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File 167071125404.png - (436.55KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
1051450 No. 1051450 ID: 08229c

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest
Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place.

And by my hand, this shall be a grand dungeon.
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No. 1057607 ID: 4534a6

Give them each a Yum Brand treasure chest in addition to some Order themed costumes, some gold and a deluxe Spa pass complete with a deep tissue massage from Oiliva that they can cash in now if they want
No. 1057614 ID: 4b4d4e


Give them some time to rest, dole out the rewards, Rez the Chaos faction, and heal them up to make them comfy for player feedback.
And given that they've chosen to end their run, we could do away with the blindfold and put back on the glasses so the personal Q&A would go smoother.

>"Now that the Dungeon raid is over, mind if I ask a few to several questions? Player feedback's important to me, and it seems that you've become quite the regular customers to my dungeon."
>"Oh and before that...Let me rez your other party members so we can hear their side of the raid."

A Several questions:
>Were there any snags you encountered during the PvP event? Any features in the dungeon or the PvP system you'd like to see improved?
>How's the faction balance? Did the event feel like both were on even ground or was it too one-sided? I try to make sure that each side had equal opportunity to tip the scales to their favor.
>To Chaos: "I'm surprised that both of you immediately went to attempt to conquer Curi after the Spa battle, I had planned for an actual PvP battle between Law and Chaos with the two sides fighting each other before gaining the right to fight Curi, but what you did also works. Might I ask why the immediate rush to Curi?"
>"Is Mary's outfit fitting to the dungeon lore or does it need some changes? It's currently a work in progress."
>"Are there any questions or comments on your end?"
>To the Raid party: Well done to all of you for participating in the PvP event, and for putting the dungeon through it's paces in raid mode. Slimecrown Citadel still holds in the aftermath of this Raid mode, but should chaos finally claim victory...I wonder what sort of Citadel would arise in the aftermath...? (drop hints for Citadel B-side: Chaos-slime Castle)

Present the rewards to the raid party in faction-specific treasure chests.

Chaos faction should get the following for making it all the way to defeating Curi phase 1:
>Mindflayer's tunic: Attune Psionic spells from physical type (i.e. Telekinesis) to Mental type abilities (i.e. Mind Crush/Stupefy)
>Chaotic Ritual knife: When used to last-hit a mob, spawn a controllable chaos mite.
>Mindflaying beads: +5 on San Damage spells
>Spell Scroll: Chaos Dragon's Torrent (Channel) - Recreate the Chaos Wyrm's Terrifying slimebreath. 10 mana for the initial cast with an increasing upkeep cost to keep the spell channeled (up to 30 mana/second)
>Mark of Chaos: Cosmetic Chaos rune. Can be used as a tattoo or their adventurer's profile picture.
>Corrupted Slime Cores: The delicacy in which the Titan of Chaos craves in its eternal hunger. Offer them to the Alter in the Ruins for rewards. (Currency token for Chaos)

Law faction should get the following rewards:
>Crest of Slimecrown: A rare accolade given to those who defend Slimecrown. See Magnus the blacksmith for his "special wares". Can also be used as a Cosmetic item or set as an Adventurer's Profile picture.
>Jar of Fertile Earth: (trinket) +10 to Ground/Earth based attacks. +2 res to stagger and terrain hazard. A token given by Sophie after recruiting and aiding her in defending Slimecrown.
>Sophie's Resolve: An item commemorating Sophie's part in the battle. Prevents mind control and fear effects.
>Royal Slime Cloak: Queen Lily's cloak. Infused with her vanity, it can assume any form the wearer desires while conferring enormous bonuses to charisma and defense, particularly against water.
>Slimecrown Defender Crests: Commemorative crests showing that they beat the split raid. They may have a hidden function if used somewhere in the dungeon that we can figure out later
>Gummy Wyrm Great Axe: 2-handed Great-axe bearing the Gummy Wyrm's likeness. Leaves a trail of rainbow slime when swung. Has a Gummy-mode that allows the user to deal 65% of its slash damage as Blunt damage.
No. 1057618 ID: 4b4d4e

Yeah...I think we should tone down the amount of suggestions. What we currently have should suffice. To think that we're making a system this basic expand to headache inducing pains for Mary...
Sorry about the headaches, Mary. We can't help but be over-eager.
No. 1057621 ID: 4b4d4e

Not sure if this is a viable suggestion, but what about a visa that lets adventurers skip the Hamelet or alternatively start the dungeon run at the Citadel itself? Because given the situation, it's clear that our regular raid mode customers are at the limit of tolerance in the dungeon length and difficulty. Having to fight Jeffrey after Curi? that's gonna take the wind out of their sails.

It'll only be available for adventurers who have made it to Curi though, and won't be usable unless all adventurers in the party has the visa. No carry trains. This is RP focused dungeon, not an xp grind dungeon.
No. 1057622 ID: 8e07f4

That's always been the plan. These guys had the option to skip straight to the citadel but chose to check out the new content. Basically if Colt recognizes them as a party of past adventurers who challenged the citadel they'll be let in no problem. Any newer adventurers can either tackle the hamlet or fight Colt for the right to enter immediately.
No. 1057629 ID: 9b3046

Reviving everyone is a good start.
I also like the idea of giving everyone a Chaos/Order badge based on whichever team they chose, for being the first party to complete the Raid. Maybe give them a buff against creatures of the opposite alignment. Its a narrow buff, but it'll probably have some use in other dungeons, and it'll be a good excuse for them to come back and try again.

I also think it would be thematically appropriate for them to get a reward item for each of the Slimecrown Citizens they managed to save uncorrupted. So a Lagianna Item, A Lily item, Etc. Maybe something from Mary, since they took her "quest" at the end and succeeded.
No. 1057649 ID: 447b74

Let them pose for a victory photo for finally clearing the dungeon fully.

Give them a direct feedback form along with design-a-slime so that they can help craft slimes to hinder other adventurers as a signature of clearing the dungeon.
No. 1057650 ID: ad76be

Backing the revive for additional feedback, minus whatever items we’d normally claim from them. Armor sets Chaos got during the run can be kept, and we can provide more “modest” sets to temporarily replace what we claimed from the fallen heroes. No special properties, just enough so they aren’t running around nude or close to it.

Bring them all to the tea room, set everyone down, take off the blindfold so they know you’re not in “lore” mode, and get to the questions.

Reflect on the fact that you’re now in a job where you knew nothing yet have regulars, kludged together a badly thought-out PvP system for a Raid mode that nearly got you into trouble and these people probably love you for it, and they’ll be coming back again. I am sure you’ve never had had anyone outside Drachma Bank when you worked there not only appreciate the work you do but whose days are made actively better every time you’re a part of it. At your current rate I’m not sure you will ever disappoint this group since you’ve busted ass for them every time and they’ve always loved it.

Try not to cry. But it’s probably okay, you’re really new to this whole thing and they don’t seem the types to judge you for it.
No. 1057655 ID: 1ed92d

Unless we give them enough gold to pay back all they spent and more, we aren't gonna encourage returns with that.

Still, 'exotic skins' would be a cool touch. Glowy TRON lines might be night.
No. 1057656 ID: 58c090

No, seriously, why are people so focused on giving them gold? Gold is important for dungeons, but not that important for adventurers. When was the last time you completed a dungeon and went "gee, all these cool items and artifacts are nice, but I wish I got straight money instead"? They won't appreciate it as much as the items, and if we "give them enough gold to pay back all they spent and more" as you put it, the profit we made is negative.
No. 1057657 ID: 36784c

Agreeing with this. Don’t give them gold.
No. 1057666 ID: 881370


I view it as being similar to DND. Sometimes you want things that cost money or want to buy consumables for your next raid. Money helps with that.

It isn't the end-all, be-all when we have fun and powerful items up for grabs, but some actual hard coin is nice, if not expected from what we've been told in previous chapters.
No. 1057668 ID: 58c090

I'm not against giving them gold enough for it to feel like a reward, it's just some people seem to think that gold is better than items for adventurers and... no? The gold reward should be secondary to cool item rewards.
No. 1057673 ID: 4aaa23

I agree with everyone who said they should be revived.

Some gold is fine, but it should not be the main reward. I like the ideas that give them tokens. It gives them access to exclusive stuff that they can't buy with money (I think?)

I also like the idea of a rewards based on who was saved/corrupted. What if we gave them something commemorative? Badges are nice and simple. So team law would get three order badges for Lagianna, Sophie, Queen Lily, and one for defeating Lucia. Chaos would get two chaos badges for Mirelle and Olivia. Idk if I'm forgetting anyone. They can complete the set by corrupting/recruiting the others on a different run.

I assume we will reward anyone who completes a set. I don't know what we would give them but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.
No. 1057675 ID: d12415

We are trying to run a business here, my guy.

I feel like we should give them some "prototype" items. Basically drops that would go into regular circulation, but theirs have slightly better stats, the prototype name, and a slightly different appearance (maybe with gold accents). These versions would be exclusive to them for being the first ones running through the new raid scenario.
No. 1057676 ID: a7a180

They don't need revives, they're all here already in spectator mode. Take a group photo in ghost-o-vision or something.
As for some more order themed stuff...
A copy of Queen Lily's sword, with decorative scales on the hilt. That's good for Ronin.
Marauder or Punch Wizard could take a scarf. Mother's Scarf - Knit by Curi for her daughter Sophie. Enchanted so that if you lose your head, you only drop to critically wounded rather than instant death, and can be healed normally if you stick the head back on in time. It just glues right back on! You can wear it as a belt if you're Psion.
No. 1057684 ID: 58c090

You know, I never quite got where the idea of prototypes being stronger than the final version came from. A prototype is at best a beta version (and most often an alpha) of a thing. They're generally barely functional and serve more as a proof of concept than anything else.
Anyway, pedantry aside, I like the idea of giving them stronger items that would normally be given for this.
No. 1057688 ID: ad76be

I’ve been upset at the same thing, but there’s legit reasons. A prototype can be stronger but either less reliable or too expensive for mass-production.
No. 1057697 ID: e2339e

Idea for a Chaos/Law item with the same flavor text but differing appearances.

Shardforged Blade
+2 attack Speed
+5 Armor penetration
+3 Darkness damage (If chaos)
+3 Light Damage (If law)
May take a full action to charge the blade and levy a rapid fire volley of attacks at the end of turn if untouched.

"Long has the Citadel contended with the Beast Below, and long have core been broken, blades been shattered and Armor riven. This particular rapier, broken along with its weilder, was so precious that Curi could not bear to cast it aside. The shards reforged into a weapon anew."

With a Law or Chaos version based upon who wins the fight, the Chaos version leaving an inky trail of corruption in it wakes the blade glowing with red runes.

Where as the Law versions shares Slime crown aesthetics and glows.
No. 1057703 ID: 08229c
File 167815518499.png - (200.67KB , 800x600 , 87.png )

I'm not going to cry. I'm pleased that I did a good job and they enjoyed it. That's all. I don't cry.

Mary clasps her hands together. The music dies down a bit and the arena starts to clean itself.

"The raid is over, and your group is victorious. I have something to confess. This entire experience was a trial of sorts. A new type of dungeon that has never been done. I was wondering if, perhaps, I could have your feedback on the experience. Oh, and let me bring your comrades back to life so they may answer as well."

Mary has her own healing units enter the area and resurrect all those who have fallen. The Chaos members are back to normal and fully revived.

"Ey, you're back!" Ronin says, "Sis! I can't believe you got killed!"

"I can't believe I wore that swimsuit... End me..."

"You looked good!"

Marauder smiles at Ronin and Bulk Mage.

"I had faith you two could pull the win. I suppose we're stopping here?"

"Indeed," Bulk Mage replies, "It is late and we are out of funds for the night."

"This still counts, right?" Ronin asks, looking towards Mary this time.

"It counts. You have obtained victory. The creature sealed below is just for those who want a greater challenge."

"Victory!" Ronin shouts.

"Bah," Cleric shakes her head. "We got so close! I can't believe it!"

"You did well," Marauder says, "You did better than I ever thought you could. And, I'm sorry I didn't recognize your potential sooner..."

"O-oh... Uh..." Cleric shrugs, "It's fine. I'm used to being written off as 'just the healer'."

"That doesn't make what I did right. I took your skills for granted and was a poor leader. Would you forgive me?"

"Oh my god, Marauder, lighten up. It's fine! It's just for fun! I'm not bitter about it or anything."

"... You look happy."

Cleric grins.

"Playing the bad guy was fight. I think I might actually go into chaos magic."

"I think you'd be great at it."

Cleric seems to smile even wider. Mary pulls out her clipboard

"A few moments, if I may? Were there any snags you encountered during the PvP event? Any features in the dungeon or the PvP system you'd like to see improved?"

The group thinks for a bit but no one can come up with anything.

"This is fine. How's the faction balance? Did the event feel like both were on even ground or was it too one-sided? I try to make sure that each side had equal opportunity to tip the scales to their favor."

This time Marauder speaks up.

"It feels like things were pretty easy for us up until the end with all the monsters. Maybe some more challenges for Law?"

"The hell?" Cleric looks over, "What did you guys just walk through a garden or something?"

"I mean, basically," Ronin replies.

"We had to fight an entire friggen army."

"We had to solve an exploding maze."

"As I said," Mary interjects, "We're still working on keeping things even. The nature of the story meant that Chaos would naturally meet a more heavy handed resistance. I will keep this in mind."

She gestures to Cleric and Psion.

"I'm surprised that both of you immediately went to attempt to conquer Curi after the Spa battle, I had planned for an actual PvP battle between Law and Chaos with the two sides fighting each other before gaining the right to fight Curi, but what you did also works. Might I ask why the immediate rush to Curi?"

"It seemed like the smart thing to do," Psion replies, "We were tempted to rest for a moment but I knew that the others would definitely be doing so. We'd hoped to score an easy win. Maybe we should have got more allies before trying to face such a boss."

"Mm." Mary makes notes, "Any questions or comments?"

Marauder raises her hand.

"If we do this again will the dungeon be reset or will we carry on from here?"

"It will most likely be reset. Then you can try it again and try a different path."

No one else seems to have any questions. After waiting a moment, Mary clears her throat.

"Thank you for your run and helping try out this new system. You are the first to do so, and will be rewarded accordingly. Slimecrown will recover, though its ultimate threat still remains unvanquished Farewell, and have a wonderful day."

I... Don't really want to ask them for their contact information. I don't know. I just... Maybe another time.

Mary awards the group their loot. It consists of:

>Marks of Chaos x 5 for each of the Chaos members.
>Slimecrown Defender Crests x 5for each of the defenders.

>Cosmetic lines that they can wear. Red for chaos and a blue mark for the defends.

>A YUM! Brand loot bag for each of them consisting of YUM! brand snacks and some small cosmetic gear.

>Defender outfits for the law team.

And for the defends ultimate victory they get:

>Sophie's Resolve: An item commemorating Sophie's part in the battle. Prevents mind control and fear effects.

>Royal Slime Cloak: Queen Lily's cloak. Infused with her vanity, it can assume any form the wearer desires while conferring enormous bonuses to charisma and defense, particularly against water based attacks.

Shardforged Blade
+2 attack Speed
+5 Armor penetration
+3 Light Damage
May take a full action to charge the blade and levy a rapid fire volley of attacks at the end of action if untouched.

All of them get a Deluxe Spa Pass.

And each team gets a pin/badge for each member of the citadel they assisted as they went along. Collect them all for a special prize!

No. 1057706 ID: 08229c
File 167815580192.png - (115.90KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

With their run done and the adventurers gone, Alex reports some good news.


The small adventuring party returned with:
>A good chunk of gold

>5 monster fangs that are worth 50 gold each or can be runed for Monster runes
>3 swords that can be sold for 75 gold each or runed for sword/metal runes
>2 Phoenix downs that sell for 250 each or can be runed for the phoenix/life runes

>Monster, Cute, and Rubber runes.

No. 1057708 ID: 08229c
File 167815598628.png - (14.80KB , 529x362 , 89.png )

Mary isn't surprised when her screen rings. She answers the call. It's the First DM.

"Dungeon Master of Slimecrown. I notice your run is complete. Are you prepared for my visit?"


Am I? I think we hid everything that needs to be hidden.
No. 1057709 ID: 06095b


Get what new runes you can, invert, and then hold onto the rest. It's possible the first GM will bust your rune replication.

Otherwise, answer yes. It's time to be visited by the king nerd.
No. 1057711 ID: 3d6e34

get rid of your duplicate runes. You know, the ones that you created with your auditor spells instead of getting them the “legitimate” way of beating up adventurers.
No. 1057712 ID: 4534a6

Time to bust out the sexy bathingsuit and have the greeters bring the king nerd to the spa for your meeting
No. 1057713 ID: 3d6e34

No! Bad! this is a professional visit! the First DM is basically Mary’s boss. A surprisingly hands-off Boss, but still Mary’s Boss.
No. 1057714 ID: ad76be

Does the first DM have a preferred tea? We have some slimes that can brew a decent pot after all.
No. 1057715 ID: 4534a6

We can bust out the professional bathingsuit
No. 1057716 ID: 4534a6

We can bust out the professional bathingsuit
No. 1057717 ID: 1effd3

If we some time before they arrive (assuming they dont instantly teleport here), trash the duplicate runes, rune/sell/invert our loot from this run and from the run with Abomination.

Should we remain in our DM gear for when the DM arrives? Also probably have a list of "Because i'm an auditor" excuses.
No. 1057722 ID: 58c090

>2 Phoenix downs that sell for 250 each or can be runed for the phoenix/life runes
Oh hey, we don't have the Life rune. Rune one of those, then invert all 4 new runes.

Do you mean the ones we runed from stuff we bought? Since they're limited by the system it means they're fully recognized within it and we're not doing anything wrong. No need to overcorrect.
We'll need to make sure nobody's operating the slime playpen room, tho. Just play that room off as a place for them to just relax and have fun.
No. 1057723 ID: 979165

Shove more runes into Alex.
No. 1057734 ID: d85568

Rune new runes. Invert them. Sell the rest. Hug Lucia. Have Ms Bloops and Curi with you to meet the guy since they're some of your first monsters.
No. 1057736 ID: 58c090

Oh yeah, hug Lucia for a job well done. That's important.
No. 1057738 ID: a7a180

If Dungeoneer has managed to get a move on, yes.
No. 1057740 ID: 08229c
File 167816166453.png - (177.18KB , 780x1275 , 90.png )

Okay. Runes first.

If I rune the stuff I don't have runes for and then sell the rest...

That leaves me with G 9,145.

Uhm... Alright. Runes. Demonologist!

The Monster rune inverts to Hero
The Hero rune inverts to Villain
The Villain rune inverts to Hero
The Cute rune inverts to Ugly
and back again
The Rubber rune inverts to Adhesive
and back again
Predictably, Life turns to Death
and back again.

We still have the shield I stole a while ago... I want to keep that. Sorta an emergency backup. That proved super useful before.
No. 1057741 ID: 08229c
File 167816234410.png - (167.41KB , 800x600 , 91.png )

Mary tells the First Dungeon Master to come over in just five minutes. She goes over to thank Lucia for all her hard work, only to find the slime surrounded by a few others. Many of them are patting her on the back and chatting excitedly.

"Lucia?" Mary manages to get the chaos slime's attention, "I just wanted to say you did a fantastic job today. The run wouldn't have been so unique without you."

"Right!?" Mirelle laughs and slaps Lucia on the shoulder, "Who knew that shy little slime had it in her?"

"A-a͜-a͢-͘a̸h̴h̢.̶.͠..̵ Th-t̕ha͞n̴k̕ y҉ǫu ̶m͏-mo҉t̵he̷r̶.͜.҉. ͞I̷ méan mothe͡r̢.͠.͝.͘ ̸I͜ ͠m҉-̶mea̸n m-mo҉th͝er.̴. ͡I m̷ean̢.͠.̛.͢"͝



"I'm going to meet with the first Dungeon Master. Why don't we all have a celebration when that's done?"

"Sweet!" Mirelle says.

Lucia simply nods.

I'll have tea and everything ready. Anything potentially problematic has been put away...

I think we're as ready as we'll ever be.
No. 1057743 ID: 08229c
File 167816316758.png - (415.67KB , 1400x1104 , 92.png )

At five minutes -exactly-, Mary gets a warning that someone is trying to enter the dungeon. She takes a deep breath and adjusts her tie. The tea is ready. Everything is set.

She opens the door to her dungeon, to greet the First Dungeon Master.

"Well," a woman wearing only a big t-shirt and sipping a can of YUM Chilk, "This place has changed."
No. 1057744 ID: 1effd3

No. 1057746 ID: 6f4507

Oh this was a business casual meeting instead of a meeting with the boss. Clearly, she's not execting us to swear undying loyalty or anything. Introductions! Say hi, offer snacks, offer a seat, all that good shit.
No. 1057747 ID: 6f4507

Not gonna lie, I hope we get to see the party's reviews! That's always my favorite part of the dungeon, funny enough, seeing how people reacted, rated, and enjoyed.
No. 1057748 ID: 1effd3

we can look them over with the main DM, they kinda did want the stats of the run afterall
No. 1057749 ID: 58c090

Careful, tho. Bosses or people in power showing up in casual wear is a known power move, and being informal in those cases may still be a faux pas, gotta gauge which way they'll go. But I'm sure Mary already knows everything about office politics and all that bullshit, and she'll act accordingly.
No. 1057751 ID: 4b4d4e

Look at the size of dat crown, an absolute unit of a lad right there!
No. 1057754 ID: 4534a6

No. 1057755 ID: 426929

Don't know what the symbol above it is, but the rectangle symbol on her shirt is the symbol for Bone. So it's "-Boner".
No. 1057767 ID: 340403

It's ok, let Lucia call you however she deeply feels about you.
Mary, you're too overdressed for this visit, take your pants/skirt off but leave the cape on.
No. 1057771 ID: 4aaa23


Hey Mary, tell Lucia she can call you mother if she wants. I can't wait until Isabelle finds out she has a big sister. Or is Lucia the little sister? Oh well, we'll figure it out later

Is it just me, or does that black stuff floating above their heads remind you of the stuff that came out of Dungeoneer?
No. 1057774 ID: 58c090

That's no symbol, that's part of the Bone rune.
No. 1057796 ID: ad76be

All I can contribute is that we should get more chocolate milk. We have YUM-branded goods, milk is probably mixed in.
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