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File 138155092108.png - (279.76KB , 700x700 , 6-1.png )
543827 No. 543827 ID: d38f67

Some time later preceding the events of last time

>"Well, that was fun. Story, are you ready to go on a journey to sell all these rare gems before the time lord goes and changes his mind? Muo will go too, of course."
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No. 543828 ID: b0d8a0

Whip out your dick and say yes.
No. 543829 ID: 7bbaae

Yes, I believe so. Ask what she got up to while she was out. Looks like she got a bit beat up- is she on fire?
No. 543830 ID: cf16c8

Yes, do this.
No. 543831 ID: 0f6f63

I believe so, yes. I suppose I might have to make some kind of travel preparations and say some goodbyes, although those should be simple enough.

Then make a terrible pun inquiring about her current smokin' hot appearance.
No. 543836 ID: d38f67
File 138155267483.png - (221.67KB , 700x900 , 6-2.png )

>Whip out your dick and say yes.
"Yes! Are you on fire?"
>"Pay it no mind. I can only imagine the possibilities to your actions. It could not have been that long, as I doubt that there was no romp during the time you and Muo were stuck alone."
"No, but she was not, if I dare make such a remark, smoking hot in both senses of the word!"
>"........ put your pants back on, kobold."
"What've you been up to if I may ask?"
>"Terrorizing the countryside. I expect I won't have to, but perhaps I will make a tradition of it. Now, I expect you to keep an eye on your treasures, but I've gotten a very trustworthy caravan. They are expensive, but I feel it's worth the added insurance. Is there anyone you've met thus far that you'd like to bring along? I believe you've been palling around with a gnoll, hm? Or perhaps the drake could use a vacation? The caravan is not expected for awhile, so you have time to make preparations, hopefully with your pants in the correct position."
No. 543841 ID: 0f6f63

Perhaps the drake would like a vacation? It's hard to tell with her. She could certainly sit on our loot for us in a wagon. Although she'd have to be willing to travel incognito- not in her dragon disguise. Be kind of hard to make sense of a dragon in a caravan. That part might be a hard sell.

What about Springfoot? Or are the summons done for now, or you'll need them for your own devices?
No. 543843 ID: cf16c8

Say your pants were already in the most correct position.
Bring along Tailor, you might need disguises at a moment's notice! Plus you should still feel horrible for what you did to Tailor even though it didn't happen in the final timeline.
Also you should find out what Tailor's actual name is.
No. 543844 ID: b2d7ab

Yes, let's bring the Tailor along. It's the least you could do, and I wonder if she's ever even had a vacation.
And what is Zirkala talking about? Your pants and their position couldn't possibly be more correct.
No. 543853 ID: d38f67
File 138155920057.png - (102.33KB , 700x700 , 6-3.png )

"Is springfoot still around, Miss Zirkala?"
>"She is, but will not be available for travelling."

>The drake
After excusing myself, I head off to the Drake.

"Hello, Miss Morgana! Have you ever thought about vacation? I am going on a journey, and was wondering if you would be so inclined to join?"
>"What? Who's going to protect my treasure?!"
"Who's going to dare take your treasure, when they are still reeling from the lich? We can, of course take your treasure. In fact, you're welcome to sit on the treasure I've amassed!"
>"Hrm... that's tempting. Do I get to keep any of it?"
"The treasure will largely be sold, but it'll be sold for a big pile of gold, and I did donate once, and it would not take much convincing to do so a second time!"
>"Hm.... fine! Wait, I'm not going with you back to the Lich! I'm going to prepare my stuff, I'll wait for you out front. Of the caves. Just... just go, and I'll be outside waiting for you. Don't make me wait long."
"Very well! I will be there before much of the morning has passed."
No. 543854 ID: d38f67
File 138155920457.png - (83.43KB , 700x700 , 6-4.png )

>Get the tailor
Afterwards, I head to the tailor!

"Hey, miss Tailor! What's your real name?"
>"It... it's Lachu! Like a little sneeze with an L in front I guess."
"Well then, Miss Lachu, how would you like to go on a journey?"
"Don't worry, we'll come back in one piece, promise!"
>"What about my shop?"
"Well, our journey would be over the world itself, so you may learn some excellent tricks of the trade, as well as finding out new clients. Plus, if you can get your shop here back when we come back, then I'll pay for a new one myself!"
>"Really?! Okay!"
No. 543855 ID: d38f67
File 138155920884.png - (124.85KB , 700x700 , 6-5.png )

>"Wait wait Story Seeker this is the Lich's place!"
"Yep. Don't worry she's nice."
>"Uhhhhhhh didn't she just like kill people yesterday or something I mean it was kind of a big deal."
"Miss Lachu, I humbly request that you trust me for this one!"

She doesn't really stop saying uhh, but she follows me anyway.

>"Hello, young kobold." says Zirkala, extending a hand. "Do not fear, I have removed both Deathtouch and Horrificaccident enchantments from my hands.
>"N-nice to meet you too."
>"The caravan will be here shortly, assuming it is punctual." Ah, Muo is back, so I give her a quick wave as to not interrupt Zirkala! "In fact, I believe we may need to show them the way insi-"

No. 543856 ID: d38f67
File 138155921193.png - (109.30KB , 700x700 , 6-6.png )

>"Oh. That would be them." Zirkala says. Something tells me that kobold is trouble! And not just because of his rather explosive entry.

>"The King's ready to go, and all participants have approximately 6.7 seconds to follow the king into his wagon, before he kicks their butts in for them."
No. 543872 ID: 0f6f63

Did we just offer to buy Tailor a new shop if hers goes under while we're gone? Geeze, couldn't she have just closed up, and we asked one of our other friends to just check by and make sure she's not robbed blind?

>Something tells me that kobold is trouble!
You're instinctively recognizing a rival male of a different school of seduction, but with a similarly prodigious skill.

This is either going to lead to an epic tagteamup, confrontation, and/or competition. I don't know if the ladies deserve our sympathy or envy.

>rushing off
Don't forget we have a drake to pick up, and possibly a gnoll as well. (Not sure if she was gonna bring him or not).
No. 543875 ID: e607cd

Hop to it then. Three people here plus trade goods, and one waiting outside, right? Here's hoping Lachu is brave enough to hang around this guy.
No. 543882 ID: 66f0bf

Give Z some properly charming goodbyes, help Lachu up to the wagon like a gentleman, and ask the new guy where he's from and where he works out.
No. 543884 ID: 7bbaae

Story, see if you can find out how he managed to punch through that wall. Maybe if you train under him you can someday be that strong too.
No. 543904 ID: d38f67
File 138158744406.png - (137.37KB , 700x700 , 6-7.png )

>"Hello, I'm Muo." says Muo, although the King, I guess his name is, appears to ignore her!
"Hello, Sir... King? How'd you punch through the wall?"
>"The name's Durk. With my fist. Now get your ass in the wagon, I don't have all day."

I expect that is all I will find out about that! I wish Zirkala goodbyes, but she is not one for long goodbyes, nevermind that I will only be gone for so long to begin with! I assist Lachu up. The wagon appears bigger on the inside! Perhaps someone in his party knows magic.

A nice and nice looking something assists us up into the wagon as well.

>"Heya. Welcome to the caravan."
No. 543914 ID: 57a559

Compliment the bold's clock
No. 543918 ID: 0f6f63

Bardly introduce yourself to your new traveling companions, and find out their names. We got first impressions to make.

And don't forget we'll have to pick up Morgana. Durk may be in the mood to rush off, but that would go badly for you.
No. 543950 ID: 7bbaae

Nice clock. Nice tits.
No. 543951 ID: d38f67
File 138160152872.png - (129.61KB , 700x700 , 6-8.png )

"Greetings! My name is -
>"Blabbermouth." Durk says.
>"I'm Lawra. Nice to meet you, Blabber." replies... actually, I think that is a different sort of goblin! We should come up with different names. But we won't.
"And that is quite a fine clock, miss..."
"I can't help but notice that there are quite a few clocks in here, actually."
>"Don't question it." Flava answers.
"Very well! Now, may I get acquainted with all of the rest of you?"

Lawra gets up and starts telling me everyone's names.
>"That's Chedda, our cook, Bi, some kobold we picked up someplace, Gnollflakes, who we took in after her clan tried to attack us. Up top is Dom and Gil, our doc and merchant. They're dead, but Dom just tells us how to take care of ourselves, and Gil is able to barter with anyone who willingly barters with a ghost."
"Nice to meet you all! Say, we are going out the front of the cave, yes?"
>"Yeah, where else?"
"I don't know! But I am meeting a drake buddy of mine out front."
>"Cool. We'll charge a bit more for her and Biggie Smalls, since we didn't know they were coming, but we'll take care of it."
No. 543955 ID: d38f67
File 138160155395.png - (122.70KB , 700x700 , 6-9.png )

The caravan sets off, I yell my last goodbyes to Zirkala as I make sure I brought all my worldly possesions, namely my armor and weapons. We don't even get out of the caves before we're ambushed! The caravan speeds up, and a few of my new companions to go out and protect us. I sure won't pop my head out, if they saw me, I bet they'd blame me for the whole thing!

>"Are the lizards around here always this angry?" Chedda asks.
"You know what, I'm gonna say that they sure are. That, or they can smell gold!"
>"Nah, that's gnolls."
No. 543957 ID: d38f67
File 138160155739.png - (146.25KB , 700x700 , 6-10.png )

We get out more or less unscathed though, and thankfully, Morgana is nearby. Gnollflakes is able to yank her up into the wagon as we drive by,

"Thank you, gnollflakes!"
>"Geez, kobold! You could slow down!" Morgana tells me.
"I'm not in command, I'm afraid! And we couldn't, either, something's got the lizardfolk riled up. We should probably just keep on rolling down this hill."
>"Uh... Story there's a lot of people here. And I just remembered I'm just some drake."
No. 543972 ID: 7bbaae

A drake with powerful illusion magic, though. She will be very useful. If she doesn't wanna come she doesn't have to, though.
No. 543976 ID: 0f6f63

Aw, she's insecure because she's 'just' a drake instead of hiding behind her usual dragon illusion.

Time to build up her confidence and make her feel comfortable. 'Just' a drake? She's easily one of the most dangerous things in the group, and a fine companion, to boot. Would she care to be shown to the treasure?

She may even learn to have fun with people who aren't automatically terrified of her.

She probably wants to keep her illusions a secret. If she's too public about that, she could blow her own cover back home.
No. 544000 ID: 0f60a8

If it's that, claim you're going to transform into a small drake, so for the generosity of not overloading the caravan and that shape is the only worthy contender to change into.
No. 544010 ID: d38f67
File 138161656033.png - (110.75KB , 700x700 , 6-11.png )

"Just a drake? Miss Morgana, you are the best illusionist I have ever even heard of, although I will keep that a secret should you wish! Still one of the most dangerous members of the group, and a fine companion to boot! Would you like to be shown to the treasure."
>"Yeah whatever." She says, and goes over. "I don't care what you say I'm just a big dumb drake I'm not a dragon at all oh my god where did you get all this stuff."
"We can dump it out and you can lie on it, if you want."
>"Story Seeker just because I like to lie on treasure doesn't mean that you can just..."
No. 544011 ID: d38f67
File 138161656588.png - (129.64KB , 700x700 , 6-12.png )

>"Oh my god this is amazing."

I think Morgana will be happy sitting in this spot, despite how I imagine the jewels are poking into her belly.

So it is, for about a day, before Lawra comes up to me.

>"Hey, you know anything about gnolls around here?" I sure don't. "We're about to go to the gnoll encampment, and was wondering if you could help."
No. 544017 ID: 0f6f63

So tsundrake.

>gnoll village
Well, I've know a gnoll or two. I might be able able to charm our way through. Although last time I had the bartering chip of a good meal.
No. 544022 ID: 830e30

Confidence is way better than real knowledge. You're a gnoll expert, you know more about gnolls than gnolls do. Plus you're a great masseuse it'll be fine go for it.
No. 544061 ID: c23ab0

A whole day cuddled up to her and not once did you attempt to put on the moves? You're more restrained than I had figured, Story Seeker.
No. 544091 ID: 7bbaae

say that the one you dealt with most liked food quite a lot. Oh! Morgana dealt with gnolls fairly often, ask her about them.
No. 544096 ID: 735f4f

Yes we know everything about the Gnolls. Lead us onward to diplomacy.
No. 544125 ID: d38f67
File 138168456710.png - (110.54KB , 700x700 , 6-13.png )

>A whole day cuddled up to her and not once did you attempt to put on the moves?
A gentleman knows when a lady is in too relaxed of a mood for such moves! Although, he also knows when a lady likes privacy, and there is little here.

"It just so happens, Miss Lawra, that I am an expert on gnoll! I know more about gnolls than gnolls do."
>"Great! So you'll go?"
"Yes. But I'll need some food!"
>"Hm... we're a bit low."
"A good offering of food is a good way to enter deals, even if those deals involve getting more food than we gave! A gnoll with a full belly is not a very smart gnoll."
No. 544127 ID: d38f67
File 138168457602.png - (82.30KB , 700x700 , 6-14.png )

"No offense."
>"None taken. Somehow." Gnollflakes says.
>"Well, Chedda's cooking something up right now. I'll tell her about it, and you can run ahead to the gnolls and do your thing while the food's still hot."
No. 544131 ID: d38f67
File 138168458909.png - (130.46KB , 700x700 , 6-15.png )

Before I know it, I'm running down the hill to the gnoll camp. Looks like a camp that's probly got no more than 15 gnolls. I doubt they have 4 tents for 4 gnolls!
>"Ey, shouldn't you be off rolling around in the dirt underground, princess? You'll get sunburned out here and start crying, ha!" the nearest gnoll yells to me.
No. 544137 ID: 37aa84

Lo stranger, we seek passage through thine lands.
No. 544139 ID: 0f6f63

Back to the inoffensive yet true racism, I see.

Fear not, my good gnoll, my hide has yet to trouble me, and nor do I wish to trouble you with my tears.

Then see about bartering the group some safe passage.
No. 544189 ID: 735f4f

Introduce yourself and ask about the area.
No. 544193 ID: 9da4cf

If I was rolling around in the dirt, I wouldn't be here to tell you about my caravan's amazing bargain discount deals, coming with a selection of free food so you can chow while you brow..se our selection of fine goods. Tell your friends!
No. 544408 ID: 041c8f

Don't talk to fancy. Gnolls might get pissy about it and play up the whole nancy prissy boy deal here. That is not an image you want to project with them. Your a bard and a diplomat, play to you audience. Something direct. Maybe Laugh a little bit at his joke, [not to much] offer him a small bite to eat. The ask about passage through there lands. Offer to pay a reasonable fee for escort or some such if they seem ill incline to have you prancing about. Oh and try to talk a little slower with them than every one else. (but only a little, don't look like your dumbing it down).

"Greetings, would you like to share a bite of my [FILL IN THE BLANK FOOD]." offer food "I would like to ask your leader if it would be okay to move our caravan through your territory. We could make it worth your while."

That last part and its phrasing is very important, Its the basic sign that low brow thug types, which make up 90+% of gnolls should and will want to listen to you.

P.S. not to propagate negative gnoll stereotypes but they tend to enforce them.
No. 544451 ID: d38f67
File 138198072691.png - (110.65KB , 700x700 , 6-16.png )

>No fancy talk
I'll try!

"Fear not, my hide is strong, and I won't bother you with my tears! If I were rolling in the dirt, then I would not be here to tell you of my caravan's amazing bargain discount deals! The first is food, and the bargain is so strong, it's free!
>"Yer tellin' me you're giving food to us. For free."
"All we ask is safe passage through your fine land! We'll make it worth your while, no doubt about it!"

One of the gnolls comes up to me to take a sniff.

>"Yeah, and how do we know it ain't poisoned?" the one I'm talking to asks, but the gnoll that takes my food takes a bite.
>"It's fucking delicious!" he says with a mouth full of food.
>"... you fucking moron. Well you ain't dead, so I guess you're fine, kobold. Everyone, get some food!"
No. 544452 ID: d38f67
File 138198073813.png - (129.79KB , 700x700 , 6-17.png )

A bunch of gnolls descend on my bag, and it's all I can do to get out of the way in time!

>"What thfuck is this!" one of the gnolls says.
>"It's fuckin' delicious is what it... wait...'
No. 544455 ID: d38f67
File 138198074542.png - (117.50KB , 700x700 , 6-18.png )


Hm. It looks like they're incapacitated by food stuck to the roof of their mouths, and I have found another entry to a book of pranks! Looks like the caravan's catching up, too.
No. 544464 ID: 735f4f

I think getting more food here is probably not the best idea at this point. Get back on the caravan and we can worry about supplies later.
No. 544466 ID: 9ddf68

Uh, not sure if we should try to help or see if we can't slip away while they're distracted.

I mean we are meant to secure a safe passage for the caravan but at the same time be mauled by a pack of pissed off gnolls isn't something anybody wants to experience, soooooo I guess keep your distance and see what you can do to help and be ready to run like hell should they actually try to beat the crap out of you.
No. 544480 ID: 7bbaae

Quick, steal stuff from them! Maybe raid their food supplies to make up for what you just gave them.
No. 544490 ID: 37aa84

Oh god you gave them peanut butter didn't you? If you have any more just leave it there as a distraction and leave before they blame you for their mild inconvenience.
No. 544492 ID: 0f6f63

Good stuff, huh? Really sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Is there any bard magic for well, dramatic throat clearing or something like that? Might help.

Failing that, act like this is perfectly normal and just negotiate terms of safe passage and trade while the gnolls aren't able to effectively disagree with you or offer counter-proposals.
No. 545228 ID: d38f67
File 138267549479.png - (103.86KB , 700x700 , 6-19.png )

"So... about safe passage? Bartering, as well?" All the gnolls don't seem to me mind, but they are all nodding their heads, so there's that! The caravan is not far behind. In fact, it's coming fast! And now it's going fast! They're not stopping.

Doesn't look like the gnolls care too much, so it's not all bad!
No. 545241 ID: 735f4f

Run for it. If you are fast enough maybe someone can help you up.
No. 545247 ID: 7bbaae

I'm sure they'll hang a u-turn eventually.
No. 545248 ID: d2b9fe

Time to book it, if you plan to catch your ride.
No. 545253 ID: 9ddf68

um, it seems our friends a remembered something and are racing towards it... You should probably go see if you can help... by running to the wagon at full sprint... incase they need help of course, I mean it's not like they'd dump you out in the middle of nowhere by yourself with nothing but the clothes on your back and all your loot still on the wagon... Did I mention you should be running after them right now, Cause you really should.
No. 545298 ID: d37f59

Yeah, standard operating procedure. Crazy stuff is going down, people are probably going to blame you, say something charming on your way out and vamoose.
No. 545880 ID: d38f67
File 138310562065.png - (90.13KB , 700x700 , 6-20.png )

>Run for it
A good idea! I run for it.

It looks like they're making a U turn after all.

>"Get in the tent!" I think Lawra yells to me. Which is odd advice, but I will trust her on that!
No. 545881 ID: d38f67
File 138310562980.png - (145.14KB , 700x700 , 6-21.png )

And the trust is well placed! The next thing I know, the tent - which appears full of food and supplies - gets toppled into the wagon. I will have to question how they managed to shove the entire tent in the wagon. Lawra's already there to help me get out of it. The interior is definitely bigger than the exterior!

>"Where are your clothes? I don't see them here." A good question, actually. Since Lawra's eyes are on me, I will refrain from giving Tom a stinkeye!
>"A bard's secret! How'd you just roll over the tent and get it in the wagon?"
>"A goblin's secret!"
No. 545884 ID: d38f67
File 138310575387.png - (224.82KB , 1000x700 , 6-22.png )

The next destination is almost upon us! I may have some magic to mimic being a girl, but, I am not well practiced in what is a rather complex spell for me, so I cannot guarantee myself its success!
No. 545892 ID: 735f4f

Try so you can get in some practice. If you can't pull it all the way off with magic then get Lawra to help dress you up and use magic to add touch ups.

Worst case you can get Morgana to help but any big magic could get disrupted by you know who any time it seems entertaining enough.
No. 545896 ID: 9ddf68

well if you never try you'll never know so try.
No. 545902 ID: d2b9fe

Well, you're out of clothes anyways, couldn't you start by dressing like a girl? Female lizard-bolds are flat chested anyways, meaning some surface species are apt to confuse you and rely on clothing, anyways.

...alternatively you could try to woo your way through, but that's a lot of wooing.
No. 545907 ID: d37f59

While you're in here with all the food, why not have a snack? The psycho driver's been starving everyone hasn't he? Plus that was quite a workout.

After that, practicing new spells is a good idea, but you might want to do that when it's less mission critical and let a certain drake cover everyone for now.

You just know if you go with mundane surprises everyone's going to get invited to a public bathhouse or something.
No. 545919 ID: 53ba34

all dudes can pretend to be the female's slaves.
No. 545935 ID: c23ab0


There is no way anyone is going to confuse that manly physique for a female kobold.
No. 545939 ID: abffe3

I don't understand the problem, we have a Drake with powerful illusion magic.
Combine that with the little stuff that Story does know and I think he's good to go.
No. 546372 ID: 90220e

Why hide at all? There can't really be no men or they'd die out. Story Seeker in militant dyke land. It'll be a learning experience.
No. 546963 ID: af99b9

Do you really want to take that chance? Better to be illusioned as a woman than to live a lifetime as a eunuch.
No. 546964 ID: af99b9

This is clearly a job for Morgana; get her to put an illusion on Story. I'm sure Durk can manage on his own.
No. 547068 ID: 90220e

Why always think what can go wrong. Think of the opportunities. For hilarity. Go as a man. Durk will get you through safe.
No. 547360 ID: d38f67
File 138411329433.png - (117.35KB , 800x800 , 6-23.png )

>Have a snack
Yes, the Durk has given us the bare minimal required to survive! I should have 'tested' the food for the gnolls and pretended it was alright. I'll look like a stick should we continue on like this, so I...

Hm. My bardic senses tell me that a certain crew of wagon riders are practically daring me to steal an extra share. I'll just have to continue going hungry!
No. 547361 ID: d38f67
File 138411330762.png - (127.37KB , 800x800 , 6-24.png )

"Hello, Miss Morgana! We are about to enter the girl's only land, and I fear my magic may be too limited."
>"Wh- just put on some girl clothes!"
"Ah, it is true that with a little tweaks, I could pass as a girl, aside from my physique that I've worked no small amount for!"
>"Get closer!" I oblige her, and lean in. "What do you think'll happen if it gets out that some 'drake' who's never been out of the cage for who likes sitting on treasure is a master illusionist... I can't just blow my cover! You just need to wear some girl clothes and practice a little magic."
"Hm... well, if you insist, I'll try to do it myself!"
No. 547362 ID: d38f67
File 138411331735.png - (152.97KB , 800x800 , 6-25.png )

I take a look around, but spare clothes aren't just lying around! Finally, I get the bright idea to just ask.

"Lawra, may I borrow some girl clothes?"
>"Oh, oh!" The tailor runs up. "Lawra's given me some pointers and help on the way, and I've actually made some girl clothes in advance for you!"
"Ah, why thank you!" I should've thought of her first, come to think. Oh well!

With that, I cast some bardic magic on me for.... well, it doesn't backfire, but it doesn't seem to do a whole lot, most concerningly, it does nothing for my equipment down under! I think I have a bit more of a feminine face, though, and so long as I keep my pants on, none will be the wiser.

>"Hahaha, you look cute." Lawra says. "Careful, you might want to stay as a girl!"
"I daresay that I've been a girl once, and while I won't soon forget it, I am happy as male!"

Without a hint of a warning, a girl goblin yanks open the flap.

>"Inspection! Everyone line up outside!"
No. 547363 ID: d38f67
File 138411333151.png - (114.78KB , 800x800 , 6-26.png )

She shouts pass a whole lot for each person, before coming to me. She stares preeeetty hard!
No. 547365 ID: d38f67
File 138411333878.png - (160.68KB , 900x800 , 6-27.png )

>"HMMM." Probably should've looked at how girls stand up. And how girls look at other girls. "You look a bit burly there, girl. Either a modestly hipped girl or a hippy guy. What's your training procedure?"
"It... involves rocks and fire, mostly." Not even close to a lie, as far as my recent past is concerned!
>"Sounds strong. I like it. But you've got to pass a test, before I believe you're a girl!"
No. 547366 ID: d38f67
File 138411334791.png - (129.19KB , 800x800 , 6-28.png )

She pulls down her top to show an awful lot of cleavage! I can't help but feel my male intelligence being somewhat insulted, just to see if I can hold eye contact.
No. 547374 ID: b2c9e1

Stare, Then say you are a lesbian. DOITDOITDOITDOIT
No. 547375 ID: 76b151

No. She might take that as an offer for sex. Goblins are like that. Better to just pretend we're a perfectly straight female kobold.
No. 547378 ID: d37f59

Point out that you have a rather skilled tailor with you if her top is a poor fit.
No. 547381 ID: 7e4b54

...I think I just lost about twenty points of intelligence.

No. 547384 ID: 4051f4

It would become pretty obvious that you're a guy if dongers are raised in that outfit. Keep eye contact and think of unsexy things like unshapely boulders.
No. 547385 ID: abffe3

Good god, you need to work on your bardic magic when it comes to vague illusions like this. You look like an abomination and your bodily proportions are all off. For a Kobold so inclined with women you'd think you'd be able to replicate the form a little better.
This is going to look far more suspicious if you try NOT to look at her breasts, just give them a brief look and pass the display with a witty nonchalant comment.
No. 547386 ID: fc937d

Explain that if she's having trouble with her chest or that top you can't offer her much in the way of help (being a flat chested lizard-bold unfamiliar with such things). You do have a tailor aboard who might be willing to offer her services, though.

>she can't cast illusions without blowing cover
No. 547390 ID: 7bbaae

Don't get a boner don't get a boner don't get a boner
No. 547394 ID: 13cf39

Whatever you do, don't think about how nice it would feel to rub yourself all over that delicious, sexy cleavage.
No. 547395 ID: 57a559

"You know, this test doesn't seem like a good test. Not only are their lesbians in the world, but men on the outside who are women on the inside, and women on the outside that are women on the inside. Like, what really defines a man here? I can count like, five or six women I know who would love to motorboat those. Three of them are 100% heterosexual too! Shit lady, when you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror the first thing you think is 'brrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrrbrrrr"
No. 547424 ID: 735f4f

I think she is looking for arousal more than eye contact. Try not to think about rolling your face around in those. Or how you have not had sex in possibly hours.

I mean you are basically naked under that shirt so if you do get aroused by her teasing it would be plain for all to see.

Only some sort of lecherous pervert would get aroused in this sort of situation.
No. 547451 ID: d38f67
File 138413102753.png - (116.31KB , 800x800 , 6-29.png )

>You need to work on your bardic magic when it comes to vague illusions like this
I must defend myself, I was not planning on needing this spell! These things take time, and I'm no natural mage.

>Keep eye contact and think of unsexy things like unshapely boulders.
An easy enough task! Admittedly, not actually an easy task, but I can hold!
No. 547452 ID: d38f67
File 138413103311.png - (116.63KB , 800x800 , 6-30.png )

>This is going to look far more suspicious if you try NOT to look at her breasts
.... Of course! Even those that would not normally have any interest in another girl's generous bosom would take a gander if it were shoved so blatantly in their eyes! To not do so would make it obvious I'm putting on a facade!

"This test, I must confess, is not a very good one! If you need help with your chest, then I'm afraid that a flat chested kobold such as myself wouldn't have much advice. We do have a tailor, if you need a better fit?"
>"I don't care where your eyes are, 'miss'! In fact, I expect you to look at them! What I'm really interested in..."

>Whatever you do, don't think about how nice it would feel to rub yourself all over that delicious, sexy cleavage.
>Don't get a boner don't get a boner don't get a boner
>something about rubbing
>something about motorboating
>something about shapely boulders
>something about getting a boner
No. 547453 ID: d38f67
File 138413104456.png - (126.12KB , 800x800 , 6-31.png )

>"Is what's going on down here!"
I... did not anticipate being grabbed.


Something's missing.

>"PASS. Oh, don't act so bashful about it."
"Yes, well, I am somewhat of a lesbian, if you must know!"
>"Is that so?"

Oh wait was I or was I not supposed to say that?
No. 547455 ID: 7bbaae

Well apparently you're a girl now so yes. Yes you were.
No. 547459 ID: fc937d

...roll with it. Totally roll with it.

Also, now you know what the problem was. Awkwardly stacking a poor makeup spell on top of a chaos induced gender swap. You might have been trying too hard, anyways. And if you needed references of girl bold, you know what Sili and Springfoot look like, right? And you did training and work with both, you think you'd be able to imitate their stance if you wanted to.
No. 547463 ID: 57a559

Well, maybe we should try out what it's like on the other side?
No. 547464 ID: 9ddf68

well this should make a good story
No. 547466 ID: 735f4f

Flutter your eyelashes at her and say "Is that bad?"
No. 547476 ID: d38f67
File 138413672773.png - (125.30KB , 800x800 , 6-32.png )

>And if you needed references of girl bold, you know what Sili and Springfoot look like, right?
I assure you, I have an admirable capacity to envision a female of a variety of species! That is not the issue, as magic cares little for that capacity. In fact I daresay it has no effect! Rather, it's simply my novice magecraft that affects so little.

"Is that bad?" I ask it, but with a tone to match the fact that I find it highly unlikely there aren't many lesbians around here.
>"Haha! No, that is perfectly normal around here. I gotta keep patrolling, but here's my house, if you want some new company tonight."

I may or may not have any idea what I am doing.
No. 547477 ID: d38f67
File 138413673869.png - (127.07KB , 800x800 , 6-33.png )

And with that, she waves herself off, I get on the wagon, and we take the short trip to town.

I must say, it was a pipe dream of mine to find myself in a female only town, but I am not quite sure this is how I had it planned!
No. 547493 ID: fc937d

....hey. Girl time with Morgana. Have some fun.

Then later we can worry about going through with 'girl time' with that goblin.
No. 547494 ID: d37f59

Well, assuming Miss Drake decided to hit you up with illusory goodness, that lasts at least a couple days usually right? No need to worry about sudden expiration so hey, go native some. Meet and greet the locals, hit the local bathhouse, all that good stuff.
No. 547497 ID: 7bbaae

Well, may as well take in the sights while we're here. Ask around about how the all-female thing works. Do they just take in females from outside the area, or do they occasionally travel to go and get pregnant, sending off male children for adoption elsewhere?
No. 547509 ID: 7bbaae

Oh, hey, if it turns out you don't like girl-on-girl sex, you could always turn into a slime and form a slime dick.
No. 547516 ID: 735f4f

Story if you do not take that nice girl up on her offer you will always regret it.

Its not like you suddenly got turned into a girl and are going out to bone all the guys. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more "bed magics"
No. 547518 ID: 9ddf68

might as well get out and see the town if for no other reason then to get some real food and make a privet stash so when you get back to the road you can actually have a decent sneak from time to time. Get some extra so you can share with friends as well.
No. 547543 ID: 5612af

It's not just an illusion. He got groped and the goblin didnt feel anything "out of sorts". Seems like gender-swapping chaos magic is in effect.

Time to go a little crazy.
No. 547544 ID: d37f59


Nah, it's all cool. Remember that goblin illusion? They were getting all hands-y in personal areas, and not one noticed anything out of the ordinary there. Clearly it's just that you weren't in the room when this was cast, so you see/feel yourself that way too. Nothing to worry about at all!
No. 547554 ID: d26381

While we speak of women and regrets, what was the outcome regarding the Abstinence Potion placed upon Story Seeker several threads prior to this one? Although it turned out to have a few unintended benefits, it was still a pretty monstrous and cruel thing to do!
No. 547564 ID: 9b6759

I wonder who got rid of your junk for you.
No. 547574 ID: 7bbaae

Isn't it really obvious it's Tom/Muo? That's the only force around who could do it.
No. 547578 ID: 5bf190

Really, Seeker, every man should spend time as a lady if possible. An appreciation for the female point of view will help you learn how to treat with them as they would like to be treated. Well, some of them, anyway. It doesn't do to generalize excessively.

Perhaps you are troubled because the lady you have become is not one that fits your tastes as much? You do seem to spend more time with the softer and curvier sort of lady, though come to think of it, you've not laid out your personal preferences. Is that it? Do you feel like you're not pretty, Story Seeker?
No. 547701 ID: c90474


I'd forgotten about that, actually! It still is kind of creepy having such a major part of someone's personality be suppressed, then faked by chemicals and chaos magic.

...Maybe we should employ CROSSBOW ACUPUNCTURE to fix it? Worked well enough for the oxen!
No. 547707 ID: d38f67
File 138424115906.png - (107.34KB , 800x800 , 6-34.png )

>What was the outcome regarding the Abstinence Potion placed upon Story Seeker several threads prior to this one?
I believe it simply wore out on its own! That, or there's been so much magic pumping through me that there just wasn't room for it anymore. Maybe that's it. As a novice magician, I have little faith in that!

>Perhaps you are troubled because the lady you have become is not one that fits your tastes as much?
I think I am troubled that Muo's original shapeshift put me in a perfectly fine form, but as it is, I am in an awkward medium between the two!

>Meet the locals, go to the bathhouse
Physical dissonance will not hinder my path there, however! I confirm that Morgana is perfectly content with guarding the treasure while pretending she's alone in her cave, and I head to the bathhouse. My Bardic Senses give me directions to the closest one.

I proceed to pretend like I know what girltalk is. It's like regular talk, except with girls! As tempting as it is to inquire as to how there is a female only land that apparently successfully keeps men out of quite a sizeable landmass, I simply remember that somewhere out there, under the big blue sky, there is a place called the Man Clan Land. And that's a bigger question than women only, in my possibly unimaginative eyes!

>Story if you do not take that nice girl up on her offer you will always regret it.
A realistic probability! I will have to -

Errant spell absorbed: True Sight

Eh? Wow, that feels like a powerful one. Safe assumption that that's Muo and Tom, though I do wonder just what they're pl-"
No. 547708 ID: d38f67
File 138424116835.png - (115.49KB , 800x800 , 6-35.png )

Oh. Oh.

Actually, perhaps I should not be surprised, considering how easily we slipped under the radar!
No. 547717 ID: d37f59

You're now the only actual girl in the girls-only bathhouse, aren't you.

While this new spell's in effect, there's something to be said for checking people out, figuring out the real ratio. And definitely said for messing with people's heads! I'm sure everyone's being paranoid about being found out! You can probably use the leverage to get some better deals on any supplies you're picking up!
No. 547719 ID: 90220e


Are you gonna put the moves on a man while a woman?

I've got to say that somehow this strikes me as something Story Seeker would love, and it's certainly a story. Of course, the whole city is about to erupt into chaos so I imagine right now would be a great time to RUN LIKE HELL.
No. 547724 ID: 7bbaae

I think it is time to run.
No. 547731 ID: abffe3

Good point. We could make a Story out of this or just bail in panic.
You do have some temporary equipment to work with after all.
No. 547736 ID: 735f4f

If most of the people here are secretly guys then I bet the opposite is true of the land of men. Wonder what the ratio of fake to real is here.

Of course this place is about to be very entertaining for awhile. Might be a good idea to politely take your leave and get back to the caravan while the getting is good.
No. 547738 ID: fc937d

Why run? It may be disappointing that some of what you thought were cute gals are really guys, but it's not as if you're in bed with any of them. All that happened is this communal bath got a little more normal. No need to panic, unless the faux-girls suddenly get aggressive about putting the moves on you.

I say we finish our bath and then head out, and see how widespread the fakery is.
No. 547739 ID: 937723

We should wait to see what happens next. We need food and supplies before we head out.
No. 547792 ID: beeca1

What about this spell?
No. 547797 ID: 9ddf68

well this might cause some problems from the locals
No. 547830 ID: d38f67
File 138431322068.png - (122.42KB , 800x800 , 6-36.png )

Yes, no reason to panic! In any case, a lot of the guys get up to leave anyway, leaving a fine ratio of girls left. Of course, this isn't an unbiased place to learn the town's real ratio.

However, the town is not in a loud uproar as I would have thought, but I expect to change soon. I would rather not miss my goblin rendezvous, and so before the village enters full riot mode, I will run to her house!

>"Helllloooooo. C-Come in, come in!" she says, to which I enter.
"Greetings, by the way, I never did get your name?"
>"Uh... i-it's Quani. You don't need to d-demand it from me!" she sounds meeker, in the confines of her own home, oddly enough!
"Ah, I must have mispoke, I meant no such thing! My name is Story Seeker, if I did not give my name to begin with!"
No. 547831 ID: d38f67
File 138431323128.png - (105.53KB , 800x800 , 6-37.png )

Oop, I hear some... cheering and commotion? Yet, Quani leans in close to me without even seeming to notice or care.

>"K-keep talking to me with that foul mouth, but I thought there was something wrong, and I see now. Y- sorry, but you are male! D-do what I te-tell you, and I won't tell anyone, okay? How are you hiding y-you know what, anyway?"

Something is amiss, and I believe I can still safely blame the chaos duo!
No. 547841 ID: 7bbaae

Tell her you are polymorphed right now. Also, let her in on the fact that there's a lot of men in the town already.

Also ask why she's talking like that, it's weird.
No. 547842 ID: 57a559

"We're talking in ways way different than we intend! You sound very meek, for example, while I must sound very impolite! It must be because of whatever is turning us all into men! You haven't seen it? Everyone looks like a man now!"
No. 547846 ID: 7bbaae

Oh, hang on, if she thinks you're rude when you're being polite, try to be rude so you sound polite.
No. 547848 ID: d37f59

The nice thing about being in the dark about things is you don't have to play dumb! Just turn up the charm, ask why she's so interested, and maybe give her the chance to inspect the situation as it were, if she's so inclined. Mainly ask about the interest though. Sounds like some kind of intrigue and secret plot sorta talk.
No. 547849 ID: 57a559

"Well almost everyone anyway, it's weirding me out. Actually it's more like 50/50. You see it walking the streets. Whatever, who cares. Here, lemme test saying something actually rudely. 'I WILL DO WHAT YOU SAY, YOU!'"
No. 547850 ID: fc937d

Shrug, completely nonchalant. It's magic stuff. You know a chaos worshiper, weird stuff happens sometimes. You've learned to roll with it, nothing really bad or permanent ever comes of it.

>D-do what I te-tell you, and I won't tell anyone, okay?
Soooo... I'm at your mercy. *give her the eyes* what is it you want me to do?
No. 547856 ID: 735f4f

Tell her there is a lot of chaos magic going around right now so you are just going with the flow of things. We are not really hiding our equipment its just temporarily polymorphed away.

Not sure whats up with her personality change. She might have something to hide or maybe she is just new at this sort of thing. Is sort of acting like she is a submissive sort trying to be more dominant in the bedroom.
No. 547864 ID: 90220e

Tell her she can tell whoever she likes, as it's not an uncommon thing around here clearly.

Then hit on her. Really hard.
No. 548184 ID: d38f67
File 138449011668.png - (160.37KB , 800x800 , 6-38.png )

Hm, so I may sound mean when I attempt to be polite. I wonder if I act mean, then, it'll come off as polite?

"I'll do what you say, girl, but why are you speaking like a meek thing pretending to be a bedroom dominator?"
>"M-meek?! I'll show you who's meek!" she says, making the most nervous giggle through a wide open mouth, all while she picks me up over her head. Her voice sounds meek, but her body language is anything but!

In any case, I don't get the impression I sounded too polite about it, so I go back to making sure I do sound polite.

"Miss Quani, I assure you that if you wished for me to come in, I would do so if you asked nicely! No, I won't kid anyone. I would come in even if you asked not nicely!"
>"Hehehe, I-I thought you were a gentleman - e-er, a gentlewoman, I guess, but you've got a mouth on you I wouldn't talk to my own buddies with!"
"In any case, I am still polymorphed, and I am not hiding any equipment. Plus, you may tell who you want about my gender, whatever it is at the moment, as either one is not as uncommon as one might have thought!"
>"It's... no real secret there's some smuggled guys here and there. I've let a few in myself... ooooon purpose, I mean."

It's getting pretty loud outside, no doubt with this sudden burst of friends and acquaintances turning out to be males all along.
No. 548186 ID: d38f67
File 138449012648.png - (121.38KB , 800x800 , 6-39.png )

Quani responds to this by tossing me on the bed and blowing out the lamp.

Hm, I do have to wonder how wise my decision for goblin play is, considering the town may run the wagon out of town!
>"I don't know what's g-going on, but I don't care. N-now, it's time to see if a c-certain foulmouthed kobold is just nasty talk."

Turns out I was not paying attention for a second, and now my dress is off and I'm tied to the bed. Well, at least I still have slime form, should I wish to break free!
No. 548187 ID: 9ddf68

lets see where this goes
No. 548191 ID: 7bbaae

Tell her you haven't done anything as a woman before. Just as a warning.

If you get uncomfortable with what she does, then slime out.
No. 548192 ID: fc937d

So... the more dominating she tries to sound, the meeker it comes out. And the politer you try to sound, the more foul mouthed it comes out. Must be more chaos magic.

If you wanted to circumvent that, you could probably flop back to polite by spouting foulness. Not that words are going to matter much longer.

>lets see where this goes
Yeah, this is going good places. Save your break free tricks for when you need to, or if you want to switch things in the middle and try and dom her instead of being dommed.
No. 548197 ID: 57a559

I think you'll have to intentionally get mad and not trying to get around the magic to get around the magic.

We'll have to try writing later.

I say enjoy your new equipment for the time being. See what you've been giving the girls all this time. Well, you'll have to try a strap on as a substitute.
No. 548244 ID: d37f59

Interesting new friend you have here. You probably have plenty of time to kill, but any time you're getting tied to a bed, it's important to keep an eye on all your stuff. I'd worry if she leaves the room for more than a few minutes too.

And do you even need the slime form to free yourself? You'd think getting out of this sort of jam would be a well-practiced skill by now.
No. 548248 ID: 4ef19e

Prepare your bed magics! Bonus points if it's something we haven't seen before.
No. 548256 ID: 735f4f

Things might be a bit different than what you are used to but at least give things a try. If all your stories like this end with you escaping as a slime you wont learn anything.
No. 548260 ID: abffe3

Just let her have her way with you for now.
Think of it like this: There's no better opportunity for improving your ways with a woman than by experiencing it yourself, then later using what you liked for a better experience.
It's temporary anyways so just remember to enjoy your new Kobold nethers.
No. 548743 ID: d38f67
File 138472683692.png - (122.69KB , 800x800 , 6-40.png )

>And do you even need the slime form to free yourself?
Most likely not, but it is certainly the easy route! That said, this does not appear to be anywhere near the first time this goblin has made a knot.

Annnd she's putting stuff places and doing things with the stuff and I think I'll just enjoy the ride and see where it goes.

Minipause in effect - thread will resume when Durk Nuuk'erm's business is dealt with.
No. 548750 ID: fc937d

Right, enjoy the ride. Remember to do what you can to try and surprise her too- you've picked up a few tricks by now.
No. 548755 ID: 37c9a0

You look pretty darn tense. Loosen up. Once you're done here you can probably score a free meal or something, then check up on everyone else.
No. 550677 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138612928948.png - (106.28KB , 700x700 , 6-41.png )

Some vague amount of time later -

"And that's how I did it with a lich!"
>"N-not exactly appropriate to talk about that stuff while y-you're doing it with another girl, you know?"
"That is correct, but in my defense, you did ask right around the time I turned the tables, and I did say exactly what you stated, but you insisted! It would also be rude to decline a story, so I was in quite a bind."
>"Okay, okay, now, you th-"
No. 550679 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138612976004.png - (163.65KB , 700x700 , 6-42.png )

There's a loud bang at the door, to which I see it being flung open!

>"Th'fuck?!" Quani can't help but exclaim, while I do the same internally.
>"Greetings, frolickers in the bedsheets. My name is Grandus, and I am on a manhunt. And if you would be so kind, I would like to search this place for males."
No. 550681 ID: 7bbaae

Throw a pillow at her and yell to get out.

Also assume a female slime form.
No. 550682 ID: 53ba34

what is she gonna do? stab you?
No. 550683 ID: f44ca3

Assuming you are still female invite her to join you. That or keep at it while she searches. If you turn back at a inopportune time you allways have slime form if you need to avoid stabbings.
No. 550684 ID: fd6ae9

We would not be so kind, actually. We're busy, if you don't mind!

Surely there's a bardic or bed magic for securing a romp from this kind of intrusion? Something like knock to remotely close and lock a door?

>female slime form
...go for small chest. Faster morph.
No. 550685 ID: 57a559

Wanna join miss? If my partner wouldn't so mind...
No. 550768 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138620262843.png - (108.40KB , 800x800 , 6-43.png )

I morph to be a bit more feminine, and begin turning to our intruder.

"We would not be so kind, given our obvious tasks at hand, miss! Now, if you would care to join us, then provided my partner does not mind, that is an entirely different st-"
No. 550769 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138620265579.png - (125.07KB , 800x800 , 6-44.png )

>"It is my earnest request that you and your mouth most foul stay put as you allow me to search the premises."
No. 550770 ID: 96b823

Okay, it appears you're under a curse of foul language. As a bard that does put you at a bit of a handicap but you can manage communication via other means. Writing, gestures, interpretive dance, and the like.

Keep your mouth shut and give the guard a nod of agreement. She's going to take a bit and the mood is pretty much broken so don't expect to continue your session with Quani.

If you've got anything to write with and on then write down "what did I say to the guard?" on it and give it to Quani to fill in. That'll give you an idea of how bad the curse is.
No. 550771 ID: f44ca3

I would say nod and shut up but the curse might manage to make that come off offensive.

Maybe just look sad and give her puppy dog eyes.
No. 550772 ID: 53ba34

"what are you gonna do, stab me?" and then get stabbed and ignore it cause you currently are an amorphous mass.
No. 550788 ID: 7bbaae

I think you should engage in combat and throw the intruder out.
No. 550798 ID: 5b9335

As long as you're definitely female, say nothing and do nothing to antagonize her. She won't find anything, and you can get back to your business after. Resisting now would just mean more trouble for you.
No. 550805 ID: fd6ae9

...oh right, the foul-mouth curse. I suppose we could test if swearing profusely at her makes the curse output a polite response, or if it magnifies our swearing to weaponized levels, but it's pretty silly to risk it.

Time for cuddle-sulking.

...and then prank the searcher while she's distracted and busy.
No. 550814 ID: 1714d4

You're clear of this charge at the moment, and I would have to imagine if your friend there wasn't you'd have noticed by now, so let her search. You don't have someone else hiding under the bed or anything right?

Anyway, if this kills the mood in here, it might be time to check up on everyone else.
No. 550815 ID: c23ab0

I am cursed to have a foul mouth you stinking trollop. Take your sword and sit on it for I sound like this even when striving to be as polite as possible. My apologies, you twat.
No. 551150 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138652312651.png - (118.04KB , 800x800 , 6-45.png )

Well, there goes the mood! Quani and I move off to the side. While I do not have paper, the guard appears so preoccupied with her search that I simply whisper to my goblin partner.

>Say "What are you gonna do, stab me?" then get stabbed.
Amorphous mass or no, I am not invincible! I do not know how that works.

"Please tell me, word for word, what I said last to the guard? Before the stabbing part."
>"Uh... w-word for word? Something like... 'Shut your mouth, we're fucking. Either you f-fuck off, or get your ass in bed and fuck with us."
"... interesting! Thank you."
>"Our speech is a little weird isn't it?"

>"Please refrain from speaking, you two." the other kobold says.
"Yes, you twat!"
>"... that's better." It sure didn't feel better!
No. 551151 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138652319850.png - (190.52KB , 800x800 , 6-46.png )

>"What is this?" she asks, holding up a bag of something or another. "It is my duty to inform you that this is an illegal narcotic, and a dangerous one as well. I shall confiscate it, as per protocol."
>"Whhaaat?! Do you know how long it took me to get that good stuff?! It's medicinal!"
>"Medicinal? A fine jest, but this causes heavy hallucinations and errant physiological effects through the mere act of breathing this in. You may request appeal through the proper legal channels."
>"Hey, you gotta stop her, that costed me my savings and is supposed to last me a whole year!" Quani whispers to me."I'll even give you a little bit if you save it!"
No. 551152 ID: 57a559

"Man, come on bitch, if it's so illegal, why don't you toke it up with us. Who needs to know? There something you want in exchange? Go ahead, name it, I can tell you want something. And you fucking pig of man shit, repeat what I said back to me, we're all having communication issues and I've got to be a total asshole to be nice, bull-ass butt stink eater."
No. 551153 ID: 57a559

Wait, ask for parchment and ink and pen instead of speaking. We should test that out because saying awful things seems to have only worked once.
No. 551154 ID: f44ca3

Proper legal channels? You bust in the door and threaten us with a sword and probably do not even have a search warrant. How do we know you are not just some bandit taking advantage of the riots?

Well if you did want to stop her how would we go about doing it? Have no clothes armor or weapons at the moment. Could try to seduce her with a profanity ridden tirade. Might be the only way to talk normally with this chaos magic.

Also if you stopped her with force it would cause issues for the goblin down the road.
No. 551160 ID: fd6ae9

Do your baric thing. Get close and within her guard by appearing charming and gracious and reasonable (ie- throw the filthiest most obscene cuss words you can at her), and the, once your close enough?

Use kobold sneakiness and your training to make sure she breathes in some of that stuff she's holding near her face.

She won't be in much of a position to confiscate the stash or do much of anything once she's off seeing the pretty colors.
No. 551162 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138652765714.png - (146.56KB , 800x800 , 6-47.png )

I just don't think I can even pretend to say such foul language in the hopes it will come off as fine!

>"May I get a piece of parchment to write on? There are communication issues at hand!"

The guard reluctantly obliges, and I begin writing. While she allows me to be close to her, the bag appears well sealed, and she is keeping an eye on it, so it may be tough for me to try and shove it in her face!

I would like to point out that you came in here without a search warrant-
>"Excuse me, but what is a search warrant?"
"It is, uh, like permission to come in and search ou-"
>"Permission? Haha, another jest. I am the permission, and after finding this drug, it was just."
If such things are how this society works, and you have no proof you are of the town's law enforcement, then how could I know that you are not simply just a bandit taking advantage of the riots?
>"... it is my request that you not speak so out of line, and return to your place at the wall while I leave this place."
>"Hey, w-wait a second!" Quani yells. "That's right, all official guards have village seals to show they're legit! Wher-?"
>"I shall ask you to hold your tongue!"

Pretty sure that she may not be legitimate, after all! Quani sure agrees, as she takes a knife from out under somewhere and approaches the kobold.

That may just be the distraction that I need!
No. 551163 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138652766927.png - (151.28KB , 800x800 , 6-48.png )

While she's facing Quani, I make my move. In one swoop of such dexterity that I could be proud of, I snatch the bag, make an incision, and whip out some at the kobold.

>"Ah, you witless fool! Do you know not what this is? It floats as though it is air's wildfire, and so must be sealed at all times! You shall place yourself under its effects as much as myself!"
"Ah, but I do not smell anything, miss! Perhaps as a slime, I am immune, or it simply is not as potent as - "
No. 551164 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138652768824.png - (161.23KB , 800x800 , 6-49.png )

No. 551168 ID: fd6ae9

Hahaha, just as planned. Mission accomplished and reward all in one.

All Quani has to do is carefully take away the bag and sword while you're both tripping out, and tie up the annoying intruder, and maybe toss her out on her tail.

And Dem eyes. ...whataya see?
No. 551169 ID: f44ca3

Success! So how potent is this stuff now that you are high as a kite?
No. 551170 ID: 57a559

Cool, now we... throw her out?
No. 551176 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138653511785.png - (327.48KB , 800x800 , 6-50.png )

>Whataya see?
The world.

I also feel the world. And now that I think about it I can also taste the world.

An honest attempt is made to ask Quani to help me throw this kobold out, but she only manages to seal the container again before succumbing to its overwhelming effects! While I am concerned about the kobold, I don't believe that she is in position to harm us, furthermore, the ground appears to be in good need of companionship right about now, and only I am up to the task.
No. 551177 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138653518489.png - (538.49KB , 800x800 , 6-51.png )

I look up, and it appears that there are more visitors, aboard a wheeled contraption! Hallucinations or not, I do not know!

>"'Ey. Blabbermouth. We're leaving. Wipe your rear off the ground and get it in the wagon."
>"Behold, the kobold embarrases himself once again, and by sheer proxy, myself for being in his presence." a great big beast comes to taunt me! "Raise your body and spirits, for there are long journeys ahead."
No. 551179 ID: f44ca3

Oh hey its that guy and that thing. Go get in the contraption and relax in the back with the dragon.
No. 551181 ID: 96b823

Hey, it's a mighty dragon! Say what a mighty dragon that is, 'cause that's one mighty dragon, yessir... Oh! You heard the dragon. Gotta get over in the wagon... thing.

Hug the ground over towards the wagon, and the wagon, and the dragon. Hug all the things!
No. 551185 ID: fd6ae9

All right! Time for a literal drug trip! They even brought a vehicle for your vision quest.

>Hug all the things!
...I wonder if drugged slime gives a contact high.
No. 551195 ID: 27ca74

Time to find out. It should, just breathing in the same room as that stuff made us high.
No. 551200 ID: 7bbaae

Tell them you can see their inner selves. Morgana looks like a mighty serpentine dragon, and Durk looks like a muscular, handsome human.
No. 551214 ID: 1714d4

Riding this out in slime form might be good practice with the whole shapeshifting thing. Loosens you up and all.
No. 551222 ID: 37aa84

Dude look at that dragons whiskers, those are so awesome. You should totally touch them.
No. 551235 ID: 9ddf68

hey bring the friends you made with you so you all can enjoy the world together.
No. 551582 ID: b9d767

Yes, this is it! Hop in the car, it's time for an ADVENTURE! SEEKER AWAY!
No. 551676 ID: ed5a38

get on dat... wagon?
No. 551982 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138706131570.png - (281.72KB , 800x800 , 6-52.png )

It is time for a great journey!

"Sir Dragon, it is my desire to ride you like the wind!"
>"Hahaha. Young kobold, your ideas of gender are nigh insulting, but no matter. Be warned, I am no easy dragon to saddle! Now, off to adventure and treasure!"
"I'll be sure to hang on tight!"

I daresay I haven't been this giddy since my parents gifted me a fine set of toy marbles!

>"Ah, on guard, kobold! It is the slime pits of chaos. Contact with it can result in great turmoil or great rewards, to those who dare gamble with the chaos god! What of it, kobold, do you enjoy placing fate upon the uncaring dice?"
No. 551983 ID: 53ba34

you are totally the bravest. and so you will brave the slime.
No. 551988 ID: fd6ae9

I accept your challenge, noble dragoness! Then leap.

(Story appears to have shifted back from slime to kobold. So at least we don't have to worry about accidentally merging with Muo).
No. 552000 ID: 37aa84

You are totally all for leaving your fate to chance, dive for that slime it is your destiny.
No. 552025 ID: 1714d4

Great reward!?! Dive in and look for treasure!
No. 552052 ID: 9ddf68

tell the dragon to head down, you would like to test your luck with these slime pits of chaos.
No. 553096 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138773862884.png - (246.43KB , 800x800 , 6-53.png )

"Haha, of course I'll leap down!"
>"Then go, young kobold, take this cloth as your parachute, and take the leap of faith from me into the unknown!"
No. 553100 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138773863647.png - (56.78KB , 800x800 , 6-54.png )


It tastes... I cannot put my finger on it, but it is sweet, and possibly the greatest thing I have ever tasted!
No. 553105 ID: f44ca3

Drink deeply of the magic slime so you may gain its powers.
No. 553113 ID: fd6ae9

Thanks, alternate universe female drug vision Corruptor!

>possibly the greatest thing I have ever tasted

Hmm. Is there anything or anyone else in the slime pit, besides the delicious slime? Maybe you should swim around?
No. 553117 ID: 1714d4

Drink deep brave wanderer! Clearly the treasure is the essence of the slime itself! Take it into thy form and thy form shall reflect it!

Any sort of magical pendants found within of course are likely to be even higher concentrations.
No. 553286 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138783163336.png - (223.71KB , 800x800 , 6-55.png )

>Drink so that you may gain its powers
That's cool too but it really is delicious! So I keep drinking. Normally I can only drink so much, but for this, I feel limitless!

>Any magical pendants inside mean higher concentration
Aha, I do locate one amulet of some sort! It immediately takes the form of something with big ears.

>"Aha, so, the kobold has taken on the quest of the slime pits, hmm? Then be warned, soon, the slime will try to eat you, so you must keep up the offense if you wish to defeat your nemesis!"
No. 553289 ID: 88960e

It tastes too good to be true, you can't stop, and someone is urging you on? That's the test of the slime pits! It's a seductive trap!

You'll have to find a way to resist. Or to seduce it right back.
No. 553294 ID: f44ca3

Try to lick the thing with big ears. Maybe its even more delicious.
No. 553295 ID: 1714d4

Hey now, this is a magical talking amulet here that you received from a mystical quest. Ain't know way it's going to steer you wrong. Unhinge your jaw and get that slime down as fast as you can. Just stop when you hit your own tail. Don't need go go all ouroboros on yourself.
No. 553300 ID: 9ddf68

you heard him, don't stop!
No. 553334 ID: 7162a0

Practice your seduction! Use your masculine wiles on the amulet spirit for more advice.
No. 553374 ID: 9b57d3

Oh god please tell me you're not eating Muo.

Eh. Put up a good fight but show mercy to your opponent.
No. 553424 ID: 1714d4


That's ridiculous. This is a massive pool of slime, Muo's just a little slime girl. The only way it could be her is if you shrank and/or she grew to ridiculous size. If that were the case swallowing good chunks of her would help you grow back to regular size and get her small enough to fit in places again. Plus that'd mean it's Tom encouraging you to continue, so if anything, Muo's life depends on you swallowing all this slime! Better get to it!
No. 553848 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138818005928.png - (233.18KB , 800x800 , 6-56.png )

>Lick the amulet
I move in to lick the embodiment of the amulet, but perhaps that was a mistake! Before I am able to make tongue contact, I am flung out of the slime pit. In it's fervor, it managed to fall out of its containing pit, and leaks into the other slime pits.

It was too late, though, as my thirst is quenched and I feel like its power is becoming mine!

It's just a shame that I don't know what that power is.
No. 553851 ID: 88960e

>It's just a shame that I don't know what that power is.
Perhaps some experimentation is in order, then.
No. 553864 ID: 1714d4

Well, first and foremost, check if there's any sort of fabulous treasure left in the now slimeless pit. If not, then clearly the slime itself IS the treasure, and you'd better follow it to the other pit and ingest as much as you can before it gets all diluted with inferior slime!
No. 553871 ID: 9b57d3

It's the power of summoning giant frogs, of course!
No. 553873 ID: 53ba34

improved shape-shifting. you can be anything now!
No. 555169 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138889108881.png - (393.90KB , 800x800 , 6-57.png )

>It's the power of summoning giant frogs
Hm... nope, doesn't seem like it is!

>Check if there's any sort of fabulous treasure left in the now slimeless pit
I take a dive down to see. And, there is no treasure of material wealth, but there is a fine looking mermaid being heckled by some kind of wheel demon!
No. 555170 ID: 53ba34

rescue the mermaid! she must be the final test!
No. 555171 ID: 1e9bd6

Save the mermaid from the demon! It's the gallant thing to do.
No. 555173 ID: 1e6280

You are a gentleman. Assist this fine lady by confronting the wheel demon!
No. 555177 ID: 7bbaae

Give the wheel a firm talking-to.
No. 555181 ID: 1aa5f4


Yeah, it clearly deserves a piece of your mind! After you lend a hand to the fair maiden, I suppose.
No. 555224 ID: 9ddf68

well, what are you waiting for, help her if you can.
No. 555999 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138924257946.png - (250.18KB , 800x800 , 6-58.png )

I wrestle with the wheel demon! It is tough, but its attacks are slow and predictable. Soon, I give it a hearty strike that knocks its core apart! Although I did not mean to slay it, it is better slain than unbeaten.

The mermaid thanks me, and gives me a mermaid scale as she swims off in a rush. I have no idea if these are worth anything, but if this was the final test, it must have a purpose of some sort!
No. 556006 ID: 627d94

Obviously you'll need the mermaid scale to insert into an incomplete mermaid statue later, which will then move aside revealing a secret passage to your reward.

For now, bring the demon carcase with you and return to the surface. Demon bodies can be dangerous if not properly disposed of, and also a source of valuable magical reagents. So we should see if we can find anyone to help us properly dispose of it / harvest it.
No. 556007 ID: 53ba34

swallow it for safekeeping.
No. 556011 ID: 9ddf68

hmm, might as well head back for now until the next part of our quest is reviled to us? bring the demon as well, let is serve as a warning for any others who would try and cross your path.
No. 556012 ID: 7bbaae

Don't those usually let you breathe underwater or something? Not that you should test that.
No. 556018 ID: beeca1

I think he's coming down.

Don't do anything with it yet. That wasn't the final test, don't you know anything? The final test is proving you're a hero by showing some king or whatever the token the fair lady gave you for saving her. And then you get half the kingdom. Keep it on you just in case this turns out to be that kind of test.
No. 556086 ID: a90328

Wow... this is shaping up to be quite the epic adventure here now isn't it. You got some kinda magic slime lake totem, a mermaid scale, probably also magic, and have some kinda dead wheel demon which... OK I guess the core might be magic. Plus the slime around the amulet was pretty souped up too right?

OK how does this sound? Wear the magic amulet. Equip the mermaid scale somehow. Like... I don't know, shove it down somewhere by your waist, see if it like, turns into magical scalemail leggings or something. Maybe do the slime thing to get it to stick? Use the remaining slime scattered about from the lake to cleanse the taint of evil from the demon core and see if it turns into something else.

And from there... I don't know. Look to climb the highest mountain in the land and ascend to divine power or some princess to rescue or a celebration of your victory maybe?
No. 556264 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138932674016.png - (211.06KB , 800x800 , 6-59.png )

Hm, I will have to save the scale, as its use may not be immediately apparent.

So I equip both the amulet and the scale, hoping them to give some boosts! And yes, I do feel them take hold, the mermaid scale gives me the power of plus ten charisma! I don't know what that means. The amulet, meanwhile, grants me the power of telepathy!

I move back up out of the slime pits so that I may breathe again, and I am greeted by a disembodied voice.

>"Greetings, I am the first slime pit of which you entered initially. If you would only have asked, I would have shared some of my essence."
"Ah... ah, sorry, I did get carried away, didn't I? I think I even came out ahead, so if you like, I am willing to break even and give what I took from you!"
>"Hm... the amulet, too? That token has been with me for a long time, and I believe it got snagged on you as I tossed you out. I am sorry for that, by the way."
No. 556283 ID: 9ddf68

to make it up to you how bout we return the amulet as a sign of good well?
No. 556284 ID: 7bbaae

I dunnnoooooo...
No. 556286 ID: 37aa84

Yes, it would only be fair to return the amulet.
No. 556305 ID: beeca1

Hand over the amulet, keep half of her essence. It's probably a plot coupon too. Amulet is clearly meant to be traded for her essence.
No. 556309 ID: db7998

Agree to return the amulet.

So... what's this essence stuff do? The quest giving dragon didn't give many details.
No. 556330 ID: a90328

Wait Story! Think back to the wisdom of your spirit guides from when you began this journey!
> "Contact with it can result in great turmoil or great rewards..."
> "Aha, so, the kobold has taken on the quest of the slime pits, hmm? Then be warned, soon, the slime will try to eat you, so you must keep up the offense if you wish to defeat your nemesis!"

Both the dragon and the amulet warned you about the slime pit trying to trick and devour you! Plus, remember, some of it dove into the ocean to try and feed that poor mermaid to the wheel demon!

Clearly, without letting it know you're on to its evil scheme, you must get it to let its guard down, then unhinge your jaw and swallow it whole, so that you may attain its powers and put an end to this great evil!
No. 557136 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138963978168.png - (305.97KB , 800x800 , 6-60.png )

Hm... this may be a trick after all, but it's not like I can unhinge my jaw like a snake! I will return the amulet and a portion of what I took, keeping just a bit for myself, although the slime pit does give some of what she took from me back as well, so it turns out to be an exchange of some kind or another! I believe I come out somewhat behind, but that is fine, as I still have the mermaid scale, and that should be en-
No. 557140 ID: 9cd8ad
File 138963979202.png - (274.49KB , 800x800 , 6-61.png )

Urg. Maybe I gave up a little too much, I feel like I may need a trip to the puke pail! I'm under a heavy pile of something, with someone else, while my feet feel cold and wet.

In fact, I don't think I'm in the slime pits anymore.

>"OH MY GOD what are you doing in my why are you guys naked on my pile oh my god you didn't did you get off get off MUO YOU'RE GETTING ALL MY HOARD WET!"
No. 557145 ID: 937723

Well get to work extracting people from your loot pile and make sure you are not suffering any ill effects from your escapades.
No. 557146 ID: a90328

Oh hey, finally coming down off your drug trip?

Well, first of all, apologize, and explain how someone slipped you something crazy.

Then just... extract yourself from this big ol' pile here and take stock of the situation as best you can. Were you actually just eating/swimming in/sleeping with/switching to slime form and merging into a single entity with Muo? All of the above? Did you manage to properly disentangle from her? Did that spontaneous sex change revert itself yet? How about the face upgrade you stacked onto it? Did you actually get something from a mermaid at some point?

Once you've sorted all that out, there's something to be said for finding the puke bucket, finding your clothes assuming that Muo business left that as a sensible option, and once you've generally cleaned yourself up make some proper introductions because there seem to be some new people on the wagon here.
No. 557155 ID: 88960e

Survery the harsh reality of the world, as you work on charming / apologizing your way back into Morgana's good graces.
No. 557162 ID: a87e3a

Find the mermaid scale!
No. 557164 ID: 041c8f

Just tell her the truth. You got drug by that crazy naked goblin and have not be on a first named basses with reality until now. Your are embarrassed (mostly by the loss of control, less than the actions). You are sorry (she is a friend after all). And this is one of those rare occasions were it really wasn't your fault.

The offer to help clean up even though it wasn't your fault you still did it and you don't shirk out on helping friends.
No. 557204 ID: 9ddf68

look around you, try to piece together what the fuck just happened to you
No. 557206 ID: f44ca3

Might want to check if you got Muo pregnant. Or if she got you pregnant. Or if slimes even work that way.

Then get to cleaning up the mess you two made.
No. 558978 ID: 9cd8ad
File 139037607441.png - (203.82KB , 800x800 , 6-62.png )

>Find the mermaid scale!
Ah, right around my hand the whole time!

"I apologize, Morgana! In my spare time, which I assure you I will continue to have plenty of, I will help you wipe off each and... generally wipe off these coins of any contaminants!"
>"You'd better! While I'm watching so you do it right!"
"Say, Muo, could you explain to me how a slime gets pregnant? For purely informational reasons, I might add."

An explanation is given, and I am more confused than ever!

>"And that's why the male carries the baby!"

No. 558979 ID: 9cd8ad
File 139037607816.png - (126.25KB , 800x800 , 6-63.png )

Lawra comes in and says something before I manage to snap myself back to attention after that bit of info Muo dropped my way.

>"Anyways, we're at the dwarven place, if you didn't notice. We'll be selling off the jewels and things, so -- "
No. 558981 ID: 9cd8ad
File 139037608407.png - (128.90KB , 800x800 , 6-64.png )

No. 558985 ID: a87e3a

Morgana, they're not yours. Also keep in mind that once they're sold there will be a pile of GOLD you can lay in for the trip back!
No. 558986 ID: 57a559

Morgana, we're not selling your gems, we're selling mine. Did we even bring any of her hoard aboard? Whatever, that just mean the whole hoard gets bigger, more coins, less jems Morgana. So you get to sleep on a bigger pile on the way back home before you return to your own hoard.

That's the entire reason we went on this trip, girl! To sell this treasure! To make a profit and have some adventure along the way. You didn't think we were just going to travel the lands forever on this single hoard?
No. 558987 ID: d2995c

You spend money to eventually attain more money. Thus are the dark arts of capitalism.
No. 558992 ID: a87e3a

Story seeker something horrible happened!

You went through the Mermaid territory without visiting their underwater city and macking on some mermaids! You even have a mermaid scale! Those totally probably let you breathe underwater. Maybe you should ask Morgana, after you pacify her.
No. 558993 ID: a90328

It seems exceedingly likely that Muo doesn't actually have a clue what she's talking about here. So... don't sweat that whole crazy nagging feeling that something truly horrifying is in store for you as a result of... whatever the two you two were doing there. You're almost definitely probably fine.

For now just get out of the pile already, see where your clothes went, and check out that mermaid scale to see if it's actually in any way remarkable.

Oh, and since you were kind of a slime for a while there and apparently just kind of eating everything in sight, you should probably double check that it doesn't feel like there's any foreign objects stuck in your stomach or something. Better to establish that early and reslime to purge them out than develop a nasty intestinal problem, right?
No. 559040 ID: 4a75fa

There, there. Calm down *scratch her behind the ear fins*.

We're selling gems to get more gold. Which mean the pile will be bigger. And since we're selling them at a profit, the hoard will be worth more.
No. 559045 ID: e9e331

she does know where trading the gems in for more gold right? and that it's yours? hell if she still won't let go of it even after you tell her that tell her you'll then use some of the gold to buy her something she would like in the marketplace.
No. 559626 ID: 9cd8ad
File 139078364151.png - (147.86KB , 800x800 , 6-65.png )

>You went through the Mermaid territory without visiting their underwater city and macking on some mermaids! You even have a mermaid scale!
Thankfully, this is a two way journey! We will be dropping Muo off, and then heading back the way we came. It has been quite awhile, but trips back always seem a lot shorter.

"Morgana, note that we will be selling these gems for their share in gold! In effect, the treasure will end up being just as valuable, and bigger as well."
>"Oh, right... reflex. Wait where'd all this gold even come from I thought you were only selling gems?"
"Yes, perhaps it is the wagon's own stock of treasure?"
>"Hey, Butts McGee." miss Gnollflakes comes and greets her.
>"We need you to disguise Gil to be an elegant looking dwarf or something. Please... do that."
>"What makes you think I know how to disguise anyone?!" Morgana says, and a good question as well!
>"You're a powerful illusionist."
>"Kobold did you tell them?!"
"No, miss Morgana, I am certain that I did not!"
>"Then how'd they know?!"
No. 559627 ID: a87e3a

Durk is absurdly powerful, maybe this has something to do with his power?

Maybe Durk is a GOD.
No. 559630 ID: 4a75fa

>how do they know?!
...well, er, because you just confirmed it when confronted.

But aside from that, maybe they have some way to appraise or identify people and things? Kind of makes sense for a trade caravan. At least as much as the bigger on the inside thing does.
No. 559631 ID: 57a559

they checked the GUI silly
Everyone knows that all Caravan's have a GUI with detailed descriptions of its riders. The person who has access to the GUI is the caravan master, in with the GUI one can tell status (given a diagnotician is in the party), occupation, and skill sets, sometimes it includes a backstory that can be erased and rewritten.

A caravan driver is a powerful reality warper restricted within certain rulesets. This is common knowledge even the most basic kobold knows. Even the Tailor knows that. Right Tailor?
No. 559637 ID: 9ddf68

well we could ask
No. 559642 ID: a90328

That is an excellent question. I presume you have no idea. You probably should ask Durk there how he does though, and try to stress that that's something she's quite keen on keeping a secret, wanting everyone to just respect her for being a big powerful brute. He should be able to sympathize with that.
No. 560050 ID: d470e9
File 139105465240.png - (135.63KB , 800x800 , 6-66.png )

>They checked the GUI
This means nothing to me!

"Say, miss Morgana was hoping to keep this a bit of a secret, I hope you can understand why. Might I ask how you knew?"
>"We checked our menus." Gnollflakes says.
"Excuse me?"
>"Don't worry about it."

>"Hey, uh, Story Seeker? Can I talk to you in private for a second?" Muo asks of me.

Thankfully, Morgana seems to have quickly calmed down, so I let myself get pulled away by Muo.

>"Uh, so, you might be making a slime soon."
"I... am not certain how to deal with this!"
>"Well, if you don't want your own clone running around, then you have to, uh... ... ... let me think, it's complicated!"
No. 560056 ID: 9ddf68

alright no need to panic yet, she's saying there's a way for us to avoid this
No. 560072 ID: a90328

One thing at a time. First, you'd better darn well work out how soon is "soon." If she starts getting into some crazy longwinded explanation though you're going to cut her off, because whatever she's talking about, it can't be more important than making sure Morgana doesn't totally flip out on everyone. Make sure Durk gets that whole secret notion.

And I suppose if you are host to some sort of immature slime that's not the worst thing to deal with. I mean, they're all liquidy, so you don't need to worry about anything violently bursting out of anywhere. Just... squirting forth from some orifice or other maybe.

Oh, and what sort of bard doesn't know anything about dwarves? Aren't they all about singing songs of their ancestors' accomplishments and throwing crazy drunken parties? You might need to do some Serious Research. Unless you've given up on becoming the world's greatest bard now.
No. 560082 ID: beeca1

Ask her if there's any way to transfer the baby to someone else. Don't actually do it, just make her think you're considering it.
No. 560107 ID: 4a75fa

...but I'm not a slime right now. Where would it even be? (Changing from slime to kobold was bad enough that time you left a book inside. You'd think you'd notice another slime).

And who's the other parent? That drug trip was interesting, but I don't think I... hmm.
No. 561653 ID: d470e9
File 139198073729.png - (170.48KB , 800x800 , 6-67.png )

>Oh, and what sort of bard doesn't know anything about dwarves?
The same sort of bard whos experience with meeting dwarves is equivalent to meeting people trying to kill you!

I think that Morgana has calmed down some, so I turn my attentions to this whole slime business.

"But I'm not a slime right now."
>"Well, yes, but that doesn't mean you can't be a host to a slime in general I guess I mean I mean! Buuuut you should probably become a slime when it feels like something is kicking your whole body from the inside, because what usually happens is that the slime takes half your mass and then goes away.
"... oh. Uh, how soon is this?"
"And who's the other parent?"
"Nevermind that! I cannot say that I am particularly pleased by this turn of events, but I will make do."

Lawra comes by and requests that Muo stock up on water in advance, since we are soon to enter a desert, which is apparently quite a hot place. Which leaves me with nothing to do for the rest of tonight, as it turns out!
No. 561654 ID: f44ca3

Start knitting a cute set of clothes for your soon to be slime baby/clone?
No. 561658 ID: 9ddf68

ignore it for now and worry about it if you start felling kicking, then run to Muo for help.

Till then let's see who that one goblin chick we met back in the last town is doing, didn't she get a whiff of the same stuff we did?
No. 561675 ID: 57a559

Go flirt with some dwarves
No. 561705 ID: 4a75fa

Hmm. Maybe you need to get some clothes?

Or have you done any road-trip songs yet?
No. 561715 ID: a90328

Whatever Muo's going on about, it seems like it's one of those things you can't really do anything about one way or another, so you might as well put it out of your mind and focus on damage control and sight-seeing.

Why not try and handle everything at once? Take these lovely ladies you seem to have accidentally abducted from Ladytown out to see the wonders of the dwarven city. Do some flirting, take in the sights, and if you can find Durk there, explain the whole ix-nay on the illusions-ay bit to him... assuming you don't run into him in a bar where he'd start loudly shouting about it or something.
No. 561984 ID: d470e9
File 139209656879.png - (152.39KB , 800x800 , 6-68.png )

>Start knitting a cute set of clothes for your soon to be slime baby/clone?
I have no capabilities to do so, but it just so happens that I have a certain someone to employ for this! I get tailor on the job.

>Take the accidental abductees out on a trip
The better sorts of ideas I've had all day! I have hardly spoken to them, and they mostly keep to themselves. So after I find myself my old clothes or what could passf or them, I bring them out of the wagon and into the wilderness to show them the sights, whatever they might be.

The kobold has since calmed down from her position, perhaps merely due to unfamiliar surroundings being an effective pacifier.

Upon returning to the wagon, we continue our conversations of idle nothing's, but Durk comes back in a rush and hauls us off after a brief confirmation that everyone is on the wagon.
No. 561987 ID: d470e9
File 139209657623.png - (93.65KB , 800x800 , 6-69.png )

With that, we're off through the desert!

>Or have you done any road-trip songs yet?
I have not, come to think! I have kept my barding to the matter of storytelling. I can't believe that I've neglected such an important step, and so...

Wait a second I thought I knew how to sing but come to think of it I've never sung before.
No. 561990 ID: a87e3a

Oh my god ask if anyone here can teach you how to sing!
No. 561998 ID: 4a75fa

>I thought I knew how to sing but come to think of it I've never sung before.
Never? In your life? You sure? Almost everyone sings, at the very least, when they're children. It's usually part of the games you play, or what you're taught.
No. 562010 ID: a90328

Just ask around- "Hey, anyone know any good proper traveling songs?"

I suppose you could also kill some time by seeing if your latest lady friend wants to conduct some sort of scientific study of how the same person handles in bed as each sex... that did eventually straighten itself out, right?

Also hey! Do you still have that mermaid scale? Did you ever work out if there's anything interesting more interesting about it than if you just kinda yanked a scale off your own tail? And speaking of interesting recent acquisitions, did you swipe Tom away from Muo while tripping out? Did she get him back? Is yon divine amulet just kinda lying around on the floor getting stepped on?
No. 562328 ID: a7868d

What, are you kidding? I know it's not ideal but you've never participated in your tribes campfire songs? Well, chants is a better way to describe it, but still, music.
No. 562586 ID: d470e9
File 139242040727.png - (89.33KB , 800x800 , 6-70.png )

Tom's amulet remains with Muo!

>Mermaid scale?
I keep it to myself, while its powers, if any, remain a mystery!

>Never? In your life? You sure? Almost everyone sings, at the very least, when they're children.
Perhaps in some parts of the world, but I was rather out of place from my kobold homes exactly because they were often far too serious for my well being!

>Ask if anyone here can teach you how to sing!
I move to ask Durk, and he redirects me to the talents of... gnollflakse? Well, far be it from me to judge by looks.

"Excuse, me, gnollflakes?"
"I have it on some authority that you are well versed in the ways of singing. Might I gain lessons from you?"
>"Wha? No, I have no idea what your talking about. I know a lot of songs, actually, but I mean listen to my voice, it's all... Ahhhhhhh- wait a second that sounded not that bad."
"Perhaps you don't give yourself enough credit! You sound lovely, and so my inquiry for learning still stands, if you would spare me some tutilage?"
>"... what?"
"Please teach me some songs, as well as your singing technique!"
>"Oh. Okay, sure. What kind of songs do you want to learn?"
No. 562589 ID: a87e3a

Marching songs, campfire songs, lively songs about romance and adventure, sad songs about loss and death. That sort of stuff.
No. 562591 ID: f44ca3

Whatever you got.
No. 562594 ID: 26e322

Traveling songs!
No. 562599 ID: e31bf1

what kind of songs do you got?
No. 562633 ID: c8b45b

Something easy and catchy that other people can easily sing along.
No. 564222 ID: d470e9
File 139330043660.png - (105.16KB , 800x800 , 6-71.png )

"Whatever you have!"

She whistles.

>"That's... a lot of songs. It'll cost ya 10 gp per song."

And so she teaches me the ways of singing! Most of her songs seem to be about ravaging the countryside and burning down villages, but there's enough catch, simple, and most importantly, more heartwarming songs to merit what mere weeks ago was a month's wage, now spent like nothing. The world of the rich is a different world indeed! It is quite fun as well, if not in small part due to how much she appears to enjoy it herself.
No. 564223 ID: d470e9
File 139330044570.png - (118.21KB , 800x800 , 6-72.png )

We continue like this well into the trip. Soon, though, gnoll flakes hits a wrong note quite, well, unflatteringly.

>"Ah? Oh... uh... excuse me."

She tries again, but appears to have lost her capability.

>"Um... I'm singing about as well as I thought I could before you asked. And it's awful!"
No. 564235 ID: f44ca3

Tell her its ok there has been a lot of chaos magic in the air lately. Might be a good time to take a break and check in with Muo and find out what she broke this time.
No. 564244 ID: 4a75fa

Okay, people's abilities are definitely random swapping without warning now. They don't even need to take a drink to trigger!

>what say
...maybe it's just the desert air getting to her? Maybe her voice needs a rest! Thank her for the songs she managed to teach you before that.

Then, uh, try to do something without thinking about it. Just something that comes naturally. What is it? (Trying to figure out what ability story has now).
No. 564262 ID: d2995c

Do you still know how to sing from what she taught? Maybe the singing advice that she gave you before would work for her now.
No. 564289 ID: 116d88

That's weird. Let her rest her voice for a bit. And hey, did you just wander into a new town? That means new women to hit on and friends to make right? Have yourself a look around!
No. 566572 ID: d470e9
File 139499503940.png - (127.68KB , 800x800 , 6-73.png )

>Find out what you're good at right now
Unfortunately, I do not seem to have the magic powers that Durk uses to see everyone's skills!

>Do you still know how to sing from what she taught?
Although I have only practiced for so long, it does appear I have retained what I have learned.

"Well, don't be so hurried to fret! It could be simple desert air, or singing for too long. Thank you for the lesson, and I'm sure you'll be as good as ever!"

Hm, I wish I could say that with more confidence! Perhaps with all of this evidence of skill swapping, gnollflakes may not have been the original singer. Which raises the question of who was! After Muo's chaos wears off, I will have to investigate this.

>Did you just wander into a new town?
So it does! I will have to take a look around, I believe these are kobolds that have taken to the desert. I admit, the heat does feel nice, but I do wonder how they get their water.

>Check in on Muo
But first, this!

"Hello, Muo, Lachu! How are the both of you?"
>"Awful!" says Lachu.
>"I was just about to go to you! Tailor forgot how to tailor." Muo says.
"Ah, not a worry! Skills seem to go in and out, but they will revert to their original point at any time! In the meanwhile, we may simply enjoy having a taste of being skilled at a wide plethora of skills."
>"But I wanna tailor!"
"And I remind you things will change back to how they were! Isn't that right, Muo?"
>"Ah... yeah, probably."
"Say, do either of you know how to sing, by chance?"
>"Oh... I think I do!" Lachu says. "Wait, no I don't. Wait, yes I do. No..."
>"I know how to sing now. Not anymore." Muo has the same dilemma, it seems.
"Ah, I think I hav- and it's gone. In fact, I am getting a headache from the skills that I seem to be gaining and losing. I think I may take a trip to town to rest!"

Granted, it appears to be a simple trade outpost full of people on business, and hardly looks accomodating to the wandering tourist. Then again, there must be an Inn or a tavern around here, if I so wish to join.
No. 566577 ID: f44ca3

In times like these its best to just go with the flow. Tom might be having Muo chaos the trip up but it usually ends up with nothing bad happening permanently. So go enjoy the sights and check out this desert town.
No. 566578 ID: 9ddf68

I say find somewhere to drink and get drunk, that should keep the headache down until morning.
No. 566581 ID: 9b786b

Jeez, the skills are fluctuating so quickly now that everyone may as well be unskilled at everything. Be wary of being bad at talking or fucking. But let's go anyway, ask someone how they get their water.
No. 566589 ID: a97618

Head on out. Let's check out the place, soak up some sun, and see what desert bolds are like.
No. 566632 ID: d470e9
File 139501230752.png - (73.94KB , 800x800 , 6-74.png )

Durk comes by before I manage to leave.

>"Don't go into any shops."
"Although I have neither qualms nor plans to do this, might I ask why I shouldn't enter any shops?"
>"You've got klepotomania, according to our doc. Don't tell me you don't, don't go into shops."
No. 566635 ID: d470e9
File 139501231576.png - (199.33KB , 800x800 , 6-75.png )

A strange person, but I wasn't lying about qualms or plans, so I will still do as he asks! I bask in the sun for a moment before heading into a dusty little bar and getting myself a little bit of liquor.

Although the drink I get appears to have nothing wrong with it, I suddenly seem to be interested in the drink that my nearby patron appears to be in possession of.

"Say, how does this town get its water?" I ask said patron.
>"Trade, a nearby oasis, and the fact that this place isn't too far off from the desert's edge."
"I cannot also help but notice that people wear a lot of clothes, here! Doesn't it get far too hot for that?"
>"The clothes fend off the sun."
"I was under the experience that clothing collected the sun."
>"Only if you wear the clothes for winter. You're an underground one, aren't you."
"I am."

He's looking away quite a bit, and I cannot resist the temptation to sneak a drink while he peers somewhere else!
No. 566636 ID: f44ca3

Woops there goes the Kleptomania. Try to hold back if you can and if you have to go stealing things make sure its not something like another guys drink. I mean in the desert water is sort of important and people will take badly to you sneaking sips.
No. 566643 ID: a97618

>lost of clothes?
Insulation goes both ways, Story. It's hard for heat to get though clothes, in or out.

>I cannot resist the temptation to sneak a drink
Oh c'mon, you really want his backwash?
No. 566649 ID: 57a559

Tell him the story about how Durk exactly said "You have kleptomania" and you were all like that's weird and then cursed with kleptomania. Maybe start with the beginning.
Are you sure this person is a guy instead of a girl that trims her eyelashes?
No. 566658 ID: e1609c

Now now, be a gentleman! Offer him A CONTEST for that drink of his.
No. 566722 ID: 116d88

Could politely ask for a taste. Also, aren't kobolds cold blooded? Direct sunlight and heat good for you, no real upper limit? Is there a too much of a good thing factor here? Make sure to spend a lot of time outside when you inevitably loose you shirt like you always do, put this to the test.
No. 566773 ID: a7868d

Well what better chance to practice your thiefly wits than when you are possessed by kleptomania. The most dashing and daring bards eventually need to life a purse or casually plant an object in the course of an adventurous day.

I think we've avoided this kind of thing until now because you are a kobold, and we didn't want you to fall into the stereotypes.
No. 566775 ID: 9b786b

You could swap drinks with him.
No. 566866 ID: cf16c8

If you can't avoid stealing things you should stick to things they wouldn't notice missing. They're wearing so much clothing they probably wouldn't notice some of it missing. Even if they do notice they probably wouldn't suspect a thief because who in the world would go around taking the clothes off people's backs.
No. 566873 ID: 937723

Steal his/her heart.
No. 567296 ID: a7868d

If you are gonna be a thief better make it big. Steal the show by stealing the heart of the governors wife and then steal his jewels before stealing an exit.
No. 567386 ID: 9ec1aa

Do it
No. 568097 ID: d470e9
File 139622868245.png - (114.28KB , 800x800 , 6-76.png )

Can't say I'm familiar with it! Regardless of the hardships of our cave life, the climate was always generous, or at least tolerable.

>Steal his/her heart
A guy, but I feel I must steal something, and that sounds like it must be the target!

"You're familiar with underground kobolds?"
>"That they're helpless above ground."
"Perhaps, but it is true we deal with the cold more often than the heat! And we have our own ways of dealing with that."

Normally I am not quite as forward, but the booze heats my stomach as well as my advances! I shoot a wink his way.

>"I don't swing that way. My tab, barkeep, I've got an appointment."

Come to think of it, I am not typically one for my own kind, as well! Perhaps this sudden case of kleptomaina, that I try to avoid due to racial stereotyping, came back in force. It is just as well that I failed in my endeavor, here, as he gets up to leave!
No. 568099 ID: d470e9
File 139622868755.png - (123.29KB , 800x800 , 6-77.png )

No. 568101 ID: d470e9
File 139622869055.png - (130.78KB , 800x800 , 6-78.png )

But I am a better thief than I ever admit, and my ecstacy at this successful heist is only matched by my shame!

Alas, I was not joking to myself about this urge to take what is not mine coming in force, as I desire more.
No. 568107 ID: ffa549

Well, it doesn't look like there's anyone else to steal from. And stealing from the bar would just turn into a holdup, which isn't really your style.

You need to get out there and find yourself an appropriate target for these urges.
No. 568110 ID: 57a559

Is the barkeep a woman?
No. 568112 ID: 53ba34

follow them!
No. 568117 ID: d470e9
File 139623351627.png - (152.18KB , 800x800 , 6-79.png )

>Is the barkeep a female?
He is not!

>You need to get out there and find yourself an appropriate target for these urges.
I decide to do this by following the patron of the bar for a possible target. Although I lose sight of him for a moment, I see him and two others nabbing a bag of no doubt ill-gotten goods away! Perhaps I can steal from the stealers!

They shuffle themselves into one of the nearby tents that looks like it's been up for quite a long time.
No. 568124 ID: 2c6ff1

Oh man steal whatever that thing is they're carrying!
No. 568147 ID: 9ddf68

hmm, sneak along the edge of the tent and peek through into the tent put lifting a piece of the tent up slight so you can pear inside.
No. 568152 ID: 66c5cb

Hey, where's your racial sensitivity? Not all kobolds are kleptomaniacs. Those guys could be transporting the fruits of hard labor.
No. 568155 ID: ffa549

Wait for that one to notice his pants are missing. You can use that commotion as a distraction for your theft.
No. 568201 ID: 116d88

Weird urges or not, clearly whatever is going on in that tent is the most exciting thing this town has going. I think you are obligated to stealthily snoop!
No. 569292 ID: d470e9
File 139672766391.png - (123.40KB , 800x800 , 6-80.png )

>Hey, where's your racial sensitivity?

I'm gonna steal it! I peer in after a moment passes, and they're completely gone! I move inside. Clearly, they have a well established trap door that I instantly find.
No. 569293 ID: d470e9
File 139672767505.png - (144.09KB , 800x800 , 6-81.png )

Ah, it's a backdoor of a backdoor, I guess, as I am directly over the stolen bag, while they appear to celebrate their findings! The bag is quite heavy.

I may have a problem. I have lifted boulders nearly the size of me motivated by Ralex breathing fire down my neck - literally, I might add - but the most recent scenario of mass-exchanging with Muo has left me rather... thin! And this large bag feels as though it is full of water! I could only dream of it being full of heavy treasure. A shame that I cannot readily lift this, though, after all that time and pain spent in the time loop training to avoid embarrassment such as this.
No. 569296 ID: 53ba34

look at treasure. then take some for yourself if you cant take it all.
No. 569300 ID: 876044

Turn back into a slime and sneak into the water bag. Then you can absorb it and sneak off with there precious water. Or just absorb enough to bulk yourself up or whatever.
No. 569311 ID: ffa549

Shake the bag! Everyone knows you shake presents to see what's inside, and stealing things is like taking presents for yourself.
No. 569316 ID: 2c6ff1

Can't you just roll it?
No. 569350 ID: 38df1a

open the bag, loot the choicest bits. they might not even notice you took anything
No. 569363 ID: 256d52

Just open it up, take enough out so you can carry the sack and hide the rest somewhere close.
No. 569377 ID: 116d88

Well, if it's full of water, couldn't you just activate that slime form thing, absorb it, and essentially use it as extra muscle mass, or however slimes work, making it easier to carry? It'd free your arms up if nothing else.
No. 569402 ID: d470e9
File 139680193866.png - (137.09KB , 800x800 , 6-82.png )

>Can't you just roll it?
I believe I hear the thieves at the exit, so I cannot simple roll this out.

>Shake the bag to guess what's inside
Hm... heavy, and smooth? Perhaps gold that has had silence casted on it? Perhaps a valuable, massive potion?

>Open the bag, take choice
Yes, this is no time to be greedy to take everything! I'll just open the bag and -

Violent water elemental!
No. 569403 ID: d470e9
File 139680196067.png - (78.44KB , 1000x800 , 6-83.png )

... with teleporting capabilities it's Muo.

I can sense the magic involved, though! Each time Muo is touched, nearby people who drank her water recently will be teleported. However, 'recently drank water' status is lost on a single teleport. That is the best I can think of it as!
No. 569412 ID: ffa549

Well, then, the easiest out is to get to Muo, get wet, and then touch her and random-teleport away with her. The theft has become sort of a bizarre game of keepaway.

Bonus points if you can get the other thieves teleported away to random places without Muo.
No. 569414 ID: 53ba34

ask her to fix your size! then you will be way too buff to be beaten by these losers.
No. 569505 ID: 116d88

Well, you know what's up, they don't. Just rush over there, grab the bag, take a big ol' sip (bite?) of Muo and ditch these nasty kidnappers. Might take a few teleports to get back to everyone else though.
No. 569521 ID: 256d52

>take a big ol' sip (bite?) of Muo
No. 569609 ID: d470e9
File 139692251639.png - (100.41KB , 800x800 , 6-84.png )

>Well, you know what's up, they don't.
Yes, although perhaps no, as they too are heading for Muo! They appear quite slow, though.

"Muo, come to me, and perhaps fix my size!" Although I do not mind being a nimble feather, there are certainly disadvantages.

Actually, I sounded quite hoarse there, like I could barely manage a whisper! This sun perhaps is the culprit, as I suddenly feel quite weak, feeble, and... old. Kis- I mean, drinking some of Muo's water might be more of a challenge after all!
No. 569612 ID: 53ba34

get inside the bag with her
No. 569614 ID: a7868d

You still cut a handsome figure as an old bold. Ok, clearly Muo is fucking with you and everyone around you in an angry spurned lover being kicked back home kinda way. Maybe you can steal her core to make you two friends again. Cause the core is her heart analogue and stealing hearts was a good idea.
No. 569628 ID: d470e9
File 139692562353.png - (117.33KB , 800x800 , 6-85.png )

>Get in the bag with her
>Continue mission: Steal heart
Yes, I did have a certain mission that I should continue! And a core is like a heart. Like everything including the heart. It will be the heist to quell this kleptomania of mine!

With a burst of speed that will leave me sore for days, I leap at Muo's bag before the rest get to her, a challenging task considering she is spewing water all around! I fumble around inside of the bag and Muo until I sense the core.

>"Story what are you doing?! No that'll screw us up you sort of ha-"
No. 569629 ID: d470e9
File 139692563173.png - (143.12KB , 800x800 , 6-86.png )

Ah, got it! Which, for some reason, triggers my slime ability, and Muo's mass becomes rather attached to me. Perhaps I stole more than intended.
No. 569634 ID: d470e9
File 139692571896.png - (127.59KB , 800x800 , 6-87.png )

Yep, I feel Muo's conscience inside of my own mass, or rather, our mass. It's... pretty simple!

So I guess that means I fused.

Yes that is correct, Story.

Ah, that must be Muo!

Yes that is still correct, we can read all of each other's thoughts.

I will have to employ the greatest of thought control, then.
No. 569638 ID: 876044

Immediately start dwelling on every filthy and embarrassing thought you have ever had.
No. 569640 ID: 53ba34

think as one
become mega slime
No. 569657 ID: d470e9
File 139692993098.png - (167.79KB , 800x800 , 6-88.png )

>think as one
>become mega slime

>think as one
>become mega slime
think as one
become mega slime

>That's it, Story, let's work together to... uh...


>Story that is not a mega slime there is nothing mega slime about this!
No. 569658 ID: 2c6ff1

"Sorry I was trying not to think about that stuff which reminded me of it so I wound up thinking about that stuff."

Empty your mind, think about the ocean or something. Meditate.
No. 569659 ID: 876044

Crap don't start thinking about embarrassing childhood moments and concentrate.
No. 569665 ID: 57a559

No, Story, your perverted thoughts are how we're going to get out of this situation!
Orgasm Slime Rocket. Once in the air, you'll see everything, including where the wagon it.
No. 569668 ID: ffa549

Just focus on the here and now. Try not to think about anything other than well, the immediate present.

It's kind of an improvisational thing that requires working together, and following the other person's lead. You've practiced a lot of things like that- dancing, singing, sword training, lovemaking, etc.

So get into the swing of it, and let her lead, until you're ready to make a move or two of your own.
No. 569675 ID: 116d88

Put all that gay stuff out of your mind Muoker, and think of all those shared experiences like hanging out with that Time Lord and giving massages to lizard people with yourself.

Anyway, I suppose drinking your own water doesn't really count, but if the thieves happen to have a sip, they'll teleport elsewhere and then you'll be free to wander back where you belong.

Alternatively, since you're an attractive lady and a charming bard, you could just pop out, make friends, and see if anyone knows how to get you back to their place.
No. 569703 ID: a7868d

Think a slew of the most erotic thoughts possible at Muo. Think of freaky slime sex.
No. 569708 ID: 0ee153

Let's not actively sabotage ourselves. Focus on escaping.
No. 569927 ID: a7868d

I love how your expression says you are not enjoying it at all. Ok, lets really get you free here. Take as much mass as you can and try to create a split from her core. Just gulp some air into your mass and try to position it between your two cores and then go from there.
No. 570742 ID: d470e9
File 139753275499.png - (145.28KB , 800x800 , 6-89.png )

>Crap don't start thinking about embarrassing childhood moments and concentrate.
I'll definitely try not to think about... oh wait I don't have any of those!

Oh hey Muo you did it we're a mega slime. It's a little crowded.
Well, Miss Muo, I leave us in your capable, slimy hands!
No. 570744 ID: f996af

Story you are messing up the boob symmetry of this megaslime. step up your boob game.
No. 570746 ID: fce6ce

Being a two-headed giant seems to make all your troubles vanish! Who'd have thought ettins had something figured out?

Anyway, I suppose you can't drink yourself to teleport, so you're going to have to walk... I'd assume you have a good enough view with your spiffy new height that you can find your way back, and if you kinda scrunch up the sack here you can use it as an improvised set of boots and not track sand all over maybe.

In any case, I'd just head back to the wagon, make yourself comfortable, and act totally nonchalant about things. If anyone asks what's up with the size or the heads or the being a single superbeing, just stare blankly. Should be fun.
No. 570776 ID: 9ddf68

...so what would happen if you tried to turn back into yourself right now. Also last time you fused with Muo when you where tripping balls, didn't that make you pregnant? what happens now that you've done it again?
No. 570780 ID: 75b8af

Hmm. So don't mess up this thing with Muo, but try and pay attention so it will make a good story later.

Start idly wondering to yourself if you should be providing backup music.
No. 570935 ID: d470e9
File 139761224868.png - (123.44KB , 800x800 , 6-90.png )

>Provide music
Although I did not bring any instruments with me, I can combine some of my gelatinous mass to make noises, and bardic magic to make them sound like well fashioned instruments and less like I'm stepping around in goop!

>The boob symmetry is off
Hm.. I think I prefer them against my chest, rather than attached to! Therefore...

>Let Muo take over
A fine idea, as she is far more experienced than I at being a slime.

>Try and pay attention so it will make a good story later
A difficult task, while playing music. I will simply wait for Muo and I to separate, at which I will ask for how she got back to the wagon. I feel as though we are rolling quite a lot, so there must be something to it.

Eventually I feel Muo initiating a separation, and we are back in the wagon.

"Good job, Muo, that was a short trip! May I ask how you managed it?"
>"I rolled a bunch and I think we shouldn't go back to that town ever again."
"Might you spare any more details than that?"
>"N... no, that's really all that happened."

Hm, not much of a story sought, there. I suppose little to do but relax, as the wagon is already rolling.
No. 570939 ID: 9ddf68

well nothing else to do now and set back and relax tell we hit our next stop without a worry in the world..."did you just feel a kick coming from inside of you?
No. 570961 ID: 99624f

The first rule of story telling is to embellish what really happened. A giant singing slime rolling through a camp of crazed kleptomaniacs is a good story in itself.

Go talk to some of the others and find out what happened to them in town. Then you can string it all together and make a nice tale.
No. 570973 ID: fce6ce

So wait, are you back to being two separate entities, or are you just back to being a two-headed megaslime?

Either way, you should probably avoid letting anyone take a sip out of you any time soon if the wagon's going to get moving again, and you should probably take a mental inventory. Still have the bag full of clothes, the Tom necklace, and a lifetime of weird adventurous memories?

Actually, being one combined superslime would be super convenient if you're visiting slime country. No need to make awkward introductions or find accommodations for solid people. Just tell all your old friends not to mind the second head you grew.
No. 571003 ID: a2f9bc

After fusing like that I wonder if you're still slime pregnant or maybe you passed it off to her or maybe it split so you're both half slime pregnant.
No. 571022 ID: 824f43

>I suppose little to do but relax
Relaxing sounds good. Who / what are your options?
No. 571023 ID: 0ee153

Shove a hand in your gut and see if you can feel anything. If not, Muo is probably slime pregnant and you should let her know in private as soon as possible.

By the way, the whole pregnancy thing was a joke on Muo's part, but keep pretending you believe it to see if you can make her try to maintain the charade.
No. 571749 ID: d470e9
File 139804277686.png - (261.13KB , 800x800 , 6-91.png )

>By the way, the whole pregnancy thing was a joke on Muo's part, but keep pretending you believe it to see if you can make her try to maintain the charade.
I have my suspicions. I must take everything she says with a pile of salt, nevertheless, it would be ungentlemanly of me to let a girl's harmless joke falter! Plus, if it is not a joke, all the more reason to play along.

Hopefully harmless.

>So wait, are you back to being two separate entities
Yes, we are back to normal! I also make myself a normal kobold once again.

>The first rule of story telling is to embellish what really happened.
Indeed! I will spend nights writing this tale to the point that while grounded in truth, the tale itself will be tall!

I began relaxing with Lachu and Morgana, however, our recent foray into our journey has made relaxation a most unrelaxing task! I am quite sure we are flipping, in fact. Worrisome.
No. 571750 ID: d470e9
File 139804279007.png - (115.08KB , 800x800 , 6-92.png )

But after a brief flash of my rather short life behind me, the wagon gently settles onto solid rock. I do believe we have made it!

If I woke up here one morning, I may not even be able to tell the difference between this cave and my own, but simply knowing it is a new cave makes these rocks look quite new to me.
No. 571768 ID: 99624f

So are we just dropping off Muo here or are you leaving here as well?
No. 571772 ID: d470e9
File 139805230917.png - (115.84KB , 800x800 , 6-93.png )

>So are we just dropping off Muo here or are you leaving here as well?
I believe that I am dropping Muo off!

Nevertheless, I do not wish to so quickly leave her when my travels outside of my own dim caverns are few.

"Hello, Muo!"
>"This is goodbye, huh?"
"Soon, perhaps, but I have a request for you and Durk! I am hoping that Durk was planning on staying a night here to rest before our trip back, and I would hope that you would show me around?"
>"Oh, yes!"
>"I'm told our various grandfather clocks have gotten damaged." says Durk. "We won't be going until those are repaired." I do wonder if those grandfather clocks are the source of what makes that wagon so strange. As far as I can tell, though, they are completely mundane!

>"I do have a request though." says Muo. "Let's bind again so that I can look different when I meet my slime buddies. It's important to me for some reason."

She pauses for a minute, and looks like she's talking to Tom, or dozing off into space. One or the other!
>"... oh yeah I just remembered a minute ago Story I set up a teleporter between your place and mine back at the last time loop when I was able to pick up enough loose mana from all thet spells being casted to make it! I completely forgot about that though so I guess we didn't actually have to make that journey. B-but you can still go backwards and go right back to your home if you want! And if you give me a little time I'll go to that mermaid country and explore the underside and make those detours you wanted to that I don't think Durk wanted to."
"... Yes, I believe I will accept this offer, if your teleportation works! I will get Lachu and Morgana after thanking Durk for his moment, as well as paying him the due amounts. I will still want that tour around your cave, mind you!"
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