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File 131595274019.png - (38.58KB , 600x500 , 186.png )
348432 No. 348432 ID: 418acf

It's been a day since you received Silva's letter.
It seemed to be in some kind of code but Styx was able to translate. It basically reads.

>I'm sorry for what I did. I am wounded. Please help me. I am at Torral.

Rose and Styx say it's best to just ignore her. To let her die in Torral.
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No. 348433 ID: 418acf
File 131595282130.png - (158.46KB , 600x500 , 187.png )

They say there are other, more important thing, to focus on.
The castle still needs repairs. Barracks will be needed soon.
That you still need some form of body to fight and lead in once more. No offense, they say, but a floating eyeball is not threatening in any way.
No. 348436 ID: a2fa74

"This is a trap.
Naturally, this means I need to investigate.
Have everybody get ready for battle while I go talk to Alice."

Go talk to Alice. Tell her you're sorry.
Explain you just found out what things were like before, and you can't blame her for hating you. Then ask what she suffered directly.
No. 348437 ID: cf7206

It's true, we need the monies and the dark mana crystals.

We can find one in Icefall, right? Let's go monster hunting there, I bet Ruby can kick some serious ass with her fire spells and new rod.
No. 348438 ID: 6af537

Well, there's no harm in at least scanning Torral to see what's going on.

Yeah, that probably is an ambush. But it might be not. And if the scanned danger levels are over 9000, we can at least soothe our conscience (if there is any) by pointing out that a rescue mission is a suicide.

Although, given what we know about our parting of ways, Rose and Styx's advice sounds quite sane too.

TL;DR: scan Torral.
No. 348439 ID: 4a8479

I don't think we can really ignore this.

there are two possibilities: Silva is telling the truth and not going would cost us the potential service of an Construct expert whose help we could really use right now, or she is lying and it's a trap. Which we shouldn't ignore either because then it would offer us the opportunity to spring our own trap on her and Enslave her.
No. 348441 ID: a2fa74

We have one of her old dolls.
Have Styx fix it up a bit, then send out to find Sylva and recon the area for us.
No. 348442 ID: 1854db

What do we have to apologize to her about? Also forget Silva. She wants to destroy everything, and the dolls want to kill us so it's likely she wants to kill us too. So no let's not go to the trap. If we can SCRY the location she's at then that'd be nice but we should not go wandering around there.

Hunting in icefall sounds nice, but maybe we can make some money by visiting another noncombat area. Or doing the Fight option in the arena. That would, come to think of it, be a prime test for Ruby's new staff since dying there holds no penalties.

Also let's send... uh... Rose out to farm money for us. That's risk-free!
No. 348453 ID: 3fd4fb

We should at least scan Torral. This seems worth checking out... if only because I'd kind of like to Enslave Silva. She sounded highly competent, if nothing else.

If we can, I'd like to send Rose and Alice out to farm for cash and loot while we take Ruby, Emily, and Kassandra with us adventuring.

I don't think we should be apologizing to our minions, ever. Certainly not to one who won't even call us master for sins that we can't even remember.
No. 348458 ID: 40cb26

I thought we would fight her, and I thought we would get her under our control. From her we can get Silvas wine, and with that we get our body working again. This doesn't change that plan except that maybe she'll owe us. Or she might be trying to destroy us while we are weak.

So let's just go, and assume it's a trap. Or maybe she really does need help. Either way, she will be ours. Ask her doll if she would feel any different about us if Silva did, some insight here could be useful.

Attach Emily's new arm if we can afford it, and lets go.
No. 348464 ID: d97c6d

No, we should apologize when we make a mistake. We don't have anything to apologize for, though, so no apologies for Alice.

Let's go see Silva. It's probably a trap, but I'd like to enslave her and if the letter's sincere then if we don't go we'll permanently lose the opportunity.
No. 348474 ID: 418acf
File 131595668409.png - (95.33KB , 600x500 , 188.png )

You decide to visit Silva. Rose starts to complain but you tell her you are aware it may be a trap. Still the pros far outweigh the cons.

You send Rose and Alice out to farm for money and Exp while you go to meet Silva.
Before heading off you pay Styx the G75 needed to give Emily a new arm. Emily seems overjoyed.

>"I can hug all the things now!"

You try to talk to the doll but it seems to be ignoring you.

Since you can't get any information from it you decide to head off to Torral with the rest of the group.

The area where the teleporter sent you is a barren battlefield. All you see is destroyed earth all around.
You realize you have no idea where Silva can be in all of this.
No. 348476 ID: 07416a

Let's go help her. Bring Emily and uh, the new doll. We need to know more.
No. 348481 ID: a2fa74

Scan until you find the nearest creature, then investigate that.
No. 348482 ID: cf7206

go to where the grand showdown happened.
No. 348483 ID: 3fd4fb

Hmm. Nothing on the scanners, I take it, and no terrain features to speak of? Awkward. If we know where there once were any landmarks in this area, head in that direction.
No. 348488 ID: 1854db

Bad end soon, fellow stalker.
No. 348489 ID: 418acf
File 131595721072.png - (45.68KB , 373x304 , 189.png )

You decide to scan.
No. 348492 ID: a2fa74

The boss area is level 8, and the strongest unit is 6.
Lets go there.
No. 348497 ID: 40cb26

Huh. Either she is at the boss or IS the boss, otherwise her level will be ridiculous. Might as well do that first, even if it isn't her it is still worth doing and we should be victorious.
No. 348499 ID: e49a7c

to the 2
No. 348501 ID: d97c6d

Let's start with the boss.
No. 348502 ID: cf7206

take the boss like a boss
No. 348509 ID: 1854db

Yeah I'm sure if we go to the boss that level 34/1 thing RIGHT NEXT TO IT won't come kick our ass, yep.

Get the fuck out of here goddamn it.
No. 348511 ID: 936083

To the boss.
No. 348512 ID: 6af537

>The boss area is level 8
... how do you know?
No. 348514 ID: ba50a2

We'll need to do a boss battle soon anyways, to the boss!
No. 348517 ID: 40cb26

The boss encounters were mentioned as being "average" for the area and it seems he's taken that very literally. He might be right but I wouldn't count on it.
No. 348518 ID: 6a5a08

Like a Boss
No. 348525 ID: 51b9bd

To the boss!
No. 348531 ID: 715620

To the boss, like a boss
No. 348534 ID: f70e5e

we know she's very badly injured and even more weakened than us, so shes not the 35. that means shes either a one or a two. the odds that she's at the boss are fairly high, and if not we can probably take the boss.
No. 348542 ID: 510737

also bring something shiny. bitches love shinys.
No. 348545 ID: f29f63

Welp, time to go for the boss. Sooner we save her, the sooner we get the wine we need and the sooner we can get the dark crystal to power our body.

...Why do I feel like we are going for the Big Goron Sword?
No. 348547 ID: 510737

...cause we are doing something risky for all we know she will try to pretend to be reformed then stab us in the metaphorical back.
...because we don't really have a real one at this point.
No. 348553 ID: 35e1a0

just enslave her. enslaved units are literally incapable of attacking us.
No. 348576 ID: 418acf
File 131597305972.png - (30.66KB , 600x500 , 190.png )

You decide to take on... The Boss.

You and your troops travel through the lands. This is honestly not what you expected from a boss fight. A large area is sealed off keeping you from wandering to far away.
Off in the distance you see a cave and decide since it's the only visible thing in the landscape that must be it. As you draw closer you hear a terrible moaning sound.
A feeble voice calls out to you as you reach the cave.

>??? "O-overlord..? Is that you..?"

You do not respond but simply float closer.

>??? "Overlord... I... ???"

The person stops speaking and from the cave you can see two red eyes staring at you.

>"You're not him!! What the fuck!? Did he send his fucking minions to pick up his dying friend!? That bastard! Tell him to get his ass over here right now!"
No. 348580 ID: 40cb26

"Sorry to disappoint you, Silva. What you see here is all that is left of the Overlord you knew."
No. 348582 ID: 1854db

"Friend? Silva's doll says I betrayed Silva, and my servants said she was upset when I started building instead of destroying. Who are you really? Come out."
No. 348586 ID: 3fd4fb

Let's not let on that we're Overlord at the moment. The way that she jumped to anger rather than keeping up a feeble voice makes me think that her weakness was an act and this is a trap.
No. 348587 ID: e3f578

"Practically died, chica. Broken into pieces, left with no memory. The Overlord as you knew him is gone forever, lost to time. Just reincarnated as a floating eyeball with a laser gun and sword, left to pick up the ashes and burn anew, but hopefully brighter and more practical. I come here possibly to reforge a broken bond, to make up for what an old dog did, or shovel the shit he left behind into a proper waste receptacle. Your choice, 'old friend'."
No. 348588 ID: 35e1a0

"if you are picky enough about who rescues you then i guess you are healthy enough to live"
No. 348605 ID: bd7cc2

Another vote for concealing our identity.
No. 348611 ID: 418acf
File 131597923975.png - (184.04KB , 500x700 , 191.png )

"The one you see before you is The Overlord. My mind and body were destroyed after the attack on my castle. I am not nothing more then a fractured mind. I am here to reconcile. Please know I am not the man I once was and have decided to begin anew. I-"

>Silva: "Shut it."

She walks out of the cave, completely unharmed.

>Silva: "Lost all your powers and stuff huh? Great. Killing you will be all the easier."

With a wave of her hand four dark purple crystals lift off the ground and float around her.

>"This is for kicking my ass and leaving me trapped in That Room for a week!"
No. 348612 ID: 418acf
File 131597932055.png - (132.76KB , 800x433 , 192.png )

=Boss Battle Started=
Placement Phase, Limit 5
Hp Automatically Displayed.
Scan Disabled.

>Silva: "Let's try to make this fight as long as possible."
No. 348614 ID: 35e1a0

us, ruby, rose, em, kas.
No. 348618 ID: e3f578

Woman, for god's sake, your practically attacking just a reincarnation. No justice can be done, other punks got to him first. He's dead, there's no changing that. Really just using his damn fragmented body and resources here. Shit, call the New overlord Bob for all we care, he ain't that overlord since that personality is fucking dead.

Your grasping at straws for revenge that can never be sated. You want to kill the real old overlord? Find some weirdass time and space magic, bring that guy back and fight him.

Now if you'd admit that your just attacking whatever because your pissed off and want to attack random things or symbols of the old dead guy, okay, yeah we get it let's do this thing. And if this fight lasts long, bitch, we are going to argue semantics the entire fucking time while kicking your ass, do you have any idea how annoying that will be to you?
No. 348623 ID: f29f63

...you know, I figured we would have to fight either her or her persuers. That didn't bug me. Being whined at and treated like a peon? Happens to everyone. But interrupting our little monologue?

I saw we kick her ass in record breaking time, enslave her, and make her wear a paper bag over her entire body with the words 'Bitch Queen' on it. She'd probably like the naked treatment.
No. 348625 ID: e3f578

shit forgot units
Ruby, Emily, Rose, you, and Len with the last four in front, put ruby in back
almost want to bring Nyx into this
you know, just for her reaction. She'll shit her goddamn pants.
So replace Nyx with Rose if you want that. It'll probably be enough shock to stun her for a few turns because why the fuck in the world do you have such a unit
No. 348628 ID: 1854db

SIGH. What a surpriiiiiiiise.

Emily, Ruby, Lenion, Kassandra... Crap, gotta choose between Alice, Overlord, and Rose. Alice is low loyalty and wouldn't really behave properly here. Overlord might have issues with being focused on because we are fighting someone that hates him, and Rose risks permadeath here.

...gonna go with Overlord, we can just hang back and shoot.
No. 348630 ID: f29f63

Also, little question/idea. Would the potion of corruption work on the battlefield? Because I am pretty sure Silva is one of the few people who I'm sure would benefit from a force attitude adjustment.
No. 348631 ID: d97c6d

Supporting this set-up.

We need the overlord in the fight to enslave her, so we definitely want him in.
No. 348634 ID: 722dec

Just curious, but isn't Rose busy farming with Alice right now?
No. 348636 ID: af7656

Me thinks that we should focus our attacks on the crystals before engaging Silva herself. Take out the closer crystal on the left, maybe blast a ranged attack at Silva to test her defenses (aim for the black orb-thingy in her chest maw).

Use her short temper against her by keeping her talking and distracted, "Sorry love, but no can do. I've got bigger fish to fry than some old fling of my past-self. And really? You declined a heart-felt apology from a floating eyeball? No wonder the old me kicked your ass and dumped you, you're a huge bitch!"
No. 348640 ID: 418acf
File 131598393987.png - (151.29KB , 800x433 , 193.png )

Units placed.

"Sorry love, but no can do. I've got bigger fish to fry than some old fling of my past-self. And really? You declined a heart-felt apology from a floating eyeball? No wonder the old me kicked your ass and dumped you, you're a huge bitch!"

>Silva: "W-what!? Fuck you! I will end you right here and now! I was going to go easy on you but no! First I'll kill all your little servants then you're going down!"

Your move.
No. 348641 ID: 07416a

Break the crystals. Set piece emplacements are bad. Do it at a range in case of explodo.
No. 348642 ID: f70e5e

have the overlord shoot on of the dark crystals. they are going to do something and i don't want that to go off when we are next to them.
No. 348645 ID: 1854db

Ruby, join me in blasting the crystal on the right.

If the crystal doesn't violently explode:
Lenion, Emily, destroy that crystal on the left. Kassandra, improve Emily's accuracy.

If the crystals are explodotraps:
Lenion and Emily should move towards the center of the field, keeping away from the crystal on the right.
No. 348652 ID: af7656

Quickly, use some acting skills to stop her from harming our lovely minions!
"My Dark Lords Silva, could you try to be a little more creative with your strategies than a mentally impaired child? Seriously, killing and going after my servants first IS going easy on me, you tart. Have you forgotten that I am STILL the biggest threat on any battlefield and that I am STILL an amazing genius? 
No. 348686 ID: 1854db

No, we have 31. Stop being wrong!
No. 348693 ID: b1f0e2

The problem is that THIS IS TRUE so we shouldn't say it. Also remember we have 31 HP. Rose and emily have 69 and 68 respectively.

I do not think she is going to "harm our lovely servants" any more then the dozens of battles we put them through where they took HP damage.

And she is just level 6. Lets aim at taking her down and then slaving her :P. (although being a boss she can still be a tough fight so lets not underestimate her)
No. 348695 ID: 40cb26

Have Emily move and attack that crystal, have Kass cast +Def on Ruby as she blasts the one on the right. We move in line with Silva and shoot her.

If Emily destroys the crystal, which she should, Lenion moves right one and up 5 with a double move. Otherwise move her forward and attack it as well.
No. 348697 ID: 1854db

Rose isn't in this battle! We have Emily and Lenion for hp sponges. Lenion has 95 hp.

Again, stop being wrong!
No. 348769 ID: 4a8479

The crystal are the priority. I don't know what they do and don't want to. The sooner they're in pieces, the better.

Be careful tough, concentrate fire and destroy the first on the left with ranged attack only. We never know, the damn thing could explode in our face once destroyed. Boost Ruby's accuracy to be sure that she doesn't miss too.

This is a boss fight, don't take unnecessary risks. Play it defensively for now by putting the meat shields in front and telling to focus on defense while we and Ruby attack at range and Kass buff/heal us up.

As for Silva, the hours I'm available for Questing seem to be at odd with the update schedule, so I'll give my plan right now.

Enslave the bitch then force feed her the loyalty potion. Once it's done, lock her up in a workroom and have her built us a standing army of doll type constructs.
No. 348784 ID: 510737

let's mess with her head as we fight, keep pushing the "huge bitch" bit, that seemed to get under her skin quite a bit. if she's angry she won't be thinking strategically.
No. 348791 ID: dd4c5c

The way those crystals are set up, I expect something to happen BETWEEN them rather than around each one individually. I am reminded of that time mage's spell circle more than anything.

I wonder if these are Dark Mana Crystals.

well no, it wasn't the "huge bitch" part exactly, it was the undeniable logic we threw in her face to CONCLUDE that she is a huge bitch. Of course, if infuriating her is your intent, simply singing "huge bitch" over and over again would probably do the job. Seems kind of petty though. For style points, I would prefer further cunning dialog.

>Enslave the bitch then force feed her the loyalty potion. Once it's done, lock her up in a workroom and have her built us a standing army of doll type constructs.
All inevitable moralfag arguments aside, the loyalty potion's primary ingredient is Silva's Wine. It is not unreasonable to worry that Silva may be resistant to its effects. Recommend we explore all alternative avenues before attempting such a plan.
No. 348815 ID: 418acf
File 131603790341.png - (161.93KB , 800x433 , 194.png )

Everyone moves into position to attack.
Lenion and Emily attack the nearest crystal. Lenion misses but Emily slashes it twice destroying it.

>Silva: "Nnn!"

Silva seems to have taken 25 DMG.

Ruby casts Fire on the top left crystal. Overlord fires at it but misses.
No. 348818 ID: 418acf
File 131603803280.png - (153.92KB , 800x433 , 195.png )

Silva moves closer to the group.
Suddenly her top half disconnects and moves even closer.
She slashes at Lenion dealing 17 DMG
No. 348822 ID: a2fa74

Everybody take a crystal and start bashing!
Kass, keep people healthy.
No. 348823 ID: f70e5e

oh i see. shes using the crystals as a power source. probably to compensate for how weakened she is. something tells me attacking her directly would not be a good idea. next turn have ruby cast fire twice on the undamaged crystal in the back. have kasandra cast accuracy up on the overlord and have him shoot the damaged crystal. that will either destroy it or put it close to dead. use our close combat people to contain silvas top half for now and do not approach her bottom half. for all we know it can move and attack on its own.
No. 348825 ID: 4aea21

Goading her into doing something stupid? OK. "Going easy? It's as if you learned nothing from your time with my past self. Mercy in a fight to the death is pure disrespect."

And then put on as smarmy an expression as we can without a face.

"And you know what? I think I'll be the one going easy on you. As you are now, you're not even worth the effort."

Of course, we aren't actually going to give her any slack. Fuck her up. Still, keep an eye on those crystals. We definitely don't want to pass them without knowing what they do.
No. 348826 ID: 4a8479

Okay...use or Emily and Lenion to try to box her in while Kass suport them with buff and healing.

While they keep her occupied, we should shatter each crystal with Ruby's help. Also, try to keep Ruby, Kass and ourselves outside of Silva's range.

No matter what, don't split up. Everyone each start to attack a different target, it's going to take forever. Better to focus the damages on one target at a time.
No. 348827 ID: 4aea21

Boxing her in seems ineffective. She's currently in a space that should be inaccessible... two sides out-of-bounds, two sides our units. So she can probably fly away.

Similarly, "outside of her range" seems sort of infeasible. Her legs moved 3 last turn, and then her torso 5, through one of our units.
No. 348830 ID: dd4c5c

I think shes in the square straight above that one, in front of Lenion. Its hard to tell with no feet, but looking at where the slash is is clearer. I mean its certainly possible she CAN fly around, but no evidence yet.
No. 348833 ID: 936083

Lenion: moves next to Silva's lower body and whips left crystal
Overlord: to Lenion's current position shoots at the right crystal
Emily: moves to beside Silva's upper body
Ruby: double cast fireball on far crystal
Kass: accuracy+ to Ruby(if it affects fireball) or Overlord

Optimizing crystal attacking and Silva blocking.
No. 348834 ID: 40cb26

Ohoho, breaking one of her four crystals takes off 1/4 her hp? I doubt we could damage her at all, so let's break those crystals!

First Kass should cast +Def on Ruby, who in turn needs to move right and doublecast fire at the crystal there. Did she not get her staffs benefit last round?

I wonder... we can't box in her top half but if we surround her bottom that might limit her range. Not terribly useful but it can keep her from getting to Kass. I think she is limited to 3 squares from her upper form or she would have hit someone with less hp (i.e. everyone else).

So have Lenion move 2 squares forward and one right and whip the crystal from there while blocking her side. We double move 5 squares to block her base from moving forward and stop her from reaching Kass. Emily moves 4 right and two forward, putting her next to the crystal Ruby is attacking. That will block her base from getting closer to Ruby and let her finish off the crystal next round or to attack the one in back.
No. 348837 ID: d97c6d

Lenion: Move right and up a space.
Emily: Move to where Lenion was.
Kas: Charge and cast +Accuracy on Overlord.
Overlord: Attack the crystal you just missed.
Ruby: Charge and cast fire on the crystal to your right twice.

We need to start remembering to tell Ruby and Kas to charge when they don't need to move. They only have so much MP.
No. 348839 ID: 35e1a0

what happens if we hit her legs?
No. 348844 ID: b1f0e2

Beyond the obvious (destroy crystals to win). It appears that crystals have between 18 and 34 HP, and have a fairly high def value since we miss more then I would like.

I am curious if we are missing out on a hidden reward (the crystals) by destroying them rather then defeating her the hard way (damaging her without destroying crystals).

Cleric cast +accuracy on overlord.
Overlord attack top left crystal
Ruby: charge and attack top right crystal (she has the range to hit it from all the way back).
Lenion: attack silva.
Emily: Move towards the bottom right crystal
No. 348846 ID: d97c6d

The crystals have normal defence (that is to say, none). Lenion and Overlord just got unlucky. (On a minor note, Overlord apparently can't accidentally hurt himself with his blaster.)
No. 348856 ID: 1854db

We need to keep our squishies away from her. Especially Ruby, since if she dies we lose the staff!

Ruby can stand in place and cast fire, TWICE this time, on the crystals within her range. Lenion should move one square to the right and whip at Silva, while Emily should move to where Lenion was and slash slash. Overlord should move next to Lenion and shoot whatever crystal is available for shooting at.
No. 348858 ID: a2fa74

Lenion: Lift Sylva's legs and throw them away from our squishies.
No. 348859 ID: 1854db

Oh, and I support Kassandra casting +defense on Ruby.
No. 348860 ID: 0ae1f2

You know what, how about we throw her legs at the damaged crystal, and if said crystal is not destroyed by the impact, fire the Overlord's blaster at t.
No. 348876 ID: bd7cc2


But what if that just combines the legs and crystal into a stronger monster?
No. 348918 ID: 418acf
File 131606253525.png - (152.87KB , 800x433 , 196.png )

Everyone moves into position and attacks!
Emily and Lenion box Silva in.
Kassandra casts +Accuracy on Overlord.
Overlord fires at the crystal in front of him dealing 10 damage to it.
Ruby double casts fire on the crystal to her right destroying it.
No. 348919 ID: 418acf
File 131606255133.png - (156.28KB , 800x433 , 197.png )

Silva twirls around and slashes Emily and Lenion dealing 20 DMG to each.
Silva's lower half moves beside Lenion and strikes for 15 DMG
No. 348923 ID: 3fd4fb

Emily and Lenion weren't able to damage Silva? Is she immune to damage, or what? Did they fail to actually attack?

Well, whatever. Kass should throw heals at the injured people, Overlord blasts the damage crystal and hopefully destroys it, Ruby double-fires the last remaining crystal, and Emily/Lenion either smack Silva or... I don't know, can they go on defense to take less damage when she attacks them again? Is that a thing people can do?
No. 348924 ID: f70e5e

if ruby has enough mp to double cast again she can take the far crystal on her own. then we shoot the damaged one and it will probably break. I think we can end this now.
No. 348926 ID: 40cb26

Alright! Ruby move 3 squares right and double blast that crystal in back, Lenion move and whips the other one, Kass puts +def on us and we blast the other crystal as well. If it still isn't broken we move to box in the bitch in again and Emily stays there.

Her health seems directly tied to the crystals, attacking her either wouldn't work or cause problems. Those crystals are clearly a major part of the trap she set for us so why fall into it?
No. 348928 ID: 1854db

(whoever said not to attack her directly had the right idea, just so you know)

Kassandra, move 3 spaces up-right and cast Defense on Overlord to keep the two Silva halves from ganging up on him and breaking our floater in one round.
Ruby, move 3 spaces up-right and doublecast on the far up crystal.
Overlord, move to directly down-right of the legs, and shoot at the left crystal.
Emily, move 3 spaces up-right to block the legs from attacking Ruby/Kass along with overlord.
Lenion, walk over and whip that crystal on the left.
No. 348930 ID: d97c6d

Kas, charge and cast +Accuracy on Overlord. Overlord, blast the crystal again. Ruby, move over three spaces and double fire the last crystal. Emily and Lenion, you two rest to recover hp.
No. 348934 ID: 418acf
File 131606469310.png - (156.69KB , 800x433 , 198.png )

Once in position Ruby double casts Fire on the top right crystal destroying it instantly.
Overlord fires again at the top left crystal and destroys it.

Silva looks around in shock

>"H-how... So fast.."
No. 348936 ID: 418acf
File 131606478057.png - (137.78KB , 600x500 , 199.png )

The crystal fragments hit the ground and turn into red dust.
Silva's two have snap back together and a black liquid begins bubbling up from her skin. She lets out a loud scream as the liquid steams forth from every pore on her body.
No. 348939 ID: 418acf
File 131606488522.png - (87.92KB , 600x500 , 200.png )

When the liquid clears Silva is more... Compact then she was before.

>Y-you bastard... I will end you! You will rue the day you messed with Silva the Wicked!"
No. 348940 ID: 35e1a0

No. 348941 ID: f29f63

...hehe..heheheh. Oh if the irony right now was clothing, we could dress a hundred hipsters.

Enslave her. No amount of money is worth an golden opportunity like this
No. 348942 ID: f70e5e

is she really worth the trouble enslaving her would bring? she would be more than just another fighter since she knows how to make golems and the whole Silvias wine thing, but shes even worse than we used to be. not to mention she really, really, really hates us.
No. 348943 ID: 40cb26

Enslave the bitch. That is nice money though. Oh well.

Let's take her back to the castle, and we'll talk about old times~
No. 348944 ID: d97c6d

Enslave, of course. That's what we came here for, after all.
No. 348945 ID: 3fd4fb

Definitely Enslave. Aw yeah.
No. 348946 ID: 1854db

Oh, no, I don't think that will happen, Silva.

You see, I have a certain potion that would ensure your total loyalty...

No. 348952 ID: 0ae1f2

Enslaving anything with her talents is a definate must.
"Well, if you won't listen to me right now, I'm sure you'll see it isn't so bad after a few "drinks".
No. 348953 ID: 0c97ee

Enslave, that wine alone makes it worth it. Perhaps we could make that potion at a discount with the primary ingredient in out hands. Plus the existing deal for a bottle is of high value to us.

In addition to the wine, she is both a source of knowledge about who we use to be and another potential redemption...and a bit of revenge if she is set on being a bitch to us.

In all, is ALL that really worth just the 250G we would get otherwise? we could grind for that amount easy.
No. 348954 ID: f70e5e

i'm still on the fence, and frankly its less the money and more the treachery that's' making me hesitate. also keep in mind shes likely immune or resistant to corruption potions. not to mention using that sort of thing is a classic example of the fist step down the slippery slope.
No. 348955 ID: 418acf
File 131606675269.png - (97.64KB , 515x414 , 201.png )

You decide to enslave your old partner in crime.

She lunges at you but Alice and Emily quickly restrain her.

No. 348956 ID: 3fd4fb

"That's nice. Come along, now, we have things to do and places to be other than this wasteland."
No. 348958 ID: 1854db


Request... the potion of corruption. We shall show it to her before we use it. Perhaps that shall put enough fear into her to change her loyalty... but we will probably just have to use it on her.
No. 348959 ID: 35e1a0

poke her floaty orb thing that floats between her halves. for the lols.
No. 348960 ID: 40cb26

Haha oh wow, her loyalty is NEGATIVE INFINITY! Pull out the corruption potion, and put it at her lips. Even as hateful as she is it'll be more fun to try to bend her to our will first.

"You will behave, or you will be made to behave. Understood?"
No. 348962 ID: 0c97ee

"Bluh-bluh, huge bitch...if your quite done, we'll go now."

Then lets check the cave, see if she has any of that wine stored away.
No. 348963 ID: 6e44d2

You guys have style. I like it.
No. 348967 ID: 418acf
File 131606899511.png - (80.35KB , 529x500 , 202.png )

You have Ruby hold onto Silva's legs and give Emily the Corruption Potion. She waves it in front of Silva.

"You will behave, or you will be made to behave. Understood?"

Silva's eyes go wide and you can see her lips shut tight. With a nod you have Alice clamp Silva's nose shut forcing her to open her mouth to breath.
Emily pushes the potion into her mouth without letting any of the contents spill into her mouth. Silva seems genuinely terrified of the potion.

"Will you listen to me? Will you serve me?"

>"F-f-fuck you..."
No. 348971 ID: f70e5e

guys, are we really about to forcefully alter someones personality for our own gain? killing her would probably be more humane.
No. 348980 ID: 40cb26

Well we won't get anywhere with her otherwise. Our other options are killing her and letting her go, which is wasteful and dangerous respectively. Tell her you wish you still remembered the time they were together, but you've become new person since then. And now, so will she.
No. 348985 ID: d97c6d

Need I remind you who made the potion's key ingredient? Normally I'd agree with what you're saying, but the sheer irony of it makes it alright in my book. (Also, hilarious)
No. 348986 ID: 35e1a0

look her in the eyes and say "i really do wish it wouldn't have to come to this. i mean, i don't even know why you are so mad in the first place. i know we used to hang out then i broke it off. but other then that, nothing."
No. 348987 ID: 252e1b


We really are, because she's too dangerous to let loose.
No. 348989 ID: 0ae1f2

Seconding force-feeding her the potion, also a speech on how she is powerless in the current situation, and while she was cowering in a cave we were building up our power, real power, and that she isn't helping herself by acting like a spoiled child who hasn't gotten her way.
I fully support this, particularly doing it for effect when she starts to struggle harder.
No. 348990 ID: 1854db

Stare at her.

"You remind me a little of how Alice acted towards me at first. Maybe I should wait a couple days before deciding... will you at least attack my enemies on the battlefield? Destruction is something you enjoy, right?"
No. 349007 ID: b8fde1

I wonder if she'll be able to make wine after the mind control kicks in
No. 349008 ID: b265bf

I'd have already force fed her, but whatever, this works too.
No. 349023 ID: 4aea21

Those aren't our only options. We could also just lock her up somewhere.

However, it doesn't seem like she'd be motivated by anything else. She wants to destroy everything, and she liked us when she thought we wanted to destroy everything. Thus it's not like letting her live will make her think any better of us.

And again, killing her seems wasteful.
No. 349037 ID: a2fa74

Voting no.
"I see the fear in your eyes, Sylva.
Luckily for you, the creature you hate is long dead, and I hold him with contempt as well.
I'll give you a few days to work things out."
No. 349051 ID: a2fa74

Wait, better idea:
Ask your minions what to do.
Explain that using a potion to rewrite somebody's personality is pretty damn evil.
Explain she's a demon of destruction who exists solely for the sake of destroying and killing.
Explain that she has remnant forces that are loyal to her wandering around, and that the fastest and easiest way to bring them under control is to have her tell them to stop.
No. 349066 ID: b8fde1

Ooh, lets see if the lady who'll trade us a crystal for wine thinks Silva is an acceptable substitute
No. 349071 ID: 4a8479

Silva is, from what I understand, a nihilistic evil bitch. There's no reason to NOT rewrite her personality to be utterly loyal to us. Killing her would be a a complete waste after all.

One thing tough, for the sake of our PR we shouldn't broadcast the fact that Silva is now one of our slave. That means no fielding her in battle against humans.

My vote would be to make her Styx's bottom bitch and have her churn out constructs soldiers to start rebuilding our mook army.
No. 349085 ID: 44766a

I think we should ask our minions.
No. 349087 ID: c8687a

feed her the potion
No. 349088 ID: b1f0e2

I mostly agree, but I would be weary of letting her craft a golem army. What if the fact her own wine is the main ingredient of the corruption potion lends her resistance and she makes them turn on us?

I say we should give her the potion, but only after a few days. I doubt she will submit but for the sake of science TM I wish to have a greater understanding of her personality before and after.
No. 349089 ID: 418acf
File 131608664159.png - (90.23KB , 454x442 , 203.png )

You turn to your minions.

"Well... What do you all think?"

>Emily: "I dunno~"
>Kassandra: "Uhm... W-well.... I... Whatever you t-think is okay..."
>Rose: "Do it, we need a cleaner."
>Ruby: "I say do it. She's a bitch anyway."
>Lenion: "...."
>Alice: "I say go for it."
Nyx: -drools goo-

You nod at Emily. She starts tipping the bottle into Silva's mouth. Silva's eyes go wide and she tries to closer her mouth but the bottle has already been pushed past her teeth.

>Silva: "I... I give!!! I'll do anything you say! Please just get that fucking potion away from me! Please!"
No. 349094 ID: a2fa74

Check how many stars she has.
If it's above -5 then you can back down and make her swear loyalty instead.
Otherwise, explain that she blew her trustworthiness by setting a trap baited with lies.
No. 349095 ID: b8fde1

Don't use the potion on her, we don't know what effects itll have on her powers and we need her for her wine
No. 349096 ID: b1f0e2

>but the bottle has already been pushed past her teeth.
Then how is she talking?

I say hold off. We can always use the potion later (make sure not to lose it!)
Make her swear loyalty for now.
No. 349097 ID: c8687a

use the potion on her
No. 349098 ID: e3f578

Pull it away
then pretty just much say you don't give a fuck about the past and how you acted and that she should start thinking that way to. It's better then sitting in a cave all day thinking about revenge.
Let's face it, she died the day you betrayed her and you died well, when you died. The difference is that she has her memories. tell her that. She'll listen now, at least, no dramatic shut up moment, no battle to pay attention to, and she's coming down from fear of the removal of personality. She won't have the energy to resist reason.
No. 349100 ID: 1854db

Tell Emily to stop and let her spit out the potion if any got in her mouth. Then we let her recover from the experience, and inform her that yes, she will be on cleaning duty while she is in the fortress. Outside the fortress, however, she will be fighting for us. She likes destruction, correct? She can destroy our enemies.

(Apparently the potion is like, the only way to get a Necromancer, by the way. I'd like to save it for that. Also, it's basically impossible to recruit an Angel without it, although it will turn them into a Greater Demon then... and possibly change their class, I dunno.)
No. 349101 ID: 138573

Feed her the potion
No. 349102 ID: 786012

Don't feed the potion, there'll be time for that later. I'm seconding >>349098 and, tentatively, >>349100.
No. 349103 ID: b1f0e2

Oh, idea.
Regardless on whether you feed her the potion or not, ask her first "why so apprehensive?"
We might get more info on exactly how it works
No. 349104 ID: f67259

Just use the dam potion
No. 349105 ID: 2ce97a

Well then, let's check her loyalty then.
If it's gone up by a decent amount, (at least enough that you think she'll behave) then get close to the base of the bottle, and let a drop or two trickle into her mouth, move away from her and give her some water to rinse out her mouth. You want to make sure she knows the price of disobedience, or inaction. After all didn't this person betray you and initiate the collapse of your former kingdom? And her nature strikes me as one that needs a bit of comprehension about the consequences of such acts.
If it hasn't, DOWN IT GOOOOOEEEEESSSS. You need loyal allies, and even if you don't remember who you were, one thing is clear, the fact that your army deserted shows that your previous self forgot that it is better to be both feared and loved by not only by your own people, but also by your enemies.
No. 349106 ID: 3357a4

For god's sake she is a evil pisicobitch, use the potion
No. 349108 ID: 5a8a4a

I say use the potion, she obviously can't be trusted
No. 349110 ID: 35e1a0

no potion.
No. 349111 ID: 368b4d

we should use the potion
No. 349113 ID: fe78b2

what they are saying, i mean just think about it, the reason she betrayed us is that she discovered our good intentions, if we don't use the potion she will just betray us again.
No. 349114 ID: 35e1a0

"then kneel and swear loyalty to me."
No. 349118 ID: ab18dc

use potion
No. 349119 ID: d9ac3d

Use it. No doubt, without it shevwould always be a liability. And it´s 3 yes, 2-3 maybe and no "n" votes by our minions. It would make us asking pointless if we don´t listen to them anyway.
No. 349121 ID: 3fd4fb

Use the potion. She can't be trusted, our minions gave their approval, and once she's forced into loyalty she can help us make more potions anyway.

She had her chance to promise to serve, and she answered with "fuck you". She doesn't get to change her tune once it's clear that we'll actually carry out our threats.
No. 349127 ID: a75970

I'm always in favor of a good mindfuck. Maybe you can make her your concubine afterwards, too.
No. 349130 ID: a26100

no potion. and don't make her kneel- it'll make her hate you even more.
No. 349131 ID: dd4c5c

I am having trouble thinking of a compelling reason not to give her the potion at the moment, other than MrTT's previously mentioned science experiment, but this still feels like there must be a better way. Just having her as another of our minions seems like kind of a waste. She used to be nearly our equal, right? An independent operator with an army of her own, and the source of an item so rare and valuable we were told it nearly qualifies as an artifact. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
No. 349138 ID: 40cb26

"You have to serve me. You have to want to serve me. Do you think you can manage that? I don't think you can."

Then loyalty check. If she has relented to a mere few negative stars, then fine we'll stop. Then we have her kneel and remind her that we are holding onto that potion just for her. The slightest unwillingness to follow any order and her will shall be revoked.
No. 349152 ID: e49a7c

Use the potion on her, then we can have her make the wine, which we will exchange for the dark mana crystal.
No. 349159 ID: 27820e

Check her loyalty and, as others said, only give it to her if she is still loyalty minus infinity.

Afterward, hand her over to Styx as her new bottom-bi...I mean "assistant".

If we didn't gave her the potion, then commence operation "Tough Love". Also, be sure to tell Styx to work her to the bone but to still remain fair and supporting. Let's see if we can induce Stockholm Syndrome.

That should be our motto with our elites minion: Harsh but Fair.
No. 349165 ID: 19bf63

Use the potion.
No. 349175 ID: 4bdd79

Let's not waste the potion. Just because we have Silva does not necessarily mean corruption potions are free.
No. 349194 ID: 27820e

True. Siva's Wine is ONE of the ingredient, not the whole thing.
No. 349195 ID: a2fa74

I wonder if having Silva would make the demonologist free...
No. 349196 ID: 3fd4fb

It occurs to me that Alice just explicitly encouraged us to ensure the loyalty of someone enslaved into our service through forcible mental alteration. I wonder how she meshes that mentally with her own continued reluctance to accept her place as a minion- or if she's bothered to consider its implications at all.

In any case, I think we can consider this a significant milestone on the way to the end state of having her be enthusiastically loyal.
No. 349199 ID: 308c9c

use potion
No. 349221 ID: 5d68fd


I agreed that we should check her loyalty meter are going up first. If not, make sure that Silva drinking all the potion and prepare to say...

Sorry Silva, you shouldn't have betrayed me
at the first place. Prepare to become my... BIATCH!!!

No. 349225 ID: 357b02

Just use the potion.
No. 349227 ID: 8b7065
File 131612429189.png - (136.31KB , 600x500 , 204.png )

You check Silva's loyalty again. It's still the same.

"Emily, do it."

Emily tips the bottle into Silva's mouth, it's terrible contents emptying out.

Once the bottle is empty Emily takes it out of Silva's mouth. She starts coughing and tries to spit out the potion.

>Silva: "You bastard! I'll fucking kill you! You're dead you hear me!? DEAD!"

Silva rips out of Alice and Ruby's graps and lunges at you once more. Before she can reach you she collapses onto the ground.

>Alice: ".... Did we kill her?"
No. 349228 ID: 40cb26

I doubt it could, probably just knocked her out. Her being loyal to us must take a big change.
No. 349229 ID: 6af537

Restrain her again.

If Silva lost consciousness and it doesn't look like she's going to get it back soon, this might be the time to casually inquire about >>349196. If, further, she doesn't wake up in a reasonable amount of time — 1 minute tops, then GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE before the lvl 34 decides to visit. Upon safe arrival at home, acquire Styx's help in securely housing and waking Silva.

Reconciliation, my ass.
No. 349232 ID: b6ae48

Huh, I wonder if the potion causes memory loss
No. 349233 ID: 19bf63

if it looks like she gonna be out for some long time, we should put her on a bed and let her rest, she is our minion now and we try to treat them well
No. 349235 ID: a2fa74

Say "That's a question for philosophers, isn't it?" as if you're feeling a bit distasteful about all this. Because you are.

Go to the demonologist and tell her you don't have any Silva's wine yet, but you DO have Silva. Then recruit her.
No. 349236 ID: d97c6d

No, I think she's just unconscious. That much hate is a bit much for even the corruption potion to easily deal with. Now let's get out of here before that level 34 decides to fight us.
No. 349237 ID: 1854db

Oh well, goodbye potion. We can buy another later I guess, when we have more money.

I doubt she's dead. Wait a moment. Perhaps tell her to stand up.
No. 349242 ID: e5bdda

yeah, drag her to the demonologist.
No. 349246 ID: 19bf63

yes brilliant let's tell everybody that not only is Silva alive she now works for us, this can't go wrong

P.S. I'm being sarcastic
No. 349248 ID: 6fa1ef

Let's get everyone out of there, including Silva. She'll wake up later, most likely. Let's not mention to the demonologist about getting Silva--we can wait until we've got a batch of that Wine, if she can still make it.

We should earn money for those barracks, since we'll be needing them soon. Probably the usual methods or going back to that Fun Fair Town with all the contests.
No. 349251 ID: a2fa74

>Tell somebody we have Silva
>immediately recruit them
No. 349254 ID: e3f578

"That woman was already dead, a husk of her former self."
No. 349256 ID: 6af537

Recruitment != enslavement; especially in the sense of not being guaranteed to succeed. I'm voting for information lockdown about Silva's fate.

And, to reiterate, get out of the lvl34's way ASAP.
No. 349257 ID: a2fa74

No. She was knocked down a bunch of pegs, but she was still the same person.
Now Silva the Wicked is dead in all but body.
No. 349260 ID: 3fd4fb

"I doubt it. If the potion would have been lethal to her, she would have said so to avoid dying rather than merely begging us not to use it. Let's go home."

Bring Silva.

That heavily depends upon how much personality change the potion actually induces. To demonstrate what I mean- if we were to leave before Silva wakes up, would she act differently than she did before? If so, how differently? At the very least, it's likely that her actions would be heavily based upon her former personality and methods; I don't think the potion renders people into completely blank slates, or it would be useless because it would destroy their skills.
No. 349261 ID: 1854db

Hey, let's not go home without checking out her cave.
No. 349264 ID: a2fa74

Right! Lets do that.

... THEN go recruit the Demonologist.
No. 349270 ID: 6a5a08

Have Kass examine body.
Search cave for Silva's Wine for Demonologist.
No. 349390 ID: 8b7065
File 131615349349.png - (68.79KB , 600x500 , 205.png )

She seems to still be breathing. You have Alice pick Silva up and go investigate her cave.
It's mostly empty save for a few food scraps.
You take everyone and return to the castle. Styx walks up to you to greet you.

>Styx: "Welcome back m-What the!? Is that Silva!?"

"Yes. I used to Corruption Potion on her."

>Styx: "Bring her to my chamber, now!"

You, Styx, and Alice, who's still carrying Silva, rush upstairs. Styx takes Silva from Alice and places her on a bed.

>Styx: "I wish you had brought her here before you used the potion. My Lord I should mention that whoever speaks to her first is the one she will be loyal to. Her memories will be gone, her mind an almost blank slate. You must choose your next words to her very carefully. She will still be as destructive as ever but your words can channel that fury into something more productive."

You hear Silva moan as she opens her eyes.

>Silva: "Huh...? Where am I...? Who are you..?"
No. 349395 ID: 35e1a0

"you are within my castle, i am the overlord. and before you ask, the reason you are here is to fight for me against my enemies."
No. 349396 ID: 07416a

"I am the overlord, your old lover. I have lost my memories... You contacted me asking for my help, but when I arrived you seemed crazed and attacked me!" Show her the letter. "I was just trying to help, but was forced to subjugate you to spare your life..."
No. 349399 ID: f70e5e

I am the overlord, your boss. you will fight for me as i try to make the world a better place and in return i will make sure you are never without someone to fight, and shield you from those we would slay your for deeds you cannot remember. You do not remember it but you have wrought great destruction upon the land and there are few who will not seek your death. However I understand what it is to wake up with no memory hated by all. I will judge you only by actions you take from this point forward.

we should avoid lying to her. the doll we have will tell her the truth about the past and if she catches us lying it will destroy her trust in us. lies of omission are about as far as we should push deception right now
No. 349400 ID: 35e1a0

reword your second sentence, i have no idea what you are saying.
No. 349403 ID: 3fd4fb

"I am your master, the Overlord. You are to act at my command, to keep safe myself and my servants from those who threaten us, and to destroy and subjugate my enemies."

Let's not muck around like this. Styx says to choose our words carefully- so choose words that will get the minion we want, not ones that confuse the issue by providing extraneous data about the past, our plans, or how we plan to treat her in the future. All she needs are basic directives to color her perception of the world and provide her with motivations to channel her personality and actions.
No. 349408 ID: 65294c

I like this. We should also say, "We too have fallen on hard times, seeing as we are just a floating eye and should stick together. We had our differences in the past, but we should stick together and become stronger together rather than apart. Also, we have one of your servants below. She can tell you more about who you are.

Last of all, I wish to apologize to you for any wrongs that I committed against you. I do not know if I was the one who betrayed you or you backstabbed me, but it doesn't matter now. I'm sorry."

We address her issues before they surprise us and I think we can get a squad leader/captain type character who can help if we need to hit two targets or farm gold.
No. 349411 ID: 35e1a0

what? she doesn't REMEMBER working with us! TELLING HER ABOUT THE PAST IS STUPID!
No. 349413 ID: f29f63

Well, here goes.

"I am the Overlord my dear Silva... or what is left of him. You see, we used to be companions when were at peek strength, but sadly we were tricked by a group of heroes who managed to have our army betray us and managed to leave us both in a weakened state due to their trickery.

It is a good thing I managed to get your letter in time.*show her the letter* From the looks of it, you suffered a bit of memory lost like I did.

Do not worry though, you are safe here. It's not much, but I am slowly rebuilding the old army from the ground up and hopefully try and fix this world filled with those would use such methods of trickery and deceit and build a better one.

What do you say, willing to help me for old times sake?"
No. 349419 ID: 6fa1ef

"I am your master, the Overlord. You will destroy whatever I order you to destroy or directly attacks us, and no more."

Everything else is potentially confusing the issue. We can explain more to her after those first words. I tried thinking up a different phrasing, but everything else left open too many possibilities for her to go on a rampage for our sakes (including "destroy our enemies").
No. 349420 ID: 1854db

Good point. I'll support that.
No. 349423 ID: 895fe6

I vote something like "Don't worry, you're safe now, though you may have experienced some memory loss. I am Overlord. You exist to serve me: to do my bidding and smite my enemies. Earlier today, you failed me, and fell in battle. Seeing as you've been unconscious for several hours and likely don't remember anything, you may consider your past forgiven."

You don't tell her any lies, you don't reveal too much information about her past, you establish that she is yours and exists for your service and provide a brief summary of what you expect of her.
No. 349424 ID: 6fa1ef

When our very first words're so crucial, it's best to be sufficient. Say only what we absolutely need to in order to establish mastery and bring her destructive urges under control.

And I believe establishing the idea of "enough" to be more important than virtually any other explanation we could give. That "and no more" might very well be one of the most crucial things we could say.

We can explain whatever we decide to once our control's been established.
No. 349425 ID: 51b9bd

Probably the best wording.
No. 349426 ID: 895fe6

Good points, all. I wanted to lead off with something like "you're safe," though, to give her a motivation to follow us beyond mind control: we bring her safety. Also, she has at least one non-destructive skill we would also like to harness, and I'm afraid that saying "destroy what I say, and no more" might get interpreted as "destroy what I tell you to but don't do anything else I tell you to do." It needs a "do my bidding AND" in there, or something similar.

I was also thinking that as she's naturally pretty destructive, adding something like "you've failed me once but you've already been punished" would make her naturally inclined to prove herself to you in the future.

So overall what I wanted to do was establish that she does anything and everything we tell her, because we're a protector figure, she failed us, and she wants to prove herself loyal again. You do have a good point about making sure she doesn't go overboard with it, though.
No. 349427 ID: f70e5e

gusy remember the silvias doll we have? it will tell her the truth if we lie to her. not to mention everyone in the tower knows what happened. if we lie to her the question is not will she find out but when will she find out. we are both powerful being that were recently brought low and had our memories removed. we can use that similarity to start building up a rapport.
No. 349428 ID: f29f63

Yeah, you have to remember she DOES have units loyal to her and she does have the ability to make that wine. Just destruction is bad. Very bad considering what happened last time she thought of just destruction.

We want her to think she owes us. That she isn't compelled, but desires to as a means to keep her pride intact. We do NOT want a mindless killing machine! After all, if we can reform her, not only would it look good to us, but it means the angels would have LESS of a reason to bug us. (we are making it so that people who could wreck the world don't want to.)

Either way, this is the exact situation we woke up in basically and while she was a huge bitch, I would rather see that bitch used in her full potential which means she can get her puppets to obey, she make silva wine, and that we don't repeat what happened last time.

We want to redeem ourselves? Then don't make her a killing machine/slave/ attack dog.
No. 349432 ID: 6fa1ef

Hmmmm. But I think most important of all is establishing the sense of self-restraint. Remember that this is a person who viewed not going on rampages of pure destruction as a betrayal to her. This isn't someone we can completely treat like usual. Any wording that doesn't address that leaves open the possibility of a repeat.

I actually would like to treat her more idealistically, but she isn't like everyone else we've recruited. She really needs a collar put on her destructive drives.
No. 349447 ID: 27820e

Do add "You will indulge in your thirst for destruction at MY leisure and MY leisure alone. NEVER outside of it. Understood ?" somewhere in your speech. Most likely at the end or something.
No. 349459 ID: 510737

I think this sounds like a good option.
No. 349469 ID: 3fd4fb

I agree that we shouldn't lie to her, but we can just tell her what her history is after we've given her the first few critical sentences which will set her new mind firmly on the path to being loyal. It's a matter of the order in which we tell her things, that's all. Now is not the time to discuss anything other than her minionhood.

I would like this to cover more than destruction, orders, and not going berserk, though. She needs some kind of guidance on what constructive activity she should be channeling effort into when left on her own; if we tell her only to follow orders, then she'd go crazy by being trapped into inaction. She needs a useful default action set.
No. 349482 ID: 2ce97a

Seconding these, 07416a has the right tone for this and New Guy's last three sentences are some very important information for her. At least trying to make her more responsible for any actions she will take should go towards changing the way she interacts with others... particularly when guilt is involved.
No. 349487 ID: 6fa1ef

We need wording specifically devised to address her destructive urges and rechannel them in a more productive manner though. Otherwise, she'll likely act up and potentially lose loyalty stars just for us not engaging in the kind of destruction she wants (leading to a repeat of the previous "betrayal" she saw us as making).

I'm okay with using different wordings than mine, but we really need to address that.
No. 349518 ID: b1f0e2

Too bad we didn't ask her what it would do before administering the potion like I wanted to.
It didn't ALTER her personality it completely DELETED IT. Most likely she also lost all useful knowledge, like that knowledge of making Silva wine and making golems. Essentially she is dead and what we have here is a new person in her body.

Not that she didn't need killing, mass murdering psycho that she was... But we could have gotten a lot more out of her.
No. 349519 ID: 35e1a0

not all of it. it reboots her memories about us. she knows how to do all her skills. but her name and face memories are gone. so she is still lvl5 with lvl5 skills. and making the wine is a special skill.
No. 349522 ID: b1f0e2

If that is true, then excellent.
No. 349557 ID: f29f63

Yup. It seems to be basic amnesia. She forgets her memories, but her base skills and personality are there.

Now, what do we know so far? She's a proud little bugger. Proud and violent. The proud part is what we should use to ensure she's loyal.
We have a letter with her name asking for help and trying make amends with us even though it was fake at the time. The history around her is pretty common knowledge; she'll find out sooner or later, but since it's common knowledge we can use that to our advantage. After all, people tend to obscure stories so the winners look like heroes all the time. In short, we make it so she knows the history, but make it seem we were both betrayed and tricked by the heroes instead of her betraying us. The only people who were there were Emily, Rose and Styx and I'm sure they would be fine following our plan.

Second; Making it seem like she is our slave won't work too well with that proud personality. Look at Alice. It took us forever and a half to get ONE star and Silva has at LEAST triple her pride and stubbornness from first glance. We don't want her to think she's forced to, we want her to think she wants to. We were her ally, we were both wounded and even in our state we came to her aid and rescued her. We have written proof and I'm sure our other minions would like to see her taken down a peg mentally when she realizes we saved her life and will help us there. Add it all together and her own pride that made it damn hard to relate to could be used to make her loyal based on the fact that:
1: We were allies in the past.
2: We were both harmed greatly.
3: Even in such a state, we responded to her cries and took her to a safe place.
4: Make her think that we did this out of our kindness(which we technically did)
5: Watch as her wheels turn as she realizes that she owes us so much that her own pride would REQUIRE her stick by her side. Life for a life and such.
No. 349562 ID: ffd2b2

holy shit, the letter. you guys are geniuses. I support showing her the letter. we should tell her we found her like this.
No. 349567 ID: 1854db

Guys. No. That is dumb.

She is slaved to our will. Complete loyalty, as is the entire point of the potion. No facts about her past will make her more loyal. What we are doing now is establishing her focus. Showing her the letter and talking about her past will just muddle the issue. And that's bad.
No. 349571 ID: b1f0e2

I agree. Don't show her the letter

Voting for this phrasing
No. 349578 ID: f29f63

..Really? After all that talk about how we should try to redeem yourselves and you want to turn her into nothing more than a tool? The whole erasing her personality issue and you go along with not giving her any purpose other than to kill? THIS is the sort of thing that calls the Angels on us.

Also, didn't you stop to think there is more to the words being key other than what her purpose is? Such as why she is loyal to us? Yeah the potion is pretty strong, if it keeps her personality intact, it's most likely a suggestion base potion. That means that while she will be loyal, what we say in these first few moments is going to cement how well it sticks. We give her reasons to be loyal to us and they will stick a lot easier. We just say do this and we may undo the entire thing.

We want to have her know why she is loyal to us. Why she wants to be loyal to us. Why she would still want to be loyal to us down the road. We do it right, and even if hundreds of her dolls show up with her photo album and stories, she would stick to us anyways.

Beside, remember why our army left us in the first place, because they were either not loyal, or saw no reason to be loyal. So... lets give her an ACTUAL reason to be loyal other than 'I'm the boss and I say so!'
No. 349583 ID: 1854db

No, seriously. It is complete loyalty via a magic potion. It doesn't matter how your personal magic system would work like. Suggestion potion my ass. It costs 1000 gold for a reason. That reason is complete loyalty. Think of it as unbreakable mind control, if that helps you understand what 'complete' means.

Whether or not she is merely a tool will be defined by how we treat her after we focus her fury in a constructive manner. Which is what we are doing right now.
No. 349606 ID: b1f0e2

exactly. We already broke her. We shouldn't confuse her with all this history stuff.
However, we should treat the new her well. I presume that she will start out with 3 stars but can go up or down on loyalty from that.

Actually, why even focus on her destructive tendancies? shouldn't those be gone? and if they aren't gone then still we shouldn't mention them.
Just as showing her the letter is not a good idea, neither is telling her about her past as a destroyer.

A simple "Hello Silva, how are you feeling?" would suffice and be the best starting point.
No. 349621 ID: 6fa1ef

Re: destructive tendencies:

>"She will still be as destructive as ever but your words can channel that fury into something more productive."
No. 349623 ID: 6a5a08

No. 349636 ID: 1854db

Oh lawl. You know we can see your ID, right?
No. 349640 ID: 35e1a0

i agree,
you just earned a negative vote for seconding yourself.
No. 349644 ID: 715620

>Seconding yourself


-1 vote on that idea.
No. 349650 ID: d6fdce

>Gets caught up after bunch of surprisingly early quizzes in college
>Mindfucking in thread/story
Way to keep it classy tgchan
No. 349668 ID: 53859d

I agree, let's go for the "Show her the letter", play the "You had gone crazed and attacked us, and we were forced to take you in to give you a chance to recover." This way, any amnesia makes sense, it's a plausible excuse, and one that we have hard evidence behind (Even if the evidence was intended to be fake, she doesn't know that she intended this).

It's a good plan, makes the best use of our resources, and gets us someone /Wanting/ to work with us, as opposed to a chancy mind-rape that might be reversed at a bad time (Which is almost certainly.)

Remember, the reason Evil Overlords tend to lose is because they're too quick to play around with Mind Control, and when someone figures out a way to counter it, all of their elites turn against them. We need to bind them to our will from loyalty, and not sorcery.

The potion in this case was necessary, as it gives us a /Chance/ to win her loyalty. Do not go further then that, or I guarantee it'll either backfire, or she'll lose that which made her so useful to us in the first place.
No. 349673 ID: 3fd4fb

>This way, any amnesia makes sense, it's a plausible excuse
One of our minions is going to tell her that we used a corruption potion on her sooner or later. They'll probably tell her that she was a huge bitch and hated our guts, too. We're not going to be able to keep that a secret in the long term; therefore it is utterly stupid to even try a different excuse for her amnesia or claim that we will somehow win her loyalty through deception.

Better to not make any secret of it, and trust in the mind control to hold anyway. It's honestly not that much different from what we've got on all our other minions; just the difference between "yeah I enslaved you, now do what I say" and "yeah I enslaved you and rewrote your personality so that you'll go along with it, now do what I say". Both are pretty horrific violations of their person by any objective standard, but fuck it, we're an evil overlord and are powering through with 'em anyway.

All she needs is orders that will channel her destructive personality constructively. That means not attempting to block it off with "don't hurt things without orders" or similar, and not messing around with reasons and history. Something like "protect me and my servants", which will leave her constantly on guard against threats or engaging in defensive projects, maybe.
No. 349676 ID: f70e5e

this isn't programming a robot here. this is the start of a working relationship with someone whose mind we just reset. we don't want to be giving her basic directive we want to start forming a good boss/employee relationship. this is about making a first impression not setting the basic operating directives of an antomoton
No. 349686 ID: 1854db

No, it is basically programming a robot. That is what Styx told us. What we say now will define how she behaves. It's mind control. How many times do I have to say it? Are you that dense or just trolling?
No. 349696 ID: f70e5e

she said the next one she speaks to will be the one she will be loyal to and to choose our next words with care. there is more than one level of mind control, and if it leaves enough free will to leave a worthwhile minion this is more like a first impression than programming a robot.
No. 349700 ID: f29f63

I agree with new guy on. This. In fact, I agree with most of the giving her a reason to like us. The majority have reasons behind them and all I here from the tool side is either that the other side is stupid or it's too complicated.

Unless you can provide a statement that can actually give reason for us to choose your way, we will likely try to take the good path and NOT make her a useless tool.

Heck here's the pros and cons I see in both sides;
Use potion to make Silva indebted to us/like us naturally.
Pros: Has her act more natural. First thoughts are not of violence which can make keeping her under control easier. Redeeming her would get us major brownie points when she is ready. Silva wine and her vast army of dolls joining us. If she truly likes us, if she regains her old memories back, she will stick to us out of respect.
Cons: May muddle things, may not make her a super killing machine. Takes time.

Making her a tool path:
Pros: We get a level 5 dancer as our attack dog. Will follow only our orders.
Cons: World may see that in a bad light. Silva's army may not obey a attack dog. She may not be able to make wine since she will only focus on destruction. If she breaks free, she will go right at us. Seeing someone treated as a tool may lower loyalty among the more good aligned members. She is weaker than most of our front liners right now. May cause her to revert back to what she was like before.

By all means, tell me how making her a tool will help us and tell us exactly where Styx says she is a complete blank slate. Last I checked, violent tendencies are not one of the signs of a blank state.
No. 349702 ID: 1854db

>"You must choose your next words to her very carefully. She will still be as destructive as ever but your words can channel that fury into something more productive."

I think this is very clearly stating that what we say now will define how she behaves.

Every single argument I've heard so far supporting telling her tales or trying to convince her to reform or whatever has ignored what we've been told about the corruption potion and what we're being told to do now. People are just making up their own interpretation of how the corruption potion should work and saying that it's fact. You are all wrong. We've been told how it works, and it does not work the way you think it does.

Stop being wrong.
No. 349705 ID: f70e5e

Could you explain exactly what you mean when you say we know how the potion works? I recall we were told the potion would weaken there will and make them more compliant when we asked how it worked, but styx was rather vague overall if I’m remembering correctly. if you can point at where it is said or suggested that the potion turns the drinker into a automaton we can go about working out how to best program her. but if not we should assume it acts as soft mind control (makes her like us but she is still her own person) rather than hard mind-control (she is now a robot who obeys us.) because if we are wrong about how it works and we act as if its hard mind control we damage her loyalty to us and make it harder to build trust in the future. if we are wrong and act as if its soft mind control we can imbed the basic operating principal o ”f focus your rage on our enemies” into the speech.
No. 349708 ID: 1854db

>Styx: "A corruption potion. It forcibly bends someone to your [will], giving them three loyalty. The one who drinks it loses their will to fight against you and will join your cause. It's only downside is that if it is used on any Holy people they will lose their class. Angels become Demons, Clerics become Necromancers. This one is free but each one from now on will cost you G1000. Use them wisely.."

I seem to remember Larro speaking of it in IRC as if it were stronger than just setting them to 3 stars of Loyalty though. He's changed elements of the quest before without saying so in the thread itself... Not major ones of course.

Anyway it doesn't matter. Whether it works as soft mind control or hard mind control... it's still mind control and right now we are specifying what the guidelines of the mind control are. I was never saying she would be a mindless automaton anyway. Within the guidelines, she will be her own person.

Perhaps you could say we are about to tell her what our 'cause' is so that she will 'join' it?
No. 349709 ID: f70e5e

I hate making big decisions like this when we are unsure of how a key element works. we can probly come up with something that will work regardless of how the potion works. something that is reaching out to her and starts by setting what she will be doing. how about something like this

I am the overlord. Your rage shall destroy those who would harm my followers or stand in my way. this bit is seting her new directive and can be altered to contain what we think would be the best core progaming. it just has to be worded to fit with the next bit

in return I shall protect you from those who would destroy you for unremembered deeds. You do not remember it but you have wrought great destruction upon the land and there are few who will not seek your death. However I understand what it is to wake up with no memory hated by all. I will judge you only by actions you take from this point forward.
this bit is if we still need to get a good working relationship going with her. it can be swapped out more or less interdependently of the first bit. this set up should get the best result regardless of how the potion works. just make sure the first and second parts don't clash to much.
No. 349711 ID: f29f63

Ok, that's more reasonable. So long as she is still a person, that part is not a problem to me.

The reason why I myself want the back story a bit is more so that she has something to cling on to. When one of her minions appear and asks why she joined up with us, she would have a clear answer. If they think we saved her, they would be a lot more loyal to us.

As such, we go with the story that she was with us before. This will cement us as someone she can trust if she dealt with us in the past. Tell her about the letter to show her that she wanted our aid and trusted us enough to ask for our help. After all, who else would she ask help from than someone who she could trust completely? After that, we can then establish the other things. Her skill, her duties, what she is capable of, the past from our view, ect.

We do it right and to her it would seem like we were just informing her of the most obvious stuff that she forgot. A nice easy transition that seems perfectly natural.

My example: Ah, you're up Silva. I am the Overlord, an old ally of yours. You called for my help and I responded. When I arrived, you were wounded and in a frenzy and I had to knock you. Don't worry, take your time to recover. You're safe here.

We show her the note to use as proof, then we ease her into her role. Saying she was in a frenzy when we tried to help would make her realize that her rage isn't exactly a good point and that we helped her after that would further aid that.

Well, does this seem like a proper compromise?
No. 349713 ID: a2fa74

"You don't remember me, your ex-lover?
Your obsessive compulsive destruction of everything finally bit you in the ass."
Then show her the letter
"By the time I rescued you you were mostly crippled and completely crazed.
You'll be safe here, and I'm going to help you get those urges under control."
Then turn around and start floating away.
"If you can't remember what you did to me, then I suppose I'll have to forgive you."
No. 349732 ID: 510737

I think this sounds like a good idea,it's all the truth but not telling her things that could bite us in the ass later..
No. 349766 ID: fd50a6


that reminds me; if Silva can't make the wine for whatever reason, we should ask Styx where she gets the potion from- obviously, someone's got access to the ingredient, and Styx has access to that person, and we have access to Styx.
No. 349827 ID: f29f63

I agree with seven. Let's do this.
No. 349896 ID: d97c6d

>It's only downside is that if it is used on any Holy people they will lose their class.
>Her memories will be gone, her mind an almost blank slate.

How the hell is that not a downside? Styx has some explaining to do once we're done dealing with Silva.

This sounds good, let's go with it.
No. 349904 ID: c1af07

keep in mind that she will be told exactly what happened between us at some point. also this is a terrible way to great her. no mater how the mind control works this will not get her to work with us at all.
No. 349915 ID: 40cb26

I think we should drop ex-lover bit, and the forgiveness thing. Instead keep it more vague.

I think Silva is effected more strongly because of her extensive experience with and hate for us. The potion needs to do far more to have its effect.

When we beat her fluid shot out of all her body, I'm assuming that was the wine or the main ingredient for it.
No. 349926 ID: 1854db

Okay, okay, guys. Look at this.

No. 349952 ID: c1af07

so something along the lines of i'm your boss, with maybe some other hints that we work well together then.

off the top of my head
" I am the overlord, your master. in exchange for your loyalty i provide targets for your rage and protection from those who would destroy you. "
No. 349954 ID: f29f63

So her memories are poofed, but her personality, skills and such are there.

Simple enough, we can easily just say we are old friends, she asked for our help, she attacked us while weakened and crazed and now she will work for us so she can repay us for the favor.

It does look like the potion makes them reason in their head that they should serve us, so physical reminders and links would have it make more sense to her.

After all, if she fought by our side before, it makes sense for her to fight by our side again.
No. 350073 ID: e85cf5
File 131637176220.png - (71.84KB , 600x500 , 206.png )

"I am the Overlord, your master. You are Silva, and you shall use your destructive powers to harm only those I say to harm and those who attack me or your comrades."

Silva looks at you still very confused.

>"O-okay... How did I get here? I don't remember anything."

"You and I had both been terribly wounded in the past. I had lost track of where you were until I received a letter from you."

Emily shows her the letter.

"I went back to get you but in a frenzy you attacked me. I had to use force to bring you down. Since you were out of your mind I will not reprimand you for such actions."

Silva nods, accepting the half truths.

>"Right.. Okay. Sorry my Lord."

Styx whispers to you.

>"Well done."
No. 350076 ID: eeb582

Get Emily to dispense a hug to Silva.

Can she remember anything about that wine making process? Any clues? What about construct creation?
No. 350079 ID: e3f578

I know you nearly died and that's a decent justification of your amnesia, but ask Styx if, before you were defeated, if someone used that potion on you. The circumstances seem too similar to be coincidences.

The first person that spoke to you was Emily, so if that's so, she's technically your Master, but she didn't use any words telling you to obey her and told you that she is your servant instead, so it got weirdly flipped.

I'm just saying, simple amnesia from near death seems to storybooky. Someone might have tried to control you.
No. 350082 ID: 40cb26

Get out of earshot of Silva and tell Styx that we want the wine collected as soon as possible, does she know how to extract it? Then go investigate the doll. If it is only an extension of Silva then it should have forgotten just as much and be loyal to us. However if it remembers... we may need to break it down for scrap. A pity but we don't want that kind of liability. If it is merely unresponsive then we keep it put away where Silva won't be near it.
No. 350093 ID: b6edd6

What do we want the wine for? What we want is her skill at making constructs.
No. 350096 ID: e0f4e0

We want the wine so we can trade with that demonologist for a dark mana crystal...or to recruit them.
No. 350097 ID: 700bab

ask Silva about what she equips and her skills and stuff. also ask her about the wine.
No. 350099 ID: 35e1a0

get the wine and we get the demonologist. also the price of more corruption potions drops.
and may as well bring in the doll and have them sort it out.

tell her that it's a bit mixed up because it went off after we were separated so it only knows what it THINKS was her will.
No. 350101 ID: 40cb26

That's nice and all, but there is a demonologist who wants the wine. She has the dark mana crystal we need to power our new body, and we should be able to recruit her as well.

We shouldn't ask her things we should already know the answer too. We can ask the demonologist instead.
No. 350107 ID: 1854db

Alright, we will need to get Lenion to order the doll to never speak of Silva's past to her. Or our past.

First thing's first we want to get that wine so we can get the Dark Mana Gem. Also possibly recruit the demonologist. So ask Silva about the wine.
No. 350119 ID: e85cf5
File 131637653737.png - (67.21KB , 572x384 , 207.png )

"Silva, I must ask, do you still know how to make your wine?"

>"What? Yeah of course I do, how the hell could I forget that?"

She seems to have recovered already.

She grips the ball connecting her two halves and squeezes it. A dark red liquid drips out of it. Styx grabs onto a cup and begins filling it. At about half full the orb stops dripping.

>Silva: "I'm out already!? Sorry but that's all for a few days or so."

You notice there is frost on the outside of the cup. Whatever the liquid is it seems to stay cold.

>Styx: "My Lord.. This small cup could sell for G5000."
No. 350120 ID: 1854db

Excellent. Next stop: demonologist.

Well first we tell Lenion to keep her doll's mouth shut about Silva and our past.
No. 350122 ID: 40cb26

Still cheaper than a dark mana crystal by half. Have Styx bottle that up and then let's go see that demonologist. Check on the doll first though I want to know it's current state.
No. 350124 ID: a2cd11

go get the dark mana crystal
No. 350125 ID: 700bab

newwwww bodyyyyyyy...
No. 350126 ID: e3f578

so I take it this isn't a concern?
Just saying, kinda worried here someone tried to control you. I mean, you weren't in the end, but I'm just a bit worried about something bigger than taking over the world, someone taking over you. Don't act like it can't happen again, no matter how much more loyal troops you can get and how much more acceptable you are to the public. If there's someone out there that wants you, they'll try there damn best to get you.
No. 350132 ID: e85cf5
File 131637815287.png - (87.51KB , 600x500 , 208.png )

You consider the possibility that you yourself may have been mindcontrolled. It's possible but such things are typically undetectable. There's no way of knowing if that was attempted on you.

You decide to take the wine to the demonologist instead. As you head out you check on Silva's Doll

>SD: "Yes my Lord?"

If you could smile you would. Things seem to have turned out better then expected.

You make your way back to where the demonologist was and see her examining some tentacle.
No. 350133 ID: e85cf5
File 131637824036.png - (107.33KB , 600x500 , 209.png )

"Miss Demonologist."

She turns to you.

>???: "Oh hey you're back."

"Yes and I have something for you."

You have Emily show her the wine.

>???: "Woah! You actually managed to get some! What do you want for it!? The crystal?"
No. 350134 ID: 1854db

"That is a possibility. Another is your service. I am in need of a demonologist."
No. 350135 ID: 785bc2

Ask for her services.
No. 350136 ID: 40cb26

Tell her we do need the crystal, but more than that we want her. Her and the crystal, in exchange for this wine and more later.
No. 350140 ID: a2fa74

"I would take the crystal in trade, yes, but I would like to expand the deal. You see, I happen to have very recently added Silva to my forces. If you join me then you'll have free access to the source herself.
We also have a health plan that includes dental.
Are you interested?"
No. 350141 ID: e85cf5
File 131637904288.png - (58.99KB , 600x500 , 210.png )

"Yes, we do need the crystal. However what we want most is you."

>".... Wait, you're not asking for 'that' kind of stuff are you?"
No. 350142 ID: 1854db

Uh... well, we wouldn't turn her down but that's not what we're getting at. Services as a demonologist!
No. 350144 ID: e3f578

"Miss, I'm a floating eyeball. My crotch was destroyed months ago. I may like harem's and, while I have no idea about what my past self thought of the whole harem thing, hell, I'll have to ask my older servants about that later, it's mostly for ego. My sex drive went with my body. I don't even think the new body I'm building with that crystal will ever bring that back."
No. 350146 ID: a2fa74

Continue without missing a beat
"No, Sadly, I'm not equipped for that anymore.
I mean I could use a Demonologist in my forces.
I recently added Silva to my forces, so you would be able to get her wine directly from the source. We also offer a health plan that includes dental."
No. 350147 ID: 40cb26

"...I wish to acquire your services as a demonoligst. I mean, really. I don't even HAVE- um look, give me the crystal, pledge your loyalty to me, and you can have more wine as well as a privileged position in my forces."
No. 350150 ID: 0d095c

"...I'm an EYEBALL. What do YOU think?"
No. 350152 ID: 700bab

"Not since I lost my junk along with the rest of my body. Jerk."
No. 350154 ID: e85cf5
File 131637998177.png - (65.43KB , 600x500 , 211.png )

"Miss I'm an eyeball, I don't even have the right... Look just come work for me as a Demonologist and you'll have all the wine you could want and so much more."

>"Oh okay then. I was just checking, I really wouldn't have minded. Alright then, I'll work for you."

-Demonologist Megan Nekkoh added to party.
Barracks needed ASAP.=
No. 350155 ID: 700bab

well? can we have the crystal?
No. 350158 ID: 35e1a0

okay, seems we are full up for now. have time to kill a few more things?
No. 350160 ID: bd7cc2


This seems to be a world where it's very hard to kill people but relatively easy to brainwash them. I wonder if anyone stays who they were for long.


If "that kind of stuff" means your skills at demonology, then yes! We're a floating eyeball, I don't think we can do much of what you might be implying.
No. 350161 ID: a2fa74

Ok, lets give the crystal to Styx, then start construction on a barracks.

... err... How much cash are we short?
No. 350162 ID: a2cd11

go get your body, then for testing it we can fight some bosses, we can get alot of money from them
No. 350164 ID: e3f578

Overlord, despite you lacking in the body department, sigh in disappointment that she wouldn't have minded if you did ask. You know, for man points.

You know, I don't think we've met many dudes out here. There was that one merc right? Did they become rare or something?
No. 350165 ID: 40cb26

Finally! Let's get our new body in order.

Then it's time for making money.
No. 350170 ID: 1bd01f

... So, does recruiting the demonologist mean we get the crystal, or does she get to keep it?
No. 350175 ID: e85cf5
File 131638117574.png - (84.96KB , 600x500 , 212.png )

She hands you the Dark Mana Crystal and follows you back to your castle.
Inside you have your other minions greet her. She's rather shocked at the assortment you have.

You leave Megan to chat with the rest of the group and go to Styx's chambers.

>Styx: "What can I do for you my Lord?"

"I have the Dark Mana Crystal."

>Styx: "!! Perfect! Come here."

-Class changed to Overlord.
New body gained.
Stats changed.-

>Styx: "There you go my Lord. For G100 I can keep upgrading it to make it stronger and even faster. Right now I'd say you're at level 3 in terms of your body. I could probably get it all the way to level 20 if needed."
No. 350177 ID: 510737

ask if eventually you can get a flight attachment or something.
No. 350178 ID: 700bab

uhh, no thanks. let's go get some money instead.
No. 350179 ID: 510737

also do a little dance now that you have limbs.
No. 350180 ID: 40cb26

Not bad. What about the sword and gun, can we use them like this? How about that dolls staff? If we can't make good use of those we might as well sell them off.
No. 350182 ID: 35e1a0

cannibalize your old body. have the blaster embedded in the forearm, left. and if the shield can work plug that in too.
No. 350183 ID: 1854db

Excellent. Now we can hug people and/or grab their butts.

Can we make facial expressions? Test out our most evil grin.
No. 350184 ID: 1bd01f

Make the eyeball into a golem
No. 350185 ID: a2fa74

Right now we need a barracks, so the upgrade to your body will have to wait.
Since we're going to want to recruit all the bosses, lets send people out to kill crap while we go back to those challenges. We can totally kick the champion's ass.
No. 350186 ID: 35e1a0

the eyeball was popped off the platform and plugged into this body's forehead.
No. 350188 ID: 40cb26

Also we need some classy duds asap.
No. 350201 ID: 1bd01f

Yes, we need an awesome hat!
No. 350208 ID: 40cb26

We look like a mage, and have an odd body so why not get some robes? Especially if we can use that staff, it'll make for a nice cover to our true nature.
No. 350209 ID: e3f578

So what's the next body tier, just asking. Like, when do we get flesh?
No. 350217 ID: 6a5a08

Let's go get money now so we can buy the barracks.
No. 350250 ID: b7f06d

Hugs, they must be dispensed to everyone IMMEDIATELY.
No. 350252 ID: b50e2a

Emily must be the first.
No. 350253 ID: 1854db

But we're right here with Styx right now, and she deserves a hug. I'm not sure we should be a hug-happy evil overlord though! That's kindof weird.
No. 350255 ID: 1bd01f

Lets compromise, call Emily in here and have a group hug.
No. 350259 ID: 3fd4fb

Hmm. You know, I think last time we did the whole inhuman-looking super combat body pretty damn well, and things still didn't work out. Let's try to avoid that archetype this time.

This time around, we should build our body to be more of a darkly handsome type. Less of a primary combatant and more of a... well, a lord, someone who is build to confidently lead others, to give speeches, to be charismatic and persuasive.
No. 350291 ID: b1f0e2

Agreed wholly.

We should look like a regal king not like a monster/demon. And we can still be deadly in combat by focusing on finesse weapons (powerful magic weapons) and/or magic.

That means no spikes.

Upgrading the body would be nice, but it will have to wait until we have at least built a barracks. Speaking of, we need to go farm some money to build a barracks.
I am thinking:
1. Barracks (300G)
2. Floating Device (1000G)
3. Body upgrade (100G)
4. Courtyard (500G)

Actually, can you ask styx what the courtyard actually does? Because it seems like quite a bit of change to blow on something that does nothing.
No. 350321 ID: b6edd6

How about some nice wizard robes? (Assuming we can get magic in this body, of course.) Those look fairly respectable.

I still want to go with that plan awhile back of having our body specialize in buffs and healing. (Yes we have a healer, but having reduncancy is useful in tougher fights, and more than one healer means we can have more than one squad fighting fully active if we need to.)
No. 350323 ID: b1f0e2

upvoting both suggestions.
No. 350330 ID: 51b9bd

Votin' for boobs and hair.
No. 350333 ID: f70e5e

if we go the caster route we will need to stay in the back and be supported. I would rather be up front shielding our minions. it might not be the best tactical move but it would be a morals booster to have us focusing on protecting our followers.
No. 350337 ID: f29f63

Why not do all the roles?

It's pretty obvious our golem body will have many uses. I mean, we could use a gun and a sword when we were just an EYE. We could likely get interchangeable parts for ourselves.

Hell, we DO have one! Remember the staff arm? I don't think we threw it out.
No. 350375 ID: 6a5a08

Seconding this.
No. 350377 ID: 786012

If I second a "seconding" post, does it make four votes?

Also, just hearing "golem body" reminds me of something... Anyone want to steal ideas from Mordre?
No. 350384 ID: b1f0e2

is it even possible? Typically in such games you want to specialize.

>Also, just hearing "golem body" reminds me of something... Anyone want to steal ideas from Mordre?
Mordre's golem powers are:
1. Eidetic Memory
2. Super-computer (calculates trajectory without error)
3. Consume enemy souls to become a god
4. Consume blood-iron for more magic
5. Consume metals to improve own metal
6. Have followers upgrade body
7. Use pristine souls (which are time magic shenanigans) to upgrade / do things.

That is a delicious list of powers but how are we going to get it? We already have 6, styx will upgrade our money if we get her the funds and later on the rare ingredients. But the rest seem to be beyond us.
No. 350391 ID: f70e5e

morde is on a much larger power scale than we are. though if we ever get our hands on a lighting mage we might be able to copy the magical rail gun idea. aside from that i can't think of anything morde does that it would be practical for us to try and copy.
No. 350394 ID: b6edd6

With protective/healing magic, you can protect your minions from the back.
In terms of underling PR, only a fool disrespects the party healer, boss or not.
No. 350413 ID: a7adbc

First thing's first. Get a barracks! What sort of leader fails to provide for his underlings in a normal situation? I'll tell you it's one that doesn't deserve the title! So get that barracks!
No. 350414 ID: 715620


>1. Eidetic Memory
Vaguely possible. It's something we can ask about from our tech girl. It depends on what controls our cognitive abilities - our 'grey matter'. If it's moddable, then we should shoot for this.

>2. Super-computer (calculates trajectory without error)
See point the first.

>3. Consume enemy souls to become a god
Depends on how souls work in this setting. Mordre was 'born' with this ability. We'd have to mod it in, if it's even possible.

>4. Consume blood-iron for more magic
We'd need to learn magic that affects magnetism to do this. Furthermore, blood in this setting may or may not be inherently magical.

>5. Consume metals to improve own metal
See point 3.

>6. Have followers upgrade body
Definitely doable - we just have to pay money for materials.

>7. Use pristine souls (which are time magic shenanigans) to upgrade / do things.
Almost gaurenteed as impossible. That was Mordre's signature special ability, he was built uniquely for it.
No. 350429 ID: b1f0e2

Also in terms of PR being the healer is best.
If you are the party cleric everyone else is your bitch.
No. 350432 ID: f70e5e

while i'm not against looking into researching magic that affects the soul, I suggest we hold off on trying to find a way to eat them for power. our plan right now does rely on convincing the world that we are not evil enough to warrant re killing. eating souls does not strike me as compatible with that.
No. 350631 ID: 8b7065
File 131650241562.png - (106.14KB , 600x500 , 213.png )

I wonder..

"Styx, can I also equip various construct parts?"

>"Actually my Lord you can. If you bring me any monster parts or construct pieces I can make items that you can equip. This Staff Doll Arm for example is in one piece so..."

She snaps the arm onto your body.

>"Using Dark Mana they'll fit onto your body."

"Perfect. Just what I needed."

Someone slams the door to Styx's chamber. You see Megan run inside with a bloody nose.

>"You have a fucking plaugespreader and SILVA THE FUCKING WICKED in your castle! And she punched me in the nose!"
No. 350632 ID: 35e1a0

"where did you think the wine came from? and i have been working on figuring out the plague-spreader for a while. kassandra will fix your right up. i am guessing she needs to vent though so we should go kill something."
No. 350633 ID: 1854db

Ask why Silva punched her. She shouldn't be doing that sort of thing.

In fact let's go check on her.
No. 350634 ID: 40cb26

"Oh really? I hadn't noticed. Go see the cleric to get that fixed up, and do try to avoid that little wine dispensary please. Especially do not talk about her past to her, it wouldn't do for her to know again what she has been made to forget about me."

"The plague spreader is an oddity I thought you could help me make useful. Cure, contain, transform, return her ability to reason, whatever. As leverage against others or power for myself, I trust you'll figure something out."
No. 350635 ID: d97c6d

"Yes, her name's Nyx. I plan on working on finding a cure for her once I have more resources at my disposal. Now, why did Silva punch you?"

On the subject of Nyx, finding out more about subclasses may help. Other kinds of subclasses, ways of acquiring them, limits on how many you can possess, things like that.
No. 350636 ID: 3bad4c

She's so cute when she's freaking out. I'd hug her.
No. 350637 ID: e3f578

I take it she squeezed her wine thing or started asking too many questions. Tell her to stop being dumb with people and learn tact next time.

Also ask if that accidental come-on earlier is still good, you're not a floating eyeball anymore. No not really, but ask Styx if your past self got a harem personal army for ego reasons, dudes are rare these days and we just use that term for an army now, or you actually liked to partake in hedonistic desires involving lots of ladies working under you. Because I'm curious.
No. 350641 ID: f70e5e

"I should probably have told you about Silva and nix, my apologies. i'm keeping the nix around to see if i can find a cure for her. as for Silva i am a believer in second chances."
No. 350648 ID: c44e0c

oh yeah, about Nix... know a method to cure her?
No. 350651 ID: 40cb26

We still lack that equipment. I think we always did.
No. 350652 ID: a2fa74

"I don't send Nix into combat, and I keep her here so I'll be able to research a cure. Yes, I am serious.
As for Silva, I'm giving her a second chance. I'll talk with her about the punch, but was it random violence or did you say something to her?"
No. 350654 ID: e3f578

Rose probably has something around that'll work on us like the arm, you know, if I was serious about that. Or Silva can make one. Whatever.
No. 350658 ID: 40cb26

>If you bring me any monster parts ... I can make items that you can equip
>monster parts
Oh boy.
No. 350661 ID: c44e0c


the good news is, we can probably equip like ten dragon dicks in the near future.
No. 350668 ID: 3fd4fb

"Silva isn't called 'the wicked' because she's good-natured; I would avoid giving her excuses or opportunities to punch you in the future. I'm sure that Kassandra would be willing to heal you, if you ask politely."

"As for Nyx, I am trying to figure out how to cure plaguespreaders- or at least I will be, once I have the funding to equip a proper laboratory. Things are still in disarray here at the moment."
No. 350669 ID: b1f0e2

Well I couldn't exactly turn them loose on the world I?
I am looking for a cure for the plague-spreader and Silva is going to do penance.
Lets get you all healed up and then I will order her not to hit you again.

Get cleric to heal her. Ask Silva why she punched Megan Nekkoh so we can solve the issue properly (most likely by ordering Silva not to attack your other minions).

Accuse Megan Nekkoh of being stupid and/or being at fault here before you know more.

Anything more then 2 is just excessive.
No. 350678 ID: 6af537

What for? Make a DragonSperm Gatling Gun?
No. 350681 ID: b6edd6

No. 350682 ID: d47ba2

No. 350684 ID: 6fa1ef

You know, this is just something incidental even if it kinda bugs me, but we might want to look into finding a way to get that arm to match our body better. Not exactly a high priority or anything, just saying.
No. 350696 ID: 40cb26

We get some robes and it won't be so noticeable. Also, black paint.
No. 350725 ID: 27820e

Let's try to diffuse that situation before something bad happen. And let's not accuse anybody before we have all the facts.

If Silva did attack her without any provocation, then be sure to remind her that she is to express her destructive tendency at our command and at our command alone and that we are very disappointed in her.
No. 350726 ID: 6ffbb3


yes. yes, to make dragonsperm gatling gun.
No. 350738 ID: 3fd4fb

>Silva is going to do penance.
That's pretty ridiculous. Silva isn't here to do penance, she's here because we wanted to enslave her so that she could provide us with her Wine and because she was opposed to us. Absurd moral posturing like this is pointless, hypocritical, and completely unnecessary anyway because Megan is a demonologist and associates with evil things for a living.

>then I will order her not to hit you again.
Silva is not a rabid attack dog that we keep chained up with orders to do no violence at all times. She still has most of her original personality- and if we demand that she constantly act restrained and never express her anger, she'll only end up incredibly frustrated and hate her life here; the corruption potion doesn't stop her from losing those three stars, as far as I know. In my opinion punching someone else in the nose is the kind of minor and easily-healed action that we can let her get away with as long as she had something resembling cause. We don't really need to closely regulate inter-minion interaction unless given strong cause.

>Get cleric to heal her.
And as long as we're discussing inter-minion power dynamics, outside of battle people should probably ask Kassandra for healing themselves rather than our ordering Kassandra to do it. Kassandra doesn't have a responsibility to cure every black eye and stubbed toe our minions suffer, just to keep everyone fully functional and able to serve us. Anything beyond that minimum is just her being nice to the others, and that should be made clear to them so that she can get credit for her generosity.
No. 350741 ID: f70e5e

No. 350742 ID: b6edd6

I think I agree with this guy's comments on second thought.
No. 350749 ID: 15380e
File 131654804989.png - (115.66KB , 600x500 , 214.png )

"Ah yes, Silva. I'm a firm believer in second chances. She's residing in my castle now and attempting to redeem herself for her past actions. However it's odd that she would punch you, I'd ordered her not to.. What were you doing?"

Megan starts wiping up the blood with a handkerchief.

>"Ah well the Plaugespreader sorta popped up and I'd struck it. Silva saw this and punched me. She wouldn't done more I'm certain had I not explained I was working for you."

"Okay then. Well if you want you can ask our healer Kassandra to fix your nose."

>"It's fine, really. Now about the Plaugespreader.. Why are you keeping it here? It's very dangerous."

"I am trying to cure -her-"

Megan pulls out her book.

>"Not once have I ever even heard of a possible cure for them. The only ones who might know anything would be the High Priest at Abel's place."
No. 350750 ID: 51b9bd

"Then we should seek to contact them. I'm certain they would be glad for the chance to cure the poor innocents affected by this horrid curse."
No. 350751 ID: f70e5e

thank you for the information. by the way you wouldn't happen to know of any demon with acid proof claws or some-such?
No. 350752 ID: 6ffbb3

hmmm. we ought to send Nix to them along with some non-demonic minions, like Kas and Ruby. ask the priests for a cure. maybe ask them to share the method so that we may help fight the good fight.

our body obviously cannot be seen by them, but perhaps we can put our eyeball into ruby's pocket or something to give them the benefit of our wisdom.

but before that, we need a barracks. let's send our tired minions to sleep and go hunting with the awake ones until they're tired, too. maybe give our new body a test drive. tomorrow we'll check out that translation device and get our barracks built before heading out to Abel's place.
No. 350754 ID: 15380e
File 131654911441.png - (67.23KB , 600x500 , 215.png )

"Then we should seek to contact them. Surely they wouldn't mind healing an innocent civilian."

>"Well there's a few things wrong with that. One, she's not really human. From what I can see she's at least half demon. Her father was probably an incubus or something. That gets her a pretty much automatic no. Second, I consider myself to be a good judge of character and I can see you're not entirely good. Abel's men have a way of getting rid of those who are not lawful stupid. It's just not worth the risk."

"I see. Then maybe we can do something about it ourselves. Are there any creatures with acid-proof claws?"

>"Hmm.." She flips through her book "There's Uazafesddoigls of the Underworld. His claws are acid/flame/frost/force/sonic/electric/anything/ proof."

She shows you a picture.
No. 350756 ID: 6af537

Now that it has a picture, we're so totally going to meet one soon-ish.

Concentrate on getting gold for barracks!
No. 350759 ID: 35e1a0

nod and say "well we need to keep gathering some money for now, we have a lot of people here and not much space for them to sleep."
No. 350760 ID: f70e5e

we should make a note to ask styx about race relations. we don't want to show that kind of ignorance to a new hire but it is something we should know.

"how dangerous are Uazafesddoigls? "
No. 350761 ID: 6ffbb3

okay, gather the minions who still have some juice left in them. it's time to go monster-hunting.
No. 350770 ID: 40cb26

"Very nice. I look forward to relieving him of them. In the meantime keeping Nix contained would be wise, if you can work with Styx to set up something that keeps her from being a danger to the others that would be good. Or just chain her up and let her slowly fill a pit of poison. Whatever. I'll make some use of her yet."

"Now, what else can you tell me about this Uaza fellow?"

Also to reiterate my earlier suggestion, say this before we leave her. "Oh and please avoid talking to Silva about her past, it wouldn't do to reopen old wounds or remind her of things best left forgotten. Especially concerning me."

Now then, how about we send Rose to make quick work of the remaining level 1 encounters in the woods, and we head back to the swamps. But FIRST we need to get Alice to kneel to us and swear her loyalty, it's been too long already and she seems to be otherwise behaving.
No. 350773 ID: a2fa74

"I'll look into them.
As far as Abel goes, I can't really rule that out yet; an angel came by to check on us a few days ago. That's a good sign, since if they wanted us dead they wouldn't be bothering with intimidation.
If I can recruit an angel or other holy being then I can send them as an envoy, and Able would help with the research just for the sake of keeping a demon from hording a cure as leverage.
*sigh* I detest politics.

So, have you any other concerns?"
No. 350774 ID: 1854db

Ask how strong and/or intelligent it is. We could either hunt the thing or arrange for some sort of trade.

Or maybe there's an acid-proof metal alloy? Magic sword perhaps?
No. 350777 ID: eeb582

Uazafesddoigls looks totally legit. Is there a way to reach him?

Otherwise the barracks are important. It might be best to split into 2-3 teams to gather resources. Silva goes with Overlord so we can see her in action. Have Rose head up another team with Emily since those two seem to work really well together. Then split the rest up or maybe make a 3rd team.

Alice is actually helping out now. She held back Silva from attacking Overlord if I remember correctly. Ask her who she'd prefer to team up with.
No. 350779 ID: 40cb26

Letting her go longer without submitting to us properly is inexcusable, and asking her is for what she wants is out of the question no matter if hypothetical.
No. 350780 ID: 6ffbb3


and why would that be? "complete asshole" is not in the job description, you know.
No. 350781 ID: 40cb26

It's about respect, really. We're an overlord, not an overbuddy, even if we are "nice" we still need to be firm. We simply ask if she is ready to submit and be properly outfitted. Also point out that not even the angel gave us as much shit as she has.
No. 350783 ID: b1f0e2

we need to find someone lawful stupid, and send that person to Abel to acquire the knowledge of curing plaguespreaders.
No. 350791 ID: 44766a

...if we find someone whose lawful stupid, they will probably be trying to kill us.
No. 350795 ID: 40cb26

Well Kassandra is loyal to us and good as can be, but it might be risky sending her alone for that. If her enslavement to us is noticed or if something else happens we might lose her, and I'd really rather that didn't happen.

Still, she's our best option.
No. 350796 ID: 3fd4fb

"He sounds... rather unlikely to provide assistance willingly, and rather beyond our immediate means to deal with otherwise. Something acid-proof and more accessible would be appreciated."

While I agree that we should at least urge her to submit again, we still should not force it. We set the rule and should stick to it- and that means not applying harsher measures on our end, as well as not putting up with shit on hers or giving her any armor until she does.

Yeah, let's not. When we have an elite team many levels down the road, we can kidnap their High Priest and force him to do research for us. Or we can trick some hapless adventurer into acting as our representative. But either path will require having a proper overlordish setup, which we still lack.

Speaking of which, everybody needs to go hunting for money. We are too damn poor and require a barracks desperately. What are Silva's combat skills like at the moment, given that she seemed really weak and no longer has any crystals to draw upon for strength?
No. 350798 ID: 2f5194

Why do I just see asking her to submit being counterproductive? I don't see anything wrong with being a bro-verlord. Well, I guess we could always ask nicely like "So, you actually going to follow my orders now, or still going to do your own thing?"
No. 350799 ID: dc57ef

Glass is pretty acid proof, lets find some sharp glass
No. 350800 ID: b6edd6

I second this. And not just because of the term 'bro-verlord'.
No. 350802 ID: bd2a40

After the use of the term "bro-verlord" we simply can not be anything else.

No. 350817 ID: f29f63

Yes, we shall be the bro-verlord. The lord of all bros. But, to reach such a title, we need bros.

We must get those barracks up and running.
No. 350819 ID: b1f0e2

Lawful stupid and naive. We convince them we are a good guy.
Besides, we got that angel deciding to not fight us.
No. 350821 ID: f29f63

We might, but lawful stupid people tend to use stupid ways of making sure nothing 'bad' comes in.
Such as... detect evil, zone of truth, anti-demon wards, demon hunting warriors and beasts, ect.

We have too big of a target over our head and at best our alignment is neutral. At BEST.
No. 350825 ID: b1f0e2

how is a naive little level 1 hero going to get access to all of this?
No. 350832 ID: f70e5e

the naive little level one hero will not. he will stand back and watch the level 60 lawful stupid paladin burn down our fortress, kill our minions and burn there bodies. do not assume that lawful stupid means naive or weak. or even merciful.
No. 350838 ID: 1854db

I agree that first priority is the barracks right now.

Being paranoid about the fortress of good is pointless right now. We have not attracted enough attention to worry about lawful stupids attacking us. We already had an Angel check us out for chrissakes. Just going to TALK to someone won't get any extra heat on us.

Anyway the best option we have is to ask them without showing off our evil face. We could just send Kassandra in there.
No. 350841 ID: c0e5fe

If you need money, as others have said, go hunting. Sell pelts for coin. Or sell your companions as prostitutes.
No. 350875 ID: f70e5e


hey do we have the translator ready? we should talk to our beast master and find out how she feels about working for us.
No. 351058 ID: b1f0e2

actually, how about we find that specific angel and convince her to get the cure for us?
No. 351061 ID: 1854db

Now that's an idea! I wonder how we'd contact them though?
No. 351094 ID: 3fd4fb

Ariel explicitly said that she thinks there is no cure- in fact, she wanted to incinerate Nix. And she wasn't exactly friendly, even if she backed off easily enough in the face of evidence that we aren't being a rampant jackass at the moment. I don't think we can rely upon her to act as our agent in this.

Really, while curing Nix is a worthwhile project, it should not be our focus at the moment. She's not going anywhere. We need to be putting our efforts towards building up wealth, gathering more followers, and strengthening the abilities and loyalties of the followers that we already have. Research projects so difficult that everyone we've talked to tells us that they're impossible are not something that we're going to be able to complete easily, which means that getting a hell of a lot more resources is required before it becomes worthwhile to focus our attention on it.

>Or sell your companions as prostitutes.
No. Our harem is ours, no one else is allowed to have them. Even if they pay us.
No. 351099 ID: b1f0e2

>Or sell your companions as prostitutes.
JESUS FUCK NO! Down-voting the hell out of this.

I don't know how I missed that...

>Ariel explicitly said that she thinks there is no cure
Yes, and since then we discovered there IS a cure, but they wouldn't share it with anyone who isn't deemed pure enough.

>Really, while curing Nix is a worthwhile project, it should not be our focus at the moment.
Fair enough, we can put it on the back-burner.
No. 351100 ID: 3fd4fb

>Yes, and since then we discovered there IS a cure, but they wouldn't share it with anyone who isn't deemed pure enough.
This is false. We discovered that Megan has never heard of a possible cure. She said that there is someone more versed in the topic than she is, but certainly didn't say that they actually knew of a cure; if they did know of a cure and she was aware of that, she wouldn't have used the phrase "Not once have I ever even heard of a possible cure for them." That's fairly definite.

Assuming that the high priest guy actually knows how to cure plaguespreaders and simply hasn't told anyone- even the angels- is the worst sort of wishful thinking. It is far more likely that there is actually no cure known to anyone, and fixing Nix will require extensive groundbreaking research that we will need to conduct or otherwise arrange for.
No. 351166 ID: 25d645
File 131664002710.png - (88.20KB , 600x500 , 216.png )

"He sounds... rather unlikely to provide assistance willingly, and rather beyond our immediate means to deal with otherwise. Something acid-proof and more accessible would be appreciated."

>"Uhm...." she flips through her book again. "Grand Slimes? They're a bit more your level. They live in the Ruin of Cineta with the Slime People. You might also find a few in Psicrest. They tend to be level 5-7."

"Just what I needed. Oh, Styx, this is our newest recruit. Please explain to her the castle. Oh and Megan, try not to tell Silva anything about her past. It might anger her."

You leave Styx and Megan alone and approach Alice. She glares at you.


>"An Archer should always train. What do you want?"

"Just came to check if you were ready to bow down to me."

>"Well bad news, I'm not."

"Why are you being so stubborn?"

>"Because my L-" Her expression changes for a moment to shock. She regains her composure and speaks again "Because you are a jerk and this is how I treat jerks."

"Do tell, how have I been nothing but fair?"

>".... Did you even once ask if I had a family? A home?"

"What..? I..."

>"Well I don't. But it would've been nice if you had at least asked."
No. 351169 ID: 35e1a0

"i apologize for not showing more interest in your personal life, but i did not wish to pry. i felt that if you wanted me to know something you would tell me."
No. 351170 ID: e0ae74

Note to self: Ask future minions about homes and families.
No. 351171 ID: 406dce


Let's ask Kas and Ruby and Len and the others. I mean, they're willing to serve us, but it's not like they actually like us or anything.
No. 351172 ID: f29f63

"My apologies then. Not many people openly talk about their families after meeting someone. Especially when they do not trust one another. I will keep that in mind though so I don't seem so distant to others.

Though I must ask, are you a orphan? Or is the reason you have no family related to the bullet wound I noticed before?"
No. 351173 ID: 1854db

Shit, she's right. We never asked any of our units what kind of lives we were taking them from. Thank her for pointing that out.

Ask her what happened to her family and home. Does it have something to do with the scar on her chest?
No. 351175 ID: 27820e

"I do not pride myself in my ability to dig into my servants personal lives. I find such thing to be quite rude. I'd rather prefer for them to open up to me naturally and be there if they have something they want to tell me.

Mind you, it is rather hard to find a balance between being too intrusive and not enough. I just prefer the hand off method, less drama that way.

And really, had I asked you, how would you have responded ? You seem to be determined to take everything I say the worst possible way."
No. 351176 ID: 35e1a0

yes that too she would of been like 'don't pry into my life!'
No. 351177 ID: eeb582

"It's not something I can really relate to anyway. I can't remember ever having a family and my home is these ruins."

See if she wants to come along hunting slimes for a step towards a cure for the plague. Maybe you'll even run into the person who gave Alice the scar on her chest.
No. 351181 ID: a2fa74

"I thought it best to not ask; you'd have thought I wanted leverage.

For what its worth, the overlord you hated died that day. He is the father I'll never meet, for lack of better words."
No. 351182 ID: e3f578

Also, she'd never say she'd bow to you, even if she had all the stars in the world because her pride wouldn't allow it. "Bow" is such an undignified word. She wouldn't bow to a saintly angel of super kindness that gave fluffy kittens and puppies to all the good petless children each passing holiday.
No. 351190 ID: 40cb26

"You might have taken that as a threat to them, or simply too personal. Like that gunshot wound of yours, I'd rather you tell me willingly than me have to goad it out of you. But more to the point I am not that good at being social. But I still consider it an improvement from the murderous tyrannical sociopath ways of my past life. I like to think you would agree."

"Now then, tell me what you will of your life before all this."
No. 351203 ID: 3fd4fb

"Demanding that you serve me loyally is already asking quite a bit; I would not pry into your life as well, Alice. Your secrets and history are yours to keep unless you choose to share them on your own. That includes who your family and friends are."

We shouldn't be asking our minions about their homes and families and such. That's ultimately none of our business; it's not like we're going to let them stop working for us out of sympathy or something. Heck, we're probably not even going to give them vacation time in the foreseeable future. Asking after their lives before enslavement is just invasive.

So actions- do NOT apologize for not asking after her family and such; it was the right decision and we have nothing to apologize for. Nor should we make excuses, saying that we overlooked the matter or aren't socially good enough to have inquired. We didn't ask because we're already stealing our minions' presents and futures, and taking their pasts as well would be unkind.

Do NOT command her, or anyone, to tell us of their pasts. We can lay it out as an option but that's not something we should be demanding of our minions; if they tell us such things, it is of their own initiative and because they want to.

>For what its worth, the overlord you hated died that day.
The overlord she justifiably hates is us. For enslaving her. She might also have hated our former incarnation, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have cause to dislike us as well.
No. 351204 ID: 510737

I disagree with everything in the middle.
the other stuff id fine though
No. 351300 ID: 422620

I like this.
No. 351402 ID: b1f0e2

upvoting so hard!
No. 351419 ID: a15fc3

You win! Up voted.
No. 351488 ID: 15380e
File 131672547581.png - (123.07KB , 600x500 , 217.png )

"Demanding that you serve me loyally is already asking quite a bit; I would not pry into your life as well, Alice. Your secrets and history are yours to keep unless you choose to share them on your own. That includes who your family and friends are."

>"Hmph. Well good, I would've told you to mind your own business anyway."

She stops her sit-ups and looks at you.

>"Took you long enough to get an actual body. It was hard to take you seriously."

"Well it was you and everyone else who had helped me get this."


She rubs the scar on her chest.

"If you don't mind my asking, how did you get that scar?"

She stops touching it and stares off.

>"A gunner shot me in the heart. I've had this scar for years now. It's also the reason I don't have a family."
No. 351489 ID: 715620

Resist the terrible urge to make a batman reference.
No. 351490 ID: 35e1a0

odd, how could they be KILLED killed? i mean, shouldn't they respawn? or is that a recent thing?
No. 351491 ID: a2fa74

"Tell me his name and I'll see if I can get you some closure, if not justice."
No. 351492 ID: 40cb26

"I see. I can't offer you much in the way of comfort, but if we happen find that man still alive I'll let you correct that personally."
No. 351494 ID: 37e45b

maybe she should tell us about this gunner. maybe we could find out about him. maybe we could drop by, or maybe we could share the info with her.
No. 351501 ID: 15380e
File 131672817753.png - (151.57KB , 600x500 , 218.png )

Before you can ask any more questions she leaps onto her feet and walks away from you.
It seems that's all you'll get from her today.

You pull out the map.

There are a few possible locations to visit. The slimes that have acid proof claws, Abel's land for a cure and the Land of Trials for money.
Or anything else you can come up with,
No. 351503 ID: 35e1a0

is their a battle area around the lands of trial? think a merchant ambush would give us a lot of money.
No. 351505 ID: 40cb26

Monster hunting results in money as well as desirable monster bits, so lets go get some slimes.
No. 351508 ID: 1854db

Forget about Abel, we'll cure her without their help. Let's go get those acid claws; we can send Rose out to hunt for gold while we're there to get some extra cash.

Specifically, go to the Ruins of Cineta. I'd like to find out if the Slime People are hostile or not. If they're not hostile, then perhaps we can get some claws without a fight. If they are hostile, well, more gold and exp for us.
No. 351517 ID: 0ef5d9

how about we take care of "Barracks needed ASAP" before we go finding additional entities to recruit and house.
No. 351518 ID: 37e45b

go to Cineta, but leave anyone who's tired behind.
No. 351535 ID: 3fd4fb

Let's go for the slimes. We need to do some serious fighting- far too many of our people are still far too low-level. Might as well try to get something useful while we're at it.
No. 351547 ID: 6a5a08

Slime huntin'.
No. 351580 ID: b1f0e2

We need to go harvest money for barracks. It is our number 1 priority right now.

We need to send people hunting independently for cash until they are tired. And also do the same ourselves.
No. 351586 ID: 25d645
File 131674417236.png - (115.07KB , 600x500 , 219.png )

You take your group with you to Cineta to try and get the slime claws and possibly some Gold.

More ruins. It seems you've been going to these a lot lately.
No. 351587 ID: 1854db

There's something behind us, peering out of the dark.
No. 351590 ID: 3fd4fb

>More ruins. It seems you've been going to these a lot lately.
Yeah. There's ruins all over the place, which is somewhat surprising for any civilized area. No wonder our prior incarnation thought everything needed to be conquered and reorganized properly.

Take a glance behind us in case that's something or someone lurking, examine the ruins for anything interesting- what are those markings?- and then scan the area if nothing better comes up, I guess.
No. 351594 ID: 40cb26

>which is somewhat surprising for any civilized area
Well not really, a lot of the ruination is there because we ruined it. Tyrannical overlord, remember?

Anyways, use the area scan and let's get a feel for the place.
No. 351595 ID: 35e1a0

examine that pillar.
No. 351674 ID: 025654

scan the place.
No. 351698 ID: 6a5a08

Look behind you. There seems to be an eye.
No. 351915 ID: 510737

why not give your new/old body a test run?
try smashing that rock over there (the one on the right)
No. 353198 ID: 8b7065
File 131710788953.png - (179.07KB , 600x500 , 220.png )

You examine the eye behind you and see...
No. 353199 ID: 1854db

Oh, that must be a slime person. Say hello. Complement them on their mimicry skills.
No. 353200 ID: 978c33

"Bit too shiny to work, don't you think?"
No. 353203 ID: 8b7065
File 131710920231.png - (77.93KB , 600x500 , 221.png )

"Impressive mimicry. A bit to shiny though don't you think?"

The slime person shifts into another more natural looking form. The gel on their 'face' splits and forms a sort of smile.

It opens it's mouth to speak, it's voice is a soft gurgley sound.

>"Thank you, I practice everyday."
No. 353204 ID: 1854db

Ah, so the Slime People aren't hostile. Ask about Grand Slimes. Say you're looking to acquire some claws of theirs. Is there a place we can buy some or find some discarded? Or are they open for hunting?
No. 353205 ID: 40cb26

"I see, you've done well. But there must not be very many things to practice on here. How would you like to come with me? I have lots of friends you can meet and I can take you different places all over. All you have to do is help out sometimes when my friends are in danger of getting hurt. Think you can do that?"
No. 353206 ID: 8b7065
File 131711007511.png - (67.50KB , 600x500 , 222.png )

You get the feeling that you can not recruit anyone else to your group while the barracks are needed.

"It certainly shows, you made a very good copy of myself. Say, have you seen any Grand Slimes around here?"

>"Only in the fields. Why?"

"Well I am looking for slime claws. It's for a friend."

>"Oh, I have some!"

The slime digs around inside the house for a moment before pulling out a rather large claw.

>"They drop them when they split. It's a very good tool. I can sell you one."

"Really? How much?"

The slime thinks for a moment.

>"G3! No, 4!"

It looks pleased with it's offer. Perhaps it thinks it's getting a great deal out of this and not the other way around,
No. 353208 ID: 40cb26

Be generous and give the little thing 5G, hehe. To be fair it's not like it would have any trouble finding more... say, ask if it has more around, you'll give it even MORE money if it does.

We probably only need the one ourselves, but any extras can be sold for a rather high return.
No. 353209 ID: 3bad4c

If you're thinking of him as a potential supplier and the margins are worth it then pay him triple. He's uniquely suited to the task, I doubt grand slimes pose him any threat.
No. 353210 ID: 1854db

Sounds like they're commonplace around here. Supply and demand, I guess! Maybe we could make some money by reselling them?

Ask more about the area. Was it always ruins like this?
No. 353212 ID: d4155c

...give the kid 5 gold. Let's not use him as a tool and use that tooth for good.

Besides... he's too cute.. I don't think I could handle recruiting him into our hard life.
No. 353213 ID: 40cb26

If he wants triple, he'll need three claws. Fair is fair, and even for a good deal we shouldn't spend more than we have to. 5G is enough to be "nice" but not enough to make it wonder if it should ask for more.
No. 353214 ID: 8b7065
File 131711119362.png - (126.91KB , 600x500 , 223.png )

"Tell you what, I'll give you 5"

The slime's eyes open wide

"And if you have anymore I'll pay you more."

It quickly presses two more into your arms. You pay it G15 leaving you with G75.

"Thank you. So.. What happened here?"

>"I dunno. I used to live underground and around 7 months ago there were a lotta bangs and BOOM! The place was destroyed. The Eldest Slime said that a man who used a pointy stick took out all the people here an destroyed the place."
No. 353215 ID: 40cb26

Eldest slime, eh? Probably the boss around here, ask the little glob about him.
No. 353216 ID: 1854db

Jeez, did we do this? Let's go ask the Elder Slime. Ask for directions.
No. 353223 ID: a2fa74

Monsters don't use the barracks, right? Recruit the slime!
No. 353228 ID: 6942b4

Considering we don't have a pen to put them in, I think they actually do. What, you don't expect them to sleep outside, right ?

Don't recruit the slime. Having friendly informants and independent gatherer is good thing.

If we want an actual slime, we'll just get one in battle. That way we'll be sure they can actually fight instead of the cute, most likely harmless one.
No. 353253 ID: fa0fb5

let's go to the eldest slime. maybe he's got a job for us- we're desperate for money.
No. 353271 ID: f70e5e

a guy with a pointy stick sounds like a wizard, so this wasn't us. also this place does not seem to have much gold, we might want to go somewhere else to get the funds for the barracks.
No. 353809 ID: a49380
File 131727409107.png - (39.49KB , 600x500 , 224.png )

"Would you mind taking me to the Eldest Slime?"

>"No problem!"

You follow the slime further into the ruins. Eventually you enter a large circular room with a missing ceiling. In front of you is the most massive slime you have ever seen. It's core points at you.

>"Child, who is this man?"

>"Just a visitor, he said he wanted to talk to you."

>"Then speak."
No. 353813 ID: 35e1a0

ask who is responisble for the devistation of the city.
No. 353820 ID: 40cb26

Introduce ourselves as a new overlord, building upon the remains of the one who was violent, foolish and careless.

"I wish to offer myself as an ally as this land is not one we would aim to conquer but I do find value in it. I would offer trade of resources or services... although we have little of the former, perhaps you might have use of the later?"
No. 353822 ID: 35e1a0

overlord may be a buzzword, so let's not. say we want to help out we have plenty of power but we lack resources. they seem to have the resources so we would like to trade.
No. 353823 ID: 1854db

A trade agreement could be beneficial, sure. But mostly we're here to find out the history of this place.
No. 353824 ID: 3fd4fb

Let's not mention the whole overlord thing unless we have to. Asking if they need anything or would be interested in trading with us if good, though; we might not be economically 100% at the moment but we're quickly recovering.
No. 353827 ID: f70e5e

this but make no mention of conquest. this place looks like it paid the price for someone else's ambition, so they probably don't take kindly to would be conquerors.
No. 353858 ID: 091033

yeah, don't mention the word overlord. ask if there's a way you could help him out.
No. 354986 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131758306731.png - (283.45KB , 600x500 , 225.png )

"Well I was curious as to what happened to this land."

[b]"Hmm... Humans used to rule over this land. While not pure evil they oppressed my people and forced many in labor. A being known simply as The Overlord appeared and demanded that they stopped and join him. When they refused he, a girl and a boy razed the land to the ground. When the battle was over I led my people above ground and we have been able to reside here peacefully ever since."

Well, seems you actually did help someone in your past. Even if you didn't really mean to..
No. 354992 ID: 3fd4fb

Inquire as to if he can tell you anything more about the boy or girl. I'd be interested to know who they are.
No. 354994 ID: a2fa74

Tell him you're the overlord's son, and you'd like to know if there's anything causing trouble in the area.
No. 355000 ID: 3fd4fb

Can we not lie? I mean, there's an argument to be made for the whole spiritual son thing, but it's pretty much stretching matters. If we want to claim that we're the Overlord, just claim that. It sounds like the slime wouldn't hold it against us, and if we tell him that we've lost our memory he'd probably understand.

Or we could just not bring up the whole Overlord thing, and simply move forward from where we stand without dwelling on the past.
No. 355004 ID: b6edd6

Not bringing it up sounds like the best move. Lying at this point would be more trouble than it is worth.
No. 355006 ID: 40cb26

The girl must have been Silva, I wonder who the boy was? Anyhow we sure don't have to worry about having a bad impression, introduce yourself properly!

I think we can tell the truth about what we are... as long as we don't make demands of their alliance even as repayment of a favor. Simply offer alliance and fair trade.
No. 355034 ID: c85a16

don't mention a thing about any overlord. instead, ask him if he's in need of a mercenary's services.
No. 355045 ID: a1d7ad

Don' reveal we are the overlord or even hint at it yet. Instead ask about the boy, we need to be prepared if, no, when we meet him.
No. 355054 ID: 6a5a08

Ask about the boy, and ask if there is any way you can help.
No. 355111 ID: 1854db

Ask him exactly what this "Overlord" looked like.
No. 355511 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131767992448.png - (170.54KB , 600x500 , 226.png )

You -know- the girl is Silva but have no clue as to who the boy may be.

"Can you tell me about the boy?"

>"Hmm... He was a demon who wielded a spear. He had red hair and flaming red eyes.

You have no idea who that could be. The Elder doesn't seem to have any more information on him.
No. 355517 ID: 40cb26

I don't think your right hand man would have died so easily. Strange you haven't heard anything of him yet. He might have even been the traitor.

No sense worrying about it just yet. Ask the king if there is any favors we might do for him in exchange for not unreasonable rewards.
No. 355523 ID: 35e1a0

yes, ask if they have large sums of cash left over by the humans they would be willing to part with for a service.
No. 355524 ID: 6a5a08

Ask 'bout quests.
No. 355527 ID: 3fd4fb

Thank him for telling you, and inquire after either quests or trading opportunities here. Explain our need for cash monies and that we have a modest cadre of competent individuals at our disposal.
No. 355550 ID: a2fa74

Ok, now ask about things causing trouble around here. We need to know what things we should be killing.
No. 355627 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131769259905.png - (80.80KB , 600x500 , 227.png )

"Last question, do you have any odd jobs that need doing around here? Maybe someone troublesome you need taken care of? I'm in dire need of money."

>"Actually there is now that you mention it.. Follow me."

The elder leads you through a ruined passageway and into another destroyed room. It is filled to the brink with golden coins and treasures.

>"I will give you as much gold as you can carry if you eliminate someone for me."


>"Broww the Archer. He is a Hero in the area who has been picking off my people. I want him gone. If possible so that he may never bother my people again."
No. 355629 ID: a2fa74

Is that a mimic I see? Say hi to the mimic!
No. 355632 ID: b6edd6

Ask where he can be found, and say you will go see if you can find him.
No. 355634 ID: 3fd4fb

What else can he tell us about this Archer? Does he work alone, or with companions? How strong is he? We'll need to be careful here...

And OOC questions, what are our options for disposing of people permanently, rather than just enslaving them or warping them back to town?
No. 355638 ID: 1854db

I believe that in order to kill a Hero permanently, we can Enslave them then take them back to the Demon Realm to kill them. There, death of Heroes is permanent.
No. 355643 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131769322035.png - (121.26KB , 600x500 , 228.png )

"Is there anything else I need to know about this archer? Where can I find him?"

>"If you scan he is most likely the strongest one in this area. He's seldom alone however and typically travels with a healer and a ice type magic user. He's very weak to close range combat but sets up the terrain to his advantage."
No. 355644 ID: 1854db

I think we can manage this.
No. 355650 ID: 3fd4fb

Hmm. We have a lot of very squishy support personnel that I guess we'll want to leave behind for this one in favor of taking tough people who can take a few hits. Might want to ask our team about the capabilities of ice-type magic users beforehand as well, so that we're not caught off guard.
No. 355653 ID: 6a5a08

Greet mimic.
No. 355661 ID: 1854db

Yeah, let's.
No. 355663 ID: f70e5e

we can probably assume that getting into close quarters with them will be hard, so we might want to take Alice and ruby. have them open up with there most damaging abilities(ruby double casts, and alice use light arrow followed by double shot) and we might be able to knock one of them out of the fight right away. they will also be able to put pressure on them while our close combat people try to reach them.
No. 355668 ID: 3fd4fb

If we take Ruby, she'll die in all of 1 hit on the Archer's very first turn. Ruby only has 17 HP, and Alice can do 15-20 damage without using her bonus damage special ability. It's a fair bet that this Broww is a nastier customer than Alice.

The archer will also have Rapid Shot, which lets him shoot twice in one turn... meaning that he'll be able to hit any of our people for ~40 damage on the very first turn he does anything. We'll need to bring our toughest people or have a plan to shut him down right away.
No. 355671 ID: bd7cc2

Hmm. We were told the boss is usually the average level of all the encounters in the area, but this clearly isn't true here, since the highest-level person in the boss encounter is higher than every other encounter here. So if we think the boss only has a max of three people, that's still a potentially level 21 encounter. Do we think we can take that?
No. 355672 ID: d4155c

Agreed. Defensive units or some way to bunker down would be useful. Nix may be helpful since if they hit her they would get a face full of poison and I don't think ice would destroy her for good. Besides, making the bugger a zombie could also work, though maybe a taste of his own medicine could work?

I wonder if there is a way to turn him into a slime person? After all, heroes can become demons or angels after all, why not making a human a slime?
No. 355674 ID: b6edd6

I think we will definately want to bring Emily, since hovering should help with some terrain things and with ice slicks.

(Does jump need an enemy to target, or can it target ground as a movement ability?)
No. 355675 ID: 1854db

Guys, we don't even know how many people we can bring along yet!

I do agree we shouldn't bring anyone who can get one-shotted though.
No. 355679 ID: f70e5e

I just noticed that silvia can berserk people. that might be very useful. it will definitely be able to shut down there healer, and depending on how it works we might be able to use it to shut down there ice mage as well.
No. 355688 ID: 40cb26

God a bad feeling about all this, seems like we're hitting non standard challenges and we have tactical gaps in what we can do. If nothing else I guess Silva can make up for a front line fighter.

I'd like to drop that claw off with Styx and sell off the other two if she doesn't have a use for them. Maybe buy some equipment for Silva and a claw for Lenion. Then we can come back here and we'll test our might against the boss. He wouldn't approve of us fighting other slimes, I think.

Before we go let's ask if any of the other encounters here are non slimes that could use clearing out as well.
No. 355690 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131769713057.png - (52.58KB , 600x500 , 229.png )

You decide it's best to prepare before hand, Silva does still need a weapon.

"Are there any other monsters or people around here you need taken care of?"

>"None. The rest are all my children."

"Very well. Allow me a moment to prepare, I shall return shortly."

You teleport over to Fabio's Shop.

>"Overlord mah main man! Wassup!?"

"I have some items I wish to sell.."

>"Lessee... Oooh Slime Claws huh? I'll give ya G20 a piece! Also got some new cloth armor you might be interested in! Great defense, 'got it' real cheap! Has some magical powers I'm not sure about though."
No. 355698 ID: 3fd4fb

Inquire as to if he's got anything which could prevent our caster minions from being utterly thrashed by a competent archer (or other ranged attacker) as soon as a battle starts.

Aside from that... he doesn't know what the cloth armor does?

And see what weapons he's got that Silva might be able to use, without mentioning Silva by name, of course.
No. 355701 ID: 40cb26

Well we need to keep one at least, and honestly they don't sell for enough to be a big deal. But with slimes on our side it's not really difficult to find more if we needed. Sell the two of them, buy that cloth armor and get some stuff for Silva.
No. 355703 ID: 1854db


Sell all but two of the claws. Just in case we need more than one for some reason. Hey, what about that demon mirror shard and doll string? Those worth anything?

Also sure let's get that cloth armor. We should get it identified before using it, I think, but it's got good defense!
No. 355713 ID: a2fa74

Keep two slime claws.
Buy the armor
Find out how much those mirror shards and puppet strings are worth.

Here's the plan:
We beat the archer.
We return to the elder slime.
We RECRUIT the mimic.
We carry out as much gold as we can, with even more in the mimic.
No. 355717 ID: 6a5a08

This, but we also need to get a weapon for Silva.
No. 355720 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131770042478.png - (48.84KB , 600x500 , 230.png )

You present some more items to sell

>"Lessee... Demon String, G30... Ooh shard. I'll give you G35."

"Oh, you you have Dancer Rings?"

Fabio gives you a look.

>"Of course I do Overlord. Rank 1 cost G15, Rank 2 is G25, Rank 3 is G100, Rank 5 is G200. Each Rank give +5 stacked damage and some other nifty effects. So Rank 5 give +25 dmg per attack."
No. 355722 ID: 35e1a0

sell the string and the shard and get rank 2.
No. 355725 ID: 35bcde

Naw, let's keep em. Don't think this is vendor junk.
No. 355727 ID: 3fd4fb

Rank 2 seems the best we can realistically afford here.

Might as well sell our items, as we've not been informed of any uses for them yet.

My question as to if he has any ways for a squishy character to block or avoid incoming arrows stands.
No. 355730 ID: 1854db

Yeah let's go for a rank 2 ring after selling the junk. Man, Silva is strong. Too bad we can't use her against Heroes yet. They'd reveal her return to the town they respawn in... We'd want our defenses running first.

Also tell Fabio not to worry- this particular weapon will only be used in low profile missions.
No. 355733 ID: 35e1a0

what if we get a disguise of some sort? perhaps something that covers her middle, it may be the only thing heros know about her at a glance.
No. 355736 ID: 40cb26

After we sell that loot we'll have
90 + 20x2 + 30 + 35 = 195.
After that special armor we're back down to 165.

Let's not blow it all just yet, if we get as much money as it looks like we can afford to get the best stuff later. Rank 2 ring for Silva, and get a rank 2 claw for Lenion because it's stupid of us not to let her shrug off 1/2 of monster damage. We'll upgrade later.

Before we go ask if he has anything with special protection from ice damage. And be sure to let him know that he's a trustworthy guy, you can always count on him, yeah?

Most of the things we get that isn't equipment are vender junk or raw materials at best.

She can't fight like that though, which is the entire point.
No. 355737 ID: e3f578

Ask him why Rank 5 is so expensive when you can get 3 rank two rings, more power while being greater than 50% cheaper

Not complaining or anything, I'm just curious about his Business Model.
No. 355738 ID: 35e1a0

can only wear one at a time.
No. 355740 ID: 6a5a08

Keep slime claws since we want those to experiment on Nix.

Sell other loot and buy Rank2 Ring and Enchanted Cloth Armor.
No. 355744 ID: 0c2309

Here's a question. How much can we sell our potions and mana crystals for? If it's a decent amount, I'd say we have enough at the moment that selling some off so we can afford better would be good.
No. 355748 ID: 3fd4fb

Damn, I'd totally forgotten about those! If it's a decent amount, we might well be able to just sell the whole lot for the funding we need to get a Barracks, which would be great. Really take the pressure off.
No. 355750 ID: d97c6d

Let's not sell the potions, we might need those in the fight against Broww. Speaking of potions, how much do they heal, and what are the rules for using them during battle? Do we have to give up any actions to use them?
No. 355751 ID: 0c2309

We have ten potions and five mana crystals. Even if we need some, I'm pretty sure we don't need that many for the fight.
No. 355754 ID: 1854db

I say we sell like 3 health potions and 2 mana crystals. Maybe we'll be able to get the barracks repairs started then.
No. 355757 ID: 8e6a0b

Potions:G5 Mana Crystal:G15
No. 355764 ID: 1854db

No. 355765 ID: 0c2309

I say sell the shards, string, one of the slime claws, all the mana crystals, and two potions.

I say we buy the cloth armor, rank three rings, and rank one claws. Since the main reason to get the claws is just the passive bonus against animal bites, rank one works. He said higher ranked rings come with other nifty effects, so I say we splurge on one rank better, especially since Silva is one of our higher HP units. If we take out that Archer, remember, we get all the gold and treasure we can carry.

Oh, and equip Alice with the Leather Armor+ we've been carrying about. She has fairly low HP.
No. 355766 ID: 1854db

Splurging on Silva would make sense if we could use her safely in every fight. We can't. If she's seen by a Hero and we let them respawn, the message goes out that Silva is working with us again and we're FUCKED if that happens.
No. 355767 ID: 3fd4fb

>Oh, and equip Alice with the Leather Armor+ we've been carrying about. She has fairly low HP.
Must we really have this discussion again?
No. 355769 ID: 0c2309

Sure. She has 23HP. Using Rapid Shot, an Archer of similar level could one shot her in a single turn. The reason losing her shirt was a punishment was because of shame. Denying her armor just increases her chances of dying and is taking poor care of what's ours. It doesn't serve as a punishment unless we have someone else that can make use of the armor who could fill her role. We don't have that, so it's just a mismanagement of resources.
No. 355771 ID: f70e5e

we gave Alice her top back after the fight with the demon mirror. we have no reason not to equip her with armor.
No. 355772 ID: 35e1a0

why would you use archer vs archer? you use a countering class not the same one.
No. 355775 ID: 3fd4fb

This is false. We took away her top in the first place because she was a total bitch to Kassandra, and gave it back because she apologized and started getting along with her. We took away her armor in the first place because she was rebellious and disrespectful, and accordingly she should get it back when she repents of those traits.

I'm not going to argue that it's disadvantageous in tactical terms to keep Alice out of armor; it clearly is. However, I would argue that the importance of keeping to our policy and word is more important than what is ultimately a relatively minor tactical advantage. We can do without bringing our archer into high-risk situations for a while if necessary, until she's eventually worn down. She already caught herself almost calling us "my Lord" once in >>351166; it's only a matter of time before she breaks.

It's not a mismanagement of resources, it's prioritizing control of our minions' loyalty and development over combat prowess against external enemies. I believe that to be appropriate.
No. 355776 ID: 0c2309

My point is she's fragile enough she can kill herself in one turn. Emily, who is a level lower, can kill her in one turn, as can Silva who is her level.

I might argue that he hasn't shown herself to be rebellious for some time. And not giving her armor isn't likely to wear her down I think, because as I said, the shirt only worked due to shame. I think showing that we care enough about the survival of those under our care, even if they're not the most respectful, would be a much better way to win her over at this point. Rough attitude or not, she did open up to us a little regarding her family, nearly called us Lord which implies that's how she's started to think of us, and is now getting along with our other minions. Giving her the armor now makes good use of the social momentum.
No. 355794 ID: 40cb26

Alice gets to walk around in her undies because she has not kneeled to us. This isn't just our punishment, it's our rule. If that makes her not survivable in a combat then we aren't going to send her in.

And Emily is a bad example of damage dealing, she's not only a high damage striker in the first place but has been given a significant nonstandard upgrade.
No. 355798 ID: 0c2309

Which is why I didn't just use Emily as an example. Even including the Overlord himself under the assumption that he can't, and I'm unsure of his damage at the moment, over half our guys can kill her in a single turn without crits. Alice can kill herself, Emily could, Ruby can, Silva can, Rose using jump can, and Lenion can. That's six of nine. Given that Nix and Kassandra have 0 attack, and we're unsure of the Overlord's damage at the moment, that means every main combatant whose damage we're aware of can.
No. 355824 ID: 35bcde

Don't buy Silvea shiiiitttttttt. Get the 1/2 damage claws. That's it. We're saving for home improvement now.
No. 355842 ID: c3523f

don't buy either! we can buy stuff later on after we milk Silva for her wine.
No. 355843 ID: 40cb26

Fair enough. I think more of the point is that as an archer she isn't supposed to be getting hit like that in the first place. Same as mages, except she's a bit tougher. It's all about smart tactics.

We might as well get them now, it's something that needs doing even if we aren't using her this battle. We don't have the money for home improvements anyway, but should have more than enough after this job.
No. 355844 ID: 6a9fdc

You know, now that we have an actual body, we should take the opportunity to give Fabio a brofist. He's been p. cool about everything.
No. 355855 ID: 0023aa

This. To the power of infinity. Plus two. And a half.
No. 355922 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131776708760.png - (61.88KB , 600x500 , 231.png )

You decide to sell the shard, the string and 2 mana cystals. That leaves you with G225. You decide to buy a rank 2 ring, a rank 1 claw, and the special armor.

After all is said and done you have G155.

You give Fabio a brofist.

"Thanks for all the help."

>"No problem Overlord. Take care. And try and keep the little lady in check."
No. 355926 ID: 35e1a0

okay. everyone get their stuff and let's go kick his ass.
No. 355932 ID: 6a5a08

Equip stuff to minions. Like a boss.
Head out to kill the hero. Like a boss.
No. 355933 ID: 3fd4fb

First, equip minions.

Second, strategy meeting on how best to kill him given what we know of him- I bet at least one of our minions will have solid tactical advice here.

Third, roll out and prepare to kill. Consider having Styx upgrade our body so that we can carry more gold afterward, heh.
No. 355940 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131777026287.png - (15.14KB , 476x234 , 232.png )

Okay but before you go off who will you equip the Cloth Armor to?
No. 355941 ID: 3fd4fb

Since we don't know what it does, exactly, first ask our minions to take a look at it and see if any of them can figure it out.
No. 355944 ID: 6a5a08

Show to Styx and Ruby to see if they know what it does first.
No. 355948 ID: c3523f

your followers aren't guinea pigs... wear it yourself.
No. 355962 ID: 40cb26

I was thinking we might be able to use it, at least in the next battle, but let's get it ID'd first.

Yeah. If they don't know let's do it ourselves.
No. 355968 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131777317419.png - (93.67KB , 492x500 , 233.png )

None of your minions seem to know what it does.
You return to the castle and try it on yourself.

>Emily: "Eeee! That's so cute! I want one!"


You don't feel any different.
Thank god no one else is here to see this.
No. 355971 ID: 6a5a08

Oh god I'm laughing so much.
Is it cursed or can you take it off?
No. 355972 ID: d3dfb8

The real question is why would we WANT to take them off?
No. 355973 ID: 715620

Give them to our archer. I'm sure she'll ADORE it.
No. 355975 ID: 3fd4fb

Remove that if at all possible. Give it to Emily, since she apparently wants it so much. The skirt will go well with her, uh, levitation.

Then hold a strategy meeting on how to get rid of this archer/ice mage/healer team that's been slaughtering the slimes.
No. 355976 ID: 40cb26

Put it on Alice! She'll hate it! Let's equip it when everyone else is around.

Then when we had our fun we can give it to Emily, unless one of the others want it.
No. 355979 ID: 1854db

Pffahahaa of course it's a girl's outfit.

Give it to uh... Ruby. That'll give us the best chance to keep the rod around.
No. 355980 ID: dda170

Oh boy. That's funny. We need to keep wearing that. And the death glare we have while wearing it? Makes it all the better. Get one more, for Emily! She'll love it!
No. 355983 ID: 6a5a08

I say give it to Emily, since she wants it. Alice would get pissed off and lose loyalty, and I think Ruby would have the same reaction as us.
No. 355984 ID: 74df77

give it to Emily
No. 355987 ID: 510737

do this but first just to check twirl around take a pose and say "magical girl powers activate"
No. 355990 ID: 6a5a08

Also this.
No. 355993 ID: 4bdd79

What the hell is wrong with you people.
No. 355998 ID: 510737

what wrong with you!? WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO SEE THAT!?
No. 356006 ID: dda170

Well I'm not a giant turnip who doesn't even wear shoes.

Wait... What?!
No. 356032 ID: 6a5a08

Overexposure to Internet Media.
No. 356035 ID: bd2a40

This and if it somehow actually does anything, keep wearing it.
No. 356038 ID: 1854db

Guys, we're not a girl. We're not going to wear this. Just... just give it to someone who can get some use out of it. Ruby or Kassandra, I don't care who at this point.
No. 356046 ID: b6edd6

Have we ever had a biological body?
Gender is rather arbitrary if we were always a golem-thing.
No. 356048 ID: 35bcde

We could equip a robovagina.
No. 356053 ID: f70e5e

I think we are are male. gender identity is more than just what you have between your legs after all. we might want to ask styx about our origins but I think we started out as flesh and blood.
No. 356060 ID: 35bcde

We could equip tits too. Maybe Alice is a lesbian it might be why she doesn't like us.
No. 356063 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131779113645.png - (88.83KB , 600x345 , 234.png )

You decide to just give it to Ruby. She doesn't really appreciate it though.

You approach Styx.

"Quick question, was I a boy or a girl?"

>"Neither my Lord. You have no gender since you are and were nothing but a construct. However you were masculine."

"ah okay.. Well Styx you know the situation, what would be the best tactics for this fight?"

>"It's all long range fighters with good support. You need to hit them hard and hit them fast. Tank units would be best. Silva maybe?"
No. 356064 ID: a2fa74

Ok. Lets march into the meat grinder!
No. 356065 ID: 35e1a0

hmm... put it on kass then. let's see how she likes it. just try it on everyone who can wear it until someone likes it.
No. 356066 ID: 1854db

Ask her if she thinks that's a good idea. Won't the heroes respawn and report Silva's activity? Attracting attention at this point could be disastrous.

Also ask who the male was that you used to travel with alongside Silva.

...wait a second, if we've always been a construct, who made us?
No. 356069 ID: 40cb26

Put it on all the girls, see how they like it. Gotta be fair after all! Put it on Alice last, say it looks better than her being in underwear all the time, so she'll wear it until such time that she kneels to us. If she complains then remove her underwear from under it.

As for using Silva... that's an important decision. She is the best unit for this job if terrain is a problem but remember that the ones who we don't enslave are going to spread word of Silvas survival. We didn't want to do that just yet.

Wait... is that even the case? Does that land count as human or would they die permanently when killed? If that is so we can use Silva with no risk. If not we're going to need a striker team with probably Emily and Rose. Of course we go along no matter what, recruiting one of them is certainly worthwhile. We'll have the barracks up after this battle anyway.
No. 356070 ID: 3fd4fb

>You decide to just give it to Ruby. She doesn't really appreciate it though.
Look, give it to someone who wants to wear it. Or at least is willing to. We're keeping to a policy of being relatively nice to our minions here.

>Silva maybe
The problem is, as I understand the rules for this, there is no way that we can contain the information that Silva's alive once she appears in battle. We can only enslave one person; the others will automatically teleport away knowing what happened. There's no actual kill option available, unless we can somehow prevent them from teleporting back to town... and I doubt that would be easy. So we can't use Silva unless we want people to know that she's alive and in our company, which we currently don't. We have enough enemies without getting all of hers too.

The situation is frustrating as hell.
No. 356072 ID: d4155c

Indeed. If it's demonic, some of our heavy hitters are demons or constructs. We can handle it if it's like that. I recommend going after the ice mage for recruitment though. The archer sounds like a dick and we already have a cleric. Magic variety would help us in case we ever deal with fire enemies. Besides, the archer sounds like one of those types that grind. Probably trying to go for the rare loot.
No. 356074 ID: b6edd6

We should give it to Emily. She is the one who actually likes it, and she already has the 'power or friendship' thing.
No. 356075 ID: 35e1a0

the fact that the top and bottom are separate means silva can wear it.
No. 356081 ID: 1854db

NOTE: Only our two magical troops can utilize the bonus power it has. Whatever that is.
No. 356085 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131779942911.png - (220.55KB , 1000x500 , 235.png )

You decide to try it on everyone.

>Kassandra: "Uhm... Uhm.... T-thank you..."
>Rose: "??? I feel different.. Odd."
>Emily: "I feel pretty!"
>Nix: "...."
>Alice: "I will die before I wear this in combat!"

Lenion just growled when you approached her with it and Silva's busy with Styx at the moment. Megan sees the outfits.

>Megan: "Oh wow. The Power Suit of Magic. That's neat. -10 Dmg reduction, Charm, -and- can release a elemental beam with damage equal to the users level -1 x 5 once per battle. Very nice. Not my style though. Looks good on you Alice."

>Alice: "Shut it bookworm.."
No. 356086 ID: 715620

Kassandra. Definitely.
No. 356087 ID: 1854db

-10 damage reduction? Is that from both physical and magical attacks?

I think this would work well with Kassandra's battle skills, since she has no attack skills of her own, and she likes wearing it. Win/win!

Let's see... that beam would do 20 damage. Nice. What range is it, I wonder?
No. 356088 ID: ae5096

wait how nix can equip it? it is acid proof?
No. 356090 ID: 35e1a0

why does rose say it makes her feel different. does the charm power resonate with her?
No. 356092 ID: 40cb26

...Put it on Megan anyway. Just to see her in it~

That's pretty damn good power actually. Ask what the Charm thing does exactly and if it relies on MP. We should equip that to whoever needs it in combat most at the time. Outside of combat let's keep it on Alice. Announce this policy, and again if Alice wants to complain then she wears it sans undies.

Double check on what kind of area the slimes place is, if humans survive when defeated.
No. 356093 ID: 0c2309

You want to heap more punishment onto Alice while she's improving? I get having a buttmonkey is fun, but that's sabotaging ourselves just for laughs.

I say we give it to Rose, given that she normally can't wear armor. The fact that it might somehow resonate with her is an added bonus.
No. 356095 ID: 35e1a0

i agree, alice is getting better, no reason to make things worse. and yeah kass would be nice. she would bea priority target due to being a healer. the DR would make it easy for her to cast heal fast enough to negate any damage.
No. 356096 ID: 40cb26

She's been walking in her undies for a while already, she has no business complaining on wearing our most powerful armor instead. We say we aren't putting it on her to punish her but instead so she is more pleasing to look at.

We can hold back on removing her underclothes as well, but it would be hilarious if she pushes us to do so.
No. 356097 ID: bb219b

stock fucking with alice and equip it to rose

she looks the cutest in it

but first, have megan styx and silva try it on too
No. 356098 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131780354597.png - (51.50KB , 340x343 , 236.png )

"What's the range on that beam?"

>"Oh it hits anything in a straight line for a good five spaces."

"This will be very helpful.."

You decide to give it to Kassandra. She seems pleased to have it.
You gather your minions and do another quick scan of the Ruins of Cineta.

It seems to boss has been on the move.
No. 356101 ID: 35bcde

No. 356102 ID: 1854db

Christ. Get him! We have to stop him.
No. 356103 ID: 35e1a0

let's kick his ass.
No. 356104 ID: 0c2309

Boss killing time
No. 356105 ID: 715620

Da boss.
No. 356106 ID: 8e6a0b
File 131780490244.png - (116.44KB , 696x561 , 237.png )

Boss fight it is..
==Ring Activated: Darkness==

Another Ring User.. This will be annoying..

==A dark shroud hangs over the enemy!
Placement Phase, limit 4.
(Shroud ends after 2 moves)==
No. 356108 ID: 0c2309

Emily, Rose, and Lenion, all at the front on the right. Kass in the back, second to the right if her +defense spell stacks with her armors DR. If not, Overlord.
No. 356109 ID: 35e1a0

tactically this is the worst place. we should retreat and watch him. when he starts to move to a new zone we hit him before he has a chance to set the battle zone.
No. 356111 ID: 40cb26

Emily Us Kassandra and Rose, in the back and in that order. We will wait there hopefully out of their range, giving them the choice between attacking and showing themselves or not attacking. Have Kass use +Def on us in case they do reach us. Next round Emily and Rose will run towards them.
No. 356112 ID: 35e1a0

archer's have great range, he could hit us from the shadow.
No. 356113 ID: 1854db


We're not fighting here. The only units that can cross are Emily and Rose, and since we're fighting rather high-leveled enemies here I am not confident in Rose's survival. Emily could fuck them up good if we could actually get them in close range. Silva could be great if it weren't for the fact that her dances are close range. I was hoping we could use Dance of Peace from across the chasm but apparently not.

If we must place units I say place Emily, Kassandra, Rose, Overlord (w/gun). Doesn't especially matter where we put them, but we ARE out of range of the archer right now. We should not move on the first turn.
No. 356115 ID: 1854db

They don't have >10 range.
No. 356118 ID: 40cb26

It looks like he'd need a range of 9 or better to get us from the back and not show himself. I somewhat doubt it.

Rose and Emily have nearly 70 hit points each, they aren't going down that quickly. The biggest threat is the archer if it uses rapid shot and that is only once. We keep them close for now and if a hit comes in Kass can take care of it.
No. 356130 ID: 86f168

overlord, kas, emiry, rose.
No. 356138 ID: 6a5a08

Emily, Kass, Overlord, Lenion.
No. 356171 ID: 35e1a0

okay, WHY are you voting for lenion? she is a melee fighter with no way across the gap. rose+ emily are the only ones with a way accross.
No. 356173 ID: 6af537

Is that a gap or a 3-dimensional ring of darkness? Because the tree looks strange if the former is the case.
No. 356178 ID: 715477

I think it might be the later... Hm... I do NOT recommend going into the darkness, though.
No. 356180 ID: a53c72
File 131784367846.png - (132.53KB , 696x561 , 238.png )

Units set, your move first.

>???: "Those aren't slimes."
>???: "It's still just a buncha Heroes. Let's take them down and grab their stuff."
No. 356183 ID: 1854db

Kassandra, move behind Overlord. Everyone else, pass.
No. 356184 ID: 35e1a0

retreat then wait for them to go "WTF?" and move to a less one sided arena.
No. 356185 ID: 86f168

everyone charges forward.
No. 356187 ID: 40cb26

No way we're going into this with one sided visibility. Everyone hold position, Kass can use +Def on overlord since he's he the one who lacks hp and defenses here.
No. 356188 ID: 1854db

Since overlord's gonna be hanging back within healing range of Kassandra he's actually in the least danger here. Once Emily and Rose cross the bridge, Kassandra can't reach them with heals. This is part of why this battle is so dangerous. Also keep in mind we're fighting a level SEVEN archer.
No. 356189 ID: 40cb26

The threat here is if he gets oneshotted with a lucky hit. Or two if the archer uses Rapid Shot. Emily and Rose have enough hp to soak it up, and Kass has damage resist as well as targeting avoidance.
No. 356190 ID: a53c72
File 131784616093.png - (140.06KB , 696x561 , 239.png )

Kassandra moves behind you and casts +Defense on you.
Everyone else braces themselves.

You hear chanting.

The Darkness begins to vanish.

Your move.
No. 356191 ID: 86f168
File 131784652217.png - (108.99KB , 696x561 , untitled.png )


in case people don't see it.

Rose and Emiry should get to the edge of the chasm so they can cross it with one move without being exposed to flight-disrupting attacks. Overlord should get close too, to fire at the nearest opponent. Kas can stay a square behind him.
No. 356192 ID: 715477

No. 356195 ID: 1854db

Chanting? Let's find out what that does. Everyone spread out. Overlord advance to stand at the edge of the chasm and one tile to the right. Rose should move to stand on the log. Emily should advance to the edge of the chasm right in front of her. Kassandra should stand about in the middle of the group so she can get within range of anyone to heal them next round. I'd say two squares forward and one square right.
No. 356197 ID: 40cb26

Visual on location but not units themselves, good enough.

Kass uses +Def on Rose, move up 2 and right 1
Rose moves twice, 4 forward to the edge of the ledge.
Emily moves twice, 6 forward so doesn't contribute it a possible area of effect attack.
We move twice, 3 forward and 3 right

This should put us in range to attack next round
No. 356785 ID: 36139f

Yeah. Absolutely.
No. 356831 ID: a53c72
File 131811094272.png - (171.69KB , 696x561 , 240.png )

Everyone moves into position. Kassandra casts +Defense on Overlord. She only has 1Mp left now.

Emily can not move foreword six spaces!

Enemy turn-
The Darkness vanishes!
The Ice Mage is chanting.
The Archer is chanting.
The Healer charges mana and casts +Defense on herself
No. 356833 ID: a2fa74

Rose: Fly across.
Emily: Run across.
Overlord: Shoot across.
Kass: Move one square back and one square left, then charge your mana.
No. 356836 ID: 4bdd79

Overlord: Step three spaces left and shoot the mages. Bullets penetrate, right?

Kass: Take a few steps back and try to recover your mana.

Emily, Rose: Move forward. Stop just outside their range.
No. 356837 ID: 4bdd79

Almost forgot, we should probably scan that ice mage. But that can wait for next turn.
No. 356846 ID: 1854db

We've got 5 range. They are too far away.

Overlord: Scan.

Everyone else except Emily: retreat.
No. 356856 ID: a2fa74

Upon review, I am forced to agree. They have high-damage ranged attackers, and the probability of losing people is far too high.
No. 356857 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, last time the enemy chanted for two turns the time mage almost killed kass. retreat. can try again with a better area.
No. 356858 ID: 1854db

Changing this to having Emily charge them as her action. 6 tile move.
No. 356892 ID: a53c72
File 131812335595.png - (164.54KB , 696x561 , 241.png )

Everyone retreats except yourself and Emily.
Emily charges forword.
You cast Scan.
Ice Wizard: Max
Ice- Range of 5-9 spaces dealing 25-30 ice elemental damage with a 35 percent chance of freezing the target.
Bestow Frost. A touch spell that gives any ally a frost weapon which deals +5 fire damage or 1 damage per round if used on arrows.
Blizzard: 2MP Range 4-9 spell that deals 30-45 ice damage. Can hit two people that are side by side.

Archer: Leon
Range: 7

Rapid Shot
Light Arrow
Dark Arrow: Takes 2 turns to cast. Cuts health by a third to make an opponent Feeble in addition to the normal damage done. Adds +1 to range.

Plant Healer: Solaris

Heal (Spell) Range of 1-4 spaces. Heals 23 HP.
+Accuracy (Spell)Range of 1-4 Spaces. Give +3 to attack/skill roll.
+Defense (Spell) Range of 1-4 Spaces. Give DR of 8 to ally unit.
Heal Group. (Spell) Heals 2 allies for 18 HP.
Entangle: Trap opponent in roots.
Growth: Attacks do +5 damage for each growth stage. At +10 speed is cut in half. At +20 user is immobile. Max +25
Apple of Life: Revives Fainted ally.
No. 356893 ID: a53c72
File 131812347188.png - (176.82KB , 696x561 , 242.png )

Enemy's turn.

Archer moves and fires at you. You are immune to Feeble but take damage.

>Max: "Great, now I have no one to ice."

>Leon: "Shut it, his buddies left him so now we just gotta finish him and the girl off. Now that he's Feeble it'll be even easier."
No. 356898 ID: 35e1a0

you and em retreat now as well. get those few HPs fixed and then attack the moment they move out of this zone.
No. 356899 ID: 35bcde

Shoot them with bullets until they die. Have Emily cut them also.
No. 356900 ID: de7eea

The whole point of this was to get the information than come back later. Fighting now would be silly.
No. 356901 ID: a2fa74

Call in the puppet to deploy immediately, and queue Lenion in reserve as the 4th slot but don't deploy her yet.
No. 356905 ID: 1854db

So, they were chanting to prep the spells. If we stay on this side of the chasm, they cannot actually attack us. Interesting.

Well I don't see any reason to keep Emily from dashing up to the archer. We'll see if she can wreck his face before collapsing.
No. 356906 ID: 6a5a08

All Retreat
No. 356910 ID: fa2f8d

why did we get rid of Rose? I thought she could fly.

if it's possible, I support getting Rose back here along with Silva.

Overlord: move to the edge of that log and fire if anyone's in range. Preferebly at the ice dude.

Emily: slash the archer, but before that, move as close to the healer as you can- you're gonna attack him (her?) next.
No. 356915 ID: 6a5a08

Emily can't reach that far, it's more than three spaces. No attacking while running. We can only shoot five spaces, they're all out of range.

This won't work right now, we need to retreat and plan something.
No. 356930 ID: 4bdd79


That dark area is a darkness effect rather than an actual pit I think.
No. 357009 ID: 40cb26

Let's all retreat for now. Then go back with Emily equipped in the sailor suit and then she can rip everyone to shreds.
No. 357010 ID: 6a5a08

No. 357011 ID: 1854db

She doesn't get the magic ray from it. I'm not sure if she even gets the damage resistance.
No. 357016 ID: 3c441f

Think about it guys. He just used a spell that took ten HP off. He now has twenty. If Emily gets in close range, she may be attacked, but can easily take out the archer. The others might be demoralized if he dies.
No. 357017 ID: 0c2309

Did none of you guys read the scan? Their healer can revive them if they go down.

I don't know why we had anyone retreat in the first place, but now that we have, everyone should fallback.
No. 357026 ID: cb0cc3

>Did none of you guys read the scan? Their healer can revive them if they go down.
Why is their healer so much better than our healer? *grumble*
No. 357027 ID: 197a62

by the way, that healer is may o be vulnarable to fire.
No. 357033 ID: a2fa74

...except that if we disengage as soon as the archer is killed then the battle ends and they can no longer be revived.

You know those mechanics we always worry about? Yea, those can also work FOR us.
No. 357034 ID: 35e1a0

no, we attack, they take their turn to revive him, then we can move away. there is no way to make that happen.
No. 357057 ID: b6edd6

Their healer is a higher level.

Let's not take out chances with being sniped. We now know their abilities, which is what we came for, so lets come back with a full group.
No. 357063 ID: 6a5a08

Wait a minute.
Wasn't the Grand Defender dude named Leon? I wonder if he changed classes or if this is a different Leon.

>Leon becomes the recurring rival character
No. 357108 ID: 40cb26

Emily could take the archer out, but then I see this happen:
>Emily is damaged by the mage, Archer revived
>Emily kills healer, archer and mage damage emily
>Emily takes too much damage that round or from the survivor next round and breaks :(

Now, if we fight them again Emily can make a beeline for the healer and if she has the benefit of the -10 damage reduction of the suit she can kill the healer and archer without too much trouble at all. And if we bring Lenion or Rose within range of one of their attacks they may not concentrate fire on her because of the charm effect.
No. 357117 ID: 1854db

I propose next battle we take Emily, Silva, and a Doll.

Charge them with Emily and the doll straight away. The doll blows the fuck up in their faces, and Emily mops up. We win.
No. 357138 ID: 6a5a08

Careful, that's dangerously close to a strategy!
No. 357139 ID: d97c6d

We're in the human world, remember? Unless we enslave him he'll just respawn in a town, after which he can just-

Oh. Never mind on needing to enslave the archer, he's apparently not even the one we've been asked to take out; the healer or ice mage would be a much better enslavement choice.
No. 357140 ID: 1854db

>archer not the right target
What gives you that idea?
No. 357200 ID: b6edd6

Good catch there. We are looking for "Broww the Archer", not Leon.
I guess Broww could be a pseudonym, but that would seem strange.
No. 357214 ID: 40cb26

As far as recruitment goes

Healer: Very nice unit but we have a cleric already, and taking out the others will be difficult as long as it lives. Can Lenion recruit it as a monster?

Archer: We have an archer already (more or less) and he seems like a bit of a dick.

Ice Mage: Stronger but otherwise not much different than our fire type, but it wouldn't hurt and could be useful for studying Nix.

Let's take out the healer and the archer, and then subjugate the mage if possible. Otherwise normal recruitment will do.
No. 357216 ID: b1f0e2

the archer is clearly the leader and thus the person who we were offered VAST RICHES to stop.

Kill it first with overwhelming power and then subjugate the other two. Then bind the archer, take him to demon realm, and execute him for crimes against slime-kind. (no resurrection if executed there)...

Or put him to work doing community service and convince the slimes to accept that instead of death.

But first, retreat and regroup.
No. 357219 ID: 1854db

Okay then. Before we retreat, ask him if he's called Broww the Archer.
No. 357224 ID: 6a5a08

I'm not sure it is the one we're after.
Unless he's Leon Broww, which is possible.
No. 357251 ID: 4bdd79

He is the only high level archer in the area. This is him.

Right now, however, we're in a terrible position. This is supposed to be a probing mission, we don't even have a full force!
No. 357252 ID: b6edd6

This was a probing mission, and we just successfully probed them. Now we know what ring they have, and what spells and stuff they can use.
No. 357258 ID: b6edd6

Oh, you meant a terrible position to attack from. I agree.
No. 357493 ID: 2f2274
File 131836814012.png - (41.95KB , 600x500 , 243.png )

"Are you Broww?"

>Leon: "??? Uh... That's my title.."

"Good. Retreat!"

You and Emily flee.

>Rose: "Well that sucked.."

"We were in a very bad situation. I didn't want anyone to get hurt."

>Rose: "Well now what?"
No. 357494 ID: 35e1a0

now we watch and be ready to catch them off guard, they don't know we can teleport into the battle zones. or watch them from afar. the moment they leave that zone we attack.
No. 357495 ID: 2f2274
File 131836900208.png - (50.13KB , 340x343 , 244.png )

"Now we wait.."

You scan the are again. It seems that they've already moved..
No. 357500 ID: db6289

Attack. We got this.
No. 357501 ID: 2f2274
File 131837070204.png - (214.62KB , 696x561 , 245.png )

You decide to attack the boss again.

Placement Phase, Limit 4.
No. 357503 ID: 35e1a0

looks like a big rock. which would give us some cover.
No. 357509 ID: a2fa74


Deployment: As close as possible!
Battle plan: Bum rush! Kill the plant girl LAST!
No. 357512 ID: 1854db

Oh nice, now we don't have to deal with only being able to use flying units.

Send in Silva so we can Berserk their healer and lock out resurrection, Overlord so we can attempt a Subjugate on the healer, and Kassandra so we can make sure Silva doesn't bite it.
No. 357514 ID: bd2a40

I thought we lacked the barracks to room more followers?
No. 357515 ID: b6edd6

Will (non-permanantly) killing Leon/Broww be enough to get rid of him (at least in the area)?
No. 357516 ID: 35e1a0

Subjugate targets all units at the same time. need to bring them down to just the target unit to have any chance of success.

anyway that is a good set up.
No. 357520 ID: 1854db

Re: barracks- <Larro> Ah no don't worry about that

We're good.
No. 357523 ID: 6a5a08

Kill Leon last. We need to get rid of any chance of respawn to stop him from attacking the slimes. Then we build barracks and recruit the Mimic.
No. 357524 ID: 6a5a08

I like this, but take the puppet from as well, since we can have four.

If we get in a bad situation, the Puppet is our last ditch nuke.
No. 357525 ID: 35e1a0

silva counts as 2. seriously, everyone seems to keep forgetting that.
No. 357534 ID: d97c6d

Let's send in Overlord to enslave Leon, Emily with the Power Suit, Rose, and Lenion. No subjugating, and kill Solaris first and Leon last. As for placement... let's not have anyone appear any of the squares that unidentified thing is on.
No. 357537 ID: a2fa74

Boss battles are when you can recruit unique and powerful units.
The plant girl? She's not a monster, she's a unique hero healer with the racial ability to revive the dead.

If Leon starts causing trouble after he revives then we can come back and kill him off then, but this is our only chance to capture a dead-reviving unique hero.
No. 357539 ID: 35e1a0

if we kill him second to last and subjugate the plant person we can get them both.
No. 357540 ID: 1854db

We can also kill the mage, then leon, then subjugate the plant and enslave Leon.
No. 357541 ID: b6edd6

It seems unlikely she is the only plant-person cleric (though she might be the only we will find).
The apple spell might or might not be a large advantage depending on what rez spells other clerics get.
No. 357561 ID: 1854db

No dammit, every boss stage has a unique unit. Larro even confirmed the plant healer is the unique unit for this boss.
No. 357562 ID: b6edd6

Oh. Carry on then.
No. 357563 ID: 25d645
File 131838247601.png - (224.62KB , 696x561 , 246.png )

Units set, your move.

>Leon: "You guys again? Fine, let's get this over with."

>Solaris: "... Leon I think we should fall back..."

>Leon: "Why?"

>Solaris: "That girl... If she is who I think she is we're dead."

>Leon: "???"
No. 357564 ID: 35e1a0

don't subjugate just smack talk "oh just because we changed who is in the group you are gonna chicken out?"
then you and sliva both double move in closer.
No. 357565 ID: b6edd6

Is that a pond in the middle of the map? We (Our non-fliers at least) probably want to avoid that considering how they have an ice mage.
No. 357566 ID: 1854db

Overlord and Silva: CHARGE! 6 space dash, 4 straight forwards and 2 right.
Kassandra: Normal move. two squares forward, 1 square right. Cast Defense on Silva.
No. 357569 ID: 3fd4fb

We've got to get Silva berserking their healer as soon as possible. Can't let her get away.
No. 357570 ID: d4155c

Well, if they are going to try and abscond, I say we taunt the bugger.

"What's the matter? Can't handle a fight on equal terms? Or are the only things you can fight fairly without cheap tricks and a terrain advantage slimes?"
No. 357571 ID: 6a5a08

+Defense on Overlord.
Move around the center thing as far as you can.
No. 357576 ID: d97c6d

Kassandra: Cast +Defence on Overlord.
Overlord: Begin approaching them, moving around the whatever-it-is.
Silva: Show Solaris your Dance of Peace.
No. 357577 ID: 1854db

All dances except Dance of Love require Silva to be next to the target, sadly. We can do that next round on the mage assuming they don't move, or in two rounds against the healer herself.
No. 357580 ID: a2fa74

Overlord and Sylva double-move towards the enemies.
Kassandra casts +def on Sylva.

Incidental action:
"Broww the Archer! By order of the reigning elder of these lands, you are under arrest for the murder of several dozen innocent civilians. Surrender or Deputy Sylva and I will take you down by any means necessary."
No. 357588 ID: 6a5a08

>"Broww the Archer! By order of the reigning elder of these lands, you are under arrest for the murder of several dozen innocent civilians. Surrender or Deputy Sylva and I will take you down by any means necessary."
If we say this, cowboy accent and posture is necessary.
No. 357592 ID: d97c6d

I wish people would post stuff Larro says on IRC in the discussion thread. The majority of us don't just idle there in case he says something important. (I'm assuming that did come from there. If it didn't, then we have no reason to believe the dance of peace doesn't work at a distace.)

Also, Overlord and Silva both have speeds of 3, and despite what some of you seem to think we can't just give up an attack action or something to change that, so it'll take three or four rounds to get to Solaris; I want to avoid having them step on the mystery thing until necessary or we're sure it's safe, too, but that shouldn't affect how long it takes.
No. 357625 ID: 35e1a0

saying you are the cops will make them want to run even more! taunting him will make him stay and fight.
No. 357629 ID: 35e1a0

uhhh, yes, giving up an attack action let's you double move. it's in an earlier thread.
No. 357633 ID: d97c6d

Oh; heh, my bad. Running for double move it is, then.
No. 357640 ID: d4155c

Yeah, taunting them would also likely make him mad which is bad when your job requires precision, not strength.

Besides, the guy is killing slimes when he is over leveled. He is obviously compensating. Maybe his father never loved him? Perhaps his quiver doesn't have that many arrows compared to other guys? Or maybe he is trying to cover the fact he has a SHORT bow.
No. 357643 ID: e3f578

"YES, it is the one you fear! Kassandra, the scourge of the west!"
No. 357647 ID: b1f0e2

I doubt that would help.

Rather then just acting like cops, we should consider the goals here. Our goal is to capture or kill broww, and to subjugate the other two. (or kill the, or let them escape).

So to that extent I suggest intimidating Solaris into surrender.
"She is exactly who you think she is and she answers to me, as she repays her debts to society.
I am here to arrest Broww, surrender at once. Resisting arrest will be met with deadly force"

Say as you double move as people suggested. If they surrender, great. We can subjugate Solaris and Max and discuss what to do with brow with the slimes.
If not then we need to kill Broww. Then subjugate the other two. If they insist on fighting we can just knock them out or grapple them (ice mage and healer in melee? haha, not a chance)
No. 357648 ID: 35e1a0

debts to society? since when did we tell silva that? saying that now could confuse her as to what we are talking about.
No. 357680 ID: 563369


supporting cowboyisms.
No. 357685 ID: 3fd4fb

>she repays her debts to society
I really don't think we care about that. We shouldn't claim to.
No. 357697 ID: b1f0e2

you are right. Actually, how about not saying anything. Just kill broww and THEN threaten the mage and healer into surrendering.
No. 357706 ID: 51b9bd

Why even kill? Take the mage and healer prisoner, and send Broww off to let everyone know that the slimes are intelligent and protected by a very powerful person who has limited mercy.
No. 357710 ID: b1f0e2

>"I will give you as much gold as you can carry if you eliminate someone for me."
>"Broww the Archer. He is a Hero in the area who has been picking off my people. I want him gone. If possible so that he may never bother my people again."

I can't believe it took us that long to figure out the archer MIGHT be broww (and we had to ASK) when the slime actually explicitly told us that.

>Why even kill? Take the mage and healer prisoner, and send Broww off to let everyone know that the slimes are intelligent and protected by a very powerful person who has limited mercy.
1. Sending him alive and free is actually exceptionally merciful.
2. Broww is comitting genocide against sentient slimes.
3. Killing is a mere inconvenience. He either comes back to life in a church or comes back to life as our slave.
4. The slimes required that we make sure he never bothers them again. I don't believe sending him with a slap on the wrist will do it.
5. If we do not enslave broww he comes back to life in nearest church and continues his murder spree. Enslaving him means he can then be executed in the demon realm for perma death, turned over to the slimes, put on community service for the slimes, put in a dungeon, put to work for us somewhere else, whatever.
6. Such decisive action, combined with having silva on a leash, will likely cow the mage and healer enough for them to agree to be subjugated. Granting us 2 new minions. (and as part of the thing, enough money to build a barracks to house our minions. which is a must)
No. 357711 ID: 51b9bd

My plan is more to impress upon him how much shit he's in if he keeps it up. Not guaranteed to work, but it'll serve in the short-term and we can keep an ear on the area. If Broww comes back, we just have his own former companions kick the shit out of him. Not perfect, but minimal harm done, and it will be most effective in making sure that no one, not just Broww, tries doing this to the slimes again. It's a minor short term risk in return for a fairly major long term payoff.
No. 357712 ID: 35e1a0

if he comes back then the elder slime will lose all trust in our word. he HAS TO to never bother them again.
No. 357714 ID: d97c6d

If we're going to subjugate them, let's make Max's subjugation conditional on Solaris agreeing. We can find another ice wizard, but plant healers are apparently rare enough that this is may be our only chance to get one.

The Eldest Slime just wants him gone; ensuring he can't come back is optional, and since we can't subjugate AND enslave we'll just have to settle for inconveniencing him by making him lose all of his stuff.
No. 357715 ID: b1f0e2

Agreed. The deal was that he should be eliminated, or whatever as long as he never bothers them again.
Claiming as much gold as we can carry for a deal we didn't really fulfil is BS. Either we perma kill or enslave broww.

wait... we can't? So its either subjugate OR enslave? I thought for sure we could do both.

Looking back at quest 1 it seems you are right. In such a case what we want to do is capture solaris and max alive (not subjugated, captured) and enslave broww.
Then after combat we can try to recruit them.
No. 357717 ID: 563369

obviously, the optimal, failsafe solution is to enslave him and give him to the elder slime.

too bad our barracks isn't built and we're full up, so we'll have to make do with just defeating his ass.
No. 357727 ID: 1854db

NO. Do not worry about the barracks. It is only a problem if we're going to keep troops in the long term. We will have money right after this fight to fix it, so it is NOT a problem.
No. 357732 ID: 25d645
File 131845716301.png - (230.25KB , 696x561 , 247.png )

Kassandra charges her mana and casts +defense on you.
You and Silva charge at the group.

"That's right, it's her! You'd better give up while you still can!"

Solaris is visibly frightened.
Max starts chanting.
Leon starts chanting.
No. 357734 ID: 35e1a0

overlord, attack leon. silva attack the mage.
No. 357738 ID: b1f0e2

Over and silva kill broww.
Then order them to surrender again (not subjugate, just capture alive)
No. 357740 ID: 1854db

Silva: Walk up to the mage and slice them up. (that should OHKO them)
Overlord: Walk up to Leon and slice him up. (next turn he dies)

Kassandra: Walk 3 spaces forwards and +defense on Overlord I guess.
No. 357757 ID: d97c6d

Oh, hey, we can both subjugate and enslave now. Do we still want to try subjugating Max, or is he expendable?

If we don't mind killing him, then the Overlord should move up one square, and Silva should move right three squares and use her twirl attack on Max and Leon. Kassandra I guess should run forward five squares so she can help someone next turn while staying outside of Leon's potential attack range.
No. 357767 ID: 3fd4fb

>Do we still want to try subjugating Max, or is he expendable?
Max doesn't sound like a woman, so we don't need him working for us.
No. 357768 ID: 715620

Pretty boys will increase morale, however.
No. 357769 ID: 1854db

We already have a mage. From now on let's only recruit unique units.

So, we subjugate the plant girl, and enslave Leon to decide his fate later.
No. 357775 ID: 25d645
File 131846352446.png - (229.36KB , 696x561 , 248.png )

Silva moves in and slashes Max with her ring killing him.
You move and slashes Leon with his blade dealing 20 dmg.
Broww fires at you and misses.

No. 357777 ID: b1f0e2

>Oh, hey, we can both subjugate and enslave now. Do we still want to try subjugating Max, or is he expendable?
Very nice. Well I want all of them but Max is already dead so...

things to do this round:
Healer - Cast defense on self.
Silva - Kill Broww
Overlord - If Broww survived silva, finish him off. If brow died subjugate plant healer girl.

When combat over enslave broww so that we can permanently deal with his genocide on the slimes.
No. 357778 ID: 35e1a0

murder his face. subjugate plantgirl.
No. 357780 ID: 25d645
File 131846403639.png - (36.07KB , 600x500 , 249.png )

Subjugation is a tricky thing, you need to think of what to say. You can't simply go 'You! JOIN MY TEAM OR DIE'
Sure threats work but try and be creative as well.
No. 357782 ID: a2fa74

"You are under arrest for the murder of dozens of innocent sentient slimes! We have you surrounded; surrender or die!"
No. 357783 ID: 0c2309

Have Silva kill the mage.

"I believe you've under-estimated who you're dealing with. I am THE OVERLORD! And this is indeed Silva the Wicked. Surrender now and join me of your own free will, and I will guarantee you will not suffer unduly in your service of me. I was once a fool to treat that which is mine so horribly, but no longer. Only my enemies get such treatment now. I sincerely suggest you accept my offer to avoid such a fate."
No. 357785 ID: 1854db

"Your leader here is a fool. He is hunting civilized slime people! We were hired by their leader to bring him to justice. Abandon him and join me, and I will ensure that your abilities will serve the greater good, just as Silva here does."
No. 357786 ID: d4155c

If we are going to go with the submit or die route, we may as well make it an legitimate threat. Remember, these guys will pop up again and again. Let's use that.

"I do not know why you killed so many innocent slimes. I do not care why. I only offer you a choice. Surrender yourself and work off the debt gained from helping those 'heroes' slaughter weak and defenseless creatures, or I will show you how it feels to be hunted down for sport by someone vastly superior to you. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?"
No. 357787 ID: 3fd4fb

Kill Leon.

Tell the plant girl:
"I would advise surrendering. You see, I am rather fond of those who are intelligent... well-informed... and uniquely powerful. You recognized Silva immediately, and gave good counsel although the others were too foolish to heed it. You could do well by standing with me.

"And if you prefer not... well, Silva is not called The Wicked for nothing, and she is one of my most treasured ladies."
No. 357790 ID: 3fd4fb

Greater good? Paying off debts for evil acts? Pah. We don't need to claim any such flimsy moral justification; it's either a lie or it restricts our actions unnecessarily. Bring up nothing of the sort.
No. 357798 ID: b1f0e2

This boat sailed already

Absolutely not on the dialog. And the mage is already dead. Currently alive are broww the archer and solaris the healer.

Close but not as good as the following

Best one, say that.

It starts off good, but omit the threat at the end.

Villain with good PR, remember?
We have the amazing superpower called "lying"
No. 357800 ID: d4155c

Those 'lies' have been mostly true and have done nothing but help us. Remember how low moral caused the whole 'we lost everything including our body' problem and that angels are keeping an eye on us? We have been over this before but let's NOT be some bread and butter villain.

We are the OVERLORD. Show some class! Besides, loyalty is much easier to gain through appealing to them and having them want to serve.

And no, we should not use a potion of corruption to 'force her' to be loyal since she would become a necromancer and lose her very useful ability.
No. 357802 ID: 3fd4fb

>We have the amazing superpower called "lying"
If we use that here and it gets her to work for us, then later she'll recognize that we lied- which, while it might not be a fatal blow to her loyalty, is certainly not the best for employee relations.

>Those 'lies' have been mostly true and have done nothing but help us.
They haven't been true at all! We don't have people working for us because of some high-handed opinion that they need to redeem themselves- which, by the way, would make us a self-righteous jackass and would do nothing for our PR. It's just saying that we think we're better able to judge what's right than other people and are inclined to force our opinions on them.

I agree that morale is critical, but that kind of bullshit isn't going to help morale. What's going to help morale is showing respect for our minions and demonstrating through our actions over time that we intend to care for them, which we are doing, regardless of our overall intentions. THAT is what differentiates us from a bread and butter villain, not heavy-handed crap rhetoric.
No. 357805 ID: 6a5a08

"Allow me to explain your situation, you two. You can surrender now, and serve me. You will be treated fairly, and allowed to live. The alternative, should you refuse, is that Leon here will be taken to the demon's world and permanently executed for his crimes against slimekind. Weigh your options carefully, for you have lost your advantage."
No. 357888 ID: d82cf6


this. with a cowboy accent.
No. 357959 ID: 25d645
File 131854827298.png - (73.20KB , 600x500 , 250.png )

Silva slashes Leon, killing him.

You turn to Solaris.

"I would advise surrendering. You see, I am rather fond of those who are intelligent... well-informed... and uniquely powerful. You recognized Silva immediately, and gave good counsel although the others were too foolish to heed it. You could do well by standing with me.

She grins.

>"Very well. I'm not stupid, I know when I've lost."

Level 6 Gaian Soloris has joined your team!

Enslave or Loot?
No. 357962 ID: 6a5a08

Enslave. Can't have him respawning, now can we?
No. 357963 ID: 35e1a0

enslave and take him before the elder slime.
No. 357964 ID: 40cb26

Would he just die if we left him, or respawn? We can't have him respawn so enslave him if so. Otherwise let's just leave his damn corpse to rot and take his shit.
No. 357966 ID: a2fa74

Do we know where he would respawn? We COULD just take his shit then go spawn-kill him.
No. 357975 ID: 148d6d

Now THAT would be evil.

I love it.
No. 357977 ID: 40cb26

It's risky, there is no guarantee he and his mage friend show up in a scan. But if we enslaved him now Max would show up the same way, in the ruins of a town, with nothing but maxes armor and bow to protect himself with. Do I hear an easy subjugation? Oh yes indeed. But if we don't find him, no big loss.
No. 357978 ID: 25d645
File 131855139066.png - (94.13KB , 600x500 , 251.png )

You have no idea how to find out where the heroes will spawn at..
You decide to enslave Leon.

He glares at you.

>"Well... This sucks.."

Solaris looks different now.
No. 357979 ID: 1854db

Alright, let's go to the slime king and see what he wants to do. Death, servitude, or imprisonment?
No. 357982 ID: 40cb26

Solaris was in growth mode earlier, I think. This would be how she normally is.

"Worse than you know. Someone wants to see you Leon. You'll meet them soon. But first..."

Do a quick scan. If you see a level 6 encounter with a single unit, that's Max. We should try to get him before he scampers off.
No. 357983 ID: a2fa74

"I'd save that for when you go before the Elder slime.

I'm curious. Did you know the Slimes you were killing were sentient beings?
Did you know they don't have a violent disposition, and are mostly innocent and childlike?
Did you know the ruined town had kept them as slaves and abused them terribly?
How about that that they took the area only after somebody else destroyed the town and ran off the humans?

Tell me, is there anything you can say to defend your dozens of murders?"
No. 357987 ID: d97c6d

Heroes normally respawn in their hometown or a nearby inn, so I doubt Max is here. Let's go see the Eldest Slime for our payment and to check if he wants Leon killed or if he's fine with us keeping him out of trouble. Oh, and check Solaris's and Leons loyalty.
No. 357988 ID: 6a5a08

No. 357993 ID: 25d645
File 131855368109.png - (22.24KB , 600x500 , 252.png )

Leon has no loyalty.. Solaris has 2 at the moment.
You don't feel like questioning him. The less you know about him the better.