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File 132668808238.jpg - (58.47KB , 779x448 , titleScreen.jpg )
380050 No. 380050 ID: f72f26

it is the appocolypse
everything is destroyed but vampires endure

other thing endure too, but they hate vampires because vampires are evil

this is the story of the vampire twins
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No. 380052 ID: f72f26
File 132668823847.jpg - (64.27KB , 779x448 , VT1.jpg )

the twins awaken from a long slumber

what do they do?
No. 380053 ID: c9a5ce

Just more five minutes, please...
No. 380055 ID: ed57e8

wake up and yawn and stretch. such a big sleep left you rather stiff.
No. 380056 ID: 7c31d2

No. 380058 ID: e3f578

Wake up and smell
the ashes
No. 380059 ID: ed57e8

nevermind, this.
No. 380060 ID: fa9f7e

>>380056 This.
No. 380061 ID: 3947e9

>What Do
Get out of the coffin and look around, where are we.

>Vampire Twins
Sexy twins?
No. 380081 ID: f72f26
File 132669233424.jpg - (94.18KB , 779x448 , VT2.jpg )

Sania: *yawn" "oh, I feel like I've been asleep for a hundred years, hey wait this isn't the Grand Castle?"

Lanian: "no it isn't, it looks to be a dirty pit with a ladder, also where are the wakers, and the slaves, I'm so hungry . . ."
No. 380083 ID: ed57e8

up the ladder and see what happened to your 'loyal' minions.
No. 380087 ID: 3947e9

ok... no wakers, no slaves, no castle. Your underling must have fallen, gone. You are now on your own and must be careful and carve yourself a new domain. Stealth is of the essence; avoid detection and find someone to feed off of stealthily.

1. Can you feed off of animals?
2. Can you feed on a person gently without tearing out their neck and condemning them to death?
3. Can you cloud the mind of others to prevent them remembering you feeding?
4. Actually list your powers, abilities, and weaknesses.

Finally, peek outside.
No. 380097 ID: f72f26
File 132669639261.png - (348.29KB , 930x795 , VT3.png )

Sania and Loria clear theirs head and try to think

>1. Can you feed off of animals?
yes but they taste like mud
>2. Can you feed on a person gently without tearing out their neck and condemning them to death?
yes but we have to be careful, mortal are quite fragile.
>3. Can you cloud the mind of others to prevent them remembering you feeding?
we've heard of powerful vampires doing that but we don't know how.
>4. Actually list your powers, abilities, and weaknesses.
powers: we can turn into rats if we have to, but it's sooo demeaning
abilities: we're stronger and faster than most mortals
weaknesses: Sunlight: turns us to ash in 10 seconds, garlic is also bad makes it hard to think and see

Sania: "come on let's see what's uphere"

Lania: "alright but we have to be careful it could be daytime!"

the twins go up
No. 380134 ID: 784dcc

Can you partially turn into rats?
No. 380164 ID: bfe7b2

find etna twins
No. 380167 ID: 3947e9

>weaknesses: Sunlight: turns us to ash in 10 seconds, garlic is also bad makes it hard to think and see
So no problem with silver, holy water, beheading, stake to heart, holy symbols, hollowed ground, and running water?

Also, how old are you? (or, were you before you last went to sleep)
No. 380177 ID: f72f26
File 132672247301.png - (397.53KB , 1280x942 , VT4.png )

>Can you partially turn into rats?
that's more of a werewolf thing, for us it's all or nothing.

>So no problem with silver, holy water, beheading, stake to heart, holy symbols, hollowed ground, and running water?
we think those are bad too, especially the running water thing, but they aren't very common so we can't be sure, I've never even seen running water, unless the ocean counts.

>Also, how old are you? (or, were you before you last went to sleep)
we're fairly young for vampires at only 140 something. it's probably been at least 20 more years since we were last up.

Sania: "Loria, I think I can almost remember how we got here. but I'm soooo hungry, I can't even think on an empty stomach"

Loria: "well don't fret too much Sania, I think I smell mortal up this ladder!"
No. 380179 ID: 3947e9

>I smell mortal
Oh good, breakfast!
No. 380183 ID: ed57e8

of course, don't drain it entirely. could also be a source of information as well as food.
No. 380189 ID: 3947e9

Oh yes, avoid draining ANYONE to death. We want to keep our existence secret
No. 380250 ID: f72f26
File 132676214672.png - (190.21KB , 830x543 , VT5.png )

Sania: "there's the mortal now! looks like some sort of drifter"

Loria: "probably an escaped slave"
No. 380252 ID: ed57e8

drink enough to take the edge off. but let him live, so he can tell you if there is a den of them escaped slaves.
No. 380267 ID: b4d935

Drink carefully, one at a time so you can pull each other off if you get too into the meal.
No. 380309 ID: f72f26
File 132677849557.png - (447.78KB , 721x622 , VT6.png )

Sania: "mmmmm it feels like it's been so long since the sweet flavour of iron."

Loria: "hey you've had your fill! it's my turn now!"

Sania: "mmmmmmmmh"

Loria: "stop! you're going to suck him dry!"
No. 380310 ID: ed57e8

yank her ear to make her stop her, you need him alive.
No. 380313 ID: e3f578

Beat the shit out of her and grab a bite.
No. 380315 ID: 3947e9

hair pull
No. 380406 ID: f72f26
File 132681990368.png - (343.05KB , 731x566 , VT7.png )

Loria tugs hard on Sania's ear

Sania: "OWwwWw! that hurts!"

Loria: "I SAID MY TURN!"


Loria: "Damnit you bitch, you barely any for me!"
No. 380429 ID: 3947e9

stop stop stop! Don't kill the mortal! There are tons of them all over the place and we don't want to leave drained corpses!

You gals should go and each drink a LITTLE from mortals until you are full
No. 380433 ID: e3f578

Loria, hurt your sister horrifically for this greedy, unsisterly behavior. We are going to leave her stuck to a cross until sun-up and then all the mortals will be ours.

Or at least until she says sorry in tears and fear.

Loria calls leader.
No. 380435 ID: 3947e9

No. 380463 ID: ed57e8

okay. now tell him to tell you where the rest of the mortals are or else you will drain him entirely.
No. 380498 ID: f72f26
File 132685920403.png - (247.63KB , 724x548 , VT8.png )

Loria resists the great urge to drink all there is.

Loria: "tell me where the rest of your kind dwell mortal, or I'll drink what's left of your life blood"

Loris is still very thirsty and means those words.
the drifter cries out.

drifter: "DONNA, RUN!!"

Sania: "oh I DO smell another mortal."
No. 380499 ID: e3f578

Loria, you do not allow Sonia to get this mortal, the greedy bitch
No. 380503 ID: ed57e8

"donna, eh?" charge!
No. 380504 ID: 1854db

He dies. Have your sister finish him off while you run and find the fresh blood upstairs.
No. 380516 ID: f72f26
File 132686604885.png - (163.45KB , 554x579 , VT9.png )

Sania finishes off the drifter.

Loria charges the second mortal, and is shot.
No. 380517 ID: 1854db

Duck back and grab the guy's shotgun. Then return fire.
No. 380519 ID: ed57e8

duck back and let sania charge and incapacitate. since you only took one dot of health from it they must be normal bullets.
No. 380520 ID: 6f1d54

Man, stupid mortals. Wont they ever realize that only a wooden stake to the heart kills a vampire? Everything else just slows them down.
No. 380524 ID: ed57e8

indeed, but loria is running on empty.
No. 380614 ID: 3947e9

Act wounded, drop to the ground and then drag yourself behind cover.
The mortal would assume you wounded and come to finish you off and then you pounce. Little do they know of your ability to heal.
No. 380645 ID: f72f26
File 132689995717.png - (207.00KB , 566x582 , VT10.png )

Loria falls back and grabs the shotgun.

Sania rushes in

Sania: "hey Sis I got this one for you, what do you want me to do with it?"
No. 380647 ID: ed57e8

"since she shot me i think she should 'live' for a while, really learn why fighting was dumb idea"
grin evilly.
drain enough to knock her out and stuff her in the cellar.
No. 380650 ID: 3947e9

torture is stupid and a waste of your time, especially when all she was doing was defending herself.

Keeping living humans as a renewable blood supply IS a good idea though. Not applicable this time since the noise of the firefight is bound to have drawn attention of other kine. So drink up and then ....

wait, do you need your coffins?
No. 380652 ID: 7c31d2

Can't vampires make humans into ghouls by giving them some blood? Having some ghoul servants to bring us more humans would be useful...
No. 380665 ID: 3947e9

that depends on the system... and also whether ghouls are sentient, and whether ghouls are loyal (considering what we did to her companion I doubt she will be loyal unless magically compelled to)
No. 380672 ID: 87b963

Drain her!
No. 380872 ID: f72f26
File 132695306542.png - (187.81KB , 498x531 , VT11.png )

Loria drinks her fill, they mortal is still alive.

Loria well what should we do with it now?

the twins think about their options

transform into ghoul:
-still rather smart
-Loyal to the most powerful vampire around
-immortal undead
-has to eat flesh

transform into zombie(victims killed will usually turn into zombies on their own):
-very dumb
-to stupid for loyalty, obeys command of any smart undead
-smelly and unfashionable
-can lay dormant for long periods of time without food

or maybe they should keep her alive?
or maybe do something else unmentioned?
No. 380874 ID: 7c31d2

Can you just make them your servants without killing them? If so, do that.
No. 380891 ID: ed57e8

seal her in one of your coffins. get wounded somehow you can come back.
No. 380894 ID: ee8bb3

i say keep her alive, don't know the next time you'll get food, as it seems that there aren't too many edible people around. you could always use the threat turning her into a zombie or ghoul to keep her loyal...
No. 380895 ID: ee8bb3

err, by loyal i mean "fearing for her life, scared shitless" loyal, which, admittedly isn't very loyal.
No. 380923 ID: 3947e9

I don't see any reason to ever make a zombie rather then a ghoul... except by mistake.

Is she conscious enough to talk?
No. 381118 ID: f72f26
File 132704121610.png - (220.99KB , 647x548 , VT12.png )

Sania: "we should keep it alive for now. I might get hungry again later"

Lania considers talking to the mortal, she should be able to talk still, but probably not much else, Lania is not sure what to say or ask . . .

Sania: "OH! I remember what happened to us!"

Loria: "you do?"

Sania: "Ya! Count Duchavich kicked us out of Grand Castle! he took our dresses, our capes our jewellery and everything else we had, then he cut our hair, sleep charmed us and shipped us in banishment to the city of crows"
No. 381124 ID: ed57e8

that would make any undead minions worthless in the long term. since he is more powerful anything you make would switch loyalty to him once they get in range.

anyway, demand the mortal tell you if people trained in fighting vampires are common around here.
No. 381141 ID: 3947e9

1. Minions are always useful.
2. He could have very well gotten himself killed since, who knows how long you slept or why you finally awoke now.

>Ask the mortal
1. Who are you
2. What city, county, country, and continent this is.
3. What year it is.
4. About the weapons they carried
5. Are they a part of organization of some sort (and if so which?) or just two well armed individuals?
6. What is her relationship to the man?

1. Do ghouls maintain the memories of their life or are they a blank slate?
2. When you say have to eat flesh, you mean human flesh? Animal meat cannot suffice? How often? Cause that is pretty bad since it will leave a trail of corpses.
3. Can you turn someone else into a vamp? Are they required to obey you (their sire) in any way if you do?

How about this for a plan, we find a super wealthy influential man with a large mansion and property, turn him and some of his servants into a vamps/ghoul (depending on sired vamp traits vs ghoul traits, still thinking here).
We get a new mansion, wealth, influence, and a place to store & minions to guard our "livestock".
No. 381162 ID: f72f26
File 132707671829.png - (208.79KB , 785x817 , VT13.png )

Sania starts questioning the mortal

>demand the mortal tell you if people trained in fighting vampires are common around here.
Donna: "no . . . more worried about crows . . . and zombies"

>1. Who are you
Donna: "uh? . . . Donna Marsky"

>2. What city, county, country, and continent this is.
Donna: "City of Crows . . . north america"

>3. What year it is.
Donna: "two hundred something . . . Ay,Ay."

>4. About the weapons they carried
Donna: "need em too keep the crows away"

>5. Are they a part of organization of some sort (and if so which?) or just two well armed individuals?
Donna: "used to be twenty of us . . . not anymore."

>6. What is her relationship to the man?
Donna: "me and Davis were the only survivors left . . . now just me."

Loria reconsiders undead minions

>1. Do ghouls maintain the memories of their life or are they a blank slate?
they contain some memories but often view them from a whole new perspective

>2. When you say have to eat flesh, you mean human flesh? Animal meat cannot suffice? How often? Cause that is pretty bad since it will leave a trail of corpses.
ghouls must eat flesh, animals or human quality is not important. without food they will eventually revert into zombies

>3. Can you turn someone else into a vamp? Are they required to obey you (their sire) in any way if you do?
the twins don't know how to create new vampires. vampires have free will and no loyalties
No. 381167 ID: f70e5e

survivors of what? and what are the crows?
No. 381184 ID: 3947e9

This sounds very bad. Zombies everywhere? She is the last of a group of 20 survivors? Ugh, sounds like vampires ran amok and devastated the kine population; idiots!
Forget mansions and servants we are going to be facing blood starvation! Make sure to preserve your blood supply as much as possible from now on. (am I correct in thinking that using vamp powers uses up blood pool?) We better find ourselves more mortals to lord over.

we cannot afford to turn her into anything, we need to keep her alive for blood supply and cannot over feed on her or she will die and turn into a zombie.

Ghouls ability to eat animal meat is good, means ghouls are acceptable... normally. However the loss of most memories is unacceptable. Even worse is the loss of a human to feed on... Actually, can a vampire drink the blood of a ghoul for nourishment? We need to get her some food and rest and protect her while searching for other humans. Tell her we are going to keep her safe and find other humans in exchange for regular blood supply.

Wait, destroy the head of the dead guy or whatever it is you do you prevent him from rising as a zombie and eating our soon to be unconscious and defenseless human.

Ok, so... some math.
A human replenishes the plasma of a pint of blood within 48 hours. And then takes 4 to 8 weeks (depending on the individual) to replenish the red blood cells. We probably took more then a pint from her but she should be fully recovered after 2 months anyways.
Sustained safe consumption of a human is only ~1 pint in 2 months. Less for younger, older, less healthy individuals. More for people who are in their prime who have a great diet and good genetics and could deal with 1 pint every month.
So this average realistic 1 pint in 2 months per adult.

1 US pint = 2 cups = 473.176473 ml
or 7.88627455 ml... lets round it to 8ml a day per average adult human.
It should be noted a single teaspoon is nearly 5ml.

so... how much blood a day do you each need to survive? I kinda doubt 4/5th of a teaspoon a day for each of you is going to be enough.
No. 381186 ID: 7c31d2

Is it too late to turn the dead guy into a ghoul?
No. 381189 ID: 94dd4f

Don't forget about Davis, we can make him in to a Ghoul. And with the zombis around we should have to worry about the feed on flesh thing.

As for Donna you should patch her up, check their bag for a first aid kit or something, and don't forget to get some water and food in to her. If she pass out you should lying her down and elevate her legs, put them on a pack or something, but patch up her neck wound before lying her down.
No. 381190 ID: 3947e9

upvoting. Only destroy him if he can't be turned into ghoul.
No. 381263 ID: f72f26
File 132711134022.png - (306.31KB , 839x643 , VT14.png )

Loria takes over caring for the slave.

Loria: "hey sis to fix up these filth sacks, we gotta use these silly sticker patches right?"

Sonia: "yeah I think so"

Loria: "so Slave what are these Crows?"

Donna: "they're birds . . . also bird men . . . they call themselves the Black Talons, this is their city . . . well at least it is now."

>Ugh, sounds like vampires ran amok and devastated the kine population; idiots!
Loria considers this notion, but then dismisses it, the families would never do something so foolish! this creature is probably just delusional or on some sort of chemical.

Sania knows dead men can't become ghouls, and goes about the task of wrecking Davis' body

>so... how much blood a day do you each need to survive? I kinda doubt 4/5th of a teaspoon a day for each of you is going to be enough.
Sania knows they need about a quarter cup every twenty four hours to maintain their power, they can seriously reduce this amount if they get plenty of rest in their coffin.

Loria: "Sania, I don't think it's right"

Sania: "what's not right?"

Loria: "she's got her pretty hair, and colourful clothes and plump features. where as we have cropped hair and are prancing about in our undergarments, WE look like the slaves not her!"

Sania: "No one's is going to mistake us for slaves Loria."

Loria: "I know that, it still just doesn't seem right, we are superior and should look the part!"
No. 381264 ID: ed57e8

well loot her back pack, maybe she has more nice clothes.
No. 381265 ID: 365adf

Dammit Loria stop being such a brat.

If you have to, you could wear Donna and Davis; clothes.
No. 381269 ID: ed57e8

also, realize that clothing stores are probably abandoned so you have your pick from them.
No. 381369 ID: f70e5e

do you really want people to be able to tell who the more important target is at a glance?
No. 381408 ID: 3947e9

Ask her for hair grooming tips when she feels better, grooming technology must have improved a lot in the time you were asleep.
Donna is just adorable

Quarter cup a day?
1 US pint = 2 cups = 8 qc (quarter cups)
8 qc / 8 (weeks*slave) = 1qc/(week*slave)
So... that is 7 slaves per vampire. Yea, we gotta find more, and fast.

>Vamp family will never be so stupid
>Birdmen rule the city
Is it possible that those "zombies" are not vampire victim zombies but some similar creature made by the birdmen then? Could this city have fallen to powerful but stupid creatures? Or... actually do birdmen even need humans?

Ask her to just tell you what she knows of the birdmen, the zombies, and how it all begun.
No. 381419 ID: f72f26
File 132716379591.png - (246.83KB , 811x788 , VT15.png )

>Ask her to just tell you what she knows of the birdmen, the zombies, and how it all begun.

Donna: "fast, strong, can eat anything even zombies . . . men can fly and use swarms of birds as minions, they capture people alive . . . I don't know why."

Sania: "Sis, we could use those mortals if they're still alive!"

Loria: "I don't want to go to war dressed like this!"

Sania: "we need those mortals! we'll worry about looking proper later"

Loria: "Fine!"

Loria puts on Donna's shirt

Sania: "Okay NOW you look silly"

Loria: "whatever."

Sania: "if you're going to be a child about this, I suppose we could probably find an abandoned clothing store"

Loria: "you have a lot of nerve calling me a child"

Sania: "never mind that, what're we going to do with our slave while we go hunting?"
No. 381421 ID: 3f91de

Look for some rope to tie her up with. And while you're at it, go through the stuff they had with them, see how much mortal food there is, 'cause if you're going to keep her alive might as well go all the way and keep her fed too.
No. 381427 ID: ed57e8

store her in one of the coffins. they have been left alone for a long time, will be left alone a bit longer.
No. 381429 ID: 3947e9

tying her up is a bad idea, it ensures she cannot protect herself. She is no threat to us but the zombies are a threat to her and we need her alive

Humans need to breath.

As much as I loathe the idea, the only solution I see is splitting up where one of you guards her while the other scouts.

Or we could just wait for her to recover enough to come with you.
No. 381433 ID: 3f91de

Humans can take many weeks to recover from severe blood loss, on a proper diet.
Right now she couldn't defend herself if she wanted to, so maybe having one stay behind would be better than just leaving her.
Yeah, I'm changing my vote to that.
No. 381476 ID: 1854db

How about we just block a door with stuff so she can hide behind it? Then scurry past the door in rat form.
No. 381564 ID: 94dd4f

I say don't leave her alone, Both for her protection and to make sure she doesn't try to get away. Before you even think of going hunt you should take look at what you have (their should be a change of Clothing or at less clean underwear), Don't forget to check Donna for weapons or anything, And then think of what you need (Don't forget this will include Danna). Don't forget to check your coffins for any clues. And then when you go hunt keep and eye out for those things.

OK, I've got some questions for you two. What power you have? when you use then does it make you feed more often? Do you know how to use any weapons? Do you know how to use the guns Donna and Davis had? If not have Donna explain the basic to you two. And check for any thing you can use as a weapon, because a metal pipe, or something, can be better then a gun some times.

Don't forget to give Danna some water and food, Oh you two should tell Donna that were planing to get a group of human together so you can feed off them (with out killing them). and you will protect and help them in return.
No. 381613 ID: f72f26
File 132726780316.png - (245.48KB , 685x678 , VT16.png )

>What power you have?
we have the ability to shift into rats

>when you use then does it make you feed more often?
yes this will drain our blood reserves

>Do you know how to use any weapons?
of course we do!

>Do you know how to use the guns Donna and Davis had?
yes we know how to use these weapons

Sania searches through the possessions of the two drifters

on the bodies she finds:

Ipod & headphones
ruined clothing x4
good clothing (jeans,bra,panties,socks)
pair of shoes x2
hand gun (5 bullets)
shotgun (11 shells)

in the bags she finds:

extra battery
extra clothes (skirt,top,panties)
map (virginia state)
bottle of cheap alchohol
money:17 dollars (mostly change)
swiss army knife
Zombie survival guide
emergency flares x2
candybars x8
first aid kit
2 bed rolls

Loria: "find anything interesting?"
No. 381614 ID: 886a4d

Have the girl have a couple candy bars since there is nothing better. If we're gonna her alive she needs water, food and rest to recuperate. Get her into one of the sleeping bags too.

Since apparently humans are in low supply we are going to have to keep all the ones we want alive unless your looking forward to starvation yourselves. That means first priority is to keep this one alive and the next is to find more.

Have one of you stay here to keep the girl safe while the other takes the shotgun and scouts outside. Look for food more substantial then candy and signs of other humans. Try to see if you can command the zombies if you do encounter any.
No. 381691 ID: 365adf

Sania: Wear Skirt and Top and Ipod + Headphones for the awesome.

Loria: Wear Panties on Head.

Both: Wear Shoes and Equip Handgun(L) and Shotgun(S).

I am motioning the sweeter gear to Sania/Sonia because she is less bitchy of the two of you.

Loria if you were less bitchy I would motion you to have the sweet gear, but you're not so maybe we should aspire to be less bitchy to have all the sweet gear in the future.
No. 381718 ID: 4f6150

Read map. Any notes on it?

Get some clothes on and get ready to explore.
Do you need the flashlight or do you have darkvision so good that it's just pointless? Still it's good for a disguise.
Keep the gloves with you so you can hide your claws if necessary. Can you use the ruined clothing to make some scarves? Then you could use that to hide your teeth too.

Does the swiss army knife have scissors on it? You could fix up each others hair a bit with that and the comb if you have some water for moistening.

Try to set things up so Donna survives.
No. 381768 ID: f72f26
File 132736951819.png - (593.75KB , 722x529 , VT17.png )

>Does the swiss army knife have scissors on it? You could fix up each others hair a bit with that and the comb if you have some water for moistening.
the swiss army knife does have scissors but we have no water

Sania: "you keep the mortal healthy, I'll go scout the area."

Sania equips the skirt,top, shoes and shotguns

Loria tucks Donna into the sleeping bag and gives her a couple candy bars to eat

before leaving Sonia checks the map, it does indeed have some notes

No. 381860 ID: 3f91de

What kind of building are you in, anyway? And before you go exploring outside, you might want to find out the time of day first, wouldn't want to open the door and get a face full of sun.
No. 381868 ID: 4f6150

Get out there and explore, see what the surrounding area is like.
No. 381992 ID: f72f26
File 132746897192.png - (196.17KB , 759x723 , VT18.png )

Sania takes a peak outside

just after sunset, perfect.

I'm currently in some sort of office building fire escape type thing, this must be an emergency exit.

outside I can see a [SHOPPING COMPLEX] and some [DARK ALLEYS] I could investigate

alternatively I could stay in this building and explore the [MAIN LOBBY] or keep going up the stairs to the second level.

not quite sure what to do . . .
No. 382049 ID: 365adf

Explore the building first.

Don't wanna go out and leave Loria alone with the possibility of a Crow around somewhere.
No. 382083 ID: 4f6150

Head upwards first. If you can get to the roof you can look for these crow people.
Otherwise the shopping complex sounds interesting. There might be something useful there. Like more nice clothes.
No. 382176 ID: 3947e9

explore this building in full first, starting with the main lobby and finishing up with the upstairs.
No. 382249 ID: f72f26
File 132755261380.png - (161.76KB , 721x602 , VT19.png )

Sania ascends the stairwell to the second level

I can hear screeching shouts coming from around the corner, it's hard to make out exact words, but sounds like a male is cussing out a female subordinate for letting "toys" escape

I can see two kine chained to some sort of pole thing in the hall.
No. 382261 ID: ed57e8

hrmmm... looks like a trap. stay back from it as you can and poke the pole with the gun.
No. 382275 ID: 3947e9

we know the crows capture humans alive.
we know we just caught the last 2 surviving humans from a group.
this one is dressing down a subordinate for letting 2 humans escape. it is obviously the man you killed and woman you enslaved.

How far are you from your sister? If this is close it would be justified to get her and take them on together.
It will give you:
1. More slaves (the 2 chained here)
2. More intel (you can interrogate the crows if you can capture them alive)
No. 382276 ID: f70e5e

ok whatever is here seems to treat people really poorly, that's good for you. you only have to treat people somewhat better and they will go from slaves that need to be closely watched to loyal followers who will willing help you. avoid calling them kine or slaves for the time being by the way. it'll make getting them to corporate later easier. for now peek around the corner and if its clear go up to those two and ask them what they know about whats going on.
No. 382277 ID: 3947e9

if we peek around the coerner they will see us.
No. 382287 ID: f72f26
File 132756476214.png - (180.25KB , 533x496 , VT20.png )

Sania uses her twin empathy to contact Loria . . . she's on her way

the argument has broken, sounds like they're going to start searching again, if I want to act I'll have to act quick.
No. 382333 ID: 3947e9

They are going to search... perfect. Wait for them to separate and then ambush the male crow together with your sister.
After subduing him, ambush the subordinate when she comes back here
No. 382334 ID: 4f6150

Well these crow people (if that's what they are) might make excellent ghouls. They were described as being both fast and strong.

You could try to give some kind of warning gesture to the kine to see if they can create a distraction. Try to hide your vampiric features if you can.

Then go back downstairs out of sight and wait for Loria. As soon as you get a chance then jump the captors from behind. If they look too dangerous then shoot and strike to cripple first. Ghouls regenerate to some extent, right?
No. 382521 ID: f72f26
File 132764166623.png - (330.12KB , 925x749 , VT21.png )

Sania & Loria group up down the stairs

the female Talon busts in from the lobby.

Loria: "it looks confused, I don't think it was expecting us"

>Well these crow people might make excellent ghouls.

these crows seem like they're probably monsters, if so then there's little hope of transforming them into the undead.
No. 382527 ID: ed57e8

draw both guns and tell it to drop it's weapons, or else.
No. 382536 ID: 3947e9

Her surrendering is unlikely and it wastes the surprise. Charge in, disarm her... interrogate her...
And taste her blood, I want to know if it can nourish a vampire too.
No. 382537 ID: e7d46b

Quick, take that bird down.
No. 382567 ID: f72f26
File 132765329198.png - (408.69KB , 785x602 , VT22.png )

we rush the crow!

she drops her spear, and tries to escape through the door, She's fast, but not fast enough

Sania slams into the black talon

Loria sees an object

Talon: "ANGEL NO!!!"
No. 382569 ID: 1854db

Make sure that grenade returns to sender. That or hide against the stairs so they shield you from the blast.
No. 382570 ID: ed57e8

grab it out of mid air and throw it away from you.
No. 382574 ID: 87fa55

Forget the bird! Dive for cover!
No. 382595 ID: 365adf

Grab grenade, shove it into Crow's mouth and run for cover using Vampire super-speed.

Unless you can't do that, in that case, just run for cover.
No. 382596 ID: 96e0ea

Loria, that round object. Spinning slap it to the other side of the room.
No. 382597 ID: f72f26
File 132767676078.png - (147.88KB , 827x566 , VT23.png )

Loria uses her vampire super speed to grab the grenade and whip it back in the direction it came.

????: "eeeargh"
????: "AAahg"

Loria: "Ha ha, Yes! I think I got two of them!"

Sonia: "huh? I got this bird pinned, but I don't know how long I can hold it like this, what should I do?"
No. 382599 ID: a2fa74

If you can talk then your spiky mouth is free. Go for the jugular you idiot.
No. 382603 ID: 3947e9

try biting her
No. 382604 ID: 5b0d85

If you look at


she's clearly got a metal thing around her neck, jeez.

Hold her hostage.
No. 382605 ID: 3947e9

well there are two of you...
One of her hold her down and the other use vampire strength to pull apart the neck metal armor.
No. 382610 ID: 4f6150

You quite possibly fragged the two humans.

Anyway if the neck is protected there are other areas with major blood flow. Bite onto the artery in the arm and start sucking blood. Then give the bird an elbow to the face, throw that knife aside and use its body as a shield as you advance upstairs with your guns at the ready.

But have Loria check the room the bird was trying to run back to first. If there are more on this level you want to deal with them first.
No. 382619 ID: ed57e8

the grenade came from the stairs, the humans are on this floor tied up.
No. 382710 ID: f72f26
File 132771454599.png - (372.21KB , 788x655 , VT24.png )

the choker is clearly more decorative than protective, I easily break it off.

>start sucking blood

I'm not thirsty, I could still rip out her throat though
No. 382716 ID: 886a4d

Just a taste then. Make sure her blood isn't disgusting / toxic. If it IS palatable it should also gve your humans a sense of satisafaction to seem them reduced to cattle. Like they were.

If its not good then ya interrogate then kill.
No. 382721 ID: 3947e9

no! don't kill her, We need her for info.

As for the blood, I meant just a tiny taste to know if it is nourishing for us. And whether we should keep them as slaves.
We need 14 kine minimum and with the 2 they had we only have 3. Supplementing them with crows would solve our food supply issue.

As for interrogation...
1. What is your name
2. How many were in your hunting party? (we killed 2 with the grenade, probably)
3. What do they do with the humans.
4. What manner of creature are they (multiple questions here as needed).
5. Are there really zombies?
6. what kind of zombie?
7. are the crows responsible for the zombies?
8. if not then who?
9. How are the crows organized (rulers, clans, etc)
No. 382722 ID: a6ab09

secure the kine and crow girl, then deal with the 2 soon to be corpses upstairs
No. 382754 ID: 1854db

Interrogate her while caressing her neck creepily.

We want to know what they're doing here, first and foremost. Why do they kidnap people, and stuff like that.
No. 382887 ID: f72f26
File 132777193012.png - (369.39KB , 705x719 , VT25.png )

>secure the kine and crow girl,
we don't have any way to secure them, maybe if we had rope . . .

>Just a taste then. Make sure her blood isn't disgusting / toxic.

I taste her wrist . . . blehk, tastes like a warm corpse, we could live off her blood but I'd preffer if we didn't have to. the disgust does not show on my face instead I smile.

Loria: "mmmmn, I think you should tell me who you are and what you are doing here."

BlackTalon: "I ain't tellin you nothin!"

>Interrogate her while caressing her neck creepily.

I begin caressing her neck creepily
Loria: "no? well that would be a shame, wouldn't it sister"
Sania: "yes it would, we really need to know some information."
she seems very creeped out

BlackTalon: "I-if you hurt me every Talon in the City of Crows will hunt you down! I will not go unavenged!"
No. 382899 ID: 5b0d85

Slide your hand down her top and kiss her neck, tell her you won't kill her, but you'll scar her if you don't hear some information in the next thirty seconds.

How's that for creepy?
No. 382901 ID: a2fa74

So you don't have vampire hypnosis or anything? You can't bend people to your will?
No. 382910 ID: 3947e9

We already killed 2 of you, your people will hunt us regardless. Or rather, they will try to, but we are the true hunters here.
No. 382912 ID: 31afe3

No. 382920 ID: bd2a40

No. 382949 ID: f72f26
File 132778919371.png - (124.87KB , 488x506 , VT26.png )

I begin slipping my hand down her top, as my lips draw closer to her neck.

Loria: "we're not going to kill you, but we will scar you unless-"


Loria: "EEEEEIAGH AAAH!! MY EYE! she pecked out my fucking EYE!!"

Saria: "Ah hahahaha! serves you right! No means no Loria, didn't you learn that in school?"

Loria: "aauugh! this isn't funny you bitch!"

Saria: "stop being such a baby, it'll grow back . . . eventually."
No. 382957 ID: ed57e8

time to experiment and see if you can make a crow ghoul.
No. 382958 ID: 49d4d7

Saria hold that bird down and that that pecker this. "We were going to let you live if you cooperated, but now, i'm going to kill you, make you a zombie and then what's left of you will kill the rest of your flock."

Loria drink till she drops.
No. 382960 ID: 1854db

Start breaking limbs. Use the butt of the shotgun to save your strength.
No. 382961 ID: 252e1b

Two eyes for an eye. Your new crow-slave doesn't need to be able to see anyway.
No. 382971 ID: a2fa74

Saria: Flip her over, sit on her, then push her skull against the ground so hard she starts crying.
"I don't think you quite understand your situation.
Your people have been stealing our preferred food source for silly reasons.
You are going to help us recover our food with a minimum of fuss, because that way doesn't involve us killing everybody you ever met."

Loria: Drink yourself back to health, then present a counterpoint to your sister
"Ugh, we could just keep these things as feedstock. Chop off their limbs, toss them in cages, and call it a day?"

Saria: Make a snorting sound
"I'd rather have the humans. These things taste terrible."
No. 382974 ID: 3f91de

'I've no permanent damage. You, on the other hand..." Proceed to inflict wounds sure to leave large, ugly scars. Slowly. And don't forget the sadistic smile.
No. 382979 ID: a6ab09

clip her wings
No. 383061 ID: f72f26
File 132782048803.png - (270.64KB , 744x655 , VT27.png )

Loria is enraged, she grabs up the spear to use it's haft as a "non-lethal" weapon, and them succumbs to bloodlust.

. . .

Talon: "KYAAAW, KEEh!"

Loria Savagely assaults the crow

Talon: "KYAH! I'll TALK, I'll TALK!"

Loria continues, the creature begins sobbing

Talon: "Pleeasse STOP! I'mM SORRy I'm Sorry!"

Loria continues

Talon: "noooo KYAH! not my eyes, please, I'll do anything!"

Sania considers whether or not to intervene
hmmm my sister needs to stop taking her vanity so seriously, perhaps I should do something,
or is it even worth the trouble?
No. 383062 ID: 1b0f2f

Grab the spear. "Hold sister. You are better than this."
No. 383063 ID: 365adf

Calm her down to prevent any development of inner psycho-ness.
No. 383076 ID: 1854db

She said she'd talk. We could use the info. So restrain your sister at least somewhat.
No. 383080 ID: a2fa74

She said she would do anything, so go ahead and save her. Then tell her she's going to spend the rest of her life serving you.
After that you can choose to either break her will, or simply find out where the other humans are.

Obviously you're going to unchain the two people we saw before so you can use those binds on your new minion before throwing them all in with your weakened human, but remember to gather the victims of that grenade as well.
Next, we plot.
No. 383095 ID: 9cb4b3

Yeah, save her, if she's too wounded then turn her to save her life and bind her to you.

Jeez, that is a lot of blood. Talk about overkill.
No. 383096 ID: 9cb4b3

Also uh, here's to hoping the peep didn't lose an eye. Hers don't grow back.

At least as far as we know.
No. 383121 ID: 1444d5

If she's still reluctant, tell here she can have the crow afterwards.
No. 383138 ID: f72f26
File 132785459495.png - (178.62KB , 721x602 , VT28.png )

I Grab the spear
Sania: "Hold sister. You are better than this."
Loria: "I . . . yes, you are right, forgive me I got a little carried away"

Sania: "Crow, you are going to spend the rest of her life serving us, do you understand?.

the battered wretch lets out a weak "kaw" and nods in agreement amidst sobs

Sania "Loria go collect the kine from upstairs, I'll deal with this slave."

* * *
Loria goes up the stairs
there doesn't seem to be much left to collect

Loria: "oops."

well at least the chains somehow are still intact . . .
hmmm weird I still sense the stench of mortal . . . must be all the blood and guts sprayed everywhere.

* * *
meanwhile . . .

hmmmmm despite some bruising looks like she still has both her eyes, I guess that's good.
judging from her blood she seems to have enhanced healing, which means if someone doesn't reset her broken bones relatively soon she'll be spending the rest off her life a cripple.
No. 383142 ID: ed57e8

loria, that looks like a secret door panel opened in the wall.
No. 383143 ID: ed57e8

also, that grenade could NOT of been powerful enough to OBLITERATE two people.
No. 383147 ID: 3947e9

1. Reset the crows bones.
2. Loria, get back with your sister. They have magically enhanced healing and most likely fully healed all damage from the grenade, then took the 2 kine (or their corpses) and left to get reinforcements. You need to take your crow, take your kine, and move elsewhere (do you need to keep your coffins for some reason?)
No. 383150 ID: 0d7a83

hmm, leaving her crippled would be the easiest way to ensure she couldn't escape, but it would reduce she usefulness by a fairly large amount. Perhaps leaving her wings crippled, but setting the rest would be the best option. That way she could still move freely, but only on the ground where she cant outrun a vampire, and not in the air where she can.
No. 383152 ID: a2fa74

Sania: Set her bones.
Loria: Gather the chains, then search the area for survivors.
No. 383156 ID: 3947e9

I see your logic but I would still prefer no crippling.

>search the area for survivors.
Searching alone is kinda bad idea. They are NOT human, it took actual effort to wrestle that one female down even with vampiric strength and they DO have a measure of regeneration. Enough that they could heal from a grenade enough to cart away the human corpses. Walking into an ambush by such creates could be fatal even for a vamp.
No. 383188 ID: 5b0d85

Reset her bones, treat her nicely and she'll be more alright with her new status.
No. 383201 ID: 4f6150

Check those toilets and the doorways behind the mess, but be swift and tactical about it. There may be more enemies with grenades or other weapons about. It would be great if you could find a key for those chains as well.

Once you're reasonably sure the crowgirl won't escape then make like a team and scour the building together.
No. 383209 ID: f72f26
File 132787751136.png - (203.57KB , 782x548 , VT29.png )

Loria: "well I got some chains but the kine are dead."

Sania: "any crow bodies?"

Loria: "no . . ."

Sania: " Sis I need you to collect our coffins, we'll be needing them for healing injuries like your eye"

Loria: "where are we going?"

Sania: "I don't know, but we can't stay here."

I take the Crow back to our camp, and begin the task of resetting her bones, and applying splints. for the latter I make good use of Davis' bones and ruined clothing . . . the crow asks if she can have what's left. I let her eat.

I give it two maybe three hours tops before the Black Talons crack down on this place. we gotta think of what to do . . .
No. 383290 ID: ed57e8

secret door where the pole and chains used to be.
No. 383301 ID: 5b0d85

Ask the crow her name. Ask her what made her a fighter person or whatever.
No. 383309 ID: 3947e9

the one that was blasted wide open? thats in the same building into which reinforcements are about to arrive? And remember we sleep helplessly during the day...

We need to relocate.
We could carry them by hand but that is slow even if we do something creative to be more efficient. We need to procure a vehicle. If need be (due to lack of gasoline... or horses to pull the cart depending on tech level) then we can push/pull it ourselves with our cargo (1 kine, 1 crow, 2 coffins, varied loot) inside it.

So, lets look around in the building see if there is anything more we can grab and/or some vehicle.
No. 383311 ID: 3947e9

option B btw is to stay here and ambush their reinforcements, decimate them, and thus get a reprieve (as they might be weary of sending even more)
No. 383360 ID: f72f26
File 132793029410.png - (320.87KB , 766x759 , VT30.png )

I finish patching her up

Sania: "What's your name? assuming you have one."

Sharub: "Sharub Shadefeather, hunter of the Black Talons"

Sania: "you're not very good, why even hunt?"

Sharub: "T-this was my first hunt . . . every Talon hunts or else they'll get none of the clan treasure."

Sania: "what good is treasure when the world is dead"

Sharub: "oh the clan treasure is very good, they have boxes that makes sound, pictures that move, and all manner of wondrous and magical things . . ."

the Black Talon starts sobbing again.

Loria: "I'm done with the coffins, now what?"

Sania: "we're going to need a vehicle to store our stuff in, and to pull around."

Loria: "there are hundreds outside what kind do you want me to look for?
No. 383376 ID: 6f9630

A pick-up truck or a van is good. Hey, Wait a minute, its a post apocalyptic world right, go for a Toyota Hilux. It lasts. For a long time.
No. 383484 ID: 4f6150

If you can't find a working one then get a very lightweight one that you can tear parts off and push yourselves if you have to.
If you can find a working one try to get a diesel. They're much more flexible in terms of what they'll run on.

Also you really need to figure out what happened to the world and what the best travel direction is. Heading west is probably a bad idea. Not because the zombies pose any danger, but because there's unlikely to be any humans to feed in.
No. 383488 ID: 3947e9

Once in the car ask her the questions from:
(well, except for the name one)
No. 383490 ID: f7ee2c

"Well, your friends didn't seem like they were too concerned with your safety... tossing a grenade down here with you with us. You'd probably live a lot longer traveling with us anyways than with people who care nothing for you, or worse, want to use you like a meat-shield than your "fellow" hunters... Face it, they tried to kill you and we saved your life. If treasure is what you want, the world is full of treasure, the only way to find it is to explore, and you're welcome to keep any moving picture boxes we find down here. Now what do you say? Want to come with us?"
No. 383554 ID: f72f26
File 132798821890.png - (313.81KB , 935x681 , VT31.png )

I find a Toyota Hilux, it looks like it might still run, to bad there's not any gas,maybe I should look for some or maybe we could just pull it?

I smell zombies around, I don't see any but they tend to rest in buildings when the living aren't around, they might cause a problem when we bring the slaves out.

I'm not exactly sure what we should do now.
No. 383556 ID: 3947e9

Load the car, coffins first then the slaves. Set the car to neutral.
One of you in the car driving the other pushing it with vamp strength. Go a few blocks in any direction towards a mid sized building and claim it as your new HQ. Eliminate all zombies in it and set up shop.
No. 383557 ID: a2fa74

Remember where it is.
Right now you're in dire need of a food supply. You COULD go longer between feedings by conserving your strength, but at best you'll wear down to the point where you won't be able to provide the power you need to protect your assets.

You need to get information on the crow clan, then use that to sneak in under cover of darkness and 'free' more food.
No. 383606 ID: 49d4d7

Well, if any zombies show up, you could command them to leave or something.
No. 383773 ID: f72f26
File 132811017741.png - (180.65KB , 634x477 , VT32.png )

>How many were in your hunting party?

Sharub: "hunters always hunt in pairs, so just me and my mentor Anjal.

>What do they do with the humans.

many things. sometimes we eat them, sometimes we use them for sport or get them to clean things, sometimes we get them to fix treasures, depends on the human.

I try to convince her that the BlackTalons don't care about her, and that there will be many treasures to be found on our adventures.

Sharub: "I don't believe you, all you want me for is to be a blood factory for you, you don't have any treasure, and you never will, and you would never give precious things to your food supply. I'm just your slave and I want to go home."

hmmm I can smell the stench of a mortal near . . .
No. 383775 ID: 5b0d85

"Well if we don't want the treasure we'll have no qualms giving you whatever we come across. For the rest, your blood tastes awful, if we wanted a food supply we'd bring a human, not you. Still, how can you argue you mentor cared about your life here if he threw a grenade at you?"
No. 383778 ID: 63cf7a

"Lets be honest, your blood tastes terrible. We want the humans back because they're far more palletable than you.
Once we have recovered them you will mostly be responsible for keeping them safe.
As far as 'treasures', we have none because they hold no interest for us, but they are easy enough to find. What shows are even left, besides The Simpsons, sitcoms, and reality TV?"
No. 383798 ID: 1444d5

"You can be useful and be rewarded, you can be bad tasting food, or you can be Loria's plaything"
No. 383813 ID: 307b84

"Anjal" being the one who threw a grenade down the stairs? Real nice character that.

I guess one of you could rush to the shopping complex and search for a hose and some suitable container that can be used to siphon fuel from other vehicles. Alternatively if that IS a diesel model Hilux then look for some cooking/vegetable oil. It should run just fine on that.

Meanwhile the other should look around the immediate surroundings for that mortal you can smell and signs of Anjal lurking about. You need to move fast, get things wrapped up to go in about 10-15 minutes if you can.
No. 383829 ID: 3947e9

Might be just food, might be more. What she said they use humans for?
>sometimes we eat them, sometimes we use them for sport or get them to clean things, sometimes we get them to fix treasures, depends on the human.
Yea, for us its same only its "human and crow".
And we only eat blood and not flesh so being our food is neither fatal, painful, nor crippling.
There is actually something unique we use slaves for, make things that aren't treasures like clothes and furniture and the like and take care of the other slaves.

And you would go home and meet your family and clan soon enough, we are going to conquer this entire city after all... And will need the crows to have someone to rule over and someone to protect our human stoc.
No. 383871 ID: f72f26
File 132816160506.png - (312.80KB , 638x560 , VT33.png )

after several minutes of trying to convince the creature, I decide to stop wasting my breath.

the creature is far to stupid to convince with logic and clever words, we'll have to find another approach.

* * *

Loria: "well that's everything packed up."

Sania: "good, hmmm now where to go?"

Loria: " saw a couple places that look like they could make a good lair, there was a [DINER] style restaurant, a large [CLOTHING STORE], and a [POLICE STATION]. maybe one of these place would be a good place to hide out?
No. 383879 ID: c0e69a

The police station sounds the most defendable and secure location.
No. 383881 ID: a2fa74

It's also got lockable cells. Keeps your people secure AND safe!
No. 383895 ID: 365adf

Let's hole up at the POLICE STATION, but let's go to the DINER (and CLOTHING STORE if we REALLY have to.) and pick up supplies first.
No. 383952 ID: 307b84

I guess the police station is the most likely to have amenities and some measure of security. Maybe even some leftover clothes.
No. 384025 ID: 4a7115

we make the police station our hideout... mostly because we can lock up the slaves.

We can visit the clothing store later by ourselves to look nice.
No. 384119 ID: 1444d5

The police station is the obvious choice; which means there's a good chance it's taken already. Be very cautious when approaching it.
No. 384359 ID: f72f26
File 132841941750.png - (221.44KB , 691x562 , VT34.png )

we arrive at the police station

Sania: "there are definitely mortals in this building, I can smell them"

Loria: "how should we proceed?"
No. 384364 ID: 1854db

If there are still mortals in here, that means they've been able to fend off the crows. This means they have guns and a fortified position.

We may be in over our heads. Transform into rats to scout the area.
No. 384368 ID: a2fa74

Can you hide your vampirism?
If so, knock and ask if anybody's in there.
No. 384434 ID: 307b84

Ideally I guess you want to get the jump on one mortal that is on his or her own, turn that person into a ghoul and then get some information from the ghoul before having it help you enslave the rest.

Turning into rats might be the best approach. Then you'll be able to come from a completely unexpected angle. I would suggest scaling the building, but it's probably more fortified higher up if there are flying crow monsters about...
No. 384452 ID: a2fa74

Ideally you capture all of them alive so you'll have plenty of blood available.
No. 386773 ID: f72f26
File 132928217539.png - (290.37KB , 852x627 , VT35.png )

we transform into rats and sneak into the building
there are mortals they seem well armed

Male Drifter: " . . . I saw them I tell you, two blood suckers, and they're headed this way, if we're not ready we're all dead!"
No. 386776 ID: 1854db

Can we speak in rat form? Perhaps we can stay hidden and speak to them without danger.

Something like "What makes you think we're here to kill you? That would be such a waste of potential allies..."
No. 386777 ID: ed57e8

if not then back up enough then transform when there is room to talk.
No. 386778 ID: a2fa74

Sneak up behind them, return to normal, and put a hand around each of their necks.
"Calm down; we'd hate to hurt you.
We would like to offer our services; we protect you, rescue other survivors, and acquire provisions. In exchange you each give us a little blood every few days. As a show of good faith we'll bring you a survivor and a guard bird.
Are you willing to negotiate the specifics on our return?"
No. 386932 ID: 307b84

I vote against talking. Just bide your time. They will get tired and make a mistakes like splitting up to go to the toilet or putting their weapons aside to do mundane tasks.

Still think it's a good idea to get at least one ghoul. Sure it means less blood, but it does mean you will have at least one loyal companion and guard who won't stab you in the back at the first opportunity while you rest during daytime.
No. 387155 ID: 3947e9

Except this treats them as equals instead of our servants.

Sneaking up behind them, transforming back, and then grabbing them by the neck is sensible.

But at that point its more of a "you are too valuable to us alive to kill...
its up to you whether you are a well treated servant or a crippled bloodsack"
No. 387185 ID: db8237

Maybe we shouldn't kill so many humans at the moment... Only tasteful food-supply, you know?
Seen any animals? Our crow-woman seem to need meat, too...
So either make them allies, slaves or search for another place.
I doubt they would like to be allies... Or they would like to be allies until we harmed the crows and then turn on us... which isn't that great.
About slaves: They are more than us in number, so direct combat will come with injuries... So, maybe some separation-tactic before we go with old proven tactics: beat to pulp then offer slavery.

By the way about convincing the our crow...
We did collect an Ipod, right?
sound&moving-pictures => magic items, right?
How about using that for making the crow more loyal to us? It was just a beginner in the crow-community and our new slave apparently only were looking forward to getting some treasure... It might be an idea to offer it to Sharub as a future reward for loyalty...
No. 387186 ID: ed57e8

humans hate crows.
No. 387296 ID: 3947e9

which is why mutual slaves is ideal.
No. 387395 ID: f72f26
File 132953723877.png - (361.23KB , 845x622 , VT36.png )

>How about using the Ipod for making the crow more loyal to us?

hmmm we'll have to try that later

* * *

doesn't look like the Kine were ready to put up much of a fight

Loria "you are too valuable to us alive to kill... its up to you whether you are a well treated servant or a crippled bloodsack"

Young Drifter: "We'll never serve you fiends!"
No. 387396 ID: ed57e8

"look, we don't want much, you give us some blood we keep the zombies and crows away. right now we don't want to hurt you. we need you as much as you need us"
No. 387399 ID: 3947e9

Ask her to choose which limb she wants to lose first. Go slowly and let her have enough time to beg... but if she is clearly still giving you lip then break one of her arms, then lock each one of them in a separate cell.

"I will ask again every day, every day you refuse I break another limb. Beg and I might consider allowing those already broken to be put into a cast to heal in a non crippling manner"
Ignore any further taunts and make sure you ask only once a day. Sitting in a cell with a broken limb and nothing to think about other then her inevitable crippling would surely erode her fighting spirit.

We gotta show them who exactly is the boss. Well treated servants don't give us lip.

Crow also gets her own separate cell.

I honestly feel bad about such actions but it is totally in character; in fact its downright generous in character
No. 387401 ID: ed57e8

broken bones will DRASTICALLY lower their ability to make blood. we can't have that.
No. 387403 ID: 73eb25

Take the Young Drifter and snap the bones in her lower legs and arms. Strip her of belongings and ask the second one what she chooses.
No. 387409 ID: 3947e9

true, but we are only breaking one... I guess a we should start with a finger.

Sure, it will break their spirits... but also their bodies and we want slaves not just blood sacks. If only for the fact that we wouldn't have to babysit them as much if they aren't crippled.
No. 387440 ID: a2fa74

Just take their weapons away and toss them in the cells.
Don't damage them! That would slow their blood production!
"We need a blood supply, you make blood. You need protection, we are killing machines. Cooperate and your lives will be much improved."
No. 387441 ID: ed57e8

yeah that works.
No. 387442 ID: 1854db

No. 387448 ID: f72f26
File 132957463156.png - (254.84KB , 768x565 , VT37.png )

we lock them into cells.

Sania: "we'll figure out what to do with them later."
Loria: "that one's going to be trouble."
No. 387449 ID: 73eb25

Which one?
No. 387450 ID: a2fa74

S: "Don't be such a baby about this. It's just a little blood every once in awhile, and we have to keep you healthy. That means we'll be protecting you, getting supplies, and gathering other survivors."
L: Go get the slave and servant while S guards these people.
No. 387451 ID: 6f9630

Add on, "Its either that or we drain you and turn you into a ghoul/zombie to guard your former comrades."
Try to scare them into submission without hurting them.
No. 387452 ID: 82a03b

Yeah, okay. Just turn her into a ghoul now. Her resistance will make the others also resist, not worth the trouble to keep her alive.
No. 387455 ID: 252e1b


Search them properly for hidden weapons, hidden keys, lockpicks, or things that could be improvised into weapons. Any wires they have on them, even if it's a part of their clothing, should be taken away. Take their belts, shoe laces, and anything else that could be used to make a garrote or noose. They might kill themselves just to spite you, and you need them alive.
No. 387462 ID: a2fa74

Your misunderstanding of our primary objective is both amusing and annoying.
We do not need servants, we need a steady supply of blood.
Turning her into a ghoul works directly against this goal, and the fact that it would prompt suicide instead of cooperation makes it a double-whammy against our interests.
No. 387463 ID: ed57e8

would make them feel their fate is sealed so suicide is the only way out. being stuborn is a common human thing. when it comes time to eat drink her first so she is too tired to incite a rebellion.
No. 387465 ID: a2fa74

Scaring them is counterproductive at this point, and combative people tend to get angrier instead of intimidated. We don't even have enough units to make submission through fear reliable. Besides, we're vampires so that part goes without saying.
Just appealing to their self-interests is much more likely to work.
No. 387467 ID: ed57e8

basically, make them see how much better off they are with vampire overlords.
No. 387525 ID: 3947e9

You know, the scariest thing for them right now is probably going to be seeing what you did to that one crow... bring her over and put her in a separate cell from them (we don't want them killing each other)
No. 387789 ID: f72f26
File 132969914671.png - (230.07KB , 704x518 , VT38.png )

Sania: "Don't be such a baby about this. It's just a little blood every once in awhile, and we have to keep you healthy. That means we'll be protecting you, getting supplies, and gathering other survivors."

Young Drifter: "yeah, whatever . . ."

Loria heads back towards the truck

* * *

huh, nobody inside, that's probably not a good thing
No. 387790 ID: ed57e8

put those noses to work, follow her trail.
No. 387798 ID: 1854db

Track 'em.
No. 387894 ID: 73eb25

Track them down, capture them, take them back to the police station, beat the shit out of them in front of the others, kill them, then zombie them.

"And that is what happens to people who don't do as we say."
No. 387898 ID: ed57e8

.... one of them is half conscious. any movements she did would not be her fault. basically, that is way too fucking extreme.
No. 387902 ID: 252e1b


One is half conscious, the other has multiple broken limbs.

They did not escape on their own, they were either captured or rescued, depending on who found them.
No. 387978 ID: 3947e9

regardless we need to track them.
No. 387989 ID: f72f26
File 132977930146.png - (151.68KB , 576x424 , VT39.png )

*sniff* sniff*

They've gone up to the roof.
No. 387996 ID: ed57e8

pursue quickly but be ready to dodge.
No. 388021 ID: 3c585f

don't pursue, but take the ladder; it lets you take care of them at your leisure, or when they decide it's worth breaking their legs to get down. both are better times than that moment when your head pops over the edge of a roof like a giant overripe tomato waiting to be shot.

also, you are nearby a ladder. keep an eye out for an asian man holding a baby who doesn't want any trabble.
No. 388023 ID: ed57e8

again, the "escapees" did not escape on their own.

climb the ladder but listen for anything that may be up there.
No. 388026 ID: 3947e9

there is no way an unconscious human and an injured crow "escaped" up a ladder like that... climb NEARBY building, if there are ambushers kick their ass. Then jump to roof and follow the trial further
No. 388062 ID: 1854db

I think this is a trap. Check nearby.
No. 388068 ID: f72f26
File 132980715651.png - (299.78KB , 768x565 , VT40.png )

I climb up a nearby building instead.

I can see the crow, she has the mortal with her. I don't notice anything else out of place.
No. 388069 ID: ed57e8

if there is anything it would be behind the large door thing.
leap down onto her. full surprise.
No. 388070 ID: 73eb25

You will want you sister with you if you plan to attack anything.
No. 388071 ID: b766d0

wave to them
No. 388080 ID: 82a03b

Crawl up behind the rooftop entrance.
No. 388119 ID: 3947e9

Those crows heal faster then expected...
Well since it is her and she is carrying the human, better chase her down now.
No. 388500 ID: f72f26
File 133001332078.png - (334.77KB , 768x565 , VT41.png )

I leap down
she is surprised

she seems to try to speak but no words come out.
No. 388501 ID: 1854db

Offer her the IPOD.
No. 388502 ID: ed57e8

slap dagger out of her hand, grab neck. say "you have one chance to explain why i shouldn't kill you, make it good"
No. 388520 ID: a2fa74

Show her the ipod
"We were planning on just giving this to you, but it seems you don't want it. I think we'll give it to the humans instead."
Take the dagger from her and drag them both to the car.
"You're lucky you still have value, bird."
No. 388526 ID: 1d8a70

Say "Whoa! Hang on! Look, we brought you a treasure!"
No. 388606 ID: c0f185

Don't just give it to her, she needs to earn it!
If anything taunt her with it "I was gonna offer this to you but you had to run, and steal a human"
No. 388615 ID: f72f26
File 133006454609.png - (468.77KB , 845x622 , VT42.png )

I slap the dagger out of her hand.

Loria: "we were going to give you this magic box that we have, but-"

????: "CAAAW!"



Loria: " . . . ow"
No. 388616 ID: 1d8a70

Wow, sucks to be you.

Guess we're down to one vampire chick and a cawbird now. I guess you should slash back at them or something but that seems pretty futile.

Well, it was nice knowing you!
No. 388618 ID: ed57e8

bend forward and kick upward back in it's crotch, then while it's reeling spin around and drain him. may not taste good but you need it and it owes you.
No. 388632 ID: c0f185

backhand the assailant.
No. 388639 ID: 73eb25

Keep the sword in you. Turn around to disarm the bird. and claw it across the eyes. Take the eyes out if you can but lots of blood dripping into them works fine too.
No. 388640 ID: ed57e8

oh and try to turn it into a ghoul.
No. 388656 ID: a2fa74

It has a neck. Correct this.
No. 388658 ID: 2ac9cb

I would say killing either is a bit premature.
Remember we wish to enslave them. But we should give a thorough beating to both and throw each in a cell. Also feed from them for now.

The question is then, are they actually dangerous to us? Perhaps we should forgo enslaving crows and just outright exterminate all of them, and stick to enslaving humans only?
No. 388666 ID: d5ee6f

This is not a good time for holding back. We are outnumbered and they got the first blow. Go for the vitals- eyes and throat.
No. 388669 ID: c0f185

we are a vampire, one is heavily injured, one just gave up their weapon (in a way that proves they don't know how to fight vampires), and there are two of us vs two of them.

Also, I am just saying we need to make a decision and stick to it. I think maybe exterminating the crows is a valid decision. But now is not the time to panic and tossing the plan without careful consideration.
No. 388670 ID: f72f26
File 133010841846.png - (381.45KB , 845x622 , VT43.png )

I swing

Angal: "to slow blood sucker!"

Sania contacts me with her twin empathy: sunrise approaches.
No. 388672 ID: d5ee6f

Retreat. Try and tear the girl away from them as you go, but first priority is not dying.
No. 388673 ID: 1d8a70

pull the sword out, lick the blood off the blade and keep fighting, don't worry about sunrise for now.
No. 388678 ID: a2fa74

Grab your slave and servant and get inside if you think you can do it.
Either way, have Sania grab a gun and come shoot this bastard. He won't expect bullets from vampires.

Get all the bodies - living or dead - inside immediately, then feed on this stupid bird.
No. 388684 ID: 1854db

Talk to her back, tell her you're in trouble on the roof.
No. 388702 ID: f72f26
File 133014027641.png - (278.07KB , 704x518 , VT44.png )

I respond to Sania and tell her of my situation: she already knows

Angal: "not so proud now eh blood sucker . . . Hey! where are you going!"

the female crow doesn't resist I grab her and the Kine and bust through roof doors
No. 388737 ID: 0f1a12

Grapple her down the stairs. If you can safely bite her and drain her blood, hopefully it will A Fill you blood reserves, and B make the her pass out from blood loss. Any way the fall should put the crow girl out of commission for the rest of the fight.

To your twin Maker sure she engages the crow man. I do not want him to take of with our slave (it's ours) to warn the rest of the city of our location.
No. 388739 ID: ed57e8

yeah just drain some even if it tastes bad, you need the boost and the other humans are a bit too far.
No. 388761 ID: c0f185

so... genocide crows or enslave them?
I think genocide. So drain the crow dry and when her friend comes to hit you while you are distracted your sister can jump him from behind... and drain him too.
No. 388775 ID: a2fa74

The female crow isn't resisting, so I'm thinking she was forced into this.
Of course, you need blood and she's the only one who can provide it right now, so take enough to stabilize yourself.
No. 388784 ID: c0f185

I know she isn't resisting.
My point is that they are powerful beings which regenerate to a degree and are fast enough to dodge a vampire. They are a class above humans and are an actual threat. Combined with how fowl their blood tastes I am suggesting that we change our long term plan from "enslave them" to "genocide".
No. 388786 ID: 1d8a70



Anyways just grapple the crow, drain some blood from her but not enough to kill her, and pull that sword out.
No. 388790 ID: f72f26
File 133018777568.png - (164.18KB , 640x471 , VT45.png )

I drink of the crow, I feel like I could vomit, but none the less is gives me strength.
the creature still lives, I could snap her neck right now, it would be easy . . .

I pull out the sword.
No. 388791 ID: a2fa74

So far she hasn't done anything to resist you in this encounter, so it's possible she was coerced into it as bait for a trap.

Regardless, she gets to live; her blood may be fowl but it just saved you. She's proven her worth as emergency food and has been docile enough to keep contained. You can't afford to ruin any blood supply when you're so critically low on them.

Ideally you'd capture the other bird, but don't worry too much if he dies.
No. 388801 ID: ed57e8

use sword on man bird.
No. 389045 ID: d5ee6f

That pun is fowl.
Flip birdboy the bird. "I got your bitch, your prey, and your sword. Whatcha gonna do?"
No. 389075 ID: 1d8a70

Don't kill the girl peep.

Hold up the ipod to the boy peep, say "We could be friends, you know." and lick the blood off the corner of your mouth.

Keep the sword ready.
No. 389085 ID: 73eb25

Rush him with your sister, beat him senseless, and drag him back inside then shut the doors.
No. 389165 ID: f72f26
File 133031005394.png - (179.65KB , 614x452 , VT46.png )

Loria:"I got your bitch, your prey, and your sword. Whatcha gonna do?"

Angal: " KYAW HAH HAH, you think any of those things matter? enjoy your prizes blood sucker, they're replacable. enjoy your victory here for it will be short lived, our numbers are limitless yours are but a measily two. as one more prize I offer you a bit of advice: this city belongs to the crows if you expect to enjoy a long unlife you best get the hell off our turf."

Loria: "yeah well-"

the crow flies off

Sania: "Sister it is almost dawn, we must find a safe place to rest!"
No. 389166 ID: ed57e8

take another cell, keep the keys in one of your coffins. put crow and girl in cell too.
No. 389167 ID: a2fa74

Inside the station. Put your human in with the other ones that haven't given you trouble, and the bird in her own cell.
Sleep in shifts.

Have whoever's on first watch question the bird about what happened. If she's cooperative then let her have the ipod for the night.
No. 389258 ID: 1e3433

Crowboy is right. Question is, are we going to stick around get the location of the crow hideout from crowgirl and kill/ghoulify the crows or are we going to go west and see if we can control the zombies and get some lunch at the bunker town.
Or do something else.
No. 389384 ID: 3947e9

Can you tell how much longer until daybreak? Do you have time to dash after him (boosting speed with blood), slay him, and come back? Do you think you could kill him with a sword throw?
No. 389411 ID: f72f26
File 133044455627.png - (131.55KB , 640x471 , VT47.png )

Sania: despite the weakness it will bring to us, I see no option but for us to rest in shifts.

Loria: *sigh* "well if that's our only option . . ."

Sania: "you must rest first to help repair your injuries."

Lania: "wait I can't rest like this! I'll stain the inside of my coffin! I'll need something else to wear."
No. 389413 ID: ed57e8

take root around in the kine's supplies for another shirt.
once you have enough blood supply that making a ghoul wont impact your ability to eat you can have it guard you at night.
No. 389414 ID: 1854db

You could just take it off.
No. 389417 ID: ed57e8

yes, i suppose you could just sleep in the nude. not like anyone besides your TWIN sister will see.
No. 389495 ID: f72f26
File 133048586759.png - (162.34KB , 768x565 , VT48.png )

Sania: "we'll find you a new shirt at sun down, for now just get in the damned coffin.

Loria: "Fine, Fine"

Loria removes the ruined clothes and begins her rest in the coffin.

Sania: "I suppose our first night of our new awakening hasn't been all bad . . ."

to be continued
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