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File 167071125404.png - (436.55KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
1051450 No. 1051450 ID: 08229c

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest
Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place.

And by my hand, this shall be a grand dungeon.
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No. 1051451 ID: 08229c
File 167071136151.png - (562.38KB , 827x1261 , 3.png )

I'm going to be going over a few things. This is my dungeon, Slimecrown Citadel. It is a two stage dungeon that is filled with puzzles and boss monsters. I am its dungeon master. Adventurers go through my dungeon and, if they die, I gain riches and runes off of them

I can use these to expand and enhance my dungeon. I also gain gold by having them utilize the dungeons services. Here's the basic layout of the dungeon. We have expanded quite a bit since we first began.

Right now there are a myriad of activities they can do, both inside and outside of the citadel proper. It all culminates into a fight against Curi, Mother of Slimes. If they can reach her. I know it may seem a bit confusing, but it's a rather straightforward dungeon all things considered.

We also offer the following services.

Services Offered:
> Healing: 50 Gold per heal. Rate goes up with each heal.
> Revive: 250 Gold

> Repair Powder: 50g ([Max 5]
> Potions: 50g [Max 5]
> Green Blossoms: 75 g [Max 5]
> Tent: 100g [Max 3]
> Escape Crystals: 150 g [Max 3]
> Pheonix Downs: 250g plus 100 per additional

> 50 gold per person. Spending 1500 gold will earn you a voucher for a free spa treatment.

We also keep track of quite a few things over here. https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics
No. 1051452 ID: 08229c
File 167071146872.png - (105.63KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

We have a raid coming an-OH!

I should send my guys out to get us stuff. I almost forgot we can do that.

Alright, quick, before the raid starts... Who should we send and where? We can send them to the fields, the sea, or to do a mini dungeon run. They have to be 3 runes or higher and they won't be available for the upcoming raid.
No. 1051453 ID: 340403

Send all the male slimes to the closest brothel.
No. 1051454 ID: 1effd3

Time Mage would be good to go on a dungeon run, however we should probably let her show us her abilities in the dungeon first. any opinions fellow disembodied voices?
No. 1051455 ID: 7397c3

I'd rather have Time Mage in the dungeon right now.
No. 1051456 ID: 4924d1

I think Time Mage can go out since we are still figuring out their place, and then its just a matter of who else we send. I think we could send out Beast Tamer and then perhaps Simon or Rosalyn.

Maybe have them do a dungeon run and see what happens.
No. 1051457 ID: a7a180

Let's also give some names to our other new three runes: Vailerie for the Ghost Slime, Stringling for the Tamer slime.
Send Stringling, Creedy and Prince Slimon out to the fields to tame some creatures.
No. 1051458 ID: 15b66d

Send Metal Slime on that dungeon run. He's not only fast, but durable. He's also small.
No. 1051459 ID: 1effd3

yeah, I'd like to see Lagianna prove herself onscreen first
No. 1051461 ID: 427c4b

Are we able to make a few three rune normal slimes and then have them and one of the constructs and send them and the chef to the sea. See if we can get some crabs for crab runes or something. Also seafood
No. 1051462 ID: 0e0f9e

Colt, tamer, and archer to the fields.
No. 1051464 ID: 7e0c15

While it would be neat to see if Tamer could bring back new demons or what not, I'd rather give the newer demons a chance to show their stuff in a regular run first.

Monk and Archer Slimes are probably fine to go. Thinking also either Giselle or Germaine would be good too. They're strong enough and normally they're just an NPC role that should work just fine even without one of them there.
No. 1051465 ID: 7397c3

>They're strong enough and normally they're just an NPC role that should work just fine even without one of them there.
Actually, while we're talking about strong monsters that don't get to strut their stuff often... how about Music Slime?
No. 1051466 ID: 7397c3

Okay, here's my actual suggestion: Send Music Slime, either Giselle or Germaine, and D-Fence. MS and D-Fence aren't assigned to the dungeon, and we can afford to have only one of the Gs do the job of both, it's not a combat role anyway. That way, we have a 5, 4 and 3-rune team without changing much of how the dungeon's supposed to work.
No. 1051467 ID: 77e26e

d. fence is actually assigned to the maze with explodey, but we could send monk slime and the other suggestions can still work
No. 1051469 ID: d81f0f


Slimon and Rosalyn, his protector, are currently displaced. Maybe send them and Beast tamer slime
No. 1051471 ID: 1effd3

Here's my suggestion: We can definitely have Lagianna go on future dungeon runs, but since we are going to be facing a large group of adventurers, her AOE time abilities and her access to the math book will help slow down the raiders and give stat buffs to our own monsters as long as she keeps herself sufficiently hidden. perhaps use a darkness slime to help with that part
No. 1051473 ID: 06095b


Worth mentioning. Alex, who would typically be in a helpful role, doesn't have an assigned place for Raid Mode. We could send her out pretty easily, I think.
No. 1051475 ID: 7397c3

Turns out Metal Slime actually is assigned to the dungeon, and also I have been informed he does the soundtrack for the entire dungeon. So yeah, bad idea to get him out.
No. 1051480 ID: cc58e7

I wonder if there's a little forum or rumor mill for our dungeon. I hope there is, because that would be pretty rad.
No. 1051482 ID: a7a180

If they're displaced, we could take them out of Mirelle's tournament and put RSP in the empty room while Slimon's out in the field. She got some new glass gear from the Christmas run, right? Let's see her cut loose with holy magics.
No. 1051486 ID: 08229c
File 167073224654.png - (225.20KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

Mary assembles a group of guys who are not currently being used for anything.

Hey, don't forget guys, due to Raid Mode we can place monsters wherever we want. They don't have to stick to their assigned area.

The group seems pleased to have been chosen. Alex plants her blade into the ground

"Alright!" She says, "I've been waiting for a chance to use my new sword."

Wow, she's eager.

"Thank you for picking me, Mary. I won't let you down." The prince says.

"My liege, I will defend these two to the death."

We'll be sending these guys on a dungeon run. There's no need to worry about their death, they'll either win and come back with something or lose and we get nothing.

Now, I believe our plan is to open with the Wyrm attacking the hamlet. Is that good? Any other small changes or things of note before we begin?
No. 1051487 ID: 1effd3

hmm, perhaps have Gazer or someone else watching menacingly from the distance on a tower or something
No. 1051488 ID: cc58e7

Other then making the gummy look like its corrupted? The only idea I can think of is having a "corrupted" beast tamer commanding the gummy around and being apart of the mini boss.
No. 1051489 ID: a7a180

That's a good premise. Evacuate only the slimes into the citadel, no fleshies allowed. Have Bandit looting in the chaos. Let the lost wizard and warriors multiply as well. Speaking of wells, hide ochre jellies in the well, relocating Aspen to the farmhouse with Creedy. Put the removed slimes in the Guide's room and form an impromptu militia with Flit and the blacksmith.
No. 1051490 ID: ae9e42

Has Alex been trained to use it?.. We shoulda had her sparring.
No. 1051491 ID: 7397c3

I've been thinking. You know those runes we got that are not in our library cause we haven't "earned" them? Make items with them, put them in chests. If the adventurers get killed, we get those with the loot and we've now earned them, successfully laundering the runes. If they don't... well, 50gp is a perfectly acceptable price to pay for loot drops anyways.
No. 1051492 ID: 15b66d

Music Slime does the soundtrack for the dungeon, Metal Slime does the goes fast and is our roaming monster.
Metal Slime is a good choice for runs too, due to being a rare spawn roaming monster.
No. 1051494 ID: 4b4d4e

We need a cutscene. It starts quiet. Give the Adventurers some time to acclimate to the location setting.


EXPLOSION IN THE JAIL, HOODLUM COMES OUT! Chaos ensues as the party goes and tries to subdue the Hoodlum.

Drop some lore and cryptic hints about how the Hoodlum has been making use of his time in jail, drop some lore about a plot hatched by the chaos cultists.

THEN you bring out the Gummy Wyrm, all riled up! It's infected with a Chaos mite!

NPC villagers ask you to kill it without causing as little collateral as possible!
No. 1051495 ID: 4b4d4e

There should be a bonus to the Gummy Wyrm fight where the NPC villagers ask the raid team to limit the collateral damage to the hamlet, as well as some side quests that deal with the chaos caused by the Gummy wyrm attack that was provoked by the chaos cultist forces.
No. 1051500 ID: d12415

Specifically sticking to small changes and things of note, not much. Although lets set the weather to thunderstorm for the occasion.

A storm could lead to interesting happenings, and force those outside to seek shelter. Potentially in some ruins. Lightning can also lead to forest fires, and rain can lead to mud.
No. 1051501 ID: d12415

Rosalyn can and probably will help Alex with that.
No. 1051507 ID: 1effd3

No. 1051509 ID: 06095b


I'm tied between having the hamlet currently under attack or giving them just enough time to enter the hamlet proper before hearing a "Get DOWN!" from Aspen, who's hunkering down inside the well before the Gummy Wyrm descends.


I'd save a jail break until after the Gummy Wyrm has caused some structural damage to the prison, which should be one of the first targets on his breath sweep.

Gummy Wyrm should also retreat if the fight gets too hairy, or attempt to. That way we get the opportunity to either drag the fight to the ruins or to the Gummy Wyrm cavern, possibly both.
No. 1051512 ID: 885c82

>drag out the fight
>bring fight to ruins or cavern
We shouldn't do that.

Let's keep the fight in the hamlet. That way when the fight is over, the adventurers can restock their items in the hamlet shops before they go towards the Citadel.
No. 1051514 ID: 710047

I'm okay if the Gummy Wyrm stays in the village but we should provide optional bosses in the ruins, like Gazer/Time Mage in the Ruins or Corrupted Farmer Creedy in the Farm.
No. 1051519 ID: 01fe07

Isn’t the farm a part of the village? Why separate them when we could include it. Like if the Gummy Wyrm isn't beaten fast enough, some corrupted enemies (the farmers) spawn from the farm and fight the adventurers.
No. 1051520 ID: 17208f

Is it possible to enforce a loss condition other than party wipe? I think it would be interesting to require that the hamlet be saved, but under the rules we've seen the adventurers can let everyone die.
No. 1051523 ID: 4b4d4e

That is a good question.
Mary, what does the DM guide say about alternate lose conditions?
No. 1051533 ID: 36784c

Don’t forget that the items that can be bought from the village after the battle will be limited depending on how damaged the buildings are!
No. 1051539 ID: 17208f

I prefer enemies attacking in various locations and dividing attention with the Wyrm appearing as the boss, but starting with the Wyrm works, too. I just worry it won't be enough for them when they're fresh.

We should at least have other enemies attacking other areas at the same time to add urgency.
No. 1051596 ID: 08229c
File 167088967136.png - (526.86KB , 800x1800 , 5.png )

>Mary, what does the DM guide say about alternate lose conditions?

It says I can do so, so long as it's not something cheap. I have quite a bit of leeway on such a thing, it seems.

Mary tests the water by setting a lose condition. If a majority of the Hamlet is destroyed then the players lose. A screen appears, telling her that this is allowed and that the players will be informed of this via her own interface when the event begins.

Mary opens the dungeon.

The group appears at the entrance of the hamlet and look around in surprise.

"This is Slimecrown?" The Psion asks.

"Did you guys screw up picking the dungeon..?" Cleric says, her expression as unhappy as ever.

"I triple checked!" Ronin replies, looking a bit offended at the accusation.

Before the group can bicker anymore, Aspen approaches them. They appear out of breath and behind them the Gummy Wyrm is causing havoc

"Y-you lot! You've been to the citadel before! Please, you must help us! One of the creatures has gone mad! We don't know why! They have to be stopped!"

Punch Wizard looks into the sky

"Well, I leave this to you lasses. My fists will do me no good against a foe with wings."

Marauder steps forward with Psion floating behind her.

"We've been practicing for this very moment. Ready, Psion?"


Marauder plants her feet into the ground and swings her axe with all of her might. The sheer strength behind the attack sends it flying out like an arrow. Behind her, Psion nudges the axe into the right direction.

It cleaves the Wyrm's body nearly in half. A large chunk of its tail is sliced off and falls. The monster howls in pain.

The tail falls to the ground and crushes the church. Marauder gasps.

"Oh no! I hope no one was in there!"

Welp, there goes the church. Any consequences for that?
No. 1051597 ID: ae9e42

Increased healing prices as a fundraiser
No. 1051598 ID: 7397c3

That sounds about right
No. 1051599 ID: a7a180

The slime god, Ooblex, is angered! The number of Explodeys in the mob pool has increased.
No. 1051601 ID: ed0c4f

Optional quest to fundraise repairs to the church unlocked. Ends up pricy but gives a loot item and hamlet respect.
No. 1051602 ID: a9af05

How much of an increase?

I think we could just increase the prices by 100 gold.
No. 1051604 ID: cc58e7

A good idea is to have some of the protections that the church offer start to fail, and have some chaos seep through?
No. 1051605 ID: 1effd3

and discounts later*
No. 1051606 ID: 1effd3

could introduce the choas mites
No. 1051607 ID: a7a180

Yeah, let loose the bats/spiders/mice of war!
No. 1051608 ID: 964539

Could also use this as a chance to show case the chaos slimes. Not as combat, but as displaced slimes that were healed there.

The already suggested penalties are fine. But them you can also use this to introduce some minor aspects.
No. 1051609 ID: 4aaa23

I agree with increased prices. It's not too punishing.

For narrative consequences, we can say it killed a few people since it makes sense for them to hide in a church. Just a few deaths for immersion. I'm thinking that the more buildings and/or people saved, the more upbeat the village is after saving it.
No. 1051610 ID: 04697a

Oh no, without the sanctity of the church keeping them in check, ALL the undead will rise from the graveyard!

the lose condition is watsonian as well as doylist
No. 1051612 ID: 36784c

Without the protection of the Church, some Chaos and/or Undead enemies spawn in to start causing trouble.
No. 1051613 ID: dd9aee

this is a good idea. makes sense in-universe, simple, profitable.
No. 1051615 ID: 32b44f

I like the idea that anything undead/unholy goes out of balance if the church is destroyed.
No. 1051617 ID: 06095b


> 10% Increased cost for all healing services
> Undead encounters may be more difficult
No. 1051619 ID: 7397c3

Healing and resurrection rates go up every time they use it. Let's just use the already set rate increase and set it to +1.
No. 1051623 ID: 08229c
File 167090338012.png - (440.31KB , 800x1800 , 6.png )

The church is in ruins. There are no sounds coming from within.

Marauder approaches it and sees the bodies of those who had hid in there for supposed safety. She gasps before taking a step back and dropping to her knees

"There were people in there... We failed them... We failed them!"

She lets out a cry of anguish and sorrow. She was meant to be a protector and yet she let so many die..!

She is about to go into another speech when the Cleric touches her shoulder.

"Hey." The cleric says, "So... the Wyrm is still alive so we uh... We should take care of that? Also they're NPCs. They'll be fine."

"-Sniffle- I know... It's the principle of the matter, really..."

The Church is destroyed!

Healing costs more across the dungeon.
The undead grow restless!

No. 1051624 ID: 7397c3

Actually, that's wrong: rezzes are always a flat rate, it's Phoenix Downs and healing that scale.

Also, I have something to propose, let's see how people feel about this. Right now, we have items limited as flat inventory, that is, we sell 5 potions and then they can't but any more, and such for each item. How about instead we just sell if the adventurers have less than those caps instead? So if they have 5 potions they can't buy any more, but if later on they come back with no potions they can buy up to 5 again. That way we can keep making money off of item sales without making the dungeon too easy by allowing too many items.
What do y'all think of this?
No. 1051626 ID: 06095b


Makes sense to me.
No. 1051627 ID: 08229c
File 167090505714.png - (882.08KB , 800x2400 , 7.png )

The Wyrm remains in the air and begins to ready an attack. Mary orders it to immobilize them and suffocate like it did to the Math Wizard.

Before it can even inhale its wings are clipped off by marauder's axe. It flies through the air and slices both off in a clean arc. It hadn't stopped flying since it was thrown, Psion just directed it back.

With the Wyrm grounded the Punch Wizard runs to it. His gauntlets light up in fire.

"Feel the wrath of the fiery princess's own gauntlets! Obsidian Revenge!"

He strikes the Gummy Wyrm on the nose. A snoot boop.

The Wyrm explodes into chunks.

Psion flies over, sparks shooting off of her new crown.

"Sion, help me! I'm not going to let anyone else get hurt!"

Together with her pet she uses her psionic powers to contain the entire Wyrm's remains and help it land safely onto the ground.


Total damages-

Church: Destroyed
Well: Filled with candy slime
Woods: Slightly disturbed
Farm: Animals stressed
Weapon Shop: 10% damage
Potion Shop: 10% damage
Ye Olde Skool: 3% damage
Pub: 0% damage
Jail: 1% damage

Hmm. As expected. It was only a 3 rune monster. And these guys are actually competent.

I guess we should reward them a bit. Any particular direction we should guide them to or should we just let them go their way?

Also, any negative effects from the damage that was done? Besides what was already inflicted from the church.
No. 1051629 ID: 7397c3

>Also, any negative effects from the damage that was done? Besides what was already inflicted from the church.
Hmm. I don't think the damage to the buildings should have a penalty, that should be more all-or-nothing. The disturbed forest might warrant a rush of the chaos creatures in there, but not much more. The well should warrant something, but fuck it if I can think of anything right now.
No. 1051630 ID: 1e0403

Have them confront the weeping npcs mourning their dead. Let the guilt be both reward and punishment.
No. 1051631 ID: 7397c3

Wanna play dirty? Try to guilt-trip them into making Cleric spend spells to raise them.
No. 1051632 ID: e2339e

The well warrants a panicking npc asking them to help purify lest whatever drove the candy wyrm into such a state infect the water table and poison the well.

Since they've done so much doing this would clearly give them a reward of randomly generated loot and tokens, LOTS of tokens. (Since wizard wants them real bad)
No. 1051633 ID: d155e9

How much do we want to lead into this chaos thing? I mean we could have it that the adventurers need to find the chaos source outside of the walls to get into the citadel because they’re keeping it closed to trap everyone inside while they raided the village. But then do we make it the citadel was corrupted as well and they need to contain the infection before it can spread further or do we lean a bit away from the chaos infection and instead have it that the royal family find it suspicious that the adventurers show up the same time the chaos attackers did and assume they’re working together, pointing to the destroyed church as proof?
No. 1051634 ID: a7a180

Only the well is of any significant note. The "poisoning" of the well runs into the citadel's water supply as well. The healing fountain at the hub tastes delicious, but applies a slowing debuff from the sugar crash.
Also there's Explodeys everywhere, because of reasons.
No. 1051635 ID: 5a59f7

The only thing above a threshold that I think should matter would be the well. Not that I know what that should do. Slimes like wells though right? Maybe they can be sent off into the woods or something to clear out whatever’s stopping them from using the water source there?
No. 1051636 ID: 936a16

Any monsters or adventurers drinking the well water get the 'haste' buff but have a chance of receiving the 'fat' debuff.
No. 1051638 ID: 23c282

How about we tell them that the Gummy Wyrm's treasure horde is up for grabs now that it's dead? They can fight Bandit and her gang while they're searching for it.

Either that, or they can help put down the restless undead again, and find a tomb full of holy relics and lore. Maybe something nice for Cleric, like a holy amulet or a healing staff.
No. 1051641 ID: 4b4d4e

Stressed animals should cause havok in on the farm. Have the NPCs ask one of the party members to help deal with the distressed animals.

Another NPC would ask them to help with sorting the dead and rebuilding the church.

Split the party up so that the restless dead can grow and the chaos mite that slipped into the well have time to poison its contents and cause a search for the source of what made the Gummy Wyrm grow so agitated.

The Undead growing restless can become agitated and chaos infected by the chaos mite in the well and grow into a horde.

The Candy slime in the well should have a Chaos mite slip in poisoning the well with chaos. If they are diligent enough, they could prevent catastrophe in the citadel from the Chaos mite infecting the citadel via the underground waterways.

The chaos mite that slipped into the well will access the moat and make Colt a chaos infected NPC boss. The longer the Party delays, the more chaos infections occur in slimecrown.
No. 1051642 ID: 36784c

>purify water supply in Well
>reward of randomly generated loot and tokens, LOTS of tokens.
That could work.

And in order to indicate that they’ve completed cleaning the Well, a cutscene triggers with someone saying that they're grateful for the Adventurers' help, but have no way to reward them. And that's when Ms. Bloops makes a cameo and pops out of the Well to drop off the reward of randomly generated loot and tokens. Then she disappears down the Well to return to her usual area inside the Citadel.

If the adventurers are smart and they remember who Ms. Bloops is and where she normally shows up from their previous runs, they'll follow her down the Well, which will take them to Ms. Bloops' room inside the Citadel.

No, I think that's going a little too far.
No. 1051647 ID: 06095b


Psion should have a chance to notice the chaos mite trying to escape the jumbled up remains of the Gummy Wyrm. That can lead them down the path toward the ruins.

This also isn't a bad time to showcase the strength of the slime community, as various members of the hamlet can show up to start trying to save whoever might be left in the rubble. If the party pitches in their efforts, maybe they can find Holy Slime still alive.

Beyond that, I approve of this (>>1051642). Helps reveal a Slimecrown secret and gives Ms. Bloops something to do.

Finally, if we wanted to instigate a jailbreak, now might be the time while the group is distracted. This can either be that bandit escaped quietly when no one was paying attention to go after the Gummy Wyrm's treasure or more dramatically as suggested by (>>1051494), though that carries the inherent risk that the bandit gang will be stopped in their tracks early.
No. 1051648 ID: 06095b


Also worth reminding everyone, but there is a wish granting genie in town. We'll have to figure out what she can/can't do in this situation and what she might ask for in return.
No. 1051649 ID: 4aaa23

First of all, let them know where the citadel is and how to access it. Saving the town is probably good enough for entry. Just in case they want harder or more familiar content. Although we could make them fight a corrupted cole if we want.

Besides that, we want them to have fun. The townspeople should celebrate them as heroes for saving most of the town. The potion shop and weapons shop should give them rewards for protecting them. Only 10% damage means a good reward, but not the best. Then the villagers can offer their heroes various missions. They don't have to do them all. Maybe one or two are the really important ones. I'd say give a warning if not doing the quest will affect the hamlet or dungeon.

There already are a lot of good ideas. The main point is to not leave anybody out. Ideally there is at least 1 mission that appeals to an adventurer. Both combat and non-combat options. Group tasks and solo tasks. It's up to them if they want to split up or not.

Here's a few ideas I haven't seen yet
Train some villagers to fight
Help NPC make medicine/potions (recipe as reward?)
Help cook gummy wyrm (food reward?)
Ghost slime npc appears to one of them and tells them there is great evil underground (hint to gazer fight)
No. 1051650 ID: 0ed735

Since the pub took no damage, give them free food and drink and the pub's takings for the day
No. 1051651 ID: 4aaa23

Good idea.

Ye Olde Skool only has 3% damage. I think students should give them a bunch of tokens as a reward
No. 1051655 ID: 1effd3

good use of the ghost slime here
No. 1051660 ID: d12415

Well, the well is fucked. That should have some hefty penalties until it is unclogged. It shouldn't be too hard for them to unclog it, but they should be made to fix it.
No. 1051661 ID: 710047

What do you think of Wyrm Sphere Z as one of the loot? Charge and use to shoot a beam of energy
No. 1051678 ID: 08229c
File 167098208992.png - (755.79KB , 800x2289 , 8.png )

Mary places a chaos bug near the wreckage the Wyrm had caused. Psion sees it almost immediately and watches for a bit as it scurries away. Towards the woods.

"Hmm." She floats over to the group and gets their attention. "So, I think I know what made that... Delicious looking monster go wild."

"Oh? What'd you see, sis?" Ronin asks.

"A bug. And not just any type of bug. One that looked very similar to a monster we've seen before. One in the basement of Slimecrown."

"The chaos titan..." Marauder adds.

"Indeed. I'm tracking the creature as we speak. It seems to be heading to the woods."

"What should we do?" Ronin asks.


Her words are cut off when she spots Aspen approaching the group.

"Thank you so much," they say, "I'd heard about you people. You've been here before, haven't you? Thanks to you the damage was kept to a minimum."

"Is everything alright? Anyone hurt? Any damages?" Marauder asks, still guilty from her failure.

"Oh... A few things. I think the well has some goop in it. Also the creatures in the woods have been making some noise. And there's still the church... I hope nothing disturbed those resting in the graveyard..."

Marauder nods. She turns back to her group and plants her axe into the ground.

"Alright, everyone! I know we want to face Curi once more but we have an obligation to fix this mess! I say we split up-"

"That sounds like a bad idea already" cleric tries to say. But she is drowned out.

"- The sisters will go and follow that bug into the woods. Wizard and I will check out the church and the graveyard. Cleric, I want you to purify the well. Everyone clear? Alright, let's go!"

Cleric sighs and shakes her head. The rest of the group seems into the plan and splits into three groups.

Well. I can bring up screens to watch all three. But I can only really focus on one group.

Which one should we meddle with?
No. 1051679 ID: b79969

Bully Cleric. Just make her life absolutely hellish.
No. 1051680 ID: a7a180

It's time to bully the cleric once more. Bandit, kidnap her and carry her off to comfy jail!
No. 1051681 ID: edc225

I kinda wanna focus on Cleric to bully her... but I also want to see how the sisters fight the scarecrows
No. 1051683 ID: 36b2ef

Cleric. Have the wyrm reconstitute from well gunk and try to eat her while being stuck in the well.
No. 1051684 ID: 63a1ed

Well, I think we should be able to ping back and forth. But I think I want to see how our graveyard team is working out. We have seen some of what happens in the forest, but we need to see how other elements work out.

I would say though that maybe the forest has beast tamer searching for a lost battering ram so that forrest team can investigate the chaos in the forrest and maybe the scareceows too.

As for Cleric, now would be a fun time to see if we can compel her into action. Perhaps a fallen slime reveals itself to be chaos slime. Perhaps this is when the bandit makes their escape with some hoodlums. These events can prod her over to the graveyard.

Alternatively, a salamander, scared of what is going on at Creedy's farm is rampaging and scaring the local goblins, harpies and kobolds. The salamander can be wrangled with Cleric's help and some of the inn patrons and could lead to the farm, closer to where Psion and Ronin are.
No. 1051686 ID: 06095b


The sister have my vote, as I feel they'll offer the best entertainment value.

For the others:
> Marauder and Wizard will probably have to deal with the caster raising his undead army now that the church is destroyed. This may prompt them to recall cleric to fight, which she should be good at.
> Cleric's task should be fairly routine, but she should have whatever help she needs from the citizens to get it done.
> Jailbreak is a possibility, but I'm also fine having Bandit and gang already in the woods trying to loot the Gummy Wyrm caverns before anyone else gets the idea. The presence of one or two minions in the forest region would give them a lead on that side quest.
No. 1051687 ID: cc58e7

While bullying the cleric is the right option, don't be malicious about it! We don't want her crying, ok!
No. 1051688 ID: 4b4d4e

Cleric. Prod her into action. Have some NPCs (the local guard slimes) ask if she needs help with Purifying the well. Have bits of the Gummy Wyrm reconstitute into Chaos slimes because of the Chaos mite infection, and Cleric has to fight the chaos slimes with the town guard NPCs, and then afterwards, have Cleric find a weak Ms. Bloops at the well's bottom who has suffered a Chaos mite infection and requires healing. Make Ms. Bloop's condition near-heart wrenching that compels Cleric to remember why she took up the job as a Cleric.

But while the Guards are away, the Hoodlum Bandit makes their escape!
No. 1051690 ID: 4b4d4e

For Ronin and Psion, they get to fight chaos infected mobs because the little mite kept on biting other NPC mobs unawares. You can lead them into the cavern where the Gummy Wyrm makes their nest and put Gazer there who is currently trying to corrupt the eggs.

The reward for that bit (should they save the eggs) should be a Gummy Wyrm egg that can be cared for until it hatches into a Gummy Wyrm Hatchling (Cleric could use an attack support pet to keep her spirits up.)

For Marauder and Wizard, It's a matter of keeping the undead at bay while a fellow slime npc tries to get some holy supplies from the church ruins and consecrate the graveyard. They'll also have to endure the spooky onslaught of the ghost slime. It's gonna be a Exterminate/Escort hybrid side quest.
No. 1051691 ID: 4b4d4e


Just set the spicy modifiers/conditions for the others to keep them busy and entertained with some of the suggestions like >>1051686 and >>1051690
while you can switch two and fro between picture and picture or focus on a specific player to enhance the engagement factor.
No. 1051692 ID: edc225

Make the egg require constant healing to be able to be hatched by non-dragons. That'll ensure it goes to Cleric.
No. 1051699 ID: 1effd3

if we were to use Lagianna now, i'd say it'd be best to pair her against Marauder and Punch Mage. she keeps them slowed and our of range of her. but thats only if we use her now, best to use her later on in the run.
also question, how fast can a monster respawn? example if Lagianna gets beaten, we can spawn her veyr quickly for later in the dungeon and act as thought she's never met the part before, because this is an "earlier" iteration of her, because time magic
No. 1051706 ID: d12415

Well, the well isn't really corrupted, so they can't really purify it in the sense that a cleric purifies things. I suppose once Cleric tries to do the purity thing and fails, Aspen can give her a rope, a bucket, and a shovel to start removing the goop. Psion and Ronin should be led to the ruins. Throw down some mimics in the woods as well for good measure.

Have the church be covered in chaos slimes, but have them act like puddles until Wizard and Marauder are surrounded. Lets also have a fire start in the church wreckage. Small for now, but have it spread if they don't take care of it quickly.
No. 1051708 ID: 1effd3

cleric gets slightly fat from delicious candy slime. one of the only things to make her smile is candy
No. 1051711 ID: 08229c
File 167099861901.png - (345.89KB , 800x1589 , 9.png )

Alright. I've given everyone something to do. It shouldn't be overly difficult I don't think.

Now, let's see what we can do for this Cleric.

Some of the villagers approach Cleric and ask her if she needs help as she examines the gooped up well.

"No, not really. I'm gonna be perfectly honest here... It just looks like it's filled with slime or something. Like, I don't think I can purify this. I doubt it's leeched into the ground water or anything so... Get like a bucket or something?

Why the hell was I even left here, I swear..."

A grumbling sound breaks her out of her slump. She takes a step back just in time to avoid a sudden geyser of slime. Black chunks of goop slap onto the grass around the well.

A creature emerges.

Chaos Gummy Wyrm.


I uh... Did not order that to happen. I just wanted some chaos slimes to appear.


I wonder if this is a consequence of trying to harness chaos?

Well, I can still give the creature itself orders so...

What should we have happen?
No. 1051712 ID: 6ccff3

Have it spray water and chaos slimes or bugs that can corrupt the area. She has to purify the gummy slime to stop it. The longer it has to spread the more damage is done.
No. 1051713 ID: 4b4d4e

Mary, we'll need some stats on chaos gummy worm pronto. Is it weakened or is it returning to full strength?
No. 1051714 ID: 1effd3

...i'm not gonna lie. we may have fucked up slightly here.
No. 1051715 ID: 1effd3

i'd say it's much weaker than before, probably at 1/4th strength? this maybe be cause for concern though... maybe disturb the lagmites from the serwers to slow it down, and help cleric just a little bit?
No. 1051716 ID: 1effd3

No. 1051717 ID: 1effd3

oh cool a free 4rune monster
No. 1051718 ID: a7a180

Hmm... It's irresponsible to test out unintended chaos creatures on adventurers. But that's part of the fun! Gummy, slime that cleric and head for the citadel. Demonologist, Chaos Slime, analysis of what just happened, stat.
No. 1051719 ID: 4b4d4e

It's a weakened version of the original gummy wyrm. The corpse of the Gummy wyrm, having been obliterated, has given chaos a foothold but the vessel containing the essence of chaos cannot handle its strain. The danger of a 4-runed beast but with the stats of a 1-2 runed monster.

The battle damage the original gummy wyrm took will have rendered the chaos version flightless so it is forced to slither/crawl. Lacking the mass and the tail of the original gummy wyrm, the chaos variant will be weakened in strength so it moves more slowly and attacks more slowly. But the danger of the chaos element means that its breath and slime will be more dangerous despite it being a lesser version.

As it is, it is weak to holy/law aligned magics and can be purified by non-chaos/dark aligned elements.

But beware. If it accrues the mass of its vessel's corpse it will regain its strength. As of current, it's chaos candy breath will only be a defensive measure and will opt to try and gobble up adventurers. Slowly.
No. 1051720 ID: 4b4d4e

The NPC villagers panic at the sight of the Chaos Gummy Wyrm, One of them tells Cleric to hold it off while they get reinforcements from Slimecrown Citadel (read: Colt, Archer slimes, and magic Slimes).

Other villagers will do what they can to help Cleric in keeping the Chaos Gummy Wyrm busy be it being tanks, drawing fire, or throwing projectiles to deal damage.
No. 1051721 ID: 1effd3

No. 1051722 ID: 1effd3
File 167100107762.png - (79.69KB , 942x792 , AuditQuestStatSheet.png )

Yeah we definitely need the stats on this unintended thing... lets hope this fusion isn't permanent
No. 1051724 ID: 1effd3

Initialize Scanning!
*concern concern concern*
No. 1051726 ID: 36b2ef

Corrupt the Cleric. All must fall to CHAOS
No. 1051727 ID: b79969

just strait up kill her
No. 1051728 ID: 36784c

Yes, do this!

Poor Cleric is alone, so we want this to be a fair challenge without completely overwhelming her!
No. 1051729 ID: 8160fa

If you can, give this thing a time limit, making act as an unstable fusion. "Mission: Survive" sort of deal.
If they manage to defeat it, gotta figure out some real good bonus loot.
No. 1051730 ID: 4b4d4e


To: >>1051729
That's a pretty good idea.
No. 1051731 ID: 15c72a

No. 1051733 ID: bfed04

Seeing as the raid is doing well, I'm hoping that the Time Mage escapes, so she can summon an alternate timeline Colt, Corrupted as a boss for the raid.
No. 1051734 ID: 06095b


I like the idea proposed here (>>1051719). The Chaos Gummy Wyrm is still functioning with roughly half its mass. So, it's not as strong as its rune count would imply.

It knows this, however, and will immediately try to recover that mass if it isn't stopped. This means that it most likely won't actually kill cleric, but swat her out of the way or bowl over her while quickly slithering toward its nearest pile of lost mass.

Have the NPCs helping Marauder and Wizard with the rubble emphasize that they need to try to recover Holy Slime or some relic buried in the ruins of the church to help fight back the corruption. If nothing else, this organically reveals the monster is weak to Holy/Law.
No. 1051735 ID: 3d8404

Given the Gummy Wyrm looks like a giant caterpillar and it’s in the town square which is now a miniboss area, maybe have it so that if it manages to regain it’s mass it’ll metamorphose into a full-blown Chaos Candy Dragon?
Protected from cutting with scales of hardened sugar crystals, actual teeth and claws, a breath of chaos-infused sharpened sugar crystals, stuff like that?
Bonus points if it metamorphoses by tearing out of it’s old skin like an insect.
No. 1051736 ID: 7397c3

How so? They can revive her if she dies, that's just more money for us. And it's their fault for splitting the party (Cleric straight up told them it was a bad idea!)
No. 1051739 ID: d12415

I personally want Cleric to get killed. This monster should be weak enough that two or three of the party could defeat it together, but not Cleric solo. I want to punish the rest of the party for ditching her.
No. 1051740 ID: d12415

That or Aspen helps her, and then the two of them together chew out the rest of the party.
No. 1051741 ID: 1ed92d

Tell Chaos Gummy Worm to focus on corrupting the area instead of annihilating everything, since it's a four-rune monster and super overpowered to deal with Cleric solo.
No. 1051742 ID: 7397c3

Yup, same. "Never split the party" is an age old adage, plus it seems that when they do that they rob us of the opportunity to see it all unfold, since we apparently can only see one group at a time. Let's punish it as harshly as we can while letting enough of them survive so they keep going with the raid, so they don't do it ever again.
No. 1051743 ID: 416533

plus it seems like the last group conditioned anons to start coddling adventurers. this is a raid, people, they're supposed to die when they fuck up, and fuck up they did by leaving the healer alone
No. 1051744 ID: 1effd3

destroy the healer, they done goofed
No. 1051753 ID: d12415

Very much agree.
No. 1051756 ID: 08229c
File 167105396922.png - (358.37KB , 800x1589 , 10.png )

My minions don't have stats like adventurers and others do. From what I can see, however, it appears that the Wyrm itself is very much dead. This is Chaos Slime's doing. She's appropriated his mass and some of his powers.

Let's set some boundaries. I don't want to give Cleric no chance at all but there should be punishment.

The dragon rises to full height and stares down the Cleric. The two watch each other for a long, tense, moment.

Then, the cleric leaps back

"I told them this was a stupid idea! But, fine! I haven't just been sitting around doing nothing since my last run!
I've been practicing Holy Offensive Magic!"

She begins to charge up an attack.

"Get ready you oversized piece of black licorice-!"

The Wyrm bites her and begins to consume her whole.
No. 1051757 ID: 08229c
File 167105535306.png - (437.74KB , 800x1589 , 11.png )

It is chewing quite happily. At least until its head is blown off.

Cleric drops to the ground with a grunt and rises to her feet. She's covered in slime that has begun to lose its color. Aspen rushes over to her.

"Are you okay? Do you need healing?"

"I healed myself already. But, you need to stand back. That thing isn't dead yet."

And she's right. The Wyrm's body does not drop to the ground. It wobbles in place but stays upright. Chaos Slime emerges from its corpse.

"I'll-I'll go get help!" Aspen shouts and runs off.

"Well, hurry it up if you can... I only got two more of those blasts left in me."

Wow. Cleric has grown. Is this what a fully powered healer looks like?

I get the feeling we can still win this but...

I'm leaning towards the time limit idea. Roughly how long should we give her before she gets 'saved'?
No. 1051758 ID: 7397c3

>I'm leaning towards the time limit idea. Roughly how long should we give her before she gets 'saved'?
Until her teammates come to get her, however long it takes. And remove all limits of Chaos Slime, if she wants a win she has to earn it.
No. 1051759 ID: 06095b


5 Namekian Minutes
No. 1051760 ID: 15b66d

No. 1051761 ID: 1e0403

3 days
No. 1051762 ID: cc58e7

I kinda like the idea that she could "purify" lil miss chaos slime here, or at least start the process and make it a miniquest?
No. 1051763 ID: cb5e40

5 minutes seems a pretty solid time. Lets the pressure go for a bit.

Wonder what the others are up to...
No. 1051764 ID: 36b2ef

Chaos Slime use Corruption Pulse! We have only a short time to overcome her holy might and turn her to an ally of CHAOS!
No. 1051766 ID: 1effd3

c'mon chaos slime, knock her on her ass!
No. 1051767 ID: 298597

So what happened is that because Gummy Wyrm died, when Chaos Slime fused with it, she got everything except its water rune?
No. 1051768 ID: 7397c3

No, then it'd have two Chaos runes. No, just added a Chaos rune to it, is all.
No. 1051769 ID: 298597

Did we remember to put Ghost Slime in the graveyard?
No. 1051770 ID: 7397c3

It's Raid Mode, we can send anyone anywhere at any time, so long as they're still alive.
No. 1051771 ID: 298597

Shouldn't we be able to follow multiple groups through picture in picture?
No. 1051772 ID: 7397c3

Larro just doesn't want to die
No. 1051774 ID: a7a180

What time limit idea? Just fight until one of them drops.
If her friends remember to come back, then have Chaos Slime retreat. If she's beaten, carry her off to the spa.
If she wins, good for her! The purified waters should be good for one free rez.
No need to rush, Aspen. A light jog should do.
No. 1051776 ID: 08229c
File 167106199553.png - (585.59KB , 800x1589 , 12.png )

Welp, I guess we can give it uh... Five minutes. Maybe. No rush.

They really shouldn't have split the party.

Cleric charges another of those attacks. It takes her only a second before she has it ready and blasts it off. It flies through the air as fast as a bullet, but the slime is faster.

She reforms the Wyrm's head fast enough to swallow the attack. A huge chunk of it explodes, but not nearly enough to stop it.

It retaliates with a torrent of chaotic goo. The Cleric conjures a shield but the slime doesn't seem to end. In fact, Chaos Wyrm simply reabsorbs any that splatters to the ground to continue the assault.

"Dammit! I won't give up! I can keep doing this all day! I can't die here! How else am I gonna give everyone a piece of my mind for abandoning me on some stupid p-"

There's a sharp crack. The shield finally buckles under the relentless assault. The slime strikes Cleric. There's a horrible sizzling/crackling sound. A rending screech as the chaotic slime tears apart the material it strikes. Cloth, flesh, bones, organs. All corrode and dissolve from the attack.

"God... Dammit...."

Cleric drops dead.

No. 1051777 ID: 04697a

ooh, that's an interesting idea
maybe part of the objective: survive is her trying to fend off being overtaken

so it's not entirely direct battle but also a battle of wills

I'd say about 5 mins, maaaybe 10 at most.
If she doesn't take Chaos Slime down in the time she can still possibly stall for time by resisting takeover.
No. 1051778 ID: 1effd3

good, now eat her corpse and drag it into the depths
No. 1051779 ID: 7397c3

Now, corrupt Cleric. They wanna revive her, they're gonna have to defeat her. Hope they're not so rough they don't leave a body behind!
No. 1051780 ID: a4575e

Now have the chaos wyrm unleash a mighty terrifying roar that alerts the adventurers about the development in the square have gotten from bad to worse. Debuffs all around.
No. 1051781 ID: 1effd3

have chaos slime drag cleric into the well and revive her.
inform cleric that she gets to play for the bad guys for a bit now and see her reaction
No. 1051782 ID: 08229c
File 167106270172.png - (451.08KB , 800x1589 , 13.png )

Cleric's wound begins to fizzle. Black slime dribbles out of it as red veins streak through her flesh.

Her eye flicks open and she suddenly rises from the ground with a groan.

Chaos Slime has taken control of Cleric's corpse.

. . .

I'm sure this is fine.

Mary checks her screen. The others seem to be doing fine. She checks on Chaos Slime. The slime is rebuilding itself slowly.

Should I uh... Cancel the orders to bring backup there?

Also, who should I check on next?
No. 1051783 ID: 340403

Oh this is a pretty neat power. Chaos slime is smart and worth of being a boss. Let her do her thing for a while.
No. 1051784 ID: 1effd3

yeah cancel back up, cause more civillians to panic and look for the other adventuerers. have chaos slime and chaos cleric go towards the citadel and wait to join the boss fight
No. 1051785 ID: 1effd3

lets go check on the graveyard crew
No. 1051786 ID: 7397c3

>Should I uh... Cancel the orders to bring backup there?
Kind of? They should still come in and put on a show of holding her at bay, preventing from getting into the Citadel until the living adventurers come back.
No. 1051787 ID: 83aa3c

Muscle wizard. And yeah I think cleric should be left where she is at. Let the rest suffer when they see her
No. 1051788 ID: 318a68

Hmm, its important to take note of chaos' effects for non-raid mode. This works for raid mode as an extra difficulty and storytelling. But man is this a lot of power.

We haven't seen how the graveyard plays so far. Why don't we check them out.

As for the orders of backup. Maybe have them show up, but linger. So that when the party returns to the well the mystery of where Cleric is and also a potential next fight goes on. AKA. "She was here a minute ago...we thought she handled it."
No. 1051793 ID: 15b66d

Mary, Cleric is dead right? Let's see if Ghost Slime can interact with Cleric's Ghost, if it works we might be able to give her quests or help her tip off the dunderheads she hangs out with.
No. 1051794 ID: 06095b


I am concerned. As cool and creepy as this is, the backup they are getting (ie Marauder and Wizard) should be brought over asap to help their friend get back in the pilot's seat.
No. 1051795 ID: a7a180

Yeah, tell Aspen to belay that request for aid. Let's send Chaos Cleric after Punch Wizard and Marauder, their buddy would logically head to the graveyard to "help" them deal with the undead problem. Give them a moment to figure out it's not Cleric before springing an ambush.
...Hm, going all out was a mistake. Cleric got screwed over by her team again, we should have left her alive to chew out her teammates. Well, at least she gets to chew on her teammates.
No. 1051796 ID: 6ccff3

Chaos slime should try to possess the strongest, cutest vessel. Marauder. Possess her, mutate the body and now we're cooking with GT

Psion next.
No. 1051797 ID: 06095b


I like this idea. Even if it doesn't work, it's worth a shot.
No. 1051798 ID: 7397c3

Seconding. This sounds like a good way to keep her from just looking on in frustration.
No. 1051799 ID: 1effd3

No. 1051800 ID: cc58e7

Now this? Hilarious.
No. 1051805 ID: 04697a

I'm sure it's fiiine, 50g says once they do beat and revive her she's gonna have enjoyed spectating her possessed body giving her party a piece of her mind in her stead.

Anyhoo maybe keep the reinforcement order, just have them cutscene 'fight' until some of the adventurers get near.
No. 1051806 ID: 36b2ef

Offer Cleric's ghost special rewards if she helps pilot her body to get revenge on her friends!
No. 1051807 ID: 01efdd

maybe we should take the time to read the dm guide more carefully.

No. 1051809 ID: 298597

Should we have Chaos slime corrupt and/or destroy some buildings?
No. 1051813 ID: 426929

Ah, hm. Maybe ask Chaos Slime to only possess one of of them at a time, so we don't end up overwhelming them outright?
No. 1051817 ID: 36784c

Yeah, do this.
No. 1051822 ID: 7397c3

Come on, people, it's a raid. Stop mommying the adventurers, she's only a 3-rune monster and they're in their 50s, we don't need her to hold back.
No. 1051823 ID: 3d6e34

Have Cleric’s ghost pilot her chaos possessed corpse, tell her that because she is dead and her corpse is chaos possessed, she gets a bonus objective: kill her fellow party members.

what better satisfaction in berating your raid members than by engaging in good old pvp?

Her chaos possessed corpse gets access to Heresy magic given her job as a cleric and the chaos slime possessing her body.
No. 1051826 ID: 1effd3

No. 1051827 ID: c5f793

You are now playing a round of infection. ~Have fun~
No. 1051828 ID: 426929

A 3-rune monster that is possessing their healer's corpse. Plus it's not like we're suggesting that we limit what Chaos Slime can do with Cleric's body, just that it doesn't end up with 5 v. 1 in Chaos Slime's favor outside of a boss fight. If Chaos slime was set up in a mini-boss or even a full on boss room, on the other hand, I'd be saying to go ham...

Actually does Chaos Slime count as a wandering boss/mini-boss like this?
No. 1051832 ID: ea8662

Have Chaos Slime go "regroup" with the guys at the ruined Church and graveyard. Have her pretend to be a wounded Cleric and ask the others for help. If they fall for the act, then when they come to help her, she attacks them with the help of the undead enemies in the graveyard.

If Chaos Slime can use Cleric's abilities, then have her heal and buff the undead enemies during the fight.
No. 1051838 ID: 7397c3

Cleric's not great offensively, as you just saw, and not being in those rooms is actually a debuff for Chaos Slime, not the other way around. They made a stupid mistake in splitting up, but they're experienced enough in a fight that I doubt she's gonna get to kill any more of them, much less end up in that kind of situation. We don't need to pull any punches, they're way above her weight as they are.
No. 1051843 ID: 01efdd

Try not to create another Jeffrey.
No. 1051847 ID: 4b4d4e

But think of the sheer "EMOTIONAL DAMAGE" we can inflict on Marauder!
No. 1051848 ID: 7397c3

No worries about that, Jeffrey was made by shoving more runes into a monster than the maximum. We're not creating a monster or adding runes via Dungeoneer, and changes to monsters during runs are always temporary, so we're in absolutely no danger of that.

I have no objections to that. Let her feel the weight of her failure.
No. 1051851 ID: cc58e7

as long as we don't try to break the girl, we want them to have fun, remember!
No. 1051852 ID: 4b4d4e

That's why I'm asking for the option to have Cleric girl's ghost to take possession of her chaos-slime infused corpse and do some PvP. Introduce the idea that you can have fun as a chaos-aligned adventurer!
No. 1051855 ID: 2aa5f0

maybe give the girl some incentive as well. Like she get's X number of tokens for each teammate she takes down so she doesn't walk away form this with nothing and to encourage PvP.
No. 1051862 ID: d12415

Have Chaos slime and Cleric hunt down Aspen. Possess them.

If backup means npcs, then cancel it.
No. 1051863 ID: d12415

Before any fight happens, make sure Cleric heals both of them to full health. Also have them raid the shop and use mana potions to top off.
No. 1051868 ID: 4b4d4e

Keep the backup going, but turn it into a barrier to entry where the troops are suspicious of the lack of Chaos and will subsequently will not let the adventurers from proceeding into the Citadel until they deal with the "imposter" (read: chaos-possessed cleric/adventurer) among them. They've been burned by Chaos incursions before in the lore, so make it so that they are wary of any chaos incursion that happens outside the citadel.
No. 1051870 ID: 885c82

>give Cleric something to do
We really should think of these things ahead of time so we can have a system already put in place instead of trying to slap something together on the spot.
No. 1051873 ID: 4b4d4e

Well we gotta adapt and come up with interesting things to entertain our adventurers, why not do something for dead adventurers like give dead adventurers the ability to play as the chaos side when their corpses get possessed by chaos?
No. 1051876 ID: 1effd3

i mean to be fair, we DID NOT see this coming
No. 1051879 ID: 1ed92d

Okay, this is fucked up. Send an emergency PM to the Dungeon Master Helpline and ask if this is okay because Chaos Mana is spooky.

...HOWEVER, inform Aspen of what's happened as well. Maybe we can have Chaos Cleric infiltrate their party and betray them at a dramatic moment?
No. 1051889 ID: d12415

Lets not do that yet. Grab Dungeoneer and have her check things out. Give us the stats.

Rather than message Aspen, message Chaos Slime and make sure she isn't out of control or something. Also make sure she doesn't do anything too depraved. Like so depraved that these adventurers never come back. Meaning like intentional body horror to the adventurers or something, idk. Just don't go overboard and have them call it quits right then and there. Not that Chaos Slime would do that (she is a good girl), just want to make sure she doesn't accidentally go off of the deep end. She has 3 runes, so she should be able to speak more than slimish (is the language called english in-universe?).
No. 1051898 ID: 08229c
File 167114681079.png - (149.62KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

>Grab Dungeoneer and have her check things out. Give us the stats.

It's actually both Demonologist and Dungeoneer who study demons. Actually Archiver might know too...

Screw it, I'll bring in all three.

Mary assembles her constructs. The Archiver explains that the Chaos rune is, by its very nature, chaotic. What it does is wild and variable. But, it is also know to supersede any other rune. Even the Fundamentals can be corrupted by Chaos.

Demonologist says that Chaos Slimes are normally unstable beings. Mary most likely just got lucky. But, that is how Chaos works after-all. Right now she has the ability to infect other dead bodies with Chaos runes. Because there's little will in the dead bodies, Chaos Slime is able to animate and use them. She could also control things with weaker souls, like animals and the like.

Dungeoneer adds that she's pretty cute right now and she'd love to add more runes to her to see what would happen. She seems pretty set and won't change too much. Most likely.

Also that everything she is connected with has a Chaos rune but that's more of a result of her slime infecting the body. Such changes will end when the slime is removed.

No. 1051899 ID: 08229c
File 167114852770.png - (434.84KB , 800x1589 , 15.png )

Mary contacts Chaos Slime. Just to see if she's okay. Ask if everything's under control.

Chaos slime can't communicate back. Her words are jumbled and staticy but Mary gets a sense that she's trying to say 'I'm good! Are you proud of me?'

Mary assures her that she is.

Now let's see Marauder. I have a few ideas thanks to you guys. But, first let's see if it's even possible.

Back in the Graveyard, the Marauder and Punch Wizard appear to have already defeated a bunch of restless undead.

The Ghost Slime thanks them for their hard work and for saving the place. She promises to reward them.

"It was our fault in the first place," Marauder says, "Hey, Wizard... This place has changed, huh? There's something weird going on in this hamlet..."

"Hrm. I don't mind. This is a far greater challenge than it was before. And we haven't even made it into the citadel."

"Yeah. Let's look around a bit then regroup with Cleric."

Mary messages Ghost Slime. She asks her if she could communicate with Cleric. Ask if she wants to control her corpse a bit.

Ghost Slime seems unsure if she can even do such a thing. But, after a moment, she nods.

"(I've connected to the other side...)" Ghost Slime says, "(Cleric... Mary would like to offer you something... A chance for me to attach you to your corpse so that you may-_"

"(Can I fight these jerks?)"

"(Uh. Y-yes? You would just be piloting a dead body but...)"

"(I'm in.)"


Wow, I didn't even have to offer her anything. Great. Alright, so what's the plan? I have people on standby. Chaos Slime is just waiting for orders. And we got Cleric in on the plan.
No. 1051901 ID: a7a180

She's already a demon. Cool. Send in the One-Armed Bandit to backup Chaos Slime and the cleric.
Ghost Slime, tell them to see Colt at the gate, then have him say that the reward money's been stolen and the bandit's gone to the farm to bury it. They can reap what they've sowed while Psion and Ronin are caught up in the ruins. Maybe if they discover a hidden passage leading into the citadel, it will further distract them. ...Carpenter, how fast can we dig a secret passage to the castle moat?
No. 1051903 ID: 1effd3

"You son of a bitch, I'm in" -Cleric
No. 1051904 ID: 2aa5f0

should we turn the chaos cleric/slime into a big deal? Like gather some other chaos minions and turn it into a mini boss battle of sorts?

cause I was thinking have the chaos forces gather for an attack on the town, let the heroes know about it so they come in to protect the town then have the cleric backed up by a few more minions flank them from behind.
No. 1051905 ID: bc8ab0

Commence with Operation: Among Us!
Cleruc, you know your friend. I trust you know what to do for MAXIMUM EMOTIONAL DAMAGE.
No. 1051908 ID: 7397c3

Well then, this changes things. I was thinking we should let them fight her as she was and a lesson would be learned after they defeat her, but if she's so into it... Do we have more bodies we can add to the pile to make her more of a boss fight? She's not in a boss room, but we'll have to make do.
Also, you didn't have to offer her anything, but I'm inclined to still give her something. An item that'll allow her to give her healing magic a random boost, but each subsequent makes the randomness larger so she could end up with a penalty after a couple of uses, perhaps? And it'd make her look more chaotic every time she uses it, too.
No. 1051909 ID: bc8ab0

Give Cleric an item afterwards regardless of how the raid went:
>Chaos’s Mark: The First of the willing to give fealty to the Abyss. (Equipping this item changes your magic, alignment, and job class to Chaos/Heresy aligned job/class/magic)
No. 1051911 ID: 63a1ed

Well, Cleric can wander about for a bit, with Chaos Slime basically acting as a Cleric with enough tells that attentive types may know something is up, but not be able to act on it. Then, when the time is ready to strike, she goes for an attack. It won't be enough for her to last long, but enough to cause some damage, especially if surrounded.
No. 1051912 ID: 2d1389

Can you have Chaos Slime to apply some more slime to Cleric or smuggle Genie over there to let Cleric make a power-up wish or something? Just want to make sure she isn't overshadowed in the big fight.
No. 1051913 ID: 83aa3c

No mercy
No. 1051914 ID: a7a180

Let's give them a choice of items.
>Partysplitter: This mace grows stronger for each party member absent or downed.
>Corrupt Ashes: When the holder goes down, their corpse has a 35% chance to get back up as a friendly zombie.
No. 1051915 ID: 06095b


Cleric has joined the Abyssal faction, at least for now. In this game mode, she has gained the power to corrupt felled NPCs and other players, raising them to fight as part of the Army of Chaos. How she chooses to go about fighting against her old party is her own decision, but the greater her successes for the faction, the greater the rewards she stands to garner at the end.
No. 1051916 ID: 7397c3

I like those Corrupt Ashes
No. 1051917 ID: 06095b


Adding to this, there are multiple avenues of exploration that Cleric can pursue and that Chaos Slime can lay out for her:
> Infiltrate your party and keep them distracted while Chaos Slime continues to gather minions in the background
> Go around corrupting other NPCs to join the fight for chaos
> Take the fight directly to her party, though even with the chaos boost, her current chances of victory are slim
No. 1051918 ID: 1effd3

and also clerics party mates get dolls of chaos cleric that periodically yells at them to listen to cleric and not to split the party
No. 1051919 ID: cc58e7

Gotta say, I love that chaos slime, she's very cute and shows off a element of Mary's dungeon that I enjoy. While she doesn't like to show it, she's very maternal and caring for the constructs and slimes that she has made, and even for the non dungeon constructs that are under her command, literally in the case of the girl she adopted?
No. 1051927 ID: ae9e42

Protecc that smile...
No. 1051932 ID: c541df

I do like the idea of giving the options but leaving it up to Cleric
No. 1051936 ID: 4aaa23

Splitting the party is one thing. They are strong enough to handle it.
Leaving their cleric alone is different story. You don't leave your healer alone. Although I don't blame them for thinking the town was safe now. We didn't even know it was this dangerous

I think the adventurers will win in a direct confrontation. Especially if they meet up. I like the idea of corrupting NPCs and gathering forces. I say we take advantage of their limited healing and try to whittle them down. I think it could be provide a fun challenge.

Here are some set up ideas for a potential town battle
>Pretend the cleric was kidnapped to lure her party into a trap. Let the cleric command some monsters/bandits if we can.
>Kidnap the villagers to the ruins to be sacrificed, leave some as hostages or to be infected.
>If the bandits are still in jail, then they are a prime target for corruption. Corrupt them, Have them take control of the town or set up an ambush at the ruins.
>Chaos slime (good girl) hides and prepares make a sneak attack
>alternatively, Chaos Slime focuses on corrupting NPCs
No. 1051939 ID: 298597

I think that not splitting the party is something that we should b encouraging since we can only ever interact with one group of people and thus can't observe how well things are going or tailor things to the party.
No. 1051944 ID: 67090f

WELLL, if the party is fighting each-other very willingly it is probably doomed to fail one way or another, so no need to worry on that front. We need only worry about teaching them a lesson or two
No. 1051945 ID: 84f87b

Splitting the party is fine if there's something time sensitive, but there wasn't.
No. 1051946 ID: 298597

Just give her free reign, and party her up with Chaos Slime. Tell her that she can corrupt other Slime crown aligned NPCs, and she can unlock some allies for the Chaos faction hidden around.
Tell her that her rewards at the end of the run will improve based on how much trouble she can cause for Slimecrown in general or especially her party in particular. (Ask your staff if you can implement a Chaos point system to track that for her).
No. 1051948 ID: 426929

Probably the best option at this point, I'm not sure Cleric would listen to anything else. I have to admit, Marauder really seems like she blundered this time, and well. This gives Cleric the excuse she needed for some major catharsis.
No. 1051949 ID: 04697a

I say just give her a small rundown of the chaos faction MO, namely corrupting slimecrown for the beast below and that she's ostensibly doing things at the behest of Chaos Slime now but otherwise let Cleric call the shots on how to go about the PvP bit.

I get the feeling she'll have some fun ideas if given the chance to do her own thing.
No. 1051952 ID: 24176e

The escaping bug was time sensitive. They could have split the party 2-3 instead.
Also doesn't help that the marauder told Cleric to purify the well which wasn't possible. She might as well have stayed to help or brought the Cleric to fight undead.

Hey Mary, ask Cleric if she would like to deal with Marauder first. They are probably the most likely to fall for a trap too
No. 1051983 ID: d12415

Apologies, I initially meant to put Demonologist.

We probably should ask before we do this. We don't want to spoil the lore if she likes that sort of thing. Anyway, have her heal both herself and Chaos Slime and then set her loose. If she is smart, she will go get more allies before she fights her old comrades, but who know what she will do.
No. 1052020 ID: 08229c
File 167131098136.png - (66.13KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

Though Mary is the one giving the orders, Chaos Slime frames it as if she's doing so. Mary can't understand a word Chaos Slime is saying but Cleric can.

Chaos Slime tells her newest loyal minion that she is glad that she has sided with the abyss and the whirl of chaos. She will be rewarded accordingly depending on how well she does against her former allies.

She lays out a few options.

> Infiltrate your party and keep them distracted while Chaos Slime continues to gather minions in the background
> Go around corrupting other NPCs to join the fight for chaos
> Take the fight directly to her party, though even with the chaos boost, her current chances of victory are slim

"(Oh, I'll go and join them again. This will be great. And it can be like... If they don't notice long enough we could basically take over the place.)"

Chaos Slime approves. Cleric heals the two of them, though she complains that controller her body indirectly is a bit annoying.

Nothing to be done about that, sadly.

Mary is watching the events when suddenly her dungeon screens are pushed aside by an incoming call.

That's new...

It just says the caller is DM.


Oh, fuck.
No. 1052022 ID: 08229c
File 167131159501.png - (89.31KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

Mary clicks 'answer'

The screen pops up showing a person absolutely covered in darkness. By their side is what looks like a Demonologist.

When the person speaks their voice is odd, as if being run through a modulator.

"What are you doing?" They ask.
No. 1052023 ID: 340403

Working. I got no time to chat, please schedule an appointment if you wish to discuss something. Bye.
No. 1052024 ID: 63a1ed

Uhhhhhhh...running a raid?
No. 1052025 ID: 36b2ef

"Hi we're calling about your car's extended warranty"
No. 1052027 ID: 1c9d8b

Now I'm sure you're wondering why I've gathered you all here today. I have a wonderful opportunity for you to be your own boss, generated thousands of alms per day as passive income. You see, it starts here, at the top of the triangle..."
No. 1052028 ID: a84a94

"I'm in the middle of a raid. Are the chaos rune monsters a problem?"

Pivot to the previous DM leaving you the monster in the basement if you can.

Most likely he's actually asking about Dungeoneer. You might be able to get some straight answers out of him what runing constructs do.
No. 1052029 ID: 6bc5d5

AS fun as joking around can be, we should probably give serious answer, the LATEST thing we are doing is having a ghost slime roconect a party member who suffered the cost of splitting the party a chance to get back, is that what you are calling about? or is it Jeffory the Abomination?
No. 1052030 ID: 6bc5d5

MAAAAYBE you should text Dungeoneer, tell them DM is calling and to have a good answer ready
No. 1052031 ID: f6576b

No, don't ask if it's because of Jeffrey. Or anything in specific, really, just ask "what seems to be the problem?" and let him do all the talking. As with the cops, so with any authority: never volunteer any information. I don't think Mary can get away with pleading the fifth or ask for a lawyer here, so let's go with the next best thing.
No. 1052032 ID: 1effd3

"i am currently in the middle of running a dungeon raid, may i ask who you are? i dont believe we've had the honor of meeting before."
No. 1052033 ID: 1effd3

"Dungeoneer, DM is on the line. Stay calm but maintain a reasonable amount of panic."
No. 1052034 ID: b69195

Just hit her with the "not much, how 'bout you?"
No. 1052035 ID: a7a180

You don't volunteer more information than is asked. They already know the answers they're looking for.
What we're doing is running a raid.
No. 1052036 ID: eab610

To be fair this might be about the cleric takeover here? Maybe we broke a rule or two.
No. 1052037 ID: 1effd3

not sure, because do they have th ability to just... spy on people? i feel likes thats a breach of trust there.
No. 1052039 ID: 2aa5f0

do you mean right now or in general?

Currently I'm in the middle of running a raid.

In general I'm trying to improve upon the dungeon while looking into finding a curse breaker and get a price check on what it would take to brake the curse placed on me.

Why has something come up?
No. 1052040 ID: 1ed92d

Yeah, I like the plan where we explain precisely what we're doing, then ask if that's against the spirit of the rules. Explain that you're pretty new at this and are just trying to run a competitive dungeon while helping the delvers have a good time.
No. 1052042 ID: 06095b


We're trying to increase engagement by allowing a technically "dead" player who otherwise would be stuck in spectator mode the opportunity to continue playing. Is this not allowed?
No. 1052043 ID: 15b66d

Trying to run a Raid. What are YOU doing?
No. 1052044 ID: 7397c3

Running a dungeon, because I've been cursed to do so and nobody cared enough to break the curse. Why do you ask?
No. 1052045 ID: 08229c
File 167131755530.png - (79.47KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

"I am currently in the middle of running a dungeon raid. May I ask who you are? I don't believe we've had the honor of meeting before."

"I am the First Dungeon Master. I know you are running a raid. I am asking what you are doing currently within that raid. My sensors detected unusual activity."

"Ah. The raid group that entered split the party. One of them, a Cleric, was killed. I am giving her the option to fight against her party members so she has something to do. She's agreed to do so."

The First Demonologist clears her throat.

"I believe she's using a ghost slime to facilitate discussion, Dungeon Master." The Demonologist states.

"... That is clever." The Dungeon Master stays silent for a moment. "... Very well. This shall be allowed. I approve of your method of keeping the adventurers engaged. I will have to see about creating an official system for dead players at some point."

The Demonologist seems surprised by this.

"However," The First Dungeon Master continues, "I am confused. I know of you, Atrociatus Maldorium... But the last time I had checked you were a large skeleton-like demon. What has happened? How did you become a human again?"

"Ah... Yes, that was the previous owner of this dungeon. I was cursed and now it's my dungeon. I've just been stuck like this and making the best of it."

A pause.

"I see. I do not approve of this. The system was made for the enjoyment of all. To force someone into it goes against what I made the system for. Do you wish for me to break the binding?"


"The curse. The one forcing you there. It would be trivial for me to crush such a curse. Would you like it done?"



No. 1052046 ID: 7397c3

Just make clear that you like being here, but you'd like to be free to go. So as long as it doesn't mean you have to abandon the dungeon, then he can go ahead.
No. 1052047 ID: b69195

How about the other way round, take over the dungeon officially, and yeet the old Dungeon Master?
No. 1052049 ID: 1effd3

"Being a dungeon master is much better than my previous job where my boss didn't care about me being cursed here. I would greatly appreciate the curse being broken so that I'm not just *stuck* here all the time. Get some fresh air, visit the other dungeons myself."
No. 1052050 ID: 1effd3

after you reply and he answers, ask if he'd like to watch the run unfold, might be a good idea
No. 1052051 ID: 15b66d

Oh hey, he's pretty cool. Props to you first DM.
Also, Mary if he can break it you should take it. That way you can leave and go to dungeon con and stuff. You'll be officially owning and running your own business by choice instead of being a cursed sucker.

Also, ask the First DM if we can get a picture with him and if we can put some sort of "First DM said he liked my ideas!" quote or badge on our Dungeon page and so we can brag to our friends in the DM Guild.
No. 1052052 ID: 1effd3

i feel like this'll piss one of the other dungeon masters off...

No. 1052053 ID: 7397c3

eh... considering our little irregularity with the rooms, I'm not 100% sure that's a good idea.
No. 1052054 ID: 298597

You should mention that it wasn't just because Cleric died that we offered this, it was specifically because her dead body ended up possessed. Should probably put some limits on the theoretical system, such that they can be ejected from control if they refuse to act in their role. Along with a couple difficult overrides on their side for Power of Love/Friendship, extreme willpower, or sufficient knowledge to dismantle the possession.
No. 1052055 ID: a7a180

Yes. I wish to continue running, but the freedom to come and go as I please is much appreciated.
No. 1052057 ID: 340403

Ask him if he can get back to you after the raid is done...or if he can do that but you still remain as a Dungeon master, officially.
No. 1052058 ID: 7397c3

Alex didn't even meet Skelly Dude, we just hired her. And then the bank dude was an ass and fired her, but no curse involved.
No. 1052060 ID: 36784c

Yes, you want the curse undone. You haven’t been outside in so long, you've kinda forgotten what the sun looks like.

But this doesn't mean that you'll give up running this dungeon. In fact, this is much more fun than your previous job! So even with the curse removed, you'll still run this dungeon as best as you can.

Gonna have to agree that it's not a good idea to let them continue watching our dungeon. Also, if our Dungeoneer happens to walk by and the First DM sees her, they might be able to detect that we've given Dungeoneer runes and we'll get in trouble!
No. 1052061 ID: 1ed92d

Tell him that you're SUPER, 100% DOWN with breaking the BINDING, but you also want to, you know, continue running the dungeon.

Atrociatus was an incompetent jerk who abused his employees, racked up massive debts and then ran off and abandoned you here to take his place. After all the work and money you've invested into this place, it's yours.
No. 1052062 ID: d12415

and fuck it, this as well.

I believe we fixed this.
...Mary, you did fix this, right?

hmm, lets ask for an autograph instead.
No. 1052063 ID: 04697a

you might not have become a dungeon master by choice but you are good at this, you seem to enjoy much of the job and the company it lets you keep.

I say own it! Get the binding broken and see if you can't fully officiate your ownership of slimecrown (but not the currently-attached debt, get that back to mister demon skeleton thanks) under your own power. Just ask if that works first.
No. 1052064 ID: 90c451

Yes, I would like for the curse to be broken. I would also like to be officially made a dungeon master of my own volition. Is there an approval process for becoming a legitimate DM?
No. 1052065 ID: 7397c3

>I believe we fixed this.
>...Mary, you did fix this, right?
We do have a proper Final Boss room right now, but that's Lily's room. The actual final boss is Curi, who's in an Extra Boss room... and there's the little detail of our real extra boss, who's more than a little irregular? The basement is all sorts of illegal, and if they beat Curi I'd like for them to have a chance to fight him without the Big Guy looking over our shoulder when we do.
No. 1052066 ID: 2aa5f0

say while you would like the curse to be broken you are actually quite happy working at the dungeon and would like to keep working here even after having the curse lifted.
No. 1052067 ID: 36b2ef

Don't ask him about us. The Crown is a deep magic not meant for Chuuni ears.
No. 1052068 ID: 36b2ef

Make sure that by taking over as official dungeon master you don't also take over his various debts.
No. 1052069 ID: 1c9d8b

Yeah, then we can take the slimes out on dates
No. 1052072 ID: 1effd3

once the current run is over, maybe actually call the First back, and explain the *extra problem* the previous DM left you with. out of all people, HE might have a solution to Jeffrey
No. 1052074 ID: 1effd3

and probably not be uhh 100% pissed about it*
No. 1052075 ID: 36b2ef
File 167132133689.png - (89.29KB , 454x454 , image[1].png )

Please Wait Warmly
No. 1052076 ID: 298597

I don't want Jeffrey gone. A guarantee that something powerful doesn't escape and wreak havoc yes, but gone, no. Jeffrey has become as much a part of the dungeon's lore as Curi.
No. 1052077 ID: 7397c3

What? Jeffrey doesn't really need a solution. He's just vibing in the basement, tentacling every adventurer who tries to challenge him. The only time he ever was a problem was because of Elf Boy, and he's kind of a special case. Otherwise he's just fine staying in his lane, and he's an important part of our lore. Just leave him be.
No. 1052078 ID: 61235c

Can I continue running this dungeon if you do? I’ve found I quite enjoy this job, so if so, yes please.
No. 1052079 ID: 298597

There was that time in the extra dimensional run that they broke Curi's floor and ended up breaking him out.
No. 1052081 ID: 7397c3

Yes, that was Elf Boy. That is, Tali. As I said, he's a special case, Mary's never gonna get someone able to do the stuff he can do. And if you don't know why, go and read MAQ.
No. 1052082 ID: 15b66d

Yeah, this is something to bring up. Shove all that shit back at the skeleton dude. Also ask if there's a new dungeon master starter package or something we missed out on that we can claim.
No. 1052085 ID: 08229c
File 167132210473.png - (79.62KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

Mary takes a deep breath.

"Being a Dungeon Master is far better than my previous job. While I was forced into this position, I've found it to be highly enjoyable. Even so, I would greatly appreciate the curse being broken so that I'm not stuck here all the time. If you could break the curse and make it so I'm still the Dungeon Master here then I would love that."

"It shall be done. I will be visiting after your current run."


"Yes. I will keep an eye on the status of the place and wait until the run is complete."

"I see. I look forward to your visit."

Oh god I am not looking forward to his visit.

The call cuts off.
No. 1052088 ID: 298597
File 167132289947.jpg - (143.12KB , 1400x1050 , this-is-fine.jpg )

No. 1052092 ID: 08229c
File 167132419242.png - (542.51KB , 800x1878 , 20.png )


Mary sighs and focuses back on the Cleric. She is stretching and walking about, trying to get used to controlling her body from an outside point of view.

"(Man, I look cute. Wish I wasn't stuck in such shitty looking armor, though. Maybe I'll get some new stuff as a reward for it.)"


Oh, I can hear her thoughts.


She eventually makes her way back to the Marauder and Punch Wizard, who were already going back to the fountain.

The girl radiates a faint dark aura for anyone who could see such a thing. Her eyes are now red and she has lines crossing through her body.

She waves and greets the two.

"Cleric!" Marauder shouts, picking up the pace, "You're back!"

"Yep. I had to fighhtt... A chaos monster in the well. I beat it but I got a curse. Don't worry, I have it allll under control."

Fist Wizard and Marauder stare at her for a moment.

"Well, we're glad to have you back!"

Marauder has failed a spot check. Fist Wizard passed with 2 successes. He is suspicious.

The group talk for a bit and agree to go and meet back up with Ronin and Psion. They haven't sent any word back and Marauder wants the group to be together for the Citadel proper.

"(Hehehe... They don't suspect a thing. The fools. The absolute buffoons.

... I'm actually a bit hurt that they didn't notice me acting weird... Actually I guess I wasn't acting too far off from the times we've been drunk...

Hey, Chaos Slime, how are things going over there?)"
No. 1052100 ID: 08229c
File 167132500437.png - (224.95KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

She reports that things are going well on her end.

Alright, so... Chaos Slime is doing her thing. Cleric is mostly blending in.

I am concerned about the Wizard, however.

Should we have her keep her cover until they reunite with the sisters or do something to take the Wizard out?
No. 1052102 ID: 15b66d

That reminds me, when he arrives we should let him know about the orphan problem that seems to exist in the dungeon system and see if he can set something up to help them.

Also, it'll be fine Mary. He seems like an okay dude, just put a lampshade on Dungeoneer or something.
No. 1052103 ID: 298597

She should probably make her move before Psion meets her, since she'll see right through her.
No. 1052105 ID: 8160fa

If The DM should ever ask about all the little slimes we don't actually use, best just say they're for expanding Curi's slime spawning ability.
No. 1052106 ID: a7a180

Chaos Slime, please do not kill your fellow dungeon monsters to add to your own power. In the future please wait until they are killed by adventurers.
Have Cleric divert them to the farm to deal with a 'minor' chaos infestation before they rendezvous with Psion and Ronin. The reasoning is that if the chaos creatures are left alone they will multiply in power and be more of a hassle to come back and deal with. Ambush them there.
No. 1052107 ID: 23c282

...after seeing how well she's been doing, we should probably look into giving Chaos Slime an actual name, maybe put some additional lore about her being a cursed line of the Slimecrown Family.

(note to self, look into getting a movable platform or scissorlift, to help lift Mary up to headpatting/hugging height for tall creatures and slimes)
No. 1052108 ID: b69195

Have her distract Marauder, with a smooch.
No. 1052109 ID: 7397c3

Hm. A name for Chaos Slime, huh. Does anyone here remember Lucy?
No. 1052110 ID: 04697a

that's a good point, as fun as swimsuits and the like are to have as rewards, we can for sure do a line of some sweet faction-themed gear and aesthetic items. Spooky Chaos armor and noble Law outfits.

(I know I'd grind runs for chaos eye/veins drops, plus that sweet loooore)
No. 1052112 ID: 1effd3

Jinx is an option.
i like the name PANDORA thought. then we can nickname her Pandi or Dora
No. 1052113 ID: 1effd3

Psion is definately an issue. we could try to throw a curse of them before the party meets up that'll block her perception of cleric
No. 1052114 ID: 15b66d

I do. Honestly, I'm fine with Lucy.
No. 1052118 ID: 298597

Maybe we can give her a Priestess of Chaos outfit?
No. 1052119 ID: 36784c

Mary, you should tell Dungeoneer that the First DM is monitoring our dungeon and will come visit as soon as the current run is over. That way she has time to prepare herself to act like a normal construct, otherwise both you and her are going to get in trouble if they discover we gave runes to Dungeoneer!

>Chaos Slime, please do not kill your fellow dungeon monsters to add to your own power.
That's the whole point of a Chaos faction take over. She’s taking over the other NPCs, which makes this harder for the adventurers to win.

I don't think the Citadel should be considered a Law faction. Maybe we should have the themes just simply be Chaos faction and Slime faction?
No. 1052121 ID: 298597

She's not actually killing them. They'll go back to normal after the run. Allowing her to assemble the horde sounds fine in a raid setting. Especially in the Hamlet while the party is one of the higher levelled ones.
No. 1052124 ID: 871494

I like staying true to our roots but would also like to give her a name of her own. How about Lucia?
No. 1052127 ID: 7397c3

>I don't think the Citadel should be considered a Law faction. Maybe we should have the themes just simply be Chaos faction and Slime faction?
Yeah, Mary's side is Law, the Citadel itself not so much.
No. 1052129 ID: 4b4d4e

cause more mayhem in the forest, get one of the npc mobs (probably chaos aligned) to judnap a sister and drag them into the ruins. have cleric chastise the sisters for the splitting up. then have the party get into the forest and get separated by having Aspen use his roots to separate the party even further. The wizard will likely be actively suspicious at this point unless we find a credible patsy like a chaos mite.
No. 1052135 ID: 4b4d4e

Give a hint to Cleric by having her "pretend" to act up because of the "chaos curse" resonating with nearby chaos infestations, sprinkle in some reward incentives for Cleric the more convincing she is of her act. That way Cleric has a credible excuse to throw suspicion off of herself from Wizard's prying eye as she leads them into the forest where the sisters are.

On that note, we need to quickly check up on the sisters and find a way to separate the two so that Psion doesn't immediately out Chaos-Cleric. I'd suggest kidnapping/theft and taking a hostage into the ruins.
No. 1052139 ID: 4aaa23

Luckily Marauder is gullible but the Buff Wizard is on guard. I don't know how cleric would deal with either of them on her own unless she led them into a trap.

Maybe she tries to lure one away so they stay seperated?

She could also try stalling for time so Chaos can corrupt more NPCs. Tell them she learned of a secret treasure hidden in the forest or something
No. 1052140 ID: 7397c3

How could Wizard not notice, She smiled.
No. 1052141 ID: 23c282

I just had a thought...

If Cleric's corpse is killed and brought back to life with either a Phoenix Down or revived, does she still have the chaos infliction, or does that end with her being resurrected? Like if you die of poison in an RPG, you come back without it affecting you.

Because it'd be hilarious if she dies revealing her chaos infliction, gets rezzed without it, and Marauder still thinks she's infected.
No. 1052143 ID: 06095b


The meanest idea I have is that Cleric leads the two to a hot spring she was told about as a reward for cleaning up the well, then have chaos slime jump them when they drop their guard. However, I think they'd wait on seeing the spring until they had their full roster back. So, it's not the most viable plan of attack.

A more likely plan is to lay an ambush for them at the farm, a sufficient disturbance at which can sidetrack them on their way to meet up with the sisters. Have Chaos Slime strategically bury herself and NPCs so she can lash out from below ground.

As for the sisters, maybe they can meet Lagianna at the altar in the ruins, no longer occupied because Gazer has summoned chaos slime into the world. Gazer can instead be found trying to corrupt the Gummy Wyrm's eggs for nefarious purposes.
No. 1052152 ID: d12415

Relay the spot check results to Cleric so she can plan accordingly.
No. 1052153 ID: 6bc5d5

we should also find time to alert Dungeoneer that the First Dungeonmaster is coming, since even if he didn't know what she did before, he will should the thought of checking up on all the constructs come to his mind, which given what the constructs are... is certain
No. 1052164 ID: 1effd3

my suggestion for dealing with Psion is if her reading ability is based on a cooldown or if it's just passive. with any luck, Psion will use that ability on Lagianna when they meet to see if she's an ally or not, then we can have Lagianna subtlety target Psions cooldown and make it so Psion can't read Cleric. This all depends on how her abilities work though.
No. 1052169 ID: 61235c

When the DM visits to try and formalize a system for letting dead players participate, you should probably bring up the whole being able to hear their thoughts currently thing. I dunno, just sort of feels like a privacy issue to me.
No. 1052174 ID: 04697a

oh yeah we should also tell DM about Alex's situation and see about getting her uncursed too when he gets here

it was just as unfair when it happened to her after all
No. 1052175 ID: 7397c3

Alex never got cursed, just got fucked over by her boss at the bank.
No. 1052176 ID: 04697a

huh, I guess I misremembered that bit.
oh well even without it being a curse we should see about changing the system of allowing the non-mutually agreed bestowing of titles that allowed for that to happen.

even if it's just some in-house bullshit by drachma bank, I think someone with DM's clout even just taking note and making inquiries into the issue could spook them into actually doing something
No. 1052191 ID: 36b2ef

Suggest to Cleric she needs to overreact negatively to something stupid and minor to really sell the act. Maybe phrase it more tactfully than that though.
No. 1052192 ID: 36b2ef

Maybe a bit premature for this idea, but maybe we can have the chaos storyline of the village have an effect on the Citadel portion of a run. Like if the adventurers don't clear out the boss in the old ruins and fail to find and eliminate Chaos Slime then they have to fight Chaos Curi. Either because Chaos Slime fuses with her when she's "weakened" from fighting the adventurers, or they just arrive to find that she's been partially fused with Chaos Slime in a horrifying usurpation that makes them realize the far reaching effects of their failures.
No. 1052197 ID: 08229c
File 167141091552.png - (338.42KB , 800x1214 , 22.png )

Lucia is a cute name. Let's go with that.

Mary asks Chaos Slime how she feels about that name.

"(Ì̡̢̢͜ ͡͝͏l̷̡͘i͢͡k̛͜҉̴͡e҉̵͠ ҉̡̀̕͡ì̶̢́t̛́͏͢҉ ̷̶͘v̀͏͘e̡҉r̸̵̴͟͜y̸͘ ̸͘͢͡҉ ̷͘̕ḿ̕͢u̡͡͝͡c̀͝͏h̸̨̕͠!͟!)" She replies.

Ow fuck my ears that hurt...
Well, glad she likes it...

She tells Lucia to inform Cleric that Punch Wizard is starting to get suspicious. She has to act normal. Also, to lead them away from the woods.

We'll put some fodder monsters in the farm. Luckily there's already a chaos infested Scarecrow there so we can use that and let's get some of the animals in the woods in on this.

That should keep them distracted long enough while we deal with Psion and Ronin.


"Hey, guyss," Cleric speaks up, her expression as dour as ever, "So I don't reaaaaalllyyy care myselfelf but I saw m-more chaos mites going to the ffarm... The sisters can Take care of themselves. You wanna clear that out first or...?"

Marauder pauses and thinks.

"I trust Psion and Ronin. They're capable fighters. If what we did unleashed this chaos curse onto the land we have to stop it. What do you say, Wizard?" Marauder says.

Punch Wizard still looks suspicious. But, slightly less so.

"I feel we should go into the Citadel as quickly as possible," He says, "However, we will get lost looking for the sisters in those woods. Psion can detect us in an open field like the farm and regroup with us. The trees may block her telepathy from us while we wander in there."

"Alright," Marauder nods, "To the farm we go!"


Ronin and Psion are deep in the woods. The usual beasts that would bother them in there are occupied elsewhere.

"You know, sis, it's okay to admit we're lost." Ronin says.

"We're not lost," Psion huffs in annoyance, "I can sense the bug. We're not far from it."

"You really have to work on your detection skill."


"... It's a bit quiet here, huh? We haven't run into a single monster."

"That's what has me concerned. Not a thing has approached us. No slime, no bugs. Nothing..."
No. 1052198 ID: 6bc5d5

Has Cleric dragged the other s far enough away that Lucia can slip into the jungle with the dragon? THAT would be a good way of dealing with them, and maybe also a self explanitary way of stating how they beefed it with splitting the party
No. 1052199 ID: 08229c
File 167141190706.png - (142.42KB , 800x629 , 23.png )

They go deeper into the woods. Suddenly, Psion pulls back.

"Wait," She says, "Something approaches... I don't sense hostile intent..."

From within the woods, Lagianna approaches the two. Her hands are raised in the air.

"Filthy humans. I mean you no harm."

"Wow, rude." Ronin says.

"Forgive me. It slipped out. I have come to... Ask for assistance..."

Psion stares at the creature uneasily. Though she can sense no hostile intent it's clear that the creature is merely desperate rather than an ally.

"With what?" Psion asks.

"A creature called Watcher... She has poisoned my kin's homeland with the power of Chaos. The Wyrm that resided here has gone wild. My lag mites... They have been corrupted... Will you help destroy her?"

"Oh!" Ronin snaps her fingers, "That's what's been going on! That explains everything, doesn't it. Watcher... Sounds familiar, doesn't it?"

"Indeed." Psion says, "Tell me, mage, where is the Watcher?"

"In the ruins." She says, "I can guide you there."

"Lead on."

"Yeah," Ronin adds, "Cause she is lost as fuck."

"Sh-shut up!"

We're leading them into only a moderately dangerous area.

Now, let's review our goals guys. We DO want them to die. That gives -us- the biggest reward. But we also want them to have a good time. Maybe even potentially win sometimes.

So, with that in mind, what should we have waiting within the ruins?
No. 1052200 ID: 07b536

Just have gazer throw, but get clothing damage. Everybody is happy.
No. 1052201 ID: 7397c3

I mean, we don't want a TPK yet, we just upgraded Curi and we gotta show her off! But we want Cleric to be able to take at least one or two of them, and Psion's might be a problem for her, so our best outcome is a dead Psion but victorious Ronin.
Yes, we do wanna kill them all eventually, but we want them to spend all their gold first, and it'll be better if they have to use Ashley to revive people (cause Aspen is corrupted, apparently) than just a defeat before they even get into the Citadel.
No. 1052202 ID: eab610

I want them to get into the citadel of course, so a party wipe isn't wanted....
No. 1052205 ID: 4b4d4e

Have it so that either sister (preferrably Psion) dies in the ensuing fight. That Ruins tunnels has a split path right? Lets bank on Psion's penchance for getting lost and split the sisters away from each other via the split path and the darkness.

One path leads to treasure and some items (200 gold, some YUM snacks, and a Light Slime) but is protected by Chaotic Lag Mites and Bandits.

The other path leads to Gazer and some chaos infested demons. Defeating Gazer rewards them with the Gummy Wyrm nest in which the party gets to pick up one Gummy Wyrm egg. The egg quality will be randomized and has a 20% chance of being a Chaos-variant given the nature of the raid.

There will be a light-slime present on Gazer's side of the path, but the sisters will have to brave the darkness itself and hope not to get lost before the split-path.
No. 1052206 ID: 06095b


Hmm. It's Raid Mode. So, we do need to up the difficulty from last time. Also, they have Lagianna helping, though she may retreat for fear of being corrupted before the Gazer fight proper.

In general:
> The ruins should be totally dark. They'll need to provide their own light source to proceed safely.
> The undead are more coordinated. Maybe throw in a Boneyard of Gatai'd 1 rune skeletons.
> There is a fancy mimic halfway through that is just hidden enough to appear legit.
> Gazer's room has crystals/mirrors to help her reflect her beams in interesting ways.
No. 1052207 ID: 4b4d4e

If we do manage to kill off one of the sisters, then extend to them the same offer we gave to Cleric. But do so when Lagianna is not present. If a party member dies within Lagianna's presence. Have Lagianna lament the loss and move on while treating the death of Gazer or the cleansing of Chaotic Lag-mites as the higher priority.
No. 1052209 ID: a7a180

Have the Fairy make the trio get lost even with Lagianna's help until they fight her. Some enlarged spiders (or reduced adventurers) can back her up and make for a mini encounter.
In the temple, limit the number of ochre jellies that can spawn at once so they don't get overwhelmed like the last party. Have Hoodlum join with darkness slime to give her a more active role in the ruins this time. Here's an idea for a prank: Throwing around lots of sounds in the dark and hanging some threads throughout to get Ronin swinging at shadows- and Psion.

Also, Lagianna, if you're fighting alongside them, see if you can stall for time by using an spell that freezes enemies, then applies all the damage that hit them at once when it wears off. They'll have to wait for the spell to end, but it'll look cool when it does.
No. 1052210 ID: 2aa5f0

Gazar has debuffs and curses right? I say focus more on debuffing the adventurers as much as we can to weaken them as much as we can and then when they go to cleric to get the debuffs removed ambush the party with minions and have cleric reveal she's been dead this whole time and is on our side now.
No. 1052211 ID: ef2bc9

I want them to have appropriate difficulty encounters, but they *did* split the party during raid mode. Then again, this chaos incursion story line kind of demands that they do that, so…
No. 1052213 ID: 1effd3

>>1052199 >>1052207 >>1052209 >>1052210
ok so lets consolidate this a little:
Lagianna should be mostly indifferent towards the adventurers because she is biased for her kin being killed A LOT by them in the past. If the sisters survive till Gazers fight, definately have Gazer curse Psion so she can't read that Clerics been turned. The ruins collapsing is a neat touch. If we want them to fight Lagianna herself at all, we would need to throw a Chaos Mite on her so she's not considered a "traitor" later on. If one of them does fall in battle, we can pull a Cleric and corrupt them.
No. 1052217 ID: 04697a

we could probably do it where it's just Gazer and the chaos lagmites in there, but they've gotten inventive.

Stuff like having the swarm of chaos/time bugs warping chronology inside the ruins and allowing for paradoxical events; Gazer's bossfight with them in their current future caused her to fire beams into the past, making traps and attacks on them in the present; in the confusion and pitch darkness of one chamber they get tricked into fighting their near-future selves (ronin might not even need to be tricked), Gazer uses some chaos-corrupted architecture to project copies of her tentacle/eyestalks to mess with and smug taunt them.
No. 1052220 ID: 298597

We should throw a Gazer boss fight. Though also make it so that Gazer is aiming at the Light Slime to put it out so they have to juggle the mites in the dark, being unable to see Gazer, and Gazer trying to take them and the light out.
No. 1052221 ID: 727091

Keep the ochre jellies and zombies from last time. Replace any instance of a lag mite with a chaos mite. Add some caltrops on the floor of the dungeon. They should be easy to see and avoid, but will make fights more interesting and keep ronin and psion from getting careless. Also they could be picked up and used later, if they want.
No. 1052230 ID: 4aaa23

In this storyline, I think it would make sense if the ruins were a heavily corrupted area. The zombies, lagmites, and ochre jelly can all have chaos in them. The Gazer can stay the same though. Except, she doesn't have to hold back this time. We don't need to make it easier bc they split up.

Now about fun, adventurers will be happier to take on risk if they can accomplish something or see something cool. This can be rescuing an NPC from danger and gaining an ally, or finding a cool item. Reward adventurers who take risks so even if they fail, they were happy to try. In this case, splitting up was risky but it can have some upsides.

Lagianna can be their reward for following the bug. They get lore about the bugs, chaos, or the hidden threat facing the hamlet. It also opens up the possibility of Lagianna returning the favor.

Potential side quest: Help lagianna defeat chaos mites and rescue uncorrupted ones.
No. 1052232 ID: 4aaa23

Oh, I forgot to mention. These two can back off if they think it's too dangerous. Especially since the psion can detect threats. Although that also makes the darkness less dangerous.
No. 1052235 ID: a7a180

Psion can detect threats, but can she detect why slimes love the taste of YUM Co. Toast Crunch?
No. 1052236 ID: 1effd3

No. 1052254 ID: 4b4d4e

Aiding Lagianna would reward them with a small batch of allied Lag Mites whose powers can be used once per run, one per adventurer.
No. 1052286 ID: 298597

Maybe have a little exposition when Gazer shows up about how being imprisoned because of the ruined her life, but she escaped thanks to her patron and now runs her own cult.
No. 1052353 ID: 298597

AUGH! You forgot to spread out treasure points and the Yum chests throughout the Hamlet again.
No. 1052358 ID: 4b4d4e

I HAVE AN IDEA: We can have Gazer sow discord and distrust among the raid party by giving hints at "An infiltrator that has breached the Citadel who will soon corrupt the Queen." as part of her dying words when Psion or Ronin encounter her/fight her. Drop the hint in a way Raid party members will either assume that an NPC/Chaos bug/Lucia has infiltrated the Citadel infrastructure and is causing havoc among Slimecrown.

This will turn the raid format on its head where instead of fighting Curi as the final boss, the non-corrupted party members must protect Curi from the "infiltrator" (aka Cleric and whatever Chaos-corrupted NPCs they've managed to recruit). They will still need to acquire the keys/(tokens of favor) to unlock Curi's boss door, but this time the favors from the princesses will act as boons against the rising tide of Chaos.

The Chaos faction's goal in this case is to stop the adventurers from unlocking Curi's boss door, while the raid party's goal is to unlock Curi's boss door. If the uncorrupted raid party unlocks Curi's boss door, then Curi joins the field and the raid party members will have an advantage in the Chaos v. Slimecrown fight.
No. 1052518 ID: 2fce91

Just checked. Mary took care of that in the last thread. The adventurers have either neglected chests due to more pressing matters, or they have opened them off-screen.
No. 1052701 ID: 08229c
File 167219594498.png - (502.91KB , 800x1878 , 24.png )

Mary sets up the ruins a bit. She makes sure the undead within are more coordinated. The Ochre Jellies are ready to do their thing and dissolve the guys. The rooms are dark and there isn't a light slime to light their way.

And yet, the group manages to forge ahead despite the constant oppression. Each puzzle is met with an answer.

Mary remembers these are veterans.

They also perfectly compensate for the others weakness. The Ochre Jellies, with no real mind of their own, slip past Psion's notice. But Ronin is always there to cut them down when they get too close. Anything that survives Ronin's slash is crushed by Psion's sheer psychic might.

They come across the mural.

"Hey, sis, look at this," Ronin says.

She floats over and studies the 'ancient' painting.


"Think this has anything to do with what's going on?"

"Almost certainly. And if I had to bet... That creature on the right is the thing that lurks in the basement."

"Think it broke out?"

"We'd be dead if it did."

The Lag Mage clears her throat.

"We have enemies to fight. I'm not going to let us be distracted by this land's pointless history." the minion says.

"Yeah yeah, hold on," Ronin says. She taps the side of her head and a 'click' is heard. "Okay, I got it saved. Let's go."

The two carry on, going down multiple rooms. They even stumble across some fairly minor loot. Lagianna stops walking.

"This is as far as I can guide you. The walls change and without my people I am lost. The darkness only grows from here on."

Psion floats over.

"Don't worry. I can use my orbs to guide us. Stand back."

She sends out her orbs. They bounce off of the walls and go down hallways. It only takes a moment before she's mapped out most of the ruins.
No. 1052702 ID: 08229c
File 167219692007.png - (342.18KB , 800x1483 , 25.png )

They go deeper in with Psion leading. Ronin shines a light from her eye that helps illuminate the passage.

When Psion turns a corner she is nearly killed by a powerful laser to the face. It slows down to a crawl and approaches the Psion veeeerrryyyyy slowly.

"Go, stupid human!" Lagianna shouts. "I can't hold that forever!"

"Thanks!" Psion ducks from the laser and it hits the wall behind her.

The group is in the final chamber. The door closes behind them as Watcher rises to greet them. Zombies rise from the ground and acidic jelly slithers across the walls.

"Adventurers... You poor poor fools. Can't you see? We've already won! So, throw down your weapons and join us. The Cult accepts all."

"Nah." Ronin says.

Aaaand combat time. Alright, we can alter up Watcher's abilities a bit. She has four eyes, one of them is always going to be just disintegration. What should we have the others be?

Also general tactics plans would be nice.
No. 1052703 ID: 1effd3

one of the eyes should be one to inflict curses so we can continue the "curse Psion so she cant scan Cleric" plan.

Also have gazer say something along the lines of "oh you have the big sister of those dumb bugs with you" to piss Lagianna off
No. 1052704 ID: 120f4f

For the other three:
Swap (Gazer and the target switch places)
Slow (Slows the target)
Scorrupt (Makes spells explode, makes equipment go haywire, does bad things to someone charging a technique)

Nothing too fancy: Use Swap to dump heroes near Ochre Jellies or replace Gazer with a Jelly if she's getting penned in, Slow to make jellies more threatening, Disintegration for hurting them and Corrupt to mess with anything they're using to interrupt the first few steps.

Make the jellies move erratically to force the heroes to keep an eye on what they're doing and give more swapping options.
No. 1052705 ID: e2339e

Zombie and jellis play keep away and either slow the enemy or press them into firing lines for Gazer.

Her eyes are respectively "Curse of slowness
"Curse of weakness"
and "Curse of Idiocy"

Have her debuff the enemy to let her zap them to death.
No. 1052706 ID: 1effd3

*casts slow on Gazer and one of her lasrs*
*casually move gazer infront of her own laser beam*
*remove slow effect*
No. 1052709 ID: 3184a6

>She has four eyes, one of them is always going to be just disintegration. What should we have the others be?
Well if we want to go with the "curse them so they run back to cleric to get uncursed" plan where we will then ambush them and have the dramatic reveal that cleric has been turned I feel the curses should be

-Rust beam (doesn't damage the adventurers but it does ruin their gear)

-silence beam (stops anyone hit by it from casting magic or speaking. lingers for X amount of time or until cleansed... not sure if it will work on psion since I know psychic BS plays by different rules then normal magic but even if it doesn't work it will give her a moment of "HAHA, that doesn't work on me")

-Feeble beam (saps strength away from any target it hits and lingers for X amount of time or until cleansed. Can stack)

>Also general tactics plans would be nice.
To show the adventures that Gazer has debuffs start off the fight by having her hit Lagianna with either the rust beam or the silence beam depending on if you want to just take her out of the fight right away or have her support the adventures. The slimes and zombies should try and surround and swarm the adventures as they're mostly there just to bog them down while Gazar blast them from afar with debuffs and lasers. Should the adventurers get Gazar's health down below half have a chaos mite (or a few) come from behind and try and latch on and corrupt Lagianna to have her turn against the adventures for the second half of the fight and to show them how the corruption is spreading. Not really planning on having them lose here as much as giving them a bunch of debuffs and a reason to seek out the cleric and the rest of the party so we can spring our ambush. Not too worried about us tipping our hand about the corruption mechanic and exposing cleric since I'm pretty sure we're planning on ambushing them as soon as they all get back together anyways so even if they do notice they'll be focusing on cleric and that should leave them open to outside ambushers.

If they do die in the cave then I guess corrupt them as well and have them join in on the ambush on the cleric's side.
No. 1052714 ID: a7a180

A Haste beam to counteract Lagianna's slow spells, and vice versa. Fourth beam, a disco laser shotgun that deals light damage but shreds clothing.
Zombies, focus on Psion, jellies focus on Ronin. Now the jellies can blob together unless Ronin is able to cut them down to size.
Lagianna, alternate between slowing Gazer's attacks and casting Haste on Ronin whenever one of the adventurers calls for aid.
No. 1052716 ID: 2fce91

Lets have one beam be a freezing laser. It wouldn't create ice or anything, but would instead chill whatever it hits immensely (causing frostbite or ruining the structural integrity of gear).

Also, I think it would be neat if there is a stalemate state if the room gets too damaged (most likely from Gazer's beams) where the room collapses, killing Gazer and the adventurers (if they can't avoid it). As a stalemate, this would not give them loot from Gazer and instead just remove Gazer as an obstacle.

We are trying to run a business here, my guy.
No. 1052717 ID: b79969

Anti-magic is the classic, maybe anti-psion in addition. And Rust. Or some other form of attacking their equipment
No. 1052718 ID: 04697a

Eyebeams, hmm
Well, big direct damage is taken care of by Disintegrate so how about:

Scramble - A ray that inflicts a random debuff (confuse, poison, slow, invert gravity) and bounces off of surfaces in an unpredictable way, remaining dangerous for a short while even on a miss.

>>1052704 - I like the idea of Swap, lots of shenanigans possible there.

Hypnosis - A cone effect that attempts to force those that see it into locking gaze with the eye, making it hard for them to react to other things in the chamber, taking damage shocks them out of the effect until it is reasserted.

Regardless of the other eyebeams she ends up with, Gazer should take advantage of her ability to fly and attack in multiple ways to keep the pressure on the sisters and Lagianna as they try and slog through the minions, using them as shields. Phase 2 bring in the corrupted lagmites to cause chaotic time disruptions (randomly introducing lag on attacks, alternate timeline doppelganger shades, hasting buffs till they run out that sorta thing) which disorients everyone except Gazer who's chaotic nature lets her adapt to each change without issue.
No. 1052720 ID: 742015


> Disintegrate
> Petrification: Crystallizes anything it touches, including the stone walls of the dungeon, making them reflective
> Enervation: Weakens those it hits. Multiple hits stack.
> Stupify: Numbs the mind of those it hits. Multiple hits stack.

> Gazer attacks relentlessly, trying to whittle down her opponents and set up sufficient reflective surfaces for phase 2.
> Zombies will throw themselves in front of attacks meant for Gazer, but Gazer will gladly shoot through zombies to get at the party. The creeping darkness disguises the movements of all monsters
> When at half health, Gazer begins using the reflective surfaces to rebound her beams. This can be used against her by a clever party.
> The creeping darkness also turns into creeping chaos, slowly infecting everyone in the boss room.
No. 1052729 ID: 742015


Heavy frost could work in place of petrification.
No. 1052748 ID: 4b4d4e

No. 1052756 ID: 4b4d4e

>Beam of Corruption: Inflicts Chaos runes upon target. Target is debuffed by Chaos modifiers. Also makes them visually infected by Chaos. Cannot be removed unless purified by Order/Law aligned magic.
No. 1052757 ID: 7397c3

Oh, that's clever, that'd lend credence to Cleric claiming to be cursed.
No. 1052758 ID: 1effd3

Watcher Beams:
Disintegration, Swap, Slow, and Curse

Disintegration for the major damage, Curse and Slow for the debuffs, and the Self swapping someone suggested before.
No. 1052773 ID: 1effd3

im pretty sure antimagic wont affect either psion or ronin, only Time Mage
No. 1052783 ID: 4568f3

if we really want to support the idea of a chaos faction, give gazer a Beam of Corruption/Chaos
No. 1052994 ID: f113d6

I love the chaos runes, but we should be careful not to lose control of them. They have unpredictable effects.
No. 1052995 ID: 1ed92d

Any Chaos Beam should be generated by an externally wielded Chaos artifact, like a Chaos Lens. We don't want to permanently contaminate Gazer.
No. 1052997 ID: 36784c

If we do this, don't make it an instantaneous corruption. Make it like a timer, they have to beat the enemy that inflicted the status on them within a certain amount of time in order to clear it away.

Agreeing with this.
No. 1053123 ID: 08229c
File 167272240826.png - (623.66KB , 800x2200 , 26.png )

>Mary assigns the Watcher's abilities for the fight. The Watcher thanks her for giving her a little bimbo beam. Mary tells her that she expects her to be on her best behavior.

"Alright, then," Watcher says, "I guess I can allow for the big bug to play the hero. You mad cause I took your stupid little bug friends~?"


Lagianna pulls out her book and in her fury begins casting magic at the Watcher. The spells slow the monster down... Until the former mite's concentration is shattered by a mob of monsters.

She's fine, just... Well, I don't want to give them a time mage to -help-. That'd be too easy.

"Bug lady!" Ronin shouts, ready to fend off the zombies and jellies.

"Go! Just take care of her! I can handle these things!"

When Ronin turns back she sees that Watcher has already been rendered unable to move. Her hair is pressed flat against her eye, cutting off her line of sight. The two tentacles are stretched out and aimed at the ground.

"Foolish monster. You're not even four runes. Did you think you could take the sisters on?"

"Khh... You... Perish-!"

There is one eye that is uncovered and still able to move. It struggles to look up but eventually manages to flick up for the barest of a second. The middle beam hits Psion in the chest.
No. 1053124 ID: 08229c
File 167272271715.png - (143.26KB , 800x600 , 27.png )


Ronin runs over to her sister. She sees no blood, no exit wounds...

"Psion, are you okay!?"
No. 1053125 ID: 08229c
File 167272288065.png - (138.92KB , 800x600 , 28.png )


"PSION! Your hair deflated!"



Well, that's one sister neutralized. I feel somewhat bad with how easy that was. Psion's always been one of the stronger ones.

Should we pull back a bit or keep with the tactics we already devised? I would rather avoid taking them out in two hits.
No. 1053126 ID: 7397c3

Don't take Ronin too lightly, Mary. She's pretty strong and a seasoned adventurer.
No. 1053127 ID: c5f793

I say limit watcher to just cursing one sister at a time. Not sure how long each curse last but since both sisters seem to rely on each other to cover their weaknesses taking only one down should still weaken them enough to prove challenging but not just take them out of the fight completely right away.

Well either that or give them limit access to the time wizard as a get out of jail free card but I feel that should be save for only if they are REALLY struggling.
No. 1053128 ID: a7a180

Pull back a bit. This group should get to continue on into the citadel. So let up on Lagianna, just limit the spells she can use.
No. 1053129 ID: 1effd3

i didnt expect Psion to get fucked that fast
i say only curse one sister at a time, and have Lagianna help out when needed. the sisters need to learn not to focus on such rigid teamwork.
this too
No. 1053130 ID: b79969

Press the advantage. Corner marauder and offer her a way out if she willingly gets corrupted.
No. 1053131 ID: 1ed92d

Damn, that's one powerful beam. Okay, Corruption Beam on Ronin.
No. 1053132 ID: b79969

err, ronin
No. 1053139 ID: 06095b


Ability damage should always be incremental rather than wholesale, though Psion's full derp face is amusing. That said, I recommend giving the debuff a timer, so she can get back in the fight (with slightly decreased Int).
No. 1053141 ID: 04697a

Okay assuming the debuff isn't permanent, extend the hypnosis tentacle as far as it can get and keep it focussed on Psion so that she's already under it's effects even if the timer runs down.

Everything else, all beams converge on Ronin. She's got a proper battle-thirst so don't count on anything but the corruption and disintegrate beams actually doing anything meaningful (I'll bet money she can fight effectively on pure instinct and muscle memory)
No. 1053145 ID: 8ac602

Hit ronin with corruption eye. Or the time mage
No. 1053216 ID: 298597

Wasn't Lagianna supposed to be the Questgiver/reward? Why should we let her help them like that?
No. 1053217 ID: 262ec8

use the bimbo-fied psion as bait to have Ronin take a corruption beam for her int-starved sister.
No. 1053218 ID: 262ec8

use the bimbo-fied psion as bait to have Ronin take a corruption beam for her int-starved sister.
No. 1053221 ID: 262ec8

If/when Watcher manages to hit Ronin with a corruption beam, have the chaos effect give Ronin a buff, and then have Watcher make Ronin an offer:Sacrifice her sister in exchange for POWER. A chaos aligned Slime Blade that is Unique in rarity and gives Ronin benefits to the corruption flowing through her body.
No. 1053222 ID: 262ec8

on second thought, make the offer something more like an exclusive cutscene for Ronin. The cutscene triggers when Ronin laments or wishes for more POWER, whereupon time seems to stop, and Ronin is offered the chaos slime sword where she can equip and use it to effortlessly cut down Wacher. She doesn’t have to sacrifice Psion, but I think it would help sell the more subtle aspects of the corruptive influence of the chaos faction.
No. 1053224 ID: 04697a

I feel like the more obvious play is offering to sacrifice Lagianna. Much like with the light slime interaction it'd be affecting the NPC faction power balance rather than the adventurers.

(I think Lagianna is part of Mary's Order faction rather than Slimecrown, either way she's opposed to Chaos)
No. 1053231 ID: a8e6c3

That's a good idea, actually. Keeps the corruption and sacrifice angle, but it's a lot more tempting to sacrifice the one calling you "stupid human" than your...you know...sister.
No. 1053232 ID: 08229c
File 167288194583.png - (555.64KB , 800x2200 , 29.png )

Looks like the int-drain is on a pretty short timer. It's not really a curse and more of an affliction than anything. So it should wear off after a bit. Sadly, that bit probably won't include how long the fight is...

Still, yeah, let's not bully both of them TOO hard.

Mary orders the Watcher to pull back a bit. The demon agrees.

Lagiaana is being 'swarmed' but she's not actually in any danger. It will just keep her out of the fight.

"Honest," Watcher says, "I'm a bit disappointed. I thought you sisters would put up more of a fight."

A beam is fired at Ronin. As distracted as she is, she's unable to block it and is Cursed with Corruption.

"Not that it matters. When that countdown runs out, you will join us. Willing or not."

"How long..?"

"5 minutes."

"Ah... That's more than enough time to kill you."

"You know that won't stop the curse r-"

Ronin draws out her blades. And then her arms split open and two MORE pop out. She grabs one in her mouth, giving her a total of five blades.

"My sister isn't the only one who's been training!"

"How can you talk?"


Ronin moves in to fight the Watcher. Watcher reacts immediately and fires a beam of raw disintegration at the Ronin.

Ronin's robotic eye flashes and she manages to block the beam. However, her blade shatters in the process.

Before Watcher even has a chance to gloat the blade reforms itself.

"A slime blade!?"
No. 1053234 ID: 08229c
File 167288309864.png - (397.93KB , 800x1368 , 30.png )

Each beam is met with another block. Each time she deflects with the slime blade, which either absorbs the hit or is shattered and reformed.

Ronin closes the gap between them. She readies herself to slice the Watcher to bits-!

Then, Psion leaps between her and the Watcher.


Ronin stops in her tracks. Psion lifts her head up to reveal she's under another debuff, Hypnosis. The Watcher grins wide and floats behind the incapacitated Psion.

"That's right. Now that you've stopped, let's talk. You say you've gotten stronger? I can make you stronger still. That Chaos rune will grant you amazing powers. And if you join our side then you will be unstoppable. You and your sister. All you have to do... Is prove yourself to me. Kill the bug and sweat fealty to Chaos!"

"..!" Ronin doesn't move. The countdown continues before the corruption takes effect.

"Human!" Lagianna calls out from the monster pile, "Don't you dare! Don't listen to her!"

"... Both my sister and I?" Ronin asks.

"Yes," Watcher says, her grin growing.

"Alright. We'll join you."
No. 1053235 ID: 08229c
File 167288391577.png - (209.33KB , 800x614 , 31.png )

"Excellent! Now go kill the b-"

"In death."


Ronin impales both of them on a blade and decapitates them with another.

Oh. She won.
Well then, what do we do n-
No. 1053237 ID: 08229c
File 167288467052.png - (207.20KB , 800x614 , 32.png )

Ronin's attack doesn't end with that. Once her blades are done murdering her sister and enemy, she takes them and uses them to remove the demons on Lagianna.

Lagianna thanks her for the help but explains she totally had it under control, for real. They could only inflict wounds on her slowly.

Ronin just nods and goes to the center of the room. She rips off the front of her outfit and taps at an orb on her chest.

"Human? What are you doing?"

"Hn. I can already feel that curse seeping in. I'm not gonna let them control my mind or body. I'm gonna set this to blow in 30 seconds. You can slow it down if you need more time, right?"

"I can.."

"Good. Get your people and whoever else is worth saving out of here. Sorry we couldn't be of more help."


"My name... Is Ronin. Don't forget it."
No. 1053239 ID: 08229c
File 167288476122.png - (100.19KB , 800x614 , 33.png )


Should we uh...

Do something..?
No. 1053240 ID: 340403

Can't she just dash to the healer?
On one hand, this is a fair victory. On the other, we need to reunite the whole party so that Chaos Cleric can backstab them.
No. 1053241 ID: c26ab3

Don't you fucking dare. Also how does spectating work? Can we try to keep them from seeing clerics ghost?
No. 1053242 ID: 1effd3

...I don't think Lagianna can do anything to help Ronin atm, except maybe increase the time required for the curse to take effect?
No. 1053244 ID: a7a180

Lagianna, remind her that there's a healer in the citadel who can revive her sister. Wouldn't that be preferable to ending it all here? She can make it if she hurries!
No. 1053245 ID: 1effd3

to be fair, even if ronin got to cleric, she'd probably immediately tell that Cleric is corrupted. also i thhink the party will know ronin is dead once the FUCKING NUKE GOES OFF
No. 1053246 ID: ebc6d7

Lagianna, carry Psion's corpse out so the others can revive her.

Give Ronin a nice reward for staying in character?
No. 1053247 ID: 1effd3

if ronin is set on their heroic sacrifice, have lagianna take their sword back to the party
No. 1053248 ID: 2aa5f0

god damn weeabo players, always making things more dramatic than they need to be.

Aw well, maybe have Lagianna say something along the lines of wishing they had a healer to try and stop this before running off just to maybe hint to Ronin that they still might have a chance to keep playing the raid... but then again this meant to be fun for players and if she wants to have her bad ass moment than I really don't think we should stop her.
No. 1053249 ID: 06095b


Question: What did Gazer just drop? Maybe something in there could help.

Possible other resolutions:
> Lagianna slows the curse timer so that Ronin can escape.
> Lagianna takes Psion to safety using haste.
No. 1053250 ID: 8fd67d

Hmm... have lagianna evacuate her kin, only to at the exit reveal they're all corrupted and start infecting her. Ronin watches in her last moment as the helpless time mage falls
No. 1053251 ID: 1effd3

ok, thats a little *too* cruel
No. 1053252 ID: 7397c3

Lagianna should offer to rush her to her healer to remove the curse instead. Of course, then Cleric can pretend to remove the curse while using it to put her under her power...
No. 1053255 ID: 04697a

Ronin is a lunatic, no setting between 0 and overdrive. I love this goofy weeb.

But uh, yeah, maybe have lagianna moved enough by this display and have her able to rewind time on ONE of the sisters? So it either revives Psion or uncurses Ronin.

OR for maximum drama; she slows the timer on the curse so that it lasts long enough for Ronin to go tell the others what happened before heroically exploding. BUT this also means the sisters are probably going to be rezzed BY CLERIC, who maybe we can give the ability to do a kind of corrupted revival?

This lets them continue as a full party while potentially removing Psion and Ronin's special perceptions from blowing Cleric's cover and giving her backup or at least an advantage during her dramatic reveal.
No. 1053256 ID: e2339e

We could just have the Curse end because Watcher died? Or have Lagianna stasis the effect until someone breaks the stasis or someone cures the effect for a minor stamina cost for Ronin.
No. 1053257 ID: 1effd3

i like the train of thought of Lagianna escaping with Psion, but perhaps if Psion gets revived, she has a penalty to her intelligence still so that she cant immediately rat out Clerics corruption.it'd be kinda sad if only 2 of the party members actually experience Clerics betrayal afterall
No. 1053258 ID: 2b07f1

Its what they get for splitting the party, ya know! Worse comes to worse, time mage escorts whats left of them back to the healer.
No. 1053259 ID: 4b4d4e

Let Ronin have her Glory. For extra drama, have Lagianna take one of Ronin's swords and give it to Psion when she comes to, the news of the sacrifice would deal enough EMOTIONAL DAMAGE to Psion that she'll probably gloss over the fact that Cleric is a spy.
No. 1053260 ID: 1effd3

No. 1053261 ID: 61235c

We can’t just undercut her big heroic sacrifice! And besides, two bodies means two resurrection purchases, if Lagianna delivers the bodies to wizard and Maurader.
No. 1053267 ID: 520a3f

Honestly? Fuck it, she wants to do her big heroic sacrifice, let her.
No. 1053268 ID: 36784c

Wait! We need to know how big the explosion is gonna be!
No. 1053275 ID: 4aaa23

First of all, Ronin gets big respect for using the slime blade

That feels like a cheap move. Ronin did her part and defeated the gazer.

I like this idea. Have Lagiana carry Psion's body out of there. Maybe take her to her party or an uncorrupted npc who can revive her.

The funny thing is, Ronin is right. We want her corrupted but she is willing to sacrifice herself to prevent that. Unless we removed the curse, it will probably be the best option for her party. Let her have her hero moment.

In fact, do we have a way to reward heroism? If there are chaos points, can there be hero points?

We should show appreciation to players like Ronin. Can we give her a medal? I think she deserves a medal. Or maybe a statue or heroic title. Something nice
No. 1053279 ID: 298597

Give her a quest reward. Maybe a watch(wrist or pocket) that give you a daily to cause a status effect duration to be either multiplied by 10 or divided by 10.
No. 1053280 ID: 298597

Maybe it would be specified that it applies to a timer applied to the user.
No. 1053284 ID: b859df

I like the idea of a reward for her sacrifice but I think it should be from the Gazer’s drop.
Something like a necklace or circlet with a stylized eye that when activated negates all curse and debuff effects but causes 1% max health per second damage.
Note that it negates the effects not the curses.
No. 1053294 ID: b41a1d

Ronin should get a trinket from Lagianna on the next run as a reward from completing the side-quest where it lets her enter bullet-time for 3-seconds on a successful dodge.
No. 1053295 ID: b41a1d

that’s a pretty good way to pay ronin forward whilst keeping it lore friendly.
No. 1053299 ID: b41a1d

that’s a bit too strong for a reward trinket from Lagianna from a side quest, how about activating once that slows down an attack that normally can’t be dodged into one that can with a 3 second window for Ronin to get away?
No. 1053334 ID: 029c18

I'd let Lagianna take the curse into herself and let Ronin and Psion get away.

Although this will cause Lagianna to be a boss later on
No. 1053363 ID: a0da94

I don't think that is something Lagianna is capable of.
No. 1053364 ID: a0da94

There won't be any bodies left...

Also the explosion will probably destroy any loot they get in the blast. If Ronin is going to get something for the sacrifice, it will need to be something intangible so she can actually keep it after blowing up.

Really the only way I see Psion getting revived is if Lagianna freezes Ronin and carries her and Psion back to the surviving party.
No. 1053373 ID: 08229c
File 167305486670.png - (112.49KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

I suppose we shouldn't really do anything... And I'm not sure she could really get any nice gear that won't be exploded. Let's see... I could give her a Title if she wants to wear it. Or something nice in the next chest she opens. If she gets revived.

Either way...

Mary gives some orders to the former lag mite. She goes and grabs Psion's body and head. As she turns to leave, she looks back at the Ronin.

"I will make sure your sister's body reaches your friends."

"Heh. Thanks."

She is able to slow down the explosion and the corruption curse long enough to get her and her bug buddies the hell out of the blast area.
No. 1053376 ID: 08229c
File 167305503298.png - (338.61KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

Mary switches screens to see what the other half of the party is doing.

Apparently, it's winning. They're actually quite good at solving quests when they're all together. Already they've gained a few basic items and even got one of the YUM! Chest drops.

And then Mary's speakers are blown out when Ronin explodes.

No. 1053377 ID: 08229c
File 167305529534.png - (124.54KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

Mary's speakers and the other half of the raid team take a moment to recover. When the dust settles they find Psion's corpse at the end of the ruined copse.

Cleric goes over and inspects the body.

"(Head cut clean off? A katana. And stab wounds. Also there's a trace of... Yes, intelligence debuff. And hypnosis? What the hell happened back there...)"

"Cleric!" Marauder approaches and sees the state of Psion, "Oh no! What happened?"

Cleric just shrugs. Marauder looks around for what brought the body over this far. It clearly wasn't the explosion. But, Lagianna is already long gone.

"(Should I heal her? I can heal and revive her, I think. Maybe. I have no idea what my magic will do in this situation. I could also try corrupting her to our side. I haven't heard anything from that other voice in a while..)"

Oh, probably cause my attention has been elsewhere. Alright, what should we have her do?
No. 1053378 ID: 81fcd7

Cleric was cursed as part of her alibi right? have her argue that while reviving her would be nice, they should for safety’s sake take Psion’s body to the citadel where the castle healer can do a safe revive. Also make sure that there’s a “side quest to get Cleric “un-cursed while Cleric gets an updated side quest that has her corrupt the princesses.
No. 1053380 ID: a7a180

Yeah, sure- Uh, I mean, yesss, yeeees, corrupt her to our side. She is the only one who could reveal you. She will do you a solid and go along with this plot for revenge, or she will... spend additional gold and wait until the citadel to be revived! How very evil.
No. 1053381 ID: 6ccff3

Plant corruption in the body and do a rez
No. 1053382 ID: 2aa5f0

I say tell her to tell her friends that she can bring her back but she thinks the curse might mess with her resurrection spell and ask them if they want her to risk it or go find the healer NPC (who I think is also corrupted at this point).

If they do have cleric heal her bring her back but have her "cursed" like cleric... well actually talk to her ghost and see if she's on board first (if not we'll just say clerics curse is stoping her from bring her team mates back). If they go to the healer... well if she's corrupted we can spring our ambush there and if not we get some more gold. Win win I say.
No. 1053383 ID: 06095b


Hmm. If we don't know if her healing magic will work as intended, I'd prefer she not accidentally blow up Psion. Muscle Wizard is also suspicious. I propose this:

> Send Muscle Wizard with Psion to the citadel to get her healed, explaining the curse might effect her healing ability.
> Meanwhile, she and marauder will search the crater to see if there's anything left of Ronin.
> With Marauder isolated and unwitting, she can probably down one party member as another party member is saved, bringing the total up to 2 vs 2.
No. 1053384 ID: 81fcd7

as an alternative, you can also have cleric explain that she could revive Psion, but because of the curse, there’s a chance that psion could come back corrupted, and bank on the other party members to either make the risky play which nets Cleric an additional member in the chaos faction, or the party members vote to play it safe which nets Cleric the additional opportunity to further the goals of the chaos faction and a chance to mess things around. Win-win either way.
No. 1053385 ID: 04697a

Try for corrupting revive, I wanna see chaos Psion! as well as the dramatic reveal overall.

Also holy moly that was a crazy-big explosion. Might be an idea to have the ruins permanently destroyed in future instances of this raid group.
No. 1053386 ID: 63a1ed

I say heal them for now. Keep the plan up a little bit longer and then spring the trap.
No. 1053387 ID: 1effd3

i'd say cleric puts it up to a vote or not, explaining that she can heal normally, but she doesnt know what reviving while cursed will do to Psion
No. 1053389 ID: 81fcd7

If we’re gonna go for the corrupted revive, warn them about the risks, marauder will likely pressure Cleric to risk the revive. Now because Cleric did a corrupted revive, Psion won’t be able to detect/read the minds of others because the nature of the chaos rune flowing in her revived body. Once Revived, Cleric can make a scene and say that reviving psion was a risky idea and now Psion is on a time limit. Then Mary, give the party an optional side quest that gives the party an opportunity to cleanse Psion of corruption, which leads into the citadel phase of the plan. In the Citadel, the efforts of the chaos faction will show and the non-corrupted party members will be notified of the general plan of the chaos faction ( break open the door to Curi and corrupt her) but not about the traitor in their midst. Their goal will be to gather the princesses aid and fend off chaos insurgents to make a stand against the incoming tide of chaos insurgents while the chaos infiltrator’s role (Cleric) will be to corrupt the princesses. As for the Corruption cleanser side quest, We can have the princesses tell the party members to gather rare ingredients throughout the citadel to create a one-use potion that will help cleanse a party member of the corruption, or if they’re clever enough, attempt to out the traitor by dousing them in the potion. once the cleansing potion is used, the ruse is fully revealed and a grand battle will start. This will replace the usual final boss battle against Curi.
No. 1053394 ID: 3d6e34

Ping the raid party a big update to their quest:
To non-corrupted party members:
>Quest updated:Save Slimecrown Citadel!
>A chaos insurgent has infiltrated Slimecrown Citadel and is wreaking havoc!
>objective updated: Stop the Chaos insurgency from freeing the Chaos Titan!
>Recruit the princesses
>Save Curi, Mother of Slimes.
>Repel the chaos insurgents!

To Chao-corrupted party members:
>Objective updated:
>infiltrate the citadel
>Corrupt at least 2 of the 4 Royal Slime princesses
>Defeat slimecrown defenders!
No. 1053404 ID: 4b4d4e

On second thought, the whole update on quest objectives can be done after the party decides whether or not to revive psion.

Also, with the explosion caused by Ronin's self destruct we can make a secondary quest that involves the deeper more ancient ruins of Old Slimecrown.
No. 1053420 ID: 08229c
File 167313322625.png - (190.75KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

Mary relays her orders through Ghost Slime.

"Listen, I can reeevive her but... It would be uh... It would beeeee messed up, maybe. I don't know how corruption would... Affect my mmmmagic."

Bulk Mage shakes his head.

"We should just wait until we can revive her properly. I know there's a healer in the citadel."

"We already have to revive Ronin," Marauder says, "And with how destroyed her body is, and with the difficulty spike... Yeah, I think we should save our revive funds where we can. Worst case scenario we could uh... Knock her out. Til we can get her fixed properly."

"Hmph. Alright. But, I still think this is a bad idea."

"I'll take full responsibility for it if things go wrong. Work your magic, Cleric."

Cleric shrugs and revives the Psion. Lucia manipulates her slime to enter the Psion's body before the revive is finished, infecting her with CHAOS.

Psion's corpse rises up.

"It issss done." Cleric says. "(Yo, Psion, can you hear me?)"

"(... I'm so confused, what's going on? Am I dead? Are you doing telepathy?)"

"(Long story. Listen, you wanna join my team? There's this wild PVP event going on. Chaos vs Law. I got put into the chaos side a while ago. Want in?)"

"(... That sounds amazing. I've never done anything like this before. I'm in.)"

"Psion..?" Marauder approaches her, "You alright?"
No. 1053422 ID: 08229c
File 167313356795.png - (197.86KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

Psion wipes the goo from her mouth.

"Yeeeeeepp. My ssissster and I.... Destroyed the chaos cult in the ruins. So, I think we're donnne here."

"Oh?" Marauder nods, "Alright then. To the Citadel! Let's see how deeper this goes. I'll need you to fill me in on everything you went through on the way."

No. 1053425 ID: 08229c
File 167313458298.png - (201.57KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

As they make their way to the citadel, Psion explains what happened to her and her sister. How they helped a bug-like woman rescue her kin. How they fought the chaos cult leader.

Psion says she died and watched via spectator mode as her sister finished off the cult leader and exploded.

When they enter the citadel they all greet Ms Bloops politely and pass the moat with ease.

Mary crunches some numbers before they reach the healer. A normal revive, plus raid mode, plus having to restore the body, plus the penalty from earlier...

"That will be G850~" Ashley says.

Marauder pays it without hesitation. Ronin's body is restored and revived.

"Woo! I'm back! Hey, sis, sis! You look cool like that! Did you see my awesome sacrifice!? Was it cool!?"


Ronin is grinning like a child.

"Yes. It was cool."

Ronin fistpumps.

Ashley is about to give her speech.

So, I like the idea for opposing quests. Let's try and refine things a bit.

First, they should have opposing goals of either rescuing or corrupting the princesses.

To that end, I think that instead of them doing little tasks for them there should be some sort of danger they're in.

If they fail the princesses will fight Curi and unleash the beast.

If they pass then maybe they can work alongside her to fight Lucia?

What do you guys think?

Also, if we do go with the princesses in danger, what kind of danger? What could potentially be done to either corrupt or save them?
Ping the raid party a big update to their quest:
No. 1053427 ID: 17114e

Gonna need some chaos specific loot. I think we should probably keep the key collection thing, at least partially as an homage to the version of the keep that people are familiar with. Maybe have some sort of wandering chaos monster that might get in the way if they are taking too long, or just randomly.
No. 1053428 ID: 06095b


How is Chaos slime doing? Did they even pass Colt on the way in? Because if Colt is already under Chaos Slime's sway, he can be our Mr. X. Meanwhile, in the background, Chaos Slime can keep doing her thing.
No. 1053429 ID: a7a180

I'm confused. Is this turning into an open team battle instead of a surprise backstab? Are they supposed to corrupt the princesses under their teammates' noses? I hope it's the latter.
I don't like the idea of Lucia corrupting more living dungeon monsters. We're really setting a poor example and a sour working relationship up for our chaos slime!
How about we "trap" the princesses in an opposing element's tower (Mirelle in Sophie's tower, Rosa in Mirelle's arena, Sophie in Rosa's tower (plants leech the nutrients out of mud or something just go with it), and they can be rescued in several different ways: a puzzle to free their restraints, escape the tower with the princess still incapacitated or just killing all the guards. The more violent solution(s) will have them side with the chaos team, or be unable to oppose Lucia at least.
Last but not least, are you actually prepared to release Jeffrey in a controlled manner? What if they call your bluff and chaos wins? It's safer to have Lucia act as a stand-in for the big guy.
No. 1053430 ID: 15b66d

If Chaos wins, we should have Ms. Bloops save the day as the oldest and wisest and strongest of the slimes.
No. 1053431 ID: 7397c3

>they all greet Curi politely
just calmly greet the final boss at the entrance of the dungeon
No. 1053438 ID: 1c1323

It's a big problem that we can't allow chaos to win. Additionally, we can't risk any chaos breaking from our control and winning against our will.

Don't promise something that can't happen. Adventurers won't like it if we tell them they can free Jeffrey then don't let them.
No. 1053452 ID: 3d6e34

the surprise backstab happens when all 4 princesses are assembled or when the Law faction catches the Chaos faction in the act of corrupting a princess. Basically Chaos is in incognito mode and has to while Law faction has to figure out the acts of sabotage that chaos is committing or sus out the impostors. When the jig is up, team battle happens and the side with most tasks complete or the one with the best influence/reach has a good chance of winning the battle.
No. 1053453 ID: af84a6

I don’t really think so? As I see it, the basic end point of the dungeon is the same: defeat Curi. The Law side defeats Curi to demonstrate their superior might; the Chaos side defeats Curi to open the seal. As always, the dungeon run ends at that point, because Jeffrey is only an optional boss. It’s not necessary for us or the Adventurers to actually release Jeffrey. (If you’re still worried, there could be lore hints from NPCs or drops that Chaos cannot be tamed and will eat its own or something, to foreshadow that they can/will have to fight Jeffrey if they break the seal.)
No. 1053454 ID: 2aa5f0

hmm, Could we make chaos slime the end boss? Because here's my plan, she's basically a 3 or 4 rune monster right now right? For each princess that get's corrupted by team chaos she get's to absorb them and gains another ruin making her tougher, If she is able to absorb all the princesses she "beats" (read replaces) Curi and then what's left of the law team has to fight her and the chaos team for the final boss. If they law team saves all the princess Curi easily "defeats" chaos slime and then the chaos team has to fight her and the law team. If their is a split (as in the chaos team only manages to corrupt 1 through 3 of the princesses) Chaos slime will fight alongside with the chaos team against Curi who will team up with the law team with chaos slime being tougher based off how many princesses she's absorbed.

would this be feasible?
No. 1053456 ID: 1effd3

jeffrey getting out is uhh definitely bad
No. 1053457 ID: 7397c3

I'm sure Lucia can play the part if needs be, since that'd probably be a cutscene or something. Of course we're not gonna let Jeffrey out, but we can pretend he escaped.
No. 1053461 ID: 04697a

hmm, danger to the princesses eh?

Well 'Chaos' is more than just a Rune and corruption.
Have the princesses absent from their chambers and instead are all out helping deal with the citadel in pandemonium. Lucia doesn't need to corrupt things directly to cause havoc, just work some well-placed mischief.

Like sneaking some goshdang Hoodlums into the castle!
They've been stealing stuff from various chambers and putting it in the wrong places, sabotaged all the traps to put them on the fritz, released all the explodeys plus metal and lightning slimes, riled up the rivalries between opposing slimes (like holy and demon, magic and psionic, plant and magma), they tossed the Guide and Magnetron into the forge so now the place is a mess of fire and whirling steel and to top it all off they've went and teamed up with the 2-rune mimics to lay low and spring some doubly deadly ambushes.

That said Lucia can still totally be quietly amassing dead followers/slimomass in the background.
If the raid group is still able to fight for law or for chaos after the Curi fight, then have a bonus boss of either amalgam Lucia or Mary herself, depending on who the victors were.
No. 1053462 ID: 4b4d4e

Ashley's speech:
>Welcome back. I'm glad to see you five as a set of familiar faces.
>It's enough to give me comfort given recent events happening in the citadel.
>I'll be frank, ever since Aspen warned us and Sir Colt about the Rampaging Gummy Wyrm, things around the Citadel have not been normal.
>All of the commotion, like the explosion in the ruins and the Gummy Wyrm has caught important Royal family members and staff unawares and have put them in places not in their usual spots.
>Alex, Prince Slimon and his Bodyguard away on an expedition.
>Sir Colt has been on edge and hasn't been seen since he was warned of the Gummy Wyrm. And the lack of sentries in this castle are making me down right nervous.
>They might need your help.
>Go check up on them to see if they're alright.
>I don't know about you adventurers, but I suspect there might be a chaos incursion happening in this very Citadel. They may be aiming for the Queen's life. She's the only one capable of keeping the Titan below sealed.
>And if it comes down to it...Gather the princesses, it could be enough to rouse the Mother of Slimes if she hears at least one of her children calling for her aid. The Queen's presence could be enough to turn the tide.
>Please, do what you can to save Slimecrown.

Any thoughts on this speech/exposition?

Feasible, The number of princesses rescued/corrupted determines the starting balance of power. Law side would have to hold out for Curi while Chaos is on a time limit and will have to break Law within the time limit before Curi is fully roused. As for power balance and Lore reasons, When Curi joins the field she is put at half power because the other half has to maintain the seal keeping Jeffrey in.
No. 1053463 ID: 4b4d4e

Princess Lily is lost in the Maze and Separated from her royal guard Reginald! Help her and Reginald reunite! Beware of ambushes!
Reward for Law
>If Magical Princess Lily is rescued: Gain Magical Princess Lily as ally, Heroes are bestowed Magical buffs.
>If Royal Guard Reginald is rescued: Gain Reginald as Ally, gain Law-aligned Gear
>If Lily AND Reginald are both rescued: Gain Slime Queen Lily as ally, Heroes are bestowed Magical buffs AND Law aligned gear.

Reward for Chaos
>If Magical Princess Lily is corrupted: Gain Cursed Princess Lily as ally, Chaos faction gains a buff in magic casting.
>If Royal Guard Reginald is corrupted: Gain Cursed Guard Reginald as ally, Chaos faction gains increase in defense
>If Lily AND Reginald are both corrupted: Gain Cursed Matriarch Lily, Chaos faction gains magic, defense, AND magic defense buffs
No. 1053465 ID: 4b4d4e

>Sophie somehow ended up stuck in Rosa's Library while getting a book to calm herself from the commotion outside the citadel! The Library has become booby trapped! Escort her back to her chambers!
>If Princess Sophie is rescued: Gain Princess Sophie as Ally, Heroes gain personal stone golem bodyguards
>If Princess Sophie is corrupted: Gain Sludge Princess Sophie as Ally, Heroes suffer unsteady terrain debuff.

>Rosa was out in Mirelle's training field looking for rare herbs that grow in Mirelle's training fields! Unfortunately, she is being accosted by D.Fence Demons that have gone Berserk! And the Hoodlums have hidden the basket of rare herbs she's already gathered! Rescue her and escort her back to her library!
>If Princess Rosa is rescued: Gain Princess Rosa as Ally, gain passive hp regen. Rosa crafts for each non-corrupted hero one one-time use Holy potion that can temporarily render an ally immune to chaos corruption, or deal MASSIVE DAMAGE to a chaos-corrupted unit.
>If Princess Rosa is corrupted: Gain passive hp regen.
No. 1053466 ID: 4b4d4e

>Mirelle's is held captive by a powerful foe! (It's chaos corrupted Colt and a platoon of corrupted archer slimes) sneak her out from the prying searching eyes of the Chaos insurgency with wits and stealth or fight your way out through brute force!

>If Mirelle is rescued: Mirelle incinerates the corrupted Slime army. Chaos faction lose Colt and the slime platoon as allies.
>If Mirelle is corrupted: Mirelle becomes corrupted into "Chaos Magma Mirelle", Chaos gains both Princess and the corrupted Slime army as allies.
No. 1053470 ID: a0da94

This is kinda late, but that wasn't a nuclear blast, right? I mean, that was obscenely huge. Honestly, it really won't matter this run, but it would be bad if all of our staff get radiation sickness from the fallout.
No. 1053475 ID: 4b4d4e

As for corrupting the Princesses, the chaos faction are equipped with a chaos-exclusive item called "Chaos shiv" which is a piece of crystalized chaos that forms the nexus inside every chaos-corrupted unit/creature, a chaotic version of a slime and its slime core. In order to corrupt a Princess, they must draw out the shiv and stab it directly into the slime core of the princess. How they stab the core of their target be it covert or overt is up to them. But be careful. If their Chaos shiv breaks, the corrupted Adventurers will have to wait a hefty cooldown period before making another attempt at corrupting an NPC or their target of corruption.
No. 1053476 ID: 4b4d4e

Addendum. Chaos-faction Players cannot directly corrupt Law faction players while the Law faction players are alive.
No. 1053477 ID: 4b4d4e

So update ping to the players:

>Objective updated: Chaos Insurgency in Slimecrown!?
>Ashley the healer tells you she suspects a chaos insurgency. Rally the Royal family to repel the insurgency.
>Each Princess rescued will net you a boon for the coming confrontation. The more princesses you rescue, the greater your chances of success, and the stronger the Queen becomes when she is fully roused from her slumber.
>Due to the insurgency, the Princesses have been caught off guard and require aid! Rescue them to receive powerful boons that will aid you in the coming battle!
>Beware! Do not think Chaos will sit idly by! They will move to corrupt the Princesses as well!
>The Chaos insurgency will strike when all 4 princesses are rallied before their mother's door!

>Objective updated: Siege of Slimecrown!
>You have infiltrated Slimecrown. Now you must lift the seal that keeps your Dark God imprisoned.
>But first you must destroy the Royal line by corrupting them. The more princesses you corrupt, the your chances of defeating Slimecrown's defenders and the weaker the Mother of Slimes becomes when the defenders finally rouse her from her slumber to fight the chaos insurgency.
>To Corrupt a Princess, your corrupted body houses the Chaos shiv, the core that makes up a chaos demon. Draw it out and use it to stab the slime core of a princess to fully corrupt them! Each successful corruption will yield you powerful boons that will help you break slimecrown at its core!
>Beware! Slimecrown's defenders will be vigilant! Move quickly and discreetly or else your chance to subvert Slimecrown will slip away!
>Your chance to subvert and corrupt the princesses and NPCs will end and the final battle will begin when all 4 princesses are gathered before the Queen's door!
No. 1053478 ID: 4b4d4e

Addendum on Chaos faction's reward on successfully corrupting Rosa
>If Princess Rosa is corrupted: Gain passive hp regen, Rosa's plant magics give you stealth when corrupting NPCs with your Chaos Shiv and bonuses to sneaking.
No. 1053480 ID: 298597

The problem with the competing stealthy factions bit is that things are too contained in the citadel and we can only follow one group, so splitting up isn't good. And it's easy to see what they're doing. Maybe it's time to rip off the bandage. Reveal the competing factions, tell them that they have to gather NPCs for their side by beating them; Law by subduing and then offering Mercy to them(beating them without core shattering), or by Chaos sticking their core with a Chaos Shiv. Chaos gets to take a couple of the corrupted NPCs of their choice from the Hamlet as companions because they're outnumbered. Disable battle between them until all NPCs have been brought player side. Then have an army fight with whoever they assembled. Ashley is auto-law, and Aspen can be the Chaos faction's dungeon healer, both setting up in the center room. If anyone wants to use the spa, one side needs to apply and the other side will be informed and once they agree both sides will enter a timeout period where they can only use the spa.(I want them still to be able to use the spa without worrying that they're letting the other team get ahead or interrupting them by causing by a force stop).

Also don't forget to give Ronin her reward for helping Lagianna, beating Gazer and being epic.

We have Picture in Picture, can we do splitscreen?
No. 1053481 ID: 36784c

Since Cleric didn’t clean up the Well and the Well is connected to the Citadel, we should have a few Chaos minions already active and fighting the Law faction.

Although, we shouldn’t announce how the Chaos minions got inside the Citadel, since that might reveal to everyone that Cleric didn’t clean the Well and she’s part of the Chaos faction.

Also, if we have everyone reach Curi, we’ll need to heavily nerf her so that the Law players don’t just sit back and let Curi do all the work and to give the Chaos players a fair chance in being able to win.
No. 1053485 ID: 4b4d4e

Hmm...you do have a good point. Yeah, I do believe it's time to rip off the bandage. But I don't think disabling battle between Players would be productive. I think instead of outright battle, the players from each faction can use faction resources that hinder the opposing faction via indirect sabotage.

Changing up the exposition.
>Welcome heroes. I-
>Looks at Corrupted Cleric and Psion
>No. It can't be. Stay back!
>Before the Non-corrupted heroes can round on Psion and Cleric, Lucia brings the corrupted NPCs out from hiding and body blocks the Law faction while Aspen reveals herself as corrupted to stop Aspen's holy Magic and provides brief ground rule exposition for the PvP event.
>Ashley: Aspen!? No! You've been corrupted!
>Corrupted Aspen: You shall not stop chaos.
>Ashley: No. No! Heroes this is terrible! You must rescue the princesses! Rally whom you can so we can wake the queen!
>Corrupted Aspen: The Queen stops our master from being free. Free our master. Corrupt the Royal line.
>Ashley and Aspen: GO!
No. 1053487 ID: 4b4d4e

Sure. We can go with this. And yes, the Spa and the shop will be considered sacred neutral ground for reasons. And Aspen should be able to also charge for healing services.
No. 1053491 ID: bf6b12

The citadel was built to be isolated from the hamlet, wasn't it? It wouldn't fit with the lore for the well to be connected. That would be an obvious weakness to the slimes.
No. 1053493 ID: 3fe471

I think now that they're in the Citadel, the players should be locked into their teams. They can't switch teams while they're alive and can only switch teams if they're killed and revived by the opposite team.

Also, we could make this a Dynasty Warriors style battlefield. Players start on opposite sides of the Citadel, then they start gathering allies by Rescuing (for Law Players) or Corrupting (for Chaos Players) the slimes and they work their way towards the middle, where both teams clash and fight each other.

Whichever side wins gets to revive the dead players onto their team and they go to the final boss room. A team of all Law Players gets to fight a Chaos themed final boss and a team of all Chaos Players gets to fight Curi.

Of course, for the occasions where the players manage to completely stop the Chaos corruption in the Hamlet before they enter the Citadel, they'll just run through it normally and fight Curi at the end.
No. 1053494 ID: 3fe471

I mean, not everyone is perfect. Sometimes things get overlooked and weaknesses accidentally get left into buildings.

Also, we made it so that Ms Bloops can show up in the well in the hamlet and in the well in the beginning room of the Citadel, without her needing to get out of either well to travel. I'm pretty sure that means that both the hamlet and Citadel are connected to each other.
No. 1053502 ID: 4b4d4e

Hey, we can also use the well as an escape route for adventurers when we do the "Citadel self-destruct sequence" when we do somehow raise a raid party strong enough to kill Jeffrey.
No. 1053506 ID: 298597

Spending resources to interfere with the other side would be cool. When I said that fighting would be disabled between them until the end, I meant more along the lines of them being unable to directly fight each other and thus end things early. Especially since one side has all the direct damage dealers.
>>1053481 Well I intended Curi's counterpart as a giant composite boss monster being Lucia on the Chaos side. They both get more power out of their minions, and Lucia would be accumulating Runes as we saw with the Gummy Wyrm. Whereas Curi can make use of any uncorrupted slime's abilities.
No. 1053508 ID: 298597

I'm honestly just glad that Psion is enjoying this as well, thus proving that it's not just a grudge thing on Cleric's part, but something that's actually legit and enjoyable as a regular part of the adventurer experience.

Although, I don't think this should be an every run type of thing. The faction war should only even be a possibility in raid mode. If they end up corrupted in normal runs, the adventurers should either experience a bad end, or enter a super hard mode where everything is trying to exterminate them.
No. 1053512 ID: 520a3f

This feels like an EVENT. Like something that doesn't happen all the time, or even regularly.
No. 1053514 ID: 04697a

That's a good point, even Cleric and Psion think of it that way already.

Instead of it being a repeating thing, how about having it where the event triggers on the first attempt at Raid mode for a given group and the Results of that first event run determines the instance and layout of future runs.

So if the Chaos faction wins this; future Raid runs will be as allies of Chaos fighting against the forces of Law and Slimecrown, and if Law wins it's the opposite.

Maybe a special 3rd option if a group rejects either group's recruitment attempts and they become allied with Curi herself and has to try and find a way free Slimecrown of both faction's meddling.

Then occasionally cycle the instance back to the dungeon in upheaval and the group can try a different story arc (if only for phat loot or sweet lore)
No. 1053553 ID: a0da94

Just one thing I think we should change last minute here in the Citadel:
Shut down So You Think You Can Slime. It really really really does not fit tonally right now whatsoever. Make it overrun, or turn it into some sort of twisted version with fighting or even just have the room appropriated by slimecrown forces as a stopgap rally/resupply point or something. Regardless, it needs to go for now as it is incredibly out of place this run.
No. 1053554 ID: 426929

I'm starting to get concerned by this headache Mary has, it's been more frequent than normal.
No. 1053559 ID: 298597

>>1053553OR We could let Lucia man it for the Chaos team. SYTYCS is something that both a lot of the adventurers and Curi enjoy, and I don't want us to get rid of it no matter what.
No. 1053563 ID: a9af05

That's because we're the crown on her head. Do you see how many of us are suggesting things to her? This many voices all at once would be more than enough to give her a headache.
No. 1053570 ID: 298597

Maybe one of us should give her a brain massage.
No. 1053601 ID: 4b4d4e

You can always turn it into a battle room and force everyone to fight to the beat al la “Crypt of the Necrodancer”
No. 1053603 ID: 4b4d4e

Convert “So you think you can slime” into a battle themed room where Faction resources are stored, but accessing it requires fighting your way and have every attack, spell or move be done on the beat. Or if it’s too complicated, shut the room down entirely and have it be filled with faction specific mobs that drop faction specific resources for the players to gather and use for indirect sabotage of the opposing faction.
No. 1053607 ID: 7397c3

We're not getting rid of it, it's coming back after this event. It just doesn't match the seriousness of the situation right now.
No. 1053630 ID: 298597

Speaking of things that our slimes enjoy, but that we've removed from the dungeon. Where are we planning on putting Ruth's batting cage?
No. 1053640 ID: 4b4d4e

You know what would be evil? have Ruth as a walking hazard for both chaos AND law factions and have her guard the faction specific resource room.

Speaking of faction specific resources, what sort of resources should we implement as items?
No. 1053650 ID: 2b07f1

Since we are going faction war, and we know that Chaos slime has been doing her VERY best to corrupt the outside village, one fun way to pull this is to have a chaos "Boss" for the chaos faction to get orders from/have to protect from the otherside, since the chaos factions main job here is to get to curry, maybe the Law faction has to kill a boss as well?
No. 1053652 ID: a0da94

Eventually we will probably need to create a proper Demon Chaos Lord castle somewhere at some point.
No. 1053654 ID: a9af05

I don't think we'll be allowed to have a dungeon that big.
No. 1053745 ID: a8e6c3

Whether we end up doing it this way or another way, could we use Aspen and Ashley to give Cleric and Ronin their rewards? Like Ashley telling Ronin "We got this from the Time Mage for you. She figured I'd be reviving you and wanted to reward your unflinching bravery," or some such, and Aspen just passing on Cleric's reward for not only distracting her team while the hamlet was taken, AND remaining undiscovered, but also subverting Psion on the side?
No. 1054064 ID: 08229c
File 167408627146.png - (199.61KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

Obviously we don't let the thing in the basement ACTUALLY get out. We'll just have Lucia do a facsimile of it. For like, a cutscene. I think if that thing got out we'd all die. And then it'd explode.

Probably go to jail too for letting it out.

Anyway, I think we have reached a point in this little event where lines must be made. So...


Before Ashley begins his speech, he hands Ronin a bauble with an eye motif.

"Ronin, right? Lagianna wanted me to give this to you. As a thanks for what you did for her and her people."

"Oh, wow, thanks! This is great." Ronin is all smiles as she accepts the magical artifact.

"I will relay your pleasure to her when I can. If I can... For you see, Heroes... Something wicked has happened. The seal has weakened ever so slightly. Chaos spreads throughout the land.

We need you to gather the princesses and go to the Queen. Everyone is in danger... Trust no one who has been touched by chaos."

All of the non-corrupted guys glance over at Psion and Cleric. Mary's already informed them that it's go time. Their moment to shine and reveal themselves.

". . ." Psion suddenly grins and does a dramatic evil pose. "That's right! We have turned to the side of Chaos!"

"SIS!?" Ronin cries out.

"I knew it." Bulk Mage says.

"I'm evil too." Cleric says from the back.
No. 1054065 ID: 08229c
File 167408784710.png - (483.52KB , 800x1589 , 41.png )

Ronin recovers the fastest from the terrible betrayal. She dashes in and draws her blade, looking to cut both Psion and Cleric down in one powerful swing.

A giant mass of slime takes the impact of the blade, slicing but ultimately keeping the duo of corrupted adventurers safe.

The black slime burbles and emerges from cracks in the ground. Lucia has infiltrated the citadel. She rises to a massive height, absolutely towering over everything else in the room. Slime wriggles around her in a wide circle, keeping her allies safe.

"Littttleeee sister.... I'm so sad you would kill me... Again... Why not just join usss instead? Being evil is just... So much fun.."

"Never! Give me back my real sister!"

"Hehehe..." Cleric chuckles. "That IS her, Ronin! The chaos h-has done nothing but given usss a seconnd chance at-at life!"

"I don't believe you!"

I mean that IS true...

"We serve... Lucia n-now. We serve.... chaos." Psion declares.

"Goodbye, teammates. I hope y-you.... Come to join us.!"
No. 1054066 ID: 08229c
File 167408890423.png - (468.91KB , 800x1589 , 42.png )

Lucia sinks into the ground and covers her allies. They all vanish into the dirt.

"Psion... Cleric..." Marauder shakes her head, "How did I not notice sooner?"

"I suspected from the start," Bulk Mage adds.

"I am the worst party leader..."

Ronin places a hand on Marauder's shoulder. So does Bulk Mage.

"We all make mistakes, lass." Bulk Mage says, "What matters is how we respond to our mistakes."

"Yeah. So, leader, what's the plan?"

Marauder looks between the two of them before taking a deep breath and rising to her feet.

"We're going to save the princesses. And then, if we can, our friends."

"Aye, that sounds like a plan." Bulk Mage says. His gauntlet flares to life.

"Gonna cut that chaos slime to bits." Ronin says, grabbing one of her blades. "...

Okay so this is like really cool, right!?"

"I did not expect this at all." Marauder says.

"We're saving the Lily Slime first, right?" Marauder asks.

"Did you see how cool my sister was!? Man I wish I was on the evil side!"

"I really think we should prioritize Lily." Bulk Mage says again.

"I guess we should stick together this time." Marauder says, half to herself. "Can't let them catch us unawares."

"I want cool red line tattoos! God she looked so cool all evil!"

"We really should determine which princess we save first. I sincerely think that Lily would be a great addition to our side."
No. 1054067 ID: 08229c
File 167408916590.png - (23.42KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

Now, a choice on our part. I can have picture in picture show me both sides but I do not have the mental stamina to manage BOTH teams.

So, we'll closely follow and influence one and I guess passively monitor the other one.

Which side do you guys wanna handle more personally?
No. 1054068 ID: a8e6c3

Cleric deserves a chance at being an awesome badass and her reward. Though I do feel a tad down at the idea of missing Team Good Guy try to convince Lily to ally with them.
No. 1054069 ID: 1effd3

No. 1054070 ID: a7a180

Monitor Team Chaos. We need to take notes for balancing this new side of the equation.
No. 1054071 ID: a7a180

Also, they should go after Princess Lily first. Just a hunch.
No. 1054074 ID: 78b5ab

Chaos for sure
No. 1054075 ID: 04697a

all in on Chaos, even the other side agrees they're totally RAD!

It's good to see everyone is enjoying this setup, Ronin's excitement is adorable, they should for sure go get lily fist tho.
No. 1054076 ID: 6f4507

Should probably watch chaos to make sure they don't get fucked over by some random thing, I think I love the idea of chaos lily.
But what if we went for Oilivia? No one would suspect it!
No. 1054078 ID: 340403

Chaos a-go
No. 1054079 ID: 36784c

It's good to see that everyone is enjoying what's happening!

I choose Chaos.

>go for Lily
No meta gaming! Also, Lily is gonna be hard for them to beat, so it might be better if the Chaos team goes after Sophie, Mirelle, or Rosa first in order to build a strong enough team to be able to fight Lily.
No. 1054080 ID: b859df

Of the princesses Lily will take the longest for order to recruit even with no intervention. Chaos could take two in the same time.

However, who I think chaos should really go after is Reginald. While not a princess it would really twist the emotional knife.

And give the possibility of a sappy moment for Lily to use the power of love if you are so inclined.
No. 1054087 ID: 823a1a

I know this will lose but LAW, Lucia can oversee Chaos, though we can have the Queen oversee Law
No. 1054107 ID: 08229c
File 167409957969.png - (144.63KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

Chaos it is. I'll pop in picture in picture when things start happening.

Now, remember guys. While Lucia is on our side that doesn't mean we want Chaos to win. We primarily want these guys to have a good time.

And maybe take their runes.

So, with that in mind...


Lucia takes her underlings to a dark area. She informs them that she will be busy with her own work but if they truly need her help she will do her best to arrive.

She reminds them that their priorities is getting the royal family on their side. All the princesses. The prince. And then, finally, Curi.

"Noooooo problem boss. I think I know which one thossssseee punks will go to first. Ready, Psion?"


Lucia nods and sinks into the ground. From her map, Mary can see they're heading to...

Mirelle's room? Hmm. Maybe cause she's one of the stronger ones?

Well, that's fine. Looks like the other group is going to grab Lily.

So, what should we have waiting for Chaos in Mirelle's room? I think her alone would be a decent fight but I'm open to ideas.
No. 1054110 ID: 61235c

Mirelle’s got adds, right? We could compensate for the cut party size by pre-corrupting a couple of them or something, have Chaos arrive just as the adds are being outed as corrupted so they can swoop in as part of the big reveal.
No. 1054111 ID: 1effd3

good idea, Mirelle is mostly close range fighting, and they are two range users. perhaps give her an ad with range
No. 1054118 ID: a7a180

A bunch of archer slimes would be easily countered by Psion.
What if you bring in Flit and Magnus to turn up the heat? They could duck into the lava Mirelle creates to hide.
No. 1054119 ID: 58c090

While I like these ideas, they're our merchant NPCs who are supposed to make us money. They won't be able to do that if they're pulled into the fray.
No. 1054126 ID: 298597

They can't corrupt the Prince. He and his paladin are out on an adventure, remember.
No. 1054129 ID: fdc4d6

We can't keep calling them Cleric and Psion. That's not who they are anymore! I propose setting them to Cultist and Mindflayer.
No. 1054132 ID: 4b4d4e

Ronin's got that Limbus company Don Quioxte HYPE Energy

Mirelle's terrain should be filled with varying terrain and lava pools for Mirelle to use.
Give Team Chaos special faction-specific items (Chaos spikes) they can use to convert Slimecrown aligned mobs into Chaos variants when stunned and/or on Low-hp.
Give them the RP feel and opportunity of having the power of Chaos conversion by giving them Slimecrown mobs to convert into chaos variants and build their forces.
Deploy Adds. Archer slimes, squire slimes, and a D.Fence.
This challenge for Chaos would be fairly straight forward and reward them with a platoon of Chaos slime soldiers/archers, a Corrupted D.Fence, and Mirelle.
No. 1054134 ID: 4b4d4e

Umm Mary. You sent Prince Slimon and Rosalyn out on a raid with Alex. Instead of the Royal Family, you can have Captain of the Guard Colt be a viable target for Corruption. Corrupt Him and his BFS and you'd get a DARK KNIGHT for Chaos.
No. 1054137 ID: 6f4507

Go full Knight Artorias?
No. 1054138 ID: 06095b


Just as a reminder for our staff situation (>>1051486)

As for Mirelle, if you want her to be super challenging:
> As the party enters the room, catapults manned by archer slimes begin to fling lava balls at them, forcing them to dodge and creating pools of lava wherever the shells burst
> At mid-range, the archer slimes switch to arrows. Mirelle begins throwing lava at them.
> At close-range, the archers fall back and Mirelle begins engaging the group in melee.
> If threatened, Mirelle begins porting through the puddles of magma that are now all over the battlefield.
No. 1054142 ID: 76c915

The heroes have an advantage here. Their goals already align with the citadel faction. Chaos should try to keep them separated.
No. 1054145 ID: d12415

As far as difficulty goes, we should make both Law and Chaos factions about equivalent in strength. Who wins or loses should be determines solely on the strength and tactics of the adventurers on each side.
No. 1054168 ID: d12415

Roll with it! Lucia doesn't know the prince is not there! When they go to corrupt him, they find Colt instead who informs them of this (and then fights them).
No. 1054195 ID: 298597

That's why we should set it so they have to do a non lethal takedown and subdual of the princesses to get them on their side. Because if they just shatter their cores then they wouldn't be able to fight on their side.
No. 1054196 ID: 298597

Should get some Chaos whisperings to Ronin, enticing her to the Chaos side. Since she expressed desire towards it.
No. 1054231 ID: 08229c
File 167425418991.png - (159.23KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

I forgot I sent them out...

I hope they're doing well.

Either way.

The two enter the gravity slime's room. For these veterans it's barely a challenge. Mindflayer simply crushes the gravity slime, allowing her and Cultist to proceed.

The pair enter Mirelle's room. A large room with rocks littered about. In the back are a small row of Archer Slimes.

No. 1054235 ID: 08229c
File 167425514891.png - (347.40KB , 800x1308 , 46.png )

When the princess spots the pair she shakes her head.

"I told mother she should have just let me kill that monster... I warned her this would happen. But no, I'm too young. To inexperienced. And here we are, the end of another era...

Well, you think I'm gonna just let you take over? Hell no. My sisters may be all about that diplomacy, but me. I'll settle this issue with my fists.

Archers, to me! Defend Slimecrown! Defend your princess! Defend your home!"

She summons stone gauntlets to cover her fists. The grass of her room begins to burn and crisp.

Cultist and Mindflayer exchange a glance before getting ready to battle.

No. 1054237 ID: 08229c
File 167425617747.png - (233.62KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

The archers can't shoot get giant balls of magma and stone at the pair... But they're pretty darn good at archery.

Mindflayer is able to simply deflect and redirect the missiles with ease, though the effort does keep her from doing much else.

Cultist is able to erect a magical barrier that tanks the arrows. The vast majority plink off of her shield but the attack seems to go on without end. Eventually, one of them goes through and strikes her right in the heart.

"OW FUCK MY TIT!" Cultist cries out in pain. Then, she pauses and blinks. "... It doesn't hurt?"

Instead of blood, black slime oozes out of the wound.

"Oh, right, I'm deaad. Hey, Mindflayer, I th-think we're immune tooo these things!"

Interesting. Looks like missiles are less effective. We could try and aim for her head instead?

Either way, the archer slimes could use some adjustments.
Also, Mirelle is chilling in the back and waiting for them to get closer. I know we want to wait for her to engage in melee but the Mindflayer IS a concern.
No. 1054238 ID: 6ccff3

I'm curious how they plan to corrupt her. I imagine that the large insecurity of nobody listening to her is the way to go there.

Lets let her sit back and grow more and more impatient. See if they can make use of it. Its not fun for them if they don't have a chance of winning, right?
No. 1054239 ID: 1effd3

when in doubt, BURN IT WITH FIRE
have Mirielle set the arrows alight!
also future not for archer slime upgrade: railgun archer
No. 1054240 ID: 1effd3

so far the "play to thier wants and desires to be acknowledged" plan has worked prtty well
No. 1054241 ID: a7a180

Have the archers give covering fire for Mirelle as she summons more stone spires. Maybe you can tag Holy Slime(s) in for some anti-undead power? Maybe you should save that for the next encounter. Once Mirelle closes in, have the archers go for disabling shots, pinning their clothes to the environment.
No. 1054249 ID: 04697a

I wonder if Mindflayer's new title comes with related abilities to facilitate that. Chaos works in weird ways after all.

Either way, that seems like a solid angle to pursue; why should Mirelle stay constrained under a rule that has proven not to work and doesn't align with her own personality and methods? Surely a princess of fire and earth can appreciate the concepts of destruction and reforging. This era of slimecrown might be coming to an end, but she has the power to help shape the new one.
No. 1054253 ID: fdc4d6

I assumed that corrupting her would involve pumping her full of large quantities of Chaos slime but I guess trying diplomacy has merit.
No. 1054259 ID: 429658

Archers switch to glob arrows: they just stick, expand a bit and weigh them down.

Mirelle start charging an eruption move where the safe space is closer to her.
No. 1054306 ID: 298597

Huh. Someone brought up them being given Chaos names of Cultist and Mind Flayer. The next post THEY are calling each other those names. Is there some sort of mutable perception filter going on? Where we can't actually hear their names, but only their class. Does that apply to everyone? Is that why Glass Spinner is named what she is despite saying that she used to be an adventurer? What do other people perceive Mary's name to be?
No. 1054310 ID: a8e6c3

Wait...wait wait wait...what if it's US that's only hearing job titles for adventurers? What if Mary's hearing names, but even in her thoughts we're only getting job titles, like some kind of assholish Find/Replace? It's not like we're *hearing* things, after all, we don't have *ears! There might be a filter built into our cozy little headwear home!
No. 1054315 ID: 58c090

>Is there some sort of mutable perception filter going on? Where we can't actually hear their names, but only their class.
You didn't notice we couldn't see Tali and company's names from this POV way back when? The only exceptions so far have been dragons.
No. 1054322 ID: facc9c

Isn’t the Law team supposed to be diplomatic? It would make more sense that the Chaos team corrupts the princesses.
No. 1054329 ID: 04697a

I figured it was less diplomacy and more like psychic influence/corruption from Mindflayer, if that's something she can do now.
No. 1054338 ID: 06095b


A helpful tip we could offer them (from Lucia or otherwise): "Mirelle's molten form will make it difficult to transfer corruption to her directly. However, she has her insecurities and weaknesses. If you corrupt enough of her servants, perhaps she'll come around."

tl;dr If they corrupt the archers and use them to douse or otherwise restrain Mirelle, they can take her much more easily.
No. 1054345 ID: ad76be

I mean, if I were Cultist I’d point out what happened last time she was here. She was separated in the maze, and the group didn’t even notice. She got confronted by an explodey slime that could wreck her, and it let her vent to it. The slime whose literal job is to explode and kill things treated her better than her party!

Cultist can claim she really is pro-Slimecrown. But she’s also pro-respect and pro-listening to people who have trouble being heard over others. Her old party went to Lily, the bossy bitch that thinks she’s better than everyone else. Mindflayer and Cultist picked Mirelle because they know she’s more isolated from the others though. The other Princesses have equals in strength to look out for them, but Mirelle was tossed aside and cobbled together an army of weaker slimes on her own merit. And that’s not a ding against her! It’s an acknowledgement that of all the royalty in Slimecrown, she’s the most undervalued. And team chaos is here to set that right.

If she just joined, she’d be with people who really listened to and valued her. And as chaos got a hold of more, everyone would agree that it really is the better way. All she needs to do is help lead that charge.
No. 1054414 ID: 08229c
File 167442750622.png - (453.02KB , 800x1308 , 48.png )

Oh, don't freak out guys. I see and hear the names like that too. Apparently it's a privacy measure. These guys have lives and stuff outside of the dungeon so I guess it offers some measure of anonymity?

I never really bothered to look into it too much.

Mary orders Mirelle to help out her archers. The princess snaps her fingers and lights arrows on fire as they fire.

One strikes the Cultist in the chest and immediately catches fire. She actually cries out in pain and Mary can see something shiver under her flesh. Then, tendrils of slime reach out from the wound and douse the flames.

"Wow. That's fuckin' disturbing... Cool..."

"Wait," Mindflayer watches the slime drip out of Cultists, "I have an idea. Stand still."

"Okay? What are you gonnaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA!"

Mindflayer draws out some of the slime from Cultists wound, causing what appears to be immense distress from her teammate. She forms it into orbs and fires the orbs at the archer slimes.

Each of them are struck hard and sent flying back. They don't get up.

"Got them!"

No. 1054417 ID: 08229c
File 167442928612.png - (541.14KB , 800x1906 , 49.png )

"Dammit!" Mirelle shouts, getting, if possible, even MORE angry.

She stomps forward, each step making cracks appear in the ground. She lifts one of her legs and when it impacts the dirt beneath her the land trembles. Immediately after the hit, spires of stone erupt from the ground.

Cultist is barely able to conjure a shield in time and even then the impact sends her flying through the air. While she's mid-air, Mirelle punches the ground and sends a geyser of lava upward. It engulfs the Cultist completely. She cries out in sheer agony before going silent and dropping to the ground.

Looks like fire is a major weakness if it's overwhelming. This might be bad for their side.

Not that I'm rooting for any side in particular but I don't want Chaos to lose the whole thing so quickly...

Mindflayer is doing her best to fly around and evade the stone spikes. She glances back at her companion. Cultist is just a bundle of cinder and weakly moving chaos slime.

The distraction is slight, but it's enough for Mirelle to score a hit on Mindflayer, cutting her cheek.

Mindflayer tries her trick, using the slime 'blood' from her wound to shoot corrupting bullets at Mirelle. However, the same trick won't work twice on the princess. She simply heats up, practically glowing with the heat she's putting out. The slime bullet sizzles and burns to a crisp before it can reach her.

"(Dammit... She's so strong now! Is it because we killed the Archers? I've never seen someone in slimecrown like this... Well, we ARE the bad guys now...

Is it bad that I'm having fun..? Nah. But how do I beat h-)"

Lucia speaks up.

"(M͘įręll̀e's͠ m̀o͘lten ̛f̧or͟m ̀wi̛ll̢ ̸m͞ake i̸t̴ diffic̡ul̨t͝ ͞to̴ ̵ţr̵a҉n̸sfe̵ŕ ͡c̴orrupt͟įo͠n ̕to he͡r di̡rec̶tļy.̢ ͝H͝ow̵e̵v̕er,͠ ͝s̀he has ̕h҉er̛ ͜in̸sec͜ur̛it͏i͘es ͞a̶ǹd w͜ea̢k̨ness̛e̢s. ͏U̶s̴e ҉the̕m̸.)"͞

"(Ah, I see.)" Psion lowers herself hands raised. "Mirelle, wait!"

Mirelle pauses, still glaring and ready to fight. But, her normally kind nature does make her at least willing to listen. The Mindflayer does her best to compose herself, to control the speech impediments from piloting a corpse. As someone gifted with mental abilities, she is able to do so much better than Cultist.

"We're not here to harm you. The side of Chaos is not one of cruelty. We seek to unite the kingdom. In our world, everyone will be equal. People will listen to you, Mirelle."


"We came to you first because... We think you would be a valuable member. We think you can help us do great things. The law side? They picked Lily. Not you. If they had listened to you, we would not even have had to act like this. Chaos would have been fine being in the shadows.

Haven't you always thought things need to change around here? We are that change."


Mirelle isn't agreeing. But she's also not moving. Mindflayers powers don't allow her to change Mirelle's thoughts. But they do make her -listen-.
No. 1054419 ID: 08229c
File 167442993624.png - (236.75KB , 800x960 , 50.png )

She is distracted... Long enough that her corrupted Archer slimes are able to sneak up and grab her from behind.

They grapple with her and hold on tight.

"Archers?! W-what's wrong with you!?"

One of them bites into her, causing her to yelp in shock

"Hey, stop! I don't wanna burn you! Dammit!"

They continue to gather up over her, pulling her in. She tries to flare up her fire but she winces in pain instead. Now she risks burning her own self up.

"I'm not a traitor!" She shouts, "I will never betray slimecrown! Dammit! I'm going to destroy you, Mindflayer! I'm going to kill chaos! I'm going t-"

She is dragged down to deep to shout anymore.
No. 1054420 ID: 08229c
File 167443066359.png - (176.09KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

Mirelle, the Chaos Princess of Flame and Stone emerges from the pile. She stretches before placing a hand on her hip.

"Hmph. I'm still pissed that I lost but... Whatever. Who's next? Rosa is a good choice but some of the guards are stronger."

"Welcome, Mirelle. I was also thinking Rosa... But, first..."

She glances at the charred corpse of her ally.

Oh, right. Chaos DOES have a healer/reviver.
Logically it should be free to resurrect Cultist since she's on their side and all...

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, profits.

What do you guys think? Should we still charge them for resurrections? Gotta think of a good lore reason WHY Lucia won't just patch the Cultist back up.
No. 1054421 ID: 6ccff3

Let them. But, maybe have like a durability or mutation chance? It is chaos and its constantly remaking her.
No. 1054423 ID: 58c090

>Gotta think of a good lore reason WHY Lucia won't just patch the Cultist back up.
Chaos slime is good and all, but it needs a vessel, so there's still some healing that needs to be done, and reagents ain't cheap.
No. 1054424 ID: b69195

I reckon we can charge for a proper resurrection, but how about a free but 'you-degrade-further-each-time'-chaos resurrection just to spook people if Cultist wants to keep going without paying.
No. 1054425 ID: ad76be

We can handwave it as the influence of the seal on Jeffrey. The proximity means she can’t just grab souls like usual anymore. If they were still out in the hamlet, it’d be a different story.

That said, the “traveling merchants” don’t know much about the lore here. A chaos cultist swinging by and picking up healing or revive items could work for a run or two before they get suspicious. Give team chaos lower item purchase limits until they corrupt the merchants, then they can get a discount and penalize the item limits of the law side instead. Team law can approach them early and warn them of the threat for their own discount and to lock chaos out of items until corrupted entirely, but that assumes they think of it.

General question, should the spa area be limited? It doesn’t make sense to use it, but Oilivia is a powerful slime in her own right. She’d also make a potent combination with Mirelle. Should she be included in the event, or “evacuated” to lead the attack to reclaim Slimecrown in the event chaos wins?
No. 1054426 ID: 1effd3

Ah yes, i love "diplomacy"
No. 1054427 ID: 58c090

I like the idea of one group getting discounts while the other gets mark-ups, but no locking them out completely. We want them to keep buying.
For the same reason, I'd say Oilivia would try to keep herself neutral and divide the spa in two sections, maybe? We want both teams to use her services and spend money with her.
No. 1054430 ID: 055838

I feel it is best that Oilivia's spa is kept as it's been, where it's rest zone free of the story itself.
No. 1054431 ID: fdc4d6

Aspen was turned to Chaos right? He can enter the Citadel and act as the corrupt counterpart to Ashley. Some excuse about still wanting funds to help raise and outfit an army of corruption.
No. 1054432 ID: 6ccff3

Unless we want to have factionalism? Like if a rest zone is grabbed by one group they have a safe spot. And if one area is grabbed by one party we can open up opportunity for another with the other party.

What. I don't want to just see corrupted Oilivia. Don't be silly.
No. 1054433 ID: 17e843

Chaos need not justify this.
No. 1054435 ID: 340403

She's hungry.
She doesn't need MONEY, but she needs SOMETHING to make more slime. Also, she likes being appreciated too, you know.

Honestly, it'd make more sense if she needs to corrupt something and use it as materials. Encourages chaos minions to seek out the weak and innocent for the heroes to protect. Either that, or just give them a cooldown of sorts while Lucia slowly regenerates them. Let the Heroes of Chaos decide how they want to be healed.
No. 1054436 ID: 06095b


Good ol' ludonarrative dissonance... Healing is our bread and butter so far as making money, but it's one of those situations where Slimecrown and Chaos should both be invested in keeping their champions fighting. Maybe discount it for both sides so that it's just the cost of "reagents".

Speaking of, whichever side makes it back to the main hub first has a severe advantage over the other. The shopkeeps, Flint and Magnus, the spa. I'd say anything and everything is fair game for corruption.

To help balance this:
> Ashley and the little shopkeepers retreats to the Spa
> Oilivia seals the Spa against the power of chaos (ie Team chaos cannot enter)
> Flint and Magnus take up arms against the Chaos group if/when they return to the central hub
No. 1054438 ID: 983613

All of this just means "less profits", so let's not. Just use one of the ways people said in one of the posts above to justify them still being charged, and don't stop anyone from buying stuff or paying for stuff (whether by making it available to both or making a chaos mirror to the law sides, I don't care)
No. 1054439 ID: ad76be

Generally speaking, the castle hasn’t been “attacked” like it currently is so I don’t feel like the spa was ever really separate from the story. Oilivia herself is part of the lore after all, she just happens to run a spa and is happier doing that. There were no stakes pressing a party forward in a hurry, so a spa makes sense. In this case, we have competing factions so engaging in something like the spa is actively detrimental to whichever party uses it.

So I really can’t see it as neutral. We’d need a lore reason to lock it off (which I can see as evacuating her for the reconquest) or have Oilivia support both sides, and I don’t see her as being sympathetic to chaos in her lore background. She got what she wanted, after all.

I guess we can write it as merchants still being merchants. They won’t part with their goods for free no matter which side they work with. But they’ll thumb the scales as needed.

I’d accept that and Lucia doing healing for free. But we should try and keep the revives costing something so we’re still bringing in money.

Hmm… I would want each area locked off since there’s no established mechanic for “purifying” an area. Also to keep things from getting bogged down in a tug-of-war. But the idea has merit from a financial standpoint as the longer they fight for areas then the more money we rake in with revives. Maybe we can work out something where one team can trigger the showdown early by approaching Curi? Not sure how to swing it, maybe as Lucia locking Curi off from the castle and either Law can break through with a certain amount of slime assistance or Chaos can be let through to kill her when they’re confident in their chances. Either way, the barrier to Curi going down is the sign that the final battle needs to happen as if she’s not stopped then team Law can strengthen the seal and weaken Lucia’s powers, basically killing any chance of success. Alternately, if team Chaos beats her then “Jeffrey” is released.

Though that does remind me, we do need to show up in the raid. And we’re kinda team “Law”. It literally says so on our halo. So how does the real final battle (assuming Chaos wins) be Lucia/“Jeffrey” vs. what remains of team Law with the DM? We can spin it as we were empowering the seal, but with it broken there’s no reason we can’t join the fray. Having a DM team up with the “heroes” to beat back the rising chaos ought to be an interesting dynamic. If we “lose”, then the goal of the next raid is to bring us back so we can remake the seal and begin purging the chaos from the inhabitants.
No. 1054444 ID: a7a180

Well, the side of evil doesn't get a free lunch. Chaos is a force of entropy and change, you gotta take something to make something. Gold is used as the catalyst of change? Hmm... Not strong enough yet. Cleric's body requires repairs before it can be puppeted again. The repairs can be made with mundane spell components.
No. 1054445 ID: 06095b


I wish that the Spa was rated as a boss room. If it were, we could set up the chaos faction as having a corrupted Oilivia fused with Chaos slime. Defeating her would in turn defeat the Chaos faction, while defeating Curi would spell the end for the Law faction.

As is, though, Oilivia herself, let alone a corrupt one with an extra rune, couldn't exactly stretch her legs.
No. 1054447 ID: 17e843

I think this experience will be enough that we can sacrifice some profits. The loss from shutting down the spa to preserve the story and tone is worth the impact and the draw for new customers, so long as they aren't expecting this every time.
No. 1054448 ID: ad76be

That’d be a neat idea to do later. Though I do chafe a bit at the idea that Oilivia has to be the corrupted one. Maybe in the future we can tune it as a balancing factor. If Chaos gets a particularly strong start in the hamlet, things play out like we’ve seen here. If Law was strong, then one or more of the major slimes in the castle is already corrupted to help even the scales. That could be a couple princesses, Ashley, Oilivia, or even Curi herself. In the event Curi is corrupted (no one was corrupted in the hamlet) Law find the castle under attack internally and would need to work their way to the princesses. But if they get to them, they auto-join. No puzzles in that case. If Oilivia is corrupted (one weak Chaos member), then everything seems fine but team Chaos is very strongly incentivized to get their team to take a break so Oilivia can ambush the heroes and they can get their numbers up. Ashley (okay Chaos strength) would seem normal but Chaos would want to send people back solo when possible for healing so Ashley can ambush, and if some princesses are corrupted (scales are only slightly against Chaos) then they can either split off like what happened here, split up and recruit them secretly, or have the party get weakened against the other princesses and steer them towards the corrupted ones when they aren’t in tip-top shape.

There’s a lot of directions we could go with this!
No. 1054450 ID: 90c451

Can we... make them pay in mana? As in, we'd be given the amount of mana needed to resurrect but we just pocket the mana and say it was used? It could also be an attrition mechanic, while the other time can continuously revive the chaos side has to watch their mana.
No. 1054453 ID: 17e843

Haven't they been dead this whole time? Wouldn't reviving them break this whole thing? We are using a workaround that's never been tested, I don't think the dungeon system will know to not reset them.
No. 1054466 ID: 055838


So in this case, it'd be a chaos rez, similar to what Cultist did to Mindflayer to bring her to chaos, so that wouldn't be an issue.
No. 1054468 ID: 58c090

The corpse can't be corrupted by chaos again, it's already corrupted! They're gonna have to fix the body, and Lucia can't spam that the way she can the initial corruption. They either have to pay for reagents, or... >>1054450 I really like this idea if it's doable, since we can kinda convert back and forth between money and mana. For us it's the same thing, for them it might be more immersive.
No. 1054495 ID: ad76be

That’d be cool. It’s penalize non-magical Chaos parties, but it can be offset by going after the merchants first, corrupting them, and getting cheaper heals. Different strats for different builds makes sense.
No. 1054505 ID: 298597

I think having to pay for heals is an acceptable immersion break here. I mean, Ashley normally heals them even with the heroes being aligned against Slimecrown, and she's still going to be healing the Law faction for cost. So Chaos Aspen healing for cost is fine. As Chaos faction, they don't have to head back to the center for heals. They can call in a heal at any time they're not in the middle of a fight and Lucia will send the corrupted healer over.

If you really need some benefit from Lucia favoring them, then maybe have it be a regular healing cost instead of the scaling healing cost we normally do on raids.
No. 1054506 ID: 4b4d4e

Charge them money, they may be part of chaos, but revives and heals will cost them as their way of "paying tribute to using their Master's limited powers". Why else would the Chaos faction require funds and offerings?
No. 1054513 ID: d12415

Lets let Lucia offer free heals if she is not preoccupied with something else, but also give the option to pay to get items to heal without the need for Lucia.

Also, lets keep the spa as is for team law, but make it capturable by team chaos where they have to corrupt Oilivia (by fighting, convincing, backstabbing, or whatever other method they can come up with). If they win, they now have control of the spa. If Law wants it back, they need to defeat and revive Oilivia.
No. 1054514 ID: ad76be

We could lore it that Ashley doesn’t mind healing normal adventurers since slimes can normally come back. As long as the seal that keeps Jeffrey locked up remains strong enough, the adventurers are really just proving that a Jeffrey fight isn’t a suicide mission for them. And they make money to trade with the outside world, of course.

In this case, Chaos is involved so normal rules are out the window.

I would say if we wanted free heals/resurrects then keep it in the hamlet. It’s meant for lower-level players anyway, and they don’t carry nearly as much money. The competing influence of the magic in Slimecrown vs. Chaos means our local healers need to dip into the merchant stocks to provide their services, hence the still-increasing costs as the merchants bleed them dry.
No. 1054516 ID: ad76be

Hah, got it. Since Chaos entered the hamlet, there’s a creature of some sort shielding everyone from her influence. Probably the same one that is keeping the seal on Jeffrey from deteriorating as expected from her presence. It’s nowhere close to perfect, but enough so that items are the best way to cover healing since this creature could poison/uncorrupt like she did if she gives an opening. Lucia is doing the same for this creature by shielding team Law from on-demand healing/rez so the scales are still fair.

Lore-wise, the creature is us, a demon of law that is overseeing this castle on behalf of her god to ensure Jeffrey doesn’t escape. Side job is to kill Jeffrey so she can be redeployed elsewhere. Mechanically, we’re the DM and if we say heals cost money for everyone then that’s the way it is.
No. 1054517 ID: 58c090

By "us" do you mean Mary? Cause I don't think we ourselves are really in the lore as more than an object (for which the whole Citadel is named, mind you, but still).
No. 1054518 ID: 298597

Hopefully the first DM can't detect us and shut us down when he frees Mary from her curse.
No. 1054522 ID: ad76be

Ah, you’re right. I do mean Mary.

I don’t always flip the switch mentally to treat whoever we’re “piloting” through the crown as separate. Too many other quests where it’s not a concern.
No. 1054534 ID: f710ca

Just slap some sort of "chaos has incompatibilities with slime-derived revival, so it takes some rare reagent to do" patch over it. It could be YUM!-based reagent if you want to go full shill. It would prevent unlimited revives, and could involve questing for maguffins.
No. 1054535 ID: 08229c
File 167452321958.png - (148.28KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

I know that they're dead but the body is uh... Charcoal. So the soul is still attached to it but its useless. I don't think they have to worry about healing too much since the chaos slime repairs their wounds.

I think we'll keep the spa for the law side for now. I can't really think of a good reason why Oilivia would work with them. They can take it over, of course, but they just have to take on a nerfed five rune monster.

Now, I think we can make it so revives still cost money but without breaking the lore. Technically speaking, revives are just restoring the body to normal, so...

As Mary explains her idea to Lucia, Mindflayer pokes Cultists corpse. It's very much not moving.

Through the cracks in the arena, Lucia emerges. She looks at the corpse and explains to Mindflayer that due to the extensive damange, Cultists soul is struggling to remain attached to the body. She can restore it to full function for free but it would mean she's more chaos slime than person...

Or Mindflayer can make an offering to their god. Gold and treasures will do.

"I suppose I can pay it. We brought plenty of gold. I had a phoenix down but I guess it won't work on someone who's already dead."

She gives Lucia 400 gold to fully restore Cultists body.

While she's doing that, the pair DID win a boss fight. What reward should we give them?
No. 1054536 ID: 1effd3

Rewards: Stone of Corruption
Mindflayer Weapon: a shark black stone that can the thrown with Mindflayers abilities. It deals Chaos damage.

Staff of the Sealed One: Cultist Weapon: Boosts the damage/healing of Chaos skills. (standard stat buff outside of this event)
No. 1054537 ID: 6f4507

More lore is always a good reward! Otherwise, maybe some corrupted chaos armor, with some stat buffs and minor cosmetic changes? Make it so that it gets stronger the more and more they do or something like that.
No. 1054538 ID: 58c090

yess, new outfits to fit their new classes!
No. 1054539 ID: 1effd3

i was thinking of giving them thier new armor at the end of the event, but now's a good time as any i suppose.
No. 1054540 ID: e917f8
File 167452392138.jpg - (25.83KB , 285x300 , illithid mask.jpg )

Mask of the Brain Eater for Mindflayer
-Twisted by chaotic energies, this headgear makes no bones about what its wearer is going to do.
No. 1054543 ID: a7a180

>Mindflayer's helmet
Illuminati confirmed!
Well, Mirelle already dropped gauntlets for Punch Wizard, so what if we drop a stone gauntlet for Psion too, as a psi focus that shifts her stats more towards agility and telekinesis than mental feats? The gauntlet catches and launches her orbs harder, faster and stronger. As for Cleric, she's looking for cooler clothes. How about a corrupted tabard from the archer slimes? It's burnt through the middle and held together by chaos slime, and after you take piercing damage you regenerate some of the HP back from the corrupted slime.
No. 1054548 ID: 298597

Give them a Chaos Knife. You stab it into someone's heart/core and it adds a Chaos Rune to them and gives them a corrupted form.
No. 1054549 ID: 58c090

That's kind of unfair to the other team, 2/3 of which are basically tanks.
No. 1054550 ID: 298597

Maybe flavor it as "sacrificing them to Chaos" or something.
No. 1054555 ID: 04697a

Cleric did want some new wardrobe and she's been a good sport about all of this, give her some sick new robes.

Robes of Chaotic Zeal
The caster's single target healing or buffing spells spread to another nearby ally (potentially including the caster) at between 50% and 150% of the effect's strength.
No. 1054557 ID: 06095b


- Chaos Flame
"The essence of Mirelle's fiery spirit, her last defiant spark of will snatched away before Chaos took hold of her completely. This too now belongs to chaos."
The wielder of this item can transfer mana into the item in order to summon Chaos flames, a highly taxing but powerful offensive technique which can even burn creatures normally immune to fire.

Why? Cleric now gets an offensive option, as a treat.
No. 1054558 ID: ad76be

>Corrupted Cultist Robes (Cultist)
>Robes certainly weren’t Mirelle’s style, before or after her corruption. But in honor of one of the first ones to give her a real purpose, she gave a piece of herself in making some anyway.
>Healing spells can be converted to an AOE flame explosion centered on the caster at a 50% rate healing-to-damage rate.

The exact conversion rate is up to DM fiat. I just know healing spells can be powerful, so I figured it should be downscaled.

I like most of the Mindflayer stuff, so no ideas there.
No. 1054559 ID: 06095b


Ideas for Costumes:
> Robes of the Heretic
"Void black and red robes that seem to shift and dissolve around the edges if stared at too long."
These sturdy robes grant good defense (with the exception of holy and fire) and greatly enhance the wearer's agility. Three times per dungeon, the wearer can briefly vanish from their current location and reappear somewhere else at a medium distance from their origin.
No. 1054560 ID: 06095b


> Helm of the Mindflayer
"Even in death, the faithful serve."
This helm falls down over the wearer's eye, replacing their vision with a single, nightmarish eye. From the rear of the helm drape what appear to be two Watcher eye stalks. When worn, the wearer gains awareness of everything in a 360 degree radius around themselves and true sight in a cone centered on the eye. By concentrating their psionic power for a brief period, they can replicate the Watcher's disintegration ray.
No. 1054580 ID: 08229c
File 167453556061.png - (132.55KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

When the Cultist is restored she's wearing the scraps of her former outfit. Mirelle walks over to her and tosses her her reward for victory.

The group gains...

Corrupted Cultist Robes - (Mage Robes)

Robes certainly weren’t Mirelle’s style, before or after her corruption. But in honor of one of the first ones to give her a real purpose, she gave a piece of herself in making some anyway.

Grants the wearer Cultist Stance, turning most heal spells into damaging chaos fire spells.

They also gain G100 and two whole bags of YUM Candy.

Cultist seems absolutely overjoyed and strikes a few poses.

"Well, Mindflayer? What do you think?"

"You look great in it?"

"Right, right? Man, I kinda wanna spec into chaos magic when we're done here. What do you think?"

"It wouldn't be too hard, I think. I don't mind helping you level grind a bit for it."

"Hehehe. God, alright, so uh... Where too next?"

"Mirelle suggested Rosa. I think that's a good idea."

"Then let's go. TEAM CHAOS."

"Team Chaos!"

That's going well it seems.
Looks like the others are making their way to... Sophie. That's good.

Alright, what should we have for Rosa?
No. 1054581 ID: 58c090

Hmm... how about a context change? Since the law side seems to be done with their first princess too, looks like the perfect time to switch. You can't focus on both at the same time but can still switch between them every now and then, right?
No. 1054582 ID: 6ccff3

Well, they have the element advantage. Its just a matter of if they can get rosa before the law side gets there to make it a big battle. If they're still dealing with lily maybe have rosa try to call for backup that chaos can have the chance to intercept and block?
No. 1054583 ID: e2339e

Well, the Giselle and Germaine are going to hard bar their way, while Rosa makes the Terrain a living hell for them while also giving her servants an advantage.

have the Bulter and Maid pelt the Servants of Chaos with mixed drinks, REALLY REALLY strong mixed drinks. Ones taht could not only cause Mirelle and Cleric to Hit others with FF but alos inebriate them all and cause shenanigans. Ideally, they are stalling for Colt/ Another royal knight and guards to show up and apply the smackening.
No. 1054584 ID: a7a180

Have Mage Slime casting fire magic as a last stand to buy time, and save the Guide for part of a citadel survivors' band in the fight between chaos and order. Have Flit and Magnus been doing business with the other team? Psion and Cleric don't really need their services, only Ronin and Marauder would.

Well, Rosa's always been a more intellectual challenge, so have her prepare to deny herself to the 'enemy'. If they can craft the antidote to a poison that is withering her away to a useless husk, they can use her body as they please. At least she will die knowing that chaos can create as well as destroy.
Or, maybe she's drunk a bunch of holy water turning her into a trojan horse for corruption. Holy water reacts violently with slime, and should they sense the trap in how easy it is to corrupt her, they could set off the violent reaction themselves later. Otherwise, overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer...
No. 1054585 ID: 1effd3

i feel like team chaos (besides the still living members) are hard counter to Rosa because of.. well the dead kinda being poison immune. so Rosa definately needs some kinda holy or fire support. or maybe just stab them with vines
No. 1054591 ID: 53bc24

Guys Cultist is kinda cute. I wanna keep her.
No. 1054592 ID: 4b4d4e

So on the off-chance that Team Chaos wins the Faction fight, We can give the losing Law faction a second-chance in a follow up quest after the raid is over.

Prince Slimeon and his Bodyguard Rosalyn are away when the whole Chaos v. Law thing went down right?

So hear me out: what if as a consequence of Team Chaos gaining control of the Citadel at the end of the quest, Prince Slimeon returns from his expedition and finds Slimecrown in ruins? Cue the next raid team coming in and seeing the sole Heir to Slimecrown crying an utter wreck at the entrance to Slimecrown Hamlet, and the starting point for a long quest chain for Law Faction's endeavors to reclaim Slimecrown from Chaos.

What do you think guys?
No. 1054593 ID: 4b4d4e

Rosa has Magic wizard slime with her right? She's in a library right? Spawn Multiple copies of "The Guide" to give the feeling of the Magic Library's defenses coming to life, add in the Punch and Fancy mimics in the corner as ambush mobs.
We could also have Magic Wizard whip up some wicked Alchemy potions that do random but debilitating effects while and Giselle and Germaine throw those potions with style.
No. 1054597 ID: 298597

We should probably tune into Law side as soon as we set up the Maids and Butlers to defend Rosa. We never actually made any sort of fight or challenge with Sophie.
No. 1054599 ID: 06095b


I think we need to settle what happens in the hub area before we worry about Rosa's room.

What NPCs are still there? Will they help the Chaos faction? Is the Law faction going to show up for a team fight? Where is Metal Slime?

As for Rosa's room, Giselle and Germaine are both about as strong as Mirelle, rune count wise. Add in Rosa plus Magic Slime, and you have a very uphill battle for the Chaos team.

As for how to structure the fight, we currently have the area broken into three rooms plus a miniature hub. Giselle and Germaine are in one, Magic Slime is in the other, Rosa is in her own (usually sealed room), and the hub area has The Book running around. We can swap that around since we are in Raid mode.

I'd say:
> Giselle and Germaine are in the main hub with the book, waiting for the group
> Germaine and Giselle open the fight by throwing two freezing flasks directly at Mirelle to try to immobilize her for most of the fight
> Germain will then pull a powerful weapon out of the book and engage the group in melee
> Giselle, with Germaine acting as cover, will begin rapidly creating a damaging infusion
> Both move extremely elegantly throughout the fight, dodging blows and raining death
> If disarmed, The Book will continuously supply Germaine with more weapons, allowing him to switch offensive styles

> Upon their defeat, the library catches fire, with Rosa asserting from behind her heavily reinforced door that Chaos will not have her
> This begins a time attack to find the key to open the door before Rosa is incinerated
> This is complicated as the key is inside Metal Slime, who Magic slime has hasted
> Even if Magic Slime is corrupted, the haste sticks because Metal Slime is moving too fast to be counterspelled
> Maybe he fights, maybe he flees to another part of the dungeon, but chaos is guaranteed
No. 1054600 ID: 0cd664

don't wanna focus too much on chaos, yeah. Some voices already acting decidedly non-neutral on this
No. 1054602 ID: ad76be

I’d prefer that. I want Chaos to win against Curi because I really like the idea of Mary as the DM teaming up with Team Law in a last-ditch defense against Team Chaos after Lucia “frees” Jeffrey, but we need feedback on both sides to craft a good experience.

I’d say that the center area is fair game for Law and Chaos to fight if they want. Chaos may want to gank Lily anyway and have Mirelle “absorb” her so she can’t fuse with Reginald. Even if Lily won’t power Mirelle up, it makes some sense for a slime to be able to “erase” another slime by absorbing it. Certainly gives credence to hit-and-run tactics that some future parties may prefer to bleed the other side of fighters.

Not sure if it works this way, but maybe a slime killing and absorbing another does grant a smaller rune boost than fusion normally does. It may be needed for Chaos as everything in Slimecrown is weaker than Curi and she’s clearly going to fight for Law. At 6 runes, there needs to be some way for Chaos to close the power gap since they’re working with a reduced party and against their own people, princesses, AND Curi. Lucia isn’t nearly powerful enough to offset that rune-wise.

Which… may be why Oilivia needs to get involved. Oilivia with a chaos rune would be 6 runes, right? The actual goal of gathering the princesses for Chaos may be to fight her (and deny Law them, of course), then Chaos can actually stand a chance against Curi and the combined Law side.
No. 1054619 ID: 1586c4

If chaos wins, I suggest rewarding them with an item that lets them switch to their Chaos classes (doesn't turn them into undead with a slime inside of course, but changing several of their abilities). Along with a piece of chaos gear for Mindflayer too, since Cultist just got hers.

That sounds neat for a hidden objective. Like an optional hard boss that gives them much better odds if they pull it off.
No. 1054621 ID: 4aaa23

I know, right?

I'm glad she's enjoying herself. Even though her experience so far has mostly consisted of getting murdered
No. 1054625 ID: 447b74

This run more or less awakens her M side.
No. 1054630 ID: ad76be

Agreed. I think she’s really happy with doing something for herself instead of for others, even if she’s getting blasted in the process.
No. 1054738 ID: 4ac37a

Slime Matron told us more about how fusing works. I think Lily would just hinder Mirelle, even if she could be corrupted so they were on the same side.
No. 1054797 ID: 58c090

Oh, I don't think they're talking about fusing with her but eating her, which is a different thing. Larro did confirm that's a thing wild slimes do (and how Slime Matron got her start)
No. 1054809 ID: ad76be

Basically what >>1054797 said. I used bad wording.

I am assuming Lily will still respawn as normal after being eaten by another dungeon creature. Might want to call up Slime Matron and ask her for some deets on what can happen. Even if it’s not a power boost, ganking one of the two and having a different princess eat the corpse is probably the main way a party would cut back the threat of Queen Lily or Reginald, The Royal Right Hand. They’re pretty OP in a solo fight, let alone a team fight.
No. 1054824 ID: 08229c
File 167486920743.png - (37.87KB , 580x510 , you_have_to_eat_all_the_runes.png )

Nothing lingers for the dungeon denizens after a run. Everyone returns to normal and there's no permanent damage. Minions all know they're basically performing a bit for the adventurers.

Fusion is VERY difficult between slimes. Typically they just consume another one. Even those really close can have issues trying to fuse. Lily and her guardian are an exceptional case.

Also, update soon. This is the cutoff point for suggestions on it.

No. 1054829 ID: 08229c
File 167487313830.png - (754.72KB , 800x2289 , 54.png )

Eh. I'm not for or against either team. Ideally they will all wipe out. What we ARE for is making sure they have a good time. And so far we've been doing great at that.

I can already feel the five star reviews.


"How do you think the final battle is going to play out?" Mindflayer asks, "Curi is going to be tough."

"Yeah, but, look at us! We're a couple of bad bitches with super dark powers. I think we have a chance."

"I think you might be underestimating Curi. She's a nightmare. And it seems like every time we fight her she has a new strategy."

"If we get Rosa and uh... I dunno the names of the other ones... What was the handsome one? Colt?"

"You think Colt is handsome?"

"He has a very rugged look."

"Hm. Well, yeah, if we can get him that would help. I really hope the other group didn't grab Lily an-"

The two groups bump into each other in the middle area. The shops have closed in the presence of chaos but Ashley still guards it.

"You guys!" Marauder shouts.

"Oh my god Cleric has a new robe! She looks so freaking cool!" Ronin says.

"Hrm." Bulk Mage says.

"Have you come to surrender?" Marauder asks, pointing her axe at them.

"Ha, no." Mindflayer says, "We're busy doing OUR job. How's yours been going?"

"We got a princess." Marauder says.

"So do we."

"And her guard!"

"... Okay that is one more than us but we're still doing better."

"You won't win!"

"Neither will you!"

Lily says something in slimish. Whatever she says it angers Mirelle. Chaos flames flicker from her gauntlets.

"You wanna say that to my face!?"

Lily laughs going 'oh ho ho ho ho'. Mirelle lets out an inarticulate scream of rage.

The two groups glare at each other. No one moves. Everyone is waiting for the first strike, the first word, to determine what will happen next.

No. 1054831 ID: 08229c
File 167487328153.png - (233.00KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

There is only a click before Mindflayer is cut in half. Ronin's blade was faster than anyone can see. Cultist backs off in shock.

Mindflayer just laughs. Her pieces are kept together by the thick sludge that is Chaos slime. The pieces pull back together.

"Do you really have the time to be doing this? You can fight us here but we're not Chaos's only champions. The dark one's work continues. So go ahead, sister. Cut me apart all you want. I'll only come back..."
No. 1054834 ID: 08229c
File 167487347831.png - (184.69KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

Ronin looks to Marauder for guidance. The small warrior hasn't put away her axe, but she's not attacking. She gestures to her group.

"She's right! C'mon, guys! We have more people to save! Every life we save is a warrior they're denied!"

Team Chaos watches as Team Law leaves. There is tension in the air until the group enters Sophie's area.

Mindflayer lets out a massive sigh of relief.

"Oh thank the gods she bought that. They could have destroyed us."

"Haha, right? I mean not dying after being cut in half is pretty good evidence good bluff."

"I can feel my insides moving around. I don't like this."

"Eh. You get used to it."

Mindflayer gives Lucia G300 to restore her body properly. Mirelle pouts. She wanted to fight Lily so bad.
No. 1054835 ID: 08229c
File 167487353798.png - (23.42KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

We're making bank.

Alright, do you guys wanna keep following Chaos or swap to Law?
No. 1054837 ID: 0b4fd6

Keep to chaos.

They're more fun.
No. 1054841 ID: ad76be

Swap. I’d ask Mary to share some of our ideas with Lucia to communicate with the group or keep in mind for later, like Oilivia being a secret boss to hold up against Curi or to have them try and gank someone on Law to make the field more level. But let’s focus on tuning the experience for Law next.
No. 1054842 ID: 58c090

On the one hand, team Chaos has been having actual combat and that's been fun, plus I don't think Rosa's been in the fighting spotlight, or at least not much? On the other, it seems like the voices are getting biased, and that's no good. There are many suggestions around that are basically suggestions for the chaos team to defeat the law team, and we should be impartial. And to be able to give them all a good showing we need to give attention to both sides. So I vote Law.
No. 1054843 ID: 1effd3

While i *do* want to follow Chaos because it's argubly the more fun side, balancing to law would probabbly be a good idea.
No. 1054844 ID: 63a1ed

Lets have a spin with Law. I think we can make it so both are having fun. Its their turn!
No. 1054845 ID: ad76be

Hey, I’m all for having Chaos beat Law in the Curi battle just so Mary can play “hero” since how often do DMs fight alongside other players? But as far as who wins in a DM/Law vs. Lucia/Chaos matchup, I don’t care. A near TPK so that we have at least one person to solicit live feedback from would be best, especially since this is highly experimental.
No. 1054847 ID: 6f4507

Poor Mirelle, she wants to break her sister into little bits.
No. 1054848 ID: 1ed92d

I do vote Chaos.
No. 1054851 ID: a7a180

Let's switch to Law, shake things up a little. Chung-gunk!
No. 1054852 ID: 58c090

>especially since this is highly experimental.
Oh, that reminds me. Mary! Casually let Dungeoneer know the Big Guy is coming over as soon as the run is done before it's too late. You don't even need to tell her to make herself scarce, I'm sure she'll realize that's in her best interests herself.
No. 1054853 ID: 1effd3

I do kinda want to give Mindflayer her new clothes, but we need to balance out who we are watching
No. 1054854 ID: ad76be

I’m sure Rosa and Sophie secretly wish Mirelle would do it too.

Oh, that’s a good call. Mary, you should definitely let her know about that in advance.
No. 1054858 ID: 091b30

Law. We should give them a challenge in trying to recruit sophie after having succeeded in recruiting Lily and Reginald. the forces of Chaos should basically be aware of their progress and would act accordingly to balance the scales lore-wise. Meta-wise, its to ensure that any repeat pvp events like this in the future don’t end in a one-sided slaughter.
No. 1054862 ID: 1effd3

Lets go team law, they overall have a slight power/numbers advantage, even thugh Cultist and Mindlfayer have slightly boosted stats due to the chaos.

Also we can beat up team law for money
No. 1054865 ID: 340403

Continue with team Chaos. They're more fun. Corrupted Meirelle is also super good, tell her that~
No. 1054868 ID: 06095b


Since we already have good ideas worked up for Rosa's chambers, I'd say let's put some effort into Law. That way we can make sure both sides are getting a favorable experience.
No. 1054869 ID: 08229c
File 167487733039.png - (106.94KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

I'll be sure to relay your ideas to the others. I think having Oilivia be a part of it is a fantastic idea. She's a princess too, technically, even if in the lore she has given up the throne.

I think we'll swap over to law. Oh, we ARE getting close to the end of the run...

Mary summons Dungeoneer and tells her that the Original Dungeon Master is coming by. Is there anything she should know?

"O-oh! The big guy, huh? Wow that's uh... So rare.... I mean the odds of that happening are a million to one haha... But I guess you're just lucky, boss!

Don't worry I don't think you need to know anything but uh... Man, do you need anything from the store? I just... I just really wanna stretch my legs for a bit, you know? Go for a walk. So, you need anything?"
No. 1054870 ID: 58c090

Hmm. I'm thinking we can hit kill birds with one stone here. You don't wanna call your parents, right? So maybe you could just send someone to tell them you're okay without needing to talk to them? Say, someone who really wants to be out of the dungeon right now?
No. 1054871 ID: 340403

Sure, you can hide outside while he's here.
No. 1054872 ID: 06095b


Have her get you something caffeinated... or alcoholic. Also, get the staff some of that special construct chow. It's going to be a long day, and you guys are going to need to unwind.
No. 1054873 ID: a7a180

...Dungeoneer, could you take Ruth out to see a baseball game? Isabelle can come too, I'm sure she'd love it.
No. 1054874 ID: ad76be

Baseball game with Ruth sounds good. Isabelle would probably enjoy a trip with cool aunt Dungeoneer too.

A trip by the parents to let them know we’re alive would be nice, but I doubt Mary will go for it.
No. 1054875 ID: 4b4d4e

If you're going out to stretch your legs and stuff, can you take Isabelle with you too? We'll give you some allowance money if you feel like shopping.
No. 1054877 ID: 61235c

You know, we got that trade magazine for DMs. But I kind of want to get a trade magazine for adventurers too, to keep abreast of their interests and gossip and such. Good to keep in the loop on their perspective too, even if we can’t use everything in it directly. Although, with the way we might be doing some fighting personally now, maybe it’ll be more directly applicable than I think.
No. 1054878 ID: 1effd3

Have Dungeoneer take the children out for some fun
No. 1054879 ID: 08229c
File 167488110990.png - (179.39KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

I'm going to call them! I will!

Just... Later. I'm busy right now.

"That sounds like a good idea. Can you get me some more magazines? I was wondering if they had anything for adventurers specifically. And get yourself something you'd like."

"You got it boss."

"Also, take Isabelle and Ruth."


The two have seemingly heard this and rushed in. Mary hands Isabelle a bag of gold.

"Wow! You're the best, Dungeon Mom!"


"Mary, you serious? I'm not good with children."

"It'll be fun. Take Ruth to a ball game. I think she'd like it."

"But... Nh..... Fine!"

She walks off with the pair.

Okay. They're gone.

Now, it looks like Law is heading into So You Think You Can Slime, the dance room. Are we closing it down or what? If we close it they'll have to reach Sophie via the maze.
No. 1054882 ID: 1effd3

i mean.. we could throw chaos explodys at them.
No. 1054883 ID: 58c090

ye-es, that'd be for the best. It doesn't really fit the tone right now and if the Chaos teams comes here they could get a shot at corrupting a weakened Curi early.
No. 1054885 ID: 2aa5f0

well we have a Curi clone in there right? you could turn the room into an improve mission control room with her learning about how the chaos is spreading. Give it the tone that things are bad at slime citadel right now. Maybe have her not know that one of her daughters have been turned to chaos and freak out a bit if someone brings it up.

As for what to do... instead of dancing you could have it she's trying to cast a spell to weaken chaos or close a gap they're sneaking into the castle with and players can help her by bringing her things to speed up the process and/or defending her from attacking chaos mobs. That way you still have something similar to the dancing but with something that fits the tone better.

HELL, if you want this could be a good time to induce yourself to the dungeon proper if you're going with the "you're the one who sealed away jeffery and are now sticking around for some reason" angle that was being thrown around awhile ago with you being the one cast the spell/seal the breach.
No. 1054886 ID: 4b4d4e

Close it down or change up the challenge. If we want to change up the challenge here's my suggestion:

Have it be that Curi's getting accosted by the forces of chaos and the only thing that's keeping her safe is Music Slime's hypnotic music rhythm.

The Catch? Everyone is affected, both enemy and ally. All attacks, effects, and moves MUST be on the beat. AoE attacks will travel slowly and advance at pace while keeping to the rhythm of the song. Any out of rhythm or off-beat movement or attack will incur Music Slime's music magic effects and stun the offender for the duration until the song's end or until they take hits from an attack. The Forces of Chaos and NPCs will somehow always stay on-rhythm, the challenge is for the raid party adventurers to stay on the beat.

The party members of course are allowed to hit and/or kill Music slime in order to stop the room-wide rhythm effects, but each time they hit music slime, the music will change to a different genre.

And no, they cannot recruit Curi from "So you think you can slime."
No. 1054887 ID: d12415

If she is bad with kids, then this is the time to learn.

Also yes, SYTYCS is shut down and is a staging area instead. Have some slime archers be there along with some crates and Yum provisions. Law can use it as a fallback point if they need one during a battle with Chaos.

Just to summarize, basically the main objectives for Law is to kill team Chaos and Lucia. Curi is on their side by default. For Chaos, their main objectives is to kill team Law and Curi. Dungeon is over if Chaos completes their goals. If Law completes their goals, they have the option to fight Jeff, but otherwise the dungeon will also end at that point.

Is this accurate?
No. 1054890 ID: a7a180

Close it down. This lengthens the route they have to take and is a proper challenge. A raid group can abuse the boss monster's appearance in here as it's not exactly standard.
No. 1054895 ID: 36b2ef

We must properly represent the increasing tide of chaos. Do so you think you can slime but with chaos enemies showing up as adds to try and disrupt things.
No. 1054900 ID: 4b4d4e

That look of awe, wonder, and happiness on Isabelle's face is the cutest.
No. 1054905 ID: 8e07f4

What a very Lillie expression Mirrelle is making. Guess they're sisters after all.
No. 1054913 ID: 06095b


Shut it down, since tonally, it doesn't fit. Neither Sophie or Curi would want a short route available to the baby slime playground. This also forces them into the maze, which will provide more challenge. As for the route:
> The Maze is dark, as per previous raid protocol.
> The monsters in the Maze have succumbed to chaos, giving us Chaos Explodies and Chaos Defender.
> Music Slime's room is now a mini-boss room, with Music Slime taking Sophie's order to keep everyone away as absolute. However, he will yield if he takes enough damage and let them pass.
> Sophie is panicking in her room and preparing for battle after her own fashion.

We'll need to flesh out mechanics for Music Slime and Sophie, since neither have been combatants before. Also, keep in mind that Music Slime cannot be allowed to die or the musical scores for the entire dungeon disappear.
No. 1054914 ID: 36784c

Shut it down
No. 1054915 ID: 06095b


For Music Slime, fighting to the beat sounds interesting per (>>1054886). Maybe his mechanics could go something like this:
> The party starts on the far side of the room from Music Slime who opens the fight with a loud blast of bass infused orchestra.
> Magical score lines (like on a music sheet) then appear on the battlefield before his boss theme begins.
> As he sings, waves of musical force begin cascading down the sheet, battering and forcing back whatever is caught in their path.
> The group must dash and dodge along the path that is left open, moving to the rhythm to approach safely and deal a decisive blow.
> When they strike him, if we want repetition, he lets out another blast of bass that forces the group back to the far side of the room.
No. 1054917 ID: 06095b


For Sophie, I honestly can't remember what her room layout is, if it's a tower or an open garden. For this, I will assume garden.
> Sophie has used her earth powers to cocoon herself in stone/crystal in front of the entrance to the Slime Playground.
> She has also dug trenches leading up to the barricade, making approach that much more difficult.
> With the party having gotten used to a rhythm game with Music Slime, they now must put their footwork to the test as Sophie begins using her earth powers to shoot spikes of stone out at those who approach.
> She can detect where they are so long as they are touching the earth, though if they fully disappear somehow, she panics, shooting spikes out everywhere.
> Those who fall into the trenches, need to be careful, as she can seal the trenches or open new ones at will, trapping people inside the earth.
> When her barrier takes sufficient damage, part of it dislodges from the entrance to the Slime Playground and begins rolling around, trying to crush the intruders.
> When that breaks down, Sophie herself pops out in stone/crystal armor, ready to fight.
> However, now she can see who she is attacking more clearly and will stop.
No. 1054919 ID: 340403

Either close the dance hall or make it a refuge safehouse. The citadel is on fire, remember?
No. 1054920 ID: ad76be

Man phoneposting is trash here.

I like these ideas, but I’m not as sold on Music Slime since it’s gimmicky. It does have the ability to control slimes, so how about
>Chaos is invading the room
>Music slime is turning them against each other, causing random fights and explosions across the battlefield
>Law has the choice of getting through the battlefield as-is, or taking out Music Slime from a distance to stop the fighting. Chaos won’t stop to fight the party, they’ll simply move into Sophie’s room.
>If Music Slime is left alone, Sophie is more difficult as she can focus on the party.
>If Music Slime is defeated, Sophie’s room is easier as she is also fending off the Chaos slimes and won’t focus on the heroes.
>Once Sophie is rescued, Music Slime is “rescued” by Metal Slime and they become a wandering anti-Chaos mob. Having it be another 5-rune recruitable on top of Reginald/Lily is a bit much.

I am actually okay with Music Slime stopping the music score in the dungeon if corrupted/killed. It tells one team where the other is to allow for ganking strategies.
No. 1054921 ID: 4b4d4e

We should also toss in some Lost Wizards, Lost Soldiers, and Hoodlums into the mix to show that the Chaos insurrection has attracted other forces of darkness/evil who are looking for opportunities to plunder/exploit Slimecrown.
No. 1054922 ID: 4b4d4e

Throw in some Hoodlums and Lost Wizards in Sophie's room for a classic "Princess Kidnapping" plot once the party members take too long get into her room, then put her into the Dark Garden Maze and have the party members rescue her there. She'll be automatically be recruitable/corruptable once placed in the garden maze by the Lost Wizards and Hoodlums.

Oh and as an additional condition that makes things more difficult for both Law faction to recruit her if they get to her fast enough, her mood is dependent on how many slime children you save from the Slime playpen after rescuing her. If you kill all the slimes in the playpen, she'll be furious and that will trigger the Hoodlum/Lost Wizard Kidnapping event. If you save the slimes in the playpen, she'll be relieved.
No. 1054923 ID: 4aaa23

I like that idea. We don't have to stick music slime in the dance room though. We can place them in the maze or near Sophie.

My only issue with it is that a stun might be too annoying. I think a heavy debuff or weakened attacks/defenses is a better option. Then they could still do stuff if they mess up and it would be easier to get used to the timing without being interrupted by stun

How about this for the music slime, if Team Law fails to protect them it gets corrupted. Then the music that plays in the dungeon gets creepier and corrupted
No. 1054924 ID: 4aaa23

You bring up a good point. The way things are set up, it would be better for Chaos teams to try and fight Law teams and Curi seperately. Where the Law teams would prefer to fight with Curi on their side. Lucia being with Chaos team makes sense.

I like the opposing objectives and incentive to start/avoid fights but I want to make sure it still feels balanced. What do you think other voices, does it seem fair so far?

What about fail state? What happens if a team fails? I think they should be returned to the main area and become unable to immediately challenge that area again. But the other team is free to make an attempt.
No. 1054925 ID: 06095b


The main issue as I see it right now is that Chaos does not have anything comparable to Curi in terms of strength, nor a room to serve as a last hold-out point where their champion can fight at their fullest potential. Even if Chaos slime was as strong as Curi, and she is doing her best, she couldn't fight as hard as Curi unless she was literally in her boss room.
No. 1054927 ID: 4b4d4e

A failed attempt on recruiting a princess by one faction means that the other faction will have an easier time recruiting the same princess, bordering on near-automatic success if they fail certain conditions during their attempt to recruit said princess or High ranking member of Royalty (aka Colt or Reginald).

For example(s):

Team Law tries to recruit Sophie, but Sophie's recruit condition is that she wants the slimes in the playpen to be saved from chaos. If the slimes in the playpen are corrupted or killed, then Sophie becomes heartbroken and refuses to join team Law out of grief. This locks out Law and makes it easier for Chaos to attempt to recruit her as all they need to do is to reach Sophie and exploit her emotional grief to join chaos.

Team Chaos tries to recruit Colt, the Captain of the Guard. Colt's condition is a straight up boss fight with the additional condition that one of Chaos' corrupted Princess must remain alive throughout the whole encounter in order to fully corrupt Colt. Should that corrupted Princess die in the fight, then Colt will have a steeled will and will automatically pledge to Law after seeing the Chaos insurrection being real with his own slime eyes.
On the flip-side, Team Law's condition will be to prove their strength defending one of their recruited princesses and not letting their princess get hit. If they fail, then Colt will be dismissive of the news of a Chaos insurrection, brush them off, and then Chaos can swoop in and present a corrupted princess to make him collapse in despair.
No. 1054930 ID: 4b4d4e

Wasn't there prior talk about having each corrupted princess locking away a portion of Curi's powers due to the whole "Bloodline of the Royal Slimes"?

I remember that for each corrupted member of Royalty team Chaos recruits, Curi gets weaker from the stolen power and Lucia gets stronger because of Slimecrown's royal bloodline, and the chaos champions receive a battlefield buff to help them withstand team Law's power.

Keep in mind, the whole PvP event of Slimecrown is/will be marketed as a Siege.

So Team Law's goal as a whole is minimizing and strategizing what part of Slimecrown they are willing to lose to Chaos in favor of preserving the greater whole and fending off the siege. Team Law are the defenders while team Chaos is the Besiegers.

Team Chaos's goal is to kill/corrupt their opposition, but their challenge is that their attempts at making a breakthrough is limited and they only have so much manpower before they exhaust themselves.
No. 1054934 ID: ad76be

Since this is a raid, the DM has to appear at some point. The dungeon can’t end until that happens.

If Chaos beats Curi, I propose Mary appears, auto-rezzes the humans on the Law side, wipes any remaining corrupted princesses, and joins them in combat against the weakened “Jeffrey” and Lucia. Spin it as he partially escaped, and the split in his attention let Mary lock up the seal fully with him weakened on both sides, so she can fight this piece of him directly with help. Law will probably lose since Mary is only 3-runed so far, but it gives the opportunity to wipe some Chaos members for extra loot. As Mary gets stronger, it becomes more likely that this “final battle” can end with Law winning.

Perhaps it can even be tied to some side-objectives later on. Complete certain tasks to empower the DM and Mary will equip higher-leveled gear in the final fight. It adds another siege layer as Law decides whether they want to beat Chaos in the Curi fight using Princesses) or during the final phase with the DM (assuming Mary auto-wipes the Princesses, possible exception of Oilivia as she’s much stronger).

If Law wins, she meets them at Jeffrey’s door and thanks them for their assistance. No fighting needed, and they can challenge Jeffrey directly if they so choose. Mary can keep the seal intact after they enter.

I’d like to limit general buffs to Chaos since they could be in a dominant position anyway in the last battle. It depends on how the party gets broken up. Having the corrupted princesses weaken Curi makes sense, but I’d then expect the uncorrupted princesses to give her a boost. With average play, Curi shouldn’t end up too much weaker. But that feeds into why I think Oilivia should be on the table since she can really help offset a Curi/Queen Lily team and has lore reasons to weaken Curi more than most Princesses. That’s a lot of runes to toss around on the Law side otherwise, and Chaos should have a slime that can take at least one of them and help with the other so the rest can keep the main party engaged.

I think there’s going to be a lot of potential moving parts here. Lily/Reginald is the power play for Law. Corrupting them can be spun as making them unable to fuse as Reginald isn’t a doormat anymore, so Chaos would go for them to keep them out of Law’s hands (and keep them from getting both Oilivia and Queen Lily). Alternately, they can go after Mirelle for her army in the final battle since she commands a ton of archer slimes.

Chaos has the option of Oilivia, who Law can’t recruit since none of the Law princesses will want to breach her barrier and make her vulnerable or something similar unless Chaos is already fighting Oilivia, making the spa a secondary “final arena” if Law wants to contest it. If Law succeeds, they can take Oilivia to the throne room to free up Curi instead, who can then leave and clear out Chaos herself. Basically an alternate win condition. If Oilivia is corrupted, then Law can get other princesses to auto-join as the corruption can be felt by everyone and Oilivia, the true first to the throne, weakens “the pretender” Curi more than the other Princesses. Lily’s recruitment in particular will be easier since Reginald will auto-join over any of her demands. Going after Sophie is an option to turn on the wandering Music/Metal slime mob to run interference against the other team. Going after the merchants first allows you to jack up the prices of the other team, useful if you know they don’t have many healers or money. To say nothing of strategies where you wait for one team to pass the challenge then wait to gank whoever they just recruited in the main area.

There’s a lot of scope for asymmetric play here, while still giving some clear strategies to pursue.
No. 1054942 ID: 8e07f4

I'm totally down with the idea of turning SYTYCS into Crypt of the Necrodancer. WARNING CONGA LINE IN PROGRESS!