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File 126959742527.gif - (82.47KB , 666x666 , 0.gif )
152495 No. 152495 ID: 6bf0ae

"... Grampa? It's me, Tiffany."
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No. 152498 ID: 34470e

Yes, my dear? What do you ask of me?
No. 152499 ID: 4b1405

"Well, Tiffany, it all started with a boy made of tar..."
No. 152503 ID: 6bf0ae
File 12695992916.gif - (84.55KB , 666x666 , 1.gif )

>"Yes, my sweet? What do you ask of me?"
"I *sniffle* - I need your help."
>"What kind of help would that be?"
No. 152509 ID: 6bf0ae
File 12696007744.gif - (85.68KB , 666x666 , 2.gif )

"I need to become a necromancer, like you."
No. 152510 ID: 15f6d6

"I'll only help if you bring me wine, because I remember..."
No. 152512 ID: 34470e

What might you want to become a necromancer for?
No. 152517 ID: 6bf0ae
File 12696015891.gif - (97.83KB , 666x666 , 3.gif )

"No. It's dangerous. Little girls shouldn't play with things like that."
>"Pretty please?"
"What on earth do you need necromancy for?"
>"It's my brother..."
>"I *sob* have to bring him *sniff* back."
Oh great, now she's crying.
No. 152520 ID: bf49dc

Aw comeon, what's the worst that could happen? More importantly what's the BEST that could happen?
No. 152524 ID: 34470e

Taking the easy way out isn't always the best way.
No. 152528 ID: bf49dc

But then again it might not be the WORST way either.
No. 152529 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126960336819.gif - (69.54KB , 666x666 , 4.gif )

"So will you help me? Please?"
No. 152530 ID: bf49dc

Better help her, and make sure she does it RIGHT. Otherwise she could try it on her own and completely screw it up.
No. 152533 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126960475973.gif - (30.11KB , 666x666 , 5.gif )

>"Oh all right. On one condition."
>"You will under no circumstances attempt any ritual without my supervision. Swear?"
>"Cross your heart?"
"Cross my heart."
>"Right. First you will need to find yourself a laboratory. Nothing fancy, just someplace discreet where you can keep your tools and other wossnames without the neighbours bumping into them. Every necromancer needs one. Find such a place, then take me there. We'll continue from there."

[Tiffany is now under your full control.]
No. 152535 ID: 701a19

"Well, necromancy doesn't bring people back, per se, so much as it turns their corpse into a lumbering abomination that's an affront to all that is right in the world.
If it could, then I wouldn't be a skull sitting on display in the dark.
But... I suppose if you can help me get a working body then I could do my best to try.
Still not teaching you, though. I've gone a long way down that road and I know for certain it's just not a place you want to be."
No. 152538 ID: e31d52

So what sort of laboratories do we have available?
No. 152540 ID: 5eea01

"And no, a treehouse is not a laboratory."
No. 152541 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126960696995.gif - (69.19KB , 666x666 , map.gif )

Hmmm.... Laboratory... What kind of a place should it be?
No. 152542 ID: 04eb0c

Is your Clubhouse some place only you know about?
No. 152543 ID: e31d52

There's three criteria we need, from most to least important:

How likely is it going to be found by people wandering? The less the better.

Is it furnished, does it have storage areas, is it sealed against the elements, how well-made is it?

How far is it from your usual routine? Can you reach it conveniently?
No. 152545 ID: e2020c



Woods might be a good place to hide, but people might walk there on their free time and it's probably public space, so that doesn't conclude people don't walk there.


What the heck, near the cemetery. Is Grand Pa's house empty? Perfect.


Don't see any viable locations closer to school.
No. 152547 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126961015638.gif - (77.97KB , 666x666 , 6.gif )

Hmm... Susan, Jacqueline and me built the clubhouse last summer, but Jacqueline's moved away so it's just me and Susan now. It's pretty quiet, I've never seen anyone come by.
Mmmmm that's not his house. It's this mouse solarium.

I think there's this abandoned house somewhere in town. I heard Susan's daddy mention it on the phone. But.... it's across the big road. I'm not supposed to cross it without an adult.
No. 152548 ID: e31d52

>without an adult
You can't get much more adult than a skull of your grandfather...
No. 152549 ID: e31d52

No, wait, that would be unseemly...
Get something to carry him in.
No. 152552 ID: e2020c


No questions. We go across the big road. With our school bag. Early before the school. With the skull.
No. 152553 ID: ad5ac0

First of all.. what happened to your brother, so we can know if something can be done for him

Second, look outside. I wanna give a look at said road before I can say 'let's cross it'.
No. 152557 ID: 8ecfd4

Actually I think the clubhouse will work out best for a starting place. It's near to the cemetary so you can get materials and it's fairly isolated out in the woods while still not being too far away from your own house. And fewer people are going to be suspicious if you go to the clubhouse than if you go to an abandoned house across the road.
No. 152559 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126961632937.gif - (55.92KB , 666x666 , 7.gif )

I guess the club house could work, if I can keep Susan out.

My little brother drowned. They buried him yesterday, near Grampa.
They said I can take a few days away from school, so I have time.
Should I go look the club house over now or get my things from our house?
No. 152561 ID: 1ac39d

if you have any science stuff, like vials, beakers, and bunson burners you should grab those.
No. 152562 ID: 8ecfd4

Check out the clubhouse to see how much room you have to work with currently. Once you get a few zombie minions going you should be able to modify it to better suit your needs or if necessary move out.
No. 152564 ID: 1ac39d

oh yeah, forgot about the minions. if they don't rot then zombies are fine, but if rot still happens then you should get skeletons, lot less smelly.
No. 152565 ID: ded270

Well, you might be able to get Susan to help you. After all, you're friends, right?
We'd need to know a bit more of what she's like if you want us to help with that, though. Could you describe her to us?
No. 152567 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126961957382.gif - (240.55KB , 666x666 , 8.gif )

Jacqueline and Susan found this old bomb shelter in the woods last year. It was full of junk and the roof leaked, but we cleaned it out and fixed it.
No. 152568 ID: 1ac39d

renovated bomb shelter? that makes this base 10X sweeter.
No. 152569 ID: 8ecfd4

Damn girl, I thought it was just a treehouse or something like that. Underground bombshelter is about as good as it can get for a budding new necromancer.
No. 152576 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126962190441.gif - (105.27KB , 800x500 , 9.gif )

So, what do you think?
No. 152577 ID: 8ecfd4

It definately has some promise. Do the electricity work?

Also does it go any deeper or is it just that one room?
No. 152579 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126962294657.gif - (107.63KB , 800x500 , 10.gif )

The electricity doesn't work. Susan licked the wires on truth or dare once.
And it's just this room. I've heard of bigger shelters in the woods, but I don't know where they are.
No. 152581 ID: 8ecfd4

Well this will do. Live candles gives necromancy the proper ambient ligtning anyway.

Lets go home to your place and get your stuff and set it up in your new laboratory. Then we have to figure out what to start with.
No. 152582 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126962390024.gif - (130.21KB , 800x500 , 11.gif )

[Art derp followed by forum derp in the previous posts]

I'm not allowed to handle matches by myself. I do have this though. And the table lamp has batteries too.
No. 152586 ID: 8ecfd4

That one works as well.

But how are you going to handle necromancy if you're not allowed to light matches? Do you atleast get to handle knives?
No. 152587 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126962495149.gif - (103.49KB , 800x500 , 12.gif )

Mmmmm I guess I'll figure something out. So anyway, what kind of things do you think I'll need?
No. 152589 ID: 8ecfd4

Well first of all you're going to need your grandfathers old tomes of necromancy. In them you should find out what you need to find. Then I guess you're going to need something dead to practice on.
No. 152593 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126962693964.gif - (114.97KB , 800x500 , 13.gif )

Yeah, but I'd have to ask Grampa where he-
>"Hey Tiff! What are you doing alone here in the dark?"
Ack! Susan!
No. 152599 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her you're setting up a secret laboratory for experiments that will laugh in the face of fate and God!

Then you will know where she stands on the issue.
No. 152603 ID: e2020c


"Nothing. I was just a little bit bored."
No. 152613 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126963000389.gif - (108.88KB , 666x666 , 14.gif )

"I am setting up a secret laboratory for experiments that will laugh in the face of fate and God! BWAHAHAHHAA!"
No. 152614 ID: 8ecfd4

Good, now say that you're just kidding. If she seems like she liked the idea then gradually bring her in. If not then let her be.
No. 152616 ID: 1ac39d

no, first see her reactin, if she has a 'that's cool' expression then tell her, if it's a look of 'OH MY GOD, NO!!' then say just kidding.
No. 152620 ID: 6bf0ae
File 12696308563.gif - (116.03KB , 666x666 , 15.gif )

No. 152622 ID: 1ac39d

hmmm. a 'wtf' expression. that denotes confusion not a yes or a no.
No. 152632 ID: 8ecfd4

Looks like just kidding is the right approach here. Get the books first and then ask her again. Introducing her immediatly to the talking skull of your grandfather might freak her out a bit.
No. 152651 ID: e2020c


The duel of truth is not over yet! But she really seems like wtf, what did she just sayyyy!!!!!? Why am I here?

The good side is, she also looks like: That's SO not cool. Let's make it into something better.

So she's falling for the lying.
No. 152652 ID: 632862

Well, this could work out best as a solo adventure... otherwise I agree. Tell her you were kidding.
No. 152655 ID: e2020c


.... Well, grapes. On the second hand if she's not a total retard, she'll remember portions of the explanation and might go around telling about it, maybe to other kids who will dig out a little bit about what's really going on. Kids can be curious too, when bored. One question, is the town very religious and watchful? If yes, THIS MIGHT BE BAD.
No. 152756 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126964139853.gif - (90.44KB , 666x666 , 16.gif )

"Just kidding!"
"Wouldn't it be cool though?"
>"Would I get a hump?"
"If you want."
>"Yeah maybe. Umm, how are you doing? Sorry about your brother."
"It'll be fine."
>"You sure? Ok, ok. If you need anyt- ok. So, uh, what were you doing here all alone?"
No. 152758 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her you were thinking about making some improvements to the place. And you needed to be alone for a little while.
No. 152759 ID: 632862

"I was thinking about sprucing the place up a little."
No. 152761 ID: 701a19

Then kiss her.
They see me trollin...
No. 152775 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126964285895.gif - (115.52KB , 666x666 , 17.gif )

"I needed some time alone."
>"Oh. Well, I just came to bring my old radio here. Do you want me to leave?"
No. 152777 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you need some alone time with Grampybones. But at the same time she is your friend and she cares about you. Hmmm, I guess maybe you should hang out with her a little. It's not like you're under a strict time limit.
No. 152808 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126964645537.gif - (75.57KB , 666x666 , pause1.gif )

No. 153063 ID: d86d2c

"Why does your head look like it's part of the floor?"
No. 153089 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126969735096.gif - (177.93KB , 666x666 , 18.gif )

"So, uh, how's this?"
>"It will serve our purposes. Are you sure that girl will not come here? That would be most... inconvenient."
"Yeah. Her parents sent her to some camp for the week. Some church thing I dunno."
>"Ah. Put me down somewhere."
No. 153090 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126969897528.gif - (102.50KB , 800x500 , 19.gif )

>"So you wish to be a necromancer, eh?"
"Yes Grampa."
>"And you realize that this is a long, long road, one that may well claim your life or even your very soul?"
"Yes Grampa."
>"All right. A big girl like yourself can make her own decisions. But you must never tell of this to anyone. Very few people would understand. It didn't end well for me, and it won't end well for you."
Tiffany nods quickly.
>"Right. There are some things you will need. Most importantly, you will need my grimoire. The original was destroyed years ago, but I hid away some photocopies. Your mother probably has them somewhere. She doesn't throw things away. You can make do without most of the other stuff, but the grimoire is vital. Do you think you can find it?"
"I think so."
>"Good. You will also need a sharp knife, a needle and thread, a saw, a shovel, chalk, some candles and matches, a spare bedsheet, embalming fluid and hydrogen peroxide. Oh, and something freshly dead."
No. 153091 ID: bf49dc

...Like her brother?
No. 153092 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok, lets go look for the grimoire, your mom should have it stacked away somewhere with other texts or stuff from grampa.

Then you need to raid the sewing kit, the toolshed (hopefully there is a knife there as well) and the laundry area for the bedsheet. Embalming fluid and the hydrogen peroxide will be a bit harder though. They might have that in your schools chemistry department.
No. 153093 ID: 934ef5

We'll want to practice before doing that.

We need to find a mouse or something. We could go to a pet store and get live mice like what you feed snakes.

Unless gramps is confident we can pull it off the first try.

Ask him if we should find small animals to practice on first.
No. 153094 ID: e2020c


Nothing to add to this, it's got my ideas covered too.

Of course one could inquire about what could go wrong, but that's just ... invoking disaster.

About the materials... it will take some effort and some time to collect them.
No. 153100 ID: cbfde1

If the knife is for cutting yourself (for blood), you'll want some bandages too.
No. 153122 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126972486880.gif - (184.37KB , 666x666 , 20.gif )

"Like my brother?"
>"My dear, you should practice with a small animal first. It's much simpler. That is what the cadaver is for. Something small, a hamster or a cat."
"Ok... What about the knife, am I going to have to cut myself? Should I get bandages?"
>"You'll need your own blood for some of the rituals. If you feel you'll need bandages, get some. You're the necromancer, I'm just friendly advice."
"Anything else I need?"
>"Oh yes, a cup of some sort. A silver chalice would be preferable, but a plastic cup will do."
"Well, we have some paper cups in the chest over there, are those ok?"
>"For now, yes."
"And umm I don't know about the peroxide and embalming fluid. They might have some in the school chemistry lab. I think I can get everything else by tonight."
>"We can make do without them for now. They're for your convenience anyway."
Tiffany tries to think of anything else to ask Grampa before raiding her home for dark arts supplies.
No. 153153 ID: 8ecfd4

Go raid your home for supplies to fuel the dark arts and your quest to RULE THE WORLD! And revive your brother. Don't forget some bandaids for any knife related wounds.

Finding a dead pet or something similar might be tricky though. Do you know of any neighbors who recently lost a pet or something?
No. 153167 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126973156084.gif - (156.87KB , 666x666 , 21.gif )

Tiffany departs her new secret laboratory and heads home. Father is currently moping in the living room. Mother's car wasn't in the driveway.
Tiffany reflects that father has been like this since Tony died, mostly staring into nothing, barely registering Tiffany's presence.

No. 153168 ID: e31d52

Hug dad, get stuff.
No. 153169 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds like daddy could need some encouragment from his favorite daughter. Go and talk with him for a bit. Let him know that he's not alone with his grief.
No. 153196 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126973364217.gif - (159.30KB , 666x666 , 22.gif )

"Hi dad."
>"Oh, hi Tiffany."
"How was your day?"
>"All right. What did you do today?"
"I broke into grampa's mausoleum and stole his skull."
>"That's nice dear."
Tiffany thinks he isn't really listening. Tiffany's loneliness has increased slightly.
No. 153198 ID: 8ecfd4

Your dad is feeling lonely as well. Give him a hug.
No. 153254 ID: 632862

No. 153255 ID: 1ac39d

don't worry, us crazy head-voices will be your friends.
No. 153272 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126974175525.gif - (77.66KB , 666x666 , 23.gif )

No. 153274 ID: 1ac39d

tell him 'even though tony is gone, i still love you daddy'
No. 153279 ID: 6bf0ae
File 12697424609.gif - (79.07KB , 666x666 , 24.gif )

"I still love you, daddy."
>"And I you, little princess."
No. 153410 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126975581343.gif - (103.68KB , 666x666 , 25.gif )

>"It wasn't your fault. It was an accident, these things happen. You mustn't blame yourself."
Tiffany still does. Is there more to be gained from this talk?
Tiffany's loneliness decreased slightly.

No. 153414 ID: 632862

Ok, we're good. Say thanks, and depart. Find some supplies.
No. 153415 ID: 934ef5

Gained? Nah, pop's still gonna be depressed, and you've broken even with feeling loneliness. Hang on for a moment more just because it's nice, then head off and do your thing.
No. 153453 ID: bf49dc


Alright is it time to sleep now?
No. 153503 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126976422133.gif - (154.39KB , 666x666 , 26.gif )

Tiffany can't go to sleep yet, she has to get her equipment! Dad started listening to his records again. Procol Harum. Better than the awful quiet staring. Where should Tiffany start searching?

Sharp knife
Needle and thread
Candles and matches

Wish list:
Silver chalice
Embalming fluid
Hydrogen peroxide
No. 153505 ID: bde1b8

First we definitely need to go find that grimoire. Go check the attic or the basement, depending which one has older stuff stored in it.
No. 153509 ID: 632862

No, we take the most suspicious item last. Grab everything else first. We can just excuse all those things as tools to expand the clubhouse.

If you're not able to grab everything at once, get the cup, knife, candles and matches, and chalk for now.
No. 153511 ID: 632862

As for WHERE... The pantry should have some of those items, right?
No. 153526 ID: bf49dc

Hydrogen peroxide is a nice antiseptic, maybe there's some in the medicine cabinet next to the bandaids?
No. 153555 ID: 8ecfd4

Attic and basement are two logical places to start looking for the grimoire. If it's not there then check out your moms room, or her office if she has one in the house.

By the way, how did your brother die?
No. 153566 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126977293750.gif - (34.69KB , 666x666 , 27.gif )

"Can I have an old sheet for the club house?"
>"A sheet? Sure, pumpkin. I'll pick an old one out for you. Just bring it back if you need to wash it."

Tiffany's pretty sure Grampa's stuff is somewhere in the attic. The only things in the basement are the boiler and dad's server rack. Tiffany forbidden me from going there. Guess dad's afraid of her breaking something.

Tiffany finds most of the things on the list without too much trouble. The knife was tricky because mom kept most of the sharp knives and scissors hidden so that Tony wouldn't hurt himself on those, but she did find a fruit knife. Sharp. She found her old coloured chalk box under her bed, the needle and thread from mom's sewing kit (she never uses it so she won't notice), the cup from her play kitchen set and the candles from the laundry room cupboard. She'll have to search the garage for the tools and the attic for the grimoire.

No. 153567 ID: 8ecfd4

Get a wetstone or grindstone, or something else to make the knife sharper at need. The sharper it is the less any cuts will hurt.

Then go up on the attic and look for the grimoire.
No. 153583 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126977713818.gif - (92.50KB , 800x600 , 28.gif )

Tiffany climbs quietly upstairs. Dad has switched to Santana, and is playing it loudly enough to conceal most sounds.

Tiffany sees a large number of boxes, some bags full of old clothes, rolled up carpets, dad's armchair, dad's LP collection, dad's LP player and a massive oak wardrobe.

No. 153584 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmm massive oak wardrobes in attics when searching for mystical artifats. Start with that one, it might have something interesting.

If not then begin checking the boxes, hopefully there is something written on them that will make the search easier. Or maybe grampybones can feel the presence of his grimoire and lead you to it.
No. 153586 ID: bf49dc

While you're at it, if you can find an old silver cup lying around you can use that.
No. 153589 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126978178428.gif - (35.31KB , 400x800 , 29.gif )

Tiffany tries the wardrobe but finds it locked. Somewhat disappointed she walks around the piles of boxes. She notices a familiar red box near the top of the stack. Figures. That's Grampa's box. Yes, she can see the writing on the side. Alexander Kinsley.
No. 153590 ID: bf49dc

Get the pages, put them all in your backpack.
No. 153594 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126978236540.gif - (39.31KB , 400x800 , 30.gif )

The box is like, way out of reach.
No. 153595 ID: 1ac39d

try dragging some stuff over to form a make-shift staircase.
No. 153597 ID: 8ecfd4

Find something stable to stand on to reach the box. Like a stool or something like that.
No. 153604 ID: bf49dc

Could you use the umbrella to pull it down, then catch it so nothing breaks?
No. 153619 ID: e2020c


If the grimoire is old, it can break. Otherwise it could take one hit from up there I guess. I saw an armchair, maybe we could put it under the falling box so nothing would break when it comes down? If there's glass, that might break but we don't need but the book.
No. 153626 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126978633010.gif - (103.34KB , 666x666 , 31.gif )

Tiffany considers her options. She's nimble enough to climb up, but she's not sure if the stack of boxes is as steady as, say, the tree in their yard. She could try to stack boxes to make some sort of a starcase, but that will take time. She could also try to knock the topmost box down with the umbrella, but that might cause noise. She could try to bring a stool from downstairs, but that would raise suspicion.

The armchair weighs like five times as much as Tiffany.

No. 153627 ID: bf49dc

Make a staircase, it's doubtful someone'll come.
No. 153629 ID: 8ecfd4

Staircase then.

And I must say misstress you're looking more sinister by the minute. No doubt you will soon have your brother up and running and rule this pitiful place with an iron fist of fear.
No. 153634 ID: e2020c


No. 153635 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126978750917.gif - (69.42KB , 906x380 , 32.gif )

No. 153636 ID: 8ecfd4

That thing looks a bit unstable. Add a wider foundation to make it safer.
No. 153637 ID: 1ac39d

No. 153638 ID: e2020c


It's falling apart?
No. 153640 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126978867567.gif - (60.06KB , 666x666 , 33.gif )

Tiffany thinks this stack is rather high. Also, it's swaying. But the box is right there.
No. 153642 ID: bf49dc

Get the box, shift your weight to the center.
No. 153644 ID: 1ac39d

don't worry, it's no where near as high up as you think it is. just get the box and get down safely and quickly.
No. 153646 ID: 8ecfd4

Get the box and then calmly make your way down the box staircase.
No. 153651 ID: e2020c

Nnnnh! We're not exactly a box stair engineer. It's going to require some skill to get up there and down from there.
No. 153654 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126979014472.gif - (38.73KB , 666x666 , 34.gif )

Tiffany grabs the box and quickly tries to regain balance. The stack sways menacingly.
No. 153655 ID: 1ac39d

sit down close your eyes, count to ten, then open them. you a freaking out, so the best thing to do is calm down.
No. 153659 ID: 8ecfd4

You're not that high up. Just calm down and regain your balance and then slowly make your way down.
No. 153664 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126979205816.gif - (34.58KB , 666x666 , 35.gif )

Tiffany closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths.

Tiffany's self control increases slightly.

No. 153665 ID: 1ac39d

good, now carefully make your way down with the box.
No. 153666 ID: 8ecfd4

There, now go down from your staircase. Then open up the box and see if grampys grimoire is there.
No. 153685 ID: e2020c


Of course it's in there. Relax, it's done. Soon when you're on the stable ground you'll need to split the stair of boxes and put them back into places where they don't draw too much attention.
No. 153708 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126979696634.gif - (65.27KB , 666x666 , 36.gif )

Tiffany searches the box.
Tiffany has found a weird jar, several rolls of film negatives, a strange cylinder and a thick brown envelope.

No. 153710 ID: 632862

Examine contents of envelope.
No. 153711 ID: 8ecfd4

Examine jar and envelope.
No. 153713 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126980115570.gif - (96.82KB , 666x666 , 37.gif )

Tiffany examines the thick brown envelope. It contains maybe twelve to fifteen pages of photocopies, neatly stapled on one side.

The jar contains a pale brown substance, and what appears to be a human finger.

No. 153714 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask grampybones about that finger. Then check out the contents of the envelope to confirm that it's his grimoire. Seems a bit light for a spellbook though.
No. 153716 ID: 632862

He did say that the 'grimoire' in the attic was going to be potocopies.

What's the cylinder like?
No. 153718 ID: 1ac39d

bet that finger is grandpa's, he may like to have it back.
No. 153720 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126980235383.gif - (70.24KB , 666x666 , 38.gif )

Tiffany takes a quick peek at the photocopies. They seem to contain a large amount of flowing cursive text that Tiffany has difficulty reading, as well as many elaborate schematics and patterns.

The cylinder looks like a metal tube with a ceramic exterior. There is a thin, uneven groove along the outer edge. The whole thing is about the length of Tiffany's hand.

No. 153721 ID: 8ecfd4

The photocopies are what you're after from the grimoire then. Ask grampybones about that finger.
No. 153723 ID: 632862

Ask Grampybones what all this stuff is. Aside from the photocopied grimoire, of course. We know what that is.
No. 153724 ID: 2eac65

Looks like a phonograph cylinder. Leave it and the finger behind. Your grandfather would have told you if they were important.
No. 153725 ID: 1ac39d

the cylinder is small enough we can take it. and ask about the finger.
No. 153736 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126980675985.gif - (236.76KB , 800x600 , 39.gif )

Tiffany took aside the copied grimoire and put the other items back in the chest, which she hid behind the wardrobe. She replaced the rest of the boxes the best she could. By the time she had finished tidying up it was getting dark. Almost dinnertime.

As Tiffany had finally packed her backpack, she heard a car arrive to the driveway. Mother was home.

No. 153737 ID: 632862

Better go greet her, so as not to arouse suspicion.
No. 153738 ID: 8ecfd4

Well then go down and greet mommy and help with making dinner.
No. 153739 ID: 1ac39d

yes and put your pack of stuff in a safe spot so that we can get started tomorrow.
No. 153751 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126981031593.gif - (100.16KB , 677x450 , 40.gif )

Tiffany thinks she should take the stuff to the club house after dinner.

Tiffany goes downstairs to the kitchen. Dad has stopped listening to the Eagles and is making stir-fry.

>"Oh there you are. Mom's in the shower. She'll be right out. Did you wash your hands?"
"Not yet. Can I help?"
>"Well not without washing your hands first."
Tiffany washes her hands in the kitchen sink. Dad looks about finished. She wonders if she could help somehow.
No. 153752 ID: bf49dc

Forgot the napkins. Remedy this.
No. 153753 ID: 8ecfd4

Give him another hug and then help him take the food to the table.
No. 153756 ID: 632862

There's a fourth setting placed.

That's not right.
No. 153769 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126981201523.gif - (101.79KB , 677x450 , 41.gif )

Tiffany put napkins on the table, and quietly removed the fourth set of utensils.

Tiffany's sadness has increased significantly.

No. 153772 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126981248346.gif - (105.87KB , 666x666 , 42.gif )

The silence was worse than the arguing.
No. 153775 ID: 8ecfd4

Aw, that is indeed sad. Be responsible and tell your parents that you're going out to your club house. Then set up your lab.
No. 153776 ID: 6bf0ae
File 126981317055.gif - (104.09KB , 666x666 , pause2.gif )

No. 154518 ID: 6bf0ae

[[Authors note: Will be leaving town later today, back on Wednesday. Until then, ta-ta.]]
No. 156011 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127004836238.png - (1.12MB , 1969x1969 , 43.png )

It is late. Tiffany snuck out of her room while her parents slept. She grabbed the equipment she had gathered during the day and headed out into the woods, towards her laboratory.

>[i]"I see you have gathered the things I asked of you. Good."

"I haven't found the dead thing yet, sorry. I just brought these here so that my parents wouldn't find em."

>"No matter. There is something we must do before that in any case. A ritual."

"What kinda ritual, Grampa?"

>"Well... it is complicated to explain. You ought to know this stuff, so sit down for a bit."

"Okay, Grampa."

>"Necromancy isn't a single discipline, it isn't list of rituals or cantrips. It's more accurately defined by it's goal rather than it's methods. The goal is usually bringing back the dead, although it's certainly not the only possible use. The problem is that there is no official or canonized method of doing these things. Each necromancer develops his or her own method that complements his or her abilities."

"Mmm, ok."

>"Now, I'm hoping that you have inherited a spark of magic similar to my own. If that is the case, then you should be a able to employ my methodology, at least in part. If not, it may be impossible for me to teach you. Anyway, that is the purpose of the ritual I mentioned. To see if we can light that spark of yours. Do you understand?"

"I think so, Grampa."

>"Well, fine. Now, do you wish to attempt it tonight? You seem to have all the necessary items."

Tiffany ponders what she heard from her grandfather. On one hand, she is feeling tired, but she is also loathe of losing any time. What should she do?
No. 156012 ID: 8ecfd4

The ritual to check up on magic spark should be fairly quick. So do it.
No. 156014 ID: 1ac39d

if it's less then an hour then sure.
No. 156016 ID: e2020c


Not tonight. The next maybe. Tiffany has thoughts and it feels more special next time.
No. 156018 ID: 8af6b8

Do it now, Tiff. The more time we don't have our brother the more...we want our brother back now, tiff, please. We miss him - we need to do this quickly!
No. 156024 ID: 705b6e

Whats the alternative? Sleep? Let's admit it, we haven't gotten REAL sleep since our brother died. Time wasted on pointless sleep is time we could be using to get him back.
No. 156031 ID: e2020c


Changed my mind to this. Let's do the ritual now, some practic should ascend any sleepiness.
No. 156048 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127005646936.png - (342.33KB , 739x739 , 44.png )

"The sooner the better."

>"Remember, if the spark is there it will grow into a blazing fire. There will be no turning back. It will leave you forever changed. If you are sure you want to do this, take your clothes off."

"My clothes?"

>"They will be a mere distraction. And trust me, you'll have a hard enough time without them."
No. 156050 ID: e31d52

wait what

quickly going into odd and confusing territory
No. 156051 ID: 1ac39d

hmmmmm... a good chance he could be telling the truth. magic is VERY fickle. if you are worried about being naked in front of him, put the light behind you so you are a silhouette, it will make it so he can see where you are but not be able to make out any distinct pars that could be embarrassing.
No. 156061 ID: 701a19


"You disgust me." >>154595
No. 156063 ID: 1ac39d

what? why did you link to >>154595 ?
No. 156064 ID: 72395a

Just turn him around. No problem.

Or strip down to your undies, one or the other.
No. 156065 ID: 632862

Well you could always just take off *most* of your clothes.
No. 156066 ID: 1ac39d

or it could be a test of resolve and when she goes to take them off he says 'stop, i was just making sure you are really serious about this.'
No. 156068 ID: f95872

Well, he's the necromancer. Just as long as Susan isn't likely to show up.
No. 156073 ID: 701a19

Because it looks like a disapproving grimace.
No. 156079 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127005998929.png - (312.79KB , 788x788 , 45.png )

Tiffany strips nervously. At least no-one would stumble in here.

"You better not be peeking on me."

>"Stop that nonsense. I'll have you know I have long since lost interest in peeking at girls. Now, hold me out, so that we're facing each other."
No. 156082 ID: 632862

No. 156083 ID: 8ecfd4

Well obey the talking skull of your dead gradfather. He's the necromancer after all.
No. 156128 ID: 6bf0ae

[[Author's note: Currently experiencing major animation glitch, fixing it now. Thank you for your patience.]]
No. 156139 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127006655959.gif - (1.88MB , 788x788 , 46d.gif )

[[Author's note: Problems still exits, I'm going to just upload and hope for the best.]]

Tiffany picked Grampa up as instructed.

"So now wha-"


Tiffany has lost consciousness.
No. 156141 ID: 632862

Ouch! What the fuck?!
No. 156142 ID: 8ecfd4

Ouch, I bet that fucking hurt. Well not much you can do now except hope that he knows what he is doing. Hopefully he doesn't want to lose his last grandkid.
No. 156143 ID: 362f0c

No. 156145 ID: 72395a

No. 156146 ID: 2dccf5

gaaaaay. he likes boners now.

also naked loli lich. i am even more entirely confused.
No. 156160 ID: e5843a

Not sure he cares. He'll probably be taking over now.
No. 156173 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127007151897.png - (1.66MB , 1969x1969 , 46.png )

Pain. Pain and darkness. Shock and surprise accompanied Tiffany as sunk deeper into the black waters.

For the longest time she drifted. Eventually an eerie red glow penetrated the darkness, and she felt herself brush against coarse sand.

Tiffany opened her eyes. She felt weak and disoriented, unable to think.

No. 156174 ID: 632862

Well, at least you aren't naked in dreamworld. Drag yourself up out of the water and look around.
No. 156175 ID: 8ecfd4

Come on now girl. You don't have time to lie around there. You must get up, there are great things to be accomplished and you're the only one that can do it. So get up.
No. 156182 ID: 4b28de

Get up, brush off the sand, and look around. >>156145 this again, too. Look around for Grandpa, too.
No. 156226 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127007463892.png - (274.17KB , 788x788 , 47.png )

Tiffany prods herself up with her hands. Grampa isn't here.

Tiffany suddenly recognizes this place. This is where Tony died.

Dad had gone to get the children some ice cream. Tony was playing by the waterside. She was supposed to keep an eye on him. She... she was supposed to look after him.

By the time dad came back, there was no sign of Tony.

Tiffany shivers.

No. 156229 ID: 632862

There's someone coming. Behind you.
No. 156255 ID: 4b28de

Look for Tony! He could be here!
No. 156363 ID: 8ecfd4

Take it easy. It wasn't your fault.

There is also a figure approaching from behind you. Get up and face it.
No. 157959 ID: 559e17
File 127023196583.png - (495.46KB , 800x800 , 48.png )

Tiffany spins around, calling for Tony. There is no response.

No-one is approaching Tiffany, that's just the lifeguard.

No. 157960 ID: 3de05a

Ask the lifeguard if he's seen Tony.
No. 157962 ID: 9a1fa4

There was a LIFEGUARD? How the hell did he drown then?
No. 157963 ID: 362927

Where, exactly, did he go? Do you know? If so, go there, as fast as possible.

Alert the lifeguard if you don't know, but rushing yourself will probably be faster than bringing someone else up to speed.
No. 157991 ID: 9cb98c

tiff, ask the lifeguard to find tony.

remember; none of this is your fault. crap happens, sometimes it just happens bigger crap that the usual.
No. 158005 ID: 559e17
File 127023643233.png - (1.25MB , 2000x2000 , 49.png )

Tiffany approaches the lifeguard's chair. A young man is sitting there, looking vigilant and dutiful. It is hard to think. Tiffany eventually asks:[i] "Have you seen Tony?"

>"Who is Tony?"

[i]Tiffany feels a little dizzy. The red gloom seems to change into a deeper, darker shade. She finds it very hard to concentrate.

No. 158009 ID: 4b28de

My Brother!
No. 158015 ID: 559e17
File 127023831298.png - (456.36KB , 800x800 , 50.png )

Tiffany's heart is pounding.

"My brother!"

>"Oh yeah, I know him. His the kid who gave us that scare earlier? Isn't he over there, making sand castles?"

No. 158018 ID: c2c011

Oh this isn't going to end well. Not much you can do about it now though. Go up to him and tap him on the shoulder. Be prepared for the fact that he might not exactly be as you remember him.
No. 158022 ID: 4b28de

Oh my god! Tony! Run and hug! Run and hug!
No. 158030 ID: 559e17
File 127024044991.png - (291.59KB , 800x800 , 51.png )


Tony doesn't seem to hear. Tiffany begins to run towards her brother, her heart aching to see his face again.

Deep inside her, she knows that something is wrong. It's as if something is struggling to be freed.

No. 158031 ID: 9cb98c

its you. you know what the truth is.

well it could be your granpa but thats just chestburst style
No. 158032 ID: 3de05a

You know this isn't real, right? Tony is dead.
No. 158035 ID: 559e17
File 12702419768.png - (1.27MB , 800x800 , 52.png )

Tiffany slows down, and finally comes to a halt. No. This is wrong.

The lifeguard wasn't here. He was at the ice cream stall, chatting with a pair of women. He wasn't here. And he wasn't here just now either. So who...

Tiffany hears a cold, breathless laugh behind her.

No. 158042 ID: 3de05a

Turn around.
No. 158051 ID: 9cb98c

its granpa?

also if you ever feel like becoming a villain, lets begin with the lifeguard.

necrololi with water powers
No. 158053 ID: 559e17
File 127024374112.png - (300.05KB , 800x800 , 53.png )

Tiffany spins around. A dark, towering figure stands where the lifeguard's chair used to be.

>"Aah, the little girl isn't quite so easy. Tell me, little girl, what brings you to my realm?"
No. 158058 ID: 9cb98c

guilt? love? anger at yourself for not watching over brother? feelings of desperation and loneliness?

what does propel you to become a necromancer with all that bad luggage included?
No. 158060 ID: f95872

"I desire the power of necromancy."
No. 158076 ID: 362927

First he needs to identify himself, before we give him an answer.
No. 158077 ID: 559e17
File 127024662190.png - (2.63MB , 2000x2000 , 54.png )

"I want to be a necromancer."

>"You? A necromancer? I think not. Not in this place."

"Why? Where am I?"

>"Ah yes. The beach. What you see is a construct of your own guilt-ridden mind. Most people see their greatest regrets unfold at a time like this. But it is not the truth. You, little girl, are standing at the Threshold. You are dead. Or will be, in two more minutes. And I, I am the Reaper Man."
No. 158078 ID: 23bee4

I want my brother back.
No. 158081 ID: 9cb98c

ask of your brother. curse granpa for killing you

damm, it IS a loli lich quest
No. 158082 ID: 49eee4

Seems this is exactly where a necromancer should be. And here you stand before the very Death you seek to master. You must respect but do not fear him, stand up to him but do not cower or boast.
No. 158093 ID: 559e17
File 12702479812.png - (110.65KB , 445x553 , 55.png )

"I want my little brother back."

>"It never fails to amaze me how you mortals seek to destroy the natural order of things for such petty and selfish reasons. I don't want to die yet, someone died before I did, I can't cope with my guilt. Boo hoo."

"I want my little brother back."

>"What you want is of no consequence. You cannot have him. He is mine. And so are you, in ninety-seven seconds."

Tiffany is feeling faint.
No. 158094 ID: 445c48

Apply your fist to his face.

This is a very poor idea!
No. 158096 ID: 6834bc

Tiffany, remember what he said. This place is a construct of your mind.
You made this place.
You are the boss of this place.
You are the one who gives the orders, you are the one who decides what happens, he is the one who will submit to your will.
He is small. He is nothing. Death is your bitch.
Tell him he will not take you, he will not take your brother, and he will not talk to you this way.

He is your subordinate, and you will decide if someone will stay dead or not.
No. 158097 ID: 362927

Did Grampa decide to kill us and take our body for his own?

We did just take a necromancer's word that he was going to help us without asking anything about the principles or cost involved...
No. 158106 ID: 559e17
File 127024939030.png - (1.14MB , 1027x1231 , 56.png )

"If this place is truly a construct of my mind, then I am the ruler of this place. You have no power over me."

>"A bold claim for a little girl. Controlling the Threshold is a rare gift. I believe the last mortal with that ability died a few years ago. Good riddance. You now have slightly less than a minute until you expire. I suggest you make peace with any of the idols you call gods. It is what you mortals tend to do, is it not?"
No. 158109 ID: 362927

Well, let's try to "control the Threshold". Have the sand bury him away.

If that works, this begins to make sense that isn't a body theft set-up.
No. 158119 ID: 6834bc

Your grandfather was the greatest necromancer that ever lived - and continues to live, even though he lacks a body beyond a skull.

Death has no power over him, and you're one of his descendants. This is your birthright, this power is ingrained into your very being.

Will you let this weakling try to deny you that which is rightfully yours? Show him how small he is. Assume direct control.
No. 158122 ID: 9a1fa4

This guy is an asshole. Death is a force, it cannot have a will, thus cannot be an asshole. This guy is just a person who things too much of himself. You are much more powerful than him. If he is alive, kill him. If not, bring him back to life.
No. 158133 ID: 559e17
File 127025098820.png - (1.15MB , 1027x1231 , 57.png )

Tiffany feels a strange, yet familiar rage well up inside her. An ancient spark lights deep within her soul, and burst into a roaring fire.

"You are wrong. I intend to show you how wrong you are."
No. 158135 ID: 559e17
File 127025106391.png - (365.41KB , 800x800 , 58.png )


The Reaper Man is taken by surprise. Tiffany has a moment to act.
No. 158139 ID: 49eee4

Hold him, bind him, strangle the power from his unliving form. Bring him down to his knees before you.

"The last was my grandfather. I am the next. I am the only God, here. You serve me. Swear yourself to me."
No. 158157 ID: f95872

This is basically the best suggestion ever.
No. 158163 ID: d57bb4

No. 158166 ID: 9a1fa4

Dumbass. It happened before, it's not even improbable. Hammer into his skull that he is an idiot and a jerkass bastard. Then slap him across the face for being such an idiotic jerkass bastard.
No. 158178 ID: 559e17
File 127025449448.png - (1.80MB , 2000x2000 , 59.png )

"The last was my grandfather. I am the next."

>"Your grandfather? Alexander Kinsley?"

"Yes. I am the only God, here. You serve me. Swear yourself to me."

The being emits a blood-curdling scream, and shrieks in a high pitched voice:
No. 158180 ID: d57bb4

"It's not a matter of choice. Swear yourself, or I'll take you apart. yay over a table. Poke every corner of you, until I see what makes you tick. Makes you be what you are. So I wont need you anymore."
No. 158181 ID: 3de05a

"Alexander is not dead. Now SERVE ME."
No. 158182 ID: d57bb4

LAY over a table.
No. 158185 ID: 6834bc

"Killed him? You did a poor job of killing him, you weak, useless fool.
Who do you think brought me here?

If you swear to serve me, your punishment for your insolence will not be as harsh as it will be otherwise."
No. 158189 ID: 49eee4

Strangle him more. Crush him into dust, and further into less than that, until he relents.

No. 158193 ID: 9a1fa4

Oh, and make sure he knows that if he was nicer to you you wouldn't be forcing him like this.
No. 158194 ID: 362927

"How much effort do you think it would take for Death to die? Shall we find out? Your only alternative is submission."
No. 158198 ID: 559e17
File 127025644650.png - (498.77KB , 800x800 , 60.png )


>"Do not underestimate my power, little girl. I am the Reaper Man. I am the gate keeper, guardian of the Threshold, Watcher from the Abyss. I answer only to the lords of the Underworld, not some weakling whelp!"

The creature spreads his wings, tearing through the sand like paper. It takes flight, looming overhead in a threatening manner.
No. 158204 ID: 362927

Damn it was going so well a minute ago.

Still, though, he's now running from a little girl who I rather suspect is "out of time".
No. 158217 ID: 49eee4

Yes, he does have much power. Not as much as he would claim, not as much as your grandfather. If it took him so long to take his life, and not even in total... Take his meager power from him. Fly up to him with wings formed from the Threshold itself and tear it from his heart.

Leave him watching his precious gate, doing his subservient job, without power to keep you from doing as you will.
No. 158221 ID: e3f578

"You are false and just as full of arrogance!"
No. 158323 ID: 445c48

Spikes through the wings. Sand can be made into glass, so just think glass spikes!

No wait this is stupid
No. 158325 ID: 3de05a

Craft a giant golem out of sand. Make it do battle with the Reaper.
No. 158330 ID: f95872

"Then begone."
No. 158499 ID: 559e17
File 127027902718.png - (2.95MB , 2000x2000 , 61.png )

The creature flies just of reach. It doesn't attack, just goads Tiffany into attacking him.

"Then begone!"

>"What's the matter, little girl? Is this the extent of your power?"
No. 158507 ID: e3f578

Make an ironic massive sand Grim Reaper golem and smash the fuck outta him. "All things must end, Reaper. May your own pride be yours."

When I saw massive Grim Reaper, I mean something the size of the Colossi.
No. 158514 ID: 3de05a

Let us target ourselves. Use the sand to launch us at the Reaper. We will end him with our own hands.
No. 158517 ID: 3de05a

Wait, maybe we can cause the sky itself to fall upon him. Or control the wind to buffet him within range of the sand.
No. 158521 ID: 1ac39d

no guys, the time should already be up, she should already be dead, but the reaper hasn't claimed her, he can't. touching him will most likely kill tiff.

make a sand castle, a huge sand castle and go inside and lock the gate. the reaper cannot claim you if he cannot reach you.
No. 158547 ID: 559e17
File 12702809217.png - (161.64KB , 343x598 , 62.png )

Tiffany is using all her power to control the sand tentacles, and she is growing weaker by the second. The Reaper Man leers at her with obvious anticipation.

>"Ten. Nine. Eight."
No. 158552 ID: 15f6d6

Can we, you know, make our wounds close? Knit our flesh back together in the same way that we can manipulate the sand? He's just waiting. Why even bother with the reaper?
No. 158559 ID: 34470e

Wake up.
No. 158576 ID: 49eee4

"I'll be back for my brother."
Then wake the hell up already.
No. 158593 ID: 559e17
File 127028422295.png - (224.39KB , 343x598 , 63.png )

Tiffany focuses her will on binding her wounds. The eerie red glow lessens, and the sand feels less real beneath her feet.

"I'll be back for my little brother!"

>"I'm counting on it, little necromancer."

Tiffany's vision fades.
No. 158619 ID: 559e17
File 12702856273.png - (2.04MB , 2000x2000 , 64.png )

Tiffany makes a violent jerk, a spastic grasp for life. The coarse concrete underneath feels slick from her blood. The light is blinding.

She feels cold. So very cold.


Tiffany makes a stifled croaking sound.

>"Don't try to talk. You're very weak. I have to tell you, for a moment there I thought you were a goner. Just rest a bit."

Tiffany feels her senses return to her. The darkness gives way to the familiar shapes of her club house. Grampa is grinning at her from the table. She wonders what would have happened if she hadn't inherited his spark.
No. 158627 ID: 3de05a

You'd have joined your brother.

Ask Grampybones about the Reaper. Tell him you tried to fight him, but the dick just flew out of reach. Ask him why the Reaper said he killed Grampybones.
No. 158628 ID: 1ac39d

you would have died, he did tell you it was dangerous.
most likely this was very risky but the only way to do it.
just rest a bit until you feel you can stand.
No. 158629 ID: 362927

"You could've warned me."
No. 158681 ID: 559e17
File 127029643784.png - (684.42KB , 1000x1000 , 65.png )

"You could have warned me."

>"No, I could not. You would have panicked, I would have torn your artery completely from all your struggling, and you would have died before realizing your gift."

"I- I suppose. When I was there, I saw a strange thing, who called himself the Reaper Man."

>"I know, I was watching."

"Who is he?"

>"That grouch is the gatekeeper to the Underworld. He collects the souls of the dead and takes them to their final resting place. Be vary of him, Tiffany. He is far older and stronger than you may have realized. He doesn't take too kindly to our meddling. You may have felt like you were stronger than him, but it isn't quite like that. You caught him off guard. He would never have entered your dream if he had known you were of my lineage. He could easily have destroyed you from the outside. I would advise you to not antagonize him quite so much. Although I admit it was bloody hilarious."

"Why did he say he killed you?"

>"He did. We all grow careless in the end. Eventually the Reaper Man will catch all who enter his domain. Eventually."

Tiffany shivers at the thought. She is feeling a little stronger now. The blood is slowly drying on her. She and Grampa sure made a mess.
No. 158683 ID: 1ac39d

this could be a good chance to learn a simple spell, cleaning. it shouldn't be too hard and it can flex your magic power.
No. 158685 ID: c2c011

Well all things end eventually. Just keep that in mind and stay cautious and you can probably last a very long time.

Ask grampybones if he has any spell to replenish blood.
No. 158687 ID: 1ac39d

also ask if he is dead then how he is still here. did he let the reaper take his body but cram his soul into his head?
No. 158689 ID: 559e17
File 12702989362.png - (594.64KB , 800x800 , 66.png )

"Could you teach me a spell for cleaning up this mess?"

>"Why, certainly. You'll need a mop, a bucket, some cleaner and water. The magic incantation starts with 'Just whistle while you work'."

"Ok ok I get it."

>"Good. Magic is not for mundane stuff. Not that I even knew a spell for something like that. I'm a necromancer, not a- a maid-o-mancer. Although I wouldn't mind ha- Never you mind."

"So how come you're still here if he killed you?"

>"Oh, that. Well the forward looking necromancer always keeps a few backup plans for when things go pear-shaped. In this case though, something went wrong and I was stuck like this."
No. 158691 ID: c2c011

You know it could be useful to see if you can't get his plan to work out. Later though. Right now you need to learn as much as you can as soon as you can.

But that can come a bit later. I think you should get back home now and get some sleep. If your parents find your bed empty they're going to be very worried.
No. 158693 ID: 1ac39d

make sure you take a shower before going to bed though, and make sure they don't see you. seeing you covered in blood will make them freak out.
No. 158711 ID: 705b6e


Hose off outside first though. Wouldn't want our parents to find us covered in blood. And a shower inside would make too much noise. Though we might be able to play it off as we had a dream of 'that day' and felt dirty.

How heavy do your parents sleep?
No. 158721 ID: 9a1fa4

The reaper man is an asshole. Any way to kill him and take his place?
No. 158795 ID: e2020c


Fuc*, you need to make a proper cover story. Although your father is a little bit absent-minded I guess your mother has to go to work and be sharp. You need to make up an epic cover story, like... a fu**in' raccoon dog attacked you on your way to the bomb shelter, place, and you fell, and the animal almost ripped your shoulder off.
No. 158825 ID: 4b28de

What are you, stupid? If we say that, then we'll -never- get back to the club house. Just clean ourselves up, clean the club house up, and if we need a cover story about our torn dress, say we got caught in some brambles berry picking and we are -so- sorry about the dress.
No. 158856 ID: 559e17
File 127031826495.png - (139.15KB , 800x800 , 67.png )

It is a few hours until dawn. Tiffany lies awake.

Tiffany washed herself off in the bathroom downstairs. Fortunately her clothes were spared.

Tiffany isn't sure what to think of all this. Is this really the road she wants to be on? Is it worth the cost?

No. 158863 ID: 9a1fa4

The grim reaper is an asshole. That should tell you all you need to know to decide.
No. 158890 ID: 49eee4

Doesn't matter anymore, you are what you are and you've only taken control of the gift you always had. What you do with it is still up to you, the whole of path isn't set in stone. Just be careful and keep a clear head about things and maybe the path you take won't be all that bad.

And let's see if we can't create a spell to directly manipulate blood or something. It might be handy if we keep making messes like that. Maybe even a flesh and blood destroying spell. You can call it "Raze Dead!"
No. 158892 ID: 701a19

No, and no. Your grandfather already told you that.

It's a stupid idea, but you knew that already.
No. 158898 ID: f95872

>Tiffany washed herself off in the bathroom downstairs. Fortunately her clothes were spared.
Wait a sec...
You walked back to the house without putting your clothes on?
No. 158904 ID: 559e17
File 12703208999.png - (2.66MB , 2000x2000 , 68.png )

Tony.... I'll save you....

I smell pancakes.

No. 158926 ID: c2c011

Looks like the day is beginning, and one of your parents are making pancakes.

Since you're not sleeping anyway get up and see who it is.
No. 159334 ID: 559e17
File 127036628728.png - (73.76KB , 468x313 , 69.png )

[i]Tiffany lumbers downstairs. Pancakes ahoy! Dad's not in sight.

Grampa promised to start teaching her today. Maybe she can get dad to pack her a lunch to go.

While Tiffany is daydreaming of the lessons to come, she notices dad standing on the doorway. He's looking a little odd today.

>"Tiffany, we need to have a talk."
No. 159337 ID: 1ac39d

go with him but be ready in case this is a trick of the reaper.
No. 159340 ID: 49eee4

Uh oh. Brace yourself for stupid father drama antics.
No. 159346 ID: 3de05a

"Yes, what is it, daddy?"
No. 159415 ID: c2c011

Go talk with Daddy. Lets hope he hasn't found out what you have been up to.
No. 159421 ID: 559e17
File 127038058151.png - (108.86KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

Dad lets out a heavy sigh.

>"I know. I heard you sneak outside last night. I didn't tell your mother yet."

"Look, I can explain-"

>"No, please. I promise you wont get into trouble, just tell me who you're getting it from."

"Umm, what?"

>"I noticed a box of matches missing from the stand. Your mom always keeps it topped up. Look, I know how it's supposed to make you cool and all grown up, but it doesn't. Trust me, I know. Just give me the name."
No. 159422 ID: 1ac39d

laugh a little. then say ' what are you talking about daddy, i needed them to light candles but i didn't want you to know cause you told me not to play with fire. if you want them back i can get them, i'm sorry for trying to hide it'

the best lies are made entirely of the truth.
No. 159429 ID: 559e17
File 127038296876.png - (81.68KB , 511x438 , 71.png )

"What are you talking about, daddy? I just needed to light some candles. I'm sorry for not telling you."

>"So you're not doing drugs? Or smoking?"

"No dad."

Dad sighs and slumps with visible relief.
His brows furl once more, and he gives a sharp look at Tiffany.

>"Wait, you know you're not supposed to play with matches. What did you need to light candles so badly for? In the middle of the night no less? Did you go that club house of yours? Did that Susan put you up to this?"
No. 159430 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you're not smoking. You just went outside to light a candle for Tony and you feelt like you needed to do it alone.
No. 159433 ID: 1ac39d

'i made a little paper boat with a candle in it. i heard they help the souls of people who drowned rest at peace, i don't know why i did it alone, i just felt like i had to.'
No. 159445 ID: e2020c


Very good. This.
No. 159518 ID: 230092

id say you wanted to spend some time alone and the club house was very scary when absolutely dark.

also i think we may need to move. seriosuly, what would had happened if your friends had barged in by then, with you laying down on the floor naked and bleeding with your granpa oogling you?
No. 159521 ID: bd5cda


No. 159605 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127041856773.png - (84.19KB , 800x800 , 72.png )

"I wanted to light a candle for Tony. I wanted to do it by myself."

There is a long pause.

>"I'm sorry."

"It's ok dad."

>"I keep forgetting that you- nevermind. Eat your breakfast. There's some juice and sandwiches in the fridge for lunch. I'll be in my office."

Dad leaves Tiffany to the pancakes and closes the door of his office behind him. For the longest time Tiffany strains to hear the familiar sound of typing, but there are none. Tiffany eats her breakfast.

It is currently 9:12 AM. Tiffany ponders how she should prepare for Grampa's lesson today, and she still needs something dead for practice.

No. 159618 ID: f95872

>Tiffany strains to hear the familiar sound of typing, but there are none.
Go check on your dad. He doesn't sound like he's holding up too well.
No. 159620 ID: 3b6c92

Honestly, yeah. It seems like you're dealing with this better than he is. :<
No. 159623 ID: b9b5f3

are there mouse traps around the house? maybe you can find something there.

seconding talking to dad. hug him and encourage him to take some time off, the loss of a son is no easier burden that the loss of a brother.
No. 159627 ID: b9b5f3

she is going to become a necromancer. yesterday she died and that was lesson one.

i dont understand your statement.
No. 159651 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127042519283.png - (191.56KB , 800x597 , 73.png )

Tiffany finished eating, then packs herself a lunchbox.

Checking up on daddy. He's zoning out. The computers are all off. He doesn't seem to notice Tiffany opening the door.

No. 159654 ID: 3b6c92

Give him a hug. You don't need to say anything, if you can't think of anything.

He really seems like he could use it though.
No. 159712 ID: 7b9e35

i had 2 really bad ideas that if placed together will make a mess that is kinda good.

go out with your father. anywhere is fine. have your fun with him.

if you can find a pet shop that sells fish, buy 3 goldfish. a couple will breed, the spare can be killed without effort and a time out with your father will remember both of you that life is the ultimate goal even for necromancy
No. 159900 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127045742513.png - (198.78KB , 800x800 , 74.png )

>"Oh. I- I was just resting my eyes. These screens are bad for your eyes."

"Ok, dad. Do you have to work today?"

>"The boss said I don't have to, but I think I need something to do."

"Oh, ok."

Tiffany briefly considers asking dad to take him to a pet store, but thinks dead pets would be a bit hard to explain. Even dad would notice a missing pet. She hears the computers turning on as she leaves.

Tiffany tries to think of a place to find a dead animal. Sometimes they see them on the side of the big road, near school. She could also try setting a trap somewhere. Too bad she doesn't know anything about traps. Billy might. Didn't he have a BB gun that he used to shoot birds with?

No. 159901 ID: 1ac39d

check the big road, then go see billy.
No. 159902 ID: e2020c


"Daddy, you're a good father."
No. 159906 ID: c2c011

Check the big road first.

And tell daddy you love him before you go.
No. 159947 ID: eaa5fb

just go shopping, you double necrololi. you should also clear your head with a good serving of ice cream that you should share with dad.

if you can remember any friend of your that has a pet graveyard or maybe rat problems, it would be ideal, despite suspicious. just take a small shovel to remove grass instead of diggin trhu it.
No. 160462 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127059340653.png - (138.71KB , 1000x400 , 75.png )

Tiffany decides to check out the big road near the school. That way it'll be easier to see Billy.

It takes Tiffany a while to walk to the big road, and it sounds like recess when she finally arrives.
Some kids are playing basketball inside the fence, while others are queueing at the kiosk for some candy.

Tiffany is standing behind the earth wall, near a ditch. Kids in the school grounds can't see her from here. The occasional car zips past her along the freeway. She hears the sound of crickets in the tall grass.

No. 160465 ID: 632862

What's that big lump over there?
No. 160467 ID: 8ecfd4

Check the side of the road for any dead critters. Also look for frogs in the ditch. Nobody is going to miss a few if you kill them.
No. 160490 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127059536547.png - (111.08KB , 800x800 , 76.png )

It's a water drain. It's dark and it smells bad.

Tiffany didn't see any dead things on this stretch at least. And there's barely any water, not enough for frogs or stuff.

No. 160492 ID: 632862

Well this is pretty much a waste of time then. Unless you could just catch a cricket.

It doesn't matter how big the thing is, right?
No. 160734 ID: 8ecfd4

The bad smell from the waterdrain could be a dead body. Check it out. If you're really lucky you could find a dead hobo for experimentation.
No. 160883 ID: e2020c


haha... yeah why don't you do that.
No. 161248 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127074217943.png - (218.87KB , 800x800 , 77.png )

Hey, the drain does kinda smell like a dead bird or something.

The drain is partly blocked by debris though. It would take some time to clear.

>"Hey, Tiffany, whatcha doin?"
No. 161250 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell them that you thought you saw something.
No. 161266 ID: 6bf0ae
File 12707493949.png - (141.27KB , 800x800 , 78.png )

That's Joel. He's a year below me. I know him because he's always hanging around Billy. No sign of him though.

"I thought I saw something moving in there."

>"Are you skipping class?"

"No. I don't have to go to class for a while. Tony."

Joel nods and shifts a little uncomfortably.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone I saw you here."


"Where's Billy?"

>"He's got double PE. So, umm, what did you see here?"

Ummm "A... bird? I think it got hit by a car and crawled in there. Want to help me get it out, maybe we can help it get better?"

Joel's looking a little defeated. Tiffany thinks she could strongarm him into crawling in the drain to look for whatever's dead down there. He's smaller than her, and might fit past the blockage. She'd prefer to do something for him in return, though. Like a trade.
No. 161268 ID: 8ecfd4

Offer some cookies or ice cream, or maybe helping him out with some homework.
No. 161323 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127075553198.png - (121.44KB , 800x800 , 79.png )

"Would you go in there to have a look?"

Joel keeps his eyes to the ground.

"Come on, I'll help you with your homework." Best smile, works on dad every time.

He nods timidly, and enters the drain.
No. 161326 ID: 8ecfd4

Wait for disgusted yells, hopefully followed by hiss triumphant return with a corpse.
No. 161327 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127075574358.png - (215.81KB , 800x800 , 80.png )

Joel's voice is muffled.

>"It's really dark in here."

"Keep looking."

>"I think I see it. I think it's dead. It's not moving."
No. 161328 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask him to bring it out anyway.
No. 161334 ID: 6bf0ae
File 127075642360.png - (216.66KB , 800x800 , 81.png )

"Uh, bring it out anyway. It might be just stunned."

There's a long pause, but eventually Joel says:
>"All right. I'm coming out."

A car comes up around the bend and pulls over.
No. 161338 ID: 8ecfd4

Turn around and see what they stopped for. If they ask what you're doing then tell them you and your friend and playing explorers and stuff.
No. 161700 ID: 648286

If you really have to, can you get past the debris in the pipe?
No. 161718 ID: 7524b0

It's a police car. I think you may want to run, if you don't want to get escorted home and scolded for standing at the side of the road where anyone could just snatch you.
No. 161790 ID: e2020c


Ask Joel what it was. Tell the officer that you think there's something died in there.
No. 162050 ID: b5e892

we are going to get escorted home with a pidgeon/rat body with us.
No. 162573 ID: ceac17
File 127096889739.png - (109.22KB , 800x800 , 82.png )

A state trooper steps out of the car.

>"Now what d'yer fink yer doin out here by tha road, kiddo?"

"Playing explorers."

>"Ain't that dandy. Yer folks know yer skippin school?"

"They gave me time off. My brother just died."

>"Yer that Blake kid aincha? Gee ah'm sorry. Well yer shouldn't be playin out here anyways. Ah'll give yer a ride home."

Joel emerges from the drain, and freezes when he sees the state trooper.

>"Joel? Ah know yer supposed ter be in school fo sure. If yer dad knew yer skivin he'd tan yer hide. Wha's that yer got there?"

Joel produces a very dead magpie. The state trooper's moustache bristles.

>"Now ye better have a darn good explanation fer this."
No. 162575 ID: 7524b0

"Aww... I was gonna try to nurse it back to health."
No. 162578 ID: 1ac39d

'i thought i heard a noise in the pipe, so i asked joel to help me get it. i didn't think it was already dead...'

not sure how to say the next part, but kinda ask to get a shoebox or something to bury it in cause now that you have seen it, it wouldn't feel right to not do that.
No. 162592 ID: ceac17
File 127097117640.png - (185.39KB , 800x800 , 83.png )

>"Aww hell, ah better get that offa yer hands. It's unsanitary fer ye kids ter play wif. Already got me a trunkfull'a roadkill."

The state trooper takes the dead magpie from Joel. Oh crap, if he's collected all the roadkill from the area today...



"I, uhh, I need that."

>"What on earf fer?"
No. 162594 ID: 7524b0

"My dad knows a taxidermist and I'm working on a collection."
No. 162597 ID: 1ac39d

"my dad said burying something dead by myself should help bring me closure with what happened. i promise to wash my hands after i touch it. i have an empty shoebox too.
No. 162677 ID: 82474b

"A school project", maybe?

Art, if he presses; that's sufficiently vague.

And actually sort of excuses Joel, too, if Tiffany is sufficiently glib.
No. 162754 ID: e3f578

The taxidermist idea is pretty goddamn good but lets mix up the truth a tiny bit instead for ego's sake. "My grandfather was a famous taxidermist. He was my favorite grandpa before he died. I sorta wanted to make a tribute to him to take care of my brother by doing some taxidermy stuff he taught me."
No. 162760 ID: e2020c



"My grandpa was a famous taxidermist. He was my favorite grandpa before he died. (let's not tell anything too freaky, it's commonly accepted that people bring candles for their dead family members and sometimes talk to them at their graves, etc. so) I need to get this magpie stuffed and good so I show it to grandpa! Sir I believe he can kinda help my brother."
No. 162773 ID: 45be60


This works. The pity card makes people kneejerk to what you want pretty quick. Be sure to be reluctant about saying it though. Don't want Joel to be too upset with our changing story.
No. 162801 ID: ceac17
File 127101679141.png - (195.33KB , 800x800 , 84.png )

"I'm trying to be a great taxidermist, like my grampa."

Joel gives me a curious look, but doesn't say anything.

>"Ohhoo, taxidermy eh? Now dere's a skill more people oughtter learn. Do it mesself whenever me and tha boys go shoot us some antlers."

"...You do taxidermy?"

>"Oh yeah, plenty'o times. Not too many youngsters take an interest inna tha field. Good fer you, builds character it does. So wha's yer ol' geezer called? Maybe ah know 'im?"
No. 162803 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell him you only knew him as Grampa. He passed away a few years ago.
No. 162820 ID: ceac17
File 127101886247.png - (163.65KB , 800x800 , 85.png )

"Ummm I dunno. I only knew him as grampa. He died when I was little."

>"Well dagnabbit. Ah can look it up mesself ah guess. And you get back ter school before ah call yer dad!"

Squad broken! Joel flees towards the school.

>"Anyhow's, ah better be takin yer home-"
The state trooper pauses mid-sentence and looks at the magpie critically.
>"You know, this bird's a bit banged up doncha think? It's missin feathers an everythin. Not 'xcactly a prime target fer taxidermy."

"Uh, no it's all right, I'm just practising anyway."

>"Naw, can' have yer practisin with bad hides. Ye'd need tha devil's fingers to pull the skin offa this one without tearin it. Tell yer what, I could let yer have yer pick from the trunk if you like."
No. 162822 ID: 9bb35a

Accept his offer!
No. 162829 ID: ceac17
File 127102050540.png - (426.86KB , 800x800 , 86.png )

"Yes, please!"


The state trooper opens the trunk. A think miasma of rotting roadkill overwhelms Tiffany. She is feeling alarmingly nauseous.

>"Oh right, tha smell. Some o em are pretty much gone by now. But there's a fox, a coon, a bunny an a raven that'r still in one piece. Ain't been dead too long."
No. 162830 ID: ed0e3a

Go for the raven.
No. 162833 ID: f95872

Raven sounds ideal to me, I think.
No. 162836 ID: 8ecfd4

Take the raven. That would be a proper familiar for a necromancer.
No. 162845 ID: 7524b0

Personally I like raccoons, but at least the raven is on the top of the pile.
No. 162879 ID: d576fd

hurr. raven for aerial view, fox for cunnig, racoon for sneaking, a bunny for cuteness.

coming to think of it, id say a fox. ravens arent useful in hand to hand.
No. 162882 ID: 8ecfd4

They can give you quite a nasty and vicious pecking, take your eyeballs right out of your skull. And foxes are rather small, they're not that useful in hand to hand either.
No. 162917 ID: f95872

There's no bear in this trunk; we're not going to get something useful in hand-to-hand no matter what we pick.
No. 162982 ID: 82474b

Rabbit, of course.

Hasn't anyone else ever seen "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"?
No. 162983 ID: 620bfb

You have not pissed off a bird before.

And you have not had to deal with a hungry raccoon in your garbage at 3 in the morning.
No. 163009 ID: 4531bc

I like ravens.
No. 163016 ID: 1ac39d

a blue-jay was nesting on my front porch, on a little overhang. whenever someone tried to go out the door she would flip out and dive bomb our heads. birds are viscous when they have a babies.
No. 163188 ID: 8eadbc

Raccoons have paws that are more like hands almost. Very dexterous. Death might diminish that a bit, buuuuut... might be good.

If you're going for cute, I'd recommend something fuzzy and not too far gone.

...but then, if it's got enough cute, a bit of rot can add charm. :3
No. 163239 ID: 7b538c

The raven seems an obvious choice. They are associated with the darks arts alot, so why not try to fit the part?
No. 163262 ID: ceac17
File 12710685162.png - (394.56KB , 800x800 , 87.png )

[Also counting the votes from the questdis, raven won with clear majority.]

Her eyes watering, Tiffany quickly grabs something from the top of the pile, desperately trying not to throw up. A dead raven emerges from the trunk.

>"A fine choice, yessirree. Now get inna car, kiddo. Ah'll drop you off."

The state trooper throws the magpie in the pile and thank god closes the trunk. A moment later Tiffany is sitting in the car with the dead raven in her lap. The houses zip past the window in a blur.

>"So how're you holdin up, with yer brother an all?"

"Fine, thank you."

>"Tha's good. An's a good thing yer takin up a new hobby. Gotta keep busy. So where'r you gettin yer tannin materials from?"
No. 163263 ID: 1ac39d

for now i'm just using some stuff that my grandpa didn't use. i f i need more i think you would be good to ask.
No. 163268 ID: 9bb35a

Yeah, tell him you found a number of labelled bottles. You didn't messed them with much because they were marked as poison, but after you found out what they were for...

And that's why you now have a dead raven on yer lap.
No. 163286 ID: 8ecfd4

Both of these sounds like good explinations.
No. 163323 ID: ceac17
File 127110358360.png - (138.04KB , 800x800 , 88.png )

"Oh I'm using some of the stuff Grampa left over."

>"Ah see. Well when you run out ah recommend you go an visit Tobias' hardware store. 'e has all kindsa stuff there fer a taxidermist. Anyway, thisdbe yer stop. Take care now."

"Thanks for the ride."

Soon Tiffany stands in the suburbs alone. The neighbourhood is dead quiet. Dad and missus Hobbes are the only people who're home during the day.

Tiffany ponders if she should go straight to the laboratory, or what to do with the raven while getting her lunchbox from the house. Dad might not approve of dead things in the living room.

No. 163324 ID: 8ecfd4

To the laboratory. There is MAGIC! to be done and natural laws to be defied.
No. 163333 ID: ceac17
File 127110508061.png - (117.37KB , 800x800 , 89.png )


No. 163334 ID: 8ecfd4

Good girl. Not get there posthaste!

Umm, btw, your hair seems to spontaneously have grown alot. Any idea on how that happened?
No. 163336 ID: e3f578
File 127110524060.jpg - (39.16KB , 445x403 , 9KdxDLdgETYaEEN.jpg )

It's pronounced lab-ora-tory, get it right woman.
No. 163363 ID: ceac17
File 127111080088.png - (404.18KB , 800x800 , 90.png )

It was getting dark. Tiffany had spent the whole day listening to Grampa's lessons. Her head swam with new, bizarre concepts, and she struggled to understand them all. Basic theory and application of magic require a lot of effort, even when their powers are as subtle as they are. Tiffany learns a little of ritual magic, as well as other topics noted below.

Grampa went into some detail explaining the events of yesterday, and what she understood of it was this; When a human is dying, his soul departs from the Middle World (Tiffany is a little fuzzy on what that is) and begins it's descent to the underworld. During this trip the soul forms a sort of a dream-bubble around itself (to protect itself? Grampa didn't say). Grampa's family occasionally has a reasonable amount of power while inside their own bubble. Apparently the Reaper didn't expect Tiffany to have powers like that, and was a little careless. She was able to use her power to end the bleeding and save her own life, but Grampa warned her not to rely on that to always work. Someone may die so quickly that there is no time for that sort of tricks. It's a razor edge, Grampa said. In more ways than one.

The Reaper Man is an ancient entity with unfathomable power. Fortunately for Tiffany, he has a very strict set of rules (the Compact?) it must follow. It's supposed to guard the Threshold and protect the souls of the dead. Most of his powers are kept under lock and key until it meets a creature matching certain criteria. Grampa told her not to worry about him at this point, there are ways of getting around the rules.

The very bare-bones basics of necromancy (Grampa: hehe, get it?) are the same regardless of the practitioner's methodology. They are: 1) mend the body, 2) restore the soul, 3) call the spirit and 4) breathe the life. The fine details vary. And of course there's all sorts of other stuff that comes with the core.

Today Grampa wants Tiffany to practice the first and last parts of the necromantic rite. Grampa wants Tiffany to construct a familiar, as it shares many aspects of the rite. Specifically, instead of parts three and four the necromancer takes a piece of his own soul and places it inside the familiar. Tiffany would get to choose an ability for the familiar, in addition to being able to give it mental commands. Such powers include: Speech, Sense Spirit, Sense Death, Tool Use and Sex Appeal.

Tiffany ponders all this, somewhat worried about the prospect of giving up a piece of her soul. She could use help choosing a power for the familiar. Now would also be a great time to bombard Grampa with questions.

No. 163364 ID: 82455b

what happens to the familiar if we die and vice versa?

can you give some insight of these powers? i dont see how a raven can use sex appeal.

can we put granpa's soul on the body? it feels even better for him.

my vote goes for tool use

oh god not a sexy loli lich
No. 163366 ID: 7524b0

Ravens already have the ability to use tools, so that's covered. Theoretically they can learn Speech on their own too. They're carrion birds so they already have a little bit of Sense Death.

Sense Spirit seems like a fine choice, rather than Sex Appeal. How would that even work? If it's an ability that affects Tiffany then uh... let's steer clear of it.
No. 163368 ID: ceac17

>Not knowing how sex appeal would work
Clearly you have never seen Crowmanticar.

Here's a tip:
No. 163463 ID: 82455b
File 127112193280.jpg - (108.17KB , 646x1305 , wtf.jpg )

y u do this?

i cant stop thinking about the fanart we would have. a loli lich and her pet dick.
No. 163562 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask grampy if the familiar will grow in power as Tiffany grows more powerful.
No. 163587 ID: eb6d46

alright, questionan gaems:
+will the raven (now named siegfried) have intelligence past my own?
+what kinds of undead can I make in the near future? zombies? skeletons? mummies? ghouls? what are the limits?
+what abilities do I have past reanimations and resurrections?
+can I punch death in the dick? how? when can I do this?

those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
No. 163703 ID: e2020c

"Where does the soul come from?"
No. 163736 ID: ceac17
File 127118492852.png - (174.02KB , 800x800 , 91.png )

>"Will the raven have intelligence past my own?"
"Past your own like smarter than you? Depends on how smart you are. Or did you mean independent of you? Yeah kinda. It can't really disobey you but it'll have its own mind."

>"What kinds of undead can I make in the near future? zombies? skeletons? mummies? ghouls? what are the limits?"
"Whoa Tiff, I thought the deal was me teaching you how to resurrect your brother. Creating undead? That's some pretty dark stuff. Basically that would be forcing some spirit into your service, then binding that into a corpse. That has it's own knacks. Limits? Yeah well... It's a bit fuzzy all around. I can give a more specific answer if you ask a more specific question."

>"What abilities do I have past reanimations and resurrections?"
"Well, you'll be able to perform most rituals provided you know the details of same. Beyond that I dunno yet. It's a little different for everyone. I'll keep an eye out for any telltales of abilities I know of. There's been quite a variety of those in the family over the centuries. Actually, us Kinsley's kept a record of the abilities of every family member. Unfortunately the only copy I had was destroyed along with my grimoire. I remember only some of the more interesting bits."

>"Can I punch death in the dick? how? When can I do this?"
"Wash your mouth, young lady. And no, you don't want to violate the Compact."

>"You mentioned the abilities I could give to my familiar. Could you tell me what they do?"
"Sure, dear. All familiars can communicate with their masters mentally. A limited telepathy kind-o-deal. Like I'm doing with you now. Beyond that, you can make it actually speak as in form audible words. Sensing spirits is a useful ability, it'll let the familiar sense or 'see' any ghosts or spirits. They can be a bitch to track down believe you me. Then there's death sense which will allow the familiar detect anything dying or recently dead in about a hundred meter radius. I used to keep a familiar with that ability, handy for locating subjects for experiments. Tool use doesn't just mean picking termites from a tree trunk with a stick, it means the ability to operate simple human made devices. Like opening doors, windows, using keys, latches. Remember, even though it has a piece of your soul and ravens are pretty bright, it's still just a bird. It can't follow orders it doesn't understand. And sex appeal is.... I don't know why I brought that up. I just listed all the abilities I remembered the incantations for off the top of my head."

>"Could I put you in the familiar?"
"That... wouldn't be a good idea, dear. Was there anything else?"
No. 163739 ID: e3f578

Let him know you didn't mean to insult him or anything with the last question, just that you wanted to help him get a body with better mobility and control.
No. 163740 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmm, interesting stuff. Sounds like necromancy is very reliant on rituals to work. Hopefully there are some other useful quicker spells as well.

Ask him how soon you can have your brother up again and how difficult it would be.
No. 163741 ID: 8af6b8

I'm sorry, grandpa. It just...this is so strange! I mean, I read all these books about necromancers bringing forth leigons of undead and stuff just because they do some ritual. I wanna make sure I know what I need to do so I can bring my brother back!

Also, death was kind of a d...a jerk, Grandpa. And wouldn't give me my brother back. I don't like Death.

Could we find a copy of your Grimora, Grandpa Bones?
No. 163742 ID: 8af6b8

Remember, we're doing this to get our brother back - anything else is secondary at this point. Well, other then keeping our home life in one peice.
No. 163743 ID: 7a2a99

right, world domination comes after.

its weird for gramps to be concerned with that considering he pratically killed us.

if we sense spirits, can we "harvest" them for future undead makin?
No. 163744 ID: 7524b0

Spirit Sense then.
No. 163750 ID: 8af6b8

Stop turnign us into necromancers now. We're just getting our brother - lets not try to do anything beyond that now. We are only ten-ish.
No. 163758 ID: bbdfae

I'm thinking we should go with Spirit Sense, based upon available information. We haven't had to deal with ghosts or such yet, but best to be ready.

Also, we should probably mention that we claimed he was a great taxidermist to a state trooper, and are wondering if that could be extended into an actual cover for why we're poking around with bodies all the time. Not that we expect there to be that much overlap between the fields, but he probably has a much better idea than we do of what kind of trouble you can get into with the law for general necromancy-activities...
No. 163784 ID: ceac17
File 127119872859.png - (244.89KB , 800x800 , 92.png )

>"Oh I didn't mean to insult you, I just thought maybe you'd like some mobility."
"Oh don't worry about it. I'm fine right here. And I wasn't insulted, it just isn't really feasible given the circumstances."

>"Sounds like all this takes a lot of time with all the rituals and stuff. Are there any faster spells?"
"Yes and no. Actual on-the-spot magic is really tricky, but it's possible to prepare quite a lot of spells ahead of time to use later."

>"I keep reading about all these necromancers raising whole legions at once. Can it really be done?"
"Egh, yeah I suppose. That sort of thing requires some serious mojo though. In every case of mass reanimation I've ever heard of the necromancer was either immediately destroyed for breaking the Compact, or in league with one a greater entity. Can't recommend either. And it was never whole legions, like a few dozen at most."

>"Could I get a full copy of your grimoire, Grampa?"
"Nope. Destroyed. Gone. And there was some stuff in there that is definitely not for little girls. If you're really itching for some advanced reading I know a few other tomes that are worth a once-over. But not until I know you're not going to end up as fish-bait doing something that's over your head."

>"If I could see spirits, could I collect them for future use?"
"What, making undead? No. You shouldn't be dabbling on those things."
>"Oh come on, I was just asking."
"Well fine, yes it's possible. You'd need a spirit trap and some other trinkets, but tracking and catching rogue spirits is one of the faster ways of acquiring some. You could also summon specific spirits by name, if you know any."

>"I was thinking I should go with the sense spirit ability in any case. Sounds like a useful ability to have."
"Yeah it's handy. You'll just have to alter the magic circle a little bit while you're channeling and speak the right incantation. No problem at all."

>"I, uh, was caught by a state trooper when looking for a dead animal. I made up a story about you being a great taxidermist and me wanting to follow in your footsteps. He bought it."
"Ehh, great. At least you're a quick thinker, even if you're way too careless you stupid little girl. Now you're going to have to keep up that charade for bloody ages. These things will bite you in the ass faster than you could imagine. The word will get around, see. Never, ever get caught by the general public, especially an authority. You'll wind up shit creek, pardon my french.
>"Umm, is there at least some overlap between the fields?"
"What? Bloody taxidermy and raping nature with black magic? No there bloody well isn't. Now drop the subject. Any other questions or are you ready to start? We should get this over with before you miss dinner."
No. 163786 ID: bbdfae

No further questions.
No. 163797 ID: ceac17
File 127120113666.png - (107.58KB , 800x500 , 93.png )

"No further questions."

>"Right. Well, start then. Prepare the body. As in, fix any obvious problems. Put bones where they should be, organs where they should be, stitch together any open wounds, that sorta thing. It doesn't have to be perfect, the last part of the ritual will repair minor stuff."

Tiffany digs out the equipment she gathered yesterday, and lays the raven onto the table. She could definitely use some advice on how to proceed, and Grampa seems content to grin from the shelf.
No. 163799 ID: 7524b0

Inspect it closely. Move around the limbs to see if they're broken.
No. 163800 ID: bbdfae

Carefully look over the raven. Try to figure out how it died; that probably caused some damage to it somewhere. With luck it died of shock or poison or something, but if it's got open wounds or looks like it died of some kind of blunt trauma, you'll need to try and fix it up at least a little.

Make a note that we should get a book on avian anatomy if we're going to try to raise dead birds on a regular basis.
No. 163805 ID: 7a2a99

after a maniacal laughter to relax, get gloves and feel the bones of the bird. place anything back inside, shove any organ inside and sew everything together.

you may need to practice with a bend needle...
No. 163807 ID: 7a2a99

actualy if placing the organs is importatn we should get it now.
No. 163822 ID: bbdfae

I doubt that the bird is seriously damaged. The state trooper seemed to think that it was one of the most intact specimens, not that Tiffany was able to stand the stench long enough to choose one carefully. We'll need to work on that.

How well can we sew cloth? We've learned how, right? Flesh isn't that different, but care must be taken- sloppy work would almost certainly end up looking gruesome. If we're totally clueless a little practice (for our practice raven; how meticulous) would not be a bad plan.
No. 163886 ID: 89385f

Prepare spells for use later.

Fuck YES! We're Vancian casters!
No. 163971 ID: f95872

Well, the first thing to do is to look at it. Is there anything visibly wrong with it? If not, feel it up. The bone structure should be symmetrical. Anywhere were it's not, we'll need to fix that.
No. 163983 ID: eb6d46

also, make it look totally metal, steel rivets, red paint in weird symbols, skulls all over that motherfucker. he will be the crow that smites down the very gods of ROCK.
No. 164026 ID: bbdfae

No. We do not have the power to afford conspicuous-looking servants, nor the mastery of anatomy to not screw that up. Besides, we're learning; we should start with the base form and worry about raising modded versions later.
No. 164126 ID: eb6d46


you're right, we need to wait a while for the metalization.
No. 164151 ID: 1fd472

Luckily it is well preserved externally, seeing how it was meant for taxidermy in the first place. Can you see any obvious damage at all? If it died of natural causes there may not be anything to fix.

Poke over it very carefully and take note of any damage.
No. 164256 ID: ceac17
File 12712761771.png - (373.48KB , 800x800 , 94.png )

Tiffany inspects bird. At first glance it seems undamaged, but she carefully feels the wings and legs for broken bones, the torso for anything unusual. After laying it back down she notices a spot of blood on her hand. Huh. There seems to be a small puncture wound on it's left side.
No. 164257 ID: 1ac39d

okay, make a small incision to make the hole a little bigger and see if anything is in there that shouldn't be. if you find nothing then seal it up.
No. 164258 ID: 63ec27

oh he was shot. lucky us i guess.

do the cut to explore the wound as described, we gotta get the projectile unless it went trhu.
No. 164259 ID: bbdfae

You thinking that it got shot by a tiny-caliber gun of some kind? Get a flashlight in position to give you a good view and get something other than your fingers for grabbing- needlenose pliers, perhaps- if you need to extract something. If it's damaged any organs there won't be much you can do about that, unfortunately, and shifting them around would probably be more trouble than it's worth.

Anyway, be careful not to damage it more than you have to when messing around here. If you don't think you'll be able to manage without causing additional destruction, just abort and seal it up as best you can- Grandpa said that it didn't have to be perfect.
No. 164261 ID: ceac17
File 127127751595.png - (397.55KB , 800x800 , 95.png )

Tiffany carefully feels around the wound with the tip of her knife. Yeah there's something inside there. It's hard, maybe even metallic, and it moves a little when she pokes it with the tip.

For a moment she really, really wishes she had some pliers, but a pair completely fails to appear. Currently the only relevant instruments she has are her fruit knife and a sewing needle.

No. 164263 ID: 63ec27

BB gun. we may need to hunt a nerd later.
No. 164264 ID: bbdfae

Make a note to get pliers.

Lacking them, you can probably gradually nudge the bullet out with the needle, if you hold the bird to manipulate it externally while you work. That's less likely to cause damage than using the knife. Take your time and be careful, but no pressure; if you mess up too badly you can sneak out after dark to come back with pliers.
No. 164265 ID: 89385f

Have anyone here ever removed a splinter from their finger with a needle? I did, but I cant really explain how to do it.

In these moments, I wish lead was more succeptible to magnets.
No. 164266 ID: 63ec27

do you have a magnet? some bb guns use iron pellets...
No. 164267 ID: 701a19

It's not lead, it's probably steel.
No. 164268 ID: 372d37

How do BB guns work anyway? Some sort of spring?
No. 164269 ID: 63ec27

pressurized air. when you close it, you are pumping it, that is why its difficult to close one.
No. 164271 ID: 63ec27

gah i think there was a spring loaded type too. pardon my complicated childhood.
No. 164272 ID: 372d37

I wouldn't know, they are illegal here.
No. 164331 ID: ceac17
File 127128914320.png - (401.05KB , 800x800 , 96.png )

After a few minutes of struggling with the needle, Tiffany feels like she finally got the dam thing loose. A little fidgeting later she successfully extracts the pellet. Yeah looks like a BB gun shot alright.

The wound on the cadaver has grown slightly, but at least the offending object has been removed.
Tiffany's surgical skill has increased slightly.

Is there anything else Tiffany should do before proceeding to phase two?

No. 164332 ID: 7524b0

Inspect the head, and open the mouth. Make sure it didn't choke on something in its death throes.
No. 164333 ID: 63ec27

also its time to bend the needle. it makes sewing stitches easier.
No. 164346 ID: bbdfae

Think that wound is large enough to justify stitching? I don't know how much our magic can overlook, but it's pretty tiny- not like any guts will be spilling out if the bird flies with an injury that size.

I suppose it's probably a good idea if we've got good thread and are confident in our stitching abilities. If not we'll probably botch it and shouldn't try.
No. 164360 ID: ceac17
File 127129229823.png - (426.17KB , 800x800 , 97.png )

According to the red cross speaker-man they had in school, it's possible to throw up while unconscious and choke on that, if you're badly hurt. Maybe for birds too. Tiffany carefully examines the raven's throat for obstructions. Thankfully, there is none.

Tiffany has sewn before. Home ec classes. She didn't like it much, but at least she knows which end to hold. Tiffany carefully stitches the wound shut. Just like sowing cloth, right?

No. 164364 ID: 63ec27

mental note: get gloves.
No. 164366 ID: bbdfae

And some way to wash our hands in here. Soap, a bowl, and a jug of water will suffice even if we can't get piped water. Even necromancers shouldn't ignore hygiene.

We should also consider getting a lock for the door.

Possibly some sort of alcohol and wipes, in case we have to deal with a body messier than this one. Actually, that plus bandages would be good in case we need to cut ourself at some point; can't have our injuries getting infected.
No. 164368 ID: ceac17
File 127129422625.png - (330.03KB , 800x800 , 98.png )

Tiffany makes a mental note to cleanse her hands with acid.

"I think I'm about done."
>"Righto, pull out your sheet and put it on the table. You'll be drawing some stuff on it in a minute. After that, dig out page five from the grimoire. It's got a symbol, like a circle with a coupla hooks on it, with a few crossed lines in the middle. That's a soul anchor. You'll need to use it on yourself for this to work."
"What does it do, exactly?"
>"Well... You ever gone fishing?"
>"Right, so it's kinda like a fishing hook. You attach it to your soul, then we'll use it to reel a piece of your soul in to the intended target."
"Sounds painful."
>"There will be... some discomfort, yes. You may start drawing, whenever you're ready."

No. 164373 ID: 63ec27

just remember, it should not hurt to get to your brother.

it should not hurt to make undead out of random spirits either
No. 164382 ID: bbdfae

Well, get drawing. Take your time and be careful to do everything correctly; if it's harmful to do this correctly, I'd hate to think what would happen if we should do it wrong.

We should probably spend some time studying the various types of diagrams that we'll commonly use and learn their features and differences, so that we're not stuck blindly copying them down. Habitually using rote magic without true understanding sounds like a bad way to get started on our road to necromancy, even if we do have an expert looking over our shoulder.
No. 164557 ID: ceac17
File 127132987485.png - (401.10KB , 800x800 , 99.png )

Tiffany does the best she can. She isn't a very skilled ritualist, and smudges it in a couple of places.

>"Good enough. Now remember, once you start this you have to finish it. It could get real bad otherwise. Do not stop. Right, so you'll need to put your right hand inside the bigger circle, palm up. Focus on the symbol, let if fill your mind. Then start repeating the chant, and don't stop until I say so. Got that?"
"Yes Grampa."
>"The incantation is

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

>It's written down somewhere in the same page. Memorize that. Let me know when you're ready to proceed."
No. 164558 ID: 7524b0

Hey, you didn't straighten out the cloth. Is that going to be a problem...? Straighten out the cloth and give the symbol another look-over to make sure nothing's blatantly wrong.
No. 164559 ID: 1ac39d

oh, yeah. if it has a circle, it's a good idea to make sure the circle is all the way closed.
No. 164563 ID: d289fb

recheck everything.

become obcessed with details.
No. 164565 ID: ceac17
File 127133125745.png - (409.43KB , 800x800 , 100.png )

Tiffany clears her throat.
No. 164567 ID: 7524b0

Put your right hand in the circle, palm up. Then focus on the symbol. Focus...
No. 164568 ID: 7524b0

Oh, and tell Grampa you're ready to proceed.
No. 164577 ID: b14128

Practice the chant before starting the ritual, first.
No. 164580 ID: d289fb

>It's written down somewhere in the same page
find the photocopy and recheck the chant
No. 164634 ID: 4db567

Make sure you have the entire chant down before you start.
No. 164657 ID: ceac17
File 127135340929.png - (485.38KB , 800x800 , 101.png )

Tiffany looks back at the photocopy and does her best to memorize the chant. After a bit of practice she gets it down to Grampa's satisfaction.

Hand in, facing up. Relax, calm down.

"Lafta nian tuaftiatsa", she began, feeling really nervous.
"Tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa, kaialaktu annan, laftkaktu u'shan." Is it working?

"Lafta nian tuaftiatsa, tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa, kaialaktu annan, laftkaktu u'shan." Am I doing it wrong?

"Lafta nian tuaftiatsa, tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa, kaialaktu annan, laftkaktu u'shan." Nothing's happening.
No. 164658 ID: bbdfae

Focus! Keep repeating it.

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

Speak precisely and do not stop.
No. 164661 ID: ceac17
File 127135531886.png - (333.77KB , 800x1200 , 102.png )

Right, focus girl.

"lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftianian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan What's... happening?

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftianian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan laftkaktu u'shan
lafta nian tuaftiatsa I feel really heavy.

tuaftia nian'iaian uutsakai
al'ktu annanaftkaktu u'shan." My chest feels - real tight. Feels like I'm drowning.
No. 164663 ID: bbdfae

Don't think about what's happening, think about the symbol. The symbol in your mind, the chant on your lips. Nothing else. Focus. Calm.

Get your hand back on the circle, and get the words right.

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
No. 164665 ID: ceac17
File 127135620260.png - (509.68KB , 800x1200 , 103.png )

"Laf...ta nian... tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laft...kaktu u'shan
lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan"
No. 164667 ID: bbdfae

You're doing great. Keep it up.

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
No. 164674 ID: ceac17
File 127135797029.gif - (1.73MB , 800x800 , 104.gif )

"Lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan"

No. 164676 ID: bbdfae

Looks like incoming success to me. Keep your focus and chant going; almost there.
No. 164678 ID: e4fc1c

Keep going, even if it hurts or you get scared. Remember what gramps said, stopping would have alot worse consequences than continuing.
No. 164679 ID: ceac17
File 127135908166.png - (433.66KB , 800x800 , 105.png )

Tiffany freezes here badly shaking hand a few inches away from the mouth. She is currently hyperventilating.
>"Keep chanting. Keep it under control."
"L-lafta nian tuaftia- tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian *whimper* 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu, um, u'shan"
Oh god it's moving closer.
No. 164681 ID: e3f578

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Kittens, puppys dingos, ravens, little hamsters, awesome troll, skulls, daddy, Samuel L Jackson.
No. 164682 ID: e4fc1c

It's nothing girl. You stod up against the grim reaper, this is nothing against that. You're doing just fine, keep it up and you will have a badass familiar up and running in no time.
No. 164690 ID: ceac17
File 127136107883.png - (493.58KB , 800x800 , 106.png )

"Lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaian-"

No. 164693 ID: bbdfae

FOCUS! You are strong and can keep going through whatever comes. There is no pain, only your will.

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
No. 164694 ID: b14128

Focus, keep chanting! You can pull through with this! Trust grandpa!

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
No. 164707 ID: ceac17
File 127136289546.png - (504.80KB , 800x800 , 107.png )

Tiffany's arm is a crescendo of pain.

"Laf-ta ngh- nian tuaf...ti atsa oh god
tuaf-tia n-nian 'iaia...nuutsa
kai-ala ktu annanlaftkaktu u... u'shan"
No. 164708 ID: e2020c


Oh no. nNot good.
No. 164712 ID: 3b6c92

You gotta keep going.
No. 164713 ID: bbdfae

Shut up. Tiffany is in the middle of a necromantic rite and cannot afford doubts, nor distractions, nor horror.

We will reflect on these events when it is over.

Ignore it. You're fine. Focus only on the chant.

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

There's no choice but to keep pushing on.
No. 164720 ID: e4fc1c

You have to keep going. Can't stop it now.
No. 164721 ID: f98e0b

We will get you an awesome robot hand or something. Keep going.
No. 164723 ID: ceac17
File 127136451962.png - (440.84KB , 800x800 , 108.png )

"Lafta nian tuaftiatsa tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa kaialaktu annan laftkaktu u'shan"

Oh god why did I ever do this? It's eating my hand. It's eating my left hand.
No. 164725 ID: bbdfae

Stop thinking about that. This is no time for doubts and regrets. Focus on the spell.

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan
No. 164726 ID: f98e0b

That left hand is the hand of a WINNER
go on
No. 164728 ID: e3f578

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

Relax its a metaphorical soul hand. Jeez, you don't really use your soul until you die silly, aside from making a familiar of course.
No. 164729 ID: 7f46a5

lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan

keep on it. even if you dont get a new hand its going to be fine.
No. 164730 ID: e4fc1c

Don't worry about it dear. Just keep going to the end.
No. 164731 ID: 7524b0

"lafta nian tuaftiatsa
tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa
kaialaktu annan
laftkaktu u'shan"
No. 164740 ID: ceac17
File 127136567026.gif - (0.99MB , 800x800 , 109.gif )

It's strange. I can still feel my... left hand. Left. I had my right-
"L-lafta nian tuafti atsa tuaftia nian 'iaianuutsa kaialaktu an nan laft kaktu u'shan"


>"That's plenty, kid."
No. 164749 ID: e4fc1c

Good work Tiffany. Now see if the bird is up and about.
No. 164750 ID: bbdfae

Tiffany, you did great. You can stop now.

You can either ask what the next step in the spell is if you're feeling up to it, or take this opportunity to freak out/collapse/ask Grampa Skull why the hell he didn't warn you that was going to happen.
No. 164757 ID: 7f46a5

ask granpa what we can do for the hand.
No. 164763 ID: ceac17
File 127136777856.png - (249.74KB , 800x1200 , 110.png )

Tiffany sways for a moment, then falls to her knees and throws up.

>"There there."

"*sob* Why didn't you WARN me?"

>"I needed to see if you would freak out and panic. You didn't. You did good."

"But WHY"

>"It's only going to get worse from here on out. Can't have you messing around with this stuff if you're gonna piss your pants when stuff like that happens. You'll end up dead that way. Just looking out for your health here, kid."

"What WAS that thing?"

>"It's a soul eater. A common enough critter from the outskirts. Don't worry, the soul anchor won't let it actually take that soul piece anywhere, and it's too stubborn to let go of a juicy morsel like that. A monkey-trap if you will. Take a few minutes and we'll get with the binding, though don't dally too long. The creature might start digestin'."

Tiffany sits on the floor, hugging her knees. Her hand seems fine, but she still feels a dull, aching pain. How much worse than this will it get? Is it worth it?
No. 164764 ID: e4fc1c

It's for your brother. Of course it's worth it. Your Grampa did it, you can do it as well. Take a couple of deep breaths and then continue.
No. 164769 ID: bbdfae

Please tell Grandpa that in the future we need to be told in advance what we should expect. We had no idea if something had gone horribly wrong, and that really doesn't help with focusing. He saw that we didn't panic; now enough with the "you're better off going in cold" stuff.

Tiffany... it's up to you to decide if it's worth it as you see it get worse, but now is not the time to think on that. That critter has a bit of your soul, and you need to get it back.
No. 164777 ID: 7f46a5

gramps confirmed for master troll.

get on with the incantation, we need this freaky-ish crown amusing all of us asap.
No. 164778 ID: b14128

It might not really be worth it, actually. Almost everyone else in situations like yours have to deal with this the old fashioned way. No necromancy, no dark arms, no attempted ressurections, or anything. They mourn, and it hurts for them, but they learn to move on with their lives.

But, he's right, we've got a job to do. We can think more on it later, perhaps ask grandpa for advice.
No. 164784 ID: ceac17
File 127137161663.png - (315.16KB , 800x1200 , 111.png )

You're right. This is for Tony. I can't give up now.

Tiffany's determination increased.

"Let's continue. But no more of this 'couldn't warn you' crap."
>"Fair enough. Get your chalk out, you'll need to expand the circle you have."

Grampa launches to a rather complicated explanation of which diagram to copy, where to place it on the sheet, and in what order to draw the lines. Tiffany is having difficulty concentrating.
No. 164786 ID: bbdfae

You have to get this right. Try to maintain focus, and don't be afraid to ask Grampa to stop and repeat something if you're not sure you caught it the first time. Much better to take a bit longer and do it correctly, after all.
No. 164791 ID: ceac17
File 127137349241.png - (195.08KB , 800x800 , 112.png )

>"Yeah, looking good. So, uh, what ability did you say you wanted this guy to have?"
No. 164794 ID: 7f46a5

crap. is it exaustion or just a lot of things?

lets have a more scientific approach, take notes of all you are doing. double check everything with gramps if you cant.

if you have something to drink, take a minute or two and enjoy something. it seems you got stressed from the pain.
No. 164798 ID: 7f46a5

it was a mess.

uh, i mean, i think it was sense spirit. not sure on this one.
No. 164803 ID: bbdfae

It was Sense Spirit.

If you have to move back into magicking now, steady yourself beforehand and make sure Gramps tells you what to expect.
No. 164819 ID: ceac17
File 127137563132.png - (259.32KB , 800x800 , 113.png )

"Sense spirit."
>"Oh yeah, right. You'll need pages three, five, and eight through ten. I'll show you the bits you need. This might take a while."

An hour later the schematic is finished. Tiffany's right hand is cramping, while the pain in the left has diminished somewhat. Grampa assured her that the pain will go away completely with time.

Tiffany's skill

>"Right. You asked not be kept in the dark, so I'll explain the procedure first. This is a little different than the last ritual. There's a whole bunch of different stuff you'll need to do. The first being the soul eater. It's still in the circle even though you can't see it. You'll need to banish it, using the outer circle. Al-Asmari's Atonement, it's called by the way. The soul anchor will keep your bits and pieces firmly in place.
>Then you'll need to activate the square wossname, the uhh can't-think-of-'is-name's transference. 'Spirit pump' like we call it in the trade. Then smudge out the hook thing on the right side of the first circle. After that you need to speak the proper invocations for the sense spirit bit, in this case it's

naan nakxnassunan
luuftaktu'an lu'ian
uftan ha''anu tuftnas
sha utansanu ku''as

>like it says on page nine. Hmm let's see... After that you use the big circle to do the actual binding. Again, the incantation is right there in the manual, it goes

tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu

>"I do believe. And that'll be it for this phase. Any questions?"
No. 164821 ID: ceac17

[Author's note:
There's a line partially missing in that one, it should be
Tiffany's skill in rituals has increased.]
No. 164825 ID: 7f46a5

tiff must take notes like the good nerd she is.

also make pointers to bother gramps like hell with questions and doubts. for instace, do we need HUEG levels of banishing circles?
No. 164843 ID: bbdfae

What points during this are safe to pause? It would be best to practice the incantations as close to when we're actually using them as possible.

When we're banishing the soul eater, what will that feel like? It won't be able to get us again, right, since we have the diagram and we don't need it to bite off more of our soul?
No. 164856 ID: ceac17
File 127137952789.png - (191.58KB , 800x800 , 114.png )

>"Do I need a lot of banishing circles?"

"Al-Asmari is pretty failsafe against this kind of thing. One will be enough. Trust me."

>"Is it safe to stop in the middle of this?"
"Sure, as long as you don't actually stop mid-sentence. Grampa Bones' patent soul-binding extravaganza is designed to be temporally stable. In theory, you could wait a few hours between each part but I haven't actually tested that."
No. 164857 ID: 7f46a5

tits. oh well.

it just ocurred to me that a orb of infinite psyche would be lolful in her hands.

also finish the incantation after a minute of rest.
No. 164858 ID: bbdfae

Okay, then... if we can stop after each bit, let's take this one step at a time.

How do we perform the banishing? What should we expect that to feel like? Are there any dangers we should be wary of?
No. 164867 ID: ceac17
File 127138099496.png - (174.07KB , 800x800 , partay.png )

No. 164888 ID: bbdfae

I will seize this opportunity to note that this is an excellent quest which I find highly enjoyable.
No. 164915 ID: f98e0b

It is pretty damn awesome.
No. 164919 ID: e3f578

Grandpa Bones is awesome. I hope he does eventually get a skeleton body so he can do "Dem Bones".
No. 165004 ID: 81613b

Ask those things and then get ready to get started.
No. 165110 ID: a7a85a

Good call.

In my humble opinion this quest is exceptionally well written and played. All aces, author.
No. 165119 ID: eb6d46

alright, so when do I invoke satan?
No. 165208 ID: 09d990

Yeah, I just want to agree that this one of my new favorite quests. I like it's take on magic- very traditional but refreshing at the same time. And that fucking teeth thing blew my mind.
No. 165212 ID: e2020c


Right after the lolilich transformation!
No. 165593 ID: ceac17
File 127149724847.png - (327.11KB , 800x800 , 115.png )

"So what's the banishing like? Anything like that last part?"
>"Nah, it's down easy street. An immobilized low-tier bottom feeder like that? It'll probably be glad to go back home. Won't be putting up a fight I bet. Anyways, you'll just feel a sort of easing of tension when it goes. Oh yeah and the proper wording for the banishment is

hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa
uftus niaftfta hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa

>Just focus on the circle again, then speak the words three times. Is there anything else you need before you begin?"
No. 165595 ID: e2020c


No. 165597 ID: 7524b0

Let's do this.

Focus on the souleater's circle, and say
"hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa
uftus niaftfta hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa

hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa
uftus niaftfta hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa

hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa
uftus niaftfta hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa "
No. 165598 ID: 4291b2

Nah, I think it's time for our familiar to rise from the dead and start pestering you.
No. 165601 ID: 58f4ea

I say, the incantations are very... alike.
No. 165606 ID: ceac17
File 127149909883.gif - (2.68MB , 800x800 , 116.gif )

"These incantations seems very, umm, alike."

>"Yeah well, that's dead languages for you. Now isn't the time for a linguistics lesson, though."

"Ok, I'm ready Grampa."

Tiffany moves over to the soul trap, and takes a deep breath.

"Hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa
uftus niaftfta hx'ä 'anku The light is flickering.
nxs kasua shu taatsa.
Hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa The table is... groaning?
uftus niaftfta-" [Animated]
No. 165607 ID: cbe5df

Don't stop now! Keep repeating!
No. 165608 ID: 4291b2

Nothing to worry about. Just keep going.
No. 165609 ID: 7524b0

"hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa

hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa
uftus niaftfta hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa
No. 165610 ID: 1ac39d

keep it up, the weirdness is just the universe getting pissed off at you.
No. 165614 ID: ceac17
File 127149961719.gif - (388.60KB , 800x800 , 117.gif )

Oh god the lamp just exploded. There's glass all- oh crap the incantation.
"...hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa,
hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa
uftus niaftfta hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa."
No. 165615 ID: 7524b0

Looks like that's done. Get a candle and light it.
No. 165616 ID: 4291b2

No problem young necromancer. You don't need light to violate the laws of nature. Keep going.
No. 165617 ID: e2020c


go on
No. 165619 ID: 1ac39d

okay then, next time, we light the candles first. seems electric things hate magic.
No. 165622 ID: ceac17
File 127150074569.gif - (241.50KB , 800x800 , 118.gif )

Tiffany frantically searches for the matches in her bag. A wave of relief washes over her as she feels the thick cardboard with her fingers. [Animated]

>"Cor, a vicious little bugger ain't he? Good job. Ok, now you'll need to activate the transference. A krudk vavk kravk dhlaikh avai, five times. Oh and you'll need a drop of blood, on the rightmost round thing inside the square thing."
No. 165623 ID: 1ac39d

light a few candles so you can see better, then continue.
No. 165625 ID: ceac17
File 127150232632.png - (349.15KB , 800x800 , 119.png )

Tiffany quickly lights a few candles around the table, and then takes the knife to her finger.
"A krudk vavk kravk dhlaikh avai A krudk vavk kravk dhlaikh avai A krudk vavk kravk dhlaikh avai A krudk vavk kravk dhlaikh avai A krudk vavk kravk dhlaikh avai"

>"Excellent. Now, speak the incantation for the sense spirit, focusing on the bottom-most symbol. Once will do."

"Umm... naan nakxnassunan
luuftaktu'an lu'ian
uftan ha''anu tuftnas
sha utansanu ku''as"

>"Brilliant. Now all that's left is binding the soul fragment to the body. Now, uh, you might experience some discomfort while doing this, so umm. Just so you know."

"Umm... thanks."

>"So yeah. There's seven symbols inside the circle. There's an incantation for each one. It'll get more uncomfortable with every symbol, but again, no turning back. You can't even begin imagine the cacky you'd drop yourself in if you don't finish. A world of hurt, baby. A world of hurt. But hey, no pain no gain, right? Feel the burn. Move those thighs yeah I'm done. You ready to do this thing?"
No. 165626 ID: 7524b0

>Then smudge out the hook thing on the right side of the first circle

Uhhh... You did do that, right?
No. 165629 ID: ceac17
File 127150382194.png - (326.14KB , 800x800 , 120.png )

>You did do that, right?
Tiffany quickly smudges out the hook.
O-of course I did. What do you think I am, stupid?
No. 165630 ID: 4291b2

Yeah it was totally not there the whole time.

Anyway, keep going. You have come this far now, no reason to stop here.
No. 165634 ID: e2020c


Are the candles bolted to the table? If they burn the diagram, will be screwed.
No. 165636 ID: eb6d46

alright, stop the incantation abruptly midsentence and yell 'APRIL FOOLS!'

you will die, but it will be worth it for the look on grandpa's face
No. 165658 ID: ceac17
File 127151660969.gif - (1.02MB , 800x800 , 121.gif )

>Right, remember now.
tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu

>once per symbol, then we can finally reanimate this bad boy. Start from the symbol closest to you, then move counter-clockwise."

Tiffany takes a deep breath, and focuses on the first symbol.
"Tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu."
Huh, that wasn't so bad.
"Tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu."
Didn't feel a thing in fact.
"Tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu."
Is something supposed to happen?
"Tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu."
Hey the circle is glowing now.
"Tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu."
And the table is vibrating slightly.
"Tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu."

>"What are you doing? No, don't answer. Keep going."

"Tuaftia tian 'iaianutaat
hanku hangassunaan
kiaufta'atsa afta'aktu
'aagutsa 'aasashaktu."
No. 165661 ID: ceac17
File 127151755174.png - (454.18KB , 800x800 , 122.png )


ithurtsithurts ithurtsithurts ithurts ithurts ithurtsit it hurts ithurts ithurts ithurts ithurtsit ithurtsit it hurts ithurts ithurts ithurts ithurtsithur ithurtsit it hurts ithurts ithurts ithurts ithurtsithurtsithurtsit ithurtsithurts ithurtsithurtsithur tsithur tsithurtsithurtsithurts ithurtsithurts ithurtsithurtsithur tsithur tsithurtsithurtsithurts it hurtsit hurtsit hurtsit hurtsithurtsithurtsithu it hurtsit hurtsit hurtsit hurtsit rtsithurtsithu it hurtsit hurtsit hurtsit hurtsit ithurtsithu it hurtsit hurtsit hurtsit hurtsit hurtsithu

Tiffany has lost consciousness.
No. 165662 ID: 3b6c92

Uh oh.
No. 165664 ID: ceac17
File 12715191062.png - (83.29KB , 800x800 , 123b.png )

No pain.

Tiffany opens her eyes, but can see only darkness.

Tiffany feels nothing. No pain, it is good here.

A dry, unseen laugh comes from the black. Lifeless. Without joy.

No. 165665 ID: 3b6c92

Well, um. This isn't good in any way, shape or form, I'm thinking. I have no idea what you did to yourself by smudging the wrong hook but the odds of it being a good thing are probably zero.

Can you stand up?
No. 165672 ID: 1569b3

now carefully watch your enviroment. its possible you switched with the soul eater.

attempt to change your body trhu sheer willpower. if you can, be ready for battle.
No. 165677 ID: 1569b3

No. 165678 ID: 7524b0

Looks like your soul got ripped out of your body. The Reaper is here to collect.
No. 165683 ID: 1569b3

yes of course, because causing panic now is thhe best way to fight him.
No. 165697 ID: cbe5df

Can you follow the string back?
No. 165741 ID: ceac17
File 127154209594.png - (47.14KB , 800x800 , 124.png )

Why would she want to stand up? It's peaceful, lying down.

Tiffany notes the thin thread leaving her without much passion or interest. Does it matter? She doesn't think so. Just rest.

>"I must admit, even I did not expect to see you here so soon. For a moment I was expecting more of a... disturbance. A ruckus even. Just lie still, dear. All is well now."
No. 165743 ID: 1ac39d

no, you need to get brother, he isn't here. you can't stop until you get him back. now grab that thread, it may lead you to him!
No. 165744 ID: 3b6c92

Hey, now.

Show a little enthusiasm, here. This is important!
No. 165749 ID: 4291b2

No, this isn't how it ends. You still have to get your brother. And think of your father, one lost child almost destroyed him. If he looses you now who knows what will happen with him?

So come on now girl. Get on up and defy death once again.
No. 165751 ID: ceac17
File 12715435593.png - (95.69KB , 800x800 , 125.png )

Important? What is important? Tiffany cannot even remember what the all the commotion is about. Sleep. Rest. Be a good girl and lie back down.

Brother? I have a brother?
Yes. I had a brother. What was his name? I don't remember his name. Why don't I remember his name?

I'm sorry daddy. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to.

No. 165753 ID: 4291b2

You did nothing wrong girl. The lifeguard should have been there. But that doesn't matter now. What matters is that you have the power to bring Tony back, your brother needs you Tiffany. You need to get back again and grow more powerful so you can save him.
No. 165757 ID: 1569b3

yeah well; fuck it.

it was your fault.

so fucking much you decided to risk your immortal soul to get him back.

and you know what? it was more that just your soul. it was the whole of you.

your family, your friends, your grampa.

you sneaked out so much that your dad actualy believed you had beed doing drugs. but you kept going.

you sought so much for a fucking dead body that you asked your friend to get in a dangerous drain looking for a foul smell. but you kept going.

you worked so hard to learn necromancy that you let you grampa literally kill you, then bite your hand off with a horrible hellish entity. even still you kept going.

but you want to stop now?

maybe you did killed him. now your father will find your dead body in the floor of your club house, gramps will have the explaining of your lifetime to a son that just lost two kids in the space of a week.

you cant stop. you must choose to live
No. 165762 ID: ceac17
File 127154553738.png - (110.13KB , 800x800 , 126.png )

>"Don't worry child. Everything will be better. You can stay here. Nobody will hurt you here. Nobody will judge you. Everyone makes mistakes."

Tony. His name is Tony. Why didn't I remember that? It was my fault, and I forgot. How could I forget?

He made me. He made me forget Tony. The bastard! I will never forgive him!

>"Just lie down, I'll put everything right. Now it's time for good girls to go to sleep. You want to be a good girl, don't you?"

The Reaper Man is standing right behind Tiffany. It seems he hasn't realized that Tiffany is no longer spellbound. It also seems he didn't notice the thread leaving Tiffany. What should Tiffany do?
No. 165764 ID: 4291b2

You can't fight him here, this is his place. You have to run, but first a distraction.

Throw him off balance by attacking him. Make the ground rise up and grasp him, if you can't do anything magical against him then I guess a swift kick to the shin might work. Then follow that thread back to its source.
No. 165766 ID: 1569b3

option 1: use thread to choke a death.

option 2: kick his nuts, use thread to escape.

im almost sure we cant do this. but if we can also make sure he cant escape your grasp. with claws. and hooks.

in a way or another focus on your real body and attempt to "heal" or w/e you do to stay alive.
No. 165767 ID: bbdfae

I don't think Tiffany is in a mental state fit to fight the reaper, even as a distraction. She should just dive down the thread as fast as possible, and count on his not being able to react quickly enough.
No. 165769 ID: 1569b3

if she can "move" the enviroment she can get herself the time she needs to defeat him, or at least get a temporary victory.

simply healing herself could eject her from here, so we should do that anyway. the thread should be followed to out of here, but if it leads to the raven thigs will get messier as we would need to do this again.
No. 165772 ID: bbdfae

Healing herself? Of what? It was her soul, not her body, that took damage. Ripped clean out of her body. My guess is that the only thing letting her have a chance at returning to life at all is the fact that part of her soul is still caught in that trap and can't be pulled out so easily.
No. 165774 ID: a7a200

You must melvin Death. It worked for Bill and Ted!
No. 165776 ID: 1569b3

then we must play dead and hope death bites the trick.

then we can climb on the trhead. or w/e we are supposed to do with it.

death is pedo!
No. 165779 ID: ceac17
File 127154880474.png - (161.45KB , 800x800 , 127.png )

Tiffany leaps into action as the Reaper Man leans closer. She spins! She kicks! She connects!


[i]The Reaper Man is momentary distracted, and Tiffany uses that opportunity to grab the thread. It cuts deeply into her hand, clear to the bone. She grits her teeth and pulls herself upwards, blood leaking through her fingers.[i]

>"Still the rebel, eh little necromancer? Still hanging on to the remnants of your old life? No matter. I have just the thing."
No. 165780 ID: ceac17
File 127154925672.png - (195.17KB , 800x800 , 128.png )

>"The itsy bitsy spider
> went up the water spout.
> Down came the rain
No. 165782 ID: 4291b2

Some rain isn't going to stop you. Keep going. Focus on the rope and climbing it.
No. 165784 ID: ceac17
File 127154977129.png - (200.40KB , 800x800 , 129.png )

The Reaper Man raises the monstrous scythe above his head. A touch of amusement flickers in his eye, as he brings the scythe down on the gossamer thread like the hammer of a vengeful god.
No. 165785 ID: 1569b3

move the rain to melt death like you moved the sand in the beach to grab him
No. 165788 ID: 1ac39d

try using your powers to deflect it.
No. 165789 ID: 4291b2

Keep a hold on your will to live. Death isn't going to beat you, not now, not ever. You will win this and you will get back.

Use your powers to harden the string. It shall be as unbreakable as your will.
No. 165792 ID: ceac17
File 127155047164.png - (39.85KB , 800x800 , 130.png )

Tiffany is frozen in terror! She closes her eyes tightly as the horrifying blade descends upon her.

Suddenly everything goes quiet. She opens her eyes to find the blade suspended an inch away from the thread. The thread is shimmering lightly.

The Reaper Man stands still for some time.

>[b]"Very well. You win this round, old man."[/i]

The next moment Tiffany finds herself to be completely alone, hanging from the thread.
No. 165795 ID: bbdfae

Climb it. It sounds like your grandfather stopped death somehow... but there's no guarantee that will last. Take your good fortune while you have it.
No. 165797 ID: 3b6c92

Alright, Tiffany. It's alright. Just keep climbing.
No. 165798 ID: 4291b2

Sounds like granpa intervened or something. Climb that rope like you have never before climbed a rope.
No. 165800 ID: 1569b3

Archievement unlocked: kicked death's groin!

remember to learn the undead language later on. the written part as well or this will keep happening.
No. 165810 ID: ceac17
File 127155240980.png - (349.76KB , 800x800 , 131.png )

Tiffany climbs. Time has no meaning.

Eventually she becomes aware that she is no longer climbing, but lying on the floor. She draws a dry, crackling breath, and she becomes aware of the burning agony that fills her small frame. After a few frantic breaths the pain abates, and she is suddenly barraged by violent cursing.

No. 165811 ID: 3b6c92


Alright, get up. Keep it together.
No. 165813 ID: bbdfae

Well, that could clearly have gone worse than it did. Could have gone a lot better, too, though.

In the future we should be careful to be more precise in our ritualism.
No. 165814 ID: 1ac39d

hug granpa, cry, and tell him how sorry you are.

and from now on pay more attention, you see what happens when you mess up even a little?
No. 165815 ID: 1569b3

say that you are sorry to gramps.

if he is screaming at death, say you got a nutshot on him.
No. 165816 ID: 6834bc

Don't say anything until you know who's screaming curses. Is it Grandpa, and if so, who is he cursing at? Or... is it Dad?
No. 165818 ID: 1569b3

shit, if its dad its all over because the photocopies are on the table.
No. 165823 ID: bbdfae

It's not just 'pay more attention'. We need to reconsider our whole approach here. Necromancy is very dangerous, and we've been diving in like we could make everything work the first time.

Before conducting a ritual like this, we should have gone over the entire thing multiple times, until we could draw all the diagrams from memory, explain why they're set as they are and what they each do, say all the chants flawlessly without referencing anything immediately beforehand, know exactly what we're calling up and what forces we're moving around when. Then do a dry run, where we don't put any power into anything and make sure we can do it all correctly; Gramps stays silent and gives us a critique afterward.

Only when we can do all that do we attempt an actual spell like this, and when we do we take more reasonable precautions- don't just grab some roadkill and run over to do it all before dinner. Gather all supplies which we think we might need in advance, and make sure that we have enough time to do things carefully and correctly.

It's slower and painfully tedious when we have our brother waiting for us, but we need to take this lesson to heart. We are going to get ourselves fucking killed unless we treat this like the deadly shit that it is.
No. 165826 ID: 1ac39d

wow, *clap, clap, clap*
i change my mind, this is good.
No. 165829 ID: ceac17
File 127155470354.png - (343.48KB , 800x800 , 132.png )

Tiffany apologized to Grampa after he had finished expanding her vocabulary. There were tears. Hugging a skull was a little awkward, but at least it improved the mood. Grampa completely failed to react to the news of her 'critical hit'.

While she was recovering, she noticed she had thin white lines in both of her palms, and no amount of wiping would remove them. Grampa thought them a fitting reminder to 'not fuck up so badly anymore'.

Some time later Tiffany's back at the table.

>"Right. We'll need to finish this damn thing. Can't leave bits of you hanging like this. At least the binding was technically a success. Well, fairly sure anyway. This is the last step: reanimation. Most of the work is done, so just the incantation will be enough. It's
Kiauftftaatsa afta'aktu
ftiaiatsa ftuhaktu
'aagutsa 'aakuftaaktu
kaftnutsa ka'shakuktu

Osa tuaftia, tugu haftsushaan
usa haftsusha, tugu tuaftiaian
tugu 'iaianut, tugu aftana,
hangan kiaftsautaftfta ftangaftfta

>", page two. Any questions? You ready? Oh and don't worry. Can't really think of any way you could foul this up in this stage. The worst reasonable outcome would be 'whoops, mispronounced something, try again'. And even the more improbable cases can all be taken care of without a lot of fuss.... I'm really sorry for not looking over your shoulder more carefully. I just keep forgetting how new you are to all this. Got carried away. You're my only granddaughter, I'd never want anything bad to happen to you, you know that right?"
No. 165830 ID: 4291b2

Thank grampa for his concern and then lets get this reanimation started. New familiar here we go!
No. 165831 ID: cbe5df

Do we know that? So far, he's almost gotten us killed twice, although the last time probably wasn't intentional and he seems to have saved us.

I suppose that's reason to trust him, although that first time was pretty worrisome.
No. 165834 ID: 1569b3

things to do:
-scan the photocopies to a PDF file and upload it to /b/
-find a suitable excuse to the white lines. possibly start wearing/collecting gloves.
-get a gothic lolita dress a proper means to hang gramps for supervision.

for now drink a cup of water and recite the enchantment
Kiauftftaatsa afta'aktu
ftiaiatsa ftuhaktu
'aagutsa 'aakuftaaktu
kaftnutsa ka'shakuktu

Osa tuaftia, tugu haftsushaan
usa haftsusha, tugu tuaftiaian
tugu 'iaianut, tugu aftana,
hangan kiaftsautaftfta ftangaftfta
No. 165835 ID: 1569b3

gramps already stated that being a necromancer is not a good thing to be. problem is we are not "entering the door matrix style", we are headbutting it and hoping that the bouncer will laught hard enought at us to let us trhu.
No. 165844 ID: ceac17
File 127155665284.png - (253.65KB , 800x800 , 133.png )

"Yeah I know Grampa. Thanks."
>"Ok. You ready?"

Tiffany focuses intently on the circle of runes, and begins the invocation.

"Kiauftftaatsa afta'aktu
ftiaiatsa ftuhaktu
'aagutsa 'aakuftaaktu
kaftnutsa ka'shakuktu

Osa tuaftia, tugu haftsushaan
usa haftsusha, tugu tuaftiaian
tugu 'iaianut, tugu aftana,
hangan kiaftsautaftfta ftangaftfta."

She finished, rather pleased with herself on how fast she has learned to pronounce strange languages.
At first, nothing happens. Suddenly, the bird jerks itself upright, opens it's beak and lets out a mind-piercing screech. Tiffany quickly clasps her ears, but it is of no use. The penetrating shriek seems to bypass her ears entirely.

No. 165848 ID: 1ac39d

it's a familiar, you have a mind and soul link to it. it's probably just freaking out at being alive again.
No. 165852 ID: 1569b3

cover eyes just to be certain tho.
No. 165857 ID: bbdfae

Is it truly alive again, or merely reanimated with a portion of our spirit? Does it need to eat and breathe, possess a functioning set of organs? We should ask about this when an opportune moment emerges. Also, it would probably be a good idea to learn the theory behind familiars- particularly possible dangers to their use. Is there a backlash we'll face if the raven is killed or injured, assuming that we've done this correctly?
No. 165859 ID: 1569b3

oh i get it.

gramps did died, but the skull is a familiar with speech. thats why he cant make more familiars.
No. 165860 ID: 1ac39d

that makes sense, on his death the shard of his soul in the skull sucked in the rest.
No. 165872 ID: ceac17
File 127155923475.png - (61.74KB , 800x500 , 134.png )

"Shut up, you."

The raven looks up at Tiffany. Tiffany looks back. It seems definitely alive, and *yawn* a separate creature from her. Grampa considers both Tiffany and the raven, who are both barely holding themselves upright.

"Ok, I think that's enough for the day. You need to get your skinny butt to bed. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh and order your familiar to stay here. Would be hard to explain to your parents."

Tiffany doesn't put up a fight. The familiar collapses on the table, fast asleep.

Idiot girl. Making herself a familiar on day two. Dragging herself up from the very brink of death. Kicking ol' Grim in the nads. Such mad bravado, such insane drive.

No. 165873 ID: ceac17
File 127155927217.png - (93.05KB , 800x800 , 135.png )

I'm so proud!
No. 165876 ID: ceac17
File 127155950292.png - (103.11KB , 800x800 , crying not jumping.png )

No. 165878 ID: 1ac39d

haha, he is crying dears of joy like waterfalls!
No. 165879 ID: 1569b3

so gramps, can we change the familiar or the hability it has?

also trainning montage; we are not doing anything untill we get a basic supportive spell working perfectly.

wich includes the understanding of the dead language and the runes.
No. 165886 ID: e3f578

Hey, Doc, can I call you Doc? Anyway, I'm a bit curious on your relationship with your own son... unless the sulking guy in the home office isn't your son and the Mom who's never at home is your spawn instead.
No. 166126 ID: 6a5a08

Tiffany went home, I don't think we can ask Gramps/Doc anything anymore. At least for now.
No. 166206 ID: ceac17
File 12716255331.png - (15.93KB , 800x400 , 136.png )

"We'll finish the familiar tomorrow," Grampa had said. "It isn't quite sentient yet. That can wait. Go home and catch some sleep. You look dead tired."

Tiffany wanders homeward in a daze. She has no idea what time it is, only that most other houses are dark.

As she reaches the yard, she hears raised voices inside. They're at it again.

No. 166209 ID: 4291b2

Sneak in and go to bed.
No. 166213 ID: e3f578

Listen in, eavesdropping may be rude but a proper solution might lie in the details for their conversation.
No. 166228 ID: ceac17
File 127162753627.png - (43.39KB , 800x400 , 137.png )

Tiffany sneaks around the back, hoping to slip inside unnoticed. She can hear mom and dad inside, but dang they're in the living room. No way in without being noticed. She'll either have to reveal herself or wait until they leave the living room. She can't make out what her mom is saying though.

>"How can you even say that? Of course I... No, no, that is SO not true. OF COURSE I LOV-... What are you saying? That is a lie, and you damn well know it. ... Look, she needs her privacy and I- I don't know. I'm sure she-"
There's a pause. Neither of them are saying anything.
>"Could you, for once in your life, pull your punches? Just this onc- No, I'm not trying to make this about you. I just-"

Tiffany is sorely tempted to close her ears with her hands. But only little kids do that. She's big girl now. And big girls don't cry, right?

No. 166233 ID: 4291b2

They do sometimes. Get to your room and get some sleep. You're to tired to deal with this now.
No. 166237 ID: 1569b3

big girls still cry.

you need to give a huge hug to dad now. forget the awkwardness and later on ask advice for gramps. he may know how to disarm this situation considering thats her daughter.
No. 166238 ID: 1ac39d

situational. if you are alone a good cry can be kinda therapeutic, but when you are busy it is not a good idea.

now it seems they are talking about you so they know you are out. luckily i don't think they know where you went. so even if you manage to get into bed without them seeing you they will have words for you in the morning.
No. 166252 ID: 1569b3

i am GTFOing right now, so for maximun trollage, do this:

1-run inside home, hug dad
1a-if mom wants to talk to you, tel her you miss the bitch love
1b-if nor mom or dad cares, run to your room and early morning call her and tell her to go make a sandwich spend some time with the rest of the family
2- early as possible talk to gramps about this and possible necromancers that can help. mom may have made the photocopies, so she can just be one too.
No. 166271 ID: ceac17
File 127163062338.png - (73.91KB , 800x400 , 138.png )

>"You really know how to hurt someone. I'm going to will you just let me finish? I'm going to hate myself for what happened for as long as I live. I can't deal with someone twisting the knife in the wound. I just can't. So please-"
I can't hear what mom is saying.

>"All right. If... if that's how you feel. Maybe it's for the best."

Tiffany sits on the back porch, unable to move while the front door opens, and the sounds of her car disappear into the distance.
No. 166304 ID: d6fef9

...Hey, it's not your fault. It just... is.

Just go in, staying out there isn't going to help, and I don't think your dad will have much to say right now, if he even notices you. There will be hugs needed for you both, just probably not yet.

If your dad does notice and asks where you were, just say outside or on the back porch. It'll keep him off your back, and if they've been at it a while he'll just assume you'd been there longer.
No. 166321 ID: bbdfae

Oh, Tiffany. It's a difficult hand that life's dealt to you. Just remember that your family loves one another, and even if they're hurting right now that's still true.

And you can cry if you want to. There are few better reasons than this.
No. 166855 ID: ceac17
File 127166835341.png - (56.40KB , 800x800 , 139.png )

Fragments of conversation milled around in Tiffany's mind as she lay in bed, half-asleep.

>"Just don't forget that both me and mom love you very much. She's just... angry at me right now."
"Does mom hate you?"
>"What? Of course not, sweetie. She's just hurting."
"Are you gonna break up?"
>"Oh no, no. She's just taking a few days to cool off. C'mon, it's all right. Just the two of us for a few days. It'll be fun. Now go and take a shower, stinky. We'll talk more in the morning, all right?"

Afterwards, as Tiffany drifts into deeper sleep, she dreams of toy shovels and beaches.
No. 166865 ID: ceac17
File 127166990297.png - (347.21KB , 800x800 , 140.png )

Tiffany wakens to the sound of the lawn mower.

Tiffany is now a novice ritualist.
Tiffany's skill in arcane languages has increased moderately.
Tiffany's skill in lying has increased moderately.
Tiffany's has a level zero familiar; unnamed, male raven (corvux corax).
Tiffany is currently experiencing feelings of guilt and abandonment.
Tiffany is hungry.

It's a brand new day, the sun is shining, and there's stuff afoot. Tiffany considers her priorities; breakfast, talk to dad, Grampa, what else?

No. 166875 ID: 1569b3

get grampa to table and have breakfast. lets have a family chat.

also hide the photocopies. if we go on a trip you may not be able to keep them a secret, if mom and dad split its very likely she will look for them, too.
No. 166893 ID: 8ef1e8

Leave out grampa from the family breakfast. Other than that it's a nice idea.

As name for our raven I suggest the terribly unoriginal and uncreative name of Corax.
No. 166898 ID: 6cd631

You could use some cleaning supplies for your lab. For the raven's name, I suggest Crawford or Bran.
No. 166901 ID: 1569b3

we should still talk to gramps about this. he knows mom better that dad, maybe he can even talk her out of this.

and for the raven; he is a black bird, carrion eater that was raised with pain in the hopes that somehow we get our next of kin in return.

thats Ra, or maybe Horus. im not too keen on egyptian myths.
No. 166927 ID: ceac17
File 127170470769.png - (209.93KB , 800x800 , 141.png )

Tiffany goes downstairs for breakfast. Cereal and OJ. After that she scrounges out some cleaning equipment for later use. No rubber gloves or pliers though. She'll have to ask dad to get her some, with maybe a convincing story. She also found some antiseptic in the bathroom cupboard. Alcohol based, not hydrogen peroxide.

Outside the mowing stops. Tiffany pokes her head out the back door. Susan's dad is out talking with her dad.

>"... Don't mean to pry, but we couldn't help noticing that you had a little fight with the missus yesterday."
>"I know it isn't really my business, but our church offers free counse-"
>"Thanks but no thanks. I've said it before, and I say it now; church is the last place I would bring my problems. We'll work things out on our own."
>"Calm down it was only a suggestion."

It looks like dad is about halfway done. Should Tiff wait until he's done (he did say he wanted to talk with her when she woke up), or skip the talk and head on out to the club house?
No. 166932 ID: 8ef1e8

Go out and ask if he wants something to eat. You could make him some sandwiches or something while he finishes up.
No. 166933 ID: e3f578

I just want to name him Bruce Willis. Can we name the raven Bruce Willis?

Imagine the zany adventures of Tiffany and Bruce Willis.
No. 166934 ID: bbdfae

Wait and talk to him. Your familiar isn't getting any deader, and it's good to talk with your dad- both because you'll both feel terrible if you stop speaking, and because it'll make him less likely to get suspicious if you still interact with him regularly.
No. 166944 ID: ceac17
File 127170783917.png - (180.47KB , 677x450 , 142.png )

>"I have to say, Tiff, these are some fine sammiches."

>"So I was thinking that since it's just the two of us today we should do something fun."
"What kinda fun?"
>"Haven't decided yet. We could go buy you some new clothes, then eat out, and maybe a movie? That new animation is out, eh whatsitcalled, you know the one with the squirrels"
"'Woodtown' yeah."
>"Yeah that one. Wanna go see it?"
"I don't know dad..."
>"You ashamed of your ol' pap eh Tiff?"
"No, dad."
>"Don't wanna be seen in public with a walking fossil eh?"
"*giggle* No dad. I just don't know if I'm in the mood for movies."
>"Something else you want to do then? Carnival? Road trip? The Dynamic Duo, ready for action?" dad says, striking a pose.
Tiffany giggles, but is a little torn. Should she go out with dad, even though Grampa is waiting?
No. 166945 ID: bbdfae

Go out. Grandpa's waiting, but he's been dead for years; waiting some more isn't going to hurt him, and it probably won't even bother him. And if your familiar lasted all night without further input from you it'll be fine sticking around for another few hours.

It's important to keep a good relationship with your parents, because if you don't they'll get suspicious and miserable and your life at home won't be happy. Spend some time with your dad; at some point he'll have to go and work, and you can sneak off for necromancy then.
No. 166948 ID: 1569b3

naw, say you gotta pack some toys to inside te house from your club house and say bye to gramps.

go enjoy the day. you and dad earned it.
No. 166950 ID: bfe351

Well, if you can go there just to tell gramps you're going out with dad cool.

Else, just go out with dad and explain to gramps latah y'know?
No. 166951 ID: bfe351

Also, movie is ok.
No. 167006 ID: 6a5a08

You said Dad was pretty torn apart about your bro dying right? No need to make him think his daughter doesn't like to hang out with him now. It would ruin his life completely.

Messing with nature's laws can wait. Go with your Dad.
No. 167049 ID: 6cd631

You should spend time with him. ...And don't prevent yourself from having fun. You still deserve that. Dropping by the clubhouse first (only for a little bit) would be optimal, but that depends on how soon your dad wants to go out.
No. 167092 ID: d6fef9

Hang out with your dad, but if you can arrange a way so that whatever you do ends earlier that would be a good idea.
No. 167099 ID: eb6d46

re-voting seigfreid for raven's name.

also, it is dad time.
love your dad
love the FUCK out of him
No. 167213 ID: 45be60

Dad is reaching out to you. He needs you as much as you need him. He is hurting too. Don't abandon him.
No. 167269 ID: e2020c


Grampa is also dead. It's Tiff who'll be waiting so yeah. Go see Grampa. You're a big girl now.

The worst that could happen is a sucker compromise between dad and grampa sucking from both times.
No. 167271 ID: 1ac39d

if grandpa get's mad about you not being there you can tell him that you think you stopped your dad from going suicidal, the whole point of this is to get your brother back and losing another family member to do it would make sense.
No. 167403 ID: 673966

Go with Daddy, Tiff. It's the right thing to do.
No. 167423 ID: e75a2f

Gramps ain't goin nowhere.

Go with Dad. Shit's hittin him pretty hard, and don't forget you're doing this to bring your brother back to life. Neglecting your own in the process only serves to distance yourself from your original intent; If you can't take the time to enjoy life with your family now, do you really think with Tony back it's going to be any different?

Don't get too wrapped up in this necromancy business; It's just a means to an end for the moment and nothing more. Gramps will understand.
No. 167961 ID: ceac17
File 127186640496.png - (54.33KB , 800x800 , 143.png )


CHOOSE DESTINATION - Downtown * Shopping * Dinner * Movie - Carnival * Travelling troupe nearby * Rides, clowns, cotton candy - Picnic * Lunch to go * Badminton * Kite - Movie night at home * Shopping * Cooking * Movie rental

No. 167963 ID: ee9fc1

Downtown sounds like the place to go to.
No. 167964 ID: b4cf40

I place half vote in Downtown and half vote in Movie Night!
No. 167965 ID: 43d730

Because while clowns are bollocks, everything else is win.
No. 167966 ID: a9de4d

Downtown for movie, but first try to say bye to gramps. i dotn want to discover the raven accidentaly the whole gramps. plus your friend may visit the clubhouse.
No. 167996 ID: bbdfae

Downtown. Unless you and your dad have a history of really enjoying badminton and kiting.
No. 168004 ID: ceac17
File 127187805494.png - (181.59KB , 800x800 , 144.png )

>"Downtown it is, honey. So tell me, what's wrong with your clothes?"


>"Who do you think does your laundry, dummy? You've been wearing that same dress for like two weeks straight. What's wrong with your other clothes?"

"I dunno... They're kinda out of style."

>"Well blow me down with a feather, I had no idea. I didn't know my little girl cared about that stuff yet."

"Dad, please."

>"Well all right, all right. We'll get you something 'cool' and 'hip'."

"Dad, you know how dorky that finger-quote thing looks, right?"


One level gaze later Tiffany and Dad are driving downtown. Tiffany knows a few places where her classmates buy clothes. There's a one where they sell that fake thrifty stuff, you know preworn jeans and stuff. Then there's that one place where they sell these really classy brands, mucho expensive. Then there's this one gothic store the twilight fangirls buy their weird black lace 'n stuff. She could probably talk dad into taking her to one of those places.
No. 168007 ID: a9de4d


gothic lolita dress. oh god even your gramps will laught it out.

go for the twilight fan store. do you know of the book anyway?
No. 168008 ID: f3de2f

Go to the gothic store!
No. 168009 ID: a7a85a

Movie night at home. Ask your dad if he'll let you rent The Re-Animator.
No. 168012 ID: a9de4d

damm i just realized its a PERFECT time to begin a glove collection, to cover the white lines.

just remember to tell dad with gloves on already or he will notice the lines.
No. 168013 ID: e2020c


Gothic store
No. 168014 ID: e3f578

Thrift stores are often shit and we don't want to go overboard with your father's finances, so actually gothic store seems pretty okay if those are the only choices.

Getting goth shit just might creep out your father, just saying. Besides, fad's are lame. Especially ones that made by kids that try to the conformist anti-conformist route and go "CRAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIINNN" all the fucking time.

You know, now that I think of it, I sort of want to go to the fancy store to buy a nice hat for grandpa.
No. 168015 ID: ee9fc1

Go for the fake thrifty stuff.

Gothic stuff is mainly for poser bastards. They're only worth contempt.
No. 168017 ID: bbdfae

I tend to back cheap but functional clothing, but that doesn't seem to be an option here.

Fake thrifty is overpriced and probably low-quality, but might help you look normal.

Classy brands might actually be better quality clothing. Maybe. Expensive isn't good, though.

The whole gothic thing... picking it up right after getting into necromancy is hopelessly cliche, and it won't help your credibility if you need to lie about what you've been doing in the future. Avoid it.
No. 168018 ID: a9de4d

this is hilarious. also we must consider gramps is having "shenanigans" with the pet summon undead familiar thingie now.
No. 168019 ID: a9de4d

im also pretty sure gramps isnt going to like it.

but its a cliche! thats why we do silly things, they are cliche!
No. 168023 ID: 12b099

Go to Wal-Mart, god in heaven. Get a nice dress, some sensible pants and a sensible shoes. Twilight stores are crud, the high priced stuff is horrible, and cheap is cheap. Get dad something nice while your there, too - a 'Wolrd Greatest Dad' mug, and a fedora for granddad.
No. 168031 ID: ceac17
File 127188344760.png - (264.20KB , 1200x800 , 145.png )

>"Welcome to Gothika, your number one purveyor of whatever. If you have, like, any questions, please don't hesitate to direct them at somebody else."

Before dad can get his mouth open, Tiffany disappears among the shelves.

Oh man, look at this stuff. No way I'm letting Tiff dress up in these, her mom would kill me.

And look at that attendant. Is there a face under that makeup? I can't tell. And now she's giving me a look. Man I gotta say something.

"Uh, hi. I'm Greg."

>"... Lynn."

"So, uh, how's it going?"

>"... Are you trying to hit on me or something?"

... Somewhat awkward. Think man think, what do I say?
No. 168034 ID: a9de4d


ask him what would be nice to give to your daughter. startle him with "she had a big loss laterly and is now wearing black".

also try to get her the book if there are any, tiff needs downtime too.
No. 168039 ID: e3f578

"Ah, no. Polite conversation. Wife would already kill me dead if she caught me buying my daughter a Gothic dress."
No. 168042 ID: ceac17
File 127188480483.png - (264.52KB , 1200x800 , 146.png )

"No, no, just making conversation."
>"Cus I'm totally free on Friday."
No. 168044 ID: 12b099

Get Tiff. Leave now. And what are they playing on the radio? Is that butchered Hendrix? Yeah, we're leaving.
No. 168045 ID: e3f578

"Sorry, wife and kids... kid" AWWW BAAWWWWWW this makes even this insensitive voice sad. "Do you know any dresses that would be Gothic lite? Something less likely to offend a rather uptight mother?"
No. 168050 ID: a9de4d

dis is gud idea.

also a gift for tiff.
No. 168051 ID: ee9fc1

It's the motorcycle gear. That tight suit is making her all hot and bothered.

Anyway, tell her you're taken and you're looking for some new cool stuff for your daughter.
No. 168079 ID: ceac17
File 127189094423.png - (100.15KB , 800x800 , 147.png )

"Sorry, married."

>"I don't mind."

"Yeaaaah well... Sorry. So I'm looking for some new clothes for my daughter... Do you have anything decent in here?"

Assisted by the mildly amused Lynn, Tiffany and her Dad soon find some clothing that meets both of their requirements.

>"How do I look, daddy?"

[And if you have a really good suggestion to add to her clothing, now's the time.]
No. 168090 ID: 7524b0

"Oh, that's a cute style, but you should get a longer shirt. You're a bit young to be showing your bellybutton to everyone."
No. 168091 ID: e3f578

THAT fits your requirements? No, fuck it Homestuck it. Make that hand a ghostie or squiddie. And pull up that mid drift, she's no teenager trying to impress the boys yet.
No. 168095 ID: e75a2f

No. I like that hand.

The hand is badass. The midriff is not badass, at least not yet. Compromise that by a normal-length t-shirt and a midriff jacket. Those are in-style. Especially if there's fur on it. Why fur? I dunno.

No. 168097 ID: ceac17
File 127189390581.png - (156.85KB , 800x800 , 148.png )

"Looks cute and all, but we'll have to get you a longer t-shirt. You're a bit too young for that cut."

>"Oh come on, dad, don't be such a grinch."

"No, Tiff. I know you're a big girl and all, but... just no."


Crap, she used pleading eyes. It's super effective.

"... How about a full-length t-shirt and a mid-riff jacket?"

>"Hmph. Only if I get to pick you a t-shirt."
No. 168098 ID: a9de4d

this. the midriff is bad, the symbol makes sense and you got gloves to protect the white lines in your hand.
No. 168099 ID: a9de4d

also no fishnet. they spell WHOREWHOREWHOREWHORE
No. 168100 ID: ceac17
File 127189439652.png - (141.37KB , 800x800 , 149.png )

Don't be daft. Fishnets? Nevar.

Tiffany and dad wound up spending half a day wandering the mall, browsing, eating ice scream, occasionally buying something.

They bought a lot of new clothes for Tiffany, a t-shirt for dad, and a hat. That gothic store wasn't that expensive, even with these boots- hey, what's this?

No. 168103 ID: ceac17
File 127189475181.png - (105.37KB , 800x800 , 150.png )

Oh bloody hell.
No. 168104 ID: ceac17
File 127189487253.png - (48.56KB , 800x800 , facepalm.png )

[Author's note: I'll be posting templates for t-shirt and hat design on the discussion thread]
No. 168106 ID: a9de4d

trash the card, cardcrusher style.
No. 168111 ID: 7524b0

Leave it in the shopping bag. Just leave the bag lying around in your closet. Then you have an easy excuse if your wife finds it: "Eh? The lady at the clothing store was flirting with me. I guess she snuck that in the bag."

If your wife leaves you for good, you'll have another chance at happiness. You know, after waiting a while out of respect.
No. 168236 ID: f95872

Probably best to skip it.
No. 169270 ID: 64daac

Or your wife will leave you for good because she found another woman's phone number in your wallet. And so soon after Tony. That's just cold.
No. 169277 ID: 7524b0

Read what I suggested again.

I said to leave the card in the bag. The shopping bag. Which winds up sitting in the closet.
No. 169302 ID: e2aba8

better eat the card the way things develop here.
No. 170922 ID: ceac17
File 127238549236.png - (26.93KB , 800x800 , 151.png )

After Tiffany and dad had a bite to eat, they headed off to the movie theater.

The film started in a junkyard. A man was holding a glass ball.


>"What was the PG-rating on this thing again?"

"Oh come on, dad."

A few minutes into the film, Tiffany starts to feel a bit dizzy. It's hard to focus on the big screen. It's almost like there's two pictures on the screen.

"Dad, is this a 3D film?"

>"No, they don't have that here. Why?"

"It's just..."

It's like she's seeing the squirrel struggling with the rat, and something else underneath it. Her eyes water as she tries to see both pictures at once, with little success.

Think, Tiff. Think.

No. 170923 ID: 7524b0

Close your eyes?
No. 170924 ID: 86bece

Relax. Don't try to force out the images. Let them come to you instead. Just take deep breaths, try to not focus your vision on any point and keep your mind as clear as you can.
No. 170929 ID: ceac17
File 127238699333.png - (167.60KB , 800x800 , 152.png )

Tiffany closes her eyes and forces herself to relax. After a few heartbeats she slowly opens her eyes. She can barely see the theater now. Everything seems blurry and out of focus. She hears dad's distant voice, but can't make out what he's saying.
No. 170935 ID: 86bece

Oh wait, shit, that's the beach again. Aw shit this isn't good, I bet it's the fucking reaper man again. Focus on dads voice, concentrate at making out what he says, and stop relaxing. Remember what is real and where you are. Death isn't going to catch you napping.
No. 170936 ID: 23bee4

Damnit! Ok, shake your head, -ignore- the double image, focus on Dad. We're trying to make dad feel better - heck, we're trying to make ourselves feel better - and if this is necromancy based - most likely our familiar and us being to see through it's eyes - we can not let dad know about it. We do not want to get locked up or forced to see a doctor. We need to get our Brother Back.
No. 170937 ID: bbdfae

I do have some slight concerns that ignoring anything necromantic might be even worse than embracing it. If it's a chance to deal with a problem that will exist regardless, failing to deal with it would be foolish and potentially suicidal.

That said, we don't have the background information to know which is the case here, so attempting to remain focused on reality is probably the safer bet. Note to self: Ask Grandpa about this as soon as possible, assuming we get through it okay.
No. 170950 ID: 49eee4

Perhaps this is something you're getting from the familiar? Try mentally telling it to close it's eyes or stop looking at spirits or whatever the hell it's doing. Barring that, can you separate the image of what you see from the other vision? Like when you cross your eyes and see two pictures.

In case this is something more serious, concentrate on your heartbeat, on your the feeling of your body, whatever it takes to stay alive.
No. 170953 ID: ceac17
File 12723969285.png - (319.79KB , 800x800 , 153.png )

It... it's the beach... But it feels different. Like a memory I've never had. It definitely doesn't feel like when I was dying.

That's Tony. It's still a little blurry, but I just know.

I- I don't think I'm in any danger. I can still feel the seat, and Dad's hand.
I don't know how to describe it. It feels like a- a movie. About the past.

I... I think I'm supposed to watch it.

No. 170954 ID: 86bece

Still pretty damn suspiscious. At the first hint of danger pull back from it. But other than that I guess you could let it play out.
No. 170955 ID: bbdfae

Not everything that is dangerous necessarily feels that way... but I suppose there's no use wavering; better to choose a path and commit. If you're not willing to shove the vision aside, then focus on it completely and get all you can out of it.

Be aware that you're probably putting yourself in an awkward position with your father by looking at something completely different than he can see while he's talking to you, though. It would really be better to watch this movie alone later, if that's indeed what it is.
No. 170956 ID: 11573c

Dont worry, we'll be on our toes here. Just let it play.

Probably, this is getting triggered by the fact we're in a dark, mostly silent room with our dad, y'know. Zoning out into meditation.
No. 170957 ID: ceac17
File 127239787583.png - (143.88KB , 800x300 , 154.png )

Tony's just sitting there, playing wi- no.

Tony jerks suddenly, and slowly stands upright.
He stands unnaturally still for a moment, and walks stiffly towards the sea. It only takes a moment for him to completely disappear.

I- I can't watch this. Make it stop. Please.

No. 170959 ID: 86bece

No this is important it may even be extremly important. If this is how it really played out this could give us some very important clues.

Tonys death might not have been an accident, malignant forces could have been behind it, possibly to get revenge on gramps. You will have to ask him about magical enemies later.
No. 170960 ID: 49eee4

If you don't have the strength for this, you are probably too weak to bring him back too. Just try to stay calm.
No. 170961 ID: a85626


Or maybe you're crazy. Either way bringing your brother back will be *totally awesome*

If it makes you feel better, imagine the movie playing in reverse. That's what you're going to do.
No. 170965 ID: ceac17
File 127239928858.png - (368.17KB , 800x800 , 155.png )

The vision is fading. Tiffany pulls herself together, trying to imagine the vision in reverse. Just before it disappears Tiffany catches a glimpse of Tony's face as he stood still.

>"Oh my god Tiffany, are you all right?"
No. 170967 ID: 49eee4

"Just thinking about my brother"
And then wipe your face, in case you're bleeding from it too.
No. 170968 ID: 86bece

Remember that symbol. Burn it into your memory.

Tell Daddy that you're fine. You just feelt so good and safe that you feel asleep a little bit. You guess you're a bit more tired then you thought.

Next time you meet Gramps ask about that symbol. Also ask him about any enemies he might have made that would really have it in for him.
No. 170969 ID: ceac17
File 127239989483.png - (212.56KB , 800x800 , 156.png )

"I just fell asleep for a bit I'm- oh."
No. 170970 ID: 86bece

Ok, that is very embaressing and extremly awkward.

Tell Dad that you're pretty sure you're all right. Well unless you feel alot of pain and the bleeding isn't stopping. In that case you should get to a hospitol.
No. 170971 ID: bbdfae

Act very embarrassed. That'll probably result in the avoidance of most awkward questions/suspicions.

It should be easy, because if that's not an embarrassing situation I've never seen one.
No. 170972 ID: ceac17
File 127240106197.png - (132.91KB , 800x800 , 157.png )

Oh god where's Julie when you need her? Should I take her to the hospital? I should take her to the hospital.

"How are you doing in there?"

>"Dad, I'm fine."

"You need to stay calm. It's just a period."

>"Dad, I know. They tell us this stuff at school."

"Really? That's good. So just uh... stay calm."

Oh god what do I do?
No. 170973 ID: 86bece

Stay calm yourself. Happens to every little girl at some point. If you start to panic and stuff it will just make it more awkward for her.

Ask her if she wants some ice cream before you head home.
No. 170975 ID: bbdfae

Don't worry so much! She can't possibly be hurt, or she would have been in pain long before you noticed what was happening. Yes, this was highly unexpected and shocking, but Tiffany seems to be taking it well and you need to act the adult here.

So. Practicality time. Does she need some sort of mysterious feminine product to solve this? Would Tiffany know? Do you have the appropriate supplies at home, or do you need to go buy them?
No. 170978 ID: 30fa59

Does she need a change of clothes? Maybe you should go buy her some cheap pants and undies real quick if there's a place nearby.
No. 170979 ID: ed783a



Tiff: attempt to clear senses, it seems the raven is under attack.

Dad: DONT PANIC. call mom. PANIC ON THE PHONE! slightly discuss tampoon types with mom.
No. 170987 ID: ceac17
File 12724026353.png - (141.42KB , 800x800 , 158.png )

Pull your act together man. You have a father's duty to Tiff. OK, deep breath.

I don't know if she needs some weird woman-product. Maybe some of those pads they keep showing on TV? I don't know. So much blood. I always thought her mom would be around when this sorta thing happened. I suck at this.

Ok ok, focus man. Let's think.... She's all bloody and stuff. We'll need to do something about that before we ride home. Umm. Those pads? Do they sell them at the market or do I need to go to an apothecary? I don't know. I'll call Julie and ask her.

Goddamnit Julie isn't answering her phone. Guess she doesn't want to talk to me. Well fine. So, uh. The blood. Can't have her walking around with blood everywhere. OH GOD WHO THE FUCK DESIGNED WOMEN? JESUS CHRIST!

Clothes. Clothes! We just bought her that new outfit. Brilliant. She'll just put them on and no wait. She still needs those pads or tampons. Ok I did not just think of her putting tampons on. Pads. Where do they sell pads?

No. 170989 ID: ed783a

drug stores and some supermarkets i dont know, why not phone mom and ask her?
No. 170990 ID: 86bece

You should be able to find them at the market or a pharmacy. If you can't get them there then you could see if the lady at the goth store is in and ask her.

In the mean time Tiff could use tissue pappers as an emergancy solution.
No. 170993 ID: bbdfae

Cunning plan: Find a woman in a uniform of some kind (someone working, so they can't run away). Accost them while slightly panicked and demand information on this topic/desperately ask for help.

It might be embarrassing, but women like to help one another/stick together when it comes to this kind of thing, so it should work out. You need to get the solution to this from one of them and your wife obviously isn't around to help.
No. 171001 ID: 619beb

Haha, your panic is priceless.

Calm down, your in a mall, right? Just tell her to stay put, go to the nearby pharmacy, and buy her some pads.
No. 171008 ID: 30fa59

The clothes might not be completely ruined depending on the material, but they need a whole lot of cleaning. Getting her something to wear in the meantime is a good idea. Ask Tiff where you should go for stuff.
No. 171015 ID: ceac17
File 127240411387.gif - (18.96KB , 800x100 , 159.gif )

Ok, ok, I gotta find a woman who knows how these things go down. There's women at the mall.

"Wait here, Tiff, I'll go find you some pads or something."

>"Fine. I'll just sit here shall I?"

Let's see... Ok there's a lady sitting at a table on the left, and... oh man, the gothic store on the right.

I have no idea where the pharmacy is. There's... probably a map somewhere though. Should I ask either of these ladies or try to find the pharmacy on my own?

No. 171020 ID: 12b099

Dude, you're stressing -way- too much. Just go to the Mall Map, and go to a drug store/pharmacy. Tell cashier that our daughter is having their first period and if they could help. Cool as a cucumber.
No. 171022 ID: 86bece

Go to the gothic store. She should understand your problems and be able to help out.
No. 171039 ID: 12b099

Why are people wanting to go to a place that, in all likelihood, would tell us to go to the drug store? (That is if she didn't just tell us to sit and spin.)
No. 171041 ID: bbdfae

It would probably be slightly less awkward to ask someone you already met for help... although Lynn hardly seemed like the friendly, helpful type. Still, at worst she'll decide you're creepy and not give you any useful information, right? That's not too bad. Hurry up now, Tiffany's waiting all alone in a bathroom with blood running from-

-uh, just proceed quickly.
No. 171050 ID: bbdfae

Because we obviously have no idea what we're doing, so there may be other mysterious feminine necessities involved here of which we are entirely unaware.

I admit that map and pharmacy is probably a better idea, but when totally clueless my first instinct is usually to find someone who knows what they're doing rather than attempt a solution entirely on my own.
No. 171051 ID: 30fa59

Just ask Lynn at the gothic store, she already knows you and your daughter so it will be easier than asking a total stranger.
No. 171052 ID: ceac17
File 12724064736.png - (195.37KB , 1200x800 , 160.png )

>"Ohey look who's back. Did you change your-"

"Look, I'm really sorry but I'm having a bit of an emergency. My daughter's having her first period and I need to get some pads or something. Do you know where to get some?"

Lynn folds her arms with a calculating look.

>"Ok, I'll help you. If..."
No. 171054 ID: ceac17
File 127240649261.png - (45.62KB , 538x312 , 161.png )

>"... you take me out on Friday."
No. 171055 ID: 86bece

Oh this is going to be something odd. Still, you should accept it. It's to help your darling baby girl after all, no sacrifice is to great when it comes to helping sweet little Tiff.
No. 171056 ID: 4531bc


Find a pharmacy elsewhere or something.
No. 171057 ID: 3b6c92

Tell her fine you'll go ask somebody else jeez what's her problem anyway, or something to that effect. Then immediately turn around and head back down the hall.

Some people, man.
No. 171058 ID: 30fa59

...Tell her coercion isn't the best way into your heart, or your pants. Either she wants to help or not. If she still refuses go somewhere else.
No. 171060 ID: 30fa59

Oh and if she helps anyway, agree to take her out. Just because.
No. 171064 ID: 4531bc

This guy is in wedlock. he has a commitment toward his wife. We need to resolve the situation with her before we agree to anything of this sort.
No. 171066 ID: bbdfae

"Apparently you're not as nice as I thought. I'll just find a map or something."

Leave and do so. Do not start dating someone other than your wife when your relationship is already in this much trouble unless you are very sure that it's what will make you happy. When panicked and worried about your daughter is not a good time to make that decision.
No. 171076 ID: ceac17
File 12724081337.png - (74.07KB , 800x800 , 162.png )

"Hold on right there, young lady. That kind of coercion is not acceptable. You should be ashamed of yourself."

>"I- sorry."

"I'm going to find a map now. Good day to you."

>"Hey wait! You don't have to do that. The pharmacy is like right over there. Go that way and take the first left. Can't miss it."

"... Fine, thank you."

>"Wait. Umm. Always is a good brand."

"... Thanks."

As Tiffany's dad heads towards the pharmacy, he's sure she said 'damn it' under her breath.
No. 171079 ID: 86bece

Well be sure to send her a thank you card or something later when you have calmed down. She helped you after all. And Alway