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File 145152501472.png - (77.43KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
690913 No. 690913 ID: dd338c

The Rulekeeper has created the stage for administrators. There are 8 phases total, and an administrator will enter the phase equal to the stage they last made it to. Thus, the earlier the administrator was killed, the more contests they will need to win to become an admin again. Because this must be completed before stage 8 is over, Rulekeeper is going to make sure that all contests are short, brief, and mostly fair.

Choose an ex-administrator to receive suggestions:
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No. 690917 ID: cecc73

Three Stripes!

... yeah, ok, I'll pick an actual option.
No. 690929 ID: 15720c

Voting for Radmin, because after that sick line he deserves to win.
No. 690940 ID: 84b60b

I was going to vote Sevener, but then I saw your post and wholeheartedly agree.
No. 690983 ID: 34ba49

Im gonna have to say Radmin just for that whole thing in last post
No. 690995 ID: 944e7c

Definitely Radmin.
No. 691006 ID: 5ad4a7

Keep in mind that those four are going to complete the competition regardless. We're just choosing who to hang with, make them look like a star or discover backstory or whatever.
No. 691012 ID: dd338c
File 145160553712.png - (29.34KB , 800x800 , 2.png )

Your name is Radmin, and you are currently in the process of both dying and staring at the smug ass that caused the process. Is he looking at you? Hard to tell, but he better not be ignoring you before you're even dead.

You currently possess three seconds remaining in this stage, two middle fingers, and a functioning mouth (which, up until recently, was an uncommon possession). These can be combined to lay down a devastating one liner to the glitching bastard.
No. 691014 ID: d0868f

"Strike me down and I will return more powerful than you can imagine!"

It worked once before. Let's make a pattern of snatching victory in defeat.

You're already dressed and presenting as the big ham, commit.
No. 691015 ID: a1974b

Don't worry, buddy. Surely the system won't let you stay dead if Glitcher cheated you into it.

So, you can just swear that you'll find a way to come back to life, and pay him what you owe him for doing this to you.
No. 691018 ID: d0868f

Also, man, what a jerk, after you spent all that time alone dencrypting those logs together.
No. 691019 ID: 34ba49

"Hey! Buddy you better watch your back cause in the end, Death dosen't bargain" and then leave off with the 1 finger salute.
No. 691026 ID: 5ad4a7

How about "I give your betrayal... two fingers up."
No. 691028 ID: c22069

"Morituri Te Salutant!" and then give him the double bird.
No. 691029 ID: 99a64d

Flip off everyone... EVERYONE!
No. 691039 ID: b5b419

"If this is how you make friends, buddy, no wonder nobody likes you."
No. 691053 ID: 7ae8e1

Yes, salute him.
No. 691062 ID: 0aaf6f

"Seriously Glitcher? I -JUST- got brought back."
Flip him off with both hands.
No. 691068 ID: 15720c

"This is my confetti to you, glitchfuck." Flip him off as you turn into pixels confetti.
No. 691070 ID: 29e310

No words necessary. Only middle fingers.
No. 691072 ID: dd338c
File 145163685477.png - (75.85KB , 800x800 , 3.png )

>Surely the system won't let you stay dead if Glitcher cheated you into it.
That's why you don't feel the need to address Rulekeeper, as you have confidence you don't need to."

"You know I don't stay dead for long, glitcher, I just come back even stronger! So let's have a fanfare, I even have confetti!" you say, flicking your dying debris at the glitcher. "If this is how you make friends, then it's no wonder nobody likes you!"
>"Alison likes me."
"All that means is that you exist!"
>"Oh... oh, geez."

Glitcher appeared to take that to heart more than expected! You would feel bad, but your heart lost the capacity for pity after he stabbed the back of it.
No. 691073 ID: dd338c
File 145163690934.png - (9.69KB , 800x800 , 4.png )

You lose the ability to speak, but the important parts of your body linger the longest. The remainder of a surprisingly long three seconds is spent blindly and silently sending off your salutations, setting your birds free, and performing a long combo of double flips.
No. 691074 ID: dd338c
File 145163692490.png - (41.60KB , 800x800 , 5.png )

>"Hi, Radmin."
"Rulekeeper, hello! So how're we gonna deal with getting me back to where I was?" You say, having the feeling that Rulekeeper immediately came to you upon death.
>"I was thinking of something else. How would you like to become an administrator again instead?"
"I will answer that by saying that since you asked me such a thing, I won't settle for anything less than being an administrator again by next stage!"
>"That isn't... well, you have to settle for winning a contest. And if you do, then, yes, that will be the reward."
"This isn't one of your lies, is it?"
>"You were able to tell when I lied, and I haven't gotten any better at deception."

You have to relent that your powers of detecting lies are unsurpassed, and so you are told the overview of the contest. The contest is made of 8 rounds, every round has 8 entrants and the top four in each go to the next round. You will enter round 5 of 8, which is hardly a boost, considering that administrators before stage 6 were hapless buffoons. Except for yourself, of course, who died to Alison-based shenanigans.

>"Do you have any questions before we begin?"

Your imminent domination of the entire contest is enough to get you to consider yourself an administrator again, and so the only question that comes to you is where to retrieve your top hat. However, perhaps some less important question can be found, such as if you even pull off the top hat look.
No. 691075 ID: 211d83

Yeah better ask Rulekeeper if she likes you better with hats or without hats.

Maybe you can talk her into getting shopkeep over here so you can get dressed up before starting the competition up.
No. 691076 ID: 5ad4a7

How about:
What's the purpose of the contest, and does it have something to do with Glitcher killing you?
No. 691077 ID: b5b419

So when did you and glitcher start working together? After your first kiss?
No. 691084 ID: bb78f2

Flirt furiously with Rulekeeper
No. 691085 ID: 623ef0

Wow, Glitcher killed you just in time to take part in a come-back-from-the-administrative-dead contest? What luck!!

Ask if this being an administrator contest means it has any different rules from a contestant contest.

How did administrators get chosen to pass stages, anyway? Were you performance-reviewed by some mysterious third entity? Did you have votes where you couldn't vote for yourself? Anything like that?
No. 691086 ID: d0868f

>Glitcher appeared to take that to heart more than expected!
Ouch, poor Glitcher. After all that work we did to make him feel better.

(Hopefully Alison or Rulekeep will remind him that Rulekeep likes him).

>the only question that comes to you is where to retrieve your top hat
Obviously, in the final or penultimate round of your trip back. Gotta save the transformation for when it'll have the most impact.

>You have to relent that your powers of detecting lies are unsurpassed
So... you can tell there's a massive lie of omission here, right? She's not telling you something important. Maybe more than one something important.

>"Do you have any questions before we begin?"
How or why are you doing this? I doubt the current crop of losers admins who were too chicken to CAI battle are willing to be replaced. Or are we allowed to make new brackets now? Or did Corruptor or someone go and murder the loser admins and they need to be replaced?

What the heck is up with Glitcher? Is he going around murdering people at random, or is it just you he decided to mess with. Or just admins. Or just Alison friends? This is more Alison shenanigans, isn't it.
No. 691087 ID: d0868f

>"Do you have any questions before we begin?"
Oh wait, best question:

...why wasn't Glitcher glitching? There were none of those floaty things.
No. 691089 ID: 91b87a

Wait a minute. Are you and Glitcher a thing now?

Thats why you didnt yell at him for killing me. You are up to no good together.

Well good for you. Just make sure you are using plenty of protection if you know what I mean.

Think of me when you are looking for a best man at your wedding. Although I should probably appologize to Glitcher for what I said earlier.
No. 691090 ID: 88e46e

>apologizing to Glitcher
No. 691161 ID: 29e310

There is absolutely no need whatsoever to question whether you could pull off the hat look, you absolutely can, get your hat ASAP.
No. 691423 ID: dd338c
File 145180851104.png - (39.24KB , 800x800 , 6.png )

>How did administrators get chosen to pass stages, anyway? Were you performance-reviewed by some mysterious third entity?
That's correct. You've heard people call it the "Upper Echelon", but it doesn't matter. It's probably the same entity that Administrators, especially later ones, appeal to to change the rules and eventually make the rulekeeper.

One of the most infuriating aspects about the whole idea is that you were never given feedback, not you, the supervisors, the barons, the watchers, or anyone. If one slacked off and they died then it was no mystery, but if someone did their best and didn't make it, no one knew why they died and some other competent fellow went on.

At least, there was no direct feedback. It was a safe assumption that everyone died for consistent reasons, if sometimes arbitrary ones, and so educated guesses could be formed as to what that so called Upper Echelon looks out for in a system contestant.

"First off, I want to see Shopkeep so I can change my attire! Later, perhaps, when it's appropriately dramatic? Do I look good in hats?"
>"I don't have an opinion on them."
"Is that so? Well the answer, my dear, is yes! Therefore, I will put it on as soon as I am allowed. In the meanwhile, why yes, I do have a question! I'm wondering just how convenient this is, that glitcher killed me right in time for a sudden administrator resurrection contest."
>"... that isn't your concern, but if you want, I can send you back to stage 8 proper."
"No, no! Did glitcher go on some rampage, or was it just me?"
>"You... it's really not your concern, Radmin."
"But since I am to become an administrator again, it is! My question is, how long have you two and glitcher been together?"
>"We've only talked."
"Ha ha, you were right, you have not gotten any better at lies! Not even a little!"
>"Did you have any more questions, Radmin?"

>You can tell there's a massive lie of omission here, right? She's not telling you something important.
You know for a fact there is something fishy about all of this. It's probably more Alison shenanigans, but if those shenanigans turn you back into an administrator again, you'll play along as long as you're debriefed at the end. On second thought, you do want to pry.

"So tell me, what is the goal of bringing back administrators?"
>"They're just glorified contestants, and so should be given the same chance regular contestants had to be brought back."
"Really? Did corruptor murder all the present administrators?"
>"No, I just gave you the reason."
"And those administrators, they agreed to this?"
"Allow me a guess- you brought back a thousand Alison's and dumped them all in the administrator's rooms?"
>"That idea occurred to me."

You have to clarify to yourself that while you saw some competency in other administration beyond stage 5, clearly the current administration isn't a part of that. The rulekeep didn't even last two stages before developing a personality and sense of deception.

"You know, I couldn't help but notice that Glitcher... he wasn't glitching. Oh, his form was a little shaky as always, but there was no matter artifacting."
>"What of it?"
"I think you and the Glitcher may have gotten to know each other pretty well from all this."
>"I did not want to."
"Mhm, but you did."
>"Yes, I did."
"Well, I was considering flirting with you, but it looks like you may already have a match, hmm?" There was no consideration of flirting, but fishing for responses has been a common tactic.
>"Are you done asking questions?"
No. 691425 ID: dd338c
File 145180851966.png - (18.81KB , 1000x800 , 7.png )

You get teleported away onto a table with 8 other players plus Rulekeeper, placed right next to some guy with both a directionless stare and a lack of personal space. You don't recognize your close-quarters buddy or any other administrators, which isn't surprising, considering that most of your correspondence was both semi anonymous and only a fraction of however many stage 5s and before there were.

>"Round 5 will begin. Half of you are joining us as stage 5 administrators, the other half are from various stages who have made it through round 4. For this round, we will be playing... five card draw poker. And I will be the dealer throughout the game, although otherwise I will not be playing. You each start with one hundred... somethings."
>"Somethings?" some individual of no consequence asks.
>"Yes. It doesn't matter. You have one hundred of them to bet with, and will bet until 4 players are eliminated from the pot."
No. 691428 ID: dd338c
File 145180879356.png - (16.01KB , 800x800 , 8.png )

Poker. One of the common games that the administrators passed the time with when things were calm. There wasn't much to bet with, though.

The Rulekeeper passed out the deck.

You always had trouble keeping a pokerface, and that won't do you any favors here starting off strong with three jacks, a four and a five.

Ante is 10 somethings, and so you have 90 remaining.
No. 691434 ID: cf91e4

>left of the dealer
Us first then huh? Start off slow with a raise of 15. If all 8 players are in, then you've almost certainly tripled your starting money. Any suits?
When the time comes redraw the 4 and the 5. No need for bluffing this hand.
No. 691446 ID: 211d83

Rulekeeper is most certainly Alisoning it up so you are guaranteed to win. I mean she had her boyfriend go personally kill you so she could get you back in the Admin game.

So go all in and throw out 4 of your cards. Keep only the five cause its your lucky number.
No. 691458 ID: 5d4926

Playing normal poker is for suckers who dont have a Alisoned up dealer on there side.

Raise your shirt and get a strip poker game going. Getting Rulekeeper to blush is the new goal.
No. 691466 ID: 5ad4a7

Sounds about right.
No. 691468 ID: 5ad4a7

No no, if we make it obvious there's cheating going on, everyone will get really pissed off at Rulekeeper and screw her over! She might go so far as to choose someone other than Radmin in her anger.
No. 691478 ID: 0bb612

No need to raise suspicions, do as >>691434 says.
No. 691487 ID: 99a64d

A poker face is traditionally a neutral expression, but if you can continually hold a smug grin (I know you can, there's always something to be smug about) it'll work just as well. As for strategy... win all the chips! (I'm garbage at poker)
No. 691491 ID: bb78f2

I say make a bluff out of the truth, and GO ALL IN! They'll never expect it. Okay, no half in.

Fuck YEAH Strip POKER!
Throw them off their game, Radmin. Why do you think we BOUGHT those fly clothes.
Rulekeeper, let's get some shots and cigarette's up in this bitch. Oh, did I say Cigarette's? I meant CIGARS!
No. 691492 ID: 99a64d

What are you saying?! Radmin isn't like rulekeeper, he has class, it'll take more than a game of poker to get him to strip.
No. 691499 ID: 74ea1e

How good are you at multitasking? You could try think of some topic to talk about that would make your fellow players start worrying, if there was one that wouldn't also make you worry or divert your concentration.

Like, if you're all aiming to be administrators again, you'd want to be up on current events, mysteries, et cetera. You are already, since you were only just alive in the latest stage as a player, but some of these guys were sent to the dead zone much further back. It would be courtesy to avoid Rulekeeper gossip, but perhaps there are other rumors and shenanigans you've heard tell of, that you've had time to think about and settle in your mind, that they wouldn't?
No. 691514 ID: d0868f

Is that a dolphin admin next to you?

No, we're gonna win, so obviously strip poker means taking the clothes off all these less important individuals!

Maybe wait a round or two to introduce the idea. When a few people have run low on somethings, betting their clothes to stay in the game will suddenly seem a lot more reasonable to them.
No. 691520 ID: dd338c
File 145184363468.png - (20.90KB , 800x800 , 9.png )

>Is that a dolphin admin next to you?
It's sure something.

>Rulekeeper is most certainly Alisoning it up so you are guaranteed to win.
You've started to have your suspicions, but were the current administrators so incompetent as to bring in an ultra powerful entity that was so quickly swayed to fight for the team that they were meant to fight?

You wouldn't put it past those admins.

On the other hand, you know you're better than this, and can beat these guys fair and square. You don't know how you feel about it if the Rulekeeper is card sharking.

Well, it's not as though she handed you 4 kings.

"Lets keep this game swift. I bet 30!" You say, deciding to keep a smug expression throughout the entire match.

5 people are cowards and fold, while two others go along with it.

"Let me guess. Round 3?" you ask the quasi-dolphin.
"You came from stage 3, and managed to get yourself up to round 5 here?"
>"Huh, naw, I'm from stage 5, I just got here."
"No top hat, eh? Thought we all used those by that point."
>"I thought I'd be more approachable without it."

You send in your four and five for an exchange, and you get two 7's back. The temptation to screw around with this game increases, which is a shame, because you felt pretty amped about going through a tough contest with a real reward. Then again, a full house isn't beyond reasonable luck, either.

You have 60 somethings remaining for the second betting round. The pot has 170 somethings.
No. 691523 ID: d0868f

Eh, don't screw around. It would be tragic to end up dead again on the off chance you misread what Rulekeeper is doing, and even if she is cheating, that doesn't mean you'll win every hand. She apparently has to at least keep up the appearance of a fair game... for whatever reason. I mean, otherwise she could just declare whoever she wanted a winner and be done with it, right?
No. 691525 ID: 211d83

Just because Rulekeeper is probably cheating wildly on the back end does not mean it will not be a hard contest later.

Alison does have a bunch of Admins on her side and there are only so many slots open for the current stage. So once you get to the last stages you will be competing against your own allies for the privilege of being on the final team.

So if you want to mess with Rulekeeper and make the game weird this would be the time to do it.
No. 691526 ID: 74ea1e

If you go in too hard right away, the others might fold. I'd say lay a trap, go in low first, as if your new cards weren't as good as you hoped but still maybe good enough to win. Then one of the others will probably raise, and you can raise again. More money that way.

Tell the dolphin(?) that his hatlessness got you to talk to him, so it seems his tactic to make himself more approachable worked perfectly. How did the hat/suit look develop, did some admin just see another in it and go "hey that looks good" and then another did and another and it sort of ended up as a uniform?

As for the current admins and rulekeeper, it seems they did something more like summoning her than creating her, so wherever she comes from is probably somewhere down in the guts of this whole contest thing. So, whatever she is was designed for how the contest was supposed to go originally. Considering how off the rails everything's gone, it's not a surprise she's switched tactics. Like, if her job is to keep things fair, and the whole contest is now unfair, then obviously she's going to start working against the unfair contest system. Wouldn't blame them, though. They've likely also figured out that everyone in this whole thing is doomed at the end, if things run as they're "supposed" to, and trying to do things that other cycles probably didn't do is the only potential way out.

It's interesting that she can create opportunity for previous administrators to come back. It suggests that the "Upper Echelon"'s decisions on what admins pass through isn't top priority. Actually, maybe Rulekeeper could know something about how admins "win" their "stages"? You could ask her.
No. 691528 ID: bb78f2

Bet your hat against the dolphin
No. 691546 ID: 5ad4a7

Bet 10 more, for a total of 50. Half your starting funds.
No. 691559 ID: cf91e4

> I bet 30
>5 people are cowards and fold
That's kinda exactly what I was trying to avoid. Every person that folds out is a lot of missed chips. The longer the game goes on, the less chips your opponents have(and if we are getting dealt good cards, the more likely we are to be found out) and the cagier they get. It's a lot better to bait them when you know you have a good hand than to bluff on a medium.

If we're playing by regular 5 card rules, this is the last betting round; might as well bet 30 more. *and* your hat. If they're out, you get 40 chips total from each one. If they're in, they are unlikely to beat your hand, and it is *very* demoralizing to lose a symbol of authority.

(so no suits, do we not get to see how many cards opponents discard? Makes it harder to tell if they're bluffing.)
No. 691565 ID: edee29

>were the current administrators so incompetent as to bring in an ultra powerful entity that was so quickly swayed to fight for the team that they were meant to fight?
They invested most of their power into an intelligent entity and then let it interact with Alison. If they understand the concept of social engineering, they would have realized that was a bad idea.

(Come to think of it, Alison letting herself die was a lot like what Radmin did in safe zone 5 to kick the rest of the administration into action)

>5 people are cowards and fold, while two others go along with it.
Something to keep in mind here is that the goal isn't to win, but to not lose. That means the five who just folded actually did the smart thing, since the two who didn't fold and lose the hand are more likely to take up two of the loser slots.

Suggest to Rulekeeper that whoever gets second through fourth place should be put at a slight disadvantage next round. That should encourage them to be a bit bolder.
No. 691624 ID: 15720c

>Suggest to Rulekeeper that whoever gets second through fourth place should be put at a slight disadvantage next round.
How do you get a set disadvantage in Poker? Your only disadvantages are what you're dealt.
No. 691640 ID: edee29

I highly doubt the admin contest consists of just poker. Even if it does, though, then Rulekeeper could just give them less somethings than everyone else.
No. 691711 ID: dd338c
File 145195747824.png - (17.38KB , 800x800 , 10.png )

>How did the hat/suit look develop, did some admin just see another in it and go "hey that looks good" and then another did and another and it sort of ended up as a uniform?
Seeing other administrators visually was the exception, not the rule. Communication was done through command based correspondence, which while early on was available through preset words, by stage 4 they were more or less able to communicate freely.

One administrator kept talking of an administrative alliance, and he apparently wore a top hat. You wouldn't be able to recognize him, as you never even spoke to him directly. However, he is one of the original founders of any kind of alliance and communication between the administration, and even if no alliances stuck for long, his attire stuck. He became known as Top Hat Prime.

>Like, if [the Rulekeeper's] job is to keep things fair, and the whole contest is now unfair, then obviously she's going to start working against the unfair contest system.
Maybe Rulekeeper should be introduced to the Bandit.

>It's interesting that she can create opportunity for previous administrators to come back.
From what you gleaned, she didn't make the opportunity, but the admins had to at least give their blessing, and somehow agreed.

"Stage 5, huh?" You keep talking to the quasi-dolphin. "Well, I talked to you, so apparently it worked like you thought! That, or it's cause you're sitting next to me. You have to keep that possibility in mind, since that didn't get you to stage 6, huh?"
>"No, obviously it wasn't the kind of administrator the system wanted to keep around. What killed you, do you know?"
"Yeah, I got Alison'd."
>"Wait, in stage 5 - wait, are you the guy that let himself get killed by Alison so the rest of us would stop squabbling?"
"Yeah, that's me."
>"Well, that didn't work out too well either, heh."
"It did for Alison, and it's gonna work out fine for me, too! Now, I'll bet... yeah just 10 actually."

The couple of people still in the round call it but don't bet anything more. Flush, and a three pair. The guy with the flush only drew one card, so he was banking on getting that flush. Too bad he got it and still lost.

You get 200 somethings, for a total of 250.
No. 691712 ID: dd338c
File 145195752159.png - (20.40KB , 800x800 , 11.png )

Ante is still 10.

You're dealt 4 kings.

"I bet my hat."
"Radmin, first of all, first player to bet goes clockwise, therefore, uhhh... player 2, who I will call Hatless, is betting first. Secondly, a hat is not a valid betting object."
"It's something, isn't it? 1 something."
>"I thought hats were important to us." some guy down the table says.
"Good point, it should count as 1000 somethings. I'm betting it no matter what it's worth to the poker hand." you say.
"It's worth... Your hats are worth 20 somethings." says the Rulekeeper.
>"What if we don't have a hat?" asks the one who will be forever known as Hatless, because he's not going to have a hat for long!
"You have one now."
>"You're also first this round." Rulekeep says to Dolphin.

"Hold it. Rulekeep. How about we get some bolder bets going by saying that people who end up 2nd to 4th here will be at a disadvantage next round?"
"Tempting, but it's rather late for that, sorry. However, that does give me another idea. Someone with 300 Somethings will be able to purchase a ticket from the Shopkeep to get to stage 7. Then will then be distributed... let's say that 50% will be distributed in proportion to each individual's wealth - therefore, a player with 50 somethings will get twice the share as the person with 25 - and then the remaining half of the buyout player's wealth will be distributed evenly towards everyone. Players who hit 0 are not knocked out, but will half to wait until a player buys their way out, and they will not receive anything from the initial 50% divvy. First four to buy their way out win."

The table goes around betting. It's all call until the 5th person around the table bets 20, and every single player from 6th to 8th calls it. It goes back to you, belonging right at #1.

The pot has 120 somethings.

You have 241 Somethings, and 1 of those somethings is a sense of being patronized by being handed ridiculous winning hands like you couldn't win this thing fair and square.
No. 691713 ID: 5ad4a7

Hmm. Leave the bet at 20 and discard the junk card and one of your Kings. Give Rulekeep a Look when you do so.
No. 691714 ID: d0868f

>It's worth... Your hats are worth 20 somethings.
That's it, you established a precedent. People are totally gonna bet the rest of their clothes when they get desperate.

>1 of those somethings is a sense of being patronized by being handed ridiculous winning hands like you couldn't win this thing fair and square.
Well if you really wanted to prove you can do it, you could discard some of your winners the next time it's card exchange time, deliberately sabotaging yourself, and rely on people skills / bluffing to get the others to lose money.
No. 691715 ID: 211d83

Rulekeeper is still new and young and has never felt the rush of putting her life on the line that you get as a contestant. So she probably thinks she is doing you a favor by making things easy.

To her you winning is the goal so she will take the easiest route there. She probably has never felt the satisfaction of cleverly outwitting a opponent. Although I bet she is happy when she designs a nice stage.

If you wanted to make things interesting you could trade in 300 somethings and then not turn in the voucher. Could then use the voucher to make side bets.

Honestly messing with the other contestants does not feel right. It would be one thing in a fair contest but as things stand its like toying with there lives. You are sort of in on the scam and there is not much fun to a rigged contest. I would just win quick and then have a chat with Rulekeeper before the next round.
No. 691726 ID: 5042bf

Well, if you want a challenge you can continue to annoy rulekeeper. Mayby tell you made her boyfriend cry.

What is the worst that could happen. After all in worst case you can always apologize if you're proven wrong of your superiority. But that will never happen, right? You're Radmin after all.
No. 691730 ID: d0901a

>she didn't make the opportunity, but the admins had to at least give their blessing, and somehow agreed.

Of course, but the possibility was still there. Even if it needed Rulekeeper and the administrators together, their collective decision was given priority over whatever normally decides that admins go on. Like, what would stop Rulekeeper and admins from bringing back all the previous admins, and making it so that their progress is decided by something else? So long as the new admins selected each stage kept agreeing to it, this "Upper Echelon"'s decisions could be overturned entirely.

As for the poker, you still can't be sure you're being favored. That's the thing about randomness. Keep taking your good fortune and content your desire to play games by working on your opponents psychologically. Ask if anyone's heard rumors of anything weird or interesting going on.

Say, how did things go for you during the boredom-suicide stage?
No. 691737 ID: d0868f

>Say, how did things go for you during the boredom-suicide stage?
Actually, Radmin missed that stage, he was dead then. That was in stage 7, and he was brought back with the special resurrections at the end of stage 7.

Ooh! How did you beat out the other yous in the past selves clone stage? You would have been alive for that.
No. 691744 ID: bb78f2

Stop looking at your hands Radmin, that's the Rad way to play.
Throw a sock into the pile. If no socks or shoes, put in your tie.
No. 691764 ID: cf91e4

This. Gotta at least *try* to make it fair.

>"You have one now."
(ha ha ha) If/when we win the hats this round, give hatless his new hat back. Tell him he looks better with it on. Then wear all the other hats at once. They will fear your hat tower.
No. 691765 ID: 0bb612

Same, but instead of a Look, make an offhand comment about Poker being a game all about subtlety.
No. 691889 ID: a107fd

Raise 5. The sooner you get some idiots to go all-in, the sooner this farce will be over.
No. 691913 ID: dd338c
File 145204866131.png - (17.16KB , 800x800 , 12.png )

>Say, how did things go for you during the boredom-suicide stage?
That was a too slowly paced stage to include the likes of you. You spent it better being dead, leaving it to others to resurrect you at the end.

>How did you beat out the other yous in the past selves clone stage? You would have been alive for that.
First off, one of you was mopey as heck. Never would've made it. Second off, one of you thought the administrative look was silly, and just wore it to fit in. Clearly a fake, and a lame one at that. A third one knew he was a fake pretty quick, so he agreed to test his hand in the ghost contest. The fourth one was tougher, but he never shut his mouth and interrupted you frequently when you spoke on the edges. The ghosts agreed that he won the contest of huge jackass, and you won the actual competition.

You're tempted to raise 5, but then it's just a whole other trip around the table watching people squirm, so you just throw in your hat.
"Let's make it more interesting than somethings. You four who just bet 20, take twenty back in exchange for your hats!"

People are clearly too nervous in this game to do anything but what they're told to do, and too nervous to come up with interesting somethings themselves!

However, your own lack of nervousness is undermined by the possibility you're in no danger whatsoever.

The remaining 3 players call in with their hats as well.

"Give me two cards, Rulekeeper!" you say, throwing out your low card and one king.
No. 691914 ID: dd338c
File 145204867311.png - (17.48KB , 800x800 , 13.png )

"At least take your hat off, don't just say you bet it." says the Rulekeeper.
"Nah, I'm just going to get it back anyway." You're surprised the other administrators put theirs in the pile after you didn't, but it's appropriate.

Rulekeeper stares you down, rather unpleased. The discarded cards remain in a seperate pile, and you confirm that foul play is indeed happening as Rulekeep, from the original dealing hand, hands the exact same king back to you with a two, leaving you with 4 kings and a two.

Player 5 bets 20, and once again, player 6, 7 and 8 all call it.

You have 220 somethings, the pot contains 240, 160 of which are in the form of every single person's hat.

You can't help but notice that Shopkeep's available item is just that, a purchaseable item. This means that you have the freedom to, instead of losing your "money" and moving on, take every bit of somethings from everyone and buying all the tickets yourself. While messing with people's lives is hardly cool, it might be cooler to just end them here so they can quit hoping for a false dream!

It's a good thing you never had any such intention to flirt with the Rulekeeper, because it's clear that she does not understand your motivations or personality one bit, thinking that you want a free ride like this.
No. 691916 ID: bb78f2

Radmin, its at this point that you start folding like mad, stop looking at your cards, and just start taking after Alison and just fuck with everything this system is giving you.
Then when you have enough, buy a ticket, and throw it into the pile. Rulekeeper wants you to win, which means in order for you to have a challenge, you need to do something so stupid as that to have fun. People will go CRAZY once you bet the ticket.

And then you keep doing it, and doing it again. If you can't have fun with the game, have fun with the people, and that includes rulekeeper. So this does mean asking shopkeeper for drinks for the whole table, getting everyone piss drunk, maybe even Rulekeeper too, and having a time that way.
No. 691917 ID: cf91e4

You know what. Fold next hand. Heck, you can sit out every single hand until the others knock themselves out.

Or display your hand then swap a couple. Something neat would be to swap your cards with The Dolphin Formerly Know as Hatless. I kinda wanna see how far you can push this.
No. 691919 ID: 5ad4a7

Well she's not backing down, is she. Tell her you'd like to talk to her in private after this round.

You know what's cooler than ending peoples' false hopes? Confronting the one responsible for those false hopes.
No. 691925 ID: 700555

You're wanted for something, Radmin, but I very much doubt Rulekeep's intent is to make you happy. Clearly she noticed your ill treatment of her friend-who-is-a-boy and has decided to punish you for your ungrateful cruelty. You have to apologize to Glitcher and tell him that Alison doesn't just like people simply for existing.

Well, I mean, she does, but you can get achieve dislike. There are a few people. And some people she likes especially, and Glitcher is one of those.

Anyway, let the other players have their dreams for a little while. These contests don't seem like they'll be too unpleasant, so it's a little slice of time with a sense of purpose for them, a little dream before going back to ghostliness. And hey, for all you know, there will be an open slot at the top. No-one's immune from massive screw-ups around here.
No. 691926 ID: 211d83

Keep teasing Rulekeeper. She is going to make you win one way or another so might as well enjoy things.

Will be a good way of getting a feel for her personality. Alison obviously got to her if he is hooked up with Glitcher but she is still a bit of a wild card. If she is breaking the rules now what other sort of stuff might she be capable of?

If the end result of this contest is a bunch of Alison admins working together with her to break the last few stages then you had better make sure she is someone that follows Alisons ideals before you hand her ultimate power.

So horde hats and get yourself a pile of tickets to bet with. Show Rulekeeper that there are more ways to play the game than she imagined.
No. 691928 ID: d0868f

Collecting all the money so no one else can afford to move on seems like a lot of work.

The sooner you get out of this card game, the sooner you'll get to have a chat between rounds with Rulekeep and ask her to ease up a little.

Don't forget to wear a suit made of hats in the next one.
No. 691959 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh, trying to eliminate everyone else is more the way a Contestant thinks. As an Administrator, shouldn't you be more interested in making other people work for you?
No. 691960 ID: 73c49c

lets not annoy Rulekeeper, win this round then buy your way out of here.
No. 692394 ID: dd338c
File 145232567894.png - (22.65KB , 800x800 , 14.png )

>As an Administrator, shouldn't you be more interested in making other people work for you?
Everyone except other administrators. When everyone is an administrator, the title means nothing more than a glorified contestant.

Some efficiency minded part of you wants to stop fooling around and keep going through the stages.

However, you also want to learn more about Rulekeeper, and when you think about it, this game of poker is going to be the last time half of these people are alive. It's not a bad last game, so it may as well last.

The hats are too important to fold the hand, but if you get another good one, you're going to.

You call it. Hatless calls it, the next two fold.

You slap down your kings, and take the whole pot.

>"Goddamn, twice in a row?" another inconsequential individual says.
"Some people got all the luck! Shopkeeper, get over here! Hatless, here's your hat back."
"You look good in it."

>"You wanna buy a ticket out of here?" asks shopkeep.

Item attained: Ticket
Travel to the next round. Usable any time.

"Hey Rulekeep, can we talk a minute?"
"No. Not unless there are broken rules."
No. 692395 ID: dd338c
File 145232575182.png - (15.43KB , 800x800 , 15.png )


"Are you going?" asks Rulekeeper?
"To the next round of poker! How much are tickets worth to bet?"you say, to a mix of various shocked responses.
"Nothing. They're worth nothing for betting purposes, Radmin."
"Cool. Go ahead and deal the next hand, then. I like poker, ex-administrators!" you say to their questioning judgement.

The betting goes from players 3 to 8. Player 3 and 4 call, with only 10 somethings left after ante, and Player 5 raises exactly 10.

"Bless that cold heart of yours." you say to 5.

The remainder of players call.

You've got a straight flush. You're equally tempted between folding right away, and betting the ticket right away. You have 220 somethings and a ticket,
No. 692397 ID: c9b901

Radmin, buddy. Rulekeeper has been dealing with contestants for a whole stage. Even at this late stage, you can bet that there's someone trying some crazy counter intuitive thing all the time. Anything less than you deliberately killing yourself is going to entirely fail to surprise her.
No. 692401 ID: 5ad4a7

Make your message clear, without talking to her. Bet the ticket, then fold. Tell the others it didn't feel fair to get the ticket out of pure luck.
No. 692403 ID: 623d08

Fold. If you reveal this hand, it will make things incredibly obvious and that's definitely something you don't need right now.
No. 692410 ID: cf91e4

Fold. Then fold again next great hand you get. Only stay in if you get an ok hand.
No. 692412 ID: cf91e4

>Travel to the next round. Usable any time
It doesnt say travel to round 6, it says travel to the *next* round. Usable at any time means we can use one right after another.(before we're stripped of items of course) My god we can exploit this.
No. 692447 ID: a107fd

Raise 1.
No. 692453 ID: 61fd94

Fold. Don't bet the ticket.

Hey, can't have all the luck.
No. 692455 ID: 211d83

If you win all the tickets you can make your own game. So keep at it.

Plus you should at least try to see if you can use them to skip to the last admin stage straight away.

Rulekeeper does not seem impressed with your shenanigans though. Whatever Alison did to win her over must have been impressive.
No. 692458 ID: dd338c
File 145236577390.png - (15.16KB , 800x800 , 16.png )

>It doesnt say travel to round 6, it says travel to the *next* round.
You're not sure you'll be able to use them in quick succession before being stripped of cards, considering the Rulekeeper has the power to backpedal on it.

"I'll fold."

The next three players looked like they were ready to fold, but go in, and players 3 and 4 reach 0.

Players around the table then go trading in cards.

Betting resumes with player 5. He goes all in.

Player 6 folds, but player 7 matches it, also going all in.

>"Also." he says. "I throw in my tie for the main pot, since the others all have theirs to bet with."
"..... ten somethings." says the Rulekeeper.

Player 8 calls, you are folded, Hatless folds. 3, 4, and lastly 5, all put in their ties to the original pot to match.
No. 692459 ID: dd338c
File 145236578139.png - (20.62KB , 800x800 , 17.png )

Player 7 slams his cards down. "Straight flush." he says, revealing cards 7 to jack of hearts.

Player 8 flings his cards in disbelief. 4 Fives.

Player 3, so sure of himself, puts forth another straight flush. Cards 9 to King of clubs.

Player 4 simply drops his cards and his jaw, revealing a full house.

Player 5, to everyone's half surprise, has a royal flush of diamonds. He ends up with 290 somethings including his ties, and one ticket.

>"I'm coming back for my hat, Radmin!" he says. She? You can never tell until corrected.
No. 692461 ID: dd338c
File 145236582372.png - (12.56KB , 800x800 , 18.png )

Everyone but you, who suspected from the beginning, stares at the Rulekeeper for some kind of explanation.

"Players 3, 4, 7 and 8 are out. We have our winners."
No. 692462 ID: 211d83

Man the second you got a ticket Rulekeeper did not care about anything else. She was all business.

So that's 2 out of 4 so don't they reset the pool and keep going until two more ticket get sent out?

Donate all but one of your spare hats to dolphin before you leave. Then keep the spare one so whats her face can try and win it back later.
No. 692463 ID: 61fd94

>everyone had great hands
Huh. Looks like Rulekeep wasn't just cheating to make sure you had a winning hand, she was making sure everyone had good cards to make them confident, and inflate bidding.

(...or the grasping for a non-cheat solution is she never said you weren't playing with more than one deck).

>royal flush of diamonds
I'm gonna guess their hand wasn't that good before you folded. (Unless you annoyed Rulekeep enough to change her plans or you were wrong the whole time). That would have beat you!

Yeah, yeah, keep it in your pants, Tie-rific.
No. 692464 ID: bb78f2

Players 3, 4, 7, and 8, you're not out, you still have your clothes, right? You didn't go ALL IN.
Are are they naked, Radmin?
No. 692465 ID: 211d83


Good point they still have there dignity to sell off.
No. 692469 ID: 61fd94

Or... maybe their hand was that good even before you folded. Now that you have the pass to move on, it serves Rulekeep's purpose if she takes all your money so you can't dick around anymore.
No. 692470 ID: 29e310

Holy shit guys, we'd better watch the fuck out for Player 5. They've got at least 3 neck things - their importance levels must be off the charts.
No. 692472 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell her she needs to check her random number generator. Refuse to use your ticket.

Then propose a new round, where you are the dealer, since obviously there's something wrong with Rulekeep. The cards are physical objects, aren't they?
No. 692594 ID: 885e59

Hats are worth 20, while ties are worth 10, so trade her hat back for two ties. Make shoulder tassels.
No. 692598 ID: dd338c
File 145240163284.png - (39.72KB , 800x800 , 19.png )

>"We still have clothes!" player 4 shouts.
"That doesn't matter, you have a count of 0 somethings. It is over." Rulekeeper says.
"Well, that was some odd luck! I don't even know if I want to use my ticket!"
"It doesn't matter, Radmin. Four players were eliminated, the other four win. The ticket was just a way to leave the game early and keep a decent amount of somethings in play."
"So be it. Then, I shall keep my own hat and player 5's. Hatless, have the rest!"

Sure enough, your ticket evaporates right as you get sent off to the next area. You'll just have to wait.
No. 692600 ID: dd338c
File 145240168240.png - (78.28KB , 800x800 , 20.png )

Momentary Character Change to Glitcher

"Oh hi Rulekeeper what's up?"
"I'm having trouble taking this seriously. I thought I could use this to run a stage while taking it easy, but I'm unable to like this."
"Are Alison's administrators in there yet?"
"Yes. Radmin and King are moving to round 6. King will meet Sixer in his portion, and Radmin will meet with Sevener next round."
"Want me to take over? I kinda want to fuck with Radmin."
"What? No. Well... not out of the question, but no. I may just be thinking about this wrong. The rounds have been easily riggable, but simple. Board games, card games, betting on made up contestants. It's straightforward enough that I feel like I should be taking this seriously, but since this whole thing is a farce, I can't."
"So what you need are more ridiculous competitions?"
"Maybe. Do you have any ideas?"
No. 692604 ID: 61fd94

You heard her, Glitcher! Cheer up your mopey straitlaced date. Help her loosen up a scootch. Give her a tickle, make her glitch a little.

(Cause it's adorable when she's got him straitened out and he's got her a little Glitched).

>"So what you need are more ridiculous competitions?"
Tag team luchador wrestling matches.

With smash style item and power up drops. (And you use unfair drops to rig the outcome if necessary).
No. 692611 ID: 86ff22

So... something ridiculous, but which can still be rigged without people noticing. Something with an element of chance...

Oh! How about a dating game? Contestant-administrators are sorted into competing groups of five. A person from somewhere in the people reserves (Ghosts? Admins-contestants who have already gotten into the later stages? Past cycle people? Actual contestants, if they're between stages at the moment?) is brought out to be the "date", and the contestants take turns answering questions and showing off and so on, and at the end the random person chooses which one they want to hang out with for an "evening". That person wins, and as a bonus for them (and payment for the random date's participation), they do actually get to have a little date-stage with some things laid on for them to do whatever they like together until it's time to go again.

Doesn't have to be romantic, of course, just fun hangouts would be fine.

You rig it by choosing a person whose tastes are already disposed toward the person you want to win, or by putting the person who you want to win against "randomly" chosen competitors who are terrible at getting others to like them. Or both.
No. 692617 ID: 211d83

I have no idea how Admin levels normally go Rulekeeper but if you give them contestant levels you have a better chance of being creative.

Plus most of the Admins we want at the end have contestant practice so will not have to cheat as much.

How about a ridiculous fishing competition. Give them boats and poles and a crazy lake with crazy fish and then give out prizes for the biggest and rarest fish caught. Bring in a panel of celebrity judges to narrate the whole thing. Whoever has the most points by the end of the day moves on.

Easy to make sure our people win by leading the best fish to them if they don't top the score by themselves.

Am for games where our people can probably win by themselves so any cheating you have to do is minor. If you take all the risk out of the game from the start its going to be boring and obviously a setup. Once we get to the old current admins you will want to make sure you have enough practice so they cant claim you cheated.
No. 692639 ID: bb78f2

Poledancing Contest
Cooking Contest
Debate Club
Burping the Alphabet
Silly Face Contest
Acting like an Imbacile contest
Art Class
Neumono Baby Catapulting
Proffesional Wrestling (it doesn't matter who wins, but who gets the crowd's favor)
Skydiving contest
No. 692641 ID: 5042bf

>Proffesional Wrestling (it doesn't matter who wins, but who gets the crowd's favor)

... yes.
No. 692643 ID: 5042bf

Also, you can be the referee Glitcher. You must be the referee.
No. 692644 ID: c22069

Gotta go with Wrestling, doubly so if its Lucha Libre. Radmin and Sevener would make a great Heel Tag Team.
No. 692682 ID: 99a64d

Rap battle
Lucha (too good to pass up)
Mario Kart
Knife fight like in that one Michael Jackson video
Giant mecha battle!
Competitive donkey kong style race (contestants climb up a series of slopes dodging barrels)
One of those puzzley things that the contestants are always doing, but with a random chance element that you can rig (I'm not good at thinking up puzzles)
No. 692683 ID: 99a64d

That one Neumono sport where you try to get the ball across the field but there are no regulations because Neumono regeneration
The most dangerous game (heh pun)
The oldest game
No. 692686 ID: 5ad4a7

How about literally herding cats?
Cooking competition?
A no-laughing challenge would be great but I can't think of a way to rig it.
Fashion contest? Other kinds of art work too, like sculpture or painting.
No. 692688 ID: dd338c
File 145244637615.png - (16.11KB , 800x800 , 21.png )

"Okay, so, speed dating. You grab a buncha old contestants to hang out or date or whatever the administrators, and the administrator rated the best at the end goes on."
"How subjective."
"Yes, you can bring in people who like everyone for our admins, and the opposite for the others."
"That game could run itself. I like it."
"Excuse me?"
"A tag team wrestling! Lucha Libre! Well, maybe Lucha if the admins want that theme, doesn't matter I guess."
"I know nothing about wrestling."
"Neither do the administrators, it's perfect! It doesn't matter who wins anyway, it's all about who gets the most favor from the audience. I can be the referee!"
"Hmmm... two teamed people would make it easy to group Alison's administrator's together to move on."

I start listing off a bunch of other ideas. She likes some, but then gets me to stop.

"That's enough. I can work with this, since there are only three stages left over. Thank you, glitcher."
>"'welcome. Have fun."
"I'll try."
No. 692689 ID: dd338c
File 145244645172.png - (20.03KB , 800x800 , 22.png )

Character Change to Radmin

You're seated in a lonely chair with nothing around you, at least until the Rulekeeper shows up.

"Hello. Radmin."
"Long time no see, Rulekeeper!"
"For our next round, a dating game."
"Do tell."
"You will be grouped with three other administrators. Two contestants from past stages will be brought in, and they will take turns asking one or more of you a question. At the end, the two contestants will choose an administrator they would like to be with for an evening. That administrator will go on to the next round. Any questions?"
No. 692693 ID: 61fd94

More silly ideas: (which we probably don't need anymore).

Strip tease competition.

Flour babies. Only instead of a flour bag, the baby is an AI npc doggedly determined to get itself into trouble and/or hurt. Admin is rated on how well they protect and/or raise the little bugger.

>dating contest judged by two contestants
Well this stage will be hella easy for King. Rulekeep just has to give him Mint and Pepper.

I'm trying to imagine who would be the funniest date for Radmin. Alison is too obvious / too easy. Supervisor might be a shoe in for him (maybe?) but she's past system, not a past contestant. Succubus might be funny, but unless stage 8 killed her, she's not eligible. Uh if it's people on Alison's Team who actually interacted with Radmin... No Pansy? (That would be an interesting trainwreck). Scanner? (But she's OTP-ed with Guardsman). Maybe Sweatermouse could get brought back to help out like she wanted, since she probably didn't get a place in Butter's emblem.

>Any questions?
So your newfound romance has made you a Matchmaker, now?

At least you're making the contests more interesting!
No. 692695 ID: bb78f2

You know, the stakes won't be valued as real for the judge contestants if they know there won't be a real date afterwards.
No. 692697 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah, is it gonna be rigged this time? With your charming personality, you won't need any help! (actually Radmin might need all the help he can get here)
No. 692703 ID: 211d83

Hmmm seems like I wasn't the only one to dislike that last farce of a stage. Now this is something I can have fun with.

That being said a dating game miss Rulekeeper? Seems like someone has thoughts of love on her mind. You should let Glitcher know before its to late.

Anyways the game will need a audience of course. And a witty host that can run the proceedings. Oh and the date has to be real. Cant have a proper contest without a prize. So make sure the date is special somehow so people really want to win it. And the loser has to get a consolation prize like a boxed set of the home game or something. You could have shopkeeper in a side room to show off the prizes before the game started.

I know the real prize is surviving but that would make a creepy sort of dating game. So try to downplay that part of it as much as you can.
No. 692706 ID: bfb318

You should take off your top hat so that you're more approachable.
No. 693038 ID: 3ab69d

>"This was glitcher's Idea wasn;t it? I love it!"
No. 693984 ID: dd338c
File 145283306243.png - (16.02KB , 800x800 , 23.png )

"Is this round going to be rigged?"
"Excuse me?"
"Please, don't think that I don't think I'm getting boosted unfairly, here."
"I cannot believe you think this is a problem."
"I do! I have the talent to win this on my own, and it's pointless if I'm given the 'w', 'i' and 'n'."
"Do you have any other questions?"
"Always. Has your newfound romance influenced this interesting new contest, Rulekeeper?"
"Aha, but you have newfound romance, then?"
"I can tell when you are lying, Rulekeeper."
"Then you know that I'm telling the truth."
"Are you?"
"You should not insist on playing fairly for this round."
No. 693985 ID: dd338c
File 145283309267.png - (17.41KB , 800x800 , 24.png )

You're standing at a booth with three other administrators.

"Hello, and welcome to the Dating or Hangout Game. I am your host, Rulekeeper. You, the live studio audience have been gathered from all willing contestants in stage 8, and past contacts they may have had. This contest here is for potentially a new set of administrators, mixing the 4 old administrators in with 4 dead administrator contestants. Four is still the number, as that is how many will participate in each game here. Two contestants from the past will also participate, effectively selecting the winner of who they like the most, and spending an evening with their administrator of choice. And then they die again, as is customary."
No. 693986 ID: dd338c
File 145283312239.png - (15.01KB , 800x800 , 25.png )

>"And I'm your co-host, the glitcher! I've practically agreed to not mess things up as long as I can participate, so here I am! Can I introduce the people?!"
".... yes. Go ahead."
No. 693987 ID: dd338c
File 145283317692.png - (11.99KB , 800x800 , 26.png )

>"Hello contestants and whatevers, you may have known me as that one guy what fucks everything up, but few people know that you can actually call me that, too! Or just the glitcher for short. And for our first contestant - er, datee, or, judge... whatever, this is Shellmeat! She went through the first four stages making buddies and having the best time she could before getting killed by some bullshit no one cares about. Why did Rulekeeper pull her out, out of some millions of other people who made it that far! Also something no one cares about!"
No. 693988 ID: dd338c
File 145283322051.png - (12.41KB , 800x800 , 27.png )

>"And this is some belenosian refugee. We'll call him Refuge!"
"My name is-"
>"Yes, Refuge, we just said. What are Refuge's likes and dislikes? Well that's a mystery, because these two guys are gonna be asking the questions."
No. 693989 ID: dd338c
File 145283324010.png - (14.46KB , 1000x600 , 28.png )

>"To the four administrators, that is! All but the last of these giant command line throwing nerds were all called 'admin' or whatever so I'm going to name these guys. To keep this game running, I muted them so I can do it in peace. From left to right, is Triple Tie, who probably lost because of an unacceptable ego! Then we have Snakeman, who fired way too many of his subordinates for some stupid reason and made it to stage 6 somehow anyway? Perhaps it's because he's a clever smartass who's showing me that he's got limbs! A good effort, but too late! He is already known in the hearts of thousands as Snakeman.
>"And then there's, triangle... dude... .... Top Hat Alpha. He's got the biggest top hat. And lastly and leastly, is the one administrator who did have a normal name, and so I don't have to come up with one! Four Earred Flapper, named because I can still hear him yacking on and on even with a mute function! Will he learn to win by being less of a huge jerk, or will he jerk his way up to the top? Let's find out!"
No. 693990 ID: dd338c
File 145283331389.png - (11.58KB , 800x800 , 29.png )

"Thank you, cohost. A round of applause for everyone, please." Rulekeep asks the audience.

You hear a few claps, perfectly spaced apart and at varying volumes to show you what awkward confusion would be if it were a noise.

"Excellent, now let's begin, since we covered the rules well enough. We will start with Shellmeat with a full question round. You may ask one question, and all will answer."
>"Alright. I'll make the first one simple, mostly because I have no idea what is going on? If we were to date for an evening, how would you describe your ideal evening?"

You instantly and completely nail tuning out every single boring word your opponents say until it's your turn. You also take off your top hat to prepare a more approachable answer.

The top hat on your tail, of course.
No. 693991 ID: bb78f2

Playing tricks on people, captivating on their personality flaws, all in the name of a good time.
No. 694017 ID: 15720c

>If we were to date for an evening, how would you describe your ideal evening?
I have no idea how to answer this but I wanna say this: Preface your answer with "You and me, Sugarmeat?"
No. 694033 ID: 99a64d

Describe perfectly the date that glitcher and rulekeeper went on. Do it in your sexy voice.
No. 694036 ID: 15720c

Sorry, that was supposed to be Sugarshell, not sugarmeat. Should not suggest while tired.
No. 694041 ID: bfb318

Make sure to lounge on your podium while giving your answer to show you are much more easygoing and date-able than the other admins.
No. 694049 ID: 3d2d5f

Half disappeared we don't know any of the datees, but this is too silly not to love.

Hey Radmin, look, Glitcher's even less Glitchy now! Those two must have been at it again for him to have blown his load of glitches.

The cheating teleporting time-stopping lovebirds can do anything whenever they want!

...keep an eye on Rulekeep. See if she ever neglects to clean up any glitches that get on her.

She died in stage 4? I don't suppose she was from a bracket you oversaw, giving you any information you can use?

>If we were to date for an evening, how would you describe your ideal evening?
Man, trying to come up with something silly, appealing, and that appropriately plays to Radmin's massive ego is challenging.

"Well a personal victory over these chumps followed by a well earned reward is certainly a step in the right direction!

I think for an actual date, I'd push the rules as far they can go. If there's one thing I learned as an admin and contestant, it's to grab life when you, exploit the hell out of the rules, and have fun doing so.

We'll tour the most exotic and interesting locations our petty deities can show us! Sample the finest food and entertainment, provided by the ghosts of those most skilled in their arts! We'll push our hardwon good will as far as it will go, and relish it. Feel the thrill and live, ghost girl."
No. 694053 ID: 5ad4a7

Alright Radmin the coolest thing you can do here is LEGITIMATELY win. So be radically charming!
Also you should probably pay a little bit of attention to what the other guys are saying so you don't wind up copying what someone else says by accident.

You know where the fanciest restaurants are, and where all the coolest attractions are in the safe zone. You can also give her a guided tour of the System, and... wait all the other admins can do that too. How about taking advantage of what already exists, describe how you would make stuff even better? Amusement park rides, fashion shows, shopping at a high-class mall, eating exotic foods, watching an actual movie, zooming through the countryside in an awesome car, watching the sunset together.

...Radmin, was Rulekeep really lying about not having any newfound romance?
No. 694071 ID: c74b84

This doesn't seem rigged at all! Better bring your A game, Radmin. But, be honest as well. I'm sure the other admins tried some sort of obvious pandering, which both of these judges seem like they'd see through.


"My perfect evening? Well, first, we would enter some sort of competition together. Not something of consequence, just fun! And suitable for a date. A dancing contest, for example? In a perfect evening, of course, we would win, but I would like a challenge, and a loss to a legitimately superior rival wouldn't bother me too much! Then, to wind down from that shared excitement, we would go somewhere pleasant to relax. Perhaps a classy bar, with classy drinks, though not too proper or fussy, with good music and a good view of something watch - perhaps other people, also enjoying themselves. At some point in the evening, I would like a chance to impress you somehow! I would also like for us to do something you would particularly enjoy. Not, I have to admit, for your own sake - I don't know you well enough for that - but because I would feel I had been a failure if my dating partner hadn't had a good time as well. Finally, having gotten to know each other better by that point, we could top off with something we'll both enjoy, which I wouldn't presume to predict right now. A little spontaneity, leaving us both in a good mood going forward."
No. 694149 ID: dd338c
File 145289452023.png - (18.37KB , 800x800 , 30.png )

>Are you familiar with Shellmeat
You are not.

>Radmin, was Rulekeep really lying about not having any newfound romance?
For the moment, you'll have to be honest with yourself and acknowledge you've had no goddamn clue how to tell if Rulekeep is lying or not, you've just been kicking ass at guessing when to make her think you know. Educated guessing that is.

>Describe perfectly the date that glitcher and rulekeeper went on. Do it in your sexy voice.
You'd do this in a heartbeat, but you aren't aware of the specific details, unfortunately.

You enter a comfortable, lounging pose upon your pedestal for maximum repertoire. Or referrum. Or whatever that word was that meant getting comfortable with one another.

"You and me, Sugarshell? I'd have to one up these administrators, since we all have access to the fanciest restaurants, the coolest attractions, and any location that the safe zones up to this point have to offer and then some. Hence, after a personal victory after these chumps, I would settle for nothing less than pushing the rules of what an administrator can do! Having been both an admin and contestant before, I'm well versed in this. There will be playing tricks on people, games involving beating other people - for less than life or death stakes I'd add - all in the name of a good time! There'll be amusement park rides, bars - classy ones - movies, so on, and by the end we'll know so well what we both enjoy that we can do some of that, too!"
"I remind R- Four Earred Yapper that it is only for one evening, not an entire day." says Rulekeep.
"You doubt my insane pace?! I'll make sure that Sugarshell has enough experiences packed into this evening to match a fulfilling lifetime!"
No. 694150 ID: dd338c
File 145289458007.png - (10.97KB , 800x800 , 31.png )

"Next question." says Rulekeeper. "To everyone, from Refuge. Snakeman will go first this round."
>"....In 10 words or less, explain to me why I'd give a damn care to hang out with any of you guys for 5 minutes, let alone a whole evening."

You pay enough attention to glean the overall message. Snakeman says he'll go push for resurrecting the person who chooses him. Overly Big Top Hat claims while he can try for that as well, if he's chosen, he'll reward Refuge by effectively becoming Refuge's slave during the period.
No. 694151 ID: 5ad4a7

Ridiculous. Resurrection would just put him back in the Contest, and the next stage is going to be a deathtrap. He'd almost be better off staying dead.

No, you have a better idea. If he decides to spend those 5 minutes hanging out with you, you'll tell him a secret that no other Admin knows.
No. 694152 ID: bb78f2

Do you honestly have anything better to do, Refuge? I'm megalomaniacal, five minutes with me would be better than with any of these losers. What can you do with a slave for five minutes, in ANY of the stage safe zones? Well, sex, I guess. If that even appeals to you, Refuge. Face it, if it's only five minutes or an entire day, Yapper is the way to go.
No. 694155 ID: c74b84

10 words:

"If you wanted, I'd leave you. Better than being dead."
No. 694156 ID: 007e78

>"....In 10 words or less, explain to me why I'd give a damn care to hang out with any of you guys for 5 minutes, let alone a whole evening."
Play to what we learned about belenosian psychology. They want cool, powerful emperors to look up to, not whiny suckups who will grovel at their feet. In 10 words:

"Help a badass, tough emperor-like leader take control, not wusses."
No. 694159 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh, in 10 words or less:
"I'll tell you a secret no other Admin knows."
No. 694184 ID: 6fdd6b

"I'm understanding, I'll gladly leave you alone if you wanted."
No. 694365 ID: dd338c
File 145296903258.png - (14.15KB , 800x800 , 32.png )

"You got anything better to do than hang out for five minutes with a winner? Besides, who said you'd have to stick around with me? You could wander off without me if you didn't care about secret administrator stuff! Better than being dead, not like I'd stop you from that, either!"
>"... how many words was that?" Refuge asks.
"Every word I cared to say!"
No. 694367 ID: dd338c
File 145296905401.png - (16.24KB , 800x800 , 33.png )

Glitcher, that traitorous warlock, starts talking.

>"And that's why he's the Four Earred Flapper, ladies gentlemen and whoever else that leaves out! Now it's time for the individual question round!" Shellmeat will go first. She'll ask each contestant a single question that they and they alone will answer."
>"Er, I don't have any questions prepared, could Refuge go first?" she asks.
>"No! Just spill out some words and see how they react."
>"Okay, uh...."

Sugarshell asks Too Big Top Hat why his Top Hat is Too Big, Three Tie why she's wearing Three Ties, and then turns to face you.

>"Four Ears, why do you have four ears?"

You've long since forgotten why you chose four ears or your form in general, but you're convinced that you had a reason. A magnificent reason, in fact, but since you've forgotten it, you'll just have to make up a new magnificent reason to match the original.
No. 694368 ID: 5ad4a7

The better to hear you, my dear.
No. 694374 ID: 90f3c0

It's part of my theme. If you want to see what else I have four of, you'll have to take me out to dinner first. *suggestive eyebrow wiggle*
No. 694376 ID: 007e78

Because you're part tozol, of course.

And the better to hold your hat on!
No. 694477 ID: 6de7d9

So I can have the pleasure of listening to myself talk, without losing out on hearing anything else!
No. 694479 ID: bb78f2

I found it fashionable.
No. 694536 ID: 99a64d

four dimensional hearing.
No. 694539 ID: 007e78

Other possible answers:

There was a two for one sale!

Ears are sensitive, yanno.
No. 694542 ID: 211d83

Four times the fun when you get someone to scratch your ears.
No. 694692 ID: 15720c

Some folks called you sly as a fox, others as intuitive as a wolf. You decided to take the best of both worlds and gave yourself a pair of each.
No. 694809 ID: dd338c
File 145306572334.png - (11.28KB , 800x800 , 34.png )

"Four times the ability to hear you and myself with, and four times the fun for things like ear scratching, and to show two times the slyness and intuition as most others! In fact, I have fours of multiple things, but that's another story." You wink. "Also all the better to keep my hat in place for maximum fashion, not as though I couldn't handle my top hat without a single ear."
>"That's a lot of reasons. Okay, then, Snakeman..." she goes to ask him about his body form as well, but the answer is far less interesting.
No. 694810 ID: dd338c
File 145306573292.png - (9.80KB , 800x800 , 35.png )

>"Refuge, go!" glitcher says.
"Okay, okay. I'm just going to ask everyone the same thing anyway. Starting with Four Ears. If you were in my position, what question would you ask, and to which person?"
No. 694812 ID: 007e78

I would ask me why I'm so damn awesome.
No. 694819 ID: 3ca5d9

I'd ask what their stance towards contestants is.
No. 694831 ID: 211d83

Ok to Three Ties I would ask what is her plan for getting this back. Then twirl her hat around.

Then to Snakeman I would ask if he is in fact a secret salamander. And if so how can he live with the shame.

Top hat Alpha I would ask if he has crazy ears under that thing cause something has to be keeping that thing on.

And to me I would ask about the horrible dark secret behind the competitions. Cause you know I learned that stuff while working with Alison.
No. 694841 ID: 5ad4a7

The best answer will involve four questions, one to each person, because if you were in his position, you'd have four questions to ask!

Ask Triple Tie "What's the greatest challenge you've faced?"
Ask Snakeman "Who is your most valuable employee?"
Ask Top Hat Alpha "Who's the most interesting Contestant you've seen?"
Ask yourself "How can I be as cool as you?"
The answer to your own question, in case Refuge asks it, is "You can't! But if you try very hard, you could come close. Just give it your best shot, work hard on your outfit and always stay two steps ahead of everyone else! Then taunt them when you win." You know, actual advice on how to be cool and awesome.
No. 696335 ID: dd338c
File 145343781114.png - (16.16KB , 800x800 , 36.png )

"For me, I'd ask why I'm so damn awesome! How can you be as awesome as me? Well, I could answer that just fine, but for the others, I'd ask - "
>"I meant one question. One question, for one person."
"Then that is it!"

He proceeds to ask the three lamest administrators why they're so damn awesome.

All you hear is the sub-text saying that they're not.
No. 696338 ID: dd338c
File 145343794259.png - (56.21KB , 800x800 , 37.png )

>"Well that concludes round 1! Let's have some interviews! Random contestant, what do you think so far?! Make it count, these'll probably be your last words!"
"I think, uh, that it's better than being dead."
>"Sounds like it's the best damn show you or anyone has ever seen before!"
"It's also the worst, because it's the only, for me."
>"Keep that pessimism outta here, buddy! Now let's freeze the administrators so we can ask some juicy questions to our two contestants!"
No. 696339 ID: dd338c
File 145343794944.png - (47.87KB , 800x800 , 38.png )

>"Hey Flappy!" Glitcher says, and you find your surroundings spontaneously change with the feeling that some time has passed. "I interviewed Shellmeat and Refuge, and they both say you're literally the worst person they've ever seen! What've you gotta say about that?"
No. 696340 ID: 5ad4a7

I'd say you're pulling my leg, Glitcher.
No. 696341 ID: 211d83

I think you have been away from Rulekeeper for too long. You are starting to glitch up a bit again. Go get some time-freeze nookie before you fall apart lover boy.

Just make sure to invite me to the wedding and if your firstborn is a boy you should name him Radmin.

Oh and who cares what those two think about me. After Rulekeeper cheated me through the first round I got bored and started messing with things to keep it entertaining.
No. 696344 ID: aebc91

I'd say sorry for what I said earlier Glitcher, I was mad at you for obvious reasons and it wasn't true, she has standards and clearly likes you more than most other people she likes anyway.

(Then Glitcher will feel awkward and like he's been an ass, heh heh heh)
No. 696345 ID: 0b66e1

Glitcher don't you know it's rude to shove disembodied robot cocks in people's faces.

>they both say you're literally the worst person they've ever seen! What've you gotta say about that?
That you're either lying, or you glitched them to say that.

All I've been is irreverent and cocky. Shellmeat must have met at least one person who was a real jerk about trying to stay alive in the conquest, and Refuge is from a place with actual evil emperors. They both must have known worse people!

Plus, yanno, I'm obviously great.
No. 696349 ID: 88e46e

"They met you."
No. 696368 ID: 73c49c


No. 696371 ID: bb78f2

At least that means I'm more interesting than the other three. I mean, really, what a waste of time the other's are, they're practically grey splots of personality.
No. 696496 ID: dd338c
File 145350224879.png - (56.54KB , 800x800 , 39.png )

"Who cares what they think, all I hear is that I'm more interesting. I'll even entertain that that's the truth, but like Rulekeeper, I can always tell when you're pulling my leg. Not that it's hard to tell, considering that those two have either had a life of dealing with contestants trying to murder them, or a world with an evil world controlling emperor controlling their lives."
>"You must be even worse than I thought!"
"Plus, they met you."
No. 696498 ID: dd338c
File 145350228735.png - (65.96KB , 800x800 , 40.png )

>"you know I can touch the strings that make you feel pain, right?"
"Hey, buddy, I know. And hey, I'm even sorry. You know I was mad at you for reasons that weren't right, right? Alison has standards. Low ones, but they're there."
>"Whatever, Radmin, I can call up Alison any time I want!"
"Not sure what that's gotta do with this, but you're glitching up again. You should go get some physical healing from Rulekeeper before you muck up the stage."
>"You know what Radmin, I will, just to get this interview over with!"
No. 696499 ID: dd338c
File 145350233077.png - (13.72KB , 800x800 , 41.png )

You get pulled back, and everyone is back in their places at their pedestals. If the audience had any reaction to that interview, then you missed out.

>"Well that's about all the time we have for the dating game! Any last words from our administrators?"
>"Yes, actually." says Too Big Top Hat. "I'm unsure how I feel about this game. Does it serve a purpose? It seems as though it's merely for contestant's entertainment, and I could see the irony if that's what us administrators did, but it was never like that. I'd just like to know, why was this game... well, why?"
>"Annnnd I'm instantly sorry I asked! Rulekeep, what's the judgement for the ass of backsass?!"
No. 696500 ID: dd338c
File 145350234319.png - (25.63KB , 800x800 , 42.png )

"Unappealable, unstoppable and permanent disqualification from every future contest."
No. 696504 ID: dd338c
File 145350246898.png - (12.38KB , 800x800 , 43.png )

>"Time to wrap it up, who do you choose, Refuge?!" asks Glitcher.
>"I was going to choose no one, but in light of that event, Top Hat Alpha."
>"TooOOoo late, he's dead as dead is!"
>"Then back to no one." Refuge answers.
"Allowable. No one. Only one winner will be chosen, if Shellmeat chooses."
No. 696509 ID: dd338c
File 145350251931.png - (12.25KB , 800x800 , 44.png )

>"Ahh... uhhhh... Radmin." says Shellmeat.
>"... seriously? I didn't even screw up your brain. You like him?" Glitcher says.
>"Oh, no, he's terrible. But he's honestly terrible. All the other administrators had a tone of voice that told me what they thought I wanted to hear, and I was just spoken to like a thing with a ticket. Radmin treated me like a person. And it felt bad. I don't even think I want to hang out with him. But, I do feel like I exist beyond my choice here, and that's all I really wanted. So, Radmin."
No. 696512 ID: 0b66e1

Geeze, I wasn't even trying to make you feel bad, I was just trying to have a little fun with this farce.

But hey, I won't inflict my presence on you if you can't handle it. You guys take her where-ever she wants for a solo-date then. She earned an hour of doing whatever she wants.
No. 696516 ID: 5ad4a7

That's touching. So much that you should probably make it up to her, Radmin. Somehow. Even if it means not gracing her with your presence.
No. 696517 ID: 99a64d

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! Radmin wins again! And we didn't even have to cheat! Even if she didn't really like us, Radmin won for being the rawest dude, and that's the best victory we could've gotten in this sort of situation.
No. 696520 ID: aebc91


Wow, harsh. A bit deserving though, for thinking that the contestants didn't deserve entertainment as an end in itself.

Tell Shellmeat you hope you can convince her to rethink saying she doesn't want to hang out, because even if she doesn't like you, you think you like her; but thanks in any case.
No. 696521 ID: a6e336

>"Oh, no, he's terrible. But he's honestly terrible.
Oh my god, we Trumped our way through this contest!
No. 696526 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey, don't say that. We saw what happened to the guy that tried to backsass Rulekeep.
No. 696528 ID: 211d83

Thank you Shellmeat. I am sorry that you and Refuge had to get involved in this farce but its seems these two lovebirds are having way to much fun to worry about the feelings of normal contestants.

I am all for a entertaining stage and a actual challenge but this mess is starting to border on cruel and unusual punishment.

Anyways let me know what you want to do for our date. Or if you just want to be left alone. I know plenty of fun stuff we could do.

Oh wait I just had a great idea! Lets make this a double date! You and me and Glitcher and Rulekeeper. I can compete with Glitcher to see who can show there date the best time.
No. 696529 ID: f1e365

Woo double date is best date.
No. 696540 ID: dd338c
File 145351420602.png - (40.71KB , 800x800 , 45.png )

"Ha! How harsh. But if you don't wish for my fine presence, then it won't be inflicted, no matter how willing I am! In fact, it can be a double date! I can compete with glitcher - ""
>"Not doin' that." Glitcher interrupts.
"Fine, fine! But then Glitcher, Rulekeep, I hope that you'd find it worthy of lifting a finger of infinite might to grant Shellmeat a little time as she sees fit. I'm sure she has friends."
>"If possible... I would like that." says Shellmeat.
>"Well okay then! I'll just gather up your buddies and you all can have a big party for half a day, and Radmin's not invited!" Glitcher says.
>"Oh, no! I didn't mean to completely exclude Radmin, if it's a party like that, then he's - "
>"Too late, Radmin's a busy guy with a lot of contests to win by being the worst, and we sure would never want to waste his time! We'll put him in stasis so that he won't think any time passed, so Radmin, go right along to the next!"
No. 696541 ID: dd338c
File 145351422057.png - (13.48KB , 800x800 , 46.png )

At least now you can expect a time skip. You're in front of Rulekeep.

"I changed the plans a little bit. Instead of 2 seperate brackets for round 7, now, we're going to combine the two into one from now on. Therefore, there are now 16 people in the next one. With that said, this will be cooperative. You will be teamed up with one other individual in this contest, and either both of you succeed, or both of you fail. Only 2 teams - 4 people - will move on to be able to compete with the original stage 8 administrators."
"Aha, and how do you address the problem of, say, what if my teammate is absolutely awful?!"
"The answer to that question is one I will supply to your teammate."
"Oh, you think I am the awful teammate?! Well, let's hear it, what is the contest?"
"What, you mean like grappling?"
"No, I mean like fighting in front of an audience. I will introduce you to your teammate, then let Glitcher explain the rest."
No. 696543 ID: dd338c
File 145351427068.png - (23.05KB , 800x800 , 47.png )

"You." says the one you vaguely know as Sevener.
"Aha, well if it isn't the one who made it all the way to stage 7 all by herself?"
"Yes, so shut it and follow my lead."
"Tsk, you say that like making it to stage 7 means anything over stage 5, when all it means is that you went longer without getting Alison'd."
"I still want you to shut up, whoever you are."
"Now you pretend like you don't know Radmin?"
"I only heard from Alison about you, and that your defining event was getting your ass handed to you."
"Paraphrasing does allow for liberties, I'm sure."
>"Wow I can tell you guys'll really turn out to be well coordinated teammates." says Glitcher. "I dunno maybe the crowd'll like that and you can get through that way. But that's the thing, there's gonna be an even bigger audience this time! Millions! Or so! The feelings of the audience will give you power. If they cheer you on, you get boosts to keep going! If they hate your guts, then maybe you get some spite-based power boosts. Don't sweat the details, just get the crowd to care about you. Oh, one more thing! Rulekeep and I decided that if you guys don't become administrators, we have alternative options for what we want to do, so... I doooo not even care a little bit if you guys lose, so don't think we're gonna cheat you on up anymore."
"You could just pass this whole thing and push us up right away." Sevener says.
>"Rulekeeper's got rules to follow, too! Or she thinks she does. Or she just wants to go by something. So, uh, I'm playing along and making it more fun for her."
No. 696545 ID: dd338c
File 145351432912.png - (12.56KB , 800x800 , 48.png )

>"Hey guys." Shopkeeper arrives.

Someday, or rather, soon, you will be his boss once again. Not like you ever paid much attention to the stage based entities.

>"Since you get powers based on showmanship, you should probably, uh, look the part. So, you can change your appearance here. Either new clothes, or physique if you wanna appear different for inside the ring. Here's what you all look like currently without clothes."
"Where did you get these pictures?" asks Sevener.
>"Er, uh, Glitcher gave them to me?"
No. 696546 ID: dd338c
File 145351436368.png - (31.46KB , 1600x900 , 49.png )

These paper dolls can be used if wished, but simple descriptions of themes and/or clothing are adequate to progress.
No. 696547 ID: 0b66e1

>oh look, it's Sevener
So did Glitcher have to cheap-kill you too?


Should probably point to this as a possible Sevener outfit. >>/questdis/76214
No. 696549 ID: bb78f2

I recommend a black version of Alision's outfit for Radmin, edited to shirtless with a loincloth. Same headcover though, that crown CLEARLY says Radmin.
No. 696550 ID: a99560
File 145351886738.jpg - (21.46KB , 300x225 , airmaster wrestling.jpg )

Women's wrestling outfits are a magical realm of possibilities.

What are we going to do about Radmin though? I suppose we could put him in a skirt too.
No. 696563 ID: 5ad4a7

Well if Sevener's going for that, Radmin has got to go lucha as well. He's just gotta.
No. 696575 ID: bd2a30
File 145352702969.jpg - (1.66MB , 2112x1188 , 137927355788.jpg )

we should use Ficus fan art wrestling costume for 7ner!
No. 696576 ID: c22069

For Radmin, something based off this. >>/questdis/97295

Same kinda set up, Shirtless with the mask, cape, pants, and boots. But with an Admin business theme. So like Arm Sleeves with suit cuffs at the wrists, a cape fastener that's like a detachable shirt collar & tie, Top hat insignia on the waistband, ect.
No. 696582 ID: dd338c
File 145352967104.png - (58.24KB , 800x800 , 50.png )

Brief Character Switch
(Suggestions for costumes are still open.)

While these two.... people and all the rest of the admins choose their getups, Rulekeeper kinda made a little problem with Radmin's last round.

There's supposed to be two people per team, but since Radmin was the only one to make it out of his, we only have 15 administrators! One of them isn't gonna have a teammate, unless I go find a stand-in for him.

Question is, who? There's too many choice, it could be anyone! It could be a previous contestant from Radmin's last round that didn't make it through, it could be a random audience member, or even me!

Anyone. At all. From any cycle.

Choose a character to fill Team 8.
No. 696583 ID: bb78f2

Fuck IT!
It's time. It's finally time. Reveal that mystery.
No. 696586 ID: 15720c

Send in the Ties admin. Let her fight to get her hat back.
No. 696588 ID: c22069

Seconding Three Ties for a grudge match comeback.
No. 696590 ID: 5ad4a7

Just fill in the missing spot with a cycle-clone of the person who's solo.
No. 696594 ID: bd2a30

we need mafia Alison to fight!
No. 696595 ID: a5478c

Gonna third mafia alison
No. 696597 ID: 5042bf

Radmin go full british heel with top hat, monocle, twirly mustache and cane. With a black wrestling leotard/banana hammock in place of actual suit. Your theme is the big shot admin that wants power because nobody else has any idea what to do with it because everyone but you is an idiot. Because it's true.

Sevener go >>696575
For theme she'll be the admin who blew all the rules, screw everyone else. Here to blow them again because nobody else will do what is neccesary. Hey, just do what I say because I'm better than you.

I'm sure you two will get along like house on fire.

Mafia Alison sure. So, glitcher feeling stable? Not at all stressed about the eternity alone thing? Having somebody undermine the relationship you built during that time? Possibly smacking Alison (if not the Alison) around in an arena?
No. 696604 ID: b9acc0
File 145355945101.png - (176.21KB , 1600x900 , wrestlingcostumes.png )

If you want to capture the hearts of the crowd, darlings, you need more than a theme. You need a story.

And in this wrestling story, we're staying on the american continent, but we're going a little further north. Where a lawgirl, yearning to cling to the ideals of justice but dragged low by ill destiny, calls out to whatever powers will listen to give her a second chance after she takes a trip into a shallow grave, courtesy of her own corrupt fellows. One of the native gods decides to answer, drawing her back from hell as Tombstone, an undead sheriff hunting down criminals to take her place in the underworld and polish her blackened soul.

Eager to see how this latest prank of his turns out, Barking Dog follows behind her, lending his dubious aid however he sees fit. Though he, too, wishes to bring retribution on wrongdoers, it is only because their ignominy is so often the more amusing. Will he find Tombstone's blend of gritty nobility and brutality entertaining for long, or will he end up sabotaging her efforts as fuel for his own mocking laughter? Will she be able to keep her patience with his more trickstery ways of dealing with their opponents, or will her righteous vengeance demand more? Let's find out!

Tombstone's design features three main themes: old west sheriff, death, and the fires of hell. Hat, shirt and jeans fit the first, while the loose noose, lasso and ropes fill first and second. Mask, tattoos and designs of bones and flames fill the latter two. Barking Dog features more general cultural theming, though cut down for maximum display, as befits his smug vanity.

If body mods are freely available, I might recommend as a purely tactical matter that anatomical accuracy be activated. Those in the audience without sex drives will care little one way or the other, while those who do will likely approve that much more if a wardrobe malfunction or two might be in the offing.
No. 696617 ID: bb6515
File 145356789465.png - (15.26KB , 851x900 , doot doodoo doot.png )

doot doodoo doo
No. 696618 ID: bb6515

On the one hand, I desperately want to unveil the mystery of Mafia Alison, but on the other hand, resurrecting a potentially hostile party who is known for being very skilled at forming alliances and breaking the game may not be the wisest choice at this juncture. Just a thought.
No. 696622 ID: b9acc0


Since possibilities include everyone, I assume the person being added to make up the numbers isn't getting a chance for a res and is just going to be sent back wherever they came from afterwards. So, mafia Alison shouldn't be able to cause too much trouble, though I also don't think there'll be much opportunity to learn about her, and she likely won't enjoy it, so I'm not voting for her myself.

Wait a minute. Anyone at all...? How about Corrupter?
No. 696624 ID: b9acc0

I mean it would be a terrible idea to actually call him in to do this, it's just interesting if it's possible.
No. 696626 ID: 0b66e1

Just remember they're supposed to walk onto stage in cloaks / capes / towels with their names embossed on them that they discard before starting the match. And their titles should be Radmin and Adwinistrator.

>Anyone. At all. From any cycle.
Ties for a grudge match with Radmin?
An alt-Sevener who actually wears the admin suit and hat?
An octopus or kraken for a completely unfair advantage in wrestling things?
A jetal who's magically allowed to still have shape-shifting powers?
A person made out of fire who's really hard to wrestle, because you know, grabbing hold of fire is dumb?
Radmin's old bunny supervisor for maximum awkward?

Just remember the new person has to be a surprise and brought in after the match has already started.
No. 696645 ID: a6e336

Glitcher seems in the mood for fun, and the worst-case scenario with Mafia Alison sounds like Fun. I see no problem here, so I'm fourthing her.
No. 696680 ID: 99a64d


I don't really care what outfit we do for Radmin, as long as it has a lucha mask of some sort. We should also at least double his muscle mass, he's so skinny.

If we get to choose a theme-song I recommend video related for the intimidation factor, because we're pretty much guaranteed to be going full heel for this.

Also, my vote goes to mafia Alison, because even if she would be dangerous as an enemy, we still have glitcher and rulekeep on our side in case she gets uppity. And it would be hilarious to see her wrestle.

We should totally give both Radmin and Sevener an extra pair of arms, because we can.
No. 696681 ID: 99a64d

No. 696707 ID: a107fd

The extra one should be this guy >>696500
It's the last thing anyone would expect!
No. 696708 ID: edee29

Can we grab the Diamond Emperor? Like, the actual Diamond, not Arbiter. I don't know how good he'd be at wrestling, but I'd probably be fine having him in the administration.
No. 696738 ID: a99560

That is a pretty solid theme.

For an extra entrant, I would recommend someone like Scholar. Someone who was originally a system entity and has some claim to the title, and was uplifted to being a full intelligence like Rulekeep described.
No. 697490 ID: dd338c
File 145386335268.png - (84.44KB , 800x800 , 51.png )

Okay I made up my mind! I'm gonna bring in -
No. 697491 ID: dd338c
File 145386340167.png - (19.95KB , 800x800 , 52.png )

Character Switch back to Radmin

After considerable thought, a magnificent idea of proper theming comes to you as Option 1.

"Okay, so I will be called Barking Dog! The one of dubious aid, for when you least expect it!"
>"We're tag teaming."
"I'm not done. You will be Tombstone, the undead sheriff hunting down criminals to take her place in the underworld and polish her blackened soul!"
>"I'm Sevener to you."
"You gotta learn how to get in character! You're the lawgirl up in the northern segments of the ancient land of north america - "
>"I have no idea what north america is."
"You uncultured lizard! Did you not use your free administrator time using the watcher's library?!"
>"... what librar-?"
"Absolutely impossible! How did we end up as teammates?!"
>"That's what I want to know you hat priest! Glitcher! Give us new teammates so I can smack this guy around later! I know you can hear us!"
"Ha, he might have responded to that until that last part, now he'll just ignore you out of principle. Fine, how about a simple large hat, not a top hat, with..."

You proceed to convey what you envision with Option 2 for Sevener,

and then yourself.

If you do this one, though, you'll probably add a luchadora mask to Sevener's.

>"I want something with flames."
"What?! That is surprisingly tacky of you! No, not that surprising, actually."
>"Shut the hell up, how about we each just do our own thing."
"Unacceptable. We would be like a soft shade of sky blue against hot pink. Absolutely atrocious. Actually, I have an idea you may like!"
No. 697492 ID: dd338c
File 145386342693.png - (12.48KB , 800x800 , 53.png )

You describe yourself with Option 3.

"And then Alison, who we both know will manage to slither on in," you explain, to which the both of you nod, "will then leap off of a wrestling pose with a half moon bodyslam as you lay weakened on the ground, but I will intercept just in the nick of - "
>"Now you're daydreaming about some bullshit that won't happen."
"Well the idea is there!"


You should also give a little thought to whether or not you will keep your thin physique, or become temporarily swole for this round.
No. 697494 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, SOME muscle is a good idea as not to look silly. Don't have to get all barrel chest or anything, but at least bulk up enough to match your partner in relative strength.
No. 697495 ID: 0b66e1

No swole, stay lithe. (It's fitting for Sevener to be more swole, anyways).
No. 697516 ID: c22069

Increase Sevener's swoleness, but for Radmin only up him a moderate amount of swole as to not sacrifice quickness for strength.
No. 697573 ID: 99a64d

Big time swole is definitely necessary.
No. 698419 ID: dd338c
File 145421695666.png - (31.06KB , 1188x600 , 54.png )

You buy some muscle from shopkeep, just enough to perhaps get you looking in the same range as your partner, and enough to at least look like you are a wrestler.

>"Okay, uh... here we go." Shopkeep says, changing your surroundings. "This is your dressing room. It's where you'll wait for your next match. There's a TV in there, too, so you can watch the matches, although, uh, you're automatically going to see stuff like intros and special events no matter what, so the TV is just for optional stuff. Ah, intro is starting, so hold on!"
No. 698420 ID: dd338c
File 145421700154.png - (13.47KB , 800x800 , 55.png )

Glitcher clears his throat.

>Hello, everyone. It's me, the glitcher, live in a pocket dimension of stage 8. How are you all doing? I hope as many of you tuned in as possible, even you, Corruptor, wherever you are. Millions of you are with me and have been informed of today's events, but we are broadcasting from edge to edge of this cycle, including and primarily the untold billions that dwell in ghostland. You, the audience, have seen admins toy with your feelings, lay down the laws, and exercise power they never earned! What many may not realize, though, is that administrators on their own had very little power. To truly be the gods they were seen as, they would have to behave as a singular, united force. But the grand majority of you only saw one admin out of a many thousands. They squabbled. They fought. They were not united. And some of you may know as well, that the administrators had their own linear path of life and death, and the survivors were those who fit in closest to the "law" of what made the ideal administrator. It is ironic when you think about it, isn't it? The fewer administrators there are, the more likely they will have unanimous agreements and therefore unimaginable power over our cycling problems, but those few administrators are the highest standard of administrators - the very ones who would keep the status quo no matter how illogical, how ridiculous, and how evil it was. And now, there are four. Four out of millions. You can imagine their zeal, their stubborness."
No. 698421 ID: dd338c
File 145421701538.png - (14.59KB , 800x800 , 56.png )

>"But they may have been pushed too far by the uppity contestants, or just fallen to their own hubris. Things are different, now. Let me introduce the Rulekeeper. She is also ironically, a game changer, despite being formed by the current administration's overzealos nature and even folly. Now she has crafted a contest in which past administrators are given the chance to usurp the current administration. These admin-contestants are the ones who died, not necessarily because of incompetence, but because they had their own plans. Destroy the contests. Control everything. Become gods. It didn't fit into the grand plan of who can be an end game administrator, and thus, they died while the system continued on. But now they get a chance. And the only stipulation? They must agree to stabilize the Rulekeeper so that she will persist as long as is within the administration's power. Honestly, as long as they do that, it doesn't matter to the two of us who wins, because we'll be leaving soon to let this cycle play itself out. But, to all of the rest of you?... if these failures, these unadmin-like admins were to become administrators again, and with the ultimate power of administration only split four ways, then two ways, then all the power for the one remaining admin? What would they do, and how will it affect you, be you dead or alive? Changes are going to happen, everyone, and the question of what these changes are, will be answered tonight..."
No. 698422 ID: dd338c
File 145421702950.png - (292.68KB , 800x800 , 57.png )

>"AS THEY DUKE OUT THEIR DIFFERENCES IN WRESTLEDOME 4000, WHERE ONLY TWO TEAMS WILL MAKE IT OUT! And we've got a match of opposites to set us off!"

The audience roars instead of what you expected to be as much confusion as the last round. Glitcher must have filled them in, and likely even handpicked good audience members.

You wouldn't put it past him to hand pick millions.
No. 698424 ID: dd338c
File 145421709493.png - (45.57KB , 800x800 , 58.png )

>"Let's see them come down to the ring! Hailing from stage 4 and 6, these two administrators didn't wish to see contestants die off - so they did them a favor by attempting to make the contest last forever, and in doing so, sealed their own fates as the system moved on without their ideologies! If they win, then maybe everyone will live a life of puzzles and combat! They're Quarry and Tower!
No. 698425 ID: dd338c
File 145421712902.png - (84.85KB , 800x800 , 59.png )

>"And hailing from identical stages, are two administrators with opposite problems! They didn't want to see contestants live a life of hell - so they tried to appeal to the higher powers to make the stages go by in the blink of an eye, killing everyone to get it over with! Annihilator and Destroyer! Both teams think they're doing the world a favor! But who's really doing good? That's for you to decide! And of course, the referee! The one to decide when to enforce the rules, and how! Do you know who it is? Did you guess Rulekeeper? It's obvious, isn't it? Well that's wrong! Rulekeeper is on vacation and will be on commentary with me. Our real Referee..."
No. 698426 ID: dd338c
File 145421714185.png - (32.68KB , 800x800 , 60.png )

"Haha, she'll do her best! Take it away!"
"OKAY Okay uh, here's the rules probably! Any grapples and holds are legal. Any singular strikes are legal, but no combos, this isn't boxing! Once you strike, you either let them recover, or you pin them. Pins are 3 counts. If you're held down for 3, knocked out cold, or any body part hits outside of the ring, you're out!"
No. 698427 ID: dd338c
File 145421717819.png - (29.72KB , 1188x600 , 61.png )

Your awareness comes back to the dressing room, where the TV is off, although you can turn it on if you wish. Other objects of interest at the top of your head:
Dresser, Additional Rules, Lockers, Door (To Stadium, Ring or Communal Area), and Fridge.
No. 698430 ID: 211d83

Flip the tv on and go check out what is in the lockers and fridge.
No. 698433 ID: 5ad4a7

Check additional rules. Radmin got good at finding the "hidden rules", right? Try doing that here.
No. 698436 ID: 02422f

Well at least they gave you separate beds, you won't have to fight for it.

Check the dresser for spare clothes / secrets / hidden lewd items, ditto for the locker (yours at least, respect hers). Then see what's in the fridge. And hidden under the beds.

Check the rules absolutely last thing.

Be sure to compliment your partner on her costume in a manner that will annoy her.
No. 698457 ID: 15720c

Huh, where'd he get the rad fang? Is he trying to steal your radittude? Because if he is, he's doing it completely wrong. That's a different sort of rad.
No. 698458 ID: 739723

Comment on beds having been pushed together. Then check fridge for SNACKS. Got to keep your strength up! Then check rules, then other items of interest. Then TV! Got to keep an eye on your competition.

While doing these, discreetly check self for... physiological additions. Looks like a little more mass has appeared below your belt.
No. 698459 ID: bb78f2

Lift weights
Get your pose on
Make Sevener think about how it feels like your wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all.
No. 698465 ID: dd338c
File 145422987923.png - (22.01KB , 800x800 , 62.png )

You flip on the TV to listen to it while in the background. It tunes in right at the 'Ding' of a bell as the two teams tackle one another.

>Be sure to compliment your partner on her costume in a manner that will annoy her.
"You're looking like my teammate, alright."
>"That's bad, cause you look goofy as hell."
"I notice you decided to look the heavyweight part, hm?"
>"Least I can pull it off. You look like a baby sticking its face in a cardboard macho man cutout."

It would be more of a challenge to compliment her without also annoying her.

Meanwhile, the locker is completely empty at the moment. The dresser, on the other hand, has a set of yours and Sevener's normal attire.

The fridge contains food, protein energy bars, and protein shakes, and some water.

"Hm, these beds sure seem pushed together. Think Glitcher is trying to tell us something?"

Hidden under the bed is a secret note.

Quit screwing around, this isn't a stage with hidden items. -Glitcher

You toss the note under the bed, wondering to yourself what's up with Glitcher's flickering snaggletooth, before going to check the additional rules. It mostly gets all lawyery about the established rules, like 'what counts as 15 seconds out of the ring straight.' The exception is saying that the referee can be attacked, however, she is invincible and does not feel pain, and is also against the rules.

The only hidden rule you see was already seen: the rules only exist if the referee sees them being committed. If this Sweatermouse is looking the other way, then you can do whatever you please.

Lastly, you go do some pre-match lifts in, because that might not be completely pointless. Either way, it gives you time to consider future poses.
No. 698466 ID: dd338c
File 145422988696.png - (17.47KB , 800x800 , 63.png )

>"So when do we fight?" Sevener asks Shopkeep.
>"Oh, whenever you want. You can leave it up to Rulekeeper and Glitcher to bring you out when convenient, but if you like, you can also initiate a fight with another team. You just have to select them, and why you're challenging them. Spruce it up if you can I guess, to make it look dramatic, since you want the audience to make it feel more than just having to fight at some point in time."
>"Well who are the opponents, then?"
>"Right, uh, you already saw Quarry-Tower and Annihilator-Destroyer, then there's you two. So the remaining 5 teams..."

Doorstop-Tilebreaker: These two wanted to stop the contest entirely for as long as possible. While not dissimilar to Alison's goals, they were not as ambitious, and would only perpetuate a safe zone for as long as they could.
Guitar Knight-Unknown: Guitar Knight is the odd man out in this round, and will have a mystery teammate. He lost when he tried to take too much control, feeling that he should delegate as little as possible.
Earl-Count: These two blamed their subordinates for every single problem and mishap.
King-Sixer: Although these two played along with the system, they secretly researched ways to fight it for as long as possible, until they gained opportunities elsewhere.
Rhino-Gator: If they had their way, the contestant brackets and admin brackets would converge into an odd form of democracy. They felt all were equal in some regard, and should have equal say to everyone's fate.

You're not sure you ever heard that bit about Sixer, or even believe it.
No. 698469 ID: bb78f2

Wait, change of my earlier plans.

Sevener steals Sixer's car from the parking lot and drives it into his dressing room, and YOU insult Rhino. You're better at insulting people and being a narcissistic giant macho ass about it. Sevener's better at just being a blunt ass.
No. 698470 ID: 02422f

>If this Sweatermouse is looking the other way, then you can do whatever you please.
Note to self: figure out what would distract Sweatermouse. You can be the sneaky one who distracts her while Sevener goes for the kill.

(Just stealing the bedsheets to toss over her head might work, once. Aside from that, we might be able to distract her with a supposed appearance by Alison or Arbiter, but that's OOC for Radmin).

Presumably you want to not knock them out, and them to be the other two of the last 4 admins. Since they sided with Alison too and might be trustworthy. Probably should conspire with them in the public area later?

>Guitar Knight-Unknown
The only reason to gun for them would be to meet the mystery person.

I'm strong tempted to go for these guys just for being jerks. You knew better than to blame your subordinates for things that weren't their fault, even when they were bailing on you!

Sevener has a grudge against the gator admin. ("Fuck that gator admin"). Possible excuse for a match.

>what do
Double check, asking if Severer knows any of these people (she might know more than we know, if some of them were involved in the CAI battle mess). Then see about checking the common area, and maybe talking to King and/or Sixer.

Then we can plan a dramatic match thing.
No. 698471 ID: 5ad4a7

This might be a good time to decide who you DO want to work with.

I know who you *won't* like to work with.

Rhino-Gator. How dare they say everyone is equal. You are clearly a head above the rest!
No. 698472 ID: 739723

Hmm. What short description are you two getting, when someone else asks about you? We're going to need to play off the personas of all involved. Ultimate victor is still decided by who the crowd gets excited about.

So, we need to start building the relationships between teams. Can we leave to interact with other teams outside the ring? Will the audience get to see anything that happens that's worth watching outside the ring, maybe through some cameraman who's wandering around the backstage area? Will we be able to do "interviews" where we trash-talk in preparation for matches?

As Sevener if she has a particular grudge on anyone, that'll get you both started.
No. 698474 ID: dd338c
File 145423424204.png - (22.91KB , 800x800 , 64.png )

You check under your belt for any oddities that may have occurred during your bulkening. Your groin appears to be exactly as you expect it. Given that you will completely dominate this round, you doubt that it really matters what's under the belt anyway.

"Hold on, I got other questions. This door. Is it abstracted to just teleport us through time to our next match, or is it real world?"
>"Oh, yeah! I mean no. You can go out there and mingle with the audience, but you might never be seen again I dunno. Then the communal area I mentioned. Other people's dressing rooms. I mean, this is all in real space, it's actually very much free roam, although I don't think Glitcher made like a whole town just for this or anything."
"Let's go jack Sixer's car and ram it into his dressing room."
>"...... what?" says Sevener.
"You heard me."
>"Sixer doesn't have a car! None of us have ever driven! We don't even know why we know what cars are!.... Which is a shame, because otherwise that would've been the best idea you've had, rather than the dumbest."
"Nevermind! We may actually want to work with them anyways. Shopkeep, what description are others getting when asked about us?"
>"Betrayed by the system, now fighting more as contestants than administrators."
"Huh! And Sevener, you know anyone of these?"
>"Yeah, actually a lot. Gator, who helped me fight Alison in the CAI battle. We won't get along well, though, we apparently have a past. But the rest? Rhino, Earl, Count, Guitar Knight, Doorstop and Tilebreaker. All those bastards didn't join up when we requested assistance, and they all backstabbed the ones who did. I got beef with all of them."
"Sounds like some juicy drama! Shopkeep, will we be able to do pre game trashtalk interviews?"
>"Geez, you're really on top of this. Yeah, in fact, you should probably assume you're being watched at all times, and anything you do or say can be used for dramatic purposes."
"This is all good! We may have material yet. Well, let's head to the common area."
No. 698476 ID: dd338c
File 145423468770.png - (24.23KB , 800x800 , 65.png )

Sevener follows with nothing better to do.

It's a dining area and bar. A big one, with capacity for hundreds, you bet. You see a sports section to the side with billiards and televisions all broadcasting the match, with billiard tables and dartboards to go.

Supervisors. Watchers. Shopkeep barons, even teleporters and bartenders. It appears that more than just admins were brought back!

And each role has exactly the same look. That is not how things worked, and you have a feeling that Glitcher has something to do with this; either he had to reconstruct their look and only had your own bracket handy for reference, or more likely, he found it funny.
No. 698477 ID: 02422f

Hello, any of you I used to know! Sorry, you all look the same at the moment.
No. 698490 ID: dd338c
File 145424032837.png - (25.47KB , 800x800 , 66.png )

"Hey, everyone I used to know! Is there anyone like that here?!"
>"Yeah! Me, don't you remember me? From stage 5?"
"Sure I remember all my supervisors! Too bad I can't tell you apart from others."
>"Yeah, okay."
>"Hey, Sevener! You're here too - I thought you were in stage 8?" a shopkeep baron comes talking to Sevener.
>"Some nice-acting douche that was an earlier me took me out."
"You mean yourself from earlier cycles?"
>"Yeah. Next time I see some lame you from the past, I'll point and say that's you."
"Whatever! Wonder if this means we can get our old crews back."
>"Isn't there only room for so many?" supervisor asks.
"I'm the administrator! I can have an overstaffed crowd if I want."

>"How many?! If you have room for me, I'll join!" some other Supervisor chimes in, and many others echo it.
No. 698504 ID: 99a64d

The more the merrier? If it gets to be too many then we can do something to thin the herd.
No. 698508 ID: 211d83

Yes to all of them. But we need to customize there looks. Having a crew of identical people will look silly. So go see shopkeeper and ask if we can get them outfitted in our team colors.
No. 698517 ID: 739723

Depends on how you want to sell yourselves. Under the "admins turned contestants" angle, you might get some more approval if you play up sympathetic motives - say, finding out what's behind this whole system, who's been manipulating it, and finding a way out. Or, at least, teaching it a lesson, and teaching a lesson to these other admin chumps along the way.

In any case, a big pile of system employees for fans might not help endear you to the contestants in the audience. At the very least, you should change how they look. Maybe send them out to find your contestant allies, friends and acquaintances to join in your section of the bleachers?
No. 698522 ID: 02422f

Ask Sevener just how far we're going to be Alison-ing things up. Are we gonna try and save them all?
No. 698541 ID: dd338c
File 145426718292.png - (24.92KB , 800x800 , 67.png )

"The more the merrier, I say! How about it, Sevener, will we try to save them all?"
>"Why the hell wouldn't we?"
"Very well! All who want to be under our gigantic umbrella are welcome - if you're working for our side, though, I'd like to see who's in the audience! Either people who were in my stage, or people who are on our side."
>"Why?" Sevener whispers to me.
"Cause if they're out there, they can't be recruited by other wrestlers under our nose."
>"Supervisors, barons and watchers go out there. I want some people taking care of minutiae. Operator Collective, stay with us."
"And get a unique look from the shopkeep!"

>"Understood!" says a lot of people, although some stay behind. You don't care about them, as they are clearly losers.
No. 698543 ID: dd338c
File 145426759035.png - (28.02KB , 800x800 , 68.png )

Just as much of everyone leaves, two wrestlers come into your view from across the way.

>"Doorstopper and Tilebreaker, left and right." says Sevener, like she's spitting the words on the ground.
No. 698544 ID: 739723

Huh, now who are these? Not King and Sixer. If it was Rhino and Gator I'd expect one of them to have a horn or something. Guitar Knight would have a guitar and the unknown would probably be someone we'd know, paradoxical though that is. That leaves Earl-Count and Doorstop-Tilebreaker.

You know what, though?

We don't care who they are because they're chumps
No. 698550 ID: 02422f

>>"Why the hell wouldn't we?"
Logistical insanity?

(Also the pointlessness of keeping any one person 'alive' when we're trying to break everything apart).

Time for Sevener to pick a fight with losers who left her out to dry, and then broken everything while she was out fighting the good fight. They think they deserve to be admins again?
No. 698565 ID: 5ad4a7

Well well well, if it isn't wussmaster one and two. NO SAFE ZONE IN THE RING, BOYS.
No. 698568 ID: 02422f

Oh, the other reason not to overfill your admin stage with minions would be the system still has to pick 2 of the 4 to advance to stage 9. Overloading isn't 'good' admin behavior, so unless all 4 of you do it, it's a mark against you.

(Being "bad" admins is gonna be a weird game of all breaking certain rules so they system can't single you out for it).
No. 698573 ID: dd338c
File 145427329654.png - (31.01KB , 1000x600 , 69.png )

"I can't say I care who they are, Sevener."
>"Well, they're coming over."

"And who might you two be?" says Tilebreaker.
>"Cut the bullshit, you know who I am." says Sevener. "Or maybe you'll recognize me better if I turn my back, since that's all you saw while stabbing me.
"I'd tell you who I am, but I don't want you to get panic attacks when you hear the word admin! So you two are the ones who broke everything while Sevener was fighting the good fight, hm? And you think you deserve to be admins, again?"
"Of course!" says Doorstopper. "The good fight, you say? All Sevener did was run out of bounds to a reckless, unknown world! She never agreed with anyone, and stopped a unified administration. Our dream was eventually to aid them, while you both worked on the contestant's level instead of helping them!"
"Hmph, you wouldn't understand how peering down from your Five by Five Throneroom disconnects you from reality! As far as I'm concerned, you're both delusional."
"You act like being a contestant is being better, but here you all are, all escorted by your operators!" Tilebreaker continues. "What will you do when you cross the ropes where the operators can't follow?!"
"Introduce our opponents's faces to the mat, wussmasters! There's no safe zone in the ring, and you'll be wishing to crawl back to where operators can go!"
No. 698575 ID: 02422f

They're up against the Adwinistrator and Radmin. The only reason you're out is because you got Alisoned. These other chumps don't stand a chance.
No. 698585 ID: 99a64d


>You act like being a contestant is being better, but here you all are, all escorted by your operators!
What can you say? People like to follow those that don't suck, that's their choice.

Keep up the beef, act even more condescending, wonder aloud if they're even worth trouncing. Explain to them about how you're the cream of the crop. Tell them that those who aren't ready to take drastic actions to get shit done don't deserve to be at the top.
No. 698587 ID: 211d83

Bah that's the problem with admins like you. You don't have any vision.

Trying to save people in your one little stage while ignoring the big picture. Desperately trying to make tiny changes to the system when you really should be trying to break out like we are.

But don't worry once we win there is plenty of space for everyone to ride on our victory train.
No. 698598 ID: dd338c
File 145427926229.png - (32.92KB , 1000x600 , 70.png )

"As for the Operators themselves, they're logical beasts who choose the winning team, so I'd say they're fully functional! Don't worry yourself, though, once we win, there'll be plenty of room to ride on our victory train as opposed to the toy tracks that you call your own ambitions. So listen here, chumps. You're up against Radmin and the Adwinistrator. The only reason we're out is because we got Alison'd, and she won't be coming in to save you." Probably, you think to yourself.
"Sounds like you just can't pick your fights is what happened, and it's happening again! You won't know what kind of wrestling moves hit you while you try some fancy, showmanship triple decker kick above your league, all you know is that you're on the mat gasping for breath!" says Doorstop.
>"What, simple and effective maneuvers from you guys?" Sevener says. "Is that why your masks look like they're clip-ons, and your capes like a fail-safe against putting it on upsidedown?! You look like the poster children for the wrestling D-List."
"Hmph, between the ghetto lizard and the Top Hat Prime riding fox, you two wouldn't know what good fashion would look like if it were burned in your retinas!"
>"What's more relevant here is if I'd know what child safety restraints look like!"
"Aw that's it, you wanna go?" Tilebreaker chimes in. "I bet we can get another ref in here for an inside match!"
"You two must be in a hurry to embarrass yourselves!"
>"Yeah!" About 4 of our Operators echo.
"But if we're going to lift a finger to trounce you, we want it to be in front of millions."
No. 698599 ID: dd338c
File 145427929359.png - (18.85KB , 800x800 , 71.png )

>"Radmin, Sevener." you hear a voice call out from another place also across the room. "What are you two doing? There's no audience in here, so don't start a fight."
No. 698601 ID: 02422f

Hey, shit talking before a match is a time honored tradition! I assume. And there's not telling when our ringmasters are gonna turn the hidden cameras on.

Ask how they did in the earlier rounds. (Sevener didn't have any). How were your dates? (I assumed King got easymoded through with Mint and/or Pepper).
No. 698602 ID: 5ad4a7

Then let's take it to the ring! Officially challenge these guys.
No. 698609 ID: 211d83

Oh my god Sixer did you manage to get even fluffier somehow? I like the dual crown thing you go going on though.

I am guessing that King thought up your outfits. I would have gone with team double fluff if I was you though.

And yes challenge Door and Tile to a match. Right here if need be. Am sure Glitcher can open up the walls and we can have a cafeteria bar brawl/food fight. Lots of folding chairs and sugar glass beer bottles around for improvised weaponry.
No. 698612 ID: bb78f2

Grab Sixer by the legs and smash Doorstopper with him.
No. 698617 ID: 739723

King, you gotta learn. There's always an audience... even if it's just yourself. The cheers you have to earn first are the ones in your own heart!

Also Shopkeep said we're all being watched constantly but only wussy babies would care about that.

Anyway, we're out here scoping which weaklings most deserve a righteous beatdown. The Adwinistrator has a list of the needy already, but we've got space for more, and this pair here have seem eager to jockey for position. There's plenty of charity to go around.
No. 698621 ID: dd338c
File 145428262571.png - (21.15KB , 800x800 , 72.png )

"Well well! Sixer! Are you even fluffier than I last saw?"
>"I don't think so?"
"Well how'd you both do in the early rounds? King, I assume you had some Peppermint flavored help."
>"Yes. It's a farce, although he seems to be trying to get us to believe that this won't be an easy round for us." says King.
"Unsurprising! Just remember that we are all the audience, here, there is no such thing as 'no audience'. Anyways, your dates?"
>"It was a nice distraction." says Sixer.

"Hey! Aren't you forgetting something?"
No. 698623 ID: dd338c
File 145428267169.png - (19.30KB , 800x800 , 73.png )

"Hm? Am I? Ah, yes! Your destruction! Since you're so determined to see it, we'll challenge you! Right here, right now!"
"GLITCHERRR! Bring us a referee!"

They are both so temptingly distracted, and I am just noticing the great list of bar and restaurant related objects I have within arm's reach.

>Grab Sixer by the legs and smash Doorstopper with him.
.... Sixer is also distracted.
No. 698624 ID: 02422f

>great list of bar and restaurant related objects I have within arm's reach
Please, please let there be a baseball bat under the counter for Sevener to grab. Bartenders keep them there for unruly patrons!

As for Radmin, I dunno, use a chair? Those are kind of a classic.

>>Grab Sixer by the legs and smash Doorstopper with him.
He's a bug! He'll break in half! And he's all fluff! It would be like hitting Doorstopper with a pillow.
No. 698626 ID: 211d83

Quick bash them with Sixer before the ref gets here. Have Sevener assault them with beer bottles or something.

Then right before Glitcher and Sweatermouse get here lie down and flip a table on yourself so it looks like the other two teams started it. Or whatever comes to mind.
No. 698627 ID: bb78f2

Sixer's light enough from the fluff for you to lift, but solid enough to hurt... or fake hurt, hurting or winning the match isn't important, image maintained is.
Besides, it's a heel thing to do. As a heel, you have to break as many rules as possible, but get caught only a few times. Knock out the referee as soon as possible. Sevener can handle that, tell her to german suplex the referee as soon as they show up.
No. 698629 ID: 739723

The rules didn't say anything about using weapons, improvised or non.

You're not that blatant, though, Radmin. You've gotta play your character. Sevener's the one who goes for the brute stuff between you, so she can be the one to go for the chair or whatnot right now. You're the tricky one. So what you do is, you grab something and conceal it, palm it or tuck it in the band of your pants beneath your cloak. Roll of coins in the fist, a big napkin or towel to roll up and use as a soft garrote, book of matches or lighter to get the edge of their capes and distract them, things like that.
No. 698630 ID: 99a64d

Don't use Sixer, he's too fluffy (plus we don't want to fight king). And don't try trickery, we're aiming to be faces, not heels.

Give 'em a bit of the ol' chair smash, then RKO one into a table or something.

If they question your motives for fighting before the ref shows up, explain that beating them down is its own reward.
No. 698632 ID: dd338c
File 145428552595.png - (28.17KB , 800x800 , 74.png )

>Sixer'll break in half
One less opponent, then!


"Suplex the referee when she gets here, Sevener!"

In the chaos, and underneath Sixer's mountain of fluff, no one sees you swipe one pack of matches.
No. 698633 ID: dd338c
File 145428554783.png - (34.38KB , 800x800 , 75.png )

>"Didn't you read the rules?! She's invincible!"

Sevener whacks someone with a beer bottle.

>And don't try trickery, we're aiming to be faces, not heels.
It's a little late, now.

"Isn't there a bat or something?!"
>"I don't need a bat for these small fry!"

The PA goes on, with Glitcher's voice behind it.

>"And it looks like we got a fight in the back room! Run over there, Sweatermouse, this real match is wrapping up!"
No. 698635 ID: bb78f2

If she's invincible, that means we have to depants one of these two losers and put 'em over Sweater Mouse's head.
So, nearly same plan Sevener, suplex one of these losers while I depants 'em!
No. 698636 ID: 211d83

Ok make sure the floor by the door is covered in something slippery like cooking oil. Then when Sweatermouse runs in she will slip and fall.

Ideally then you have a bag ready for her to slide in and then use her invulnerable body in the bag to bash your opponents unconscious.

Cept what to use as a bag? Maybe your cloak? Or if there are any curtains around here?
No. 698641 ID: 99a64d

Oh well, we can do a heel face turn later if need be.

Break Tilebreaker's face on the tiles.
No. 698642 ID: 02422f

>One less opponent, then!
But there's supposed to be 4 winners, remember. Is there some other jerk you'd rather have share the stage with you and Sevener?

>"Didn't you read the rules?! She's invincible!"
Just say "look it's Arbiter" and when she turns to look, throw a tablecloth over her. If she can't see you rulebreaking, it's legal.
No. 698646 ID: 739723

Don't be mean to Sweatermouse. Or at least not more mean than you need to be to drop something over her head if you get the chance.

Wait, aren't we out "if any body part hits outside the ring"? All of this is outside the ring, so we'd all be out for standing on the ground or on the furnishings. So that'd allow Sweatermouse to call this off if she wanted. Not that it matters, since this isn't a match to be won, just a chance to set up a storyline for resolution in the ring later.

... maybe if you stand on your opponents' bodies? She could still call an end to it, but with them losing instead of an all-out draw.
No. 698648 ID: bb78f2

I'd like to reiterate that the it's the audience approval or disapproval that makes winners. If Sixer can get sympathy from his injuries, his perseverance, and establishes his role as a good face, he'll make it to the top with King. Sixer getting his revenge for this later will boost his approval scores. Using him as a weapon now, delaying his capacity to fight us soon, will make him fight us later when we're mostly done making bastards of ourselves.

Odds are it will be one face team and one heel team that moves on to the next round or wins the admin contest. I mean, it's an easier metric for Glitcher and Rulekeeper to take, who is most loved and who is most hated.

If we win this fight too quick, make sure to tell King and Sixer to get some hair (or more fluff, rather) on their chest first before considering taking us on. Let's not blow our loads too soon on some petty shit, ta-ta for now. We'll see them in the championships, if they can survive that long. Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!
No. 698665 ID: 15720c

Not only is Sweatermouse invincible, it's against the rules to attack her, isn't it?
No. 698671 ID: 5ad4a7

I'm not sure how you define "attack", here.
No. 698711 ID: 92a560

It just means we can use her as a shield
No. 698768 ID: dd338c
File 145454003478.png - (30.29KB , 800x800 , 76.png )

"Sevener, you probably read the rule lawyering board! What defines an attack?!" you say, breaking some tiles off the wall with Tilebreaker's face.
>"That's left up to the referee to decide. Use your common sense, sheesh."
"Well, how does she call someone out if she can't see them?"
>"She can't! She can only hand out cards if she can see herself what happened."
"Suplex Doorstop for me!"

Doorstop is still stumbling from that beer strike, and Sevener topples him over.
No. 698769 ID: dd338c
File 145454004618.png - (35.28KB , 800x800 , 77.png )

You yank his pants off, and run off towards the main entrance.
No. 698772 ID: dd338c
File 145454053332.png - (16.48KB , 800x800 , 78.png )

No. 698773 ID: dd338c
File 145454055271.png - (25.10KB , 800x800 , 79.png )



You quickly tie the pants legs together so that Sweatermouse isn't going to be seeing or calling out your terrible deeds anytime soon.

Out of the corners of your eyes, you see that the televisions are broadcasting this fight, now, with Glitcher talking about how you're a horrible monster.

Hm. He may have a point, and you may be getting carried away with this. On one hand, breaking the rules by beating down Tilebreaker using the very person who's supposed to enforce the rules sounds pretty rad. On the other hand, this referee just seems to be a completely random individual with no correlation to anyone you've ever known, and you may just be picking on poor, confused contestants.

A) Show mercy, be the villains with limits and ethics. Have the Operators carry Sweatermouse away from here and finish the job.
B) Fuck it, you work on extremes. Become the big bad antagonist of the wrestledome. Use Sweatermouse as a blunt weapon.
C) Other
No. 698774 ID: 02422f


A. The little blue thing never did anything to you, no need to torment her needlessly when you can win anyways! It's bad enough she has someone else's pants on her head.
No. 698775 ID: bb78f2

When King and Sixer fight us, it'll give us the popularity boost they need, especially when we aim for a fall.
No. 698781 ID: b412df

No need to do anything that drastic, we've got plenty of time to do some villainy while Sweatermouse removes the trousers.
Plus, I'd rather not push the rules too much.
No. 698792 ID: 211d83

B. Its not like its going to hurt her anyway and if you are going to be bad you better go big.
No. 698796 ID: 90f3c0

B. You have to go all out to win this. Be the most vile villain you can be.
No. 698798 ID: ab3fce

Whisper "Alison says hi" to the judge so she knows what faction you belong to. Plus being a fluffy sweater mouse she is probably on your team anyway.

And then go with plan B. Cause you only live once.
No. 698801 ID: 9a900b

A. Don't be mean to Sweatermouse!

Also you don't want to be out and out hated. The feeling you should go for with the crowd is the same you went for with Shellmeat earlier. Terrible, but terrible in a way they'll prefer to the other admins. You want to be bad but loveable, not bad and hateable.
No. 698804 ID: 4546ab

C. Ask her if she wants to do something fun. If she says yes use her to bludgeon the other team.

If she says no then say "Well to bad because the mighty Doorstop does not take no for a answer". Then use her to bludgeon the other team.

Once they are down you can remove the pants and pretend you rescued her.
No. 698805 ID: 99a64d

When Radmin goes full heel, he goes FULL HEEL. Plus she'll be fine, so it's all good.
No. 698815 ID: 73c49c

A. sweater mouse does not need to be used as a weapon.
No. 698835 ID: bb6515


if sweatermouse is sad i iwll die

C) kiss her thru the pants as u say goodbye
No. 698838 ID: dd338c
File 145455817772.png - (44.89KB , 1200x600 , 80.png )

It's a tough choice, and you have to admit to yourself that you aren't as confident in your decision as you usually are and like to be. Nonetheless, if you're to play a heel, you won't be going with half measures. You will go Full Heel. This does, on the bright side, get you thinking about how awesome your heel turnaround will be as a result.

Sweatermouse, predictably, begins trying to take her new pair of pants off, and so you use her hands to lift her up and begin swinging her around in circles just as Tilebreaker starts getting up.

You manage to nail one of Sweatermouse's flailing feet right into Tile's jaw as you yell "Alison says HI!" to him. You wouldn't say it to Sweatermouse, she probably has no idea what an Alison is.


You doubt you can do a good impersonation of Tilebreaker, and so you remain silent.

Signature Move Unlocked: Spin The Referee
No. 698841 ID: 211d83

Face kicks from a invulnerable ref must hurt. Anyone else within reach you can get her to smack while spinning?

If not set her down on her feet and spin her over to Sevener. Will keep her disoriented and give Sevener a chance to mess up things and prove she is not nearly as clever as you are.
No. 698846 ID: 5ad4a7

Once you're done roughing up your opponents, set Sweatermouse down and then literally spin her so she gets dizzy and doesn't know which direction is what by the time she takes off the pants. That way she won't be able to tell who did it.

Once she gets them off, go for a pin!
No. 698850 ID: 02422f

Just get the Observers to act as witnesses afterwards. The other team totally did that. You wouldn't, you're a good guy. You even worked with Alison!
No. 698867 ID: bb78f2

Now throw her far and pin that fucker, end this match. If Sevener hasn't already pinned her opponent, she has failed spectacularly.
No. 698898 ID: c22069

This is great >>698846

Also make sure to De-Mask them after you go for the pin and end the match.
No. 698962 ID: 99a64d

Do these, but first go in for the pin!
No. 699076 ID: dd338c
File 145464486724.png - (16.38KB , 800x800 , 81.png )

You gesture to the operators to start spinning Sweatermouse. You're pretty sure that Sevener hasn't pinned her opponent, but only because it looks like she's kicking someone on the ground, so you think she's still got things covered in some sense.

Meanwhile, you decide to go for the pin yourself. It comes to your attention that you actually have no idea what proper pinning form is, but that's okay because you're also pretty sure that you knocked this guy out. Either way, you count to three.
No. 699082 ID: dd338c
File 145464507260.png - (27.11KB , 800x800 , 82.png )

Sweatermouse has her pants off and is stumbling around before you can figure out how to take off this guy's mask. In fact, it looks like his mask is part of his body rather than an article of clothing. That's not interesting at all. Either way, Sweatermouse doesn't seem to care at all that you're pinning this guy.

"Why are you guys spinning me?! You! You're the one that swung me around, right?!"
"Me? I'm a good guy. With Alison, even."
"Are you two really Radmin and Sevener! I heard you guys were awesome! You guys are the worst, did you really start a brawl before the first real match even ended?!"

The operators start chiming in.

>"Nope, Radmin's a good guy. He's with Alison."
>"It was Tilebreaker that grabbed you."
>"Radmin totally turned it around."
>"It was awesome."
>"He wouldn't do that."
>"We were only spinning you while trying to keep you away from Tile."

"Ohmygosh do you think I'm stupid I could see Tilebreaker when I walked in the room and GLITCHER SHOW ME THE REPLAY!"

All the TVs start displaying an instant replay of you doing the helicopter with Sweatermouse.
No. 699083 ID: dd338c
File 145464508014.png - (24.11KB , 800x800 , 83.png )

Sevener comes by.
>"Shut the fuck up, operators. We don't need anyone lying on our behalf, cause there's nothing to lie about. Yeah, listen here, audience! We're gonna be the bad guys, because we don't give a single shit about the rules. That's why we let ourselves on board with Alison, so we can throw the damn rules to the ground!"
"You're so lucky I have rules too and I can only penalize actions that are currently taking place! I am keeping both of my eyes on you both, you hear me?! One slip up and you guys'll have so many cards in your eyes you w...."
No. 699086 ID: dd338c
File 145464543870.png - (13.91KB , 800x800 , 84.png )

".... ahaha actually I dunno why I'm being mad that was kinda fun when I look back on it and it's not like I lose anything if I do a bad job. Uh wait no I mean, watch yourselves you can't be mean to me just because I don't feel pain! I won't take my eyes off you two when you're in the ring, especially if you make Alison look bad so apologize to these two guys you beat up in front of like billions!!"
No. 699088 ID: 5ad4a7

Apologize? Okay, "I'm sorry you guys suck so much." Also they were totally asking for it, no lie.

So did we win or what?
No. 699090 ID: 211d83

You have to have teams like ours Sweatermouse! Without silly villains who would make the heroes look good? And who would you have around to redeem at the last moment?

Wrestling is a fine art and most of it is about giving the audience a good show.

If Alison were here she would be right in on the fun with us.

But don't worry we will use only the cleanest nicest pants on you from here on out.
No. 699094 ID: bb78f2

We have nothing to apologize for.
No. 699098 ID: 02422f

Do... pins even matter if the ref doesn't see it?

>ahaha actually I dunno why I'm being mad that was kinda fun when I look back on it and it's not like I lose anything if I do a bad job
Haha, she's one of those types who gets really mad at you for doing stuff but secretly really like it. This is perfect for Radmin. Radmin / Sweatermouse crack ship go.

(...that or Glitcher cheated and messed with her before she got too mad against the people he's rigging this for. I kind of hope not, though).

This bodes well for our signature move, though.

>apologize to these two guys you beat up in front of like billions!
Sorry I made you guys look so bad. I mean, that was just terrible. Awful. Pathetic. Really pathetic. Really really pathetic. I mean... [gets cut off]
No. 699099 ID: 4710e1

I thought the whole point was to beat up people in front of billions?

And we are very sorry they were so horrible at this. Was barely even a fight really.
No. 699140 ID: 15720c

>Do... pins even matter if the ref doesn't see it?
Doesn't matter. Knockouts count too, right?
No. 699349 ID: dd338c
File 145472242349.png - (21.00KB , 800x800 , 85.png )

>Doesn't matter. Knockouts count too, right?
They do in your heart!

"Very well. I apologise that we completely thrashed you in front of billions, and sorry that we made it look so one sided. That was just so terrible. Awful. Pathetic. Really path-"
No. 699353 ID: dd338c
File 145472255536.png - (13.21KB , 800x800 , 86.png )

"Okay that's enough! Sevener do you have a better apology?"
"Come on, try to make a decent apology!"
>"I don't have an apology at all. I'm not sorry."
"Apologize anyway!"
>"Or else what?"
"Ohhhh Gosh you guys really are the worst!"
"So did we win?" you ask.
"No! That wasn't a real match!"
No. 699354 ID: dd338c
File 145472256282.png - (31.95KB , 800x800 , 87.png )

>"Radmin! Sevener!" Some flying thing with a microphone comes flying at us. "Can I borrow you two for a few minutes for an interview? Like what you think of your opponents so far, and what's your battle strategy for when you're in the ring and can't easily get the drop on people like that?"
No. 699358 ID: 02422f

Flutter worm? Reporter fly? Newsbug?

>Can I borrow you two for a few minutes for an interview?

>Like what you think of your opponents so far,
Not much.

>and what's your battle strategy for when you're in the ring and can't easily get the drop on people like that?
We'd be dumb to give that away now when our competition can hear, and to spoil the surprise for the audience.
No. 699390 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, at least this means there'll be a grudge match.
No. 699392 ID: 99a64d

Our opponents are trash compared to us, as expected. If we can't get the drop on our opponents the easy way then we'll do it the hard way. I still have quite a few tricks up my sleeve, and hell, look at this woman, she's like a wall of pure ass kicking.
No. 700553 ID: dd338c
File 145505912211.png - (25.83KB , 800x800 , 88.png )

"What's your name, little guy?"
>"Uh, the interviewer, but if you-"
"Yes yes, I will answer! Not that there is much to answer with, since there's not much to think about them, ha!"
>"They're trash." says Sevener.
"Yes, well, compared to us, that's expected and obvious. I'd say that if we can't get the drop on our opponents then we'd do it the hard way, but that implies it would still be hard! My sleeve is stocked full of tricks, and this woman at my side is a wall of ass kicking."
>"For once we agree, so I won't need tricks."
"As for battle strategy, you think we'd give that away while our competition can hear?"
>"We're going to punch them, and Rulekeeper or whoever's running out there better bring us out soon before we get bored again and punch the closest team outside the ring again."
"Yeah, we'll be looking forward to the grudge match, 'cause the only thing better than stomping them is stomping them twice!"
>"Okay, I think that's it!" says the interviewer. "I hope to get more of your time later, but for now, I've got to run, thanks!... please let go."

It sounds to you like that's the end of that, as Tilebreaker and Doorstop get up and leave without a word, as they should. You can either go stir up trouble somewhere else, go somewhere else, or just stick around until a match comes served to you.
No. 700559 ID: 02422f

Pff. Inappropriate tail-grabbing.

>You can either go stir up trouble somewhere else, go somewhere else, or just stick around until a match comes served to you.
Hmm. We should probably give them a chance to find you an opponent before you go and mess it up by finding you own first.

Not sure where else we could go to mess around, though. Head out to the audience and high hive a few people, play to the crowd, get some cheers / boos, see who's out there?

We could also try discretely gathering more stuff for tricks, or getting Supervision / your allies to find you stuff and/or information to use against others in the ring.
No. 700565 ID: 5ad4a7

Talk to Sixer and King. Get a kind of back-room alliance going since they're the only admin team you're likely to get along with after this is all over.
No. 700583 ID: 25273c

Go think up, and then practice, some signature moves. Showy stuff with ridiculous names. Some of them will be team stuff, so you'll need to set that up in advance.
No. 700679 ID: c47b0c

Let's go fuck up some more teams. Actually, let's pick a fight with Glitcher for being a back stabbing monster.
No. 700744 ID: 15a025

Sevener should drag Radmin back into the locker room and practice some killer moves on him.
No. 700745 ID: 99a64d

Let's wander around a bit before starting more shit, don't want the audience to get sick of us before we even hit the ring.
No. 701345 ID: dd338c
File 145532485636.png - (26.70KB , 800x800 , 89.png )

You figure that you'd like to have a match in the ring sometime, so you decide not to wreck any more teams, for now. You do get a few operators to go gather some dirt on them, though, whatever may come up from it.

>Go think up and practice some signature moves
You start to talk to Sevener, who then decides to drag you back to the locker room to get some practice on you. There's no harm in that, you think, since you're pretty sure you'll automatically start at full health, so to speak, at the beginning of a match.

You learn a few things, mostly that as it turns out, you're actually bad at wrestling. Like, really bad. Maybe it's just that Sevener is good, and that everyone besides her is bad. And you don't need to be in denial over that, because it's not like you take pride in wrestling, you just take pride in winning, and that's what happened.

Nonetheless, you do have a few strong points here. You're not sure if there's hidden stats, but after some experimentation with Sevener, you have a feeling your strong points will be Cheap Shots, Illegal Moves/Combos, and Signature Moves.

The first is situational and the second is obvious, but you can prepare for the last one by thinking up some Signature Moves, since you will probably have to resort to actions that aren't Spin The Referee.
No. 701347 ID: 02422f

>you're actually bad at wrestling
So don't fight fair. Fighting without tricks is not actually an option. Coyote or nothing.

>thinking up some Signature Moves
Some kind of taunt? From your plan versus Alison to kill resurrection, to the way you lead those people into a trap in stage 8, to even the way you handled yourself earlier, getting people to attack you so you can screw them over is kind of your thing.

Something where you toss your opponent to your partner would be pretty funny. "Delegation" or "Make her do all the work" or something along those lines.

>you will probably have to resort to actions that aren't Spin The Referee.
Pff. You're totally gonna taker her for a spin again, though.
No. 701350 ID: bb78f2

RKO out of nowhere is a classic and fitting for you
Butt Buster is a STRONG MOVE
The Chokeslam is a DIRTY DIRTY MOVE
No. 701356 ID: 020b5e

Your signature moves should still have a slight element of cheateriness to them, like you're grabbing for extra advantages. Stuff like springing yourself off the ropes, climbing the posts to jump off onto your opponent, pushing your opponent into the ropes and twisting them to get them caught...

Here's one: you spring yourself off the ropes for a clothesline, but at the last moment you duck or roll under/side them and spring off the opposite ropes to take them in the back. Maybe practice rolling back up onto your feet, and how to use the ropes quickly?

Other fake-out moves would probably do you well, too.
No. 701357 ID: e91254

Tiger Drivers are pretty illegal, right?
No. 701368 ID: c22069

One of Radmin's Illegal Moves/Combos should be calling in Operators to tie up/hassle the Ref so he can get away with cheap shots. Bonus points if the Operators dress up as like Minions/Ruffians.
No. 701378 ID: 99a64d

>you're actually bad at wrestling. Like, really bad. Maybe it's just that Sevener is good

I bet it's because you've hyped her up as the strong one and you as the sneaky one, so your stats changed to reflect that. As long as you play your roles well you'll do well.

I think the sneaky RKO FROM OUTTA NOWHERE BAH GAWD would be a good signature move for you. The occasional opportunistic double knee backbreaker would also not be misplaced. Some kinda suplex junk would be good for sevener. You should also definitely work on some tag team finishers, but I having trouble thinking of any, maybe something where she holds one of 'em while you pummel them?
No. 701393 ID: 8e9d4b

Hmm. This might be the time to test something. When you or Sevener's come up with a signature move, test it out on each other. When you know what your opponent's about to do, do you feel any sort of compulsion to let them do their cool move? Or that there's some hidden force deciding whether you're allowed interrupt them or dodge?

I'm just thinking, in wrestling shows that go for spectacle, the wrestlers often let their opponents have their moves, so that the audience can get to see them in their full glory. But you are all competing more than performing, so it seems like without some measure to prevent it, you'd all just try to interrupt each other's fancy techniques and it would end up being just boring. Like, maybe there's hidden mechanics so that, for example, you can only interrupt a move if it would look cooler or build tension or the audience would like it more, or similar?

Because, if that was the case, it could benefit you to practice cool interrupts as well.
No. 701399 ID: 211d83

One of your moves should be to get your minions to come out of the crowd and hand you folding chairs and such.

Or somehow interfere with the match in some way until frightened off by the ref.

Oh could have two guys whose whole job is to jam a sack over Sweatermouse and start spinning her chair around. Would give you time to pull of sneaky tricks.

Would be your ultimate distract the ref move.
No. 701490 ID: 2f4b71


If Radmin's speciality is dirty tricks, his signature should be an opening to use ALL THE TRICKS.
No. 701552 ID: 99a64d

What if he had a secondary special move where after using the "look over there" trick on an opponent once before, he does it again, but this time he's the distraction, so when the opponent goes "I won't fall for that a second time" and stays focused on Radmin they won't notice when Sevener hits them from behind with a suplex or something.
No. 706093 ID: dd338c
File 145668253707.png - (31.49KB , 1188x600 , 90.png )

Signature Moves:

Spin The Referee: Invincible improvised weapon.
Taunt: You gain significant combat bonuses if the target of your taunt attacks you as a direct consequence of this move.
Delegate: Sevener gains strength when you explicitly do absolutely nothing.
Operation: Summon several operators to assist in rule breaking, such as to hassle/tie up/distract the Referee, bring chairs, etc.
Look, a distraction!: Exactly what it implies.
RKO: Best delivered from outta nowhere.

That's probably as many as you should have before it gets too many and too much like an assortment of regular moves.

"How about you, Sevener, think of any signature moves?"
>"Does just beating the hell out of someone an entire match count as one big signature move?"
"I think that's just a match long highlight."
>"Whatever. I've been thinking of our next match instead. Annihilator and Destroyer won their match, and there's talk of who the bigger bad guys are, us or them, so there's some rivalry there. They talked shit about the audience too, so whoever beats them up is going to get some good rep. We'll also want to beat the shit out of Tilestop and whoever else that was we just beat up, since they incorrectly think they can take me in the ring. Also, some guys dressed up like admins have been talking shit about us. Lots of shit."
"Dressed up like admins, you say?"
>"Yeah, idiots couldn't even think up a new costume. Almost want to fuck 'em up in their own dressing room."
No. 706094 ID: 211d83

Well then lets go grab a camera person and go trash them in there dressing room. And then trash the dressing room.
No. 706095 ID: 02422f

Delegate is the best power.

Also, pff, the punching bag developed some battle scars.

>Almost want to fuck 'em up in their own dressing room.
This sounds suitably villainous. People who can't even bring themselves to ham it up a little or play to genre conventions deserve an ironic beatdown.
No. 706096 ID: 02422f

Oh! And you should totally trap the door to your dressing room, just to get anyone who decides it would be fitting to trash your dressing room while you're out trashing theirs.
No. 706097 ID: 99a64d

>Almost want to fuck 'em up in their own dressing room.
Fuck yeah, let's do it. We'll have to make sure to destroy as much of their room as possible, because damaging them doesn't actually do anything.
No. 706098 ID: bb78f2

Well then let's go GET their cars, AND RAM THEM IN THEIR ROOM!
I don't care if they don't have a car, you're thinking too hard Sevener.
No. 706100 ID: eda59a

The admins, I'd say not to actually go fully fight them, just bully them a bit. Taunt them over their costumes, suggest other costumes they could wear, mess up their dressing room, be asses to them. If they back down they'll look weak and you strong, if they fight back you crush them. But yeah you can go do that now.

Annihilator and Destroyer, I'd say don't go undermining your heel status by taking on the other heels just yet. Let the sense of rivalry build more first, so you can make it clear it's a top-dog situation rather than you avenging the audience.

Doorbreaker and Tilestop, or whatever, they're the ones with something to prove, so let them come to you and be ready to kick their asses again.
No. 706235 ID: 243dc7

Yeah, even if they don't have a car, they do now.
No. 706238 ID: c47b0c

Fuck'em up in their dressing room.
No. 706289 ID: 5ad4a7

Don't do another drag-out fight that doesn't even count. Just harass 'em.
No. 706290 ID: 0fc52c

Yeah just give them a hard time, you don't want two non-ring scuffles in a row.
No. 706625 ID: dd338c
File 145687674091.png - (12.68KB , 800x800 , 91.png )

>Drive their car into their dressing room
While this may be ideal, currently, there is no way to do this, as no one owns car, and possibly no manner of spatial circumstance to drive a car into said dressing room.

A LESSER admin might let that stop them, but a GREATER admin will at least talk to the shopkeep first about it.

>"Oh, um... I can propose that." says the shopkeep. "And they'll probably let it happen or set it up to happen. We can retroactively give people cars, sure. I'm, uh, pretty sure taking someone else's car is illegal though. Do we have police? We might have an officer."

Decisions are to be made.

Decision A:
A1) Breeze into their dressing room and begin to trash talk back.
A2) Storm into their dressing room for a swift, thorough thrashing.
A3) Drive your or, if possible, their car into their dressing room and play it by ear. You have been warned that this is illegal.

Decision B:
B1) Bring the operators.
B2) Leave them out of this.
No. 706630 ID: bb78f2

Use cars, don't use Operators.
No. 706631 ID: 211d83

A3. Just be ready to wrestle the cops if need be.

B1. Use the operators as backup in case the police show up. If they do show up have them bumble about and get in the way of the police while you escape while not actually doing anything illegal. If the police do not show up have them wait in the background.
No. 706636 ID: b412df

I'd say A1 and B2, we're here to establish ourselves as villains, but fighting out of the ring constantly might get boring. And boring doesn't get watched, so what's the point of acting like villains if no-one pays attention.

So yeah, lets give them as hard time, if we bring the operators we could get accused of needing them, although given they aren't hamming it up, they might not do so.

I'm tempted by cars though, it sounds fun. What are the consequences for doing something "illegal"? And which rules are they in, if any (Does our rulebook update when new rulings are made, maybe check?), if it is, then doesn't sweatermouse need to be present for any consequences?
No. 706638 ID: 4546ab

Make sure you buy a drivers license before you go carjacking. Also maybe some insurance?

Then steal the biggest car/truck you can and ram that sucker into things.

Send your operators out to protect your car from retaliatory carjacking attempts. And have one of them waiting nearby with a escape vehicle in case you need to run from the police.
No. 706641 ID: 84256d

A1, B2.
No. 706645 ID: 02422f

A1, B2. We don't need operator help to ambush smucks.

Don't forget to trap your door while you're out! (Or have a bunch of operators waiting to throw a blanket over anyone who comes in and dogpile them).
No. 706646 ID: 914a2f

A3 and B2.

If only so that you do not miss your possibly one chance in life to cause havok in a car.
No. 706652 ID: a76bb7

Car antics are best antics. Get a pickup and pile your operator's in the back.
No. 706654 ID: 15a025

Car. Big huge truck if possible. Bring the opps with as well. More help the better.
No. 706711 ID: 99a64d

A3, fuck the police!
B2, using the operators too much lessens the impact when we do use them.
No. 706746 ID: edee29

The police are also professional wrestlers, right? I think we can take them.

A3, B2.
No. 706749 ID: 15720c

Who cares about something like laws? They aren't the rules of the contest, so not you, that's for sure! Drive your own car, just for the smugness score.
No. 707131 ID: dd338c
File 145705842052.png - (153.73KB , 800x800 , 92.png )

Unlocked Mechanic: Drive

You select your car, and go to your destination. The "Admin" dressing room. Some of your operators stay back on standby, while others are guarding your own car.

You believe you entered through the back wall in your giant monstertruck. This thing can't be street legal, but it's a good thing you're not driving it on the streets.

In any case, your monster truck is a bit heavy on the monster and light on the truck, so you cannot see your opponents. Or at least, that would be the case, but their arrogance has led them to continue wearing their admin hats even in a wrestling contest, and so from atop your throne on wheels, you see two top hats over the hood. You can't even say that you approve of their sense of fashion, as they've encrusted large jewels at the fronts, making the whole attire incredibly tacky with that single addition.
No. 707132 ID: 02422f

Lay on the horn.

Then, while they're cringing from the sound, and blinded by the headlights, take to the air for flying tackles from above.
No. 707133 ID: c3abbf

Just taunt them and call them to the ring. Two backstage fights in a row is too much, give the audience a chance to cheer properly.
No. 707134 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 707136 ID: bb78f2

Ruin their carpet!
No. 707139 ID: 99a64d

No. 707142 ID: dd338c
File 145706284509.png - (25.70KB , 800x800 , 93.png )

You're pretty sure this thing doesn't have whatever it is cars need to do with donuts, and the only thing you know about donuts is that it involves slamming the pedal and the wheel.

You stick to your strengths, and hold down the horn.
No. 707143 ID: dd338c
Audio horn.mp3 - (45.89KB )

No. 707144 ID: dd338c
File 145706286995.png - (23.06KB , 800x800 , 94.png )

>"A cat merchant told us you were talking some shit!" says Sevener.
"So now we're challenging you all to a match, in the ring!" you yell after her. "Or are you only interested in shit talk matches?"
>"Hell no, we meant every word of it! We'll match you in the ring and make you pay for the damages, you conceited scumbags! Anytime, anywhere, including right now!"
"We just thrashed some fools backstage already, and next time we want the crowd's cheers to really hone in the win, so you can forget about now! This is just a courtesy call to let you know that you'll have your turn!"

Anytime, anywhere is a powerful phrase. You can just let it happen as normal in the ring, or do something dirtier. Like dropping into the ring during or after their ring match with another team.
No. 707147 ID: 3f9dc0

I believe interrupting their apparent win against another opponent is traditional
No. 707150 ID: c3abbf

Yeah, that "Anytime, anywhere" is a powerful technicality. Wait for them to have another match and then drop in on them just as they win, if they're about to. Even better, if they're fighting someone else you hate, you can wait for both teams to tire themselves out and then burst in to mess them both up.

Hmm... I wonder if you could manipulate these chumps into taking on Doortile and Stopbreaker, or maybe Annihilator/Destroyer or Earl/Count.
No. 707151 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah, go with this. Unless they're about to lose. Then you interrupt the fight and steal the win from the other guys.
No. 707158 ID: bb78f2

Fuck it, RKO that entire Monster Truck into the ring, RIGHT NOW.
No. 707201 ID: c47b0c

Best idea ever, crash the truck into the ring!!!
No. 707202 ID: c3abbf


No, look, you don't pull out the big fireworks at the start of the evening. We need to hold back something for the big finale. We establish we have the thing now and then we use it later. Chekov's monster truck, the fans'll love it.
No. 707203 ID: 211d83

Now back the truck up and drive off into the distance.

Then leave it back where you found it with a note apologizing for the damages and sign it with another teams name.
No. 707284 ID: 15a025

Hey, we should get a really rockin theme to play for when we enter the ring.
No. 707289 ID: bb78f2

Big finale is having our Operator's destroying the supports of the entire arena, only for one of them to think we're going to far and getting the Heroes King and Sixer to save the day.
No. 707296 ID: dd338c
File 145713554684.png - (22.33KB , 800x800 , 95.png )

As you finish your sentence, you wiggle the car's stick thing until it says 'R' and then press the pedal down to start going backwards.

>Then leave it back where you found it with a note apologizing for the damages and sign it with another teams name.
You got so excited over something you actually forgot the plan to hijack someone else's car. This is yours.

"I wonder! Is there a way we could manipulate these chumps into taking on Doortile and Stopbreaker, or maybe Earl and Count?"
>"Those chumps were Earl and Count, skullhead."
"You expect me to remember that?"
>"No, and I don't know why I did. I got a phone from Shopkeeper. Here's the schedule."

Immortals (Quarry/Tower) v. Enders (Destroyer/Annihilater): Enders Won
Superheroes (Doorstop/Tilebreaker)v. Machomen(Rhino/Gator): Active
Royal (King/Sixer) v. Admins (Earl/Count): Next

"Not long. Not long at all, then!"
>"Until what?"
"Until we make our introduction by landing on the stage when those administrators are weakest!"
>".... that's cheap as shit, but I'd be lying if I cared. Let's do it."

It may be too much to send off all the fireworks right at the starting point by driving the monster truck into the ring, but you should still come up with a good introductory entrance.
No. 707300 ID: bb78f2

One of us is undead, I think, in our backstory, so maybe we should set a fire and crawl right from under the stage, maybe even rip through the center of the ring and tell the others to fix it.
No. 707301 ID: bb78f2

Oh hey, that lineup means we're fighting guitar and unknown in the fourth match. Neat.
No. 707308 ID: 02422f

>but you should still come up with a good introductory entrance
Pretend to be an ordinary deliveryman, wheel in a big box on a dolly. While you're trying to get them to sign for it, Sevener bursts out and attacks.

Then burst out of your cunning disguise and do your triumphant laugh.
No. 707345 ID: 99a64d

Sevener bursts out from below the stage and starts fighting. You wait for a bit before popping up and pulling someone under the stage where you beat them with a sledgehammer before entering the ring yourself.
No. 707534 ID: dd338c
File 145728762204.png - (61.53KB , 800x800 , 96.png )

>One of us is undead, I think
That was only for one of the non-luchador options; but with this, everyone is very alive.

You park neatly in the parking spot so that you're equally over both lines, and go back to your dressing room to chill and talk to the shopkeeper about your plan, since it requires a large box and entry to the bottom of the stage.

The macho team wrecks doorstop and tilebreaker, a trend which you think is not going to stop soon. Next up, you start watching the matchup between King and Sixer versus Earl and Count.

"Wow, you wouldn't think that cushy royalty and empty basement-dwelling admins would be much for fighting, but these guys really go at each other!"
"Do recall our stage 7 media, glitcher, which always displays high ranking individuals to be far stronger than their underlings."
"I always thought that was just a dramatic thing, but I guess that's real life for you! What a world!"
"Honestly, this is still somewhat of a sissy fight compared to last match."
"Tell us about it, Rulekeep! It's almost like these guys have never actually wrestled before, and all their fighting is driven by a deep seated hatred of one another, because no matter how much flak they get from the contestants, no one can hate admins like other admins!"
"It's much more even, though, and they're all tired. They're going to last as long as they can, but we're entering the home stretch."

You're ready to go out there, you've got your plan set, but you've got to decide when to interrupt.
No. 707536 ID: 90f3c0

Wait until the last second to interrupt, spoiling the winner's victory. Achieving maximum cheapness and pissing everyone off, like a true villain.
No. 707537 ID: 02422f

3rd act upset. Just when one side is starting to turn the corner, and it looks like they'll be able to deal with the other.
No. 707559 ID: dd338c
File 145729659691.png - (40.96KB , 800x800 , 97.png )

You decide to wait for the absolute last second.

"And Sixer swings off the ropes to turn around the offensive, throwing Earl to the ground for a count!"
"A count - wait that's a pin?! oh uh "One!"

No. 707560 ID: dd338c
File 145729661830.png - (80.16KB , 800x800 , 98.png )

You blow your whistle that you have now.

>"Say three!" yells Sixer, but Earl kicks out.
No. 707561 ID: dd338c
File 145729664865.png - (87.72KB , 1000x800 , 99.png )

"Special delivery for Earl!"
"I just need you to sign here!"
>"I'm in the middle of a match, what the hell is this?"
"Look buddy, we're all on a schedule, and by the looks of it, I did you a favor! So just sign here and I'll be outta here."
>"I'm not signing till I know what's in the box!"

"Wow what a turn of events!!" yells Glitcher. "What could ever be in the box delivered by this new person we don't know about?"
"Probably nothing. Earl doesn't have much reason to open boxes. In the middle of a match. A wrestling match. It better be good."
No. 707562 ID: 5ad4a7

What's in the box? Why, it's a powerful weapon. Just for you.
No. 707563 ID: 02422f

>messed up our ostensible allies pinning someone

>I'm not signing till I know what's in the box!
How would I know what's in the box! I'm just the Deliveryman, and opening other people's mail is illegal.

(If possible, get the ref or Rulekeep to chime in. Yeah, opening other people's things isn't cool).

Now are you gonna sign or are you... refusing delivery, admin?

(If he signs, Sevener jumps out and attacks as soon as he opens it. If he declines, we say fine, and offer it to the opposition. Looks like they get this backup delivered and not you! (So it's lose-lose for Earl)).
No. 707564 ID: b412df

A surprise.
No. 707569 ID: bb78f2

No. 707576 ID: f9ac9a

"Look buddy, I don't know what it is, it says on here but I can't read this damn writing. Here, look-"

Then you push it into his face and use your other hand to punch him through it.
No. 707606 ID: 73c49c

No. 707607 ID: 88e46e

>wasting our trump card on the first fight
No. 707609 ID: 15a025

Yeah let's not waste our trump card.
No. 707613 ID: 8f7254

No. 707632 ID: a6dc58

Well, I like the RKO idea. I mean, what better way to solidify it as a signature move than to open your first combat with it, in the cheapest way you can?
No. 707638 ID: 3f9dc0

It's a signature move, not a trump card. RKO from outta nowhere works whenever it comes from outta nowhere, not only once ever.
No. 707697 ID: c66656

Look, they don't tell me what's in these things, but they said it was something that'd help you win.
No. 707741 ID: dd338c
File 145739923395.png - (59.74KB , 800x800 , 100.png )

"I'm the delivery man, I don't look at what's in the boxes! That would be against the law, and I don't break the rules."
"You heard 'im, he never breaks the rules, so he's gotta be honest!" says glitcher.
"But look, it might say it on the paper, here!" You say, pushing the paper up to his face. And then punching him.

The crowd basically erupts at that. Which is probably good.
No. 707742 ID: dd338c
File 145739924642.png - (22.09KB , 800x800 , 101.png )

But while you punch him, Count runs up to the box.

>"It's an obvious trap, Earl!" the Count says, throwing the box over the ring, smashing it to reveal...
>"Nothing?! Sevener wasn't in there?!"
No. 707743 ID: dd338c
File 145739929580.png - (41.10KB , 800x800 , 102.png )

>"Radmin isn't that obvious!" says Sevener, leaping from underneath the stage and putting Earl, who staggered into center stage, into a headlock.
No. 707744 ID: dd338c
File 145739934319.png - (25.52KB , 800x800 , 103.png )

"Yeah, instead, the box had an RKO!"
>"What the hell is an RK-"
No. 707745 ID: dd338c
File 145739938522.png - (62.26KB , 800x800 , 104.png )

"Oh!" yells sweatermouse, about on par for commentary as glitcher, who is yelling to the crowd what you are doing, only with more demeaning words about you.
No. 707746 ID: dd338c
File 145739944550.png - (47.47KB , 800x800 , 105.png )

You fall to the ground with Count coming with you, and having performed the move adequately, you bounce back from hitting the floor in better shape than Count. In fact, you have a good feeling he's not getting up at all!

As for you, you only get your knees halfway up before King bodyslams you. The crowd cheers even louder before. Which is maybe good. Maybe bad. Glitcher also yells 'YES' at that, but that matters less. Maybe.
No. 707747 ID: 211d83

Quick stop doing anything and start delegating everything to Sevener. And be smug about it.
No. 707751 ID: 02422f

Apply "look it's a distraction!" to get from under the annoyed King.
No. 707752 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah that'll work.

...I wish this was an official match. Or is it? I mean, did they officially agree to one "any time any place", and now it's your match?
I wonder if you can tell King/Sixer that and de-aggro them.
No. 707834 ID: dd338c
File 145748383760.png - (72.32KB , 800x800 , 106.png )

You stagger forward and hit the ground, but manage to use your forward velocity to bounce back up and turn around to face King.

>Delegate to Sevener
She now has her hands full with both Sixer and Earl.

"Hold it!" you yell to King. Your Acute Senses tell you that he is too on guard, too focused, and too knowledgable about your character to allow a good chance of success on Distraction, but you have no interest in fighting him! Not yet. "Those two agreed to fight us, anywhere, anytime! So this match is official, right, Rulekeeper?!"
No. 707836 ID: dd338c
File 145748388675.png - (14.33KB , 800x800 , 107.png )

"Wait is it?" asks Glitcher.
"We never said what made a match 'official'. " Rulekeeper begins to explain. "In fact, we did not say the matches in the ring were 'official', we only scheduled them, and it was the wrestlers who decided to show up on time. In actuality, it is the wrestlers who make the match 'official' by simply initiating one in any circumstance. Ergo, the Lucha Libre team's match versus the Doorstop and Tilebreaker, while not 'officially' sanctioned, still counted for what you all are aiming for. This, especially because of the Admin team's declaration of 'anytime, anywhere', is also as important. However, winning ring matches is important lest you just be considered assailaints in the backstage area, so I recommend everyone here still try their best."
>"Can we consider ourselves the victor of our match, then?" asks King.
"No, considering that you did not pin for three seconds nor knock him out cold with a 10 second confirmation KO count. In fact, neither did Radmin, since Sweatermouse has not yet begun the confirmation count."
No. 707837 ID: dd338c
File 145748391422.png - (77.45KB , 800x800 , 108.png )

King immediately throws himself onto Count, flipping him over and pinning him while Sweatermouse runs up to them.

"10 seconds straight without pins will be a knockout in Radmin's favor, 3 second pin will be a pin to whoever pins.
"Okay okay ONE!"
No. 707839 ID: 02422f

Yank King off of your knockout and yell for Sweatermouse to keep counting.

...or even better, use spin the referee to use her to smack King off of him and yell for her to keep counting.
No. 707842 ID: 99a64d

Y'know what this situation calls for? A boot to the head.
No. 707848 ID: 5d44f3

Brain him with his own crown.
No. 707854 ID: bb78f2

Pin King while he is Pinning your Pin.
No. 707855 ID: 15a025

Pin the king!
No. 707856 ID: 2e6bc2

No. 707903 ID: 742a1e

Taking an approach like this could work, because some of the best wrestlers are the ones who flagrantly break the rules after making dramatic entrances.
No. 708215 ID: dd338c
File 145765858637.png - (62.08KB , 800x800 , 109.png )

You leap forward, and as Sweatermouse yells 'two', you pin King.

"What? Is that a pin?"
Ahhh I can't count two at once so I have to start over! One!"
No. 708216 ID: dd338c
File 145765860930.png - (22.91KB , 800x800 , 110.png )


Sixer, from this team who try to act like the good guys but are made of opportunists and copycats, pins you!

No. 708218 ID: dd338c
File 145765867572.png - (93.33KB , 800x800 , 111.png )

Sevener and Earl are in a standoff, both wanting to go Pin Sixer, but not wanting to give the other the opportunity to pin them after seeing how easy it is to pin someone against someone else.

No. 708221 ID: 02422f

Quick, summon Operators to hassle and distract Earl long enough for Sevener to jump on as queen of the mountain.

Also if Sevener does an inverted pin (so she lands on her side or her back) she can use her legs to kick / throw Earl up and over if he tries to pin her.

I wonder if everyone in the pile gets credit for a pin? Except the schmuck at the bottom. Either way, the rules regarding pinning will probably change after this.
No. 708222 ID: 88e46e

Hey Sevener, sweep Earl's leg and pin him on top of Sixer.
No. 708223 ID: 15a025

Better yet, let's suplex him onto the pin pile and then pin him, as well as everybody else.
No. 708224 ID: bb78f2

Yell "four" to trick her to counting to five and skipping three.
No. 708238 ID: 99a64d

Yank king offa your pin and topple the pinning pile.
No. 708241 ID: 2e6bc2

Hell yes.
No. 708243 ID: 62800f

Throw Earl on top of sixer and just pin EVERYONE.
No. 708246 ID: c22069

Does getting pinned count as doing nothing? If So, Delegate Sevener for a power boost. Tell her to pin Earl on top of everyone else.
No. 708262 ID: e645d1

No. 708345 ID: a5c051

This is a nice fluffy pile, now, so you're going to relax and enjoy it. Sevener can do all the work.
No. 708395 ID: dd338c
File 145775645397.png - (15.39KB , 800x800 , 112.png )

Maybe getting pinned only counts as half something, but more importantly, pinning is definitely something.

"Wh - oh nice try buddy but it's over, Th--"
No. 708396 ID: dd338c
File 145775646491.png - (35.28KB , 800x800 , 113.png )

That was, however, just to buy a second for your operators.

No. 708397 ID: dd338c
File 145775647241.png - (42.11KB , 800x800 , 114.png )

Sweatermouse keeps trying to get out of the Operator's grasp to say three.

One of them sweeps Earl's feet from under him, since he seemed to be able to hold Sevener off for at least a second.
No. 708398 ID: dd338c
File 145775650963.png - (25.68KB , 800x800 , 115.png )

Sevener grabs him halfway through his fall, throws him over to the pile.

"EE! HWEE!" Sweatermouse tries her best, just like the Glitcher said she would.

"I dunno, folks! Glitcher's sarcasm leaks across the stage. "I can't quite understand what that referee is trying to tell us! Rulekeep?"
"It only counts when the referee says 'three' clearly, regardless of how many seconds have actually passed."

As Earl lands on the pile, Sevener bodyslams him into it.
No. 708399 ID: dd338c
File 145775654455.png - (45.09KB , 800x800 , 116.png )

And right on cue, the Operators let go of Sweatermouse.


The bell, wherever it is, starts dinging.

"And that's it! Sevener performs a quintupple pin! And so forth down the line." says Glitcher. "Sevener wins! And by association, so does her partner."
No. 708400 ID: 211d83

Technical win is best win. Enjoy your victory in the man pile.
No. 708403 ID: 5ad4a7

What an amazing ending to the fight. Now gloat to the crowd! As soon as you can get out of the pile, anyway.

Who lost though? I'm assuming that counts as a loss for the Boring Admin team, but not King/Sixer because Radmin/Sevener were technically not fighting against them.
No. 708405 ID: 02422f

And Count's team loses, cause he's on the bottom!
No. 708429 ID: bb78f2

If the entire crowd isn't booing us, we've failed as a heel.
No. 708444 ID: 3e5cb6

Gloat over the Earl/Count team, and don't gloat but be smug to King/Sixer. Like all, you're reeeeaaal sorry, but they should have let you take care of your appointment with the other two! You just have a busy schedule and since they said any time any where, you thought you'd drop by and do the two of them a favour at the same time. Guess some people are just ungrateful!

Now, they best clear the ring. There should be another match, soon.
No. 708473 ID: 99a64d

Get up on the ropes and flip off the crowd triumphantly!
No. 708502 ID: dd338c
File 145781278102.png - (61.86KB , 800x800 , 117.png )

You scramble out of the pile, which isn't hard, considering no one else wants to be in the giant admanpile for any longer than anyone else, wrestling getups or no.

>If the entire crowd isn't booing us, we've failed as a heel.
The crowd is pretty damn noisy, but there's hardly a consensus. It's definitely not negative enough as of yet to do something classy like flip off the crowd.

"So everyone else lost, huh? Earl and Count doubly so; given that pathetic display!" you call out.
"Yes. The match between the Admins and the Royals is non-applicable." says Rulekeeper.
>"That is not fair or reasonable." Words spread out from that pile of moth fluff.
"Neither are the existence of admin's or myself respectively, buddy!" Glitcher says.
"Well it sounds like you had it in the bag anyway, Sixer, King! So as far as I'm concerned, I just made your inevitable victory more sweet in the end."
>"Don't downplay it, Fiver!" King's voice raises. "You stole it from us, and we're not going to sit down and let it slide!"
>"Well then come get us." Sevener interrupts. "If you're so badass that these admin schmucks didn't even make you break a sweat."
>"No." says Sixer. "King, don't fall for the bait. We'll fight them fair and square later."
"Thought you were playing the good guys, huh? What kind of good guys run away?"
>"The smart ones."

Sixer seems immune to your team's taunts, but the crowd starts chanting 'Fight!' over and over again, which seems to make Sixer nervous.
No. 708503 ID: dd338c
File 145781279514.png - (58.04KB , 950x600 , 118.png )

The chant becomes deafening, until you hear one of the loudest, gnarliest, and only guitar riffs you've ever heard in your life. One of the backstage entrances catches on highly aggressive fire.
No. 708504 ID: dd338c
File 145781285679.png - (35.57KB , 1000x800 , 119.png )

>"Back down, Royal team! You've had your show, and I've held my patience far too long, unlike those attention starved cretins! I am Guitar Knight, and I will see these hot headed buffoons humbled!"
No. 708506 ID: 88e46e

RKO him, now. "Hypocrite."
No. 708516 ID: 02422f

Is... is he wearing a little keytar necklace? Did people already start following the fashion trend Alison just started like a room ago with her new outfit?

This seems like something worth giving him a hard time over. Make him defensive, or start spouting off about what it really means to him. Either way, he'll be distracted for an attack.
No. 708574 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh no he's awesome
No. 708593 ID: 99a64d

Pshh... Who is this shmuck, she's completely pathetic, and alone. An RKO would be too good for her, Delegate to Sevener.
No. 708594 ID: 99a64d

shit, could this be mafia Alison?
No. 708615 ID: dd338c
File 145783045876.png - (25.16KB , 1000x600 , 120.png )

"Coming for a two vs one? You forgot your backup, knight! And even if I don't play like people think I should, I'm not about to lift a finger to fight some schmuck while Sevener's here, let alone think you're worth a sneak attack!"

That, and to attack him, you'd have to run down a narrow corridor where you can easily be seen approaching from.

>"Whatever, just stay out of it then, Radmin. I'll take care of him."
"Yeah, just don't let me think I should come in to save you from a keytar necklace wearing doof! Alison just wore something like that, and you're already bumming off her fashion!"
>"And felt a need to have more hair than that naga, too." says Sevener.
"Did put a fan behind you, or did you just copy Alison's attack too?"
>"If you call this fashion, then you call admittance to your buffoonery! But I'm glad you asked. This is the item given to me by the Rulekeeper themself to bring forth my partner." Guitar Knight says, starting to walk down with exaggerated, dramatic motions with each step. "Now tell me, what do you prefer, fox man? Classical, rock, jazz, electronic, or perhaps another taste is needed to suit your shrivelled tongue?"
No. 708616 ID: 02422f

>Necklace summons an ally
We really need to steal it. ...or gum it up or something. Sabotage is too good to pass up here.

>Classical, rock, jazz, electronic, or perhaps another taste is needed to suit your shrivelled tongue?
Can you do a didgeridoo?
No. 708628 ID: adc522

beatbox rap
No. 708637 ID: 211d83

Soul music played on a Kazoo.
No. 708639 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 708665 ID: 99a64d

I prefer music played by someone with an actual sense of style.
No. 708782 ID: d81dbf

Instrumental! So we don't have to hear your voice.
No. 708786 ID: a76b7e

You're a smooth jazz man.

But in this scenario, you think something... harder, more energetic, would be more appropriate.
No. 708847 ID: dd338c
File 145788694601.png - (44.36KB , 800x800 , 121.png )

"Can you do a diggeridoo?"
>"Did you just make that up?" asks Sevener.
>"Of course I can!" Knight says. "But that can wait another time. For our first match, how about something harder, or will that overwhelm your four earred mass?"
"Then instrumental rock, because we don't want to hear your voice! In fact, I'd prefer hearing something from someone with a sense of style."
>"Then I'll be happy to oblige!" he says, and proceeds to somehow play the guitar with an admittedly high level of finesse despite his giant monster hands. It's apparently the sort of guitar that has other sound samples embedded, and so he includes a rocking flute solo. His keytar amulet starts shining bright, before the keytar floats away and, in a ball of light, begins expanding.
No. 708848 ID: dd338c
File 145788701593.png - (63.83KB , 800x800 , 122.png )

Alison - Cycle 812 - has answered the call!

>"Got up to date, Alison?" Guitar Knight asks.
>"Yeah! Things are going well this cycle, and if I can help it along by beating up those two, then that's exactly what I'll do! Hi Fiver! Hi Anya!"
>"Fucking god, you had even worse fashion sense in the past." says Sevener.
>"And you were even less of a bitch back then, so we've both improved!"
No. 708849 ID: 02422f

That top doesn't look very conducive to wrestling. At least in the not-flashing-people sense.

...I wonder if she'd be forced to cover herself if you or an Operator flicked it open. Might buy you an opening at the right moment.

The Naga is kind of a problem, though. With the constrictor tail and prehensile hair she's pretty much build for wrestling. She's all grapples and mass.

(I kind of assume Anya there is gonna go grudge match with her though, so you're gonna be stuck dealing with the wall of muscle knight).

Why are you even here? We may be playing as the cheaters in this silly little wrestling game, but you weren't an admin.
No. 708852 ID: bb78f2

Mafia Allison is actually...
Cavewoman-Cheerleader Allison?
Okay, okay. Mafia Alison was just a visual aid after all.

Cavecheer Alison, what the fuck happened with Cavecheer Iso?
No. 708856 ID: 02422f

Mafia Alison is from cycle 1700. We don't have any logs from cycle 812.

And personally, I'd call this one Glam Alison.
No. 708857 ID: 5042bf

I think you may be bit of an underdog here in a straight fight. They're cool as heck and built for kicking ass.

Nice thing you don't need to be all heroic. Your team just been laying the smackdown to three teams. Who are these chumps coming out being all smack talking. Really they need to get some notches under their belts before you dignify them with a match. Knock off Alison and hairy can't ride the real ones rep. Smell ya later.

Of course we'll keep an eye out for opportunity match. Preferably right after they've had a hard match and are recovering. And ambushing hairy while Alison is in the charm at backstage for giggles as soon as possible.
No. 708863 ID: a76b7e

Ha ha, these guys are amazing. It's a pity we need to take them down.

Ok, tag team matches start off 1v1 with swap-ins, right? I mean they always devolve into 2v2 but to begin with you have swaps. So what you do is, Sevener goes up against Glamison and gets her into a shove against the ropes. Then you, being sneaky, tie a knot in her tail while she's distracted, like tie her around one of the poles or something. Then you can take on her partner while she's stuck.
No. 708905 ID: 5ad4a7

The name's Radmin, lady! Now get in the ring so you can receive your asskicking! We just gave out two today, let's make it three!
No. 708943 ID: 99a64d

So a spoony bard and a pretender to the throne think they can hope to face us? Go ahead and try. You can do the honors Sevener.
(let Sevener handle them for now, then get in position to bail her ass out with a sneaky RKO from out of nowhere)
No. 709308 ID: dd338c
File 145800877961.png - (73.20KB , 800x800 , 123.png )

>Mafia Allison
That was cycle 1700. Unless GK was being weird about introductions, he may have some control to what Alison comes out.

"I think you guys are a little fresh for smacktalking, you know! We just laid the smackdown to three different teams, while no one's ever seen you before!"
>"Glitcher and Rulekeeper know what they're doing, then." says Guitar Knight. "Because they're saving the best for last."
"No surprise the suicide admin doesn't even know what the schedule says." says Glam Alison. "We're up, you're up, let's do this."
"Hah, you don't even know my name! Radmin, by the way, and it won't even be a fair fight, with our experience under our belt."
>"Shut the fuck up Fiver." says Sevener. "I'm fighting these dorks whether you like it or not."
"Then so be it! Thank Sevener for the opportunity, otherwise we'd never tussle with a spoony bard and pretender to the throne!"
No. 709309 ID: dd338c
File 145800879529.png - (23.67KB , 800x800 , 124.png )

"Here are the rules for this match." says Rulekeep, "This is a tag team fight. Only one person may be completely in the ring at a single point in time and perform attacks. The other person must have physical contact with the stage floor, although they may otherwise touch the ring. To swap, the person on the floor must physically tag the person on the ring and yell tag. Once tagged out, the previous active wrestler has three seconds to touch the floor, while the new wrestler is allowed to stop touching the floor as soon as the tag is performed.
Once a wrestler is pinned, then they are eliminated and thrown out of the stage, and all remaining wrestlers will enter the ring for a 60 second steel cage match. For the duration, it will behave as a two versus one match. Any successful pin eliminates a wrestler. If a team is fully eliminated during the steel cage match, then that team loses. If, if both teams still have at least one player remaining at the end of the cage, then the cage is lifted, and all eliminated players are uneliminated and left with combat penalties, and a 2v2 begins. From then on, any eliminated player remains eliminated and carried off stage for the remainder of the match."

"Is that overly complicated ruleset how it normally works in real world wrestling?"
"How would I know?"

Pick your opening wrestler.
No. 709313 ID: 02422f

Sevener go in for the fair fight, Radmin to support off-stage with cheating and swap in if and when she gets into a tight spot.
No. 709344 ID: 211d83

Have Sevener go in there and vent her frustrations and you can tag her out when she needs a breather.
No. 709345 ID: 2e6bc2

Sevener. Radmin can delegate the hell out of this match.
No. 709346 ID: 02422f

Oh, and planning for the future: Radmin, you totally have to get your hands on the necklace. Maybe we can cheat and summon more people in. Possibly backup, or just making a royal mess out of things.
No. 709360 ID: fd73fa

Sevener is the real fighter here, let her open Radmin. As soon as she needs a break or if you see a trick coming though call for her to tag out. Don't let her fight too long and get too winded.
No. 709373 ID: 5042bf

Well, if Sevener really wants to fight with these overly convoluted rulesets instead of good old fashioned backstage assassination and risk losing like a dummy then go ahead. You'll just relax with the commentators... wait you can't even do that with this stupid ruleset. Take a nap and delegate.
No. 710344 ID: dd338c
File 145841412440.png - (34.62KB , 800x800 , 125.png )

Sevener goes in to fight. Alison enters the ring, and they begin walking around each other in a circle. A circle, you note, that mostly comprises of Alison. You're not sure how this is fair, considering it looks like Alison's hair is still prehensile.

Then again, here you are in a tag team, and you're still able to use your delegate ability to boost Sevener.

"And here's a long time rivalry!" says Glitcher on the mic. "Why, Alison basically killed both ex-administrators on the lucha team, so they have a score to settle!
"Guitar Knight only recently received his name, but he's a good teammate for Alison. If I heard correctly, he was one of the administrators who did not answer the call to fight Alison in the belenos simulation." Rulekeeper says.

You try to imagine that guy with his guitar hanging out in the administrator's room doing administrative things. This is one of those rare times where you fail at something.
No. 710345 ID: dd338c
File 145841414183.png - (18.38KB , 800x800 , 126.png )

"Ah, Sevener opens by a simple smack on the cheek for Alison!"
"Our hopes remain high that Sevener won't give us another Royal-Admin matchup by making this a slapfight."
No. 710346 ID: dd338c
File 145841416646.png - (83.94KB , 800x800 , 127.png )

"As they should remain! That's my teammate we're talking about, and fighting Alison is basically her natural habitat!"

>You'll just relax with the commentators... wait you can't
Actually, Glitcher and Rulekeeper are on the stage floor, where you have to be. In fact, you know that Rulekeeper follows the spirit of the rules moreso than the law, as otherwise, the law would disqualify a teammate on standby for running in place due to the split second where both feet are in the air and not on the stage.

"Radmin... oh, forget it. You can stay if you want."
"Thank you!"
"Well we all know that fighting Alison isn't Four Earred Flapper's natural environment!"
"Correct, glitcher, for we all know how well that went last time - but my strength isn't in direct fighting in an environment, it is in directing the environment to fight Alison!"

You can run quickly to the stage if you need to save Sevener or something.
No. 710349 ID: dd338c
File 145841468377.png - (20.09KB , 800x800 , 128.png )

Interruptable Cutscene (ICS) explanation

"Wait, look, actual wrestling!" yells Glitcher, as Sevener puts Alison in a headlock. "But look, Alison is sneaking her tail around to grab Sevener back!"
>"You idiot, bug-eyed commentator!" yells Alison. "Don't give it away!"
>"It takes a bigger idiot to think your move isn't obvious, damn naga bitch." mutters Sevener.
No. 710355 ID: bb78f2

So, Glitcher and Rulekeep, why don't we cover some real backstory here while our contestants flip and flop over each other in dear grapples for life!

Just how did this Alison RKO into our lives? Let's talk history. You've done it for all the admins except Alison, and let's face it here guys, these are not the classic Alison-brand hugsTM we're seeing tonight. This is the classic before the new classic, AM I RIGHT? So it's new classic-classic.
No. 710357 ID: 211d83

So Glitcher I cant help but notice your snazzy new green accessory you picked up since you started dating Rulekeeper here.

I am sure the question on everyone's mind is how two god like entities such as yourselves got together in the first place?
No. 710358 ID: 02422f

>You can run quickly to the stage if you need to save Sevener or something.
I wonder if you can teleport by jumping through Glitcher or something.

>Alison throwing insults
Tsk tsk tsk, Glam Alison isn't living up to her name's high standards!

>tail sneak
I think Sevener's still good, for the moment. Not time to step in yet.

...though I wonder if Sevener is suddenly gonna discover a signature move. Can Curb-stomping Alison be a signature move? Apparently killing her is a thing she's done a lot these last few hundred stages.
No. 710401 ID: 65807d


Looks like a tiny little trace of glitch on Rulekeep, too.

Don't tease them too bad, though. Instead, make some commentary! You might not be so good a fighter as Sevener, but you can beat her at talking. Be ready with the tag in, though, because if it's choice who goes into the cage, it should be her, so you might need to take a fall to preserve her.
No. 710409 ID: 02422f

You'll know they've been really going at it when she develops the drifting squares thing.
No. 711509 ID: 5ad4a7

I'd like to caution against teasing the couple too much. This is a really public way of doing so and might cause Glitcher to freeze time and enact punishment where nobody can see.

Instead, how about you heckle Alison and pump up what Sevener is doing for the crowd? Maybe make up some crazy story about how she eats nails for breakfast and broke three punching bags in half during training today.
No. 711558 ID: dd338c
File 145897845003.png - (55.33KB , 800x800 , 129.png )

"So while my teammate pummels the opposition, how about some backstory between you two? Glitcher, I'm noticing a snaggletooth, Rulekeep, I'm noticing some glitching."
"Who commentators on the commentors during a match, Radmin? That's right, Radmin, the one who always does everything wrong." says Glitcher.
"Well then tell us about this Alison!"
"Rulekeeper, do you know anything about this Alison?"
"That she's from cycle 812. You're the one who pulled her out."
"Yeah because GK did some harsh guitar solo, and that Alison's music is similar."
"Would you say this Alison's personality fits her music style, then?" you ask, while Alison wraps her tail around Sevener. Despite that, Sevener maintains her hold on Alison, somehow.
"All I did was listen to their music, so, I dunno maybe. Would you say you conforming to the administrator outfit means you're a stereotypical administrator?"
"Are you saying all guitar players are the same?"
"What? What does that have to do with anything?!"
"It has to do with Alison, who I am asking about! Alison, who Sevener currently has a big handle on, to no surprise of mine! She eats nails for breakfast and broke three punching bags in half during training today! Punching bags with Alison's face on it! Granted, this Alison is throwing insults around. She's sure not living up to the name's standards of aggressive friendship! Looks like she's got the hugging down though."
>"I'm calling her a bitch in the most affectionate way possible, you dumbass!" Alison calls from the ring. "Goddamnit, I thought my tail was stronger than this. Hey Sweatermouse! Isn't there some rule about not allowing a chokehold past a point?"
"Er uh is there?"
>"There isn't." says Sevener.
>"I think there is!" Alison replies.
No. 711559 ID: 5ad4a7

"Any grapples and holds are legal."
No. 711561 ID: bb78f2

Silly Alison, your AI's. You don't breathe.
No. 711566 ID: 211d83

The fact that I have not choked her unconscious yet says its legal. Now if you made the ring arena a full on real life free roam this might be more than just a good grip.

At this point I think we are stuck like this.
No. 711575 ID: 02422f

Yes, repeat the ref's words to her over one of the announcer's mikes.

C'mon Alison, it's not like any of us actually need to breathe.
No. 711583 ID: 99a64d

"I thought Alison was supposed to be more observant than that, faker.

To be fair it's not just that your tail is weak, it's also that you have no technique, and that Sevener is better than you in basically every way."

Maybe spreading herself out over so much area has left her weak? Or perhaps Sevener is just that strong.
No. 711584 ID: 99a64d

Don't say this, it's better for us if she thinks she needs to and acts like it.
No. 711587 ID: b2db3f

Alison is a giant snake monster. Everything she does with that giant body of hers counts as a chokehold. Cause that's how snakes do.

Also how exactly are you supposed to pin her?
No. 711591 ID: 3cc68c

Alison is a giant snake with prehensile hair. If all grapples and holds are legal I don't think Sevener can win.

So we might actually want to concede the point so that we can restrict Alison's options. She is a grappling machine and if we can change the rules to ban most grappling it will cripple her.
No. 711919 ID: dd338c
File 145920435233.png - (40.57KB , 800x800 , 130.png )

"Any grapples and holds are legal! Especially against someone with no technique or skill!" you say. "Although perhaps someone should change this to no grapples?"
"No." says Rulekeeper.

You almost think that Alison is probably aware that she doesn't need to breathe, however, now that you're consciously thinking of it, you realize you're breathing and that maybe chokes exist.

Sevener puts her legs around Alison, to which that slithering mass of hugs tries to pin Sevener by simply rotating around with her cheating snake body and falling on Sevener. However, Sevener, despite being consumed by an increasing mass of hair, manages to twist back around halfway, leaving the two of them on their sides.
No. 711924 ID: dd338c
File 145920490001.png - (22.01KB , 800x800 , 131.png )

"It appears that they are actually wrestling." says Rulekeeper. "This is almost new ground."
"It's like someone tied a fish onto an eel and then threw them on land."
"Meanwhile Radmin is leaving Sevener to her fate like a truly awful teammate!" Glitcher extends his quip combo at you.
"If Sevener was in trouble right now," you say, "she'd be in big trouble considering she's in the middle of the ring where we can't reach one another. That being said, I'm so comfortable with the current events that I'm putting my cape back on."
>"Yeah okay this isn't going anywhere, this girl lifts. I need to fight the fox." says Alison.
>"Tag!" yells guitar knight, tapping Alison's extremely unfair physique that slithers where he can reach it.
>"Hmph, thought so." Sevener gets off of Alison.
>"If I let pride run my life like you, then I'd throw a hissy fit about how you think that was a victory." Alison says, slithering back off the stage as Guitar Knight gets back on.
>"If you did, I still wouldn't think any less of you.

If you want to ask Sevener to tag out, this would be a good time to actually do something, because fighting Guitar Knight means you don't have to fight Alison. And you don't have the brute force to resist Alison's grapples like Sevener does.
No. 711926 ID: 5ad4a7

Why not. Give Sevener a bit of a breather. Just be ready to tag back out if Guitar Knight gives you trouble. Don't get pinned in the center of the ring! Also, demonstrate a gap in the rules. Being tagged in does not mean you have to get into the ring immediately. It just means you can stop touching the stage floor. Is there a timer to force you to get into the ring, in the normal rules?
No. 711927 ID: eef907

Well... if you still have that box of matches, this guy looks pretty flammable. Say that you're not going to tag in right now, but you're gonna stand by the ring ready to tag in if needed. Under guise of arranging this, whisper to Sevener to get him up against the ropes near you. When she does, and they're wrestling upper body, you can stealthily give him the hotfoot.

Or, if you don't think that'll work, just tag in now.
No. 711928 ID: bb78f2

If you tag in, they'll just tag Alison right back in so they can get you.
Unless Sevener takes on Alison on the floor.
That's not actually against the rules. I checked. Not a mention.

>Only one person may be completely in the ring at a single point in time and perform attacks.

Basically means that the partner cannot PERFORM attacks INSIDE the ring when tagged out. Outside, everything is fine, including getting Operators in on the action. Also, if anyone tags out, they have three seconds to touch the floor, any more and they're penalized.
No. 711930 ID: 02422f

>you realize you're breathing and that maybe chokes exist.
Maybe you should stop talking long enough to test what happens if you hold your breath.

Sure, tag in, if she'll let you.

I want to see what happens if you steal his summon magic necklace in the fight.
No. 711936 ID: 211d83

Ok so if you tag Sevener out you don't have to get in the ring. Is no time limit for you entering only her leaving. Cept the rule people will probably fix things if you irritate them to much.

The attack rule is not nebulous enough to easily break though. So probably not a good idea to perform attacks outside the ring.

I you do go in you have to do so under your terms. Make sure to get your taunt off for combat bonus's or get your operators to pass Alison a exploding folding chair or something sneaky.
No. 711937 ID: 15a025

Tag in and pile drive GK!
No. 711970 ID: 99a64d

I think Guitar Knight's guitar would look much better smashed across his face, tag in. Plus, Sevener would probably appreciate the opportunity to keep going ham on Alison.
No. 711972 ID: 5ad4a7

>any more and they're penalized.
...can we have Operators grab Alison to keep her from touching the floor?
No. 711974 ID: 02422f

>Only one person may be completely in the ring at a single point in time and perform attacks.
>one person
Can we be aided by non-persons then.
No. 712236 ID: dd338c
File 145930154426.png - (114.35KB , 800x800 , 132.png )

"Say Rulekeeper, is there a rule about no tagbacks?"
"There is now. No tag backs for 30 seconds."
"Alright. Sevener, tag me in!"

>Maybe you should stop talking long enough to test what happens if you hold your breath.
Challenging, but you do so and confirm that you do need to breath to maintain functioning at peak performance.

>Attacking outside the ring
You're pretty sure Rulekeeper isn't any Rulelawyer with grammatically iffy statements like 'Only one person may be completely in the ring at a single point in time and perform attacks.', but she was always about the spirit of the rules. Which is also why the '3 second rule' after tagout is more to prevent dawdling more than making holding Alison inside a viable strategy. Still, she usually respects that incorrectness by allowing things once. You can try holding someone in at a later opportunity.

"Say, Sevener, I don't think there's a clear rule on you not being able to attack Alison." you say, to no response as you enter the ring and toss your cape off to the receiving Operators.

Guitar Knight leans his guitar on the side of the ring, and steps in with you.

>Can we be aided by non-persons then.
You always did question if the Operators were considered actual people.

For now, you decide to open with a taunt. The better the taunt on GK, the better bonuses it gives.
No. 712237 ID: 15a025

Make a horrible pun by saying GK will "B-flat" when you're done with him.
No. 712246 ID: bb78f2

Your not even good enough a wrestler to waste a riff on, Guitar Knight.
No. 712249 ID: f562b1

Preface with "I don't need to C-sharp to know:".
No. 712272 ID: 99a64d

Don't just hit him with a single quip, hit him with a barrage of aggravating statements, as befits one with your impressive lung capacity.

I broke up with my ex-girl, here's her number... PSYCH! That's the wrong number!
No. 712308 ID: 3f9dc0

uh.. what?
No. 712429 ID: b412df

I'm on board with plan barrage of terrible puns, so maybe end with asking if he's prepared for a world of treble.
No. 713200 ID: dd338c
File 145957491387.png - (16.86KB , 800x800 , 133.png )

"Hah, I don't need to c-sharp to realize you're going to b-flat when I'm through with you! And even though I don't think you're a good enough wrestler to waste a riff on, but I'll show you a world of treble!"

The audience was confused at first, but now you're absorbing the power of their boo's.

>"That's enough out of you, you seem better built for listening, not talking! Too bad the only lecture you'll be receiving tonight is more of a demonstration!"

Maybe because this is a real match, stats have been introduced. You know that these are not mechanics in the sense of numbers setting up a deterministic outcome, however, they serve two purposes: The first, simply to help strategize based on current strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, to supply feedback on audience reaction, as their response, or lack thereof, will grant bonuses and penalties.

These are POWer, the power of ones strikes. STRength, the ability to hold a grapple, AGIlity, the ability to dodge blows and grapples. STR and AGI are used in conjuction to escape a grapple. CHP, a POW bonus multiplier to Cheap Shots and Illegal Moves. Lastly SIGnature Power, a POW bonus multiplier to signature moves.

Your taunt, for example, gave you a boost to CHP, therefore making you believe that puns count as Cheap Shots or Illegal Maneuvers.
No. 713201 ID: dd338c
File 145957492308.png - (34.00KB , 800x800 , 134.png )

Guitar Knight clearly sensed his own forebodingly high POW, and is opening with a straight forward, predictable charge.
No. 713202 ID: 211d83

Use your superior agility to dodge his punch at the last second. Then spin around behind him and undo the clasp on his kilt. Leaving him pants less and humiliated.
No. 713219 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 713249 ID: 5042bf


No pants to ankles to further limit mobility. Stay behind back and do your piss weak slaps until he gets angry enough to figure out how to spin on you with a backhander. Anticipate and do RKO, poke to the eyes or nutbuster depending which is possible at the moment. At least that's the plan until it goes wrong.

Continue with quips since you're like the Guybrush Threepwood of wrestling. "Moonlighting as warning example for the rest of us I see. Don't worry I'm behind you all the way. I'm not being cheeky, I'll cover your back.... crack." Insert better ones here plz.
No. 713274 ID: 99a64d

(You missed a comma there, mate)
Basically this. Dodge while spouting stupid puns and quips until he does somethnig stupid letting you pull a dirty move or an RKO. More immediately, you should dodge to the side and trip him while making a pun about getting a leg up.
No. 713277 ID: f562b1

>dodge to the side and trip him while making a pun about getting a leg up.
"Having a nice trip? No? Maybe next fall, then! What, you don't need Alison to give you a leg up, do you?"
No. 713289 ID: 02422f

Oh wait, she doesn't have any legs, sorry, I guess you're on your own!
No. 713296 ID: dd338c
File 145961915048.png - (51.54KB , 800x940 , 135.png )

You manage to dodge, and grab one of his decorative kilt flaps to pull his kilt down his legs, and pull up enough to trip him.

"Ha, that's why you don't leave your dangly parts out in battle, GK! But don't worry, you've still got a teammate to cover your behind if you already need her to give you a leg up! Ah, but she has no legs."

He topples forward, but he rolls right back onto his feet by the ropes

>"Radmin! When your first move is to depants me, it tells me that you want to wrestle naked men. Are you disappointed I didn't get a special package from the shopkeep?"
No. 713297 ID: dd338c
File 145961918794.png - (78.84KB , 800x800 , 136.png )

"Hey you guys know this is supposed to be family friendly entertainment right?"
>"Goddamn but you are adorable, glitcher. I wish I had you in my cycle." says Glam Alison, getting cozy with Glitcher. "You'd get along well with my Collector, I think."
"Huh wow these hugs feel like the exact same as this cycle's Alison but coming from this Alison they seem inappropriate somehow."

Guitar Knight stands right where he stood back up, in the same pose, unmoving, despite that you were planning on making a series of dodges to wear him down.

"I thought a musical truck would have a little dignity and at least put the pants back on! Or do you enjoy mooning the audience?"
>"The tail and the hair will spare people the view, and I trust your plan wasn't to get me to run away and forfeit the match because of a loss of pants, Radmin! So what is the plan? Here I am, standing before you, completely open with nothing but a helm. Your move, fox."
No. 713306 ID: 02422f

>Here I am, standing before you, completely open with nothing but a helm.
Why are you wearing a helm with a poo for an emblem, anyways. Nothing knightly or guitar-y about that, unless it's supposed to represent your performance.

Lounge against the ropes as you taunt him. Don't give into the provocation to go for a frontal attack. (Arguably, he's already making one with his appearance. Get it)?
No. 713307 ID: b412df

Throw the kilt at his face to blind him, use is as cover to do something direct. (I don't know wrestling moves, so IDK what that would be).

I have a feeling the stat changes are indicative of what the audience wants, so I'm guessing the Agi drop on Radmin, and the Str / Pow boost on both sides is to show they want to see some action. Which is not our strong point, then again, is the objective to win matches or win popularity with the audience?
No. 713313 ID: 99a64d

The goal is to make the audience care about us.

Don't let him bait you into making the first move. use this: >>713306 taunt and keep bantering until he comes at you. Then throw the kilt at his face and RKO him from off the ropes, do these in quick succession in case he responds too quickly to the kilt.
No. 713314 ID: bb78f2

Dude, we're AI's, must of us don't even have sexual preferences, and using that as an insult or taunt doesn't make much sense anyway, GK.

Well, now I can see more of the audience shipping us though. Good job on that, that's on you because of your dumb taunt, not me because of the depantsing thing. Some of the audience IS thanking me for depantsing you now though. Your WELCOME audience.
No. 713338 ID: 67bda9

>So what is the plan? Here I am, standing before you, completely open with nothing but a helm. Your move, fox."

Throw his own kilt into his face, then slip behind him and kick him in the back of the knee. That'll make him stumble, hopefully, and then you pull on his tail and kick him high in the back. That'll pull his lower body back from under him and his massive upper body weight will send him forward onto the mat. He'll probably catch himself on his hands, but it'll set you up for a drop. Add a taunt about dropping the bass or something..
No. 713340 ID: b412df

Dunno if this is much of a issue since we're playing heels, but only singular strikes are allowed. Then again, that might be effective because of our high CHP.
No. 713341 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah, combos are against the rules. Can't use them unless the ref can't see it.
No. 713344 ID: 67bda9


Hmm. What counts as a strike, though? Throwing his kilt at him isn't really a strike. Kicking him in the knee is, but then grabbing his tail and pushing on his back with a foot is more like a grapple.
No. 713353 ID: 211d83

If a man wears a kilt it means he has a certain confidence in himself. The fact that you have obviously not visited the shopkeeper shows me that you lack said confidence. Which makes it all the more confusing when you hit on me like that.

So while your offer is flattering I am not a blushing virgin that will now blindly leap into your outspread arms.

But if you put on a good show here I can put in a good word for you with Glitcher. Maybe he will let you join me as one of my operators after you lose. Then you would have the wonderful position under me that you obviously desire.

Then toss his kilt ring style over his neck so he cant see you and trip him.
No. 713355 ID: 4546ab

How long has it been since you dated big guy? You can't just throw out a line like that and expect me to fall into your outstretched arms. You have to romance a guy properly first.

Maybe after the match you can try again but for now I will have to sadly decline.

Throw the kilt over his head so he has to reach up to remove it and then dropkick him in the chest or something. Got to keep your taunts up and not get into a grapple fight until you can get your stats up a bit. Keep cheating it up and aim for signature moves over just fighting.
No. 713953 ID: dd338c
File 145982557933.png - (56.36KB , 800x800 , 137.png )

>Is the objective to win matches or win popularity with the audience?
Popularity, good or bad, you believe, although constantly losing matches may harm that. Then again, if you won one sidedly every time, that wouldn't help, either.

You lounge up against the ropes instead of approaching him.

"Most of us have no such preferences, GK, but if I did, you'd have to do better than that for me to accept your invitation into your widespread arms! Perhaps after I'm through with you, you can have a position as an operator under me. At least then, you won't have to wear a helmet that sports a poo emblem!"
>"Ugh, I knew you'd go for that, idiot." It sounds like that got to him a bit. "It's a snake symbol, though I'm sure you knew that --"
No. 713954 ID: dd338c
File 145982559276.png - (30.58KB , 800x940 , 138.png )

>"Get the shopkeep to fix it!" Alison yells, right as you throw the kilt at him fast and accurately. It blinds him for just enough time to get a move in. It could be any move, or it could be the tried and tested RKO.

>I don't know wrestling moves
You sure don't, but that's okay, because neither does Glitcher or Rulekeep, and certainly not Sweatermouse.
No. 713956 ID: db4177

Ok, so I think using his upper body weight against him is still a good idea. Run past him while he's blinded, bounce off the opposite ropes, then ramp up over his huge tail and deliver a flying drop kick.
No. 713959 ID: 02422f

Grab the necklace with one hand, spin the ref with the other so she knocks him over, leaving them in a pile and you with one magic necklace maybe you can cheat with.

And if it turns out you can't use it to cheat, it's still humiliating to take his bauble and abuse it.
No. 713960 ID: b412df

I don't think we can do anything to the ref unless she's blinded or distracted. I'm all for stealing the necklace though.

I thought I was starting to get a pretty decent idea of why we were getting the various stat bonuses, but I can't get a read this time? Anyone have any theories?
No. 713961 ID: 5ad4a7

Give him a double-handed uppercut!
No. 713970 ID: 99a64d


The time is now!
No. 713971 ID: 99a64d

The RKO is a powerful move that can be pulled off quickly cleanly. It's also one of our signature moves so we have an obligation to get some use out of it. If we want to just shut this kid down then an RKO is the most efficient way to do it.
No. 713973 ID: 3f9dc0

Traditionally an RKO is a blindside maneuver, but I suppose the momentary blockage to his vision could be enough to get away with doing it from the front. Our current situational bonus to signatures and cheap moves does seem to further support that action. Just be sure to get away cleanly, you don't want to get stuck in a fair grapple with this guy.
No. 713976 ID: f562b1

You don't have the strength to do much damage normally, so just go for a jab at his neck and snag the necklace going back. Maybe your Cheap stat will boost the power of a neck strike.
No. 713983 ID: 211d83

With your current stats a cheap signature move would be the best idea. Unless your POW and STR get a huge boost go with your strengths.

So RKO while the odds are heavily in your favor.
No. 713992 ID: f461c5

So sneak around behind him, and when he finally gets the thing off his face. RKO OUTA NOWHERE.
No. 714157 ID: dd338c
File 145991770878.png - (64.41KB , 800x800 , 139.png )

You run behind him, and hit the ropes.

He yanks off his kilt, facing an enemy that isn't there.

As he turns around, though, you've already got a fast running start against him. You go for the RKO.

It is, you feel, a perfect execution.
No. 714158 ID: dd338c
File 145991771532.png - (28.97KB , 800x940 , 140.png )

You roll forward and up.

Guitar Knight doesn't roll upwards, but he's taking out the KO from the RKO as he staggers upright.

"Wow, Radmin really thought he could take out Guitar Knight that fast!" says Glitcher.
"To be fair, he has taken out the rest of his opponents inordinately efficiently prior to this." Rulekeeper replies.

Also, the stats change dramatically again. You're starting to think that these stats are effected most of all by the crowd's wants and expectations. When you threw that kilt, the audience had a mix of gasps and cheers, expecting a good followup.

They got one, but now they seem to be enjoying the fact that Guitar Knight isn't giving up that easily. You're not above attacking while they're down, and normally it would be all too easy to do just that.

However, it appears that performing a finishing move that doesn't finish off an opponent has some downsides.
No. 714164 ID: f461c5

Be untouchable.
No. 714171 ID: f562b1

His Power is super high now, and his Agility is nearly matching yours. It's time to stop being directly insulting and start throwing his game off with compliments.
...I'm no good with compliments, just puns.
No. 714176 ID: 5ad4a7

You've still got your base stats. Grab the kilt again, blind Sweatermouse with it, and use Spin the Referee.
No. 714188 ID: bb78f2

Take a hit
You have to make the crowd roar. They want you down.
Give them what they want, and it will be attributed to you, not GK.
No. 714215 ID: 8e8223

Ok, first, taunt him. Something like: "What, didn't you say your symbol was a snake? I thought you'd like being flat on the ground."

Hopefully that'll bonus you back up a bit, and more important get him to charge you. Then, since you still have the agility advantage, try dodge and shove his head between the ropes. While he's entangled, then, you'll be able to do something else. Maybe just slap his ass or something else that plays to the crowd; you won't have much luck doing damage for now, you've got to build up your stats again.
No. 714219 ID: f7a64f

Ok, so heres the thing about being a heel. It's not about winning, it's about putting on a show, so next you are gonna take a hit. It's part of how the narrative needs to work.

I suggest you act like he's down, keep your back to him so that the next shot pretty much has to be a cheap shot. Raise your arms to the crowd and taunt them. Make them want you to lose more than they want him to win.
No. 714223 ID: 5d9e12

Is it too late to do that thing where you grandstand around for a bit and pretend you didnt notice him get up?
No. 714558 ID: 02422f

Oh, specials are supposed to be reserved for finishers? That's kind of annoying. It disincentivizes using cool moves in the course of the fight!

The one upside here is you know what GK is gonna do. He's gonna come crashing down with Pow and Str. You may not have the edge in stats, but you can hopefully make up for it in seeing what's coming.

...hmm. Pow is really only effective 1 on 1. Is it time to throw some Teleport Operators at him as a distraction?
No. 714668 ID: 73c49c

i would not let this guy land a blow, if you get hit hard and can't tag then your out!
No. 715133 ID: dd338c
File 146018585872.png - (25.43KB , 800x800 , 141.png )

>Specials are supposed to be reserved for finishers?
You have a feeling it wasn't so much that the RKO was supposed to be a finisher becaues it was a special, but because it two thirds of it was literally 'KO'. The 'taunt' special, for instance, cannot possible be expected to be a finisher.

>Is it too late to do that thing where you grandstand around for a bit and pretend you didnt notice him get up?
Nope. Sure, you did notice, but you didn't go facing him or anything. You go gallavanting around the ring in every single direction except the one facing GK, and perform your classy, audience grabbing antics.

"Family friendly, Radmin!" Sweatermouse yells as she summons up some props and hoists up the censor bars. Guitar Knight puts his kilt back on.

You're going to take a hit, and it's not going to feel pretty, but the resulting cheers will be.

More importantly, you're putting your back to him. Meaning that if Guitar Knight gets at you like this, it's going to be at least somewhat of a cheap shot, and considering that CHP is like a multiplier, hitting your back will weaken his blows.
No. 715134 ID: dd338c
File 146018586795.png - (22.58KB , 800x800 , 142.png )

Guitar Knight Special: Guitar Smash

You won't have to writhe on the ground for a few seconds to dramatically pretend like you're in pain, though.

Because that guitar shot hurt for real. Sure enough, the audience cheers as you get hit so hard you go right through the ropes. Glitcher doesn't even pretend to commentate anymore, he just cheers right into the mic.

On second thought, it didn't hurt nearly as bad as it must've looked.
No. 715135 ID: dd338c
File 146018589284.png - (20.15KB , 800x800 , 143.png )

And on the even better side, you start to get up to the wonderful tune of boos, hisses, and shouts to stay down.

What the audience wants may fill one with power, but the anti-want begins to fill you with your kind of power.
No. 715137 ID: bb78f2

Headbutt's are the cheapest of shots. And there's no constitution stat to worry about! SO go crazy.
No. 715141 ID: 5042bf

So, time to pretend you're too hurt to stand up right away? And when he comes to finish you up actually stand up fast to apply forehead to jaw.
No. 715145 ID: 99a64d

Alright, this is our chance. Hit him fast, hit him lots, hit him where it hurts, and above all else hit him when he isn't expecting it.
No. 715154 ID: 8111b6

Get ready for the cheapest of the cheap shots.
Exaggerate how much you're hurting until just the right moment. I'm sure you'll be able to spot it.

...but watch out for out of the ring shenanigans from the partner. And try to make your way back in. Kinda. Slowly.
No. 715262 ID: 02422f

I kind of want to steal her bird-censors and attack him with them. Assuming they're as invincible as sweatermouse is, you'll get one cheap shot hitting him with unbreakable weapons before she has the presence of mind to dismiss them.
No. 716720 ID: dd338c
File 146073992176.png - (31.44KB , 800x800 , 144.png )

You stagger to your feet clumsily, holding your head like you can hardly see straight with one hand, while your other hand outstretches like you're trying to find your way back to the ring. You're sort of going back in the ring's direction, but not really. You make sure to keep tabs on where Alison is, but she's busy getting comfy with Glitcher.

>I kind of want to steal her bird-censors and attack him with them.
Too bad they're already gone.

Guitar Knight comes down to attack you as you're halfway down, but as lunges in, you swing your head forward and headbutt him. It's less forehead to forehead and more forehead to snout but that's the trouble with fighting people with funny faces.

He's toppling to the ground, and may end up in a prime pinning position.
No. 716724 ID: 18b15e

Wait, you're both out of the ring? Wasn't that supposed to get you out? Or, wait, was there something about being out of the ring for more than 15 seconds? I'm confused.

Get back in the ring, anyway? Your STR probably isn't high enough for a pin yet, still.
No. 716732 ID: dd338c
File 146074617080.png - (47.45KB , 800x800 , 145.png )

>Or, wait, was there something about being out of the ring for more than 15 seconds?
Sweatermouse starts counting down from 15, so it doesn't look like there's a rule you missed out on.

Your STR is still low, so you get back in the ring since you doubt you can hold him for three. Sweatermouse starts counting down while pointing at Guitar Knight, who is getting back on to his feet.

At least until Sevener runs up and tackles GK, holding him down.

"Hold it!" Sweatermouse yells at her. "No attacking from the person who's tagged out!
>"I'm not attacking him." Sevener calls back.
"You're clearing holding him against his will!"
>"Yeah but I'm not attacking him any more than that lovey naga is 'attacking' Glitcher. Keep counting."
"Er... 13...?"
No. 716733 ID: dd338c
File 146074617968.png - (18.89KB , 800x800 , 146.png )

>"The hell is this rulekeeping?" asks Alison. "Wait, hey, Rulekeeper! Isn't this your domain?"
"First off, it's Sweatermouse's, but second off, if I'm to give input for her, I think Sevener does have a point. Glitcher hasn't been comfortable with you constricting him, therefore, if what Sevener is doing is attacking Guitar Knight, I believe you, too, would be subject to penalties.
>"Oh fuck it I'll pull her off myself." says Alison. She begins heading towards Sevener.

Maybe you've been uncharacteristically hesitant towards breaking the rules because, despite having ideas of your own, you couldn't help but believe those two still had a concept of 'the spirit of the rules'.

Or maybe it's more that they had a 'spirit of keeping the Radmin down.'
No. 716734 ID: 18b15e

Hmm. Is that just a tiiiiny hint of jealousy from Rulekeeper?

Anyway, you know what else there isn't a rule against? The person in the ring trying to keep a person outside it from trying to get back in. I also don't recall any rule about a person in the ring not assaulting one of the wrestlers outside it. When Alison comes slithering by, get yourself a good tight grip on the ropes, swing your legs out under and lock them around her, to keep her from interfering.

... Huh. If you actually pulled her into the ring, would she get penalized for entering when she hasn't been tagged? That might be a hole in the rules, because normally the contenders outside the ring would be expected to easily avoid that kind of scenario. Well, it's an idea, but it's probably a bad one. She's huge and if you tried actively pull her in rather than just holding her, she'd probably pull you out instead.
No. 716735 ID: bb78f2

Rulekeep, your throbbing purple glitch tooth is showing... it isn't a baby glitcher actually about the crawl out of her mouth, is it?

Tag Sevener IN, just to confuse the rules a bunch, and then go after Alison, where you can't be pinned.
No. 716742 ID: dd338c
File 146075169574.png - (50.99KB , 800x800 , 147.png )

You suppose that instead of pondering the mentality of rulekeeping, you should go out and help Sevener.

>"What? Tag."

You give Sevener a high five to seal the deal, and you can see the cogs in Sweatermouse's head start turning. And the audience, for that matter. Thankfully Sweatermouse is gradually getting the hang of paying attention.

Meanwhile, you sprint towards Alison to halt her path.

You are immediately introduced to unfair body mechanics via a face full of hair.
No. 716743 ID: dd338c
File 146075177284.png - (59.78KB , 800x800 , 148.png )

What you accomplish is learning that your choice to avoid fighting Alison was a great one. She is essentially a snakeperson shaped tank. Without much of a way to prevent her hair tripping you up, you end up on your back as she starts doing the snake movement thing over you. On the bright side, you're tagged out, so getting pinned means nothing. On the dark side, you're not slowing her down at all.

Sevener seems more or less evenly matched with GK, meaning that he's still out of the ring, and meaning that if Alison gets to her, not just will she be able to help GK back into the ring, but may even be able to pin her.

"Nine! Wait am I supposed to count backwards or forwards for this?"
No. 716745 ID: 5ad4a7

Time for Operator help. You're not even tagged in right now, and neither is she, so you can do whatever you want to her. Probably.

Like honk a boob.
No. 716748 ID: 99a64d

Tell sweater mouse that it doesn't matter as long as she counts the right time. Pull Alison's hair. Call your operators. They don't even need to do anything as long as they get in her way.
No. 716749 ID: 90f3c0

Wrap your legs around her lower body, then call in the operators and have then grab on too. Make a hug pile that no version of Alison could possibly resist.
No. 716751 ID: 15a025

No. 716753 ID: 18b15e

Now that you're out of the ring, the rules aren't applying so hard and the ref's attention is elsewhere, you can turn her hair into a liability. While you're using your legs to try hold her, making her focus on that, slip out that box of matches you purloined earlier and set her on fire.

There should be something to put her out close at hand, but that doesn't matter. You just want to delay her.
No. 716767 ID: 02422f

>"Nine! Wait am I supposed to count backwards or forwards for this?"
Yes, countdowns are more dramatic than count ups!

>not slowing Alison down.
Spin! Wrap her tail around you. If she's being forced to use it for constriction, she can't use it to crawl forward. And grab / hug her hands so she can't drag herself forward.

And yeah, have the operators pile on. Using a hug pile against an Alison is too perfect not to do.
No. 716782 ID: dd338c
File 146076329284.png - (16.32KB , 800x800 , 149.png )

"Countdowns are more dramatic, so you're doing fine!"
"OH OK then EIGHT."

You if you had the strength to coil her tail around you then you'd likely have pinned GK yourself by now, but you're still not helpless! You wrap your legs around Alison as she almost completely covers you. Although there's more tail behind her to push her forward, she's slowed.


>"Oh, please, I'm still going to make it to GK."

She pushes forward, dragging your body across the ground.

"EIGHT er-"
No. 716783 ID: dd338c
File 146076334763.png - (19.87KB , 800x800 , 150.png )

With your head and arms free from Alison's body and your tactics free from any semblance of honor, you resort to less Gentlemanly measures.

>"What the he - oh, you frisky bastard. You cheating on GK by flirting with me?"

"Si- FIVE?!"

"Haha, most reasonable people wouldn't call this 'flirting', Alison!"
>"Then what would you call it?"
No. 716784 ID: dd338c
File 146076336993.png - (25.89KB , 800x800 , 151.png )

"A distraction!"
>"Son of a bitch they're all like tiny little asshole Isos!"

She's thrashing her hair and tail to knock operators off of her, but a lot manage to cling on. Still, Alison is taking this more seriously now, and is nearly in hair's reach of Sevener and GK.
No. 716789 ID: bb78f2

That means they're cheering for her, and HATING YOU SO MUCH.
I'm almost sure that it would be alright to let her make it at this point (don't have the Operator's drop her, still make it as difficult as possible).

If we still decide to not let her get to Sevener:
Hey, Alison, LOOK ANOTHER DISTRACTION COMING YOUR WAY! Then nothing comes, but that split second of her worrying about it should give you and extra one.
No. 716790 ID: 02422f

Taunt her. You need the edge, and boy is she set up for it.

What's this? An Alison trying to squirm her way out of a hug pile? Come on, this is everything you're supposed to be about! Come on, embrace it!

Also, if we can't stop her with physical strength, and you're done distraction honking, maybe it's time to see if she's ticklish.
No. 716805 ID: dd338c
File 146076895073.png - (16.49KB , 800x800 , 152.png )

"What's this, an Alison trying to squirm her way out of a hug pile?"
>"Oh please, these guys are barely sentient, I may as well just burrow under some pillows!"
"No respect for the little Iso's? Well it's a good thing they were just another distraction!"

"Two!" Some of the audience is counting along now, too, the others are just screaming at GK to get up.
>"Oh for fucks sake."

Well it bought a second. Which is like 1/4th of a Sweatermouse second.


You're pretty sure your CHP value is so high right now that a solid cheap shot will knock out anyone. Still, you're not in a good position for that, especially since you can't even make a proper attack being tagged out. Therefore, it's time to see if Alison is ticklish. You're not sure where on her body might be best, since it's not like she has feet.

But when you're already getting boo'd by the audience for honking a boob, you can only go up. So you go for the sides of her midriff with your light, blunted claws and, if you say so yourself, fluffy finger pads.

She sucks in air.


Alison is ticklish, yes. You learn that. It is now in your memory banks.
No. 716807 ID: dd338c
File 146076897843.png - (25.17KB , 800x800 , 153.png )

But you learn two more things.

First of all, her hair seems to have a selective strength nerf - only active while wrestling and for wrestling purposes.

Responding to tickles, however, is a subconcious reaction that appears to bypass the nerf.

Second of all, Alison has a violent reaction to tickles.

You are now at Ground Zero. Being at the middle of it all, you don't see much, but if your current cycle's Alison is known for hugging anyone anytime, then this Alison will now be known as the Alison with the hair.

All you feel are your hands getting knocked back to the ground like the stadium itself was trying to pin you. All you hear are the screams of a dozen operators descending in volume as though flying off, and the audience ducking for cover.

What you do see is one of the operators flying into GK, knocking him farther from the stage.

"... holy crap ...... One!"
No. 716808 ID: dd338c
File 146076905377.png - (33.47KB , 800x800 , 154.png )

There's no way GK can make it back.

You risk life and limb to keep tickling her to keep her from changing that, since her exploding hair seemed to be a one time thing. Sevener gets back on GK as well.

"Zero? Guitar Knight is out."
"Alright." says Rulekeeper. "To clarify the rules, I know I said 'once a wrestler is pinned, he is thrown out and the cage match starts', but I meant simply eliminated, and so in the spirit of the rules, a Ring-out counts. Therefore, it will be a one minute match between the Lucha-Libre team and a solo Alison..
>"Wait a moment!" Guitar Knight yells. "Do the rules dictate that Alison, or may I bring in another?"
"Hm... that is an interesting proposition. Radmin and Sevener may make this call. Will you allow Guitar Knight to pull out another Alison?"
>"Aw man, I was having fun too." says Alison.
>"Yes." says Guitar Knight. "But Radmin has discovered a crippling weakness of yours, and I doubt they're above abusing it."
No. 716812 ID: 5ad4a7

I don't see any reason to agree, here.
No. 716815 ID: 5ad4a7

...except for the possibility of the next Alison being Mafia Alison, and the DREAM BECOMING REALITY
No. 716816 ID: 99a64d

On the one hand I would absolutely love to continue kicking the crap out of this Alison, but on the other hand, I am possessed of an immense curiosity.

Alison 1700
No. 716817 ID: 99a64d

inb4 this Alison is incredibly depressing and methodical.
No. 716820 ID: 02422f

>Sevener gets back on GK as well.
No, Sevener, get back in the ring before you're counted out, too! You've only got a lead of 2!

>Will you allow Guitar Knight to pull out another Alison?
That seems pretty unfair to his teammate. You'd just dump her and replace her?

Alison can decide if she wants to stay or tag out. Heck, I'll even refrain from abusing the tickle-exploit! It's only funny once. Well, for us, anyways. She'd keep laughing.
No. 716827 ID: 18b15e

Seems a tactical blunder to replace, now. This Alison has an idea what to expect from us, and has some wrestling experience, and knows that we know she's ticklish. There's nothing stopping any other Alison from being ticklish - in fact it's very likely, if one is - and the new one would be inexperienced.

... So, adding that up, normally I'd say to let him exchange and get an advantage, but I like this Alison! She should get to either win or be defeated, not left hanging after all this buildup.

Plus, at this point, the audience is invested in her, and in the grudge she has building up with you and Sevener. Remember, the point isn't to win the match, but to get the audience to care. Swapping out for some other rando Alison is going to be bad for both teams! So no, don't let them.
No. 716832 ID: dd338c
File 146077139216.png - (16.09KB , 800x800 , 155.png )

"Quick question. Can we specify which cycle the Alison comes from?"
"This time, yes." says Rulekeeper.

You and Sevener haven't decided yet, but if you do swap out, you can see what this fabled Alison #1700 is like.
No. 716833 ID: 18b15e

Noooo, keep this Alison.
No. 716834 ID: 211d83

It might be our only chance to see interesting alternative Alisons! 1700 sounds neat but there are probably so many to choose from.

I guess 1700 unless we know of a better one.
No. 716837 ID: 02422f

I think we should totally taunt GK about wanting to dump his partner.

We're not running away from someone who wants to fight us. If this Alison still wants a piece of us, we're not sending her away. If she'd rather tag out, she can, whatever. Give her the choice.

(Uber cheap mode: choose current cycle Alison, who would have to let you win since this whole thing was her suicide gambit).
No. 716838 ID: 5ad4a7

Alright two possibilities for 1700 Alison.

Either she's an asshole and the audience gets confused about who to root for (in which case nobody gets much of a boost), or she's a MAJOR asshole and the audience wants her taken out enough to start rooting for Radmin/Sevener a little. Unfortunately that means she would get more power boosts than us. It's not tactically advisable to summon an asshole, even though she probably does deserve a beatdown.
No. 716841 ID: 595d54

The current cycle's Alison.
No. 716844 ID: b412df

Ask Sevener if she still wants to fight Glam Alison.

I'd for keeping this Alison, as much as I'd like to find out about the previous cycles, what effect can they have on this one? Besides, we already know a weakness for this one.
No. 716859 ID: dd338c
File 146077650591.png - (56.74KB , 800x800 , 156.png )

"Here I thought we were the bad guys, but here's Guitar Knight, willing to trade in his ally as soon as she shows a weakness!"
>"There's a lot of Alison out there!" says Guitar Knight. "Let's not let one hog the limelight."
"Really, Guitar Knight, back pedalling out of giving your weakness-based reasoning? I won't even tickle-abuse this Alison anymore! It was only funny once. Well, only once for everyone but her, cause she'd keep laughing."
>"Geez, being that ticklish is kind of embarrasing." Alison says, not making a move to get off of you, or even so much as any move to make looking up less awkward on your end.
"Anyway! Curious as I am about other Alison's, I've taken a liking to Glam-Alison." You say, making a point to remember to light her hair on fire next chance you get instead of getting the idea then forgetting. "Unless Sevener wants to beat up another naga?"
>"Much as I'd like to, I don't think this Alison's got the idea yet."
>"Wow. I'm actually a little touched, Radmin." Alison continues. "Thought I was going back to sleep already. I don't wanna get all sappy, but I am Alison. Hug before we beat the crap out of each other?"
No. 716862 ID: 5ad4a7

Go in for a hug but it's actually AN RKO OUT OF NOWHERE
No. 716865 ID: 1ce022

Well, this is a chance to set her hair on fire, technically, but she's not even back in the ring yet, so it wouldn't accomplish anything. Wait until the next step of the match starts before you start looking for opportunities.

Say "Well, ok, but this is only while we're out of character to talk about the rules. Once we get back in the ring I'm going to be 100% heel again." It's probably a good idea to drop a few hints that we're being deliberately bad, anyway, just in case some particularly dim audience members get it into their heads that they don't want to boo us in some attempt at sabotage.

... If you're confidence you can do it without her noticing, you could loosen the knot on her skirt while you're hugging, so that it'll come off with the right sort of pull, later. A good bit of cloth could prove quite useful during the match.
No. 716868 ID: 02422f

Yeah, sure, whatever, I'll indulge your hugging compulsion. You'll spend the whole match trying to coil me, otherwise.

You totally have to prank her in the middle of the hug, though. (Too bad you don't have anything to cut hair with. Lighting it on fire isn't even a good idea, cause then she'd have flaming grapples).

It'll kill our stats, cause it won't knock her out.
No. 716872 ID: 5ad4a7

RKO or not, I feel like a hug will sabotage the whole heel theme we've got going.
No. 716879 ID: bb78f2

Radmin, suggest to Glitcher and Rulekeep that there should a Alison wrestling speical event, where we get to see Alisons of different cycles wrestling each other.

I mean, if GK's team does win two admin positions, that means an Alison has to win the admin spot. It'd be an interesting intermission anyway, in case we're waiting for something to occur. That way, we can get a look at ALL the hall of fame Alisons.
No. 716901 ID: dd338c
File 146078555458.png - (19.26KB , 800x800 , 157.png )

What the hell, you go hug her.

"I gotta wonder, if GK does win, is there gonna be some big Alison wrestle-off?"
>"Ha, maybe!"

You can't RKO her like this. First off, you'd have to go backwards to get a running start, and it wouldn't be from OUTTA NOWHERE. Secondly, the mechanics are off on a snakelady.

You also can't light her hair on first. Well you can, but then you'd have fire grappling hair to worry about. Glam Alison probably would light herself on fire as a stunt anyway.

What you can do is loosen up that skirt knot a bit. When you yank it off later you'll have to make a monologue about this very moment, too. The image you're giving off now by hugging Alison is one that may hinder your stats, but if your monologue shatters this image later, then it's like an investment of stats.

So that's what you do.

>"I like you, Radmin. You're pretty cool."

You can't help but wonder if she knows about that and doesn't care about her skirt falling off later. Guitar Knight sure didn't.

Then again, she is an Alison. All too nice, and so very trusting as you hug her, like she knows that you're not really that much of a heel, that you're all just putting on a show, and that deep down, she'd like to be your friend.
No. 716903 ID: dd338c
File 146078561847.png - (20.00KB , 800x800 , 158.png )

The next thing you know you've got hair in your mask and that naga bitch swipes your mask off!

Somethings tells you to cover your face.

"Oh man!" says Glitcher. "A Luchadore without his mask?! I don't know a damn thing about Lucha Libre except that they can't be seen without their mask probably! Rulekeeper what happens if the Luchadore is seen without their mask."
"Instant disqualification forevermore."

"Maybe." she adds.
No. 716904 ID: 5ad4a7

Summon Operators to get you a replacement mask while Sevener keeps Alison busy.
No. 716909 ID: 02422f

You need to grab something to make a temporary mask out of.

Glam Alison's top is lose, but honestly she'll be expecting that.

...Sweatermouse is the answer. She's got more clothes than she needs. Swipe clothes from ref, chuck ref at snek, wear improvised sweater-mask.

We probably got this. An Alison going for a sucker-punch mid-hug runs completely counter to what the audience was expecting and probably killed her stats. So long as you can avoid being eliminated on a mask technicality, Sevener can finish her.
No. 716912 ID: 1ce022

Looks like you'll have to pull off your lower garments and put your underpants on your head. Or just grab your mask back with your free hand, if you can do it quick.

Also, point out the unfairness. If Luchas have an extra way of being disqualified, they should get some sort of advantage to balance it out! What bonuses do they get when they channel THE SPIRIT OF THE MASK?
No. 716930 ID: 5042bf

Now would be a good time to reveal you wear more makeup under that mask than the whole cast of Zoolander combined and you don't need no mask to be a color riot.

Barring that speed up your dumb plan and aquire SKIRT. Wear it so damn proudly. Okay, at least pretend to be proud.
No. 716948 ID: dd338c
File 146079652332.png - (17.50KB , 800x800 , 159.png )

>Looks like you'll have to pull off your lower garments and put your underpants on your head.
You did not think to EQUIP undergarments.

>Now would be a good time to reveal you wear more makeup under that mask
It would be! It's a shame that you don't.

"Operators! Fetch me a new mask!"
>"Uh, there are no new masks. That was one of a kind!"
"What?! Where did it - it came from Shopkeep! Fetch me shopkeep!"

You hear Alison make a gulping noise. She might have just eaten your mask. You then hear Sevener tackle her, so that's good. It's far away though, leading you to believe that she put a lot of distance between you and her so that you couldn't make the predictable move of snatching some cloths off of her.

>"This is the other reason I wanted a new Alison! You are treacherous!" says Guitar Knight. >"Hardly better than the ones you wish to fight!"
>"Oh give me a break, mister ex-admin! I get results! You think I can fight the two of them single handedly?!"
>"I'd rather you try fair and fail than succeed as a villain!"
>"Too late!"

You fumble around in the darkness.

"If there's a way to disqualify Luchadors like this, what kind of bonuses do we get for channeling THE SPIRIT OF THE MASK?"
"I suppose that would be fair. Very well, your mask will grant various abilities or stat bonuses depending on the mask you use."
"Sweatermouse, where's the ring?!"
"Over here!"

She's close. You weren't looking for the ring so much as you were looking for her. She has the most clothes out of anyone nearby, and is probably one of the few ones around that can't stop you from taking them.

From Sweatermouse, you may either acquire a Sweatermask and wear it like a long sleeved T-shirt ninja, or acquire a Sweaterskirt, of which you're sure you'll figure out a way to put it on unlike a blindfold if you choose this route.

You are uncertain if Sweatermouse has any additional layers underneath her skirt or sweater.

"Uh geez do you need help getting into the ring?"
No. 716949 ID: 5ad4a7

Yes please.

Go for the sweatermask.
No. 716954 ID: 38c0c3

Let's go with whatever will piss her off less, so sweatermask it is.
No. 716955 ID: 8111b6

But the sweater is a huge part of her name! Sweater. Mouse. Sweatermouse!
We're screwed either way.

Just grab whatever you can, and if worse comes to worst, maybe we can try using Sweatermouse herself as a mask. We wouldn't be attacking the ref, but if someone wasn't careful about where they threw their blows...
That would be pretty troublesome though. Even though she's not a heavyweight, it would still be an entire person on one's head.
No. 716968 ID: 02422f