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File 168900668760.png - (61.61KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1067531 No. 1067531 ID: 9ea24b

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Nostalgia_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

Occasionally NSFW
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No. 1076307 ID: dd3fe0

Hmmm, the list of brainstormed was for a lot of different school and educational stuff. Changes to the curriculum for normal human students. Changes to the curriculum that trainers and coordinators and the like have to learn. A mixed human/pokemon school for youngsters. A school for wild pokemon, run by pokemon, with interested humans helping... Any and all of these could be government backed. How did we decide on a one-off school for pokemon that pokemon run again, from the list of the various possibilities?
No. 1076309 ID: f3171e

We got Scott to agree to the ethics education for trainers. We got the education for trainers and Pokemon learning to safely and intelligently interact started with the rallies in each town. Teaching the Pokemon about things on their end of things was ultimately started when we taught Gengar to read and write, but we can expand on that.
No. 1076374 ID: 9ea24b
File 169906140845.png - (131.54KB , 500x500 , p77.png )

>Things you want to do:
>Recruit Pokemon to help with the Pokemon school
>Romance Mightyena and check in a Team Magma
>Introduce Skiddle to Eevee
This is an excellent and very feasible list of tasks. You’ll start this afternoon by Flying Skiddle up to the Friendlies base and asking around there for any Pokeschool volunteers. You leave Fortree and return to Smeargle’s den.

Skiddle is a little overwhelmed by all of the strange Pokemon at the base, but Eevee immediately takes it upon himself to be her guide and leads her around the dirt arena and treehouses.

You ask your friends about the prospective Pokemon school and Raichu, Grumpig, and Breloom say they’d like to help once it’s set up.

>Vaporeon understanding check: Success
Gengar floats into base late in the evening and stops to chat with you to give an update on Vania.

:pokegenhype: Flygon, great news! I had a chance to chat with Vania’s Vaporeon after she caught me turning the thermostat up to maximum, and she’s actually not mad that we’re ruining her trainer’s life because she understands what we’re doing is good.

:pokeflyshock: Wow! That’s awesome.

:pokegenwink: Yes, it’s very rare that you get a loyal Pokemon who also understands our side of things. I think she’d appreciate a visit from you.

>The next morning…
Your final half day with Scott is more of the same relaxation and idle talk. Scott says goodbye with the promise that you’ll see him again when you start talking to the Elite Four.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Visit Vaporeon (suggest lewd things to do together)
B. Spend time with Drew and Stetson since they’re going back to school tomorrow
C. Visit Team Magma and look for Mightyena
No. 1076380 ID: f3171e

B. We need to check on how our boy is doing.
No. 1076381 ID: 38349b

B first, but when it becomes time to vape I wanna see some smooching
No. 1076382 ID: f3171e

Yeah she's been used so much give her some gentle massages and the real boyfriend treatment.
No. 1076449 ID: 9ea24b
File 169913353517.png - (116.54KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

>B, check on the lads
You text Drew to meet you at Stetson’s house, then Fly to Littleroot to chill with Stetson’s mons for a bit. The backyard has been stomped into barren dirt at this point, but everyone’s there except for Pelipper and they seem to be in decent spirits.

:pokeflyface: Hi Sceptile and Aggron and Glalie and Torkoal, how’s it going?

:pokescephap: Hey Flygon, it’s been good!

:pokegronfrown: I’m bored. I can’t even dig around here because I’ll run into the sewer line.

:pokekoalface: We’re wondering what will happen to us when Stetson goes back to school.

:pokeflyface: Well I’ve got just the solution to that, I’m starting a Pokemon school and I need teachers to talk about what it’s like to work with a trainer. You guys are perfect for the job.

:pokegronface: It’s true, we’re perfect.

:pokeflyface: I’ll tell Stetson about it and I’m sure he’ll agree. You don’t have to spend all your time working and I’ll even make sure you’re paid.

The promise of income makes your teammates terribly excited, and they barrage you with questions until Brendan opens the back door and waves you inside.

Drew is already sitting on the couch next to Stetson, and you sit on the floor so that you’re all at the same eye level.

You listen to both of them complain about last minute summer reading and talk about what classes they’re taking for a while before sharing a brief summary of what you’ve been up to and explaining your plan to recruit Stetson’s other mons for wild Pokemon education.

:pokekidface: Good idea, mom’s really mad that my mons have destroyed the yard but I don’t want to put them in storage.

:pokekid2frown: I’m keeping mine in their balls during school. I’m going to miss spending time with my Pokemon.

:pokekidfrown: Me too. I can’t believe we’re just going into math class like we didn’t become league champions or anything. Even next summer it won’t be the same cause we’ve already done everything. There’s kinda nothing left to accomplish.

Stetson and Drew sink into the couch with a matching sigh of deep ennui far beyond their years.
No. 1076452 ID: 012477

One of the ideas I also had was a mixed pokemon/human school. I mean, learning normal subjects for both, developing assistive devices and techniques and a sign language between species, figuring out how the from hatching knowledge thing works and how it's limited and exploitable. Figuring out how tweaked moves might assist in learning. That one's going to be less viable in the short term, maybe in a few years?
No. 1076453 ID: f3171e

Tell them you've been brewing up some new battle formats with Scott for the Battle Frontier. As minted champions they'll probably get invites next summer, so they can have fun with doubles format tournaments!

Doubles are objectively the best format because Pokemon that aren't usually very good one on one can shine as support teammates.
No. 1076514 ID: c572e3

Ask the kids if they'd ever consider doing a bit of traveling and seeing what another region is like?
No. 1076527 ID: e51896

Oh Definitely! tell them that next year, they should try spending the entire summer traveling to Johto, or Kanto, and try to earn badges over there, and become champions of that region too. That's probably something Stetson's father hasn't tried yet either, so he'd be even more adventurous than his father.

Sidenote: pokemon gold had the best post-game in the pokemon series as it allowed you to visit the kanto region after finishing the game, and get badges there. It was so cool to see what had changed, and what was kept the same, and gave me a feeling of... Nostalgia
No. 1076546 ID: 9ea24b
File 169923006743.png - (357.28KB , 500x500 , p79.png )

>Double battles at the Battle Frontier
:pokekiddismiss: My dad says I’m not allowed around Scott until I’m 18 and my mom agrees.

:pokekid2frown: I don’t think I’d do very well with only two Pokemon. Well technically three Pokemon when you count Skiddle.

>A place at your school in a few years, where they can improve Pokemon to human communication and research Pokemon phenomena
:pokekid2frown: That would be cool, but we’re like, kids. I don’t think we can do a real important job like that.

:pokekidthink: It’ll make a good summer internship once we’re in high school.

>Explore other regions like Kanto and Johto, it’s something that even Brendan never did
:pokekid2face: Yeah! I like the sound of that.

:pokekidface: They’re not too far away and we can travel together so our parents don’t worry since there’s more crime and stuff.

You’re relieved you managed to cheer the lads up, and you spend the rest of the afternoon playing video games with them.

Gengar stops by Smeargle’s den that evening to tell you that Vania wants to negotiate on the terms of the ransom, specifically with you. What would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. Initiate contact with the Elite Four with Deoxys
B. Negotiate with Vania
No. 1076573 ID: f3171e

A. Vania's probably trying to prove it's us or set a trap.
No. 1076576 ID: a7a180

B. Conclude that first.
No. 1076586 ID: 0b594e

B. but you choose the location, preferably one easily flown to but hard to reach on foot.
No. 1076613 ID: 196206

If we're going to fall for her trap, at least word it as us negotiating with the Pokemon on her behalf. And bring someone along for safety, like Gengar hiding in our shadow.
No. 1076638 ID: 9ea24b
File 169930609295.png - (120.38KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

>B, resolve Vania’s situation first
This has the consequence that your involvement in the extortion will be confirmed before you see the Elite Four, but hopefully if you reach an agreement with Vania she won’t be as antagonistic toward you and pass news of the resolution along to Steven.

As a reminder, you requested the following concessions from Vania:
>1: Release all Pokemon who have been in the PC for longer than a month
>2: Give Vaporeon a break outside the PC for as long as the water Pokemon wants
>3: Only use Pokemon who like sex for breeding, verified by verbal inquiry
>4: Cycle out the breeder Pokemon each week and reward them for their efforts

>Choose the meeting location and bring Gengar
You pick the beach north of Rustboro at 10 am and have Gengar deliver a note with the instructions. You putter around the den until it’s time to go, then Fly west.

Gengar sinks into your shadow once you land on the sand. After a few minutes, you see Vania coming over the hill with Vaporeon trotting by her side.

The well-dressed woman stops a few meters in front of you. She holds herself tall despite the sleep deprivation.

:pokevaniafrown: I trust your word, Flygon, so I’ll agree to three of your demands, but I’m not releasing my Pokemon just because I don’t use them all the time. I don’t have the energy or resources to be a full-time trainer, but that doesn’t mean I should lose the Pokemon I have.

A. Agree (Vania will do concessions 2, 3, and 4 in exchange for being left along)
B. Hold firm
No. 1076650 ID: f3171e

Ech, would have been better to make her stew longer. She's stubborn, and now we've shown too much of our hand.

She doesn't deserve A., but if we want to be listened to at the E4 meeting now we need to do A.
No. 1076651 ID: a7a180

A. This is acceptable, the world isn't going to change all at once. I trust she'll still think about her Pokémon when they're in the PC.
No. 1076677 ID: 0b594e

A. This is probably the best we're going to get without escalating things too far.
No. 1076707 ID: dd3fe0

A's the best we are going to get, probably.
No. 1076713 ID: b6ec4d

A. Mention that as long as she isn't keeping ones she doesn't use in storage forever with no future plans of ever bringing them out, that's fine. Despite your own complex feelings on PC storage, the enterprise as a whole is not morally corrupt or socially unacceptable.
No. 1076744 ID: 9ea24b
File 169941028258.png - (81.42KB , 500x500 , p81.png )

>A, it’s the best you can do without escalating
Vania’s Pokemon will be released from the PC eventually once she retires from being a trainer, though it could take many years. You think it’ll be best to limit contact with Vania after you agree to the deal, though you’ll check in with the Pokemon she puts in the daycare.

You nod your head and write a short message expressing your acceptance. Vania looks terribly relieved and Vaporeon yips with delight and wags her tail.

Vania doesn’t stick around after that, and once she’s out of earshot Gengar emerges from your shadow, which makes a shiver go up your spine. She isn’t smiling, and you feel a little guilty. You assume she thinks you let Vania off too easily.

:pokegenneut: Flygon, what do you want to do about that Pokemon still at the daycare?

Do you want to ask Gengar to rescue Flareon before she’s put back in the PC? Also, what would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Meet with Vaporeon for some smooches
B. Find Mightyena at the Magma Hideout
C. Spend time with Skiddle and Smeargle
No. 1076746 ID: dd3fe0

Look, I didn't interact with anyone at the daycare other than Vaporeon and Flareon, and I've made sure that neither of them is suffering or being actively abused. If we demolished the daycare, that wouldn't solve the systemic problem of daycares existing in a horrendously abusive and unregulated way, as well as the massive demand for their services. My guidelines for my moral compass are more, 'Work on making real systemic change, with a preference towards peaceful methods, while not ignoring the blatant injustices that I come across, so I can have an okay-ish balance between helping many in the long term, minimizing negative side effects, and being able to get to sleep at night.'

Keeping all that in mind -- what do YOU think I should have done or be doing? And here's what I think maybe you should be doing -- Do you think you can update my brainstorm into a proper manifesto, get some more ideas many pokemon want added to it, and spread it amongst pokemon everywhere?
No. 1076756 ID: a7a180

B, and... make Flareon disappear.
No. 1076799 ID: f3171e

Plan for Flareon: Espeon telepathically introduces herself as Flareon's maybe-sister and persuades Flareon to hop the fence and flee like she did back when she was an Eevee. Linoone is outside with a diggy-hole to hide her in since the Daycare couple will probably go looking for her. Once the coast is clear, Gengar can escort her to the Friendlies to meet her niece.

If it looks like Flareon got fed up and left on her own, it can't be directly blamed on us going back on our deal to leave Vania alone.

And then B.
No. 1076804 ID: ae064f

Outright rescue? No, you can't take a risk that could damage your ability to resolve this stuff by diplomatic means. Buuuut if there should appear some gap in the daycare center's boundaries that could only have happened by accident, and some unhappy pokemon were to take the initiative to leave on their own...
No. 1076904 ID: 9ea24b
File 169958275559.png - (104.97KB , 500x500 , p82.png )

You get defensive at Gengar’s expression.

:pokeflysad: What? Do you think I should have done something different?

:pokegendrama: Of course not dear, this is your show after all. I just put in an awful lot of effort to make Vania’s life as miserable as possible these past few days and I think Eevee would have appreciated his aunts and uncles being freed.

:pokeflypanik: Well–Look, it's already done. I was trying to do my best.

:pokegenwink: You don’t have to convince me, I simply have my own opinions on the matter. Compromise is very important in life.

>Stage Flareon’s rescue to look like she ran away
You plan to dig a hole under the daycare fence tonight while Gengar whisks Flareon to safety so that there’s doubt to your involvement. You don’t think Vania will raise a fuss after all the trouble she’s gone through.

>B, find Mightyena
You say bye to Gengar and Fly straight for Mt. Chimney. It’s strange coming here when the last time was when you fought a huge terrifying Legendary Pokemon. From the sky, you can see a bit of bright orange lava through the steady cloud of ash and you dive down to where the not so secret entrance is located. You chat up the Golbat and grunt guarding the entrance, and they point you in the direction of the gift shop.

Mightyena’s trainer is at the cashier, surreptitiously working on something that looks like a geology problem set while a single tourist browses the shelves of novelty items. Mightyena is resting under the desk but emerges when you get close.

:pokemightface: Hi Flygon, it’s been ages. Were you the one who stopped Groudon? It was really scary there for a while but he quieted down a few days after you asked me about him.

:pokeflylove: Yep, that was me, my girlfriend Smeargle, and the Friendlies!

:pokemightface: Wow, that’s super impressive. What brings you here now? Most of the stuff we sell is either junk or something you could find yourself by digging around.

What do you say to Mightyena?
No. 1076949 ID: f3171e

Ask how Team Magma managed to turn around the whole ecoterrorist thing, and what sort of stuff they do now.

Does she like to Dig for rocks and evostones too? See what some of her interests are.
No. 1076951 ID: dd3fe0


Yea, we have some idea about that, it was talked about before, but we have no real details. Ask if anyone is into, you know, legal pushing for pokemon rights. Or wants to be into that. You've been super trying to get into that lately.
No. 1076988 ID: 9ea24b
File 169967154331.png - (123.34KB , 500x500 , p83.png )

>Ask about Team Magma’s change of heart
:pokemightface: My trainer was pretty young when the original Groudon awakening incident happened 20 years ago, which is what made Maxie change his goals for Team Magma.

:pokeflyshock: Wasn’t he originally planning to make Mt. Chimney erupt like a crazy person?

:pokemightsulk: Yeah…He’s mellowed out a lot and he didn’t even have to go to jail. Seeing the power of Groudon in person must have shocked him out of his delusions. Really he’s just a big nerd who loves Pokemon.

>Ask about her interests
:pokemightface: I spend most of my time with my trainer. We go on walks, lead tours, and go to class together.

:pokeflyface: Oh, is your trainer in school?

:pokemightface: Yep, she’s getting her master’s right now.

The grunt absently reaches out her hand and scratches Mightyena on the head. You feel a little pang of jealousy.

>Talk about your fight for Pokemon rights
:pokeflyshock: I’ve been super into getting humans to treat Pokemon better! Ever since I met the Friendlies it’s really opened my eyes to how some trainers take advantage of their Pokemon.

:pokemightsulk: Um. Good for you?

:pokeflyface: Are there any Pokemon here that need help dealing with their humans?

:pokemightmad: Team Magma respects all of their Pokemon partners! I’m not interested in rescue team stuff.

:pokeflypanik: Okay okay, just checking.

It was nice to have a casual hangout with Mightyena, but you’ll need to make a bolder move if you want to romance her.

You plan to visit the Elite Four with Deoxys tomorrow morning. News of your deal with Vania will have reached them by then. Scott is already planning to fund the Pokemon school and propose the trainer ethics test, so you don’t have to worry about that. You think it’d be best to focus on one new medium level legislation for this initial set of meetings, so choose a single option from the following:

A. Amnesty for the Friendlies after explaining Houndoom’s past

B. Ethical Pokeballs that have an extremely low catch rate (can only catch Pokemon with their consent)

C. A Pokemon abuse regulatory agency (would only be for particularly bad cases)

D. Other (suggest)
No. 1076991 ID: f3171e

Maybe Team Magma could be allies in our efforts. We should see if we can talk with some of their leaders.

A. If it's made clear they aren't kid killers like their reputation suggests, they may find a legitimate role in improving things, and be able to help with the Pokemon school directly. I think Houndoom would make a great teacher, and if Salamence was able to work with the Rangers they could more effectively root out poaching.

If they are able to get a more legitimate platform and support, it could lead to better odds of C. in the future. The Friendlies members and rescuees I'm sure have a lot of stories that would tug at the hearts of budding trainers like Drew.
No. 1076993 ID: dd3fe0

Ack! Sorry! That came out wrong, it got jumbled in my head, forgot who I was dealing with -- I meant to NOT ask about pokemon that need help with their humans, but rather, are there any HUMANS who would totally be on board with the pokemon rights thing and working for that from their side?
No. 1076996 ID: a7a180

C, B doesn't do much about the other types of pokeballs unless you were to specifically limit the rates on the big three (poke, great, ultra) and A would put an end to the Friendlies' other activities too. Use that legislation where it's needed most.
No. 1077008 ID: b6ec4d

C. Arguing for A immediately after using Gengar to help with some underhanded probably illegal junk is probably not going to be our best move. It'd be nice to clear Houndoon's name, but I don't think the group is really looking for an image change right now.

Ethical Pokeballs aren't a bad idea, but it's an investment into less immediate change. They won't make things better over night, but over time they could become a powerful symbol for treating your Pokemon right.

For now, I think what we really need is regulation. As we saw with Vania, even when we identify a problem and point it out, we can't really do much about it. Especially if it isn't anything illegal. What we really need is a group with some authority who can actually force trainers to treat their Pokemon better. It's fine if they only focus on the really bad cases at the start, that's still observable change in the here and now. Over time, the board's reach could be expanded to handle Vania-level problems, so we'd be investing in the present and the future with a change like this.
No. 1077017 ID: dd3fe0

Also, C.

The agency can have some mission creep later, but it needs to be made first!
No. 1077066 ID: 9ea24b
File 169975557294.png - (104.31KB , 500x500 , p84.png )

>Are there any humans at Team Magma who might join the Pokemon rights campaign?
It sounds like Maxie could, the only issue is that he’s lost all salience since he almost destroyed Hoenn.

>That night…
You easily tunnel from one side of the daycare fence to the other, though you leave quickly before any of the people or Pokemon can see you. You can visit the Friendlies later to see how Flareon is doing.

>The next morning…
>C, establishing legal protections for Pokemon is most important!
You Fly in lazy circles above Mauville until you get Deoxys’ attention. He’s in his defense form, but still easily able to keep up with you as you set course for Evergrande. You fill Deoxys in on your plan while you travel and he agrees to telepathically communicate what the humans are thinking while you talk to them.

The receptionist at the Pokemon League building is surprisingly polite and tells you to wait in the lobby while the Elite Four finish up with their current challenger. Deoxys gets a lot of hungry stares from the other waiting trainers, but he seems unbothered from what you can tell.

Your stomach twists into an uncomfortable tangle as the hours drag on. You rifle through some glossy magazines advertising the Battle Frontier and the hot new features on the PokeNav and smack your tail on the tile.

Finally, the receptionist stands up from his desk and leads you down a hallway and into a nice conference room. There’s a fridge in the corner and you fetch yourself a can of sparkling water.

It’s another long wait, but this time you get a pleasant surprise when Scott enters the room with Slowking in tow.

:pokescotface: Hi again Flygon! You and your friend are looking good.

Next come the Elite Four, who greet Scott politely but don’t comment on you or Deoxys. Wallace is as flamboyant as you remember and Phoebe has a tight smile on her face. Sidney slouches into a chair at the head of the table while Glacia and Drake sit straight backed, with serious expressions on their faces.

There’s a bit of impatient muttering when Steven Stone doesn’t show for another half an hour. When the CEO arrives, he takes the seat Wallace frantically motions to at the Champion’s side.

:pokewallface: Now that we’re all here, let’s get started. Hello Flygon, we at the League have been expecting you for some time.

:pokescotface: You’re making us sound like supervillains Wallace.

:pokewallface: Despite all of us being very busy, we’re giving you the benefit of our consideration out of politeness, which is more than you’ve offered the women you’ve personally disagreed with. Feel free to speak, or write, your mind, and we’ll give you a fair response.


What do you say?
No. 1077109 ID: a25322

Alright, speech mode activated!

You actually did give Vania plenty of consideration. You spoke with her directly to let her know of the issues her Pokemon were experiencing. The solution she took, shoving them in the PC, was not at all a fix however, since it would simply suspend them in their current state until later. You would have happily informed her of this, had she been willing to continuing engaging in conversation, but she was very clear in her intentions not to.

The unfortunate reality is that currently, there is nothing more that can be done once someone is aware of a problem, but doesn't want to solve it. If there are no explicit laws being broken, then there'sno authority you can report issues like this to. We all agree that if Team Rocket is cutting off Slowpoke tails, that this is an abuse that needs to be dealt with, but there are much more subtle and common ways to hurt a Pokemon. We agree that breeding is fine, but should we be okay with individual 'mon being used for it day in and day out without break? We have labor laws for humans for a reason, and for a Pokemon this is work. It may be pleasurable, but doing it constantly is a job. What about a trainer who catches a Pokemon and stores them in their PC for years without even the intent of useing them, or even just a trainer who never shows any affection to their Pokemon.

None of these are illegal, but they are problems. These are all examples of abuse. Without proper infrastructure to actually address these issues, we have to rely on the abusers to accept that they're wrong for their Pokemon to be treated better. Outside of.that, your only options are radical action, or letting casual abuse continue.

And as tempting as it is to jump in and play Robin Hood every time a problem arises, that's more of a bandage solution. Long-term, it doean't address cases beyond the one you're immediately dealing with, and it muddles support for the original message from people who might otherwise agree with you. It's not a long-term solution to systemic issues.

This is why we need a regulatory board. Because Pokemon are intelligent and complex creatures, and sometimes trainers treat them as nothing more than tools. Because some people don't want to think they're doing anything wrong, and won't earnestly engage in discussions about their behavior. Because absent of it, Pokemon can and will try to fix the problems they perceive on their own, and this isn't always a good thing. Say what you will about Vania, but if you know anything about a boy named Stetson and his recent interactions with Latias, you know it can get a lot worse.

Before it does, we need to take steps to make things better.
No. 1077118 ID: 196206

Try taking a positive approach at first. Negative criticism will not ingratiate those who already dislike you.

In our adventures as a Pokemon, we have met a lot of different types of trainers and Pokemon. Tracey, whose Pokemon are like members of the family and were released to live their lives when she retired. Stetson, who constantly got into trouble until he learned to consider others through friendship with his Pokemon. Drew, who considers each Pokemon as individuals and has strongly encouraged efforts to improve trainer treatment of Pokemon. Scott, who shares some of our interests. Wallace, whose Milotic is old and happy and adores him. Vania, whose Pokemon are treated like fine wines on a shelf or as egg dispensers. Team Magma, whose Pokemon like Mightyena believe in them and whose care for Pokemon has influenced their desire to reform.

There are Pokemon like Tracey's Blaziken who are steadfastly loyal to their humans, those like Stetson's Aggron who sought out the trainer life for fun, ones like Vania's Vaporeon who just want their trainer's affection but feel abandoned, and those like the Spheals being poached. Ones like Smeargle who care for humans but still prefer to live apart. Those like Gardevoir who watch over and protect their human families.

We want to see a world where Pokemon and humans are bonded companions. It saddens us, and by us we mean the Pokemon, when they are abandoned or ignored. It angers us when they are abused and hunted, like the Spheals. For that reason we seek a regulatory board where claims and reports of abuse can be fairly and compassionately examined.

At no point admit to more than talking to Vania.
No. 1077119 ID: dd3fe0


This is perfect.
No. 1077124 ID: f3171e

Some specific points to try and get some ground with those who don't already strongly dislike us:

Putting emphasis on protecting the Spheals being poached. Also some stories about Stetson's Glalie, and how she wanted to explore and see the world with a trainer. Because of Stetson's growth, he and his team were able to work well with her despite their ecological differences.

He's an old, grizzled sea dog. Emphasize how growing together with Pokemon helped Stetson learn responsibility, and gave Drew the strength to find duty in something he believes in. Duty and responsibility will be things he respects. Also express that we feel a duty to speak on the behalf of those who can't, because of the unique position we've been thrust into.

He believes that might makes right. Point out that those with a good relationship with their Pokemon are often some of the most accomplished and capable trainers - those like Tracey, and like Wallace.

Just complimenting him and using him as a positive example to improve his opinion of us. He can be loyal to Steven and still disagree, and we need to lean on that and hope.

She probably hates us because of Gengar and Lanette's drama. Unlikely to resolve her issues in this single meeting or get her vote.
No. 1077163 ID: 9ea24b
File 169984267398.png - (115.59KB , 500x500 , p85.png )

You fumble for your notebook and pen and try not to panic.


:pokeflyshock: Thanks! Give me a second.

You’re very glad you decided to bring Deoxys here. With your goal of the regulatory agency in mind, you form a convincing narrative for your argument, writing yourself little notes as you plan. Steven lets out an impatient sigh, which is rich for how late the guy was.

>Introduction: There are many different kinds of Pokemon and trainers
You talk about your experience with Stetson, Drew, and Tracy, and all of the Pokemon you’ve met on your journey. You’ve seen the power of a loyal bond between trainers and their partners, and you strongly believe in the continued existence of competitive Pokemon battling.

>Explain the problem: Potential for abuse by trainers and poachers
You explain how the current system can lead to a lack of communication between trainer and Pokemon due to the language barrier and time confined in a Pokeball. What should be an equal relationship can become lopsided, leading to issues like Vaporeon’s overbreeding, abandonment in the PC, or even poaching.

While poaching is illegal, the other issues aren’t, and when you try to step in to fix them yourself it leads to all kinds of problems.

>Provide a solution: The Pokemon Protection Agency
Your vision for the agency is something with both Pokemon and human ownership, that can address reported issues ranging from attacks from wild Pokemon such as Latias shoving Stetson to Pokemon who are being seriously mistreated.

Throughout your speech, you see a lot of nodding from everyone except for Phoebe and Steven.


:pokewallface: That sounds pretty good actually! The gritty details will need some time to be drafted, but I think this is a good compromise to prevent the kind of vigilante justice we’ve been seeing.

:pokesteveface: Where will the funding come from?

:pokewallface: Perhaps a small tax on Battle Frontier prizes?

:pokescotfrown: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I’m paying for Flygon’s cool school, put a sales tax on Luxury Balls or something.

:pokesteveface: Absolutely not.

Phoebe has been overruled by her peers, leaving Steven as the main obstacle to this legislation. You need to get through to him somehow.

A. Challenge him to a battle tomorrow, his team of six against yours (which you would need to assemble)

B. Ask to hangout with him at work tomorrow and use your powerful charisma to hopefully make him like you

C. Other (suggest something that can be completed in an afternoon)
No. 1077169 ID: a7a180

B, not sure we have enough friends for a team without calling on Friendlies.
No. 1077170 ID: b6ec4d

B, Propose a chat to discuss possible funding as an excuse to hang out. A battle would be nice, but you could really use a chance to lock down his actual issues and address them directly. That, and I don't know who to suggest for a team.
No. 1077171 ID: f3171e

B. To statt, fex your accountant skills and help him clean up his scheduled bureaucracy for the day so you can go look at cool rocks together and talk shop.

This is about funding! This is actually Flygon's area of expertise.
No. 1077172 ID: f3171e

To start, flex. That'll teach me to type half asleep

Boring gray suit businessman powers activate.
No. 1077178 ID: dd3fe0

B, and also maybe see if you can introduce him to any ladymon who aren't in an exclusive romantic relationship might be interested in hanging out with him, perhaps? Some species he wouldn't have interacted with before? Not for purposes of affecting his behavior or anything. Just cause you're a pal. You have to have SOME way of determining which pokemon in your extended acquaintance group are humanophiles?
No. 1077185 ID: f3171e

I know in my heart Steven Stone would fuck a rock.
No. 1077209 ID: 9ea24b
File 169992419199.png - (132.25KB , 500x500 , p86.png )

>B, flex your accountant skills and address Steven’s issues
You also want see if you can introduce Steven to a lovely ladymon, you bet Steven would fuck a Rock type–

Deoxys smacks you in the back of the head with a flat tentacle and you yelp. The sudden noise makes all of the humans jump.

:pokedeoxdef: I AM DONE HERE.

He floats out of his chair and clumsily shoves his body against the conference room door, leaving you to stew in the awkward silence left behind.

Forced to write your messages, you ask if you can shadow Steven at Devon Corp. tomorrow morning so you can get to know each other better.

:pokescotface: Flygon’s a blast to hang out with, Steven! It’ll be fun and maybe you’ll even change your mind about his agency idea.

:pokesteveface: I won’t, but fine. He can have a little more of my time so that it’s clear I’m not interested.

The meeting splits up soon after that and you’re escorted back to the lobby.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Go see Mightyena again
B. Smooch Vaporeon
C. Find a female Pokemon who would be down to do it with Steven
No. 1077212 ID: f3171e

Eh, Deoxys, it was a joke! Half joke. Maybe quarter joke.

Approaching the idea more seriously, we don't actually know which way Steven swings or if he's in a relationship already. So if we do want to try and find him a ladymon this seems like something to ask Scott about before putting our foot in our mouth.

A. Ask Mightyena if she'd be interested in a friends-with-benefits relationship, maybe go on a friend date digging for cool rocks she can share with her trainer and their geologist friends. If she's not down to ground, we could still hang out with her and ask more about Maxie.

It'd double as scouting for somewhere to hang out with Steven.
No. 1077217 ID: dd3fe0

((OOC: Sorry, got Scott and Steven mixed up, retracting my suggestions about pokephile stuff, SORRY!))
No. 1077218 ID: dd3fe0

Also, A or B.
No. 1077226 ID: a7a180

C. Plenty of Golems in the caves. Their evolution line are some of the most common Pokemon in the world. So common that there's even a statistically significant chance of meeting a shiny one.
No. 1077249 ID: dd3fe0

Whoa! Whew. What the hell happened there? For a while, you had a delusion that someone here was a pokephile with absolutely no evidence to that fact. What the heck? It had to be the extreme proximity of conflicting, high power badges. Maybe they caused your mind to go to a sort of default thought (of which pokephilia musings totally is one!) with kind of a waking dream sort of delusion? Man, that was a trip!

Though, hmmm. Your list of changes did have the bit about considering Pokemon as people who are able to marry, recognizing pokemon/human marriages, and pokemon/pokemon marriages as legally binding. And Pokephiles WOULD be natural allies with your pokemon rights movement. The thing is, they wouldn't be useful natural allies unless you quietly figured out who they were and which specific powerful people were pokephiles, rather than just the somewhat taboo subculture in general. Though that begs the question -- what OTHER groups of humans are likely natural allies to the pokemon rights thing? You'd expect more of Magma to be so, but that didn't seem to happen. Do you have any more ideas?
No. 1077310 ID: 9ea24b
File 170001305364.png - (76.02KB , 500x500 , p87.png )

>Are there any other humans that you could recruit?
The quest is wrapping up and I don’t want to introduce new plot points. Flygon will do much more activism work in his life, and it can be assumed he’ll find more humans sympathetic to his cause.

>Does Steven swing that way?
You text Scott to ask if he knows, and he replies that he’s never seen proof of it himself, but Steven’s always been a private person. Probably for the best if you don’t pursue that angle for getting on Steven’s good side.

>A, be frank with Mightyena about your intentions and go on a rock digging date
It’s a different grunt guarding the entrance, but word seems to have gotten around about your identity and she waves you in. After some searching through the extensive tunnels and corridors of the hideout, you find Mightyena sitting next to her trainer while the human does work on a desktop computer.

:pokeflyface: Hey Mightyena, do you want to hang out again today? Maybe go to Fiery Path and Dig up some Fire Stones or something?

:pokemightface: Oh sure, that sounds fun and it’s a slow day.

She stands up and stretches before nudging her trainer to get her attention. The grunt looks at you and nods to Mightyena, who leads the way back aboveground.

You Fly after Mightyena as she bounds down the mountain, easily leaping over boulders and fallen pine trees. Her black back fur is glossy and well-groomed, and you admire her powerful legs and panting pink tongue.

Mightyena disappears into a gap in the rocks and you follow her down a secret entrance into the sparkling depths that line the volcano. You see Numel roaming in the low light, and a Koffing floats by, puffing foul smelling gas. A pawful of dirt smacks you in the face and you playfully throw some back at Mightyena.

The two of you make a big hole together, tails brushing each other. You turn over everything you find to Mightyena, so she can impress her trainer later, and once you get tired of Digging, you sit on the edge of the hole and bring up the ulterior motive.

:pokeflyface: Hey I’ve really been enjoying spending time with you, Mightyena. Um, you know I have a girlfriend but I’m not exclusive and I was wondering if you wanted to be casual partners? Like a friends with benefits thing?

:pokemightblush: Uh, yeah, that sounds okay. As long as it’s not a super serious commitment I’d be down to hook up.

:pokemightblush: We could even do it…right now?

How do you want to have sex with Mightyena?
No. 1077311 ID: f3171e

Could do some oral exchange. Eat her out while giving her belly rubs, she is a good girl.
No. 1077312 ID: b6ec4d

Partially bury yourselves together before going at it, one of you on top of the other. It'll let you stay in contact the whole time, and make things nice and steamy with all the heat it'll generate. Just make sure you stay hydrated!
No. 1077317 ID: dd3fe0

Just do lots of fun stuff. No need to bury, that restricts movement and isnt that comfy -- immobilization fetish is for the SECOND time you have sex, not the first!
No. 1077376 ID: 9ea24b
File 170010460450.png - (141.18KB , 500x500 , p88.png )

>Give belly rubs and call her a good girl
The foreplay is hot and heady. Some naysayers might say it’s all the fumes floating around the active volcano, but you’re attributing it to your excellent petting skills.

You duck your conveniently long neck to lick at Mightyena’s pussy until she’s panting, and then you climb over her, stomach to stomach. She whines and yips as you sink your cock into her slick hole, paws quivering where she’s holding them in the air. You like her vocality, and you spot a few wild Pokemon peeking in on your fucking.

After Mightyena howls her pleasure, you tangle your fingers in her soft belly fur, speed up your thrusts, and come deep inside her, before toppling over to lie on your back.

Once you’ve recovered enough to sit up, you take care to brush all of the scattered dirt off of Mightyena. She rests her head on your belly, pinning you in place without remorse until she’s ready to take her loot and return to her trainer. Her tail wags the whole way back up the mountain.

>The next morning…
You travel to Rustboro and land near the entrance to the Devon Corporation headquarters. Hopefully the people at the front desk have been warned about your arrival and you carefully push open the door and walk in.

>Vania encounter check: Failure
You wonder if you’re going to see Vania, since she also works here, but you don’t spot her big purple hat anywhere when you scan the lobby.

In a surprisingly short time, Steven comes down to the first floor to collect you and take you up to his enormous office. There are tons of neat stones in glass display cases and a hulking Cradily munching on some papers left on Steven’s desk. As you look around, you also spot a Claydol spinning idly midair in the corner and a Skarmory perched on a fancy cabinet.

Who do you want to focus on for the first half of the morning?
A. Steven’s Pokemon, they’ll probably have lots to say about their trainer
B. Steven, attend all of his meetings with him
No. 1077400 ID: a7a180

No. 1077413 ID: b6ec4d

A, It'll probably make Steven happier to not have to immediately deal with you, and you may get some insight into how to win him over from his Pokemon.
No. 1077414 ID: 3020fe

Also, as usual, flirt with them.
No. 1077429 ID: 196206

A. He keeps at least some of them out and about which already says some good things.
No. 1077456 ID: 9ea24b
File 170018600710.png - (113.62KB , 500x500 , p89.png )

>A, get to know Steven’s Pokemon
A man’s Pokemon are the window into all the juicy gossip in his life. These three should be fairly old since Steven had them since he was League Champion before Wallace and are sure to have all the details you can use to get on Steven’s good side.

You convey to Steven that you’ll stay here until he’s done with his meetings and he leaves without comment. The moment he’s gone, you walk to the other side of the office and lean against Steven’s desk, hip cocked.

:pokeflyface: Y’all are three fine looking Pokemon. What are you doing cooped up in this office instead of being admired by the general populace?

:pokeskarface: We’re sticking with our trainer, obviously! He has to work here and we cause less havoc than our pals Aggron and Metagross so we get to sit around the office all day.

:pokeflyshock: You’d rather be outside and so would Steven, right? Why’s he stuck at this job if he hates it?

:pokeskarface: ‘Cause his dad made him do it! Told him to take over the company when he retired to the board of directors. Steven was in the middle of searching for the great Jirachi too.

Cradily and Claydol nod in agreement. You gather that Skarmory’s the talkative one out of the three.

:pokeskarmad: Too busy to battle with us, too tired after work to go exploring caves, it’s a crying shame. Money ain’t everything, his dad’s an old coot who just wants the company to stay in the family.

He stretches his wings with a clattering of metal feathers and flaps them a few times before tucking them back against his smooth body.

:pokeskarface: Anyway if you’re stuck here, we could use another player for cards.

This is good information. How do you want to proceed with Steven?
No. 1077460 ID: f3171e

We could see if Jirachi would be willing to meet with Steven, on the condition of not being caught (unless she feels like it, I guess), and help Steven with some of his work by working as his volunteer assistant so that he has time to go cave exploring with his old gang of mons. We can provide him with a resume and a list of references from our past life.
No. 1077463 ID: a7a180

Was he searching for a wish?
If he's in charge of the company now and not his dad, he can set his own hours to allow for free time. Tell him such.
No. 1077474 ID: 273c18

Oh what, he was searching for Jirachi? You know where she is. Time for a bit of tit for tat, I think, so long as he's got the presence of mind to be respectful when he gets there.
No. 1077475 ID: 124485

>You know where she is.
We know where she was. I'm not sure if she's still there or not.
No. 1077482 ID: 161586

Jirachi sleeps a LOT tho, so its likely she still there
No. 1077484 ID: f3171e

Importantly, don't promise you can get her to see him. We still need to ask her.
No. 1077485 ID: 9ea24b
File 170025708409.png - (107.47KB , 500x500 , p90.png )

>Offer to help Steven meet Jirachi
Easy, quantitative, and much less complicated than trying to manage Steven’s business for him. You doubt Jirachi has moved from her comfy crater in Meteor Falls, though you’ll want to confirm Steven won’t try to catch her.

You still need to ask Steven about why he doesn’t reduce his own hours or take a vacation. After losing miserably at cards, you glance through some of the papers on Steven’s desk. It looks like Devon Corp is doing well financially, with healthy stock price growth and a hefty R&D budget to generate further products. Cradily slurps up the evidence of your snooping.

Steven returns to his office while on a call, and once he’s done he finally seems ready to talk with you.

You get into the business mindset and write a straightforward message. A chance to meet and speak civilly with Jirachi for as long as she wants in exchange for Steven’s support for the Pokemon abuse agency.

Steven’s eyes get wide and he seems happy for the first time since you’ve met him.

:pokestevesmile: Jirachi is the one who turned you into a Pokemon, isn’t she? I won’t try to catch her or ask for a wish since I doubt she’d grant it. I’m more interested in the fact that she’s part Steel type.

:pokestevesmile: Let’s go this afternoon! I’ll clear my schedule, how about I meet you at the north entrance to the cave in an hour.

Oho, seems like Steven is more than willing to take time for himself if he’s excited about something. Is there anything you want to ask of Jirachi yourself when you see her? You assume she’ll be okay with your impromptu visit.
No. 1077486 ID: a7a180

You should tell him how excited his Pokémon are to go cave diving too. They’d like to do this more often!
Can you ask Jirachi if Steven or the Elite Four harbor any wishes?
No. 1077487 ID: 273c18

...I wonder if Jirashi would know if Scott wants to actually be a pokemon? It should probably wait until after you're done talking to the elite four, but even so, if he wants it then we should ask Jirachi what needs to happen to make that happen. And yeah if there are any wishes that the Elite Four have that you can grant with your own power, that would be cool.

Ask Jirachi if she has any contingency plans for if someone manages to get her in a pokeball. You know a group of legendaries that might agree to free her if she can't do it herself with wish magic.
No. 1077488 ID: f3171e

Contingency plans seems like a good thing to discuss with her. We could offer networking so she doesn't have to go outside, shut-in that she is.

Offering to help her grant more wishes to pay back interrupting her nap with Steven seems like a fair thing to offer too.
No. 1077495 ID: 8f9bc4

ask her to take a bath for once jesus christ
No. 1077537 ID: dd3fe0


First of all, who? second, the lifestyle of legendaries is there perogative!
No. 1077549 ID: 273c18

You should also ask Jirashi if she has any opinions on the whole pokemon rights thing.

On a different note I have a great idea for killing two birds with one stone. They were complaining about needing to fund the PPA, right? How about a fee for keeping pokemon in the PC for long periods of time? Like a monthly fee or something that kicks in after the first month. That would encourage trainers to release pokemon they don't need, while helping to fund the PPA (and other stuff too maybe)
No. 1077562 ID: 0f1177


Pigouvian taxes for this and other issues are a fantastic idea!
No. 1077578 ID: 9ea24b
File 170034972356.png - (111.24KB , 500x500 , p91.png )

>Meet up with Steven at Meteor Falls
Steven walks alongside his hulking Metagross, who smashes through Jirachi’s guards, Golbat, Lunatone, and Solrock, with ease. If you had wanted to fight Steven, you would have needed to recruit a bunch of Level 100s, that’s for sure.

Jirachi is upright when you reach the edge of her crater, blinking, but fully aware. Steven holds back until Metagross slides into the pit first, then easily hikes down the shear upper wall in dress shoes. You can admire the guy’s experience. You talk to Jirachi as she allows Steven to test her head with magnets and small hammers.

>Tell her to take a bath
:pokejirfrown: Har har har. A good coating of dust never hurt anyone.

>Ask if she has a plan if she’s ever caught
:pokejirsmug: Oh yeah, it’s happened before, I just wish myself out once I get bored. Works for the PC too cause I stay conscious in there.

>Offer to grant more wishes for her since you woke her up from her nap
:pokejirsmug: I don’t know how many times I have to tell you buddy, you’d know if I was awake. And naw, I think you have enough on your plate, you did your time. Keep being a good friend to others and that’ll be plenty.

>Tell her about your Pokemon rights efforts
:pokejirsmug: Sounds great so far! I’m impressed you managed to squeeze anything out of those guys.

>Speaking of those guys, ask whether she knows what Steven, Scott, and the League want
Jirachi sighs, which makes Steven lurch back for a moment.

:pokejirsmug: Flygon, I know Steven is literally right here, hitting my head with a hammer.

:pokejirfrown: But I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of him or his crew. They basically want everything that you don’t–for things related to Pokemon rights to stay the same. They’re the ones on top, the system suits them, and besides the little issues in their day to day, the status quo is perfect. They’d go to Stetson and get him to control you the moment you pushed too hard.

:pokeflypanik: So you don’t think they’d go for a fee on using the PC?

:pokejirfrown: Sorry bud, I think you’ve reached the end of what they’ll do for you for a long, long time. Hammer boy here is planning to fund your reporting project with his company and claim it as a PR thing.

:pokeflysad: What about Scott? He seemed like he wanted to be a Pokemon and he was really nice when I talked to him.

:pokejirfrown: Dude, that guy suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Fuck no. I get that you’re friends but damn.

Metagross listens to your whole conversation, but doesn’t comment.

You feel a bit melancholy after you leave Jirachi’s cave. Steven promises that you’ll hear from the League when they get together to draft the legislation needed for the agency, thanks you, and bids you farewell.

Smeargle and Skiddle notice your glum mood over dinner and try to cheer you up with their newly completed art. By the time you’re snuggled into bed, you’re feeling much better.

What would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. Visit the Friendlies and see how Flareon is doing (include any parting words)
B. Visit Vaporeon for some smooching and more (suggest what)
No. 1077596 ID: 24dd1a

B! Vaporeon! Talk to her and have sexytimes, but after actively doing something romantic with her (as a performative thing, not cause you have romantic feelings for her, just sexual, of course), to give her the experience and some new context!
No. 1077601 ID: e51896

A. Nostalgia quest is coming to a close. i feel this choice is best for closure as we come close to the end.
No. 1077602 ID: f3171e

Relax, Flygon. We've accomplished a lot. We've set up the next generation to be well educated on the subject, and established some systems by which they can make their voices heard. That's about as much as can be hoped for, when we're going the peaceful route.

B, we've taken care of pressing issues now. She's been used as breeding stock for a long time, give her some TLC.
No. 1077604 ID: a7a180

A, how are Eevee and her aunt getting along? Anyway, tell her that staying outside the system is the only way she's going to live a full life. Now that you've reached the extent of what the government will agree to, your choices are to keep working on grassroots or to branch into extralegal affairs.
No. 1077615 ID: 273c18

No. 1077616 ID: 273c18

>Jirashi says Scott sucks
I don't suppose she's willing to elaborate?
...it isn't because he keeps his badges out when he has sex with pokemon, is it? That's... questionable consent.
No. 1077620 ID: dd3fe0


Or just a quick primer on the most important and relevant parts of why these people suck in ways I am obviously not noticing.
No. 1077630 ID: 273c18

Oh, in case next update is the last update, I just gotta say that outlook is pessimistic. We made major steps forwards in the fight for pokemon rights in just one year. From now on, even if the Elite Four refuse to talk to you, you can talk to the PPA. It's their job to fight the good fight, so you can help them! The more you help them, the more they'll be willing to listen to you, which means your cause will gain momentum. You can keep doing outreach programs, which will help bring the general populous around towards thinking of pokemon as people who deserve fair treatment. You've got 20 more good years you can put towards this, don't give up.

You will of course need to temper this with safety programs to keep accidents like Houndoom's from happening again, and you might want to figure out some way of protecting trainers that doesn't rely on mind control badges as much. Maybe you should start on the other side of things as well? Some outreach towards wild pokemon populations, to discourage attacking trainers directly, and maybe educate them on what it's like to work under a trainer? That way more pokemon that approach trainers will be amenable to being caught.
No. 1077659 ID: 9ea24b
File 170043104793.png - (139.71KB , 500x500 , p92.png )

>Why does Jirachi think Scott sucks?
The sex thing is a little skeevy now that you think about it, since Pokemon can’t really say no when under the badge effect. Also there’s the fact that he’s made all his money on encouraging Pokemon battles, which is why most Pokemon are captured and exploited. The same logic for the second point applies to the League and Steven.

>You’ve done a lot so far, Jirachi’s outlook was pessimistic
You think Jirachi was trying to temper your expectations a little. It’s true that you’ve made great strides in Pokemon outreach and education, but most of the low hanging fruit is gone now and additional legal efforts will only get more difficult. You’re not going to give up though! This is only the beginning.

>B, visit Vaporeon and do something romantic
To take your mind off things, you recall Vania’s address and Fly over to hide in one of the big pine trees in her backyard. The woman is at work, and after waiting for about half an hour, Vaporeon emerges from a little flap on the porch door and stretches herself in the sun.

:pokeflyface: Psst Vaporeon, up here!

:pokevapsmile: Flygon! You can come down, Vania isn’t around.

You land on the ground and are a little startled when Vaporeon runs over, purring, and rubs against your leg.

:pokeflyshock: How’s it going?

:pokevapblush: I’m SO horny. It was kind of a big change going from getting fucked all day to nothing. Not that I’m complaining! I’m really grateful that you talked to Vania and got her to start treating me and the others better, thank you.

:pokeflylove: No problem. How about I take you on a nice romantic flight to the beach and then we can make out and see where it takes us?

:pokevapblush: Yes please.

Vaporeon lets you pin her down in the sand and go at your own pace. You stick to tender lovemaking with lots of sweet smooches to contrast her treatment at the daycare and she practically yowls at you to stop teasing and stick your fat cock in. It’s all in good fun of course, and you make sure she’s satisfied before you take her home.

The next update will be the last, what would you like to do?
A. Talk to Smeargle and reminisce
B. Fly around Hoenn and reminisce
No. 1077666 ID: a9af05

A. Talk to Smeargle and reminisce
No. 1077667 ID: f3171e

A, of course.
No. 1077681 ID: eb0a9c

A and time to finish up
No. 1077685 ID: 8f9bc4

Talk to Smeargle and Skiddle.

And fly a kite.
No. 1077686 ID: a25322

A, talk to Smeargle. After everything you've been through, all the good you've tried to do for society as a whole, it wouldn't hurt to take some time off to take care of your beautiful family.
No. 1077693 ID: 273c18

Hmm, what about A+B? Has Smeargle gotten a chance to experience flight yet?
No. 1077696 ID: efd3bc

No. 1077701 ID: 9ea24b
File 170050085182.png - (128.36KB , 500x500 , p93.png )

>A, talk to Smeargle
You squeeze into the den and make your way to Smeargle’s room. You don’t see or hear your daughter anywhere.

Smeargle’s room is packed with easels in a familiar clutter. The trapdoor on the ceiling is open to allow sweet, fresh air to cut through the smell of drying paint.

:pokeflyface: Hey Smeargle, where’s Skiddle?

:pokesmerface: Linoone took her to visit the Friendlies, they’ve been really enjoying spending time with Eevee.

Smeargle is mixing paint in front of her most recent work in progress, which looks to be a scene of you and her cuddled together. You admire it for a while before your gaze drifts to Smeargle’s first painting of you as a Trapinch, sitting by a pile of berries.

:pokesmerhap: You were really cute back then. I know it was a stressful time since you were getting used to being a Pokemon, but you were trying your best to figure it out and you adjusted quick.

:pokeflyshock: Are you saying I’m not cute now? I feel so betrayed.

Smeargle laughs and puts down her paint to leap into your arms so she can plant a kiss on your snout.

:pokesmerhap: You’re even cuter and especially handsome as a Flygon. What brings you around these parts this early in the day? Usually I don’t see you until evening.

:pokeflylove: I wanted to see my beautiful sweet girlfriend. And…I don’t know, just felt a little sentimental.

You spot a painting of you as Vibrava, soaring across the blue sky with a big toothy smile.

:pokeflyface: It’s kind of weird, I was trying to Level up and evolve as fast as possible at the time, but now I sorta miss being a Trapinch and a Vibrava.

:pokesmerface: Back in the good old days when Stetson woke up Groudon.

:pokeflyshock: He used to be such a stinker. We also thought the Friendlies were weird and vaguely evil, which admittedly is an accurate assumption when you meet Gengar first.

:pokesmerhap: Things sure are different. Before I felt more like I was living with a roommate who didn’t like me. Now Espeon and Linoone are a sweet couple and great friends, and we have Skiddle to love and raise. You know I’ve been really happy since we met that night outside the daycare.

:pokeflylove: Me too. How about I watch you work on this painting, it looks like it’s coming along great.

You distract Smeargle from her work with lots of kisses, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

You have been a Pokemon for 87 days. Thank you for reading a year of Nostalgia Quest!
No. 1077713 ID: f3171e

Godspeed, you big dirt bug.
No. 1077715 ID: eb0a9c

Moral of the story:
Humans are pokemon with thumbs.
No. 1077725 ID: de5cb4

You've accomplished so much Flygon. Your future looks bright.
No. 1077729 ID: dd3fe0

I'm proud of you, Flygon!
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