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Nostalgia Quest by Tippler

Spoilerth tiny.png This quest contains material that is not safe for work. You were warned.

A mix of Gen 3 Pokemon games in quest form. Items, Pokemon, and concepts from Gen 4 on don't exist.

Trapinch, our hero, wakes up one night transformed into a Pokemon and has to navigate a complicated mix of two worlds.

If something is labeled a "check" in quest, it's a 50/50 unless specified otherwise.




A former salary man with a thing for illicit magazines. Desperately wants thumbs again, enjoys the Pokemon lifestyle.



Proud den owner and former pro Pokemon. Has an annoying moveset for such a sweet lady.



A moody Pokemon who hatched in the Pokemon Daycare.



Trapinch's best bud and the local shop-keep. Likes Eevee.

Pokemon Moves and Levels

Breloom Level 46

Mega Drain, Headbutt, Sky Uppercut, Leech Seed

Walrein Level 46

Hail, Rest, Ice Beam, Surf

Flygon Level 62

Fly (smart), Sand Attack (cute), Earthquake, Dragon Breath (cool)

Espeon Level 38

Sand Attack, Swift, Confusion, Psybeam

Gardevoir Level 30

Psychic, Teleport, Double Team, Calm Mind

Smeargle Level 100

Spore, Baton Pass, Substitute, Belly Drum

Blaziken Level 100

Swords Dance, Sky Uppercut, Fire Blast, Rock Slide

Gyarados Level 100

Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Return, Ice Beam

Salamence Level 100

Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fly, Protect

Gengar Level 100

Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball

Sceptile Level 61

Leaf Blade (cool), Toxic (smart), Strength (tough), Detect (cool)

Pelipper Level 60

Secret Power (smart), Fly (smart), Surf (beauty), Shock Wave (cool)

Aggron Level 88

Brick Break (cool), Iron Tail (cool), Protect (cute), Rock Tomb (smart)

Torkoal Level 60

Heat Wave (beauty), Flamethrower (beauty), Sunny Day (beauty), Body Slam (tough)

Glalie Level 59

Crunch, Protect, Ice Beam, Icy Wind

Deoxys Level 100

Psychic, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

Absol Level 35

Bite, Swords Dance, Razor Wind, Quick Attack

Raichu Level 35

Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Slam, Thunder Wave

Groudon Level 100

Earthquake, Solar Beam, Eruption, Ancient Power

Latios Level 100

Psychic, Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt

Lunatone Level 37

Psychic, Rock Throw, Hypnosis, Cosmic Power

Solrock Level 37

Rock Slide, Cosmic Power, Confusion, Fire Spin

Golbat Level 37

Bite, Confuse Ray, Wing Attack, Leech Life

To-do List

Get legal protections for Pokemon by going through the relevant governing body (the Elite Four)

Educate wild and captured Pokemon (including those at the daycare) about their rights


Smeargle's Den

1 sign

1 Chesto Berry

3 magazines

1 credit card

1 ID card

1 PokeNav

1 laptop

1 laptop charger

1 electricity adapter

2 pillows

1 pen

3 notepads

1 bag of snacks

1 bottle of plain lube

Porygon's ball

Shops (You currently have 1,178,600 P)

Zigzagoon's Den

1 Food Bundle can be harvested over the course of a day

Mid-grade Items (can trade a quarter of the food bundle for one):

Revives (3), Hyper Potions (5), Gold Nuggets (4)

High-grade Items (can trade half a food bundle for one):

Rare Candy (1), mediocre TMs, Vitamin Drinks (1 of each kind)

TMs available: Bulk Up, Cut, Flash, Taunt, Attract, Rock Smash, Bullet Seed, and Double Team.

Tracy Trading

1 Nugget is 5000 P

1 Battle Point (BP) is 9800 P

Status healing items: 500 P

X stat boosting: 500 P

Psychic: 70,000 P (14 Nuggets)

Flamethrower: 80,000 P (16 Nuggets)

Thunderbolt: 80,000 P (16 Nuggets)

Ice Beam: 80,000 P (16 Nuggets)

Dolls: 20,000 P (4 Nuggets)

Tasty Meal: 5000 P

Bag of Snacks: 2500 P

Leftovers: 470,400 P (48 BP)

White Herb: 470,400 P (48 BP)

Quick Claw: 470,400 P (48 BP)

Mental Herb: 470,400 P (48 BP)

BrightPowder: 627,200 P (64 BP)

Choice Band: 627,200 P (64 BP)

King's Rock: 627,200 P (64 BP)

Focus Band: 627,200 P (64 BP)

Scope Lens: 627,200 P (64 BP)

1000 P for 50 coins

Porygon: 9,999 coins which is 198,000 P

Store Prices

Full Heal: 600 P

Super Potion: 700 P

Hyper Potion: 1,200 P

Max Potion: 2,500 P

Full Restore: 3,000 P

Revive: 1,500 P

Stat Vitamins: 9,800 P

Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder: 5,500 P

Hyper Beam: 7,500 P

Protect, Safeguard, Reflect, Light Screen: 3,000 P

Dolls: 3,000 P

Fresh Water: 200 P

Soda Pop: 300 P

Lemonade: 350 P

Contest Tracking

Normal rank contests completed: Beauty, cool, smart

Super rank contests completed: Beauty, smart


Sceptile: Tough x 1, smart x 3

Torkoal: Tough x 3, smart x 1

Aggron: Smart x 1, cool x 3

Pelipper: Cool x 1, beauty x 1

Vibrava: Smart x 1, tough x 1



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