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File 167487033970.png - (38.29KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1054825 No. 1054825 ID: 9ea24b

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Nostalgia_Quest
Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

Contains out of focus NSFW
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No. 1054826 ID: 9ea24b
File 167487036168.png - (107.83KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

You watch the mountain shake and finally stabilize before flying back to Smeargle’s den. As you soar over the land, you can’t help but feel a little guilty. You’re not responsible for the kid in any capacity, but maybe you could have done something. The sun is hot on your back.

>World ending event
Like Mightyena said, this has happened several times in the past 20 years and Hoenn still exists. Maybe this time Groudon will fight Kyogre again in Sootopolis, or the kid will catch him, or something else entirely. Hm, guess Groudon can’t fight Kyogre if the whale isn’t awake yet.

What the kid did is definitely bad, but it won’t impact you unless you want to get involved.

>The kid
Will keep doing his thing. Is it even illegal to awaken a super ancient powerful Pokemon? If this Maxie guy is still around you guess not. Well, it’s more likely that once a trainer’s Pokemon get strong enough the authorities can’t arrest them. Since Kirlia is now your friend, you can hold the ethical trainer intervention if you’re confident you can defeat the kid’s Pokemon.

Troubled, you have a quiet night in with Smeargle, who shows off the completed Trapinch painting. You try to show your enthusiasm (it really is a nice painting), but can’t muster your usual manic energy.

You still have a 25% chance of encountering the kid if you leave the Daycare area. What would you like to do this sunny morning?

A. Flight practice with Salamence

B. Go back to the Magma Hideout and investigate (Groudon is still there)

C. Other (visit/romance a Pokemon (Ditto, Blaziken, Kirlia, Sealeo, Breloom, Gengar) or Tracy, Dig for treasure/forage, etc.)
No. 1054828 ID: a7a180

Flight practice. When you evolve, you'll be strong enough to carry others out of danger like Salamence.
No. 1054830 ID: ccbbb0

Learn the technique "ENUCIATION." You learn to carefully maneuver your vocal chords in order to speak human languages again. It also reduces the accuracy of your opponents in place of Sand Attack, as they are too put off by your shrilling, uncanny voice.
No. 1054894 ID: dd15aa

Kid might be beatable with some help. Let's visit Blaziken and get him on board, before we get Kirlia. He should appreciate the chance to challenge a strong trainer and we can make it up for the tournament turnout, and forcing the kid to help fix his mess will keep Tracy safe.
And then maybe 'make it up' to him later if all goes well.
No. 1054896 ID: e51896

B. We can talk to Groudon, wish him good morning, he might actually be a chill dude to talk to. Who knows?
No. 1054902 ID: dd15aa

Addendum, bring Smeargle too. We can give him the full Battle Tower experience.
No. 1054904 ID: 5d82cd

Hmm. Yeah, that seems like a plan - get Blaziken (and maybe Smeargle as well?) to help beat the kid, and Kirlia to communicate, and explain to him the error of his ways, very pointedly. And maybe learn something about the Groudon hijinks, while you're at it?

Do you think you can reliably FIND the kid if you're actively looking for him?
No. 1054907 ID: 7c0da2

Talking to The Kid seems like a good idea, but we should prepare carefully. We only have one healing item, and we don't have a plan to escape if things go badly. We also don't really know who he has on his team, it's possible he has a full team of six by now. Maybe Mightyena or someone who was at the hideout knows. Or we could ask at a poke center, he probably is a regular.

I suggest B. Let's try to get Groudon on board with the plan. That's a scolding The Kid would remember.
No. 1054989 ID: 9ea24b
File 167503808786.png - (110.44KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

>Can you reliably find the kid if you’re looking for him?
You’re currently stuck at a 25% random encounter rate. If you had Fly, you’d have a much higher chance of crossing paths with him since you could cover more ground, with the downside of having to face him alone (at least until you evolve and can carry your friends). Also, with Fly you’d be able to stake out distant locations like gyms and Victory Road where he’d eventually show up.

>Free action, ask Smeargle if she and Blaziken can help defeat the kid
:pokesmerworry: Blaziken won’t fight a trainer without Tracy. I think it would be good if the kid was better behaved, but I don’t really feel comfortable with seeking him out and traumatizing him.

:pokevibfrown: I’m not trying to hurt him or anything.

:pokesmerworry: I know, but once you knock out his Pokemon he’s not going to be very enthusiastic about being cornered. If he tries to run, what will you do?

:pokevibfrown: I mean, we can keep him there…

:pokesmerawk: Yeah, and what if he starts screaming and crying and freaking out?

:pokevibfrown: I don’t know! I’m just asking for help, I don’t want to think about hypothetical scenarios!

:pokesmermad2: I’m telling you what I think about the situation, don’t shout at me!

You leave the den, mad after your spat with Smeargle. It sounds like she and Blaziken won’t help fight the kid.

>B, go to the Magma Hideout
>Kid avoidance check (75%): Success
You get out your energy by flying back to the mountain. It’s already heating up and you’re panting by the time you reach the man-made hole in the rock. There’s a grunt at the entrance, a different one from the woman you met yesterday.

A. Sneak inside and look for Mightyena
B. Dig straight to Groudon
No. 1054990 ID: a7a180

A. Mightyena does know enough to be a guide to the volcano.
No. 1054991 ID: e51896

B. moments like these is why we learned dig. Who knows, we might find something under ground on our way to Groundon
No. 1054994 ID: dd15aa

A. We probably shouldn't dig blind into lava tubes.
No. 1054997 ID: 629f2e

A, Don't go straight to Groudon yet. He's big and scary.
No. 1054999 ID: 36784c

You definitely need to apologize to Smeargle later. She didn’t do anything to deserve getting yelled at like that.

>sneak or dig?

You really shouldn’t risk digging and accidentally running into some lava!
No. 1055011 ID: c29e6e

Yes. You're stressed, but you should still feel guilty about yelling at your girlfriend. Especially right after she showed you the painting you inspired her to make. I don't think you should dismiss your own feelings, but calm down and explain them while hearing out hers. She'd likely understand trainers temperaments pretty well, having surely watched so many get endlessly frustrated at the baton pass strat.
No. 1055013 ID: 1e190d

Yeah, it's good to apologize and explain that the kid waking Groudon makes you really worried what dangerous stunt he might pull next.
No. 1055018 ID: 7c0da2

You should apologize to Smeargle about shouting when you go back. Tell her you don't want The Kid to be hurt but you want to do something to help because the whole wish thing makes you feel kinda guilty, like you could have done something before he caused a catastrophe. Maybe we can just send him a letter instead of cornering him?
Speaking of wishes, maybe we should start tracking down Jirachi too. We could use a wish right now. And we are helping her fulfill wishes, we can probably bargain a "it doesn't count as my wish if it's to save the world" clause. You know, just in case.

A. If Groudon awakes regularly she probably knows how this usually goes and things like if you can speak to him and how. Also he is scary to face alone and maybe we should be careful not to set him on a rampage after the kid. We want to help but we have to be careful not to make things worse.
No. 1055036 ID: 9ea24b
File 167513773854.png - (56.22KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

>Apologize to Smeargle
You will once you’ve cooled off and returned to the den. You were stressed about the whole Groudon thing and it didn’t help that she raised some valid points.

>A, caution is smart in the face of potential molten rock
Would you like, die if you touched magma? Surely there are Pokemon attacks that are more potent than that, though it’s also kind of weird to think you’d survive and suffer no permanent damage if you were truly made of flesh and blood like a human. Best to avoid it so you don’t have to find out.

You shove a boulder down the slope and wait for the grunt and his Golbat to look towards the commotion before zipping inside.

There are long strips of lights along the rock walls, and everything seems intact after the earthquakes yesterday. You fly though the short tunnel to a larger room that’s styled like a visitor center slash gift shop. There aren’t any visitors but you spot a few more grunts dealing with the debris from fallen displays.

One of them is Mightyena’s trainer, and you soon spot Mightyena playing with some Poochyena.

:pokevibsmile: Mightyena, it’s me! The Vibrava from yesterday, I came to ask more about Groudon.

:pokemightface: Oh hi again. He seems to have calmed down a bit but we’re still keeping everyone out for a few days.

:pokevibface: Have you seen him?

:pokemightshock: Wah! Me? He’s super scary, I wouldn’t dare.

:pokevibpeace: Aw, maybe he’s actually a real softy.

:pokemightsulk: Yeah, maybe. I think because he’s been woken up so much recently he’s kind of worn out.

:pokevibshock: Can you show me to his lair? I just want a little peek.

:pokemightface: Fine, but don’t upset him.

She barks a few orders to the Poochyenas so they keep an eye on the grunts, then leads you down several flights of stairs. The air grows hot and stale, until finally you reach a sturdy metal door.

:pokemightface: He’s behind here. There’s sensors and stuff that monitor his condition. If you want to go in there I’d bring a crew and a bunch of healing items in case Groundon’s in a bad mood and starts a fight.

:pokevibsmile: Thanks!

Your local Level 100s would love to take a crack at Groudon. You can now assemble a four mon team to fight a juiced up boss monster should you feel that it’s the best way to calm him down.

Since the Friendlies are kind of on your way home, flight practice with Salamence is an option this afternoon.

A. Flight practice with Salamence
B. Dig for treasure/forage near home, apologize to Smeargle
C. Dig past the door to see Groudon (50% chance he’s hostile)
No. 1055037 ID: a7a180

No. 1055041 ID: dd15aa

No. 1055042 ID: e51896

Eh, B. But don't feel too bad. Friends argue now and then. It's not like she hates you now.
No. 1055060 ID: 084179

B, say your sorry to best girl
No. 1055075 ID: 9ea24b
File 167522200008.png - (130.29KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

>Forage as an action based apology to really show you’re sorry
>Rare berry check: Failure
You thank Mightyena and retrace your steps to the exit. It’s gotten even hotter, and you’re grateful for your green tinted eye lenses as you return to the den.

You soar from tree to tree to collect a half bundle of tasty fruit. Unfortunately your rotten luck when it comes to finding status curing berries continues, and you’re stuck with the usual Oran.

Do you want to trade a quarter bundle to Linoone for any items? Smeargle will of course be happier if you bring everything home.
No. 1055076 ID: dd15aa

We've got a back pocket Revive already, so we can go without trades for now.
No. 1055077 ID: a7a180

Maybe a Burn Heal for our next visit to the volcano.
No. 1055080 ID: e51896

You'd better have Burn Heal!
No. 1055081 ID: 36784c

Go back with everything. It'll help with your apology to Smeargle.
No. 1055082 ID: e51896

I misread it. changing vote to just go home with everything
No. 1055099 ID: b01382

bring everything home.
No. 1055272 ID: 9ea24b
File 167561545988.png - (92.33KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

>Take all the food back to the den
You can’t think of anything you want from Linoone, since he doesn’t have any Full Heals that could be useful in the case of a burn. Also, you want to make the best apology possible.

It’s quiet when you return to the den. You drop off the bundle in the main area, but take the largest, most succulent apple with you to see Smeargle.

She’s not painting, which is unusual, instead lying in your shared bed. You creep closer until you can see that she’s awake. You place the fruit near her paw.

:pokevibfrown: I’m sorry for shouting and not listening to you earlier, you’re right that I should think about how the kid will react.

Smeargle sits up and bites into the apple. After chewing and swallowing, she replies.

:pokesmerworry: I’m sorry too, I was worried because I was scared, I don’t want you to get caught and whisked away to a PC somewhere.

:pokesmerawk: And if your fighting pals from Team Friendlies were caught, that could be it for the kid.

:pokevibshock: They’d kill him?

:pokesmerawk: Well they’d try to destroy the Pokeball first, I hope.

Smeargle finishes her snack, leaving only the seeds and the stem.

:pokesmerface: I’ll come with you when you go to fight the kid, just to make sure he doesn’t catch anyone. I’ll stand back and use Spore if things look bad.

:pokevibsmile: Thanks Smeargle!

:pokesmerhap: Thank you for the food, it was delicious.

You now have Smeargle’s backup for the kid's intervention, which ensures nobody will be caught. You spend a cozy evening with her and Espeon, who seems particularly energized.

Thanks to the Groudon enhanced sunlight, Espeon’s psychic sensing powers are stronger than usual.

Would you like to bring Espeon or Blaziken to fight at Team Friendlies tomorrow? What’s your strategy against Breloom and Sealeo? You haven’t won a fight in a while, so it’d be good to use all the tactics you can. You still have a Revive.
No. 1055274 ID: 0097ed

Being Espeon, but mostly so you two can track Jirachi after. She was closer to the Friendlies so it saves you some walking!
Go solo vs Sealeo and use Sand.
Team with Espie against Breloom, open with Dragonbreath and then use Dig tanking strats.
No. 1055275 ID: a7a180

Bring Blaziken for a double battle. Tactics... Using Dragonbreath to paralyze Salamence before you start digging to hide?
No. 1055276 ID: 00ebd5

Bring Blaziken for doubles. This is to make up for my mistake from the previous thread (still sorry about that)
No. 1055278 ID: 7c0da2

Bring Espeon to track Jirachi after the fight.
Fight solo, use the revive as needed and don't hesitate to use Sand if it's not banned.
No. 1055280 ID: 4ae479

Blaziken, he'll give us better odds of winning and will likely appreciate getting the chance to fight. Whatever we need to do for Jirachi will probably require levels and other strong Pokes, so we might as well focus on building ourselves and our relationships up first. Getting to Fly sooner will also help speed up everything else we need/want to do.
No. 1055385 ID: 9ea24b
File 167573846551.png - (153.61KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

>Bring Blaziken to fight in modified double battles
Hopefully this will redeem you in the fiery bird’s eyes. Your first fight will be against Sealeo and Salamence, with the goal being to knock out Salamence before he knocks out Blaziken. You and Sealeo are the support roles.

Sand Attacking or Rock Tombing Salamence will make a huge impact. You decide to go with Sand Attack since it’s more accurate. Since Sealeo has been having so much success with Ice moves, she chose to forget Body Slam, the most useful move in this type of format because of the chance to inflict a status condition. You and Blaziken can definitely do this!

Movesets have been added to the wiki (Team Friendlies mons don’t have competitive movesets, Blaziken does). With neutral natures Salamence is faster than Blaziken, though one Rock Tomb hit would make him slower.

>Turn 1
>Salamence: Dragon Claw (45% on Blaziken)
>Blaziken: Rock Slide (90% accurate, hit, 50% damage on Salamence)
>Vibrava: Sand Attack
>Sealeo: Aurora Beam (2.3% damage, not enough to matter)

Blaziken and Salamence do a bit of posturing, puffing their chests and strutting around, to the delight of the crowd. Salamence slashes at Blaziken with big glowy magic claws, after which Blaziken tosses boulders at Salamence, dealing the perfect amount of damage for a 2HKO next turn.

>Turn 2
>Salamence: Dragon Claw (66% accurate, hit, 45% on Blaziken)
>Blaziken: Rock Slide (90% accurate, hit, 50% damage on Salamence)

Your team wins and you gain a whopping 3 levels! You don’t learn any new moves. Next time Salamence will use Fly against Blaziken.

What would you like to do before you fight Breloom and Gengar?
A. Get Gengar to introduce you to an Electric Pokemon
B. Ask Salamence about Houndoom
C. Other (Talk to someone else)
No. 1055392 ID: dd15aa

B. Doom still isn't coming out for the battles, so there still must be something wrong.
No. 1055394 ID: 084179

B! Cute gay boys! What'd they dooooo!
No. 1055405 ID: b3f604

A. Meet new folks!
No. 1055409 ID: 7c0da2

B. It probably has something to do with his wish.
No. 1055417 ID: fa3034

No. 1055438 ID: a9af05

No. 1055440 ID: a7a180

No. 1055442 ID: 735510

I agree with this, so I'm voting B.
No. 1055468 ID: 9ea24b
File 167582877765.png - (36.83KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

You feel like you’re on the cusp of a breakthrough with Salamence. Talking to him now might not help with your Fly practice, but it’ll cement your friendship with the dragon and you’ll learn about his wish.

Salamence is applying a few Hyper Potions to himself, conveniently off to the side of the main spectator area. You flutter over to him.

:pokevibsmile: Hi Salamence! That was a good battle, I could tell you were holding back though.

:pokesalstun: Fly seemed a bit mean to use against Blaziken for the first fight. He cares a lot about winning and I know he was upset after last time.

:pokevibshock: Hey, that just shows you’re a nice guy, as I suspected.

:pokevibpeace: A nice guy…who maybe also gave his pal Houndoom a pleasant massage?

:pokesalblush: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I-I did, a couple nights ago. The oil smelled good, it was vanilla scented. I still have some left.

:pokevibface: And? Did you get to stay over?

:pokesalface: Well, no, Houndoom said he was going out that night. He still does some patrolling, once in a while.

Salamence kneads his big paws on the ground nervously while he looks around to check if anyone is within eavesdropping distance.

:pokesalsad: Houndoom has been really unhappy ever since we finished our training and reached Level 100. At first I thought it was because he was bored, but there’s always lots of rescuing to do.

:pokesalsad: A lot of the new recruits barely know who he is, he never comes out during the day. I thought a tournament would get him excited, which is why I proposed it, but he just found his candidate and went back to ignoring us.

:pokesalsad: I wish he’d tell us what’s wrong, I don’t know what to do!

You’ve learned about the second wish: Houndoom is depressed for unknown reasons and Salamence desperately wants to help him. You’ll need to investigate further and talk to Houndoom himself to resolve this hard to conclusively solve situation.

What’s your strategy against Breloom and Gengar? Again, you’ll be targeting Gengar while she and Breloom target Blaziken.
No. 1055469 ID: dd15aa

Use a Sand, and then use Dragonbreath once to hope for a lucky paralyze and alternate the two. You probably won't do much damage even with a SE Dig from the level difference.
No. 1055474 ID: 15c72a

He has become... too strong...
No. 1055475 ID: 7b56a0

This time around, no sand attack, gotta do new techs to not be stale with the audience.
Rock tomb, then dragon breath
No. 1055488 ID: a7a180

Dragonbreath then rock tomb. Try to paralyze first.
No. 1055498 ID: e51896

I'll be down with using dragonbreath first before rocktomb

tho I'm sticking with rocktomb first because that has a chance to lower our opponent's speed.
No. 1055502 ID: c773c6

Use Rock Tomb until Gengar is slower, then Dragon Breath. I think being faster is better, it's like being able to take an extra turn. If you do paralyze her and are allowed to target Breloom, do the same to her to prevent her from supporting Gengar.

Houndoom does seem depressed. Maybe he feels like he lacks a goal or a challenge? You could test that by suggesting he fights Blaziken. Or Groudon if he isn't depressed too. If that's not a challenge I don't know what is.
There seems to be a lot of powerful but unhappy pokemons around here. Gengar was unhappy to not be able to teach someone, Houndoom is depressed for reasons we still don't know, Salamence is sad because his friends are unhappy, Blaziken is bored with retirement, Groudon is mad or tired to be woken up so often... No wonder Jirachi sent someone to do something about it. Or maybe she is disillusioned with her job too, saw us and just thought "Yeah, close enough, they will do. It's not like they can complain to the management anyway.", who knows?
No. 1055600 ID: 9ea24b
File 167591288254.png - (108.31KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

>Rock Tomb into Dragon Breath
Gengar is faster than Blaziken, but will be slower after one Rock Tomb. Blaziken will use the optimal play which is Fire Blast (85% accurate, 74% damage) and then Rock Slide (90% accurate, 40% damage).

Breloom will use Leech Seed (90% accurate, 12.5% health loss at end of turn) and then Sky Uppercut (90% accurate, 8.5% damage). Gengar is going to go with the most consistent move and use Shadow Ball, a 4HKO by itself and a 3HKO with Leech Seed

>Turn 1
>Gengar: Shadow Ball (30% damage)
>Blaziken: Fire Blast (Hit, 74% damage)
>Vibrava: Rock Tomb (Hit, damage doesn’t matter)
>Breloom: Leech Seed (Hit, Blaziken takes 12.5% at the end of turn)
There’s a flurry of activity. Gengar smacks Blaziken with an ominous, pulsing orb, then gets a face full of concentrated fire. While she’s distracted, you throw a boulder onto her toe and Breloom spits seeds at Blaziken’s feet.

>Turn 2
>Blaziken: Rock Slide, hit!

You’ve defeated Gengar! You gain two Levels, putting you at Level 40. You don’t learn any new moves. Next time Gengar will use the maximum scum strats and go for Confuse Ray into Hypnosis into Dream Eater.

After making sure that Gengar is okay, you hop in Salamence’s bundle with Blaziken, who’s very pleased with himself, and go home.

By this time you figure the kid has beaten the seventh gym. Since Sootopolis will be evacuated until the Groudon situation is resolved, he won’t be able to progress in the gym challenge.

What would you like to do the next morning?
A. Flight practice with Salamence

B. Visit a Pokemon (Any Pokemon, including those at the Friendlies Base. Friends will give options to be romanced and you can challenge Sealeo and Breloom to bonus fights)

C. Forage for food/Dig for treasure
No. 1055606 ID: b01382

No. 1055612 ID: e51896

No. 1055614 ID: dd15aa

Ask Blaziken if he'd be interested in some group lewdness with Smeargle sometime while he gets dropped off.

And then A. since Sal will be with you anyways. You can ask him about what sort of things Houndoom likes, or thoughts on what might have set off his ennui if not boredom.
Could he be feeling like the work they're doing isn't making an impact, since bad things keep happening despite their efforts?
No. 1055616 ID: a7a180

Can you visit Lanette today? If not, practice Fly until it's not as difficult to do so.
No. 1055627 ID: bbb04b

A, and maybe discuss with others the possibility of visiting Groudon to try and resolve that little issue.
No. 1055628 ID: e9027e

No. 1055645 ID: 9ea24b
File 167597586655.png - (111.75KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

>Talk to Blaziken about a threesome
You’ll need to talk to him in private for that (aka use an action), bringing it up while hanging from Salamence’s neck would be awkward. Also you’ll want to romance him beforehand.

>Oh wait, wasn’t Blaziken supposed to only stay for one fight?
He was having such a great time he forgot to worry about Tracy! The next time you bring him he’ll adhere to the one fight resolution though.

>A, practice Fly
You can’t wait to be able to travel freely, and you’ll be able to chat with Salamence more about Houndoom. You smooch Smeargle when you get out of bed in the morning, grab a quick breakfast, and head north on your merry way.

>Kid avoidance check (75% success): Success
Another swell, sunny, kidless day. The Friendlies Base is buzzing with new Pokemon, it sounds like the earthquakes caused some tunnels in the mountain to collapse and you spot a herd of rescued Numel and a lone Torkoal munching on berries.

Salamence looks tired, but immediately joins you in the air for more lessons. He teaches you about steering with your tail, which you’ve never thought about before. It’s a lot easier for you to do turns this way, and you manage to hold a conversation with him while you zip around.

:pokevibface: Would you be interested in fighting Groudon? It’d help stabilize the ground and this sun can’t be good for the environment in the long run.

:pokesalpanik: Oh! That’s true, yes, I think that’d be good. A good brawl makes me sleep better at night, so Groudon might be able to go dormant again after we defeat him. I can bring some of our healing items.

Salamence has been recruited for the Groudon fighting team.

:pokevibshock: I don’t want to pry, but why do you think Houndoom is depressed if it’s not boredom?

:pokesalface: I think boredom is part of it. There are always Pokemon who need to be rescued no matter how hard we work, and I think he got discouraged after a while. New trainers come through and catch Pokemon all the time, which leads to the usual abuse problems. He really doesn’t like trainers.

:pokevibface: Why’s that?

:pokesalstun: He–well–it’s not my story to tell. He had a trainer who he separated with by force.

:pokevibfrown: He killed his own trainer?

:pokesalpanik: I-I didn’t say that! How did you know that?

:pokevibface: I mean I’m surprised more trainers don’t get killed by accident with all the superpowers that get thrown around.

:pokesalpanik: Agghghhghhhh…

Suggest tips and tricks to add bonuses to your Fly learning chance (+5% for each reasonable tip). Also, how do you respond to Salamence?
No. 1055648 ID: a7a180

It sounds like he feels he isn’t doing enough to save other Pokémon from his situation. It’s going to take some humans’ help to stop humans from perpetuating this behavior, for instance Officer Jenny.
Pro tip: Lean into your direction to go faster.
No. 1055649 ID: 5b2906

Maybe if we get together the mon Houndoom helped and they give him a thank you, we can remind him that even though one person can't always change the world, he's changed their worlds.

Protip: Bug wings aren't as good for gliding. But you can buzz in short bursts to slow descent while conserving energy.
No. 1055657 ID: bbb04b

Deeeeeeefinitely sounds like Houndoom is dealing with some guilt - even if they were on bad terms by the end, I really doubt he completely meant to kill the guy. That's gotta scar something fierce. Maybe he thinks he's too dangerous or irredeemable to do anything other than stop similar situations from getting to the point that his did?

Pro-tip: Try learning how to pitch and yaw; angling yourself up and down might make altitude changes easier to pull off.
No. 1055720 ID: 9ea24b
File 167608736532.png - (115.19KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

>Get human help to mitigate the Pokemon treatment problems
This can be a long term goal for you, but it’s not something that Team Friendlies would be enthusiastic about because of the human element.

>Organize some Pokemon that Houndoom’s helped to show their appreciation to the dog
You can work with Breloom to put this together.

:pokevibface: It sounds like Houndoom is dealing with some guilt about his trainer.

:pokesalsad: Yes, but he never talks about it and I don’t want to bring it up and upset him.

:pokevibpeace: This is a job for zen master Vibrava.

:pokesalpanik: Okay, but be careful.

Vibrava Fly learning (30% + 10% third attempt chance + 10% Salamence bonus + 5% buzz suggest + 5% angling suggest + 5% lean suggest= 65% chance success): Success!

Your underdeveloped wings feel stronger and the weariness of the practice session seems to melt away. You’ve learned Fly! You can now travel to any part of Hoenn with ease.

You thank Salamence profusely for his help and input on Houndoom, and wish him luck on his rescuing duties.

What would you like to do this afternoon? Also, which move do you replace with Fly? You currently know Sand Attack, Rock Tomb, Dig, and Dragon Breath.
A. Visit a Pokemon or person (Lanette or Tracy)
B. Visit a new location
C. Gather food/Dig for treasure
No. 1055721 ID: 396415

Oh man, we gotta have smeargle on our back and fly around! She'll have lots of fun!
No. 1055722 ID: 396415

And i vote sand attack.
No. 1055732 ID: a7a180

So long Sand Attack... We have to go see Lanette!
No. 1055733 ID: 86e259

Oh haha, that seems like a good idea. (Uh, assuming she's not scared of heights or anything. I guess run it by her.)

Not sure what move to forget. Probably not Dig - it's a useful utility ability. Gengar suggested Sand Attack would become MORE important as we leveled up, so I'm leaning away from that, too.
No. 1055735 ID: d12415

>asking about threesomes when barely into the good friends stage
Guess we are really going for the homewrecker speedrun, aren't we? (also they could be monogamous, or not see us that way) Answer is likely no if we do ask, although fuck it, if yall want to ask, then go for it.

Voting B. See if mirage island is there today.
Forget Rock Tomb.
No. 1055739 ID: dd15aa

A. Let's go see Lanette and get that settled.

As long as it's not too high yet, wouldn't want her to fall off.
No. 1055740 ID: 15c72a

A, Lanette
No. 1055745 ID: 7c0da2

A. Visit Lanette, you have a lot of things you could talk to her about, including asking her to help you talk to The Kid, and the long term goal to help prevent pokemon mistreatment.

Forget Rock Tomb. Dig is useful for its out of combat utility and the other two are more useful in combat than Rock Tomb.
No. 1055763 ID: dd15aa

Also seconding this one.
No. 1055775 ID: 9937af

Yeah, let's forget Rock Tomb.
No. 1055791 ID: a7a180

Okay, from a practical standpoint, rock tomb is super effective against a type we really have trouble with, ice, but we could also just... fly away or rely on a friend to deal with that. Battles aren't our priority outside of this tournament. right, rock tomb it is.
No. 1055795 ID: 885c82

>wouldn't want her to fall off.
We're a Vibriva that's pretty much the same size as her, so there's a high chance she might fall off of our tiny body. But if we evolved into a Flygon, she'd be less likely to fall off our large body!
No. 1055803 ID: 9ea24b
File 167616937136.png - (77.45KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

>Give your friends a ride!
You’re not large enough yet, once you’re a Flygon it’ll be safe and comfortable for all parties involved.

>Forget Rock Tomb
You had a good time with the TM taught move, but you prefer the utility of the rest of your kit over speed control.

>A, visit Lanette
You pick up your notepad and pen from the den and set course for Fallarbor.

>Kid avoidance check (75% success): Success
Since you’re covering a lot more area, you keep a close watch on the ground and the skies for the kid. No sign of the rascal.

You make it around the mountain to where the volcanic ash is falling steadily on fields of brittle grass. There are still people walking around in the haze, even trainers battling! Maybe they’re used to the bad air quality and it doesn’t bother them.

>Skarmory avoidance check: Success
There are a few armored birds gliding on the lower thermals, but none of them notice you.

Fallarbor from a top down view seems like a pleasant enough place. It reminds you of Verdanturf, but brown.

You remember that Lanette lives a bit further away from the main town and bank west. Ah, that’s a bit nicer on your eyes, there are several irrigation ponds fed by a clear mountain river, and greenery that can get a foothold out of the ash. A lone house with a red shingled roof stands out among the pine trees at the base of another, non-volcanic, mountain.

>Lanette at home check: Failure
You hover next to a window and look inside the house. Yeesh, it’s a complicated mess of computers and cords and stacks of paper. You check the other windows, but don’t see any sign of Lanette.

Do you:
A. Explore a nearby landmark (suggest) and come back to find Lanette another day
B. Wait for Lanette to return (1/3 chance either Salamence or Gengar spots you while you wait)
No. 1055806 ID: f928be

No. 1055807 ID: dd15aa

B, can't keep them in the dark forever so if they spot us they spot us.
No. 1055841 ID: 7c0da2

B. You could Dig yourself a hiding place. If they do spot you, pretend you were interested in how the PC storage works in case you need to escape it some day.
It's not too bad if they see us, but I think it would probably be better to tell them the truth at some point rather than wait until they discover it themselves by accident.
No. 1055842 ID: a7a180

A. Do they have a contest hall in town still? Ooh, or you could check out the meteor crater nearby.
No. 1055846 ID: 15c72a

No. 1055847 ID: 69f437

>It's not too bad if they see us
They might immediately beat us up and they know that we live in Smeargle's den, allowing them to harass us or one of our friends whenever they want. I'm pretty sure that would be considered pretty bad if they discover the truth and don't like what they hear.
No. 1055849 ID: 69f437

Another thing that would be bad is Team Friendlies is our source of easy level ups. If they hate us, then they won't want us around and we won't be able to level up anymore!
No. 1055850 ID: 7c0da2

I really don't think they would react with violence. Salamence especially, from what we have seen he is the nicest person around. When the grunt stumbled upon the tournament at the end of the first part he merely grabbed her and brought her back to her hideout. He reacted peacefully to an unknown human that could threaten the pokemons he helped rescue, he wouldn't be less peaceful with someone he knows.
Beside, they won't guess we are a human just because they see us here. Being seen would lead to awkward questions, they would probably come to the conclusion we are hiding things from them, and at absolute worst they might think we had hidden motives for training with them, feel hurt and not trust us as much anymore. But attacking on sight and hurting our other friends is a bit disproportionate, and something they probably wouldn't do even if they knew our secret.
If anything our current situation is a sign we should talk to them about being a human before we end up having to explain why we are doing something weird. I think we are friendly enough with Team Friendly that it wouldn't be that big of a deal in the end.
No. 1055851 ID: bbb04b

I mean, we do have "trainers are misusing your PC system, how do we make them stop" on the docket for our discussions, right? (Maybe put a surcharge on long-term storage?) No reason we can't simply omit some of our other reasons for visiting if we are spotted, so, B.
No. 1055852 ID: 01fe07

Wait, I'm lost. Why exactly did we come here again? I thought our character already decided that he liked being a pokemon and wasn't in a hurry to change back. So why are we trying to find the lady that might be able to change us back?
No. 1055853 ID: 1eabc5

I agree, confiding in Salamence first seems like a good idea and seeing how he thinks the others would react.
No. 1055863 ID: 9ea24b
File 167623920643.png - (94.66KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

>Why are you visiting Lanette if you don’t want to be turned back into a human?
Getting Lanette on your side would help with revamping the PC system, part of your goal to improve human Pokemon relations.

>Would Gengar and Salamence beat you up if they found you?
No, though Gengar would be much more upset given her dislike of Lanette. The chance of you encountering either of them is low, though, so you decide to risk it

>B, wait for Lanette
>Friendlies avoidance check (2/3 success): Success
You find a cozy spot in a tree and watch a flock of Swablu hop around the grass. There are Lotad and Lombre soaking in the large pond and you spot a Barboach leap bodily out of the water.

No sign of Salamence or Gengar, and after a few hours a woman with reddish brown hair and a green dress comes striding along the walkway towards the house.

Lanette looks like she’s deep in thought and you don’t think she’s carrying any Pokemon. How do you approach her and what do you say (via writing)?
No. 1055864 ID: 0097ed

Introduce yourself as the Vibrava Tracey mentioned and present your credir card as proof of ID.
No. 1055865 ID: a7a180

Make annoying cicada noises from the tree you're in and wave if she investigates. Otherwise you can meet her at the door to her house.
Write: Was human, am pokemon. How this happen?
Later, ask: Why trap pokemon in PC? What happens if they never get let out?
No. 1055870 ID: 36784c

Write a hello and introduce yourself. Apologize for not arriving sooner because you needed to evolve to a Vibrava and learn Fly in order to get here.

>Introduce yourself as the Vibrava Tracey mentioned
We were actually a Trapinch when Tracy mentioned us.

>present your credir card as proof of ID.
Can’t do that. We can only bring one held item with us, which was our writing materials. We don’t even have our Revive with us, so we’ve gotta be careful about running into anyone on our way back later.
No. 1055871 ID: 5d9787

Start with "Hi" in big letters.
No. 1055873 ID: 7c0da2

Seconding the cicada noises. If it doesn't work just land on the ground away from her, smile and wave. Start by writing "Hi" in the dirt. Introduce yourself properly via notepad once she has seen you.
You need to ask her about the other human who got turned into a pokemon and back into a human, how and why it happened. Ask if there is some way to contact them. If she asks how you ended up being transformed tell her what you know.
Once that's done you can tell her about The Kid, and the pokemons being sentenced to life in the PC and ask if there is some way she could help. Don't mention Gengar, she might know her, and don't tell her about Team Friendly either.
No. 1055945 ID: ac5319

A cicada or cricket your size... wouldn't that sound like a viola or something?? A really loud one?
No. 1055956 ID: 9ea24b
File 167632844403.png - (116.68KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

>Tracy wrote a letter to Lanette describing your situation
Oh yeah! It was a couple weeks ago but hopefully Lanette will make the connection once you get her attention.

>You can only bring one held item with you
This was true while you were a Trapinch, but now that you’re a Vibrava you have a larger carrying capacity. If you can’t convince Lanette you can bring your ID next time.

>Operation bug noises
You buzz your wings and click your segmented body against itself, making quite a racket!

>Lanette attention check (2/3 chance success): Failure
You’re flabbergasted to see Lanette walk right past your tree and dig around in her pocket for her house key without even sparing you a glance. You have no choice but to jump down to greet her.

You don’t think you’re a very intimidating figure, but Lanette flinches and edges away warily as you scuttle towards her.

:pokelanfrown: You do anything to me and the PC system with all of the stored Pokemon in it goes down.

That’s an ominous thing to say. You hurry to scribble a large ‘Hi’ on your notebook and hold it out to her.

:pokelanfrown: Huh?

>Lanette memory check (2/3 chance success): Success

The woman’s entire demeanor changes, her tense shoulders slump and she leans against the door with a sigh.

:pokelanface: Oh, you’re the human who was transformed into a Pokemon, you scared me. You wanted me to get you in touch with Bill, right? Come inside, sorry about the mess.

You find a spot of free space on the couch and hurry to write a summary of your findings about your transformation and Jirachi. You ask Lanette if she knows about any other humans that were turned into Pokemon.

:pokelanface: There was a story about maybe fifty years ago that a human became a Pokemon to stop a meteor from falling on Hoenn. I think they decided to stay a Pokemon in the end and by this time they’ve probably passed away. You know about Bill’s experiments already, of course.

You try to be delicate asking about the ethics of the PC, but Lanette immediately becomes guarded.

:pokelanfrown: It’s not a perfect system, but it’s necessary for an advanced human Pokemon society to have a PC network for storing Pokemon.

:pokelanfrown: It’s safe and the Pokemon are in stasis. Once a trainer has retired, all of the balls registered to them are taken out and the Pokemon are released.

You know there are some super old trainers, so this doesn’t exactly reassure you.

:pokelanfrown: If you’re happy staying as a Pokemon, good luck, but I don’t have much I can help you with.
No. 1055958 ID: a7a180

There's something she's hiding, because that stasis doesn't seem like a perfect system. What about pokemon like Porygon, who are already made of data? (or Rotom, who possesses machines, though he's not around as of yet.)
Tell us more about the meteor story. Was the meteor like a comet? Does it come around every fifty years or something?
No. 1055960 ID: dd15aa

Lanette is pretty sus, but don't say so. We can see about founding Team Plasma later.

Try to play it off as being concerned about being caught and stuck inside, which isn't exactly untrue. Is there any way you could register yourself somewhere to make yourself uncatchable?
No. 1055964 ID: 86e259

It sounds like she's had to defend against accusations (and maybe more) before, so...I dunno, keep that in mind. Like, the way she reacted to you in the first place reads like she was worried you might be a pokemon come to enact revenge and used the PC system as a bunch of shield hostages.
No. 1055969 ID: ac5319

Is the system actually designed to faildeadly from the point of view of the Pokemon or did she mean something else by go down?
No. 1055975 ID: 1d5bb3

Ask about that threat earlier when you first arrived. Have some pokemon been harassing her recently and she needed to say that in order to get them to not mess with her?

Also, give her a heads up on the Groudon situation. Let her know that some weird kid has woken Groudon up, so there might be some seismic activity and/or extreme sunlight for a while.
No. 1055993 ID: 36784c

Tell her your honest feelings. After being a Pokémon for a while, you kinda don’t want to change back. But at the same time, you’re worried about what’ll happen to you if you get caught and stuck inside the Storage System.
No. 1056068 ID: 7c0da2

She probably already had a lot of people talk to her about the ethical implications of PC boxes, it must get annoying. Ask her if she had any problems with pokemons threatening her, because it looked a bit like that when you met her. She kinda looks like she faces threats and resentment from one side, and occasional ethical accusations from the other.
Tell her you didn't meant to criticize, it's just that now that you are a pokemon, it's suddenly a lot more frightening. Especially since a kid seems to really want to catch you and that would mean never seeing your friends or family ever again. You are not accusing her of anything, you are just worried about what could happen to you.
Also, the part about pokemons being in stasis can't be the whole truth, else Gengar couldn't have escaped or even wanted to escape if she was in stasis, but don't tell her that.
You could ask her to try the boxes, to see what it's actually like, and maybe she is curious to have a first hand account of what it's like?
No. 1056098 ID: 7f2a90

[Yeah, I'll admit my priorities had shifted a bit between when I first asked Tracy to contact you and now. I would like to debate PC ethics later - and I mean actually debate you in a genuine dialogue - but you don't seem to be in the mood for that right now. Although I can already tell you I won't be the sort to point out problems without suggesting any solutions.]
No. 1056105 ID: 96112b

She sounds like she is lying about the stasis. Gengar was verte distraught about being left in a PC for months

I still propose that se learn Enunciation, as per post >>1054830
No. 1056127 ID: 9ea24b
File 167641922556.png - (107.70KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

>Learn human language
I’m going to take a stand on this and say you can’t because there aren’t any speaking Pokemon (beyond a few words in niche cases) in the gen 3 games. Writing works fine for communication.

>Is the system designed to fail if Lanette is harmed?
From your limited experience with company IT, complicated tech needs constant maintenance or it breaks. Lanette wouldn’t even need a dead man’s switch to make good on her threat.

It sounds like Lanette has had to deal with both Pokemon coming for revenge and humans who have ethical concerns about the PC system. It makes sense that she becomes defensive when confronted, since it’s her life’s work, especially if she’s convinced herself what she’s doing is okay. You don’t want to make her hostile by bringing up your knowledge of Gengar, who was at least somewhat conscious in storage.

Right now your highest priority is some kind of safeguard so that you don’t get trapped in the PC yourself.

You ask Lanette if she’s been threatened by Pokemon before, and why she doesn’t have her own to protect her.

:pokelanface: Yes, every once in a while. It’s frightening, but I can usually convince them to leave. Sometimes I think Ghost Pokemon are targeting me in particular, I get tripped a lot and the stuff in my house gets moved around. I’m too busy to raise my own Pokemon.

You ask if Lanette can register you in the PC somehow so that you can’t be caught.

:pokelanthink: Well, I could catch you in a Pokeball and then let you out, then no one else can catch you.

You make a face.

:pokelanface: You’ll be registered to whoever catches you, so if I don’t know who that is I can’t code for it. I guess I could run a search on the system every so often to see if there’s a new Vibrava there, and then check if it’s you, but that’s a lot of work on my end.

A. Offer to stop the Pokemon who’s harassing her in exchange for the PC checking service (You’ll get in trouble with Gengar)

B. Let Lanette catch you (Would be bad if you come in conflict with her in the future)

C. Thank Lanette for her time and go home
No. 1056131 ID: a7a180

C. If ghost pokemon in particular are haunting her then maybe the issue is confined to certain types of pokemon. Or those with formerly human souls. Which would include you. But that's a problem for another time.
If we were to pick a trusted human to prevent our capture, I would ask Tracey.
No. 1056135 ID: c7b9d1

C. Let's head back.
No. 1056142 ID: 15c72a

C. It's likely we'll be in conflict with her in the future, and Gengar's wish probably has something to do with the PC stuff.
No. 1056143 ID: 7f2a90

"If I ask a human to register me, it would probably be Tracey. Thanks for the offer, though. Could you watch for that and take me out of storage on your end? I can even tell you what it's like to be in storage; I'm honestly not sure how you'd know for sure if the PC system's stasis is truly perfect without a first-hand account."
No. 1056145 ID: c7b9d1

We shouldnt push her too much, she seems lazy and lazy people are less likely to help on a whim if pestered about it.
No. 1056147 ID: 36784c

>ghost type harassment
Tell Lanette that it’s weird that specifically ghost types are messing with her. Then ask if because ghost types can go through walls, is it possible that ability could also allow them to pull themselves out of the PC Storage System?

>what do?

There’s not much we can do to help her, so we should leave for now.
No. 1056148 ID: 36784c

Considering the fact that she’s responsible for the upkeep of the storage system that has everyone’s Pokémon in it, I think she’s overworked, not lazy.
No. 1056150 ID: c7b9d1

Is it a good idea to warn her about this vulnerability?
No. 1056165 ID: dee951

Maybe a general, 'pokemon abilities are weird, how do you confirm that they are fully in stasis?'
No. 1056176 ID: 556cba

Definitely a better way to word it, yeah. As much as I want to get more info out of her, I'm just leery of making her too suspicious or annoyed. Her tone and attitude make me think she's a dangerous enemy to have.
No. 1056190 ID: 7c0da2

C. There is better choices that someone we barely know if we want to be caught safely. Don't push her on the subject of the PC system reliability, she is the expert on the subject, she is unlikely to take it well or seriously.
But maybe we could try to be a mediator (and a translator of course) between her and Gengar at some point, when we know Lanette better. Both side could benefit from working together, Lanette could improve her PC system, and Gengar could help improve conditions for the caught pokemons, and maybe raise awareness on the issue of neglected pokemons left to gather dust in the PC.
No. 1056202 ID: 7e5fb9

>pokemon abilities are weird
The author has stated that there are no pokemon abilities in this quest, so it wouldn't really make sense to address the issue like that.

Is there a reason on why shouldn't we just single out ghost types with how they can pass through things?
No. 1056204 ID: 1eabc5

Because Lanette isn't dumb and we shouldn't key her in on Gengar.
No. 1056205 ID: 20cfaa


Abilities in the common meaning of the term!
No. 1056207 ID: 9ea24b
File 167650684164.png - (54.44KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

>If you’re going to ask someone to catch you, it should be Tracy
You never directly asked her, but if she wasn’t comfortable using your credit card, you doubt she’d be willing to catch you. You decided not to mess with Pokeballs yourself, so your options to avoid capture by pre-capture are extremely limited.

>Wish recap
Gengar wants to successfully mentor you and Salamence wants Houndoom to be happy. You don’t know the kid’s wish yet.

>Warn her about Groudon
Team Magma informed the general public that Groudon has awakened, so Lanette is already aware.

>Tell her about Gengar
No doubt Lanette has powerful friends who could cause problems for the Friendlies. Best to avoid a dangerous conflict.

Lanette seems done with the conversation and you don’t want to push her any more right now. Since you’re not doing Lanette any favors, she won’t go out of her way to help you, though you can visit her in the future and ask her more about the storage system.

You write out a short thanks to Lanette and then hastily Fly home. Whew! That was an awfully long day and you have an enormous appetite after all the exercise.

Would you like to bring Espeon (2v1) or Blaziken (2v2) or neither (1v1) to fight tomorrow? Please also specify who will carry the Revive if you’re bringing a friend. If you’re bringing Blaziken, decide whether to fight Gengar or Salamence with him.
No. 1056220 ID: a7a180

Bring Espeon and give her the revive while you keep your opponent guessing whether you'll fly or dig.
No. 1056221 ID: 15c72a

Blaziken, try fighting Gengar this time.
No. 1056244 ID: bf9b7c

Seconded. Still want to go check out Jirachi after the match with Espeon.
No. 1056277 ID: e51896

No. 1056278 ID: f3c38f

I feel like it might be good to collect data from pokemon about how the PC system feels firsthand. Then you can go back to Lanette, with actual information.

Seems like it's been a while since we did a 1v1, might be good to mix it up. Also, I'm still leery of 2v1.
No. 1056288 ID: 4a39fa

Good idea.
Don't use Sand Attack, try to paralyze with Dragon Breath instead.
No. 1056290 ID: f3c38f

Actually, question - did you know anybody while human that you trust? Enough to have them capture you?
No. 1056291 ID: a59eeb

I think we're definitely at an unsurmountable disadvantage againdt Sealeo 1v1 without Rock Tomb, unless we pick sand and pray.
We can probably go 1v1 against Breloom with Fly.
But I still want Espeon to come even if she doesn't battle, so we can investigate.
No. 1056303 ID: 5c6d41

I want to bring Blaziken again so that we can keep winning and hopefully evolve again.

But I also want to bring Espeon so we can go looking for Jirachi.

I'm not too sure on what to do.
No. 1056315 ID: 9ea24b
File 167660292080.png - (120.42KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

>Bring Espeon so you can get more info on Jirachi, give her the Revive and use Dig against Sealeo as much as possible
You cheerfully greet Salamence and clamber into his bundle for the ride to the Friendlies base. Espeon, who was up at sunrise, gracefully sits next to you.

:pokevibface: Espeon, do you think you’d be okay if I tried to carry you around in the air during our break?

:pokeespfrown: I’m the same size as you, it’d be awkward but we can try.

:pokesalface: What are you looking for?

:pokevibfrown: Uh, a legendary Pokemon. Just for fun, you know.

You don’t want to share too many details about Jirachi since she’s intertwined with your original identity as a human.

>Salamence pry avoidance: Failure

:pokesalsmile: I can help, I’ll give Espeon a ride so you don’t have to worry about dropping her.

:pokevibfrown: Haha, yeah, thanks…

Sealeo bans you and Espeon from using Sand Attack, while you ban her from using Aurora Beam, per usual. You and Espeon are faster than Sealeo, who’ll hit Espeon when she can’t target you.

>Turn 1
>Espeon: Confusion (17.5% on Sealeo, no confusion status)
>Vibrava: Dig setup turn
>Sealeo: Ice Ball (90% accurate, miss!)
You burrow underground, so you miss seeing Espeon nimbly avoid Sealeo’s rolling bulk.

>Turn 2
>Espeon: Confusion (17.5% on Sealeo, no confusion status)
>Vibrava: Dig (25.2% on Sealeo)
>Sealeo: Ice Ball (90% accurate, hit on Vibrava for 79%)
You bounce off Sealeo in time for her to flatten you with her ice coated torso. One more hit like that and you’ll be out!

>Turn 3
>Espeon: Confusion (17.5% on Sealeo, Sealeo becomes confused!)
>Vibrava: Dig setup turn
>Sealeo: Hits herself in confusion for 15%!
Salamence ends the fight before you can emerge and knock out Sealeo. The crowd cheers for the new tactics, but won’t like it if you defeat Sealeo in a 2v1 in the future.

Espeon gains two Levels thanks to her active role in this battle and learns Swift, forgetting Quick Attack. You gain one Level and have the option to learn Screech.

How do you search for Jirachi with Salamence literally hovering over your shoulder?
No. 1056317 ID: dd15aa

Pass on the Screech.

We were thinking about confiding in him anyways, and it's good to have Espeon with us to back us up on our intentions being good in case he gets upset.

Once we're far enough away, let's fill Salamence in gently on what happened, about Jirachi, and why we were asking about his wish.
No. 1056319 ID: a7a180

If the fans liked our sand attack they're gonna love our Screech! Switch it out.
How? At a distance.
No. 1056324 ID: c79add

Don't learn Screech.

That's the perfect opportunity to tell the truth to Salamence without anyone else listening. Just be honest with him and answer his questions if he has any. Also tell him that you really want to help him and Gengar, not because you're forced to but because they are your friends.
No. 1056325 ID: 15c72a

Hmm, this might be a good time to think about the future. Will helping fulfill all three wishes turn you human? If so, do you *want* to be human again?
No. 1056326 ID: be210c

>reveal identity to Salamence?
Yeah, out of all the Friendlies, he seems like he'd be the most level-headed when we tell him.

But at the same time, I'm not sure if our relationship is high enough with him. Even if he doesn't freak out, that doesn't mean that he'll keep our secret from Gengar and Houndoom.

Basically, it's a risk to tell Salamence since there's a chance he won't take it well or he might tell the others. So we should really carefully think about if it is a good idea to tell him now.
No. 1056344 ID: e51896

I think if we also make it clear that we've never been a trainer, it'll be easier for him to swallow that information. while they may dislike humans, I think I remember them having more of a grudge against trainers more than humans.
No. 1056345 ID: e51896

also, idea for the next time we fight, I would love a 2v2 with us and whatever party member we choose (maybe Espeon) against Breloom and Sealeo one day.
No. 1056348 ID: dd15aa

Seconded, it sounds like it would make for a good match.
No. 1056373 ID: bbb04b

> Screech
Don't learn it - and if you do learn it, replace Dig (since it and fly are slightly redundant in utility).

> Salamence
Just come clean with him, but preface it with: "So, lemme start by saying that Gengar made an... assumption about my origins, and I've since been too scared of how she might react if I ever corrected her, given what her stance seems to be on... humans. I was never a trainer, for the record."

And finish it with: "And honestly, I've grown to like being a Pokémon, so while Jirachi seems to have made me one for the purpose of fulfilling wishes (in some stupidly half-assed and roundabout way, as per their modus), and while that is ultimately what made me aware of people having unfulfilled wishes like yours, my reason for wanting to help has nothing to do with any sense of obligation to a Legendary or any need to return to my previous life. I really do think of you as a friend, Salamence. Do you still feel the same way about me?"
No. 1056410 ID: 9ea24b
File 167669456492.png - (106.42KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>Don’t learn Screech
Most fights don’t last longer than a few turns anyway, so you don’t think defense lowering strats are worth it.

>Come clean to Salamence once you’re alone with him and Espeon
You and Espeon get back in Salamence’s bundle and Espeon points him northwest. After you’re high up in the air with no one else around, you break the news gently.

:pokevibface: Salamence, I think you’re a very nice guy and a good friend.

:pokesalblush: Oh! Thank you.

:pokevibpeace: I’m about to share a big secret with you, because I trust you.

:pokesalsmile: Okay, what is it?

:pokevibsmile: I was originally a normal human until about three weeks ago when Jirachi the wish Pokemon somehow saw the deepest desires of you, Gengar, and the trainer kid that’s been running around and offloaded the responsibility onto me to grant your wishes. I was never a trainer and I want to stay a Pokemon though I’m trying to find Jirachi to get more details on the consequences if I don’t fulfill the wishes. I’ll turn back into a human if I do fulfill them.

>Salamence panic avoidance check: Failure
:pokesalpanik: Y-you–This whole time you’ve been secretly a human?!

:pokesalpanik: Oh no, and you could turn back into a human at any time? Gengar will freak out!

:pokevibfrown: No, not anytime, I don’t even know what the kid wants yet.

:pokesalstun: Vibrava, you’re in danger if you keep visiting the base. If Houndoom finds out I don’t know what he’d do.

:pokevibfrown: Sheesh, don’t tell him then. Don’t tell anyone, I just wanted to give you context for why we’re looking for Jirachi right now,

:pokeespface: Keep going, I think it’s this one there.

You follow Espeon’s tail to where it’s pointing to the mountain right next to Lanette’s house. The surface is barren and spotted with craters.

:pokesalsad: Meteor Falls. I hatched there, it’s a huge cave on the inside.

You now know Jirachi is somewhere within Meteor Falls. Salamence will go along with your choice though he’s uncomfortable with the situation.

A. Skip the afternoon battle and start searching inside the cave since you’re already here
B. Go back to fight Breloom (suggest strategy, you’re planning to do a 1v1 since you know Fly)
No. 1056411 ID: a7a180

No. 1056414 ID: 15c72a

Finding it was the hard part. We've got Fly, we can come back easily.
No. 1056416 ID: dd15aa

Thank Salamence for being concerned about you even though it's a shock. If it ever comes to turning back into a human, you want to keep helping them rescue mistreated Pokemon from the human side. Even if it's not together.

B, let's not ditch them again. We know where to look now and we have Fly to get here later.
If Sand is banned, open with one Dragonbreath and then use Fly.
If she bans Fly, use Sand a couple times and then Dragonbreath.
No. 1056430 ID: bbb04b

"I want to make it clear that 1, the reason I didn't come clean earlier is because I had no clue how you would react for a while, and I still have no idea how Gengar might react - obviously, you just spelled out how Houndoom might take it poorly - and 2, this in no way colors my intent to help you. Yes, Jirachi is the reason I have the opportunity to help you and Houndoom, but I really am in no hurry to become a human again - I'm not doing this to get away from all this or anything... Although I am seeking out Jirachi to make sure nothing BAD happens beyond me keeping the 'curse' I want to keep anyway if I leave that trainer's wish unfulfilled. But even if there's nothing forcing me to fulfill wishes, I still want yours to come true."

Anyway, we have a general area to search, and we don't necessarily need Espeon's help anymore, so let's head back for now: B. Delay tactics aren't actually that useful when it's 1v1 and you don't have any damage-over-time. I say stick to Dragon Breath and Sand Attack. Switch Fly in if she bans Dragon Breath.
No. 1056436 ID: 74fc3b

Reassure Salamence that you want to be friends with him and the others.

>what do?

We should come back to the cave later, after we evolve and we're big enough to carry someone with us.
No. 1056450 ID: 9ea24b
File 167677253036.png - (105.91KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

>B, you can come back to search later
Salamence breathes a sigh of relief when you tell him he can turn around.

:pokevibface: I still want to fulfill your wish Salamence, because you’re my friend and I want to help Houndoom. I was scared to tell you earlier about being a human but I feel a lot better now that you know.

:pokesalstun: I’ll get used to it eventually, sorry for panicking.

:pokevibpeace: That just shows that you’re concerned about me. Thanks for being understanding.

Salamence drops you and Espeon off at the Friendlies Base, then soars away again, probably to clear his head.

>Breloom has an idea
:pokebreface: Hey, if you don’t ban Sky Uppercut, I won’t ban you from using Fly. Deal?

:pokevibface: Maybe next time, I do want to use Fly in battle but with Sky Uppercut you can hit me when I’m in the air.

:pokebreface: Fair.

You ban Sky Uppercut and Breloom bans Fly, so you plan to use Sand Attack and then Dragon Breath. You’re faster than Breloom.

>Turn 1
>Vibrava: Sand Attack
>Breloom: Headbutt (2/3 chance to hit, hit, 39% damage)
You’ll set up one more accuracy drop and then pray Breloom misses, otherwise Headbutt will KO you before you can get solid Dragon Breath damage.

>Turn 2
>Vibrava: Sand Attack
>Breloom: Headbutt (1/2 chance to hit, hit, 39% damage)
Agh! Where’s your obscenely good luck from past fights? Maybe you’ll get the Paralysis with Dragon Breath and stabilize.

>Turn 3
>Vibrava: Dragon Breath (No paralysis, 29% damage)
>Breloom: Headbutt (1/2 chance to hit, hit, KO)
Oh no, you never got your Revive back from Espeon! You curse Breloom’s hard mushroom cap head as she defeats you in the 1v1 once more. Breloom gains two levels.

A mixed day on the battlefield, but you made a ton of progress towards finding Jirachi. What would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. Visit a human
B. Visit a Pokemon
C. Gather resources
No. 1056451 ID: e51896

Lets spend some time with Gengar today. Maybe we'll get more answers about Houndoom today to figure out how to help him... or she can introduce us to that electric pokemon... maybe both?
No. 1056454 ID: a7a180

This, with the electric introduction being preferred.
No. 1056455 ID: 15c72a

No. 1056457 ID: dd15aa

B. Let's follow up on Jirachi.
No. 1056488 ID: 7c0da2

That, and it's been a while since we spent time with her. Ask her what she thinks of your recent fights and if she has any advice.
No. 1056496 ID: 96112b

B. Let's go into the fields and fight other pokemon to level up!
No. 1056502 ID: ddec8d

B. Let's find some random pokemon to battle. Hopefully we can level up a little more.

And bring the Revive with us this time!
No. 1056512 ID: dd15aa

Wild Pokemon didn't very much like being challenged to battles the last time we went out to fight. It would probably be better to go to the Friendlies base and find a sparring partner if we choose to do that.
We could combine it with getting introduced to an electric type.
No. 1056525 ID: 9ea24b
File 167686538321.png - (73.81KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

>B, visit Gengar in the hopes of learning about Houndoom, meeting an Electric Pokemon, and battling for bonus experience
It’s been a while since you’ve had a good talk with Gengar about the tournament. After spending most of your time the past week with Salamence out of the Friendlies’ leadership, you’re curious what secrets you could learn from Gengar.

When you return to the den for the evening you retrieve your Revive from Espeon.

Smeargle drags you back into bed the first time you attempt to get up in the morning, not that you’re complaining. An hour later and you manage to escape for late breakfast and a refreshing flight north.

>Kid avoidance check (75% chance success): Success
It seems like all of your sand luck went into never seeing the kid ever again. From the air, you quickly spot Gengar chatting with an unfamiliar Dark type on the edge of the treehouses and the dirt, and swoop down to say hello.

Since you’re trying to get multiple tasks accomplished with this visit, it’ll be a roll for each one.
>Houndoom lore check: Success
>Electric Pokemon check: Failure
>Battle check: Failure

:pokegensmile: Why look who’s here on his day off. Excuse me Absol, I must see what Vibrava wants.

:pokevibsmile: Hi Gengar! I wanted to chat, sometimes it gets really busy with the tournament and I feel like I don’t get a chance to get feedback.

:pokegenwink: Ho ho ho well I’m always happy to mentor. You’re doing well, a good mix of wins and losses. I think you can beat Breloom if you use your Revive and Fly.

:pokevibface: Sounds good. I was also wondering if you could introduce me to one of the Electric type Pokemon in Team Friendlies.

:pokegenneut: Vibrava I know some mons are into electrical play but you’ve got to focus on your battling.

:pokevibfrown: Huh???

:pokegendrama: I’ve seen too many good Pokemon succumb to the pleasures of electrostimulation! You have to stay strong and resist!

Gengar’s read of the situation is so insane that you’re temporarily stunned and decide to change the subject.

:pokevibshock: Battling, right, I was thinking I could get some extra practice in today.

:pokegendrama: Where’s the Vibrava I knew? The one who asked for a four day vacation from the tournament? Vibrava, a good battling-life balance is very important. I simply can’t bear to see you fight again so soon.

:pokevibfrown: Okay? But you just said I should focus on it…Nevermind.

You’re running out of things to talk about. Surely Gengar won’t be forthcoming with juicy details about Houndoom.

:pokevibface: I was chatting with Salamence a bit and he mentioned that Houndoom, er, had an accident with his former trainer and isn’t very happy with life in general.

:pokegensmile: Yes, after killing his trainer he went on the run and was demonized by human society. I think he strongly regrets killing his trainer but was also being chased by trainers trying to quell what they saw as an evil rogue Pokemon and so turned his negative emotions into a drive to get stronger. Once we all reached maximum strength he didn’t have a good outlet and started dwelling on the mistakes of the past.

:pokegenwink: That’s just my personal theory anyway.

Since Gengar isn’t letting you battle you can sneak a quick chat with one other Pokemon you recognize at the Friendlies Base (Breloom, Sealeo, Houndoom, Grumpig, or Absol).
No. 1056530 ID: a7a180

Talk to Absol. About what? Iunno. Enough with the bad tidings, what's a happy accident you've had recently?
No. 1056543 ID: bf9b7c

Try to see Houndoom. We could ask for help with Groudon, but that could feed into his bad habits.
Ask him if he's ever sang. Singing in front of people takes a lot of courage!
No. 1056624 ID: 9ea24b
File 167694968107.png - (98.28KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

>Random choice between Absol and Houndoom: Houndoom
About time you saw the reclusive pooch again, it’s been ages since he stepped out of his tree when the crowd was screaming at you for the sand strats. Good times.

You awkwardly back away from Gengar until she gives you a funny look and drifts away. You spot the big pine Houndoom lives in and clamber up the dark wooden tunnel to the spacious inner room.

Houndoom is lying on the floor in the same position as when you first met him, spooky orange eyes half-lidded. You detect the faint smell of vanilla massage oil.

:pokevibsmile: Hi Houndoom! Hey, have you ever tried singing in public? I bet you have a lovely voice.

You see the familiar terror of being confronted with unstable trickster ghost mons mirrored in Houndoom’s face at your non sequitur.

:pokedoomface: No, I’m not interested in singing. Please do not bother me, I wish to be left alone.

At least you made a strong impression. What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Visit a human
B. Visit a Pokemon
C. Go searching for an Electric type pal in the wild
No. 1056653 ID: dd15aa

Gengar's mentoring at work. I wonder if there's any way to find out what his interests outside of fighting are. We can't even snoop with a Psychic since he's a Dark type.

C. We're outside Mauville, there must be some Electrike around here.
No. 1056657 ID: a7a180

C. Everyone's heard of Team Friendlies, but not everyone's affiliated with them. Your typing ensures a safe introduction.
No. 1056663 ID: e51896

It'd be cool if we can find a minun or plusle... maybe both!
No. 1056695 ID: 36784c

We haven’t visited Linoone for a while, let’s go see what he’s doing. And depending on how close we are to evolving, we could just trade things with him in exchange for a Rare Candy and/or battling him for a level up.

>everyone suggesting to find an electric type to charge laptop
Why? We can just go visit Tracy and charge our laptop at her house.

But if we do find an electric type, we can battle them so we can level up. It’d be nice to have a type advantage against someone for once.
No. 1056708 ID: 6a571e

Do this
No. 1056720 ID: 7c0da2

C. With a charged up laptop you could search for information on Houndoom. There is no way a pokemon killing his trainer then running away from several others wasn't mentioned in the news, if only locally to warn people. You can use online articles on the event to find he place and time and then go there to learn more, or try and see if some local medias have online archives that could help you discover what happened. But you'll need a full charge at least, maybe several.
And I think a friendly electric type is better than asking Tracy, a pokemon carrying laptop could attract unwanted attention from Team Friendly and The Kid.
No. 1056722 ID: 19ea25

We are proving Gengar's mentoring works. We act like them more and more.

No. 1056731 ID: 9ea24b
File 167702703071.png - (108.40KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

>How close are you to evolving?
You’re currently Level 41 and you evolve at 45. Becoming a Flygon is within reach!

>Fighting wild Pokemon
Since you can travel anywhere, you can go to areas where Pokemon are stronger to train. The low Level Pokemon near where you live won’t give you much experience.

>C, take matters into your own hands
Speaking of Pokemon near Mauville, you have the bright idea to find an Electric type yourself. There are those cute rodent Pokemon, Plusle and Minun, that live around Route 110, and if you’re really desperate you can settle for an Electrike.

>Kid avoidance check (75% chance success): Failure
You Fly south, passing over the gleaming Bike Path that you always wanted to try but never did, just in time to spot a familiar white hat wearing tween exit the Trick House.

The kid’s Pokemon are at an unknown Level and will be evolved as appropriate. He has four Pokeballs on his belt. You have your notebook and pen with you, as well as your Revive.

A. Try to communicate with him (suggest what to say)
B. Wait for him to leave the area so you can search for a Plusle or Minun (50% chance he notices you and starts a battle)
C. Hide in the den for the rest of the day (uses up your activity slot but you avoid an encounter)
No. 1056734 ID: a7a180

A: Hey you! Why are you running around poking all the legendaries, huh? Aren't you a bit early for that?
No. 1056741 ID: bf9b7c

A. "ELITE FOUR DRAKE demands your presence at Meteor Falls in two days to discuss the problem you caused and how to resolve it quietly.

Failure to appear will put your trainer's license in jeapordy. Consider wisely."

Gives us time to gather the posse and get ready to confront him. Then, we drag his ass in front of Jirachi along with Gengar and Salamence and figure this out.
No. 1056772 ID: 96112b

Let's face it, A was the only option.

First write "Hello there!", see if he gets the reference.

After that say "I have been sent to help grant your deepest wish.... and also to tell you to stop attacking random pokemon all the time, especially the legendary ones. It's causing a lot of damage.
No. 1056775 ID: 36784c

Ask him to please stop upsetting Groudon.

>stop attacking random pokemon all the time,
I don't think we'll be able to convince him to stop doing that.

>especially the legendary ones.
We might have a better chance at convincing him to stop messing with legendary pokemon. Especially since Sootopolis gets messed up every time Groudon and/or Kyogre get upset. He might feel guilty for making things miserable for everyone that lives in Sootopolis.
No. 1056776 ID: 4ab383

B! Hide and wait for him to leave!

Trying to communicate with him is only going to demonstrate how rare and valuable we are! He's going to ignore whatever we write for an opportunity to catch a pokemon that can communicate with humans!
No. 1056777 ID: a9af05

B. Hide!

I don't like the idea of putting a target on ourselves like >>1056776 said. But I also don't think we should run away and waste our day either. So hiding seems like a good idea for now.
No. 1056778 ID: 7c0da2

I like this one. Let's make an honest attempt to communicate with him. He has been rather frightening so far, but so was Gengar at the start and everything turned out OK. Try to be friendly, wave and smile.
So far all people Jirachi choose to grant wishes to were ultimately nice, so I'm going to be optimistic and say there was some sort of selection made beforehand. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt, but be ready to run away too just in case.
No. 1056815 ID: 9ea24b
File 167711923913.png - (134.71KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

>A, be direct and tell the truth about your duty to grant his wish
>Also tell him to stop riling up the legendaries
Thanks to your time with Lanette, you have a pre-written greeting and explanation in your notebook. You flip to the correct page and descend to a readable but safe distance in front of the kid.

He immediately throws out a Pokeball to put a durable body between him and the scary wild Pokemon.

>Random Pokemon selection (four options): Sceptile, Level 46
:pokevibsmile: Hi again! Please don’t attack me, I’m trying to talk to your trainer.

:pokescepshock: No way…It’s you, the Trapinch who likes Sand Attack! My trainer was so upset when he couldn’t catch you, Pokemon never get away like that.

:pokevibfrown: That’s me, though I still would really prefer not to be caught.

You edge around Sceptile and hold your notebook up. Do they not teach children how to read anymore? At least he’s not ordering Sceptile to attack you.

>Kid reading comprehension check: Success

:pokekidfrown: Hi…

Encouraged, you flip to the next page, the one with the summary of your whole deal.

:pokekidfrown: You’re a human who got turned into a Pokemon sent by Jirachi to help me?

He scoots around Sceptile to crouch in front of you. It’s scary, but you stand your ground and scribble a quick ‘please don’t catch me’ to show you can write.

:pokekidface: Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for, something new!

The kid hits his knee with a closed fist. He seems very agitated. You ask him politely to not wake up Kyogre if he was thinking of doing that.

:pokekiddismiss: I don’t need to do that if I have you. We need to have the best adventure together, even better than my dad’s when he was my age!

:pokekidface: I always liked listening to his stories, but when it was my turn to get my first Pokemon I just started doing the things he’d already done. I started wishing for something more exciting.

:pokekidfrown: That’s why I woke up Groudon, but he’s not even doing anything…
No. 1056816 ID: a7a180

Have you ever heard of Ash Ketchum? We'll agree to go on an adventure with you if you don't bother with the pokeball thing.
No. 1056817 ID: dd15aa

Eager for something new, huh?

Ever tried the Contest scene? Yeah, it sounds lame, but instead of boring old battles you get to invent the flashiest and coolest ways to use your team's moves.

If he still says it's lame tell him to prove he has the guts to get up on stage and then say so.
No. 1056818 ID: 15c72a

An adventure huh? Alright, tell him you'll ask around in the wild Pokemon community to find leads. That'll be faster than wandering around randomly.
No. 1056819 ID: dee951

"We know some pokemon that might be up for it. We'll ask around. I am **NOT**, myself, up for it. Meet here in 24h, with no tricks?"
No. 1056831 ID: e5709d

Stare at him with disapproval, then fly away.
No. 1056832 ID: b01382

Dude, if you catch me I swear to pokemon gods you will not have a good time. As in, I will chew on something expensive. Also you do realize that pretty much most of all the pokemon hate you for beating them all up? Not cool dude. Also I kinda got family and a girlfriend so, I'd rather not get balled.
No. 1056833 ID: b01382

Ask for the kids name. We can't just keep calling him kid. Also, it'd be a good way to report him to the authorities if he starts shit, or at least get his dad to whip out the belt.

I know Sceptile is his partner and all, but doesn't mean he has to do literally everything the brat says. Sometimes you gotta say no to doing really dumb things, like waking up angry gods.
No. 1056834 ID: 5d9787

I can't possible be the thing you wished for. I'm an grow man with a boring job, I'm not even a trainer. Why would a kid like you want to hang out with an old guy?
As a pokemon the only thing making me unusual would be the ability te write. If we journey together for you it would basically be the equivalent of traveling with a mute trainer with a single pokemon.

If you want an adventure I heard about a group of poachers skinning Spheals. That is way more serious than the Slowpoke's tail incident. You could be heroic by bringing the criminals to the authorities and saving the lives of those pokemons.
I could go with you if you promise to not capture me. If you extend this promise to any pokemon willing to hang out temporally I have a few friends that could be interested in accompany us for this mission in particular.

Please consider that pokemons are individuals and the prospect of be forced to accompany a stranger for the rest of our lives is not very appealing. Being stuck in the PC is an even worst possibility.
No. 1056844 ID: b01382

So is the goal to leave our painter GF behind? Something tells me the kid wants more than one adventure.
No. 1056847 ID: 5d9787

What? Did I wrote something like that?
No. 1056849 ID: e9f891

Helping him go on an adventure seems doable. Ask him what kind of adventure. We could ask around if someone know of something suitable. There was that Absol at the Friendly base who should know if something important is going to happen.
If we are going to travel with him we should also ask Gengar for mentoring tips.
Whatever you do, tell him you're not ready just yet.
No. 1056853 ID: 36784c

>we should go on adventures!
“I’m literally just some boring old guy that has an office job. You don’t want me to travel with you.” (Also, we really don’t want to be put in a Poké Ball or be taken away from our Pokémon friends.)

>I want to do something different
Has he considered doing Pokémon Contests? Surely that would be better that waking up Groudon and Kyogre.
No. 1056858 ID: bf9b7c

What Vibrava says: I am a boring old dude, I don't adventure.
What Vibrava means: You aren't old enoigh for the Pokemon adventures I go on.
No. 1056859 ID: b01382

I just realized something. We can communicate between the kid and his pokemon. Firstly I'd like to know: would the kid like to learn more about his pokemon, or does he see them nothing more than toys for him to throw around and play with? The kids seems careless and doesn't really give a damn about the consequences of his actions. Best case scenario the big angry pokemon he woke up does some property damage. Worse case scenario some people might die or a lot of people and pokemon get hospitalize, plus property damage. I'd like to get a feel for the kids morality.

Also for the memes offer to sell/give some of your porn mags to the kid to see what kind of reaction we can get out of him.
No. 1056861 ID: d57b3f


Don't sell porn mags to the kid. That's just gross.
No. 1056865 ID: 7c0da2

Yes, please don't do that.
No. 1056866 ID: 6ca1f5

No porn for the kid!
No. 1056867 ID: 9ea24b
File 167720320795.png - (92.91KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

>Give the job of entertaining the kid to someone else
No can do, other Pokemon can’t communicate with him and your friends would be reluctant to go near the kid.

>Ask for the kid’s name
:pokekidface: I’m Stetson, I’m from Littleroot. My grandpa’s a gym leader and I got to take time off school for my Pokemon adventure.

>Stetson seems immature and careless
That’s children for you. You’re starting to question why they let anyone below 18 have Pokemon at all.

>Propose participating in Pokemon contests
:pokekiddismiss: Ugh, I guess I could. I never really considered it, I don’t know how to dress up my Pokemon and make Pokeblocks.

Contests sound like a good way to kill time while thinking of more activities.

>You’re boring, you were an office worker before this
:pokekiddismiss: Yeah and now Jirachi turned you into a Pokemon! You’re super interesting.

>You can travel with him but not in a Pokeball
:pokekidfrown: Okay, but what if you run away or something? How do I find you again? I like doing things fast, can you do contest stuff with me in Lilycove tomorrow?

Stetson is demanding a third of your time, so you’d rotate between him, the tournament, and leisure every day. If you stick to the schedule, he’ll be satisfied. If you decide to spend your time differently he’ll have a 50% chance to try to catch you the next time he sees you.

The tournament folks will be upset if you delay things by changing the schedule. On your day off you’ll still have the option to have extra battles with Sealeo and Breloom to make up for it.

Do you plan to meet the kid at the Lilycove contest hall tomorrow morning? You’ll bring the PokeNav so you can exchange numbers and communicate long distance.

If so, which Pokemon do you want to recommend the kid enter in a contest first?
A. Sceptile (you’ll learn more about him)
B. Pelipper (you’ll learn more about her)
C. You (Pokeblocks yum yum)

If not, what’s your strategy against Sealeo and Breloom tomorrow?
No. 1056868 ID: dd15aa

It'll be a bit of a time crunch. Let's make sure to let Smeargle know when we get home that things are looking... promising for a non-violent solution to Stetson, but you'll probably be strapped for time for a while. Be sure to make it up to her.

Our moveset isn't very visually impressive, we're a dirty dirt bug. Let's stay in the position of coach for now and go with A. Sceptile seems like a Cool fellow.
No. 1056869 ID: dd15aa

Oh, and we should stop by the Friendlies and confide in Salamence that we're mentoring the Kid to keep him out of trouble and that's why we'll have to adjust the schedule a bit.
No. 1056871 ID: a7a180

Enter Pelipper. Do green pokeblocks really make you smarter?
What do you call that hat you wear, Stetson? You should try wearing a stetson, or if not, give it to your Pokemon to wear.
No. 1056910 ID: 7c0da2

A. Sceptile, I kinda want to ask him what it's like to be a starter pokemon.

We should also talk to Gengar about it. She'll find out soon enough anyway I think, it's better to tell her ourselves instead of waiting for her to become curious/worried about why we are starting to miss fights and investigates.
And this way someone who knows how to escape the PC has our back, just in case.
No. 1056911 ID: bf9b7c

Good point. She'll probably wonder why we're doing this, so it might be time to rip off the bandaid and confide in Gengar, with Salamence there to provide a cooler head.
No. 1056935 ID: d3df89

Should we tell Gengar now? I kinda want to wait until we evolve into Flygon so that if Gengar gets mad and kicks us out, we'll already be fully evolved and not have to worry about being unable to gain levels.
No. 1056956 ID: 7c0da2

We are close to evolving anyway, even if she bans us from the tournament that's probably not going to make that big a difference.
No. 1056960 ID: 9ea24b
File 167736448632.png - (137.21KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

>Do the contests and recommend Sceptile go first
>Sceptile’s moves and contest move attributes have been added to the wiki
There is no easily accessible online contest simulator, so in the continued interest of my sanity I’m basing the chance of winning a contest on the number of moves a Pokemon knows in the category (cool, smart, beauty, tough, cute) and the number of times they’ve been fed category specific Pokeblocks.

>You’re not in the mood to search for Electric Pokemon
Stetson’s insertion as a major presence in your life sours your appetite for more errands. You tell him you’ll see him tomorrow morning and go back to the den to discuss what you should do about Team Friendlies with Espeon and Smeargle.

:pokevibfrown: Should I tell Gengar about being a human? I’m worried she’ll be mad but the longer I keep the secret from her the more upset she’ll be when she finds out.

:pokeespface: That is true. Salamence was disturbed, but ultimately seemed accepting. I would advise you to tell her as soon as possible.

:pokesmerworry: I agree. She cares about you so she shouldn’t react violently.

:pokevibpeace: Okay. Smeargle, do you have any experience with Pokemon contests?

:pokesmerawk: Thankfully I don’t think Tracy was ever very interested in them. They sound nerve-wracking in a different way from battling since everyone’s judging you on how you look, not just if you’re being effective in a fight.

The next morning you wait for Salamence to arrive to pick you up and tell him about the new schedule as well as your plan to confess to Gengar when you get the chance.

:pokesalface: I can be there for moral support, but she’s not going to be happy. She really likes you though so I think you’ll be okay.

:pokevibsmile: Yeah, it’s not like she’s going to find out I talked to Lanette the PC lady.

:pokesalpanik: YOU WHAT???

:pokevibfrown: Oops, gotta go to Lilycove, tell everyone sorry I can’t come today…

>Fly encounter check: Failure
You don’t run into anyone, person or Pokemon, on the journey east. You pass over a thick deciduous forest, a city built in the trees, a foggy island, and finally arrive in the big city where your parents live. Maybe you can visit them sometime in the future.

You hesitate outside of the red walled contest hall and decide to stand outside until the kid arrives. There’s a constant stream of Pokemon and trainers coming and going, and you don’t have to wait long before you spot Stetson’s white hat. Sceptile is walking freely at his side. It might be the light, but you think the lizard seems queasy.

:pokekidface: I got a Pokeblock case and a bunch of berries yesterday after we talked. You hang out with Sceptile while I figure out how to make these things.

Inside the contest hall are numerous other free ranging Pokemon, all glistening with health and adorned with ribbons showing their previous achievement. You appreciate the texture of the thick carpet under your grabbers before finding a spot along the portrait adorned wall to wait with Sceptile.

:pokescepill: I think I’m going to be sick.

:pokevibshock: Huh? Why?

:pokescepill: All these people watching us when Stetson was the one who stole the Red and Blue Orbs from Mt. Pyre and bothered Groudon, ugh. I’ve also never done a contest before and I’m nervous.

Ah, it seems like Sceptile does have a guilty conscience about the actions of his trainer. Which category of contest do you recommend he enter and what do you say to him?
No. 1056961 ID: 556cba

Smart contest, he could use Toxic to toss globes of poison and Pursuit to juggle them!

Tell Sceptile it'll be fine. Stetson is a minor, so even if he gets caught the worst he'll get is some counseling. Which mihht not be a bad thing...
Give him one of our patented vibe massages to ease his nerves.
No. 1056962 ID: a7a180

Enter a smart contest. They should be the most impartial judges (and also you have two Smart moves, which is a plus.) Just a warning in advance, knowledge is a bitter pill to swallow.
Also, do pokemon actually get smarter/tougher/cuter from these things?
No. 1056991 ID: b01382

Ask our new green buddy whats it like being partnered up with the kid.
No. 1056999 ID: 7c0da2

A smart contest seems to be the best option.

Tell him Stetson is still a kid, he should become less impulsive when he grows up. And Sceptile seems very reasonable and in the perfect position to be a good influence on him. And perfectly able to win a contest, too, especially a contest for smart pokemons. You believe in him, and whether he wins or loses what matters is that he tries his best, his trainer will know he did (probably).
No. 1057014 ID: 36784c

No. 1057024 ID: 9ea24b
File 167746586795.png - (149.75KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

>Reassure Sceptile
:pokevibpeace: You’re not to blame for a minor’s impulsive actions. He probably doesn’t totally understand what he did was wrong. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it eventually, and if he gets busted then that’ll do a good job of teaching him a lesson.

:pokevibface: What’s it like being Stetson’s starter, anyway?

:pokescepface: Well I hatched from an egg as a Treecko and then was put in a Pokeball until it was time for him to choose a Pokemon.

:pokescephap: I like battling and traveling with him! Uh, I haven’t really had a chance to do much else this past month.

:pokevibfrown: You’re a month old?

:pokescepface: Yes, I guess humans don’t work the same way huh? They take a lot longer to develop.

:pokevibfrown: R-right. For the contest, what matters is that you try your best–

You’re interrupted when Stetson returns and offers Sceptile two muddy colored machine cut cubes.

>Random attribute buffs: smart and tough
:pokevibface: Wow, do you feel any smarter?

:pokescepface: How am I supposed to know if I’m smarter? Also Pokeblocks are just made from blended berries, I’m not sure how they could change my intelligence when I eat berries all the time.

:pokescepill: It didn’t taste very good…

You consider Sceptile with a critical eye while Stetson walks him into one of the side auditoriums. He doesn’t look any different to you, contest judges must have some kind of sixth sense for how many berry blocks have been crammed into a mon.

>Normal rank smart contest chance of success: 2 smart moves x 0.25 x 1.2 (1 smart buff) x 2 (normal rank multiplier) = Guaranteed success

Sceptile might be nervous, but from your view as a spectator he shows off the moves Toxic and Pursuit very skillfully, enough that he wins a green ribbon that matches his scales beautifully. Stetson’s face is flushed pink with the thrill of victory.

:pokekidface: That was awesome!

You write a supportive message and nod along with the kid’s enthusiasm.

:pokekidfrown: I’m kind of worn out though, these contest things take a long time. I’m going to get food and then do some shopping, you can do whatever.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Go talk to Gengar
B. Visit your parents
C. Have late lunch and go shopping with Stetson
No. 1057025 ID: dd15aa

I think it's good to do A sooner rather than later. We'll be back around here again if we keep hanging out with Stetson, so we can do B another day.
No. 1057026 ID: a7a180

B. Haven't done that in a while, huh?
No. 1057027 ID: dee951


You've been putting that off. B!

Check in with them. ALSO -- if there is anyone that you want research pokeballs, figure out all your weird questions, go do some research to answer them and mitigate them, and then to capture you in a pokeball (possibly under your own ID?) and let you go -- it's THEM.
No. 1057028 ID: 15c72a

No. 1057029 ID: 36784c

No. 1057033 ID: e51896

B, we can probably get their advice too about how we can approach Gengar, and maybe Houndoom. parents knows best.
No. 1057034 ID: dd15aa

This is a good point, changing my vote to this.
No. 1057051 ID: a9af05

Are we sure our parents aren't crazy overprotective? I'm worried that when we reveal ourselves, they'll catch us in a ball and put us in the PC in order to protect us from some random trainer catching us.


Let's speak to Gengar and get this over with.
No. 1057055 ID: 7c0da2

A. Let's talk to Gengar first, because once it's done we won't have to worry about it anymore and we have been warned it's time sensitive.
Seeing our parents is a good idea, but once we've seen them you can bet that's going to start a whole lot of things that will be just as urgent as everything else and our schedule is rather full already with Stetson and the tournament.
No. 1057057 ID: 19ea25

A: Gengar. It really needs to be done.
No. 1057064 ID: 9ea24b
File 167754452757.png - (99.35KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

>What are your parents like?
Oh, the usual. Overbearing, loving, eager to ask if you’d found a nice girlfriend yet and critical of how much time you spent at the computer. Your mother always made sure you had more than enough food on your plate and your dad was a good influence. Nice, normal people who you couldn’t wait to get away from when you went to college. They might have wisdom to share about your situation but seeing them will probably lead to all sorts of other errands.

>A, better sooner than later
You’d like to tie up your loose threads now. It’s not like you wanted to lie to Gengar about your identity, it started as a misunderstanding and kind of turned into a continued omission of truth.

Gengar is your friend and it’s important to be honest with your friends. You agree to meet Stetson in three days and Fly back towards Mauville.

You arrive at the Friendlies Base to see Sealeo rolling over Breloom, as round with ice as a snowman’s bottom section. Good to see they’re still battling since you couldn’t make it. Sealeo gains two levels from her victory.

You skirt around the edges of the crowd until you find Salamence, who in turn leads you to Gengar. At your request, the three of you go into the forest to talk.

:pokegenwink: Vibrava, I can tell you really took my advice to focus on battling to heart.

:pokevibfrown: Sorry I couldn’t make it today Gengar, I actually have a big confession to make. I know I said I was a Pokemon abandoned by my trainer, but I’m really…

You give her the same spiel you gave Salamence a couple days ago.

>Gengar anger avoidance: Success
:pokegenneut: Huh. You know, I really couldn’t tell. It’s a funny way to grant a wish, but I guess Jirachi got me what I wanted.

:pokegendrama: Ooooohhh Vibrava how could you have betrayed me? This changes everyythingggg!

:pokesalpanik: Now hold on Gengar, Vibrava is still our friend and a Pokemon, even if he was human once.

:pokegenwink: I was just having a little fun Salamence, I get it.

:pokesalstun: Oh…

:pokegenhype: Wow, Houndoom would freak if he found out though, and then he’d be mad at us for keeping it from him.

:pokevibshock: We can still keep it a secret.

:pokegensmile: Up to you, it’d certainly give him something to care about. Anything else you’d like to talk about Vibrava?

You’re very relieved that Gengar isn’t upset. Since she’s in a good mood still, you can bring up delicate topics.
A. Bring up Lanette and ask how Gengar escaped from the PC
B. Recruit her to fight Groudon
C. Offer your sick human skills to help her with any sidequests
No. 1057068 ID: e51896

Not A. I'm fine with either B or C. Maybe C to show we want to help her, and maybe in return, she'll be more into being recruited to help us with Groudon
No. 1057083 ID: dd15aa

A. and C. at the same time.
After meeting Lanette and seeing how heartless and sketchy she is, you have been filled with a righteous anger to help free Pokemon wrongly imprisoned in the PC! Ask if there's anything you can do to help Gengar's Rescue Team work on that front.
No. 1057088 ID: a7a180

C, we are a master of the human invention called a PC.
No. 1057107 ID: af7615

Uh, we might want to phrase this as "laptop", as PC is a loaded term, here.

Overall, #C seems like the easiest topic to jump to from here. We can offer to read things, warn humans off, maybe trade with humans for stuff, aka "shop".

#A is the riskiest, but also perhaps the most valuable. If we do go with A, IMO we should initiate the discussion with e.g. "the stuff you've said about the PC didn't mesh with what I'd heard as a human, and I'm interested in getting to the bottom of it and helping improve stuff for pokemon if I can - I talked with Lanette the other day and she seems to believe blah blah blah, would you be willing to tell me what the system is like on the inside" and other such data-gathering questions.
No. 1057110 ID: a172c6

This seems like it'd work.

>Lanette is heartless and sketchy
No she's not, she's just unaware of what's going on with the PC. Not knowing about something doesn’t make her heartless, it just makes her clueless.
No. 1057111 ID: 7c0da2

A. There will never be a great time to bring that up, but now seems like a good enough time and we may not have a better opportunity any time soon. Also tell her that you intend to use your ability to communicate with humans to help improve the treatment of pokemons. Maybe you could teach her to write too, that way she could also communicate on her own.
No. 1057113 ID: dd15aa

I disagree. She runs it, she knows full well how it works, but what she told us doesn't match up with Gengar eacaping. Not to mention the implications of her ominous warning.
That lady ain't right.
No. 1057115 ID: af7615

There could still be a middle ground - my money's on some willful ignorance, telling herself the theory is sound and contrary anecdotes are exaggerated or imagined or outliers, because the alternative is an incredible amount of work, and it's hard to get clear reports from pokemon in the first place.
No. 1057116 ID: 5e8aaf

She sounded perfectly fine with them being locked in stasis for years and then released when their families are probably old or dead. And that assumes she was being honest about the perfect stasis, which is unlikely.
I can't really see any interpretation of what she told us where she's not deplorable.
No. 1057118 ID: 7c0da2

That, and maybe she didn't want to talk about it and gave us the generic "of course everything is safe and fine" answer to try and end the discussion. It's her job to take care of the PC and it's probably important to her, she is likely very defensive about it.
We are just some random vibrava she just met, she has no reasons to tell us anything that could make people doubt the reliability of her PC system to someone she doesn't know.
No. 1057120 ID: 0097ed

Of course she's defensive, she was talking to a Pokemon who used to be a human and has all the knowledge and context of how fucked up her system is. So she spouts excuses about how human-Pokemon society couldn't exist without her service, even as Tracey and Kirlia's families stand as contrary evidence by not keeping their Pokemon in the PC.
Justifications and excuses do not make her actions less heartless and sketchy. I'm sure if we captured and interrogated the Spheal poachers they would whine about how it's putting food on their families' tables and making warm jackets for arctic explorers.
No. 1057125 ID: 4ae479

She could've just sold off or given the rights to the PC storage system to some corporation or the government if she didn't actually care about the "human-pokemon society" angle, right? That's not to say she couldn't still have selfish reasons for inventing and deploying the system, but on the whole it seems to be an altruistic project. I guess it's hard to really assess what's going on there without more information. Maybe we should've asked her why she's stuck to running a project of such scale as an apparently solo operation, and how she's affording the time and money to keep it going.
No. 1057126 ID: d4629c

Enabling someone to imprison people in stasis without their consent is altruistic in what context?
No. 1057127 ID: a172c6

>imprison Pokémon in stasis without their consent
Fixed that for you.

Also, if we give Lanette a better solution to this problem, then she'd be in the best position to be able to implement it. So instead of calling her heartless and bringing her morals into question, we should be thinking of different options.
No. 1057128 ID: a9af05

>Better solution
Maybe she could charge money to store Pokémon in the PC and if someone doesn't pay, their Pokémon is set free?

I don't know, this probably isn't a great idea.
No. 1057129 ID: d4629c

Pokemon are very clearly people, as Vibrava knows now more than ever.
No. 1057130 ID: a172c6

People are humans. Pokémon are Pokémon. There's a very obvious difference.

And I'm sure the Pokémon that don't like humans wouldn't appreciate being called "people", since they don't want to be associated with the humans.
No. 1057131 ID: dee951


The criteria for personhood is sapience; the term is species agnostic. It would be more correct to say, 'There are Pokemon People' and 'There are Human People', and possibly also 'There are AI People'.
No. 1057132 ID: 759d4d

I, however, disagree. And from my point of view, Lanette is evil.
No. 1057133 ID: 36784c

Could you guys please take this to the discussion thread? https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html
No. 1057134 ID: a172c6

Not everything is easily defined as good or evil. This feels like a grey area.
No. 1057135 ID: 9ea24b
File 167764121721.png - (115.76KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

>Is the PC storage system ethical?
You’re solidly a no at this point, since you have evidence that the Pokemon aren’t in perfect stasis.

>Are Lanette’s actions ethical?
Eh, that's a bit more complicated. Like Lanette said, Pokemon storage does greatly benefit a competitive trainer based society, so you can see how she’d be willing to overlook the downsides for the utilitarian benefit. She didn’t invent the system, that was Bill’s doing, but she has a tight grip on the Hoenn version and seems reluctant to let go.

You think you’ll want to talk more with Lanette before you make a final judgment.

>C, after much pondering
:pokevibsmile: Gengar, now that you know I was a human, I can help you with all kinds of things! I can use a computer to surf the web, buy food, whatever you want.

Now that you think about it, there’s no longer a reason not to use your credit card since you and the kid are seeing each other regularly and 2/3 of the Friendlies are on board. You have 2,000,000 P in your bank account, and automatic payments for your card turned on because you are a responsible young lad.

:pokegenhype: Superpowers are great and all, but I want to learn how to read and write! I can learn fast when there’s someone to teach me.

:pokevibsmile: Okay!

You can now use one of your two Friendlies fight slots to teach Gengar. Breloom and Sealeo will fight in the meantime if you do this. Gengar will need to be taught four times before she gets the hang of nonverbal human language. Seems like Pokemon are quick studies.

Speaking of, tomorrow you’re due to come back to the base. Would you like to bring Blaziken or Espeon? Would you like to teach Gengar? Who would you like to battle if you’re only doing one fight?
No. 1057136 ID: af7615

Oh, she wants to LEARN to read and write? Fascinating! And only four sessions to get the hang of it?? Wow, haha. Yeah, let's teach Gengar. Surely no hinjinks will come of this.

Re: who bring and fight, I default to "whoever you least recently X"
No. 1057143 ID: dd15aa

Teach Gengar. The mentor becomes the mentee.
Breloom's fights got skipped the most, so fight Breloom. Go in solo, Fly strats if not banned or Sand strats if it is.
Invite Linoone. Not to fight, but he could do some business networking with fellow hoarders who travel to the Friendlies base from elsewhere.
No. 1057144 ID: a7a180

We're rich! Give Breloom a fight since we missed it last time. Teach Gengar in the other. bring Espeon.
No. 1057150 ID: 7c0da2

Fight Breloom using the strat that she doesn't ban, then teach Gengar. And ask Smeargle if she wants to come with you, it's been a while since she visited the friendly base.
No. 1057151 ID: a9af05

Make sure you bring your Revive this time!
No. 1057157 ID: 15c72a

Is there anyone we can ask about potential adventures for the kid?
No. 1057159 ID: d12415


Pokemon currency is a lot like Yen, so rather than $2,000,000, it is more like ¥2,000,000, which is (very) roughly equal to $20,000. So yeah, we have money, but no, we don't have that much money. Remember that a bottle of water costs ₽200.
No. 1057178 ID: 9ea24b
File 167772540574.png - (138.96KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

>You’re rich!
In terms of common material items, yes you are, however your expenses will be meticulously tracked and you don’t have a good way to make money if you use it all.

>Random mon to bring selection (3 choices): Linoone
It’s been ages since you’ve caught up with your best bro and talked guy stuff. You’ve been so busy with managing all of your relationships that you’ve been neglecting him and Kirlia a bit. He won’t fight but he’ll be very happy to spend time with you.

>Fight Breloom in the morning with the no ban Fly strat, bring your Revive
With your Revive, you’re sure to win. After you hit one Fly you can switch to Dragon Breath to secure the knockout since setting up another Fly will take too long. You’re faster than Breloom.

>Turn 1
>Vibrava: Fly set up
>Breloom: Sky Uppercut (90% accurate, hit, 80% damage)
It’s a fear like no other to soar in the sky only to be swiftly chased by a raging mushroom on legs. Breloom hits you with her clawed fist hard, but you stay aloft and gravity thankfully takes your foe back to the ground.

>Turn 2
>Vibrava: Fly hit (86% damage)
>Breloom: Sky Uppercut (90% accurate, hit, knockout)
You dive bomb Breloom, slicing across her with your momentum, to which she responds by punching you in the face. Damn that mon is strong. You have the Revive ready in your mouth and quickly recover from fainting, body sore.

>Turn 3:
>Vibrava: Dragon Breath (26%, knockout)
It took everything you had, but you won! You gain two Levels and don’t learn anything new, though you’re very close to evolving and getting a much needed stat boost. Linoone still has a Rare Candy you can trade for as well using purchased food.

What do you talk about with Linoone before Gengar’s literacy lessons? He’s happy to offer advice on any subject. Linoone is also going to absorb some of your language teachings through osmosis.
No. 1057186 ID: a7a180

How are we going to keep that kid entertained? Normal Pokemon battling ain't doing it for him.
Are there other wild pokemon interested in human goods?
No. 1057203 ID: dd15aa

Good questions.
Preempt Linoone's obvious go-to with no porn though, the kid's too young.
Also ask how things are going with Espeon, and how Smeargle has been doing with us gone busy so often. We've barely been home lately.
No. 1057208 ID: 15c72a

Ask Linoone if he knows of any adventures the kid can go on.
No. 1057257 ID: 9ea24b
File 167781126609.png - (102.90KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

>How has Smeargle been doing?
You’re still seeing and usually boning the painter every day, there’s simply nothing new happening between the two of you and therefore nothing that needs mention.

>The OTP
:pokevibsmile: How are things with Espeon?

:pokelinsmile: Great! Still playing it safe to avoid an egg. She’s loving all this sunlight, though I’ve noticed things have been pretty dry since Groudon woke up.

:pokevibfrown: Yikes, I should do something about that.

:pokelinshock: Don’t put yourself in danger! I’m sure the area will be fine with this weather for a while so you have plenty of time.

>Ask Linoone how to keep the kid entertained
You fill in your pal about how you’ve been roped into high stakes babysitting and how you’re looking for age appropriate activities to entertain Stetson before he gets bored and commits crimes again.

:pokelinface: If he’s not interested in the weather trio, maybe take him to see a different Legendary. You’re looking for Jirachi already right? There’s also Deoxys and Latios and Latias, those three move enough that trainers rarely see them.

:pokelintear: So rad…

:pokevibshock: Kind of a lot of Legendary Psychic types in Hoenn huh? What about the Regis?

:pokelinface: I’m not saying a big hunk of walking steel, ice, or rock isn’t cool, I’m just saying those other three are way cooler.

:pokevibpeace: You are absolutely correct.

You plan to teach Gengar the alphabet today and a handful of common words. What do you do after the session? You don’t think now’s a good time to bring up Lanette.
A. Ask her to introduce you to an Electric type for your computer
B. Recruit her to fight Groudon
C. Ask if she knows anything about Deoxys, Latios, or Latias
No. 1057270 ID: dd15aa

C. Consentacles are hot
No. 1057273 ID: dee951

A, and make sure to actually look up the correct electrical engineering terms for what's needed to be done to charge the power supply (and suggested moves/training techniques/accessories for charging!) when you have a chance!
No. 1057285 ID: a7a180

The rocks taught people Braille, so that's pretty cool.
No. 1057305 ID: 7c0da2

C. We'll need something to keep Stetson busy sooner rather than later and it should be interesting. And they probably have useful information on Groudon and Jirachi too.
No. 1057307 ID: 36784c

No. 1057308 ID: 2b4046

C We'll need tips on how to defeat them if we wanna please Stetson. And training. Lots of training.

Also ask her what pokemon she was before she became a ghost.
No. 1057310 ID: 7c0da2

Good idea. Ask her where the ghosts come from too. I've always wondered. Do they come from dead people or from eggs? Either one? Or both at the same time, like, you need an egg AND some dead person that's eligible for undeath nearby?
No. 1057353 ID: 9ea24b
File 167790360931.png - (116.40KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

You sit down with Gengar in her well-decorated room, a few will-o-wisps lighting the space. Linoone flops down on a cushion and starts snoring. You flip to a new page of your rapidly depleting notepad and carefully write out all the letters of the alphabet, sounding each out as you go. You hand Gengar your pen and she practices writing. Her penmanship is decent.

After a couple hours, you take a break, which you use as your chance to ask Gengar your questions.

>Where do Ghost types come from? You’ve heard stories that they’re, y’know, literal ghosts of dead people and Pokemon, but that makes it confusing since you’re pretty sure all Pokemon hatch from eggs
:pokegensmile: The first of a Ghost species usually comes from an inciting incident like that, but then they and their offspring can have eggs normally. I’m from Lavender Town in Kanto, there’s a big graveyard tower there that Ghosts spawn around.

:pokevibface: Which are you then? Did you come from an egg or were you death energy based?

:pokegensmile: Ohohoho, a lady has to keep some secrets.

>C, ask about the other Legendaries
>Gengar knowledge check Latios and Latias: Failure
:pokegendrama: I’m afraid I’ve never seen or heard anything about them. I assume Salamence has at least met them in passing with all the Flying he does.

>Gengar knowledge check Deoxys: Success
:pokegenhype: Deoxys came through Meteor Falls a year or so ago, quite a handsome Pokemon. Houndoom, Salamence, and I sat down with him and had a very civil battle until he gave up and flew away to one of the islands near Pacifidlog.

:pokevibfrown: He was hostile?

:pokegenwink: I prefer the term free-spirited.

Tomorrow’s your free day! Finally, a chance to catch up on your tasks, it seems your list of duties is getting longer and longer. What would you like to do in the morning?
A. Talk to a human or Pokemon
B. Address a specific task (see wiki section 3 for list)
C. Shopping! Suggest items to buy, all reasonable suggestions that have overall votes in favor will be taken
No. 1057355 ID: a7a180

Let's go help Kirlia evolve.
No. 1057363 ID: 556cba

B. Network Espeon and Kirlia so that they can train together. This will help Kirlia evolve, and help Espeon learn Psywave, while killing two tasks with one action.
No. 1057371 ID: 261c6b

Uncertain about relative priorities, but how long has it been since you've spent proper time with Smeargal?
No. 1057375 ID: 15c72a

Hey good idea.
No. 1057384 ID: 7c0da2

Good idea. You could train with them, too.
No. 1057392 ID: 36784c

B. Go help Kirlia evolve

Didn’t Espeon say she didn’t want to risk coming into a human town in the first thread of this quest? It was either her or Linoone that said that. Or I’m completely wrong and neither of them said that.

But this does sound like a good idea we can try if Espeon wants to tag along.
No. 1057396 ID: d12415

So here's a thought: So dawn stones are not in this region, however; now that we have money and internet, could we order one and have it shipped from overseas?
No. 1057400 ID: 36784c

I think the quest author insisted that because we’re only using things from Gen 1-3, there isn’t going to be a Gallade.
No. 1057403 ID: b50f1e

Mmh, if Gengar will be able to read, then maybe we should check what we have wrote on there. Specially the conversation whit Lanette
No. 1057414 ID: dd15aa

We might want to get a fresh notepad for the next lesson, yeah. Besides it just being almost full.
No. 1057417 ID: d12415

I mean yeah, if we are stuck in the region it makes sense, but we have the Internet now.

Idk, figured it couldn't hurt to suggest it.
No. 1057435 ID: 9ea24b
File 167798125360.png - (136.56KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

>Get a Dawn Stone
It’s been mentioned before, everything from Gen 4 onward (including Gallade) doesn’t exist in this setting. That means Kirlia will evolve into a Gardevoir, which he’s fine with.

>Did Gengar read any of the previous messages you had in your notebook?
No, she can’t read that well yet. That said, you should get more paper when you can since you’re running low. The wiki has been updated with items you can buy from the Lilycove Department Store (which presumably also has non-game items you might need). Non-game items will be based on real world prices.

>Train with Kirlia and Espeon at the same time
Espeon won’t come to Verdanturf with you, but Kirlia can come to the den. You Fly to Verdanturf to collect Kirlia, who’s a bit upset that you haven’t visited in a while. He grumbles that he’s going to start Teleporting to the den whenever he wants, which works with your plan to have him collaborate with Espeon anyway.

Espeon and Kirlia will now passively gain a Level each day from sparring with each other, starting tomorrow.

Since you don’t have any healing items and don’t want to be knocked out and lose the rest of your day, Espeon and Kirlia can only beat you up a little, each gaining one Level.

Kirlia seems to get along well with Espeon. What would you like to chat with them about? You’re still tentatively planning to hold an intervention for Stetson if you can’t get through to him during your adventures.
No. 1057436 ID: dd15aa

Apologize to Kirlia. Things have gotten a bit heavy. Don't infodump him unless he wants to get involved, but tell him the heat wave isn't likely to improve at all for a while. His family might want to store extra water.

Ask Espeon if she's found any neat new hobbies since evolving.
No. 1057439 ID: a7a180

Chat with them about Wally and domestic Pokemon life, or maybe evolving. You and Kirlia are going to go through a growth spurt - feels weird compared to human's single evolution.
No. 1057476 ID: dee951

So where does the extra mass for getting bigger when you evolve come from, anyway?

Also, why is it called evolving rather than metamorphosing or something??
No. 1057514 ID: 01fe07

Both of these sound like good topics.

Because evolving is a shorter and easier to say word.
No. 1057549 ID: 4ae479

Getting a little beat up beat down with some telekinetic CBT? kinda hot bro very nice
No. 1057550 ID: 7c0da2

Tell Kirlia you've found where Jirachi is, and what you discovered about having to fulfill wishes. Unless you told him already, I can't find or remember if you did.
Then chat a bit and tell him about Stetson, maybe he has advice on dealing with him.
No. 1057559 ID: 9ea24b
File 167806230759.png - (147.61KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

>Before I forget
Breloom vs. Sealeo check from yesterday afternoon: Breloom victory, she gains two Levels and doesn’t learn any new moves.

>Where does the extra mass Pokemon use for moves and evolving come from?
That’s superpowers baby!

>Have you told Kirlia about Jirachi?
Yes you did, the last time you saw him which is also when you got him to open your apartment window.

>Does Espeon have any new hobbies?
You’re afraid you’ve created a gaming fiend. Every evening without fail Espeon will scratch out a chess board in the dirt and play against you or Linoone or Smeargle with seeds as pieces.

A little flustered from your telekinetic beating, you tell Kirlia about all the developments with Stetson and Groudon and Lanette and learning Fly since then, trying to keep your tone optimistic while the sun beats down on the three of you.

:pokevibfrown: All that is why I haven’t visited you in a while, sorry for the delay.

:pokekirhm: It’s okay, that sounds like a lot. My life isn’t very exciting so I suppose I got impatient for your return.

:pokevibface: Oh yeah, how are you trainer and her son?

:pokekirface: They’re fine. My trainer is upset that it hasn’t been raining since it’s hard on her garden, but nothing serious. Humans usually keep themselves so busy that they don’t have time to change much.

:pokevibsmile: That’s why it’s great to be a Pokemon, free time and cool changes. I’m excited for both of us to evolve! I’m going to be a big green bug lizard.

:pokekirface: And I’m going to be much taller too! It’ll be easier to help around the house when I can see what I’m aiming for with my psychic powers.

:pokeespface: I’m glad I live outdoors, it’s easy to pick fruit out in the open.

:pokevibsmile: Any advice for what I’m working on?

:pokekirglare: Kids are annoying. Maybe in 10 years he won’t be annoying, but he’s not going to be mature anytime soon and you shouldn’t expect him to be.

You say bye to Kirlia and he disappears into thin air with an odd blorp sound. What would you like to do in the afternoon?
A. Talk to a human or Pokemon
B. Address a specific task (see wiki section 3 for list)
C. Shopping, suggest items to buy, all reasonable suggestions that have overall votes in favor will be taken
No. 1057569 ID: bf9b7c

Recruit Smeargle for support in the Groudon fight, maybe she can even put him back to sleep peacefully.
And ask if she has anything kinky she wants to try.
No. 1057579 ID: d12415

Kind of a random thought, but do you think you could band together some skilled pokemon artisans and make a proper chess set? Like a grass type could maybe grow the pieces, or a ground type with excellent control could grind pieces out of rock, or one of your psychic friends could mold clay into the pieces and then a fire type could bake them.
No. 1057674 ID: a7a180

Talk to a parent.
No. 1057679 ID: 5b32c2

A. Go talk to your parents! Set them on researching all your weird pokeball worries so you can figure out a way to get caught that isn't horrible!!
No. 1057720 ID: 9ea24b
File 167815825797.png - (151.29KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

>Talk to your parents
Your notebook is about used up but you’re sure your parents have some scratch paper lying around. It’ll be helpful to show them the explanations you already have written as well.

>Stetson avoidance check: Success
You have a feeling your visit would have gone very differently if the kid had spotted you on your way to your parents’ humble bungalow in Lilycove. Luckily you land on the front yard of your childhood home without incident.

You hover up to the doorbell and press it. You can hear it ring, but nothing happens.

Oh, right, your parents hate solicitors. After waiting a while you start yelping and scratching at the door until it flies open and you’re smacked with a broom.

:pokemommad: Shoo! You won’t get any food here!

You tumble onto your feet and hold out your notebook like a shield. Oh yeah, you never told them what kind of Pokemon you were when you messaged them on your laptop a while ago.

It takes a while and a few more whacks of the broom before your mom understands who you are. She shouts for your dad to come and then they’re hugging you and crying and you feel terribly guilty for making them worry.

A. Ask one of your parents to catch you (you’ll be immune to being caught in the future)
B. Ask them to talk to Stetson about responsible behavior (Stetson will be better behaved and become friends with your parents)
C. Other (ask for a significant favor)
No. 1057724 ID: dd15aa

Yeah you know what, B
No. 1057727 ID: dee951

A! This is the best way to get this done!
No. 1057729 ID: dee951


Actually can we do A & B? Even if it takes a while??
No. 1057731 ID: 790ada

No. 1057742 ID: dd15aa

Just a moment of consideration, if they catch us and we get wrapped up in anything illegal it could blow back on them.
No. 1057745 ID: dee951


True. But you can just explain everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, ie let them know you have a pokemon girlfriend but don't share an egg group, let them know all of what's going on, and that your new perspective is putting you in a place to take some very moral actions that are technically illegal. Stuff analogous to civil disobedience or guerrilla gardening.

(Get another notepad from them if you need to! Or use the family computer to type.)
No. 1057750 ID: a7a180

B. if that's successful, you won't need A.
No. 1057752 ID: dee951


A is also a hedge agaonst other trainers randomly trying to catch you later in your life.
No. 1057756 ID: b19d77

While A is tempting... B seems like the better option because it would both fix the issue of the one trainer you see all the time trying to get you, and help fulfill Jirachi's wish easier. Time not to be selfish! B!
No. 1057760 ID: f662ac

A & B, theres no reason why we can't do both. A pokeball is a dime a dozen and we can get Stetson here no problem.
Like damn the kid needs better parents and friends.
No. 1057766 ID: 7c0da2

B. Becoming immune to being caught would be very nice, but preventing Stetson from causing more problems is more important, and should make your situation a lot simpler.
No. 1057793 ID: 4ae479

Preferably B if we do have to make a single choice here. We're not qualified to be the caretaker/pet/narrative foil for some vagrant child.
No. 1057795 ID: 02e7e9

B for sure. We're already dodging stetson, and asking anyone and everyone their input, might as well try the one he cant trainer his way out of
No. 1057814 ID: 9ea24b
File 167824297902.png - (128.62KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

>Can you do both A and B?
Your parents aren’t trainers, so one of them would have to register themselves before they could buy Pokeballs and it would take a non-negligible amount of time and work.

>B, it’s what’s best for everyone
Off the top of your head, you can think of a lot of good reasons to do this. Stetson seems in dire need of normal, non-trainer influences and it’s not unusual for homes to allow trainers to stop in for a chat or quick rest on their travels. Your parents are very sweet and you’re sure they’ll handle a rambunctious preteen sensibly.

Stetson will now avoid any chance of going to the Team Aqua Hideout or the Friendlies Base and won’t try to catch you even if you can’t make it to one of your visits with him. He’ll be more receptive to your suggestions regarding safety and responsibility.

The downside is if you ask your parents to catch you going forward they’ll volunteer Stetson for the job because he’s about to become the grandchild they want but will probably never get. Darn. Also his view on the competitive Pokemon industrial complex won’t change.

You weave your parents a description of Stetson, faults and all, using up the rest of your paper. You ask them to take the poor kid under their wing and they agree to invite him over for dinner tomorrow. You also reassure them that you’re still doing great and not to worry if they don’t hear from you for a while.

All that’s left is to tell Stetson about the new plan. You hurriedly Fly back to the den where you have the PokeNav and painstakingly type out a message to Stetson with your parents’ address. He sends you back a single ‘k’.

You sigh and put down the PokeNav. Tomorrow you’re due back in Lilycove for more Pokemon contests. Who do you recommend Stetson enter? You’ll find out their moveset after you select them.
A. Pelipper (Get a chance to talk to her)
B. One of the two Pokemon you haven’t met yet (will be randomly selected)
C. You (You’ll have time to discuss searching for a cool rare Legendary also Pokeblocks yum yum)
No. 1057815 ID: 6f4507

return that smooch at once.
No. 1057818 ID: dd15aa


Also B, let's meet some more of the team
No. 1057826 ID: 15c72a

Hmm. If Stetson is more responsible and has a strong tie to your parents, perhaps being caught by him would turn out okay.

B, meet someone new.
No. 1057832 ID: a7a180

B. Well maybe their grandchild will be a Pokemon, we haven't visited those Dittos yet.
Pokeblock making is something of an art, aside from Sceptile's personal flavor preferences how good is he at actually making them.
No. 1057847 ID: dd15aa

Raising a ditto-baby seems like something to discuss with Smeargal before we go clone some weirdo bugs.
No. 1057900 ID: b01382

This, return smooch. Waifu is best girl and. Ould probably btfo a legendary if she felt like it.
No. 1057905 ID: 0e67e7

Wait!! We can breed with anything in the bug egg group, and pokemon genetics follows the mother's species, right??

Ask your parents if they're going to expect you to, uh, bring home a girl of a matching egg group at some point and raise a family, and if so would that be considered part of the human family? Mention you aren't exactly sure how many of their genes you still have, if that matters??
No. 1057907 ID: 726f7c

I'm pretty sure the parents aren't expecting that to happen at all.
No. 1057917 ID: 7c0da2

B. Let's meet the whole team.

And >>1057815 of course.
No. 1057923 ID: 0e67e7


Eh, he doesn't know his lifespan or who he might fall in love with. Anything's possible. It's something to bring up, as one of those things that they might have been looking forward to (grandkids), and might be sad to realize isn't likely, but it might be likely after all...??
No. 1057944 ID: f3f534

Smooch Smeargle!

B. Let's meet the other team members.
No. 1057978 ID: 9ea24b
File 167833313805.png - (113.99KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

>It is imperative that you return Smeargle’s smooch
You do, with aplomb. Despite the stress from your errands, being a Pokemon is still wonderful, especially when you have a badass and cute partner.

>Average Pokemon lifespan?
Uh around 20 to 30 years you think. It’s a good thing Pokemon are sensible about reproduction because they have no predators and don’t usually get sick, so they could easily overrun the world with sheer numbers.

Your parents definitely want a human grandbaby, which you are in no condition to provide, even if you wanted to.

>What would happen if you had sex with a Ditto?
The Ditto would produce an egg containing a genetic clone of you, which sounds nightmarish. You best avoid that.

>B, meet the rest of Stetson’s team
Without paper, you won’t be able to talk much with Stetson outside of elaborate pantomime. That suits you fine, you’re mostly here for the mons.

The kid is cheerful when you find him in the contest hall. You point at his hip and he releases two unfamiliar Pokemon.

>Aggron gender roll: Male
>Torkoal gender roll: Female
Oh my. A giant hunk of steel and also a turtle. How do you introduce yourself, who do you choose for the first contest, and what category should they enter in?
No. 1057979 ID: dd15aa

Groudamn, imagine how nice that brute could rail us once we're a chunky bug dragon.

Clear away the horny and let's roll with Torkoal next. She's still cute, but not fearboner inducing, and thirst isn't a great way to introduce ourselves to a new friend.
She's also really decked out for a beauty contest. A few crunchy candies and she'll be a pretty princess of a tortoise.
No. 1057983 ID: 36784c

Torkoal should be entered into the Beauty Contest
No. 1057985 ID: 6e7268

I like turtles.
No. 1057991 ID: a7a180

Torkoal beauty contest, let's go!
Hello, I'm a standin for Stetson's conscience. How are you today?
No. 1058069 ID: 9ea24b
File 167841921039.png - (88.92KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

:pokevibface: Hi! I’m Stetson’s new friend and advisor, how are you two?


:pokegronfrown: Hmph, that’s awfully presumptuous.

:pokevibfrown: Huh???

:pokegronfrown: He’s been looking for a Dragon type to round out of the team, you’re not special.

:pokevibfrown: W-well it’s a bit more complicated than that!

Torkoal stays silent and Aggron turns his cool helmet head away from you pointedly. Uh oh, you don’t think you’re making a good first impression, or maybe Aggron is a bit standoffish.

>Torkoal in a beauty contest, it’s a no-brainer!
You gesture firmly to the smaller of the two mons when Stetson returns.

>Random Pokeblock buffs (beauty, cool, cute, smart, tough): Tough and tough.
Torkoal eats the yellow blocks without complaint. You’re entranced by how she takes the food in her beak and chews it slowly. Magnificent. This is a perfect creature.

>Normal rank beauty contest chance of success: 3 beauty moves x 0.25 x 1 (0 beauty buffs) x 2 (normal rank multiplier) = Guaranteed success
It’s an easy win for Torkoal, especially with synergizing Fire moves. Seems like Aggron will be participating in the afternoon, what do you say to him and what contest category do you recommend?
No. 1058071 ID: 273c18

Aggron has two Cool moves. Seems a clear choice.
No. 1058075 ID: dd15aa

Cool Contest seems the most fitting right now.

Tell him you're not actually a team member or trying to take charge of the team, Stetson is a... friend of the family. You're just helping show him around the Contest scene.
No. 1058084 ID: 36784c

>He’s been looking for a Dragon type to round out of the team, you’re not special.
We actually are special, since we evolve into a Dragon type. But we're not gonna tell him that.

And since we're not interested in joining his team, I'd suggest going to Meteor Falls to catch a Bagon. Or going to Route 114/Route 115 to catch a Swablu and evolve it into an Altaria. ……oh wait, we can't communicate without our notepad. Guess we can't suggest doing that after all.

>contest for Aggron?
Get him in a Cool contest.
No. 1058100 ID: a7a180

Aggron knows that. I think he takes issue with the friend part, maybe because he's jealous?
Rather than a guaranteed success, how about a Cute contest? With Pokeblock buffs and the ease of Normal rank, he still stands a chance.
No. 1058106 ID: 7c0da2

This. You were loaned to him to be a sort of advisor.
No. 1058124 ID: 9ea24b
File 167848266446.png - (109.89KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

Stetson puts Torkoal back in her ball, leaving you to freely make a fool of yourself trying to talk to Aggron.

:pokevibpeace: I was loaned to Stetson by a friend to be an advisor about contests, so I’m not technically his Pokemon. Anyway, if he wants a Dragon type he should catch a Swablu or a Bagon.

:pokegronmad: No, those evolve into part Flying types and the team already has a Flying type. Even team composition is very important!

:pokevibfrown: Okay man, my bad. I’m just here to help out sometimes, I’m not trying to steal his attention away from you guys or anything.

:pokegronfrown: Hmph.

>Aggron in a cool contest
Stetson likes winning and you like it when Stetson’s in a good mood, so you’re going to keep going for the optimal play.

>Random Pokeblock buffs (beauty, cool, cute, smart, tough): Smart and cool
Stetson’s skills on the blender are definitely improving, this batch of blocks smells appetizing and you wave your antenna in the air to catch the traces of flavor.

>Normal rank beauty contest chance of success: 2 cool moves x 0.25 x 1.2 (1 cool buff) x 2 (normal rank multiplier) = Guaranteed success
Another contest in the bag! Aggron admittedly looks very impressive and buff and handsome and you wish he liked you more. Guess some people are just harder to befriend.

You return to Mauville to learn Espeon and Kirlia’s Levels have increased by one because of their new training regime, which reminds you of your duties for tomorrow.

You’re so close to evolving…a win at the Friendlies Base would be enough to get you to Level 45!

The only potentially useful battle item you have is a Sp. Def, so you decide to keep it with you. Would you like to bring a partner? What’s your battle strategy?
No. 1058137 ID: dd15aa

Aggron does seem a bit intense about winning and the competitive meta.

>Aggron admittedly looks very impressive and buff and handsome and you wish he liked you more
Can't please everyone, but you can eat with your eyes.

>Would you like to bring a partner? What’s your battle strategy?
Bring Blaziken so we can flirt a little and test the waters with him.
vs Sealeo and Salamence, hit him with Sand twice and then Dragonbreath. If Sand is banned, focus on Dragonbreath.
vs Breloom and Gengar, use Dragonbreath twice and then Dig. If Breath is banned, use Sand instead.
No. 1058138 ID: dd15aa

Oh, and use the Sp. Def on Blaziken in the Breloom and Gengar battle, it'll help him handle Gengar's attacks when she's not holding back.
No. 1058139 ID: 273c18

Bring Blaziken for a doubles battle. Maybe it's time to try hanging out with him after the fight?
No. 1058141 ID: a9af05

Dont forget you've gotta train Gengar with her human language reading and writing lessons after one of your fights tomorrow!
No. 1058149 ID: a7a180

Bring Espeon, hold the Sp. Def yourself, they can't ban both your super effective moves and Espeon's. ...Right?
Sounds a little repetitive, so at least try and get some of Espeon's buffs up before going in, usually we've gone for the straightforward kill.
No. 1058151 ID: 60c7fd

>Gengar's lessons
I feel like Gengar is going to confront Lanette, write a strongly worded letter or threatening letter to Lanette, or she's going to sneak into Lanette's house and start freeing Pokémon from the PC once she can read what she's doing.
No. 1058153 ID: dd15aa

No. 1058203 ID: dee951


That means we also have to start training Gengar on human technology!
No. 1058207 ID: 7c0da2

Bring Blaziken, it's been a while since he fought with the friendlies.
Yeah, literacy is not enough to use a computer. Also, Lanette would definitely blame us. We should try to set up a meeting between those two once Gengar can communicate via writing, give them a chance to talk it out.
No. 1058227 ID: 9ea24b
File 167856422222.png - (119.32KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Bring Blaziken and use the X Sp. Def on him, fight Gengar and Breloom, then give Gengar another reading lesson.
You don’t have any paper, but you do have the magazines that you can use as reading examples. You bring the Poke Perv Orb issue, which in your opinion is the mildest, in case you need it.

Again, Blaziken will use the optimal 2HKO play which is Fire Blast (85% accurate, 74% damage) and then Rock Slide (90% accurate, 40% damage). Breloom will use Leech Seed (90% accurate, 12.5% health loss at end of turn) and then Sky Uppercut (90% accurate, 10% damage).

Gengar is going for Confuse Ray (100% accurate), into Hypnosis (60% accurate), into Dream Eater (88% damage and 50% healing normally, 59% damage and 29% healing with +1 Sp. Def). To counter this, you’ll use Sand Attack on her after you use the X Sp. Def on Blaziken the first turn. Pokemon who are confused have a 50% chance of hitting themselves by accident.

Sleep lasts for 1-5 turns in gen 3 rather than 2-5, which was previously believed. Confusion can last from 1-4 turns.

>Turn 1
>Gengar: Confuse Ray
>Blaziken: Will stay confused for 4 turns, ew, doesn’t hit self, Fire Blast hit, 74% damage on Gengar
>Vibrava: X Sp Def on Blaziken
>Breloom: Leech seed hit, 12.5% damage on Blaziken at end of turn
Blaziken might be confused, but he still lands a powerful Fire Blast right in Gengar’s face. You can’t help but cheer out loud.

>Turn 2
>Gengar: Hypnosis hit
>Blaziken: Will be asleep for 3 turns (2/4 turns confused, 1/3 turns asleep)
>Vibrava: Sand Attack on Gengar
>Breloom: Sky Uppercut (hit, 10% damage, additional 12.5% damage on Blaziken at end of turn from Leech seed)
Gengar’s red eyes get big and swirly and you avert your gaze. Blaziken isn’t so lucky and starts snoozing on his feet.

>Turn 3
>Gengar: Dream Eater (2/3 chance accurate, hit, 59% damage)
>Blaziken: Sleeby (3/4 turns confused, 2/3 turns asleep)
>Vibrava: Another Sand Attack
>Breloom: Sky Uppercut (hit, 10% damage, additional 12.5% damage on Blaziken at end of turn from Leech seed, KO)
Drat, the supreme cheese lord was Gengar all along! It’s true she got good luck, but it felt like after the Hypnosis landed there was nothing you could do.

Wait, you still have a Chesto Berry, next time you can give that to Blaziken and he’ll wake up right away, or just buy a bunch of strong healing items and use those. Breloom gains 3 Levels.

Losing puts Blaziken in no mood for flirting, so Salamence takes him back to Mauville while you join Gengar in her treehouse.

:pokevibface: Okay, don’t judge me, but I thought we could use one of these dirty magazines to practice reading.

:pokegensmile: Sure, I also have a book we can use.

Gengar produces a thick paperback volume titled ‘Storage System Maintenance Manual for Operators’. You can only assume she took it from Lanette’s house.

A. Ponder the Orb
B. Study the manual
No. 1058228 ID: a7a180

Ponder orb.
No. 1058230 ID: dd15aa

Your lack of subtlety has its charms sometimes, Gengar. But everything in good time, that book involves a lot of fancy words not even we know.

Ponder the Orb.
No. 1058259 ID: 58dd24

not for nothing, but maintenance manuals are full of specialized terms and industry lingo, it's not the first place I would go for reading practice. That absolutely sounds like something to read though.
No. 1058271 ID: e51896

B for later shenanigans.
No. 1058293 ID: cfb4f1

rolled 1 = 1

I can't decide, so I'm flipping a coin.
No. 1058294 ID: cfb4f1

Looks like my vote us for A
No. 1058330 ID: c36876

Tell her that book is too advanced for now and we can read it later when she gets better.

No. 1058357 ID: d12415

This is late, but pokemon have had known predators since the beginning. Most predator/prey relationships aren't known though. Also humans absolutely eat pokemon as well. Otherwise Ash wouldn't have freaked out when he caught his 6th pokemon ever (pushing it over the limit of 6 in a team, which sent it to Oak, whom Ash called right away and got scared Oak was eating the Krabby). Bottom line is pokemon eat pokemon since the beginning, humans also eat pokemon since the beginning, it isn't explicitly talked about much.
No. 1058374 ID: 9ea24b
File 167866691310.png - (132.45KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

>Pokemon should eat each other and humans should eat Pokemon
As someone who’s built their brand on hard vore and making edgy satires of other people’s quests, that sounds like a great new quest idea, you’re free to run it.

:pokevibshock: That book might be a little too advanced for today. From the title I think it’s full of technical jargon and we still need to learn simple words.

:pokegenwink: Understandable. Let’s look at the porn instead.

>Awkwardness avoidance check: Failure
You try to find a page that has a good amount of words and less revealing pictures, but by the nature of PokePerv it’s hard to avoid the lewdness. To your horror, both Ghastly and Spheal feature heavily, which has unfortunate implications for your professional tournament relationships.

You stumble over your words and explain grammar wrong a few times, blushing all the while. Since romancing Smeargle you haven’t thought much about any other ladies in that way, but confronted by a perfectly spherical shape you can’t help but get aroused.

:pokegensmile: Is something wrong?

:pokevibfrown: This Gastly is hot but that doesn’t mean I’m attracted to you or Ghosts or your evolutionary line usually! Not trying to be weird, sorry.

:pokegendrama: Vibrava, such a harsh rejection! Remind me what a conjunction is again?

The lesson finishes without incident and you take the magazine with you when you leave. You can no longer romance Gengar, but honestly that’s probably for the best. Your face stops burning once you arrive home.

In the evening, Espeon and Kirlia both Level up, with Kirlia learning Psychic.

What would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. Visit a human
B. Visit or look for a Pokemon
C. Shop (suggest items to buy)
No. 1058376 ID: dd15aa

Go to the mall to get a notepad and a behinner's coding manual.
Also look for new Pokemon friends at the mall.
No. 1058379 ID: d12415

>hard vore
haha, wow, okay

Imma be honest here chief, I wasn't really going there. Not intentionally, at least.

Anyhoo, do C. Get a new notebook and some new reading material. If they exist, maybe get something like those Boogie Board reusable drawing pads so you don't have to worry about paper. The batteries last so long you really don't need to worry about charging ever.
No. 1058393 ID: a7a180

Use that money I guess. Spend it responsibly on more pokesnacks! What's Houndoom's favorite?
No. 1058396 ID: 556cba

He seems either Lonely or Serious. If Lonely he'd like spicy snacks, if Serious he wouldn't have a preference.
No. 1058430 ID: 36784c

C. Definitely need another notepad to be able to communicate.

Salamence told us that Houndoom hates food made by humans and pokesnacks are made by humans. I don’t think Houndoom would appreciate receiving pokesnacks.
No. 1058431 ID: 7f63cb

True. Berries might be better.
No. 1058433 ID: c22e6d

Buy a Revive.

And maybe some Pokéblocks for ourselves.
No. 1058439 ID: c22e6d

Actually, if it's possible, we could also buy enough Rare Candies for us to evolve. We should just wait until we get outside the store before we eat them.
No. 1058444 ID: 67965f


Let's not use THOSE sorts of performance enhancing drugs!
No. 1058447 ID: c22e6d

Why not? A Rare Candy is how we evolved into Vibriva, so I don't see why we shouldn't be allowed to use Rare Candies until we evolve into Flygon.
No. 1058450 ID: 67965f


It's more, this is going to be the final form, maybe we should evolve into it without performance boosters?
No. 1058462 ID: a9af05

Yes, get that!

With how often we lose, I don't see us evolving without Rare Candies.
No. 1058464 ID: 9ea24b
File 167874800912.png - (104.91KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

>Before I forget again
Breloom vs. Sealeo check from yesterday afternoon: Sealeo victory, she gains two Levels and doesn’t learn any new moves. She’s one Level away from evolving into a Walrein! You wonder if she’ll go back to her home to defend the Spheal after that.

>Items that are available for purchase
Everyday, non-Pokemon items can be bought and will be priced at approximate real world levels. You can only buy relevant Pokemon related items that are for sale in-game, which are listed in the ‘Shops’ section of the Wiki. Rare Candy cannot be purchased from anyone except Linoone, and he only has one left.

For this reason berries cannot be purchased but fruit like apples is fair game. You’re not buying anything too fancy, but you go to Lilycove department store anyway.

>You buy:
3 notepads - 3 x 500 P = 1500 P
1 beginner’s coding guide - 2500 P
1 cheap paperback fiction book for reading practice - 2000 P
2 bags of human made snacks - 2 x 2500 P = 5000 P
1 Revive - 1500 P
2 bags of apples - 2 x 700 P = 1400 P

You can trade a bag of snacks or a bag of apples for the remaining Rare Candy.

Your total comes to 13900 P. The cashier gives you a very confused look, but doesn’t say anything more than the usual customer service small talk as you swipe your card and take your bags. Laden with riches, you glide out of the building to a nice bench above the beach and check your receipt.

>Wild Pokemon encounter check (four possibilities if successful): Failure

Nobody disturbs you while you finish verifying your purchases. Do you want to buy anything else before you return to Mauville? You really have a tremendous amount of spending money.
No. 1058470 ID: 556cba

Nah, let's head home and maybe trade a bag of snacks for that Rare Candy.
No. 1058511 ID: 36784c

Can't think of anything else we need to buy, so let's head back.
No. 1058539 ID: a9af05

>buy anything else?
Didn't we also want to get an adapter for our laptop to allow it to be charged by electric type pokemon moves? We should probably get that while we're shopping.
No. 1058542 ID: 273c18

Maybe a backup battery for the laptop?
No. 1058546 ID: a7a180

Let’s get that rare candy. Once we’re fully evolved, let’s stop taking a partner to the tourney outside of double battles.
No. 1058550 ID: 4664db

Oh, on second thought
If we plan on getting boinked or doing any boinking, we should buy some lube.
No. 1058554 ID: 9ea24b
File 167883513455.png - (101.05KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

You think of a couple more items to buy, so you pick up your bags and go back to the store.

>You buy:
1 bottle of plain lube - 1500 P
1 Electric Pokemon power adapter (this eliminates any risk your laptop will be damaged by Pokemon charging, so there’s no need for an extra battery) - 15,000 P

After your new purchases you have 1,969,600 P. This number is also on the wiki.

The journey home is uneventful. You put your things away in the den and go to Linoone to trade a bag of snacks for the last Rare Candy, which you eat immediately, putting you one Level away from evolving.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Visit a human
B. Visit or look for a Pokemon
C. Stay in the den to read your new books and hang out with the crew
No. 1058556 ID: 4664db

Let's go see Jirachi.
No. 1058568 ID: 273c18

Extra battery is still useful in case the electric pokemon is busy when you need a charge, or doesn't want to frequently charge your stuff, or you have to travel with the laptop, other similar issues.

B, let's find Jirachi.
No. 1058599 ID: 441109

I'm not sure we're at a high enough level to survive any battles with the pokemon that live in the cave where Jirachi is hiding. Because we're more likely to run into those pokemon before we find Jirachi.

I'd rather go with C just to be safe.
No. 1058613 ID: dd15aa

A fair point. Once we evolve, we'll be large enough to bring someone with us. Worth waiting a bit more.
I'll change my vote to C, hang out with the gang.
No. 1058617 ID: 273c18

It's established that wild pokemon don't really like fighting other wild pokemon for no reason.
No. 1058649 ID: 36784c

C. It's been a while since we just chilled and relaxed with everyone.

>no reason
I think it's implied that we'd be entering the wild pokemon's territory and they'd attack because they want us to leave. So we'd have to be strong enough to fight off any hostile pokemon while looking for Jirachi.
No. 1058654 ID: 273c18

Where is that implied?
No. 1058655 ID: dd15aa

I mean, with the relatively chill Marills and stuff around here yeah. We had rolls before to avoid territorial Skarmory, so not all of them are neutral.
No. 1058665 ID: 9ea24b
File 167892406644.png - (127.67KB , 500x500 , p42.png )

>What would exploring Meteor Falls be like?
You expect there would be trainers there who would be interested in catching you, though you could devise a strategy to avoid them. Beyond the first section, the wild Pokemon will all be a fixed Level 37 and trainers will each have two Pokemon at Level 45. There would be a chance of a wild Pokemon attack and some kind of annoying puzzle to get to Jirachi.

>C, have a chill afternoon
You crack open the novel and start reading. It’s a light fantasy book about a world without Pokemon and you find it perfectly enjoyable and good mid-level reading material for Gengar. You’ll bring it with you the next time you go to the Friendlies Base.

The coding guide, on the other hand, would be greatly improved by the ability to practice alongside the exercises in the text. If only your laptop was charged!

Who would you like to spend your afternoon socializing with?
A. Kirlia and Espeon (they’ll each gain an additional Level today from beating you up)
B. Smeargle (suggest sexy or nonsexy activities)
C. Linoone (he’ll learn how to read)
No. 1058669 ID: a7a180

C. Jirachi brought us into this world to teach Pokemon how to read, clearly. And maybe he can swipe some battery chargers for us.
No. 1058670 ID: 917bc4

C. Let's hang with our best bro and teach him learnin's
No. 1058696 ID: 7c0da2

No. 1058729 ID: a9af05

C because we haven't spent time with him outside of trading or the Friendlies Base.
No. 1058732 ID: 9ea24b
File 167900954156.png - (111.07KB , 500x500 , p43.png )

>Steal laptop chargers
Look at this point you need to plug your laptop’s cord into an outlet at Tracy’s house or you need to get an Electric Pokemon pal, collecting more appliances will not improve the situation.

You take the novel to Linoone’s den, where your pal is going over his collection. Seeing his gentle face, you wonder how much of the alphabet he absorbed while snoozing on Gengar’s soft cushions. It’s true he’s spent more of his time with words than other Pokemon because of his magazine collection, perhaps if you read to him he’ll keep picking things up.

Jirachi might have made you a Pokemon for other reasons, but you think you can do a good thing on your own by teaching Pokemon how to read. Surely this will have no long term consequences.

:pokevibsmile: Hey buddy, let’s try something, I have this book and I want to read to you while you look at the words over my shoulder.

:pokelinsmile: Okay!

You sit side by side with your bro, warm fur pressed against your carapace, and tell a story about princesses and knights and magic. When the sun sets outside, you stretch and give him a hug, worn out in a way you can’t describe.

Who do you recommend for a contest tomorrow morning? Which category of contest? Stetson won’t want to repeat contests at ranks he’s already won. You have your new notebook so you can talk to him in detail again.
A. Sceptile, Torkoal, or Aggron (continue working on your relationships with one of them)
B. Pelipper (talk to her for the first time)
C. You (chance to talk to Stetson and eat righteous cubes)
No. 1058740 ID: bf9b7c

Let's give Pelipper some attention.
No. 1058741 ID: 7c0da2

B. Let's meet her.
No. 1058748 ID: 273c18

B, we don't know her moves so we can't say what contest to do.
No. 1058749 ID: a7a180

B. Ask how Stetson tastes, we've seen how he uses Fly.
No. 1058767 ID: 2eb3cc


Sure, B, why not.
No. 1058777 ID: dee951

At some point you should negotiate getting yourself caught by Stetson and handing over the pokeball to your parents. Maybe you can get a swank custom luxury ball! There have to be versions of them that allow the pokemon more ability to see and hear out of it, and to get out more easily when they want. Maybe you can find one with features you like online??
No. 1058810 ID: b01382

Absolutely wholesome. Good stuff chief.
No. 1058846 ID: 9ea24b
File 167908585810.png - (95.29KB , 500x500 , p44.png )

>Kirlia and Espeon each gain a Level
The two mons continue to make slow and steady progress.

>Current plan is to have Stetson catch you, let you out of the ball, and hand over the ball to your parents like a responsible young lad
You’ll have to talk this over with him and he’ll definitely ask for something in exchange.

When you arrive at the contest hall, you notice Stetson continues to be in a good mood, no doubt thanks to his winning streak and having a little more stability in his life. He tells you that your parents are nice, even if they aren’t as cool as his dad.

>B, talk to the water bird
Stetson releases his second Pokemon and leaves to test his blender timing skills, leaving you and Pelipper to size each other up.
:pokevibface: Hi, we saw each other at the Team Magma Base, in passing.

:pokepelface: Yes, I remember.

:pokevibsmile: If you’re his Fly user, you must get to spend a lot of time with Stetson. What does he taste like? Ever get the urge to swallow him?

:pokepelface: He’s smelly, so no. I give him rides when he wants to Surf too.

:pokevibpeace: Boys are sweaty, I get ya. You don’t seem as worried as Sceptile was about, you know, waking up an ancient ultra powerful Pokemon.

:pokepelfrown: What, are you going to snitch?

:pokevibfrown: Oh no, I’d never!

:pokepelfrown: I don’t like the strong sunlight either but Sceptile shouldn’t feel too guilty. Stetson can do what he wants.

It seems like Stetson’s Pokemon don’t get to interact very much with each other since they’re usually out of their balls one at a time. Since Pelipper spends the most time with Stetson, she’s also the most familiar with him.

Pelipper’s moveset has been added to the wiki. What do you say to her and which category of contest do you recommend she enter?
No. 1058851 ID: 273c18

Ah shit. We've done all the categories she has matching moves for. That means we have to do rank 2 Cool contest!
No. 1058854 ID: a7a180

The life of a trainer is freewheeling, but Stetson should think about how his actions will affect others before doing them, like maybe wear a fresh shirt to go Flying.
Ready for the next rank of coolness contest?
No. 1058855 ID: bf9b7c

>Sceptile shouldn’t feel too guilty.
Why shouldn't he feel guilty about endangering the wellbeing of thousands for the sake of a child's ill-conceived ambitions? Not everyone can fly away if the region goes to hell.

Cool Contest 2 seems like the best option.
No. 1058927 ID: f3c38f

I agree Stetson should be more responsible, but we should consider whether right now we want to try to convince Pelipper of that, or try to be affable and get on her good side. The latter is likely the thing most relevant to the task at hand. We COULD do an 20/80 mix, gently voicing caution but immediately and actively dropping the matter and moving on to more pressing topics. Shrug.
No. 1058935 ID: 36784c

>You’ll have to talk this over with him and he’ll definitely ask for something in exchange.
Only if you want him to not bring you with him. If you decide to travel with him, then he won't ask for anything in exchange.

But I think we should finish our business around here first before we try going on an adventure with him.

>Pelipper contest entry?
Cool contest 2
No. 1058946 ID: be4026

Suggest to Stetson that he should let his pokemon socialize more. Not only with just himself, but everyone. His other pokemon, other people, other pokemon, pokemon and people with him. Socializing is really important!
No. 1059020 ID: 9ea24b
File 167923953727.png - (86.76KB , 500x500 , p45.png )

>Propose to Pelipper the novel idea that actions have consequences
:pokepelfrown: Yes, but he’s the trainer and we do what he says.

You decide to drop the topic to avoid irritating Pelipper further. You’re currently on acquaintance terms with her, Aggron, and Torkoal. You’re friends with Sceptile.

>Cool contest super rank
>Random Pokeblock buffs (beauty, cool, cute, smart, tough): Cool and beauty
Pelipper opens her huge beak obediently to receive the two blocks.

>Super rank cool contest chance of success: 2 cool moves x 0.25 x 1.2 (1 cool buff) x 1 (super rank multiplier) = 60% chance of success, Failure!
Pelipper tries her best, but a sleek Manectric gets the victory. Stetson grumbles about the contest being a waste of his time. Luckily you have your parents influencing him so he’s not going to do anything stupid after this.

Since you have so much to talk to Stetson about, you volunteer yourself for the afternoon contest.

>Confirm what he’d want in exchange if he caught you
:pokekidface: You’d be my Pokemon, so you’d have to help me with battles and stuff! I still want to finish the gym challenge and defeat the Elite Four even though people do it all the time.

>Suggest that he let his Pokemon out to socialize more
:pokekidfrown: They said they wanted to do that? Okay I guess.

>Wear deodorant
:pokekiddismiss: Fine…

>Bring up Latias, Latios, and Deoxys
:pokekidface: Those three sound awesome! My dad never mentioned any of them in his stories so if I caught one I could show them to him and it’d be super impressive.

How does catching a Legendary even work? Apparently Groudon was caught in the past but it didn’t last. At least Stetson is enthusiastic about the idea.

What contest do you enter? What else do you say to Stetson?
No. 1059021 ID: a7a180

The smart choice would be Smart. How do you show off Dig without ruining the show floor?
No. 1059022 ID: 556cba

Let's enter a Smart contest.
Contest advice for Vibrava: In the theme of playing smart, remember that off-brand moves can be useful as well! A well-timed Dragon Breath can be used to really mess up other mons' appeals.

>What else do you say to Stetson?
Suggest starting with Latias or Latios. They're fairly friendly with humans, so they might not take offense to a challenge.
No. 1059026 ID: dee951

Just go Smart, and try for the mathematically optimal strategy.
No. 1059034 ID: f3c38f

Re: didn't win, if you feel it's still on-topic, you could tell him that winning ALL the time is pretty boring, and losing occasionally makes for a better story.
No. 1059046 ID: d12415

Late again here.
Once we get our laptop charged, could we cancel our automatic payments on room and board since we aren't using it anymore?
Could we invest some of the money in stocks so we can get some passive income (through dividends) since we don't have a job anymore?
No. 1059058 ID: dd15aa

I'm not sure I'd call losing fun, but overcoming hurdles can be.
No. 1059139 ID: 9ea24b
File 167933448504.png - (119.97KB , 500x500 , p46.png )

>Cancel payments on your room
Yup, that happened once your landlord realized you were missing, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. At this point all your stuff has been removed from your former apartment.

>Invest your money
Given uncertainty in the economy with the looming threat of Groudon, it wouldn’t give you any positive returns.

>Tell Stetson that winning all the time is boring and makes the crowd mad and then they force you to go on vacation because you got lucky with accuracy drops too many times
:pokekidthink: I like winning cause it feels good, but I get it. That’s why I don’t train my Pokemon too much so the battles against gym leaders are still challenging.

:pokekidface: For contests, I just need to give my Pokemon more blocks and then I’ll be unstoppable.

>Random Pokeblock buffs (beauty, cool, cute, smart, tough): Tough and smart
Yes! It’s finally time for you to get to try the delectable mashed berry chunks, something you’ve been dreaming about for days now. The sharp machine cut edges, the smorgasbord of flavor, you’re in heaven as you quickly chew through two firm blocks.

>Super rank smart contest chance of success: 2 smart moves x 0.25 x 1.2 (1 smart buff) x 1 (super rank multiplier) = 60% chance of success, Failure
You demonstrate your Digging prowess on the stage floor, but property destruction isn’t compelling enough to net you the victory. You’re dejected, but Stetson gives you a pat on the head and tells you good job anyway. It’s a very weird feeling and you hurry home before you can dwell on it.

>Kirlia and Espeon Level up
You find Linoone reading the novel on his own in Smeargle’s den, apparently eager to continue the story. He finishes in the late evening and expresses interest in further reading. Linoone will start reading the coding book in his spare time.

What’s your strategy for the Friendlies battle tomorrow? Since you’re teaching Gengar in the afternoon, choose whether to fight Breloom or Sealeo, with or without a friend. You’ll bring your Revive with you.
No. 1059144 ID: dee951

Well damn, strong Pokemon instincts to please and seek praise from a 'Trainer' type human authority figure. Uh. How, exactly, do you feel about that? Is that okay with you or something to try and logic and meditate your way out of?
No. 1059145 ID: d8bd15

Breloom, solo. With a Revive and Dragonbreath or Fly you should be fine.
No. 1059147 ID: dd15aa

No. 1059149 ID: 19ea25

Seems you enjoy the patting life more then expected. Maybe see if any other pats will get the same reaction or if only trainers.
No. 1059151 ID: dd15aa

If we win, ask Gengar to pat us on the head. Platonically.
No. 1059208 ID: 9ea24b
File 167944417988.png - (79.61KB , 500x500 , p47.png )

>Head pat experimentation
That evening, you have Smeargle praise you and pat you on the head to try and replicate the alarming effect. It’s nice, like usual, but doesn’t evoke scary feelings of loyalty and obedience.

:pokesmerawk: Yeah, I think gym badges do something to make Pokemon want to obey trainers more? There’s an instinct to want to please them already, but the badges make it stronger, electronic signals or something.

That’s exceptionally terrifying. You sleep poorly and wake up the next day sluggish and worried.

>Fight Breloom with Fly, Dragon Breath, and Revive
You feel a flutter in your stomach as you step into the dirt arena opposite your friend and opponent. If you win here you’re going to evolve, get huge, and finally have thumbs! You and Breloom are the same speed.

>Turn 1
>Speed check: Failure
>Breloom: Sky Uppercut (90% accurate, hit, 88% damage)
>Vibrava: Dragon Breath (30% chance to paralyze, failure, 23% damage)
It’s a bad beginning. To your surprise, the crowd starts cheering for you as fire back with Dragon Breath. Do they know you’re close to evolving? Are they sick of seeing Breloom beat you to a pulp? Whatever it is, Breloom seems to hesitate.

>Breloom throw for content check: Failure
The indomitable mushroom shakes her head and fixes you with a determined stare. If you’re going to beat her, it’ll have to be when she’s giving it her all!

>Turn 2
>Speed check: Success
>Vibrava: Fly setup
>Breloom: Sky Uppercut (90% accurate, hit, KO)
You eat the Revive mid-air, which means you can still complete Fly on your next turn for the KO if you win the speed tie.

>Turn 3
>Speed check: Failure
>Breloom: Sky Uppercut (90% accurate, hit, KO)
You’re crushed by your defeat and wake up to the crowd booing Breloom, who gains two Levels.

:pokegenneut: Okay even I feel bad about that one. I can read on my own for a bit, why don’t you get one of your friends to help you so you can have a rematch?

A. Get Salamence to pick up Espeon for a 2v1 rematch (guaranteed win)
B. Team up with Sealeo against Breloom and a random Level 35 Pokemon (either Grumpig, Raichu, or Absol)
C. Refuse in favor of fighting another day
No. 1059211 ID: a7a180

B, let's meet someone new.
No. 1059229 ID: a28bc6

>Gym Badges
That explains Pelipper. Sceptile had a different reaction, I wonder if personality plays a role.

C. Stand up to the crowd and tell them not to boo Breloom. Invite Breloom to go for a walk, we know firsthand how stressful getting booed off stage by the crowd can be.
No. 1059234 ID: f3c38f

>oi, stop booing
This seems like a nice gesture. Undecided on fight.
No. 1059276 ID: dee951

Electronic signals that affect even uncaptured pokemon...? Are the rumors about pokeballs using mind control substantiated then?? Ugh, what the heck is going on with the entire technological basis of human/pokemon interactions?! You need an ally to do some research on this stuff!
No. 1059305 ID: bade6b

Yeah, I think we should keep avoiding Pokeballs.
No. 1059306 ID: c9e71c

B. Let's just fight and evolve already! Don't put it off until another day again!

Also tell the crowd to back off! These fights might be entertaining to watch, but we're not doing this for their entertainment, we're doing this to help each other get stronger!
No. 1059310 ID: a9af05


>Let's just fight and evolve already! Don't put it off until another day again!
Yeah, let's do this.
No. 1059317 ID: dd15aa

What if we team up with Breloom to fight the hecklers?
No. 1059320 ID: 9ea24b
File 167953440365.png - (136.03KB , 500x500 , p48.png )

>Badge brainwashing, how does it work?
You theorize that it’s proximity based, so the reason you’ve been affected is because you’ve been spending more time with Stetson.

>Tell the crowd to back off
You yell at the crowd to stop heckling Breloom and they settle down. Breloom seems to very much appreciate your sportsmanship.

>B, Breloom’s partner will be Absol
>Absol gender roll: Male
You lucked out, Absol is too low Level to have learned Slash and his only physical move (Razor Wind) takes a turn to set up. Sealeo bans Breloom from using Sky Uppercut in exchange for not being able to use Aurora Beam, and you both agree to focus on the mushroom mon before finishing off Absol. You can still use Fly.

>Turn 1
>Breloom: Headbutt Vibrava (52% damage, no flinch)
>Vibrava: Fly setup
>Absol: Bite Sealeo (17% damage, no flinch)
>Sealeo: Ice Ball Breloom (90% accurate, hit, 30% damage)

>Turn 2
>Breloom: Headbutt Sealeo (32% damage, no flinch)
>Vibrava: Fly hit turn (95% accurate, hit, KO on Breloom)
>Absol: Bite Sealeo (17% damage, no flinch)
>Sealeo: Ice Ball Absol (90% accurate, hit, 46% damage)
Beating up Absol at this point would just be bullying, so you stop the fight. You and Sealeo both gain two Levels and start to evolve!
No. 1059321 ID: 9ea24b
File 167953441526.png - (138.80KB , 500x500 , p49.png )

You swell with energy. Your four stubby wings fuse together into two long, broad ones, your vision tints red, and your thighs get thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

You’ve evolved into Flygon! Previously the shortest mentee, you now tower over Breloom and the newly minted Walrein without even counting your lengthy tail. You feel positively stupendous and can safely give rides to your friends, though you might have trouble fitting into small spaces. You get an overall base stat increase of 180, with attack and speed still being your best stats.

You compliment Walrein on her long tusks and sturdy body and bask in the cheers of the crowd before Salamence bustles over and clears his throat.

:pokesalface: Thank you, Team Friendlies, for supporting this tournament for the last month. I think it’s a good time to choose the most improved Pokemon!

:pokesalpanik: I mean, Breloom, Flygon, and Walrein all did a great job but I said the tournament would have a victor and I’m not going to pull an ‘everyone's a winner’ kind of thing.

:pokesalface: So I’d like to declare Walrein the most improved and give her these helpful TMs and HMs before I take her back to her home where she can fulfill her wish to protect the Spheal.

Walrein learns Surf and Ice Beam, rounding out her moveset nicely. You’re stunned at what you feel is the abrupt end of the tournament. You now get to use your tournament days however you please, and you’re responsible for finding your own training practice in the future.

Walrein gives all of her friends a tearful farewell and after saying your own goodbyes you find yourself drifting towards the calm of Gengar’s treehouse. It’s a tight fit up the natural wood tunnel and you emerge to find Gengar engrossed in the novel. You still plan to give her a writing lesson, what else do you want to do or say?
No. 1059322 ID: dd15aa

Thank Gengar for pestering us into joining, even though it was super annoying at the time. We're much better off because of it.
After reading lessons, it might be a good idea to talk to Breloom about the Houndoom celebration idea and figure out where you can see her in the future.
No. 1059325 ID: 273c18

Hey Gengar look who got HUGE
No. 1059326 ID: dee951

Looking good! Time to find the girlfriend and figure out the in's and out's of the new body! What works? What doesn't? Also see how dexterous the fingers and hands are! This is an Important Priority!
No. 1059333 ID: a7a180

I'm huge! Sorry for all the hassle we gave you as a Trapinch.
How is Houndoom?
No. 1059334 ID: b01382

High five Walrein! You did it!
No. 1059338 ID: dd15aa

We may also need to do some adjustments to the den, so good to talk to Smeargal about that first.
No. 1059345 ID: e51896

lets thank Gengar for all she did for us
No. 1059357 ID: abe56f

>tight fit
Step Gengar help I'm stuck!
No. 1059375 ID: 9ea24b
File 167961536207.png - (81.69KB , 500x500 , p50.png )

>How dextrous are your new hands?
As capable as small human ones, though with only three fingers.

>Show Gengar your appreciation
:pokeflyface: Gengar, thank you for inviting me to the tournament and helping me grow. I know I was annoying when I first met you, but this has really been a good experience.

:pokegensmile: Oh my dear, it’s been my pleasure. I’m happy to keep helping as long as you’d like, there’s still plenty of growing to do.

Gengar’s words are a reminder of her wish, and you feel a slight zing up your spine. Even if you continue your relationship with Gengar, Jirachi now considers the wish to be fulfilled.

You spend the rest of the afternoon coaching Gengar on her penmanship and spelling. The ghost has made enormous strides and only needs one more teaching session to be fully literate. When you bid her farewell and squeeze down the secret passageway, you find yourself firmly gripped around the waist by the wood.

:pokeflypanik: Gengar, help, I’m stuck!

:pokegenwink: That’s very unrelatable Flygon. I suppose I better do something to help my poor mentee.

Gengar gives you a good shove and you manage to tumble free. After your humiliating experience, you’re concerned about getting through the entrance to Smeargle’s den. You Fly home on your awesome new wings and land in front of the unobtrusive hole in the dirt for inspection. Your fears are well founded, your plump hips are much too wide.

You need emotional support in this challenging situation and look around desperately for a friend.

>Kirlia and Espeon gain a level
Espeon has learned Psybeam and is therefore at Linoone’s place, getting railed. Linoone is also coincidentally missing.

You have no choice but to call for Smeargle, who emerges to stare with awe at your huge new form.

:pokesmerblush: Wow, look at you.

:pokeflypanik: There’s no way I’m going to fit! I don’t want to break anything.

:pokesmerblush: You can fit, we just need to go slow and widen the hole. Maybe use your hands first?

You have an eventful evening once you manage to get inside that tight opening.

What would you like to do tomorrow?
A. Visit a person or Pokemon
B. Address a specific task on the wiki list
No. 1059386 ID: f3c38f

>won't fit in the hole
Oh, you. :P

Hmm, well, we can fly friends around! ...Is there any place and any one in particular we want to go, or maybe just for fun?

Btw, do you feel any different, personality-wise, like how you felt a bit different after turning into Vibrava?
No. 1059393 ID: 4ae479

Flygon looks pretty dweeby with those red covers on his eyes. Like some tacky oversized glasses. It's very cute.

We should give Smeargle a joyride and take her along to visit Tracy, Blaziken, and Kirlia. Really strut and show off our stuff. But more usefully, we can also ask Tracy for advice on things for a young trainer like Stetson to do, stuff that doesn't involve riling up climatological legendaries. Or something like that. Also it'll be nice to catch up.
No. 1059413 ID: dd15aa

One wish down... and we can Fly people around now. Go and see Breloom about getting together a Houndoom thanksgiving gathering.
No. 1059415 ID: abe56f

>You can fit, we just need to go slow and widen the hole. Maybe use your hands first?
>You have an eventful evening once you manage to get inside that tight opening.
Y-you guys are talking about the den entrance right? Right!?
Honorable Quest Author-sama would not be teasing us would they?

We can also inform Blaziken the tourneys' over.
No. 1059418 ID: 5d9787

After the joyride ask your girlfriend if she would still want to have a relationship with you if Jirachi end up turning you into a human again (if you don't find Jirachi it's possible she will do so whether you want to or not). Figure out if she is into humans at all, if she consider the you in old photos attractive or at least acceptable, and if she would be fine with the difficulty of communication. In case of a general positive response teaching her to read and write should become an objective.
No. 1059446 ID: 556cba

Maybe we should make a tin foil hat and see if it helps with the badge radiation.
No. 1059450 ID: 9ea24b
File 167969327818.png - (134.67KB , 500x500 , p51.png )

>How do you feel personality wise?
Evolving was such a drastic physical change that your brain is still catching up. You feel awkward, but also proud of your increased strength and size. Once you get used to your new self you’ll feel better and be more confident.

>Visit Tracy and Blaziken with Smeargle
You can finally charge your laptop! You have Smeargle perch on your shoulders as you soar to the other side of Mauville. Tracey is happy to see you after so long and you tell Blaziken that the tournament has ended.

>Ask Tracey what Stetson can do for fun
You already have a plan for that, which is searching for Latios, Latias, or Deoxys.

>Ask for tinfoil
At your request, Tracy gives you a roll of foil and you craft a cap to fit over your head and protect you from those nasty badge signals.

:pokesmerawk: I don’t think that will work, you’re only covering part of your head.

:pokeblazface: And you look stupid.

:pokeflypanik: How do I resist gym badges then?

:pokeblazface: Why would you want to?

:pokeflymad: Because I don’t want an impulsive kid telling me what to do!

:pokesmershock: Settle down you guys, sorry Flygon, I’m not sure what you could do besides avoid Stetson.

>Would Smeargle still date you if you were human?
:pokesmerawk: …I don’t know if that would work. I wouldn’t have a way to communicate with you.

:pokeflypanik: I can teach you how to read and write, then we can still talk.

:pokesmerworry: Flygon, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just don’t think I’d be attracted to you if you were a human.

:pokeflysad: Oh. I understand.

What else would you like to do while you’re here?
A. Romance and/or recruit Blaziken to fight Groudon
B. Talk to Tracy about trainer treatment of Pokemon
No. 1059451 ID: 556cba

Blaziken is strong, but he'd be at a type disadvantage against Groudon. Normally that would be surmountable by sheer power, but without something like an Air Balloon which doesn't exit yet, the power scaling of a legendary would be a bit too much for him. The same case for Gengar and Houndoom. Smeargle has a good moveset, but we'd need some way for her not to get totaled by an Earthquake collateral due to low defenses.
We'd probably have better luck recruiting a lesser legendary like the Latis to help. Stetson with Sceptile and Pelipper would be a good choice too.

So B. Share some of your thoughts and worries with Tracey.
No. 1059456 ID: 273c18


Dealing with the politics of badges is a long term project that can be started once you've dealt with Setson. Like yeah, it's a bit of an issue right now but there's no way Tracy is going to implement something in time for it to matter, so you should focus on resolving his wish.
No. 1059462 ID: dee951

Why not just order a 'faraday cage beanie' online? They're targeted at schizophrenic humans, mostly, but they might actually be useful for you? You will have to test!
No. 1059463 ID: 276f4d

Same problem as the tinfoil hat but more expensive.
Ask Blaziken about fighting Groudon with you. He’s weak to ground moves but resists Solarbeam.
No. 1059464 ID: bf9b7c

They just look like a normal beanie. I'll second the faraday beanie because it's funny and might be useful, but looks less dumb than the tinfoil hat.
No. 1059466 ID: 73bfd3

Couldn't you read your Coding Book to learn how to program your PokéNav to emit a signal that cancels out the signals coming from the Gym Badges?
No. 1059475 ID: abe56f

A.Romance the fight chikin, and aren't they lvl 100?
Also I'm curious, now with your laptop charged look into reports about pokemon escaping The BOX and reports about pokemon killing their trainers, specifically a houndoom.
No. 1059505 ID: 9ea24b
File 167979204251.png - (100.74KB , 500x500 , p52.png )

>Invest in schizo tech
You’d need to be completely surrounded by metal to deflect the signals, a conspiracy theorist’s 5G beanie wouldn’t help. Also, while noise canceling technology exists, the same strategy doesn’t work for electromagnetic waves, especially in an open space. The best thing you can do to escape badge influence is to avoid badges.

>Romance check: Failure
You don’t feel very charitable towards Blaziken after his rude comments. He’s still a very handsome bird, but you’re not in the mood to flirt with a trainer suckup.

>Recruit for Groudon fight
Blaziken has a good moveset and is max level. He might be weak to ground, but he’s a strong fighter and Groudon is going to be one-shotting everyone anyway. When you propose the idea, Blaziken hesitates, but when you mention that Salamence is also on the squad he agrees to join.

What would you like to do this afternoon? The option to browse the web has been bundled with learning to code, since both involve a charged laptop.
A. Visit a person or Pokemon
B. Address a specific task on the wiki list
No. 1059519 ID: 956261

Let’s contact Breloom and organize that thank you? He doesn’t like human foods so let’s make some berry treats ourselves.
No. 1059520 ID: 273c18

The houndoom thank you sounds good. Maybe it's time to start working on that wish.
No. 1059521 ID: dd15aa

No. 1059525 ID: dd15aa

Side note, we should invest in Focus Sashes.
No. 1059527 ID: 273c18

Sadly, that item was introduced in Gen 4. We're limited to Gen 3.

...I wonder what moves this Groudon has. We're immune to ground-type moves thanks to Levitate!
No. 1059528 ID: 273c18

Useful held items:
Bright Powder (reduces enemy accuracy by 10%)
Quick Claw (20% chance of going first regardless of speed)
Choice Band (50% boost to Attack stat, can only use one move)
King's Rock (10% chance to flinch on hit, works with multi hit moves)
Focus Band (10% chance to survive a OHKO)
Scope Lens (higher crit chance)
various held items that boost power of specific Types of moves, by 10% (objectively worse than Choice Band for this task I think)

Oh hey, there are scarves for pokemon contests. Those are useful now that we have a chance of failure.
No. 1059529 ID: d34a79

>We're immune to ground-type moves thanks to Levitate!
The author has said that Abilities were too much of a headache to keep track of, so nobody has any Abilities. Which means we're NOT immune to ground-type moves.
No. 1059535 ID: dee951

So, uh. Why don't we take it slow, and try and find someone, even someone we don't yet know well, who is defensively and offensively a good match in this fight?? Rather than rush in?? We can always use new friends! We can ask our existing friends for introductions!!
No. 1059538 ID: abe56f

>look into reports about pokemon escaping The BOX and reports about pokemon killing their trainers, specifically a houndoom.
Maybe also do a search for yourself and while we're at it we can look for thing as gifts for all our friends.
No. 1059542 ID: dd15aa

Gengar would be a good pick because of Hypnosis, Sleep could get us multiple turns.
No. 1059568 ID: 9ea24b
File 167986501090.png - (143.91KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

>Useful held items
The list of held items that can be found at the Battle Frontier has been added to Tracy’s trading list. They are absurdly expensive and buying them would quickly deplete your cash.

>Colored scarfs for contests
Good point! You’ll tell Stetson to look for those when you see him or buy them yourself the next time you go shopping.

>Recruit a Pokemon who can put Groudon to sleep
That would be Gengar or Smeargle. Sleep will last for fewer turns on Groudon but still be a helpful tool in the battle.

>Losing against Groudon
Would be okay and not unexpected on the first attempt. Since you decided not to talk to Groudon, you’re not sure what his moveset is or how willing he’d be to throw for content, since it’s in his interests to be defeated and go back to sleep.

>Recruit a Pokemon with a type advantage
You don’t know any top level Water, Ice, or Grass types. You start by asking Smeargle about Tracy’s other retired Pokemon once you get home.

:pokesmerface: Hm, there was Gyarados and Ludicolo. I think Gyarados stays near Slateport and Ludicolo is up by Meteor Falls, if you want to search for them.

:pokeflyface: Thanks, would you be willing to fight Groudon? Spore would be super helpful.

:pokesmerworry: It sounds kind of scary, but you’d be there, right?

:pokeflylove: Yes, I’d whisk you away to safety if anything went wrong!

You’ve recruited Smeargle for the Groudon fighting team as well. You’ll aim for Gyarados or Ludicolo for the final member.

>Meet with Breloom
You bring a bag of apples with you when you go to see Breloom, for bribery purposes. How much do you share with Breloom about Houndoom’s past?
No. 1059581 ID: dd15aa

Just share that he, like the other Friendlies, has had trouble with humans and doesn't like human products for that reason. His dirty laundry isn't ours' to air.

>Final Ally
Gyarados sounds like a hard hitter, and he's immune to Ground which removes Groudon's biggest STAB.
However, Ludicolo is in the same location as Jirachi, so meeting the two of them on the same trip could be a time saver.
No. 1059583 ID: dee951

Wow, can we get both? More friends!!
No. 1059592 ID: 276f4d

Don’t need to share much history. Let’s aim for Gyarados!
No. 1059596 ID: 556cba

If anything, we should ask Breloom for more info about Houndoom, what he was like and how he rescued her.
No. 1059659 ID: 9ea24b
File 167996997832.png - (144.79KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

>Can you recruit both Gyarados and Ludicolo?
Sure, if you want. You’ll aim for Gyarados first.

>Don’t share Houndoom’s tragic backstory with Breloom
Breloom doesn’t need to know the gory details, you’re more curious about her personal experience with Houndoom when he rescued her.

You find the Friendlies Base bustling with activity. Salamence has returned from his journey with Walrein and is directing groups of Pokemon for patrol and food gathering. Several unfamiliar ghosts are floating with Gengar under the shade of her tree, in a thick miasma.

>Gengar activity check: Failure
You can’t tell what Gengar’s doing through the ghost fog. Probably just chatting with the girls.

Breloom is talking to Absol, the same one you mercifully spared from a beating the other day. The disaster Pokemon seems stressed, paws kneading the dirt and peering from side to side. When he spots you he squeaks with alarm.

:pokeabspanik: Doom!

:pokeflypanik: Doom?

:pokeabspanik: Hanging over you, the threat of doom!

Breloom snags an apple from your bag, her usual reserved self.

:pokebreface: Hi Flygon. I don’t think living under an active volcano when Groudon is awake has been doing Absol any favors.

:pokeflypanik: Is he okay? Absol, are you okay?

:pokeabspanik: There aren’t any impending calamities but there’s a lot of potential ones and it’s confusing.

:pokeflyface: Don’t worry, I’m sure if Groudon wanted to make Mt. Chimney erupt and kill everyone you know and love he would have done it already. Anyway, Breloom, I was thinking we could throw a thank you party for Houndoom. He helped you a ton and I’ve met the guy a few times and want to cheer him up.

:pokebrefrown: He doesn’t want to be bothered. I tried to talk to him after he brought me here and he told me to leave him alone.

:pokeflypanik: Breloom, think of when he rescued you from your trainer! Don’t you want to show your gratitude? What was that even like?

:pokebrefrown: My trainer was camping for the night when Houndoom snuck up on her. She sent me out to buy time and he just asked me how I felt about my trainer and told me that he was part of a rescue team. I attacked him a few times, but he kept waiting for my answer, not like I was doing much damage. When I told him about wanting to leave, he knocked over my trainer, melted my Pokeball, and gave me a ride here.

:pokebresad: And that’s the last time I really had a conversation with him.
No. 1059664 ID: a7a180

If they sent you out against Houndoom, they were either not thinking straight or really low on options. Have you thought about your trainer much since then? It seems like it was a bit sudden, not that you can change what happened now.

Absol needs something to relax... too bad they're Dark type, so psychic moves wouldn't work. Is there a Vileplume or Roselia we could take Absol to for some aromatherapy?
No. 1059667 ID: 556cba

Tell her doom, Houndoom I mean, has been feeling really down and Salamence is worried about him. We thought getting together all the Pokemon he helped could make him feel like things aren't so dim.

Ask Absol how he feels about that island Deoxys is supposed to hang around.
No. 1059669 ID: 273c18

>chatting with the girls
They fuckin

Tell Absol your life is pretty complex right now, you can think of three things that could go horribly wrong just off the top of your head. Thanks for the warning though.

Anyway, don't take no for an answer. Go badger Houndoom with Breloom in tow. You're NEVER going to make progress in this task unless you force Houndoom to talk to SOMEONE. Gotta get your foot in the door!
No. 1059681 ID: 36784c

Let’s ask Salamence to see if he has any ideas on what to do. He’s close with Houndoom, so he might be able to help.

Going in there without a plan is a great way to piss off Houndoom, which is the opposite of what we want. We better think of something else.
No. 1059708 ID: 273c18

>without a plan
Ok, you got a plan?
No. 1059714 ID: 9ea24b
File 168004653764.png - (91.03KB , 500x500 , p55.png )

:pokeflysad: That sounds like it was really sudden. Do you ever think about your trainer?

:pokebrefrown: Sometimes, but I’m happy here.

:pokeflysad: I guess you don’t want to disturb Houndoom by having a party then.

:pokebreface: I’d be down to organize something, but I’m not going to be the one who makes sure he shows up.

>Absol needs something to relax
You give him an apple and ask permission to pet his flank with long, calming motions. This seems to help.

:pokeflyface: Do you know anything about Deoxys? He should be on an island somewhere far south.

:pokeabsface: No, he’s too far away for me to get a good sense of anything.

:pokeflylove: That’s okay, thanks for warning me about the doom, I’ll keep an eye out for danger.


You ponder your next move. Salamence did advise you during your flight lessons to talk to Houndoom directly about his trauma. Last time you had a chance to, you couldn’t think of what to say besides asking Houndoom if he liked to sing and weirding him out. Good times.

A. Go talk to Houndoom about his history (50% chance he gets mad at you)
B. Go talk to Houndoom about something weird to get him more used to your presence
C. Flirt with Absol
No. 1059718 ID: eee93f

Absol is a cute and seems like he really needed that positivity... but we came here with a mission. Focus, Flygon!

B. We don't want to push him away. Acting like Gengar seems to be disarming him?
Ask Houndoom if Salamence ever took him flying. If he's afraid of heights we could maybe help so he and Salamence could go flying together!
No. 1059719 ID: a7a180

A, the odds aren't terrible. He's not the only one he's hurting by withdrawing into himself, and if that gets him mad he should think about who he's mad at.
No. 1059731 ID: 273c18

Eh I guess B. Coinflips are terrible odds tbh. Ask him what he does for fun, hobbies, that sort of thing. When's the last time he got laid? Does he have a favorite food? Read any good books lately? Does he want you to buy anything from one of the traders?
No. 1059736 ID: 5d9787

He seem to be enjoying this belly rub...
C. This is probable the most natural emotional contact you ever established in your entire life: no awkward conversation about porn, no asking a friend to take a look at your dick, no explicit declaration that the next friendly interaction is meant to be romantic. Don't waste this moment.
No. 1059738 ID: 0097ed

You make a good point. There's a moment here, and it might not come again if we let it pass.

Changing my vote to C. Let's try to curb our usual Vibravaness with some of our new Flygon smooth. Make quiet eye contact and smile to let him know you're comfortable wherever this is going if he is.
Ask about him a bit. He seems like he might not get much positivity in his life, so take the belly rubs slow and gentle, maybe ask if he has a special way he washes his fur.
No. 1059742 ID: 273c18

What belly rub?
No. 1059752 ID: dd15aa

A flankrub, rubbing the side of the belly between the rib and hip
No. 1059753 ID: 5d9787

I might have misread or invented details in my head...
No. 1059767 ID: 4ae479

No. 1059800 ID: 3d3771

C, have a moment.
No. 1059808 ID: 7b8042

C, he's cute and it would be a shame to let this moment pass you by.
No. 1059810 ID: abe56f

C. Maybe if we spend time with him here something will come up to help with Houndoom, plus he really needs to relax, didn't Salamence say there was some leftover massage oil.
No. 1059817 ID: dd15aa

He could help a lot with risk assessment too. I get the feeling that pissing Houndoom off by being too forward or letting slip to Houndoom that we're human are some of the potential misfortunes he sensed. Maybe failing to fulfill the wish is one, too.
No. 1059823 ID: 2a97e8

Just what we need, a vague portent of doom we can use as an excuse to never take risks again.
No. 1059857 ID: 9ea24b
File 168013974945.png - (125.42KB , 500x500 , p56.png )

>C, flirt with Absol
You can tell Absol already likes you after a few kind words, physical touch, and an apple. That’s the power of apples, baby. You settle yourself more comfortably on the ground and say nice things about how soft Absol’s fur is and how he’s cute.

Breloom notices that you’re focusing on Absol and drifts toward a different group of Pokemon. She’ll work to organize the Friendlies and have them ready to go for a party whenever you have a breakthrough with the canine.

You spend the rest of the afternoon chatting with Absol in a warm patch of sunlight, which thanks to Groudon is not hard to find. You both eat the rest of the bag of apples. He tells you about his life near Fortree before he was rescued from a pack of angry humans who thought he was making their crops fail. Since he’s a walking danger detector, Gengar offered him a good deal to stick with the Friendlies and he’s been here since.

You’ve successfully befriended and romanced Absol, who’s interested in a physical relationship. You can choose to have a steamy rendezvous with him as an action another day, and he can be brought to different locations to assess danger related to Legendary Pokemon.

>Kirlia and Espeon gain a Level
Kirlia is one Level away from evolving! He and Espeon will stop training together after tomorrow.

>Stetson scarf check: Failure
You text Stetson that tip about the colored scarfs, but he doesn’t respond and won’t have anything ready for the contests tomorrow.

The wiki has a contest tracking section now. Which Pokemon (including yourself) do you choose to go first and what contest do they enter?
No. 1059866 ID: dd15aa

>Absol past
Many such cases, sadly. That explains why he reacted so well to being thanks for his prophecy.
With his help we might be able to get a sense of the urgency of the Groudon and Jirachi situations and which we should focus in hard on first, instead of being a bit aimless, as well as which ones would be safest to befriend/meet with Stetson.

Let's put Torkoal in the next stage of Beauty contest, since she has a good moveset for it. Maybe discuss Contest movesets with Stetson in person as well and see what his thoughts are on building towards that.
No. 1059918 ID: 17e1b0

Choose Torkoal and stick to simple yes-no questions in your conversation. Does she like the yellow pokeblocks? Has she spent time in the PC? Was she awake for it?
No. 1059960 ID: 9ea24b
File 168023423547.png - (106.01KB , 500x500 , p57.png )

Stetson is in awe of your new pear shaped figure. You catch a hint of greed in his eyes before he’s all business. It’s a little harder to pass through human populated areas without being noticed, and you see a few other trainers eying you and your notebook curiously.

>Ask Stetson about teaching contest beneficial moves
He looks at you like you’re crazy.

:pokekiddismiss: I’m not messing with movesets just to win some contests, I’d rather use more Pokeblocks. I still want to be a super strong trainer!

>Torkoal in a super rank beauty contest
She has the moves and the sheer presence to be a contest star, you just know it. Perhaps you could even talk to her, though the thought makes you feel shy.

You clear your throat a few times when it’s just you and Torkoal left to wait by the portrait wall.

:pokeflyface: H-hi again! I evolved since the last time you saw me.

:pokekoalface: Sceptile told us all you’re a human.

Ah, Stetson must have let everyone out to socialize, per your recommendation. Good for him! By the smell of it he’s learning personal hygiene as well.

:pokeflypanik: Er, yes, I was, but now I’m a Flygon and trying to improve life for Pokemon kind.

:pokekoalface: Ok.

:pokeflyface: Hey, what’s it like being in a Pokeball?

:pokekoalface: Dozing. Awake enough that being let out isn’t a huge shock but not aware of much.

:pokeflyface: Have you ever been in the PC?

:pokekoalface: I don’t know.

At this point Stetson returns and you stop talking.

>Random Pokeblock buffs (beauty, cool, cute, smart, tough): Tough, smart
You weep with joy when you see Torkoal nibbling upon the proffered blocks. It’s like seeing a famous work of art conducting an orchestra made of flowers.

>Super rank beauty contest chance of success: 3 beauty moves x 0.25 x 1 (0 beauty buffs) x 1 (super rank multiplier) = 75% chance of success, Success

Stetson praises Torkoal for her victory and parades her and her new ribbon around the contest hall, which gives you a chance to talk to her or him a little more.
No. 1059967 ID: dd15aa

>I’m not messing with movesets just to win some contests
Let Stetson in on a little secret. Technical Machine companies don't want you to know this one easy trick: you can train and retrain some moves manually. We could teach Pelipper a Cool move and then retrain her on Fly once the contest is done. All it would take is some time.
He could use the same trick to teach them moves that are good for a particular gym or fight he's expecting, then retrain them to their utility movesets later.

Is there anything that she thinks would improve her situation?
No. 1059968 ID: 273c18

>training moves manually
Oh, do you mean like how we learned Dig? I guess that might work... but it's RNG. Being able to slot Fly back in quickly since it's an HM makes sense though.
No. 1059969 ID: 36784c

>Stetson is in awe of your new pear shaped figure. You catch a hint of greed in his eyes before he’s all business.
Aggron said that Stetson was wanting a Dragon type for team composition and you are now a Dragon type. Be on guard, he might try to catch you.
No. 1059978 ID: 0fca6f


If he wants to catch you, he has to ask politely, and do it in front of your parents, and immediately hand over the ball to them, which they will keep in a safe or something, and confirm the registration and such and the details by pc, and so on and so forth. Otherwise, you pre-commit to resisting staying captured to the best of your ability, even if you get weird compulsions to obey, because that's totally going to be mind control.
No. 1059991 ID: a9af05

Tell him that you learned Fly without using an HM just by practicing. So his pokemon can also learn moves without TMs or HMs, but it'll take lots of patience and practice for it to work.

>immediately hand over the ball to parents, which they will keep in a safe or something
I think if he catches us, he's going to keep us with him. He wouldn't want to give up the ball for a pokemon that fits his team composition.
No. 1060101 ID: 9ea24b
File 168031308367.png - (96.72KB , 500x500 , p58.png )

>Tell Stetson that Pokemon can learn moves within their learnset with some trial and error
:pokekidthink: Really? I guess that makes sense, there’s move tutors and stuff besides TMs.

:pokekiddismiss: That sounds like a lot of work though. How about you teach them? I’ll get better at making Pokeblocks, if I can control what type I make, that’ll help a ton with the contests.

You can now work with Stetson’s Pokemon to learn new moves. Going forward, Stetson will have a skill check before making Pokeblocks to see if he can control the flavor.

>Ask Torkoal if she wants anything
:pokekoalface: Coal. You can find it by digging near Fiery Path.

>The catching conundrum
It’s time to make a decision about whether you want Stetson to catch you. After building trust with him over several days, you’re sure he’ll respect your wishes either way.

Important choice!
A. Let Stetson catch you. He’ll do it in front of your parents and let you out right afterwards, but keep the ball. Once Groudon is defeated, you’ll travel with him to complete the last gym and the Elite Four, after which he’ll release you. If you really don’t like how things are going, you can get your friends to ambush Stetson and destroy the ball, though that will permanently sour your relationship with him.

B. Tell Stetson you don’t want him to catch you. He’ll finally take the hint and you won’t be able to ask him or your parents to catch you in the future.
No. 1060106 ID: e5709d

Seriously why are you considering this
No. 1060109 ID: 273c18

It'll be fun!
No. 1060120 ID: dee951

A. Yea, you just are worried about loss of control. This brings some structure and consent to the relationship, which is important. Besides, it's kind of an important experience to have, you think.

Also, let him know you're kind of freaked out about the badge mind control, and you'd appreciate an agreement for him to keep his badges themselves in those faraday bags when not experimenting with the effect, and you physically distant from others with lots of badges.

After all, if you can't stop the signal from being received unless you get in an appropriate type of metal vehicle or something, might as well stop it closer to the source!

Also, it's important to know when you're getting a boost from a technological tool, and the limits of that boost; these things might actually be limiting his growth as a trainer and his ability to understand and have nuanced interactions with the natural pokemon states of mind.

And it's not like you MIND your mind being messed with sometimes; what else are most Psychic moves, you know? You just want it to be consensual, sane, and limited in scope.
No. 1060124 ID: a7a180

B. This relationship is going well without involving balls.
No. 1060126 ID: 629f2e

A. Better the kid you know than a random trainer you don't. Or worse, a bad guy team like Team Rocket. They may not be around anymore, but you don't want to find out that a new one is forming by getting caught.
No. 1060128 ID: d38ad8

No. 1060129 ID: bf9b7c

A. but on the condition he acquiesces to these >>1060120 conditions. Assure him we will pay for the faraday bag.
No. 1060130 ID: 36784c


If he'll allow us to go finish doing a few things first, we'll let him catch us. It might take a few days, but we'll come back.

We'd need to finish Gengar's lessons, go beat up Groudon, tell Smeargle we're gonna go with the kid, then let him catch us.
No. 1060131 ID: 5c6d41

No. 1060135 ID: f7f1b0

Hmm. Two concerns: 1. The pokeballs themselves don't have brain control effects, do they? And 2. this still leaves us time to figure out the Jirachi thing before we inexorably solve everyone's problems and poof human again, right?
No. 1060136 ID: f7f1b0

Oh, but, forgot to say - if we don't know the answers, I vote A.
No. 1060137 ID: dee951


Only those Friend Balls, I'm guessing. Cheap cut-rate knock-off Luxury Balls that make a pokemon happy to follow orders of someone they don't have a prior relationship with? Come on...

Though, not for certain. This bears investigation!
No. 1060214 ID: 19ea25

You know what lets go for it. A.
No. 1060280 ID: 9ea24b
File 168039431813.png - (104.72KB , 500x500 , p59.png )

>A, with additional questions
You bring up the possibility of letting Stetson catch you, and the kid immediately gets excited and hurries out of the contest hall to discuss details.

>What kind of ball will he use?
A normal Pokeball. If you don’t try to escape it’ll catch you just fine and won’t have any mind control effects.

>Time frame
You’ll be on the same visit once every three days schedule after Stetson catches you until Groudon goes back to sleep, after which you’ll stick with Stetson until he’s defeated the Elite Four. Since the timeframe of beating Groudon is something you have control over, you can get your other tasks finished first.

>Badges suck
Stetson can’t do anything about other trainers with badges, but he seems open to the idea of shielding his own.

:pokekidthink: I could keep my badges in a metal case, but then it’d be more dangerous for me to be around wild Pokemon.

:pokekidface: My team is super strong though, I’m sure it’ll be fine!

Stetson is now more vulnerable during encounters with hostile and high power Pokemon. This won’t matter with everyday wild Pokemon.

You’re surprised you got that consolation. Without any other concerns, you agree to be caught.

Stetson runs to your parents house to get the witnesses and they watch, concerned, as he tosses a bright red ball at you. It bonks against your shoulder and pops open.




You do your best to not struggle against the foreign sensation. After a few moments, a sudden calm flows through you and you float peacefully in the darkness.

And then you’re back on the grass, facing a different angle. That’ll take some getting used to. You’re now immune to being caught by anyone else which makes searching for Jirachi much safer!

After that admittedly brief ordeal, Stetson is happy to let you leave early. Do you:
A. Stay with Stetson (work/train with his Pokemon, talk to him, do another contest, shopping, other)
B. Go home to see Kirlia evolve and hang out with Espeon and Linoone
No. 1060281 ID: 629f2e

B, you should be there for Kirlia's evolution, and it feels like you haven't hung out with them recently.
No. 1060284 ID: dd15aa

Well, the kid's not all bad. And our parents have been a good influence. Take a moment to thank Stetson for being understanding.

And Linoone and Espeon haven't had the chance to properly bask in our new pear-shaped glory, since they were busy enjoying their safe sex having honeymoon. See if the three of them want to take a scenic fly somewhere to celebrate Kirlia's evolution.
No. 1060285 ID: 273c18

No. 1060286 ID: a7a180

With Stetson giving up a margin of safety on hikes, you'd better promise to compensate by keeping him out of trouble with the big boys.
No. 1060366 ID: 02e7e9

B. Gotta see our bud achieve his dreams of tallness, and show off ours
No. 1060372 ID: 9ea24b
File 168048749160.png - (129.23KB , 500x500 , p60.png )

>Protect Stetson from danger
You’ll definitely have to be aware of Stetson’s human frailty. Searching for a novel Legendary just got a lot more risky.

>B, witness Kirlia’s embiggening
As well as show off your own evolution and see how Linoone and Espeon are getting on with their newfound ability to fuck. You bid Stetson farewell and zoom home.

You arrive in time to see Kirlia battling with Espeon, which consists of staring intently at each other while purple energy sparks in the air. The grass they’re standing on looks crunchy and a bit yellow from the last two weeks of dry heat. Linoone is relaxing in the shade with a berry, but perks up when he sees you land.

:pokelinface: Hi Flygon!

:pokeflyface: Hi Linoone! How are things?

:pokelinface: I’m doing great, oh, the C book wasn’t as fun to read as the other one.

:pokeflyshock: You already finished it?

:pokelinsmile: And all my magazines too! Humans sure have a lot of kinks. Me and Espeon have been trying out roleplaying.

:pokeespmad: I am trying to focus, stop thinking about sex!

Kirlia knocks over Espeon with a well placed Psychic and starts to glow. You hold your breath and think very pure thoughts as Gardevoir solidifies with a flutter of his gown.

:pokeflyface: Wow, you look great!

:pokegarface: Thanks.

He does a few experimental twirls and you catch a glimpse of delicate white ankle. Oh no, you are definitely not thinking pure thoughts.

:pokeflypanik: Ahhhhhh sorry you’re very pretty.

:pokegarwink: Ha, I’ve been hanging out with these two enough that I don’t mind anymore. And I am beautiful.

Gardevoir is open to being romanced.

Recommended activities for tomorrow morning:
A. Finish your literacy lessons with Gengar

B. Get an Electric Pokemon to be your friend so you don’t have to worry about charging your laptop (if you don’t pick this you’ll stick to charging at Tracy’s from now on)

C. Other
No. 1060378 ID: a7a180

B again to meet someone new. Are we inviting them back to the burrow or just going to their place? Good to have options I guess if we become wanted by humans or something. Can't imagine why that would occur, though...
No. 1060384 ID: 273c18

No. 1060388 ID: dd15aa

B. There's a Raichu with the Friendlies, so that'd save travel time to visit Houndoom after and work on getting him comfortable with Flygon.
No. 1060406 ID: 36784c


Honestly, if we're going to be traveling with Stetson, it seems kinda pointless to be worrying about our laptop, since we won't be able to bring it with us.
No. 1060407 ID: e5709d

>And I am very beautiful.
You did this. For better or worse, this is on you.

A because contracts. Also, the kid can charge your stuff at cities.
No. 1060411 ID: e51896

A, for reasons listed above
No. 1060421 ID: 36784c

Also, don’t forget to tell Smeargle about your new status of being caught by Stetson. That way she’ll know where you went if she doesn’t see you for a while.

Tell her that once Groudon has been beaten, you’ll be traveling with the kid to help him finish his journey through the Pokémon League. After that, he’ll release you and you’ll be free again.
No. 1060422 ID: 273c18

Idea for a compromise with Stetson's badges: He can take them out of the bag when we're about to go into a dangerous area.
No. 1060424 ID: abe56f

>Gardevoir is open to being romanced
Only if he doms us.

B.Fuck moving the plot along.
No. 1060425 ID: f7f1b0

Eh, I mean, if it isn't going to be an option after this, I guess B.
No. 1060457 ID: d5e7f4

A. Finish literacy lessons with Gengar. And give her the Coding Book. Tell her that reading it will let her learn how to code computers to do things.
No. 1060465 ID: 1f46c3


He can also take them out if we're having a REALLY bad day so he can tell us it's alright, we can calm down, we're a good person, etc. But we'll prompt him in that case. IE, the same sort of scenario where we'd have a glass of wine and a beta blocker, or some very specific calming berries.
No. 1060467 ID: dd15aa

I dunno, getting weird mind control affirmation from the kid seems odd. Better to get comfort from our gf or bro.
No. 1060468 ID: 00bdc8


Hey if it stops a panic attack from happening in the first place due to being immediately available on a short notice, that means it's good enough for the situation, no?
No. 1060474 ID: 19ea25

Pets are nice no matter who delivers them.
No. 1060494 ID: a9af05

No. 1060498 ID: 9ea24b
File 168057159419.png - (119.84KB , 500x500 , p61.png )

>Have the kid take out the badges when doing dangerous stuff
Sure, you’ll just have to pass a check to act against him or his commands if he does so.

>Tell Smeargle about your promise to Stetson
You break the news that you agreed to journey with Stetson after Groudon is quelled to Espeon, Linoone, and Smeargle over dinner. Smeargle hugs you close, or as much as she can when her paws barely reach your sides.

:pokesmerworry: Stay safe, okay? You’re always welcome here.

:pokeflysad: I want to come back once I’m done. I promise I won’t forget about you.

>A/B tie, default to B since it won’t be an option in the future
>Make friends with the Raichu at the Friendlies Base
Better to work with someone who already knows of you than to scare some poor, underleveled wild Pokemon. You give Smeargle a big kiss and Fly north with the last bag of apples. Everyone loves apples.

The base is just as busy as the last time you were there, though you don’t see Gengar this time.

>Absol check: Failure
You also don’t see your fluffy beau, or Breloom or Salamence for that matter, so you’re forced to find Raichu yourself.

>Raichu fixed gender: Female
And boy she does not look like she’s in a good mood. You’ve heard that people prefer to keep Pikachu’s for their cuteness, so you can understand how this Raichu might have a tragic backstory and plenty of reasons to be grumpy.

How do you introduce yourself? What do you offer to Raichu in exchange for her services?
No. 1060500 ID: a7a180

Are these services local to when we're in this area with Smeargle's den, or is the idea to travel with us alongside Stetson? Anyway, introduce yourself as a friend of Gengar with an unusual hobby for a pokemon: Browsing the internet.
Could we offer them a stay in our part of the burrow? Apples? Pokeblocks?
No. 1060504 ID: 5d9787

>... people prefer to keep Pikachu’s for their cuteness...
I never understood that. Is Raichu less cute than Pikachu?

Since your human past is still a weird topic to bring up in the Friendlies base to someone you never met maybe beat around the bush a little bit. Making the thing you want from her ambiguous (plus Gengar shock play joke earlier) will make it sound like you want something sexual from her. That would be funny, but let's be honest: you probable do.

Before overwhelming a stranger with a difficult to explain request introduce yourself and ask about what is bothering her. The apple bribery can be offered as a soothing gift for her sorrows.
Depending on the nature of her problem you may offer your help.
After that you can explain you've being looking for a pokemon like her for a recurring favor. If she is available, of course.
No. 1060505 ID: dee951

Second politely introducing yourself and asking what is bothering her, and if you can either help or just listen so she can vent, or offer comfort, whatever she needs.
No. 1060506 ID: dd15aa

Offer an apple and an ear in these trying times.

It might be a little forward to lead off with before we know what's wrong, but we've been known to be pretty good at massages and we're immune to shocks. If she's stressed or anxious about something, it might be a good way to help her calm down.
No. 1060508 ID: 5d9787

Imagine the scene:
The tall Flygon is behind Raichu doing a high vibration shoulder massage while they talk. After listening to her problems he finally brings up the reason he approached her: he was looking for someone like her, for an electric type.
She is curious: what for?
He say he want a favor only she can do, a recurrent favor. Her shoulders just got stiffer, is something wrong?
If she is available he can take her home with him. After she is done they can have some fun together. It's only fair, she will be the one making it work after all. She suddenly got hot, could she have a fever?

No. 1060511 ID: d5e7f4

Ask what's bothering her, offer to listen to her troubles. Then when you get a chance, ask if she can help charge the laptop every once in a while, as well as ask what she'd want us to give her in exchange for doing this for you.

I don't think we should offer her our place in Smeargle's den. Smeargle and Espeon won't like a surprise guest without any warning.
No. 1060533 ID: f7f1b0

I wonder if "Apple for your thoughts?" would translate. Overall I support offering an apple and inquiring what's wrong.
No. 1060579 ID: 9ea24b
File 168065858989.png - (137.95KB , 500x500 , p62.png )

>Charging logistics
You’ll bring the electricity adapter to Raichu, she’ll charge it, and you’ll take it back home. You’ll get two laptop charges per visit. Raichu doesn’t have to come live at the burrow and you can get other things done while you’re at the Friendlies Base.

>Can you bring the laptop with you when you travel with Stetson?
Sure, it can be your held item or you can give it to Stetson to put in his bag.

>Offer Raichu an apple, introduce yourself, and ask what’s bothering her
>Once you’re more familiar you can flirt
It’s a flawless plan. Raichu glares at the offered apple, but can’t resist the succulent fruit. She takes it in her paws and you sit down a polite distance away.

:pokeraiface: Where’d you get these? You steal ‘em?

She must have noticed the bag. You don’t want to tell her that you’re a human so stealing it is.

:pokeflypanik: Uhhhhhhhh yeah.

:pokeraiface: Makes sense if Gengar’s your mentor. I’ll enjoy it more this way.

She takes a huge bite of the apple, giving you an opening to ask about her feelings.

:pokeflyshock: So…humans right?

:pokeraiface: They suck. Not like that’s news to you, I heard from some of the other mons that your trainer abandoned you.

:pokeflypanik: Yep, that’s me, I am so sad and abandoned.

:pokeraiface: Me too, I was more of a pet than a fighter though, got to sleep on the bed, eat lots of treats, and play with the family. Until one of the kids brought home a Thunderstone and then when I evolved I was ‘too aggressive’. They dumped me in the woods and left.

:pokeflysad: That’s terrible, I’m sorry.

:pokeraisad: It’s whatever.

:pokeraiface: Anyway, why are you really here?

:pokeflypanik: I wanted to ask for a big favor, I’ve, um, also stolen a human laptop and I need someone to help me charge it. I can get you anything you’d like in exchange, and you don’t have to travel anywhere, I’ll bring my big portable battery thing to you.

:pokeraiface: You’ll get in trouble if you keep stealing.

:pokeflyface: I am willing to make this great sacrifice.

:pokeraiface: Fine, here’s what I’d like…

Raichu lists off several different snacks and types of bedding that you estimate will cost 30,000 P total. You’ll have to go shopping to get all of the items, but afterwards you can get charging services whenever you like, it’s not much effort on her part.

There’s still a ways to go before you befriend and hopefully romance her, but this is a great first step. You leave the rest of the apples with Raichu and Fly home to spend more time with Smeargle. Hey, you like being productive, but not too productive! One of the best parts about being a Pokemon is you don’t have to worry about the constant grind after all.

What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Use your computer to look up news articles about Houndoom
B. Go shopping (suggest what to buy besides Raichu’s stuff)
C. Search for Gyarados near Slateport
No. 1060604 ID: f7f1b0

For some reason I feel like A. None of these seem particularly more urgent than the others - though we'll want to get Raichu's stuff before TOO long so we can keep using the laptop.
No. 1060605 ID: dd15aa

It's probably for the best she's not romanceable right now. A relationship built on lies can only crumble.

I'm not sure how much knowing what happened with Houndoom will help him, finding out we've been snooping and spying might destroy his trust later. Better to learn through him when and if he feels comfortable talking about it.

Shopping isn't urgent and I can't think of much else we need to grab right now.

C. Let's go see Gyarados. They have a reputation, so before you leave maybe ask Smeargle for more details about their personality and likes or interests.
No. 1060616 ID: e51896

A. gotta figure out how to deal with Houndoom's wish
No. 1060619 ID: dd15aa

The third wish is Salamence's, to get Houndoom out of his depression.
No. 1060625 ID: 89501d

I dunno, can we train some more and level up? Maybe

Do B and buy some heath stuff to boost our stats permanently.
No. 1060632 ID: abe56f

A. Also do a quick search for yourself.
No. 1060641 ID: a7a180

No. 1060744 ID: 9ea24b
File 168075065994.png - (139.20KB , 500x500 , p63.png )

>Train more
You’re the perfect Level for Stetson to fight Juan, but getting stronger is always good. You’ll make it a priority the next time you decide what to do.

>A, surf the web for Houndoom deets
You get settled with your laptop in the tunnel near the daycare. You have two hours of battery life, which is plenty of time for some light browsing.

>Do a quick search on yourself
You don’t see any news articles, but there are several forum posts about a strange Vibrava and presumably the same mon turned Flygon around Lilycove. Nobody seems upset, people are more impressed and curious that a Pokemon is writing and buying groceries.

>Research Houndoom
It sounds like the Friendlies got together a few years ago, so you keep an eye out for articles in that time period.

An obituary immediately pops up for a teenager who’s laughing while playing with his Pokemon. Among the Pokemon, you spot a little Houndour who looks like he’s having the time of his life. This must be Houndoom’s former trainer!

You read the obituary, which is a summary of the trainer’s short life, with mention of his hobbies and surviving family. A linked article describes how he’d been on the gym circuit working on Winona when apparently Houndoom snapped, shot fire at him, and fled, leaving the boy to succumb to his wounds.

A few more short articles give updates about how Houndoom is still at large, until they slowly peter out as the canine avoids capture.

What do you do with the half hour left of computer time? What do you think about what you’ve learned?
No. 1060747 ID: a7a180

Well there must have been something going on they missed in that article. Where is his surviving family, and what other pokemon did he own? What happens to dead trainers' pokemon in the PC system? Spend the rest of your time looking up ghost pokemon and PC system errors.
No. 1060748 ID: e51896

>article describes how he’d been on the gym circuit working on Winona when apparently Houndoom snapped, shot fire at him, and fled, leaving the boy to succumb to his wounds.

Oooooh, I think I have a theory what might have happened

so considering the dead trainer was working on Winona, with keeping in mind Winona's pokemon and their moveset, I'm thinking what might have happened was Houndoom was hit with supersonic from Pelipper, and then got confused, and burned his trainer in his confusion maybe. Houndoom being confused could probably be mistaken as looking like he snapped too.

Since we know fly, or are working with Stetson, we can probably pay Winona a visit with Stetson's help, or during our freetime, and ask Winona's pokemon about the incident, especially Winona's Pelipper. If it was all due to confusion, we can probably clear stuff up with Houndoom and assure him it wasn't his fault, maybe even clear his name?.
No. 1060752 ID: 273c18

Something happened that people don't know about, clearly. This information mainly gives us a basis for why he might regret it-- he had happy memories, not just bad ones.
No. 1060753 ID: dd15aa

It seems like badges are meant to prevent this sort of accident. I wonder if Houndoom outleveled the badges and something happened, or they weren't there for some reason.

If it happened during a gym battle I'm sure that wood be mentioned. It sounded more like he was training for the battle.

Anyways, us speculating and making wild assumptions and then sticking a foot in the mouth acting like we know what's going on with Doom is probably not for the best.

Search for info about Latios and Latias and their frequented locations.
No. 1060757 ID: 36784c

I agree. We shouldn’t be making speculations, otherwise we run the risk of saying something stupid and pissing off Houndoom.
No. 1060808 ID: dd15aa

Approaching Winona could be dangerous as well, as they would figure out that we know where Houndoom is and the cops will likely get involved.
No. 1060869 ID: 9ea24b
File 168083516122.png - (93.21KB , 500x500 , p64.png )

The articles raise questions about what really happened when Houndoom attacked his trainer. You thought badges were supposed to prevent that kind of thing, Houndoom shouldn’t have been above Level 50 and he doesn’t strike you as particularly violent. Maybe he was under some status effect like confusion? From how happy the little Houndour looks, you can’t imagine Houndoom hated his trainer.

>Dead kid’s family
They’re mentioned in the obituary as living in Rustboro, but you don’t think they’d know anything about the attack itself.

>Ask Winona
They weren’t fighting Winona at the time of the death, just training for her gym challenge near Fortree, so she wouldn’t know anything either.

>Search for info about PC errors check: Success
More forum posts, some dating back 20 years. Apparently there’ve been occasional glitches and outages sporadically since that time, with some people theorizing that the media has suppressed any major stories about it.

>Search for info on Latias and Latios: Success
There are several pictures of the pair, sometimes with tough looking trainers. They must have been caught at some point, but like Groudon, were released and are currently soaring around Hoenn. If you spend a lot of time Flying you might run into one of them.

What would you like to do tomorrow morning?
A. Check in on Gengar (given Linoone’s learning speed, you think she’s probably taught herself everything by now, but you want to see what she’s up to)

B. Go shopping for Raichu’s stuff, stat boosting vitamins, and whatever else you’d like

C. Train against a friend! Choose who and your strategy against them
No. 1060871 ID: dd15aa

A. Also bring up the sus media suppression on anything negative about the PC system, and share the beginner coding book with her.
No. 1060873 ID: a7a180

No. 1060874 ID: 273c18

A, and share info about the PC stuff. Tell her you can contact the designer of the system if she wants some inside info. Also, hmm... isn't the PC system just a convenience for those who want to collect pokemon as if they're objects? Maybe most trainers have no good reason to use it instead of something like a fenced in outdoors area for their outdoor-preferring pokemon to live in when they're not in the trainer's active party.

Another potential way of replacing its functionality is to give caught pokemon pagers or something to tell them when the trainer wants them back, and let them live wherever they please in the meantime. They should probably have a marking of some kind to let other humans know it's not a wild pokemon. A collar or bandanna or something.
No. 1061120 ID: 9ea24b
File 168117239860.png - (78.12KB , 500x500 , p65.png )

>A, visit Gengar, give her the coding book, and mention Lanette
Time to see how involved Gengar is with the PC system, you’re sure she’d appreciate the codebook and you suspect she’s been keeping an eye on Lanette already.

You don’t see Gengar at the base when you arrive, but after asking Salamence you learn she’s in her room.

>Getting stuck avoidance check: Failure
You suck in your gut and wiggle into the wooden tunnel, but get stuck in the same place as last time, though you’re facing the other direction.

Gengar drifts down after you wail for help, purple wisps lighting her way. She’s in no rush to push you free, so you resign yourself to talking while in a very awkward position.

:pokeflypanik: Hi Gengar, here’s another book for you, it’s about coding.

:pokegenhype: How nice! Thank you my dear.

:pokeflyface: Do you need any more help reading and writing?

:pokegensmile: Not at the moment, I will say literacy has made stealing much easier! I owe you one for all of your help.

:pokeflyface: No problem, I wanted to talk with you about the storage system. I did some research online and I found evidence that the PC has some flaws. Also, uh, I talked to Lanette when I was still a Vibrava and she seems super suspect.

:pokegenneut: Yes.

:pokeflypanik: Sorry, do you not want to talk about it?

:pokegenneut: It’s a delicate topic and I don’t want to get you involved. It might put you in danger.

You can ask for one major favor from Gengar in return for the reading and writing lessons.
A. Ask Gengar to come with you when you look for Jirachi (trivializes puzzles and fights)

B. Ask Gengar to let you in on her Lanette related plots

C. Recruit her for team Groudon, which means you’ll have the four minimum necessary to make an attempt to quell him
No. 1061122 ID: a7a180

B, we just want to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone... too badly.
No. 1061148 ID: dd15aa

B. We're already involved. Working together is better than investigating separately and not talking. Gengar has us beat on infiltration, but Flygon has the ability to research any clues she finds.

Or get herself hurt.
No. 1061150 ID: 273c18

C. Also I have an idea, we could recruit Houndoom for it too. He got depressed after reaching level 100, perhaps actually using that strength will snap him out of it.
No. 1061186 ID: 9ea24b
File 168126685651.png - (101.66KB , 500x500 , p66.png )

>B, you’re concerned for her wellbeing and the potential health and safety of any humans that cross her
:pokeflyshock: Let’s work together to take down Lanette! I’m on board with reforming the PC system and I can help you by doing research on my laptop.

:pokeflysad: I know I was a human, but I believe in Pokemon rights and I can’t be caught because, er, I struck a deal with that human kid passing through earlier, he’s gotten a lot nicer. I think I could really help and it wouldn’t be too dangerous outside of getting beaten up really badly.

:pokegensmile: You’ve convinced me, Flygon! Come upstairs and let’s chat in private. I can tell you the sordid details.

Gengar finally pulls you free and you crawl up to her room before planting yourself on a soft cushion. Gengar sprawls over the largest cushion herself.

:pokegendrama: As you know, I detest Lanette and think the method of keeping Pokemon stored as data is quite immoral. Us ghosts tend to hold onto grudges, you know.

:pokegenwink: I have a lot of friends who I’ve been teaching to read to gather any information they can, and I have ghosts tailing Lanette 24/7, so I know her exact schedule. It’s true that we can’t just kill her without ensuring all of the Pokemon have been freed, so the next step of my plan is to get ahold of a Porygon to do reconnaissance inside a PC. If I woke up and was able to break free, there must be a way to replicate the effect.

:pokegenneut: Sadly Porygon aren’t found in Hoenn. Also, Lanette has been asking some pretty strong trainers to help her scare away the girlies with their Pokemon.

She looks at you like she expects you to volunteer to solve one of her problems.
No. 1061201 ID: dd15aa

Porygon are made by Silph Co., we might be able to order one online. But I'm guessing they're also ludicrously expensive.
Scientists tend to use them as well, so it's possible one could be found at the Weather Institute. But there's no guarantee that they'd want to help, especially if any humans there have badges.

Ask her to have one of the girlies scout the Weather Institute to see if they have one, and you'll check the online prices for a Porygon.
No. 1061202 ID: dee951

Maybe some hackers / software pirate / pokemon liberation types are trying to liberate some Porygon or Porygon2 or something? Do you have any contacts in those sorts of communities?
No. 1061204 ID: 2eb3cc

Hmm. You can Fly - does that mean you could visit other regions, even if it takes a day or two? You might also be able to ask some humans if they know anyone with a Porygon. Though, that gets others mixed up in this. Oh, maybe check the internet for rabid environmentalis- I mean, people with strong feelings about Pokemon welfare. Some of them would probably be down to help, and be glad of a proper liaison between humans and pokemon.

...You should probably bring up that you hope to fix things without anybody dying at all, when it fits in the conversation. I'm assuming that's true.

Did we get the whole story of her experience in the PC? I sorta remember it being rather summarized.
No. 1061209 ID: 273c18

Hmm, well, if we knew any pokemon that were looking to join a trainer we could try pokemon trading for a Porygon.
We could ask Stetson or our other human contacts how to get one.
We could look it up on the gat-dang internets.
And of course we could just travel to where they are, but that might take a while.
No. 1061211 ID: dd15aa

>fix things without anybody dying
An important element here is that just killing Lanette would lead to a harder crack-down on resistance elements towards the PC system, both human and Pokemon. And they'd likely just get someone else to run it eventually.

Real change will require getting more humans educated and aware of what's going on.
No. 1061212 ID: 36784c

Porygon might not be found in Hoenn, but we could probably still find one. A trainer from a different region could've brought a Porygon here. Such a thing would be note worthy on the internet.

And if that doesn't work……well, Porygon are man made Pokémon, right? Would Gengar be against the idea of somehow making a Porygon ourselves?
No. 1061216 ID: a7a180

A trainer may have brought one here, we just need to talk to them. Maybe by competing in Smart or Cool contests we'll spot one.
No. 1061225 ID: b01382

Man, morality sure is a drug. So im like, 60% sure our target is pretty sus, either intentionally or through huffimg her own farts.
Technology is also kinda fucking wack too. Considering pokeballs are devices that can convert mass into energy pr whatever, you'd think the computer pokemon storage idea would be safer.

While murder is generally bad,im kimda worried that murder would make the lady a martyr or something, or at least involve some rangers.
No. 1061260 ID: 9ea24b
File 168134926893.png - (103.75KB , 500x500 , p67.png )

>Murder is bad
:pokeflypanik: Do we have to kill Lanette? That seems pretty harsh and it might make her a martyr. We don’t want to turn all of the humans against us.

:pokegenwink: We can decide if we want to kill her after all of the Pokemon have been freed.

:pokeflypanik: Okay…That’s kind of fucked up though.

:pokegenneut: You’re not going to like how we deal with trainers who catch one of us then. They’re usually pretty smart about going for KOs instead but you never know. That's not even mentioning how many people Salamence has shipwrecked in the freezing ocean.

>Recruit rabid Pokemon welfare activists online
You already know several trustworthy humans who could act as liaisons, you don’t want to further complicate things and put people at risk.

Getting a new friend seems like the best way you can help while avoiding dangerous fighting that makes you uncomfortable.

You vaguely remember that Porygon can be earned as a prize at the game corner in Kanto. You could order one online at a steep (2x) markup, or try to work with the Mauville game corner to import one, which would take extra effort. Making a Porygon is outside of your abilities.

The price of a Porygon (198,000 P) has been added to the wiki. You have more than enough money to afford one.

The encounter with Gengar leaves you stressed and uneasy. What would you like to do this afternoon?
A. Search for Gyarados near Slateport
B. Shop for Raichu’s goods and whatever else you’d like at Lilycove
C. Fly around to clear your head (10% chance of encountering Latios or Latias, which will increase with further attempts)
No. 1061282 ID: e13b1d

Poachers skinning baby Spheals deserve whatever cold hell the get.

I understand the Friendlies are willing to kill for freedom, my only concern is Lanette's powerful connections. Without public support, this could go from an act of protest to an act of war.

Anyways, A.
No. 1061288 ID: 19ea25

Yeah I'm not liking where these plans seem to be leading at all. Given that things seem to be leading down to murder.
No. 1061289 ID: a7a180

C. We have a lot of worries about the consequences of shaking up the status quo we need to resolve.
No. 1061297 ID: e51896

C. when's the last time we had a break for ourself anyway? We've been doing a whole lot. Perhaps it's about time for alone time
No. 1061339 ID: 87e33c

C, maybe meet a random pidgey or something when you're up there and kind of just vibe like flying types to, coasting
No. 1061340 ID: 9ea24b
File 168143687678.png - (87.41KB , 500x500 , p68.png )

>C, Fly around and think
You make wide, lazy circles in the warm air above Mauville and Verdanturf. You don’t like where Gengar’s plans are leading or her casual attitude towards stalking and potentially killing Lanette. It’s true your mentor has always been like this, but she’s also listened when you’ve been upset. You feel a surge of hope that she’ll take you more seriously if you put together your thoughts and explain your concerns.

>Latios/Latias encounter check (10% success): Failure
You have a peaceful afternoon of soaking up the sun followed by a fun evening at home playing floor chess with Espeon.

Tomorrow you’re due back in Lilycove to see Stetson. What do you want to tell him about Gengar’s plan? Which of his Pokemon should enter what kind of contest?
No. 1061345 ID: a7a180

He seems like he's the kind of trainer who sticks to a small team he focuses on. Maybe he should try releasing any fully evolved pokemon hanging around in his box? They're in his dex already and you think they should be spending the downtime living life rather than sleeping.
No. 1061352 ID: e13b1d

>What do you want to tell him about Gengar’s plan?
Maybe ask about any Pokemon he has in the PC, if any, and his thoughts on it. Talk about how it seems kinda fucked up, like tying people up in your basement. Don't mention the plan at all.
>Which of his Pokemon should enter what kind of contest?
Share with him the manual training idea for changing movesets.
Put Sceptile into the next Smart contest. Talk with Sceptile about the PC and see his thoughts on it.
No. 1061374 ID: 273c18

>What do you want to tell him about Gengar’s plan?
Nothing. Her plan is, at its core, not a bad one. She's trying to stage a jailbreak. Her (and her team, apparently) being unconcerned about killing humans is a different problem and won't stop if we foil her plan. Hell, that might be why Houndoom is depressed. Once he got past the grind to 100 he no longer had a goal to distract him from the fact that his friends are murderers.

Sceptile, smart rank 2.
No. 1061381 ID: e13b1d

An interesting theory, since Breloom specifically said that Houndoom did nothing to her trainer, just melted the Pokeball, despite his sour attitude. But Salamence was also afraid of what Houndoom would do if Flygon being a human slipped to Houndoom.

As far as we've been told, Salamence killed a bunch of poachers who were skinning babies, they're willing to kill people who kidnap their best friends against their will, and Gengar wants to kill a woman who helped instigate the mass wrongful imprisonment of at the very least thousands of sapient individuals including Gengar. This also seems like a revenge Gengar has been stewing in and plotting for a significant portion of her life. None of these seem like particularly out there reasons to want someone dead, humans have killed for far less.
No. 1061383 ID: e13b1d

Also, Salamence was very quick to evacuate the Magma Grunt who found their base, presumably before Gengar or Houndoom could overreact, much like he feared for Vibrava's safety. He doesn't strike me as someone who hates humans and wants to kill them.
No. 1061393 ID: 273c18

Even if capturing a pokemon was equivalent to kidnapping, kidnappers don't deserve death. Capturing pokemon is a generally accepted activity in this world. The Friendlies are unusual in how much they dislike it.

Pokemon being stuck with trainers they hate is something that can be changed without murder, even if it's just... you know, nonlethally dealing with the trainer to get at the pokeball.

I think Salamance can be forgiven for killing poachers, which can be killed on sight in some places on earth, and that's when the animals being poached aren't sapient. However, Gengar said "we". It's not just her killing trainers, is it? Unless that's her shifting blame?
No. 1061396 ID: e13b1d

>Capturing pokemon is a generally accepted activity in this world. The Friendlies are unusual in how much they dislike it.
Generally accepted by the humans doing it. Have we asked any other wild Pokemon their thoughts before coming to that conclusion? Considered the fact that humans use mind warping tech in their badges to make Pokemon more obedient? What would you be tempted to do if someone kidnapped your friend and tried to convert them into a loyal follower through inducing Stockholm Syndrome?
No. 1061419 ID: 9ea24b
File 168152969850.png - (108.59KB , 500x500 , p69.png )

>Sceptile, smart super rank
Lilycove is surrounded by a light ocean fog that burns off as soon as the harsh sun gets above the horizon. You swoop towards the contest hall and quickly find Stetson.

>Don’t tell Stetson anything
You recall that Gengar did say she’s never killed anyone, though that could mean she never dealt the final blow or just had her other ghost pals do the dirty work. From Breloom’s story it sounds like Pokeballs can be destroyed without harming the trainer, so at least there’s an alternative for when someone gets caught.

>Murder is bad, though Salamence killing poachers is more justified
You can see how Gengar could also justify her actions, but it doesn’t mean you like it. The Friendlies don’t hate all humans, it’s a complicated situation without a clear right or wrong party.

>Ask Sceptile if Stetson has any Pokemon in the box
You’re praying that Stetson is the type of trainer to keep a small team, and Sceptile confirms that the kid barely uses the PC.

:pokescepface: There aren’t any games on it so he’s not very interested. Oh yeah, and I think he just wants a core team of five or six mons.

>Ask Sceptile what he thinks about the PC
:pokescepface: Uh, I don’t know, I’ve never been stored in there. I guess I wouldn’t know if I was stored because I’d be in stasis? I’ve heard it’s very useful and good for the economy.

:pokeflyshock: But is catching Pokemon even ethical? Trainers are basically kidnapping sentient beings and taking them away from their friends and families.

:pokescepill: I don’t know! I’m the wrong mon on the team to ask about that, this is the only life I’ve ever known.

>2 smart Pokeblocks (Stetson is a pro at making the blocks a specific type now)
>Super rank smart contest chance of success: 2 smart moves x 0.25 x 1.6 (3 smart buffs) x 1 = 80% chance of success: Success
Stetson punches the air with delight when the judges call Sceptile’s name. His enthusiasm is infectious even when the badges aren’t affecting you.

Who do you volunteer for the afternoon contest? What do you want to say to them? You still need to work on your friendships with Pelipper, Torkoal (who really only wants coal), and Aggron.
No. 1061425 ID: e13b1d

Talk to Stetson about us being fine with wearing his badges in dangerous places so it's safer for him, we just don't like what they do it our head.

Let's have Aggron go next, in a Cool contest. Ask him about where he came from and what it was like in the wild for him.
No. 1061430 ID: dee951


We don't like what they do to our head in an uncontrolled environment where we don't consent to it.

We'd be fine with sitting down, meditating for a bit, then getting out our notebook and helping him get them out and doing some SCIENCE with them and any of his team that volunteers, for example. Figure out the effects and all that.

...Also being praised with them out feels really good and you've been kind of stressed lately, maybe he can give us a pep talk and help us relax a little? These things have to have SOME use for good in a controlled way! As long as they go back in their case afterwards.
No. 1061433 ID: 273c18

Agreed with Stetson having the badges out when other pokemon are a risk. That is a large benefit that supersedes the discomfort related to it.

Hmm, does Stetson want to earn some Battle Points at some point? That's a much better way of getting the useful held items we're after.

Let's do the normal rank Cute contest. We've got Sand Attack, should give a decent chance.
No. 1061434 ID: e13b1d

Still think asking the kid for badge praise is weird and would be uncomfortable.
No. 1061435 ID: a7a180

Try to make Aggron look cool.
We should go camping under the stars with Stetson and the gang to work on friendship and coals.
No. 1061471 ID: 9ea24b
File 168160053992.png - (124.43KB , 500x500 , p70.png )

>Tell Stetson to take his badges out near dangerous Pokemon whether Legendaries or the Friendlies
Stetson agrees to do this.

>Figure out what the badges do, with science
Like with Pokeballs, you know basically everything relevant about gym badges at this point, so further investigation isn’t necessary.

>Stetson and BP?
Stetson isn’t allowed at the Battle Frontier because he hasn’t defeated the Pokemon League.

>Propose a camping trip near Mt. Chimney so you can dig for coal and socialize
Stetson looks a little nervous about being near the scene of his crimes, but agrees. The next time you see him, you’ll go camping for a day instead of doing contests.

>Aggron, cool super rank
>Ask him about his time in the wild and praise his coolness
:pokeflyface: Hi Aggron, how’s it going? You’re looking particularly chrome today.

:pokegronfrown: Hmph. I see you’re a Flygon now.

:pokeflylove: Yes, it’s great! I was looking forward to being big and strong like you. What was it like being an Aron anyway? I assume you came from Dewford.

:pokegronmad: What, you think you can just flatter me so I tell you all of my secrets? Fat chance!

:pokeflypanik: I’m just being friendly! I want to know what life was like as a wild Pokemon.

:pokegronfrown: It was boring. I ate ore and dodged Zubat guano. I was told about trainers, so when Stetson came through I went towards him and let him catch me.

>2 cool Pokeblocks
>Super rank cool contest chance of success: 2 cool moves x 0.25 x 1.6 (3 cool buffs) x 1 = 80% chance of success: Failure
Aggron growls with frustration and glares at you like this is somehow your fault. There will be no bounteous big boy friendship today.

What would you like to do tomorrow? The end of the thread will occur in two days and people outside of your crew are going to do something about the weather then.
No. 1061473 ID: 273c18

Well we have a team for Groudon. If it's on a time limit we may as well make the attempt. Unless we wanna switch out someone for Gyarados?
No. 1061482 ID: a7a180

Let's get Gyarados for our Groudon team and make the attempt, including Gengar if more than four are possible.
No. 1061488 ID: e13b1d

Let's buy some Revives for the team in Lilycove before we go home, then tomorrow recruit Gyarados and go for Groudon.
No. 1061514 ID: 01fe07

If we're going to get Gyarados, then we should bring Smeargle with us. If there's more than one Gyarados at the location, she'll help us identify which Gyarados we're looking for and she'll help us talk to him to convince him to help out.
No. 1061563 ID: 9ea24b
File 168170296060.png - (98.89KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

>Groudon attack team
You’ve currently recruited Salamence, Blaziken, and Smeargle for the squad, which means you’d like one more member. You’ll be there in addition to the four to dig a path to Groudon and help everyone escape if there’s a risk of a severe earthquake.

>Buy Revives for the Groudon attack team
You’ll have to make a shopping trip to buy healing supplies which will take either a morning or afternoon action.

>Search for Gyarados with Smeargle
>Gyarados set gender: Female
>Ludicolo gender roll: Male
Gyarados is Smeargle’s old teammate, so bringing the painter will help identify the right flying fish as well as bolster your recruitment pitch. Smeargle is happy to accompany you to Slateport and rides on your back as you make the short trip south.

The beach is full of people taking advantage of the heat, and you see multiple colorful beach umbrellas and kids in floaties. There’s an occasional fin or tentacle peeking about the water, and several Wingull pecking at food scraps on the sand.

A. Put a fisherman to sleep and steal his rod so you can fish up some mons to ask about Gyarados’ whereabouts

B. Interrogate a bird (bribes would help)

C. Go into the ocean. Embrace the water. Find big fish lady. Win.
No. 1061564 ID: 273c18

C. Let's have some fun swimming with Smeargle!
No. 1061565 ID: a7a180

Win? My friend, you haven't won until you've figured out the waiting puzzle.
Let's borrow a fisherman's rod.
No. 1061569 ID: e13b1d

Does Flygon know how to swim? He has built in swimming goggles.
C. But start near the shore and get used to moving around in the water using 'gon wings.
No. 1061580 ID: 87e33c

Alternatively, write a note asking if they've ever seen a pokemon fish with a rod before, and if you can borrow it in exchange for some caught mon with the rod
No. 1061635 ID: 9ea24b
File 168178621744.png - (106.20KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

>Try to swim first and borrow a rod if that fails
>Swim check: Success
You can’t learn Surf, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swim! The waves are a little strong for someone as small as Smeargle, so you stay close to each other in the shallows. Doggy paddling with your arms and legs to stay afloat while you push yourself around with your wings works pretty well. It helps that you have built in goggles, and you look underwater at the passing Magikarp until a few stop to stare back at you.

When you surface, a brave Magikarp pokes his head above the water to stare at you. You admire his regal whiskers and vacant expression.

:pokeflylove: Hello friend.

:pokekarpface: Hullo. Don’t see your kind here often.

:pokeflyshock: I’m on a quest, we’re looking for a super strong Gyarados. The strongest Gyarados! She once belonged to a trainer, do you know someone like that?

:pokekarpface: Yeah, I’ll go get her.

He dives down and you splash around with Smeargle a little more until a pair of fierce eyes rise above the water.

:pokesmerhap: Gyarados, hi, it’s me. My good friend Flygon here wants to do something about Groudon, and we need one more Level 100 to join the team.

:pokegyarface: Yes, that will be a worthy fight. Whenever you need me, tell a Magikarp in the bay and I will come.

That was easy! You clamber onto the sand and shake yourself, then fan Smeargle with your wings to dry her off. What would you like to do this afternoon?
No. 1061639 ID: e13b1d

Let's do Raichu's shopping and get Revives for the team. We could see about ordering a Porygon too.
No. 1061646 ID: 273c18

Good plan.
No. 1061655 ID: a7a180

Go shopping for revives.
No. 1061657 ID: b01382

High five the GF! We're closer to putting the big angry lad back to sleep!
No. 1061676 ID: 8b3f99

Yeah, this
No. 1061698 ID: 9ea24b
File 168186202145.png - (156.00KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

You high-five Smeargle for a job well done at the beach and head to the Lilycove department store. You walk through the aisles on your hind legs, careful to avoid knocking things over with your long tail.

While you shop, several people stop to take pictures of you on their phones. Your reputation as the strange, human-like Flygon is growing.

>You buy:
Raichu’s goods: 30,000 P
Five Revives, four for the crew and one for you: 5 x 1,500 P = 7,500 P

You can’t think of anything else you want. You still have 1,932,100 P after your purchases. As you take off with your bags, you spot Stetson’s funny white beanie near the Pokemon Center. He seems to be talking intently with an adult.

Would you rather:
A. Stop to see who’s talking to Stetson

B. Deliver Raichu’s goods and hang out at the Friendlies Base while she charges your adaptor so you’ll be able to order a Porygon this evening (1 week delivery, it’ll arrive at your parents’ address)
No. 1061701 ID: 629f2e

Stop by and say hi! Partly curiosity, partly just being polite.
No. 1061715 ID: e13b1d

He sounds heated, maybe he's in trouble for something.
No. 1061717 ID: a7a180

A, that stuff can wait.
No. 1061726 ID: b01382

Do A, it'll only take a little while.
No. 1061742 ID: 36784c


Is it possible to land on the roof of the Pokémon Center or next to the side of the building? That way we can make an attempt to quietly listen to what's being said.
No. 1061751 ID: 5d9998

>Your reputation as the strange, human-like Flygon is growing.
At least you don’t have a reputation for knocking over people/pokemon/objects with your thicc thighs!

Yeah, let's sneak over and listen to what's going on.
No. 1061753 ID: 9ea24b
File 168194766986.png - (104.44KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

>A, but approach with stealth
>Stealth check: Failure
You try to come in at an angle and land on the red roof of the building without being seen, but Stetson’s Pokemon spotting instincts are too strong and his head snaps up at the faint sound of impact.

:pokekidface: Oh hi Flygon! Hey Flygon, over here!

He waves frantically at you and you have no choice but to come down to ground level.

:pokekidface: See Dad, this is that Flygon I told you about who was once a human. He can read and write and he’s very good at helping with contests. He says he’ll help me find a cool Legendary to catch.

:pokedadface: I see, that’s quite an impressive find.

:pokekidhappy: Yeah, it is! He’s even on my team, we’re going to fight Juan after they let people back into Sootopolis.

:pokedadface: Speaking of that, son, it’s time you return those orbs. I’ll make sure they get back to Mt. Pyre.

:pokekidfrown: Ok, whatever.

Stetson rummages around in his bag and you take the time to study his dad’s face. He still seems quite young despite the mustache, and you see a strong family resemblance. You recognize the calming badge aura wafting off of him.

Stetson finally finds what he’s looking for and hands over two faintly glowing orbs.

:pokedadface: Stay safe and don’t let this Flygon tell you to do anything strange or inappropriate, okay?

:pokekidhappy: I promise! Thanks for visiting and say hi to mom.

Now’s your chance to speak up if you want to ask Stetson’s dad anything. You’re glad he’s being responsible and that someone is finally taking the red and blue orbs away from a literal child, he must be a swell guy.
No. 1061757 ID: a7a180

Is his dad the Normal gym leader?
He might be a good trainer, but I haven't seen any evidence he's a good dad yet. Forcing everyone to evacuate a city isn't just a phase. Maybe Stetson should invite him to watch him compete in the next Beauty contest?
No. 1061760 ID: 273c18

>must be a swell guy

I guess ask him if you can talk to his pokemon, see if they want anything they can't communicate to him.
No. 1061761 ID: b01382

Tell him we were worried that Stetson would do something dangerous, well, more so than usual. Best to put those orbs back or something. Is his dad a retired trainer or something? Also, does he know about some of the shenanigan's his son gets into? He probably does right? I'm kinda worried he might bite off more than he can chew one day.

Should we exchange contact info in case we need to contact him? We're more or less baby sitting his son and trying to ensure he doesn't wake up or irritate any more pokemon gods out of fear from general repercussions. I would very much like to not have my home destroyed due to an epic battle, thank you very much.
No. 1061762 ID: e13b1d

He said his dad did the gym circuit, I think that's all we know.

Asking to meet his dad's team could be interesting.
No. 1061763 ID: 5d9998

The clap of our cheeks alerted Stetson to our presence!

>he must be a swell guy.
If he was so swell, he would've raised Stetson to not steal those orbs in the first place. In fact, considering how much Stetson's attitude has improved, your parents seem to have been a better influence than Stetson's father.

>say anything?
I honestly don't think we need to say anything to Stetson's dad. Don't want to embarrass our trainer by bringing up things that he already feels sorry for doing.
No. 1061780 ID: 0788f2

I don't think we need Stetson's dad's contact info. Not really sure if we need anything from him either.
No. 1061786 ID: 9ea24b
File 168203781326.png - (107.49KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

>Is Stetson’s dad anyone important?
:pokekiddismiss: Um, he’s only the person who did a ton of work on the Hoenn Pokedex and stopped Groudon and Kyogre from destroying Sootopolis the first time and showed Team Magma and Aqua the error of their ways all when he was just my age! He’s mega important and the coolest ever!

>A clarification for you, dear reader
Stetson’s dad is Brendan from the original games, with the quest taking place 20 years afterwards. This makes Norman the Normal type gym leader Stetson’s grandpa, which he alluded to the first time you talked to him by the trick house. Since I don’t want to redesign any important NPCs, assume none of the gym leaders or Elite Four retired even though Wattson and Drake would be super old. Aging has hit Brendan like a truck.

Okay, so Brendan definitely understands the shenanigans his son gets up to, which is probably why he’s been so hands off on the whole parenting thing. It doesn’t mean you approve, but you get it now.

This also means Brendan, an entrenched trainer, is on Lanette’s side of the whole Pokemon capture and storage morality debate. Oh boy.

>To exchange or not exchange contact info
You know Brendan lives in Littleroot from a previous conversation with Stetson, so you can track him down if you need to. Talking to Brendan seems unnecessary, and with the new information about him, risky. You motion to your laden arms and excuse yourself.

You drop off Raichu’s stuff at the Friendlies Base, but don’t have it in you to hang out and chat. What would you like to do tomorrow morning? If you fight Groudon in the morning, you’ll have a chance for a rematch in the afternoon. If you want to fight Groudon, what’s your strategy for the team? Gyarados’ moveset has been added to the wiki.
No. 1061788 ID: a7a180

Do team building exercises at the Friendlies base in the morning!
No. 1061791 ID: e13b1d

No time like the present. Let's get the gang together and quell Groudon.

>Gyarados knows Return
Aww. She and Tracey must have been close.

>The Plan
Smeargle focuses on putting Groudon to sleep with Spore, and keeping her Substitute up to eat Earthquakes. If someone goes down twice, she can use her Revive to get them back up, letting her give someone a third life in the fight.
Salamence opens with a Crunch to roll for the defense-down, then spams Fly. It halves the number of accuracy checks against him that Groudon can make, since Salamence is Earthquake immune and requires single target attacks. If Fly runs out,
Blaziken's Rock Slide has a flinch chance, so he can use it any time Groudon is awake. Sky Uppercut when he's not.
Gyarados can open with a Dragon Dance, then hammer him with Earthquakes.

And Flygon... Flygon will do what Flygon does best. This is our time to shine, with Pocket Sand! Earthquake will have miss chances against all targets on the ground, and rock attacks that would clobber Salamence have notoriously unreliable accuracy even from a baseline.
Open with three Sand Attacks, then spam Fly. Dragonbreath not needed since Paralysis can't stack with Sleep, but we can drop it if Smeargle somehow goes down twice to go for the paraflinchmiss hax.
No. 1061793 ID: e13b1d

>If Fly runs out,
Meant to put more Crunch here.
No. 1061845 ID: e13b1d

Actually EQ would have friendly fire, so Return would be better for Gyarados.
No. 1061849 ID: 36784c

Just remember what we promised to Smeargle. If it looks like she's in danger, we swoop in and save her!
No. 1061856 ID: 9ea24b
File 168210965765.png - (123.66KB , 500x500 , p76.png )

>Strat discussion
Sorry it wasn’t clear, but Flyon is the chaperone, not one of the active fighters. Sand Attack strats are a very good idea, but Flygon would have to swap places with one of the four fighters if he wants a chance to try that. He can decide to do that for the second attempt, if there is one.

Causes a Sp. Def, not a Defense drop in Gen 3. Insanity. Salamence will use Dragon Claw instead.

>Speed stats for determining turn order
Salamence: 236
Groudon: 216
Gyarados: 198
Blaziken: 196
Smeargle: 186

Earthquake does indeed cause friendly fire and as stated when recruiting Smeargle, Spore will only keep Groudon asleep for one turn max, with a 50% chance to wake up instantly. There isn’t move PP in this quest, so the plan is for Gyarados to use one Dragon Dance then Return, Salamence will use Dragon Claw, Smeargle will Spore and Substitute if Groudon is asleep, and Blaziken will Sky Uppercut because he can’t get flinches when he’s slower than Groudon.

There will be strong sunlight active during the fight. Groudon’s moveset has been added to the wiki. Groudon will deal DOUBLE damage and have TRIPLE his normal health (same as moves doing a third damage against him) because he is big and grumpy. Groudon’s most aggressive strategy will be to spam Eruption because it hits everyone, though as he gets to lower health he’ll switch to Ancient Power on the Flying types.

>Move damage and accuracy for ease of reference
2 x damage Eruption at 100% HP in sun on Salamence: 63%
2 x damage Eruption at 100% HP in sun on Smeargle: 260%
2 x damage Eruption at 100% HP in sun on Gyarados: 52%
2 x damage Eruption at 100% HP in sun on Blaziken: 77%

Third damage Dragon Claw: 11%
Third damage Return: 7%
Third damage Sky Uppercut (90% accurate move): 9%
No. 1061857 ID: 9ea24b
File 168210968443.png - (138.37KB , 500x500 , p77.png )

>Fight in the morning
You assemble the team, with Blaziken riding with Salamence and Smeargle on your shoulders. It turns out Gyarados can swim through air, so the five of you make an odd picture as you head for the Magma Hideout.

You remember what Mightyena showed you about Groudon’s part of the volcano, and you dig a long tunnel straight there.

You’re immediately hit by the oppressive heat, which is uncomfortable, even as a Pokemon. There’s a ring of black rock around a pool of lava where Groudon is half submerged. His yellow eyes are open, and he gets to his feet when he spots your team

Smeargle squeezes your hand in her paw and then advances with the others while you hang back.

>Turn 1
>Salamence (100%) R: Dragon Claw, 11% damage, Eruption is now at 89% strength
>Groudon (89%): Eruption, KO on Smeargle, who uses her Revive
>Gyarados (54%) R: Dragon Dance, she’s now the fastest mon in the fight
>Blaziken (32%) R: Sky Uppercut, miss
>Smeargle (50%): Spore
You don’t know whether it’s nerves or hesitation around the lava, but Blaziken misses his attack. Smeargle is so frail that she’s knocked out by Groudon’s first Eruption. You’ll plan to use your Revive on her if she faints again.

>Turn 2
>Gyarados (54%) R: Return at 1.5x damage, 11% damage
>Salamence (44%) R: Dragon Claw, 11% damage, Eruption is now at 67% strength
>Groudon (67%): Awaken check, success. Eruption, KO on Smeargle, who you use your Revive on. KO on Blaziken, who uses his Revive.
>Blaziken (50%): Sky Uppercut, hit, 9% damage
>Smeargle (50%): Spore
Groudon is slowing down, but he’s still doing major damage with each hit. You’ll whisk Smeargle away if she faints again.

>Turn 3
>Gyarados (20%) R: Return at 1.5x damage, 11% damage
>Salamence (2%) R: Dragon Claw, 11% damage, Eruption is now at 45% strength
>Groudon (45%): Awaken check, success. Eruption, KO on Smeargle. KO on Salamence, who uses his Revive. KO on Gyarados, who uses her Revive and no longer has her stat buffs.
>Blaziken (15%): Sky Uppercut, hit, 9% damage
No wonder Groudon is having trouble sleeping, Spore barely keeps him down for more than a few seconds. You swoop down to pick up Smeargle’s prone body and clutch her to your chest a safe distance away.

>Turn 4
>Salamence (50%): Dragon Claw, 11% damage, Eruption is now at 34% strength
>Groudon (34%): Ancient Power on Salamence, KO. No omni-boost.
>Gyarados (50%): Dragon Dance
>Blaziken (15%): Sky Uppercut, hit, 9% damage
The team was close, but you feel like victory has slipped away.

:pokeflypanik: Everyone! We have to run!

Groudon doesn’t retaliate as you all escape through the tunnel. A couple ways the fight could have been won was if Groudon stayed asleep, even for one turn, and if Blaziken used Fire Blast instead of Sky Uppercut.

What now?
No. 1061858 ID: 629f2e


Can you take everyone to a Poke-center to recover, or would that only work if you have balls to get inside? If not, maybe a Poke-mart where you can buy a buttload of potions and get everyone healed up.

Take stock of everyone, and decide what to do next. Is everyone okay? Are you going to try again, and if so do you need to change anything about your current team? If anyone doesn't want to run that back, then let them leave.
No. 1061859 ID: a7a180

Like any good trainer, throw more money at the problem! Some X stat boosts are cheaper than revives, throw those on the mons that don’t go down as fast. Bring some extra Revives too. Maybe a held item to improve the chances of sleeping, like lax incense? (I know that’s not what it does in game.)
Regroup and retry when the team is recovered.
No. 1061861 ID: e13b1d

Yeah, let's fall back to the Friendlies base and consult with the team about how it went. We were very close! If Smeargle isn't comfortable going back, maybe Flygon could try sand strats on the next attempt.

Not today, though. Everybody needs to rest. We could charge our laptop and order the Porygon this afternoon.
No. 1061879 ID: dee951

I'd suggest actual professional medical treatment, you don't want to mess around with injuries caused by a Legendary!
No. 1061888 ID: e13b1d

I don't think we can take Salamence to the hospital, he's a war criminal.
No. 1061889 ID: dee951


Mmmm. Point. Do we know any mafia doctors? No, that wouldn't work either. Damn. Do we have blackmail on any doctors?
No. 1061902 ID: 36784c

Let's ask everyone what they thought about the fight. Our strategy was working and we were close to winning, but we got unlucky.

If we had someone that could use Solar Beam, would it be instantly shot in one turn because of Groudon causing intense sunlight? That would be useful if we wanted to try again and anyone wanted to add it to their list of moves.

Otherwise, an Ice Beam could be helpful. Maybe even a Rain Dance to temporarily remove the intense sunlight Groudon causes.
No. 1061903 ID: 273c18