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File 168900668760.png - (61.61KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1067531 No. 1067531 ID: 9ea24b

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Nostalgia_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

Occasionally NSFW
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No. 1067532 ID: 9ea24b
File 168900670584.png - (96.43KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

You wake up the morning after the party cuddled against Smeargle in the nest. There’s a little light filtering through the trap door on the ceiling and you feel comfortable and at peace. Smeargle’s fur is soft and she smells like paint and fresh fruit.

>Final Espeon egg avoidance check: Failure
You’re interrupted from your cozy morning by a shriek of dismay from another room in the den. Espeon and Linoone crashed at Smeargle’s place after the excitement of last night, coming back much later than you after what you suspect was some frisky fun with Sceptile and Aggron.

You and Smeargle rush out to see Espeon crouched over a large white egg with green splotches. Linoone is pacing around next to her.

:pokelinshock: Espeon felt a little bloated after last night and when I woke up this morning I saw the egg!

:pokeflyshock: How did this happen? I thought Espeon was supposed to use her psychic powers to avoid pregnancy.

:pokeespmad: I was! But my concentration was ruined when I had to focus on three guys at once.

:pokeflymad: Oh, so when I proposition Linoone as a weird dirt bug, it’s “I’m not gay”, but when a large armored lad with 60 Levels over you wants to fuck you start to think about it, huh?

:pokelintear: The hypocrisy is staggering.

:pokeespmad: Stop joking around, we have to do something about this egg!

Espeon isn’t happy about the potential Eevee while Linoone seems open to the idea of raising a family. They’re open to any advice you might have.

A. Donate the egg to the Friendlies
B. Tell them to keep the egg
C. Give the egg to a trainer
No. 1067535 ID: e51896

Donate the egg to the Friendlies, perhaps with them raising a little Eevee will help with Houndoom's depression in some way. let Espeon and Linoon deliver it to them and give them a message that you're lying low for awhile until you're certain the elite four isn't on your trail so you don't lead them to the friendlies, and might not visit for awhile.
No. 1067536 ID: 8f9bc4

> Espeon felt a little bloated after last night and when I woke up this morning I saw the egg!

gee, I wonder what happened, Espeon.

> Espeon isn’t happy about the potential Eevee while Linoone seems open to the idea of raising a family. They’re open to any advice you might have.

Raising a child isn't hard, you just have to basically do the same thing you did with Flygon, and then the Eevee will do whatever. Problem is you've been together for what a month? At that rate, there will be a whoooooollllle lot of eevees before too long. If Team Friendlies is willing to take your egg, then that solves that problem, but I doubt they'd adopt two, or three. You need to be careful to limit how many eevees you make. Your psychic powers didn't work this time, so... um... scrambled eggs?
No. 1067537 ID: e5709d

Actually, I think you should give the egg to Stetson.

He's reached the hall of fame. The thing is, that comes with the capacity for responsibility. You need to give him something to do, something beyond 'being popular' that really hammers in that he can't just stop aspiring after he 'finished the game'. Learning to be an older brother / father / whatever to a kid might help him stay in touch with the ambition he needed for this quest.

That said, you should have his pokemon check in periodically to make sure he isn't screwing up, and threaten to leave with the pup if he doesn't treat them right.
No. 1067538 ID: 1c0f89

No, at the rate Pokemon mature, you'd have SOME specific time before it's a provably thinking being able to form opinions. Like, there has to be a magical download of information with Pokemon, otherwise they'd have longer childhoods than they have. Does that happen in the egg? The womb? What do aura and psychic and the healing/nurturing pokemon say about when a pokemon becomes self-aware?
No. 1067540 ID: e13b1d

>Linoone's bicuriosity
Understandable, Aggron is very hot even if he's a big dumb himbo usually. The invitation is still open if he's discovered a love of penis.

Would probably be best off with the Friendlies, and that way they can still be part of the kid's life when they each feel ready. Ask them to deliver a message to the Friendlies that you're laying low for a bit while they go over there, someone at the League seemed to have recognized you. See if Absol would like to come back with them and hang out.
No. 1067541 ID: 273c18

A. But also the parents will have visiting rights.

I'm sure Gengar will be a responsible pare-hahahahhaa
No. 1067542 ID: 19ea25

Give it to a Trainer/Stetson. We've seen how the Frendlies work and none of them are really "Child raisers".
No. 1067545 ID: a7a180

A, it doesn't seem like having Espeon around would be good for the kid.
No. 1067622 ID: 9ea24b
File 168912122658.png - (109.57KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

>A, egg hatch check: 3 days
The Friendlies are geographically close enough that Linoone will be able to visit his child once they hatch. Gengar, Houndoom, and Salamence make decent guardians, and there’s a whole bunch of other responsible Pokemon like Breloom and Absol who can take care of the egg on a more personal level.

>Where does Pokemon consciousness begin?
A Pokemon hatches at full physical and mental capacity, other than that you’re not sure how they develop within the egg. Espeon says she can’t sense any thoughts but the egg rocks a little as you watch it.

>What if there are more eggs?
Espeon vehemently assures you that her lapse won’t happen again.

>Is it safe to visit the Friendlies?
This was answered in one of the lengthier battle posts from last thread. The humans already know you’re buds with the Friendlies and aren’t tracking your movements.

Currently Gengar has stopped being aggressive and the situation has returned to the previous equilibrium of both sides grudgingly ignoring each other. To make progress on your goals you’ll need to see the Friendlies. You’ll only prompt a human response if you mess with the PC system or endanger someone important.

Espeon and Linoone bundle up the egg and set out north on foot. What would you like to do with the rest of your morning?
A. Talk to a Pokemon
B. Talk to a human
C. Hang out in the den with Smeargle
No. 1067631 ID: a7a180

C, now that you're free from your Stetson stewardship.
No. 1067632 ID: e13b1d

C. Relax with the wifey and do some painting. And some 'painting'.
Ask her for advice on how to help Gengar.
No. 1067642 ID: 7536c2

This, but actually ask for advice on how to help Houndoom so that we can fulfill the final wish and we'll be allowed to stay as a pokemon.
No. 1067651 ID: 273c18

>humans aren't going to investigate further
Huh, Gengar must not have been too cruel to Lanette, and they decided to forgive her because of the glitch impacting her so badly. They're "even".

C. We just got back, this is no time to rush off. But yes we should probably talk to Houndoom some more, soon. Maybe ask him about his trainer... or rip off the bandaid and reveal the whole "former human" thing (but I doubt anyone's gonna vote for that before we know more).
No. 1067653 ID: e5709d

>Espeon vehemently assures you that her lapse won’t happen again.
We're giving the next one to Stetson.
If this happens a third time, Espeon should consider permanent contraceptive measures.

A) Talk to Gengar and make sure she didn't set her revenge on a timer.
No. 1067674 ID: e13b1d

If Stetson gets another Pokemon he'll be out of space and have to box someone.
No. 1067676 ID: 34713f

Not necessarily. Though we'd need to consult Tracey about the rules regarding whether pokemon let out into the world to just do their own thing counts as being on their "active team."

C, we need more quality time. Though wouldn't it be embarrassing if we failed an egg check right after giving Espeon and Linoon the riot act?
No. 1067684 ID: 196206

(Un?)fortunately we don't share an egg group with Smeargle. But if we end up in a thruple with Absol...
No. 1067698 ID: 8f9bc4


Huh, just noticed that the only female pokèmon you've met so far who's in either of your egg groups is Gyarados.
No. 1067726 ID: 9ea24b
File 168921154786.png - (146.79KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

>Can Stetson take an egg?
For the same reason that he can’t catch Gengar without boxing someone, Stetson can’t carry an egg in his party without making space. If you were to hand over an egg to him he’d give it to Drew.

>Spend a lazy day with Smeargle, discussing the important issues
You pose sensually for Smeargle while she gets to work on a large canvas. While she paints, you pick her brain on Gengar, Houndoom, and eggs.

>Gengar and the PC system
:pokeflyface: How do you think I should help Gengar? She’s been really upset after she found out the PC is working as intended.

:pokesmerawk: Um, give her space and be a supportive friend. I wouldn’t mess with the PC, and it doesn’t sound like she expects you to on her behalf.

:pokeflyshock: But it’s still wrong to put Pokemon in stasis indefinitely, even if there aren’t any glitches.

:pokesmerworry: I don’t disagree, but prying any more will put you and your Friendlies friends in danger. Since I met Stetson at that party last night, they might even come after me. Your last wish isn’t dependent on Gengar, and I wouldn’t do anything to mess things up.

She falls silent while you consider your two options. What you’ve learned about the PC system so far is all true.

A. Pursue dismantling the PC system. It’ll be risky due to human backlash, but you have the resources available to do so and superpowers. Gengar will be happier.

B. Stick to slower and safer means of reform, such as educating trainers on how to listen to their Pokemon. Even if you discover more about the PC through conversations with others, you won’t act on it. Smeargle will be happier.
No. 1067727 ID: dd3fe0

B. Real lasting change happens with education and communication. Revolution and smashing things is... messy. It's not to the point that things need to be smashed. Revolutionizing pokemon/human communication (reading, writing, sign language and the like) will do more in the long run.
No. 1067730 ID: 8f9bc4

Tell her that you're glad she said that; you won't do anything to mess it up, if it would put anyone in danger, especially her, because she's cute. qtπ
No. 1067733 ID: 19ea25

B: It's honestly the best way. Trying to futz the system for something like this is too far.
No. 1067735 ID: e13b1d

B. Taking the Team Plasma route and burning it all down can be tempting, but it will also draw lines and sides and cause death toll on both sides.
It's the attitude between humans and Pokemon that needs to change. That begins with opening channels of communication. We have people like Stetson, Tracey, and maybe Drew who can help with that. And if we can prove to Houndoom that there's a better way, that might solve Salamence's wish.
No. 1067753 ID: 273c18

Dismantling the PC system seems impossible in the long run, since you'll become a terrorist for your entire life, having to constantly assault their attempts at rebuilding it. At best you'd be able to sabotage it so frequently and thoroughly so they stop trying to rebuild and just focus on hunting you, and if you evade death for long enough they may just give up and wait for you to die of old age. Wouldn't even take that long. And then after that, or even during the struggle, human-pokemon relations wouldn't be particularly good.

As a side benefit, if you do make any observable progress, you can show Houndoom.
No. 1067762 ID: 1e6036

While taking a long view is fair, Pokemon are short lived and the echoes of the PC system coming down will ring far longer. You don’t need to abandon this quest just because you aren’t being specifically tasked to do it.
A. Smash the system, unpause those Pokémons’ lives, and get messy!
No. 1067763 ID: b6ec4d

B, reform is reform, whether it happens today or tomorrow. Sooner is better, but you aren't going to risk yourself and your friends because you're impatient.
No. 1067764 ID: e51896

B, and thank her for the advice.
No. 1067796 ID: 9ea24b
File 168929727312.png - (149.23KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

>B, slow and steady
While it’s tempting to take radical action, from what you’ve seen none of the humans you’ve met on your journey are evil people. Even Lanette isn’t explicitly hurting anyone. Endangering Pokemon and trainers by starting a conflict over the PC doesn’t sit well with you, and you can make more lasting change with literacy than violent revolution.

Safely aligned with the moderate path, you feel much more relaxed. Investigating the PC glitch is still on your to-do list, though you won’t act on anything you find.

>Houndoom and depression
You explain to Smeargle your theory about how Houndoom killed his trainer by accident and landed himself in a situation where he can’t talk to his friends or really anyone about it.

:pokesmerworry: Oof, that does sound like a really hard situation. I think the best thing you can do is get him more comfortable with the idea of telling the truth. He can’t resolve things with Gengar and Salamence until he’s honest with them.

:pokeflyface: I’ll keep hanging out with him, he seems like a sweet guy underneath all the gloom.

:pokesmerface: It’ll be hard, but I bet he can do it. I might be biased, but you’re a super friendly mon and it’s hard to stay sad when you’re around.

:pokeflylove: Thanks for all the advice. I think you’re right about the PC.

:pokesmerhap: Of course, and I’m glad you think so.

Since Smeargle is extra pleased with your decision about the PC, you get a spicy and well-described afternoon. You’re planning to do some egg roleplay, is there anything else you’d like to include?
No. 1067803 ID: e13b1d

She has green paint! See if Linoone has any red sunglasses in his stash you can borrow. You can paint up Smeargle with green bodypaint like a Flygon to make the egging roleplay a little extra authentic.
Maybe if you and Smeargle wished hard enough...
No. 1067883 ID: 273c18

How about some handholding, kissing, general lovey-dovey stuff.
No. 1067885 ID: 19ea25

You know what go full out with the paint. You in her Smeargle colors and her in your flygon.
No. 1067893 ID: 34713f

Yeah, while I'm not sure how good it'll be for Flygon, I can see Smeargol's instincts being a-okay for getting kinky with paint. Maybe take the opportunity afterward to renew your LO handprint(s) on account of you having evolved since first doing that.
No. 1067930 ID: 16d082

to their astonishment, Flygon and Smeargle's breeding act results in an actual egg. after a lengthy incubation, both parents surround the egg, mouths agape, as out hatches MissingNo
No. 1067967 ID: 9ea24b
File 168953810220.png - (136.56KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

>Paint play
You get the brilliant idea to have Smeargle paint her face like a Flygon. You offer to paint yourself as well, but Smeargle tells you she’d prefer to keep you as your lovable bug dragon self.

While she prepares, you go to Linoone’s den and rifle through his piles of junk until you find a pair of the same red goggles that Stetson wore to the desert. When you return, you’re impressed by Smeargle’s artistry. She’s pinned up her ears to imitate your antenna and with the goggles it’s like you’re looking at a new mon.

Smeargle gives you a fresh brown paw print on your back to replace the faded green one from your time as a Vibrava. You tumble with her onto the sheets and pick Smeargle up around the middle to place her onto your dick. Her tail wraps around your arm as you hold her in place and thrust.

Your torso and neck are long enough that you can curve your head around and look her in the eye. You whisper filth about how you’re going to fill her stomach with cum and make her swell up around a huge egg. She shrieks and gasps until wailing her release, after which you press deep inside her cunt for your own orgasm.

>Can you accidentally create an egg?
Smeargle giggles at your concentrated expression as you rock your softening cock into her to spread your seed around.

:pokesmerhap: If you really want to see me pregnant for a few hours, we can make a deal with the Ditto at the daycare.

:pokeflylove: Mmph, I could get a Trapinch egg from them as well.

She covers your snout with sweet kisses, leaving a bit of green paint behind.

Espeon and Linoone return from their journey in mixed spirits. You get the feeling that they’ve had a fight over their different views of egg rearing when Linoone excuses himself to his den and Espeon stays for dinner with you and Smeargle.

That night, you snuggle in close with Smeargle in the nest, paw in yours, relaxed and content. You’re glad you’re free to do what you please tomorrow instead of slogging through battles with Stetson.

Speaking of, what would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. Talk to a Pokemon (Any of the Friendlies, Gardevoir, Ditto, Linoone, Espeon, etc…)

B. Talk to a human and their associated Pokemon (Tracy, Lanette, Stetson, Brendan, Drew, etc…)

C. Other
No. 1067970 ID: e13b1d

A. Let's go talk to Absol, it's been a while since we've seen him.
No. 1067999 ID: 273c18


A, talk to Absol. It's been too long since your last date!
No. 1068004 ID: a7a180

Talk to Drew about the PC system.
No. 1068059 ID: ab6994

Talk to Drew the Drewster!
No. 1068168 ID: 9ea24b
File 168973407961.png - (82.70KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

>Drew in the morning, Absol in the afternoon
You’re curious what Drew thinks about the PC system, since you never got a chance to ask him while you were busy with Stetson. You still have Drew’s number scribbled on a scrap of paper, and you roll out of bed to text him.

He responds within a few minutes, and tells you to meet him by the Game Corner, which is conveniently nearby. You smooch Smeargle before heading out of the den and ambling towards the city.

You see his Swellow first, perched on top of the casino. You dip your head respectfully and he hops down to escort you to where Drew is counting his winnings in the form of faux gold tokens.

A little early to be gambling, in your polite opinion, but at least that means there aren’t other people around to overhear the conversation. You write a hello to Drew in your notebook.

:pokekid2face: Hi Flygon, congrats on beating the Elite Four, did you want to talk about the PC system?

You explain that you’re not trying to dismantle the PC system anymore, and hope to focus on trainer and Pokemon education.

:pokekid2frown: If you don’t stop people from using the PC, they’re going to keep using it. It’s nice that you want to help, but after a Pokemon is caught, they’re too easily influenced to stand up for themselves.

He sighs, clearly disappointed.

:pokekid2frown: Humans shouldn’t treat Pokemon like objects and putting them in a box for years or breeding tons of eggs for the perfect competitive mon is cruel.
No. 1068181 ID: dd3fe0

While true, the best way to change that is, for now, improving pokemon and human communication. Reading and writing, sign language, telepathy and aura tricks, assistive communication devices. Then do some legal stuff, more focus on rights, education, a better understanding of pokemon psychology and ethics and morals regarding manipulating it and the like. At some point revolution involving smashing things might be on the table. but the time for that isn't now; there's too many low-hanging fruit.
No. 1068184 ID: e13b1d

If we dismantle the Hoenn PC system, there would just be another made. People need to understand enough not to want one anymore. That begins somewhere else.
Tell them we want to spread Pokemon literacy and communication with humans. We already know there are trainers willing to give more freedom and ease up on badgewashing if asked, Stetson did. We just need more.
No. 1068185 ID: 273c18

Tell him you agree, but stopping them by violence is not the way civilization works. They have to be stopped by law and social pressure for lasting change to take place.
No. 1068195 ID: 8f9bc4

Woah, Drew is so cool!
No. 1068199 ID: 32afc2

see the thing is, drew is cool and we are a selfish weenie who just wants to enjoy the good parts of being a pokemon without bettering the lives of others
kind of extremely human of us, ngl
No. 1068200 ID: 32afc2

actually can i get a recall election going on that Big Choice we made
call it a crisis of conscience
No. 1068202 ID: 32afc2

arguments to consider, if not to change direction then to at least make us feel bad:
- we were a human and have never had to live a life where our agency and awareness were completely stripped away from us without our consent
- we turn into a pokemon and no longer have human responsibilities and get powers. We use our human knowledge to keep ourself from getting caught and box'd, and negotiate the terms of being with a trainer. We have benefitted from this immensely in a way nobody else can.
- Pokemon who have acutely suffered due to systemic abuse from human society have taken us in, supported us, helped us be stronger, helped us grow and become self-sufficient, and were infinitely patient with us when we explicitly worked against their ideals.
- we repay them by essentially choosing to do nothing significant regarding the loss of agency that they have to continue to live in fear of, while we remain safe from that consequence due to our deal with stetson (which we were able to work out thanks to our human knowledge)
- instead of working to liberate pokemon and allow them to live lives and have agency, we have essentially acted like a human tourist to pokemon world, making some friends here and there but not actually changing much, and spending most of our time just enjoying all of the benefits of being a pokemon without any of the detriments, while the mons who have those detriments have to face their burdens alone
- the most progress we made at all was sort of convincing a trainer steeped in the culture to treat his pokemon a little better, because it would make them battle more effectively. we then offer this as a potential solution to said systemic problems through "incremental change"

- the fact is, we have had basically nothing but fun being a pokemon, with no real downsides, and the moment something comes along that would actually potentially subject us to real risk for the sake of other mons who are actively struggling from the society we benefitted from, we decide it's not worth the trouble

we should feel *really* bad right now
No. 1068208 ID: a7a180

You agree, you're just not willing to meddle directly with such a complex system. Who knows what will happen to the pokemon still inside? There's just so much we still don't understand about it.
We could try getting Pokemon to stand up before they're caught. Tell them what kinds of trainers to avoid. That requires looking into unsavory types of trainers and documenting their activities.
...We should see what the daycare operators think about the egg trade.
No. 1068210 ID: 32afc2

and another thing!

we dont actually have a plan for education other than teach some mons to write.
are we expecting that to be enough?
are we asking others to pick up the rest of the burden of educating humans?
what if humans decide pokemon who can write are just another rare novelty, and use it as another method of collecting them. that was basically stetson's entire attitude, he mostly just liked showing us off to other trainers! drew is right, writing is not enough. pokemon actively sabatoging the PC system and freeing all the mons inside would be a large wakeup call to society. whether it would lead to more or less strife is up in the air, but it would definitely change attitudes for the world at large to know that pokemon hate the PC enough to destroy it.

if we aren't going to go to the risk of sabotaging the PC, we should come up with an actionable plan to make effective change, *now*. not in many generations. within our own lifetime. any less effort is cowardly on our part, we owe it to these mons as a former human to give it our all.
No. 1068215 ID: e13b1d

-Houndoom, part of this group you argue we owe, rightfully believed Gengar's reckless methods would bring harm to those under their care
-Smeargle rightfully believed that starting a war would put a target on our much more vulnerable friends and wife, and for what? The satisfaction of our violent human warmongering?
-Stetson no longer cares for his Pokemon to make them battle better, but because it's more fun to hang out with them as friends. Most of his team also joined him willingly
-Many trainer Pokemon like Milotic and Blaziken are cared for and treated well as part of the family
-The worst abuses of the system are not a majority but often often criminal elements
-The Friendlies are tolerated in spite of Salamence killing poachers because they were criminal elements who fucked around and found out, they are allowed to free the abused and the League does not interfere. If we shift the status quo to war and they lose, who is left to protect the vulnerable with at keast tacit approval?
-Destroying the PC system of a single region would have no impact on the PC systems of Johto and Kanto, turn the League to suppressing Pokemon more violently, and create no 'immediate' change but at best a long and bloody war and force the sympathetic humans to take sides which may not be our side
-Our wife asked us not to

There is nothing to feel guilty about except letting that bitch Lanette get off scott free, and the lack of a long term plan is the very reason we want to talk to humans like Drew and Tracey about it. Flygon is an accountant, not a chairman of a board of education.
No. 1068216 ID: 196206

To expand more on the reasons war would be a bad idea:
Flygon is a lover, not a fighter. And certainly not a general. We have complained constantly about how unfair combat is. Flygon has argued against killing at every turn. Do we think Flygon has the ruthlessness in him to lead a war? I don't.
The secret to victory is picking fights that you can win. Flygon's derpy kindness won us the Milotic battle in the end, not brute force. If we intend to effect posotive change, we must use his positive traits and skills.
No. 1068220 ID: 19ea25

We also are going after the PC on the word of like.. 3-6 pokemon as well. The friendlies aren't exactly a big group and we could just be fucking with things entirely on the words of those with bitter intentions.
No. 1068226 ID: ac6ecf

Maybe we can work to make the boxes better for pokemon instead of destroying it, like instead of putting them in stasis sleep, we could instead push to design a virtual world for them to interact with as well as interact with each other.

Also, maybe every month, if pokemon havent been used since being put in a box, trainers can get a notification if they want to release the unused pokemon to free them, and also clear space.
No. 1068230 ID: 7832d0

Actually, if we're committed to not attacking the PC directly, there's still a way we can stop it.

Humans won't stop using the PC systemically unless something stands up and tells them not to. Random pokemon won't really be listened to, but legendaries? A whole bunch of them?

If we could find a bunch of legendaries and get them to agree to show the humans that the PC system is wrong and demand its use be banned, humans might actually listen. We wouldnt have to attack anyone, just get a bunch of powerful legendaries together in a specific, crowded place with lots of people watching and give the message.

People would pay attention, it would start a fierce debate, and governments might decide its better to shut down PC usage to not piss off the legendaries.

This is a tall order, sure, but its direct, actionable steps that can lead to a big change in our lifetime.

If we go that route we should start planning legendaries to talk to, how best to appeal to them, humans to help broadcast the message, and a time and place to do it. Learning mote about the PC itself is also always useful. The Friendlies can definitely assist in this.
No. 1068239 ID: e13b1d

If we want to get wide Legendary support we should probably apologize to Deoxys. With Latios and Latias' help so he doesn't melt our face, ideally.
No. 1068247 ID: b7578d

yeah it was pretty human-brained of us to just let stetson bum-rush deoxys lmao
No. 1068320 ID: 19ea25

At this point we can be convinced by someone just making a simple argument. We really did just make an actual choice and now we're trying to overturn it.
No. 1068335 ID: e13b1d

There's not really a large number trying to roll back the decision, but it felt important to point out why it was the right decision since most of the arguments are also arguments that can be used to convince Drew.
No. 1068345 ID: 9ea24b
File 168989808653.png - (143.65KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

>Request for a revote on the PC choice
I personally was in favor of taking down the PC system because I thought it would make for a more interesting endgame conflict. That being said I outlined the choice very clearly and the vote was solidly in favor of moderate action and it would be a bad QM move to try and undo that. No attacking the PC directly and no getting other mons to do it for you.

>Drew is so cool
You almost expect him to take out a pack of smokes to complete the effect. He’s right about trainer treatment of Pokemon of course, but you still think there are better ways to improve things than starting a revolution over a dumb computer system.

You collect your thoughts for a moment before writing out a list of ways you could advance Pokemon rights.

1. Get Lanette to implement some kind of monthly reminder to trainers that they have X number of Pokemon in the box and that they should release them

2. Get legal protections for Pokemon by going through the relevant governing body (the Elite Four)

3. Talk to young trainers like Drew and Stetson about how to treat Pokemon

4. Educate wild (including Legendaries) and captured Pokemon (including those at the daycare) about their rights

All of these items have varying unknown difficulty and effectiveness. Drew looks through your list and says he can help with items #1 and #3.

:pokekid2face: Okay, that’s better. I know a lot of trainers my age from school and other people from my adventure around Hoenn, including Lanette. We’re not best friends or anything but it might make things go better if I’m there to mediate. Send me a message whenever you want to do either of those.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to Drew or his Pokemon before you go see Absol? Also, what would you like to do with Absol?
A. Canoodle
B. Look for Latios or Latias (50% chance of success)
No. 1068351 ID: a7a180

Nah, B.
#1 seems like it would be the least effective in extreme cases but it should prove incredibly helpful in the majority of simple cases, so that's definitely priority #1.
No. 1068379 ID: e13b1d

Ask Drew to hang out and meet the rest of his team sometime.

A, Absol has waited long enough for a piece of this plump green pear.
No. 1068418 ID: f6f0ac

B! (foursome :0!)
No. 1068441 ID: 273c18

No. 1068454 ID: fa3034

Let's adventure together before exploring each other, ya know?
No. 1068460 ID: 19ea25

No. 1068486 ID: 48c015

It's time for adventure!
No. 1068487 ID: 4481aa

B, search for legendaries
No. 1068491 ID: 3a16f1

No. 1068522 ID: a785dd

No. 1068703 ID: 9ea24b
File 169007326483.png - (92.69KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

>Ask Drew and his two mons to hang out sometime
He’s fine with this. You can send him a text anytime to schedule a stroll.

>A and B tie, defer to Absol
You Fly to the Friendlies after lunch and find Absol, who makes it very clear he would prefer to bounce on your butt than be carried around hundreds of meters in the air all afternoon.

:pokeabsblush: We could go somewhere private, or we can stay here if you don’t mind someone seeing.

If you stay at the Friendlies base, you’ll have a 50% chance to talk to a mon of your choice. Any particular ideas for how you want to fuck Absol?
No. 1068704 ID: e51896

Somewhere private. getting distracted on a date is very rude, dude.
No. 1068705 ID: e13b1d

"Someone seeing? That's kinda hot."
Find a nice place to lie in the bushes where our upper half will be in view from the Friendlies camp, but Absol can be hidden to rail us from behind.
No. 1068706 ID: e51896

Actually, yeah this. potential exhibitionism and voyeurism sound fun, as long as absol is alright with the risk
No. 1068708 ID: d724a3

whats privacy to a pokemon
bang em right here
No. 1068783 ID: 19ea25

If Absol is up for it public fun! Chat with anyone nearby.
No. 1068793 ID: 196206

I bet it would be extra kinky for an Absol feeling all the near misses to being discovered.

Also compliment his cute smile.
No. 1068794 ID: ccbdd0

Lets see how well we keep our poker face while Absol slams that knot home.
No. 1068830 ID: 9ea24b
File 169023364576.png - (138.34KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

>Fuck in a bush near the base, partially hidden but still discoverable
You find a low shrub that hides your torso and below when you lie down, leaving your head to stick out. You’ll have to control your facial expressions. You lift your tail for Absol so he can slot against your rump and slowly work up a rhythm.

>Discovery avoidance check: Success
:pokeflyface: It looks like Grumpig is coming this way. You don’t actually mind if someone sees us, right?

:pokeabsblush: Depends who, Grumpig is cool, he lets me look at his dirty magazines. He won’t be able to sense me because I’m a Dark type.

Sadly, Grumpig turns and heads towards the central area rather than continuing to your hiding spot. Absol pounds against you harder as you encourage him, and you yelp as you feel his knot catch on your unpracticed rim. It would probably hurt a lot more if you were a human, but luckily you are some kind of magic indestructible energy creature.

Absols groans and digs his sharp claws into your tough skin as he comes. It’s different from when Jirachi fucked you, but you still relish the feeling of the heat and stretch.

You relax with Absol in the shade while waiting to separate, then snuggle against each other in a comfortable doze until you’re ready to rejoin Pokemon society.

>Random relevant Friendlies encounter (choice between Breloom, Porygon, Gengar): Porygon
After making sure you’re presentable, you wander into the main base and spot your pal Porygon. Oh! It’s been a while since you’ve seen her, you haven’t been able to meet since you brought her here. You wanted to talk to her about any PC discoveries, is there anything else you’d like to ask?
No. 1068831 ID: c3a550

Thank Porygon for helping Gengar out back there.
No. 1068870 ID: 273c18

Ask porygon what cyberspace is like. Can they go anywhere? What's the weirdest place they've been so far?
No. 1068874 ID: e13b1d

Ask if she's made any friends around the Friendlies base.
No. 1068879 ID: 1704f7

canoodle some more
No. 1069050 ID: 9ea24b
File 169041941216.png - (101.70KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

You rush over to Porygon and greet her warmly. Her blocky feet twirl with joy when she sees you.

>Thank Porygon for helping Gengar
:pokeporyface: What I found. Hurt her. She is upset with me by association.

:pokeflypanik: What? That’s not good.

:pokeporyface: She has told everyone she needs time. She needs time.

>Ask Porygon if she’s made any friends besides you and Gengar
:pokeporyface: Yes.

:pokeflyface: Great! Er, who?

:pokeporyface: Raichu. Breloom. Salamence. They treat me with kindness.

>What’s cyberspace like?
:pokeflyface: What was exploring the PC system like anyway?

:pokeporyface: Security was high. I was able to run through the thousands of stored Pokemon and identify any that had elevated energy levels. There were none. I was able to read the change log for the previous several years and there have not been any significant fixes.

:pokeflysad: Hmmm, okay. That’s weird, if there was a big glitch, it should have had something about it in the update notes.

You’ve had various theories in the past that certain types or species of Pokemon were more prone to waking within the PC, such as ghosts or other Porygon. You were on the right track, but you haven’t identified the right group of Pokemon that caused this effect.

Suggest what caused the PC to glitch. The correct theory will be confirmed in the next update. What would you like to do tomorrow morning? Tasks have been updated with the items you brainstormed with Drew. https://questden.org/wiki/Nostalgia_Quest
A. Address a specific task
B. Talk to a human (it doesn’t have to be task related)
C. Talk to a Pokemon (it doesn’t have to be task related)
No. 1069054 ID: e5709d

Do you think some script kiddie was trying to modify a pokemon's DNA through the PC and was using Gengar's files haphazardly as some kind of ingredient?
No. 1069055 ID: 196206

The PC stasis is keyed to Pokemon brain patterns, but what if Gengar doesn't habe Pokemon brain patterns? What happens to humans placed in stasis?
Maybe Gengar was human and just never knew.

B. Talk to Tracey, it's been a while. Sounds like Gengar still needs time to cool off before we deal with a Friendlies heart to heart meeting.
No. 1069057 ID: a7a180

Well the human angle was already covered, so what about Pokemon that are active within dreams? Which would cover a lot of Psychic types with Dream Eater, but... iunno, maybe she just couldn't turn it off.
C: Talk to Gardevoir.
No. 1069059 ID: dd3fe0

Hmmm. Ghost types? Electric types? Psychic types? Some of these with a specific move of some sort? One of the egg groups, maybe?

What do we actually know or can we surmise about any instances of oddities, anything at all, to narrow this down??
No. 1069060 ID: 8f9bc4

The degree to which you enter stasis in the computer is directly related to your brain's bitchiness levels. The more of a huge bitch you are, the worse it is at keeping you in stasis. Only the most bitchiest of huge bitches can escape the computer entirely.
No. 1069061 ID: 196206

That makes sense, it's a safeguard for Lanette if she ever gets turned into a Pokemon and stuck in the PC.
No. 1069072 ID: 273c18

Could it be... pokemon that attracted Jirachi's attention before being put into stasis?
No. 1069073 ID: 273c18

No nevermind, Gengar didn't wish for a protege until long after she escaped from the PC.

Instead, I wonder... maybe it has to be a pokemon with Dream Eater, and it has to be *asleep* in the pokeball when it's put into the PC? We know pokemon are generally conscious when inside pokeballs, which implies they would have sleep cycles too. It has to be something rare, because there are definitely a few Gengar with Dream Eater in there, and this sounds sufficiently rare. It shouldn't be random, that doesn't sound very satisfying.

Sheesh we have a lot of tasks. How are we going to get through them all in this thread? This is the last thread...

A: talk to Tracy, try to recruit her in the campaign for Pokemon Rights.
No. 1069082 ID: 9ea24b
File 169049817701.png - (62.25KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

Hint: This is a group of Pokemon that isn’t in the PC, since Porygon reported there’s nothing wrong at the moment.
No. 1069090 ID: 58dd24

leg..end..aries? The presence of a legendary messes the system up for other mons?
No. 1069091 ID: 273c18

Oh yeah the other day I was wondering why legendaries can't just get stuck in the PC. I guess that's our answer- a legendary in the PC system introduces a glitch that allows the legendary to escape, potentially alongside other pokemon... or other legendaries are able to mess with the PC system to rescue their comrades?
No. 1069092 ID: e13b1d

Does that suggest Gengar is a transformed Mew with amnesia? Maybe the glitch caused her memories to get muddled when she woke up inside the PC.
No. 1069098 ID: dd3fe0

Ya, that'd be mythics and legendaries and various other categories of ultra-rare pokemon, probably. Or pokemon that were just revived or discovered or whatever.
No. 1069108 ID: 8f9bc4

Waaait a sec, was this Gengar backported from a fourth generation game? That's cheating!
No. 1069156 ID: 9ea24b
File 169057361581.png - (123.09KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

>Legendaries cause an energy overload in the PC internally, which affects adjacent stored Pokemon
Considering Groudon was about 100 times your size, you feel like that’s a fair theory. Once she found out, Lanette probably told the top trainers to stop storing Legendaries, which aligned with human interests for safety and Legendary interests in freedom.

Young trainers like Stetson wouldn’t know any better but without a Master Ball would never be able to catch such high Level mons. With the local ecoterrorism groups converted into geologists and marine biologists respectively, there wouldn’t be much risk of unsanctioned Legendary capture.

And since you’re not trying to destabilize the PC, you’re not going to talk a Legendary into any schemes involving putting them in the box deliberately. You’re not even planning to tell any mons about your theory at all. What happened to Gengar was simply bad luck and the error of uninformed trainers.

>Go home and to bed
You find Absol and give him one last smooch before returning to Smeargle and telling her about your exciting day.

>The next morning…
>Talk to Tracy to give her an update about your campaign for Pokemon rights
When you knock, Blaziken answers the door like usual and puffs hot air into your face as a greeting. It’s been a while since you’ve seen him, and you tell him about beating the Elite Four and that Smeargle is doing well.

After you explain your four goals to Tracy, her face falls.

:pokeladyfrown: Flygon, you know my career has revolved around the Battle Frontier. My peers wouldn’t like it if their Pokemon started writing messages to them or they got constant emails about the PC.

:pokeladyfrown: Scott would be horrified if I was part of any new regulation push. I’d be happy to talk to young trainers but otherwise I don’t want to get involved.

:pokeblazface: You’re stirring up trouble, Flygon!
No. 1069167 ID: 273c18

Tell her you don't need her to help you with everything. You know the PC nagging is going to be annoying, but that's kindof the point. There should be some incentive to get trainers to take pokemon *out* of the PC system. If she has another idea on how to accomplish that you're all ears.
What's wrong with pokemon being able to communicate directly with their trainers?
Helping educate young trainers will be a big help regardless.

Tell Blaziken that, on the long run, this will reduce conflict between humans and pokemon.
No. 1069168 ID: e5709d

Argue about the inherent tones of slavery in preventing Pokémon from talking to the trainers who have sole rights on whether or not they get to leave a storage system that keeps them completely trapped.

It's clear that the trainers wish to keep the diversity of their Pokémon for both prestige and strategy, but not the responsibilities that come with maintaining a @#$%ing zoo. Even the trainers who love Pokémon to death can't take care of all of them at once.

Ideally, you'd want to release all Pokémon from their PCs but keep them tagged and call them back remotely when their trainers decide they want to swap ranks. For now, giving Pokémon limited email privileges is a healthy start. It wouldn't have to be excessively invasive; just force the trainer to go through a few unread emails every time they want to use non-essential components of their pokédexes.
No. 1069170 ID: a7a180

The email thing is fair, nobody likes getting spammed with messages. But their Pokemon writing to them, why not? They should be allowed to communicate! I'm sure a lot of them would have nothing but positive things to say, both in the competitive scene and the casual.
Thanks for the warning, and we don't mean to bother you.
No. 1069171 ID: e13b1d

Tell her that Stetson has enjoyed his Pokemon journey far more and become more responsible as a consequence of communicating with his Pokemon. There are benefits here beyond just to the Pokemon- badges and obedience may keep trainers safe from accidents, but listening to and managing a team teaches responsibility. And they don't need to be mutually exclusive.

If all she wants to do for now is talk to young trainers about treating their Pokemon well, that's fine. More Stetsons and Drews is good for the future. Just ask her to consider how she might feel if she woke up tomorrow as a Pokemon.
No. 1069205 ID: 273c18

Ultimately, communication between pokemon and humans can be nothing but positive. It deepens bonds, prevents escalation of issues, and can even help humans find new uses for pokemon.
No. 1069381 ID: 9ea24b
File 169073695897.png - (138.13KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

>Why shouldn’t Pokemon write to trainers? Communication is good for everyone!
:pokeblazface: Some Pokemon don’t have the limbs to write on a notebook, like you when you were a Trapinch. Trainers also don’t have time to talk to all of their Pokemon while they’re battling.

:pokeflymad: I’m hearing a lot of excuses and not a lot of reasons why it’s bad.

:pokeblazworry: Ugh, it’s not bad, it’s just not as useful as you think it is. If I’m unhappy Tracy can tell I’m upset and I can still point at stuff and communicate nonverbally.

:pokeflymad: And what if you were being stored in the PC, or even kept in your ball where Tracy can’t see you?

:pokeblazpride: Then I’m in stasis and it’s not a problem. Unlike some of your associates, I’m a good boy and I like doing what Tracy tells me to do, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I trust her to do what’s right.

:pokeflymad: Because you’ve been brainwashed by her badges!

:pokeblazface: You’re trying to bring human complications into Pokemon business. Normal Pokemon love their trainers, which you’ll never understand.

Tracy watches awkwardly as you argue for Blaziken until you give up trying to change the bird’s mind and stomp away. You appreciate the warning about Scott and other elite trainers, but you don’t think you’re going to change Tracy’s mind either since she’s trying to protect herself.

:pokeladyfrown: Let me know when you want me to speak to the students.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Talk to Gardevoir (it’s been a while)
B. Check on Stetson
C. Other (visit someone else)
No. 1069383 ID: a7a180

Of course Pokemon can love their trainers, that's why the status quo has lasted as long as it has. But love is built on both trust and understanding, and this helps with the latter.
Also, you could hold a pen with your mouth as Trapinch. There's (usually) a way to adapt.
No. 1069385 ID: 7da5ff

A. He can also communicate effectively with humans which helps.
No. 1069389 ID: 8f9bc4

Why the heck are you doing... this? Shouldn't you be focusing on Houndoom? Who cares about slightly uncomfortable aspects of human/pokemon relations, that might change over time in the future?


no, no don't say that. But do fume about how you would totally have said that if you'd have thought of it at the time, and it would have been an epic burn.

get it? fire chicken? burn? kill me
No. 1069390 ID: 7da5ff

Because to help Houndoom we need to arrange a heart to heart between the Friendlies, but Gengar is sulking right now so it wouldn't be very effective.
No. 1069395 ID: 8f9bc4


Well, might as well tell Gengar the truth then. That we know she's secretly Mew in disguise because only Legendaries can overload the PC system.
No. 1069576 ID: 9ea24b
File 169094784682.png - (117.21KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

>Why aren’t you talking to Houndoom?
No particular reason, you just haven’t got around to it. It’s true you’re waiting for Gengar to feel better so you can organize a triple confession but Houndoom still needs some unlicensed talk therapy from you before he’s ready for that. He doesn’t even know you’ve had your epiphany about him yet.

>Tell Gengar about Legendaries and the PC
Nope! As stated before two updates ago you’re not going to tell anyone about the PC’s weakness since it would harm human Pokemon relations.

You yell at Blaziken that he’s a dumb chicken before you take off and Fly to Verdanturf. You haven’t seen Gardevoir since he evolved, though in your defense you’ve been busy with Stetson. A Psychic type would be useful for talking to unfamiliar Pokemon and humans, but you’re always asking Gardevoir for favors whenever you see him. He did say he was open to romance, and you’re notoriously romanceable.

A. Romance Gardevoir
B. Recruit Gardevoir to either speak to humans or wild Pokemon
No. 1069578 ID: e13b1d

We do owe our spindly pal some favors. Mentioning our work on open interspecies communication can make for pillow talk.

A. See what he's into.
No. 1069580 ID: a7a180

C: Spend some time hanging out. You can talk about work but it's not pressing. What's he do in the garden all day, and does it go faster/smoother if two Pokemon do it?
No. 1069603 ID: 273c18

A. You can bring up your plans during the date, see if he's interested. It won't be a favor, it'll be a movement he's joining.

>not going to tell anyone
Not even... Lanette? She could fix the bug, and then you could tell Gengar that it's fixed, which should make her feel better and possibly improve human-pokemon relations.
No. 1069604 ID: a785dd

No. 1069614 ID: a9571d

I’m gonna bet that trying to do both will spoil any romance you try to achieve. Because, you know, the choice is A or B, not AB. But what do I know, I’m just a Flygon on the wall.
No. 1069627 ID: 273c18

You've got a point. Might not be wise to mix business and pleasure. Though if Gardevoir asks specifically there's not much point in keeping it secret.
No. 1069686 ID: 9ea24b
File 169111494515.png - (130.67KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

>You have to pick one or the other
Yes, for this situation you have to focus on business or pleasure. There are other Psychic types you can recruit though, like Espeon and Grumpig, so it’s not a permanent loss to the movement.

>You can’t even tell Lanette about the glitch?
You assume she knows, which is why there aren’t any Legendaries being stored at the moment. If you want to let her know that you’ve figured it out, go ahead.

>A, romance
You see Gardevoir lounging idly around the lush flower gardens that surround his house and you wonder what he normally does all day. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking good and relaxing, that’s basically what you do when you spend the day with Smeargle.

:pokeflyface: Hi Gardevoir, sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve come to visit you. I defeated Groudon with the power of sand and helped my trainer beat the Elite Four and now I’m trying to work toward the betterment of all Pokemon.

:pokegarwink: And your plan for that is to seduce me?

:pokeflyface: We all have to start somewhere. If I rock your world that counts as betterment, right?

:pokegarface: Hmph. I haven’t been impressed by your commitment so far.

He tosses his green hair and studies his hand.

:pokegarface: My trainer likes to watch shows where the man tries oh so hard to please the woman. Why don’t you show me some of your human courtship skills?

:pokeflyface: You’re making a lot of assumptions about my knowledge of human dating, but okay! Thanks for giving me a chance to impress you.

You must return every afternoon for the next four days to woo Gardevoir like what you would see in a corny romance movie. What would you like to do for your first wooing attempt this afternoon? Gardevoir wants to stay by his trainer but you can leave to get things and come back. Feel free to spend money as well.
No. 1069688 ID: e5709d

You could torture your dick in front of him to show how much your lewdness means to you.
No. 1069693 ID: 19ea25

Boombox with romance music.
No. 1069694 ID: 2f7f6e

Do we know any pokemon who can make rain, so we can stand in it to prove our devotion or whatever? Maybe we could improvise with sand?
No. 1069695 ID: e13b1d

Construct a car out of cardboard and some old tires for seats, so you can 'drive' him somewhere and have romcom conversation inside. Also building stuff together is corny, and fun for the whole family!
Maybe his trainer would like to join if he's not too edgy and teenaged. Getting the approval of the 'kids' of the love interest is classic romcom material, and it'd help keep their friendship as trainer and Pokemon strong.
No. 1069701 ID: 273c18

Flowers and a love letter.
No. 1069715 ID: dd3fe0

Write a poem! That's not even (overtly) lewd! And sing and play a musical instrument in front of his window!
No. 1069716 ID: a7a180

Interpretive breakdance.
No. 1069775 ID: 9ea24b
File 169125916854.png - (95.67KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

>Do something with the teen to get his approval of the wooing
It’s been mentioned before but the teen is not Gardevoir’s trainer, the teen’s mom is. You’ll decide whether you want to involve her tomorrow.

>CBT to show dedication to lewdness
You’re not into that.

>Flowers and a love letter
You’ll start simple, then choose from your other ideas for the next few days. You Fly to Lilycove to buy an expensive bouquet, a heart shaped box of chocolates, and a premade card. You write a short message about how you admire Gardevoir’s personality and his gorgeous figure. The total comes to 15,000 P and you drop off the package near Gardevoir before hiding in a tree to watch him examine the gifts.

:pokegarface: I can see you, you know. Your tail’s hanging down.

:pokeflyshock: That’s part of the fun, isn’t it? You could flash a bit of ankle when you bend over and pick up the chocolates.

:pokegarwink: Oh alright.

He waves his butt at you and you almost fall out of the tree in excitement.

What would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. Visit Houndoom
B. Go with Drew to visit Lanette
C. Other
No. 1069780 ID: c37138

No. 1069803 ID: e13b1d

A. Take him up to the rocky plateaus around the desert.

Tell him we've guessed at what happened between him and his Trainer from bits we've heard from other Friendlies, and see if he'll open up and tell us the whole story.
No. 1069922 ID: b90305

Support this
No. 1069937 ID: 9ea24b
File 169145729175.png - (92.42KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>A, take Houndoom to the rocky plateau by the desert
There’s a commotion at the Friendlies Base when you touch down, and you see Breloom rushing around with shards of an egg in her hands.

:pokeflyshock: What’s happening Breloom?

:pokebreshock: It hatched! The egg that Linoone and Espeon brought here a few days ago!

:pokeflyshock: Oooooo! Where’s the Eevee?

>Eevee gender check (1/8 chance female): Male
Breloom points towards a small crowd of Pokemon and you nudge your way through until you see a cheerful male Eevee.

:pokeevesmile: Hi! Nice to meetcha, mister.

:pokeflyface: Hello Eevee, I can’t stay to chat but I’ll make sure your parents come to visit you soon.

After watching the ball of fur bounce around introducing himself to everyone for a few more seconds, you head for Houndoom’s tree.

>Tree stuck avoidance check: Failure
Per usual, you get firmly wedged in the wood. Houndoom’s faster to save you this time, and you go on foot through the woods and up the rocky cliffs.

:pokeflyface: You know, working with Stetson I really learned how to appreciate how much he cares about his Pokemon, especially once he learned to understand charades better. I like the kid! He’s still dumb sometimes but that’s part of the charm.

:pokeflyshock: Um, did you like your trainer?

:pokedoomface: He was my whole world.

:pokeflyshock: I’m taking that as a yes. And he paid attention to your nonverbal cues in case you were upset?

:pokedoomface: Yes.

:pokeflysad: I know it’s a very sensitive topic, but was killing your trainer…an accident?

Houndoom stops walking and hunches over.

:pokedoompain: I…I-It was late and we were sleeping in the tent. I sneezed.

:pokeflyshock: You sneezed? I assume that shot some fire.

:pokedoompain: Yes. I panicked and made it worse. I fled. I’m a b-bad dog.
No. 1069940 ID: a7a180

Tragic. What would you say to him if you could?
No. 1069941 ID: dd3fe0

How old were you, in lived experience, at the time?

You aren't a bad dog, and I'm sure he would understand.
No. 1069942 ID: 273c18

Err, fact check here. Did we find any evidence that his trainer actually died, by checking news articles? Or is that just what Houndoom thinks happened, and has been telling other pokemon that he killed his trainer.

Tell him you can pass on a message to his trainer's family, if he wants.
No. 1069943 ID: e13b1d

Damn, that's a whole lot to have to hang onto. There's not even anywhere to place the blame. Just a stupid, painful twist of fate.

Sit with him. Ask >>1069940
Don't tell him it's okay or make any wild promises, but tell him you think he's done a lot to make up for what happened.

Now might be a good time to tell him our secret as well, and show trust in return now that he's opened up.
No. 1069944 ID: 8f9bc4

He sneezed?!

don't laugh don't laugh don't laugh do NOT laugh
No. 1069958 ID: be210c

He's not a bad dog.

>reveal we're human
Maaaaybe don't tell him just yet? Let's focus on helping him before we drop something like that on him.
No. 1069994 ID: 2c1245

No! You're not a bad dog! It was an accident and I'm pretty sure if your trainer's ghost was here he say you were the best dog!
No. 1070006 ID: 9ea24b
File 169163010524.png - (122.03KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

>Don’t laugh
You suppress a nervous titter at the absurdity of Houndoom’s tragic backstory. You’ve always believed Pokemon were dangerous, and honestly this is confirmation. It makes you a tiny bit more sympathetic towards trainers who keep their Pokemon in their balls when not in a battle.

You guess the media assumed the fire was intentional when they found the boy’s corpse and sent trainers to hunt Houndoom down.

>Convince Houndoom he is not in fact a bad dog
You sit on the sun warmed rock next to Houndoom.
:pokeflyface: How old were you?

:pokedoomface: Around two. My age didn’t matter, I should have been more careful.

:pokeflyshock: You didn’t know that would happen, it was an accident! I’m sure your trainer loved you and would understand that you didn’t try to hurt him.

:pokedoompain: He was always very sweet.

:pokeflysad: What would you say to him if you could? Er, through advanced charades.

:pokedoompain: I would tell him I’m sorry. I-I would put my head in his lap if he let me.

>Reveal that you’re a human
You can do that at your next talk, right now you want to focus on Houndoom and his experience.

:pokeflyface: I think you’ve done a lot to atone. Think of all of the ways you’ve helped other Pokemon with the Friendlies.

:pokedoompain: But I’ve inspired Gengar and Salamence to hurt humans. I made Salamence leave his trainer.

:pokeflymad: Gengar promised me it was purely psychological damage against Lanette and Salamence kills evil poachers. They’re Pokemon trying their best, like you. And you didn’t make Salamence do anything! I don’t know the full story but I’m sure it was his choice to join you.

:pokeflyface: You can talk to them and explain everything. I’m sure they’d understand.

:pokedoomface: …I hope so. I’m tired of keeping secrets.

You stay with Houndoom and pat him on the back until he announces that he’s returning to base. That went well, though you feel awfully bad for Houndoom.

How would you like to woo Gardevoir this afternoon?
A. Buy a boombox and play love ballads
B. Get a rain dancer to make it rain so you can stand in it to prove your devotion (suggest where to look/who to ask)
C. Write a poem (suggest)
No. 1070007 ID: e13b1d

"O valiant sir knight
Who hath gazed into me
You saw the lust burning
Through thy third eye's sight

And though mine loud-brash mind annoyed
A chance given permitted atonement
In mutual understanding I now confess
To find thee my friend I was overjoyed

For so much sound advice
In thine debt I yet remain
And captivated by thy beauty
I am willing to make this great sacrifice"

Through mental imagery, communicate thanks for Gardevoir's help when he was Kirlia and gratitude for his friendship with Espeon which has helped her a lot.
And clarity that the great sacrifice is an offer to bottom/suck his cute dick. Also a nostalgic call back to your first conversation.
No. 1070016 ID: a7a180

B. Look around the Weather Institute for Pokemon with weather abilities.
No. 1070028 ID: b6ec4d


I'll go C outta respect for the poem.
No. 1070033 ID: e51896

This, because this person put hard work into writing that
No. 1070159 ID: 9ea24b
File 169186817971.png - (103.00KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

You sit in Smeargle’s room to absorb the artistic energies while you work on a most romantic poem. You write in and scratch words out on your notepad, and spend several hours considering phrasing and meter and rhymes.

Finally, you arrive at a satisfactory three stanza poem, which you write on a clean piece of paper before Flying to Verdanturf. Gardevoir comes out of the house soon after you arrive, and you clear your throat to speak:

"O valiant sir knight
Who hath gazed into me
You saw the lust burning
Through thy third eye's sight

And though mine loud-brash mind annoyed
A chance given permitted atonement
In mutual understanding I now confess
To find thee my friend I was overjoyed

For so much sound advice
In thine debt I yet remain
And captivated by thy beauty
I am willing to make this great sacrifice"

While you read, you try to mentally convey your gratitude for how much Gardevoir helped you when he was a Kirlia, whether from finding the source of your transformation or being pals with Espeon.

:pokeflyface: Also, to be clear I’d be happy to bottom or suck your dick if we were to have sex.

:pokegarwink: Actually I think I’d prefer to bottom. We can both suck each other’s dicks.

:pokeflyshock: Uwehh?! C-cool!

Gardevoir is extra pleased by your efforts today and gives you a goodbye kiss on the cheek. What would you like to do tomorrow morning?

A. Have your last one-on-one therapy visit with Houndoom (you’ll need to organize the three-way talk session afterwards)
B. Work with Tracy and Drew on educating the youth
C. Go with Drew to visit Lanette
No. 1070161 ID: e51896

Give houndoom some time to think about what you told him.
B. Educate the youth first before we see Lannete later.
No. 1070162 ID: a7a180

B. This will let you gauge how difficult the task ahead of you is.
No. 1070165 ID: 4481aa

B, let's give Houndoom an extra day, and work on educating peeps for now.
No. 1070166 ID: dd3fe0


Yea! Time to try and learn some sign language together with a bunch of kids, and play around with a text to speech things on a computer, maybe do some of the buttons to say words out loud to make sentences things, and awe a bunch of kids by doing doing math or puzzles or other stereotypical brainy things, to drill into their heads that pokemon are thinking, speaking people that will happily go along with anything that helps improve their agency and ability to communicate and interact! Hell, even formally playing charades, as in a version of the actual game with keeping score, where the kids themselves have to get concepts across while only saying the word 'human' or the syllables 'hu' and 'man'! Or do things like some kids are 'in a pokeball' for some time and can't do anything and have to stand aside quietly, and can't participate for a little bit, so they understand how much it removes them from experience. Heck, there are SO MANY ideas here! So many ways to encourage empathy for the problems of the lived experience of a pokemon, and present immediate, reasonable, exciting solutions for those problems that the kids can champion!
No. 1070170 ID: e13b1d

B. Doomdog needs time to cook.
No. 1070229 ID: 9ea24b
File 169204231815.png - (140.24KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

>B, give Houndoom a break
You get up early to message Drew and tell him to meet you at Tracy’s house in half an hour. He’s already there when you arrive, and his Swellow gives you a curt nod of acknowledgement.

Tracy invites everyone inside and you stand at the kitchen table to discuss tactics with the two humans while Blaziken and Swellow listen.

Drew knows other young trainers from class and his travels, but he doesn’t know everyone. You’ll have to do some work to reach a broader audience, otherwise you’ll have to spend multiple actions dealing with smaller groups that Drew organizes. Tracy will lend her adult authority and approval to whatever you decide on.

>Impress the children with feats of intelligence
Good idea, with your college education you’ll be able to wow the youth with demonstrations of advanced math and puzzle solving. If you get Swellow, Blaziken, and Swampert involved, you could even show off your charades skills and get the kids to participate in the games as well as show what it’s like to be a Pokemon.

What size audience do you want for each session?
A. Small, no marketing necessary but will take repeated sessions to have a significant effect (you’ll visit each city in Hoenn)

B. Big, you’ll have to do some serious marketing but it’ll only take one session (suggest marketing strategy)
No. 1070231 ID: 94d044

A. Lets start small and have patience. Starting big could bring too much attention to ourselves too early on, making it easier for people with stonger following who disagree with our views to take notice and argue against us (gym leaders and politicians for example). Best to start a small following, and help it grow so that we'll have more people on our team when we tackle bigger crowds later.
No. 1070233 ID: a7a180

A, you were never a trainer so here's your chance to do the circuit!
No. 1070241 ID: dd3fe0

A! Tailor the lesson to each city's culture! And learn from your mistakes as you go!
No. 1070247 ID: e13b1d

A. Like a plant, we must water the seeds.
No. 1070261 ID: 8f9bc4

We're not creating the Pokemon Youth a-are we?
No. 1070265 ID: dd3fe0


No, we're making a Young Trainer Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

Other end of the political spectrum. Progressive/Nonviolent/Social Justice, not Fascist/Violent/Oppressive.
No. 1070312 ID: 9ea24b
File 169222658456.png - (88.96KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

There are 16 locations you’ll have to visit, each of which will take half a day’s time and all attract the same sized crowd. With Drew and Tracy by your side, you won’t run into any difficulties, so after the first demonstration, the rest will happen outside of updates. The time the visits take will be tracked behind the scenes.

You’ll attract the attention of the local gym leader if you choose to go to a city with a gym for your first and only described session. Which city would you like to visit tomorrow morning?

After arranging things with Drew and Tracy, you depart from Mauville feeling heartened. You’re going to make a difference!

You have to woo Gardevoir thrice more, though with the progress you’re making you assume the last wooing will be more in the vein of a nice, candlelit dinner and lovemaking. What romantic gesture will you make today?
A. Dance with him (can be silly or serious)
B. Stand under his balcony in the rain and pine (you’ll need to find a rain maker)
C. Other (suggest)
No. 1070313 ID: f3171e

A. Serious at first but if the different body types get in the way, embrace the silly.

Let's hold our first session in Mauville. It's right in the center of the region, so we can tour from there.
No. 1070314 ID: a7a180

Silly dance, start in Oldale.
No. 1070324 ID: e51896

Fortree City is my choice. with people living in tree houses in a forest full of nature, they should be near a lot of wild pokemon and have more of an understanding to them. They might be more interested in our cause. Start there.

we dance for now. rain maker will be next time as a grand finale
No. 1070326 ID: 4481aa


I agree with Fortree and dancing. As for the dance, any chance you can pull off the Safety Dance?

We can dance if we want to.

We can leave your frienda behind.

'Cuz your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance

Then they're no friends or mine~

No. 1070373 ID: fa3034

We dance! Try to be serious, fail, switch to silly. Laughter is a wonderful wooing tactic.
No. 1070399 ID: 9ea24b
File 169241107172.png - (139.66KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

>Go to Fortree for the youth training session tomorrow
Winona, the Flying Pokemon gym leader, will be in attendance. Incidentally, this is also the place most affected by Houndoom’s trainer murder.

>Dance, serious into silly
Gardevoir’s natural dance style seems to be a mix of ballet and waltz, and you look up some real dance moves on your laptop to practice. After trying to stand on your tiptoes for half an hour, you conclude that you don’t really have the build for ballet. Waltz could work though, and it’s very romantic to step around while face to face with your partner.

You queue up a song and Fly to Gardevoir’s house. He’s waiting for you when you arrive, and you put the laptop down and play classical music at max volume on your built-in speakers before moving to place your hands on his thin hips.

He lets you lead him around the flower garden in a series of simple steps until the song ends. You didn’t accidentally trip on his toes or his dress-skin at all!

The next song that plays is some kind of new wave synth-pop monstrosity that immediately gets your head bobbing and tail wagging.

:pokegarlaugh: What’s this? What are you doing?

:pokeflylove: I’m grooving to the beat! This is a funky fresh song.

:pokegarlaugh: It’s not bad.

Gardevoir lifts his arms and does some gyrating that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern club. You cheer for him and dance hand in hand in the awkward high school prom style of moving asynchronously, but still having fun.

After an hour, Gardevoir drags you down to lie in the cool grass. You carefully put your hands back on his hips and pull him close.

Besides a few long kisses, you refrain from anything too heated. Gardevoir looks like he wants more when you take your laptop and promise to return tomorrow afternoon.

What’s your youth education strategy for tomorrow morning? You already plan to demonstrate Pokemon intelligence.
No. 1070402 ID: dd3fe0


It isn't JUST demonstrating pokemon intelligence. Per the suggestion list here:


It also includes activities to do several things:

1.) Have activities where the youths learn more of what it means to be a pokemon, with special focus on the loss of agency due to the lifestyles pokemon are forced to, in the form of educational games.

2.) Have mixed pokemon/youth activities that involve cognition and communication and coordination and seeing the pokemon as equals to the humans

3.) Have activities where communication various different communication techniques are tried out, presenting possible solutions to many of the earlier difficulties, and showing how different techniques will tend to work better with different pokemon.

So it isn't just, 'you all show off intelligence'. It's play with several four major ways of communicating (text with a dry erase board; text to speech with a laptop; text to speech with some custom mde labelled buttons to make sounds, for the pokemon who can't type correctly due to anatomy; practicing whatever the local human sign language is; coming up with simple body language for 'yes', 'no', 'maybe', and 'the question isn't valid'; and anything else you can think of!) even if you all aren't pro's at all of this stuff yet. The point is to get the youths excited and thinking of solutions rather than leave the status quo.

It's play charades together, with score kept, with the humans having to follow the same rules as pokemon (they're only allowed the syllables hu and man, to drill the point in), with mixed teams, so the youths see pokemon, who should be good at charades due to the experience, as at least as valuable to their team as the other youths.

It's doing clever ideas with 'who wants to pretend to be a pokemon?' and then giving out candy to all the kids, except the ones who are choose to pretend to be pokemon, who get simple healthy unflavored dry rice cakes or similar, and who later have to 'be in a pokeball', which is an area of the floor with tape in the shape of a pokeball, where they have to sit quietly for a while, where the other kids are doing something fun. And then when they're let out of the ball, they have to do inane tasks like hold up a sign or sort something by size and color or pose or similar simple tasks that humans make pokemon do. And when that's over, have a conversation about whether or not this felt fair, and how both the kids having fun and the kids who weren't having fun felt about all of this, and how that is how pokemon who live with humans have to experience the world... and since this is for children and youths, you of course give the kids who missed out a chance to do whatever the fun activity was, so all the kids get to do it and get the candy or whatever by the end.
No. 1070404 ID: dd3fe0


Some more ideas!

Role Reversal: The pokemon give orders to the children, who 'battle' by doing specific body moves. Have this be the first, 'fun' part of the 'being pokemon' bit, before going into some of the less fun stuff.

Emotion Cards: The children and pokemon work together to match emotion cards to each other's body language

Talent show: Pokemon show off talent and interests that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the sorts of things that Humans usually have Pokemon do

Preference test: Pokemon and humans both do a game where they, without speaking, choose between different sorts of objects, food, or activities, to show they have feelings and desires and opinions

Language creation: Expand the emotion cards to be a bigger 'word wall', involving the children in picking words and concepts, working with them and the pokemon to make illustrated words and concepts for pokemon to press; these can be lower tech version of the speaking buttons; even if you can't get some of those figured out or recorded.

Cooperative problem-solving: Rather than just do puzzles, instead, have cooperative problem and puzzle solving tasks, including the pokemon and humans working together at cognitive tasks.

Agency task: Have some activity that the pokemon clearly lead and make the major decisions for, that is specifically fun and involves the kids too, showing the pokemon's autonomy

Home assignment: Assign the kids to observe and write a journal with the help of of any pokemon they have at home, where they work on communciation, coordination, and giving the pokemon at home more agency
No. 1070406 ID: 196206

Remember to include lessons on safely interacting with Pokemon, familiarity doesn't mean accidents can't happen. Being careful with their abilities and sharp parts is important to keep everybody safe and happy.
No. 1070456 ID: 9ea24b
File 169256141423.png - (124.76KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

>Purchased items for all 16 sessions
16 x bag of candy/snacks - 40,000 P
Medium sized dry erase board and markers - 6000 P
Paper and markers - 3000 P

You have 1,216,600 P remaining.

You arrive at the Pokemon Center in Fortree early in the morning to meet Drew and Tracy. Drew explains that he scheduled the event to only last an hour since phones have rotted the youth’s attention spans. This is probably for the best, without the ability to speak, you’re not the most charismatic presenter. You do have your laptop for text-to-speech and the candy as a simple bribe to encourage participation.

You wait anxiously as a range of trainers from Drew’s age to young adulthood trickle in. Total there’s about 20 people, including Winona, who greets Tracy like an old friend.

>Safety message
You wave hello to the crowd and start typing a text to speech paragraph about how to be careful when interacting with Pokemon, especially those with spikes or poisonous skin or any number of hazardous abilities. You see Winona nodding in approval.

>All sorts of Pokemon and human role reversal demonstrations
After several messages laying out your rationale for bringing everyone here, you have time for three activities. First, you decide to go with a demonstration of Swellow showing different emotions that the trainers have to identify, with candy rewards to whoever shouts out the right answer first.

Next you have two volunteers from the crowd come up and have a pseudo battle where their Pokemon are the ones giving them instructions (you relay what the mons are saying). The kids get surprisingly into this one, shouting for their favored team like die-hard sports fans.

Finally you explain that while you were once a human, natural born Pokemon can learn to read and write as well. You’re surprised when a few people speak up and say that their Pokemon are literate (thanks to Gengar’s outreach) and you have them come up to scribble on the whiteboard.

Overall the event goes smoothly and leaves a good impression with all of the trainers. Winona doesn’t have any issues with the material you covered since you focused on Pokemon intelligence rather than changing any established systems.

You visit a different city each morning for the next 15 days, and will only have agency for your afternoon actions.

For your 4th Gardevoir wooing, you’re going to do the ole pining in the rain trick. Where will you find your rain dancer?
A. Weather Institute to find a Castform
B. Recruit a wild Water Pokemon
C. Recruit a Water Pokemon you already know (Walrein or Gyarados)
No. 1070457 ID: 1e6dc3

Meet a new friend, castform
No. 1070458 ID: dd3fe0

You may have to be a little bit more edgy at the next one, focusing a bit more on empathy for lack of pokemon agency. This is a good start. Is there any way you can get more assistance for the presentations, and have them be longer, to do more activities in one setting?
No. 1070459 ID: caf683

C, go see Walrein again!
No. 1070460 ID: dd3fe0

Oh yea

C, Walrein
No. 1070461 ID: f3171e

C. Let's go see Walrein.
No. 1070466 ID: a7a180

A, find a Castform.
No. 1070480 ID: 4481aa

C, Walrein!
No. 1070565 ID: 9ea24b
File 169274881856.png - (104.51KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

>Visit Walrein
If you can carry Aggron across a small cave lake, you can carry Walrein across Hoenn no problem. She knows Hail already, surely Rain Dance won’t be hard to learn.

You Fly north to Shoal Cave, reminiscing on the last time you were here with Stetson. You wonder how that thieving rascal is doing, maybe you’ll track him down when you have a free moment.

You’re surprised when the meandering Spheal recognize you and immediately roll to fetch Walrein. At this time of day, the tide is high and most of the caverns are covered in dark, freezing water.

:pokewalface: Hello Flygon! Where’s that trainer of yours? Lots of shells he could collect today.

:pokeflyface: We beat the Elite Four and that means I’m back to the free mon lifestyle. I wanted to ask a favor, I’m romancing this really cute Gardevoir guy and I wanted to stand in the rain while looking up at him longingly.

:pokewalface: Okay! That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it’s good to have hobbies.

:pokeflyshock: Oh, I mean I came here to ask you to make some rain for me. You know, for the effect. It shouldn’t take more than an hour and I’d really appreciate the favor.

:pokewalface: I should be able to spare that much time away. How do I turn my hail into rain?

Advise Walrein on how to produce liquid instead of solid water from the sky. Depending on your advice, you’ll get varying levels of ice.
No. 1070567 ID: f3171e

Snow is actually soft ice, and water is actually soft snow. Maybe relaxing and thinking soft thoughts will help.

Speaking of romances and soft thoughts, does her cute blubber butt have anyone special she's been seeing?
No. 1070568 ID: dd3fe0

Well, okay. Snow, Hail, Sleet, Rain -- even though these things are different as far as 'pokemon moves that are useful in battle, and the type energy they use', they are less distinct from each when considered as physical phenomena apart from mystical energies. They are all forms of water --precipitation-- falling from the sky. Rain is just sleet warmed up a bit, which is just hail or snow warmed up a bit. So all you have to do is just warm the output of anything you already have which causes precipitation!
No. 1070573 ID: 58dd24

does she know any not ice moves? Is there like a part of the process that turns the cold off?
No. 1070575 ID: a7a180

Keep it suspended, let warm air currents soften it up first. If that doesn't work, try thinking sad thoughts.
No. 1070576 ID: dd3fe0

There's also the idea of excited, fiery, passionate thoughts -- as a conceptual link to excited molecules with more thermal energy -- might do something. Really, we don't actually know the SPECIFIC emotional or emotional/energy/thoughtform link they would need to use, so, uh, try a few?
No. 1070730 ID: 9ea24b
File 169292446173.png - (116.28KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

>Is Walrein seeing anyone?
:pokewalface: Nope.

>Does she know any Water moves?
She knows Surf, which gives you an idea on how to explain things.

:pokeflyface: How do normal rain and hail make you feel?

:pokewalface: I like both, but hail is much more exciting. The little pellets bouncing off my body feel nice and it wakes me up after a slow day.

:pokeflyface: Ah, what if you try thinking slower and more relaxing thoughts then?

Walrein furrows her brow and it starts snowing heavily inside the cave.

:pokeflyshock: That’s good! If we go somewhere warmer I bet the snow will melt into rain. If you keep it suspended, that’ll give it more time to heat up.

You pick up Walrein and carry her all the way to Verdanturf. You get in position in the garden when Walrein hides behind a shrub and summons the weather. She’s getting better at controlling it already, and the thick sleet quickly turns into heavy, extremely localized rainfall.
You take a flower from the garden to hold and pluck the petals from as you get progressively more damp. Gardevoir, no doubt sensing you, comes to the sunny balcony.

:pokeflysad: Oh I am pining. I am pining so hard because my sweet love does not even know I exist. The flower foretold that he loves me not so I am going to stand in this rain and feel bad.

:pokegarwink: Quite the pathetic picture.

:pokeflylove: The voice of my love! What a joyous day!

This goes on for some time until Gardevoir starts laughing and has to go inside to save face. You thank Walrein and take her back home.

You’ll be busy tomorrow morning at another youth education session. You’re planning to stick to the same approach, since it worked fine and avoided conflict.

In the afternoon, you’ll have your final wooing with Gardevoir. You’re planning to have a dinner date with him and need to decide on the menu, your outfit, and any other romantic flourishes.
No. 1070744 ID: f3171e

A little black bowtie that's intended to be classy but makes us look vaguely like a male stripper.
As a well-off accountant and bachelor, Flygon's cooking repertoire is probably a bit stunted by his reliable access to takeout. Make some vegetable and potato stew, that's hard not to mess up.
Gardevoir seems sassy, sassy Pokemon tend to like bitter flavors. Bring some dark chocolate for desert to see if he likes them.
>Romantic flourishes
Gotta have candles!

>Next teaching session
Make sure to bring Smeargal along, she can hang with Tracey and her old pals and play with some kids. Good quality time together.
No. 1070765 ID: 3a16f1

>next teaching lesson?
Something you should probably go over is how to be careful when certain Pokémon sneeze. Not trying to specifically mention Houndoom or what happened to his trainer, but hopefully we can help a situation like that not happen again.
No. 1070767 ID: af7615

It should probably be extended to a short list, for cover and because it seems a good idea. Like: hiccups, sneezing, coughing, perhaps being startled? Perhaps we could also talk about safety drills, like, if you're working with an ice pokemon, what to do if frostbite; if a fire pokemon, practice stop/drop/roll, make sure both trainer and pokemon know where water is, and know stop/drop/roll; maybe do some drills so everyone keeps a level head in an emergency, and so forth.
No. 1070811 ID: dd3fe0


TBH, I don't think we need to be spending time on drills, but I think we can partner with a local safety agency and distribute their pokemon training and interaction safety booklets, if we find genuinely good ones.
No. 1070931 ID: 9ea24b
File 169307894242.png - (136.43KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

>Reinforce the message on Pokemon safety, especially when it comes to involuntary movements and elemental hazards
>Invite Smeargle to hang
You bring Smeargle with you to the next session, and are pleased to find the youth love her drawings, which she sketches on the whiteboard while you type out your messages. Tracy is also happy to see her friend. You have time for one less Pokemon intelligence demonstration since you spend more time on safety.

>Dinner date
You purchase the following items:
One black bowtie - 15,000 P
Vegetable and potato stew (premade) - 5000 P
Dark chocolate - 3000 P
Romantic candles - 15,000 P

You have 1,178,600 P remaining. At the stores, a few young trainers stop you and ask for your autograph. Thanks to your shopping reputation of the past and present educational work, you’re becoming known among the youth!

You wait for late afternoon before you go to Verdanturf. You sit on the grass in the garden, picnic style, and lay out your spread of human food. Gardevoir kneels next to you and sniffs the candles appreciatively.

Gardevoir has been pleased with your wooing efforts, so all you need to do is stick the landing. What do you say to him over dinner and how do you want your first time with him to go?
No. 1070932 ID: ea2afa

I absolutely disagree on the safety thing. We are doing something new. We need to focus like a laser on intelligence, empathy, and agency.
No. 1070934 ID: f3171e

Making sure another tragedy like Houndoom's doesn't happen is important too, and not just to honor his fears and his trainer. All it can take is one tragic accident taken the wrong way to set back years of progress.

He sure is liking that chocolate. Tell him he looks cute when his badass psychic composure breaks.
After the date, take a walk somewhere nice and private and follow his suggestion of a 69. Maybe swap some snowballs.
No. 1070951 ID: dd3fe0


While it IS important, that is not our current mission or mandate or what we have decided to make our goal. It is an extremely obvious goal that, most importantly, other groups and individuals are well positioned to handle and make into their dedicated quest. What we need to do is find someone to delegate THAT mission to (or who is already doing it!), and encourage them to do similar 'pokemon learning days' as us, and not dilute our mission!
No. 1071003 ID: 4481aa

It's irresponsible to teach people that Pokemon are intelligent and empathetic creatures, without also teaching them that they are incredibly powerful and need to be handled with care. Safety is a necessary lesson.

As for what to say to Gardevoir, tell him that seeing his cute smile every day has made these woo'ing attempts more than worth the effort.

Agreed, suck each other off in a 69 position.
No. 1071005 ID: dd3fe0


The point isn't to NOT teach safety... the point is to delegate teaching safety to a different day, with someone else spearheading it!
No. 1071216 ID: 9ea24b
File 169336064878.png - (119.36KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

>Is there someone you can ask to run Pokemon safety training after you’re done with Pokemon intelligence training?
You agree that safety training is important to prevent another accident like Houndoom’s, but you don’t have enough time during your educational sessions to focus on that message. Tracy and Drew are already doing their part, so you’d have to ask another human to help. They’d have to be an adult since school is starting soon.

>Tell Gardevoir he’s cute
:pokeflyface: You’re making me jealous of that chocolate.

:pokegarlaugh: It’s really good. All of this is good, I’m surprised you managed to be romantic.

:pokeflylove: I figured it out in record time because of the incentive of impressing you! I know you’re a cutie underneath all that cool Psychic mon composure and I had to see it for myself.

After you finish eating and clean up the candles and leftovers, you and Gardevour have a long smooching session before moving into the cover of the big tree in the garden.

You lay him backwards over your body and find yourself under the silky canopy of Gardevoir’s dress, face to face with an impressive cock. Gardevoir squeaks when you take him into your mouth as he fumbles to find your dick in the darkness. You show no mercy and Gardevoir has to stuff you into his mouth to muffle his groans.

He’s inexperienced, but you’re easy to please, especially after five days of waiting. Gardevoir splutters around a mouthful of come, making a mess of your belly. You pull out all the tricks you’ve learned from Smeargle to make him orgasm as well.

You’ve completed your wooing of Gardevoir, who you’ll visit in the undescribed evenings every now and then. What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Talk to Houndoom
B. Visit Lanette with Drew
C. Visit the daycare to get an egg and/or talk to the Pokemon there
No. 1071218 ID: f3171e

>Human to help with safety education
Winona seemed pleased with our approach. Maybe she would be willing to help with heading the safety side of Pokemon education.

A. We've given Houndoom time to cool off. Now we should talk to him again and give our confession.
No. 1071403 ID: 9ea24b
File 169353911419.png - (112.16KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

>Ask Winona to help with safety education
Sure, you’ll have to put aside time to talk to her but since she approved of your initial training and is pals with Tracy, you feel like you have a good chance of convincing her.

>A, confess you’re a human to Houndoom
>Since you’re going up there, bring Linoone to visit his son
You’ve given Houndoom plenty of time to cool off, which means it’s time to tell him the whole truth about your origins. You tell Linoone that Eevee has hatched, and carry him to the Friendlies Base to meet his kin.

When you arrive, you see Gengar chatting with Eevee with her characteristic grin fixed on her face. Eevee immediately turns to greet the stranger.

:pokeevesmile: Hi mister, I’m Eevee.

:pokelintear: Eevee, I’m your father.

:pokeeveneut: Oh, they told me about you and mother. I’ve been waiting for you to come visit.

While Linoone and Eevee walk away to chat, you face Gengar. She’s no longer surrounded by a miasma of negative emotions, with a face that suggests mischief instead of existential despair.

:pokeflyface: Gengar! Are you feeling better?

:pokegensmile: I’d say I’m 90% back to normal and I’ve seen Houndoom out and about more as well. This little ball of fluff has really energized the camp.

:pokeflyshock: Oho, don’t give Eevee all the credit, I’ve been giving Houndoom life advice and cheering him up. I’m actually here to see him.

:pokegenwink: Be my guest.

What do you say to Houndoom?
No. 1071404 ID: f3171e

I think having Eevee around helped Gengar more than anyone. She loves having someone to mentor.

Tell Houndoom about how you were turned into a little dirt bug by Jirachi, but not about how you're supposed to cheer him up. Might make him feel like it was less genuine. Being human is why you can communicate with humans.
No. 1071411 ID: 4481aa

Convey your feelings through the only medium that can fully express them: RAP!

"Yo! My name's Flygon and I'm here to say, I used to be a human back many a day..."

...Actually, that's stupid. Just talk to him about how Jirachi turned you into a 'mon a while back, and how your human past gives you a different perspective on things. Then reassert that he didn't do anything wrong.
No. 1071416 ID: 6a1eb2

You need to prep the scene and the situation with Gengar some. Maybe make some herbal or berry tea or something, something calming, and invite them to sit and talk privately because you have something serious and kind of heavy to tell them. They should have a rough idea that you are going to come clean with something and are a bit nervous about telling them, and want to remove outside distractions, stressors, etc. from the mix.
No. 1071479 ID: 9ea24b
File 169369805335.png - (96.04KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

>Do you need to involve Gengar?
You confessed to Gengar and Salamence a long time ago, so you only need to worry about Houndoom.

>Herbal tea
You Fly back to Mauville to buy a cup of calming tea at negligible cost and return to base to fetch Houndoom. He requests you sit in his den to talk this time, and doesn’t question where you got the tea. The smell of the drink mingles with that of pine sap as you settle onto the raised floor.

>Confess via rap
Sadly, this calls for a more serious touch.

>Don’t bring up how it’s your duty to make him feel better
:pokeflyface: Houndoom, I want to tell you something very important. This may sound strange, but I was a human until a few months ago. Jirachi turned me into a Trapinch because it was my wish to, er, get closer to Pokemon.

:pokeflyface: I was the one who taught Gengar how to read and write, and I’ve been communicating with Stetson via writing instead of elaborate pantomime. I was never a trainer myself and from my perspective I can tell you never meant to hurt your trainer.

:pokeflylove: I think you’re a nice guy and deserve happiness and love.


:pokeflypanik: Have some more tea. I hope you’re not upset that I lied to you.

:pokedoomshock: No…I’m surprised you don’t hate me.

:pokeflyshock: Houndoom you’re a sweetheart! Once I learned the truth I could never hate you, and I’m sure Gengar and Salamence will agree.

You can now organize a meeting between Salamence, Gengar, and Houndoom to openly discuss everyone’s feelings. Once you do, Salamence’s wish will be considered complete.

What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon? You want to give Houndoom a break for at least a day.
A. Visit Stetson and see how he’s doing
B. Visit Lanette with Drew
C. Visit Winona with Tracy and ask her to hold safety trainings for trainers
No. 1071486 ID: f3171e

A. See how the kid and his team have been doing.
No. 1071487 ID: 4481aa

A, check on Stetson! See what's he's up to now.
No. 1071489 ID: 918cdb

Encourange Espeon to visit her beautiful baby. She will be so proud her Eevee makes everyone so happy.
No. 1071500 ID: a7a180

No. 1071541 ID: b04e3d

C! Do the safety training help thing!
No. 1071656 ID: 9ea24b
File 169387122108.png - (122.49KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

>Visit Stetson
You bet that rascal is out camping or winning more Pokemon contests. You want to check on him and Sceptile and the other mons to see what their plans are when school starts.

After you finish your morning training, you text Stetson to ask where he is. You wait an hour but don’t get a response, so you text Drew to see if he knows.

:pokeflyface: Hi Drew, what’s Stetson up to these days? I’m trying to get a hold of him but he isn’t responding.

:pokekid2frown: I haven’t heard from him in a while either. I think he had an accident about a week ago?

:pokeflypanik: What?!

:pokekid2frown: Yeah, if that’s true then he should be home in Littleroot. I’m not going to tell you his address but you’ll run into a mon who knows him if you go to that area.

You immediately bid Smeargle farewell and Fly southwest to Littleroot. It’s a big town despite the name, and you spend ages hovering around hoping that you see someone you recognize. There are hordes of Pokemon this close to the sea and they mostly brush you off when you try to ask about Stetson. Eventually you land in a tree, discouraged.

:pokepelfrown: Did you hear about the accident?

:pokeflyshock: Whoa hi Pelipper, I didn’t see you there. Yeah, Drew told me, what happened to Stetson?

:pokepelfrown: We were out hiking when he got shoved pretty hard by something we couldn’t see. Broke his right arm and cracked some of his ribs.

:pokeflypanik: That’s terrible! Can I go see him? Is he okay?

:pokepelfrown: He’s fine, but his parents have him at home and they’ve been fighting about whether to keep his Pokemon outside of their balls since we make a mess of the house, which is why I’m out here. Also his parents are worried because we don’t know if whatever attacked him will do it again.
No. 1071659 ID: f3171e

That sounds like an attack by a psychic type. I'm guessing Deoxys is out for revenge. If so, we've got some trouble on our hands, cause he's just as much of a raid boss as Groudon was.

Ask Pelipper to call his other mon out to discuss this.
No. 1071660 ID: 273c18

Well obviously we need to find who did it. Detecting invisible things is a job for a psychic pokemon. Although, if the invisible 'mon is Dark type that won't help. Do we know of any pokemon who are especially good at this sort of thing? Or should we just try asking Gardevoir for help?

also, have they considered not making a mess of the house?

We should probably talk to Stetson first. Maybe he heard/smelled/felt something that could give us a clue?
No. 1071662 ID: 19ea25

Ghost types can also go invisible, along with Latias and Latios.
No. 1071666 ID: a7a180

Any more details about the attack, whether it was something fast or invisible? The legendaries seemed like they were above petty mortal affairs. Where were you hiking?
As one of his Pokemon technically, put in a good word for keeping them out of the balls, maybe help teach them to help care for Stetson and clean up.
No. 1071668 ID: f3171e

Latios didn't seem to care too much beyond releasing Deoxys as per their deal. We haven't spoken with Latias yet. Might be someone to talk to if we want to take a more diplomatic and investigative approach.
No. 1071725 ID: 273c18

Wait a minute... is this Unseen Force?
No. 1071837 ID: 2c1245

This is serious bad news! We could ask our psycic friend if she can figure out what happened!
No. 1071849 ID: 273c18

To elaborate: Unseen Force is the name used for the mysterious entity in the PMD games that ejects you from a floor of the dungeon if you've been there too long.
No. 1071882 ID: 9ea24b
File 169405359182.png - (98.50KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

>Unseen Force
Is not present in the quest, since there are no dungeons.

>Have they tried not wrecking the house?
:pokepelfrown: Aggron is so heavy he damages the flooring by walking on it, Torkoal fills confined spaces with smoke, Glalie makes the whole house frigid, Sceptile sheds leaves and pollen, and we’re all too big for standard doorways. It isn’t a space designed for Pokemon for extended periods.

>Where were they hiking?
:pokepelface: We were doing the Sootopolis ridge hike.

>Did she and Stetson’s other Pokemon see anything?
:pokepelfrown: No, but it was cloudy. We didn’t feel wind from anything speeding past and a mon going that fast would have injured Stetson much worse.

>A Ghost or Psychic type?
You don’t know of any Ghost Pokemon who have a grudge against Stetson, but you do know three Legendary Psychic Pokemon who might still be upset about the kid catching Deoxys. You could get confirmation by tracking Latios or Latias down with Absol, or asking Gardevoir if he can sense any ill intent around Stetson.

>The Legendaries are above petty mortal affairs
You would hope so, but you doubt it.

You have a good lead that you can pursue now (via Gardevoir or Absol) or you can talk to Stetson and his parents. What do you do this evening?
No. 1071890 ID: a7a180

Pursue lead with Gardevoir.
No. 1071891 ID: f3171e

Pursue the Eon twins with Absol to ask about Deoxys.
No. 1071955 ID: e51896

Ask to speak with Stetson. He'll be happy to see a friend visit him after what he went through
No. 1072015 ID: 9ea24b
File 169422658352.png - (89.54KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

>Tie, random selection: Find Latios or Latias with Absol
>Also a random choice for who of the three hurt Stetson: Result hidden
You say bye to Pelipper and promise her you’ll solve the mystery of who attacked Stetson. You have a plan to finally use Absol’s danger sense to find the roaming Legendaries, and you head to the Friendlies Base.

After a brief greeting via quickie, you tell Absol the day has come to use his powers while Flying to detect an incoming high velocity dragon. He enthusiastically agrees and climbs on top of you for the second time that day.

>Guaranteed success
Absol directs you around and shrieks whenever you change elevation suddenly to a better vantage point. Eventually, while you’re above Rustboro, he gets excited and urges you toward the easternmost edge of the city.

:pokeabsface: Right here, peak collision point.

>Latios or Latias check: Latias
It’s getting dark and you’re tired from your long day of Flying, but you still perk up at the blast of air across your face when the Eon sister brakes sharply in front of you.

:pokelatiaface: Whoa!

She has a sweet face and bright yellow eyes. What do you say to Latias?
No. 1072017 ID: f3171e

Start by introducing ourselves and ask if she knows Deoxys, so we can see from how she reacts how she feels about Deoxys.

There's not much use trying to hide intentions from a psychic type. Tell her a human friend was injured after he was pushed by an unseen force, and we're investigating because it might be related to some bad decisions surrounding Deoxys.

Whether it's Deoxys doing it or not, it's probably the inciting incident.
No. 1072021 ID: cb3f52

Greet her, and Tell her that you're not mad or anything, but your trainer was attacked the other day and wanted to find out who did that. You think one possibility might be it had something to do with him catching Deoxys, and if it was, you'd like to request not to hurt him again please. He learned his lesson, and was okay with Deoxys escaping, and you'd like to apologize on his behalf.

Let her know you aren't just asking this request for Stetson's safety, but Deoxys and Latios' safety too, as you have a pokemon friend who had accidentally killed their trainer, and is in hiding from people hunting them for revenge, and you don't want that to happen to her brother and her friend if they continue to go after Stetson, as you're trying to educate peace, understanding, and safety between pokemon and humans.
No. 1072025 ID: a7a180

Woah, pretty, er pretty fast I mean!
No. 1072027 ID: 273c18

Tell her she's cute! But you're here on business. Explain that a human associate of yours was possibly assaulted by Deoxys or one of Deoxys's friends, and could it please not happen again? You're willing to make a deal. If she didn't do it, could she find out who did so you can talk to them?
No. 1072126 ID: 9ea24b
File 169437654121.png - (71.10KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

>Let slip that she’s cute
:pokeflypanik: Pretty! Er, I mean, pretty fast. You sure are good at flying.

:pokelatiaface: Thank you, I love flying. Take care of yourself and have a good night.

:pokeflypanik: Wait, I’m here to talk to you. My friend deliberately led me here so we’d run into each other.

>Introduce yourself and explain the situation
:pokeflyface: I’m Flygon and this is Absol, my trainer was injured by an invisible force a few days ago and I think it was because he caught Deoxys.

:pokeflyshock: I’m sorry that my trainer caused Deoxys distress, and I understand if he’s still upset, but my trainer doesn’t want to catch any more Legendary Pokemon and I’d prefer if he wasn’t attacked in the future.

:pokeflyface: I met your brother Latios when he came to rescue Deoxys and he seemed like a nice guy. You can look into my mind to see that I’m honest, you can mediate a deal for Stetson’s safety and I promise Stetson he won’t cause any more trouble.

:pokelatiaface: We can make a deal.

:pokeflyshock: That’s great! When can you get Latios and Deoxys together for a meeting?

:pokelatiaface: I pushed your human. We can make a deal right here, what are you offering?

You’re alarmed that such a sweet, curvaceous lady would shove a child, but you’re glad you’re going to save time by cutting a deal now. You rattle off your valuables and Latias chooses what she wants.
A. Your credit card (you will lose access to the rest of your money)
B. Hey wait a second, this is a huge rip-off, you’re not taking this deal!
No. 1072129 ID: 273c18

B. Latias you can't even use the credit card what are you doing
Tell her if she wants you to buy things for her, you can do that. Is she looking for something in particular?

...does she just want *A* credit card? For novelty's sake? You can get a new one if she doesn't need to use the money associated with it. (report the card lost/stolen)
No. 1072131 ID: eb0c4a

B. What’s the deal for anyway? Why would you keep pushing him?
No. 1072136 ID: 8f9bc4

How about a counter-offer? We don't devote every fiber of our being to getting Latias, Latios and Deoxys all pokeballed the hard way for attacking our friend, a completely helpless human who has been nothing but kind to pokemon thus far, breaking his ribs for no reason. In exchange, she doesn't expect us to pay her off not to cripple more children. What the fuck lady?
No. 1072139 ID: e51896

Can she actually prove she pushed Stetson and not just lying so she can scam us?

Best way to find out: ask WHERE she pushed Stetson. We never told her it was at the Sootopolis ridge hike
No. 1072140 ID: 4481aa

B, Counter-offer: Don't fuck with the kid, or you'll tattle to his dad, who is a former champion. Wouldn't be hard for a guy like him to round up your roaming legendary squad and toss your asses in the PC if he wanted.
No. 1072161 ID: dd3fe0


Yea, asked in what location (both on the body and where they were when it happened) that she pushed Stetson.

I smell a scam...
No. 1072162 ID: f72b35

>Latias you can't even use the credit card 
She could order something online or she can refract light around her body to alter her appearance to look like a human (which is something that she can do according to an in game Pokédex entry and the movie Pokémon Heroes).

>Ask for proof
She's psychic. She can read our mind to find out the details if she wants.
No. 1072169 ID: f3171e

B. Question her about why she pushed him. And don't threaten here right now, she's way stronger than you dumb dumb.
No. 1072174 ID: 42d543

Okay, okay, so be thinking of either something really really annoying (your memory of smelling a durianfruit?), or possibly just the wrong answer, while you ask questions she will have incentive to read your mind for the answers to!
No. 1072261 ID: 9ea24b
File 169456760618.png - (104.27KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

>Why would Latias want a credit card?
Presumably to use to purchase things, though you get the sense that she’s trying to hit you where it hurts intentionally.

>Ask for proof it was her while thinking of something else so she can’t read your mind
:pokelatiaface: It was a boy with a Pelipper, Sceptile, Glalie, Aggron, and Torkoal hiking in Sootopolis.

>Be outraged, but not too outraged because she could easily beat you up
:pokeflymad: Why would you even hurt Stetson? Latios released Deoxys, everything worked out and we could have left each other alone.

:pokelatiaface: I don’t like humans who attack my friends. I don’t like Pokemon who are actually humans either, which is why I’d like all of your money.

:pokeflymad: How about a counter-offer? If you don’t leave my friend alone I’ll get his dad to put your ass in the–

:pokeabspanik: Let’s go home Flygon! It’s late and I-I forgot I have to tidy up my den today and I sure don’t want to sleep in a messy den.

Absol digs his claws into your back and you take the hint that threatening Latias is a bad idea. You clamp your mouth shut and Latias nods politely to you before zooming away.

You seethe on the way home after you drop off Absol. The one bright spot is that the Legendary Pokemon are well aware of their autonomy which means you’re not going to worry about educating them in the future.

What do you do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Have the final Houndoom talk session with Salamence and Gengar
B. Visit Lanette with Drew
C. Talk to Stetson and Brendan about Latias
No. 1072262 ID: f3171e

C. It's an urgent issue that they take precautions.

This might be a chance to get Houndoom back on the humans' good side though, if we can get the Friendlies' help saving Stetson. So we can keep that in mind.
No. 1072266 ID: daccfd

A. Stetson is safe at home for now with his father. We can delay talking to them until next time.

Lets talk to Houndoom and the friendlies one last time. If everything works out, we can tell them about Latias and probably get their help to protect Stetson.
No. 1072270 ID: a7a180

C. Brendan may have (or at least know) a team capable of handling this.
No. 1072282 ID: e4a3dc

I wonder if we might be able to ask her brother to get her to back off. Latias is particularly free spirited though, and that might be a waste of time
No. 1072283 ID: 4481aa

C for sure. The sooner you tell them, the sooner they can start taking steps to prevent future troubles.
No. 1072353 ID: f59d42

C.It's going to be hard to improve human/pokemon relations with Legendarys that think they can just attack humans without consequence.
No. 1072356 ID: 19ea25

C: It's also clear we might be a target in the future as well.
No. 1072506 ID: 9ea24b
File 169497351791.png - (111.82KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

>C, this needs to be addressed now
You’re worried Latias will go after both you and Stetson now that you’ve snubbed her and want to get Brendan’s support as soon as possible.

You Fly around Littleroot until you encounter Pelipper again, who leads you to Stetson’s house. Once inside you see what’s become of the poor kid, his right arm is in a cast and he’s dozing upright on the couch with a pillow leaned against his chest. You spot Sceptile and Glalie in the backyard through the window, but there’s no sign of his other Pokemon.

You nudge Stetson awake and he calls for his dad so that you can all sit down and explain what you’ve learned. Stetson has already told his dad about catching Deoxys and after your story Brendan sighs and buries his face in his hands.

:pokekidfrown: What’s wrong dad? You caught Legendary Pokemon before, you could catch Latias and tell her to stop being a bully.

:pokedadface: That was 20 years ago, they don’t tolerate it the same way now. Latias, Deoxys, and Latios are particularly defensive of each other since they’re legal at the Battle Frontier.

>You can’t put Latias in the PC
In accordance with your choice to leave the PC alone, you can’t take any actions that would put Legendary Pokemon in storage, since that triggers the energy overload glitch. It doesn’t sound like Brendan wants anything to do with catching her anyway.

What do you do about Latias?
A. Find Latios and Deoxys and ask them to make Latias chill

B. Give her your money and have Stetson apologize (Brendan will refund half your money)

C. Assemble a Pokemon team to fight her (you can recruit Pokemon from trainers you know) and catch Latias yourself (you’d keep her in a ball outside of the PC indefinitely)
No. 1072507 ID: a7a180

Would A even work? They'd probably just have different terms. Stetson should apologize... but you know what, I need to know what changed about Latias. A, go talk to them.
No. 1072528 ID: e51896

A. there's no garantee that latias will stop hurting stetson if we do B, and I don't really want to catch her as Latios and Deoxys will just come after us to try to release her.
No. 1072538 ID: f3171e

So Brendan knows them personally, maybe? And they weren't so hardcore before. Something must have happened.

I agree. B. assumes Latias would even uphold her end of the bargain, which I doubt. It was just a way to make us hurt. C. would require defeating and catching all three of them, and probably a deadly Latios-Deoxys double battle.

A. is the way to go, I think, Flygon isn't a fighter at heart. Starting with Latios, he seemed the most level headed of the bunch. If Brendan knows them personally, maybe he should be present to talk to him?
No. 1072539 ID: 4ef0bf

Let's do aggressive negotions. Pokeball Latias then use her as bait for the other two. Either they back off or we ball them all. Evil monologue and twirly mustache optional. Oddly the friendlies might actually let their base be used for the ambush since they do care about hum-mon relations. Show that no human or mon is above justice!
No. 1072542 ID: dd3fe0

No. 1072545 ID: 273c18

There's no downside to A aside from wasting time. Let's try that first.
No. 1072553 ID: 5cca99

A sincerity is the best policy
No. 1072599 ID: f59d42

There are realistically only two options. Lets go with A now and if that doesn't work out the second option is to capture all three of them and then just like lock them in a safe.
No. 1072600 ID: 273c18

I'll just state for the record that I'm against doing anything drastic on our own. There are likely human-led organizations set up to handle legendaries that start attacking humans. There might even be pokemon organizations set up to discourage conflict between humans and pokemon. The Friendlies are something like that, even-- they de-escalate situations by releasing unhappy pokemon from trainers. Maybe we can try to find more organized pokemon groups later on?
No. 1072613 ID: 9ea24b
File 169506911488.png - (95.46KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

>A, talk it out and keep your money
If you can find Latios and Deoxys and explain the situation, you’re sure they’ll see sense and mediate things with Latias. The issue is that both of those mons are difficult to track down. You can find Latios through Absol, although you might run into Latias again, and Deoxys is a total mystery after you scared him away from his previous hiding spot. You’ll figure that out later.

You tell Brendan and Stetson your plan, then stop by to say hello to the other Pokemon around the house before you return home for the evening.

You and Stetson aren’t in any imminent danger, so you can take a day off to work on other tasks. What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Final session with Houndoom
B. Visit the daycare and educate the Pokemon there
C. Talk to Winona with Tracy
No. 1072614 ID: 273c18

No. 1072618 ID: a7a180

No. 1072623 ID: f3171e

A. Let's help the goodest boy and his friends.
No. 1072731 ID: 9ea24b
File 169516700219.jpg - (123.46KB , 500x500 , p37.jpg )

>Finish Houndoom’s redemption
You buy four cups of relaxing tea in preparation for the emotional event and Fly to the Friendlies base to collect the three leaders.

First you find Salamence talking to a new recruit and have to wait until he’s done to whisper your plan, then you find Houndoom eating a berry under a tree and chaperone him to the quiet spot where Salamence is waiting. When they start fidgeting and avoiding each other’s gaze, you sternly hand them each a cup of tea and order them to stay.

Gengar grins from spiky ear to ear when she hears the news that Houndoom’s ready to talk. She swoops through you to get to the meeting faster, which leaves you with an awful chill that the tea can’t quite chase away.

:pokeflyface: Everyone, I hope you’ve noticed how hard Houndoom has been working to improve himself. He has something very important that he’d like to tell you.

:pokedoomface: I loved my trainer and killing him was an accident. I’ve been bitter towards the humans who hunted me afterwards, but if I hadn’t killed my trainer I probably would have stayed with him for the rest of my life.

:pokedoompain: I’m sorry for not telling you both the full truth sooner. I’m sorry for taking you away from your trainer Salamence.

:pokesalsad: Houndoom, I’ve never regretted that. Not ever.

:pokegendrama: What betrayal! What intrigue!

:pokegenwink: I’m not mad, thank you for sharing, I love you.

:pokedoomshock: I-I, you really, Gengar I thought you really hated–oh, I feel a bit silly now.

:pokesalsmile: Houndoom, I can’t even say how happy I am that you trusted us enough to share the truth. You’re our friend and we care about how you feel and your history.

:pokegenhype: Yes, thank goodness you’ve confessed and now can socialize like a normal mon. With all of us in peak form we’ll be the strongest and greatest rescue team in Hoenn!

You feel a great sense of joy, relief, and accomplishment. The three Friendlies leaders are hugging and laughing together, and you slip away to give them privacy.

You’ve finally fulfilled all of the wishes that Jirachi assigned to you! What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon? Also decide if you ever want to get an egg from the daycare to raise with Smeargle.
A. Talk to Winona with Tracy (should be a quick request)
B. Search for Latios with Absol (50% of encountering Latias instead)
C. Visit the daycare and educate the Pokemon there (and get an egg if you want an egg)
No. 1072733 ID: e5709d

As for eggs, wait until another 'accident'.
No. 1072735 ID: 8f9bc4

You'll need to find a nice bug/dragon girl before you can have an "accident." On that note, Smeargle needs a field pokemon if she wants an egg. Maybe a nice absol, or a furret?

What do you need to talk with Winona about again?
No. 1072742 ID: f3171e

Winona was going to help educate on Pokemon Safety.
I'm not sure if Absol likes girls, but maybe he'd be willing to do a bisexual sandwich to help us with egging the gf. It'd be nicer to have the father be one of our lovers instead of a Ditto clone.

A. Winona is also a Flying expert, and probably knows people in aviation. Maybe she can help you with tracking where Latios frequents, so you can find him specifically? Ask her about it while we're there.
No. 1072744 ID: 4d9a3a

A for this reason
No. 1072750 ID: f59d42

I'm ok with Absol daddy, and if he's not okay with it there's Linoone, Houndoom and I guess Grumpig, why go to a ditto when we have options of friends. On our side thou if we wanna do the deed we gonna need to make new dragon or bug friends.
And speaking of sex with us are we still trying for the fire chicken I forget?

No. 1072752 ID: a7a180

Dittos exist, Smeargle is a nice girl. C, yes.
No. 1072753 ID: 2a82d3


All this talk about finding a nice dragon girl is starting to make me think about Latias having a tsudere crush on you. That this backfired on you is so obvious you're under no obligation to date her, but ngl it be cute if her spitefulness is explained by a healthier-than-normal interest in humans. A "human fetish" is taboo for pokemon, and she knows it.
No. 1072806 ID: 9ea24b
File 169526090448.png - (139.11KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Yes to eggs, but you don’t want the other parent to be a Ditto
There are plenty of male Pokemon you know that you could ask to mate with Smeargle, including Absol, Houndoom, Blaziken, Linoone, or Grumpig. You’d have to mate with a female Flygon to produce a Trapinch egg, so a Ditto might be easier in your case.

>Is Latias tsundere for you? Does she have a love-hate thing with humans?
You could ask, though she’d probably be mad if you were wrong.

>A, get Winona to help with Pokemon safety training
You’re banking on the hope that she’ll sympathize with your cause since Houndoom’s accident happened near her gym. Tracy schedules a private appointment with Winona and after you laboriously write your entire life story, Winona agrees to help educate the trainers who come through her gym about the occupational hazards of Pokemon.

You can ask for one bonus favor from Winona.
A. Ask her to put in a good word with the Elite Four about what a nice lad you are
B. Ask her to put in a good word with Lanette about what a nice lad you are
C. Ask for help locating Latios
No. 1072823 ID: a7a180

I'm glad the gym leader who hosts her battles on giant elevated platforms is so safety-conscious.
B, we weren't an accessory to kidnapping an elite four member after all.
No. 1072826 ID: 22e4ff

No. 1072827 ID: f3171e

C. We've barely interacted with the E4 to get a bad rep with them, and Lanette is a dweeb. Eyes on the prize, helping our little bro Stetson.
No. 1072836 ID: 273c18

B. You know about the secret glitch, so eventually for the good of pokemon-human peace you're going to want to bring it up with her to find out if you can help with a solution. Like, maybe you can broker an official peace agreement with some legendaries in exchange for the PC system refusing to store them and some general agreement of trainers not capturing them against their will?
No. 1072854 ID: 196206

We've been told already we can't change our minds and try to solve the PC issue, so there's not much point in going to talk to Lanette.
No. 1072870 ID: 273c18

The choice was between rebelling or not, using the PC glitch information as a weapon if we rebelled. This is not that.
In fact, tippler said we could talk to Lanette about the glitch if we wanted.
No. 1072874 ID: 9ea24b
File 169533982459.png - (98.55KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

>B, you have the worst relationship with Lanette and could use the PR boost
You haven’t given up on making a deal with Lanette, you’ve just been…busy. It’s all about getting the low hanging fruit from tasks that don’t involve a lady who has legitimate reasons to resent you for your association with Gengar. Maybe you can make an agreement based around your knowledge of the PC glitch? It’s hard to know how accommodating she’ll be when you’ve talked to her exactly once in your life.

What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon? You’re kind of in a horny mood.
A. Search the desert area for a female Flygon to woo

B. Visit the daycare to see how the non-Ditto Pokemon there live

C. Ask an acquaintance (pick one from those listed in the previous update) to breed Smeargle. You’ll have to make a convincing argument to the mons you haven’t romanced if you want a threesome, though all will be okay with fucking Smeargle solo.
No. 1072875 ID: a7a180

A. You’ve been one before, and it was fun.
No. 1072877 ID: f3171e

C. Ask Absol. If he's not there, we can ask Salamence about female dragons who may be interested in experiencing eggnancy, and give him some pep talking about romancing Houndoom if he still needs it.
No. 1072878 ID: f3171e

Not there or not into it, I mean.
No. 1072907 ID: f59d42

Man I really wanna see what life for non dittos is like at a day care but like only a little.

C. Lets make some egg with Absol, if we ever want another then we can go find a flygon gal.
No. 1072982 ID: 9ea24b
File 169550223817.png - (146.76KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

>Ask Absol to bone Smeargle
After clarifying your plan with Smeargle and getting her enthusiastic buy-in, you both head to the Friendlies Base to find Absol.

>Salamence encounter check: Failure
You’re in the mood to dispense advice on love and want to give Salamence a pep talk on how to romance Houndoom now that the Dark dog has rejoined society, but you don’t see Salamence around. Darn.

Thankfully, you find Absol snoozing in a patch of sun on top of a big boulder and explain your request, making it clear he can say yes or no and neither response will change your relationship with him.

:pokeflyface: Well, it’ll change how often I see you over for dinner if you say yes, since I assume you’ll want to spend time with the kid.

:pokeflyshock: But also you don’t have to if you don’t want to! We can keep the father a secret.

:pokeabsblush: So you want me to have sex with your girlfriend and get her pregnant while you participate.

:pokeflylove: Yep!

:pokeabsblush: That’s cool with me, though I don’t think I want to play an active parent role. Hi Smeargle, we might have seen each other in passing but I’ve never introduced myself, I’m Absol.

:pokesmerhap: Hi Absol, nice to meet you.

You help Smeargle and Absol cuddle and slowly get comfortable with each other. You give both advice on what the other likes and work the pair into a steamy mess with your long tongue until they’re eager to breed. Absol is gentle with the painter compared to how he likes to fuck you, and you praise both of them once they’re done.

You fetch some berries as refreshments and keep a close eye on Smeargle’s belly. An hour passes and she swells like a ripe fruit. You’re a little worried, but Smeargle says it doesn’t hurt and lays the egg with ease.

You have a beautiful green patterned egg! Smeargle plans to keep it in her den until it hatches in five days.

What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Visit Lanette with Drew (What do you say to her?)
B. Search for Latios with Absol (50% of encountering Latias instead)
C. Visit the daycare to see how the non-Ditto Pokemon there live
No. 1072986 ID: f3171e

A. I had a thought. Latios and Latias' attitudes changed since Brendan knew of them, and Latias apparently hates humans now. We know a legendary in the PC system caused the glitch. These two events seem to line up.

Since we can talk about the glitch with Lanette and only Lanette, let's talk with her about it and maybe find out who Latias is actually pissed off at. Drew might have some ideas on the situation too.
No. 1073000 ID: 273c18


Good idea, I'll support that. It'll make for a good segueway into finding out if you can help fix or prevent the glitch.
No. 1073025 ID: a7a180

Time for C.
No. 1073297 ID: 9ea24b
File 169575761573.png - (114.87KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

>Visit Lanette with Drew
Hopefully you can get more info about Latias and why she came to hate humans, though you don’t want to lose sight of your original goal with Lanette, which is to implement email reminders to trainers who have Pokemon in the box.

After your morning training session with Drew, you ask him to come with you to see Lanette. He gets a sandwich for a quick lunch and then rides Swellow toward Fallarbor, with you following close behind.

You stand back a short distance as Drew knocks on Lanette’s door. It opens to reveal the programmer, who looks about as tired as the last time you saw her. She takes in Drew and then her eyes widen as they focus on you.

:pokelanface: I was worried you’d come back. Like I said before, if you don’t want to turn back into a human, I have nothing to say to you.

:pokekid2frown: Ma’am, my friend Flygon just wants to discuss some things peacefully.

:pokelanfrown: Drew, this Flygon associates with Pokemon who harassed me for weeks, who have stolen and even killed before, he’s undermined the integrity of the PC by teaching my enemies how to program, and he bought a Porygon to snoop around my network.

:pokelanfrown: I don’t have any reason to humor him. I won’t be bullied into complying with his twisted agenda. Like I told that Gengar, the PC system works perfectly right now.

Lanette stops talking to take a few deep breaths. She wavers on the doorstep and you can tell she wants to slam the door, but doesn’t, probably because Drew is there.

How do you respond?
No. 1073302 ID: e5709d

"Fair enough, but I won't stop pestering if you don't accept auditing. As long as you declare an overclocked network hosting millions of pokemon to be 'perfect' and 'infallible' and refuse criticism, we're always going to have a problem."
No. 1073305 ID: a7a180

We’re sorry for the harassment you received, we thought there was some big conspiracy at work but it was all a big misunderstanding. We didn’t have the full picture.
There isn’t a fault in the PC, but in the way some of the users treat it. We are just asking you to add a reminder for people who leave their Pokémon in the system long term to not forget about them.
No. 1073307 ID: f3171e

She's not in the mood to hear about the agenda right now. But showing her we're here to help someone instead of nag her may improve our ability to speak to her in the future.

Open up by telling her about a boy named Stetson being threatened by a Legendary named Latias who's become angry in recent years and suddenly hates humans, and that it may be related to the glitch caused by Legendary Pokemon in the system, which we are aware of.
No. 1073308 ID: 8f9bc4

Let her know your friend was really hurt by the PC, and was only harassing Lanette because she was afraid it was happening to other pokémon too. You can't speak for others (or at all technically) but you are pretty sure that she won't bother Lanette anymore, now that she knows it was only a one time glitch. You just wanted to make sure Lanette knows she's safe from harassment now.
No. 1073324 ID: 273c18

Tell her you're sorry for what your friends did, but this is really really important. You think you know what happened with the PC System and why she hasn't found the glitch. Maybe it would be better if you told her in private? Where no one else can possibly hear? I dunno if we can trust Drew with this information tbh.
Once you're in private, or... she tells you that Drew can hear it, tell her that you think the glitch only happens when a Legendary is in the PC. Is there anything you can do to help her fix it?
No. 1073332 ID: a9af05

>Latias angry at humans because of PC glitch
Don't lie. Latias is angry at Stetson because he managed to catch her friend Deoxys. Even though Latios managed to free Deoxys, Latias is still upset about it happening in the first place.
No. 1073335 ID: 19ea25

Latias just wanted to hurt us because we were human. Stetson just gave her an excuse.
No. 1073340 ID: f3171e

You missed the might be part. Brendan's testimony suggests something deeper which provoked their pact with Deoxys in the first place, presenting a possible link to the glitch to be investigated.
No. 1073385 ID: 9ea24b
File 169585445582.png - (130.55KB , 500x500 , p42.png )

You write a message to Drew telling him to walk a short distance away and admire the scenery while you have a discussion with Lanette. You want to bring up the glitch without him hearing or reading anything.

>Apologize for Gengar and say that it was a big misunderstanding
It makes you a little sick to your stomach, but you write a message to the effect that you understand the need for the PC, even if some trainers leave Pokemon in there for longer than ideal. You agree that Gengar went too far and that the harassment was uncalled for.

You edge a little closer and write about how Gengar was affected by the Legendary Pokemon storage glitch, which you found out about from Porygon’s investigation.

:pokelanfrown: I was aware of that flaw. It’s a byproduct of the difference between normal Pokemon and them. What are you planning to do with that information?

You assure her that you have no intentions of catching a Legendary Pokemon and sticking them in the PC, or telling anyone about the glitch. In fact, you have a funny story about that…

One long written explanation about the Latias situation later and Lanette’s frown eases a little.

:pokelanface: They don’t want to be caught and for the reason you mentioned, that’s good for us as well. I think all of them have been stored in the PC at some point, sometimes to keep people safe or to stop them from getting stolen. I know Latios and Latias were very popular at the Battle Frontier for a while and you can understand how a Pokemon like Groudon could be dangerous in a crowded area.

To clarify, Latias is upset at Stetson because he caught her friend Deoxys, and is giving you a hard time because you’re a former human. Her grudge at humans comes from the three Psychic Legendaries being coveted by trainers for their battling prowess.

Lanette seems less mad, so you tentatively ask her what she thinks about the email reminder plan for trainers who use the PC system.

:pokelanthink: It’s not a bad idea. I could set something up on a mailing list where people could unsubscribe if it’s annoying them, but they’ll see it at least once.

She jabs her finger at you.

:pokelanfrown: “And then I don’t want to hear anything about you messing with the PC ever again, okay? We both know where each other live, let’s be civil.”

You’re ruffled by the implied threat, but you’re glad that you’ve reached an agreement. You nod and Lanette finally snaps the door shut. Drew congratulates you on a job well done.

What do you do tomorrow afternoon? You want to take it easy after your stressful day today. Suggest what activity to do as well.
A. Hang out with a platonic friend (Linoone/Espeon, Friendlies, trainer Pokemon)
B. Hang out with a romantic partner (Gardevoir, Absol, or Smeargle)
No. 1073387 ID: a7a180

Friendlies: Hang out with an electric type pal and watch movies.
No. 1073388 ID: 0b594e

Movie time with the friendlies sounds good
No. 1073391 ID: e5709d

Make sure Gengar isn't doing something... radical.
No. 1073399 ID: 273c18

Uh. She doesn't have any plans to FIX the glitch? At the very least she could have a separate PC network set up just for legendaries so that the stasis remains intact for the others.
No. 1073400 ID: f3171e

Sure, let's do a movie night.
No. 1073464 ID: 9ea24b
File 169593272112.png - (120.75KB , 500x500 , p43.png )

>Why doesn’t Lanette fix the glitch?
Glitch is a misnomer, it’s a limitation of the technology. Having a separate system for the Legendary Pokemon would be a good idea if you were a PC fan and Pokemon captivity enjoyer, which you are not.

>Hang out with the Friendlies and watch movies
You want to see Raichu again, and with the Electric type on hand you’ll be able to marathon some trashy movies. You pack up your laptop and portable charger and Fly to the base.

You’re pleasantly surprised to see Houndoom working with Salamence on organizing the morning patrols. Gengar has stolen a skateboard and is practicing sick kickflips while Eevee looks on and cheers.

You find Raichu with Breloom, who you enthusiastically invite to your movie watching party. You recruit Absol and Grumpig as well, and retreat to the dark depths of the underground den for an improved viewing experience.

Once you’re comfortable among Raichu’s cushions and soft bedding, everyone starts arguing over what to watch.

:pokepigface: Do you have any porn?

:pokebrefrown: Human porn? Are you kidding me Grumpig? Let’s watch an action movie.

:pokeraiface: When I lived with a family they would watch lots of cartoons. I like those.

:pokeabsface: I’m okay watching whatever Flygon wants to show us.

:pokeflylove: Don’t worry everyone, we have a whole afternoon to watch whatever we want. Let’s try everything!

Describe the films that the crew watch, one movie per suggestor. You’ve watched the Timegate Traveler series at least three times with Smeargle and co. since getting access to regular charging, so that’s the only thing you veto.
No. 1073466 ID: a7a180

The Sailor Sirknight movie.
No. 1073469 ID: f3171e

Mewtwo Returns, a Kantonite documentary about the first man-made Legendary and his evolution from a rebel and terrorist into the leader of a peaceful commune of clones.
Featuring interviews with Mewtwo himself, speaking about the need for clone (and Pokemon) rights!
No. 1073470 ID: 8f9bc4

> Human porn? Are you kidding me Grumpig?

Gasp, an uncaptured market! Somemon get a video camera we are gonna make a mint off of nonhuman porn!

OK OK ideas uhm... I don't... know of any erotic films worth watching. Someone else has to get that one.

Action movie: Blade Runner
Cartoon: Flight of Dragons
whatever Flygon wants to show us: error maximum recursion depth exceeded dumping core
No. 1073473 ID: 273c18

>Having a separate system for the Legendary Pokemon would be a good idea if you were a PC fan and Pokemon captivity enjoyer, which you are not.
It's STILL better than having occasional periods where the stasis drops for those sensitive to the problem.

How To Train Your Dragon Type
No. 1073481 ID: dd3fe0

"PokéClub": A disenchanted office worker and his new mysterious friend form an underground fighting ring where Pokémon battle without their trainers, or even humans directly battle Pokemon, aiming to shake the oppressive system.

"Gone with the Tailwind": In a tale of love and loss, a Beauty named Scarlett captures the heart of Rhett, a dashing trainer with a rare Pidgeot that knows the powerful move Tailwind. As war rages between regions, their love is put to the test.

"Psyception": A group of trainers and Psychic Pokémon enter dreams to plant or extract information. Their most daring mission involves entering the dream world of a prominent businessman to change his course of action.

"Pika Fiction": An anthology film featuring a collection of morally ambiguous trainers, a briefcase full of Rare Candies, and a surprise cameo from a Snorlax blocking the path in the most inconvenient way possible.

"Jurasaur Park": A wealthy entrepreneur creates a park featuring extremely exotic versions of real-life, resurrected fossil Pokémon. All hell breaks loose when the control system is hacked, releasing Aerodactyl, Kabutops, and others -- that, due to the circumstances of their creation, have not had a chance to learn any form of restraint...

"Forest Grumpig": Following the life of Forest, a slow-witted but extraordinarily lucky trainer and his Grumpig as they experience and inadvertently influence some of the most iconic moments in Pokémon history.

"Star Wars: The Aura Strikes Back": After the defeat of Team Galactic, a young trainer named Kieran and his friends face even greater threats from an intergalactic entity known only as "The Emperor." A mysterious Lucario teaches Kieran to master the Aura, in order to face off against the 'Dark Aura' using mysterious "Emperor".
No. 1073482 ID: 0b594e

How about cartoon action, like (pokemon) Redline? or (pokemon) Blueline?
No. 1073484 ID: dd3fe0

"The Little MerStaryu": A Staryu named Ariel is captivated by the world above the ocean surface and falls in love with a wandering trainer. She makes a dangerous deal with a Tentacruel sorceress to live as a human but risks losing her oceanic home and all her Moves forever.

"Mightyena Castle": After being cursed by an evil Mismagius, Sophie seeks refuge in a moving castle owned by a mysterious trainer and his Mightyena. Together, they must find a way to lift the curse before it's too late.

"Grave of the Taillows": In a war-torn Johto region, a brother and sister struggle to survive after their home is destroyed. With only their Taillows by their sides, they navigate a harsh world, emphasizing the fragility of life.

"Spirited Azumarill": Young Chihiro is spirited away to a strange world where Pokémon rule. She finds employment in a bathhouse run by a Gengar. To free herself and her cursed parents (now especially cursed Slowpokes), she must rely on the help of a mysterious Azumarill.
No. 1073502 ID: 4a50bc

A mature-rated romantic dramady where one of the pair is slowly mutating into a pokemon. Turns out this movie did have human porn in it, or at least an infamous sex scene: To prove that they still consider each other attractive, they try doing the nasty while she's a half-pokemon hybrid. Given that material, you could tell the makeup and SFX team were doing their best. The scene turned out mildly heart-warming, surprisingly horny for a few folks, but mostly unintentionally goofy and hilarious.
No. 1073503 ID: e5709d

Pokémon Minus Pokémon - A surreal horror movie where Pokémon begin to vanish from the world, but the trainers react like nothing has happened. The Pokémon watch in horror as trainers casually talk to nonexistent Pokémon, throw imaginary balls, and wait in front of their own deaths as they assume their now banished ultimate evolution Pokémon are busy protecting their asses from those falling trees. Based on Garfield Minus Garfield
El 'Ark - A science porno about satiating hyper intersex fantasies by measuring the interaction between Zoroarks who can create illusions of cartoon porn stars and Dittos who are tricked into mimicking them. There's a fictional side-story about a ditto who manages to hold a nonsensical shape long enough to get plowed.
Unheard - In the wasteland world of Yiddidi'fishf'ka, pokeballs don't exist, but humans have the ability to steal aspects from anything and graft them onto themselves, yet risk leeching themselves dry of their own aspects if they overload. They are eternally at war with a nation of talking Pokémon. This is the story of a half-pokemon and the world's only human-in-a-ball. Unsounded but stupid
Travel Porn: A ghastly with a special high-tech 'ghost-camera' travels through the depths of various females.
No. 1073528 ID: 87e33c

Travel porn just sounds funny, its what Kome said here but then also just nice vistas and pretty environments too, like someone couldnt decide between a nature/travelog and porn
No. 1073534 ID: 9ea24b
File 169601864642.png - (107.41KB , 500x500 , p44.png )

>One movie per suggestor
You’ve painstakingly downloaded more movies off of piracy sites via the daycare’s public wifi and you pick out nine films that match at least one mon’s preferences.

>Redline the anime but with Pokemon
High stakes racing has never been more dangerous when each racers’ Pokemon are throwing moves at the other vehicles! You’re glad that it’s animated instead of live action, it seems like a film that would injure several stunt doubles.

>Sailor Sirknight
I don’t know what this is referring to so now it’s Captain Ahab seeking the famous purple and white Wailord. Grumpig is asleep by the end of this lengthy film, though he wakes up when the next one starts.

>Mewtwo, the documentary
One of the few mainstream examples of Pokemon standing up for their rights. While the anime isn’t canon in Nostalgia Quest, Mewtwo was still artificially created and wants to be respected and gives several official interviews about his life and retirement to Cerulean Cave.

>Blade Runner but also with Pokemon
Breloom gets very into this one, which still holds up even though it’s an older film.

>How to train your Salamence
Everyone’s a fan of this family friendly movie, partly because the main Pokemon actor looks a lot like the Friendlies Salamence.

>A movie about a human and his wife where his wife slowly turns into a Pokemon
Famous for the makeup and special effects, could pass as a horror film if it wasn’t so silly.

>Jurassic Park
A rich human decides to resurrect a bunch of ancient Pokemon from fossils and put them on display. This backfires when the technology restraining the Pokemon fails, and the unsocialized Pokemon go berserk. Watching it now, you’re a bit upset at the way the movie portrays Pokemon as semi-intelligent beasts.

>Travel porn with Ghost Pokemon
This is a short porn flick, not a full length movie. Somehow they got a Misdreavus to carry a camera and film a bunch of sex all across Johto, with permission, of course. There’s random nice scenery cut between the porn.

>Pokemon Minus Pokemon
You finish with a psychological and surreal horror movie where Pokemon have vanished from the world and humans carry on like nothing has changed.

Everyone thanks you for movie night and you Fly home, head spinning a little from most of a day spent in front of a screen.

What would you like to do tomorrow afternoon?
A. Search for Latios using Absol (50% chance of running into Latias instead)
B. Think about what legal protections you’d want for Pokemon
C. Visit the daycare
No. 1073536 ID: f3171e

Trying to think of ways to narrow down on Latios since we didn't use our help from Winona. Running into Latias again could be dangerous. Maybe we can use that to our advantage?
We've used Absol to read the risk of our intent, and we know confronting Latias directly alone is seriously bad news. Maybe we can use that to avoid accidentally running into her instead of Latios.

I vote A, using temptations of confronting Latias if we encounter her to help Absol pick out which is which.
No. 1073540 ID: 443b73

>One of the few mainstream examples of Pokemon standing up for their rights.

Didn't he tried to manipulate an environmental disaster to replace the human and pokemon populations with genetically modified pokemon clones?
No. 1073545 ID: a7a180

Truly, Sailor Moon is the Moby Dick of anime. Or was that Madoka?
No. 1073663 ID: 9ea24b
File 169612381352.png - (123.69KB , 500x500 , p45.png )

>Didn't Mewtwo try to manipulate an environmental disaster to replace the human and pokemon populations with Pokemon clones?
As stated in the previous update, the Pokemon anime is not canon.

>A, search for Latios using Absol
>Latios encounter check: Success
You advise Absol to avoid a feeling of doom related to sudden loss of money, and whether through luck or Absol’s discerning senses, you find yourself above Mossdeep, face to face with a familiar blue fellow.

After Latios awkwardly tries to shake you off and fails, you explain your encounter with Latias and how she threatened you and hurt poor, innocent Stetson.

:pokelatioface: Look I hate to say it, but Latias is her own mon. A broken arm sucks but your trainer will recover and I doubt she’ll do it again. Too bad about your money, but you’re a Pokemon, so you shouldn’t need it anyway.

:pokelatioface: In general it’s good for humans to get the message that Legendary Pokemon are off limits. I mean, she could have done a lot worse than shove him.

What do you say to Latios?
No. 1073664 ID: f3171e

Tell him that it was your suggestion that led Stetson to find Deoxys, because you were being selfish about a wish Jirachi wanted you to grant. You regret what happened with Deoxys, and you want to make it right. Ask him to help mediate with his alliance.
As a start, pledge to donate the entirety of your remaining money to the cause of Pokemon rights and protections you've been working towards. No more for personal purchases. Tell him you're willing to give up your human comforts, but this movement stands to benefit them too and it needs money to fund it.
No. 1073688 ID: 4a50bc

If she wants to send a message to the humans, fine. She hurt your friend, but you appreciate her restraint, even if you disagree that Pokemon and humans can't get along.

It'd be nice to bury the hatchet with his sis so you can date that stupid, sexy Latias not worry 'bout Legendaries on your ass. If there's a way, he's your first lead.

Yeah, that seems like a better way to spend all your funds.
No. 1073695 ID: a7a180

Don't let Latias bully you into doing anything, even if it's something good. We have to bury both sides of this hatchet. The fact she could have done worse doesn't make breaking his ribs, not just his arm, okay.
We'll talk to Deoxys about her actions too but for now tell your sister that wasn't very cash money of her. That wasn't sending a message, that was bullying.
No. 1073697 ID: 273c18

Is he sure she's not going to hurt Stetson again? What does he mean "Too bad about your money" you still have it. (how would latias even drain the account? We can get a duplicate card so we wouldn't lose access to the account. her threat doesn't really make sense.)
No. 1073700 ID: 83d663

She also broke his ribs, she could have killed him! Do you really want to send the message that Legenderys are will to attack and possibly even kill kids? Humans will not take kindly to that, as in all three of you captured in master balls locked in a welded shut safe buried in concrete kind of way.

Maybe we can work into our education program that Ledgendarys are not to be fucked with and even to get some laws changed so catching Ledgendarys is illegal.
No. 1073704 ID: 4481aa


Don't do this. You give a lot to the world around you, and your funds are one of the rare luxuries you keep to yourself. The education programs, helping everyone you meet, even this conversation is to help someone else when you could easily stay out of things if you wanted. You help because you're a nice guy, and because you get invested in your friends and naturally want to make them happy. That's good. Don't take it too far though, moderation is key.

Latios could have done a lot worse than shove Stetson. The fact that she hasn't yet doesn't mean she won't though. She's made it clear that she's upset with him, and she's shown a willingness to harm him. Stetson is not currently holding a legendary in captivity, nor is he planning to catch another, so it's not like he can just change his behavior to put a stop to things. It's on Latios, and you very much got the vibe that she wasn't done with him the last time you talked.

All you're asking is for Latias to talk to her, because you'd like it if this situation could be resolved peacefully. Would he rather you enact a non-peaceful solution, becauee you don't have many more options if he rejects you.
No. 1073709 ID: 19ea25

Yeah don't give up the money. It basically sends the message that you'll give up anything so long as someone gives you a hard time.
No. 1073718 ID: 071972

>In general it’s good for humans to get the message that Legendary Pokemon are off limits. I mean, she could have done a lot worse than shove him.
I'm sorry, but the kinds of actions that Latias used will result in upsetting humans. If she lashes out at humans every time she gets upset at them, that's only going to result in humans wanting to hunt her down and capture her to prevent her from hurting anyone else.

It's not a good idea for Latias to think that she's untouchable because she's a Legendary. That will only let her continue to do more and more reckless things until humans stop tolerating it and do something about it.
No. 1073741 ID: 9ea24b
File 169619437044.png - (109.72KB , 500x500 , p46.png )

>Consider offering to donate your money to the pro-Pokemon cause
That’s basically what you’re doing already, since you don’t have material needs anymore. You’re reluctant to part from your hard earned funds from your time in the office by giving the money to someone else.

>Latias gave the vibe that she’d hurt Stetson again
:pokelatioface: She was probably just trying to scare you. She’s very protective of Deoxys and I.

:pokeflypanik: Okay, but can you make sure she won’t? She could have killed Stetson.

:pokelatioface: Like I said, she’s her own mon and what she does is her business.

>Latias will upset the humans with her actions and could end up rotting in a ball in a safe if she’s not careful
Latios bristles, even though you didn’t think that second part out loud in the telekinetic connection.
:pokelatiomad: They wouldn’t dare and you better not try it yourself!

>Get a replacement credit card after giving yours to Latias
>Date that stupid, sexy Latias
The moment you have these clever thoughts, Latios narrows his eyes at you and frowns.
:pokelatiomad: And now you’re trying to scam my sister? While also wanting to date her? What’s wrong with you?

:pokeflymad: I just want you to talk to her and guarantee the safety of my friend! I can apologize to Deoxys, apologize to her, I have an education program for young humans where I cam teach them about how Legendary Pokemon should be left alone, and I’m going to be talking to the government soon to try and get some laws passed to help Pokemon, what else do you want from me?

Latios is silent for a moment, fixed in the air while you have to flap your wings to maintain position.

:pokelatioface: Who gave you the right to speak for all of us?

Absol isn’t telling you to run so you’re not in pressing danger, though Latios is starting to glow a bit. If you don’t think of a good way to appease him, you’ll have to try talking to him again another day.
No. 1073742 ID: e51896

Think to yourself "Arceus/god damned irrational intrusive thoughts, I'm trying to have a polite conversation with Latios" Then get a tune stuck in your head so that Latios will leave your thoughts to yourself and you don't accidentally insult him again with your intrusive thoughts.
No. 1073743 ID: dd3fe0

I apologize for the intrusive thoughts from earlier! They happen! It' a thing! I try to keep my actions honorable, regardless of what I think in a moment.

And I don't want to speak for all Pokemon, but no-Mon has been, yaknow, stepping up to advocate and protest and lobby and educate and reform and I would be SO HAPPY if some other pokemon also stepped up to speak this is way too much stress!
No. 1073746 ID: 4a50bc

Since you crossed a boundary, you better walk back quick. Put aside any offence in reading your mind, even if to most non-psychics it only matters that you have good sense not act on your worst impulses. (Dear Arceus, please have the good sense not to act on them.) You'd think psychics would understand how chaotic some minds are, but put no mind to that right now.

Answer his question by choosing him to be the judge. Ask what it would take to prove yourself a friend to all Pokemon in his eyes. If you can't, there's not much you can ask from him. That includes asking his sister out.

Does he seem a little cold regarding her? Have they been getting along lately? Would he like to talk about it? Maybe you can help.
No. 1073748 ID: 273c18

>scam my sister?
That wasn't even what I was saying. She CAN'T USE THE CREDIT CARD. She does not have access to the infrastructure required. Since she can't use it, the funds won't go anywhere if she takes it, which means we can just get a new card. It's a "punishment" she can't enforce, not easily-- she would have to repeatedly check up on us to tell if we've avoided the price or not, because she can't even check if the card's being used. Again, it doesn't make sense.

>Who gave you the right to speak for all of us?
You're the only one that's speaking at all. If he wants you to change your message, or for any other favor, all he has to do is ask.
No. 1073750 ID: a7a180

Actions speak louder than words, and spoken words speak louder than imagined words, so please don't judge us by our intrusive thoughts.
I speak for those who agree with me. Everything I'm doing is done with the intent of benefiting Pokemon everywhere, out of the care I felt for them as a human and the perspective I now have as a Flygon.
No. 1073752 ID: f3171e

>Who gave you the right to speak for all of us?
The same person who gave her the right to hurt people because she feels like it, ie. nobody. We decided to help because we wanted to.
No. 1073759 ID: e4826d

My whole life as a human I was part of an unjust system, and I stood by and did nothing. I'll be damned if I'm going to stay silent anymore. But if you have concerns I would certainly welcome your insight. Perhaps you would like to an active part in these evolving human-pokemon relations?
No. 1073768 ID: 3f4038

>Who gave you the right to speak for all of us?
Ask Latios if he'd be willing to speak for himself? You're going to have another of your education things at [insert location here] at [insert amount of time here] from now. He's psychic, so he can speak with humans if he wants to and he can teach the children why they shouldn't try to catch Legendary Pokémon.

If he teaches the children to respect boundaries and not try to catch him, his sister, or Deoxys, then they'll listen to him.
No. 1073795 ID: a9af05

If we're going to ask Latios to come speak at our nezt safety thing, make sure we're being polite and using nice words to him. Don't lose your temper or anything.
No. 1073813 ID: f3171e

I'll throw my support to these rather than snarking, they seem the most level-headed. Take a breath and calm down. Apologize for intrusive thoughts and offer a place at the table with others who want a change.
No. 1073836 ID: 9ea24b
File 169628412775.png - (112.82KB , 500x500 , p47.png )

>How’s Latios and Latias’ relationship?
You haven’t seen anything to suggest they’re not on good terms with each other.

>Curse your intrusive thoughts
You squeeze your eyes shut and refocus on pure, ethical thought. Latios shouldn’t have read your mind out of courtesy, but you suppose it’s part of the hazards of dealing with Psychic types.

>Latias can’t use a credit card
Why can’t she? For most purchases she wouldn’t need the PIN and you use the card as a Pokemon all the time.

>Apologize and explain
:pokeflypanik: I’m sorry for getting upset. I’m not trying to hurt you, Deoxys, or Latias, I swear, sometimes I think about different ways to deal with tricky situations but I definitely don’t act on all of my ideas.

:pokeflysad: As far as I know, I’m the only Pokemon working towards systemic improvements for our rights. It’s partially because I was once a human and the perspective shift to becoming a Pokemon was jarring and made me not want to stay silent anymore. I’d be happy to join forces with anyone else!

:pokeflyface: I mentioned those trainer education sessions, I have five left, would you like to come to them? You can talk about how everyone needs to respect Legendary Pokemon and I’m sure it would make a bigger impact coming from you. Since you have telepathy you’ll be able to communicate easily.

:pokelatioface: ...If I show myself in public someone will try to catch me.

:pokeflyshock: I’ll protect you! Anyone who tries to catch you will be dealt with.

Latios agrees to help you for the next five mornings, though only the one tomorrow will be described. How do you deal with any trainers that try to catch him?

A. Body block the balls by draping yourself over Latios
B. Watch for any trainers that are holding balls and intercept them
C. Other (suggest)
No. 1073844 ID: f3171e

A./C. See if Absol is willing to attend with you and help you and Smeargle do a Mr. President for Latios if he senses impending disaster. Smeargle is still balled by Tracey, right, so she could body block too?
No. 1073847 ID: dd3fe0


Wouldn't that put Absol at risk? How many owned pokemon that aren't hazards can we get to close bodyguard duty?
No. 1073849 ID: a7a180

I'm a fan of body blocking because it's what trainers do in battle if you try that nonsense, however I'll say B first because anyone getting as far as tossing them will bruise Latios' trust. Besides, he'll sense them thinking about it.

We could see if any trainers with Absols would be willing to run security. We can even hire them if needed. The Elite Four's Sidney has an Absol, if he happens to be at the next talk...
No. 1073850 ID: 0b594e

B. I don't think Latios would appreciate having you draped over him the whole time. Would psychic pokemon be able to detect the intent to capture before a trainer made their move?
No. 1073857 ID: f3171e

Valid points. If we go B, we could enlist Gardevoir who could sense for intent and help gently dissuade them. Accompanied by his signature death glares.
No. 1073858 ID: 8f9bc4

Drape over him seductively so that they are too entranced by your sexiness to use their balls.

But no seriously, collect any pokeballs at the door. Maybe Gardevoir would be willing to keep people honest. You can body block with your gigantic Flygon butt if anyone manages to smuggle their balls in. Latios won't get captured by any ordinary balls because he's at full HP and a Legendary. And if somehow Latios gets captured in a master ball, despite having destroyed the 1 master ball that's allowed to exist in any given playthrough, you can just set him loose, and smash it.
No. 1073865 ID: b8122b

Might want to be discreet with the security measures so there isn't too much attention to the session, so a psychic mon like Gardevoir or Absol providing subtle telepathic deterrence is a good option.
No. 1073872 ID: 273c18

>Why can’t she?
Can you imagine Latias flying into a human city and staying long enough to buy things without some dumb trainer trying to catch her? It's like Latios just said. If she had access to a laptop she could buy things without getting harassed, but I kindof doubt she does.

A: we're immune to pokeballs thanks to Stetson, let's abuse that fact.
No. 1073878 ID: 2a82d3

>Can you imagine Latias flying into a human city and staying long enough to buy things without some dumb trainer trying to catch her?
If she tries that anyway, and she could through human disguise or accomplice, that would imply a very powerful interest in humans. (Girls do like fashion, and tbh she'd look cute in a hat.) I had suggested she was tsudere for humans before, and this would pretty much confirm it.

I'd say A, but it might give folks the wrong idea. (Girls love fanfics too, but folks probably balk at shipping their own bro.)
No. 1073917 ID: 9ea24b
File 169637412763.png - (121.29KB , 500x500 , p48.png )

>Advanced A/B/C hybrid
>Recruit Gardevoir and Absol to check for danger
Absol would be in danger of being caught himself so you don’t ask him. Fortunately Gardevoir agrees to come and you put him on trainer deterrence and mind reading duty.

>Body block balls with the help of other trainer Pokemon
Smeargle has been attending roughly every other session since you asked her to visit that one time, Blaziken always comes with Tracy, and Drew’s Swampert is willing to stand by Latios and look intimidating as well.

You nominate yourself for the role of hovering right about Latios, to protect him from any sneaky airborne attacks. Depending on the angle, it might look suggestive to anyone who has a dirty mind, but luckily no one has ever had horny thoughts in the history of Pokemon and humankind.

You assign Smeargle to Spore any trainers that Gardevoir warns her about, while Tracy and Drew check for Master Balls when people start to arrive, though they’re unable to thoroughly check everyone’s bags as the crowd swells. It seems like word of the elusive Legendary has spread, and attendance is much higher than normal, especially for a smaller city like Oldale.

>Latias surveillance check: Success
It’s an overcast day and you feel a tingle in your antenna when you give your opening remarks via text to speech. You suspect Latios brought backup rather than rely solely on your word.

>Elite Four Sidney check: Success
You spot the first Elite Four member’s signature tuft of red hair at the back of the crowd. Good to see your efforts are getting more attention! It’s definitely not because everyone wants to see Latios.

>Battle Frontier Scott check: Success
You give Latios a big chunk of time to speak, and as he goes on a mostly sane rant about how Legendary Pokemon should be left alone, you notice Tracy standing next to a bigger guy wearing sunglasses and a tropical blue shirt. Tracy has her hands clasped tight together and her forehead is shiny.

Your intensive planning pays off and no trainers are stupid enough to huck a ball at the heavily guarded Latios. Who do you talk to once the session is over? What do you say?
A. Scott
B. Sidney
C. Latios
No. 1073920 ID: a7a180

Oh, heyy, Scott. What brings the boss down from the battle tower?
Ask about celebrity pokemon status at the frontier and how it'd be wonderful if pokemon and trainers split the star treatment more evenly. That is to say, what if the Pokemon earned a reward directly for their hard fought battles, rather than that dividend being wholly dependent on what their trainer decides. For example, a guaranteed break after battles in a locker room where they could recover and be pampered after fights.
Say, why are the Latios twins still legal at the Battle Frontier anyway?
No. 1073921 ID: 02e7e9

A. We could convince him to make hoenn legendaries illegal at the frontier
No. 1073928 ID: 0b594e

Maybe there is some way that the frontier could require the trainer to get the legendary's consent beyond just catching them?
No. 1073929 ID: f3171e

Tracey looks nervous. She might suspect Scott is considering trying something, and he could have bad blood with Latios. We should intercept him and keep him occupied.
No. 1073940 ID: a7a180

They could also negotiate a contract with the legendaries directly, have them show up somewhere trainer-agnostic like the Battle Factory, but we can't speak to their willingness to do such things on the twins' behalf.
No. 1073952 ID: f3171e

Yes, let's not propose deals on their behalf. Latios does not like to be spoken for.
No. 1073982 ID: 9ea24b
File 169647374638.png - (128.16KB , 500x500 , p49.png )

>Talk to Scott
Tracy looks nervous and you remember her mentioning Scott when you asked for her help with Pokemon rights. If he’s the boss of the Battle Frontier, he must be loaded and have a ton of influence and you soar over to introduce yourself.

:pokescotface: This must be the famous Flygon you told me about Tracy! I can’t believe he used to be a human, that’s wild, I wonder if he has a different battling style.

:pokeladyfrown: Yes, this is Flygon. Flygon, this is Scott, I owe a lot to him.
You write a quick greeting and are surprised when Scott puts a genial hand on your shoulder.

:pokescotface: I have a meeting to get to Flygon, but I’d love to chat longer. I’m so glad you’ve gotten Latios to show his face again. I always loved watching his battles, but after he was released a couple years ago, no one’s been able to hold onto him long enough to get a good run going.

:pokescotface: So anyway, I’ve got a nice boat party off the coast of Evergrande planned for tomorrow night and I’d love it if you could come. Free food, drinks, and lots of cute Pokemon.

He lowers his glasses and gives you a wink.

:pokescotface: See you there! Bring a plus one. Tracy, you’re invited to, it’s been ages since we’ve talked, I want to see pictures of your kid.

Scott trots away before you can finish writing your long and delicately phrased question about Battle Frontier ethics. You see a woman in a suit and a Slowking peel away from the crowd to walk by his side. Bodyguards?

You rub your head. It was like you couldn’t disagree with whatever Scott was saying, and it wasn’t just because the guy was charismatic. You suspect he’s carrying gym badges or something that produces the same effect.

When you turn around, the crowd has mostly dispersed and Latios is gone, though you’ll see him tomorrow morning at the next session.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Talk to a human
B. Talk to a Pokemon
C. Visit the daycare
No. 1073985 ID: 196206

A. Talk to Drew, catch them up on the situation with Latios and Latias, and invite him to be your plus one. Tell him you want him to stick close to you and be your wingman, and being his badges. Maybe with a badge toting friend along to voice the other side of arguments we won't be strung along by Scott's influence.
No. 1073986 ID: a7a180

Visit the daycare.
No. 1073988 ID: c96b0f

No. 1073995 ID: dd3fe0


Maybe even ask him for a direct, badged order to remember and stay committed and focused on successfully advancing your all's mutual goal? If mind control is going to be happening, use your team's mind control defensively!
No. 1074003 ID: e51896

It's also probably also best to speak with Drew what you both want out of these sessions, especially if we decide to speak with Scott again with him, just so that we know what we agree, and disagree with, and come to a better understanding with each other with what we both want. I think we both agree with most things, but Would suck if some kind of argument comes between us and Drew while speaking with Scott, and you are forced to go along with what Drew agrees with that you normally wouldn't because of the badges. Plus getting a better understanding between us and Drew will help build our friendship with him. Getting his stance, and our current stance on the PC is one topic we can look into.
No. 1074014 ID: 957242

I mean, it's not like pokemon liberation stuff will be bad for trainers or the sport? Being better able to communicate with pokemon, pokemon being more directly able to explain and experiment with coming up with weird moves and tactics and ideas in a way that advances the science, the pokemon themselves having a greater share of the glory in the sport, pokemon being able to better communicate health and training concerns and cooperate to train effectively, better quality of life for pokemon captured by humans, having pokemon that actually want to participate in the sport be the ones that tend to do so, being able to communicate with wild pokemon via an interpreter (so to formally challenge the ones that are maybe kinda okay with being caught, but only by the right person!)... none of these things are anti trainer!
No. 1074015 ID: f3171e

Now that's good thinking.
No. 1074016 ID: 273c18

Wouldn't that require Stetson?
No. 1074022 ID: 450a7c


Okay yes, true, but the idea is sound. Maybe do the order ahead of time? There's gotta be a way.
No. 1074034 ID: 9ea24b
File 169655004661.png - (129.82KB , 500x500 , p50.png )

>A, talk to Drew and invite him to the boat party
You get a late lunch with Drew and fill him in on the Latios and Scott business. You invite him as your plus one, but he refuses.

:pokekid2frown: I’m not into parties. There’s probably going to be alcohol and drugs and other adult stuff, and after I told Scott I wasn’t interested in the Battle Frontier when he tried to recruit me a while ago I think it’d be awkward.

That’s right, you remember Drew was uncomfortable at Stetson’s hot spring Elite Four victory celebration. It seems like he’s not a fan of big social gatherings, though he’s doing fine with the education sessions.

:pokekid2face: I’m all for you talking to him about changing the Battle Frontier rules to give more freedom and rewards to the Pokemon, it’s just not something I have any experience with. If you’re worried about the badge influence thing, maybe you could ask Stetson to come with you? Oh wait, if he has broken ribs he really shouldn’t do anything strenuous.

:pokekid2frown: Um, I know Tracy did really well with the Battle Frontier and Stetson’s dad probably knows Scott. Sorry I can’t help more with this.

>Ask Stetson to give you an order ahead of time
If you’re halfway across the country from him, you don’t think it’ll stick. You need someone there with you.

A. Ask Tracy for help and chose a Pokemon friend to be your plus one (suggest who)
B. Ask Brendan to be your plus one
C. Ask a different badge owning human (suggest who)
No. 1074039 ID: a7a180

Look, if you're unprepared to face Scott maybe you should just sit this party out. Brendan's a red blooded Pokemon trainer, Tracy has a complicated history with Scott, and they've both got kids to look out for now.
No. 1074066 ID: 273c18

C: Stetson. Put him in a wheelchair. He won't have to do anything strenuous.
No. 1074067 ID: e51896

I'd rather not have brendon come over, as that would mean Stetson would be alone for Latias to attack again without his father's protection

As for a pokemon friend, probably a pokemon that Tracy owns so she's more comfortable, like Blaziken, or Smeargle.

otherwise, maybe Gardevoir
No. 1074069 ID: f3171e

Agreed, A. I think Gardevoir would be best as a plus one if we're doing politics. He could read some of Scott's intentions so we're at least going in informed, and maybe some minor consensual mind control from afar while he pretends to mingle would help with the badge aura?
No. 1074104 ID: 5e8b0f

A, bring Smeargle. She’s a battle frontier veteran and your closest ally, she can fill you in on lots of stuff you don’t know.
No. 1074131 ID: 9ea24b
File 169662762483.png - (114.88KB , 500x500 , p51.png )

>A, ask Tracy for badge backup
Tracy is uncomfortable with doing anything to upset Scott, so you won’t be able to push him too hard after you lay out your basic ideas. You also don’t have any means of enforcing Scott follow through on anything he promises. Unlike Lanette, who’s a prickly recluse and doesn’t carry badges, Scott seems to be utilizing his abundant resources to ensure he’s protected at all times.

Tracy is planning to bring Blaziken with her as her plus one.

>Invite Smeargle as your plus one
You feel like you’re forgetting something. As you snuggle into bed with Smeargle that night, she reminds you that the egg she made with Absol is hatching tomorrow.

:pokesmerface: I’d like to spend as much time with our child as possible, so I don’t think I should go.

:pokeflyshock: No problem, I’ll invite Gardevoir instead.

>The next morning…the egg hatches!
>Gender check: Female
You have to rush out to your education session, but before you go you introduce yourself to your new child, who heavily resembles her mother, but is slightly taller.

Latios shows up again and greets you with more warmth than before. You repeat the defensive protocol you took yesterday, Gardevoir agrees to accompany you to the party tonight, and there aren’t any remarkable attendees in the crowd.

What do you do this afternoon?
A. Interact with your child
B. Brainstorm Pokemon protection legislation ideas
C. Visit the daycare
No. 1074134 ID: 273c18

A obviously. We ain't no deadbeat dad.
No. 1074135 ID: f3171e

A. Do some finger/tail painting by the water!
No. 1074138 ID: cfb201

A, of course
No. 1074174 ID: dd3fe0

A, absolutely!
No. 1074212 ID: 196206

As a side note, maybe Drew would be willing to be the kid's trainer so we can safely bring her with us and Smeargle to the events?
No. 1074238 ID: 9ea24b
File 169670848964.png - (150.46KB , 500x500 , p52.png )

>A, be a good parent
You vaguely know how to be a dad from media and your own upbringing, but that’s for parenting a helpless human baby who needs constant attention. Pokemon come out of the egg fully mentally and physically developed, only lacking life experience. You’re not sure how to approach this differently than how you interacted with Sceptile when getting to know Stetson.

>Do some painting by the nearest pond
Your current highest priority is safety. You want to ensure your daughter doesn’t get caught by a random trainer or beat up by stronger Pokemon. Some leveling and a proposed capture by Drew would be ideal, you’ll have to ask him about it tomorrow morning.

While Smeargle experiments with her first painting, layering green fluid from her tail over the canvas, you explain your whole deal as a former human, the nature of a trainer centric society, and your quest to improve the lives of Pokemon.

:pokesmerworry: So I need to be caught by this friend of yours or else someone could take me away from you and mother forever, even if I didn’t want to go?

:pokeflypanik: Well that’s a pretty bleak way to put it, but yes.

:pokesmerawk: And the people in charge of how Pokemon get treated are all humans who profit off our continued exploitation.

:pokeflysad: Um, also yes, but Pokemon are much stronger than humans and we have all sorts of cool powers.

:pokesmerface: Oh, is there going to be some kind of revolution then?

:pokeflypanik: I think most mons are too nice to do that. Team Friendlies would have been interested but I decided it’d be best to avoid violence.

:pokesmershock: How did we come to this point? How do you decide when your actions are ethical or going too far? If you can’t create lasting systemic change through peaceful action, what will you do?

What do you nickname your daughter to distinguish her from her mother? How do you answer her questions?
No. 1074239 ID: e51896

Call her "Skiddle"

It's like Smeargle, but instead of smear, it's skid.
No. 1074240 ID: dd3fe0

Uh, we don't actually know that we can't make meaningful systemic change through education and peaceful action and the like. We're trying it, hard, first.

If it doesn't make meaningful progress after a few years of trying lots of different things, then we can revisit Direct Action.

And. Oooh. Shouldn't, like, a bunch of you come up with non species names? Why not have a big group, 'let's think of names for ourselves that aren't our species!' party?
No. 1074247 ID: f3171e


She sure inherited Absol's keen perception of the worst case scenario, huh?

>If you can’t create lasting systemic change through peaceful action, what will you do?
Since most Pokemon are too nice to form a revolutionary army, subtler means or organizing collective action from Legendaries would be required.

Like, say, organizing some way to turn all humans into Pokemon like us! A great man once said, if everyone is super, no one is.
No. 1074250 ID: 8f9bc4

1. When humans invented pokèballs, and then Bill's (Lanette's) PC. Possibly when Mew and Arceus decided this was a good idea.
2. If it hurts no one, then your actions are ethical. Otherwise it's complicated, but generally if you feel like you're losing control of your life then you're probably going too far.
3. Systemic change has only ever occurred through peaceful action. The question is which action is most effective, and how much of the system you want to change. Latios changed the system by destroying the most powerful pokèball for instance, and now his uh... "friends" keep hurting people and no one can do anything about it.
No. 1074252 ID: dd3fe0


Regarding means of systemic change...

No, actually, historically, BOTH sometimes work, and BOTH sometimes fail. In human history, Violent Slave Revolts in particular tend to fail 99% of the time though. Generally, for a violent low-class revolution to succeed, it will need broader appeal and support than from only the slave castes.
No. 1074253 ID: 273c18

Well that'd be a first. You haven't met any pokemon who have nicknames.

>How did we come to this point? How do you decide when your actions are ethical or going too far? If you can’t create lasting systemic change through peaceful action, what will you do?
Well it's been like this for a while. Most pokemon seem to have accepted things; living under a trainer isn't so bad in most cases. Nothing's really changed to trigger this, you just want to do something to improve relations.
Ethics are a personal thing. You will avoid violence, and will not endorse encourage or directly enable violent behavior amongst your peers. If fighting breaks out you will do your best to limit collateral damage, by direct confrontation if needs be, regardless of which side needs to be corrected. Although if the violence takes place in the form of standard pokemon battling it's fine. Obviously if a pokemon you're guarding gets captured you'll have to battle the trainer to get at the pokeball, Friendlies style. If the trainer is too strong then you'll ask the Friendlies for help; that is their job after all.
The thing about peaceful action is that it's sometimes hard to tell when it's working, and especially hard to tell if it will work in the long term. If you can change things even a little bit, then you can count on those after you to continue the struggle. They can change things a little bit too, and so on and so on until all is well. This kind of change takes time, but so long as we keep trying, and keep believing, it can happen. Like, how do you draw a painting? One stroke at a time.

...shit, I wonder if the uprising would've worked as a pokemon battle tournament? Like, an officially recognized tournament between wild pokemon teams and trainer teams? What would the stakes have been though... Hmm, I wonder if we can still do something like that, as an experiment? Something to get trainers used to the idea of pokemon being on equal terms? We'd have to figure out some way of discouraging trainers from trying to capture the pokemon teams though.
No. 1074254 ID: 0b594e

Call her "Firebrand"

Discrimination comes from a lack of understanding between people. Violence makes people think of themselves first, for their own protection. If we keep pushing for peaceful change, showing people who we are, they will come to know us and empathize with us. What else could we do that won't just make society worse?
No. 1074255 ID: a7a180

Let's name our daughter Pal, as in palette.
Question 1: Humans and pokemon have worked together for a long time, and it's kind of become taken for granted. There's a lot of nuance to be learned from studying history.
Question 2: You learn from the people around you what is acceptable and what's not, but at the end of the day you gotta go with your gut.
Question 3: Our best. We can't give up on peaceful methods too early, nor keep clinging to them if our survival depends on it.
No. 1074326 ID: 9ea24b
File 169679669427.png - (134.58KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

>Nickname: Skiddle
You’re giving your daughter a nickname out of necessity, you still think going by species name is fine in most cases. It also seems like Skiddle inherited her biological dad’s anxiety.

>Turn all humans into Pokemon
You don’t think that’s feasible.

>Have a tournament to determine the fate of all Pokemon
That’s a cool idea! You hold onto it for later.

>Arceus allowed the current system of catching Pokemon to exist
God isn’t real in Gen 3 and other Legendary Pokemon don’t have that kind of power.

>Latios destroyed the Master Ball
There are multiple Master Balls in Hoenn. You assume that they’re very rare and expensive, but accessible to important people like Scott and the Elite Four.

>Explain society
:pokeflyface: Humans have existed alongside Pokemon for a long time and at some point got the technology where they could make Pokeballs, badges, and the storage system. The way things are now is pretty much accepted by everyone, which makes it hard to change.

:pokeflysad: I think humans like to avoid thinking about their Pokemon as fully sentient beings, and Pokemon haven’t had the widespread organizational power to make changes.

:pokeflyshock: As far as ethics go, that varies a lot person by person. In general, everyone wants to avoid being harmed, and can get scared and do bad things when they feel threatened. I try to avoid that as much as possible by staying peaceful.

:pokeflyface: I’ve already had a lot of success with this strategy! I’ve educated hundreds of trainers about how to treat their Pokemon, taught wild Pokemon how to read and write, and convinced Lanette to remind trainers to release their inactive Pokemon.

:pokeflylove: That’s after only a few months of effort so I’m not planning to change my strategy anytime soon, but if my friends and family are in danger I won’t hesitate to protect them with force.

Skiddle seems reassured by your words, and you spend the rest of the afternoon chatting and enjoying the beautiful weather. Once evening comes you leave Skiddle with her mother, Linoone, and Espeon, who are eager to teach Skiddle dirt chess.

It’s time for Scott’s boat party. You pick up Gardevoir, who’s as stunning as always, and depart for Evergrande. You spot the massive yacht from above and land on the deck, where you find Tracy and Blaziken. Tracy is wearing a modest blue dress and holding a fancy cocktail with a paper umbrella sticking out of it. There are trainers of all ages and practically every type of Pokemon milling around.

What’s your strategy for the party? You can only pick one option. You’re going to talk to Scott at some point no matter what.
A. Encourage Tracy to imbibe (she’ll be more loose lipped with you and Scott)

B. Schmooze with the other Pokemon at the party (you can choose to hook up with a Pokemon species of your choosing)

C. Have Gardevoir read the minds of trainers while you talk to them
No. 1074327 ID: a7a180

C. Hearts and especially minds.
No. 1074328 ID: f3171e

Getting her to drink could help her open up about opinions she might be hesitant to voice. However getting her to drink to manipulate her attitide is skeevy. And Scott seemed to be encouraging us to sleep around, maybe he wants to play into our vices to make us feel the system can benefit our libido.

Instead let's do C. which is rude and intrusive, but not skeevy!
No. 1074330 ID: 273c18

C, we need to find out who are likely to be allies for the cause, and who is likely to stab us in the back. ...maybe we could even find some leverage to sway some who are on the fence? Like, find out things people want that we can provide, and use that as a bargaining chip. I find it unlikely we'll find blackmail material since people like that would steer clear of psychic pokemon.
...I wonder if we'll meet any perverts.
No. 1074391 ID: 9ea24b
File 169688200754.png - (121.30KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

>C, see how average trainers view you and your efforts
Asking Tracy to drink more seems skeevy. You consume a plate of tasty snacks and a soda from the food table, write a reusable introduction, then wander around and talk to random guests.

Most people seem open to reading what you have to say, and some even recognize you from the education sessions and ask for an autograph. It seems to be common knowledge that you were once a human, and a couple of young adult trainers joke that they’re jealous of your new life since you don’t have to worry about bills or a career.

When you bring up your activism efforts, the humans agree that Pokemon should be treated well, but when you push for details, are more focused on the actions of individual trainers than systemic change.

Afterwards, Gardevoir confides that several trainers were thinking about your involvement with the Friendlies, since Salamence, Gengar, and Houndoom are all infamous. Some were impatient that they had to have a conversation via squinting at the words off your notebook, and overall everyone was more interested in you as a novelty than as a serious consideration.

You can assume that most humans, including Scott and the Elite Four, currently feel this way about you.

As it gets later, you meet up with Tracy and locate Scott in the crowd. What do you say to him?
No. 1074425 ID: 315b2a

Ask about the prospect of banning Latios, Latias, and Deoxys from the battle frontier- tell him about the PC storage glitch & how Stetson was hurt badly by a vengeance seeking Latias.
Raise the point that the scene could seem uninviting to newcomers if all the dominant strategies rely upon difficult to access Pokemon with incredibly limited numbers.

(I know he's not the top authority, but having the support of an influential figure could definitely help cause change.)
No. 1074435 ID: e51896

First, ask if he wants to take a break and eat somewhere with you, your treat. Good way to get a friendly conversation going is food!

I think one way to convince him to ban the use of legendaries such as Latios and Latias and deoxys is to find ways to make him believe it'll be a good idea that would benefit the battle frontier and its battles.

For example, telling him that having matches where trainers could potentially fight using a team of legendaries could be considered too OP, causing them to easily steamroll their opponents that might not have legendaries, causing the loser to feel too disheartened to battle again. Plus, it wouldn't really promote strategy in battle for the trainer using OP legendaries to help win their battles.

push the idea that banning legendaries could influence trainers become more creative with their approaches in battles, and drives them to come up with strategies in their movesets, and turns that can really make matches really interesting, such as using the ol' trusty sand attack to avoid getting hit by stronger moves. If both sides have normal pokemon, it will get people to figure out how to train pokemon in certain ways, and take different approaches depending on the type of pokemon they'll be up against rather than just using the same old sweeping techniques of using OP legendary pokemon over and over again, and not having to think up much of a plan in battles, making them, well, kinda boring to watch after a time. You should know too, because you remember your training with the friendlies during their little matches had spectators getting a bit too angered or bored by seeing fighters using the same OP tactics over and over again.
No. 1074452 ID: f3171e

This might be a valid angle.

I don't think we need to invite him to eat somewhere, we're on his yacht right now. But yes, I think approaching things from the angle of crazy power levels being too boring is a good way to go. Plus a little bit about Stetson being in danger, his father is someone influential after all.

Scott was interested if our transformation has led to any unique approaches to battling. Share with him about the unique double-battle approach of master and apprentice vs master and apprentice we did with the Friendlies, with the apprentice in a support role to a more powerful lead 'mon.
Maybe leave out the raid boss battles with Groudon, we want to avoid him getting interested in poking Legendaries.
No. 1074470 ID: 9ea24b
File 169698556822.png - (127.74KB , 500x500 , p55.png )

Tracy’s cheeks are a little pink, but she doesn’t show any sign of being drunk and firmly orders you to say what you want to say to Scott.

>Ask him to ban Latias, Latios, and Deoxys from the Battle Frontier on the basis of safety and fairness
You find Scott in a purple tropical print shirt this time, flanked by the Slowking from earlier and chatting with a man with light blue hair who seems vaguely familiar. A celebrity of some kind? Scott pats the other man on the back and then turns to you.

You’ve prepared a written statement, which you shove into Scott’s hands hastily. He takes a moment to read.

:pokescotface: No one’s been able to use those three for a while now anyway. It’d be good PR to officially ban them on the basis of safety, even if I miss seeing them battle.

You give an eager nod.

:pokescotface: Trainers will still try to catch them of course, but it should help your new friend Latios. Trying to get into his good books, I gotcha.

:pokescotface: If I’m doing you a favor, I think it’s fair if you help me out as well. I’m curious about what you’ve learned as a Pokemon.

What do you offer in exchange for Scott implementing the ban?
A. Offer to show Scott the battling techniques you learned from the Friendlies tournament (will take five mornings after you’re finished with the education sessions)

B. Offer Scott the inside scoop on what the Legendaries and the Friendlies want (less time consuming, but you’re kind of ratting on your friends)

C. You can’t think of anything right now, but you’ll owe Scott a favor
No. 1074471 ID: 315b2a

A. We're trying to get on the legend's good side, and snitching on them doesn't seem like a good way to do that.

Plus, people might take us more seriously if we're behind the hot new battling format!
No. 1074473 ID: 58dd24

Is that thing where you can learn TM moves with just concerted practice and the knowledge that it should be possible to figure out a worthy kind of hidden knowledge?
No. 1074494 ID: 273c18

A. It's not important information, I don't think, but Scott seems to really like watching Pokemon battle so he'll be entertained.

I don't really understand how B is "ratting out" your friends since the whole point of all this is to communicate the wants and needs of pokemon to the humans but if that's how it's presented then I know from experience that choosing that option is going to result in pissing them off, somehow.
However... at some point you're going to want to ask the Friendlies if they want to send a message to Scott or any other humans, about what they want? Start up a line of communication there for diplomacy's sake. Latios is already trying to communicate that the Legendaries want to be left alone so I dunno why that's even included in B? I'm just confused here.
No. 1074500 ID: 273c18

Hmm, I wonder if Scott would like watching the Friendlies' tournaments?
No. 1074509 ID: a7a180

TMs are a profitable business, maybe the fact we figured them out on our own should stay on the down low?
No. 1074514 ID: 196206

Let's not do that without consulting them. Establishing open communication is good, but for safety's sake, probably also good to establish neutral territory for meetings too.

No. 1074517 ID: 8f9bc4

D. Scott is hitting on you. He clearly wants that flygon ass. Swoon before his salacious suggestion that you help him out by telling what you "learned" as a pokèmon.
No. 1074533 ID: 9ea24b
File 169707337908.png - (96.29KB , 500x500 , p56.png )

The whole learning moves through repeated practice would be terrible for the TM economy. You’ll keep that nugget of knowledge a secret.

>A, it’s not important info and you’ll learn more about Scott and the Battle Frontier
This option could lead to the most diplomacy opportunities, the danger is that prolonged exposure to Scott will make you very susceptible to his desires. A problem for future you to deal with.

You and Scott exchange numbers so you can meet up with him in four days. He promises that the ban will be published that same day, after you show up and fulfill your end of the bargain. Scott hands you back your notebook and starts talking to Tracy. You decide to call it a night and take Gardevoir home.

The next morning, Drew agrees to catch Skiddle and Latios continues to treat you better. You refrain from saying anything about the Legendary ban promise, but you notice Latios glancing at you whenever you think about it.

Drew and Stetson will be back at school a week from tomorrow, and will have limited time to help or hangout.

What do you do this afternoon?
A. Talk to the Friendlies about Scott and opening a possible line of communication
B. Visit the daycare
C. Talk to a human
No. 1074535 ID: a7a180

Visit daycare.
No. 1074545 ID: f3171e

A. Have a talk with the Big Three and bring Absol in on the meeting to vibe check ideas.
No. 1074548 ID: 315b2a

Daycare. We've got to go there eventually, and tbh I don't trust scott enough to let him into friendlies.
No. 1074556 ID: 273c18

A. Do it while you're uninfluenced. Warn them that you might be acting a bit funny about Scott for the following week so if you bring up the subject again it might be because of the badge stuff.
...I wonder if we could convince Scott to put away a badge or two so the effect is weaker.
No. 1074564 ID: dd3fe0


Bring a decorated metal carrying case, a fancy foam filled heavy duty one, as a gift, for him to immediately put his badges in. You could even get some of the Friendlies to help you decorate it.
No. 1074592 ID: 9ea24b
File 169715808214.png - (105.39KB , 500x500 , p57.png )

>Ask Scott to put his badges in a metal case when you see him again
It can’t hurt to ask.

>A/B tie, random selection B, visit the daycare
You introduce Skiddle to Drew at the den, make sure the catching goes smoothly, then walk across the dirt road to the daycare area and easily hop the fence.

>Stealth check: Success
It’s as you remember it from the last time you were here searching for your clothes and wallet: immaculate landscaping, pond, and several employees in red aprons doing chores. Nobody notices the big green dragon breaking into the enclosure, so you get a moment to observe. You see a familiar Ditto napping in the sun, though he’s no longer wearing your tie, and an egg swollen Vaporeon lying by the pond.

You want the non-Ditto perspective at the daycare, and the Vaporeon seems like a good candidate for an interview. What do you say to her?
No. 1074594 ID: f3171e

Introduce yourself as one of the neighbors and see how she's feeling. She looks a little down.
No. 1074595 ID: a7a180

Howdy, stranger. What's your read on that old man and lady? I suspect they're feigning ignorance on the whole egg process.
No. 1074625 ID: e4a3dc

DID YOU KNOW that you're not human so this joke is moot.

I always wondered if Vaporeon had an awkward time with friendships, considering they're one of only a few Pokemon that have access to two groups of mon that seldom interact with each other. Y'know, land and water locked pokemon.
No. 1074626 ID: 2c1245

Ask why she's sad. Bored? Too many eggings?
No. 1074649 ID: 9ea24b
File 169721857171.png - (114.88KB , 500x500 , p58.png )

>Make a joke about the meme levels of popularity of Vaporeon on the internet
You don’t say anything out loud since this doesn’t seem like the right situation to bring it up, but you’re definitely thinking about it. You have more than a few fantasies yourself.

>Do the daycare owners know what sex is?
Yes, you assume they omit details for the sake of underage trainers.

>She looks unhappy, see how she’s feeling
:pokeflyface: Hey there! I’m one of the Pokemon who lives around this area and I wanted to check out the daycare.

:pokevapface: The food pellets are a nice change from berries, but if you come back too often the breeders will recognize you and chase you out.

:pokeflyface: Oh haha, I’m not interested in the food, I wanted to meet some new mons. I’ve talked to a Ditto before and they’re not much for conversation, so I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Flygon! Nice to meet you.

:pokevapface: Hi. You’ll have to wait for me to pass this egg if you want to fuck.

:pokeflypanik: I’m not here for that either, at least right now. I noticed you looked sad, is there, uh, something bothering you?

Vaporeon slumps further into the grass, and you’re reminded of Houndoom when he was depressed.

:pokevapface: I don’t know. I don’t have anything to be sad about, but I still feel like shit.

:pokeflysad: Have you been here a long time? And had a lot of eggs?

:pokevapface: Yes. I’ve lost track of both. It used to be fun, you know, like a kink thing, but at some point I stopped caring. My trainer still comes to pick up eggs every week, she’s trying for a shiny Eevee, though sometimes I produce extra eggs and the daycare keeps them.

:pokeflyshock: Do you have any friends here?

:pokevapface: I’ve made plenty of friends, fuckbuddies, whatever. Pokemon come and go all the time and I usually don’t see them again once their trainers take them away.

Vaporeon is talkative, even when she’s in a glum mood. You make yourself comfortable next to her and think of how to reply.
No. 1074650 ID: 503890


More than likely? She's sad that she isn't a part of the life and growth and raising and nurturing of her family. If she doesn't get to be involved in her children's lives... without even a chance, having done nothing wrong on her own (like human parents often do)? That's just horrible. And to have it happen again and again?
No. 1074652 ID: 503890


To add to this, even if she has various fetishes associated with her lifestyle (breeding, egg laying, brood mare, casual sex, etc.), it's still not a lifestyle with a lot of novelty or chance of self improvement. Or even being involved in her family! And she doesn't have a chance for a long term, emotionally deep friendship or romance.

Hell, even being able to keep in touch online with her fuckfriends would be am improvement!

It turns out, living your life like the brood mare type protagonist of a breeding focused eroge, even if you think that's hot, might not be particularly amazing long term...

Though these are guesses. Maybe ask questions about whether x or y would make her happier and more fulfilled?
No. 1074655 ID: d12d56

Have you spent a lot of time with your trainer? I hope she’s a good person, who if she took a moment to think about it would realize it isn’t fair to you, or all those many (many, many…) eggs that she’s going to disregard them all in favor of that one Eevee that has special fur.
No. 1074658 ID: 503890


Good lord, medical intervention to do gene editing to express the shiny gene before the Eevee is hatched would possibly be more ethical than being forced to have egg after egg, and that's saying quite a lot!

Has she considered her circumstances and their systemic implications from a moral and ethical perspective?
No. 1074659 ID: 8f9bc4

Does she want to produce a shiny Eevee? I mean it would be neat maybe, but what does she get out of it? Laying eggs constantly sounds boring! Doesn't sound like her trainer really cares very much about what she wants. What happens to all the not shiny eevees, anyway?
No. 1074660 ID: 503890


There's also that (frankly still quite problematic) religious/mythological/spiritual explanation for *why* Pokemon are okay with being subservient to Humans: it's supposed to make both the mon in question AND the trainer, the best version of themselves as they can be. How does her activity help the trainer grow into a better person? How about herself?
No. 1074664 ID: b8122b

Could the Sylveon we know happen to be hers, by chance? If so maybe we could arrange a meeting (only if there's a way to confirm this)?
No. 1074670 ID: b8122b

Oof- sorry, I mean Espeon.
No. 1074686 ID: 7da5ff

Sounds like she's gotten bored of the hedonistic novelty. Was her trainer alwyas like this to her?
No. 1074721 ID: 2a82d3

DO her kids come back to visit? Traditionally, if they don't trade them off, breeders just release them into the wild.
No. 1074736 ID: b5a3d0

>>Vaporeon is talkative, even when she’s in a glum mood. You make yourself comfortable next to her and think of how to reply.

This would usually imply she'd really like someone to vent too. Or that she's going beyond the point of jaded and the existential dread is setting in and doesn't care to filter what she says. Or both.
No. 1074740 ID: 9ea24b
File 169730597988.png - (117.58KB , 500x500 , p59.png )

>Vaporeon is Espeon’s mother
This is almost certainly true, though if you want confirmation you can ask Espeon. Vaporeon has too many children to know which one you’re talking about.

>What happens to all of the non-shiny Eevees that hatch?
:pokevapface: I assume my trainer either releases them, gives them away, or puts them in storage. I don’t see them.

>Constantly laying eggs sounds boring, what does Vaporeon get out of this?
:pokevapface: Sex is still pleasurable, and I want to make my trainer happy. She’s spent so long trying to get a shiny Eevee that I would feel bad if I stopped.

>Has her trainer always been like this?
:pokevapface: I’m not sure I get what you’re saying, she’s a pretty normal trainer. Some people are more into rare Pokemon than battling, and after you finish the gym circuit there’s not much else to do unless you want to commit to the Battle Frontier.

>What would she like to do with her life, if she had the choice?
:pokevapface: Huh, I’d like to meet up with some of my friends and swim in a big lake or river. If any of my children wanted to see me, I’d be happy with that too. I guess I really just want something other than…this.

>Express the fact that this situation is pretty fucked up and unfair for Vaporeon
:pokevapsad: Yeah. But if I leave I might be replaced by someone who likes this a lot less than I do. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a downer and I appreciate you listening to me.

How do you want to help Vaporeon? You’re already planning to ask Espeon to visit her.
A. Talk to her trainer (she’ll be stopping by the daycare tomorrow afternoon)

B. Tell the Friendlies that Vaporeon and subsequent replacements need to be rescued

C. Other (suggest)

Also, do you want to aim for an eventual legislative ban on shiny hunting?
No. 1074750 ID: 2a82d3

A. Outright rebellion is flashy, but drastic compared to just... talking it out directly. If they aren't outright cruel, it's likely her trainer is in as much a rut as she is. They just needs to recognize she needs a break, and a reaffirmation of their bond. Casuals can catch the habits the competitive meta, more often in unconscious ways. Have them return to being a trainer and her pokemon, if only for a little while.

We're her friends also under the same trainer? Then, that'd make a great reunion.

Complement her on still being pretty after all she's been through. Tbh she seems weirdly cute enough that taking a round with her IS tempting. Want an eevee kid? Not as a reward, to be clear.
No. 1074752 ID: 273c18

A, tell the trainer that Vaporeon needs a vacation. Simple solution without giving up on the shiny dream.

I don't think we need any specific legislation for this. It's covered in our outreach efforts towards trainers thinking more about how their pokemon feel.
Hmm, what would really be effective is if there were humans paired with psychic pokemon that could go around finding unfair siutations like this that can be fixed. "Pokemon inspectors" so to speak.
No. 1074757 ID: a7a180

...Nah, not a ban, but regulate it. You don't want to drive the shiny market underground.
A. It's time to tell her to give up on her dreams! -I mean, consider the cost the hunt takes on others and herself. When's the last time she spent any time with Vaporeon?
No. 1074764 ID: f3171e

Her treatment right now isn't going to raise enough outrage to get public support for a total ban. The general populace will just think it's a luxury to get to laze around and fuck all day.
No. 1074795 ID: 9ea24b
File 169738414752.png - (122.98KB , 500x500 , p60.png )

>A, with consideration for future shiny hunting regulation, though not a total ban
You tell Vaporeon that you’re going to talk to her trainer tomorrow and convince her to give up on the shiny hunting dream, for the good of herself and all of her Pokemon. Vaporeon gives you a hopeful smile, and you blush and stammer that she’s very pretty, and next time you see her you’d love to go a round or two.

>Get an Eevee kid
You aren’t in the Field egg group and thus can’t reproduce with Vaporeon.

That evening, Espeon confirms that Vaporeon is her mother, but seems unwilling to meet with her.

:pokeespfrown: I know this situation isn’t her fault, but she could have run away or not had so many eggs. She’s kind of the opposite of how I want to live my life. She’s just…ugh.

>The next morning…
>Trainer intelligence check: Success
You’re worried that as you reach the last two education sessions, some idiot trainer will get desperate and try to catch Latios, but the session proceeds without any alerts from Gardevoir.

Afterwards, Latios hangs around for a moment and speaks into your mind.

:pokelatioface: I talked with Deoxys, he wants to come talk to you tomorrow morning after the last education session.

:pokeflyshock: Okay! That’d be great.

That afternoon, you hunker down in one of the trees surrounding the daycare and wait until a woman wearing a big purple hat and matching pantsuit walks up to the fence and starts speaking with the daycare owner. Once several eggs change hands, to be put in a fancy looking backpack, you swoop down to the ground and hold out a greeting on your notebook.

The trainer instantly puts her hand on a Pokeball, but doesn’t initiate a fight when she sees who you are, since you’ve become a known figure in the trainer community.

The woman introduces herself as Vania. The daycare owner watches curiously as you explain how you spoke with Vaporeon yesterday and how being a good trainer means giving one’s Pokemon a break. You encourage Vania to give up on the shiny hunt and reaffirm her bond with Vaporeon.

:pokevaniaface: Thank you for the advice. I’ll let Vaporeon rest, but whether or not I continue shiny hunting is none of your business.

She tells the daycare owner that she’d like to withdraw Vaporeon, and walks into the daycare building. You watch through the window with alarm as she uses the PC in the corner. After several minutes, the old lady at the desk hands her a Pokeball, no doubt containing Vaporeon, and takes another Pokeball in exchange. Vania moves back towards the PC. What do you do?

A. Confront her (be prepared to battle)
B. Leave
C. Other (suggest)
No. 1074796 ID: 196206

Attacking her here over this would ruin the rep and progress we've built.
C. She will eventually bring Vaporeon back out to shiny huny more, so we alert the Friendlies and maintain plausible deniability.
Let them handle the legal gray areas, and we keep working towards better regulations.
No. 1074800 ID: a7a180

It's not attacking her, per se. We certainly won't swing first. Pokemon battles are an established method of settling differences. Harness your shonen powers to drive the point home that she needs to take more time to think about it. All you ask is that she truly listen to her Pokemon and herself.
No. 1074807 ID: f3171e

Counterpoint: We're solo, she has an unknown number of Pokemon of unknown types, and we don't know how experienced she is. It sounds like shiny hunting tends to be a hobby of experienced trainers, so she's unlikely to be a pushover.
No. 1074813 ID: 273c18

C: tell her that the PC puts pokemon in stasis so that's not actually giving Vaporeon a break at all. Perhaps you're misunderstanding what she's doing?
No. 1074821 ID: 273c18

To be clear, if she's taking a different eeveeline out of the PC to replace Vaporeon well that's certainly within her rights, and if she plans to leave Vaporeon in the PC until the replacement pops out a shiny then that is basically fine as well. I mean, Vaporeon won't experience that time but she won't have to go back to work either, so her "break" will happen later than we were expecting. Downside is we won't get to tap that ass since she won't be around for an indeterminate amount of time.
No. 1074856 ID: 9ea24b
File 169748221127.png - (112.57KB , 500x500 , p61.png )

>C, avoid a fight but try to communicate further
Vania puts Vaporeon in the PC, which means you may never see her again and also can’t tap that. You wonder if she’s misunderstood what a break means, and scribble a message that you try to show Vania as she exits, but she purposefully ignores you and walks away. If you try to talk to her again she’ll consider it harassment.

You crane your neck to look over the fence and see a female Flareon trotting around the enclosure, sniffing at everything curiously. The old man is watching you closely and any future attempts to hop the fence will have a 75% chance to be intercepted by daycare staff. If Flareon goes missing, you’ll be a suspect. What do you do about Vaporeon’s replacement?

A. Come back another day to talk to Flareon
B. Tell the Friendlies to rescue her and any more replacements
C. This is getting messy, leave the daycare alone
No. 1074857 ID: 8f9bc4


Come back another day and talk with her. Her trainer probably didn't even tell her she's substituting to give Vaporeon a break in the elusive shiny hunt. So someone should at least inform her of that.
No. 1074858 ID: 273c18

No. 1074859 ID: 2a82d3

A. You're not dropping this plot.

Consider, since getting in illegitimately is getting harder, being invited in for legitimate purposes. You'd be participating in the system, but caring for the eggs, yours or no, would cultivate Dad Energy and boost your public image.
No. 1074860 ID: a7a180

A. Even when you (vote to) stumble over your feet and land flat on your face, you just get back up and try again.
No. 1074867 ID: 7aa107

C. It'd probably make us look bad to the public if word gets out.
No. 1074872 ID: f3171e

B. But arrange it for while you're seen somewhere else to give yourself an alibi, like while you're hanging out with Scott.
No. 1074874 ID: 19ea25

C. Things are now getting heated
No. 1074877 ID: 951e34

A, let's not drop this plot. But can we talk to Friendlies about options in general? Maybe we've overlooked something.

Can we dig up some info on this trainer? Maybe some dirt?
No. 1074896 ID: 273c18

...hmm, if the caretaker here will intercept us if we try to hop the fence can we just ask permission instead? Or... I can't think of a reason why we wouldn't be allowed to speak to a pokemon by calling them over and standing next to the fence to talk.
No. 1074898 ID: 1ebc99

I think Vania understood us she just doesn't care about her pokemon.
Lets go with A for now but I'm all for B.
No. 1074904 ID: b8122b

A. If we really have to get inside the pokemon area then maybe Stetson could admit us into the daycare then uhh "change his mind" and take us back out when we're done?
No. 1074932 ID: 9ea24b
File 169758862157.png - (99.43KB , 500x500 , p62.png )

>Think about your options
B and C are your two options that address the daycare situation with finality. There would be consequences to the Friendlies repeatedly stealing Pokemon from the daycare of course, but at least the rescued Eeveelutions would have a good life. Vaporeon is stuck in the PC and anything short of extorting Vania won’t get her freed in the duration of the rest of this quest. Gengar would be happy to help you with any extortion business.

Choice A lets you gather more information at the cost of worsening consequences for your investigations, since Vania isn’t legally doing anything wrong.

>A, you’re not dropping this
Even if Flareon is okay with her life now, she’ll inevitably get sick of being used as a breeder like Vaporeon did. You get the idea to evade detection by having Stetson put you in the daycare for an afternoon. You don’t think persuading the daycare director or trying to talk to Flareon from the other side of the fence will work.

>The next morning…
Today, your final education session takes place in Mauville. All of your hard work has had a moderate level positive impact on trainer understanding and treatment of Pokemon. Tracy is satisfied with her contribution and will be reluctant to help with any more of your activist efforts.

Latios seems pleased as well, and once the crowd disperses, leads you into a nearby cloud, where Deoxys is waiting in his normal form. What do you say to him?
No. 1074933 ID: f3171e

Bow our head and both verbally and telepathically express regret for our selfish actions towards him. No rationalizations or excuses, just accept that it was a bad, selfish thing that we did to benefit our own wish.

Then, see what he has to say that he had Latios reach out to you for.
No. 1074949 ID: 273c18

Well apologize for getting him caught, though do say you would've asked Stetson to release him after a week or something.
No. 1074970 ID: 95413b

He has a unique viewpoint on... well, everything. Ask him for guidance or his impressions of the world and the people in it and your own behavior.
No. 1074971 ID: 7da5ff

Excuses just come across as an insincere apology.
No. 1074972 ID: 31598f


To be honest we might be nervous enough to make excuses anyway.
No. 1075085 ID: 315b2a

sorry u-u.

(as an aside, do latios/latias have soul dew? could we roll to dig around the southern island in search of some?)
No. 1075098 ID: 9ea24b
File 169776704838.png - (132.89KB , 500x500 , p63.png )

>Bow your head and express genuine regret
You learned your lesson from dealing with Latios: no intrusive thoughts! You focus all of your might on mentally and verbally conveying your apologies for Deoxys’ capture while slipping in a few small excuses. It’s true that Stetson never took advantage of Deoxys to sweep the Elite Four, at your behest, so you have a good argument there. Also, since you didn’t fight Latios when he came to rescue Deoxys, that’s even more points in your favor.

You try not to flinch when Deoxys gets his tentacles up in your face. They wiggle around your head and you feel the start of a headache before he pulls away.

:pokedeoxface: OKAY. IT’S FINE I GUESS.



What would you like Deoxys to help you with? He’s already going to talk to Latias with Latios about not hurting Stetson again or taking all of your money.
A. Have him keep an eye on you while you spend time with Scott for the next five days
B. Have him come with you for your eventual government lobbying

Also, you’re planning to talk to Flareon this afternoon with Stetson’s help. What do you say to her?
No. 1075108 ID: f3171e

Deoxys did seem irritated by sexual thoughts. Maybe he finds it gross. We should control our nymphomania around the asexual tentacle dude.

B. When we speak to the government, it will be important to be able to navigate the complex web of allegiances and agendas. It is also a pretty hefty power move to have an infamous Legendary we've feuded with in the past show up with us on... okay terms.

>Also, you’re planning to talk to Flareon this afternoon with Stetson’s help. What do you say to her?
Learn more about Vania. Our experience with her so far does not paint her in a good light. Share some stories about Stetson so it's not just an interrogation.
No. 1075114 ID: 273c18

No. 1075117 ID: a7a180

A. There's just something about him. it's a lot easier to read an individual's mind than a whole government's.
No. 1075146 ID: 9ea24b
File 169783602438.png - (109.49KB , 500x500 , p64.png )

>B, take your lobbying to the next level
It’ll be useful to have Deoxys around when you’re interacting with the Elite Four, both for intimidation factor and mind reading capabilities. You’ll try to keep your horniness to a minimum when you’re around him.

You tell Deoxys that you’ll Fly around outside your den when you need his help. He agrees to stay in the area.

Stetson is still as injured as the last time you saw him, but you can tell he’s dying to get outside the house and Brendan reluctantly gives him permission to go on a short trip. You hear him gasping with pain from his ribs as he gets into Pelipper’s beak, but he makes it to the daycare and gives your Pokeball to the old lady at the front desk.

She puts you in your ball, and the next thing you know it, you’ve been released in the fenced area. You and Stetson agreed that he’d come pick you up in a couple of hours so that he’d have time to have fun in Mauville.

>Flareon sex enjoyment check: Failure
You find Flareon barking at a doppelganger, who melts back into a Ditto and waddles away. She doesn’t look pregnant, so it seems like she’s not a fan of the breeding lifestyle like Vaporeon.

>Flareon Vania familiarity check: Failure
Flareon turns to you with a curled lip and you hurriedly explain your whole daycare investigation.

:pokeflyface: Some trainers are nice to their Pokemon and allow them more freedom. My trainer Stetson is a really good kid, though it took him some time and help to get there. Can you tell me anything about your trainer?

:pokeflarface: I don’t know much about her. I remember hatching, then being given a Fire Stone, then coming here. That’s about it for my whole life honestly.
No. 1075162 ID: b6ec4d

Honestly, I'm all for having the Friendlies rescue these poor Eeveelutions at this point. If it was a 'mon that was fine with it, then it might have been okay to leave things as they were for a while. Perhaps they'd get the shiny, and that'd be that. This isn't gonna work out though. Flareon doesn't want to breed, and even if they do and produce a shiny, what then? Personally, I get the vibe that all these Eeveelutions get tossed in the PC and forgotten about from our sole interaction with this trainer so far. That might not be totally fair, but it's not like we can talk to her without being accused of harassment to check if we're right or not.

This woman is treating her Pokemon like livestock. Pokemon are intelligent creatures, yet this Flareon has been bred for this sole task of having sex. This is not acceptable, full stop.
No. 1075164 ID: 273c18

I expect the trainer will realize Flareon is not producing eggs and will swap again.
Let's just do some investigation into the trainer via the internet or her released pokemon to get more information.
No. 1075167 ID: f3171e


As Gengar advised, "Extort, King." Let's recruit help from Porygon and Gengar's gaggle of ghosts to do a deep dive on this woman and find something on her we can use as blackmail material.
No. 1075171 ID: 8f9bc4

Inform her that breeding is a lot of fun but it takes a while, and her trainer put her here to give birth to a shiny eevee, which takes even longer. She'll pretty much have to have several dozen (hundred?) children before a shiny one comes out, though she doesn't get to keep any. They're pretty much just tossed out in the wild. If she doesn't, her trainer will put her back in the PC uh, probably forever. So that uh, is the rest of her life, if she doesn't have a problem with it.
No. 1075172 ID: dd3fe0

Let's tap our resources to find some DIRT on this trainer and maybe do some crime to get some stuff she values and extort her to change her ways! Some people require a heavy hand!
No. 1075188 ID: 2c1245

wow that is, really really sad. like that's cool her trainer can afford a stone, but it's still sad all she does here is stay here all day sexing. Not that sex is bad or anything, but she needs more stimulation! Is there any pokemon that belong to the daycare staff? maybe they have paint supplies, or maybe an area where Pokemon can do light sparing. Pokemon are all about the fight! Some times!
No. 1075199 ID: 9ea24b
File 169791555047.png - (130.19KB , 500x500 , p65.png )

>This is unacceptable
You assume Flareon will be switched with another breeder when Vania discovers she isn’t producing eggs at her next visit, thus trapping her in the PC again indefinitely. When you explain this to Flareon, she reacts with horror, but you assure her you’ll take care of it before that time comes and that she’ll be safe at the daycare for now.

You stay at the daycare until Stetson comes to pick you up, because you are a good boy. You learn there isn’t much to do besides play fight, eat, fuck, and lounge around.

Visiting Flareon today has the added minor consequence that the daycare couple know Stetson is your trainer.

>Learn your extortion options and find blackmail material for Vania
You bring your laptop to the Friendlies Base in the evening and hunker down in Gengar’s treehouse with Eevee, Gengar, and Porygon to do some digging.

>Internet search check (Guaranteed success with Porygon)
Porygon finds Vania’s full name very quickly after you describe her appearance. From there it’s easy to find her address, age, and various other personal information.

>Vania family check: Failure
Vania does not have any children or other close relatives to kidnap.

>Vania fancy job avoidance check: Failure
Vania is one of several Vice Presidents at the Devon Corporation in Rustboro, which explains her expensive looking outfit. There will be more consequences for targeting her because of her connections.

:pokegendrama: Oh that poor Flareon! And that long suffering Vaporeon!

:pokeevemad: I have hundreds of aunts and uncles trapped in the PC! Let’s get this Vania lady.

:pokeflyshock: Porygon, did you find anything blackmail worthy?

:pokeporyface: I do not see any history of crime or socially deviant actions. What I have shown you is what we know.

:pokegensmile: Now Flygon dear, I know you’re opposed to physical violence, but there’s still plenty to work with. We’ll have these Pokemon freed in no time.

How would you like to do this? Suggest methods to deal with Vania. Examples include kidnapping without physical harm, psychological damage from persistent haunting, Dream Eating, threatening notes, etc.
No. 1075201 ID: dd3fe0

Is dream based Inception a thing?
No. 1075216 ID: 315b2a

can we use a combination of gengar's recon team and porygon's digital abilities to steal her login info, then threaten to delete her files/ post reputation ruining shit on her socials
unless she stops abusing her pokemon?
No. 1075224 ID: a7a180

Dream eating. See how she likes it frozen in a box! After all, they say write what you know.
No. 1075225 ID: b8122b

Can Gengar induce a nightmare? Something subtle like all her mons in stasis begging for release, and the Eeveelines hating her or calling her a slavedriver/pimp.
No. 1075226 ID: 273c18

Wow we are failing a lot of rolls now.

Honestly I don't think we should do the direct approach. We didn't find any blackmail material so there's nothing preventing her from retaliating, and any recognizable action by the Friendlies will be associated with us once she does, solidifying Flygon's ties to what is essentially a rogue pokemon faction that has a kill count (of poachers, but you can be sure a smear campaign will leave that detail out). She's got the influence to hurt us, so basically, taking direct action is political suicide.
What we SHOULD do is record all the information on her that we can and then present the evidence of her PC/breeding abuse to the Elite Four so THEY can get her to stop.

Unfortunately I don't think that's an option at this point due to the previous update's suggestion majority, so I'm gonna support hacking into her files and doing the ransomware approach. Here are my demands:
1, bring her eeveelutions to a psychic pokemon to see which of them are likely to want to produce eggs in the long term so she can continue her shiny hunting.
2, release all of her unwanted pokemon from the PC. She can keep whoever she has plans to use.
3, give Vaporeon a break in the real world. Apparently Vaporeon is loyal and probably won't appreciate being released or traded away, but that is an option she is allowed to take.
4, once she has her shiny, repeat demand 2.
No. 1075236 ID: f3171e

Tormenting her with bad dreams and a lack of sleep will bring her suffering, but she's likely to take that suffering out on anyone like Flareon who doesn't cooperate with her desires. Blackmail or ransomware are an option and could get her to the bargaining table but still risk being traced back to us since she has powerful corporate friends.

Forcing Pokemon to have constant sex largely against their will seems like something that would piss Deoxys off. I wonder what fresh horrors he and Gengar could cook up together if we got their heads in the same room. A key part of speak softly and carry a big stick is to have a big stick.
No. 1075237 ID: f3171e

Still, some nightmares to make her more pliable is a good way to start, and as long as the ghost gaggle takes care not to be noticed by any Espeons she employs, we can brush it off as bad dreams from a guilty conscience.
No. 1075243 ID: 273c18

"forced to have sex"? I don't think that's an accurate way of putting it. The trainer isn't telling them to have sex, apparently, since Flareon didn't know what her situation was. I dunno how Vaporeon even knows about the shiny hunt.
No. 1075254 ID: b6ec4d

The odds may have been stacked against us on those particular rolls. No way of really knowing.

This seems like a good track to take.
No. 1075297 ID: 9ea24b
File 169801007909.png - (92.20KB , 500x500 , p66.png )

As a reminder, all checks are a 50/50 unless specified otherwise. I try to structure checks so that the “Failure” option is more negative but some outcomes are more impactful than others, or can be interpreted either way, such as the Vania having a family check.

>How does Vaporeon even know about the shiny hunt?
You assume Vaporeon is the Pokemon Vania started the hunt with, and has been around for so long that she’s picked up what Vania wanted, either from being told or coming to her own conclusions.

>Report Vania to the Elite Four or a Legendary
As stated before, Vania is doing nothing illegal and unless you lobby for different laws, there’s no basis for reporting her. The general human public also wouldn’t consider her to be abusing her Pokemon. You could tell a Legendary, but you have no guarantee that they’re interested in the plight of normal Pokemon.

It’s true that you CANNOT take action against Vania at this point without there being some kind of retaliation and political consequences. Porygon cannot release Pokemon from the storage system.

>Take control of Vania’s personal computer files and have Gengar give her nightmares
Gengar explains that she can’t control what kind of nightmares she gives Vania, but the woman will experience extreme fatigue during the day and generally be in much worse mental condition. Before she does that, Gengar will spy on Vania and pass her password info onto Porygon, who'll take control of Vania’s computer.

What do you want to request in your ransom note for Vania which you’ll deliver in two mornings? Include as many of the following options as you’d like:
A. Release all unused Pokemon in the PC (what counts as unused?)
B. Give Vaporeon a break outside the PC for as long as the water Pokemon wants
C. Only use Pokemon who like sex for breeding, verified by verbal inquiry
D. Stop shiny hunting entirely
E. Other (suggest)
No. 1075302 ID: a7a180

No. 1075307 ID: dd3fe0

A, and B, and C. Unused is any pokemon that have been in there for over 1 month.
No. 1075318 ID: 273c18

I really dislike the term "unused" here. It implies that it doesn't matter what her future plans are. "unneeded" or "unwanted" would be much better, like I used in my previous list of demands.


E: Tell her she can keep at most 10 duplicate pokemon of any evolution line in her PC, though each unique evolution increases the cap by 1, so eevee and their evolutions would be capped at like 15 or something I don't feel like checking.
No. 1075328 ID: f3171e

No. 1075334 ID: e5709d

This, and
E - If she wants a shiny so bad, then she'll have to earn one the old-fashioned way. No more breeding pokemon just to casually discard or hoard; she doesn't even find them new homes. But you can help; just offer to ask around the Pokemon community about shiny Eevees that want a meticulous grooming trainer.
No. 1075336 ID: 273c18

Can we at least agree she's allowed to negotiate? God, this is such a fucked up situation.
No. 1075339 ID: b6ec4d

Let's think about this.

I think C is an easy exclusion if you think about it. If a Pokemon doesn't like sex, they just won't have it, like Flareon is currently demonstrating. There's no reason to currently demand this, as this is already her intention.

B and A are the most important ones I think. We can argue the wording on A all we want, but the basic idea is clear: Stop keeping Pokemon.you don't care about in indefinite storage. B could be a teaching point, as the thing to emphasize is that PC storage is literally not a break. The 'moms are in stadis in there, so their mental states remain thesame as they were when they were put in. Vaporeon needs a break, and the PC just doesn't cut it.

D is a bad call. Vania isn't doing anything wrong, just by bringing more Eevee into the world. All we care about is the way she treats those Pokemon. If she releases the ones she doesn't need into the wild, then that just means more Eevees for young trainers to catch.

As for E, maybe just a request that she not keep the same 'mon at the daycare making eggs for more than a week at a time without at least SOME non-PC break time in-between. It's a simple and achievable goal, following up on point B. Absolutely something you can ask for.

Tl;dr: A, B, E
No. 1075350 ID: f3171e

Good point, changing vote to this.
No. 1075394 ID: 9ea24b
File 169810591950.png - (111.33KB , 500x500 , p67.png )

>A, B, C, E
>E: cycle out the breeder Pokemon each week and reward them for their efforts
You’re willing to negotiate on C and you’re not sure how to enforce option E without continuing to stalk Vania for the rest of her shiny hunt, but that’s a problem for after the ransom deal is accepted. Plan settled, you thank Porygon and Gengar for their help and go home to sleep.

The next morning, Scott texts you to meet him on his boat near Evergrande again. In the daylight, the mega yacht looks even bigger than it had at the party, especially with it being so empty apart from the crew and cleaning staff.

You’re handed a mimosa which you drink absentmindedly while the boat starts chugging south. Alcohol doesn’t affect you, so it’s more for the flavor. Scott eventually emerges from his cabin, cheerfully confessing that he was up far too late partying last night.

How do you want to approach interactions with Scott for the next five mornings?
A. Let Scott get close (you’ll build a bond with him but also spill all your secrets)
B. Distance yourself from him as much as possible (Scott will get the message and keep things professional)
No. 1075407 ID: f3171e

Tough call, that's a real tough call. On the one hand he could be dangerous, but on the other hand he's one of the highest authority figures to show any interest at all in our cause. He's into battling above all else and between his winks at us and his shared look with Slowking, I think he might be into-into Pokemon too. He's definitely a hedonist, which has its pros and cons as far as arguments go. There's a chance he may be swung over to our side of things, since battling isn't really the part of Pokemon training culture we're against. Heck, plenty of wild Pokemon we've met enjoy it and seek it out. What we really want is for them to be out participating it, or be free to do what they want while not participating in it.

I'd say A, with the caveat that we do not explicitly reveal any illegal activity he doesn't already know about and don't write anything that could be used as evidence of it. Keep any of that to body cues and hypotheticals.
No. 1075421 ID: 273c18

"all your secrets" will be ALL our secrets, knowing tippler. Of course, it also says we'll form a bond, which goes both ways, so he'll probably keep those secrets. We haven't been that naughty, all things considered. At worst he'll make us play nice with Vania, but that in itself is acceptable because then it'll reduce or outright eliminate her retaliation, and if he's mediating the situation then she'll be more likely to change her behavior in the long run...

Also I'm getting good vibes from Scott. I think he could be a good friend.
No. 1075422 ID: 273c18

...huh, one way we could mollify Vania would be to find her a shiny Eevee in the wild. That'd take a lot of work though.
No. 1075426 ID: 2b6425

A, what’s a little oversharing between friends.
No. 1075427 ID: 196206

Not not telling, just watching how we tell.
Not explicitly confirming is for his benefit as much as ours'. Any explicit evidence is bad for us and if we tell him outright he's in a tough spot because not reporting it makes him a potential accessory.
No. 1075464 ID: dd3fe0

A. yea, lean a bit into similarities along lines of probable similar views on Moral Hedonism, Eudaimonaism, Sapientism, Utilitarianism as it applies to the above, etc.
No. 1075500 ID: 9ea24b
File 169820038438.png - (108.78KB , 500x500 , p68.png )

>Find a shiny Eevee in the wild to give to Vania
Eevee isn’t found in the wild anywhere in Hoenn. Finding the shiny yourself is basically impossible.

>A, though you’ll only tell Scott the gritty details if he asks
You’ve barely done anything illegal so far besides light property damage and match fixing, though you’re a bit guilty about the upcoming Vania blackmail. Scott will learn about you, but you’ll learn about him as well. Surely a super rich guy like himself has some dirty secrets, you’re personally betting on a Pokemon kink.

You finish your drink and pass the glass to the hovering waiter, then walk over and put your claw on Scott’s shoulder. Immersed in his badge field, you immediately feel warm and fuzzy toward the human.

:pokescotface: Oh hi! We’re gonna have a great time, Flygon. Check this out, I have that ban drafted and ready to go.

He shows you his PokeNav and you skim an official looking document before giving Scott a thumbs up.

:pokescotface: There, I gave the go ahead to my lawyers to make it public. Your pal Latios will be real pleased with you.

Scott gets excited when the Battle Frontier comes into view on the horizon. Once you disembark, he gives you the full tour of the island including his huge mansion. There are trainers walking around everywhere, and an almost equal number of Battle Frontier staff. You feel confident that you can find and Fly to the island for future visits.

You give Scott all of your novel battling ideas that you learned from the Friendlies tournament in less than an hour, which means the next four mornings will just be you and Scott hanging out. He asks you to Fly him around a little, though quickly asks to be put down, and then it’s already noon and you’re allowed to go home.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Brainstorm what Pokemon protections you want to lobby for
B. Talk to someone
No. 1075503 ID: a7a180

B: Father-daughter bonding time. You can paint your Pokeballs together or something. Maybe dig up some clay to try pottery? I wonder what move Skiddle will learn first.
No. 1075504 ID: f3171e

B. Confer with Deoxys on A to make sure you're both on the same page, and see what protections he and his friends would be interested in bringing up.
No. 1075505 ID: f3171e

Definitely do this later though.
No. 1075664 ID: f3171e

To break the stalemate, I'll chnage my vote to daughter hangout now and Legendary lobby summit later.
No. 1075692 ID: 9ea24b
File 169836592551.png - (110.32KB , 500x500 , p69.png )

>Father daughter hangout and training
Skiddle uses her first use of Sketch to copy Earthquake from your moveset. The two of you have fun blasting the soil around the stream that feeds into the nearest pond until you unearth a vein of clay, and then you spend the rest of the afternoon making models of different Pokemon. Skiddle’s a talented artist already, though your attempts at making Linoone and Espeon are pretty good!

The next morning, before you depart for the Battle Frontier, you write out the ransom note and give it to Gengar to deliver to Vania’s house. Gengar reports that the password stealing and nightmare inflicting went off without a hitch and that Vania was so frazzled she forgot to do her hair before leaving to work.

What would you like to talk to Scott about today? You can ask him any questions and he’ll answer, though if you ask him more personal stuff you’ll have to share your own gritty details.
No. 1075693 ID: 0b594e

Hanging out with Skiddle would probably combine A and B. Get the perspective of the youth.
No. 1075700 ID: f3171e

Ask him how he feels about the things you've been trying to do. What brought his interest, or was it just the novelty of a human turned Pokemon?
No. 1075708 ID: a7a180

Why did he found the Battle Frontier, and how does he see his own relationship with Pokemon? Does he have any pokemon partners?
No. 1075709 ID: 273c18

Ask him if he wouldn't mind putting away some of his badges so you're less brainblasted by them.
No. 1075711 ID: dd3fe0


Only when you aren't drinking! When you're drinking, it adds a pleasant buzz that you can't really get from the alcohol anymore, at least when he's happy and nearby!
No. 1075715 ID: 273c18

Oh, for a more casual question, ask what he likes about pokemon. Any favorites?
No. 1075717 ID: dd3fe0

Field some general questions about pokemon's rights, pokemon lib, fighting systemic injustice in human/pokemon interactions, what he sees as the biggest problems. If he's personally seen something that didn't feel right. Just gauge where he's at right now, to start.
No. 1075728 ID: 9ea24b
File 169843289678.png - (111.68KB , 500x500 , p70.png )

Scott takes you to see a couple high level matches, and then you end up back at his mansion sprawled over an oversized sofa, snacking on fancy fresh finger food.

:pokescotface: Usually I’m stuck in meetings most days, but since I’m the boss I said that these five mornings are specially reserved for you. It’s the closest I can get to a vacation.

>What does Scott like the most about Pokemon?
:pokescotface: Battles! I swear I’ve said this to you before, but it’s just so cool to see super strong Pokemon duking it out. I also like seeing how different trainers raise their Pokemon and change strategies to adapt to the meta. I’m going to implement some of those ideas you gave me yesterday as soon as I can.

>The badge buzz
You feel the warm and fuzzy tingle from Scott like you did on the boat yesterday. You glance at him surreptitiously to check for where he might be keeping his badges, but can’t see anything in his pockets.

>Ask Scott to put his badges away
:pokescotfrown: Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Since I don’t have any Pokemon of my own it’s a safety risk, and I’m a pretty important person.

You frown, just a little. Scott glances at your face.

:pokescotface: I know you convinced your trainer that they weren’t necessary, but I’ve seen enough Pokemon battles with moves going everywhere that I’m cautious. Don’t mean to be a bummer, but that’s how it is.

>How does Scott feel about your efforts
It was confirmed on the boat that most humans don’t take you too seriously, but you want Scott’s specific view.

:pokescotface: Look, I think what you did with those education lessons was great, no complaints. That’s the kind of voluntary thing that’ll always help reduce accidents and improve people’s bonds with their Pokemon.

:pokescotfrown: My problem is when you taught that crazy Gengar that lives north of Mauville how to read and write, which gave her the push to start harassing poor Lanette. That group of wild Pokemon is bad news, they’re radicals who hate humans.

He pushes himself upright and slings his arm over the back of the sofa.

:pokescotfrown: I wanted to ask you what they were planning. If it’s anything that would hurt Lanette, there needs to be action.

You can’t help but tell Scott that the Friendlies are sticking to their normal rescue activities and that he shouldn’t worry.

:pokescotface: And how about yourself? Any big plans?

The main thing you have left on your to-do list is the Elite Four lobbying, since wild Pokemon education will be an ongoing effort for the rest of your life. Scott presses you on what you’ll ask the government for, but since you haven’t thought of anything you’re not sure.

:pokescotface: Hey, if you go for some small, common sense stuff, I’ll back you 100%. I’ll even get Steven on board, since we’re the two guys who have the most influence about Pokemon laws in Hoenn.

You give a weak smile and Scott changes the subject before putting on a movie for the rest of the morning. You emerge from the mansion at noon blinking and disoriented.

How do you feel about what Scott said? What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Legislation brainstorm
B. Talk to a Pokemon
No. 1075741 ID: f3171e

This now, confer with Deoxys.

Sounds like about what we would expect most humans to think of the Friendlies. We could reassure him next time that their maliciousness is greatly exaggerated. In fact, the majority of their leadership has no beef with humans at all, their adversaries are poachers and abusers.

He seems close with Lanette, probably personal friends.
No. 1075748 ID: b8122b

A with Deoxys.
Scott would surely support regulations that incentivize trainers to commit to the pokemon they already have, which would likely bring the discovery of new strategies that he's seeking.
No. 1075758 ID: dd3fe0

Oh my goodness. Brainstorming time! Not all of these are reasonable to ask at this point or to begin lobbying for... but that's why it's a brainstorm! Let's see what ideas we can come up with!

-Make available and encourage the adoption of technology that adjusts pokeballs to allow for consent to capture for pokemon. Regulate excessively 'powerful' pokeballs, or pokeballs which have an undue effect on the mental condition of the pokemon. Establish a consent protocol for capturing pokemon.

-Establish laws that regulate the intensity and conditions of formal poekmon battles to avoid cruelty

-Establish schools where any pokemon can learn skills unrelated to battling, without fear of capture -- even wild pokemon

-Establish large sanctuary zones where pokemon can live free from capture and coercion in general

-Reform pokemon ownership standards, encouraging a pokemon partnership model, rather than an master/slave model, with legally defined rights and obligations for both parties

-Allow a mechanism for pokemon to technologically opt-out of being captured entirely that does not require them to find a trusted human confidant to capture them and register them and them let them go do their own thing

-Reform laws to allow pokemon the legal right to own property (be it personal, private, land, intellectual, etc.), manage finances, have legal personhood, legally marry (each other as well as humans), have a right to own property and land, have a right to mobility, have a right to a family life, have a right to work for wages, have a right to use their powers for self defense, a right to political participation, a right to education, a right to a fair trial

-Adjust the requirements of league based activities to allow for trainerless teams, or teams with a pokemon trainer, as well as laws that require a portion of battle earnings to go to the Pokemon involved.

-Encourage and/or mandate pokemon labor unions to negotiate conditions for pokemon used in labor and battling.

-Encourage the flourishing and protection of pokemon habitats where they are specifically exempt from human pressure or human trainer interference, and begin formally treating the organized versions of these enclaves as the sovereign independent territories they are, and especially create a reparation and land-back initiatie to return land to Pokemon it was stolen and conquered from. Further, damages and reparations should be paid to pokemon communities that have been devastated by being subjected to slavery

-Regulations for spaces, especially public spaces, be designed for unballed pokemon wherever possible, by improving architectural standards

-Change laws that allow for locations to bar unballed pokemon and which make segregation legal

-Establish a council of intelligent Pokemon, INCLUDING INTERESTED LEGENDARIES, to advise for legal and regulatory changes which impact Pokemon's lives, as well as formal watchdog commities to keep checks on potential exploitation

-Allow for Pokemon to be able to vote in Democratic institutions and run for office in Republic institutions

-Complete legal recognition of Pokemon as non-human persons, with full legal protections and rights

-Create an agency for regular audits on pokemon training facilities, and other powerful centers to maintain ethical treatment in the areas of greatest power

-Create mechanisms and prtoections for both Pokemon and humans to report abuses without fear of reprisal

-Create legal penalties where trainers face real legal penalties if they break agreed-upon contracts with their pokemon, and further, mandate the use of defined legal contracts which clearly outline the expectations and responsibilities of both parties, with opt out clauses for pokemon, and create comprehensive standards for these contracts, having them be based on informed mutual consent rather than coercion or dramatic power difference

-Require extra mandatory training for trainers to pass new ethical and moral standards before receiving their license, and require regular evaluations and renewals of licenses, with an eye towards agency and moral treatment of the pokemon in question, including interviews of the pokemon WITHOUT the trainer persent

-Legally protect a pokemon's right, even while in a position where they are under a trainer, the right to refuse to participate in any battle, for any reason, without repercussions

-Establish a fund to provide for legal defense for Pokemon accused of or involved in crimes; possibly even allow for Pokemon to be formally judged by a jury of their peers and have that be valid as in a human court, and encourage the creation of courts to cater for conflicts involving pokemon, but more catering to pokemon being able to bring suits against those that wrong them, or resolving disputes between pokemon, rather than the existing trainer courts. Establish programs for Pokemon to receive free legal advice and representation

-Create a public awareness campaign, with PSA's and billboards to 'humanize' Pokemon and educate the public

-Adjust formal education curriculum to involve courses on ethical and moral treatment on pokemon

-Encouraged more combined equal classes with the more 'inherently safe even at a young age even around children' pokemon and human classes, where both are trained to read, write, in the use of assistive communicative deices, and sign language. To develop a proper pokemon-human sign language, simply place a bunch of young pokemon that vaguely have hands at a school for the deaf, encourage them and the kids to talk to each other, and have linguists on hand to record what they come up with!

-Encourage the creation of more types of non-trainer led, non-combat sports that allow Pokemon to publicly show off their abilities

-Create nesting laws, which protect the rights of Pokemon parents to protect and raise their young, and prohibit the capture of parents that are nesting and nurturing their young or the young while they are being nurtured

-Encourage a Passport system to allow Pokemon to travel freely between regions

-Introduce certification for products that are free from coerced and uncompensated labor of any sort -- especially that provided by pokemon

-Establish a platform for Pokemon to publicly share their grievances and histories

-Introduce strong laws against the forced labor, slavery, serfdom, and indentured servitude of Pokemon. ALL work or service provided by Pokemon must be voluntary, and provide minimum standards of compensation for work that is legally deemed to be functionally equivalent to employment

-Ban all forms of non-consensual medical experimentation on Pokemon

-Adjust the storage system to allow for Pokemon to not be held in stasis, but where they can engage in a virtual world, where they can live, learn, and interact with others virtually, and enter into self-selected, timered amounts of stasis time as they will from within the virtual world. Make the virtual world one with places where Pokemon can customize their individual spaces. Allow Pokemon to have communication with the outside world via email while stored.

-Mandate an automatic release function in the event of natural disaster and other emergency for the storage function.

-Introduce regulations that prevent Pokemon from being stored indefinitely

-Allow Pokemon to completely opt out of the storage system, and have regular checks with an absolute right to decide to opt out of further storage

-Mandate a right to consent or refuse participation for breeding at the so-called Daycare centers

-Provide easy access to forms of contraception that specifically works with Pokemon, for Pokemon

-Pokemon should have a right to raise their offspring for a minimum timeframe

-Regulations to prevent overbreeding or breeding only for profit or competitive advantage or Shiny-hunting, as well as regular physical and mental well being checkups for pokemon that do formally consent to a 'breeding focused' lifestyle

-Mandate minimum space, enrichment activities, and access to items to encourage health and wellness for all Pokemon at these 'Daycare Centers'

-Facilitate meetings between Pokemon and their offspring who have been separated, offering the choice for reunion

-Create schools entirely to teach basic literacy and essential life skills to Pokemon, and programs to teach older Pokemon who have gone their entire lives without education.

-Develop educational TV and Radio channels intended entirely to be useful to Pokemon in particular

-Create specialized facilities to provide education, therapy, and social skills for Pokemon who have never known life outside of servitude. Include mentorship programs to pair newly freed Pokemon with those who have integrated into society.

-Drastically regulate the use of technological devices which can directly affect the minds of Pokemon, especially those which make them subservient to humans. Adjust their function to allow a means for pokemon that are not 'wild' to be exempt from undue influence by these items, by changing them to only affect the head rather than the whole surface of the pokemon, so that wearing an appropriate helmet removes the effect

-Create designated areas where Pokemon can, even without a trainer being present, learn to control and limit their powers, and provide control training for all pokemon that go to these areas, even interested wild pokemon

-Give pokemon a right to mobility and travel without being under a trainer's control
No. 1075759 ID: 8f9bc4

- tap scott ass
No. 1075766 ID: dd3fe0

Oh, also, A of course.
No. 1075784 ID: f3171e

>Adjust the requirements of league based activities to allow for trainerless teams, or teams with a pokemon trainer
This seems like the sort of weird battle shit Scott would find interesting enough to support.

>Establish laws that regulate the intensity and conditions of formal pokemon battles to avoid cruelty
Honestly, we haven't really seen this be a problem so far. In fact we've seen trainers and gym leaders call an end to battles when it becomes clear it'll accomplish nothing but throwing mons at a wall.

>Establish schools where any pokemon can learn skills unrelated to battling, without fear of capture -- even wild pokemon
>Create designated areas where Pokemon can, even without a trainer being present, learn to control and limit their powers, and provide control training for all pokemon that go to these areas, even interested wild pokemon
A good step, and they can be combined together. We've even started on this ourselves, with teaching them to read and write.

>Create mechanisms and prtoections for both Pokemon and humans to report abuses without fear of reprisal
A key step. Include abuses like long-term PC imprisonment.

>Create a public awareness campaign, with PSA's and billboards to 'humanize' Pokemon and educate the public
We've sort of been doing this for a while now, and we're likely to continue doing so.

>Encourage the creation of more types of non-trainer led, non-combat sports that allow Pokemon to publicly show off their abilities
Pokeathelon let's go

>Create nesting laws, which protect the rights of Pokemon parents to protect and raise their young, and prohibit the capture of parents that are nesting and nurturing their young or the young while they are being nurtured
Seems like a good idea.

>Adjust the storage system to allow for Pokemon to not be held in stasis, but where they can engage in a virtual world, where they can live, learn, and interact with others virtually, and enter into self-selected, timered amounts of stasis time as they will from within the virtual world. Make the virtual world one with places where Pokemon can customize their individual spaces. Allow Pokemon to have communication with the outside world via email while stored.
Making the PC less of a frozen time prison seems like a good step forward also.

Oh no, the fuzzy badge feelings are crossing wires with our horny receptors.

On the subject of things we can bring up with Scott, we could propose the ideas of triple and rotation battles as new formats.
No. 1075786 ID: dd3fe0

Well, some of this stuff is a talk to Scott about, some of this stuff is talk to Legendaries of various sorts about, some of this stuff is to lobby government and authority figures about...
No. 1075825 ID: 9ea24b
File 169854456142.png - (137.10KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

>A, brainstorm with Deoxys
You Fly around above Smeargle’s den to get Deoxys’ attention. While you wait, you think of as many potential positive changes as possible, some of which you know aren’t as feasible as others. Once Deoxys zooms into view, you ask his opinion on your ideas, which you’ve grouped into broad categories.

>Would Scott support regulations that incentivize trainers to catch less Pokemon?

>Is it possible to create a virtual world inside the PC?
:pokedeoxface: I HAVE NO IDEA.

>1. Establish designated trainer free schools for wild and captured Pokemon where they can learn basic skills, hone their powers, and request aid

>2. Require trainers to gain consent before catching Pokemon, breeding Pokemon, or using Pokemon for labor

>3. Give Pokemon essentially equal legal rights to humans via human legislation
:pokedeoxface: IMPOSSIBLE.

>4. Require trainers to pass an ethics test before getting their license and follow mandatory rules on how to treat their Pokemon. Allow Pokemon to report any abuses to a regulatory agency

>5. Change how badges function so they don’t mind control Pokemon
:pokedeoxface: WHAT DID I JUST SAY?

You’re a bit discouraged, but Deoxys is in good spirits and gives you a mental slap on the back before zipping away.

What do you want to say to Scott tomorrow morning? You’re already planning to defend the Friendlies and flirt with him.
No. 1075832 ID: dd3fe0

Say that the hypocrisy bit is a fair cop, and that you are sort of developing your moral center and behavior standards as you go, and aren't quite perfect at it yet.

Even some of the 'it will never happen' and 'impossible' ideas have lesser things under each category that might get through. That's the whole point of bringing an impossible list of demands -- the extreme ones make the lesser ones seem more reasonable in comparison, and then you negotiate to get as many of the lesser ones passed as you can, and institutions get changed and created, and people's opinion starts to shift, and you start gradually chipping away to do the big stuff.

Hmmm. About the fancy pokeballs, though. They like selling fancy Pokeballs. Can more ethical pokeballs be made? Certified free of coercive pokemon labor, pokeballs that are like a super-premium sort of Luxury ball, but are also designed to maximize agency for the Pokemon inside? Let them see and hear out more, provide some indicator of mood to the person holding the ball, give the contained pokemon a mechanism to release themselves from the ball? Maybe something that provides some health benefits or first aid to the pokemon in the ball when necessary? It could be marketed as a way for Pokemon to more effectively protect humans under their charge, while also being luxurious and helpful for the pokemon, perhaps. Maybe remove the 'gets tiny' feature so it's always spacious for the Pokemon.

Well, you do want to talk about some of the brainstorm things with Scott. Figure out which things he's more immediately willing to support, focusing more on some of the 'lesser' things, perhaps? Or things that might also be good for his interests? Or at least more related -- odd battle types, have Pokemon leading teams of other pokemon, perhaps have some percentage of prize money go to the Pokemon in question in some traditional trainer led tournaments, invent lots of sports and competitions that aren't violent pokemon themselves can participate in which don't need a formal trainer position, and perhaps need a coach at best (who could be a pokemon), etc. etc.

Maybe other weird off the wall ideas like a matchmaking service to match wild pokemon who actually WANT to be caught traditionally by a trainer... but only by someone vetted, proven worthy and of the type of demeanor they want. Something to liaise between communities of wild pokemon and trainers.
No. 1075838 ID: a7a180

Enforcing themselves, no, but they love making agencies to enforce regulations on others. The agency has to have officers who will go out and settle disputes, like the Rangers. (Who, since they are not canon, can be conveniently invented or have their niche filled by someone else.) That way, when humans break the rules, there will be someone who can help.
No. 1075839 ID: 273c18

>That's the whole point of bringing an impossible list of demands
Good point. It can also be likened to eating an elephant. Of course you can't eat it all at once. That's why you take one bite at a time.
No. 1075851 ID: 196206

Virtual PC world seems like something to bring up with him. He seems to be close with Lanette, and making the PC less dystopian would go a long way to calming down the one Friendly that has a beef with it.

Bring him some ideas for triple and rotation battles.
No. 1075863 ID: 196206

>Pokeball manufacturer lobby
A thought occurs to me. The proposal to release hoarded and unused Pokemon from the PC in fact benefits both us and the Devon corporation's Pokeball profits.

Say there's a one month limit, then the Pokemon needs to be given at least a week's free time to exercise, battle and interact before they can be stored again. If trainers let it run out, they need to buy new Pokeballs again to recatch anything they want to use again. Profit!
If the Pokemon released actually likes them, recatching becomes easier. Encourages relationships.

If a trainer swaps regularly, they use more Pokemon variety, encouraging differeny battle and contest tactics. Fun! Fresh! Scott should enjoy that.

If fewer Pokemon are being stored once the massive number of breeder runoff gets released, it reduces server space costs and Lanette's workload as well. Those could be redirected to making the PC experience less shitty for those inside.
No. 1075891 ID: 9ea24b
File 169862234706.png - (127.66KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

You don’t hear anything from Gengar before you leave to see Scott, and you wonder how things are going with Vania. Maybe you should check in on that this afternoon.

Like yesterday, Scott shows off more of the island, this time focusing on the market of expensive and sought after battle items that he explains aren’t found anywhere else in Hoenn.

:pokescotface: We don’t have many problems with theft because the Battle Frontier has a great security team. Also, we’re far enough away from the mainland that we don’t have too many ghosts.

>Slowking gender check: Female
Slowking is following Scott around today, though you don’t see her trainer. She nods to you politely.

>Ask Scott about the Pokemon school idea
Like Deoxys predicted, Scott is enthusiastic about the concept and wants to learn more.

>Ask Scott about the other legal ideas
The only other idea he considers is the pre-license ethics test, claiming everything else would be terribly inconvenient and upset trainers.

You write a suggestive message to Scott.

:pokescotface: I’m very flattered, but I’m not gay. We’ll have to talk about our preferences sometime.

>Bring up double/rotational battles and the prospect of Pokemon run Pokemon teams entering the Battle Frontier
:pokescotface: I’ve been meaning to implement proper doubles and that’s a pretty cool thought about autonomous fighters, though I don’t know of any Pokemon that would be interested in forming their own teams. When Pokemon don’t have trainers around they don’t seem very motivated to battle.

>Bring up the PC having a virtual world and storage time limit
Scott doesn’t finish reading before he shakes his head.

:pokescotfrown: I thought Lanette told you to stop messing with the PC. You’ve already made a deal with her on that reminder email thing, would you give her a break?

>Defend the Friendlies
Scott quickly shuts you down on this item as well.

:pokescotfrown: Flygon, I get that they’re your pals, but they’ve literally killed humans. It’s the whole don’t negotiate with terrorists thing.

>Vania complaint to Steven avoidance check: Failure
:pokescotfrown: Speaking of which, I heard they’re starting to harass people they don’t like again. I thought you said they were over that stuff?

:pokescotfrown: You’re a nice guy from what I’ve seen, Flygon, and I don’t want to have to change my mind about that.

You’ve reached the limits of what Scott is willing to hear about with regards to your activism efforts. If you want to talk about Pokeball technology, you’ll have to bring it up with Steven.

How do you feel about Scott? What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Talk to Gengar
B. Talk to someone else (human or Pokemon)
No. 1075892 ID: f3171e

Sounds like Gengar may be dealing with Vania's resisting, so we should check on her.
No. 1075898 ID: dd3fe0

What do we actually know about all the circumstances where Friendlies are alleged to have killed or maimed humans?
No. 1075976 ID: 9ea24b
File 169869614166.png - (84.97KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

>No particular feelings about Scott
It’s a mutually beneficial relationship and you think he’s acting rationally, so your opinion of him hasn’t changed, even if he’s not as interested in Pokemon rights as you’d like.

>The Friendlies’ kill count
Salamence has killed an unknown number of poachers and Houndoom has only killed his trainer. Gengar hasn’t killed anyone, but has caused many humans mental distress.

>A, talk to Gengar about Vania
You check in with Gengar and Porygon to see how the extorting has progressed.

:pokeporyface: Vania seems more upset with her troubled sleep than the files I have taken hostage, which include an unfinished amateur novel and a large collection of legally purchased music.

:pokegendrama: I followed her around after she found the note, and the first thing she did was run to her boss and complain. Bad news, guess we weren’t intimidating enough.

>Vaporeon release check: Success
:pokegensmile: But there’s also good news! She has that Vaporeon you told us about out in the real world to protect her, not that a Water type can stop me or fix a hacked computer.

:pokegenwink: A couple more days and she’ll crack for sure.

:pokeflypanik: I hope you two aren’t in danger, Scott has already heard about this too.

:pokegensmile: I’d worry more about yourself since you’re the one who wants humans to like you.

Any changes in strategy?
A. Carry on as planned
B. Ask Gengar to stop giving Vania nightmares
C. Write a bonus note to Vania explaining why what she’s doing is wrong
No. 1075982 ID: b8122b

maybe with C we can help her understand that pokemon are living breathing creatures too and that they are capable of so many great things, all they need is a chance to be outside with their trainer, not suspending their lives indefinitely in the PC.
No. 1075983 ID: 9a3ac5

So the narrative humans have for Friendlies is they are violent terrorists, but another way of looking at it is they are escaped slaves (who, in the laws of their enslavers, are of course without a legal right to self defense) who have recaptured their ancestral homeland from their enslaving nation, and are defending their territorial integrity and sovereignty from those who are seeking to exterminate and/or re-enslave them, and are not actually using mass destruction or terror tactics againdt groups of civilians and are not, in fact, targeting those who are uninvolved in directly doing them harm.

That's... not an easy pill for humans to swallow, even if that's a more accurate way of describing things.
No. 1075985 ID: 9a3ac5


She doesn't care. She knows all that. Some people don't care at all, and don't have empathy towards other living things. These kind of people end up on the boards of major corporations.
No. 1075986 ID: f3171e

Do not do C, as she will not care and it will be obvious who wrote it so it's just more evidence on the pile.

And if we do B, the consequences will still follow but nothing will be accomplished.

A, carry on as planned. However, this also presents an opportunity to free Vaporeon since she is now out and about. As for how, I would not presume to tell Gengar how to do her job. She's been in the game a lot longer than us.
No. 1076006 ID: b8122b

I guess I was too hopeful, haha. Changing vote to A then.
No. 1076008 ID: dd3fe0

Oh!! What did Team Friendlies think about your list? You were trying to get really creative there, which of the 'has even the slightest chance of happening soonish' were they most keen on?
No. 1076011 ID: f3171e

We could see if they have anything they'd like us to bring to the table as well. Does Houndoom want us to attempt to clear his name?
No. 1076053 ID: 9ea24b
File 169880171250.png - (110.36KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

>A, if you write another note it’s more evidence of your involvement
Vania already knows your talking points and has chosen her path, so you’re going to continue with the original plan. You ask Gengar if she thinks Vaporeon should be rescued.

:pokegensmile: I can ask her, but from what you told me I doubt she’ll want to leave her trainer.

>Tell the Friendlies about your list of legal requests and ask if they’d like anything
:pokegensmile: Ohoho, these are great.

:pokeflyshock: I think the Pokemon school will definitely happen, and maybe the ethics test for trainers depending how things go with Scott. I’m going to keep pushing for more Pokemon rights with those harder items but it might take a long time.

:pokegensmile: You’re covering everything I’d like to see, let’s go find the boys.

You haven’t talked to Houndoom and Salamence for a while, and you’re glad to see Houndoom is looking much happier, with a well-groomed coat and shiny horns.

:pokesalsmile: I think the Pokemon school is a great idea, but the three of us are pretty busy here with rescue work. You’ll have to recruit other Pokemon to help you run it.

:pokedoomface: I don’t know if I should ask…but is there a way to clear my name? Now that you’re talking to important humans I wonder if they’ll believe you if you tell them the truth about my trainer.

What would you like to say to Scott tomorrow?
A. Ask him to put you in touch with Steven
B. Tell him Houndoom’s story
C. Push for the ethics licensing test
No. 1076060 ID: dd3fe0

Ooof, I think we should back off a bit with Scott on stuff to do with the Friendlies. C.
No. 1076061 ID: f3171e

Steven is gonna be pissed at the Friendlies due to the Vania situation, and Scott can't actually clear Houndoom's name himself. We should talk to Winona about it, she's the local authority where it happened and friendly with us so far.

Let's not nag Scott on the topic right now.
No. 1076062 ID: f3171e

Also, he asked about our preferences last time. I think Flygon is definitely pansexual, but his strangest fetish is the orb thing.
No. 1076072 ID: a7a180

B, show Scott that the friendlies aren't unconditional human haters, in fact it was mostly miscommunications that drove a wedge between them and humans. ...Mostly.
No. 1076093 ID: dd3fe0


To do this I think we'd need a presentation with some proof and documentation and a proper timeline and such. It's doable... but we'd need presentation and supporting evidence and someone willing to sit and listen.
No. 1076160 ID: 9ea24b
File 169888974723.png - (138.79KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

>C, ask him to back you on the ethics test
This way you can avoid any controversy about the Friendlies and squeeze another political favor out of Scott before your designated hangout time comes to an end.

It’s a hot, sunny day, and Scott has you both out by his mansion’s pool while a bunch of attractive babes relax in the water. Perfect, first you’re going to sweet talk him by telling him your expansive Pokeporn preferences and then you’ll give him the ole big eyes and beg—er ask for his support.

You point out a soft and cuddly looking Wigglytuff, a fierce Zangoose, and a flirty Bellossom.

:pokescotface: Yeah, they’re all super hot, I knew I pegged you as a guy who was into Pokemon. Y’know, extra into them. I’m actually pretty jealous that you got turned into a Pokemon and get to have sex without anyone caring.

:pokescotfrown: For me it’s ‘Scott you’re causing a scandal’, ‘Scott this is bad for the investors’, it’s not like I’m doing anything illegal, y’know, there’s sex worker trainers and Pokemon who are down for human stuff. What’s the point of being so rich I can do whatever I want if I can’t do whatever I want, huh?

:pokescotface: If you want to hear about safety hazards, imagine trying to hold onto a Ninetales without accidentally grabbing one of their tails, not to mention they’re Fire types. Worth it though.

Scott laughs at his own words and takes a sip of some pink drink. You share some stories about your escapades with Smeargle and Gardevoir, before sneaking in your humble request for basic trainer competency.

:pokescotface: You know what, sure, but this is me doing you another favor okay? After this I’m good except for helping pay for your fancy school thing.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Talk to a Pokemon
B. Talk to a human
No. 1076184 ID: f3171e

B. Let's talk to Winona about Houndoom. Ease her into it gentle, and make clear that it was Houndoom and his concern for humans that lead to your pursuit of safety education for trainers.
No. 1076274 ID: 9ea24b
File 169897555738.png - (109.60KB , 500x500 , p76.png )

>Talk to Winona about Houndoom, and be very delicate about it
>Winona conversation check (1/3 chance of success): Failure
You Fly to Fortree Gym and go inside. The guy at the front gives you a funny look as you soar past all the funky rotating gates until you arrive at Winona’s part of the building. She’s not battling anyone, but when she recognizes you she frowns and quickly slips through a door in the back to avoid you.

You leave the gym and sit in a tree, dejected by how Winona ignored you. You don’t know whether it’s because she heard about Vania’s extortion or because you don’t have Tracy with you, but at the same time it just shows that humans still don’t take you seriously and are getting tired of your requests.

While you stew in your thoughts, you get the sense that your first summer as a Pokemon is coming to an end soon, and you should romance anyone you’d like to before you settle down for the rest of your life.

If you’re fine on the romance front, you can think of anything else fun you’d like to do. You’re still going to resolve the breeding issue with Vania and go to the Elite Four, but you’d like to get some value in your free time while you can.
No. 1076299 ID: f3171e

We should be sure to check on how Stetson is doing, and see if any of his team would be interested in helping with the Pokemon school for Pokemon. We should also organize some play time between Skiddle and Eevee Jr.

Mightyena was pretty cute. Maybe we should see her again, and see how Team Magma is doing. As former ecoterrorists they may have some interesting insights.
No. 1076307 ID: dd3fe0

Hmmm, the list of brainstormed was for a lot of different school and educational stuff. Changes to the curriculum for normal human students. Changes to the curriculum that trainers and coordinators and the like have to learn. A mixed human/pokemon school for youngsters. A school for wild pokemon, run by pokemon, with interested humans helping... Any and all of these could be government backed. How did we decide on a one-off school for pokemon that pokemon run again, from the list of the various possibilities?
No. 1076309 ID: f3171e

We got Scott to agree to the ethics education for trainers. We got the education for trainers and Pokemon learning to safely and intelligently interact started with the rallies in each town. Teaching the Pokemon about things on their end of things was ultimately started when we taught Gengar to read and write, but we can expand on that.
No. 1076374 ID: 9ea24b
File 169906140845.png - (131.54KB , 500x500 , p77.png )

>Things you want to do:
>Recruit Pokemon to help with the Pokemon school
>Romance Mightyena and check in a Team Magma
>Introduce Skiddle to Eevee
This is an excellent and very feasible list of tasks. You’ll start this afternoon by Flying Skiddle up to the Friendlies base and asking around there for any Pokeschool volunteers. You leave Fortree and return to Smeargle’s den.

Skiddle is a little overwhelmed by all of the strange Pokemon at the base, but Eevee immediately takes it upon himself to be her guide and leads her around the dirt arena and treehouses.

You ask your friends about the prospective Pokemon school and Raichu, Grumpig, and Breloom say they’d like to help once it’s set up.

>Vaporeon understanding check: Success
Gengar floats into base late in the evening and stops to chat with you to give an update on Vania.

:pokegenhype: Flygon, great news! I had a chance to chat with Vania’s Vaporeon after she caught me turning the thermostat up to maximum, and she’s actually not mad that we’re ruining her trainer’s life because she understands what we’re doing is good.

:pokeflyshock: Wow! That’s awesome.

:pokegenwink: Yes, it’s very rare that you get a loyal Pokemon who also understands our side of things. I think she’d appreciate a visit from you.

>The next morning…
Your final half day with Scott is more of the same relaxation and idle talk. Scott says goodbye with the promise that you’ll see him again when you start talking to the Elite Four.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Visit Vaporeon (suggest lewd things to do together)
B. Spend time with Drew and Stetson since they’re going back to school tomorrow
C. Visit Team Magma and look for Mightyena
No. 1076380 ID: f3171e

B. We need to check on how our boy is doing.
No. 1076381 ID: 38349b

B first, but when it becomes time to vape I wanna see some smooching
No. 1076382 ID: f3171e

Yeah she's been used so much give her some gentle massages and the real boyfriend treatment.
No. 1076449 ID: 9ea24b
File 169913353517.png - (116.54KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

>B, check on the lads
You text Drew to meet you at Stetson’s house, then Fly to Littleroot to chill with Stetson’s mons for a bit. The backyard has been stomped into barren dirt at this point, but everyone’s there except for Pelipper and they seem to be in decent spirits.

:pokeflyface: Hi Sceptile and Aggron and Glalie and Torkoal, how’s it going?

:pokescephap: Hey Flygon, it’s been good!

:pokegronfrown: I’m bored. I can’t even dig around here because I’ll run into the sewer line.

:pokekoalface: We’re wondering what will happen to us when Stetson goes back to school.

:pokeflyface: Well I’ve got just the solution to that, I’m starting a Pokemon school and I need teachers to talk about what it’s like to work with a trainer. You guys are perfect for the job.

:pokegronface: It’s true, we’re perfect.

:pokeflyface: I’ll tell Stetson about it and I’m sure he’ll agree. You don’t have to spend all your time working and I’ll even make sure you’re paid.

The promise of income makes your teammates terribly excited, and they barrage you with questions until Brendan opens the back door and waves you inside.

Drew is already sitting on the couch next to Stetson, and you sit on the floor so that you’re all at the same eye level.

You listen to both of them complain about last minute summer reading and talk about what classes they’re taking for a while before sharing a brief summary of what you’ve been up to and explaining your plan to recruit Stetson’s other mons for wild Pokemon education.

:pokekidface: Good idea, mom’s really mad that my mons have destroyed the yard but I don’t want to put them in storage.

:pokekid2frown: I’m keeping mine in their balls during school. I’m going to miss spending time with my Pokemon.

:pokekidfrown: Me too. I can’t believe we’re just going into math class like we didn’t become league champions or anything. Even next summer it won’t be the same cause we’ve already done everything. There’s kinda nothing left to accomplish.

Stetson and Drew sink into the couch with a matching sigh of deep ennui far beyond their years.
No. 1076452 ID: 012477

One of the ideas I also had was a mixed pokemon/human school. I mean, learning normal subjects for both, developing assistive devices and techniques and a sign language between species, figuring out how the from hatching knowledge thing works and how it's limited and exploitable. Figuring out how tweaked moves might assist in learning. That one's going to be less viable in the short term, maybe in a few years?
No. 1076453 ID: f3171e

Tell them you've been brewing up some new battle formats with Scott for the Battle Frontier. As minted champions they'll probably get invites next summer, so they can have fun with doubles format tournaments!

Doubles are objectively the best format because Pokemon that aren't usually very good one on one can shine as support teammates.
No. 1076514 ID: c572e3

Ask the kids if they'd ever consider doing a bit of traveling and seeing what another region is like?
No. 1076527 ID: e51896

Oh Definitely! tell them that next year, they should try spending the entire summer traveling to Johto, or Kanto, and try to earn badges over there, and become champions of that region too. That's probably something Stetson's father hasn't tried yet either, so he'd be even more adventurous than his father.

Sidenote: pokemon gold had the best post-game in the pokemon series as it allowed you to visit the kanto region after finishing the game, and get badges there. It was so cool to see what had changed, and what was kept the same, and gave me a feeling of... Nostalgia
No. 1076546 ID: 9ea24b
File 169923006743.png - (357.28KB , 500x500 , p79.png )

>Double battles at the Battle Frontier
:pokekiddismiss: My dad says I’m not allowed around Scott until I’m 18 and my mom agrees.

:pokekid2frown: I don’t think I’d do very well with only two Pokemon. Well technically three Pokemon when you count Skiddle.

>A place at your school in a few years, where they can improve Pokemon to human communication and research Pokemon phenomena
:pokekid2frown: That would be cool, but we’re like, kids. I don’t think we can do a real important job like that.

:pokekidthink: It’ll make a good summer internship once we’re in high school.

>Explore other regions like Kanto and Johto, it’s something that even Brendan never did
:pokekid2face: Yeah! I like the sound of that.

:pokekidface: They’re not too far away and we can travel together so our parents don’t worry since there’s more crime and stuff.

You’re relieved you managed to cheer the lads up, and you spend the rest of the afternoon playing video games with them.

Gengar stops by Smeargle’s den that evening to tell you that Vania wants to negotiate on the terms of the ransom, specifically with you. What would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. Initiate contact with the Elite Four with Deoxys
B. Negotiate with Vania
No. 1076573 ID: f3171e

A. Vania's probably trying to prove it's us or set a trap.
No. 1076576 ID: a7a180

B. Conclude that first.
No. 1076586 ID: 0b594e

B. but you choose the location, preferably one easily flown to but hard to reach on foot.
No. 1076613 ID: 196206

If we're going to fall for her trap, at least word it as us negotiating with the Pokemon on her behalf. And bring someone along for safety, like Gengar hiding in our shadow.
No. 1076638 ID: 9ea24b
File 169930609295.png - (120.38KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

>B, resolve Vania’s situation first
This has the consequence that your involvement in the extortion will be confirmed before you see the Elite Four, but hopefully if you reach an agreement with Vania she won’t be as antagonistic toward you and pass news of the resolution along to Steven.

As a reminder, you requested the following concessions from Vania:
>1: Release all Pokemon who have been in the PC for longer than a month
>2: Give Vaporeon a break outside the PC for as long as the water Pokemon wants
>3: Only use Pokemon who like sex for breeding, verified by verbal inquiry
>4: Cycle out the breeder Pokemon each week and reward them for their efforts

>Choose the meeting location and bring Gengar
You pick the beach north of Rustboro at 10 am and have Gengar deliver a note with the instructions. You putter around the den until it’s time to go, then Fly west.

Gengar sinks into your shadow once you land on the sand. After a few minutes, you see Vania coming over the hill with Vaporeon trotting by her side.

The well-dressed woman stops a few meters in front of you. She holds herself tall despite the sleep deprivation.

:pokevaniafrown: I trust your word, Flygon, so I’ll agree to three of your demands, but I’m not releasing my Pokemon just because I don’t use them all the time. I don’t have the energy or resources to be a full-time trainer, but that doesn’t mean I should lose the Pokemon I have.

A. Agree (Vania will do concessions 2, 3, and 4 in exchange for being left along)
B. Hold firm
No. 1076650 ID: f3171e

Ech, would have been better to make her stew longer. She's stubborn, and now we've shown too much of our hand.

She doesn't deserve A., but if we want to be listened to at the E4 meeting now we need to do A.
No. 1076651 ID: a7a180

A. This is acceptable, the world isn't going to change all at once. I trust she'll still think about her Pokémon when they're in the PC.
No. 1076677 ID: 0b594e

A. This is probably the best we're going to get without escalating things too far.
No. 1076707 ID: dd3fe0

A's the best we are going to get, probably.
No. 1076713 ID: b6ec4d

A. Mention that as long as she isn't keeping ones she doesn't use in storage forever with no future plans of ever bringing them out, that's fine. Despite your own complex feelings on PC storage, the enterprise as a whole is not morally corrupt or socially unacceptable.
No. 1076744 ID: 9ea24b
File 169941028258.png - (81.42KB , 500x500 , p81.png )

>A, it’s the best you can do without escalating
Vania’s Pokemon will be released from the PC eventually once she retires from being a trainer, though it could take many years. You think it’ll be best to limit contact with Vania after you agree to the deal, though you’ll check in with the Pokemon she puts in the daycare.

You nod your head and write a short message expressing your acceptance. Vania looks terribly relieved and Vaporeon yips with delight and wags her tail.

Vania doesn’t stick around after that, and once she’s out of earshot Gengar emerges from your shadow, which makes a shiver go up your spine. She isn’t smiling, and you feel a little guilty. You assume she thinks you let Vania off too easily.

:pokegenneut: Flygon, what do you want to do about that Pokemon still at the daycare?

Do you want to ask Gengar to rescue Flareon before she’s put back in the PC? Also, what would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Meet with Vaporeon for some smooches
B. Find Mightyena at the Magma Hideout
C. Spend time with Skiddle and Smeargle
No. 1076746 ID: dd3fe0

Look, I didn't interact with anyone at the daycare other than Vaporeon and Flareon, and I've made sure that neither of them is suffering or being actively abused. If we demolished the daycare, that wouldn't solve the systemic problem of daycares existing in a horrendously abusive and unregulated way, as well as the massive demand for their services. My guidelines for my moral compass are more, 'Work on making real systemic change, with a preference towards peaceful methods, while not ignoring the blatant injustices that I come across, so I can have an okay-ish balance between helping many in the long term, minimizing negative side effects, and being able to get to sleep at night.'

Keeping all that in mind -- what do YOU think I should have done or be doing? And here's what I think maybe you should be doing -- Do you think you can update my brainstorm into a proper manifesto, get some more ideas many pokemon want added to it, and spread it amongst pokemon everywhere?
No. 1076756 ID: a7a180

B, and... make Flareon disappear.
No. 1076799 ID: f3171e

Plan for Flareon: Espeon telepathically introduces herself as Flareon's maybe-sister and persuades Flareon to hop the fence and flee like she did back when she was an Eevee. Linoone is outside with a diggy-hole to hide her in since the Daycare couple will probably go looking for her. Once the coast is clear, Gengar can escort her to the Friendlies to meet her niece.

If it looks like Flareon got fed up and left on her own, it can't be directly blamed on us going back on our deal to leave Vania alone.

And then B.
No. 1076804 ID: ae064f

Outright rescue? No, you can't take a risk that could damage your ability to resolve this stuff by diplomatic means. Buuuut if there should appear some gap in the daycare center's boundaries that could only have happened by accident, and some unhappy pokemon were to take the initiative to leave on their own...
No. 1076904 ID: 9ea24b
File 169958275559.png - (104.97KB , 500x500 , p82.png )

You get defensive at Gengar’s expression.

:pokeflysad: What? Do you think I should have done something different?

:pokegendrama: Of course not dear, this is your show after all. I just put in an awful lot of effort to make Vania’s life as miserable as possible these past few days and I think Eevee would have appreciated his aunts and uncles being freed.

:pokeflypanik: Well–Look, it's already done. I was trying to do my best.

:pokegenwink: You don’t have to convince me, I simply have my own opinions on the matter. Compromise is very important in life.

>Stage Flareon’s rescue to look like she ran away
You plan to dig a hole under the daycare fence tonight while Gengar whisks Flareon to safety so that there’s doubt to your involvement. You don’t think Vania will raise a fuss after all the trouble she’s gone through.

>B, find Mightyena
You say bye to Gengar and Fly straight for Mt. Chimney. It’s strange coming here when the last time was when you fought a huge terrifying Legendary Pokemon. From the sky, you can see a bit of bright orange lava through the steady cloud of ash and you dive down to where the not so secret entrance is located. You chat up the Golbat and grunt guarding the entrance, and they point you in the direction of the gift shop.

Mightyena’s trainer is at the cashier, surreptitiously working on something that looks like a geology problem set while a single tourist browses the shelves of novelty items. Mightyena is resting under the desk but emerges when you get close.

:pokemightface: Hi Flygon, it’s been ages. Were you the one who stopped Groudon? It was really scary there for a while but he quieted down a few days after you asked me about him.

:pokeflylove: Yep, that was me, my girlfriend Smeargle, and the Friendlies!

:pokemightface: Wow, that’s super impressive. What brings you here now? Most of the stuff we sell is either junk or something you could find yourself by digging around.

What do you say to Mightyena?
No. 1076949 ID: f3171e

Ask how Team Magma managed to turn around the whole ecoterrorist thing, and what sort of stuff they do now.

Does she like to Dig for rocks and evostones too? See what some of her interests are.
No. 1076951 ID: dd3fe0


Yea, we have some idea about that, it was talked about before, but we have no real details. Ask if anyone is into, you know, legal pushing for pokemon rights. Or wants to be into that. You've been super trying to get into that lately.
No. 1076988 ID: 9ea24b
File 169967154331.png - (123.34KB , 500x500 , p83.png )

>Ask about Team Magma’s change of heart
:pokemightface: My trainer was pretty young when the original Groudon awakening incident happened 20 years ago, which is what made Maxie change his goals for Team Magma.

:pokeflyshock: Wasn’t he originally planning to make Mt. Chimney erupt like a crazy person?

:pokemightsulk: Yeah…He’s mellowed out a lot and he didn’t even have to go to jail. Seeing the power of Groudon in person must have shocked him out of his delusions. Really he’s just a big nerd who loves Pokemon.

>Ask about her interests
:pokemightface: I spend most of my time with my trainer. We go on walks, lead tours, and go to class together.

:pokeflyface: Oh, is your trainer in school?

:pokemightface: Yep, she’s getting her master’s right now.

The grunt absently reaches out her hand and scratches Mightyena on the head. You feel a little pang of jealousy.

>Talk about your fight for Pokemon rights
:pokeflyshock: I’ve been super into getting humans to treat Pokemon better! Ever since I met the Friendlies it’s really opened my eyes to how some trainers take advantage of their Pokemon.

:pokemightsulk: Um. Good for you?

:pokeflyface: Are there any Pokemon here that need help dealing with their humans?

:pokemightmad: Team Magma respects all of their Pokemon partners! I’m not interested in rescue team stuff.

:pokeflypanik: Okay okay, just checking.

It was nice to have a casual hangout with Mightyena, but you’ll need to make a bolder move if you want to romance her.

You plan to visit the Elite Four with Deoxys tomorrow morning. News of your deal with Vania will have reached them by then. Scott is already planning to fund the Pokemon school and propose the trainer ethics test, so you don’t have to worry about that. You think it’d be best to focus on one new medium level legislation for this initial set of meetings, so choose a single option from the following:

A. Amnesty for the Friendlies after explaining Houndoom’s past

B. Ethical Pokeballs that have an extremely low catch rate (can only catch Pokemon with their consent)

C. A Pokemon abuse regulatory agency (would only be for particularly bad cases)

D. Other (suggest)
No. 1076991 ID: f3171e

Maybe Team Magma could be allies in our efforts. We should see if we can talk with some of their leaders.

A. If it's made clear they aren't kid killers like their reputation suggests, they may find a legitimate role in improving things, and be able to help with the Pokemon school directly. I think Houndoom would make a great teacher, and if Salamence was able to work with the Rangers they could more effectively root out poaching.

If they are able to get a more legitimate platform and support, it could lead to better odds of C. in the future. The Friendlies members and rescuees I'm sure have a lot of stories that would tug at the hearts of budding trainers like Drew.
No. 1076993 ID: dd3fe0

Ack! Sorry! That came out wrong, it got jumbled in my head, forgot who I was dealing with -- I meant to NOT ask about pokemon that need help with their humans, but rather, are there any HUMANS who would totally be on board with the pokemon rights thing and working for that from their side?
No. 1076996 ID: a7a180

C, B doesn't do much about the other types of pokeballs unless you were to specifically limit the rates on the big three (poke, great, ultra) and A would put an end to the Friendlies' other activities too. Use that legislation where it's needed most.
No. 1077008 ID: b6ec4d

C. Arguing for A immediately after using Gengar to help with some underhanded probably illegal junk is probably not going to be our best move. It'd be nice to clear Houndoon's name, but I don't think the group is really looking for an image change right now.

Ethical Pokeballs aren't a bad idea, but it's an investment into less immediate change. They won't make things better over night, but over time they could become a powerful symbol for treating your Pokemon right.

For now, I think what we really need is regulation. As we saw with Vania, even when we identify a problem and point it out, we can't really do much about it. Especially if it isn't anything illegal. What we really need is a group with some authority who can actually force trainers to treat their Pokemon better. It's fine if they only focus on the really bad cases at the start, that's still observable change in the here and now. Over time, the board's reach could be expanded to handle Vania-level problems, so we'd be investing in the present and the future with a change like this.
No. 1077017 ID: dd3fe0

Also, C.

The agency can have some mission creep later, but it needs to be made first!
No. 1077066 ID: 9ea24b
File 169975557294.png - (104.31KB , 500x500 , p84.png )

>Are there any humans at Team Magma who might join the Pokemon rights campaign?
It sounds like Maxie could, the only issue is that he’s lost all salience since he almost destroyed Hoenn.

>That night…
You easily tunnel from one side of the daycare fence to the other, though you leave quickly before any of the people or Pokemon can see you. You can visit the Friendlies later to see how Flareon is doing.

>The next morning…
>C, establishing legal protections for Pokemon is most important!
You Fly in lazy circles above Mauville until you get Deoxys’ attention. He’s in his defense form, but still easily able to keep up with you as you set course for Evergrande. You fill Deoxys in on your plan while you travel and he agrees to telepathically communicate what the humans are thinking while you talk to them.

The receptionist at the Pokemon League building is surprisingly polite and tells you to wait in the lobby while the Elite Four finish up with their current challenger. Deoxys gets a lot of hungry stares from the other waiting trainers, but he seems unbothered from what you can tell.

Your stomach twists into an uncomfortable tangle as the hours drag on. You rifle through some glossy magazines advertising the Battle Frontier and the hot new features on the PokeNav and smack your tail on the tile.

Finally, the receptionist stands up from his desk and leads you down a hallway and into a nice conference room. There’s a fridge in the corner and you fetch yourself a can of sparkling water.

It’s another long wait, but this time you get a pleasant surprise when Scott enters the room with Slowking in tow.

:pokescotface: Hi again Flygon! You and your friend are looking good.

Next come the Elite Four, who greet Scott politely but don’t comment on you or Deoxys. Wallace is as flamboyant as you remember and Phoebe has a tight smile on her face. Sidney slouches into a chair at the head of the table while Glacia and Drake sit straight backed, with serious expressions on their faces.

There’s a bit of impatient muttering when Steven Stone doesn’t show for another half an hour. When the CEO arrives, he takes the seat Wallace frantically motions to at the Champion’s side.

:pokewallface: Now that we’re all here, let’s get started. Hello Flygon, we at the League have been expecting you for some time.

:pokescotface: You’re making us sound like supervillains Wallace.

:pokewallface: Despite all of us being very busy, we’re giving you the benefit of our consideration out of politeness, which is more than you’ve offered the women you’ve personally disagreed with. Feel free to speak, or write, your mind, and we’ll give you a fair response.


What do you say?
No. 1077109 ID: a25322

Alright, speech mode activated!

You actually did give Vania plenty of consideration. You spoke with her directly to let her know of the issues her Pokemon were experiencing. The solution she took, shoving them in the PC, was not at all a fix however, since it would simply suspend them in their current state until later. You would have happily informed her of this, had she been willing to continuing engaging in conversation, but she was very clear in her intentions not to.

The unfortunate reality is that currently, there is nothing more that can be done once someone is aware of a problem, but doesn't want to solve it. If there are no explicit laws being broken, then there'sno authority you can report issues like this to. We all agree that if Team Rocket is cutting off Slowpoke tails, that this is an abuse that needs to be dealt with, but there are much more subtle and common ways to hurt a Pokemon. We agree that breeding is fine, but should we be okay with individual 'mon being used for it day in and day out without break? We have labor laws for humans for a reason, and for a Pokemon this is work. It may be pleasurable, but doing it constantly is a job. What about a trainer who catches a Pokemon and stores them in their PC for years without even the intent of useing them, or even just a trainer who never shows any affection to their Pokemon.

None of these are illegal, but they are problems. These are all examples of abuse. Without proper infrastructure to actually address these issues, we have to rely on the abusers to accept that they're wrong for their Pokemon to be treated better. Outside of.that, your only options are radical action, or letting casual abuse continue.

And as tempting as it is to jump in and play Robin Hood every time a problem arises, that's more of a bandage solution. Long-term, it doean't address cases beyond the one you're immediately dealing with, and it muddles support for the original message from people who might otherwise agree with you. It's not a long-term solution to systemic issues.

This is why we need a regulatory board. Because Pokemon are intelligent and complex creatures, and sometimes trainers treat them as nothing more than tools. Because some people don't want to think they're doing anything wrong, and won't earnestly engage in discussions about their behavior. Because absent of it, Pokemon can and will try to fix the problems they perceive on their own, and this isn't always a good thing. Say what you will about Vania, but if you know anything about a boy named Stetson and his recent interactions with Latias, you know it can get a lot worse.

Before it does, we need to take steps to make things better.
No. 1077118 ID: 196206

Try taking a positive approach at first. Negative criticism will not ingratiate those who already dislike you.

In our adventures as a Pokemon, we have met a lot of different types of trainers and Pokemon. Tracey, whose Pokemon are like members of the family and were released to live their lives when she retired. Stetson, who constantly got into trouble until he learned to consider others through friendship with his Pokemon. Drew, who considers each Pokemon as individuals and has strongly encouraged efforts to improve trainer treatment of Pokemon. Scott, who shares some of our interests. Wallace, whose Milotic is old and happy and adores him. Vania, whose Pokemon are treated like fine wines on a shelf or as egg dispensers. Team Magma, whose Pokemon like Mightyena believe in them and whose care for Pokemon has influenced their desire to reform.

There are Pokemon like Tracey's Blaziken who are steadfastly loyal to their humans, those like Stetson's Aggron who sought out the trainer life for fun, ones like Vania's Vaporeon who just want their trainer's affection but feel abandoned, and those like the Spheals being poached. Ones like Smeargle who care for humans but still prefer to live apart. Those like Gardevoir who watch over and protect their human families.

We want to see a world where Pokemon and humans are bonded companions. It saddens us, and by us we mean the Pokemon, when they are abandoned or ignored. It angers us when they are abused and hunted, like the Spheals. For that reason we seek a regulatory board where claims and reports of abuse can be fairly and compassionately examined.

At no point admit to more than talking to Vania.
No. 1077119 ID: dd3fe0


This is perfect.
No. 1077124 ID: f3171e

Some specific points to try and get some ground with those who don't already strongly dislike us:

Putting emphasis on protecting the Spheals being poached. Also some stories about Stetson's Glalie, and how she wanted to explore and see the world with a trainer. Because of Stetson's growth, he and his team were able to work well with her despite their ecological differences.

He's an old, grizzled sea dog. Emphasize how growing together with Pokemon helped Stetson learn responsibility, and gave Drew the strength to find duty in something he believes in. Duty and responsibility will be things he respects. Also express that we feel a duty to speak on the behalf of those who can't, because of the unique position we've been thrust into.

He believes that might makes right. Point out that those with a good relationship with their Pokemon are often some of the most accomplished and capable trainers - those like Tracey, and like Wallace.

Just complimenting him and using him as a positive example to improve his opinion of us. He can be loyal to Steven and still disagree, and we need to lean on that and hope.

She probably hates us because of Gengar and Lanette's drama. Unlikely to resolve her issues in this single meeting or get her vote.
No. 1077163 ID: 9ea24b
File 169984267398.png - (115.59KB , 500x500 , p85.png )

You fumble for your notebook and pen and try not to panic.


:pokeflyshock: Thanks! Give me a second.

You’re very glad you decided to bring Deoxys here. With your goal of the regulatory agency in mind, you form a convincing narrative for your argument, writing yourself little notes as you plan. Steven lets out an impatient sigh, which is rich for how late the guy was.

>Introduction: There are many different kinds of Pokemon and trainers
You talk about your experience with Stetson, Drew, and Tracy, and all of the Pokemon you’ve met on your journey. You’ve seen the power of a loyal bond between trainers and their partners, and you strongly believe in the continued existence of competitive Pokemon battling.

>Explain the problem: Potential for abuse by trainers and poachers
You explain how the current system can lead to a lack of communication between trainer and Pokemon due to the language barrier and time confined in a Pokeball. What should be an equal relationship can become lopsided, leading to issues like Vaporeon’s overbreeding, abandonment in the PC, or even poaching.

While poaching is illegal, the other issues aren’t, and when you try to step in to fix them yourself it leads to all kinds of problems.

>Provide a solution: The Pokemon Protection Agency
Your vision for the agency is something with both Pokemon and human ownership, that can address reported issues ranging from attacks from wild Pokemon such as Latias shoving Stetson to Pokemon who are being seriously mistreated.

Throughout your speech, you see a lot of nodding from everyone except for Phoebe and Steven.


:pokewallface: That sounds pretty good actually! The gritty details will need some time to be drafted, but I think this is a good compromise to prevent the kind of vigilante justice we’ve been seeing.

:pokesteveface: Where will the funding come from?

:pokewallface: Perhaps a small tax on Battle Frontier prizes?

:pokescotfrown: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I’m paying for Flygon’s cool school, put a sales tax on Luxury Balls or something.

:pokesteveface: Absolutely not.

Phoebe has been overruled by her peers, leaving Steven as the main obstacle to this legislation. You need to get through to him somehow.

A. Challenge him to a battle tomorrow, his team of six against yours (which you would need to assemble)

B. Ask to hangout with him at work tomorrow and use your powerful charisma to hopefully make him like you

C. Other (suggest something that can be completed in an afternoon)
No. 1077169 ID: a7a180

B, not sure we have enough friends for a team without calling on Friendlies.
No. 1077170 ID: b6ec4d

B, Propose a chat to discuss possible funding as an excuse to hang out. A battle would be nice, but you could really use a chance to lock down his actual issues and address them directly. That, and I don't know who to suggest for a team.
No. 1077171 ID: f3171e

B. To statt, fex your accountant skills and help him clean up his scheduled bureaucracy for the day so you can go look at cool rocks together and talk shop.

This is about funding! This is actually Flygon's area of expertise.
No. 1077172 ID: f3171e

To start, flex. That'll teach me to type half asleep

Boring gray suit businessman powers activate.
No. 1077178 ID: dd3fe0

B, and also maybe see if you can introduce him to any ladymon who aren't in an exclusive romantic relationship might be interested in hanging out with him, perhaps? Some species he wouldn't have interacted with before? Not for purposes of affecting his behavior or anything. Just cause you're a pal. You have to have SOME way of determining which pokemon in your extended acquaintance group are humanophiles?
No. 1077185 ID: f3171e

I know in my heart Steven Stone would fuck a rock.
No. 1077209 ID: 9ea24b
File 169992419199.png - (132.25KB , 500x500 , p86.png )

>B, flex your accountant skills and address Steven’s issues
You also want see if you can introduce Steven to a lovely ladymon, you bet Steven would fuck a Rock type–

Deoxys smacks you in the back of the head with a flat tentacle and you yelp. The sudden noise makes all of the humans jump.

:pokedeoxdef: I AM DONE HERE.

He floats out of his chair and clumsily shoves his body against the conference room door, leaving you to stew in the awkward silence left behind.

Forced to write your messages, you ask if you can shadow Steven at Devon Corp. tomorrow morning so you can get to know each other better.

:pokescotface: Flygon’s a blast to hang out with, Steven! It’ll be fun and maybe you’ll even change your mind about his agency idea.

:pokesteveface: I won’t, but fine. He can have a little more of my time so that it’s clear I’m not interested.

The meeting splits up soon after that and you’re escorted back to the lobby.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Go see Mightyena again
B. Smooch Vaporeon
C. Find a female Pokemon who would be down to do it with Steven
No. 1077212 ID: f3171e

Eh, Deoxys, it was a joke! Half joke. Maybe quarter joke.

Approaching the idea more seriously, we don't actually know which way Steven swings or if he's in a relationship already. So if we do want to try and find him a ladymon this seems like something to ask Scott about before putting our foot in our mouth.

A. Ask Mightyena if she'd be interested in a friends-with-benefits relationship, maybe go on a friend date digging for cool rocks she can share with her trainer and their geologist friends. If she's not down to ground, we could still hang out with her and ask more about Maxie.

It'd double as scouting for somewhere to hang out with Steven.
No. 1077217 ID: dd3fe0

((OOC: Sorry, got Scott and Steven mixed up, retracting my suggestions about pokephile stuff, SORRY!))
No. 1077218 ID: dd3fe0

Also, A or B.
No. 1077226 ID: a7a180

C. Plenty of Golems in the caves. Their evolution line are some of the most common Pokemon in the world. So common that there's even a statistically significant chance of meeting a shiny one.
No. 1077249 ID: dd3fe0

Whoa! Whew. What the hell happened there? For a while, you had a delusion that someone here was a pokephile with absolutely no evidence to that fact. What the heck? It had to be the extreme proximity of conflicting, high power badges. Maybe they caused your mind to go to a sort of default thought (of which pokephilia musings totally is one!) with kind of a waking dream sort of delusion? Man, that was a trip!

Though, hmmm. Your list of changes did have the bit about considering Pokemon as people who are able to marry, recognizing pokemon/human marriages, and pokemon/pokemon marriages as legally binding. And Pokephiles WOULD be natural allies with your pokemon rights movement. The thing is, they wouldn't be useful natural allies unless you quietly figured out who they were and which specific powerful people were pokephiles, rather than just the somewhat taboo subculture in general. Though that begs the question -- what OTHER groups of humans are likely natural allies to the pokemon rights thing? You'd expect more of Magma to be so, but that didn't seem to happen. Do you have any more ideas?
No. 1077310 ID: 9ea24b
File 170001305364.png - (76.02KB , 500x500 , p87.png )

>Are there any other humans that you could recruit?
The quest is wrapping up and I don’t want to introduce new plot points. Flygon will do much more activism work in his life, and it can be assumed he’ll find more humans sympathetic to his cause.

>Does Steven swing that way?
You text Scott to ask if he knows, and he replies that he’s never seen proof of it himself, but Steven’s always been a private person. Probably for the best if you don’t pursue that angle for getting on Steven’s good side.

>A, be frank with Mightyena about your intentions and go on a rock digging date
It’s a different grunt guarding the entrance, but word seems to have gotten around about your identity and she waves you in. After some searching through the extensive tunnels and corridors of the hideout, you find Mightyena sitting next to her trainer while the human does work on a desktop computer.

:pokeflyface: Hey Mightyena, do you want to hang out again today? Maybe go to Fiery Path and Dig up some Fire Stones or something?

:pokemightface: Oh sure, that sounds fun and it’s a slow day.

She stands up and stretches before nudging her trainer to get her attention. The grunt looks at you and nods to Mightyena, who leads the way back aboveground.

You Fly after Mightyena as she bounds down the mountain, easily leaping over boulders and fallen pine trees. Her black back fur is glossy and well-groomed, and you admire her powerful legs and panting pink tongue.

Mightyena disappears into a gap in the rocks and you follow her down a secret entrance into the sparkling depths that line the volcano. You see Numel roaming in the low light, and a Koffing floats by, puffing foul smelling gas. A pawful of dirt smacks you in the face and you playfully throw some back at Mightyena.

The two of you make a big hole together, tails brushing each other. You turn over everything you find to Mightyena, so she can impress her trainer later, and once you get tired of Digging, you sit on the edge of the hole and bring up the ulterior motive.

:pokeflyface: Hey I’ve really been enjoying spending time with you, Mightyena. Um, you know I have a girlfriend but I’m not exclusive and I was wondering if you wanted to be casual partners? Like a friends with benefits thing?

:pokemightblush: Uh, yeah, that sounds okay. As long as it’s not a super serious commitment I’d be down to hook up.

:pokemightblush: We could even do it…right now?

How do you want to have sex with Mightyena?
No. <