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File 134964679884.png - (223.73KB , 845x622 , VT49.png )
461002 No. 461002 ID: 67ba4b

it is the appocolypse
everything is destroyed except for the sewrs

but the sewers are kind of destroyed too, because now they are filled with toxic goo.
this is the story of poor lost souls stuck in this horrible place.
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No. 461004 ID: d8b29d

Drink the goo.

Become harbinger of a new society.
No. 461008 ID: 67ba4b
File 134964710387.png - (280.76KB , 845x622 , VT50.png )

the lost souls are a pair of Vampire sisters, along with several food slaves.

Loria "I can't go wandering about with this blood drenched shirt, it's simply unpresentable!"

Sania: "well we're unlikely to find a tailor or shop around here, or anywhere for that matter."

Loria: "I refuse to spend my immortality looking like a beggar!"
No. 461009 ID: c8be92

Get your servant/blood bags to fix your stuff.
No. 461010 ID: 6dc5a6

New Objective: Get a new End of the World Wardrobe with extra buckles.

I know you probly don't want to waste your food supply in a post apocalyptic world but you should make a fancy leather coat out of one of the meatbags to wear over your bloody shirt. If the population isn't too depleted by the end of the world you could work your way up to a full leather ensemble in no time.
No. 461012 ID: a5d914

All you need is a supply of fabric, some needles and thread. Then it takes some patience and a little bit of skill, but hey you've got time on your hands. Not much to do around here.

What's the current aboveground area like? Pretty bad? You can survive it I assume. Don't suppose you've seen a well preserved copy of the yellow pages anywhere? Might be able to figure out where some good fabric may have been stored before the apocalypse.
No. 461031 ID: e3f578

Who are we even presenting to?
Fashion is wonderful and all, but you girls gotta find the right time to get into it. Get your priorities straightend and lets go around looking for things.
If Loria had to choose between becoming a powerful vampire queen or not looking like a beggar for one second, what would she choose?
No. 461049 ID: 67ba4b
File 134966364334.png - (258.79KB , 852x627 , VT51.png )

>Get your servant/blood bags to fix your stuff.
Loria is less bothered by the holes and more by the stiff, crunchy unsightly bloodstains

>New Objective: Get a new End of the World Wardrobe with extra buckles.
Buckles are somewhat hard to come by, Loria however notes that a few of her slaves seem to possess them . . .

>What's the current aboveground area like? Pretty bad? You can survive it I assume.
between the incinerating sun, Black Talon Gang and roving zombies after our slaves Loria and Sania agree the surface is not the safest place right now.

>Who are we even presenting to?
Loria understands that image and dignity is what separates the vampires from the rabble, to be imposing and respectable is a key aspect of gaining power and control.

the more elegant Loria's image, the more sway, loyalty and control she'll have over the slaves, what stray humans are found and even enemies. if her image is strong enough even hypnosis and mind control is possible!

Sania: "well we could skin a few bodies, make a you a nice coat."

Loria: "gross! perhaps you missed the part where I wanted LESS GORE on my attire! also that would look terrible"

Sania: "exactly! what better way to terrify all those around you!"

Loria: "you WOULD say that . . ."

Sania: "what's that supposed to mean?"

the more intimidating Sania's image, the more fear obedience and power she'll have over the slaves, what stray humans are found and even enemies. if her image is strong enough at will she can force others to flee or even kill them with a glare.

Loria: "in any case we don't have enough slaves to be able to afford killing any"

Sania: "maybe we could find a fabric store?"

Loria: "we don't have any way to locate one . . ."
No. 461055 ID: 886a4d

Weren't some of your slaves scavengers? I bet they know the location of caches of fabric \ clothing.
No. 461061 ID: e3f578

Switch clothing.
Gore fits Sania better so the bloodstains will be a minor buff, even if it's uncomfortable, and Loria will get an unstained long dress, which is the kind of elegance she's aligned with.
They're still pretty weak buffs, but solves the problem somewhat and matches with each other's fashion alignment. We'll find better stuff later, but for right now, optimize your equipment stat boosts by switching your clothing.
No. 461177 ID: a5d914

What do the slaves have anyway? Maybe you could chat with them until the sun goes down. Try to find out what's available on the surface. You'll have to feed them too at some point...
No. 461178 ID: 67ba4b
File 134972971071.png - (372.00KB , 852x627 , VT52.png )

Sania: "if it matters that much to you, you can wear my dress"

Loria dons the dress, Sania opts not to wear the blood stained sweater. dressing in her underwear is more advantageous.
Sania is not sure what to do with the blood stained sweater and blood stained undershirt.

>Weren't some of your slaves scavengers? I bet they know the location of caches of fabric \ clothing.
Loria: "hey slaves, you guys were scavengers where can we find some clothe."

defiant slave: "We'll tell you nothing blood sucker!"

Loria: "we have ways of making you talk!"
Loria and Sania could turn any of their human slaves into ghouls, ghouls are unquestionably loyal regardless of image but unfortunately can no longer be used as a food source

defiant slave: "do your worst."

the male slave buts in

male slave: "there's a department store a couple block north and east of where we came down."

defiant slave: "coward."
No. 461179 ID: e3f578

Coward? Why is acceptance of the situation so demeaning? Why is it better to be defiant?
Is their some greater goal to be achieved here? Are they saints, monks, knights, or paladins? have they pledged their souls to destroy all undead and abominations in this world? We're all just trying to survive here, it's not like being a slave doesn't have it's benefits, especially being a good slave. Tell the defiant one it's just not worth it to be difficult. She'll get nothing out of it. Probably more bites, less food, honestly, it's much better to be a good slave.
The other one is smart, adaptable, he is an example of the human kind.
No. 461192 ID: a5d914

Sania can go check it out unless it's daytime. You know what kinda stuff Loria is into, right? Besides you're the same size so you can try any clothes out and they'll fit her just fine.

Also put defiant girl on top of the "prospective ghoul" list...
No. 461202 ID: 6dc5a6

Second on putting the defiant one on the ghoul list. Just had a thought on the End of the World Wardrobe, if we rebuild a society we could get industry going to produce an even bigger Wardrobe for us.

Put Rebuild Society on the side quest list.
No. 461203 ID: 1b9dbb

OMG let's go shopping!

Thank the helpful slave, and inform the otherone that being uncooperative is really not in her best interests, especially over something as relatively inconsequential as clothing.

Do the sewers run directly below the road in this town? If so, head in that direction underground and then head up through a manhole. Even if they're not consistant, we can probably get closer to where we are. It might be good to take the helpful slave along to show the way, and some others too in order to carry more clothes. That will allow both the establishment of a proper wardrobe, and it will result in us having plenty material which is also good for bedding and for makeshift walls, and for slings and bandages, should they be needed.

Back at the base, slaves should begin establishing sleeping quarters, and if rats or other edibles can be found, they should be properly apprehended as slave feed. Burnables should be picked up too, for cooking. A lot of this will require bigger excursions once the basics are accomplished.

We could also just take the whole group, which is particularly handy in that it lets everyone pick what clothes they want, and because two are better than one at overseeing a group. In that case we should try to find good basd locations as we travel. Good in this case, meaning "near useful resources" or at least "easy to secure". The ideal base might be defined by what's above it more than anything else, though.
No. 461209 ID: 1b9dbb

Well, building a society out of our slaves would be handy, and is a natural outgrowth of keeping them alive and getting what we want. Other societies, while worth stealing from, aren't as useful as a society we control and may even, such as in the case of the Black Talons, present a hindrance to us.
No. 461231 ID: 67ba4b
File 134974577153.png - (441.08KB , 852x627 , VT53.png )

Loria: "thank you slave your helpfullness will get you far in life."

Loria considers explaining the benefits of being and obedient servant, but this human is likely too stupid to understand.

Sania: "travelling through the sewers to get to the store is likely quicker and safer than travelling the streets."

Loria: "should we take the whole troupe or just send a scouting party?"

Sania considers all the slaves other then the male slave and the defiant slave:
-they have a captured Black Talon crow beast she's more dangerous than she looks, her injuries have completely healed.
-they have some dark skinned human, she doesn't talk much
-and they have their first slave, she's almost drained dry. Sania is disappointed on how long it takes for humans to grow new blood, it's been an entire day and she's STILL all limp and useless.

Who should travel forth to the department store?
No. 461254 ID: f6cff9

Well we shouldn't use the Black Talon crow beast because she could actually fight back against us (just an assumption) and we can't use the first slave because she looks sluggish from blood draining unless you are willing to turn her into a ghoul which leaves the dark skinned human left.
No. 461287 ID: 6dc5a6

Before we go around ghoulifying folks. How do ghouls work and how much maintenence are they compared to leaving the slaves as they are?
No. 461291 ID: 67ba4b
File 134975858984.png - (332.65KB , 852x627 , VT54.png )

>How do ghouls work and how much maintenence are they compared to leaving the slaves as they are?
ghouls function like intelligent stable zombies, they need food only to stay active and regenerate injury, if they go to long without food they will go dormant

Sania takes male slave and dark skin slave and heads out to search for the department store.

* * *

Sania: "so which way do we go now"

male slave: "I-I'm not sure, I got mixed up after all the turns."

Sania: "useless human."

do they go left under the stairs, up the stairs and to the right, or straight ahead through the grate?
No. 461301 ID: 886a4d

Up the stairs, we need to get our human his bearings at the very least. But catiously. We don't even know what time of day it is.
No. 461384 ID: 2f4b71

Turn the crow-beast into a ghoul.
No. 461397 ID: e3f578

Beware being inconsistent with your earlier logic. You congratulate him earlier on his smarts to serve the better creature to survive and keep his free will.
Before long, he'll end up as defiant as the other one and thus he'll rise to the top of the ghoul list. And if we follow this contradictory pattern, expect to make all your slaves ghouls before long. We shouldn't be doing that this early in our wake.

I'm going with mall logic here, so I'm going to guess the clothing store to be UNDER the stairs.
No. 461435 ID: a5d914

Yeah go up the stairs. Stairs is a good sign.
Ask them how the fall of civilization has been treating them. It's pretty damn bad for you.
No. 461495 ID: 67ba4b
File 134983256577.png - (399.22KB , 852x627 , VT55.png )

>Turn the crow-beast into a ghoul.
sadly only Humans can become ghouls

* * *

Sania chooses to travel up the stairs.

Sania: "So, how has the fall of civilization been treating the common creature?"

male slave: "the world is a wasteland, surviving is difficult enough without predators on all sides.

Sania: "honestly I'm surprised there are still any of your frail kind left."

the conversation is interrupted by the sounds of heavy gun fire.
No. 461541 ID: fe4599

And back down the stairs we go. Keep chatting with the humans.
No. 461551 ID: 886a4d

I agree, no need to involve ourselves in a gang war. Lets try left next. Left is good.
No. 461561 ID: 87d89c

switch control to peep
No. 461645 ID: 67ba4b
File 134988116191.png - (256.89KB , 852x627 , VT56.png )

>switch control to peep
the Peep doesn't have enough loyalty to be controllable.
However Loria can still suggest actions to her.

* * *

Sania overcomes her urge to charge into battle, understand that she and her sister are low enough on supplies and slaves without risking more.
she takes the slaves back down the stairs and around to the left passage
Sania continues speaking with the loathsome mortal, Loria should be the one doing the sweet talk she thinks.

Sania: "my sister has had some minor difficulty adapting to this new world as well."

male slave: "hah, and here I thought you were supposed to be unstoppable."

Sania: "every creature has weakness, some just have more than others."

male slave: "ya well- hey! I know where we are! that ladder should take us up right outside the department store!"
No. 461652 ID: fe4599

Good pet, by the way is there anything you want? I'm not saying I'll get it but I will consider it.

We want to instill loyalty in this one quickly os we have an example of us using the carrot rather than the stick.
No. 461670 ID: a5d914

There is a sign there saying "Safe goods". SEEMS LEGIT. Have a look at what's over there, but be very wary. Also where is the gunfire coming from?

Get the guy to peek up the ladder to see if it is safe.
No. 461682 ID: 67ba4b
File 134989661948.png - (227.41KB , 852x627 , VT57.png )

Sania: "good pet, I will have to make a note to reward you sometime in the future."

male slave: "thank you my lady."

Sania: "now go check to see if it's safe up the ladder."

meanwhile Sania choose to investigate the sign a bit

>Have a look at what's over there,
Sania can't really tell from here, all she can see are stairs leading down.

>Also where is the gunfire coming from?
the gunfire came from the right hand passage at the last junction, Sania can't hear it anymore.

male: "it's pretty dark so I can't be sure, but it looks all clear to me."
No. 461702 ID: f6cff9

Might as well start going up that ladder because you sure won't find any clothes where you are right now. Don't go up the ladder first though just send a slave first and then follow.
No. 461727 ID: fe4599

Actually I would say we should go first as we can just drink our slave's blood to heal any damage but we can't easily heal our slaves damage.
No. 461750 ID: f6cff9

We can do that as well just as long as we can get our new clothes.
No. 461783 ID: 67ba4b
File 134992584713.png - (374.78KB , 852x627 , VT58.png )

Sania goes up first. and sees the store before her.

Sania: "what a dump, THIS is your great store?"

male slave: "all the intact buildings have been looted long ago, look past the rubble and you'll find all the clothes you'll need."
No. 461788 ID: e3814c

well lets get digging, if everyone goes at it we will get done quicker.
No. 461825 ID: 4066b9

Well,start digging guys. You too, Sania. We'll need your strength to lift some rubble.
No. 461843 ID: 8042f4

Look for a nice dress or makeup kit for your sister and something leather for yourself. Anything in half-decent shape should be taken for your slaves, (who should get a choice among what they wear later) if you find any really clean scraps of cotton, keep them for use as bandages,(to stop the blood bags from leaking when the time comes) and finally; if you or the slaves find any electronics, keep them to use as bargaining tools against the crows. (and try to reward whoever found them later)

[Btw, if you ever need any reference pics of anything in Richmond/City of Crows, let me know; I live there]
No. 461847 ID: 67ba4b
File 134996919440.png - (306.44KB , 852x627 , VT59.png )

Sania begins her search but instead finds something quite unexpected!

[Btw, if you ever need any reference pics of anything in Richmond/City of Crows, let me know; I live there]

references would be awesome, feel free to contact me via IRC for details
I could also make a discussion thread for VT if that's easier and things could be discussed there.

No. 461855 ID: 886a4d

Welp, good thing you brought along snacks. Get yourself out of that trap, drink up to heal. Not enough to weaken your help though.

You'd think a vampire would be better at avoiding things like that.
No. 461913 ID: 6dc5a6

When you're finished screaming in pain and recovering pick up that beartrap. We need to return the favor for whoever planted it.
No. 461962 ID: 733ae0

Calmly put down your shotgun then use both hands to open up the beartrap and remove your foot.
No. 462000 ID: 8042f4

So someone trapped a ruined clothing store? Something about that doesn't seem right. It would only make sense to set one up if the owner was nearby or planned to return to this place after it had already been looted. After you get out of the trap, get to the sides of the building and keep a look out for crows or bandits.

[A discussion thread on here would be much easier for me, thanks]
No. 462045 ID: 67ba4b
File 135001242334.png - (310.96KB , 852x627 , VT60.png )

as Sania pulls the beartrap off her leg, she hears the sound of a whistle blowing behind her.

Two humans with rifles then jump out from behind pillars.

bearded human: "kill the beast!"

Sania dodges their shots
No. 462048 ID: 6e44d2

Throw the beartrap at one, duck for cover.
No. 462053 ID: 886a4d

Oh hey you don't even have to drain your own slaves! Get behind one of them and drain him half dead. Then toss him at the other and rush him.
No. 462072 ID: bf54a8

if you can, open the trap and then throw it so the plate hits somewhere fleshy.
No. 462073 ID: e3f578

"Do I look like a beast to you SHITBRAIN?"
No. 462110 ID: 733ae0

Use your twin power to tell your twin that shit is going down.
Also shoot at the human you don't throw the bear trap at.
No. 462194 ID: 67ba4b
File 135006501087.png - (398.27KB , 852x627 , VT61.png )

Sania whips the bear trap hitting one of the humans in the arm,
she fires the shotgun at the other.

Sania: "I am no beast, yet you still are prey. know your place mortals."

Sania then uses her twin connection to inform her sister of what's going on.
No. 462195 ID: 67ba4b
File 135006516950.png - (255.86KB , 852x627 , VT62.png )

Sania's kneecap is then blown out from behind her.

male slave: "our place is the one we choose."

it seems the slaves have acquired fire arms
No. 462197 ID: f6cff9

Wow they just fucked up big time. Didn't they just saw her get her foot stuck in a bear trap, remove it, then chuck it at some human, and then shot the other one. Well we still have a shotgun so just kill one of them and drain the other slave's blood so you can heal yourself. If you can turn the one you are draining into a ghoul that would be great.
No. 462201 ID: bf54a8

backflip with your good leg and get behind the one.
No. 462216 ID: 733ae0

Don't kill unless absolutely necessary. Blood is hard to come by and dead bodies don't make it.
Shoot out his kneecap just for the sake of irony and jump behind cover before the black one can shoot you. Or backflip over there if you think you can do it without ending up like Beeman.
No. 462218 ID: 733ae0

Oh yeah, and keep an eye out for the bearded guy. You only took out his left arm so he's probably still functional enough to kill you.
No. 462234 ID: 67ba4b
File 135007525317.png - (320.67KB , 852x627 , VT63.png )

Sania's legs are to injured for that, she needs a moment to heal up first.

Sania slides down the collapsed wall and tries to take out out the humans non lethally.
this proves difficult with a shotgun and she accidentally blasts a hole straight through the male slave.

Sania: "Damnit, look what you made me do!"

the dark skinned slave appears to panicked and fires wildly at Sania, missing.
No. 462242 ID: bf54a8

point the gun at the other one "i don't get it, just give me blood, i kill crows, why is that such a hard concept for you people?"
No. 462269 ID: f6cff9

Just point the shotgun at her and scream "Drop It". Put to the fear/obedience back to the dark skinned human so it's a slave again I guess. Keep your eye out for the human with the bear trap on his arm. He probably can't aim that well because of the pain but you better watch out because guns hurt.
No. 462491 ID: 67ba4b
File 135016356284.png - (274.15KB , 852x627 , VT64.png )

Sania: "drop it!"

the human complies

Sania: "how is so hard for you pathetic blood sacks to understand. WE are better than you, if you do what we say and then we don't have to kill you!"

the human doesn't respond
No. 462493 ID: bf54a8

listen for the guy you threw the beartrap at and move towards her. get behind her and drink what you need to heal, if she passes out from bloodloss then whatever.
No. 462501 ID: f6cff9

Sounds good but can we drink from fresh kills a.k.a. the guy/slave we just killed?
No. 462699 ID: 67ba4b
File 135019104408.png - (394.08KB , 852x627 , VT65.png )

>can we drink from fresh kills a.k.a. the guy/slave we just killed?
Sania can only drain blood from a living victims

>listen for the guy you threw the beartrap
Sania senses the two humans fleeing the area

Sania acquires blood and recovers her wounds.
No. 462707 ID: f6cff9

Well we lost a slave but we got two new handguns so it's not a complete lost. If the female slave didn't pass out from the draining then ask where the fuck did they get guns.
No. 462751 ID: ecfcdc

So, the male slave was just pretending. In retrospect, we should have realized that. Ah well, fortunately the woman seems more easily cowed. Every cloud has a silver lining.
No. 462753 ID: 458f38

Well, if we can disable this one, and quickly retrieve the two running away, even without finding material for "fresh" clothes sans scavenging from the corpses, this entire venture would still be a net gain.
No. 462846 ID: 67ba4b
File 135024544791.png - (232.57KB , 852x627 , VT66.png )

Sania: "so where did you get the guns?"

slave: "Carl stashed weapons here, this was supposed to be a meeting place if we ever got separated."

>Well we lost a slave but we got two new handguns
Sania only has two hands, she already has a shotgun she can only care one additional item.

>Well, if we can disable this one, and quickly retrieve the two running away
Sania is not sure how to disable the slave, she still seems able after the draining. Sania considers busting her limbs but that's likely a bad idea in the long run
No. 462857 ID: bf54a8

quickly scan for rope, or if none found tie her up in her friend's clothes.
No. 462862 ID: 3a3169

Might want to ask about other meeting places and safe houses later. Right now secure her, if possible make a sack out of the dead guys shirt (if that's not too damaged) to carry excess loot and find out if there are any clothes for sis here. I assume you can track the remaining girl by sent since she's bleeding?
No. 463017 ID: 6e44d2

Where's your sister? Call her over here to help.
No. 463049 ID: 67ba4b
File 135026636737.png - (213.29KB , 852x627 , VT67.png )

>make a sack out of the dead guys shirt
clothing is not attainable from corpses Sania will have to find clothing elsewhere.

* * *

>Where's your sister?
Loria is in the glowing sewers with the supplies, the coffins and the slaves

>Call her over here to help.
Loria feels it is unwise to abbandon their assets
No. 463058 ID: bf54a8

not clothing... uhhh, scraps of cloth.
No. 463140 ID: 6e44d2

Can you fashion a bag out of some material?
No. 463175 ID: ecfcdc

>Sania only has two hands, she already has a shotgun she can only care one additional item.
She can tuck a handgun into her waistband.
No. 463487 ID: 67ba4b
File 135039742772.png - (169.25KB , 852x627 , VT68.png )

>Can you fashion a bag out of some material?
Sania could do this if she had material to use.

>not clothing... uhhh, scraps of cloth.
She is unable to allow clothing in scrap or in whole to be removed from the body of the dead, it violates the vampire code.

>She can tuck a handgun into her waistband.
this is an acceptable solution for now, but Sania makes a mental note to not perform to many extreme acrobatics
No. 463488 ID: e3f578

What happens if you violate the code?
Because if it's just a dumb ruleset ya'll guys decided on ages ago, that's dumb.
No. 464085 ID: 67ba4b
File 135050623928.png - (290.92KB , 852x627 , VT69.png )

Sania thinks deeply about the Vampire code.
She thinks back to a time long past . . .

. . .to before a vampire she was.

Sania: "Great Grandfather I don't understand why we must learn all these rules, vampires should live freely!"

Loria: "don't trouble Great Grandfather with stupid things, the code is important!"

Great Grandfather: "enough Lori, a free thinking mind is to be encouraged."

Sania: "hah!"

No. 464086 ID: 67ba4b
File 135050642968.png - (268.84KB , 852x627 , VT70.png )

Grandfather: "Sania, is it freedom to be slain on the streets by your own jealous kin? is it freedom for your herd to be wastefully cut down in a petty act of anger? is it freedom to spend your whole life in hiding?"

Sania: "what if it is!"

Grandfather: "well when you are a Vampire that is a choice you must make for yourself, to decide what really matters to you. For myself the code protects you two from my rivals, that alone is reason enough for me to follow it."

No. 464087 ID: 67ba4b
File 135050659338.png - (329.02KB , 852x627 , VT71.png )

Loria: "Great Grandfather I'll always follow the code."

Great Grandfather: "both choices have consequences Loria, just as a breaker of the code must spend their lives in fear of their kin, the followers of the code must perform their duty to slay them. Every Vampire of the code knows when another does not follow it."

No. 464091 ID: e3f578

So, if you happen to loot a corpse of its clothes, your sister is going to fucking kill you. Wow, that's dumb.
Did your grandpa explain the logic behind each and every rule though? Like, okay, how does looting a corpse piss other vampires off beyond the fact that it's simply part of the code? Each rule has some sense of preserving other vampires or their families, "do onto each other onto you" and that shit, but these are just corpses.
I don't know why anyone really thinks graverobbing or corpse looting is despicable, for some reason, the humans think that way too. That's just wasting good material. Umm, wait, you're the sister that can wear gore right? Can you use any the humans' corpses' flesh for such material? If you can't do that because of the code, than I doubt making any gore-based clothing is possible because making it from living humans is even worse.

Well, I guess we should go look around more?
No. 464200 ID: 733ae0

The Code was made so Vampires don't draw attention to themselves. Like a guide for serial killers.
A vampire who takes clothes from their victim has a greater chance of getting caught and a vampire who gets caught doesn't just endanger herself but vampires as a whole.
Of course the Code was made for a place that had some kind of civilization and in a post-apocalyptic environment it loses most of it's relevance.
However, if there is one thing the vampire twins can take from the code it's to be cautious, most of their injuries have been a result of trusting their slaves, if they didn't let the first human speak then he wouldn't have yelled to his fellow and one of them wouldn't have gotten shot, if they didn't leave the crow alone she wouldn't have tried to escape and if Loria hadn't tried to reason with the beast she wouldn't have gotten stabbed in the back, and of course the most recent fiasco.
They need to start treating their slaves like slaves
No. 464201 ID: bf54a8

except, they will need to sleep, unless they can sleep in shifts they will need to get the slaves to guard them.
No. 464207 ID: 733ae0

>I see no option but for us to rest in shifts.
No. 464208 ID: f6cff9

We could try to do a slave hunt and turn one or two humans into ghouls. Problem is they could have guns and other awful weapons.
No. 464213 ID: 67ba4b
File 135053530763.png - (156.60KB , 852x627 , VT72.png )

>Did your grandpa explain the logic behind each and every rule though?
Great Grandfather told Sania much, but she has no more time to reminisce right now.

>Can you use any the humans' corpses' flesh for such material?
according to the code Sania can't take parts of the body, clothing, or jewelry (weapons, shoes and other items like backpacks, electronics, money, can however be taken)
I Sania wants to make a gore dress she needs to take the material from still living victims, she has no problems with this.

>They need to start treating their slaves like slaves
Sania feels that this situation has made this abundantly clear.

After searching the area the vampire twin finds a small alcove that was being used as a work station by the human ambushers.
they seem to have left behind a couple things.
No. 464229 ID: e3f578

But won't they be dead soon if you're taking their parts for the dress? And then you can't take parts anymore because of the code! Maybe with the proper information on the state of the world, we can discuss with our sister about the code and which parts are practical and impractical with the current state of the world. If we can get her to agree, well then that may solve a few problems. Your grandfather encouraged free, adaptive thinking, and admitted blindly following the code can be just as bad as breaking it. I trust Loria has at least grown up a bit from back then and stopped brown nosing your grandfather?

Take what tools you can pick up using various makeshift inventory spaces such as the him of your pantsbelt or whatever. We're going to need a ghoul soon. Fuck it, the one human we have is drained now, may as well right?
Any other votes on changing the regularly defiant one into a ghoul?
No. 464312 ID: a5d914

You two were so cute when you were young!
Look around for a bag or something. What are in those large jars? See if there is anyone on the other end of that radio. If there is then pretend to be human and see if you can figure out their location.
No. 464472 ID: 67ba4b
File 135066084877.png - (211.84KB , 852x627 , VT73.png )

>We're going to need a ghoul soon. Fuck it, the one human we have is drained now, may as well right?
Sania considers this, she COULD use more loyal followers . . .
>Any other votes on changing the regularly defiant one into a ghoul?
hmm perhaps the defiant one would be a better choice, unfortunately that slave is still with Loria.
>Look around for a bag or something.
Sania has looked, she can't find anything like that.
>What are in those large jars?
a quick look reveals them to be empty

>See if there is anyone on the other end of that radio.
Sania clicks on the two way radio.

Sania: "Hello"

a man's voice responds

radio:"Leanne is that you? put Gilbert on the line!"
No. 464479 ID: f6cff9

Say Gilbert is setting up some bear traps and ask what the hell is going on over there that they need to talk to him right now.
No. 464480 ID: bf54a8

"gilbert is busy with a bear trap"

totally true.
No. 465034 ID: 67ba4b
File 135086422953.png - (213.94KB , 852x627 , VT74.png )

Sania: "Gilbert's busy with a beartrap, what's up with the urgencey, something going on?"

Radio: "Damn straight, something riled up the Black talons good. They've doubled up their patrols. Tell Gilbert we got to clear out to the outskirts till this blows over."
No. 465042 ID: f6cff9

And that's our cue to leave this dump. Just say Gotcha and hangup
No. 465182 ID: 67ba4b
File 135090533915.png - (232.29KB , 852x627 , VT75.png )

Sania ends the conversation and flees back into the sewers with the remaining slave

* * *

Meanwhile Loria was some troubles of her own, as strange tendrils rise from the sewer slime.

Loria: "huh, well this is probably not good."
No. 465225 ID: 1f8505


Use sword on tentacles.

No. 465227 ID: f6cff9

Jesus Christ who did you piss off to have a tentacle monster attack your lair?

Let's do this
No. 465240 ID: 6dc5a6

SAVE THE FOOD. Also hope as hard as possible that these are garden variety tentacles and not tentacles of an eldritch abomination.
No. 465399 ID: 67ba4b
File 135096798815.png - (250.49KB , 852x627 , VT76.png )

>Jesus Christ who did you piss off to have a tentacle monster attack your lair?

Loria theorizes it could probably be the things that this lair belongs to.
the sisters only came here yesterday and thought it was abandoned.

Loria assumes protecting the food slaves is prioritised over protecting the slaves' food

defiant slave: "Eaagh! it's after me!"
one of the tendrils grabs the defiant slave, another grabs a supply bag.

Loria: "Gah they've grabbed both kinds."
No. 465418 ID: 886a4d

Save the girl. When its all said and done we can feed the slaves tentacles.
No. 465497 ID: 0006f5

save the supply bag. it is less common, and will make it easier to get another slave, factoring loss
No. 465510 ID: 733ae0

Humans are an endangered species, bags can be made out of anything and human food/medicine can be found by taking a walk in the woods. So how is a supply bag 'less common'? That's like letting a panda die so you can save some bamboo.
>will make it easier to get another slave
How? By setting up a trap? We can do that without supplies. By offering them supplies? People Don't Want To Be Slaves, being nice to them will only get the twins hurt.
>easier to get another slave
Also, trading a slave you already have for a potential one? Really?
No. 465536 ID: 67ba4b
File 135100093659.png - (248.01KB , 852x627 , VT77.png )

Loria attempts to save the slave
but as she gets close the slave is dropped

defiant slave: "ah! my hat!"
No. 465541 ID: bf54a8

... does it eat cloth? whatever keep going after any grabbers.
No. 465557 ID: f6cff9

What are you looking at? Switch the sword to your other hand to cut yourself free from the tentacle.
No. 465587 ID: a5d914

Switch sword hands and start using your claws too. Protect the slaves! Potentially you could kick the crow girl into the water as a sacrifice if it gets to be too much.

Has Sania got the mental message that you're in trouble?
No. 465604 ID: 886a4d

Have the slaves hold on to any remaining bags, and you protect them.
No. 465716 ID: 67ba4b
File 135105130292.png - (338.88KB , 852x627 , VT78.png )

>Has Sania got the mental message that you're in trouble?
Loria uses her twin connection to inform her sister of the situation.

>Have the slaves hold on to any remaining bags, and you protect them.
Loria goes with this strategy as she hacks into the tentacles.

after she destroys three more the rest withdraw.

the slaves all seem safe.

then the Black Talon begins to "caw", "squack" and make all manner of foul bird noises.

>Potentially you could kick the crow girl into the water as a sacrifice
Loria wonders if it's too late to impliment this plan
No. 465718 ID: 886a4d

I kinda included the crow when I said slaves.... but oh well all of you go assist.
No. 465720 ID: bf54a8


anyway, what is it making such a fuss about?
No. 465821 ID: 67ba4b
File 135109071060.png - (386.75KB , 852x627 , VT79.png )

Loria walks over and tries to find out what the horrible bird is making such a fuss about.

Loria: "what do you want, slave?"

crow: "the mutants! they want to get me! they said they'd come back, you have to let me go!"

it continues on like that
No. 465839 ID: e3f578

And what does she offer us in return? Because, here the thing, she's a valuable bartering tool with the mutants, hows does aiding her help us moreso? Why should we even be merciful towards someone just as supposedly "cruel" and barbaric as us undead scum or these mutants?
No. 465867 ID: a5d914

Ha! Weakness! Try your vampiric powers of seduction. Give her a hug (from behind away from beak and claws). Whisper reassurances, tell her she's safe with you. If she leaves she'll be at their mercy eventually.

Also did the tentacles actually tell her they'd be back or is she just ranting about something else? A childhood trauma perhaps?
No. 465872 ID: bf54a8

since her mind is breaking can you mind control her?
No. 466118 ID: 67ba4b
File 135117814731.png - (387.81KB , 852x627 , VT80.png )

>Try your vampiric powers of seduction.Give her a hug.
the crow is still clearly repulsed by Loria's touch, however it no longer struggles or resists her embrace.

Loria: "I'm afraid I can't do that you are to valuable to me, but you needn't worry I'll keep you safe . . . as long as you stay obedient."

>since her mind is breaking can you mind control her?
Loria feels her image isn't strong enough for that, however the slave will likely do anything she asks of it.
No. 466122 ID: 886a4d

Alright time to prove your worth loyalty, undo her bonds and have her help you secure the rest of your goods. Also keep up the seductive act as you check over your slaves and goods. You just protected them and possible saved their lives. Even if it was ultimately selfish they'll recognize that they do owe you. Drive it home. A brush on the cheek. A stroke on the arm. They are yours and no one harms them.
No. 466129 ID: 9d7671

Ask her about the mutants we must know everything, so we can protect her better of course.
No. 466134 ID: 733ae0

The crow is about ready to have a mental breakdown and you want to take off her chains?
We need her to keep the chains on in case we run into anymore shit and she flips out.
No. 466137 ID: e3f578

Are you molesting her? Do vampires generally molest their slaves? Better back off girl you gettin' creepy even for a vampire.
Yeah, we need to know more about her, the mutants, and any more of her enemies.
No. 466138 ID: a5d914

Just tell her to stay close and let you know anything that could help you both stay safe and alive. Also ask about mutants. Has she met any before? What are they like?
No. 466318 ID: 67ba4b
File 135122724259.png - (335.12KB , 852x627 , VT81.png )

>Are you molesting her? Do vampires generally molest their slaves? Better back off girl you gettin' creepy even for a vampire.
Loria is more then willing to stop touching the filthy bird.

Loria: "tell me about these mutants"

crow: "they're nasty thieves, several years back they attacked the nest and stole all the treasure, and now they kill anyone who tries to claim it and any Black Talon who enters the sewers . . . also they have creepy tentacles and are slimy and bad, they call themselves the sticky fingers gang."
No. 466319 ID: 886a4d

I bet these mutants have lots of supplies. Maybe even clothes. Ask how many there are supposedly.
No. 466320 ID: f6cff9

another gang... in the MOTHERFUCKING SEWERS. Even if we gave them the black talon they would still attack us because we are in gang territory right now. Jesus problem after problem.
No. 466389 ID: 9d7671

Aw hell naw this is our turf now ain't no way in hell we are backing off! We gots to be the aggressor, take the fight to the enemy and shit.

Tell those meatbags that if they don't want to get dragged into the water in their sleep they will help us kill these tentacle fuckers.
No. 466500 ID: 67ba4b
File 135128652954.png - (277.94KB , 852x627 , VT82.png )

Loria: "How many of them are there?"

crow: "hundreds at least."

* * *

meanwhile back with Sania

should Sania meet back up with her sister or perhaps do something else?
No. 466508 ID: f6cff9

Well we can't stay in the sewers but we can't stay in the surface either... man this has to suck. Might as well meet up with your sister to come up with a plan.
No. 466574 ID: 6dc5a6

Become Chief Magistrate of Sewer Town by battling the tentacles in honorable combat. Meet back up with your sister and come up with a plan to take out these sticky bastards. Perhaps you can give ghoulification a positive spin and make your meatbags become ghouls willingly. Is there any mental decay caused by ghoulifying someone? Also find Defiant a new hat.
No. 467582 ID: 67ba4b
File 135165207230.png - (355.20KB , 852x627 , VT83.png )

Sania returns back to camp without incident.

>Is there any mental decay caused by ghoulifying someone?
Ghouls retain their full intellect

>Also find Defiant a new hat.
the sisters have no idea where to find a new hat.

Loria: "so dear sister an ideas where we could find these Sticky Fingers?"

Sania: "no, does the bird know?

crow: "it is said there are humans who live in the sewers that deal with The Fingers"
No. 467720 ID: bf54a8

so, more exploring, GREAT! /sarcasm.
No. 467721 ID: f6cff9

Ask the human slaves if they know anything about people living in the sewers. They may even know where they are at or at least the general location.
No. 468122 ID: a5d914

Well I suggest making the defiant girl a ghoul. Have her reveal where that other group on the radio might have gone to and where the mutants might be, then have her guard the other captives while you two go searching for mutants, clothes and more humans.
No. 468129 ID: 886a4d

Before we ghoulify her (which I'm hesitant to do sicne we are kinda low on food.) See how she is treating you since you protected her from the sticky fingers.
No. 468397 ID: 67ba4b
File 135197919076.png - (320.13KB , 852x627 , VT84.png )

Sania asks the defiant slave if she knows anything about the sewer humans, she doesn't and is defiant as ever.

Sania: "let's ghoulify this ingrate, we'll be saving ourselves trouble in the long run."

Loria: "don't be to hasty our food supply is small can we truly afford to sacrifice another?"

the sister's conversation is interrupted by a voice coming from one of the pipes

mutant: "looking to finding the Sticky Fingers are we?"
No. 468399 ID: 1f8505


"We really must seal up the pipes in our hideout here."
No. 468404 ID: 886a4d

In fact the best thing would be to seal off a section of the sewers, drain all the sewedge both for more room and to prevent further sneak attacks. We do need a base of operations after all. Every Vampire coven needs a good lair.

Not here though, lets explore a bit more first to find a corner or a dead end with surface access.
No. 468413 ID: 6dc5a6

Pull this gentleman out of the pipes for information. Inform him that you are indeed looking for the Sticky Bastards.
No. 468755 ID: e2d21e

No. 468795 ID: 8b9215

Greet him politely. Don't manhandle him.
No. 470473 ID: 67ba4b
File 135259020467.png - (279.79KB , 852x627 , VT85.png )

Sania tries to grab at the pipe dweller but he proves far too quick, and ducks further into the tube.

Sania: " get back here you grubby little worm!"

mutant: "now that isn't very polite, Oi come to offer assistance and you attempting to assault me, Oi was told Vampires had more of them manners."

Sania attempts to be polite

Sania: "you want to help? then tell us where the sticky fingers are!"

mutant: "again with the rudeness, would it kill you to ask noicely once in a whoile? maybe Oi'll swim home and keep this lovely package Oi was to be deliverin for moiself."
No. 474478 ID: 67ba4b
File 135389967355.png - (288.56KB , 852x627 , VT86.png )

Sania: "Get lost slime ball! we don't want anything the likes of you has to offer."

mutant: "foine, foine! Oi'm gone."

the mutant scuttles off down the pipe.
No. 474479 ID: 1f8505


Set fire to the inside of the pipe.
No. 474566 ID: d4ad1a

Wait, we probably wanted whatever he had. Jeez, they were extending an olive branch and everything.
No. 475826 ID: 67ba4b
File 135433723019.png - (282.26KB , 852x627 , VT87.png )

Loria: "Sania! we're kinda outnumbered here, making enemies of THE ENTIRE CITY is not a good game plan"

Sania: "We shouldn't have to lower ourselves to dealing with that sort of slime!"

Loria "Slime or not, he might've had something useful to us. now we'll never know"

mutant: "never say never moi dear."

Sania: "Gya! it's still here! I warned you freak . . . now where's something flammable!"

Sania searches for something lethal.
No. 475828 ID: f6cff9

Man we better calm Sania before we do anything else. It's a good thing we don't have flamethrowers just lying around right?
No. 476581 ID: 67ba4b
File 135468277816.png - (318.65KB , 852x627 , VT88.png )

Loria: "Sania wait!"

Sania: "what?"

Loria: " I know it's hard to start all over, and it'd be easy to just go on a murder rampage until we die, but we're better then that if we take our time, stifle our pride we can build up, establish an empire and crush every living thing under our heel. doesn't that sound like more fun in the long run?"

Sania: *sigh* "I guess . . . "

Sania seems adequately calmed down
No. 476604 ID: f6cff9

We might as well ask mister mutant his name so we don't keep calling him mutant or slime ball. After that's done we can ask him what kind of info he has.
No. 476613 ID: bf54a8

"so, whoever you are, info like that isn't free, what do you want?"
No. 476749 ID: 3734f6

We lost several humans already and that is concerning, the lack of loyal minions is crippling.

I see 2 ways forward.
1. Ally with mutants, have them guarding our slaves in return for us fighting their enemies (they are less likely to betray you if it is a "trade"). Use free time to gather more slaves. Most likely short term alliance only.
2. Make a bunch of ghouls, arm them, fortify a base somewhere and have the ghouls guard slaves for you. The two of you can then track down the humans from the recent encounter, sounds like there are a bunch of them and they need to be subdued. It seems like a bad idea to waste humans like that at first, but we lost more humans due to lack of manpower... and at least you can survive on crows if you have to.

Anyways, listen to the mutant for now at least.
No. 477529 ID: 67ba4b
File 135510200830.png - (407.06KB , 852x627 , VT89.png )

Loria turns back to the mutant

Loria: "who are you mutant?"

mutant: "Twisted's the name, Ollie Twisted. Oi specialoise in having things that others want, you could call me a merchant."

Loria: "So Ollie what do you have that WE would want?"

Ollie: "Well given toime Oi can get just about anything, but on me Oi've got two thing Oi think you want, a mystery package fer four trinkets and the ever valuable information one trinket per tidbit."

Loria figures this mutant will accept any objects in good condition, she takes a tally of what unequipped items they have available for trade.

Ipod & headphones
ruined clothing x1
handgun x3 (21 bullets)
(9 shotgun shells)

extra battery
extra clothes (panties, gloves)
map (virginia state)
bottle of cheap alchohol
money:23 dollars (mostly change)
swiss army knife
candybars x5
first aid kit
2 bed rolls
No. 477531 ID: 6dc5a6

Get information on
-Large groups of humans
-Sticky Fingers gang


See if how Ollie feels about getting a cut of the Sticky Finger Gang's take if he helps you clear em out of the sewer. Also ask if he has any other customers who are looking to trade favors.

Consider using Ollie to lure humans into your camp after you get a base of operations.
No. 477537 ID: 3734f6

How much info is a "tidbit".
Is he a representative of the sticky fingers gang or a freelance operators unaffiliated with anyone?
No. 479772 ID: 67ba4b
File 135589658220.png - (291.04KB , 852x627 , VT90.png )

Loria set's aside the alcohol, telescope and ipod as items for trade.
the crow reaches out with her arms and squacks unintelligibly

Loria: " how much exactly is a tidbit?"

Ollie: "well Oi don't know, guess Oi'll just answer one question."

Loria: "do you work for the sticky finger?"

Ollie: "of course, but we're a fair bunch given the roight proice.
No. 479840 ID: 620354

I say we trade him 1 item for the most important question... if his answer is good we trade the rest, if he is too vague/short that we don't.
No. 480070 ID: bf54a8

look at the crow "really? you want this?" hold up the ipod "why should i let you have it?"
No. 481662 ID: 67ba4b
File 135702800864.png - (317.72KB , 852x627 , VT91.png )

Loria: "really? you want this?"

the crow nods and squacks.

Loria: "why should I let you have it?"

crow: "Let me have treasure! I'll do anything!"
No. 481694 ID: bf54a8

any blood contracts you can do?
No. 481696 ID: cbc0ab

That's a music player.
Either she's starved for entertainment, or she thinks she can use it to get free.
No. 481697 ID: 735f4f

Birds like shiny things?
No. 481751 ID: 886a4d

The tribe she comes from values gadgets like that immensely. My suggestion is to give it to her in return for her loyalty and devotion and hint that if she continues to do so you will give her more.
No. 482610 ID: 67ba4b
File 135741645580.png - (286.51KB , 852x627 , VT92.png )

Loria recalls that The BlackTalon Gang values gadgets like this one as "treasure", she figures the crow wanting it has little to do with any escape plan.

"A blood contract would be perfect" she thinks but has no way to create one. however for a creature this weak willed perhaps a clever verbal contract combined with her natural ability to dominate will produce a similar loyalty.

Loria: "I'll have to choose my words carefully . . ."
No. 487143 ID: 67bfa9
File 135896425967.png - (378.79KB , 854x628 , VT93.png )

Loria: "meh, I'll think of something clever later

the Sister choose to test the knowledge of the Mutant and hand him the bottle of Alchol in trade.

Ollie: "Thank you koindly mum."

Sania: "Tell us about the crows mutie".

Ollie: "Well Oi know three thing bout the Crows, and for this tasty trinket I can tell you bout one of'em.
-one, Oi can tell you bout them's strengths and weaknesses, what makes em tick and what makes em stop tickin.
-two, Oi can tell you bout them's different gangs, bout them's territories and thems major forts and hoid outs.
-three, if there's some scholarly curiosity in you, Oi can tell you a secret bout the crows that nearly no one knows not even themselves, bout where they came from and where they were created.

so what'll it be? oh and if you boiy a second crow tidbit Oi'll give you the third for free!
No. 487230 ID: 6dc5a6

Ask about territory, if we learn what locations the birds have under control we'll have a better idea of where a secure base could be established or even where we could take one by force.
No. 487653 ID: a28731

Agreed... it is the most pressing thing to know.
I do want to know all 3 through. if his answers prove detailed we can purchase those later on.
No. 487692 ID: 1f8505


Inquire about the territory. Getting to know the lay of the land is important.
No. 487704 ID: 67bfa9
File 135923282741.png - (255.61KB , 564x688 , VT94.png )

Sania: "Tell us about the territories and the gangs"

Ollie unrolls a small map

Ollie: "Well the strongest of the gangs is the Black Talons Oi believe you've already met them, they think they own everything north of the river. Bored and bloated with power they abuse the other creatures in the city for their amusement, they are incredibly cruel and lust for entertainment above all else. They rule from an uuge tower in the centre of town without wings no one can attack them there. they also have a major outpost to the northwest probably to watch the actions of the Raven Gang, lastly is the grand market where they sell, cook, eat and battle slaves, Oi've eard they trade other things there with anyone willing to go, but that's dangerous buisness to say the least."

Loria: "you mentioned other Gangs?"

Ollie: "Oi did, the Raven gang a mysterious lot, see em from time to time in the west end. BlackTalons think they're prepin for an invasion and don't trust em an inch. What I've heard is that they're looking for arcane artifacts to bring to their forest ome far to the north west. I figure they might ave more local hide outs, but I've not eard of any."

Loria: "Who own's south of the river?"

Ollie: "That'd be the Cloak gangs. Truth be told their more a dozen gangs then one, probably more than twice as many of them as Black Talons but they spend all their energy killing and butchering each other, can't walk to feet with out getting your head lobbed off in that side of town. most sensible people just steer clear and leave them to their fighting."

Sania: "what's the red X mean?"

Ollie: "well that's round where my hole is, close to to where we are now."
No. 487707 ID: 202c2a

Hot damn that's informative. Tell Ollie he has a repeat customer if he's always this useful. Our next target is the cloaks, we need to be cautious to pick them off. Lets stick to following the code if it helps us pick off the cloaks without reprisal.
No. 487711 ID: 0a99e7


Let's turn the weakest gang into vampires and branch out from there.
No. 487725 ID: a28731

I thought they didn't know how to make vampires and that the gangs are non-human anyways so are ineligible.
No. 492011 ID: 67bfa9
File 136060091931.png - (314.24KB , 852x627 , VT95.png )

>Let's turn the weakest gang into vampires and branch out from there.
Sanan and Loria do not yet know how to create new vampires and even if they did the monsters cannot become vampires.

Loria: "Thank you Ollie, your information is fantastic, you'll have a repeat costumer if you're always this helpful."

Ollie: "Oi aim to please ma'am, tis best for buisness."

Sania: "We should wipe out the cloaks! it would be easy!"

Loria: "I'm not so sure, and even if we could, what would be gained?"

Sania: " . . . well it would certainly be fun."

Loria: "there are less risky ways to amuse ourselves, and with actual payoff"

Sania: *yawn*" like what?"
No. 495456 ID: 47a120

@Ollie: So, both the talons and ravens are those crow people? are there any other species in those gangs or are they uniform in makeup? And what species can be found in the various cloaks gangs?

@Sania: Like enslaving the cloaks... unless she meant wipe them out as a political entity rather then massacre.
We would also benefit from breaking the wills of the human slaves with minimal injury to prevent loss of blood production...
Also of interest is the gang out for getting magical artifacts and knowledge, but I do not think we are ready to capture those non destructively yet (we do not want to risk the destruction of the prize)

Honestly, our biggest problem is that there is only 2 trustworthy individuals among us.
Breaking the wild humans we capture is far too hard because every single one of them is a survivor who managed to last this long. The whimpering simpering cowards that made up the majority of humanity in the past we remember are all long dead or the loyal domestic slaves and toys of others. If we want bloodbags, artisans, and domestic slaves we should go after the domestic slaves of other powerful beings rather then taming wild survivalists.

I thus suggest that we turn every single human we currently have into a ghoul under our control. With a small army of ghouls we should be able to secure and actually KEEP domestic slaves as well as territory. It seems very wasteful but I must remind you that you already lost half your bloodbags due to a crippling lack of loyalty.

The best place to do this would be in the cloaks territory as their infighting keeps them weak and disorganized.
No. 504115 ID: 67bfa9
File 136522143403.png - (393.30KB , 854x628 , VT96.png )

>So, both the talons and ravens are those crow people?
Loria already knows that the Ravens, Talons and cloaks are all crow people

Loria: "Actually sister you may have a point, Staking out territory through violence may be the only route to power here"

Sania: "Violence is the route to power anywhere~"

Loria: "the only problem is that we can't conquer much with just the two of us . . ."

Sania: "Yes! we need soldier, You there! welcome to my army!"

defiant slave: "huh? URK!"

Sania chooses to transform the slave into a Ghoul.
No. 506752 ID: 47a120

Yay (I don't know how I missed this update).
Ok, now transform the rest of those you currently have and then move in to the cloaks territory to scout.
No. 506763 ID: 9ddf68

you know you do need some of them as food... maybe the almost dead one if she starts to slow you down too much.
No. 506780 ID: 47a120

>need some as food
We lost more then half our stock already due to being undermanned.
The argument is that we make all of those into ghouls and then use them to capture new ones. We know there are a bunch all over the place.
And technically we can eat crows, they just taste like ass.
No. 511198 ID: 67bfa9
File 136871678581.png - (473.17KB , 852x627 , VT97.png )

first ghoul: "Mistreeeess I will seeeerve you till the eeeend of time, I need only to be feeeed"

Sania: "perfect, you will have all the food you can eat."

Sania grabs the half-dead slave.

Loria: "wait sister! we need some of them for food!"

Sania: "we'll find more, for now unpalatable though she is we can use the crow as a bloodbag."
Sania chooses to transform the half-dead slave into a second ghoul.

the last human slave, the dark skinned one starts to beg and plead for mercy.
No. 511200 ID: 47a120

transform the last one, then move in on the cloaks.
No. 511206 ID: 664cf5

Agree with this. Remember to acquire clothing and backpacks/messange bags from the cloaks in whatever manner is permissible under the rules/laws.
No. 511207 ID: eaa372


Are there any loops holes in the laws where you can get the ghouls to gather clothing or are we going to follow the spirit of the law for now?
No. 511217 ID: d300d2

Spare the black one. Have her be Loria's servant. Or maybe pet.
No. 511228 ID: 7003a8

Leave one alive so they can warn the next group what happens when slaves are disobedient. More of an emotional impact that way.
No. 511230 ID: 76b151

Spare the girl. Have Loria physically stop her sister to garner trust and affection.
No. 511231 ID: 47a120

What? Let her go? That is an insane waste and alone without equipment she will just be captured by the crows or mutants or something.

This is not a punishment. We keep losing slaves and encounters due to being outnumbered. We are simply converting one resource (blood sacks) into another (loyal soldiers) to optimize our ability to capture more resources.
Also we don't want uncaptured groups to know about us and prepare against us. We capture them all by surprise and keep a balanced number of blood sacks and ghouls.

Heck, the ghouls can speak.
No. 511241 ID: 664cf5

Do we have a summary or full listing of the Laws anywhere? Can't seem to find one...

Also, tell the last one that unless she is extremely skilled at something useful (clothes crafting would work, giving us information on her factions stores of food and weapons will buy her some time but not get her off the hook) she's getting ghoulified. Scratch that, unless we can make soul binding agreements with mortals (we can't) human servants just aren't worth the effort even if they double as blood bags.
No. 511285 ID: 7003a8

Who said we'd let her go?
No. 512838 ID: 67bfa9
File 136963069868.png - (440.04KB , 852x627 , VT98.png )

>Do we have a summary or full listing of the Laws anywhere? Can't seem to find one...

Loria decide to ponder vampire law beyond the no stealing clothes from the dead thing
one will not slay another loyal to the code save for in duels
one will not slay the servants of another loyal to the code
one will not aid mortals in efforts against those loyal to the code
one will not aid other creatures of darkness against those loyal to the code
one will not be wasteful in the taking of mortal life
one will not write out the code save for the scribes of the dark tomes
one will hear the word of the scribes for they are masters of the laws
any two scribes can overrule any rule once per month
any three scribes can overrule any rule twice per month
any four scribes can overrule any rule thrice per month . . .

Loria can't even recall all of them off the top of her head, there are a bunch revolving around who is permissible to be made into a vampire, but as Loria has no ability to do this they are unimportant. Loria is also aware of a bunch of laws revolving around how to behave in mortal society but as mortal society has collapsed these also hold little importance

>Are there any loops holes in the laws where you can get the ghouls to gather clothing or are we going to follow the spirit of the law for now?
Loria has never considered workarounds before, but maybe if she considers how the laws work and are enforced she can think of something.
-for it to be a legal theft the spirit of the dead thing you've stolen from must be able to identify and tag you with an ethereal mark
-ghosts can not normally tell non-ghosts apart beyond "mortal" "corporeal undead" "fey" etc.
-ghosts however can recognize those whom they've come in contact with shortly before death
-ghosts can also recognize those carrying any part of their earthly remains they died with
-ghosts can only travel half a mile from the largest part of their remains
-ghosts rarely become active less then a week after their death

Loria is not sure if she can find a loophole in this.

slave: "NO! please don't! I'll do anything you ask!"

Loria: "Sania, maybe we should keep this last one alive"

Soria: "why?"

Loria: "she might be fun, like a pet! also maybe she has some skills like tailoring or something?"

Soria: "OH! little miss slave are you a tailor by any chance"

slave: "no, but-"

Soria: "Welp! it's ghoul time then!"

slave: "WAIT! I know where you can find a tailor! a vampire like you! just please don't hurt me!"
No. 512868 ID: 7003a8

>one will not be wasteful in the taking of mortal life

Ok, no more making ghouls. You don't want to break the rules, you need a food source, and if you're too incompetent to manage a single slave then you don't deserve to survive.
No. 512876 ID: eaa372

>one will not slay another loyal to the code save for in duels
>one will not slay the servants of another loyal to the code

May want to talk to Ollie to see if he knows about any active vampires in the area so we can avoid any unnecessary incidents.
No. 512886 ID: 2f4b71

Does vampire law have anything to say on what constitutes a fair exchange for clothing? Presumably threatening someone to give you their clothes comes under theft (robbery), but how about implied threats and 'unfair' exchanges (e.g. "I'll buy your clothes for this shiny rock, whilst I happen to not be hungry")?

Those faces are awesome.

No. 512918 ID: 47a120

It is a waste NOT to ghoul her.

Ghouls aren't zombies, they are intelligent undead. AND they maintain ALL the memories they had in life.
Ghouls eat meat, human OR animal.

Each vamp requires 7 healthy adult humans, so we need 14 for both sisters. This increases every time they burn blood on powers, and decreases if they spend a lot of time in torpor in coffin. (but doing that is wasteful of time)

Summary of captives:
Captured 2 kine (heavily blood drained)
Captured 1 crow
2 kine captives of the crow accidentally killed in crossfire
Captured 3 kine, while doing so our first 2 kine captives & crow captive were stolen/liberated by crow.
Recaptured 1 crow and 1 kine (heavily drained, unconscious).
2 of our 4 kine lead a lone sister into a trap where encountered 2 extra kine. Forced to killed 3/4 of them and medium drain another.
Lost another kine to mutant attack.
Ghouled 2 of the 3 remaining kine.

So, to sum it all up. We encountered 9 kine and lost 6 of them (5 dead, 1 stolen by crow), and some of them we had to capture more then once as they were escaped/kidnapped. Why? because we were grossly understaffed.
Now we are about to lead an attack on a human gang. If we don't ghoul her then we have to leave back a ghoul to guard her (and there is a high chance of losing both her and ghoul).

The SPECIFIC slave you want to "save" from ghouling (which leaves them sapient and with all memories but altered personality) has PERSONALLY participated in leading us to a trap and LITERALLY shot us in the back with a gun AFTER swearing obedience the first time we captured her.

If you want waifu slaves then we can steal broken house slaves from the various groups around town, especially the crows. Rather then try to domesticate the hardcore survivalists who managed to survive on their own and free so far.
If you want bloodsacks, well then we use our ghouls to guard them and make more ghouls as needed such that we never have more slaves then ghouls. 1 to 1 ratio of slave to ghoul sounds right to me.

Now, you COULD make the argument that after having seen all that happened, NOW she is finally broken and wont backstab us again. Maybe so... but we still need another attacker with us when assaulting the gangs. And we are going to need some protection of the crow captive and our coffins during the attack so we are still grossly understaffed even with 2 vamps and 2 ghouls.
No. 512937 ID: 76b151

We already have two ghouls. And yet we need blood. Changing her into a ghoul will mean we willl only have one source of blood and we haven't been awake long enough to know if theres a side effect to drinking from the bird. We might need something special from humans that we can't get from it. Turning her into a ghoul will destroy that option for now and humans are rare. Her fear of dying is now very real and very much in her mind. I doubt she wil risk betrayal and death.
No. 512939 ID: 47a120

We need 14 humans, minimum, to feed from. And are literally just about to attack a human gang.

But you know what? fine, she can remain human. We will just ghoul some of the humans we are assaulting instead since ghouling is fast.
No. 513042 ID: 7003a8

You think it's a waifu thing? No, they should have ONLY ghouled her since she was the leader, and made an example of her for the others. Instead they did the lackeys first and saved her for last, which was just damned stupid.

Now they need to keep her as an emergency supply for the next time they get shot.
No. 517015 ID: 67bfa9
File 137127884183.png - (349.62KB , 854x628 , VT99.png )

Loria: "hmm that might prove useful, I shall let you live for now"

slave: "thank you!"

Loria: "good now be obedient and I won't have to change my mind later . . ."

>May want to talk to Ollie to see if he knows about any active vampires in the area so we can avoid any unnecessary incidents.

Sania: "Ollie, you never mentioned anything about other vampires in the city"

Ollie: "Moi info's not the free sort, you know moi proices."

Sania: "grrr . . ."

>And are literally just about to attack a human gang.
Loria and Sania were under the impression they were to assault the cloaks, a crow gang.

Loria understands that the living have no rights, stealing from them breaks no vampire law

Sania: *yawn* " I tire and it is almost daybreak, we should rest"

Loria: " . . . yes I tire as well"

wait until daybreak and end chapter? or have Ghouls carry coffins and continue on?"
No. 517180 ID: 2be169

End the chapter
No. 517305 ID: 47a120

How about trading ollie the telescope for info about other vampires?

>Loria and Sania were under the impression they were to assault the cloaks, a crow gang.
Thanks for the correction.
No. 526383 ID: 67bfa9
File 137453993968.png - (279.38KB , 854x628 , VT100.png )

Loria and Sania decide to wait until sunset before the recieve more info from Ollie

the Ghouls stand guard while they rest in the coffins

Chapter End
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