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File 133841239702.png - (779.68KB , 900x900 , s4-1.png )
417423 No. 417423 ID: c811c4

Everyone ends up on the same platform. There are four teleporters, but none are active. A keyhole in each is the only distinctive mark.

Alison can also tell that this is a safe zone; no one can attack while here.

There are four light trails heading off of this platform. Each one has a sign in front, labeled as Fight Key, Puzzle Key, Scavenger Key, and the Freeroam Key.
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No. 417427 ID: 132b99

okay. everyone should split into teams based on what they are best at. we should go puzzle.
No. 417430 ID: b9e291

wtf is Freeroam
No. 417435 ID: 0006f5

-really- ? after all of you thought your chances were completely shot save for the miracle that someone with far far superior stats to you would be bested by a puzzle-heavy challenge where stats dont matter, the tables turn and you want to indulge in the very potential weakness you identified ?? ok sure
No. 417438 ID: 886a4d

Leader groups:

Allison, Guardsman, Duelist, Healer. Fight key
Math, Engy, Friendgy and Cube to puzzle.
Bandit, Twirl, Sword and Shield to Scavenger.
Recluse, Strongarm, Spear and Succubus to Freeroam.

The others remaining should pick a group to follow depending on which stage they feel most comfortable pursuing.

Reasoning. Every option should have one high tier (2k plus), One level 10 aborb, and one range. They should also have someone we trust and someone from Chiefs old group to show we trust them. The only exception would be for Allison's group since they will most likely defer to her anyway.
No. 417441 ID: 886a4d

Also remind everoyne to prioritize our group absorbtions if people die so they can be resurrected later.
No. 417481 ID: b85f8c

Suggest this allocation and ask if anyone's got any suggestions to modify it.
No. 417500 ID: a8e26e

Stick together.

We only need one key, hopefully. If one of the split groups don't manage to find a key, then their stuck there. They won't be able to jump back and look for Alison, most likely.
No. 417505 ID: fdad59

Oh, and don't forget to try and resurrect Shopkeep, just in case he was removed with the rest area. It'll see if he is transported to, or reconstructed, when he shows up in a rest area.
No. 417510 ID: e3aff6

Remember to extend out offer of working together to the people who are here now that went through the portal before we gave our speech.
No. 417513 ID: c811c4
File 133842997177.png - (11.76KB , 700x700 , s4-2.png )

>Resurrect Shopkeep
Alison requires 27,500 CU to resurrect the shopkeep.

Alison doesn't know what Freeroam means in this case. When asking around, no one else has any improvements or suggestions to change a lineup, and Engineer notes it is a good idea to have at least one person with 10 absorb in each area. Iso will follow Alison if that is okay with her.
No. 417514 ID: c811c4
File 133843006732.png - (12.72KB , 700x700 , s4-3.png )

>Extend offer of working together
Catblob rejoins the party. The Gambler asks what Alison is going to do if these portals only allow one person through, a distinct possibility considering the exit mechanic. Even if she plans on resurrecting, she can only resurrect 10 people if the Gambler heard correctly. He wants some kind of guarantee for living on to the next stage, should he decide to join her group.
No. 417515 ID: 132b99

for a gambling man, he doesn't seem to want to take risks.
No. 417516 ID: 431fa8

We can only guarantee that we'll do our best to ensure everyone with us lives. Anything more than that would be dishonest; after all, who knows what the future holds?
No. 417518 ID: 886a4d

Tell him it's 10 people in the rest area then a person every 5 turns during stages. To resurrect everyone for the next stage she only needs to make sure a stage lasts for 50-60 turns. Which should easily be possible considering how strong their group is becoming. If he wishes she could promise to make him one of the fourteen that that are around for the rest area. Him being one of the stage entering people wouldn't hurt as as he is very strong.
No. 417519 ID: e3f578

I don't trust this asshole
He gotta plan
No. 417520 ID: 132b99

"and why would the group need you?"
No. 417522 ID: e3aff6

Ten people was the limit for that safe zone, but all such limits are due to a recharge rate rather than a hard cap. Given enough time we can resurrect any number of people times, and we can get time by controlling the exit of the final stage of a level with multiple exits.
No. 417523 ID: 0b7fa2

He's got ulterior motives, somebody shoot that mofo!
No. 417526 ID: 886a4d

Wow I just looked at how many turns the last stage was and it was 139. We could have resurrected 27 people.

Didn't we learn of the limit in a room? Shouldn't that be confidential?

I agree that he might be up to something but he also is like Shield was at first asking for a way to garuntee he will live past this point. We can't distrust someone because of the way they smile can we? At least not at first. We'll give him a try and if he betrays us then that's that.
No. 417578 ID: c811c4
File 133843825379.png - (9.59KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-1.png )

Alison expresses some concern over the trustworthyness of the Gambler, but still explains that she can raise a lot more in a stage normally. The Gambler says he will join after all, but will head into the Freeroam section. At the very least, everyone else says they'll stay out of her way. They don't stick around to discuss it, as there are only four keys total.

Alison heads in too, and she gets split up from everyone she went in with and ends up alone.

There is a sign by her first tile.
No. 417579 ID: c811c4
File 133843828997.png - (24.05KB , 700x852 , s4(2)-1(2).png )

Alison has one extra temporary inventory slot for a stage item. Once a turn, after moving, she may pick up, drop, or swap an item on the board. Only one item may be on one platform at a time.

It looks as though she can pick up the tokens with numbers, as well as the small dots and big dots.
No. 417585 ID: 04b86a

Each counter adds from left to right along it's row. If a dot, big or small, is encountered, numbers to the right of it are subtracted instead, and if another dot is encountered numbers to the right of it are added again.
No. 417589 ID: 431fa8

This seems accurate.

Which leaves us with the question of what our objective is here. To zero out all the rows, perhaps? To start on that, we would move forward to the fourth platform from the left ahead of us and pick up the 2 currently sitting there.
No. 417591 ID: 09e5bf

I think this is just a tutorial level.
No. 417596 ID: b85f8c

Let's try that.
No. 417604 ID: 132b99

no, i think we need to make the right number. notice some are green. some are red.
No. 417606 ID: 0b7fa2

pick something up?
No. 417607 ID: 04b86a

That's a good observation. So... the greens are too high and the reds are too low, then? I suggest picking up the small dot in that case.
No. 417611 ID: 886a4d

From the green indicators the thrid and fifth rows are green so apparently we need to make row 1 equal to 1, row 2 equal to 2 and row 4 equal to 4.

Speculation: We need to have every single dot and number placed.

First row column 3 take the 3, Place it in the row 4 column 1. Take the 2 from R 4 C 3 and place it at R4 C6. Take the 4 from R4 C4 and replace the 1 in R2 C1. Move the 1 up to R4 C3 and finally exchange the 2 from R2 C3 with the 4 in R2 C5.

I think I just confused myself... someone should check this over hah.

((slight error... now fixed))
No. 417628 ID: c811c4
File 133844354954.png - (24.42KB , 700x852 , s4(2)-2.png )

Alison moves forward and picks up the 3. The number on the right changes to a 1, and the colors change to green.
No. 417629 ID: 04b86a

Can we throw stage items? That would speed things up whenever we need to move several times to just place something. I recommend trying to throw the 3 to R4C1 once we get to R2C3, and then revising things further if that works.
No. 417631 ID: 886a4d

Good idea, that will speed things up a bit.
No. 417632 ID: 04b86a

In line with my throwing suggestion:

1) Move to R2C3 and throw the 3 to R4C1
2) Move to R2C1 and pick up the 1
3) Move to R4C4 and swap the 1 with the 4
4) Move to R5C4 and throw the 4 to R4C6
5) If no chest appears, leave

If throwing isn't allowed:
1) Move to R2C3 and find out we can't throw them
2) Move to R4C1 and drop the 3
3) Move to R2C1 and pick up the 1
4) Move to R4C4 and swap the 4 with the 1
5) Move to R4C6 and drop the 4
6) If no chest appears, leave
No. 417641 ID: 886a4d


Looks good to me
No. 417649 ID: c811c4
File 133844612142.png - (24.46KB , 700x852 , s4(2)-3.png )

>Move to R2C3 and throw the 3 to R4C1
No. 417650 ID: c811c4
File 133844613074.png - (24.30KB , 700x852 , s4(2)-5.png )

>Move to R2C1 and pick up the 1
No. 417651 ID: c811c4
File 133844613706.png - (24.36KB , 700x852 , s4(2)-10.png )

>Move to R4C4 and swap the 1 with the 4
No. 417654 ID: c811c4
File 133844620415.png - (24.42KB , 700x852 , s4(2)-11.png )

>Move to R5C4 and throw the 4 to R4C6
No chest appears, but the light trails go on, so Alison jumps onward.
No. 417655 ID: c811c4
File 133844623001.png - (10.29KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-12.png )

The engineer is already there, and a pedestal with nothing on it. The engineer says he took the key just in case, noting that this went unusually quickly. He was going to leap back to the safe zone, but he just arrived last turn.
No. 417657 ID: 0b7fa2

dafuq just happened...what was the pattern of that puzzle?
No. 417658 ID: 886a4d

Let's head to the safe zone. We can head to the fight zone next. Have Engineer stay in the safe zone with the key to tell the others where we are as they head back.
No. 417662 ID: c6ec33

It looks like there are a number of light trails that lead up here, and the fact that 'neer got the key suggests you're the first 2 here.

Can you see how many trails lead to this point? And do you get a feeling whether or not you could go back down one?

Talk to 'neer about the risk of leaving now and potentially leaving an ally behind.

Do we know who went into the same zone with us? Didn't ISO follow us?
No. 417675 ID: 001168

.. oh damn. everyone gets their own instance for puzzle-land. Iso got split up from you.
No. 417682 ID: f2cd76

well, we have engineers and myserious devices... you do the math.
No. 417697 ID: c811c4
File 133848020106.png - (12.96KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-13.png )

The puzzle mechanics can be found at

Alison and Engineer headed down a thin light trail, and Engineer figures the distinctly thicker trail is the one that heads back to the portal area. He says there was only his light trail and Alison's, then a third one appeared, so it seems likely that they appear as people finish the puzzle.

Alison knows that besides herself and Engineer, Iso, Friendgy, Frills, Mathematician, Dress and the Small Lizard came to the puzzle area.

The Engineer doesn't want to stay here with the key. This spot isn't a safe zone and he could get attacked, as unlikely as it is to get attacked by someone that could kill him. He can either give the key to Alison, or wait in the safe area while Alison goes wherever.
No. 417699 ID: 132b99

hmm.. yeah i suppose.
No. 417705 ID: 886a4d

Have Engineer wait in the safe zone for the others. We'll go on to the fight area since thats where our stats shine right now.
No. 417724 ID: c811c4
File 133848980071.png - (15.75KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-14.png )

Engineer waits for everyone at the safe zone while Alison heads to the fight key.
No. 417726 ID: c811c4
File 133848982545.png - (16.68KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-15.png )

It is already underway. Duelist has the key, with Healer, Twirl and Big in their group. Duelist says there were a couple fights, but nothing compared to if everyone was working alone. It's all going swimmingly.
No. 417727 ID: 886a4d

Well with two keys in our posession we can risk one. Ask everyone to proceed back to the safe zone. Have someone insert the key while several are touching him and another couple touching the key as well. Let see if we can't get multiple people out.

Perhaps Clarice with the key and the rest of the gang holding on to her / the key. Hold back Duelist and Healer in case we need to fight.
No. 417728 ID: bdb3f8

Was there a designated exit path from the key, like there was from the puzzle zone? It would probably be better for them to exit that direction and get the completion prize, if there is one.
No. 417733 ID: c811c4
File 133849246799.png - (9.78KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-15(2).png )

>Was there a designated exit path from the key?
The Duelist answers no, once the key was gained, he had to turn around to go back to the same tiles where people came in from. It would be possible for a newcomer to wait by and intercept whoever gained the key, but it's unlikely to happen.
No. 417734 ID: c811c4
File 133849252065.png - (7.19KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-18.png )

Alison gathers everyone who is around to test out a key at the safe zone. Currently, Iso, Alison, Clarence, Duelist, Healer, Big Lizard, Twirl, Mathematician and Friendgy are back. A couple others from the puzzle section come by and ran off to the scavenger key section.

Alison can now decide who will test a key on a portal, and who will attempt to go in at the same time, or perhaps rather, who won't go in and stay behind.
No. 417737 ID: 886a4d

Alison, Duelist and the level 10 absorbs should stay behind... everyone else can go.
No. 417738 ID: bdb3f8

It may be worth sending some fight people through the puzzle section first. It wasn't that tough, and without lots of killing, the fight path won't have netted much CU. We can even explain the mechanics to them and let them decide if they are up to it.

Trying really hard not to just say do all the paths for CU prizes to make up for loss in zone completion prizes, but I can't see why it wouldn't work.
No. 417742 ID: 886a4d


Good idea, we can explore Freeroam while the others do the puzzle zone. Engineer can hold onto both keys while we wait.

Oh hey ask if they got a CU prize for reaching the fight key pedastal. If they did we can head to the pedastal for some additional CU.
No. 417759 ID: c811c4
File 133850998423.png - (12.40KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-16.png )

>Was there a fight chest?
Duelist says no. Alison also realizes that on leaving the puzzle section without an item in tow, she gained a 120 CU bonus. Engineer didn't get one, as he had an item when he jumped for the key.

Alison explains to others how to do the puzzle and gain CU in the process. Engineer and Iso explain what they remember of their instance, and it is all identical. Most of everyone agrees, and heads through to try it out.
No. 417760 ID: c811c4
File 133850999388.png - (10.30KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-17.png )

Alison goes to the freeroam section. While she leaps, her surroundings inexplicably change into a room. There are no platforms, and turns feel as though they change based more on how much actual time has passed rather than when people jump.
No. 417761 ID: 886a4d

Check out the chests / drawers. Look under the rug, if theres anything on the walls check beneath them. Then use your incredible snake length to open the vent above you. Go through that instead of the door. If you still have the flashlight use that, if need be take a candle to see by instead.
No. 417765 ID: 132b99

uhh, yeah pretty much. but if the vent can't open or is too small. then try the door.
No. 417766 ID: e3f578

There is something oddly familiar about this room. I can't pin my name on it. Doesn't have to be from this quest, in fact, I think it has nothing to do with this quest, it's just so familiar.

Maybe it's the perspective.
Try and grab a candle or whipping your tail at the chain part and get a portable candelabra.
No. 417768 ID: c811c4
File 133851207298.png - (10.70KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-20.png )

Alison rechecks her inventory of novelty items, and has a bucket, screwdriver, flashlight and one photo album.

There is a floor hatch underneath the rug. The chest from across the door has a few things, namely a crowbar, wrench, a pipe and one broken half of a key. The chest by the table appears sealed and Alison can't open it on her own. The walls are bare aside from the door. The door is locked, but there is a panel that Alison sees that reveals a keyhole.

Alison goes up to the chandelier, and the top part of each candle handle comes off easily and can be carried, so she moves over to the vent. It is bolted shut, but not extensively so.
No. 417770 ID: 04b86a

Pry open the chest with the crowbar. If that doesn't work, try breaking it open with the pipe.
No. 417771 ID: 132b99

use crowbar on chest. put it a ton of hair in the crack and pull every other strand up and the others down. just force it open.
No. 417772 ID: b9e291

Oh no the freeroam zone I get it!

Escape the facility. T_T
No. 417773 ID: 886a4d

Use your hair as a wrench, at level 13 it should more then be up to the task.
No. 417774 ID: 132b99

there is a real wrench right there.
No. 417775 ID: fdad59

Or she can use the wrench she found in the chest across from the door on the vent, just to be boring.
No. 417776 ID: 886a4d

I think she should use her hair as she is out of inventory space at the moment. She would have to carry everything on her though with her hair it shouldn't be too dificult.

Though I suppose replacing the bucket with the crowbar would work. She has a screwdriver and a flashlight... she just needs something to pry things open. Everything else can probably be replaced by her hair.

Oh well store the smaller items in the bucket then put the crowbar into inventory space. Eventually we can give all these tools to Engineer for his toolbox.
No. 417789 ID: e3aff6

Take the key half.
No. 417793 ID: c811c4
File 133851797720.png - (11.71KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-22.png )

>Use Hair
>Use Wrench

She grabs the wrench with her hair and uses the wrench that way to undo the grate. With that done, she puts the wrench, flashlight and screwdriver in the bucket for normal holding, while putting a crowbar and half of the key in her inventory space. Along with the candle for reasons of not knowing where else to put it if not back on the chandelier.

At least after using the crowbar and her hair to open the chest. It isn't until she tries that she realizes how strong she is - her hair or crowbar each alone are enough to open it. In fact, she wonders if her earlier assessment that she wouldn't be able to open it normally was accurate.

There is the other half of a key, a superglue gun, and a keycard labeled S. 7.
No. 417794 ID: 132b99

superglue key together and use on door.
No. 417796 ID: 886a4d

Open the trap door as well, then head through the vent. Might as well use ALL the exits.
No. 417808 ID: c811c4
File 133852180893.png - (193.86KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-23.png )

Alison first opens the floor hatch to look at what's inside.

There is a person that she is certain wasn't one of the contenders. It speaks after a brief moment.

>"Hello. This is an escape route from the stage, and you're free to jump down here if you would like."
No. 417810 ID: 132b99

i don't trust it. use vent or door.
No. 417811 ID: b85f8c

Say nah, we're good. Close up the trap door and superglue the key together.
No. 417813 ID: 886a4d

Vents next. Lets save the obvious for last.
No. 417814 ID: 886a4d

Pity we don't have scan... otherwise I'd say attack him!
No. 417815 ID: 04b86a

Escape from the stage? Not just the area.

Politely decline.
No. 417820 ID: c811c4
File 133852351290.png - (13.02KB , 1000x700 , s4(2)-24.png )

Alison goes ahead and shuts the hatch door again with a polite declining.

Given she has already worked on removing the vents, she climbs up into them before working on the key.

There isn't much in here. It is a vent with no surprises, and with the flashlight, she can see for about 50 feet as best as she can tell before the light dims. With her body, she'll be able to slither forward easily enough if she decides not to go back and glue the key together.
No. 417823 ID: b85f8c

Well we can go almost as fast like this as we could in a hallway, so sure.
No. 417825 ID: 886a4d

Lets explore.
No. 417835 ID: b9e291

Oh my god you can fit in the vent perfect this is the best body ever
No. 417851 ID: c811c4
File 133852990753.png - (10.65KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-25.png )

Heading into the vent for several meters doesn't yield much, until Alison hear's a snap, and her angle of orientation quickly begins running into the negatives.
No. 417852 ID: c811c4
File 133852992185.png - (6.24KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-26.png )

She topples harmlessly out into the hall, where she can see the door behind her, and an opening into a larger room further ahead where she hears voices.
No. 417853 ID: 886a4d

No. 417854 ID: b85f8c

Sneakily sneak over there.
No. 417862 ID: b9e291


Damn Alison, you sure have a large weight.
No. 417868 ID: 886a4d

Well she is over three meters long. Thats about 10 feet long. I have no idea how much she weighs but she is probably quite heavy. My guess would be 500-800 pounds.
No. 417873 ID: d79664

No. 417930 ID: 5c94e7

Look up alison, see if the vent continues or if that was a scripted event.
maybe your length can get into the rest of the vents.
No. 417932 ID: 04b86a

Tsk tsk tsk. They just don't make ceiling ducts like they used to.

I don't really think we should eavesdrop, but do listen to figure out who's in there before entering.
No. 417947 ID: bdb3f8

man, if you can still sneak up on them after knocking the big metal echo chamber onto the floor, it is because they don't have ears. The voices you hear are probably saying "What the fuck was that? Is the building falling down?"
No. 417949 ID: 7a2594

Alison should go back to the room and try to open it from the outside. that escape route should definitely be easyer to access. If she goes back, leave the hatch and the door open (if its even unlocked)
No. 417953 ID: 71d68e

Take a closer look at that 'escape route'. Note what one can't see. Note where you can see the same color in this stage so far.

Hint: what one can't see is the floor and what's the same color is the misty void outside the stage.
No. 417954 ID: c811c4
File 133856696247.png - (5.56KB , 900x600 , s4(2)-27.png )

Ignoring what may or may not be an unflattering weight scenario, she gets herself up.
Looking up, she can see that if she wanted to, she could enter the vent again, although it appears to continue forward at the top of the hall anyway.
Looking back, the door does have a latch on the outside, so she wouldn't need to climb back up through the vent to get into the room.

She scoots forward to try and focus on the voices without getting too much closer, but someone is already coming. Before she could get more than a few feet in any direction, Scanner arrives, with the Guardsman in his usual position, asking what Alison is doing over here.
No. 417959 ID: 886a4d

Tell them our group has retrieved two of the four keys and we were curious of what Freeroam meant. Ask what they've been up to and if they have found the this areas key yet.

I also realize Gaurdsman is small enough to go into the vents... and light enough not to bring them down.

If they've explored everywhere else perhaps Alison can give a boost up.
No. 417967 ID: 886a4d

I wonder could the broken key actually be the stage key? .... glue it together.
No. 417988 ID: c811c4
File 133857932145.png - (11.70KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-31.png )

Alison gives the guardsman a boost into the upper vent to look around while she goes back into her room.

The scanner says that the key has already been taken by the Recluse, who must have headed back shortly after Alison may have arrived. A few people are still hanging out in the key room, and Scanner stayed back out of interest. It's not as though she's never failed a stage before anyway. She's happy to know that Alison has a key, at the least.

During this, Alison glues the key together. It does appear to fit into the lock, so the vent must have just been an alternate way out.
No. 417989 ID: c811c4
File 133857935165.png - (5.41KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-32.png )

>Take a closer look at the escape route
..it's different. The Scanner says that's just a third way, and it leads to a hidden floor panel in the same hallway as the door and the vent.
No. 417990 ID: 132b99

"not entirely, there was someone obscured by green smoke here before. they claimed it was an escape way"
No. 417993 ID: 886a4d

I wonder... lock the door and then look at the 'escape route' a third time. Also ask Scanner if Recluse got a CU reward for finding the key location.
No. 417995 ID: 04b86a

"The last time I looked there was no ladder, green smoke, and a head sticking out of the smoke that said it was an escape route from the stage."
No. 417996 ID: c811c4
File 133858154361.png - (12.23KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-33.png )

On telling her about the green mist and person below, the Scanner says not just did she not see it, but no one else saw anything like that either. Scanner says she didn't get any CU reward or chest or anything during this.

Alison shuts the door again, but there is no change when she goes back to open the floor hatch. The Scanner would like to know if there is anything else that seemed out of place, or if Alison would mind if she could take a look around.
No. 417997 ID: e3d099

Yeah, because secret escape routes are still there after you pass them up. It's too bad he didn't stick around though; haven't seen him before. Would've been good to scan him.
No. 417998 ID: 886a4d

.... break the key. The only other thing I can think of is that it only shows itself to a single person at a time. If breakign the key doesn't work exit the room and have Scanner look down the trapdoor after locking it behind you.
No. 418000 ID: e3d099


As for out of place, the candles have color which is odd. Alison would love it if she took a look around, but don't get sidetracked too long.
No. 418002 ID: 886a4d


I wonder, we're we holding the candle when we looked down there or was it in our inventory space. Take the candle out and shine it down the hole.
No. 418004 ID: bdb3f8

there was a keycard? still don't really know what that was for. It says S7.
No. 418006 ID: c811c4
File 133858242431.png - (17.82KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-34.png )

Alison could try breaking the key just before leaving this area, but trying to get that escape route to show up again seems like a long shot. She wasn't holding the candle when she looked down initially, either.

She tells scanner that she's free to look around, and mentions the candles appear to have color. Scanner says that that is an oddity, but it was like that in all of the other rooms as well. Then Alison mentions the keycard in the chest, and Scanner looks at it. She says that this is new, and asks Alison if it was here already.

Before an answer can be given, the shopkeep pops in, floating nearby. He would also like to know where that came from.
No. 418007 ID: 132b99

it was in the chest. the system put it there. no take backsies, shopkeep.
No. 418008 ID: 886a4d

Try to resurrect Shopkeep right now. Then if he is the same one answer his question that we don't know but we'd like to keep it if possible.

Afterwords we should ask if he would mind if Scanner can scan him. If he does mind don't.
No. 418009 ID: 61e7f9

"Finders keepers, losers weepers."

"It was in the chest. It's ours now. Why do you want to know?"
No. 418015 ID: c811c4
File 133858415679.png - (21.71KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-35.png )

Alison mentions that the system already put it in the chest, and she found it, but she also asks him if he would mind if he was scanned. He says to go for it, and the Scanner is able to.

>Why does he want to know?
As usual, he doesn't care about it so much, but he's under higher up orders again. He mentions that she can keep it for now, until those higher ups make a decision. He adds that although he'd like to stay cordial, he'll take the card from her if he's ordered to. If it comes to that.
No. 418021 ID: 886a4d

... holy crap

I do notice however he no longer has merchant or persistance. So the only way to get those would be to White Glove him during a rest area. Thank him for allowing us to know his stats and ask him about the Fortified stats and Split Damage. The rest are pretty obvious. Also ask about the Stage Skip person we saw... perhaps thats related to the keycard.

In any case take the keycard and give Scanner the candle. Then we should see if Gaurdsman found anything.

Afterwords I suggest we exit Free Roam... check on everyone in the safe zone then afterwords head to the Scavenger Zone if the key hasn't been found yet.
No. 418023 ID: 04b86a

Wow. If he's ever ordered to fight us, our first course of action should be to convince him to go rogue.

Ask him about the obvious deathtrap that had originally been beneath the trapdoor.
No. 418049 ID: b85f8c

Ask him what the Fortified X stuff does. And Overcharge Heal? Whoa wait, DOUBLE ATTACK!?

Ask him what would happen if you actually resurrected him. We were given the option earlier.
No. 418076 ID: fdad59

Actually, see what your resurrection ability says when you try to resurrect Shopkeep right now. It might be that the System uses resurrection on him when he's needed in a stage. Possibly a modified resurrection that alters stats and implants orders.
No. 418077 ID: c811c4
File 133859355073.png - (13.57KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-36.png )

>See what your resurrection ability says when you try to resurrect Shopkeep right now
She has tried, hence why she knows that she needs 27,500 CU to resurrect him. The shopkeep doesn't know what would happen if she were able to do so.

Scanner asks about the fortifications. The shopkeep says that they're tier 2 things, and can be thought of as multipliers. Rank 2 fortify health would give her two additional large boxes, each with 20 additional HP inside. Likewise, each rank in fortify weapon deals an additional 20 HP.

Splitting damage lets him split his damage against multiple people, each rank letting him split it among one more person. It stacks with knockback.

Alison then mentions the person she saw under the floorhatch before it returned to a normal state.

The shopkeeper says that isn't supposed to happen either. Not by a longshot. He's going to have to go now, and tells Alison not to worry about it, and that it's probably best to keep on ignoring that one. He reminds her that he doesn't know anything about it, just following more orders.
No. 418078 ID: 886a4d

If we're still being prompted with resurrection failure due to high amount of CU I don't think this is our ShopKeep... at all. Ask him how he is dealing with being only one ShopKeep among billions? He was really upset last time we talked and we're still worried about it.
No. 418080 ID: 04b86a

The Shopkeep already said he has different stats in stages.

So then, first we get a keycard and then are presented with an obvious deathtrap, and then it turns out that at least some of the people in charge of the system didn't know how the keycard got there. That suggests that our behavior is drawing attention from the higher ups, but they're are having trouble agreeing whether it's good or bad, and some are taking matters into their own hands by throwing little things at us.

Does the keycard have any writing or images on it?
No. 418081 ID: 886a4d

If he was alive it would be telling us we can't resurrect him for that reason like it did during the rest area when we tried then.... instead its saying he is dead but its too expensive which means this Shop Keep isn't the one we befriended!
No. 418100 ID: c811c4
File 133859738052.png - (7.46KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-37.png )

>Ask him how he is dealing with being only one ShopKeep among billions? He was really upset last time
He remembers his existential crisis, but also remembers coming to terms with it. Or at least getting his composure at the least.

With that, he says he must be off, and dissipates.

The keycard doesn't have anything special written on it other than 'S. 7'.

Scanner says she's looked around enough, and is good to leave now. Alison can either leave as well, or spend some time to attempt to find the escape route again.
No. 418105 ID: 04b86a

The "escape" route was clearly meant for us, so if it's going to appear again it'll be when no one's watching. I say we stop worrying about it and move on.

S. 7... Stage 7? Which stage are we on now again? Let's see... Catatonic, Scanner, Chief... This is stage 4, so we'll be able to use it three stages from now. Store it and don't mention it again. In fact, don't mention any possibly beneficial items that come up but probably shouldn't be there that we find in the future.
No. 418108 ID: 886a4d

Alright ya lets head back to the safe area after checking with Gaurdsman. Maybe he found something in the vents.

If the Scavenger team still hasn't returned we can go there next otherwise its time to test out the keys.

I wonder if stage 7 is where the average CU is 5k... and that 'escape' was meant to put us with people in a similiar CU bracket.
No. 418109 ID: 082302

Agreed, let's keep keep this and anything else suspicious on the down low. Play em off as nothing.
No. 418113 ID: 04b86a

What makes you think "escape" meant we'd be moved on to a future stage? That was obviously one of those challenges Shopkeep mentioned, which means it was trying to kill us.
No. 418116 ID: 886a4d

I don't see how it must be a death trap. It could simply be a way to bypass the stage key exit so more then four can pass. Or it could be a exit to another group of contestents entirely, leaving our allies behind (our biggest asset)... or it leads to Stage 7; because of the S7 on the keycard. There is no way to tell unless we actually take the 'stage escape.'
No. 418120 ID: 71d68e

I just found the lack of a visible floor entirely too suspicious, what with the mist being the same color as the mist outside the stage. In other words, no floor = death trap.
No. 418123 ID: 71d68e

Oh, huh, wait, I was a few updates behind. Yeah, that 'stage exit' just got even weirder if it's not even supposed to be in the system. Someone trying to hack in from outside?
No. 418141 ID: e3d099

OK this is important. Your gift of speech and/or comprehension is being monitored, but other forms of communication are not. Here's proof. The card evoked no reaction to taking it, nor to putting it in your inventory, or to showing it to Scanner physically. Only when you actually told her what you found did Shopkeep pop in. This indicates that whoever administrates this thing can only detect what you actually say, not what you see.

Teach everyone sign language. Bring your first right finger to your mouth and your other hand held in a blade in front of it, then sweep both hands outward to either side. That means "be quiet". Curl your right palm and stick your thumb up. Tap your lip with it. That means "secret". Put your left arm braced across your chest and pretend to stab yourself with the right hand, blocking it with the left arm. That means "danger". With both first fingers on each hand, point up, then point forward. That means "go". Both palms up off to your left side, wiggle the fingers, that means "wait".

You can teach Scanner the word "secret" right now by indicating the card then making the sign for "secret". It's probably safe to say out loud using your ability what each sign means, but I can't guarantee that.

Any other silent communication you might need to convey?
No. 418142 ID: 132b99

No. 418147 ID: 886a4d

Best save that for the next rest area.
No. 418216 ID: b85f8c

>mist outside the stage

...we're dealing with an Outsider. A hacker? Something is changing things in ways that those in charge did not intend. If we see that person again, we should be very careful. At the same time, they might have... interesting information.
No. 418217 ID: b85f8c

WAIT A SECOND IT SPOKE NOTHING ACTUALLY SPEAKS IN THIS PLACE! Everyone else just 'says' things, without quotes. Ever.

I am now extremely unnerved.
No. 418219 ID: 132b99

No. 418224 ID: c811c4
File 133862359831.png - (13.04KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-38.png )

>Your gift of speech and/or comprehension is being monitored, but other forms of communication are not.
Alison will remember this, and taps her lip to the Scanner as Alison puts the card away in a novelty slot. Scanner looks around, but gathers what Alison is attempting to say. She makes a motion as to zip her lips, and they head out.

>The Outsider's manner of speaking
Now that Alison thinks about it, his form of communication was jarring, for the lack of a better word.
No. 418225 ID: c811c4
File 133862361479.png - (229.05KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-45.png )

The Guardsman didn't find anything interesting, other than that the vent simply ended abruptly without going anywhere.

When Alison gets back to the main lobby of the stage, most people have gathered. The Bandit was able to find the scavenger key already, and the Recluse is there waiting with the freeroam key.

Alison is also still carrying her bucket around. She'll need to lose some items while people attempt to overload the stage exit. She has the keycard, bucket, wrench, flashlight, screwdriver, crowbar and photo album with 4 slots available. She can have others carry extra baggage, but she'll have to decide what she wants for herself.
No. 418226 ID: 132b99

keep the keycard, SOMETHING wanted you to have it.
No. 418227 ID: b85f8c

Note: Reading/writing is probably monitored too. Speaking like the Outsider might not be, but are you capable of doing so?

Keep the bucket, keycard, flashlight, and perhaps the photo album. I think we can use hairpower for a universal tool.

The next weapon or armor we get should create light on its own, for utility purposes. Armor if we can turn it off. Also perhaps our next weapon should be utilitarian as well. A source of fire or electricity, perhaps? Preferably without needing ammo or fuel.
No. 418228 ID: 09e5bf

Keep the keycard, flashlight, photo album, and bucket
No. 418238 ID: e3d099

Well, you have all four keys then. Anyone new coming along? I have an idea for speaking like the Outsider, but it'll have to wait until you reach the end of this stage.
No. 418248 ID: 61e7f9

keeep the keycard
No. 418249 ID: b0d466

Keycard, Bucket, Wrench, Photo Album; give the rest to any ally with open spaces
No. 418252 ID: 886a4d

See if Engineer can keep the tools in his toolbox... otherwise simply give them to people who have empty misc space.

I think we should keep the crowbar, the photobook, the keycard and the bucket.. Our hair is wonderfully diverse.

Now it is key testing time. Take the Freeroam key and have Gambler place it in while at least 3 people are holding on to him and another two are touching the key while he places and turns it. At this moment it doesn't matter who does so though we should hold the absorb 10s back in case we have to go by plan resurect.
No. 418266 ID: c811c4
File 133866403955.png - (61.33KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-46.png )

Alison will keep the bucket, flashlight, keycard and album.

She'll give the other things to Iso for now.

>Anyone new coming along?
It doesn't appear that way, but Alison isn't in a hurry.

>Have Gambler place a key in
Alison, Duelist, Recluse and Bandit currently have the keys, and Alison has to think twice about if having the gambler be the main subject for testing the portal is appropriate.
No. 418275 ID: 886a4d

Alright, Bandit test then.
No. 418283 ID: c811c4
File 133867080043.png - (97.20KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-47.png )

The Bandit puts in the key while others hold on to him and the key, but the portal turns on without teleporting the bandit right off the bat. The others hang onto the Bandit as he enters, but they get left behind as the Bandit is teleported out alone.

The Shield attempts to go through after the Bandit, but it doesn't work.
No. 418284 ID: 132b99

we still have 2 tries before drastic measures will need to be taken. the portal is still there? try turning the key off and then back on. next is timing and everyone touches the portal together.
No. 418286 ID: 886a4d

Its time to kill. We should take this to the Fight Zone. 5 people dying a turn will allow us to make use of all our level 10 absorbers. To remove temption to attack Alison Engineer should wait in the safe zone with all the remaining keys.

Allison should be the one absorbing anyone outside her group so she gets their ghost. This includes Catblob and Gambler. With luck we will get all 40 out.

Once it is down to the five absorbers and Engineer the remaining keys will be divied up to Alison, Twirl, and Recluse. Those left will return to Fight zone and kill the other three then exit the stage.
No. 418289 ID: 04b86a

Okay, so we have what, at least 28 people in the group? Bandit's already gone on and Alison has to go on, so that leaves at least 26 people to sort through for the resurrection queue.

1) Everyone with Rank 10 Absorption should be alive before the stage starts, to maximize absorption gains.
2) We have four people with extra lives and two gates left for them. (We should have thought of that before sending Bandit through) I'm partial to Healer and Succubus myself due to their skills, but if the other two have objections we're willing to listen.
3) Anyone that doesn't mind missing out on the safe zone should speak up now. We'll hold onto their CU and resurrect them in the stage.
4) Anyone with Rank 10 Absorption that doesn't mind missing most of the Safe Zone should ask Alison to put them at the end of that queue, so that other people can enjoy more of it.

I think that covers all of the important priorities. After that we should at least try to let everyone else come to a consensus on a basic resurrection queue, bearing in mind that our in-stage resurrection order will depend a bit on what's most beneficial to us at the time.

Also, anyone who hasn't already gone through the puzzle should go get the CU bonus.
No. 418294 ID: e3aff6

It probably won't work, but we might as well try someone putting the key in, standing there, and having someone else trying to enter.
No. 418301 ID: e3d099

Yeah uh

Just use the same key 28 times.
No. 418305 ID: b85f8c

The key looks like it's still in the portal.

Reuse the key?
No. 418311 ID: c811c4
File 133868295854.png - (174.20KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-48.png )

The key is taken out and the portal fizzles out, and it doesn't turn back on when the key is reinserted. It doesn't matter who uses it, and if they put it in their inventory before using it, no one seems to be able to get it to work. She'll have to decide who goes through. Given that she's in no hurry, saving extra lives by having Healer, Succubus, or possibly Gambler or the Big Lizard go through has merit. Either way, she'll be sure to absorb as many as she personally can to make sure that she has a ghost imprint of all, Catblob and Gambit included.

She will also make sure a trusted individual such as the Engineer remains in the safe zone with the keys, at least until the last moment to make sure the keys are safe.

As people realize what it's coming down to, Alison asks if anyone would mind skipping out on the safezone, or at least much of it. The Gambler, Succubus and Engineer says they would like to spend as much time as possible, the Succubus adding that she doesn't want to intrude and not to worry about it if it isn't convenient in her case. No one else speaks up, either not caring or not wanting to overstep any boundaries.
No. 418315 ID: 886a4d

Well for those who don't get to use their extra lives we can at least increase their CU for them. Speaking of which, shouldn`t Allison have an extra life?

Anyway I say Healer and Succubus are the ones who can use the key to preserve their extra lives while using the extra lives of the others to boost CU so this stage isn't a complete loss. Have them wait to enter until we are done with absorbing everyone else however.
No. 418318 ID: 04b86a

Okay, so we have Healer go in now and Succubus after we're done absorbing. Just to confirm, everyone got the CU bonus, correct? Not just the people that were in the safe area when we brought it up?

For the next safe zone, I'm recommending this for the Resurrection order:
5)Big Lizard
9)Horned Flopear

I think that avoids showing too much favoritism. If we can't overfill the next exits, we'll have to give the people who didn't get a chance this time higher priority. Hopefully next stage will have some chests to give someone a shot at Resurrection and us another chance at Ghost.
No. 418319 ID: 886a4d

... ability absorb...
No. 418367 ID: e3d099


I can't help but notice Alison is not on that list.
No. 418368 ID: 132b99

how would she res herself?
No. 418395 ID: c811c4
File 133874366748.png - (229.98KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-49.png )

Healer and Succubus will be the ones to go through. There are enough people with good faith in her that with their assistance, it isn't difficult to convince even the more outlying group members of the logic involved. The healer goes ahead and goes through.
No. 418396 ID: c811c4
File 133874368268.png - (152.03KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-50.png )

The absorptions are made, and no hitches occur. In the end, she's able to absorb everyone but a couple stragglers that apparently weren't seen again.

Alison gains 50604 CU when everyone gives her the remaining CU, plus another 2520 for puzzle CU prizes given directly to her.
No. 418397 ID: c811c4
File 133874369578.png - (95.23KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-51.png )

In the end, she has 54100 CU by the time everyone is gone and the Succubus heads through.

She turns her portal on, and almost heads through herself before hearing that same voice again from the outsider.

>"Hey. Wait a minute."

She doesn't see anyone else around.
No. 418399 ID: 886a4d

Use the same language and greet him, ask his name and what he wants.
No. 418400 ID: 42491f

Oh dear. Wait long enough to hear what it has to say, but be ready to jump through the portal if anything funny happens.
No. 418401 ID: 132b99

keep your hand near the portal so you can poke it with just a twitch. then wait for the thing.
No. 418404 ID: bdb3f8

One minute. Minimize your own communication in case >>418141 is right. Listen to what it has to say, but be ready to bolt if you need to.
No. 418406 ID: 431fa8

If you say anything, the world... or whoever it is that gives Shopkeep orders... will probably hear you. Any statements need to be ambiguous or otherwise something that you might conceivably say to yourself for that reason.
No. 418408 ID: b85f8c

Say okay.
No. 418409 ID: c811c4
File 133874578661.png - (126.39KB , 900x400 , s4(2)-52.png )

The Outsider approaches, and the stage dissolves around him. She gestures to him to keep talking as best as she can, as trying to speak like him is beyond her.

>"Don't worry. I'll stay back if the mist unnerves you. Was I mistaken, thinking that you may want to escape?"
No. 418411 ID: 132b99

try holding your mouth open and letting this come out
"can't leave friends"
No. 418412 ID: b85f8c

Shake your head no.
No. 418413 ID: 431fa8

"I want so badly to keep everyone alive. If I stop trying for that, how could I forgive myself?"

Hopefully this will sound enough like something that you might say to yourself in an introspective moment alone that it won't set off any alarms.
No. 418414 ID: b85f8c

But if we leave, we take all our friends with us. We absorbed them, remember? Even those that are alive now we are still 'carrying' via Absorb.
No. 418415 ID: 886a4d

Ask him if she went with him would she still be able to resurrect her friends. And what about everyone else who goes through this hell? Those uncountable billions who make up the stars in the sky... No his escape isn't worth it just yet. It's the escape of one against many. It's too selfish.

Alison wants to save everyone, not just herself.
No. 418416 ID: 42491f


However, we have no guarantee that this ability would still function if we escaped the system - if this even is a real "escape" and not some sort of trap.
No. 418419 ID: c811c4
File 133874774015.png - (248.63KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-53.png )

Alison mutters quickly, as though to herself, that she has friends and won't stop trying to save them. She almost mentions the resurrection, but that may be pushing a trigger from the shopkeep.

>"That's why you've gotten our attention, you have lots of individuals. Even better if you wish to bring more out of here. But leave your friends out of the equation for a minute, and pretend for a moment that you were completely alone as you are now. If this were the case, would you be interested in escaping, or would you continue playing as the system intended?"
No. 418421 ID: b85f8c

If we were alone we'd have no attachment to the system.

I think we can phrase that as thinking to ourselves 'but if we found a way out, we'd take it.'
No. 418422 ID: b85f8c

Oh, can we try to ask if the system is listening in? Like gesture to your ear and point... up, or something.
No. 418423 ID: f7ae22

Tell him that your friends are never out of the equation, so what you would do without them doesn't matter.
No. 418430 ID: c811c4
File 133874948387.png - (98.90KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-54.png )

Alison is finding a difficult time asking the questions she would like to under these circumstances, and he isn't asking simple yes or no's. She points to her ear and points up.

>"Forget the system, they won't send anyone that can hurt us in these circumstances. Just talk."
No. 418432 ID: 508026


Explain that you have no idea what the end-goal of this existence is, and that your primary motivation to keep going is that you have met a number of amazing people that you want to survive. And you can potentially meet more, and save more as you keep going.

If it were you alone, then, you'd have to ask - what's the difference between an existence living in the system and outside it? She's can't very well answer the "do you want to escape?" question without knowing what she's escaping FROM and what she's escaping TO.

So, what does the Outsider know about the purpose of all this competition? Why are you continually forced to fight each other? And what does it mean to "escape" the system, in the way that he/she talks about? And, most importantly, do your current strengths or abilities have any effect once you've escaped? If you leave now, you are carrying many, many of your best friends with you with the ability to resurrect them at will. Will that connection be severed if you leave? Or will you still be able to save them?
No. 418433 ID: b85f8c

Ah alright.

Well first off answer his question- if we were a loner and had no friends somehow, then yes we'd want to escape. We don't owe the system anything and don't even know what we'd get if we won this 'game', so why stay? Second, ask who the heck this guy IS. And... what he is.

Third, ask what it means by 'escape'. If we leave, would we still be able to do the whole shared dream thing with people who are still in the game? Like say if we resurrected someone who has absorbed someone we also absorbed, would we be able to use that person who exists in two dreams as a line of communication with... wherever we escape to?
No. 418434 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah also ask what the deal is with the keycard.
No. 418436 ID: e3aff6

First we should ask whether we have any way of knowing that he isn't a part of the system designed as a trap for people who try to escape or subvert it.
No. 418437 ID: 04b86a

Alright, that's good to know. In that case, we'd need to know what we'd be escaping to. And the fact that being the linchpin for the survival of a large group is why we were selected for the offer isn't easing our suspicions that this is a trap set up by the system.
No. 418438 ID: 431fa8

That seems rash, but fine.

"I'm never alone. There are so many people... so many stars in the sky. How many of them won't make it, even as absorbed ghosts?

"The system will probably kill me eventually, but what's outside it? For all I know it's even more lethal out there. What is this all for? What comes after?"
No. 418444 ID: c569f6

If this thing really is somehow outside the system, ask it what the system is. What's it for? What, exactly, are all the people inside it?
No. 418446 ID: bdb3f8

You could have just said "I hate this system" and "there has to be another way" Still could I suppose.
No. 418447 ID: 35037c

"wut" is the only appropriate response.
No. 418451 ID: c811c4
File 133875300249.png - (182.44KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-55.png )

Alison tells him that her friends are always part of the equation, so it doesn't matter what she would do if alone. There are too many ifs and buts of if she can still resurrect, what the difference is between living outside and inside the system is, things like that. If it were all satisfactory, then she doesn't owe the system anything. She does hate it, in fact. She wants to know what the point of all of this is, all the killing and fighting repeatedly. What exactly the people are inside, what the system is for, and everything. He stops her before she can get too far.

>"I can't answer much. This is where I admit that I don't know a lot more than you, but the system is not invincible. They work the same at us, only at a higher level. We want to get to that level and fight back. We're trying to recruit people, and I think you hating the system is enough. We don't know what will happen if we beat the system, but we don't know what happens if we win either. I apologize for our meeting before, as I intended to get straight to the point, but must have sounded overly cryptic for you to outright shut the door on me."

She then mentions that she has no way to tell if he's just part of the system as a trap. He responds by saying he's in the wrong bracket. That gets the shopkeep's attention, who promptly asks how the Outsider got to this bracket. And for that matter, why he is dissolving the stage.

>"Does the shopkeep look like he's on my side?"
No. 418456 ID: 132b99

he wishes he was but is compelled to do whatever the guys in charge say.
No. 418458 ID: e3aff6

>"Does the shopkeep look like he's on my side?"
Fair enough. I suppose conspiracy theories won't get us anywhere without solid evidence for them.
No. 418459 ID: 886a4d

He is one of those we want to help escape the system. So to answer your question... the Shop Keep can be on our side. He just has to decide on whether he wants to be his own person or forever going from stage to stage... task to task.

Furthermore he is our friend. He has to listen to the higher ups but that doesn't mean he can't decide to help us as much as possible. After all he already allowed us to absorb him so he can continue on if we do escape.
No. 418465 ID: fdad59

Ask Outsider if he knows how far you, or he, can push things before the System, or its architects, directly intervene. You don't want to cause so much trouble that you get targeted and removed, or erased, from the world.

Say that a few of your friends have already passed through the gate, and that you don't want to leave them behind. Will the Outsider appear later, or has he drawn enough attention that he can't appear to you again?
No. 418482 ID: c811c4
File 133875746224.png - (157.21KB , 900x600 , s4(2)-56.png )

The Shopkeep could be on Alison's side, she notes. That he merely takes orders from up above.

>"He certainly follows orders too admirably."

When asked if he knows how far he can push things before the systemdirectly intervenes. The Outsider says that that has already happened.

Shopkeep confirms this. He, in fact, has already attempted to kill the Outsider before, although his current actions are new. The Outsider is definitely not a part of the system, and if Alison joins, there won't be any turning back. It would be the same as if she abused the workarounds with her resurrection.

>"You have to choose now. Before long the system will, in fact, intervene with things I can't stop. Join me and my crew, and you'll be given the power to fight the system, which you may then return to your normal safe zone and fight with your friends. If you don't, then I'll have to return with bad news, and we will be at ends when our paths converge. If you make it that far. And if you play along with the system, you won't be able to win. I don't intend this as a threat, but I know that it can come off as one. Regardless, take the portal for the familiar unknown, or take my hand for a new unknown that isn't underneath the thumb of whoever leads this."

The Shopkeep doesn't intervene, and just watches what Alison will do.
No. 418490 ID: a00410

Rabbit Hole. The system has never be your friend. You can keep moving forward but entropy will get you eventually. This is your last chance. Leave. Fight for the Users. We love you. Leave the stage and fight the system.
No. 418495 ID: 04b86a

This is a tough one. If we were alone I'd accept it in a heartbeat. But we have friends that we'll be endangering through this, and I'm not entirely certain that he is our only chance at going against the system.

Of particular note is that keycard, which I sincerely doubt was placed by him. That suggests there's another entity out there that wants to help us, one that's possibly even a rogue part of the system. But then again, if the system decides it wants it before Stage 7, we'll have no choice but to hand it over or die, assuming they don't/can't just zap it out of our inventory.

Yeah, join him. If he took on the Shopkeep and lived, then they're obviously capable of helping us offset the increased danger. Everyone else will understand why we did it.
No. 418497 ID: 886a4d

Hug Shopkeep before you go, and tell him he will always sbe your friend.
No. 418500 ID: 082302

If we do take the red pill, let's resurrect some one real quick for both their opinion and to carry the message of what happened to those who already went through. We should vote on who we leave behind.

We're gambling with our friends here. It could be a betrayal to risk them unwillingly, but it could also be a betrayal to deny them the chance of escaping.

Alright. Heaven or hell, I'm voting for the rabbit hole.
No. 418501 ID: 6a4b78

Stay the course, you have too many people depending on you to leave them like this.
No. 418503 ID: 4bdd79

Let's go with the Outsider.

>going down the rabbit hole
how the fuck...
No. 418507 ID: c811c4
File 133876241021.png - (11.27KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-57.png )

Alison hugs the shopkeep, saying he'll always be a friend. The Shopkeep, in return, gives an uncomfortable laugh. It's like she's saying goodbye, and if she returns to the safe zone, or any safe zone for that matter, then he'll be around.

She can resurrect someone before she goes to pass on a message, although if the Outsider's word is true, she'll be able to deliver the message herself. And if she does resurrect, she'll need to decide on who. Catatonic and Chief are the more significant ones that she both has absorbed and are currently dead, unless she goes with near-strangers.
No. 418509 ID: 6a4b78

Resurrect Chief.
No. 418511 ID: 431fa8

I'd trust Catatonic with this job more, I think. Chief... well, he's too emotionally loaded to be a good choice.
No. 418515 ID: 082302

Did we absorb gambler? we may want to send him, as our deal involved going to the next stage. Ask him what he would do, while your at it.
No. 418517 ID: fdad59

Resurrect Catatonic, tell him you're sorry to have to bring him back when he didn't want it, and give him the message to pass on, along with enough of the extra CU to bring him up to par, if he wants to continue on. He can share it with the others if he doesn't. Oh, and tell him to tell Healer you're sorry for taking Duelist away with you.

Then it's time to take Outsider's hand, and fight the System.
No. 418520 ID: 309301

well, it's a "good bye" in some kind of way...
When it's clear for the system that Alison doesn't only have more power than allowed, a forbidden key-card and a great fellowship but also is part of the resistance I would be surprised when Shopkeeper won't get instructions to kill us...
By the way... We might be the first one that have an absorb for him... When the resistance is able to defeat him and we will be able to resurrect him before the system does (what will probably happen), wouldn't he be free?
No. 418530 ID: 886a4d

It is more an assurance that if he does attack us after this then we will still be his friend.
No. 418533 ID: e3aff6

Whoever have as a messenger, we should tell them to keep the CU until the end of the stage so we can resurrect people if we get back by then.
No. 418536 ID: c811c4
File 133877038623.png - (9.91KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-58.png )

>Resurrect Catatonic
Alison explains everything to him to pass on, while apologizing about resurrecting him if he didn't want to. He says it's okay, and will pass it on. He does ask why Alison trusted him, after all, everyone else besides healer, succubus and bandit was around.

Oh yeah. Nearly everyone is dead. Alison had a braindead moment. It isn't a big deal however, and Catatonic does receive 1,500 CU to catch up to most others, as he doesn't wish his chance at life, however free it might come now, to go to waste. Alison does give him all of her unspent CU as well for safekeeping. Outsider says that's fine.

Another hug is given, before Catatonic take's Alison's place, and Alison goes to the Outsider.
No. 418537 ID: c811c4
File 133877039990.png - (150.53KB , 700x537 , s4(2)-59.png )

She begins moving. It feels less controlled than a light trail to a safe zone, and the Outsider's touch feels uncomfortable. Not painful, or damaging, simply off. He assures her that it's a feeling she'll get used to.
No. 418539 ID: c811c4
File 133877043715.png - (184.34KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-60.png )

Her landing spot is a balcony of the keep. It appears to be the stage 3 safe zone, if it had a different layout.

>"You may look around later, but for now, our boss is waiting. If you wish, though, you may resurrect and leave any of your friends you would like, here. Time doesn't move here, so there is no limit."

Although she can't see anyone, she does hear activity from many people off in the distance.
No. 418547 ID: e3aff6

If time does not move here than at some point we can sleep to explain things to the others and ask who wants to stay here rather than continuing in the levels.
No. 418549 ID: 886a4d

Resurrect Engineer, Math, Recluse, Duelist and Iso. They are those who shaped you the most and they deserve the greatest say in your new path.
No. 418550 ID: 431fa8

Let's talk to the boss before resurrecting anyone. If things go well, we can resurrect others here, perhaps; if things go poorly, then we don't want resurrected friends that we need to worry about leaving behind.
No. 418551 ID: 309301

A place beyond system-rules?
Maybe no resurrection-costs?
No. 418565 ID: b85f8c


>Alison does give him all of her unspent CU as well for safekeeping. Outsider says that's fine.

If we gave all our unspent CU to Catatonic, we can't resurrect ANYONE, as we have 0 CU. Why would we do that!?
No. 418573 ID: c811c4
File 133877630217.png - (12.94KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-61.png )

Alison will be sure to take a rest here, since it sounds as though that won't be an issue.

When she gets downstairs, she does hear commotion.
No. 418574 ID: c811c4
File 133877632549.png - (18.64KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-62.png )

She's relatively certain that is a bigger body than what is allowed, but it isn't coming as much of a surprise to her now.

>"Ah, the Snake Queen made it after all. I'll get straight to the point. Stage 5's safe zone has entryway into tier 2 upgrades, namely, fortifications. I will give you enough CU to reach the current hard limit of 100,000 CU for you and 3 of your closest allies, along with whatever CU you require to resurrect everyone you care to. You'll require those to withstand the system's interventions. Otherwise, continue what you are doing. Absorbing as many as you possibly can. That is all that I ask of you for the time being. Questions?"
No. 418580 ID: 886a4d

Ask about the keycard, has anyone here gained persistance and what would happen if she resurrected ShopKeep here.

Also ask what cracks in the system has been observed.
No. 418582 ID: b85f8c

Where does he get all that CU? Also I gotta ask at this point, what does C.U. even stand for?

Did we show him the S7 card yet? Might want to do that now.

Hrm. If he has that much CU, and this area has no time limit, what's preventing us from resurrecting absolutely everyone? They don't even have to continue playing. They can just stay here.

Hell, ask him what's keeping everyone here from just staying and living out their lives in this place, as there's no time limit.
No. 418585 ID: 886a4d

He probably farms stages for CU... tricking the system into thinking he hasn't completed one and doing it over and over again.
No. 418587 ID: 04b86a

Huh. He knows our old nickname. That's inter-

>a couple stragglers that apparently weren't seen again.

Ooohhhh. Now that is interesting. I wonder if he knows anything about us other than rumors.

Well, the most important question I can think of is if he knows anything about our keycard, or has a way to duplicate it.
No. 418591 ID: fdad59

Ask what his, or her, or its, name is, and share your name. Also ask how he/she/it got such a body.

Ask how they got outside the System in the first place, and what kind of things to look for to find weak spots.

Hold up the keycard and ask if one of them planted it in the chest in the freeroam area of your stage 4 tier. Ask what they think it's for.

Also ask for a clarification on how time moves here. Is it just that there's no area timer, and time continues in the rest of the world, or does time outside this place not keep moving?
No. 418594 ID: 431fa8


Who is he, and what is the System? What's it for? If all he can do is give Alison CU, then why do this at all and make the system intervene instead of only sending a message? She was already extremely well-off in CU terms.

This seems almost like a scheme to put her in additional danger so that she won't have any choice but to side with them completely and obey in exchange for the CU advantage. And this guy is all business... Ugh.
No. 418599 ID: 886a4d

A few more questions to ask, how will she return here, how high do the stages go. Has anyone else befriended a system entity like Shop Keep and has anyone looked into the neumino Likol.

If he gives us 300k for upgrades, 50k for resurections and we have 55k already we can safely upgrade our own group though not to the same extent as the top three.

For our personal guard I have to say Duelist, Recluse and Scanner. We can ask everyone else whether they would want to stay here safe or continue on battling with us...

I bet Iso will want to stay b/c he has long said he doesn't want to compete and he'd probably be happier here. As long as we can visit him regularily of course... It will also give us a constant eye here we can trust absolutely so he can discover whether these people are on the up and up.
No. 418600 ID: e3aff6

Do these guys have people with resurrect? If they do, it might be worth considering 'checkpointing' here by bringing back Recluse (who has absorbed us) to transfer our absorb via duel without using up our extra life.
No. 418625 ID: c811c4
File 133878395599.png - (8.52KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-63.png )

Alison shares her name, asking if he has one himself.
>"They call me, for better or worse, the Corruptor. Mostly named by my enemies, I should add!"

>What does CU stand for?
>What is the system for?
He laments that he does not know the answer to these.

>How did they get out of the system in the first place?
>"Luck, plain and simpe. I am not that special, I simply have had luck topple in my lap. If I may flatter, then you would fare no worse than I if that luck had gone to you."

>What other cracks in the system have been observed?
>"Where aren't there cracks, I've come to ask myself. Bugs and glitches sure, but I see entire failings everywhere. If the higher ups are as organized as the system they run, then my mission will be all too easy.

>Things to look for to exploit the system
>"Hard to say, there are an immense amounts of cracks, but there is nothing particular other than vague concepts as 'anything out of the ordinary.'

>Does anyone here have resurrect
>"An exceedingly rare talent, but yes, you are not the only one."

>Do they have persistence, and what happens if the shopkeep is resurrected.
>"No, as we don't seem to get imprints of the shopkeep from fighting him in stage, and no one has gotten to try absorbing him in the safe zone to see if there is any difference. It is just as well, this is a camoflauged region, and getting a member of the system here could be disasterous."
Alison will keep her mouth shut about her imprint of the shopkeep unless she can think of a reason to.
No. 418627 ID: c811c4
File 133878434885.png - (14.91KB , 700x700 , s4(2)-64.png )

>What's preventing us from resurrecting absolutely everyone"
>"Nothing at all. Room is finite here, however, so I do ask you keep things within reason, perhaps a couple dozen or so, and they can help construct more buildings for more individuals."

>What's keeping everyone here from just staying and living out their lives in this place?
>"Drive to be, and do, something more. Otherwise, if the stages are hell, then this is purgatory."

>How will she return?
>"I will give you a specific item, as I believe you may merit this finite resource. Simply bring it out of regular inventory space, and you and anyone touching you will be brought here. Keep in mind that this is made for only safe zones. Using it in non-safe zones is possible, but it triggers all sorts of unwanted system flags."

>If all he can do is give CU, then why make the system intervene when she was doing well on CU?
>"This is a guess, but they have a finite number of resources to fight us with. The more people they have to fight, the more thin they are spread. From what I can see, they attempt to fight everyone at once."

>Show the keycard
>"Interesting, yes. I have found an S 6 card, or rather one of my allied members have. I would ask of you to leave it here, for safekeeping. You may have your own quarters, of course. I can't replicate the instance rooms of prior safe zones, but I still give everyone their own physical room, as space allows. And with timeless space, we have plenty of time to build. Speaking of which, around here, you would be known as the Snake Queen. Is this a problem? It is unusual to name oneself with, quote, orthodox names."
No. 418629 ID: 6e44d2

Guess we shoulda' done that infinite CU trick. Ah well.

We need Engineer and the Mathematician resurrected. Their skills will be very valuable here.

As for our imprint of the shopkeeper... How do we get persistence from that?
No. 418630 ID: 6e44d2

Oh, also, who else thinks that the "cracks" in the system were intentional, and the people who built this program intended for the players to exploit them?
No. 418634 ID: 886a4d

Say that the Snake Queen is fine as her moniker. Code names are needed I guess. As for the key card you'll leave it here with one of the ones you leave behind here, preferably Iso. Its a gamble but a system enforcer built specifically to destroy them could appear at any time and losing it might be disasterious.

If we have no more questions we should get the CU, go to our room and sleep to and consult with our dead. We need to explain to our group what is happening and ask who is willing to stay and who is willing to go on.

To get persistance all we need to do is get ability absorbance and ask to duel him again in a safe zone.
No. 418635 ID: 04b86a

If having an imprint of Shopkeep could cause problems, we should let him know about ours now. It's a shame we don't have ability absorb, but Resurrection generally has greater benefits so I don't regret not taking it.

I'm fine with being called the Snake Queen. Ask him if it would be acceptable to use the item in a stage should we encounter a place to use a keycard. Anything the system doesn't want used most likely leads to something very useful.
No. 418636 ID: 886a4d

I say keep our Shop Keep secret for now, we don't know enough about this group to fully trust them.
No. 418637 ID: 09e5bf

>Code names are needed I guess

Alison is more of a secret name than Snake Queen. Only her close friends know her as Alison. Pretty much everyone knows her as Snake Queen.
No. 418659 ID: c811c4
File 133879165690.png - (45.51KB , 700x700 , sSPC-6.png )

Alison says that Snake Queen is alright.

>Is using the teleport item alright in a stage, if a place to use the keycard is encountered?"
>"Yes, the risk is more to yourself than anyone, so just consider that a warning."

Alison almost forgot to ask about the neumono photographer as well, but the Corruptor hasn't taken much of an interest in those things, not until they provide evidence they could help.

After excusing herself, Alison is led to her quarters inside of the keep by the Outsider before he bids goodbye. It's a very nice room, but she isn't in the mood to appreciate the gesture. She is told she has been granted full access to anywhere except other private chambers, should that not go without saying. She is given 440,000 CU as though it were nothing.

Now would be a good time to go to sleep to talk it over with her allies.
No. 418660 ID: c811c4
File 133879166582.png - (157.82KB , 700x700 , sSPC-7.png )

It doesn't take long for her to fall asleep, although this time she doesn't start off next to anyone. She may speak with anyone aside from the Bandit, Healer, Succubus and Catatonic.

She starts with the Engineer and Mathematician, whom she knows may enjoy this supposed lifestyle.

They both admit their apprehensive about this rather sudden turn of events, especially the Engineer. Nevertheless, it does have its appeal, and they would enjoy that they believe.
No. 418661 ID: 132b99

...is that city closer?
No. 418664 ID: e3d099

Speak with the shopkeep.
No. 418667 ID: b85f8c

If he is actually here that would be quite interesting.

Hrm. I think Chief would be VERY interested in this group. Let's talk to him next.
No. 418669 ID: 886a4d

Agree that everything might not be on the up and up however this is their best chance to work a awy to save them all instead of trusting the system and vagaries of fate to let them be. Part of the reason she wants people who she trusts here is to listen and learn just what these people do. With Math and Engineer's intelligence they should be able to figure things out.

She is willing to go along with the Corruptor for now at least.

I agree we should talk to our Shop Keep here if possible. Ask him if he's still recieving System Information despite being dead and how he feels about Alison joining the rebellion.

... then approach Iso, Duelist, Recluse, Scanner and ask their opinions and for the last three if they are willing to be targets of the system and support us in our rebellion by accepting the 100k CU. I think Iso will be better off staying here as well but its really up to him.

Afterwords go to each of your allies and ask whether they want to stay or continue to fight on despite the risk.
No. 418674 ID: c811c4
File 133879476656.png - (10.15KB , 700x700 , sSPC-8.png )

It's agreed that Alison isn't fully trusting of the corruptor's plans, but it isn't hard to convince the Mathematician and Engineer to go.

Alison goes to the shopkeep, next, walking alongside until she gets to the Chief. The city does appear closer after all.

Shopkeep says he's definitely not supposed to be here. He didn't think about it at the time, but he broke a huge rule about not engaging in duels before. He merely didn't care, given Alison put him in an existential bind. The Chief notes how the system can't care that much if they allowed such a measure to be taken in the first place. The shopkeep also explains that he isn't getting any communication from any higher ups anymore, he's completely disconnected.

The Chief doesn't have much to say about the new group. He did say to break the rules if she got a chance, and it's getting handed to her on a silver platter. He adds that he would be very appreciative if she resurrected him, as he would like to learn more firsthand.
No. 418675 ID: 132b99

yeah we can res chief, but he's staying here, don't really trust him with an assload of power.
No. 418676 ID: 886a4d

Agree to resurrect Chief. Let's continue to walk with Shop Keep as we talk to the others we put him in this position and its the least we can do is be by him while he deals with it. Ask him if he would consider choosing a name for himself besides Shop Keep...
No. 418677 ID: 09e5bf

Definitely bring chief back, this is a great spot for him, and he might be able to get influence and CU of his own. I trust him, but unless Duelist, Scanner and Recluse wouldn't want to be in on our 4 man max level group, he doesn't need to be. Later mention our separated shopkeep to Corruptor.
No. 418678 ID: 886a4d

I still don't trust the Corrupter yet with a rebellious Shop Keep... maybe once we've learned more about him and his operation
No. 418679 ID: b85f8c

Tell Chief that it's very hard to trust him since he kindof tried his hardest to kill us when he was alive, not to mention broke deals and backstabbed his allies. With his wishy-washy opinion on the Outsider's group, I'm not even sure we can trust him to work with them in anything but a selfish manner. Tell him that we will still come to him for advice but resurrection is just not on the table.

Ask Shopkeeper what's the last thing he can remember happening. Also note that it looks like this proves they are all individuals, but share information, and possibly personalities. Ask him if he is truly loyal to the system, or just seems compelled to follow orders. Does he think he would remain disconnected if we resurrected him? Regardless, we won't resurrect him in the location where we are- it's too big a risk. Maybe in a stage?
No. 418684 ID: c811c4
File 133879908828.png - (17.91KB , 700x700 , sSPC-9.png )

Alison explains that she doesn't entirely trust the chief, but she will resurrect him. He thanks her. The Shopkeep also mentions that he is fine being known as the shopkeep, at least for now, he doesn't care to lose that. He adds that he would rather his existence not be known to the corruptor.

Heading to the next group, she gathers Iso, Duelist, Recluse and Scanner. Explaining the deal, she asks of everyone but Iso if they would like to go alongside her. Duelist says he doesn't think he is speaking for himself when he says that that isn't even a question worth asking, the answer is a definite yes. The other two nod their affirmation.

Iso says that he'll be okay in the permanent safe zone, but he did enjoy the time in stages with her more than time in safe zones alone.
No. 418685 ID: e3d099

Ask the shopkeep what it is you found in the last stage, in which he almost had to intervene. If he really is the same shopkeep everywhere, he'll know about the keycard. If not then he's just been made to think he's the same shopkeep everywhere, and his existential crisis is justified.
No. 418687 ID: b85f8c

Iso being in the field makes me nervous, but... I guess the worst thing that can happen (as far as we know) is for him to die without being absorbed by one of our allies, costing us CU.

Also ask him if he's got a nickname. In the place we've found, everyone uses nicknames.
No. 418689 ID: dcd48d

Aw... why can't we take Iso? We could always get another person with reserect to absorb us real quick so that we don't have to worry about us dieing and losing him. After that he should be safe to bring with us and he is by far the most loyal friend we have.
No. 418692 ID: 09e5bf

I think it would be fair to take Iso along, and work on building him up.
No. 418693 ID: b85f8c

Oh, and one thing that hasn't been made clear yet- the dream here, is it a safe zone?
No. 418694 ID: 04b86a

I think we should at least give Iso the choice to keep going through the stages, although it should be noted that we spend hardly any time together in the actual stages. What kind of moniker is he going to be given, anyway? The Snake Queen's Consort? Maybe he can get away with Iso, since he probably hasn't attracted enough attention to earn a nickname yet.

Yeah, it's a safe zone. See >>/questarch/1004060
No. 418716 ID: 886a4d

If he wants to come with us we'll take him. Lets go ask everyone else what they want to do... I imagine Friendgy will be joining Engineer at the very least and since Chief is being resurrected Big Lizard might stay as well...

If he does stay one of you should take that first strike he has, in fact everyone staying should give up the battle items they have stored.
No. 418717 ID: 09e5bf

Can dream shopkeep sell things?
No. 418718 ID: 886a4d

Well Scan wasn't able to be used so I imagine not... still its a good thing to ask.
No. 418724 ID: 35037c

Awwwww we should take iso along!
No. 418732 ID: 886a4d

It was really up to him and he said he'd rather be in danger then alone so he is coming.
No. 418734 ID: b0d466

Iso should be allowed to come with us on stages. If he does, I propose that the allies we get up to the hard limit of 100,000 C.U. be Iso, Duelist, and Recluse. We should also ask the people who AREN'T our allies but have been absorbed or retro-absorbed if they would like to stay in this safe zone and help build--allow up to 24 to rez for that purpose at the moment due to space restraints, and extend this offer to the people we absorbed last stage first--since we promised to rez them anyway, it only seems fair to offer WHERE they wish to be resurrected.
No. 418747 ID: 886a4d

I prefer Scanner honestly.. just so we aren't the only female in the upper tier hah! Plus honestly Iso isn't so much as a warrior as Scanner is and we need that if we're going against the system. As long as we can resurrect Iso him dying isn't such a big deal.
No. 418757 ID: 6fe4ee

What about duelist? I vote for him, bandit and Iso.
No. 418759 ID: c811c4
File 133884118987.png - (7.48KB , 700x700 , sSPC-10.png )

>Can the shopkeep sell things?
He says he can't. If he can, it would only be from being resurrected.

>Iso's nickname
He says he hasn't heard anything other than Iso.

Iso will still be ahead CU wise even without more CU assistance, but she doesn't have to decide on the three she will max immediately. She'll decide before she leaves this area.
No. 418760 ID: c811c4
File 133884120334.png - (17.02KB , 700x700 , sSPC-11.png )

When she comes back, she begins resurrecting her main party. The first thing that's noticed is how there's no cooldown. She's able to resurrect a dozen people immediately, and the battle items are left out for Alison. Chief and some of his old cohorts catch up with one another, a conversation that doesn't last terribly long.

There's an awkward silence that settles between Chief, Alison and some of the old members of Chief, before Chief breaks it saying that Alison legitimately, if luckily, beat Chief. They may as well continue going with Alison, not as though there may be much to do around here that has to do with loyalty.

Chief asks if there's much Alison would like him to do while here in particular, as a token of his thanks.
No. 418762 ID: 886a4d

The only thing I can think of is he should keep an eye on Corruptor, we're going in blind here. And though we know he is using us to attract the system enforcers we don't know anything beyond that about him.
No. 418763 ID: b85f8c

Well, right now we're lacking in information on the Corruptor's group. We'll probably try to talk to people ourselves and look around a bit, but the more eyes we have out there the better.

Also uh, we should ask how the Corruptor learned how to talk the way he does.
No. 418765 ID: b85f8c

Oh, and as for the other three members of our max team, I'd like to point out that everyone will be buying everything. The only difference between all four of us will be Boons and unique abilities.

Duelist is an obvious choice, as he has some Protect boons. Who else has boons though? Who else would have an extra edge? Find out.
No. 418767 ID: b0d466

Ask him to hold on to the keycard for you.
No. 418771 ID: 886a4d

Math / Engineer is a better choice for that.
No. 418777 ID: 886a4d

Scanner has Scan and all those boons. Duelist has protect. The only other 'unique' ability is Bandit and he might not think to well of getting 100k CU to spend. Recluse however will support this methinks. We can decide on plans to upgrade when we actually see the list available.

Oh and ask Chief about if he is willing to give unspent CU... every little bit helps.
No. 418798 ID: c811c4
File 133885388096.png - (12.63KB , 700x700 , sSPC-12.png )

The Chief gives Alison his remaining unspent CU, while she requests that he simply find out information. She leaves the keycard with Engineer, not fully trusting of Chief just yet.

For people with bonuses, Duelist and Scanner have the most, with protection and scanning boons.

She heads down to corruptor to speak with him again.

>"One of my newest allies. Come closer, tell me what you need."

She explains the costs of resurrections, a figure he immediately compensates her for. Afterward, she makes sure to ask how him how he speaks like he does.

>"My namesake, a series of events that led to where I am. With help from my glitcher, I can imbue you to be a corruptive entity on the system. The one you called the Outsider was imbued, and you saw how he dissolved the stage. It is as dangerous as it is useful. You will be a red beacon to the system as you destroy it, yet with it you can even destroy the safety mechanism in safe zones, or system-sanctioned individuals such as shopkeeps or barkeeps. Not a choice to be taken lightly, which is why I have not mentioned it so soon."
No. 418799 ID: 132b99

well we are still trying to sneak. so no.
No. 418805 ID: 082302

Save that shit for when we're in open war with the system.
No. 418810 ID: 886a4d

We'll avoid that for now. Ask if there is a library or someone who has been collecting books around. Thank him for the information. ... I think we should have one of the people staying look for any mention of of the Neumino Likol. Afterwords ask everyone whether they have anyone they want to be resurrected outside our normal group since its so easy here.

Once everyone has made their decision whether to stay or come with us I think its time to head to the stage 5 rest area.
No. 418819 ID: c811c4
File 133886115227.png - (14.47KB , 700x700 , sSPC-13.png )

Alison declines, a choice nodded to by the Corruptor. Asking of a library, the Corruptor says that there is one. It's not so much a library as it is a pile of collected books, but she and her friends are welcome to it, but must leave the books in the safe zone.

She heads upstairs, and there isn't anyone that is particularly interested in going back to the safe zone. At least not yet.

Once she gets her CU back from catatonic, she'll have just shy of 500,000 CU. Supposedly it took more than 400k to get 4 people to a hundred K cap for reasons she hasn't been told, but even still, she will be able to bring an extra person at least near the cap.

Or she can just split everything evenly and have 5 people including herself near but not at the cap. Either way, now will be as good of a time as any to decide who will go back to the safe zone. Chief also mentions that, if possible, he would like Alison to bring the succubus back here.
No. 418820 ID: 886a4d

He's probably angry at her. Still if the both want to talk... I say we leave it up to Succubus whether she and the Chief converse. Say that to him.

As for what line up we should take with us... as long as they are willing to continue fighting we'll take them. But they should be aware that fighting for continued life is no longer necessary. This is a permanent safe place for them.
No. 418824 ID: 57f548

Can people get hurt here?
No. 418842 ID: 886a4d

Since we're being urged to pick a smaller group I suggest this:

The 100k's :Alison, Duelist, Scanner, Recluse. These people battle whatever the System throws at them.

The fighers: Iso, Bandit, Clarence, Succubus, Shield, Sword, Twirl, Gaurdsman, Big Lizard, Healer. They support Alison hunting for absorbees and bugs / cracks and ways out from within the stages. They should avoid all conflict with the system however.

The research team: Should stay and help build, and gather information. Something Strongarm and Spear have proved good at. The more cerebral people should browse the library looking for anything like the System being mentioned. They should pay in paticular attention to AI, simulated enviroments and any mention of Likol.
No. 418849 ID: c811c4
File 133887298139.png - (9.83KB , 700x700 , sSPC-14.png )

>Can people be hurt here?
An indian rug burn test is brought to the point of discomfort, but no actual damage can be incurred, nor any unbearable amounts of pain.
No. 418850 ID: c811c4
File 133887299402.png - (349.59KB , 900x542 , sSPC-15.png )

Healer would like to come see Duelist, and Iso will come as well. Duelist, Recluse and Scanner will join in for max levels, while Guardsman wishes to come as well. Clarence says that oddly enough, she doesn't mind the stages when there isn't much risk for permanent death. Frills, Catblob, Strongarm and Twirl also would like to come along, if either for the same reason as clarence, or not feeling comfortable in a place like this.

Others would like to stay here, and Alison won't ask otherwise of them.
No. 418851 ID: c811c4
File 133887300202.png - (24.75KB , 700x700 , sSPC-16.png )

With that, she uses the corruptor's item to bring herself and everyone back to the safe zone, where the other four await. They ask how Alison was able to bring in so many people at once. Apparently, absolutely no time has passed in their eyes.
No. 418857 ID: bdb3f8

"By breaking the rules. I think I probably have more enemies now. Enemies that can probably monitor what I say about them. But they probably can't kill me for the moment. On the plus side, a lot of the others are probably safe-ish for now. Probably."
No. 418862 ID: b0d466

Use the key to teleport them to the perma-safe zone and explain the situation there
No. 418868 ID: c6ec33

Apologize, and promise them that you'll explain things after you do some shopping. Hug everyone.

Don't want to alert the system before you get what you came for. :V

Afterwards, head over to the shops and see what's on sale.
No. 418878 ID: 886a4d

Yup this...
No. 418880 ID: c811c4
File 133888753628.png - (14.52KB , 700x700 , ssf5-2.png )

She says she'll explain shortly, but more on that later. Hugs are given, and she heads to the shopkeep inside a nearby hut, who promptly raises his hands defensively. He says he can't sell anything to Alison, and anyone who buys anything for Alison will be blacklisted as well.

Which may be okay, because the tier 2 items are normal upgrades.

Alison currently has 495,204 CU to spend, and it doesn't appear that she'll be able to purchase any boons, if they're available, or other shopkeep items.
No. 418882 ID: 09e5bf

If we want to hit the 100,000 CU limit exactly, these configuration of tier 2 abilities will do it:

Fortification (any) 15
Fortification (any) 13
Fortification (any) 9
First Strike 5
Scatter Damage 5

For a balanced approach, if you got all Fortifications at 14, and no first strike or Scatter Damage you'd be just short of the limit

For a focused approach, if you get one fortification 20, and two fortification 10s, with no F.S. or S.D., you'd be at the limit exactly.

For a top quality tank, get fort 20 health, and fort 15 armor. That also hits the limit exactly.

For a top level striker, Fort 20 Weapon, Fort 8 Body, and Fort 7 Armor, with first strike 4, and Scatter Damage 5.

Since after buying into tier two, tier one abilities don't count, even if we buy new ones, this can be done whenever.
No. 418888 ID: 886a4d

I wonder why Corrupter didn't give enough CU to max tier 1 as well as tier 2.

Smile at the Shop Keep and nod your acceptance. Exchange pleasantries and begin CU purchase.

No more boons :( oh well for those who don't get blacklisted they should browse the wares and report back what is available, they won't be asked to buy things for us but we will give recommendations.

The four high tier should immediately get 20 armor/weapon/body, and level 10 absorb, level 5 first strike, level 5 scatter and level 10 enforcement for everything. That will leave ~20k left over for additional skill lines and specilization.

Then they should max out their available skill lines, which probably won't add more then 5k total which should be saved for any further skill lines aqquired later. If possible Scanner, Duelist and Recluse should buy Healer and Scan + boons. That will be another 3k for them at least.

For the non high tier everyone should get level 15 body / armor / weapons, and level 10 absorb. They will have to wait for tier 2 though probably not for long. They should also get their current skill lines as high as possible with the budget of 4600 CU - whatever already spent. If there is any left over they should buy boons and skill line access to whatever they want.

After shopping / spending CU is done we should take the others to a private room, then from there to our room in Sanctuary to tell them what we have learned and our decision to Rebel. Once those four have made their decisions whether to stay with Allison or help the research / investigation team is up to them.
No. 418891 ID: 09e5bf

>The four high tier should immediately get 20 armor/weapon/body, and level 10 absorb, level 5 first strike, level 5 scatter and level 10 enforcement for everything. That will leave ~20k left over for additional skill lines and specilization.

I disagree. Taking all level 10 reinforcements, combined with full ranks in first strike and scatter make it so they can't hit the 100,000 CU limit.
No. 418894 ID: 09e5bf

To further elaborate, it means the highest they can reinforce any one thing is 16, if they leave the other two at 10, or they could have a 13 and two 12s if they went for a balanced approach.

I feel this is a suboptimal point allocation to the other builds.

Alison should go
Fortification (Weapon) 15
Fortification (Armor) 13
Fortification (Body) 9
First Strike 5
Scatter Damage 5

Duelist should go
Fortification (Body) 15
Fortification (Armor) 14
Fortification (Weapon) 13

Recluse should go
Fortification (Body) 11
Fortification (Armor) 15
Fortification (Weapon) 15
Scatter Damage 3

Scanner Should go
Fortification (Armor) 14
Fortification (Weapon) 12
Fortification (Body) 14
First Strike 3
Scatter Damage 2

They should be able to buy range and what not for themselves, since it wouldn't be for Alison.
No. 418895 ID: b85f8c

I would like to point out here that only the fortify X, first strike, and split damage upgrades count towards the 100k hard limit once you're in tier 2.

I'd also like to point out that getting Fortify Weapon or Fortify Armor rank 1 is cheaper than raising it to 20 in tier 1. Getting fortify health is not worth even considering unless you already have max tier 1 health, since buying 20 ranks in tier 1 health costs less than rank 1 fortify health.

This may be a system error- EXPLOIT IT.

Also it strikes me as somewhat frustrating that after tier 2, Healing is absolutely pointless due to the healing done being so low compared to health and weapon scores.

Who designed the tier 2 code? It's totally broken.
No. 418896 ID: 886a4d

You do realize there are probably tier 2 skill lines so optimizing with just whats shown to us isn't all that important. In fact it probably would be foolish to leave no room for expansion if that is the case, we already know of one from ShopKeep's stats, double attack.

With level 10 enforcement and level 5 first strike any two of us will be able to one-shot a shopkeeper. Scatter isn't as important I suppose as we're aiming for max absorbtions anyway, still it will be useful when we're facing groups of people as the System realizes that pitting us against other cheaters is more beneficial then facing it with its very beatable minions.

Besides I have a plan to get around Shop Keep's ban and we need to save CU for that. It all depends on our copy of Shop Keep and whether or not he remains servered from the System.
No. 418898 ID: 886a4d

Your forgetting the entry fee, which adds 10k to that price.
No. 418899 ID: 04b86a

I don't think Body/Armor/Weapon will matter as much, so let's not worry about those for the four tier two people. If nothing else, they can level those later.

For those four, I recommend the following:
Tier 1 skills:
Rank 10 Absorb
Rank 5 Range
Rank 3 Knockback and Disarm
Rank 1 Double Jump
Any boons they don't have but look useful.

Since Alison was the only one specified to have been blacklisted, the Duelist, Scanner, and Recluse should be able to buy things as needed. Alison will have to make do without Disarm. Duelist should probably buy Scan access as well, although he doesn't need to level it right now. Double Jump is a must-have. No amount of Body or Armor ranks will matter if a disappearing platform can kill you.

This looks pretty good for the Tier 2 skills, but I think everyone should get First Strike Rank 5.

Split the rest of the CU among the other 11 to spend as they see fit.
No. 418900 ID: 09e5bf

Why don't we just ask our dream shopkeep if stuff like double attack and whatnot are actually tier two skills, and who much their ranks cost? We could also ask if he wants to join up with us.
No. 418901 ID: 886a4d

Lets save on maxing out until we do confirm there is other tier two skill lines in any case... since 9 is the minimum reinforcement so get as close to 100k as possible lets at least set everyone there.

In fact while we are at the Sanctuary telling our remaining friends the deal we can ask the Corrupter for enough CU for maxing out tier 1, and if there are tier 2 skill lines.
No. 418902 ID: 09e5bf

>This looks pretty good for the Tier 2 skills, but I think everyone should get First Strike Rank 5.

Unless they also get scatter or double attack, first strike is only helpful for rank 1.
No. 418903 ID: 886a4d

I imagine a rank 2 first strink beats a rank 1 first strike in priority...
No. 418915 ID: b85f8c

If you ask me Scatter Damage is only useful when you're using Knockback.

...with Knockback and Scatter Damage and First Strike, is it even possible for people to hit you? I wonder if Scatter Damage works with Disarm.

I think it goes without saying that everyone should get Double Jump, Range 5, Knockback 1, and Absorb 10.
No. 418918 ID: b0d466

Max your tier one stats before entering tier two
No. 418940 ID: 886a4d

Alright working on a budget of 440k exactly, assuming we max out tier 1 heres what the high tier can afford:

Rank 20 Body / Weapon / Armor
Rank 10 Absorbtion
Complete Communication


Alison: Rank 5 Range, Rank 3 Knockback, Double Jump

10979 Tier One Total Spent
Of the 400k 5884 Spent

Duelist: Rank 5 Range, Double Jump, Protector 6, Disarm 3, Scan 10

13659 Tier One Total Spent
Of the 400k 11628 Spent

Scanner: Rank 5 Range, Double Jump, Disarm 3, Scan 10, Heal 5

13509 Tier One Total Spent
Of the 440k 11876 Spent

Recluse: Rank 5 Range, Double Jump, Knockback 3, Scan 10

11909 Tier One Total Spent
Of the 400k 8830 Spent

TOTAL TIER 1 SPENT (Not including boons): 38 218

Assuming boons for everyone will cost ~5k in total: 43218

This leaves 396,782 for tier 2. 10k each for tier 2 access drops it down the 356k. Assuming we max out Allison at 100k the remaining 3 can spend ~85k. If we spread it evenly its ~89k each. I am going to assume we want even spread among the high tier.

Alison (88k CU):
Fortification (Body) 9
Fortification (Armor) 13
Fortification (Weapon) 12
First Strike 5
Scatter Damage 5

Duelist (89500 CU) :
Fortification (Body) 15
Fortification (Armor) 14
Fortification (Weapon) 5
First Strike 5

Recluse (88750):
Fortification (Body) 11
Fortification (Armor) 15
Fortification (Weapon) 9
First Strink 5
Scatter Damage 3

Scanner (89500 CU):
Fortification (Body) 14
Fortification (Armor) 14
Fortification (Weapon) 7
First Strike 5


1032 CU left over.

This leaves 56K to be spread amongst the Fighers who will accompany us... though we should ask the four if they want to fight or stay first.
No. 418944 ID: c811c4
File 133892178105.png - (13.32KB , 700x700 , ssf5-3.png )

>Ask shopkeep about double attack
A quick nap after changing to her other costume answers that he doesn't know anything about tier 2, it's never counted as as-needed information before he was disconnected, and he can't find out while dead. Alison thanks him, and wakes back up to spend CU.

40,000 is spent to get Alison, Duelist, Recluse and Scanner up to Tier 2, followed by splitting 400,000 among them.

Most of this is followed, however, the Recluse decides to reduce one level of armor so that he may get a couple ranks in first strike, and the Duelist does the same, but lowers his weapon rank by 1 in order to do so.

27926 CU is spent to get various tier 1 lines maximized, including double jump and knockback for others. Only the Duelist has disarm 3 and less than maximum ranges, but the Scanner mentions that with this amount, Alison will be left with with 27,598. That's just enough to try out resurrecting the shopkeeper before she keeps on spending, if she'd like to. All followed by dropping off a couple of people off in what she'll call the corrupted sanctuary.
No. 418945 ID: 886a4d

... lets resurrect Shop Keep.
No. 418946 ID: 09e5bf

resurrect dreamkeep.
No. 418949 ID: 04b86a

Thirding resurrecting the Shopkeep, but doesn't the Shopkeep have different stats in safe zones? Because unless his safe zone stats have changed it shouldn't cost anything to resurrect him right now.
No. 418950 ID: 09e5bf

Oh, if Alison got another weapon, could that weapon be fire magic? That would give her a light source and utility that can't be mimicked with hair.
No. 418951 ID: 082302

well get his consent first before we do that.
No. 418952 ID: 886a4d

Yes definately get his consent first.
No. 418956 ID: 55c4cf

Okay, like. What is the PURPOSE of reviving the shopkeep? I have no idea what good this serves. If he has been disconnected from the system reviving him may get him red-flagged immediately and lose all his stuff. Or he'll just be an overpowered ally. If it works out it would be good, but I am concerned about the consequences of doing it.

Secondly, you should talk to Recluse a little bit. He hasn't said anything for the entire process, and we're bringing him in as an MVP. We might want to know how he is, and how well he fits in our cleavage. These are important things.
No. 418959 ID: 886a4d

there are three reasons to resurrect Shop Keep, one so we actually have someone to buy stuff from again and two to test the limits of the system by doing something that has never been done before. The third is rather simple, we prefer our friends to be alive.
No. 418966 ID: c811c4
File 133893602673.png - (19.88KB , 700x700 , ssf5-4.png )

>Talk to Recluse
Alison mentions that he's been quiet. Even for him. He says he's fine, it's just been an odd change of events. Normally Alison seemed to be on top of things and more in control, while in recent events, she's had little choice but to react to conditions that were placed to her. It also seems odd to him seeing her, in a way, being a subject of the corruptor. That isn't a criticism to her actions, he believes that she's been doing fine. That's all.

>Doesn't the shopkeep only take 0 CU to resurrect?
As a matter of fact... that should be correct. She'll resurrect shopkeep next given his consent, unless she has anything to say back to Recluse first.

>New weapon
Alison does have a new weapon available after the piano, if she wishes for a fire spell.
No. 418968 ID: 886a4d

Say it is strange that she is now acting under orders. However it makes sense to combine their efforts to break the system. That doesn't mean she will trust him completely or leave the decision making up to him entirely. She will continue to forge her own path if need be.
No. 418971 ID: 431fa8

Admit that the situation is far from comfortable- by putting her in this situation the Corruptor made her life much more difficult and potentially put her and all her friends in greater danger, and what she got in return seems dubious at best- it seems clear that he primarily meant to induct her into his war against the system as one of his minions, rather than acting in her best interests. But at this point there's nothing for it but to move forward, try to gather more information, and do the best we can.

If he has any other thoughts or advice they would be much appreciated, though.
No. 418972 ID: 04b86a

It is indeed an odd change of events, such an odd change in fact that we really have little idea of what we're dealing with and how to respond. Once we get some more information on the situation we may be able to start actively making decisions, but until then it's simply best to listen to the Corruptor's suggestions. Hopefully Chief and the others will have learned something useful by the time we've finished the next stage.
No. 418978 ID: e3f578

Ask engineer to make a speaker system
Make a night club
Get funky, get down tonight
No. 418979 ID: 55c4cf

Explain to him that things are not much different right now as they were before. Without the corrupter's interference you were headed blindly through these games as a group with no clue how many more are left or if there is even a reward. It may be a disadvantage to be following orders of a third party, but the Corrupter has not made any tedious burdens on her and has given her access to her friends, resources, and the ability to fight against the system.

I think it is fair to say Alison has more control now than she did before, and Recluse's views are still accurate from a different perspective. He has good insight and tactics, so it is good to have him watching out for us.

Tell him to keep his eyes open wide and hug him (into your tits, he is kind of staring at them and he is too polite to ask. It is basically the polite thing to do).

Also let him know he is the best.
No. 418981 ID: 6e44d2

Obviously, we're going to end up running the show ourselves soon enough. Not that we need to tell anyone that.
No. 418983 ID: e3aff6

Do you still have the telescope? I want to check whether all the stars appear to be instances of this area, or whether the safe zones of other stages are visible from here.
No. 418988 ID: c811c4
File 133894088636.png - (11.98KB , 700x700 , ssf5-5.png )

Alison admits that her situation isn't comfortable, but it mostly just seems different. She doesn't trust the Corruptor much, she knows it's dangerous, and that he may very well consider her a minion. Yet it makes sense to combine efforts, and while some of her rewards have been dubious, she hasn't been tasked with tedious burdens or the like. All she can do is to move forward, try to gather information and do her best while hoping Chief is able to find out something useful. She'll make her own path if need be. She asks if he has any other thoughts or advice.

He says it's okay if she looks down the corruptor's path, so long as she keeps her peripherals open. The important thing, he things, is that her alias 'Snake Queen' should never turn into 'Snake Girl.' Furthermore, he doesn't know of the Corruptor's motives. If he just considers people to further his own goals, then Recluse is concerned for how far the Corruptor is willing to go to bring the system down.
No. 418989 ID: c811c4
File 133894089430.png - (20.92KB , 700x700 , ssf5-6.png )

Although she isn't one to play favorites, she lets him know that he is very appreciated for everything he's done while picking him up into a hug. And that she caught him glancing at her chest. He says no, he's just short. He quickly insists he's not an ogler.

Thankfully Alison doesn't think he's annoyed at the tease, so at the very least, it's nice to get the mood's focal point away from corruptor's and dangers. Nevertheless, after a respectful period of Recluse hug time has passed, he says he'll be in his room if he's needed, and thanks Alison for something or another.
No. 418990 ID: c811c4
File 133894090395.png - (11.68KB , 700x700 , ssf5-7.png )

Alison let's him go.

>Does Alison still have the telescope?
Currently, Engineer, Alison presumes, has it. She'll be able to get it from him if desired after dropping off succubus and anyone else.

Another quick nap gets the shopkeep's consent for resurrection, and Alison does so for 0 CU. He still feels disconnected, and he must be different from the other shopkeepers now. He feels detached rather than connected even with the other shopkeeps. Yet, he has to apologize for being wishy washy about this. A few rules of the merchant ability become clear to him, and he's become a little bit scared. He knows he's not supposed to sell Alison items, even if he is disconnected.

He needs to think about this, and apologizes again. He'll come to a decision before the stage starts.
No. 418995 ID: 886a4d

He makes his own decisions, and whatever they are he has her support. If he wishes he may stay in the rest area when time is up or advance with them no matter what his decision is regarding selling items. As she told the other Shop Keep outside her dreams this doesn't change the fact that she is still his friend.

We should save 5k for boon / item and skill line buying in case he decides he will sell us items then give the rest to our Fighters spread equally amongst themselves to buy whatever they wish. That should be about 2-3k each. ((An updated stat list would be nice))

Afterwords its time to scope out the other competitors and explore the stage. We haven't really looked around. Scanner should scan of course and the otheres simply rumors and talk to people. I don't imagine too many high rollers but there will be a few.
No. 419022 ID: c811c4
File 133894557024.png - (17.23KB , 700x700 , ssf5-8.png )

Alison says it's okay, his decisions are his, and he has her support and friendsh-

There has been a lot of hugging, this one is very tight.

She keeps going, saying that he can stay in the rest area or advance. He isn't sure if he can, but he may try it. Alison still has his imprint, after all.
No. 419023 ID: c811c4
File 133894558269.png - (10.32KB , 700x700 , ssf5-9.png )

Shopkeep lets Alison go, and she can scout out the safe zone now, or carry the succubus over to the corrupted sanctuary. Catatonic also says he would like to go to the sanctuary as well.

The Bandit is silent, obviously thinking something silently. Alison looks his way, silently asking back. His values, he starts, have been compromised by the system itself. The system itself is practically asking for people to abuse it. In that sense, he would be more than willing to fight it, yet he doesn't like his opponents being so nebulous.

If she does go first, the Scanner can look around while she's gone. If not, then the corrupted sanctuary can always wait.
No. 419027 ID: 082302

Tell bandit this: "I'll need your cunning to know who is and isn't a friend. Please keep your ears sharp."
No. 419041 ID: 2eac65

When you killed the shopkeep, another one immediately reappeared, right? Is it possible to resurrect him again, since he's non-unique?
No. 419042 ID: 0b7fa2

What does this safe area look like, (I.E. it's theme).
No. 419043 ID: b0d466

Let Succubi know about chief
No. 419049 ID: e3d099

Tell Bandit the important thing is that his heart is in the right place. If he follows the system or if he does not, he can make the best choices since he knows what he wants, and he knows what is right. You're definitely not confident that this glitcher has any intention of evening the odds. It's an unknown, versus a definite known to be uneven system.


Oh shi
No. 419053 ID: c811c4
File 133895077050.png - (19.24KB , 700x700 , ssf5-10.png )

Bandit is told that Alison needs to know who is and isn't a friend, and a similar speech that she gave the shopkeep, that he's free to decide on his own. He figures he wouldn't mind sitting out a stage or two, but not to forget about him if Alison needs assistance in a stage. Till then, he'll see what he can find out in the sanctuary.

>Let Succubus know about the Chief
She worries that he may have sore feelings, but at the same time, she knows he can be more forgiving than he lets on.

>When you killed the shopkeep, another one immediately reappeared, right?
It's hard to confirm whether it was a different shopkeep or the same one that respawned after Alison killed him, but whatever the mechanic, she is unable to resurrect him again.

>What the safe area looks like
There are a couple of straw huts, very low tech overall. It isn't anything special, but nearby there is a light trail and a sign saying 'Communal Area.'
No. 419054 ID: e3f578

"Awww girl you stole me outfit! It's just less glisteny!"
No. 419063 ID: b0d466

Make a regal entrance to the communal area
No. 419066 ID: 04b86a

>different shopkeep or the same one that respawned after Alison killed him
I think every instance of the Shopkeep is considered "unique" despite being connected to other instances and is destroyed when the Safe Zone/Stage ends, and that the absorption got us an imprint of that particular instance. The connection, in turn, can only be created if they're spawned through the instancing system instead of through resurrection. If we had access to the code, we'd probably be able to confirm this by checking the different Shopkeeps' PIDs.

tl;dr, this Shopkeep, the one we absorbed, and the one that respawned after the absorption are all the same individual.

>Communal Area
That sounds interesting. We'll have to make time to go there before entering the stage. Speaking of which, how many Entrants and Exits are there this time?

I noticed that when we first met her. Since we picked the outfit before she even had a chance to see us, it's probably just coincidental.
No. 419075 ID: 886a4d

Yes lets visit the Communal Area before we take those wishing to stay in the Corrupted Sanctuary.
No. 419087 ID: c811c4
File 133895673160.png - (13.65KB , 700x700 , ssf5-11.png )

The Succubus says her clothes were always black!
Sometimes the black just doesn't appear.
Like Alison's armbands. It's a mystery.
No. 419089 ID: c811c4
File 133895681068.png - (174.54KB , 700x700 , ssf5-12.png )

The communal area appears to be just that. The entrance, via another hut, to a stage. There are only 20 entrants this time, but the number of exits are the same, 4. The plaque next to the entrance also says that people who were in the last stage together may start in the next stage together as a team, though that is optional.

One of the other entrants in a nearby group of four turns slightly and freezes. The scanner whispers to Alison that he just scanned a few of them.
No. 419091 ID: 431fa8

Give him a friendly wink and make a small gesture that he should come over. If he's being freaked out about our power level, there's no way he'll refuse. Have Scanner get his stats before he arrives.
No. 419093 ID: 886a4d

Greet them all politely. Smile at the one who knows we're a bit more then what we should be. Have your group spread out and begin to feel out the other contenders.

Mr. Scanner will probably tell his group at the very least of what he discovered. So you should deal with him personally. Talk to them, explain that you have resurrection and have been gathering people together who want to survive more then just stage to stage... who want out of the Game hence how you have more then four people with you. Unfortuantely there are limits and you can't resurrect everyone at the same time and the way the last few exits have worked have seriously limited the amount of people you can bring back to life...

Make it seem like you've been absorbing every single person for the last 4 stages and have spread the wealth as it were to your most loyal followers.
No. 419097 ID: b0d466

This approach is a bit too forward for me. Let's wait for them to ASK before we start spewing answers.

For now, polite greetings.
No. 419098 ID: 09e5bf

At one point, We should probably dream talk to some of the people who weren't our direct allies in the last stage, to see what they'd like to do. If they'd like to join us, be revived here and continue on their own, or stay at the sanctuary (which we would do after room is built for them).
No. 419100 ID: 09e5bf

Also, get the fire spell.
No. 419121 ID: b85f8c

I am unsure about how we should deal with the knowledge of our groups' stats, or about how we've decided to fight the system.

Let's not be a blabbermouth about it though. If they ask how we're so strong, we can tell them we have to be to fight the system itself.
No. 419130 ID: 082302

Walk up to the guy and just say "Im not here to hurt you."
No. 419184 ID: c811c4
File 133897268355.png - (20.62KB , 900x700 , ssf5-13.png )

A generic fireball spell is gained as an additional weapon. Scanner quickly whispers a generic rundown of their spent CU levels, saying they're nothing special. They've likely absorbed those they come across, but nothing more.

Alison moves forward to give greetings to them. Their scanner is whispering to them, and they shoot glances back to Alison.

They return greetings in kind, and introductions are given. Yet, Smoke says there isn't much point in talking, given they're likely at ends with one another. He's confident, especially so considering the power gap.
No. 419188 ID: b85f8c

Ask why they think you'd be enemies. There's no reason for you to fight that we know of.
No. 419190 ID: 886a4d

They probably think they can take us due to puzzle dickery, or have encountered other cheaters the system has cracked down on. Wish them luck and lets see who else is around, just in case however have Scanner look at items and special abilities... maybe there is an assasinate skill line.
No. 419191 ID: 431fa8

Laugh and tell him there's always a point in talking; we have yet to meet someone who wasn't worth knowing. Life is too short to pass up potential friendships, no matter how the stages turn out. Besides, even lost friends can stay with you.
No. 419192 ID: 09e5bf

Explain that you don't have to be at odds with each other. That you have a way to get more people through a stage than it technically allows through resurrection.

If they want to work with you, you can extend to them the same courtesy you do others. If they don't want to, then wish them luck, and head off.

Also, revive Gambler.
No. 419197 ID: 6e44d2

Have they maybe upgraded to tier 2? Doesn't that reset spent CU?
No. 419199 ID: 09e5bf

it does, but none of them have spent cu totals that are possible in tier 2.

Therefor, they are all tier one.
No. 419209 ID: 55c4cf

Ask the Corrupter for body modification money to acquire genitalia, I think this is basically what everyone wants.
No. 419213 ID: b85f8c

Oh shit, we do need to do that if we haven't yet already. We agreed to.
No. 419215 ID: b85f8c

Let's not.
No. 419217 ID: 886a4d

Agree with this
No. 419233 ID: 35037c

A lot of people don't even have sex drives, so we need to wait on acquiring genitalia for when we are ready to raise the bar with Iso.
No. 419275 ID: c811c4
File 133901480890.png - (10.54KB , 700x700 , ssf5-14.png )

Alison tells Smoke that there's always reason to talk, as she has yet to meet anyone who wasn't worth knowing. She has resurrection as well, allowing for more people to get through a stage. Although Relayer does vouch for this, Alison proves it anyway by resurrecting Gambler.

Between Gambler's resurrection and the confirmation that all of Alison's friends were in fact in the last stage together, Smoke's group does hesistantly warm up to Alison. Smoke asks what Alison would ask of them, if they were to play nice.
No. 419277 ID: b85f8c

Just non-aggression will do. The less conflict we have with other players during what's to come, the better.
No. 419278 ID: b0d466

That everyone wait at the end of the stage so that no one is left behind/unabsorbed/unable to be resurrected in the next safe zone, and to do their best to absorb everyone who falls for the same reason.

Oh, that reminds me- if absorb is available from the shop and someone doesn't have it (on our team or otherwise) give them the funds to purchase it, and bring up some more of our allies absorb levels / give them funds for any cool boons or items they want in the shop
No. 419283 ID: 09e5bf

Non-agression is good enough. If we are both on a stage, we can work towards the goal together.

Note that many of Alison's friends have rank 10 absorption, and she has recursive absorptions of all of them, so being absorbed by her friends will let people get resurrected just as well as if she had done it herself.

Priority for exits, at least when the exits can't go over capacity, goes to people with extra lives and Alison.
No. 419286 ID: b0d466

Oh, but don't give away /too/ much right now, you have to keep enough to revive the people you promised to revive. Once the ability cool-down time has passed, get on that.
No. 419288 ID: 09e5bf

I think we should dream talk to everyone we have absorbed about the situation with us, the system, and the corruptor.

Find out what their stance on things is.
No. 419302 ID: 886a4d

Later, after we explored a bit and finished with everything to do here.
No. 419305 ID: c811c4
File 133902141798.png - (16.62KB , 700x700 , ssf5-15.png )

Simply non-aggression, Alison says. Smoke sounds skeptical that that is honestly the only thing that Alison is asking for, but nevertheless, he is fine with it. It's hard to tell what the stage will entail anyways.

Alison says she'll keep in contact as she can, and goes on to others. She finds 7 of the other 12 contenders that must be around; the remaining 5 must be on seperate islands such as the one Alison arrived on. Scanner feeds the data to Alison, and no one seems to stand out. It's all tier 1 with plain abilities and generic shop-given boons.

The ones with scan range from heavy concern to outright fear, but Alison is able to talk them down. More people appear to be peaceable, but whether that's because that's the kind of people who survive, because of Alison's levels, because of raw chance or a mix of such things, Alison can't say. Either way, she gets everyone to at least say they'll agree for non-aggression.

>Talk to everyone Alison has absorbed
With recursion, that would be literally hundreds, possibly more. She'll have to be more specific unless she spends far too long talking with people that, frankly, she barely knows.
No. 419307 ID: bdb3f8

man, it's supposed to be non-aggression AND make sure nobody dies without getting absorbed. It's probably an academic point at this stage, but you should still mention it to people, if nothing else so you can explain your intent to save as many as you can.
No. 419310 ID: 886a4d

What we need to do is hold a press conference in our Dream. Recruit the dead to gather everyone together then tell them everything once gathered... they can ask questions afterwords in an orderly fashion via hand raising.

Alright we can do that in the Corrupted Sanctuary... leave Scanner behind to keep an eye on the commons and take those who wish to to it. Once there we can escort Succubus to the Cheif and offer to stand by her while they talk.
No. 419359 ID: c811c4
File 133902781745.png - (267.97KB , 700x700 , ssf5-16.png )

>On getting absorbed on death
Oh, yes. Alison has ran through everyone, and there is absolutely no one who is going through this stage who does not have at least level 1 absorption. Hence, chances are, the only deaths that occur without getting absorbed are likely unavoidable, but she does make it a point to tell the ones she's come across so far.

With that, she takes the Succubus, Catatonic and the Bandit to the corrupted sanctuary.
No. 419360 ID: c811c4
File 133902782935.png - (16.59KB , 700x700 , sCS-1.png )

She arrives in a different spot this time, and it appears to be a place where many people are gathering. Engineer calls out to Alison, and he was wondering if she was going to show up this hour. When asked what he means, the Engineer explains how time works here, since it's impossible to freeze time permanently and not have issues come up with people who leave to go to places in normal time.
No. 419363 ID: c811c4
File 133902794349.png - (8.49KB , 700x700 , sCS-2.png )

For 499 hours, beginning at the point when the last stage ended, time in the sanctuary became frozen, or close enough to frozen from a practical standpoint. So, while the equivalent of over 16 safe zone timers passed in Engineer's eyes, only a negligible moment passed in Alison's sense of time. During this, people who leave would go to the standard timer would not be able to come back until the corrupted sanctuary is unpaused and time continues as normal.

So, after those 499 hours have passed, the Corruptor gives the order to the glitcher to unpause the sanctuary for usually one hour. During this hour is when people arrive, a special event in the corrupted sanctuary even though in the normal perspective, they may have only spent 30 minutes before coming back here.

In about 14 minutes, according to the clocktower here, the sanctuary will be paused again for another 499 hours. During this, anyone may leave, but no one will appear to return until everything is unpaused again. Hence why over 499 hours, the population here dwindles, but quickly resurges over the next hour. This is how enough time has been made to construct such building using hard labor alone.

Engineer notes that someone could have left here and joined Alison to explain this, but things are going well enough here, so there was little point. In any case, he hopes he explained it well enough.
No. 419364 ID: 886a4d

Thank him, you had wondered how exactly that worked. Looks like after the Chief / Succubus meeting you will be seeing if anyone has anything to report. Tell Engineer to spread the word that your back and wondering if they have learned anything new. You'll handle Chief and whomever is with him.
No. 419376 ID: fdad59

Ask Engineer where they're getting the construction materials from. Do they have to bring everything in from outside the Sanctuary, or do they have a glitcher that can create materials?
No. 419378 ID: 04b86a

I wondered how quickly they could build things without advanced tools for a moment, but it's actually pretty easy for them if they're doing it right. A high rank in Body will make them really strong, and having a versatile weapon form like Alison's hair will make moving things a lot easier and significantly improve their reach. Of course, most people probably don't have those kinds of weapon forms...

Ask him where they're getting the building materials, how many people are using weapon forms as tools, and what kinds of forms are being used. We might need to have the Corruptor get everyone's weapon ranks up enough to get a new form if not many are taking advantage of them already.
No. 419391 ID: 35037c

Yeah totally got it, physics is now our whore...
No. 419396 ID: e3d099

It's pretty obvious that the Corruptor's area is special, accelerated or something. It's sort of like a glove duel in a stage, but permanent and with combat turned off. Well, hopefully we don't get far out of the loop hanging around the other safe zone for 30 hours / 2 years. Tell the Engineer that if anything big starts going down, he should try to reach Alison so at least we'll have a few seconds to prepare where she is.
No. 419398 ID: 886a4d

The very first stage we encountered something similiar... if you entire a stage early you freeze in time until everyone else enters. This is simply treating everything else like it was a stage vs rest area deal.
No. 419399 ID: c811c4
File 133903399899.png - (7.91KB , 700x700 , sCS-3.png )

Thanking the Engineer and mentioning she had wondered how it worked, Alison says to spread the word while she brings the Succubus to Chief. Engineer says he'll do that, although right now most of Alison's group is in the keep together.

Alison asks just where the supplies come from. Engineer answers that the safe zone core regenerates quickly enough that the same rocks can be mined out repeatedly, so long as nothing is placed to block the hole.

>How many are using weapon as tools?
Most everyone, the Engineer explains. The cost was paltry enough that the Corruptor allowed enough CU to get everyone to 20 body and enough to get the next weapon rank, although most had not even used their 2nd weapon form. Even with the stats, interestingly enough, some appeared more apt to construction than others, aside from body structure or body and weapon stat. Mentality being the obvious suspect.

Before Alison gets too far, Engineer says that she may want to bring more people here. The Corruptor told the Engineer to say that she will get a tract of land in which to build a house herself, to make more residential room for more people. Hence, she may wish to stay here for some degree of time, in which she may as well have her main group around during that time.
No. 419400 ID: 886a4d

We might as well.
No. 419401 ID: b0d466

Quick hop back to the safe zone and bring everyone over before the next time freeze happens
No. 419407 ID: 04b86a

A thought occurs to me. If this place is similar to the Stage 3 safe zone, does it also have the moat cave? Maybe this one has an actual entrance instead of a wall, or we could use our high Body to break through the wall and see if there's anything behind it.
No. 419412 ID: c811c4
File 133903617743.png - (18.35KB , 700x700 , sCS-4.png )

10 minutes is more than enough time, given everyone was still in the vicinity, and certainly within shouting distance. For the time being, she keeps herself out of sight from the other contenders. Everyone else is brought, and Engineer leads them back into the keep.

>Moat cave
Engineer says it might, but there's been so much construction on top of the moat that it may be difficult to just find out where the cave at. In any case, the stage entrance was only a hollow tube, so there probably won't be anything special about the moat cave.
No. 419413 ID: c811c4
File 133903632904.png - (13.57KB , 700x700 , sCS-5.png )

A welcome is given when Alison returns, and the Succubus waves to Chief, asking what it was he wanted, and hopes he's not mad about her turncoating quickly. Chief says he's not happy about it, but it's in the past. He simply wanted her help in finding information, since she can act friendly to people she doesn't like, something Chief hates to do. It was nothing big.

Speaking of which, Chief tells Alison that he hasn't found out much that the Corruptor doesn't freely share. On the surface, he runs a loose ship. Yet perhaps he can afford to, as he can kick anyone out of the sanctuary at will, regardless of stats. Some theorize that he can even kill anyone while here, but that isn't something that can be easily asked about on a whim.
No. 419417 ID: b0d466

Meet back up with everyone--it's been almost 500 hours, you are WAY behind on your time passed to hug ratio!
No. 419418 ID: 886a4d

Yes mandatory hugs to the people who haven't seen you for 3 weeks... thats almost longer then you've existed. Talk to each individually and ask their impressions on both the Corruptor and those who seem closest to him as well as how they've been doing here. We have the time apparently.
No. 419420 ID: fdad59

Task Succubus and Chief with finding out the earliest actions of Corrupter. We're looking for people who knew him, of him, or saw him before he became what he is. Failing that, talk to those who have been here the longest, and ask them about how they met Corrupter, what'd they do in those early days, and if there were any falling outs and expulsions from the Sanctuary. There's a nagging suspicion that Corrupter was never a player; That he was created as a challenge to the System, and that the real battle of this world is the Corrupter verses the System.

Meet up with Engi and Math and ask them to start a detailed, sector by sector telescope survey of the sky in this realm. You know it looks like there are no "stars," and therefor no other zones like this one, but they might just not be lit.
No. 419447 ID: c811c4
File 133904518431.png - (37.69KB , 700x700 , sCS-6.png )


Alison tells the Chief and Succubus to focus some on the earliest actions of the corruptor and how he came to be. The Chief has a few details, but will focus on getting a thorough story. After all, they have a great deal of time now, and none of what he's found out requires any urgency.

>Use telescope
Engineer actually had already done that during an idle period. There is absolutely nothing in space out there that he's found aside from those odd stemlike veins in the sky, and the telescope doesn't yield any details. The Corruptor has said they've always been there, and doesn't know what they are. Could be something or nothing.
No. 419448 ID: c811c4
File 133904531641.png - (12.23KB , 700x700 , sCS-7.png )

>Talk to people
She'll speak with those who are currently here.

Friendgy has helped Engineer make designs on buildings, and she does like it here. Mathematician is the same way, as he's had a lot more time to learn through what library there is.

Shield and Swordswoman have gotten to know each other by the sounds of it. Both of them are somewhat uncomfortable around here, but it's better than the stages. They simply noted that there are cliques within the corrupted sanctuary, and an odd amount of internal competition for small things, such as who works hardest.
No. 419449 ID: c811c4
File 133904533923.png - (20.07KB , 700x700 , sCS-8.png )

Mouse, Big Lizard and Small Lizard have taken well to this area. They do get along well with Chief and are glad Alison resurrected him. They have probably worked the hardest for the construction they've been tasked with over the last cycle, at least for the manual labor. They do like it aside from having a few misgivings, although it appears that the Corruptor does allow there to be some discontent with him, at least among the individuals that were brought in indirectly. Tolerance would likely be low if Alison complained much.

Horned Flopear, Dress, Cube and Sock Slime have also had a few misgivings being part of what feels like an aggressive resistance group, but nothing worth complaining about. They make sure to thank Alison for bringing them to this area nonetheless.
No. 419450 ID: c811c4
File 133904534860.png - (13.02KB , 700x700 , sCS-9.png )

Engineer does remind Alison that the Corruptor wanted to see her, so she heads down. Regardless of time, he's in the same place.

>"Welcome back. I'm sure your allies have told you what they know. They are good workers, and have merited you more room within this space. I give my most valuable members with many allies territory where they may build what they like, as to give more room for their allies who stay here. We aren't able to summon construction materials out of nowhere, and so I trade those materials for CU and work hours spent making more communal buildings, such as the main keep and recreational buildings. Details will be sorted out, but as I understand it, you have a few technical-minded individuals who are suited for such micromanagement. For now, do you have any questions, or shall I show you to your lot?
No. 419451 ID: 299ed3

"How did you find this place?"
No. 419452 ID: 886a4d

Ask if there is a tier 3... or tier 2 skill lines. Otherwise I can't think of anything to ask.
No. 419453 ID: 132b99

already explained dude.
No. 419456 ID: b0d466

How does he obtain/generate(?) such immense quantities of C.U., is the first thing that comes to mind.
No. 419462 ID: fdad59

Ask if he has anybody monitoring the size and position of those black veins in the sky, just in case they mean something. If he doesn't, say you'll ask Engineer or Math to record measurements on them occasionally.

Say that Engineer said they mine the regenerative safe zone core for construction materials, but you're wondering where they get things like furniture from; Do they carry or glitch it in from other safe zones? Also, have they tried bringing in more materials by glitch-'porting large chunks of empty safe zones here? Oh, and has anybody actually observed a new safe zone or other system structure being made?

Finally, ask what's the highest level in the system that anybody they know of has reached.
No. 419467 ID: c811c4
File 133904905855.png - (11.53KB , 900x700 , sCS-10.png )

>How did the corruptor find or make this place?
>"Aside from the luck involved, that, Miss, is a trade secret. The only ones who need to know about that are the ones who want to make one for themselves."

>Tier 2 skill lines
>"Of course. Split damage and First Strike are considered free entry skills for instance. I will have a list of known skills delivered to your residence later."

>Tier 3, or the highest level
>"Tier 3 likely exists, but I have found no such thing, and the highest level I have seen is us at 100k.

>Monitoring the size and position of those black veins in the sky
>"I have kept an exceedingly focused look on their patterns, as even I will admit such a thing is a constant discomfort I would be glad to be rid of. They haven't done anything more alarming than what you've already seen, however."

>Where they get things like furniture from
"Unlike normal teleportation, a glitch teleportation back to here will also carry items that you are holding normally, so long as it is not touching anything except for either you, or other people who also are touching you. With this, we're able to carry in furniture, wood and other items in relatively small quantities."

>Is there a contingency plan if the system gets in there?
>"No. We are working on one, but other than 'get out', there is not one.

>How does he obtain such an amount of CU?
>"There is the way you're familiar with, using one ups, absorb 10, resurrection and giving CU from one person to the next. But think of if you had more than 20 people on board, and instead had thousands. A similar effect can be done with banditry. Thus far, that has been the most effective strategy, but it is also possible to visit old stages for CU rewards. However, there are a few pitfalls that can make it dangerous. I do not recommend it overall, although it is a steady source of CU for those willing to take part. Now. Anything else?"
No. 419470 ID: 886a4d

Actually yes one last question, would revisiting stages renew chest rewards?
No. 419471 ID: 35037c

> "How far has the system intruded?"
No. 419472 ID: b0d466

>The only ones who need to know about that are the ones who want to make one for themselves.

You mean a space like this, like the safe zones and the stages? From what you've heard it seems to be keyed to the Corrupter specifically--does anything contradict the possibility that the normal stages may be similarly keyed to a specific individual?
No. 419474 ID: fdad59

Suggest that if the System does get in here, Corrupter could get out undetected by deliberately losing a white glove duel with someone that has absorption level 10 and resurrection, who then glitch teleports out. That person then sleeps and meets him in the dreamworld. He imparts his knowledge of how to make a new Sanctuary, that person creates one, then resurrects Corrupter there. It would require sharing his "trade secret," but that's better than being destroyed by the System. Add that whoever it is would best be unknown to the System, or very nearly so.

Yes, this is a good question. If you could re-run level 3, the one where you got the resurrection boon, you might be able to take an additional absorption boon as well. Of course, this will probably draw system attention.
No. 419475 ID: b0d466

Not to mention you might be able to get more people the resurrection boon
No. 419477 ID: c811c4
File 133905143450.png - (15.13KB , 700x700 , sCS-11.png )

>Would revisiting a stage regenerate chest rewards?
>"Yes, absolutely, but I should mention that if you have any interest in doing such an act, know that the chests often trigger Judges to arrive. Strong ones from the system, those. I do have other people to talk to, Snake Queen, so please talk to the Arbiter if you would like to know more. One of your allies should know where he can be found by now."

>How far has the system intruded?
>"Enough to make things difficult, but not unbearably so."

>Whoever it is would be best unknown to the System, or very nearly so.
>"And there-in lies the problem, who to trust who is not flagged by the system? It has merits, though, but it is not without flaw. I won't dwell on it, because, no offense, but you are new. If I enacted such a plan, you would not be involved."

>You mean a space like this, like the safe zones and the stages? From what you've heard it seems to be keyed to the Corrupter specifically--does anything contradict the possibility that the normal stages may be similarly keyed to a specific individual?
>"That is an interesting thought, but not one I have seen evidence towards. Nevertheless, I would not say that this safe zone is only tied to just me. Now, you are new, so you have reason to not know, so I will tell you."
No. 419478 ID: c811c4
File 133905145431.png - (10.47KB , 700x700 , sCS-12.png )

>"How this safe zone works does not have a place in polite conversation, if you do catch my drift."
No. 419480 ID: 886a4d

Err, ya back off for now. Our curiousity can be our undoing in this case. Lets see those lands shall we?

Afterwords to the Arbiter, then see what tier 2 skills we've missed out on b/c we maxed out our levels aready. Then time to have a press conference of the dead!
No. 419482 ID: b0d466

Apologies for any offense; your curiosity got the better of you.
No. 419483 ID: 886a4d

Don't mention this to him but Engineer mentioned the Core, perhaps creating a place like this involves travelling to a blanked Rest Areac that was wiped previously with a Rest Area Core and using the Glitcher to 'grow' a new Rest Area. Since the Rest Area already can manipulate Time and Space all you would need is something to tweak the settings... the Glitcher in this case.

I think one of the things Engineer should show us is the Core so we can recognize it later.
No. 419484 ID: 09e5bf

Say you did not mean to offend him.

Head off to work on a house for Alison. It'll need to be big enough for her and her friends.
No. 419486 ID: fdad59

Apologize for prying, and say you'll ask the Arbiter any other questions you have later on. Now, lets go have a look at that lot.

Yes, that would be good to check, but not right away. It'd be very suspicious to do so right after blatantly bringing it up with the Corrupter. Alison could safely ask Engineer about it beforehand, though.
No. 419488 ID: 04b86a

Er, yeah. Sorry. We'd feel the same way if someone we didn't fully trust was asking about us that sort of thing; the idea of a rival inter-bracket group forming would be something of concern.

I can't think of any more questions that the Arbiter can't answer, so... he said he wanted to show us to our lot?
No. 419494 ID: b85f8c

Okay, so, this isn't really a safe zone, but anyone who starts shit gets their shit wrecked?

Well he's said his time is limited, so let's go find the Arbiter.
No. 419519 ID: c811c4
File 133905844951.png - (597.61KB , 900x900 , sCS-13.png )

Alison apologizes for her curiosity.
>"No need. Curiosity is good, and you couldn't have known. Just know to suppress that curiosity now that you know."

She excuses herself, and the corruptor gives a cordial goodbye. He sends Alison a guide to show her the way as she gathers everyone. He generally keeps quiet as Alison gets everyone and is led to the lot.

The locale is the end of a peninsula. The Big Lizard, who may be in need of a better name along with 'small lizard', says they filled in this area, but didn't know what its purpose was. Only just now did a basic sign get hammered in labeled 'House of the Snake Queen'. Her guide says that she may build behind the gate. He notes that there is no gate on the back region - she is welcome to pile up dirt for more room or build alongside the side of the cliff, but given the manual labor involved, she should worry about the given land initially.
No. 419520 ID: c811c4
File 133905850293.png - (22.53KB , 700x700 , sCS-14.png )

>Safe zone core
Engineer says that the 'core' was just a reference to the inner portion of the safe zone's mass. Up to about 10 feet deep into the safe zone's default won't regenerate unless it's actually thrown off the side of a cliff, but remove any mass deeper than that, and the mass will be regenerated if allowed.

The highest dimensions are 100 meters long and wide. The Engineer says he would be happy to design the details and blueprints, but given that this is her place, she should tell him what she would like to see, if not outright make a blue sketch. Multiple floors are an option, of course.
No. 419526 ID: e3d099

Eeeeee building gaem

Too bad it's late. :/
No. 419543 ID: 886a4d

We need living quarters, a workshop / laboratory, a library, a kitchen and an observatory with the largest telescope one can build. Oh and a ballroom so we may host the most lavish parties.

Those dark spots don't look like cracks to me... they look like plants.
No. 419544 ID: 09e5bf

We need a mansion. Possibly with a pool.

There should be a music room, kitchen, library, living quarters, ballroom, observatory, and a main hall which can be used for parties.

I think a generally three story mansion, with the observatory being a fourth floor would be good.
No. 419545 ID: 886a4d

I think it would be better if the observatory would be in a tower of so sorts so it can get an unobstructed view 360 degrees around. Perferable on the far edge of the peninsula.

... Hmmm I wonder if at level 20 our fire spell is strong enough to melt stone and metals. Might be an idea to set up a forge / smelter as well.
No. 419564 ID: b0d466

Ok, before we plan too much we should gather everyone and ask if they have any requests in terms of layout or features--it'll be their house as much as ours, after all.

Things we should get: Entrance hall, Ballroom+stage (opening to patio/garden), banquet hall + outdoor seating (opening to patio/garden), pavillion (in garden), pond (in garden), forge, workshops + studios (for recreational arting, individuals who intend to spend a lot of time in these buildings/rooms should have a say in their layout; individual areas for those who would like them), Music room (for practice + small performances), library(Account for future growth/lots of shelf space), individual bedrooms (plan with individuals for specifics, lounge rooms, kitchen(s),observatory....am I forgetting anything?

Three story house with outlying buildings sounds good, Observatory can get its own tower, for example...

on the map 4 pixels = 1 meter, for those who want to be precise
No. 419566 ID: 09e5bf

>on the map 4 pixels = 1 meter, for those who want to be precise

assuming all the things that say its a 100x100m area are correct (and not the 25m note), that means 5 pixels = 1 meter.
No. 419570 ID: b0d466
File 133908995547.png - (116.84KB , 2100x700 , RoughBlueprintsProposal.png )

How's this for general placement of things? Sorry for the illegible handwriting.
No. 419578 ID: b4798d
File 133909398193.png - (34.96KB , 699x700 , House design & floor plan (basic).png )

General layout - corners have an extra floor above the main compound (except for area 1, which has two extra levels), central area is open.

Areas 1 and 4 are manufacturing and construction, heavier stuff on floor 1. Give Engineer a personal workshop for stuff on the third floor of area 1, and put the observatory on the top floor.

Area 7 is primarily planning and organization - offices and etc.

Area 8 is split between the first and second floors - first floor is the entrance hall (be sure to include an impressive staircase), sitting rooms, a lounge, a social hall, and such. The second floor is the library and records.

Area 2 is the kitchen and storage areas for material and foodstuffs. Such as there is.

Areas 3, 6, and 9 are living areas - first floor area 3 is a dining hall, and the first floor of area 9 has recreation areas. Area 6 and the upper levels are all bedrooms - area 9 bedrooms are reserved for organizers/planners/etc (for easy access to the offices in area 7).

Area 5 is the inner courtyard - a patio, fishpond/swimming pool on the east end, flower garde, whatever else people want to see in there.

Area 10 is a staging/testing area for projects and large construction. Be sure to include a decent-sized gate in the fence (or remove part of it entirely) to get stuff out to supply to the rest of the zone.

Area 11 is a garden plot for foodstuffs, such as we have the ability to grow. When we can. *shrug*

Possible project suggestions for once the main house construction is finished: any devices that would make other construction (elsewhere in the zone) easier - digging and earthmoving equipment especially.
No. 419581 ID: 35037c

We need a castle in the theme of either russian or european
No. 419582 ID: c811c4

25 * 5 = 100 apparently.

Kindly pretend I wrote 20 m, not 25 m. 5 pixels does equal 1 meter.
No. 419584 ID: 4bdd79


Let's see if we can work this aesthetic into the above.
No. 419602 ID: fdad59

Actually, on the subject of mining and construction equipment, ask Engineer if he's seen others with advanced tools as weapons, or possibly armor. Stuff like mining drills, mining lasers, powered construction suits, which are like power armor, but without the armor and with multiple attached power tools and manipulators. If not, maybe some of our group could choose such as weapon and armor forms.
No. 419605 ID: 1444d5

>Up to about 10 feet deep into the safe zone's default won't regenerate unless it's actually thrown off the side of a cliff, but remove any mass deeper than that, and the mass will be regenerated if allowed.
First task is to excavate down 10 feet throughout the plot. That should give plenty of initial working material, and allow easy access to more.
No. 419614 ID: fdad59

Except that was 10 feet deep in the initial area of the safe zone, not what has been added on.
No. 419652 ID: e3aff6

I am kind of wondering how expanding this zone works. Is there a 'foundation' that the Corrupter is expanding, or is all this expansion gradually moving outwards from a single zone of structural support? We should ask Engineer whether structural soundness is actually an issue here.
And can you drop a rock or something over the edge and see it fall continuously?
No. 419692 ID: 886a4d

Alright I think we have a couple good designs here... now I think we should participate in at the very least laying the foundation, but preferably we can assist in finishing it.

During breaks we can continue to talk to our friends, for stuff like discovering what names Big Lizard/ Small Lizard would prefer. Then talk the to the Arbiter about Judges and possibly getting the third stage chest again. (We'd need at least three people to provide keys for that door, as well as cornering Blue) If it is viable I suggest at the 300 hour mark we go redo that level at least once for ability absorbtion. We should take Recluse, Scanner and Duelist with us for a Judge throwdown.
No. 419702 ID: c811c4
File 133912245883.png - (183.49KB , 700x700 , sCS-15.png )

While the Engineer helps Alison lay down more precise plans, Alison will go ahead and ask a few questions.

>Advanced tools as weapons such as mining lasers, powered construction suits, etc
Engineer says that he has, but more than anything else it's the weapon stat that counts. A level 20 chisel, oddly enough, can do more than a level 15 power anything.

>Excavate 10 feet down
As thought of, that only applies to the normal safe zone defaults. Alison's lot is entirely artificial.

>Structural soundness
Engineer says that's not an issue. They can just pile on dirt horizontally, but are sure to make it deep enough to make sure it's safe.

>Drop a rock over
It falls far enough that it can't be seen anymore.
No. 419703 ID: c811c4
File 133912246657.png - (10.82KB , 700x700 , sCS-16.png )

>Ask Big/Small Lizard about a new name.
They say they aren't picky, and it's entirely up to Alison to give them a name if she likes.
No. 419706 ID: 886a4d

What have they proved themselves adept at / what do they like to do the most? They can have that as a face name... their group name shall be Alfred for the big lizard and Marley for the small one.

Everyone in our group should consider picking a 'conventional' name as well to distinguish themselves from the Corrupter's main group who seems to dislike them. To that effect we should ask Duelist if he is willing to share his name with us yet.
No. 419707 ID: 35037c

Big Lizard > Menfaro Wisperwind
Small Lizard > Windsor Manafesto
No. 419711 ID: e3f578

Dick Justice
Charles Manfred
No. 419712 ID: fdad59

Call Big Lizard "Atlas," and Small Lizard "Charles."

...Did Big Lizard get even bigger and more muscle-y while he was here, or is it just the close-up shot?
No. 419728 ID: c811c4
File 133913064838.png - (9.04KB , 700x700 , sCS-17.png )

Most likely the close up shot, but they have been doing constant construction for 500 hours.

She will keep things simply by renaming Big Lizard 'Atlas' and Small Lizard 'Charles.'

>Ask Duelist about his old name
He mentions that those events on stage 2 seem like ages ago. He was called Mako, that long ago.

While Engineer still considers suggestions for her house, Alison does have some tasks on the backlog.

>Visit the Arbiter
>Gather everyone she can in her dream
>Explore the Corrupted Sanctuary to get a better idea of its layout and landmarks
>Forget the above and finalize Alison's House.
No. 419754 ID: c6ec33

Do ALL of the things, and in that order!

We probably shouldn't finalize a house until we know exactly how many people will be there. :V
No. 419760 ID: 886a4d

>Visit the Arbiter
What we want to know from this guy... how does redoing Stages work exactly, what pitfalls are there, how much time does it take to do a stage, Can we do this and be finished in time to do stage 5, and what can we expect from Judges.

>Gather everyone she can in her dream
What we need from these people is resurrection priority. The people who are curious, who can work well with others and are willing to support Alison in her endeavors are all people we want to resurrect first. As we expand the Snake Queen's desmesne more and more people will be resurrected.

>Explore the Corrupted Sanctuary to get a better idea of its layout and landmarks
Definately get a good idea of just how large this place is and all the notable places. There probably is already workshops, libraries etc, what haven't we thought of and what seems to be missing; as it will tell us more of the Corruptors mindset. We should also note where people are NOT allowed to go...
No. 419762 ID: 09e5bf

>What we want to know from this guy...

And what tier 2 skills are and how they work.
No. 419766 ID: e3d099
File 133914449358.png - (124.15KB , 700x700 , buildingplan.png )

As for building, just a small cottage in the center, nothing too labor intensive. You can plant stuff on either side of it, leave it open for wandering through. Wait... are there plants?
No. 419773 ID: 09e5bf

I generally support this design.

And think it should have a relatively modern mansion look to it.
No. 419787 ID: c811c4
File 133915838914.png - (89.62KB , 700x700 , sCS-18.png )

>Castle/Mansion look
The engineer says that nearly all of the construction material will be wood and stone. Getting things like paint, plaster and plants are much rarer to come by. Plants can be grown, however.

Alison asks, and is pointed in the right direction to the Arbiter's place. A doorman initially blocks her route, informing her that she needs to have the seal of the Arbiter to prove that she's one of his. On mentioning who she is, however, the doorman apologizes and allows Alison inside, telling her that the Arbiter will be in a straight line through the doors.
No. 419789 ID: c811c4
File 133915847190.png - (13.40KB , 700x700 , sCS-19.png )

She walks in, and straight ahead is another door labeled Arbiter's Chambers. It's a simple building, looking more for practicality than anything else. A knock on the door later, she is told to come in. He, presumably the Arbiter, is sitting down and playing a game of chess apparently with himself. The Arbiter smiles, telling her that she is welcome, saying that he saw her briefly during her first visit. Aside from that, he asks what bring Alison to his portion of land.
No. 419790 ID: b85f8c

Well first off the Corruptor mentioned Judges when we asked about revisiting a Stage to get to a chest that had something interesting in it. We should ask more about that to find out if that route is viable.

Second, we should ask how law enforcement works here in this... unconventionally safe zone. What do we do if someone attacks us? What happens if someone dies?
No. 419791 ID: 886a4d

No. 419803 ID: c811c4
File 133916479897.png - (19.58KB , 700x700 , sCS-20.png )

>On Judges and Stages
Arbiter nods. When a chest is opened, there is somewhere between a 40 to 70 chance that four to six Judges will spawn, with a party of 4 contenders. In one experience, 9 judges spawned with a party of 6 of some of the Arbiter's acquantances. Judges are in the 70-100k range, with various boons. The most dangerous part of them, is simply that oftentimes their boons involve messing with ones absorptions. Stealing ghosts, blocking resurrections, all sorts of surprises. Not to mention that it makes it very troublesome for the rest of everyone who has no access to shops to purchase boons.

In any case, the stages are a subset of this safe zone, and time passes the same. It is simply tedious to do, but with enough resurrections and people on the job, it can safely be done to rake in the CU. There aren't any other particular pitfalls outside of the chests, as luck would have it.

>Law enforcement
Upstarts are kicked out into a random bracket. Unconventional or not, this safe zone is, in fact, a safe zone, so the most anyone can do is harass.

>Tier 2 skills
The Arbiter says that the corruptor supplies known information on things like that. Since the Corruptor already said one would be delivered soon, she won't need to press the issue.
No. 419805 ID: b85f8c

Oh and ask what's up about the seal thing.
No. 419807 ID: 886a4d

Thank the Arbiter for telling us that.

Knowing our luck we'll get 6 judges hah. I think we'll hold off on trying to take a chest back until we have a few more 100k's. I wonder if Disarm and Scatter stack. Still taking out a group of judges would give us alot of CU to work with.

Alright I think we should do the tour next... then sleep for a conference with our dead.
No. 419809 ID: 09e5bf

It sounds like the judges come out proportionally to how many people are going after the chest.

Ask that specifically to confirm if it's true or not.
No. 419811 ID: 55c4cf

Stroke his horn decorations.
No. 419812 ID: 886a4d

Offer to play a game of chess with him... We're always interested in puzzles.
No. 419822 ID: 4710f7

ask him about the system staff, shop keeps, bar tenders, judges. Are there any cases of rouge ones or sympathetic ones? Ask him if, given a case where we had somehow won over say a judge or shopkeeper, how might we be able to utilize that advantage.
No. 419829 ID: a5c529

Play chess with him. I love chess.
No. 419831 ID: c811c4
File 133917793336.png - (10.89KB , 700x700 , sCS-21.png )

>Arbiter's Seal
A way for the Arbiter's doormen and other patrols to know whether or not an individual is part of the Arbiter's alliance. Otherwise, just anyone could come in and take residence inside of the Arbiter's house, with no way to tell without the Arbiter's presence. Most houses with hundreds of individuals use at least a similar system.

>Do judges come out proportionally?
Data samples are fewer than anyone would like, but what evidence there is points to yes, to varying degrees.

>System staff, shopkeeps, bartenders etc. Are there any rogue/sympathetic?
The Arbiter says that the bartenders tend to be sympathic, but very rigid and evasive to the topic of the system. The shopkeep can be the same way, but has still beel loyal to the system. Alison asks about a case where a judge or shopkeep was won over, though the Arbiter mentions that a judge would likely be the last one to be won over. A shopkeep could be good, but no one can say until someone manages to talk a shopkeep out of it.

>Stroke his decorations
Alison needs significantly more Arbiter Relation Points before such acts are unlocked.

>Offer to play a game of chess.
He would be more than willing, but even in a friendly match, he would be even more interested if there were stakes involved. It is possible to carry chests out of a stage. A high stakes game could involve the loser having to go fetch a chest for the winner.
No. 419838 ID: b85f8c

Hang on a second. If the chest is carried out before it's opened, do Judges spawn? Does it only ever contain one item when opened, or does it refresh its stock?
No. 419850 ID: a5c529

Don't chests open automatically though?
No. 419861 ID: e3f578

How about if you lose, he gets to motorboat these sweet ass titties?
Or is Iso the only one to do that?
Actually, agree, but mess around with him and ask that to bake him blush.
No. 419879 ID: c811c4
File 133918866154.png - (10.49KB , 700x700 , sCS-22.png )

Alison asks about chests opening automatically. A handwave is given, saying that while the stages work the same at the foundation, there are some oddities. Including that instead of opening a chest, Alison can place it in her inventory and open it later. That will trigger judges with the same rate as if it was opened though, but opening it after that initial test is safe. Game of high stakes, he repeats.

A chest from an old stage can be given away and opened by the recepient, and it will be as though they opened the chest themselves in the stage.

Even more Arbiter Relation Points are required before anything of the sort would be considered.
No. 419883 ID: fb69eb

When judges die, can the be absorbed for their ghosts?
No. 419887 ID: b85f8c

Those are... really high stakes. A fight against a pack of Judges is almost certain death, from how they were described. Close stats to ours, tend to outnumber us, and have extra boons? It's madness.

I don't wish to play a chess match where the loser has a >50% chance to die. Not unless... there are others here with Resurrect, I heard. Can't we get some insurance by losing to a white glove duel so that they can resurrect us if we die? Same for Arbiter. Heck, that should be standard procedure for anyone going out into the stages when there's an ally with Resurrect and Absorb 10 available.
No. 419889 ID: b0d466

Arbiter has probably already taken such precautions himself, we're the ones who don't have a safety net yet xD
No. 419896 ID: e3d099


The fact that we've resurrected without being resurrected makes me amazed that we're not already massively targeted to take out a ton of players in one shot. It's time to start trusting our friends.
No. 419901 ID: 5c53e7

Well... politely decline.
Maybe later when we have less to do or have at least made some precautions...
At this point the best case of outcome is some kind of boon that we don't need at this point, but the worst case is death...
I don't see much reason to do something like that at the moment.

How would that even work? Would we actually playing chess with someone or is this more like a dice-roll with disadvantage for us as alison doesen't have experience?
No. 419907 ID: 886a4d

I say we do it.

We have a few things we can do in preperation if we do lose, resurrect EVERYONE so they can't steal their ghosts, and ask around for a second resurector willing to resurrect the four people going in. Finally we could ask around for battle items like double interrupt stationary defence that Gaurdsman once used.
No. 419910 ID: c811c4
File 133919316306.png - (14.82KB , 700x700 , sCS-23.png )

>When judges die, can the be absorbed for their ghosts?
They appear to have a system member exclusive boon to prevent themselves from becoming ghosts on getting absorbed - however, they do give CU regardless.

Alison asks about who else has resurrections. The Arbiter, for one, has it.

She could ask of him to make a safety net for herself, if she trusts him so soon.
No. 419912 ID: 886a4d

I say we trust him with it, ask if he has recursive so we know to not have to bother with all four of us dying. Though we could have Recluse die in our stead since he also has our imprint.
No. 419914 ID: fb69eb

For now we still have that extra life. If he has retroactive, we are in the rez line via Recluse and Chief. If not, we might want to wait until we use that life.
No. 419916 ID: b85f8c

That boon sounds like a curse. Doesn't it mean they die for good? Or are Judges a mass-produced, near-hivemind being like the Bartender and Shopkeep are? ...that's still pretty bad.

I feel as though the system's reliance on hivemind beings could lead to its downfall. If you have some method of giving knowledge to one that leads to them rebelling, all of them would rebel at once. And then we have an absolutely massive army.

Personally I don't think it would be a good idea to play a high-stakes game against someone who plays chess against themselves. That suggests he's an expert, and we've never played. Maybe after we get some practice in. As for the safety net thing, I do think we should wait. We've got over two weeks to spend getting to know this guy, after all.
No. 419923 ID: c811c4
File 133919582353.png - (11.88KB , 700x700 , sCS-24.png )

>About recursive boon
Alison asks, and the Arbiter has it. Catching on to what Alison is thinking, he mentions that with both parties having recursion, the act of trust in dueling each other twice to absorb and resurrect each other, and in the process gaining all of each other's allies, is effectively an alliance pact.

He also elaborates, saying that backstabbing and attempting to steal another House's members are not against any laws. It is frowned on greatly, and a good way to make enemies nevertheless.

If she doesn't do such a thing now, or play chess, then she'll have to excuse herself if there is nothing else to ask or nothing she's forgetting.
No. 419925 ID: 886a4d

I say we do the resurrection exchange even if we don't go ahead with chess. We do need allies who are already part of Corrupter's group.

I still say we do chess though.
No. 419927 ID: 7acb8e

Yeah, I'd avoid entering any sort of deal slash agreement right now.
Lets go explore the corrupted sanctuary and get some of those layouts.
No. 419932 ID: 09e5bf

No. 419933 ID: 132b99

No. 419951 ID: c811c4
File 133920286282.png - (20.16KB , 700x700 , sCS-25.png )

>Make an alliance
The Arbiter considers himself to be a good judge of character, and thinks Alison is trustworthy. As a gesture of faith, he'll use one of his spare white gloves first to put himself in the hands of Alison.

And Alison has been true to her word to this point, and has little reason not to. She resurrects Arbiter with her gained CU. Another duel is made and Arbiter is true to his word, resurrecting Alison.

The pact gets him to flip from being cordial to being plain chummy. Obviously pleased, the Arbiter there aren't many higher ups that aren't just in it for themselves, trying to use the corruptor as springboards for survival or power.

He asks if there's anything Alison would ask of him before she goes about her business.
No. 419953 ID: f7ae22

With your new influx of Arbiter Relation Points, ask if you can stroke his decorations.
No. 419954 ID: 7acb8e


No. 419974 ID: 082302

Man we just got those, we'll never get to anything good if we keep spending all our relation points on touching jewelry.
No. 419983 ID: 886a4d

now... Chess! It might be a way to get ability absorbtion, and hes probably better prepared to face Judges
No. 419986 ID: b0d466

Save those relation points for something more important, man~

NOW let's play highstakes chess :D
No. 420007 ID: a5c529

I want a game of chess man, My family doesn't play chess and I only get to play with my best friend, I want to chess darn it!
No. 420025 ID: c811c4
File 133921486882.png - (18.88KB , 700x700 , sCS-26.png )

>Investigate his horn decorations.

Given they were nearly draped around her already, she can spend ARPs at a discount to feel the decorations.

They are decorations. He says they don't have any significance. Decoration and nothing more.

Perhaps Alison will play a chess game after all.

But I'm unsure of what would be preferable - an in-quest chess game, or real time games over the internet, perhaps best of 3 with 3 different people, if there are that many who would want to play a game of chess.
No. 420027 ID: b0d466

In-quest, die roll the outcome, would be easiest~
No. 420028 ID: a5c529

UUUUU Where would we do the internet chess lago? An in quest chess game might be easier than actual play over the interwebz.
No. 420030 ID: f7ae22

Quit while you're ahead, you got to fondle his decorations. Don't risk permanent death of your allies over a game of chess !!
No. 420031 ID: c811c4

If I play chess with individuals, then there are various sites that do online chess, although most of them I think require signing up.

2nd choice being to do it in quest, and 3rd choice being to just roll a dice and get on with it.

Either way, this update will be a very meta voting session about how it'll be done.
No. 420034 ID: 886a4d

I say dice-roll it.
No. 420038 ID: c891d3

Nah, no chess yet.
No. 420045 ID: 886a4d

Its not perma death anymore... we just did a resurrection exchange so we would be rezzed in case we die.
No. 420047 ID: b4798d


I've had good luck with chess.com. Accounts are free, and games can be played so that other people can observe (and chat if they have accounts) during the game (if they want). If we decide to go with it, you could post your account name here and let a few people challenge you. I'd be up for a game, certainly.

Also, upvoting chess.
No. 420048 ID: a9298b

Having quest play chess against an opponent hasn't worked terribly well as far as I remember. Online chess sounds like a novel idea if you can get the people for it, otherwise just roll a die.
No. 420064 ID: c811c4
File 133922520688.png - (11.17KB , 700x700 , sCS-27.png )

Alison is paralyzed by indecision!

She stands staring into space for a moment before she says that she'll think about a chess match. For now, she'll go off to look around.

The Arbiter asks if she would like him to come along to show her the landmarks rather than wander aimlessly alone.
No. 420065 ID: 886a4d

No. 420066 ID: a5c529

Have him accompany you, with luck you will score more points.
No. 420067 ID: b0d466

That would be lovely, thank you~
No. 420071 ID: c811c4
File 133922636211.png - (17.22KB , 700x700 , sCS-28.png )

Alison says that would be lovely, and the Arbiter takes her hand to lead her back out.
No. 420072 ID: c811c4
File 133922638154.png - (1.03MB , 1200x1200 , sCS-overlay.png )

The streets themselves tend to look convoluted and windy as she walks through, but when the big picture is shown to her, it isn't terribly complex. The Arbiter tells her what is what, and asks if there is any place she would like to know more about.
No. 420073 ID: 299ed3

Why is there farmland and what do they sell at the market?
No. 420075 ID: e3d099

Huh. I wonder why we didn't get put in the To-Be-Filled section.
No. 420076 ID: b0d466

Oh, yes, tell us about the market~

And the other houses!

What goes on in the town square? Where can we set up jam sessions while we're still building our house~?
No. 420077 ID: 04b86a

I just remembered a problem with having someone here absorb us: the Arbiter has the Shopkeep's imprint now. We should let him know about that, that we can confirm having just the imprint isn't enough for the System to locate the Corrupted Sanctuary due to his only remaining connection to the System being through the Merchant ability, and ask that he not mention it to the Corruptor.
No. 420079 ID: b0d466

Shopkeep's not dead yet, though. We revived him, so he won't show up in dreams for a while. Let's drop that bombshell later.
No. 420081 ID: b85f8c

The Obliterator? Ask who that guy is. With such an intimidating name you'd think he's one of those who joined the Corruptor mostly for power...
No. 420082 ID: 57f548

At first I thought this was a sexual comment.
No. 420094 ID: 886a4d

The Collective also sounds interesting as well... ask about them.
No. 420096 ID: 082302

Wait did we leave a revived shopkeep clone in the legal safezone?
No. 420097 ID: c811c4
File 133923309384.png - (22.02KB , 700x700 , sCS-29.png )

>The shopkeep
Alison didn't think of that! While he won't be able to talk or resurrect the shopkeep currently, he does hold an imprint of the shopkeep mixed in with hundreds and hundreds of others.

>Wait did Alison leave a revived shopkeep clone in the legal safezone?

As Alison asks all of this, she finds herself getting led to a restaurant. Lots of people give them a wide berth aside from the Arbiter's own who exchanges nods. Regardless, lots of attention is placed on Arbiter and Alison, especially when Alison is introduced as the Snake Queen to a waiteress. Alison figures that is why they're led to a secluded table near the back, out of the public eye.

>What do they sell at the market?
Practically speaking, leftovers, the Arbiter says. Since not everyone in the corrupted sanctuary is blacklisted by shopkeeps, there's a market for buying items from the shopkeep and reselling them here to those who are fully flagged. Otherwise, more novelty things are had. Food, furniture, building supplies and such things are bartered and sold.

>What is the farmland for?
Every plant that can be grown is reproduced along that plot of land, and it goes straight to the corruptor for distribution, selling in the market, process and, go figure, restaurants. There is also a quarry that takes place on the cliffside right underneath the Corruptor's Castle, as that is where the default safe zone core is.

>The Obliterator
The second newest addition behind Alison, so the Arbiter doesn't know much about him. This one has also fought judges and come out on top. In fact, so has Bones and Swordbane. Arbiter doesn't know why Corruptor referred Alison directly to him, but he isn't complaining in the least.
No. 420098 ID: 886a4d

Get his recomendation on what to order for dinner.

Ask why other's seem wary of the Arbiter, he was cordial enough when Alison first approached him as a stranger. This obviously has to do with his reputation but its better to hear from him then from rumors... Ask about what the other houses are famous / infamous for... and include your own.

We should mention we're going to talk to our dead soon and if there is anyone we inherited from him he wants us to not resurrect / interact with.

I still say we should go for a Chess match before finishing up with him.
No. 420100 ID: b0d466

Over dinner, ask about the Arbiter. Get to know him better. What's his story? How did he wind up joining this group? etc. Share some of your story as well, should he ask.
No. 420132 ID: 6e44d2

After all this business is done, we should go to the market and buy some luxury combat upgrades.
No. 420133 ID: bdb3f8

If we are still not ready to tell the resistance about Shopkeep, we should probably tell him to keep a low profile while we are out in the world. There is nothing we can do about him being in Arbiter's head except have hundreds and hundreds of other people to hide behind. Unless Arbiter makes an concerted effort to go through and inventory every single person during the time period that he is not rezed somewhere, he should be able to avoid notice for a while.
No. 420144 ID: b0d466

I think we should keep the Shopkeep secret until HE says he is ok with being discussed. However, if it seems appropriate in a future conversation with Shopkeeper, we should offer to bring him with us to the corrupted sanctuary--naturally, we would defend him and his right to make his own decisions while there. We won't have anyone forcing him to do anything he doesn't want to, not even the Corrupter himself.

Still voting for a chess game later.
No. 420165 ID: c811c4
File 133927559865.png - (12.68KB , 700x700 , sCS-30.png )

>Ask for eating recommendation
The Arbiter says the mushroom soup is very good, and Alison orders that. It seems that the amount of vegetables and fruit are limited, but meat based meals are in good supply.

Alison mentions how others seem wary of him, but he waves it off. It's more simple avoidance of him, and also Alison. People try to avoid the house lords that aren't their own.

>His story
The Arbiter was one of the first that the corruptor met. He was mostly along for the ride, but helped settle internal disputes when some key events made the corruptor what he is, creating some strife among those who didn't wish to fight the system. Hence his name. He does ask for Alison's, and she does give a summary while he keeps silent and listens.

>To the market
Alison asks if they have some combat upgrades, but the Arbiter explains that boons are not tradeable, hence, they would only have regular, consumeable items.

Since Alison will talk to her dead soon, she asks if the Arbiter had anyone that he doesn't want her talking to. At this point, the Arbiter has resurrected just about everyone he cares to, so Alison may talk to the rest. Which leads to the Arbiter asking if Alison had anyone of note that the Arbiter should pay mind to or avoid. She'll have to lie by omission to keep the shopkeep a secret, now that he's asked that.
No. 420169 ID: 09e5bf

By the same vein, shopkeep is still alive.

We could simply say we had befriended and absorbed a system character, and while he is still alive at the moment, we don't want to bring him into all this until he chooses to.
No. 420171 ID: 082302

He seems like a person we can trust. Tell him the story about the shopkeep, and how you would like his advice keeping in mind the shopkeep is your friend and not simply a resource.
No. 420172 ID: b85f8c

>meat based meals
Uh... where are they getting meat? I haven't seen any livestock anywhere in the stages.

Tell him that the only person you'd like for him to avoid talking to is currently alive.
No. 420175 ID: 886a4d


If he asks for clarification tell him its not your policy to betray your friends... hes asked to be kept from the Corruptor's gaze for now.
No. 420178 ID: bdb3f8

Well this doesn't seem hard to avoid at all. no need to panic about it. Just echo what he said, and smoothly change the subject.
"The same really, I don't think there is anybody there now I particularly care if you talk to either. Most of the truly noteworthy individuals in my tree are currently alive, either here or back in the stage safe zone. Even the ones I am not sure how far I can trust. Loyalty was sort of a big deal a couple stages ago, and I am still finding out if bringing back people who once fought me was a good idea. If things had gone just a little differently, it might be the gentleman they call the Chief talking to you now and not me."
No. 420189 ID: c811c4
File 133927975525.png - (13.32KB , 700x700 , sCS-31.png )

>Where are they getting meat from?
Arbiter pauses, obviously trying to find good words for it. He doesn't know how the mechanics work, but a corrupted individual can break a safe zone in a region, and here, it'll work like a freeroam without a safe zone. Then an executioner kills a very weak individual, and in a freeroam section, it's still possible to absorb them, but it also leaves a corpse instead of the usual disintegration. He quickly runs to the next sentence, saying that the executioner makes the process very painless and quick, and the slain individuals are all volunteers, as it does pay well, so he must stress that there is no dark, gruesome secret that goes on in the back.
No. 420190 ID: c811c4
File 133927976179.png - (12.96KB , 700x700 , sCS-32.png )

>Shopkeep is still alive
Hopefully it will stay that way when the stage ends, but for the moment, he is very much alive. Alison tells him the only person worth avoiding is currently alive. If asked if that is an enemy, Alison gives a negative, saying it's someone that wishes to avoid the corruptor. Arbiter says that's perfectly understandable then. It's mentioned that everyone else worth note are also alive, even the ones she's not sure how far she can trust. If things had gone slightly differently, it may be the Chief that was talking to the Arbiter now.

The Arbiter was wanting to ask about him. He asks if it was the same Chief with a tuft at the top of his head. It's confirmed, and the Arbiter chuckles, saying he probably wouldn't be talking to the Chief regardless, as the Chief already declined the Corruptor's invitation. Perhaps it was Alison's conquest of him, though, that got her attention from the Corruptor.
No. 420192 ID: b85f8c

Eeegh. Let's avoid meat dishes. I do not like the idea of eating something that was once a person, even if they were paid to do it and 'respawned'. It's not like we actually need to eat, anyway.

We were told that it was sheer numbers of absorptions under our belt that caught the Corruptor's eye. It makes sense that he would be following Chief's progress and would approach whoever eventually beat him though. Ask if Arbiter knows why Chief turned Corruptor down.
No. 420193 ID: 09e5bf

>Ask if Arbiter knows why Chief turned Corruptor down.

I think we should ask Chief this, not the Arbiter.
No. 420195 ID: 886a4d

So basically, all meat is from resurrected people, at least they aren't killing people unknowingly.... but eeergh I think we'll recommend our people grow their own food. Underline the garden section for our mansion.

I had been wondering how the Corrupter chooses his leaders. It does seem odd that he would a position of so much power to a newcomer like Alison. It looks like group leaders like Alison must be much rarer then I thought.
No. 420197 ID: b85f8c

Oh, one thing I was curious about- what happens if someone's ghost is shared by two people, one in here where time is 'frozen', and one outside? The 500 hours are squeezed into less than a second, but surely if someone is asleep on the outside during that second, there would be a sort of... time differential for the shared ghost if the other person were to be asleep as well.
No. 420204 ID: e3aff6

At some point we should ask more about these ghost-stealing and resurrect-blocking abilities that Judges have.

I think having resurrect has a lot to do with it.
No. 420207 ID: c811c4
File 133928587497.png - (9.14KB , 700x700 , sCS-33.png )

Alison does look visibly perturbed, and the Arbiter apologizes. Most people don't mind it. Alison's meal is replaced quickly enough with a vegetarian dish, although the dinner passes by with a stronger silence.

She does ask how the corruptor chooses leaders, thinking it may have to do with resurrection. The Arbiter agrees, but a lot of his decision making process goes unexplained.

The Arbiter hasn't tested that, so Alison won't know.

Another few moments of silence pass before Arbiter asks if there's any place in particular she'd like to go to.
No. 420214 ID: 886a4d

Apoligize for putting a downer on the meal, it is a bit hypocritical to advocate eating peoples souls but eschewing the flesh. But the meat was once a living, thinking being. blegh. As for where else to go how about asking for his favorite place to visit besides his manor.

After that its either time to say our goodbyes and talk to the dead or have that chess match afterall.

I say we have the Chess match since there is no risk of perma-death.
No. 420215 ID: e3d099


You probably don't want to go to visit the Obliterator. But with a name like that uh...

Oh ask if he as any gardening tips. As long as you're going to be a snake that doesn't eat meat you may as well grow a lot of plants to compensate. There's clearly a need for them. Plus you're totally on what will become the farming ring.
No. 420218 ID: b85f8c

Well technically we don't need to eat. Heh, we'd be a garden snake.

Maybe we could check out the farmland. Or the market. I imagine there's some homemade goods there, not just shop items.
No. 420219 ID: fdad59

You could talk to whoever does the farming here about growing plants that can be used to make paper, rope, or other non-edible uses.
No. 420233 ID: b0d466

Hm, let's go see the stage entrances, perhaps? We could use some information on how that process works. Then seeing the farmland would be nice~

You should make a note to pay a visit to the other houses at some point--or perhaps host a party to meet the others.

Once you learn about stages and farming, you should probably consult with your team; invite Arbiter to meet them.
No. 420251 ID: c811c4
File 133929416768.png - (192.63KB , 700x700 , sCS-34.png )

Not meaning to put a downer on the meal, Alison apologizes for it and asks to see the farm.

The gate is kept by one of the corruptor's individuals, while the Arbiter explains it's off limits to the public. As usual, though, they have free reign as long as they don't hurt anything.
No. 420252 ID: c811c4
File 133929417636.png - (12.37KB , 700x700 , sCS-35.png )

The Arbiter explains the basics of farming for her. She can buy seeds in the market. Wood, a few different kinds of food, and rope are the main choices. There isn't anything complex about it, just put it in the ground and wait, but he does tell Alison the information of each seed of how deep it should go, and how far away from other plants it should be.

In the end, the Arbiter buys a bag of seeds of each kind for Alison. They were 700 each, but the Arbiter insists.
No. 420253 ID: c811c4
File 133929419507.png - (64.27KB , 700x700 , sCS-36.png )

The Market is next. Nearby, at the edge of the public area closest to the market along the way, were the public forges, smelters and such things. They are always busy, and it's recommended that if possible, Alison still builds those things herself.

Along the market are the shopkeep items, and other things that the Arbiter mentioned. There are also labor shops for premade or custom furniture, rock carving, blacksmithing and so on. In stark contrast to the restaurant, a lot of merchants are aggressive to try and sell Alison and Arbiter things, knowing that house lords would have the most spending CU. The Arbiter effectively shoos them off when Alison is offered things she isn't interested in. He explains that usually he sends others to the market to buy things because of how the merchants, unlike near everyone else, latch onto the higher ups.
No. 420254 ID: 886a4d

Thank him... now for Chess!
No. 420260 ID: b85f8c

Consider asking Engineer if he can make a more powerful telescope with the resources available here.

Also, something just came to mind. Mongrel had that boon that let him gain extra CU when he killed someone personally. Wanna see if it stacks with Absorb 10, resulting in an infinite CU exploit combined with resurrect? Might be something to bring up with Arbiter and/or Corruptor.

Only problem I can see with that is that Mongrel was not a very nice person. There'd have to be some way to ensure he cooperated. Banditry would make sure that he couldn't just keep the CU, but there are other issues...
No. 420266 ID: 6e44d2


Anyway, chess, and then we really should stop intruding on his hospitality.
No. 420267 ID: b0d466

Or we could redo the stage where we got resurrection, and take the boon that lets us get access to an absorbee's ability.
No. 420270 ID: fdad59

That grants access to the ability lines of the absorbed, not their levels in the ability, and not boons for that ability.
No. 420272 ID: 886a4d

And I doubt we'll ever see a boon of boon absorb hah.
No. 420279 ID: b0d466

If we don't feel like dealing with Mongrel we can just tell Arbiter about him. He might think the ability worth the hassle.
No. 420317 ID: c811c4
File 133930880323.png - (251.13KB , 700x700 , sCS-37.png )

Alison hadn't thought of the Mongrel.

She mentions him to the Arbiter, that he may be very difficult to work with, but that his boon allowed for double the CU amounts from a target he alone killed.

The Arbiter shrugs, saying it would be a nice ability to have, but that he doesn't have anyone who can absorb boons in case the mongrel doesn't cooperate. He doubts that Absorb Abilities would count for bonuses, though he could expect there would be an Absorb Boon somewhere.

There's a pause before his eyes light up. He realizes as well the way that it could effectively be used for infinite CU. He tells Alison to keep it a secret from everyone else, but that would obviously be a huge thing to have, however much it may throw out what little structure their economy currently has.

There is more time however, and Alison says that after all that, she will play a game of chess after all. Arbiter gladly accepts.
No. 420318 ID: c811c4
File 133930886425.png - (9.49KB , 700x700 , sCS-38.png )

The Arbiter brings her back to his place, and begins setting up the board.
No. 420320 ID: c811c4

For this, I think I will do live chess, if anyone would be interested at this time of night. I'll be using chess.com (user: Lagotrope) unless there are other better options, and will be on irc if there are any questions. And if there isn't anyone, then I'll do a simple dice roll.
No. 420334 ID: 9202a9

I'm Interested are you still on?
No. 420339 ID: c811c4
File 133931622401.png - (13.21KB , 700x700 , sCS-39.png )

They begin, and the game progresses steadily. The Arbiter doesn't make a great deal of outright mistakes, but the ones that he does are significant. He appears visibly perturbed, and although only a few pieces on each side have been taken, the Arbiter stalls for a few minutes at the end to think thoroughly. He says he hasn't played against others that much, and only from his own house, and he can never be sure if they throw the match for his ego.

He excuses his excuses, and despite thinking it over, he sees nothing but a checkmate for Alison's win. He resigns. At least with this, he says, he won't have to worry about Alison's well being.

He does, however, say that he will want a rematch some other time. For now, he'll gather his best and proceed into a stage.
No. 420341 ID: 886a4d

Ask him if either of these are viable plans to help defeat judges:

The Stage 3 part 1 has those movable blocks that you can push at people and it does body / 2 damage. If we can pick one of those up and bring them to a chest area and use our rather prodigious body stat to throw them during our move phase we can do 180 damage just for Allison alone at our move phase and then attack normally.

The second idea depends on if they aren`t knockback immune. Knock them down to the puzzle area and pull the switch or simply scatter them so the puzzle rules come in effect and they have to group up in order to exit. We can run from the puzzle then.

Also offer him Duelist's help if he doesn't have someone who has protect. Alison should't volunteer since she is resurrection support but she should express the wish to. In any case we should wait by the exit for him.
No. 420345 ID: 132b99

the one with the ability steal in it.
No. 420346 ID: e75a2f

Compromise and ask to accompany him. It would be good to learn how these things work first-hand.
No. 420347 ID: 04b86a

I was going to suggest he bring Duelist along, but the Judges probably all have Rank 10 Immunity like the shopkeeper does. We can still offer to let him bring one of our three tier two people along, but Protector alone isn't a reason to pick him.

I do have an idea on how we can get Mongrel's help with minimal cooperation, though. If we bring someone powerful with Rank 10 Banditry along with us they can simply steal the CU from him when we're done farming. The only question is what we could offer him to get him to at least pretend to go along with it. He probably doesn't have scan, so as long as we have a good enough reason to "trust" him he shouldn't expect Banditry. Of course, if he turns out to be reasonable and actually joins us then that'll be all the better for us.
No. 420352 ID: 09e5bf

I think while we should go on a chest hunt, maybe even working with a different group, but we should not do it with Arbiter for the chess game prize.

It would take away from the stakes of the game.
No. 420359 ID: 886a4d

I agree.
No. 420361 ID: c811c4
File 133932056495.png - (7.08KB , 700x700 , sCS-40.png )

>Use fireblocks to throw
Arbiter says that an attack has to be made as an attack action. If it's thrown any other way, it won't do any damage.

>Knock them back down to the puzzle area
The judges create a new arena. It is like a group-dueling red glove.

Alison asks if he's like someone with protector, but he says he already has one. Besides, the bet is on him.

She can wait for his return, or go ahead and with the next thing on the list and talk to her dead.
No. 420364 ID: 886a4d

Ask him how long it typically takes, If its more then a couple hours we can hold a meeting for our dead. If not we'll wait for him. It will take time to organize the meeting between us and our dead... we have alot of them.

Oh and before we sleep we should ask our followers if theres anyone in paticular they want to resurrect. I imagine both Recluse and Chief might have people they want alive.
No. 420365 ID: 09e5bf

>Ask him how long it typically takes, If its more then a couple hours we can hold a meeting for our dead.

I'm going to bet that it doesn't take too long, but that it happens in realtime, so he won't be back for about 500 hours.
No. 420368 ID: 6e44d2

No, he already said that previously visited stages are a subset of this domain. It happens in frozen time.

Anyway, go talk to your dead while he's away. Try to recruit Mongrel.
No. 420460 ID: c811c4
File 133936005217.png - (14.36KB , 700x700 , sCS-41.png )

Alison asks if he'll be long, and he says awhile, to go do what she'd like to do. He'll find her when he's back.

>Talk to Recluse and Chief if there is anyone they'd like to resurrect
They both can create a rather long list, in fact. Chief's main targets would be ones such as gnoll, ones that Alison killed herself.

Recluse says that he isn't sure if anyone he has absorbed that is worth anything would want to be resurrected. He has killed his friends in an attempt to save them, but it was against their will at the time. Iso mentions that may he should have done the same for the Musician.

If she wants to talk to recluse's old partners, they were known as Copper, Silver, the Jumper and the Archer.
No. 420461 ID: c811c4
File 133936007297.png - (10.18KB , 700x700 , sCS-42.png )

Alison goes to sleep to gather everyone, and starts with the Mongrel.

He stares at Alison as she approaches, not saying a word.
No. 420467 ID: 886a4d

Greet him, tell him your name and explain the situation you've found yourself in. Follow up that your first gathering everyone together to explain this to people so you may decide on who to resurrect right away... eventually you hope to include everyone but right now you need the cleverest, the brightest and the most fierce to help you succeed. You don't know about the rest but he definately qualifies for the last.

If he agrees to listen to what she says, and doesn't betray her she'll do her best to ensure he stays alive, can fight with her or stay in the sanctuary if he wishes and furthermore she will be his friend. It must have been lonely by himself, fighting for just himself.
No. 420482 ID: 04b86a

Tell him that we're willing to bring him back to life and release him into the stages in exchange for a favor. If his boon allows him to get 200% returns from absorptions once he's at Rank 10, that release will be accompanied by a large amount of CU. Any further relation with us beyond that point will depend on his answer to these questions: first, why did he absorb almost everyone he came across rather than team up with them (he obviously had to let at least four people live to escape stage two), and second, is he willing to work for us and follow our instructions if it means he no longer needs to worry about being permanently killed? If we find his answers unfavorable, then he shall be released to a random bracket so that he doesn't have to worry about us being an enemy in the upcoming stage.

(I should note that with his boon and Rank 10 absorb, he'll probably be getting at least 1k CU per absorb in the stages. A "large" amount of CU could be as little as 8k and still both let him tear through the normal contestants and let him rise through the ranks quickly. If we give him as little as 16k, the only ones he'll have to worry about this stage will probably be whatever the system sends at him.)
No. 420520 ID: b0d466

Let's NOT release him back into the stages, or promise to do so. Asking about his motivations is good, though.
No. 420529 ID: c811c4
File 133936776040.png - (11.18KB , 700x700 , sCS-43.png )

Alison properly introduces herself, telling him she would like his help, and doesn't even need to fight. He'll have company as well, as it must have been lonely before. She is curious about his motivations, and asks why he absorbed people rather than team up. And if he is willing to help, she starts explaining, before the Mongrel interrupts and says that Alison can go fuck herself.
No. 420531 ID: 9e3c3d

Smile, tell him to enjoy staying dead forever and leave without another word or glance back..
No. 420534 ID: e3f578

What did he want?
Was it the thrill of it all?
No. 420535 ID: 09e5bf

"Alright, bye."

Go find Recluse's friends.
No. 420542 ID: b0d466

Pause and remember your last encounter with Mongrel. >>411264 How you suggested everyone team up against him. How he used his red glove on you and you STILL CAME BACK AND GOT HIM KILLED. Now put yourself in his position; I think you wouldn't appreciate what you just said to him, if your roles were reversed.

You deserved that.
No. 420549 ID: 04b86a

Yeah... that's why my suggestion was all business and didn't involve going into Let's Be Friends mode.

I'm assuming his reason was that he's a jerk and that he has no interest in working for us, so no need to ask those questions. It's not too late to make the offer, though. Just make your tone and body language indicate you're doing business, and keep in mind that letting him into our stage isn't an option now. If he refuses to listen to even that, or turns you down, then just write him off as a lost cause and go find the other dead.
No. 420554 ID: b0d466

We don't know if he WAS a jerk--we never talked with him, just heard rumors and then decided to gang up on him when we met him.

You know.

Like chief did to us.
No. 420563 ID: 886a4d

Nod, say alright I have a business propisition for you instead. You let me exploit your double gain absorb boon for five million CU and I let you live in another bracket where hopefully you will never see us again. If you don't cooperate you can stay dead. I'll even let you keep five thousand of that.
No. 420596 ID: c811c4
File 133937408808.png - (14.29KB , 700x700 , sCS-44.png )

She does recall. There was never really a chance given to him, she just assumed that the rumors were true. Maybe she was wrong. She does try to find out before she apologizes, and says that if he cooperates during the exploit, he'll set him off into another stage, even giving him 5,000 CU. He says to shove it where it hurts, he's no one's tool. He'd only let himself get resurrected if it meant he could punch her as much as he wanted.

Alison may or may not not have prematurely decided he was a jerk, but the assessment was correct in the end. She says goodbye, she can't manage to be sardonic or force smiles for this. He doesn't have any change of heart.

She'll go off to others. She was hoping that there would be some kind of magic Summon-Everyone ability that came with absorb, but she can only chase down individuals.
No. 420597 ID: c811c4
File 133937410143.png - (13.67KB , 900x477 , sCS-45.png )

She can't tell who is who by name, either, she can only sense what they're like. At the very least, she can pinpoint the ones that were directly absorbed by Recluse, which does help narrow it down to.. 28. She's going to be at this for awhile, but with time, she ends up finding 4 complete strangers, and then someone that introduces himself as Copper.
No. 420603 ID: e3aff6

Our judgement on Mongrel was also based on how he asked some random guy to join him against us, then promptly betrayed and ate the other guy. I was actually somewhat worried with this meeting that Mongrel would attempt to join the exploit, spend the CU on himself, and attempt to go on a rampage.
No. 420605 ID: b0d466

Introduce yourself, say you have something to talk about with him and three others who were Recluse's partners.
No. 420610 ID: 886a4d

Greet him, tell him and the strangers your name and explain the situation you've found yourself in. Say that Recluse has agreed to follow you as you have resurrect and have been somewhat better at gathering ghosts to you. He went as far as to give his life to ensure you beat the Chief. Follow up that your first gathering everyone together to explain this to people as well as so you may decide on who to resurrect right away, he is included at Recluse's request of course... but you'd appreciate the help doing so. There are just so many people.

The five you gathered should split up and start approaching other people. The meeting spot should be some sort of landmark.... maybe where the plain meets the trees? They should avoid Mongrel of course. Since Alison can detect what people are like she should approach the Engineers, the Chiefs, the Bandits and the Duelists.
No. 420614 ID: b85f8c

I suspect Recluse has spoken with everyone about you already. He seems like the type to keep his friends in the loop. So just say hi, and ask if Recluse told them about you already- if so, then we won't have to explain things. Mainly I suppose we were just interested in meeting them.
No. 420616 ID: b0d466

And seeing if they wanted to be revived, if they would be ok with working with recluse, I think?
No. 420618 ID: fa9f7e

>guy named Recluse
>keep friends in loop

Besides, the guy absorbed everyone he could. Didn't his name used to be Collector? I doubt he has many friends.
No. 420641 ID: c811c4
File 133938024154.png - (14.35KB , 700x700 , sCS-46.png )

Alison introduces herself once again. It turns out that the 4 strangers barely knew the recluse, they were simply defeated by him. However, the Recluse did make himself available frequently.

Copper, however, makes a display of shutting his eyes when Alison mentions the Recluse. He says that he was backstabbed. Alison says that he is just trying to get ghosts, and is even following her now. Copper replies saying that he just doesn't know anymore if he can trust anyone, but Alison mentions that the Recluse specifically mentioned Copper to see about resurrection.

It's decided that those five are able to sense others as well, if not as strongly as Alison, but strong enough to find people. They will split up.

She hasn't gotten Scanner to find out how many absorptions she has, but in what must be at least a couple hours later, she's gathered about 600. Silver, Jumper and Archer are there are well as Gnoll, Scruffy and others of Chief's bunch.

Silver and Archer both have talked to the Recluse lots while he slept, and don't need much summation to get up to speed.
No. 420643 ID: c811c4
File 133938026799.png - (13.98KB , 700x700 , sCS-47.png )

And now there's a crowd.
No. 420668 ID: 927efa

Sweet rave party!
No. 420670 ID: 886a4d

Rise up on your tail so everyone can see you.

Tell them your situation, about the Corrupted Sanctuary and how your now in the position to resurrect people to live without the fear of permanent death. It won't be everyone right away as space is limited but she hopes eventually everyone willing to work with her WILL be resurrected.

After talking have a small question and answer session by raise of hands. She should try to answer them as truthfully as possible.

To decide on who to resurrect right away she will interview each of them asking some basic questions.

What were their interests besides battle?
What did they do to pursue those interests?
Did they ever look for people to work together with? Were they the leader? the follower? was it more of a common group?
What glitches, bugs, and cracks in the Game did they notice?
The most memorable moment of their time alive.
Do they wish to be resurrected and continue fighting or do they wish for peace?
No. 420683 ID: b0d466

Let's start with resurrecting chief's crew, recluse's friends, and maybe some people who are good with engineering/planning; hold the interviews for next time, probably. Don't wanna take forever, right?
No. 420684 ID: c811c4
File 133938525332.png - (14.01KB , 700x700 , sCS-48.png )

She gets up on her tail, yelling out to everyone that she is going to begin resurrecting en masse, although not everyone right away.

Interviewing everyone on an individual basis is doable, if extensively time consuming. She'll likely do it periodically, but a lot of the trouble is simply gathering everyone in the first place. Now that she has a house lot, she likely has room for everyone, even if it will be crowded until a building is made. She offers answers to questions, and most of them are more technical sided rather than questions of ethics and goals.

She estimates there are about 800 in total after all. She can likely trust 20% with no issues. 40% and she may need to get some more sketchy players, but it should be okay. 60% and 80% each increase the chances that there may be trouble under her name. There aren't many people who seem uninterested in being resurrected. She'll begin with the small batch of Chief and Recluse's mentions for sure.
No. 420685 ID: b0d466

Do the 20% that are trustworthy for now. You don't need any trouble, especially since you're new here. Also offer the option of being resurrected and NOT belonging to your house, so that no one feels they are being resurrected only as servants, for example?
No. 420686 ID: 886a4d

Do the 20% right away, as the house gets build and as you get more room due to your mansion being built / expanded slowly interview the rest to gain their trust, judge their character and thin out those who aren't trustworthy at all.
No. 420694 ID: b85f8c

Keep in mind that space is limited so resurrecting people who won't be staying with us should not be done much.
No. 420699 ID: b0d466

At least until we've gone through everyone and have a place to put the people we don't trust to be part of our house~
We're resurrecting EVERYONE who wants to be--eventually, anyway.
No. 420703 ID: c811c4
File 133938926157.png - (31.41KB , 700x700 , sCS-49.png )

Alison will stick to the first 20%. She spends some time getting to know them before waking up, and making sure to let them know that they don't need to serve her on resurrection. She'll resurrect them in short time, but sticks to Recluse and Chief's mentions first. She leaves them alone for their reunion, while she goes to the Engineer.

He says he is proposing this plan, with a couple of things switched out, namely that the lower right be reserved for construction of larger projects. For everything else, he will make sure that everything has a good foundation for building additional floors, most of which will likely be bedrooms, but overall sticking to
for the upper floors. Is this acceptable?
No. 420704 ID: 886a4d

Looks good to me.
No. 420713 ID: b0d466

Yes, excellent work!

We have some seeds for plants, and it was a good move to have the garden in the upper corner, there, since we'll probably want to expand it eventually.

For now, is there anything he'll need that will be hard to come by?
No. 420731 ID: c811c4
File 133939333728.png - (402.76KB , 700x700 , sCS-50.png )

The Engineer isn't even sure a good foundation is necessary, but doesn't want any bad surprises. He spends some hours measuring the gardens to get plants going, then the bedrooms so that those can be built first so people can rest. Which, it turns out, fatigue is possible under extended periods of hard labor.

>Anything hard to come by
Engineer says nothing significantly harder than the next.
No. 420732 ID: c811c4
File 133939335974.png - (363.90KB , 700x700 , sCS-51.png )

After all that time sleeping, it isn't long before the Arbiter's return. He tells Alison that he has her chest.

Alison can open it herself, or let someone else have it.
No. 420735 ID: 13f847

1. Open chest.

2. Next time you see the shopkeep (Alive or in a dream) warn him about the Arbiter.

3. Rename our lair "the Serpent's Nest"
No. 420737 ID: b85f8c

First off, express relief that he made it back, and ask him how it went. Give our condolences if he lost any ghosts or lost CU from a blocked absorption.

As for the chest... hmm. Would Ability Absorb actually be useful at this point? If it lets us go past the 100k limit, it's great. If not, it's kindof meh. If it lets us absorb boons it is INCREDIBLE. Ghost Form is pretty cool; it'll let us essentially resurrect people to live here for free, so long as we remain here. We could even reabsorb people to regain CU if they were expensive resurrections.
No. 420741 ID: c811c4
File 133939636637.png - (310.27KB , 700x700 , sCS-52.png )

Alison also, for the record, had to spend 19,241 on resurrections.

She tells him that she's happy that he's back safely, asking how it went. The Arbiter says that he lucked out, the chest didn't spawn any judges so it was a clean in and out. He decided not to press his luck by getting anyone elses chest either.

Alison promptly opens it.

Alison may choose...
Absorb: Ability: On absorption, the absorber may gain one (1) ability that the absorbed has at least one rank in. Does not include boons.
Absorb: Priority II: Gives an additional priority rank against competitors also using absorption. (Will include Priority I)
Absorb: Steal Ghost: If the user has higher absorb priority, then they may replace an attack with this ability to steal one ghost from their attack target.
Inventory Space II: +1 to standard and novelty item storage.

No. 420742 ID: b85f8c

I think we should get Priority II so we don't have to worry about losing ghosts.
No. 420743 ID: b0d466

Since we're blacklisted from buying access to new ability lines, I think we should go Ability Absorb
No. 420744 ID: 04b86a

Hmm, Steal Ghost isn't very good, and the extra Item Slot isn't very valuable either. Priority might keep our ghosts from being stolen, but on the other hand Ability Absorb will let Allison quickly gain access to new skill lines.

I think we should get her Ability Absorb and then get her those five tier one skills she's still missing, since Shopkeep might decide not to violate the blacklist.
No. 420746 ID: 082302

Ability absorb
No. 420753 ID: c6ec33

Ability Absorb.

We need to see whether or not we can gain persistence and merchant from our friendly shopkeep. If nothing else, we should talk to him about whether or not that'd be a good idea.

We can also fill out any missing skills via killing friends, absorbing them, and resurrecting them.

I wonder if we might be able to use this ability to go over the 100k cap? Say, by maxing out, and then gaining a couple hundred points in absorbed abilities?
No. 420756 ID: c811c4
File 133939952965.png - (13.62KB , 700x700 , sCS-53.png )

Alison has gained Ability Absorb.

The Arbiter says he hopes her selection does her well.

She doesn't have any other immediate tasks on her agenda in the Sanctuary for now, unless she can think of anything to do over the next few hundreds hours besides from helping with construction.
No. 420760 ID: 927efa

Thank Arbiter for going out of his way, even if you did win the chess match. Tell him you will try to put your new ability to good use for all.

Even though it's totally to protect yourself from blacklists and doesn't help anyone else.
No. 420762 ID: c811c4
File 133940220562.png - (288.42KB , 700x700 , sCS-54.png )

Alison most certainly thanks Arbiter again, and will put her ability to use.

Construction is slow but steady as the hours pass a dozen at a time. Work is done on her own place as well as public areas to earn more materials for her own use, and everyone works their best, including the 20%. Most stick with Alison, and only a few decide to go it alone. She doesn't know them very well, but they end up sticking to what little they do know and do what they're told. The Chief seems to enjoy taking care of that managerial job.

The Arbiter lets Alison borrow some old tents that he no longer uses for Alison's bunch to sleep in for privacy until she gets her bedroom quarters up. He is sure to mention that the tents are made out of plant fabric, not leather.
No. 420763 ID: c811c4
File 133940221643.png - (11.38KB , 700x700 , sCS-55.png )

Before she knows it, a cycle is up. The tents are still in use, but the bedrooms are nearly completed, at least enough to live in. The Scanner pops into Alison's tent, saying that she made a quick visit topside. The Shopkeeper asked to see Alison. He says he's made a decision.
No. 420764 ID: b0d466

If your maxed C.U. buddies are ok with it, a quick way to get C.U. to buy materials with would be to actually go open chests for the purpose of summoning judges to fight.

After all, they have 70k-100k C.U. each!
No. 420765 ID: b0d466

Go see him, hear what he decided!
No. 420766 ID: c6ec33

Assemble your MAX CU buddies, and anyone else who wants to go to the safe zone, then get there!
No. 420767 ID: b85f8c

Zoom dash move it move it move it (don't forget to put clothes on)
No. 420768 ID: c811c4
File 133940362053.png - (16.10KB , 700x700 , sCS-56.png )

Assembling her MAX CU friends to zoom-dash to the topside after putting clothes on, no others are found before the shopkeep Alison, Recluse, Duelist and Scanner. Alison does tell him about the Arbiter, and the Shopkeep just says he'll try to avoid him for as long as he can if he has to.

Before any questions about persistence, merchant, or how Duelist and Shopkeeper actually do look alike are able to be asked, he says he's made a decision. He'll do it. He doesn't want to go to the corrupted sanctuary or anything, but he'll use his merchant ability to sell Alison things.

Alison asks what he has for sale. The shopkeep explains that when he was disconnected and then resurrected,he realized that his merchant ability's power was not granted by the system. Rather, the system limited the merchant ability. In other words, to answer Alison's question... everything.

Yet at the moment, Alison has what is now a rather paltry 9,357 CU.
No. 420773 ID: c811c4
File theShop(fix).swf - (222.34KB , 850x800 )

He has everything for sale. He notes that he is somewhat of an anamaly, as usual, and Alison can only have 10 Tier 1 boons and 10 Tier 2 boons at one time. Also, entries labeled UNAVAILABLE are known, but not available for purchase. The shopkeep apologizes for any dashed hopes.

Let me know about any bugs/typos. There are a few kinks in the GUI that I may fix in future versions, but nothing that should break anything as far as I can tell.
No. 420774 ID: b85f8c

Tell Shopkeeper that he should consider buying a Major body mod, so he isn't recognizable as a shopkeep anymore. A new alias might also be wise.
No. 420775 ID: c811c4

While a character can have 10 tier 1 boons and 10 tier 2 boons, a character can also have an extra tier 1 boon in the place of a tier 2 boon. Therefore, it is possible to have 13 tier 1 boons, and 7 tier 2 boons, but not vice versa.
No. 420776 ID: 09e5bf

I like this plan. Don't force him to, but at least suggest it.

Otherwise get Duelist Attack Interruption
No. 420777 ID: b85f8c

Oh, and now that we know the name of the double-CU absorb boon, we should ask around with our new acquaintances here if they know anyone that has it. Heck, Scanner should probably devote time to investigating everyone she can to find this thing.

If we can get infinite CU we can get to tier 3, and after that, Judges are no issue. Heck, even getting delimiter would make Judges much easier.

For now we should just buy some ranks in Absorb Priority so nobody can steal Shopkeeper from us.
No. 420778 ID: 8f5660

Give Shopkeep a Big Damn Hug.

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure what to buy. My only suggestion is purchasing Absorb: Priority I-VI or VII to prevent people from dicking us out of absorbing friends. That could hurt us real, real bad.
No. 420780 ID: 09e5bf

If we got priority 7, that would pretty much guarantee that we have priority over almost everyone, and our ghosts would be just about unstealable.

I'll actually change my vote to that. Unquestionable absorption priority for Alison.
No. 420781 ID: c811c4

Immunity boons will only take up a boon slot for every odd number immunity. So, Scan immunity I would take a slot, scan immunity II would not, scan immunity III wouldn't, and in total, scan immunity IX and X would take 5 slots total.

There is a version in the works to display how many boon slots are occupied.
No. 420783 ID: b85f8c

I think 7 ranks in it is a bit much.

Ask why Shopkeeper can't just give us the CU back after we give it to him to buy things.
No. 420785 ID: 8f5660

6 is minimum to beat someone who has Absorb 10 + 5 for the Block Absorption boon. 7 just covers our bases in case someone has priority 1.
No. 420786 ID: b85f8c

When we get back we should confer with Arbiter about how dangerous farming regular CU rewards in previous stages is.

We need CU. We need a LOT of CU. If we can safely farm that puzzle reward from the last stage, we're set. We just resurrected like 100 people, right? We can use them to speed things up.

Also we should take anyone who has decided to stay in the sanctuary permanently, and have them resell all their stats and boons. They won't be using them, after all.
No. 420789 ID: b85f8c

...I wonder if Succubus would be any help with Mongrel? She is apparently really good at talking to people.

Alternatively we could get Corrupted and use that to form a sort of trap for Mongrel where we'd force him to do the exploit for us.

But I guess, actually, on the subject of the infinite CU exploit, we should talk to Bandit again. He is our go-to guy to discuss CU morality. Ask him what we should do if we ever find a way to get infinite CU.
No. 420790 ID: c811c4
File theShop(fix2).swf - (222.58KB , 850x800 )

Immunity boons will only take up a boon slot for every odd number immunity. (Alternatively stated, 1/2 the rank rounded up is how many slots are occupied. Hence IX and X would take 5 slots total.

This hastily updated version should reflect this without any horrible consequences.
No. 420794 ID: 886a4d

I agree every single high tier needs at least 1 rank in priority boons. However the rest of the CU needs to be saved until we have a way to gain more of it our fighters do need to upgrade as well.

Allison should get First Strike Priority 1 (300) and Absorb Priority 1 (500)

Duelist should get First Strike Priority 1 (300) Protection Fort 1 (1000)

Scanner should get First Strike Priority 1 (300) Scan Strengthen 1 (500)

Recluse should get First Strike Priority 1 (300) and Absorb Priority 1 (500)

For a total of 3700 CU.

... The quickest way to get more CU would to do a judge run after all that avoidance. It is a good thing we have backup now thanks to the Arbiter.

Anyway give the Shop Keep a Big Damn Hug. Tell him you were fine with him deciding not to sell items but this will really, really help their chances. So thank you. Tell him about the time in the Sanctuary as well the fact that you now have ability absorb. If he wants she can not absorb any of his abilities for now.

Since we rushed off we're going to be going back to the next time skip period so the mansion will probably be done hah. Still give Shop Keep enough CU to mod his body in a way so hes no longer instantly recognizable, or he can pass it off as coincidence like Duelist does. Maybe soemthing simple like removing his whiskers, or hell give him enough to upgrade his armor to 5 so he can pick a different outfit then that sack. Offer to take him with us once he is so disguised and he can blend in with the others we resurrect.
No. 420801 ID: 927efa

We want to acquire infinite CU eventually, not because we'll get infinite CU, but because it allows us to test the limits of the system, to find out just exactly what CU is. As more is acquired, whatever effects that has on the system can be noted and accounted for. I don't think we should try to get infinite CU except as such an experiment though. If we do it just on the assumption it'll be to our own benefit, that's just asking to crash badly.

Limitless, fine. Being able to acquire it out of nowhere to confuse scanners would be awesome. Bend the rules don't break them, because if you go too far either you'll attract the attention of someone more powerful than you like a system administrator, or worse there won't be a system administrator and you'll just crash yourself game over. We don't want to emerge unscathed from impossible situations. We want the mysterious ability never to get in those situations in the first place.

I dunno about what to buy. A lot of those things seem kind of reactionary oneupmanship. Steal Ghost is scary. Unless it applies only if you actually summon a ghost to the battlefield via Ghost Talk?
No. 420803 ID: 886a4d

I wonder why the Shop Keep isn't selling 1-ups with his limiters gone. Maybe it truly was a 1 stage deal.

Speaking of 1-ups would re-doing the final preliminary stage give people that free 1-up? If it doesn't where does the Corrupter get his for his CU runs?
No. 420805 ID: b4798d

Agreeing with putting a bunch of points into Absorb priority right away. Not just to avoid Steal Ghost and similar, but also in case somebody (especially !Shopkeep) gets jumped by a judge with Block Resurrection.

!shopkeep is probably at the greatest risk for that, but anyone who isn't powered up should be careful in system-run areas.
No. 420806 ID: 71d68e

It might be wise to plan for the worst: those judges having maxed Absorb Priority. If we max ours out as well, then we can block all attempts to steal our ghosts, though it looks like we still won't be able to overwrite resurrection blocks done with max priority. It looks like maxing out Absorb Priority will take up all of our Tier 2 boon slots. For that reason, I don't recommend picking First Strike priority or other similar abilities on Allison. We don't have to max out Absorb Priority immediately, but picking up even one level of First Strike priority will prevent us from doing that eventually (unless we can overwrite boons, and then we would've been just wasting CU on the boons we overwrote).
No. 420807 ID: 71d68e

Also, it looks like Lagotrope forgot to give Allison Retrospective Absorption in her preset setup. Which takes her to 10 tier 1 boons.
No. 420809 ID: 886a4d

Might be an idea to use boon refund for her immunities since they are most likely obsolete... I wonder if you can use boon refund to sell prerequsite boons to free up space since you only need the previous one to get the next. Might be a glitch we can exploit. Try using the boon refund on Alison's immunities 1-3 but keep the fourth level.
No. 420812 ID: 71d68e

A thought just occurred to me: we could have Duelist get the Ability Protection boon and use that to block attempts to ghost-steal.

Also another thought that occurred to me: while I suspect Persistence will only apply in safe areas, that opens up a potential infinite CU exploit via white glove dueling if we can acquire it. It's too bad that Shopkeep's worth 0 CU in safe areas.

Also, whoops, for some reason I previously couldn't get the Item and Other categories to show up. Some very interesting things in that, including the Extra Boon purchases which invalidates what I said about max boons (but still requires a bunch of CU).
No. 420840 ID: c6ec33

Ask Shoppie what the risk of buying things is. Why was he so afraid before? Is there a chance that the system will detect this usage and send people after them? If so, we should try to figure out what spending patterns would be most likely to trigger an intervention.

Also, ask about the possibility of absorbing him again to gain persistence and merchant.

Also, ask about the ability to purchase 1-ups. Is there a place where that might still be possible?

Also, ask if he knows anything about the abilities that we don't have a lot of info on: Shapeshift, teleportation, swap position, fortified heal.


For all the people planning CU spending (which I don't have time for right now): Keep in mind that having a number of specialists is probably better than trying to make everyone a jack of all trades. At least for the moment, Alison, Scanner, Duelist and Recluse should all have their own roles.

Also, keep in mind that to save money, we can buy ABILITIES that we want both Alison and someone else to have by buying the other person the ability and white-gloving it using absorb.
No. 420841 ID: b0d466

I think pushing shopkeep for persistence might be a bit much right now, after he just made this big decision.
No. 420843 ID: bdb3f8

Alison should keep a Tier 1 slot open at all times in case she runs across a box containing either Absorb: Combat or Absorb: Ghost talk. People have already pointed out how Combat would break everything ever. Ghost talk allows dead individuals to function in a safe zone as though they were not dead, for free. That was not so useful before, but the corrupted sanctuary makes it huge.

Also: scanner should probably sell Quadruple scan to free up a space, since scan all is strictly better and has the same prereqs. Unless that is a typo.
No. 420847 ID: 6e44d2

I think we shouldn't buy anything until we have enough CU to buy everything we want in one go. The system might discover an unauthorized transaction, and I'd rather we not get cut off until we can get everything we want.

Also, we should get the stuff that gives us more boon slots. Might as well.
No. 420850 ID: 4bdd79

At least two people need to get both Absorb: Combat and Delimiter. They'll generate the CU we need for Rank 3.
No. 420854 ID: b85f8c

We can't buy Absorb: Combat. It's unavailable- we only know it exists.

Granted, Persistence isn't listed at all, which is weird.
No. 420858 ID: 09e5bf

>Granted, Persistence isn't listed at all, which is weird.
not if it is tier 3.
No. 420866 ID: 886a4d

Shop Keep probably wasn't sure he wanted to obviously support someone who was already blacklisted by the system. It was enough that he wasn't really supposed to exist to him. Luckily he decided to throw his lot completely in with Alison.
No. 420888 ID: 431fa8

There are two different versions of Absorb:Retroactive listed on the Tier 1 Boons list. Is this an error, or...?
No. 420901 ID: c811c4
File theShop(fix4).swf - (222.80KB , 850x800 )

Another patch - Retroactive is added to Alison's preset, the max number of boons are kept track of (it still allows to go over the max), Scan: All's prereq is Quad Scan, and a couple scrolling issues should be fixed.

Yes, I misread the post saying Alison was missing Retroactive - I thought the whole boon was missing altogether. Fixed again.
No. 420922 ID: c811c4
File 133946118229.png - (13.96KB , 700x700 , ssf5-17.png )

>A Big Damn Hug

A BDH is applied.

They are now listed in the shop, and they are boons, therefore Absorb: Ability can't get those. They aren't as strong as someone might think anyway.

Since Alison doesn't have a great deal of CU, she will keep purchases light for now. Eventually she would like Absorb: Priority VII, but she will get I. All of her main four will get First Strike Priority I, Duelist will get Protection Fortification I, Scanner with Scan Strnegth I, Recluse with Absorb Priority I. The transactions don't appear to trigger anything from the system, thankfully.

Alison recommends that the shopkeep perhaps get a body modification, possibly a new handle, and a new set of clothes. He says he isn't sure how much it'll help if he triggers the system, but it won't hurt. At the very least, it will help differentiate himself.
No. 420923 ID: c811c4
File 133946119636.png - (9.61KB , 700x700 , shopkeepPD.png )

Paperdoll: Extreme Mode!

A paperdoll is supplied, but the body itself can be modified as well. Also, a new name may be given to the Shopkeep.
No. 420937 ID: b4798d

Name suggestion: Smuggler
No. 420960 ID: e3f578
File 133946531938.png - (12.81KB , 700x700 , Smuggler.png )

That's cool, I'm down with it, and got a shitty drawn design to match!
No. 420963 ID: b85f8c

Actually, Persistence can grant infinite CU as well... so long as the person is worth more than the cost of a white glove, anyway. Can we get a CU reading off of Shopkeeper again to see if he's still worth 0 CU?

Also I suggested the body mod and alias because then we won't have to worry about Arbiter as much- he won't be immediately recognizable as a Shopkeeper. Arbiter would have to scan him to tell, and Shopkeeper can gain scan immunity ranks to prevent that.

I say he should go more towards a mouse/rat. He's got whiskers already and big ears, so it wouldn't be a big change, but it would make him different enough to go unnoticed. I'm not quite up to doing the drawing myself though.
No. 420973 ID: 927efa


OMG yessssss
No. 420975 ID: e3f578
File 133946832055.png - (17.54KB , 700x700 , SmugglerMouse.png )

Like so?
Do you have an idea for a name?
PS, trenchcoat and fedora is just another outfit idea, mix and match either one from either picture

I'm wary about changing him to a rat, we do have an ally called mouse, but hey, it could work for him.
No. 420999 ID: 886a4d

I like the raccoon look, maybe a trenchcoat instead of the classic burgler / prison escapee outfit?
No. 421004 ID: b0d466
File 133947176793.png - (12.14KB , 700x800 , Shopken.png )

The not-very-tiny-deer
No. 421005 ID: c811c4
File 133947178421.png - (445.01KB , 700x700 , ssf5-18.png )

The Shopkeep is now the Smuggler.

He says it feels wrong but he will get used to it.

Alison hurried this process up, so if she goes back, she shouldn't miss out on the next cycle. Construction will definitely go by faster if she had more CU. A couple options jump to the top of her head, but there can be more.

>Get Chests, Fight Judges
>Get Succubus to try to talk Mongrel into working with Alison
No. 421008 ID: c811c4
File 133947214862.png - (452.75KB , 700x700 , ssf5-19.png )

Shopkeep forgot his natural mask. And whiskers.

And feels like a trenchcoat would be better for not being a billboard that says that he is a criminal.
No. 421009 ID: e3f578

Like wrong as in he doesn't like it? Or just different, like stepping into a new pair of shoes? Getting used to it implies all sorts of things. I mean, the Smuggler thng is mainly an alias, if he does prefer Shopkeep than in private we can call him that if he prefers.

We may as well see what we're going to be in for with the judges. I don't really have faith in turning Mongrel around.
No. 421010 ID: e3f578

Tell him the Mask looks real good on him.
So did the striped turtleneck and handkerchief, but s'cool, trenchcoat is stylish.
No. 421012 ID: b85f8c

For just getting CU we could also just farm the puzzle reward from the last stage. We have a large number of people to do it with, too. I guess it depends on if we want to slow down construction to do that.

Personally I think Mongrel's a dead end. (not like lago would let us have infinite CU anyway) Also I am pretty sure Judges are a death sentence. If absolutely anyone dies without us being able to absorb them, there goes 100k as well!
No. 421013 ID: 886a4d

We should tell Shop Keep that that it is just his new Corrupted Sanctuary name however he will always be our Shop Keep. We can continue to refer to him as that when not in the presence of those from there.

If we do the judges we should confer with the Arbiter on the common stats the judges pop up with so we can better prepare ourselves. We should also ask about extra lives and the policies / etiquite on asking the Corrupter for CU for resurrections and giving people level 20 body enhancements.

As for CU there is few very easy ways Shop can help us out... one by being true to his new alias and giving someone a constant supply of ill-gotten gains for say double the amount listed. He would have to have someone fronting for him though to prevent people from putting 2 and 2 together. The other is exploiting his 0 rest area self and his 27k fighter self and kill him in a stage, rez in safe zone and repeat.

With about 100 followers around having them go through stages for the CU rewards over and over can give us a steady though slight amount of income. At first we can ask them to give us 3/4 to pay off resurrections then 1/2 - 1/4 would be much more reasonable and let them upgrade themselves or buy things as well.
No. 421016 ID: b0d466

He's not going to the corrupted sanctuary, though! He said so himself.
No. 421021 ID: 886a4d

Well smuggling will still work though it would have to go around the 500-1 time difference. Maybe once we get enough CU buying some people extra large inventories and letting them stock up during that 1 hour.
No. 421024 ID: b85f8c

OH and we should make sure Shopler has Absorption if he's going into the next stage, so he doesn't inadvertently kill someone permanent-like. Just a few ranks would do.
No. 421026 ID: e3f578

Shame, he could make a lot of cash. Well, still, the name'll raise less questions in regular safezones. The system is going to go weird though, as soon as he enters a stage. Well might and another Shopkeeper asks him a question.

If the system cares at all, that is. And with those boons that got revealed, he has to be careful, he might end up with his ghost getting deleted if the system does care. Unless the No Ghost boon actually only works for THAT specific life and if someone's absorbed him in the past, it doesn't matter, he can still be revived.

At least until the ghost gets stolen. But Arbiter should have a copy of Shopkeeps ghost, so maybe all is good.
No. 421049 ID: 09e5bf

I'm kind of surprised we named him Smuggler. Usually when we explicitly name someone, it's with a real name. So he'd be like Jacques or Toma (I'm partial to Toma).

We should try a chest run.
No. 421051 ID: 886a4d

You know if we do a chest run lets try out the first stage again... we could try out the race or the arena.
No. 421057 ID: dcd48d

I like it, tell him he looks all kinds of cool now!
No. 421060 ID: c811c4