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File 126985672566.png - (17.87KB , 400x400 , 605.png )
154595 No. 154595 ID: cf68aa


The girl looks up at Cecil. She stares at him with blank eye. Her mouth is bound and there is a fresh cut on her neck.

>Is that really Nari's mom?
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No. 154600 ID: 8ecfd4

Quite possibly. In any case this is a bit extreme, might as well save her.

Cut her loose, heal her enough to make sure she's stable. Leave a timed spell rune to destroy the box and then get the fuck out of there.

Draw a silly mustache on the guard on the way out.
No. 154601 ID: 632862

Fresh cut? Watch out, Norar may be nearby!
No. 154604 ID: 701a19

Yes, it is. Stick a Cell Stone to her and examine the other items in the room. The box with the fat-lined Circle of Life is probably important.

Once you know what all the magic in the room is doing, cut her free from the wall, un-gag her mouth, and take her outside.

@Nari: We found your mother.
No. 154605 ID: 701a19

No, we need to deal with Norar first.

That is acceptable. If we have to kill him then we have to kill him. It's not as good as forcing him to suffer through a ruined life, but it works.
No. 154611 ID: 8ecfd4

First priority here should be getting Nari and her mom to saftey. Then we can deal with Norar when we don't have to worry about guarding other people and the fact that they may interfere.
No. 154764 ID: 934ef5

Cecil, I think she's trying to say "Nari". Tell her she is ok and will see her soon. Be careful and observe the room for wards and traps before touching anything.

[To RJ]
We need you to check where Nari's father is right now. His name is Norar, we don't know his last name. Perhaps a clear mental image will help. If it still doesn't work try "Norar, leader of this settlement."

[Show RJ an image of Norar]
The three of you need to be ready in case he shows up before we are done here. As for what we are doing...

[Shows RJ an image of the room]
Are there any likely spots for traps here that will keep us from releasing her safely? You're the only one with a mind for this sort of thing.

If we can pull that off, but I doubt we'll have the chance. Even if there are no traps or wards, he probably has a way to detect if something has happened in here. Let's be ready for anything.
No. 154797 ID: 701a19

Of course. That's why Cecil needs to carefully check the room to see what the spells covering this place do. We can't cut her down until we know it's safe to do so. Not only for us, but for her as well.
Once we actually can safely get her down, we'll take her and regroup before telling the guards what Norar has been doing.
If they support Norar, we freeze them.
If they oppose Norar, we support them.

I'm not even going to guess at what she's trying to say. She's bound and gagged, she could very well be trying to speak in Elvish, she might not really be conscious, and she might not even know her own daughter's name.
No. 154813 ID: 934ef5

I'm afraid that as long as he's the leader they will support him. Or course if he just dies, Nari inherits his estate and I believe his leadership position.
No. 154827 ID: 701a19

You may not have noticed this, but he has kept her very well hidden.
He must have had a reason to keep her hidden, ergo we can likely cause him harm by revealing her.
He's just a village leader, not the ruler of his entire race. Even then, someone like King Rai would be deposed in short order if this kind of crime came to light.

Actually... Cecil, what can you tell us about Lord Z? Is he a good person? Is he still alive?
No. 154862 ID: cf68aa
File 126989763120.png - (10.35KB , 250x400 , 606.png )


>Lord Z? He was a fair teacher and it was a honor to learn under him. He is... Missing however.

He begins to examin the girls restraints while Alexis examines the box.

"This is just like the box Nari was in mya. And it's on."

>"Be cautious Alex. We don't know if this place rigged."

As he examines the elf's restraints he notices that the bands around her head and torso seem to go into the wall itself
No. 154864 ID: 8ecfd4

Do those 3 dots mean anything to you?

Those restraints might have been set up so an alarm will trigger if they go slack. Can you see any way to get her out without letting then either stretch out or go slack?
No. 154865 ID: 632862

This is bad... I don't know what could happen if we messed with it.

On the other hand, if she dies then at least her suffering will be over.

Remove the gag from her mouth and try asking her how to get her out of here safely.
No. 154866 ID: 701a19

Attach a Cell Stone to her, but don't touch her.
We don't know what's going on.

@Nari, Felix, RJ: Tell us the second anybody approaches or something happens.
If you'd like, you can get a guard. Tell him that we've found a body, and he needs to come quickly. Once Norar's crimes are known nobody will follow his orders.
No. 154869 ID: 8ecfd4

That is a naive thing to assume. They were perfectly willing to follow his orders despite his daughter having some quite visible wounds from his abuse.

Hell if I remember correctly the guard at the entrance was happy when Nari was about to be executed and had no problems with that whatsoever. And Nari is still a wanted criminal here, she should under no circumstances approach any guards.
No. 154873 ID: cf68aa
File 12698991193.png - (18.36KB , 400x400 , 607.png )

Cecil takes off her gag and has Alex make her a Cell Stone. He gives it to her and heals her wound. The elf's head hangs down only stopped by the restraint. She looks down at the floor. The only noise in the room is their own breathing and the steady hum of the machine next to them

"Cecil... Cecil this thing is on and it's doing something."


"I'm not sure what but it's doing something right now mya."

The Girl "N...... S....."
No. 154876 ID: 1ac39d

try cracking it open.
No. 154878 ID: 934ef5

Hang on Cecil, she may be trying to advise or warn us of something. If she can't put the words together, perhaps she can express the thought to us.

[Switch to the girl]
Hello, we are trying to help you. What are you trying to say? Don't worry about talking, if you just think it we will understand.
No. 154879 ID: 8ecfd4

[Switch to Naris mom]
It's ok, you just need to think of what you want to say and we will tell it to the rest.

Finding a way to quietly disable that box might be a good idea. Hold off on actually doing it for now though, just figure out a way to do it.
No. 154880 ID: 632862

Wait, don't do anything. She's trying to talk. I think she's going "no, stop". We'll try talking to her directly.

[switch to the girl]
No. 154881 ID: 701a19

She has no scars and two eyes; I'm pretty sure even her father wouldn't recognize her.
Besides that, Felix can do the talking. If Nari stays behind her the guard will probably assume Nari is her kid sister or something.

As far as the guards reacting, I'm pretty certain that they consider children property. However, the same can't be said for Chel. I'm pretty sure she's been missing for decades at this point.
Again, if he could get away with this then he would have been keeping her openly.

@RJ: Thanks! Could you ask for "Lord Z" now?

Cecil, there's a reason why we didn't say to heal her. We don't know enough right now to risk casting magic on her.

[Switch to Chel Sils]
Hello, can you hear us? We're here to help.
Can you tell us what this machine is and what it does?
Do you know what magics are at work in this room?
No. 154905 ID: cf68aa
File 126990017957.png - (17.14KB , 400x500 , 608.png )

Cecil examines the machine to see if there is any way to shut it off and what it is doing

No. 154906 ID: 632862

Hey! Say something? Anyone in there? We need to get you out of here!
No. 154907 ID: 8ecfd4

Come on now you can do it. You were trying to talk earlier, just think of what you were trying to say and we will relay it to the others.
No. 154916 ID: 701a19

[Sense her emotions, and probe to see if her soul is still working]

We have your daughter. She's safe, and a wonderful girl. She's nearby, and you can see her as soon as we get you out of here.

Also, you're looking at two of the most powerful mages in the world. Norar is helpless against them, and they already bested him once when they rescued your daughter.
No. 154932 ID: cf68aa
File 12699023663.png - (17.96KB , 400x500 , 609.png )

Her body is empty. Cecil is not a master of Soul Magic so he can't tell but she is just a shell. She has no emotions and no desire to continue living.


She says something so low that Cecil can not hear it

>"N.......... No.......... Save..........."

No. 154938 ID: 701a19

Sorry, you don't have a choice in this. We are going to remove you from here, then we will undo the damage that has been done to you.

We ask that you help us, but beyond that you have no choice in the matter.

@Cecil: It looks like her soul isn't in her body. It might be stored nearby, or it might be petrified.

@Nari & Felix:
When somebody is soul petrified, can they speak?
And does their soul appear to be missing when you probe it?
Or would those be signs of a soul being removed and kept elsewhere?
[Send her what we know so far, including a detailed vision of the room]
We need your help to figure out what's happening here.
No. 154940 ID: 632862

[switch to Cecil]
Goddamn, she's just an empty shell. Where is her soul? Is the machine serving as a connection?

Send Alex back to stay with Nari, and tell Felix to come down and help.
No. 154949 ID: cf68aa
File 126990551781.png - (22.30KB , 400x500 , 610.png )

Cecil sends foe Felix to join them. She steps down the ladder and enters the hidden room while Alex keeps tinkering with the box.

>"What is it?"

"We need to know what happened to this woman and if her soul is still in her body."


Felix examines her. Chel stares back at her as she does so.

>"Her soul is still inside it's just been petrified. however the spell is old and cracks are beggining to form. she'll need to have the spell recast for it to take hold again.... What did you say her name was again?"

"Chel. Chel Sils."

>"The Chel Sils!?"

>If this is the real one then... This Norar has a Dark Elf heir locked away in his castle. The Chel I'm thinking of was the next in line to take over the Dark Elf city until she went missing. But there's no way this can be here. The Chel I knew of looked so different...
No. 154951 ID: 934ef5

Being chained to a wall for a couple decades or so will do that. Felix, what can you tell us about what the box might be doing? Or the function of these restraints?
No. 154953 ID: 632862

Just tell us how to get her out safely. If the spell wears off, then we can restore her, right?
No. 154954 ID: 632862

Also, is Cecil guarding Nari? We can't leave her with only RJ up there. RJ isn't a fighter.
No. 154955 ID: 701a19

Felix, what happens if the petrification cracks and breaks?

Oh, and yes, this is the Chel Sils. We have indisputably confirmed it.
Of course, she's hidden under the bedroom of the person who came to power because she vanished. You're in Norar's house.
Oh, and we figured out what happened to her and where she was because we barely saved her daughter from this very fate.
Yes, Nari is the daughter of Norar and Chel Sils. Yes, Nari was born after Chel went 'missing'.

Yes, it's even worse than it sounds, but we're going to heal her. We tend to get two or three impossible things done before dinner, and we're behind quota for today. I mean, we only managed to mock Dart with a psychic attack and take Gaia's loyalty away from him, and we're halfway to a cure for Soul Petrification already anyway.

@Alex, RJ, and Nari
Run. Find a guard. Tell them you've found the body of Chel Sils in Norar's home, and you need the help of a master of soul magic.
If they don't believe it, then jab them with a Cell Stone and we'll show them ourselves.
No. 154969 ID: cf68aa
File 12699093937.png - (13.72KB , 500x500 , 611.png )

>If it breaks then the soul will be set free. But there's no record of anyone ever being able to do that. Ever.

>Wow... I'm actually in fornt of Chel... And little Nari is her daughter? That means she's like a princess or something...

Alex goes back up. Her, RJ and Nari turn to leave.

??? "Well well. I knew there were intruders but this was not who I was expecting. Welcome home"

Nari "no no no no no..."

Nari grabs tightly onto Alex. In front of them stands Norar.

>This is him mya...

Norar "Nari.. Cept tur ret so ne?"

Nari "Mi-Migayo... Nevir so ne... so ne... Cecil nu so ne... Migayo..."
No. 154970 ID: 1ac39d

beat him up. be ready to fight off soul based attacks.
@felix, your soul blade hand thing may make you the only one able to fight him well.
No. 154973 ID: 632862

Don't hesitate. Pummel him via Move Earth. Knock him out.
No. 154975 ID: 701a19

Alex, no mercy or pity. Turn him into a pin cushion and fill his lungs with water.

@Cecil: Norar showed up. Take Felix and get ready to blast him. Lead with Rune Thought; we'll ad-lib from there.

@Nari: Don't be afraid. He can't hurt you.
No. 154976 ID: 934ef5

[To Cecil]
Get up here now, Norar is here.

[To RJ]
We won't demand you use it, but keep the watch invisibility as an option. If you can sneak behind him and club him that might make all the difference.
No. 154980 ID: e3f578

Hey, Alex, please shoot a Cel stone into him. We can drive him insane and reveal his strategies. Not to mention we really just want to fuck up his head personally. We ARE Nari's goddamn Guardians spirits, not you, not Cecil, we are. WE WILL FUCK UP NORAR! THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO SHINE GENTLEMEN! EN GAURDE! ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER
No. 154982 ID: 632862

No, we can't actually drive anyone insane. We tried that against Dart and it didn't work. He just got a little miffed.
No. 154985 ID: 1ac39d

[well he did pass us off rather quickly, but yeah, we need to mess with someone for a long time before they would start to lose it.]
No. 154986 ID: cf68aa
File 126991142589.png - (28.57KB , 500x500 , 612.png )

Alex waits for a moment when Norar isn't looking then turns invisible. She begins to try and circle around him. Norar pulls out a device. He presses a button on it and the door leading into his room shuts close and locks. He walks closer to Nari who grabs onto Alexis even tighter. She's shaking terribly now and is hyperventalting

Norar "Nari, ret un tess?"

He holds out his hand and a blue fire appears. It gives off no light and seems to be coming from his own body. Nari's eye goes wide as she stares at the fire in his hand. Alex holds her close.

>Mya! Nari won't let go of my arm!
No. 154987 ID: 701a19

No delays. Kill him.
Use a bit of your soul for Dark Mana power if you need to, since Nari can heal that damage.

Oh, and we know you don't want to make a Philosopher's stone, but I can assure you this bastard has severed himself from the circle of life.

[Switch to Nari, flood her with overwhelming courage]
Alex needs her arms to fight, Nari. Grab RJ instead. Or at least Alex's waist.
What IS that, Nari? What does it do?

@Cecil & Felix
He's using a spell we've never seen before. Come in here and kill him before things turn horrible.
No. 154989 ID: 1ac39d

@rj: broom, his head, do it.
alex, suck his legs out from under him by turning the floor he is on into mush then crushing his legs.
No. 154990 ID: 934ef5

[To Alex]
Keep yourself in front of Nari, Cast something to protect you two and/or slow him, and prepare an offensive spell for when you get an opening.

[To RJ]
Be quick, we don't know what this magic does and we're not keen on finding out. We had hoped Cecil could get here to help but for that damn door, Alex should be able to take him out if she can get an opening.

[To Felix]
Hurry! The door to the room has been shut, try to cut or break it down. Time is short and we're doing what we can but if it's not enough...
No. 154991 ID: 632862

You can't move your arm? Can you cast one-handed?

If not, kick him in the nuts.
No. 155000 ID: e3f578

I wanna fight that fuck. Drive him insane or no, we can throw off his concentration. If you can't manage a good throw and pierce with us, give a stone to RJ. I want to know what this fucker's thinking.
No. 155002 ID: 701a19

We DID phase him. He did a "What the fuck?!?!".
We can try flooding him with guilt over this. We just need to confuse him.
No. 155006 ID: cf68aa
File 126991339023.png - (31.58KB , 800x500 , 613.png )

RJ has a stone in her hand. She tries to get closer but there is an odd heat coming from the flame. A heat that shakes her to her core. ALex tries to get Nari to hold onto somehting else but she won't let go.

>Damn it! This door is sealed tight! My Soul Blades are only making scratches on it! And something's wrong with Cecil, she's not breathing!

Norar fires the odd flame at Alex. With one arm she quickly raises a earth shield but the flame eats through it and hits her. She's knocked away from Nari


Norar "How do you like my Soul Flare? It can eat through anything in it's path until it reaches flesh, and once there it will burn and burn until the skin is charred. Nari remember this well, ney ji some'?"

Nari tries to reach for Alex but the flames are on her cloak. She can't do anything.


Without the flame to block her RJ moves closer. All she has on her is her cell stone, the Goldeon Watch, her hat and her broom.
No. 155011 ID: 1ac39d

@Nari: NARI! you must fight your father, you are the only one in the room with soul magic! if you don' then Cacil will die, Alex will die, everyone will die, and you are the only one who can save them. what do you fear more? your father, or losing Cecil?
No. 155013 ID: 934ef5

[To RJ]
Broom to the back of the head, full force. Then put your cell stone on him, see if we can do anything. Continue beating him until candy comes out.
No. 155014 ID: 632862

Alex, try pumping your mana into the fire, and control it yourself. Extinguish it or push it away. RJ is about to give you an opening. Use it to KILL HIM.

@RJ: Take your hat and shove it down over his head, blinding him. Or you could use the watch's cord to strangle him. Or you could kick him in the nuts. Or hit him with your broom, if that's as effective as you say! Your choice!
No. 155016 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Nari, and give her the courage of Dante.]
Nari! You need to face your fears and fight back! Alex needs you!
Don't believe in yourself! Believe in we who believe in you! Ours is a justice that will pierce the heavens!
Cast Soul Blade, and get rid of his arm!

@Felix: The door's been sealed. Go through the wall, since nobody ever bothers to seal those. If that doesn't work, then could you start breathing for Cecil?

@RJ: Too bad you don't have a knife. Then you could end this with a bit of invisibility and a throat slice.

No. 155020 ID: 934ef5

[To Alex]
Get that cloak off!

[To Nari]
Nari if you have any offensive soul magic, use it now!
No. 155021 ID: 934ef5

>blinding him
...He's wearing a blindfold NOW.
No. 155022 ID: 701a19

The watch makes people invisible, but it might actually make them undetectable.
Also, that's not a blindfold.
No. 155024 ID: cf68aa
File 126991462630.png - (20.44KB , 500x500 , 614.png )

Alex rips off her cloak and tosses it to the ground. She has minor burns on her body. Norar goes closer to Nari.

Before he can get her RJ hits him really hard in the back of the head with her broom. In that instant she shoves her own Cell Stone into his pocket.


He turns around and glares at RJ. Another Soul Flare appears in his hands

>Dead, they're all dead. And once I get my 'daughter' back she'll be just like her mommy.
No. 155025 ID: e31d52

Cecil: The only one here who will be dead is you, old man.
No. 155026 ID: ded270

What's that?
[Indicate to his right.]
No. 155027 ID: e3f578

[Initiate Mind Break]
[Initiate Empathy through others]
[Initiate Nari's horror]
[Initiate other possible offenses]
[Initiate to pass Shoujen curse without Cecil's permission]
No. 155031 ID: fe0817

[I believe it is RickRoll time... or 99 bottles time. And Visual hallucinations! Nari and mama every where! Put some space hamster in it too.]
No. 155032 ID: 934ef5

[Blast his mind with all of Nari's fear and terror, as well as what Cecil is receiving]

[To Felix]
Unless your about to break through that wall, I need you try something. Focus mentally as hard as you can on your soul blade power, we're going to see if Nari can imitate it.

[To Nari]
Open you mind as well as we can, we're going to make you feel Felix's soul blade spell and you need to use it.

[Imprint the shape of the spell in Felix's mind into Nari, using her own mana to power it]

[To Alex]
Try and focus and get a spell off, we're trying to disable Norar and get Nari to use soul blades by channeling Felix but those tricks may not work.
No. 155034 ID: 701a19

[Pour the guilt we got from Felix on him, then feed NARI's crippling fear right into him, then cap it off with a self-destructive urge involving his Soul Flare.]

Actually, you probably just want to run away.
You see, we came here after we spread the word about what happened to Chel Sils, and we've been broadcasting everything here to our allies.
Tell me, what do you think will happen when your actions are public knowledge among the folks back in your homeland?

[Disrupt his control over his soul so his spell flub.]

Your life ends here, in several different ways.
No. 155037 ID: 632862
File 126991580289.png - (13.44KB , 500x500 , SLENDER.png )

L̗̣̒̉̇̈̾͢Ơ̡̠̺̘͙͕͕͊ͮͮ̅̓O̳̞̹͉̖̠͍̿̋ͨ̐̈͠K͔̮̘̠͉̰͌͗̿́ͨͨͥ̌ͦ͟͠ ̧̭̖̬̩̲̑̂̀Ǫ͉̤̳̬͖̳͊̓̌͌ͮU͉̼̅̍ͪͧ̊T̢͎̮̳̜̐͋͌̀ͪ͐͗ͬ̎
̛̱͎̖̱̞͆̏͊I̵͎̱̓͂ͣ̌͆̿T̷̶̠͎̼̻̻͈͖̜͐͗̎ͥ͜'̬̭͖͐̀S̾ͪ͏̛̯ ̬̮̹̯̦̱ͨ̔ͫ͂̈͆̕R̻̬͍̞̩͆̀̎̿ͦͭ̀͘͟Ỉ̴̱͇̓G̩̳͕͈̔ͪͣ͢͞ͅH̠̞̝͑̎́ͪ͛̅͢T̽̄ͯ͒͂ͬ̿̚͏̨̛̫
̪ ̷̸̣͖͇̰̱͖͖͚̓̿̽ͣ̑̒͢ͅB̵̶̞̰̐͂̏̓E̤̱̰̫ͩͥͧ͋ͤ̽Ĥ̷̴͎͈̥̯̼̳͈͊̉I̖̼̳̿̊͜͠N͆̓ͬ̇͛͂̃̑͑
̭̯͍Ďͬ̽͌́̎̊ͤ̚͠͏̜̠̟͉̥̘ͅ ͔͍͂́̕Y̸͓͚̠̙̰̥͖ͨ̄̉͛͗͘ͅO̵͙̘̗̤̟̩̱ͩ̐ͨ͝U̶ͦ̾̌̑̊҉̖̩
No. 155038 ID: fe0817

Did your parents have any children that lived?
I bet they regret that? You're so ugly you can be a modern art master piece! What's your name fat buddy?
Natar? That name sounds like royalty. Are you royalty?
Do you suck dicks?
Bullshit. I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
I don't like the name Natar, only faggots and sailors are called Natar. From now on you're Gomer Pyle.
Private Gomer Pyle: Sir, Yes, sir.
No. 155039 ID: e3f578

No. 155052 ID: cf68aa
File 12699178741.png - (25.29KB , 600x600 , 615.png )



He begins looking around him, trying to find the source of these visions. he begins swinging wildly at the ghosts in his mind






Felix begins scraping through the walls to get inside. Soon Nari's emotions begin to flood Norar's mind. His spells fail as he falls to the floor.

>Oh god... Is that what I did...?

>"No no no no no n. Please stop! I don't want to see anymore!"

Nari casts Soul Cut and walks to her father
who is now clutching his head

>"Nari... Please... I'm sorry..."
No. 155058 ID: e31d52

"Sorry doesn't cut it, motherfucker."
No. 155060 ID: 934ef5

You should die for what you have done.

Do you think you could live with it? Knowing it's costs? Knowing the pain and fear you have caused?

If you are truly with remorse, tell us how to free Chel.

And then you can accept your judgment.

[To Nari]
Hold your hand, for just a moment. We need to know how to free your mother.
No. 155062 ID: 632862

@Nari: We're influencing him. I doubt he will remain repentant. Justice must be done. Will the others in the settlement deal that justice? He has someone important locked up. The heir to the settlement. The other Dark Elves will surely punish him for that crime, if not for abusing you.

I'm not sure if you can handle the emotional trauma of killing someone, let alone your own father. Think about this, before you act.
No. 155063 ID: e3f578

Also, one last thing. Right after we get the information. We pass the Shoujen right onto him.
No. 155064 ID: 701a19

Your greed gave you away.
You were going to do to Nari what you did to Chel, and never provided a solid answer for who Nari's mother was or what happened to her.
That lead to questions about what happened to her and if you had done it before, and from there your plots were exposed to the world.

If you are truly sorry, then open the door and allow the others in here. You will be brought to justice, but may be granted leniency if you help find a way to undo the damage you caused.

We can turn him over to the authorities so he can be put on trial for his crimes, or you can kill him right here. You're not a killer, Nari, but the choice is yours.
No. 155065 ID: 934ef5

No, this isn't the time or place to mess with that. He deserves worse than some slow curse.
No. 155069 ID: e3f578

What are you talking about, if he gets executed that means we don't have to worry about Shoujen anymore. We were going to pass it on to somebody on death row, weren't we?
No. 155072 ID: 701a19

We need to plan that change first. We can place it on him once he's in custody.
No. 155075 ID: cf68aa
File 126991969973.png - (24.51KB , 600x600 , 616.png )


He presses a button to unlock the door.

>...... There...

Nari "Tell me... Tell me how to free Mom."

>"Just take her off of her binds... And cast Soul Heal on her... It will take a lot of mana though... More then you or anyone in your party has..."


>"Nari... God... I'm so sorry..."

Nari puts down her spell as her father begins to cry.

>I'm sorry... I didn't.... She.. I never knew how she felt.
No. 155077 ID: 1ac39d

[i think i get it, he was a sociopath but by flooding him with emotions it finally turned his guilt-o-tron on]
No. 155079 ID: 632862

[switch to Cecil]
OKAY! Norar is disabled for now. Chel just needs to be removed from the machine, then a POWERFUL Soul Heal needs to be cast on her. We're going to have to use that Philosopher's Stone shard to do it, along with possibly the mana reserves of most of the party.

Before we dump mana into this, make sure to Bind Norar in place so that he can't run away or use his magic. He will face trial for his crimes. Or however Dark Elf justice works, I dunno. Maybe once Chel is revived, she just passes judgment on him without a trial. Whatever works!
No. 155080 ID: 701a19

Norar, it was blindingly obvious. You burned her and gouged out her eye; you could expect the same results from anybody. If you really didn't understand, then you have severe problems that require assistance.

Go get the guards. Tell them we found Chel Sils under Norar's bedroom, and we need several of them to come immediately, then rush back here.
@Cecil & Felix
>"Just take her off of her binds... And cast Soul Heal on her... It will take a lot of mana though... More then you or anyone in your party has..."
Do you think we could take a bit of everybody but Nari's souls and use them for power? Or would you rather use the fragment of the Philosopher's Stone?
The stone is one-time use only, while we can heal soul damage.
No. 155083 ID: 701a19

Freeze him. It's reliable, and it shouldn't take an hour for the guards to show up and get him secured.
No. 155086 ID: 632862

Oooooh, or we could gather up all the citizens in town to use their mana reserves!
No. 155088 ID: 701a19

Yea, I don't think we want to do that.
We want Chel to be depetrified BEFORE people show up.
No. 155090 ID: 934ef5

What is the box next to her doing? Explain it.


You never knew empathy... we have shown it to you. What it is to feel the pain of others, so that one won't desire to hurt another. Certainly not your own flesh and blood, who you live with, live for, understand and should always, always love.

We don't know if you will or should survive to see another day. But we will give you one parting gift. Because you are her father, and you should know these things.
[Flood his mind with all that Nari is, her pain and joy, happiness and fear, the sense of her spirit]

[To Nari]
We have shown him empathy. This alone has been a punishment... I don't know if we can change what he is. But for a moment, he is for once your father.

...Cracks have already formed in her petrified soul. I don't know how far she is from it, but she would have eventually healed herself. Your mother is an incredibly strong person. We can muster the strength to heal her, I have no doubt.
No. 155102 ID: cf68aa
File 126992256036.png - (31.33KB , 400x500 , 617.png )


>The box... Oh god... Don't... Don't open it. It's... Just don't...

>....... She has a good life now.. Lot's of friends...


Cecil has already bound Norar. Everyone is downstairs now with Chel. She looks at everyone for a second then just stares out

Cecil "So what do we do? We can go into Dark Mana for this but... i'm rather against casting it at all. It's up to... Nari?"

Nari walks to Chel


Chel stares at Nari

"N..... N.... Nari......"
No. 155106 ID: 701a19

What, are there side effects to Dark Mana you aren't telling us?
Is it addictive? Does it warp the mind? Does the harm come from having a damaged soul, or from simply using Dark Mana at all?
We're healing her one way or the other, but the shard is one-time-use only.

Take off the eye patch? Cecil's here, and it might worry her.

@Norar: We have seen things much worse than you could imagine. We need to know what's in the box, and telling us would make us less likely to open it.
No. 155110 ID: 934ef5

Her soul has already started to break free, so it may not take as much mana as we fear. Still, it will not be easy to do... everyone needs to combine their mana, and any more energy we can take from the philosophers stone. If even that is not enough, we can consider a portion of dark mana.

And I think we might be able to muster up a little extra...

[To Shera and Master L, if he is there]
We are trying to cure a victim of soul petrification. If you can, please try to transfer mana to us through your stones. It isn't very efficient, but every little bit helps.
No. 155111 ID: 934ef5

I think RJ took the stone back.
No. 155112 ID: 632862

@Norar: Is there a corpse in the box? Or is it full of petrified souls? Kinky sex toys? Torture implements? Body parts? Magical images of what you've done to Nari and Chel?
No. 155123 ID: cf68aa
File 126992491177.png - (14.77KB , 234x560 , 618.png )


>I.... Just don't open it...

Nari and the others channel their mana together and with the help of the Stone they are able to cast Soul Heal on Chel. She gives Nari a small smile then falls asleep

>Soul heal... It take a awhile for it to fully work..
No. 155125 ID: 1ac39d

let's blow this pop stand.
No. 155126 ID: 701a19

Well, if you won't tell us then we're opening it.

Alright, cut the straps so we can get her down.

Could you take her to your old room so she can rest?
Also, how are you feeling?
No. 155127 ID: 701a19

We still need to have the guards arrest Norar, have them confirm that Chel Sils is alive, and find out what's in that box.

That box is not going to stay closed; the guards are going to open it when they investigate, but if you tell us what is inside then it can wait that long.
No. 155129 ID: 632862

How long is it going to take?
No. 155130 ID: 632862

Oh and I think the box should remain closed. Unnecessary curiosity does not usually lead to good things.
No. 155131 ID: 1ac39d

@norar: or if it's something you don't want nari to see but don't care if anyone else does then that's different.
No. 155132 ID: 701a19

We don't know.
We'll spend the night here, then take her with us to the baths. After that we'll bring her back here so she can receive the treatment she needs.
No. 155133 ID: 934ef5

Free her and lay her down someplace comfortable. Secure Norar as well as possible, I know he is bound but I don't want him freaking out and running off. Freezing, sealing, rune thought, whatever it takes to lock him down. We can make noise about this in the settlement now, or wait until morning.

And leave that box the hell alone, even Norar seems horrified at whatever it holds.
No. 155134 ID: 934ef5

>take her to the baths
Don't be foolish. What we're going to do is leave her here in the care of a few healers while she recovers. Nari may stay or come with, but we'll head back here soon enough.

After that we'll figure what we can do from there.
No. 155137 ID: 701a19

Nari needs to stay with us, and she needs time to bond with her mother. Chel needs time to collect herself before we hand her over to psychological professionals.
No. 155140 ID: 632862

@Norar: WHY shouldn't we open it? Would something bad happen?
No. 155145 ID: 934ef5

(Lets stop pestering the guy, I want him stable for now.)
No. 155146 ID: cf68aa
File 126992858594.png - (41.13KB , 800x600 , 619.png )



>Hello Guardians. Cecil told me all about what you guys did with my father. Thank you so much.

>We took my mom to a spare room cause mine wasn't big enough for her to stay in. She's still asleep for now but I can sense her soul is healing. She'll be up in a hour.

>Cecil went outside and got to see a guard. After seeing my mom he immediatly placed my father under arrest. He's going to be taken to the Dark Elf city. I really really hope they don't kill him... I know he did mean things but... He's my father. We share the same soul.

>Cecil and everyone are sleeping now, Alex and Cecil are in a room together and so are Felix and RJ.

>I got to stay with my mom.

>"Hey mom. I'm not sure if you can hear me but I can't wait for you to wake up. I want to show you all my new friends. I even got a Soul Bind! I know I'm too young but... He's a great person, he's the one who convinced everyone to come here. His name is Cecil. And then there's Alex, I really like her. And everyone else. You'll meet them all. And maybe you can join us.."
No. 155151 ID: ded270

That would be nice.
I hope she joins us too.
And you should thank RJ for slipping her crystal into Norar's pocket.
No. 155152 ID: 934ef5

We're glad everything turned out so well, we were worried for a while there.

You've probably healed all up by now, are you still bandaged up?
No. 155153 ID: ded270

Oh! That's right!
Is your eye healed? We'd like to see it.
No. 155155 ID: 1ac39d

she may have to stay and run the town, she is the true leader of this place. but i know she will try her hardest to help. maybe teach you the permanent soul-bind spell. i mean, we are pretty sure we already know what you need to do, but it's really something a mother should tell her kid.

and if Cecil really can't learn soul magic from anyone but a master, she may be able to get Cecil a meeting with Sar.
No. 155163 ID: cf68aa
File 126993094787.png - (40.65KB , 800x600 , 620.png )

>Sorry Guardians. I want Cecil to be the first one to see my new eye ^_^


>You're right! She can teach me so much more about Soul Magic! And I really wanna know how to do a permanent bind! You guys said something about sex right? I'm gonna ask her after we get her up and moving.

>I can't wait til she wakes up!! >w<
No. 155165 ID: 934ef5

Ah... yes well about that... it's like you said, you are a little young for a soul bind, but it was good and important for the both of you. So you'd logically be even younger for the permanent sort.

Just.. you have much to talk to you mom about, that can be something you talk with her about later. A good long time later.
No. 155166 ID: ded270

Well, give her a hug, and project thoughts of your love to her.
That should help her wake up a bit sooner!
No. 155167 ID: 8ecfd4

I think it will take some time for her to wake up. She has been through quite a lot.

In the meantime why don't you tell us what you know of the dark elf king?
No. 155168 ID: 701a19

Thank you for forgiving us; we put you through terrible things tonight, and although our intentions were good we regret causing you such suffering.
You may be able to ask that he not be killed for his crimes. If your mother agrees then he will likely only be imprisoned. What really matters is that you stood up to him; you've got quite a bit of recovery to do yourself, but that was a major step forward. We're proud of you, Nari.

This would be something we would find amusing to see.
No. 155170 ID: 701a19

See to it that everybody knows that box is to remain untouched until a master soul mage has thoroughly examined it and determined exactly what it is.
No. 155171 ID: 632862

OH. Let's make sure we take RJ's Cell Stone back from Norar!
No. 155172 ID: cf68aa
File 126993243484.png - (17.33KB , 400x400 , 621.png )


>Aww... How much longer? I wanna have a Perma Bind with Cecil as soon as I can.


She gives her mother a big hug and tries to pass on her love for her

>I don't know much about him sorry. I never really learned about other cities.


>It's okay. I know you guys have my safety in mind at all times. I was really scared though... I felt like I was gonna faint... But I did it in the end! I made it through. I'm very pround of myself ^_^ I'm sure mom would be to.
No. 155174 ID: 8ecfd4

Well there is the possibility that he is your grandfather, so it might be nice to know something about him.

And you know we're all very proud of you. I'm sure your mother will be as well once she wakes up.

[I don't think much else will be going on here soon so how about we switch to Cecil?]
No. 155176 ID: 701a19

Your mother can explain why you should wait for a permanent bind.

Anyway, we have your well-being as a whole in mind. You needed to stand up to your father or else you would have had a very hard time recovering from the problems he caused you.
Making you face him hurt you a lot, and was a bit risky, but it needed to be done.

This turned out much better than we had expected. To be honest, we thought that Norar would have forced us to kill him.

Ah, but I'm spoiling the mood. Just hug your mother and wait for her to wake up.
[Wait for Chel to awaken]
No. 155177 ID: 1ac39d

[agree, time skip]
No. 155180 ID: cf68aa
File 126993359163.png - (43.43KB , 800x600 , 622.png )


>......... Hmm....?

>Where am I?
No. 155182 ID: 934ef5

Good morning! Don't worry, we're just guardians of a sort. You've been through quite a lot... I don't know how much you would remember about what you've been through. What do you last recall?
No. 155184 ID: 8ecfd4

Morning. Don't worry you're safe now. You daughter and some of her friends saved you. That's her right next to you by the way.
No. 155185 ID: 632862

Actually I think it may still be in the evening. Nari is still asleep, after all.
No. 155186 ID: 632862

Oh, as for your location, we're in one of the spare rooms in the Dark Elf Settlement's castle.
No. 155191 ID: ded270

Next to your daughter.
You should hug her.
No. 155193 ID: cf68aa
File 126993507543.png - (41.43KB , 800x600 , 623.png )


>B-But... Wait...

>Ow.. My head hurts so much..

>I think I remember her a bit.

>Nari right?

>What happened to me? I remember being at a ball.. Meeting this nice man... Then it's all fuzzy.. I remember giving birth. But that's it. This little girl looks like she's at least in her late twenty's. what happened to me?

>I think I'm going to faint...
No. 155194 ID: ded270

You were Soul Petrified.
Now get to hugging.
No. 155196 ID: 8ecfd4

Calm down. The nice man you meet was anything but. He kidnapped you, soul petrified you and then keept you locked up in his basement. You're safe now and he is arrested and being brought to the capitol where he will stand trial and most likely be executed or wish he had been executed. He is never going to be able harm you again, and if by some remote chance he gets free, well there are some things I have wanted to try out with a very sharp knife and healing magic.

Oh we also heard that it's possible you're the daughter of the dark elf king. Is that true? Could you tell us about him?
No. 155197 ID: e31d52

No. 155198 ID: e31d52

>well there are some things I have wanted to try out with a very sharp knife and healing magic.

Actually, a dull one would work much, much better.
No. 155199 ID: 934ef5

You've been soul petrified that entire time by that man. He has been stopped and imprisoned now. Nari is 30 now, so you have been there at least that long. You've missed much, and what happened to you is terrible, but she has had a harder time of it. She is a strong and wonderful girl despite all that, has found happiness, freedom, good friends and now... she has her mother.

I know this is a lot to take in. Just stay calm and give it time.
No. 155202 ID: 701a19

Daughter, and she's in her 30s
I know it's a huge shock, but please try to stay calm.
If that man was named Norar, then he took you captive, soul petrified you, and locked you in his basement. At some point you gave birth to Nari, who he admitted was his own Daughter but openly abused.
Less than three weeks ago, a human wizard named Cecil encountered Nari and he decided to free her. Norar caught wind of this plan and attempted to do to her what he did to you, but Cecil returned with a Catkin woman named Alex and rescued Nari.
Last night we got the last piece of the puzzle we needed to piece together what happened, and realized you were both still alive and captive.
Earlier this morning we tied-off our business in the Catkin city and came here. We caused Norar to lament his actions and turn himself in, and then made you the first known person to be restored from a Soul Petrification.

Nari is a wonderful girl. Don't hold her father's actions against her; she's very much worth loving.

Give her a hug?
No. 155208 ID: cf68aa
File 126993859641.png - (43.37KB , 800x600 , 624.png )

>That's correct. My father is Calett Sils, the king of the Dark Elves.


>My daughter....

She suddenly gives her a big hug. After a few minutes she pulls back to look at her face

>I had dreams about you Nari. I don't remember much about what happened but you were there every night. Oh I've wanted to hold you so bad.

>I missed so much of your life..

>I hope she still wants me to be with her for the rest of it.
No. 155210 ID: 632862

Of course!

Ahhh, a quick question. How long does a Dark Elf take to reach full maturity?
No. 155212 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, why do you think she decided to sleep with right now? she didn't want to spend a moment away from you once you were free.

oh, and you are going to need to give her the 'birds and the bees' talk.
No. 155215 ID: 701a19

HA! You have NO idea how much she wants you in her life. She was hoping you'd be proud of her for facing her greatest fears by standing up to Norar.

Anyway, we were planning on going to a hot spring in Central before we rushed here to rescue you. You're more than welcome to come with us and spend some time with your daughter and her friends. You've been missing for decades, so I'm sure spending a few days relaxing and bonding with Nari isn't going to change much. After that we can go and meet with your father.
No. 155216 ID: 934ef5

Oh, have no doubt of that. In fact, we can show you directly...
[Let her feel the love Nari was projecting towards her earlier]

We have the power to project thoughts, feelings, images and such between people. We could show you anything about what she has gone through since joining us, but we'll let those be her stories to tell.

Soon you can meet her friends too, and get caught up with things. For now just get some more rest, keep holding her and Nari will wake up in your arms. That is the best gift you can give her, to start your new life.
No. 155217 ID: 934ef5

Oh yes, her sheltered life means there are a number of things you haven't missed... she's going to need a lot of guidance and catching up.
No. 155218 ID: 632862

Sheltered? More like... isolated.
No. 155224 ID: cf68aa
File 126993981397.png - (13.19KB , 300x300 , 625.png )


>Hmm? It's different for us all. I gained my adult body when I was 28. The average is 40.


>... She's thirty and she doesn't know about sex?
No. 155225 ID: 701a19

Yea, and she wants to know how to make a permanent soul bond...
No. 155226 ID: cf68aa
File 126993998128.png - (1.06KB , 200x200 , new2.png )


>I want to make up for lost time. And if it means teaching her about... Adult things then that's part of it.

>A day at a hot spring sounds great. We can bond and talk about her life and eveything.

She hugs Nari even closer

>Oh Nari...

>I don't want to lose you ever again.

=Choose who to wake up with=
No. 155227 ID: 701a19

Nari. This trip was about her and her mother, after all.
No. 155229 ID: 632862

Meh, she's pretty much fine on her own.

I want to talk to Felix. She blocked out her memories and I'm worried about her mental state.
No. 155231 ID: 934ef5

Lets see how Nari's morning goes. We can switch again after that.
No. 155235 ID: e311ba

I think we should get back to Cecil. We're part of him after all.
No. 155237 ID: cf68aa
File 126994266876.png - (28.39KB , 500x400 , 626.png )



>Oh, good morning guardians.
>Today is s........


No. 155238 ID: e31d52


Yes it is, Nari.
No. 155239 ID: 934ef5

She woke up earlier, so she had a minute with us to figure out what happened and take it all in.

Wake her up, she won't mind.
No. 155243 ID: 701a19


When she was Soul Petrified she was thinking of you. Thankfully, her only memories of that time are your birth, your name, and dreams of you.

Oh, and she wants to make up for lost time so she'll probably want to travel with us for awhile.
... AND it turns out that your mom's a princess, so you're one as well.
No. 155246 ID: e311ba

Hey Nari, we have good news. You're the granddaughter of the dark elf king Calett. So you're a princess. Of course considering that your race is immortal there might be alot of princesses around. Still it's probably good for alot of things.

Wake up your mom, she has some important stuff to tell you. And I think we should leave you alone while you have that specific talk. Some things will be alot more clear once it's done.

[Lets switch over to Cecil and see how things are going on his end]
No. 155252 ID: 701a19

(No, I wish to see their first encounter. We can give them time alone once they've gotten into a solid conversation)
No. 155255 ID: 1ac39d

[agreed, no switching yet]
No. 155257 ID: cf68aa
File 126994508359.gif - (30.33KB , 400x320 , 627c.gif )

>OH MY GOD I'M A PRINCESS! That's so cool!

>This just gets better and better!

She hugs her mother tightly. Chel wakes up and sees Nari. She gives her a warm smile

"Good morning."

>Good morning mom."

No. 155260 ID: 701a19

Get out of bed! She needs to meet Cecil and the others, after all. I'm sure she would love to get to know the person who you are soulbound to, and the others who saved her.
No. 155265 ID: 934ef5

Aww... you two have a lot to talk about, so we'll leave you to that.

[To Chel]
We can only focus our attention one person at a time, we will check on the others for now. We'll let them know to wait for you two to come out, so you can get to know each other in private.

[Switch to Felix]
How are you holding up? Sleeping better?

Give them a little while, they'll come out when they're ready.
No. 155268 ID: f1fa90

Before you introduce her to the others it might be a good idea to ask her how she feels about human dark elf relationships. That could be some good information to have.
No. 155273 ID: cf68aa
File 126994669294.png - (29.81KB , 800x600 , 628.png )

>"Oh mom.. There's so much I want to tell you!"

"There's alot I want to know about you."

>"But first... How would you react if maybe I got bound to a human?"

"... Huh?"

>Damn it!

>Damn Dart... Fuck...

>Why can't I remember anything!?

>I just want to go home now.
No. 155274 ID: 701a19

Cecil saved both Nari and Chel. I'm fairly certain that Chel will not be opposing a Nari x Cecil pairing.
No. 155275 ID: 934ef5

[Initiate psychic hug. Positive impulses as before, include Chel with the others.]
We're just going to try and easy your pain... make you stronger... relax...
No. 155279 ID: 701a19

Felix, you don't want to remember what Dart did to you. Before you lost those memories you were basically catatonic on legs, and you barely managed to think let alone speak.
But... What you managed to say... Well, Dart may not have left you a home to go back to.
We're sorry. We've been trying to find a way to tell you, but... there really is no good way to say something like that.

Tell us how she answers that.
No. 155300 ID: 8ecfd4

Yes because prejudice is never irrational and often illogical.

The lack of memories here can be a rather good thing. Lets just say that you don't really have a home to go back to. Dart made you do some things to make sure of that.
No. 155301 ID: 701a19

She would have a very hard time supporting that position, all things considered. There's a decent chance that Cecil and crew are a few days away from being national heroes.
[Suppresses that tidbit.]
(She just needs to know Dart killed them. She does NOT need to know he used her body to do it.)
No. 155310 ID: ded270

Dart will pay for what he's done, Felix.
That much is certain, if nothing else is.
I'm sorry, but you don't have a home anymore...
Dart destroyed it.
And he will pay for all he's done. To you and everyone.
No. 155414 ID: cf68aa
File 126997983917.png - (31.71KB , 800x600 , 629.png )

>Dart.... He destroyed my only home and family.

>I swear, if it is the last thing I do, I WILL kill Dart!

>Cecil is trying to do so to right? So if I stick around with him then I will get my chance to see Dart himself.
No. 155417 ID: 1ac39d

yes. but our one big rule is; don't run off on your own cause it's your 'destiny', that will only get you killed.

we need to get as many people as we can and just overwhelm him.
No. 155420 ID: ded270

Yes, you will.
However, be careful not to fall too far in your quest for vengeance.
If you succumb to despair, or resort to evil methods, then Dart will have beaten you.
And no matter what, you must always live on in honor of those who died, and in spite of Dart.

Your life is still ahead of you, however miserable it may be, you still draw breath, and you still may improve your situation, if only a little.
Do not simply follow Cecil, TRUST Cecil.
He suffers the same curse as you, and while his life may be less grim, he still carries on despite the overwhelming odds.

And remember, if ever you fall to despair, then don't believe in yourself, believe in us, who believe in you.
No. 155428 ID: 934ef5

(Well, anger is better than being depressed I guess... Still we shouldn't let this consume him.)

You will need more than anger to defeat help him, you need control and strength of every kind. Dart wounds the heart and soul, he has done so to you and many others. He counts on that, controls you with it even when he is gone.

It won't be easy but you need to put yourself back together, learn to feel and care. We're here to help you, and so are your new friends. Trust and work with them as allies and as friends. Think you can do that?
No. 155446 ID: 701a19

Killing dart is certainly the plan.
Well, killing or something even worse than that.

Dart is an expert on manipulating people's emotions, but we're pretty sure he doesn't have emotions at all.
Clear thoughts of vengeance from your mind. Anger is better than despair, but you need to keep your emotions under control. If you don't, then Dart will use them against you.
Dart will die, and that is enough. It doesn't matter who kills him, or how it happens, or why they did it. All that matters is that he is ended. Anything else lessens the chance of success, and success is the only thing that shows respect for those he has harmed.

At any rate, if we confronted Dart now we would lose. Instead we are traveling around and warning world leaders about Dart's plans, gaining allies, and building up our skills and spells.
Our next stop is going to be Central, so we can warn the human king and and spend some time licking our wounds - and no, taking time to recover is not abandoning our goals; we've been overstressed lately to the point where morale is suffering, we need to build our team relationships, and we need a period of calm so we can learn the spells we recently purchased and learn in new forms of magic. Taking a day or two to regroup is going to make us much stronger.

Anyway, when you're feeling up to it we would like you to examine that box in the basement. We want to know what it does and what's inside it, since it could be very important.
No. 155448 ID: cf68aa
File 126998316883.png - (24.03KB , 400x500 , 630.png )

>I understand. I can't let emotions cloud my judgment. But you fo not know how bad I want to storm up to his castle and raise hell.

>I see what you mean by making friend. I had been foolish enough to travel alone last time. My memories are still gone but I do remember being alone and going to see King Rai. I don't even remember why anymore.

>Anyway I'll stick with Cecil and his friends for now.

>First thing on my agenda is getting my old body back. This thing is annoying.

>and it's a pain to have to sit when using the bathroom all the time.
No. 155452 ID: ded270

It's not that you can't allow emotions to affect your decisions, it's that you need to calm down.
And while anger is better than despair, optimism trumps both.
Yes, you are stuck in an unfamiliar body, but surely there is some aspect of this body you like?
The most important thing, though, is to allow yourself happiness. With happiness, you have something you must defend. If you do not allow yourself happiness, then you become one of your own greatest enemies, bringing yourself suffering and loneliness at every turn, and weakening your resolve as each day passes.

For now, see who else is awake and talk to them. Get to know them better.
No. 155453 ID: 701a19

Oh, believe me, we know quite well how badly you want to storm off and fight Dart. Cecil, the one under the Shoujen curse? Dart has a nasty habit of picking-off his family one at a time. He ran off and tried to kill Dart on his own, and suffered for it.
We glanced in on one of your dreams after you were freed but before your memories were lost, and discovered that his plans include killing off the world leaders and taking control for himself. Naturally, this leads us to wonder if Dart was controlling Norar's actions. We have no evidence at this point so we don't want to let Nari or Chel know, but it really fits his pattern. Just like how he tricked the Catkin and Tigerkin leaders into trying to murder each other.

As far as getting your body back, the only method we know of to do that is with a Shenjou curse, which is Dark Magic and requires sacrificing a soul. Cecil is in the same boat, so rest assured that we will find another way to fix this.

Felix, if you would like you can join our family. We are Nakama, and so can you.
No. 155476 ID: cf68aa
File 126998644411.png - (18.45KB , 550x412 , 631.png )

>Probably the only part I even somewhat like on this body are the breasts. That's it. Everything else is weird. I really don't like it...

>And I know how Dart works. I'll try my best to keep my emotions under control but it becomes hard sometimes. Even more so now that I know what he did..

>There's no one else awake I think. Cecil and Alex are sleeping and so is the girl I had to stay with. Nari and her mother.. Well I don't want to interupt them.
No. 155483 ID: 1ac39d

then let's go get some breakfast.

also, i'm unsure if useing senjou would even be safe to use on you since it would change your brain to think like a guy but you already think like a guy. if we could figure out how to extract the part that changes your crotch then we can just use that.
No. 155484 ID: 8ecfd4

Go and try to find RJ then. She is fiddling around with something and needs some help to interpret some runes.

And if you want to kill Dart then you need to do what Cecil tells you. It might not be possible for you to personally be there when he dies. But rest assured we fully intend to kill the motherfucker and reverse the curse both for you and Cecil.
No. 155493 ID: 701a19

The girl with the hat is named RJ.

As far as your emotions go, we can have Alex plant that communication stone inside your body and tamper with your emotions as needed.
Yes, we know it's very unethical to manipulate people like that, but I hope you can trust both us and our judgement.

You know, we might be able to use this as a base of operations. After all, with Norar in Jail his position and possessions fall to Nari and/or Chel, depending on how the Dark Elf justice system handles restitution. Either way we have run of this building.

So, lets see... After we investigate the box is there anything you would like to do? At least until the others wake up.
No. 155498 ID: 701a19

(RJ wants to keep that a secret, and we agreed not to ruin that for her. I oppose telling Felix.)
No. 155500 ID: 632862

Ugh, let's not implant the Cell Stones. That's just weird.
No. 155502 ID: 8ecfd4

(We have already showed the runes, she could just write them down and show them to Felix. She doesn't have to show him what they do.)
No. 155511 ID: 701a19

(In that case she should show them to Cecil, since he can read runes.)
No. 155517 ID: cf68aa
File 126999017369.png - (40.44KB , 550x500 , 632.png )

>.... Please don't enter my dreams or mess with my emotions. I like to be in control of my mind okay?

>And I can't read runes.

She begins to walk around the castle when Cecil pops up

"Felix? Perfect, I was just going to find you. Listen, the rest of us are getting ready to head off to Central. Everyone is tired and I felt that a nice break would be a great chance to relax and get to know one another better. We won't stay to long but rest is important."

>"Cecil, with all due respect I think we should try and become more powerful as soon as possible. If Dart is planning on attacking in a month then we need to act fast. We don't have any time to waste."

"I understand but if we spend all of our time worrying about it we will wear ourselves out. I used to do that exact thing when I was younger and it only severed me from others. Besides you look like you could use some rest."

>".... Cecil... How can you even suggest taking a break? That won't get us anywhere."

"It will help bring us together as a team."

>........ He is beggining to annoy me..
No. 155519 ID: 4531bc

Cecil speaks intelligence! Team divided no can kill Dart!
No. 155520 ID: 632862

To be honest, Felix? The group is in a bit of a shambles. We have other things to do in Central, and it will only take a day to relax. Also, Cecil has a bunch of spell tomes that we can research while at the springs. We won't be wasting time at all.
No. 155521 ID: 8ecfd4

Teambuilding is an important part of building your streangth. If you can't trust your team or know nothing about them then cooperating with them gets alot harder.

And his team has been fairly busy. They need some time off doing something that isn't a life or death situation. There is still time left and one day isn't going to make a huge difference. In fact if we rush because Dart is about to act we could very well lose chances and get everyone killed because we moved before we were ready.

Oh and I can't talk for the others but I will stay out of your emotions and dreams. I never liked that stuff. I'm more for direct action in the physical realm and permanent solutions to enemies.
No. 155528 ID: ded270

This is what I've been talking about.
You need to slow down a bit, try to glean what enjoyment you can in these circumstances, and get closer to your compatriots.
Simple power is not enough to match Dart, you must be able to work as a team, and most importantly, you must love your companions as brothers and sisters.
The moment you're willing to sacrifice an ally is the moment you've lost.
Listen Cecil, talk to him at length about both of your lives and interests, learn what you can about him, and share what he wishes to know of you. That is the secret to overcoming Dart, togetherness.
No. 155529 ID: 701a19

[Discontinue all emotional effects on Felix]
We'll try to respect your wishes, but we can't make any promises. It's not an ability we take lightly, but there have been times when we have needed to use it in order to save lives.
We will not, however, lie about any tampering we do.

As far as time off goes, I believe I've already explained this. The team is suffering from excessive stress, dropping morale, and poor cohesion. We need to take a break for a day or two to work efficiently.
However, do NOT think this means we will be neglecting our mission. We need to go to central in order to warn King Rai, as Dart's assassins are ineffective against an opponent who is expecting them. Convincing King Rai will take a day or two, and while we are doing that we are stuck inside the city.
While resting Cecil is going to be learning how to use Soul magic, Alex is going to be learning Elemental magic, RJ is going to learn Alchemy, and everybody is going to be expanding their repertoire of spells.
We have recently obtained grimoires containing every known elemental, alchemy, and time spell, as well as one covering soul magic and the other spheres.
Dart has limitless power, so our only chance to defeat him lies in variety and ingenuity.

This break is training in a shell of relaxation.
No. 155533 ID: 934ef5

He was nearly the same as you are now. Dart killed his father and grandfather, and he attacked Dart arrogantly. He could have lost his life, and nearly lost himself by the same curse that claimed you. He's found things worth fighting for and is finally taking a moment to enjoy them.

[To Cecil]
Not to spoil your good mood, and you know damn well we've wanted you to feel like this for some time, but Felix here is feeling pissed and resentful. It makes him stronger but touchy, don't give him a teamwork speech while he still hardly putting himself back together. You need to earn Felix's loyalty still. I can't say just how to do that, but keep it serious with him. Maybe he needs an immediate task or at least a clear immediate goal.
No. 155541 ID: cf68aa
File 126999299788.png - (5.23KB , 276x595 , 633.png )


>Ah... I'm sorry I wasn't aware. I have a tough time with others emotions...

>I do remember a time when I was like him.. He needs people he can trust on and some alone time as well.

"Uhm... Before we go could you do me a favor?"


"Well there is this box where Chel was found. It seems to contain some object or something but I can not sense anything inside of it. You have a greater grasp on Soul Magic then I do, I was hoping you could check it out for me."

>... He likes my soul magic..


"Thank you. We'll leave in about half an hour"

She heads down to where Chel was locked. It's still dark down there. She begins to examine the box

>Hmm... there's something inside there.. It's alive I think... No.. I can't really tell.
No. 155543 ID: 701a19

You don't remember the first time you met them, but you earned the great respect he has for your abilities.

Be careful. We don't know what's inside, but Norar said something horrible would happen if it was opened.
Naturally we want to open it, but only if we can find a way to do it safely.

If you can't tell what's inside it, then can you tell what magic is at work here?
No. 155544 ID: 934ef5

Norar was dead set against anyone opening it, saying it was dangerous but not giving any information. We should only get information for now, setting something loose that can kill us all is hardly productive. If you know any way to make it even more sealed off that might be worthwhile to do, but otherwise don't do anything to effect it at all.

If something is alive in there, or something like life... it could be something similar to a soulless. Just pay attention to it, feel it out and theorize as to what it might be.
No. 155550 ID: 701a19

Did you have a good relationship with your father when you were taken? If so, ask Alex to craft a Cell Stone to send to him. Oh, and ask for her to implant your stone in your body.
Either way, send word that you're alive and well, that he has a wonderful granddaughter, that Norar was the one behind your disappearance and has been brought to justice, that your rescuers have discovered Dart intends to assassinate the world's leaders within a month and so he should be extra careful, that you will be visiting soon but not immediately, and that he should send somebody here to manage the village while you spend time getting to know your daughter.
No. 155554 ID: cf68aa
File 126999462770.png - (23.79KB , 276x595 , 634.png )

>Here, let me try this...

She closes her eyes and tries to sense what is inside. Something pops up in her mind and with it a feeling of intense pain and sorrow. She falls back at the sensation

>Wha... What was that...? It's something locked with Time, Soul and Elemental magic...


Chel does all this except implant a stone inside herself. Nari follows her the whole time talking away.
No. 155558 ID: 934ef5

That is... worrying. But it brings up the possibility that what is in there may be more victim than weapon, but that doesn't mean it can't be both.

Can you perceive what that mental image or whatever you just got was? If you can't, would you be willing to try again with us working to block the emotional rush from that thing?
No. 155559 ID: 1ac39d

it is something that they didn't want to kill, or even worse, couldn't. that many locks useually means it is
A: the best thing ever is inside
B: the worst.
No. 155560 ID: 701a19

Ok, that's kind of what I was afraid of.

Cecil can figure out the elemental magic and you can figure out the soul magic, but the time magic could be tricky.
We could ask Chel if she knows, of course.

Come down into the dungeon and help us figure out this box. There's somebody in it, and it's using elemental, time, and soul magic. You're our elementalist.
No. 155562 ID: 934ef5

But no one here has mastery of time, that we know of. But Cecil may as well be here to oversee in case something goes wrong.
No. 155564 ID: 632862

If it's locked away that tightly... I really don't want to open it without knowing exactly what it is.
No. 155565 ID: 701a19

If we can figure out two of the three, then we can guess at the third to find out what's possible.
Also, Cecil has a book on time magic we can use as a reference.
No. 155568 ID: cf68aa
File 126999561831.png - (30.03KB , 276x595 , 635.png )

Felix goes and gets Cecil. She explains what she saw walks down to the hidden room with him

>I'm only going to do this one more time.
>You'd better block some of this.

She closes her eyes again and tries to sense what is in the box. Some of the emotions are blocked but the feeling of sorrow and pain still bleeds in. She forces herself to stop

>Gods alive... There's someone in there...

>But it's nothing I've ever felt before. It's like... It has a soul.. But it doesn't...

"What's wrong?"

>"There's something in there... It's sealed away but I don't know what it is."
No. 155570 ID: 632862

What's wrong with it, exactly?

If you know it's not a normal human, we'd better leave it locked away. It could be some kind of ... abomination.
No. 155571 ID: 934ef5

[To Cecil and Felix]
This is a strange, unknown thing we are dealing with, we can't risk popping it open without knowing more.

My guess is it uses elemental magic to seal the form, soul magic to seal the spirit and mind, and time to keep it in stasis. It's three aspects of a complete and total lockdown. That's a lot of power to keep a mere victim sealed. If Norar was afraid of opening it, either the being is so inherently dangerous that it's suffering is needed, the pain is simply a part of it is, or just the opening itself has a powerful backlash involved.
No. 155572 ID: 1ac39d

a souless, given a soul of it's own. driven mad by things it could not know. the soul protecting it from light magic, the lack of it protecting it from darkness.

well that's what i think anyway.
No. 155573 ID: 701a19

It's suffering. Fuck-all what they are, we have a duty to help them as best we can.

Felix, can you investigate the soul magic being used on the box while Cecil examines the elemental magic? Knowing what the box is doing can better help us understand what it's containing.
No. 155575 ID: 632862

If it's an abomination, then fuck no we aren't letting it out. It could be all "SO SAD" while murdering everyone. Emotion does not equal empathy, you know.
No. 155580 ID: 701a19

"Abomination" doesn't require that it be malicious or harmful, simply that its existence is against the way things are supposed to be.
A Dark Elf that can use Alchemy would be an abomination, for example.
No. 155581 ID: 632862

Abominations are very likely to be insane, because they break laws that are not meant to be broken.
No. 155591 ID: ded270

Agreed. We didn't get this far by ignoring the plights of those in need.
It is our duty and pleasure to aid all who need it.
Investigate deeper, set up a cordon, be on your guard, and crack that sucker open.
If it's malicious, disable it, and attempt to reason with it.
If not, welcome it with open arms.
No. 155592 ID: 701a19

No. We investigate this completely before deciding what to do. If we aren't sure it's safe to open, then we leave it and come back when we can be.
No. 155594 ID: 1ac39d

'oh hi we just-' HEAD EXPLODES INTO GORE!!!

if it is truly malicious i don't think talking will work out. we need to be at least 80% certain it won't try to kill us on the spot.
No. 155613 ID: cf68aa
File 127000000366.png - (23.99KB , 400x500 , 636.png )

>"Cecil.. There's something in there. I don't know what it is but it's in a lot og pain and it's suffering.."

"What!? We need to get it out!"

>"Well there's a three layer lock on it. The inner most lock is Elemental Magic which is binding it together, that's what's causing the most pain. After that there's a time seal to keep it from aging or dying for that matter. Then the outermost one is a Soul Lock. I can possible break the first one and maybe the second one. But Cecil, whatever is in there isn't human..."

".... What do you think we should do?"

>Burn it. But that's just me... Can't say that though.

>I'm really not sure what to do with it.
No. 155615 ID: 701a19

Felix. Neither are you.
Is it possible to break the elemental seal without breaking the others?
Or to kill it 'gently' so that it could be revived?
No. 155616 ID: 632862

Leave it alone. Report it to some kind of powerful mage group that can determine if it's dangerous or not.
No. 155619 ID: ded270

At least take off the elemental lock.
It's suffering, ease that suffering.
If you still think it's malicious, seal it. If not, get Nari or Chel to remove the soul lock.
You can't just leave it to suffer, though. That's not right.
No. 155620 ID: 701a19

Have Chell report it to King Sils as her 'fellow prisoner', and ask for him to see to it that it's safely released and rehabilitated.
No. 155621 ID: 701a19

Wait, no, even better.
Lets go berate Norar into admitting what it is.
No. 155622 ID: 934ef5

It may seem cruel, but we can't deal with this right now. We need to do research and perhaps consult masters of magic about this.

I think it can't be very well destroyed either. I think our best bet is to somehow get Norar to spill the guts on this thing. Perhaps if we can convince him that telling us is the only way to prevent it from being opened...

If he were to hear that some royal officials or somesuch got a hold of it and were trying to unseal it, we could convince him to explain specifically why its a bad idea.
No. 155623 ID: 934ef5

>neither are you
(you know what he means, let's *not* go here)
No. 155625 ID: ded270

No. 155626 ID: cf68aa
File 127000204428.png - (26.03KB , 500x500 , 637.png )

>"We can end it's suffering.. See if you can take off the elemental spell."

"Are you sure it won't just let it break free?"

>"No. But I don't think we'd be able to enjoy ourselves in Central knowing that this thing is in pain. Also see if you can ask Chel to get her father to look into this."

Cecil looks at Felix then gives her a small smile



He breaks the Elemental Seal on the box. It rattles for a bit then stays still.

"I'm going to tell Chel then we're heading out, okay?"


Cecil leaves

>We've both lost the same things. Family, our bodies.. What makes him so different...?

>.... I need some time to relax and think.
No. 155627 ID: 1ac39d

the only thing i can think of, is 'US'. he was in the biggest funk ever and we bitched at him until he started trying again.
No. 155629 ID: 934ef5

You'll find your own answers. Just give it time.

[Switch to RJ]
Good work last night, you made all the difference.
No. 155631 ID: ded270

Pretty much, yeah.
No. 155638 ID: 4531bc

So yeah, listen to us, we (usually) make better people of those who do.
No. 155640 ID: 701a19

We can give you a list, actually.
He went through a depressive bout before we met him where he had cut off all ties with his friends and had given up all hope.
We smacked him around until he met up with one of his old friends and we convinced him that things weren't beyond hope.
Following that he had a chance to do some real good and make a difference in the world, and started collecting friends and allies.

The key factors are that he stopped shutting the world out, started letting his friends get close, and began experiencing the joys of helping others.

Tell me, how does it feel to know that you played an important role in saving Chel and uniting her with her daughter? In bringing a horrible criminal to justice?
So far Cecil has also saved Nari from her father, peacefully brought an end to a blood feud that was about to delve into Dark Magic, rescued you from Dart, and helped save Master L's life.
He has gained friends, found love, done things long considered impossible, and made great strides to remove a major force of evil from the world.

What might be most important of all, however, is that he realized that his sadness, depression, and isolation were all part of Dart's plan.

You're in about the same position Cecil started in. He's accomplished amazing things because he's letting himself be happy, and it's within your power to do the same.

... ok, yea, that sounds like a page out of a self-help book.

Short version? We helped him beat the depression out of himself.
No. 155650 ID: cf68aa
File 127000496822.png - (16.16KB , 500x500 , 638.png )


>hmm... I need to be alone for a while.. Go with someone else..


>Heh, thanks. I just did what I could. Tha was pretty scary tough. Nari's father is one tough fighter. But we go im in the end ya know?

>Anyway I was just packing for the trip, and I needed a change of clothes ya know?

>I'm lookin forword to this.
No. 155652 ID: 701a19

Oh, yea, I can completely agree there.

Could you do us a quick favor and ask the watch where "Lord Z" is?
...and if you don't mind, d'ya know what species your parents were? Aura sight's genetic magic, so you're not full-blooded human.

Oh, and would you mind if we asked Cecil what those runes the watch gave meant? It'd be easier if you had him inspect the watch itself, but it's worth a shot, right?
No. 155657 ID: d86d2c

Rename yourself Flavor Flav.
No. 155664 ID: 934ef5

You deserve this break, all of you do.

By the way Nari has somehow been three times cuter than ever. It's really something to see. And her mom is looking good and has taken it all very well. Well you'll see for yourself, if you haven't seen them already.

I think after this little vacation would be a good time to talk to Cecil about the watch, if you're gonna. No need to say where you got it, but it would be good for him to know about it.

Looks good as a necklace though. Some might wonder how handy it is to check the time on a watch like that, but you'll have it hidden I expect.
No. 155677 ID: 632862

Oooh, try asking where Master L is.
No. 155715 ID: cf68aa
File 127001078146.png - (30.55KB , 707x740 , 639.png )

>Sorry guys but nicknames an titles don't seem to work to well with this thing. I need a first an last name.

Someone knocks at her doors

Cecil "RJ we're heading off."

>"Allright! Go on ahead I'll catch up 'n a bit!"

"We'll be outside the city."

>Heh... I 'aven't been to Central in a while.

Alex and Cecil use Move Earth to make it to Central City. The city is huge compared to the other with buildings that touch the sky. But the one building that stands out above all others is King Rai's castle.

>"Feels good to be back home..."

>At first we were worried about Nari and Chel coming here but Chel's used to it and my Soul Bind with Nari seems to have stopped some of the negative feelings from the city. There are dozens of stores here, plenty of bars, and a few hot spring/hotels.
No. 155718 ID: e31d52

To the hot spings! :3
No. 155719 ID: 934ef5

Screw the distractions, go get your well deserved rest at the hot springs.

By the way Cecil, how did your first meeting with Chel go?
No. 155723 ID: 632862


Can we see if there's a place to get a proper weapon for RJ? Perhaps a metal staff or broom?

Also, consider body armor.
No. 155725 ID: 8ecfd4

Onwards to a good hot springs/hotel. You have money.

And this would be interesting to know.
No. 155726 ID: 934ef5

We'll do that afterwards. We don't want to get a bunch of stuff just to store it at the springs, we'll grab things on the way back.
No. 155748 ID: cf68aa
File 127001300883.png - (47.35KB , 600x500 , 640.png )

Cecil and his begin walking to the nearest hot spring/hotel in the city.

>The only question now is how long do we stay and how should we spend that time?


>Chel? She seems to have taken a liking to me. She said she's glad someone like me would be the one to Bind with her daughter. This whole time we've been talking. We talked a bit about ourselves and Nari was more then happy chat with us. She seems like a great person and I think she respects me. She also wanted to know how much I knew about binding and permanant binding, which I admit I don't really know anything about the ways of Dark Elves. She said I'd learn in time.

>Nari's just been overjoyed this whole day, I can feel it.
No. 155749 ID: 701a19

Also, can you tell us what Lord Z's real name is?
If we hear somebody talking about him that would be very useful.
No. 155752 ID: 934ef5

Well what can you do at the springs, besides the obvious soaking? Certainly some time would be well spent with just everyone hanging out together in a big area and chatting. And if you can find the chance, sneaking away with Alex somewhere secluded in the springs could be most enjoyable~

Besides that, let everyone do as they like, it isn't as if you need to coordinate activities. Stay until its dark, or until you start turning all wrinkly, or you just get bored.
No. 155754 ID: 632862

We stay for one or two days, depending on how much of each day is spent in the baths. Everyone that's able should try to get in some studying time with the spellbooks.
No. 155770 ID: 701a19

Mention that you're not even considering a permanent bind yet, since Nari doesn't fully understand what that means and you couldn't let her make such a major decision without full and careful consideration.

After that, move so you can walk besides Alex. She's got a lot on her mind, and looks to be a bit troubled.
No. 155774 ID: 1ac39d

pretty sure we had chel give nari 'the talk' so she most likely does understand what a permanent takes now.

just don't bring it up, if nari does then look her in the eyes and ask her 'are you absolute sure about this?' if she still yes yes then i don't see why not. she also knows how much you love Alex but she has zero jealousy about you and her.
oh, and she wont take her eye-patch off until she gets a moment alone with you, cause she wants you to see first.
No. 155776 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh you're in for a fun suprise. We're hopefully not going to spoil it.

Well what else is there to do at a hot springs then rest, soak in the water, enjoy a nice massage and maybe some fine drinks? And why in gods name would you want to do anything else at a hot springs?
No. 155779 ID: 934ef5

(Eh, are we sure on that? We should switch to her later and check on her, no need to worry Cecil just yet. She's probably just feeling a little crowded out.)

Hey how has Alex and you been? There's been a lot going on that can stress a person out. Revelations about the philospher's stone in particular had her rather upset. We can and will ask her ourselves of course, but even to us she can private about certain things.

That reminds me, is there anything left of the shard of the stone you were given by L?
No. 155803 ID: cf68aa
File 127001740436.png - (19.01KB , 400x300 , 641.png )

>"Ha ha, well Miss Chel I don't think I'm quite ready for a premanent Bond."

>Like I know what it means..

Chel"Okay. Well I still need to give Nari 'that talk'."

>"Of course."

>Just gotta keep playing along..

>As for the stone it is mostly gone. All that's left is some dust with just faint traces of magic in it.


>"Excuse me Miss Chel."

"Please, you can just call me Chel"

He nods and walks over to Alex

>"Alex is something wrong? You look a little down"

"Oh I'm fine mya. Weren't you over there talking to Nari and her mom about 'binding' and stuff?"

She turns away
No. 155804 ID: e31d52

oh noes.

oh noooooes
No. 155806 ID: 632862

A Permanent Soul Bind involves sex. We're pretty sure, anyway. Alex is probably feeling a little jealous or... rejected?

Reassure her.
No. 155807 ID: 701a19

"Yes, I was.
I'm planning on learning soul magic so I could, among other things, make my own binds."
Then kiss her on the neck or cheek.

So, do you know Lord Z's full name?
No. 155808 ID: 1ac39d

let her know that one of the reasons you don't want to perma bind with her is that you don't like her, THAT way... yet. Alex is your first love and once you figure out how to properly do a soul bind you are gonna bind to her.

then get nari to bind to her so you have a triangle bond.
No. 155813 ID: 934ef5

Well Cecil, just hold onto that dust, it perhaps holds little power but it may be useful yet. Don't worry about Alex, we'll talk with her.

[Switch to Alex]
You know... Cecil has no clue what most of this binding business is about, he's even a bit unclear even what the one he had is meant to represent. It would seem you do, though.

We can guess at what you're thinking or feeling, but it would be better if you just said it yourself.
No. 155820 ID: 701a19

[Stay with Cecil]
No. 155828 ID: 934ef5

(fair enough, but still its worth saying to her)
[Send that to Alex, but stay with Cecil]
No. 155829 ID: 632862

Nari binding to Alex should wait until their relationship strengthens.
No. 155830 ID: cf68aa
File 127001942348.png - (26.26KB , 500x500 , 642.png )

>Sorry, I don't know his name at all. No one but King Rai would know.

>"Yes, I was. I'm planning on learning soul magic so I could, among other things, make my own binds."

"Oh so you're just gonna go and bind with others mya?"

>"Alex, the only person I want to be bound with forever is you."

He kisses her on the cheek making her blush. Nari and her mom are still talking.

"Aww... You make me blush."

Cecil gives her a smile and holds her hand

>"Let's go have some fun 'kay?"

No. 155836 ID: 934ef5

[Switch to Alex]
Hey, I know you don't like making so many of these cell stones, but we have an idea that might make learning spells easier and maybe have other uses. Take what is left of the philosophers stone shard and blend it into a new stone. The result may have the ability to transfer mana and spells in interesting ways, and learning a spell or type of magic by showing directly how it feels... Or it might do nothing special at all, but we won't know until we try.

Give it a shot?
No. 155839 ID: 632862

I'm glad Nari was busy talking to her mom. She'd be crushed if she heard that.

That is, Nari would be upset to hear you didn't want to make it permanent with her. She's okay with you loving Alex. I think that in order for nobody to get hurt, perhaps we should help develop Alex and Nari's friendship? Then everyone would love each other and nobody would get left out.
No. 155840 ID: 701a19

Speaking of King Rai, see to it that a Cell Stone is sent to him.
We need to warn him about Dart's plans, and there are other things worth knowing.

Oh, and remember us asking about Amy? What was her full name?
No. 155843 ID: cf68aa
File 127002173845.png - (14.60KB , 500x600 , 643.png )

>Amy's full name is Amy Sky.


>Mya? Sure.

SHe makes one real quick. It glows read.

>Nari... She is cute and everything but.. I'm not sure about her.

They get to the hotel/hotspring. Cecil pays for a two night stay. There are four rooms and each room can hold up to three people. He also pays for acess to two private baths which can hold up to three, one bigger one which is public and a bigger private one which can hold the whole group. Everyone heads off to start changing


No. 155844 ID: 934ef5

Just think how girls would react, and how guys would. Sorry buddy...
No. 155845 ID: e31d52

Ah, the ONE LONE ADVANTAGE the curse offers you.

Don't be shy now~
Everyone in the same bath~
Later you can group up and have fun alone~
No. 155847 ID: 632862

Okay let's lay out everything.

1) your body is fully female. The curse line's horizontal now.
2) your mind is partially feminized, enough to be okay with both panties and a bra.

Want my opinion? You're currently more female than male. Do you want to still be referred to as 'he'?
No. 155848 ID: cf68aa
File 127002291950.png - (21.61KB , 400x600 , 644.png )

>.... I'd prefer to be called a he...

>But I suppose I should go into the female dressing room. I wouldn't want to cause a stir..

>... ///

He goes into the girls dressing room and begins to change.

>There are alot of girls in here.... Some are staring at me to. can they tell I'm a guy?
No. 155849 ID: 632862

Well you're blushing a lot. That's probably got something to do with it. I mean, I doubt many people can recognize the Shoujen curse that easily.

Or they think you're cute.
No. 155850 ID: e31d52

Cecil, this is going to sound trite.


Act. Natural. Seriously. Pretend you're among men.
No. 155852 ID: 701a19

When you have a chance, could you see if you can find "Amy Sky"?
No. 155853 ID: cf68aa
File 127002447848.png - (20.50KB , 400x500 , 645.png )


>My stuffs in a locker. Remind me later kay?

>Act normal, act normal

>"Today sure is a great day to be a girl is it not? I know I am happy."


>I am good.

She finishes getting undressed and goes outside.

>Now the question is who shall I relax with and in what type of spring? I have the public, private and the group one.
No. 155856 ID: 934ef5

If I had a face and a palm, they would meet rapidly right now.

Err... I mean... oh never mind.

See how everyone is doing, head to the group one for now.
No. 155860 ID: 701a19

You need to be with Alex and Nari/Chel. Alex so you can hold her, and Nari/Chel so they can start teaching you Soul magic.
The private bath would probably be best, but the group bath would be ok, too.
No. 155864 ID: 87b3b1

Yes... nobody would ever suspect a thing.

Start out in the communal bath and order in some fine drinks.

Oh, and I will keep thinking of you as a guy. It's what you are after all. Superficial changes don't change that.
No. 155874 ID: 934ef5

I like this idea, but first we should head wherever everyone else is. Nari is probably with her mom in one of the bigger ones anyways.
No. 155876 ID: 632862

Let's just go with everyone in the group bath.
No. 155880 ID: e31d52

Yeah, this for now. Later on we can be alone with Alex, then go for a private bath the next day with some others.
No. 155884 ID: cf68aa
File 127002842833.png - (28.54KB , 800x600 , 646.png )


He goes into one of the public baths

>Hmm? Lookd like everyone had the same idea. Everyone's already here, well except for Alex. She must still be changing.

RJ dives underwater to swim.
No. 155887 ID: 87b3b1

Go help Nari learn how to swim. She seems way to nervous right now. She will float better if she just relaxes.
No. 155888 ID: 701a19

Ah, poor Nari.
How about you offer to remove that eyepatch from her now? Seems as good a time as any, and we don't want a wet bandage on her skin.

Where are you? Everybody else is at the group bath right now.
No. 155905 ID: cf68aa
File 127003072698.png - (24.38KB , 500x550 , 647.png )

>"Nari let me help."

Cecil quickly steps into the bath to avoid being seen naked. He goes over and tries to help Nari swim. In the end she just flails around a bit

>"Hmm... Hold on, this bandage needs to come off. Is that okay Nari?"

She looks up at him and nods. Cecil takes off her bandage
No. 155909 ID: e31d52

Move her hair out of the way.
ohmigosh she's so pretty~!
No. 155910 ID: 632862

Move her hair out of the way, you goof! You need to see her healed eye!
No. 155915 ID: 1ac39d

also, no matter what, don't kiss her, even if she is the most adorable thing ever. chances are Alex will walk in the moment you do and things will just get weird.
No. 155916 ID: cf68aa
File 127003157871.png - (25.95KB , 500x550 , 648.png )

Cecil brushes her hair out of her eyes

"H-How do I look...?"
No. 155917 ID: cf68aa
File 127003164174.png - (26.88KB , 500x550 , 649.png )


"!!! Really! Do you really mean it!?"



She gives Cecil a hug

>She's so happy right now she could explode.
No. 155919 ID: 1ac39d

No. 155920 ID: e31d52

oh god she gets a hug hug her oh man so damn adorable
No. 155921 ID: 87b3b1

Awww, how cute.

Tell her she looks perfectly adorable. The doctors did the impossible and improved upon a work of perfection.
No. 155927 ID: 632862

Less gushing. Less.
No. 155928 ID: 701a19

"Nari, I don't care how you look. I care about the beauty of your soul. You're a wonderful person, and that's all that matters.
Now, I'm sure your mom wants to see for herself. How about you go show her?"

Cecil, she moved the C over her heart.
According to our understanding of Dark Elf culture, that means she considers herself yours.
I don't quite know the context of that, so it might mean anything from being your lover to being your property. You should ask Chel about it when you have a chance.
No. 155945 ID: cf68aa
File 127003402582.png - (33.78KB , 700x600 , 650.png )

>"Nari, why don't you show you mom?"

Nari smiles and shows her mother her new eye. Then she goes and shows Felix and RJ. She goes over and tackle hugs Cecil again

"Oh Cecil I'm so happy now!"

>"I'm happy for you Nari. You've always been cute but seeing your smile makes you shine so much more."

"Oh Cecil..."

She stands up

"Look, I put your initial over my heart."

>"Really? Oh Nari you didn't have to.."

"I wanted to Cecil... It shows how I feel. Is it okay?"

>"Well.. Yes. It's okay with me."


She runs over and hugs her mom

>Man, this joy is overpowering.


>Wait, what?
No. 155946 ID: e31d52

Hug dat nari

No. 155947 ID: 934ef5

Um, this whole scenario isn't quite how we thought this tattoo stuff worked... but I think you just got engaged.
No. 155948 ID: 632862

You are in so much trouble. I think you need to take Chel aside and have a private conversation. ASAP.
No. 155950 ID: 701a19

I think you just accepted a marriage proposal, Cecil.
I think you should tell Alex about this accidental engagement, and tell her that you'll marry Nari only after you marry her and she has approved Nari's addition to the union.
No. 155951 ID: 1ac39d

well you are her knight in shining armor, you came along and first saved her from the pain brought by her father, then you went and got her mom back.

only Alex has a shot at possibly loving you more then Nari loves you.
No. 155979 ID: 934ef5

Tell her that is has to be okay with Alex too, because you and her are also bound in a way. No one you love will be excluded for another. In fact, all three of you should be in a soul bind together. You're counting on her to show Alex love, and to earn her love in return.

And then talk to Chel at the first opportunity and quietly ask her what the hell just happened.
No. 155986 ID: 1ac39d

Nari already cleared it with us that she isn't jealous and is, in fact, happy that Cecil is with Alex.
No. 156004 ID: ded270

Isn't polygamy great?
Well, isn't polygamy without the inclusion of minors great?
Isn't it great when you can be in multiple romantic relationships with all parties being consenting adults, and receiving equal treatment?
No. 156010 ID: 934ef5

That's true.
>Alex already cleared it with us that she isn't jealous and is, in fact, happy that Cecil is with Nari.
See that? That's not true.
No. 156021 ID: 701a19

Your concerns are noted, and appear to be in line with the general opinion.
Further, it doesn't appear that anybody is suggesting that Cecil do anything with Nari.
No. 156025 ID: 701a19

Nari, Cecil doesn't know what that means; he thought it was a decorative mark.
If you want to ask Cecil to marry you, which we think is what you just did, then you need to go and talk to Alex.
Cecil and Alex have been in love for years, and it's only proper to respect the deep bond between them. That means you need to go to Alex and ask her if you can be her second; offering to submit yourself to her authority and recognizing that she is closer to Cecil than you are.
Right now Alex is feeling threatened by you, so you need to give her control.

Is everything ok? You seem to be taking awhile.
No. 156137 ID: ded270

That is both somewhat needlessly harsh, and fairly exaggerated. While there have been feelings between Alex and Cecil for years, they've been unspoken and acted. Being in love is different from being in a relationship, after all.
Besides, it's an engagement, but there's no set date for marriage.
We have time to do something about this, and there's probably a way to make it include Alex as well.
Rather than shoot Nari down like that, and in the process totally crush her feelings, we should talk to Alex about this first, then let Nari know that you plan to keep the relationship with her where it is right now for a while, to defeat Dart, and let her reach her age of maturity.
No. 156295 ID: 701a19

I'm not shooting her down, I'm reigning her in.
The longer this miscommunication goes on, the more she'll be upset.
Also I'm telling her how to get what she wants without causing any hurt feelings.
No. 156379 ID: cf68aa
File 127008044281.png - (41.53KB , 720x600 , 651.png )

>hold on, I'm not doing anything until I talk to Chel.

>"Nari, can I talk to your mom alone for a bit?"


She hugs him again and runs off. Cecil walks up to Chel.

>"Mi... Chel, I need to talk to you."

"What is it Cecil?"

>"Uhm... I need to make a confession. I didn't know your daughter meant... Well I didn't know what that mark over her heart meant. And.. Well I like her but I really don't... It's.."

"It's okay Cecil I understand."

She gives him a smile

"But my daughter is really taken with you. She loves you more then anything else, I can tell. If you could just be with her I'm sure over time you'll come to love her."


"Just give it a chance okay?"

>"... Okay."

>I don't want to hurt Nari. But I'm already going out with Alex.

>Maybe Alex will be okay with all of us g...

>No no no! That's wrong... Three people can't be together like that.
No. 156383 ID: 1ac39d

claiming it's 'wrong' is what stopped Alex from admitting she was a lesbian and that she loved you. once we made her get over it she confessed and look how happy she is now. so don't knock it till you try it otherwise you could be deluding yourself because you dont want to admit it.
No. 156385 ID: ded270

What? Why not?
As long as everyone agrees to it and receives the same treatment, and love each other... There's no problem.
Do you love Alex and Nari?
No. 156387 ID: 632862

Cecil, how can it be wrong for more than two people to share their love? So long as the relationship remains balanced and all parties involved love eachother, there's nothing wrong. Nobody gets hurt. There is only joy.
No. 156389 ID: 8ecfd4

Three people can be together like that. Takes a bit of work but then so do every relationship. And there are many cultures which accept polygamy. But you probably need to have a face to face talk with Alex about it soon.
No. 156391 ID: e3f578

AWWWWW TITS. Admit it, your a titty man. Look at those BIIIIG TEEEEETTTIIEEES. Anyway stop paying mind to cultural norms. Fuck 'em I say. They just limit you and get in the way of what you want. Follow your own morality and code!

Listen, all it takes is a little coaxing. By the way, I forgot if you still want your old body back. Do you want your old body back? That might mean giving up Alex. Just curious.
No. 156394 ID: 701a19

You're overthinking things, Cecil.
Nari's love is a pure love; she doesn't want to have sex with you, she just wants to be with you. No, it's not a normal relationship, but Nari's years off from thinking otherwise.

Ask Chel if she and Nari can try to teach you Soul Magic. Alex will feel far better once you two are soulbound together, since then she'll be able to feel how much you love her and not feel threatened by or jealous of Nari.
No. 156402 ID: ded270

And anyway, there's no way that only Alex or only Nari will be able to manage THE C-BOMB.
No. 156413 ID: 16561c

If you're worried about three people being married together, then stop. It's those thoughts that kept Alex from admitting she liked you, and the same that kept you from wanting to get close to anyone with the curse. Your situation has improved, and it has been DESPITE the curse.

A better question would be, how do you feel about being married to two other people? We could try talking to Nari and Alex about it, but it will be futile if you are staunchly opposed to the idea.
No. 156516 ID: 632862

Oh, and I'm getting worried about Alex. She's not responding to our messages.

Go check the private baths to see if you can find her!
No. 156601 ID: e31d52

>No no no! That's wrong... Three people can't be together like that.

Why not?
Usually, society is actually right about this... but if you follow the Golden Rule of Multi-person relationships.

A loves B. A loves C. Now for the hard part... Does B love C?
No. 156644 ID: ded270

After all, we know that C loves B.
No. 156649 ID: 632862

Right now the problem is that A loves C, C loves A, N loves C... but that's it. We still need C loves N, A loves N, and N loves A.

We're only halfway there.
No. 156658 ID: 5b6805

Being together with both of them is far less wrong than pushing one of them away only because of the peculiarity of the situation.

You are all unusual, exceptional people in an unusual, exceptional situation. You can accept their love. You can return it.
No. 156807 ID: cf68aa
File 127009901974.png - (11.47KB , 400x400 , 652.png )

>This is to much.. I knew she liked me.. But to love me? And she's so young to. There's no way I can do this.

>And how would Alex feel? She already seemed a little jealous.

>This day is stessing me out more then relaxing me.

Alex comes inside. Cecil can hear her drop her towel next to his

Alex "Oh Cecil~"

No. 156812 ID: 701a19

Worry about that later.
For now? Turn around, tell Alex how amazing she looks, and kiss her on the lips.
No. 156815 ID: cf68aa
File 127009948498.png - (26.26KB , 700x600 , 653.png )

>"Oh my god!"

"Mya ha ha, you like my new tattoo?"

>"It-it's l-lovely Alex"

"I got it just for you~"

>"I uhm.. I like it. You look beautiful"

"Thanks mya :3"

>She's being rather aggresive today.
>Though the belly button tattoo is cute.

>I've never seen her...

>"Uhm, why don't you come in the water?"

"Why don't you join me for a private bath~"
No. 156817 ID: ded270

Do so.
Wait a bit to tell her what's happened with you and Nari.
No. 156820 ID: 701a19

This is important. You must say YES.
Let her take control, and trust her judgement completely.
No. 156823 ID: 632862

My god. Accept her invitation, you fool!

As for Nari... you know she's 30 years old right? Her body isn't matured yet, though...

Anyway, just give it time. Don't spoil the mood with Alex though. If we're going to bring up the topic, bring it up when the mood is much more relaxed.
No. 156827 ID: e3f578
File 127010044756.gif - (279B , 38x41 , datrump.gif )

No one? Seriously? No one has done this yet in any form?
No. 156841 ID: 632862

@Nari: Did you explain to your mom that you're okay with Cecil and Alex being in love? That might be a good idea at this point.
No. 156851 ID: 5b6805

Comply fully.
Also, yes, Nari is in her 30's. Apparently Dark Elves mature differently on an individual basis. It could be that being.. trapped, like she was, interfered.
No. 156864 ID: cf68aa
File 127010297595.png - (32.75KB , 500x600 , 654.png )


>Oh I already told her about Alex. She said so long as well all cared for each other it was okay ^_^.



>"Uhm, well be right back guys."

Cecil takes his towel and steps out of the bath. He quickly wraps it around himself and heads with Alex to the private baths. She holds his hand on the walk there. Cecil quickly goes into the bath and Alex follows.

>"Alex, I think we should t-"

"Oh Cecil.. You look so cute mya."

[/i]She moves in closer and holds Cecil[/i]

>Oh god.. My heart is racing. Why is she acting like this now?

>"Alex we need to-"

"You look so cute right now~"

>"/// Th-Thanks but-"

"You wanna... Kiss?"

>I need to talk to her about what happened. But she's really not giving me a chance to talk.
No. 156867 ID: ded270

Talk later.
Kiss now.
No. 156868 ID: 8ecfd4

I think you're going to have to atleast kiss your girlfriend before she will let you talk. She probably wants to reaffirm that you like her.
No. 156869 ID: 701a19

You need to talk with her about it, but doing it now would just make it even worse since it would be ruining her mood.
Just forget about it for now. Wrap your arms around her and make with the make-outs. If she wants something, do it with no hesitation and plenty of enthusiasm.
No. 156874 ID: 701a19

Actually, belay that.

"Nari proposed to me like a Dark Elf, so we all need to talk later.
Alex, I meant what I said about soul binding with you. I want to be with you forever; will you marry me?"
No. 156888 ID: cf68aa
File 127010450764.png - (18.85KB , 400x400 , 655.png )

>"Alex, I want you to know th-MMM!?"

Alex leans in and kisses Cecil. He looks shocked for a second then begins to relax into the kiss.

>My heart keeps beating like crazy. I can tell hers is to.

>Is that her chest against mine...?
No. 156889 ID: 701a19

Yes. Now wrap your arms around her and hold her tight.
No. 156892 ID: 1ac39d

@Alex: why are you being so aggressive? i know we told you that you need to take the lead, but this is getting a little pushy.
No. 156893 ID: e31d52

Let it happen.

Trust me Cecil, you are in for a treat. :3
No. 156895 ID: 632862

@Alex: Oh ignore that other voice. Pushy is what Cecil needs. If he wants to stop, he's fully capable.
No. 156896 ID: e3f578

C'mon mate, grasp those buttcheeks of hers. You know she wants it. Give her a good ol' spank.
No. 156897 ID: 701a19

Nari, Cecil doesn't know what that means; he thought it was a decorative mark.
If you want to ask Cecil to marry you, which we think is what you just did, then you need to go and talk to Alex.
Cecil and Alex have been in love for years, and it's only proper to respect the deep bond between them. That means you need to go to Alex and ask her if you can be her second; offering to submit yourself to her authority and recognizing that she has seniority over you. Besides that, your innocence and youth makes Cecil hesitant to take your relationship in the same direction he's taking things with Alex.

Right now Alex is feeling threatened by you, so you need to give her control.
No. 156907 ID: cf68aa
File 127010620593.png - (20.71KB , 400x400 , 656.png )


>What do you mean 'the same direction'? Isn't love the same for anyone?

>I.. I need to stop now. I need to talk t-WOAH!

>Did.. Did she just grab my butt...?

>This is going so fast. My head is spinning...
No. 156909 ID: 8ecfd4

@Nari: Not really. Love takes different expressions in different people and they react to it in different ways. While I think we and Cecil understand what you're after I don't think Alex fully understands. You will have to see if you can't find some time to talk with her alone.

Cecil, I don't think you can interupt this without ruining the mood and pissing her off. Just let it happen and talk with her a bit later.
No. 156910 ID: 1ac39d

if you REALLY don't want it to go there, then tell her to stop, if she doesn't then restarin her with magic, we'll check what's up.
[switch to Alex.]
No. 156916 ID: 701a19

Do you love your mother the same way you love Cecil?
There are many different kinds of love, and some of them you are too innocent to understand.
You will find out the truth in due time, but for now all you need to know is that Alex and Cecil love each other in more ways than you and Cecil love each other.
That's not saying anything about the strength of your love, just the variety.

Anyway, would you be ok with putting Alex before yourself? She's from a different culture, so she doesn't understand that love is additive.

You grab her butt right back. This timing works wonderfully, and we're handling that little misunderstanding with Nari right now.
No. 156928 ID: 632862

@Alex: Slow down a bit.
No. 156929 ID: 1ac39d

wait..... FUCK! she made that Cell stone from the alchemist stone dust, remember? and a lost soul is a soul that became one of the seven sins. the Stone is infecting her with massive amounts of Lust, Cecil, get that Cell stone out of her!
No. 156930 ID: cf68aa
File 127010808819.png - (21.42KB , 400x400 , 657.png )


>Oh okay... I'll talk to her later ^_^


>Mya? Slow down? She doesn't like this?

She grabs his butt again making him jump up in surprise

>How can I stop when she has such cute reactions mya~

>I'm just messing with her a bit.
No. 156932 ID: 1ac39d

oh, ok. we thought you were going to force something she isn't ready for, sorry.
No. 156933 ID: 8ecfd4

Nah keep going. He likes it. It's just that he wasn't really prepared for it. He had his mind set on talking to you. But that can wait until later.
No. 156934 ID: 701a19

It's not that she doesn't like it, you're just going a little fast. You were already excited, while Cecil just had this sprung on him out of nowhere.
Give him a little time to get in the mood, then you can take things further~

Oh, and Nari moved her C tattoo over her heart.
Cecil, not knowing what it meant, said he was ok with it. We've already talked to Nari about it and she'll talk it over with you later.
Don't worry, she respects your bond with Cecil and she wants to not come between you two.

So, you want to see how well Cecil responds to... stimulation?
No. 156935 ID: 632862

Ah, but before we go to the next level of course we're going to have to hop back into Cecil so he can think clearly and make an intelligent choice.

That's for later anyway. Groping has been established as 'ok' so far.
No. 156948 ID: cf68aa
File 127011108869.png - (31.92KB , 600x600 , 658.png )


>I know Nari has a little crush on Cecil. I think it's cute and stuff and their bind is just to help them mya.

>It's okay.

>As for doing 'that' mya~
>You can't just rush into it mya. For a girl like Cecil you gotta ease them into it. Like this.

She breaks the kiss and slowly brings her hand up to Cecil's breasts. she begins to rub one. He leans back and blushes.

>"Is this... Okay?"


>This is so weird... These feelings.. It's so different from my old body..
No. 156950 ID: 632862

Different... but good?
No. 156951 ID: e31d52

Well, yeah. New, ah, plumbing, so to speak. Go with the flow, Cecil. Go with the flow~
No. 156952 ID: 632862

@Nari: I just realized this probably feels weird to you. Gonna try to make it easier to deal with.

[dampen soul bind; especially the physical arousal transference]
No. 156953 ID: 701a19

Ok, so long as you aren't worried about Cecil accidentally getting engaged to Nari.
Did we not mention that? Meh, you're the one he wants to marry anyway, and Nari seems to want to be your subordinate wife anyway.
Whatever, just enjoy yourself... and Cecil~

You plan on getting your body back to normal soon enough, right? So why not just enjoy it?
You love Alex, she loves you, and you can learn a lot from this body that will help you understand her body.
Don't just sit there receiving; take some initiative and please her in return!
No. 156961 ID: cf68aa
File 127011342054.png - (34.00KB , 800x600 , 659.png )


>What was that...?

>It's... It's different good.. But this is to much right now, to many new feelings..

He turns away from Alex. She goes behind him and grabs her breasts from behind

>"Ah! A-Alex!"

"That's the first time I've heard you make that noise~ Make it again."

>"Akex please this feels to..."

"To what? Good mya?"

She starts playing with them

>"N-no ah! A-Alex..."

"If you really want me to stop just say so~"


She keeps playing with Cecil's chest. His legs begin to give out and he holds onto the edge of the pool for support.

>my head feels light.. This is so good but I..

"Just say no if you really don't want me to do this anymore."

>"Ah! ...I..."

She casualy slides her thigh between his legs.
No. 156963 ID: 701a19

It's an expression of love between two people. It feels good.
Don't resist, show Alex you trust her by submitting to her and reveling in her love.
No. 156971 ID: 701a19

@Alex: The next part of the Shoujen line just turned teal. As a precaution, could you check to make sure the orb's still secure while you grope him?
No. 156973 ID: 632862

@Alex: He's conflicted. This feels very good, but it's overwhelming. Slow down the pace a little, eh? I don't mean stop. Just... progress slowly. Let him get used to this new experience.
No. 156976 ID: cf68aa
File 127011511013.png - (35.37KB , 800x600 , 660.png )

>Okay okay. I'll take it slow mya.
>The orb? Sure I'll check.

She slides her hand along his thighs. Se shivers again.

>"Just checking for the orb. Cecil.. Are you okay with this?"

".... Yes."

>"Can I.. go further mya?"

He nods. She keeps rubbing his thigh then slowly slides her hand in. She barely touches Cecil's new womanhood.

No. 156979 ID: 701a19

That's not taking things slowly...

Ok, Cecil, try to form a thought.
Is this a good touch or a bad touch? Should we have her stop, or tell her to keep going?
No. 156987 ID: 632862

@Alex: The pace seems more acceptable now. This is brand new, though.

@Cecil: Guide Alex's hand to have her touch you how you want her to touch you.
No. 156994 ID: cf68aa
File 127011862044.png - (35.66KB , 800x600 , 661.png )


>N-No. This is wrong.
>This is really really wrong

>I've wanted Alex to.. Touch me for years but that part isn't me it feels so different.

>I.. I can't...

Alex gives it another gentle rub



"Is it good Cecil."

>"Alex... Please stop. I don't want you to touch there anymore."

"Aww~ Don't tell me you don't like this~"

Cecil moans again as she continues rubbing.

>"Alex please AH! stop it"
No. 156995 ID: e31d52

Sorry, stop right now. He means it. He does want you... But as he was, not as he is.
No. 156996 ID: 632862

@Alex: ...sorry. That's not working. It feels good in a wrong way.
No. 156997 ID: 701a19

STOP! Seriously!
You're running right into his identity issues and making him horribly conflicted and uncomfortable!
Instead, move his hand to you, since that won't cause this kind of problem.

We really need to craft a spell to temporarily bring that part of him back... Would you oppose him staying a girl and occasionally having a 'built-in strap-on'?

What you felt is part of what we were talking about when we said that Alex's love for Cecil has more variety. You're confused because you don't love Cecil that way, and even if you did you would be nowhere close to expressing it.

Turn the tables on her. You're uncomfortable receiving, but you can give just fine.
No. 156999 ID: 701a19

Cecil, I've been thinking about solutions to your problem and I have an idea. You know how Soul magic is manipulation of a person's essence, how Alchemy is the manipulation of a physical object, and how Elemental magic is the expression of power within the laws of the natural world?

Well, in theory you could use an Elemental spell as a seed and from there layer on Soul and Alchemical elements to achieve a new effect.
From there, you could pair down the extraneous magic to leave you with a new circle which is derived from the three.
The basic idea is that you use Soul magic, Elemental magic, and Alchemy to change a person's natural form, then 'heal' the difference between their current body and the one they're now 'supposed' to have.
By my calculations it would be capable of partially reversing a Shoujen or Shenjou curse on a willing target without requiring Dark Mana, as a willing person's Mana and Soul would be contributing to the changes instead of working against them.

So, how would you like to create Blood Magic?
No. 157004 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmm, that's odd. Seems like sexual stimulation speeds up the effects of the curse. Not very helpful for your current situation, but once all of this is resolved you could write a treatise on the effects of the Shoujen curse.

This isn't working. Cecil isn't really enjoying what you're doing to him right now. If you keep this up you could damage your relationship with him very seriously. I think you need to back off and give him some time right now. Just kissing and cuddling should be fine, but don't go beyond that.
No. 157005 ID: 8bda12

[tgchan: Creating blood magic while being willingly molested.]
No. 157037 ID: 5b6805

@Both: Cecil's mark just SHRANK. allmost a finger width. Something is wrong.
No. 157052 ID: 632862

Naw, nothing's wrong. It's just the emotional and/or physical stimulation doing that.
No. 157149 ID: 288cba

I would say the curse suddenly running itself out rapidly is very, very wrong.

[to Alexis]
Stop. Now. Something is very wrong.

When someone says no, they mean no. Cecil was awkward but fine up to this point; you've stepped a bit too far and made things very unpleasant. Back off, hold Cecil's hand, and make sure everything is okay. The intimacy is over for the moment.
No. 157801 ID: cf68aa
File 127018883268.png - (30.95KB , 600x600 , 662.png )

>Mya!? She's serious!?

She stops touching Cecil. He moves away from her quickly and holds himself.

>"Cecil... I-"

"I'm just gonna wash up okay?"


>I'm so stupid mya... I killed the mood and now she's upset. I didn't know touching 'there' would make her so upset..

>I feel horrible mya.
No. 157803 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, between the legs is a nono spot, he still thinks of himself as a guy and being touched on very distinctly woman parts upset him. it also seems to have agitated Shoujen as it shrank way too fast.
No. 157807 ID: 49eee4

[To Ccecl]
Cecil, there is exactly one way to make this right. She wants to be with you that way, but you're sensitive about your anatomy... just do to her what she was doing to you. Turn around and make her feel good and happy.

Come on, MAN UP!
No. 157808 ID: 3de05a

Profusely apologize. Tell him you'll do anything to make it up to him.
No. 157812 ID: 2c681d

You didn't know. Ignorance isn't stupidity, Alex. Cecil wanted to be with you, just not like that.

If we had known, we would have told you earlier.

I think Cecil will want some time alone for the moment. How well are you holding up? I know you didn't want to hurt him.

[to Cecil]
What happened? How are you feeling?

Alexis is incredibly sorry about what she did; she didn't realize it was bothering you that much in the end. I'm sure she would like to apologize when you're ready, but it sounds like you need some time alone for the moment.

How are you feeling, mentally? The Shoujen line decreased drastically for a moment...
No. 157814 ID: e3f578

That's because he isn't a she, dumbass. Your reminding him of what he lost, despite the pleasure of the action, Cecil Jr. left the building.

Christ all this talk of accepting yourself and no one even fucking knows if Cecil's a girl or boy on the inside of his head, which is really what fucking matters when your cursed into the goddamn opposite gender. If your telling him to accept himself as a woman, your just telling him he was a goddamn woman his entire life on the inside and he was just ignoring it, which obviously wasn't true.

Ffffffuuuuccckk, "aww he looks cute now. Isn't calling him a she adorable? i'm going to make him change himself forever because I'm a selfish bitch and I like this form better" This is uneven compromise. This is a doomed relationship from the start if you keep wanting this change from him, Alex. It's relationship science.
No. 157816 ID: 701a19

Walk over, hug Cecil from the front (while avoiding his breasts) as tell him you're feeling horrible, you're sorry, and you're willing to do anything to make it up to him.
It might help if you got on your knees so your face will be on his stomach when you hug him.
No. 157820 ID: 8bda12

No. 157821 ID: cf68aa
File 127019088752.png - (31.79KB , 600x600 , 663.png )


>N-No I didn't mean to... I just thought...

>It's not like that mya...

>Oh god... I'm a horrible person....

Cecil throws something.
No. 157822 ID: 1ac39d

yeah.. as painful as it may be this guy is right, could have said it a bit nicer, but that's the truth. Cecil is a guy trapped in a girl body, he wasn't entirely sure he should use the woman's changing room.
No. 157823 ID: 701a19

Turn around and ORDER him to go pick that right back up! He's dangerously close to the "Mind Slave" portion, and once that happens HE CAN'T FREE HIMSELF!
No. 157824 ID: 49eee4

No. 157825 ID: 1ac39d

aw snap! Cecil just threw away the orb! he must be trying to make himself think more like a girl so he can stop feeling like this. get it back quick!
@cecil, OMG what are you doing?!?!
No. 157827 ID: 2c681d

[to Cecil]
Cecil? Cecil?

Start answering, Cecil!

[to Alexis]
Stop crying, turn around. Just what did Cecil throw away? What is he doing?

You might need to tackle him, if he just tossed away what I thought he just tossed away.
No. 157829 ID: 3de05a

[switch to Cecil] Whoa dude what about the mindslave portion? I get that you want to become comfortable with your new body but the curse is progressing VERY FAST right now!
No. 157830 ID: 0555b4

Wait, did Cecil just throw the orb away?
No. 157831 ID: 701a19

No, Alex, you're not a horrible person. You're stubborn and over eager, but not a horrible person. What you did would have been normal if it wasn't for his issues, and it would have been quickly forgotten if not for the fact that HOLY SHIT HE JUST CHUCKED THE ORB AWAY FOR YOU! STOP HIM FROM DOING THAT RIGHT NOW!

[Switch to Cecil]
GO PICK THAT UP! You're about TWO MINUTES from the mind slave portion kicking in!
No. 157832 ID: 49eee4

Ok I have no idea what it can do, but here's a shot
[Attempt to use the Red Cell Stone to interfere or remove the mind slave portion of the curse somehow. Don't worry about the physical or personality effects, just the control.]
No. 157834 ID: cf68aa
File 127019220763.png - (24.92KB , 600x600 , 664.png )

The red stone glows slightly



>There... Now we can...

>What!? My line became 'that' short!?

Cecil gets out of the pool and runs to the orb. She jumps and hits the floor but manages to grab it again.

>There... I got it....
No. 157836 ID: 49eee4

>The red stone glows slightly
can we get any sense what the hell just happened exactly?
No. 157837 ID: 2c681d

[to Cecil]
Yes, that short. Just what the heck happened?! Were you yourself when you tossed the stone away? Did we manage to snap you back to reality?

[to Alexis]
Get over there and give Cecil one of the tightest hugs you can muster. The poor guy was nearly in the thrall of the Shoujen curse; our prodding and your yelling brought him back.

And make sure he keeps that stone nearby!
No. 157838 ID: 3de05a

Phew. There's still a bit of the line left. Okay now, we understand what you want to do, but there's a safer way of doing it.

Talk to Alex about manually letting the orb leak through the mental feminization portion of the curse.

On the other hand, last time you were separated from the orb, the curse's effects hit you all at once like a dam bursting. Did it do the same already? Try to test it.
No. 157840 ID: 701a19

Yep. You've got less than a finger-width left. Fortunately it's all dark blue, so you JUST managed to avoid the mindslave portion.
We need to get rid of that soon, but for now go give Alex a hug and tell her everything's ok.

So, what gender are you? What has changed? Are you still yourself?

The mindslave portion didn't start, but it was very close. If he loses the orb again, that's it for him. Err... I guess it would be her now.
She loves you so much that she just sacrificed her identity so she could be your lover. Assume that's a marriage proposal, since I don't think it's possible to top that in terms of romantic gestures.
No. 157845 ID: cf68aa
File 127019676458.png - (41.47KB , 800x600 , 665.png )

She sits up and puts the orb pieces back on her hips

>Yes... My mind definatly changed again. To what extent I don't know yet, but... I feel 'okay' now. Like... This is normal. And this feeling doesn't seem to bother me, or rather, I 'can't' bothered by it.

"Cecil! Cecil are you okay? Are you still there mya?"

>"Yes Alex I'm fine. Don't worry I got it back in time."

"Why did you do that mya!? You could've become a mind slave!"

>"I did it.. For you... For us..."



She starts tearing up again.

>"Oh Cecil...."

"I want us to do everything together, as a couple. And I won't let some stupid gender issue stop me."

No. 157847 ID: 2c681d

[to both]

[to Cecil]
You sound a bit different. Should we refer to you as a her now?
No. 157849 ID: 49eee4

Cecil, right turn around and give her a kiss. Without even looking.
No. 157850 ID: 701a19

You know, Alex, if Cecil is willing to sacrifice his identity for you, then would you be willing to have your mind slightly altered?
Specifically, would you be alright with having your sexuality altered so that you'll love Cecil no matter what form s/he is in?
That would hardly even count as a token gesture compared to what Cecil just did for you.

Also? Propose marriage. Otherwise Cecil will need to find an even stupider romantic gesture for that.

Also, what do those tiny Cs on your tattoo mean?

Ask her to marry you already, then make with the engagement sex.
Also, if we found another way to resolve this where Alex would be equally happy with whatever form you have, then would you be interested in returning to your old body?
No. 157851 ID: 8ecfd4

Dude that was a bit too extreme. Giving up your personality isn't really the right way. Alex understood that you had problems, you didn't have to do this. In fact doing what you just did could make it worse. She is going to feel even more guilty. And who knows, start to wonder if you're the same person that she once loved.

But not much that can be done about it now. Just for future reference. Decisions taken in hasty moments of passion rarely work out as intended. Deliberate planned actions usually have a much greater chance of working out.
No. 157861 ID: 1ac39d

while i do admit that may have been a tad extreame, as long as your core personality remains intact you should be fine.
No. 157862 ID: cf68aa
File 127019838237.png - (26.68KB , 500x550 , 666.png )

>I know.. And maybe I wasn't thinking clearly but I wanted this to happen. I love her.

>You can call me a she now if you want. I really don't care.

>i'll save that for later. I still need to talk to her about my other 'fiance'.

"Cecil... I don't know what to say..."

>"It's okay, you don't have to say anything."


No. 157864 ID: 2c681d

[to Alexis]
I, uh, think he was assuming you weren't standing up. You might try accepting that as an apology, though.

Did the two of you want some alone time? It sounds like Cecil will be more willing to participate now~
No. 157866 ID: 49eee4


You'll do fine I'm sure, but have a little help...
[Feedback Alex's physical pleasure sensations to Cecil]
No. 157868 ID: 701a19

Well, that was unexpected. Good, but unexpected.
If you're willing to sacrifice your identity for her, you're willing to do anything for her.
Now is the time to speak of marriage.
Besides, if you marry Alex then the situation with Nari becomes a lot simpler - she would have to marry the both of you, and Alex would need to agree to it.

Put your hands on her head as a sign of approval.
So, what do those two C tattoos mean?

Oh, and say this to Cecil:
"Cecil... will you marry me?
No. 157869 ID: 8ecfd4

@Alex: Don't go through with this. He just gave up a core part of his identity that he has held on too like mad. Who you have before you right now is not Cecil, it's what the curse turned him into.

Is it just the body you're after or is it the person as well?
No. 157870 ID: 49eee4

Shaddup you, she's fine.
No. 157874 ID: 701a19

Cecil did this to himself by choice, Alex.
Cecil decided you mean so much more to him than [b/]he[/b] did.
She has given you her life, mind body and soul. You need to accept that; it's time for an official engagement.
No. 157877 ID: cf68aa
File 127020104117.png - (28.66KB , 600x600 , 667.png )

>You voices tricked me! I shoul... Oh.. I didn't know it felt like that....

>"W-wait! Cecil I need to know something."

She pulls away from her and kneels down.

>"I want toy know you're still the same person I fell in love with. That the curse didn't change who you are."

Cecil grabs her hand

"Alex. while it may have changed how I see myself ebeything else about me is still the same. I'm still the same man you fell in love with."

>That look in her eyes... That's the Cecil I know.

>"Cecil... Will.... Will you...."

>I can't say it mya..
No. 157878 ID: 2c681d

[to Cecil]
Say yes. You know what she's trying to say.
Or just say it yourself.
No. 157879 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: She's trying to ask you to marry her, but can't find the words.
Just say "Yes, I will marry you."
[Link their physical sensations together to the best of our ability. If Cecil says it, then link their emotions together as best we can as well]
No. 157880 ID: cf68aa
File 127020237358.png - (28.61KB , 600x600 , 668.png )


>"Alex.. I've liked you ever since we met at school. You've been the one thing that kept me going this whole time. You've always been by my side. Alex, will you marry me?"

No. 157881 ID: cf68aa
File 127020239611.png - (26.21KB , 600x600 , 669.png )

They kiss
No. 157882 ID: 701a19

Hmm... I think we've done enough here.
[Switch to Felix]
No. 157884 ID: 2c681d

[link Cecil's and Alexis's emotions]

[switch to Felix]
No. 157885 ID: cf68aa
File 127020294356.png - (967B , 110x110 , %^%$#^.png )



[Felix is not holding her stone]
No. 157886 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Chel, or RJ if Chel doesn't have her stone]
No. 157887 ID: 2c681d

Darn. Well, switch to... actually, can we get a sense of where the stones are, and who is holding them?
No. 157888 ID: 701a19

[Belay that. Manifest through Red Stone and attempt to MOVE to Felix]
No. 157889 ID: cf68aa
File 127020379646.png - (14.69KB , 819x515 , Map.png )

The stone glows again. A faint whisper can be heard from it but Cecil and Alex are to.. Busy to notice.


[* means a cell stone. A letter next to the * means they have the stone on them]
No. 157890 ID: 701a19

Listen to the whisper ourselves, then move to Chel.
No. 157891 ID: 2c681d

Agreed, let's see how Chel is enjoying her day.
No. 157892 ID: cf68aa
File 127020490858.png - (31.86KB , 600x600 , 670.png )


Only a faint voice can be heard. The voices are unable to make out what it is saying

>Mmmm... This is the best day ever!

>Just me, my daughter and a hotspring....
No. 157893 ID: 701a19

... and the company of close friends.
So, were you on good terms with your father last you checked?
No. 157894 ID: 2c681d

Hello, Mrs. Sils! It sounds like you are having a good day. What have you and Nari been talking about.

Did Nari talk to you about training Cecil in Soul Magic? We're trying to get him and everyone else prepared with as varied magic as possible, and we are hoping that you could help teach Cecil the basics.

Also, how are Felix and RJ doing?
No. 157895 ID: 701a19

@Red Cell Stone
Hello? Can you hear us?
Can we help you?
[Listen carefully for replies]
No. 157897 ID: 701a19

[Switch to I shop owner]

Hi, we're wondering a few things.
How do you get around?
Why are you almost everywhere we go?
What spell do Phoenix Downs contain?
Could you have that spell sent to Cecil Von Central III over in the Central hot spring house?
No. 157898 ID: cf68aa
File 127020777173.png - (31.79KB , 600x600 , 671.png )

>My father? Of course we get along. He always spoiled me ^_^

>As for the others in this group I love them all. Cecil and Alex look cute together, that RJ is an interesting person and Felix seems to be... Well he's the serious type. Right now she's just standing around whil RJ swims.

[nothing happens]
No. 157899 ID: 701a19

Glad to hear it! That means he'll heed our warning about Dart and keep himself safe. ^_^

We're not sure where we should go after this, so we'd like you to weigh in on things.
You know the magic school up north? Well, about 12 years ago it kinda blew up, and we were thinking about going there to investigate.
We also plan to go see your dad at some point, since I'm sure he'll be overjoyed to see you with his own eyes and you have a lot of catching up to do. He has a granddaughter to meet, too~
Another option would be going to visit the Light Elves so Cecil can learn Time magic, but that can wait awhile.

Which of those would you prefer?
Or is there some place you would like to go? Maybe something you would like Nari to see, or checking up on friends you haven't seen in a long time?

Oh, speaking of friends, do you know much about Lord Z, King Rai, Sylvia, Sar, or Fai?
Especially Lord Z's name - he went missing when the school blew up, and we need his real name to find him.
No. 157903 ID: 5b6805

Is.. Nari ok over there? Her bond with Cecil is probably giving her some interesting feedback right now, and we're hoping that she's not being overwhelmed, given the water.
No. 157926 ID: 3de05a

[make sure the dampening hasn't worn off]
No. 157928 ID: 0555b4

@Nari: Are you okay there?
No. 157931 ID: 49eee4

Yeah Felix has had a hard time of things, and little time to learn to deal with it. We think he'll be ok, given time and support. Of course if you wanted to go talk to him it might help, what with Cecil and Alex having their own concerns, Nari being a kid, RJ isn't all that much of a people person, and we aren't a person at all... Well if you can convince him to relax a bit, I think WE'D relax a bit.

[To Nari]
If you're feeling overwhelmed you might want to get out of the water for a little bit.
No. 157939 ID: 701a19

Chel, Nari and Cecil and soul bound, Cecil just proposed to Alex, and they're, er, doing what people usually do after getting engaged. And naked.

We'd like you to do something to help Nari, but we'll leave how to do that up to you.
No. 158059 ID: 5b0294

I hope he'll have the time to spoil his granddaughter, too. Nari has been through a lot; she should get as much unconditional love sent her was from as many people as she can get. she deserves it.

Speaking of Felix, do you know what he is? He looks like an elf of sorts, but I don't the we confirmed what kind. We're looking to get magical knowledge passed around between the group as much as possible, and if Felix can learn Soul magic, inviting him to the training session with Cecil would probably be good. Heck, even if he knows it, inviting him will be nice anyways. He's looking for something to do, and needs to connect with everyone else.

Could you invite RJ also? I know she said she isn't very good with magic, but it would seem cruel to not offer.

[to Nari]
Uh, how are you feeling? Are you okay over there? Go ahead and excuse yourself if you're feeling a bit too... intense at the moment.
No. 158143 ID: 701a19

Felix is half Light elf and half Dark elf, and we already knew that.
We've also known since we first met Felix that s/he's actually pretty good with Soul magic. Felix actually be the best Soul mage out of all of us, and would be better off teaching Cecil.

RJ knows a little alchemy, but she isn't really interested in learning magic at all.
No. 158251 ID: cf68aa
File 12702591392.png - (17.16KB , 500x500 , 672.png )


>It really doesn't matter to me where we go.
>Lord Z, King Rai, Sylvia, Sar and Fai? I'm sorry but I don't know much about any of them. Were they around the past forty or so years?


>Sure, I can invite them over and teach them what I know. I am certified to teach Soul Magic.

>Hmm? Oh.. Why don't you go talk to her yourself?

>y-yes I'm f-fine.
>Uhm... Cecil and Alex are... Kissing and I think Alex is touching Cecil's b-breasts.
>He seems to be e-ejoying it. I kinda am to. You really d-don't have to dampen the bond. It's okay.
No. 158258 ID: 49eee4

Well ok... but it's just going to get worse. Maybe alot. It might not be too safe to stay right in the water... and it might be kinda embarrassing to be going through this while around everyone else. They are doing a normally private thing, it would be best if you were either alone or with them.

Why don't you step out of the group bath for a little while?

We'll undampen the connection when you're out of the water, ok?
No. 158263 ID: 701a19

[Block-off the sensations as much as we possibly can]
Nari, if you want to feel that then go to them and participate yourself. I don't know what etiquette is for soul bonds, but normally 'listening in' like that is rude.

Actually, if you went over there you could probably soul bind with Alex, then relay emotions between them. Or join in yourself.

Oh, and you might want to move your nose to be above the water. Elves don't need to eat, but I'm pretty sure you need to breathe.

How exactly are soulbinds made permanent? We've been assuming it's sex, but we haven't been able to find out for certain.
No. 158265 ID: 1ac39d

[belay that]
No. 158276 ID: 3de05a

Oh, I thought it would make you uncomfortable since you're not in control of any of it, or there to tell them to stop if you start not liking it. But I guess you can tell us to tell them, can't you?

Oh, we asked your mom about Soul magic training and she said she'd invite Cecil over... I'm not sure if she meant NOW or LATER so if she starts to leave, be sure to let her know that she shouldn't disturb them?

Dude no. Cecil and Alex would be weirded out if Nari asked to join them, because she looks like a kid. Cecil is aware of the soul bind. That is enough for it not to be rude, I think.

Also, we shouldn't force Nari to approach them about the subject by basically dangling these pleasurable sensations on a stick in front of her.

[put the dampening level back to where it was]
No. 158283 ID: 49eee4

We shouldn't force her to do anything yes, but letting her get hit by it at full power isn't a good idea where she is right now. If she really wants that she should be elsewhere.
No. 158291 ID: cf68aa
File 127026140928.png - (32.83KB , 800x600 , 673.png )


>Well the elders say a Perma Bind can only be done by a physical act of love. Now the reason they say this is because they're just to proper to say it's sex. But it's not that easy. For the bind to be perfect the one recieving the bind would need to stimulate nearly all of the Elfs erogenous zones, including the ears. Not many other species know this but our ears are quite sensitive. Grabbing them to hard is almost like a kick to the groin.


>I'll... I'll just leave f-for a bit.

Nari steps out of the bath and wraps herself with a towel.
No. 158300 ID: 1ac39d

okay then, now that you wont risk drowning.

[turn dampening off]
No. 158301 ID: 701a19

Wait, so when Norar forced Cecil to petrify Nari's ear...
We should probably get your ear healed, then.
No. 158303 ID: 2eac65

Careful! There are people talking outside the locker rooms.
No. 158306 ID: 49eee4

Head to where the rooms are for now.

[To Chel]
Oh that's good to know. A permanent soul bind would first require much... practice, then.

Oh yeah you have one ear that looks cut at the tip, did that happen while you were petrified or is it from before that?
No. 158311 ID: 3de05a

There should be a bench in the locker room... I guess you can sit down there.
No. 158327 ID: 96b332

@Cecil: Gently rub Alex's ears.
No. 158337 ID: 3de05a

Switch that to

@Alex: Gently rub Cecil's ears.
No. 158340 ID: cf68aa
File 127026525833.png - (19.62KB , 400x390 , 674.png )


>Yes, the one getting bound would need to know their partnes body quite well~

Nari goes outside to one of the changing stalls and barely sits down before the Soul Bind reopens. In their private pool Alex begins to rub Cecil's ear.


>S-She's r-rubbing his ear now.

>Oh Cecil...

She begins thinking about when her and Cecil kissed when the first got bound. In the private bath Cecil feels Nari's thoughts and kisses Alex more.
No. 158345 ID: 701a19

Nari has asked us to not interfere with the sensations she's receiving from you.
Is there anything you would like for us to do?

So, once two people get soulbound can they practice, or is it just that the next time they have sex the bond becomes permanent?

Also, lets see...
Master L is immortal, and the second known person to create a philosopher's stone. He's the master of alchemy.
Lord Z is the master of human magic. He's been missing since the magic school blew up.
King Rai is the human king.
Sar is the master of Soul magic.
Selvia is the master of Time magic.

Dart is still the master of Dark Mana, and he's still ruining lives and enslaving innocents.
Around 9-ish years ago the I shop started selling Phoenix Down, which is an item that reverses death as long as the body isn't too decayed.

Any questions about current events?
No. 158347 ID: 49eee4

I know it's hard to focus right now, if you can answer this... do you feel for Alex, the same way Cecil does? Do you love her and want to be with her as you are with Cecil? I know you feel his emotions but do you share it?
No. 158348 ID: 49eee4

[Block that message to Cecil]
No. 158352 ID: 5b0294

[to Chel]
Are you familiar with a dark elf named Wolfric Von Kaisen? He died when we were trying to save Nari from soul petrification from her father. We're not sure about his motivations, but it seems fair to at least mention him. He was a dark elf guarding the city, after all.
No. 158365 ID: cf68aa
File 127026759167.png - (18.20KB , 400x390 , 675.png )



>No no no. It's not just sex that triggers it. It needs to be perfect. Like I said you'd need to stimulate their entire body for it to really work. Not all at once of course but it still needs to be done.

>Nope, never heard of him.


>Y-yes.. This Bind.. I can f-feel his love, and share it.
No. 158372 ID: 701a19

[Block the connection completely]
Nari, your nose is bleeding so we're cutting this off. Would you heal yourself while we figure out why, please?

Nari developed a nose bleed, likely from overstimulation. We're having her cure the nosebleed, but we're blocking the link until we're sure everything is ok.
Is that normal? Can you provide any explanation?
No. 158374 ID: 1ac39d

[belay that]
pretty sure it's a generic dirty thought nose-bleed
Cecil got one when s/he saw Alex's tattoo.
No. 158377 ID: 49eee4

Your nose is bleeding... That can happen just from the excitement but if it doesn't stop or anything worse happens we'll have to take action, just warning you.

Listen Nari, it is important to realize that Alex can't feel what you feel for her right now. You need to tell her, show her, just as Cecil has. And if you really mean to be with Cecil you need to be with her as well. You will have to bind with her, you understand?

...Your body is probably much more sensitive since the scars are gone. If you touch yourself Cecil will feel it too, so why not help him feel good~? Anywhere you like it is fine, but especially between the legs.
No. 158381 ID: 49eee4

It might not be any worry. Be will pay attention to her and make sure if it gets worse we'll take action.
[Cancel any interference for now]
No. 158382 ID: 3de05a

Oh, you've got a nosebleed. Shouldn't be dangerous so long as it doesn't last too long. You might want to keep the blood under control using the towel?
No. 158396 ID: 701a19

Well, if THAT is the way you guys want to play things...
[Form a three-way emotional and sensation bond]
No. 158399 ID: cf68aa
File 127027010344.png - (17.23KB , 400x390 , 676.png )


>N-No! Don't close it.
>Hmm? Is it just a normal nose bleed? How bad is it?.


Nari takes off her towel and uses it to block her nose. She continues to feel the sensations that Cecil is going through.


>W-why would that h-help?
No. 158407 ID: 49eee4

[Try to cast a healing spell on Nari through the Red Stone, imitating Cecils spell]
No. 158408 ID: 5b0294

[sets up a three-way emotional and sensational link between Cecil, Alex, and Nari]

[to Nari]
Okay, but we'll keep an eye on you for now. No sense in you falling unconscious over something that is supposed to feel good.

[to Chel]
Nari seems okay, just oversensualized at the moment. We will let you know if something bad happens to her.
No. 158413 ID: 49eee4

If you do something that feels good, it will make her feel good too. Don't you want to kiss her and touch her, like Alex is? Make her feel good however you can? Give back what you are receiving? Touch yourself and it will be like touching her, just rub your chest a bit~
No. 158414 ID: 5b6805

Go to them, Nari.
No. 158416 ID: 1ac39d

if you touch the same spots you feel Cecil getting touched, it would double up the sensations and make her feel even better.
No. 158420 ID: 3de05a

I wish we had someone other than Cecil and Alex that could heal.

Oh, I've got an idea. Where are the healing potions we bought? You can go get those, and drink one if you start feeling faint.
No. 158427 ID: 701a19

[Shows Chel the rate of progression.]
Nari could heal it, but she refuses to let us block the link so sh can cast.
Silly girl. -_-;;
No. 158430 ID: 5b0294

Oh god, don't interrupt now. We didn't interrupt Cecil and Nari's soul bind; this is Cecil and Alex's private time.
[blocks that]

If we need someone for Nari, call her mother. She already told us not to block the connection, and I believe she has enough self-preservation sense that she wouldn't keep it open if it was dangerous.
No. 158431 ID: 3de05a

Read closer.
No. 158434 ID: 5b0294

...nevermind then. I read Cecil rather than Chel.
No. 158443 ID: cf68aa
File 127027473356.png - (22.49KB , 400x600 , 678.png )


The Red Stone glows brightly and casts Heal at %67 percent power on Nari. it almost completely stops the bleeding.


She starts rubbing her own chest. At their bath Cecil jumps up in surprise

Alex "What's wrong mya?"

Cecil "N-nothing.. (Is Nari....?)"

>G-gurdians.. I f-feel like back when we were in that city..
No. 158446 ID: 49eee4

It's ok just try to relax into it. You didn't need to understand then, it's ok to understand now... if you don't want to we can stop it. But it isn't a bad thing at all, trust us on that.

You made Cecil feel good just now, can you tell? Do some more if you like~
No. 158447 ID: 701a19

That's because you're feeling what Cecil feels.

@Cecil & Alex
">G-gurdians.. I f-feel like back when we were in that city.."
She's starting to; I think she wants to join you two. You could invite her in and let her Soulbind with Alex. She won't let us block the sensations she's getting from you, so she's already participating a bit anyway. :/
No. 158453 ID: 445c48

>Do some more if you like~

No. 158454 ID: 5b0294

In that city? You mean, the catfolk village?

Don't be scared Nari, it's okay. This is just your body responding to another person's touch. Last time, the feeling was due to the drugged wine. This time, it's because you're feeling what Cecil and Alex are doing.

Let us know if you want the feeling to stop - no one should be forced into that feeling. But if not, it's okay to participate in your own way. Just do whatever feels good~
No. 158455 ID: 49eee4

We're trying to meddle as little as necessary
[Prevents communication to Cecil and Alex]
No. 158458 ID: 1ac39d

No. 158462 ID: 3de05a

The catkin like physical stimulation a lot. The wine that you drank induced an artificial desire for it, and gave you kindof a head start on the results. Right now, the desire and buildup is more natural. Continued stimulation will result in a kind of peak in pleasure.

Uhm, I wish your mom had told you about sex earlier! This is a little awkward.
No. 158464 ID: 701a19

No, that's a lie and you know it.
Alex and Cecil have a right to privacy and a right to know what is going on, and you're completely ignoring those rights because you want to play around with Nari.
Currently Alex and Cecil think that we're blocking off Nari's sensations of this, but you didn't want to do that so you overrode the block. Now you're refusing to let them know that Nari's 'watching' them so they can decide on their own how to respond.

We have a JOB to do here, and you're deciding to ignore that so you can get your jollies watching Nari squirm.

So no, I'm ignoring your block. Try being growing some respect for people besides yourselves.
No. 158472 ID: 1ac39d

(letting them know is one thing, telling them to go and get nari and have a three with with her is another)
No. 158479 ID: cf68aa
File 12702783353.png - (26.93KB , 400x600 , 679.png )

>K-Keep going...? But I don't know what t-to..

"Oi Nari you alright? You're mom's worried 'bout you."

RJ opens the stalls door making Nari jump up in surprise

>"Oh uhm.. Hi RJ. I'm okay."

"Just checkin. You got red on you."

She tries to hide the towel
No. 158481 ID: 49eee4

Just tell RJ all the hot water got to your head, you're better now though. Geist has an eye on ya.

You should head to your dressing room for a bit I think.

[To Chel]
We got a quick heal spell to her, she's fine now. Just going to let her rest.
No. 158482 ID: 3de05a

Just tell RJ that the nosebleed went away mostly, it's nothing to worry about.

Did Cecil and Alex stop?

Nari, some of us want to tell Cecil that you can feel everything he feels. However, others are worried that this will make him stop doing things with Alex. What should we do? We don't want to ruin your chances with them.
No. 158483 ID: 701a19

Oh, good! That's probably shocked you back to your senses enough that you can cast Cure Light Wounds on yourself.

Oh, and couldja ask RJ to go get her Cell Stone?

[Switch to RJ]
No. 158484 ID: 5b0294

ARE you okay, Nari? We can subdue or stop the sensations, if you want.

Uh, your nose is still bleeding though. Perhaps we should tone it down just a bit, to make sure you are alright. There's no sense hurting yourself.

You might want to talk to your mom, too. You're still confused, and I think she'd be the best one to advise you in matters of being a woman.
No. 158491 ID: e3f578
File 12702788583.jpg - (34.54KB , 550x358 , shaun-of-the-dead.jpg )

>You got red on you.

Aww, shit. There's going to be a zombie invasion in central tomorrow. Probably a courtesy of Dart.
No. 158501 ID: cf68aa
File 127027906491.png - (17.74KB , 400x400 , 680.png )


>i'll be sure to talk to her lat...

>"uhm Rj..? Stone wants you to get yours..."

"Huh...? Oh my little stone thing? okay. I'll tell chel you're okay."

She leaves. Nari casts Cure Light Wounds. Suddenly the blood flow increases. Nari leans against a wall

>I... I don't feel.....
No. 158505 ID: 5b0294

[to Chel]
Chel! Nari needs healing NOW!

[block any and all senses possible to Nari]
No. 158508 ID: 701a19

Nari, I want you to lay down, alright?

@Chel, Cecil, & Alex
Nari's bleeding rapidly.
Casting Cure Light Wounds sped it up.
She's about to pass out.
No. 158509 ID: 49eee4

[Block soul bind and everything else effecting Nari]
[Cast Heal All from the Red Stone]

[To Cecil Alex Chel and RJ]
Something wrong with Nari, get to her right away!
No. 158511 ID: 3de05a

Gah! Why did that happen?!

[Cast Heal on Nari via the red stone]
No. 158516 ID: 49eee4

[If there is any sign of it getting worse from the magic, cancel it]
No. 158518 ID: cf68aa
File 127027995899.png - (25.74KB , 400x400 , 681.png )

>i... No i want to....

Cecil, Alex and Chel rush to the changing rooms

Cecil "Nari are you okay!?"

>"Cecil... I.........."

She begins feeling really dizzy and lightheaded.

"Where are you!?"

No. 158519 ID: cf68aa
File 127028006376.png - (19.84KB , 400x400 , 682.png )

They open the door to Nari's changing room

"Mya! What's wrong with her!?"

Chel "Don't panic! She's going to be fine! Just give her to me!"


"It's okay Nari I got you."

She feels herself being lifted up
No. 158520 ID: cf68aa
File 127028008473.png - (1.04KB , 151x151 , 683.png )

She passes out
No. 158522 ID: 1ac39d

[switch to Chel]

what happened?
No. 158523 ID: 5b0294

[switch to Cecil; Chel is probably busy with helping Nari]
No. 158525 ID: cf68aa
File 127028025032.png - (24.11KB , 600x600 , 684.png )


>"Don't worry guys she'll be fine. You two go enjoy yourseles."

Cecil "Are you sure she's okay?"

>"Yes this is normal for a girl her age."

".... Okay. Get better Nari"

"We'll see you later mya."

Nari stays asleep in bed with a rag over her nose. her mother sits beside her and washes out the rag when it gets to full.

>"Don't worry sweetie, you'll be fine."

No. 158526 ID: 1ac39d

what happened? are giant nosebleeds normal for dark elves?
No. 158527 ID: 5b0294

Okay then, switch to Chel. I'm curious as to how this can be normal.
No. 158528 ID: 49eee4

Chel what happened? She was overstimulated and had a nosebleed but looked ok, but when she healed herself she got like that.
No. 158529 ID: 3de05a

What's happening to her?
No. 158531 ID: 1ac39d

oh, is this elf puberty?
yes, switch to Chel for these questions.
No. 158532 ID: 701a19

Her bleeding got worse after she attempted to stop it with Cure Light Wounds.

You tell us not to worry, but that's not how we work.
What happened, why did it happen, and what does it mean?
No. 158557 ID: cf68aa
File 127028150233.png - (25.36KB , 600x600 , 685.png )

>Don't worry guys she's fine. Her body is just trying to kill itself that's all.


>Basically yeah. I went through it myself. You guys don't know much about Elves do you?

>When we reach the age of 20 our bodies are ready to mature into their your adult forms. But for us Dark Elves they only do that when we have passed a sort of 'trial'. The trial is begins when we encounter something we fear and is only beaten when we overcome it. Once that happens our younger bodies die out and vanish and our new young adult bodies remain behind. Nari's mind will be the same but she'll look a lot sexier~

>She's almost out of blood so I'd say she's got about 5 minutes left before she dies and an hour until her new body is born.


>It's a failsafe to prevent anything from stopping the process. You're supposed to now heal them in any way shape or form.
No. 158563 ID: 701a19

So, is there a zero percent chance of failure?
Judging by your facial expression, I'm betting the answer is "no".

Well, it's unfortunate that her grandfather didn't get to see her younger body, but at least you did, right?
No. 158566 ID: 49eee4

>not supposed to heal them
This maybe more mentioning earlier. We channeled healing magic into her, will she still be ok?

Besides the dying I mean.


This is kinda screwed up, ya know. We should at least let Cecil know about all this. How do the dark elves friends and family react to this normally? Stay near her, give privacy, throw a rebirthday party? What?
No. 158567 ID: 3de05a


This is going to help a lot in getting Nari romantically involved with Cecil and Alex. They were kindof dismissing her as 'just a kid' before.

Say, this process won't make Cecil feel bad, will it? The Soul Bind won't break or anything?
No. 158568 ID: 5b0294

So she's going to be okay? Well, dying and coming back doesn't sound okay to us, but she will return without any harm?

The trial would fit what she's been through recently. She faced off against her father when we were rescuing you. It terrified her into paralysis, yet was still able to stand up against him. That must have been her trial.

It's good to hear that Nari will be alright, but how will this affect Cecil? He's in a Soul Bind with Nari; will he feel her death-and-rebirth?
No. 158569 ID: 49eee4

Oh and Cecil IS going to notice her dying, I'd rather that not be a surprise for him.
No. 158582 ID: cf68aa
File 127028278611.png - (27.59KB , 600x600 , 686.png )

>There's like a 5 percent chance it'll fail but that's usually to those who try to resist it to much. If you guys would've kept healing her she would've died a very painful death. Let's be thankful that didn't happen. But even so I'm her mother and I still worry about her so i'm going to stay here and watch.

>I'm ashamed her father didn't explain any of this to her. And I still need to give her 'the talk'.


>Well usually the parents should be the first one to see her new body but since she is bound Cecil shall be the first to see her.


>Hmm... There's been no record of what happens to the person bound to a Dark Elf dying like this...

>Anyway I'm sure she'll get through this smoothly.

[/i]Nari coughs up blood onto Chels face[/i]

No. 158584 ID: 5b0294

Should we get Cecil, then? And yes, you'll need to give Nari every talk you can think of. The only thing her father tought her was to use the bathroom, apparently.

Um, is that normal? Nari's... coughing, I mean.

[check the status on the Red Stone, to make sure it isn't channeling a spell to Nari]

[to Cecil]
How are you feeling?
No. 158586 ID: 49eee4

>No record
Ok that's it. Not taking any chances.
[Completely block the soul binds effects from Cecil]

What are the effects to the bound partner if the dark elf dies a normal death? I imagine it won't be worse than that at any rate.

I want to let Cecil know what is happening, but I'd rather leave that decision up to you.

[To Cecil]
Be sure to leave Nari and Chel alone for a long while, until Chel or us tell you otherwise. Got it?
No. 158587 ID: 701a19

Um... You might not have noticed this, but her father is a really horrible person.
We had her eye regrown and all of her scars (both external and internal) healed before we rescued you so you wouldn't know this, but we're pretty sure he was less of a father and more of a chief torturer.

Actually, I'm a bit curious... Would her missing eye and all her scars be healed by this if she still had them?
No. 158594 ID: cf68aa
File 127028422525.png - (25.61KB , 600x600 , 687.png )

>That bastard... If he weren't in jail I'd kill him... How could he hurt someone as sweet as Nari? I don't know how she managed to stay so kind even after 30 years...

>Well I'm going to give her all the love she's missed out on.


Cecil gets the message and the soul bind cuts out. Nari gives one final cough and lays limp

>Okay..... She's dead... If everything goes well she'll be back in an hour or so...

>I barely got to see her child body...
>I almost feel like crying ;_;
No. 158596 ID: 49eee4

Go ahead and cry, it's ok. And clean up a bit, won't do to have you staying messy.

Will you stay with her or join the others?
No. 158598 ID: 5b0294

It's okay, it's understandable. You missed out on a lot of Nari's life. Do you need a towel to clean up?

I'm... not sure how things normally go from here. Should we leave you alone to be with Nari until she revives? Would now be a good time for you to talk to Cecil and explain what is happening?
No. 158600 ID: 3de05a

He was sick in the head. We gave him a taste of the guilt he was unable to feel, and he fell apart at the seams. He needs to remain alive anyway, so he can teach other elders the new spell he made called Soul Flare.

Hey, you're holding up really well, considering that he took 40 years of your life away.
No. 158603 ID: 701a19

On the upshot, you got to see it the way it was meant to be seen instead of the way it had really been.

Go ahead and clean yourself up. Would you like us to show you some of the memories we have of her?

[Barring interruption, spend the time waiting for Nari to come back reminiscing with Chel]
No. 158606 ID: 288dda

Clean up, stay for a little while, but let Cecil be the first person Nari sees when she wakes up.

And for heaven's sake don't tell the others she's currently dead when you explain what's going on.
No. 158607 ID: cf68aa
File 127028521119.png - (19.42KB , 400x400 , 688.png )


>I live forever, 40 years means nothing to me.


>I think I should go talk to Cecil..


That'd be nice ^_^

Time passes

>Huh....? What happened...?

>I was feeling good... Then not good....
No. 158608 ID: 3de05a

Happy Rebirthday!

You've got a brand new body now, Nari. All because you had the courage to stand up to your father. And Cecil's going to be the first to see it! I'm SO EXCITED!
No. 158609 ID: 1ac39d

hey nari, guess what? you grew up.
No. 158610 ID: 49eee4

Well... you went through some serious growing pains there. Get up and have a good look at yourself.

[To Cecil]
It's time, come see Nari.
No. 158612 ID: 49eee4

[Restore the Soul Bind]
No. 158613 ID: 5b0294

Welcome back, Nari! What you were going through was perfectly normal for a Dark Elf. We're sorry that we alarmed you; we didn't know what was happening either. You should be feeling better now.

Well, sit up and look around! Cecil and Chel are probably somewhere nearby. See if you can find a mirror; I think you're in for a pleasant surprise~
No. 158617 ID: 701a19

[Unblock the soulbind]
I'm glad we didn't make another attempt to heal you. It turns out that would have been a very bad idea.
How are you feeling? Everything seem to be ok? Soulbind with Cecil secure?
No. 158630 ID: cf68aa
File 127028611715.png - (33.49KB , 600x600 , 689.png )

The Soul Bind is restored. Nari examines her new body.

>I did grow up! I have breasts!

>I gotta show Cecil he'd love this!

> >w< I'm all grown up now!

Chel "Cecil I think Nari is up. Why don't you go so hi?"

Cecil "R-Right.."

She steps in

"Hi Na....ri...."

>"Hi Cecil! Look I got a new body!"
No. 158631 ID: 3de05a

Okay now give him a hug!
No. 158632 ID: 5b0294

[switch to Cecil's point of view for a look]
No. 158633 ID: 1ac39d

@Cecil: Nari is all grown up now, so go give her a big kiss.
No. 158634 ID: 701a19

[Move our view so we can see Nari from the C up]
Nari, why don't you walk over and give Cecil a hug?
Oh! Congratulate him on getting engaged to Alex!
Speaking of Alex, you're going to want to call her in here soon since you've got a lot to talk about.
No. 158646 ID: cf68aa
File 127028748040.png - (31.91KB , 600x600 , 690.png )

>"How do I look?"


>"Thanks! :3"

>He looks so shocked to see me like this! It's so cute!


>They're getting married!?

>"Cecil! The guardians told me you were getting married to Alex! Is that true!?"

"Well.. Yes. I want to be with her."

>"That's great! We should all get married the same day!"

>Alex, Cecil and I... We'll be so happy together~
No. 158647 ID: 1ac39d

@Cecil: DO NOT freak out she was just thinking
"Alex, Cecil and I... We'll be so happy together~"
she wants to be with both of you, you just need to convince Alex that it is worth it. at least convince her to try it though.
No. 158648 ID: 2eac65

Is there something behind her? That black line looks suspicious. I'm probably just being paranoid, though.
No. 158649 ID: 701a19

Whoa, slow down there a bit, Nari! Human courtship rituals are long and complicated.
Right now Cecil and Alex both love you, but it's a different kind of love than what you feel for them. Now that your body looks older they'll be a lot more comfortable about feeling for you what you feel for them.
However, this is still going to be a slow process.

Call Alex in and congratulate her. I suppose now is as good a time as any for the three of you to talk things out. Oh, and how would you like for Cecil and Alex to put their marks above your heart instead of doing it yourself?
No. 158651 ID: 0d7af8

Nari, do you think you should go say hello to Alex as well? Show her how well you grew up? Remind her that you're still you and still love her, too?
No. 158652 ID: 701a19

If that's the route you want to take, then the best way would probably be for Nari to submit herself before Alex and ask for permission to be 'the second wife'. Alex is a bit prone to jealousy, so claiming a position under her and deferring to her seniority is a good way to keep things working smoothly.
No. 158653 ID: 1ac39d

what is with you and submission? if she get's married to Alex too then when Cecil isn't there they can play with eachother.
No. 158654 ID: 3de05a

@Cecil: You thought she was just a kid before, right? Now you must reconsider your viewpoint now. Nari became an adult when she had the courage to stand up to her father. Her body changed to reflect this. It is the same with all Dark Elves.

Don't break her heart. Give her a chance. However, don't give her a promise that you can't keep. I'm thinking say...

"I hope it works out that way between us all, Nari."
No. 158655 ID: 701a19

Basic relationship dynamics. Alex is the jealous type, so she'll see Nari as a threat unless she has a 'more important' position than Nari. Cecil would treat them both the same anyway, and Nari doesn't really care about ranks.
No. 158656 ID: 1ac39d

you are suggesting a class 7 or, if Nari likes Alex enough, an 11.
while i am sure what would be best is a class 8.

she wouldn't have to worry about Nari taking Cecil away if she was with Nari as well.
No. 158657 ID: cf68aa
File 12702903321.png - (45.19KB , 700x600 , 691.png )

"I hope it works out that way between us all, Nari."


>"Cecil, do you want to help me with something?"

"What is it?"

She tells him and soon they're working on her new tattoos together. She's smiling the whole time as Cecil puts her initial over her heart. Alex steps in

"Mya, Nari are you fe........."

>"Hi Alex! Look I'm all grown up now! And Cecil help me put his name over my heart!"

Alex "Uh huh..."

>"Oh and I heard you two were getting married! Congratulations! I hope we can all get married!"


>"Then it'd me be and you and Cecil and we could all be together!"

"..... What....?"

>She looks s surprised. It must be my new face
No. 158658 ID: 701a19

Well, Nari, you're not doing so well.
Walk over to Alex, pull her into a tight embrace, tell her "Alex, I'm in love with you, too~", and give her the most loving kiss you can manage.
No. 158659 ID: 3de05a

@Alex: Try not to overreact. Nari wants you to be happy too, you know. She'd never take Cecil away from you. Granted, I'm sure that it will take some time to find out if it's possible, but Nari doesn't realize it. You can tell her that you'll need some time to get used to the idea, but don't flat out reject it. Give her a chance.
No. 158664 ID: cf68aa
File 127029156848.png - (20.89KB , 500x500 , 692.png )



She goes over to Alex.

>"Alex, I just want you to know that I love you to. And I hope you love me back."

She kisses Alex


No. 158665 ID: cf68aa
File 127029159688.png - (21.08KB , 500x500 , 693.png )

No. 158666 ID: 1ac39d

@ALEX: what the hell?!
No. 158667 ID: 701a19

That went poorly.

Err... Could you please explain that?
No. 158671 ID: cf68aa
File 127029246327.png - (16.04KB , 500x500 , 694.png )


"Alex that was uncalled for!"

>"You say you want to marry me when you've been with Nari this whole time...."

"Alex it's not like that. I-"

>"Shut up Cecil! This whole time your stupid voices have been asking how felt about Nari and now I see why. One girl just isn't enough for you mya?"

Nari "A-Alex... I'm sorry.. I don't mind being second in the relationship... I love Cecil an-"

>"Shut up!"

Alex puts on her cloak and runs off

Cecil "Alex wait!"

>Stupid Cecil.
No. 158672 ID: 1ac39d

jealous are we?

you don't need to talk to Cecil or anyone else right now but us. if you talk to us we will tell the others to back off for a while.
No. 158673 ID: 701a19

Ah, yea, that's about what I expected. Although I would have expected you to slap Cecil.

Buuuut no. In reality Cecil has been in love with you since 'round the time when you first met, and he has never considered Nari as a romantic partner.
WE asked you because WE have been trying to position everybody so that everybody would be happy. Nari doesn't understand, and often gets confused about what we're trying to say. Cecil didn't even know.

I would have expected you to blame us sooner, seeing as how we had already coerced you into confessing to Cecil.

... oh, and the side effects of our plan included immortality, and the invocation of ancient magics beyond the imagination of mortals.

Maybe evidence would be better?
[Projects Cecil's feelings for Alex, followed by his feelings for Nari, followed by Nari's feelings for Cecil, followed by Nari's feelings for Alex.]

Do you understand, now? Cecil isn't in love with Nari, just you. Nari is in love with the both of you, and Cecil is trying to figure out how to handle Nari's feelings.
No. 158679 ID: 0d7af8

Poor Alex... inadvertently dragged into a love triangle. Such things rarely end well...

Alex, I understand you're hurting. I understand there's confusion. That's normal.

...but one must keep in mind... Nari's dad deprived her of any education in social ettiquete or taboos. She truly means what she says. She wants to be a part of your life. To the point that even if you and Cecil are more together, she'll take a backseat. ...as long as she can be there.

Cecil, up to now, has been considering her more along the lines of a little sister, if you ask me. Cecil didn't grasp the full connotation of soul binding.

Cecil does want you. In the hot springs, she risked giving in to the Shoujen just so she could get past the mental blocks and be close to you.

You're loved. You're doubly loved. When there are so many in this world that don't even have one person to share their love with, you've managed to find two that want to spend eternity with you.

Will you reject both of them now?

I know you like to put a lot of thought into your decisions, Alexis. So all I ask is for you to find yourself a room, lock yourself in, and do some serious thinking. Think. Think all night long. Even after the emotions from the moment fade... think.

That's all I ask for now. Is that okay for you?

We can pass on a message whenever you've reached a decision.

Just know that you're loved.
No. 158680 ID: 1ac39d

also, it's not like just Cecil will have two girls, you would as well...
No. 158731 ID: cf68aa
File 127030815622.png - (17.34KB , 400x400 , 695.png )



>She really truly cares about her mya... She's not trying to take her from anyone..

>And Cecil truly does love just me...

>And then I had to go and slap her.

>Now I feel bad..
No. 158739 ID: 701a19

Feeling bad doesn't help anything. You reacted the way you did because that's the way your life has gone in the past, and you didn't know what was going on.
It was our fault, Alex, We should have been more forthcoming. We're sorry.

On the upshot, this can be made right just by going back there with a few hugs and saying sorry once or twice. In a few days you'll laugh about this.
What's really important is what you intend to do about Nari's feelings.
No. 158746 ID: cf68aa
File 127030917645.png - (14.00KB , 400x400 , 696.png )

>But I don't know how I feel about this mya... I know Nari would never try to take Cecil away from me but I don't know if I like the two of us being with her.

>I mean, would we like share the same bed and stuff? That'd be kinda weird. And Nari's just a k... Well not anymore but she's still innocent and stuff mya.

>And what if she tried to 'do it' with her? I don't think I like that...

>I really don't know how to handle this mya...
No. 158752 ID: 701a19

Originally, we were planning on positioning things so that you and Cecil would basically become her adopted parents.
Obviously that's not going to work anymore, but the best option is to let things develop naturally.

You could try telling Nari that you're not in love with her and that you're uncomfortable sharing Cecil, but you're willing to do a little bit of a trial run and see how things work.
Make it clear that you're only willing to try it as long as you're in control of what happens, how, and when.

After that... I dunno, kiss her to see how it feels? Get in a group hug with Cecil?
No. 158771 ID: 49eee4

Well first off you need to go back and talk to her, let her know how you feel about things. Nari loves you. She's been feeling Cecil's love for you this whole time, and came to share it. She never saw a problem with it at all, with loving both of you at once. Nor did she see you having a problem with it, or anyone being able to feel that way. She's hasn't had much chance to learn about personal barriers or tact, let alone how to handle relationships of any kind.

Remember also that Elves live a loooong time, and so will Cecil with that bond, and so would you if you had it. Waiting years for a physical relationship is a small price to pay

After that, you may want to consider joining into a soul bind with her. It doesn't mean you''d be in a relationship or promised forever, but she can know the real you and visa versa. The bond can end as well, if the feelings did break down between you.

In fact, even if it's not quite the same we can imitate the soul bind for the two of you, see if that's something you'd be comfortable with.
No. 158789 ID: 701a19

Chel told us that it takes a lot more than just sex to make a bond permanent and you can dismiss it at any time, so soul binding with Nari makes a lot of sense. If for no other reason than because then you would know what she's feeling so you can respond properly.

After that we just need Cecil to learn Soul magic from Chel so he can bind the two of you together directly.
At that point you can see how well things will work. If they go well that's great, but if things don't work out you can dissolve the bond and be done with it.

Actually, would you like us to try and mimic soulbinds between you and Cecil and you and Nari? Seems the easiest way to handle things right now.
No. 158982 ID: adaef3

Alexis, we're sorry for the sudden shock this must be. Honestly, you are handling this a lot better than I would have assumed. You really should have been told from the beginning, and in that regard, we are to blame for this situation.

Alex, we know how much you love Cecil. We also know how much Cecil loves you. Don't doubt that for a second. Cecil's proposal and his declarations of love were truely genuine. He wants to spend his life with you, whatever life that turns out to me.

We also know how much Nari loves Cecil; he is her hero and savior, after all. Cecil cares for Nari also and wishes her happiness, but he doesn't love her back the same way he loves you. He doesn't want to see Nari crushed or heartbroken.

Nari cares for you too, Alex. She wants you to be happy, and is willing to put your interests above her own to make Cecil happy.

Please don't think of this as some kind of blackmail, Alexis. We're not trying to convince you of something, or trying to push you into a direction. We want your feelings to be honest and open, just as Nari's have been, and just as Cecil's have been towards you. If you are feeling uncomfortable, let us know. If you don't think this idea will work, tell us. We want everyone involved to be happy; that means you just as much as it means Cecil or Nari.
No. 159208 ID: cf68aa
File 127034807581.png - (15.67KB , 600x600 , 697.png )

>Trial run...?

>Mya, I don't want to sound selfish or anything but...

>I want Cecil for myself.
No. 159214 ID: 1ac39d

then go in there and talk to them about it, tell them what you want and why you want it, and let them talk about what they want. all three of you need to just go into a room, sit down, and talk until this is all sorted out or else things like this will keep happening.
No. 159215 ID: 49eee4

...That's understandable, but you still need to talk to her. We haven't told Cecil, but she didn't just change her body over the last hour. Nari died, and then was reborn. The first things she experienced as part of her new life was seeing Cecil and being slapped by you. She's inadvertently hurt both of the people she loved.

Cecil and Nari didn't get bound because they were in love, sure Nari had her crush but the both of them were weakened and broken spirits in entirely different ways. They made each other whole and stronger. Part of Cecil is Nari, and visa versa. Loving one means you love some of the other.

Forget binding with Nari for now. What you need to be bound to Cecil. We can emulate that connection. You trust your feelings with him, don't you?
No. 159216 ID: 3de05a

Oh. Alright. Then, things should continue as they were before. Without Nari being involved.

Actually, this isn't too surprising. It wouldn't make any sense for you to want to share the person you love with just a friend. You'd have to have serious feelings for Nari for this to work... and we can't do anything about that.

What do we tell her, though? I guess you could explain that people don't marry more than one person in Catkin or Human culture, so even though you like her, you don't want to share Cecil.
No. 159217 ID: 49eee4

[To Cecil and Nari]
Alex has calmed down a little, we're convincing her to come back and talk things out. Are you two ok?
No. 159218 ID: 3de05a

Erm, let's make sure there isn't an awkward situation that Alex will walk in on.

[switch to Cecil]
No. 159222 ID: 49eee4

[Making sure Alex doesn't hear that]
No. 159230 ID: cf68aa
File 127035170284.png - (30.51KB , 800x600 , 698.png )


>Don't worry he was just halping me change into some bigger clother ^_^ We're done now.

Alex goes back into the building and into the room with Nari and Cecil. Nari looks up and takes her into the hallway

"Uhm... Alex.. I'm sorry if I hurt you or anything.. I just wanted everyone to be happy."

>...... How can I stay mad at her...?

>"Mya.. I understand Nari but.. Well it's not normal for more then two people to be married. Maybe for Dark Elves but not for Catfolk and Humans. I know you like Cecil but.... Well I love him and he loves me back. To him you're like a little sister."


>"he doesn't really 'love' you he just cares about you."

"But... He said..."

>I think I'm saying the wrong things here....
No. 159232 ID: 3de05a


Tell her "Look, it's about sex, okay? He cares about you a lot, maybe loves you as a friend, but doesn't feel about you the same way he feels about me. Although I guess that could change now that your body's different."
No. 159234 ID: 49eee4

I think you're going about this all wrong. You aren't trying to convince her about an abstract right and wrong, want her to understand how you feel so she can act accordingly. Sit down and talk with her, tell her your story, why you feel this way.

You don't have to of course, we could bypass everything and just show her what you are feeling and thinking... but you don't want that, do you?

You've always been private, not opening up or talking about things you feel... It took you a long time to even admit even to yourself that you were a lesbian and you liked Cecil. Just opening yourself to others at all, let alone with your most innermost feelings, must be a frightening thing for you.

You need to learn to do it though. And you won't find a more kind, loving, accepting, and selfless person than Nari to lend an ear to you. Even Cecil who you love so much, you know can be rather dense about things.
No. 159247 ID: 1ac39d

yes. just sit down and tell her everything about how YOU feel. don't try to convince her that Cecil feels a certain way. that's why all three of you need to be in one room and talk so you can each clear up your exact feelings on the matter.
No. 159254 ID: 24aa45

... at this point harm is being caused.
Don't pull your opinions (or our facts) into the matter.

Right now, the best thing you can do is 'break down' and have a girls chat about how confused you are...
That'll clear up the damage you just did accidentaly.
No. 159257 ID: 701a19

You can't stay mad because you know how innocent she is.
"Mya, we don't have the right words for this...
You know the love you have for your mother? You know how that's different than the love you have for Cecil?
Cecil and I love you a lot, but a different kind of love than the way we love each other.
This is complicated and confuses me, and I'm willing to consider letting you, um, be with us, but you need to let me get used to the idea, and you need to accept that it might not work out."

She needs a hug. You could try kissing her to see if you like it, but I doubt you're up for that.
Oh, and don't look at it like sharing Cecil with Nari. Instead, think of it like sharing Nari with Cecil.

So, would you like us to mimic a soulbind between you and Cecil? Or Nari?
No. 159269 ID: cf68aa
File 127035763875.png - (16.33KB , 500x400 , 699.png )


>"Mya... I'm sorry Nari I've just been really confused. I don't know how to say this..."

"Bind with me.."


"Bind with me so that I'll always know how you're feeling and I can't ever hurt you again or make you mad."
No. 159271 ID: 701a19

Well, you can always dissolve it later if you'd like.
Either way, you should probably give her a hug.
No. 159276 ID: 3de05a

Wow, she really wants to fix things. Soul Binding isn't something done casually, Alex. But... ask her to make sure that she means it. Ask her if it's what she really wants.

Also, be sure to ask her exactly how a Soul Bind works! You need to know what you're getting into here.

I would like to warn you if you choose to accept this gesture. The spell Soul Bind feels really, really good.
No. 159279 ID: 1ac39d

also, to actually make a soul bind permanent requires the bindees to have a LOT of sex. Chel said you would need to have every last erogenous zone stimulated while the spell is in effect in order for it to be complete. so yeah, this ind will be temporary.
No. 159280 ID: cf68aa
File 12703593326.png - (4.23KB , 400x400 , 700.png )


>Soul Binding won't do anything bad right?
>And I could always take it apart mya..

>Being immortal would be nice... Just like Master L.

>"Nari, are you sure mya? Isn't this a serious thing?"

"You and Cecil. You two are the only ones I've ever wanted to be bound to..."

>She means this to....

>"... Okay Nari I'll bind with you. But if I don't like it I'm cutting it off okay?"

"You'll really bind with me?"


"Yay! I get to be Bound to you and Cecil at the same time!"

She gives her a big hug

>She's such a sweet kid, she deserves someone to love.

>Why'd we have to love the same person..?

>"So is there anything we need to do?"

"We just need to be someplace private. We can go to a empty room"

She grabs Alex's hand and takes her to one of the rooms in the hotel. Once they get settled down she begins the Soul Bind

No. 159281 ID: 1ac39d

okay then, while this is happening let's hang out with..... RJ.
[switch to RJ]
No. 159282 ID: 701a19

We'll just give you some privacy...

[Switch to RJ]
Hey, RJ! What's up?

The situation with Alex is resolved for now. How about you go to Chel and ask her for lessons in Soul Magic?
Oh, and you remember how Alchemy goes "Put your Mana into the earth"? This is probably the same thing but with your Soul.
No. 159286 ID: 3de05a

Heheh, I told you it felt good. The sensation keeps getting more intense as the spell progresses. Okay, we should give you some privacy.

[switch to RJ]
No. 159288 ID: cf68aa
File 127036038390.png - (24.80KB , 500x500 , 701.png )


>Is it? That's good to know. I'll see if Chel is busy.

>"Come on Felix you're so boring. Let's go to one of them fancy massage things."


>"They have a water park"


>"It'll be fun!"

"If you come any closer to me I will be forced to hurt you."

>Bah... She's no fun -_-
No. 159292 ID: 701a19

Well... She DID just find out that she's been slave to the greatest evil on the continent for who knows how many years. Oh, and that all her loved ones are dead.
Give her some time, she'll improve.

So, couldja tell us where Amy Sky is?
No. 159293 ID: 1ac39d

well she is more of a he, but in a girl body. so being rubbed all over or being in a bathing suit would be very weird.
ask what he wants to do then if he doesn't like any of your ideas
No. 159294 ID: 49eee4

Ohoho.. RJ girl, you've got your work cut out for you here. We support your efforts though. Anything we can do to help?

Also, just out of curiosity, how is Felix's aura looking?
No. 159297 ID: 3de05a

Maybe she can give you some combat training.
No. 159302 ID: 49eee4

[To Chel]
Hey Cecil will be headed by about learning soul magic. I don't know if forming one soul bind can be felt by another bound person... but if it can you might notice Cecil acting funny soon. You can take it as an opportunity for a soul magic lesson, or just entertainment~
No. 159355 ID: cf68aa
File 127036926598.png - (26.77KB , 500x500 , 702.png )

>Such a boring aura...

>"So uh... Is there anything you like doin?"

"I like being alone."

>"Well what were you planning on doin right now?"

"I was going to practice my time magic..."

>"That sounds interestin. Can I watch?"


>"Oh come on please."

"Leave now."

>Stubborn one. I know she got 'it with that Shojo thing but I'm just trying to help ya know?
No. 159356 ID: 1ac39d

tell him 'but you told Cecil's head voices you would try to be friendly'
No. 159358 ID: 6e4310

Also, for the sake of courtesy, use male pronouns to refer to him.
No. 159360 ID: 701a19

Well, you might as well leave hr alone.

Alright, so, a few things.
First: Find Amy Sky.
Second: What can you do besides see auras and do alchemy?
No. 159363 ID: 1ac39d

you know... since that golden item is a clock, useing time magic on it may do something...
No. 159366 ID: 3de05a

Shoujen you mean? Well, Felix is going to need a lot of time to recover. His memories are all blocked out. That's good, for now, since he needs to function... but eventually he will need to remember, so he can overcome his past.

I think he might even be using Time magic to make himself forget. Which is why he wants you to go away.
No. 159368 ID: cf68aa
File 127037015279.png - (12.59KB , 400x400 , 703.png )

>"But you told Cecil's head voices you would try to be friendly~"

"But... Damn it.. Fine you can watch just don't bother me. One slip and we go back to when Cheront ruled."

>"You won't here a peep outta me."


She begins practicing. RJ takes out the Goldeon Watch

>"Amy Sky."

The watch shows a weird symbol

>Hmm.... What does the look like.....

>"The spiral of life!"

"GAH! I said shut up!"

>"Oh.. Sorry.."

>Finally this thing shows me somethin I can relate to. But what does it mean...?

>Skills? I can cook sorta.
No. 159369 ID: 701a19

Naw, the only time spell he knows is Warp, and he's a novice at it.
No. 159371 ID: 1ac39d

that... is a very interesting reaction...
No. 159374 ID: 3de05a

I think that symbol means she's dead.

Well I guess you can watch Felix practice for a bit, but try to be as polite to him as possible since you seem to want to get on his good side. I think we should go help Cecil with his training.

[switch to Cecil]
No. 159375 ID: 701a19

I'm pretty sure that the spiral of life means "dead", but it's not quite right. See the dot in the middle? And the branch coming off of it?

Oh, and you've got some other kind of magic power besides aura vision.
Let me focus here for a minute... So... You're not a full-blooded human. I believe you are... part fairy? Hrm... On your father's side, I think.
Is that right?
No. 159377 ID: e3f578

She's dead. In the spiral of life, circle of life or some shit.

She dead. Do "Body of Amy Sky"
No. 159382 ID: cf68aa
File 127037160888.png - (25.54KB , 600x600 , 704.png )


>If you really want to know...

>I'm part Demon. My father was a Inccubus who used Aura Sight to find women who were easy to seduce. He normaly ate all his children but my mother was able to save me by pretendin I was stillborn. He found out about her lie and eventually managed to hunt her down and kill her but not before she gave me to her parents with a note explaining everything

>they've raised me as their own ever since that horrible day.
No. 159385 ID: 1ac39d

okay, yeah. now you HAVE to have some kind of power that you don't know about. maybe you have a demon mode? that would be kinda cool, get horns and covered in hellfire. badass.
No. 159386 ID: 288dda

Felix is being boring. And also kind of a jerk.

So about that water park...
No. 159389 ID: 701a19

That's terrible! You have our condolences, RJ.
I can understand why you wanted to keep all this a secret, but Cecil wouldn't think any less of you for your parentage. The same goes for the others too, but Cecil is in the best position to help you.
So, one of the reasons you wanted to find the watch is so that you can keep an eye on your father?
No. 159390 ID: cf68aa
File 127037258735.png - (25.25KB , 600x600 , 705.png )




>I was kinda lying...

>I don't remember a thing 'bout my parents.

>Sorry, didn't think you'd believe me...
No. 159392 ID: 1ac39d


did you try asking the watch 'my mother'
No. 159393 ID: 3de05a

What? Well, whatever.

What race has Aura Sight anyway?
No. 159395 ID: 701a19

Ah, k. So, you don't remember any of your family at all?
Oh, and I know you've been paying attention. Do you honestly think a half-demon teammate would be the strangest revelation so far? Considering you're talking to?

So, whacha wanna do now?
No. 159398 ID: cf68aa
File 127037398171.png - (28.26KB , 500x500 , 706.png )


>I tried and I didn't get nothin. I'd need her full name.


>Dunno. I never paid attention to things like that. It don't matter though cause I'm pretty sure I'm human.


>Most people I tell that to laugh it off.

>Anyway I was just plannin on watchin Felix practice. I think he just needs someone to take a intrest in what he's doin.
No. 159399 ID: 1ac39d

well then, we seem to have no one else to bug... unless...
[switch to master L]
No. 159400 ID: 701a19

Naw, Aura Sight is genetic magic, and pure humans don't get that stuff.
Also, you aren't half-something since then you couldn't use Alchemy. Unless that half was demon or something.
Actually, tell you what, we'll find out what race gets Aura Sight and help you figure out who your parents are from there.

Anyway, we'll let you hang out here for awhile.
[Switch to Cecil]
How goes it?

Off-hand, do you know what race gets Aura sight?
No. 159402 ID: 288dda

Well, Felix is apparently going to be a grump.
Since he's not planning on going anywhere, next best thing is to go get some snacks or drinks and share. Might brighten his mood a little.
No. 159403 ID: cf68aa
File 12703752711.png - (29.63KB , 500x500 , 707.png )


>$#^%$^%#^%&(&^%$# H #%%^@#%#^%$&(*&%^^%$%#
>Aura Sight? A merfolk perhaps? I'm not sure.

"Okay Cecil. You need to feel your soul flow through your whole body. You need to feel the energy penetrating you. Can you feel it?"

>"Oh yeah.. I can f-feel it."

"As a non elf Soul Magic may be a bit difficult for you to handle. Some species have been known to feel an almost pleasurable sensation when either using it or having it used on them. Are you experiencing that?"

No. 159404 ID: 701a19

Here, let us help with that.
[Attenuates pleasure]

Oh, and Cecil? Don't lie to her.

He is. You can tell by his blush and the fact that his Shoujen mark is rapidly vanishing.
No. 159405 ID: 1ac39d

well... Alex and Nari are soul-binding right now so you could be getting some kind of feedback.
No. 159406 ID: 701a19

Right. That reminds me...
@Nari & Alex:
Let us know when you're done, ok?
No. 159407 ID: 288dda

I'm sure Alex and Nari will let us know when they're done. Let them have some peace. It's probably a complicated procedure, and you wouldn't want to screw it up by distracting Nari.
No. 159408 ID: cf68aa
File 127037718886.png - (30.13KB , 500x500 , 708.png )


>I'm not l-lying!

>Oh I know it's affecting him. He's been done for about ten minutes now, I'm just playing around with him. He looks so cute with that face ^_^

>"A-am I done Chel?"

"You need to concentrate for just a few more minutes. Don't break your focus."

>Gods alive.. It feels like I'm being molested by magic.
No. 159419 ID: 1ac39d

this is to teach you to focus in spite of what you are feeling. remember when Nari got soul bound with you? how are you going to cast soul bind yourself if you are not of it?
No. 159425 ID: 701a19

Ah, I gotcha.

So, if making a soulbind with a Dark elf permanent requires a sex ritual, what about between two non-elves?

Also, about how long does it usually take for somebody to pick up the basics of Soul magic?
No. 159448 ID: 1ac39d

@chel: well i think our existence has made her head much more mailable. she also learned alchemy recently and if magic is anything like speaking other languages, then the more you know the easier it is to learn new ones. we are making her learn all spell types so that even though she has no chance in matching dart is depth of power she can fight on par by using breadth.
No. 159449 ID: cf68aa
File 12703870763.png - (30.07KB , 500x500 , 709.png )


>Y-Yes I suppose that is true. I must be prepared for anything in battle... I must focus.

>I've never heard of two non elves doing a perma bind.

>And it usually takes about 7 months to grasp soul magic for non elves but this kid's got it in less twenty minutes.

No. 159451 ID: 1ac39d

neat, you had a soul aura thing around you when we came in, and now that you are concentrating even harder you are getting a weird wispy second layer.
No. 159452 ID: 701a19

Cecil learned Alchemy the day before yesterday.

So, Chel, could you teach him how to soul bind? Please?

[Switch to the stone sent to King Sils]
No. 159467 ID: 701a19

(For reference: Cecil learned Soul magic in about 1/15600 of the time it normally takes.)
No. 159477 ID: 2eac65

If Master L's training is any indication, most teachers neglect to mention the basics of their magic in favor of letting their students figure out on their own. Cecil probably just has a good grasp of the obvious.
No. 159488 ID: 1ac39d

oh, yes. good point. before she started training we said
>Oh, and you remember how Alchemy goes "Put your Mana into the earth"? This is probably the same thing but with your Soul.
No. 159523 ID: 49eee4

Cecil we can see a nice blue aura around you, with a new teal one showing up. Are you actually glowing or is that just something you can see now or is it just us? Hard to tell from our perspective, ya know?

[To Chel]
It might be because she had the soul bind already. Or because of our advice, or direct influence. Or because she's just that badass.

A bit of each, probably.

Oh an Chel you'll probably want him to know what he's actually experiencing right now, don't want him getting confused about what to expect later.

...You can wait a bit longer to do that, of course.
No. 159550 ID: cf68aa
File 127041081736.png - (17.43KB , 500x500 , 710.png )


>I'm not sure what the second layer is but I'm going to assume it's a good thing.
>Cecil seems to just have a knack for learning magic.. I wish some spells came to me as easily. If we keep this up I can teach him most of the spells by the end of the week.

>Sending me on a freakin trip... 'oh it''s okay, you'll be fine'
>Yeah well you weren't in a freakin block of ice for four damn hours were ya?
>I swear, if I were king things would be different...
No. 159552 ID: 005f23

(To other voices: This looks to the the town guard; we apparently aren't at King Sils yet.)
No. 159560 ID: e3f578

[Guys, lets totally pretend to be part of this mans mind]

Then again, Norar was a complete dick. Maybe I should be leader of the settlement. I wouldn't treat nobody like shit. I know I can't be king but I figure if I play my cards right I just might get to be a leader.

[Send Selfless emotions of the party to the guard]
No. 159563 ID: dba7fa

Why do they need to tell the king about this on such short notice? Yea, we need a replacement, but it's not that much of a rush.
No. 159659 ID: 5024b4

You're getting some sun and some exercise. It should prevent long-term problems from being frozen.
And as for the 'king' thing, of course it would. If anyone else were king it'd always be a little different. In particular, if there were, say, a mad wizard trying to take over all lands, they'd be gunning directly for the king. Price of power, sir.
No. 159879 ID: 6e4310

[Rephrase this so it sounds like he's saying it to himself.]
No. 159887 ID: 344ef9

(Guys I don't think we should mess with his mind. If the guard finds out that the stone is doing weird stuff he's not going to give it to the king.)

So hey there, guard dude. How would things be different if you were king?
No. 159892 ID: 701a19

Do you know why you're playing errand boy?

Anyway, our knowledge of Dark Elf current events is about 40 years out of date.
Is Calett Sils still king? How has he been since Chel Sils vanished?
No. 160244 ID: cf68aa
File 127052622722.png - (16.21KB , 500x500 , 711.png )


>Of course he's still king. You say that as if he could die or something. Though I heard he plans on giving his throne to his daughter soon. Says he's gotten restless. Crazy old man.


>Don't know. Just know that I wouldn't be ding errends.


>Norar was kind of a jerk. Glad to see him go to
No. 160254 ID: 66da30

What do you know about Norar's daughter, and the whole mess last night?
No. 160258 ID: 701a19

Which daughter?
No. 160348 ID: 77ab74

Come to think of it, we don't know much about the Dark Elf royal family; just Calett Sils, Chel Sils, and Nari. What other family members are there?

And you're remarkably calm for someone who just got a bunch of new voices in your head.
No. 160383 ID: 632862

He might've been told already that the stone is a communication device.

So Mr Guard dude, what kind of spells do you have? If we get ambushed for some reason it would be a lot easier to give you advice if we know what you can do.

And what's your name?
No. 160435 ID: 701a19


Yes, what can you tell us about the royal family? Including people who have become missing or dead within the past hundred years or so?


Yes, a list of skills would be useful.
No. 160683 ID: cf68aa
File 127061364110.png - (13.43KB , 397x547 , 712.png )


>There hasn't been any kidnappings lately though the queen did die. The Light Elves wouldn't even lift a finger to revive her. Bastards....

>Skills and stuff...? Not much really but here's a list.
No. 160696 ID: 701a19

How long ago did she die? And how?

The only princess we know about is Chel Sils, and the King couldn't have been planning on handing the crown to her. We know she went missing around 40 or so years ago, but aside from her and the king we know nothing about the royal family. Does the king have any other children? Grandchildren?
No. 160700 ID: 024a3d

How did that come to happen, what's with the light elves?
No. 160772 ID: cf68aa
File 127062063788.png - (33.39KB , 600x500 , 713.png )


>She died like a 20 years ago. No one knows exactly how she died.. She just sorta.. Died. And she was young to, only 700 years old. Pretty to.

>As for the royal family I don't really know much about them. Never bothered.


>They're a bunch of racist jerks that's what's up with them. They think they're like 'the chosen race' cause they got perfect immortality or somethin like that.

He arrives at the Dark Elf City.

>"Hey, I need to give this to the king."

"Sorry, no one's allowed inside."

>"This is from Chel Sils, his daughter."

"I understand brother but we can not let anyone in at this time."

>"... Whatever. Can you at least give this to him?"

"I will do my best."

Relt hands the guard the Cell Stone and heads off again.
No. 160774 ID: 7524b0

Hey there. City guard guy. What's up?
No. 160776 ID: 6e4310

Yo guard dude!
We need to contact King Sils, he may be in danger.
No. 160781 ID: 701a19

We've discovered an assassination plot against the royal family, and must speak with the king immediately.
However, if it will hasten the meeting then what sort of trouble are you having?
No. 160788 ID: 1ac39d

(guys, how do we know this is even a real guard and not an enemy agent in disguise?)
No. 160791 ID: cf68aa
File 12706218867.png - (23.26KB , 500x500 , 714.png )

>That... Was a lot easier then I thought it would be.
No. 160793 ID: 7524b0

Okay, who are you really?
No. 160794 ID: 024a3d

[Use the Red Stone to Cast Freeze]
No. 160795 ID: 701a19

... you're not a guard, are you.
[Cast gravity and aer on us from Cecil through the red stone, then Soul Slash from Felix through the red stone. Then fly through the not-guard and make our way towards the throne room.]
No. 160801 ID: cf68aa
File 127062285065.png - (20.65KB , 500x500 , 715.png )