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File 131138493886.png - (42.21KB , 600x500 , 1.png )
329694 No. 329694 ID: f678f8

>???: "My lord! My lord are you awake!?"
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No. 329695 ID: f678f8
File 131138500393.png - (127.22KB , 600x500 , 2.png )

>???: "Constantly shouting at him won't wake him up any faster Em."

>???: "He moved! My Lord are you awake!? It is me, Emily! Are you okay? Say something! Anything! Say 'Slaughter the innocent'! You always loved saying that!"

>???: "Just stop it Em. He's not coming back.."
No. 329696 ID: bcdce8

"Slaughter the innocent?"
No. 329698 ID: 35e1a0

i think we took too big of a hit. memory is gone.
No. 329699 ID: 22a82e

"Wimmy wham wham wozzle!"
No. 329702 ID: 0d7a83

Ladies, ladies, ladies! The Big O is fine so quit yo worryin' and give him some suger!
No. 329706 ID: 40cb26

"What overlord, where?!"
No. 329707 ID: eba49f

No. 329709 ID: eba49f

(And if we rule this realm, find another realm)
No. 329710 ID: cd63e9

wait what. i'm sorry miss did you say lord? and whats this about Slaughtering the innocent?
No. 329713 ID: 5f55fe

murgle.... urg... spill the blood of the innocent... uhh... that's one hell of a headache.

Still, it's a good thing to see my loyal... vassals? servants? generals? ...concubines? My memory is still a bit hazy.
No. 329714 ID: d71efb

No. 329718 ID: 07416a

Why are you wearing a shirt?
No. 329721 ID: 2b8edc

Why are you two clothed?
No. 329723 ID: f678f8
File 131138673453.png - (113.94KB , 600x500 , 3.png )

"Ugh... Glah..... Spill the blood of the... oh my head..."

>Emily "My lord!!!"

She picks you up and holds you close against her chest.

>Emily: "We knew you'd return! Oh how we waited for you!"

>???: "Hmph. Welcome back my Lord."

"My memory and thoughts seem to be scattered... Remind me again... Who are you..?"

>Emily: "I'm Emily, you loyal Servant!"

>???: "Rose, your bodyguard my lord."

"Wimmy wham wham wozzle..."

>Rose: "What?"

"I mean what happened..?"
No. 329725 ID: f678f8
File 131138686204.png - (85.87KB , 600x500 , 4.png )

>Rose: "A month ago there was a terrible attack on your castle my Lord. Some Heroes got through our main defenses and made their way to your lair. Most of us either died or surrendered and my Lord was struck. After looting and destroying the castle the people left leaving only a handful of your most loyal servants behind. As it stands the Flotation System is completely destroyed leaving us vulnerable to enemy attack. The Kitchen, Barracks, Court, Bathing Facilities, Food Storage, Armory.. Honestly almost everything was destroyed. All we could repair is the Tinkering Room so we could build more things and your throne room my Lord."
No. 329727 ID: bcdce8

No. 329728 ID: 02de21

"Who else is still here?"
No. 329730 ID: 35e1a0

my consciousness is fractured. hopefully it will get better in time, but for now i may be prone to shouting odd things.
No. 329731 ID: 2b8edc

Again, what's with the clothing? I certainly don't get any.
No. 329736 ID: 0d095c



No. 329738 ID: 44766a

Emily did you lose an arm? Also, Do I have a name?
No. 329739 ID: cd63e9

well this is bad. I mean unless there supposed to be more than one mind in here.
No. 329743 ID: f678f8
File 131138813869.png - (69.44KB , 600x500 , 5.png )


>Rose: "We don't know how my Lord. We believe someone from our previous group had betrayed us.. As for you... I regret to say the construct containing your immense mind and will was destroyed. All we could salvage was your eyeball.."

"What happened to your arm Emily?"

>Emily: "You mean the one with the giant blade sticking out of it or the one that ends at the elbow?"

".... Both."

>Emily: "You made me like that my Lord"

"..... So... Who is left?"

Rose shows you a sheet of paper.

>Rose: "I took it upon myself to list everyone who is left along with their Title and Loyalty. Besides Rose and myself most of your harem has left. Styx remained behind but she is the only one."
No. 329745 ID: bcdce8

"Would it be at all possible to construct a new body?"
No. 329750 ID: 35e1a0

for now... something like a four legged spider would do, with this eye as the central body. would get us mobile again at least.
No. 329751 ID: 2b8edc

Okay, let's tinker up a badass mechanical body, then. I'd like the strongest person here to get salvage from the floatation device.
No. 329755 ID: bcdce8

Good idea, but if we can implement flight it wouldn't leave use too vulnerable and increase our mobility.
No. 329756 ID: eba49f

Hrm, I seem to have experienced some personality change as well as memory loss. I can't think of why I would remove a hand from a loyal minion without replacing it with anything. I'll have to see about making you a new hand.
No. 329757 ID: 1854db

We have to get the barracks repaired so we can start rebuilding our army. After that, the kitchen, then food storage, then the baths... Nobody will be attacking us until they know that the castle is still occupied, so we shouldn't actually repair the castle's floatation system until we have better defenses. Nothing attracts attention like a floating castle.
No. 329759 ID: 35e1a0

an army marches on it's stomach. getting the ability to MAKE food should happen before having people to feed. so the kitchen should be first.
No. 329767 ID: f678f8
File 131138954275.png - (79.05KB , 600x500 , 6.png )

"Would it be at all possible to construct a new body?"

>Rose: "Yes my Lord, Emily, take him up to Styx."

"Also Rose see if you can salvage anything else from the flotation device! And see what we can do about that kitchen!"

>Rose: "Yes my Lord."

She gives a small smile at you as though happy to be given orders once more.
Emily takes you upstairs into a small room. There is a single occupant there with a barrel near her and a green flask beside her.

>Styx "My Lord... I knew you would return someday... It is a pleasure seeing you again."
No. 329770 ID: f678f8
File 131138969971.png - (19.51KB , 169x307 , 7.png )

"I'm certain it is. Styx, my body has been damaged beyond repair, I require something more mobile then this eyeball."

>Styx: "Already done my Lord. This Holder is made out of the same material as the Flotation Device. It shall keep you mobile."

She grabs you and places you into the device. You are now able to float about and move on your own.
No. 329773 ID: 35e1a0

excellent. it is good enough for now. and seeing as you are the only one left you are promoted to head tinker.
No. 329776 ID: f678f8
File 131138985969.png - (94.20KB , 600x500 , 8.png )

>Styx: "If I may my lord... We are out of money and supplies. We need more and soon. I managed to salvage the Teleporter my Lord. With it you can travel to the land of the Humans and try to regain our lost fortune. Any 'Hero' you kill there will drop weapons that a shopkeeper could sell and Gold. We need this gold to begin repairs on the Castle. Also we need Workers. Humans you kill can be recruited as Slaves and made to work for us."

>"We demons do not need to eat nearly as much as Heroes do so don't worry about feeding us. Enslaved Heroes however do need to eat so we need to either purchase food or get the Kitchen up and running once again."
>"Also my Lord do not forget that anyone who becomes your Slave may soon find themselves bending to your will.. You can attempt to Convert and Slave you have to make them more Loyal.. I hope this isn't to much information at once."
No. 329777 ID: bcdce8

Excellent work Styx.
I'm glad you survived.
No. 329783 ID: d71efb

Well what are we waiting for?! Let's get to beatin some people up!
No. 329785 ID: bcdce8

I'm sensing influence from Disgaea here.

No. 329789 ID: 02de21

>Humans you kill can be recruited as Slaves and made to work for us.
Even after we kill them? Cash!

Is there some kind of restriction that we can only kill and enslave Heroes? That is, why not just go into random villages and start slaughtering people, taking their shit, and enslaving them as menial laborers and cannon fodder?
No. 329792 ID: 35e1a0

we would be up shit creek without a paddle without you.
let us go emily, since we lack arms, you will have to be our blade.
No. 329793 ID: 35e1a0

most likely taht would attract the attention of BIG time heroes. need to start with like, abductions in the woods, one or two people going missing in a monster infested forest will simply be seen as a shame not a call for alarm.
No. 329801 ID: eba49f

Does the fact that you constructed us a new body mean that we can make golems when we have the resources?
No. 329813 ID: f678f8
File 131139208302.png - (54.53KB , 381x500 , 9.png )

"Actually I have a question. Why must it only be heroes? Wouldn't it be better to take like an actual cook or something?"

>Styx: "Of course my Lord, I did not mean to limit you. You may take whomever you see fit. Heroes simply have the most money and equipment on them. However taking villagers, who seldom go missing, as opposed to Heroes may bring unwanted attention. Don't want anyone to know we're back now do we..?"

"Right. Another question, you built me this miniature body, does this mean that soon we can build golems?"

>Styx: "But of course my Lord. In fact Emily here is a flesh golem you yourself made. We simply need the Gold, Supplies, and Recipes to make them."

"Hmm. Well thank you Styx. We would all be screwed without you."

She smiles.

>Styx: "And I am glad to have you back my Lord."
No. 329815 ID: f678f8
File 131139209945.png - (79.83KB , 600x500 , 10.png )

"Emily, we're going hunting."

>Emily: "Yay~"

You and Emily go to the teleporter and appear in the Human World.

Emily points into the forest.

>Emily: "My lord, a Hero is there. We can take her on if you so desire."
No. 329816 ID: 44766a

I am pretty sure we can't enslave them if they are dead.
No. 329817 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm, must be careful. if this location is known as an exit for the teleporter then this one going missing could make them very suspicious that we are back. let us tail her for a while and see if she leads to a guard outpost or is simply wandering through.
No. 329832 ID: f678f8
File 131139310370.png - (99.41KB , 600x500 , 11.png )

The two of your tail the girl for a while.

>Emily: "My Lord I think she's alone and a simple wandering hero. Just one slice, to the neck and she's done."

"Is this a known place for the telporter?"

>Emily: "Of course not my lord, I can change it to wherever I want. I picked this place cause I know the new guys go here all the time."
No. 329834 ID: 35e1a0

hmm.. then do it, quickly, but be careful and jump away as soon as it's done, in case she is being used as bait to draw an enemy out for a more powerful person.
No. 329837 ID: 02de21

Well, should be simple enough then. The two of you flank, one provides a distraction and the other one hits her in the back. Minimal risk, quick kill then move on to someone else.
No. 329838 ID: 00d3d5

Go right ahead and kill her. Emily could use the XP.
No. 329839 ID: 1854db

Take her down.
No. 329851 ID: f678f8
File 131139442486.png - (125.43KB , 600x500 , 12.png )

"I'll distract her, get her from the side."

Emily nods and moves to the side of the swordsman. You go to her other side.


The swordsman turns to face you and Emily gives her a quick slash to the back killing her instantly.
No. 329854 ID: f678f8
File 131139448932.png - (71.78KB , 600x500 , 13.png )

>Emily: "We did it my lord! I gained a Level to! All right then, what shall we do? Look her or Enslave her? If we don't loot her all her Equipment and Gold will simply vanish."
No. 329856 ID: 35e1a0

we have no money to keep any slaves fed. loot.
No. 329861 ID: 02de21

If we lose her equipment if we enslave her, then we might as well loot her. A combat minion we can't equip is a combat minion we can't use effectively anyway.
No. 329865 ID: 6b4721

Loot! Loot! Loot!
No. 329877 ID: 5f55fe

Well we're likely to sell the armor and weapons anyway. Right now getting some cash is priority, so we can get the minimal facilities up and running. We'll need that kitchen finished before we enslave any heroes anyway. (Or we can buy food, but a kitchen will save us money in the long run)
No. 329878 ID: 1854db

Loot. Nothing special either way but we need funds *now*.
No. 329879 ID: 40cb26

Waste not, want not, if we can enslave then lets do so. Besides she might look nice if she cleans up a bit.
No. 330038 ID: 65c63c

No. 330045 ID: 0d095c

No. 330060 ID: cd63e9

loot. having people who know how to fight and don't like us around the fortress sounds like a bad idea right now.
No. 330115 ID: 5f55fe

For the moment we can be picky. Just because we looted this one, doesn't mean we should enslave the next. Take our time and pick the choicest heroes for our slaves.
No. 330140 ID: 6e44d2

If we enslave them, we can put them to work making money for us. However, for the time being, I think looting is the best bet.
No. 330148 ID: f678f8
File 131145332964.png - (72.51KB , 600x500 , 14.png )

"Loot her. We have no need for a Hero we can not feed or equip."

>Emily: "Gotcha my Lord"

Emily takes the girls items.

>Emily: "Alright we got ten gold and some equipment we can sell. We don't have a shop keeper so we'll need to either sell it to a store or a hero."

"Right. Well then let's g-"

You hear a rustling sound. Emily turns around.

>Emily: "My lord... There is something there."
No. 330149 ID: f678f8
File 131145350088.png - (68.74KB , 600x500 , 15.png )

Two slime things and a slime person appear.

>Emily: "Monsters! My Lord get ready!"

"What? What's going on?"

>"There's more then one person so this battle won't be like the last one!"
No. 330151 ID: f678f8
File 131145365307.png - (131.53KB , 592x486 , 16.png )

"What do you mean not like the last one!?"

>"We can organize ourselves a bit more for this one, it won't be as simple as a few slashes here and there. Actually it will be since all I can do is slash.."

"What can I do?"

>"Order me around! It seems like we have the first move my Lord"
No. 330152 ID: 2b8edc

Move to the far left side of the eyeball slime thing and focus on killing it - it'll take a while for the others to position themselves to hit you.
No. 330154 ID: 02de21

Us: Fly upwards so that the enemy can't reach us. I don't think we have any kind of offensive capability, so we might as well remove ourselves from danger. Note to self, get some kind of ranged attack.

Emily: Move right and slightly forward, so that they'll be getting in each others' way when they try to come at you instead of surrounding you as easily. Hopefully you'll be able to take out one before they manage to flank you.
No. 330155 ID: 18b1b0


this, except the overlord uses eye lasers against the nearest slime.
No. 330156 ID: 35e1a0

we fly ABOVE them as a distraction.they will undulate below us trying to attack.
No. 330166 ID: 40cb26

What is your speed and movement range compared to these things? And can you only hit one at a time with your slash?

In any case, target the eyestalk on the right.
No. 330169 ID: 03c6a6

No. 330174 ID: f678f8
File 131145645498.png - (134.89KB , 592x486 , 17.png )

"Uhm, move a bit foreword, attack the slime to the right"

You float up and away from the battlefield as Emily moves into position. She Slashes at the Slime dealing a critical hit, instantly killing it.
The slime leader moves to her side and launches an acid blob at her dealing 11 damage.

>"By the way my Lord I can only move about three squares! 6 if I'm running but no attacks! Also that acid kinda hurt!"
No. 330177 ID: 35e1a0

hrmmm... we float over the eyestalk slime and turn off the anti-grav, slamming into it at high speed.

emily, attack the leader.
No. 330179 ID: 40cb26

Attack the slime person, and then move forward as far as you can. Hopefully they can't catch up right away to attack back.
No. 330180 ID: 02de21

Emily should move so that the leader is between her and the last slime, then attack the leader.
No. 330181 ID: 1854db

Move around and attack the leader from behind. Or the side, whatever you can manage.
No. 330185 ID: 15bdfe
File 131145774861.jpg - (22.71KB , 297x243 , attack plan.jpg )

Two steps behind the leader, slash.
Tiny pic for ref (probably won't do that again unless order is complicated)
No. 330188 ID: 5f55fe

In the future maybe we should bring Rose along with us. Unless her only job is to protect the castle.
No. 330189 ID: 18b1b0

>overlord: do something useful.
No. 330196 ID: cd63e9

lets try smashing the other slime. move over it and either cut or reveres the anti gravity on our platform.
No. 330197 ID: f678f8
File 131145902035.png - (136.99KB , 592x486 , 18.png )

You try to do something somewhat useful but fail completely.
You order Emily to move behind the slime leader and to slash, the attack connects and deals 17 damage.
The Slime to the right attempts to attack but Critically Misses and deals 20 damage to itself and is now immobilized.
The Slime Leader attack and critically hits her with acid for 20 damage.

>"That really hurt :D"
No. 330198 ID: 5f55fe

Ouch. You seem rather happy for being injured that much. Move away from the immobilized slime, and take a whack at the leader. Let's hope it's enough to finish it.
No. 330199 ID: 00d3d5

Emily: Fall back.
Overlord: Float over Slime Leader, turn upside down, and use thruster to RAM THAT SLIME LEADER!
No. 330201 ID: 2b8edc

Let's NOT dive into a mass of acid.
No. 330202 ID: 706c9a

get one space between Emily and the immobile slime. she should hack at the leader. you should float around it to annoy and distract it. maybe Styx can install some manner of weapon on this thing.
No. 330203 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord: Enslave dead Slime to help Emily
Emily: Attack Slime Leader
No. 330207 ID: 15bdfe

6 step run

Overlord: Cast Heal (I know you can do it you bastard)
No. 330213 ID: 1854db

Good idea, if we can do that and have it take out the minor slime, Emily can finish off the leader. If we can't Enslave mid-battle, we gotta run away!

Man this is rough.
No. 330214 ID: 6a5a08

Amendment to plan:
Emily: Run out of range
Overlord: Enslave dead Slime
No. 330222 ID: 40cb26

Attack and dash out of range!
No. 330226 ID: cd63e9

i suggest we withdraw. embarrassing but we can't afford to lose a minion at this point in time.
No. 330230 ID: 5aac32

Agreed on the run away plan. Enslave if possible, but keeping Emily alive's most important overall. Besides, she already got XP from killing one slime. That'll have to do for a combat where she looks to have been outmatched from the outset.
No. 330231 ID: 5aac32

Also, masochistic amputee with infinite and unwavering loyalty? We must've been kinky in the past.
No. 330232 ID: 706c9a


>in the past

not just.
No. 330233 ID: eba49f

I still don't get why past us would make a minion with only one arm.
No. 330236 ID: 6a5a08

Conservation of resources is my guess. Additional limbs besides one with which to use/use as a weapon are a waste if the minion's primary purpose is combat, and it is capable of levitation.
No. 330252 ID: eba49f

A one armed humanoid is very inefficient! If you spend the resources to make a one armed body, an extra hand to give them a shield or second weapon seems like it would be a sizable boost for a small added amount of body mass.
No. 330254 ID: 6a5a08

It was just a guess. We can never truly understand the mind of an evil overlord.

Even when we are an evil overlord.
No. 330272 ID: 5aac32

I suspected amputee fetish from the outset when told she was made like that, and the happy expression at pain just makes her look more like a walking fetish.

But that doesn't matter. She's a good servant. She should be preserved.
No. 330294 ID: f678f8
File 131146951788.png - (130.25KB , 592x486 , 19.png )

"Emily, run as far as possible!"

As you see Emily retreat you ponder why the hell you would make such a terribly built servant.
You also make a note to get a laser eye.

The Slime Leader follows while the wounded Slime simply lies there.

>"My Lord.. I'm actually quite badly wounded.. By Resting I can give up my whole round to regain 1/3 HP but I take more damage. Also if I run out of these borders I can leave the entire battle. At less then 15% health I can do some serious damage in a Desperation Attack.."
No. 330301 ID: 6a5a08

Unleash the Desperation Attack on the Leader, and hope to all the heathen gods it does not miss.

Also, is it possible to enslave monsters? They have natural weapons, negating the equipment problem, and are easy to find. Plus, nobody will really care if they disappear, or notice differences in monster attacks by us or natural ones.
No. 330304 ID: 00d3d5

Stay there and heal.
No. 330307 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, heal.
No. 330309 ID: 5f55fe

The slime will most certainly attack us next turn. We have no time to heal. And our Emily's health isn't low enough to use her desperation attack.

Either go in and attack, or run. Healing is suicide.

My vote is for attacking. The leader slime already took some damage, I think we can finish it as we are.
No. 330310 ID: 966224

it's too close to you. if you can get really far from it, so that it can't touch you, heal. otherwise, desperashun time.
No. 330311 ID: 1854db

Stand and heal. We'll have 22 hp before the leader attacks and it can't kill us in one blow unless it gets another lucky crit. That is far less likely than missing the desperation attack. After getting hit while resting we can run 6 tiles away, be completely out of range of counterattack, then rest again. At that point we can resume attacking.
No. 330318 ID: 6a5a08

You missed the part where we take more damage when healing. How can we be sure that amount is less than a critical?
No. 330319 ID: f678f8
File 131147211716.png - (131.85KB , 592x486 , 20.png )

"Emily, heal!"

Emily nods and heals giving herself 14 HP more HP.
The Slime leader moves and launches a slime blob at her dealing 14 damage.
The Slime is still Immobilized.
No. 330320 ID: 1854db

RUN 1 tile down-left and 5 tiles down-right. Or something like that.
No. 330321 ID: 6a5a08

Thankfully that worked. Now we just hope the other slime doesn't get back in the game when we run by, or we're screwed.
No. 330322 ID: 35e1a0

No. 330323 ID: f678f8
File 131147247043.png - (132.52KB , 592x486 , 21.png )

"Keep running!"

Emily runs as far as she can while the Slime Leader chases after her.
No. 330324 ID: 5f55fe

Attack or run, I will not accept these silly tactics.
No. 330325 ID: 1854db

Now run as far down as possible. Next turn we can heal without getting attacked.
No. 330326 ID: 40cb26

Have her keep running until she can heal while staying out of its range for a full round.
No. 330327 ID: 35e1a0

straight down left. then you can stop and heal for a bit without getting a counter attack.
No. 330333 ID: 00d3d5

Zig-zag to move due south as far as you can. We want to put as much range as we can between ourselves and BOTH opponents right now.
No. 330337 ID: f678f8
File 131147342364.png - (148.02KB , 640x486 , 22.png )

"Run as far as possible then heal!"

Emily runs to the lower left corner of the field while the Slime Leader gives chase. She heals herself for 14 health.
The Slime wakes up.
No. 330338 ID: 966224

heal again.
No. 330339 ID: 00d3d5

Heal again. We'll attack next turn.
No. 330340 ID: 40cb26

Excellent! It still can't hit you this turn, so stay where you are and heal again.
No. 330341 ID: f678f8
File 131147406321.png - (152.40KB , 640x486 , 23.png )

Emily heals again.
The Slime Leader and Slime move closer to her.
No. 330342 ID: 5f55fe

Charge! (But I will not accept these tactics any longer. We will require more people soon.
No. 330343 ID: 35e1a0

perfect! charge and attack the slime leader!
No. 330345 ID: 1854db

Good job, meat. Get in there and show those puddles what for.
No. 330347 ID: eba49f

Attack the slime leader from the bottom left side. Hopefully that way the smaller slime will not reach you that turn.
No. 330352 ID: 6a5a08

Strike at the leader of slimes!
No. 330358 ID: f678f8
File 131147490116.png - (151.32KB , 640x486 , 24.png )

Emily moves up to the Slime Leader and slashes it for 15 damage. It attempts to strike back but misses and dies.

Emily gains 1 level! +10 HP

The slime moves closer.
No. 330360 ID: 35e1a0

No. 330361 ID: 1854db

Excellent. Now go finish off that other slime.
No. 330363 ID: 00d3d5

Smash the slime.

Lets RECRUIT Slime Leader and LOOT Slime x2
No. 330365 ID: 6a5a08

No. 330366 ID: 5f55fe

I'm not sure if we can recruit non-humans.
No. 330368 ID: 146bca

Got here late.

Finish off the last slime.
No. 330381 ID: f678f8
File 131147617569.png - (89.44KB , 600x500 , 25.png )

Emily finishes off the last of the slimes.

>"We did it my Lord!"

"I did nothing."

>"If not for you barking orders at me I wouldn't know what to do with myself, honestly."

"Hmph. Hey, why can't I enslave that monster?"

>"Ah well only a Tamer can do that my Lord. If we ever get one then we can start Enslaving monsters as well as normal Heros.
>I think we've got enough money and stuff, shall we return?"
No. 330385 ID: cd63e9

how does this enslaving thing work y the way? that hero looked fairly dead when I was given the option to enslave her. does it involve necromancy or some such?
No. 330387 ID: 02de21

Enough money, you say? What could we feasibly do with what we've got so far, as compared to what we might be able to do if we stuck around and gathered some more?
No. 330388 ID: 35e1a0

yes, let us return for now. 40 gold seems like a nice starting amount.
No. 330392 ID: 146bca

Let's see if we can't get a list of things that need rebuilding. Start with the cheapest.
No. 330394 ID: 00d3d5

How about we try to look around for a tamer and/or a shopkeep?
No. 330395 ID: 40cb26

This. Enslaving the living seems more fun. And it's not like you can make a decent harem out of zombies.
No. 330398 ID: 5f55fe

Yea, we should go back. We should rest and recoup. Not to mention make some progress repairing the castle.
No. 330401 ID: d53c7d

I think it might be a good idea to stay out some more and find a hero to enslave. Then there will be a servant available to help with the rebuilding and further outings.

Have to think about expanding fast here.
No. 330406 ID: f678f8
File 131147757887.png - (191.56KB , 600x500 , 26.png )

"Emily, one question.. How exactly does enslaving work again?"

>"Ah, well basically my lord when we kill a hero they sort of linger there for a moment. If we don't bind them and enslave them they are usually reborn in their hometown or a nearby inn. If we Enslave them first then they are bound to us and can not go back until we free them or they die and are brought back in the human world before we can enslave them again."

"I see, good. I would not want a Zombie Harem."

>"I don't see any problem with zombies, they're nice once they bathe a bit."

"I will trust you on that.. Anyway we need to rest and check up on the castle. Let us return."

Emily nods and the two of you teleport back to the castle. Rose runs up to you with a note.

>Rose: "My Lord, I tried to salvage what I could, I have here a chart of how much the essentials will cost. We can work on something else but I think we should work on one of these before anything else."

>Emily: "Is that in crayon? Hey there's a smiling sun."

>Rose: "Shut it Em. Your orders my Lord?"
No. 330407 ID: 5f55fe

yes, but well need to buy food for them until we get the kitchen up. For this reason I'm against recruiting at the moment.
No. 330409 ID: 78e0aa

return and spend cash, no sense of wasting perfectly good heroes to turn if we have nothing to turn them with!
No. 330410 ID: 02de21

Well, it appears that we don't have enough money for anything. Why did we come back here when we have nothing positive to contribute? Let's go back to the human world and kill things until we have the couple hundred gold required to do something constructive.
No. 330411 ID: 1854db

...we just have 40G right now? We should sell the loot we got from that hero.
No. 330412 ID: 40cb26

We'll plan to do everything here in order of least to most expensive. But unless we can sell the slime bits for cash then we can't even afford the bathroom yet. What are they good for, anyway?
No. 330414 ID: 00d3d5

Lets go enslave a shopkeep, then deploy them in a human town to sell the stuff we gather to adventurers.
No. 330416 ID: 35e1a0

dang, we only got 40G. what can we make with that? being able to attack ourself, even in a limited fashion would be a big help. like stick a servo to the side of us and attach that sword we got to it.

also, rose, i find this drawing to be adorable. you may hang it where you wish.
No. 330418 ID: 5f55fe

Remember. Enslaving does not mean that they are instantly loyal. We would still have to convert them. And that will take time.

Also, remember that killing townsfolk will draw a lot of unwanted attention. Attention that we do not want while we're still in our vulnerable state.

I have a question for any of the servants who can answer. What are our options for constructing a new body for my mind/body. While the current situation is... enough to get by, a more capable body would be safer, and more able to accomplish things, besides giving orders.
No. 330419 ID: 15bdfe

fully heal Em.
check fabricator for smile ingenuity.
back to the human world for more chop chop goodness.
No. 330420 ID: f678f8
File 131147888870.png - (78.03KB , 467x459 , 27.png )

"Hmm... We do not have nearly enough money."

>Rose: "I didn't expect you would my Lord. I am ready to fight with you."

Rose uses a Spear which can hit enemies up to 2 spaces away. She can also toss the spear at minus accuracy for x2 damage at a range of 4 squares.
Comrades in Arms: When within one space of Emily and the Overlord her attacks do an additional 5 damage.
Jump: Using her Spear Rose can launch herself into the air and slam down on an opponent within 3 squares any side of her for double damage. Crit jump is Instant Death to most enemies. Can only be used once per encounter.

>Rose: "Also Styx wanted me to inform you that she can fit you with a basic sword and dark energy shield for G30 or a dark energy blaster for G35. This will help you fight alongside us."

"I will speak to her in a moment. By the way, the drawing is nice. Hang it up somewhere so I may look at it later for reference."

>Rose: "W-what? Uhm... T-thank you my Lord.."
No. 330421 ID: cd63e9

you know, given our current state i can't help but think our old model was not sustainable. we should try and rebuild but I think we might want to reconsider out stance on the whole evil overlord thing. we have a (eventually) mobile fortress that apparently do long range two way telportation, we could become a trade hub or something.
No. 330423 ID: 35e1a0

we probably enslaved too many peasants or something. so the heroes ganged up. since respawning seems to be a thing they probably don't care too much about being killed.
No. 330424 ID: 02de21

We might be evil, but going corporate is too vile even for us.

Dark energy blaster sounds pretty solid. Let's get that and then head to the surface for some serious hunting.
No. 330425 ID: 1854db

Dark energy blaster. We will rain death down from the skies.
No. 330426 ID: 00d3d5

Blaster. No contest.

We can do both; we just need people to not think we're all that bad. Lets enslave a Marketer!
No. 330428 ID: 35e1a0

wait wait, is it sword and shield OR blaster or sword/blaster + shield? without the shield our platform wont be able to handle any attacks. if the shield is with both then the blaster sounds like a good investment.
No. 330433 ID: 44766a

...Wait... Are all heroes female?
No. 330434 ID: 40cb26

With the blaster we can stay out of harms way entirely, so that gets my vote.
No. 330436 ID: 35e1a0

No. 330439 ID: cd63e9

we could try being a gray overlord or something. mostly prey on monsters and do some trading with the civilized races. we did just get a painful lesson about what happens when you make the whole world your enemy.
No. 330441 ID: 40cb26

"You aren't that much stronger than Emily, I thought you were level 25..?"
No. 330442 ID: 6a5a08

Get us a Dark Blaster for our Overlord Floater. We want to kill things too, damn it!
No. 330444 ID: 146bca

I vote for dark blaster.

And I too, am a bit confused at Rose's stats.
No. 330449 ID: f678f8
File 131148137708.png - (88.48KB , 600x500 , 28.png )

"You aren't that much stronger than Emily, I thought you were level 25..?"

>Rose: "What!? Oh well I uhm... Well it's.... I may have raised my level on the sheet just a bit... I'm sorry my Lord.."

"It is okay. No need to lie to me Rose. Now, let us go to Styx, I want my blaster."

You and the others make their way to Styx's room and soon you are fitted with a Dark Energy Blaster.

>Styx: "It is an amazing bit of technology my Lord. The Blaster has a range of 6 squares and has a fail roll of only 1-5. However the blasts will always do 10 damage unless you get really lucky. I can upgrade it to a better form for only G200 later on though."

"This is good enough for now, thank you Styx."

>Emily: "Yay~ My Lord can fight with us now! So where to my Lord? Where we were before? How about a more challenging area? Or maybe into one of those human towns?"
No. 330451 ID: abfb6d

A bit more challenging
No. 330452 ID: 1854db

A more challenging area. We don't want to stir up the townsfolk yet, since we have no defenses to speak of.
No. 330453 ID: 35e1a0

a little more challenging would be fine. but teleporting into a town is just asking for trouble of all sorts. would be good to go to the last area though if there are anyone with a profession we would need nearby.
No. 330454 ID: 02de21

If more challenging areas have more wealth, let's go for it. We need to improve our situation as rapidly as possible.
No. 330455 ID: 03c6a6

more challenging area
No. 330456 ID: 40cb26

I do not want stronger challenges, I want easy money and more chances to get it. Small groups of victims no stronger than that hero. Town itself is too risky, we need a well used path near it to ambush from.

Speaking of which, how useful is the heroes equipment, how much can we sell it for, and what use is the loot from the slimes?
No. 330457 ID: 6a5a08

Let's go back where we were first and get us some EXP.
No. 330459 ID: f678f8
File 131148213370.png - (45.10KB , 595x339 , 29.png )

"Something more challenging."

Emily nods and leads you and Rose to the Teleporter. She turns it on showing a grid.

>Emily: "Okay my lord, we can teleport to any spot with a number on it. By doing that we can face tougher enemies or weaker ones. Each number gives us roughly how strong they are and how much gold we would get. By taking on a rank 7 we get G70. A rank 1 would only give us G10. For reference the group we took on before was rank 3. Also this does not count to any equipment we may get in battle. So my Lord, where shall we go?"
No. 330461 ID: 02de21

7. We were just barely able to take on a rank 3 group with one person, so with three people we should be able to take on groups more than twice as tough...

...or so I hope. We can go with 4 if we want to play it cautious.
No. 330462 ID: abfb6d

No. 330463 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm... let's hit that two in the lower right and then wallk through the fours and the threes and finally tackle the seven.
No. 330464 ID: 40cb26

Hmm... that doesn't discount the chance of more foes of such strength. Even level 1 or 2 could be a problem if we run into half a dozen or more of them at once.

I say Level 4, and whichever of the two is more likely to have humans to loot or enslave.
No. 330465 ID: 5f55fe

A 4 is fine. Either one.
No. 330466 ID: 146bca

My vote is 4, then 7.
No. 330467 ID: cd63e9

lets play it safe and go to 4. we don't know much it scales. if we don't have any trouble on 4 we should move up. also we should avoid heroes for now. monsters are less likely to organize a mob and burn down whats left of our fortress.
No. 330468 ID: 35e1a0

once we land we need to teleport back to teleport in again. my method results ina constant stream of money.
No. 330469 ID: 03c6a6

No. 330474 ID: f678f8
File 131148311992.png - (128.53KB , 632x532 , 30.png )

"Rank 4 will do.."

>Emily: "Right away my lord!"
>Emily: "Teleportation success! Remember my Lord, these spots are only for fighting. It's unlikely we'll find anything but monsters and heroes here. If you want to shop and such a Town is better. Oh hey, Flame Wizards."

Flame Wizards
Typical HP:???
Attacks: Fire, range of 5-7 squares. 15~ Burn Damage

>Emily: "If we had someone on our team who could Scan we'd know a bit more about our enemy... Well it's still the Placement Phase, where shall we land my Lord? We can go in any green spot"
No. 330475 ID: 35e1a0

if we go fort then bunch up near the top. if they go first then bunched up near the bottom.
No. 330476 ID: 146bca

Emily and Rose in the forwardmost row, us in the very center.
No. 330477 ID: 40cb26

The girls can go there, but we need only be just behind them.
No. 330478 ID: 6a5a08

Are they monsters or can we recruit them?
Because they're like little Black Mages.
No. 330486 ID: 1854db

5-7 range? We can't attack these guys at all with our blaster. They'd shoot back and I have a feeling magic is 100% accurate.

Emily top-right, Rose right next to her, Overlord waaaaay in the back somewhere. Both Emily and Rose will rush 3 squares towards the enemy, and Rose will use Jump on the leftmost wizard.
No. 330487 ID: 35e1a0

5-7 as in they have a MINIMUM. rush them and get real close and they can't do anything.
No. 330490 ID: 1854db

Oh, that's true. Alright, amending our formation to have Overlord sitting in the topright most square, and Emily right behind him. When everyone rushes forward, Overlord can get right up in the face of the wizard on the right. That is actually the only tile he can go that will prevent the wizards from reaching a spot 5 tiles away from him next round. Emily will be lagging behind a tile but she's just around for cleanup here.
No. 330549 ID: 663351

I'm expecting blast attacks here maybe. Put the girls as close as possible with Overlord also in the front row, but 2 spaces away to the side.

The fire wizards outrange us, but we outnumber them so the idea will be to strike hard and fast with Rose's once per encounter jump attack. Everyone on one wizard to reduce their firepower.
No. 330557 ID: e63976

deploy as close as possible. including the overlord, because minimum range.
No. 330564 ID: 28e94e

Deploy everybody just outside their range. For our first turn, everybody gets as close as possible and starts attacking if they can.
No. 330575 ID: 6a5a08

No. 330613 ID: 563ead
File 131153844615.png - (143.29KB , 631x531 , 31.png )

Placement phase over.

>Wizard 1: "... Who are they?"

>Wizard 2: "Our new servants."
No. 330614 ID: 563ead
File 131153850967.png - (163.10KB , 631x531 , 32.png )

Everyone moves foreword to attack. Rose uses Jump and misses.
Overlord fires his Dark Matter Blaster and misses.

>Wizard 2: "..... This is too easy."
No. 330615 ID: 563ead
File 131153857241.png - (151.29KB , 631x531 , 33.png )

Wizard 2 moves to the top right corner of the map and casts Fire on Rose dealing 12 damage.
Wizard 1 moves back and seems to be charging some spell.
No. 330617 ID: 101dcb

concentrate in Wizard 1
No. 330618 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord: Run and trap the Wizard in the corner
Emily: Run up next to Charging Wizard on his right
Rose: Run up in front of Charging Wizard and use basic attack
No. 330619 ID: 6a5a08

Correction of wording: Rose does not run, simply moves the standard three spaces to attack.
No. 330620 ID: 02de21

Emily: Run four squares right, two squares up.
Rose: Move one square right, one square up. Attack Wizard 2 with spear.
Overlord: Move two squares right, two squares up. Attack Wizard 1 with Blaster.
No. 330621 ID: 0ab363

No. 330622 ID: 6a5a08

Note: This plan prevents both wizards from moving, and all units are out of their range. Thus, we get autowin unless they flee, or their charging spell hits at Range 1.

These wizards are hardly tactical geniuses to get in this position.
No. 330623 ID: 40cb26

Overlord fly two right and three forward, shoot the mage on the left.
Emily run two right and three forward
Rose move forward two squares and right one, attack the mage there.

Now not only are they trapped, but also too close to target us and Rose gets her comrade in arms bonus as well.
No. 330624 ID: 35e1a0

yes overlord between the wizards. rose to right in front of the first one and stab and em moves up.
No. 330625 ID: 6a5a08

That's a good point, never took Comrade in Arms into consideration. Changing vote to this plan.
No. 330626 ID: 35e1a0

oh and overlord moves up one in height so they can't hit us if they have shitty melee attacks. cause even a shitty hit will still hurt.
No. 330634 ID: 1854db

This, except have Rose use Throw on the charging mage.
No. 330639 ID: 563ead
File 131154224338.png - (202.59KB , 631x531 , 34.png )

Everyone moves into position around Rose. She attempts to strike the wizard but trips and jabs herself with her spear.

>Wizard1: "HAHAHA! Oh god this is just sad!"
>Wizard 2: "We still can't hit them with our spells..."

Wizard 1 strikes at Rose with his staff dealing 2 damage.

>Wizard 1: "We can do that."
No. 330642 ID: 6a5a08

Rose attack Wizard 1
Emily move between Wizards and attack Wizard 1
Overlord move to Emily's spot and attack Wizard 1

If all works, Wizard 2 is trapped, Wizard 1 is down, and Overlord is out of range.
No. 330644 ID: 6a5a08

Rose: Stop failing miserably
No. 330646 ID: 35e1a0

all out attack!murder wiz 1!
No. 330647 ID: 28e94e

They're trapped. Everybody keeps spamming their basic attacks until the wizards die.

Also, we should probably hover just outside of melee range.
No. 330648 ID: 44766a

"Will you two chuckle heads please SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
No. 330652 ID: 40cb26

It's alright Rose, we aren't losing and they can't win! Make another attack with Rose against that mage, then move Emily to cut him too. Move forward and float up, target the first mage if he's still standing, otherwise blast the other.
No. 330654 ID: fbd140

they're not as much trapped as they're close to running away. therefore, kill both of them at the same time.
No. 330655 ID: 44766a

They can run away?
No. 330662 ID: eba49f

In case Wiz1 survives, we want to be out of his melee range (with our 1 hp).

If you can move through allies (and melee attacks don't go diagonally), we should do

Emily: Move directly DownLeft of Wiz1 and attack him
Overlord: Move to the space directly below (one DownLeft and one DownRight) Wiz1, and attack him
Rose: Stay put and attack Wiz1
No. 330665 ID: 563ead
File 131154395502.png - (149.46KB , 631x531 , 35.png )

The group surrounds Wiz 1

>Rose: "Will you both shut the fuck up!"

Rose stabs at Wizard and misses.

>Rose: "..."

Emily slashes at him and deals 17 damage.
Overlord fires his blaster at him and crit hits for 20 damage!

Wizard 2 is stunned.
No. 330667 ID: 35e1a0

rose, take wiz1's place and use throw!
No. 330670 ID: 1854db

Rose, move 1 right.
Emily, move up to the mage.
Overlord stay put.

Rose, use Throw. Emily, attack. Overlord, attack.
No. 330671 ID: 40cb26

Nice! Rose fly on over the other wizard and stab down, Emily will go forward and slash, and we'll be floating a square over Emily shooting him.
No. 330673 ID: 6a5a08

1. Rose 1 down-left, use throw on Wiz2
2. Emily two forward, basic attack on Wiz2
3. Overlord, basic attack on Wiz2
No. 330680 ID: cd63e9

rose move back to wizard ones place and stab wizard 2. Emily move in and attack wizard 2 we will move into a position to fire one the last one. this way we can all hit him at ounce.
No. 330683 ID: eba49f

For mages does transparent mean dead or does it mean very low health? If it is low health you should of course finish him, with Overlord attacking first to wast the least amount of damage.
No. 330692 ID: 563ead
File 131154556806.png - (98.39KB , 600x500 , 36.png )

Everyone closes in and finishes off the last Fire Wizard

>Wizard 2: "W-wait!"

Wizards defeated!
Overlord has gained a level! No bonuses..

Loot or Enslave?

>Emily: "Oh.. It seems we can only enslave the last thing that was killed. That makes things a bit trickier. Also wizards aren't human so they don't eat nearly as much as normal people would."
No. 330693 ID: 00d3d5

Enslave the wizard we can enslave, loot the other.
No. 330695 ID: 35e1a0

yes, let's enslave this one. their partner can cover the costs and even has some start-up equipment.

also tilt over and rub on rose's head and tell her it's okay, everyone has an off day.
No. 330696 ID: 02de21

Unless we can deploy an enslaved minion in combat immediately, I'm inclined to loot and move on.
No. 330699 ID: 101dcb

enslave this one, loot the other
No. 330701 ID: 40cb26

Alright I think we can afford to enslave this one. At least it's female.

Poor Rose, she's good but just got unlucky. Give her a little pick me up. "Rose you are my best fighter right now so you are not allowed to be upset because of some bad luck. It happens to us all. And even if others were better you would still be as important to me. Got it?"
No. 330704 ID: 24b747

Yeah enslave away. We'll need the extra help.

We were unlucky, but perhaps staying on class 4 encounters would be good for the moment. Anyone willing to try 7?

Tell Rose that maybe she should try to follow Emily's example some more.
No. 330709 ID: fbd140

go for it.

we need moar gold though. perhaps another encounter, or a trip to a shop to pawn our crap?
No. 330711 ID: 07416a

Can you graft one of the dead wizard's arms onto Emily?
No. 330712 ID: 1854db


Enslave. Then we go for rank 7.
No. 330714 ID: cd63e9

we should reassure rose. tell her she just had some bad luck. I don't think we should enslave the wizard we don't really have a use for a slave right now.
No. 330715 ID: 5f55fe

That's some nice range. I wouldnt be opposed to enslaving, but I don't think we get to use it right away. It becomes a slave, and until we convert it, it will have no loyalty, and probably unusable in combat.

And don't yell at Rose, she tried her best. We must take our lessons from the Evil Overlord list. We must treat our minions with respect. She did not fail due to incompetence, or stupidity, so all we can do it give her a better luck next time, and don't sweat it.
No. 330737 ID: 6a5a08

No. 330741 ID: 6a5a08

Still, we could use a refresher course on converting enslaved minions, since we didn't take the free one given to us before.
No. 330747 ID: 563ead
File 131154909694.png - (33.88KB , 291x449 , 37.png )

You decide to enslave this one. Ruby is now on your team.

Stats posted in Dis

She glares at you and tries to cover herself.

>Ruby: "You damned demons.. I will never work for you."

"We'll see about that.."

You look over and see Rose who still looks a bit upset.

"Rose, everyone has their off days. You are still my best fighter. I need you to be ready to fight with me again."

She nods.

>Emily: "Where to now my lord?"

>Ruby: "Hey don't ignore me!"
No. 330751 ID: fbd140

consider giving Ruby her staff and robe back.

head to another encounter. maybe a 5, since we have Ruby now.
No. 330753 ID: 40cb26

Oh come on this isn't right lets give her something to wear.

Let's give her the hat.
No. 330754 ID: 35e1a0

no, let's send ruby back to the castle in what she has. otherwise she could try to escape. then do the other 4.
No. 330755 ID: 6a5a08

Give her the equipment we looted from her friend. Can't do much running into battle naked.
No. 330757 ID: 02de21

Ignore Ruby. Leave her unequipped until she shows willingness to serve us.

On to the next battle.
No. 330760 ID: 44766a

Give her the robe back but not the staff.
No. 330763 ID: 252e1b


Where are her boxers?
No. 330765 ID: 6a5a08

Actually, this.
No. 330769 ID: 1854db

Leave her without her robe and staff until she is loyal enough to kneel before us.
No. 330778 ID: 563ead
File 131155055780.png - (40.35KB , 442x500 , 38.png )

Emily shows you a map of the area again.

>Emily: "It keeps changing as we battle."

You think for a moment and look at Ruby.

>Ruby: "Give me my stuff back you bastard."


You give her some clothing.

>Ruby: "Okay now you're just mocking me."

"Your belongings will be returned to you once you choose to serve me. Kneel before me and all shall be returned, and then some."

>Ruby: "Never"
No. 330779 ID: eba49f

That would just make her pissed for a while. I second 'robe but not staff'.

Say "Is turnabout not fair play, 'our new servant'?"
No. 330782 ID: 6a5a08

"It was your intent to enslave us. You are no different from we demons, in that regard, so do not act as if serving us will be any different from serving your own selfish desires."

Give her the robe, but not the staff.
No. 330784 ID: 35e1a0

yes, bring up the 'new servant' thing she said at the start of the battle.

then have her sent back to the castle. maybe some hard labor will change her tune. then let's attack the other 4.
No. 330785 ID: 02de21

Well, shit. Now that we've said that, we can't give her anything else or she'll learn that she can make us give concessions by being stubborn.

She gets nothing.

On to the next location 4.
No. 330786 ID: 40cb26

"Tell me, why were you in that forest? What did you desire? Gathering wealth? Obtaining power? I would simply have you do the same for me. It would be my wealth of course but I treat my servants well."

"No rush, I can wait. You look better like this anyway."
No. 330787 ID: 00d3d5

Lets do another 4.
"You know our health plan includes dental, right?"
No. 330788 ID: 5f55fe

yea, 7 might be too risky. If the enemy were to focus on one of us, or an unlucky critical hit, we could lose someone.

... By the way, what happens to our servants/us if we die? I mean, humans and stuff respawn in town, so is there anything similar for us?
No. 330790 ID: 1854db

Will sending Ruby back to the castle alone result in her being able to mess up our stuff? I'm not sure how exactly we're supposed to handle a disloyal unit when we don't have guards back at the base. I'm not sure it's a good idea to enter battle with a disloyal unit either.

I agree we should not give back her stuff in response to her complaints. Say that until she kneels before us then she can simply serve us as eye candy. (get it, because we are an eye)
No. 330796 ID: fbd140

aye, do the other 4. too bad enslave doesn't ensure servitute.
No. 330797 ID: 563ead
File 131155267827.png - (122.27KB , 570x532 , 39.png )

"You fought us with the intent to enslave us, we are no worse then you are. Also your attitude needs work, I personally have no problem having you parade about in your underclothes, I have all the time in the world to wait for you to bow to me."

>Ruby: "D-damn you.."

"Rose, is it possible to just send her back to the castle?"

>Rose: "We can send her back but there isn't anyone there to keep an eye on her. I'd be better if we kept her with us in battle. She can always not attack but she can never attack one of us in battle."

"Okay. Also what happens if one of us dies in battle? Do we respawn?"

>Rose: "Good question my Lord. In this world if we were not enslaved we would simply die. Likewise humans who die in our world vanish forever unless brought back by powerful magic. We are safe in our own world though."

"Well that's good to know.. Anyway onward to the next fight."

Emily smiles and teleports you all to the nearest Rank 4 area.

>Emily: "This one has tricky terrain! And not only that but there's only one enemy, she must be really powerful!"

Class Archer
Range: 1-6 Sq +1 per lvl
Average HP: ???

>"She seems to be napping so we might be able to get in a sneak attack. We don't need to roll for these since she's defenseless."
No. 330799 ID: 00d3d5

>don't need to roll
>jump kills most enemies instantly
>delicious candy

Use a jump attack on her, then we zap whatever is left. Lets try to make Ruby burn her, too.
No. 330800 ID: 35e1a0

rose at the top, em next to her and ruby behind rose and us next to em.
round one rose moves into position for a throw while me and em glide across the gap. next round rose throws, ruby BETTER use some magic, and then me and em engage.
No. 330802 ID: 5f55fe

The gap is too big for jump. She'll just have to toss her spear and hope for the best. Then Emily and Us will finish it off. Ruby can help if her attitude improves.
No. 330803 ID: 1854db

Have Rose be in middle top row. She can get across from there. Emily can leviate across fine.

Rose should optimally wait until Emily gets within melee of the archer to attack. Then we all attack at once. Overlord should stay away, since we can't stay within min range and one hit on the floater will set us back a decent amount of GP.
No. 330804 ID: eba49f

Sooo... we charge the archer with all of our [i]hitpoint[i/]? I'd rather not.

If we can hover-carry Rose over the gap, that would be best. (Jump only has a range of 3 [and the insta-kill-most-stuff is only crits, though sneak attack might mean autocrit]).

If we can't levitate, I guess we should have Rose sneak-fireball the archer. Give her the staff, and tell her that if she proves herself in battle, she can have her robe back, but if she warns the archer instead of attacking than she will just have to repay the inconvenience by acting as a human shield.
No. 330806 ID: 40cb26

Hah, sounds like a good job for Rose. She'll have to be put in the closest square to the archer, with us and Emily behind and to the side. We all move into position so that Rose can move adjacent to us and use her spear throw in a surprised attack for free double damage and the CiA bonus. Unless the Archer moves closer Ruby won't able to do anything so lets not worry about her, just keep her a bit to the side.
No. 330807 ID: eba49f

Actually, I agree with the people who say Rose should attack first. Less chance of something going wrong.
No. 330809 ID: eba49f

Oh, wait. I forgot Emily can levitate. Have Emily levitate up next to the archer before spear throwing so she can attack immediately afterwards.
No. 330810 ID: 6a5a08

Deploy Rose and Emily up front to fly at the archer, leave Overlord in the back with Ruby.
No. 330811 ID: fbd140

>death from above

No. 330819 ID: 40cb26

Spear throwing is better than the jump attack here, since the former has a hit penalty and the latter benefits from critical hits. This is autohit so crits aren't going to happen.

Oh and a bit of security, to make sure Ruby doesn't mess us up.

"Ruby, all we need of you here is to stay back and stay quiet. Do that and you'll get your robe, deal?"
No. 330822 ID: 563ead
File 131155503856.png - (138.93KB , 570x532 , 40.png )

You equip Ruby with her staff.

"Prove yourself in battle and you shall get back your robe. Do anything that will hinder us and you shall act as a human shield."

She grabs the staff and glares at you.

Everyone is set for the battle.

Rose and Emily fly across the field.

The enemy is asleep.
No. 330823 ID: 35e1a0

rose: use jump!
Emily, Slash after the jump.
No. 330827 ID: 1854db

This, and Overlord should move a bit away and try to look harmless. That archer can take us out in one hit!
No. 330830 ID: 40cb26

Rose deals double damage with her spear throw, just as strong as jump but less accurate. So have her start with that. Position Rose on the other side of her and Emily get next to her on the left side. That should prompt her to get closer to us and Ruby, not hide in the corner.
No. 330831 ID: 563ead
File 131155565155.png - (134.54KB , 570x532 , 41.png )

Rose and Emily get ready to attack

>Ruby: "Watch out!"

The archer opens her eyes and jumps back.

>Archer: "What the...? Demons huh? Get ready to be sent back to hell!"

Surprise round over.
Your round.
No. 330834 ID: fbd140

overlord: seize Ruby's undergarments as punishment.

everyone else: aggress.
No. 330837 ID: 252e1b


Agreed. Carrot and stick approach here.
No. 330839 ID: 02de21

Rose: Move into melee and attack.
Emily: Move into melee and attack.
Overlord: Move so that the cliff obstructs her line of fire to us and scold Ruby for being a traitor. Does she want to be a naked slave forever? Maybe she does, some girls are like that.
No. 330844 ID: 40cb26

"...You'll be lucky if you keep your underwear after this. All you achieved is not letting her die quickly. Slow and bloody death is more entertaining though, I'll admit.

Have Rose jump, and Emily advance and slash.
No. 330846 ID: 1854db

UGH. BAD MAGE! Stare balefully at Ruby. Just stare. Saying nothing. (let's have her spanked later)

Emily: move forward and attack.
Rose: move up to the side of the archer, and use Jump.
No. 330847 ID: 2b8edc

No. 330850 ID: 00d3d5

"Congratulations! You have managed to almost inconvenience me at the cost of causing her to suffer needlessly!
You still get points for trying, though Even if they ARE negative!
From now on you march into battle naked. Lets see how eager you are for their attention then."
No. 330853 ID: 146bca

As punishment, undergarments must be confiscated.

But only after the battle.

Rose & Emily: Attack
Overlord: Chastise Ruby
No. 330856 ID: cd63e9

see this is why slave taking is a bad idea. slaves will screw you every chance they get.
No. 330860 ID: 563ead
File 131155726145.png - (135.43KB , 570x532 , 42.png )

"What the fuck are you doing!?"

Ruby smiles smugly at you. You de-equip her top.

"If you interfere any more much much worse shall happen.."

You move behind Ruby. Rose and Emily each attack dealing a total of 32 damage.
No. 330862 ID: 563ead
File 131155731419.png - (135.61KB , 570x532 , 43.png )

The Archer retreats and fires at Emily for 10 damage.
No. 330865 ID: 02de21

>"What the fuck are you doing!?"
Why would we say this? It makes us sound like we're letting her action get to us. There were several smugly superior responses posted which would have been much more appropriate. Making sure that the slave knows that all their efforts to resist don't matter is a vitally important part of breaking them.

Can't be undone now, I guess, but for future reference we should never express shock and dismay at a slave's disobedience. Punish them, chide them like a disobedient child, berate them, but don't let them think they actually hurt us in any way.

Ah, well. Rose and Emily should continue to close and kill. We should hold fire and let them handle this; no sense letting the archer know there's another threat behind her and risking that she'd shoot us.
No. 330866 ID: 35e1a0

charge! you got her in a corner.
No. 330868 ID: eba49f

Again, we can count out spare hitpoints on a snake's fingers, so we don't want to get shot.
No. 330871 ID: 1854db

Emily: Move to the archer's right.
Rose: Move to just to the up-right of Emily and Jump attack the archer.
No. 330875 ID: 35e1a0

i mean THEY charge.
No. 330878 ID: 146bca

Emily and Rose: Go in for the kill.
No. 330890 ID: 563ead
File 131155927261.png - (138.28KB , 570x532 , 44.png )

You make a note to yourself to restrain your emotions when surprised.

Emily and Rose corner the Archer and attack with Emily landing a critical hit and killing the archer
No. 330891 ID: 563ead
File 131155934326.png - (77.55KB , 600x500 , 45.png )

Level gain! Emily and Rose are each one level higher.
Each gains 2 max HP
Rose can now attack one space diagonally!

Loot or Enslave?
No. 330893 ID: 146bca

Loot Archer. Tell Ruby you would've enslaved her, thus sparing her life, had she not called out to her.
No. 330894 ID: 1854db

Level 4? Definitely enslave. More ranged support is niiiiice.
No. 330896 ID: 02de21

Enslave. Level four slave is excellent.
No. 330898 ID: 1854db

They just revive in town anyway. We can't really kill Heroes.
No. 330899 ID: 6a5a08

Heroes respawn unless we enslave them. If we take them to our world and kill them, they die forever.
No. 330900 ID: 40cb26

Loot, we can hardly restrain our one slave as it is. We don't need another one that is hard to control.

I wonder if that was our mistake before, keeping more slaves than we could keep loyal...
No. 330901 ID: 146bca


But does she know that?
No. 330902 ID: 35e1a0

i am pretty sure ruby knows about respawning.

anyway loot. taking care of ruby is a handful already, we can't have another person as well.
No. 330903 ID: 02de21

Come on, you guys, we can totally handle two. All our resistant slaves can do is yell advice to our enemies, and if things get really out of hand we can go back home and start using magic to brainwash them. Let's not pass up a level four just because our first slave is whiny and resistant.
No. 330904 ID: 5f55fe

Loot, I suggest highly against enslaving multiple people. We need to convert the one we have first.

We have enough trouble getting Ruby onto our side. I don't want to have to deal with two at once.
No. 330905 ID: 146bca



Tell her we would've spared the archer the misery, then! We gotta tell her something to make her feel guilty, so that she'll think twice about betraying us in the future!
No. 330908 ID: 00d3d5

When people die they lose their stuff and go back to town.
When we enslave them their stuff goes back to town without them.

Enslave. Explain to Alice that it would have been completely painless if Ruby hadn't woken her up to suffer. Then tell Ruby off for being so vicious as to want people to suffer needlessly.
Lets sell the crap we picked but can't use, buy Alice equipment, then go for another 3 or 4. I oppose bumping up the difficulty until we've got more loyal minions.
No. 330914 ID: eba49f

This all depends on how expensive it is to make useful minions. If we can do that, it seems like much less trouble than enslaving heroes.
No. 330915 ID: 252e1b

Enslave and pit her against Ruby.

"I would have just sent you back to town and taken your stuff, but I need at least one cooperative slave."
No. 330917 ID: 2b8edc

No. 330918 ID: cd63e9

loot. we already have more slaves then we can really handle. also down voting trying to guilt our slave. mocking how she accomplished nothing yes. but we should avoid trying to take the moral high ground.
No. 330921 ID: 563ead
File 131156064614.png - (73.34KB , 600x500 , 46.png )

You decide to enslave the Archer. If things get to troublesome with the two of them you can always try magic and stuff back at the castle.

Alice's stats will be added to the Dis

Alice simply hmphs and turns away from you.
You take a quick stock of what you have on you and their rough prices on the market. It seems you still remember how to make some money.

Ruby walks up to you.

>Ruby: "...... I..... apologize for my earlier actions, may I have my things back?"
No. 330922 ID: 2b8edc

"Any more shenanigans will have you fighting with naught but the staff. Here." Return the underwear.
No. 330923 ID: 146bca


"Words mean nothing from you. Show me you're sorry."
No. 330926 ID: 146bca


I'm referring to showing her loyalty in coming battles.
No. 330929 ID: 5f55fe

Are those loyalty stars? Heh. It's a start.

Give her the stuff back. We don't need to embarass her further. Not unless she chooses to defy us.
No. 330931 ID: 2b8edc

Here's an easy system: every loyalty star = one peice of clothing, determined by us.
No. 330932 ID: 146bca


Changing my vote to this.
No. 330934 ID: 252e1b


Fair's fair, apply it to Alice too.
No. 330936 ID: 35e1a0

yeah give it back. you can SEE her loyalty. and it has gone up. not great yet but i think she wont try that again.
No. 330937 ID: 1854db

For the apology she can have her top back.

Kneel, and she can have everything back.
No. 330940 ID: 02de21

"Your apology is accepted, and you may have your underclothes back. Be warned that further disloyalty will not be so easily remedied. I have told you the condition for the rest- kneel and swear to serve."
No. 330942 ID: 00d3d5

Say "Thank you" and return her stuff.
That would have been very hard for her to do, and we want her to feel good about it. We'll be accepting and encouraging about it.

Float over to Alice "My apologies for your needless suffering; I intended for your capture to be quick and painless."
No. 330950 ID: 40cb26

Return her top. "You know what is required for the rest... You gain nothing to stand against me, so stand with me."

"And what about you, dear archer? You are welcome to be stubborn but it will not serve you as well as willingly serving me."

Now then, we need to hit up the shop. I assume there is one available that doesn't mind dealing with us "demons"?
No. 330954 ID: 563ead
File 131156201181.png - (59.74KB , 377x492 , 47.png )

"Your apology is accepted, and you may have your underclothes back. You know what is required for the rest... You gain nothing to stand against me, so stand with me."

She glares at you for a moment, then she closes her eyes and sighs.
Ruby kneels before you.

>Emily: "Yay~ We got a new friend! I knew you could do it my lord!"

Alice hmphs again.

>Rose: "Where to now my Lord? Shall we continue fighting or go into the village?"
No. 330955 ID: 146bca

Let's see if Styx can use anything we have, then go to the village to sell the rest.
No. 330956 ID: 35e1a0

give ruby the stuff. then let's see about selling stuff in town. ruby should be the one with us in town and she will inspire the least fear in the populace.
No. 330958 ID: 02de21

Well, that wasn't so hard. Ruby can have her clothes back.

We haven't done much looting and we have a lot to rebuild and a couple slaves to feed, so we'd best take on at least one more encounter. Level three or four.

This will hopefully also give Ruby a chance to prove her loyalty- kneeling is a gesture of submission to another, but if she can't or won't follow through on what it means- that she'll do what we say- then she is guilty of lying to us, which is just not acceptable.
No. 330960 ID: 1854db

Give her everything back. Can any of our current troops use leather armor? Also... hmm... yes, I suppose we should go to town.

Ask Alice if she has anything to say to us.
No. 330963 ID: 40cb26

Whelp, give her all the stuff now. Let's go to the village to can sell what is not needed and buy what is.

Offer to Alice that if she speaks her mind you'll give her something to cover herself better with.
No. 330978 ID: 02de21

>Offer to Alice that if she speaks her mind you'll give her something to cover herself better with.
Heck no. All slaves stay in their underclothes until they've knelt to us.
No. 330981 ID: 40cb26

Meh, all we have is a leather armor anyway. How about if she kneels as well, we will give her the leather armor to wear for now.
No. 331001 ID: 2b8edc

Or we just give her the armor and take away the undies?
No. 331004 ID: 1854db

I like how you think.
No. 331011 ID: 5aac32


That's going to be awfully uncomfortable (chafing and all). Which is part of the point I suppose. Still, better save it for a punishment if she's defiant or something. Because it's a really good one.
No. 331014 ID: eba49f

This isn't a race to -10 minion loyalty.

When we sell stuff, we should probably send Rose to do it as she is the only one who is neither enslaved nor obviously 'demonic' (from the other world).
No. 331035 ID: 40cb26

Or Styx, if she looks at all human under her robes and mask.

...Wait, are there *demon* villages we can go to? That would be so much easier.
No. 331070 ID: 6868bc

I recommend selling off the excess goods and investing in the Baths, back at the castle, as well as a basic stock of rations. It will be good reinforcement if we show Ruby a little kindness, give her a nice hot bath and something nice to eat. Teach her that being loyal can be kinda nice.

Alice, on the other hand, doesn't get to wash or eat nice things until she's willing to stop being so stubborn.
No. 331103 ID: 07416a

She earned all her clothes, yes. Let's not use perversion as a loyalty tactic in the future, though.
No. 331114 ID: 6e44d2

I don't see why not. It's pretty nasty and evil, and we want to be evil. Plus, apparently, it works.
No. 331117 ID: 07416a

Who says we want to be evil? Evil for the sake of evil is remarkably ineffective. I want to be effective.
No. 331118 ID: 07416a

It's better to be feared than loved, but it's best to be both.
No. 331119 ID: cd63e9

we should make a point of being kind to anyone with positive loyalty stars. make it clear at that point we consider them ours. complete with needing to protect them.
No. 331120 ID: 252e1b


It's petty, nasty, and mean, but most importantly: it works, at least with Ruby.
No. 331122 ID: 9202a9

But what ever we do we should not become hated.
No. 331123 ID: 146bca


Above all, it's better than the alternative. Do we really want to use pain as a submission technique?
No. 331127 ID: 9202a9

Oh god no. That is just asking for them to betray us later.
No. 331129 ID: 5aac32

I say do what's necessary. If Alice acts up like Ruby did, we can punish her (though depending on her personality and responses to humiliation, the same methods that worked on Ruby might not work as well on her). Otherwise, we can just work on winning over her loyalty. The stick isn't the only method.
No. 331132 ID: 510069

Smart overlord's take care of their minions. Since we strive to be a smart overlord, we take care of ours. Provided they are minions, not rebellious servants. Rebellious servants get shame.

The archer should get neither until' she proves which she is, and informed of it.
No. 331136 ID: eba49f

The thing about punishments is they lose their effectiveness if you keep doing them all the time.
No. 331138 ID: 40cb26

I think we might have to put our foot down on this silent treatment. It is way it is worse than what Ruby was doing, because it gives us nothing to respond to. If she keeps it up when addressed directly should say something like:

"I expect resistance and will forgive defiance but I will not stand to be ignored with this childish silent treatment. Speak your mind, now."

And if she continues then we punish her. By unequiping her top and bottom of course. If she even gives an angry response then we thank her and give them back. Otherwise she gets to walk around like that.
No. 331144 ID: 02de21

>"I expect resistance and will forgive defiance but I will not stand to be ignored with this childish silent treatment. Speak your mind, now."
Saying that would be admitting that her choice of resistance tactic is getting to us. Don't do that. Besides, what the hell do we need her to speak her mind for? It would just invite her to insult us, and then if we punish her for something we ordered her to say we look petty but if we don't then we're putting up with insubordination and insults, which is a poor precedent to set.

No, letting her be quiet and sulk is fine for now. The silent treatment is not as bad as you paint it. As long as she's not actively causing problems, she'll eventually crack- very few people have the willpower to keep that sort of thing up forever- and in the meantime, we can certainly give her orders, and if she refuses to obey them then she's moved into defiance, which we can certainly handle. And eventually we'll go back home, where we'll be able to apply mind control powers and deal with her regardless.
No. 331231 ID: 6e44d2

We must be powerful. We must carry ourselves with strength and might, or else our more ambitious minions will perceive us as vulnerable. No, we will not sit down with our servants and talk about our feelings. We will be feared, and from that fear will come respect and loyalty. Make it clear that we will punish impudence and will not tolerate failure.

What we should not do, though, is rage at our servants who deliver bad news. That's stupid. Our demeanor will be strong and controlled, not wrathful. Now, let's go fight some more.
No. 331233 ID: 6e44d2

Nah, we don't need to hear her talk. What's the rush? Alice will submit to us; Ruby already has. Next time we come across something not that important that we want Alice to do, then we will order her to do that and discipline her should she fail to do so. For the time being, let her be silent. It matters not.
No. 331234 ID: 6a5a08

Technically the name of the game is 'How to be an Overlord', not 'How to be an Evil Overlord'.

As it appears our previous incarnation's methods were unsuccessful, and we are now far weaker, it may be in our best interests to try different tactics for world domination and see what works, for now. It is far easier to go from good to evil, if need be, than to go from evil to good.
No. 331237 ID: eba49f

With the talk of wanting our minions to fear us, consider the following:

A variety of our minions survived our defeat.

Before our death, we had plenty of minions who followed us out of fear. Now we don't. Think about why that is.
No. 331240 ID: cd63e9

see this? this right here is why only 3 of our minions stuck around after we got our asses kicked. no we earn our loyalty the best way, by caring about those who serve us. it is better to be loved than feared. it takes only a few defeats to lessen fear, but almost nothing can lessen love.
No. 331256 ID: 02de21

>it takes only a few defeats to lessen fear, but almost nothing can lessen love.
That's laughably false. Love is amongst the most fickle of emotions, restricting the actions of those who wish to maintain it severely and requiring constant tending. No leader can survive for long solely based upon popularity, because bending to the desires and whims of one's followers is not the same as doing a decent job of leading them.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to cultivate love in some carefully chosen minions, but for the large-scale control of minions while retaining the ability to do whatever the hell we want as the boss fear is much more practical and effective.

Also, considering that our method of acquiring minions in the first place involves killing and magically enslaving them, love is pretty much only going to be achievable through magical manipulation of the mind and emotions, severe and deliberate psychological abuse, or years of careful management of our actions. There's not really an easy and PR-friendly route here, so let's just go with the low-hanging fruit and force them into line.
No. 331258 ID: 9202a9

Lets do both.
No. 331263 ID: eba49f

We could just loot the people we kill, because why bother enslaving minions when we can build minions (as evidenced by Emily).
Then we have minions who are loyal by default and also don't eat.

A long term plan occurred to me. When we have armies of minions to send out, instead of sending them to fight heroes in general we should send them to systematically exterminate low-mid level monsters. Sending weak minions feeds heroes exp, and where would the heroes be without their precious loot and experience points?
No. 331284 ID: cd63e9

its not that hard to keep the love of your minions, simply treat them with respect and don't be wasteful with there lives. if you make someone fear you its almost inevitable they will start to heat you as well. this will result in allot of minions who would love to kill you but think your to strong for them to defeat, until something goes wrong and they see there chance. not to mention the more powerful a minion the harder it is to rule them with fear. actually earning the loyalties of our minions instead of simply scaring them into compliance be slower and might mean we have to avoid some minion types but it does mean we won't have to worry about our own men turning on use if we find ourselves in a position of weakness. after all the three who stuck with us though our downfall hardly did so because they feared us.
No. 331296 ID: 563ead
File 131164090759.png - (74.28KB , 495x471 , 48.png )

You give Ruby back her clothing. She quietly thanks you and puts them back on.

You ponder what to do with Alice but decides it's best to just wait. If she actually tries to disobey you in combat or anywhere for that matter then...
We'll see.
You also think about whether it would be better to rule by fear or love. Fear is the best method of control... Next to brainwashing of course.

"Rose, is it possible to sell our goods in our world?"

>Rose: "Not likely my Lord. They have this stuff by the dozen. We'd need to sell these goods here. There are always buyers for basic adventure gear."

"I am a bit worried that there will be some hostilities against us if we go to a human town."

>Rose: "Not a problem my lord. We know just the shopkeep. We'll teleport to him now."

You arive at a small stand. A man sits behind the counter and grins.

>Fabio: "Overlord! My main man what's happenin? Didn't think you'd survive the whole hero attack. Been feelin bad since I was the one who sold the stuff used to beat you. Well, you sold em to me first huh? Hahaha! Anyway glad to have ya back, what can I do for ya?"
No. 331300 ID: 00d3d5

Sell the crap we don't need, then buy gear for Alice for when she's less disloyal.
No. 331304 ID: 563ead
File 131164188924.png - (63.03KB , 600x500 , 49.png )

You sell most of the extra spoils of battle to Fabio.

>"Not bad not bad. Yeah I'll take these."

He hands you some gold.

"Also I would like basic equipment for my Archer."

>"No prob brah. Got a basic setup here for only G15? That good?"
No. 331305 ID: 02de21

That will suffice for now. We don't have the spare cash to splurge on higher-quality gear for someone who hasn't even knelt to us yet. Let's get going.
No. 331306 ID: 35e1a0

hmm... yes. that seems like a good deal.
No. 331307 ID: eba49f

"Survive the hero attack? As it happens I didn't, but I wouldn't hold that against a businessman such as yourself."

Sell all the stuff you can't use except the slime eye, in case its rareness means it is useful for something.
No. 331308 ID: 6a5a08

That good, bro.
No. 331309 ID: 1854db

Yeah. That looks like a good deal.

Man, we need to find more things that drop good-selling loot.
No. 331316 ID: 40cb26

The basic gear is fine. But how much is better than basic gear? Just so we know how it scales up for the next step.

>You also think about whether it would be better to rule by fear or love.
I get the feeling that love isn't what you relied on last time, and look where it got you. Not that you can be an evil overlord on love alone, but you need some balance to prevent it from blowing up on you again.
No. 331320 ID: b4f276

he knows you well enough to recognize you just by seeing your eyeball? wow, you guys musta visited him a lot.

70G still isn't enough for jack. not even bathing. kitchen costs even more. it's killing time.
No. 331323 ID: eba49f

By which you mean finding more stuff to kill, right? Attacking this guy would be a terrible idea, because he could just use some of the megaweapons that he buys and sells on a daily basis.
No. 331325 ID: 563ead
File 131164428717.png - (26.42KB , 442x288 , 50.png )

"I will take the basic gear. How much more is an upgraded one?"

You spend G15. You have G55 left.

>Fabio: "Thanks brah. I'll charge ya G30 for the next upgrade of that. This one gives the Archer a cool ability to."

"Thank you. Rose, Emily. We need to get more gold."

>Emily: "My Lord you can always send us out to fight for you~"


>Emily: "Well units with at least 2 loyalty can be sent out to the field on their own to fight. That way while you direct people on tougher battles we can take on some of the easier ones for you and gain lots of gold~ Downside is there's no enslaving and all equipment and items we get is auto converted into gold. Me and Emily, if we went separately, could probably make G80 in the time it would take you to do a more difficult battle."
No. 331329 ID: 02de21

Let's send Emily out on her own, and bring Rose, Ruby, and Alice to fight a 3. I want to field-test Ruby and see if she's willing to burn our enemies, and maybe get Alice to submit to us. If that pans out, we can bring all of them against the 7- and maybe then against that 10.
No. 331330 ID: 146bca


Do it.
No. 331334 ID: 5f55fe

Agreed. Until we get a good feel for the strength and loyalty of any new servants, we must keep one loyal servant (Rose/Emily/etc) around for security and insurance that things will go smoothly.

And as well, when we try to go up to a higher difficulty area, overkill never hurts. Better to be safe than sorry.

Time is of the essence. I don't know why... but it is!
No. 331337 ID: 2b8edc


We will slowly expand our party of those we send out alone, and the weaklings/unreliables will come with us personally.
No. 331339 ID: 2b8edc

meant to link
No. 331340 ID: 6a5a08

Rose goes to rank 1 stage
We go to rank 3 stage with the others

Would send both Rose and Em, but then we'd have only ranged glass cannons.
No. 331345 ID: 40cb26

If we keep the levels low even being stuck with only glass cannons isn't much of risk. Send Rose and Em to a level 1 area each, we take our new servants to a level 2 area, to break them in a bit. Beating the weak areas also means we aren't missing much in terms of slaves and can focus on rewards.
No. 331346 ID: 563ead
File 131164659604.png - (107.66KB , 757x363 , 51.png )

"Emily, go fight some lower level ones. The rest of us will be taking on a Rank 3."

>Emily: "Yes my Lord!"

Emily teleports off while you take on a Rank 3

=Field Limited=

>???: "Haha wow I didn't think it'd work! This is gonna be so easy now."

>???: "I don't think we should have done that... It's cheating."

>???: "I bought the ring fair and square. Now let's enjoy it's benefits."

Can hit any square vertical or horizontal of them within their line of sight. Can not target anything while allied units or debris is blocking their LOS.

Can heal with a touch or from a distance of 1-4. Can buff allies. Cripplingly low health.

Placement Phase.
No. 331347 ID: 02de21

Don't we have four people and only three possible placement squares? Where does our fourth go? Or are we only allowed to bring three people to this one?
No. 331354 ID: 79170f

+1 vote.
No. 331355 ID: 5f55fe

Yes, that's what the "Field Limited Part" means

You should take a backseat on this one. The Gunner is likely to snipe the eye if we deploy ourselves. So send in Rose, Alice, and Ruby.

Also, we should be thinking about which ones we should kill last if we want to enslave. Although I am against it still. Not until we convert Alice.
No. 331356 ID: 40cb26

DAMMIT we might as well have just let Rose go with Emily. We don't have to send ourselves to fight, but only we can enslave. I want that damn healer, its nice and meek should be easy to bend to our will. We keep Alice out of this one, in order from left to right use us Ruby and Rose.

First move Rose uses Jump and Ruby blasts the gunner. We stay out of its range for now.
No. 331357 ID: 5f55fe

I'm not sure if we have to be in the fight or not to enslave. It was never specified.
No. 331358 ID: 1854db

Our units are Rose, Ruby, Alice, and Overlord. ...Overlord could get shot by that gunner at any point. We gotta leave him out. Alice probably won't do anything, but I guess having her around is better than nothing.

Rose on the rightmost tile so she can go up and attack first round. Ruby next to her, and Alice in the last tile.
No. 331359 ID: 5f55fe

And make sure Alice is equipped. Wouldn't want to forget that.
No. 331361 ID: 6a5a08

Clearly we should get the healer last and enslave them. A healer is useful, and this 'ring' sounds too good to pass up looting it.
No. 331362 ID: 6a5a08

No. 331366 ID: 28e94e

Can we spawn in the same square as a minion if we're high enough above them?

Anyway, everybody spawns and immediately forms a vertical line along the wall, with Rose in front. One person takes out the healer, then everybody else concentrates their fire on the shooter. We might actually be able to do this in one move if we're lucky.
No. 331367 ID: 02de21

With a weapon, of course.

Still no clothes until she kneels.
No. 331370 ID: 563ead
File 131164876617.png - (130.42KB , 757x363 , 52.png )

Placement Phase Over.

You t
Enemy Goes First

>???: "God damn these rings are fucking awesome."

>???: "You shouldn't uh... Use god's name like th-that..."

>???: "Oh shut it, bump up my Accuracy."

>???: "Okay..."

Healer casts +Accuracy.

Gunner shoots at Rose dealing 15 damage.

Your move.
No. 331374 ID: 02de21

Rose forward and stab the gunner.
Both of the others move so that Rose is between them and the gunner and attack the gunner.
No. 331377 ID: 6a5a08

No. 331378 ID: 5f55fe

specifically, keep Rose in between the gunner and Alice and Ruby so they all form a line. (Cover Ruby if Alice doesn't cooperate) This way the gunner can't one shot Ruby without running around Rose.
No. 331379 ID: 35e1a0

rose run forward and stab. then ruby moves in behind her and casts fire then alice moves into range and fires an arrow.
No. 331380 ID: 07416a

Gunner dies first. WE MUST HAVE HEALER.
No. 331382 ID: 40cb26

Rose: Move forward 3 and Jump the Gunner
Ruby: Get behind Rose, attack Gunner with Fire
Alice: Move close enough to shoot the Gunner.
...And remind her that we need money to have a working bathroom and kitchen so if she wants her stay with us to be a pleasant one she should be useful.

If we can't enslave the healer, why don't we convince it to come with us using more conventional means? I mean if we take out the gunner it literally can not fight back. Rose will do the talking of course. Plus we can keep all their stuff too.

Just to be clear: Do not engage the healer immediately when the Gunner falls.
No. 331385 ID: 6a5a08

+1 to this also
No. 331387 ID: 1854db

Ruby should blast the healer with magic immediately. No need to move, Alice should attack him as well, if she follows our order.

Rose can attack whoever's left with a Jump attack.
No. 331403 ID: 563ead
File 131165057916.png - (136.48KB , 757x363 , 53.png )

Rose moves foreword and uses Jump. She misses and wounds herself for ten damage.
Alice fires a arrow and critically hits for 20 damage.

>Alice: "I hate gunners.."

Ruby casts Fire dealing 10 damage.

>???: "Dammit! Heal me already!"

The healer heals the gunner for 20 health. The gunner fires at Emily but misses.
No. 331407 ID: 35e1a0

ruby: move behind alice and keep up the heat
rose: keep stabbing
alice: murder dat gunner
No. 331409 ID: 6a5a08

Rose: Standard attack on Gunner
Ruby: Fire on Gunner again
Alice: Keep being awesome and attack the Gunner
No. 331410 ID: 6a5a08

>The gunner fires at Emily but misses
Silly gunner, you can't attack people who aren't present.
No. 331411 ID: 02de21

>Rose moves foreword and uses Jump. She misses and wounds herself for ten damage.

>The gunner fires at Emily but misses.
Emily? But she's not even in this battle!

Anyway, everyone kill the gunner. Ruby should move so that there are other people between the gunner and her, to avoid the possibility of getting shot.
No. 331413 ID: 40cb26

Pretty sure he meant to say Alice.

Everyone keep putting the hurt on the gunner, Rose use spear throw. Or try to.
No. 331414 ID: 1854db

Compliment Alice on her shot. Encourage her to continue shooting him.

But guys why are we trying to kill the Gunner? We're just butting heads against the Healer at this point.

Rose should step up a tile and see if she can attack both at once like in FFT.
No. 331415 ID: 35e1a0

because we can only recruit the last one we kill.
No. 331417 ID: 40cb26

Oh just noticed Alices skills. Have her use Rapid Shot on that damn gunner.
No. 331420 ID: 5f55fe


For those who didn't know.
No. 331435 ID: 00d3d5

No. 331456 ID: 1854db

We're an Evil Overlord, why would we ask for someone to surrender?
No. 331462 ID: 6a5a08

It's a bluff, we shoot them when they give up.
Or maybe just the gunner. The gunner's a cheating douchebag with a god complex, and only we're allowed to be cheating douchebags with god complexes.
No. 331467 ID: 00d3d5

Because if they surrender we get them AND their stuff AND we're not limited to only one of them.
No. 331478 ID: d71efb

Kill the gunner, save the cleric.
No. 331479 ID: 1854db

Haha, now I support that!
No. 331528 ID: 6a5a08

For the added lulz, we should capture the healer alive and slowly turn them to our side. We'll make them question everything they've ever been taught, flip it upside down, and make a demon out of them.
No. 331607 ID: 01b077

don't be ridiculous. just hack 'em up already.
No. 331626 ID: cd63e9

lets just kill and loot the gunner, she has nice equipment. the healer does seem to have a weak personalty so we might be able to get her on our side, but if we go evil overlord rather than pragmatic overlord she may prove more trouble than she's worth.
No. 331644 ID: 40cb26

Worst case scenario she is insufferable, but we can still take her stuff and kill her or enslave her or whatever. Might as well make the effort.
No. 331646 ID: 2b8edc


>>The gunner fires at Emily but misses.
>Emily? But she's not even in this battle!

Good thing she missed, then, or I'd REALLY be worried.
No. 331678 ID: 0555b4

Healing and buffs would be nice, but the cleric might be more trouble than she's worth. The Overlord's minions are basically demons and enslaved zombies, so it might be hard to get her to our side (a question for /dis/: do units with a strong lawful/good alignment get a penalty to loyalty?). Besides, for all we know, holy healing magic might hurt our minions instead of healing them.

I vote for killing the cleric first, then the gunner, and loot both of them. Right now we need money more than new minions. Let's wait until we have a kitchen or enough rations before we "recruit" any more people.
No. 332024 ID: 563ead
File 131173588777.png - (131.70KB , 757x363 , 54.png )

Rose stabs at the gunner and hits for 17 damage!
Alice fires for 15 damage.
Ruby casts Fire and deals 15 damage.

The Gunner is defeated.
No. 332025 ID: 563ead
File 131173593188.png - (83.53KB , 475x500 , 55.png )

The group moves to the Healer.

>???: "W-what are you going to do to me..?"
No. 332027 ID: 07416a

Ask her to surrender. There is no need for violence against a defenseless target. Time to go home and bring her with.
No. 332028 ID: 146bca


No. 332029 ID: 6a5a08

"You are clearly no fighter, but we can use the services of a healer. Swear allegiance to me, and you will be spared."
No. 332030 ID: 495e55

Become one with the collective.
(inb4 she turns into a sadist queen when she joins)
No. 332031 ID: 44766a

Can we enslave her without killing her?
No. 332033 ID: 35e1a0

"two options. surrender and work for us willingly, or be killed and work for us unwillingly"
No. 332034 ID: 02de21

"That depends. Are you going to drop your weapon, kneel, and swear to willingly obey my every command?"

If she does, win.

If she doesn't, well... Then we kill her, enslave her, and do the usual.
No. 332038 ID: 1854db

We are an Evil Overlord. We do not accept surrender, unless she can just submit to being Enslaved. That'd be fine, I guess. Whatever ensures she can't backstab us.

I doubt it though, which would mean we'd want to give her a quick death.
No. 332042 ID: 6a5a08

'How to be an Overlord', not 'How to be an Evil Overlord'

We have free reign on our actions, and Total Unforgiving Evil clearly didn't work out last time.
No. 332046 ID: eba49f

Before we do any of the other things, we might as well have her explain the function of that ring the gunner had.
No. 332055 ID: cd63e9

I think offering her a chance to surrender would be useful enslaving her without kilning does mean we get her equipment.
No. 332056 ID: 40cb26

Rose, you do the talking. And try to be comforting. Somehow.
"Haven't decided yet. After all we don't have a reason to hurt you. Come over here, sit down, relax, let's talk for a bit."
Ask her (?) what she was doing traveling with a jerk like that.

Also, we need info on subjugating enemies outside of normal enslavement.
No. 332057 ID: 02de21

>We have free reign on our actions, and Total Unforgiving Evil clearly didn't work out last time.
We don't actually know that we took that attitude last time. I mean, Emily said that we loved saying "Slaughter the innocent", but that's an inherently hilarious line that anyone would love to say. We have very little data regarding what we were like in terms of habits of rulership.
No. 332059 ID: 00d3d5

"That depends on you.
If you surrender and join my forces then you'll be treated well, and I will allow you to help determine what my policies and methods will be. I do mean that; being an evil overlord didn't work out so well, so I really could use some help being a not-evil overlord.

If you resist, then we will kill and enslave you, and you'll work your way up the ranks like any other minion. I have little use for the advice of fools, so resisting would also cost you your chance at tempering my behavior."
No. 332061 ID: 5f55fe

T.T I can't do it. She's too adorable. I would say let her go, but I know nobody agrees with that sentiment.

At least we're trying to be a nice evil overlord. Yay lawful evil.
No. 332064 ID: 563ead
File 131173716807.png - (107.49KB , 554x500 , 56.png )

"That depends... Are you going to drop your weapon, kneel, and swear to willingly obey my every command?"

The girl falls onto her knees, most likely in shock.

You and your group approach her and wait for an answer.
No. 332067 ID: 563ead
File 131173731056.png - (65.28KB , 600x500 , 57.png )

>Healer: "Yes.."

Subjugation can now be attempted at any battle but takes up your turn.
No. 332069 ID: 6a5a08

Hug her
With our blaster arm
No. 332071 ID: 563ead
File 131173736449.png - (69.65KB , 600x500 , 58.png )

Emily returns with her spoils

>Emily: "They had some nice stuff!"
No. 332074 ID: b48e91

um, well since the healer is in the pile of loot, take the loot I guess :V
No. 332077 ID: 1854db

Awesome, we have enough to repair the Kitchen. Let's do that immediately.
No. 332079 ID: 44766a

"Good job, Emily!"
No. 332080 ID: 00d3d5

Since she surrendered we didn't have to kill her, so the last thing killed was the gunner, so how about we take both her and the gunner?
No. 332083 ID: cd63e9

we got the healers stuff because she surrendered. we should loot the gunner. she has some really nice stuff and she strikes me as someone who would be hard to control.
No. 332084 ID: 5f55fe

Be sure to reward her at some point. If there's something she wants we can indulge her a bit. For starters she gets to keep her clothing! That's much more than most of our new slaves get!
No. 332085 ID: 44766a

Do not take the Gunner! She was a jerk.
No. 332086 ID: 02de21

Excellent. Grab the loot, dispatch Emily to another side mission while the rest of us proceed onward to that level 7.

Also, compliment Alice on her fine performance in that battle. I do believe that she did the most damage.
No. 332087 ID: 6a5a08

No. 332088 ID: 00d3d5

She gets to keep everything, she doesn't have to do that kneeling thing again, she gets to offer her advice about not being evil, and she gets better treatment.
No. 332089 ID: 40cb26

Hey we have the healers stuff still, right? Does she have anything she doesn't need that we can take or use? Oh and her gold, we definitely need her gold.

Also that is a massive haul, what did Emily fight?
No. 332092 ID: cd63e9

i think right now we only have 160 though my math could be wrong. I suggest we repair the bathroom first. at this rate we should be able to get enough gold for the kitchen as well before the day is out.
No. 332103 ID: 1854db

>advice on not being evil

As this new slave has kneeled before us, she may retain her equipment. We should speak with Alice as well. If she kneels, then she gets to keep the equipment we gave her for this battle. If she does not, she may simply keep the clothes for willingly fighting for us.
No. 332106 ID: 00d3d5

Build kitchen, then lets try a level 5 battle.
No. 332107 ID: 02de21

>If she kneels, then she gets to keep the equipment we gave her for this battle. If she does not, she may simply keep the clothes for willingly fighting for us.
My impression was that Alice had a weapon but no armor or clothing. Until she kneels and swears service that is as it should be. Fighting our enemies can earn her praise, but only a gesture of submission brings armor.
No. 332109 ID: 6a5a08

Alice is fine, she's willing to fight. We can work on loyalty another way without pissing her off with needless acts of humiliation in front of others. Perhaps a one on one talk is in order. Hugs will be involved, of course.
No. 332111 ID: 6a5a08

She's wearing generic archer clothing.
No. 332112 ID: 40cb26

Of course we are evil. But that doesn't mean we can't be nice.

Because we didn't kill and enslave her none of her stuff should have vanished. She should still have her armor, which of course is only her clerical robes.
No. 332113 ID: 07416a

Let's leave for now. A round of congratulations for everyone. Thank Ruby and Alice for their cooperation.
No. 332114 ID: 5f55fe

We are lawful evil. We have our own code that we follow, and like to be cordial when appropriate, but we are still evil. We want to conquer for our own purposes and will use many methods considered evil, such as enslaving, for example.
No. 332115 ID: 00d3d5

Being EVIL is counterproductive to all other goals, as being EVIL results in heroes coming in and killing us.
We keep it a nice shade of Neutral, play nice, and bide our time.
No. 332116 ID: 563ead
File 131174043694.png - (127.69KB , 600x500 , 59.png )

You theorize that if you manage to subjugate someone then they keep all their stuff but there can be no enslaving that encounter. Based on what happened you are fairly certain this is true.

You turn to Alice.

"You did great on the field."

>Alice: "I didn't do that for you, I just hate Gunners. Like you."

"Alice, everyone else has already gained so much just by kneeling before me. Swear to serve me and you shall gain just as much and even more."

>Alice: "Bite me."

"... You are being foolish Alice. I hope you change your mind later. Emily, go get more gold. Everyone else, we're going to my castle."

You and your group teleport to the Castle. Everyone seems shocked by it, Kassandra whimpers.

"This is my castle and where you all will be staying for the time being. It is still under repair but the bathing facilities should be up and running soon."

You leave the group with Rose and go see Styx.

"Styx, we need to repair the bathing room."

>Styx: "Consider it done my Lord.. Also, here."

She hands you a green potion.

>Styx: "A corruption potion. It forcibly bends someone to your, giving them three loyalty. The one who drinks it loses their will to fight against you and will join your cause. It's only downside is that if it is used on any Holy people they will lose their class. Angels become Demons, Clerics become Necromancers. This one is free but each one from now on will cost you G1000. Use them wisely.."

"Thank you Styx. It seems we still have quite a bit of work to do on the castle.."

Decide next course of action.
No. 332118 ID: 2b8edc


Do I smell free extra units in battle? :3c
No. 332119 ID: cd63e9

we should try and get the kitchens up and running. if we have anything to sell we should be able to get them up and running today. (also whats the loyalty of the archer and the healer.)
No. 332120 ID: 6a5a08

Let's save that for someone particularly uncooperative.

For now, let's go talk with Alice.
No. 332121 ID: d71efb

Delicious necromancers you must summon them all.

However, as the cleric gave herself over willingly, we should not use this on her. Plus we need some free healing.
No. 332122 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm... think we are up for the lvl 7 yet?
No. 332123 ID: 00d3d5

I smell losing a healer. Not using it on her.

Styx, go comfort Kassandra and make her feel more at home here. Try to downplay the whole 'evil' thing though.
No. 332132 ID: 1854db

I would like to buy that shield and sword enhancement for the floater.
No. 332133 ID: 40cb26

"Styx, it is frustrating to not remember so much. Tell me, what was the cause of my failure? Were my forces too weak and spread out? Did I neglect building loyalty? And you who have remained true to me, I do not even know if you are human or demon, or the look of your face. Enlighten me."

Let's not shove that potion down the archers throat just yet. Let's still see if we can bend her, before using such a valuable item to break her. Giving it to the cleric seems foolish, because I'm fairly sure necromancers can't heal. Angles sound useless, but turned into Demons they would be fantastic.

We can tolerate a small amount of defiance from Alice. If she won't fight we will simply leave her naked on the field. But the minute she acts against us, the potion is being used.
No. 332135 ID: 02de21

>get Demons and Necromancers
But that's not a downside at all!

On to the level 7 with our current team, I think. Even if Alice decides to be stubborn, we should have enough people to take on whatever's there.
No. 332148 ID: 3ece23

we should upgrade our body
No. 332151 ID: 5f55fe

Angel's useless? Clearly you haven't played Disgaea.

Anyway. We can convert almost anyone given time. We will use the potion when we need to convert someone NOW, or if we want to make a holy slave into an unholy one.

Also, I think the Cleric's defense spell is going to be very useful as well. It will allow rose or Emily to charge in and take a beating and still be in pretty good shape. It will even reduce the damage from accidental self damage (I think).
No. 332157 ID: 563ead
File 131174239456.png - (75.28KB , 485x368 , 60.png )

"Styx, could you give me the Sword and Shield upgrade?"

>Styx: "Done"


Overlord now has 31 HP. Sword deals 15-17 damage.

"Thank you. Also... What happened that reduced me to this form? Exactly what happened."

>Styx: "I have no idea my Lord. It just happened. We were all taken by surprise by it. Sorry"

"It is fine. We have some new recruits and one of them is a rather timid healer. Can you talk to her please? Try to be nice, we need her to think we are kind."

>Styx: "Yes my Lord."

As she leaves you go and find Alice.

>Alice: "What?"
No. 332161 ID: 6a5a08

"Why do you hate gunners so much?"
No. 332167 ID: 35e1a0

"you are going to be here for a while. so you can make it harder or easier on yourself. as you may of seen with ruby i am very carrot and stick oriented."
No. 332170 ID: 1854db

Inform her that you are not a gunner. You are modular.
No. 332172 ID: 00d3d5

"I am curious as to why you resist me so. Not that I find it at all surprising, I simply wish to know what motivates you."
No. 332194 ID: 40cb26

Note: Save this unless and until she absolutely will not budge. Ask the other questions first, try to get to know what she is about.

"You are powerful, willful and stubborn. I like that. I would not want to break you, I would have you serve me as you are. But if your will shall not bend, it will break. I possess a potion of corruption, with power such to make anyone loyal to me, as well as turn healers into necromancers, and even angels themselves into demons. They are very valuable for all they can do, and useful to me no matter what servant I would give it to."

"But this one? This one is only for you. I will keep it for you. I do not want to give it to you. Do not make me."
No. 332262 ID: cd63e9

in other words: run like hell. threats at this stage(or at least a threat to her free will) will likely result in her trying her best to escape.
No. 332268 ID: 2b8edc

Ask your loyal servants how they feel about women, if they're attracted to them.

If any reply Yes, take the Archer's bow when she sleeps tonight, and send that servant for a proper ravishing.

The sexing will continue until loyalty improves.
No. 332270 ID: 07416a

Rape them into submission? NOPE.
No. 332287 ID: 61a330


I am completely supportive of that suggestion. +1
No. 332291 ID: 44766a

Downvoting the Rape Thing.
No. 332294 ID: eba49f

-1 to that suggestion. Even if we are going to be evil, it will be an evil with some class.
No. 332296 ID: 607f35


Nope. Low brow, rape-hungry evil.
No. 332299 ID: 5aac32

What the hell is this about rape? Ugh, let's not do that. (And seriously, this is a sure-fire way to destroy loyalty stars anyway.)

Let's talk to her and find out what her deal is.
No. 332309 ID: cd63e9

no. just no. let me explain something to you. the reaction most people have to being tortured and or raped is to hate the person responsible. now weather we want our minions to fear us or love us, we can agree that it is vital they do not hate us. also being an evil overlord got us reduced to an eyeball. lets try being a neutral overlord.
No. 332313 ID: c25acc

Neutral overlord really? We should be an evil overlord, but yet do BETTER!

However question her on her hatred of gunners.
No. 332319 ID: 6a5a08

As stated earlier , it is easier to turn to evil, should other methods fail, than to turn from evil, should it prove fruitless. While a challenge can be nice, so can not getting bad end.
No. 332324 ID: 563ead
File 131178626825.png - (55.72KB , 600x500 , 61.png )

"I was just curious as to why you hate Gunners."

She turns to you and glares.

>"Because they are like you. They don't take the time to train and respect their tools. They simply try to amass a bunch of different kinds and if one doesn't work out they simply toss it like garbage. Don't think I've never heard of you Overlord. I know of the things you did to people. The men you've killed. The women and children you killed. I can assure you if I had heard of the attack on your castle I would have been there as soon as I could have. I would have gladly given my life to just get one shot at you. I may be under contract to work with you but I will never, ever, work for you."

Quite a will this one has.
Also the most she's said so far.
No. 332329 ID: 35e1a0

"i've changed. the attack has taken my memory. i don't even know what happened. so as far as i know, i'm a different person. how about you tell me what happened?"
No. 332332 ID: 00d3d5

"I am a floating eyeball.
I've made mistakes, but I've learned and grown from them. ... Err, learned anyway.

To you these are just words; action will show their truth."
No. 332336 ID: b48e91

"You know of the things I have done to people do you? Well, then you know something I don't. That last attack was successful you know. The being that was the former lord of this castle is gone. I know only what I have been told about him. If what you say is true, he doesn't sound like someone I would want around either. I cannot afford to be careless with my resources or my people. That's why we're having this conversation at all. Rebellious and angry at me as you may be, you are still important to me, and what you say carries weight. I will take it as advice."

And then float away. No threats, no bargains, just leave her to think about it.
No. 332342 ID: 02de21

"An interesting position. I would point out that, as one of the first handful of people I have gathered in my attempts to rebuild, if you found my former patterns of activity so reprehensible you might attempt to influence my methods through reasonable counsel and proving others better while in my service. Few others are in a better position to do so.

"But if you would rather sulk defiantly as I go back to the patterns I know work, that's fine too. It's not as though it actually harms me in any way."

I would really not try for any kind of "I'm a different person/have turned over a new leaf" argument here. What we've done so far doesn't really support that.
No. 332343 ID: 40cb26

Hmm... I think we can work with this.

"...And look what it got me. You can see much that I have lost, but that is not half of it. My mind has been just as destroyed as my body, I don't even remember doing any of the things you said. I'm not him anymore. Not to say that I'm a good guy now or deserve forgiveness, but as I am I have done none of those things and have no desire to."

"Tell you what, I will continue to refrain from that whole slaughtering the innocent thing if you work with me. Simple obedience is all I ask."
No. 332349 ID: ab494d

No. 332350 ID: 6a5a08

"Well, that is sort of what demonic Overlords do. What would you suggest?"
No. 332351 ID: 6a5a08

Also this.
No. 332358 ID: cd63e9

this. also maybe admit that your old methods were self-evidently were flawed. so you would be willing to try alternatives.
No. 332361 ID: 2b8edc

"Excuse me?!"

Fly into her face.
"I do not throw away my tools! I do not throw away ANYTHING. Emily and Rose may have failed me once, and any employer with a sense of responsibility may have fired them, but I can see true loyalty and ability, and I kept them. My castle may be falling apart, but I'm not about to throw that away either! My own gun may not be the most useful thing ever, but it's never going to leave my body. If you prove loyal, I will never throw you away, I will never abandon you, I will NEVER, ever, let you die without meaning!"
No. 332364 ID: 1854db

Ask her if our treatment of Rose felt any different from what she heard.
No. 332366 ID: 6868bc

We should take what she says under consideration, if we want to earn her respect. Work with our minions, learn their strengths and weaknesses, give them respect. Maybe we've got to be evil, but there's nothing stopping us from trying to be a decent chap while we're at it.

Accept her criticism gracefully. For one thing, she won't expect it. She'll expect rage, or excuses, or to be ignored.
No. 332367 ID: 1854db

Whoops, I mean Ruby!
No. 332393 ID: eba49f

Technically we just switched out the gun so we could get more hitpoints. But other than mentioning the gun thing I agree with this, combined with the "You know of the things I have done to people do you? Well, then you know something I don't." part from the other post.
No. 332400 ID: 6a9fdc

Definitely this.
No. 332409 ID: 146bca

First this:


Then, this:

"You seem to have...


And finally, this:


"Tell me. You've seen the way I treated Ruby. Is it at all different from how you've heard of my actions from before the attack?"
No. 332414 ID: eba49f

And add after that

"That isn't a rhetorical question you know. I just know that whatever I was doing beforehand, it obviously was not the best way to go about ruling, seeing how almost everyone left me when things went wrong."
No. 332455 ID: 35e1a0

i agree. getting mad would just give her proof.
No. 332495 ID: 563ead
File 131181356005.png - (61.13KB , 600x431 , 62.png )

"I would point out that, as one of the first handful of people I have gathered in my attempts to rebuild, if you found my former patterns of activity so reprehensible you might attempt to influence my methods through reasonable counsel and proving others better while in my service. Few others are in a better position to do so. But if you would rather sulk defiantly as I go back to the patterns I know work, that's fine too. It's not as though it actually harms me in any way."

Alice stares at him, hmphs, and then walks off.
Styx walks up to you.

>"My Lord, the bathing facilities are done. We need that kitchen before the end of the week or our new teammates may starve."
No. 332499 ID: 2b8edc

No. 332501 ID: 6a5a08

This. I think we should keep the potion for now anyways though. Either as conversion of a Healer into a Necromancer if we can't find one, immediate control of a servant if we need someone to listen right that second, or to sell for emergency funds.
No. 332502 ID: 00d3d5

Buy them food from the shop until we get the cash for a kitchen.

Lets take on a level 5!
No. 332503 ID: 02de21

"Thank you, Styx. We'll be raiding a lot and hopefully can purchase food for them until we have the funds to complete it.

"Tell me, Styx, how many servants did I have before the attack? How many died fighting for me, how many surrendered, how many fled? Why did you stay loyal?"
No. 332505 ID: 40cb26

Whelp, we need more money soon of course. And you know what? I don't really think we need that corruption potion. I wonder how much we can sell it for.

Ask Styx about that and how Kassandra is fairing. Then ask her for her honest opinion on how we did things before and where we went wrong. Might as well ask about about how she joined up with us, too.

Before she goes, have her check on Ruby and Alice as well, make sure they know the baths are open.
No. 332512 ID: 5f55fe

Well, we can always BUY food. That was one option if we don't get the kitchen. In fact I suggest getting enough food to keep them fed for now. Something that won't spoil for at least a week even without refrigeration. We don't want them going hungry while we try to raise funds.
No. 332524 ID: 563ead
File 131181560104.png - (45.65KB , 434x400 , 63.png )

"Thank you, Styx. We'll be raiding a lot and hopefully can purchase food for them until we have the funds to complete it.
... Tell me, Styx, how many servants did I have before the attack? How many died fighting for me, how many surrendered, how many fled? Why did you stay loyal?"

>"I want to say 600 minions my Lord. Of that number 200 died trying to defend you. The men who attacked had the means of killing them forever.. Roughly 150 fled. The last of them betrayed you the moment they could. I am sorry my Lord. I remained because I thought you were doing what was best for everyone. You wanted there to be one ruler rather then all this chaos across the lands. I supported you and still support you."

"Hmm. Thank you Styx. Stay and guard the castle, I need more funds."

You gather your group and teleport out of the castle. You notice that Kassandra seems a bit less pale then before.

Also Emily returned with another bag full of gold.
No. 332528 ID: 2b8edc

Aha! So that was our goal, unification. Excellent. We can still go for that. For now, wheee more combat
No. 332531 ID: 02de21

Level 7. Bring everyone.
No. 332533 ID: 35e1a0

yes, let's try that seven.
No. 332538 ID: 1854db

My word, Emily.

Hmm. Let's hit that 7.
No. 332542 ID: 35e1a0

if you can do so without hurting her then rub her head.
No. 332547 ID: 00d3d5

Take everybody and hit the 7.
No. 332550 ID: 146bca

There are seven deadly sins. So, 7.
No. 332552 ID: 563ead
File 131181686958.png - (99.82KB , 600x500 , 64.png )

You try to rub Emily's head with your gun arm. She smiles at you and laughs.

>"I tried my best."

"And you did an amazing job. All right, to the Rank 7."

You and your group teleport to the Rank 7 spot.

A Time Wizard and a Grand Defender are there.

>TW: "Interesting. Didn't think anyone would actually fight us. Leon, guard me. This spell takes forever to charge."

>Leon: "Right."
No. 332553 ID: 563ead
File 131181690431.png - (126.72KB , 610x531 , 65.png )

Placement phase.
You are limited to 4 units.
No. 332557 ID: 5f55fe

How kind of our opponents to tell us their strategy. We'll want some hit points in this. I suggest Emily, Rose, Alice, and Kassandra.

Basic strategy will be Emily and Rose running up and tanking. Alice fires on the time mage with some light arrows. Kassandra will use Accuracy on Rose, so Rose can jump on the time mage.
No. 332559 ID: 40cb26

Grand Defender eh? Interesting. I wonder how we can get around or through that. This sounds like a job for offense in any case.

Emily, Rose, and ourselves in the first row, and Ruby just behind Rose. We'll be able to exploit Roses comrade in arms to overcome damage reduction if we need to.
No. 332562 ID: 02de21


Emily, Rose, Ruby, and Kassandra. Kassandra uses Accuracy on Rose for her Jump, and Rose and Ruby take out the time mage before she can cast. After that we attrition down the Grand Defender using Kassandra to heal anyone who gets hurt.
No. 332563 ID: 6a5a08

No. 332564 ID: 4b9e6d


this one has my support.
No. 332566 ID: 5f55fe

The reason I suggest Alice over Ruby, is so that we can try to build more loyalty in her. She may not listen, but I believe even if she doesn't listen, Emily, Rose and Kassandra can win.
No. 332567 ID: 1854db


Overlord, Ruby, Kassandra, Emily.

That forwardmost row should be Ruby, Overlord, Emily. Ruby should hit the mage with fire, Overlord should go for a side attack, and Emily goes head on.
No. 332586 ID: 563ead
File 131181910686.png - (138.54KB , 610x531 , 66.png )

Everyone is set up
No. 332587 ID: 563ead
File 131181918853.png - (153.52KB , 610x531 , 67.png )

Kassandra casts +Accuracy on Rose.

Rose and Emily move foreword. Rose tries to use Jump but is blocked!
Ruby casts Fire but it's blocked!
No. 332590 ID: 5f55fe

That was unexpected. Hmm... now the question is. Is that a duration based ability/spell. Or is it's duration based on attacks made on it. Our best bet is to spread out a bit (make sure nobody is right next to anyone else) we don't want to risk getting caught in an area spell, if that is what the time mage is working on. Emily and Rose should attack the barrier as long as it's still up. Ruby should cast fire again, and rest to recover MP. Kassandra should rest and get some MP back.
No. 332592 ID: 5f55fe

I should add, since Ruby is using her full action to cast fire and rest, Kassandra is the one who should move one square up left, and one square up right, as well as resting.
No. 332594 ID: 8db925

try having Ruby, Rose and Emily attack the defender simultaneously.
No. 332596 ID: 1854db

Oh, I see. The wizard is in the back.

Rose and Emily should flank the Defender. Rose should hit the wizard, and Emily should start attacking the Defender. Ruby should right as far as possible and cast Fire on the wizard at 5 spaces away, just to see if it works.
No. 332597 ID: 02de21

Have Emily and Rose move to either side of the Defender. Hopefully they'll be able to walk through the barrier and it won't be able to shield both sides at once.

Also, I think Rose will then be able to stab the Time Mage since she's got a two-square range with her spear.
No. 332603 ID: 00d3d5

Do these.
Next round we Subjugate them.
No. 332605 ID: 563ead
File 131182058839.png - (140.63KB , 610x531 , 68.png )

The group moves as close as they can but none of their attacks make it past the shield.

>TW: "Almost done.."
No. 332609 ID: 02de21


Well, can we ready attacks to go off as soon as the shield drops? Presumably that mage won't be able to hit us with her spell either if it's still up.

If not, I guess we've no options but to take the hit and then kill 'em.
No. 332610 ID: 1854db


Everyone RUN to the other side of the map. Out of range of the time mage.
No. 332615 ID: 40cb26

Shit, Rose and Emily, fly up as high as you can, Kassandra and Ruby retreat back as far as possible, Kassandra cast +Defense on yourself.
No. 332623 ID: 5f55fe

Yea, everyone run back, and I agree with Kassandra casting defense on herself. Whatever is going down, we need to be ready.

Also, I just had a thought. Does Kassandra's buff spells wear off after a turn? I assumed they did, but I didn't read anything that said it one way or another.
No. 332630 ID: 563ead
File 131182205565.png - (168.24KB , 610x531 , 69.png )

Kassandra's buffs only last the turn they are cast. +defense lasts until the end of the opponents turn.

Everyone runs back except Kassandra who casts +Defense on herself.
The enemy drops the shield and in a blink of the eye the Time Wizard is in the center of the field, an odd purple circle surrounding her.
No. 332631 ID: 563ead
File 131182213098.png - (179.15KB , 610x531 , 70.png )

>TW: "Age."

The circle erupts with a blast of magic. Kassandra screams as the blast completely engulfs her.
No. 332632 ID: 563ead
File 131182222252.png - (169.36KB , 610x531 , 71.png )

>TW: "... To be honest I expected to hit more people. Would you all be so kind as to step into the glowing circle? And not that left half, it's kinda messed up."
No. 332634 ID: 02de21

Kassandra! Dammit! If that Age spell does what it sounds like and it's permanent... maybe we can get another Time Mage to reverse it, or get it fixed in town?

In any case, I have no inclination to put anyone else in the circle. Ruby should torch the bitch.
No. 332635 ID: 40cb26

Well shit, that wasn't the kind of attack I expected. Kassandra move away and try to heal yourself, Ruby blast her, Emily and Rose avoid the circle and get a hit in from the broken left side of the spell.
No. 332637 ID: 5f55fe

Don't worry. I get the feeling it will wear off after the battle. Kassandra, get back if you can. I want Ruby focusing on the Time Mage. Emily, skirt around the circle clockwise as far as you can and protect Ruby. You will go after the Grand Defender next turn. Rose, go counterclockwise into that broken part of the circle and attack the time mage. Part of it was outside the field, and likely incomplete. I'm betting that it is safe. I can only hope I'm not wrong.
No. 332638 ID: 6a5a08

Kass heal self and get out.
Everyone attack the mage with righteous fury, but stay out of the circle.
No. 332639 ID: 35e1a0

em should actually be safe because she is a golem. but to be on the safe side stick to the mage's left and go through the messed up area.
ruby burn her ass. rose use Throw.
No. 332649 ID: 563ead
File 131182342822.png - (172.14KB , 610x531 , 72.png )

Kassandra crawls away and heals herself

>Kassandra: "It.. It hurts.."

Emily and Rose move to the damaged side of the circle. Rose strikes dealing 17 damage.
Ruby casts Fire for 15 damage.
No. 332652 ID: 563ead
File 131182352613.png - (171.08KB , 610x531 , 73.png )

>TW: "Dammit! Do something!"

Leon tosses his shields at the Wizard. The shields slam into the ground and form a half barrier.
No. 332653 ID: 35e1a0

rose and em move up so em can hit her too. but ruby moves and casts fire on the defender guy again.
No. 332654 ID: 35e1a0

i mean ruby hits him first.
No. 332656 ID: 1854db

Ruby can move down-right so that her fire spell goes through the shields.

Rose should move 3 more counterclockwise around the wizard and attack again.

Emily can follow Rose and stop next to the wizard to attack as well.

Can Kassandra cast an accuracy buff on anyone at this range? I don't care who.
No. 332661 ID: 40cb26

You'll be okay Kassandra, just hang on! Cast +Accuracy on Rose, Rose use throw, Emily move close enough to slash and Ruby try to blast between the shields.
No. 332664 ID: 563ead
File 131182424750.png - (151.31KB , 610x531 , 74.png )

Kassandra casts +Accuracy on Rose.
Rose and Emily each attack the Time Wizard dealing a total of 57 damage.
The Time Wizard dies, taking the magic circle along with it.

>Leon: "Woah woah! Hey I'm just a hired hand! I give!"
No. 332667 ID: cd63e9

hey a mercenary. normally i'd be against recruiting more people but if we can get him to work with us by simply paying him...
No. 332670 ID: 44766a

Quickly check to see if Kassandra is alright.
No. 332671 ID: 40cb26

Hehe... alright let's see if we can Subjugate this guy. I don't want to just grab everyone but this guy has a hell of a trick.

If that fails, we could still kill him and loot his corpse.
No. 332672 ID: 5cb5ee

I'd subjugate him.
He'll be useful for defending your more squishy characters.
No. 332673 ID: 5f55fe

To enslave or not to enslave. I'm hesitant to enslave again since we still haven't converted Alice.

Because of that I'm going to say, kill her, or make her leave anything of value.
No. 332674 ID: 6a5a08

"Do you know how to repair what was done to Kassandra?"
No. 332676 ID: 02de21

We don't pay our servants. They work for us for free. If someone won't work for free, we can just kill and Enslave them and then they will.
No. 332677 ID: 146bca


If not, kill him, and loot his body.

He's a merc, he's bound to have more money than the average adventurer.
No. 332678 ID: 563ead
File 131182531398.png - (71.82KB , 600x500 , 75.png )

"Do you know how to repair what was done to Kassandra?"

>Leon: "What? No man, I'm not a Wizard."

"Then tell me who does."

>Leon: "Uh... Go to the Wizard's Tower. They'd know what to do."

"Very well. Now, join my group."

>Leon: "What? I'm a merc, I don't join groups!"

"Very well. I don't need a coward as a minion anyway. Leave all your stuff and go."

>Leon: "Hey come on I-"


Leon drops all his items on the floor and runs.

Ruby gained 1 Level
Kassandra gained 1 Level

Ruby gained the spell Bestow Flames. A touch spell that gives any ally a fire weapon which deals +5 fire damage or 1 damage per round if used on arrows.
Kassandra has gained Heal Group. Heals 2 allies for 15 HP.
No. 332681 ID: 563ead
File 131182537807.png - (28.30KB , 345x284 , 76.png )

You float over to Kassandra.

She's still on the ground whimpering in pain.

"Kassandra, are you okay?"

>"It hurts... My bones hurt... I can't even stand up.."
No. 332684 ID: 35e1a0

rose, would you be a dear and carry her? seems we need to make a side trip.
No. 332686 ID: 6a5a08

"We'll get this fixed. Don't worry. Does your healing help ease the pain?"
No. 332688 ID: 40cb26

"Don't worry, we'll take care of you."

Rose, carry her. Emily take all our current loot except for the potion to the shop and sell it off. Everyone else will come with you to the Wizard tower, but if we need to go ask Styx about where it is we'll do that first.
No. 332690 ID: 02de21

"Shh, don't strain yourself. We'll get you fixed up. You did very well, Kassandra; even when wounded you kept trying. Be proud.

"Rose, would you please carry her? It seems that we have a Wizard's Tower to visit."
No. 332692 ID: 1854db

Let's go find out how hard this is to fix. I think this time around we'll want to keep our minions close. That means rewarding loyalty above all else, and she joined of her own free will. That counts for a lot.
No. 332693 ID: 5f55fe

I change my mind.

+1 to this
No. 332694 ID: 35e1a0

actually, let's hold on to that leather+, sounds powerful.
No. 332699 ID: cd63e9

these two. i hope the people at the wizard tower won't attack us on sight.
No. 332708 ID: 2b8edc

No. 332722 ID: 1854db

Also have Emily tell Styx to fix up the Kitchen now. We have enough cash.
No. 332743 ID: 40cb26

It sounds like it's from one of the armor and weapon sets we can get for 30 gold. And we have no one who can use it yet. Let's not hold onto junk we don't need.

Let's wait and see what healing this will put us back, just in case.
No. 332781 ID: 1854db

Holding onto advanced items will save us money in the long run, and we have a good income now so we don't have to aim for short-term gains.
No. 332796 ID: 6e44d2

Can't we enslave the time wizard, since she was the last one we killed?
No. 332814 ID: 5f55fe

According to the discussion thread, you cannot enslave is you don't have the overlord in the group. Which is fine by me, I don't want to recruit more until Alice is loyal.(at least a little)
No. 332821 ID: 40cb26

Just to put this in perspective: Low end weapon and armor sells for 5 gold a piece. Buying them new costs 15 gold for the both of them. The advanced set is twice as much so this armor sells for about 10 and costs probably 15 on its own. We hold onto something we might never need to use but could save 5 gold if we do.

In summary, it's not a big deal. But as long as money is tight we should have a policy of not hanging onto gear we don't have an immediate use for.
No. 332890 ID: 00d3d5

No. 332966 ID: e12711

aye, get her back to someone who can examine what has been done to her. mage tower sounds good.

keep the equipment. Kassandra gets the robe, Ruby gets the staff. not sure if anyone could equip the shield and armor though- you didn't tell us about proficiencies.
No. 332973 ID: 146bca


Casting a vote.
No. 332978 ID: 252e1b

Give her a bath! Baths cure status (don't they?).
No. 333007 ID: 71baf1

We have a sword and shield for ourselves right? Think Stryx might be able to use those shields instead of outright gold to modify ours? Being able to put up a barrier to protect our minions would be rather useful.
No. 333011 ID: 6a5a08

Ooo. I like this one. We can be the defensetank.
No. 333029 ID: 40cb26

It seems archers can equip leather armors, so we should give that Leather+ to Alice. Even if she is still being stubborn.
No. 333030 ID: eba49f

Maybe when we get more gold we could literally become a tank.
No. 333035 ID: 71baf1

I was thinking less tank, more utility and support. Because while being hard to kill is nice, making hard to kill our role sounds very risky.
No. 333043 ID: eba49f

You know, maybe we should become a healer. Having more healers is always useful, healing minions in battle would seem good for loyalty, and I think I just plain like the irony of the sinister overlord specializing in healing.
No. 333044 ID: 6a5a08

In fact, why not get both? Get a GD Shield, and learn Healing magic, either from Kassandra or the Wizard Tower place.
No. 333060 ID: 563ead
File 131189283328.png - (144.19KB , 600x500 , 77.png )

You realize that the shield is far to heavy to even wield and most likely only works for Grand Defenders.

You decide to hold onto most of the stuff for right now.

"Do not worry Kassandra, we'll take care of you. You did very well today. Rose, where is the Wizard's Tower?"

>Rose: "Uhm hold on... I have a map here."

She pulls out a crumpled and burnt map.

>Rose: "This is a land of all nearby places. Right now we're at the New Leaf Woods. We could teleport to the Wizard's Tower from here if you want but I don't know how well they'll accept us... More likely then not that Time Wizard returned to them."
No. 333061 ID: 0d095c

Let's go to ????. Sure, the Final Boss might be there, but since WE were the final boss, that's unlikely.
No. 333064 ID: 71baf1

Suppose we should just sell the shields then. And give Alice the armor I guess.

Well, Ruby is a wizard. Think she could take Kassandra in to get fixed? Actually, could they undo our enslave somehow or detect it, what with the whole lots of wizards thing, it's a worry. Otherwise, maybe get Ruby and Kas some disguises just in case they run into the Time Wizard, and see if that can work.
No. 333068 ID: 6a5a08

We have to get Kassandra healed, where else could we get it done?

Okay, for now, let's put Kassandra in the baths. Hopefully it will help ease the pain. Then, we'll ask Styx about it. She seems to know a great deal of the world's workings.
No. 333069 ID: 33bd97

go there with Ruby and Kassandra, posing as a familiar. maybe youll get lucky.
No. 333074 ID: 1854db

Alice wasn't in the fight. We could send her there with Kassandra, claiming that they escaped from us, and they might not suspect anything.

Let's talk to Alice and explain the plan. We can tell if she will be loyal enough to do it without betraying us. She might do it just for Kassandra's sake, especially if we phrase it that way.
No. 333075 ID: 07416a

Yes, this. Directly contradicts her "discard your minions" thing and forces her to cooperate with us for the good of someone who isn't us.
No. 333088 ID: 40cb26

Well... let's trust Alice for this. She can go and find out what we need and buy the item if there is one or rent the service of an appropriate healer. We also will go ourselves but stay out of view. Let's give her the Leather+ armor as well.
No. 333092 ID: 563ead
File 131189476118.png - (47.97KB , 260x500 , 78.png )

"Alice, I need you to do something for m-"


".... Kassandra is terribly wounded and we need to-"

>"I said I'm not helping you. Ask someone else."
No. 333095 ID: 6a5a08

"Fine, I'll help her myself."

Go ask Styx if there's any way to reverse the Age spell.
No. 333096 ID: 35e1a0

"so, you not only refuse to help me, but to help anyone at all? i think that means you get the stick" remove her top and then lets see about ruby helping. she is a mage, should be easy for her to blend.
No. 333097 ID: cd63e9

we could have ruby take her. she might make a run for it but she's probably the minion most likely to be well recived at wizard tower. also we should see if cure magic does anything to help.
No. 333099 ID: 07416a

...Being an utter bitch, but we don't have time for that right now.
No. 333107 ID: 1854db

Glare. Then tell her if she will not lift a hand to help Kassandra then she is worse than we are.

Let's go with a disguise on Ruby and send her with Kassandra. She can claim that she just found her crawling around (near where she got hurt), giving them the impression that Ruby is some random mage and Kassandra got abandoned by us.

Then after Kassandra is healed we can pick her up after she leaves.
No. 333109 ID: 07416a

...Being an utter bitch, but we don't have time for that right now. Tell her we will discuss this later. Have Ruby escort her to the mages tower.
No. 333116 ID: 02de21

"For someone who seemed to think that I shouldn't use and discard people like cheap tools, you certainly seem to have no inclination to see that I take good care of my servants."
No. 333118 ID: 40cb26

"I'm not asking you to help me, I'm asking you to help Kassandra. We need to find a way from the wizards tower to heal the girl from the age spell. You are the only person here who can not be recognized. It would be easier to discard of her, let her suffer and find another healer... but I won't. I will not repeat my mistakes. Please help me not to."
No. 333182 ID: 6a5a08

"You believe you know me, and so you hate me for what you believe I am. And who am I to blame you? My means are cruel, demeaning, and against the will of those I enslave. But do you understand the end these means are working towards?

Think it over. While you do that, I'm going to go help the girl who is suffering under a painful curse."
No. 333188 ID: 563ead
File 131190115038.png - (56.87KB , 469x470 , 79.png )

"I'm not asking you to help me, I'm asking you to help Kassandra. We need to find a way from the wizards tower to heal the girl from the age spell. You are the only person here who can not be recognized. It would be easier to discard of her, let her suffer and find another healer... but I won't. I will not repeat my mistakes. Please help me not to."

>Alice: "No. Don't think I'm falling for this nice act you bastard."

".... Very well then."

>Select Top
>Select De-Equip

"We will discuss this again later. Ruby, take Kassandra to the wizard's tower."

>Ruby: "I'm not sure if it will work.."

"It is the only hope we have."
No. 333190 ID: 563ead
File 131190124587.png - (114.45KB , 688x652 , 80.png )

You and Ruby teleport to the Wizard's Tower.

Ruby approaches the Tower with Kassandra in her arms, still whimpering in pain.

>Wizard: "Stop. Wizard, why are you carrying a Healer? Those who use the Light Mana aren't allowed here."

>Ruby: "Ah yes well.."

Ruby can still hear your commands.
No. 333193 ID: 1854db

Just ask how she could be healed.
No. 333195 ID: 40cb26

"She has been hit by an Age spell and is in terrible pain, I was hoping to find help here."
No. 333197 ID: 1854db

...hmm. Depending on how at odds wizards and healers are, we could say that we're practicing the Age spell and want to be able to reuse this test subject.
No. 333200 ID: 02de21

Explain that she's seeking counsel on how to get her friend fixed from the Age spell that hit her. She wasn't expecting to actually bring her inside.
No. 333201 ID: 07416a

Explain that we'd be willing to hire a wizard to cure the effects of the spell.
No. 333206 ID: d8d2f0

she's in terrible pain. ask him not to be a dick and help her.
No. 333213 ID: 563ead
File 131190247144.png - (47.93KB , 600x500 , 81.png )

>Ruby: "I cast Age on this person and was hoping to cure her, I don't want my test subject to die so soon."

>Wizard: "... Go talk to Fate, she's the one who could heal her."

The wizard lets Ruby inside, you slip in quietly behind her.

She goes and finds Fate.

>Fate: "Welcome to Fate's Shop of Magic and stuff.. What do you want?"
No. 333217 ID: 07416a

Cure first, then toys.
No. 333219 ID: 40cb26

Cures of course, then we can do some window shopping on the rest.
No. 333223 ID: 563ead
File 131190276701.png - (50.12KB , 600x500 , 82.png )

>Ruby: "Cures please."

>Fate: "Any you have in mind, or shall we just scroll the whole list?"
No. 333225 ID: 07416a

Age, of course.
No. 333227 ID: 1854db

Age. Though, getting a price list for all that would be nice. If they're cheap enough we can buy 1 of each for now.

Afterwards, let's check Curses.
No. 333228 ID: 1854db

Oh, also ask what curses aside from Age are permanent.
No. 333230 ID: 40cb26

Age, and then the prices for the temporary status aliments, followed by the permanent ones.
No. 333233 ID: 563ead
File 131190326257.png - (53.27KB , 600x500 , 83.png )

>Ruby: "Age. Also what curses besides Age are permanent?"

>Fate: "Any that are G100 and above to cure are pretty permanent. There are ways to heal them but if I told you that I wouldn't make any money. Also anything that's only G20 can be bought as a potion cure so you can carry it around with you."
No. 333235 ID: 1854db

That's a bit expensive. I bet the 'ways to heal them' are Healer spells though!

So let's cure our Healer, so we can get her some levels and access free healing.
No. 333238 ID: 02de21

Hmm. Well, at those prices just an Age cure is fine, I think. We're not made of money and there's no point gambling on what we'll come up against, only to find that we need to cure something entirely different later.
No. 333239 ID: bd2a40

Spare no expense to help those who serve you, while proving a point by showing that you are not, in fact, an ass.
No. 333247 ID: 40cb26

Buy the Age cure for Kassandra and use it on her immediately. We shouldn't invest in other cures right now, everything we can either tough out or get on an as needed basis.

After that let's look at the available robes. Ones with special effects would be good to know. Both Ruby and Kassandra could use an upgrade, if the costs allow.

Or it might be another time magic spell. Maybe a special branch of healer. Ones things for certain, we need to get Kassandra the means to not be effected by such things in the first place.
No. 333252 ID: 696710

expensive or not, we have a servant in need of uncursing. so uncurse her we shall.
No. 333255 ID: 1854db

Wait, don't use it on her immediately. If she's a test subject we'd want to bring her back to the testing area before curing her, right?
No. 333261 ID: 40cb26

Fate didn't hear anything about that though and I don't want to wait. Still, some precautions are in order.

Kassandra, don't act too happy when you are healed, just be quiet and act subservient to Ruby.
No. 333263 ID: cd63e9

we should buy the cure. i suspect the normal way to cure age involves a friendly time mage.
No. 333757 ID: 563ead
File 131198629535.png - (83.64KB , 534x383 , 84.png )

Ruby buys the cure leaving Overlord with G153 and quickly feeds it to Kassandra. She opens her eyes and smiles at Ruby.

She turns to you.

>Kassandra: "Uhm... T-thank you... My Lord."

>Ruby: "!!"

Overlord has G153 left now.
No. 333767 ID: 1854db

Good to have you back in action, Kass.

Hmm. 153 is not enough to fix the kitchen. We need to go hunting again. How long until we have food problems?
No. 333775 ID: 252e1b


Alice is going to have a helluva time using her bow.
No. 333777 ID: 5f55fe

Clearly, you should blush and say something like "It was nothing". I know it will be hard for an eye, but I have faith you can do it!

No, Kassandra can only wear robes. So unless we can get some magically protected robe, she's not getting armor. And even if those are available, I expect them to be expensive.

What we do need, is a plan on how to crack into the nut we like to call Alice. She's stubborn, but we need to try something different. I do think we need to spend more time with her, even if she doesn't listen to our orders. We might find something else to pry into her mind, like the gunner. But when we leave her on the sidelines, we accomplish little.

I suggest giving her top back, she got punished, and that is enough for now. No need to aggravate her more than necessary. Maybe remind her that it would be easier on both her and us if she cooperated.
No. 333783 ID: 2b8edc

Top only returns if she has learned her lesson. And if she proves still obstinate beyond that, we render her nude. She is under our power, and she needs to learn that resistance is futile.
No. 333792 ID: ca9cd1


"S-Stupid Kassandra... it's not like I l-like you or anything..."
No. 333793 ID: 02de21

"It was no trouble, Kassandra. I am pleased you are well once again. Come, let us go."

>I suggest giving her top back, she got punished, and that is enough for now.
No. When we inflict a penalty to punish a minion, the punishment remains inflicted until the minion shows penitence. Alice has shown no sign whatsoever that she either regrets her actions or will change them in the future; ergo, she gets no privileges restored.
No. 333794 ID: 1854db

We aren't still in the wizard tower, are we? If we are we might want to leave very quickly since our cover's blown now.
No. 333795 ID: 40cb26

"You're welcome."

I wonder if healers can make use of the robes here? I'd sooner the two of you have weak attacks than to fall so easily in battle so look into the selection of armors.

Robes are a kind of armor, technically.

As for Alice, we can try to talk to her again. I wonder if having others talking to her might do some good as well. Styx in particular might be useful for that.
No. 333801 ID: 146bca



Blush (if possible) and say, "You're welcome." If still in the tower, add, "Now let's go.
No. 333807 ID: 6a5a08

Aren't we supposed to be under cover in a place that hates us?
No. 333816 ID: bad65c

this, with the exception of giving Alice her top back. that tactic will not work for her. however if stick to looking out for our own she might come around.
No. 333822 ID: 146bca


I would like to add a vote in reference to the Top. If we give Alice her top back, after she's made no displays of loyalty, Ruby might think we're playing favorites, and get angry with us, since we're treating Alice better than her.

I vote we don't give her top back until she apologizes for being so selfish and disobeying us.
No. 333825 ID: 02de21

>this, with the exception of giving Alice her top back. that tactic will not work for her.
I disagree. That tactic might well work for her, although she shows signs of resistance; discomfort and humiliation often take a while to show real effect. This will only be more true because Alice is now surrounded exclusively by people who have knelt and sworn themselves to us, and will be keenly aware of what her shirtlessness means- that she refuses to obey their master, that she betrayed them by refusing to help cure Kassandra, literally saying that she would be willing to condemn her to a life of crippled agony. That's a formula for serious social pressure. Give it time to work before assuming that it won't.

And even if it doesn't, we set a policy here and should not be messing with it in an effort to tiptoe around the feelings of our more stubborn recruits.
No. 333826 ID: 252e1b


Yeah, she stays punished until she starts behaving like a minion instead of a willful jerk.
No. 333827 ID: 563ead
File 131199041737.png - (64.62KB , 600x500 , 85.png )

"It was nothing Kassandra"

You quickly realize that you are now exposed and teleport everyone back to the castle.

You see that Alice has made a crude top out of her quiver.
No. 333828 ID: 6a5a08

"Creative. It's a shame you're so opposed to me, you would make a great minion."
No. 333830 ID: 252e1b


Did she just flip it around? That's not going to work very well in a fight.
No. 333832 ID: 146bca


"I took your top for a reason! You will not get out of your punishment this way! This display of rebellion will not stand!"

Take EVERYTHING from her.
No. 333834 ID: 40cb26

No need to get upset, that won;t do us any favors.

Casually say "Impressive." Then de-equip her bottom.

"We have some more business to attend to. When I return I hope you are ready to sit down and have a civil discussion with me."

Now then, lets go sell the rest of the loot.
No. 333836 ID: 02de21

"Tch. Admirably creative, but you seem to have missed the point of my action. I was not merely taking away that item; you will wear no top until you have shown adequate remorse for your refusal to aid me in restoring Kassandra's health. Remove it, or it will be removed."

If she doesn't take it off at our order, de-equip it for her.

I hope that the others are here to see this. I want to see if Kassandra's pissed at her.
No. 333837 ID: 2b8edc

No. 333838 ID: 1854db

"That's clever. Kassandra's recovered, by the way. Speaking to her might be enlightening."

Let's not punish her for creativity, but let's not reward her for getting around a punishment either. Check with Styx to see how long we've got before food becomes a problem. It should be a few more days at least, right?
No. 333839 ID: 252e1b


Yeah, votin' this.
No. 333840 ID: eba49f

That's getting angry again. We talked about that, remember? Downvoting.
No. 333841 ID: 9202a9

Voting for this
No. 333842 ID: 146bca


We aren't really upset, we're trying some intimidation. If she sees how fearful we can be when angry, she might be more inclined to cooperate.

Is there any way we can shoot fire out our sides, or make ourselves look more intimidating?
No. 333843 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, metion that you just paid an exorbent fee to make kass not be hurt anymore. get kass and her in the same room.
No. 333844 ID: 5f55fe

No. You guys just want to see her naked -.-

I am still of the favor that we need to back off on the clothes thing, and just bring her into battle a bit. Right now, you are just aggravating her. Go into battle, and show her that you can win with or without her. She might begin to show weakness.
No. 333845 ID: 2b8edc

This is a punishment that is both punitive, and at the same time, harmless.
No. 333846 ID: 07416a

Eh, let it stand. We don't need naked minions.
No. 333847 ID: 146bca


Well, they do. I'm just making sure she doesn't get out of her punishment, and she's further punished for disobeying us.

Besides, we have every right to be angry. Kassandra was in pain, and she refused to help. And now, she's getting out of the punishment for that.
No. 333850 ID: 02de21

We're a tiny little floaty thing. We're not really equipped to intimidate, and any attempt which falls flat will only worsen our position here. Let's not go for sound and fury.

I am inclined to give her another opportunity to obey by ordering her to remove the impromptu top herself before taking it off ourselves. If she refuses, we can demonstrate once again that we punish resistance, and if she does as we ask it's a small victory for us.

What, and make poor Kassandra suffer through Alice as a roommate? Let's not.
No. 333851 ID: 2b8edc

>I am inclined to give her another opportunity to obey by ordering her to remove the impromptu top herself before taking it off ourselves. If she refuses, we can demonstrate once again that we punish resistance, and if she does as we ask it's a small victory for us.

I like this, too.
No. 333852 ID: 146bca


Maybe you have a point.

Let me rewrite my suggestion.

"Alice, you were being punished for letting your peers suffer, and doing nothing. This display of rebellion only displays how selfish you truly are. Remove the top."

If she doesn't, THEN forcefully take everything.
No. 333853 ID: eba49f

Getting angry does not make for good intimidation. Getting upset means that they are getting to you.
To show dominance we should either show no emotion or be amused, as that implies having control over the situation.
No. 333854 ID: ca9cd1

I support freedom. freedom for the boobs, that is. off with the top!
No. 333856 ID: 53859d

I get the feeling we're going about this the wrong way, by playing into her stereotypes as being the Evil Overlord.

Anyway though, good job with Kass :) You now have a very useful minion who's actually pretty damn loyal, good job!
No. 333857 ID: 563ead
File 131199187352.png - (70.15KB , 600x500 , 86.png )

"Tch. Admirably creative, but you seem to have missed the point of my action. I was not merely taking away that item; you will wear no top until you have shown adequate remorse for your refusal to aid me in restoring Kassandra's health. Remove it, or it will be removed."

She glares at you for a moment then rips the makeshift top off. She tosses it to the ground and walks away from you, pushing Kassandra aside as she does.

>Kassandra: ".... I don't think she likes me.."

>Ruby: "What a bitch.."

"Don't worry, she'll come around. Right now we need to sell some things."

You teleport to Fabio's shop to sell some of your loot.

>Fabio: "Ovahlord! My main man, this is some good loot right here! Here's my price for them, whaddya think? Oh! Also got a new item in stock, the Scan Scoll! Use it on yoself and you can see all the enemies health and stuff. Pretty awesome huh?"
No. 333859 ID: 40cb26

"Indeed, but it should wait. Got a kitchen to construct and just enough money to do so now. The humans are uppity enough as it is. Next time, I'm sure."
No. 333862 ID: 1854db

Sell the TW equipment and the two GD shields. Then we'll have enough to repair the kitchen!

And yeah that is pretty cool, buddy, but we're not gonna be able to buy it today.
No. 333863 ID: ca9cd1


nice! ...but I'm guessing it's a single use item and not a permanent enhancement. it'll have to wait, because you'll only have enough to rebuild the kitchen if you sell the robes, the staff, and the shields and don't buy anything. I'm guessing (and voting) we keep the armor.
No. 333864 ID: 02de21

"Indeed it is, but I think I shall have to leave its purchase for another time. I have other uses for my funds at the moment."

Sell our stuff, send the money to Styx to continue reconstruction of our fortress, and let's go hunting again. A level 5-7, if one's available.
No. 333867 ID: 5f55fe

Nice Fro'
No. 333877 ID: 00d3d5

I asked Larro. He said it IS a permanent upgrade.
We NEED that scroll now before his stock changes!
We can buy our minions food to hold them off until the kitchen is ready, and we can queue up the kitchen so construction can start the second there's enough gold.
We are NOT passing up something this convenient!
No. 333881 ID: 02de21

Well shit, if it's permanent then of course we buy it. I figured that "scroll" meant "one-use consumable".
No. 333885 ID: 1854db

Whoa. Okay, buy it. We'll just need one more day to fix the kitchen.
No. 333889 ID: 252e1b

Isn't there something else we can sell to afford the kitchen and the scroll?
No. 333893 ID: 6a5a08

Get scroll.
Ask if he can provide food until we get a kitchen.
No. 333894 ID: 563ead
File 131199437618.png - (52.13KB , 401x398 , 87.png )

You decide to sell all your stuff.

"Hmm. I would love to have the scroll but I need to build a kitchen for my minions."

>Fabio: "Not a problem overlord mah man! Take it, you'll owe me the twenty Gs later kay?"

"Thank you Fabio."

=You can now see the Enemies health during battle, even without Overlord on the field!
By using up his round Overlord can also see an enemies Equipment and Spells!=

"All right, let's try for another rank 5"

>Rose: "My Lord... I do not mean any disrespect but we are all rather tired.."
No. 333900 ID: 2b8edc

Alice isn't. She has been doing a grand total of JACK FUCKING SHIT, so gear her up and send her out for dispatch. Tell her she can go hunt gunners all night if she really wants to. You and the girls are going to have a nice bath soak and then go to bed.
No. 333905 ID: 07416a

She's right. It can wait.
No. 333908 ID: 44766a

Let them rest. But no sending Alice out alone.
No. 333909 ID: 40cb26

"Oh... right. I'm just a floating eyeball and I forget these things. Rose I'm counting on you to inform me sooner next time."

We don't have a barracks yet, are there suitable areas to sleep in? At least you can all bathe. Lets talk to sticks she can help us figure this out.
No. 333910 ID: fe4831

be nice. let 'em rest. watch out for the archerbitch though; you'd best sleep with one eye open.

...get it? with one eye open! hahaha... uhh, nevermind.
No. 333917 ID: 6a5a08

"Alice should not be, and Emily is a construct. I shall take them to a low level area so we may get the money to repay Fabio."

Go take on a Level 1 or 2.
No. 333919 ID: 02de21

"Ah. Right, exhaustion. Thank you for reminding me, Rose. We can rest for now and resume tomorrow."

Try to see to it that your servants are adequately settled in.

I would be somewhat concerned that she'd go out and intentionally get herself killed in order to be freed from our control, if we sent her out alone. Let's just leave her on one-quarter rations and call that enough of a slap for her continued defiance.
No. 333922 ID: 5f55fe

No, you already punished her by removing her clothing. Stop rubbing salt in it. She hasn't defied us any more, so there's no need to keep punishing her.

We want to make her want to be loyal to us, not create a hatred in her. Lay off a bit.
No. 333928 ID: 28e94e

No. 333930 ID: 146bca


Ditto. She wants her clothes back, and she wants to relax, she should get off her lazy ass and help.
No. 333931 ID: 02de21

True enough. We can save cut rations for any subsequent bits of insolence on her part.
No. 333933 ID: 495e55

I think you should go the high road.
Be so good to her that she can think of noting else.
No. 333935 ID: 252e1b


We don't need rest. We should go with Alice and whoever else is up for it.
No. 333936 ID: 1854db

Alice isn't loyal enough to go anywhere on her own. She can't act directly against us but we've seen that speech isn't covered. So Alice could find someone and tell them that the overlord is active again.

Also, if everyone is resting, who will be watching Alice? It seems our hand may be forced here. We may have to use that potion.
No. 333937 ID: 6a5a08

Emily is a golem of sorts, she should be able to go quite some time without rest, and we should try to pay Fabio back as soon as we can.
No. 333943 ID: 563ead
File 131199773423.png - (77.21KB , 600x500 , 88.png )

You decide it might be best to let everyone rest for now. Rose and Emily make some small cots and you send Alice to Styx so she may keep an eye on her. Actually thinking about it you order the two of them to rebuild the kitchen, with Alice doing most of the heavy lifting.

Your loyal minions go to the bathing area and take a nice relaxing bath.

You reflect on the day for a moment.
In only one day you have managed to rebuild a major chunk of the castle.
You gained three new minions, a healer, flame wizard, and an archer.
Defeated quite a few enemies.
Reversed an Age spell.
You did more in one day then most do in a year.

You look around and see your minions relaxing.

"Best job ever."
No. 333948 ID: 4b3c7e

objective added: get Styx to build you a left hand.
No. 333980 ID: 40cb26

>"Best job ever."
Yes. Yes indeed.

Hmm... first order there is to get a bigger stronger floatation device for ourselves, and put a couple arms on it. Being actually able to hold things is better than just being modular. Maybe one arm can be a snazzy blaster/claw combo, the other more for wielding and other... delicate tasks.
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