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File 127646647864.png - (353.32KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
193207 No. 193207 ID: 6550ad

A diplomatic spaceship speeds his way through the hyperspace, its crew and passengers unconscious in the cryogenic sleep, unaware of the terrible fate that looms upon them.
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No. 193208 ID: 6550ad
File 127646665573.png - (283.20KB , 1000x750 , 02_copy.png )

Yet... it begins.
No. 193209 ID: f82d85

Get up and greet the brand new space day!

Turn on your computer and shit.
No. 193210 ID: 6550ad
File 12764667412.png - (187.74KB , 800x720 , 3.png )

No. 193211 ID: f21281

No. 193212 ID: 6550ad
File 127646679417.png - (241.31KB , 900x675 , 4.png )

*yawn*. Urgh... Time to wake up already? Oh well, I guess it's time to get to work.
No. 193213 ID: 1ac39d

login to computer
No. 193215 ID: f82d85


Put on your pants.

Not the jacket yet. Just the pants.
No. 193217 ID: e1ae6c

Grab your uniform, you naughty ant.
You also have to work on your morning-rituals.
No. 193218 ID: 55c4cf

what's up commanda
No. 193219 ID: 6550ad
File 127646692268.png - (247.97KB , 900x675 , 5.png )

You are Tiak Balint, and you are the Head of Security of this diplomatic spaceship, the Sparrow 12. Said ship is on route from the Orbital Interception 46f to the planet Tinosa II, transporting passengers of Diplomatic Class 2. As part of your job, you must keep the crew and the passengers under control and prevent any trouble, act of violence or sabotage during the journey.
Which feels like it's going to be pretty boring, as most of the people in the ship will remain in cryogenic sleep during the three standard days that will take the hyperjump. Anyways, time to get to work. Tiak is still a bit disoriented from the sudden awakening. What should he do first?

(Sorry for the slow intro)
No. 193222 ID: 0b2a05

Computer log in.

Oh god you're cute.
No. 193224 ID: e1ae6c

Check up on the status of the cryogenic-chambers. If you're done with that, you might as well get a coffe.
No. 193226 ID: 1ac39d

yes see if the computer reports anything.
No. 193227 ID: c2c011

Check the computer for any news or mails or other important stuff.
No. 193228 ID: 55c4cf

Check on sleeping passengers, then draw mustaches on ones you do not like as much.
No. 193232 ID: e1ae6c

...they're all sleeping, why did you even get dressed?
No. 193268 ID: 6550ad
File 12764689465.png - (215.21KB , 900x675 , 6.png )

You try to log on into the Ship intranet and database, but an error message pops up. Apparently the server is offline. This should not happen, you should talk with someone about this. Maybe the Head Engineer. Or even the Captain himself.
You think that a coffee would be nice, but you would need to go to the canteen to get one.
No. 193269 ID: e1ae6c


You should better grab your gun then, safety first.
No. 193270 ID: f82d85


Go to the Head Engineer first, ask him what be up
No. 193271 ID: 1ac39d

agree gun and engineer.
No. 193273 ID: e1ae6c

What are those little cabinets all about? The ones with the symbols above.
No. 193279 ID: a594b9

Talk to the Head Engineer first.
No. 193310 ID: a594b9

Check the equipment cabinet.
No. 193311 ID: 6550ad
File 12764726997.png - (233.58KB , 900x675 , 7.png )

You take your reglementary weapon. It's an energy stun gun. It should be able to leave someone unconscious for 20 minutes or so, without damaging heavily the nervous system of the victim. Being a Diplomatic Class 2 flight, the passengers in the spaceship aren't too important. Just a step above the regular bureaucrat. So it's a job classified of minimum security. The weapons aboard are heavily restricted and no lethal weaponry is allowed on board.
The red, white and blue shield over the cabinet is the emblem of the Maurian Republic , your people. That cabinet probably contains reglementary security equipment. You wonder if you should take a look before heading away.
The other cabinet is just the fuse box for the automatic door and general electricity in your room. You feel like you shouldn't mess with that without a good reason.
No. 193312 ID: 6550ad


Sorry, I'm dumb and that was a typo. Corrected now.
No. 193313 ID: 1ac39d

yeah let's check what else we can get. is suspicious that you wouldn't of gotten memo about the off-lining.
No. 193314 ID: 0b2a05

Take a look, no reason not to right?
No. 193320 ID: 732129

Is that a camera in the upper corner?
No. 193346 ID: 6550ad
File 127647764962.png - (238.79KB , 900x675 , 8.png )

Yes, that in the corner is a camera. You should be able to have access to the recordings of the many cameras installed in the ship. If only your terminal worked.
You open the Equipment cabinet. Inside you find your ID card. It should grant you access to most zones of the ship. There's also your PDA. It should contain useful tools, like a list of passengers, maps, notebook, clock, etc. Unfortunately, most of those services will require a connection with the main server , which is currently down. But it will probably still be useful.
And two servo-cameras. It's similar to the ones mounted on the walls, bu these ones in particular have micro-AG fields incorporated. You could program them to patrol certain areas of the ship, and they would send the recordings to the main server. Or even directly to your PDA, if you wish so.
You ponder about what to get, or if you should just get all the stuff in the cabinet.
No. 193349 ID: 0b2a05

No reason not to take everything, right? Well, maybe you could leave one of the cameras. Hmm
No. 193350 ID: 1ac39d

take it all and stick the cameras to your shoulders.
No. 193356 ID: 1a99f0

so the servo cameras dont need the server to work properly? Take one with you and set one up in your room, or right outside in the hallway. Set them both to send recording data to your pda.
No. 193359 ID: 732129


Set your servo cams up so that they're reporting to your PDA and use them to help you scout as you go around the ship. The mainframe being down is a bad sign.
No. 193394 ID: 6550ad
File 127648507718.png - (254.97KB , 900x675 , 9.png )

You decide to keep the servo-cameras, but you still haven't decided to keep them both or place one in the hallway next to your room. As you suspected, most functions in your PDA are down with the mainframe. But at least the ETA countdown is still programmed.
...Wait a moment. You should've woken up 10 minutes after the hyperjump. But it's been 30 minutes, and you didn't take more than 5 minutes getting dressed and ready. What's the meaning of this?
Oh, and the door won't open. Great. This is starting to get weird.

(You can ask anytime to check the inventory)
No. 193397 ID: 1ac39d

well check the electric panel, maybe it's just a simple circuit breaker is tripped.
No. 193401 ID: 55c4cf

Definitely going to need to check the fuse box, and if we weren't in a hurry, checking the camera feed for the room would be a good idea too. Something is obviously wrong right now.
No. 193404 ID: 1ac39d

we already established we can't use any cameras other then the hover ones because the server is down.
No. 193418 ID: 1a99f0

is there any way that the pda can directly tap into any other cameras in the ship? If not i guess it's time to start fiddling with that electric panel.
No. 193419 ID: 1ac39d

wait, what's the door with all the black and yellow stripes?
No. 193446 ID: 1a99f0

do we happen to have a MAP of the ship? On the PDA perhaps? Even one based off of memory would be nice.
No. 193463 ID: 6550ad
File 127649521937.png - (272.04KB , 900x900 , 10.png )

You open the fuse box and... Dear god, what is this!? What a clusterfuck!
Ok, let's see... You can see the other side of the hallway. That means that the fuse box is also open at the other side. That's really weird.

Now... There's four cables, red, yellow, green and blue, attached to 8 different fuses... And it seems that you can only detach and attach the ones on the upper side. The ones in the lower side are fixed in place. One of the upper fuses has a drawing of a door made with chalk.
Ok, now what should I do? I don't think that I should try random connecting and disconnecting cables, this thing seems pretty unstable.
No. 193466 ID: 1ac39d

hermmm.... try the other door.
No. 193469 ID: 1a99f0

okay shit don't want to mess with that unless we know what we're doing. What's up with the other door? where's that go? And just how much can the PDA do without the server?
No. 193470 ID: 1a99f0

I've got it. there's a lot of slack in those wires. Push them to the sides without disconnecting them and stick a camera through.
No. 193473 ID: 6550ad
File 127649820867.png - (91.19KB , 900x900 , 11.png )

You decide to check your PDA. But unfortunately, it lacks a database in its memory, it relies on the mainframe to get all its data. You suppose that you could add that data manually if you had no other choice, but you think that it would be wiser to try to ask someone competent with these things before anything else.
No. 193475 ID: aeade0

do this.
No. 193476 ID: a594b9

Maybe this is more simple than we think. Why not rearrange all the wires so it's the same order on top as it is on the bottom?
No. 193479 ID: 1a99f0

oh god, battery level. What's the battery life on that thing, and how easy is it to charge?
No. 193493 ID: 732129


We have no tools for testing lines, so there's no telling what each of those is supposed to do. Fuseboxes normally contain breakers or actual fuses, not a bunch of shunts like this one. Unless the wires themselves can also serve as fuses, I guess. Maybe they have fuses built in. That'd be more expensive for a manufacturer, but if your electricians have a habit of sticking pennies in breakers then it'd make sense to force them to use fuses, like it or not.
No. 193508 ID: 6550ad
File 127650204349.png - (177.37KB , 900x675 , 12.png )

You decide to check the other door in your cabin before doing anything else. It leads to the Brig.Here's where you should lock any dangerous individual attempting on the Sparrow safety. The room is divided by a force shield that can be activated and deactivated with the card reader next to it. There's also a cabinet in the wall, you aren't sure about what's in there.


Your PDA has enough battery for at least 4 hours more. And it can be charged in any outlet or terminal in the ship.
No. 193510 ID: 1a99f0

so, anything in that cabinet?
No. 193514 ID: a594b9

Open up that cabinet and see what's in it.
No. 193540 ID: 6550ad
File 127650425966.png - (198.52KB , 900x675 , 13.png )

Inside the cabinet you find a pair of heavy duty gloves, that you put in your inventory. Nothing else.
No. 193546 ID: 1a99f0

good, we can wear those when we get around to doing the wiring. That other thing on this side of the barrier is just a card reader, right?
No. 193551 ID: 75a29c

Check the cryo tube in the brig to make sure it's clear. I can't see why the force field would be active if no one is in the brig.

That brig also doesn't seem very secure to be honest. If someone stood on top of the cryo tube then they'd be able to reach that vent and possibly escape though there. Keep this in mind...
No. 193553 ID: 6550ad
File 127650665925.png - (279.11KB , 900x900 , 14.png )


Yes, it was the card reader that opens deactivates the force field.

You come back to your cabin, staring at the mess of cables that it's keeping you away from your duties. You have the suspicion that some of those cables must control other devices in your room.
Anyways, so can try to solve this mess, or stick one of the cameras through the cables and try to do something helpful with.
What will it be?
No. 193556 ID: a594b9

Switch red and yellow and see what that does.
No. 193559 ID: 1a99f0

well, we've got red yellow and green cables coming out of the sleep pod, so maybe blue is the door? Just unplug one of them and wait a second to see what happens. Don't forget the gloves, of course.
No. 193565 ID: 75a29c

Yeah blue might be the door cable since the cyo pod uses the other 3 colours. Send the camera through first to see if there are any hints outside, just to be sure.
No. 193566 ID: a594b9

Oh, right. That sounds like a better plan than just matching the order.

Hey, remember to wear those gloves when working on this stuff.
No. 193567 ID: 1a99f0

yeah, there's a chance that something helpful might be out there, and i doubt it could hurt.
No. 193581 ID: 701a19

Swap red and blue.
No. 193588 ID: 6550ad
File 127651803742.png - (228.25KB , 900x675 , 15.png )

You are starting to have a clear idea about what to do with the cables, but you decide to be careful and send the camera first. Hmm, the hallway seems clear. All doors seem to be closed. Except the one to the left.... Strange. What to do now? Swap the cables?
No. 193589 ID: 0b2a05

Swap the cables. Get your little taser ready.
No. 193599 ID: 6550ad
File 127652014875.png - (89.22KB , 900x450 , 16.png )

As you're about to swap the cables, the camera turns around to check the other side of the corridor. But it hasn't still started to turn around when some object quickly flashes near the border of its visual field. And then you don't receive any signal anymore.
No. 193601 ID: 0b2a05


Do not swap.
No. 193603 ID: 701a19

Swap, and be prepared to shoot somebody in the face.
No. 193614 ID: 6550ad
File 127652455053.png - (294.81KB , 900x900 , 17.png )

You ready your stun gun and swap the red and blue cables. There's a loud "CLICK" at the door that probably means that it's operative again. Success!

But wait a moment, something is not right here...
No. 193616 ID: 701a19

Well, yes. The yellow and red wires still need to be swapped.

Oh, and the thing that bashed your camera is visible through the gap. Might want to do something about that.
No. 193618 ID: a594b9

There's someone on the other side of the door! Look out!
No. 193622 ID: 6550ad
File 127652521863.png - (316.49KB , 900x900 , 18.png )


You can't help to let out a surprised gasp when somebody, apparently wearing a hazard suit, blocks the vision of the corridor at the other side of the opening.
No. 193623 ID: a594b9

Get ready to dodge out of line of sight, and demand to know why they destroyed your camera drone and why the computer isn't working..
No. 193627 ID: a594b9

..."Who are you" is a good question too.
No. 193631 ID: 701a19

"What the heck is going on here? Who are you? What are you doing?"
No. 193634 ID: 6550ad
File 127652768573.png - (195.01KB , 900x900 , 19.png )

Man, you scared me! Who are you anyways? And what the heck is going on here? And whaaat are you doiiing, shit! hands offff!
The figure in the hazard suit doesn't speak a word, and interrupts your questions violently reaching for you with his huge hand through the fuse box gap! With his sudden action, he knocks off almost every cable attached in the box..
No. 193635 ID: a594b9

I'm a firin' my taser.
No. 193645 ID: 75a29c

How does your gun work? That hazard suit will be pretty well insulated. Tear this guys glove off and shoot the exposed hand. Then go out the door to take him down.
No. 193646 ID: 17c94b

Time to try out your stun-gun, Tiak.
No. 193647 ID: 1a99f0

Taser him. Taser him a lot. If the gun can't work through the suit, rip the glove off and TASER HIM.
No. 193652 ID: b14128

Um, if he hasn't grabbed you yet, try dodging?
No. 193664 ID: 6550ad
File 127653765218.png - (244.44KB , 900x675 , 20.png )

You try to step back, but the stranger holds you firmly, and you aren't strong enough to free yourself from his grasp!
You shoot at him in the face, but the Hazard Suit protects him from the low energy beam of your stun gun. You try to claw his glove off, but it's not a glove, it's attached to the rest of the suit.
Suddenly, the man pulls you violently against the wall. And the room is spinning around you.
No. 193666 ID: a594b9

Keep it together! Maybe you could defeat this guy using the door. As in, when he steps through it yank out the blue wire.
No. 193667 ID: 1a99f0

get where he can't reach us, and when he tries to step through the door, yank the blue cord and see if the door will crush him. That failing, go for a pistol whip to the face and a kick to the crotch. We're a security officer, so we know how to fight pretty good, right?
No. 193668 ID: 6550ad
File 127653949374.png - (297.71KB , 900x675 , 21.png )

Everthing goes...
No. 193669 ID: 6550ad
File 127653953617.png - (123.73KB , 900x675 , 22.png )

No. 193670 ID: 6550ad
File 127653956648.png - (120.71KB , 900x675 , 23.png )

No. 193671 ID: a52e5f

No. 193672 ID: 6550ad
File 127653975240.png - (29.27KB , 900x675 , 24.png )


Ok, this was my first attempt at questing, so thank you everybody for posting so many suggestions :)

Sorry about the slow pace of updating and the inconsistent art. I'm trying to improve. And I guess I should say when there's a cutscene.

But it was fun. I hope to continue soon, after a pause. That was exhausting :P.
No. 193673 ID: 1a99f0

finely done, chap.
No. 193736 ID: 55e935

Oh my god. I just realized.

We're on Space Station 13.
In ship form.
No. 197622 ID: 732129


There aren't enough poops and random murders and friendly retards and janitors with deadly mops.
No. 198266 ID: 6550ad
File 127740309855.png - (221.64KB , 900x675 , 25.png )

Eaaargh... my head.
Tiak returns to the world of the conscious with a piercing headache and a rather more painful wound in his dignity. A quick glance at the ETA countdown in his PDA reveals that he's been knocked out cold for no less than 40 minutes . There are no signs of his attacker.
While slowly getting up, he ponders about what should he do now.
No. 198268 ID: a594b9

Well, it looks like the guy didn't want to kill you. It went into the side room, so go and see what it did there.
No. 198289 ID: 19a433

check inventory
No. 198307 ID: 6550ad
File 12774070443.png - (201.36KB , 900x675 , 26.png )

Tiak decides to check out the brig. Hmmm, yes, definitely something has changed since the last time he was in here. But what exactly?
He also revises his pockets.
Hmm, let's see, my PDA, one AG Servo-camera left... Someone took my ID card ! Crap... That's a bad thing.
Hmm, I also seem to have misplaced my gun somewhere...

No. 198318 ID: a594b9

Well, there's a lock on the cabinet and a thing on the bed.

You dropped your gun in the room you woke up in, didn't you? Something was lying right there on the ground. Grab it and double-check the cabinet in that room.
No. 198360 ID: 1255d3

Yup, definately space station 13 on a ship.

Well, next thing to do would be to get your gun from where you woke up...
And to begin getting through doors that don't require ID access...
No. 198380 ID: 6550ad
File 127741429991.png - (191.72KB , 900x675 , 27.png )

Tiak examines the cabinet where he found the gloves (which he's missing now too, and only now noticed). Seems that someone shut it with a heavy padlock.
Tiak gets closer to examine the object at the other side of the barrier. Its strange design doesn't fool you, it's a Sinarri Energy Tool . That thing can be used as a powerful metal cutter , or changing the frequency of the beam, a welder .
Too bad he can't reach it because the force field is in the way. And without his ID Card , there's no way to disable.
Why a Sinarri tool is locked inside the brig, and what's it doing in a Maurian ship are questions whose answers escape to his imagination.
No. 198384 ID: a594b9

Go back into the previous room since there's nothing we can do here, and grab that gun.
No. 198429 ID: 6550ad
File 127741817875.png - (210.30KB , 900x675 , 28.png )

Tiak returns to the security station and retrieves the Stun gun. Nothing else seems to have changed here.
No. 198440 ID: d98958

carefully peak out door and look around.
No. 198469 ID: 6550ad
File 127742270380.png - (154.17KB , 900x675 , 29.png )

Tiak takes a careful peek at the corridor outside his room. Seems like the coast it's clear.
He decides to improvise a map in his PDA, keeping track of the different parts of it as he visits them. This should be the Fore Corridor of the Middle Deck . Time to get to work, and try to figure out what's going on in this ship, and maybe find someone with authority, like the Captain or the Head Engineer.
No. 198473 ID: a594b9

Snag that key. What's up with the numbered doors? Residential?
No. 198478 ID: 1a99f0

that there key go to the padlock in the brig?
No. 198496 ID: 6550ad
File 12774251095.png - (183.26KB , 900x675 , 30.png )

Tiak picks up the key on the floor. It's a rudimentary key, with a little label attached to it. It says H.S. . He decides to keep the key.

A quick run back to the brig confirms that the key doesn't fit in the padlock. It's too big!

Those are cabins for the diplomatic passengers of the ship, who are the whole reason for this journey. They must be still enjoying the cryogenic sleep. The red light means that the door is locked, and can only be opened with the pertinent passenger's ID Card. Or with high clearance card, like the Head of Security Card.
*Sigh* If I still had it.
Even if he had his ID Card, Tiak would need a really good reason to get into a locked passenger cabin and get away with it.
No. 198500 ID: a594b9

Let's head into the Canteen. See if we can find a friendly face and ask WTF.
No. 198518 ID: 1a99f0

go into canteen, be careful, be ready to shoot something.
No. 198698 ID: eff0e5

I mean, it's worth a try.
No. 198699 ID: 3778d2

>A quick run back to the brig confirms that the key doesn't fit in the padlock. It's too big!
reading, do you know it?
No. 198717 ID: 93c708

Check the Canteen. If it won't open, try the door at the end of the hall.
No. 198719 ID: 6550ad
File 127746496273.png - (239.34KB , 900x675 , 31.png )

Tiak carefully enters the Canteen, weapon at ready. But it seems like there's nobody here.
Hmm, the Barman should be on duty. But almost everybody is sleeping, can't blame him if he's left his post for a moment. I have the feeling that someone has been here recently, though.
No. 198724 ID: a594b9

The partially-spilled drink would suggest that someone was here recently, yes. There's nothing we can do here without an ID card, though. Go back to the double-door in the fore corridor.
No. 198734 ID: 402847

Check the lockbox on the shelf. Also, investigate behind the counters.
No. 198736 ID: 402847

Also I would suggest you pour yourself a drink but you need to stay alert.
No. 198737 ID: a594b9

Oh, there is a lockbox... our key might fit it I suppose.
No. 198741 ID: 0b2a05

That camera and ventilation shaft... What do you know about them?
No. 198759 ID: 6550ad
File 127748510189.png - (251.30KB , 900x675 , 32.png )

There's nothing behind the counter except for the shelf with the bottles and glasses and the lockbox , also a locked door, probably leading into the kitchen/pantry.


The key doesn't fit in this keyhole either. Too bad.


Security cameras and ventilation shafts are two elements present in almost every room and corridor in the spaceship. The cameras should record anything happening in the area, upload the video to the mainframe and send it to your terminal, back in his room. But as the mainframe seems to be mysteriously inoperative, they're useless at the moment. Except for the AG Camera in Tiak's pocket, which can be programmed to patrol any area and send their reports directly to his PDA.
The ventilation shafts are part of the atmospheric and ventilation system of the ship, an arrangement of hollow tubes going through all the vessel and connecting it to the atmospheric and recycling tanks in the lower deck.

Tiak decides to get himself a drink, but nothing too strong, he needs to stay alert. A sweet wine of Veridrazt will do.

No. 198766 ID: a594b9

Ok... back to the double door in the hallway.
No. 198794 ID: 55e935

Look around for a button somewhere. Perhaps under the bar. It should be labeled "Party".
No. 198828 ID: 6550ad
File 127749524454.png - (255.10KB , 900x675 , 33.png )

Button? I don't thi- Wait, yes, here it is.



Well, that was disappointing.
No. 198829 ID: 711ab4

hell yeah! a balloon! inventory that thing.
No. 198837 ID: 6550ad
File 127749695388.png - (200.93KB , 900x675 , 34.png )

Tiak keeps the balloon, because why the hell not.

Then he leaves the canteen and crosses the double doors at the end of the Fore Corridor. Now he is in the [Aft Corridor] of the [Middle Deck].

Doesn't look very interesting, just more passenger cabins, all of them locked.
No. 198839 ID: a594b9

Gah... Keep going.
No. 198851 ID: 6550ad
File 127749981154.png - (132.03KB , 900x675 , 35.png )

Tiak keeps going forward and finally reaches the main elevator. He presses the button, not wasting a second.
Hmmm, anything else before I leave this deck?
No. 198860 ID: a594b9

What's up with that door on the right with the sign on it?
No. 198880 ID: 6550ad
File 127750243435.png - (97.04KB , 600x600 , 36.png )


That door goes to the Evacuation Pods. The sign says (In Maurian signs) that it will only open if the Emergency Protocol is activated.

Tiak steps into the elevator. Unfortunately, he doesn't' have much choice about where to go. The Upper Deck, where the Bridge and the Officer's rooms are, can only be accessed by the ship's crew, using their ID Cards in the slot at the control panel.

So he can only go to the Lower Deck. The last option in the control panel, the Zero Deck is locked with a special key. Only the captain should have a copy of said key, so the zone is completely off-limits.
No. 198888 ID: 711ab4

lower deck ahoy!
No. 198890 ID: a594b9

I bet the key you found doesn't fit here either eh?
No. 198891 ID: c029a6

is that blood?

also just for kicks, check the upper part of the elevator.
No. 198896 ID: 711ab4

would be unsurprising.
No. 198913 ID: 6550ad
File 127750598317.png - (57.34KB , 600x600 , 37.png )

Hmmm... Yep, it's blood.

It's still fresh, and it looks like something -someone- has been dragged into, or outside the elevator, losing a massive amount of blood.


Unsurprisingly, the key doesn't fit there either.


Tiak can't reach the hatch, he's too short!


Lower Deck, here we come.
No. 198914 ID: 711ab4

crank up power of gun to maximum, if you can't then jury rig it so it can.
No. 198934 ID: 6550ad
File 127750792340.png - (187.00KB , 900x675 , 38.png )


Tiak adjusts the intensity of his stun gun to maximum. It's not going to kill anyone, but it should stun and knock down the victim faster. Of course, that will also consume a lot more energy.

The elevator doors slam after Tiak, providing the only sound in this desolated room. While trying to decide the next course of action, he wonders where's the rest of the crew, he should have seen at least one of them by now.
No. 198959 ID: a594b9

Peek into engineering.
No. 199004 ID: 01e059

glimpse in with your gun at the ready.
No. 199037 ID: 099247

Has that elevator going down been welded shut?
No. 199086 ID: 1a99f0

inspect that janitor's cart.
No. 199277 ID: 402847

Try to slide open the Engineering door with a broom.
No. 199309 ID: 6550ad
File 12775497242.png - (188.05KB , 900x675 , 39.png )

Strangely enough, the doors of the secondary elevator have been welded shut! It's weird, because that elevator only goes to the Zero Deck, which is already off limits to anyone except for the captain.
Tiak pokes the welded area. It's still warm.

The janitor cart isn't really interesting. A mop, a broom, some towels and cleaning products.
Hmm, but where is the janitor?

Tiak borrows the broom and proceeds to the Engineering area with caution.
No. 199324 ID: 6550ad
File 127755269920.png - (138.17KB , 900x675 , 40.png )

Situation Diagnosis: Can't see shit

The power in the Engineering areas seems to be down. As Tiak slowly peeks through the door, the only source of light, besides the gap he's opening, is the reflection of the powerful Hyperjump engines over the railings, coming from the floor below. Looking directly at those things could permanently blind someone.

The engines are also the source of a pretty loud and obnoxious noise that muffles almost any other sound in here.

Ok, what now?
No. 199333 ID: 402847

There's someone on the filing cabinet to your left.
No. 199359 ID: 3d44f5

looks to be a kid considering the size.
No. 199396 ID: a594b9

Go say hello to the yellow dude over there.
No. 199398 ID: 6550ad
File 127757865636.png - (152.49KB , 900x675 , 41.png )


That's impossible, the young breeds are kept safe in Educational Units until they reach maturity and are set free in society.

Uh... Hello? I mean... Who's there?

Before he can take a step closer, the stranger jumps down from the top of the filing cabinet in an unnecessary display of acrobatic skills and darts away in the opposite direction.
No. 199399 ID: a594b9

Check and see what papers he was looking through, then follow him.
No. 199436 ID: c0b95d

Dash after him/her/ it while neglecting any sense of safety, of course!
This is the first person you met that does not punch you, it is clearly worth checking out.
No. 199440 ID: c0b95d

Before I forget it, use one of those pocket-cameras in the room with the elevators; conveniently hide it in the janitors cart, aimed at the elevator doors.
No. 199455 ID: 6550ad
File 127758638463.png - (129.09KB , 900x675 , 42.png )


Tiak tries to open the filing cabinet, but it's locked shut! It's so dark that he's unable to find a what lock, button or system opens it.


Tiak would have to go back to the previous room to install the camera giving more time to the mysterious individual to run away. Should he do it anyways and set the camera in the janitor's cart or should he give chase to the elusive person.
No. 199456 ID: c0b95d

This is no time to think, this is the time to blindly follow your instincts. Or mine - they tell me that you should stop pondering and give it a run!
No. 199468 ID: 10aa92

yeah, give chase.
No. 199490 ID: 6550ad
File 127759135767.png - (210.02KB , 900x675 , 43.png )

The door takes Tiak to another corridor with a heavy metal door locked shut, and a fork, with a descending ramp. The ramp would take him to the hyperjump engine level. Nobody would be able to survive there without the proper protection. So there isn't much to do but keep running forward.
No. 199491 ID: a594b9

Yeah, unless they're hiding in the cabinet.
No. 199494 ID: c0b95d

Check the cabinet but don't waste too much time on that.
Don't kill yourself and stay up - whatever you're chasing must be in that direction. You know the ship better than me, can you take some kind of shortcut?
No. 199498 ID: 6550ad
File 127759310496.png - (128.49KB , 900x675 , 44.png )


Tiak quickly checks the cabinet to find out that nobody is hiding inside. It's too dark and he's in too much of a hurry to examine it closely, but it seems that there are some kind of clothes kept inside of it. He should come back to that cabinet later.

Finally the chase takes Tiak to a dead end. Pipes and unmarked boxes pile up and clog the end of the corridor, in a section without safety railing.

Now, were did that little one go?
No. 199500 ID: 402847

What are those crates for? Whatever, your quarry is behind the pipes.
No. 199502 ID: c0b95d

Fake checking that crate and then jump behind the pipes when he least expects it.
No. 199503 ID: a594b9

"Come out, I'm not going to hurt you."

Hey why are the cameras glowing down here?
No. 199504 ID: c0b95d

Also hide that stunner. Not the best way to someone possible harmless out by pointing a gun at him.
No. 199508 ID: 26eb80

what's that cabinet with the red marking on it?
No. 199571 ID: 6550ad
File 127760208254.png - (123.15KB , 900x675 , 45.png )


Tiak isn't sure, but the symbol looks like fire, so he supposes it has something to do with fire prevention measures.


The cameras are night vision mode.


Tiak doesn't have the slightest idea. None of them have any label or markings, and the one that's open seems to be empty.

Tiak strolls around the box, pretending to be examining it, and suddenly lunges around the pipe!


>Aah, shit! Get away from me, what the hell are you doing stalking me like that!

It's a Maurian, like Tiak, but a surprisingly short one, wearing some kind of jumpsuit that Tiak hasn't seen before.

Also, it's a she. Her voice is clearly feminine and it seems like Tiak has managed to startle her. She starts getting up from behind the pipe, but it doesn't look like she's trying to run away again for now.
No. 199572 ID: d4b8e9

say that you are the security guard of the ship so following suspicious people is kinda your job.
No. 199575 ID: a594b9

"You ran away when I was trying to talk to you. Where is everyone? What's with the suit? Why are you so small?"

Set up a camera to watch the corridor behind you while you're talking to her.
No. 199577 ID: 0b2a05

"Why were you running?"
No. 199643 ID: 1a99f0

try to get some information. Don't let your guard down, though. This suit is probably taser proof, too, but you can use it as a melee weapon if you need to. Also does our camera have night vision mode?
No. 199777 ID: db5274

She is probably no threat. Ask her to take off at least the helmet of her suit, you've had some bad experiences with suit-wearing people in the last half hour.
For that matter, ask her if she has seen that thing beating you unconscious.
No. 199817 ID: 6550ad
File 127765979262.png - (64.71KB , 900x675 , 46.png )

Tiak takes a moment while talking to set up a floating camera in the corridor behind him, night vision mode and movement sensor activated. If anything moves back there, it'll send a signal to his PDA.

Well, as the Head of Security of the ship, following suspicious people is part of my job.

>Are you calling me suspicious?

Running away from me was pretty suspicious, indeed. And what's with the suit?

>I was just taking a look around and you scared me. I haven't seen anyone else in the ship and was kinda nervous. The suit is mine, none of your business.

Would you mind taking off the helmet at least? I've had bad experiences with weird suit-wearers recently.

>I'd rather keep it on.

But she opens the front side of the helmet and Tiak can take a look at her face. Even in the dark he notices that she has one of those luminescent tattoos that are considered so trendy nowadays.

Why are you so small?

>Why are you so rude?
No. 199818 ID: 5ed4f7

because i was just recently knocked out and had my key card stolen so i'm a bit grumpy.
No. 199819 ID: 1a99f0

"what you mean OTHER than the server being down, having some suited asshole beat me senseless and stealing my ID card, the entire crew being missing, and having no idea what's going on? Nothing, really."
No. 199824 ID: 0b2a05

Just say you've had a bad day, what with all the getting knocked out, mugged, and losing track of the crew.
No. 199832 ID: 6550ad
File 12776649734.png - (75.13KB , 900x900 , 47.png )

Well, maybe because someone has already knocked me out, stole my ID card, nothing works and I can't find any other member of the crew. So I guess you could say that I'm having a bad day.

She blinks and seems to be lost in her thoughts for three seconds before answering.

>Oh my. Well, that doesn't sound too safe at all, coming from a security officer.

No, not really.

>Well, sorry about running away and all that. I saw someone coming into the room holding a gun, and in those cases, better to run than to ask.

's fine

>So, do you want anything else from me or can I go now?
No. 199834 ID: a594b9

Ask her what she was looking for in that file cabinet. Also, suggest that we stick together until we find out exactly what's going on here. Safety in numbers, right?
No. 199851 ID: db5274

Ask her about her name and what she is doing on the ship.
No. 199870 ID: 1a99f0

Since you are the head security officer, ask her who she is and what her business on the ship is.
No. 199873 ID: 0b2a05

Definitely safety in numbers. Tell her about the guy that knocked you out and to be on the lookout.
No. 199897 ID: d560d6

Go WHERE? Aren't all the passengers supposed to be asleep or something?
No. 199912 ID: 6550ad
File 127767617469.png - (130.18KB , 900x675 , 48.png )

So, the name is Tiak, Tiak Balint. And you are...?

>Zira Niadar, but call me Zira. You can count me with the passengers.

Pleased to meet you, Zira. Now, I still think that the situation is under control, but I've already been attacked and definitely something is going wrong here. It will be safer for us if we stick together, at least until we find the rest of the crew

>Uh, you think so? Well, I guess that it would be nice of you to escort me to my cabin, at least. I don't have any kind of combat training, so I doubt I would be of any help. You lead the way.

Talking about your cabin, aren't all the passengers supposed to be on cryogenic sleep during the flight?

>Yeah, I thought so too, but my Cryo unit simply woke me up half an hour ago. I didn't know what was it about, so I wandered around, looking for someone to ask about it. And then you scared the hell out of me.

I see... by the way, what were you looking for in that filing cabinet?

She looks up to me, with a confused look on her face.

>What? I wasn't looking for anything, I was just taking a look around the Engineering area, didn't even touch anything.
No. 199919 ID: a73063

then... who was? look in the box more closely and check out the cabinet better on the way back. then look down the ramp.
No. 199924 ID: a594b9

It had to be her, since she already admitted she was spooked when we came in there.

Wait. Ask her how long she's been hiding back here. It's possible that there's another person with a gun around here.

Also, ask her why she got so spooked when we went "Hello, who's there". That's not really a declaration of hostile intent.
No. 199998 ID: 1a99f0

but we SAW her going through the cabinet.
No. 199999 ID: 6550ad
File 127768307739.png - (213.57KB , 900x675 , 49.png )

It's still to dark to see what's inside the cabinet in this room, other than clothes. But Tiak is sure that there's nobody hiding inside.

Tiak looks down the ramp, but has turn his face away from the intense glowing. There's no way anybody could go down there, even get close to it, without the proper protection.

Wait... How long have you been hiding behind the pipes?

>Huh? Just for a few minutes. You came in waving your big gun and I ran to hide at the end of the corridor.

Are you sure about it? Nobody else came in?

>Nope, nobody else. Pretty sure about it!

Tiak retrieves the servo camera he left patrolling the area. It hasn't registered any movement or presence.

Zira remains silent for a few seconds while they walk the short way back to the exit of Engineering.

Tiak wonders if he should ask her about something else, or check something more in the Engineering zone, or just go directly back to the elevator.
No. 200002 ID: 0b2a05

Clothes. Examine them.
No. 200003 ID: 14efa5

may as well take the clothes, i mean, why are they even here?
No. 200012 ID: 1a99f0

Casually ask her what she was looking for in the filing cabinet
No. 200031 ID: 6550ad
File 127768712471.png - (75.13KB , 900x900 , 50.png )

Hmm... Could you do me a favor, Zira? Come closer to this cabinet, I need light.


Ok, that's betteFFFAA![/]

>What, are you alright?

[i]Oh... Yes. For a moment I thought that it was... something else.

>I think all this stress is starting to affect you.

What Tiak took first for clothes, and secondly for his mysterious attacker is no other thing than a Hazard suit, identical to the one the aggressor wore. Next to it there's an empty space with an empty coat hook. Something is missing, and Tiak has a good idea of what it is.

Oh, by the way, what were you looking for in the filing cabinet

>I already told you less than five minutes ago, I haven't touched that stupid filing cabinet. Now, can we go now? This place is creeping me out.
No. 200032 ID: 14efa5

don't you see? hazard suit guy could be hiding down there in his hazard suit. it would be the perfect place. of course we still have no way of fighting him so let's leave for now.
No. 200034 ID: d560d6

I suppose grabbing the hazard suit before it vanishes and/or is damaged would be infeasible without actually wearing it and encumbering us.
No. 200043 ID: 1a99f0

we need that hazard suit. it gets us access to the hyperjump engine level. I think, anyway. Regardless, best be way of the girl, since she's lying to us.
No. 200289 ID: 6550ad
File 127773659854.png - (140.89KB , 900x675 , 51.png )

Indeed, the suit is pretty heavy and bulky. Not coming up with a better idea, Tiak decides to leave it in the cabinet until he needs it.

With Zira he returns back to the entrance, and towards the elevator.



So... How do you like... the ship so far?

>Huh? ... I guess it's ok, I haven't seen much of it.

Right, right... eh, the elevator is right through this door

>Yeah, I know, that's where I came from to get here.

Yeah, yeah, of course...



Tiak has never been too confident when talking to girls.
No. 200304 ID: 0b2a05

It's alright Tiak, just don't think about it so much. Hey, did you see that table of stuff? Might be good to check it out, and maybe those cyan boxes too.
No. 200306 ID: 06b937

At first I would have said that it would be best to escort her back to her room, but under these circumstances the safest place she could be is on your side so if you're confident or not - try to communicate that to her.
If she absolutely does not want to, at least check her cabin and make sure nothing is wrong inside of it. Oh, you could hide that camera-thingy in there for for the sake of safety~ (pervert).

As for small-talk - ask her where she's from, who she's with...the usual stuff, I guess.
No. 200320 ID: 6550ad
File 127774553685.png - (136.76KB , 900x675 , 52.png )

The content of the boxes is unknown to Tiak, as the seem to be sealed shut, and none of them has any labels.

The table is kind of a work bench. It has some tools on it, including a hammer and and some pliers. Also some pieces of metal, machinery and devices Tiak doesn't understand.

So... I still think that it's not really safe for you to be alone around here and that you should stick with me for the time being.


I mean, if you want, of course, it's just an idea, just that it can be dangerous and...

>...Holy shit.

No. 200322 ID: 5cc920

What? What!?

Turn around and look through the door. But don't stand right in the middle, stay near the frame.
No. 200325 ID: e973f4

She is so tiny.

Why is she so tiny. Is that normal.
No. 200327 ID: e973f4

Also, I guess you probably ought to figure out whatever it is she's "what"-ing at. :V
No. 200330 ID: 5cc920

Nothing wrong with alien midgets.

Humans are very diverse in terms of appearance, too.

She's terribly cute, though.
No. 200331 ID: a594b9

Grab your gun and rush over to see what's what.
No. 200356 ID: 6550ad
File 127774946887.png - (222.35KB , 900x675 , 53.png )


Tiak doesn't know why is she so tiny, it's something uncommon between Maurians. His last attempt to inquiry about the subject didn't really give any results.

Tiak rushes and peeks through the door, weapon ready. At the other side, a gruesome scene awaits him. The corpse of a rather overweight Maurian, laying on the floor, his head completely obliterated and splashed against the wall. The smell of burning flesh and metal is in the air.

Zira seems to be panicking and rushing towards the open elevator. She's really fast.

>Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!
No. 200360 ID: 5cc920

No, that's not good. How does she know whatever happened to the Maurian won't happen to her in the elevator or on another floor?

Follow her, be aware of your surroundings. Even if she's fast, the elevator doors probably won't close before you reach it.

We can examine the corpse and any clues later, but at the moment, as a security officer, you should do your duty and protect a passenger.
No. 200363 ID: 1a99f0

Throw the taser into the elevator in a way that makes it clear you aren't throwing it at her. Also try to follow her, but she will definitely make it in and get the doors shut before you can get there.
No. 200365 ID: c245f1

No. 200458 ID: 6550ad
File 12777639706.png - (177.43KB , 900x900 , 54.png )


>Aaah! What could of gone?

I have no clue, but wait, dammit!

She's fast, but the doors aren't so much. Tiak lunges after her and manages to squeeze his body through the doors, stopping them from closing. Zira looks frankly scared.

Listen, whoever killed that guy could be in any deck or any room right now, it's not safe for you if you just run away on your own.

She regains some control over herself.

>Ok, I guess you're right. Then what do we do now?
No. 200461 ID: 1a99f0

Investigatan time. First thing's first. Check out that corpse.
No. 200464 ID: 010554

need to stay calm and composed, see if you can tell which way the shot came from and what could of left marks like that.
No. 200480 ID: 1a99f0

Noting that someone stole the mop. And the broom too, if we left it in this room.
No. 200527 ID: 6550ad
File 127777084930.png - (642.04KB , 900x900 , 55.png )

Back into the room, Tiak notices that somebody took the broom that he left on the floor and also the mop in the janitor's cart.

Tiak takes a closer look at the corpse, while Zira waits close to him, clearly nervous.

It's a male Maurian, overweight and probably a bit older than Tiak. Wears civilian clothes, so he was probably one of the passengers, not a crew member. His head has been volatilized, but other than that, there isn't any other sign of injury or fight.

>What kind of weapon could've done that?

A very powerful one... That's weird.

Only a Heavy Energy Rifle or similar would've been able to cause such damage. A regular citizen shouldn't have easy access to that kind of weapon, being heavily Restricted army weaponry. It's bulky and heavy, and it should've been impossible to bypass the security controls at the space terminal to smuggle that kind of thing on board.

Not only that, but a Heavy Energy Rifle (or H.E.R.) is a weapon intended to be used against armored vehicles and structures. Nobody in their right mind would shoot one inside of a cruising spaceship.

The only reason the murderer hasn't tore open a hole through the hull of the ship, destroying everything in its way is because it's been shot against the wall separating the Engineering Area from the rest of the ship. Those walls are specially thicker and better armored than any other one in the ship, to protect the engines.

Still pondering about this, Tiak continues inspecting the corpse, trying to find any kind of clue.
No. 200529 ID: a594b9

Why's there blood all over his clothes? Shouldn't the blood splatter have traveled away from the body? It's like he was already involved in bloody work before he got shot. Also what's that tag attached to the collar of what he's wearing?
No. 200530 ID: c707bd

wait a sec, it must have been staged. a weapon powerful enough to scorch metal would of vaporized and blood not leave a splatter. check the tag on the shirt and pockets for an ID.
No. 200533 ID: 6834bc

Does the ship happen to have an H.E.R. in its armory? And since there's no hole in the ship, that means that whoever fired the weapon knew that the walls here were durable enough to prevent catastrophic destruction of the ship.

That means it's someone knowledgeable about this ship, or ships in general... and someone skilled enough with weaponry to use it properly. And if this ship has (or had) an H.E.R. in its armory, the person who has it now is... your mystery assailant.

No. 200538 ID: 732129


After the head was destroyed, provided that the shot didn't cauterize the wound, blood from the neck-stump would have been leaking out, wicking into the clothes, and generally making a mess as the body slid down against the wall.

It looks like the body may have been searched and rolled a bit. I don't think there was any staging beyond that.
No. 200540 ID: c707bd

from how the blood is pooling it is unnatural. it would make a rough circle from where it is flowing from.
No. 200743 ID: 6550ad
File 127781129058.png - (647.13KB , 900x900 , 56.png )

The energy beam destroyed the head but didn't cauterize the wound. The corpse probably stood for a second and then collapsed on the ground, spilling blood everywhere.

But that doesn't explain the strange pattern the blood makes on the floor. It should make like a circle around the neck area.

>Maybe someone moved the corpse after it fell.

Hmm...That would make sense. Let me see... Yeah, his left side is smeared in blood, it's been dragged over it. But why?

>Beats me.


The ship doesn't even have an armory, and for what Tiak knows, his stunner should be the only weapon on board. They have strict regulations about that.

He can't get off his mind the fact that whoever did this was either an insane individual without any concern about his own life, or, a person with enough knowledge about the ship to know that that wall would be safe to shoot.

Still, it's quite the coincidence that the victim was standing right in that convenient spot when the aggressor decided to murder him.

Tiak checks out the tag attached to the collar of the victim. It's nothing else than the label of the jacket, with instructions about how to wash it and all that stuff. Tiak realizes that, for some reason, the jacket he is wearing is turned inside out

Checking his clothes he finds a single ID card. It's the Card of his room. Number 4. This confirms that he's indeed a passenger. R. Mikos
>Are you done?
No. 200747 ID: 701a19

Wait, could you run that by me again? A corpse with no head has a picture ID card, and you think that's the corpse's ID?

The energy weapon probably would have cauterized the wound. The most likely scenario is that this person's throat was slit, then their clothing exchanged for what the killer was wearing. Then they were propped up and shot in the head, followed by the killer cutting off the burnt remains so no easily identifiable marks would be left.
Check room number 4 for any irregularities. There's a decent chance that's the killer's ID, but it's not certain.
Also? Find out what gender the real R. Mikos is.
No. 200748 ID: 701a19

Oh, and remove the jacket so you can take a look at the proper outside.
No. 200760 ID: 1188f9

Yes, try to turn the corpse inside out.

I mean the jacket.

Also, keep the ID card. If it grants you entrance to the passenger's cabin, you should go there.
If the real Mikos is still in cryo, you can give him his card back/leave it there. If not, you can search the place for clues or a possible motive.

Damn, we need access to the security systems and computers. Something like H.E.R. shooting should be tracable by the ship's sensors.
No. 200833 ID: 6550ad
File 127783596919.png - (231.64KB , 900x675 , 57.png )

Tiak takes the jacket off the corpse and turns it the right way. The outside of it is surprisingly clean, not a single drop of blood on it. Other than that, no clues.

>Hm, why are you doing that?

It's all very suspicious, better check for any kind of clues before jumping into conclusions.

>Didn't you find an ID card?

Yeah, but that doesn't mean that this was the actual owner of said ID. Or of these clothes, for the matter.

>Oh, I see.
No. 200837 ID: 1ddc7b

oh it's the janitor, before he freaks out let him know it's you and that this is a crime scene.
No. 200847 ID: a594b9

Go "Did you see what happened here?"

Don't draw the taser on him, he's just got a broom.
No. 200856 ID: 1188f9

Introduce yourself. Announce loudly you're a security officer, but greet him friendly. Calm him down, the sight of the corpse seems to make him uneasy.

Ask him whether he saw anything suspicious a short time ago.

Also ask him about the general state of the ship and where the crew is.
No. 200871 ID: 1a99f0

in addition, apologize for messing with his broom.
No. 200883 ID: 6550ad
File 127784422013.png - (236.01KB , 900x675 , 58.png )

Oh, hi! Wait, before you freak out, let me tell you that I'm the Head of Secu-


Without saying a word, the janitor, with a terrified expression in his eyes turns around and darts away from the room, taking only his broom with him.

>Man of few words.
No. 200885 ID: 1a99f0

use the blood to write a message on the janitor's cart and push it through the door. that wouldn't be creepy, right?
No. 200887 ID: 1188f9

Don't try to follow him! It will drive him nuts right now while he's in shock.

Could you use one of the cameras to obeserve the room? It's not very polite to leave the corpse like that, but at the moment, it would be more interesting to take a look at Mister Miko's cabin and see if there's still a breathing body in there.

Ask Zira to accompany you, at least for as long as there's somebody with a H.E.R. around.

While you are away, maybe the murderer will return to the scene of the crime.
No. 200889 ID: a594b9

I say we set up a camera hidden under the janitor's cart to monitor the room, then follow the janitor at a normal pace.
No. 200892 ID: a130b0

I think that's a good idea. Hide one of those cameras in the janitors cart.
No. 200911 ID: 1a99f0

yeah, and try to shout explanations to him while walking at a brisk pace, but still walking.
No. 200974 ID: 6550ad
File 127785650456.png - (101.04KB , 900x675 , 59.png )

Tiak hides the remaining Servo Camera in the Janitor's cart. If anyone or anything comes anywhere near the corpse, the camera will send a signal to his PDA.

Tiak and Zira follow after the escaping janitor, coming into a corridor that turns to the south. Here also are the restrooms for the crew, separated by gender.


>There isn't?

Shush, you.
No. 200976 ID: 1a99f0

split up into the bathrooms to look for him real quick, then if he's not there keep going.
No. 200979 ID: a594b9

>split up to enter unknown territory
I'd like to suggest that instead, you go into the men's room while she waits outside, then do the reverse to inspect the women's bathroom. First thing each of you should do is call out to ask if anyone's in there, then open each stall carefully. Her especially.
No. 200981 ID: d560d6


Take a peek down that drainage grate, too.
No. 200982 ID: 1a99f0

but come on, splitting up always works in the movies.
No. 200985 ID: d560d6


You're ship security. I'm sure you can dare enter the ladies' room if you knock first, given there's been a murder and all.
No. 200987 ID: a594b9

Good point. She should just stay out and keep an eye out. Tell her to keep her back to the wall.
No. 201351 ID: 6550ad
File 127788711319.png - (91.58KB , 900x675 , 60.png )

Alright, I'll check out the bathrooms, you wait here and give me a shout if anyone comes nearby.


Tiak knocks on the men's bathroom first, getting no response. But when he tries to open it, it turns out that it's locked from the inside.

Locked, this is starting to become annoying.

>Do you think that he's hiding in there?
No. 201352 ID: 00160c

check the womens one, if it's unlocked then yeah, he is in there. try talking loudly through the door? 'Sir, i'm the ships security officer, i was doing some basic investigating when you saw me, sorry if i startled you. if you get no response then just leave.
No. 201368 ID: 099247

Check female toilets then head south
No. 201399 ID: b7fdd4


And maybe stop announceing loudly who you are and waht you do. It's one thing to reassure the good guys, it's another to inform the bad guys of your coming.
No. 201419 ID: 6550ad
File 127791992251.png - (146.29KB , 960x720 , 61.png )

Tiak knocks on the male bathroom door one last time and tries to reassure whoever may be inside.

Sir, I'm the ship's security officer, I was doing some basic investigation of a crime scene when you saw me, sorry if I startled you.

Still no answer.

Tiak shrugs and tries with the female bathroom. He gets equally no response after knocking, but the door is open and he takes a look inside.

The bathroom is empty, clean, and unequivocally unused. The paper bin is empty and the floor still smells of cleaning products.

Tiak closes the door and turns around to follow the south corridor when his PDA breaks the silence with a loud beeping.

Apparently the motion sensor of the camera he left in janitor's cart has been triggered.

A quick look at the screen confirms it, there's someone looking over the corpse in the previous room.
No. 201420 ID: 148105

they don't seem to be in the suit. check it out.
No. 201423 ID: a594b9

Investigate cautiously.
No. 201432 ID: 1a99f0

very cautiously, with your gun.
No. 201462 ID: 6550ad
File 127793204317.png - (239.22KB , 900x675 , 62.png )

Tiak cautiously enters back into the previous room, only to face another Maurian. This one looks rather heavy and muscular, and wears a belt with different tools and pockets. He looks rather pissed.

>'Ey! Who the fuck are you and what's happenin' ere?

I... I'm Tiak Balint, I'm in charge of security.... It seems that there's been a murder

>Yah, I can see that! Security? Phah! Ain't yer job to preven' this kind of shit? What wer' you doin', sleepin'?

His tone of voice is deafening, and authoritarian.
No. 201470 ID: 701a19

I think we need to see his ID. Also, stop him from contaminating the crime scene.
No. 201480 ID: 8ea820

'i would of prevented it but the entire network is down so i can't access any of the cameras and, judging from the marks, whoever did this managed to get a H.E.R. on board.

plus when i tried to get out of my room someone in a radiation suit knocked me out while my stun gun proved useless against it, then stole my cards. i'm willing to bet it's an inside job as too many things seem to have gone the intruder's way.
No. 201487 ID: a594b9

Tell him that all the security systems are offline and you are investigating the cause. Without working cameras or an ID we're just a guy with a tazer unfortunately. Tell him you're trying to gather as many people together as possible so that we can keep track of everyone and figure out what's going on.
No. 201494 ID: 1a99f0

"And just who the hell are you?"
No. 201551 ID: 6550ad
File 127794182596.png - (157.86KB , 900x900 , 63.png )

And just who the hell are you?

>I'm the feckin' Head Engineer , that's who I am!

He pulls out crew ID card and waves it in front of Tiak's face. The name written on the card is Trake.

Oh... Well, anyways... I haven't been able to prevent this because none of the communications or remote systems of the ship seems to work and-

>I 'lready know that, ye pupa head! Someone's sabotaged the mainframe, and the thing is feckin' dead. 'S a miracle that we're still alive!

Shit! Well, that's just one of our problems. There's a murderer on the loose with a H.E.R. in the ship, some guy in hazard suit knocked me out and stole my ID, I think tha-

>Dammit, yer deep in shit, aren't you? Whatever, I don't care right now! You gotta report all that to the captain, if ye 'aven't done that already, in the upper deck!

Alright, alright! But I think that we should stick together until-

>Feck that! I'm not leavin' the engines alone again. Just go see the captain and let me do my work!
No. 201554 ID: a594b9

"Alright, just be careful. Keep an eye out, yeah?"

Let's go back and find the janitor.
No. 201555 ID: ce5591

wait... we can't GET to the captain without a card.
No. 201558 ID: 1a99f0

oh good, he's not dead, then? Tell the engineer about our problems getting around without an ID card.
No. 201564 ID: 6550ad
File 127794368820.png - (102.21KB , 750x750 , 64.png )

I CAN'T get to the Upper Deck, I don't have my card anymore.

>Oh fer feck's sake! I can make ye a new one, but it'll take me like half an 'our. Here, take mine! But brin' it back right away, I can't access to half the shit in the Engineerin' systems without that!

Tiak pockets the ID Card and is ready to go back to the elevator and head to see the captain. He asks himself if he isn't forgetting about something. Or someone.
No. 201565 ID: d76879

grab zira, don't want to forget about that. then make haste to the captain.
No. 201566 ID: a594b9

Yeah, there's the girl we promised to escort. I'd like to speak to the janitor too, but...

Eh. Leave the camera active but point it at the elevator. You should be able to keep track of who enters/leaves this floor.
No. 201567 ID: 6834bc

Zira. And to be blunt, I think she's younger than she says she is; but I dunno if growth disorders are common among your people or not.
No. 201573 ID: 1a99f0

maybe we should consider leaving her with the engineer, if he'd be willing. Oh god she's probably already gone. well shite.
No. 201779 ID: 6550ad
File 12779952076.png - (114.70KB , 600x600 , 65.png )

Tiak turns around to go look for Zira, but before he can cross the door, she's already there, heading to the elevator and gesturing him to get in.

Hey, where did you-

>Well , when I didn't shooting or screaming, I supposed that the there was no immediate danger, so I wandered off to the south corridor and tried to find that Janitor. No luck. Then I came back and saw you talking with that huge goon.

Oh, alright. And talking about sizes, sorry If I insist but I can't hide my curiosity much longer and

>Oh, fine, let's get over with it *sigh*. It's a growth disorder, alright? It's a long story and I don't think this is the right time to share stories.

Oh, sorry. I just...

>Don't worry, it's alright. I have to go through the same routine with every person I meet... So, where to now?

Oh! Yeah, I got an ID Card , so I'm going to speak with the Captain now.

>Oh, nice. I don't think I should go with you to do that, I don't think I'm even allowed. So, would you accompany me back to my cabin? I won't bother you anymore.
No. 201784 ID: d560d6

>So, would you accompany me back to my cabin? I won't bother you anymore.

This appears to be a sensible and appropriate plan of action.
No. 201789 ID: b7fdd4

Yes, escort her to her cabin and then proceed to the captain.
No. 201794 ID: 701a19

It's probably safer with you.
Also? Tell her that she's cute.
No. 201795 ID: 1a99f0

aren't we pretty sure that the bad guy has a keycard with clearance to open any cabin door? That could be a problem.
No. 201797 ID: d560d6

>Also? Tell her that she's cute.

Trust tgchan to want to get into her p-ants.
No. 201798 ID: 1a99f0

we have an anti-pants policy for all female characters.
No. 201828 ID: 6550ad
File 127800903230.png - (97.66KB , 900x900 , 66.png )

Tiak escorts Zira back to her cabin, again in the middle deck, in an uneventful walk, stopping at her door.

I still think that you would be safer with me. There's someone with my ID somewhere in the ship, and he can practically open any door with it.

>Hah, oh well, I'll take my chances, I'd like some privacy after all that running around expecting to be blown to bits after every turn.

Alright, your call
>But anyways... I wanted to apologize if I gave you a hard time earlier, I don't usually behave so hysterically. But it's been nice of you to look after me and all that.

Oh, don't worry about it, it's my duty, after all. And you didn't really bother me. Also I think you are cute.

>Oh... Well, that's sweet of you. And unexpected. But sweet nonetheless.

She flickers her antennae, flattered.

>See you later, Tiak.

See ya!

Oh, wow. That wasn't awkward at all.
No. 201829 ID: 79f1b9

wait until she enters then go to the captain. need to make sure the dude isn't hiding in her room.
No. 201830 ID: 1a99f0

yeah that sounds good.
No. 201838 ID: b7fdd4

Paranoia, paranoia... Wait a sec after her door closes, just to make sure she stays deadly calm... I mean safe.

And off to the captain, then.
No. 201872 ID: 6550ad
File 127802273079.png - (128.00KB , 900x675 , 67.png )

Zira disappears into her cabin and closes the door behind.

Tiak waits for any strange noise coming from inside. Nothing but silence. The doors are pretty soundproof, but it should still be feasible to hear loud noises through them, such as a scream.

A bit more reassured, Tiak tracks his steps back to the elevator, where he uses Trake's card to gain access to the Upper deck.
The doors open to a lobby identical to the one in the middle deck.

The coast seems clear and the Captain's quarters should be right ahead the corridor.
No. 201876 ID: 527951

wait... this looks like the floor that the blood got in the elevator. stay cautious. also, that air duct is oozing something that looks REALLY bad.
No. 201877 ID: 1a99f0

yeah that stuff looks pretty radioactive. It might be safer to get the hazard suit first.
No. 201904 ID: 6550ad
File 127802678397.png - (132.94KB , 900x675 , 68.png )

What ooze?
No. 201907 ID: 1a99f0


No. 201914 ID: d560d6


...it does? In what way? There's no matching stain.


Did we leave our only surviving servo-cam downstairs watching the corpse? Because, if not, leave it here to watch the grates.

Then get yourself to the captain.
No. 201918 ID: 6550ad
File 127803083518.png - (159.43KB , 900x675 , 69.png )

Tiak indeed left his remaining Servo-cam hiding in the janitor's cart, watching the corpse. After Trake left the crime scene to get to work, nothing has disrupted the peace of the dead.

Tiak leaves the elevator lobby and gets to the Main Corridor of the Upper Deck. To his left, a door marked with the official Maurian shield can only be the Captains' quarters and office.

The door to his right cannot be mistaken either, thanks to the symbol on top of it. It must be the ship's Infirmary.

He supposes that the door at the end of the corridor can only lead to the Bridge.
No. 201919 ID: 11bb73

knock on the captains quarters, if you get no response peek in. if nothing then to the bridge.
No. 201924 ID: 1a99f0

Attempt to get into captains quarters. be wary of the vents.
No. 202164 ID: 6550ad
File 127807152626.png - (200.29KB , 900x675 , 70.png )

Tiak knocks the door to the Captain's quarters and immediately receives a harsh "Come in!" as an answer from inside. So he enters.

Tiak has only seen the captain once before, while he was being assigned to this ship in the Security Post in the Orbital Interception 46f. But he still looks like he's going to blow up at any moment. The man looks pretty agitated and doesn't give Tiak a second to talk before he starts his own interrogation.

>Aha! You are Belint, right?

Yes sir, I was jus-

>I've been waiting for your report for two hours! Where the hell have you been? The mainframe has been sabotaged and almost none of the computer systems of the ship work! WHAT WERE YOU DOING!? HAVE YOU FOUND THE CULPRIT AT LEAST!?
No. 202173 ID: 701a19

"My quarters were sabotaged while I was in cryo and it took most of that time to get free.
All signs point to this being an inside job, as the level of access required to start these problems in the first place pegs it as an engineer, maintenance, or a ranking officer.

That not only means you are a suspect, but it also means I have the authority to arrest you if you interfere with my investigation.

Now, I assume you plan to cooperate with my investigation. Is that correct?"
No. 202177 ID: 099247

"Well the suspect found me first, so I guess by some proxy I have discovered the culprit. As for his current whereabouts I can't say. I'm working on it though, currently establishing just how much of the crew is alive and it seems good. we have a murder outside the engineering room though. What's your SitRep?"
No. 202214 ID: 6550ad
File 127809147914.png - (150.08KB , 900x900 , 71.png )

My quarters were sabotaged while I was in cryo and it took most of that time to get free. All signs point to this being an inside job, as the level of access required to start these problems in the first place pegs it as an engineer, maintenance, or a ranking officer.

That not only means you are a suspect bu-

>What!? I can't believe that you are accusing me of sabotaging my own ship! The nerve! Son, if you dare to make such an insinuation again, you better have some proof to back it up first, because the court-martial is going to be really amused to hear about it!

Tiak clears his throat, this isn't really going as well as expected.

A-anyways... I've made a first contact already with the subject, and it'll be a matter of time before I catch him. But the sabotage isn't the only problem, sir, we have a murder scene outside the engineering room and-

>What!? Murder? Oh, dear mother of all grubs, this is worse than I thought. Who's the victim, how did it happen? What about the murderer?... And are you 100% sure that it wasn't an accident?
No. 202215 ID: 732129

It looked completely deliberate. The body had been searched and rearranged after the victim was murdered. The murderer used a plasma weapon of some sort.

Ask him to invalidate your old access card and issue you another. Just tell him the circumstances that led to yours being stolen when he gets upset with you for losing your original one.
No. 202224 ID: 5cc95c

and that you would feel a lot better if he had an alibi for the time of the murder since he is a captain. getting him off the suspect list will make it easier on you.
No. 202226 ID: d560d6

>Ask him to invalidate your old access card and issue you another.

inb4 the mainframe problems make this impossible. (Still worth trying, mind.)
No. 202228 ID: 5cc95c

oh and make it obvious that you don't WANT to suspect him but you need to assume it's anyone you didn't see at the time. currently only one passenger has an alibi because they were with you at the time of the incident.
No. 202232 ID: 701a19

"I've yet to encounter an accident that severs a person's head, drags the corpse somewhere else through a pool of its own blood, stands it up, vaporizes the corpse's head, and then finally changes the victim's clothes, sir.
Whoever did it knows which walls are safe to hit with directed energy weapons and has been stealing IDs to foul attempts to track them down.
Knowing which walls to hit means they're familiar with the ship, meaning it's an inside job. Being able to take-out systems before they sabotaged my room and stole my ID means they had a high level of access to begin with.
No head means no easy way for us to ID the victim, which makes tracking down who they are is going to be difficult.

It gets worse, though. Once we reach port we'll have the authorities on hand to lock down and sweep the ship, which is where the tactic breaks down.
While that sounds great it's also very well known as SOP, meaning that whoever it is knows about it. That means they don't intend for us to make it there.

Communications are offline by this point - I don't even need to ask - so I would advise getting whatever engineers you can together and focusing everything on getting communications back online and broadcasting a distress call. After that? Focus on bringing systems under manual control, then flush all the IDs in the system, seal all doors. If somebody wants to go to another room make them radio in a request and close it immediately after they're through.

Oh, I'd also strongly advise pulling the other officers and personnel out of cryo, and keeping everybody in groups of three or more.
No. 202249 ID: 1a99f0

Head got blown off with a H.E.R. probably not an accident.
No. 202267 ID: 6550ad
File 127810257565.png - (73.47KB , 900x750 , 72.png )

There's no way it could've been an accident, sir.I've yet to encounter an accident that severs a person's head, drags the corpse somewhere else through a pool of its own blood, stands it up, vaporizes the corpse's head, and then finally changes the victim's clothes, sir.


It's worse, sir, as the victim's head has been vaporized with which all evidence points to be a H.E.R. The murderer knew what wall would be safe to shoot without destroying the whole ship with it. Also the way all the systems have been wrecked just before the crime clearly points to an inside job.

>Who's the victim?

Hum, the ID card found in the body had R. Mikos written on it.

>Fuck... They'll never believe that.

What, sir?

>I'll tell you what's the situation. The mainframe is toasted for good and almost every system of the ship is now dead. Only the most basic of routines and those that can be operated manually are still online. That means that we're damn lucky of being alive, son. The atmospheric system still works and the hyperjump engine is operative and set with the coordinates to Tinosa II. So we should get to our destination in the estimated time as long as those systems are unharmed. Communications are completely fried, though.

Hmm, situation seems delicate.

>No, it's way worse than that. That murder has fucked up everything! We have two Ziraneé diplomatics as passengers in the ship.

What!? What are they doing here?

The Ziran Empire has been the declared enemy of the Maurian Republic for the past three centuries, fighting for the mining resources all across the galaxy, the two powers entangled in a bloody war that that devoured entire generations of citizens of both sides. Only 3 years ago, the two titans signed an truce for an undefined time, filled with tension and veiled threats.

>That's classified information, officer. What matter is that nobody is going to want to believe that it's an inside job... They won't investigate. They will just see a Maurian diplomatic murdered, and two Ziraneé in the same ship. They'll want blood.
No. 202272 ID: 7324e7

perhaps we can shift the blame to an unknown terrorist faction? they want the war to keep going so as to take advantage of the fighting.
No. 202273 ID: 1e9d01

We need to get a conclusive identification of the body. The ID on the corpse isn't good enough proof. In fact, I suspect it was this R. Mikos that was responsible for killing the man, and switched clothes with him. The inside-out jacket suggests this. He was in a hurry, the jacket got turned inside-out when he took it off, and didn't notice when he put it on the body.

Furthermore, mention the ooze that you saw out of the corner of your eye. There could be something nonhuman(or whatever term is appropriate) loose in the ship.
No. 202278 ID: 701a19

"We can't confirm the ID of the vic without a head or dna testing, and we don't have the equipment or time that requires. I strongly suspect that the ID card is a plant.
Besides that? What if we have no records of the two diplomats leaving cryo? We get them, keep them under guard in the brig 'for protection', and keep investigating. Once they have an alibi it would force an investigation.
Hypothetically, of course, as the cryo records are doubtlessly lost, and it would rely entirely on a person of standing afirming that to be the case - if that IS the case."
No. 202290 ID: 6834bc

"Captain, do you know the names of the Ziraneé diplomats?"
Also, if catastrophic system failure occurred... well, all the passengers may have been released from cryo. That would make things a bit more complicated.
[Crazy speculation: What if Zira is actually a Ziran diplomat?]
No. 202335 ID: 732129

There are two strategic choices then, if the Maurian Republic wants to avoid an interstellar war.

The first is to rely on on-site personnel (i.e. you) to unravel this plot completely and figure out what happened such that there is incontestable proof of the facts.

The second is to scuttle the ship and hope whoever is in charge of intelligence at home and in the Ziran Empire is up to the task of keeping the fact that there were two Ziraneé passengers aboard completely suppressed. That's a slim hope indeed though, considering that an infiltrator is aboard this ship. I would not advocate that "solution" openly, but be prepared for the Captain's mind to turn that way if you take too long in getting this situation under control.
No. 202345 ID: 701a19

If Zira is a Ziran, then we need to get back to her ASAP. She might be the perp or she might be a target. Either way, we would need to get there now and make sure she's secure.
No. 202348 ID: 6550ad
File 127811318878.png - (156.45KB , 900x675 , 73.png )


Zira can't be one of the diplomats. Maurians and Ziraneé aren't even of the same species! Her name is a weird coincidence, although.

I see... Well, anyways, I haven't been able to confirm the identity of the victim without the head. For what we know, Mikos could be the murderer and have exchanged clothes with the actual victim.

>That doesn't make any sense, Reto Mikos was the mayor of Port Augira, a respectable city in Tinosa II, our destination. Why would he behave like a common criminal?... No, don't answer me, I don't care at the moment. But there's a way we could confirm the identity of the corpse. Dr. Labras, in the InfirmaryAs you should remember, to get permission to embark, all passengers and crew members had to register and pass a medical exam. We don't have the means to perform a DNA analysis, but all passengers and crew blood types should've been recorded and stored in the medical database. Most of the medical equipment in the ship works offline for security reasons, so maybe it still works, even with the mainframe down.

Thanks sir, that would be of great help. Changing subjects, what are the names of the two Ziraneé diplomats?

>Ermm... I can't access the records, something as simple as that and it's fucking impossible. You'll have to ask that in person, I guess. Just try not to inconvenience them too much, we have enough troubles as we are.

Have all the passengers been released from cryo because of the system failure?

>Probably, yes.

We should keep the Ziranée diplomats in the bridge, for security reasons.

>Hah! That's a good one! You're free to try, but you know those scales-for-brains and their twisted concept of honor and shit. They'll probably take it as an insult and fight to the death before getting under arrest, even if -and I say IF- they are innocent.

Alright sir, I think that's all. As Head Security of this ship I will take care of the investigation. Anything else I should know.

>Hmpf. Good luck with that. Ah, you can talk to Dr. Labras yourself about the identification of the corpse, or I can ask him while you perform your investigation. Your call. I have to discuss some matters with him anyways. In any case, I doubt he'll have the results before an hour.
No. 202356 ID: 7324e7

may as well talk to him ourself. then let's go talk to the zaranee diplomats.
No. 202360 ID: 701a19

Get on that identification.

After that, find the diplomats and tell them that there is a saboteur-assassin on the ship that has disabled most of the systems, and humbly request that they consider aiding in the protection of the civilians on board.
Whatever their answer, start gathering everybody in whatever room is large enough to hold them with the fewest doors for can manage.
Make the Captain decide what to tell them, since that's part of his job and you've got a killer to track down.
No. 202365 ID: 6834bc

>Maurians and Ziraneé aren't even of the same species!
Do they have visible differences? Did any of the passengers meet with one another?

I'd assume that if there were two vastly visually different passengers on-board, people would've noticed if they were allowed to meet each other... unless they look similar enough to Maurians that they could easily pass as Maurians.

Hmm. Anyway, best get on the identification thing, I suppose.
No. 202372 ID: 0b2a05

Gotta get blood to the good doctor.
No. 202654 ID: 732129

No. 202724 ID: 6550ad
File 12781907879.png - (212.72KB , 900x675 , 74.png )

Maurians and Ziraneé are completely different, physically and socially, it would be impossible to mistake them. But it should be relatively easy to get two of them in a ship without being noticed. The Orbital Interceptions are neutral space, and they would only have to enbark before every other passenger. Or after them. During the flight, all the passengers should be on cryo-sleep, so nobody would meet each other.

Tiak enters the Infirmary, where he faces a pale maurian in a lab suit and D-goggles.

You must be Dr. Labras

>You don't seem to be hurt or sick. What do you want?

I'm the Head Security of the ship and I need your help, there's been a murder.

>A what!?

Briefly, Tiak explains the situation to the doctor, stating that he needs his help to identify the corpse.

So... would that be possible?

>...I guess. Yeah, I guess that I could use my portable scanner to sample the blood and compare it with the my register.

Excellent, could you do that?

>That's not part of my regular duty as the ship's medic, but I guess that I'll make an exception for this time. It will take meat least one hour, though. And you'll have to personally take care of all the bureaucratic mess that it's going to cause me.

Urgh... Fine.

Tiak wonders if there's anything else he would want to ask to the doctor, or if that's enough. And in that case, what should his next step be.
No. 202729 ID: 0b2a05

Ask him if he's seen anything weird going on. Also the medical supplies are locked up really well, right?
No. 202731 ID: 03640a

Ask her about growth disorders among Maurians.
No. 202732 ID: 1a99f0

Maybe have your head checked real quick, since you got smashed against the wall pretty hard.
No. 202744 ID: f8a708

agree, make sure you aren't hallucinating.
No. 202762 ID: 6550ad
File 127820104620.png - (171.54KB , 900x900 , 75.png )

Say, doctor, have you seen anything unusual going on?

>Only a security guard bursting through my door telling me to identify a beheaded corpse.

Are the medical supplies locked up well?

>How could you question that?

Sure, sure. Another thing. Hmmm... See, I was curious about something. Do you know anything about growth disorders among Maurians ?

>Hrm, I assume that you're interested about Ambassador Niadar's case. I must say, that's quite unprofessional of you, officer. Anyways, it's not my field of study. Growth disorders can be caused by a wide range of reasons. It could be hereditary or acquired. In the latter case, it's probably because of some disease or fault in the growth phase, during the childhood.

[i]One last thing. Earlier I've been attacked and hit pretty hard in the head, to the point of falling unconscious. Maybe you can check if everything is optimal up there?

>Fine. Sit on the bed.

The doctor analyzes Tiak's head with his D-Goggles, and he can feel the tickling of the low intensity radiation over his body.

>There are no fractures in the carapace, and I can't find any kind of internal trauma. You are perfectly fine.
No. 202764 ID: 0f5309

thank the doc and star looking around for more clues. go back to engineering and call down the ramp that you are here to return his card.
No. 202767 ID: 1a99f0

Excellent. now then, back down to the engineering bay.
No. 202838 ID: 1e9d01

Ask him if he can spare a scalpel. The person who assaulted us is wearing a suit which makes him immune to the tazer so we need another weapon. Any weapon. Whatever we can get.

Ask what else those D-Goggles can do. They could be useful if he has a spare we can borrow.
No. 203013 ID: 6550ad
File 127823435165.png - (100.39KB , 600x700 , 76.png )

About those goggles, doc. What else can they do?

>Hm? They're a basic paramedic tool, it basically works as a portable X-ray device. But of course, not as powerful, or radioactive. Its use is very limited.

Do you have one to spare?

>Even if I have, the use of any medical equipment is exclusive of the ship's doctor, nobody else is allowed, not even Security, or the captain himself.

Then I guess that if I ask you for a spare scalpel? See, there's this guy who attacked me wearing a su-

>Officer, do you take me for some kind of shady supplier, handing medical equipment to be used as weapons? Simply out of the question.
No. 203015 ID: 12a315

'Fine, jeez, just looking for anything really that could help.' then go back down to engineering.
No. 203016 ID: 701a19

"I don't think you quite understand the situation.
The ship has been sabotaged. Most of its systems have been destroyed past the point of repair, and we have assassins in disguise on the loose murdering people with smuggled energy weapons.
X-Ray goggles would allow me to see who is carrying weapons, which in turn allows me to incapacitate them before they can cause further harm.
Normally you would be correct, but if you check the regulations you'll see I have the authority to commandeer equipment in a security crisis like this.
Again, do you have a spare?"
No. 203019 ID: 6550ad
File 127824025343.png - (214.34KB , 900x675 , 77.png )

I don't think you quite understand the situation. The ship has been sabotaged. Most of its systems have been destroyed past the point of repair, and we have assassins in disguise on the loose murdering people with smuggled energy weapons.

X-Ray goggles would allow me to see who is carrying weapons, which in turn allows me to incapacitate them before they can cause further harm.

>Hmpf... Fine, have your way. I just hope for your own sake that the situation is as severe as you tell me. But anyways, I don't have a spare pair of D-goggles, and I refuse to give out these, I don't care if the whole ship blows up, I need them to do my work.

>But I guess that you can have a spare scalpel if you want it. There's one on the counter.
No. 203021 ID: 360168

Thank him, take the scalpel and be on your way to engineering.
No. 203248 ID: 6550ad
File 127828156940.png - (249.59KB , 900x675 , 78.png )

Tiak pockets the scalpel, thanks the doctor and walks all the way back to Engineering. The hike is uneventful. He notices that the corpse has been untouched, the [/b]servo-camera[/b] is still hidden in the janitor's car, and hasn't registered anybody crossing the room.

Seems like the power is back on in the Engineering Area and Trake seems to be pretty busy at the moment, but inmediatly notices Tiak.

>Ah, therey'are. Here, I made you a new ID Card. I couldn't do anythin' fancy with it, you know, with all the systems goin' to hell and all that. This thin' just should override any security lock in the ship. So don' go losin' it!

Thanks! Here, here's your card.
Tiak hands the Head Engineer his ID.


Hmm, what should Tiak do now?
No. 203252 ID: c4c313


Tiak is awesome. He got the engines working again without his own ID card and made you one from scratch? It's not your job to advise Tiak, but I'm sure he would want to suit up and go down to check the reactor at some point. You need to clearly mark the hazard suit so you don't end up murdalizing Tiak. But don't tell him you're going to do so. If he was the one who attacked you, he won't check for the spare suit and see the marking on it. If he wasn't the one who attacked you, he'll need a suit and given that there's only one left, will have to put up with the markings. That way if you catch Tiak with the suit on you can be sure of whether he is the attacker or not, and you can avoid attacking him unnecessarily with the scalpel.

Question though, how to mark the suit in a recognizable way that wouldn't get bleached by the radiation... got a can of white paint?
No. 203256 ID: 6c667f

ask him what's in the top draw of the cabinet, you are fairly certain you saw someone rummaging through it when you came in before.
No. 203260 ID: 1e9d01

We need to go find the janitor and ask him if he saw anything strange.
No. 203271 ID: 1a99f0

Finding the janitor, preferably before he does something stupid and/or gets killed should be our main priority right now.
No. 203279 ID: d560d6

>We need to go find the janitor and ask him if he saw anything strange.

This is probably a good idea, but aren't we supposed to be fetching a blood sample for the doctor? Or is he heading down himself?
No. 203337 ID: 6550ad
File 127829065562.png - (66.98KB , 900x900 , 79.png )


(You got a bit confused here. Tiak is the name of our main character, the security officer. Trake is the engineer :P)

And Tiak isn't carrying paint, or anything that could be used to mark the hazard suit at the moment.

Before heading out to try to find the janitor, Tiak decides to ask something to Trake.

Hey, what's in the filing cabinet in the corner?/i]

>Oh? Eh, mostly bureaucratic crap. All the papers we gotta sign before takin' off from the Intersection. List of crew members, passengers, cargo, all that shit.

[i]I'm fairly sure that I saw someone rummaging through it while the lights were out.

>Oh, really? B'cause that would be pretty weird. I mean, ya gotta enter a passwor' on that touch screen in order t'open the drawers.

Who has access to that password?

>Eh, I dunno, I gues' the captain, maybe someone 'lse, like the pilot. I have one, but I have a terrible memory, so I keep it written down in a piece of paper. Not that I have any use fer all that paperwor'.
No. 203338 ID: 9f4050

... is your piece of paper where you left it?
No. 203345 ID: 1a99f0

so, where's the paper?
No. 203368 ID: 6550ad
File 127829770211.png - (139.58KB , 900x900 , 80.png )

So, where is that paper?

>Uuuuhh... I lost it.


>I told ya I got an awful memory, I must've left it on a desk, or maybe 'round here, somewhere. Beh, I don't really need those documents anyways.
No. 203369 ID: 9f4050

oh man, it may not be important to you but to whoever knows the password now probably finds it VERY important. most likely something in there that would interest someone.
too late to worry about it now though. let's go find the janitor.
No. 203370 ID: 9f4050

oh no wait. ask if he can get the bathroom door open, pretty sure he locked himself in there.
No. 203377 ID: 1e9d01

Tell him to change the password. It's most likely been compromised. By our short 'friend' in yellow.
No. 203452 ID: 701a19

He can't change it since he doesn't remember it.
No. 203467 ID: 732129


The captain could change it, but I bet he would not be amused.
No. 203682 ID: 6550ad
File 127835509388.png - (75.99KB , 900x675 , 81.png )

Tiak walks down the corridor and tries to open again the male restroom door. This time it happens to be unlocked, revealing a bathroom identical to the female one. It's empty, clean and doesn't show signs of use.
No. 203683 ID: 6550ad
File 12783551222.png - (104.85KB , 900x675 , 82.png )

Kind of disappointed, Tiak continues through the south corridor, looking for the janitor. This part opens to the Cargo Hold and the Crew Quarters. Besides that, the corridor goes on.
No. 203685 ID: 1e9d01

Check the Crew Quarters first.
No. 203690 ID: 0b2a05

Indeed, crew quarters.
No. 204157 ID: 6550ad
File 127843656765.png - (97.99KB , 900x675 , 83.png )

Tiak decides to check out the Crew Quarters first. The door leads to a small corridor with six doors, each one with a human letter assigned to it.

There's no way of telling whose is any of the rooms without opening them one by one. And Tiak would need a good reason to invade the private quarters of his fellow crew members.
No. 204160 ID: 1a99f0

Tiak, is there something you aren't getting about the situation? You have good reason to do pretty much anything at this point.
No. 204167 ID: 360168

Ah, but we do not know much about Maurians. Maybe in their culture, privacy is valued much higher than in ours.

Although, since there's a murder culprit on the run, maybe they would understand the reasoning to intrude, since all Tiak wanted would be to protect their lifes.

Well, seconding the poster above.
No. 204171 ID: 701a19

Somebody tampered with the slot on E. Investigate it.
No. 204185 ID: 6550ad
File 127844054389.png - (92.96KB , 900x900 , 84.png )

Maurians have their privacy in great value, but it's not only that. Tiak is not sure what to look for in the crew quarters, and he doesn't want to waste the time to search the rooms one by one, going through the stuff of all the other crew members without having a clear objective in mind.

Tiak investigates the card slot for the E door. It looks like someone has jammed sharp pieces of plastic in it. The shards are too deeply crammed to be removed with his bare fingers, he would need a tool of some sort.
No. 204187 ID: 701a19

Ask the engineer for a pair of pliers.
No. 204191 ID: 08aa7e

do you know who uses room E? anyway you are only looking for the janitor or suited person. a quick glimpse for man sized objects is all.
No. 204219 ID: 099247

Pry them out with the scalpel? Might take a little while though, if it's not feasible head back to the engineer and grab some plyers.
No. 204220 ID: 6a5a08

Can you use your insect pincer-mandible thingers to pull it out?
No. 204314 ID: 6550ad
File 127845818257.png - (237.55KB , 900x675 , 85.png )


Maurian mandibles are vestigial and atrophied and don't serve any practical purpose anymore! They are just there, giving them a hard time when they try to put on turtleneck sweaters.

Tiak tries to use the scalpel instead. He's able to cut some of the smaller chunks, but the tool isn't long enough to reach the bottom and pry the bigger shards out. So he decides to go back to Engineering and try to ask Trake for some pliers.

On his way there, he finds Dr. Labras has come down to examine the corpse. He seems to be scanning it with some kind of device that emits a eerie green light. The doctor nods at Tiak as he passes by.

Finally in Engineering, Trake doesn't seem to be here, at least in this particular room. But there's a pair of pliers on the workbench.
No. 204316 ID: 08aa7e

grab the pliers. and check in that room to the left real quick to see if he is there. he could be by the engine right now and using the other suit, a third one isn't around so you wouldn't be able to follow him.
No. 204317 ID: 701a19

Leave a note saying you took the pliers, and you'll return them soon.
No. 204320 ID: d560d6

Well, yell out "Trake?" to see if he's nearby.
No. 204476 ID: 6550ad
File 127848969317.png - (88.50KB , 900x900 , 86.png )

Trake doesn't seem like he's in the next room, after taking a peek in. Nobody responds when Tiak yells his name either. But that's no surprise, the noise of the engines is so loud in this are, it engulfs almost every other sound.

Not having pen or paper to leave a note, Tiak takes the pliers, decided to give them back as soon as possible.
No. 204477 ID: e16f8b

let's go ply some plastic.
No. 204526 ID: 6550ad
File 127850517528.png - (154.88KB , 900x675 , 87.png )

Tiak hurries over the E door and removes the plastic fragments with the help of the pliers. As he doesn't know what to do with them and he doesn't like littering, he stores them in his pocket for now.

The E compartment is small and austere, there isn't much to look to see in here. The smell of molten metal and burnt paper is strong in the air.
No. 204531 ID: 1a99f0

examine burnt paper and container
No. 204548 ID: 6a5a08

Examine CHAIR.
No. 204550 ID: d99964

Examine capsule. Anything in there we can't see from this angle?
No. 204581 ID: 6550ad
File 127852639996.png - (108.12KB , 900x750 , 88.png )

The capsule is the Cryo unit. The light is off, so it must be empty. A quick glance confirms it, nobody inside.

The chair is a simple piece of furniture attached to the floor. Nothing interesting about it.

The metal chest on the floor has been cut open with an energy tool. Its contents, are now a pile of ashes and dirt. Looks like most of them were clothes, and papers.

There are some more papers scattered around, but they're too damaged to be readable. One of them still has some parts intact, but still Tiak can only make out a few words.

...Important... as Engineer...suspect...Security... stored in the Zero Deck...must be safe...

Just as Tiak finishes reading what's left of the letter, his PDA beeps. The servo-camera hidden in the janitor cart has detected something. A rather bulky person has walked in front of it, going towards the south corridor. The corridor that leads to these quarters. Looks like the doctor hasn't reacted to this individual and is still investigating the corpse.
No. 204583 ID: df7322

it could be the suit guy or it could be Trake in a hazard suit. ether way the doctor would assume it is trake. ether way meet them and be ready to defend yourself. if it is trake then mark the suit with a charcoal stripe.
No. 204628 ID: d99964

Would it be possible to use a H.E.R. as a cutting tool? Or is it impossible to use the weapon like that?

Anyway, stay in the room and only look carefully down the corridor, towards the person about to enter.
No. 204632 ID: a4c054

step outside and ask if it's trake. if not or no answer, get behind the door and ready the scalpel.
No. 204641 ID: 6550ad
File 127854262658.png - (112.83KB , 900x675 , 89.png )

Tiak nervously considers the situation.

Oh shit. It's coming directly towards this door. He hasn't seen me yet. What do I do now? Try to speak with him, defend, hide...? Fuck.
No. 204642 ID: 701a19

Go back into the room and hide off to the side of the door.
Once he enters the room step behind him and rip-off the helmet. You need to ID who it is.
No. 204643 ID: a594b9

You're already cornered. It could be that they're heading for a different door, though. Stay hidden, and see what door they go into.
No. 204644 ID: df7322

it must be trake then, as suit guy would know that door E was disabled. yell "trake, that you?"
No. 204906 ID: 6550ad
File 127858789133.png - (156.00KB , 900x675 , 90.png )

Tiak retreats to the side of the door and waits. The Figure opens the door and walks through it. The room is pretty small, Tiak is going to be noticed shortly.

What to do?
No. 204909 ID: 6c9d14

Tackle, stab stab stab
No. 204910 ID: d99964

This, but before you go stab stab stab, try to pull off the helmet.
No. 204912 ID: 701a19

Just stay still until he walks past. That face mask allows for zero peripheral vision, so they won't see you until they turn to look.
As long as you keep quiet you'll probably go unnoticed long enough for them to take a few steps into the room. Once that happens you need to sneak up behind them and remove their helmet.

You need to identify them, because:
A: There's a damn good chance it's Trake
B: If it's not Trake then you now know what the killer looks like.
No. 204951 ID: 6550ad
File 127860666063.png - (191.77KB , 900x900 , 91.png )

Tiak lunges and tries to tackle the stranger in the hazard suit and remove the mask. But his adversary happens to be sturdier than he thought, and even surprised, is able to stand in place and shove Tiak off to the other side of the room, stumbling.

Shi- Who are you? Trake, is that you?

The figure doesn't answer, but now Tiak can see that is holding a heavy hammer and seems to be getting ready to attack.
No. 204957 ID: 701a19

Grab the box and swing it at him, then use the distraction to get as close to him as possible.
While you're there you want to jab the scalpel into the abdomen/chest area as deep as you can, then pull it out and run.
The logic behind this is simple. Deep penetrating injuries like that are reliably fatal if untreated and debilitating in the mean time. If you get lucky and hit a major artery then the problem will be solved.
Besides all that? Once you land a hit and escape with the scalpel you'll have a blood sample to show the doc. Then you'll know either who they are or that they're a stowaway.

Next time you're in engineering you should borrow a plasma cutter or some equally misusable tool.
No. 204974 ID: d23fc5

it will also mark their suit so you can recognize them later, and destroy it's protection against the engine radiation.
No. 205004 ID: a594b9

Go for a nonlethal attack. Preferrably, you would slice open a part of the suit then stick the tazer in there.
No. 205017 ID: d99964

Disable him thanks to your superior close combat training you received as security officer of a spaceship.

No. 205025 ID: 6550ad
File 127862503135.png - (156.96KB , 900x675 , 92.png )

Before the his enemy can attack first, Tiak throws the box with perfect accuracy, hitting the mysterious individual in the head.

During the confusion, Tiak is able to charge with the scalpel, and pierce the shoulder under the hazard suit. There's no visible blood, but he can feel how the blade hacks through the flesh.

But when he tries to pull it out, it happens to be stuck. The figure doesn't flinch during the struggle, but methodically swings the hammer, striking Tiak's right leg. The security officer stumbles out of the room with a groan, falling onto the floor, the pain overwhelming his sense, and not being able to move the injured leg.

He's still holding the scalpel, which is now broken. The blade must be still lodged in his attacker's shoulder.
No. 205026 ID: 35c8d5

crawl for you life to the doc!
No. 205030 ID: f4963f

Can you make it into one of the other rooms? I doubt you'll be able to run in this condition.
No. 205031 ID: c4c313

Close the door!
No. 205312 ID: d560d6


YELL for the doc. Even if he lacks the necessary bravery to drag you from an imminent braining (since Mr Hazmat doesn't seem that fast), he should at least panic enough to call half the ship down here. Or at least the burly engineer.
No. 205334 ID: 6550ad
File 12786860697.png - (140.48KB , 900x675 , 93.png )

Tiak's injured leg can't stand the weight of his own body. He can't reach the card slot of the next door before his attacker comes out of the E compartment, still silent, blood slowly pouring from the wounded shoulder.

Tiak tries to crawl away and yells for help, hoping for the doctor or someone else to hear him. But nobody answers.
No. 205339 ID: bd60bd

Oh man. Doesn't look good.

Try to hit the scalpel wound with your taser.

It's possible the blade, still stuck in the wound, could act as a lightning rod.
No. 205388 ID: f4963f

Well, there's a gash in his suit now. Hope you're an excellent shot.
No. 205461 ID: 6550ad
File 127870636592.png - (229.50KB , 900x675 , 94.png )

As his attacker looms over him, raising the terrible hammer over his head, a muffled voice can be heard from inside the mask.

>I didn't want to do this. It's nothing personal, you just getting in my way, officer.

Then I hope you won't take personal THIS, either!

Tiak quickly aims and shoots with perfect marksmanship, the taser energy beam hitting the wounded shoulder, the metal shard of the broken scalpel working as a lightning rod, extending the energy all over the victim's body.

The figure stumbles for a seconds and finally falls unconscious, the massive body falling over Tiak. The security officer tries to roll out of the way, but freezes and cringes in pain when he tries to move his abused leg.
No. 205462 ID: 6550ad
File 127870639888.png - (19.48KB , 900x900 , 95.png )

It's too late now.
No. 205463 ID: 6550ad
File 127870643314.png - (28.27KB , 900x900 , 96.png )

No. 205465 ID: 8e2486

wake up later in a daze with the guy still pining you down.
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