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File 128388990645.png - (350.50KB , 777x777 , BBQ642.png )
227532 No. 227532 ID: 55c4cf

Act 2, Chapter 13.

Quest Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/84526.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chiguigushi
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Bubble_Bucket
IRC: #lilac on irc.rizon.net
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No. 227534 ID: 55c4cf
File 128389043819.png - (131.47KB , 777x777 , BBQ643.png )

Epsilon tells the story of the Labyrinth, from his perspective. This makes it short, and grumpier than the story you know, however, the ending is much different...

"Who the fuck are you?" 
"An answer to a question." 
"And what question is that?"
“How am I going to come back to life?”
“What exactly do you mean, you still haven't told me who you are!?”
“That is not important right now, Epsilon Nu Delta. If you want to live, I only ask you to follow a few simple rules, and I have four tasks, or conditions I require you to follow. If I'm extending your life a few years after that awful mess, than I sure am not allowing it for free.”
“What is it that you want from me then?...”

Epsilon's Story is split into Ten sections. The Third and the Tenth are locked until further notice. Do we want to follow them in chronological order, or do we want to choose the pieces of his story?

Important Event: After The Labyrinth.
First Condition: Find me a flower.
Important Event: The Bucket. (Locked)
Second Condition: Sealed Forest.
Important Event: The Feast.
Third Condition: Blooming Flower.
Important Event: The Ring.
Final Condition: … (Locked)
No. 227535 ID: a594b9

Chronological order is fine. Doesn't seem to matter much anyway.
No. 227536 ID: d677cc

Chronological will probably make a hell of a lot more sense, I think.
No. 227537 ID: 403cdb

Ch to the ronology.
No. 227539 ID: f1912f
File 12838911462.jpg - (64.86KB , 729x694 , no reaction image.jpg )

Yea dude let's take this as it goes, chronologically

because it's logical.
No. 227552 ID: 5eea01


Start in the beginning and I hope for your sake I'm in this story.
No. 227553 ID: 290096

Let's do it chronologically, no reason to make things more confusing.
No. 227583 ID: 6a17b0


Reverse Chronological.
No. 227628 ID: 67c611

rolled 9 = 9

Pulp Fiction style
No. 227670 ID: e75a2f

Tarantino it.

Start at the end, then skip to the front.
No. 227679 ID: 620bfb

Chronological is boring. Mix it up so we figure out bits and pieces of the story as we go.
No. 227730 ID: 716eb0

See, even the dice think we should go
9 1 2 4 5 6 7 8
No. 227795 ID: 4e9b58
File 128391407019.png - (2.03MB , 1500x1275 , 13009362.png )

No. 227811 ID: 67c611
File 128391590873.jpg - (19.30KB , 320x240 , rabblerabblerabble.jpg )

<Insomnia> i'm saying the decision's mostly cast
<Insomnia> unless you guys want to riot

I believe we do.
No. 227818 ID: 45be60
File 128391644952.jpg - (18.65KB , 480x360 , derkadoo.jpg )

No. 228114 ID: 55c4cf
File 12839756892.png - (354.99KB , 777x777 , BBQ644.png )

Epsilon begins to experience a very intense series of pains wracking his body, or what felt like he had one at the very least.

"I said I'd do it, what are you doing to me?!" Epsilon cries out, shaking as he tries to move himself, but cannot quite seem to manage yet. As if he was receiving all the penalties for having a body, and none of the privileges.

"I hope you did not think coming back to life was going to be a pleasant experience, my Angry little Shark. First I am going to give you a test. It will be very fun. (For me, at least.) It has been several hours. Your fellow prisoners are dead or gone. You cannot save anyone, it is too late. I am not helping you so you can be a hero. I am helping you so you can be my tool. I can feel your anger rising at that very sentiment alone and it is like an symphony to my ears. The choices you make with the abilities I give you are yours to abuse. If you get killed again I can't promise I will help you. If you can enjoy your own escape and a small taste of revenge and survive, then it will be time to inform you of your responsibilities."

"I guess, but I don't like being used."

"Well that's too bad and too late. Goddamn, you should wake up you big baby, you're drooling all over yourself! Ahahaha..."

Epsilon wakes up approximately where he died. The room smells like rotting flesh. He starts to push off of the ground, but it is harder because his body feels as if it is burning. He can hear movements and the place is very well lit. There are people here cleaning up the Labyrinth after the last run.

He has received blessings from his mysterious deity benefactor. He can focus his aura for either Offense or Defense. It takes a couple turns to switch, and has a single turn with no aura bonus at all.

Has has access to more abilities powers.

Dark Sight: Distant disembodied third eye in the shadows.
Mental Block: Makes him unable to communicate or be influenced by abilities except for the Deity that put it on him.
Shadow Sprint: He can use shadows and/or the darkness around him to travel from one place to another rapidly.

Stealth and Shape shifting remain from your past.

[ Temporary lack of interface! ]

Epsilon's arsenal of abilities and his natural strengths currently do not drain or take time to recover. It is considered a 'blessing' from who is 'helping him out'. If people start purposely try to break the game due to the freedom, the blessing will fade early, and he'll go back to being limited. This is my attempt for more of a Rule of Cool approach for most of this chapter.
No. 228119 ID: 5eea01


No. 228120 ID: a594b9

Engage stealth mode, and find someone to interrogate/kill. Also activate Defense aura, since you're nekkid and unarmed.
No. 228133 ID: cf736a


I think you don't understand. He is the weapon. Stealth and offensive mode enabled. Those fuckers are going to learn a lesson about throwing people into Labyriths.
No. 228138 ID: b9bd4f

I agree on the stealth approach. Lets find out whats going on without attracting too much attention.
No. 228166 ID: 97cb33

be like batman, sneak up on someone and then take them out.
No. 228216 ID: 8bdb6a

Shift the aura to Defense, in the interest of not dying so much.

Use Stealth. Hide and get your bearings.
No. 228416 ID: 4e9b58
File 128400794428.gif - (440.04KB , 450x334 , 15afe877-7f3a-4024-99d1-249077c8c7b9.gif )

I like this. The cleaners aren't responsible for what happened, they just have a really gross job.

Go find everyone else. They're perfectly fine, I assure you. Mostly.
No. 229083 ID: 55c4cf
File 128411458889.png - (175.25KB , 777x777 , BBQ645.png )

Unarmed? Epsilon is only without a weapon when he is dead. His hands and jaws are more than enough to hold his own.

Defensive Aura selected for now.

Epsilon goes into stealth mode and slips into the next room. Most of the workers seem to be in the earlier rooms cleaning up. There's a closed door, and a pit of sand on the floor in the middle of the room. Propped up against the wall and the closed door is a fairly torn up box. You do hear a lone worker grumbling and whistling in the room nearby.

It looks like this larger semi-circular room used to be filled with something. The room with the whistling fellow has been drained, and a mechanic is working on things down below the balance beam. He doesn't seem happy to be working down here. Nobody else is in here at this very moment.

Epsilon could either move on stealthily, interrogate the mechanic complaining about working on pipes, or the gods know what else.
No. 229084 ID: cf736a


Sneak upon, subdue and interrogat him. Scare the shit ot of him, along the way.

Ask about a way out, that's the most important thing right now.
No. 229107 ID: 5eea01

Don't let him call out. Death threats are good here if you want him to talk.

If you promise not to hurt him if he keeps quiet, you might have to kill him anyway.
No. 229112 ID: 82d1d6

Interrogate him. But be sure to keep him quiet. If he so much as begins to raise his voice, bite his troght out.
No. 229114 ID: a594b9

Considering the nature of this place, it wouldn't be a stretch to conclude that the something that comes out of those pipes is very dangerous.

I think we should eavesdrop on the mechanic to find out his attitude towards the king. Taking revenge out on someone who hates working here would be... well, wrong. They'd just be doing their job, yanno?

Maybe we can find out some information that way as well. If there's no reason to reveal our presence, we should not do so.
No. 229134 ID: 701a19

Is that the pit Nic died in? Try to get some of her remains if you can; she deserves a proper burial at least.
No. 229205 ID: 4e9b58

He's just a worker, he's not going to have any information except on the workings of the labyrinth, and we already know how to get through it. And you can't keep him quiet after you leave, so it would almost certainly require killing him. Just sneak past him, maybe eavesdrop a bit on the way.
No. 229356 ID: e973f4

Eh, don't kill the poor bastard, whatever else.
No. 229357 ID: 0b2a05

Don't kill him, just eavesdrop and if you have to, interrogate and knock him out.
No. 229358 ID: 97cb33

be like dark knight batman, totally dick with him but don't kill.
No. 229359 ID: 476456

they're probably just doing their job, i imagine saying no when the king asks you to repair things gets you thrown down here.
No. 229369 ID: 8bdb6a

Sneak up, snatch the worker, and drag him out of sight in case there's a partner nearby. Hand-over-mouth.
No. 229386 ID: 701a19

Is that Asali? Go hit on her.
No. 229512 ID: a594b9

Nope, no tail.
No. 229732 ID: 55c4cf
File 128426143013.png - (204.51KB , 777x777 , BBQ646.png )

Epsilon doesn't see anything else here beyond the worker. If there was any hint of a corpse, or blood, that would appear to be taken care of. Epsilon does not know the status of his former companions, either.

Epsilon sneaks up behind the worker.

"This is the grossest job. I want to just go home a--" He is cut off by Epsilon lifting him up in a choke hold. Epsilon 'gently' slams him up into the wall with one hand over his mouth.

"I'm only going to say this once. Be quiet. I will slaughter you. I am having what I would consider a very bad day and all I need is an excuse. I need to know things, and you're going to help me, correct?"

He seems absolutely frightened. The bubble touched nods to Epsilon slowly.

What should Epsilon say/ask him?
No. 229744 ID: 701a19

"Where do you put the remains of the people who die here?"
No. 229780 ID: 4e9b58

What is he going to do with remains? Maybe ask what happened to the last party to come through here?
No. 229797 ID: 249803
File 128427021313.jpg - (157.73KB , 1600x1024 , surprise buttsex.jpg )

ask him what the safest and emptiest way out is.
No. 229798 ID: a594b9

Ask him how many others there are here. And how do we get out?
No. 229799 ID: 476456

Poke him in the back with your fist and ask if he think it'll fit.
No. 229816 ID: 0b2a05

"Raisin... where is your king, I'm going to turn him into bullion."
No. 229818 ID: 8bdb6a

Say you need a safe way out. And fast.

Then lick him a little.
No. 229860 ID: cf736a


Yes, do this. Ask for a way out and then slowly lick his face.
No. 229866 ID: f82d85

Bite off an ear if you're a bit peckish
No. 230294 ID: 55c4cf
File 128439657172.png - (151.55KB , 777x777 , BBQ647.png )

“What happened to the other people who went through here?”
“Three of the ten people sentenced survived. The rest of them died.”
“What was done with the people who died, then?”
“Most of them were defiled and cleaned out of the labyrinth by the King's decree. The Shadow couldn't be found, unsurprisingly.”
“Of course, that's me. Where is the King?”
“The King lives on Bobble Island. That's pretty well known, but I guess you aren't a Bubble Dragon descendant.”
“Very observant. How do I get out of here? Safe and fast. How many people are in here?”
He points to the door following the balancing beam opposite of the way you entered.
“Go through there, just follow the doors out and be careful, although currently the traps are either broken or off so we can clean up and maintenance this hellhole. I don't really care about this place. I was unfortunately hired to do some of the work because I'm the only mechanic on the island. There are a couple dozen workers, The Duke, and about half as many soldiers outside or inside of the facility. Most of them are towards the beginning as there was a lot of work to do there. Is there anything else you need to know? Please don't kill me. I don't support this place.”
“Thank you for your help, and I'm sorry.”
“Sorry for wh--”

Epsilon whacks his head against the wall, perhaps a little bit too hard. The worker is knocked out and collapses to the floor. He doesn't feel spite towards the man, but for both of their safety in the situation it is better that he is unconscious.
No. 230296 ID: 97cb33

reactivate stealth mode and move on.
No. 230300 ID: 7b9ec4

Alright, check his pockets, loot anything useful you might find. Then activate your stealth powers and go through the door he has told you. Carefully.
No. 230301 ID: 8bdb6a

Take his wrench and anything else obviously useful. Go through the doors, like he said.
No. 230305 ID: c0f623

Just undress him and wear his stuff. I mean, not that I don't appreciate asses in my face like that, but clothes have the advantage of pockets, see.
No. 230321 ID: a594b9

Won't clothes fuck up our shapeshifting? Let's go towards the exit like the guy said. Also, use Shadow Sprint!
No. 230329 ID: 4e9b58

Watch out for Mister Hoppite. :o
No. 230330 ID: a594b9

He's dead at the moment. Epsilon killed him right before he got tossed in here. Asali doesn't bring him back as a Wraith until much later.
No. 230336 ID: a594b9

Herp derp nevermind.

I guess Epsilon's gonna get captured again later and THEN we kill the Duke.
No. 259120 ID: 4e9b58
File 12904842938.png - (59.00KB , 335x309 , mint.png )

No. 259122 ID: 4e9b58
File 12904843474.png - (32.14KB , 299x371 , epsilon.png )

No. 259165 ID: 25c853


Holy crap, this is adorable.
No. 259862 ID: 55c4cf
File 129075147312.png - (265.61KB , 777x777 , BBQ648.png )

Epsilon swipes poor unconscious Raisin of his uniform and partially shape shifts to look slightly less suspicious.

He sneaks partially into the next room, noticing the only person in here is grumbling about having to sweep. A strange light fixture is attached to the door humming loudly, vividly displaying the paths while the laborer sweeps up the sand.

Epsilon guesses that this room was traversed with minimal incident because of the sand mess, but with the hidden walls this was certainly a death trap even to work in, or have to go through.

Still no sign of a single soldier, beyond the man tediously sweeping up the former hidden path, the room is just a deep empty space.
No. 259865 ID: 45c9f1
File 129075288364.jpg - (24.93KB , 500x412 , BAT CAT.jpg )

Heck is that above him? a sensor? walk nonchalantly over and look at it a bit closer.
No. 259867 ID: 45c9f1
File 129075331019.jpg - (250.31KB , 1280x800 , FAILURE.jpg )

Oh it's the light thing, well still, walk by him nonchalantly and into the next room.
No. 259869 ID: 5eea01

Can you use Shadow Sprint to travel via the darkness below, or is that beyond your ability?

If you can, swoop down from below up to the janitor, tackle him and knock him out before proceeding.

If you try to use the bridge, the janitor will spot you before you can silence him. Unless, of course, you're feeling really acrobatic.

Oh wait, you're disguised. Just walk across, they probably won't recognize every single worker that's doing maintenance, so you might be able to bullshit your way out of this.
No. 259878 ID: dad664

Hurl Pokeball on belt to unleash the fury that is Diglett.
No. 259881 ID: f5e4b4

Walk over the bridge like you were another worker, try not to startle him. Get closer so you can lunge at him if needed.
No. 259883 ID: 1854db

He seems focused on his work. If he doesn't even look at your face, just walk on by.
No. 259901 ID: 8bdb6a

Just stroll on by like nothing's happening. If he flips out, bash his face into the invisible wall.
No. 260340 ID: 55c4cf
File 129093541387.png - (213.14KB , 777x777 , BBQ649.png )

Epsilon does his best to keep his cool and calmly walks along the path before walking past the worker that is sweeping up all the dirt. He kind of starts looking up, but he doesn't react.

Making it to the door, you can hear people in the next room. Two of them are complaining because they don't know how to fix the machines, a less friendly third voice barks, "Well where's the damn mechanic then?"
No. 260341 ID: 476456

No. 260342 ID: 476456

No. 260343 ID: f5e4b4

Go into stealth mode, try to enter the room without being seen by the guys inside. You're dressed as the mechanic and have no idea how to fix whatever is broken.
No. 260350 ID: 1854db

Better knock that janitor out before you head into the next room. The screams are gonna alert him.
No. 260450 ID: 45c9f1
File 129098180548.gif - (551.70KB , 409x316 , sip.gif )

Shift yourself to look more like that guy behind you, you look too much like a mechanic. then keep up the nonchalant fest and walk on by.
No. 260455 ID: a09a03

Try to stealth your way past them without incident.
No. 260736 ID: 752cb8

Feel snazzy in that new outfit. Flex arms like a strong man, then proceed to next objective.
No. 261662 ID: 55c4cf
File 129143862410.png - (291.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ650.png )

Epsilon feels about as snazzy as he can dressed like a mechanic. He vows to get mechanics' uniforms off in the future.

He succeeds in stealthily riding the walls of the large room as he watches the other people in the room interact.

The soldier, one of the King's personal army has his gun raised. "This all needs to be fixed, and it needs to be done soon. If you are refusing, then I will consider it treason."

The worker in question stumbles back slightly. "H-hey! I'll go get the mechanic in the other room, please don't overreact like that. We normally don't have so many things to fix down here, that's why we had to contract one fast. Don't shoot me, let me go get him."

The other worker puts his tools down and tries pays more attention, "Hey, calm down, we're doing our best here, you can't expect the work to get done that we're not trained for just because you have a gun!"
No. 261663 ID: dad664

Eat Guard, then tell the two mechanics to carry on. Say you're with the Union.
No. 261668 ID: 1854db

Knock the gun out of the way so he doesn't shoot the workers. Then... we maul him a bit.
No. 261669 ID: a09a03

Do this. This is the best thing you can possibly do right now.
No. 261671 ID: 45be60

I like it.
No. 261704 ID: f5e4b4

Sneak attack the guard. Be sure to knock out his gun first.
No. 261705 ID: d677cc

Oh snap. I like this.
No. 261706 ID: 8555c2

No. 261891 ID: 55c4cf
File 129152813147.png - (217.03KB , 777x777 , BBQ651.png )

Epsilon carefully sneaks up on the soldier, keeping with the shadows.

"Well, stop cowering and go get the goddamn mechanic before I fire and force your fat co-worker to do it covered in your brains," the soldier snaps, fingers and arms cocking to a more rigid position back against his right shoulder as if to prepare to fire.

Epsilon's hand gently takes the soldier's shoulder, "That is by my knowledge no way to speak to a lady."

The man starts to form a word, but Epsilon interrupts quite rudely. The poor woman is covered in gore, but at least it isn't hers, right?

The two workers seem shocked, and are preparing to flee down the door you originally entered.
No. 261893 ID: dad664

"It's okay, I'm with the Union."

Then nonchalantly walk out.
No. 261894 ID: a09a03

Tell them to watch their step. Head for the exit. Where's the exit, again? Maybe you could ask them.
No. 261896 ID: d677cc

Pretty much this.
No. 261903 ID: 8555c2

No. 261906 ID: 476456

Nonchalantly DANCE out.
No. 261909 ID: 45c9f1
File 129153068398.jpg - (19.21KB , 230x246 , dr moustachio.jpg )

make sure to call them mechanics
No. 261934 ID: f5e4b4


This. Also call them comrades.
No. 261937 ID: dad664

Nonchalantly moonwalk-dance out.
No. 261948 ID: a9a46d


Compromise mode; Say you're with the union, refer to them as comrades, and finish with nonchalantly moonwalking out. All with a deadpan delivery and completely innocent look of course.
No. 261950 ID: a09a03

Say you're Tom Joad.
No. 262924 ID: 55c4cf
File 129183887759.png - (191.25KB , 777x777 , BBQ652.png )

"Don't worry, I'm with the union!" Epsilon triple guesses his illogical statement and says it anyway. Luckily they're too busy fleeing in terror to notice. He figures that if they are running--

"Be careful on the 'hidden' path!" Epsilon calls after them, ever the stickler for safety awareness.

--running towards more soldiers, Epsilon will be tattled on so the workers aren't sentenced to death for the soldier's demise. He steps into the next room.

Oh gosh! How lovely, it seems these two have mostly cleaned up the mess, and have it all tightly sealed in an industrial trash bag. The female is still sitting, apparently having worked on the weird cylinder in middle.

"P-Pudding, I think we should find more work to do, if this room is clean and ready. It's like asking for trouble to not help finalize all the work," She stammers, rocking the toolbox side to side.

"Don't worry so much, Lynn," He says, rolling his eyes, "If a soldier strolls in, you just fiddle around and get up with your toolbox, I'll grab the bag and we 'just finished,' right then. Make sense?"

"I guess so."
No. 262929 ID: dad664

Slide on up behind them, wrap both arms around their middle and give them this big of sage advice.

"Ladies, let me give you a tip. Always tell your boss that any given task will take triple the amount of time it will actually take. This way you will be seen as a miracle worker when you finish a 3hr task in 20 minutes. Okay later, call me~"

Then kiss them both and stroll on out. LIKE A BOSS.
No. 262936 ID: f5e4b4


Do this, failing to realize that one of them is a dude.
No. 262938 ID: 5eea01

Also neigh and hoof the floor~
No. 262970 ID: 476456

make sure you twirl a few times
No. 263012 ID: a09a03

Should we recognize these two? Or the contents of the trash bag? Because I sure don't.

Consider asking. And/or turn on the charm.
No. 263029 ID: 1854db

Act less crazy. Instead, just sneak on past since we kindof need to get out before more soldiers come.
No. 263108 ID: 752cb8

See if they have valid information that can be used to further accomplish your goal. If this is not a valid action, flex muscles and strike various poses to show off your fabulous physique.
No. 264924 ID: 55c4cf
File 129261019067.png - (183.11KB , 777x777 , BBQ653.png )

Epsilon sneaks up behind and between the two and speaks, “Ladies, I have a tip for you. If you exaggerate how much time a job will take you before you are done you will seem efficient if you finish it below the estimate. I need to get going, so both of you call me.”

Pudding starts to mouth something about not being a lady at all, but he is interrupted. Epsilon then proceeds to kiss the man and a woman nice and firm on the lips, embarrassing them further than he already had.

Epsilon does not know this room, unlike the other folks who traveled through the Labyrinth with you so he doesn't know what's in the bag. The following room seems to be a huge grid of tiles.

“Before I go, this is the way out, right? Is there anything I should know?” Unfortunately for the smooth shark, the two are too speechless to give him any information at all. They don't know whether to go back to work or go try and get help. Tiles shouldn't be an issue for Epsilon, he's on a roll.
No. 264925 ID: 1854db

Don't step on any of the tiles, yet somehow wind up moving through the room. (use shadow sprint!)
No. 264926 ID: f5e4b4

Use Shadow Sprint to make a dramatic exit of the room and to cross the tile room without -almost- touching the tiles!
No. 264927 ID: f50c91

Admire the pretty tiles, then mock the meaning behind them by taking the exact opposite oder then they should be taken in. Finally, stroll to the door as if you'd done nothing.
No. 264934 ID: 45c9f1
File 129261668218.jpg - (154.81KB , 720x576 , I apologize for nothing.jpg )

smooth moves there captain kiss, let's shadow sprint over the wall in the next room, those tiles have a nasty shock.
No. 264936 ID: 45c9f1
File 129261736858.png - (225.79KB , 777x777 , basically.png )

you basically are going to do this
No. 264939 ID: 476456

play the deadliest game of hop scotch
No. 264992 ID: dad664

We're going to run across it.

Upside down.

No. 265869 ID: 55c4cf
File 129305981593.png - (433.98KB , 777x777 , BBQ654.png )

Epsilon gives a halfhearted wave and uses the shadows and darkness of the room to completely ignore the tiles, whatever purpose they may have. This is definitely an easy thing to do, and he is now entering the adjacent room.

The ease of his entry may have backfired. The new room is filled with people. There are five workers cleaning the floor, and one soldier walking around slowly. Certainly a lot less aggressive soldier than the last one.

The soldier, dog, owl, and bubble held noticed Epsilon's entrance. The large scrubbing bubble touched, and the lizard don't seem to see Epsilon, or care (yet). The soldier steps either towards direction of the owl and Epsilon. The bubble held and dog continue to work.

The owl is a much different sort, “Nice going, you jackass! Nobody asked you to come in here with your fancy mechanic belt and overalls. We're in here doing all the real work and you come in here to walk all over the floors we're cleaning. How about you do us a favor and go fix some other room's fangled electronomothons.” The nice old owl says.

The lizard laughs. The dog up on the tilted platform shakes his head, “If you would stop complaining, you might get the floor done faster, you know.”

The room smells very foul, and with the stains of blood Epsilon thinks someone may have died in here. This makes him a little more agitated.
No. 265872 ID: 476456

"whew smells like somebody died in here"
No. 265875 ID: f5e4b4

We could easily kill the soldier, the workers would just flee and leave us alone, but I'd rather we tried a non-violent approach unless we have to defend ourselves.

Nonchalantly ignore the soldier and walk towards the exit of the room, say that you're done fixing stuff in the other rooms and you're checking if there's something else you can do. You'll be on your way, no need to get up.
No. 265879 ID: 1854db

I think in this case we shouldn't immediately kill the soldier. Just go "Yeah okay, I'm going." and move along.

...I wonder why the soldier is covered in bandages? Is he an Undead type?
No. 265894 ID: dad664


Punch the guard until he is unconscious.


Then ske-daddle before anyone can figure out what the FUCK is going on.
No. 265908 ID: 8555c2

Epsilon. If you can handle making a scene again, do this.

If you don't feel like stirring shit up go on to the next room. "Shut your piehole. I'm working just as hard as you."
No. 265923 ID: 476456

the guard would probably just take it out on all the engineers
No. 266581 ID: 701a19

"Really? They look fine to me. Here, let me test them."
Throw the guard into the room. Aim for the wall that doesn't have any doors or buttons.
No. 267200 ID: 5eea01



No. 267226 ID: b7798b

Let's just pass on through without making trouble. A string of panicked workers running everywhere is only going to get more people killed.
No. 267227 ID: e973f4

... Yeah, let's just keep moving. >_>
No. 268028 ID: 55c4cf
File 129380170024.png - (360.79KB , 777x777 , BBQ655.png )

Epsilon gives a noticeable pause before responding to the worker(s). He is very conflicted. Resisting his urges for blood, and to kill. He resists his instincts and begins a cool strut up the ramp towards the next room. “I'm done with my work, no need to get so worked up. Just passing through,” Epsilon chimes, continuing his trek towards the door. 

The workers mostly go on without a second thought. The soldier stands and observes in silence. The owl takes the handle of his cleaning tool, and points after Epsilon, “Yeah, just leave.” 

“Jackass!” The owl finally goes back to work.

Epsilon can see a piece of what looks like Jack's frame. This causes a soft chuckle, followed by a sigh. Epsilon had wanted to kill him multiple times. He wasn't actually pleased Jack was dead, but he sure wasn't going to be moved to tears. He can hear a couple people talking in the next room.
No. 268030 ID: 476456

give that soft supple frame a gentle rub for old times sake
No. 268031 ID: f5e4b4

Peek into the next room without being noticed, see if the people talking are soldiers or not.
No. 268042 ID: 45be60

Claim foot as grisly trophy. Mount it on your wall.
No. 268046 ID: 56dee8

Carefully observe the people in the next room and then make your move. If you're lucky they're just workers, and if you're really lucky they might have something interesting to say.
Also, try not to look suspicious to the guard or other workers while doing this.
No. 268048 ID: 0b5a64

Are there sufficient shadows to observe undetected? If so, do.
No. 268087 ID: 1854db

No. 268179 ID: dad664

Hide in the shadows of the next room, eavesdrop.
No. 269038 ID: 55c4cf
File 129412714550.png - (485.53KB , 777x777 , BBQ656.png )

Epsilon settles into the shadows and sneaks in to get a better view of the next room. Sure enough Jack has been blown to pieces and is all over the room.

Inside of the room is a small robot close to the ground, and a Puppet in a worker jumpsuit.

“There-is-so-much-to-push-I-am-happy!” The robot speedily rolls around, enthusiastically pushing at metal pieces, as if to gather them together.

“You're very easy to please, Pushie. Then again I don't even have too much 'work' to do in the first place. It's just me chilling around until they need to test one of the traps. I should probably start going further in to help, but nah.”

“I-am-happy-to-keep-you-company!” Pushie MKI responds and rolls, nudging at pieces of Jack.

The way to the next room is open. Epsilon can hear somebody in the next room, possibly actually getting some work done.
No. 269039 ID: dad664

Figure out a way to scrawl "Epsilon was here, Jack is a loser" on the back of Jack's head.

Then proceed to shadow stealth into the next room. THIS IS A SNEAKING MISSION.
No. 269044 ID: f5e4b4

Steal the pieces of Jack and cause a Time Paradox!

Just kidding. Sneak to the next room and see who's in there.
No. 269069 ID: 476456

Poor crash test dummy..oh well next room
No. 269209 ID: 8f5631

Become a sleuth and discover why Jack is laying on the ground in pieces. Or just proceed to the next room and look for anything interesting.
No. 269238 ID: 1854db

Consider briefly taking Jack with you to see if you can get him repaired, then realize you have no way of carrying him.
No. 269330 ID: 45c9f1
File 129423506169.jpg - (44.11KB , 308x396 , pfspfspfs.jpg )

Man robots are such wussies. Git yo awesome shadow ass ta da next room post haste.
No. 269506 ID: 5eea01

The pushing robot seems content. May he push many organics down stairs in the future.

Try throwing a piece of the fallen robot into the next room. It'll give Pushie something to do.
No. 269525 ID: 55c4cf
File 12943493181.png - (421.80KB , 777x777 , BBQ657.png )

First things first. How could Jack have ended up in this position? Well anyone can see that without Epsilon around, there must have been a big heavy bomb that Jack wasn't manly to pick up by himself so he did what he had to do and sacrificed himself for the ladies.

Epsilon thanks Jack for his sacrifice with a friendly note on the back of his head. Sneaking towards the next doorway, he skips a piece into the ramped room and Pushie scurries after it to go nudge it back in here with the rest of them.

In the next room, Epsilon notices that there are no new doors, but there is a ladder going up. There is also a hawk fellow who seems to be just finishing up some repair work. “I am way too old for this shit,” the gruff voiced feathered one groans, and proceeds to rub at his lower back.
No. 269527 ID: 476456


sneak past but ask "just how old is that"
No. 269535 ID: f5e4b4


Don't get into trouble now that you're getting to the exit. Nonchalantly walk towards the ladder with a "good afternoon" for the hawk and climb up.
No. 269588 ID: 1854db

Mess with him a little as we pass.
No. 269605 ID: 5eea01

The old one is of no consequence, messing with him would be a waste of time. Unless he addresses you, ignore him.
No. 269612 ID: 45c9f1
File 129437053799.jpg - (29.20KB , 326x610 , OMG YAY.jpg )

That should be the way out man, make a break for it!
No. 269614 ID: 5eea01


>the face
No. 269703 ID: a70d76

Slap his ass to declare obedience over his body.
No. 269704 ID: 889e74

stroll to the latter and make your way up, if the worker says anything about it then as him how his job is going and if he needs help. That might distract him enough to make your way out.
No. 270746 ID: 55c4cf
File 129479647962.png - (400.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ658.png )

Epsilon leaves the old bird alone, and slips up the ladder. The room seems to be a spiral staircase going up quite a ways. He can only kind of see one worker lazing about the staircase. Remember that request for a disco pose? Well he does it now.

As boring and empty as this stairwell might be, he can't be entirely sure what or who all is in here, and the next room is too far away. How should he get up there?

The worker he can see is watching Epsilon and giving off an endless chain of the Cicada's song. It's somewhere between pleasant and irritating.
No. 270747 ID: 476456

disco on up those stairs brotha.
No. 270749 ID: f5e4b4

Walk up the stairs like a boss, say "'sub bro." to the Cicada. If he doesn't stop you, keep going up.
No. 270777 ID: ce5dc3

Go up the stairs as if you work there and try not to get too annoyed at the Cicada, if you hurt him and anyone else sees you'll be in for it.
Watch out for guards and anyone else that might pose a threat as well. Now get your ass out of here boy.
No. 270783 ID: 1854db

Use Dark Sight to see if anyone's up on the stairs/top of the stairs we need to worry about.
No. 270810 ID: 45c9f1
File 129481013099.jpg - (38.92KB , 600x531 , hmmm babby.jpg )

Well shit this place just doesn't end. Get climbin foo.
No. 271545 ID: 55c4cf
File 129505722640.png - (228.47KB , 777x777 , BBQ659.png )

Epsilon begins his long climb up the stairs. The Cicada stops its song temporarily when he is being passed.

“Sup, bro,” Epsilon greets him and keeps on going. The song resumes, but after a while it's hard to even hear. The staircase goes on for quite a while.

Finally when he reaches the top, he closes his eyes and focuses to use Dark Sight.

In the throne room that Epsilon presses into the entrance of, there is a doorway near the throne. There is also a man praying quietly next to it. Epsilon does not know much about the Bubble Dragon people, but he knows enough to recognize the rare white scales.

The Pluma soldier has a custom uniform different than the other soldiers.

The Pluma clan are a small religious group known for their very powerful Light elemental magic, and the rare ability to revive the dead. This is very important to take note since Shadows are extremely weak to Light and Electric elements.
No. 271546 ID: 476456

against my better judgement i am going to suggest that you do NOT feel this guy up.
No. 271547 ID: 45c9f1
File 129505765684.jpg - (13.30KB , 233x259 , santa jake face.jpg )

ok I'm gunna have to say we should avoid this guy/room at all costs. Shadow Sprint through before he notices your DARK AURA thingy.
No. 271548 ID: f5e4b4

Something tells me that this guy isn't gonna buy that you're a mechanic. Sneak past him and continue your way to the exit.
No. 271559 ID: ce5dc3

Shadow Sprint through the room unless it's more dangerous to do so, other wise walk though the room as if it's your job to do so. If you can, try to suppress any aura you might be radiating.

If he stops you then act normal and talk to him as if her were you superior. Try NOT to start anything and should you fail, run as fast as your sharky legs can go.
No. 271560 ID: 1854db

Oh god. Avoid him, seriously.
No. 271561 ID: dad664



Skitter across the ceiling in your tiny gecko form. But not directly over top of him, like, a good deal away from him then go through the doorway and THEN poof back into sharkness.
No. 271587 ID: 0b2a05

...Fanboy up to him. Politely but earnestly ask if he's really a pluma. Maybe you could feel out his personality a bit, you could find a way to get him to help you.
No. 272363 ID: 55c4cf
File 129531026259.png - (386.64KB , 777x777 , BBQ660.png )

Epsilon drops his aura. He shadow sprints around the room effortlessly, while reducing his size. The Soldier Priest does not notice your actions. As you enter the next room you witness two people.

The first you recognize as Duke Hoppite the Third. The second is a short squirrel girl you don't know. “What in the world are you doing in here?” The duke demands.
“I-I uh, came in here to leave a sign to remind Joseph something.”
“Then why the hell didn't you just go tell him instead of writing it. You infuriate me, just get out of my way.” The Duke pushes her up against the wall violently as she holds tightly to the sign, and the Duke vanishes out of the room. The sign still glows red and active for the workers to come and go as they wish.

The Squirrel finishes writing the sign and hangs it up on the wall once she gets up off of the floor.

Epsilon is multiple shades of angry. He has a chance to switch to Offensive Aura, or to go back to Defensive Aura if desired, but he is moments from catching up with the Duke if he moves quickly.
No. 272365 ID: 1854db

Offensive aura. Briefly take a peek at the sign though. Waiting just one second won't fuck anything up, and it could be important information.
No. 272366 ID: 5eea01


...I wonder what it says on the sign though.
No. 272367 ID: 476456

Smack squirrel girl on the ass with your tail as you go.
No. 272368 ID: f5e4b4

We know what the sign says. Don't waste a second, offensive auro, go after the Duke and DESTROY him.
No. 272376 ID: a43d5a

Change to Offensive aura and let high tail it out of this lethal labyrinth.
But first tell the pretty squirrel she won't have to worry about such treatment in the future, then quickly steal a kiss or ass grab before going after your dinner.
No. 272380 ID: dad664

Read Sign, Hug Squirrel, Take Teleporter
No. 272393 ID: 45c9f1
File 129531527696.png - (231.16KB , 393x357 , I fucking see you.png )

This! We need to get some vengeance out of this crap!
No. 272540 ID: b9bd4f

Move quickly and quietly in pursuit.
No. 272573 ID: 15b51b

Ignore sign. Pursue target at all costs.

I forget if you have to stop to change auras. If you can do it without slowing down, go Offensive.
No. 272585 ID: 55c4cf
File 129534876818.png - (320.45KB , 777x777 , BBQ661.png )

First things first, the sign?

Epsilon activates Offensive aura and gives the squirrel a nice firm grab on the ass before stepping back and teleporting on out of the Labyrinth for good.

With nine soldiers standing on guard watching out for any attacks on the Duke, he only has precious seconds remaining to live, even if he didn't know it yet. He was smiling, smug, and about to bark orders about how the hard workers weren't doing near well enough for his tastes when he is abruptly, and violently interrupted with an extremely enraged shark.

As Duke Hoppite the Third's first life is falling to its end, along with a good portion of his blood and organs, Epsilon has decisions to make. There are nine soldiers, and one other person coming near.

How should Epsilon handle this situation: Surrender, Fight, or Run?
No. 272586 ID: f5e4b4

You just killed the duke, even if you surrender they're gonna shoot your ass off.

Activate Defensive Aura and run! Look for the nearest exit and/or place to cover from boolets.
No. 272594 ID: 15b51b

Use the upper half of Hoppite as a shield. He's not 100% dead yet, so they might hesitate to fire, if only for a few seconds.

Run the fuck away.
No. 272609 ID: 119761

Your immediate lust for vengeance is sated. Self-preservation override active. Withdraw from combat zone utilizing any available cover, including halves of assholes.
No. 272611 ID: 512e35

Are there guards on BOTH sides of him, or just one? Because I think I see the gun barrels of guards poking in from the left side of the view. If there ARE guards on both sides then that will have to be factored into our actions.
No. 272626 ID: dad664

Hurl severed halves of Duke at Guards, escape by barreling into another and slamming his head into the ground, then flee.
No. 272627 ID: 476456

No. 272645 ID: 55c4cf



There is a gap, but they are partially surrounding Epsilon as hinted with six guns on opposing sides.
No. 272660 ID: 45c9f1
File 129538600242.jpg - (53.18KB , 720x540 , shitshitshitshitshit.jpg )

Run bitch! Run for your life! Shadow sprint preferred method of doing so.
No. 272677 ID: 45be60

Taking the time to slaughter them all is needless danger, but maybe you could just rip and tear one or two on your way out? You know, if they try to get in your way?

You already killed the duke. Its not like you can get in any MORE trouble for brutally killing a few guards on the way out. I mean what are they gonna do, kill you twice three times?

And what's this about another non-guard person approaching?
No. 272731 ID: 701a19

I'd say no witnesses, but you left guards alive inside so that plan doesn't really work.
Instead tell this prick "Justice is served" before he does, then steal his corpse so you can loot it at your convenience.
No. 272759 ID: 99433a

Grab the amulet and slam it into the circle.
No. 272836 ID: 3827c9

Grab the duke's upper body and flee. Rip the amulet off as you go and avoid running toward the person on the way, but if it seems to be someone Innocent then discard the duke and grab them instead. You never know who it might be in this situation.
No. 272852 ID: 099247

>so they might hesitate to fire
>on a torso
Yeah just fucking abscond.
No. 272855 ID: 176570

Grab the amulet as you spin and toss the Duke's top half at three of the guards, then continue your spin as you toss his lower half at the other three. The incoming body parts should give the guards a startle and throw them off guard. We should then take this opportunity to GET THE FUCK OUT.
No. 272873 ID: ddc56d

Better take the top half with you don't want that priest inside bringing anyone back to life.
No. 272910 ID: 0b2a05

Run, and throw the body parts at them as you do to interrupt their fire.
No. 273853 ID: 898a23

No. 274375 ID: 55c4cf
File 129589120490.png - (435.67KB , 777x777 , BBQ662.png )

Epsilon hurtles the corpse portions towards the soldiers, but he can only hurl the two halves so far, and towards one group out of three sets of soldiers. He does his best to start running away but he doesn't make it very far.

Epsilon is riddled with bullets from the many soldiers. His body bursting with his shadowy ichor, and being replaced with pain. He collapses crippled to the ground, holding himself up with his arms by his willpower alone, waiting for a new round of gunfire when a loud shout is heard instead.

“Cease your fire!” The new figure steps forward, while Epsilon bleeds out. She is a well dressed female Ghoul. “Detective Nisha, I believe Wormwood is my jurisdiction, and as this fellow has somehow survived his Labyrinth sentence, and made it out, he is legally pardoned of all crimes sans the one just committed. He will be treated, and put to trial. I believe there are a few medics on duty....” Nisha restrains Epsilon in handcuffs, a charge coursing through his form. The shackles having a special effect to bind Shadows.

For the time being, Epsilon will be hospitalized, and then imprisoned. Until his next adventure, any single person on the island Epsilon would like to speak to from Prison?

The powerful blessings have faded away, most of Epsilon's new abilities have set to Level 1.

Pick two abilities for Epsilon to raise to level 2:
Offensive Aura
Defensive Aura
Dark Sight
Shadow Sprint
Psi Recovery
Psi Well

Pick one ability for Epsilon to raise to level 3:

No. 274386 ID: 45c9f1
File 129589329949.jpg - (80.68KB , 507x536 , what is this i dont even.jpg )

I think we should upgrade shadow sprint, Psy Recovery, and Shapeshift since they are our most used moves so far. Any compaints?
No. 274388 ID: f5e4b4

I'm gonna say Offensive Aura, Shadow Sprint and Shapeshift.

Also have (sexy?) talks with Chu if possible.
No. 274431 ID: 1854db

Speak to someone on the island? I can't think of any reason not to talk to Asali, but Chu would be interesting too since Asali has yet to meet her. Might give us a better idea of where to find her.

Upgrade Shadow Sprint, Psi Recovery, and Stealth.
No. 274437 ID: 3827c9

I think we should upgrade shadow sprint, Psy Recovery, and Stealth.

And we should try to speak to our new master. Failing that we should try to get in contact with Skraig or Ikit so you can get anything you might need in the future.
No. 274596 ID: 9a5057

>reason not to talk to Asali
The part where this is in the past and Epsilon has yet to meet her maybe?

Dark Sight
Shadow Sprint

Talk to one of the pretty ladies he hit on on his way out. Maybe the one he kept from getting shot? Or one of the ladies(:3) he snuck up on and smooched?
No. 274648 ID: 476456

make sure you feel up all of the healers
No. 274651 ID: 476456

also psi recovery and stealth since you keep getting critically wounded.
No. 274669 ID: 5eea01


No. 274810 ID: 5eea01

Also tell Ikit that you'll pay him if he gets you out of prison.
No. 274813 ID: f5e4b4

Talk with Shula, let's find out how did it go after they escaped
No. 274818 ID: 1854db

I agree.
No. 274845 ID: dad664


Offensive/Shadow Sprint
No. 274852 ID: 42c9d5

Stealth should definitely be maxed out.
No. 274906 ID: f5e4b4


Waiiiit, I'm gonna change my vote. Let's talk with Celst instead. She was Epsilon's friend in the Labyrinth, she'll like to know that she made it out.

And she got depressed when he "died" so she'll be happy to know that he's alive after all.
No. 275229 ID: 55c4cf
File 129611526517.png - (212.04KB , 777x777 , BBQ663.png )

[ Upgrades ]
Stealth raised to level 3.
Shadow Sprint raised to level 2.
Psi Recovery raised to level 2.
Offense Aura, Defense Aura, Dark Sight, and Psi Well remain at level 1.
Shapeshift remains at level 2.
Mind Block set at Level 3.

[ Finding the Flower ]
Epsilon is treated by the medics nearby, and he is shackled with Shadow restraining shackles to prevent him from using his Shadow abilities to escape.

Stealth, Shape Shift, and Shadow Sprint are currently unavailable for use.

Epsilon's psychic abilities are not hindered, because his captors were not aware of them. Upon his recovery from the many gunshots, he was put in the cell of Chili Town's police station for the time being. He was allowed contact with one person and after a lot of thought, he requested Shula to come see him.

“How did you get out, I am pretty sure we watched you die.” Shula speaks softly to Epsilon through the bars, almost whispering. The Police chief, a soldier, and a couple other officers walk around the building.

You have about 10 minutes to speak with her, what should we talk with Shula about.
No. 275231 ID: 476456

"I got better"
No. 275235 ID: dad664

"You can't kill the stubborn. Obviously you got out, why are you still locked up? What happened to that full pardon bullshit? And furthermore who died down there? Don't sugar-coat it for me, I already know Jack bought it, and they were cleanin' up -someone's- gore."
No. 275242 ID: 15b51b

Gloat about killing hoppite. Ask how life's treating her. Ask what happened to your lady.
No. 275260 ID: f5e4b4

"I'm too handsome to die."

Tell her about how did you kill the Duke, yes. Ask about what happened after they escaped, how's life treating her and how are things going in the outside world.
No. 275267 ID: 5eea01

Aside from regaling the armored female with the tale of your victory, ask her to get someone to bust you out. If she seems reluctant, try to persuade her by any means necessary. Even (urgh) organic mating rituals.
No. 275272 ID: 5eea01

Come to think of it, she IS a digger. See if she can't help with the escape by digging an escape tunnel.
No. 275288 ID: 1854db

Ask how things have been going in town now that the Duke's dead.
No. 275329 ID: 3827c9

1. "I got better" is the best reply, also tell her about the duke's "untimely" end.
2. Ask about the others and what happed
3. Ask about the situation on the island
4. Ask about any ways of getting out of your current situation.
No. 275749 ID: 55c4cf
File 129623157118.png - (284.04KB , 777x777 , BBQ664.png )

Epsilon slowly rises up off of the prison bed and leans up against the wall before he answers Shula's question, “We'll just say that I am just so handsome, I got better. What's going on around Chilitown?”

Shula doesn't look too satisfied with your answer, but she doesn't pry further, “ There are still soldiers on guard around most of the buildings. They're waiting for a ship to pick them up. It seems like like if you want to escape then you might want to do so before their boat arrives. I believe they intend to execute you in front of the King. I would do it myself but they're watching us very closely. What did you do to get thrown in jail, wasn't going through there and dying enough?”

Epsilon grins proudly at this query, “The very second I made it out, I bit that smug Duke in half. I didn't think too much in advance about all of the soldiers. Now I'm back in jail. More importantly what the hell happened down there, who else died besides Jack. I found them cleaning a bunch of gore on my way out.”

Shula takes a deep breath and leans into the bars, taking a firm hold with one hand, “Nic fell into some chemical pool. It was really messy, and shook us up. Celst lost her legs, Jasper lost a bit of his tail. Celst told me that you saved her from some of the other people sentenced. I think she was more pained when you died than when she was further crippled. Is there anything you'd like me to tell her?”

Is there anything in particular Epsilon should say to Celst?
If Epsilon is going to escape and/or break out, he's certainly going to need a plan to do it with the Royal Soldiers keeping close watch.
No. 275751 ID: f5e4b4

Ask her to tell Celst that you're ok and that you're very sorry about her legs. Also that you'll go see her as soon as you break free from here.

Ok, now for the escape plan, we need more info. How many guards are watching the cell? How many are outside, are there cameras?

Also we need to know how to breaf free from the shackles, ask Shula if she thinks she would be able to break them with her claws. If not, see if she can smuggle in something to do the job. A welder, for example.
No. 275761 ID: 1854db

Maybe Offensive Aura can break the manacles. Then we just shapeshift through the bars.
No. 275790 ID: 383006

Just tell Ceslt that you're OK. That's really what will probably help her the most. Apologizing for dieing is lame.
No. 275812 ID: 8f5631

Tell Celst you're sorry and that you're dumb for not telling anybody, especially a blind person, that you can't really die.

No. 275817 ID: 99433a

Tell Celst that you told her that you'd both get our!
No. 275819 ID: 476456

tell her "See you around some time"
No. 275935 ID: dad664

Use MINDS EYE to attempt to locate KEYS, send Shula to get KEYS, break out, then tell her that we'll find some way to make the whole Labyrinth debacle up to Celst.

Then abscond.
No. 276417 ID: 55c4cf
File 129640132052.png - (270.78KB , 777x777 , BBQ665.png )

It could be possible to use offensive aura against the manacles, but Epsilon's body is still recovering and the excessive strain could be difficult to both break out and get away safely, but it is an option if it comes to that. 

“Let Celzt know I'm alright, and that I am sorry for seeming as if I died. I wish I had been there to help. I'll see her again later. Now thank you, but give me a second please, Shula, I have an idea.” 

Shula stares at Epsilon bewildered, doing her best without words to remind Epsilon that both the police chief and a soldier were standing watch close-by. 

Epsilon uses Dark Sight. Psi Well is now empty.

Epsilon sees a robot police dog somewhere nearby, with the keys. She seems to be trying to find something in the filing cabinets. When Epsilon snaps back to reality, Shula is still giving the same strange stare. 

“Look, Epsilon, I understand you want to get out, but we've only got a minute or two left to talk and there's guards outside every building, four patrolling the area, and extras inside here, and the tavern watching us. Celst and Jasper will probably help once I let them know but you better take in mind that none of us want to get in trouble for your violent self.” 

“Last question, are there cameras?” Epsilon looks up towards the pangolin. 

“Only in the bank, this is a small island village.” She answers. The Chief seems to be getting ready to issue Shula off.
No. 276418 ID: 1854db

We'd better sit still and recover a little, then. No way we can get out right now. Once Shula is gone, continue using Dark Sight as it becomes available to see where all the guards are.
No. 276421 ID: f5e4b4

Hmmm, let's see...

Idea: Whisper Shula where the keys are. Then have her go and tell Jasper and Celst.

Next step is have one of them cause a ruckus in the village. I don't know, simulate a robbery, call the police and tell them that terrorists are attacking their house, something to make them leave the station.

They will likely leave at one person watching, so then Shula and Jasper (or Celst) come to the Station. One asks to speak with Epsy, but instead steals the key while the other one distracts the guard.
No. 276593 ID: 8f5631

Epsilon, attempt to break out by being THE STRONGEST!! ..And then head off to find the robotic woman and frisk her for info and the keys then attempt to double back and meet up with everyone before they try to escape (assuming they will be able to).
No. 276600 ID: 5eea01

There's not much else you can do for now apart from telling her to relay your position to allied forces. Getting the key would be difficult at this point. Getting it back to you would be even more so. If Shula was an experienced thief, she might be able to get them, but I doubt this is the case. Besides, stealing from a police bot? Unlikely in the best of circumstances.

Also, dat chassis~
No. 276663 ID: 476456

make sure you dance while she leaves

actually your kind of shot up, striking a pose will do
No. 276666 ID: dad664






Wait does your cell even have that little barred window thingy?
No. 276668 ID: 45c9f1
File 129645090553.jpg - (26.24KB , 512x384 , all the missles.jpg )

this isn't a bad idea, if the guards actually care about the citizens. How about the ruckus is something more appropriate like sayyy... call it in as rebels or make an explosion somewhere in town, the guards would rush to that.
No. 277258 ID: 3827c9

I think you should tell Shula about the keys. Then have her get Jack and Celst and create a diversion at the police station, while Shula (or whoever is most well suited) lifts the keys and gets them to Epsilon.

Then once you get out you can help them get away, if they haven't been tossed out into the street already.
No. 278740 ID: 55c4cf
File 129676735581.png - (283.20KB , 777x777 , BBQ666.png )

“If you can get the keys, the robot police dog has them.” Epsilon whispers lowly towards Shula.

“Stealing from a cop is a terr--”


Epsilon you will abide by my wishes. You silly fool, how are you going to help me in this prison? Very soon a seed will land on this island and begin to grow. Your first task is to find me this flower, my ornery little plaything. I will grant you one blessing, be it the walls around you, or the door of this cell.

I will leave you to your rotten choices until you find my poisonous plumage, don't disappoint me...

“--really, the soldiers and the cops will be watching me like a hawk especially since you decided to talk to me directly as your only choice.... Epsilon are you even LISTENING TO ME?!”

“Keep your voice down. I'm sorry, I don't want to drag you all back into the wrong side of unfair laws, but I nee—Shula. You said they will be watching you intensely, right?”

“Yes, that is a small portion of what I said.” She seems annoyed.

“Use that. Wait a couple of hours, create a huge distraction, but don't break the law or at least get in trouble. Give me the moment I need, and I will be alright. I think.”

“How are you going to get off the island with us, the boat will be even more heavily guarded?”

“I can't leave. Don't worry about me, take care of each other.”

“Try not to die several more times.” She sighs and stares at him, concerned, about to say something else before she is interrupted by one of the police officers.

“Uh... Ma'am. Time's up, naw ah'm sorry bout dah. Gonna hafta go. Hope y’all talked good.” He gently leads Shula towards the door, Shula steps out with a stern gait. While she is stepping out, a plant like creature spins and nearly trips into the station, seeming very excited.

“Sir! Fang Tian here with the newspaper, I was wondering if you would like to share YOUR side of the story, nice to meet you!” He calms down near the cell, but seems so excited he might hyperventilate. The Police Chief and Soldier look at Fang and at each other, but the Chief becks and explains it's, “Just a reporter.”
No. 278747 ID: ab26a3

Tell the little plant fellow about your grand adventures in the labyrinth and about how some of your friends ended up there as well. Make sure to be very descriptive about the gory parts.
Or you could just tell him to fuck off, which ever is more in character.

When you're done scaring the little guy you should go rest until Shula and the other arrive.
No. 278748 ID: f5e4b4

Tell him about how you're the impersonation of physical punishment, and you struck the evil Duke for his crimes and cruelty towards the people.

Add that these puny prison bars aren't gonna be able to hold you down. Just wait.
No. 278752 ID: 45be60

(the word you are looking for is personification, I think)

Plant dude eh? that might be significant, given what spooky voice said. Lets start by seeing what HE has to say. And if you are giving your story, don't focus on the what, focus on the why. You had reasons for your actions, and even if you aren't the nicest dude in the world, they were good reasons.
No. 278757 ID: 476456

punctuate your report with funny faces
No. 278985 ID: 5eea01


C'mon roots take me over, my first interview with a real life murderer~! This'll show everyone, including that asshole~! Journalist~? More like journaLOCUST, the hack~!

This guy looks like a right killer, wonder if he's gonna talk~? Oh, I hope so, I need this story so much, it's not even funny~!
No. 279021 ID: 1854db

Use the blessing on the walls. Create an alternate escape route. They'll be expecting you to try to escape through the cell door, after all. Uh, but do wait until the DISTACTION.

The reporter... well, go ahead and tell him your story, but mention how you weren't QUITE dead when the monster hit you; you just got knocked out and reflexively stealthed or something so nobody found you.

...also I wonder if Asali is this 'seed'?
No. 279068 ID: dad664

Yank the pad of paper and pencil out of his hands through the bars, write it yourself, then throw it in his face. Then in no polite words tell him to get the fuck out. Or you'll request that your last meal be a bottle of salad dressing and a food processor.
No. 279892 ID: 55c4cf
File 129711987723.png - (184.51KB , 777x777 , BBQ667.png )

Epsilon decides to cooperate with the journalist.

The monster is an extremely excitable and warm guy, and Epsilon does his best to explain the story, and how he used Stealth abilities to hide until he could make an escape. Even though he committed two murders on his way out, he believes it was justified, and the King's tyranny is complete injustice.

Fang writes and asks very few questions, possibly intimidated by Epsilon's stature and voice.

The soldier is watching the two of them carefully, and there is a soft crackle on the chief's radio and him and a couple of the cops are talking about something across the building.

Fang Tian: Is there anything else you'd like to know about Epsilon or his story?

1. Fang Tian's question(s).
2. Is there anything else Epsilon should do before the break out?
3. Shall we move to Shula for the Diversion, or shall we stay with Epsilon?
No. 279894 ID: 476456

> Is there anything else Epsilon should do before the break out?

have you made a pass at the robot dog yet? otherwise nah
No. 279899 ID: 5eea01

Well, does the murderer have anything special to say to the readers~? Perhaps a heartfelt plea that might very well lead to a petition which might, possibly, maybe lead to a pardon from the King~? Although, to be frank, the chances of that aren't exactly high, but it's the thought that counts~

But I digress, any closing words~?

[OOC: Good grief, no wonder Epsilon is in this situation, he has no planet landers and jack-all fuel capacity!]
No. 279903 ID: 5eea01

Oh, hmmh, how did it feel to be trapped in the Labyrinth? Or when you finally got out?

And, um. Why did you throw away your freedom to murder the Duke?
No. 279904 ID: f5e4b4

1. I... can't think of anything.
2. If she's still here, hit on the robot girl. If not, nuthin.
3. Let's be with Shula in case shit gets ugly.
No. 279965 ID: dad664

Stand up for yourselves. Don't let anyone push you around, especially when they start threatening your friends and family.


>Got out

Because the Duke was a corrupt despot who needed what came to him.
No. 279967 ID: 53529d

2. Make damn well sure that you don't have to pee, because this car isn't turning around.
3. Go with Shula, I have a feeling Epsilon will be alright.
No. 279968 ID: d677cc

Go with Shula.
No. 279971 ID: 45c9f1
File 12971266533.jpg - (20.29KB , 576x168 , what a loser am I right.jpg )

1. I have to say option take his stuff and write it. Nothing like good counter propaganda.
2. Clean yourself up jeeze.
3. Move to Shula, I like explosions and it's better than twiddling our thumbs and hoping everything goes alright
No. 280103 ID: 1854db

Fang should ask what goals Epsilon had in life before he got caught. Any family? Hobbies? Ask why he got sent to the Labyrinth in the first place.

Epsilon should check out his cell to see if there's anything interesting in it. And possibly use Dark Sight again to see what's on the other side of his cell's wall.

Sure, let's go to Shula.
No. 280185 ID: 5eea01

[almost forgot~]
No. 280759 ID: 8f5631

See what Shula is up to and how the gang is going to cause a distraction. And then everyone have a dance party except Celst. She will just have to have a blind and crippled party. And Jack will have a dead party.
No. 280761 ID: 8f5631

Nic can also party with Jack.
No. 280762 ID: 8f5631

Also the Duke.
No. 280980 ID: 55c4cf
File 129747103224.png - (339.88KB , 777x777 , BBQ668.png )

Fang Tian asks his final questions:
“Well, does the murderer have anything special to say to the readers? Perhaps a heartfelt plea that might very well lead to a petition which might, possibly, lead to a pardon from the King? Although, to be frank, the chances of that are slim to none—but it's the thought that counts!”
“Stand up for yourselves. Don't let anyone push you around, especially when they threaten your friends and family.”

“Oh, how did it feel to be trapped in the labyrinth?”

“When you finally got out?”
Epsilon just grunts and shrugs in reply.

“Why did you throw your freedom away to murder the Duke?”
“He was a corrupt despot who needed what came to him.”

“Okay, thank you very much for talking to me, I'll be sure to make your story look amazing, I don't believe many of the townsfolk enjoyed the King's dominion over this small town. If he's backing out, know that everyone here secretly thanks you!”

“You really shouldn't,” Epsilon starts to say, but the hyper plant man is already running out, already daydreaming about tomorrow's hot headline.

Epsilon gets off of the prison bed, bored and wishing the distraction would happen already. The canine robot from his earlier vision walks by to give some folders to the Chief.

“Hey, baby. How would you like to come back in here, and I'll lube up your joints,” Epsilon, says smoothly.

She does not however, think it was as smooth. She scoffs, growls, and leaves the station.


Shula is in the tavern's room with Jasper and Celst, catching them up on the situation with Epsilon.

The room has about six small beds, and a couple large tables in between the beds. Besides the three of them, two other people are upstairs in the, “inn,” section above the Tavern. They are a lady skunk, and a busty green bubble held. The two are drinking together and talking quietly.

Shula needs to think of where, and what to do as for a distraction.

Key Locations:
Tavern, Police Station, Bank, General Store, Apartments, Casul's Fortune Telling. Riskier Possibilities, out of the General Town area, would be HONEST IKIT's, Marina, Graveyard, The Gardens leading towards the volcano.
No. 280984 ID: 45be60

So! cause a distraction but don't get in trouble huh?

How does the government feel about organized non-violent mass protest? Allowed?
No. 280996 ID: 476456

Beatboxing competition
No. 281011 ID: dad664

Blow up the bank.
No. 281034 ID: 51140b


Perhaps we could try calling in an anonymous bomb threat to the bank.
No. 281041 ID: 1854db

Non-violent protest would work great. So would any sort of suspicious loitering.

Also, how did Celst react?
No. 281055 ID: 910aa7

>>The king sent soldiers to stop your peaceful protest, people were killed to try and stave the protest, it started a riot.
Shula ended up in the labyrinth as a result of a nonviolent protest so I'd advise against that idea.
Seconding anonymous bomb threat idea.
No. 281067 ID: f5e4b4

Anonymous bomb thread sounds good, maybe also have Celst throw some lighting bubbles around without getting caught, to scare the folks in the bank and make the cops come faster.
No. 281069 ID: 1854db

Shit, you're right. How about a barfight?
No. 281077 ID: 476456

or a rock concert
No. 281168 ID: 931fd5

Er... Just so you guys know, uh... I kind of ended up in the Labyrinth as a result of trying to cause a distraction at the bank.

Granted, I was sort of cover for a robbery itself, but it didn't turn out well. I have no clue whether the folks I did that for actually succeeded.
No. 281268 ID: 8f5631

Shula and Celst could pose as a caretaker and a patient, causing a scene to be the primary diversion, while Jasper sneaks in behind to create a secondary diversion by doing whatever. Then we could have Celst use lightning bubble to mix things up even more.
No. 281281 ID: 8f5631

What?.. Epsilon was alive this whole time.. But he died, didn't he? Or at least.. I smelled his blood.. I felt his presence disappear.. I really thought he was dead.. But.. Why didn't he come to see us and why is he still there, Shula?.. Jasper? Doesn't he want to see us..? Doesn't he want to see.. Me?... I wish I could stand.. I wish I could walk.. Because I really want to meet him again...
No. 281326 ID: 53529d

Go down stairs and speak to the green Bubble Touched and the Skunk, ask what they know about the area and then decide where the best place to create a distraction would be.
No. 281377 ID: 476456

make a lot of candy and throw it off a roof
No. 281434 ID: f5e4b4


Holy shit, this. This is the perfect plan. No risks, no danger, and it'll keep people distracted.

You could ask the green lady upstairs for help to make more candy. You don't even have to tell her that it's a distraction.
No. 281870 ID: 55c4cf
File 129783745256.png - (419.82KB , 777x777 , BBQ669.png )

Shula begins to share a plan to scare the bank and cause a distraction. However in the middle of Shula's explanation, Jasper stands up, with a defiant, “No.”

Jasper was talked into helping some 'friends' try and pull a Bank Heist months ago. His job was to seduce attention. He did his job very well, however his enthusiasm was less appreciated once the policemen noticed he was not a woman. He was charged with prostitution despite not asking for money, and also charged with aiding a bank robbery.

“How about I toss a bunch of candy out and try to get attention through good will?” Jasper offers for his own plan. Shula however really wants to do the bank thing. It's around that time Celzt finally responds to the notion about Epsilon.

“Epsilon was alive this whole time, but I thought he died. Didn't he die? I smelled his blood, I felt him disappear. I really thought he was gone forever. Why didn't he come to see us, and why is he still there Shula and Jasper? Doesn't he want to see us? Doesn't he want to see me? I wish I could stand. I wish I could walk because I really want to meet him again.”

“Celst, he was arrested or I'm sure he would have. He wanted to know who died, I already gave you his messages for you. Once he gets out, you can talk to him before we leave on the boat, okay?” Shula tries to reassure her, and she nods.

Jasper gets up, and walks over to the Bubble Held and the Skunk drinking at the table. “Girls, we could use some help. I need help making candy, and messing with the bank to help our friend. Do you think you could help us?”

“Haha, Epsilon? Of course I'll help. I've actually known him a while. Nice to see the angry fellow has friends. Now I heard Bank, right?” The skunk says, Bubble Held just nods and drinks another shot.

“Yes, making candy, and scaring a bank were the ideas,” Jasper assures the skunk.

“Oh, I will help you make the best candy,” The Bubble Held laughs drunkenly.

The skunk laughs and puts her glass down, seeming giddy and excited, “I'll be damned if I don't help. I'm Chu, by the way. This is my dear, Mint. When are we pulling this shit?”


Five people, two teams.

Jasper leads the Candy Distraction Team.

Shula leads the Bank Threatening Team.

Who goes where, it's time to help Epsilon break out.
No. 281873 ID: 701a19

Everybody on candy distraction team! Getting thrown back into that hellhole would be counterproductive.

You can, however, combine these plans by going up on top of the bank and throwing tons of candy into the street. The police would have to respond to the throng of people, and they would be focused on people who are not you.
No. 281895 ID: f5e4b4

Mint goes with Candy Team, obv. And so does Celst, she's not in shape for bank shenanigans.

Chu goes with Bank Team, because she loves the idea.

And bank team, don't take too many risks, if you get caught and thrown into the labyrinth again I will be mad >:(
No. 281900 ID: 8f5631

Celst and Jasper on the candy team. They must make candy rain from the heavens. Pretty much everyone else is better suited for infiltration.
No. 281903 ID: 1a693f

Labyrinth is decommissioned now, remember? King has a hissy fit when someone SURVIVED his pet deathtrap.
No. 281905 ID: 476456

Remember this plan will only succeed if jasper crosdresses again, have mint lend him an outfit.
No. 281906 ID: 931fd5

I... H-hey! I don't think that's, um... that's needed...

...but I guess if you say I have to... I dunno whether that makes me better at making or throwing candy though.
No. 281907 ID: 8f5631

Always one to dress up for "Special Occasions" huh, Jasper?..
No. 281908 ID: 931fd5

I-it wasn't my idea, Celzt! It's not like I, um... go out of my way to, uh... yeah.
No. 281922 ID: 5eea01

This is terrible~!

[Celst, Jasper, Mint on team candy, Shula and Chu on team bank]
No. 281971 ID: 1854db

That seems about right.

No. 281995 ID: 45c9f1
File 129791350057.jpg - (390.03KB , 945x945 , bueno pony.jpg )

Cripple, homo, druggy on candy team

scardy cat with armor and sneaky slut on bank team
No. 282010 ID: 6a05fd

I vote to combine the efforts a bit.

Mint, Jasper and Celst on team candy
Chu and Shula on team bank.

But have Mint make and give some candy to Shula and Chu so they can "preoccupy" the people at the bank.
No. 282011 ID: 6a05fd

I forgot to add, Jasper should put his trapping skills to good use, just as hope suggested.
No. 283089 ID: 55c4cf
File 12982988493.png - (277.02KB , 777x777 , BBQ670.png )

Shula and Chu sit down together to discuss ways to distract and freak out the bank with a likely phone call and/or using the candy strategy to further the plan.

Jasper, Mint, and Celzt gather some materials together to make some candy.

Epsilon presses up against the wall, waiting for his moment. He lets time just roll past him in his anticipation for freedom.

What kind of candy should Jasper have made? Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Gummies, Licorice are some basic choices. It's important to make it appealing, but it wouldn't be advisable to make it too complicated since you have to make a lot.

The town consists of six major buildings and each is known for having at least one guard at the entrance right now.

Shula and Chu's plan centers around the bank, but finding a phone shouldn't prove too difficult.

The Candy Gang needs to figure out where to set up shop, and how exactly they are going to garner a lot of attention with these candies they are making.

Starting at the Marina on top and going clockwise: The Corner Store, The Apartment Complex, The Psychic and Newspaper Office, The Bank, The Tavern, and lastly the Police Station.
No. 283090 ID: 701a19

A mixture of hard and soft candies, as long as they're wrapped. People are more likely to eat things they pick up off the ground if they're wrapped.

Actually, make them all filled with different kinds of alcohol if you can.
No. 283091 ID: 45c9f1

Well I'd recommended setting up the candy gang near the dock, since that will keep them facing away from both of our targets [the station and bank], I'd say you should hand out free samples of this new fantastic candy you are developing... as for what candy... welllllll
No. 283094 ID: f5e4b4

Do a bit of everything, make sure it's wrapped. Soft and hard candy, and maybe chocolate because fuck yeah chocolate.

About the plan... yeah, attracting people to the Marina would keep them clear from the Police Station. Mint should be the one handing out the candies, she's more likely to attract the crowds. Hmmm, Jasper too, if he dresses up again like during the bank heist~

Now, Bank Gang...Ask someone to lend you a cell phone to make a call (it shouldn't be a problem for a couple of pretty ladies).

Shula: Call the police, say that you've seen a guy with a rifle sniping the bank doors from one of the windows of the Apartment Building. That should make a fuss away from the jail, and wouldn't involve you. Also it would give you plenty of time while they check the apartments.

Oh, if you think they won't believe you => Get a different phone, Chu calls from it and repeats the story of the sniper. They'll have to send people to investigate.
No. 283142 ID: cfcb46

Candy team: Make hard and soft candy, hang around the marina or outside the corner store. As this may cause some distraction for the police, what with you taking business away from the store and all.
Have Jaster bring customers in with his expert "trapping" skills and have Mint and Celst keep them in with sex appeal and pity.

Bank team: Have Mint make them some special candy, and send Shula and Chu in offering them some free samples of there new amazing products. While shula distracts the tellers and bank staff have Chu sneak in (perhaps to give some special candy to the in folks in the back) and put her amazing thieving skills to good use.
No. 283190 ID: 476456

wrapped soft candy is probably the most hygienic to be giving out, jasper can be the hard candy
No. 283217 ID: 9a5057

Certainly not licorice, that stuff is terrible. XP
Attractive, scantily clad ladies passing out candy are always a hit. Jasper and Mint can definitely pull that look off, and we can probably work something out for Celzt.
No. 283218 ID: 8f5631

Hard and soft candies such as caramel and chocolates is probably the best bet for optimum distraction. I would also set up in the middle of town to draw everyone away from all the buildings for the Bank Gang.
No. 283243 ID: 8f5631

Have Celzt sit behind the candy booth in a disguise and blanket covering her legs, handing out the candy as Jasper and Mint be the booth babes, putting on the sexy moves. The hot, sexy, sexy moves.
No. 283248 ID: 8f5631

May I suggest a pirate outfit with a fake parrot?
No. 283253 ID: 1854db

Don't bother with very many licorice or gummies, those are too difficult to deal with. It may be wise to have a small percentage of them though, just to make sure we catch any picky eaters.

Also do it in front of the apartment complex. Somehow getting the attention of the whole place by letting them know you're giving out free candy (possibly to celebrate the Duke's death) would work.
No. 283312 ID: 931fd5

Y-you guys do put up a pretty good point. I guess I would be more, um... distracting dressed like I was at the bank. Still, don't let me get found out. The guys at the bank didn't take the... surprise very well.

Soft and hard candies definitely do seem like the way to go, and I like the way
this person thinks. Definitely got to keep at least some variety going on. Maybe a small selection of sugarless candy, too, for diabetic folks.

I don't know what robot folks like to eat, though. I wanna make some of that, too.
No. 283314 ID: 9a5057

galvanized nuts, washers, wing-nuts, the occasional bolt, you know.
No. 283584 ID: 910aa7

I agree with >>283090
The candy should definitely contain some sort of mild intoxicant in order to further sow confusion.
No. 283661 ID: 55c4cf
File 12984440323.png - (409.64KB , 777x777 , BBQ671.png )

Chu and Shula call the police from separate phones around town. There aren't too many phones on the island. They both manage to warn the police of an attack on the bank from someone in the apartment complex. The police chief is suspect of Chu's call but he calls attention to the two officers in the station.

Once the call is made, Chu and Shula collect 10 bags of the candy made, and sneak into the bank and hand it out to some of the people inside. The manager seems to be busy talking to someone with some weight elsewhere in town.

The teller is trying to console an angry owl.

Soldiers back up the police, rushing towards the apartment complex in a panic, fearful of terrorists.

The candy the others created are little chocolate and caramel pieces covered in a harder candy shell. They made 118 bags, and gave 10 to the pangolin and skunk as mentioned.

Mint gives Jasper her blouse and skirt. The three successfully garner a huge crowd of attention for their free candies. All three of the Candy Team get considerable attention, but Mint gets more than the other two. Mint seems to be laughing softly the more and more the candy is distributed.

Meanwhile, a surge of yelling soldiers, and two cops race towards the apartment complex, currently swarmed with people and a candy stand.

Shula: The plan seems to be a success. Do you plan to stick around at the bank, meet up at the tavern, go to the boat since your trip out is fairly soon, or any other final actions on the island beforehand?
Jasper: With the raid team rushing towards the candy stand, are you planning to distract the soldiers further, pack up and leave, or what else?
Epsilon: It's time to break out, what is your first act going to be upon escaping prison?
No. 283664 ID: 476456

dont bother the guards too much, if they get mad offer them candy
No. 283665 ID: 931fd5

Hm... Maybe, um... Maybe I should help distract the soldiers, at least try to convince them to get some candy too. But yeah, I think we should get ready to head to the boat before it leaves.
No. 283666 ID: dad664

Well it would be stupid to hang around town.

Flee, flee into the wilderness to start anew.
No. 283673 ID: 9a5057

Shula, I got nothin. get packed.

Jasper, be sure to make a troll face when one of the soldiers inevitably recognizes you from the last time you dressed up as a lady.

Epsilon, go to the marina, see about sneaking on a boat.
Fail to escape the island, but meet a pretty engineer working there
No. 283686 ID: f5e4b4

Everybody get the fuck away.
No. 283692 ID: 0c9a8f
File 129845223274.png - (244.72KB , 473x325 , aibohead.png )

The situation on scene was still unclear, but the threat of an actual attack seemed very real, though something seemed fishy about it. To think I was just lamenting the other day that we don't get to see enough interesting cases here in Chilitown.

I didn't like the situation one bit, the tension in the air seemed palpable, it all felt like a dry powder keg, things could potentially turn ugly all too quickly, just one wrong move, one false step, the situation clearly had to be handled with caution, and the soldier boys were frankly too jittery looking for my tastes; At times like this I always felt it helpful to remember my primary directive: First and foremost, to protect and serve.

My duty was clear: to risk myself if need be in order to keep things as peaceful as possible while maintaining order.
No. 283704 ID: 1854db

Jasper: Don't do anything suspicious. Go ahead and offer candy, I guess that makes sense. If they tell you to disperse, pack up and go.

Shula: Stay away from the hubbub; the police are going to be watching you. May as well just go pack.

Epsilon: First act upon escaping is to enter stealth mode (plus Defensive Aura) and lose any police attention. There's nothing for you in the town, unless you can think of a way to make sure your buddies get out alright. Get to the forest and find that flower.
No. 283794 ID: cfcb46

Shula: go to the boat, wait for your friends.
Jasper: Sick around for a bit, if any police officers notice you or approach you then trollface and/or offer candy. If you're told to pack up then just go without any argument, or turn them over to Mint for fun times. Make sure to gather up Celst in time to at least go see Shula.
Epsilon: Enter stealth mode and/or Defensive Aura, If you feel it's safe enough then go to see Shula off and thank her for the help. If it's not then flee to the forest.
No. 283929 ID: 9b5114

Shula, Jasper: Head to the boat with Celzt.
Epsilon: Meet up with everyone to see them off and head back to finish your objective.
No. 283996 ID: 42c9d5

Shula: Your best bet is to pack up and meet up with Celst.
Jasper and co: Don't do anything suspicious and continue to sell candy. If the officials ask you pack up your stand, do so.
Epsilon: Enable your defensive aura and utilize your maxed-out stealth to the best of your advantage. Do anything you can short of murder and/or assault to avoid being followed.
No. 284015 ID: 55c4cf
File 129855276847.png - (343.08KB , 777x777 , BBQ672.png )

Shula: When most of the people in the bank begin to panic, so does the pangolin. She is already out of candy, so she just follows and flees out to go to the tavern and then go and wait on her boat out. However, while leaving she has lost track of Chu, who is nowhere to be seen.

Candy Team: The Soldiers and police ask some minor questions, and ask Jasper if they could clear out, and quickly due to there being a potential terrorist inside of the apartment complex. Jasper offers the remainder of their candy batch, but Ellana, the robot canine, states they are working and it is not the time for snacks.
While Jasper and Mint pack up, Celst wheels off on her own. She knows that Epsilon is breaking out, and there is only so much time to talk to him before their boat leaves. Celzt listens to a locust woman talking to herself and taking notes as she walks around the scene, talking to soldiers, and people at the bank.

Epsilon: Epsilon backs off of the wall and then smashes through it with all of his might. His leg shackles shatter on his way out but the ones on his wrists alter in the same moment the wall decays and blows outwards. His shadow abilities are no longer sealed, and the Destruction Bracers give him bonuses to his abilities.

Epsilon activates his defensive aura, and goes into stealth mode, crouching down and preparing to slink off. The sniper inside misses a shot at him, the bullet embedding into the wall, but now the shadow is out of sight.

He plans to escape to the forest, but how will he say goodbye to Celst?
No. 284016 ID: 1a693f

Epsilon can't. It'd put them in too much danger and Sula already relayed a message. He could be the Big Damn Hero and try anyways, but she doesn't need a Big Damn Hero anymore. He already saved her. Trying too hard will only undo the sacrifices they've already made.
No. 284017 ID: 701a19

If you can get to her in shadow form, and lead her off someplace dark and out of sight, then you should be able to give her a proper goodbye in person before you go to ground.
If you tear some of her clothing then she can tell the police you kidnapped and violated her if they manage to catch up with her before the boat leaves. It's not like you care what the police think of you.
No. 284019 ID: 1854db

Fuck, Epsilon. You know what she'd like better than any of us. Give her the best goodbye you can give her (physically probably). And tell her to take care of herself. May as well apologize that you can't come with her... there's some tasks that you must complete here first.
No. 284035 ID: f5e4b4

Hide in the shadows and look from the outskirts of the town, specially around the marina. When you see her, call her attention, give her a proper good bye before leaving, because, for what you know, you two might not see each other again.
No. 284038 ID: 9a5057

Well Epsilon, you could probably slip a note onto her without breaking your stealth, and hope she finds it. Do you know how to write braille? no? damnit. Well, I guess do don't spoil anything if you stay hiding in the shadows and just talk to her. Unless she wants a hug. damnit again. I guess the first step is finding her. Go toward the commotion and look for a blind cripple slowly slinking away trying not to be noticed? :(
No. 284047 ID: 4a3a02

Shadowsneak as close to her as you can get. You don't want her to miss her boat, so just put a hand on her tit and tell her that you're sorry thing turned out the way they did, and you won't forget her. Then slink away.
No. 284053 ID: 476456

or stay cloaked and whisper sweet nothings into her ear
No. 284063 ID: 6d665e

Try your best to stealth your way to her and say goodbye before you let them leave on the boat without you. It's the least you could do to see her in person one last time.
No. 284068 ID: 6d665e

Even if you only meet her for a little while, it's better than none at all.
No. 284101 ID: cfcb46

Shadowsneak your way towards the Marina, keeping and ear out for her or anything she may use as a sign to you.
No. 284114 ID: dad664

Shapeshift into a disguise then Shadow Sprint/Stealth to a meetup.
No. 284168 ID: 42c9d5
File 129862249024.png - (11.68KB , 300x300 , suggestionepsilon.png )

With her lack of sight and your (assumed) lack of knowledge of braille, only a in-person farewell will do.

DO NOT use shapeshift. It appears that there are no other shadows in the area, so changing your shape will not make you any less suspicious. Assuming you can, remaining in stealth when approaching Celst is the best course of action. If the locut woman is present, you may utilize her shadow as a "raft", so to speak.

Remain in stealth when you talk to her, and ask her to keep her voice down.
No. 284169 ID: 476456

and stick your tongue in her ear
No. 284236 ID: c58169


No. 284237 ID: e05c10


*and stick your tongue in her rear

I fix'd that for you, don't mention it.
No. 284259 ID: c58169

Oh!! ... Um.. -Blush-
No. 284399 ID: 55c4cf
File 129871735784.png - (335.23KB , 777x777 , BBQ673.png )

Epsilon can actually see Celzt in the middle of the town strolling near to the tavern. She's not far, and a quick shadow sprint brings him very close. With a few soft whispers, she backs between the bank and the tavern, “Epsilon?” She says softly.
“Who else, Blindy,” he responds. Completely melded into the shadows he stands inside, but it makes no difference to Celst.

Meanwhile in the bank, Ellana is speaking to the manager of the bank about the prank calls warning of the bank being in danger. The manager assures her that he checked the vault just a moment ago and nobody has entered. Ellana requests he check again for her verification, and he opens up the vault for her.

Epsilon and Celzt have their moment to speak before she catches her boat out.

Does Epsilon really want to take Celst around the bases, and if so how far?

Epsilon can level up one of his Level 1 Abilities.
Off. Aura, Def. Aura, Dark Sight, Psi Well
No. 284400 ID: 1a693f

Just say goodbye. Give her a hug or touch her hand or something.

As for the upgrade, I'm a big fan of not dying. We've had a bad history with this dying thing, we should stop that. Defensive aura.
No. 284402 ID: 476456

oh just a goodbye kiss on the cheek will do

and a tongue in the ear.
No. 284403 ID: 1854db

Psi Well. We kinda need to be able to store more than 1 Psi, guys.

Also I don't think Epsilon has TIME to do naughty things to Celst. But, a kiss seems good... maybe a little more than a kiss. She needs to feel like she's still attractive even in her current state. Be sure to actually tell her that you wish you had more time to spend with her, and you don't want her to get caught with a freshly-escaped prisoner.
No. 284411 ID: 701a19

Tell her you don't know if you'll ever meet again, but her memory will keep that smile on your face.
Then give her shark lovins so hard even legs wouldn't help her walk.
No. 284414 ID: f5e4b4

I guess you don't have for fucking around. Just give her a good kiss and tell her how glad you are that she got out of the labyrinth alive, and that she's still pretty after all.

Upgrade Psi Well.
No. 284416 ID: 9eaec0
File 129872189964.gif - (35.42KB , 300x314 , 17aibo.gif )


At least the bank manager was being cooperative, and seemed to know what he was doing, knowing when to let professionals do their job; unfortunately, Chilitown lacked a proper bomb squad, so I would have to make due with my limited experiences with the subject.

"Thank you for opening the vault sir, I will check and make sure everything is in proper order, please stand back and watch the entrance, this shouldn't take too long. The Chilitown Police Department thanks you for your cooperatio... This is an interesting definition of "everything being in order" you have there sir."

I let out a sigh as I enter the vault, putting into effect standard operating procedures saving everything I see to my databanks for further analysis back at the station, we were too late, this "Chu" was cocky, and very good, that or the bank manager was incompetent. Well, nothing to do but to get to work! I gather what evidence may exist, including inspecting the piece of paper or note stuck to the wall and signed by the presumed culprit, after all, this was my job.
No. 284448 ID: 9b5114

Epsilon?! What are you doing here, you were supposed to go, that's why we created the distraction! You shouldn't risk your freedom coming here to see me! Even though.. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to see you when I heard you were alive and had talked to Shula, I got really jealous.. I was really happy but also angry that you didn't come directly to see me and then went and got arrested. You broke your promise of surviving with me and getting out of the Labyrinth alive, you d-dumb shark..


I-I'm just g-glad you're okay.. And th-that you're here n-now..
No. 284455 ID: dad664

Yeah well bein' locked in a jail cell doesn't really let you have the freedom of talkin' to whoever you damn well please. Besides, I had some unfinished business with Duke Douchebag that needed attending to, and it was worth getting jailed for it.

But hey, I can't stay long. I really shouldn't even be risking being out here like this in the first place. Look, I've got things I've gotta do on this island still. Asking you to stick around just for me would be selfish, and if you ask me, not entirely the best decision. My track record with luck is abysmal, as you could tell back in the Labyrinth. So do me a favor. Get off this rock. Go out, see the world, make something grand of yourself. Staying here isn't going to bring you any benefit. If not for yourself then for me. 'Cuz I've got a nasty feeling that shit is about to hit the fan, and I'd really enjoy knowing that you're someplace far far away from here when it does happen. And honestly I don't think I'd be able to handle knowing that something I'm gonna end up doing is gonna cause you more harm than I already have.
No. 284514 ID: cde19a

You didn't hurt me, that was just me being unable to cope with things.. I was just being selfish too and didn't want to believe you were gone. And when you came back, I realized that I didn't ever want to lose you again.. But I also realize that, you know.. I guess you've got something pretty important to do and I can understand. If you really want me to leave I will, despite how much I wish you'd come with us and start a new life over with us, like a new family..

Epsilon, thank you for everything you've ever done for me. Rescuing me, leading me through that Labyrinth and protecting me all that time, telling me about yourself and your family. I couldn't stop thinking about you even after we left there without you. Just please do me a favor while you're out doing more dangerous things.. Please don't die again, I couldn't bear to hear it.. I would probably end up crying all the time.. Especially since.. Well.. I-I love y-you...
No. 284571 ID: 383006

Just feel her up a little and give her a really hott shark kiss. That way she will remember you more forever, and her fantasies about how awesome the sex would have been will be way more awesome than the sex actually would have been. Plus you don't want her to accidentally miss the boat.
No. 284576 ID: 701a19

It's time for slamfucking.
Get her on the boat, then mount up and ride Celst until that contract forces you to jump ship and swim back.
No. 284620 ID: cde19a



No. 284630 ID: cfcb46

Psi-well, and take her words to heart. give her a meaningful hug and a peck on the cheek, to do anything else would only serve to lead her on.

Wish her luck with her new life and tell her you'll do what you can to stay safe.
No. 284678 ID: cde19a

WHO WILL MAKE THE FIRST MOVE. Also, I vote for upping PSI WELL as well. And for things that come from the heart, not quick sex then running. NOT putting TONGUES or any GENITALIA in any ORIFICE.

Just a hug and kiss.
No. 284708 ID: 931fd5

Shadow Sprint. Violate Jasper. Carry on.

...But yeah, Psi Well sounds reasonable.
No. 284710 ID: 42c9d5

Perhaps give her a hug...and a kiss?????????????
No. 284763 ID: dad664

*sigh* Of course you do. Celst, you're a good kid. But right now, after all I've been through, I can't. Not so soon. Probably not for a long while. The heart heals slower than the flesh. You know what got me in that pit in the first place. Royalty isn't one to leave grudges go, you really think they wouldn't end up going after you to get to me? No. It's just too dangerous being around me right now.

Another time, under different circumstances, yes. You have your whole life ahead of you, open and free. I've already ruined mine. I don't want to see you suffer any more than you already have. Go. I'll be fine. I promise. Just get everyone together and get off this island, please. Don't let yourself get wrapped up in a brash fool like me. Once I've done what needs to be done here, I'll see if I can't find you. But don't wait for me. Promise me that.
No. 285064 ID: 55c4cf
File 129891483965.png - (324.10KB , 777x777 , BBQ674.png )

Psi Well raised to level 2.

Celzt backs into the darkness of the alley slowly, and she begins to speak, but she makes no effort to try and face him.
“Epsilon? What are you doing here still, you were supposed to leave, that's what the distractions were for. You shouldn't be risking your own freedom to see me even though I cannot tell you how badly I've wanted to see you when I heard you were alive from Shula. I was very jealous. Why did you have to get arrested, why couldn't you have came to see me before committing murder. You already broke a promise to get out of the Labyrinth alive with me, you big d-dumb shark.”
While Celst speaks, Epsilon breaks his stealth and gives her a firm hug, holding her and letting her get her thoughts out. There is a distinct silence as the blind woman reaches back to touch him, “I'm glad you are safe and with me now.”

The shadow speaks quiet, clear, and gravely. Just above the volume of a whisper, “Being locked in jail doesn't grant the freedom to talk to whoever I damn well please. I had some unfinished business with the Duke douche-bag that I could not put off attending, and I would get thrown in jail to do it again.
I can't stay long. I really shouldn't be taking this risk and I have things I have to do on this island. Asking you to stick around would be selfish, and it isn't the best decision. My track record with luck is abysmal if you didn't pay attention in the Labyrinth.
Do me a favor. Get off of this rock. Go out, see the world, make something grand of yourself. Staying here will benefit you nothing. If not for yourself, then do it for me. I have this nasty feeling shit is about to hit the fan and when it happens, I'd really enjoy knowing you're someplace far far away from here when it does. Honestly I don't think I'd be able to handle knowing that something I end up doing is going to cause you more harm than I've already done.” Epsilon signifies the end of his speech with a soft kiss to Celzt's cheek. She returns the notion and leans back into his arms more than she already was.

“You didn't hurt me, I just couldn't cope. I was selfish and I didn't want to believe you were gone and it turns out I was right. I'd rather not have to lose you again, but I realize you've got important things to do and I'll have to accept it. If you want me to leave, then I'll do so, but I wish you would come with us and start a new life, like a brand new family.
Thank you for everything you've ever done for me. Rescuing me, leading me through the labyrinth protecting me as long as you did. Telling me about yourself and your family. I couldn't stop thinking about you even after we had escaped. Do me a favor while you're off on your dangerous life. Please do not die again. I couldn't bear to hear you've died ever again. Especially since, well, I l-lo--”

Celst is interrupted, Epsilon's finger gently pressing to her lips.
“Of course you do, Celzt. You're a good kid, but right now, after all I've been through, I can't. Not so soon. It probably will not be for a very long time. The heart heals slower than the body. You know what got me in that pit in the first place. Royalty isn't one to leave grudges go, you really think they wouldn't end up going after you to get to me? No. It's just too dangerous to be around me.
Another time, under different circumstances, then yes. You have a whole life in front of you, and freedom. I've already ruined my own, and I won't see you suffer any more than you've already. Go, I'll be fine. I promise you that. Now just get together with everyone and leave the island. Please don't let yourself get wrapped up in a brash fool like me. Once I've done what I must do, I'll see if I can find you. You have to promise me that you won't wait for me.”

“I don't know if I can make that promise, but I need to catch up to everyone before the boat leaves.” She says.
“Don't worry, I will take you there.”

Epsilon takes her out for a scenic roll for a bit before dropping her off near the tavern and hides back in the shadows.

Meanwhile, Detective Nisha and the Police Chief are talking to Paul, not to be confused with another Paul of a similar name, a human fellow who seems to be tripping pretty hard. While narcotics aren't particularly illegal, he seems to insist he didn't take any, and a good portion of the town is in a similar state. “Maybe it's love with that large breasted Orach,” Paul, not Paul, insists.
The short staffed medical teams are attempting to round up and assist the large number of townsfolk who are in an inebriated state of mind.

The boat sounds a horn, as it is leaving soon. Jasper, Shula, Celst, the soldiers, and a number of others go towards the Marina area to fill the boat for departure.

With Celst's departure with the rest, most of the town in some form of distraction, all over town. Epsilon can simply retreat the forest now. He could attempt to get some clothing, and equipment in town, he could go to the gardens, the graveyard, the mountains, or a store near the mountains and the forest. Where shall he head?
No. 285065 ID: 45c9f1
File 129891560321.jpg - (46.81KB , 410x224 , idiocracy_money.jpg )

I'm split between the graveyard and the store. Probably the graveyard since you don't have cash.
No. 285066 ID: 5eea01

Hey, psst. Buddy. You got any money? Fellow at the store out of town can sell ya whatever you need. You can also get some credit, pay back later if you don't.

Don't worry, the proprietor is a very HONEST person. Besides, you don't have much choice, do you?
No. 285080 ID: f5e4b4

We gotta find that flower creepycat asked for, so I guess the forest should be a good place to look for it. Let's go there.
No. 285089 ID: 1854db

How about we nose around town real quick while everyone's distracted, see if we can pick up something useful that's lying around?
No. 285112 ID: 476456

No. 285130 ID: cde19a

Go to the nearest store and see if you can pick up an useful equipment
No. 285147 ID: dad664


Wear Trenchcoat, wrap steel chains around fists and forearms. Proceed to slap the shit of anyone who gets in your way en route to the forest.
No. 285149 ID: 8e0373

She sighs as she listened to the clearly drugged human. She didn't expect to get too much useful information from the guy that would be of any use..that is, until he mentioned something about an Orach. Considering the sudden rash of drugged people, she found this to be a likely clue.

"An Orach, you say..? Yeah, looks like there was a lot of Orach love going around for everyone here. Listen, Paul, is it? Can you tell me more about this Orach? What was she wearing? Where did she go? Whatever you can remember."
No. 285153 ID: cfcb46

Go to the store outside of town then make your way to the forest.
No. 285394 ID: 55c4cf
File 129901065181.png - (289.87KB , 777x777 , BBQ675.png )

Epsilon decides to not risk hanging around the town any longer for now. He can always return later, hopefully when the heat dies down and he can get some clothing and a disguise. He travels towards a shoddily built store fairly close to the forest.
Entering, the place seems to be very empty. When he gets near the front counter, a small Rat leaps up out and excitedly proclaims, “GREETINGS CUSTOMER. HOW CAN I BE OF SERVICE FOR SUCH A TALL SHADE SUCH AS YOURSELF?”

What kind of things should Epsilon try to negotiate from IKIT?

Back in town, Detective Nisha and Officer Ellana are both brought to the same person from their leads. Mint Milk Orach. She was involved in the free candy handouts, which isn't a serious thing in itself, but the timing is suspicious. Officer Ellana questions Mint on the whereabouts of her close friend and possible girlfriend, Chu, who is the prime suspect of the bank robbery that just happened. Mint hasn't seen her since before the candy handout, but things aren't looking good for the barely dressed Bubble Held.

The ship holding the King's soldiers, Shula, Jasper, and Celst sails away from the island. The Labyrinth escapees stand at the stern of the boat, watching the island fade into the ocean slowly.
“I'll miss most of the place. There were a lot of good folks in town. We'll have to drop by again later and see if we can't give the people some more candy, right Celzt? Good luck, everyone!” Jasper speaks to the village of Chilitown and the island of Wormwood, breaking the long silence between them all.
“I promise to do my best, Epsilon. I'm sure we'll all take care of each other,” Celst Volgin almost whispers. It's too quiet for it to have been masked. Jasper pats her shoulders softly.
“At least you got to see him. Myself, I don't want to come back. I want to travel. Visit Mingxia or Amaranton. I don't want to mine the Rainbow Islands much longer,” Shula grumbles.
“You'll always have a place waiting for you with open arms whether or not you leave, Shula. We've been through too much together to ever forget you,” Jasper cheerily responds to the pangolin.
“I don't think we could forget each other if we tried,” Celzt smiles and the group waves as the boat travels slowly farther and farther away. Leaving Wormwood island, and the King's cruel Labyrinth behind them for the rest of their lives.
No. 285398 ID: f5e4b4

Get a trenchcoat and a badass hat.
No. 285454 ID: 5eea01


No. 285459 ID: 476456

How about some black leather p-wait..

Badass hat, also some rope
No. 285466 ID: 476456

Maybe a tent too
No. 285503 ID: f7166d

GOOD END. No matter what happens now, I'm happy b/c Shula.

I guess all you would need would be a hot babe and some rope.
No. 285506 ID: f7166d

Also see what he has in the way of AWESOME DISGUISES. I think a Purple Wig and a Frilly Pink Sun Dress.

No one would ever suspect or guess. No one. They wouldn't ever think Epsilon would sink to such a level.
No. 285520 ID: 45c9f1
File 129902626235.png - (19.11KB , 800x600 , cake 1.png )

No. 285538 ID: 9b5114

Obtain trench coat to complete chronology of obtaining it. Do it.
No. 285549 ID: 42c9d5

We could use anything that would help increase our inventory space. Try to see if you can bargain anything that would fulfill such a roll other than something absolutely ridiculous. We're not trying to be caught, after all.
No. 285552 ID: dad664

Coat and fedora.

Bitches love fedoras.
No. 285561 ID: 8e0373

She listens to the officer's questions, not wanting to come off as redundant with her own. She considered all that was going down..a bank robbery, and a jailbreak, happening at the same time as this Orach was passing out candies..too convenient, she thought. Since the officer was handling the bank robbery, she decided to ask the Orach her relationship with the escaped shadow shark, noting that her candy giveaway likely enabled him the chance to escape jail. She thought she should try to be kind about it, however. The officer was already applying pressure about the bank robbery..applying too much pressure would be bad, she figured.
No. 285599 ID: 931fd5


Black leather panties.
No. 285611 ID: 1854db


Offer to run an errand in exchange for... I dunno, something.
No. 285613 ID: cf244d

No they don't.

That sounds impractical.
No. 285638 ID: 9b5114

For the shadow having a night out on the town.
No. 285652 ID: 3788fb
File 129905359764.gif - (45.70KB , 332x292 , aibo.gif )

And so here I was, by sticking to the evidence train like glue, both I and one of my colleagues found ourselves in the same place, namely questioning the scantily dressed Orach dame who may or may not be romantically involved with Chu, our prime suspect; Can't really book her and take her back to the station, as far as we know, the Orach has done nothing illegal, and so that's why we're having this friendly chat in a local drinking establishment, Misha, my colleague, seemed to be playing the good cop, guess that left me the role of bad.

"See here m'am, the whole candy incident was, as far as we know, innocent enough, though the timing was rather...suspicious, seeing as a dangerous criminal was able to escape from jail and all. But putting that aside, right now we're concerned with Chu, all evidence points towards her being responsible for the bank robbery, we're just asking that you cooperate with us if you suddenly 'remember' anything that might lead to her whereabouts, if it turns out she is found to be responsible, and you know something but fail to mention it...well, you could be in quite a bit of hot water yourself!"

Ugh, this was going to be a LONG "friendly chat", I could already tell.
No. 285715 ID: 55c4cf
File 129909745682.png - (342.99KB , 777x777 , BBQ676.png )

Nisha and Ellana take turns informing Mint of her suspicious relation to the recent crimes. Mint of course, has never heard of or met Epsilon beyond a couple mentions since his arrest. She simply wanted to share her 'candy,' with people. She then laughs a moment before taking a long drag. She admits her closeness with Chu, and insists she hasn't seen the skunk since well before the stated robbery. She ensures Ellana that, “If I see my girl, I'll be sure to let her know the robot dog wants to have a word with her.” She then breaks into chuckles and sinks into the cushions of her seat.

Epsilon begins grumbling about getting some camping gear, a rope, a coat, and a hat so he can traipse about and adventure like his golden detective days. IKIT bursts his bubble.



For the gear and clothing, Epsilon must offer his Bracers. To get the bracers back he has to agree to either: HONEST CREDIT Settlement, Three Choice Photos, Locating a Rare Jewel. He could also opt out entirely if he really wanted.

The doors to the Marina close behind a trio of men. All three adorned with the King's army uniforms. The three stand there, looking over the island awaiting them, before the Priest-Soldier speaks.
“Our orders are to stay and resolve the matter of the escaped murderer here. Direct orders from the king, do not allow the police to interfere with our work. We are to find and kill him on sight. We shall meet sunrise and sundown every day at the Graveyard near the Duke's burial grounds. We are some of King Bubba's strongest soldiers, I do not expect this mission to take more than a couple of days. Are your orders clear, Specialist Mchoma, and Sergeant Helod?”
The bandaged up man nods, and the lizard hisses out a muffled, “Yes,” with a nod.
“Dismissed,” The Priest states and leaves without even looking at the other two again. The other two soldiers salute, and go their separate ways.
No. 285716 ID: 6376c9

We should give them as collateral only and agree to do the nudie pics mission.
No. 285717 ID: f5e4b4

Hmmmm... I think we should go for the credit. We can probably find some morey around to pay after we stablish ourselves in the forest. Maybe even kill those soldiers and loot their bodies (in the name of justice, of course).

I don't really know about the other two options. Mint and Chu might agree to pose naked for pictures, but one is M.I.A. with all the bank money and the other one is being watched by the cops. Although if you find Chu you could just ask her some money to pay for your stuff.

And finding the jewel might be pretty complicated and put you into danger.
No. 285720 ID: cfcb46

Hand over them over as collateral, and offer to take some nude pics.

If you can chose anyone you want then I suggest
1. Mint
2. Chu or Queen Atsusa
3. And an under payed worker at the Marina
No. 285729 ID: 7b557e
File 129910105473.jpg - (20.29KB , 321x255 , aibo8.jpg )


Well, it would appear this lead is exhausted, not much else to do except case a couple locations that the suspect might possibly go to;

It's possible the dangerous dame will try to flee the island entirely, or perhaps she'll try to use her recently ill-gotten gains at one of the shops in town, more probably the one operated by that no goods lowlife rat IKIT, I turn to my colleague and adress her

"We should keep an eye on the Marina and perhaps the shops in town, Chu may try to make a break for it, or spend the money, though I doubt she'd be as stupid to do the latter, which joint would you prefer to case?"

There's not much else that can be done at the moment, I hate to admit it but we might just have to sit tight and wait until the suspect is spotted again before we can do anything.
No. 285731 ID: 476456

Bonus points for nude pics of the robot dog.
No. 285760 ID: 897302

I think I'll take 'artistic nudes' for 400, Jim.
No. 285770 ID: 9b5114

Inquire about the 3 pictures option. See what the prerequisites are and if you are a high enough level for this quest.
No. 285772 ID: 796295

She simply nods to the Orach's claim of not knowing the shadow. She didn't believe that the Orach was the only player anyway..far too big for a single person, she thought. She figured this Chu might have been in on it as well, probably robbing the bank in order to garner their full attention..she decided not to fall for that.

"Well, thanks for your time. However, if I have more questions, you'll see me again."

She then looked to the officer who was addressing her.

"The Marina? Somehow, I doubt that's where either of them would try to go right now..but you can try to take a look there. I may be wrong. I just got a feeling it would be pretty hot around there about now, and I'm not talking about hot with our guys.. I'm sure news of the shadow's escape has reached out by now."

She starts walking out of the place they were in. "I'll scope out the shops. I'll make contact if I find anything out."
No. 285787 ID: 42c9d5

With stealth and dark sight, nabbing a jewel shouldn't prove too difficult. Take a shot at theft.
No. 285809 ID: 1854db

Well I guess we're going to do the nudie pics. Let's try not to offend anyone when we do that. Like, make sure they know we're going to give them to someone else.

Let's go over to the forest next.
No. 285813 ID: 45c9f1
File 129912464852.jpg - (78.56KB , 480x625 , tee hee hee.jpg )

We need to get our thievery on, hell if we're lucky we can find Chu and get some tips on where to find it/how to steal.

Also I doubt persuading [enough] women into nudes would work because of Nu's uh... Charms.
No. 285815 ID: 75d7a9

if epsilon gets caught on the photo mission then his cred will drop to like nothing. getting the jewel takes the best use of his powers, that of being hard to catch.

take the jewel mission. i know it's hard for you guys to think past a chance for tits, but seriously, think for second.
No. 285870 ID: 9b5114

On second thought one of the other two missions shouldn't be too difficult. I'm leaning towards killing somebody, but it's probably just easier to steal the goddamn jewel.
No. 285873 ID: f5e4b4

On second thought, I change my vote. Titties away.
No. 285886 ID: 36206f

Titties mission is the only reasonable choice.
No. 285893 ID: 701a19

I'm voting AGAINST nude pics. It's a silly idea.
No. 285896 ID: 40cb26

Offer to steal the jewel AND get the pics, in exchange for something better than breaking even here. It's not like we don't have the skills for both. Depending on the situation we might even do them at the same time.
No. 285953 ID: 55c4cf
File 129919140835.png - (274.08KB , 777x777 , BBQ677.png )

Specialist Mchoma slowly opens the door. Sitting in the middle of the rather small and nearly empty shop is a man with lost sunken eyes. He looks up and speaks in a voice that is almost a song, “Greetings sir, if you are here to hear your fortune, then you are in luck. If you came to speak to the newspaper folk, they are upstairs and to the left.”
The soldier lets the door close slowly, his voice escaping his lips beneath the wrappings. “Believe it or not, I came to speak to you. You are a psychic, and we're going to find someone together. I will pay you for the assistance, but if you refuse, I will be forced to kill you as well.”
The fortune teller's eyes fire up as his expression becomes a bit more serious, “Ahaha, how can I say no to that? Stand or sit with Casul, we will find what you are searching for, friend!”

“I'll take three pictures for you, rat. Here are my bracers.” Epsilon hands them over, reluctantly and continues, “Now give me the goods and I'll be on my way. I can't be found like this. I expect you fully understand we never met today.”
Epsilon is granted: Clothing, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Rope, and a Camera to capture some Choice Photographs.

Epsilon needs to shape shift for his new identity around the island. He can easily lie that he arrived on the boat that just came and left, but he can't exactly keep his appearance as Epsilon. The only good choices would be a Bubble Dragon of the Styx tribe, a black colored Furry, or a black humanoid. What appearance should Epsilon take?


[ Location ]
Now that Epsilon has to look for ladies to photograph after he's done picking a new form.
Where should Epsilon scout for ladies?
No. 285955 ID: 476456

black furry would probably stick out the least
No. 285964 ID: f5e4b4


Ok, I agree, be a black furry. A black cat, for example.

Also we NEED to find Chu, it sounds like she would be the only one able to do the naked with riches picture.

Let's wait until things have calmed down a bit before going town. Let's start looking in the graveyard. Maybe we can find some goth hottie for the first picture, or some ghoul lady to pose for the unusual one.
No. 285965 ID: 476456

black mouse
No. 285968 ID: 36206f

No questions. Let's be the Styx bubble touched because that could get us an 'in' for a stranger character. No robots? what a homo.
No. 286006 ID: 1854db

Black sheep!
No. 286018 ID: dad664

Black Bear.

No one wants to fuck with a bear.
No. 286039 ID: 07416a

Let's hang out in the graveyard as we wait for night. Nothing can go wrong!
No. 286130 ID: 0e5430
File 129924156359.jpg - (19.51KB , 232x328 , 3650_heading.jpg )

Black human, the only correct choice.
No. 286137 ID: 5eea01

Unusual? Ehhh...there was that locust chick taking notes at the scene earlier. I hear chitin looks all kinds of nnnnice in the proper lighting.
No. 286140 ID: 9b5114
File 129925418317.jpg - (64.70KB , 700x469 , 2565potato.jpg )

Even if we go to the graveyard I doubt we would find any hot undead there. Nisha is probably the best bet for zombie tits but for now, let's see about finding Chu since she obviously has the riches after robbing the bank. I suggest looking in the mountain range around the forest and in the forest for her and that the new form be Squirrel.
No. 286182 ID: 55c4cf
File 129927778425.png - (278.03KB , 777x777 , BBQ678.png )

Detective Nu, the completely generic furry, tips his hat to IKIT and heads off towards the graveyard. Unfortunately, the graveyard is completely devoid of people. There aren't too many graves, although it is possible that some of the graves were just defiled for the sake and foundation of Duke Hoppite the Third's mausoleum.

The typical flowers left on a grave, not much to find here.

Back at IKIT's place, Detective Nisha questions IKIT on whether or not he's seen either Epsilon or Chu. IKIT swears on his HONEST name that neither has ever been seen, and instead offers Nisha some HIGH QUALITY SLEUTHING GEAR, if she can afford it.

Casul and Mchoma attempt to locate Epsilon via psychic means.

The shock of the attempt is a ghost of what could have been a headache pinging through his skull, but Mind Block prevents him from being found.

Shall Nu explore the graveyard further, or where shall he travel to next?
No. 286186 ID: dad664

Don't. Blink.
No. 286187 ID: f5e4b4

Let's inspect the place further, we're already here, it'd be a shame to miss something important, maybe a clue to where can we find Chu, Ionno.
No. 286188 ID: 5eea01

Try the town paper. There should be someone exotic, strange and desperately in need of a scandal to ruin her career~
No. 286190 ID: 4e9b58
File 129927952042.jpg - (443.55KB , 1522x700 , 15899494.jpg )

Aww you so cute. Shake your fluffy tail.
No. 286193 ID: 476456

Hoppite is buried there right? Pee on his grave
No. 286217 ID: 1854db

Inspect the duke's grave. Maybe defile it a bit yourself.
No. 286432 ID: 9b5114

Inspect the graveyard for any potential leads even though it's pretty unlikely you'll find much more than dead shit in there.
No. 286517 ID: 45be60

If no hot zombie babes can be found lounging around the graveyard, perhaps it is time to head for another remote location to scout for exotic ladies. Even with your disguise, probably best to stay out of the populated areas until the heat dies down a bit. How about the mountains? There's some spooky caves around there, I believe.
No. 286827 ID: 910aa7

Your path is clear, you must dance upon the dukes grave.
No. 286847 ID: e154ba

Continue search the rest of the grave yard, then head out to Mountain if no hotties can be found.
No. 286857 ID: 55c4cf
File 129954661897.png - (298.08KB , 777x777 , BBQ679.png )

Nu opts to investigate the mausoleum. It's newly built and maybe he could desecrate it. The place looks very nice, and elaborate. You can only wonder how much money was wasted on this asshole's death. While Nu is looking down into the shrine started for the former Duke, he can hear footsteps coming near.
“Excuse me, sir. My name is Father Paul and I don't recognize you. I am certain you aren't here to pay respects. I'm going to have to ask you to leave, and quickly.”

“What is the problem, Casul?” The soldier growls in frustration and stands up. Casul is jerking around, seeming to have a pained seizure like fit in response to the blocked psychic tracking. His glowing eyes trailing off. Mchoma begins to consider Casul shutting down before he starts to come to.
“This man you want to find is protected by something I never want to peer into again. Do not ask me to do it again, I would rather be shot. You're going to have to find him yourself, and with your own powers,” Casul gets out, his voice changing pitches and strength with every word.
“I'll give you that. Did you find out anything at least, before I go?”
“He's on the island. That's all I got.”
Mchoma drops a handful of money onto the table and walks out.

At the Corner Store, Ellana is talking to the Manager. The manager says that he took some of that candy from the Candy Trap stand for his kid and wife, and they're tripping hard even now. Ellana states that it's a well known fact Mint is a huge druggie, so people should have expected it. Then the door swings open, and Sgt. Helod steps in.
“Officer Ellana. I know you've gotten some leads. You will tell me what you've found out.”

How should Nu react to Father Paul?
No. 286860 ID: 476456

"Ah welp, you caught me" then walk away, there'll always be time to vandalize the crypt without making a scene
No. 286861 ID: 07416a

Flip him off and leave. Not worth the bother. May need to switch to a new face.
No. 286862 ID: 45c9f1
File 129954737965.jpg - (51.46KB , 711x529 , how about no.jpg )

"Oh, just cause you don't know me I'm not allowed to pay my respects? My apologies that someone who just arrived on the island and wanted see a childhood idol's grave might want to do so alone. Piss off and give me a moment of silence."

Bow your head there and pay your respect for about a minute more if he lets you. If he calls the bluff just give him a stink eye and beat it.
No. 286872 ID: e154ba

Leave, just leave.

Head toward the Mountains.
No. 286873 ID: 9b5114

Lie about being there to pay respects and snoop around a bit. Leave if there is not at least one god damn interesting thing.
No. 286877 ID: 1854db

Say you're new to the island so you were just wondering what the big deal is. Sulk off, let's go to the... hmm, forest perhaps.
No. 286939 ID: f5e4b4

Just shrug and leave, you don't want to get this guy's attention more than you have already.
No. 286987 ID: 9ef565
File 129959740414.jpg - (21.68KB , 438x572 , sony-aibo-ers-7-gross.jpg )

Ugh, perfect, this is exactly what my day needed, judging by his uniform, he was some soldier type, who has more authority than I do, or at least thinks he does; he certainly has more firepower, I suppose I should cooperate, or at least put on a show of doing so.

I put on my best smile, though it likely comes off as somewhat forced, and reply.

"Certainly sir, and what leads might those be? I didn't know that the king wanted Chu as well, was the royal treasury ransacked or something?"
No. 286998 ID: 5eea01

Be wary. This guy might detect your shadowy nature. If so, your cover will be blown, unless you kill him first. Of course, he might pretend not to know, and try to ambush you later with friends.

Now that you do have a disguise, you might want to go to town to look for appropriate lay-days for your photos.
No. 287000 ID: 5eea01

On second thought, going to the mountains to set up a hidden camp could be useful. Finding a secluded, hidden place to stay in could come in handy.
No. 287001 ID: f5e4b4

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Sure, let's go to the mountains to continue our search for hot chicks.
No. 287005 ID: dad664

Oh, so just because I look dark and brooding means I'm here to cause trouble, is that it? Huh? It's because I'm black, isn't it? You goddamn colorist. You're a man of the cloth, you should be ashamed of yourself.
No. 287015 ID: 1dbbfb

She got a bit annoyed.. She knew the type she was dealing with. There wasn't anyone in her line of work who didn't know the type this guy was.. Everything had a price, and she had some pocket money on her.. She gracefully ignored his rebuttal and placed a few bills on the counter, to try to see if the monetary incentive might change the rat's mind on relinquishing some information.
No. 287045 ID: 5eea01

...ooooh, bribe or repeat customer. Always a hard moral choice. Money now or money later...but what is preventing me from...heeheehee...

1: Take money
2: Let slip that a "friend of mine" heard that there might have been a shark on the island, last seen somewhere in the direction of *insert random location here*
3: ?????
4: Profit!
No. 287069 ID: 42c9d5
File 12996238719.png - (14.29KB , 300x300 , thisiswhatithinknushoulddo.png )

Assure him you have been hired to investigate the area to look for leads as to the whereabouts of Epsilon. If Father Paul still insists that you leave, do so.
No. 287084 ID: 55c4cf
File 129963003315.png - (312.38KB , 777x777 , BBQ680.png )

Casul was left alone in his rather scarce storefront which is mostly paid for by the moderately successful island newspaper paying rent, as well as one other renter using a room like a loft apartment. His inability to entirely control himself had seemed to get better, but it was worsening once more. His body wracked with pain, all by himself for the time being. His soft cries ignored by even upstairs, the small time printing press too loud for his need for assistance to be heard.
Something was infecting his mind and body, and it brought its friend Pain along for the ride.
“Such a fancy robot you are, emulation of psychic powers. It's a pity you had to be on this island. How much longer do you want to live, mental vending machine?” The spirit mocks Casul in the guise of a conversation.

“Hey, I came here to pay some respects. I just arrived on the island, paid to do some investigation on a couple people. Some things just need to be stripped and displayed. Do you have a problem with my being here due to my color, Pluma?” Nu says, stepping in and giving enough of a halfhearted bow to the man he may have killed himself to continue the story.
The Priest seems fairly annoyed, but it's doubtful he suspects Nu as being Epsilon. “Fine, whatever, just don't let me see you back here. I have last wishes to perform, and I will not have civilians or even local police or alleged detectives in your case. Be careful, there is a very dangerous murderer on the loose, if you investigate and find anything on the criminal, 'Epsilon,' report it directly to the nearest King's Soldier immediately.”
Nu grins, and simply goes, “Sure,” before backing up and strolling out of the graveyard. There was nothing in there, anyway, and definitely no ladies.

Epsilon walks all the way back across the island to the entrance to the mountain caves to the other side of the island. He crosses the simple wooden bridge.

Nisha was certainly annoyed by IKIT's behavior. She ignored him talking and displayed some bills and put her hand on the table. IKIT claps his hands together and rolls his eyes back and carefully looks the other way while taking the free money.

Ellana cooperates with Helod despite not enjoying the experience, "Certainly sir, and what leads might those be? I didn't know that the king wanted Chu as well, was the royal treasury ransacked or something?"
“I am not interested in a petty thief, woman. I am finding the escaped killer. What do you know, and who do you have pegged as possible accomplices, and who have you talked to so far. I don't need to interrogate much, I just need to talk to a couple people and find a good spot to wait. I won't hurt anyone as long as I have a general lead to follow.”

Nu steps into the next open area he is greeted with very deep pools of water, with no path. This is a small obstacle for him, in a dim cave, but he is very tired. Hopefully he'll have better luck with finding women to photograph in town tomorrow. He is very exhausted after today. Maybe once he finishes IKIT's job, he can get a job or cash to get an apartment and blend into the town.
Take dirty pictures, and finding flowers while being hounded by soldiers who want him dead.

Is there anything Nu should do before sleeping?
Secondarily, Nu needs to list possible choices for the three pictures he's seen on the island. Chu seems to be the main candidate for the money fetish, but who are his top choices for Traditional and Unusual?
No. 287090 ID: f5e4b4

See if you can set a trap or something to alert you if someone sneaks up to you while you sleep.

About the girls... I'm not sure. We don't know many girls in the island. I guess we could try with Mint, but she's not going to be ok with the idea of posing naked for pictures for Ikit.

As for the unusual picture, the only alternative we know is Nisha, and she doesn't look like she would do it either.

I think we should explre the island and the town and find new girls.
No. 287092 ID: 42c9d5

You're a shape-shifter. The real question is, are you willing to swallow your pride and take a photo of yourself for picture number two?

Maybe with an extra boob or something, I don't know.
No. 287105 ID: 383006

We don't know anyone specific for the other two. I think we should try to feel out and find places where maybe the more unusual types gather. A club or something? We should ask around town.
No. 287113 ID: dad664

The best possible action would be to put up some flyers advertising that you're in need of some female models for artistic nude photography. Might have to find some kind of way to offer compensation though.
No. 287116 ID: 45be60

There's a snaketits lady somewhere around here (last spotted enjoying some potentially mind altering candies at the Candy Trap)
No. 287122 ID: 9ef565
File 129964108486.gif - (29.65KB , 300x235 , aibo.gif )

So, the soldier boy had bigger fish to fry, literally, well, no point in making an enemy of the king, not yet anyway.

I shared what little info I had, but since my investigation focused on finding Chu, and not their wayward murderer (frankly, I figured the duke had it coming, but this was not a good place to let that be known), what info I had was sketchy and best and really only pertaining to Chu, finding the murderer wasn't my job.

"...And those are the facts" I finished, after giving a full report on my investigation, maintaining a civil tone throughout, of course.
No. 287128 ID: 1dbbfb

She decided to spring a trap shortly after he got closer to rely the information that she 'paid' for. In a fell swoop, she'd try to grab his collar and pull him down to the counter with one hand, while the other went into her suit jacket to pull a handgun by which she immediately would press it against the rat's head.
"It would be a really bad idea to go and try to lie to me, Mr. Rat.. Care to try again?" She speaks as she smiles polite-like.
No. 287154 ID: 1854db

Detective Nisha might qualify for the Unusual one if Epsilon doesn't want to do it him/herself. For the Traditional we could try for pretty much anyone.
No. 287170 ID: 1854db

...on second thought let's not try to proposition the hardboiled detective.
No. 287177 ID: 476456

curl up in sleeping bag, pretend you are a hamburger.
No. 287203 ID: 5eea01

Whoa whoa whoa, hands off the merchandise, lady!
Look, I can't just turn over information about people who might have been clients of mine, ruins the whole confidentiality gig I've got going. Have to think of my business. Got children to feed and everything!
Besides, you wouldn't shoot me, I'm indispensable!
No. 287279 ID: 9b5114

sleep in the cave. it beckons. IT BECKONS. And then see about getting Nisha for unusual.
No. 287300 ID: 55c4cf
File 129971347091.png - (312.92KB , 777x777 , BBQ681.png )

Nu sets up a trap with his rope, and does his best to hide it with some of the ground and rocks hanging about so it's not so easy to see. Once he's gotten that set up, he slides into his sleeping bag to rest.

Casul is struggling with a foreign entity for control over his own body and thoughts.
“Of course I want to live. What are you, what do you want?”
“Just a spirit with a lot of work to do. Since you want to live, I'll just stick around with you, get to know each other. It'll be fun!”

Nisha grabs IKIT by his collar and lifts him up off of the counter, and crams her pistol into his big mouth.
“It would be a really bad idea to lie to me, Rat. Let's try this again, shall we?” Nisha smiles warmly, and retracts the weapon from his throat just enough.”

Nu wakes up with a jolt, his rope trap capturing someone, alright. One of the only people he knew before this island. Not that she can recognize him right now.
“I swear if you don't hurry up and let me down from this goddamn thing, you'll wish you died in your sleep!”
“Calm down, woman, just let me wake up.” Detective Nu stretches, still pretty tired as he'd only slept an hour or two.

How should Nu handle the captured Chu?
No. 287301 ID: 1854db

Chu's your buddy, you should make sure she's happy with the situation. That means letting her down, unless she has a bondage fetish. Flirt a bit with her. Ask what she's been up to.
No. 287305 ID: f5e4b4

Tease her a bit if you want, but don't piss her off, we need her help. Untie her and shift so she can see that you're Epsy.

Be friendly, ask her how's it hanging ( :3c ). Comment that you've heard about the bank heist, and nonchalantly ask if she has anything to do with it.
No. 287314 ID: 476456

go back to sleep saying "just five more minutes"
No. 287320 ID: 383006

I don't think we should reveal ourselves unless we absolutely have to. The cops seem pretty aggressive. How well does Epsilon know her?

Besides, the charms should work even without the double dong action. Flirt with her some, and let her down. Explain that maybe they can help each other. Bring up the heist.
No. 287324 ID: 45be60

She does not recognize you. Do not ask if she had anything to do with a bank heist while dressed as a P.I. she has never met.

Consider toying with her about the detective angle for a while anyway. Make her nervous, then she will be all the happier to find out you were teasing. :3
No. 287325 ID: dad664

Attempt blackmail. Offer freedom for nudie pictures.
No. 287345 ID: 26a2bd

"Fine..." She decides to let the rat go, holstering her gun. She actually had no intention of hurting the guy, but she felt a bit of an intimidation factor was necessary.

"If I find that you've lied to me, I'll be sure to pay you another visit.. However, I might not be so kind the second time.. If you want to save the trouble, feel free to tell me a little bit more. I need to find them, you see. Especially the Shadow. If I don't, he'll likely end up in a bad spot again."

With this, she decided to leave unless the rat had something more to say.. Otherwise, she'd head north.
No. 287355 ID: e154ba

Go the balckmail route. Explain your situation a bit then tell her that she's free to try and swindle the rat if she pleases when done.
Don't let her done until she agrees to take the picture though.
No. 287442 ID: f5e4b4
File 129975224569.png - (155.54KB , 777x777 , 126068410920.png )

Uh, guys, Chu risked her life to get Epsy out of jail just yesterday. Blackmailing her now is just being a huge ass.

Also we know that she's posed naked for dirty magazines before, I'm pretty sure we can convince/seduce her to do it willingly, instead of coercing her. Just saying.
No. 287462 ID: 5eea01

Let's not be a dick to one of our friends. We don't have many allies on this island, lets' not go and antagonize them.
No. 287465 ID: 5eea01

Well, if you're done harassing an HONEST shopkeeper, do you want to buy something before you go?
No. 287491 ID: f087c7
File 129978453915.gif - (4.32KB , 150x150 , kacheek_skunk_baby.gif )

Less "waking up" and more "getting me out of this", wise-ass - or the last time you'll see me upside down will be when I kneel over your dead body.
No. 287498 ID: 42c9d5

I don't know many people one would consider an ally that we may have caught trying to rob us blind. Granted, we clearly don't have anything of value (at least in her eyes). Ask her what she's doing here.
No. 287517 ID: f5e4b4


She didn't know it was Epsilon.
No. 287524 ID: 55c4cf
File 12997944705.png - (336.22KB , 777x777 , BBQ682.png )

Helod steps through the tavern with a purpose, making it upstairs and towards one of the beds where Mint sleeps. Right now there are no other beds filled with people. The other four that had been staying here lately are all gone. Helod just looks over Mint sleeping for a while before he finally nudges the bed with his rifle.
“Wake up. You and I have business to discuss.”

“There better be less, 'waking up,' and more 'getting me out of this,' you wise-ass before the last time you see me upside down is when I kneel over your corpse.” Back in the mountain caverns, Nu chuckles and loosens up the rope, allowing Chu down to the ground so he can help her out of the trap.
“Whoa, calm down there beautiful. It's not as if I wrote your name on the rope and planned this out. It was a simple attempt to keep from getting in my sleep. What brings you through the caves so late, got some place to go? No need to hurry, spend a moment, maybe rest. Plenty of room in my sleeping bag.” Nu helps Chu up to her feet politely.

Detective Nisha lets the rat go and puts her gun away, “Fine,” she says, having no intention of harming the dirty merchant calling her out on her half-empty intimidation, “but if I find out you're lying to me, I'll be back. I might not be as nice if I come back. If you want to save me some time and trouble, tell me more because if I don't find that Shadow he'll be in a bad spot soon without me,” she begins to leave the shop.
“I've had enough of your sales right now, Ikit,” Nisha leaves the store.

Back in Chilitown, Fang types away at his typewriter, working on finalizing his cover story for the paper for the editor. He is quite nervous about his interview with Epsilon being overshadowed now that the jail break and bank heist have occurred. It would be such a horrible thing that he worked so hard to get this interview, and he still can't catch a break. Fang was so excited and happy earlier, why did the day have to end like it did?

“My, aren't you a smooth talking fellow,” Chu follows Nu's lead from his lift into his arms, and he holds her. Lifting her up a bit to be nose to nose, “Why does it feel as if I already know you, strange trapper?”
“It's possible, but as for your earlier threat sounds like a good date. The main changes in you being upside down however involve you being naked and both of us alive.”

Nu's flirtation seems to be successful, but he is still tired. Maybe the skunk will keep him company, how should he handle her. He could work out the photo-shoot once he has his 'foot' in the 'door,' if things go well, or should he try and take a picture beforehand?
Should Nu reveal himself as Epsilon, or keep that a secret while proceeding with Chu?

No. 287525 ID: 45c9f1
File 129979503470.jpg - (40.08KB , 565x663 , heh bueno.jpg )

I think you should go for the photo after you get your Thingy in her Hoo-hah. If you can take a picture while she sleeps all the better.
No. 287536 ID: 5eea01


She's probably getting all the scoops while I'm stuck finishing this! ALL OF THE SCOOPS!!!

It just isn't fair :<
No. 287539 ID: f5e4b4
File 129980038129.jpg - (133.36KB , 500x333 , gummy.jpg )

*sitting up, annoyed by the rude wake up call, but managing to keep her composure*

"Hmm...Is that the way to treat a lady from where you come from? You could've knocked on the door at least. If you're coming for the free candy, you're out of luck, we're out of it."
No. 287548 ID: 1854db

Treat her nice, Epsilon. I do think we need to ask her to pose for the money-photo, which means taking it now won't work. You miiiight want to bring up that you'll be showing it to one of your friends. You don't want her to find out what you did and come looking for you with pain in mind.
No. 287563 ID: dad664

Engage Casanova Mode.
No. 287571 ID: 476456

Maximum flirtation activate.

also make sure you have nothing to steal.
No. 287578 ID: 42c9d5

One thing we should consider is if we should maintain our current shape, or revert to Epsilon. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, after all.
No. 287579 ID: 07416a

Revert when we're balls deep. Then laugh like Ikit.
No. 287599 ID: 383006

Keep your identity secret for now.

I'd say try to start with the photo, but not right at first. Get her really hot and bothered so that she wants to move on to the next step, but pull the camera out and take the sexy pic before you do, that way, she has some incentive to let you do it. It's going to kind of be creepy either way, but at least this way she might not be thinking clearly, and will want some action hopefully.
No. 287638 ID: 476456

who's chu going to go to if you revert anyway, the police? Hah
No. 287643 ID: f5e4b4

Revert into your original shark casanova form, seduce voluptuous thief. You can ask her about the photos in the morning.
No. 287653 ID: 9b5114

Let's all recall that sharks have two dicks, and those dicks are often mistaken for feet and that if you blow into them, they inflate. But on a different note, let's flirt with Chu until we can get nude pix and lie about it, saying she has "beauty beyond that of diamonds" or some cheesy shit like that. Then see if she is interested in going further. If not, abscond.
No. 287659 ID: 55c4cf
File 129987323813.png - (254.81KB , 777x777 , BBQ683.png )

Ellana is working hard on repairing the police station's wall. Even though it's late, justice never sleeps. It's important to have the wall finished in case they have to arrest anyone, and from the looks of things, they already need to. She plans on reinforcing the wall further once she's gotten the hole filled up.

Mint stirs, and starts to get up from her previous pleasant sleep, “Is that any way to treat a lady where you are from? You could have kno--”
She is interrupted with the butt of a rifle swung into her side, knocking her all but off of the bed, the wind knocked out of her.
“This is not a friendly discussion. You're going to help me catch a criminal whether or not you want to. Those stupid police officers don't realize what you are capable of, Doctor,” Mint is struck again, and he backs up, and points his gun at her, “Now get up, and keep your drug addled mouth closed.”

“There are only a couple people I know who can smooth talk me so effortlessly, and you certainly don't look like Mint,” Chu hangs off of Detective Nu's arms and sticks out her tongue as he slowly shifts into his normal body form.
“I guess it's hard to trick the trickiest. Come on now baby, I'm sure we can help each other out tonight,” Epsilon's gravely voice rolls out of his mouth, gently caressing Chu's form.
“Just like old times,” Chu laughs manically, already excited.

The two have a fine night. Epsilon and Chu get much needed rest much later. The morning is soon to follow.

Epsilon has accomplished one of three objectives for his Choices Photo mission.

Epsilon can upgrade one Level 1 Skill: Offensive Aura, Defensive Aura, or Dark Sight.
No. 287664 ID: e15ded
File 129987490070.jpg - (2.64KB , 128x128 , angry aibo.jpg )

As much as I disliked being regulated to a simple repairbot, patching up this damn wall was an important job, which of course falls to me because of how short staffed we are out here, oh well, the sooner I finish the menial work, the sooner I can return to my investigation.

Something bigger was definitely going on here, I could tell, my circuits had a way of tingling when something big was brewing, sure, that's not hardly scientific, but all good gumshoes knew to trust their gut, and I was no different.
No. 287679 ID: 476456

Defense, we arent exactly good at that.
No. 287682 ID: 45c9f1
File 129987892418.png - (372.80KB , 640x480 , I love this shit.png )

Second this, defense is always nice to have for an emergency.
No. 287683 ID: a4b217
File 129987943214.jpg - (41.97KB , 274x399 , 274px-Striped_skunk.jpg )

Seems like this was the second to last time you'd see me upside-down after all~
No. 287687 ID: 45be60

What is this defense bull? Epsilon is a SHARK, not a turtle. We can only have one aura up at once, and if your enemy is lying in a pool of his own fluids, he's not attacking you. Offensive aura, boost that damage potential further.
No. 287709 ID: 1854db

Whichever aura we upgrade now, that's what we're going to be using until we upgrade the other one. We're currently injured, so Defensive Aura is the smartest move.
No. 287722 ID: f5e4b4
File 129988838050.jpg - (41.79KB , 500x500 , 27_L_melty-mints.jpg )

*She winced in pain, caught off guard. Being beaten up isn't the most pleasant way to wake up, but it's not the first time she's been abused by the authorities, so she managed to recover herself and got up, not saying a word, putting on her best poker face.*
No. 287859 ID: dad664

Offensive. You shouldn't have to worry about defending yourself when you can kill before the enemy can react.
No. 287873 ID: abd7cb

Upgrade the defensive aura.

You should also take the time to ask Chu if she knows any lovely ladies who might like the have an artistic photo taken.
No. 287882 ID: 42c9d5

Give Dark Sight an upgrade. If we have guards roaming all of the place to hunt us down, being able to know where they are at any time will be invaluable.
No. 288214 ID: 55c4cf
File 130009433570.png - (291.34KB , 777x777 , BBQ684.png )

Mint winces, and gets up to her feet. She keeps silent as directed, but takes a moment to recover herself. She scours about for her work coat, and gets up to her feet. She lets him lead her, while she idly twiddles for some ingredients in her coat. She'd get this uniformed bastard back, she'd just wait. Despite her bruised body, she kept her playful grin even when prodded out into the streets with a gun.

The next morning was a tearful one for Fang Tian. As hard as he worked on that article, the Locust woman's article took precedence due to the events after Fang's interview that he just barely missed. Page 5 wasn't too bad though. It was at least mentioned in the headline article. Better than nothing at all.

Chu wakes up in Epsilon's arms. She can hear something, but she isn't sure what it is, “Hey, wake up,” she whispers, gently slapping at the shadow's body to try and get his attention.

The waitress from the tavern goes to Ellana in the morning, once she felt safe enough to address the officer. She is worried about one of their regulars that sleeps in the Inn upstairs. While cleaning up, one of the soldiers with the mask on walked Mint outside at gunpoint. She is worried, because Mint still isn't back, and she was kind of scared to tell the police because it's the King's army. She's hoping Ellana can do something off the record.

Epsilon wakes up and takes his hat.
“Well fancy that. Both the town's problems in bed together,” Specialist Mchoma states, his gun trained on Chu and Epsilon, his finger already tugging the trigger taut.

Epsilon has to think fast, this soldier has the upper hand.
No. 288215 ID: 476456

throw hat into face.
No. 288217 ID: 1854db

We're in the dark. Cooperate until he's not pointing at Chu, then Shadowsprint behind the barrel so that you can shove the rifle out of the way with your hands. Bite him. I'm sure if you tried to do that while the gun was still pointed at Chu he'd squeeze off a shot.

On the other hand you could just rely on Defensive Aura, get between him and Chu, and Shadowsprint to close the distance so you can shove the barrel away. If he gets a reflexive shot off, you won't be too badly hurt, hopefully...
No. 288220 ID: 476456

also push chu out of the way probably
No. 288221 ID: f5e4b4


The soldier is already pulling the trigger, he's not going to wait and give Epsy time to react like a Bond villain.

Defensive aura, shove Chu aside. Take the bullet like a champ. Then offensive aura, jump on him and make the butt of his rifle meets his face. A few times.
No. 288223 ID: a845ec
File 130009689519.jpg - (18.52KB , 499x450 , ERS110-header.jpg )

At last! Perhaps a break in the case! Though it seems the king's men are interested in this case too, those damned bastards weren't going to get in the way of MY investigation, and woe betide anyone foolish enough to make the attempt. First I needed abit more information though.

"I think I can take a look into this, which way did they go? Did you overhear anything from them? I'll look into it right away"

I state, though this time, I had better take my service pistol with me, just in case, at least one of them was a known murderer, and the king's soldiers were known for being ruthless and bloodthirsty, I should prepare myself for the possibility of having to kill someone today.
No. 288229 ID: 383006

Push Chu out of the way, defensive aura, and rush him.
No. 288230 ID: 5eea01

Grrrrrh! This will not stand! I will beat that smug, harvest-munching bitch~!
No. 288247 ID: dad664

Hurl hat at aggressor (preferably the face), then combo Shapeshifting (something small and fast. Hummingbird?_ with Shadowsprint (You camped in a -cave-. Shadows, shadows everywhere), then back into your normal Sharkform to take him by surprise while he's still caught off-guard by the hat. I don't think I have to explain what do do one you're in close combat with him, but do try to break that little toy of his that he seems to think he's so menacing with.
No. 288252 ID: abd7cb

1. Throw hat at the soldiers face.
2. Push Chu out of the way.
3. Shadowsprint toward the soldier while he's distracted.
4. Attack.
No. 288253 ID: dd8d18
File 130012772838.jpg - (61.33KB , 355x500 , 185599318_612ef78a13.jpg )

What is that with everyone wanting me dead lately, did I say or do something wrong?
No. 288294 ID: 42c9d5

Co-operate with him. Soon as his aim is not focused on Chu, take him down, utilizing shadow sprint if necessary.

As he is just one Solider, you should be able to take him down even if you have your defensive aura up.
No. 288461 ID: 476456

waggle your dangle at him since you're naked again.
No. 288462 ID: 55c4cf
File 13001814131.png - (339.17KB , 777x777 , BBQ685.png )

The trigger is already pulled, but Epsilon snaps his hat, creating a minor obstruction to the soldier's view. It barely proves to be enough. A firm hold on Chu, he moves her first out of the way, the bullet blasting right past his head.

Ellana searches her plates for where she kept her sidearm as she continued to talk to the poor witness.
“I can take a look into this, but I need to do it quickly if we want to do our best to ensure Mint's safety. Did you hear anything from them, or see where they went? These details could be critical, and I must go now.”
She gave a slight pause before speaking, trying to recall, “He said something about chemicals, and shade. I really don't know but they went North out the door. I was too scared to try and see where they were heading.”
Ellana thanked her, and began to ran. Preparing herself for the possibility of having to kill someone today. Something she'd never done, and never wanted to do.

Sprinting from the shadows, Epsilon closes the distance with no effort, ready to begin tearing the man apart. Epsilon's aura shudders, and the soldier snaps around and expels a powerful psionic force. It could have hurt, but Epsilon barely managed to cancel it out.
“I suspected as much. Casul's inability to find you without effort warned me you had more abilities than reported.”
Mchoma speaks calmly, holding his gun with disinterest. His composure steadfast, and demeanor calm. Epsilon better be careful, his psi well may refresh, but he's only got one to use.

Aura activation, and changes are a 'free' action, even if they cost 1 Psi to activate or change, but when changing there is a one turn delay between auras.
Purple-Text abilities are Natural, and are individual skills. They are either active or inactive.
Cyan-Text abilities are psi powered, and cost 1 each to activate regardless of level.
Each turn in combat gives Epsilon one skill usage. If Epsilon has the time to use or try multiple abilities when attacking, so will his opponent. Try to plan around two actions per “round,” or, “update.”

Specialist Mchoma wasn't dispatched so easily, how shall Epsilon plan his next two moves.
No. 288464 ID: 1854db

Damn. With no element of surprise this is just a brawl, really. Get in there and fight. Knocking his gun away is a high priority, since then Chu can use it.
No. 288467 ID: f5e4b4

Offensive aura up this motherfucker and rush this mothefucker. Let's hope he's expecting a defensive approach :V

Also the idea of knocking off his gun so Chu can take it isn't bad.
No. 288477 ID: e133bc

Keep defensive aura active and just attack as much as possible.
No. 288493 ID: dad664

No. 288498 ID: 42c9d5

Disarming him is top priority. As for the Aura, you may want to stick to defensive, as it has the ability to cancel out certain psionic attacks.
No. 288500 ID: 07416a

Keep up the defensive aura and keep trying to get into close range. If he tries to shoot you again shadow sprint behind him.
No. 288558 ID: 5f288f

Might be a good idea to keep the defensive aura up while waiting for him to make the next move.
Counter and bite the opposing limb(s).
Hopefully its an arm, as he'd need two good arms to properly use that rifle.
No. 288577 ID: 476456

also flip him off with both hands.
No. 288607 ID: 5eea01

Shit. We've already tipped off the enemy about our shadow sprintan, so time to use our only other active skill that works for combat: Shapeshifting. Morph yourself a tentacle and swat his gun away. Going noodly will probably make you a less easy target too.
No. 288617 ID: 45be60

I will help!
No. 288686 ID: 55c4cf
File 130028411877.png - (392.42KB , 777x777 , BBQ686.png )

Epsilon grabs for the gun, with the attempt to disarm. Mchoma wrenches the gun back and releases electricity from his maw. Epsilon does his best to resist the bubble dragon's breath attack. His defensive aura keeps him from getting too much damage, but absorbing the elemental attack has worn out the aura's stay.

Epsilon's Elemental Properties
Weaknesses: Electricity and Light
Resistances: Water and Nature
Epsilon is not being punished for the weakness to Electricity in this action as it has not been mentioned, and the color scheme would make it entirely my fault as the author for not making either the weakness or Mchoma's scale color completely clear.

As the electric attack crackles away, Epsilon lands a strong punch into Mchoma's arm.

In town, Pudding and Lynn are having breakfast before they go to work. Pudding is an on site nurse, and Lynn moves freight and delivers goods to the businesses around the island.
“What's with that face, Lynn,” Pudding asks her, who has been staring at a small article on page five abnormally long.
“Th-that fellow who kissed us when we were 'volunteering' to clean up the labyrinth. He was a criminal murderer type, and he broke out of prison last night, Pudding!”
“At least he wasn't a bad kisser, right?” Lynn hits Pudding with the newspaper and eats her breakfast.

After the punch, Mchoma begins to concentrate his psionic abilities, and slashes out his hand, but it's empty. Epsilon tries to move, but for a split second, thinks he's dodged. That is before a force blade cuts across his chest as if he needed more chest injuries.
Chu has gotten dressed, but it seems this problem is not as minor as she hoped. She doesn't want to get involved, and she hates violence. She could just sneak right out, but wouldn't that be an awful thing for a friend to do?

1 Psi Point, No Aura, Shadow Sprint still on Cool-down. Epsilon could just continue trying to overpower the soldier, he could flee and abandon his things with Chu, or he could try and get Chu to help him.
No. 288687 ID: f7166d

This guy seems to have us a little outclassed. Activate defensive aura again and actually attack him. He probably can't bring that rifle to bear this close up anyway. Ask Chu for some help! He's after her too, after all, and doesn't look like he's cares much if either one is alive or dead. Besides, she's probably the one that lead him here in the first place, and even if she isn't, she's the reason why they don't have a trap at the entrance anymore.
No. 288690 ID: 1854db

Tell Chu to take your stuff and meet up with you later. We're gonna want to run from this guy. Once Chu is clear, engage Stealth (or Shadow Sprint if it's available) to escape.
No. 288691 ID: f5e4b4

Ok, he's a tough guy that farts lighting BUT he's made a mistake. He's keeping the rifle hanging from his shoulder and that's a huge nuisance in a close combat fight.

Take advantage of that, move around him, always stay on the side of his rifle, so it hinders his moves. Activate Defensive Aura, wait for his next attack, and then yank the rifle strap. If you can throw it down so Chu can take it, good. If not, you can use the moment of opportunity to knee his face.
No. 288724 ID: 2232e1
File 130029740730.jpg - (75.93KB , 500x333 , skunk.jpg )

This is getting too noisy here, I liked it better when I was hanging from a tree.
No. 288732 ID: dad664


I think.
No. 288759 ID: 476456

stay on rifle side, work ribs.
No. 288763 ID: 42c9d5

Look. Epsilon. Just...just... →↓↘+ⓟ

No. 288764 ID: 476456

also Steal bite of lynn's breakfast.
No. 288816 ID: abd7cb

Activate defensive aura then signal to Chu to take your stuff and run. Keep Mchoma busy until she's safe and then high tail it out of there with your stealth ability. It is' active by the time you flee, then perhaps you can use your Shadowsprint to help get away and regroup.
No. 288842 ID: 20c047

I'd second that. Bringing up our defenses again would certainly save from feeling too much pain. And as well it would be a good idea to start thinking about a retreat considering getting shocked would hurt quite a lot.
No. 288894 ID: 45c9f1
File 130036130039.gif - (2.00MB , 371x331 , angry llama is fucking pissed.gif )

plan 1:Get stomped
plan 2:leave our shit here, leaving us diguiseless, and likely making that disguise useless when he finds it.

I vote plan 3.
No. 289005 ID: 55c4cf
File 130040589071.png - (395.27KB , 777x777 , BBQ687.png )

Epsilon grits his teeth, his determination to fight heightened further now that his own blood was drawn. He slams his fist into the gut of Mchoma, whose blow is thrown off course. Before the soldier can release a psionic attack, Epsilon slams his fist into his gut yet again. The technique fails to bother the shadow at all. Epsilon continues his attack since it is going so well. He shatters Mchoma's glasses and dazes him for a moment. Taking advantage of the pause, Epsilon puts his strength into his body's movement and crashes his fist up into the bubble dragon's jaw. His hat and gun go different direction as he soars towards the cavern wall.

In the forest, barely lit by the morning's light, Nisha comes upon something near one of the larger trees. She had been searching for a Shark, or even a Skunk. This was not something she wanted to find. A green bubble dragon collapsed in a coat and what looks like blood.

Pudding takes some of Lynn's food and begins to eat it.
“Why didn't you order food, if you were hungry, you just got a drink.”
“Oh, I would have to pay for it,” Pudding says, finishing his ill begotten breakfast.
“Why am I friends with you, again?” Lynn pouts, and eats her breakfast before someone else can.

Epsilon seems to have the clear advantage, but the soldier is still alive. Epsilon's injury needs to be taken care of, and Epsilon needs to both figure out where to go since he has to find The Flower, take two more pictures, and find a place to live maybe.
No. 289008 ID: 1854db

Hah, look at those dice loving us. Take gun, shoot soldier. Or just smack him around with the butt of it if you can't reload the thing.

As for the flower, how about we make our way over to the forest in the west? For one of the pictures I'm going to guess Mint. For the Unusual one... well, I'm not sure. Have we seen ANY female monsters or undead around that don't want us in jail? A place to stay miiiiiight be found in the forest to the north maybe.
No. 289013 ID: 476456

Kick the gun to chu.
No. 289017 ID: dad664

You just -know- he's going to pull some sort of super blast if we charge him. So we'll charge him but zip into a Shadowsprint along the ground right before he fires it off, effectively dodging it then popping back up in his face and going all rip and tear on him.
No. 289022 ID: 45c9f1
File 130040872697.jpg - (20.65KB , 256x224 , finish him.jpg )

There's only one thing to do now, he knows you are on this island and he won't stop until one of you are dead. Do it.
No. 289028 ID: abd7cb

While he's down take the chance to end things. Activate your defensive aura then either
A) Shadowsprint toward him, along the ground and then have a picnic.
B) Grab the gun and shoot him. (this seems like the most dangerous option to me)
No. 289029 ID: abd7cb

Also, when it's all over see if you can get Chu (if she's still around) to bandage you up.

Afterward, go to the forest and look for your flower and a home, also keep your eyes peeled for any hot babes who might be up for some nude pics.
No. 289031 ID: f5e4b4

Shapeshift hand into a blade. Rip and tear. Also yell Chu to grab the gun. Just in case.

Also the forest looks like a good place to find the flower.
No. 289037 ID: 8ce2eb

"Swell, I was lead into a forest.. Son of a- Wait, who is that there..? Is that blood..?"

*She draws her handgun as she looks around the area, making her way toward the downed green bubble dragon as she carefully watches her own back with her keen eyes. When close enough, she'll kneel down to the green dragon and carefully tap the person on their shoulder.*

"Hey, are you alright? Can you hear me?"
No. 289129 ID: 9b5114
File 130045169756.jpg - (8.70KB , 207x243 , images.jpg )

Attempt to kill with asshole with ORGANIZATION and TEAMWORK by either getting Chu to pick up the gun or getting her to be a distraction of the sexual variety. Or any variety, really. If all else fails, flee and never return home to be a family man.
No. 289131 ID: 5eea01

Make your head extra sharky, devour all evidence.
No. 289170 ID: 42c9d5

Knock the gun over to Chu, but tell her not to fire unless absolutely necessary. Having her shoot at a man you are engaging in a fist fight with is far too risky.
No. 290664 ID: 55c4cf
File 130102141867.png - (357.11KB , 777x777 , BBQ688.png )

Just as Epsilon thought, he goads the final attack attempt out of the soldier. An optical psionic blast. Epsilon dives out of the way. He does not stop moving, and as soon as the display of power ends, Epsilon leaps onto him and bites his skull open.

Chu has packed up his stuff. Epsilon changes back into the form of Detective Nu, and Chu makes sure he looks as he properly should.
“You should get rid of the gun, dear. Where do you want to go before I try and find Mint? I feel pretty bad about leaving her in town but she should be okay.”

Nisha pulls the slumped Mint up a bit. She's still breathing. Bleeding, but she should be fine with some care.. Ellana storms into the scene, “Nisha! Any signs of one of the soldiers, I am under the impression a royal soldier did this to her—what's wrong with her, is she going to be okay?” Ellana was a deep mixture of concerned and enraged. It was one thing to interfere with condemned criminals, it was another to endanger civilians. This was becoming personal.

“I'm sure she's fine,” Detective Nu reassures Chu as they step into the forest.

There is faint commotion deeper in the woods. How should Nu and/or Chu handle it?
No. 290667 ID: 476456

check it out
No. 290674 ID: dad664

Well you -are- a Detective. Investigate the FUCK out of that shit.
No. 290705 ID: 1854db

Cautiously. Nu should use Dark Sight to see what it is.
No. 290712 ID: f5e4b4

Hmmm, it must be Nisha and Ellana finding Mint. You don't want them to see you because they're looking for you two.

Hide and use Dark Sight to check it out.
No. 290770 ID: e3407a
File 130109292907.jpg - (38.69KB , 450x582 , aibo-ps_5638.jpg )

Damn it, my bad feeling was right, the King's man had just crossed a line and I wasn't going to let them get away with this

"Nisha, take care of her, I'm going to go settle this"

I practically growl, I will hunt him down and bring him to justice, to hell with whatever authority he has, and I leave the injured Civilian to my colleague, immediately heading out to track both the soldier and the escaped prisoner down, I presume they'll both be in the same area.
No. 290793 ID: 70f82a

Be cautious, use Dark Sight to see what the commotion is all about. If it's about Mint then you should tell Chu right away.
No. 290847 ID: 42c9d5
File 130110659671.png - (16.62KB , 300x300 , suggestionnuchu.png )

Dark Sight the hell out of that forest.
No. 291976 ID: f026f9

She didn't like the rash action of her co-worker. In fact, she thought it was a very bad idea.. Roaming randomly in a forest after someone..it smelled like trap. She didn't like that smell very much.

"Now hold on a minute there! Take it easy and think about what you're about to do. The guy is in a forest..he's already got the element of surprise. Just running around randomly is just going to put you in the same situation as this girl, and I don't know how to perform first aid on metal.."

Speaking of, that's what she was attempting to do..some basic first aid on Mint, deciding to use her own right sleeve as some makeshift bandages for her to stop any bleeding. It was only clothes, she thought. She could buy more later.
No. 292497 ID: 9b5114

Try to escape out of that fucking place the safest way possible. Make sure to be prepared in case you'll have to have anymore confrontation.
No. 293646 ID: 5eea01

Prepare jarate for extinguishing yourself when the damn gas mask soldier returns with a flamethrower.

Or your most suave smile.
No. 293900 ID: 55c4cf
File 130196163902.png - (361.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ689.png )

Helod led Mint into the forest, speaking of crafting a drug to sedate, if not kill a Shadow. Hoping to use Mint's abilities to take out the crook.
The Orach had other ideas. Having slowly been setting up a syringe with an overdose of several chemicals and drugs. She turned and got Helod in the neck, but received a bullet for her resistance. The injection drove him into a babbling stupor. Running off deep into the forest. Mint collapsed down against the tree, nursing her wounds with what supplies she still had available.

“Whether or not I treated myself, I was still exhausted, and the pain was pretty great. I collapsed once my wound was treated, and woke up to Nisha. No idea where the soldier is, or how the drugs effected him. If I'm lucky, he's dead.”
“Nisha, take care of her, I'm going to settle this.” Ellana, snaps, ready to go hunt herself down a sniper.
"Now hold on a minute there! Take it easy and think about what you're about to do. The guy is in a forest..he's already got the element of surprise. Just running around randomly is just going to put you in the same situation as this girl, and I don't know how to perform first aid on metal.."

Epsilon barely gets to explain what he saw in his dark sight vision of an injured Mint, the police dog, and the ghoul detective before she goes racing off into the forest without a word.

Should Epsilon Search the Forest for The Flower, Track down Helod, Sell Spoils to IKIT, or Chase after Chu?
No. 293904 ID: f5e4b4


Chase after Chu. She might run into the crazy soldier, or worse. At least make sure she doesn't get into trouble.
No. 293905 ID: 8211fd

Follow Chu and watch after her. She may not be as watchful for traps or the gun man in her state.
No. 293906 ID: c64e8c
File 130196283687.jpg - (8.22KB , 250x250 , sony_aibo_ers_7m3_robot_dog.jpg )

She had a point of course, but I had a duty to hunt this rogue soldier down, if the drug dose he received hadn't incapacitated him but driven him insane, there was a good chance he'd hurt or even kill others, he had to be stopped, likely meaning I needed to put him down like a rabid animal.

"To be more precise, most of my external chassis consists of reinforced, high tensile strength polymer composites, not metal, but your concern is noted, I would however be far more resistant to bullets than you, unless you have a better plan, which if you do, I'd like to hear, I'm going after him"

I reply, drawing my pistol and taking a couple steps in the direction the renegade soldier fled.
No. 293950 ID: 42c9d5
File 130197069068.png - (81.75KB , 317x317 , sniper.png )

If the sniper Asali took out is Helod, then he certainly isn't dead, and neither Epsilon nor Ellana will succeed in stopping him. As long as he's alive in his delirious state, Chu is in incredible danger. Chase after her.
No. 293959 ID: 476456

I dont know if you can catch Chu but you probably dont want her to do something stupid.
No. 293961 ID: 874bd8

The drugs probably explain why Helod would open fire on Asali in the forest later on, and at this point we need to be really careful since now he's crazy and protected by plot/timeline armor. Track down Chu if possible, and if not we should probably go back to finding people to pose for our photos.
No. 294017 ID: 1854db

Chase Chu. But pay attention to your surroundings.
No. 294019 ID: 45c9f1
File 130198633873.gif - (17.13KB , 63x81 , lynette_ready to fight.gif )

If she ran off she's probably going for that soldier. 2 birds one stone and if you're lucky you might spot the flower too. Follow her
No. 294243 ID: d681d6

"That would be too much good fortune if he did happen to die. Though, personally, I would rather not bet on the chance. If he's crazy, then he's that much more of a problem."

And then she noticed her coworker trying to go anyway. This annoyed her surely..she almost wanted to say 'go ahead and get yourself killed', but she didn't want that on her mind..

"Damn it, just use your head for a minute! Do you really think his gun would be the most dangerous thing to deal with? If he is with the royal core, I can bet he has abilities that could rip into you, especially if he's drugged. Listen, I understand where you're coming from, that they've gone too far, but rushing after him will sooner get you killed.. We need to stick together, or at least call for backup."
No. 294246 ID: 55c4cf
File 130206260416.png - (379.18KB , 777x777 , BBQ690.png )

Epsilon—I mean Detective Nu, follows after Chu as best as he can. He keeps back, not wanting direct interaction between the two in the police force in addition to Mint.

"That would be too much good fortune if he did happen to die. Though, personally, I would rather not bet on the chance. If he's crazy, then he's that much more of a problem,” Nisha gives sigh, and trails off as the thief, Chu comes bounding through the forest towards the woman Nisha just helped up.
Mint brightens at Chu's appearance, and opens up her arms.
“Are you alright, you look injured!” She states, embraced and lifted up off of the ground.
“I was just shot, I'll be alright, honey.”
When Chu's feet are placed on the ground, Nisha takes her wrists and begins cuffing her.
“Chu you are under arrest under suspect of robbing a federal bank. I understand you probably weren't trying to turn yourself in right now, but I'm going to record it as such.”
“Aww, well dang. That's no fun. Well I guess it's time to go to jail, isn't it!” Chu smiles coyly and doesn't attempt any resistence.
“Dammit, I'll try to bail you out if I can. I need to get to the Marina, my guess is I am late for work,” Mint reaches into her coat, adjusting her own bandage work.
“Oh don't you worry about me, love. I'm also pretty sure your job isn't going to fault you for getting shot.”
“They might.” The green bubble dragon laughs and gives Chu a firm kiss, holding it for a moment, before backing back off and preparing herself for the possibility of going to work today.

Ellana draws her gun, and starts to walk off on her own, "To be more precise, most of my external chassis consists of reinforced, high tensile strength polymer composites, not metal, but your concern is noted, I would however be far more resistant to bullets than you, unless you have a better plan, which if you do, I'd like to hear, I'm going after him."

Nisha pauses for a short second to think, before yelling after Ellana, "Damn it, just use your head for a minute! Do you really think his gun would be the most dangerous thing to deal with? If he is with the royal core, I can bet he has abilities that could rip into you, especially if he's drugged. Listen, I understand where you're coming from, that they've gone too far, but rushing after him will sooner get you killed.. We need to stick together, or at least call for backup."

What are Nu's options?
No. 294248 ID: dad664

Knock out RoboPup before she ends up killing herself. Seriously, it's for her own good.
No. 294249 ID: 476456

Maybe stalk robodog.
No. 294250 ID: 45c9f1
File 130206304845.jpg - (47.52KB , 500x403 , haters gunna hate pug.jpg )

Either way we lose one of our problems, let his dog ass go.

Get lookin for the flower I suppose unless you happen to have some better idea and want to actually interact with that cop there in your way towards the town.
No. 294256 ID: 8211fd

Nu should make himself known in hopes of getting the ladies out of the forest, so as to make sure he doesn't escape again.

But if that's to risky then he should follow Ellana and make sure she don't get herself killed. Along the way he could look for his flower and a new place to live. I'm sure a member of the local police force would know all kinds of interesting secrets about the forest of her own island.
No. 294259 ID: 1854db

Chu's safe. That's all we were after here.

We can't save everyone. It'd be a pity if the dog gets herself killed but there's not much we can do about that, and we're in no condition to fight the sniper anyway. Empty psi pool and we're wounded.

Plus there's no guarantee she won't immediately turn on us after we assist her in not dying.

Let's go looking for that flower.
No. 294299 ID: 874bd8

It's kind of hard to gauge just how tough these royal soldiers are at this point (With one completely falling for our disguise and the other being taken down by some lucky rolls), though it's probably safe to say that unless Ellana's training includes "Unhinged royally trained sniper" it's safe to say things won't end well if we leave her to take on Helod alone. Especially since we're in a massive forest full of places for a sniper on a bad trip to hide out.

But if there's really nothing we can do then I guess we'd better find us a flower.
No. 294320 ID: f5e4b4

Well... You know you could use your shadow stealth to follow the dog cop for a while, see if something interesting happens. We may stumble upon the flower that way, maybe.
No. 294339 ID: c64e8c
File 130208844858.jpg - (8.74KB , 198x148 , aibo.jpg )

I stop in my tracks, slumping a bit, my colleague was right, damn her.

"Fine, fine, I won't go running off alone, you are most likely correct regarding his level of threat, but we need to take care of him quickly, or others will be hurt"

Even to a stranger I would seem visibly agitated, if there was one thing I could not stand it was waiting and doing *nothing*.
No. 294430 ID: 42c9d5

Not everyone can be saved, but at least like this she'll be alive and protected. Keep your distance, and do not let Ellana or Nisha see you.

Actually, go into stealth and follow Ellana for a bit. She probably knows far more about this forest than you do and you may bump into that flower on the way. The forest should provide an absurd amount of shadows for cover to boot.
No. 294501 ID: d681d6

She sighed roughly..at least she convinced her not to go off alone. She did have a point though..the guy was dangerous..but even if they went together, it would be too dangerous..there are too many places to hide in this forest, and all the guy would need is an instant to take either of them out. At least if they avoided going after him directly, they could get lucky and never run into him at all if his drugged state really did put him off the deep end.

"Listen, you might not like to hear this, but right now it might be the safer plan to leave that guy be until he shows his face to us, or if. We avoid him if we can, and if we can't, then we deal with him. At least then we wouldn't have to go stumbling blindly after him if he shows his face to us. And if he is as drugged as Mint says he is, I doubt he's going to be able to use his gun too well from a distance."

With that, she then turned to Chu..she did find it curious at how she managed to show up here. Well, obviously because of Mint..but the question came to how she ended up in this direction in the first place.
No. 294621 ID: 55c4cf
File 130215095142.png - (313.37KB , 777x777 , BBQ691.png )

"Fine, fine, I won't go running off alone, you are most likely correct regarding his level of threat, but we need to take care of him quickly, or others will be hurt,” Ellana lowers her gun, and waits for the others to catch up some. Deciding to take and guard the prisoner, Chu, and lead towards the town. Mint and Nisha follow after keeping a close watch on what was around them.
"Listen, you might not like to hear this, but right now it might be the safer plan to leave that guy be until he shows his face to us, or if. We avoid him if we can, and if we can't, then we deal with him. At least then we wouldn't have to go stumbling blindly after him if he shows his face to us. And if he is as drugged as Mint says he is, I doubt he's going to be able to use his gun too well from a distance,” the ghoul speaks while they walk. She did some thinking again, looking between Chu and Mint.

Nu keeps a close pace with the ladies, keeping hidden in the trees and looking out for danger. He certainly wasn't feeling any condition to do battle with a crazed sniper. While they get close to the edge of the forest, he begins to worry less, and look around for a flower. The flora was still recovering from winter, and not too many plants stand out amidst the grove of pine trees.
He spots a flower standing out near a tree, growing in spite of all the other potential seeds on the forest floor.

In the forest, a deranged soldier waits.

If Nu takes the flower, he's going to need to take care of it, and getting an apartment in town might be beneficial to blend in with the town and find two more ladies. Should Nu make a home in the forest, or try and arrange an apartment? Lastly, he has a soldier's gun, he might want to get rid of that.
No. 294622 ID: 476456

whisper sweet nothings to flower.
No. 294623 ID: dad664

You are a MANLY MAN SHARK who builds his house from trees WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

Because it is a MANLY thing to do.

Also because it's cool.
No. 294624 ID: 45c9f1
File 130215193365.gif - (134.24KB , 600x450 , kitten is conflicted.gif )

Home in the forest, girls getting their picture taken will like their privacy in the middle of the forest. And we need that flower. Or there may be consequences or something
No. 294636 ID: 874bd8

I'd go for the home in the woods. It'll add more privacy for the photo shoots, and you could keep the gun hidden in your new home just in case rather than ditching it completely.

At the same time it might help keep our crazy sniper buddy in the woods if we stay here, because the last thing anyone needs is Helod following us back to town and hurting anyone in his current state of crazy.
No. 294643 ID: 45be60

What? What's wrong with you people. No girl wants to follow some strange guy out into the middle of the woods for a "photo shoot." Stop trying to justify future events and look at the situation at hand.

Get an apartment. Stash the gun in a hollow tree or something I dunno.
No. 294648 ID: 1854db

Good point. Alright let's go hand over the first photo to Ikit on the way back and check out town again.
No. 294659 ID: f5e4b4

Let's ditch the gun, we don't need it anyways and it's likely to bite us in the arse at one point or another. Unload and dismount it, throw the pieces into down a cliff, any mass of water, or just spread in a few hollow trees.

And yeah, home in the woods would be more discreet, but no girl in her right mind is going to follow a shady stranger into the woods.

Go and arrange an apartment in town.
No. 294661 ID: cc391e

A townhouse is likely to be useful in the future really, centrally located to all the women and likely to draw less suspicion in general, what we should do with the gun is pawn it off at Ikit's and maybe extort some extra favors out of him, or reduce our debt.
No. 294713 ID: 8211fd

Pawn the gun to Ikit, he'll know what to do with it.
Arrange to take up an apartment in town, just make sure not to draw too much attention to yourself and things should be fine.

Also, you should keep your guard up as you near the end of the forest. Most people are shot either within there home or close to it.
No. 294719 ID: 1854db

Oooh! Yeah, let's see if we can sell off the gun.
No. 294812 ID: 42c9d5

Sell that gun. If it was designed specifically for the Royal Core, it should fetch a high price.

If you still plan on getting those photos, forget about building a place to stay in the woods.
No. 294950 ID: 55c4cf
File 130223978688.png - (346.93KB , 777x777 , BBQ692.png )

Nu carefully extracts the flower from the soil, doing his best to not injure the flower. He kneels with it in his hand, as if waiting for some supernatural occurrence to result from collecting it. After a while, he gets up and travels to HONEST IKIT'S QUALITY SHOP.

In town, the distressed Fang, is trying to figure out whether he should try and research how to be a better journalist to surpass his rival, or if he just needs a better story. Frantically trying to decide whether to go outside, or stay up in the small newspaper publishing business upstairs. Casul softly calls him to come and sit down.
“What is bothering you, unfortunate plant man? Did you need some assistance finding something?”
Fang is frightened by the way Casul speaks, but he doesn't want to be rude after already sitting down. What a dilemma piled upon all the rest he has to deal with today as it already was!

Ellana gets Chu into the jail cell and closes the door, “I can't begin to tell you how angry I am that you would rob our small bank, amidst all the other problems going on. I hope you don't think the law is going to be kind with your behaviors!”
“I'm sure they won't,” Chu grins, still handcuffed despite being in the cell due to her reputation, but that might not be enough either.

Making it into IKIT'S SHOP, Nu offers the royal military rifle up for some cash. He also informs the rat that he has made some progress on the picture task. In addition to some cash, he would like something to take care of a flower in the alleged apartment.

That would take care of an apartment for around two months at the very least. Enough time to try and get a job. IS THAT A DEAL? Aside from the deal, it's getting close to lunch time. Once Epsilon tries and work out an apartment, where in town should he try and pick up his second lady to photograph?
No. 294953 ID: 1854db


Perhaps we should check out the bar and see who's there.
No. 294954 ID: 476456

Thats a pretty goddamn good deal for a fenced weapon.
No. 294955 ID: 950529

Give Ikit a kiss for his honest services before you leave.
No. 294960 ID: cc391e
File 130224372459.gif - (39.87KB , 302x253 , aibo.gif )

I let out a sigh, the damnable Skunk would probably be out of here again in no time flat as she had proven time and again in the past, she was a nuisance but compared to some of the other stuff going down recently, I wasn't really all that angry.

"You just sit tight there missy, 'sides you're probably safer in there than out here if there's some maniac with a gun running around, enjoy your stay"

I give her a a curt nod and then leave, have plenty of other things to tend to, not the least of which was discussing with my colleges what sort of warning if any we should give to the locals about the armed maniac on the loose, and of course how we planned to apprehend him, plus the issue with the escaped murderer had to be dealt with as well, though I suspected he wasn't nearly as much of a threat to public safety as the damned king's men.
No. 294988 ID: 5eea01

You don't even know where it's been D:
No. 294990 ID: 950529

Like that ever mattered!
Pucker up, Epsilon!!
It's time to exchange saliva through co-op tongue twisters!!!
No. 294992 ID: 4a8334

Don't kiss him, he'll probably charge you for it. But yeah, that's a good enough deal.

Once you get the aparment, well you could have a look around for ladies. Maybe the bar?
No. 295009 ID: bb0611

Take the deal, it's probably the best one you'll ever get from this HONEST Salesman. And >>294992 is correct, he'll probably charge you if you kiss him so you might wanna hold off on that.
The bar seems to be the general consensus, but I think it might be worth your time to check the marina. Not only will Mint probably be thee but so will other hard working, under payed young women.
No. 295012 ID: f5e4b4

No kiss, no homo. Get the money and buy a bitchin' apartment. And yeah, the bar sounds like a good start. If it fails we can go to the marina and try out with Mint.

Hmm, I wonder if girls with bullet wounds count as a freaky picture.
No. 295085 ID: 42c9d5

Try and arrange for an apartment with your money that was acquired through totally legal means, and then hit the bar and see who you can find.
No. 295120 ID: 5eea01

Just another lousy day of being one-upped by that mean journalocust.

I'll find a story that'll blow her out of the water some day!


I wish ;_____;
No. 295137 ID: dad664

Obtain apartment with window, acquire pot and soil for flower.

Do not kiss Ikit. Jesus why would you even think that.
No. 295233 ID: 55c4cf
File 130236936708.png - (355.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ693.png )

Detective Nu smirks a little at the rat salesman's eccentric manner of discretion. He accepts IKIT's deal, and takes 1000 Rays, and some care products for the flower.
He takes the cash and goes to the apartments. There are a couple of rooms available, but the first two months rent would be needed. Since it's 700 Rays, he gladly pays up, and gets the key to his apartment. Since they are small and usually for temporary workers in most cases, it comes with minor furnishings like a bed and a table. The manager said, “Someone left a box in there, feel free to keep it if you want.”
He makes the flower more at home than himself, putting it up on the windowsill before preparing to leave for the Tavern.

Nu only has Seven(1 Quick Access, 6 Additional) inventory slots. He can store items in his apartment, if he needs to make room.

Casul continues to watch Fang, waiting for him to respond.
“It was just one more day of my story getting pushed aside for that mean Journalocust. I'll find a story that will blow her out of the water some day! I wish you could help me with that,” Fang says, more disjointed explanation of his feelings but he curiously wonders, “Can you help me?”
Casul keeps his smile and he is silent, as if focusing, or using some powers that Fang does not have a clue about, so he doesn't try to understand. “You will one day be the number one journalist on this island. Your rival's career will soon die. Does that make you feel better, Fang?”

Nu arrives at the tavern, and since it is lunch time it is bustling with activity. Now he has to choose which he is going to start with for his lucrative mission of acquiring a lady or two.

There's of course the waitress carrying the drinks to and from the bartender by her lonesome.
At the bar is the snake-man bartender, the canine bank manager, an older woman, and a bald fellow.
At the further table sits a strange horned fluid man with his foot in a bucket, a cheery bubble touched, a rather ragged unfortunate looking bubble touched, and the squirrel whose choice posterior you may have grabbed exiting the labyrinth.
The closer table sits two bubble touched martial artists, a friendly well dressed human, and a woman bubble held with a tall beer.

Where shall Nu be seated, and who shall he speak with and/or flirt with first?
No. 295234 ID: c44286

Uh? What do you mean? Is she going to get fired? Did she do something wrong(er than usual)? Some sort of scandalous activity?

...has she compromised her journalistic integrity?
No. 295240 ID: f5e4b4

>At the further table sits a strange horned fluid man with his foot in a bucket

Hey, that sounds like Eden, the satyr from the beginning of the quest! Too bad we have no reason to talk with him.

So... why don't you try to approach the waitress first. Sit down, ask for a drink, then be smooth and tell her you have a proposition, without making it sound like you're going to pay her for sex, or something equally sordid.
No. 295274 ID: dacff3

Stop the waitress and order yourself up a drink, while ordering mention that you're interested in the events that happened here over the last few days and ask if she knows anything about them.
When she leaves head to the table closest to you and start questioning them about the events, then move on to the bar and then the table with the potential labyrinth employee, questioning everyone as you go.

With this tactic you can get around the bar with ease, and it's almost given that at least one of the women will take a shine to your professional attitude.
Though we should probably focus on the lonely waitress or the squirrel. They will probably be most receptive to us. Lonely women can be rather easy to coax, and the squirrel has a bit of story to tell us from the labyrinth which gives us a good reason to pay plenty of attention to her.
No. 295339 ID: 1854db

Naw, that's Eden's BF.

I don't see any monstrous or unusual girls. Looks like we'll have to settle for the 'normal pic' at the moment.
Lonesome can just mean by yourself, not necessarily lonely. Her expression doesn't suggest she is approachable...

I note there is an empty spot at the bar. Doesn't seem like there's an empty chair anywhere else. Let's start there. Tell the barman you're new in town, and ask what's been going on recently.
No. 295358 ID: a17522

I am aware of the meaning of the word, it just appeared to me from her expression that she was more lonely then upset. Perhaps I am wrong, but that is the feeling she gave me from looking at the picture.
No. 295367 ID: 55c4cf

>I note there is an empty spot at the bar. Doesn't seem like there's an empty chair anywhere else. Let's start there.

railroad !!
No. 295369 ID: 950529

Grab a chair from out of view, drag it slowly across the room, then sit down uncomfortably close to your lady of choice and drink her drink while making eyecontact with a seductive smirk.
No. 295386 ID: 476456

if things go bad throw a chair in any direction.
No. 295429 ID: 42c9d5

Slip into that unoccupied spot at the bar, order something, perhaps. That'll probably be good.
No. 295589 ID: ed427e

Should probably order something and take a stab at the woman with the beer first. She might be a little tipped already and that might make it easier to get her into something. After that, try for the squirrel to see if she's into anything, and pick and choose others if they refuse. The waitress should probably be the last shot, since she'll be there likely until the place closes.
No. 295594 ID: f157b7

Go up to a random guy and punch them. Show everyone you mean business.
No. 295600 ID: 07416a

Do the little mole dude at the end of the bar. He has a snout, which allows you to establish dominance as well.
No. 295605 ID: da0527

Hm... Maybe I should have left some choice photos behind for those interested. I'm not sure they'd be what HONEST IKIT is looking for, though I think I'd work pretty well all covered in riches.

Er. Anyway, uh... Maybe hit on the snake bartender? Er, wait, IKIT wants ladies in his pictures. I'd suggest approaching one of the cheerier ladies, perhaps the one with the tall beer. Start off polite and subtle, flirt a bit, and gradually work your way toward wanting to see her in one of your artistic photographs. You can then let her know about your vision of your next piece, which is, of course, a beautiful woman covered in riches. You have a friend who can supply a place for the shoot, and you feel she'd be perfect for the part. And so on, and so on...
No. 295713 ID: dad664

No. 295956 ID: 55c4cf
File 130260308151.png - (298.86KB , 777x777 , BBQ694.png )

"What do you mean, is she going to get fired for something she did wrong? Has she compromised her journalistic integrity?"
Casul leans back and softly laughs. Fang worries in the silent room for what feels like hours to him before Casul finally breaks it.
“Give it time, now go follow your dream before you never wake up.”

Espilon goes to the bar and orders a martini. The canine bank manager is in a bad mood. Considering he just had his place robbed, he can't be blamed too much. Once Epsilon has his drink, he finds a chair and drags it slowly towards where the Squirrel is sitting.
It takes her longer than you would expect to look over. She purposely avoids looking at the noise until Nu is unnaturally close to her. She abruptly turns towards him and almost into his lower half.
“H-hihi. Uhm.”
Nu takes a sip of his drink and smiles softly, “Didn't mean to startle you, beautiful.”
She clams up for a moment, shifting around nervously in her seat, trying to speak about three times before getting actual words out, “I-I uh I'm Sani. D-did you w-want to sit with m-me?”
She scoots her chair a few inches, but there is plenty of room between her and the liquid man.

Nu has gained Two Heart Points with Sani, the Squirrel. How shall he continue?
No. 295958 ID: f5e4b4

Flatter her, be smooth and nice to her. Compliment her on her hair and tail. Gain hearts.
No. 295965 ID: 950529

Flatter her by saying she is a gender.
>"I see that you are a female. I like that."
Smirk seductively, then pretend to suddenly notice her glass being half empty.
>"Would you like a refill on that?"
Then empty the martini in your mouth, grab her drink, and let the martini slowly pour out of your mouth into the glass, dripping down your chin and neck. Stir it up with your tongue.
Eyecontact the whole time is a must.
No. 295982 ID: 476456

twirl her drinks with your d-no actually just flatter her.

then twirl her drink with your dicks.
No. 295992 ID: 45c9f1
File 130261403458.jpg - (134.81KB , 499x400 , heart butt.jpg )

she already seems shy enough, why not tell a bad joke to lighten the mood?
No. 296035 ID: 5eea01

O-okay. I'll just...get on my way. Away from this creepy guy.

I...don't remember Casul being this creepy. But maybe I should go work on my reporting a bit.

But first I should go put down my roots for a moment. It's been a stressful day and I need a bit of sunshine. And water, getting a bit parched.
No. 296067 ID: 089f82

Bad Joke, "Egg-cellent question, I most certainly did."
No. 296075 ID: 07416a

Bad joke. She is nervous as hell. Break the tension a bit. If she laughs and relaxes you've pretty much got her in the bag.
No. 296089 ID: 97c275

This, but add your own spittle and vomit until the martini is full again. That way it's actually a refill.
No. 296149 ID: 9b5114

flatter the fuck out of that squirrel and see what it leads to.
No. 296184 ID: dad664

No. 296187 ID: 874bd8

Flatter the squirrel, try to be polite and friendly with her, it's more than likely that most of the people in this bar aren't exactly 'nice' so it might help to improve your image a bit. And if that fails then go for the joke as a desperation measure.
No. 296188 ID: 1854db

Gonna go with flatter. Say "Of course, who wouldn't want to?" or something like that.
No. 296607 ID: 55c4cf
File 130276353883.png - (313.09KB , 777x777 , BBQ695.png )

“Of course I'll sit with you, beautiful. I was going to ask if I could if you hadn't invited me.”
Nu takes a seat at the table right next to Sani and they tap glasses gently.
“Thanks for keeping me company,” the squirrel nearly whispers.
“I'll keep you a lot more company if you want later. It's a miracle you nobody else found you first.”
“W-well it's just l-lunch right now. There's n-not too much going on b-besides eating.”
“There's no eating yet, right now we're just drinking. I could eat later, but maybe you'd like some food first.”

The Waitress steps up to the table, “Would either of you like something to eat, or more to drink?”
“I'm not too h-hungry, but sure.”
“We could share.”

What should Nu get for lunch?
She's taking well to him so far, should he try and take her home after this or is there an additional location or event he should experience with Sani?

No. 296609 ID: 15b51b

1) Seafood.

2) Clothes shopping for flattery purposes and, more importantly, because you need to buy a bitchin' cloak.
No. 296619 ID: 3046f0

Freshly caught red lobster. Let her have the honors of mallet-ing it.
No. 296620 ID: 45c9f1
File 130276763370.jpg - (48.39KB , 499x373 , bacon weave roll with cheese.jpg )

A steak? Ah hell if I know maybe just some finger food.

Take her somewhere nice like the fore- wait, sniper, shit... well I dunno where else then.
No. 296621 ID: f5e4b4

Yeah, this is an island, the seafood must be good. Ask that.

2) Take her out around town and buy her something, not too expensive, but to flatter her before taking her to your place. Maybe some jewelry, but don't spend all your money on it.
No. 296636 ID: 5eea01

A glass of mineral water and an unwitting spider are always delicious~!

Oh. Wait. You guys don't go for that. Uhhhhhh...sorry, I am not good with mammal food '~'
No. 296639 ID: 476456

Shrimp cocktail
No. 296670 ID: dad664

Steak, medium rare. Let the lady order what she wants.
No. 296682 ID: 089f82

Sea food and shopping sounds good to me. If you two spend enough time together some stargazing might be nice too.
No. 296809 ID: 42c9d5

Seafood sounds best. You're on an island, after all. It's probably top-notch. Afterwords, take her around down, buy her something nice.
No. 296816 ID: ed30d2

seconding shrimp cocktail / seafood appetizer. should go with her where she wants to unless it is the forest. avoid your apartment and visit garden if this is the case.
No. 297103 ID: 55c4cf
File 130293785174.png - (336.55KB , 777x777 , BBQ696.png )

Nu orders the seafood special of the day, and gets more drinks for himself and Sani. When the waitress leaves, the horned liquid man prepares to get up and leave, “We should really speak at some point, lady killer,” he cackles, winks, pays the waitress and leaves. Notably one foot inside of a bucket as if it were a shoe.

The fish is grilled with a thick rich tangy sauce mixing strong spices and fruits. A slice of the fruit is set alongside it. In addition are bittersweet vegetables, steamed grains, and a small amount of shrimp. In most of the world, this could be an expensive dish, but one of the main exports on the island of Wormwood is in fact seafood. The bartender is an excellent chef, but it isn't too surprising since this is the only restaurant on the island. If it wasn't for the low population of the town, you'd wonder how one could manage with only two employees.

While sharing Dinner, the two have small talk, and Nu takes a kiss before the dinner is finished. He explains to her that, “I don't want the date to end yet,” and she quietly agrees to go with you.

Nu takes her to the Corner Store where the manager apologizes for having a very small selection of jewelery, of which Sani is incredibly flustered at the offer and can barely manage any words at all about which she would want.

1. Which kind of jewelry should Nu get Sani? Earrings, Bracelet, Ring, Necklace.
2. Taking her back to the apartment, should Nu share his real self with her or keep it a secret?
3. Should Nu take a picture of himself for the third picture? If so, what kind of strange creature should he take the shape of?
4. Lastly, Design the Gift of the jewelry. What kind of gem or design should Epsilon get made for her? (If the type of jewelry selected is different than the design I pick, I'll revamp it for whatever it goes onto, so don't think that designing a ring will get ignored if bracelet won for example.)

No. 297105 ID: 476456

are those acorn earrings? get her the acorn earrings!

might wanna keep that on the down low.


No. 297106 ID: f5e4b4

1. Necklace. It's not too cheap, not to expensive. You want to make a good impression, not trying to make her your girlfriend.

2. Keep it a secret if you can, she might get scared of feel betrayed if she knows the truth.

3. Yeah, so we can stop wasting time chasign girls. Uuuuuh, I don't know, turn into some tentacle monster girl or something.

4. Maybe a small shark tooth?
No. 297135 ID: 950529
File 130296674083.png - (8.26KB , 166x362 , primal-urges.png )

This design by a young artist representing primal urges and intimacy. It should be most appropriate for your date.
No. 297144 ID: 5eea01

Oh dear lord what is that. No. Just...no.

The Hivelords of Zathraxia VI probably think that is the most beautiful piece of art, but...no. Just...no.
No. 297322 ID: 45c9f1
File 130302765165.jpg - (118.84KB , 480x354 , Red Apple Earrings.jpg )

1. Earrings

2.No stupid. keep it secret.

3.sure, half spider chic.

4. How about this?
No. 297327 ID: dad664

1) Earrings
2) Secret
3) Yes, Drider
4) Four-point star
No. 297354 ID: 1854db

1. Earrings, yeah.
2. Secret. Seriously.
3. Some kind of spider thing sounds right.
4. I'm not sure but it should be something relatively simple, I'm thinking. Something that could be thought of as a keepsake rather than a treasured gift of luuuurve.
No. 297383 ID: 950529
File 130305570046.jpg - (57.87KB , 450x600 , lapines-a-frolick.jpg )

This exquisite design from overseas made from polished pink silver is a true eyecatcher. Despite nothing being known about the original artist, the public has affectionately named it "Lapines A Frolick", and it remains a greatly appreciated gift to this day, perfect for your date and loved ones.
No. 297452 ID: 1854db

Hahahaha this is awesome!
No. 297491 ID: 42c9d5

Jewelry: Go for the necklace, isn't cheap, isn't too expensive

Identity: Don't you fucking dare

Picture of self: As long as you don't still resemble Epsilon or Nu you should be fine. Put a third boob in there and possibly some tentacles.

Design: I really have no idea
No. 297499 ID: 8bdb6a

1) Necklace in the form of some weird thing
2) Show her your true form
3) Some girl thing with tentacles
No. 297509 ID: 07416a

1. Earrings
2. Secret. God, this is a one-night-stand-with-pictures.
3.Tentacle monster-lady self bondage.
No. 297515 ID: 55c4cf
File 130310372084.png - (217.85KB , 777x777 , BBQ697.png )

Back at the jail, the holding cell is empty, door left swinging open.

Nu purchases some lewd bunny earrings in the store. One of those questionably artsy kinds of gifts. He helps her put them on, and she thanks him for it. The two walk around and talk for a little while before he invites her to come see his apartment.

Ellana notices that a certain skunk is no longer behind bars, as well as the fact the key in the lock is from her key ring.

Back in Nu's apartment, Sani had a nice time with him, but after a couple hours she thanks him for his time and goes home.

Nu is presumably going to IKIT's after he takes a picture of himself. Is there anything he should buy when turning in all three pictures?
No. 297532 ID: 1854db

I'm HOPING that Epsilon will have tits or something for this picture.

Stuff to buy... How about some furnishings? Get some style happening up in that apartment.
No. 297535 ID: 8bdb6a

I think we need to meet with Casul to give our weird devil boss the flower, but we don't know that ICly yet.

Can Epsilon even shapeshift into a spider with tentacles? That might be too many appendages. How about a bubble-held? (With tentacles) Maybe leave the mouth just sharky enough that Ikit feels like he's being ripped off.

I don't think we really need anything right now. Other than boring things like groceries.
No. 297540 ID: f5e4b4

Turn yourself into a spider girl with tentacles. And big tits.

Hmmm... I guess you could get some tools, to make the forest house. Or at least to learn how to do it.
No. 297571 ID: 950529

just a torso with six tits
no tentacles
no multiple legs
just a legless
genitalless torso
with six tits
No. 297586 ID: ce15d1

why are we still voting about his unusual form, you totally did that all weekend. this is about buying some things he might need from IKIT.
No. 297587 ID: 45503e

What is considered 'exotic' in a world with so many different sorts of people? Both separate species and sub-species, we're starting to lose track of how many are on this island alone.

Something with wings. Birdlike, batlike, insect like even.. Even if they don't work, its just for a picture.
No. 297588 ID: 1854db

Uh, we already decided on a spider monster, guys. Going for outright surrealism won't make for a good photo anyway.
No. 297592 ID: c5487d

Get some simple furnishings, seeing as we'll soon have no more need for our apartment but will still need a place to stay.
Also, by some curtains.
No. 297600 ID: fa7981
File 130315417037.jpg - (77.72KB , 500x375 , aibone.jpg )

After taking a few moments to calm myself down, I figure I should go notify the chief or something, of course, I had personally expected Chu to get out somehow, though I thought it'd have take at least a couple days, I was going to give the idiot that had been watching the cells a pretty good chewing out for this, in fact, I think I'll make that my top priority, and will do that before I report to the chief.
No. 297810 ID: dad664

A pot to put the flower in? IDK.
No. 297813 ID: dad664

Stop asking me to post things right after waking up >|V

Uhm. Fuck, I don't know. I'll just go with what someone else said and say furniture.
No. 297820 ID: 45c9f1
File 130326155315.gif - (29.62KB , 400x400 , poptart cat.gif )

Dude. Get a pet. Chics dig pets and it looks like we'll be here for a while. I recommend this one.
No. 297824 ID: 476456

nice bedsheets and some potpourri
No. 297946 ID: 55c4cf
File 130333179658.png - (283.43KB , 777x777 , BBQ698.png )

Shape shifting into some tentacle spider monstrosity was a harder task than what Epsilon was used to. It was a little bit easier than figuring out how to set up the camera and posing for it properly for it to snap. Satisfied that it was unusual enough, and waiting long enough to change back into Detective Nu first, he traveled to IKIT'S store to turn in his completed set.


When Nu equips the bracers back around his wrists, he feels stronger than he did the first time he wore them. They feel less like metal wrist bracers and more like a part of him. The artifact of a deity fully realized.


Nu needs to figure out:
1. What kinds of stuff should he get for his apartment for the time being?
2. He's going to need to get a job or earn some money, how should he start earning cash on the island?

[ Fate Points ]
With the Bracers re-equipped he has access to channeling Fate Points.
Fate Points give greater effect and/or higher chance of success for an action. Unlike Acts of God, a Fate Point does not have limitless potential or guaranteed success.
Epsilon/Nu can only use a Fate Point for an action blessed by his patron deity. This means he can only vouch for the purpose of Destruction.
No. 297948 ID: 45c9f1
File 130333249135.gif - (0.96MB , 300x169 , WWE troutface.gif )

Kitchenware and lighting, nothing says sexy like good lighting, and nothing says bum like not having fucking utensils.

What was he doing? Licking them? Check your bracers for bite marks.
No. 297951 ID: f5e4b4

1) Kitchenware, a comfy couch, basic stuff, don't get into another debt to get stuff, though.

2) Detective! It's what you do best, after all. If not, I don't know, you could ask Mint if she needs an assistant.
No. 297954 ID: a5dbe5

Maybe we SHOULD start a porn mag.
No. 297959 ID: b7155d

Kitchenware, with some curtains and rug.
You're a shadow, you don't need lights but if you feel the need to splurge then get a comfy chair as well.

As for the money side of things. Maybe do some detective work like the old days, or failing that look for work at the marina perhaps?
No. 297971 ID: 11841d

1) Since the apartment already has a bed and table, you certainly won't need those. If you're missing chairs though, you may want to get a few of those. Also see if he's selling alarm clocks.

2) You were a real detective, weren't you? I suppose you could do that. Although since you'll be masquerading as Nu you may have some trouble producing proper identification.
No. 297974 ID: 6930ef

We should totally start a porn mag.
No. 298006 ID: 476456

Cool, a dog!
No. 298028 ID: 1854db

Getting silverware sounds like a good idea. That dog is tempting to get right now... oh hell with it, let's get that chair.

Also let's just look around town at want ads or something before trying to get a specific job.
No. 298082 ID: dad664

We're a Shade, we don't need no stinkin' light fixtures yet. Kitchenware is useful. Lets you eat things and also works as an impromptu WEPON. Shades for the windows for privacy would be neat as well
No. 298089 ID: 5eea01

Kitchenware, a nice chair to ponder the state of your life. And a doggy. Also, since you're so good at photography, why not offer to get pictures for the LOCAL PAPER.
No. 298098 ID: 950529

>stuff to buy
a nice big lavalamp
just smack that in the middle and everything is ok
>stuff to sell
your body
go make some men and ladies happy
you're a shapeshifter so use that to your advantage
No. 298119 ID: b6b81b

Getting some kitchenware and lights would be good. Even if Eps is a shadow, having lights would be a better environment for the flower.. You have the bed or the floor to sit on so a chair isn't necessary, and a rug and curtains is mostly for decor which isn't very necessary, and having something to put food on would be wise to have. As for a job..something at the local newspaper might be easy enough. Perhaps taking pictures.
No. 308485 ID: 55c4cf
File 130701943389.png - (324.92KB , 777x777 , BBQ699.png )

Nu spends the money, and gets the chair, and some kitchen utensils. He walks home with his new dog.

Far away, waiting at the docks for the last boat to Wormwood island for, “a while,” as the workers are saying. “It seems the relations between the good King and where we are going are not very good, dad. Are you sure we should be going there?”
“River. The shrine has been desecrated with the deaths of dozens of people. As a scholar and a necromancer, I feel it is my duty to check it out. Where's your mother?” The little boy next to River Styx, responds. Despite the appearance and sound of the voice, he has a very dreary authority in his tone.
“I don't know where mom is. She said she'd be here shortly, you know how she is.”
“Yes. That's why I'm worried.”

There's not too many jobs in the paper. This is a work colony. Besides the marina, and the mines, there's only a few duties in town. He could easily try and coax his way into working with the police as a detective.
Yes, Nu is a real detective, despite his complete indiscretion since the whole incident of his friends he was staying with on the islands getting slaughtered. Lost his temper and died for it, didn't he. Now he's raising a flower in a window sill for some deity.
So work for the newspaper, at the marina or with the police?

In the caves, Paul finds the body of Mchoma who didn't show up for the morning meeting. Neither has Helod. It had to be Epsilon. Paul was going to make that Shadow pay, and soon.
No. 308487 ID: f5e4b4

Work as a detective for the police: You know the ropes and have experience in the field. And as a police officer you'll get respect and acceptance in the community, plus you'll get to know what happens in the island, first hand.

Don't forget to water the flower. And walk the dog!
No. 308531 ID: 45c9f1
File 130704454509.jpg - (55.96KB , 470x614 , leash tugger.jpg )

Working for the police is asking to get caught, they aren't quite that stupid that they wouldn't notice you eventually if you were with them every day.

I say work at the marina, you default to looking like a shark for a reason... I can't think of what reason that is but it's as good a reason as any.
No. 308555 ID: 476456

Play Fetch w/ dog
No. 308925 ID: 429908


Also, detective sounds nice but seems very risky. I think working at the Marina would be a lot safer, though it may not pay as well as one might hope.
No. 308944 ID: dad664

You are Detective Man, come from the Detective Agency. You are here to perform Detection and Detective-related Activities.
No. 309240 ID: 1854db

You're a detective, but... do you have a badge or anything to prove that? If you DO have some way to prove that you're a detective, won't they be able to tell from the identification that you're Epsilon? Trying to get hired that way seems like a bad idea. Either they won't accept you since you can't prove you have previous experience, or they'll figure out who you are.

Working at the paper, we may be able to get some good work done. We can hide in shadows, so we can take photos in secret...

On the other hand any job we can get at the marina would be rather low-profile. I guess that could work too.
No. 309279 ID: c1d306

Investigative work would appear to be your best choice, as you have had work as a detective before, but there's a snag. You were most likely a detective with the face of a shark, were you not? A shark currently at large for murder and escaping prison? Unless you have a way of creating some very convincing identification papers, getting the job will prove to be exceedingly difficult, and likely quite suspicious.

If it's really that risky, journalism might be your thing. Hell, your stealth abilities may prove invaluable as a photographer.

Let's just hope Father Paul doesn't figure out you're not actually working as a detective.
No. 309451 ID: f0e3ae

where are chapters 8 and 9? the link to previous chapters (wiki) is missing them.
No. 309655 ID: 9f54d0

I would go with investigative work but say you're freelance or something OR just lie about everything forever just like always.

You huge ass liar.
No. 309708 ID: 950529

Work for the newspaper! Less rules means... more.. ... sss.. .sex?
No. 315444 ID: 55c4cf
File 130857717322.png - (214.09KB , 777x777 , BBQ700.png )

River takes her father's book and holds it high above his head.
“Daughter, unhand that this very instant! There will be hell to pay if you do not, I swear to every devil.”
River continues to tease Pixie with laughter.

A gray skinned woman stands with her meager luggage. She had lost quite a lot, but now she had the promise of a new job on another island. She had little to lose, and a whole new place to start anew. Her next drink would be a victorious one.

The last boat arrives to bring them to their new life.

Nu plays fetch with his dog for a little while before he travels to the newspaper office. The editor sees him after a short wait.

“Now a job you want? I don't employ many. What is it you think you can do for us that is worth my time and money, mister...”
“Nu. I am a photographer, and a crafty one. I'm sure some well shot images would spruce up your paper.”
“Of course, of course, but don't expect a lot of cash unless you can capture the attention of the islanders with your silly little camera. You might want to pick one of the reporters to work with. Their articles are lacking—truly lacking—in fitting pictures. Except the lady. Our locust woman is a true star trapped on this floating heap. You could try to convince her—she's already pretty good at taking pics. Or you can try with the lesser ones. The plant man or the chubby dragon boy. They're writing somewhere on the floor if you want. Pick one and get to work. Time is money, and money doesn't show up for a photographer without any pictures.”

Who shall Nu work with? The Locust, Fang, or the unseen Bubble Touched fellow?
No. 315445 ID: f5e4b4


Seduce the locust lady... I mean, work with her.
No. 315446 ID: 476456

Mr James-i mean the bubbletouched
No. 315447 ID: 5eea01

It is my completely unbiased opinion that Fang could use some help with his articles.
No. 315468 ID: b6908e
File 130858845406.gif - (0.97MB , 178x177 , finger guns.gif )

help the bubble touched guy, Fang is already a BRILLIANT REPORTER and the locust chick won't need your help.
No. 315529 ID: 1854db

Fang interviewed you. If he's a good reporter, he'd have noticed some of your speech patterns or body language, and if he suspects something he might just ... ask you for another interview.

Let's go with Fang.
No. 315668 ID: 950529

strike out on your own and show that you have both reporter and photographer skills. time to get some people fired.

alternatively the dragon
No. 315693 ID: dad664

Fing Fang Foom.
No. 315696 ID: 383006

Locust lady is the sexiest and therefore only reasonable option.
No. 315829 ID: b9bd4f

We should probably help Fang out some, he seems like he could use the help.
No. 315834 ID: 9f54d0

fang. fang forever.
No. 315958 ID: 917814

No. 316251 ID: 904c12

chubby touched. i want pictures of spiderman !
No. 318159 ID: 55c4cf
File 130914365048.png</