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File 127395941152.jpg - (138.84KB , 900x600 , Small Tomb Brawler.jpg )
177882 No. 177882 ID: d1210a

[ First Thread: http://www3.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html ]
[ Second Thread: http://www3.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/142119.html ]
[ Third Thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/156884.html ]

[ Discussion Thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/316616.html ]


.................................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT.................................................................

In a place where the physical is immaterial and nothing is to be seen, voices speak.

>"So, after all the comments about how deplorable my losing an apprentice and cats-paw army both were, you end up trumping me, by losing TWO apprentices and TWO armies.... Oh, and you lost access to two outposts, and all the materials within. Now, who is it that needs to spend more time preparing and monitoring their minions?"
"I admit I did not take your warnings to heart, and this is my reward for that over-confidence. Now, can we move past your incessant need to delight in my every error? This is clearly a larger issue than we had surmised."
>"Oh, so now you agree that we need to deal with this, rather than brushing my earlier warnings off? My, how magnanimous of you, to become concerned only when your own holdings are threatened."
"Enough Eisenhardt. You heard Dulu's report the same as I."
>"...True enough. ...Speaking of Dulu, what are you going to do with his Soul?"
"He has been a loyal servant to us both since we hired him, and his hate for his killer has added some rather interesting tones and gradients to the complexity of his Soul. In fact, I think I might-"
>"How many times must I tell you I have no interest in Soul Magic? The abridged version, if you can manage that, I have no interest in being a student to you."
"...Suffice to say, I have plans for him. But beyond that.... who is this 'Mordre'? I have never heard of a mage by that name, nor has anyone I contacted in the Mortal Coil."
>"You know as well as I they do not know everything."
"Yes, but a mage that found a Soul Grave, devised a means to control it without his presence being required.... oh, and did I mention, Dulu reported that the Soul Grave is now capable of crafting short lived constructs forged of Soulfire."
>"...Did you confirm his report? The golem had far less advanced enchantments when it slew my apprentice."
>"..Of course you verified it. Well, we already knew that this was a threat we had to deal with, so how does this change anything?"
"We need to re-prioritize. Until we deal with this mage, this 'Mordre,' I suspect we shall continue to suffer setbacks. Or do you disagree?"
>"....Heh...heheh... HAH! Oh, count me in, I find myself in possession of a great deal of frustration, and I would rather enjoy the chance to work off some stress.... on a metal foe mayhap? But how do you plan to find the mage himself? The Soul Grave is not the only resource at his disposal."
"Let's say that Dulu had a rather interesting revelation, and that once he is corporeal again, he has every confidence he can track down this obstacle to it's source."
>"Always with the secrets.... so, the Soul Grave itself is mine to deal with, then?"
"....As you wish, but do try to leave it relatively intact, you-"
>"Yes, yes, I know how valuable a Soul Grave is, I shall try to not break it TOO badly.... Well.... this should be fun."

.................................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE.................................................................

[DAY 80]

The journey back to Kyogrock Arcanoworks is uneventful, a thankful change of pace, and most of the journey is spent running the Premen through more language drills to put them ever closer to becoming bilingual as we march. We reach Berluut with several hours of light left, and continue onwards to the north, picking up our pace, to reach the Arcanoworks a little less than an hour after the sun sets. Spying our return, the gates are thrown open by the militia.... with Ugrokk and Jojo both waiting to welcome us back within the well-lit interior of the Arcanoworks, torches now cut and fitted into the previously empty slots for them about the area, providing ample light even at night.

While Jojo looks fatigued, Ugrokk is quite the opposite, his color much improved and no longer favoring his wounded side. I also note the leathers he wears under his breastplate have been repaired, with only the warped metal of his cuirass to leave evidence he was ever wounded. Oggroth immediately begins babbling to the two of them with a second hand tale of my struggle against Dulu, Balboa and the rebels, and of the glory and spoils alike I gained. While Ugrokk seems to share Oggroth the Mountain's sentiments in being regretful he missed such an exchange, Jojo seems more curious about the corpse I carry. I explain my desire to restore the skin to wholeness, and Balboa's body drifts out of my hand, floating alongside Jojo as he wanders off, muttering that he'll see what he can do.

I approach the central tower of the Arcanoworks, and carefully place the rest of my spoils upon the ground neatly. As Arkus becomes visible making his way down the stares to meet me, I appraise what I brought:

-A warped Skyfall cannon with intact runes
-Dulu's morphic staff
-15 Blood-Togas
-1 Blood-Cloak
-14 runed swords
-1 heavily runed cleaver with lightning engravings
-~70 pounds of Blood Iron
-Balboa's backpack (unsearched)
-Six hand-cannons (All 108 functional hand-cannons now in your possession)

As the Premen continue to banter outside the tower, Arkus makes his way to my side, carefully stepping around Moss Withermane, the newly titled wood creature that has been following me, to make a report.

"Right, well, I think I have a pretty solid grasp of what kind of texts are where in this tower, so I should be able to finally answer whether we have something on 'subject x' or whatnot.... ah, and so far, I've been able to figure out the locations of two leyline junctions not too far from here, where World Motes would be likely to appear. There's one almost straight north, about two days distant, and one that looks to be about a half day south of Trekel ....Oh hey, what’s all this stuff?"

"The spoils of war. I desire their workings to be deciphered."

"Uh, sure thing... which thing do you want me to look at first? I mean, if I try to experiment with all of this, it could take a whole lot longer to have results, so if there is a particular item or two you really want to know about right now, let me know so I can prioritize them."

Before I can respond, Derkin pushes past the Premen outside the tower, and makes his own report, after warily stepping wide about Moss, who promptly starts to follow him with it's tongue of roots hanging out of it's beak. As Derkin continues to walk away from Moss, he speaks.

"...Okay, so I've been looking through the militia like you asked, seeking other... creative, I guess, individuals who could be part of a.... 'problem solving' group... what did you call them, special operations or summat? Anyway, surprise surprise, Ulzrick is looking like the best candidate by a fair margin, even if his stamina is currently shit., I can’t fault that bugger’s mind, a right crafty one, him... though there are two others, a woman named Ellorika, and a guy named Vespinto who both look promising, just not AS promising.... other than that, no one has yet seemed all that remarkable. Anyway, I've been giving them some lessons in leadership, a couple bouts of more advanced sparring, all that, and they seem to be doing well. So.... what do you want me to do with them, just keep teaching them how to lead and fight better?"

Now that I am back within the walls of my home, I once more find myself with a plethora of events to manage.... and with the State warmage Densly having warned me that representatives of the Azelhaedran State will come not just to Trepany, but also to the Arcanoworks to 'assess us', as he phrased it, I imagine I should firmly iron out what tasks are most important to see undertaken, if I want to ensure their completion before the inevitable arrival of said State representatives.

Which of my spoils from the recent fight should I have Arkus look at first (refer to list of spoils in this post)?
What questions should I ask Derkin about the three special ops candidates, and what should I suggest for their training?
Beyond that, what else should I do?
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No. 177896 ID: 2aaaf1

Have Arkus inspect the cloak and togas first, then the skyfall cannon. We must personally be present when Dulu's staff is examined, it may be booby trapped. The staff reverted naturally, but we never activated any of the runes, it's still a possiblity that the weapon could kill or wound the first fleshling to touch it. Come to think of it, we should test ALL the weapons we have in our possession first in a controlled environment so no unnecessary injuries are sustained. As for Derkin's candidates, train them all. We absolutely need more people that can hold their own on the battlefield and lead others.
As for the world motes, those will have to wait until we've settled everything else. Search Balboa's pack quickly, once we discern the value of the items within, we must make haste towards Trepany. We need to have a talk with Keddic right now, because if he isn't willing to cooperate with the state military, they are most likely going to purge the everliving fuck out of us.
No. 177903 ID: 58ec1e

give Arkus the blood togas and the cannon to study.

let him pick which of the two to start with.

the togas because they seem usefull and there are enough that we dont need to worry about loseing one or two.

the cannon because Arkus seems to have luck with runes and there is not much else we can do with it.

for the three elite milita i think we should have them focus on leadership, fighting and a bit of magic if we can mannage it.

at the moment the milita are borrowed from the republic, they seem fairly loyal to us and some may permantly join us but they are not our army. we need to either permantly recruit them (bad idea, will piss off republic and at best we would probaly only get half) or we need to start recruiting our own cannon fodder.

i think the best source of new nroops would be the refugees at the village we helped fortafy. we or one of our men should go recruiting.

also dont forget to send word of the nearby possibly hostile (to the rebublic) state forces to sir Keddik
No. 177904 ID: 275a5d

"Figure out how to replicate the garments and cannonry if you can, as we already know something of their functions:

The clothing, when infused with blood, reflects all damage done back upon an attacker, at the cost of it's sanguine fuel with each attack.

The cannon, seems to infuse its shots with a magic that summons lighting to strike it mid-flight, annihilating the ordnance and spraying the area with molten metal.
No. 177912 ID: d3dfb8

See if you can find a State flag lying around somewhere. We might want to fly their flag for when the representative comes around
No. 177917 ID: a594b9

First, let's search that backpack. Second, DULU's staff. Third, the Skyfall cannon.

Hey, let's repair Ugrokk's cuirass better. If he takes it off it should be easier.

Also, we should make our way off to get Moss fed, then find that... place he went to.
No. 177941 ID: 8276a0

Arkus should look at the cannon first. He's a World Mage and seems to have a Nack for Runes, not blood magic.
Next, we lok through the backpack. Sort out thes tuff in that.
Next, talk to Jojo about his magic and if he can handle the Blood Cloak and Togas.

Talk to Derkin and see what has passed while we've been out kicking ass, and relate what has been happening.

Mentally check up on when the premen we sent out back to their home should be back.

Travel back to the republic with most of our army, to tell Sir Harksburton about our wonderful fight and, sadly, the spot inspection.

Develop break dancing, line dancing,and the twist.

Construct roads, if no roads are avaiable to connect the few villiages we've saved.

Visit the villages we've saved.

Train the shit out ofour special forces.
No. 177947 ID: 445c48

Eat dat blood iron if you haven't.
No. 177962 ID: 62781c

Didn't we have a body to ship off to Kyorto? Does Arkus need to preserve it?
No. 178021 ID: 903f16

- Arkus should study the canon first. It's effects seem incredibly powerful and could give our cannon an extra punch to it, which we will need in light of recent news from the perspective shift. He should then work on Dulu's staff, though every precaution should be taken beforehand to make sure it won't harm anyone. Arkus is slowly becoming very skilled at working with runes and giving him more to practice and tinker with could never hurt.

- Advance all three of the candidates to special operations training. Focus their training on small unit leadership, stealth and infiltration, and general rogue skills.

- Consider using the blood iron to craft the Modre totems that we could use as communication between our cities and villages.

- Examine Balboa's bag of tricks to get a general idea of what he had in there. Leave them with Arkus for further study afterwards.

- Have the men organize the Arcanoworks to prepare for the states arrival. Make sure things look orderly and organized. Perhaps run them through some drills, we want them to know we have everything under control.

- Run to the Republic and give the news of the inspection that will take place.
No. 178028 ID: 8276a0

Do try and keep up. We sent that back already with two premen runners to check up on Mordreden and to bring back a shaman and a maker to build up Mordreden stronger and smarter.
No. 178032 ID: 427807

Lets get arkus cracking on the blood iron first, to identify how it is different from normal iron.
Have him tackle the runes on the cannon next. See if we can implement them onto our form somehow.
Actually, before that, have arkus encase the body of balboa in crystal, as was done with verther.
No. 178049 ID: c27a15

I like the idea of roads of 177941. It wouldn't hurt to develop a engineer unit for those purposes. Might ask Arkus if there's any books on civil works sort of magic.
Also I like the idea of 178021 for building a permanent army.
Also I second the idea of 177896 of having Arkus inspect the togas, the runes on the staff and cannons, and think that all care should be taken in the search of the staff and the backpack.
No. 178058 ID: 62781c

Upon review, we gave it to Jojo to try and restore; I'd missed that line. I wasn't talking about the corpse from way back, but rather the one that we just acquired and therefore would logically need to be dealt with.

We will need to ship it off and probably preserve it, but not until after Jojo is finished. We probably have enough rubies that sealing it in another one won't be a problem, so no need to worry about decay if Jojo can fix it successfully.

Speaking of Jojo and our special operations guys, I believe that we were attempting to teach Ulzrick a bit of magic and that, according to his statblock, he could learn Jojo's tricks. Perhaps we could consider teaching our special operations types a bit of the Premen tongue? That would make our deployment of them significantly more flexible in the future and might allow Ulzrick to start picking up Jojo's healing abilities eventually.
No. 178078 ID: 445c48

Search the backpack, probably focus on that, then the cannons, then the togas, then the staff
No. 178129 ID: d1210a

First, I address Arkus.

"Figure out how to replicate the garments and cannon if you can, As we already know something of their functions, which could help: The clothing, when infused with blood, which I noted to never drip, Reflects all damage done back upon an attacker in the same manner, Such as a swordsmen getting cut when he attacks with a sword. This reflection is at the cost of it's sanguine fuel with each attack, Until such time it runs dry, and it's protective effect ends."

Arkus is already scribbling furiously as I speak, and I give him a moment to catch up before continuing.

"The cannon, called a Skyfall cannon, seems to infuse its shots with a magic, Which then summons lighting to strike the cannonball upon it impacting a target, Annihilating the ordnance and spraying the area with molten metal. I also note that I was unable to apply Magnetomancy to the shots, So I assume them to be warded in some manner. In any event, those are to be your primary concerns for the moment, Thought feel free to choose which one to work on first yourself."

"...Ah... ah-huh.... right got it. ...What, my choice? Uh, I guess the cannon, the... Skyfall, right? Yeah, it's a bit warped, but the runes don't look damaged, I should be able to work with this..."

While Arkus continues muttering, I take a moment to inspect the contents of Balboa's bag. ...Inside, I find thirteen copies of the short wand I saw him brandish at my Inferno Golem, the one that could bend the air around it. Each one is topped with a small sapphire, precisely cut. Besides the wands, there are two wooden cases, one much smaller than the other. The larger of the two cases contains two rows of wire-bound flasks filled with a dull orange fluid.... these look identical to the healing potion I saw Dulu use before. There are nineteen in all. The second, smaller box, however, refuses to open despite it's lack of a clasp, and I put if back down before I risk breaking it and the contents inside.

As I rise, I address Derkin.

"I want you to intensify their training, For all three of the candidates you mentioned. Add to their curriculum lessons on stealth, Subterfuge, sabotage, and infiltration. I want them not only to be capable leaders, But also able to go wherever I need them."

"Right, got it. Shouldn't be too hard to learn them on most o' that, as I do have just a bit of experience with those fields, heh.... right, I'll get goin'."

Next, I address several of the militia peeking into the room in the hopes of getting an earful of news, who rather swiftly snap to attention as I turn to them. At least some of my prior lesson has sunk in, then.

"I want Kyogrock Arcanoworks to be neat, Clean, orderly, and as presentable as possible. Some representatives from the State shall come. If that gets finished before their arrival, I want roads, Causeways that could expedite travel about the land. I have no expectation of the task being finished swiftly, But for now, those are your two primary focuses, Outside of patrol duty and daily sparring."

While some of the militia look a bit overwhelmed at being put in a leadership role, others have no issue, and round up the less assertive members of their groups as they salute and set off, already shouting to gain the attention of the other militia-members. Well, I imagine that shall keep the militia quite occupied for the immediate future.

I return to the outside of the tower, and tell the Premen that they shall be participating in every sparring session the militia undertake in addition to their own nightly bouts. At first they seem reluctant, but Oggroth jostles them into it, saying this is their chance to prove the might of Premen, a sentiment which quickly bolsters the spirits of the doubters. I start to ask Ugrokk for his armor, thinking to repair it, but I recall that I can only achieve such success at molding metal with my own form, and as such would have no way to fix Ugrokk's suit. That, plus the fact that I have no blacksmiths, means that for now, Ugrokk must wait.... though the metal was rather cleverly folded back in place and partly resealed, sturdier than most patch jobs thanks to the thickness of the armor.

With all my followers given tasks, I set out on my own mission, Moss bounding alongside me as I exit the grounds of Kyogrock Arcanoworks once more, building up speed as I direct my Magnetomancy inward. I speed across the landscape southward, running without pause throughout the night.

[DAY 81]

I reach Shellik in the very early morning, before dawn, but several villagers are already awake, plucking eggs from the treetops. When they spot me, they quickly rouse the entire village, and after giving them time to assemble, I speak.

"For what it is worth, I caught those responsible, For what happened in Berluut.... they were made to pay. I hope that knowledge can bring some measure of peace."

I find the village willing to throw a feast in my honor, so happy are they to, as they put it, 'have a proper mage about' once more, but I beg off, and divert them with a request for some spare metal 'to fuel my golem' as I realize I brought no supplies with me. They thankfully provide me with several objects of assorted personal value, ranging from rake heads to pots and pans to the odd family heirloom, all iron or steel. I select the highest carbon content items amongst the less personal belongings, sparing a third generation steel sword, several other well made personal belongings that seem of clear emotional value offered while claiming some tool heads and a pot and pan each I consume the goods swiftly, and thank them for the materials before setting off, leaving with mention that the State may be coming back to these parts in the near future, another thought they seem elated to receive. The village practically cheers as I wave goodbye, and the few people who had been eying Moss askance at my side no longer seem to bear any mistrust. It was wise to stop here, but now I must continue.

The sun rises several hours later, Moss and I both still running without rest, my companion having no issue keeping up with me, the stone buried in it's chest fiercely glowing through it's skin of root and bark. Periodically Moss runs ahead of me, and begins to prance back and forth, as if urging me to go faster. Surprising, considering before it had some trouble keeping up with my maximum speed. ...Well, it did grow larger when out of my sight, perhaps it really did find World Motes or one of those root spirals or whatever else Moss might feel inclined to eat, and gained more.... capability, from it, I suppose. I do admit, Moss does seem more intelligent now than it had been when I first found it. An interesting possibility.

Some time shy of dusk, I spot Trepany through the foliage, and less than an hour later I arrive at it's gates, the setting sun at my back. The gates open without the need for my intervention, as several of the citizens deferentially greet me upon my arrival. I respond politely, if a bit brusquely, as I question them on where Keddic is. They point me in his direction, and shortly I turn a corner in the densely packed village to find him being assaulted by a dozen or so militia members, all desperately trying to topple a laughing Keddic that stands as firmly as a tree. Sir Keddic Harksburton the 4th spots my arrival, and turns to walk towards me, those still clinging to him dragged along as they are unable to stop him.

"MORDRE, good to see you old chap! I trust things are well? Oh, what a fascinating creature you have there, pray tell what is it?"

What should I say or do?
No. 178138 ID: 903f16

Inform him of the impending arrival of the state of course. Be very careful to mention that we didn't mention he was here or anything about the town other than slipping up and calling it a republic in front of the state officials. We did not intend to cause him any difficulties. You can lead up to all of this by telling him the tale of how we killed Balboa and displaced Dulu's soul of course, if you think that would help.
No. 178151 ID: b14128

Greet him, and ask him in an amused tone if you're interupting anything as you look over the militia he's dragging along behind him. Sheepishly admit your ignorance as to what the creature is. Explain that you recently encountered and befriended it in the wilderness during your travels, that it's followed you like a puppy ever since, and that you've given it the name of Moss.

After that, it's time to get down to business; Inform him of what's happened since you last met (Which I believe was a little before we decided to track down the gunman), finishing up with how the State is reclaiming its territory. From there... I'm not really sure, it'd probably be best to see his reaction before making further decisions on what to say, but I -expect- and -hope- that he'll take well to the news that peace and order will be formally restored.
No. 178153 ID: 8276a0

Get the Ham Writer's to relate how amazing bdass our killing was! And all the combat we've seen since we last saw our badass friend!

Then, wetell themthe state is coming...and maybe we could get in a punch up with him? Maybe?
No. 178157 ID: e31d52

"I'm not quite sure myself! I found him, and my, what a liking he has towards this golem!Almost like a loyal hound! I have some bad news though..." Relate the slaughtered town. "I was able to find the bastard what did it, and I have something... special planned for his skin. Criminal bodies are the best test subjects, eh?" laugh wryly. "Managed to really hurt my other foe, though, even if he got away." Shrug. "Oh, I met the State! Though they are highly suspicious of me, I trust I can count on your good word, my friend?"

Sit down somewhere, relate the tale. I'll let someone else tell the tale of Mordre and the Long Day of Smashing.
No. 178163 ID: 6d4f74

This, but somebody HAM it up more. HAM and CHEESE!
No. 178180 ID: 275a5d

"To be more precise, I fear I have made an error in a judgment.

You see, in pursuing and bringing these individuals to their just rewards, I was forced to...well, wipe out the insurgents over in that outpost with all the lightning that is...well, WAS...falling around it.

It just so happens that in doing so, I aided a rather sizable State Military force that was sieging the area.

Well, as you can imagine, they had quite a few questions for me, not least of which is what I was doing in the area with a Soul Grave of all things.

To shorten the last bits, one thing lead to the other and I accidentally referred to Droba as the Republic of Trepany. Simple slip of the tongue, really, I'm rather absentminded after these sorts of heavy battle-"

"Oh, is that what they're calling senility these days?"


...Yes, well, it seems like the State has got it into their silly little heads that a simple name change requires a checkup to ensure theres no fomenting of dissent. I thought I should offer what aid I can to the town and yourself, Keddic.

Oh, they'll be sending someone to my facility, as well. To "Figure out what to do about me." Really, these officials have no manners."
No. 178183 ID: 275a5d

Also...I don't think Moss found a new source of food.

He's been hanging around us for days and we haven't seen him eat a thing since.

I suspect the Stone leaking World Magic that we gave him is...well, STILL leaking World Magic.

It would explain his reaction to our earlier query of if he found a food source, that is, his nodding then shaking of his head: He didn't find a new one, the old one he found earlier is still feeding him.
No. 178191 ID: 6d4f74

That's my thought too. I'm just worried about naming him... words are VERY powerful in the magic world and being a being of magic, I am sure things like names have a profound effect of personality etc.
Hope everything works out well.
No. 178192 ID: 8276a0

Combine these two - first one is nice, and the second is delicious ham and cheese we must eat it.

Now, can someone -please- write up how much of a badass we've been and be all hammy about it?
No. 178198 ID: 275a5d

I thought about it, but it's hard to be hammy about how awesome you are without a descriptive foil to shoot you down.

I'm trying to build up the maid personality a bit.

It's fun.
No. 178204 ID: 8276a0

We have a Maid and a Cat. We can -clearly- have them try to shoot us down, and it can get into a Ham-match of yelling with otu maid before we remember that, oh yeah, our amazingly badass bro is listening too.
No. 178257 ID: 856b48

What IS Moss anyway? It seems to be some sort of natural predator that eats rogue world magic motes and beings.

"Indeed *fascinating* is a good word to describe little Moss here. I found Moss in the forest and it's has been following my golem around ever since. You also understand what we say don't you Moss? There's a budding intellect in there methinks! You ever seen anything like this before?

Oh and Keddic, have you any spare world magic infused trinkets? Moss eats them you see. Very good show, just look at what happened to that rock I had lying around."
No. 178261 ID: 275a5d

rolled 12 = 12

A thought occurs to me:

Regarding the remaining function of the Immortal Genocide: It being a siege fist, we previously suspected that its remaining function could be unlocked by simply striking something. Yet when we attempted it, the act bore no fruit. The Immortal Genocide DID specifically trigger, however, when the blow landed. We felt it trigger.

So what if we activate the energy-drain ability, store the energy, THEN strike something? We should test it out on the way back to the Arcanoworks, once we've figured out with Keddic what to do about the inspection.

Rolling to store.
No. 178299 ID: d1210a

>observation: Moss never observed to eat after being fed the stone.
>hypothesis: stone Moss consumed constantly leaks World magic.
>prediction: Moss will continue to grow from leaked World magic


[If you remember to test this theory somewhere where collateral damage would not be an issue/you have a sufficiently sturdy target, quote this post to use the stored roll to automatically activate the Immortal Genocide's absorption, with only a roll to deactivate required. And please note the roll is a 1d20 +3, which means you put dice 1d20+3 in the email field. ANYWAY]

"I say, I hope I am not... interrupting anything? heh"

"Not at all! Now, I know you're likely waiting on both that first shipment of food and the more permanent staff for the.. Arcanoworks, that was it... anyway, when I started asking for volunteers to go to the Arcanoworks, I got, surprise surprise, mostly other family members of those already working up there now, so I would assume that at least a good number of them may end up staying with you anyway. But more importantly, a few representatives from Glenston and Trekel, as well as a few refugees also overheard the offer to work and live at the Arcanoworks, so... well, it's taking longer to organize, but rather than perhaps two score new arrivals, it looks like you may get closer to three hundred, all said and done. Ah, and they will be bringing the first shipment of food with them, once they leave. Should be en route within the next couple of days."

I motion towards Moss as I respond, still considering how best to break the news to him.
"That sounds most agreeable, but that is not why I came today. As to what my companion Moss here is, I'm not quite sure myself! I found him, and my, what a liking he has towards this golem! Almost like a loyal hound, quick and clever both!"

With an appreciative guffaw, Keddic walks closer, and crouches before Moss, shedding the last of the men still futilely clinging to him in an attempt to influence his mobility. He puts forth a hand, which Moss politely sniffs at before sitting on it's haunches.

"Well, I admit to being quite curious about this 'Moss' of yours, quite the interesting creature! ...So, if you didn't come here for supplies or troops, I assume you also didn't come here to show me this new companion of yours: What troubles plague your mind?"

"...The village of Berluut, to the north, was wiped out."

At this Keddic's jovial grin vanishes, and the two militiamen still standing nearby look shocked at the news, and no small wonder, with such grim tidings. I continue in my explanation.

"I was able to find the bastard what did it, And I was able to bring the rogue to justice. I have something... special.. planned for his skin. Criminal bodies are the best test subjects, eh? he-heh.. hah ..Yes, well if it works, he may end up aiding the people in death, Which seemed to me the best thing to do with his body."

"...Sounds like the kind of program I could get behind, making executed criminals continue to pay back the community for what they did, though it is regrettable to hear such an event transpired. ...Tell me, was it just the one person who was responsible for this?"

"It seems quite possible, but there was another person involved, named Dulu."

"..Dulu, Dulu... ah, that was the name of the person who asked about you earlier, the one you warned us of, yes?"

"The same, though I doubt he will be an issue. Managed to really hurt Dulu, even if he got away. Well, not everything can go as planned."

I shrug, an action I have seen humans perform after speaking similar words to those I just spoke, and the action seems appropriate by Keddic's response, one of a commiserating nod of his head. I continue speaking, before Keddic has a chance to move this conversation in a direction I do not desire.

"Oh, I met the State while tracking down the one that attacked Berluut! Though I mourn the fact they seem highly suspicious of me, But I trust I can count on your good word, right my friend?"

"The State? Wait, as in the Azelhaedran State? I was under the impression those slow blighters were still on the other side of the river, or some such. ...I take it from your response that is no longer the case. What transpired?"

"To be more precise, I fear I have made an error in a judgment. You see, in pursuing and bringing these individuals to their just rewards, I was forced to...well, wipe out the insurgents over in that outpost to the east, The one with all the lightning that is...well, WAS...falling around it. It just so happens that in doing so, I aided a rather sizable State Military force, One that was currently engaged with the rebels and besieging the outpost. Well, as you can imagine, they had quite a few questions for me, not least of which is what I was doing in the area with a Soul Grave of all things. Really, you would think that saving their lives would count for some measure of courtesy, But no, all business with the State.... that mage Densly has quite the stick up his rear... ....Yes, anyway, to shorten the last bits and get to what is relevant for you, One thing lead to the other and I.. accidentally referred to Droba as the Republic of Trepany. Simple slip of the tongue, really, I can be a trifle absentminded after these sorts of heavy bat-""Oh, is that what they're calling senility these days?" "NOT NOW, ILLIA! ...Yes, well, it seems like the State has got it into their silly little heads that a simple name change, Like Droba to Trepany, requires a checkup to ensure there's no fomenting of dissent. I thought I should offer what aid I can to the town and yourself alike, Keddic. Oh, they'll be sending someone to my facility, as well. To "Figure out what to do about me." ....Really, these officials have no manners."

[+3 HAM points. Total HAM points: 029 Amount required for next reward: 050]

Keddic had been patiently listening to my words, recognizing that a plethora of events have unfolded elsewhere, and hungry for knowledge of what transpired. I see his lip quiver as he struggles to stay polite when I get to the inclusion of 'Illia's' input, but the severity of the situation help him avoid any incident. As I finish, I await any of a multitude of responses from him, to find....

"HAH, WONDERFUL! Finally, those buggers are getting their heads out of their asses and moving, eh? Well, if they are going to inspect Trepany, then that likely means they shall be returning patrols to this area some time in the future, yes? ...The name means nothing, really, it was to inspire a destitute people when I arrived, to make them willing to put in the effort to make themselves safe and prosper even in a situation like this. If the state is coming back, the name will have served it's purpose, I think. ...And it has been getting a trifle boring about here, I'm beginning to regret letting you kill all those bandits, there's no one snooping about for me to enjoy a good tussle with, HAH! ...Hm, that would be rather mollifying to have the state be so distrustful as they seem to be of you and this town, so If there is anything you need, let me know. I've been making sure the people here have governed themselves, and I've only really been heading up the training and some of the construction projects.... and now that I think on it, they don't really need me for that, either. Hmm...."

Keddic turns to one of the nearby militia before continuing.

"Well, it looks like you don't really need me anymore, you're self sufficient, it's gotten peaceful about this area....and boring. I think I shall take my leave in search of something a bit more.. stimulating."

As jaws drop at his cavalier words, he turns back to me.

"You, however, seem to have a distinct dearth of boredom to your life! Bloody struggles, strange creatures, exciting events one and all! ...Mind if I tag along for the time being?"

What should be my response?
And beyond that, what should I do? I have not been to Trekel in quite some time, and the Core Being I discovered is still trapped on one of their fields, perhaps I should visit? Or should I do something else?
No. 178306 ID: e542e3


Definitely have him tag along...he's awesome. We will have to be careful though...He doesn't know about the sentience.
No. 178341 ID: ab04d4

Are we sure Keddic's departure with us might not be seen as fleeing from state justice? They do think he might be an insurrectionist or something, after all, and leaving might only increase their perception of his guilt.

Oh well, too bad. Take him anyways, he's a total bro.
No. 178345 ID: e31d52

Well, we're going to be staying here for the time being.

"Certainly, Keddic! While this golem of mine is a fantastic brawler, I do find myself having issues with... tight spaces. I cannot enter simple fortresses to clear them out, you see.Unless I want to take apart the whole of the building...
*Meow* No, NO, DON'T TOUCH TH- *Purr* *begin falling backwards, windmill arms, recover at the last second* BAD KITTEN! There shall be no cream for you tonight!"

Honestly, the Mage persona is really fun anyway. I don't mind keeping it up.

Pause, then go on.

"Unfortunately, until the State arrives here, I'm not going anywhere, clearly. However, that doesn't mean we'll be inactive! There is a great deal I need to research! Such has this morphic steel... I wonder what would come of a sort of... Well, as a golem expert, I am quite interested in the make and function of a golem made of it. Perhaps we could make it so the controller is more involved with the mech, similar to my controls, only.... closer..." Mumble on about 'soul spark' ignition systems and other various technical bits. "At any rate, Keddic, I would be most honored if you could spar with my soldeirs. Oggroth here has been spoiliing for some.... activity ever since he missed the fight at the insurgent outpost, and they could all do to be a bit better in a brawl. What say you, Keddic, would you like to train my main force?"

Clap your hands together in front of your face and mutter "Got the little bugger, fly's been pestering me for hours..."
No. 178347 ID: e31d52


Also, if we have not already, make a few AG shells and one blade out of Blood Iron if you can. Since we can manipulate it better with magnetomancy, it will be more univesally useful anyway.
No. 178348 ID: 445c48

Nah, I think that's enough Ham for one conversation. We don't want to seem too daft. Especially if he's to be travelling with us.
No. 178351 ID: e31d52

Well, ham or no ham, the actual points I brought up stand. Ogg needs a fight like Dorfs need beer.
No. 178353 ID: b14128

Yeah, don't put too much HAM in one conversation. That might make people start wondering why nothing happens when we're fighting or doing other important stuff.
No. 178357 ID: 903f16

We do need to visit Trekel sometime soon to check on how far the Core Being has progressed. In that same vein we also need to continue feeding Moss if we want him to be able to handle that situation. I suggest visiting Trekel, then going to the leyline located half a day south from it to feed Moss.
No. 178360 ID: 275a5d

rolled 1 = 1

"I'd be delighted to have someone as capable as yourself accompanying me!

Once out of earshot of the town:

"Now, theres something you should know, if you're going to be coming along...something I did not want to mention lest the information endanger the people of Trepany for knowing it. I have not broached this knowledge to my own forces yet either, though it is something I will definately have to confer to my lieutenants and apprentice when we get back to the Arcanoworks."

Wait for Keddic's assent.

"Well, after the battle, I pored through the results I obtained from my golem after having it consume Berluut's killer and the insurgent leader at the outpost, and...well, it seems they were both apprentices to, and operating under the orders of, one Archmage Weinsho. Furthermore, given Dulu's presence both here and near Duras', there may be a link between this Weinsho and a magnetomancer I bested by the name of Verther, who had been planning on assaulting Hletwa to seek an item of rather great importance...Del Roga's axe. In addition to this, there is another Magnetomancer, possibly Weinsho, I know not, who was directing Verther, as well.

I simply felt that if you are going to aid me, you need to know what kind of individual's are going to be out for my blood."


"Well, then, now that that's out of the way, do you mind if we stop near Trekel? A bit out of the way, I know, but a necessary caution, I assure you. Some rogue apprentices of Weinsho managed to summon a bloody CORE BEING in the area, and I need to make sure that no-one's disturbed the place where I buried it until such time as I have devised a means to put it down."
No. 178361 ID: 275a5d

Ignore that roll. I forgot to remove the "dice 1d100" from my email field from the last post.
No. 178362 ID: b14128

...Actually, a thought; How do we know they -were- rogue apprentices of his, and didn't do it on his orders?
No. 178364 ID: 275a5d

I think there were journal notes suggesting the were rogue.

But other than that, it's the firmest assumption. Mind you, it's also possible Weinsho fed them false notes to sabotage these rogue apprentices.
No. 178369 ID: b14128

Fair point. Stll, mention that although it's a good guess they were rogue, we're not completely sure. Oh, yeah, also make sure to say how you think Verther's army may have planned to cordinate its attack with the bandits who had formerly occupied the Arcanoworks.
No. 178377 ID: a594b9

We should not speak of the Core Being in earshot of the general populace. We should not induce a state of panic.

I say we should find that place that Moss went to earlier.
No. 178379 ID: 275a5d

rolled 16 = 16

Thats why I specifically said "When out of earshot of the town".
No. 178380 ID: 275a5d

goddamn it.
No. 178383 ID: 427807

Let us off to the core being! I have a feeling that Moss will be able to enlighten us, somewhat, on the being's presence. And, i guess we might as well make sure trekel is still free from bandit rule.
No. 178384 ID: a594b9

Autofill's a bitch ain't it?
No. 178472 ID: d1210a
File 127405503934.jpg - (207.54KB , 1280x960 , Mound over Core Being.jpg )

"I'd be delighted to have someone as capable as yourself accompanying me!"

"Ha-hah, EXCELLENT! Well.... hm. I have Bessie in my pocket, I have my sword, my beard grooming kit, I've fed recently.... yes, I quite think I am ready to go presently. Shall we be off old chap?"

I bemused follow along with Keddic's somewhat outrageous exit, but I offer no complaint. I have already decided there are certain things I shall share with him, both to avoid issue later, and possibly to snare his curiosity for the unusual... and for challenges. Once out of earshot of the town, with some trees betwixt us to muffle sight as well as sound, I address Keddic, who until now had been content to puff on his worn wood pipe and jog alongside Moss and I.

"Now, there's something you should know, if you're going to be coming along... Something I did not want to mention lest the information endanger the people of Trepany for knowing it. I have not even broached this subject with my own forces yet, or in fact anyone else, Though it is something I will have to confer to my lieutenants and apprentice when we get back to the Arcanoworks."

"Well, you've certainly peaked my curiosity, pray tell, what is it I should know?"

"Well, after the battle, I pored through the results I obtained from my golem, After having it consume Berluut's killer and the insurgent leader at the outpost, and... Well, it seems they were both apprentices to, and operating under the orders of a mage Weinsho. Furthermore, given Dulu's presence both here and near Duras some time ago, There may be a link between this Weinsho and a magnetomancer I bested by the name of Verther, Who had been planning on assaulting Hletwa to seek an item of rather great importance... Del Roga's axe. In addition to this, there is another Magnetomancer still about, Possibly Weinsho, I know not, who was directing Verther, as well. I simply felt that if you are going to aid me, you need to know what kind of individual's are going to be out for my blood."

"Weinsho? I recall the name... oh yes, last time I was passing through Castiliathen, some time before heading south to the Land of Dragons..... huh, I suppose five years ago? In any event, the cities were abuzz with word he had been ejected from a senior position at the Mortal Coil.... Oh blast, I can't recall why he was ousted. ...Well, in any event, an ex-Mortal Coil mage, is that who you claim now has grievance against you!?"

Before I can say anything further, Keddic laughs uproariously, a manic grin painting his face.

"Oh, SPLENDID! A foe to make the blood sing, your will sharpen, and your very soul tremble!? I CANNOT WAIT!! Oh-ho, that Weinsho was fairly big news about a decade ago, a big hero from the war against the Mosmordren Empire To get the chance to call one my foe, to face a hero of the past, and not be called traitor of criminal.... If there had been any doubt in me before, it would surely be dispelled now, but I'm afraid your luck's run out, I'll stick to you like glue for the chance to face a master of magic Arcane and Combat alike!"


"Well, then, now that that's out of the way, do you mind if we stop near Trekel? A bit out of the way, I know, but a necessary caution, I assure you. Some rogue apprentices of Weinsho managed to summon a bloody CORE BEING in the area, And I need to make sure that no-one's disturbed it's burial mound until I have devised a means to put it down, ....Preferably without having to worry about casualties in the hundreds or thousands."

"...As I said before, you will have a hard time being rid of me with expeditions this interesting. Lead on, I have yet to see the place you walled off a Core Being at, though I remember your report about it earlier."

I begin marching south to Trekel, slowly building speed to see how fast Keddic can march: After all, time is fleeting, with a State inspection looming on the horizon. At first I wonder if I am accelerating properly, as Keddic's pace does not seem to speed, yet he does not fall behind. I reference myself against the landscape, as well as note Moss running faster and faster, and confirm I am increasing my speed as I thought, so why..... I look more closely, and realize that I can feel Keddic gathering that sense of weight and potency into his legs, and channeling it into his feet with each step. I then note how far each step is taking him, and as I top out at my maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, Keddic looks to be jogging at a leisurely pace, yet each bound carries him some thirty feet.

He notes my sustained observation, and grins about his pipe, wisps of smoke flying back like trailers about his golden-maned head.

...Well, I shall not have to worry about him keeping up. We continue running as the light fades, but Keddic does not slow, even with treacherous footing. I again turn my gaze to him, and feel that sense of density also present about his eyes, which seem to have no difficulty tracking objects in the murky darkness. Hours pass and he does not appear to get winded.... and he has begun to play with Moss, picking up sticks and stones mid step while jogging along, and tossing them over for Moss to snap out of the air.

[DAY 82]

In the wee hours, Keddic finally asks if we can rest, though he approaches it obliquely, asking if 'I was alright with missing sleep.' His words remind me I have a cover to maintain, and I respond with comments that I need little sleep, as I don't perform much in the way of strenuous activities, since I spend most of my time controlling the golem. We make small talk about the merits of getting by on little sleep, a topic that strikes me as odd but one I am nonetheless thankful for, as Keddic peers about. Finally he finds a tree he finds satisfactory, and spryly leaps into it's branches, and claiming to have found a perfectly acceptable campsite. I decide to keep myself still until dawn or Keddic exits the tree to conform with the image of sleeping-and thus not being able to control the golem.

Come morning, Keddic drops out of the tree eating a snake raw, commenting he foud breakfast while he awoke. We set off again, and some three hours later, we reach the earthen mound on Trekel's northern field.... and something feels odd.

Currently, Keddic, Moss and I are all some fifty feet distant from the mound of dirt now covered in a wealth of tall weeds and grasses that ensconces the Core Being trapped in the cellar.

What should I do?
No. 178476 ID: e31d52

>A big hero from the war against the Mosmordren Empire



Ah, Mordre, now would be a good time to tell you something: Fleshlings need sleep or else they go a little wonky in the head. It might behoove you to at least pretend to sleep. In this downtime, I suggest you plot and plan or something.

Is Moss freaking out yet?
No. 178485 ID: 2aaaf1

FEEL FOR THAT RIVER OF BLOOD AGAIN. Use the trick we dispatched Daobo and the rebels with, that should at least hurt if not kill it outright.
No. 178486 ID: 445c48

We should probably mention sometime later that we can issue orders to the golem to do some simple tasks even when you're not at the helm, tasks such as "Go here" or "Patrol the campsite" so if we get caught muckin' about at night or traveling for days we just keep doing it and then answer later that we gave instructions to do this or that.
No. 178490 ID: 903f16

Feel for the source of blood we felt earlier. Ask Moss what he feels around this place and whether or not if he thinks he can take it on yet. He probably can't, but it'd be nice to gauge how close he thinks he is. Then head into town and talk to the citizens. Primarily if they noticed any changes in the mound and discuss the state returning.
No. 178499 ID: 427807

Mordre, why must you be so vague? What exactly do you mean by "odd"?

good point
No. 178500 ID: 62781c

Actually, at some point we might find it useful to have the golem act as though it were on autopilot and we were away, not speaking or using any of our more creative weaponry, then 'return' a few minutes or an hour or two later and ask what happened, expressing concern over the alarming data on our readouts.
No. 178503 ID: b14128

Wait, the mound of dirt is covered in plants? I don't think we were away long enough for them to grow naturally...

Also ask Keddic if there's anything odd about where they currently are.
No. 178544 ID: 6d4f74

"Be wary Keddick, I can feel the approaching pressure even from the sensors on my Golem, can you feel it my friend?"

A good idea to implement for keeping up the ruse would be to allow him to wake up first and stay still for an hour afterward and say that you overslept. A good show of human weakness. You could also introduce your maid to Keddic.
No. 178565 ID: d1210a

...I make note that Weinsho's death will be satisfying on many levels beyond removing someone who clearly has grievances against me. I also plan to, while in the presence of those who don't know my secret, periodically 'sleep in', and remain both inoperative and unresponsive for some time after the others have roused themselves, to further maintain my ruse. The more thoroughly I convince people of it's truth, the less likely someone will find out the truth, that I am anathema in the eyes of the nations, a sapient golem with free will. It is my most precious secret, to keep restricted to only the ears of those I trust... and those I could not prevent from discovering it, yet chose to let live, Arkus being chief among them, clear demonstration that at least some true allies can be found.

I cast out my senses, feeling for-


The mass of blood I had felt pulsing underground before now has massive veins meters thick coursing deep into the ground and out of the range of my senses. The mass itself has grown, now likely larger than the whole of my form, though not by much. As the iron, all of which sings to me as being Blood Iron, flows about, the mass contracts and expands, as if some gargantuan heart were beating. I try to take command of the Blood Iron, to manipulate it, but it rebuffs my efforts without issue.

"Moss, what do you feel about this place, And do you think you could consume it?"

Moss does not even turn to the greened mound, cringing and looking at me in appeal as it shakes it's head, before retreating behind my leg. ....Well, I would think that answers whether Moss feels capable of handling this.

...I cannot place it specifically, but something is.... wrong, even compared to how it was before. The difference of this.... heart, that beats beneath the ground is not what I felt, and still it irks me, something that is off.

....Strange, that the foliage is so dense on this earth, considering it was completely untouched by flora when last I touched it. This amount of growth is truly irregular, as far as I understand it. I peer intently at individual blades of grass and weeds alike covering the mound.... and see something I did not expect. Just near the base of the grasses and weeds, right where they join the earth... the colors wash out of the plants, fading to a gray-scale. The earth itself, where I can spy glimpses at it, is likewise gray. ....The field is spreading.

"Be wary Keddic, I can detect some irregularities there, Even from the sensors on my Golem, can you feel it my friend?"

"...Yeah, in several ways.... WOW, that is a rather large heart I feel beating away.... but no other veins besides the ones leading down from the heart, oddly enough, hmm.... still, to think I'm actually standing this close to where a Core Being is being restrained, still unable to get free..... it sends shivers down my spine, and makes my blood sing, to be near one of the destroyers of legend, the topplers of nations, the woe of mankind.... so, when do we let it out and have a proper go at it, eh? HA-HAH! Well, in any event, beyond the blood, I can't really say, my only sensory magical abilities besides blood sensing are just direct amplifications of my regular senses, so I couldn't say much. Hm, a pity that you couldn't be here in person, but I suppose you can only get so much through the golem. So, we've checked on the mound, what now old chap?"

"Oh yes, before I forget, I can give the golem orders, For when I need some rest or to pursue some personal matter. Well anyway, I only really use it at night, but just a forewarning, You may see the golem patrolling about camp sometimes, All through the night: pay it no mind, it's basically a guard function, As if I was present myself on scene and had ordered it to do so."

"Oh? A rather good use of the thing, that! ...Hm, I wonder, could you order it to follow me? I admit to having been magically and alchemical altered, all scions of the Harksburton line get assorted amplifications and augmentations to make them more capable in the pursuit of war, and one benefit is the fact I can go some two weeks without sleep. So, I could probably lead the golem as fast as it can move overnight, since as you mentioned, with inspections at some point in the future, efficient use of time may be critical, wouldn't you agree? So, could you manage that, or can you only do functions you've runed into the system?"

What do I say, or do?
And if I am done here, where should I go?
No. 178566 ID: 2aaaf1

The bandits summoned a baby core being, and we fucked up by building the mound over it. It's eating something underground(Magic/organic materials/Weinsho might be feeding the damn thing behind our backs... It could even be absorbing leaking world magic the same way Moss does, WITHOUT the need for a stone.), and we've given it a safe place to grow unhindered, it will continue to do so until it is strong enough to break free of it's earthen bondage.
No. 178569 ID: e31d52

Either that, or the Core Being is building a new body itself.

Fuck, we need Little Miss Elder God for this.
No. 178572 ID: 1ac39d

try applying what you know about leylines. instead of using a leyline you use it, syphon energy away from it to somewhere else.
No. 178573 ID: b14128

Yeah, this ain't good. This ain't good at all. Point out the unnatural foliage and the gray-scale to Keddic, see what he thinks. But he probably won't say anything unexpected: This thing is getting bigger and stronger.

I say we don't wait for the represenatives of the State to arrive, and pay them another visit ourselves to tell them about this. Visit the town that's nearby first, maybe go back to the Arcanoworks to get supplies before you take the trip, but we -need- to get help in here, -fast-.
No. 178574 ID: b14128

Wait, leylines... We gained the knowledge and sense of leylines -after- our last visit. Check the leylines, Modre!
No. 178594 ID: 275a5d

The field is spreading? We couldn't even see the fading of color when we'd finished burying it.


It's broken out of the cellar (rot likely amplified by the dirt and assorted detritus in direct contact with the door now, as well as the fact that hte Core-Being had partially bled through the wood), and is probably making it's way through the layers of soil and dirt. That, or its somehow feeding, and is outgrowing it's prison. We need something much more permanent than dirt.
No. 178595 ID: 275a5d

"Yes, I do believe a simple 'follow x' command would be doable...you would probably need to watch where your going, however, lest it beat down denser foliage."

"But first...theres something I need to verify. See the fading of color near that grass? A passive effect of the mere presence of a Core Being, but one that I am absolutely positive had been completely muffled by the time we'd finished the burial.

It's either growing, making more progress toward the surface...or both. Oh, damnitall, if it isn't one blasted problem it's another."
No. 178646 ID: 6d4f74

All of these
No. 178647 ID: 6d4f74

rolled 3 + 3 = 6

"I wonder... Moss retreat, Keddic I would ask that you do the same for a moment, what I am about to do may be damaging to you as well."

Activate the IG, lets see what It can really do here.
No. 178648 ID: 6d4f74

rolled 10 + 3 = 13

The heck did I say!
No. 178651 ID: a594b9

Core Beings do not grow in captivity. It is merely manifesting itself in an attempt to technically be 'outside' its prison and not need to have the door opened.

It's not getting stronger, it's just trying to cheat.

Also let's try not to uh... destroy the door with IG, okay?
No. 178659 ID: d3dfb8

That is stupid and you should feel stupid.
No. 178664 ID: a594b9

I agreed that we shouldn't use the IG here. Don't lump me in with that idea.
No. 178670 ID: d3dfb8

Sorry, misread it.
No. 178699 ID: 275a5d

I...what? How would that even be attempted? I don't think you can manifest outside a prison without first having access to the outside.
No. 178701 ID: 275a5d

And please don't destroy the Core-Beings prison. However temporary it might be, we're not going to beat something that annihilates NATIONS by itself with ease.
No. 178737 ID: 427807

I agree, its being a smart mother fucker.

This would also provide some information about the source of the beings power.
No. 178739 ID: e31d52

rolled 12 = 12

Access the Core Being like a Leyline, then try to suck up the power with the IG.

Hopefully our arm doesn't, like, explode or something.
No. 178742 ID: 275a5d

See, accessing the core-being at all worries me. Last time we tried something like that, it bled through the prison.

And it just passively rebuffed our magnetomancy, Will-based magic significantly more powerful than World-magic.
No. 178743 ID: 445c48

It bled through when we tried to soulsuck it, I think.
No. 178748 ID: 445c48

Also, Isn't blood harder to manipulate when it's inside someone living? I forget if that's this or another thing. That might be the reason for us not being able to mess with the blood iron.
No. 178769 ID: d1210a

"Yes, I do believe a simple 'follow x' command would be doable... you would probably need to watch where your going, however, lest the Soul Grave beat down denser foliage...or structures..."

"Ha-ha, well, I'll make note of that then, as it seems I must, eh? Ha-ha!"

"But first...there's something I need to verify with your input, Keddic. See the fading of color near that grass, at it's base, and about the dirt? A passive effect of the mere presence of a Core Being, true enough, But one that I am absolutely positive had been completely muffled, As of the time we'd finished the burial. It's either growing, making more progress toward the surface...or both. Oh, damnitall, if it isn't one blasted problem it's another."

"Don't sound so glum, look on the bright side: Even if it does get out, if we kill it, problem solved. And think, we would be quite possibly the first to ever slay a Core Being upon it's release to the surface, a feat most extraordinary indeed, ha-HAH! Yes, I daresay you should not fret overmuch... though still, I do see what you mention, and if it is gaining power.... well, worst case scenario, as I understand it we would still have months, possibly years, if it had breached the door, just to work through the soil. But... that.. heart...it troubles me, and the elusive nature of where those gargantuan veins come from troubles me further. ....Still, should be most invigorating to track down a solution, ah-HAH!"

...I recollect that I gained my new-found knowledge of World magic's connection to leylines after my last trip here, and the presence of a nearby leyline junction, some half day's travel south of here, according to Arkus' findings. That, coupled with the beating heart's veins trailing downward, makes me wonder.... I grasp the knowledge I hold, and reach out to any leyline present. I feel no immediate response, but.... there is something, something deep, possibly miles beneath the earth, so far that I can scarcely believe I could feel something so distant with such incomplete magical prowess, and yet.... I have the sensation of a distant figure yelling, his voice reduced to a whisper, yet magnified a million fold, the speaker growing larger, louder, and more distant, until some giant on the horizon, his words making the land about him quake, has a voice as soft as a child beside you when it finally reaches you.

This is the sense I gain from deep beneath out feet, where the massive veins lead, of a power barely perceived by sheer dint of it's distant ferocity, burning so bright it must be perceived. Is it a deep running leyline? It seems possible, I noted some of Arkus' documentation on leylines when he spoke on junction locations, and I distinctly saw... meandering, I suppose, lines drawn across the land... and in cross sections of the earth. Could that mean leylines rise and fall in proximity to the surface, and this Core Being is tapping a deeply rooted leyline? ...Hm, that would seem to fit what I felt, as leylines carry phenomenal power, easily fitting the description of 'distant, yet potent' that I ascribe to what I feel.

....That, or I am reading far to much into a faint response from what is still a meager area of magical expertise for me, World magic less understood even that Blood magic at the moment.

...And yet, if it had outside power..... the Core Being cannot fully manifest in a cellar, or indeed when inside any contained area, or so spoke Jojo one night while we discussed magic, commenting on lore of World Nightmares/Core Beings being trapped within caves due to their weakness, and clans saved. But once the creature is free, it swells to monstrous proportions and begins it's devastation in full, this being a point Arkus steadily agreed on. ....But if it had an outside source of power, to fuel it's growth, before it gains freedom, to power it's manifestation here and now.... it wouldn't need to get out of the cellar, it would grow to encompass it, and gain freedom without ever escaping, circumventing it's restrictions. This seems distressingly likely, as with this creature summoned by Weinsho's apprentices, I wonder if, as part of his 'restricted' notes, these could have been documentation on how to make a Core Being summoning that is harder to stop. I would not put such a thing past a mage touted as a hero in the struggle against the Mosmordren Empire, as ultimately the worst of fates, the Curse was leveled on the empire: If they went so far, why would they not have at least considered less terrible means of ending the empire? The thoughts continue to roll about in my mind, and I find myself believing them.

....It occurs to me I may be overestimating the strength of the Core Being, as Blood Iron is still more difficult to manipulate in a living being, something to claim ownership of it, so my rebuff from manipulating that massive heart could have been a byproduct of it's liveliness, rather than it's potency. ...Then again, it might be that strong anyway, I was rebuffed so simply I couldn't even gain a sense of scale betwixt myself and the Core Being. Moss seems to sense my troubled thoughts, and rubs against my leg as I try to figure out what is truth and what is useless conjecture.

What should I do?
Should I tell Keddic any of my theories, or possibly a new one, to get his take?
And should I do anything else here, or should we begin heading elsewhere?
No. 178777 ID: 899a94

If we built a (reinforced) room outside the cellar. Stepped into that room and then opened the cellar door we could fight the core being inside an encompassed space, leaving it unable to manifest fully.

It's either that or think of a wait to sever the vein feeding it. I think we should make a little improvised iron drill probe and use magnetomancy to send it underground in an attempt to sever or saboutage that vein. Make sure the path behind the drill is sealed.
No. 178789 ID: 1ac39d

line up a shot with your anti-golem cannon at the vein and using everything you got send it through the dirt to sever the vein.
No. 178793 ID: 6a8eee


I don't think this will work. Unless it is close to the surface (<20 meters down)...There is almost no way our cannon will penetrate it. Excavating by explosions/cannon fire is inefficient because it requires exponentially more energy the deeper you attempt to dig.
No. 178795 ID: e31d52

Yerah.... YEAH

if it's becoming a material being, then it has to follow the rules of one.

Which means it can bleed.

Which, of course, means that it can die!
No. 178796 ID: e31d52

We have two options: Meet it now and test out the PUNCH SHIT REALLY HARD function of the IG, or alert the State to this and get their help. Your call, guys.
No. 178812 ID: 899a94

Between Immortal Genocide, the Sable Executioner and the penultimate soulfire I think we'd have a very good chance at taking this core being down if we have to hit it head on. Stalling will only make things worse. The only real questions I can think of is what angle of attack we should use and how we can stack the cards in our favour.
No. 178820 ID: 716eb0

The core being is described in every source we know as unimaginably powerful, and since we can still be threatened by things that are marginally powerful, (such as weapons that simply change shape) I don't think open conflict is going to be a grand idea.

Tell Keddic you are worried that it is feeding from a deep layline and circumventing its normal weaknesses, growing strong without getting free.

Hey um.. isnt the anti golemn shell a sharp, spiral etched spike? like... a drill? we don't need to explode, only to keep going down. Ozmand should be able to deliver our blow once the shell gets there. Just watch out we don't give it a way out while we are tunneling into the dirt. Like, make sure the tunnel collapses behind it.
No. 178827 ID: 427807

I dont think violence is the answer, yet. We need to know how to get it in such a way as to imprison it and sever whatever connection it has to outside sources of power.
I seriously think Weinsho is the mastermind behind this. It seems fitting for a mage thrown out of the Mortal Coil to try to make some kind of a comeback.
No. 178830 ID: 427807

Oh, and we should wait for/ seek state help
No. 178833 ID: 1ac39d

yes, i think severing it's power-source and keeping it stuck is a good idea.
No. 178847 ID: 445c48

Get closer to the mound and shout at it to stop cheating.
No. 178947 ID: 1248ec


Just because something is shaped like a drill does not mean it will act like an actual drill. From what I've read, the anti golem cannon round is merely a spike shaped metal round that is shot out of our cannon. I don't think that it has ever been mentioned that it acts like a drill for a significant period.

That's why I say that if you want to drill more than 10-15 yards. A simple cannon round is not going to do it. Of course, with magic, there is an unknown factor, but I don't think we have enough skill with magic to compensate.

For example, a gbu-28 bunker buster bomb in the real world has 650 pounds of TNT and can penetrate about 30 yards of earth. I highly doubt our cannon round has anywhere near the power of a precisely designed explosive.

I understand that comparing something in a game to something in real life is not an accurate comparison; however, I think the above example illustrates how hard it is to move significant amounts of dirt.

TL;DR - If this thing is deeper than 15 meters, we're prob gonna need magic, a specialized tool, or significant amounts of time to help us dig it out.
No. 178961 ID: d1210a

[They have the right of it, the Anti Golem shells are designed to be spiral-edged spikes, effectively giant drill bits, as will be duly noted in this post. They are designed to spin and drill in addition to outright puncturing things.]

I have been told again and again of the peerless power Core Beings possess, of the devastation they can bring.... but what is before me is not yet such a being. It still is in the process of manifesting, likely drawing it's energy from a deep running leyline.... and if I cut off that connection, it's attempts to free itself could be delayed, possibly even outright halted. ...I also consider the Anti Golem Cannon, sporting a magnetically controllable shell with spiraled blades running along it.... much like a drill. I take a moment to direct both my Magnetomancy and my own body modifying powers to alter the shell's shape, making it capable of dumping dirt it digs through behind it as it spins forward. With my drill bit prepared, I direct my cannon earthward, and fire. The previously deafening crack of the cannon firing is now much subdued and muffled.... yet the shell seems to move even faster, slipping into the ground without a sound. The earth is hard to work about, the strain of twisting the spiraled spike still severe despite the pocket of vacuum that adheres to the shot, courtesy of Balboa's soul. Indeed, if it weren't for that recent acquisition, I fear the shot would grind to a halt no matter how hard I strove to keep it going. As the earth about the entry point compacts under the effects of Ozmand the Hammer's soul crashing down upon it, I keep my attention locked on the makeshift drill, pushing it as swiftly and forcefully as I can through the dirt, digging a path to slip beneath the beating heart. I send the shell burrowing through the soil in it's journey. I direct it to converge on the largest of the veins I feel trailing down into the earth, and cross it's flow.

The ground rumbles, and a deep keening noise becomes audible on the edge of perception, pervading the whole of the land. But the moment passes without any further incident, a momentary movement of the earth, and nothing more. ....Or so I would label it, were it not for the fact my Anti Golem Shell-turned drill now seems to be... gone. In place of the main vein and intercepting shell, I now feel a void, a dark patch of pain and decay where once power flowed. Several of the auxiliary veins still persist, but the heart does beat less fiercely now...... and I see the gray about the ground and base of the covering grass recede, ever so slightly.

....I also hear a growl unto rumbling thunder and quaking earth emanating from the earthen mound, outrage and loathing clear in it's tone. I address Keddic as the growling continues, pondering what to do next.

"Well, 'twould seem mine theory had some truth to it, If it responds so: The Core Being is essentially cheating, Trying to build it's body before reaching the surface, Powering this attempt with magic siphoned from a deep leyline. I tried severing the largest connection and.... this is the result. I don't suppose you have any further thoughts? I'll admit, I didn't consider doomsday scenarios much, Whilst planning for this trip, so I am somewhat unprepared."

"Well, while I certainly wouldn't object to staying here and continuing to twiddle the beast's nose while we try to cut off power, but I must say that growl was quite expressive. I imagine the blighter might object.... and unless I am mistaken, your cannon only holds the one round, yes?"

"This is true."

"Well, then I would suggest leaving it alone for now. Your shot filled it's own hole back up as it went, nothing got let lose, and you bloodied it's metaphysical nose, it sounds like a rather apt time to depart to me. ....Oh yes, on the subject of cannons, a thought occurred to me: In one of my earlier jaunts about the land, I made my way to the Western Islands, a week of brisk travel from here, if I'm not mistaken, to at least reach the shore, ANYWAY, I found that, as a result of the islands being magic starved, something about the Leylines being withered due to the size of each island's landmass, they focus primarily on constructing devices... and one in particular caught my eye. It was a pistol, with a set of cylinders stuck together, with each housing a shell to fire.... oh what was i-REVOLVERS, that's what they were called. So, have you heard of these things?"

"No, I do not believe I have heard of such a thing, As a mage I've been uninterested in the islands thus far."

"You may wish to amend that, not only have they come up with some interesting inventions, not only am I fairly certain that you could use the mechanisms behind those revolvers to improve your cannon, but there's also this: I had the honor of meeting a Professor Gialgorra, who besides being the most famous inventor about the whole islands.... was building a golem that ran without a whit of magic, a Steam Golem, as he called it. It was halfway done some eight years ago, so I admit, I am curious to see it's state, part of why I brought up revolvers in the first place..... ah, and the beast has stopped growling. Well, shall we go somewhere, or do you have some more ideas or experiments for this blighter here?

Moss has continued to cower behind my leg, unwilling to get too close to the mound.

What should I say or do?
No. 178967 ID: 1ac39d

i think we are done here, we have pissed it off and broken it's main source of power. if we get the revolver added to our anti-golem cannon and when we return it is still not free then we can engage in a subterranean assault.
No. 178974 ID: e31d52

Right. We need to alert the State pronto so they can cage this beast magically.
No. 178982 ID: a594b9

We had better go. The only other experimental thing we can do at the moment involves IG and since Moss is clinging to us in fear we'd wind up draining him at the same time.

Next stop... Well, where is there to go? We could stop at that house where we found everyone dead, and harvest a little Blood Iron. Or we could go investigate the place that Moss went off to near the fort.

Or we could just go back to the Arcanoworks and wait for the State.
No. 178985 ID: e31d52

Actually, we have a lot of time, so we COULD and SHOULD pop over to the islands.
No. 179011 ID: a594b9

I don't think we have two weeks!
No. 179012 ID: e31d52

They're coming from the capital!
No. 179015 ID: 2aaaf1

Off to the islands it is. But before we do that, we must return to the Arcanoworks and issue a few more orders. If I'm not mistaken, the premen runners should be returning soon, and they'll need someone to recieve them when they get here. Jojo should suffice for this purpose, and he can continue working with Arkus to fine tune the magic equation language. We should also assign Arkus one additional task to pursue. Tell him to start chopping wood every day for an hour or two. Del Roga gave him an axe for a reason, and Arkus will not suffer from inability to use either of its functions. The element of surprise must be with our fleshy friend. Honestly, who would expect some scrawny-looking punk with a robe and staff to start swinging a flaming axe AND have the muscle to back it up? We should also have the premen patrol the villages and forests in this area religiously and search for that creature, I've a feeling it'll start attacking more often, so we must protect our investments. Other than that... I think we'll be able to travel to the islands without worrying for now.
No. 179036 ID: d1210a

I toy with the idea of many destinations, but ultimately settle on briefly returning to the Arcanoworks to gather some supplies (food for Keddic, metal for me), and then.... actually pursue this 'revolver' he spoke of. A multi-chamber firing system for repeat fire? That would radically improve my ability to function as a stand-alone artillery piece, and considering that using a shell here seemed useful, it would behoove me to be more able to utilize such a perceived weakness. The 'nail in the coffin' here is that, with the Azelhaedran State fighting a multi-front war within it's own borders, part of which is civil war, I would imagine their response time is slow. In fact, if they would want to send word back to the capitol, just that could take upwards of a week. ....And the journey could be made at more than a 'brisk' speed. I make my decision, and turn to Keddic.

"Well, I suppose that is it for now, then. Hmm.... I must admit, the revolvers intrigue me, I can already see several benefits to equipping the golem so... Well, first, I say we shall need to return to the Arcanoworks, So, do you mind further....expeditious travel?"

"Hah, not at all, it's wonderful exercise, physically and magically, to get in a good bit of use, I dare say I could do with a bit more mobility, so yes, I quite agree, expeditious travel it is!"

With no further comment Keddic begins jogging north, his steps already eating the ground at rates impossible by normal means, the weight of his will flowing through his legs as he moves. I turn my Magnetomancy inward and dash off to catch him.... and note that... yes, I am faster, just slightly, than when I first appraised my speed post-armoring. ...Ah, I have some degree of Blood Iron in my body, and a soul directed towards Blood magic in my possession. ...I have no way to be sure, but it certainly seems possible. Hm, the body becoming more magically responsive with the absorption of Blood Iron, an interesting notion.

Moss Withermane dashes alongside us, the stone in his chest once more burning brightly. I consider my earlier theory, that the stone itself is perpetually feeding Moss, still leaking World magic even now. It seems logical, when I found the stone it passively radiated magic, I see no reason why such a process would terminate after the stone was absorbed. And indeed, as I stare at the stone burning brightly in Moss' chest, I feel a slight response from my feeble World magic senses. Perhaps my theory has more grounding than I thought. Interesting then, that the stone could even do such a thing, as that practically makes it a tiny leyline font, a resource fought most viciously over. Why would I have such a thing? I ponder many things as we continue running, ever northward to Kyogrock Arcanoworks. Indeed, at our current speed, we return that very same day, late at night. ....I daresay that were I not present, Keddic and Moss could well have traveled even more swiftly. Still, a persistent speed in excess of twenty miles per hour is something most generals could scarce conceive troops maintaining, not without horses, and even then there would be terrain restrictions that our group simply does not have. It is quite surreal, to be the slowest member of the group again after gaining Magnetomancy.... and I find it gratifying, as it means that if only I improve myself in some manner, we could travel yet faster.

I snap out of my reverie as I find myself standing at the open gates of the Arcanoworks, Arkus and Derkin, Jojo, Oggroth and Ugrokk all attentively standing before me, awaiting any orders or words I may have. I once more consider my plan to travel as swiftly as possible, nonstop to the western islands, in the hopes of replicating this repeat-fire principle these revolvers use to improve my cannon.

What should I say or do, and should I carry through with my plan to express travel to the western islands after stocking up, or should I do something else?
No. 179044 ID: e31d52

"Gentlemen, I shall be heading to the western isles briefly. I have orders for you in the meanwhile I am away. First and most important is that a State official should be coming here. I hope to be back in time for him, but myself and Keddic have pressing business. Should the man in question come by, he is to be treated as a revered guest. Make him comfortable.

Arkus, you are to work chopping wood a few hours every morn, so you may reasonably use the axe granted to you by Del Roga in a more... traditional fashion. You are also to look into the applications of morphic steel once you have completed your research on the other items. I have some... ideas, and would like to speak with you about them at length once I return.

Derkin, you are to continue to train those I told you of earlier. I also would prefer that you would train them to circumvent mages, if at all possible.

Jojo, you are to work with an individual Derkin has scouted. The one who stood against me so well in our sparring match? I cannot recall the name, blast it. Either way, see if he has any talents like yours. Oggroth, Uggroth, you are to continue training your men.

One last thing.

I fear we may have made ourselves a very powerful enemy. Weinsho, I believe his name was. Be on your gaurd."
No. 179065 ID: 80541b

No. 179126 ID: 427807

I agree for the most part. However, I highly doubt Arkus's axe will do anything special other then chop wood if he uses it. Also, Arkus has, if you remember, proven himself to be capable in combat when the need arises.
Secondly, I feel like we should sent some scouts to Mosmordre, to make sure things are dandy there.
No. 179128 ID: e31d52

No. 179207 ID: d3dfb8

No. 179235 ID: 275a5d

Actually, I think we should take Arkus with us. He could do with a bit more exposure, and as well traveled as he is, between Keddic and himself, we may actually have a veritable library of information.

Besides, it hardly behooves a mage to ditch his apprentice. Arkus' Will lessons need to continue. Necessary Tomes and equipment samples can be brought along for him to continue any research that interests him.
No. 179239 ID: 275a5d

Or, alternatively:

We may wish to consider that traveling to the Western Isle's immediately may not be something WE need to do. After all, even if we make our way to the Isles, how the HELL are we going to get there without a boat?

We should make arrangements for transportation, foremost. Once those have been secured, THEN we can make our way. It'll also give us AMPLE time to arrange things at the outpost to our liking.
No. 179240 ID: 275a5d

I imagine purchasing/renting transportation over water for ourselves is going to be costly.

How much do we have in the way of capital, anyway?
No. 179250 ID: d1210a

"Gentlemen, I shall be heading to the western isles briefly. I have orders for you in the meanwhile I am away on this venture. First and most important is that a State official should be coming here. I hope to be back in time for him, but myself and Keddic have pressing business. Should the man in question come by, he is to be treated as a revered guest. Make the representative comfortable, and treat them politely. Arkus, you are to assist in wood chopping and sparring alike, so you may reasonably use the axe granted to you by Del Roga in a more... Traditional fashion. Your primary focus shall still be research, But it would behoove you to be more martially inclined. You are also to look into the applications of the morphic fluids, Beyond what creating enlarging weapons. I have some... ideas, and would like to speak with you about them at length once I return. To clarify, these are simply new pursuits to further split your time between, It is acceptable to me that your progress in some fields slows as a result of taking on these new tasks."

"...Okay... one sec... so, in addition to the Skyfall cannon and the blood togas and cloak, you want me to investigate morphic fluid applications.... and... and, wait, did you sa.... nevermind, some wood chopping and sparring too, fine. Just don't expect me to be prioritizing that over the research, you gave me a rather full plate."

"Derkin, you are to continue to train those I told you of earlier. I also would prefer that you would train them to circumvent mages, If at all possible for you to teach them such skills. This being in addition to leadership training, and work on subterfuge, Stealth, and deception alike. Can you do this?"

"...Yeah, I got a couple bits of ideas and whatnot, but they'll only really be useful against second rate mages, or against the laughable idea of a competent mage who neglected to develop their magical senses. As a vanilla person, only so much that can be done when your target is magically perceptive.... but yeah, I can add what little I know of exploiting mage weaknesses I know, sure thing."

"Jojo, you are to work with an individual Derkin has scouted, the first of the three. The one who stood against me so well in our sparring match? If I recall, his name was... Ozrick? No... ah, Ulzrick, that was it. Either way, see if he has any magical talents you could nurture. Oggroth, Ugrokk, you are to continue training your men. And for all Premen in general, I expect your studies of the common tongue to continue, Even in my absence, is this understood?

Jojo speaks first, as most of the Premen bow in acceptance of my commands.

"..Look for Souldreaming? As Mordre asks, so shall it be done, but requested that Mordre hold no hopes on this, Souldreaming is rare... and most who use it are.... marked, crippled or broken in exchange for the power they gain. Still, Jojo shall try to teach all that can be taught, if this one proves tractable. ....Ah, and the corpse you gave me? The wounds are cauterized, melted together, it will take time to try repairing it."

I recall the Blood Iron sitting within the central tower, and, thinking on my earlier supposition that Blood Iron may increase my bodies responsiveness to my own magics, I duck inside and consume the makeshift scabbard, feasting on some tenfold more Blood Iron than my only other meal of the substance. I feel the resonance with the Hero Souls I carry deepen, and to my senses, both conventional and magical, my body feels.... sharper, imbued with new-found responsiveness. If Blood Iron does what I think it does, then I may have just grown faster still.

[Total body (discounting hands and silver mask) converted to Blood Iron: 00,076/30,000 pounds]

As I gather up some dried rations and crush together a few more of the un-salvageable sets of broken arms and armor we have stored at the Arcanoworks, procuring supplies for Keddic and myself alike, I hear Ugrokk haltingly speak... in the common tongue, no less. I listen to his attempts at a new languarge as I scoop a large portion of coins from the bag of assorted gold marks I still possess, in case I should need funds on this venture. I imagine some 1,000 golden marks should cover any cost of transportation I incur.

[840 marks at Arcanoworks, 1,000 in Mordre's possession]

"Add..... learn-time..of....new.... word-way, yes."

...Hm, halting and inarticulate, but I could understand a basic sentence, even if it was garbled. I nod approvingly at Ugrokk's attempt, to which he responds with a toothy grin. It would seem all that time spent recovering was not wasted on Ugrokk. I speak one more time as I already move to exit the Arcanoworks with Keddic and Moss in tow, the stars twinkling above.

"One last thing: I fear we may have made ourselves a very powerful enemy. Weinsho, I believe his name was. Be on your guard, as he has reason to seek vengeance. I shall have more to say on this when I return. For now, fare well in your endeavors, I shall see you soon."

And so some ten or so minutes after returning to the Arcanoworks, having resupplied and informed my troops of my requirements of them during my coming absence, we depart, running under the faint illuminations of the stars and partly obscured moon. As we build speed, I make mention to Keddic I have slaved the Soul Grave to follow him, so that he has no need to stop for sleep unless he desires it.

Keddic's only response is to chuckle, and continue his impossibly ground-eating jog.

[DAY 83]

Other than the change in lighting, nothing marks the passage of one day to another in our group: None sleep, none slow and tire, our speedy march continuing unabated. We continue traveling at a speed in excess of 20 miles per hour, and I grow convinced over the day that I truly am faster than before I consumed the extra Blood Iron. Interesting. I take a contemplative bite from the compressed mass of armor I brought as food. I note our trek taking us through Duras' borders but before the day is over our speed has carried us through to the other side. Though the lone traveler we saw, a merchant transporting wares, stares in complete confusion at the sight of our group of three dashing by, he raises no commotion, and we near the lands that once held the Mosmordren Empire, the lands of the Curse as night falls. Keddic seems to enjoy spending the night dashing through the patch of woods we cross, and I consider how VAST the Cursed lands must be: We are still in it's confines, more than a day's travel (a day's travel for me, not for a puny fleshling) south of where I first awoke.

[DAY 84]

Keddic continues to lead and I follow in silence, with Moss doggedly trailing my own form. Perhaps it is our speed, or the threat we represent, but no beast seems willing to challenge us, even as the sounds of growls and hisses can be heard about the forests as we pass through. Thankfully, as night falls once more, Keddic and I enjoy our respective meals as we continue our unending run. Miraculously, Keddic still does not look fatigued or weary, in fact....

"Hm... yes, yes, I must say, we are making excellent time. Why, at this rate, we may be able to shorten each leg of the trip there and back to five, maybe four days total. Ah, how wondrously swift one can be, lacking sleep and conventional notions of fatigue. Anyway, if I am not mistake, we should be clearing the Cursed lands soon, and at that point we'll be more than halfway there."

As the light begins to fade Keddic's words prove true, as the forest ends with the same unnatural abruptness as before, transitioning into a field of patchy grass and loose rocks that stretches before us, the periodic hill rising from the earth to grant features to the land. Keddic pays it all no mind as he continues running, and I continue following, munching on more metal.

[DAY 85]

As the sun rises, we crest a hill, finally gaining enough elevation for a proper assessment of how distant the shoreline is. ....I can see the waters, miles and miles away, and wonder if we shall reach them before the day ends. Once more, Keddic simply continues running... though I note his skin looks somewhat paler now, then it did earlier. Perhaps I am imagining it.

Some time after midday, we arrive at a port town, mostly taverns, trading offices, and brothels, a multitude of ships docked.... and as my eyes trail further out to sea, I see islands dotting the water, most of them fairly close to the shore.

....But beyond the chain of islands, father out at sea, I perceive a solid wall of boiling and thundering clouds, the sea slowly devolving to massive waves crashing recklessly about past the most distant island. Even as I sweep my gaze about, I see the super-storm coating every patch of open sea, only the waters about the densely packed islands bereft of it's calamitous influence.

Keddic, Moss and I slow down as we enter the town, reaching a normal speed as we arrive. Keddic takes a moment to take a few deep breaths before he turns to me with a questioning look in his eyes, speaking softly while we are still sheltered behind a particularly tall alehouse.

"So, do you feel like searching out some transportation to the islands, or should I handle it? Oh, and before I forget, yes, you may see some revolvers around this port... oh blast, I can't recall it's name, anyway, even though there are some revolvers here, they are all imported from the islands, no one living here can actually make them. So, do you want to find a ship, or should I do it?

I consider the one thousand gold marks I have clutched in my hand, safely tucked inside a heavy sack.

What should I say or do?
No. 179251 ID: 275a5d


"I think it would be for the best if you handled transportation negotiations for the moment. I must admit, this golem does not make for a terribly effective means of easy conversation...what with the fear and awe it seems to generate, and the time it takes to explain my means of control."

We should also definately take the moment to reason out our goals:

1. Acquire Revolver-system Schematics
2. Investigate Steam-Golem Construction
3. We need a tinkerer. This is the land of invention and innovation, is it not? I think hiring an individual who can spearhead our own techno-magical research along with Arkus will be good.

(Preferably female, too. Purely a cosmetic concern, but our posse is a bloody sausage-fest)
No. 179262 ID: 427807

agreed. having a giant golem trying to get on a boat seems like it wouldn't be terribly effective. If we need, we could pretend keddic is out master, in order to stave of fears of a seemingly self-controlled soul grave
No. 179264 ID: d3dfb8

I agree wholeheartedly.
No. 179267 ID: 445c48

Hey, Mordre, can you swim?

Also while he's finding a boat, go out inna woods and test the AA+Soul Soldiers combo proposed earlier, as well as the "Eat energy then punch something" to see if that's the primary function.
No. 179269 ID: 445c48

And by "Swim" I mean "Walk along the bottom of the sea and then get back up again".

And I second parts 1,2, and 3 of
but especially the female part.
No. 179270 ID: 275a5d

He probably could, but I don't want to think of how that water will react with his furnace, and the going would be incredibly slow.
No. 179272 ID: 62e39c

Having Keddic pose as our master is a good short-term idea, but devastating in the long run. Keddic might be cued in to our deception so far. I mean if we can fake being his servant then we could fake being someone else's servant! Any achievements would also be claimed by Keddic whether he wants it or not.

No I say we go on acting like and being two very, very eccentric and magically gifted individuals. If people start running in fear then just pretend we don't care or notice.

Even so I say we let Keddic take the lead in finding a transport. He knows the area, he has a far better idea of what a gold mark is worth and he isn't a massive metal colossus.

Even so we should make sure to buy Keddic a good civilized meal and let him have some rest. If he is starting to go a bit pale then maybe he was pushing himself too hard in order to impress. "While we're in town why don't you get yourself a good meal my friend? Have to keep hale and hearty for the adventures ahead!"
No. 179274 ID: 275a5d

I concur.
No. 179275 ID: d3dfb8

Also we wouldn't be able to find our way. We could just end up on some other continent.
No. 179277 ID: 716eb0

We have a lady, she's just still dead and far away.
No. 179281 ID: e31d52

Kyorto x Arkus otp
No. 179284 ID: d1210a

I have never braved the waters, nor have I memories of Soul Graves involving water, so I have no idea if I could simply rely on my weight and march across the seabed or not.... or if my soul furnace would be quenched.

"Come, let us seek out some transportation, I'd rather be on my way swiftly. ..Hm, I wonder if I could procure the services of an inventor, Whilst on this jaunt for artillery grade revolver schematics, Oh, and that Steam Golem you mentioned, it-"
"HAH! Well, if we plan to see all that, then we will simply have to travel to... Golgan, that was it. Yes, Professor Gialgorra actually owns one of the larger islands, complete with it's own port and a few towns. Plenty of inventors, too, all enthused with the professor's work. So, to Golgan?"

"To Golgan."

We turn the corner about the tall alehouse, and several people suck in tense breaths as a Soul Grave abruptly becomes visible. I pay it no mind, asking Keddic further questions about the island of Golgan whilst we walk, thoroughly ensconced in my role as mage Mordre. Keddic eventually makes his way to a massive tavern next to the piers, with massive doors wide enough for people and freight alike. I manage to follow Keddic inside, and through all this I note that no one has commented on Moss' presence at my side, a curious change of pace.

The conversation inside the tavern, the Groggy Pirate as the sign outside proclaimed it, dies as we enter, all eyes turning to our odd trio. Keddic and I both pay it no mind with Moss tagging along behind me without any concern for the attention, and I stop as Keddic squares his feat and bellows out some cheerful conversation to the entire tavern.

"Well, GOOD DAY to you all, I am Sir Keddic Harksburton the Fourth, and this is the Soul Grave is under the control of my esteemed colleague the Mage Mordre. NOW, we seek passage to Golgan Island, the home of Professor Gialgorra, and time is a concern to us. SO, who among you would like to turn a quick profit for a four hour journey on what looks to be a fine day with such steady winds and low waves?"

For a moment, no one seems to respond, trying to process all the oddity of our party. But some in the room heard the critical portions of Keddic's announcement, and discarded the rest.

"Oy, I'm sailing back to Golgan today, and my boat could fit you. Let's talk while I finish my meal, eh?"

At that, several other voices begin to clamor, now that they realize there is money to be made, but it is too late, Keddic is already walking to the man's table, and I carefully work my way over, thankful the tavern is still built on bedrock along the shore rather timber. I think of Keddic's lightened skin, and his need to catch his breath when we arrived, on make a polite suggestion that is also tailored to make the old man we now join more inclined to believe I am a mage controlling this golem from afar.

"Oh yes, Keddic, do try some of the local cuisine, As much as you want, my treat. Just one thing, Let me know which meals seem noteworthy, So I can try them if I'm ever in the area.... I have to admit, some of those dishes look quite delightful!"

Keddic shoots me a quick glance, which instants later transitions into his normal jovial laughter and cheer.

"HAH, I'll take you up on that offer, indeed I shall!"
Keddic involves himself at bellowing orders for half a dozen different meals, and takes his seat beside the old man.
"So, you said your boat could take us? And that you will be returning today, was that not so?"

"Yeah, now, let's talk price, why should I take something as dangerous as a Soul Grave... no matter who or how it be controlled, that is a rare type of golem, and can stay with a man's reputation. Ain't like they're that many. Not sayin' I won't take ya, and make no mistake I sail fast, we'll be there before the day is done if ya ship with me, but still, you said there was profit to be made, so name your offer, I'll tell ya if it's worth the trouble of taking a Soul Grave. ...Pfeh, lucky my ship's even here, most don't have decks hardy enough to hold something that heavy, with it's weight all on it's feet like that, no spread."

Keddic turns to me at the old man's words, already grabbing a tankard of ale from a passing server, and gratefully draining the pint in on long pull before speaking.

"Well, it is your money, my friend, I won't speak for you without being asked to. What do you think, about this... I'm sorry, what was your name?"
"Captain Fragellus."
"Right, what do you think of what Fragellus here has to say?"

What should I say or do?
No. 179290 ID: e31d52

We have a thousand gold marks. We need to travel there, buy a revolver, and travel back. Assuming the meal costs only a few marks...

I'd say 150, both ways. 300 total for our good man. Double the offer if he says no, for we're in a hurry.
No. 179294 ID: d3dfb8

How about we ask what his fare for normal people is before we start throwing money at him.
I say triple his regular fare for both the golem and Moss with normal for fare for Keddic.
No. 179350 ID: 275a5d

We have no idea the real weight of our currency here, and given that 200 duran marks was considered a ludicrous sum as far as Ozmand's disciples were concerned, I'm gonna have to echo that 300-600 marks there and back is just going a little to crazy with our currently limited funds.

Assuming it's 10 or less for a normal round-trip, we quadruple/quintuple the going rate.

Assuming up to 50, we treble it.

Assuming up to 100, we double it.

Assuming more than that, I say he's taking us for idiots, because no way a boat-ride in good conditions is worth significantly more than 100 head of steer or so.
No. 179353 ID: 275a5d

Actually, nevermind, say this:

"He makes a fair point, and I do not mind paying the extra costs for shipping difficult cargo such as my golem...however, I profess, thanks to my physical condition, I do not travel abroad often, and I have never sailed. As such, I have little concept of what a fair price would be for his services. What say you, on this matter? Do you know the going rates?"
No. 179360 ID: 716eb0

The man said he is making a return journey, is he even avaliable for a round trip?
No. 179365 ID: 275a5d

Yeah, thats part of the reason I said to ignore my last post.
No. 179375 ID: 427807

This seems most appropriate.
No. 179518 ID: d1210a

""He makes a fair point, and I do not mind paying the extra costs for shipping difficult cargo such as my golem... However, I profess, thanks to my physical condition, I do not travel abroad often, and I have never sailed. As such, I have little concept of what a fair price would be for his services. What say you, on this matter? Do you know the going rates?"

"Well, if it were just three passengers, a gold each would likely cover it, if there was spare room, for such a short journey-"

"Ay, and that's as may be fer normal folk, but there be both weight restrictions fer the golem, and the troubles that come from carrying it. With those factored in, and how much extra weight you'll put on my boat even without cargo."

"...And our fine potential Captain Fragellus here has the right of it, there is no way he could avoid being associated with us, and more specifically with you and your Soul Grave, just for accepting us. ...And you do represent several tons of possible cargo, in terms of weight."

"Ay, 'tis why I'm asking fer a hundred marks for the lot of you, and I'll bring you to Golgan and back, so long as you don't plan to stay for weeks on the island."

"a hundred marks, are you joking? That is-"
"That is to cover both the irregularity of the cargo, and to guarantee that I ask you no questions... and more importantly, answer none after you leave. My gut tells me that you are the sorts where other people like to know what you do, so I make my price high as guarantee you don't have to worry about flapping jaws bringin' ya trouble from my end."

"Still, the price is more than slightly preposterous, you even said you are traveling there, why I.."

Keddic and Fragellus begin to bicker back and forth about the price, until the first of several plates of food begins to arrive for Keddic, who puts aside his debate to begin wolfing down the assorted foods with the diligent focus on eating I usually see only in career soldiers, his food practically vanishing before him. With Keddic so occupied, Fragellus turns to me.

"It's your money, do you take my offer or not? As you see, I've finished my own meal, so if you want to avail yourself of my ship, tell me now."

What should I say? And should I try to modulate the price further before accepting, or should I seek out a different captain to bring us to Golgan Island?
No. 179519 ID: d3dfb8

100 gold?
Not a problem.
No. 179520 ID: e31d52

I'm half a mind to have a ribbon ALMOST SLAY HIM, then the following:
"My many apologies, my good man, there are many, many delicate parts to this golem, you see, and it's quite possible for it to... slip up."

Withdraw the ribbon.

"Now, I'm a man on the hurry, and I unhderstand the issues with me coming on your craft. However, there's very little stopping an... accident with my golem once we make it back to this shore and me taking back all the gold, eh wot, so I'd like you to please consider 50 gold as the price. We're all reasonable men here, are we not?"
No. 179522 ID: a594b9

...uh, I don't really think that's such a great idea.

How about instead, we suggest that our presence on board might be useful. We can use Magnetomancy to assist the crew with various activities. That would make the trip there and back safer, saving him from possible losses.
No. 179525 ID: bcf25c

A hundred marks for both is reasonable, considering the weight of a golem, coupled with what they're carrying on board, metal for eating, etc.
No. 179533 ID: 6834bc

Why don't we give him a little extra? Say, 110?
He makes a fair argument, and we are going to be inconveniencing him twice (assuming this is going to be a round trip.)

Besides, we'd come of as a little more generous, and that would help our image. I really doubt the other patrons here are actively trying to ignore the conversation.
No. 179553 ID: e31d52

"Perhaps, maybe, I could offer some services to you in exchange for a lowerted cost? One of the golem's functions stores kinetic energy, so I would not mind having it moving about and assisting in some way. I can channel some basic magnetomancy through it, and woebetide ANYONE who attacks you while I'm on board, eh?"
No. 179569 ID: 427807

100 gold is fine. Bwahaha!
No. 179591 ID: 290314

"Here, 200 marks for the round trip. We may be returning with a bit.. extra cargo bit I am sure this will cover any expenses you may incur."
No. 179596 ID: d1210a

"How about one hundred ten gold for us, Captain? I think it more than fair for the service you shall be providing, So I see no reason to not pay you well. So then, once my good man Keddic here is done eating, Perhaps we could be off, eh? But no rush, to be sure!

Keddic and Fragellus alike look shocked, but ultimately Keddic simply grins and keeps eating incredible amounts of food, feasting with abandon, while captain Fragellus grimaces at the bustle of talk that begins at my words spread throughout the tavern, before he nods.

"Done and done, then, I'll take you to Golgan Island."

After Keddic takes some time to eat his fill, gorging himself on stupendous piles of edibles, Fragellus takes turns frowning at Moss and I alike, before he speaks to me.

"I'll be wantin' half up front, uh, mage Mordre."

I count out fifty five golden marks of assorted origins, and the eyes in the room glue upon the hefty bag I drew them from, likely considering the possible wealth held within. But none seem interesting in action, considering what carries the loot they might otherwise target. Keddic completes his meal in piece, and I leave a mark as payment and tip alike for his feast. My dual acts of generosity seem to have been well noted, and I see several people already talking as we make our way to the pier. Fragellus leads us to a large trading vessel, with a wide, plated deck, already loaded with considerable cargo. When I step aboard, the vessel sinks only a little bit deeper in the water, large enough my weight isn't a pressing concern. Moss and Keddic alike leap spryly aboard, and after the captain calms his crewmen, we set off, the ship slowly sailing out as ropes are tossed free, masts are unfurled and people run everywhere about the ship. The steady breeze and clear waters, combined with sails that shortly snap taut as wind fills them, leads to a surprisingly fast cruise in such a widely hulled ship. We cut through the waters, dodging about the two nearest islands, before heading on to a third, closer to the massive, miles high super-storm that seems to cover all the ocean. No matter where I peer, the storm is present, so long as no considerable land mass is about. Strange, I wonder why such a thing would be there out at sea, yet not about the archipelago or the continent itself? Such thoughts cross my mind as we sail, and the sun eventually begins to set.

As light fades we come to our port of calling, Golgen Island. There is bustle everywhere I look, people rushing about, contraptions visible here and there that I can only guess at the purpose of. As Fragellus steers us into port, I hop off along with Keddic and Moss, as the captain reminds us that he'll be here for another two days, should we still want that return journey. So, I am now in the docks section of Golgan Island's main port.... and Keddic looks a bit confused.

"Oh blast, those crafty blighters built so many new things about the place, I can't recall anything of use for navigation.... well, is there a particular place we want to go in a relatively large port town? They have amenities and inventors aplenty, gunsmiths and blacksmiths too, but Professor Gialgorra isn't here. He lives deeper into the island, past a tiny settlement or two.... or so it was last time I was here. So, preferences?"

We are getting some strange looks, it is true... but not half so many as I had expected, without any explanation being offered for a Soul Grave's presence. It... is a bit unsettling, to be treated as... normal.

What should I say or do?
No. 179601 ID: e31d52

"As a golem enthusiast, my first concern is the steam golem, and second, anthing that I can stick on this thing that might be handy in a battle. Keddic, I daresay I wasn't much of a man of action before, but my, it truly stirs my old heart!"
"B-but not nearly as much as you do, Illia!"
Chuckle nervously.
No. 179627 ID: 275a5d

We have two days, and there is no rush. Spend a few hours taking in the sights. Active observation can only increase our knowledge of what can be gained here that may be useful.

Try to find the revolver schematics, first, then it's a tossup between finding the best local engineers, or visiting this Professor Gialgorra. OR looking for engineers on the way to Gialgorra's, if its past several settlements.
No. 179628 ID: 427807

We might as well visit a blacksmith or weaponsmith and buy some fancy-shmancy technological shit while were here. After that we visit Professor Gialgorra about his machine
No. 179812 ID: d1210a

Thoughts on a turn of phrase to further humanize myself cross my mind, but I restrain myself as I realize I have portrayed Illia as a servant, and such words would seem odd coming from said maid's master... or so my impression of human society had gone.

With my mind still consumed with curiosity as to what this 'revolver' is that I have heard mentioned, I decide that we shall simply see the sights, with the goal of getting revolver schematics for my cannon (and possibly other trinkets) before worrying about the Steam Golem. Besides, in these wandering, an inventor might be found.

"I must say, these revolvers you mention sound interesting,
So why don't we wander the area, and see what we can find."[/code]
"A bit of evening shopping, eh? Always fun at a port town like this. Alright, so, you want to see revolvers? Ah, we simply need to follow the smell...."

Keddic takes the lead in navigating despite his earlier protestations, and as the docks fade away we sink into a collection of interconnected buildings and shops, proud tinkers and smiths showing their wares. Again, I am struck by how little remark is made about a Soul Grave's presence, but that thought is struck away by the sheer liveliness of the place, which seems to be one massive bazaar. Past displays of mechanical toys and other luxury goods of a metallic nature, and right on into rifles and pistols alike. It is strange to see only one shop selling swords, axes, and other conventional personal arms, but the sheer... and I see what looks like an officer's pistol, yet wrought all in metal and neatly engraved, resting in a store window. I likewise note some sort of cylinder housed within the gun, one that appears designed to rotate...

"And here, we have a fine example of a well made, yet ultimately unnecessarily gaudy revolver. By loading shells complete with gunpowder into the chambers within that central cylinder, continuous fire is achievable, as each shot cycles to the next in line. ....Well, here are revolvers aplenty, of all types, prices, and such... hm, but I cant really picture any knowing much about revolvers quite.... large enough for what you need. Hmm..."

Keddic seems somewhat unsure where to take queries for artillery scale revolver schematics, already asking a few of the merchants vending outside and being shot down with puzzled looks. I note that most of the shops visible about here look reasonably wealthy, and that most have sidled up to their windows to get a good look at the Soul Grave.... but otherwise, do not seem to react. People move about the bazaar with purpose, but many take a moment to get a good look at me. I imagine I could hail nearly any one of them without issue, or try to speak with some of the shopkeepers instead of the street vendors and customers.

What should I do?
No. 179820 ID: 275a5d

Consider that these are bazaar stores, not workshops. They simply vendor the goods they recieve. What you want to find is who designed and manufactures this weapon-type.

Hail the owner of the shop. Request the name and location of the individual who supplies him with the least gaudy, most functional revolver-designs he sells.

Also, ask how much they are bought for.
No. 179821 ID: e31d52

This, very much.
No. 179822 ID: 427807

Lets also see if theres any other cool looking techno-gadget we could try to implement upon ourselves before we find a maker of schematics. we should know exactly what we want, in terms of schematics, before we talk to someone about making them
No. 179825 ID: d3dfb8

No. 179867 ID: d1210a
File 127431290682.jpg - (117.54KB , 1124x892 , Pistols Offered.jpg )

Reasoning that, to find someone who either would possess or have the ability to make large scale revolving mechanisms for me to replicate, I'd have to track down one of the manufacturers, that these stores vend. I approach the shop I have been standing before, with dozens of intricate pieces on display, hoping to pick up some useful trinket while finding out who supplies this shop. I am rapidly approached by a shop-keep who seems intent on gaining Keddic's attention, likely assuming me to be his golem, when I preemptively address her.

"Excuse me, I happen to be looking for a few things: First, I am hoping to find some suitably capable weapon(s), With which to arm some select few apprentices, officers.... You know, something to help them keep up with this golem, eh? Ah, but beyond that, I happen to seek someone to commission, As I need a rather.... enormous, actually, revolver designed... So, can you help with either of those?"

The shop-keep looks flabbergasted, but a voice from the shop seems to dispel her confusion the moment it is heard.

"Girl, get back inside, tend to the other customers."

As the shop-keep flees, a tiny, wrinkled old woman pokes her head out the door, scowling at me.

"...That big fellow over there one of yours?"

"Who, Keddic? Indeed, I supp-"

"Right, hold that thought."

The old woman vanishes into the shop for a time, before she returns with yet another worker tagging along, carrying a large oak box in his arms, clearly of considerable weight. The old woman flicks the lid of the box open, revealing two massive pistols, age and polish both gleaming on their surface. ...If I had to guess, no normal person would even be able to hold such a pistol, not without magical assistance, they are simply too large.... though, they seem just right for Premen hands, now that I think on it.

"These were made by a mage turned gunsmith that I bought this shop from. Forged of Blue steel, and runes are worked into the decorations. Basically, any shot loaded in it needs no gunpowder, or anything, just load and fire. Mage-gunsmith made a press, also Blue steel, to mold more shells with, that goes with the two pistols. Well made, and took down a barn and boulder with equal ease when they were demonstrated. You being the magely sort, I am sure you could appreciate such fine craftsmanship as this.... in fact, I was hoping you'd appreciate it so much I tell you which of all the metal workers here has had the most experience with military contracts, and has made all manner of weapons big and small, and has managed to keep closed lip about it.... to everyone except an old friend and longtime business partner. So, what do you think of an old ladies hopes.... to get six hundred marks for the set, the two pistols and the mold?"

Keddic has not yet noted my conversation, and as I glance over I note he still seems to be having no luck finding someone to forge what we need.

....Six hundred marks would put our remaining funds (discounting 55 gold set aside for the fair back to the mainland) to two hundred and ninety marks, and is significantly less than the thousand I started this venture with. Coupled with the still elusive nature of the artillery upgrade I seek, I wonder about this situation.... but the metal worker she mentioned sounds absolutely ideal for what I would ask, and in all likelihood would be my best bet for getting what I want.

.....Still, with the price that steep, I might want to look for a second best anyway....

What should I say or do?
Should I ask the shopkeeper anything, or attempt to haggle the price down?
Should I call over Keddic?
No. 179868 ID: 8276a0

I would like to quickly note that if we -do- find the Professer, he should be able to make these items without us paying for them. Just a note.
No. 179870 ID: e31d52

Press + Morphis steel = LULZ

I'm up on the deal.
No. 179871 ID: a594b9

Haggle. For one, Keddic is not a gunman. It would take time before he was proficient in the use of these pistols. Leverage the fact that Magnetomancy would be able to counter them. Also tell her that although Keddic could indeed handle their size, but there are no other augmented humans in your employ. If Keddic leaves your employ for whatever reason, the guns would be unusable.
No. 179882 ID: 716eb0

Are you *intending* to tell a half-truth here? I can't tell.

Nevertheless, haggling here IS a must. We desire the woman's information more than her product, and we have much to offer beyond simple monitary compensation. We do, after all, have a large supply of powerful ranged weaponry without the need for gunpowder at our disposal already. Much as I hate to go off side-questing for alternative funding while we are on a schedule, it may be our only option.
No. 179883 ID: d1210a

[What price should Mordre counteroffer?]
No. 179884 ID: e31d52

Five hundred. Possibly 450.
No. 179886 ID: a594b9

400, I say.
No. 179891 ID: 62781c

That depends upon the shopping paradigm in the city. If it's standard haggling, something as low as 50 or 100 would work, with plans to meet somewhere in the middle; if it's expected that the first counteroffer will be serious, then something like 400 would be best. Perhaps we've picked up enough about the way things work here from hearing the talk in the markets...?
No. 179893 ID: d3dfb8

This. More information is required before we may make an informed decision.
Stop throwing our money away, people.
No. 179896 ID: d1210a

I find myself more than simply intrigued by the weapons, considering thoughts of casting morphic shells for the pistols.... at my best guess, the muzzle of each is some 40 millimeters in diameter, if that shot were to expand to one hundred times that in mass and have it's volume swell along with it, I could be looking at hand-held heavy cannons....

I simply must have them.

"Well, if this were sized for normal hands, I might consider the purchase at such a price, But Keddic there is the only one so large, And as he is free to come and go as he wills, What would make these useful when he is not present? Besides, the man isn't even a gunman, You see the sword on his back as well as I, So I would have to worry about him being retrained. No, I think a more reasonable price would be-"

I am about to offer some four hundred marks, when I reflect on what little I have heard thus far in people bartering, they have had rather dramatic price fluctuations, with the haggling process being a huge part of the sales. I decide to amend my offer as I speak it.

"-eighty marks, I should think. After all, with their over-sized nature, They are rather cumbersome, And having to cast our own shells, oh! I shan't imagine how tedious 'twould be."

The old twists her face up again, as she paces in front of the box. She can smell a sail.

"Oh, but that would simply be nothing, compared to how much it cost just to keep these maintained over the years. Test firings every season, to make sure they still perform, and appraisal to make sure the enchantments are not waning, nor the barrels warping. With such laborious ministrations over these fine pieces of work, I couldn't part with them for less than five hundred marks."

I see the glint in her eye, and note the hundred mark price drop:

The haggling is upon us.

What should my counteroffer be, and what should I say(bonuses for writing up haggling reasoning)?
No. 179898 ID: e31d52

think on the applications of these with Morphic steel! We could use them as SEIGE WEAPONS, holdable and transportable by a single premen!

Raise the price to 100 marks, ruminating on the possibility of only these two being destroyed or lost in battle. Further mention that, heck, given time and the right people, we might be able to make them ourselves.

Also: What if we stick a smaller version of the skyfall cannon rune on them?
No. 179905 ID: 716eb0

"You are correct in believing that I would be interested in such things, but unfortunately you are too correct. I currently oversee a research facility dedicated to the production of magically enhanced hand guns, free from the restrictions of both gunpowder AND bullet forming, based on the technology used in siege golems such as the one through which we are speaking. I may need to see a demonstration before I am sure that they will be useful as anything more than collector's pieces, and in any case, I do not doubt that my team will someday match whatever these pieces are capable of, though perhaps in not so elegant a form."

And later, after haggling: "As I said, my purpose here is more aimed at arranging for a custom order, and potentially setting up for long-term contractual work, if I am pleased with the results. I would be most grateful if you could put me in contact with your friend."
No. 179907 ID: e31d52

yeah man, keep the morphic research on the down low!
No. 179909 ID: c65457

Why are you giving out so much information?
No. 179910 ID: c65457

"Ah yes I understand what you mean. I have encountered weapons such as this on before and know of the difficulties in maintaining them and now that I think about it why should I pay so much when I could acquire similar resources elsewhere, I say.... 200 marks"
No. 179911 ID: a594b9

Would not we have to perform the same maintenance? Plus, with such fine craftmanship such as this, how would we repair them if they were damaged?

No. 179917 ID: 716eb0

...If you are really concerned, I suppose you could leave out the part about the research being golem based, because that IS an identifiable detail. But we have hardly been secretive about the Arcanoworks before, and it makes for a very strong argument. We really DON'T need these things, after all.

It also helps establish just who the hell we are, and how active we are in golem research, since we havent even told this lady we are a mage yet.
No. 179924 ID: 428cd8

No. 179930 ID: 8276a0

Bob, do we get a bonus if we note the 'sail/sale' error, or do we get a penalty?
No. 179969 ID: d1210a

Thoughts of the usefulness of these pistols as siege weapons, particularly with the influence of Morphic fluid to make the projectiles larger, continue to fill my head. Hand held siege weaponry, capable of turning any soldier into a walking siege weapon... I can think of many reasons to desire these, beyond their immediate usefullness. I also consider the Skyfall cannons, and thoughts of whether their trick of lightning, molten metal and magetic invisibility could be added to these pistols. I am thankful I have no true face, or this merchant would see me smile in determination to gain these goods... and the info I seek.

"You are correct in believing that I would be interested in such things, but unfortunately you are too correct. I currently oversee a research facility dedicated to the production of, well, Magically enhanced hand firearms, free from the restrictions of both gunpowder AND bullet forming; So why would I pay so much for something that does less than what I produce? You spoke of maintenance: would not we have to perform the same maintenance? Plus, with such fine craftmanship such as this, how would we repair them if they were damaged? 100 marks, since you will no longer have to care for the weapons."

"Well, I'll admit the maintenance isn't as bad as I made it out, just periodic assessments of the runes to make sure they don't warp, and making sure the barrels stay properly aligned, and that is fine and well that you have your own laboratory, where you can tinker away with your own weapons, but these are still a completely unique set of firearms, no others like them. With mass produced goods, someone might figure out some sort of flaw, or workaround, makes the thing less useful: Only one person knows how these were put together, and he certainly wouldn't be blabbing. Four hundred fifty gold, for the security of knowing you'll catch foes unaware."

"I may need to see a demonstration before I am sure that they will be useful, In any form other than being a collector's piece. No matter how unique, if it cannot measure up to the more... practical weapons I make...."

"Oh-ho, afraid the gold and filigree mean these trinkets can't deliver? Right then, come with me."

The old women leads me around the back of her shop, and I see Keddic spot my retreating form and sidle over to join me. He looks abourt to ask a question, but his eyes alight on the oversized pistols, and he snaps his mouth shut. After we finish rounding the storefront, a massive, oft-cracked boulder juts from the earth, as tall as I and thrice as wide. At her urging, the burly store-keep trailing along with the guns and mold alike carefully sets down that which he carries, before carefully hoisting one of the pistols, slipping a smooth metal ball down the barrel. Bracing himself as carefully as he can and with both hands wrapped about the grip, the shop-keep pulls the trigger, aiming at the boulder.

The rock heaves, a hole larger than a torso blasted into it as shards of stone flit through the air... and I note the hole penetrates some three feet into the stone, an impressive feat to be sure.... and I also note the shop-keep sprawled on the ground, blown back by the recoil of the weapon he employed. The wrinkled woman again appears before me, somehow not bothering with the space in between and simply materializing at my side.

"Solid granite, and a single shot penetrates some four feet, with plenty of damage to the surrounding material. This is a miniaturized cannon, make no mistake, and that's why I'm asking four hundred seventy marks for it."

[BONUS: Further price reduction via haggling.]
"I am fairly certain the last offer you made was for it to be sold at four hundred fifty, not four hundred seventy. And the last offer I had made was one hundred marks, but I suppose, given it's effectiveness..... I could go as far as two hundred marks for them."

The old woman looks equal parts exasperated and irritated.

"Now, that's as may be that I forgot what my last offer was, and had a terrible slip of the tongue, but what would warrant me selling these for anything less than four hundred twenty?"

I note she seems somewhat less amiable now: I should endeavor to pair any further haggling with well-phrased reasons for price reduction, lest this cease being so cordial.

What should my response be, and what should my next price offer be (the haggling may be drawing to a close soon)?
No. 179970 ID: e31d52

*impressed whistle*
"Color me impressed, my fine lady. The speed and... power of that is indeed impressive. You indeed drive a hard bargain, and I find it hard to find a reason to attempt to lower the price any further. 400 as agreed. Now, about that man you told me of?"
No. 179974 ID: 445c48


also shoot the boulder with your cannon just because
No. 179975 ID: c65457

I love this.
No. 179985 ID: a594b9

A front-loaded pistol? Loading it in that manner is not quick. A revolver would be fantastic if it did this sort of thing.

Let's go for 400 and end it.
No. 179991 ID: 2aaaf1

"An impressive sight, I must admit. You've got me madam, I've absolutely got to have these. Your price is fair and your crafts are impeccable, four hundre-*Anti-golem shell fires* WHAT!!?? *rrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAAAAAOWWWWWWW* MAUSER, STOP MESSING WITH THE CONTROLS THIS INSTANT! *HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* ILLIA! GET. THIS. CREATURE. OFF. MY. GOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMM! *barely audiable sound of liquid meeting paper* w-What are you... MY RESEARCH NOTES! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [Illia: Awww~ did mr. Mauser go tinkle all over the grumpy old man's scribbles? Cmon now, lets go before he gets the cane.] Why do you take that foul beast's side, Illia?! I'LL GET YOU, YOU FUZZY FIEND! JUST WAIT UNTIL YOUR SAVIOR ISN'T THERE TO DEFEND YOU, JUST WAIT! *intense sobbing* oh keddic, this is going to set me back WEEKS! God help me, the blasted cat's urine is EVERYWHERE! I-i just... *sniffle* my work was all for nothing. *downtrodden monotone speech* I'm sorry about the rock... Four hundred gold marks it is. Could you point us in the direction of the smith that crafted these? *If possible, single /tear/ of soulfire leaks from our eyes and singes a piece of grass*"
No. 179997 ID: a594b9

No. 180001 ID: d3dfb8

No. 180006 ID: 62781c

No. Ham is one thing, but this is utterly ridiculous.
No. 180007 ID: c65457

WHT?!?!?? This made me laugh but no.
No. 180008 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, that's just too much.
No. 180026 ID: d1210a
File 127433327132.jpg - (718.82KB , 842x1458 , Dimmond The Miner.jpg )

Before Keddic can speak, I begin my reply. I say nothing about the horrendous recoil offered by the gun, already thinking of how Keddic (or indeed, most of the Premen) would have little issue with the device, and so I proceed with my purchase.

"Color me impressed, my fine lady. The speed and... power of that is indeed impressive. 'Tis true, the fact they are pistols and need front-loading, As well as their horrendous recoil are both... problematic, But as you said, uniqueness and power make up for much. I find it hard to find a reason to attempt to lower the price any further. 400 as agreed, and you drive a hard bargain. Now, about that man you told me of?"

"Money first, I'll tell you when you make the purchase."

I open my hand to reveal the heavy sack within my grasp, and start counting out marks, glad I chose to leave the small change of my wealth behind, as this transaction would likely take forever otherwise. In short enough order I have counted out some four hundred marks, and the shop-keep hands the oak box, with both pistols and the mold alike safely stored inside, over to Keddic, in addition to a wide leather belt with fixtures lining it's surface, each fitted with a single prepared shot, ready to be plucked free and dropped into a waiting barrel. The belt holds some forty two spheres all said and done, and I note Keddic look at me questioningly before strapping the belt on and tucking the oak box under an arm: His lack of holsters makes wearing the weapons difficult at the moment.

[The Twins Of Gavrock Purchased (with bullet mold, case and ammo belt)]
[-400 marks (545 marks left on hand, with 55 still pledged to the boat ride back)]

"...Okay. So, the gunsmith I mentioned is Dimmond, he was and still is a miner at heart, but long ago learned his knack for metallurgy could make him more money than any bit of picking away at the earth. So, now he lives on the south side of town, amongst the other manufacturers. Funny thing, he doesn't put up a shop sign, just a symbol of a big old pick-axe breaking open a wall, no text or anything. Tell him Calira sent you, he'll listen to whatever request you have.... oh, and no matter what other people may say, DO call him 'Dimmond the Miner,' most folk think he hates the name, and he works to make them think it, but he actually likes the name plenty. And don't worry about bothering him at night like this, he's.... not a morning person, and odds are good he'll still be awake. There, I gave you your information, and as I doubt you'll buy more, I'll ask you to kindly move away from my shop, no other customers have come near while you've been present."

With my new purchase safely housed in Keddic's grip and a possible gunsmith to help me with my modifications identified, I make my farewells alongside Keddic, Moss bowing alongside us much to the amusement of several children that had been staring from an alleyway in wonder at the creature, before darting off as they see my gaze turn towards them. I take a moment to orient myself, and head southward, Keddic already speaking.

"Well, I must say I think these are some rather wonderful pistols, if they pack such a punch, and I have little doubt several associated with you, myself among them, could use these rather.... fierce pistols without issue, but... forgive me, my friend, but I think you may have over-payed. They are nice, to be sure, but I think that shop-keeper.... Calira, she was still dropping her price quite easily, you likely could have pushed it lower. Still, a fine job, for what I suspect might have been your first time haggling for something, buying direct and all, could my guess be right?"

As Keddic's question hangs in the air, I spot the sign Calira mentioned, that of a pick-axe breaking down a wall, and near the open door. From within the shadowed building, the sounds of metalwork echo without pause... and a voice, gruff and clear, emanates from the dusky structure.

"Whaddaya want?"

An old, weathered man ducks his head outside, clad in simple workman's garb and covered in soot and grit, the source of the question. I note an old, double-headed pick in the man's hand.... and in the other, an axe-shaped wedge. If the man was surprised to see a Soul Grave or... whatever Moss is, he does not show it.

What should I say or do?
How should I respond to Keddic and the man alike?
No. 180032 ID: e31d52

"Yes, Keddic. My aplogies for that, but I'm sure I'll get the money's worth for these. In truth, I did not purchase them. I purchased the right to research them! I have every faith my boy Arkus will be able to pick apart their workings in less than a month! Imagine a WHOLE ARMY weilding these, my boy!" Laugh. "YOU'LL BE ABLE TOM SUNDER MOUNTAINS, no army nor fortress nor wall shall stand before you! A weapon, truly a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION like this could turn the tide of battle with little but a small demonstration!" Laugh harder. "EVEN THE STATE ITSELF SHALL BOW BEFORE ME!"

Saving this to be used later.

Now, for our good man...

"Ah, be you Dimmond the miner? I come seeking knowledge on the fantastic innovation known as revolvers. Specifically for... this." point at the AG cannon. "I'm willing to pay quite a pretty penny for such an improvement." shake the bag of coins.
No. 180036 ID: 62781c

For Keddic:
"Perhaps you're right about the price. My wife used to say that I'd trade the shirt off my back for a cup of river water and count myself lucky afterward, you know. She look one look at my finances after we married and promptly took over. Good thing, too, I'd never have been able to fund... this..." Break off, presumably brushing aside a bad memory. "In any case, you're probably right. But they seemed quite impressive, and the chance to examine the design wasn't one I wished to pass up."
No. 180206 ID: c65457

I'm giving Bob more work by telling him to combine these somehow.
No. 180220 ID: 275a5d

What? WHen did we do 180 heel-face-turn and go psycho usurper in the open?

I agree with the first few lines, but hte whole "I WILL TOPPLE THE STATE WITH AN ARMY OF RARGLBLARGLFSSHHH *Foam at mouth*" flies right in the face of everything we've been saying up to this point. I recommend omitting that little tidbit completely.
No. 180222 ID: 275a5d

She told us to mention that Calira sent us, as well:

"Dimmond the miner, I assume? We've been attempting to requisition a design order, and an individual known as Calira recommended to us that we speak to you on the matter...

...after a modest amount of extortion, I might add.

My name is Mordre, and this jovial individual here is Sir Keddic Harksburton IV.

We're looking to requisition a Golem-scale design modification schematic, incorporating the loading mechanism of a revolver to a larger-scale weapon such as this. As you were the prime recommendation, would you be amenable to discussion?"
No. 180245 ID: d1210a

"You are Dimmond the miner, I assume? We've been attempting to requisition a design order, And an individual known as Calira recommended to us that we speak to you on the matter... ...after a modest amount of extortion, I might add. ANYWAY. My name is Mordre, and this jovial individual here is Sir Keddic Harksburton IV. ...Ah, don't mind Moss, the little blighter is harmless. Now, we're looking to requisition a Golem-scale design modification schematic, incorporating the loading mechanism of a revolver to a larger-scale weapon such as this."

I tap the Anti Golem cannon as the dour miner turned smith looks on.
"As you were the prime recommendation, would you be amenable to discussion?"

"...What is that, 140 millimeter?"

"Yes, that is so."

"Pop out a shell so I can get a look at it."

I comply without issue, letting the primed shell slowly slide out of the barrel, where it drops in Dimmond's waiting hands. He grunts as he begins inspecting it.

"Hrm.... double helix blades spiraled about it... guessing for greater spin on firing?"

"Also to make manipulating the shell as a drill via magic more viable."

"Magic isn't really my thing. ...So, a revolver-style chamber for your cannon? Okay, how do you make and place ammunition in the weapon now, and how does it fire?"

"This golem molds new shells in the barrel, Which are fired with magnetism, Soulfire, and the benefit of a vacuum pocket, Surrounding each projectile."

"...If the ammunition's generated and fired magically.... one, two days, not sure. Got to contact a friend, one of the few mages on this rock, bit of a golem enthusiast, if you want me to be sure the new design works. Do you want a working model to install into the golem, or just schematics of what the new design should be like? ....You know what, you don't have to answer now, I got to make at least one prototype anyway for this, so you can pick when you get here. ...Leave the shell with me, I need an example of the shell and magics involved for my work. I'm going to dispense with asking you to prove you have sufficient funds, as you did come here from Calira.... alright, like I said, a day, maybe two, not sure yet. Come back later."

And without any further comment, Dimmond the Miner, still cradling the edged shell of my Anti-Golem cannon, tromps back into his shop, not even bothering with a farewell. ...Social pursuits do not seem to interest him much, I note.

Standing outside Dimmond's shop, I finally respond to Keddic's earlier comment.

""Perhaps you're right about the price. My wife used to say that I'd trade the shirt off my back for a cup of river water, And I'd count myself lucky afterward, you know. ...Heh, She look one look at my finances after we married and promptly took over. Good thing, too, I'd never have been able to fund... this..."

My speech trails off as I let my form stand silent for a moment, before I resume speaking, hoping my attempt at a wistful tone is successful.

"....In any case, you're probably right. But they seemed quite impressive, and the chance to examine the design wasn't one I wished to pass up. In truth, I did not purchase these weapons: I purchased the right to research them! I do, after all, have an apprentice who still needs much study, So it seems only appropriate that I should bring some new puzzles for him to decipher. Must keep the mind sharp, after all! ...Besides, you saw how much punch these pack: Imagine what they could do, If one made rounds out of the morphic fluid, and made them trigger upon firing? Portable heavy siege implements come to mind at the thought."

Keddic nods in comprehension, but says nothing, his face clearly telling of his notice of my comment, and I observe him trying to give me space, possibly in commiseration of the fictitious loss: I make a mental note that I have now established part of my cover as being previously married to an individual with financial prowess who is now either dead or has left me. No name has yet been provided, but I came close to confusing my cover once before, and I would rather avoid such calamity in the future. The night wears on, with the moon high over head and the stars blotted out by the light of this sleepless port town. I have acquired a valuable trinket of magical origins, and I have commissioned a modification to my cannon, to be ready in a day or so. Originally, I came to this island for the prior reasons, as well as to track down an inventor to hire and see this Steam Golem Professor Gialgorra is crafting, though to my understanding his abode is some ways deeper into the island.

What should I do? Should I start moving towards my next objective, or should I try to find rooms so Keddic can rest over the night?
No. 180252 ID: 275a5d

He's gone some 4 days without sleep, and just because he CAN go for 1-2 weeks without, doesn't necessarily make it a pleasant experience.

Even normal humans don't necessarily REQUIRE sleep, but it's so hard-wired into their functions that they still go more than a bit loopy without it.

"Well, what say we take a night's rest, Keddic. On the morn, I think it would be good to check on this Gialgorra. Why, I can even look for some hired help in the settlements along the way!"
No. 180258 ID: d3dfb8

This. Tomorrow we look for a tinker. Afterwords we find this Gialgorra fellow with his steam golem. And possibly break it. Because lol.
No. 180291 ID: 5e0979

don't be a jackass and break the Professor's stuff.
No. 180296 ID: 7c1d29

Just to remind you Mordre. Ensue that you tell the Premen to refer to you as Mage Mordre when speaking to other non-premen. Now that they are learning the common tongue, they might start blabbing about stuff. Though most could just right it off as them speaking about an intelligent mage rather than an intelligent Golem, you have mage type enemies/associates out there who might get a bit too interested.
No. 180310 ID: ac44b1

Thought just occurred to me and anon friend that we could benefit from having 1 or 2 tinkerers from this isle on our payroll and back at the Arcanoworks. Just a thought.
Also I agree we need to let Keddic rest and also stop to collect our thoughts.
No. 180422 ID: d1210a

"Well, why don't we see if we can find an abode for the night: After all, with our order already placed, all that's left is the Steam Golem, And ferreting out some possible inventors or tinkers to hire. All in all, things that can wait till morning."

"I can certainly work with that sentiment, HAH! Come, I saw one of the inns I stayed at when last I was here, on the way to Dimmond's place. I recall it as a fine establishment, perhaps we can return to it?"

"Lead the way."

Once more we traverse the twisted roads of this bustling port town with no name, with smoking chimney stacks and the howl of squealing metal to be heard all about. I get even less looks than I had before, though perhaps that is due to the progressive lateness of the night. I continue to ponder my relatively low-key presence on this island while Keddic finally comes to a stop before an old, heavy looking tavern, it's wood stained a soft brown. Doors larger than him bar Keddic's path, and he knocks thrice on a heavy brass ring adorning the door. A wispy old man opens the door, trembling slightly as he directs a gap-toothed smile at the giant bearded man before him.

"Ooh, master Harksburton, what a pleasant surprise. I haven't seen you in... oh, I'd say 'round six years. Well, it's good to see your face around these parts again."

"Haha, and it is good to see you too...."

As Keddic fumbles for the old man's name, I see his eyes drifting over towards Moss and I both, and I decide to speak.

"Greetings, I... or rather, I, the person controlling this golem, am the mage Mordre, here to see what the island has to offer, With Keddic here guiding me, having been here before. How do you do?"

If my capability to speak startled the old man, I missed it, as he continued to tremble ever so slightly in the door frame, smiling up at me, and after patiently waiting for me to finish speaking, he responds.

"Well, I am doing very well, thank you for asking, kind sir. Well, my pleasure to meet you, mage Mordre, you can call me Old Man Grumple, and welcome to my house. ...Hm, are you going to need a room?"

"Not for myself or my wooden companion, but for Keddic, yes I would. How much is it for a night and breakfast?"

"....Well, normally I'd say some fifty silver, with the amount good sir Harksburton eats... ah, but this is a good day, I get to see a familiar face. Tell you what, I'll put you up for free overnight, if you swap me some stories since last I saw you. How does that sound, master Harksburton?"

"Why... I'd be positively delighted! Well then.... I suppose I'll see you in the morning, will you be leaving the Soul Grave idle outside?"

"Indeed. I doubt any would try to steal it."

"HAH, true enough! Well, I shall see you on the morn, then!"

Keddic enters the building with the frail old man Grumple, and the door shuts behind them. I take up position beside the building.... and wait.

[DAY 86]

I realize that as the Premen learn the common tongue, they shall need to be instructed to not address me as if I was.... well, me. They shall need to participate in my ruse, if I am to remain undetected. I shall need to broach this subject with them in the future.

Much of my time spent 'asleep' is occupied with considerations of what could be accomplished with a skilled inventor at my disposal. There are limited metalworking facilities already within the Arcanoworks central tower.... though I still lack a proper blacksmith, so projects might be limited at the moment. Hm.... I suppose that means I'd need to seek out someone much like this Dimmond the Minor, to complement any inventor I aim to acquire.

Some time before dawn, my thoughts return to the creature I have seen twice now, the one I encountered first in the northern mountains, and once more in the Azelhaedran State, south of Trekel. ...I can't really get a bead on what it intends, or what it's goals are... or even if it has goals. As I finally refile the subject away as one of the many unresolved questions I am plagued with, I find myself thinking of Dulu. The only person to have evaded my wrath, and not just once, but twice, he has escaped my attempts to end his existence. ....As I recall, Balboa and Verther both knew Dulu.... but Daobo didn't, or so went the memories I claimed from each of the three when I devoured their souls. Verther had what I assumed was a master mage teaching him in the forest with him, the one Ugrokk discovered, who I had theorized was using Verther and the bandits as a cats-paw, in an attempt to covertly claim Del Rogo's magical axe, filled with the details of hundreds of powerful and influential people across the land.

...But Balboa and Daobo alike thought of a mage Weinsho as their master, and no thought of theirs considered him a Magnetomancer. Odds are good the two, Weinsho and the man in the woods thought to have taught Verther, are two separate individuals..... but Dulu makes them more than that. He spans a gap between them, connects them, and likely means there are two mages pulling the strings, if not more. ...I had already considered Dulu's escape even after his death was strange, but when I consider that Weinsho, a war hero from more than a decade ago, and this Magnetomancer both have an association with Dulu... thoughts of how he could have escaped flood my mind, I consider Soul magic, or some form of spiritual transportation... and find my actual facts lacking, leading me to abandon the train of thought. Still, I am plagued by considerations of just what form Dulu could take... when next I see him, until Dawn breaks....

And Keddic exits the inn, yawning as he contentedly smacks a belly.

"I cannot, and in fact will NEVER, find fault in Grumple's cooking. The man is a genius! Oh, and those walls are so thick, you can't even here the din of this town inside.... ah, this place is just like I remember it, Grumple himself being no exception. Well, I traded stories with him, slept and fed. So..... what now? You had mentioned wanting to look for an engineer or inventor or some such, and 'tis true we could likely find one here, but this is not the only settlement on the island. Further, it will take.... oh, half a day, I would reckon, to make it to Professor Gialgorra's abode from here, assuming we move... quickly. So what should we do first?"

How should I respond, and what should I do?
No. 180429 ID: 445c48

Someone better at writing than me take a whack at this, this is just begging for some "Waking up Noises/Breakfast noises" ham and turkey, no cheese, I don't like cheese on my sandwiches.
No. 180430 ID: 7c1d29

Wait for half an hour before you start doing anything. An old man rarely awakes at dawn unless accustomed to such feats.

After the necessary acting has taken place, suggest the trip to Gialgorra's place.
No. 180439 ID: 716eb0

Indeed. This was suggested some time ago, and now seems like the perfect time to pull it, since we are in no rush to be anywhere. Pretend not to be awake yet. Consider a distant meow in response to the question.

But we may be set to follow him if he wanders around town.
No. 180444 ID: e31d52

*raow. Raow. Raow. Ra-*
Illia: Oh for goodness's sake you stupid cat, get away from that. Oh... Uhm, my apologies, sir, I shall, uh, awaken the master momentarily! R-right after I finish breakfast! Come along, Cuddles."

Pause, sounds of cooking.

"Mmrff, what? He's awake already!? Oh, goodness, where does the morning go? Yes, Illia, yes, thank you again, you certainly earn your pay, yes, now leave me and keep an eye on the damn cat! Very good.

Alright, run startup."

Have the golem test out its limbs with small motions, uncurl the executioner slowly and recurl it, so on.

"Alright, we are green. Good morning, Keddic!"

*eating sounds*
No. 180456 ID: 62781c

I would actually prefer to use >>180439 in this situation and not respond to him at all. Yes, it's less developed, but not everything which reinforces our persona has to be dialogue of some variety. I suspect that simply acting as though no one is at the controls (and the audio input is off) would be far more effective than a fully fleshed out scene in this situation.

Besides, what maid and/or cat are able to use the master mage's greatest achievement, his remote golem interface, while he sleeps? (And no, the answer is not "ours".)
No. 180461 ID: 7c1d29

The problems I have with this is that a non-mage shouldn't be able to handle the Golem in any way. It's not like a computer where you fiddle around and stuff happens.
The other thing is that we have never run start-up like that before so doing it now would seem strange.
No. 180467 ID: 445c48

I agree with just pretending we are not at the controls, and just following him around. Perhaps the occasional background meow and barking and such, and then in an hour we can assume direct control.
No. 180469 ID: 5e0979

Bob, I hate picking apart posts but if we can get bonus out of it feel required to ask - Dimmond the Minor is very young or just a Miner?

Anyway, I like >>180444 while adding 'Well, we should head up to visit this Professor fellow! Lead the way, my friend!'
No. 180472 ID: 275a5d



Oh, yes, it is morning, isn't it...yes, I'm sorry, do give me a short moment...

*Sound of shuffling*

*distant, muted voices*"Sir Mordre, you're up early. Sure you don't need a bit more shuteye?"

"Oh, quite. Busy day, today. Bethany, would you be a dear and brew a pot of tea? Oh, and when Illia comes in..."

Cue the sound of light, tapping steps entering the room and a little tinkling bell. Purring sounds. More tapping steps and tinkling.

*Glass crashing*

*Mordre reenters after a moment*

"What in the-

MAUSER, you blasted feline, that had better not have been my inks-


*Cat screeching, another glass shatters*

*Door slams*

"I swear, there has to be a spell to make that animal a little less dim...*SIGH* Alright, sorry for the wait. Needed a bit of a pick-me-up. If we're all set, then lets be off."

At some point along the travel (Early, near when we start), cue the maid coming in to bring tea, and clean up the shattered glass.
No. 180478 ID: 5e0979

What operating system does Mordre run on?
No. 180485 ID: 7c1d29

SoulFire - Pristine edition.
No. 180503 ID: 62781c

No background animal noises. The mage can turn off his audio input, and should have done so while he sleeps. The first thing we say in the morning should be whatever Mage Mordre would say after turning on his magical microphone equivalent.

Must everything we do in support of our persona consist of endless bumbling and over-the-top exchanges involving our maids and cat? The whole thing would be much more effective as a subtle thread woven through everything we say than the occasional wacky interlude.
No. 180504 ID: e31d52

Sorry, guys. We need a better description of what counts as HAM, as far as we know, delving into its power results in us looking like a buffoon.
No. 180513 ID: 275a5d

Not necessarily, but they are more fun to write.

Subtle, non-slapstick ham requires very appropriate circumstances, and while interspersing little bits of it throughout the thread would be a more effective read, its not easy to get it all to come together. Especially not without planning it out with other posters.

Although, if you have an idea, by all means, share. I retract my previous suggestion in lieu of this.
No. 180566 ID: 5e0979

Note: I have no problem looking likea buffoon who has a rich dead wife, a over abundence of cats and maids, slight forgetfulness and a intrest in resarch, golems, and combat like a video game. THe reason I have no problem with this is it's -very- easy for us to break this mold if we need it. If we think someone is trying to affect our connection with 'us', we act asif it's working, while we kick ass. If they want to kill us, send us after some miserable punk we know and have them get killed - or send them after the premen with the note 'kill this poor fucker'. Seriously, the more 'foolish' we look, the bigger badasses we are.

Also, it's fun, and I thin Moredre likes it.
No. 180580 ID: 5e0979

And as a side note, remember >>/questarch/162564? We have used 'other people can control us, or at least the cat can play with our controls and knock us over' before, so that's something we need to remember.

Are we gonna have to go back into our ham and see what's cannon and what's not now? Because that's gonna be time consuming.
No. 180610 ID: d1210a

[Good spot, Dimmond actually has an older brother by the same name, who you are now aware of beyond as a result of this catch. Dimmond the Major is, as his name would imply, a military officer, a Major, in service in the Warring States. The two get along, and exchange frequent letters.]

I decide.... to do nothing, and act as if the golem is still awaiting direct control. After all, Keddic had earlier remarked on how often I was awake for an 'older individual,' so it seems only fair to play into that assumption. After waiting for a moment and hearing no response, Keddic tries querying me again, to no avail. Moss looks up inquisitively at this exchange, but I stay immobile. Finally, Keddic shrugs, and begins to make his way through town.

At which point I promptly begin following him.

Keddic turns about at my first step, but makes no other motion. He seems to be buying my presentation of being still bound to follow him, excellent. This should give me an exemplary chance to observe Keddic outside the presence of... well, me. With Moss tagging along behind me, we form a three deep line, traversing the town, and-

"Might I have a moment of your time, fine gentleman?"
>"Yeah, what is it?"
"I happen to be looking for inventors amenable to hire, perhaps you know where I could seek such individuals out?"
>"...Well, depending on the retainer, resources and prestige offered, could be near anyone would accept, could be no one."
"Well, what about people willing to make a name for themselves, to hone their skills in a distant land?"
>"Truth be told, that may be the case with most of the other islands, but this is Golgan island, the home of that Professor."
"And, what would that have to do with the availability of tinkers and such?"
>"Well, for one, housing is dear on Golgan, so it's harder to find someone willing to budge, as they likely went through a good bit of effort to get the place."
"An understandable concern, but that would not restrict everyone, my good man!"
>"True, but the second bit does: Professor Gialgorra put out an offer, oh, bout three months ago, of ten thousand marks, all in gold, for anyone who could bring a golem that could trump his one built without the aid of magic. Anyway, so far no one's been able to thump it, the pot's grown to... eh, thirty thousand marks, last I heard... and more importantly for you, most of the amenable inventors here, hiring-wise, already got jobs with those who came for the challenge earlier. ....Hope your challenge goes well, haven't heard of any Soul Graves goin' up against the professor's Steam Golem yet, so best o' luck."
"What? Oh, no, this is my friend Mordre's golem, not mine."
>"That's as may be. ...Well, there's probably still some inventors at Gialgorra's place, holding out for a better job by waiting for more important visitors... they could be your bet... or there could be some still lurking about normal-wise, but I wouldn't really know."
"I see, thank you for your assistance."

Keddic spends some half hour more searching, the whole while still carrying the oak box with the Twins of Gavrock within, but finds similar results: Most inventors interested in work elsewhere have already either left, or are waiting at Gialgorra's. After one particular exchange, I decide it is time to 'awaken'. I decide that being accidentally triggered by a maid or cat will have to wait until another morning.

"-nk it's such a big undertaking, I'm just asking you to keep Mauser out. But the poor cat loves to play with you, maybe jus- NO! I've had this conversation with Illia, just keep the cat OUT, alright Bethany? I'll try sir, but that cat... I know, I know, now please find Illia, I find my throat parched.... Ah."

Now is the moment I finally begin moving my form independently, turning my head about as I 'take in my surroundings', before turning back to Keddic.

"..Ah, good morning to you Keddic, how are you?"

"Well enough, well enough! A night's rest and two hardy meals have me feeling chipper again, I must say!"

I begin flexing my limbs and twisting about the Sable Executioner, in emulation of someone doing a morning stretch.

"...Ok, everything checks out, good. ...I'm terribly sorry about the delay, But I needed a bit of a pick-me-up.... You know those kind of days..."

"Ha, indeed I do. Well, I've been looking into inventors this morning, and I've found out two things: Most inventors willing to be hired away have already been hired, and that the remaining ones are at Gialgorra's place... though they may have some rather high opinions of themselves, if they refused all offers so far. ...Still, I can't help but shake the feeling that some of the people I asked definitely knew an inventor, here in this town, that would want a job... could be my gut, or just as likely, pointless conjecture."

"Offers? For wha... one moment.. thank you, Illia. *sip*.... ahhh. Now, what was that you said about offers?"

"Apparently, Gialgorra got his golem up and running, and has been spending his time getting.... well, field data, same as you. He put out a reward for anyone who could beat the thing, and so far no one's won. Certainly sounds interesting, wouldn't you say?"

What should I say or do? And what is our next step?
No. 180623 ID: d3dfb8

This is going to be fun!
No. 180632 ID: 275a5d

"Hmm. Well, if you suspect they know an individual, then perhaps their reservations simply need a loosening of the tongue.

*Hand Keddic two marks*

We'll try once more here, with an incentive for the information. If that turns up nothing, then we'll be on our way.

Besides, if what you say is true, these inventors mulling around Gialgorra sound like the insufferable sort.

Oh, and regarding this field test...hmmhmm, it DOES sound intriguing. What was the reward you mentioned?"
No. 180642 ID: 903f16


"A challenge you say? This sounds absolutely delightful! Why think of the field data I could collect or that could be shared between us. The battle itself would be spectacular too, don't you think Keddic? Two titans, one born of magic against another of technology, fighting it out for supremacy. Of course we will win, but none the less it will be interesting. And once we do so the other tinkerers would likely be inclined to join us and we could also gain whatever this reward he's offering is in the process. Good work my friend, good work."
No. 180645 ID: e31d52


We could make an EXTRRRRR(roll r here)AVAGANZA out of this! put up signs, charge for entry, get a betting pool going!
No. 180732 ID: 445c48

Sign up, and make sure you've got your cannon ready. I don't think our AA charge is at a high enough level to oneshot it, like we did with the other soul grave' so we'll need to probably rely on our cannon and punching the shit out of it.
No. 180738 ID: 5e0979

As a warning! 'Trump' may not nessaserarily mean beat it into an unceconizable paste and then eat it. It could mean 'thinking', 'task completion', or simple 'creativity'. If his golem can transform into a boat or something fit for transportation or fly of his own free will...we can't really trump it. And I don't know how well the Professor here on Golgan Island would react to us using magic to boost our chances of winning.

As a note for maybe getting a few more bonuses, did the Professor first arrived on this island with a first mate of a ship by the name of Golgan, the skipper of the ship, a millionaire, and his wife, a famous actress, a young girl named Mary Ann and the Professor? Or...was it just accident that Golgan sounds freakishly close to Gilligan?
No. 180745 ID: 6dc28a

Before we fight the professors golem, we should get some info on it. Let's spend some time in town asking about previous fights. What capabilities did it have? Who came closest to winning against it?

If we can, we should watch a fight between the prof's golem and some other tinkerers golem.

Also, remember we only have like a day left before we're supposed to leave with the boat...We might be squeezed for time.
No. 180834 ID: d1210a

"Oh simply MARVELOUS! A non-magical golem? And a prize for it's defeat? I must say, sounds quite intriguing."

"Indeed, I have to admit being more than a little curious as to what that old scoundrel managed to build. Quite the incorrigible individual that Gialgorra, but I have yet to meet someone who wouldn't endure his eccentricities for what he crafts. Hm, wonder what his golem can do..."

"Hmm. Well, if you suspect those you spoke with know an individual, then perhaps their reservations simply need a loosening of the tongue."

I take two marks from my bag of funds (reducing my current total to 543 marks) and hand them to Keddic before I continue.

"We'll try once more here, with an incentive for the information. If that turns up nothing, then we'll be on our way. Besides, if what you say is true, these inventors mulling around Gialgorra sound like the insufferable sort. Oh, and regarding this field test...hmmhmm, it DOES sound intriguing. ..what was the reward you mentioned?"

"Depending on who tells it, anywhere from twenty to fifty thousand marks, if you can believe it! I must say, I thought Gialgorra was on to something, but to have enough success that none could claim a bounty that sizable.... well, color me more than intrigued. So, I'll see about tracking down this hypothetical inventor!"

Keddic and I spend some further time wandering about as he seeks out prior contacts to revisit with bribes already, and along the way, I ruminate aloud about the Steam Golem and the challenge we have heard of.

"A challenge you say? This sounds absolutely delightful! Why think of the field data I could collect or that could be shared between us. The battle itself would be spectacular too, don't you think Keddic? Two titans, one born of magic against another of technology, fighting it out for supremacy. Of course we will win, But none the less it will yield valuable field test data for us both. Once we do so the other tinkerers would likely be inclined to join us, And there is the substantial reward you hear he's offering to the victor. Oh-ho, we could make this an EXTRRRRRAVAGANZA, Put up signs, charge for viewing, quite a tidy sum to be made.... Good work my friend, good work."

Keddic takes the compliment graciously, but otherwise turns back to his investigations... but I see the wheels turning in his mind, and I think he took my comment of making this a charged admittance event seriously. Interesting.

I decide to question a few people myself, looking for information on Gialgorra's golem. Not that many people seem inclined to talk to me, but after two hours spent following Keddic, I manage to run into perhaps a dozen people who claim to have seen the golem themselves, and perhaps two score more who heard of it. From all their commentary, I have amassed the following general outline of this Steam Golem:

--The Steam Golem, as it's name implies, uses steam, both as a power source, and to create an obscuring cloud of scalding water vapor around itself. Clay, Wood and Life golems have all suffered from exposure to the mist, either by starting to melt (clay), becoming softer and more easily broken (wood), or suffering blisters and burns, possibly fatal (Life).
--The Steam Golem has some sort of 'lightning-generating device', that it can use to electrify itself and any present steam cloud. The electrical charge has proved fatal to several Life golems and caused ignition upon contact with wood golems. Stone golems have been damaged and Clay golems outright shattered from prolonged exposure to electrified material.
--The Steam Golem has a drill made out of Lortoxite, found in an old meteor on this island when Gialgorro moved here. Said drill is repetitiously mentioned as being exceedingly sharp and able to punch through, well, anything.
--The Steam Golem has some sort of grappling arm, no one seems very specific on this particular facet.
--The Steam Golem has some sort of cannon with 'retrievable ammo,' but no one gets more specific than that, as most commentary on this function is second-hand.
--Some allusions are made to further combat functions, but no one I speak with knows anything about them. It seems only those who saw some fights against Runed Stone and Clay Golems, and a few particularly potent Small Tombs, would know about the other functions, and they have either all left or some few may remain at Gialgorra's abode.
--Some sort of mechanical 'brain' controls the thing, and can register it's creator and accept voice commands from him.
--The closest anyone came to beating it was, depending on who I ask, either it's first or eleventh fight. The first was against a Stone golem, and at the time professor Gialgorra's creation was still largely experimental, and only after three hours was the bout finally won. The eleventh fight, with the Steam golem, now more streamlined, facing it's first Small Tomb, had issue (lacking the drill at the time), and managed to win by sheer dint of having more metal it could warp without losing function, and resorted to bashing the golem until it shut down. It took three days of repair, but the Steam Golem bounced back from that fight stronger than ever, and has since not had that many close fights.
--The Steam Golem is mentioned as being particularly spry with only a few of the most limber Life golems and nimble Small Tombs able to surpass it.
--Professor Gialgorra constantly proclaims the golem to have an inexhaustible power supply, and indeed the golem has never been seen in need of fuel, going from match to match without pause.
--Professor Gialgorra claims the golem to be his masterpiece, but that it is still not complete. His four daughters are still spending most of their time assisting his tinkering, which has apparently been a trend for them in the last year or so.

While I learn many things (some of which I may have reason to question the accuracy of, considering their origin as gossip), Keddic does not. The two marks I gave him yield some further information, but lead to a dead end when the next lead becomes tight-lipped, with the two marks already spent to find out about him, and his possible knowledge of an inventor still for hire. Keddic looks back to me questioningly, and I recognize him to be looking for how to proceed.... and if he is to go forward, I may need to give him further coinage.

What should I say or do?
No. 180840 ID: 5e0979

...mhm...I have a unique suggestion: Maybe, just maybe, if we tell this lead to bet on us in our up coming conflict, then we might not have to pay anything and he would be very...willing to tell us what he knows. I still think we should go after the Steam Golem first.
No. 180841 ID: 275a5d

Fish out 10 marks.

Oh, this is going to be an interesting event.
No. 180845 ID: 275a5d

A lortoxite drill, huh? Well, shit. THATS gonna be a nasty weapon. It'll core right through our armor.

Hmm...I have a few ideas we can try in this fight, but i'll hold off on mentioning them until we see this thing.
No. 180846 ID: 1ac39d

i think the simplest and least intensive method of beating it would be to use magnetomancy to pinch the steam emitter shut causing it to back pressure.
No. 180866 ID: 5e0979

Or we could just mimic's the Master's voice and go 'hey, cut that out'.
No. 180885 ID: 94fd15


Intriguing, but since it's unlikely to work, and will give away our ability to mimic any sound we want...I'd vote no for this.

Anyway, we certainly have an interesting opponent. If our opponent is that agile, we're going to want to use our soulfire/inferno golem to slow him down. We can use magnetomancy to increase modre's agility.

After we mess up the agility of the other golem, we'll prob try to use the anti-golem cannon or AA to do a finishing shot.
No. 180889 ID: 275a5d

Why don't we just use Magnetomancy to slow him down instead?

Achieves the same result, and doesn't eat up 40 souls.
No. 180904 ID: d3dfb8

Depending on how big it is we might be able to just pick it up and play with it like a doll. I don't suppose we could use the blood iron to increase our casting capabilities?
No. 180905 ID: 94fd15

Well, I was thinking about using magnetomancy on modre to increase his agility. Same thing as your idea except that we don't know if there is any protections against magic on the steam golem. If there is, it would be more useful to use the magnetomancy on us.

I was thinking about using the soulfire/inferno golems to create walls of fire to keep the golem penned in. While I don't want to waste 40 souls either, we should be willing to use every advantage we can get.
No. 180914 ID: d1210a

I step up to the merchant, and make mention of my intent to start a betting pool over my own match. While the idea of a Soul Grave facing down Gialgorra's Steam Golem certainly seems to catch the man's attention, he laughs when I make mention of betting on me.

"Soul Grave or no, Gialgorra's toy has beat... what, five, six hundred golems? I seriously doubt you'll be breaking that winning streak, especially with that mad coot fixing any weaknesses exposed in earlier bouts as quick as lightning. I'll thank ye for the news, but I don't think ye can convince me, I've seen too many high and might magery types get brought low by that contraption. Though feel free to come back and make me eat those words.... if you can, HAH!"

I fish out ten marks, and I see the merchants eyes (and indeed, everyone around us) focus on the coinage. It is a bit belatedly I realize we are in less.... maintained part of town, and some of the passersby are stopping to give the sack I carry an ugly, speculative look.... but they nevertheless keep their distance. It helps when a living siege weapon is the one with the money. I toss the marks to Keddic, who promptly begins talking with the merchant again. Three marks later, we have a new lead: Old Friko, a bit west of town, supplies tools of all sorts to the inventors and tinkerers of the island, making reliable, unadorned and economical tools that are always in demand. If anyone would know of remaining inventors amenable to hire around here, Old Friko would know, or so the merchant says. We march onward, Moss turning from inquisitively rooting through detritus by the walkway to bound along after us on our march to Old Friko's place. Behind us I hear the merchant getting mobbed with people asking about this 'bet'. It would seem I have already started spreading word of what I intend.

...If what they said is true, and the steam golem is outfitted with a Lortoxite-forged drill..... there is little I could do to prevent severe damage the moment such touched me. The ensorceled steels, Blue and Red and Black, even the metal of the Mosmordren Empire, Necronostrium cannot withstand it. ...I make careful mental note that I should keep a wary eye on that drill, lest this bout prove terminal for me.

If the golem is forged of metal, and has some sort of engine based around the use of steam.... hm, since the golem can create steam clouds about itself, one would assume there are shutters or vents that allow steam from the engine to be used so.... and if there are such vents, I may well be able to warp and twist them shut with Magnetomancy. Surely, such an impediment to the proper function of it's engine would be most disastrous to it. ....Though, with the mention of it's creator augmenting it to address past weakness, and some five hundred or more bouts, with Small Tombs among them.... I find it disturbingly easy to picture it having faced a Small Tomb with a Heroic Magnetomancer's soul.... and a solution to such a weakness found. ...Hopefully I am simply overestimating the resources at Gialgorra's disposal.

If the Steam golem is agile, then I may need to direct my Magnetomancy inward to even keep up. ...And speed coupled with a Lortoxite drill does not make melee with the Steam Golem sound particularly appealing.

....If it proves sufficient threat, I still have my recently discovered ability to craft Inferno Golems to fall back on, even in a one on one fight. Hopefully, should issue arise they could be useful in extricating myself.

I come to a stop beside Keddic and Moss, now standing before a large, heavyset building, the noon sun hanging overhead. Before Keddic can even knock, the door creeks open, and a reedy voice echoes out, it origins obscured by the shadowed interior of the structure.


What should I say or do? Should I leave the questioning to Keddic?
No. 180917 ID: 716eb0

oh for the love of... MAKE A NEW ANTI-GOLEM SHELL. We handed the other one over to the gunsmith. If it becomes necessary to buy more metal for this purpose, try to find an unworked lump, as it will be cheaper, and make sure it is a good material. Consider making two and store the spare. Reloading in mid combat may be slow, but it is better than being out of ammo for the rest of the fight.

If rust is a concern, see if a supply of zinc is avaliable to galvanize your "skin" with. Converting your entire form to stainless steel is too daunting a task to do on short notice, but galvanizing your body provides nearly the same level of protection as long as you stay in one peice.

Time permiting, reworking the blade launcher for hardened targets would also be useful. The steam golem is specialized for single combat against a hardened foe, we should be too. It is so rare that we do not have to balance our weaponry with large numbers human soldiers in mind.

Using magnetomancy against the steam golem may be bad, since this is supposed to be golem v. golem, not golem+mage. However, using it on ourselves to move faster can easily be written off as part of the golem's capabilities.
No. 180919 ID: 275a5d

Magic IS part of the Golem's capabilities.

There is no mage here, remember. Soul Graves inherently possess the capacity to do magic, once they've constructed their mage-soul core.
No. 180921 ID: 1ac39d

if it has fought tombs before then they would know that the powers of the souls eaten are at the golem's command so magnetomancy would be fine. also AA may be good because steam is made by heat, if it runs hot then hyper cooling may cause something bad to happen to it.
No. 180922 ID: 275a5d

And yes, leave the questioning to Keddic. If it looks like he isn't making any progress, we'll pitch in. Otherwise, he's not helpless, there shouldn't be any need to micromanage his actions.

And Small Tombs are still Soul Graves, all things considered. I highly doubt they make up more than a minute fraction of the opponents the Steam Golem has faced, and if it's actually fought a Small Tomb capable of magnetomancy on the same scale as us, then we're just colossally unlucky. But we still have plenty of options.
No. 180925 ID: 7c1d29

Try and arrange the match to occur in one weeks time. Until then you will NEVER stop moving. I want the AA cannons at their peak so as to ensure the total destruction of this Golem. We will miss the ride back to the mainland but we may be able to arrange another trip back at a later date for a bit more coinage.
I believe he may have some kind of Telsa Coil to produce lighting, laughable. With your command of magnetomancy you should be able to redirect or just stop it from gathering enough energy to implement it.
The good thing about this is that we should have the Revolver AG Cannon ready to go by then, and if Ozmand imbues all of them, This Golem is gonna have a hard time. I just thought of a way to deal with the steam. We can fire the AVBlades into it and move em with magnetomancy. The wind tunnel from Balboa's soul should fix that up quite nicely.

As for the current situation, allow Keddic to handle it, but step in if necessary.
No. 180927 ID: 275a5d

What? We've got a timescale here, remember? We're supposed to start back tomorrow evening, because we still have the Azelhaedran State to deal with.
No. 180929 ID: d3dfb8

If the opportunity arises, we may have a chance to test out the IG's primary function on this golem.
I like your ideas, but we can use magic. Its totally not against the rules. If all else fails we can just use our magnetomancy to detect where he is, then AA/anti-golem cannon his ass.
No. 180930 ID: 275a5d

Also, I do not think it wise to destroy the golem entirely. Rendering it inoperable is sufficient.

It's the Professors Prize invention, remember. If we shatter it to pieces, we might as well consider the man an enemy for life.
No. 180932 ID: 7c1d29

Well then we can head back, deal wid stuff and come back in one week's time , or more if necessary.
No. 180934 ID: 94fd15


This sounds like a good plan. Plus, because the trip will take like 8 straight days to run back to Azelhaedran then back to the port. After that kind of workout, the AA will be at top charge.
No. 180936 ID: 275a5d

AA at full charge will ruin the Steam Golem. 1 Weeks charge is still a potent weapon, but it doesn't run the same risk of utter annihilation.

We have a lot more to gain by NOT completely ruining Gialgorra's invention, here.
No. 180939 ID: d3dfb8

Tesla coil is an interesting thought, that's probably how it is powered. Not steam but electricity, this guy might be this worlds Nickola Tesla.
Blade launcher to blow away the steam is also an excellent idea, but we dont need to wait for the week. I think we can take this bitch out, we took on that other soul grave no problem.
No. 180940 ID: 94fd15


Well, if we have a full charge, all we have to do is turn the beam away from the steam golem once we've done enough damage.
No. 180946 ID: d1210a

[Ammunition gets passively made, and the cannon was already re-armed three hours after giving a shell to Dimmond, some time last night. This is part of how the shoulder implements work, you can ACCELERATE ammo regeneration with Magnetomantic focus, but it HAPPENS whether you pay attention or not. And where would you suggest Mordre store extra shells, just walk into the fight holding a few? Also be aware each shell takes 3 hours unassisted to craft, or 30 minutes with Magnetomantic enhancement. Oh, and rust is combated by part of your required daily intake of five pounds of metal. Lastly, if you could be a bit more specific about HOW to rework the Blade launcher to work against hardened targets, that would be great.]

While Small Tombs are, in essence, Soul Graves designed to subsist on the ambient energy of a single Heroic soul, they are notably more common, some hundreds made during the war, and most surviving to be claimed as prizes. Still, out of some few hundred in total, the likelihood of one having Magnetomantic powers seems low.... but then again, I might not be the only one to have considered the advantages Magnetomancy can bring one fighting a metal opponent. Without any clear idea of how many souls were simply Heroic and how many were also magely, much less Magnetomancers, it is still speculation... though considering the relative unlikeliness of the situation, I feel somewhat more assured my powers should be viable.

I let Keddic get to work as I consider the possibility of amassing a greater charge with the Amaranthine Annihilator, and waiting for my revolver to be complete before facing this foe. The thought strikes me as cowardly initially, besides being an inefficient use of time, partly for the boat ride I shall miss, and partly for the State inspection I could.... but I must admit that being a leader has taught me that temperance and caution have their place, and this looks like it could be one of them.

"Well HELLO THERE, Wonderful to meet you! Are you known as 'Old Friko?"
"WONDERFUL! Well, I heard tell that you might know of an inventor still in town that is amenable to being hired to work elsewhere."
"So you do know one, how positively smashing!"
"So, where is this inventor, and what is their name?"
"...Twenty marks.."
"What!? That's outrageous!"
"..You want an inventor bad, else-wise you wouldn't come a'botherin' Old Friko."

Keddic seems a bit nonplussed at this rather bold claim, and seems unsure what to say.

Should I interject into this exchange, or see how Keddic deals with the situation?
No. 180959 ID: 7c1d29

Bend down so that your rather sizable face is directly in front of him.
"Oh com now Friko, I am sure we can come to some sort of...agreement."
No. 180964 ID: 903f16

Let's see how Keddic handles this, it may prove interesting to see. Considering his comments after our last haggling match he may have some experience with it.

Contemplate changing our mortar load out for the match. It'd require a good deal of metal, but our Anti-Vanguard Blade Launcher, seems a bit lacking the the penetration that would be required to hurt his golem.
No. 180965 ID: 275a5d

"While you are ostensibly correct in that I wish to find such an individual, we have yet to discern whether or not your information is in any way useful.

How about we come to a more reasonable deal. I'll give you 5 marks to tell me what you know, and another 5 provided the information is good."
No. 180969 ID: d3dfb8

No. 180981 ID: 2aaaf1

Arkus isn't with us, we can't change squat. Unless we find a person well versed in runecraft and pay him to do it. Not to mention that it takes time to remove the mortar runes we already possess, and replace it with something else; I believe Arkus said it takes a week for him to do so.
No. 180998 ID: 94fd15


I believe arkus has the rune diagrams with him...so even if we find a person skilled in runes...they probably won't know the correct runes for a soul golem, which are quite rare.
No. 181024 ID: 275a5d

I'm pretty sure we can't change out our mortar right now. If I recall, changing the mortar type requires removing the runes, and reinscribing new ones, a process that takes about a week.
No. 181050 ID: d1210a

I leave Keddic to his negotiations, and listen in as the two bicker about the price of the knowledge I seek.

"No matter how you look at it, 20 marks is absolute twaddle, why would you even ask for such an exorbitant rate!?"
"You probably need the information. I don't need to sell it, so why wouldn't I take advantage of that?"
"What preposterous poppycock!"
"You don't need to buy the information."
"You rogue, do you really think we'd pay that much?"
"Maybe. No skin off my back to hold out for it."
"So, you would pass on the chance to make four marks, instead focusing on your slim hopes of making 20? It seems to me such a mentality would leave one quite destitute!"
"And yet here I am, my own house and shop, and here you are, asking for something I know to be shared. And we come back to me wanting twenty marks for the information you seek."

At this, Keddic seems to lose steam in face of the apparent unflappable nature of Old Friko.

I bend down, dipping my knees as well to bring my giant, silvered skull face down into alignment with the already recalcitrant Friko. My intent is simple: intimidation, straightforward and easily accomplished.

"Oh come now Friko, I am sure we can come to some sort of...agreement."

The door before us begins to shut, but quick as lightning I slip a steel finger into the door frame, and slowly, gently pry the door open. Light finally falls on Old Friko, a withered old man with long and thin white hair trialing past his shoulders. He flinches, though whether it is at the light or my forceful insistence to be met, I could not say.

...I decide that perhaps, considering Keddic's presence, I might wish to refrain from more.... physical attempts to learn what I seek, and so I backpedal, following up the stick with a surprise carrot. ...Where did that turn of phrase come from?

"While you are ostensibly correct in that I wish to find such an individual, we have yet to discern whether or not your information is in any way useful. How about we come to a more reasonable deal so that we may all profit. I'll give you 5 marks to tell me what you know here and now, And another 5 provided the information is good. There, wouldn't something like that make this whole incident flow more smoothly?"


I see Keddic dart a glance my way, trying to get a read on my intentions, and decides to put forth a grim exterior, building on my forceful 'request'. Moss stops inspecting the few bits of grasses dotting the dusty landscape, and peers intently at Old Friko, who finally finds his voice again.

"...Okay, okay, fine. First, five now."

I pay out five marks into the weathered hands put forth before me, and Friko counts the coins as they fall into his hands. Once the five are within his possession, he nods and begins speaking again.

[-5 marks, 535 total marks still in Mordre's current possession (55 of which are promised for the ride back to the mainland)]

"There's one last inventor still in this port town, goes by the name of Jezebel. Most don't know her since she's new, but judgin' from the tools she's bought from me, she knows what she's about. Let's see... hm, I'd reckon her to have a fondness for war implements like most folk around here in the craft, since she's made a fair few comments about converting civilian devices into more 'practical' things each time she's come here. Got a bit of a tongue on her, I'd like to note. She lives on the north-east side of the port, just a bit north of the last pier, got one of those below-ground shops she rents from the shop-keep above her. The door's a bit hard to find, got to go to the back of the building to find the entrance to her workshop. ...So, that's what you asked for, as far as I know the last inventor here amenable to being put on retainer and all that comes with it.

...Oh yes, about a week ago, when last she was here, I recall her babbling about some new type of pistol. Got so caught up in her excitement she nearly knocked over this Aquamarine lens I was working on for Gia.... never-mind that. Well, you got your information, and I can guarantee it's good, now go prove that to yourselves so you can come back and pay me the rest of what you promised."

What should I say or do?
Should I go after this 'Jezebel', or do I have more questions for Old Friko?
No. 181066 ID: 445c48

Pay him seven marks, and ask about her hair color, just out of curiosity.

I happen to like Redheads.
No. 181067 ID: 5e0979

Well, we haven't paid the other five? Lets go check up on this girl and see if she's worth our time.

I still think we should have gone to visit the professor from the get go - if we impress him, and do some serious ass-kicking, we could pick up at least one of the greatest technical minds on this island and a steam golem to boot. But oh well.
No. 181070 ID: 5e0979

Please stop being creepy.
No. 181072 ID: d3dfb8

Na bro, i say we go check the bitch out, if she ends up being great we can come back later.
No. 181073 ID: 3afd1f

I agree with overpaying him a bit, and imply that it was due to his 'slip up' about the lens. Perhaps that will encourage more slip ups.
No. 181074 ID: 2aaaf1

"I believe you, friend. Only... well, now you've become more intresting for the moment. An aquamarine lens for who, you say? Gia... Gialgorra! Professor Gialgorra, am I right? Why it almost sounds as if you're making WEAPONS for the good professor's golem. That intrigues me greatly, because it explains how this steam golem has kept it's edge for so long. You know, from what I've heard so far, the facts about this construct just don't add up. The variation in its weaponry and innate abilities doesn't match the work of just one man. The professor might be genius, but unless he had multiple personalities*chuckle* this steam golem wouldn't be such a mishmash of parts. So, INDULGE ME Mr. Friko; what do you know about this seemingly invincible creation of Professor Gialgorra."
No. 181082 ID: 802977


Nice catch. Do This.
No. 181083 ID: 445c48


But yeah, overpay a little and go pay her a visit
No. 181096 ID: d1210a
File 127450343490.png - (531.78KB , 600x849 , Jezebel the inventor.png )

I hand Old Friko a further seven marks (bringing my total to 528 marks, with 55 pledged for the ride back to the mainland) before I speak, and I see the extra gold putting him off guard. I do this not just because I find it unlikely he lied to me... but more importantly, because his earlier aborted comment implies he has some craft on hand for Professor Gialgorra, and it would be remiss of me to not pursue it.

"I believe you, friend, and I thank you for your information, it should prove useful. Only... well, now you've become more interesting for the moment than this 'Jezebel'. An aquamarine lens for who, you say? Gia... Gialgorra! Professor Gialgorra, am I right? Why it almost sounds as if you're making WEAPONS for the good professor's golem. That intrigues me greatly, because it explains how this steam golem has kept it's edge for so long. You know, from what I've heard so far, the facts about this construct just don't add up. The variation in its weaponry and innate abilities doesn't match the work of just one man. The professor might be genius, but unless he had multiple personalities*chuckle*, This steam golem wouldn't have such diversely themed qualities to it. So, INDULGE ME Mr. Friko; what do you know about this seemingly invincible creation of Professor Gialgorra?"

The old man chews his tongue for a moment in contemplation as he listens to my words, but begins laughing before he can respond.

"Ah, you know what, I'll tell you, why not. Well, Professor Gialgorra contacted me... oh, about a month ago? He wanted a gem, a blue beryl crystal, completely and totally free of defects or flaws. What's more, it had to be from somewhere with real good iron AND aluminum mines... though o' course, he didn't explain why. Took me a bit to find someone selling one like he asked for, but I found it, and cut and polished it down into a lens, conforming to the measurements that he gave me. So, if you are accusing me of making a single crystal lens of aquamarine, then yes, I suppose I 'helped' him, in the same sense a gunsmith is 'helped' by someone selling them metals to reshape into their product. I don't even know what he needed the lens for, or why it had to be a beryl lens, of all things. Pfft, what, do you think you are the first person to doubt Gialgorra is really on the up and up about this? If he was outsourcing the construction of his golem like you said, rather than getting the base parts he needs from suppliers as necessary, he would long ago have been trumped, way too many after that prize for a possible exploitable weakness like that to be passed up. ...Well, believe what you want. I answered your questions, you've paid me, so get gone, I have work to do."

Old Friko displays a courage I would not have anticipated, and shoves my finger out of his door frame before closing (and locking, by the sound of it) his front door. The sun starts drifting along overhead, noon slowly falling behind us as time marches onwards.

I decide that it is time to find this Jezebel, before finally making my way to Gialgorra's residence in search of the Steam Golem. I follow the directions Old Friko gave us, and upon arriving in the north-east part of town, I start searching for a building matching the description I was given. Keddic, it would seem, has better luck, as while I am still scanning the area he lets out a shout, and as I turn his way I see him pointing at the back of a squat building.... by the last pier. I make my way over to him, feeling as if I am being stared at, to see a widely spaced set of stone steps leading downward to an expansive set of double doors.... behind which I can see light periodically flash. Keddic makes his way down the steps and opens the doors while I tentatively explore the stability of the stairs before me, and slowly follow him down as they refuse to give beneath me.

Inside the workshop, spare parts and tools hand everywhere, and benches all about the area are piled high with partly assembled....devices of every shape one could imagine. Several furnaces continue to hiss while the sound of gears spinning about seems to flit out from deeper in the workshop. Keddic begins walking forward, and his pant leg brushes against one of the multitude of partly-finished projects about the area.


Keddic immediately backpedals a few paces as a surprisingly small (and clean, compared to most tinkers/inventors I have seen) makes her way about a corner, something vaguely resembling a pistol in her hand... being aimed in the general direction of both Keddic and Moss, poking his head in from outside the shop.

"Oh, you SCOUNDRELS! Trying to take advantage of a new face around here, and make off with my work, [i/]I'll not have it![/i] You can go tell Diomand that I shan't be needing his 'protection', no matter what threats he uses! Now get out of my shop before I-"

I note Keddic having difficulty finding a response to this fierce tirade, from a person perhaps a quarter his size, and Jezebel continues without pause. I decide to step in, as the revelation I can speak often puts people off. In this case, I hope it gives me a chance to halt her misdirected outrage.

"Miss Jezebel, Please put-"



The room goes white as a bolt of lightning springs from Jezebel's brandished pistol, snaking across the room, slipping past Keddic to impact my form. For a brief instant, the world goes somewhat hazy, and I feel restricted, but the feeling passes as swiftly as the light from the blast fades, leaving only a scorch mark on my breast to bear witness I was fired upon. With her mouth hanging ajar as she stares partly in horror (and possibly fascination) at me as I nonchalantly brush at the soot on my chest, before I continue.

"...As I was saying, I am the mage Mordre, And it is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Jezebel."

"...The.. the pleasure's mine."

She seems completely at a loss on what to say. Now is my chance to take control of where this conversation flows.

What should I say or do?
No. 181100 ID: 45be60

Complement her gun. It seems much more portable than the lightning cannon you have back at the arcanoworks. If she is interested in such things, maybe the prospect of messing with the cannon would serve as a good incentive for her join us?
No. 181102 ID: 3afd1f

We should say that we have an interest in hiring an inventor, and that we may be able to help with her problem with Diomand in exchange for the opportunity to recruit her.
No. 181103 ID: 5e0979

Gah. As much as I hate it, find out about the Dimmond the Minor Miner. What she means by 'threats'.
No. 181105 ID: d1210a

[She said DiOmand, and made no mention of a moniker, minor or miner. One would assume this to be a separate individual.]
No. 181107 ID: 0cbef2

Crud, looks like electricity has more of an effect on you that I previously anticipated. We are likely going to have to give up our Magnetomency boost during part of the fight when he tries the steam-shock thing by activating 'The Rune'. This will hopefully render us an object with no charge so that the lightning discharges into something other than you, though as 'The Rune' is based on magic and "Disjointed'-ness it might not work. In any case we have to see about coating you.

"*chuckle* No I assure you, the pleasure is all mine at this point. No do not worry, I am not here to extort you, I am looking for someone with your skill and insight to employ to work on magical weapons and various other mechanical systems, and as evidenced by that display just know, I have come to the right person"
No. 181124 ID: 5e0979

Ah-hah! Well, still, point still stands. I'd still ask her, as Dimmond sounds frightfully close to Diomand. Other brother, maybe? And we were just shot with lightening.

So, what do we want to do? Ask this girl if she can improve us before we go up to fight the boss? Hire her now? Which I'm kinda against as, well, we're gonna go fight the best inventor on the island. If we impress him enough, we could take him to help us for free or at least one of the best for a lower price.
No. 181125 ID: 3afd1f

I'd like to point out that magnetism and electricity are related forces. Perhaps we could use Magnetomancy to nullify the lightning, or even use it to our benefit?

We should let our new friend shoot us some more while we experiment with Magnetomancy to see what the most effective defense against it is.
No. 181127 ID: 5e0979

The Magic Neutralizing Rune neutralizes magic. Why would a strong electric current applied to heavy condensation count as magic?
No. 181128 ID: 5e0979

While this is correct - we could turn into a strong electromagnet with a jolt properly controlled, why is she now our new friend? We only we just fired on by her and we don't know how she reacts to us yet.
No. 181129 ID: 3afd1f

>"...The.. the pleasure's mine."
No. 181130 ID: 0cbef2

It doesn't only neutralize magic. It is the rune for 'Disjointed' according to JoJo, I am a strong believer that the magic null is just a side effect. The theory I was going for was that being 'Disjointed' wouldn't allow us to polarize properly for the electric stuff to happen. It's just a theory though and likely needs some serious physics help.
No. 181132 ID: 5e0979

Interesting theory. I suggest we test it out when there isn't a Lortoxite Drill with our name on it in killing distance. On that note, we do have twenty feet long death-claws that we can use, like our last Golem duel VS us showed, the joints against the Golem. We take drill, burn a Pristine Soul not on our eyes and aha, we have Lortoxite death-weaponry. All hail Mordre, he is from Kickassia.

I would also like to suggest that we just start focusing our attention on making as many shells as we need and let Keddic carry them - Even if we can't load them, having a few Anti-golem shells we can fling around would be useful.

Note: Are you really gonna be angry when a Soul Grave just took a shot to it's chest and hasn't killed you yet? I know I would be as damn humble as possible.
No. 181141 ID: 445c48

Ask her about her weaponry.
No. 181152 ID: d1210a

"No, I assure you, the pleasure is mine. I must say, I find myself simply fascinated by that device you have there. How did you elicit what appeared to be a bolt of lightning from such a small device?"

"..Ah...ah, well, I'd been trying to make a, well, 'lightning gun', I suppose, for a few months with no real success, until I decided to ready the charge I desired beforehand. It's really quite fascinating, I hooked up a machine to that furnace over there, one that converts thermal energy into electric. Anyway, if I make a properly contain housing, I can essentially 'store' a bolt of lightning, or the equivalent energy, inside one of these capsules."

She proffers forth a small red device, while her eyes wander to her firearm, where smoke exudes from a similar device.

"..Ah, still having problems with trying to re-use these storage devices, as channeling the electricity into a shot usually melts the blasted things to the point of being unusable okay this is really bothering me why can you talk?"

"Well, as I said earlier, I am the mage Mordre. What I did not add to that is that I, the mage Mordre, Am controlling this golem at range from a remote location."

"...Oh, bother. I was hoping the means you used were more... mundane, but it's some magic thing, huh? ...Still, rather fascinating, it does remove several of the issues normally associated with commanding a golem. ..Well, I have to assume you are not in fact with... doesn't matter. Oh,. and sorry again about that little ruckus, but thankfully I didn't hit anyone. So, what can I do for you?"

"I was informed you are amenable to the prospect of being hired on retainer, And as it happens I am looking for an inventor to come work at Kyogrock Arcanoworks, A research outpost I command. Was this information accurate?"

Jezebel takes a moment to put down her lightning pistol, before she turns back to me.

"So, a job offer? Why?"

As I consider the effects I endured from being briefly electrified, I wonder if a sustained current, such as one I might face in the steam clouds of Gialgorra's golem, and whether the one rune of those I copied from Dulu's staff that I have discerned the function of can protect me from such electrical woe. ...The thought seems hard to resolve for me, as I find reasons to both believe in and doubt the potential effectiveness of the rune on my chest.

"I am looking for someone with your skill and insight to employ to work on magical weapons and various other mechanical systems, ...And beyond that, judging by the potency evidenced by that display just know, I have come to the right person"

Jezebel smirks at me as she leans against a nearby table, fiddling with the locket about her neck for a moment as she seems to work through a few lines of thought.

Realizing Jezebel's lightning pistol could be an excellent means to safely test the interaction between Magnetomancy and electrical current, I wonder if I should ask for her assistance in further tests. As I consider this, I wonder what I should say if I intend to ask her to use more of these apparently expendable red devices that provide the charge for her gun. The way she spoke of them implied their value as being considerable.

I snap out of my considerations as she speaks again, her voice sounding eerily pleasant.

"Oh, so you being here has nothing at all to do with all the other inventors willing to be hired all having scampered off already, does it? No chance that necessity is pushing you to my door?"

Jezebel begins tapping her foot against the ground, awaiting an answer.... and I see Keddic adopting a more cautious stance than a moment earlier, as if he is readying himself for battle.

What should I say or do?
No. 181162 ID: e31d52

"Well, I have to assume you are not in fact with..."


Wait, who? Who would know anything of a group that a talking golem might be part of?!
No. 181166 ID: 2aaaf1

"What if it does, what if it doesn't? I care not. If necessity has lead me to you alone then I am glad, for this saves me the time of rooting through amatures and crooks. And if any of the rumors I've been hearing are true, the only person more fitting of the position I offer other than you is Professor Gialgorra himself, and it just so happens that I plan on paying him a visit very soon. Does my presence offend you? Well now that I think about it, you don't seem to keen on visitors... so YES, I presume my presence here to be offensive if not distracting. But plesantries aside, who's after you? I've seen enough bloodshed to note that no man or woman, regardless of eccentricities, greets strangers with a bolt of lightning unless strangers are trying to kill or extort them. So what catagory do you fall under, Miss Jezebel?"
No. 181168 ID: e31d52

"While the fact that lack of inventors lead me to your door, it does not lessen my respect for you. Rather, I find myself interested in the interaction with magnetics and electricity, and furthermore, I need a bit of diversity to my research: Mechanical and Magic both have inherent weaknesses and strengths, and a great man learns to use both in harmony." Sigh heavily. "Furthermore, as you will be working in the rather... tumultuous environment of the State, your obviously combat-oriented inventions would see far more rigourous testing. It would be a boon to us both if you came to work with me, young lady, and who knows what you could develop there? For in conflict does science thrive, am I right?"
No. 181173 ID: 0cbef2

I have to be serious, I was drawing a blank on this.
No. 181182 ID: 45be60

I was sort of thinking activating the magic, heat, and other forms of energy draining arm enchantments might work as a counter for that sort of thing. 'Course that requires successful dice rolling.

As for the girl: We are not here because we are in dire need of an inventor. The thought occurred to us on the way, and since it seemed a useful talent to add to our resources, we decided to investigate the options. You will find we have more interest in mechanics than you are likely to find in the average mage. If we find no-one suitable to our desires, we will simply not hire anyone, and make due with what we ourselves can accomplish. If anything, this lack of available inventors is speeding the process nicely.

We had considered inquiring of the inventors flocking around Gialgorra, but suspect that they will possess certain personality quirks that could make them... unsuitable for work in proximity to others.
No. 181190 ID: 275a5d

"You assume that time is that major of a concern, here. Were I not confident in your apparent competency, there would be little reason for me to bother at this juncture.

In truth, my haste is based largely on my own eccentricity. I would hate to have wasted this trip to the islands, but I'm not so desperate that I'd settle for anyone. Had you proved lacking in apparent talent, there is nothing forcing me to request your services to my knowledge.

However, that does seem to not be the case, and I find myself quite thankful, all things considered. So if there is some percieved insult here, I assure you, it is a product of coincidence, nothing more or less."
No. 181193 ID: 275a5d

(Also, RED HEAD and a PLUMED HAT? I love you, Bob)
No. 181195 ID: e31d52

Also, finally, a ladyperson! :D

She can ride in the hand on the trip back if she wants. |3
No. 181260 ID: 5e0979

Again, I still want to say that this is a waste of our time as we should be focusing on going up and beating down the Steam Golem. Beating Professor Gialgorra would give us a big influx of cash, a large amount of prestige, and, if we play our cards right, Professor Gialgorra himself or - if you people are dead set on getting a girl - one of Gialgorra's daughters.

And, as dangerous as it sounds, I do not wanna hire someone that's first attack when catching us flatfooted is to just degauss us. We should have some grievous damage to deal with, or at least be incapacitated. We already have at least two other inventors - Dimmond who is building a Soul Grave sized revolver and Ol' Friko is is collecting gems for the Professor - who we can go back to, and this girl hasn't quite proven her worth to me yet.

As for a response:
"My dear, you are simply over estimating your own worth." Fold our arms with a sigh, fixing her with a disappointed, or as disappointed a look a skull with burning ruby eyes can. "I am coming here out of pure curiosity. If any of your wares interest me," Gesture around her room, walking over to something suitably large for us. If there is nothing suitably large and devastating, pick up the smallest finished item and hold it up disdainfully. "Maybe we can talk business, but for now I am here to ofter you a entry level position. I am going to go defeat Professor Gialgorra's Steam Golem and, hopefully, hire the man himself. Even if I do not accomplish this," chuckle to ourselves, shake our head a little. "My little demonstration should have you technical types beating a path to my door, so to speak." Another rueful chuckle, turning to face the girl. "50 mark for anything in this store, and your services if I find no other suitable inventors once I have defeated Professor Gialgorra's Steam Golem. Agreed?"
No. 181267 ID: 275a5d

Redhead and Plumed hat. Don't you dare try to ruin this.

Besides, she's developed quite a novel design, WITHOUT the resources Gialgorra has at his disposal.

ANd if Gialgorra is throwing around 30000 marks on petty fights, then he's quite clearly out of our price range. I'd prefer the talent we can guide.
No. 181268 ID: 275a5d

And Gialgorra's daughters are just assistants. I don't see why you'd count more on them than someone who's already designing something we can use right now (the Lightning pistols will be very useful for testing out defense mechanisms against Gialgorra's steam golem's Tesla-coil).
No. 181269 ID: 275a5d

And I do not think acting like a pompous oaf will help us with any potential hires.
No. 181270 ID: 3afd1f

Psst I don't think we can actually beat the Steam Golem right now.

Think about it. Drill arm that would OHKO us? Reusable cannon arm? Continuous lightning cloud generated around the golem? It's also faster than us!

Also note that if we lose, we DIE. We currently have no backup plan in place for someone to repair us after we go kaput. How about before we go up against an incredibly powerful foe for no reason but greed... we make sure it won't end the game if we lose? Let's either get our ghost mage friend up and physical again or learn enough about how Mordre works to tell someone how to repair us if we get broken.
No. 181274 ID: d1210a

Recalling that there are methods of bringing back into operation a Soul Grave damaged to the point of shutdown, I realize that despite this knowledge, I have no method of exploiting such a feat. Likely I would need Kyorto corporeal, or Arkus to become more learned in golemcraft, before I could realistically consider the possibility of 'cheating death'.

I shoot out the first retort that comes to mind, caring more for preventing her from building steam than making a salient argument.

"What if it does, what if it doesn't? What if the world is made of pudding?


"You're logic is flawed, you come undone, I seek an inventor, and oh what a gun, All I'm saying, is to consider this: I'm here to hire, you shouldn't hiss, ...At me, oh nooooooo"

As I watch Jezebel's mouth working as she tries to wrap her head around what I said, I could swear I hear some sort of acoustical instrument being strummed somewhere.... curious.

[Author HAM, no points]

"As far as I have heard, the only other inventor I could call more talented than you, Would be Professor Gialgorra himself, and considering the scale of that prize.... I would wager he has resources you cannot currently match, is that not so?"

"Well, I... well yes, I am better than most of the smaller minded people working here. Did you know they laughed in my face when I said you could weaponize water without the need for magic if you get the pressure per square inch high enough!? What poppycock, to claim that..."

"I find myself interested in the interaction between magnetic and electric forces, and furthermore, I need a bit of diversity to my research: Mechanical and Magic both have inherent weaknesses and strengths, and a great man learns to use both in harmony."

I let my shoulders droop while shifting my weight to a single foot and crossing my arms across my chest, carefully folding the coiled Sable Executioner, resembling a fanged drill right now more than anything else, to avoid scoring some scratches on my form. Jezebel regards me cautiously, as if still unsure as to where I am going with this, but it is easy to tell I have garnered her attention, and so I press on.

"Furthermore, as you will be working in the rather... tumultuous environment of the State, Your obviously combat-oriented inventions would see far more rigorous testing. It would be a boon to us both if you came to work with me, young lady, and who knows what you could develop there? For in conflict does science thrive, am I right?"

"...the State? Which one, last I heard there were three different places with the words 'The State' somewhere in their title."

"I speak of the Azelhaedran State."

"...My, but you certainly mean it when you say there will be field testing aplenty. ...I thought the Azelhaedran State was on the brink of collapse with so much of it's resources taken or rendered inoperable, so why do you work there? ...Still, if you can afford a Soul Grave.... and the chances of mixing magic and science, hm, I could be the second coming of Gavrock... Fine, I admit you have my interest, but what kind of resources will I have to work with? I mean, I have a LOT of projects I am still working on here, do you have a ship and/or a heavy wagon to get it to your... what was it you called your place in the State?"

"Kyogrock Arcanoworks"

"Right... well, mister mage, what do you have to say to that? No matter how much a Soul Grave may or may not be able to lift, most of my equipment is relatively fragile, so are you suggesting I abandon the majority of my work and belongings to go with you, or that you'll go to the trouble of transporting my things as well?"

...And just like that, we are back to her expectantly tapping a foot.... though her face seems locked more in a speculative pout rather than genuine irritation. Keddic has take a few slow steps back, and has almost worked his way to the door, when Jezebel's head snaps about the moment he comes close to one of her inventions.


Keddic recoils, goes stiff for a brief instant, shoots a last longing glance at the door, before folding his arms and standing very, very still.

What should I say or do?
No. 181276 ID: 5e0979

We are the biggest, baddest Mordre in this place. We use magnetic to warp and break the steam golem, or turn it off, or break it's brain. We use our incredible powers of mimicry to go 'And turn off'. We use our Sable Executioner to start hacking at joints from twenty feet away. We use the Amaranthine Annihilator to freeze the damn water the steam golem uses to make steam. We have an Anti-Golem shell that, if we spend a few extra hours, we can have several that Keddic can carry for us that we can use the Accelerator on. We have SoulFire, Inferno Golems, pointed stick.

Well, someone make that non-oafish. Besides, We have several other options other then her. She is assume she's the only person we can hire and she's wrong and she should be taken down a peg or two.

> Gialgorra's daughters are just assistants to the greatest Golem Smith Known.
Yeah, clearly girls raised by such a brilliant man, who help him work on a Golem that has kicked the ass of six hundred Golems, are useless.
Anyway, we can buy the lightening pistol - which, if you'll read carefully, can only be charged by her furnace that she didn't build or at least isn't taking credit of building. Something that turns heat to lightening I'd be more interested in myself.


Don't make this about 'oh, hot chick'. We're future rulers of the world and if, for some strange reason, Mordre wants a concubine with red hair, we can get it later.

The pot on beating Gialgorra's golem is more then likely from other people failing then a representation of the Professor's bank account. And the fact that, if we beat said golem, the professor would be interested in us and, if we play our cards right, we could get the professor for free. And if that fails, we just took our the professor's golem. We have 30000 marks, the prestige of kicking the ass of a Golem that has killed 600 other golems, and a few Small Tombs. We have a major lab. If inventors don't kill each other to have a place with us, I'd be surprised.

Anyway, remember what we learned via gossip: a lot of the inventors have been waiting up with Gialgorra's place waiting for an important badass. How about we go looking for one of the inventors not hiding down in a basement with a gang problem and not the most interesting weaponry. Because I should have to remind anyone that we have a lightening cannon back home being worked on by Arkus.
No. 181281 ID: 275a5d

Obviously we can arrange transportation for your equipment. Admittedly, it may take a few weeks to ship all of your supplies to my facility, but that is where you're own choice comes in: Should you agree, you may lock up and come with us when we leave tomorrow, to see the facilities yourself before your things are brought; Or, you could wait here, and travel with the transports when they arrive.

Mind you, should you choose the former, Harksburton, Moss and myself will be making a brisk pace. Likely 3-5 days travel there at most."
No. 181283 ID: 5e0979

"Simply, yes. If you would be so useful as to give me a list of what, ahem, experiments you're running I can tell you what to bring. I will, after all, be your patron now, won't I? However, before we finalize this deal I am going to see how good Gialgorra is and what other Inventors are clustered around his residence like vultures and ravens unless you can convince me you are as good as you brag and worth the commission I would have to pay rather then simply plucking up the first soul that wishes to work for the Great Mage Mordre that bested Gialgorra's Great Work, mmmhm?

And what, pray tell, is 'that'? I hope it's something impressive. The last time I heard the name Gavrock, it impaled into three feet stone...and had horrendous kickback and was an antiquated muzzle-loaded thing."
No. 181284 ID: 275a5d

Actually, we have almost NO options other than her. It's pure luck that she's as good as she seems to be.

The gossip doesn't say that there are a ton of inventors working for/with Gialgorra. It says that a ton of them were hired by the challengers and left with them.

If anything, that means that our options are: Gialgorra

And those suppositions rely FAR to much on 'maybes' and 'ifs'.

MAYBE we can afford Gialgorra.
IF we beat the Steam Golem.
MAYBE his daughters are inventors (you do realize that being assistant to an inventor means little, right? You may have a cursory knowledge, but not enough to strike out on your own, lest you'd be doing your own thing and making a name for yourself already)
IF the Professor takes an interest in our work.
Etc, etc.

(OOC: And no, it's not about getting a woman for Mordre: How the hell would that even work? Its about diversifying the pool of main characters with something other than guys. Interactions get boring when its just dudes brofisting each other and whatnot. A female character who can actually participate (Which Kyorto can't, at the moment) makes for more interesting interactions.

And we should take this to discussion if we want to talk about this particular sidetopic more. Sorry for cluttering)
No. 181286 ID: 275a5d

And besides, what if we can hire them BOTH? Research teams work better than individuals, so I'm adamantly against burning bridges here and alienating potential allies by tooting our own horn at them.
No. 181289 ID: 56b6a1

Uh guys, I think we should wait until we go back and talk with the representatives of the state before we start agreeing to give Jezebel any space. What if the state representatives demand their outpost back? Then we'll have dragged her a long way away for nothing...and she won't be happy about that.
No. 181290 ID: 275a5d

This...is a very good point. Hmm...we need to work out a method of convincing the state to cede the outpost to us.
No. 181291 ID: 3afd1f

Also, we need to arrange for transportation of all her stuff. We don't have a wagon ready at this point.

At least, when we come back to get her, the ferry won't charge anywhere near as much, since Mordre won't need to cross.
No. 181295 ID: 2aaaf1

No. 181300 ID: 56b6a1
File 127455377488.jpg - (39.09KB , 366x500 , 3833161090_7a63ce54e1.jpg )

No. 181304 ID: d1210a

Partly in an attempt to keep her off balance, and partly for my own curiosity, I inspect the machine she indicated earlier, the contraption attached to a furnace in the back of the room, with a tangled mishmash of wires and cables leading to some sort of housing, where yet another of the red devices she captures lightning in sits. ...I note periodic sparks crackling off the cables, as well as a persistent, high-pitched whine coming from the machine. Armed with this cursory information, I speak.

"I must say, this device here seems quite fascinating. A means of converting heat to electrical energy, Why energy conversion is something of a pet interest to me! Pray tell, did you craft this device, or did you acquire it elsewhere?"

"..Ah, well, the furnace it's hooked up to is obviously just a stock furnace, but the device... still haven't come up with a name for it but I did build it, working off some earlier creations that shared commonalities with this that I was able to squeeze out of some other inventors. As far as I am aware, I am the only person here with such an energy conversion device."

Having some experience with her now, I recognize Jezebel starting to build steam again, and preemptively return to her prior question.

"Well I could certainly arrange for your equipment to be transported, After all I did get this Soul Grave out here, which weighs a fair bit. Admittedly, it may take a few weeks to ship all your supplies to the State, But then you can choose to either come with us while we see Gialgorra, Or wait until I could transport you and your goods to the State, your choice. ...Hm, if you would be so useful as to give me a list of what, ahem, Experiments you're running I could get a better sense of what kind of shipping process I'd need. I will, after all, be your patron in the case you accept, won't I?"

"I haven't said anything about accepting this 'offer' of yours yet. ...Though you have my attention, since you're willing to ship my stuff with me. A list of things, huh? ...It'd probably be a great deal simpler to just know this: Give or take, I have about ten tons of tools, devices and contraptions that are in some manner or other portable, and of those ten tons, about one ton's worth will need to be transported with care."

Her gaze having not yet left the object Keddic neared for long, Jezebel scowls as she stomps across the lab, muttering as she inspects the device she was so leery of Keddic touching. My curiosity gets the better of me, and I inquire about the device she broods over like a protective hen.

"And what, pray tell, is 'that'? I hope it's something impressive. The last time I heard the name Gavrock, it blasted through three feet of granite... And had horrendous kickback and was an antiquated muzzle-loaded thing."

"Well what do you expect most of his work was done before the creation of more advanced firearms and did you say three feet through granite with a pistol? ...A pistol? Ah, probably the Twins of Gavrock, Myrciala has been trying to sell those for forever... wouldn't mind the chance to take a peek at how they work.... Ah, yes, well, 'this' actually has nothing to do with Gavrock or his work."

Jezebel hefts what appears to be an overworked spearhead that Keddic had nearly brushed against, delicately turning it about in her hands as she speaks. Keddic starts to edge away from her... and anything else in her workshop, clearly intent on not being yelled at again.

"Well, I guess this is a spear, technically, but reworked. See these two bulges here? You can feed two canisters into the spear, and when there's enough pressure on the spearhead, whatever is pressurized in those canisters is released, through hollows in the spear blade. Ah, so far I've mostly worked with gases on this, and had a great deal of success rather... explosively increasing the wounding ability of a spear. But since this is part of my attempt to nail down how to make a proper water-based weapon system, I have tried some fluid filled canisters.... with limited success. The canisters start to prematurely rupture or vent if I try to pressurize something too dense in them."

Hm.... while Jezebel continues to inspect her creation as delicately as one would a child, I consider what other options might exist in the here and now for hiring an inventor... and I find myself relying on a great many ifs and maybes. If I do not hire Jezebel.... I know of no other inventors in this port even interested in being hired. Dimmond and Friko both were craftsmen, laboring to build tools and components at the request of inventors, and so would not qualify for what I want. Gialgorra himself MIGHT be a possibility, under ideal circumstance, but I find that somewhat unlikely. ...Though his daughters as well as the few remaining prospects waiting at Gialgorra's could prove viable alternatives... hm.

...I realize with some degree of worry that the State inspection I am awaiting could well end with them requesting the return of their outpost. 'Twould not do to go to the trouble of hiring someone only to have no place for them. Perhaps making an immediate commitment would be unwise.

I note Jezebel still turning over the spearhead in her hands muttering absentmindedly as she inspects it, our presence ignored in favor of her invention. Keddic seems to have noted this lack of attention, and has now resumed his backpedaling to the door. Even Moss seems to be inclined to back away, having flinched several times at the abrupt outbursts Jezebel has had during our exchange.

What should I say or do?
No. 181305 ID: 5e0979

Will do, but one last not to everyone: Remember >>180610. This girl might be the only one left in the village unclaimed, but there are several more inventors at Gialgorra Place waiting for the 'big name' to show up, which we are.

And >>181289 is right, we should tell her we move very often and she should get used to it - I still don't know why we're wanting to take all of her stuff. I mean, if it's nothing we want her inventing, why should we be paying for it?
No. 181306 ID: e31d52

>You can feed two canisters into the spear, and when there's enough pressure on the spearhead, whatever is pressurized in those canisters is released, through hollows in the spear blade.



No. 181309 ID: 5e0979

Yeaaah, lets get out of here. Tell her something like 'if we can manage we'll get her', but right now she feels like five tons of crazy in a two pound bag. The furnace if nice, but she scrabbled that together from someone else's workings. Lets go see what this Steam Golem looks like.
No. 181313 ID: 275a5d

Goddamn, this woman makes some nasty weapons.

"That IS quite a significant amount of equipment. I think I could arrange it, but with that amount of delicate equipment, I may have to first have to ensure the Arcanoworks has the free capacity. If not, I will have to begin immediate construction of such.

Ho-hum...you ARE quite the handful, my dear." Chuckle good-naturedly as you say this.

This gives us enough wiggle-room to deal with establishing the Arcanoworks as a more permanent base. We'll definately have to talk with Keddic, about this. He may know more about the States modus operandi on this matter than we.

Any inventor is going to be quirky. I like her confidence, and her weaponry has got a mean-streak. Man-portable, too, which is more than I can say for what I've heard of Gialgorra's work.

And EVERY Invention utilizes elements invented by others. Every. Last. One. Her conversion mechanism is no less a marvel for it.

And again, that passage does not say there are inventors flocking to Gialgorra. It says they have been hired by previous challengers, likely gone from the island with them as well.
No. 181320 ID: d1210a
File 127455904291.jpg - (747.35KB , 1920x1200 , Professor Gialgorras Manse.jpg )

"That IS quite a significant amount of equipment to move, no doubt. I think I could arrange it, but with that amount of delicate equipment, I may have to first have to ensure the Arcanoworks has the free capacity. If not, I will have to begin immediate construction of such."

"Again, not like I have yet agreed to work with you, as we haven't talked specifics, let along price yet, but that's fine. ...So, what do you think of the few bits of my work you've seen so far?"

"I find the weapons you make to be deliciously nasty, Which should be rather helpful in the Azelhaedran State. Beyond that, the fact both weapons have been man-portable, well... Let us say if you do end up working for me, I shall keep you busy."

"'Tis the only proper way to work, with deadlines pressing down on you to get the creative juices flowing."

"Indeed. Well, I have other tasks to attend to on Golgan island, So I shall take my leave now. Do expect to see me again though, Miss Jezebel, For I find myself quite intrigued by what you make."

Jezebel gently puts the spearhead down, and glares at me with a tumult of expression warring across her face.

"...Well, if that's everything, then I guess... I'll see you, when and if you return to continue this conversation. Well, if we're done talking, do vacate my workshop, it's hard enough to move around in here without some great hulking golem stuck in here too."

I let Jezebel begin shooing me out of her lab, taking pains to avoid coming in contact with any of her projects piled about the place, and rejoin Keddic and Moss, who are waiting outside the shop, having made good their escape earlier. I hear Jezebel begin muttering to herself about money, and I hear the name Diomand mentioned again with significant stress. As she closes the doors to her lab, shutting herself inside, I address Keddic.

"Well then, I'd say she has some interesting inventions on hand, wouldn't you?"

"Haha.... yes, I suppose she does, but it's a bit disconcerting how much she acts like my sister... well anyway, where to now?"

"Considering it is past noon, and the ship I chartered is leaving tomorrow.... I would say it is time to pay a visit to professor Gialgorra, to see his Steam Golem."

"Oh sure, I remember the way. Ah, do you want to leave right now then?"


"Well all right then. ...Uh, could you hold onto the Twins of Gavrock for me? it's a bit awkward to move quickly while carrying this box."

I take the oak box containing the two pistols and shot mold that make up the Twins of Gavrock, and carefully secure it in my hand along with my supply of metal rations (which I take a moment to partake of), the coinage, and some travel rations for Keddic. Without further fanfare, Keddic begins jogging at his blistering pace, and Moss and I lumber along behind him, following the fourth scion of the Harksburton line to Professor Gialgorra's.

Our path has almost no deviation or meandering to it, and even though we pass by two other settlements on our journey, we do not go all that near them, or make any move to slow. As the sun sets, I see lights dotting a mountainside some distance before us, on the edge of an ocean-facing cliff. Another hour of running later, and we approach the base of a mountain with buildings jutting from it like parasites, smoke and noise coming from dozens of the structures. But a single entrance is visible, a well-worn cave with steps hewn into the stone leading upwards, letters as tall as a man carved into the stone above the cave's entrance, reading as follows:

Welcome to Professor Gialgorra's manse.
To all golem-operators, take the third left on the stairs.
Un-welcomed trespassers will be used as test subjects.

"Ah-hah, I see he retained his caution to would-be thieves.... well, here we are, Professor Gialgorra's abode. As I recall, there is a reception desk inside, though I could not say if it would be open at night."

What should I say or do?
No. 181321 ID: 5e0979

The passage is this one:

> Well, there's probably still some inventors at Gialgorra's place, holding out for a better job by waiting for more important visitors... they could be your bet... or there could be some still lurking about normal-wise, but I wouldn't really know."

Which means we should go deal with a Steam Golem and this girl still hasn't done anything impressive yet. The spear is interesting, but nothing to write home about, and a shock gun we already have that does even more damage.

What we should do is head up to the Professor's hut, scope it out and ask the inventors there what they think of this girl. We have no previous info on this girl other then she's the only Inventor still in the 'normal' side of town and she thinks she's the next coming of Gavrock which sounds strangely like
>alienating potential allies by tooting our own horn at them.
Anyway, pull back, ask about this Jezebel, see if we can land a nice inventor without having to pay them and with the understanding that we're a wondering mage and if we -can't-, we come back, get the girl, and get ready to leave.

And as a note to >>181284 I guess you do want a hot chick because no one seems to remember Ellorika who should be a righteous badass as being trained with Derkin and our Crazy-Dream-Warrior.
No. 181323 ID: 5e0979

Note: The Professor is now awesome.
No. 181324 ID: 5e0979

To all golem-operators, take the third left on the stairs. And, darn it, start pumping out Anti-golem shells as fast as our Magnetomancy can handle!
No. 181332 ID: 3afd1f

It doesn't say to leave your golem outside. Let's go in.
No. 181335 ID: 275a5d


Ah, missed that bit. I still have to say I'm partial to the one who is striking out on their own rather than trying to ride the coattails of better.

I do not believe you understand what alienating means, or the context in which it is used. Musing on the merits of mixing magic and pure technological innovation and how such a line of research could lead to greatness is not tooting your own horn and being pompous: It's MUSING ON THE MERITS OF INNOVATION.

Saying something along the lines of "I'm loathe to have to try to make time for one such as you, but I'll consider it. You should be so lucky to work for the great and powerful Mordre", on the other hand, is.

And yes, that is an awesome sign, though it seems somewhat hypocritical to be all "she seems crazy, lets have nothing to do with her" with Jez when she fawns over the safety of her devices, and then be all "thats awesome" with Gialgorra's threat of experimentation and mad science with trespassers. :p

I do agree and asking about Jezebel, though. More info is always good.
No. 181337 ID: 275a5d

And as for Ellorika, she has too little personality as yet for anyone to care, yet. Though by all means, do put more words in my mouth. :)
No. 181343 ID: d1210a
File 127456453417.png - (594.95KB , 600x877 , Lucrazzia Gialgorra.png )

[Since this had been suggested earlier and I had not accounted for it, Mordre retroactively made two more Anti-Golem shells, currently held in his hand. Counting the one still in the barrel, this means he has three rounds on hand.]

I decide to follow the instructions left outside, and march inside, noting the steps to easily accomodate my feet as I ascend them. After a few twists and turns, at a few points needing to duck my head lest I clip a stalactite, we make our way to a large central chamber, the roof of stone absent, in it's place one of the protruding buildings jutting from this mountain sets it's roots above, with a spiral staircase leading up to it on the left side of the chamber... though I note the staricase to be far to frail for me. Thankfully, The normal stone steps seem to continue on the far end of the chamber. In between, I see a desk, though no one is manning it currently. As I proceed onwards, passing by the building above and the desk below, I hear a window creak open, and a voice echoes through the area.

"Oh, excellent, that looks like a Soul Grave... Uh, give me a moment."

Before I can turn about and see who spoke, I hear a window click shut, and the sounds of objects being moved about. As I finish turning, I see someone working their way down the staircase, their form swathed in a thick coat festooned with dozens of pockets and tools. At first I can tell nothing about this individual, as a heavy scarf and pair of goggles obscure the entirety of their face, but as the individual reaches the floor of the chamber, she pushes back the goggles, loosens the scarf and unbuttons the heavy coat, contentedly letting out a sigh of relief.... before promptly jumping into a rather exuberant bit of dialogue.

"...Wow, that really is a Soul Grave. Oh, dad is going to love this... Ah, hi, I am Lucrazzia Gialgorra, and I guess tonight is my shift to man the tables.... so, I assume, what with the golem there, that you are here for the challenge right?"

I realize she is facing and addressing Keddic with her commentary. I act to correct that.

"While 'tis true that I have a great deal of interest in... your father's Steam Golem, And the challenge does have a most considerable prize attached to it, But Keddic is not the operator of this golem. Pleasure to meet you, I am the mage Mordre"

Instead of being shocked, Lucrazzia goes deadly still for an instant as her eyes go vacant, before she responds a scant second later.

"...Okay, so remote golem operation... maybe World magic, to use leylines like giant cables to connect you to the golem? ...Or maybe... nah, I'm not even going to try to guess, magic isn't my thing. Still!"

Her exuberence returns a hundred fold.

"So, wow, that is certainly a new one.... oh, dad is going to be SOOOOOO PISSED someone figured out how to operate a golem at range-I assume you are at range, else why even bother using such a method.... I, ah, don't suppose there is any chance you achieved this through any non-magical means? I happen to have a fascination with communication, and to achieve real-time control at distance... well, let me reiterate: WOW!!"

Lucrazzia continues to gawk at my form, having managed to place herself between the stairs leading onward and our group in her excitement, still speculating as to how 'the mage Mordre' controls this golem.

...I find myself growing somewhat uncomfortable from this sustained attention.

What should I say or do?
No. 181346 ID: 3afd1f

Be secretive. We're not about to give them any idea how we're doing it, not until we have all the problems worked out and we can publish our work. Can't have anyone stealing credit, now can we?
No. 181352 ID: 3afd1f

If she continues to pester us, then get irritated at her.

"No, I won't speak further on this! The last time I shared any information about the inner workings of my device, the bastard ran off and tried to sell it to the highest bidder! I had to hunt him down myself. I... I'm not a battlemage. Never again."
No. 181355 ID: d3dfb8

What? No this is stupid and you should feel stupid.
We are controlling a Soul Grave, obviously we have nothing against battling.
This will do fine
No. 181356 ID: 3afd1f

There's a difference between controlling a golem to kill things and hunting down a man and killing them in person.
No. 181357 ID: 5e0979

Instantaneous communication? Awesome! We need to pick her brain later. Ask her just how she thinks we're doing it. Be cagey and secretive, however, but not mean.

"Instantaneous communication? Ah, such a useful magic...ohoh! Or, in your case, science that is just like magic, isn't it? Well, I shalln't tell you - Now now, I have papers to publish and many other things I should do before I go blabbing a old man's precious secrets. But...well...heh...If you guess right, I might tell you, how about that?"
No. 181358 ID: 5e0979

And we're in a Soul Grave. Which runs on souls. Yeah, we're a researcher that FUCKING LOVES BATTLE, ILLIA GET ME MY TEA AND CAKES, I'M KICKING ASS, FUCK YEAH!

*cough, hack, weeze* oh, pardon pardon, that's a bit too much excitement for my old body...oh dear...
No. 181366 ID: 445c48

Say that you aren't willing to disclose the details of a project still in development, very secret stuff, you know, might combine a bit of both magic and mundane if you know what I mean, nevermind, didn't say a word, forget that.
No. 181400 ID: 000a65

Also tell her that we are looking to possibly be a participant or a spectator in one of her dad's fights.

We should also try and see if we can just talk shop with gialgorra's daughters some time. Judging by this girl...we could get along smashingly.
No. 181406 ID: 275a5d

While innocent enough, I do not like her ruminations on our means of "controlling" soul graves. Such a line of thought could eventually lead to dangerous conclusions.

"Oh ho, no no, I'm afraid thats something of a secret at the moment, though your guess is an interesting one.

If I might ask, is there a reason your father would find my discovery upsetting?"
No. 181412 ID: d1210a

"If I might ask, is there a reason your father would find my discovery upsetting?"

"Well not specifically, but more along the lines of 'he didn't get to discover it first', though if magic is involved, he might not care overmuch... I'm not really sure, I hadn't considered the idea much before you showed up, so I haven't fully thought through the possible ramifications if any for your discovery, in terms of relevance to my father I'm sorry I'm babbling."

"Well, I'm sure you understand why I can't divulge much of the methods.... At least, not until I have time to work out the kinks and publish my work."

Lacrazzia blinks in mild astonishment for a moment, before her cheeks brighten with mortification as she begins to backpedal, mouth still going a mile a minute.

"Ah, oh, I'm sorry dad's always telling me I get too nosy... and so do my sisters...."

"Oh, water under the bridge. I can get a bit protective, Of my work that is. Ah, been years to get those runes to work right, What with that confounded machiner... ah, never-mind, Pretend I didn't say that."

Her prior enthusiasm returns as she considers my words, and I see her interest overwhelm her earlier bout of anxiety as her mind races about, likely trying to determine what contraptions could be involved in this process.

"Still, got to say, really neat, however you do it! .....So, here for the contest and the prize, right?"

"You could say I have an interest, yes. And I find myself intrigued by this 'Steam Golem' Actually, being a spectator would be nice, As well as having a match with my own golem."

"Umm... you can watch some matches if you go up, but only if whoever dad is up against says its okay. Oh, and I totally know what you mean, I've worked on that thing a buncha times, and I still have no idea how it's even powered, beyond where the engines are. I mean, you wouldn't think a contained object could perpetually output.... ANYTHING, really, without some form of input, hah, we even paid some mages to check the engines once, when dad was busy, not a trace of magic.... OH, and we won't let us look at them, sooooooo frustrating! Sorry, babbling, but anyway, dad stays up REAL late, since most people have to travel to get here, so we get late night visitors a lot... point being, there's... gosh, I think eight golems here? Oh, you'll like this, one's a Small Tomb, a real big one too.... which makes me question why they are called Small Tombs..."

Lacrazzia continues on, giving a brief description of some four clay golems, three runed, two stone golems, one runed, a wood golem and the mentioned Small Tomb, all having gone upstairs for the challenge while she has been watching the entrance. ....It takes her some five minutes to tell us this, as she constantly gets sidetracked by errant ideas, some of which she responds to as if they were epiphanies. ....A rather strange girl, this Lacrazzia.

I bring her rambling to a close as I speak again, finding some amusement in her startled expression as I rejoin the conversation.

"Instantaneous communication? Ah, such a useful magic...ohoh! Or, in your case, science that is just like magic, isn't it? Now, while I did say I couldn't tell you how it works, Well...heh...If you guess right, I might tell you, how about that?"

As her eyes goggle at me, alarmingly wide, Keddic quickly interjects.

"Ah, but only five guesses, no more."

Lacrazzia begins to frown, and paces about, muttering to herself, already lost in the proffered challenge. Keddic sidles up beside me, and whispers conspiratorially.

"..Well, she's distracted, if you want to meet the professor, we should go now, before she starts up again. I.... remember Lacrazzia's special brand of enthusiasm, and it may be best to just.... move on. Besides, if we wait too long, it might mean less matches we get to watch."

What should I say or do?
No. 181421 ID: 5e0979

How? If we don't tell her just how, we could steal her ideas for later.
No. 181439 ID: 5e0979

Well, lads and lasses, do we wanna go first or do we wanna watch a few battles - remember, if one of these new-meats has a plan vaguely like ours, it could screw the whole thing, but if we go first we have no idea how the Steam Golem works.

And anyway, to Keddic and Lacrazzia, we need to registered and such, and I'm sure Lacrazzia can guess while she walks us through this. And if we want to watch, we can always offer her a seat beside us to explain what's going on an all.

>"Well not specifically, but more along the lines of 'he didn't get to discover it first', though if magic is involved, he might not care overmuch... I'm not really sure, I hadn't considered the idea much before you showed up, so I haven't fully thought through the possible ramifications if any for your discovery, in terms of relevance to my father I'm sorry I'm babbling."

Two large Golems, controlled from a distance, by two old men who enjoy hot blooded combat?
Yeah, we need to figrue out how to merge with the Steam Golem and become...Steam Mordre!
No. 181443 ID: 88e2b7

I love where this is going.
"Well my dear, don't burn yourself out"
Say this while proceeding upwards.
No. 181458 ID: 3afd1f

Uh... well, there is one thing wrong here. Mordre isn't actually being controlled. He's a sentient golem :D
No. 181460 ID: 2aaaf1

Which is why we are pretending to be a controlled one. In case you haven't noticed, people in general DON'T take to kindly to the thought of a huge metal man created for the purpose of war and death gaining the ability to think for itself.
No. 181469 ID: 000a65


Um...I thought we had agreed that we should head back to arcanoworks to deal with the state and then come back here and fight the golem...That way we could have our AA charged to max capacity. We can still stick around and watch the fights here first though...
No. 181475 ID: 3afd1f

Agreed. Although... there is the matter of that person that Jezebel was having problems with. We should endeavor to ensure that she is still undamaged when we return, as well as her lab and inventions.

Perhaps we can either give her enough money to deal with the problem, or deal with the problem ourselves?
No. 181482 ID: 5e0979

When did we agree or even state that?
No. 181486 ID: 5e0979

...also, we have been moving constantly for about a week since the last time we laser-eyed someone. In all honestly, everyone going 'we should charge up the AA' should remember that most of the time we won't have so damn long to walk and run and a week is more then enough time for just one golem.
No. 181488 ID: 000a65


No. 181506 ID: 88e2b7

Ya, what >>181488 said.
No. 181512 ID: d3dfb8

For the record, I'm against leaving I think we can take him now.
No. 181515 ID: 88e2b7

Well, since we are already here, we might as well. This point of view may change after we see a few matches. We can be like the super powerful bad guys that show up and see you fight from the shadows, smirk then disappear.
No. 181516 ID: d3dfb8

Ok I'm good with that we watch a few matches the decide.
No. 181521 ID: 5e0979

The major thing I'm worried about is if we wait, weaknesses we might want to exploit could become apparent and the Professor would fix them.
No. 181530 ID: 445c48

Also I think you should tell her why they're called Small Tombs. It's because they're powered by one powerful soul, while a Full on Soul Grave as yourself is powered by many dozens of souls, as I recall.

I might just be making this up! I have an extremely poor memory!
No. 181537 ID: d1210a
File 127458527562.jpg - (499.67KB , 1079x921 , Steam Golem Island Invention Revealed.jpg )

[The idea of returning was proposed, but as of yet it has not become a majority consensus, and so it has not been followed. A majority is required, not just agreement between a few posters, for a relatively large change in action like that.]

...Hmm. If Lacrazzia comes up with some workable ideas, I could incorporate them into my cover to add more believability to it... interesting. Perhaps her attention to my secret could end up being beneficial to me

"So, Miss Gialgorra, is there any paperwork, Or registration I would have to do for a bout?"

"What? Oh, no, not really. I mean, if you want you can fill out some information, but all that you really have to have is a hundred marks for the entry fee, and a willingness to... well, potentially have your golem scrapped without compensation. ...Which would be a shame, as I would really like the chance to puzzle out how you control that thing from a technical standpoint, maybe even more than I want to take apart the three engines in dad's Steam Golem, and that would be hard if, um, your Soul Grave was destroyed, because then I couldn't ask you if my guesses are right... and I don't have a time limit for the guesses, do I?"

"Not at all, but as Keddic remarked, you get only the five guesses."

"...Ah, just to check, but you do know what distinguishes a Soul Grave, Such as the one I use, from a Small Tomb, do you not?

"Ah, actually, no, not really. I don't know much about golems other than the Steam Golem. Why, what makes them different?"

"Small Tombs are designed to house a single Heroic soul, That is the soul of someone with exceptional will and determination, And to be powered by the ambient energy of that soul... indefinitely, As far as I have been able to ascertain. Soul Graves, on the other hand, house multiple souls, As well as being designed both to consume more souls, And to be easily reformed at the behest of the user."

"That's.... actually, that's pretty informative, thanks!"

As Lacrazzia furrows her brow and paces back and forth, clearly losing herself in the theorizing of possible means I could be 'controlling' this golem by, I begin making my way forward, towards the stone steps leading ever higher into this hollowed mountain.

"Well my dear, don't burn yourself out."

"Huh, wha-oh, right, yeah, sure..... I wonder where I put that..."

Lacrazzia makes her way back to the house sitting above us in lieu of a ceiling, still excitedly creating and shooting down ideas as she verbalizes her thought process in a hushed, hurried tone. The steps, leading into yet another tunnel heading up higher into the mountain, quickly obscure the prior chamber from sight. The steps wind back and forth, and two hallways branch off on the right and left each, before I come to a four way intersection occupying a large chamber... containing the third left. I hear some noises coming from the left hallway, though they are too distorted for me to discern their origin, while Keddic whistles loudly, inspecting the room we occupy with clear respect. Tubes and pipes leading in and out of the rock walls hook up to dozens of machines, with more than a dozen ventilation shafts trailing off into the ceiling... which I note seems perpetually shrouded in steam, the true height of this room hidden from view. Gears of all sizes spin at their own speeds, ranging in size from some no larger than a fly to a pair of gears so massive only a sliver is even present in the room, the rest of their bulk hidden within the mountain itself, turning with a slow, inevitable ponderousness. I hear conversation and footsteps down the right corridor, and the path before me has an inscription above it, reading:

If you aren't my daughter, pass this point at your own risk.
I'd say I warned you, but I don't have words for what I'd do to you.

As Keddic reads this, he guffaws, slapping his side as he chokes out some words.

"Ah, I forgot how entertaining Gialgorra's little 'mountain notes' as he calls them can end up being... Hm... 'twas the third left, was it not?"

"As I recall, yes."

"Well then!"

Keddic starts marching down the left corridor, and Moss and I both follow along after him. ...It is at this point I realize Lacrazzia didn't even make mention of Moss. Rather odd, considering how most at least give it a wary glare.

These thoughts exit my mind as I watch a weeping man decorated in silks and velvets walking by, several guards and attendants trying to sooth him. Several bow respectfully to Keddic, but otherwise do not stop or attempt to speak with us. As the path we follow snakes about, we come upon another group, garbed in a type of attire I have never seen before. They say nothing as we pass, and after we round the corner, Keddic speaks to me.

"I do say, those looked like some representatives of the Land Of Dragons! Hm, I wonder what kind of golem they brought, the empire has a preference for Stone and Clay, very little interest in wood... though, they didn't look pleased at all."

We pass a final group, this one comprised of several soldiers dressed in plate or mail, led by a crestfallen looking man in gilded armor, hanging his head in shame. Finally, as we pass them, we round a final corner and-

Noise assaults us almost immediately, and a spare instant after we exit the tunnel, a Stone golem crashes into a rock wall scant feet away from us. At it's moment of impact, I realize several things. For one, that this isn't a room, but a flat clearing amidst the mountain peaks, at least two hundred feet in diameter. The next thing I notice is that there are four golems visible standing at attention, with dozens of wealthy looking individuals standing nearby, all watching the center of this clearing.

The next thing I notice is that it was not a Stone golem that hit the wall: it was half of one. I see engravings dotting it's form, but I sense no spark of magic, or any guiding force in the husk that slides to the ground, still crumbling and cracking from the attack.

"Excellent work, excellent work! Now, who is next to step up and challenge the Comprehensive Augmented Neutralizing Invention, the Steam Golem! Well, don't be shy, the prize is now up to 36,400 marks, with lord Qulantos now short a golem, ah-HAH!"

I turn my attention back to the center of this stage I find myself on, to find a bald, bearded man in a heavy silver lab coat grinning maniacally, and assume him to be Professor Gialgorra.

...For beside him, stands.... A being of gears, steam and lightning... and I know myself to be staring at the Steam golem, still exuding nominal amounts of thick, obscuring steam from the multitude of exhaust ports dotting it's form.

I see the people standing by the four remaining golems looking at one another, clearly looking for someone else to fight next. Several spot our arrival, and soon the whole crowd turns to stare at us. Even Gialgorra is forced to halt his grandstanding, and turns to us and-

"Keddic, you tenacious scoundrel, still alive I see!"

"Hah, so it seems, so it seems. How are you, professor? And might I add, congratulations on finishing your golem, the creative augmented...."

"Just call it CANTI, or the Steam Golem, whichever is easier. ...So, you found yourself a golem eh? And would my estimation that is a Soul Grave be accurate?"

"Yes, indeed it is! But.... well, it's not my Soul Grave, it belong to the mage Mordre."

Professor Gialgorra peers about, a small frown ghosting across his face.


What should I say or do?
No. 181538 ID: 5e0979

Or...-not- tell someone we and our brothers are powered by the souls of the dead in a horrific furnace of burning soulfire? You know, maybe?

I'd suggest saying we're not sure either or something. Bonding, you know?
No. 181547 ID: 445c48

Well it's kind of in the name you know. No need to get into specifics about the whole horrific burning in our bellyfurnace. No, just hey we're a grave for souls, haha, and those are like us, but smaller.

Modre, Wave and introduce yourself.
No. 181549 ID: 1ac39d

it's name is CANTI? FUCK YEAH!!
i don't want to totally destroy it now, but severe crippling is fine.
No. 181550 ID: 5e0979

ME! THE MAGE MORDRE, THE ONLY MAN TO CONTROL A GOLEM ACROSS NATIONS!" Dramatic sweep forward! "And I have come to...can i touch it? Please? Oh my god, and all without magic! This is wondrous! Please, how did you manage to counteract the weight problem? Oh, goodie-goodie-goodie! let me get my notebook out!"
No. 181552 ID: 1ac39d

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much giggling school girl
No. 181558 ID: 88e2b7

Ok.. this thing looks significantly badass, I definitely don't feel like fighting it yet, but if yall want to then by all means...we will not lose.

"*MIGHTY LAUGH*" Time to sound impressive "All the searching in the world will do you no good Gialgorra for I am miles from this place! I am the mage Mordre, The creator of the long range Golem control system!", Point at golem " I see you have some impressive creations under your belt as well"
No. 181563 ID: 5e0979

Oh come on, we're a golem focused mage. This is like...hell, our first date our something.
No. 181564 ID: 5e0979

Ok, do we wanna recruit the Professor, or beat him? I...I really don't know what I wanna do. I -really- wanna try and find a way to combine with the CAN-I...
No. 181566 ID: d3dfb8

Wow guys this is pitiful. Just introduce yourself Mordre, and inform the good professor that you are interested in watching his golem fight.
No. 181568 ID: 1ac39d

we can beat him, just not destroy him. leave it in a state that some intense elbow grease can get it up and running eventually. if we take some licks as well then a good match for all in attendance.
No. 181571 ID: 3afd1f

I don't think we can beat him. Let's wait for the next bout, then we'd know for sure.

Also tell him how you're not surprised he's never heard of you, since you have yet to publish anything. At least, under the name Mordre.
No. 181591 ID: 5e0979

If anyone isn't reading the Discussion Thread, we need to find anyone who knows about any other Gavrock artifacts.
No. 181606 ID: 903f16


"...Hm, I suppose no one would have heard of me on - what did you say this place was called Keddic? Golgan Island? No, much too far away. What a shame. Well suffice it to say I am a great mage from distant lands who has perfected remote golem control. Some of my finest work you know, took ages to perfect, but that's besides the point.

I am here to partake in your contest and to perhaps talk some shop with a distinguished colleague working in a similar field. If you'd let me though, I'd prefer to take a look at how these fine gentlemen do against your golem before I commit to anything."

I think that should more or less get the point across without being too silly. I don't think we really want to go for HAM points with this introduction.
No. 181607 ID: d3dfb8

Perfect thank you.
No. 181628 ID: 45be60


In any event, don't let them talk you into fighting next. These guys all got to see previous fights, after all.

I think it is important to develop at least some of the details of our control method before we have to start answering guesses. A long time ago, we discussed the possibility of having mini Mordre skulls we could communicate through. It would make sense for the spells doing that to be the same ones working on the main golem, so I would like to propose that our communication systems are separate from the movement systems.
No. 181630 ID: d1210a
File 127459384318.jpg - (28.45KB , 421x427 , Professor Gialgorra.jpg )

[.... this is supposed to have 'Comprehensive Augmented Neutralizing Technical Invention' as it's name, hence why CANTI is a viable nickname. Pretend it said that in the prior post, as that is what the official full name is.]

For some strange reason, I find myself feeling some form of affinity for the Steam Golem, this C.A.N.T.I. before me, and I try to puzzle out the origins of this perceived attachment. ....My best guess falls to it being, well, my antithesis, a golem that has no use for magic, or even for a consciousness. It just... IS... this golem is a profoundly simple existence, devoid of awareness or worry. Compared to myself, with my magical origins and function, my sapience, and my machinations about the land... it has the feel of perfect simplicity to it, a tool in humanoid form.... which is what our creators, fleshlings as a whole, seem to desire from golems.... this is a thought I feel I must follow when I have the time, to better understand what my own existence even means.

I take a dramatic stride forward, puffing out my chest as I plant my fist and Sable Executioner on my hips, taking a wide stance as I boom out laughter.

"MWA-HA-HA-HAAAAA, you shall have to search far harder than that, professor, To find the illustrious Mage Mordre, the only man to control a golem across nations themselves!!"

I see concern and confusion spread across nearly every face-but not Gialgorra's. No, at my words, only a wide, toothy grin, his brows furrowed over wild eyes. I find his response a refreshing change of pace from the normal reactions to my 'reveal'.... though his grin reminds me of someone finding a new toy to play with. I take a long step forward, and point a dramatic finger at the professor.

"I have heard tales of your creations, Professor Gialgorra, And I have come to see what wonders you have crafted!"

Gialgorra mimics my prior stance, setting his feet wide, puffing out his chest and planting his fists on his hips, he bellows out a retort into the night air.

"NYA-HA-HAAAA, then you have come to the right place, for BEHOLD my greatest creation, a golem completely bereft of the need for magic, or even fuel! If you have come to test your golem against mine, I WELCOME the challenge! I've not yet had the pleasure of crushing a Soul Grave, ha-HAAA!!"

I tilt my head back back, and snap out a retort, unwilling to be the first to drop the grandiosity.

"HOLD, professor Gialgorra: I would like to see your wondrous creation in action, And observe it's workings, for I too have an interest in golems, and much could be learned from your creation!"

"As I am as magnanimous as I am intelligent, I shall allow your request, mage Mordre!"

Professor Gialgorra turns on the groups beside the four remaining golems-which I now note to be two Stone Golems, one particularly large and the other sporting runes, a runed clay golem bearing a club, nearly the size of Oggroth.... and a Small Tomb forged of blackened steel, my equal in size and bearing a massive sword sporting several runes-and clutches a fist in their direction as he bellows out more speech.

"WELL, which one of you has the courage, the gumption, the drive to face my Steam Golem next!? Hmm!?"

For a moment there is no response, but finally the unruned stone golem, some twenty five feet of granite with quartz eyes and sporting an extra pair of arms, each fist topped with what look to be diamond spikes, moves into the ring at the spoken command of a portly man with heraldry of a castle being broken by a pick on his chest.

"My Silicathos will be your foe this time, Professor."

Professor Gialgorra leers madly at the new entry into the ring, before abruptly howling out a new proclamation, hefting a heavy rod as he does so.


With a surprisingly smooth shift, the previously stationary Steam Golem re-balances itself, and it's eyes glow with a fierce blue light.

[+7 HAM points. Total HAM points: 036 Amount required for next reward: 050]

..........................................[Perspective Shift: Lord Dregas, Operator of Stone Golem Silicanthos].................................................

...Well, hopefully this will go well. I go over what my Silicanthos can do as I consider what my first move will be:

--Silicanthos was built atop a leyline geyser that popped up in my land during the time of my forefathers, and has been passed down to each heir. As a result of the prolific World magic involved at it's creation, Silicanthos can slowly regenerate any damages, so long as it is in contact with stone.... I note this whole arena has a floor completely comprised of stone, so this should effectively be constantly happening. For reference, a hand could be reformed if lost in perhaps a minute, an arm three or more minutes.
--The diamond spikes on Silicanthos' four fists are able to self-sharpen any time they are broken, and likewise benefit from Silicanthos' ability to regenerate, with a fully lost diamond fully reforming in 30 seconds. While in contact with enough earth and stone, Silicanthos' knuckles will stay perpetually keen, possessing subtle points to rend through armor.
--In each of Silicanthos' palms, a large, facet-less crystal is present. These crystals, as an embodiment of order, can absorb multiple forms of energy, and harmlessly dissipate it without harming Silicanthos. There is a limit to how much energy the crystals can absorb and disperse with their Order, designated by their transparency: The crystals slowly lose transparency as they fill, and will break shortly after becoming fully opaque. These crystals can also benefit from Silicanthos' ability to regenerate, and are reformed in two minutes.
--As a Stone Golem forged not just atop a leyline junction, but also the aforementioned briefly lived leyline geyser, Silicanthos' can 'glide' across rock while in contact with it, allowing him to stay fully braced while moving, letting the earth carry him. Only possible when in contact with stone, but capable of lightning turns and reversals, even if the overall top speed is not that impressive. This also makes Silicanthos impossible to knock over while so melded with the ground. without destroying it's legs (which can reform in two and a half minutes).
--Silicanthos has a concealed mouth that comprises the majority of it's chest, with a width of some ten feet. The mouth, when opened, is seen to be completely covered in jagged garnet teeth, each more than a foot long.

Hm.... I need to give Silicanthos some verbal commands, but I can be somewhat vague, as it can problem solve on it's own.... though leaving it to it's own devices could leave it making tactically unsound decisions.

What orders should I give Silicanthos?
No. 181634 ID: 903f16

Stone glide across the arena and towards the steam golem. Attempt to absorb any thermal energy you can while you make your glide so you may disperse it when you reach the target. Be prepared to parry or dodge any strike it makes at you as you near closer together and go for a targeted strike against it's rather unarmored looking joints.
No. 181635 ID: d3dfb8

Try to luring it into thrusting with its drill then hit the elbow just above it, attempt to sever it.
No. 181636 ID: 445c48

"Glide over and punch the shit out of that golem, watch out for the drill"
No. 181637 ID: 74c996

>The diamond spikes on Silicanthos' four fists are able to self-sharpen any time they are broken, and likewise benefit from Silicanthos' ability to regenerate, with a fully lost diamond fully reforming in 30 seconds.

You have an infinite diamond generator and you're entering gladiatorial contests? Why?

Regardless, glide over and punch the shit out of that golem.
No. 181638 ID: 275a5d


Oh my god this is hilarious.

Alright. Silicanthos, eh? The big thing we're going to want to do is avoid that godforsaken Lortoxite drill. Fortunately with 4 arms, we may have the advantage in a grapple.

We want to limit it's avenue of attack. If this room is constructed primarily of stone flooring, I say we bait an attack, glide-step it, and lock his drill down with two arms.
No. 181639 ID: d3dfb8

If you aren't even going to try, don't post.
No. 181642 ID: e31d52

>and lock his drill down with two arms.

Once this is done, you need to dent as many sensitive-looking areas as you can! PUNCH THE SHIT OUTTA THE CORE.
No. 181645 ID: 5e0979

Question: Just how -big- is this bloody Steam Golem anyway? I mean, does it tower over us, are we face-to-face, what?

Same question can be answered for Mordre as well as Silicanthos, please.
No. 181646 ID: 275a5d

Well, if that image is accurate, it's between 15 and 20 feet in height, with its head around the 15 foot mark.

So of a size with us. Mordre, if I recall, is 15 feet tall.
No. 181647 ID: 1ac39d

waiting for steam golem to be so powerful that our tactics spectacularly fail.
No. 181649 ID: 445c48

Well, we're allowed to be a little vauge, and he does have to shout it out loud, so the professor could probably hear him and issue orders that would stop us.

But yeah, changing my vote to "Glide over there, grab his drill with two arms, and then punch the shit out of him with the others"
No. 181651 ID: d3dfb8

I understand vague but some sort of general idea on how to not die is more helpful than go over there and hit the guy.
No. 181652 ID: 5e0979

Yeah, but what confused me was is that picture to scale with humans, or is it to scale with Mordre - and we still should figure out how big dead ol' Silicanthos is compared to the CANTI and, yeah, I kinda like Silicanthos, too bad he's kinda dead.

I -would- suggest that we no go after joints or vents - that's gonna be Mordre's aim. Pay no attention to these random thoughts either, just wondering if you had the oven on in dream words.
No. 181676 ID: d1210a

Silicanthos' crystals don't cause harm when they dissipate energy, otherwise the rock surrounding them would likewise be damaged, meaning they can only be employed defensively.

Any material that falls from Silicanthos' body crumbles away into ash, and then fades from existence. Something about being the creation of it's core mass... I never really put that much of my attention towards the specifics when grandfather instructed me, it was a bit technical, but generally speaking, as long as at least... oh, a quarter of Silicanthos' chest still persists, and can be gotten into contact with stone, it could conceivably fully regenerate, given enough time... oh, fifteen minutes minimum, I would assume... I haven't really tested the limits of it's regenerative abilities, what with the risk of losing such a family treasure. ...Though it is just like any other golem, if I wasn't... alive.. anymore, anyone could walk off with this... and that man with the Small Tomb.... he asked some rather disturbing questions. ...I wonder what he could have wanted, but I sensed some ill intent, I'm sure of it!

"Silicanthos, glide in close, and grab the drill, careful of the drill-head! And pound the arm and body both with any free arms!"

My twenty five foot tall golem of stone slides across the arena surface, merging with the stone. It hold's it's arms akimbo, all four of them, as it approaches the eighteen foot tall steam golem. For Gialgorra's part, I see him cry out his own command, thrusting his metal baton skyward as if brandishing a spear against the heavens themselves.

"CANTI, Start the drill!! Attack when it closes distance!!"

I watch that ominous Lortoxite drill, the bane of so many prior contestants, start to spin, smoothly building speed as the steam golem sets itself. Silicanthos, for it's part, has closed to some thirty feet, and snaps it's arm form as it finally gets in range, just as the steam golem thrusts it's drill forth like a lance, trying to core Silicanthos. Using it's connection with the earth, Silicanthos slides about, redirecting it's motion with a speed the steam golem was not expecting. The drill bit brushes past Silicanthos' chest, carving a deep channel before a pair of arms manage to grasp and stop the golem's attack, taking hold of it arm above the drill itself. Silicanthos slides backwards to gain some distance from the drill-head, a good thing in my opinion, that steam golem's attack was certainly faster, I'm sorry to say. As Silicanthos raises it's other two arms, one aimed to attack the elbow joint, another aimed at the blue lens in the steam golem's chest. I hear Gialgorra's command cracking out through the air.


The steam golem snaps and clicks, it's arms slotting into it's chest as it's legs split apart, it's shifting weight sending Silicanthos' attack at it's elbow off, and the attack against it's chest only scores it's side, craving and cratering rents into it's exterior.... I can't really tell what kind of metal his golem is made of, but it seems galvanized, by the look of it. All the while, the drill has only been speeding up, and has now reached more dangerous speeds, more able to part stone, or indeed anything in it's path without resistance. The legs now form a four legged brace for... a cannon with a drill-head, the body reformed by transformation into a self bracing drill-cannon.



With a hiss of steam, the steam golem fires at Gialgorra's command, the drill-bit, at least three feet wide, carving a path through Silicanthos' midsection (wonderful, it's shifting weight in it's midair transformation yanked it's mass around enough to once more be aiming at Silicanthos' chest), passing through the stone as if it wasn't even there. Silicanthos continues to pound the golems body with it's two free hands, but it's reshaping seems to have pulled metal plates over most of the steam golem's more sensitive parts, and so for now the damage seems to be superficial, thought that could change with sustained assault...And the still-spinning drill comes to an abrupt halt.... and I see a chain anchored to it's back, now reeling it back towards the steam golem..... cannon. The drill head is some fifty feet away, being rewound at a speed of about five feet a second.

I see Gialgorra cackling, a manic grin adorning his face... as he starts to raise his metal baton again. Ah.

What orders should I give? (Consider time-frames)
No. 181677 ID: e31d52

No. 181678 ID: 62781c

If your golem is strong enough- I imagine you'd know- you might consider giving the order to rend apart the chain pulling the drill back. It's likely more exposed than the golem body proper, and severing it fully would be quite beneficial.
No. 181680 ID: 275a5d

Don't bother ripping. Grab the chain and wind it around one or two of the leg braces, whichever you can manage.

Use the sustained force of the chains own retraction to render the cannon-drill inoperable.

No. 181691 ID: e31d52


Remember guys, the chain is in the hole that the drill made! If we can stall it long enough, we'll heal around it. We just need to stall and beat it up!
No. 181696 ID: d1210a

"Break the chain!

As my command is uttered, so to is Gialgorra's.


As Silicanthos' two free hands try to pull apart the chain, two things happen: the steam golem spins into the air once more, it's body folding about back into it's earlier bipedal form, and I become aware the chain is presenting the same silvery shine as the drill itself: More Lortoxite, wonderful.

"Brace the chain about it's legs, pull it tight!!"

Silicanthos wraps it's two free hands about the chain, and quickly pulls some extra length through the hole in my golem's chest, before slinging it about the steam golem's legs. As Silicanthos does so, the steam golem's free arm snaps up, it's pronged claws going wide and spinning like a saw-blade with three long teeth, now starting to carve into my shoulder, seeking to separate one of the arms holding it's drill-cannon, or is it now just an arm and chain being reeled back? The blade cuts through Silicanthos' shoulder.... faster than he can regenerate, very much so faster: the arm could come off in fifteen seconds. The chain wrapped about it's legs is slowly starting to tighten, and-

"Not pitiful, in fact possibly adequate! BUT YOU DESERVE MORE. REGAIN MOBILITY, THIRD ENGINE ACTIVATE!!!!

Electricity crackles about the steam golem and the growing cloud of boiling vapor about it.... and as it pulls it's legs free with distressing dexterity from the tightening chains before it can be caught, the chain starts to wind in faster. The drill-projectile finally slams back into the steam golem's arm, scoring off what little regeneration had occurred since it passed earlier (and cracking off a good bit more besides with it's rough passage) right off, the hole even larger now, perhaps a quarter of Silicanthos' chest now simply gouged off. ..The saw-blade cutting into Silicanthos' shoulder is getting close to success, ah!

Gialgorra raises his baton again.

What should I order Silicanthos to do (go beyond how to deal with the shoulder saw issue, please)?
No. 181699 ID: e31d52



How is he commanding the thing?!


It should be near the top of the golem. If the signals are electric in nature, then... a small orb on a rod would be best...
No. 181701 ID: 275a5d

Slippery bastard.

Alright, lets play hardball. 2 arms are occupied with the drill cannon. One is being sawed through. That leaves 2 arms free.

Use one of your free arms to reach grib the saw near the middle of the forearm. You just need to halt it's progress.

Use your other free arm, and wrap it around CANTI's waist.

Use the bond with the stone floor to your advantage: You should have rather incredible stability. With your arm around it's waist...

No. 181702 ID: e31d52

No. 181704 ID: 903f16

Let's go with that because it just sounds awesome. Also, we've got to learn if he repairs and tweaks in between rounds. If he does then our goal should be to bash him up as badly as we can for Mordre. He didn't seem to make any adjustments between his last fight and this one, but he may make a special case for us.
No. 181707 ID: 275a5d

True nuff. The idea here I think is to force CANTI to use as many of the tools he has as possible before the fight ends.

This allows Mordre to not get caught by surprise. YOu can't plan for what you don't know about, after all. That saw would've been a rather nasty thing to find out about midway through Mordre's fight, after all.
No. 181724 ID: d1210a

With the golem no longer locked to the ground, I introduce it to the special move Silicanthos can do, and was (after great pains and efforts) taught to perform reliably... for a less than literal command.

"Stop that blade, grab the golem!

Silicanthos heaves backward, it feet firmly planted as a hand moves to stop the encroaching saw assaulting one of his shoulders while the other free arm wraps about the steam golem's waist. I look past the massive weighty forms in motion, the Steam golem doomed to take this hit... while I see Gialgorra speak, the confident smirk still painting his face, though at least he no longer looks at me with outright contempt. Perhaps I can earn his respect yet, or even better, his gold. My family has fallen... on some tough times....


Just before impact I see lightning crackling along the steam golem's form, the crystals in Silicanthos' hands growing dangerously cloudy... and the pipes on the golem's back folding down before the impact.

With a shudder that runs through the stone under my feet, the steam golem is slammed into the ground, and I see much of it's shoulders have been compacted, and it's head looks somewhat warped, though both eyes still shine bright. I note the crystals in Silicanthos' hands continuing to darken at an alarming rate.... as well as noting that the drill, ever since re-attaching to it's arm, has continued to spin faster and faster, a keening whine now issuing from it's blurred form... as it keeps accelerating.

"No bad, not bad at all! ...In fact, I'll give you a one second head start: [b]GO!!/b]"

What orders should I give Silicanthos?
No. 181726 ID: e31d52

Funny thing about drills... once they start into something, as long as they're spinning, they get going. And it might take a bit for it to stop.

No. 181731 ID: 903f16

Probably won't be able to snap it off like suggested above, but redirecting it into the ground sounds good. It'd give us some breathing room to let the gems cool down and our wounds to regenerate slightly. Then we can return with some renewed vigor as he tries to remove it from the ground.
No. 181732 ID: 275a5d

THE VAPOR IN THE AIR. It's maintaining the electrified charge!

You need distance. I don't know if we can break the arm off, but we'll use what time we have:

Once you've driven the bit into the ground, Drive one of your fists directly into the joint using your Spike. The goal isn't to destroy or remove the arm, but to warp the joint, so that aiming it becomes difficult.

Once that's done, grab it by the leg and forearm, and hurl it into a vacant end of the room.

Basic goal here is to impair its ranged attack and then get ourselves out of it's aura.
No. 181733 ID: 275a5d

If it's not already obvious, Silicanthos should still be bracing himself with his leyline ability while he does this.
No. 181770 ID: e4835c

No. 181857 ID: d1210a

I try to take advantage of my one second head start by using it to buy myself (and Silicanthos) more breathing room.

"Force the drill into the ground!"

A scant second after I begin speaking, Gialgorra's own command is spoken.


Silicanthos begins moving first, already redirecting the drill earthward, it's tip gouging into the earth.... and continuing to accelerate, irrelevant of all the material it is now chewing through. At this same time, as the steam golem's body gets forcible pulled downward by it's own drill.... letting me see the four armored turbines on it's back begin to spin, crackling with writhing tendrils of electricity.... which promptly begin growing in intensity, as a painful keening sound builds. I see the steam golem's warped head whip about to lock on Silicanthos, even as my golem lets go of the drill arm and uses it's two free arms to attack the elbow and shoulder joints, but as I watch power build in the spinning protrusions on CANTI's back, I note Silicanthos is having only minor success at warping the joints, the metal hardened and resistant, deforming haltingly.

...Ah, as I look at this contest, I note that the steam vapor in the air about Gialgorra's golem is acting as a wonderful conductor for the electricity the golem is discharging, allowing it to continue darkening the crystals in Silicanthos' hands... which are nearly fully opaque now. If I am to give Silicanthos time to safely disperse that energy, I need to gain more room.

"Throw your foe away!"

With a rumbling groan, Silicanthos, dust falling from the slowly healing wound in it's side, takes firm hold of the steam golem, and spins itself in place, using it's connection with the stone beneath it's feet to rotate at rapidly building speeds. After one full rotation, during which the drill was jerked out of the ground, still accelerating, now so blurred I only perceive it as a cone, the Steam Golem stops scraping along the ground and becomes airborne in Silicanthos' hands. On the second rotation, I see Gialgorra raising his baton once more as the steam about his golem gets dispelled by the wind. As my golem releases it's opponent in a vicious hammer-throw on the third revolution, Gialgorra's command flies into the night air as his golem soars towards a wall of rock.


The four turbines on the Steam Golem's back, now glowing brightly enough to recreate the day's light, surge in brightness, the crackling energy running through the Steam Golem's body briefly withdrawing, likewise absorbed into the turbines....

Which promptly spit out a bolt of lightning each, all four snaking through the air to impact against Silicanthos just before the steam golem slams into the stone behind it, a shower of shattered rock collecting about it.

Two bolts strike it's chest, tearing deep gouges into it's form to complement the gaping hole in it's side and the nearly healed rent in it's chest, a miniature rock-slide cascading earthward as shattered stone drops from Silicanthos. A third bolt lances into it's left leg, near the hip, though it doesn't seem to penetrate enough to hobble Silicanthos.

The fourth bolt cracks across the damaged arm, right at the incision made by the steam golem's left arm-turned saw.... and Silicanthos' upper right arm drops to the ground, already crumbling to nothingness. With all four turbines having discharged their energy, electricity resumes it's crackling jaunt about the steam golem's body as it


I see Gialgorra grinning as his golem immediately regains it's footing... and despite having hit the wall back first, I note that all four turbines look functional, and that only one of it's many exhaust ports looks even somewhat warped. Still, I separated the golem from it's conductive cloud, and the three crystals in Silicanthos' remaining arms are swiftly returning to transparancy. It's fourth arm, taken off near the shoulder, will take time to heal, and I wonder how I could buy myself the minutes I need for Silicanthos to restore itself to full function. It's powers do make it most suited to endurance combat when in contact with stone.

The Steam golem is some seventy feet away, significantly more scuffed and dinged than before, but still fully functional, by the look of it... I redact that, it's drill arm looks to be slightly misaligned now, from the multiple stresses Silicanthos subjected it to.

I see Gialgorra slowly raising his baton, a smirk growing on his face.

What orders should I give?
No. 181860 ID: d3dfb8

With the agility that we have from contact with the stone, I say we attempt to keep our distance, see what it can do in mid ranged combat while we TRY to dodge whatever he throws at us so we can heal.
No. 181879 ID: 7737f4

Rip some earth out of the ground and keep distance. If he tries anything use it as a shield.
If you cannot keep distace, then put it in a lock again and say "Silicanthos EAT"
No. 181895 ID: 903f16

Ah yes, we have been neglecting our ace in the hole. I think we should use the rock shield plan along with copious amounts of stone gliding to evade any ranged attacks he makes on us. If things get desperate we throw the bundle of earth we are using as a shield at him. When we're healed up enough we pull out the chest-mouth and take a vicious bite out of the drill arm's join.
No. 181917 ID: d1210a

"Silicanthos, take a shield of stone from the ground, keep your distance and evade!"

As my words ring out and Silicanthos moves to comply, Gialgorra's command is likewise heard.


The turbines on the steam golem's back continue to spin and hum, and as Silicanthos wrests a massive slab of rock free from the ground, a bolt of lightning lances at it's stone form, carving a heavy channel into the hastily hefted shield. Silicanthos avoids harm... but another bolt flies out, the next turbine discharging what it holds, the bolt passing perilously close to darting about the shield and striking Silicanthos' leg. As bolts continue to fly, coming in succession from each of the four turbines one at a time, Silicanthos continues to dart and weave across the ground, interposing it's crumbling stone shield between itself and the barrage. I note that Silicanthos is visibly repairing itself, and it is only a matter of time before it is fully restored.

...I also note a plethora of tiny manipulators folding out about the damaged joints of the steam golem's drill arm, working to restore full mobility. ....Well, that is just fantastic.

I consider having Silicanthos throw it's deteriorating shield at it's foe and charge behind it to tear at CANTI with it's hidden jaws, but the injury to Silicanthos' chest is still not fully recovered, at least another twenty, thirty seconds need to pass for it to be operational. The damaged leg is now repaired at least, and the missing arm is some quarter of the way repaired.

And once more I note Gialgorra raising his baton.

What orders should I give my golem?
No. 181922 ID: 903f16

You can't let that thing just repair itself, you'd be back to square one. Toss the shield at it from a distance, then grab a another. Hurl a barrage of earth chunks onto it, one after another. If it appears as if it is setting up another lighting strike stone glide and grab a new shield or hold onto whatever rock you were about to throw.
No. 181970 ID: 275a5d

Self-repairing, too, huh? Well alright, then.

We don't need need our arm as much as CANTI needs his drill. Gialgorra's probably getting ready to initiate CANNON-MODE again, so begin gliding forward.

If he fires that drill, your shield isn't going to block it. It'll core right through and eat into Silicanthos.

So instead, use the remaining bits of shielding to knock it aside. You'll lose whatevers left, but it will hopefully not eat into your arm.

The lightning field makes extended contact a bad idea. We need to put our hands on it, inflict some sort of damage, and release it while upsetting it's position again. Additionally, the self repairing ability it demonstrates means we're going to have to focus on one piece in order to do any lasting damage.

I recommend the already warped head. Deliver two quick strikes with the two arms that aren't hefting the shield (assuming Gialgorra DOESN'T fire the drill).

The turbine strikes are harder to deal with. We'll have to hope the absorbing Crystals can deal with a few strikes.
No. 181984 ID: d3dfb8

I like your plan, and I'm seconding it. However i would like to point out it is unfortunate we can't stay at range any longer without risking losing. We need to scout how it deals with mid-range combat.
No. 182005 ID: d1210a

"Bombard it with stones, keep guarding and evading!"

The now dilapidated makeshift shield in Silicanthos' grasp goes soaring through the air as Gialgorra's own command cracks across the night.


Writhing cords of electricity dance across the steam golem as it leaps to the side, the stone hurled it's way only clipping a shoulder, but it manages to land with stable balance. It throws a bolt of lightning at Silicanthos, who has already hefted another chunk of the stone underfoot, and blocks the lightning strike before hurling this second projectile. As both golems continue to engage one another at mid-range, neither one takes much in the way of damage, Silicanthos able to shelter behind stone shields most of the time, and the steam golem too swift for any of these projectiles to hit squarely. This persists for some ten seconds, and I realize we are at an impasse. Gialgorra notices it as well, and sneers as he calls out a challenge.

"If you won't break this stalemate, Lord Dregas, then [b]I WILL!!

At Gialgorra's words I frantically scrabble for something, ANYTHING to grant my golem even a hint of an advantage. The Dregas family has fallen on some hard times, and our family title and this golem are all we have left. If I cannot win..... no. I push that thought from my mind, even as I see the Small Tomb's operator sharkish grin at me from the stands safely away from our match and the lightning bolts and boulders alike soaring through the air.

"Close distance, attack without sustaining contact!"

As Silicanthos glides forward, still collecting, using and hurling stone shields from beneath it's feet, I see Gialgorra grin appreciatively.... and I now note the rather disturbing speed the drill has reached, spinning so swiftly I cannot even perceive it as a solid object, but simply an indistinct blur, an ominously vague mass topping the steam golem's right arm, lightning now crackling about it.... and the drill continues to accelerate, even now. ...Just how fast can it spin? Gialgorra's next words break me from my reverie.

"You have the courage to commit to a dangerous plan, most excellent! BUT DO YOU HAVE THE DRIVE TO GRASP YOUR VICTORY!? CANNON-MODE!!!!"

Here it is, just as I anticipated. As the steam golem begins it's transformation, plates shifting, arm's socketing into the torso in new ways, and legs splitting open, a massive, drill-cannon with four legs takes shape, it's legs digging heavily into the ground, cannon, the drill still blurred so badly I can scarce perceive it's radical speeds . Silicanthos is close, so close, just forty feet, it has another shield of stone held ready, we can do this, I can feel it!


Silicanthos throws the shield while beginning a dodge of it's own behind the airborne cover, the cannon firing it intensely indistinct projectile, lightning wreathing the whole of the thing, making it look as if a lance formed from some terrible storm cloud was racing forth.

It passes through the shield thrown forth as if it wasn't even there, not even whisper of sound heard as the whole thing seems to simply disintegrate in the wake of the steam golem's attack.

Silicanthos' lower left arm simply ceases to be, the horrible force of Gialgorra's invention, the drill's speed, vibration, and electrification unmaking the entire offending limb.

But Despite the loss.... Silicanthos has closed range, still retains two arms....

And it's side has fully recovered.

"Silicanthos, FEAST!!"

I see a look a surprise, the first I've ever seen cross Gialgorra's face finally pierce his smug front. Silicanthos' garnet felled, ten foot wide maw, spanning the whole of the twenty five foot tall golem's torso, snaps open as it hands spring froth to grab the steam golem, grasping it's meal, having moved around the cannon's barrel and gotten in close. The foot long, razor sharp garnet teeth tear into the steam golem while the cannon's electrified chain jerks taut...

And Gialgorra smiles viciously with his metal baton already held high, his mouth opening.

What orders should I give Silicanthos?
No. 182008 ID: 3afd1f

Gotta keep that drill away. Avoid it at all costs. FEAST is the only thing that appears to be doing damage at all.
No. 182057 ID: 903f16

Avoid it's damnable drill and use stone glide to chew on if from different angles. Also, for extra damage try making the wounds you inflicted on it with Feast bigger by prying it open using the diamond fists. As soon as you sense the threat of another lighting charged attack or steam cloud back peddle away and throw stones.
No. 182060 ID: 3afd1f

Maybe we can lift it off the ground so that it can't reposition itself to aim that drill at us. Then we just keep sliding around to keep the steam cloud from gathering, and chomp away.
No. 182064 ID: d3dfb8

Other than his claw that's a sound plan.
No. 182073 ID: 8dc333

Dedicate the remainder of your arms to holding it's apart and a way from you (as if in spread eagle position) and FEASTon it's core. If it has no body then of what use are arms.
No. 182075 ID: d1210a

[The claw arm becomes part of the barrel for the drill-cannon, so in cannon-mode the Steam golem is armless.]

"Keep feasting, lift it off the ground!"


I hear the familiar whine build again as Silicanthos heaves the steam golem off the ground, tearing away at anything it can reach as it worries away at the CANTI's body with it's crystal filled maw. I see lightning starting to dance once more about the golem-turned-cannon's form... but it seems fitful, prone to dipping in intensity. I try to puzzle out the origins of this as Silicanthos continues to assault it with it's two arms while tearing away as best it can at the steam golems form, all the while the turbine's whine grows slowly louder and more urgent.

The drill finishes being reeled back in, and begins to re-accelerate, it's borders already re-blurring upon the end of the steam golem's cannon, safely pointed away from Silicanthos' remaining body.... which is still continuing to regenerate, even as I see the crystals in it's palms darkening once more as it continues to assault it's foe.

What orders should I give Silicanthos?
No. 182079 ID: d3dfb8

look around for any place that may be a point of focus which could be used to transmit power to CANTI
No. 182083 ID: 8dc333

Looks like I missed the boat so, this >>182073 again.

You know what. Screw this. Flip it around and bite the exhaust ports shut, or out. If out then eat/rip out innards.
No. 182087 ID: 903f16

Continue the assault for as long as it is safe. Try to find the things mechanical brain it's rumored to have. Start at where the head piece is. We'll be able to tell if we've hit the right spot once the professor's commands aren't being as effectively received.
No. 182093 ID: d1210a

"Pull it open and go for it's core!"

As i shout out Silicanthos' next orders, I look about, trying to see if there is something, anything that could be supplying it power externally, something that could be malfunctioning as an explanation for it's fitful electrification.... but I find nothing. To make matters worse, as I look back to the struggling golems, I note that no matter how Silicanthos twists are strains it's foe, the steam golem proves resilient, rebuffing attempts to pry it open, or pull protrusions off. It seems the armor plates that cover up the more delicate parts in it's cannon mode also lock together with exceptional force... I must compliment the professor, he truly has put together a fine creation.

With how totally the golem's main body part, I suppose the closest thing to it's core without delving into it's engines and such, is encompassed by Silicanthos' mouth, any exposed equipment will be being torn and rent by it's garnet fangs, and anything not exposed is locked under one of those armor plates. ...Still, I feel Silicanthos IS making progress even with the armor, carving through it.... slowly.

Silicanthos' first arm to be lost, the upper right arm, is now mostly reformed, and will soon be operational.... but I note the crystals in the two active hands are continuing to darken, now mostly opaque. If this keeps up....

The background keening whine of the turbines building power swells as I think, looking for a next move. The mage controlling the Soul Grave seems absorbed in our bout as the giant bearded man beside him starts to introduce himself to the remaining three golem operators and their groups. ...And the Small Tomb operator pulls most of his guards aside, speaking to them away from the rest of the collective audience.

What orders should I give Silicanthos?
No. 182096 ID: 8dc333

Crud, this is lookin bad from a tactical point of view. Gonna go the risky route. The problem with this battle is the lack of possible feints while he has a plethora of crap that he is likely storing up.

Do the spin through again but use more rotations. Spin it from its arms with the drill arm under your arm so that the drill points behind you. Then immediate chuck rocks at its place of impact so that the rocks hit it right as it hits the wall, yay for impulse.
Then shout something like "Silicanthos break out the cannon and end this pitiful excuse for a Golem" With any luck Silicanthos won't know what the heck your talking about and continue to comply with the prior orders and the "good doctor" will freak out for a few seconds.
No. 182097 ID: 903f16

It's probably about time to back off, our crystals will burst if we keep up at this speed. Back off and grab some rubble as a shield, keeping in mind to still be wary of the drill. Reassess the situation, how badly is the steam golem damaged now?
No. 182098 ID: 3afd1f

Can you target the turbines somehow?
No. 182107 ID: d1210a

[The turbines are currently also inside Silicanthos' mouth along with the rest of the steam golem's core mass, so if their is damage to be done, it is being... done. Yeah.]

"Silicanthos, keep the drill away from your body, hammer-throw and bombard with rocks!"

I watch the professor smirk as Silicanthos begins to spin about, faster and faster as the stone underfoot seems to flow like liquid in the wake of it's feet. Finally, after ten revolutions, the last three of excessive speed, Silicanthos releases the golem, spinning the cannon's head out away from it's own body as it does so, while wrenching a massive hunk of rock, at least fifteen feet tall, out of the ground (I fear professor Gialgorra's arena is becoming a shambles... thought the stone is oddly patchwork in color..), and heaves it at the rocketing form of the steam golem.

As another shudder travels through the mountain with CANTI's impact with the mountainside, cracking stone and cratering the wall, a multi-ton rock slams into it, shattering as it drives the steam golem even deeper into the wall. I see rents, craters and carved channels adorning nearly all of its armor, and several of the joinings look degraded from Silicanthos' attempt to consume it. The turbines in particular have been battered, and I see folding maintenance arms already opening to attend to their sparking forms. In a scant few places, it looks that the armor was worked through by repetitious blows by diamond knuckles against existing damages, but still, I see a hint of the golem's interior, in a few inch-wide cracks in the armor, three in number. I decide to buy myself more time to think with a feint, knowing Silicanthos to ignore any irrelevant or impossible orders.

"Silicanthos, finish it with your PENULTIMATE FINAL CANNON, let us be done with them! CRUSH IT!!"

My mind races as I see Gialgorra frown in concern, and-


I watch in confusion as the steam golem shifts into it's more mobile and less armored humanoid form, still immersed in the mountainside and Silicanthos merely forty feet away in it's gliding charge to slam into it's foe, what good will thi-


The steam golem, only just having managed to sit up, has an evil light shine in it's glowing eyes.... and the blue lens in it's chest, wha-


The lens flares with light, and less than a second later, a perfectly rigid lance of crackling, hissing light, a bolt of lighting that lasts forever, connects the lens to Silicanthos.

My golem promptly explodes, the electric lance passing straight through it's stone and shatters it with ludicrous amounts of heat, lightning crackling about the expanding wall of stony debris.

I watch the pieces fall to the ground, the largest less than a tenth the size of Silicanthos' torso as the beam shuts off.

....My golem.

...................................[Perspective Shift: MORDRE THE SOUL GRAVE]..............................

I listen to Gialgorra speak at his victory, finding myself stunned by what just happened.

".....Hm, it would seem I won, then! Excellent... ah, and you put on capable performance, that was quite the golem! A pity it could not withstand the might of SCIENCE!"

Gialgorra turns to me, and strikes a pose, ogling my golem as he orates.


Keddic, having moved to console the Lord Dregas about his loss, looks up in interest, looking for my response. I likewise see fear in the eyes of the crews for the remaining stone golem and clay golem alike, the operators clearly disinterested in following through in this challenge, as the operator of the Small Tomb simply grins, his group having rejoined the rest of the audience after their brief sojourn. But now, all eyes are on me, awaiting my response to Gialgorra's challenge.

What should I say or do?
No. 182114 ID: 3afd1f

Curiosity satisfied. Let us not throw ourselves into battle just yet.

Also, I am worried. Did you see the way the owners of the Small Tomb were looking at Lord Dregas? They may plan to steal Silicanthos! It is, after all, a regenerative golem.

We should find out if they plan to pit their Small Tomb against the Steam Golem. If not, let us depart, and attempt to watch over Lord Dregas from a distance. If they do in fact attempt to steal Silicanthos, then we can intervene. Their Small Tomb shall fight us... and we shall win, claiming the Heroic Soul within!
No. 182125 ID: 8dc333

Time for the greatest bluff known to golemkind.
"*shudder*hahahahHAHAhHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Oh that was hilarious. I must say I expected more from a golem rumored to have taken out more than 600 others. If I were to fight you now it would be less than interesting." Turn around as if about to leave, "I will be back in one week, see if you can't make that thing a more entertaining fight by then, I'll be waiting outside Keddic HAHAHHAHAHA THAt was rich" Let the last part trail off while you walk away but ensure that your laughter is so loud that it echoes for miles. This kind of treatment should not only be a great affront to his pride but it should get him worried fro the next week. Those present will likely, after viewing such a performance, forgo their current fights so that they can return in a week to see the spectacle, they will also serve to promote us.
Also watch out, I don't know if this is the kind of guy that would lose his cool and fire the drill through your back or fire off a lesser laser or something at you. (because I am assuming that the SUPREME VOLTAIC BEAM is a last ditch and he needs to charge that before firing, the golem might even be inoperable for now and he is covering it up. This entire fight has been very enlighteneng)
No. 182127 ID: 6834bc

"Ha-HA! Well met, Gialgorra; well met, indeed! My condolences to Lord Dregas, a beautiful piece of work may have been lost to the world this day... depending on how well it can regrow itself, that is!
Ah, but I'm getting off track... For there is not one, but two creations of the Mosmordren Empire before you, Gialgorra!
My curiosity is not yet sated - and besides, it would be rude of me to deny our friend his chance at taking down your beast of a golem!

I can content myself with watching and waiting a while longer... it builds more suspense for the 'main attraction', if you will!"

If the guys with the Small Tomb want to challenge him, then let them. It's likely that they'll lose, after all.
Also, if they decide to challenge CANTI, we should (un-obviously) check CANTI's magnetic fields in each of its forms - and during form-switching. That's not to say to try to cheat or anything, but to just make sure that you can actually sense the fields and get an idea of if they can be manipulated or not when we do eventually fight CANTI. It would be good to know if we can or can't use Magnetomancy on it, or if the electricity will screw things up.
No. 182128 ID: 445c48

*Sounds of cats and dogs fighting, crashing glass, maids shouting* "No, get out, stop, get out, Krauser! Shoo! Everyone out!"

"I'm sorry, Professor, but unfortunately my pets have been fighting, and they recently spilt into my room, so I've been rather... distracted, and did not see that fight, though I'm sure it was amazing. Next fight, and then I'll go against you."

Someone write this better than me
No. 182129 ID: 9755c2

Respond with laughter, have it get louder and louder and LOUDER. Then finally say "Gial- *laughter* Gialgorra m- *laughter* make sure you have my prize money when I- *laughter* when I crush your- *laughter* Steam Golem- *laughter*" Fall on all fours and pound the ground with your fist and continue to laugh!
No. 182133 ID: 1ac39d

this one.
No. 182140 ID: d3dfb8

The others weren't bad suggestions but we can take him.
Unless his ditty little volcanic beam thing is able to be repeatedly fired, multiple times I think the AA and Inferno Golem should be enough tricks up our sleeve to win.
No. 182144 ID: 3afd1f

The beam is powered by a source of perpetual energy so... yeah.

We can't take him.
No. 182151 ID: d3dfb8

And that's practically what we are, we still take a week to charge our AA.
It's called a buffer, its three engines can't produce that much energy instantly. Especially not if its moving, spinning that damn drill and firing lightning, which of in and of itself needs time to buffer.
No. 182153 ID: 903f16

I'm really regretting not testing the interactions between magnetomancy and electricity with Jezebel earlier. We though about it, but never did, and that information could be very useful right about now. Though I still think we should try and take him on. We've got plenty of tricks to pull on him, and we're aware of some flaws in his designs. Though, before doing any of that we need to absorb that heroic soul. Whatever it does could be enough to tip the battle in our favor and having moves he just fought against appear a moment later will catch the professor off guard.
No. 182154 ID: d3dfb8

I am in agreement.
No. 182160 ID: 8dc333

I hope that you guys realize that the IG can stop this thing in its tracks as it eats energy. The only functions it would retain are those that are purely mechanical.
No. 182161 ID: 1ac39d

it would eat the electricity but everything else is mechanical.
No. 182162 ID: 275a5d

Do it. I have a few ideas for combating CANTI's lightning tricks.

And we're not pussying out of this. We had the chance to test with Jezebel's stuff earlier. No one took it. Too bad, we're out of time for this particular excursion, and I have no desire watch us toe around asking for "more matches to watch, please, I'm scared".

"...as you wish, Gialgorra. It is a most impressive device.

Whoever wins, I think this will be a fight to remember."
No. 182164 ID: 5e0979

HA! You're right professor! It DOES CRY OUT! But I am a wiser man then to listen to the RAGE IN MY BLOOD! [Not to mention Illia is glaring at me every time I yell...and I think it is playing conniptions with my heart..]

I will witness this glorious SCIENCE! once more before the MIGHT of my MAGIC and the MOSMORDREN EMPIRE FACES THR SORCERESS SCIENCE OF YOUR STEAM GOLEM! *Wheeze, wheeze* And...my heart catches up with excitement of this battle! How do you do it Professor Gialgorra?! Wondrous...science, yes, yes science, and you still act like a man half your age!" Turn to the operator of the Small Tomb. "Get in there, man, prove to him that the GOL...yes, sorry, sorry Illia...Golems of MOS- Yes Illia! yes, I'm calm, I'm calm - Mosmordren are the finest in the realm!"

No, we're not jerks. The Professor is awesome and we want to be his friends.

What hero soul?
No. 182165 ID: d3dfb8

I like you, you've got balls. I would agree with you but if we let the small tomb go first we could get a hero's soul that wouldn't otherwise be obtainable.
Yes, and i think we should worry about using the IG when we get to the actual fight. The thing is with all these pussies running around we might just end up leaving. And that's really gay
Go away pussies.
No. 182166 ID: 1ac39d

oh, and tell keddic to watch Dregas, something about those guys with the small tomb.
No. 182167 ID: 5e0979

I don't think we should try to do that before I duel. However, checking the area would be more sporting.
No. 182168 ID: d3dfb8

The small tomb is powered by a Hero's Soul. We let the small tomb fight, we take the Hero's Soul.
No. 182171 ID: 275a5d

To summarize what we learned in that fight:

1. The Drill-cannon requires time to build up to speed prior to firing, and after firing. These are the safest moments to attack.

2. The steam vents are capable of retracting into the body to avoid deformation.

3. The turbines and drill arm, at LEAST, are capable of self repairing via small manipulators beneath the armor.

4. CANTI is dextrous, though not especially fast in terms of travel. That is, it can move it's limbs suprisingly fast to get out of a grapple.

5. Four turbines on it's back act as lightning generators. They can discharge simultaneously in a sort of alpha strike, though this takes a long charge time; or they can fire individually, one after another, covering each others charges.

6. CANTI's core is a chest mounted electro-cannon of impressive power: Likely similar in scale to our own Amaranthine Annihilator. However, it is limited in one very noticeable facet: IT is BODY mounted, which means in order to aim it, CANTI's torso must be facing us directly. It also can be seen when it's charging, as the lightning field and Turbine power becomes intermittent and fitful

7. Finding its powersource is likely a largely futile gesture, as it seems to be layered beneath so many redundant armored casings that we'll take more damage going for it than it's worth.

8. CANTI can electrify his own body and the steam cloud spewing from it.

9. CANTI can utilize a third engine to boost its manual dexterity and speed.

Did I miss anything noteworthy?
No. 182172 ID: 275a5d

The small tomb operator is clearly up to something. I suspect cheatery, and do not think we should risk whatever he has in mind.
No. 182174 ID: 275a5d

Oh, yes:

Number 10: NO Element of CANTI is apparently magical. THat means everything, right down to the way it directs the lightning it generates, is governed by physical laws. Which means we can abuse those laws to our own advantage.
No. 182175 ID: d3dfb8

Except if he cheats no one will have any qualms about us taking the hero's soul, or consuming the leftover metals. Between us, CANTI and Keddic whatever they want to do isn't going to work.

Extremely good work sir, thank you kindly.
No. 182187 ID: 275a5d


That requires we know it happens. The thing about cheating is that if it's done well, no one will know until its too late, if at all.

Oh yes, and to everyone worried about the charge of the AA:

Remember, we've spent the last week running cross country at our top speed, 24 hours a day. Just getting here, we expended significantly more energy into movement than all the days of travel we spent just walking at a pace humans can maintain. The AA is charged as well as it can be.

And for god's sake, if you want the Small Tomb operator to fight, could you be a little less BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE IN THE ARENA about it? There's no Mosmordren kinship here, and we're not a real Mosmordren mage, what with them all having been executed.
No. 182191 ID: e31d52

My current plan of attack is to deal as much damage as swiftly as possible as soon as possible. As soon as the match between us starts, we'll fire the AG with Ozmand helping. While it's impacting, we shoot the AA with pristine soul, making our approach. While the AA is continueing, we will shoot blades with the Accelerator, no magnetomancy, and the launcher, no magnetomancy. We will make the magnetic feilds around the enemy intensify, attracting us and the blades to it. Then we unfurl the Sable and go to town on the hole in the frame as we PUNCH IT with the IG and activate the accelerator meanwhile.

Then we soulfire, why the hell not.
No. 182199 ID: 903f16

So basically a blitzkrieg/shock and awe motion? I'd get behind this, but for some reason I don't think opening with all of our moves and just laying them out like that will backfire on us. I mean he probably won't even understand what is going on while everything is bombarding him, but if he survives then we've practically shown him all of our cards. I think we should save the AA as the trump card we pull when we have a real dire need or when he's made a large opening. Not saying it wouldn't be effective, just really risky.
No. 182200 ID: 1ac39d

our trump is inferno golems.
No. 182206 ID: 275a5d

The best part is, all that arcing electricity circulating through CANTI?

Thats going to create a fuckoff huge electromagnetic field: Likely too big for us to manipulate directly. But then, what if we just increase the magnetic attraction of...say, the pipes in the ceiling?

No. 182255 ID: 8dc333

Remember that we have 2 spare shots for the AGcannon in hand
No. 182258 ID: 50cfdf


We don't have any way to easily reload those shots though...Do we? I don't think it would be smart to stand around trying to reload these things during the battle unless we could do it in like seconds...
No. 182268 ID: 275a5d

IF we do have them, Crumble them into dust.

I Have an idea for them.
No. 182291 ID: 8dc333

I thought we would just, you know... shove it back in the cannon.>.>
No. 182296 ID: 275a5d

I don't think the AG is muzzle loaded. Doesn't the soulfire charge used to launch the shot also need to build up?
No. 182298 ID: 1ac39d

no charge time, you can just shove one in there. ether with your hands or with magnetomancy.
No. 182303 ID: c6e0de

is it really that"gay" to be careful about entering a fight that could potentially end this little quest thing?

I really like this idea. We could one-shot it like that earlier golem. We should start considering a pristine soul also, just to get the aiming and timing of everything just right to blow him to kingdom come.
No. 182306 ID: 0c2d00

We need to extend our magnetomantic senses towards CANTI to see whether or not we can affect it. If we can interfere with it directly or if we can affect CANTI's magnetic field then we have a much better chance.
No. 182351 ID: 50cfdf


Agreeing with this first comment. Just because someone disagrees with you is no reason to turn this quest into a juvenile pissing match.
No. 182362 ID: d1210a
File 127473516027.jpg - (142.86KB , 888x1122 , Runed Clay Golem Of the first to resign.jpg )

[There is no ceiling or pipework in said nonexistent ceiling, since the arena is the top of a leveled-off sea-facing mountain peak. There are walls on one side and a tunnel into the mountain, but that is it.]

[Yeah, it sure would suck if the assumption the Supreme Voltaic Beam had a slow charge was based on erroneous data, the true cause of the fitful charging being the crystals in Silicanthos' hands absorbing electricity with each strike, thus retarding the turbines building charge. And it would suck if, after accounting for that, one realizes the laser fired immediately when commanded, and ionized an air channel via thermal blooming along which to send electricity in... oh, about a half second.]

I did not directly attempt to influence the match, but all through the bout I directed my Magnetomantic senses towards my potential foe, and what I found... was troubling. While I could sense it's magnetic field like any other no-warded object, when electricity was flowing about it's form, it's magnetic field goes wild, the poles randomly and rapidly shifting position thousands of times a second. I suppose I might be able to take control of such a thing, but I think I would need to attain physical contact to optimize my chances.... and that carries a fair few risks of it's own. I contemplate this as I watch the rubble that was once Silicanthos crumbling away, a cloud of dust pouring off it's disintegrating shards. Lord Dregas looks ashen-face, and barely responds to Keddic as he dully stares at the arena. The Steam Golem continues to stand at attention, it's drill still spinning and building speed while it's claw swivels back and forth, periodically pinching at the air. The dent in it's head and rents in it's armor are visible, though other than the few fitful sparks from it's turbines (already being diminished by the repair dendrites that attend to the turbines and drill arm alike), this CANTI does not seem impaired at all.

I find myself conflicted on this topic, on whether to face the Steam Golem, and try to buy time with the following retort. No matter how I consider this situation, I know I'd prefer to see at least another match...

..Especially with the suspicious behavior of the Small Tomb operator and his entourage.

"Indeed, such a test would be wondrous, Both for the data derived from it, And for the sheer exhilaration of such a match. But others had already arrived before me, It would not do to preempt them."

His earlier furious challenge now completely disregarded, Professor Gialgorra crinkles his brow and begins to mutter through a minor frown, before calling out his response.

"...Of course, that would be terribly rude of me, to let you jump in line before all these people who have already paid. ...SO!!"

Gialgorra rounds on the audience, his sudden shout drawing every eye to his gaze, now directed on the remaining three golems in the stands. I turn in interest as well, curious to see who will rise to the challenge.... most interested in the Small Tomb, as the heroic soul it contains coul-

"Forgive me, Professor, but you can keep my deposit: I'm afraid I shall be withdrawing now."

The Clay golem captain resigns, his guards standing at attention as Gialgorra cocks his head at the news.

"Why? Does your soul not thirst to test itself, through that which you control!?"

"...No, not when I am certain to lose my golem as well in contesting against you. ...I must thank Lord Dregas, for opening my eyes to the folly of this contest, and so I must bid you good day sir, and extend my utmost compliments on your creation."

Without further comment, the man begins to walk away, his guards, and shortly his twelve foot tall clay golem likewise depart, the heavy club it drags putting a furrow in the patchwork stone of the arena, already cratered by Silicanthos' fight. As Gialgorra looks on in petulant disappointment, the operator of the stone golem steps forward as well, and simply bows to Gialgorra before leading her own party away, her sixteen foot tall golem managing to not damage the landscape in it's exit. Gialgorra takes a step forward, raising an arm in supplication to the fleeing individuals.


"I'm afraid I shall be bowing out as well then, I'll admit I came more for the show as much as the match, and between only seeing one match, and being so thoroughly disabused of the notion of besting your creation.... well, my impetus to compete has risen enough to greatly exceed my desire for that prize. I congratulate you, sir, on your creation, but I shall not deprive myself of my own belongings on quite this mad a gamble."

And with that, the third party, the Small Tomb operator and entourage all likewise exit the area, the nineteen foot tall Small Tomb balancing it's sword along it's shoulder as it lumbers after it's master. In passing, I cast out my magnetomantic senses, seeking out what I can learn of it's composition. Hmm.... Iron, Martensite, Pearlite, and some trace amounts of Carbon all interwoven together, like veins or cables were running throughout it's form... and beneath the grit adorning it's exterior, I see strange ripples and folds adding complexity to the surface of this Golem.... strange, I detect the components of steel, but the rest... what is this alloy?

As my senses drift to the sword it bears, a massive thing some thirteen feet long and covered in runes... and I can detect nothing. It is warded, then. I turn from my observation as I hear Gialgorra speak again-and see him slouching in place, shoulders drooping in disappointment.

"Aawww.... ...Well, there goes my buzz... ah, and I was on a good roll, too. ..BLAST, this is poor sportsmanship!"

Gialgorra turns about the arena floor, looking at the literally dozens of craters, each nearly a dozen feet across and several feet deep, and the plethora of debris, before glancing back at Lord Dregas, still standing in place with his guards and Keddic the only people still in the audience.

"...No crowd anymore, either...haaaah..."

After a moment of pure dejection painting his face, Gialgorra lights up as he aggressively turns to face me again, and speaks with more of his earlier vigor.

"So! If you don't mind me asking, how did you manage to exact such long range interface with this Soul Grave? ....Anything about the set-up mechanical, rather than magical?"

Gialgorra seems to be trying to distance himself from his prior disappointment and dejection about the retiring fighters by attempting to satisfy his curiosity. ...This is certainly a strange turn of events, from having simply suggested the others get their fair turn to fight, though they did look reticent before I even spoke, as I recall....

What should I say or do?
No. 182370 ID: 275a5d


I do feel some pity for Dregas. He was competent (however much of it was due to our decisions).

Gentlemen. It's either chicken out, or actually WORK for our win: That means no stupid shit like "walk up and punch it".

I vote fight.

As for Gialgorra's question:

"Hmmhmm, I apologize, but divulging that would be unfair. Your daughter already put me through a quizzing session, and it would be remiss to deprive her of that challenge.

Though you can certainly share in it, as well: I gave her 5 guesses, which she may work on in her own time. I will inform her whether the guesses are close. If you wish, you can participate in the game as well, my good doctor."

This will hopefully pique his interest enough that he'll hold back from finishing us off, should the situation occur that we lose.

After all, if he completely destroys the Soul Grave, he'll NEVER get his answer. :)
No. 182373 ID: 275a5d

Additionally, I suggest that if we win, we donate a quarter of the prize money to Dregas.

After all, we owe all the knowledge we have to his loss. And it would certainly help to perpetuate the generous image we've been creating.
No. 182382 ID: 58ec1e


how about we hire Lord Dregas? he has run out of options, knows some magic and has forign connections. and if we dont hire him that suspicious small tomb owner will probaly end up doing something highly unpleasnt to him.
No. 182392 ID: 62781c

I actually like this concept a lot. We could really use some additional advisers, administrators, people with knowledge of any sort... and if he was serious about the golem and their title being all that his family had, he might be interested in accepting a mildly profitable position which might lead to some sort of respect or holdings later, should we offer it. And without connections or backup to call upon, there wouldn't be a great deal of risk involved in his employment.
No. 182393 ID: 2aaaf1

"This is unexpected, Professor Gialgorra. But surprisingly, the best possible outcome has arisen for both of us. Now we can have a real fight. I'm sure you meant no insult to Lord Dregas, but you don't have to pretend for me- Show me the true capabilities of your steam golem."

"And as for my long range control, you'll have to forgive me... I didn't spend seventeen years in hiding for fun, and if it's all the same to you, I'd like to stay hidden until I'm ready to reveal myself. However, you are welcome to take a crack at guessing the method I use. Your daughter took an immediate intrest when I arrived at the registration desk, and is still working at it I imagine."
No. 182398 ID: 1ac39d

what do we do if any of the Gialgorra's guess right about our control method? that being "you are actually the soul grave"
No. 182404 ID: 62781c

If we fight him, I motion that our first move be to use magnetomancy to seize the rod that the professor is using. Hopefully it's more than a prop. If we can use it to stop the golem, then we can declare that "the weakest point in his design is clearly the control system, ha-ha!"

We laugh, and say "A bold guess, as were I truly the soul grave I would likely slay anyone who uncovered that fact."
No. 182408 ID: 5e0979

Piffle! next you'll be saying I'm powered by World Motes and have portions of my soul floating around in demon monsters. Nonsense professor!

First note: Darn it, I liked my ham...Well, walk up and put a caring hand on the old man's shoulders. "Now now professor, professional secrets you know. I mean I doubt you'd tell me how it transformed itself, what this third engine is, just how you manage to get it to run so very well or an infinite number of secrets I could ask you. However, let me give you the slightest of hints - you could be right!" Long pause. "Blast! I must install eyelids, this thing simply can not blink! Anyway, would you let me...no, no." Sigh and give an audible creak of old man bones. "But, blast it all, I was enjoying that fight. And I...well...I feel like those cowards somewhat. I have put quite a great deal of time money and my own boundless wisdom into this Soul Grave, you understand. I mean, to loose this golem...it could destroy all my research! I have been a mite wary of feedback and...well, secrets, eh? Oh, damn it all, man, let's fight! Not...as brutal as you did with that poor foreigner, mind you, but a test of each of our's greatest work, what do you say? Although I don't doubt I'll be the one begging for you to stop, eh?"

"Keddic, could you see if that chappie is alright, though, loosing a golem. It's such a shame! And, oh darn, Professor Gialgorra is right, the loss of a crowd is almost patable. Maybe...your daughters would enjoy watching, too? We met one on the way up, what was here name? Erm...l...no, elano...no, no...Lam...no, blast it, my old..." Cough, grumble about Illia and it's not dementia, darn it all. "Yes, that's it, Lucrazzia! She seemed quiet intrested in watching...and if Keddic can't convince anyone else to stay and what, at least a family view could be acceptable, what do you say, eh?" Raise fist back as if to thump firmly on the back. Stop. "Right, right, very large golem not myself. Pardon me, I keep forgetting, blast these installments." Think for a moment. "Oh, and Keddic, I know you don't want to miss this duel, but...do try to get that Small Soul owner to come back...I fear he may be up to something not quite cricket. Even breaking into your prized secrets, Professor!"
No. 182414 ID: 5e0979

And in case the ham and verbosity is too confusion, I agree that this might be a good idea.
No. 182430 ID: 903f16

Well, now is as good a time to fight as any. Perhaps now that the crowd is gone we could also try to convince him of an alternative to destroying each other, such as until submission or one of us is incapable of fighting.

Hiring Lord Dregas sounds splendid. We could always use more loyal administrators to handle managing our various bases. Arkus does a fine job, but should we expand into another base we'll need another capable soul.
No. 182439 ID: d1210a

"But one moment, professor."

I pace closer to Lord Dregas and his followers, considering the competency he displayed in golem command, and the boost to my image I could achieve with a Lord to my name.... besides, I doubt from that grieving look that the man could afford to lose his golem... and I admit regret at it's loss too, for some reason beyond it being a possible resource to exploit. As Dregas looks up at me with dull eyes, I say what I hope might both snap him out of his fugue and incline him to serve me.

"My condolences on your loss, And a well fought match, One that I give you my compliments for. I could not help but note your skill, In the realm of Golem control.... If it is not too forward, I would be amenable to employing you, To take advantage of your expertise."

For a moment he continues to stare at me dully, no real response present on his face, and I pull out my best line. ...I hope I can prove it to not be a falsehood.

"...And there is yet a chance Silicanthos could be restored."

At this Lord Dregas' head snaps up, and the fires of determination light in his eyes as he grasps desperately at the lie I offer.

"Do you mean it? Is it possible?"

"I cannot promise you success, or insure Silicanthos' return, But I have some knowledge of golems, as does my apprentice Arkus, And a colleague of mine, the Mage Kyorto. There is much that could be attempted."

Having hedged my bet with half-truths and misdirection rather than outright falsehood, I note Lord Dregas to still be undeterred in his attention to me now, his posture recovering and color returning to his body.

"...And if.... if Silicanthos cannot be restored.... there would still be a place for me? A position of respect and prestige, for an experienced Golem Operator?"

"Of course."

Lord Dregas offers me no response yet, but I see the gears turning in his head: I have planted the seed, all I can do now is hope it bears the fruit I desire.


I turn back to Gialgorra, who has been patiently awaiting my response to his earlier question.

"I apologize, but 'twould be most unfair of me, To divulge such information to you here and now. I was already questioned by your daughter, Lacrazzia, And challenged her to deduce something of my methods, Within the range of five questions. Well, if I were to tell you, I fear the challenge would be ruined."

"Yes, yes, of course, wouldn't want to take away a puzzle from my little Lacrazzia, no.. hm, five questions to deduce it you say?"

"That is so. If you wish to participate, the same rules would apply. No matter how much respect I have for what you have crafted, You must understand my reticence to freely share it's workings."

"Yes, I understand, after all I'd tell you to to retract any inquiries you direct towards me about the three engines my CANTI uses, I could hardly expect that to not prove true for others, even if you are in a different field than I. Heh, good to see you have a healthy respect for curiosity, if you leave at least the chance to puzzle it out..."

"But we share enough for the moment, In our joint interest in Golems, Regardless of how they may be powered. And I must say, that was a most enjoyable match! A pity that they must always end in destruction, That Silicanthos was a fine piece of craftsmanship."

"True enough, true enough. Hmm, you kno-"

Our conversation is interrupted by a shout that echoes wildly out of the mountain tunnels, and a tumult of noise accompanies it. Keddic and Lord Dregas break out of their conversation and look up at this new development, as Dregas' guards ready their weapons. Gialgorra rounds about to face the rest of his stone-housed home, indignant shock painting his face as he cries out in surprise.


What should I do or say?
No. 182440 ID: 1ac39d

charge! we need to see what happened and execute damage control.
No. 182441 ID: e31d52

I must agree with the doctor.
No. 182443 ID: 5e0979

"By Thunder, I was having a word with my friend! Explain yourselves or, as distasteful as it is, I will let my golem feed upon your souls!" Anooyed and stand! "I'm sorry professor, it would seem there is cheating and poor sportsmanship afoot!" Stomp towards those Guards!
No. 182445 ID: 1ac39d

um, guys. the sound came from inside the house. the guards are taking a protective stance.
No. 182449 ID: 8dc333

Well, looks like its time to earn some points with the good Professor and gain that heroic soul to boot.
Direct Magnetomancy inwards and charge down towards the noise.
No. 182455 ID: d3dfb8

No. 182488 ID: d1210a
File 127475103558.jpg - (249.86KB , 1680x1025 , Small Tomb Diozagrath.jpg )

Already directing my Magnetomancy inwards, I begin charging towards the tunnels into Gialgorra's manse while I shout out a cry to arms.

"By thunder, there is trouble afoot! Quickly, your daughters may be in danger!"

I said the magic words. Whatever thoughts were keeping Gialgorra from acting indecisively, be they a random thought, outrage, or anything else, all was pierced through by my words. He barks out a command to his Steam Golem, which promptly lowers it's claw to the ground to scoop up Gialgorra as he orders his creation into action, following my lead.

"ONWARD TO BATTLE! I'll not let such treachery pass under my own roof!"

Keddic moves to go, but between Moss having decided to investigate the contents of Keddic's travel bags and Lord Dregas babbling questions, he seems to be momentarily trapped. I don't stop to extricate him, trusting Keddic to find his own way out while I do what I can about this situation. Gialgorra's steam golem pulls abreast of me, no crackling lightning about it's form for the moment, but it's drill is already building speed.

We round a corner to a grisly scene: The Small Tomb swiping it's sword about in a vicious arc, parting one of the stone golem's captain's arms from her body while stomping flat two of her guards. The Small Tomb's captain grins maniacally as his men move to take the wounded golem operator, and by threatening her life prevent the action of her golem. As we come into view pounding down the mountain tunnel, the Small Tomb captain looks up with a smirk, the clay golem captain apparently too struck by fear to act.... but not so for the Small Tomb captain, who snaps out a gravelly order.

"Diozagrath, CUT THEM TO PIECES!!!"

As the nineteen foot tall Small Tomb Diozagrath charges forth, brandishing it's massive runed sword, I note the steam golem beside me decelerating to let the professor out of it's grasp, and know that if something is to be done before our treacherous foe closes the distance, I must be the one to act.... and I recollect that I still carry all our supplies in my own hand, having forgotten their presence in the tumult. Wonderful. I consider what to do as I note the Clay golem captain and crew fleeing to our side, likely seeking safety. Keddic still has not appeared, though we have only just arrived ourselves.

What should I do?
No. 182489 ID: a594b9

"EXCELLENT! Another Heroic Soul for my Soul Grave!"

Magnetomancy the shit out of its legs. Trip it up.

Also, fire an AGC shell at it.

Let's not fire the AA at it while there are friendlies near the point of impact. The heat flash may injure those we seek to rescue.
No. 182490 ID: 1ac39d

fire blades to take out the guards holding the stone golem captain hostage and fire anti-golem cannon at the small tomb. use your magentomancy to steer the blades and the nexus to make the AG round more powerful. after impact drop control and use it on the tomb to lock it up.
No. 182492 ID: a594b9

Oh, be sure to use magnetomancy on the enemy guards themselves.
No. 182495 ID: 8dc333

This will be entertaining, but i will endeavor to end t quickly. If Diozagrath's operator is wearing armour, crush it to his body without killing him and use it to draw him forward and grasp him.
"Stop it,"

If he inst, then wait for Diozagrath to get close, so much so that it is about to swing, then fire the current AG round into its face while activating the Accelerator and punching the sword arm. hopefully the force of your swing will cancel out the force of the cannon firing. If it won't then brace with magnetomancy, lots of stuff to think about but you can do it, your not some puny meatbag.
No. 182498 ID: 50cfdf


If it is possible, try and use a bit of your magnetomancy on the blood iron of the wounded to slow down their blood loss. Use this only if you have spare capacity.
No. 182502 ID: a594b9

OOOH we should totally experiment by punching the Small Tomb with our IG fist.

Like, make that one of our primary goals in this fight. PUNCH IT!
No. 182507 ID: 8dc333

You gonna roll to activate it?
No. 182509 ID: a594b9

Ahh... well, we should wait until we've got some distance away from bystanders.

Besides, isn't Mordre already practiced enough in building up a small charge? When we were experimenting with it in thread Three, it didn't require a roll...
No. 182511 ID: 445c48

Blade Launcher into captain. Launch two or three and direct them apart from each other so the golem can't block. Do this while bracing your cannon, then shoot the Golem. Shame to destroy it, but it'll probably keep trying to cut everyone to pieces even if the one giving the orders dies. Still better to get not let it get any new orders.
No. 182513 ID: 716eb0

Although the chance to test out the fist-o-doom is tempting, perhaps we should instead demonstrate the most potent advantage we have over any other golem here. Launch some blades at the opperator.
No. 182529 ID: 6834bc

HOW ABOUT NOT punching everything with the fist that contains all our valuable shit?
I mean, I don't think losing all our money and shit is a good idea.

Please to be avoiding this dire mistake.
No. 182531 ID: 8dc333

I would think it obvious that we drop it first.
No. 182534 ID: 1ac39d

>drop the extremely valuable objects

how about no.
No. 182536 ID: 8dc333

No. 182537 ID: 445c48

Gonna have to agree with him, pardner. Wouldn't want to damage the Twins and their mold, even if it's Blue Steel, wouldn't want to chance it.

Also wouldn't want to lose our Dosh!

Ah, maybe when we brace ourselves for firing the Cannon we can gently place our gubbins on the ground.
No. 182538 ID: 1ac39d

that's sounds like it may work.
No. 182545 ID: 8dc333

When I said drop I didn't mean 'Drop', I meant ensuring that our hands were empty at the time of the punch by whatever means deemed most effective. Im not votan for a punch anyway.
No. 182548 ID: b14128

Keddic kept up with us easily when we ran at top speed before, so I have to wonder if perhaps he's trying to sneak around and get a shot at sneak attacking our opponents. A thought to consider.
No. 182549 ID: d1210a

[That was only because it was out of battle, you could 'take ten', take your time and not be distracted while concentrating, so no roles needed. Heat of battle is a different story.]

I reach out with Magnetomancy, trying to foul Diozagrath's legs, but.... from a combination of it's sheer mass, the potent sense of ownership it possesses, and whatever alloy it is made of, I only manage to make it's gait unsteady. This is insufficient.

Whilst I employ my Magnetomancy I fire the Anti-Golem cannon at the Small Tomb, simultaneously launching two blades, directing them towards the Small Tomb soldiers on either side of the stone golem operator. Three things happen.

My two blades each cleave through a guard, though in the tiny chamber we fight in they quickly get buried in the walls beyond before I can recall them, but I successfully free the operator from immediate captivity. I see her scrabbling for some cloth to bind her weeping stump. My Anti-Golem shell impacts Diozagrath with a tremendous knell, My own body sympathetically resonating as I consider the force of the impact. With my efforts to foul the Small Tomb's legs compounding the impact, I am rewarded by seeing it's forward momentum finally grind to a halt-

With nothing more to show for it than a massive dent in it's upper torso the Small Tomb resumes it's charge without pause.

I rock back from the unbalanced Anti-Golem shot, doing what I can to maintain my balance, and recall the many goods in my hand even as I move to brace myself. I manage to flip my hand open swiftly enough to lightly drop my goods to the wayside as I use the now open hand to stop my fall, Diozagrath still charging me, now some fifty feet away. In this hectic span of moments, Gialgorra has only now gotten out of his golem's hands, and is reaching into his silver coat as the Steam Golem resumes it's own charge, some thirty feet behind me. Despite my somewhat backward method of firing then bracing, it seems to have worked out as I am stably braced and still fully able to act.

I reach out to the still living guards with my Magnetomancy-
And my advances are rebuffed, by personal magic or runes, I could not say which, but either way those aligned with the Small Tomb Operator seem immune to my touch... a rapid assessment of their leader, likewise clad in plate, finds him similarly unreachable through my Magnetomancy. I note black lumps one the surface of each suit of armor, but I have not yet had time to sufficiently study what they could be with more pressing concerns bearing down on me. I do note no runes present on any visible armor amongst the lot of them.

I swipe an Anti-Golem shell from my supplies, reloading it into my shoulder cannon with Magnetomancy to expedite the process as I rise, drawing back a now clenched fist of steel as I launch a third blade past the rapidly approaching Diozagrath, towards it's commander, hoping to circumvent that pesky magnetic immunity, whatever it's origin may be. But quick as a flash he dodges to the side, managing to only lose his arm at the elbow in a gout of blood. His face twists in a pained snarl, teeth gritting back a scream as I consider the poetic nature of the wound, considering the stone golem operator.

As Diozagrath finally begins to swing it's sword about in a vicious two-handed cleave at my right side, I juke to the left as swift as I can, my fist connecting with the Small Tomb's elbow just as I fire the Anti-Golem cannon, freshly reloaded, at the Small Tomb's head. With Accelerator being tapped through my Soul Nexus on impact, my strike heaves the golem's arm about, throwing it's hand off the sword's hilt and twisting it about. Unfortunately, the twisting causes the shell, which would have struck it in the head, to instead impact it just beneath the neck, combining with my mighty punch to completely knock the Small Tomb off it's feet, an-

My right arm, still extended as counter-balance, comes off near the shoulder as Diozagrath, with one hand still awkwardly clutching the massive sword's hilt, slices at me mid-fall. As Diozagrath crashes into the wall with a heavy thud, two massive, rent filled craters dotting it's torso and a slightly warped right elbow, I hear Gialgorra's command crack through the air.


I know what kind of support will momentarily be present, listening to the steam golem transform as I consider my options, how to exploit the still partly buried Small Tomb's momentary weakness. ...Still, I again consider it's strange material composition [mentioned in >>182362] and appearance, and wonder if it's alloy is to blame for it's accursed durability, far in excess of my own predominately Iron form. With it still struggling to get out of the wall, sword awkwardly jutting forth, I could-

A heavy impact crashes into my side, and I turn to see the Clay golem attacking me, it's operator and entourage now drawing weapons as they charge past me towards Gialgorra. The thirteen foot tall rune clay golem swings it's heavy club at me again as I turn to steady myself, and I wonder at this turn of events as I plot my next move.

What should I do?
No. 182562 ID: b14128

Yeah, I think it's officially time to bust out the big guns; Soul-fire the clay golem (And try to catch the guys running past you while you're at it, fire your blades off), and then pristine-soul soul-fire the small tomb. Also... Hrm. Maybe set down the stuff in our left hand, pick up the rune-sword? Yes, that's where all our valuables are, but they're not going to be of any damn use if we're dead!
No. 182565 ID: c00244

Pick up the rune sword? I like that plan. It's obviously enchanted heavily enough that our possession of it would swing the battle entirely in our favor.

Alternately, screw the golems- go right for the operators. Our "remote control" paradigm says something about our mage persona's psyche; he obviously feels that the operator is the single weakest point of golem operation, and will accordingly attempt to exploit that. Few mere infantry can stand against us. Shove/dodge past the golems, grab their operators, and demand that they call them off or suffer violent limb removal... more than they already have.
No. 182566 ID: 445c48

Oh damn we lost an arm.

I'm sure we can get Arkus to reattach it? Or just pop it back in place with fuckin' magnets.

Maybe... I hope we don't lose the soul in there!

Since we already put down our stuff, grab the small tomb's sword and hackandslash if you can.
No. 182568 ID: a594b9

We dropped our valuables already. Soulfire sounds good... so do the blades...

But let's not Soulfire the Small Tomb. Or at least, not with a Pristine Soul.

I want to recover that sword safely! Accelerator it so that it slams into the Small Tomb (edge-first preferably) and then grab the hilt. Use it to fend off the Clay Golem.
No. 182571 ID: bd5078

Wrap sable executioner around the clay golem. Eviscerate.
No. 182572 ID: bd5078

magnetomance another AG shot into the barrel.

FIre at Diozagrath after clay golem is dealt with.
No. 182574 ID: e31d52

rolled 20 = 20

Activate IG and CATCH IT, manuevering around to shoot the AG into its body. Also, Yank back the blades through the enemy forces, I doubt they'll expect it at all.
No. 182575 ID: bd5078

No. 182576 ID: 1ac39d

guys, we lost sable executioner , that's out right arm. our left arm is immortal genocide with soul nexus.
No. 182577 ID: 2aaaf1

Unfurl the Sable Executioner and swing it in wild gory circles of death, aim for the men trying to rush Gialgorra and the rest of their group. At the same time, backhand the clay golem so it stumbles towards the small tomb.
No. 182579 ID: b14128

Guys! I figured it out! It's made of Damascus (Or Wootz) steel!
No. 182580 ID: 8dc333

Why are you attacking the Clay golem?

I have a fun idea that might not be viable but would look very interesting. Pin Diozagrath with the SE and SUCK OUT IT'S SOUL. Heh, fun. Seeing as this is only one soul and you have several hundred, you should meet the requirements set for the battle of Soul Graves (though if I remember correctly this accounted mostly for eating the enemies armor off them.)

Other plan is to kick its sword away and run past it towards the Captain, this would allow you to get out of the way for CANTI to finish up, the SEBlender!!!!
The loss of our arm is very stressful as it contains most of the heavy artillery.

If we just want to be pissed, stand on top of it and load the next shot. FACE!
The lack of Ozmands follow up blow is quite distressing.... I wonder whats up. If that AG ripped off the Captain's arm I would expect him to be in prime line for Ozmand to take care of.
No. 182582 ID: 445c48

Yeah, we got our black steel ribbons cut off. We still have our Fist of Punchan
No. 182584 ID: a594b9




Also the Clay Golem is ATTACKING US RIGHT NOW.
No. 182586 ID: bd5078

I dont think we can soulsuck something that is still functioning/"alive".
No. 182588 ID: 8dc333

I keep mixing them up in my mind. Well then... Falcon Punch?
No. 182590 ID: bd5078

Additionally, soulfire the guys running at Gialgorra.
No. 182596 ID: e31d52

"Fools, the lot of you. THE LOT OF YOU! You have angered the wrong mage today! By right of self-defense, the souls in your bodies and in your golems are MINE! Come then, if you believe you can defeat a relic of the Mosmordre Empire! Come then! IF YOU FEEL SO LUCKY!"

As you activate IG.
No. 182598 ID: b14128

Oh, figured out why we can't mangetomance the armor, too: The black things are black steel. Cancels magic, and since its on the outside of the armor, it isn't touching their flesh.
No. 182601 ID: 5e0979

This is truthfully worrying. Where's our Ozmand? Anyway, can we attempt to Magnetomancy our arm back back into place and graft it back, or will that take time?

Anyway, IG punch to the face as we start shooting razor-blades into humans charging the Professor - and if we can't shoot, just pull armor/our blades from walls and chuck'em.
No. 182603 ID: 5e0979

Also, this, with more bold and more ham and yelling. Some one make it so.
No. 182604 ID: 445c48

also we should probably tell the professor that there are guys charging him
No. 182605 ID: a594b9

"Hey Professor there are some guards incoming! OH WAIT NEVERMIND THEY'RE DEAD"
No. 182611 ID: 45be60

This would be a prime time to try IG punchan if we can get some ambient energy to absorb and leave space for the steam golem to fire into melee. Thats a lot of if, but it would really be sweet.

Course it would also be a dandy time to send some regular old soul soldiers after the enemy humans. Give them something to think about while we are dealing with the golems.
No. 182615 ID: a594b9

Regular soul soldiers require ambient souls from fallen foes. We can't just make them out of nowhere. INFERNO GOLEMs on the other hand...

Well, perhaps we shouldn't make them in here. We wouldn't want to damage the professor's lab.
No. 182616 ID: c00244

True. Since neither our equipment nor any of our allies' is magical, I see no reason to avoid absorbing all magic in the vicinity as aggressively as possible.
No. 182618 ID: d1210a

[BONUS DEDUCTION: Small Tomb Alloy Identification Bonus: Increased Magnetomantic effect on the Small Tomb, and Wootz Steel is now identified on detection.]

[BONUS DEDUCTION: Black Lumps Identified Bonus: recollection that Black Steel creates a largely spherical field, and deduce where small gaps in the coverage could be hiding. Mordre can now minorly influence their armor around the Black Steel's influence.]

[Roll: 20+3=23: >10, >15, >18, >20, >21, >22 MAX ROLL]
I enact many plans at once, focusing to keep track of them all. I activate the Immortal Genocide, the air chilling about my left hand as the ravenous void begins to feast with gusto, pulling in power. Whilst I thank my luck for the smooth activation, the best yet, I am already reaching for Diozagrath's sword, looking to employ it to my own ends. While I reach over, exposing myself to the Clay golem's attack, I turn my head and breath a gout of flame onto it's form.


[-3 Souls. Souls Remaining: 543 Minimum: 12]

The expanding cloud of Soulfire catches several of those racing past, me, but half of their number, the clay golem operator among them, escape. The clay golem itself is bathed in my flames, and stumbles backwards as it's vision is clouded by swirling emerald fire springing from it's own eyes, the Soulfire soaking deep in it's hunger. My hand, closing delicately about the blade of the massive sword, yanks it free of the rubble, setting it into a slow and heavy spin in the air. As my Soulfire ceases to exude from my mouth, the Immortal Genocide slowly coating my arm in frost as the air chills and light begins to shine from it's shadowed recesses, I snap my hand onto the passing sword hilt, slamming the blade down into both the rubble and Small Tomb beneath as I roar out my challenge.

"Fools, the lot of you, THE LOT OF YOU! You have angered the wrong mage today! I'LL CLAIM YOUR LIVES AND SOULS IN PAYMENT, FOR THE OFFENSE YOU NOW COMMIT!!!"

I steady my legs, my stance wide, as I heave the sword upright, clutching the over-sized (A strange concept to me) weapon as I survey the battlefield. The Clay Golem's runes glow brightly as the suck in the flames coating it's body, extinguishing it far faster than I would prefer, it's form only minorly damaged. The remaining four guards from the Diozagrath's operator's entourage rush the stone golem operator, clamping hands over her mouth, just as she was finally about to give an order. Diozagrath finally manages to wrench itself from the wall to bounce upright, a massive rent down it's chest, feet deep, now bearing witness to my earlier strike.... yet there was no resistance when the blade took my right arm (and with it, Sable Executioner) off... truly, this... steel, I am sure, but of a particularly strange alloy... Wootz Steel, the name comes to me. Interesting.

"Reclaim your sword!"

The Small Tomb leaps towards me with savage speed as I see the clay golem lose an arm despite trying to dodge the incoming massive drill, already jerking to a halt on it's chain and being reeled back in for another shot. I hear the sound of combat behind me, and from Gialgorra's lack of weapons, I assume Keddic has arrived.

What should I do (please be more specific than 'hit small tomb with sword' or some such)?
[Reminder, to deactivate the IG requires another 1d20+3 roll, which must beat 10]
No. 182622 ID: e31d52

rolled 9 = 9

Well, this is a nice turn of events.

Launch the sword point first at the clay with the Accelerator, then CHARGE THE SMALL TOMB AND PUNCH THE SHIT OUT OF IT ONCE. THEN DEACTIVATE, AND HIT IT AGAIN.

No. 182623 ID: 445c48

Punch clay golem. Leave IG on.

Or should we deactivate it, THEN punch? I really have no head for this experimental magery.
No. 182624 ID: 2aaaf1

Better idea: After tossing the sword at the small tomb, grab the clay golem with the immortal genocide still feeding. Every second it remains in our grasp it will lose energy and risk being crushed.
No. 182626 ID: a594b9

Alright, let's use more Blades. However we should use Magnetomancy to launch them, so that we never lose control of their trajectory.

Targets for the blades: All enemy softies. Utilize magnetomancy to make sure the running ones can't dodge, and get that hand off the Stone Golem Operator's mouth.

Let's let IG eat some more this round. We should swing the sword in a wide arc to hopefully smash it into the Clay Golem's side and get it good and stuck. The Small Tomb is currently ordered to retrieve the sword, so... heh...
No. 182627 ID: bd5078

You turn it off to store the energy.

Then punch.

That 9 is plus 3, so 12.

Magnetomance the blades back into the guards.

DO punch, but punch the Small Tomb, after throwing the blade with accelerator active at the clay golem.
No. 182628 ID: e31d52

No. 182629 ID: c00244

This is great: We know that the Small Tomb has been ordered to reclaim its sword.

Its sword is in our hand. The hand with the Accelerator.

We throw away the sword, fast and far, and the Small Tomb conveniently removes itself from combat.

With our greatest threat gone, it should prove easy enough to win.
No. 182632 ID: 8dc333

It wants its sword back? THEN TAKE IT! Chuck the sword using the accelerator towards the golem while deactivating the IG, then as it moves to catch it, PUNCH IT DEAD CENTER!!! (If you can fit a reload for the AGC in there do it and fire it.)
No. 182634 ID: 8dc333

Well, I didn't roll so the IG will stay on, unless someone else thinks this is a valid Idea and rolls for it.
No. 182637 ID: b14128

As we're not using magnetomancy currently, I say we use it on the small tomb ('Small' tomb... Damn thing is bigger than -us-), slow it down so we can attack it with greater ease, and keep it away from its sword.

As for magnetomanying the blades into the guards... Can we be sure we won't hit the stone golem's operator? I wonder if it might be better to try attacking the small tomb's operator with them, considering his last order wasn't one that had him attacking us.
No. 182645 ID: b14128

Turn off the bloody IG! It's going to leave our control if we leave it on too long!
No. 182646 ID: a594b9

rolled 19 + 3 = 22

...actually we'd better turn the IG off right now.
No. 182651 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, turn off now is good.
No. 182654 ID: 45be60

Hey, wasn't there something about the IG activation getting more/less controllable as a result of a critical roll?

And... can we bite the end off the sword in combat rounds? I mean I sorta like the idea of accelerating the sword through the golem, but that trades off puncturing its armor for letting him retrieve the weapon. We would need a good follow-up to take advantage of the damage.
No. 182659 ID: a594b9

Apparently shutting it off only gets harder the more it eats. Its eating rate grows exponentially... and the initial roll (provided it is above 10) determines how fast that is.

So technically yes, if we roll high to activate it, it will be harder to turn off... but only if we let the IG eat for more than one round. We will always need to simply roll above 10 to deactivate it on the very next round.
No. 182662 ID: 2aaaf1

And thus another problem arises- The sword is RUNED and took our arm our with little effort, even when we blew the small tomb away. Now we've GOT to know what gives it that power, because getting dismembered does not appease Mordre.
No. 182664 ID: 45be60

no no, I mean 20s and 1s increase or decrease the penalties on a permanent level. rrrrrg... hang on, gonna have to dig through the archives on this one.
No. 182665 ID: 8dc333
File 127476678724.jpg - (69.61KB , 525x273 , 300_jump_slash.jpg )

How about this (Pssht, I wish Mordre could jump >.>)
No. 182667 ID: d1210a

>>182622 [canceled by >>182628]
[19+3=22, >10, >15, >18, >20, >21]

I deactivate the Immortal Genocide's feast just as smoothly as I activated it, taking advantage of the wording of Diozagrath's orders by heaving the sword away, which the Small Tomb promptly turns to chase as I clench my fist, and send it rocketing forward into it's hulking shoulder, missing the head as it bobs about. The moment that fist, with the Immortal Genocide bearing a charge, impacts the Small Tomb, I feel something trigger, and the fiercely twinkling light vanishes as I feel power rush through my hand and into my foe. The Small Tomb's shoulder explodes amidst writhing tendrils of white and black, forcing their way out of the Small Tomb and breaking it from within. I relish my first real damage to the thing...

[Immortal Genocide now uses a 1d20 +4 when rolling, instead of a 1d20 +3]

...And I also wonder at how often entities are losing arms in this bout. It is starting to grow repetitious.

Whilst I engage the Small Tomb in melee, I am busy discharging my remaining three blades from my right shoulder, directing them with Magnetomancy. Two I guide in wide arcs towards the guards about the stone golem operator, looking to once more free her from captivity as I make the blades dance about the warded fields the Black Steel they carry generates, having pulled the blades from earlier out of the wall to create a pincer attack, dropping the four without ever risking harm to the hostage. I likewise create a pincer attack between old and new blades alike upon the Small Tomb's operator, but despite his wounded state, he manages to leap into the air, twisting between the incoming whirling blades, both of which are broken free of my control as they pass into range of the Black Steel lumps. The operator falls to the ground prone, slamming his stump into the stone, choking back another scream, once more incapacitated.

Even as it continues to run past me, what's left of it's arm dropping to the ground, Diozagrath stretches out it's remaining arm and clamps it about the tumbling sword's hilt, and brings it back in a vicious strike at me, undeterred by being deprived of an arm and a third of it's torso. ...Between the quality of it's composition and it's incredible resilience, I find myself somewhat put off by how this foe seems to refuse to properly go down. I note the Clay Golem no longer moving and still here combat behind me along with a heavy clicking noise, but I have more immediate concerns.

What should I do?
No. 182671 ID: e31d52


"So you need that blade to face me... How pitiful. I've faced stronger foes that nearly defeated me with their fists alone!" Flex the soul nexus. "And now... it is time for that hero to shine! CAN YOU HEAR ME, THORMO?! COME, LET US DESTROY THIS FOE TOGETHER!"

Burn a pristine to charge and PUNCH HIM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE.

If my theory is correct... this might win the fight.

If you aren't willing to burn a pristine, then keep the first part.
No. 182672 ID: 9e86d3


If the space is big enough so that there is little chance of collateral damage, I think we should AA the wounded golem operator and then shift the beam to the golem itself.

Hopefully, we can kill two birds with one stone and kill the operator and freeze the golem.
No. 182675 ID: 9e86d3


Voting negative on the pristine. We should save them for later when we are more desperate...
No. 182677 ID: 1ac39d

use magnetomancy to force it's arm to go up while you duck down both motions should cause it to miss. then stand while punching upwards at the arm using the accelerator to combined with magnetomancy to make the arm point straight up.
No. 182680 ID: e31d52

oh, one more thing. Use all our magnetomancy to launch the arm we severed at the prone idiot.
No. 182681 ID: b14128

Use magnetomancy to slow it down, hamper its movements and attacks!
No. 182682 ID: 45be60

Our first priority must be to stop that sword swing. You have seen how a human warrior responds when he has a sword swinging at his unarmored body. You must do this now. Use your magnetomancy to increase your agility and your strength. Catch his arm before he can swing at you, and throw him off his feet.
No. 182683 ID: 903f16

>...And I also wonder at how often entities are losing arms in this bout. It is starting to grow repetitious.

When we retell this story to our men this will be known as the battle of fallen limbs.

Let's save that pristine soul, this seems like a battle we can get through without one. We're already halfway through the thing anyhow.

Also, can we create some soul soldiers to attack the small tombs operator and free the stone golem's? I'd say use the inferno golem, but some people might want to keep that a secrete.
No. 182684 ID: a594b9

rolled 12 + 3 = 15

Dodge. Charge IG again.
No. 182685 ID: a594b9

rolled 1 + 3 = 4

Then deactivate it immediately and PUNCH when we get an opening.
No. 182687 ID: 45be60

I don't think we have the ability to punch the thing while it is standing up and fighting. We need to wait on an opening.
No. 182690 ID: 701a19

rolled 10 = 10

Need a little roll-aid?
No. 182691 ID: 1ac39d