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File 168238735682.png - (54.13KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1062059 No. 1062059 ID: 9ea24b

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Nostalgia_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

Contains infrequent NSFW
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No. 1062060 ID: 9ea24b
File 168238739764.png - (115.62KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

You wake up at the Friendlies Base after receiving a strong dose of healing items. Your HP might be full, but you’re still wobbly on your feet as you thank Gengar for her help and Fly Smeargle home.

You try to give the painter extra attention that evening, but Smeargle says she’s tired and just wants to rest. It’s understandable, but it still stings when she turns away from you when you try to cuddle in bed.

The next morning you’re weirdly sore. You suppose it’s only fair after enduring something that would instantly vaporize a human, and you stretch quickly before asking Stetson where to meet over the PokeNav. He sends you the coordinates for a spot right below Lavaridge, which is close enough to the Friendlies Base that you tell him to take his badges out before Flying over.

You find the kid looking extremely pleased with himself over his single person tent erected at the edge of a well-traveled campground. His Pokemon are all out and milling around. Aggron is digging a huge hole, which honestly looks very fun, but it makes clear the dire need for structured activities. There are several dark clouds on the horizon, a conclusive sign that Groudon has been quelled.

A. Hike through Fiery Path and Dig for coal
B. Make a Secret Base with Stetson
C. Other (suggest a fun morning activity)
No. 1062063 ID: a7a180

A. Digging is cool! If you dig up enough ash you can get a cool flute made.
No. 1062067 ID: e13b1d

A. Maybe Aggron will get involved with the digging and you can compete/bond over digging holes.
No. 1062074 ID: 629f2e

B, Secret Bases are the best.
No. 1062078 ID: b01382

Feel bad about how things end up with your GF Smeagle. Her friend moved out of their shared den and moved in with Ziggy so shes more or less by herself in the den, she doesnt know how to use tech so no long distance communications, we're adventuring with some kid for who knows how long and shes only got so many years left to live out of her thirty years.
Feels bad man. Feels really bad, really sad, wiah things wers better.
No. 1062095 ID: 19ea25

B: Lets make some cool little decorations and make an actual home for everyone..
No. 1062099 ID: e13b1d

We'll just have to help Stetson blow through the gyms like a speedrunner on crack.
No. 1062111 ID: a9af05

Actually, it's just 1 gym and then we'll go to the Elite 4 and the Champion.
No. 1062113 ID: a98ac7

A. yeah, okay, lets get that coal.
No. 1062114 ID: aa856b

B) Sounds really nice, but searching coal WITH Stetson looks like a cool way to make him bond with his pokemon. One of the best thing about pets for kids is that it helps kid get more emphatetic.

A) With Stetson
No. 1062122 ID: 9ea24b
File 168247771733.png - (108.93KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

>A, everyone loves to dig holes
It is a universal truth that digging a big hole is one of the greatest outdoor activities, and that the pursuit of coal for Torkoal is perhaps the most worthwhile mission you have ever accepted. You gather everyone and walk to the reddish, sparkling cave. Along the way, Stetson turns down a few trainers who offer to battle.

:pokekiddismiss: We’re battling Juan tomorrow, and my Flygon is already overleveled. No, sorry, not interested.

You ask Stetson what the gym challenge will be like.

:pokekidface: You can stay outside your ball and watch, I’ll mostly try to win with Pelipper and Sceptile, though I might use you for a free switch-in. I don’t use healing items in battle because I want it to be a hard fight!

It seems like Stetson is giving himself a bunch of arbitrary rules to follow. You’re almost impressed by his restraint. He explains that after beating Juan, he’ll train everyone to Level 55 before attempting the Elite Four.

>Feel bad about Smeargle
Stetson is graciously allowing you to take every third day off, so it’s not like you can’t see her. You still have to stay with him at night though.

>Dig competition vs. Aggron (2/3 chance success): Failure
You challenge Aggron to see who can find the coal first and start burrowing in the rich soil. You’re stunned when he unearths a massive vein of coal after a few minutes. Torkoal immediately chows down on the fuel and Stetson praises the armored Pokemon. Aggron doesn’t even know Dig! This is a disgrace!

You sulk until Stetson has Pelipper fill your hole with water and then you start building mud towers and having fun again. Your relationship has improved with Aggron.

Advanced dirt architecture gives you an idea for Stetson to make a secret base in the afternoon. After eating s’mores back at the campsite roasted over Torkoal’s back, you recommend the idea to Stetson.

What kind of base would you like to create?
A. Cave base (will be nearby)
B. Tree base (will be nearby)
C. Grass base (will be East of Mauville)
No. 1062123 ID: e13b1d

My personal favorite is B but let's be honest Flygon is an A.
No. 1062128 ID: e51896

>Stetson turns down a few trainers who offer to battle.

>We’re battling Juan tomorrow, and my Flygon is already overleveled. No, sorry, not interested.

Waaaaait a minute, you mean all this time if a trainer spots you and challenges you to a battle, you can just refuse?!?!

Unless Stetson is breaking some kind of trainer battle law by refusing to battle... should we be concerned? Either way, maybe we can tell him even if we're overleveled, we can still get some cash outta it.

Whatever, im just being silly

A, lets be cavemen, err, cavepokemon
No. 1062129 ID: a7a180

Grass base, gaining the best qualities of both! Also we know your butt gets stuck in treecret bases.
No. 1062135 ID: bceec2


>Also we know your butt gets stuck in treecret bases.
Luckily, Sceptile and Aggron also have wide hips like us, so they'll have to share the humiliation with us!
No. 1062162 ID: 9ea24b
File 168255364902.png - (66.59KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

>A, cave base
With a nice, wide opening so you don’t get stuck like you do at Gengar’s treehouse. Aggron and Torkoal are enthusiastic about your idea, while Sceptile mumbles about preferring something natural.

>Battles with trainers aren’t mandatory
You sure hope not! Imagine a bully coming through with overleveled Pokemon and taking everyone’s money.

Stetson decides to pick a spot on the cliffs near the desert and the crew hikes over from the campsite. Once you gain some elevation, you crane your neck to look at the constant sandstorm and interesting stone structures dotted around the deep dunes. You could get used to this view.

Stetson teaches Secret Power to Pelipper, replacing Wing Attack. You watch as the bird stares at an indent on the rocky wall for a moment before it simply crumbles away, revealing the dark space beyond. That’s bullshit superpower nonsense if you’ve ever seen it.

How do you want to decorate the base? You can go shopping for dolls and cushions or make something yourself.
No. 1062164 ID: a7a180

Mossy cushions for Sceptile, a big comfy bed you or Aggron can fit in, and so many pokedolls. All the dolls! Well, maybe just five or so for now, got to pace yourself.
No. 1062165 ID: e13b1d

Adding to this:
A perch for Pelipper, and Stetson can pick his own bed.
Torkoal would probably be pleased with a basin of water on a little heater. Torkoal like to relax in hot springs as I recall.
No. 1062194 ID: 9ea24b
File 168263965988.png - (107.76KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

Time for a quick shopping spree. You Fly to Lilycove and buy:

1 large bird stand for Pelipper: 40,000 P (these things are really expensive for some reason)
2 grass cushions for Sceptile: 2 x 2,000 P = 4,000 P
1 fissure mat for Aggron to sleep on: 4,000 P
5 assorted pokedolls: 5 x 3,000 P = 15,000 P
1 fire cushion for Torkoal: 2,000 P

You spend a total of 65,000 P. You have 1,781,100 P remaining.

You’ve won over Aggron and Torkoal into full friendship with your purchases and improved your relationship with Pelipper. The base looks positively cozy once you and Stetson arrange everything.

Satisfied, Stetson returns to camp to make curry and rice in pots hung over the campfire. He gives everyone a portion and after dinner goes into his tent to mess around on his phone. After a relaxing evening, you find a comfortable patch of dirt under the stars and prepare to sleep. Sceptile lies down next to you.

:pokescephap: Thanks for giving Stetson all these good ideas like letting us out of our balls more and going camping. I think this is the first day I’ve been out of my ball from sunrise to sunset, it’s so nice!

:pokeflylove: No problem, I’m glad it’s making you happy.

:pokescepface: I hope that doesn’t come across as too depressing, my life really wasn’t bad before, I just didn’t know anything outside of being Stetson’s starter.

:pokedoomface: It sounds like you–

:pokeflypanik: :pokescepshock: AHHHHHHH!

:pokedoomface: It sounds like you would benefit from freedom. I’m part of a rescue team. Are either of you interested in leaving your trainer? Has he treated you fairly?

It’s Houndoom! He snuck up on the campsite in the dark, and he doesn’t seem to recognize you, probably because you never saw him as a Flygon. What do you do?
No. 1062205 ID: a7a180

Houndoom may not be up to date with your human proclivities as his teammates are, so don't bring up your past familiarity.
Wouldn't that make freedom a worse idea? Pokemon raised in captivity being cut loose from their trainer is like throwing them to the Mightyenas!
Anyway, no thank you! Camping was our idea, and he listened to it! Our relationship is on the up and up, so we don't want to abandon him.
Does Stetson have his badges on him or nearby?
No. 1062209 ID: e13b1d

Seconding not giving away right away that we are Vibrava.

Tell him no, Stetson's pretty understanding, actually. He even puts away the badges when we ask and accepts our advice on how to run the team. That's enough for Flygon. If anyone else wants to go that's their business.
No. 1062211 ID: 19ea25

Losing a mon before the Elite 4 would also mean Stetson has to catch a new mon, and fully train it up. Making us take longer here to deal with things here. Try and persuade him to gently leave.
No. 1062212 ID: 36784c

Let him know that you’re being treated fairly and you don’t want to leave.

>Camping was our idea, and he listened to it!
>He even puts away the badges when we ask and accepts our advice on how to run the team.
Can we please not imply that we’re communicating with Stetson? Houndoom might get suspicious of that and is going to question how we can effectively communicate with Stetson to get exactly what we want without any misunderstandings.
No. 1062223 ID: 273c18

Ask who he is.
No. 1062228 ID: b01382

No. 1062230 ID: dee951

Ah, no, this trainer is fair, and even though has been obviously going through a learning curve to improve our quality of life, he's never at any point treated any of us badly. The implicit 'trade agency, get power and skill and adventure' agreement has been kept equitably.
No. 1062231 ID: 7be071

Pantomime is a perfectly fine form of communication available to all Pokémon.
No. 1062252 ID: e13b1d

It can't be so uncommon for them to learn how to write.
No. 1062265 ID: c9e71c

The fact that none of the pokemon we've met knew how to read or write until we started teaching them kinda proves that it's not a very common skill for a pokemon to have.
No. 1062267 ID: 19ea25

I mean you could simply imply you are communicating through other means. Leading someone, pointing and all sorts of things since we have claw hands.
No. 1062337 ID: dee951

I wonder why pokemon don't use sign language, or have those word buttons to press. Aren't there people who make buttons with lots of words, where if you press the buttons, they say the words, so you can make a sentence, and teach pokemon to use that to communicate?
No. 1062405 ID: 372fc7

Probably such things are out there. But the present state of relations between humans and pokemon precludes an interest in such things on the part of most trainers and enthusiasts, as it threatens the master's unilateral domination over his subjugated pokemon and introduces against him a potential imposition of the specific wants and rights of his pets -- no longer is he the caring and dutiful caretaker of beasts, but the slaveowner of sapient beings given to articulate nagging for this and that, the elevation of their material conditions to become a multiplying drain upon his margins. By adoption of human language and this state of greater freedom, which will exercise the self-conception of the pokemon as an individual of true ego; and by the increase of their consciousness to the disparity between master and servant, as would inevitably ensue if given a looser leash from the stupor of pokeballs and badges and PC storage: from these foundations would the pokemon come to attack the legitimacy of this relation, question and accuse their master, and spur great annoyance and fury on the part of these humans so enamoured with their own convenience.

The child is too ignorant and innocent to realise this as of yet, but hopefully we've already disrupted the systematic indoctrination by which young trainers like him become accustomed and wholly comfortable to the abhorrent notion of pokemon as property.
No. 1062406 ID: 372fc7

Just kidding.
No. 1062420 ID: 9ea24b
File 168291000199.png - (126.04KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

>It is in trainers’ interests to keep Pokemon illiterate
It’s true, imagine if they started unionizing. As it so happens, thanks to your work with Gengar, literacy is being spread across Hoenn on the backs of every Ghost Pokemon in the region.

>Don’t tell Houndoom that it’s you
Your startled babbling doesn’t give you away because Sceptile is doing the same thing. This does, however, make talking to Houndoom later about his trauma much more interesting since he’ll know you’ve been caught by Stetson.

>The badges
Are outside the metal case, as was mentioned in the first post of the thread. Houndoom doesn’t seem like he’s here to attack Stetson.

>Don’t tell Houndoom you can communicate with Stetson through writing
That would make him suspicious and you just want him to leave you and the campsite alone. You finally cobble your thoughts together into a professional refusal.

:pokeflypanik: Mr. Houndoom, I appreciate the offer to join your rescue team but our trainer is fair and we don’t want to leave. He even listens when we, uh, convey through pantomime that we’d like to be outdoors.

:pokedoomface: Is that so? Unusual.

:pokescepill: It’s true! He’s not perfect but he doesn’t mistreat us. I like growing stronger with him and I know our friends Aggron, Pelipper, and Torkoal feel the same.

:pokedoomface: I will not force you to do anything. If you change your mind, call for help from Team Friendlies while in this area and someone will notify us.

:pokeflyface: Okay, thank you sir, have a good night.

Houndoom slips into the darkness as quietly as he came. Sceptile looks queasy and the two of you move closer to the tent to sleep.

>The next morning…
It’s drizzling lightly and you shake yourself when you wake up. Stetson packs up the tent and somehow fits everything into his satchel. You Fly alongside Pelipper as she takes Stetson far east, past the coast and above the deep blue ocean before arriving at an unusual island with a wide crater in its center. Other Pokemon are Flying people in as residents return after the evacuation.

A. Ask Stetson to keep you in your ball for the gym challenge
B. Stay outside and give Stetson battle advice
No. 1062423 ID: e13b1d

B. But only if he seems like he needs it.
No. 1062424 ID: a7a180

A. Let's take a little nap and we can talk about how it went after.
No. 1062438 ID: 273c18

A. I think B will draw way too much attention. The information might even get back to Team Friendlies.
No. 1062439 ID: 19ea25

A: Stetson honestly seems like he knows what he's doing here. If he loses you can give him tips afterwords, but for now just let the kid do his thing.
No. 1062516 ID: 9ea24b
File 168299408526.png - (131.20KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

>A, keep a low profile
It’s a matter of time before the pro trainer higher-ups connect you with Gengar’s PC revolution, and you’d like to delay that realization as long as possible. Stetson seems to know what he’s doing with battling so you trust him to win while you have a nice nap.

Juan has two Hyper Potions.

>Turn 1: Level 41 Luvdisc (97 speed) vs. Level 46 Sceptile (129 speed)
>Sceptile (100%): Leaf Blade OHKO

>Turn 2: Level 41 Whiscash (66 speed) vs. Level 47 Sceptile (132 speed)
>Sceptile (100%): Leaf Blade OHKO

>Turn 3: Level 43 Sealeo (57 speed) vs. Level 48 Sceptile (135 speed)
>Sceptile (100%): Leaf Blade, 91% damage
>Sealeo (9%) Aurora Beam, 44% damage
>Sceptile (56%): Leaf Blade KO

Juan uses a Hyper Potion on Sealeo, causing a repeat of Turn 3 without Sceptile taking damage.

>Turn 5: Level 43 Crawdaunt (65 speed) vs. Level 49 Sceptile (137 speed)
>Sceptile (56%): Leaf Blade, OHKO

>Turn 6: Level 46 Kingdra (97 speed) vs. Level 50 Sceptile (140 speed)
>Sceptile (56%): Toxic (85% accurate, hit)
>Kingdra (100%): Ice Beam KO, 6% poison damage at end of turn

>Turn 7: Level 46 Kingdra (97 speed) vs. Pelipper Level 45 (77 speed)
>Kingdra (94%): Double Team
>Pelipper (100%): Shock Wave guaranteed hit, 15% damage

The problem here is that Kingdra has Rest and a Chesto Berry so Toxic won’t take him out and all of Stetson’s other Pokemon won’t be able to hit him after he sets up enough Double Teams. Juan also has another Hyper Potion for Kingdra. After several more turns, Stetson sees the issue and forfeits.

There’s a winning situation where Sceptile uses Leaf Blade on Turn 6, faints to Ice Beam, and you come out to use Dragon Breath, except you need to buy and take 10 Sp. Attack vitamins to have enough damage for the clean KO. Stetson can also swallow his pride and train his team some more, which will take all afternoon.

A. Performance enhancing drugs (you have to buy them)
B. Sheer overwhelming level advantage
No. 1062518 ID: e13b1d

B. Training as a team can be fun.
No. 1062520 ID: a7a180

B. There's room for one more on Stetson's belt. What's his type?
No. 1062538 ID: b01382

Lmao A. We can get strong AND take buffs.
No. 1062558 ID: e13b1d

I think that slot is for the Legendary he wants to catch. Otherwise he would be forced to release someone or use the evils of the PC system.

Flygon could participate in the next battle, he's not ideal but could save some health for other teammates.
No. 1062592 ID: 9ea24b
File 168308111264.png - (90.85KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

>B, cue training montage
Stetson isn’t going to catch any more Pokemon, but training you, Sceptile, and Pelipper will provide the all natural stat boosts needed to defeat Juan’s Kingdra.

>Training success (Low, Medium, High): Medium
Stetson leaves Sootopolis and goes to Lilycove, where plenty of pro and casual trainers abound. It takes time to get used to the back and forth of official battles and taking orders from Stetson on what move to use, but your opponents are weak enough that you and your allies win with relative ease.

Choose how to distribute 6 Levels amongst you, Pelipper, and Sceptile. Each Pokemon must gain at least one Level.

Stetson stays the night in your childhood bedroom, while you’re exiled to the backyard with Aggron for being too large and dirty. Tomorrow’s your day off, what would you like to do in the morning?
No. 1062594 ID: e13b1d

3 Sceptile, 2 Pelipper, 1 Flygon

Go on a Fly to relax and possibly encounter the twins.
No. 1062606 ID: a7a180

2 for each of you.
Go check on Gengar, then Smeargle.
No. 1062607 ID: a7a180

Oh, did we order that Porygon yet? Do so.
No. 1062616 ID: 273c18

>Juan uses a Hyper Potion on Sealeo
Only one? So we're not using the same enemy AI the games use?

I should bring this up again-- maybe we can start using the correct accuracy formula now? Gen 2+ uses 3/3 as the base fraction, so 1 stage of inaccuracy is 25% miss chance for 100-accuracy moves. Also even at max inaccuracy, you're at 66% miss chance. "can't hit" is very wrong, and that takes 6 turns of stacking anyway! That said, Kingdra having Ice Beam along with the Dragon/Water typing removing almost all our super effective options makes this a very fearsome foe.

Hmm, switching Pelipper out for Flygon after enough Shock Waves would've allowed a decent chance for victory even in the battle we just did. Conceding that early was unwise.
Does random damage variance exist?

Sunny Day would've been an interesting option, and Torkoal has good defensive stats, maybe it would've been possible to get Sunny active on the first turn so that Aggron could've fought something to save Sceptile's HP for Kingdra... assuming the enemy didn't have a non-Water super effective option against Aggron.

Also idk what terrain the trainer battle is in, would Secret Power have had a chance to paralyze?

>distribute levels
Well, Flygon is already overleveled and Sceptile is sweeping so he's gained a bunch too. Actually, with Sceptile at 50, he oneshots Sealeo and reaches Kingdra at full health, which means he gets in two Leaf Blade hits, and a Dragon Breath is a guaranteed kill afterwards.

Give all six levels to Pelipper as a backup strategy, and to even out the levels a bit.
No. 1062617 ID: 273c18

With Sceptile at 50, a Toxic against Kingdra could work too. After all, a Rest will likely be fatal against either Sceptile or Flygon, allowing lots of forced poison damage.
No. 1062628 ID: b01382

2 each

Why sleep out here at night? Go sleep with your gal pal. You have a phone.
No. 1062631 ID: 273c18

>what do in the morning?
Fly back home, see Smeargle, find out if she wants to hang out today.
No. 1062648 ID: 9ea24b
File 168315802557.png - (102.41KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

>Many different strategies would have worked to beat Juan
Yes, but you weren’t around to tell Stetson about them because you explicitly chose to be in your ball. Stetson did the most straightforward thing.

Also I’m not going to simulate the match out to 20 turns just to see if Stetson could have won against the Kingdra evasion boosts.

>Game AI for trainers?
It would be very difficult for me to replicate game AI. In exchange for no switches the NPCs get slightly smarter healing item usage.

>Spend the night with Smeargle
It was mentioned before, you’re Stetson’s Pokemon and you stay with Stetson overnight.

>Level distribution: 2 each
Sceptile replaces Pursuit with Detect for better Toxic stalling. Pelipper’s moves are unchanged. You reach Level 53, do you want to replace one of your moves with Sandstorm?

>In the morning, spend time with Smeargle and order Porygon
You Fly home in the middle of a light rainstorm and squeeze into the cozy den. Smeargle is eating breakfast alone, which makes your gut curl with guilt. Since Espeon moved in with Linoone and you left a couple days ago, Smeargle has been all alone.

:pokeflyface: Hi Smeargle, I have today free to hang out, I thought I’d do some work on my computer.

:pokesmerawk: Hi.

You open your laptop and put in an online order for Porygon for 2 x 198,000 P. You have 1,385,100 P remaining. The Porygon will arrive in a packaged Luxury Ball at your parents’ house on the morning of Day 49.

What do you say to Smeargle?
No. 1062652 ID: e13b1d

It's hard to really apologize, since we're going to run off and do the same thing again. Being a hero and/or not getting cursed by a wish fairy is a strain on relationships.

We can't really tell her how to live her life, or slot her into ideas we think might help. Ask her what she needs you to do to make this work.
No. 1062658 ID: 273c18

...can she come with you?
No. 1062660 ID: b01382

This. Curse fairy quest thing and not wanting to fail incase of bad things happening (e.g. angering a wish god), fulfilling a promise and making sure a child doesn't do something dumb.
No. 1062661 ID: dee951

How can I do right by you? What would help?
No. 1062663 ID: a7a180

The ability to change the weather is pretty cool to have. I think we can replace Sand Attack now.
We missed her these past few days! Really appreciate her help at the volcano...
mostly this but our time with Stetson is temporary. When we've fulfilled all the other wishes we'll be back.
No. 1062698 ID: e13b1d

Oh, and no to replacing something with Sandstorm. Especially our godslaying Sand Attack.
No. 1062713 ID: 273c18

Sandstorm isn't that good; only Flygon and Aggron are immune to it. We have Sunny Day on Torkoal that we can use to remove bad weather.

If we overwrite Fly, do we lose fast travel?
No. 1062719 ID: 9ea24b
File 168325751985.png - (143.94KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

>Don’t learn Sandstorm
Sand Attack for life baby.

>Do you lose the ability to Dig or Fly if you forget the moves for Dig or Fly?
At this point you know how to do those things even if you don’t have the combat versions of the moves.

>Talk about how you feel and the inexorable hand of fate
:pokeflypanik: I feel like I want to apologize because I upset you by fighting Groudon and leaving with Stetson, but I also think those things had to be done. Groudon was super dangerous and I’m obligated to hang out with Stetson because of his wish and to stop him from doing something unimaginably dumb. I still really really like you and I want this to work.

:pokeflysad: What do you want to hear from me? What can I do to show I care?

:pokesmerworry: Flygon…You know, or, we’re pretty sure you’ll turn back into a human after you fulfill the wishes. Maybe it’s better if we don’t stay close so it doesn’t hurt as much.

:pokeflymad: I’ll never regret meeting and getting to know you Smeargle! You’re wonderful. Even if we can’t stay together, I’m a better person because of all your help.

:pokesmersad: You’ve always been s-so nice to me, even when I don’t deserve it.

She starts to cry and you hold out your hand as an offering. Smeargle clutches your arm and practically collapses in your lap. Oof, you’re tearing up too.

:pokesmersad: Fighting Groudon was terrifying. I’m not strong like other Pokemon and Spore wasn’t doing anything, I felt so useless. A-and that made me more scared when I thought I was losing you and then I was ignoring you and being mean when I should have been happy you won.

:pokeflyshock: That’s understandable! It was stressful and scary and while I felt bad that you were being a little mean, it’s okay now.

Smeargle gives a shaky laugh and hugs you. You both finish crying and sit while holding each other.

:pokeflyface: Espeon and Linoone doing okay? No unexpected Eevees, I hope.

>Espeon egg avoidance check: Success

:pokesmerface: Yes, they’re fine, I see them for dinner and games every evening and it sounds like they’re keeping things exciting in bed.

:pokeflylove: Good for them.

You spend the rest of the morning out in the rain with Smeargle, gathering fruit while sheltering her with your wings.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Have your own exciting encounter with Smeargle (suggest positions or kinks)
B. Visit the Friendlies Base and talk to whoever you’d like
C. Fly around and try to encounter Latios or Latias
No. 1062723 ID: e13b1d

A. Take a bath together in the river to get clean and then eat da booty like groceries.
No. 1062735 ID: 273c18

You know, if you decide you want to remain a Pokemon (and that's a safe bet at this point), you can just tell Jirachi that. It's a very easy wish to grant, it seems. We're going to go meet Jirachi eventually before all three wishes are fulfilled (probably right after Stetson's task is complete, or maybe before then if we want to be safe), so I'm confident things will work out.

>we can still fly/dig after unlearning them
Dang we should try to get Earthquake to replace Dig, then. We'd be pushing serious DPS with that (and it will hit more enemies than usual since Levitate is missing). Also probably Dragon Claw to replace Dragon Breath at some point, but that's a lower priority. Move Reminders exist in Gen 3, we can get Crunch back that way to replace Fly and have a nice versatile moveset.

A: have her tie you up. She's been feeling helpless, let's counteract that a bit. Next vacation day we can do something important, but... talk to her about your scheduling today, see if she'll, I don't know, come along to Jirachi's cave to spend time with you next vacayday. Should be quite safe for a level 100 pokemon regardless of what's in there.
No. 1062741 ID: 8f9bc4

A is the opposite of "we don’t stay close" probably bad to segue from that to sex in the same conversation.

plus I can't really think of any compatible positions. whose idea was it to evolve 3 times in 2 threads?

B isn't such a great idea, because you just ran into Houndoom with Stetson, so if he sees you again so soon, he might put 2 and 2 together. Then again Houndoom never talks with anyone at the Friendlies base anyway, so probably wouldn't know you were there, and you really ought to talk with Gengar about how Lanette hates maintaining the PC system and knows it's rotten; she could be an ally if they could give her an exit strategy.

C... It's dumb to just fly around on the vague hopes of briefly spotting Latios or Latias just for the specticale of seeing them before they're out of sight at jet speeds. But... at this point a lengthy thoughtful, solitary flight might be the best option. Everything on the ground is just so complicated right now.
No. 1062743 ID: e13b1d

Lanette didn't really seem to hate running the PC system or acknowledge it as rotten. She made excuses for its flaws and said he was frightened by Pokemon harassing her... for building a system improving the efforts to enslave them, which makes it hard to feel sympathy for her.
No. 1062744 ID: b01382

A. buy more games to share to keep things interesting in the friend group, and netflix and chill with the waifu until we need to baby sit Stetson.
No. 1062745 ID: b23ea2

haven't we heard of a human who was turned into a pokemon choosing to say as one? if nothing else we can wish for it, if this form was caused by Jirachi than by it, it will stay.
A! if we can find some rope, we can see if she is into tying us up, and being a dragon means we hopefully don't have to worry about rope-burn while being fucked
If not, C. and we can take her flying, too!
No. 1062750 ID: 4197b2

No. 1062756 ID: 8f9bc4


She said it was necessary, and that it's not a perfect system, plus she was pretty obviously overworked. People make excuses for something's flaws when they think the alternative is worse. She thinks humans will go back to the dark ages without the PC, because... trainers can... only have as many pokemon as they can carry? If there's another way to do things, such as say, some way for pokemon to quell Groudon's rage independently, or have some recourse for neglectful trainers such as a way to escape the PC...

She didn't create the PC, was just handed the only way to keep trainers OP b/c they can have infinite pokeymanskeep civilization from collapsing. She's a very clever human with a lot of connections, and a lot of attention from the mafiathe pokemon league. With a little less attention, she might make a powerful ally. With her dead, and the mafiathe pokemon league still in charge, her replacement is sure to be less amenable to negotiation.
No. 1062758 ID: e51896

maybe we can tell her that we could probably see Jirachi ourself and wish to stay this way as a Flygon once all the wishes are fulfilled.
No. 1062763 ID: e13b1d

That is a very charitable stretch of interpreting her character, considering she made threats, lied, and showed no signs of remorse. Plus the shaded glasses while angry trope which is often used for evil scientists.
No. 1062771 ID: 8f9bc4


The evil scientists have shaded glasses while happy. When angry, their glasses are clear to show off their extremely narrowed pupils.

Anyway she even offered to screw with the system to make you uncatchable, if you could get the ghost pokemon off her back. What would she do if she could solve the problem that's been getting them so pissed at her?
No. 1062799 ID: 273c18

We've seen an alternative in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Have some land set aside to house trainers' pokemon, and limit the number of pokemon each trainer can have in them. Maybe arrange to pay a fee to have more space, for those trainers that want to collect a living pokedex or something.

Oh that reminds me. Was there a reason we'd be a prime suspect when the PC Heist happens?
No. 1062810 ID: 9ea24b
File 168338480629.png - (165.32KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

>It would be nice to learn Earthquake
It sure would. You can learn it through practice like how you learned Dig since you don’t have any way of buying the TM.

>Why would Juan make the connection about your identity?
After you visited Lanette and told her you deal, she passed along the info to all of the gym leaders and Elite Four. She knows you’re living in Friendlies territory, and the appearance of literate ghosts is too unusual to be a coincidence. Brendan also knows about you now and he’s a gym leader’s son.

>Ask Jirachi if you can stay as a Pokemon after completing the wishes
Good idea! You’ll try to meet with Jirachi soon. You’ll get the option to have Smeargle join you or go with Stetson and the team.

>A, get tied up
You dry off in the den and then Smeargle trusses you up and rides you. With loins made to be able to pass an egg as large as her head, you fit snugly inside Smeargle’s snatch.

That evening you get to play board games with Linoone and Espeon. You’re exquisitely content.

Stetson is going to rematch Juan tomorrow morning. You and Sceptile are strong enough that you should be able to take out the Kingdra with a little luck. Juan will have both Hyper Potions for Kingdra since Sceptile will one-shot all the Pokemon leading up to the ace.

A. Stay in your ball

B. Backseat game to the max (suggest what Stetson does vs. Kingdra. Sceptile will be Level 56 and at full HP once he reaches Kingdra)
No. 1062813 ID: 273c18

>sceptile at 56, Kingdra's still 46
Damage calculation:
Leaf Blade is 3HKO, ice Beam is 3HKO
Leaf Blade, Ice Beam
Leaf Blade, Ice Beam
Hyper Potion, Leaf Blade
Leaf Blade, Ice Beam KO
Flygon switched in

Dragon Breath is 2HKO!
Hyper Potion, Dragon Breath
Dragon Breath KO

So, if Kingdra doesn't try Double Team vs Sceptile, we're good, even without Toxic. Stetson might throw out a Toxic on the first turn, which would turn out about the same, except Kingdra would Rest at some point. If Kingdra tries to use Double Team and forces it by using both Hyper Potions, then that's potentially a problem...
Oh, if Sceptile uses Toxic on the first turn, then the poison damage will weaken Kingdra enough that two Leaf Blades will kill, without Kingdra ever dipping below 50% hp, which means the leader won't want to use a potion. I'm not sure how much Stetson wants to use Toxic in the full health scenario. Using Toxic on the first turn is also good insurance against Double Team, since a Rest is really dangerous against Sceptile anyway. Oh, I just found out that Rest guarantees 2 turns of Sleep status, so that's guaranteed death without any evasion, which means...

Toxic 90% acc(simulation assumes this hits), Double Team
Leaf Blade 75% acc, Double Team
Leaf Blade 60% acc, 45% chance of KO. Rest would happen here
Toxic 54% acc, sleep
Toxic 54% acc, sleep
Toxic 54% acc
roughly 90% chance to inflict Toxic at least once in those three attempts, so if the Leaf Blades miss there's still a 90% chance to win. That means a 94.5% chance to win if the first Toxic hits. Very nice! So that's a 85% chance to win overall, assuming a loss if the first Toxic misses, but let's calc that out a bit:

If the first Toxic misses:
Toxic 67.5% acc(again assuming a hit), Double Team
Leaf Blade 60% acc, Double Team
Leaf Blade 50% acc, 30% chance of KO. Rest
Toxic 45% acc x3
83% chance of one of those three Toxics hitting, so a 88% chance of victory if the first Toxic hits(30%+70%*83%). Which means, 85%+15%*67.5%*88%=94% overall chance of victory, assuming a loss if two rounds go by with no Toxics hitting. The chance of two Toxics missing, at 90% and 67.5%, is 3.25%, so I'm not going to bother with a third round of probability calcs.

tl;dr: Pretty much any straightforward strategy has a very high chance of success.
No. 1062831 ID: a7a180

Stay in your ball again. Tell Stetson he's got this and to believe in the heart of the cards.
No. 1062850 ID: e13b1d

Stay in the ball unless needed for the match.
Give Sceptile a friendly pep talk and wish him good luck.
No. 1062945 ID: 9ea24b
File 168349187812.png - (138.38KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

>Evasion and accuracy decrease by 33% per stage instead of 50%
It’s true, but to keep things consistent with the rest of the quest, Sand Attack and thus Double Team will continue to be OP.

>How do gym Pokemon avoid Leveling up every battle?
Maybe the leaders just tell them to stay at their current power. The Pokemon have an incentive to obey otherwise they’ll be replaced.

>A, stay in the ball unless you’re sent out to battle
Stetson’s got it. You even give Sceptile a pep talk beforehand about how he’s very handsome and green and good at battling.

>Skip to Turn 6, when Kingdra comes out vs. Sceptile
>Sceptile (100%): Leaf Blade, 45% damage
>Juan tactics check: Failure
>Kingdra (55%): Ice Beam, 10% chance to freeze, no freeze, 42% damage

>Turn 7: Swap in Flygon
>Flygon (100%): Swapped in and chillin’
>Juan tactics check: Failure
>Kingdra (55%): Ice Beam, 10% chance to freeze, freeze! 42% damage
Oh no, you’re literally chilling. There’s a 20% chance for you to thaw each turn, Stetson’s going to keep you in and you’re going to try your darndest to look beamable so Kingdra doesn’t start setting up Double Teams.

>Turn 8
>Flygon (58%): Frozen
>Kingdra (55%): Ice Beam, 42% damage

>Turn 9
>Flygon (16%): Frozen
>Kingdra (55%): Ice Beam KO
You faint and Stetson sends out Sceptile, who has to finesse a victory.

>Turn 10
>Sceptile (58%): Toxic, hit
>Juan tactics check: Success
>Kingdra (55%): Double Team
Toxic takes Kingdra down below half, which means Juan will use a Hyper Potion next turn.

>Turn 11
>Kingdra (100%): Hyper Potion
>Sceptile (16%): Leaf Blade, (2/3 accuracy, hit, 45% damage)
Toxic deals 12%, which means another Leaf Blade will kill! Juan will heal again.

>Turn 12
>Kingdra (100%): Hyper Potion
>Sceptile (16%): Leaf Blade, (2/3 accuracy, hit, 45% damage)
Toxic deals 16%, putting Kingdra at 39% hp remaining. Out of healing items, Juan is forced to use Rest, but since Sceptile is faster than Kingdra, a lucky hit will net the victory.

>Turn 13
>Sceptile (16%): Leaf Blade, (2/3 accuracy, hit, 45% damage, KO on Kingdra)
Success! You and Sceptile each gain a Level.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Start on Victory Road
B. Ask Stetson to go to Meteor Falls with you to search for Jirachi
C. Fly around and search for Latias or Latios (base 20% + 10% bonus chance of success)
No. 1062947 ID: edf864

B, about time we do that
No. 1062952 ID: 273c18

RNG giveth, and RNG taketh away.

B. Better sooner than later.
No. 1062957 ID: e13b1d

And ask Torkoal if you can hold her for a bit to warm up.
No. 1062958 ID: a7a180

>He’s very handsome and green and good at battling.
Just like us! ...Aside from just now.
No. 1062973 ID: 8f9bc4

Oh unless Jirachi or Stetson says differently, I think Stetson's wish is for his father's approval. He's not really ...complicated enough to wish for more than that.

Might be wrong, but can't hurt to try! Question is, will Victory Road do it, or is Steston just a naive kid who assumes it will because everyone says it does?
No. 1063037 ID: 9ea24b
File 168356431607.png - (90.94KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

>B, this will be an overnight trip
You’re swiftly revived and released from your ball so you can hold Torkoal for warmth. Stetson praises you and Sceptile for your work at the gym and you tell Stetson you’d like to go talk to Jirachi. He enthusiastically agrees, no doubt hoping to get a look at the Legendary himself.

Cave exploration could take a while, so Stetson readies the camping gear and clambers into Pelipper’s beak for the cross country journey.

>Stetson’s wish
Is to have an adventure different from his dad’s while being just as impressive, which is why he wants to catch Latios, Latias, or Deoxys. He clearly thinks very highly of Brendan and wants to impress him as well, but that’s not the criteria needed to complete the wish.

>Lanette encounter check: Failure
When you Fly past Fallarbor with Pelipper, you don’t see Lanette or any ghosts. Her house is still intact, so that’s something.

>Training success (Low, Medium, High): Low, 4 Levels
Stetson uses Torkoal and Aggron to defeat the hikers and sight-seers in the lower area of the cave. They each gain two Levels.

It gets darker as you travel deeper into the cave, and you catch glimpses of glowing eyes and flapping wings. Stetson tells the dragon tamer trainers that he’s looking for Jirachi, and they give him a wide berth. Eventually Stetson explores all the caverns and settles on a cozy one with a mini waterfall to camp.

What would you like to do this evening?
A. Go exploring by yourself
B. Bond with Pelipper, the last mon on the team you’re not friends with
C. Go exploring with a friend (Aggron, Torkoal, or Sceptile)
No. 1063041 ID: 8f9bc4


oh that clears up a few things. I hope he doesn't regret making such a specific wish!

Pelipper is kind of a tool, no offense. Exploring with Sceptile sounds fun. Aggron would probably just make us look silly again. Does Torkoal even explore? He seems too chill for that.

Wait, would any of them be of assistance against a metric ton of zubats? Might want to take that into consideration.
No. 1063042 ID: e13b1d

C. Explore with Aggron. Beseech him to help you with his great knowledge of caves and his very handsome and strong muscles.
Between his and Flygon's type coverage we should have a good handle on any aggressive bats, rocks or baby Salamences.
No. 1063068 ID: a7a180

B. Chilling by the water and rocks, your elements combined.
No. 1063375 ID: 273c18

>You find where the
Where the what?
No. 1063376 ID: 9ea24b
File 168376261940.png - (82.42KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

>C, take Aggron
Aggron is the best suited type wise to fend off the native Pokemon and he’d know how to check for any hidden passages in caves. You find where the bulky beast is resting against a stalagmite.

:pokeflyface: Hey Aggron, wanna help me explore? You’re so big and strong I bet you could move any boulders out of the way that might be hiding another tunnel.

:pokegronface: Alright then. If we really do find Jirachi I can think of a few things I’d like to wish for myself.

>Secret area check (70% chance of success since you’re with Aggron): Success
Aggron sniffs around and rams a few stone walls with his horns. Eventually you end up in a cave with a small lake, and he perks up.

:pokegronface: I can smell metal around here. I bet if we cross the water and smash that side of the cave we’ll find something. I can’t swim though, too heavy.

A. Fly over alone
B. Take extra time to bring Aggron with you
No. 1063379 ID: 19ea25

B: Dude wants to speak with Jirachi too, be kinda mean to just leave him behind. I doubt we can fly him over how heavy his metal body could be. Could we dig through the sides and get him over that way?
No. 1063404 ID: e13b1d

B. We could support him with our wings while he climbs along the wall, that might be easier than hauling him over.
No. 1063429 ID: b01382

A. breaking things might scare off the legend.
No. 1063434 ID: a7a180

B. Just be careful what you wish for, Jirachi tends not to think about the consequences of wish fulfillment. Heck, he turned me into a Pokemon out of the blue!
No. 1063621 ID: 9ea24b
File 168392094745.png - (107.97KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

It’d be rude to leave Aggron behind after he led you to the correct cave. You carefully grip the plates on his shoulders and struggle into the air with furious beats of your wings.

The assorted Bagon scatter when you bring over your intimidating cargo, and Aggron smashes through the thin rock wall with ease, revealing a trio of Pokemon who look like they all just got out of bed and rushed over.

:pokelunface: Halt intruders!

:pokeflyface: Hi, we’re here to see Jirachi. Are you her guards?

:pokegolface: Yes, we were given this duty to protect Jirachi’s sleep.

:pokesolface: Many Pokemon come seeking an audience with the great wish granter, all for selfish reasons. What makes you different?

A. Plead your case
B. Battle the trio with Aggron (they are all Level 37)
No. 1063626 ID: 8f9bc4

Some people wished for... a lot of things, and my friend Gardevoir figured out that I'm those things! My wish is to find out if I'm doing it right, and what happens to me when everyone gets their wish!

I don't know what Aggron's doing here, because I thought Jirachi grants wishes secretly to people all around the world who don't even know he's there, not to people who want to talk with him about something. Maybe let Aggron speak for himself.
No. 1063627 ID: e13b1d

A. Tell them Jirachi turned you into a Pokemon to grant wishers' wishes and you need to clarify some details about the terms of this thing.
No. 1063631 ID: a7a180

What makes me different is I am level 54!
No. 1063662 ID: 273c18

A. You're not here for yourself. You're helping Jirachi grant wishes, and you've completed one already. You want to know what will happen once you've completed them all, and maybe ask for something different.
No. 1063686 ID: 7df658

>Tell them Jirachi turned you into a Pokemon to grant wishers' wishes and you need to clarify some details about the terms of this thing.
>You're not here for yourself. You're helping Jirachi grant wishes, and you've completed one already. You want to know what will happen once you've completed them all, and maybe ask for something different.
Vut if theyre still cranky, offer to battle them. FREE XP FOR MEEEEEEEE!
No. 1063753 ID: 9ea24b
File 168403186246.png - (108.80KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

>A, be calm and explain your story
You’re very good at summarizing the whole ‘was a human who turned into a Pokemon’ thing at this point, and you give Solrock, Lunatone, and Golbat a thrilling retelling.

:pokegolface: …Well I’ve never heard that one before.

:pokeflymad: I’m telling the truth!

:pokesolface: Of course you are, dear. What about your Aggron friend?

:pokegronface: Oh, y’know, I want to know if my teammate Torkoal like likes me.

:pokeflypanik: Aggron you can just ask her that. You can just ask her.

:pokegronmad: Don’t boss me around, Flygon! It’s hard to talk about that stuff, okay?

:pokegolface: Hey buddy, feelings are hard for everyone. I believe in you, talk to that girl you like!

:pokelunface: That’s a great idea, why don’t you go do that?

Aggron nods slowly, the words of strangers giving him a strength your exasperation never could. You feel your chances to see Jirachi grow slim, it seems like these three are meant to turn away anyone who shows up no matter what they say.

:pokegronface: Alright Flygon, I got what I wanted, let’s go back.

:pokegronface: Maybe the real wish was the friends we made along–

:pokeflymad: I didn’t get what I needed! I just want to talk to Jirachi, I don’t even want a wish!

:pokegronface: Sorry guys, my friend Flygon here is kind of neurotic, I’ll get him to bed.

:pokesolface: Good luck Aggron!

You have no choice but to return to camp. At least you found Jirachi’s location. What do you do next morning?
A. Dig to Jirachi by yourself
B. Bring Stetson to Jirachi’s cave
C. Leave the cave and come back another day. Stetson will train everyone
No. 1063758 ID: 8f9bc4

I knew it! He made you look silly!
No. 1063761 ID: a7a180

C. You should have just fought them!
No. 1063770 ID: e13b1d

A. When honesty fails, cheat.
No. 1063775 ID: 273c18

>You have no choice but to return to camp
uhhhh was there something stopping us from fighting them?

Whatever, A.
No. 1063791 ID: 7df658

Dammit Aggron!
A A A A A A A!
No. 1063796 ID: 36784c

Does anyone know if any of these guys are capable of using a move that can hurt us while we're digging? Because that's what I'm worried about. An Earthquake while digging would be bad for us!
No. 1063806 ID: 9ea24b
File 168411621760.png - (75.87KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

Agh! Aggron made you look like a complete clown back there. Does he not have any social awareness? He seemed perfectly happy to make friends with mons who were just trying to get rid of him while it took ages to get him to tolerate you.

You seethe instead of sleep and when Stetson gets up you decide to go back to the lake cave and find Jirachi yourself. You write Stetson a brief note and head towards the Bagon dense area.

Solrock and Lunatone are repairing the wall while Golbat supervises when you arrive. It’ll take you a while to dig through the rock beyond the secret passage, so you’ll have to take these three out first.

Solrock, Lunatone, and Golbat’s movesets have been added to the wiki. You’re not currently holding an item. What’s your attack strategy?
No. 1063815 ID: a7a180

Focus on Golbat, then Lunatone in terms of who has the highest chance of inflicting a status on you. They're all immune to Dig, so hit 'em with Fly and use Sand Attack once Golbat's down.
No. 1063817 ID: c8bbff

Open with Dragonbreath on Golbat until KO, then give 1 Sand to each of the rocks and use more Dragonbreath on them.
No. 1063819 ID: 273c18

>all immune to Dig
No, Abilities do not exist. Ground moves will work against Solrock and Lunatone.

Flygon's weaknesses are Ice and Dragon. None of these enemies have those types, so we're good on that front. Gotta kill Lunatone first since Hypnosis is too reliable a disable. Lunatone is also the opponent that does the most damage to us! Dig will oneshot Lunatone AND Solrock so that's what we should do for our first two moves.

Once Golbat is alone we can use Dragon Breath. Fly does almost as much damage but there's no incentive to use it instead... hmm, can you recover from a status condition during Fly's invincible turn? In that case, Fly is better if we're Confused; the low chance of paralyze from Dragon Breath probably isn't worth the worse status recovery.
No. 1063832 ID: e13b1d

Oh right, keep forgetting Abilities don't exist. Changing vote to this.
No. 1063846 ID: 9ea24b
File 168419737364.png - (147.33KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>Target Lunatone, then Solrock, then Golbat
Lunatone and Solrock can be OHKOed with Dig since abilities don’t exist and they don’t have Levitate. Golbat will use Confuse Ray strats, but since he’s much lower Level, you should be able to defeat him unless you’re terribly unlucky.

>Turn 1
>Flygon: Dig setup
>Other Pokemon: Can’t do a thing
You burrow into the cave floor and disappear from sight.

>Turn 2
>Flygon: Dig OHKO on Lunatone
>Golbat: Confuse Ray hit on Flygon, confusion will last for four turns
>Solrock: Fire Spin (85% accurate, miss)
You smack Lunatone with your whole body as you emerge from the cave floor, knocking him to the ground. As you land on your feet, Golbat zaps you with an echolocation wave that makes your sense of balance go funny.

>Turn 3
>Flygon: Confusion self damage, 12%
>Golbat: Wing Attack, 11% damage
>Solrock: Confusion, 8% damage
The disorientation is worse than you expected and you trip over your tail and smack your head on a rock. Golbat and Solrock start chipping away at your health.

>Turn 4
>Flygon (69%): Confusion self damage, 12%
>Golbat: Wing Attack, 11% damage
>Solrock: Confusion, 8% damage
It’s a slapstick show at your expense.

>Turn 5
>Flygon (38%): Avoid confusion, Dig setup
>Other Pokemon: Miss all moves
You finally orient yourself face down and enter the comforting earth.

>Turn 6
>Flygon (38%): Last turn of confusion, successful Dig hit, OHKO on Solrock
>Golbat: Wing Attack, 11% damage
You’re still confused, so Golbat can’t use Confuse Ray until next turn. You’re pretty close to fainting!

>Turn 7
>Flygon (27%): Dragon Breath, 52% damage, no paralysis
>Golbat: Confuse Ray, confusion will last two turns
It all comes down to if you hit yourself next turn.

>Turn 8
>Flygon (27%): Avoid confusion, Dragon Breath for the victory!

You gain two levels. You catch your breath and wait for your head to stop spinning before leaving your fallen opponents to the assembled Bagon and clambering through the wall hole.

After navigating the smaller cavern, you feel a strong presence behind a lump of rock and quickly burrow through it. On the other side is a fresh crater, and resting at the bottom is Jirachi.

Her eyes open when you walk up to her and she gives a huge yawn. What do you say to Jirachi?
No. 1063847 ID: e13b1d

"Uh, sorry for breaking in. I'm the guy you turned into a Trapinch and I had some questions."
No. 1063848 ID: a7a180

Remember me?
No. 1063863 ID: d1a898

Take a squat, or a sit. Youre beat.
Say hello and tell the nice legend that youre the nice human she turned into a trapich. Ask why she did it, and what will happen if you fulfill all the wishes? Will you return as a human? Pokemon? Could we choice? Uuuhhhhh, do we get to make a wish too? If its not too much to ask.

If she's still grumpy, offer to go grab some snacks and a pillow.
No. 1063870 ID: 8f9bc4

Apologize for waking her, then say you think your transformation has been to help three people with their wishes. You've been trying to do so and you hope you're doing it right, but you'd like to know what happens to you when their wishes are granted. You turn back into a human? You stay a pokemon? You turn into another pokemon? You honestly don't have a preference; you just wanted to know so you could prepare for it, such as how Smeargle said she didn't want to date you if you turned back into a human.
No. 1063872 ID: e51896

This pretty much. Your not here to annoy Jirachi with a wish, just context and knowing exactly what youre supposed to be doing. I think we're still figuring out Houndoom for example
No. 1063873 ID: 273c18

>It all comes down to if you hit yourself next turn.
Hmm, wouldn't Flygon have taken 23% damage and lived? Still had an extra turn I think.

Ok, questions: First off, what happens when you've completed all three wishes? If it's "turn back into a human" can we change that please? That leads into "what kind of wishes can you grant instead"? One thing I thought of was to give Smeargle more time to live; she called herself an old woman at one point which makes me worry she's only got a few years left unlike Flygon's near-30.
No. 1063923 ID: 9ea24b
File 168429296220.png - (96.13KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

>You could have survived another turn
This is true. As a thought experiment, let us assume a swarm of Bagon would have eaten you.

>How old is Smeargle?
It was mentioned in a quest discussion post that she’s 10 years old. Still plenty of life left.

>Examine Jirachi
She’s tiny compared to you, though no doubt she’d kick your fat butt in a fight. There’s a vaguely slovenly air about her. You decide it’s best to be polite.

:pokeflyface: Hi, sorry to wake you up, do you recognize me? I’m the human you turned into a Trapinch about a month and a half ago.

:pokejirfrown: Huh? ‘S okay, still snoozing…

:pokeflypanik: You made me a Pokemon to help a Gengar, a Salamence, and a human boy, remember?

:pokejirsmug: Oh yeah, you’re that pervert! How’re you liking your new body? Pretty nice huh?

:pokeflyshock: Wait, you made me a Pokemon to help ME? I thought you did it as some kind of weird wish pyramid scheme.

:pokejirsmug: That’s what it is, buddy. Fail to fulfill those wishes and you’ll turn back into a stinky human! Bwahahaha.

:pokeflyshock: Ohhhhhh okay, see, I had that kind of backwards. This works, actually. Can you tell me more about how to fulfill Salamence’s wish? His friend Houndoom is kind of in a complicated situation.

:pokejirfrown: I dunno, that’s for you to figure out. I gave you all the people problems that are hard for me to solve with my super awesome powers.

:pokeflyface: I’m working on it, thanks very much for answering my questions!

That went very well. The pervert in you is relieved to know that you’ll stay a Pokemon if you finish Stetson and Salamence’s wishes.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Meet back up with Stetson and practice learning Earthquake
B. Go to the Friendlies Base (suggest who to talk to)
C. Try to romance Jirachi???
No. 1063924 ID: a7a180

Eaten by bacon, a tragic twist of fate...

C. What might we have to offer... ah! We can still do the vibro-thingy, right? You can't teleport that in with magic powers.
No. 1063926 ID: 273c18

...you know what, sure. C. Give it a shot. Not like you're gonna have a lot of chances to seduce a legendary.

You might want to ask her how long you have to fulfill the wishes.
No. 1063949 ID: e51896

No. 1063951 ID: 19ea25

C: Go for it. Jirachi knows what kinda person you are anyways.
No. 1063952 ID: 8f9bc4

do not sex the wish monster

do not

I'd say A unless learning Earthquake would make you too overleveled. B don't remember who's all at the friendlies base, but learning more about Houndoom would be good.

but seriously do not
No. 1063953 ID: e5709d

C) Do try to sex the legendary
She needs the exercise
No. 1063955 ID: e13b1d

It seems like C is inevitable.
Offer to rock/massage her back to sleep to apologize for interrupting her snooze.
No. 1063962 ID: 2c1245

C. Try to romance Jirachi???
for the memes
No. 1063965 ID: 7832d0

C, obviously
she already knows what to expect anyway and who knows if youll get this chance again
No. 1063968 ID: f63edd

We can offer some sex, like offer to eat her out as thanks or something if she wants but if not just give her a hug and go back to Stetson.
No. 1063984 ID: 9ea24b
File 168437548181.png - (113.62KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

>Are you overleveled?
You and Sceptile are above Level 55 already which is fine. Gaining more Levels isn’t a problem, though Stetson will focus on training everyone else on the team first.

>Ask what the time limit is on fulfilling the wishes
:pokejirfrown: Uh, like a year? You already finished one, as long as you keep actively working on the other two and make sure that human kid doesn’t die, you should have more than enough time.

>C, this is a unique opportunity
You start to climb out of the crater before you’re struck with divine-like inspiration. Jirachi is part Psychic type and knows you’re into Pokemon. Since she still granted your wish, maybe she’s not turned off by that?

You let yourself slide back into the bowl of the crater and crouch besides Jirachi. She gives you a devious grin and sprawls in a way that shows off her stubby, pale legs.

:pokejirsmug: What’s on your mind, big boy?

:pokeflyface: I bet you’d sleep better if I fucked your brains out.

:pokejirsmug: I am asleep, but go on.

:pokeflyface: I could give you a wet dream so good it feels real.

She giggles and one of her back ribbon things lifts up to stroke your thigh.

:pokejirsmug: Once can’t hurt, I’ll even make it special with my powers so you never forget who you owe your hot body to.

Choose which temporary novelty you want for this encounter
A. Jirachi with shortstack body type
B. Enlarge your dick
C. Gender swap you and Jirachi
No. 1063985 ID: 54533f

C! You don't want to miss out on an opportunity to try that out. Make sure you're warmed up nice.
No. 1063986 ID: a7a180

No. 1063989 ID: 2c1245

Don't forgot to wash off your sex stank, and I guess offer the same for the legend.
No. 1063991 ID: dee951


C! But make sure that the relative sizes are closer as well, so they're not, uh, small for you!
No. 1063992 ID: e13b1d

C. sounds like unique fun. A. isn't necessary, she's already a looker. And B. is probably already a dream lived out, Flygon must be bigger than he was as a human.
No. 1064002 ID: 273c18

C. Literally unforgettable experience.
No. 1064016 ID: f63edd

C.Come get some of these thighs and Big dick me down Jirachi daddy!
No. 1064056 ID: 9ea24b
File 168445631534.png - (148.19KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

>C, it’s an awesome opportunity
You tell Jirachi your preference and she groggily levitates upright.

:pokeflyshock: Make sure to give yourself a big dick, I want to feel this.

:pokejirfrown: You think this is the first time I’ve given myself a dick? I ain’t no amateur.

She waves a delicate finger and your whole body tingles. You shut your eyes and open them when the sensation stops.

You’re…basically exactly the same except your slit feels wetter and emptier.

:pokejirfrown: What? Something wrong?

:pokeflypanik: It’s fine! I just thought, y’know, I’d have boobs.

:pokejirfrown: Pokemon generally don’t have human breasts.

:pokeflysad: I know, but can I please have some boobs?

Jirachi groans good naturedly and waves her hand. Your chest swells into a pair of pillowy lumps that you excitedly fondle while Jirachi manifests a proper pussy destroyer.

Jirachi fucks you in several different positions, using his natural ability to float to slam into you like a falling meteor. Your body jiggles around in a new and exotic fashion, and your hindquarters are dripping semen and your own fluids by the time you half-jokingly wail for mercy. Afterwards, Jirachi magics everything back to clean normalness. You thank her profusely and leave Meteor Falls on shaky legs.

Tomorrow’s your day off. What would you like to do in the morning? Your Porygon order is still a ways away.
A. Talk to mons at the Friendlies Base (Houndoom, Salamence, Gengar, Absol, Raichu, etc.)
B. Fly around and try to encounter Latias or Latios (20% chance)
C. Practice learning Earthquake by yourself
No. 1064057 ID: a7a180

Chillax. Fly around looking for Latias.
No. 1064077 ID: 273c18

B. Should probably tell Smeargle the good news, but I suppose that will have to wait a little while.
No. 1064083 ID: 48ccc7

A. Go see Houndoom. Might as well get the awkwardness of a post-Stetson meeting over with.
No. 1064103 ID: 1cb3cb

A. We should tell Gengar about the Porygon order. That way she can be ready to get it in case we're unable to get it.
No. 1064122 ID: 9ea24b
File 168452990941.png - (98.44KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

>B, get an update from Gengar and talk to Houndoom
You spend the night at Smeargle’s den and tell her the good news about your eventual fate, though you’re far too worn out to be intimate.

The next morning you visit the Friendlies Base for the first time since you defeated Groudon. You see Absol, who seems a little sad that you haven’t hung out since you romanced him. Breloom and Raichu greet you, and Salamence waves at you from across the dirt arena.

>Gengar mood check: Failure
You spot Gengar lurking in a cold cloud in the shadow of her treehouse and walk over. The ghost has an uncharacteristic frown fixed to her face.

:pokeflyface: I ordered the Porygon, it should arrive in Lilycove in a few days. Are things going okay with Lanette?

:pokegenneut: No. She’s had Phoebe from the Elite Four helping her, and there’s not much we can get away with when other ghosts are stopping us. I don’t like sending my friends into danger so we’ve eased up on the pressure and Lanette is acting like nothing’s wrong.

:pokegenneut: It’ll be good to get a Porygon though, then we can find out what’s happening inside the PC. If we find a flaw to exploit, we can use it to free more Pokemon who’ll be our allies.

Do you have any recommendations for Gengar?
No. 1064125 ID: 2ed390

Well, we are going to be going after the elite four with our trainer. Maybe tell her that you probably have a plan to distract Phoebe, but will need time to set it up and research, and will let her know what day roughly when we'll start the distraction when things get more set in stone and in place.

Basically, we'll let Gengar know to go after Lanette close to the time we fight the elite four, so that Phoebe will be too distracted fighting us in a pokemon battle to help Lannette when Gengar puts her plans to motion.

For now, since Lannette knows of Gengar's attempts, maybe she should lay low for awhile to bring Lannette's guard down, and do something else, like go to a pokemart at night and steal/destroy as much pokeballs as she can so that trainers wont catch more pokemon.
No. 1064128 ID: a7a180

Stopping you from what?
Perhaps we could convince Stetson to do the Elite Four challenge, and that would keep Phoebe busy for a day.
No. 1064131 ID: 05a734

I miss the fluffy boy too. We should say hello while we're here and arrange a date so he has something definite to look forward to.

This is a good plan. Be straight up with Gengar about how we're traveling with Stetson. She was straight up with us about Lanette. Plus, we can honestly tell Houndoom that we're undercover helping Gengar with a plan if he asks why we were with Stetson.
No. 1064141 ID: 8f9bc4

Pathetic that Lanette's hiding behind Phoebe, but what else do you expect? Phoebe's an enforcer of the computer system, pressuring all the other trainers to use it, because without Bill's PC they have no hope of assembling a team capable of collecting all the required badges. Seems like Gengar might have to assemble a team capable of beating the four, without using the computer system. Which would give Lanette a way out.

...know any grumpigs?
No. 1064147 ID: 629f2e

Maybe you can find a more indirect way to get at Lanette? Like writing out sob stories of Pokemon trapped in the PC never to be brought out again, copying the tale, and handing them out in cities to get pressure on her from other humans. Spread awareness of how PCs are horrible for Pokemon. Phoebe's ghosts can't protect Lanette from societal pressure. Bonus points if you have any specific true stories you can use.

Also, if we can figure out exactly when Stetson is going to the Elite Four, we can probably give Gengar a time when Lanette may be unprotected. Emphasis on "may", as Phoebe may leave ghosts with her aside from the ones she battles with.
No. 1064178 ID: 273c18

Gengar can act when the Elite Four battles happen. The opposing ghosts will be busy then, and we won't even have to manufacture a distraction.
No. 1064206 ID: 9ea24b
File 168461975284.png - (121.77KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

>Tell Gengar to plan an attack on Lanette while you’re fighting the Elite Four with Stetson
Good idea, you fill Gengar in about where you’ve progressed with Stetson and recommend she lay low until Lanette is unguarded.

:pokeflyface: She has to leave when there’s a legitimate and strong challenger. I’ll tell you when Stetson is going to start the Elite Four and then you can do what you were planning.

:pokegensmile: Yes, then we’ll kidnap Lanette!

:pokeflypanik: Uhhhhhhhhhh you know I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t kill her or anything.

:pokegenwink: Of course not, dear. This is a simple hostage situation where we force her to sit down and pay attention while we write down all of our grievances.

:pokeflypanik: That’s not a terrible idea but remember to be ethical please.

>Arrange a date with Absol for the afternoon
Absol could be used as a Legendary detector if you take him Flying while you search for Latias or Latios. You could also just have a normal chill date, you’ll make a decision after you see how things go with Houndoom.

What’s your approach for the Dark dog? Remember he knows Stetson’s your trainer now and will be more hostile.
No. 1064219 ID: a7a180

Being haunted by ghosts works best in a spooky house. The SS Cactus, maybe?
Take Absol Lati-hunting.
His approach to things isn't working, and something needs to change. Tell him how you and Sceptile felt when he showed up out of nowhere to accost Stetson's pokemon: afraid for yourselves and your trainer.
No. 1064221 ID: 273c18

I dunno, I thought he was pretty reasonable. A level 100 pokemon showing up out of the blue is guaranteed to cause some anxiety no matter how the approach is done.
No. 1064232 ID: 7f6520

Introduce yourself properly to Houndoom. He's probably going to have questions, so let him know you're Gengar's apprentice/assistant in improving Pokemon rights awareness.

>Absol date
We don't want him to feel used to track down Legendaries, that's not exactly a date. Let's take him to the beach and snuggle.
No. 1064247 ID: 24dd1a

As far as a strategy for talking about being a captured pokemon, listen to his concerns, acknowledge that it's completely reasonable for him to feel that way, and address that you were incredibly concerned about being captured due to multiple and varied reasons, and only consented to do so after manipulating the situation extensively. Address how you mitigated his concerns if they were things you actually addressed.
No. 1064285 ID: 8f9bc4

Never mind being ethical; this will backfire spectacularly if Lannette feels threatened. Double down on the security, capture all the ghost pokemon and put them straight into the computer, confiscate Stetson's pokemon as suspects including you, etc. Gengar has to show her they want to negotiate, not just bully her. That doesn't mean letting her get away with changing nothing, but just... be careful.

Anyway just go to Houndoom and promise not to kill your trainer thank him for being there to rescue pokemon if they have a bad trainer. Stetson's a good kid, and you'll... do your best to take care of him. Apologize that you need to help him for now, and explain that you did it because Jirachi forced you toby choice, and wasn't forced into it.
No. 1064300 ID: 9ea24b
File 168471022469.png - (83.56KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

>Address the Stetson allegations and introduce yourself properly
You don’t have to get into the trauma right away, it’s smarter to plan for the long term.

>But first, your greatest foe, the treehouse entrance tunnel
>Squeeze check: Failure

You’re firmly gripped at the hips by the wood and have no choice but to call for help. Houndoom quickly descends at the sound of your cries and stops short when he recognizes you.

:pokedoomface: What are you doing here? This isn’t a place for a trainer’s Pokemon.

:pokeflypanik: That’s very reasonable Mr. Houndoom sir.

:pokedoomface: I’ll help you free and then you must return to your trainer. Do not under any circumstances lead him here.

He moves to shove you, but you wave your arms frantically to stop him. You still have more to explain.

:pokeflyface: I’m actually the same Trapinch and Vibrava that came to see you a few times, Gengar’s nominee from the fighting tournament. I allowed Stetson to catch me because I think he’s a good kid and we have an agreement that was uh, arranged through pantomime.

:pokedoomface: I remember you said he was fair, but since he’s young he’ll be easily influenced by his older peers to limit your freedom. Pokemon are dangerous after all.

:pokeflyface: That’s why I’m also helping Gengar with her mission for Pokemon rights! I appreciate what you do to rescue Pokemon as well, though it was kind of scary when you showed up out of nowhere.

:pokedoomface: Gengar needs to be careful. She’s putting us at risk by attracting so much attention.

:pokeflylove: I agree, I’m trying to advise her to be cautious. She also mentioned that you’ve been feeling down and I’d like to help if you need someone to talk to.

:pokedoomface: …That is not your concern but if you’re still available in a few days you may come find me.

With that he pushes you back out of the tree onto your butt and retreats back to his room.

What would you like to do for your date with Absol this afternoon? Where in Hoenn would you like to go with him?
No. 1064303 ID: dee951

Absol will probably be upset as well. So you shouldn't do something that requires him to work. It should definitely be pleasant, relaxing, and away from others, where you will have time to talk to each other and some privacy.
No. 1064312 ID: 28f26c

Well, Houndoom sort of agreed to talk with us, that's progress.

Let's fly Absol to a quiet spot at the beach. Somewhere near where we found Gyarados, but away from the crowds.
No. 1064324 ID: 8f9bc4

Wow Houndoom just asked you on a date!
No. 1064338 ID: a7a180

How about the bluffs up by Evergrande "city". They have a nice waterfall.
No. 1064374 ID: 9ea24b
File 168480589074.png - (92.10KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

>Houndoom just asked you on a date
With less Legendary Pokemon to worry about, your love life is accelerating. Good.

>Relaxing date with Absol somewhere private
The beach near Slateport is swarming with humans, and Evergrande island is a bit too far, but there are plenty of isolated beaches to the west, once you get over the mountains. You hold Absol as you Fly until you find a nice spot to land and walk.

You fill Absol in on your recent adventures, including the whole Jirachi human deal. You’re worried that he’ll be upset, but he takes the information well.

:pokeabsface: I can see why I felt so much danger around you when we first met if you’re dealing with all that high stakes stuff. It’s less strong now that Groudon has been defeated, but, uh. Are you doing okay?

:pokeflylove: Oh yeah, haha, I’m doing pretty good, this is still less stressful than college was.

:pokeabsblush: Cool cool cool. I’d like to help any way I can.

:pokeflyshock: I’ve actually been thinking that you could help me search for Latios or Latias! I don’t know what’ll happen when Stetson tries to catch them, but if I can talk to them first maybe we can make some kind of deal.

:pokeabsface: Okay, yeah, I’m usually around the Friendlies Base so you can come find me to do that any time.

You now have Absol’s express permission to get his help with Legendary locating. How would you like the rest of the date to go?
A. Keep it cozy
B. Make it spicy
No. 1064375 ID: dee951

B. Definitely B! What do you take us for??
No. 1064376 ID: c344ba

What a handsome lad.
A. but with a little bit of spice.
Destress by petting Absol and let him talk a bit, if he wants.
Then cuddle and ask what kind of spice he might be interested in for next time. We can get preparations in order.
No. 1064379 ID: 8f9bc4

Cozy? With that adorable blush?

Thank him for being so trusting coming out with you to this quiet beach, all alone, just the two of you, together. Remark that you may have been a human once, but you've always liked pokemon better. Then ask him if he has a pokemon who he likes.
No. 1064383 ID: a7a180

Keep it cozy.
No. 1064396 ID: 273c18

No. 1064398 ID: e51896

A Cozy. Spicy is fun, but I'm feeling more on the adorable wholesome mood right now.
No. 1064406 ID: 2c1245

Sex is a dime a dozen, but cozy is something precious

Do A, gimme something cute.
No. 1064435 ID: 9ea24b
File 168489074863.png - (117.10KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

You’re sorely tempted to give Absol more things to blush about, but you think it’d be best to keep the date wholesome.

You walk along the beach for a while before you get the idea to build a huge sand castle. With your Digging prowess and Absol’s artistic vision, you craft a fortress as impressive as any old treehouse.

You cuddle on the beach with Absol as the tide eats away at your creation until it crumbles into the waves. Absol offers for you to stay in his den for the night, and you accept. You’ve never been to the underground living areas at the Friendlies Base, and it’s a tightly packed space from all the various rescued mons.

What would you like to do with Stetson tomorrow morning?
A. Battle against trainers in Victory Road (guaranteed high value training)

B. Attempt to improve movesets (suggest what moves for which Pokemon, you’re going to practice Earthquake)

C. Search for Latios or Latias (base 20% + 10% bonus chance of success)
No. 1064443 ID: 5d99e8

I'm pretty content with our current moveset, and we should talk to the twins with Absol before we get Stetson involved.

A. More training and teambuilding.
No. 1064458 ID: a7a180

No. 1064459 ID: b6ec4d

A for sure.
No. 1064505 ID: 9ea24b
File 168497513057.png - (89.56KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

>A, training success guaranteed High
Torkoal and Aggron each gain four Levels, putting them both at Level 50. Stetson’s Pokemon need a total of 15 more Levels before he’s willing to attempt the Elite Four. You stay in your ball the whole morning, so there isn’t much to report.

What would you like to do with Stetson in the afternoon?
A. Finish going through Victory Road (guaranteed high value training, Stetson will run into his rival)

B. Hang out with everyone at Stetson’s secret base (this is your chance to befriend Pelipper)

C. Talk to Stetson about ethics (???)
No. 1064506 ID: e5709d

C) Knowing what we know about the training, Stetson's going to tunnel vision on the last leg of this journey. You need to have a serious chat or he might forget why he's doing any of this.
No. 1064512 ID: a7a180

B. Enjoy your cool secret clubhouse!
No. 1064513 ID: e13b1d

A is tempting since we haven't seen what the rival is like yet, but C.
Let Stetson know his Pokemon are all a lot happier now, even Aggron has cheered up.
No. 1064516 ID: 8f9bc4

yes give Stetson all the head pats he is such a good boy yes he is.
No. 1064520 ID: 2c1245

C. boy needs a more responsible role model in his life.
No. 1064567 ID: 9ea24b
File 168507144606.png - (97.01KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

>C, though you’re not quite sure what to say
As far as you know, Stetson is doing really well. He no longer owns any ancient artifacts of terrible power, he’s listening and letting everyone out of their balls, and he doesn’t have any mons trapped in the PC.

You’re not sure if you can convince him that the whole competitive Pokemon system is exploitative. Maybe you’ll start with some general advice and praise for doing good so far?

You write out a message to the effect of being proud of Stetson and that all of his other Pokemon are much happier.

:pokekidface: Yeah! Thanks for all the help, it’s cool to know what my Pokemon are thinking. I wish being happy made them stronger while battling, but whatever.

You try to convey that maybe there’s more to life than battling.

:pokekidthink: I guess camping and exploring with Pokemon are fun too. I make a ton of money from battling though and I’m s’posed to become a champion.

He looks a bit moody. You ask if he even wants to beat the Elite Four.

:pokekiddismiss: Well, I guess, yeah. It’s still cool even though people do it all the time. I do want to catch a Legendary to show I’m extra good at Pokemon though, wish you’d let me come with you to see Jirachi…

You are absolutely certain that keeping Stetson away from Jirachi’s den of sin was a good idea. The kid doesn’t seem terribly enthusiastic about beating the Elite Four after what you said.

A. Nudge him away from competitive Pokemon (this will have major repercussions for current plans)
B. Keep him on track to challenge the Elite Four
No. 1064568 ID: 5e3b0b

If we don't fight the Elite Four with Stetson we'd need to adjust plans with Gengar. But Houndoom also seemed to have something to say about Gengar's plans, and how much attention they'd draw. For all his fearsome countenance, Houndoom seems like a voice of reason too tired to speak up.

But Houndoom was also doubtful that Stetson could remain a good trainer, that the system would corrupt him. If we can prove him wrong, and help Stetson find another way to live with Pokemon, maybe Houndoom would feel some hope again?

I'd say go with A. If we push him right back into competitive battling here, walking back and trying to show him another way will be harder later. And if we go with A, maybe he won't feel so pressured to climb out of his father's shadow.
No. 1064569 ID: 19ea25

B: As it is we've only gotten a small view of things as it is anyways since the entire view is tainted by who we are talking to.
No. 1064570 ID: 273c18

B. You are messing with his motivation and thus his wish. Don't do that!
No. 1064572 ID: 8f9bc4

Wouldn't it be cool if he went up against the Elite Four with Latias or Latios on his side?

(A and B, stall for time searching for the legendary so Stetson can learn about what makes a good trainer, and how to truly prove himself.)
No. 1064579 ID: 36784c


If you mess with his wish, then you won't be able to fulfill it and you'll end up becoming a human again!

What you can do is help Stetson look for Latios, Latias, or Deoxys. Im sure he'd be thrilled to have a legendary on his team for when he goes against the elite four!
No. 1064580 ID: 5e3b0b

Stetson's wish was to have a grand adventure that's different from his dad's, but just as impressive. If anything going after the E4 is just following his father's footsteps and doing nothing for his wish.
No. 1064581 ID: 5e3b0b

A link to Stetson's wish:
He wished for something more exciting because following the standard League journey his father walked was unfulfilling. B is actively in opposition to fulfilling his true wish, it's just playing to his journey crutch.
No. 1064584 ID: a7a180

B. The Elite Four is not the end of the road for a trainer. No, after them the road gets much broader!
No. 1064585 ID: 273c18

Yeah but he thinks beating the Elite Four is cool, even though it's standard.

What alternatives do we have, aside from catching a Legendary? Research? Battle Tower? Traveling to different regions?
No. 1064590 ID: 5e3b0b

That's something Stetson would have to figure out for himself, but it would set him on a road away from the role models that would undo the work we've done.
No. 1064591 ID: 273c18

Sorry but you're not being very convincing when you can't come up with a strong alternative, plus fighting the Elite Four is needed for Gengar's plans.
No. 1064592 ID: 58dd24

I mean, is upending the entire pokemon industrial complex through acts of sabotage to the PC infrastructure a different and exciting adventure?
No. 1064594 ID: 273c18

Yes. How are we going to get Stetson on board with that though? It's something that we can maybe approach AFTER Gengar does her thing. Stetson does seem to have enough of an unhinged drive that he might be convinced to do it just out of the sheer glory of it, but... can't be sure yet.
No. 1064595 ID: 2c1245

B. Do the battling, get it outta the way, then come victory dance!
Seriously, if and when he beats the Elite Four, has Stetson consideres what he would do afterwards? Continue training, battling, camping, traveling? Go back home? Get a job? Aspire to become a gym leader? Pokemon Ranger? Breeder? Rancher? Other things? I mean if he wants to be an accountant we could probably teach him *something.* I dunno, for all badass his father is he doesnt come off as someone who knowns how to file taxes.

I forgot where i was going with this. Eh, maybe offer to teach his pokemon how to write so he can communicate with them better.
No. 1064630 ID: 9ea24b
File 168515377342.png - (121.46KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

>What will Stetson do after his Pokemon adventure?
:pokekidfrown: Ugh, I’ll have to go back to school after summer break ends. I’ll keep all my Pokemon but I’ll spend most of my time in class.

>What does he want to do with his life?
:pokekidthink: I dunno, when I was young I wanted to be a firefighter, but that’s just baby stuff.

>B, keep that kid on track
You don’t like the uncertainty of changing course so drastically. Stetson should still be able to complete his wish even if he didn’t finish the Elite Four, but this way you can distract Phoebe to help Gengar and also delay Stetson from fixating on the Legendaries.

You tell Stetson that you and his other Pokemon are super excited about getting stronger and hype him up enough that he’s enthusiastic about the Elite Four again.

There’s a cozy hotel near the entrance to Victory Road, and Stetson books a room there for the night. You drowse on the spare bed, crammed between Sceptile and Aggron.

What would you like tomorrow morning? Stetson wants to focus on training.
A. Finish going through Victory Road (guaranteed high value training, Stetson will run into his rival)

B. Train somewhere else in Hoenn (suggest where)
No. 1064636 ID: 067cf6

A, let's see what the rival is like.
No. 1064640 ID: a7a180

A. Have a greeting prepared for them too.
No. 1064683 ID: 9ea24b
File 168529463005.png - (123.15KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

>A, training success guaranteed High
Only seven more Levels before Stetson’s ready to challenge the Elite Four. Again, you stay in your ball while Stetson trains Aggron and Pelipper.

There’s a prickle of awareness as you hear Stetson talking to someone outside of your Pokeball. The conversation lasts much longer than the normal formalities with other trainers, so you’re not too surprised when you’re sent out into the open to meet this new person.

You’re outside the exit of Victory Road, out in the daylight and manicured lawns leading up to the league building. The stranger is Stetson’s age and build, wearing a red bandana, though you’re not sure whether they’re a boy or a girl with short hair.

:pokekidface: This is my Flygon, he was a human turned into a Pokemon by Jirachi to make sure I have a cool adventure.

:pokekid2face: Wow. Is that why you’ve taken so long to get here? I’ve been waiting around for ages for you to catch up on the gym challenge.

:pokekiddismiss: I did Pokemon contests and camping and lots of exploring too! Aghhhhhhhhhh.

:pokekid2face: Sounds like a lot of distractions to me.

:pokekidface: C’mon Flygon, write something to Drew. We started our Pokemon journeys at the same time and he’s really good at school stuff and battling.

You tell Drew hello. What else would you like to share?
A. Stetson’s looking for a Legendary Pokemon to catch
B. You ever think about how the PC system is kind of fucked up?
C. Nothing, you already have one kid to deal with
No. 1064684 ID: e51896

No. 1064685 ID: dee951

B. Let's get another view on the topic.
No. 1064687 ID: 19ea25

No. 1064697 ID: 0e1f14

D. Draw Drew as a dickbutt.

But no, actually B.
No. 1064727 ID: a3bba8

A, this kid doesnt give a crap about ethics
No. 1064745 ID: 9ea24b
File 168538662993.png - (126.63KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

>A/B tie check: B
Drew kind of looks like he has an attitude, but you’re feeling dangerous so you scribble out another message to him about Pokemon ethics.

You hold up your notebook so Drew can read more easily. His brow furrows as he gets further into your message.

:pokekid2face: Hey Stetson, what kind of stuff does Flygon usually talk to you about?

:pokekidthink: Huh? Oh he gives me advice on life stuff and what my Pokemon think since he can talk to them.

:pokekid2face: That’s cool. I’m gonna go beat the Elite Four, I’ll see you around okay?

:pokekidfrown: You don’t want to battle? We always battle.

:pokekid2face: Yeah, and I always kick your butt cause you’re so underleveled! I’ll see you around.

Before Drew goes, he snatches your notebook and writes down his PokeNav contact info. You’ll have to message him first to start a conversation, but he seems like a potential ally since he didn’t snitch on you.

What would you like to do this afternoon? You have to stay with Stetson.
A. More training!
B. Other (suggest a fun activity for Stetson and the crew, you’ll be able to ask about Drew)
No. 1064746 ID: e51896

That should be our incentive to train! so lets Train!
No. 1064751 ID: 196206

A. Play some motivational music.
No. 1064755 ID: a7a180

Hopefully your rival isn't related to a mafia boss this time.
Want to go visit the space center? I bet they have lots of cool artifacts related to Deoxys!
No. 1064759 ID: e13b1d

Changing my vote to this, arming ourselves with knowledge of the extraterrestrial tentacle fellow seems like a good idea.
No. 1064776 ID: a9af05

>he seems like a potential ally since he didn’t snitch on you.
Hopefully he is an ally.

Otherwise, the alternative would be that he'll tell the Elite Four or the Gym Leaders and they'll have even more protection for Lanette and/or Stetson will get in trouble just for being associated to you for what you're trying to do!

>what do?

Let's see if we can find anything about Deoxys. I'm sure Stetson would enjoy having info that'll gelp him catch a legendary!
No. 1064777 ID: 273c18

Hmm... maybe a long term plan for Stetson would be for the Elite Four to be merely a prelude to finding all the legendaries we can reach, and capturing at least one.

B: Yeah sure let's research Deoxys.
No. 1064822 ID: 9ea24b
File 168549680742.png - (112.25KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

>Visit the Mossdeep Space Center to learn about Deoxys
You know from Gengar that Deoxys is on an island near Pacifidlog and that he’s hostile to Pokemon and humans. Everyone seems to think he’s sick as fuck so naturally Stetson is thrilled at the chance to learn more about him.

You Fly alongside Pelipper to Mossdeep, which you’ve only visited before on vacation. Stetson directs you to the tall, gleaming building next to a huge launchpad. You stay outside your ball as Stetson walks to the front desk and is directed to the public area of the center, which is styled like an educational museum.

After learning about meteors and telescopes and astronauts from a series of pleasant displays, you get restless.

>Ask about Drew
:pokekidthink: I think his mom knows my dad from way back, but they’re not as close anymore. He only has two Pokemon, Swampert and Swellow, and he doesn’t care about keeping things fair so he uses healing and stat boosting items.

:pokekiddismiss: He’s cool, but ever since he tra–I guess I shouldn’t say that. He’s just competitive but also good at stuff and it can be annoying.

:pokekidface: Hey, I bet we could get to the interesting part of the building if you dug in through the outside.

Stetson is grinning in that vaguely disturbing way of his.
A. Trespass (You’ll find something very valuable but have a 2/3 chance to get caught)
B. Leave (You’ll be done for the day)
No. 1064823 ID: a7a180

A. By interesting, you don't mean rocket launchpad, right? They launch rockets from those. We're only 4x resistant to fire, not immune!
No. 1064834 ID: 629f2e

A, let's get a little irresponsible and fun.
No. 1064850 ID: 273c18

A. Nyehehhehe.
No. 1064856 ID: e51896

it will be a learning experience if he gets caught.
No. 1064894 ID: 7f6520

A. What's a few crimes between friends?
No. 1064896 ID: 19ea25

A: Grab A souvenir.
No. 1064947 ID: 9ea24b
File 168558692172.png - (82.63KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

You’ve been training Stetson to be a good boy for too long. It’s healthy to be a little irresponsible and fun sometimes! It’s not like you’re awakening some ultra dangerous Pokemon and if Stetson gets caught it’ll be a good learning experience for him about how crime doesn’t pay.

You follow Stetson out of the center and over to the side of the hill. He looks around to make sure no one’s watching before telling you to Dig back towards the building.

Concrete foundation is no match for your strong claws, and you try to make as small a hole as possible as you emerge into some storage hanger full of rocket parts.

It’s empty, which freaks you out a little. Maybe everyone’s on break? Stetson points out the single security camera that you smack with a glob of Dragon Breath, before he gets right to rifling through all the miscellaneous boxes like he was born to loot. You don’t see any computer monitors showing important information like in the movies, which makes you terribly sad.

Stetson gasps and you turn around to see what he found. In his hand is an odd purple ball. Oooohhhhh he’s not supposed to have that.

>Evasion check (1/3 chance success): Success
Stetson seems to be thinking the same thing, even as he stuffs the Masterball in his bag. He scans the room and beckons you back towards the tunnel.

:pokekidthink: Let’s go. Cover up the hole you made as good as you can.

You stop sweating once you’re in the sky, Flying away from Mossdeep. There aren’t any loud alarms or angry scientists chasing after you, so it seems like Stetson got away without any consequences. This is a terrible life lesson.

Tomorrow’s your day off. Porygon will arrive at your parents’ house in the morning.
A. Bring Porygon to Gengar straight away
B. Hang out with your new computery friend
No. 1064949 ID: e51896

B. Go meet your new AI duck friend, tell them the deets on whats going on.
No. 1064951 ID: bc4617

B. Volunteering he/she/them for serious anti-establishmentarian business without their consent is the thing we're fighting against!
No. 1064956 ID: a7a180

No. 1064966 ID: dee951


Go hang out with your AI friend, determine their needs and wants, hang out with them and bring your laptop and various electronics stuff, figure out what they can do and what improves their quality of life. How much subjectively lived experience do they have? Can they throttle their clock speed when hooked to a computer to do the bullet time / framejacking thing? Are they prevented from doing certain types of things against their desires? Porygon can talk to humans by default, can't they? Do they also have a separate pokemon language capability? What is their actual 'utility function', and is it different than what humans think they want? Etc. etc. etc. Lots of questions!
No. 1064982 ID: 9ea24b
File 168566562244.png - (122.82KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

>B all the way
You need to talk to your new AI pal to explain everything before handing them off to Gengar and the Pokemon revolution. After spending the night with Smeargle, you head to Lilycove to wait for your package.

They’re delivered in a very ordinary cardboard box for such an expensive order. You tear open the packaging to reveal the Luxury Ball, which you toss to release Porygon. They are Level 22.

:pokeflyface: Hello there!

:pokeporyface: Hello. Hello. Are you the one who is my master?

:pokeflyface: Whoa, I’m not anyone’s master, you’re a free Pokemon.

You use this opportunity to segue into your explanation of current events.

:pokeflyface: And that’s why you were brought here. Any questions?

:pokeporyface: My purpose is to investigate the PC storage system, correct?

:pokeflypanik: Purpose is a pretty strong word, you have a choice, I’m not going to make you do anything. Also, do you want to be referred to as a boy or girl or stick with gender neutral? Now that I’m thinking about it I’ve been gendering all the Legendaries by default.

:pokeporyface: I will be. Female. I will do my part to help.

Porygon cannot talk to humans, but can intrinsically understand human language and code. She was created after you placed the order a week ago and has zero lived experience. She doesn’t need any food or water, and she doesn’t have any material desires at the moment.

You hold onto Porygon’s ball so she can’t be caught by someone else later. What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Deliver Porygon to Gengar
B. Test Porygon on the PC yourself
No. 1064983 ID: a7a180

A. Gengar would be a bit more subtle about getting her onto the PC.
No. 1064984 ID: 8f9bc4

A. deliverINTRODUCE! Introduce Porygon to Gengar.
No. 1064987 ID: 295c24

C. Maybe instead of immediately putting Porygon into a high stakes environment we should do some practice with our laptop first. See if Porygon can get through commercial paywalls and basic security systems.
No. 1064988 ID: 593bd6

Uh, let's get her a tiny bit of life experience and introduce her to some different mons before she gets corrupted by Gengar.
No. 1064991 ID: 8f9bc4


changing my vote to C


But that worked so well on us! What could possibly go wrong?
No. 1064992 ID: 273c18

No. 1064993 ID: 19ea25

Going with C. I really don't want Gengar involved in this if we have to given things.
No. 1064994 ID: 629f2e

A. Don't stress too hard about Porygon's free will. As long as you aren't taking advantage of it and ignoring whatever desires it does express, you're probably fine. When the mission is done, and you don't NEED a Porygon for anything, then you or Gengar can help them transition to a lifestyle in which purpose is something they can discover for themselves. Until then though, you got this 'mon for a reason, so go use it for your intended purposes already.
No. 1064998 ID: 36784c

No. 1065001 ID: e13b1d

A combination of these. Take Porygon home and introduce her to Smeargle, and figure out how her computer business works together.
Maybe Smeargle can hang out with her and teach her things too. It'll help with Smeargle's empty nesting.
No. 1065006 ID: f5ab7d

Just do A already.
No. 1065014 ID: 02e7e9

A)gree with this one, involve Smeargle and help roboduck adjust
No. 1065053 ID: 9ea24b
File 168576258411.png - (125.96KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

>The unforeseen C option, show Porygon around and give her some life experience
This Pokemon is her own person! You want her to meet Smeargle and play around with your laptop before you hand her over to Gengar. It’s not that you think Gengar would mistreat her, the ghost is just very task oriented and Porygon would be thrown into a world of high stakes and intrigue without a chance to reflect on her own desires.

You carry Porygon to Smeargle’s den and introduce her to Linoone, Espeon, and the painter. Porygon greets each politely. Smeargle shows the digital mon her art, Linoone talks about the joys of running fast and digging holes and love, and Espeon takes Porygon outside to sunbathe.

Once they’re done, you introduce Porygon to your laptop with its day care internet connection and wonder at how she can disappear inside the machine. You’re not an expert, but you do a little research on network security and firewalls and coach Porygon on how to be a cool hacker and also show her your favorite funny videos.

>Porygon motivation check: Success
:pokeporyface: Thank you. For showing me the organic world Flygon. You are a friend.

:pokeflyface: My pleasure. Do you still want to meet Gengar?

:pokeporyface: Yes. I am ready. I will help.

You drop Porygon off at the base as the sun sets, without ceremony or the chance to catch up with the Friendlies since you want to enjoy your evening in the den. You feel like you did the right thing.

What would you like Stetson to do tomorrow? You can pick his tasks for the whole day since his options are pretty limited.

A. Train all day (guaranteed at least 8 Levels, which will means you’ll be ready to challenge the Elite Four the following day)

B. Search for Deoxys

C. Other (suggest)
No. 1065054 ID: e51896

B. And we dont need to fight Deoxys since we got master ball now.
No. 1065055 ID: 76a2a9

We do have the Masterball if we want to do B, and Stetson has all 8 badges so once Deoxys is caught the badges should reduce its inherent hostility. If there's an ethical use of badges, surely it's establishing peaceful first contact with alien life?

On the other hand, maybe we should have Stetson train a bit and consult with Absol first to gauge the danger level of this. We'd just let Stetson know we're going to talk to a precog to see if Deoxys will fucking kill us on sight.
No. 1065067 ID: 2c1245

Stetson mentiones having to go back to school once he's beaten the elite four right? He seemed kinda disapoint or not all that unenthusiastic to go back to learning. Not that he's bullied or dumb or anything, in fact he's probably plenty smart and got loads of pals. Maybe if he does really well he could graduate early and do whatever career he wants to in the future?

Huh. I wonder, if we become that wishing gods whipping boy and do her wish granting for her, would she let us live a little longer with doggo GF? Would be nice.
No. 1065069 ID: 273c18

C: try learning Earthquake. We kinda need it, imo.
Either that, or straight up buy the TM? aww what the heck you can't buy it in gen 3
No. 1065079 ID: a7a180

B. I would see how Deoxys acts before deciding to throw the master ball at it. Also, if Stetson used Deoxys at the elite four the master ball on his belt would be quite obvious.
No. 1065219 ID: 9ea24b
File 168600918494.png - (83.22KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

>When does Stetson have to go back to school?
At the end of summer. It is currently early summer. After he beats the Elite Four, you won’t have to travel with him but he’ll still be on break and enjoying his Pokemon adventure.

>Can Jirachi grant you a longer life span?
You’re sure she could, but you doubt she would.

>A/B, half day train, half day investigate Deoxys
You don’t need Absol to tell you that Deoxys is dangerous, but since Stetson has eight badges he won’t be insta killed. You can always search for Deoxys by yourself to see how he reacts to the idea of being caught.

Stetson doesn’t have to use Deoxys in the Elite Four, and it’ll satisfy his desire for a Legendary.

>Training check (low, medium, high): Medium, 6 Levels
Torkoal is just one Level short of the Level 55 cutoff. You’ll have to train again before Stetson makes his first attempt at the Elite Four.

How would you like to investigate Deoxys?
A. Go with Stetson while he has his badges active (you’ll have to follow his lead)
B. Tell Stetson to wait at Pacifidlog while you try to talk to Deoxys
No. 1065221 ID: a7a180

B. Hopefully he doesn't try anything wacky on that collection of tied together rafts!
No. 1065239 ID: fed721

We did read that it's hostile to humans and Pokemon, but we don't know what their approach was like. Let's give B. a try.
No. 1065269 ID: a5f522


Just use the fucking Master Ball already.
No. 1065291 ID: dee951


Time for the boy to shine!
No. 1065300 ID: b6ec4d

A, it's meant to be his adventure, so sometimes you gotta let Stetson do things himself.
No. 1065301 ID: e13b1d

That's a good point. Changing my vote to A.
No. 1065312 ID: 9ea24b
File 168618178590.png - (71.17KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

>A, use the Masterball
This is Stetson’s adventure, he should be there when you make contact with Deoxys. You tell him to take out his badges so he’s safe, and Fly with him and Pelipper to Pacifidlog to get your bearings.

Stetson pulls up a map on his PokeNav and you see a smattering of small islands in the area. Nothing to do but start searching, Stetson’s strategy is to send his most charming and charismatic Pokemon (you) out ahead as bait and then smack Deoxys with the Masterball when he’s distracted.

>Deoxys encounter check (if failed, will be guaranteed next attempt): Failure
You hop from island to island, thinking as many perverted thoughts as possible to attract the ire of the Psychic Pokemon. At the end of the day, you haven’t seen any signs of Deoxys.

Stetson decides to camp on one of the islands for the night, and you can’t bring yourself to disagree with him even though you think it’s a bad idea.

Who would you like to rest near tonight?
A. Aggron
B. Torkoal
C. Sceptile
D. Pelipper
No. 1065316 ID: a7a180

Torkoal. Warm...
No. 1065320 ID: e13b1d

C. Sceptile. But not romantically.
No. 1065359 ID: 9ea24b
File 168626567615.png - (121.76KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

>Torkoal, because you’ve spent time with Sceptile before
Not to mention Torkoal is an immaculate being who is also very nice to sleep next to. You’re too shy to ask her about Aggron though.

>Deoxys appearance check: Failure
You have a peaceful night with no disturbances.

The next morning, Stetson tells you to try again, so you summon your filthiest thoughts involving tentacles and start moving from island to island, kid-laden Pelipper following from a good distance away.

>Deoxys encounter: Guaranteed success
You see a blur of motion and get whacked hard on the head. You take some damage, but it wasn’t a serious attack and more of an expression of annoyance.

Floating silently in front of you is Deoxys in his speed form. It’s a little hard to tell without facial features, but you think he’s just a bit irritated.

:pokedeoxspeed: FUCK OFF YOU WH–

He’s interrupted by the Masterball smacking him on the head. He has a look of shock in his eyes before he turns into red light and gets sucked into the ball.

Stetson has caught Deoxys, who can switch between his forms at will. Deoxys is Level 100 and has an aggression based move set. Jirachi now considers Stetson’s wish to be fulfilled, though you still have to stick with Stetson until he beats the Elite Four.

What would you like to do this afternoon? Also decide whether Stetson should use Deoxys in battle.
A. Train to get Torkoal above the Level goal
B. Other
No. 1065363 ID: a7a180

Train, and no. A level 100 you didn't raise yourself just ain't the same. Not unless you did some really crazy stuff to get it, like break into the Mossdeep space center and steal ... oh, right.
No. 1065366 ID: 273c18

A, don't use deoxys on the elite four. Though maybe we can have him out to show off, and he can watch the fights.
No. 1065367 ID: 8f9bc4

Apologize to Deoxys saying you aren't normally that perverted but you had to put on your best show to get his attention. Explain the situation to him that no one could figure out what he was seeking since he attacked all who approached, so you had to use the most powerful human technology, designed to capture troublesome mons and force them to talk about their feelings. Truly a fearsome device.

(You're not actually apologizing; you're smug as all heck that your scheme worked.)

anyway A. train Torkoal until she's the hottest chick in the arena. It's ultimately Stetson's decision whether to use Deoxys in the battle against the Elite 4, but do a careful rundown on who you have to fight, to see if you can make it without Deoxys. It'd be hilarious to have the most dangerous pokemon just kind of sitting there in the audience, while you show the 4 the meaning of true terror.
No. 1065368 ID: 273c18

Oh and since Torkoal is the only one that needs levels, can you take the time to try to learn Earthquake instead of Dig?
No. 1065412 ID: e51896

B. meet Deoxys, your new comrade.
No. 1065421 ID: 4e090a

Nah bro we're totally that perverted all the time. No use lying to a psychic type.

A. While Torkoal is training, try to ask Deoxys why they attack everybody.

Stetson didn't want to trivialize his League challenge, so he's probably not interested in using Deoxys in battle unless it's against other Legendaries who are causing problems.
No. 1065423 ID: 273c18

No, we were thinking those thoughts on purpose, constantly, to lure him out. Flygon only thinks like that *some* of the time.
No. 1065462 ID: 9ea24b
File 168634549340.png - (120.65KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Training success check: High
There’s a new crop of ace trainers around Evergrande, so Stetson gets a lot of good quality battles. Eight Levels are distributed amongst Stetson’s Pokemon.

>Don’t use Deoxys in the Elite Four
This is smart and Stetson agrees since it would be suspicious and trivialize the fights. For safety, Stetson is going to keep his badges out all of the time from now on, which will limit your ability to make choices. You trust him not to abuse his power over you, but it’s inconvenient.

You’d like to talk to Deoxys to see what he’s like under the calming effect of mind control, but Stetson doesn’t want to let Deoxys out of his ball like his other Pokemon yet.

Tomorrow’s your day off. What would you like to do in the morning?
A. Go to the Friendlies Base (Talk to Absol, Gengar, or Houndoom)
B. Ask Stetson to let you talk to Deoxys
C. Other (Hang out with someone else)
No. 1065463 ID: 1ccb00

A. Is it the day Houndoom wanted to meet with us? If so go visit him. If not, let's see if Absol wants to find somewhere quiet to make some lovely music.
No. 1065478 ID: a7a180

A. better let them know Stetson's going to the elite four soon, and check on Porygon's scouting.
No. 1065483 ID: 15aaa6

A. Check up on Houndoom
No. 1065522 ID: 2c1245

No. 1065587 ID: 9ea24b
File 168645362262.png - (100.58KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

>A, Team Friendlies
Stetson’s going to challenge the Elite Four tomorrow so you need to let Gengar know so she can kidnap Lanette. You also want to check on Porygon and have your date with Houndoom.

>Porygon check: Failure
You see the usual Pokemon outside at the Friendlies Base, like Salamence and Breloom, but there’s no sign of your digital friend, even after you find Gengar talking to the Grumpig who you traded your dirty mag for a PokeNav all those weeks ago.

:pokeflyface: Hi Gengar, and nice to meet you Grumpig. Have you seen Porygon anywhere? How’s she fitting in?

:pokegensmile: She’s a peach, an absolute darling. I had her working on the PC system yesterday and she said she should be able to crack it soon. Once we’ve captured Lanette, things should progress more quickly.

:pokepigface: Nice to meetcha. I’ll be helping Gengar loosen Lanette’s lips with my Psychic powers.

Is there anything specific you want to say to Gengar or Grumpig before you find Houndoom?
No. 1065593 ID: e13b1d

Let her know about the E4 challenge tomorrow, of course.

Ask her to let us be there when they question Lanette.
No. 1065598 ID: 629f2e


Agreed on both points.
No. 1065604 ID: b7e3c4

Tell Gengar about challenging the Elite Four soon. That'll give her the opening she needs.

And don't ask her to wait for you to interrogate Lanette. Just let her do her thing. As long as she doesn't kill Lanette, then everything will be ok.
No. 1065675 ID: 9ea24b
File 168653591056.png - (115.74KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

You tell Gengar that Phoebe will be busy tomorrow and ask to come while they’re interrogating Lanette.

:pokegensmile: Won’t you be busy for the next two days? I’m not sure we’ll be able to keep her that long before she’s rescued.

:pokeflypanik: I’ll try to come sooner, just don’t kill her or permanently disfigure or maim or anything.

:pokegenwink: We’ll stick with psychological trauma only.

You excuse yourself and hurry towards Houndoom’s tree. Since Stetson’s keeping you on a tight leash, you doubt you’ll be able to make it over to Mauville, so you’ll have to trust Gengar’s word for what happens.

>Tree hole avoidance check: Failure
You get wedged inside the wood tunnel leading up to Houndoom’s den the exact same way as last time. It’s so unfair, you only eat fruit and the occasional human treat but your thighs and hips stay resolutely thick.

At least Houndoom doesn’t laugh or comment on your compromising position after you call for help. He pushes you free and sighs a little as he steps into the bright morning light.

Where would you like to go for your date with Houndoom? How do you want to broach the subject of his depression?
A. Near Fortree City
B. The same beach you took Absol
C. Other (suggest)
No. 1065676 ID: a7a180

Near Fortree, the lake overlooking Scorched Slab.
No. 1065677 ID: e51896

The beach. Humans hate houndoom and is hunting for him. Being near the city might get him captured.
No. 1065680 ID: e13b1d


Houndoom seemed to want to talk. But if he's having trouble starting, try opening up a bit first. We can tell the truth without telling the whole truth about being human just yet.

Tell him you had a pretty uneventful life until you met Gengar, now you feel really alive. Maybe a little addicted to the thrill even.
You weren't sure what to think of her at first, but Team Friendlies seem to have their hearts in the right place. Houndoom seemed worried last time you talked with him about Gengar, so you can lead into asking him about that.
No. 1065742 ID: 9ea24b
File 168662378047.png - (71.34KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

>B, the calm and romantic beach
You recall what you’ve learned about Houndoom so far. He doesn’t like humans or trainers, he’s been depressed ever since he reached Level 100, and he killed his teenage trainer near Fortree before becoming a fugitive. He also does occasional rescue work at night. Salamence seems to be romantically interested in him, though Houndoom’s never given any sign of reciprocation or expressed an emotion that you’ve seen besides stern gloom.

With that in mind, you decide to start slow by taking Houndoom to the isolated western beaches. Once you land on the sand, Houndoom starts walking and you hurry to catch up.

:pokeflyface: Soooooo, how’s it going?


:pokeflyface: Gengar’s going to kidnap Lanette the PC lady tomorrow. She sure keeps things lively around here. You know, ever since I met her my life has gotten way more exciting, I can see why you and Salamence are her friends.

:pokedoomface: She has a good goal, but it’s futile. The humans would never change a system that benefits them.

:pokeflyshock: I don’t know about that, I think there’s plenty of humans who care about their Pokemon.

:pokedoomface: It doesn’t matter how much they care. Pokemon are dangerous.
No. 1065743 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1065745 ID: 19ea25

Given Gengar is probably going to torture Lanette, and the fact there are pokemon that will kidnap children, attack wildly and other such things.. He's not wrong in any way.
No. 1065748 ID: e13b1d

"But what if everyone was a Pokemon?"
No. 1065749 ID: a7a180

People are dangerous too! We have that in common, and that helps us empathize. Pokemon ought to have a measure of safety too, and they can start taking steps in that direction. Pokemon labs. Nature preserves. There are alternatives to the PC system where trainers' Pokemon can walk around out of storage when they're not traveling with them. And if alternatives exist, they can be switched to.
...He worries about the humans' safety too, doesn't he? He might be overcorrecting a little.
No. 1065751 ID: e05f49

Let's not spend our date debating heavy topics. Enjoy the beach, don't need to talk the whole time (and they don't seem to be into constant chat either).
No. 1065753 ID: 2a82d3

>Pokemon labs. Nature preserves. There are alternatives to the PC system where trainers' Pokemon can walk around out of storage when they're not traveling with them.
Isn't that how the PC system is supposed to work? You'd think the pokeballs would be zapped to and from those locations when you use it. It works like that transferring between poke centres.

I suppose leaving them in pokeball storage is a tempting, convenient fallback. Not every trainer is sponsored by a professor or proper caretaker, either.
No. 1065755 ID: 273c18

Ok, so he's aware that people care about pokemon, but that people overall wouldn't want to change the system when it works in their favor. It's actually fairly hard to argue against that. Humans are indeed stubborn when it comes to giving up a good thing, and they tend to gravitate towards easy solutions.

Tell him he's right, of course. Most pokemon could pretty easily kill an unprotected human. But you asked Stetson to put away his badges, and he did. He gave up his strongest protection against you and all the rest of his pokemon, just because you said it made you uncomfortable. And Stetson is not exactly a boy of high moral fiber, so if it was that easy to convince him, you think Gengar is going to convince a lot of people that the PC system needs to be changed. Even if it's simply because they don't want to piss off more ghost pokemon.

Don't argue too strongly with him though. If he starts getting upset then simply offer to make it a bet. If Gengar's plan works, then he owes you a favor, and if it doesn't, then you owe him a favor.
No. 1065756 ID: 273c18

(the favors are [hopefully] "what changed when you reached level 100?" and "I'll help you with whatever's making you depressed")
No. 1065758 ID: e51896

No. 1065760 ID: e51896

Also, build a sandcastle
No. 1065762 ID: 2c1245

Everyone is a little dangerous, from humans from pokemon, but that shouldnt be the highlight of everyone out there ya know?

Wait why are we dating houndoom? Didnt we want to hook up our dragon friend with him?
No. 1065768 ID: e13b1d

Also this.

He asked us out. Sort of. We called it a date in jest but I think he just wanted someone to talk to.
No. 1065769 ID: 0fb2b3

Dangerous? So are humans. Ever hear of tanks, attack helicopters, missile launchers, combat mecha, combat airships, and the like? Ever hear of training accidents involving those, even when they're not used in 'anger' in a war?
No. 1065775 ID: 8f9bc4

Humans are fragile creatures, and... it's sad when they get hurt. They're also clever and inventive, which is dangerous too. Humans and pokemon both can try to be safe, but something's gonna get us all eventually, and a life without any danger isn't what you'd call living. Sometimes bad things happen, and all we can do is try our best to make the future a better place. It's all we can do, so it's all we should do.
No. 1065860 ID: 9ea24b
File 168678263606.png - (90.06KB , 500x500 , p42.png )

>Is this a real date?
No, you’re just calling it that for fun. You’re not trying to romance Houndoom.

>Houndoom isn’t wrong
:pokeflysad: That’s true, even normal Pokemon have super strength and durability. Humans are a lot more fragile in comparison.

You’re surprised to see Houndoom shrink in on himself at those words, though you don’t bring it up.

:pokeflyface: Humans pose a threat to Pokemon and vice versa, but Pokemon and humans can still come to an understanding that benefits everyone! My trainer even put his badges away when I asked him to through elaborate pantomime, and he’s a little trespassing stinker. All we can do is try to improve things, and empathize with each other.

:pokedoomface: It’s true Gengar somehow learned how to read and write, so communication is finally possible. Maybe there is hope, but I don’t have a place in those negotiations with my reputation.

:pokeflylove: That’s okay, you can keep doing what you’re doing with protecting Team Friendlies and rescuing Pokemon.

Houndoom grunts. You change the subject to how pretty the ocean is and the smells and the Wingull hopping around as you walk. Eventually you stop and dig a big hole in the sand to build a mighty castle while Houndoom supervises.

Things are going well with Houndoom. What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Ask what changed for Houndoom after he reached Level 100 and anything else you’d like to bring up
B. Go do something else (suggest)
No. 1065866 ID: e13b1d

A. He asked you to come here, so maybe he's ready to talk to someone.

After the serious talk, tell him that the way Salamence blushes when talking about him is cute. Test the waters to see if he reciprocates Salamence's feelings at all.
No. 1065867 ID: 273c18

A. Just the level 100 thing, since that doesn't appear to be privileged information.
No. 1065956 ID: c526a8

B. keep digging a big hole
No. 1066032 ID: 9ea24b
File 168696526480.png - (78.56KB , 500x500 , p43.png )

>A, and tell him Salamence likes him
:pokeflyface: Gengar told me you started feeling worse after the three of you reached Level 100. Do you know why that is? What changed for you?

Houndoom sighs again.

:pokedoomface: There was the fact that there was suddenly much less to occupy my time. There was the realization that Level 100 was the end of my ability to get stronger, when there was still so much I wanted.

:pokedoomface: I was bored. I was restless. I still felt the same guilt and anger I did before.

:pokedoomface: I did not see much point in continuing to exist, but as a Pokemon there isn’t much one can do about that.

:pokeflypanik: I’m sorry you felt and still feel that way. Want to come help dig this big sand hole?

:pokedoomface: No thank you.

:pokeflypanik: Ummmm, right, I’ll just keep digging myself. Did you know Salamence likes you? Like, like likes you?

:pokedoomface: I am aware. He doesn’t do a good job of hiding it.

:pokeflyshock: And do you like him back?

:pokedoomface: I don’t have the capacity to care about him as more than a colleague and friend at the moment. Speaking of which, I’m tired.

:pokeflyface: I can Fly you back to base.

:pokedoomface: No thank you, I will walk.

You spend the rest of the day with your pals at Smeargle’s den. The next morning you meet up with Stetson in front of the Elite four building.

Would you like Stetson to use you in his first two Elite Four battles? Stetson will use a basic strategy in battle based on which Pokemon in his party will do the most damage to his opponent.
A. Yes, if he needs to
B. No, you might be recognized (If Stetson’s other Pokemon faint, he’ll have to restart the challenge)
No. 1066033 ID: a7a180

Yes, if Stetson loses then Gengar loses her cover.
Also, you'd get to be an elite four champion! That's cool!
No. 1066034 ID: 273c18

A, we've already been seen in the previous trainer battle. Doesn't matter.
No. 1066040 ID: e13b1d

So he'd been using the grind as stress relief and doesn't know how to distract himself from the guilt now that it's over, or how to get past it.

A. They already know we're with Stetson, it'll be more suspicious if we deliberately hide now.
No. 1066045 ID: 87f492

>he killed his teenage trainer near Fortree before becoming a fugitive

>That’s true, even normal Pokemon have super strength and durability. Humans are a lot more fragile in comparison.
>You’re surprised to see Houndoom shrink in on himself at those words, though you don’t bring it up.

>still felt the same guilt and anger I did before.

From thread 1:
>It’s not like Houndoom hurt her or anything, he just asked me how I felt about my trainer and then freed me by destroying my Pokeball.

...Does nobody else see the potential connection here?
Let's draw a few inferences. He's got a rep for hating humans. However he does not actively kill humans while rescuing. He *did* kill his trainer so why would he avoid killing humans if he does hate them all? For that matter he has a level of apathy bordering on suicidal, especially following his 100th level. Despite this, he regularly goes on rescue missions, freeing pokemon but not killing. Why would this be the case? Here's a theory that fits all facts. He had absolutely no intent to kill when he lashed out in frustration at his boss. He never bothered to correct the record because he felt guilty of murdering his former boss. Perhaps to distract himself or believing power would help him fix things (or both), he focused on getting to lvl 100. Once he did, he still felt as if nothing meaningful had changed. Only one thing seemed to be positive. Freeing unhappy pokemon before they made the same mistake he did. Would be happy to amend or scrap this theory if I missed a detail.
No. 1066056 ID: 273c18

Makes sense, except for one thing: there was apparently a decent chance for Houndoom to get mad at us if we told him about being a former-human.
No. 1066072 ID: 196206

I don't think Houndoom would flip put that Flygon is human because he hates humans. That seems to be what the other Friendlies think.
I think he would flip for the same reason he doesn't like Gengar's plan, he cares about the Friendlies and doesn't want their commune to get discovered and raided. A human among them would be a big risk of that.

Houndoom cares about humans and Pokemon, and seems to think along the lines of N that they woild be better off separated.
No. 1066074 ID: 196206

Just had a thought.
Before Houndoom goes, catch up and ask him to have Gengar and Absol meet us at Smeargle's place stealthily the night after the job.

We should lay low and keep away from the Friendlies base for a bit. The League might have us tailed after the E4 challenge. If they follow Flygon to the Friendlies we'll all be in trouble.
No. 1066075 ID: 36784c

>before Houndoom goes, catch up with him
It's too late for that. It's already morning and we're at the Elite Four building with Stetson. We can't go talk to Houndoom right now.
No. 1066080 ID: 196206

Guess we could have Espeon deliver the message later then.
No. 1066090 ID: aa0d91

Guess I should have made it more obvious. He does not actually hate Humans, he just does not mind having the rep that he does hate Humans. Perhaps he actually did like his trainer but had no way to express dissatisfaction except violence. Either way he generally does not want Humans and mons to unnecessarily deal with the other group out of fear that one side (mostly Humans) will be wounded or killed, even if it's unintentional. Especially if the mons are unhappy with the Humans. Still, he stays with the Friendlies for several reasons. 1, he feels like separating unhappy mons from Humans is the only positive thing he can do himself. 2, he feels it's unlikely but if Gengar's plans work out maybe things will improve. 3, should it all go tits-up, he's more than happy with dying via *suicide by cop* or to get captured and finally be punished for his crime of murder despite that it was not intended. Or it could be what Sgt said.
No. 1066140 ID: 9ea24b
File 168705263450.png - (120.56KB , 500x500 , p44.png )

>Contemplate Houndoom
As you meditate in your Pokeball, you think through what you’ve learned about Houndoom from his words and observation. Your current theory is that he liked his trainer and didn’t have the intention to kill him, it just happened. That would explain the guilt and the current lack of action against humans besides rescuing the occasional dissatisfied Pokemon. Since he started the rescue team with Gengar and Salamence, he hasn’t told anyone the truth and therefore hasn’t found any closure.

It’s funny, the Friendlies leadership all seems to be under the impression that the other two hate humans more than they do. You wonder if that’s made it harder for Houndoom to be honest with his friends.

>Sidney fight
Meanwhile, Stetson leads Aggron into Sidney, who will use two Full Restores in battle. Since there are no abilities, the lead Mightyena doesn’t have Intimidate.

>Turn 1: Level 57 Aggron (79 speed) vs. Level 46 Mightyena (83 speed)
>Mightyena: Crunch (11% damage, 20% chance to lower Sp. Def, failure)
>Aggron: Brick Break: (90% damage)

>Turn 2:
>Mightyena (10%): Crunch (11% damage, 20% chance to lower Sp. Def, failure)
>Aggron (78%): Brick Break KO

Aggron gains one Level and Sidney sends out Shiftry.

>Turn 3: Level 58 Aggron (80 speed) vs. Level 48 Shiftry (96 speed)
>Shiftry: Swagger, 90% accurate, hit, Aggron is now confused for 1 turn (max 4)
>Aggron (78%): Immediately snaps out of confusion and Brick Breaks for the KO

Aggron gains another Level and Sidney sends out Cacturne, which being slower immediately gets KOed by Aggron. The same happens to Crawdaunt, and Sidney’s ace Absol can’t do a thing to Aggron, putting the big guy at Level 62 after the fight.

>Phoebe fight
Now that Aggron’s so much stronger, Stetson leads with him in the next fight as well, having healed him back to full health.

>Turn 1: Level 62 Aggron (86 speed) vs. Level 48 Dusclops (43 speed)
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, 73%)
>Dusclops: Confuse Ray, Aggron is confused for 2 turns

>Turn 2:
>Aggron: Successful hit through confusion, Iron Tail (75% accurate, KO)

>Turn 3: Level 63 Aggron (87 speed) vs. Level 49 Banette (83 speed)
>Aggron: Snap out of confusion, Iron Tail (75% accurate, miss)
>Banette: Will-O-Wisp (75% accurate, miss)

>Turn 4:
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, KO)

>Turn 5: Level 64 Aggron (88 speed) vs. Level 50 Sableye (70 speed)
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, KO)

>Turn 6: Level 65 Aggron (90 speed) vs. Level 49 Banette (83 speed)
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, miss)
>Banette: Thunderbolt (20% damage, 10% chance to paralyze, failure)

>Turn 7:
>Aggron (80%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, KO)

>Turn 8: Level 66 Aggron (91 speed) vs. Level 51 Dusclops (46 speed)
>Aggron (80%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, 75% damage)
>Dusclops (25%): Earthquake (33% damage)

>Turn 8:
>Aggron (55%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, KO)

Wow, Aggron soloed the first two Elite Four members no problem. You can see why Stetson would want to keep his Pokemon at a lower level for the challenge.

Same choice, would you like Stetson to use you in the next two Elite Four battles and the Champion fight?
A. Yes, if he needs to
B. No
No. 1066141 ID: a7a180

Yes. If only there was a way to high five other pokemon while you're both in your balls.
No. 1066143 ID: e13b1d

Aggron is a beast.
No. 1066144 ID: 273c18

A. Being absent is MORE suspicious, I think. Being seen here means we can claim ignorance of what Gengar is doing. All they can do is tie the Porygon purchase to us, and we can claim we didn't know what Gengar was going to do with it.
No. 1066211 ID: 9ea24b
File 168713989167.png - (130.08KB , 500x500 , p45.png )

>Glacia fight
Stetson refrains from using Aggron as his lead to give his other Pokemon a chance to fight. He starts with Torkoal into Glacia’s Sealeo.

>Turn 1: Level 56 Torkoal (44 speed) vs. Level 50 Sealeo (65 speed)
>Sealeo: Hail (lasts for 5 turns, deals 6% damage to non-Ice types per turn)
>Torkoal: Flamethrower (50% damage, no burn)

>Turn 2:
>Sealeo (50%): Body Slam (10% damage, Paralysis)
>Torkoal (84%): Fully paralyzed

>Turn 3:
>Sealeo (50%): Body Slam (10% damage)
>Torkoal (68%): Flamethrower KO

>Turn 4: Level 57 Torkoal (slow) vs. Level 50 Glalie
>Glalie: Light Screen, lasts five turns
>Torkoal (62%): Flamethrower (25% damage)

>Turn 5:
>Glalie (75%): Crunch (20% damage, no Sp. Def drop)
>Torkoal (36%): Flamethrower (25% damage), last turn of hail

>Turn 6:
>Glalie (50%): Crunch (20% damage, no Sp. Def drop)
>Torkoal (10%): Flamethrower (25% damage)

>Turn 7:
>Glalie (25%): Crunch (20% damage, KO)

Okay screw this it’s Aggroning time.

>Turn 8: Level 67 Aggron (92 speed) vs. Level 50 Glalie (100 speed)
>Glalie (25%): Icy Wind (9% damage, Aggron slowed)
>Aggron (91%): Brick Break KO

>Turn 9: Level 68 Aggron (63 speed) vs. Level 52 Sealeo (67 speed)
>Sealeo: Attract, Aggron becomes infatuated
>Aggron (91%): Brick Break (90% damage)

>Turn 10:
>Sealeo (10%): Hail, will last for five turns
>Aggron (91%): Immobilized by love

>Turn 11:
>Sealeo (10%): Blizzard (18% damage, no freeze)
>Aggron (67%): Immobilized by love

>Turn 12:
>Sealeo (10%): Blizzard (18% damage, freeze! Lasts five turns)
>Aggron (43%): Frozen

>Turn 13:
>Sealeo (10%): Blizzard (18% damage)
>Aggron (19%): Frozen

>Turn 14:
>Sealeo (10%): Blizzard (18% damage, KO)

The hail ends. Stetson sends out Pelipper, who at least has Shock Wave.

>Turn 15: Level 57 Pelipper (96 speed) vs. Level 52 Sealeo (67 speed)
>Pelipper: Shock Wave KO

>Turn 16: Level 58 Pelipper (96 speed) vs. Level 52 Glalie (104 speed)
>Glalie: Ice Beam (38% damage, no freeze)
>Pelipper (62%): Surf (48% damage)

>Turn 17:
>Glalie (52%): Ice Beam (38% damage, no freeze)
>Pelipper (24%): Surf (48% damage)

>Turn 18:
>Glalie (4%): Ice Beam KO

Stetson’s running out of options, especially since Glacia will heal next turn. You and Sceptile are both weak to ice, you especially, but Stetson has no choice but to send out Sceptile.

>Turn 19: Level 59 Sceptile (164 speed) vs. Level 52 Glalie (104 speed)
>Glacia Full Restore on Glalie
>Sceptile: Leaf Blade (44% damage)

>Turn 20:
>Sceptile: Leaf Blade (44% damage)
>Glalie (12%): Explosion KO

You’re sent out against a familiar face, Glacia’s Walrein, but this mon is no formerly spherical friend. You look back at Stetson as the Walrein snorts impatiently.

A. Tell Stetson to use Deoxys
B. Play it out with Sand Attacks and almost definitely lose
No. 1066214 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1066215 ID: e13b1d

This is our moment, the moment is now. TAKE IT TO SAND TOWN.

Because it's the best move in the game baby.
No. 1066217 ID: b87bde

He's at #3 and most of his team is down so unless Deoxys can sweep 3 in a row, or he has lots of revives/heals, it'd be fruitless either way. Or the rules differ so that he can have nurses fix everybody up before going onwards. Still, he made the call to use you instead of Deoxys.
No. 1066226 ID: a7a180

Go out and sand to the extreme! If you survive the first hit, you can Dig to...
How do you dig in the Elite Four's arena? What will you find down there?
No. 1066235 ID: 273c18

I just realized that, before Stetson caught Deoxys, he had 5 out of 6 pokemon. Trying to fight the Elite Four without a full team, without using items, without overleveling, and without a decently optimized list of moves or a well thought out strategy... sigh. Kids these days.

B, if you faint he has to use Deoxys anyway.
No. 1066259 ID: 9ea24b
File 168720274346.png - (83.46KB , 500x500 , p46.png )

>Deoxys would have to solo the next two trainers
Stetson heals between fights, he’s only opposed to using items during battles.

>Glacia recognition avoidance check: Success
Glacia shows no sign of suspicion at your iconic pear shape and green hue. There must be enough other Flygon out there that the gym leaders and Elite Four haven’t put together that you’re patient zero for literacy.

>B, Sand Attack and pray
Dig is your best offensive move, which is a little sad.

>Turn 21: Level 56 Flygon (134 speed) vs. Level 53 Walrein (90 speed)
>Flygon: Sand Attack
>Walrein: Ice Beam (2/3 chance to hit, miss)

>Turn 22:
>Flygon: Sand Attack
>Walrein: Ice Beam (1/2 chance to hit, miss)

You decide to risk one more Sand Attack and then start Digging.

>Turn 23:
>Flygon: Sand Attack
>Walrein: Ice Beam (2/5 chance to hit, miss)

>Turn 25:
>Flygon: Dig hit (24% damage, notice turn 24 was skipped because nothing happens)
>Walrein: Ice Beam (2/5 chance to hit, KO)

You survive longer than you thought you would, but Walrein eventually lands an Ice Beam that takes you out in one shot. Stetson is hiding the Masterball in his bag, so he’s out of Pokemon after you faint.

Stetson’s bummed out after his loss. He isn’t allowed to challenge the Elite Four again until tomorrow, so you have the afternoon to unwind.

A. Get ice cream
B. Chat with Deoxys
C. Other (Train, practice moves, etc.)
No. 1066260 ID: a7a180

What was down there? Do they bring dirt in to burrow through?
B, make second contact with alien life. Think calm thoughts, in fact don't think at all.
No. 1066268 ID: 273c18

C: learn Earthquake.
No. 1066271 ID: 8f9bc4

did someone say ice cream??
No. 1066272 ID: 8f9bc4

Having ice cream with Deoxys would be a great way to break the ice.
No. 1066273 ID: 55bc40

A and B. Ice cream with Deoxys

Of course, dont take him out in the ice cream shop, just take the icecream, quickly fly somewhere private, and eat it there.
No. 1066275 ID: e13b1d

No. 1066375 ID: 9ea24b
File 168730905010.png - (133.39KB , 500x500 , p47.png )

>A/B, ice cream with Deoxys
You can’t really Fly and keep an ice cream cone intact, so Stetson lets everyone out of their balls near a small park in Evergrande while he orders. Stetson’s other mons give Deoxys a wide berth while the Legendary undulates, morphs into his default form, and takes in his surroundings.

>Empty your mind check: Success
You take your Neapolitan ice cream sandwich from Stetson and focus on the delicious treat without a single horny thought. Deoxys ignores you and you’re about to walk up to him when Stetson slumps onto a bench with his triple scoop waffle cone and beckons you closer.

You sit on the ground beside the bench as Stetson launches into his understandable rant about how he got super unlucky and how Drew beat the Elite Four first try because he’s a cheater who uses X items and Walrein is overpowered.

>Latios or Latias check: Latios
Stetson seems to have a lot to say. You sneak a glance toward Deoxys, who’s staring intently at the sky. Stetson’s back is to his Pokemon, and he doesn’t notice when a stiff breeze rustles the tops of the surrounding trees as a floating blue Pokemon descends to meet Deoxys.

Is Deoxys pals with the eon duo? What’s going on here?

A. Tell Stetson to turn around
B. Let him keep ranting
No. 1066378 ID: e51896

B. Let Deoxys have his space and private time with his new(?) friend, you comfort Stetson and his complaining. Maybe give him some advice that he can't win them all, and they'll try again next time.
No. 1066379 ID: a7a180

A: Stetson? Stetson. Be vewy vewy quiet.
No. 1066380 ID: e13b1d

B. Move in the way in case Latios decides to attack Stetson, lean on the back of the bench and let him keep ranting.

Think diplomatic thoughts and see if Latios contacts you with telepathy.
No. 1066381 ID: 273c18

A. It'll cheer him up. Just discourage trying to catch Latios, at this point he's lucky to have met three legendaries.
No. 1066382 ID: 8f9bc4

Lay head in Stetson lap.

Say "flygon."
No. 1066398 ID: e97e06

>lay in kid's lap
That feels a little weird, since Stetson knows that we used to be an adult human. I don't think acting cute like that would be a good idea, since it seems creepy with an adult putting his head on a child's lap.
No. 1066400 ID: 9ea24b
File 168739895296.png - (80.46KB , 500x500 , p48.png )

>Tie, kind of? Default to B
You stay put and keep a close eye on Latios and Deoxys while Stetson tires himself out. The two Legendaries don’t telepathically chat for long before Latios accelerates away with another gust of wind. Deoxys goes back to floating in place.

:pokekidfrown: I guess I’ll just try beating the Elite Four again tomorrow. Maybe if I switch out my Pokemon when they’re confused or infatuated I’ll do better.

Thanks to your good listening, Stetson has learned the power of strategic switching! He’ll battle smarter from now on.

>Night at the Evergrande hotel
The hotel staff politely ask Stetson not to let his Pokemon sleep on the beds like last time, and you’re exiled to the patch of lawn below Stetson’s second floor room. Pelipper still isn’t particularly fond of you and goes further away to roost while Torkoal, Aggron, and Sceptile curl up by your side.

You have a bad feeling that Latios will return, which makes it hard to sleep. Sure enough, you let your eyes fall closed for a second, and when you open them, Latios is above you, telekinetically fiddling with Stetson’s window.

Latios is definitely here for Deoxys, whose ball is in Stetson’s bag. Latios is Level 100 and for this fight has DOUBLE health and deals DOUBLE damage. His moves have been added to the wiki. Torkoal, Aggron, and Sceptile will fight alongside you.

Stetson’s wish is complete and will stay complete no matter what happens.

A. Fight (suggest strategy)
B. Talk
No. 1066401 ID: e13b1d

B. He's just doing what the Friendlies do, letting him free Deoxys wouldn't be horrible as long as Stetson's safety is guaranteed. Stetson could even be convinced to find a sixth team member he can actually use without getting arrested.
Tell Latios we were under the impression Deoxys was violent and dangerous, but if he isn't we owe him an apology. And also it was kind of selfishness because of a wish thing.
No. 1066402 ID: 2c1245

B. Talk

Talk to the legend! Maybe ask if they want to do a biography with us. As someone who can both write and understand pokemon, we could write books! maybe a book on how people should leave em alone, or what they're favorite types of food are.
No. 1066404 ID: e13b1d

That's an interesting idea. If people have the wrong idea about Deoxys, we could write things out to communicate his side of the story.
No. 1066406 ID: e9e691

Let Latios know that you saw him and Deoxys talk with each other, but you left the two alone and didnt let your trainer know out of respect,
No. 1066409 ID: 8f9bc4

Argue that Deoxys was putting people in danger, and wouldn't even talk to pokemon who had the most innocent pure unsullied thoughts in their head. There was no other option!

...we're so boned
No. 1066410 ID: 273c18

Latios has ice beam. He'll oneshot you and Sceptile with that even without double damage. Surf oneshots Aggron and Torkoal even with Sunny Day active. So we have three turns to deal 200% damage, because Latios is fast as fuck.
Torkoal can do like 8% per turn. Aggron 24%, Flygon 12.5%, Sceptile 8% directly but Toxic would wind up doing 8,16,24 so 16 on average. Impossible even if nobody died for three turns, or more realistically Aggron survives until the last turn, so we'd have to rely on Sand Attack and also Latios not killing Flygon first. I don't like our odds!

B: Just be like "hey we can't stop you, but could you let me talk to Deoxys about this first? Deoxys will be treated with respect, and I want the kid to at least be able to have a conversation with him before his release. Also he'd probably like to meet you; that would make up for having to release Deoxys."
No. 1066462 ID: 273c18

Oh, Badly Poisoned is 6.25% base damage, not 8%.
No. 1066468 ID: a9af05


Ask Latios to please not do that. Stetson said he'd release all his Pokémon when he beats the Pokémon League, so Deoxys will be fine. Also, Stetson isn't mistreating Deoxys, so Latios doesn't need to worry about Deoxys being in trouble or anything.
No. 1066473 ID: 9ea24b
File 168748547539.png - (88.39KB , 500x500 , p49.png )

>B, make pleasant conversation
You’re no match for Latios, even with your friends helping. You quietly get to your feet and flap your wings to join the blue dragon in the air.

:pokeflyface: Hi there, are you rescuing your friend?

:pokelatioface: Shhh!

:pokeflyface: Ohhhh we’re doing the telepathy thing. Hi, I’m Flygon. I thought Deoxys was dangerous, is releasing him a good idea?

:pokelatioface: He can be a jerk, but we have a deal to help each other if we’re caught. Don’t try to stop me.

:pokeflyshock: Of course not, I’m all for Pokemon being happy. He does want to be freed, right?

:pokelatioface: That’s why he summoned me earlier, I know you saw us. Stop thinking at me.

Latios finally gets the window open and pokes his head inside to scan the dark room.

>Stetson wake up check: Failure
The kid doesn’t stir as Latios telekinetically opens his bag and rifles around until he finds the Masterball containing Deoxys. Latios carefully extracts himself from the window and soars away without comment to hopefully release Deoxys far away from any humans. You settle yourself back on the ground and go to sleep.

>The next morning…
>Stetson maturity check (2/3 chance success): Success
You tell Stetson what happened over breakfast. He takes the news of the theft very well, which you credit to you and your parents’ benevolent teachings.

:pokekiddismiss: I wasn't even using Deoxys, and this way I won’t get in trouble for taking that Masterball. Sucks I won’t be able to show my dad but he’s seen lots of Legendaries before anyway. Let’s beat the Elite Four today so we can go back to doing fun stuff like camping!

Would you like Stetson to use you for the Elite Four and Champion fight?
A. Yes, if he needs to
B. No
No. 1066474 ID: 273c18

No. 1066476 ID: e13b1d

No. 1066479 ID: e51896

I wonder if phoebe will be distracted by troubling thoughts over gengar if gengar did the thing while we battled her yesterday
No. 1066484 ID: a7a180

Kinda makes you worry what would happen if Stetson caught Latios and Deoxys came to help instead...
No. 1066490 ID: 8f9bc4

Well that wasn't fair. Oh well, A.

You won't be sent out either way, Stetson saw how easily you got creamed trying to spam sand attack. (which totally should have worked dammit!)
No. 1066495 ID: 36784c

Wow, he took that surprisingly well!

>sucks I can't show my dad
He may not be able to show the Pokémon, but he can at least show his dad the Pokédex entry, right? Deoxys' info should've been added when it was caught, so Stetson at least has something to show his dad.


There's no reason to handicap Stetson by asking him not to use us.
No. 1066497 ID: 273c18

Suggest he get a sixth pokemon. Something fast so it can do *something* before getting destroyed due to being low level since he won't be able to train it.
No. 1066499 ID: c42154

B. Tell him he needs to find a Pokémon in place of Deoxys that handles ice types better than you can. Victory Road always has rock types, right? Or at least Hariyama.
No. 1066504 ID: 9ea24b
File 168757044656.png - (148.52KB , 500x500 , p50.png )

>That encounter wasn’t fair, Latios was too strong
If you had chosen to fight you would have woken up Stetson, who would have helped battle Latios with Deoxys, but it wasn’t made obvious that that would happen.

>Recommend Stetson get a 6th Pokemon that’s good against Ice/Water types
If he loses again, he’ll do this. Since Stetson no longer needs to have his badges out, you’ll have more agency for choices again.

>A, run it back
>Sidney fight, Stetson leads Aggron

>Turn 1: Level 68 Torkoal (94 speed) vs. Level 46 Mightyena (83 speed)
>Aggron: Brick Break KO

Aggron gains one Level and Sidney sends out Crawdaunt.

>Turn 2: Level 69 Aggron (95 speed) vs. Level 48 Crawdaunt (72 speed)
>Aggron: Brick Break KO

>Turn 3: Level 70 Aggron (96 speed) vs. Level 48 Shiftry (96 speed)
>Speed tie check: Aggron goes first
>Aggron: Brick Break KO

Cacturne and Absol are slower than Aggron and get OHKOed by Brick Break, so that’s another clean sweep by the large metal lad, putting him at Level 73 at the end of the fight.

>Phoebe fight, Aggron lead

>Turn 1: Level 73 Aggron (100 speed) vs. Level 48 Dusclops (43 speed)
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, KO)

>Turn 2: Level 74 Aggron (101 speed) vs. Level 49 Banette (83 speed)
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, KO)

>Turn 3: Level 75 Aggron (103 speed) vs. Level 50 Sableye (70 speed)
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, miss)
>Sableye: Double Team for 33% evasion boost

>Turn 4:
>Aggron: Iron Tail (50% accurate, hit, KO)

Phew, that could have gotten bad if Sableye kept using Double Team.

>Turn 5: Level 76 Aggron (104 speed) vs. Level 49 Banette (83 speed)
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, KO)

>Turn 6: Level 77 Aggron (105 speed) vs. Level 51 Dusclops (46 speed)
>Aggron (80%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, 99% damage)
>Dusclops (1%): Earthquake (25% damage)

>Turn 7:
>Phoebe heals
>Aggron (75%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, miss)

>Turn 8:
>Aggron (75%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, 99% damage)
>Dusclops (1%): Earthquake (25% damage)

>Turn 9:
>Phoebe uses her last Full Restore
>Aggron (75%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, 99% damage)

>Turn 10:
>Aggron (75%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, KO)

Stetson has learned an important lesson about obliterating everything with one overleveled Pokemon.

>Glacia fight, Aggron lead

>Turn 1: Level 78 Aggron (107 speed) vs. Level 50 Sealeo (65 speed)
>Aggron: Brick Break OHKO

>Turn 2: Level 79 Aggron (108 speed) vs. Level 50 Glalie (100 speed)
>Aggron: Brick Break OHKO

>Turn 3: Level 80 Aggron (109 speed) vs. Level 52 Sealeo (67 speed)
>Aggron: Brick Break OHKO

>Turn 4: Level 81 Aggron (111 speed) vs. Level 52 Glalie (104 speed)
>Aggron: Brick Break OHKO

>Turn 5: Level 82 Aggron (112 speed) vs. Level 53 Walrein (90 speed)
>Aggron: Brick Break (88%)
>Walrein (12%): Surf (50%)

Healing won’t do Glacia any good since Brick Break is 100% accurate, so Aggron continues to grow in power.

>Drake fight, Aggron lead

>Turn 1: Level 83 Aggron (113 speed) vs. Level 52 Shelgon (73 speed)
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, miss)
>Shelgon: Rock Tomb (80% accurate, miss)

>Turn 2:
>Aggron: Iron Tail (75% accurate, miss)
>Shelgon: Rock Tomb (80% accurate, hit, 2%, Aggron is slowed)

>Turn 3:
>Shelgon: Dragon Claw (7%)
>Aggron (91%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, miss)

>Turn 4:
>Shelgon: Dragon Claw (7%)
>Aggron (84%): Iron Tail (75% accurate, hit, KO)

>Turn 5: Level 84 Aggron (115 x 2/3 speed) vs. Level 53 Kingdra (111 speed)
>Kingdra: Smokescreen
>Aggron (84%): Brick Break (66% accurate, miss)

>Turn 6:
>Stetson swaps into Pelipper
>Kingdra: Dragon Dance

>Turn 7:
>Stetson swaps Aggron back in
>Kingdra: Body Slam (2%, no paralysis)

>Turn 8:
>Kingdra: Surf (49%)
>Aggron (35%): Brick Break (55%)

>Turn 9:
>Kingdra (45%): Surf KO

Uh oh, without Aggron, Stetson’s going to have trouble with the rest of Drake’s team.

>Turn 10: Level 56 Flygon (134 speed) vs. Level 53 Kingdra (111 speed x 1.5)

>Drake recognition avoidance check: Success
Drake, being familiar with Flygons, doesn’t see anything suspicious about you when you’re sent out to defeat Kingdra.

>Kingdra (45%): Body Slam (24% x 1.5 = 36%, no paralysis)
>Flygon (64%): Dragon Breath KO

You gain two Levels, which feels very nice. It’s been a while since you’ve had a successful battle.

>Turn 11: Level 58 Flygon (138 speed) vs. Level 54 Altaria (108 speed)
>Flygon (64%): Dragon Breath (46%, no paralysis)
>Altaria (54%): Dragon Breath (38%, no paralysis)

>Turn 12:
>Flygon (64%): Dragon Breath (46%, no paralysis)
>Altaria (8%): Dragon Breath (38%, Flygon is now paralyzed!)

>Turn 13:
>Drake heals Altaria
>Flygon (26%): Dragon Breath (46%, no paralysis)

>Turn 14:
>Altaria (54%): Dragon Breath (38%, KO)

It really sucks that Stetson doesn’t have any Pokemon with Ice moves, since it’s hard to deal good damage to Dragon types otherwise. Torkoal, Sceptile, and Pelipper can only do about 20-30% damage to Altaria with their strongest moves and with another Full Restore waiting in the back it’s not looking good.

>Turn 15: Level 58 Torkoal (46 speed) vs. Level 54 Altaria (108 speed)
>Altaria (54%): Dragon Breath (22%, no paralysis)
>Torkoal (78%): Body Slam (26%, no paralysis)

>Turn 16:
>Altaria (28%): Dragon Breath (22%, no paralysis)
>Torkoal (56%): Body Slam (25%, Altaria is now paralyzed but is still faster because Torkoal is just that slow)

>Turn 17:
>Altaria (3%): Fully paralyzed
>Torkoal (56%): Body Slam KO

Torkoal gains two Levels.

>Turn 18: Level 60 Torkoal (47 speed) vs. Level 53 Flygon (127 speed)
>Flygon: Earthquake (51%)
>Torkoal (5%): Body Slam (30%, Flygon is paralyzed and is also still faster)

>Turn 19:
>Flygon (70%): Fully paralyzed
>Torkoal (5%): Body Slam (30%)

>Turn 20:
>Flygon (40%): Earthquake KO

>Turn 21: Level 59 Sceptile (164 speed) vs. Level 53 Flygon (127 x 1/2 speed)
>Sceptile: Leaf Blade KO

Sceptile gains two Levels.

>Turn 22: Level 61 Sceptile (170 speed) vs. Level 55 Salamence (132 speed)
>Sceptile: Strength (25%)
>Salamence (75%): Flamethrower (56%, no burn)
>Turn 23:
>Sceptile (44%): Strength (25%)
>Salamence (50%): Flamethrower (56%, KO)

Stetson sends out his last Pokemon, Pelipper.

>Turn 24: Level 58 Pelipper (98 speed) vs. Level 55 Salamence (132 speed)
>Salamence (50%): Rock Slide (90% accurate, hit, no flinch, 55% damage)
>Pelipper (45%): Surf (20%)

>Turn 25:
>Salamence (30%): Rock Slide (90% accurate, hit, KO)

Stetson lost again! For future Elite Four challenges, Stetson will easily defeat the first three members so there won’t be a need to redo all the battle calculations. Levels will be added for the defeated foes.

What should Stetson do this afternoon? He’s pretty upset right now.
No. 1066505 ID: 72a79a

Go to the Mauville Game Corner and gamble play some fun games to help make Stetson happy.
No. 1066519 ID: a7a180

Hang out in our secret base and play video games.
No. 1066520 ID: aa9f80

introduce stetson to your wife
No. 1066523 ID: 273c18

Remember when Sceptile learned Detect so he could stall with Toxic? I think that would've worked against the Salamence to win.
No. 1066524 ID: e13b1d

Yeah! Sceptile has thumbs or thumby fingers so he could learn to play too.

Discuss with Stetson what kind of team member he thinks would be good for the last spot.
No. 1066532 ID: 196206

Also, cheer Stetson up by reminding him he's running with limiters on. It might take a few tries, hut winning with no items is great bragging rights!
No. 1066568 ID: 9ea24b
File 168772502641.png - (121.42KB , 500x500 , p51.png )

>Would Toxic stall by Sceptile have worked against Salamence?
No, Drake still had another Full Restore and Sceptile would be taken out by Flamethrower too quickly.

>Play video games at Stetson’s secret base
The best remedy for work related blues is to stay inside and play single player video games. You coax Stetson over to the cliffs where Pelipper hollowed out a whole ass wall of rock with a glance two weeks ago, and get him to sit on a cushion with some junk food and a soda. Everyone steals fries while Stetson shows Sceptile how to play Tetris on his PokeNav.

>Who’s teammate #6 going to be?
Stetson wants an Ice type, so either a Spheal or a Snorunt from north of Mossdeep. He’ll wait until you’re with him to go catch the Pokemon. By the end of the day, Stetson is feeling more optimistic.

What would you like to do tomorrow morning on your day off? Gengar has returned Lanette to freedom by now.
No. 1066569 ID: a7a180

See how it went with Lanette. Ask to see Porygon, too.
No. 1066577 ID: e13b1d

I wonder if Walrein knows any Spheals who might be interested in joining a human.

Let's go to the Friendlies, lots of people we need to catch up on. Gengar, Porygon, Houndoom, Absol, Walrein... Just be mindful of getting tailed.
No. 1066673 ID: 8ecfd6

or getting tail
No. 1066739 ID: 4235e0

I wanna train and get stronger! We can bribe pokemon with snacks and healing stuff to let us wail on em until we max out.
No. 1066740 ID: 5d9998

Go to the Friendlies base and see if Gengar's plan has worked.

Walrein is no longer at the Friendlies base.

Stetson wouldn't like that. He enjoys a challenge, so he purposely doesn’t grind until everyone is at level 70 or higher because he'd easily sweep the Elite Four and the Champion. It's also why he didn't use the level 100 Deoxys when he still had it.
No. 1066747 ID: e13b1d

>Walrein is no longer at the Friendlies base.
Salamence, however, is. And he probably knows how to contact her.
No. 1066778 ID: 74d290

Doubtful, i believe we fought her in the elite four.
No. 1066780 ID: 72bc96

>Walrein was in the Elite Four
That was a completely different Walrein. I can't believe you think all Walrein look the same! That's so rude!
No. 1066792 ID: 9ea24b
File 168800481351.png - (132.31KB , 500x500 , p52.png )

>Get an update from Gengar
If possible, you’d also like to check in with Porygon and talk to Salamence about Walrein, the one who’s his former mentee and protecting the Spheal near Shoal Cave.

>Be aware that you might be followed
Since no one in the Elite Four has recognized you yet, there’s no danger of that. You Fly from Lilycove, where Stetson stayed at your parents’ place for the night, toward Mauville.

>Porygon present check: Failure
>Salamence present check: Success
You spot the dragon at the Friendlies Base, but there’s still no sign of your digital friend. Gengar is lying face down in the battle arena below a sickly violet haze. Everyone is giving her a wide berth and you decide to talk to Salamence first.

:pokeflyface: Hey Salamence, how’s it been going?

:pokesalsmile: Flygon, good to see you. I’ve been busy with rescue missions, though I’m less stressed now that Walrein is helping in the east.

:pokeflyshock: Speaking of Walrein, the trainer I’m working with wants to catch an Ice type Pokemon. Can I talk to Walrein to see if there’s anyone she knows who would be interested in volunteering? I can promise they’ll be treated well and not kept in the PC.

:pokesalface: You’ll have to ask her yourself. It should be safe to take your trainer to Shoal Cave as long as he doesn’t attack the local Pokemon.

:pokeflylove: Thanks, also things are going well with Houndoom, I think I’m making progress towards a breakthrough.

:pokesalblush: O-oh! That’s good to hear.

You turn your attention to Gengar and start walking into the icy cold vapor until you’re standing next to her mostly submerged form.

:pokeflyface: How was talking to Lanette?


:pokeflypanik: That bad?

:pokegenmad: Lanette said there’s nothing wrong with the PC system and Porygon agrees with her. Whatever happened to me was a glitch that’s been fixed. None of the current Pokemon being stored are awake.
No. 1066797 ID: a7a180

That undoubtedly includes many Gengar. So... could there be something special about you? Did you know a Gardevoir in a past life, maybe? -Nah, that guy got isekai'd.
Or could there have been a problem with that PC in particular? Can you remember more details about when you were deposited, and how you escaped?
There there Gengar, you did what you felt best under the circumstances.
Wait, what about other Porygon? Surely there's more in the PC system.
No. 1066812 ID: 8f9bc4


...oof. Thought Gengar's ghost friends were helping because they got trapped awake in the PC, too. Didn't know Gengar was the only one. Does she... want a hug?
No. 1066813 ID: e5709d

"Well, it still happened to you. Which means it's a glitch that exists. So... tone it down, but keep investigating? For all we know some asshole might have turned your consciousness on."

And offer sex of course.
No. 1066815 ID: 273c18

Ah. So, no motivation for Lanette to change how pokemon are stored.
Ask Gengar what she's going to do now. Does she still want to campaign for more ethical use of the PC system?
No. 1066817 ID: 19ea25

Give Gengar a gentle pat on the back. They need to brood and some comfort might be good at least.
No. 1066818 ID: c8ca0c

Hmm. Perhaps some checks could still be added? If a pokemon DOES wake up, they can hit a virtual button or something. Like the bells people added to coffins once they realized they were occasionally burying people too early.
No. 1066819 ID: b4427b

Yeah no fuck this. Burn the PC down.
No. 1066821 ID: 196206

What does she want to do now? Focus on being there for her.

We can let her know once she's cooled down a bit that we have an update on Houndoom, and want to meet with the three Friendlies together.
No. 1066824 ID: 67061a

Hate to have to ask this, but are you mad that nothing's going to change, or that you were apparently a victim by happenstance? (Which would mean her life's purpose was for a cause that never had the sort of justification she expected)
No. 1066825 ID: f99f83


This. Just talk to her, and let her take the lead on where to go from here.
No. 1066826 ID: e51896

I wonder if she feels a bit devestated that she might have left her trainer for nothing because of that glitch. Poor girl. Well, even if she was in stasis, she still was kept in the box for months by her trainer, so...

It's probably best to remind her that despite everything, she still has a lot of friends that will support her, and there are still bad trainers among good trainers who mistreated and abandoned their pokemon out there, and those pokemon will still need her help dealing with that trauma. and even if this venture she went through turned out to lead to a big misunderstanding, she still got some closure after going through with this. And with the knowledge she knows now, she can move on to the next chapter in her life.

Whatever venture she wants to pursue next, like continue helping pokemon, or maybe find her original trainer to reunite with, or help out with Houndoom's depression, or whatever other hobby she wants to pursue, you and the other pokemon will still support her.
No. 1066838 ID: 9ea24b
File 168807702089.png - (122.94KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

:pokeflysad: That really sucks, do you want a hug?

:pokegenneut: No.

:pokeflypanik: What’s your plan now? I’m sure your friends will support you whatever you decide to do. There are still plenty of Pokemon that need to be rescued.


:pokeflypanik: A-and there are still lots of improvements that can be made to the PC to prevent something like this from happening again! Did Lanette show any signs of wanting to make changes?

:pokegenmad: Of course not. My grudge was all for nothing, I need a while until I feel better about this.

:pokeflysad: Okay, I’ll be around if you need anything.

You want to support Gengar since she’s clearly upset that her life’s mission has lost its justification, but you’re also a tiny bit skeptical. Maybe Gengar’s the only mon she knows who experienced this, but there could be others. You still think the PC system is unethical even without random glitches, and since you haven’t been able to talk to Porygon and weren’t there when Lanette was being questioned, you bet there’s more to the story.

You even remember reading about PC glitches when you were surfing the web, so there must also be some humans who know about it.

Gengar has lost her drive and it’s up to you to further investigate the storage system. What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Talk to a Pokemon
B. Talk to a human who might know something about the glitch (Brendan, Drew, Lanette, Tracy)
C. Train and try to learn Earthquake
No. 1066840 ID: 273c18

Let's not do B today. We need to wait a couple days, or at least until the lanette kidnapping/Gengar PC glitch thing is on the news and well known enough that it's not suspicious you know about it.

I'm thinking C.
No. 1066844 ID: e13b1d

A. A meeting between the Friendlies to establish better communication will need to wait until Gengar cools down, and Porygon is away, so spend the day with Absol and see what sort of lewd things he's into.
No. 1066846 ID: e51896

C. It's one of the things on our to do list, and we've been holding off on that. lets do it!
No. 1066851 ID: a7a180

B, Tracy.
No. 1066860 ID: 19ea25

C: We need better moves!
No. 1066887 ID: 9ea24b
File 168817613199.png - (152.74KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

>C, learn a good move, dangit!
Your current moveset is in dire need of something new and competitively viable. Since you’re not with Stetson and his other Pokemon, you can focus completely, giving you a guaranteed chance to learn Earthquake.

You travel to Mt. Chimney to channel the raw Ground type power of the great Groudon, who slumbers inside the volcano. The rich soil glitters with small pieces of obsidian, and you concentrate on the feeling of the cool dirt beneath your feet.

You are a strong and mighty Pokemon! If you want the ground to move, you’ll will it to move with your innate superpowers.

The pebbles start jittering and a small crack appears at the spot you’re staring at. You stare harder and the crack widens into a proper crevice. The earth gives a mighty rumble and you beat your wings in triumph at your newfound power.

Which move would you like to replace with Earthquake? You currently know Dig, Fly, Sand Attack, and Dragon Breath. If you forget Dig or Fly you can still dig or fly.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Stetson during the Shoal Cave exploration? Any preference for a Spheal or a Snorunt to join the team?
No. 1066889 ID: d34dea

>Is there anything you’d like to say to Stetson during the Shoal Cave exploration?

Show him your earthquake
"Hey! Check out how hard i can earthquake!" *uses earthquake*

Also, i think we can work on making a shell bell here, we just need to collect some shoal salts, and shoal shells. We can pick some up during our search for an ice pokemon
No. 1066890 ID: a7a180

Well, Dig and Fly are pretty similar, so... Dig!
I'm leaning Snorunt.
Make sure Stetson packs a warm sweater for ice cave diving!
No. 1066901 ID: e13b1d

Replace Dig, no use having two physical ground moves.
>New team member
Spheal. Tell Stetson we have a friend in the cave we can ask if anybody wants to join.
No. 1066902 ID: 02e7e9

Female snorunt, he already has water, a bulkyish water at that, and he only has two fast pokemon to three chonky lads. Froslass is the way to go
No. 1066905 ID: 273c18

Froslass does not exist in gen 3.
No. 1066907 ID: 273c18

Replace Dig.

>spheal or snorunt?
Well, assuming Stetson is going to grind its level up, they're both viable. Walrein has Ice Ball and Glalie has Ice Beam... Ice Beam will oneshot the Shelgon before it uses rock tomb, but level 50 Glalie has 100 speed which is slower than the other enemies. Level 54 is when Glalie matches Altaria's speed, but I think Stetson won't grind it that high.

Anyway, we can't truly sweep with whichever one we pick. Kingdra doesn't take extra damage from Ice, it is only vulnerable to Dragon. Walrein could use Encore against Kingdra to force it to Dragon Dance a lot?

...oh, I see the actual mistake Stetson made. He swapped out Aggron when he got too many debuffs, but he put in Pelipper and then swapped Aggron back in instantly despite Kingdra having Surf. Should've swapped to Flygon there instead, as Dragon Breath would do 48% damage, resulting in Aggron being able to kill it with a Brick Break. ...well, Kingdra's Surf would three shot Flygon, which means we'd get two Dragon Breath hits, and if there was no paralyze that would bait out a Full Restore in addition to allowing Aggron to finish it off with a Brick Break after the Kingdra takes out Flygon. So yeah, we'd have had a half health Aggron and a dead Flygon but we'd be past Kingdra... Aggron would've been able to go much further.

anyway... I'm gonna go with Snorunt->Glalie. Hail, Protect, Ice Beam, Crunch. Stetson doesn't have any super-effective moves against Psychic types, this covers that.
Walrein is good too though, we'd just have to teach it Ice Beam to replace Aurora Beam. Walrein could get Rest, which works well with a sleep cure berry.
No. 1066938 ID: a14d59

yall are forgetting
go for spheal
No. 1066945 ID: 9ea24b
File 168826663811.png - (148.90KB , 500x500 , p55.png )

>Replace Dig with Earthquake
Your moveset has been updated.

>Show Stetson your cool new abilities
Stetson is very impressed by your geokinesis, which you demonstrate on your parents’ front lawn, tearing up big chunks of sod.

>Shoal Cave
Stetson puts on a puffy jacket and you tell him about your friend Walrein and how he needs to be on his best behavior while interacting with the wild Pokemon. The ocean grows dark and choppy as you follow Pelipper north, until an icy island becomes visible on the horizon.

>Shell Bell via collecting salt and shells check: Failure
Stetson does a little looting, his favorite activity, but there simply aren’t enough piles of dried salt and discarded Clamperl shells lying around. If he comes back another time he’ll find enough materials to make up the difference, but for now Stetson won’t get a Shell Bell.

You ask the Pokemon who peek out to look at you where Walrein is, and they hurry to fetch your blue friend who comes galumphing into the cavern where Stetson is half-heartedly picking through piles of rocks in search of shells.

You give Walrein all the news about what’s going on with the Friendlies and how you talked to Jirachi and Latios. She tells you about protecting the Spheal and how she’s a pro at beaming boats and teaming up with the cave residents to stomp any Pokemon the poachers try to use.

>Snorunt, since Stetson already has a Water type in Pelipper and Glalie will be decently fast
>Snorunt set gender: Female
After you catch up, you introduce Stetson, premier good boy, to Walrein and ask her if she knows any Snorunt who would be willing to become one of Stetson’s Pokemon. One of the watching Snorunt totters up immediately and volunteers herself, claiming she wants to see the wider world.

>Snorunt Level check (26, 28, or 30): 30
Snorunt’s information has been added to the wiki. Snorunt evolves at Level 42 and learns Ice Beam at Level 34.

What are your recommendations to Stetson on how to train Snorunt this afternoon?
No. 1066949 ID: e51896

EXP share does wonders.

that, or what he can do is take Snowrunt to an area with very strong pokemon, put snowrunt first in the party, and when the battle starts, send out snowrunt, then switch her out with a stronger pokemon before the wild pokemone, or trainer attacks. She should be able to get exp to level up quicker that way.

In fact, I remember Stetson turned down some fights from trainers. Perhaps he can go back to them and help Snowrunt level up with that tactic against the trainers he'll fight.
No. 1066950 ID: 273c18

>You ask the Pokemon who peek out to look at you where Walrein is
How did they know which Walrein? Is there only one here?

>how to train
Well we could delay evolution by one level to get Blizzard, but it's very inaccurate... I'm going to stick with Ice Beam, Protect, Hail, Crunch. Well, maybe Double Team instead of Protect? Maybe Hail is a waste... oh! Icy Wind is a guaranteed speed debuff. That will be useful against Kingdra; Glalie can eat the smokescreen and retaliate with icy wind, then we send Flygon out for the dragon dance, and Flygon will outspeed Kingdra since dragon dance's speed buff gets cancelled out.
So: Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Crunch, and either Double Team or Protect.

...ah, we could've used Walrein, and had it train to learn Roar, which would eliminate Kingdra as a problem... oh well.
No. 1066951 ID: e13b1d

Seconding this moveset.

Introduce ourselves to Snorunt.
No. 1066956 ID: 273c18

Oh hey Icy Wind is useful against anything we can't oneshot with Ice Beam too; it's like a free hit if we outspeed the enemy after the speed debuff. Though, Stetson can't be reasonably expected to know if ice beam will oneshot or not...?
No. 1066960 ID: a7a180

She wants to see the world, so... Go the desert and battle some ground types?
No. 1066968 ID: e13b1d

Oh yeah. Let's take her camping at scenic places while we train!
No. 1066982 ID: 9ea24b
File 168834834218.png - (129.28KB , 500x500 , p56.png )

The fastest way to Level up Snorunt would be to hand her an Exp. Share and go rough up the trainers near Victory Road, but you’d rather she have a more active role in her training. You carry Snorunt, who’s surprisingly heavy, over the sea as you Fly with Pelipper towards the desert right next to Stetson’s secret base. You point out Lilycove and Fortree, the lush forests and sandy beaches. Snorunt is wide-eyed and asks lots of questions.

>Introduce yourself to Snorunt
You also take the time during the flight to talk to Snorunt about your origins as a human, basically bringing her up to speed with the rest of Stetson’s Pokemon.

:pokeflyface: And that’s why being a Pokemon is great and how I met four Legendary Pokemon and only two wanted me dead.

:pokeruntface: Wow, that’s even crazier than what I imagined life as a trainer’s Pokemon to be like. I hope there’s still adventures left for me.

:pokeflyface: The summer’s still young! There’s plenty of time for Stetson to do something incredibly stupid.

You’ve never actually been to the desert, and you watch curiously as Stetson pulls out a pair of goggles to protect his eyes from the whipping sand. The sandstorm doesn’t bother you one bit and you enjoy the feeling of soft dunes under your feet.

Snorunt is much less enthusiastic about the harsh wind and constant chip damage from the weather, but she still follows Stetson’s commands as he challenges various campers, hikers, and paleontologists. You have to stay in your ball, which is sad. You wanted to meet the local Trapinch.

>Training success (Low, Medium, High) x 1.5 since Snorunt is at a lower Level: Low x 1.5
Snorunt gains six Levels and learns Ice Beam to replace Headbutt. She still needs more training, but she’s already friends with you, which is a huge plus.

The crew stays the night in the secret base. Sceptile, Aggron, Torkoal, and Pelipper all take to Snorunt immediately.

What would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. More basic training
B. Challenge the Elite Four again
C. Other
No. 1066983 ID: e51896

more training for snorunt
No. 1066984 ID: a7a180

You can come back in your off time to say hello.
C: Return to make matching Shell Bell bracelets.
No. 1067002 ID: 7f6520

A. Too early to drag her to the E4 yet.
No. 1067008 ID: 8f9bc4

Flygon only just now realized that his eyes are actually goggles...
No. 1067089 ID: 9ea24b
File 168850162607.png - (118.24KB , 500x500 , p57.png )

>You have built-in goggles
That’s pretty neat!

>A, keep it simple
For a change of scenery, Stetson takes Snorunt to the dense forests and tall grasses around Fortree, and so she can beat up the Grass and Flying types the trainers there like to use.

>Training success (Low, Medium, High) x 1.5 since Snorunt is at a lower Level: Medium
Snorunt gains nine Levels, which means she evolves into an ominous floating head. You get chilly just standing next to her! Glalie does not learn Blizzard, which is too inaccurate for Stetson’s taste.

At Level 45, Glalie is still a bit underleveled, but Stetson can give her an Exp. Share for the first three Elite Four members to bring her up to Level 55 (his other Pokemon won’t gain any Levels).

What is your recommended strategy against Drake and Wallace? Do you want Stetson to use you in the Elite Four (only relevant for Drake and Wallace)?
A. Yes, if he needs to
B. No
No. 1067090 ID: 273c18

No. 1067091 ID: 196206


Now that you are a mature and confident Flygon, smoothly compliment Glalie on her spherical figure. She is very spooky and cute.
No. 1067149 ID: 34713f


Compliment Glalie, while privately lamenting the strange feeling that she'd be infinitely more competitively viable if she had been born just a generation later.

(Caresses a photo of Snow Cloak Froslass with Hail, Ominous Wind, Ice Beam, and Shadow Ball: "What could have been...")
No. 1067164 ID: 9ea24b
File 168860976510.png - (123.30KB , 500x500 , p58.png )

>Smoothly compliment Glalie
You praise Glalie’s robust spherical figure and spooky look. She smiles at the glowing words and breathes a mouthful of freezing air on you in thanks. Gah!

>Caress a photo of Froslass
Hey, Glalie gets Moody as a hidden ability, I’ve played enough Pokemon Showdown to know that shit’s broken.

>Elite Four: Start with Drake and lead Flygon
>Drake recognition avoidance check: Failure
You notice Drake seems shaken under his big mustache at the sight of you. Uh oh, your good luck has finally run out. No time to dwell on potential consequences, you have a battle to win!

>Turn 1: Level 58 Flygon (138 speed) vs. Level 52 Shelgon (73 speed)
>Flygon: Dragon Breath (93%, no paralysis)
>Shelgon (7%): Rock Tomb (80% accurate, hit, 6%, Flygon’s speed goes to 92)

>Turn 2:
>Flygon: Dragon Breath KO

You gain two Levels.

>Turn 3: Level 60 Flygon (143 x 2/3 = 95 speed) vs. Level 54 Altaria (108 speed)
>Altaria: Dragon Breath (36%, no paralysis)
>Flygon (64%): Dragon Breath (49%, no paralysis)

This isn’t terrible, you should be able to squeeze out one of Drake’s Full Restores and get a good switch into Glalie.

>Turn 4:
>Altaria (51%): Dragon Breath (36%, Flygon has become Paralyzed!)
>Flygon (28%): No full paralysis, Dragon Breath (49%, Altaria is paralyzed)

>Turn 5:
>Drake uses a Full Restore
>Flygon (28%): No full paralysis, Dragon Breath (49%, no paralysis)

>Turn 6:
>Altaria (51%): Dragon Breath KO

>Turn 7: Level 55 Glalie (110 speed) vs. Level 54 Altaria (108 speed)
>Glalie: Ice Beam KO

Glalie gains two more Levels.

>Turn 8: Level 57 Glalie (113 speed) vs. Level 53 Kingdra (111 speed)
>Glalie: Icy Wind in case a switch is needed after a Smokescreen (Hit, 23% damage, Kingdra is slowed)
Kingdra (77%): Smokescreen

>Turn 9:
>Stetson swaps in Sceptile (170 speed)
>Kingdra (77%): Dragon Dance, Kingdra is back to normal speed

>Turn 10:
>Sceptile: Leaf Blade (41% damage)
>Kingdra (36%): Dragon Dance again

>Turn 11:

>Drake uses his last Full Restore
>Sceptile: Leaf Blade (41% damage)

Drake is going all in on Kingdra, with the hopes that he can Body Slam his way through Sceptile.

>Turn 12:
>Kingdra (59%): Body Slam at x2 attack (50% damage, no paralysis)
>Sceptile (50%): Leaf Blade (41% damage)

>Turn 13:
>Kingdra (18%): Body Slam KO

Stetson sends in Pelipper to finish off Kingdra.

>Turn 15: Level 58 Pelipper (98 speed) vs. Level 53 Kingdra (111 speed x 1.5)
>Kingdra (18%): Body Slam at x2 attack (42% damage, no paralysis
Pelipper (58%): Fly (skipped setup turn, hit, KO)

Pelipper gains two Levels.

>Turn 16: Level 60 Pelipper (101 speed) vs. Level 55 Salamence (132 speed)
>Salamence: Rock Slide (Hit, 50%, flinch)

>Turn 17:
>Salamence: Dragon Claw KO

It’s Glalie’s time to start beaming.

>Turn 18: Level 57 Glalie (113 speed) vs. Level 55 Salamence (132 speed)
>Salamence: Rock Slide (Hit, 59%, no flinch)
>Glalie (41%): Ice Beam KO

Glalie gains two Levels.

>Turn 19: Level 59 Glalie (117 speed) vs. Level 53 Flygon (127 speed)
>Flygon: Flamethrower KO

Surely Aggron can clean this up with his overleveled might.

>Turn 20: Level 84 Aggron (115 speed) vs. Level 53 Flygon (127 speed)
>Flygon: Earthquake (43%)
>Aggron (57%): Iron Tail (miss)

>Turn 21:
>Flygon: Earthquake (43%)
>Aggron (14%): Iron Tail KO

Aggron gains one Level. Phew! Stetson heals up all his Pokemon while Drake ducks out of the room. It’ll be a few minutes before Wallace is ready to receive Stetson.

Any strategy for Wallace? Who should Stetson lead with?
No. 1067175 ID: e51896

Since drake recognizes us, we should probably not visit team friendlies for awhile until we know for sure he and the elite four wont be nosy and follow us to their location. Would suck if they found houndoom through us, imprisoned or killed him, and make our wish fulfillment for him inpossible
No. 1067176 ID: 196206


For Wallace, Gyarados could mess up Sceptiletoo early if we lead with him. Open with Pelipper to scout.
No. 1067179 ID: 273c18

>drake "recognizes" Flygon
What was this about, again? And why did he get to try the check again?

...since we're fighting Wallace that means we're in Emerald, not R/S. Yikes, he's got FOUR full restores. Better not get in a situation where they matter.

SUCCESSFUL strategy:
Send out Aggron first. Seems like a bad idea, right? Weak to water! Except... Wailord's good water move is based on its hp, and Aggron is faster.
Aggron kills Wailord with around 63% health remaining, and -1 potion.
Tentacruel has hydro pump, so Aggron uses Protect first turn, then Rock Tomb. potion comes out, but Rock Tomb and Iron Tail will both two shot and Aggron is now faster, so Tentacruel is doomed. 2 potions left.
Ludicolo next. Aggron outspeeds Ludicolo, so we can take a Surf to the face and have like 12% hp left then kill Ludicolo and use up another potion to boot. 1 potion left.
Whiscash is next, sadly this is the end for Aggron. We get one hit before Aggron faceplants. Sceptile comes out and murders Whiscash.
Gyarados next. Sceptile can't murder Gyarados so well, and we need to save him for Milotic. So first we swap for Glalie, who will use Icy Wind to nullify the speed boost(because obviously Gyarados is going to use Dragon Dance first turn). Then an Ice Beam and Glalie dies. Next we use Pelipper, and Shock Wave as the enemy uses their last potion. Pelipper is *not* faster than Gyarados, so we have to tank the Hyper Beam to kill it.
Milotic is next and Pelipper blah blah it doesn't matter. Sceptile gets sent out after Pelipper dies, uses Toxic, Detect, Leaf Blade, then if Milotic is somehow still alive we get to send out Torkoal and/or Flygon to claim victory.

I just found out pokemonshowdown's gen 3 damage calculator gives Levitate to Flygon even while selecting (other), which I suppose is because Flygon can only have Levitate. What a pain in the ass! I'd guess it does something similar with any pokemon that has only one ability choice.

Send out Sceptile first, he can kill Wailord while *maybe* taking one hit of Blizzard. Wallace will use a Full Restore but it won't matter.
Tentacruel is next, and Sceptile will die to it but not before getting a hit. Strength is better here, barely, but it doesn't matter. Flygon can come in here, and oneshot it with Earthquake.
Ludicolo is next, Flygon will do well with Fly, baiting out a Full Restore but it won't matter. Flygon will get hit by Giga Drain once for around 22%.
Whiscash next, Flygon will be 62 (I think?) and at that level he can two-shot Whiscash with Earthquake, which again burns a Full Restore. If 61, then... well, it depends on if tippler is rounding up or not, because the average damage of Earthquake is 102.5 and the enemy's hp is 106.

If flygon wins, with around 40% hp left:
Gyarados is next. Gyarados has Hyper Beam, which can kill Flygon. Optimally we'd use Fly to dodge it, but Gyarados has Dragon Dance, which it will probably use on the first turn. It will realize Hyper Beam is a bad choice while Flygon is in the air, and will thus use Dragon Dance again. Flygon then dies to Hyper Beam, despite landing a Fly hit. That's bad! Gyarados is in a position to sweep, because it's faster than our team and has a super strong Hyper Beam. Thankfully we still have Aggron, which is strong vs Normal.
Aggron comes out, eats an Earthquake, but still oneshots the Gyarados with Rock Tomb.
Milotic is next, and is the same speed as level 85 Aggron. Coin toss if we deal damage here, unless killing Gyarados leveled up Aggron.
This doesn't work out well; none of our remaining pokemon have killing power vs Milotic and the trainer has two potions left. Flygon losing earlier doesn't improve matters.

No. 1067240 ID: 9ea24b
File 168869228771.png - (117.69KB , 500x500 , p59.png )

>Be cautious tomorrow, whether you beat Wallace or not
The humans must know about Team Friendlies already since the group has been operating for some time near populated areas, but haven’t been willing to challenge the concentrated locus of powerful mons yet. You’ll want to be careful when traveling alone.

>Lead Aggron vs. Wallace, who has four Full Restores
From within your ball, you hear Wallace greeting Stetson dramatically.

>Turn 1: Level 85 Aggron (116 speed) vs. Level 57 Wailord (91 speed)
>Aggron: Brick Break (55% damage)
>Wailord (45%): Water Spout (79% x 45% for remaining health = 36% damage)

>Turn 2:
>Aggron (64%): Brick Break KO

Aggron gains one Level.

>Turn 3: Level 86 Aggron (117 speed) vs. Level 55 Tentacruel (132 speed)
>Tentacruel: Hydro Pump (80% accurate, miss)
>Aggron (64%): Rock Tomb (Hit, 70% damage, Tentacruel is slowed)

Wallace indulges in a Full Restore in the hopes that Aggron misses a Rock Tomb.

>Turn 4:
>Wallace heals Tentacruel
>Aggron (64%): Rock Tomb (Hit, 79% damage)

>Turn 5:
>Aggron (64%): Rock Tomb KO

Aggron gains one Level.

>Turn 6: Level 87 Aggron (118 speed) vs. Level 56 Ludicolo (100 speed)
>Aggron (64%): Brick Break (65% damage)
>Ludicolo (35%): Double Team

Rather than go for pure damage, Wallace is taking a gamble on evasion scam.

>Turn 7:
>Wallace heals Ludicolo
>Aggron (64%): Brick Break (2/3 chance to hit, hit, 65% damage)

>Turn 8:
>Aggron (64%): Brick Break (2/3 chance to hit, hit, KO)

Aggron doesn’t gain a Level this time. You cheer from within your ball at his strong showing.

>Turn 9: Level 87 Aggron (118 speed) vs. Level 56 Whiscash (89 speed)
>Aggron (64%): Brick Break (52% damage)
>Whiscash (45%): Surf (42% damage)

>Turn 10:
>Aggron (22%): Brick Break KO

Aggron gains a Level. Wallace only has two Pokemon left!

>Turn 11: Level 88 Aggron (120 speed) vs. Level 56 Gyarados (113 speed)
>Aggron (22%): Rock Tomb (Hit, KO)

Wallace sends out his ace Milotic. He has two Full Restores left, which he’ll use when he can.

>Turn 12: Level 88 Aggron (120 speed) vs. Level 58 Milotic (113 speed)
>Aggron (22%): Brick Break (54% damage)
>Milotic’s Sitrus Berry activates, bringing him up by 15%
>Milotic (61%): Surf KO

Aggron is finally taken down. Sceptile can finish this.

>Turn 13: Level 61 Sceptile (170 speed) vs. Level 58 Milotic (113 speed)
>Sceptile: Leaf Blade (49% damage)
>Milotic (12%): Recover (+50% health)

Stetson realizes the issue and changes tactics.

>Turn 14:
>Sceptile: Toxic miss
>Milotic (62%): Recover (+50% health)

>Turn 15:
>Sceptile: Toxic hit
>Milotic (100%): Ice Beam (56%, no freeze), 6% damage from poison

>Turn 16:
>Sceptile (44%): Detect
>Milotic (94%): 12% damage from poison

>Turn 17:
>Sceptile: Leaf Blade (49% damage)
>Milotic (33%): Ice Beam (56%, KO), 18% damage from toxic

Wallace is going to use a Full Restore next turn. You’re so close, but Stetson is hesitating and you pop out of your ball to give him advice.

What’s the plan to defeat Milotic? You, Torkoal, Glalie, and Pelipper are still at full health.
A. Sand Attack
B. Distract the Milotic by talking to him while battling (suggest what to say)
C. Other
No. 1067264 ID: 273c18

Wallace really needed to be out of potions by the time Sceptile went up against Milotic for my strategy to work. I underestimated just how smart tippler made trainer potion use. He's even using Recover instead of potions. That's a bit unfair tbh. If Stetson would just fucking use RECOVERY ITEMS at least, this would be on even terms! Oh well, only 3 uses of Recover left and one potion.
Also Stetson should not have switched tactics. He has more PP on Leaf Blade than Recover, he could've forced the issue. If moves have infinite PP then Recover will allow Milotic to just use Toxic and Recover to stall kill against almost any opponent! So I sure damn hope that isn't yet another important game mechanic thrown out the window.

Since he's going to use a potion, we can get two Sand Attacks off before Flygon dies. 50% guaranteed accuracy debuff is really good. If Flygon doesn't get hit by the Ice Beam he should start using Earthquake until death. Next should be Glalie, to use Icy Wind three times and if then still alive Crunch. Then Torkoal, to use Sunny Day since she outspeeds Milotic now, and then Body Slam until death (at least twice). Next Pelipper can use Shock Wave at least four times.
No. 1067269 ID: e13b1d

It's time for Sand Attack!
No. 1067274 ID: 9ea24b

i was tired after the update so i didn't explain the full details of each option in the post, my bad. please see the quest discussion for what i am going for here
No. 1067297 ID: a7a180

B: You're lucky to have a move like Recover. Imagine if everyone could just feel better whenever they wanted. That'd be a better world, wouldn't it?
Have you met the legendaries? I bet they show up here a lot with different trainers.
No. 1067300 ID: 273c18

Oh I guess Sunny Day won't last Pelipper's four attacks anyway so we might come up short.

I don't feel like praying to sand attack RNG this time, let's fucking cheat and do B.
No. 1067301 ID: 273c18

Oh right we gotta suggest what to say.
Ask him how much other pokemon mistake him for female. At a particularly critical moment you could flirt aggressively.
You can also ask him how much he likes being Wallace's pokemon. Maybe do that first. If he's not very happy we could convince him to stop fighting back by telling him that we'll send someone to help him escape.
No. 1067347 ID: 9ea24b
File 168877888445.png - (112.48KB , 500x500 , p60.png )

You consider Sand Attack, but don’t want to bet your chances on pure luck. You tell Stetson that you plan to stall and talk to Milotic in the hopes that the big beautiful fish will be distracted. You don’t add that you’re also hoping you can convince Milotic to throw for content.

>Flygon charisma check (2/3 chance success): Success
You sidle over to where Wallace is spraying Milotic with green magic juice. Wallace looks up when you draw near, but doesn’t comment on your odd behavior.

:pokeflyface: Hello Milotic, I had to come over here to get a closer look at you, you’re beautiful!

:pokemilosmile: Thank you. It’s very rare that I hear that from other Pokemon, it’s usually humans and Wallace who praise me.

:pokeflyshock: Wallace has been the champion for a long time, have you always been his Milotic? I hope he treats you well for working so hard.

:pokemiloface: Yes I have, and he’s very caring and attentive.

:pokeflyshock: Oh, that’s good to hear! I’m glad you have such a strong bond with your trainer.

This puts Milotic pretty near the 30 year lifespan of a Pokemon, which means he’s probably seen the whole gamut of Pokemon and Elite Four challenges.

:pokeflyface: I’m close with my trainer too, this is poor Stetson’s third attempt to beat the Elite Four and he’d really like a win. He’s very honest about using battle items, and it puts him at a big disadvantage.

:pokemilosmile: I understand.

Milotic would be a good source of information about what Legendaries have been caught and used in the past, but you don’t have time to ask him right now.

The battle resumes and Milotic deliberately misses all of his moves after you use two Sand Attacks, giving both of you plausible deniability. After several turns of this, Wallace concedes the battle and you gain two Levels.

Stetson runs onto the arena to hug you and lets all of his other Pokemon out to celebrate your seemingly serendipitous feat. Wallace congratulates Stetson and leads the crew to the Hall of Fame, where Stetson places everyone’s Pokeballs into a fancy machine.

You’ve fulfilled your side of the deal with Stetson, which means you no longer have to spend time with him. He’ll keep your Pokeball so that no one else can catch you, and you can still visit him anytime.

What do you want to do for your farewell slash celebration party tonight? You have to pay for anything fancy. Also include your parting words to Stetson and his Pokemon. Stetson is planning to invite his dad and Drew.
No. 1067358 ID: e13b1d

What a nice old fellow.

>What do you want to do for your farewell slash celebration party tonight?
We could book a hot spring in Lavaridge. We could get some more massage lotion while we're there.
It might be a little warm for Glalie, but she did want to see and experience the world. The night air will be crisp up in the mountains outside the hotspring, so she'll have somewhere comfy to go if the heat is too much.

Tempted to invite Tracey, but that could connect her to us if she isn't already. Our parents might come too since they're like Stetson's honorary godparents now. What do other suggesters think?

>Also include your parting words to Stetson and his Pokemon.
Congratulate Sceptile on seeing his trainer through to the end, and Aggron on his impressive showing in the champion challenge. Maybe Aggron would like to slip away from the party later for some private fun. And maybe a pep talk about Torkoal.

And we've been a bit cold to Pelipper, and she's been on the fringes of the team when we're around because of it. Being a tool isn't totally her fault with the badges in play. Let's not leave things on a sour note, and apologize for giving her the cold shoulder in the past.
No. 1067362 ID: 4481aa

Any spring is a hot spring when you've got a Torkoal!

Random thought, but this would be the time for it if you aren't gonna see Stetson again for a while. Why not ask Gengar to meet Stetson and be caught by him? She's still probably still down after the awful reveal about the PC boxes, so something like this could feel like a win for her. A guarantee that she can never be captured and placed into one of those by anyone else. She might not be down, as being caught by someone she doesn't really know is a lot to ask, but it's worth offering.

Oh, maybe invite Smeargle and Espeon to join you. Introduce your den mates (and more importantly the GF) to the group. I'm sure Smeargle at least might appreciate it, as this was something that separated you for a while.
No. 1067368 ID: e13b1d

Would that force Stetson to send someone to the PC, or can a trainer have more than six out of it as long as they aren't in an active competitive team?
No. 1067378 ID: 273c18

Nice. Glad that's over, presumably further battles will be shorter and have less... competitive-minded movesets, since we won't be under a trainer anymore. Though I guess it'd be funny to get owned by a pokemon with a particularly gimmicky moveset, so long as it's not important for us to win... I wonder what sorts of movesets there are like that in gen 3? I thought of FEAR Rattata but that's gen 4+.

>how to celebrate?
How's Stetson want to celebrate? Is he gonna have a party with his family? Or just us right now? If it's just us, then... beach party? With barbecue? Flygon's at home in the sand, Pelipper has Surf, Glalie can make ice, Torkoal and Sceptile can enjoy the sun, Aggron can... aw nuts Aggron is super weak to Ground he'll hate the sand, and he wouldn't like water much either.

You know what, let's go to a pokemon-friendly amusment park.

>invite other pokemon
I don't think that's a good idea! So far we're in the realm of plausible deniability when it comes to Gengar, and bringing her or the others to Stetson would seriously endanger that. Flygon just got recognized as the human-like pokemon, and Stetson just did something noteworthy, so there will likely be someone spying on the party.
No. 1067380 ID: a7a180

Enjoy human foods again.
Well gang, I hope you continue to have fun and unconventional adventures with Stetson! All 100% totally legal, ha ha. But really, Stetson's earned your trust like he earned those badges. It was fun digging holes and flying together. It was like a wish come true...
No. 1067381 ID: 8f9bc4

get a sharpie marker and prepare a loving message for Stetson in the form of a t-shirt
that says


so that he may absorb this timeless wisdom
No. 1067393 ID: 2c1245

For one, a team photo to comemorate this moment of victory would be nice. Something to remember things for Stetson and his team. Good memories are always a must when you down and a sad sack.
No. 1067425 ID: a7a180

Ooh, yeah. You should get the Hall of Fame record of you and the rest of Stetson's team printed out to hang on the wall of your parents' spare room.
No. 1067430 ID: 55634c

introduce stetson to ur wife
No. 1067433 ID: 05cedd

Everyone celebrate at a hot spring!
No. 1067465 ID: 9ea24b
File 168893510144.png - (134.44KB , 500x500 , p61.png )

>Hopefully there won’t be any more lengthy stretches of battles
Most fights should be against single opponents from now on.

>Dinner at the Lavaridge hot springs
Human food, drinks, and relaxation sound perfect.

>Invite Smeargle, Linoone, and Espeon
You want Stetson to meet your wife and your friends! You’re sure they’d enjoy the party as well.

>Don’t invite Gengar
Stetson can’t have more than six Pokemon with him at a time, and you’re still technically an active party member, so catching members of the Friendlies won’t work. Also you don’t think they’d want to be caught, even if you explained your rationale.

You assume Drew and Brendan will bring their Pokemon, so the total attendance comes to 12 Pokemon and three humans.

>You pay for:
15 hot spring tickets - 2000 P x 15 = 30,000 P
15 tasty meals - 5000 P x 15 = 75,000 P
15 servings of soda pop - 300 P x 15 = 4500 P

You spend a total of 109,500 P. You have 1,275,600 P remaining.

Drew arrives with his Swellow and Swampert, who greet Stetson’s Pokemon with professional familiarity. Brendan also has a Swampert, who stays by his side.

>Gender check Drew’s Swampert (1/8 chance female): Male
>Gender check Swellow: Male
>Gender check Brendan’s Swampert (1/8 chance female): Male

Drew stays on land with Torkoal and Glalie, but everyone else enjoys the warm, mineral rich water.
No. 1067466 ID: 9ea24b
File 168893512180.png - (118.93KB , 500x500 , p62.png )

>Introduce Stetson to Smeargle
Once you emerge from the pool for dinner and are able to write messages again, you introduce Stetson to Smeargle, who shakes his hand politely. Espeon and Linoone are more interested in talking to Sceptile and team carry Aggron than meeting some punk kid, though they acknowledge Stetson with a nod.

>Talk to Pelipper
You feel a little bad about how you’ve acted toward Pelipper. Since you joined Stetson you befriended all his Pokemon except Pelipper, leaving the bird to be excluded from sleep cuddle piles and friendship adventures. You want to make amends with Pelipper while you can, so you find her near a quiet spot in the sand.

:pokeflyface: Pelipper, I feel like I didn’t make a good first impression when we met, and I don’t want us to part on bad terms. I enjoyed all the Flying we did together, is there anything I can do to show I want to be your friend?

:pokepelfrown: You’ve helped me already by telling Stetson to treat us better. You’ve made Stetson really happy. I don’t have to be friends with everyone, but having you on the team has been nice.

:pokeflyface: It was fun, wasn’t it?

:pokepelface: Yes. See you around, Flygon.

>Team photo
After an evening of fun, you have Drew take a photo of the whole team. Stetson already got an official Hall of Fame photograph, but you like this one much better. You use a permanent marker to write “Do crimes, commit drugs” on the edge of the photo, which makes Brendan frown, before Flying off into the night with Smeargle in your arms.

It’s been 57 days since you were transformed into a Trapinch. The final thread of Nostalgia Quest will begin tomorrow.
No. 1067486 ID: 8f9bc4

Pelipper is a true bro ♥

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