1f8a0

It sounds to me like Stage 9 is the worst in terms of loss of life. Makes sense that they would beg for Stage 9 to stop.
No. 442351 ID: d6c330

Oh. Obvious insight now. Glitcher is one of the voices of the CAI, sealed in here with us. It needed a piece on the inside to set it up. That's why he has the power to do anything- he's the perfect hacker, in a completely virtual universe.

And every time he realizes that he helped build this hell, that it's all his fault, and he can't get us out, he self terminates.

Either it's a corrupted file, or it's supposed to be chief9217

Stage 9 is where we lose absorb (so we can't save anyone anymore), and is apparently filled with horrific freeroam deathtraps. We were traumatized by what we glimpsed of the stag 6 freeroam massacre secondhand, and in the sanctuary. 9 is probably incredibly traumatic.

No. 442353 ID: 4a328b

Three real days...So this has been going on for more than 23.5 years.
No. 442354 ID: b33427

Do you realize how long this has been going on? At three real time days per cycle, and at least 2867 cycles, assuming the log numbers are cycle numbers, it's been more than 8601 days since it all started. That's 23.5 years! Why the hell haven't the Creators checked in in all that time?!
No. 442355 ID: b85f8c

Other >100 character counts: ALISON #2501. ALISON #2590. DUELIST #2779. They are all 103 characters. Strange. Perhaps these messages aren't limited to 100 characters like the paper notes?

It would have to be 2197 if those numbers are relevant, since the notes are listed in ascending order. What's with the other characters though? Taking those numbers out leaves #!--:? which is 31__;/ if you reverse the shift function. Of note is that -- is already 'lowercase', in opposition to the other characters.
No. 442356 ID: b85f8c

The CAI is already made and functioning, so all that happens is that the CAI has to reboot the cycle every 3 days. And every few weeks, Alison decides to pick a fight, which she loses every time.

I doubt anyone outside the CAI even notices.
No. 442357 ID: d6c330

>23.5 years

We know the Asteroid CAI was abandoned for decades. And the spire complex has been in place for over 26 years. So... it's possible we could be in either one. (Of course, those two CAIs could be the same one separated by time. Or we could be in a completely different one).

Another interesting tidit: these records imply we can't avoid later stages by hiding outside them, say in our usurped system area.

This also explains how they system has backups of everyone, even the permanently dead. No one ever dies, they just get removed from the board, to be used again when the game starts again.
No. 442358 ID: 886a4d

I noticed that too. My guess is that Chief became corrupted. That or the shift key got stuck.

Other things that jumped out THE SAVIOR IS BROKEN, PLEASE STOP STAGE 9 (several times), and there is a way to gain memories from previous iterations of yourself. Most likely via the Glitcher's Ball of Light. Which he blew up.

My guess is Chief recieved his note early, telling him not to join the Corrupter. We never asked him why he didn't.

Ask the Arbiter if the Corrupter has ever been absorbed. If the CAI won't let us out because he exists in one form or another we have to purge him.
No. 442359 ID: b33427

Are we so sure this place is meant to be a residual part of the CAI creation process, and is not just some place with a CAI "lid" on top to oversee and contain it? Honestly, we don't know.

Is that book on the creation of the CAI still around. Even if it's real light on the technical details, the ethical concerns would give some idea of what is involved in creating a CAI, and if it's anything like what this world is.
No. 442364 ID: bf54a8

this probably is a lockdown section to contain the corrupter. the cai chopped off an entire section of itself to keep itself alive.
No. 442369 ID: d6c330

...there are only 43 entries out of at least 2867 attempts. We only make it far enough to leave a message 1.5% of the time. We either don't get admin powers, or get killed before we decide to leave a message, the other 98.5% of the time. Wow.

I guess that means we're doing better than usual this time round, but still, ouch.


Yeah, seems that way.

This will make talking to the Corrupter interesting, if we reach him in our dreams. How much of this does he know? It's one thing if he's willing to happily slaughter the system because he knows it's his prison. But if he's been honest, he starts out each loop not knowing what he is, or that he's any different, just like Glitcher. And then he discovers his friends will betray him, and that their only escape is if he;s destroyed. So of course he's willing to kill everyone else for his own escape.

I mean really, we're already considering eliminating him, since the CAI appears to want him contained more than anything else.

Maybe the way out lies not in killing him so the CAI has no need to contain him. Maybe we should be trying to get out with him, if we can convince him he can trust us, and not to kill everyone.
No. 442372 ID: 735f4f

Yeah if this is a partition where the corrupter is trapped the only way to finish this is to escape it without him or to destroy him. Not sure how to do that though.
No. 442374 ID: 735f4f

Yeah maybe the way is to not try and destroy the Corrupter but make peace with him. That's assuming he will listen.
No. 442377 ID: b85f8c

Of note is that it takes 700 attempts before notes start trickling in at regular intervals. I suspect that after #34 the Corruptor sent a paper note back saying to kill Alison, and somewhere near cycle 700, Arbiter sent his paper note back saying to help Alison, which gave the advantage back to her.

I can't postulate on who sent the keycards, but they were undoubtedly created by Glitcher. I also can't tell if the paper notes are sent every cycle, or if the very fabric of the system was changed so that they spawn every cycle on their own.
No. 442382 ID: b85f8c

Ask mathematician to calculate how many contestants are left and in how many brackets.
No. 442391 ID: 04b86a

If we're fighting them every few weeks at this point, then either we frequently don't make a log, there's a lot of logs missing that we might need the other keycard to view, or we frequently make it to the end without Admin access.

This is Alison we're talking about, trying to keep a positive relationship going with him would have been one of our priorities during those times we don't know better. Trusting him does not work.

Ignoring overloads from the last stage and people in the Sanctuary and Dream Mansion... One million contestants, spread across 100 brackets. Which I believe does not add up with the number of stars remaining. Are we seeing some of them more than once or something? Or maybe there's just a lot of empty brackets floating around.
No. 442393 ID: b33427

If there's only that many brackets left, then it also raises the question of why there were so many light trail "tentacles" still active in the sky over Corrupter's Sanctuary after the last bracket merge.
No. 442394 ID: 6a1ec2

Two things you need to do is prevent everyone from being destroyed, and second find and disable the mechanism by which this "reboot" occurs. Only play stages if you absolutely have to. Don't defeat the CAI it is a red herring, as you've been rebooting for 20 years before it was even completed. I suggest you look for glitches. Not much other than that. Explore the periphery of your environment and interface, where any solutions will be hiding. The worst that could happen is someone else "wins" (causing another reboot).

Also'd like to second telling everyone about these logs. Even Corruptor. (What's so special about him anyway? He was just Glitcher's buddy early on and had a high Body score.)
No. 442396 ID: ec2e47

It probably won't work, but we should try having someone else use the keycard, to see if these are just the logs intended for us.
No. 442398 ID: 886a4d

Give it to Arbiter. He might get the Corrupters logset. Also give it to everyone mentioned in the logs. Perhaps more will show if they teamed up with the Corrupter \ Chief instead of Alison due to her dying.
No. 442399 ID: 4a328b

No. 442400 ID: d6c330

Tripled. It seems highly unusual, that out of all our close friends, he doesn't ever show up in the logs. Probably because he either stays in the Corrupter's faction when we're killed, and when he changes sides, he's never in charge, but always following us.
No. 442401 ID: ec2e47

One more line of thought to pursue: Smuggler has for a while now apparently been the sole supplier of tiers and such to the members of Corrupter's faction as well as ours. This should let us get a general idea of who has bought what, and can also give the perhaps more important information of whether the Corrupter himself has bought anything. It is very unlikely that he would leave himself low powered, so this way we can know whether he needs upgrades like normal players or has combat power through other means. This goes for his Disciples/Outsiders as well.
No. 442404 ID: d6c330

>Ask mathematician to calculate how many contestants are left and in how many brackets.

Here, I've saved him the trouble.
No. 442440 ID: 42c1c6

Isn't the solution here to stop the system from advancing? End the games, so that the cycle ends too? We've proven that we can we exist outside the game, and it'd at least prevent the cycle from repeating. Finding some kind of life would be better than an endlessly repeating cycle of death and violence.
No. 442445 ID: 886a4d

We can't stop it completely... but after handing the card around lets see what we can do about time manipulation and such things the Admins can do.
No. 442446 ID: 6a1ec2


The obstacles to that are firstly someone could wreck the whole thing, as Corruptor has purportedly been able to do. Secondly there's that spectre of a reboot switch, which we have to prevent if we don't want to get stuck an amnesiac blob again with no guarantee of even surviving. Overcome those two obstacles, and yes we can stop playing the game and eliminating each other.
No. 442448 ID: d6c330

From what we've seen, the system people grease the wheels. They don't actually set them turning. We don't currently have access to a mechanism that would stop the clock counting down to the stages and inevitable death and reset.

Freezing the countdown is only a partial solution anyways. It doesn't save everyone who's currently dead this cycle.

>This is Alison we're talking about, trying to keep a positive relationship going with him would have been one of our priorities during those times we don't know better. Trusting him does not work.
I'm assuming we trusted Corrupter and then we were betrayed and killed when he learned the truth about himself and the system, or we were forced to turn and betray him, in each loop.

I have a hard time accepting Corrupter is inherently evil. He starts out each time with no memories, good intentions, but is eventually pushed to greater extremes by a horrific revelation, discover, and/or betrayal. I mean, look how dang happy he was when we hugged him, or when we invited him to the party. He wanted friends, as hard a time as he had handling them. And he was deeply troubled and disturbed when he learned we were going to betray him.

I'm not saying choosing to kill a friend makes him a great guy. Just that coming to that choice after discovering you're a monster and everyone else will come to realize they need to kill you is understandable.

I highly doubt we've ever reached out to him successfully after betrayal. Because it's such a crazy thing to do, and it would be so hard to convince him (from his standpoint- we betrayed him, as prophesized, we killed his people, killed Glitcher, and ruined a lot of things. And removing him permanently is a route to escape. All that's going to be a challenge to overcome). Also, I can't imagine we often have the current line of communication (invite anyone we know to dream house, even sans absorb) open in many loops. Glitcher's last act is probably highly variable depending on the circumstances of his discovery.

I'm not saying we blindly trust Corruppter. I just think we have to give him a chance at redemption. If he's not doing this on purpose, he's as much a victim as any of the contestants. Even if he is an amnesiac sealed monster or virus the CAI locked up. Why should we trust the CAI's judgement as to what's wrong? It's already proven pretty damn immoral.
No. 442449 ID: 4a328b

The only things I'd have to really get cleared up are things like Alison 34 and...


Gotta make sure that won't be the end game.
No. 442450 ID: d6c330

Well, in a morbid sense, since everybody dies every loop anyways, I'm not sure how serious a omnicide is. Eve groundhog day had a few iterations the end in violence and chaos, before Murray ends up an omniscient saint.

And if ever there were understandable circumstances for going insane and killing everyone around you, this place has 'em (endless desensitizing slaughter, self fulfilling warnings of betrayal from yourself, and everyone you've ever known secretly complicit in your imprisonment, and their realization that if you died for good, they might be free).

Of course, your fears are completely justified, and we have more than ample reason to be wary. I just wanted to make the case for not writing him off.
No. 442452 ID: 4a328b

Wary, yes, but I like the idea. I'd go for it.
No. 442453 ID: 6e1234

I pretty much agree with all of this.

Something I'm really curious about too is WHY it would be so bad if the Corrupter got out?
What exactly is so special/dangerous about him?
Did we ever try asking the CAI this?
I feel like the reason for this will be very important in deciding what we do here. Maybe it's something we can fix or change?
No. 442454 ID: 9216d5

Yeah. In addition to the above suggestion to have Arbiter test the keycard and logs, I'll agree. See if you can get in contact with Corrupter via ghost talk.
No. 442456 ID: 6a1ec2



I wouldn't be concerned about this. In round #2389 everyone and everything got destroyed except 3 objects: Corruptor, Alison (to leave the note) and Glitcher (who suicided). In round #2511 everyone and everything got destroyed except 3 objects: Mathemetician and 2 others. Alison was clearly upset in #2389 that only she, Corruptor and Glitcher survived whatever Corruptor did, but in other rounds Mathemetician accomplishes the same thing statistically, and even Alison herself in #2503. It's just a fact that stage 11 (the final stage) is bad news, and should be avoided at all costs.


Aha! I got it! Only the Corruptor has the secret to fully unlock their gender dimorphism. If it were possible to trust the Corruptor he would turn the entire simulation into a giant porno. Corruptor's terrible secret is that he's a huge pervert.
No. 442457 ID: bf54a8

but in groudhog's day the guy kept his memory. letting him practice for effectively YEARS on certain skills. memory erasing kills that.
No. 442458 ID: bf54a8

also, what if corrupter is a skilled liar? ever since we met him what if he was just playing us? biding his time until he makes his move? 2000 repeats can make you a VERY good actor.
No. 442464 ID: 886a4d

I seriously doubt the Corrupter has been lying about knowing hes looping. Otherwise Alison would be long dead.
No. 442465 ID: b33427

If Alison contacts the Corrupter via ghost talk, using the Corrupted she absorbed, she should play the log to the Corrupted first, so Corrupter has a trusted account of it. Corrupter already thinks Alison is against him, so this won't make that any worse. At the very least it'll show that Alison didn't kill Glitcher.
No. 442470 ID: bf54a8

he can't escape himself, so he needs the others to open the path for him. lie to alison so she does the work then escape when he gets the chance. killing her at the start is pointless.
No. 442475 ID: 886a4d

If that was true he would have ignored his note and allowed things to progress with Alison by his side.
No. 442487 ID: d6c330

The most convincing argument against this is he sent a note back for himself. If he remembered everything, there would be no need to send a note and risk someone else (Arbiter) intercepting and reading it.

He would have been in a much better position to manipulate us longer, or to kill us truly without warning (if he knew we always got a note at S6, for instance, he could have summoned us during S5 and murdered us. We never would have seen it coming).

Of course, I can't prove he's not acting (proving a negative). But if he is, it would mean he's working against his interests just to fuck with us. Possible, but unlikely.
No. 442494 ID: 735f4f

The key to all of this might be the dream. Glitcher said the system knows about it but can not touch it directly.
No. 442567 ID: f09b71
File 134490165881.png - (52.94KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-34.png )

Alison gives the Arbiter the keycard, after a long pause as everyone gathers their thoughts, or tries to.

He says there's a problem. Once Alison used it, the keycard became attached to Alison's name. He'll have to use the S.7 keycard and wait, adding that he doesn't see why he can't go to Alison's bracket and stay there. Needless to say, he'd rather be in her bracket, than Corruptor's.

Alison would also like to speak with the corruptor, and it should be possible from the ability to summon live people within the dream. They just need to get there, although the Arbiter says that it may be best to wait some time for the corruptor to cool down some, so perhaps they should kill time in the safe zone first.

She will also get the mathematician to calculate how many brackets are left. He says he'll try.
No. 442570 ID: b85f8c

Iso's not looking too happy. Go tell him to chin up.
No. 442576 ID: 886a4d

Tell Arbiter that he doesn't have to seize the Corrupters Bracket, or it would be for a small period of time while we got the information we need. Hes also welcome to stay with us indefinately.

Comfort Iso, hes taking this a bit hard. Look around for others experiancing the same sort of trauma as well. Also have Snuggler try to sleep while in the dream world. We need to figure how to get them out.
No. 442596 ID: d6c330

>She will also get the mathematician to calculate how many brackets are left. He says he'll try.
Hey Math. By my calculations, we got 200 to 500 brackets left, and the number of contestants alive is in the single digit millions. It varies depending on what assumptions you use. If you talk to people who got to preliminary stage 4 early (like Guardsman), and other people about how many entrants there were to stage 4, you should be able to get a more precise results. I didn't account for overflow or resurrection though. The system may have compensated for that with more brackets, but that would likely be a correction an order of magnitude smaller.

Alternatively, since the number of stars in the sky is now only in the hundreds now, you could send someone to the safe zone to actually count 'em.

>Needless to say, he'd rather be in her bracket, than Corruptor's.
Of course, you can stay with us. We wouldn't send you back after what happened. *Hugs* (because we never got a chance to hug him before- the damned Corruptor devotee interrupted). Thank you.

Go talk with Iso. You're... sorry for what that one past self said about him. You don't know what could ever drive you to say that. *Hugs* ...are you okay?
Looks like we've probably been on a lot of dates, after all.

Talk to Chief, just because he shows up in the logs most commonly after Alison. So... looks like you ended up the leader part of the time after all, huh? No hard feelings.

After we've calmed everyone down, we need to head to the dream house. Things to do there:

-brief people on what's happened (they're out of date since before the notes occurred).

-use observatory to check out the dream city.

-find glitcher. See if he's alright. If his ghost is comatose, or unresponsive, move him to a private room and bed in your house where he can be watched over. Maybe he'll recover some day.

-test if you can hug someone alive in the dream house, and carry them out into the waking / real world.

-talk to the system people. Now you can control a system section, can they think of anything helpful or interesting they might be able to do with their built in powers? I can't think of anything off the top of my head, except maybe rigging free chest runs (we send out our own enforcers and hunter, who immediately retreat. Free chests!)

-find the corrupter devotee ghost. Tell him to tell the Corrupter you'd like to talk, and all he has to do is sleep. (obviously do this last, give Corrupter a chance to cool down first as Arbiter suggested).

Oh hey. Before you leave, try handing the S5 admin his own keycard. Can he use it to pull up his own logs?
No. 442597 ID: f793db

>Needless to say, he'd rather be in her bracket, than Corruptor's.

See if you can admin him so his bracket is Alison's and not Corruptor's. Wouldn't want him being bug fixed back into his original bracket.
No. 442601 ID: d6c330

I would think if the system tried to forcibly dump him in the wrong bracket, we could always store in our new head-space house for safekeeping.

Reassigning him to our bracket (assuming we even can) might be a bad move though. What if it's permanent? How would things turn out in future loops if he doesn't start our in Corruptor's camp to save us? (Not that we want future loops... but...)
No. 442610 ID: e3aff6

We should also ask the Administrator about the other functions the keycard has.
No. 442614 ID: 886a4d

I wonder if we can rezone people... could we do the same with Glitcher?

Agreed, though shouldn't we have a list of new abilities since apparently they are like skill lines?
No. 442640 ID: f09b71
File 134491036276.png - (64.43KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-35.png )

Alison gives Iso a hug, saying that she doesn't know what caused her to say that, but that isn't the way she feels now.
No. 442643 ID: f09b71
File 134491044295.png - (38.19KB , 700x700 , sCS-6-36.png )

Alison tells the Chief it looks like he became the leader, so no hard feelings? He replies saying that any hard feelings were softened by a single stage afterwards.

The Fifth Administration is pulled forward then, and Alison tells him his name is now Fiver. Fiver says he doesn't like it, and wants to be the administrator. When asked about his card, Fiver says that his stage 5 card won't work on stage 6.

>Ask about other functions
At first she didn't have any, but since the keycard has been locked to Alison, a few more showed up.

Deploy enforcers
Deploy judges
Deploy shopkeeps
Deploy hunters

Fiver explains that these aren't all of the functions he had either, but this makes her whole escape easier, in case Sixer is waiting outside of here with everyone. Alison can send them anywhere, he believes, capable of the system's teleporters. Even other system brackets. And even Fiver never had any function to try and admin other people.

In the meanwhile, Alison will tell Snuggler to try and sleep while in the dream. No one else appears to be as crushed as Iso, though to be fair, Iso was specifically called out.
No. 442644 ID: d6c330

Iso, you're my oldest and first friend. Meeting you was the first good thing that happened to me. You introduced me to music. You gave me something to try for beyond mere survival. I don't care what was wrong with that Falison, she's wrong. You're no failure.

Sorry, admin, Fiver. I'd give you a better moniker if I could think of one.

Deploy a shopkeep. Now. We can summon him at will. Time for some fun. =D

We might as well reveal our hand to the system now. We know the truth, and we want to stop this. How much are the shopkeep's superviors aware of the futile time loops? We'd be willing to work together to stop this.

...and hell, let's have shopkeep finally meet smuggler. It's not like the system can do anything about it now, he's safe in our headspace.
No. 442648 ID: b85f8c

Ask 'Fiver' how he communicated with the other admins.

Oh, this is a long-term plan, but... well, the paper notes were obviously sent into the game from previous cycles. What's stopping us from sending ourselves to future cycles? Like, literally having a T3 Alison in the competition from an early stage in order to stack the odds in our favor? If we send ourselves in early enough we could eliminate Corruptor before he even becomes corrupted.

Honestly, eliminating Corruptor before he becomes a threat to the CAI is the only way I see the cycle being broken. Killing him at this stage is apparently not enough. Every cycle before this has focused on defeating the CAI or stopping the reboot on that cycle, but that's not working. We should instead put everything we've got into making the next cycle work better for us.

Maybe... maybe if we got all of the other Lords in on the Big Secret and got them to send paper notes to themselves, we could stage a total rebellion and kill Corruptor before stage 6? Why do all the notes start showing up at stage 6 anyway? Why not before then? If even a single note got to Glitcher before he met Corruptor, he could completely change the course of the game.
No. 442654 ID: 886a4d

I think you can send one note period. Alison has used hers, as has Arbiter, Recluse, and Corrupter. It explains why the Arbiter never changed his note nor has the Corrupter. I doubt this is the first time the Arbiter has defected.

Round 34 probably was when the Corrupter sent his note back.

around 700 was Arbiters. This is to tell himself to save Alison.

701 was Alisons. Telling herself to get the keycard at round 6.

Recluse must have been shortly after.

Fiver was probably the previous iteration.
No. 442657 ID: d6c330

>Time travel, kill Corruptor early, before he gets corrupted
I'm assuming he's special, like Glitcher. He was wrong- he doesn't become corrupted by luck, it's just intrinsically part of who he is.

And even if we magically appeared in his preliminary stage 0-1 when he was still a blob, and immediately kicked tail slapped him off the edge to his death, he'd still be backed up somewhere. The CAI would still want him contained, and at the end we'd be reset again, and and everyone, Corruptor included, would be revived.

>Why can't we time travel ourselves?
Unknown. Maybe there's an energy / mass constraint. Maybe nothing alive can survive. Maybe it's not time travel at all- we just write a 100 character string into the base code so it gets compiled as a note next time round. Like carving graffiti into the stage, so when we run the play through the next time, there it is for all to read.
No. 442658 ID: e3f578

Fuck it, call him Addy then.
Tell Iso that that was probably a different Alison with a different personality and outlook. That Alison is dead and they don't matter anymore. Same with the other Iso. What if we were both evil and cruel once and acted like a criminal mafia than a bunch of huggy people.
No. 442663 ID: b85f8c

But if Corruptor's mere existance in any point of the competition necessitates the reboot, why was the CAI ever completed at all? There had to be a successful run of this thing for the CAI to complete. My current theory is that this competition is meant to evolve the CAI over time, by selecting the top 3 AIs out of a trillion to merge with the CAI every 3 days. When the CAI is created, it's probably via a more controlled competition, where humans supervise it rather than a stupid automated administration like we have here. If we can figure out what is different about this setup that creates Corruptor and requires the reboot, we can fix things so that the program works properly. Heck, if we can figure out what creates Glitcher and give that power to Alison instead...

If not that, we need to find the backups and either destroy ALL of them or delete Corruptor's entry so he's gone forever.

Does Alison understand what a CAI is at this point, like she knew what Neumono were? Do we need her to read the book?
No. 442666 ID: 886a4d

Hes fox-like, hes wearing formal. Lets call him Red after some other cheerfully suicidal creature stuck in a horrific place.
No. 442669 ID: e3f578

Wait, wait, I got it
Let's mix em
He's Radmin.
No. 442671 ID: 886a4d

Wild. Speculation. Ahead.

My guess is the Corrupter is actually a Rogue CAI who some how managed to start killing other CAI despite the no hacking allowed. The CAI sealed him off but he keeps on breaking out. Eventually they manage to wipe his memories but he still continues to break out. Then Glitcher comes up with something to keep the Corrupters attention. The race. Create lesser AI in the trillions. Have them pit to the death around the Corrupter. Everytime the race ends... reset it. The perfect prison. Only thing is they need a warden and who better to do so then the CAI who suggested the race. Only problem is the process that wipes out the Corrupters memory works on Glitcher as well. The CAI then implement the persistent logs to help the Glitcher but instead some contestents hijack it instead.
No. 442676 ID: d6c330

>But if Corruptor's mere existance in any point of the competition necessitates the reboot, why was the CAI ever completed at all?
The CAI was completed by the people (probably neumono) building it. They don't know about us, so anything happening in here would have no bearing on it's completion.

We don't know why the CAI needs/wants the Corruptor contained (although we can guess he's a threat to them, somehow). If this place is an absurdly complex prison for the Corruptor, we don't know why it's necessary to take the for it does, or loop endlessly.

The CAI does apologize though, implying that what happens to us is just an unfortunate but necessary consequence of whatever going on.

I would also guess the CAI fight wasn't something they planned on, or necessary for what they're doing. If we only fight them every few weeks, and each loop is three days long, that means the three finalists usually don't fight, and are simply reset. Our attacks on the CAI are an additional annoyance we discovered to inflict on them.

>Heck, if we can figure out what creates Glitcher and give that power to Alison instead...
Nothing creates Glitcher. Glitcher is. He starts out each loop an amnesiac god, different from every other contestant. It's intrinsic. There's no process we could interrupt or usurp for ourselves.

squee, yes. His style is pretty rad. XD
No. 442727 ID: 6a1ec2


CAI = Collective Artificial Intelligence. As in more than one. No one person can *be* a CAI. They call it an SAI then, or Singular AI. Anyway, even if the purpose of this project was to get a CAI full of minds really good at arena style combat (for some reason), they've still been rebooting every time before anyone could be removed or otherwise selected not to be reset.

Oh, some small modicum of good news, CAI are notorious for being easily bored. That last note of past-Alison indicates that they won't let this game keep repeating much longer, as it is entirely impossible for them to forget. So eventually they'll get sick of failing to do whatever they're supposed to do and just let whatever they're supposed to contain be released. Even if you fail every time Alison, if you never lose hope and keep on pushing, their attention deficit will be your salvation!
No. 442733 ID: 4a328b

It says Sanctuaries are gone by stage 8...But Glitcher said the system can't touch the dream.

What if we invite everyone, in every bracket, to our dream. And they all go to sleep.

Won't the game end, with no one to play it?
No. 442734 ID: d6c330

It's potentially possible we could pull everyone into our dream for safekeeping and avoid the stages. But eventually the timer would run out, stage 11 would end (even with no one inside) and the reset would still happen. That does affect dreams, or else we'd have started with the ghosts of everyone we absorbed every session.

I highly doubt any of the contestants were ever meant to become part of the CAI. It's already complete, and past merger attempts have failed.

>rely on CAI boredom / attention span to escape
Twenty three years this has been going on. Not a good solution.
No. 442750 ID: f09b71
File 134492279286.png - (42.32KB , 700x700 , sys-6-8.png )

Fiver will now be called Radmin.

>Does Alison know what a CAI is?
No more than its definition.

>How Radmin communicated with other admins
>"Some other function, you know? I had one to petition still highers up. Never talked to other admins directly, and half the time it felt like I was writing up petitions, crumpling them up and throwing them off a cliff in the headwind."

>Test if you can hug someone alive in the dream house
Alison stops smuggler from waking up for a moment, and hugs him. While the hug is received, Alison can't pull him out to the real world. She then summons a shopkeep to see what happens. Nothing at all, and the smuggler and shopkeep figures that is because the smuggler has already been disconnected, and for all intents and purposes is a contestant. An illegal one, but one nonetheless.
No. 442752 ID: f09b71
File 134492295297.png - (44.52KB , 900x700 , sys-6-9.png )

>Hug iso again
Alison lets him know that he's her oldest and first friend, the one that introduced her to music and friendship in the first place. The other Alison was wrong, and who knows how that cycle went. For all anyone here knows, Alison ran things like a mafia, where they spread terror and bullets, and hunted down the corruptor as soon as she saw him.

And the corruptor was the one who wanted nothing but hugs, parties and love. In fact, Alison will just say that #1700 was a real monster. She can't know for sure what she and everyone else here was, but she certainly knows one thing #1700 Alison wasn't. Nice.

Iso decides that Alison has a point, but he hopes he'll do a lot better and not fail her if he ever ends up getting some kind of responsibility.
No. 442756 ID: d6c330

...Shopkeep, you aren't even phased at all to discover we had a secret clone of you? I was hoping for at least a mild freakout. A little existential angst. Surprise. Your completely unfazed reaction is a little disappointing.

Oh well. We can scoop them up for a two way Snuggler hug at least, and force hilarious self hugs upon them.

>Alternate Mafia reality
Please, oh please, let us play that session as a one shot joke thread one day.

Anyways, down to business. Shopkeep, we need to talk. We know what's up now. We know that victory is impossible, that the contest just loops forever, no matter who wins. Was he, or his superiors aware of this? We'd like to extend an offer to the system people. We'd be willing to work together to find a way to break out of the loop. There's no point in perpetuating it.

...also, if we're an admin now, are we his boss? Um, can we make him do stuff? I don't know what yet, but just curious.
No. 442757 ID: 4a328b

Is there anyone else who doesn't seem to be taking this well? Comfort them.

Maybe we can use the Shopkeepers to invite everyone to our house? They can go outside our bracket, after all.
No. 442759 ID: b85f8c

Tell him that to be honest, if it's happened consistently it's probably a situation we should avoid, whatever it is... I wish we knew exactly what his previous incarnations failed at. Why are so many of these notes so VAGUE!? Maybe at the point that we can leave notes there isn't enough time to leave a good one? Or are some Alisons just bad at leaving notes?

Oh well. Get the stupid CAI book out and start reading it again.
No. 442761 ID: d6c330

Oh! Test if admin powers let you use that weird different talking that doesn't use the communication skill.

>Maybe we can use the Shopkeepers to invite everyone to our house?
...tell shopkeep he's welcome to visit your house if he ever goes to sleep. We'll end up with two of them. It's cool, they can bunk together.

You know, there might be more notes out there. When we go to sleep, we should check to see if any of our other ghosts had one fall from the sky. We should probably also search the safe zone, maybe even offer a CU bounty for anyone who brings one to us, so we get the 10,000 normal contestants looking.
No. 442762 ID: 6a1ec2


Cappin bitches, gettin paid.
No. 442776 ID: e3aff6

Donna Allison is best Mafianaconda.

Anyway, first order of business is to deal with the guys outside. We should first ask the summoned shopkeep who runs Bartertown whether we actually have authority over the judges/etc we deploy. Hopefully it won't come to a fight, but if it does we need to know whether we can summon actual allies.
We should then start sending Shopkeepers to negotiate with Admin 6 and the other admins, on the grounds that the system is going to destroy them almost as fast as it is going to destroy us so it is in their interests as well as ours to join them.
No. 442790 ID: f09b71
File 134492732050.png - (39.41KB , 700x700 , sys-6-10.png )

>Test if Alison can talk
"Shopkeep, do I have the authori-"

It feels funny.

"Shopkeep, do I have the authority over the judges or anyone that I can deploy? Also, if you ever sleep, you're invited to my house any time!"

He says that as long as Alison has the functions, which she appears to, she may deploy them to do some task. She won't